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Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. The 4098 is equipped with a full 32-hit SCSI2FAST interface providing up to an incredible 10Mb per second transfer speed. Eight 32-bit, standard 72-pm SIMM slots provide for up to an amazing 256Mb of very fast RAM...NOW! A2000 users or those looking lor the most economical SCSI solution will find room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit memory on our 400S card. CIRCLE 33 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24 -A4000, The Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional duality genlock for your Amiga 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest gcnlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options tor RGB. Composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-ll compatible inputs 6c outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color trame-bultcr and real-time framegrabber digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. CAT’s acclaimed ImageFX software as well as the powerful EGS SpectraPaint, now included, complete this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. .An enhancement package including the professional Component Transcoder ,CT1 is available separately! CIRCLE 20 ON READER SERVICE CARD .... TBCPIus ' This professional quality [CC1R- 6011, all digital timc-basc-correcior (TBC) uses jSJfo DSS8+ “ Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most professional and attractive digital sound sampler yet made. Assembled of high-impact clear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio software includes a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback as well as creation of .MOD format songs. New DSS 3.0 software now supports dire-ct- to disk ,hard disk!) Recording and playback, New real-time effects and powerful playback and editing features as well as an even more versatile and powerful interface. CIRCLE 53 ON READER SERVICE CARD PhDNEPaK' PhonePak VFX “ 2.0 If you are calling for VoiceMail Press 1, if you would like to send a Fax. Press 2. If you would like to have this automated, scheduled time date stamped and call you when you have new mail, get PhonePak VFX 2.0 today! Fully integrated, allowing unlimited mailboxes and private fax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints. Call in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Cen:rex PBX support, and more!

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Amiga World Vol 10 02 1994 Feb

Document sans nom REVIEWS! CanDo 2.5, MovieMaker, DeluxeMusic 2.0 ... More! February 1994 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 THEAGA ADVANTAGE Plus! ? AmigaGuide Hypermedia ? Cup Art Tips ? DTP Goes “Head-2-Head An IDG Communications Publication Look, Ma, No Cords! A New Drawing LSI Tablets Get A Job! A d e m ° Reels Expansion Drive System Word Processor the Amiga P Final Writer is designed for ,) people who need high Ml ... qualify personal and business documents. If combines advanced word ijiing features with state-of- ping technology. Final Writer r letters, memos, simple news- anuals, fliers, school nts, invitations, etc. a| Writer your docu- Ms Mff&a A O&tjVKf WOO M sen Owe West Caster, PA IP3&7 HI look more polished Wional than ever he- Inc. Is a full-sen'ice company offering a c iUy trained professional birds. Our birds a ing computer programming, technical sum mentation writing. J f
- rent catalog and price list. If you lookm j you will find that our prices are very cgjf r quantity discounts. F Ml ¦ou are looking; f°r nd you do not fi 'jjII me. We'd be glad to fill your netj H00)555'B1RD. J Final Copy manna *> o rypo- toe* Oniyn. Tt can or Kmce . 'jx'noyo preienfed ay n V v?« fr«30 OK* lypo jcr , ___ .. I Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compugraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and public-domain fonts. Final Copy II’s word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy Ifs graphic features include: mm con* ivmn utwm f* 4 nM ie r*'Tw j(« coft»«r*a e,
L. ain rtnj rp**'' O. Vmctm wo* w bwil. O WM 3.CX7C" •*£->¦ ttOTM h nr.» Ix.llM t m KrERroTiijr yrriMmJisrirn. Iso on ow, yjcrsaaaian, gr. W? & !
I. i v*. J U«, ±xunm-.; •»..! Orir diaprant. Tnji
• .T.ri-ioi Mi rev cjruvw mail. &,or.9n ir In w JarA n non- lin« tswnj Mtf.cscx.:'. rctoHi yorJ Uas.raj mJ *hi3C*»l ti 9 korbr. R*jrl »4,s • >¦» a>.i tiao
* 0, !iu» 14r.ara* «l»», Erf-. Fc th« lutn A, in a crafartru-, tr(Ju;»ran b»i« reotf up »lk:in»-rTsTer.» .J tn. T»5 ani M*Jl c* M« r.iil C v»d;j«* P-Ailo fctl Aar lha -liar. Imarnrrt, yoi- Jout«| taMli 4i« ic«ll v Inyajuwiw l.ailhi (am. Vo. To nw*u.T, * «IA*1K «* Ip.t *>rj K” ’** k4*r bAHttiilu* Ir a. .1 u. I*1 w A r.«n-f T rai»jn.i rxKir Ayru'MTo*r,.a aj«rr kl Wh4 .WrWep « Wv« I.M.4V wrar. Ail wi. «**i •«
• •f >M IUI f*.u rJ mr! Tn.a, rt r.i i.ar aw onrtto'i In Vr. I r-a. Km Um milCvr ]K.,|jin«i iaf fvituir s> »»aiw lAurlj to «>««o2 •£«, ,r» S-flm •• pnatr.j (unit- a aril, frwn CeramaAr*. Ki
- JiBnfi.AVio. Zoofinl. Ral bn,nJ manual l.otfaain a, ri A jn f:,r J U -djr'r.j 4 Mil jranaa.I r.kmoI on41* ¦utiiw fLUIr-ta.a.' w- '.i tni»mtr inn n*••• lu« iT |«KI , . '•-ffif *“ ["-f •« *-» Am A-a *** - Rnai En.l I >rP**' rortitial* on iji ihir.li to m I MmiUMd «¦» * jjl c'iwwm iAtSir rn r fal ba«..li»i| -“- -- “ «ll You want a document that reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a 14*1,000 word speller. 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math support, mail-merge, automatic hyphenation, and user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. Final Copy's™ graphic support is the best there is in any Amiga® word processor. Place IFF ILBM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy’s™ structured drawing tools. Flow text around or on top of any graphic in a document. Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and welt-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns. Left right pages, and title page options are easy to use '1LT Vv V Llj P.O. Box SOI 78 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least 1 megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives To use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2.1 or greater. Imported by: AmigaOberland (Germany). Gordon Harwood Computers (England). TUPsoft (Australia), and Essonne Mailing (Franca Circle 87 on Reader Service card Performance Counts (...NOT PROMISES) GVP brings out the best in every Amiga Great Valley Products delivers on our commitment to manufacture the most Innovative and technologically superior products for the Amiga, EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM “ Go Beyond AGA Graphics with this real-time, 24-bit, true- color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to !600x3 280! 800x600 in 24-hit We include a custom display pass-thiough cable tor single-monitor use. Included with Spectrum is j GVP exclusive, the acclaimed EGS SpectraPaint (formerlv EGS-PA1NTI. Get the standard that others are developing tor, EGS Spectrum. Bring workstation graphic power to your Amiga today and see what you've been missing! CIRCLE 3 ON READER SERVICE CARD Performance Series 11'“ At SOMhz, you can own the fastest A1200 in the world! Add up to 41MB of high-speed 32-bit RAM, today! With the added power of a 5QMhz FPU, your floating point operations have never been speedier. A 40MHz version is also available for those who want the best, but don't need as much speed. A simple connection in the A 1200’s 'trap door' never voids a warranty, and with either SeriesII you have the added versatility of our DMA Peripheral Port |DPP|. Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A12C0 with the A1291 SCSI Kit, It mst plugs in from the back. Other expansion products,including a 16-nit CD quality audio digitizerand playback unit as well as a real-time video digitizer coming soon! Keep your options open! CIRCLE 15 ON READER SERVICE CARD A4000 G-Force 040-40 “ This is it! Never before has such a powerful processor been available for the Amiga! GVP puts a 40MHz Motorola '040 in your A4000 [030 or 040] and couples with it up to 32Mb of super fast SIMM32 memory. We don't stop there... add the memory expansion module and gain a total 128Mb of RAM iincredible!) Directly connected to this blazing processor. For maximum performance, GVP offers a second optional module for a full 32-bit SCSI2F.45T interface, capable ot data transfer speeds up to an amazing 10Mb per second! GYP Gforce...Experience tne power! CtFCLE 29 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-FORCE A2000 G-Force 040-33 Combo “ The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blaze with the awesome power of a 33Mhz 6SO40 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room tor up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI II interface is integrated for maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered highspeed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD CCS J ISJ4 sF*e rrnuM 4038 SCSI 2FASr 4008 SCSI IP* Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with either of these versatile hoards. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. The 4098 is equipped with a full 32-hit SCSI2FAST interface providing up to an incredible 10Mb per second transfer speed. Eight 32-bit, standard 72-pm SIMM slots provide for up to an amazing 256Mb of very fast RAM...NOW! A2000 users or those looking lor the most economical SCSI solution will find room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit memory on our 400S card. CIRCLE 33 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24 -A4000, The Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional duality genlock for your Amiga 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest gcnlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options tor RGB. Composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-ll compatible inputs 6c outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color trame-bultcr and real-time framegrabber digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. CAT’s acclaimed ImageFX software as well as the powerful EGS SpectraPaint, now included, complete this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. .An enhancement package including the professional Component Transcoder ,CT1 is available separately! CIRCLE 20 ON READER SERVICE CARD .... TBCPIus ' This professional quality [CC1R- 6011, all digital timc-basc-correcior (TBC) uses jSJfo DSS8+ “ Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most professional and attractive digital sound sampler yet made. Assembled of high-impact clear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio software includes a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback as well as creation of .MOD format songs. New DSS 3.0 software now supports dire-ct- to disk ,hard disk!) Recording and playback, New real-time effects and powerful playback and editing features as well as an even more versatile and powerful interface. CIRCLE 53 ON READER SERVICE CARD PhDNEPaK' PhonePak VFX “ 2.0 If you are calling for VoiceMail Press 1, if you would like to send a Fax. Press 2. If you would like to have this automated, scheduled time date stamped and call you when you have new mail, get PhonePak VFX 2.0 today! Fully integrated, allowing unlimited mailboxes and private fax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints. Call in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Cen:rex PBX support, and more! CIRCLE di ON READER SERVICE CARD ioExtender" Feeling trapped-! Let GVP extend your horizons with our easy-to-use ioExtender. Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port, allowing you to connect i pnntcr and a digitizer |sucn as DSS8+) at the same time. No more messy, ?5511+ OiOrTOk. •OUNO »ru0-0 grahber and 16.7 million color frame buffer ...Plus there is a Full SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator and a separate comb filter available...Plus this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs...Plus a3 channel video input switcher [in composite and Y C) ... Plus programmable video special effects! C RCLE S ON READER SERVICE CARD unreliable switch boxes! To speed you on your way, we include a di a’ speeds in excess of 57,600!). Optional RS-422 Kit or second RS232 Kit arc available for even greater versatility. Free your ports and regain performance on your Amiga with ioExtender! CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD ImageFX u This revolutionary must-have-program combines the traditional elements of image processing with amazing high-end special effects and morphing tools. Image FX is east-to-use ir. Every respect. It supports image file formats in use on nearly any platform From Macs to SGI machines.lt has built in virtual memory for all Amigas, no more 'out-of-mcmory' problems! ImageFX even incorporates an on-line help system! ImageFX includes EVERYTHING you need in one low cost package: 24-bit painting, scanner modules, image format conversion, and much more! Recommended by Video Toaster User and in use at Warner Bros. .Animation ...ImageFX is the one to have! Get the tool the professionals use and recommend! CIRCLE 1B DN READER SERVICE CARD ho. Logge cos ir G-LOCk* Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the world of video with our built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C. RGB or YUV outputs! Full support for AG A systems as well as the 'classic1 Amiga 500,2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scala ‘ users can purchase an EX module from Scala distributors. With C,-Lock's included dual-input audio panel it's simply the best choice for every personal Amiga owner. CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVICE CARD USA EGS 23i'2-1 Spectrum. Performance Series II. Image FX, G-Lock, IV-24, G-Force 040-40. G-Force 040-33. 4098 SCSI2FAST. IoExtender. PhonePak VFX. Anti DSS3- are Irademarks ol Great Valley Products, Inc All other trademarks arc the property of their respective o.vners ONTENTS VOLUME 10, NUMBER 2, FEBRUARY 1994 AW’s Guide to AGA Products ... 2 4 Help Key .86 Tough questions, straight answers when it comes to the glilches, gremlins, and gums that give your system ills. The Last Word ..96 .Air it out right here on the readers’ page. REVIEWS MONTAGE (Inno Vision Technologies) .....10 While almost any productivity program or peripheral will work on an AGA machine, which ones actually lake advantage of AGA Features? Check our this special buyer's guide to some 100 Amiga products designed with A4000 and A1200 users in mind. ARTICLES Digital Drawing Power By Paulo de Andrade ..8-1 Responsive and accurate, lightweight in design, and spoi ling an array of easy-to- use accessories today’s electronic digitizing tablets offer unprecedented drawing and painting capabilities. Head2Head: Pro Page vs. PageStream By Denny Atkin 39 dll "s' brand-new feature [jilting leading applications software in one-on-one comparisons continues this month. Spotlighting the desktop-publishing arena this time, it takes on two market heavyweights to find out which best provides the publishing punch you’re looking for. Linking Up with AmigaGuide By Mark R. Brown 43 I his little-known Workbench feature lets you add hypermedia links to your applications, and thus provide instant access to a wealth of help screens and reference files. Get in on the act with this hands-on tutorial COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson ..4 I he editor shares some interesting results from our latest subscriber suivey. Find out how your opinions compare with those of your fellow readers. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...48 Using a neat technique called autotracing. Joel shows you how to create your own library of structured clip ail- all for a minimal investment of time and money. Owners of AGA systems and others who've been thinking about upgrading have been asking us one very significant question lately: Is there enough Amiga software and hardware out there that really takes advantage of special AGA features to make having such a machine worthwhile? A good deal of research went into our answer and you'll find the results in the special guide beginning on p, 21, Video Suite By Geoffrey Williams .....70 If you're a video enthusiast looking to get ahead, here’s some sure-fire advice on how to produce a professional-looking demo reel that will help you get both feet in a client's door. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....6 Information on the latest trade shows, products, Amiga newsmakers, and network uploads you'll find it all here each and every month. List of Advertisers ....74 AW Product Information ..92 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue oiAmiga World, consult our all-in-one "Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses" list. Many new features in this update of the popular authoring program. PEGGER (Heifner Communications) .....15 Invaluable [PFG-compression utility. MovieMaker avs) 18 Nonlinear animation- and sound-editing system with player. DeluxeMusic 2.0 (Electronic Arts) ..19 Ihe long-awaited revamping ol an .Amiga software classic. (JAMES By Peter Olafson Frontier (Gameteh uk> ....78 Fantastic sequel to the legendary Elite space trading game. Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) ,.80 Rich, finely detailed GulfWar flight- si initiation game. Short Takes .80 Capsule reviews ol new Amiga games, lliis month: FIT Challenge. Nippon Safes Inc., Overdrive, 1 lumans II: The Jurassic Levels, A320 Airbus, Bob’s Bad Day, and One Step Beyond. AGA Games ..88 Brief reviews ol games specially designed or adapted for die A4000, A1200, or CD32. Tliis month we’ve got James Pond 11: Robocod, D Generation. Overkill, and Diggers. EDITOR’S DRAWER Reader surveys provide information that can make even the most prophetically challenged editor appear downright insightful. Who Reads A mica World ? Sometimes publishing a magazine requires the prognosti cation prowess of a soothsayer to keep up with the latest trends and applications. The trick is to anticipate and predict changes in the market with a fair degree of accuracy. AmigaWorhl relies on time-tested, conventional methods, and that’s where you, the reader, come in. We don’t need an oracle to tell us that the best source of ideas and impressions about the Amiga market is our readership. Keeping an open ear to what you are saying, how von react to new announcements, what you are buying. And how you’re using your systems is critical in understanding and serving the market. Since meeting the needs of our readers is AmigaWot id s raison d'etre, it makes sense to monitor your opinions and comments. A W keeps in touch by attending computer shows, and through correspondence and phone calls. But perhaps the most revealing means of communication with our readers is through our annual subscriber survey, which solicits feedbac k regarding computer use, buying intentions, application preferences, and the magazine. While the most recent survey confirmed many of our assumptions, it also gave us new insights: Amiga 2000 and 500 users currently constitute the majority of AW readers. Commodore s AGA machines, have a ways to go before they surpass this installed base. More than 45% of those surveyed plan to buy a computer in the next year: the A4000 is the system of choice. One of the attractions of the Amiga has always been its expansion possibilities, and this is a top priority amoiiL readers. RAM, hard drives, and, eventually, CD-ROM drives are the most popular Amiga add-ons. Gaming and entertainment ranks as the top personal application among AW readers. And while the Amiga has led the way in videographics, its power is also suited for such high-interest applications as word processing, animation graphics, desktop publishing, and music sound. -Amiga World readers expressed much interest in learning more about programming, specifically Arexx and C. 1 .Telecommunications is another topic of interest, with about 80% of the readership involved in on-line activities. AIV readers are experienced users with broad-based personal computing interests, and have invested much lime and money in their systems. 1 hey cite tfie Amiga s multitasking, high-quality graphics, and sound capability all for a reasonable price as the main reason for their steadfast commitment to the market. Amign 11 i rbt iISS 0883-2390) is an imleijemltmt journal not connected with Commodote Business Machines. Inc. Amiga It orM is published monthly by Tec h Media Publishing. Inc.. an IDG Ccmijiarn. 80 Elm St.. Pcler toroi gb. Ml 03-158. I S subscription rale is $ 20.07. one vent:
557. 97. Lun years: S83.97. three years; Canada. $ 11.07 (iiic niles GST), and Mexico $ 38.07. Foreign Surface $ 19.97. Foreign .Airmail $ 8-1.97. I S funds drawn on I S' bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rales are one-y ear only. Second-* ass postage paid ai Peterborough, Ml. And al additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-921-0100. On-line on BIX: Amiga.World (in Amiga.exchange); CompuServe: 76376,2137; Portal: Go Amiga - World. Fmire contents copyright 1003 by Tech Media Publishing. Inc. No part of this publication may he printed or otheruise reproduced without written permission limn the publisher Postmaster: Send address changes m Amiga! VnrM, Snhst option Services. PO Box ->93. .Ml. Morns. II. 61H i 1-7901. Nationally distrihtttcil by K.ihle Vi-us f o.. ImignWnrld makes every ellort tn ensure the accuracy of articles. Listings, and diagrams published in the maga ine. AMIGA- HW assumes no responsibility tor damages due to errors or omissions. PK .N IT.I) I IIIE I S. . Posted under Canadian lntein.itimi.il Publication agreement 257478. If there are areas you are particularly interested in, drop us a line. With continued reader assistance, Amiga- World will publish the material you need. AmigaWorld Da le Strang, Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Barbara Gcfi'crt, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Joel Hagen, Contributing Editor Howard G. Happ. Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy. Sates Representative Heather Gurnard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; I-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sates 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor. Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018: FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wen die Haines Macro, Marketing Director Mary McColc, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jail let, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Dcbhic Bourgaulti Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 Tech Media Publishing Dale Strang, President William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation 9 IDG INTERNATIONAL DATA CROUP 4 February 1994 The Color Printer You've Been Waiting For Since You Bought Your First Amiga®! The wait is over for low-cost, high-quality color printing. Introducing the Primera' Color Printer. For only S995.00*, you can now print spectacular full- color animations, 3-D renderings, video captures, and color photographs. Print on plain laser paper, transparencies - even T-shirt transfer sheets! Use Primera with your favorite programs like Brilliance", Art Department Professional5, OpalVision", Video Toaster", ImageFX", PageStreamv and nearly all other Amiga software that uses the Amiga Preferences driver. Primera is the perfect color printer for every Amiga user. Why wait any longer for brilliant, full-page color? Call today for more information and a free sample print. Works with all Amiga computers Version 1.3 (or higher)
• Printer drivers also available for Windows 3.1" and Macintosh1 Thermal transfer print quality For only $ 249.95% turn your Primera into an advanced dve sublimation color printer! Produce true continuous-tone, photo-quality images. ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED 7901 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A. 1-800-327-4622 612-941-9470 FAX: 612-941-7836 OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Getting Better All the Time One look at this month’s updated software and hardware is proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution. The latest breed of updates offer welcome additions to the old stock. Quarterback 6.0 ($ 99.95, Central Coast Software New Horizons), the harddisk back-up utility, claims faster software-based compression. New to the software is Schedule Pro, a program that allows you to schedule and automatically execute a Quarterback backup or any Amiga DOS or Arexx script. Quarterback 6.0 can back up a large hard disk across multiple tapes; it supports hard- ware-based DDS compression, fast searching, and quick erasing of tapes. The update costs S30 for owners of version 5.0 and $ 40 for earlier versions. (RS 131.) Invoice It! 1.1, the invoicing software package from Legendary Design Technologies (RS 132), now lets you print professional-looking statements. Simply enter the pertinent information into the Graphic Content The 3D Objects Collection for Imagine ($ 24.95, Kinetic Designs) contains over 120 public-domain and shareware objects in more than 20 categories (such as spacecraft, aircraft, and vehicles) for use with Imagine 2.0 or later. The 12-disk collection also features tutorials, utilities, and hints for using Imagine. (RS 124.) You can make your video titling picture- postcard perfect with Nexus Pro background picture sets (each $ 29.99) from Videoworld (RS 125). The AGA-compatible IFF backgrounds are available in various subjects, including travel (which features famous landmarks), and weddings (with parchment, scrolls, flowers, and so forth). Dinosaurs may have been extinct for millions of years, but they are alive and kicking sample database fields and you can print out billing documents for your clients. Other enhancements include improved calculator functions that allow you to cut and paste values to the invoice, and a search option that lets you locate values as well as text. Owners of 1.0 can upgrade for S7.50 (free if purchased after November). Xetec’s Cdx software package now features an updated collection ol the Fred Fish library on CD-ROM. With 650+ megabytes, Fish & More III contains the most recent versions of freely J distributable programs on Fred Fish disks 1-910. Current owners can purchase the disc for $ 25. (RS 133.) Music-X 2.0 ($ 199.95, Hollyware Entertainment), the MIDI-compatible sequencer program, now supports more than a dozen additional MIDI commands. New modules are DeFlam, which removes the grace notes and finger crushes that occur in recording; RexxEdit, which lets you custom design in the Jurassic Collection for LightWave 3.0 from Dimension Technologies. The collection contains four detailed dinosaur models, each comprising more than 20,000 polygons. Walk and run scene files are included. Are you finicky about fonts? Take a look at E.M.Computergraphic of England with over 100 volumes of PD and shareware fonts to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone. You can also order fonts individually at £7.50 per disk through the Pick 'N' Mix service. Fonts aren't the whole story, either.
E. M.Computergraphic also offers collections of 256-color Public Domain images for AGA and 24-bit equipped Amigas. Prices for individual volumes of clip art or fonts range from £14-616.50.
E. M.Computergraphic also offers the macros in tandem with Arexx; and Print Event Fist, which prints the event list of sequences for editing. (RS 134.) Turbocharged Products GVP’s A1291 SCSI Kit module attaches to the A1230 Turbo+ via the accelerator’s DMA Peripheral Port. The kit features a SCSI driver that claims to attain transfer rates of4.2MB per second. It utilizes Active Termination technology, O which eliminates the need for SCSI termination and resistor packs. Other A1230 modules in the works are a 16-bit audio digitizer with direct-to-disk capabilities and a real-time video digitizer. If you have a CompuServe account, you can access OYP's Enhanced Graphics System (EGS) Developer’s Kit on line. The latest addition to GVP’s online reference library covers current in- j formation on EGS development, (t is located in the GYP section of the Amiga Vendor Forum. (RS 135.) IDD's Amiga Smart Port Analog ? Award Construction Set (£29.99), an award- and certificate-creation program. It includes six headline fonts, eight body-text fonts, five seals, 11 borders, and 50 styles that you can modify to meet your needs. It is compatible with all Amigas including the A1200 and A4000. Additional fonts and styles will be available via data disks. (RS 126.) Trying to solve the mysteries of 2-D animation? Take note of 2D Tips JN' Tools ($ 75, HyC Graphics), a ten-disk library of anim- brushes, fonts, clip art, and more. Three disks cover ideas and techniques for animations, touching on a range of topics, including special effects such as water and fire. The font disks Include animbrush fonts and typefaces for titling. Still other disks offer more than 40 brushes of characters and objects in various styles and resolutions. (RS 127.} To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 92, The best multimedia authoring software for the Amiga just got Better! Introducing the next generation multimedia presentation software: SCALA MM300 ? Drawing Tools - Create and manipulate lines, rectangles and circles! Each drawing can be moved and resized. Add different attributes like color, wipe, outline, shadow, bevel, etc. Resize Brushes and Pictures - Scale, crop, change aspect ratio of backgrounds and brushes! Load Resolution - Change resolutions and number of colors on the fly! Fast Floyd-Steinberg Dithering - Pictures and brushes can now be remapped quickly with the Floyd-Steinberg dithering technique. Images will look smoother and cleaner than ever before! Optimize Palette - This time saving feature automatically calculates and remaps the color palette for each background, brush and text color! File Format Support - The Scala EX system now supports GIF, TIFF, PCX and BMP file formats from other computer platforms! Absolute Timing - New SMPTE compatible feature allows you to set frame rates for PAL, NTSC and Film. Scala scripts can be slaved to Time Code through MIDI! File Requester Shuffler - Now you can see a thumbnail picture of backgrounds, the first frame of an animation and brushes from the file requester! Stunning New Wipes - FadeToWhite, Nuclear, Random, Dissolve, Ants, Rollodex, Flipover and Cccut are a few of the new wipes in MM300. Plus many of the page wipes are also text wipes! Enhanced AnimLab - Now has Anim8 and FLC support and enhanced palette and resolution control! Plus:
* Sound on Buttons
* Sound Playback from Hard Disk
* New Backgrounds
• New Text Button Attributes
• Save Script in a Drawer
• New EX Modules: MIDI 2, CDTV 2, G-Lock, SuperGen, G2, IV-24, Avideo Colormaster, Studio 16 And More! TO ORDER OR UPGRADE: in the US, Mexico & South America, call Creative Equipment International at (800) 858-3153 • fax: (305)261-2544 in Canada, call BMD at (519) 539-0200 -‘fax: (519)539-9725 Circle 60 on Reader Service card Upgrade disk claims to address the in- compatibility between the Amiga Smart Port and many games, including Gun- ship 2000, Knights of the Sky, and FA 18 Interceptor. The disk promises to enhance playability with support for rudder pedals, analog throttle, and an enhanced flight mode. The upgrade is available on the IDD Bulletin Board System (318 365-2667) or directly from IDD for 56. With the Smart Port upgrade you can add one of IDD’s new game devices for race car and flight sims: PC Pedals. PC Stick Shift, and PC Steering Wheel. Refined RGB The VideoScan (S828.75, CompuVid), an external genlock, includes a special effects generator to produce horizontal, vertical, circle, and inverted wipes. You can connect four monitors to it at the same time (it is compatible with multisync, RGB, S-VHS, and composite monitors). VideoScan is compatible with any internal genlock (such as the Video Toaster}. It can be powered via the Amiga or an external power box. It is available in both NTSC and PAL. (RS 128.) PC Pedals (S219.95) adds three steel pedals for realistic gameplay. The box also includes four game device input ports and an expansion port for three additional modes. The PC Stick Shift is a replica of a stanclard-transmission equipped automotive stick shift. The PC Steering Wheel is a reproduction of a sports car steering wheel. Both devices are spring centered to add a realistic “feel" to clutching, shifting, and steering in the game. Each also includes an adjustable clamping device to attatch to a table or chair. (RS 136.) Bleary-eyed from interlace flicker? One solution may be the AMIVGA video adaptor from the English company, Advanced Micro Interfacing. The AMIVGA (about $ 70) is a VGA adaptor for all Amigas that have the Super Denise chip. On any VGA monitor, it produces a steady 640x480 noninterlaced display, doubled to 960 lines for interlaced screens. The black box, about the size of a deck of cards, simply plugs into the video port. Included is a 15-pin VGA connector and a Toaster Physics 101 You can master the "physics" of Light- Wave with the Photon Accelerator, a plug-in module, from Interworks. It includes a nonlinear based scene editor and a 3-D character generator with pre-defined and user-defined character motions. With it you can create Star Wars-like credit scrolls and utilize special effects like jitter and pulsate. Also, you can load and save an "actor" (an object and its motions and morphs recognized as a single entity.) Photon Accelerator includes Interworks' Follow-Me-Motion effect ideal for caterpillars, trains, and so forth. (RS 130.) Pass-through video connector for standard Amiga CGA-type monitors. A special VGA program must be run on power-up, either by booting with the AMIVGA disk, or by booting normally and then running the program. But, the computer must be rebooted before the VGA display is available. The program survives warm boots, however (like RAD), and it allows you to choose between VGA and standard Amiga display. (RS 129.) Don Maxwell When I need a quick update on the Amiga market, 1 let my modem do rhe walking. Both BIX and Portal offer sections for new-product news in their respective Amiga areas. Since both nets update these areas on an almost daily basis, you should check them frequently. Vendor sections deserve a once-over, too, as they typically deliver information straight from company techies. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Unlike its network brethren, Delphi relies on its link to the Internet to provide late-breaking news. CompuServe buries news in its Amiga forums, but it is worth seeking out. For a one- stop comprehensive catch-up. I turn to Genie, where former Commodore employee and long-time Genie cheerleader, Deb Christensen, presents the most creative compilation of on-line Amiga news. News With a Twist Amiga news takes a couple of different forms on Genie. Required reading includes the ‘‘?StarShip* 5-MINUTE Weekend Newscast" from 6 PM to 3 AM Eastern Standard Time (HST) on Friday, or from 3 PM to 3 AM EST each weekend. News includes product announcements and messages from companies, rumors, trade show reports, and general information. Such as tips on how to use Genie effectively. Both Genie’s Amiga libraries and Portal’s Amiga Zone ofler magazine sections that stock the Amiga Report International Online Magazine by Robert Glover. ARIOM’s basic premise is to give an overview of what’s happening throughout the industry. It consistently scores big download numbers on Genie. It contains information about new products, and a quick overview of what's happening on BIX. Delphi, Portal, and the Internet. The news is not all Amiga-specific: A large part of everv issue consists of general computer chitchat and some decidedly noncomputer related items, from business news on company mergers to summaries of the latest Star Trek episodes. (()n a sour note, I found it disturbing to read a reviewer’s "joking" remarks of sending a letter bomb and phone threats to get a product for review.) While ARIOM louts weekly updates, the magazine does not appear every single week. Getting the ARIOM file to work isn't particularly easy for beginners. After decompressing the ARCed AmigaGuide file, you’ll find that the icon's Default Tool states “Multiview" is the required host program. You can get it working in a hurry if you have AmigaGuide (see "Linking Up With AmigaGuide," p.-13 Ibr details). Just highlight the icon, change the Default Tool from “MultiView" to “AmigaGuide’' (make certain you have AmigaGuide on your hard disk), and it'll work nicely. BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 Amiga Spoken Here LAS VEGAS In contrast to the noisy sea of business suits that Hooded the show iloor, much of the COMDEX shop talk about cite Amiga took piace in low-key, private press gatherings in hotel suites around the city. While Centaur used the Commodore booth in the Multimedia annex at the Las Vegas Convention Center to demo OpalVision, CRM executives powwowed with journalists and third-party developers at the recently furbished Luxor 1 loiel. Newly-appointed General Manager of Commodore's US division, GeolTStilley, was on hand to outline marketing plans and to discuss strategies for a big Amiga CD32 rollout at the upcoming Winter CES (also in Las Vegas). Across the street at the Tropicana Hotel, members of the press got a firsthand look at a prototype of NcwTek’s Screamer, die RISC-based rendering machine for LightWave. The Screamer holds great promise for a possible introduction at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in April. Stay tuned for further developments. TW Business As Usual Can't seem to locate business software developers? Chances are you're barking up the wrong tree. Check your facts against these company changes, and be sure to update your Rolodex, and it'll soon be business as usual. A new name on the business software block, the Amiga Professional Software Company (TAPS) of Australia is actually a merger of two seasoned companies: AeroStar Industries and GPSoftware. TAPS now distributes the accounting programs Easy Ledgers and Service Industry Accounting as one Custom Chassis You can customize your auto from its upholstery to power windows, so why not your Amiga? With one of these expansion options from CeV, you can pick and choose just the right configuration of peripherals to suit your changing needs. I he X-Pander Built Chassis Model 3AA Desktop Case ($ 270) and Model 3BB Midtower Case ($ 290) adds power, drive bays, and A2000 slots (to add SCSI or RAM cards) to your A500 or A1000. The Desktop case includes 200 watt power (Midtower model has unit Easy Ledgers 2. The updated package will run on Commodore's new AGA machines and requires 1MB RAM and Workbench 1.3 or later. (RS 120.) Another accounting package, Iiest Business Management 3,0, is now distributed by Clackamas Computers. (RS 121.) If you've had difficulty reaching the Gem- stone Group, distributor of MicroFirm, the business document-creatiori program, try the company's new address (64 Hollywood Drive, Madison, Wl 53713) or call 608 221-
4968. (RS 122.) 250 watts), and three 5 1 4-inch and one 3 1 2-inch drive hays (Midtower model has an additional 3 1 2-inch bay.) The Desktop model is available with three A2000 slots or two Amiga slots and one video slot. The X-Pander Built V-Slot is also sold separately at $ 90. It lets you add any genlock (such as the Video Toaster or OpalVision board) to any Amiga. Lines are available to add jumpers ro access the special signals required by the Toaster. (RS 123.) Future Entertainment Show LONDON The Amiga was well represented at the show despite the onslaught from Nintendo and Sega. Commodore produced a glitzy, all-singing, all-dancing stand, with the pride- of-the-place honors going to the Amiga CD32. Of the more than 100 titles promised for imminent release, only a handful were on display. Judging from the amount of interest shown, however, it looks as though CD32 is going to sell well. Outward signs are positive: Some of the larger multiple retailers have taken the new console on board. The A4000 and A1200 were also available to those with lots of spare cash or a desire for a keyboard. Third-party hardware support continues for the whole Amiga range. GVP showed its DSS8+ sampler and direct-to-hard-disk sampling software, due for release in January. GVP also talked of an impending 16- bit system for all Amigas. New Dimensions promoted its own direct-to-hard-disk eight- bit sampling software upgrade to Tech- noSound Turbo, which features a much-improved menu system, a Tracker player, and MIDI support. A 12-bit system is on the way for less than $ 150 in the UK. For those with a few slots to fill in their Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000, AlfaData of Belgium offered new IDE and SCSI-2 interfaces (starting under $ 100), as well as a high-speed serial port for use with laser printers and the like. Software Showdown Software continues to appear from all sides, with several new titles due for release by the time you read this. Pinball- Special Edition, a compilation of the two best pinball simulators (Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies), is available for £34.99 from 21st Century Entertainment. Gremlin Graphics showed previews of Zool 2, the successor to the very popular Zool, in which the bouncy character we all know and love is joined by a companion called Zooz and a dog, Zoonl Also from Gremlin is Stardust, a version of the old favorite Asteroids, only in full-color and with several enhancements. Core Design showed Wonder Dog, a platform game converted from Sega Genesis and very wonderful it is too. Home and business productivity software was also about, the main "battle" being between Final Writer (SoftWood Publishing) and Wordworth 3 from Digita. The latter is the latest in a line of superb semidesktop publishing packages due for release in January. Among other things, it allows text and graphics to be placed across page spreads for those who want to produce posters and the like at home. You can enter text in a small box, shadow it at various angles, and place it on the screen at will. As Wordworth 2 users are among the happiest of Amiga owners, the upgrade should be a winner. For the Amiga owner who has everything, a new product from IL-Soft is a program for designing patterns for embroidery, knitting, and lace. It even tells you how much material to buy. Psst! Did You Hear... Talk in the press office revolved around the AAA chip set and 64-bit RISC Amigas, said to be getting closer by the week. Although no one claims to have actually seen the machines, rumors continue to fly, so hopefully something will be revealed in the near future. With the CD32 being the only new console on display at Future Entertainment, it's not surprising that Commodore looked confident for the four days of the show. How this confidence will stack up against the 3DO and Jaguar remains to be seen. Stuart Menges REV E MONTAGE For the Video Toaster InnoVision Technology, $ 499.95 Amiga 2000 3000 4000.
1. 3 2.1 3.0 Toaster compatible
(1. 3 is not recommended). Hard drive required. Not copy protected. Accelerator required. 24-bit character generator for the Video Toaster. Minimum system: Complete Toaster (two-monitor) installation, SMB fast RAM, 10MB hard-disk space, 1MB chip RAM. Recommended system: Same as minimum. InnoVision Technology, $ 399.95 Amiga 2000 3000 4000. MONTAGE 24 For the Amiga 24-bit character generator for AGA Amigas, OpalVision, and iV-24.
1. 3 2.1 3.0 compatible
(1. 3 is not recommended). Hard drive required. Not copy protected. If you’re in the market for impressive and flexible 24-bit, true-color character generation directly from your Amiga, you should take a look at MONTAGE. There are two versions: MON- TAGK For the Video Toaster (MAT ) and MONTAGU 24 For the Amiga (M-24), which utilizes either Centaur’s OpalVision board, GVP’s IY-24 board, or the AGA chip set for high-quality display. The programs, recently updated to version 1.01, are almost identical in capabilities and interface. Both generate and composite text and graphics in full 24-hit, and both provide true-color display on all except an AGA- only system that uses SuperHircs HAM-8 (256,000 colors) for output. As the operation and abilities of both programs are very similar, I will first cover the areas they have in common and then describe specific differences. Wherever I refer simply to MONTAGE, it means that the information applies to both programs. Otherwise, I will specify. Character Action Installing the six disks with the standard Amiga installation program is fairly simple. MON'FAGE 24 For the Amiga requires you to select which of the three display devices you are using on your system. Because MAT requires the Toaster to be running, To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 92. Accelerator required. Minimum system: SMB fast RAM, 10MB hard-disk space, 1MB (2MB recommended) chip RAM. Requires an AGA Amiga, OpalVision, or Impact Vision 24 for direct display. Recommended system: Same as minimum. It provides a convenient icon that both initiates the Toaster system and starts MONTAGE. The interface screen is a high-resolution Amiga IiAM display that provides both a fast refresh speed and a relatively accurate idea of how your lavout is 4 J going to look. Menu selections appear on the lower half of the screen, and a right mouse click removes them. Entering your text is as easy as placing the cursor in a specific spot and typing. You can make your selections for font style, color, alignment, and so on either before entering the text or later. MONTAGE ships with several high-quality MONTAGE fonts, and more are available from InnoVision. Currently, M-24 supports only MONTAGE fonts, while MAT supports both MONTAGE and Video Toaster fonts, but only those. Although MAH'does not at this time support the large group of PostScript fonts available with Video Toaster 3.0, InnoVision has announced plans to release a separate PostScript utility (SI95) that will allow the use of both PostScript Type I and Type 3, as well as Compugraphic fonts, from within either program. I his utility should he ready soon. 4 All text entered using the well-designed MONTAGE fonts can be interactively scaled to any size, vertically, horizontally, or proportionally, and you can alter text attributes, including character spacing and letter kerning, on a letter-by-letter basis. You can enhance text with outlines, underlines, drop shadows, cast shadows, embossing, and lills with any one of several types of smooth gradients. Text can also have variable levels of transparency to reveal either live video or graphics beneath. Shadows are subject to controlled transparency, as well, with either soft or sharp edges. Furthermore, you can easily select the depth offset, direction, and color with buttons on the submenu. The color-palette menu area contains only ten preset color boxes, but sliders that control either RGB or HSV values give you full control over all 10.8 million hues. There are buttons with which to copy, swap, or spread colors within the presets, along with boxes to control horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even I gradient fills. You can use colors and gradients for text, backgrounds, or boxes. MONTAGE even has a button for instantly adding bevels to boxes. MONTAGE also allows you to set up keyed layout pages, so that areas of whatever you set as the specific Key color will show through the underlying graphics or even through live video. ___. ..... mm I [Fff m zm jOHB FDH IHYDUT BWKfiRUUND iRWisntnn fill pfllit i FtJH I TYPElUHSIEJt HMIGH URL FLU IN SLI COL font mnr Q1JI1 !Nr UIDTH A sn cot U St2t 66 H sm 66 Siimm DfPIH A SC I COI. VISIBILITY f flLL 188% CflSI DtPlH 0 soft >. MONTAGE 24 For the Amiga (top) gives AGA Amigas, IV-24, and Opal- Vision new options. The Toaster version (bottom) expands CG capabilities, sequence editing, and more. MONTAGE is also a high-quality graphics compositing tool. In addition to the fills mentioned, you can load graphics with controlled transparency and rotate them in 90-degree increments. You must keep in mind, though, that as with most paint programs once you have added the graphic item, you cannot alter it. You can, however, change text at any time during your layout. Also, buttons are provided for generating »vaupapci backgrounds for the imported graphic, with full control over tiling and offset values. You can save your compositions for use in other work, or for later alteration. In essence, MONTAGE enables you to lav out video-size pages (margins are adjustable, with the default being the video-title safe area). You add new pages with a press of the PgDn key, and you can then sequence them together for a presentation controlled by set timing, GPI trigger, or keypresses. Finding your way through a long sequence of pages is simplified by small thumbnail representations accessed via a click on the page- number gadget. Now let’s look at the interesting differences between the two programs. MONTAGE For the Video Toaster After installing the Video Toaster version of MONTAGE, you will find a new button on your Switcher screen for accessing the MONTAGE control screen. The video pages mentioned earlier are sequenced together using any of the Toaster Switcher transitions. Thus, MAT is not only a character generator and compositing tool, but also serves as a sequence editor for the Toaster. When setting up your sequence, the program displays the Switcher control panel so that you may select a transition crouton. InnoVision strongly recommends that you have 2MB of chip and over SMB of fast RAM if you want to use the new high-color transitions. A major feature of MAT is the excellent credit is probably qualitv. Both versions of MONTAGE utilize very sophisticated antialiasing techniques and control over alpha-channel transparency .The quality of output with MONTAGE fonts appears to be as good or better than that of many high-end dedicated Cgs. MONTAGE 24 For the Amiga This version differs from MAT in only two basic ways: You do not have the ability to create a credit roll, and you cannot use the Toaster transitions in a sequence. M-24 does provide transitions such as wipes and fades; the selections available varv according to the selected display device. In my opinion, with the exception of the AG A display, the transitions are not a reason to purchase M-24. Opal- Vision transitions pixelate poorly during execution, and sequences cannot be looped, while IV-24 oilers only a couple of choices. This is not a shortcoming of M-24, but rather is due to factors relating to the design of the specific hardware. Overall, I found both versions of MONTAGE trouble-free and capable of producing excellent output. The documentation, thorough and properly indexed. Includes both tutorials and reference sections. The interface is easy to follow, and there are hot-keys for many functions, including copy and paste. In fact, the product comes with a hot-key template for your keyboard, so you don’t have to memorize a new set ol commands. You can also easily insert pages from previously created sequences into a new sequence. 1 stongly recommend MONTAGE as a high-quality character generator with a minimal learning curve. Steven Blaize hanced Toaster 3.0 character generator? Some major reasons already mentioned are the interactive nonproportional text scaling, soft-edge shadows, and layout screen. By contrast, the Toaster character generator requires you to generate each new font size and displays an outline only when working with the PostScript fonts. You should also realize that standard Toaster fonts are fixed bitmapped fonts dial you cannot scale in either the Toaster or MAT. The most compelling argument for M-Vl. However, roll. Instead of laying out individual pages, you set up one long page as a 4096-color credit roll with controllable speed. It is recommended, however, that you not include such things as soft shadows in the credit roll because of the intense processing power required. M- T can also load and save both IFF and Franiestore-forniat graphics for use as backgrounds. In fact, loading Frame- store files through an MAT sequence is faster than natively through the Switcher. Whv take MAT over the newlv en ?> NOW - H TH! £ At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, we’re dedicated to the state-of-the-art. With over 20 Amiga music products to choose from, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more MIDI sequencing: Bars&Pipes, Bars&Pi Professional, Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0, MusicBox A, MusicBox B, Multi-media Kit, Internal Sounds Kit, Pro Studio Kit, Creativity Kit, Rules for Tools, Power Tools Kit, Perfor- 1x mance Tools Kit Automated composition: SuperJAM!, Classical Styles, Cutting Edge Styles, Dance Mix Styles, Movie Soundtrack Styles, Pop Rock Styles, World Music Styles Studio Hardware: Triple Play Plus, SyncPro, The One-Stop Music Shop studio Enhancements: Media Madness, The PatchMeister, The Miracle Tools b f BLUE ISDN f. CanDo 2.5 INOVAtronics, $ 199.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Workbench 1.3 or higher. Recommended system: Workbench 2.0 or higher, 2MB RAM, hard drive. DELIVERS THE AMIGA S FINEST MUSIC For More Info: 404 315-0212 404 315-0213 fax All Hitie Ribbon piothn h mentioned above are trademark,', of Hu blue Ribbon SoinulWorU Ltd. Atlanta, (margin USA. Powerful interactive software-
- authoring system. THE BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS LTD TOOLS EVER! CanDo is an authoring system not unlike HyperCard for the Mac or Visual Basic for Windows. When you get the urge to create a small utility, there’s a pretty good chance you can do it with Circle 72 on Reader Service card. Can Do. Its capabilities are extensive. CanDo applications vise gadgets supported by AmigaDOS, respond to mouse or joystick input, keypresses, and timers, and even send and receive Arexx commands through their own ports. For those not familiar with earlier versions, CanDo provides an object- oriented programming environment, in which you simply define a window for your program, add buttons and menus, and then construct the rest of the user interface via graphic controls. These objects won't perform any functions, however. Until you attach instructions to them in the form of BASIC-like scripts. Creature Comforts CanDo 2.5 has the look and feel of a mature, carefully updated program. Bookmarks, for instance, allow you to mark scripts for easy access. No longer do you need to navigate time after time through a myriad of buttons to reach the same script. If you know you’ll be editing a particular script often, just bookmark it, and your access to it becomes a one- mouse-click affair. Another tool, Super- Mover, removes hours of drudgery from the programming process. In one step, you can now select a group of interface objects and move them to a new location on the screen. Also, like the better word processors, CanDo’s script editor now expands abbreviations as you type; for example, enter “SOS,” and CanDo interprets it as “SetObjectState.” Among the most common uses of CanDo is the creation of some sort of database. The original version had a convoluted method of forcing applications to store data, but CanDo 2.5 supports databases in a big way. If you create a number of objects (text fields or buttons, For instance), extracting their values and storing them in a database is an automated process. For more complex applications, you can define multidimensional arrays of almost unlimited complexity, and neither their form nor their size need be declared in advance. Farlier versions of CanDo had the capability of building applications with multiple windows that opened simultaneously. While this was a nice touch (assuming you mastered the art), a lot of work was involved just to pop up a requester such as “Do you really want to quit?” You can still open multiple windows if you like, but CanDo now allows direct access to Ami- gaDOS’s requesters, as well. A single line of code lets you open a standard requester with any number of gadgets. The program now uses the standard AmigaDOS file requester in its creations, and even supports multiselect mode, in which you can highlight more than one filename. Taking Requests CanDo clearly takes good advantage of
- 3 inputs |2-composIte, 1-Y CJ that can be connected simultaneously and ‘Hot-Switched’ with software without having to play with cable connections.
- Convert the 2-composite inputs into a single Y C input, providing two switchable Y C inputs. Jotub - Full SMPTE EBU encoding decodin striping available as an option. Pu - itxuc , tvxud >
• •rp 1 his is simply the most powerful and flexible video stabilization device for the Amiga computer. The TBCPlus makes an excellent complement to any CVP IV24™, NewTck Video Toaster", or Centaur OpalVision " Graphics System. The Plus means it also offers more!” Gary' Gehmtin, President Magic Bullet Communications, Inc Following GVP's philosophy of complete feature integration pioneered by our G-Force Combo accelerators (used in a majority of Amiga* Video Toaster™ Workstations), we are proud to present a professional TBC with time and money saving features. You would demand a TBC to be 100% digital, have 4:2:2 throughput, and an integrated ProcAmp. You would want it to be under SI,000. We agree. What does the Plus get you-
- Real-time 16.7 Million Color Frame-Grabber FrameBuffer for use as a digital video stillstore or signal generator. Included ImageFX™ modules allow direct editing and manipulation in the framebuffer. OtuA - Full Transcoding between Composite and Y C (SVHSl Input and Composite and Y C (SVHSl Output. Lu£> - Real-Time Professional Special Effects Generator featuring solarization, strobing, pseudo-color, monochrome effects, and more. Jolu* - NTSC PAL SECAM Signal Standards Conversion to NTSC PAL for integration into worldwide video environments automatically. F tub - Complete Amiga Software Control and Arexx™ Interface that allows seamless integration of all TBC Plus features into an exisiting automated video studio installation. 01993 Great Valley Products. Inc i TBC Plus. G-Force Cento. IrcageFX arcJ IV24 are trademarks o! Great Valley Products Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc, All other trademarks are me property of their respective owners, Circle 4 on Reader Service card Okay, Okay, So lt‘s A Digital Time Base Corrector, But can it...? The Plus Means Yesi Workbench 3.0. A redesigned screen editor permits your application to use any available screen mode, including AGA, or to use an existing public screen. And regardless of whether you have 3.0, Can- Do now uses AmigaGuide lot' its handy on-line command reference. Even better, your own CanDo applications can also call on AmigaGuide help files, (See “Linking Up With AmigaGuide,'’ p. 43, for more on using AmigaGuide.) Recognizing that Amiga MODs (music modules available through public- domain sources) are becoming a multi- platform standard, CanDo applications now support these compact stereo-music files. It’s easy to queue up song playlists, pause and resume music, and modify the tempo and volume. This is a significant enhancement, especially for game design. Of course, CanDo also plays traditional eight-bit sound samples. The SoundSequencer allows you to glue a number of samples together into a complex, stereo-separated audio production that plays on cue. We won't let you down! Hang on! DKB knows the importance of customer service. If you're having a problem or need a questions answered, our Tech Support Team is just a phone call away. Everyone at DKB is friendly.professional and know what they’re talking about when it comes to your Amiga . DKB technology remains on the cutting edge as we continue to introduce the peripherals and expansion boards you’ve asked for, like The CLOCK, real time for your Amiga 1200. Or the DKB 1202. To speed up math intensive operations. Our innovative products are thoroughly tested before they are shipped. Every DKB peripheral comes with a full 2-year warranty. Our first commitment has always been customer satisfaction. At DKB it’s not just something we talk about, it’s how we run our business every day. Problems or Questions? Please call our Tech Support Team at 50240 W. Pontiac Trail Wixom, ML 48393 313-960-8750 Circle 26 on Reader Service card Arexx Capable The true test of an authoring system like CanDo is twofold: Is it easy to create applications, and, once done, are they appropriate for professional use? As for the first question, just about anyone could sit down with CanDo and whip up a functional program an hour after opening the box. The tutorials, in fact, allow yon to do just that. Even moderately complicated projects are not beyond the ability of beginners, although the more you ask of CanDo, the more conversant you must become with its scripting language, Happily, CanDo is fun to use, so fledglings are more likely to delve into its subtleties than those ol a typical programming language. As for the second question, CanDo gets a resounding “yes.” On my hard disk, I have a dozen assorted programs that I wrote with CanDo, ranging from the odd utility to a fully functional data-
* J base. I’ve even built front-ends for Shell- based software, passing data via Arexx. And now that the program supports real Amiga DOS requesters, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish a CanDo application from one compiled in C. CanDo has always offered powerful animation tools, particularly when using DeluxePaint-style animbrushes. It now supports animbrush objects, which are little more than brush animations to which vou have synchronized events 4 t (such as sounds, other animations, or any kind of program control). Describing the motion of the animbrush is as easy as dragging the mouse around the screen, and you can later edit the path point by point il you wish. While CanDo does allow you to play full-screen animations, they must be controlled from a separate utility, Anim- Manager, which communicates with CanDo through an Arexx port. Using AnimManager, you can alter the speed and direction ol an animation, as well as synch events to animation frames and even add “hot spots” to the action for user input. It works, but it’s not as seamless as Can Do’s internal support for animbrushes. CanDo Cookbook The aptly named CanDo HowTo Book fills a three-ring binder, in which you’ll find 400 pages of instructive tutorials, thorough overviews, references, and an index. The reference section contains all of the commands, functions, and variables supported by the CanDo script language, organized so logically that the index could almost be omitted. An index there is, however, and it includes both commands and general topics. If you don’t want to bother with the book, an equally complete and context-sensitive AmigaGuide help file senes as an online coach. Can Do’s shortcomings are few. In the interface department, 1 long for better support for AmigaDOS’s handy rollover buttons, which CanDo requires you to jury-rig by hand. Also, while I appreci- ate the AmigaGuide support, it would he nice if CanDo offered a tool for creating the AmigaGuide help files themselves, as many inexperienced programmers haven’t mastered the technique. INOVAtronics should make it a priority to make building multiwindow applications easier. Currently, Helm from Eagle Tree Software (reviewed Jan. ’94, p. 20) and AmigaYision from Commodore are the only alternative products for creating your own programs without resorting to conventional programming. Compared with the competition, CanDo is a worthy contender. Using it, you’d probably impress yourself and others with your newfound ability to make effective Amiga software, Dave Johnson PEGGER Heifner Communications, S99.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3,0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB RAM, hard disk. Recommended system: 2MB or more RAM, hard disk, 68030 or 68040 processor. JPEG graphics-compression system. Once measured in hundreds of thousands and now increasingly often in millions of bytes, computer graphics are rapidly expanding in size. Anyone who works with 24-bit images knows their proportions can quickly fill your computer’s storage space, especially when creating multiframe animations. Heifner Communications’ answer to this hard-drive congestion is PEGGER, a JPEG-compression program that allows you to increase the number of images you can store on your hard disk or other storage device by ten times or more. JPEG, created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, is an adjustable graphics-compression scheme that allows you to fine-tune the quality of images on a scale of 1 to 100. At settings of 50 or below, you can compress a 1MB graphics file down to 34K or less, but with a corresponding frizziness and loss of detail. A setting of 85 to 90 percent with a compression ratio of roughly 10 to 1 shows little or no discernible change for the majority of images. At a setting of 100. Most compressed images are virtually indistinguishable from the originals, yet they’ll be about one-quarter the file size. Because JPEG permits the removal of some graphics information, it’s referred to as a “lossy” compression scheme. Most newer Amiga image-processing programs load and save JPEG files, but many of the programs that artists and animators work with such as Lightwave, Imagine, Dpaint, and Brilliance support only larger 24-bit formats such as IFF24 and the Video Toaster’s Frame- sfore format. You can save the files in IFF24, then come back later and shrink EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM : Takes your amiga BEYOND AGA! The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into the world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and real-time 24-bit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM.
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600 x 1280 800 x 600 in 24-bit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-bit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing. Look for new stand-alone releases coming soon!
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a single monitor!
• Zorro-Il (16-bit) and Zorro-III (32-bit) AutoSensing for maximum performance on all Amigas!
• Workbench driver to run Workbench directly on the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM board, freeing up valuable Chip RAM!
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, including the Workbench driver!
• System conforming applications can use the EGS screenmodes directly from the Display Database! £ CS 20 24 sn€ rrnuM EGS requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. Them using a program such as ADPro or ImageFX ancl then expand them as needed, hut that’s a hassle. PEGGER makes all of this easy by sitting in the background and converting files to and from JPEG format on the flv. Perfectly Pegged PEGGER installs with the standard Commodore Installer program, and you launch it manually or drag it into the WBStartup drawer so that it will always be available when you boot. Clicking the °> ''.'A- J * Selected as the best professional productivity software at the last two North American Amiga Developers’ Conferences, the SAS C Development System now includes C++. If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, ext. 7001. SAS and SAS C. An* registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names art' registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive Curv, NC 27513 Grcle *50 on Reader Service card mats, with or without NTSC filtering. CJPEG and DJPEG allow you to manually compress files, either singly or in batches. File selection and option setting are handled with easy-to-use. Amiga- standard graphical interfaces that pop up when you click the CJPEG or DJPEG Applcons, or when you drag a graphics file onto the icon. Converting large numbers of files in either direction is a snap. PEGGER icon actually launches three tasks: CJPEG, the JPEG compressor; DJPEG, the decompressor; and SNOOP, the utility that adds JPEG capabilities to other programs. These utilities support conversion to and from JPEG for a variety of high- color formats: IFF24, the standard Amiga 24-bit format; the Toaster's own Kramestore format; IIAM8, the eight- bit, 202,000-color Hold-And-Modify standard supported by AGA machines; and DCTV, in three- and four-bit forPEGGER's real power comes from the SNOOP utility. You simply tell SNOOP to watch certain directories that contain images. You can choose to convert all files saved to that director)* to JPEG, convert all files loaded from that director)' to any of the PEGGER-supported high- color formats, or both. Each directory can have a separate setting, so you might have one where you convert liles when loading and saving ensuring that they’ll always be stored in JPEG format and another where you convert onlv files you load into your paint program. So you won’t lose precise details you’ve added when you resave the file. It’s easy to toggle SNOOP off temporarily for individual directories. Without this ability, if you tried to copy a number of JPEG files from a SNOOPed directory with a directory utility, tliev j j would be expanded into a larger format when they reached their destination. SNOOP worked with everything I j tested it with, allowing DeluxePaint 4.6, Brilliance, and DC1Y to load and save [PEG liles directly. The telling test was when I rendered a series of small images in Imagine and set the program to save the files in IFF24 format. Without PEGGER active, the 25 images took up just over 9MB of disk space; with PEGGER set to 90 percent quality, the same images occupied only a single megabyte of space and were virtually identical when displayed on the screen. Toaster users will be ecstatic to sec the typical Frame- store size go from around 720K to about TOR. PEGGER is smart enough to ignore unsupported formats, such as 16-color and the older 4096-color 11AM pictures. Further Enhanced PEGGER’s JPEG capabilities are enough to justify its purchase for many Amiga users, but the program doesn’t stop there. It also has an Arexx interface that lets you do further image processing on your liles by accessing other Arexx-capable programs. You can run up to four scripts automatically from SNOOP: individual scripts before and or after loading a file, and before and or after saving a file. Along with image processing, other potential uses for this capability include sending IFF frames automatically to an O j ANTM-builder before they’re com- J pressed, or displaying diem to a singlc- Irame recorder as they're saved. PEGGER is a real boon to DCTV users. Many programs won’t load DCTV files, but you can set PEGGER up so that any DCTV files are stored as JPEG when you save them, yet are expanded to 1FF24 format when you reload them. In that way, you can access the files from j j DCTV Paint and also from programs such as DeluxePaint or PageStream without having to convert them to another format first. The thorough and well-written manual includes tutorials that introduce you to the program’s features, a quick-refer- ence section and detailed explanations of the interface and Arexx commands. It’s clear that the program’s designers tried to anticipate and eliminate any quirks. For example, if you convert a IIAM8 picture to JPEG format, PEGGER stores the base palette from the original HAMS image in the JPEG file. This not only ensures that optimized palettes aren't lost, but also helps when assembling animations from frames that must share a common palette. Also, you can set individual compression rates for different directories, so you can maintain the highest quality for some images, hut use more compression on graphics that don’t need to be stored as precisely. Finally, PEGGER works on the picture in sections, so it doesn’t gobble megabytes of memory when processing pictures. 1 encountered only two problems with PEGGER 1.2: HAM8 brushes stored to a SNOOPed directory came back scrambled when reloaded, and wiien I set it to automatically append a .JPG extension to (lies, it refused to replace files that already had that extension. Both problems are easily circumvented. Early versions of PEGGER had problems with T oaster Paint, Dpaint AGA files, and DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder, but Heifner quickly released a freely distributable patch (VI .2) that addressed those issues. Slow Going JPEG compression requires some intense calculations, and the load times of JPEG images can be painstakingly lengthy, especially on slower machines. Load times on an Amiga 4000 were increased by 30 seconds or more, depending on the size of the picture. On a stock Amiga 1200, there’s time to drink a can of [oil and maybe devour a couple of Twinkies while your graphic loads. When saving pictures, PEGGER processes the file after it’s saved in its native format, so saves take no longer than they would without PEGGER running. PEGGER is, however, the Fastest JPEG processor I’ve encountered for the Amiga. Load times were only marginally faster than ADPro, but it was nearly twice as fast at saving files and that doesn’t count the time saved by automating the processes. If you’re batch-rendering files or creating animations from JPEG frames, the extra time probably won’t matter. If time is of the essence, you can easily disable PEGGER or copy the files to a non-SNOOPed directory and then compress them when you've finished working with them. If you’re an animator whose hard drive is almost full (is there any other kind?), you'll love this program. It is a must-have addition to the tool chest ol anyone who works with 24-hit images, Denny Atkin ? Regionalized Processing Edge Feathering ...... Brush Handling Color Separate RGB Masking CMY HSV Operation...... YUWY1Q Operation ..... time and money. The way we see it, "Professional" means Truly Integrated. That’s why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! The concept is simple: ImageFX is the only linage Processing package that you will ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you JX-100 Scanning .g Virtual Memory... Complete Painting Tools Real-time WYSIWYG Preview. Dual Image Buffers .... Alpha Channel Undo & Redo .. You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power and flexibility of IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW ImageFX TRULY INTEGRATED ImageFX. However, if you're serious now about Image Processing, you need the software that was born ready. No limitations. No costly additions! You still want more? OK! With ToasterFX™ from Byrd's Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX'’ With your Video Toaster GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING Of PRUSSIA, PA 19-106 • USA PHONE 215*337•8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing. ..a reality here and now! £1993 Great Valley Products, Inc. ImageFX and CineMorph are trademarks ol Great Valley Products inc. ToasterFX is a trademark ol Byrd's Eye Sopftware,. Amiga is a registered uadamark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. Circle 7 on Reader Service card A iniga World 17 K E V I i; w s MovieMaker Interactive Video Systems, $ 895 A2000 A3000 A4000.
2. Q 3.0 compatible. Hard drive required. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: easy. Minimum system: 4MB Fast RAM, 2MB chip RAM, hard drive. Recommended system: 16MB RAM, A4000, SCSI-2 hard-disk controller, large-capacity hard drive. Nonlinear animation* and sound* editing system with player. Acotiple ofyears ago, IYS showed parts of the movie Rack to (he Future III at an Ami Expo I attended. What looked like videotape output was actually being played in real time from a hard drive. Though 1 spotted traces of digital imager)', it was quite convincing, and as a video producer and Amiga artist, 1 was appropriately impressed. With MovieMaker, I am now able to play that same demo with CD-quality stereo sound on my own Amiga 4000 040 and DCTV. MovieMaker provides nonlinear eclii- ing of Amiga images, animations, and digitized audio into “movies" you play directly from hard drive, it comes with the PeriSound board and Audio Editing System software for digitizing and editing stereo audio. PeriSound is an expandable half-length Zorro II card with stereo RCA input and output connectors. Feature Attractions MovieMaker uses a mouse-driven control panel with buttons that access other screens of buttons, mostly for file I O. There are no pull-down menus, but keyboard commands abound throughout the interface. MovieMaker stores your rendered frames and animations in its own MovieMaker format on non- AmigaDOS hard-drive partitions prepared by the MM Utils program. Stored footage is represented by a timeline on the control panel. To produce a movie, von visually scroll through ihe footage by using the keyboard or mouse to slide a marker along this rime- line. Your footage is displayed on screen as if you were winding it through a film editor, like a moviola. You simply mark, cut, and paste sections from this timeline into the desired order on your new movie timeline. It’s that simple. The “movie" you are producing is actually a file describing the order in which the raw footage is accessed and played back from the hard drive. You can make as many different "movies" as you want from the same raw footage, for you’re not actually altering the raw-footage images. PeriSound digitizes sound in stereo from 17.64 Khz to 48 Khz (DAT) sampling rates. MovieMaker loads this audio as a timeline, so you can edit it into your movies using the same cut-and-paste procedures as for editing movies, (Do this after making the movie, as audio becomes part of the frame information.) MovieMaker can export images and animation sequences as AmigaDOS images and ANIM files so that you can play them with other software. You can also export your edited audio tracks from movies as separate sound files. The timing counters are very flexible. They will display SMPTE rates of 30 frames per second (fps), 25 fps, and 24 fps, or film rates for 16mm and 35mm in frames per foot. In addition, they can show elapsed seconds, hours minutes seconds, or, in the case of audio, even samples per second. Anyone should be able to find a timing display that he or she is used to and comfortable with. Behind the Scenes Eilm-production crews know how much work really goes into just a few seconds of finished movie. To the uninitiated, MovieMaker gives a taste of this necessary leswork. The storage of images and 4 C* O O animations in the special format that allows MovieMaker to play the images back at blazing speed requires planning and up-front time. Depending on whether you are storing a few frames of HAM images or a few hundred frames of 24-bit images, the time required can be a few seconds or a few hours. You can multitask, however, while MovieMaker works in the background. The wait pays off because once the images are converted, access seems instantaneous. The price you pay for this speed is the hard-drive space you use for Movic- Maker's special non-Amiga DOS partitions. Raw footage cannot be stored or accessed any other way, and only MovieMaker can access these partitions. At first, the manual appeared to be well organized. However, reading it left me a bit dumbfounded. For example, it told me that movies are simply instantiations [sic] of the raw-footage file and are stored as .AmigaDOS files. Furthermore, the manual doesn’t explain anything about available image formats. When I loaded a 752x486 24-bit image for conversion and storage, MovieMaker offered only three-bit or four-bit DCTV format, with or without interlacing. 1 didn't really want my finely detailed, 24-bit graphic to look like a DCTV image, hut I apparently didn't have any other choice. My A4000 liked
* this choice about as much as 1 did, since it immediately offered me the choice of suspending or rebooting. Hold That Script! MovieMaker’s method of editing allows the reuse of animation segments or single frames (title screen or diagram) without wasting storage space. Adding audio is a time-consuming task. You must edit digitized audio into the raw Footage, where it becomes part of each frame. Reusing the same footage brings along the same snatches of audio, riding piggyback on the video. I his is handy if you want dialogue to match up with the video, but if you want different audio each time, you have to store multiple copies of die footage, each with the new audio track dubbed in. This drawback, however, is fairly easv to work around.
* 4 On a sad note, MovieMaker makes no reference to Arexx, and lists no port or commands. It does, however, have an Auxiliary Environment button that might link the program through Arexx or other means in the future. IYS promises Arexx support with the next revision. Going Over Budget The factors that give MovieMaker the speed to play hies at 30 fps arc image size, SCSI interface speed, the hard- drive controller, CPU speed, and chip RAM bandwidth. Hard-drive capacity determines the length of your productions. It’s obviously not a low-budget proposition, as you’ll need an '030 or ’040 processor and a SCSI-2 controller for maximum performance. I used Advanced Systems & Software’s Fast lane 7.3 SCSI-2 controller ($ 599) on my A4000. Furthermore, a 1GB hard drive with a high transfer rate (24 megabits per second or higher) is in order for optimum performance and capacity and then there’s MovieMaker’s $ 895 list price. I hat doesn't mean you can’t do neat stuff with a standard SCSI interface and a quality 200MB hard drive on an A2000 030 or A3000 by paying careful attention to image size and using DC TV. In fact, MovieMaker appears to work nicely with 1)C IV, and might breathe a little life into that aging product. That’s a Wrap MovieMaker is an interesting product that performs some amazing feats when matched with last hardware. It would have been a box-office smash if it had been released two years ago, but the hardware was not tip to speed back then. Where will MovieMaker find its audience in today’s Amiga market? Well, if I VS adds extensive support for Arexx in future versions, the multimedia folks will probably be standing in line for a MovieMaker ticket. Concerning its value, try to (incl something better on any computer platform, at anywhere near its price range. By comparison, MovieMaker makes MS-DOS and Mac ’‘movies” look like flickering and jerky silent films. Fred Hurteau gram supports all new Amiga DOS keyboard conventions, screen resolutions and palettes, and you can not only open multiple scores, blit also cut and paste between scores. The tutorial section of the manual reviews the main features of the program in a thorough yet understandable manner. A variety of playback options now exist. DeluxeMusic 2.0 provides up to three different types of visual feedback: flashing notes, a player-piano strip that highlights the notes on a keyboard, and a measure count that changes as the song progresses. You can define any set of measures as a section that can then be repeated. I his is helpful when you’re trying to decipher a particularly cryptic passage or to solo over a righteous vaudevillian vamp. Tempo changes can be inserted throughout the piece, and you can even turn off the sound completely for specific measures. Useful for troubleshooting obtuse and undesired harmonic disturbances (hum notes to you!), this latter ? Display Modes, Scanner Reviews. (AW9306) July 1993.3-D Graphics On Your Amiga! 8 PC Emulators. Video Troubleshooting. Virus Killers For Hire. Reviews on VistaPro 3.0 and Pro-Board 3.0. (AW9307) August 1993. Full Coverage of Video Toaster
4000. Programming Special! Easy Morphing Tips. Test Your Video Signals. Macintosh Emulation. (AW9308) Send me S. $ _ $ EXP. DATE CITY ZIP Electronic Arts put tiie Amiga on the computer map way back in 1986. Its trailbla .ing DeluxePaint showcased the unique graphics capabilities of the machine, while DeluxeMusic demonstrated the Amiga’s amazing (for its time) audio possibilities. While Dpaint went through numerous upgrades and enhancements over the years, DeluxeMusic never received the same level of attention. What once qualified as unique features in a computer music program steadily became commonplace. As DeluxeMusic’s uniqueness began to wane over the years, its activity became limited to public-domain offerings. What’s New? To the delight of computer-music composers everywhere, DeluxeMusic has been overhauled, cleaned up, and propelled squarely into the ’90s. DeluxeMusic 2.0 maintains a familiar interface on a custom screen, while addressing a long list of complaints, shortcomings, and suggestions for improvement. I lie manual kicks things off with a “What’s New-” section for those making the step up from 1.0 to 2.0. Tffis is merely a brief discussion of changes, however; you’ll still need to peruse the manual to uncover all the new features, among which are extensive Arexx, MIDI, and Workbench 2.1 3.0 support. The proDeluxeMusic 2.0 Electronic Arts, $ 129.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: Accelerator, 4MB or more RAM, printer, hard drive. General-purpose music-camposition software. October
1992. Sneak Preview: The New Amiga 600 Revealed. Video Special! Image Composition. Cellular Automation. Reviews of AMAX II Plus and ImpactVision 24. (AW921Q) November 1992. The All New Amiga 4000. Live Action Animation. DTP Design Made Easy. Programmers Rights. Creative Image Compositing Techniques. Publish with Panache. (AW9211) December 1992. British Game Invasion. 3-D Animation. AREXX Answers. Audio for Video. OpalVision Unveiled. 20 Shell Tips (AW9212) January 1993. The New A1200. Productivity Pump Up! Increase Your Word Power. Review of Will Vinton's Piaymation. (AW9301) February 1993. 24-bit Amiga Color Graphics. Head-to-Head Hard Drive Backups. The Animator’s Edge. Workbench 2.0 Fonts. (AW9302) March 1993. AGA Special: Where Do You Fit in the New Amiga Line? Amiga Music Making. On-Line Savings. (AW9303) May 1993. Image Processing. Quality Fonts Galore! Easy Audio for Video. Workbench 2.0 Tips, Fun DTP Projects. (AW9305) June 1993, Special Review Issue. The AW Fonts Buyer s Guide Part 2: Video Fonts. Amiga AmigaWorfd Back Issues 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-603-924-0156 Or, write your issue selections here and mail to address below. Please use product codes. Please send me the following issues: CA residents add appropriate tax Canadian residents add 7% GST Postage & handling:
U. S. orders $ 1.50 each issue Prepayment required. Checks in U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. bank. Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Quantities limited. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Canadian foreign surface $ 2.00 eachS_ Foreign air mail $ 4.50 each issue $ _ Total Enclosed $ back issues x $ 3.95 CREDIT CARD NUMBER SIGNATURE A42B' STATE NAME S ADDRESS feature also helps beginners develop a musical ear. Like its predecessor, DeluxeMusic 2.0 makes use of the Amiga’s internal sound capabilities. You can load samples into a “ready” list for insertion anywhere in the score you please. You can also change sounds throughout the score, as well as pan positions and a variety of playing styles, including legato, sforzando, and staccato, to name a few. You can apply style changes to selected notes in the score or to selected instruments. While volume changes can be gradual, all of O O the instrument and sample changes are static. You cannot, for example, create dynamic panning over a period of time or gradually morph the sound of a piano into that of a trumpet. The program lets you add or delete entire staves and clefs of music. It also allows you to create up to -48 staves of music per song, although you’ll be able to hear onlv four notes at a time using the J u .Amiga. You can change time and key signatures as often as you like through- D “ out the song, and you can change the screen and prinioul appearance to best suit your working style and output devices. Using DeluxeMusic 2.0 is a mouse- intensive activity, even though von can enter note information from a MIDI keyboard using a program such as Nerve- Ware’s RilKGrabber. The section in the manual on entering and modifying music thoroughly explains how to make your music look and sound right. Simply click on a note or rest value, then place it on a staff or click on the on-screen piano keyboard. Clicking on a note activates it to he edited, transposed, stylized, and so on. Chords can be inverted up or down, and you can also insert, delete, split, join, or realign measures, and set repeats and first and second ending measures. In addition, word-processor type editing is also possible on individual notes, chords, or measures. The program allows you to add sharps, llats, naturals, clots, triplets, lies in short, almost anything a musician does with a pencil on staff paper. This includes adding lyrics to the score an absolute necessity for lead sheets. Any system font is acceptable. Select the text tool, click wherever you want on the screen, and begin typing. Now included in 2.0 is the new Guitar Fret font, which lets you place guitar tabla- ture notation anywhere in the score. Traditional notation output has always been one of the strongest features of DeluxeMusic. The latest version supports all Preferences printers, though you’ll have to experiment a bit to get the best results on your system. Arexx Power Arexx support is new in this version ol DeluxeMusic. A powerful macro function is integrated into the program, letting you combine commonly used commands and then assign them to a function kev. Macros will record every- j J thing but mouse clicks, so your most involved routines can be reduced to just a few key punches and mouse clicks at most. While ii still supports the SMI'S standard, the program finally addresses one of the main shortcomings of that format the inability to save all sound files with a song. Version 2.0 still loads the older DeluxeMusic, SMUS, MIDI, and Music-X files, but ii can now save in the new CMUS Hie format as well, allowing you to embed samples into the score. The CMUS format is also required for the included DeluxeMusic Player, a freestanding, freely distributable program that enables you to play CMUS files. Sour Notes 1 was not able to get DeluxeMusic 2.0 to print to my laser printer. My printer indicated it was “Processing Data" the Play that funky music right with Deluxe- Music 2.0 from Electronic Arts. Whole time, but nothing came out, whether in 1 IP or PostScript mode. I discovered that in order to print, you must select Negative in your graphics Preferences to achieve a positive output. I was also informed that DeluxeMusic 2.0 shares this peculiarity with DeluxePaint. My Panasonic KX-P1124 dot-matrix did, however, produce printouts without fail. A font button resides on the program’s interface and clicking on it with the mouse brings up a requester. The program’s Guitar fret font seemingly displayed lext only in 1 opaz font, until Electronic Arts revealed that Guitar fret alters only a few characters. DeluxeMusic 2.0 comes with a 168- page manual bearing a line set of tutorials, a complete index, and first-rate descriptions for tools and requesters. 1 did find one shortcoming, though: a lack of clarity about bow to set up and place the lablature in the score. 1 bad some concerns over how the program handled sect ions of music, too. Being able to define a section is handy, but it leaves me pondering why you can’t define multiple sections. Defining half a dozen linkable sections of music, with user-definable repeat ranges, could make for a more powerful composition and arranging tool. It would also be an improvement if the player utility could read and convert MIDI iiles and MOD-formatted files. The convenience of these play-only utilities is getting more and more compromised with all the proprietary formats that are floating around in the public domain. While DeluxeMusic 2.0 records pitch values accurately, it still can’t record timing values in a meaningful way when you play live from your MIDI keyboard. In Conclusion ()ffering full support for The One-Stop Music Shop (Blue Ribbon Sound- Works), DeluxeMusic 2.0 does mix well with at least one popular third-party hardware package. If you’re looking strictly for a MIDI sequencer, you're probably better of I with the software from Dr. T’s or Blue Ribbon. KCS and Bnrs&Pipes are designed to handle anything from simple step entry to fullblown multimedia presentations; DeluxeMusic 2.0 is not. My experience aside, the best reason to consider this program is for its notation features. Bar&Pipes Professional 2.0 still doesn’t cut it as a notation program, and Dr. Ts has gone so far as to offer The Copyist, a dedicated notation program. There are some further concerns, however. Electronic Arts cautions that its MIDI-file importation is a bit shaky at this time. You can take your chances try- insr. Or you can enter your score into DeluxeMusic 2.0 by hand or import it as a SMUS file (some Amiga sequencer packages can save in SMUS format). These issues aside, DeluxeMusic 2.0 will probably satisfy those who asked for it. It is cleaned up and is now a 90s program, it fills a unique niche in Amiga software history, and it certainly deserves a look if you like to make music on your Amiga. Rick Man a sci ¦ Toaster ToolKit 4000 An indispensibie collection of utilities for Video Toaster 2.0, 3.0 and 4000 users. Toaster Sequence Editor • Toaster Project Editor • AnimToFX • FXToAnim • Color Font Converter
• FrameStore Compressor MSRP $ 179.95 Cocoon Morph The fastest and easiest-to-use morphing program you will find. Includes high end features found in expensive systems-without the Rolls Royce price! Cocoon is full-featured. Morphs are easy to set up with fast, accurate rendering. MSRP $ 99.95 Crouton Tools 4000 Atomic Video Enthusiasts call Crouton Tools 4000 "The Easy- to-use Video Workstation Integrator," software enthusiasts call Crouton Tools 4000 "A Full-Featured Video Shell." Utilizing powerful applications with the Video Toaster was once a complex task. Dramatically increases productivity. MSRP $ 149.95 All imago* aw from original wdeo soffwoie |XXLogo designs created by HoioU Russell of Atomic loasto Video Toaster System Design contact Harold Russell:
(801) 466-7330 Video Software Sales contact DevWare Video:
(800) 879-0759 Circle 42 on Reader Service card. Toaster Toolkit 4000 was devotoped by The Byte Factory. Crouton Tools was developed by Atomic Toaster Catalog. Cocoon was duwtopird by IronworW Studios Video loar.ter in a tradcnuik of Mi wtok. Inc Buy oneTimebase Corrector... ...and get a second one FREE!* The Kitchen Sync is TWO complete S-Video compatible infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. And at a price that you would normally pay for a single TBC. Completely synchronize not one, but two independent video sources for use with virtually any switcher or digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. The Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Two complete time base correctors on one card that can plug into any IBM AT compatible slot. With any video source, even consumer VCRs and camcorders ? Use multiple Kitchen Syncs, together for more channels ? Completely accurate sync generator built in: totally regenerates all sync and blanking signals:guaranteed accurate S CH phase relationships ? Built-in proc amp ? Broadcast quality output ? Completely digital design ? Microprocessor controlled ? Easy to adjust external LCD control panel ? Advanced sync output ? Inputs are S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. Use either composite or S-Video into either channel ? Great for use with the Video Toaster ? S-Video output option for full S-Video operation ? Control operation independent of Amiga, PC. Or Toaster operation ? Easy installation ? No timing adjustments necessary for small stand-alone applications ? Genlock option available for house system integration ? Jitter-free freeze frame, fieldl or field2 (channel independently selectable) ? Variable rate strobe ? External contact-closure interface for freeze ? Three user presets and one factory setting stored internally Check out these great features: ? Plugs into any IBM AT compatible or any Amiga A2Q00, A3000, or A4000 PC slot ? Plugs into Digital Creations new Video Slot Box ? Works The Kitchen Sync makes it easy to complete your desktop video installation. Everything you need is here.
* All on one card ? All at one great price ? At this price its like buying one TBC and getting the second one free. ? S-Video option $ 99.00 ? Genlock Option $ 150.00 V Both composite
* and S-video in an jW' external genlock TheSuperGen SX is our newest genlock and overlay system for Amiga computers. The "S’" in “SX” stands for S-Video. The new SuperGen SX is a full featured S- Video genlock. The “X" stands for external. The SX is an external device that attaches to any Amiga computer through the RGB port. We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock tor the new Amiga computers. True broadcast quality video output ? True Y C genlock and overlay ? Two independent dissolve controls ? Software controllable ? S-Video to composite or composite to S-video transcoding built in ? Interpretive dissolve mode ? Switchable
3. 58MHz notch filter ? Switchable video input selection ? Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input SuperGen SX ? One Composite Video Output ? Professional Key Out for use with switchers ? Switchable Chroma Notch filter ? Selectable blanking ? BNCand S-Video connectors ? Fast Sync Tip Clamp ? Key Output ? Internal RS-170A Blanking ? Switchable Setup Adder ? Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system for your Amiga. £ ¦ 1|H Break the |M V single video slot barrier! ? Four Video ™ Slots! ? Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) ? 230W switching power supply ? Two
5. 25" and two 3.5" drive bays The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5,25 inch half height devices and two 3.5 inch devices (You can use this room tor SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are “video slot masters" such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. ? Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825. Digital Creations, Inc. • P.O. Box 97 • Folsom CA 95763-0097 * Phone (916) 344-4825 • FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s, SupofGon SX, Video Slol Box, and Kitchen Sync aro trademarks at Digital Creations, inc. Video Toaster is a trademark ol Nowtok, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks ot IBM. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodarc-Amiga, Inc Circle 63 on Reader Service card, Professional Paint & Animation DIGITAI Circle 16 on Reader Service card :j ¦ • -
• T . __ _ •-:h. T£- - - - r .. y V. % ¦ draw
- - V D co0''p“1CS „ ° fyfy ot°ntrQII pension Drive System rna! Hard Dnve tor the iuga 600' and 7 200 ,l'"‘ rr ‘.r - Jr ii r.-i-T f},i r,.,, fff ir t j* '•'* pi«» r ‘i it ¦> ¦ „¦ • ,. So0' fe X«fc. 'I*-, v* v rtifc TO
- J' 'f r ¦ 1 r* ¦ r n III )L 100 items specially designed for use with your A1200 or A4000. IF YOU OWN an AGA Amiga or are thinking of buying one, n o 7 0' you know that most current Amiga software will run on A] 200s n and A4000s except for certain games and applications that balk at accelerated processors. And as for hardware, anything old or new that Iits onto the expansion ports common to all Ami- gas (such as audio and video digitizers that hook up to serial ports, input output expanders that add extra parallel ports, and so on) will work on the new machines. Furthermore, most Zorro II III cards that fit in the A2000 and A3000 also work with the Amiga 4000. But if you like to use the special features of your AGA computer, you may he wondering which of the many products on the market take particular advantage of it. Which give you those great high-color displays? Which run in Productivity mode? Which are custom-made for your Amiga model? Many products advertise that they are “AGA compatible,” but just what does that mean, given that AGA machines oiler selectable chip sets for downward compatibility? We've been investigating this issue and are pleased to present a guide to more than 100 products that we know take advantage of, or at least acknowledge, AGA features. These are software packages that employ the AGA chip set, hardware that comes with AGA software, or boards that are either A1200 or A4000 specific. We’ve broken the Field into four main categories: Business and Productivity Software and Utilities (pp. 26-27); Graphics, Animation, Video, and Music Software (pp. 27-29); Video, Graphics, and Sound Hardware (pp. 30-31); and Expansion Hardware, which is divided between A1200 (pp 31-33) and A4000 (p. 33) items. Besides describing the products, we’ve tried to give you an idea of how they employ AGA features. At the end of the article, we offer a glimpse of some of the new products you can expect to sec coming out for AGA Amigas. But it’s only a peek. More developments are underway, but the manufacturers are not yet ready to talk about them. We’ll he sure to cover them as they become available. Remember: I his is not a guide to all products that work on AGA machines. That kind of listing would surely take up the entire issue. These are products that have either been developed or revamped with AGA machines in mind. Also realize that not all software benefits you by employing AGA features. A music program that puts up a high-color display, for instance, might suffer in terms of performance. ? BY SHELDON LEEMON, DENNY ATKIN, DAVE JOHNSON, FRED HURTEAU, AND THE EDITORS OFAMIGAWORLD AmigaVision Professional $ 399, Commodore Commodore’s multimedia authoring software is a powerful programming environment that is easy to use, but much to the company's embarrassment, the first versions weren’t compatible with CD IV or the new ACA computers. This version is AGA capable, but just barely. You can now load pictures saved in AGA modes, but there are still no controls for creating your own AGA-niode screens from within the application. CanDo $ 199.95, INOVAtronics An object-oriented authoring system that allows even the novice programmer to design Amiga applications, CanDo provides access to most AmigaDOS features, including all varieties of buttons, menus, and requesters. The newest version, 2.5 1, lets you build applications on any legal screen, including 256-color and HAMS displays. Applications can also make use of Ami- gaGuidc help files. DesignWorks $ 75, New Horizons DesignWorks 1.0 is a structured-drawing program that’s notable primarily for its simplicity and bargain price. Only PageStream can import itsoullinc-lbrmat images (not even ProWrite supports its IFF DRAW format), although you can export bitmapped images for use with other programs. AGA support is limited to the program’s ability to run in Superllires and Productivity modes; there’s no 250-color support. Directory Opus $ 99.95, INOVAtronics Final Writer Probably the most full-featured file-manage- menl program available for the Amiga, INOVatronics* Directory Opus 4.11 can display nearly any file, including AGA still images and animations. The program can run in high AGA resolutions, allowing you to see more files onscreen. You can program the customizable buttons with built-in functions or your own Arcxx macros, but there are so many file manipulations built into Opus that you’ll have a tough time finding new things for it to do. Final Copy II $ 99.95, SoftWood Final Copy is the word processor of choice for graphics-intense output. It is part page-layout program, in fact, with its style sheets, structured-drawing tools, and variable zoom. Final Copy runs in any resolution and any number of colors (up to 256) supported by the AGA chi]) set. Though its option to display graphics in gray is generally the most useful. Final Writer $ 199.95. SoftWood Business and productivity Software and Utilities A superset of Final Copy II, Final Writer is a powerful and highly customizable word processor that features extensive Arexx support, an auto-save function, and good font handling. Flow $ I 10. New Horizons Flow 3.1 is a traditional idea-ouilining system. It nests your text in multiple levels of indents, up to 16 deep, and shows or hides any pan of the document vou choose. Flow can run on the Workbench to take advantage of high-resolu- tion AGA displays, but because you cannot embed graphics within a Flow outline, high-color support isn’t particularly relevant. Gold Disk Office 3.0 $ 199.95, Gold Disk Five business-oriented programs (a desktop publisher, word processor, spreadsheet, database, and graph generator) under one roof. All take advantage of the AGA chip set. Especially the desktop-publishing software, which also uses Compugraphic fonts. PC-Task 2.0 $ 39.95, Dev Ware This software-based PC emulator lets you run MS-DOS programs on your .Amiga. It provides VGA emulation on any .Amiga and offers AGA owners something special: Super-V( i.A emulation. PageSetter 3 $ 99.95, Gold Disk Gold Disk’s entry-level page-layout program may not have all the features of Professional Page, the company’s high-end desktop-publishing product, but with support for Compu- graphic outline fonts and bitmapped and structured graphics, it has more than enough power to satisfy those who need to make the occasional liver, invitation, or sign. The casual user will also be satisfied with the price (about hall that of full-blown publishing programs). On AGA machines, graphics can be displayed with up to 256 colors on screen at once, PageStream 3.0 $ 395, Sofl-Logik PageStream 2.2 is a high-powered page-layout package disguised as an easy-to-use Amiga program. PageStream’s manv strengths include O O O flexible layout and drawing tools, a wealth of importable graphic formats, and HotLinks a utility that lets you edit text or graphics in another program and have the changes immediately updated in your PageStream document. You’ll have to wait for PageStream 3.0 (due to ship soon) for WYSIWYG color displays, but PageStream already runs on AGA screens, including Super72 800x600. Professional Calc 2.0
5199. 95, Gold Disk The most professional and up-to-clate spreadsheet for the Amiga, ProCaic adds such features as full Arexx support to the usual complement of mathematical manipulations. Why add AGA support to a spreadsheet? For charts and graphics, ol course. ProCaic formerly used dithering for charts with more than eight colors, but I his version lets AGA owners create a pie chart with up to 256 slices, each in a different color. You can also select any screen mode from the display database, including large scrolling screens. Professional Page $ 295, Gold Disk Pro Page 4.1 is a high-level desktop-publishing program that supports everything from dotmatrix printers to professional imagesetters. A pioneer in color DTP, Pro Page 4.1 loads 24-hit images and sports complete color-separation support. Arexx programmability and a full suite of included macros gives the program great llexibility. You can display your document in 256 colors in various AGA resolutions, including Super72, making proofing color documents on screen much easier. ProWrite
599. 95, New Horizons ProWrite 3.3 is one of die Amiga’s most powerful word processors. It has a full set of editing tools, a large dictionary and thesaurus, and support for multiple columns and Compu- grapliic fonts, ProWrite runs in any inode except HAM8, though its clumsy paleLte controls occasionally make high-color displays a challenge to configure, QuickWrite $ 50, New Horizons QuickWrite 1.1 is a simple word processor that's ideal for folks with floppy-only A1200 systems. This stripped-down version of ProWrite doesn’t support bitmapped fonts or images in documents, but it doesn’t require a lot of memory or space either. It’s very easy to learn, and is great for folks whose word-processing needs don't go much past the occasional letter to Mom. It supports Productivity mode (as well as Super- I fires) for a high-resolution, flicker-free display on AGA machines. Sbase Personal 4 SI49, Oxxi Personal is a cut-down version of Sbase Pro, but not that much was left out. The data programming language is gone, as is support for macro keys. Everything else is pretty much the same, however, including support for 256- color data entry forms and reports on AGA machines. Sbase Professional 4 S299, Oxxi The new version, 1.3, is the only really full- featured, programmable database for the Amiga. It conies complete with its own database programming language, Arexx interface, built-in communications capability, and forms report editor. The latest version lets you build custom data-cntry forms with up to 256 colors on screen at once for AGA users. TypeSmith $ 199.95, Soft-Logik TypeSmith is a must-have for the Amiga typographer. Not only can you design your own fonts in PostScript, Amiga, and Compugraphic formats, but you can also convert from one format to another a great way to bring all those public- domain PostScript fonts to your Amiga programs. It runs in all appropriate AGA screen modes, but unfortunately it does not read TrueType fonts, the most abundant in the PL) arena. Wordworth 2 AGA £129.99, Digit a International One of the most widely acclaimed word processors in Europe, Wordworth 2 AGA takes full advantage ol AGA screen modes and supports Compugraphic fonts. Digita has no US distributor at the moment, but plans to work with one in ’94. Graphics, Animation, Video, and Music Software Anim Workshop 2.0 $ 159.95, Axiom Software Used with ASDG’s ADPro, Anim Workshop lets vou create and control your ANIM files. Art Department Professional 2.3 $ 299, ASDG ADPro 2.3 is an indispensable image-processing and -manipulation program for all graphics from desktop publishing to video, h performs image merging, matrix filtering, rescaling, rotations, flips, negative, color, and brightness adjustments, and dozens of other operations with 24-bit quality. It loads, converts, and saves in almost any Amiga or non-Amiga image format from Pcs to Sun workstations to PostScript. Formats not covered by the main program are supported through the Professional Conversion Pack ($ 90), which adds input and output capability for the TIFF, Targa, X Windows, Sun Raster, PICT, and Rendition formats of other ? Computer platforms. ADPro also accesses most 24-bit display devices. Arexx compatibility greatly expands ADPro’s capabilities, as do its many add-on modules. ProCON I ROI. ($ 90), for instance, is a point- and-click batch-processing front end that lets you easily set up custom processing and special- effects procedures without Arexx programming skills. Several drivers and interface kits ($ 200 to $ 499) allow access to popular scanners and film recorders from such companies as Sharp, Polaroid, and Hewlett-Packard. Brilliance $ 250, Digital Creations Brilliance (with True Brilliance included) is a 2-
I) paint and animation program for all Amiga image formats from two-color to 11 AMS. It can load, paint, and save 16-million color images maintaining 24-bit accuracy. Brilliance includes such basic image-processing functions as negative, colorize. NOT, tint, brighten, and darken, and supports OptCode5 and OptCocle8 animation Formats. It has no Arexx support and a hardware dongle is included. Caiigari 24 $ 199, Octree Software Caiigari 24 is a mature, user-friendly 3-1) mod- u cling, rendering, and animation program. Caiigari offers organic deformation, hierarchical and keyframe animation, and a great interface. O On AGA machines, output can be saved as 1IAM8 images to create nearly true-color animations, which can be played directly from RAM. Because the program runs outside the operating system, however, its design screens cannot be promoted and thus flicker. Caiigari Broadcast $ 595, Octree Software A superset of Caiigari 24, Broadcast’s major distinctions are its ability to animate free-form deformations and its dongle. Cocoon Morph $ 99.95, Dev Ware Fast, easy-to-use morphing program that lets you load any IFF image (including AGA), and save frames in 24-bit, HAM, IIAM8, or 16- level gray-scale formats. DeluxeMusic 2.0 .$ 129.95, Electronic Arts DeluxeMusic 2.0 is a modernized version of the old Amiga classic, Deluxe Music Construction Set. It is a music-notation and -playback system that lets you build music using either the Amiga’s four resident voices or MIDI instruments. Not only does the program break the old chip- memory limitation, but it now operates in any resolution, including AGA modes. DeluxePaint IV AGA S 199.95, Electronic Arts DeluxePaint IV provides 2-D painting and Opcodes animations in a single program, utilizing all Amiga screen inodes from two-color to 11AM8. It loads and converts 24-bit images to the current screen format, but does not maintain 24-bit color data. Though DeluxePaint has no Arexx support, its screen image can be accessed from Art Department Professional. Manipulated, and then sent back to the DeluxePaint screen buffer for further painting when both programs arc running. FractalPro $ 199.95, MegageM FractalPro is a fractal-art and -animation program that offers ten base equations to render from, nearly infinite zooming, and a wealth of animation tools for professionally rendered chaos. While Fractal Pro's palette tools are rudimentary and it doesn’t render in the Super72 800x600 resolution, it handles other 256-color and IIAM8 modes admirably. I m age FX $ 429, GVP ImageFX is a do-everything image-processing program. It paints, it scans, it morphs, ii converts, and it warps; with its complete Arexx implementation you could probably train ii to do windows. Virtual memory support lets you use hard-drive space as RAM when RAM is scarce. ImageFX renders to any FCS or AGA screen mode, as well as most third-party graphics cards. Imagemaster R t $ 299.95. Black Belt Systems Imagemaster R t is a powerhouse image- processing system that works best with a fast processor, lots of memory, and AGA or a supported 24-bit display card. With a few hundred processing tools, a powerful painting module, and built-in 2-D morphing, there is little that Imagemaster can’t do. Using the AGA chip set, Imagemaster displays in 256 colors or HAM8. Imagine S695, Impulse An incredibly powerful 3-D rendering program, Imagine is one of those programs with a steep learning curve that you’ll be happy you climbed. You need an image-processing program to port Imagine 2.0’s 24-bit output to AGA formats, but the new Imagine 3.0 supports AGA right out of the box, and adds such features as particle animation, kinematic-motion control, deformation, and a 3-1) font editor. Magic Lantern $ 95, Terra Nova Development Magic Lantern plays 24-bit animations from a hard-disk or RAM. Supports several 24-bit boards; look for upcoming releases of new drivers for other boards in the near future. MathVISION $ 223, Seven Seas Software A fascinating program that creates dazzling screen displays from mathematical functions, MathVISION 2.4 was recently updated. It now offers full AGA support and extended color- cycling support for ECS Amigas, ' Seven Seas’ MathVISION Video Gold ($ 749) is a bundle containing MathVISION 2.4, an 800 number with 1.5 hours of training, e-mail support, an electronic newsletter, ancl a year of free upgrades. MONTAGE 24 $ 399.95, InnoVision Technology MONTAGE is the first dedicated titling package to take full advantage of the potential of expanded color resolution for video applications. It includes advanced features such as interactive resizing of text (using the mouse to stretch a title to O v o a new size), smooth color spreads within text characters. Embossing, and translucency. The first version was limited to the Video Toaster 4900, but MONTAGE 2-4 works with AGA machines, OpalVision, and CAT’s IY24. (For further details, see the review on p. 10.) MorphPlus $ 295, ASDG This program performs morphing (changing one image into another over a series of frames), and other special effects such as perspective rotation, twirls and ripples, either on still images or an animated series of images. One of the premiere programs in the industry, MorphPlus is currently being used in a number of network television productions and Hollywood movies. Although professional users are likely to lake the 24-bit images that the program produces to a single-frame recorder, AGA owners can create HAM8 animations of video quality that play back at speeds of up to 30 frames per second. MultiFrame S129.95, MacroSystem US This graphics batch-processing program comes in two versions: one that works with ASIXi’s ADPro, and one for use with Black Belt’s 1m- agemaster. The program will open on AGA screens; it can run multiple images through a single process and save them in another Ibtv mat, including HAM8. PEGGER $ 99.95, Heifner Communications PEGGER compresses those huge 24-bit IFF. Toaster Framestore, and HAMS pictures into the compact JPEG graphics format, saving oodles of hard-drive space. You can use PEGGER to compress liles in batches, or you can have it "snoop" loads and saves into various directories. The latter capability in effect adds [PEG support to programs (such as Brilliance) that don’t have it. Personal Paint $ 98, Cloanto Haitex Resources Personal Paint is a 2-D paint program with inanv image-processing functions, including matrix filters, and good color-reduction and dithering routines. It handles only register- based palettes of 2 to 256 colors (no HAM or 24-bit). It loads and saves in IFF, PCX, and GIF, plus its own Encrypted format with password protection, and C source-code format. Personal Paint supports retargettable graphics, and its keyboard equivalents and menu languages are user-configurable and easily customized. O J Real3D $ 699, Realsoft Real3L), a Finnish 3-D animation, modeling, and rendering program, can create incredibly life-like images through its depth-of-field, soft- shadow, and atmospheric effects. Dazzling animations are possible using features such as collision detection, behavioral animation, and motion blur. There's full AGA support for both editing and rendering, and its "zero wait-state design” allows you to continue modeling while your scene renders, Scala MM210 $ 399, Scala Inc, The premiere poim-and-click multimedia program, Scala makes it easy for you to combine pictures, sounds, music, and animation into an eye- and ear-catching presentation. This version was updated to allow it to load AGA pictures and animations- 256-color or HAM8. The soon-to-be-released MM300 version should offer even more AGA and 3.0 features. Scenery Animator 4.0 $ 99.95, Natural Graphics Scenery Animator is a 3-D landscape rendering and animation program, offering IFF, 24-bit, HAM and HAMS, 256 color, PCX, and DCTV formats. It draws fractal landscapes, plus real landscapes from Earth or other planets, using digital-elevalion satellite map data. Scenety Animator allows random and individual user- placed 3-D fractal trees. You can position and animate GEO format (VideoScape) 3-D objects as well. Disks featuring additional landscapes are available. VideoStage Pro $ 179, Oxxi A video-titling system that takes advantage of AGA display modes and colors. Controls genlocks, supports Colorfonts, and offers full control of ANIM files. Yideographers will appreciate its ability to detect "hot” colors for video. Vista Pro 3.0 S99.95, Virtual Reality Labs VistaPro 3.0 is a landscape generator capable of creating complex, natural scenes of infinite variety. You control such details as the camera’s field of view, snow lines and treelines, the placement ? Of lakes and rivers, and even roads and buildings in the scene. YistaPro supports AGA output, so von can create nearly true-color animations us- g v p k o i) i c t s (j i i d i: J * mg the script language or optional MakePath Video, Graphics, and Sound Hardware ColorBurst from $ 549, Mi graph Colorburst is a high-color hand scanner, You can choose from a variety of resolutions ranging from 262,144 colors in 200 dots per inch (dpi) to 64 shades of gray in 400 dpi. An AGA display allows you to view images as they are scanned. DC TV $ 299, Digital Creations DC IY is a high-color expansion box that outputs television-style composite video. It allows any Amiga owner to animate screens with thousands of colors at speeds of up to 30 frames per second. Animations play back even faster on AGA machines because of improved graphics performance. The box connects between the Amiga and the monitor, however, and does not i i pass through hi-res AGA screen modes like DblNTSC correctly, so you’ll probably want to unplug it when using those modes. DSS16 $ 449, GVP This 16-bit audio digitizer playback PCMCIA card lets you sample, mix, and play audio. Features a 48 Khz sampling rate for CD-quality sound, dircct-to-disk recording mechanism, and the ability to edit samples larger than available memory. W hile the software does not take advantage of AGA modes, this is intentional because high-color displays would slow the sampler's performance. Flipper $ 399, GVP This 16-bit audio digitizer playback unit is basically the same as the DSS16 but it connects to the DPP option port of GY P’s A1230 Turbo + Performance Series II card instead of to the A1200*5 PCMCIA port. This connection allows full DMA capability, enabling Flipper to perform better. However, it also excludes SCSI connection on the Series II card. G-Lock $ 499, GVP CA P brings a new level of versatility to the lowly genlock. This model accepts video in composite or Y C (S-VHS) formats, and outputs in those formats as well as component (YL Y). Another unique feature is a built-in audio mixer, which allows you to mix a second audio channel (music or computer sound effects) with your tape’s audio track. Aconlrol-panel program lets you adjust all settings in software. Although G- Lock can display enhanced-color NTSC or PAL modes such as HAMS, it will not pass through modes such as Super72 and DblNTSC that are not compatible with television-style video you'll have to unplug it to use those modes. IV-24 A400Q GVP A complete hardware software video solution revamped to take advantage of the A4000, this version provides 24-bit display manipulation, video frame buffer grabbing, genlock, switcher, and video output. Software includes a 3-D t enderer (Caligari 24), 24-bit paint program (Macrofaint), image manipulator (Desktop Darkroom), video switching (my I AD), and several utilities. Simpatica 2.0 £350, Optonica Single-frame rendering animation controller lets you display AGA screens and render them to tape sequentially. The product supports RS4 22A video decks. SuperGen SX $ 749, Digital Creations Digital Creations has added S-YHS compatibility to its external SuperGen. W hile this new model retains all of the outstanding features of its predecessor (hardware dissolve controls, sof tware controls, Key Out jack, etc.), it adds a unique new feature a genlock disable for AGA machines. That means you don’t have to unplug the unit to use the new high-scanning screen modes like DblNTSC with the SuperGenSX, as you do with almost every other genlock. TBCPlus $ 999, GVP This card operates a lime-base corrector for broadcast-quality video processing. Although the hardware is not A4000 specific, the software does support AGA modes. Video Toaster 4000 $ 2499, NewTek The latest version of this “broadcast studio in a box” uses the A4000’s eight-bit HAM mode to add another layer of 262,000-color graphics. The result is a new set of effects that incorporate photo-realistic full-color pictures and animations, and the ability to create and play back high-color LightWave animations out of RAM at 30 frames per second, without an expensive single-frame recorder. Vidi-12 a (; a v r o i) i c r s a u i i) i; SI79. Rombo Haitex Resources This video digitizer captures color images in less than a second and monochrome pictures in real time. It plugs into the parallel port, and supports display resolutions to 640x400 and screen modes including HAM-E. Vidi Amiga Sound 8c Vision $ 2.49, Rombo Haitex Resources Combines the image-digitizing capabilities of Vidi-12 with digital audio sampling and effects in mono or stereo. Features composite or S-YHS inputs and a parallel-through port. V-Lab from $ 499.95, MacroSystem US Y-I.ab is a hardware software product for sequential and time-lapse grabbing of fields or frames from videotape or a video camera. The board uses a Zorro slot and does not interfere with genlock timing. Input is composite video, output is image files. It provides grav-scale pic- ture-in-picture preview, basic color and balance processing of images, and saves in any Amiga format including HAM8 and 24-bit. Y-Lab has extensive Arexx support, and does not require time-base correction of videotape input. The Y C version adds S-Yl IS capabilities. Exfansion Hardware A1200 Peripherals 2 to 3 IDE $ 50, Elite Microcomputers Internal IDE connector allows von to keep your A 1200’s internal hard drive while still being able to access two external IDE drives. A1208 SCSI RAM + $ 249, GVP Multifunction board plugs into the A 1200’s trap door and combines a high-speed SCSI controller, SMB RAM expansion, and a math coprocessor. A1230 Turbo + $ 449. GVP Your Amiga 1200 may look like an A500, bur with the CA P A1230 it will act more like an A1000! This easily-installed plug-in board combines a 40 Mhz 6SEC030 processor with 32-bit memory sockets and a socket for a math co- J processor. A1230 Turbo+ Performance Series II S749, GVP This updated release of the A1230 Turbo + features a 50 Mhz 68040, plus a battery-backed clock and DPP (DMA Peripheral Port). The DPP allows you to add an option such as GVP’s A1291 SCSI controller or t he company’s Flipper 16-bit sound card. If the 50 Mhz accelerator provides more power than you really need, stay tuned For the scaled-back version, which will offer all the Performance Series II options but with a 40 Mhz 68030 processor and a lower price tag. A1291 SCSI Kit S99, GVP The SCSI interface that plugs into the DMA port of GY 'P’s A1230 Turbo + Performance Series II board. Back Pack SI35, Elite Microcomputers Allows you to add not just one but two expansion boards to the A 1200’s trap-door slot. BaseBoard 1200c SI8.95, Expansion Systems This low-cost real-time, battery-backed clock calendar plugs onto die dock header on the motherboard. It installs without requiring you to remove the main RF shield and allows re- installation of the clock shield. BaseBoard 1208 from $ 159, Expansion Systems Combination expansion board for the A120Q’s trap-door slot offers FPU, clock, and up to SMB RAM. The board accommodates the DataFIyer 1200s to provide control for SCSI devices. Blizzard 1200 4 $ 299, Advanced Systems & Software Providing 4MB of Factory-installed RAM and allowing for an additional 4 MB (SI 99), the Blizzard board installs in the A 1200’s trap-door slot. Besides RAM, the board features a battery- backed clock. DataFIyer 1200s $ 99.95, Expansion Systems This SCSI host adapter connects to Expansion Systems’ BaseBoard 1208 card and comes with Auto-Install software. It fits inside the A1200’s case and ports out the back; external drive cases are available. DataFIyer XDS S99-S189, Expansion Systems External chassis for adding one 3.5-inch IDE or SCSI hard drive. Comes with all hardware (including cables) and software necessary for installation. Accommodates the XDS Second Chassis, which allows you to add yet another external drive. DataFIyer 105SQ from S799, Expansion Systems Compact external 105MB SyQuest reinovable- cartridge drive in IDE format designed for the A1200. A (i A P K 0 1) I C T S (ill I) E DKB 1202
5149. 95, DKB This plug-in board provides most of what Commodore left out of the Amiga 1200; up to eight megabytes of 32-hit fast RAM. A socket for a Q math co-processor, and a battery-backed clock calendar. The 32-bit RAM not only makes the computer operate about twice as quickly, but also allows you to better take advantage of the computer’s ability to create large screens with lots of colors. I-Card S299. Ititenuorks Ail Ethernet networking card for your A1200’s PCMCIA slot, the I-Card comes with a IG-bii Ethernet adapter and a SANA-II compatible driver. MBX I200z from SI49, Microbotics Microbotics’ MBX 1200 . Fits in the Lrap-cloor expansion slot of your A1200 and adds a math co-processor (a 14 Mhz 68881 is included; t hat s upgradable to a 50 MI Iz 68882). A SIMM socket for 32-bit fast RAM expansion (1, 2, 4, or 8MB), and a battery-backed real-time clock. Rendering projects will get a big speed-up from the math co-processor, and the 32-bit RAM will almost double the speed of your A1200. M1230 XA from 5399, Microbotics The Ml230 XA accelerator gives your A1200 near A4000-level performance. Models are available with 40 Mhz 68EC030 or 50 Mhz 68030 chips. There’s also a 68882 math coprocessor, a socket that accepts a single 32-bit RAM SIMM up to 128MB in size, and a battery- backed real-time clock. With this board in place, the A1200 benchmarks at 1.16 times the integer speed of an A4000, and 0,54 times the floating-point performance. NakeD 1200 598, Pre’spect Technics This interface card adds two slots that allow von to connect Zorro II (A2000-style) cards to vour A1200. PCMCIA Ethernet $ 299. AMIGA Business Computers I his adapter allows local Ethernet peer-to-peer networking through the PCMCIA slot of the A1200. The unit works with AMIGA's network software and with Ethernet cards from Commodore (the A2065) and AS DC. PCMCIA Dual-Serial Adapter $ 199, AMIGA Business Computers Want to add an extra serial port to your A1200 to run a modem, credit-card reader, touch screen, or some other serial device? With this card and the software that comes with it you are able to drive such peripherals via the PCMCIA slot. Power Box S1 75, Elite Microcomputers This external hard-drive chassis accommodates two 5.25-inch drives. It comes with a boosted power supply, which replaces the one that comes standard with the A1200. Psram from $ 97, New Media New Media’s Psram easily plugs into the PCMCIA slot on an A1200 and adds up to 4MB of auto-configuring RAM. Because it's dynamic 16-hit RAM, though, you don’t get the speed increase associated with the 32-bit trap-door RAW on the A1200. In fact, it slows the A1200 by about 30%. This is a good solution for budget- minded A1200 owners or for those who need to quicklv move the RAM expansion between multiple machines. The Clock
519. 95, DKB Real-time battery-backed clock fits into the A 1200’s internal clock port, leaving the main expansion port free. Kickstarl automatically recognizes the clock on boot-up. 12 A’ Clock
534. 95, Microbotics Tired of your A1200 asking you for the time? Microbotics’ 12 A (dock adds a battery-backed real-time clock to your system. You'll have to open your machine's case to install it on the motherboard dock connector, but it leaves your trap-door slot open for further expansion. Once in place the dock is automatically recognized by Kickstart 3 when you hoot your A1200. Twelve Gauge from $ 599, CSA II you want all the power options an accelerated processor (33 or 50 MI Iz 68030), math coprocessor, RAM expansion (up to 32MB), and a SCSI controller on one trap-door board for vour A1200, this is it. It’s currently the onlv r J J product that offers this set of upgrades. While its SCSI controller proved slower than that of GVP’s SCSI RAM 4- in our recent tests, CSA has been working on an improved version. As far as computational speed, Twelve Gauge is among the two fastest along with MicroBotics* M1230XA. A new option that should be available bv the time you read this will add networking capabilities to the Twelve Gauge. CSA-Net, a factory upgrade, is designed to work with Interworks’ ENLAN-DFS software. Viper 1230 from $ 499,1 CD Expansion hoard for the trap-door slot with 68030 accelerator, clock, and sockets for up to 32MB RAM and optional FPU. Viper S2 $ 199, ICD SCSI-2 host adapter plugs into Viper 1230. A4000 Peripherals A4000-040 40MHz GVP This 10MHz 68040 accelerator for the A4000 features 32MB of RAM. You can add 96MB more memory with a RAM expansion module; a SCSI-2 fast DMA option is also available. A4091 $ 549.95, DKR Commodore slopped producing its long-awaited fast SCSI-2 hard drive controller for the 4000, but DKB has picked the product up. Multi-megabyte per second transfer rates give the A4000 the muscle needed for real-time video playback from hard drive. A4098 GVP Zorro-III SCSI-2 fast controller card with up to 128MB of RAM using industry-standard 72-pin SIMMs. A-Max $ 499.95, Ready Soft Available as a stand-alone product or as an update for owners of the A-Max II Plus board, the A-Max IV Mac emulator adds color support, support for third-party graphics cards, and the ability to multitask Mac emulation with Amiga software. Requiring a Zorro slot, the board sports two AppleTalk- and MIDI-compatible serial ports, and can read both low- and high- density Mac disks with a high-density Amiga drive. The A4000 supports Mac 256-color displays directly. DataFlyer 4000SX S129. Expansion Systems SCSI 16-bit host adapter. Includes special software, including an auto-diskchange program for automatically recognizing disk swaps when using Bernoulli, SyQuest, and Floptical drives. DataFlyer 105SQ from $ 709.95, Expansion Systems Compact 105MB SyQuest removablc-cartridge drive in both IDF. And SCSI models, and in internal and external versions. Special ROM corrects die A4000Ts inability to automatically recognize disk changes. Lower-cost versions come without controller; AdOOO’s embedded controller does not support the system, but those from ICD and Expansion Systems are known to work. DKB 3128 S374.95, DKB The Toaster 4000’s ability to play back AGA Light Wave animations is limited by memory,
o and with 18 megabytes, you get only about six seconds’ worth. DKB’s new A4000 memory board allows you to add up to 128MB per board, extending playback time of LightWave animations to over half a minute. Unlike some boards, the 3128 lets you add one memory module at a time, and mix SIMM sizes, Emplant from $ 279.95, Utilities Unlimited Emplant is a color Macintosh emulator for Zorro- slot equipped Ainigas, It takes advantage of AGA modes to provide emulation of 256-color M acintosh graphics modes in DblNTSC and Sttper72 modes; 24-bit is possible with third- party graphics cards. Mac software can be multitasked with Amiga programs. The board is available with optional SCSI and AppleTalk serial ports. Utilities Unlimited promises other emulations in the future, including IBM 386 and Sega Genesis modules. Fastlane Z3 $ 599, Advanced Systems csf Software This full-length Zorro 111 card combines a fast SCSI-2 DMA controller with memory expansion. The board holds 16 SIMM sockets that can accept up to 64MB of 32-bit RAM; an optional upgrade kit lets you add a full 256 megabytes. X-Calibur SI 199, Micro R&D This RAM card, with four SIMM sockets for up to 128MB, fits under your A40()0 s 68040 processor chip, leaving your slots available for other types of expansion. With the RAM at that location, the ‘040 chip can address it faster than normal, which is why X-Calibur promises to nearly double your processing speed. Coming Attractions: In researching AGA compatibility, we learned of a few upcoming products you can look for to provide special AGA features. Gold Disk's Professional Draw 4.0, scheduled for release in early 94, is one, and a PCMCIA version of the Emplant (Utilities Unlimited) emulator is in the works for the A1200. DKB is getting close to releasing an accelerator for the A1200 that will also provide a SCSI-2 drive controller. On the software side, Optonica has promised an authoring system for creating CD32 tides. .Another program, Multi Layer (on die way from MacroSvstemUS), will provide digital image compositing to users of ADProand Imagemaster. Look for more on these and other products in future issues. ¦ '.ait**! % With their pressure-sensitive cordless pens, lightweight portable designs, and precise accuracy, the latest electronic digitizing tablets are no longer mere novelty ifems to today's artists, engineers, and general graphics enthusiasts. Bile the Amiga lias always been a great computer for graphics, one of the better tools for drawing and painting the digitizing tablet has not received serious attention from Amiga develop ers, W hile the old Anakin Easyl was interesting way back when, it seems primitive by the standard' of today’s tablets for the PC and Mac platforms. Lightweight frames, highly flexible pressure sensitive pens, and cordless models make the older tablets seem like museum pieces. Fortunately, many of these innovations have finally reached the Amiga market, and a growing variety of digitizing tablets are now available to Amiga users. The Tablet Versus the Mouse What advantages do tablets offer over mouse control? Although the mouse allows for fairly good precision and control, it feels very unnatural to traditional artists and others who have worked with pens, pencils, and brushes all their lives. The digitizing tablet can be ised with a stylus that looks and leek like a pen, providing you with a much more natural transition to computer graphics. Many people, however including artists can adapt to using a mouse without a great deal of trouble. Vet, there are other, more fundamental differences between tablet and mouse. The mouse is a “non- relative'’ device that is, if you move your mouse to the right, say, then lift it up and place it back where you started, your screen cursor is going to stay at the same spot on the screen where you stopped vout movement even though the mouse is now back in its original position. Why this occurs has to do with .n o dc p dy'cx.de the way the mouse interacts with the computer. The mouse uses a small ball as a traction device. The ball activates two rollers, one that measures vertical rotation anti the other horizontal rotation. As you move your mouse, the ball rotates anti the sensors send the computer the rotation information, basically telling it how far the mouse has traveled in any direction. If you move your mouse to the left and down, for example, both sensors are activated and the pointer travels in the same direction on the screen. A digitizing tablet, on the other hand, is a “relative” device in that even' position on the tablet's surface has a fixed coordinate that is relative to a cursor position on the screen. When you place your sty lus at a certain position on the pad, the screen pointer will be placed at exactly the same relative position. If you lilt your stylus and place it across the tablet surface, your screen pointer will also be placed across the screen. This fixed-coordinate system offers several advantages. Not only does it feel more natural for people who are used to working on paper, but it also gives the user more precision, as the stylus can he placed on a specific area. One benefit of this is that you can easily trace drawings by placing them on top of your digitizing tablet. As you move your stylus over the lines, a direct translation of the movements appears on screen. This can be useful not only for sketching and painting, but also for transferring technical drawings and blueprints for use with CAD and 3-D rendering programs. Another advantage of digitizing tablets is that you never have to deal with awkward, jerky movements from mouse drag caused by rollers inside the mouse becoming dirty and starting to slip. With no moving parts to contend with, tablets always provide smooth, steady movement. A Matter of Great Sensitivity The feature, though, that really distinguishes tablets from other computer-graphics tools is the newly developed pressure-sensitive pen a special stylus that can sense the pressure you apply to the tip as you draw or paint on the tablet’s surface. Again, this is a more natural approximation of how one uses a pen or pencil, a brush, or any other artistic tool. But, perhaps more importantly, this pressure-sensitivity information can be used by a growing number of programs to make the results of electronic painting more accurate and realistic. For instance, Centaur’s OpalPaint can use the pressure information from a tablet’s stylus to control such parameters as amount of paint applied, amount of transparency, brush stroke width, and so on. Thus, as with traditional methods, if you press your stylus harder on the tablet’s surface, more paint is applied and the brush stroke looks broader. If you apply less pressure, the stroke looks thinner and less paint is applied. The better pressure-sensitive tablets offer numerous sensitivity levels, so you can vary the pressure as you paint and the resulting brush stroke will look uneven very much like using traditional methods. You end up with a much more realistic image, as opposed to one with lines of even intensity and width applied with a mouse. Currently, besides Opal Paint, there are several other Amiga programs 1 know of that can make use of pressure information from tablets, including CAT's ImageEX and Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint. I-or the Amiga to be able to read the pressure information coming from digitizing tablets, special driver software is necessary. TriMedia offers excellent drivers, including those Ibr the CalComp tablets it markets for the Amiga, as well as the driver software it licenses to Wacom for that company’s line of Amiga tablets. Soon, however, Commodore’s Workbench 3.0 release will read pressure information directly not only saving the user from having to install special drivers, but also in all likelihood spurring more developers to make use of pressure-sensitivity capabilities in future releases of their software. One final point to make before we look at specific tablet models is this: Remember, when you work with a digitizing tablet you don’t have to give up the use of your mouse. Since the mouse uses a game port and the tablet uses the serial port, you can use both together (allhough not simultaneously because if you move both at the j same time you end up with conflicting information). You may liud this to be very useful, as some styluses lack the equivalent of the right mouse button. Besides, you can pick the tool of your choice for a particular use, giving you the best of both worlds. I'HE DIGITT .ING TABLE TS evaln- ated for this article are all packages comprising tablets (with pens) manufactured by one company and driver software developed by another. In the case of the SummaSketch pads AproDraw software, you must buy each component separately. The TriMedia offerings (DrawingSlate and DrawingBoard III) are Cal- Comp tablets with TriMedia software, but both packages are distributed by TriMedia. Tlie Wacom tablets (SD420E, UD0608R. And UD1212R) use TriMedia drivers, but you can purchase entire packages from Wacom or buy the software separately from TriMedia. 1 chose four of the tablets to evaluate for the purpose T V 15 I E T S of this article but check the “Digitizing Tablets at a Glance” box for multiple offerings in both model and size front the different companies. (To contact the developers of any package presented in this article, consult the “Manufacturers Distributors1 Addresses" list on p. 92.) SummaSketch III AproDraw 2.4 AproDraw, consisting of Summagraphics hardware and R&DL Productions software, is actually an updated version of a drawing tablet that has been around for some time. .As such, it lacks two of the important new features found in the other, newer packages: 1 he stylus is neither pressure sensitive nor cordless. The pen is attached to the tablet by a flexible cord that while not restricting movements greatly, still does not provide the sense of freedom that a cordless pen does. The non-pressure-sensitive stylus tip acts exactly like an Amiga left mouse button that is, like an on oll switch. Although you lose the pressure control, it still oilers all the other advantages of a digitizing tablet as compared with a mouse. A second button on the pen’s barrel acts like the right mouse button. The AproDraw package does come with a useful Ibur-buiton cursor complete with cross-hair attachment, but the cursor does not feel as comfortable (it is smaller and square) as that of the TriMedia CalCotnp packages. T he $ 599 version (plus $ 3-1.95 for software) offers a 12x 12-inch active drawing area, using a total desk area of 16.2x16.4 inches. It also comes with a plastic cover for the active area, which is useful for rracing an image from a sheet of paper placed underneath the cover. AproDraw uses a single cable to connect the hoard to the computer serial port and the external power supply the little black-box type you plug directly into the outlet. Fortunately, you do not have to unplug the power supply to turn it off. As there is an on off switch at the back of the tablet. T he software is very easy to set up and runs directly from the original lloppy tints not requiring any special installation. The included manuals are excellent even providing some tracing tips and the tablet performs generally well. It is very accurate and great for tracing images. The pen tip requires some pressure to be activated, hut once on, it gives you a very positive feel. The corded pen does feel a little heavier than the cordless models in the other packages, but overall this is a very nice, responsive tablet. II you do not care about pressure sensitivity, this is a quite serviceable package. (A larger 18x12-inch model retails for $ 999 plus driver software.) The DrawingSlate The DrawingSlate, which replaces the TriMedia Draw- ingPad we originally received for this review, is a lightweight CalComp tablet with a cordless, three-button pressure-sensitive pen and comes with the latest version ofTriMedia’s excellent AccuPoint driver software. Except for the slightly trimmed-down size (6x9x0.1875 inches) and new software, it is virtually the same in function as the DrawingPad. I he DrawingSlate is highly portable and ideal for laptop use. The first of the pen’s three switches works like the Amiga's left mouse button, except that it also transmits pressure information. I he other two switches are located on the side of the pen. The one closest to the tip works like the right mouse button, while the other one
1) K A W T A II works exactly like the left mouse button in that it does not register pressure information for those occasions when you don't want to use that feature in your drawing. Power for the DrawingSlate comes from a separate power supply, the little black-box type used in Apro- Draw. While this approach keeps the pad small, it can become somewhat inconvenient if you use a power strip to run your computer and peripherals, as its physical size occupies more than one outlet. Another disadvantage is that you have to unplug the power supply to turn it olf. The DrawingSlate is connected to the .Amiga by a long serial cable, which comes in handy if your computer sits far away from your tablet. The cable also provides an elegant solution to the power system, as the serial connector that goes into the Amiga’s serial port also has a plug for the external power supply. Thai way, the only cable connected to the tablet is a very thin and flexible one, allowing for complete freedom of movement. It would be nice, however, if there was a connector between this cable and the tablet, instead ol it being fixed. With heavy use, any problem that develops with the cable will make replacement of the cable more difficult. The active drawing area comes with a clear plastic cover so that von can firmly place any drawings you want to trace underneath. The included software consists of the drivers and a patch disk for DeluxePaint AGA. While the DrawingSlate provides a high enough resolution (1270 lines per inch) to allow for very precise drawings, it has a much smaller drawing area than the larger tablets, which forces vou to scale down all n ’ your movements although this is something that most people can get used to quite easily. All in all, the DrawingSlate is fast, llexiblc, and reasonably priced at 5445). Except for the fact that tracing images is limited by the tablet's small size, this is an excellent tool. The DrawingBoard III .Another Caicoilip tablet TriMedia software package, the DrawingBoard III is available from TriMedia in 12x12- inch ($ 699) and 18x 12-inch (S1 199) models both with cordless, pressure-sensitive pens. (A corded, nonpressure pen version of the 12x12 tablet goes for $ 549.) Both the 12x12 (reviewed for this article) and the 18x12 models offer resolutions of 25-10 lines per inch for very precise drawing operations. Although not as portable as the DrawingSlate, this relatively lightweight tablet offers a larger active drawing area, allowing you to trace over larger drawings and also to exercise more control. The active area also comes with a plastic cover, letting you place standard 8.5x1 1-inch paper underneath. The overall size of the tablet is a very economical 14.(5x15.9 inches. The Drawing Board comes with a cordless, four- button. Battery-activated pressure-sensitive pen and also with a corded cursor. The cursor is like a mouse, except it does not have moving parts and works in relative mode. Its cross-hair attachment lets you trace ven precise drawings. While the pen is better for painting, the cursor is great for CAD and 3-1) modeling work, letting you transfer blueprints directly to the computer. While the DrawingBoard III does have an on off switch at the hack of the tablet, it still uses the same kind of external power supply employed by the DrawingSlate. Because the power supply connects directly to the tablet, the effective length of the supplied cord becomes a lot shorter, and 1 had to use an extension cord to he able to run it comfortably. Sof tware installation is very easy, and you have the option of running the drivers either from your hard-disk drive or from the original floppy installation disk. The Drawing- Board uses the same Accupoint software that is supplied with the DrawingSlate, and it comes with the same DeluxePaint AGA patch program as well. The tablet is very precise and drawing painting operations are very smooth despite the extra weight of the pen’s batteries, which makes working with the pen over an extended period of use more tiring than with a battery-less pen like the Wacom (see below). I do, however, love the precision of the cursor, which slides freelv and feels more comfortable than AproDraw’s this is a case where vou can really feel the r difference that better material makes. Tracing precision with the DrawingBoard is excellent, making transferring drawings to the computer a snap. A few caveats about the DrawingBoard III: TriMedia does not include the original CalComp manual as part of the package leaving you, therefore, without important information. For instance, nowhere is it explained in the TriMedia manual how to use the configuration macro functions of the tablet. Also, a feature unique Lo this tablet is that it makes a clicking sound when the buttons, including the tip of the pen, are pressed. This did become a hit annoying to me, hut, then again, n 7 some people might actually wind up liking it. Overall, however, the DrawingBoard III is an excellent product and a lot of fun to use. Wacom SD420E Wacom which makes a wide variety ol tablets, pens, and accessories for * different computer platforms bundles the 'TriMedia Accupoint driver software with its tablets for the Amiga. The 12x12-inch
(16. 5x16.5 inches overall) SD420E supplied for this review sells for $ 995 plus $ 100 for the software. (Two new Wacom tablets, also available for the Amiga, were released recently see the information at the end of this section.) Overall, the SD420E seems to he the best built of all the tablets tested, showing that a lot of attention was paid to details large and small. There are several dip switches at the hack that allow you to set the tablet’s configuration and even a reset button that lets you reconfigure the tablet for use on other platforms if you wish. This is also the onlv tablet I tested that uses an internal power supply. The power cord plugs into die back and uses only a single power outlet space. Also, when you turn the tablet’s power switch off. The power supply is completely shut down. Another advantage ol the internal power supply is that it lets you select between 1 10 volts and 220 volts a big plus for use in Europe. It is also the only tablet protected by a fuse, and, to make life even easier, a spare fuse is located inside the fuse bolder for easy, fast replacement. The SD420E is also the only tablet reviewed that comes with a batten-less pressure-sensitive pen. L itis makes the pen better balanced, lighter, and less tiring to work with over extended use. Another very nice touch is the supplied portable pen holder, again a unique feature among the tablets under review. The SD420E does not come standard with a plastic cover for the active drawing area. Other models with transparent overlays and a unique feature electrostatically charged surfaces to hold paper in place for tracing are available at slightly higher costs. If you use the standard tablet, vou must either tape the paper with the material to be traced to the tablet or use your own plastic cover. As for the pen. My initial complaint was that it has only one button, located at the tip and acting as the Amiga left mouse button. You can assign the right button to any keyboard key and then activate it with your other hand, or you can use the mouse itself. This one-button setup, however, finally proved to be easier after I got used to it. Surprisingly, the lack of a second button on the pen seems more like a blessing than a curse. The pen feels very natural this way, and using the keyboard felt more comfortable than using the barrel buttons on the other tablets' pens. The SD420E also does not come standard with a cursor but you can order an optional four-button wireless cursor for about 5150. Another option is what the company calls the “soft” pressure-sensitive pen for those who want a softer feel in their painting or drawing. With a resolution of 1270 lines per inch, the SD420E is comparable to the TriMedia DrawingSlate but not to that company’s DrawingBoard III. Which comes in at 2540 lines per inch. Overall. I found the SD420E to be of sturdv construction, responsive, and with its lightweight, batten-less pen the most comfortable to work with over periods of prolonged use. As mentioned above, two additional Wacom tablets are now available to Amiga users. The UD1212R. Which i did receive in time for some hands-on use, is another 12x12-inch tablet. This is a less expensive ($ 749 plus $ 100 for software) and more lightweight model than the S1M20E, but it lacks the dual voltage selector, built-in power supply, and pen bolder that are standard with that tablet. It does, however, come with a two-button pen and a transparent overlay for tracing, and offers an optional cordless cursor. It also has a menu strip across the top, like the Calcomp models, that allows you to preset some configurations. Its “Ultra Pen” cordless and battery-less offers i more pressure levels (120) and a programmable switch button on the side of the barrel. Resolution of the UD1212 is 1270 lines per inch. .Although I did not get an opportunity to use it, Wacom also now offers the UD0608R (also called the ArtZ Serial Tablet), which is a lightweight, portable tablet with a 6x8-iuch active drawing area, for $ 499 plus $ 100 for software. It employs the same "Ultra Pen” used with the UD1212. Resolution is 1016 lines per inch. Today's responsive, flexible, lightweight digitizing tablets for the Amiga represent major advances in electronic drawing-board technology. You can see this most clearly in the TriMedia and Wacom models with their cordless, pressure-sensitive pens as compared with the oldcr-style Summagraphics AproDraw tablet. While the Wacom tablets offer a few more features (including battery-less pens) than the I riMedia models, the latter are generally less expensive and the DrawingBoard III oilers unmatched 2540-lpi resolution. Tablets from both companies are of excellent quality and either can provide you with highly useful tools for drawing and painting needs. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president oj Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadens! Video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Write la him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, XU 03458. MODEL COMPANY SIZE PRICE DRIVER PEN Pressure Sensitive? Cordless? SummaSketch III Summagraphics 12x12 S599 $ 84.951 No No 18x12 S999 S84.951 No No DrawingSlate TriMedia 6x9 $ 449 included Yes Yes DrawingBoard 111 TriMedia 12x12 S6992 included Yes Yes 18x12 $ 1199 included Yes Yes SD420E Wacom 12x12 $ 995 S1003 Yes Yes4 ArtZ (UD0608R) Wacom 6x8 $ 499 S1003 Yes Yes4 UD1212R Wacom 12x12 $ 749 $ 1003 Yes Yes4 NOTES: 1 AproDraw 2.4 driver software is supplied separately by R&DL Productions. Complete package is often referred to as "AProDraw." 2 Less expensive version with ordinary, corded stylus instead of pressure-sensitive pen is available for S549. 3 Wacom's Amiga Interface Kit is TriMedia's AccuPoint driver software and is also available from TriMedia. 4 Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen is not only cordless but also battery-less. Comparative Evaluations of Popular Amiga Programs Pro Page vs. PageStream By Denny Atkin ALI HOL GH I HE AMIGA’S professional claim to fame is desktop video, it was an innovator in the desktop-publishing arena long before anyone ever used the machine to make toast. Features such as process color separation, which just this year became standard on PageMaker for the PC and the Mac, have been available on the Amiga for years. And even though those platforms have been playing catch-up at a cheetah’s pace, the Amiga can still run with the pack for the vast majority of desktop-publishing tasks. At the forefront of Amiga publishing are Gold Disk's Professional Page and Soft-Logik’s PageStream. Both are mature programs that have grown many new features and shredded most of their quirks and bugs over the years. For this “HeadSHcad" comparison, we’ll concentrate on the unique characteristics of each program so that you can sec which one best fits your needs; in-depth reviews ol both progams could easily fill half of this magazine. Solid Gold TI IE FIRST IIIGI 1-END desktop-publishing program for the Amiga, Professional Page provided pioneering support for process color separation and 24-bit graphics making it the program of choice for serious desktop publishers in the late 1980s. Ifyouve seen the now- defunct .info or AMIGATimes magazines, you know what excellent results can be achieved with this program. The latest release of Pro Page, version 4.1, is enhanced with support for AGA graphics. You can now work in any screen mode supported by your Amiga including the 800x600 Super72 mode in 2, 16, or 256 colors; if you have an A1200 or A4000 and you're looking for a close approximation of your color document on the screen. Pro Page delivers. It also supports the Moniterm and A2024 monitors the 1024x800 resolutions offered by these monochrome monitors is fantastic for full-page layout work. The interface has attractive 3-D buttons that are more what you’d expect to see on a program running under Microsoft Windows than on an Amiga. Still, the program works fairly intuitively, flic on-screen page is surrounded by a paste-board area where you can drag text or pictures for temporary storage while rearranging a page or moving articles to another page. The page, paste board, and tool box take up the entire screen and are fixed in position. Creating documents in Pro Page involves starting a new document and then placing boxes on the page to contain the various text and graphic elements of your publication. Text columns, bitmapped graphics, structured drawings, and titles all occupy individual boxes you can't just click on the page and start typing. You can ? Editor's Note: This is the second installment of a new AW feature that will appear on a semi-regular basis. “ ieadZHead will present the latest versions of leading products in a particular category comparing strengths and weaknesses and contrasting differences to help you rvalnate which serves your needs best. Let us know wh ich products yon wotdd like to see covered by writing to "IIead2l lead, " Amiga Wo rid Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458 11 E A I) 2 II E A I) are included, adding functions such as automatic drop caps, shadow effects, mail merge, Avery label support, and links with ASDG’s Art Department Professional. II you can program in Arexx, then you can create your own genies to automate layout procedures. Work on only one Pro Page document at a time opening a new document clears the previous one from memory. This is unfortunate, since it prevents you from easily cutting and pasting data from one publication to another. You can use a “function genie" (more on these in a moment) to append an old document to your current document, drag the desired elements to the pages you’re working on. And then delete the extra pages, but this is an annoyingly complicated procedure. Bottle It! One of Pro Page’s nicest features is its suite of Arexx macros, which Gold Disk calls geuies. Dozens of genies Pro Page’s style tags let you define style, font, size, and other characteristics for certain types of text, such as headlines and body copy. Template pages let you lay down elements common to left and right pages such as page numbers and running footers or logos once and have them automatically appear throughout your document. You can also create pages using supplied genies that simplify the design of brochures, newsletters, and other common documents. Pro Page includes direct links to its included Article Editor (a speedy word-processor based on TransWrite that's useful for making changes to body text) and Graphics Editor (an embarrassingly limited paint program that handles only 16-color hi-res or 32-color lo- res: you’ll want to use it only if you don’t own any oth- er paint software). Just select a box with text or graphics in it and send its contents to the appropriate editor. Most useful is the link to Gold Disk's Professional Draw, which makes touching up structured drawings a simple process. (Basic structured-drawing tools are built into Pro Page and may satisfy many users’ needs.) A function genie lets you import a range of data from the company's Professional Calc spreadsheet and formal it as a table. If you use lots of bitmapped graphics in your documents. You'll appreciate Pro Page’s ability to simply include a pointer to the graphic in your document instead of the entire file this can make the difference between 50k and 500K Pro Page documents. Unlike PageStream 2.22, Pro Page displays bitmapped graphics in full color on the screen. Output Options Import Capabilities Pro Page will output lo Preferences printers or PostScript printers and typesetters. The program uses Compugraphic outline fonts to create smooth, jaggy- lree output on anything from a nine-pin dot-matrix to a 600-dpi (clots per inch) laser printer. When printing to a Preferences primer, Pro Page images the entire page as a huge graphic and prints that in graphics mode, ignoring your printer’s internal fonts. Although the results are excellent, this can make for slow printing. Unlike PageStream 2.22 Pro Page 4.1 provides support for AGA graphics, as well as the ability to display bitmapped graphics in full color on the screen. Professional Page 4.1 Gold Disk $ 295 Not copy protected. Minimum system; 2MB RAM, two floppy drives; genie functions require Arexx 1.15 or higher. Recommended system: 4 +MB RAM, hard drive, 68020 or greater processor, AGA machine. PostScript output options should satisfy the most demanding pros Pro Page supports process and mechanical color separation, as well as Color PostScript. Control of Undercolor Removal (UCR) and Gray Component Replacement (OCR) will help you achieve the best four-color output. The full set of Pantone colors is provided for exact color matching. Other output options include Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), mirrored (for transparency work or emulsion-down printing), negative, and roll paper. The latest version of Pro Page finally updates its graphics- and text-import filters you can bring in text in ProWrite (New Horizons), WordPerfect 4.1 (Amiga and PC versions), excellence! And Scribble! (Micro-Systems Software), KindWords (The Disc Co,), TextCraft (GBM), WordWorth (Digita Inf I), and TransWrite formats. Graphics formats include Aegis Draw, Art Expression (Soft-Logik), BMP, EPS, GIF, _ . Ftlij IitiiSiKildtftHiU YotuK 3. *?nhrr H $ 3.00 IFF, PCX, Pro Draw, and TIFF. The program supports only bitmapped and Compugraphic fonts for Preferences printer output, but a utility is included that will convert PostScript fonts to Compugraphic format. Pro Page is packed with more features than I can possibly go into here; among its other neat features are a graphic page-sorting window, automatic tiling of pages up to 48x48 inches, a print-spooler utility, and the ability to annotate your pages with non-printing yellow sdcky-notes. It’s Only “LogikaP PAGESTREAM 2.22 APPROACHES Amiga publish- ing from a different angle. Upon booling the program you’ll notice that it closely follows the Amiga user-in- terface style guidelines. Your page and the surrounding work area appear in a standard depth-arrangable window; you can open multiple publications and easily move elements from one document to another. J Layout is freeform in PageStream, with no need for boxes on die page. Just import a graphic and drag it into place on the page, or click on the Text gadget and start typing a headline. Text Columns (similar to Pro Page's boxes) are available for precision placement of formatted text; you’ll want to use these for anything longer than a headline or caption. A particularly handy option will display which columns are linked with each other. Like Pro Page, PageStream prints documents using your printer’s graphics mode, unless you’re outputting to a PostScript or HPCL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) device. Unlike Pro Page, though, PageStream uses custom printer drivers. This isn’t really a problem, as dozens of printers are supported, and you can output to a Preferences driver in a pinch. PageStream allows yon to create incredibly large pages by tiling your output and pasting the pages together, you can create signs up to 1200x 1200 feel in size. Fonts Galore PageStream offers incredible flexibility in choosing fonts it directly supports fonts in the original custom PageStream outline format, as well as PostScript Type 1 and Compugraphic outline fonts. Its Font Manager allows you to separate fonts into multiple directories; you can, for instance, have fancy display typefaces appear in your font list only when you actually need them. PageStream offers more text styles than any other Amiga program, including outlined, reversed, shadowed, and double-underlined text. Often-used formats can be stored in style sheets, each of which can contain up to 255 style tags. PageStream 2.22 doesn’t support Arexx, but it does let you record sequences of keypresses and assign them to function keys. This capability can be used as a simple macro language, but you’re very limited in what you can do, and editing the obscure codes used to create these macros is anything but an intuitive process. PageStream 2.22 doesn’t have table-import features like Pro Page, but it does have more flexible tab stops for use in formatting data Pro Page lets you set tabs only at a fixed distance from each other (for instance, every eighth column), whereas PageStream allows you to set up to 20 tab stops at any position. Connecting “Links” While Pro Page allows custom links to other Gold Disk programs, the Hot Links connection supported by PageStream is an open standard that any Amiga developer can support. Soft-Logik sells a package called Hot Links Editions ($ 150) that includes the Hot Links drivers (needed to enable PageSlream’s IiotLinks capabilities), the PageLiner text editor, and the BME bitmapped graphics editor. Hot Links is more than just a channel for data exchange. Applications publish or PageStream 2.22 Soft-Logik $ 299.95 Not copy protected. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 2MB RAM, hard drive. Lens axBSx isiasid ai( cirvTk-jcBijr ed HA ~ runc&s? R:'. Isnialii * a! N-cdotfai Ut «ar. *4 tama 'tcI-'CT. .-jtnj tilKB Irnrtk: ti*l ut jJkpup ft ia (onunede coscwjiiat Dux nutaon in in cocvM-rajit iocon S’ » bdtx n:»Wv ,iup t! Kraunn -t odxi
r. i ss sr. " -linal t! Touoit 1 ip u hi si rrnj fci«sst ,u sAik ctoutw ixiuu u: cuCn iitcAm Lotmn us, (EErtifnmJ. IcarachtM Ui! - ui diKB ncrsnrnyrsii: cat bmsaat TE: a ssajfia
* *r« Ut cbsbv m-j 1 ~ f~ vmussi Jbti nootrtid curiWen uiT.,inccrp« tampat LiUirti mk-I til si. ]uij-J a cnwaqiuU Pm nkci .-J yun inu.iltiLi nlaaiiiail in Jil«.a.oiuLa bn : tvirfTV.il 'tJ iIIudi ¦I'jjr:r» luiat bcUa itdia: at ao ¦ .1 i ivto rlioutam one Elanilf panu! Lui ftlcB Isil mcii dot liiLl. U~r~‘ TU (n-.lv. M Llav hnnn. CDTV Update Sipjnniit* CDTV. Amifia CD. And CD32 Pa*Str? M> v2 22 ? I * CD UPDATE CD32: WHAT DOES IT 1EAN FOR COW’S FUTURE? Amiga War It! 41 subscribe to data files; you don’t have to simultaneously lain the various programs that are using a data file. If you modify a bitmap in BME, ii will be changed the next time you load the PageStream document containing that bitmap. ProWrite and Black Belt's Imagernaster are HotLinks-capable, and both are great adjuncts to PageStream. Unfortunately, Soft-Logik’s Art Expression stinctured-drawing [program doesn’t support I lot Links yet. PageStream is very versatile in the file-import department. It accepts text in ASCII, excellence!, Li mil Copy (SoftWood), IFF text, ProWrite, and WordPerfect formats, as well as a number of Atari ST formats. Graphics Formats supported include Art Expression, DR2D, Aegis Draw, GIF, EPS, IFF, IMG, MacPaint, PCX, Pro Draw, TIFF, and others. Soft-Logik updates these filters often and adds new ones, posting them free of charge to bulletin boards and on-line networks. Updates are an area where Soft-Logik has shown the lead. While Gold Disk has rarely offered free updates For Pro Page (except after disastrous releases such as the buggy 4.0), Soft-Logik has offered numerous free updates For PageStream over the years. Along with new import modules, new capabilities such as HotLinks support were added free via on-line updates. PageStream 2.22 supports 256 colors when run on the Workbench screen, but it displays only text and structured graphics in color bitmapped graphics are shown as muddy black outlines. AGA users will have to wail for the next version to get full-color graphics. Desktop Decisions WHICH IS RICH I For you? Both PageStream and Professional Page are excellent programs. Each excels at different aspects of the publishing process, and your personal publishing needs will dictate which is better. Score points for Pro Page for its support of AGA screen modes, full-color display of bitmapped graphics, Arexx macros (genies), and process color separation. While PageStream does not match up in those categories, it shines in its intuitive user interface and flexible approach to layout, its support for a wide variety of fonts and text styles, its utilization of the HotLinks open standard, and Soft-Logik’s vigorous support for free and frequent updates. As you have seen, each program has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, but you as the user have an awful lot of DTP capability from which to choose, ¦ Denny Atkin, a well-known Amiga journalist, got his start with Amiga World hack in 1987. He has also worked for COMPUTE!, and recently wrote a hook end fled Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Did The Fat Lady Sing? Because many of the better Amiga programs are continually updated, it's always difficult to say, "okay, no more, holt the door, that's the final score," when it comes to comparing software. And such is the case here with ou r Pro Page-PageSt ream face- off. No sooner did we complete it, than Soft-Logik announced that PageStream
3. 0 will ship in the very near future. While a move like this may appear to muddy the waters, we think this kind of competition is beneficial with the winners being all Amiga users. No doubt, Gold Disk will respond with a Pro Page upgrade. For now, here is a report on PageStream 3.0 based on a beta version of the program. Eds. IN THE CURRENT desktop-publishing battle, PageStream and Pro Page might appear to be at a virtual stalemate each program holding the advantage in certain territories. Soft- Logik hopes to change the balance of power with PageStream 3.0 ($ 395). Soft-Logik’s promotional literature for PageStream 3.0 doesn’t target Pro Page, but rather Quark Xpress 3.2 and Aldus PageMaker 5, the industry-standard publishing programs on the Macintosh and PC, respectively. After working for a few weeks with an early beta version ol die program, I do think that PageStream is ready to take on the big guys. PageStream 3.0 addresses all the major complaints with version 2.22: It now has Arexx macro capability (you can write scripts, or record them as you create a page and then modify the recorded macros); it will show bitmapped graphics in full color; and it now supports AGA screen modes. Soft-Logik didn’t stop there, though. Version 3.0 has a completely revamped user interface that’s a model example of following the Amiga style guide; functions are intuitively organized in menus and requesters. In addition, PageStream 3.0 not only lets you open multiple documents, but also multiple views on the same document. Now you can, for instance, show a 33-percent size full-page view For reference while working on a 200-percent blown-up section. Publishing long documents is no longer a nightmare on the Amiga thanks to PageStream 3.0‘s support for breaking your publications into chapters and subchapters. The features that made PageMaker so popular with book publishers, such as automatic indexing and table-of-contents generation, as well as automatic “continued on from” generation, are all here. The new PageStream adds a full suite of professional typography features: smart quotes and dashes, automatic ligatures, widow and orphan control, user-definable kerning and tracking tables, and discretionary hyphens, among others. If you do decide to use PageStream to create a billboard, Soft-Logik claims that 3.0 will support font sizes up to 50,000 points. There are many other improvements, too: Updated versions of HotLinks, PageLiner, and BME are bundled with the program; the lext- and graphics-import filters now also support export; and numeric tabs and tab fills (dot leaders) have been added. I’ve spent a lot of time working with PageMaker and Quark on the PC and Mac, and I can’t think of a single feature that I’ve used on those programs that's not in PageStream 3.0. If PageStream 3.0 sounds attractive, but you’ve been a Professional Page user until now, don’t despair, Soft- Logik says that PageStram 3.0 will load Pro Page documents, so you won’t lose access to your current li- brary of documents. ? DA Work a little “Wonderland” magic into your applications with a little-known Workbench feature called AmigaGuide. It lets you create hypermedia links that give instant access to pop-up help screens, documentation, and other reference material including pictu re and sound files. WHILE IT MAY be unintentional, nevertheless there is a well-kept secret on Workbench 3.0 that can open up some interesting doors into many applications programs. And, no, you don’t have to swallow any strange pills or mutter weird incantations to gain access to it. The name of this marvelous little tool is AmigaGuide so let’s find out what it does, where it’s located, and how to use it. It’s no surprise that many Amiga owners aren’t even aware that Amiga- Guide exists. It is mentioned only once in the Workbench 3.0 manual, and then only in passing. A program specifically called “AmigaGuide” isn’t even included on the 3.0 system disks. Yet, AmigaGuide has been available in various versions for more than three years, and it is now an integral part of the 3.0 operating system. Mail i I!, own So exactly what is ii? AmigaGuide is nothing less than the official. Commodore-developed, absolutely free hypertext system for die Amiga (see the sidebar “What is Hypertext” for more on hypertext and hypermedia). Using AmigaGuide, software publishers can give applications help screens that pop up at the press of a button. Shareware and PD developers can create stand-alone help systems and hypertext electronic “books" without programming. And end users can easily create their own hypertext journals, cross- DT p- ?lp NY HELP FILE FOR SOMETHING CONFUSING TABLE OF CONTENTS Forward Preface Chapter f: Hhat You Heed to Do, Chapter 2: Hhat You Should Have Done. Chapter 3: Hhat You Hill Have to Do Later. Chapter 4! Hhat You Hill Hish You Had Done. Ol, Figure 1. Displaying an AmigaGuide file via a viewer program reveals a string of buttons across the top of the screen that can be used to navigate through the file. Wliai is Hypertext? 9 THE TERM “HYPERTEXT” was coined by computer pioneer fed Nelson (the author of the first personal computer book, Computer fJb Dmnn Machines) in 1965, long before computers could actually handle such a thing. The term refers to documents that contain text fields having “links” to other text fields, perhaps even in other documents. For example, if you ran across a term you weren’t familiar with in a text file, and that file was linked to another file of definitions. You could simply click on the word and its definition would pop up on the screen. I'heoretically, you could continue clicking on words and popping up new text files for hours before returning eventually to your original document or, perhaps, going off on some permanent tangent such are the dangers of hypertext. The term has expanded to include “hypermedia” in which links can also be made to graphics and sound files. MRB referenced note files, and even family trees. Amiga- n Guide is, in short, one of the more useful real-world tools that Commodore has ever released. AmigaGuide is being discovered by more and more sof tware am hors who are including AmigaGuide format help and documentation files along with their software releases. As just one example, the most recent version (3.4) of the popular freely distributable communications program Term includes documentation in AmigaGuide formal. It uses the keyboard Help key to bring up context-sensitive help as the program runs. Viewing AmigaGuide Files In the Utilities drawer of the Workbench 3.0 disk you’ll find a wonderful little program called MultiView that can be used to display text files and IFF images. It can even play digitized sounds. In fact, MultiView is able to handle any file type for which it finds a datatype definition in the “DEVSiDATA'FYPES” drawer of the Workbe neb. An AmigaGuide datatype is included oil the Workbench distribution disk, along with an ainigaguide.library lile in the UBS: directory. Both are required in order for MultiView- or any other Amiga program that understands datatypes to display AmigaGuide files. (The MultiView program is documented on page 4-10 of Commodore’s Workbench 3.0 User’s Guide.) A stand-alone AmigaGuide lile viewer called, amazingly enough, “AmigaGuide" does exist. Commodore, however, chose not to ship it with Workbench. 4 here was really little need to do so since MultiView does exacdy the same job and more. Both programs act almost identically when displaying .AmigaGuide files. Aversion of AmigaGuide for OS versions before 3.0 is available on Fred Fish Disk 020 as part of a freely distributable archive sent out bv Commodore. Also in- eluded in the archive is a full set of documentation outlining how to create your own AmigaGuide files, along with utilities and examples. Even if you already have OS 3.0, I strongly recommend you get a copy of this archive if you are serious about writing your own AmigaGuide files. If you were to display the sample AmigaGuide file presented in Listing l using AmigaGuide or Multi- View, it would appear as in Figure l. I he viewer program displays a string of buttons across the top ol the screen that are used for navigating through the file. II a Table of Contents and Index are defined, clicking on the first two buttons will jump you right to those parts of the document. The Help button displays an Amiga- Guide-format help file explaining how to use the display program. Retrace takes you hack where you came from, a screen at a time. (This button is very important in a hypertext display program because you can easily get confused jumping from place to place in a document.) Finally, the Browse> (forward) and Browse (backward) buttons let you browse linearly through an AmigaGuide file a screen at a time. A Sample AmigaGuide File AmigaGuide files are called “databases” and are usually named “ ?.guide.” They are simply ASCII text files that contain text to display alongside commands that tell .AmigaGuide what to do. AmigaCiuicle commands, which always start with an “at" sign (@), can instruct AmigaGuide to display a word or phrase in a button, link to an Arexx hook in a running application, launch an application or Arexx program, display or play a datatype-defined file, or execute an Amiga- DOS command. Listing 1 shows a short sample AmigaGuide file in its entirety. The first line @DATABASE “MyHelpFile.guide’ is required in every AmigaGuide file. This line identifies the file as an AmigaGuide database file when it is read by any of a variety of AmigaGuide viewer programs. The second through fifth lines are references and notes. Line two assigns a version number to the file that can be displayed from the DOS Shell using the AmigaDOS Version command. Lines three and four declare copyright and author information. Line five is a remark. All of these lines use an interesting feature of AmigaGuide: Any line beginning with @ that does not contain a valid command is interpreted as a nonprinting comment line. Aside effect of this is that misspelled commands are treated as comments. Tiie commands in lines six and seven, respectively, define a font for the file to use and turn on wordwrap, which breaks up lines automatically so you don’t have to add carriage returns to make your displays look attractive. This latter feature is new with the 3.0 version of AmigaGuide, and it will be followed, we hear, by even more formatting options in a (inure version. Line eight @ INDEX MY INDEX is the first "link’’ defined in this particular file. This line tells the viewer program to jump to the node in this file called MYINDEX whenever the Index button is pressed. You could also define a Table of Contents node using the @TOC ‘xxxx’ command, but if yon don’t (as we didn’t), it defaults to MAIN. Line nine (u NODE MAIN “My Help File” is the first line in the file to define a “node.” A node is a chunk of text that is treated as a single hypertext block. Each text node begins with the @NODE ‘xxxx’ command. Where ‘xxxx’ is a unique node name, and ends with the @ENDNODE command. Every AmigaGuide file must contain a node called MAIN. Line ten @NEXT FOREWARD tel 1 s the AmigaGuide viewer program which node to jump to if the user presses the Browse> button. This command should be placed right after the @NODE ‘xxxx’ command. You can also use an @PREV Vyvv' command to j J j J instruct ihe viewer program where to go if llie Browse button is pressed. If neither of these is specifically defined, the AmigaGuide displayer will assume that the Browse buttons should jump to the nodes that physically precede or follow tiie current node. The next two lines contain no @ commands, so they are simply printed to the screen. .Any block of text that does not contain ail @ command is displayed with ? Listing I. A Sample AmigiiCjimle f ile ©DATABASE "MyHelpFile.guide" @$ VER; MyHelpFile.guide 1.1 (10 25 93} ©(C) "Copyright © 1994 AmigaWorld Magazine" @AUTHOR "Mark R. Brown" ©REM Remember to check this file one more time! @FONT topaz.font 8 ©WORDWRAP ©INDEX MYINDEX @NODE MAIN "My Help File" @NEXT FOREWARD MY HELP FILE FOR SOMETHING CONFUSING TABLE OF CONTENTS @ = " Introduction " link INTRO } © = " Foreward " link FOREWARD } @ = " Preface " link PREFACE } © = " Index " link MYINDEX } Chapter 1: " link CHAP1} What You Need to Do. Chapter 2: " link CHAP2} What You Should Have Done. @ = " Chapter 3: " link CHAP3} What You Will Have to Do Later. ©ENDNODE ©NODE INTRO "Introduction" INTRODUCTION Hello therel Welcome to "My Help File"! I hope you've taken the time to read the © = " Preface " link PREFACE}, since it's some of the best writing I've done in years... @ENDNODE @NODE FOREWARD This is the foreward. Foreward stuff goes here. @ENDNODE @NODE PREFACE This is the preface. Preface stuff goes here. @ENDNODE @NODE CHAP1 This is Chapter 1. What You Need To Do. ©ENDNODE @NODE CHAP2 This is Chapter 2. What You Should Have Done. @ENDNGDE @NODE CHAP3 This is Chapter 3. What You Will Have To Do Later. @ENDNODE @NODE MYINDEX This is the Index. The Index goes here. ©ENDNODE wordwrap if that feature is activated. If there is more text in a block than can be displayed at once, the horizontal and vertical scroll bars at the edges of the display window are used to scroll the displayed text. The next line Introduction " link INTRO } is the first in our sample file that actually creates an onscreen button. In this case, that button contains the text enclosed in quotes (“Introduction '*). When the user clicks on this button, the Link command tells the dis- player to jump to the node labeled INTRO. Scanning down the listing shows us that this is the first node following the main node. When the button is pressed, the screen will clear and the .AmigaGuide viewer will display the text in the INTRO node. Note that each node begins with a (a NODE ‘xxxx' definition command and ends with a @ENDNODE command. The other buttons work in a similar manner. They can be defined in a neat, columnar format, as they are on our MAIN page, or they can be included in-line. A sample of an in-line button occurs in the INTRO node of our sample Hie (see Figure 2). Further Links and Other Advanced Features Buttons can be used to jump to more than just text contained in the same file. By referencing file names, they also can link to other .AmigaGuide database files, display text files and IFF picture Hies, or even play sounds. In fact, buttons can link to any file type that is defined in a DEVS:DATATYPE file. For example, if we had a picture called “mypic- ture.ifT in the same directory as our sample AmigaGuide file, and we wanted a button to display it, we might define it like this: ShowPicture ” link mypicture.iff MalN } We define the button just as we did before, but use a Amicja( i iiicle Resources THERE ARE A number of freely distributable programs and help files to assist you in the creation of your own AmigaGuide hypertext files. Here are some you might find helpful: TITLE FISH? AMINET? DESCRIPTION Viewers Adoc 875 Y Help utility with an Arexx port. Hyper 786 Y Another file viewer with an Arexx port. Man CDROM 1 Y UNIX-style "man" manual reader command. MinGuide Y Small and simple AmigaGuide viewing program. Most145 Y Viewer that supports XPK, pipes, and locale. PrintGuide Y Prints AmigaGuide files to a PrefsPrinter. Converters Text2Guide 931 Y Converts ASCII text files to AmigaGuide format. AdtoHT 853 Y Converts AutoDoc files to AmigaGuide format. MKGuide 787 Y Converts Texlnfo files to AmigaGuide format. IV2AG Y Converts GNU InfoView to AmigaGuide format. Developer's Tools BadLinks 893 Utility to test links in AmigaGuide docs. AmigaGuide 920 Y Archive of AmigaGuide direct from Commodore. AutoDocIt Y AmigaGuide AutoDoc C header file doc utility. AGOberon Y Oberon language interface to amigaguide.library Sample Guides Amiga-FAQ CDROM 1 Y Frequently asked questions about the Amiga. Guide2lnet CDROM 1 Y Big Dummy's AmigaGuide to Internet. CheatGuide Y Amiga game cheats. ErefDocGuide Y Reference for Amiga E language compiler. DpaintHelp Y Help file for DeluxePaint IV. EmacsGuide Y Supporting docs for the Emacs editor. HowToCode7 Y The Demo Coder's Manual. IRCGui Y Help file of all IRC-Commands. Note: AmiNet files are available on Internet AmiNet file sites, usually in the directory "text hyper." Actual filenames may vary. D MRB filename instead of'a node name. If our picture had been located elsewhere, we would have had to include the full pathname. For the serious AmigaGuide developer, a host of advanced features makes AmigaGuide even more useful. You can create Xref cross-reference files that make nonbutton words act as though they were buttons. An Arexx interface makes it possible to link context-sensitive AmigaGuide help files into applications programs. An ability called “Dynamic Nodes” lets AmigaGuide liles link interactively to host programs that create linked files “on the fly.” With help from the documentation files included in Commodore’s freely distributable AmigaGuide archive. Arexx programmers can even link the amigaguide.iibrary and use its functions directly. Even if you haven't yet had occasion to use Ami- gaGuide, chances are you will soon. Many of you simply may be reading AmigaGuide-forniat documentation using AmigaGuide or MultiView. Some of you, though, may want to develop your own AmigaGuide databases. If you are among the latter group, you'll find some useful freely distributable tools and sample AmigaGuide database files listed in the “AmigaGuide Resources” sidebar. One thing is certain, however: You’re going to be seeing and using AmigaGuide in one form or another a lot more in the months to come. ¦ Contents Index Help Retrace IBM Browse >1_ INTRODUCTION Hello there! Meicone to "Hy Help File*! I hope you've taken the tine to read thefiPreface j, since it's saw of the best writing I've done in years... Mark R. Brown has been writing about the Amiga since it was only a rumor called ‘‘Lorraine.'’ Formerly, he was the managing editor of the late great .info magazine. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. MOVING? Subscription Problem? Get help with your subscription by calling our toll free number: 1-800-827-0877 If possible, please have your mailing label in front of you as well as your cancelled check or credit card statement if you are having problems with payment. If moving, please give both your old address and new address. Just As King Arthur’s Excalibur Gave Him The Winning Edge, You Can Unlock The Potential Of The A-4000 40 With Your X-Calibur, And Win. The X-Calibur Provides An Impressive 80% Increase In Speed And Has Space For Up To 128 Megabytes Of RAM. The X-Calibur Board Does Its Wizadry Without Taking Up A Precious Slot On The A-4000. A Must For The Professional, The X-Calibur Is Available Now! The X-Calibur Is Brought To You Jointly By RCS Management, bsc Automation and Micro R. &. D. Contact Your Dealer Today! For More Information: In Europe: bsc buroautomation AG .. 49 (089-357130-0) -99 FAX In The US: Micro R.&D, (SIX)) 527-8797, (308) 745-1246 FAX In Canada: RCS Management (514) 926-3755, (514) 926-3131 FAX bsc Canada Munich, Germany PO Box 595, Mt. Morris, IL 61054 Circle 99 on Reader Service card
* ACCENT ? ON- GRAPHICS 60 A continuing series of lips, techniques, and tricks lor creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IX LAST MONTH’S column we looked ar the differences between bitmapped and structured clip art and tried some techniques for making creative use of existing clips. 1 his month we’ll explore creating your own structured clip art (all from legally accessible sources) using the autotrace method. Creating structured clips on the Amiga requires a good illustration program such as Professional Draw (Gold Disk) or .Art Expression (Soft- Logik). While drawings can he created from scratch in these programs, many designers turn to the scanner or digitizer to begin the process ol making a structured clip. I use an Epson scanner directly from Art Department Professional (ASDG), Itnagemaster (Black Bell), or ImageFX (GYP). While it is possible to build colored clips by digitizing and tracing, the simplest plan is to work with line art and scan in the monochrome or line-art mode. To convert photographic images to line art, scan in grayscale and then experiment with contrast, brightness, and dither adjustments before converting the image lo two colors. For the accompanying illustration, I scanned my signature at resolution 200 using AD- Pro’s Epson Loader and saved it as a two-color IFF image. My goal was to have the signature as a structured clip that 1 could add to any DTP document. Put a Trace ox It Some illustration programs, such as Pro Draw, allow a bitmap to be loaded as a template that can be manually traced. I chose to use an automatic tracer to produce a structured version of the signature. Art Expression, the companion illustration program to Soft-Logik’s PageStream, comes with an additional program called BMF, the Bit Map Editor, which can be used to touch up scanned or painted images. Of particular interest is BMF’s I race function; this feature analyzes a bitmap and outlines edges with control points, lines, and curves. The result is saved as a structured DR2D format drawing. When the Trace function is invoked, a number ol adjustments can be made. For example, increasing the value of the Sample Rate causes fewer points to be used by the auto tracer. Decreasing the Curve Fit value creates longer and smoother curves. In tracing the signa- O O lure, I used a Sample Rate of 10 and a Curve Fit of 6. Pro Draw also includes a good autotracer with similar functions (for more on this see Accent 43, Sep. ’92, p. 44). The illustration shows the signature loaded into Art Expression for cleanup. BME’s autotracer is good, but any autotrace can be improved upon in a drawing program. The illustration shows the signature displayed as an Outline view with the Edit Points tool selected. This makes visible the square control points and circular curve adjustment handles. Many points in this drawing are superfluous and can be deleted or replaced with a line adjusted to the proper contour. Details added to the illustration in red clarify this. For instance, number 1 points to a curved section that traced fairly elli- cientlv. By contrast, number 2 shows a section with many points that could be deleted and replaced with the single curved line shown in red. Number 3 shows a magnification ol an area in which irregularities in the bitmap were traced producing unwanted line segments. These can be deleted. I he fewer points in a structured drawing, the faster it can be redrawn in the DTP environment, and the less program overhead it requires. Complex autotraced art can sometimes require considerable manual touch-up. Finished drawings can be saved in PostScript, DR21), and ILBM formats. Graphics and Ethics The legality of what can be scanned and used in this manner is somewhat murky. Image technolog) is moving Using a technique called autotracing, you can compile your own archive of quality, structured clip art with minimal investment. Faster than copyright law can keep pace. The spirit of t he law is that it is unfair to copy and use someone else’s creation as your own. If you use your head and just leave it at that simple concept, you should never run into legal complications. Problems arise when designers begin believing that they have altered someone clse’s work by such and such a percent and are thus not abusing copyright. I have heard earnest discussions about this intriguing threshold of distortion beyond which lies safety from the law. With live percent of the world’s population and roughly thirty-five percent of the world’s lawyers, US society sometimes seems to be shifting away from a perception of laws as protections toward a perception that laws are limits to what we can get away with. In matters such as copyright, it would seem simplest to look inward to fundamental concepts of ethics. Most work more than 75 years old is j out of copyright and in the public domain. This accounts for the profusion of early engravings used today as clip art. Dover Books publishes volumes of scanner-ready clip art from this period. 5'oti can also visit used and antiquarian booksellers to buy illustrated books and magazines published before 1918. These contain a wealth of artwork. Often, you may find it useful to photocopy ibis artwork, enlarging it and cleaning it up with white-out before scanning. 1 bis is a useful technique in a public library’. Look also for old maps, cards, and catalogues. Old certificates have ornate borders that can be used by tilling the interior of the scanned image with a block of white. NASA is a great source of legal photographic images. Public money supports space research, and NASA releases most of its images into the public clo- snnsd signature has been autotraced and is being cleaned up In Art Express structured drawing. Areas labeled in red are discussed in the article. Main in return. You can also make use of many photo services to purchase the right to use certain images. The Bettman Archive in New York manages more than 25 million images including the L PI and BBC Hulton picture libraries. The pcr-print fee depends on the use of the photo. For information on its services, phone 212 777-6200. Downloaded. You can also shoot vour own photos for use with this scan-and- trace technique. ¦ Joel Hagen’s credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. I he Life Picture Service has 12 million images shot for Life Magazine from 1934 to the present. Phone 212 522- 4800 for information. Check your local newspaper to see if it offers a photo service most do. The Image Bank® is one of many photographic stock houses that also rent images. You can contact them at 212 529-3080. Belter known in the computer community are CD-ROM collections of photographs and on-line archives of legal images that can be OpalPaint provides all of the necessary tools to create graphics and illustrations of limitless variety. It includes all of the features necessary for the creation, enhancement and manipulation of images of every kind. COMPUTING “...the overall champion of Amiga paint programs” Desktop Video World “...state-of-the-art features not found on any other Amiga paint program." Amiga World “Quite simply, it’s a spectacular product." OpaiPaint’s extensive image processing modes provide virtually unlimited special effects possibilities. Its features rival broadcast studio paint systems at a fraction of the price. Amiga Computing Magazine “...the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga.” Amiga Format “OpalVision is awesome!" Camcorder Magazine LIVE “Professional quality at this price can’t be turned away.” Amiga User International Magazine “The verdict was unanimous brilliant.” Amiga Shopper Magazine “...the best paint program currently available...."
- The Amiga-Video Journal (AVID) lam&wn®mmH8mjG;b.od! ‘The finest, most versatile and endlessly customizable paint program ..." TV Technology No other paint program comes close to the acclaimed image processing and painting power of OpalPaint. Use the power of OpalPaint to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing frame stores. "...an excellent 32-bit paint program.” Amiga Video Graphics Journal “...this is the best 24-bit paint program...magnificent.” Amazing Computing OPALVISION MAIN BOARD An OpalVision Main Board is the most powerful and useful addition you can make to your Amiga system. You’ll instantly increase the number of available colors on your Amiga system to an amazing 16 million colors per pixel! And, in addition to the award- winning OpalPaint, Opal Presents and OpalAnimMATE software that comes with every board, you'll discover that OpalVision also significantly enhances the performance of most other Amiga programs. Render scenes and animations using any Amiga 3-D program and view them with the OpalVision card’s photo-realistic 16-million color mode. Manipulate and print sophisticated, professionakquality images using programs like Art Department Professional, Image Master and Image F X. If you create morphs, illustrations, graphics or animations of any kind, you’ll appreciate the super high quality of OpaiVision’s state-of-the art design. OpaiPaint’s full range of tools and controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. It’s fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OpalPaint includes exclusive real-world artist tools, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and much, much more! OpaEPaint's image processing and painting features rival those of broadcast industry paint systems costing thousands of dollars. Use its power to easily create your own images or enhance and modify framestores. OpalPaint includes exclusive real-world artist tools, texture mapping, extensive image processing modes, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes, special effects and much, much more. It’s fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OpalPaint's full range of tools and comprehensive controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available at such a reasonable price. OpalAnimMATE creates delta-compressed animations from any seriesof images or framestores and plays them back using the OpalVision hardware in real-time at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8,12,15,18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. Excellent for use with 3-D rendering programs, landscape generators and other animation programs. OPAL PRESENTS! OpalPresents! Is an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video (when the OpalVision Video Processor is attached). It includes numerous built-in transition effects and takes full advantage of the Opalvision 24-bit hardware. To 60 frames per second. It works in 8,12,15, 18 and 24-Bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20to 768 x 286pixels. Every Main Board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of Opa Vision images, Amiga graphics and live video. OpalVision Video Processor OPALVISION HOTKEY Opal HotKey lets you instantly display OpalVision 24-bit graphics and combine them at any time with Amiga-generated graphics and animations using simple key combinations, it also supports priority stenciling to allow the simultaneous placement of Amiga graphics in front of or behind OpalVision graphics. UPCOMING VIDEO ENHANCEMENT MODULES: THE OPALVISION VIDEO PROCESSOR AND ROASTER CHIP Adds a wealth of additional features and functionality including framegrabbing, genlocking, chroma keying, luma keying, real-time color processing of live video. It aiso provides an unlimited number of transitions and Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVtsion Roaster Chip and software. These include cuts, wipes, fades, and special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range of flips, tumbles, page peels, image wrapping, picture-irvpicture effects and more. OPALVISION VIDEO SUITE This 19-inch, rack-mountable unit includes video and audio mixing, switching and transcending and connects directly to the Video Processor. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24-Bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. OPALVISION SCAN-RATE CONVERTER TBC Achieves 31KHz, non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and animations. It also de-interlaces any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC and includes full time-base correction of incoming video. The on-board memory aiso serves as an additional framestore for dual framebuffer applications. Created by: OpalTech Sydney, Australia opaltech OpalVision Video Suite OpalVtsion. OpalPaint, Opal Presents, OpalVision Video Suite, Opal Video Processor and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpatAnimMATE is a trademark of Centaur Development, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development Phone: (310) 787-4530
P. O. Box 3959 FAX: (310) 222-5882 Torrance, CA 90510 BBS: (310) 7874540 hWGA DEALS GALORE III 1DD4IJ
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- * 6A13 iiAM imili Dzr MD DRIVE rapi. J J vbn, i id jpni 'WE WILL iJEAT AMY A4000 FKJCE1 4420 = •jii Ui-jrstdc, uulii'jrti d dusitar; tut! ) WORKS Now get the best graphic workstation for the money: for painting with 1 rated OpalPaint, for photo retouching, for animation and presentations!
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• OPALVISION MAIN BOARD The Ultimate WS-Ae. GAME SYSTEM 32-bit power! COMING SOON! A jllPAlNt, OPALPRESENTS, OPALANIMATE SOFTWAR price includes installation A1200 Gamer System Popular AGA computer with two hot games! Includes:
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* -7T" BACK (Alien Ninja master) 4 li& IN STOCK! • NIGEL MANSELL game (High Speed Racing) OTHER A1200 CONFIGURATIONS IN STOCK! OPALVISION MAIN BOARD The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC Ioptional modules). Includes a wealth of software. OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OPALPAINT SOFTWARE Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 x 768 x 286 pixels. OPAL PRESENTS! Every main board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries ofyourwork, educational videos or whatever you can imagine! COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS Because OpalVision has gained such acceptance around the world (it is both NTSC and PAL compatible), there is a huge selection of compatible hardware and software products from third party developers. A partial list is included below left. OPALVISION COMPATIBLE Aloddin 4D AmiUnk Video Editing Products Art Department Professional Coligari 24 • Montage24 CineMorph • Morph Plus Image F X • PIV2001 Imagine 3D • Real3D ImageMaster • Texture City Images LightRave • Transporter MathVision • VtdeoVisions FINAL MONTH OF THIS SPECIAL REBATE! WHILE SUPPLY LASTS!! Expires Jan. 31, 1994 Regular Price* 04 V”” Instant Rebate -25CP0 Circle 13 on Reader Service card N Your GVR 'VrtSF
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• ¦ ¦ G-FORCE ACCEL J09 G-FORCE 040 33MHz 4MB RAM plus integrated math co _ COMING SOON! 1 6-BIT AUDIO PCM-CIA Watch for more info! NEW! Vjs ¦ w Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built- in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! Includes Scala EX module and the G-LOCK is now OPALVISION compgtiblel 4526 GVP and CREATIVE COMPUTERS ANNOUNCE A NEW MONTHLY GIVEAWAY FOR 1994! NOW WIN A GVP PRODUCT EACH & EVERY MONTH. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!! THIS MONTH: WIN A NEW TBC+ WORTH $ 800! TO ENTER; Send a 3x5 postcard with your name, address, age and phone number, plus the phrose 'GVP & Creative Supercharge your Amiga" to: Creative Computers GVP Contest, ADV. Dept., 2645 Maricopa Street, Torrance, CA 90503. Entries must be received by the 10th of the month shown on magazine cover (ie: March 10th, for March issue). LIMIT one entry per person address, per month. Winners who send more than one entry will be disqualified. One winner per prize, each month. Winner will be announced in the following monthly issue catalog. Winner will be responsible for any taxes. Winner will be required to supply photograph and will release to Creative rights for one year to use winning name and likeness in advertising. Giveaway sponsored by GVP and Creative Computers. No telephone entries or entries with mail orders. Employees of Creative Computers, GVP and their distributors affiliates are not eligible. GOOD LUCK!I FREE TBC+ GIVEAWAY Supercharge your Amiga with Creative and GVP!! TM fit ..-TV'='¦ 1 r,su 500xj STARDUST I Joypy GAME OF THE MONTH n Asteroids with an Attitude!" 50 795 'V * - r ¦* bloodhouse MORTAL KOMBflT «¦ $ 3595 FI RACING REALMS OFARKANIA givnnqn FODDER CANNON FODDM NEWIj P ninnaa HOT! | HOT! OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ALIEN BREED 2 FLASHBACK Movie-like adventure with vivid animation T591 FUTURE WARS SOLD OUT 4999 NIGEL MANSELL AGA 35.95 5135 TRANSARTICA AGA 34.95 5157 ISHAR AGA 39.95 5181 SlMUFE AGA 37.95 5099 TROLLS 32.95 5182 JAMES POND 2 AGA 29.95 5221 1869 AGA 35.95 5246 INTNAL GOLF AGA 32.95 5304 SOCCER KID 34.95 5305 ONE STEP BEYOND 26.95 5306 GLOBAL GLADIATORS 31.95 5050 SUPERFROG 36.95 5341 OVERKILL AGA 26.95 5336 CIVILIZATION AGA 45 95 5329 BLASTAR 32.95 5324 OVERDRIVE 32.95 5339 DEEP CORE 31.95 5315 COMBAT AIR PATROL 34.95 5338 THE PATRICIAN 39.95 5429 BODY BLOW Galactic 34.95 5476 DOGFIGHT 34.95 NEW’ MANIAC MANSION 19.95 1779 IMMORTAL 19.95 5425 SHADOW DANCER 17.95 UNDER $ 20 GAMES Limited Supply!
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14. 95
- ---- SUPERCARS 2
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14. 95
18. 95 4635 SHADOW LANDS 14.95
- -RTYPE 2
18. 95 2622 HARD DRIV1N 2 14.95
16. 95 5326 QWAK 1995
14. 95 i ----BLASTEROIDS
14. 95
- --- SIMPSONS 14 95 SYNDICATE Be a super spy in a B aderunner- ike future STREET FIGHTER 1 y H AGA GAMES HIRED GUNS Multiplayer role playing game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego GALACTIC 5009 5344 5228 Amy's Fun2-3 Youngsters learn about numbers 4129 Gunship 2000 The ultimate attack helicopter simulator GUNSHIP 5274 Lemmings 2 The tribes newest exciting adventures 4906 5429 Z00L2 The ultimate alien Ninja fighter! Eye of the Beholder 11 JIGSAW PUZZLES The hottest sequel ever 0T $ 1495 HOT! 4017 5052 COMMANDER =WIIK=. CommanoF? 4739 5494 Air Bucks Run your own airline 5274 Mickey's CHAOS ENGINE ABC's HNCIENTARTOF ARIH THE SKIES Great WWI simulator Avoid some of the wildest creatures ever Paint & Create 6 entertaining activites spark the imagination 4997 Battle on the world of Herbert's Arrakis New version of classic arcade action! 4971 Sim Life Create your own world and alien life! 5181 MISC. DESKTOP PUBLISHING
79. 00 2781
69. 95 2948 2957 5011 5403 FINAL WRITER (NEW ALL THE FEATURES OF FINAL COPY It PLUS EPS IMPORT) 139.00 FINAL COPY II RELEASE 2 79.95 PRO WRITE 3.3 54.95 PROPER GRAMMAR II 54.95 PRO PAGE 4.1 BLOWOUT! 59.95 199,00 DYNACADD 2D 4469 4406 4701 1228 OE’S 1ST COMPANY
- BUSINESS COLLECTION 74 95 Pro Page 4.1 I Eureka Scanner iPfe w,. 400 dpi black and white hand scanner is ideal for scanning logos and drawings (artwork of any kind). 32-level greyscale capability. Parallel interface with pass-through. Highly popular page layout program far the Amiga at the lowest price ever! OEM version does not include hard case, but Color Scanners High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! Who needs the A box anyway? RiOFt VM >K»L ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with scanner purchase E5-600C • 24-bit, 300 dpi ri$ 159 4664 $ 1099 $ 99.95 ES-800C • 24-bit, 400 dpi . Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America 4665 4462 Limited Supply! V- . • - 5 -V : r Drawing Tablets Micro R. & WACOM BIGFOOT POWER SUPPLIES One of the mpst popular accessories Macii for artists on the Macintosh and IBM is also available for the Amiga! Pressure sen-sitive, with cordless programmable pen. 6x9" SD-510C ... $ 399_ BIGFOOT 2000: 300 watt direct replacement for the A2000 2500 power supply. 100 watts more than the original. Great for the video professional and AMIGA power user. Full year warranty. BIGFOOT 500: 200 watt A500 600 1200 replacement power supply. Great for those expanding their 500 600 or 1200. Fon cooled. Matching white enclosure. Full year warranty. 60625 $ 9795 Wacom Amiga driver with cable $ 8495 4558 12x12" Standard... S499 12x12" Electrostatic .. 5749. 1857 BIGFOOT 500 BIGFOOT 2000 $ | 3995 61954 52001 5036 EPSON 24-pin printer ap-3250 Unleash the Power! Jkidury Ciiy awtoM C'jllsciJo ] of high The publishing team with the Genie Edge! Now get the popular Gold Disk publishing powerhouse, "Pro Page," plus the popular "Pro fiS™1”1 ’''‘j Draw' at a special Creative Bundle Price!! Professional Page 4.1 and 1Professional Draw 3.0 4730 Ll GETHOTH$ |£g Highest quality, high speed dot matrix printer for the Amiga! $ 199 Also Available; PROCALC Spreadsheet software for Amiga | 4606 No One Has More Amiga DTP than SDG HPIIC SCAN DRVR 134.95 EPSON SCNR DOC FEED 499-00 GRAPHIC RESOURCE GOLIATH CLIP ART CD GIGA GAMES AMIGA PC AUDIO RESOURCE LIBRARY GRAPHICS RESOURCE LIBRARY MEGA MEDIA CD-ROM ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION LANGUAGE OS CD-ROM SPACE AND ASTRONOMY 5247 5202 5137 5107 CABLE, AMIGA TO EPSON 24.95 CD-ROM CADDY 11.95 A1942 MULTISYNC MON 387,00 PAGESTREAM 2.2 WITH ART EXPRESSIONS 188.00 R PAINT 45.95 PIXEL 3D & ANIMWORKSHOP W T-SHIRT 139.00 5199 CHINON CDS435 VramngSoarcfJZZ TRIM EDI A Incorporated Pagestream 2.2 1 in AMIGA DTP. Winner of AMIGA World's Experts' Choke Award and Amazing AMIGA's Users' Choice Awards. Buy PageStream 2.2 now and get PageStream 3.0 FREE! PageStream 3.0 Has over 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and the ability to load ProPage documents. The cmozing DrawmgSlafe is no thicker than a mouse pad, only 1 8" thinl Yet still delivers 1,270 lines per inch resolution. Available in 12x12", 12x18" and now the new 6x9” format. Cordless, £ £=> 3-button pressure-sensitive pen. V 41 AyC TypeSmith 2.0 Create and convert bitmap and outline fonts! BRILLfANCE pno«s.‘i Onfltl f* trj-T a PROFESSIONAL PAINT AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE End font Hell 'A must have"
- ComputeI 'A must have"
- Amazing Computing 'It's a must!"
- Amiga Format Lowest Price Anywhere! Prol«wjorai Pamr A
- ...... nwnui. 5484 CALL FOR PRICING ON PAGESTREAM 3.011 on these two items! Primera Full-Color Thermal Printer DCTV PAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE! The Kitchen Sync Two complete TBCs on one card works with any video source, S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible Amiga 1200 DESKTOP PUBLISHER SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL PAG 5430 6MB RAM 60MB HD True 4-color printer designed to give you stunning, high quality color ouput on paper, transparency, even T-shirt transfer paper! Winner Best of Comdex 93 "Rookie” Award. It was the hit of World of Commodore, too! One year warranty. Photorealistic upgrade available. Includes Amiga driver software! SYSTEM INCLUDES:
• Amiga 1200 with 2MB RAM and AGA chipset
• 60MB Hard Drive
• DKB RAMBoard with 16-MHz Math Coprocessor, plus 4MB
• PRO PAGE 4.1 OEM software
• Ideal starter DTP package! Requires Amiga 6-ft. Parallel Cable $ 9.95 ETTT COMPLETE DTP SYSTEM! IioRo DAT TAPE DRIVES V1VIDQUEST88C REMOV. EXT. W CART 499.00 VIVIDQUEST INTERNAL 88C W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE 450.00 88MB CARTRIDGE 97.00 61944 5353 3304 2-GIG CPKD-2000 EXT. 1425.00 5 GIG. CPKD-8000 EXT. 1499.00 9 GIG. CPKD-1600 EXT. 1599.00 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI 1219.00 CONNER 4GB DAT EXT. SCSI 1479.00 CONNER 2GB DAT INT. SCSI 960.00 CONNER 4GB DAT INT. SCSI 1289.00 2GB 90MM DAT CARTRIDGES 16.95 NEC 38 MULTISPIN EXT. PORTABLE, DOUBLE SPIN ASIM CDR FILE SYS. 2.0 5334
329. 00
54. 95 ¦ -V ' _ iA’.-M . DATAFLYER XDS IDE 79.95 DATAFLYER 4000S25 S|p 99.95 A4091 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER 459.00 PICASSO II CARD W 1MG 449.00 RETINA GRAPHICS BOARD 2MB 489.00 5267 5379 5153 5265 4987 VIVIDQUEST 105MB EXT. W CART 559.00 VIVIDQUEST 105 3.5 INT. W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE 489.00 105MB CARTRIDGE 75.00 61945 61241 5193 RETINA PRO W TV PAINT THE BOX 150 CREATIVE WANTS TO BE YOUR ONLY SOURCE FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS! IF YOU DON'T SEE SOMETHING LISTED, PLEASE ASK! Makers of Bernoulli Now you can have the reliable moss storage medium used by Hollywood professionals! Used by developers atNewTek, by Ainblin Imaging (seaQuest) and foundation Imaging (Babylon 5). AMIGA World soys "...the cos! End reliability of Iomega Bernoulli drives can’t k*- kwi!!* RurnrjiiFK nutnnt nvinttvffv vnnr dntnl THF ROX ISO • We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** DHL OVERNIGHT TO CANADA AS LOW AS *15 is on external drive with famous Bernoulli reliability! Each cartridge holds up to 150MB of storage. BERNOULLI THE BOX 150 INSIDER Internal version of £ m THE BOX 150. J l QC ! 5319 rn CD-ROM DRIVE SYSTEM $ 199 (Note: PhofoCD support through software) 62507 5179 3741 A huge collection of thousands of photos on all topics in full color! Fractals, movie posters, hunks, bikinis, lingerie, models, movie stars, airplanes, cars, dip art, war vessels and much, much morel! Class 2 4153 Class 1 5360 SWIFTY MOUSE True 3-button mouse. High resolution mouse for any Amiga. Third button can be used with optional Amilink, 4% m 95 OpalVision & others. ' 2 year warranty.
14. 4 FAX DATA HIGH SPEED MODEM from an industry leader in telecommunications jPFOX Amiga Sof tWOFO * Works with ony virtually ouy dess 1 (US Robotics) r Class 2 (west ethers) FAX Modem. GPFojl is by lor the eositst to us* and most complete FAX Use with GPFax software (not included - see below). A cable may be required ... ask your sales representative oitwoie ever developed !oi the AMIGA, Sofp&tfs oiling Bsts. Delayed rolling, etc. Sportster Micro R» & Walnut Creek CD-ROM with over 620MB of dal 4000+ files: games, GNU C C++ compiler, utflH demos of commercial games, paint programs, D* shells, music files - and much more! Now you can take advantage of the world of CD-ROMs on your Amiga!
• New NEC 3Xp Portable CD-ROM
• Triple spin (250ms access rime! NEW!
• Multisession, PhotoCD capable
• ASIM CDR File Sys. 2.0 will also read Mac and IBM format CD-ROM discs A
• INCLUDES: "Fish Market* CD & i ] ROM [*100-900] with tons of great PD software E Give You Th If you are considering an Amiga specialeffects or image processing producf, "Ad Pro" is believed by many fo be the only choice. For 1992 by the readers of AmazingEompufing Magazine, and "Best Video Software" by Germany's Amiga Plus Magazine. The number one color: image processing package. Renowned for its speed and quality. ; A complete professional system offering total input, processmgjandloi put flexibility wrfh full Arexx programmability. Reacfland write many image formats, perform thousands of ; image processing wncfions, use JPEG compression and print 24-brtdafa fo Preference printers. Now includes Toaster framestore support and many new animation features , Expandable with opfionalmodules fisted below (many others available, call for details!). The finest still and full motion morphing available on the Amiga, plus other great still image & video effects like warp, twirl, rotate, perspective scale, ripple and spherize. Runs stand-alone or through Art Department Professional and is expandable with the optional ADPro modules listed below. Mark Swain, an Amiga World reviewer - RfflJfr"MorphPlus produces the most realistic shape shifting effects I've ever seen on a desktop." 4348 t in ix ti CygnusEd Professional y ajyj] A High Performance Editor For Amiga Programmers And Writers Adds input & output capability for TIFF, Targa, X Windows, Sun Raster, PICT and Rendition formats to ADPro Morph Plus. These form- ats are used by Mac, Sun & IBM professionals. 5164 Circle 13 on Reader Service card GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK PAL MISC. VIDEO ACCESSORIES BRDCAST TITLER I! BONUS PK INCLUDES SUPER HI RES & HI RES VERS. 155.95 PEGGER (COMPRESSION UTILITY) 65.00 PRO FILLS VOLUME 1 31.95 PRO FILLS VOLUME 2 31.95 PRO FILLS VOLUME 3 31,95 SCALA MUTLTIMEDIA 210 AGA 227.95 IMAGE MASTER R T 169.00 MULTIFRAM FOR ADPRO 72.95 TOASTER TOOL KIT V2.0 114.00 VIP VIDEO INTERFACE PROFESSIONAL REDESIGNED FOR 500 2000 3000 4000 OPALVISION VIDEO OUT!! *** 129.95 GENLOCKS
219. 00
117. 00
148. 00
699. 00
779. 00 VIDEO TOASTER Y C PLUS 0821 KARA ANIMFONTS1 27.95 0822 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 27.95 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 27.95 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 33.95 4660 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 33.95 0337 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 43.95 0358 KARA FONTS HEADS 2 38.95 3758 KARA FONTS HEADS 3 45.95 4659 KARA FONTS HEADS 4 43.95 1838 KARA STARFIELDS 32.95 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS 38.95 DPS Personal VECTOR SCOPE DPS Personal TBCIV AD516 DPS Personal Animation Controller Hard Drive Bundle Studio 16 v3.01 ADS 16 Professional, 16-bit, CD-quality, stereo, 8-track, hard disk recording with SMPTE time code reader Functions as a single-frame recorder! Record your animation and playback in real time! Includes 1 2-GIG Hard Drive!
• Rock solid freeze frame
• Variable strobe
• True monochrome mode The perfect companion for the DPS TBC IV! (Sunglasses not induded) 3940 4516 FutvreVideo I & tti f Mil fill Multi-tasking edit controller can sync three VCRs simultaneously. Can read Hi8 RC Time Code, 8mm TC, and SMPTE EBU TC (optional]. Includes control software for Amiga, as well as IBM and Macintosh. Easy to use A B Roll editing software lets you set edit points, assemble, video insert, A V insert, audio insert editing. CYBEREDIT software available for 3300 5 1 A 7 Q with Toaster System Control - call for pricing availability. I w CCMM A new high-performance board that allows your Amiga to connect to SCSI II devices. With full Zorro 111 implementation. Direct Memory Access (DMA). Fast SCSI-2 implementation. Now access CD-ROMs, Removable Media, Scanners, Modems and more with more power than ever before! HI-DENSITY FLOPPY DRIVES! Internal (A2000 3000)... 51 59 External ..s 169 DKB SUPER POWER USER BUNDLE! 4091 & 31 28 BOARDS! Now for a limited time, save a bundle on a great bundle s I The "must-have" Toaster add-on! Now you can crush the 16 meg fast RAM barrier! With the DKB 3128 you can access up to 128 megs of contiguous memory. Compatible with either the Amiga 3000 or 4000. For your Amiga! SCSI II AND UP TO 128MB RAM. M DKB GIVEAWAY! WIN A FREE DKB 3128 BOARD!!! Same terms and conditions as GVP giveaway (see fourth page of our catalog] except address to: Creative Computers DKB Giveaway, and write on postcard "DKB expands your Amiga!". Winner announced next catalogl Plugs You Into The Latest i'jlirVAj' y v iiii'jui jlie fouilajji . WAVEMAKER fne wluliwi h ilDrlmtSM Amazing Animations Simply & Automatically! WAVEMAKER allows people with little or no LightWove 3D experience to create eye-catching flying logo animations* You can also batch render animations, use storyboard feature, many background elements. Supports Toaster4000 and includes Instructional video tape, c; Afrvieog Antnw)lloi» &mpiy & Automatically Li-jiiiliyva b a sjuuJaisj all vs iiiy iVjjjV f'jucii jii3 i LijjiirVAjve 'JL>' . Ji affiuiiIM Li'jiirV uvb v ijfi'ju 3'juiriiiy b-i UniallBt]. UvmiiAVS: r p ofeij-jitmd ikuiufnj ii'j'jur a V ava usaw. LMJiAVS v illf i:- ji iiiujj u Rjujiaf a;]uipp=d Auiijfj dijjjl'jy iiiiss i'j ills Vidb'j Jyd
• >MI SUPER BUNDLE! PIXEL 3*D PRO inn mi ANIM WORKSHOP Now get two great programs plus a FREE Pro (not 2.0) and ANIM Workshop give you powerful functions for rendering and animation! PLUS: You can upgrade both programs to 2.0 thru Axiom for only $ 40 each! The ToasterEmulator Video Director
* Complete editing system for everyone with a compatible VCR, camcorder, and an Amiga
* Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from all your video tapes
* Indudes hardware to control most camcorders and VCRs! 3699 ga models
- -- . ¦ . Der to OpalVision, EGS and Amiga AGA quipped Amiga or 3.0, Workbench CtiinpjiiLI pili all Ain J Tf 24-Lit dijpluy jSj ¦ iiCJV, tiaiinv4JV2-J, J rA2I£Ii ihtii) a Taajfer: New from Innovision Technology! MONTAGE features real time font scaling with Ins effective resolution. Automated sequencing. Network quality 24-bit titles & graphics! MONTAGE for fhe Video Toaster *329 kes Lightwave fully ’Al users LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE 5424 MONTAGE 24 for AGA, IV24 OpalVision *239 5073 1 UTILITIES CYCLEMAN FOR IMAGINE 38.95 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE 149.95 HUMANOID FOR LIGHTWV 149.95 INTERCHANGE PLUS 3.0 (COMING SOON) 109.95 PLAYMATION 299.00 REAL 3D V2.0 378.00 ODDS & ENDS FOR FOR LIGHTWAVE 35.95 0387 DISNEY ANIM STUDIO Tofi FRAOTAI PRO 6 0? AMIBACK 2.0 43.95 AMIBACK TOOLS 48,95 AMIBACK TOOLS PLUS 58.95 CANDO 2.5 128.00 DLG PRO BBS SOFTWARE 179.95 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 59.95 ENLAN DFS ETHERNET 5 NODE SYSTEM 220.00 QUARTERBACK 5.0 4 39.95 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DLX 67.95 SAS C VERSION 6.0 249.00 TAPEWORM FS 69.95 'DiBjjJ DU ill 'hum V) oi ilia od j’jUuJ jaijuajidjiy JO-idr, dii-’icikid, pulif , fuliy diyiiuJ, uudiy juuirJ mid iiiujl: jyjiujii for yyur Amhpl A GUIDED TOUR VIDEO TAPE 3160 3890 4157 3891 AS LOW AS All new instructional video tapes for Video Toaster 4000 & Toaster 3,0
• LIGHTWAVE 3D FLYING LOGOS MultiFrame ADPro end for Art and Morph satercontro! Sina with no or sequences siting of foreground IrameOuffers VLAB 2 COMPOSITES ...... VLAB A1200 A50O External AGA Emulation on your 2000 3000 Now you can have real time AGA chipset emulation.pin Amiga skit (does not use video slot). The first single card solution giving you the ability to display Workbench or AmigaOS compliant programs (on their own custom screen) in resolutions up to 1280x1024. Includes XIPaint 24-bit paint program. Retina animation software included. Compatible with Video Toaster and Opal Vision. Requires OS2x.
* 419 RETINA WITH 2MB RAM ... *489 RETINA WITH 4MB RAM ...*559 RETINA W 2MB RAM & TV PAINT $ 61 9 RETINA WITH 1MB RAM NEW IFR - DIGITIZE 30FPS VIDEO The Vlab includes an extensive software control systemdesigned to make digitizing as easy as possible. Using a revolutionary new concept. MacroSystem has provided a new Interleaved Frame Recording feature. IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full 30fps digital video sequences to HarcOsk by making multiple passes o* the recorded video. Hardware features frame grab m 1 30th sec or field grab in 1760th sec. Real time color controfe. TBC not required Includes AdPro Loader. $ 459
* 399 $ 449 VLAB Y C r c MultiFrame is a front end for Art Department Professional and Morph Pi us that gives you much greatercontrol over multiple-frame processing with no knowledge of Arexx required.
• Perform ADO-style fly-ins of mowing images easily using perspective operator Create panningsiting camera effects on still images or sequences
• Rotoscope: automatic compositing of foreground mages over backgrounds using true aipha-channel holecutier and Key effects
• Auto-display of images to supported Irame&utfers (Retina. OpalVision. DCTV)
• Automatic imaoe conversion dlmno processino Magic Lantern LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES ihliil'I’A 7 m 24-bit animation software supports AGA, Opalvision Picasso, Retina Powerful mailing-list management. Create mailing lists, rosters,, envelopes, . I roatry cards and I more with a few vmufT I simple-clicks! Sup- Wfft'* ¦ ports laser, dot- matrix & ink-jet. Powerful business management. B Powerful invoicing software! Automatically create
j. quotes and convert them to actual invoices witfi one $ 5995 5310 Designer Objects VOL ONE (“Diner"} for IMAGINE Visit our computer SUPERSTORES in California! 4 BIG LOCATIONS Los Angeles 15C5 W&hire Blvd. Santa Monica California 90402
(310) 394-7779 Los Angeles South Orange County San Diego 8841 Ciairemcnt Mesa Kearny Mesa California 92123
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(714) 359-3300 AMIGA • APPLE * COMPAQ • DAYSTAR • MICROSOFT « PACKARD BILL • NEWTEK • RADIUS • RASTIR0PS • SUPFRMAC • WACOM Order by 5:00pm EST and get your order tomorrow! Overnight Delivery Only $ 69s*
• 0fhrsi'fiJ*nJaL3l. 1994 ¦d'fffcstoit slodtiMfldy.CnriiMtallLS.aofy
• Ge* ani(mUm* spin praUm* Ads4 Gei mikvsakm |wr Ufeq mUttu, mi enkn to seat lams or smAdties w3dk«c wi&fimal proomingadslappi line I .mm ¦ddWimil %¦; Am yn Ordersi Order Hotline: 800-872-8882 K
* Oats m* bdndel The Creative Computers Exclusive MBG Program When you purchase products In tMs catalog that feature this logo, it identifies products that come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Return is subject to policies of our customer service department. Ask your safes representative for more information. OUR POLICIES CC-Money Bock Guarantee iuIoi Umlted-tlmo offor expires 1 31 94 and only applies to tha Indicalod products. You must call Cuttcmoi Service to obtain a Return Authorisation number before sanding th* item(t) back. The item(s) must bo In orlglnol condition and In original pockoging, with blank warranty card No damaged items will be accepiod. Retunds issued wlthm 14 days ol receipt ol the returned item(s). Refund U limited to 53.000 per customer. No retunds on height or labor charges. CUSTOMER SERVICE far lech support coll 310-542-2292 from 11 a m. to 7 p.m. Psf. "’Standard Overnight Sorvico’by Federal Express Is no! Available In afl oreos. Those 'Extended Areas1* take two days. Check w|*h your locol Federal Express station lot delivery confirmation and delivery times. COD1* add $ 6-No Personal Company checks. Cotl for all other shipping information. All advertised prices are CASH prices. Visa Master Card same as cash; Discover add 1% RETURN POLICY Coll Customer Service at (310) 767-4520 for return authorisation. All returns wilhoui authorisation number (RMA») will be refused. Relu ned products must bo In original condition and packaging and must be sont back within 30 days of our Invoice date. No refunds, please. Detoctlve product exchanges only. We make no guarantees lor produel performance. Exchanges wllh unlike products are at our option and sub|ocl la a 20% re-slocklng lee, CONDITIONS: Prlcei and availability ot product oro subject to change wilhoui notice. MAIl-IN ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check lor fastest service. Personal chocks» 10 days lo clear. Include: Name. Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes, please) If ordering by credit card include expiration dale and billing address. Call lor exaci shipping rafei. INTERNATIONAL TOIL FREE ORDERING POUCtESiFor Canada. FPO, APO - Minimum order 550. All other countries: minimum ardor $ 100 For VISA and Master Card orders you must FAX or mail a signed photocopy ol your credit card • front and back. Please have your credit card number ready before calling. 13RlCE GUARANTEE u,5 Only, Applies to all merchandise advertised by oil authorized Amiga dealers except merchandise on safe and out-ol>siock. We will give you our "delivered" price tower Ihon the other authorized AMIGA dealer's "delivered’ price. VIDEO The Demo Reel A good demo reel can make the difference between getting work and not getting work. By Geoffrey Williams TO ATTRACT PAYING clients to your video business, you need a way to promote vour abilities. The best way to do * this promotion is via a demo reel that shows off your work. As a producer, I've looked at a lot of reels, and I know that most do not represent the artists or their work very well. With a little knowledge, though, you can turn your demo reel into a powerful sales took You'll need onlv a few basics besides whatever software you use to create your graphics or animation. If you don’t already do titling, make sure you have a professional-quality character generator with antialiasing capabilities, such as Montage or Broadcast Titler 2 (both by InnoVision Technologies), or that of the Video Toaster. Any animation you do must play smoothly at full speed. Because low-resolution animation is no longer acceptable, something like DCTV = Digital Creations) or an AGA-model Amiga is a must to get full color playback. And if your system is not fast enough, you’ll need to buy DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder or single-frame record your animations (usually at an outside facility unless you can afford the equipment). You should also have some way to sequence your presentation. There are several sequencing programs available for the Video Toaster, such as ToasterVision (Byrd's Eye Software), or you can use a multimedia program such as Commodore’s AmigaYision or Scala’s MM300. The First Step Before you decide what to include in the demo reel, think about who is going to see it and what type of services they might require. If you want to specialize in a specific area, say the fast-growing area of 3-D animation for the courtroom, then include only examples having to do with the subject in this case, accident or crime reenactments. If you want to target a more general market, you will need a wider variety of examples. In this case you could create a nice tide for each section (sections might include 2-D animation, 3-D animation, graphic stills, digital retouching, compositing, rotoscoping, and morphing) and show the best examples you can. As to length, make your video not a second longer than you need to show the potential client what you can do. If it takes ten minutes to show off your range, fine, but if you can do it in under five minutes that’s better. Most of us put off creating a demo reel because our older work is not as good as the newer, and we don’t have enough of the new stuff yet. True, your latest work may be your best, and you may have put the most time into it, but most clients won’t be able to afford your most complex, time-consuming work. That’s why it is important to have a wide range of styles including your lower cost and your most dazzling (and most expensive) work. Some of your simpler work may be exactly what the client wants and can afford. This is not to say that you should dump everything you've ever done to tape. The most common problem I’ve seen is die failure of the artist to realize that a demo reel is an advertisement, not an art gallery. No one cares that you’ve drawn a lot of pictures or created a lot of animations. They want to see the range of what you can do, with as much variety as possible. You must be selective, and make each example represent something unique. You don’t need to show even1 j chrome 3-D flying logo you have done. If you have several unique and different flying logos, go ahead and show them, but resist the temptation to use similar ones just to show off how many clients you’ve had. You are better off having a client list scroll up the screen in the most impressive way you can devise. In fact, a client list is a good idea anyway; it establishes that you have been working, and allows vou to mention clients whose productions are not appropriate for your reel. Each image or animation should highlight something specific about your abilities, and you should make it clear what that something is. If a potential client has no idea how an image was created and what it represents, it is absolutely useless. If it is not obvious how the image was created, add a title or an explanation across the bottom of the screen, or use a voice-over description. Attention Please! Do everything vou can think of to j iJ j hold the viewer’s attention. Make your Continued on p. 70. AIYIW 2-94 800-554-9980 Since 1982 mputAbility Consumer Electronics MODEMS SupraMcdem 2400 External ...$ 59 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus $ 149 Supra FaxModem 144LC External.....S155 Supgra FaxModem V.32 bis External $ 189 Supgra GP Fax Software ...$ 49 SUPRA TURBO Supra Turbo 28 Accelerator A500 A2000 .....Si 45 $ 145 65? Seagate Alt Seagate Drives Include: Universal Installation Manual, AT Rails & Cable Supra corporation ST-251-1 MFM .S239 ST-352A3102A IDE .S11S S165 ST-314AA 3243A IDE .....S165 S19S ST-3390N SCSI ....3385 ST-3209A, 3390A IDE ...S219S29E 5T-9U5A-3550A IDE .....S31SS399 FREE DELIVERY; ST-3655A 3655N ......S579 S589 ST-3550N SCSI S52S ST-1120QM1950N S929-'S1739 ST-42100W42400N SCSI S1389 51679 ST-12550N ....S2249 IDE 7131A 7245A7345A S179 $ 235.5295 IDE 7546A540A- FREE DELIVERYS599‘S71 S SCSI 7245S 7345S .S2551S34S SCSI 54QSL - FREE DELIVERY ..S779 CO.V.VS? & ir if ¦ CFA 170A y 340A IDE ....$ 199 S265 CFA 170S 340S SCSI S209 S305 CP30204 CP30254 IDE .$ 219 $ 265 CFS 420A ..$ 379 CFP 1060S SCSI(FREE DELIVERY) $ 1,049 CP30544 IDE - FREE DELIVERY $ 655 CP30540 SCSI-2 FREE DELIVERY $ 655 CFA 106QS SCSI - FREE DELIVERY $ 939 CP31370 SCSI-2 FREE DELIVERY $ 1,049 Quantum ELS 127 IDE SCSI . $ 195 5199 ELS 170 IDE - SCSI ..$ 199 5205 LP3 270 IDE I SCSI ...$ 265 $ 279 540 IDE I SCSI FREE DELIVERY $ 609 S639 ?D 1050 SCSI FREE DELIVERY .S929 PD 1225 SCSI FREE DELIVERY ___$ 1,049 PD 1600 SCSI FREE DELIVERY. . $ 1,329 EPSON Windows. Act DT LiSir =rr‘er 1M0 512K .. . ¦'CALL Act an Laser Miter 1503 i M3 2MB ...... CALL Stylus 830 Ink Jc ...... CALL Stylus 300 Ink Jet - NEW .... CALL Dot Matrix Printers CALL NEC Silertlwriter M95, 6pc-m PS ......$ 865 M95fx (M95 m FAX) ......$ 1079 Silentwriter Superscript 610 NEW $ 619 Silentwriter 1037 $ 1,349 Superscript 610 ....S609 Prifncrn v v' l i' p2 r * j w r f h Hgh resolution therma' transfer printing Great for p-esentations & overheads .S695 OKJDATA ML320ML321 $ 299 $ 419 590 591 ....$ 419 $ 569 39S395C . 894951.019 810 830* 350 .....$ 895 $ 1,079 $ 849 400e 4i0e $ 499 5649 rv i I f « r i i » NX-2420 Rainbow .$ 255 NX-2430 Black ..$ 205 Star SJ 144 NEW ..5459 NX-2450 NX-2430 ...$ 22$ $ 249 SCANNERS EPSON ActionScanning System PC .....CALL Includes Song Library 1 & 2 FREE! ES-800C Bundle ....CALL ES-800C Professional PC Bundle ....CALL NEC SVGA 14‘ 1024x763 Nl. 23 mm do! $ 305 5FGe, 17*. 28, 1024x768, 7SHz,
- 51.045 NEW Multi Sync: 3V EnergyStar Compliant $ 50 rebate thru 1 31 94 ... .S499 4FGe EnergyS'ar Como ..... .....$ 569 SFGd Oo’ical Surface... $ 1329 DRIVES & BUNDLES HARD DRIVES PRINTERS ¦ MONITORS NEC $ 429 3Xp Persona’ External 3Xi internal 3Xe External..... . ..$ 469 $ 559 FENEL Double Speed CD ROM Drive 3028 Internal 15028 External $ 295'$ 399 TOSHIBA 3401B Double Speed Int.l I Ex! 5355 5459 ASIMWARE CD Driver M 1 R A C L E [•!¦»- III ! • . I . . R . "4tilL-LIU J.~ PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE I Ailad-n 40 ..249.95 ' . Ami Back 2.0 44.95 Ami Back Toos - . 42 95 AMOS ..29.95 AMOS 3D ..29 95 AMOS PRO ...39 95 Arexx 27 95 Arexx Cookbook ...32.95 ArtExpression .....148,95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 ...147.95 ASDG An Dept Pro Conv. Pack....47.95 ASIM CDR Fle System .48 95 BAD 4.0 ....29 95 Can Do 2.0 .114.95 Ceil Pro 53 95 CNET3.0 11795 Copyist DTP ..197.95 Cross DOS 5.0 Plus ...32 95 CygnusEd Pro 2.0 ......63 95 De uxe Must» .....77.95 Deluxe Print II .....56 95 Design Worxs 71 95 Kiai Directory Opus 4.0 . ..56.95 Disk Master II ..... .... 34 95 Distant Suns Version 4.1 .... ... 3795 Dos 2 Dos ...... .....30.95 DynaCad 2 ...... ......309 95 Easy AMOS . 29 95 Final Copy II .. ..77.95 Final Writer .. 99 95 f si Fractal Pro . ......104 95 GigaMEM .. .87.95 w GP FAX .....67 95 HyperCache Pro 1 0 ...... ......3195 Humanc» J for Imagine ......139 95 Humanoid !cr Lghtwave ......139 95 ImageMasler RT . ......147 95 Maxi Plan 4 0 .... ......115 95 Midi Recording Studio .41.95 MiGraph OCR Jr .....108.95 Multiframe ...69.95 One Stop Music Sncp 619-95 PeoeSene'3 ...... . 55 95 Pace Sheam V 2 2...... . . 159 95 Pelican Press . 53.95 Peqqer ..... ..64.95 Phaser 49.95 Playmation 324 95 Pro Wrfe 3 3 . ....52.95 Professional Calc 2.0 . 4te,95 Professional Draw 3 0 . .....109.95 Professional Page 4.0 .. .....144,95 Professional Page Draw 4.0 Bun J234.95 Proper Grammar If .... . . 44 95 Publishers Pack . 207 95 Quarterback 5 0 ..... 41 95 Quarterback Tools ..... 46 95 Quarte’bac Tools Deluxe. ...... 73 95 Pexx Pius Compiler .... 123 95 Roc Kev ...... 249 06 SAS'C Development System 6 0 239.95 Saxon Publisher 227.95 Saxon Script Pro ......72.95 Super GEN S* . 649.95 Super JAM! . ..... 77 95 T-RexPro ...... . 127 95 Tger Cub .. . 54 95 TransWnte 47 95 TruePrinf‘24 52 95 Turbo Pr-nt . .72 95 Type Smith .....114 95 TV Pa n 2.0 Pro ..... ...339 95
V. dero Music Be* .... ... 55.95 WaveWriter .... Wshe’l 2.0 ...... Your Family Tree .. .44.95 DESKTOP SOFTWARE
P. O. Box 17882 * Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217 No Surcharge on Credit Cards.
• Most Orders Shipped within 4X Hours.
• Software Shipping only $ 5 per order, not per title. Hardware: 5% - Min. $ 5.
• C.O.I) orders w elcome, with only a $ 6.00 Charge. ¦ We Ship Latest Version Animation Workshop ......
51. 95 ASIMVTR ..... 52 95 Bread and Butter Fonts..... 58 95 ERILLIANCE ..... 127 95 Broadcast Fonl Packs . 97 95 Broadcast Fonls 3D.LJTEWAVE
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86. 95 Broadcast Fonts 3D IMAGINE
82. 95 Broadcast Titter li .169 95 Broadcast Trer II Foot Enhance
- ..97.95 Broadcast Tver II Super hRes. .28395 Caligari 24 (Reg 2MB) ...... .244 95 Caiagari Broadcast 3.0 ...... 479 95 CeliPro .... 53 95 CineMcrph ..... 5595 Cinnamon Toast Fonts each 53 95 Cycteman 34 95 Deluxe Paint 4.1 .. . 104 95 Deluxe Pain: AGA ...... .11495 Disney Animation Studio .. . .42 95 Essence for Imagine . .....46.95 Firecracker 825 95 Fi-st Pnze Toasted Fonts Pro. 107.95 Fori Ftyef 52 95 Fractal Pro 104 95 Image Master 2 0 . .127.95 Imagine 2.0 .. .229.95 imagine 3D Objects Vet II . .....37.95 Imagine Humanoid .. .134.95 j -r .... Imagine Master Pak i ...... ...127.95 Lightwave Font Pak 1-3 each_ ...187.95 UghtWwave Vaster Pak 1-3 each.74.95 LjghlWave Masterpiece 3D fonts. .54.95 LightWave Motion Man .... ..104 95 LighlWave ProPak , 229 95 Kara Fonts .. CALL Kara Toaster Fcn:s .... . 53 95 Kitchen Sync Genlock Option,. ..134 55 Map Master - Lightwave .... ....53.55 Montage .. ..328.95 Morph Plus ...... ..154 95 Personal Animation (Free Defv 1559 95 Pe’scnal TBC III .... CALL Pesonal TBC IV (Free DeM) 829 95 Personal V Scope (Delivered) 754 Pixel 3D Pro ... .11795 Pro Fiils Vol 1 or 2 ...29.95 Pro Video CG II ...... ... 99.95 Pro Video Fonls ...... CALL Pro Video Gold . 96 95 Real 3D 2.0 .. . 377,95 Real 3D Classic 84 95 Real 3D Pro ...... 394 95 Retina >2 Meg .....499 Retina 4Meg .... . . 575 RocGen Plus 195 RocGen Plus'RocKey Combo.. ......409 RocKey . .....215 Sea’s Mjfijmeda 210 . .279.95 Seals Video Studio . .167 95 Scenery Animator ... ...5295 SMPTE Output ... .,147 95 Toaster Toolkit .12895 ToasterVision ...... 119 95 Transporter An matron Ccntr... .129 55 Trexx Professional .. . 137 95 TV PainlVisiona .... .1397 95 Vista Pro . .....57 55 L __I DESKTOP HARDWARE Personal Animation (Free Delv).. .1649 Personal TEC III ...CALL Pesonal TEC IV iFree Delv!) ... 829 Personal V Scope (Delivered) ..754 Pixel 3D Pro .117 95 B Retina 2Meg 499 Retina 4Meg ......575 RocGer, Plus ...195 RocGen PlusRocKey Combo 409 flocKey. - ..215
• One of W isconsin's Top IO Women Owned Businesses.
* Corporate, Government & School Pos Welcome. AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC DEALER: FutureVideo SONY y VIDEONICS Canon KODAK JVC Panasonic TOSHIBA MINOLTA RDGBGDGD Personal A: corn pan) checks allow 14 working days io clear. Prices fluctuate beyond our control & may change Ini belter nr worse. Not responsible for typographical errors. Defective returns must have a Return Authorisation number Call our 1-800 to obtain a Return Authorization or your return will not he accepted. Shipping & handling are non-rcl'utnfable. All sates are final. All returns are subject to a restocking fee. FREE DELIVERY applies only to the contiguous 4S states. Hours (CST): Weekdays 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm • Tech Info (414) 357-8181 • Fax (414) 357-7814 CUSTOMER SERVICE 1412) 962 0533 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. • 5 p.m. Monday thro Friday INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 FAX ORDERS: 1-412-962-0279 Orders Onlv USA & Canada fr%,ZUSSuPa Free Irolls V- Q it'lTfl '-V: * PINBALL DREAMS t«MfPrW«u» QUICK WRITE wcrtPrtctwr DELUXE PAINT III Software included GIFS GALORE 5000 (o’ot iR>c(*i s coj»jhI« COLOR MAGIC $ ! Buv-m .tfuaj»mm05* llk( Kcft. MEGA MEDIA $ IQ00>Audio ond Ottphu 1|V*i lo' MM MULTIMEDIA $ 1700 Aydls, 1000 plilulcl end n eite% SUPER SPACE 1000 (i-«tur« o* end *i«m 5»e » HAS* GUTENBERG PROJECT femowt lileieti wetht end max par* iww-an THIS EXCLUSIVE AMIGAMAN A1200 PACKAGE IS A GREAT HOLIDAY VALUE package Includes an Amiga 1200 computer w powersupoty . Mouse and TV adapter plus these great software titles. Pinball Dreams arcade pinball simulation. Quick W rite word processor and DeluxePaint HL XL DRIVE • HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga • Formats 1.76M3 with i standard HD Disks ? Compatible ¦¦¦BP*" J« for PC Disks ir -• Requires , Work Bench I t-v 7.1 or above @©§a ¦u’flTPOJis
• Ergonomic and Artistic Design
• Well-Structured ball cavity design, giving smooth rolling & orecise control
• Stream-lined buttons give more comfortable clicks Track bad control lor thow whc i never Weed track ball* before 1 = MOUSE • BUTTONS) Red Black Blue • Black Black - Black LADY BUG RED • WHITE BLUE A1230 TURB0+ From GVP 40MHZ 68EC03Q powered acceleration optional A3MH2 FP'J up to 32MB Of 32-Bit RAM 40 0 0 . $ 34 40 40 4 ...... $ 53 A1200 SCSI RAM + from GVP 3-Stage multi-functional muscle power for the Amiga 1200 32-Bit SAW expans on. High speed DMA SCSI interface options fpvj FPU 0 0 $ 3 9 FPU 33 4MB .....$ 469 VWGfUPH >VVlGR4PHi MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER with I * Touch-Up v3. I lAGA compatible) i * OCR Jr. Text reader PROFESSIONAL CALC II Professional business spreadsheet & graph',:* package. Over 125 stab steal trigonometric nnsnaa & user definable functions Graphic PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 Automatic Genie functions automate most routine page layout and OTP tasks. Page Genies automatically create custom page layouts Function Genies provide new ease of use and user customization of program New features include undo button, irregular text wrap enhanced co'.cr separation and under color removal algorithms, auto tiling for output of PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 **“9M An object-oriented color graphic design and illustration tool, now has dynamic hot link to Pro Page 3.0, and mere than 30 autcmaoc function and tool Genies for fast effortless creation of professional-quality artwork. Over 275 Arexx commands allow user to edit or create Genies. Text and color handling enhanced color separation, auto-tiling, undo redo includes 145-piece clip art collection and utility allowing structured drawing t|ps to be converted to IFF bitmaps. Both for a low price of... 13a VIDEO DIRECTOR Complete system fcr qu ck I easy editing of video-tape rtubes software. Un,versa! Remote. And serial ::t interface fcr iCR cr camcorder 24 Bit Realtime Video Digitizer AGA Support Digitizes Full Frame in 1 30 of a second New External for 500, 600,1200 MUUriLAY Requires Art Department Professional or MorphPius & Arexx Am.gaDos 2 M c Multilayer for ADPro is a compositing ' interface for video professionals I aru ASDG s ADPro program as a composltli improves ADPro s impressive array of positing functions. Control up to 100 Standard Particle and Real world Kinematic animation System foe UqhtWave3D 30 Power Tools Wt .554 FINAL COPY 11 Performance Tools Kit .554 SUPERJAM! Create atcorrpa- .¦ ume b rue “ate cr the art in Air,, ga 24 hit paint packages The many features cf TV Paint 2 0 nciude image Manipulation. Cra.vng’oos. idling 'cds. I Emboss Sha’cer [ sei ef, Cun re re much, muth mere Get Pagestream 2.21 receive version 3.0 fr It’s released! Page Amiga World's Expen and Amazing Amic Choice. PageStre; even load ProPage d and It's AGA o lYU ART EXPI
- Create bitmap and outline fonts for all vour r n programs! 1jm§k Wk convert and WC Ji edit! Create compv scale. Wend 2 ot ana line st Locxs umocks Rotates ob;ect 9-9 Weekdays 10*8 Saturday 12 to 5 on Sunday Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 0i> faMUSIC-X ZO CEARWORKS P SCALA MM 210 IOXA High speed 68030 Accelerator Revoiutfflnary new plug i play multi- meda system Combine sss’crik. .:;eo V:- or CdfY sound. Over 80sn»:-tn6 prcfes.icn-3: transitions MUSIC-X 2.0 Has all the features of the original verson with the addron of new module Derlsm- to remove the grace notes £ firm crushes that may occur wf ie recording the sequence, An improved Quantize module. Pnrt Eventtrct-prints 1st of sequences for editing, plus more' includes NO TATOT-X Gear WorksfW is the most unique puzzle game to hit the market in years. In Gear Works™, you will connect'various gears together in order to transform Twelve Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World into lime pieces. You buHd the inner mechanisms by linking together pears while racing ao3insi time aid lighting friction. Watch out for Ihe Pollirs. Iwo gremltn-like creatures, that will frustrate your progress. W 32 Bit RAM Board up to 128 MB RAM, Matll Chip Option, 50 Mhz 68030lw MMUR*altli! SJPfT; 50 0 0 50 50 Z 68EC030 $ 299 40 33 0 $ 399 Olfter 40 0 0 configurations available MBX 12002 MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE RAM And REAL TIME CLOCK FOR THE NEW AMIGA 1200 FPU. 32 - Bit Memory.w Clock, Calendar & Sat. for the -1200 14MHZ 68881 25MHZ 68882 50MHZ 68882 MORE COLORFUL « High resolution thermal transfer color printing.
• Prlmera’s color Is Brighter, richer, sharper and more vibrant than other color printing technologies. MORE EFFICIENT
• Prints up to four times faster than inkjet'
• Requires no drying time, unlike mk let Eliminates wrinkling and smearing
• Easy to use with anty two buttons: On Off and On line. SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOURSELF SAMPLE PstiNT- $ 5 (refunded on purchase) Send your Picture on an Amiga Disk & we return to you a print of your picture. SEND TO: PRIMERA OFFER- C 0 Computer Basics inc. 1490 N He*mitage Rd Hermitage, pa 16148 0g00 !l FB0M u MjcroBoticsJnc FASTEST MODEM ON THE AMIGA TWO models: Amiga internal and RS-232 External with metal case and power internal Modem 19 works in A2000. A30Q0 and A4000, Frees user from dependence on the native Amiga serial port * , External Modem 19 works with any serial port computer. 9 1869 S38 MICRO MACHINES S34 A320 AIRBUS $ 44 MORPH AGA 537 ALIENS 3 $ 34 NASCAR CHALLENGE 521 ALIEN BREED 2 $ 34 NIGEL MANSa 538 ALIEN BREED 2 AGA $ 37 NIPPON 5AFES INC. 538 A1RBUCKS $ 41 NICKY 2 537 ALFRED CHICKEN 533 NODDYS BIG ADVENTURE 532 ARABIAN NIGHTS 531 OSCAR AGA $ 34 ASHES OF THE EMPIRE 524 OVERDRIVE S39 A-TRAIN WCONST. SET $ 44 OVERKILL $ 26 B-17 Flying Fortress 540 OUT OF THIS WORLD S37 BATTLE ISLE 93 $ 39 THE PATRICIAN 541 BEAST LORD S26 PINBALL DREAMS $ 25 BIRDS OF PREY $ 37 PINBALL FANTASIES $ 31 BLADE OF DESTINY 548 POOL S34 BLOB 533 PROJECT X $ 18 BOB S BAD DAY 534 OWAK SI9 BODYBLOW5 534 RAILROAD TYCOON S37 BODYBLOWS GALACTIC 534 REACH FOR THE SKIES 534 BODYBLOWS GALACTIC AGA 537 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 2 $ 44 CARDIAXXS $ 16 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 2 $ 38 CHAOS ENGINE $ 34 SENSIBLE SOCCER S39 CIVILIZATION $ 44 SIMANT $ 37 COMBAT AIR PATROL $ 31 SLEEPWALKER $ 44 DARK SEED $ 47 SOCCER KID 538 DEEP CORE $ 33 SPACE HULK $ 38 DESERT STRIKE $ 34 SPACE LEGENDS S39 DIGGERS AGA $ 44 SUPERFROG S34 DOGFIGHT $ 44 STRIP POKER 3 S31 DUNE 2 $ 36 STRIP POKER 3 DATA $ 16 FALCON $ 19 SYNDICATE 538 FALCON w MISSION 1&2 $ 19 THEATRE OF DEATH S37 FI 7 CHALLENGE $ 19 TOM LANDRY STRATEGY FOOTBALL $ 31 FIGHTER DUEL PRO 537 TRIPLE ACTION 2 521 FLASHBACK $ 36 TRIPLE ACTION 3 521 FRONTIER ft LITE 2 537 TRIFLE ACTION 4 S2I GLOBAL GLADIATORS $ 39 TRIPLE ACTON ?5 521 GOAL (SOCCER) 537 TOO HOT TO HANDLE S25 GUNSHIP 2000 542 TRODDLERS 539 HARRIER ASSAULT $ 44 TROLLS $ 34 HIRED GUNS 540 UrfDIUM 2 $ 34 HISTORY LINE (1914-1918) 544 WALKER $ 28 ISHAR 2 $ 38 WAR IN THE GULF $ 31 ISHAR 2 AGA 537 WHALES VOYAGE $ 38 JAMES POND 2 $ 31 WHERE IS CARMEN SANDIEGO-T1ME $ 31 KUDSRULEOK! 520 WHERE 15 CARMEN SANDIEGO-USA S3I LEGEND OF KYRANDIA S38 WHERE IS CARMEN SANDiEGO-WORU) $ 15 LEMMINGS $ 29 WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR S44 LEMMINGS 2 537 WONDER DOG 534 LORDS OF TIME 519 WOODYS WORLD 539 LORDS OF POWER $ 44 WORLDS OF LEGEND S32 THE LOST VIKINGS $ 36 WORLD CIRCUIT GRAND PRIX S37 MEAN ARENAS $ 34 YO JOE 533 MEGA FORTRESS $ 44 ZOOL 534 MAIN BOARD HSJG®7Ss>&] @®@a ¦«9 - Sk * mm* 24 Bit Graphic Card for A1200 " Video Processor Plug this card into the Main Board and add a wealth of additional features: a 24-Bit framegrabber genii customizaoie Digital Video Effects, and much more. Single Bay open Of dosed front sgg Upright Case for single 3.5HD siog Dual Bay for 2 half height HD’s 5149 Four Bay open front = not shown! *259 Video Suite §§§1 A19 men, rack-mounts Die, vldec audlo mixing, switching and transcoding device which connects directly to the Video Frocesso' IDE CASE install Your Favorite IDE 3 5 HARD DRIVE induces All cables and Connections ji icaiuita. A mocker. »f®Si FMSTLANE CALIGARI BROADCAST up to 8000 x 8000 pixel resolution Direct support for single frame controllers. 3D Studio and Wavefront Fie comp3tlPle. Anlmatabfe, Deformations iff 24 output, and
* much more. 92ii CALIGARI 24 Modeler, renaerer, ana animator employing virtual reality technology. Full object editing functions Including point edit, real-time feedback using 3 virtual reality Inter-face, fast rendering of photorealistic images. AGA. IFF support for textures and output. Mm UptO 256Mb RAM MONITORS MULTI-SCAN 15-40 KHZ 1024 X 768 Res. IDEAL FOR VIDEO! If-*979 21 "-$ 1545 textures 131® ALL SHIRTS ARE 50% COTTON. 50% POLYESTER AMIGA T-SHIRTS MAILING ADDRESS: COMPUTER BASICS, INC. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd„ Hermitage, PA 16148 FAX: 1-412-962-0279 Get YoerOxder ERST! AMIGA POLO SHIRT White Sports Shirt for Casual Wear Bouncing Ball and Shark Logo. Sizes:
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* You've come a long way saby Buck T- Shirts heavyweight Design on FRONT f*lT Amiga logo on back Sizes: m.xl No additional charge for FedEx" [ For what others charge for UPS Ground we deliver In 2 days or less. Shipping - NORMALLY WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY!
* §® international Orders mot APO. FPQ.i Send copy or fax of front $ back of Charge Card w signarure. Call or FAX for shipping quote. Cod oraers ok Aaa is Prices subject to change without notice. Returns accepted for to aays after date of purcnase Call Customer service for RA» before returning. Defectives replaced with same item. 15% Restocking fee for items returned ana not exchanged for same. Customer responsible for return snipping UPS GROUND OR 2 DAY SHIPPING BY FedEx SO TO $ 99 ___7% Minimum S5 $ 99 TO $ 199 .....5% Minimum $ 7 $ 200 TO $ 499 ___4% Minimum $ 10 5500 TO $ 799_ ..3% Minimum $ 20 $ 800 _15% Minimum $ 24 FedEx Overnight add $ 6 to above pr. Hi. Ak aac $ 10 to above apo, fpo & Canada are shipped ov Man add $ 8 to above n§ AMIGA HATS AMIGA RED QR BLUE AMIGA MOUSE MAT
* fcr orcers under 100s. In the continental US. Ail orders fully insured Monitors, computers, printers ana other heavy Items may inctr additional thargeL.ca! For shipping quote. From j). 66. Titles attractive and keep their style consistent and visually appealing. Use interesting and well-chosen transitions (but don’t get carried away with too many!). Finally, keep the pace fast moving. If you are showing a sequence of still images, don’t keep them on screen longer than two to three seconds. That gives the viewer plenty of time to evaluate the image; longer displays become annoying, no matter how pretty the image is. Remember: The tape can always be rewound for a second look. Along the same lines, don't repeat animation sequences. Once is enough, no matter bow short the sequence. If you want to include pieces longer than a minute, put them at the end of the tape with a special title noting the length (so viewers know what to expect). Long sequences early in the tape slow the whole presentation. One of the best demo reels I’ve seen is from a company called Flying Logos. The voice-over consists of a Flying Logos representative and a client discussing a project. The client keeps naming different types of logo effects, and as the rep responds that "yes, we can do that,” we see the effect on screen. The client keeps asking for wilder and more elaborate effects, and we see each one as the tempt) builds. Finally, die client asks for one final big effect, and the rep, deflated, responds “Uh, no, we can’t do that.” The presentation is funny, fast-paced, has a narrative structure, and shows exactly what the company can do. Best of all, the tape made Flying Logos lots of money. While you do not need an overall plot, the entire demo reel should look like a complete presentation not a hastily assembled collection of images. Imagine the type of professional and artistically complete presentation you would want if you paid someone to do this for you. Sound Advice Music is very important, hut there are two major pitfalls. The first you might not think about unless you have bad to sit down and watch a lot of demo reels: Avoid slow music. I can’t tell von bow many times I’ve almost fallen j asleep watching a reel, lulled by soft, lilting music. Keep the soundtrack upbeat, fast-paced, and exciting. Use sound that would keep your attention when you are already tired, which is often the state people are in by the time they get the chance to look at your reel. The second pitfall can he easily avoided by following this simple rule: Don’t steal commercially recorded music. There is plenty of production music available that you can use legally. Most video magazines list companies that sell “buy out” music, which gives you a perpetual license to use the material in your videos. I won’t hire an artist who uses copyrighted music because it makes me worry about what else they might steal. Copyrighted material should not “Make your video not a second longer than you need to show the potential client what you can do." Wmmi HI appear in your reel in music or anywhere else. If vour imagery uses z ci j scanned photos, either make them completely indistinguishable from the original or make sure you have the right to use them. While there are many examples of things you should not use, be forewarned that die owners of the copyrights to Disney characters and everything from Star Wars and Star Trek have teams of lawyers that do nothing but sue people who infringe on their copyrights (Disney even went after a nursery school). One reel I looked at recently included the opening credits from a popular TV show. It lacked a copy* right notice or evidence that it was used with permission, so I became suspicious. The artist had merely intended to show that he could do tilling in that style, but it was misrep- resentaiional, and it infringed on a copyright as well. His chances of getting hired via that reel are very low. If you actually have created things for television or video, get permission to use them and include die copyright and “used with permission” information in vour reel. J This also brings up proper crediting. I know someone who worked on part of a project, but put the entire thing on his reel, thus intimating that it was all his work, l ie got caught and was fired because of it. Let this be a lesson: If you did only part of something, indicate with text or voice-over exactly what your contribution was. Finishing Touches Once you have decided on all the pieces, you must assemble them onto tape. While you will not be getting paid to produce your own demo reel, this is no excuse to skimp. The tape should represent the best you can do, so use the best quality tape format you can. This may mean renting a studio, but doing so is worth the investment. And don’t run off copies on your home machines; go to a professional duplicator that will make the best duplicates possible. Besides having an informational tide screen at the beginning and end of your tape, you should attach a label to the cassette that includes vour com- pany name, a contact name (usually vou), phone number, and address. If you are mailing it out, include a singlepage cover letter explaining what type of work you are looking for and a brief summary of your experience. II you'll be making presentations to prospective clients in person, a good investment is a portable IV with a built-in VCR. These have gone wav
o J down in price, and offer fairly good image quality. A real benefit is that you can adjust them ahead of time to make sure that your graphics look the way vou want them to. On many occasions,
* I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by how had my video looked when played on the client’s antiquated, badlv- adjusted equipment. While you’re preparing your demo reel, keep in mind that it can make the difference between working and not working. The care and attention you give to creating it is one ol the best
o r> investments you can make. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is director oj Creative Business Presentations and a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. We Ship WorldwideI I iSJiiU f NEW SUPERSTORE! 650 Sixth Ave (Corner 20th St) New York, N.Y 10 011 INFO: (212) 633-2290 OPEN 9-6, FRI. 9-1:30, SUN. 10-5 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY (212) 633*7718 _ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPAN0L “Vour Video Toaster - Commodore Amiga Headquarters' NEUI! Epson ES60QC 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.95 ESBCOC ( Saw 58s KITCHEN SYNC Two Channel TBC $ 1179.9B Ask abput mbo aisct COMPLETE TOASTER 4000 WORKSTATIONS ON SALE NOW! | A4000 040-25 120 Meg HD A4000 030-25 120 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 10 Meg Ram Memory Set-Up & Install * good 3995 our scount! Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 14 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install cot UfOUJ! Epson ES500C* 24 Bit Color Scanner *. $ 549.951117 Flat Bed 16 Million Color Cditizer Tiue AB f3ol* Multi FamofEdlor Toaster Ccnltol* DPS 1BC Control LOUJCSTII vfree cables!! Free cables!! GOLDEN GATE 486SL 25mhz $ 789.9! 386SX $ 404.95 .Guaranteed Lowest!, ONC STOP MUSIC SHOP $ 559.95 1084S Moniiff.*
* 4795
* 5395 GREAT 4495 A4000 030-25 240 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install This system has more storage & memory for more involved applications A4000 040-25 560 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install Gel a 1084s Monitor for only $ 149.95 w Svstemf! M_ The best of all available resources! Further additions are possible. Please call to Discuss. 3D ANIMATOR'S DREAM SYSTEM! N . Fluthorlzecl Hmigci Service Center Brmq or moil m uour eouipment for in & out ornarrontu ujork. Foctoru troined technicjans. Software Software N-wT-k Final Copy 2.0 69.95 Pagestream 2.2 (3.0) 164.95 Art Dept Pro V2.3 148.95 SAS Lattrce C. V6.0 224.95 Caligari 24 234.95 Amax tl Plus 319.95 Daskjet 550c Driver 39.95 imagine 2.0 Real 3D V2.0 Pixel 3D Pro Imagemaster Morph Plus Playmation Interchange Plus Montage Trexx Pro 2.0 Montage 24 ProPage V4.0 Amiback 2.0 39.95 Amiback Tools 49.95 Brilliance 139.95 Image F X 1.5 224.95 Disney Animation 69.95 Gigamem CALL Ataddin 4D CALL Art Expression 139.95 Excellence 3.0 79.95 Hotlinks Editions 74.95 Morphus Call Vistapro 3.0 59.95 Dpaint 4.1 AGA 119.95 Dr. T s Level It KCS 229.95 Directory Opus 4.0 59.95 Wavemaker CALL Deluxe Music 2.0 94.95 Gold Disk Olfice 79.95 Procalc II 119.95 Distant Suns CALL Anim Workshop II CALL Pixel 3D PRO 11 CALL Toaster 4000I NOW ALSO IN PAL! 1869! '8§Mi
199. 95
379. 95
79. 95
118. 95
139. 95
344. 95
59. 95 ®e,n0uHli *50 Int Drive 1??Bernoulli* 150 Ext Drive 264_9o syquest 88 Meg int Drive Syquest 88 Meg Carts Syquest Cleaning Kit Ext Chassis.& Power Supply West Dig 212 Meg Scsi 240 Meg Scsi West Dig 340 Meg ide Fujitsu 425 Meg Scsi It Fujitsu 520 Meg Scsi II West Dig 420 ide Quantum 105 Meg Scsi Maxtor 120 Meg Scsi Quantum 240 Meg Scsi Maxtor 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi Seagate ST3600a Pana Mag Opt Drives 60 MEG 2.5'IDE 120 MEG 2.5" IDE 200 MEG 2.5" IDE Exca ibur R4000 Rccelerator $ Rom Expander- CRU! CALL CALL
339. 95
99. 95
24. 95
89. 95
299. 95
289. 95
339. 95
729. 95
899. 95
449. 95
219. 95
289. 95
289. 95
1249. 95
989. 95
1699. 95
2999. 95 CALL CALL SYNC STRAINER Y C Plus (Toaster) Trimedia Drawing Tablets Boca Ext. 14.4 Fax Modem Wavetools 16 bit sampler Microbotics Mbx 1200 25 Microbotics Mbx 1230 25 Microbotics Mbx 1230 50 Wacom Tablets (all) Fastlane Z3 Scsi IJ RAM Optical Mouse Multiface III One Stop Music Shop Mac Roms F Amax II Plus AD 516 w Studio 16 AD 1012 W Studio 16 Triple Play Plus I DKB Megachip 2000 OKB 3128 Ram BD DKB 1202 16 mhz Mem BD
54. 95
749. 95 CALL
179. 95 CAII
199. 95
299. 95
339. 95 Calf
529. 95
48. 95
89. 95
564. 95
124. 95
1179. 95 CALL
164. 95
194. 95 CAII
139. 95 Seeing is Believing j Due to ad production sched- j ules, our prices may actually be lower than advertised! Monitors Print c rs TBC s & Genlocks Commodore 1942 354.95 Commodore 1084s 194.95 IDEK 5017 sp 929.95 IDEK 5017 Ip 929.95 IDEK 5021 CALL NEC MS 3FG 4FG Calf Canon BJC 600 Photo Color! 589.95! FARGO PRIMERA 799.95 Dye-Sub lor FARGO 189.95 Personal TBC 111 DPS TBC 230 DPS Pers Vscope Hotronics A P 41 Hotronics AP 41 SF The Personal SFC GVP G-Lock Supergen SX
689. 95
1479. 95
699. 95
889. 95
1199. 95
339. 95
394. 95 CALL pm Board tfbw Only Need Help Deciding? C II one ol our experis far assistance. We know ihe equipment because we use it! Prime Image Std Con CALL DIGI1AL «wotss.«o svsn*n me I Fujitsu Technology
2. 5 Gigabyte SCSI Perfect for hard disk audio recording, Wdeo animation and lot5 more! Requires etiernoi double chassis ot$ 139.95 Sunrize Industries AD 516 (PIG AUDIO) $ 1179.95 a m (12 bin $ cm Al tory or AD 5M $ CAI1 m m memos Will not be undersoTd! Call if you need a price beat $ 1599.95! Syndicate Body Blows Hired Guns Alien Breed II Walker
34. 95
29. 95
32. 95
31. 95
29. 95
* * Peis IBCIV 799.95 iPerstoimRec $ 1584.95 iPers Comp Mapi 449.95 Tristate fs a fvll service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video and Editing A500 HD8+Q 120-II 379.95 Authorized Dealer We GUARANTEE lowest prices!! Combo 040-33mhz 4 0 999,99 GVP I O Extender 129.95 A4000-40mh2 040 CALL TBC Plus CALL TBC Plus Remote CALL Simm32 imb 64.95 Simm32 4mb CALL Simm32 16mb CALL 030-40mhz 4 0 565.95 030-40mhz 4 120 699.95 030-40mhz 4 240 819.95 DSS8 + Sound Studio 88.95 A530 Turbo 40 mhz 170 595.95 030 HD Ml Kit CALL A1200 Scsi. 0k, No FPU 244.95 24 Bit Display Editor Headquarters I Enhancement: A1200 Scsi, 4M 33 mhz 469.95' A1200 EXT SCSI CALL A1230 no FPU.Ok 399 95 A1230 W FPU.4M 544.95 Phone Pak VFX 289.95 A4008 SCSI 149.95 Image F X 1.5 219.95 G-Lock Genlock 379.95 IV-24 24 bit Graphics CALL We also carry a full line of Cameras, IBM Computers and related Multimedia, Faxes Darkroom, Video and More . Available. IS Day Money back guarantee. All Merchandise brand nevy factory fresh. Custom Configurations our specialty. Ie without notice. Not responsible for tvDoaraohical errors. CI P A B Roll Cl Cuts Only CALL CALL NEWTEK Authorized Dealer Macrosystems Dealer V-LAB 24 BIT VLAB Int Comp VLAB Int Y C VLAB External
379. 95
439. 95 CALL "J Retina 2 MB 489.95 Retina 4 MB 549.95 Retina 4 MB w TV PAINT 699.95 Retina Z3 CALL Piccolo CALL EGS Spectrum 1 meg 465.00 EGS Spectrum 2 meg 539.95 EGS Spectrum 110 CALL TV Paint Stand Alone CALL Picasso 1 meg 424.95 Picasso 2 meq CALL Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! 3D Professional Section Essence Vol I. II CALL LightRave
389. 95 Ethernet Solutions CALL Tapeworm
84. 95 Parnet
44. 95 Procontrol
119. 95 Dynamic Motion CALL ADP Tools Pro
119. 95 Imagemaster R T
159. 95 Humanoid
129. 95 The Cathedral
59. 95 Exotic Cars LW
43. 95 The Jurassic Collection CALL Multiframe
119. 95 Software GAMES GALORE!!!! Alien Breed Special Ed ..16.00 Alien Breed 2 .....35.99 Aliens 3 ......32.00 Battle Isle '93 .....31.99 Blob ..32.99 Bob’s Bad Day ...31.99 Body Blows Galactic .....36.00 Brutal Sports Football ...32.00 Burning Rubber .31.99 Campaign Mission Disk 21.99 Cannon Fodder ..34.99 Civilization ..45.99 Combat Air Patrol ..32.99 Dune II 36.00 Cs Commodore® AMIGA A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A2065 Ethernet 289.00 CD 32 ..385.00 DOS 2.1 79.00 DOS 2.04 to 2.1 .....45.00 DOS 2620 2630 Upgrade..35.00 Janus 2.1 .....35.50 Monitor 1084 .219.00 Monitor 1942 BiScan...369.00 Mouse. 2-Button ....45.00 Mouse. 3-Button ....53.00 SCSI Controller 4091 Call COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 040 COMMODORE'S FASTEST AGA machine with an '040 accelerator board. FAST 120MB harddrive. 6 megs of RAM including 2 megs CHIP RAM, high density floppy. Perfect for Toaster 4000. Call lor pricing. Also available! Amiga 1200 .Call F117A ..... ...38.99 Fighter Duel w Flight ...36.99 Fighter Duel Pro II .... ...38.99 Fury of the Furries .... ...33.99 Global Domination .... ...36.99 Gunship 2000 ...42.99 Hired Guns .... ...36.99 Krusty’s Funhouse .... ...31.99 Lemmings II .. ...36.99 Lords of Power .. ...38.99 MicroMachines .. ...33.00 Mortal Kombat ... ...26.99 Pinball Fantasies ...32.99 Prime Mover .. ....31.99 Realms of Arkania .... ,,..36.99 Rules Engagement II ...46,99 Sim Life .. ....40.00 Space Legends .. . ...38.99 Syndicate ...33.99 Tom Landry Football Dlx . ...32.99 Uridium II ...... ....31.99 Zoo! 2 ..... ...32.99 Alien Breed 2 AGA 35.99 Body Blows Galactic AGA....36.99 Chaos Engine AGA .35.00 Civilization AGA .39.99 Ishar II AGA 32.99 Jurassic Park AGA .34.99 Nigel Mansell AGA .34,99 Oscar AGA ..31.99 Pinball Fantasies AGA ...36 00 Robocod: James Pond 2 AGA..32.00 SimLife AGA ......40.00 Transarctica AGA ...36.99 Trolls AGA ..31.99 Whale's Voyage AGA ....33.99 Zoo! AGA ....38.99 ; Micro R. & D. ) Clock. 1201 A.M 26.00 Fontasia 300 Outline tonts tor use with WB Disk box included 59.00 MIDI Cable 10.00 MIDI Interface 40.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GP FAX and FREE 6-month Safe Harbor BBS membership! 269.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button Works with OpalVision! 29.00 Power Supply 2000 (300 watts) 149.00 Power Supply 500 (200 watts) 89.00 X-Calibur Memory Brd ..739.00 BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga 1200 Mext Step ....24.00 Amiga 1200 Insider's Guide ..26.00 Mapping the Amiga Vol 2 22.99 Mastering AMOS .29.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx .27.00 Mastering Amiga Beginners ..24.00 Mastering Amiga C ..27.00 Mastering Amiga DOS ....26.99 Mastering Amiga Systems.....36.00 Mastering Toaster 4000 .32.99 VTU Video Prod Guide ......4.50 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Software Software Productivity Utilities 600 Amiga Clip Art 22.00 600 Amiga Fonts ...20.99 Address It! ..30.00 ADPTools Prof .129.00 Aladdin 4D 309.00 AmiBack Plus Tools ......75.00 AMOS Pro .55.00 AMOS Pro Compiler ......39.00 ANIM Workshop 2.0 .....95.00 Art Expression .149.99 Brilliance ...149.00 C Net 3.0 ..130.00 Can Do 2.5 .120.00 CD ROM 3M & TITLES Chinon 535 CD ROM Drp e lnt.415.00 Chinon 535 CD ROM Drive ExL499.00 NEC CD38 Ext ...28900 NEC Triple Speed Int 52900 NEC Triple Speed Ext 639.00 Toshiba CD ROM Drive Int.425.00 3D ROM (3D Models) ..18500 CD Caddy 2-Pack 1599 ASIMCD ROM FS2.0 ..5299 AmiNet ...20.99 Audio 1 ......20.00 Bibles & Religion .19.99 CD ROM FS ..36.99 Clipart Warehouse ..20.00 Color Magic 21.00 Complete Legal Guide ....19.99 Cookbook Heaven ...14.00 Dictionary Languages ....19.99 Elysian Archive ....18.99 Fantazia Fonts ......32.00 Fred Fish Online 1.5 ......45.00 Fred Fish Reg 1.6 45.00 Gardening .....19.99 GIFs Galore ...18.99 Graphics*! ..20.00 Language OS ......27.00 Mega Media 1 ......24.00 MultiMedia CD .....33.00 Our Solar System 19.99 Project Gutenberg ...27.00 SCSl-TVw Adaptor ...160.00 SCSI-TV 570 .....169.00 Space & Astronomy ......19.99 Super Fonts ..18.00 VIDEO TOASTER 3.0 ......51899,00 NewTek INCORPORATED Texture City CD .120.00 Texture Heaven CD .55.99 Tropical Raintorest ..27.00 © Ultimate MOD CD ......22 99 © nns?i ... .....79.00 O ASIMCD ROM FS .... ......52.99 © Frontier Elite II ......35.99 I © AniNet CD . ....20.99 1 © BBS Files Membership.. .....18.00 [ © An Department Pro .. ....139.00 I ©GP FAX Class 2 ...... .....59.00 I Gt' Directory Opus 4.1 .
59. " I Charts & Graphs 3.0 .....59.00 Cocoon Morphing ...59.99 DCTV Animator ..49.00 Deluxe Music II ..85.00 Deluxe Paint fV AGA ...119.00 Devpac 3 ...... 85.00 Diner Object Set 36.99 Directory Opus 4.1 59.99 Edge (text editor) ...62.99 Enlan DFS Network .....185.00 Essence Vo! 2 .....85.00 Final Copy II ......59.99 Final Writer ......129.00 Flight Path ..32.99 GP FAX .59.00 Helm 99.00 HyperCache Pro .32.99 ImageMaster RT 79.99 Interchange Plus 3.0 ..115.00 Invoice It! ......35.00 Jurassic Collection .....115.00 Magic Lantern ...56.99 Mailing List Manager ....47,99 Math Vision .....135.00 MiGraph OCR, Jr ...95.00 Montage ...329.99 Montage 24 .....229.00 MultiFrame .70.00 Odds & Ends .....36.99 On The Ball (Calendar) ..32.00 Online Reference Manual 23.00 Origins .79.00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 Pegger .70.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 Performance Tool Kit ....42.99 Personal Paint AGA ......65.00 Pixel 3D Pro .....119.00 PlaqueGrounds ..59.99 Power Tools ......42.99 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Professional Page 4.0 .120.00 NEW FOR TOASTER 4000 Smart One 14.4 (BEST) 189.00 MaxFAX 14.4 (Micro R&D)..269.00 Supra Modem 2400 (Supra)..75.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 (Supra) ..219,00 SupraFAX Modem 2400+ w Software (Supra) .150.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 LC (Supra) .. 165.00 Receive a FREE Safe Harbor BBS 6-month membership with every 14.4 modem you purchase. Sate Harbor BBS features 16 lines, thousands of Amiga PD files, conferencing, extensive messages, and on-line games. BBS 14.4 Phone Line Toaster Essentials Lightwave 3D Essentials Toaster CG Essentials Envelope Boxes Mapping 3D Lighting Camera Tech. Lightwave 3D Surfaces Buy ail six for $ 220! J .499.00 .575.00 ...18.00 .445.00 .479.00 .210.00 ...55.99 ...26.00 .685.00 .159.00 ...45.00 .845.00 .445.00 ...69.99 .125.00 .465.00 ...99.00 GVPj 1 GREAT VALLTY PRODUCTS EXPAN SO DataFlyer 105 SyQuest mciai A complete solution! NEW Infinite storage capacity on disk that will lit in your shirt pocket! SyQuest 14ms 105S drive, one media, and all cables and connections included. Installs internally in the 2000,
3000. And 4000. W SCSI controller 549.00 W O SCSI controller ......439.00 DataFlyer XDS 0 drive 69.00 DataFlyer XDS 245MB... 299.00 DataFlyer XDS 345MB.....355.00 Last chance for 500 harddrives! External DataFlyer 500 harddrive system with 8-meg capability DataFlyer 500 8 189.00 1x8 SIMM Mods .Cali Syques Drive Package: SQ3105S 3.5" SCSI 105MB Bare Drive 395.00 Bundle Exteral ..515.00 (Bundles include evcfything you need1!) Cartridges 105 88.79.00 110.00 Also available: 5110C 88IVIB Bare Drive .325.00 Ini System .439.00 Ext System 495.00 ProDravv ProPage Bundle..189.00 Prof Toaster Wipes 59.99 Profills 2.0 Vol 3 33.99 Proper Grammar II ......59,99 ProStream + Fonts 44.99 QuarterBack 5.0 .45.00 OuarterBack Tools Deluxe ...73.99 R Paint .46.99 Real 3D 2.0 ......379.00 SASC 6.5 .. 245.00 New Lower Prices! Maxtor Drives w 1-year warranty 7120S 120MB SCSI.....205.00 7131A 130MB IDE 179.00 7213A 213MB IDE 215.00 7245A 245MB IDE .235.00 7245S 245MB SCSI.....275.00 7345A 345MB IDE 239.00 7345S 345MB SCSI.....345.00 540SL 540MB SCSI.....659.00 1240S 1.2 GIG SCSI ..1259.00 A4008-HC8+Q 0 ....155.00 A40Q8-HC8+Q 12G 335.00 A4008-HC8+0 170 389.00 G-Force 68030 Accelerators 40MHz 40 4MB ..599.00 40MHz 40 4 MB 120 ..835.00 40MHz 40 4MB 170..869.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB 1139.00 33MHz 33 4MB 1201199.00 33MHz 33 4MB 1701259.00 1230T 030 40 0 0 .359.00 1230T 030 40 40 4 ......549.00 Memory Upgrade4MB.... Call 1200 SCSI Ram + ..209.00 1200 SCSI RAM + 4 449.00 Cinemorph ...69.00 DSS8+ Sound Digitizer...90.00 Fast ROM .....45.00 G-Lock Genlock 389.00 Image F X 1.5 .249.00 Image F X Upgrade 40.00 I O Extender Board 129.00 Phone Pak 2.0 309.00 Phone pak 2.0 Upgrade..48.00 TBC+ ...839.00 TBC+ W SMPTE 930.00 icala MultiMedia 210 .299.00 Scenery Animator 4.0 ...59.99 5tudfo Printer ....63.99 luper DJC II ......33.99 SuperBase Personal 4 102.00 Super Jam 1.1 ..88.99 Tape Worm FS ....81.00 Time Tracker .....48.99 Toaster F X ......120.00 Toaster Handler ...149.00 Toaster Toolkit 4000 ...115.00 TypeSmith 2.0 .120.00 Vista Pro 3.0 ......59.99 Wave Maker ...Cali WaveWriter .75.00 Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module ..Call 1202 Board 16MHz OK 149.00 Accelerator, Twelve Guage.549.00 W 68882 .....689.00 AD 516 ...1209.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..10.00 Boing! Mouse ....84.00 Controller, DataFlyer SX 25105.00 DCTV .285.00 Art Department Pro...... ....139.00 Abekas Driver ...120.00 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 ......70 00 Morph + ..... 135 00 Pro Control . .....53.99 Trexx Pro .. ....14500 True Print 24 . ......59 00 Lan Rover Ethernet...... ...299 00 Pro Conversion Pack... ......5500 HARDWARE Drive, Iomega Ext 580.00 Drive, Iomega Int 505.00 Floppy Drive. Alfa Data ......75.00 Floppy Drive. High Density Ext..165.00 Game Pori Adaptor 19.99 Harddrive. Seagate 86 IDE.225.00 Harddrive. Seagate 128 IDE ..*299.00 Harddrive. Seagate 3655 ...620.00 Joystick Adaptor. Analog 13,99 Joystick. Ergo ...20.00 Joystick. SpeedKing 19.00 Joystick. SpeedKing Analog.23.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MBX 4 0K 14MHz w Clock149.00 MegaChip 2000 wI Agnus .195.00 Megalosound .....55.00 Monitor, IDEK17” 989.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Movie Maker ....829.00 W 1.2 GIG Drive 2049.00 w 1.7 GIG Drive 2299.00 MultiStart II 39.99 OpalVision ...... 395.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1599.00 Personal Component Adapt....399.00 Personal Editor 549.00 Personal SFC ..369.00 Personal V Scope 729.00 Picasso II .....459.00 Piccolo DKB ...*.589.00 Printer, Primera ...779.00 Advanced Systems & Software International Group Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI-II DMA controller for all A4000 040 030
• True 32-bit Zorro 3 interface
• Transfers up to 7Mb sec asynchron, 10 Mb sec synchron on SCSI-bus * RAM expansion up to 64Mb (256 option)
• Dynamic caching soltware & CD-ROM file system Now there's no need to use a slow IDE for 3-D rendering, image manipulation, & animation Retina 2MB .... Retina 4MB .... Safe Skins ..... Scanner, ColorBurst . W OCR Jr ..... Scanner, MiGraph B W.... Smart Port w Fighter Duel Speakers, Koss .. SuperGen SX ..... Supra Turbo 500 2000.... Sync Strainer . TBC IV .... Tape Drive* Connor 250... Trackball. AMTrac ..... VIDI 12 ... V-Lab Int Y C . WaveLink Now get the best 3D tools for less! New lower pricing! Caligari24 ..129.00 Complete 3D modeler, photorealistic Tenderer for first-ciass 3D artwork Caligari Broadcast 299.00 Professional 3D modeler, photorealistic Tenderer and broadcast-quality animator; includes all the features of Ca!igari24 plus more! US ROBOTICS Sportster 14.4 W FAX Option .179.00 Courier 19.2 V.32 terbo ExL.421.00 Courier V32 terbo FAX 535.00 E M LIST OF ADVERTISERS Xu mbt'i 190 A M Computer Repair, 95 Reader 26 DKB Software, 14 Reader 44 Safe 11 arbor, 72-73 185 Advanced Systems and SoltM.ue, 94 Sen ire X umber 6 1 Fargo Electronics, 5 Sen’ire ( X umber SAS Institute.. 16 LSI Amiga (.kune .one, 95 20 Crapevine Group. Inc., The, 76-77 60 Scala. Inc.. 7 12 Amigaman. 68-69 * Graphic Impressions, 95 191 Select Solutions, 84-85 49 Anti Ciiaviiv Products, 81 5 Great alley Products. Inc., 2 45 Sideline Software, 83 151 Better Coucepis, Inc.. 94 4 Great Valiev Products. Inc.. 13 j 88 Software Hut. 79 72 Blue Ribbon Sou networks Ltd.. 12 2 Great Valley Products, Inc.. 15 192 Software Support Int i, 94 10 (lomputability, 67 7 Great Valley Products, Inc., 17 48 Softwood. Inc.. CII 166 Computer Answers. 74 * 1 lammond PI lotogmphie Serv ices. 94 87 Softwood. Inc. I LSD ConipuYid Inc., 94 173 |&C (Computer Service, 94 22 lenrx Computer Express, 90-91 13 Creative Computers, 50-65 * Kasara Microsystems, 94 71 Iri State Computer, 71 189 De Vine Computer Sales, 93 157 Macrosystem U.S., CIII 86 Vision-soft, 95 42 l-l DevMare, Inc., 21 Dev Ware. Inc., 87 93 99 Memory World, 75 Micro R&D, 47 176 Zipperware, 94 * DevW’are. Lool Chest Inc., 88 50 New Media C(>i [)oration, 94 Ibis index is pim'itlcd ;i* .m additional sctvitr. 1 In- * DevW’are ideo. Inc., 89 37 New Lek, Inc., CIV niihlidivi «Iik-s not assnniv* liahiiiiv lbs rimi> or omissions i, 63 Digital Creations, 22-23 170 Non Invest Public Domain, 95
* 1 Ins advertiser prefers to in- contacted directly. Without notice. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS All advertising is subject to the approval oi ilic PtiblMiei sibilitv lor the condiiioti ol (lie contents ol the advertis- ar it IA tnigfi I Vurld reserves die right lo refuse advertising The advertising herein that lias heeu typeset anti or designed bv.4m g»lfwW is the pmperty ufAmigaWorld, and not that or the advertiser. The advertiser has purchased the right of reproduction in AmigaWoiltl only, and does not have the right to reproduce the .id in any other publication without the expressed written mnsent of Amiga Wbrhl, Advertisers and or their agencies assume the respon- ing printed heiein and agree to indcmniiy the Publisher ol Amigfill'orid for any claims and or expenses incurred therefrom. AmigaWodd advises advertisers that statements regarding shipping and handling charges, warranties anchor monev-hatk guarantees should he included within all forms of advertising in AmigaWnid. 1 he (opinions expressed in the artii les and adv eitising appealing herein are those of the authors anchor advertisers and ate not necessarily those ofAinigaWbrld. Advertising Inquiries should be direc ted to Advertising Ollices, Amiga 11 hrld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Ml 03158; telephone: 800-14 1-1403, Subscription problems or address changes: Write to.¦-ImigtiWhrld. Subscription Dept., PO Box 595, Mt. Morris, II. 61034-7901, Problems with advertisers: Send a de- sct iption of the problem and your current address to: AmipuWorld, .80 Elm St.. Peterborough, XII 03158. ATI N.: Monica Pongee. Customer Serv ice Liaison. Authorised Amiga Dealer for 6 Years! Best prices & best product knowledge! Custom configurations few best deal! Computer Answers 917 - Central Avenue, Prince Albeit, Sask., Canada S6V-4V2
(306) 764-2888 (We’ve added two more phone lines so it's easier to got through!) 9:30AM-6PM CST, Tue - Sat.
- >0&iga 4000 030 . ,miga 4000 00? > miga 1200 as low as $ 1,399 r?", wojp.r - as low as $ 299*' P i0 Canadian S 1.859 $ 1,929 S2.049 $ 2,129 S 2,259 iS 145 C'dnSl (S:(wr-.in$ ) .5289 CdnS) i$ 799CdnSt i $ 1,529 Cdn $ > iS 1.795 C’dnSi as low as Sl jL?9* uss* Canadian with no Hard Drive $ 299* $ 399 with a 40 MB Hard Drive S469* $ 629 with a 85 MB Hard Drive S519* $ 689 with a 12S MB Hard Drive J549* $ 729 with a 170 MB Hard Drive S599+ 5799 Mitfrtfaotks 12007. With Clock & IMB SI 59- S2(W Micrcbotic* 12007. With Clock & IMB $ :*»¦ SAW 6Ktt3tf6NKS2 it JO Mhz & 4 MB RAM $ 499* S66S 6SOMV68KK2 it 50 Mhz & 4 MB RAM S6(»* S929 i Price* valid «ilh the purchase of a I942S monitor at $ 379”, 5499 C’dnSi USS* S 1.399 $ 1,449 S 1.539 $ 1.599 S 1,699 Add Sim* Add SIS‘>- Add 5219" Add S399- Add 51.150* Add St,350*
* * Due to Che fact that our prices on some items are actually lower than what an American dealers pays. Commodore has requested that we don’t print them. Please call us for details. Sfxi-inb (with the purchase of .my computer) Brilliance VlWeg l in.ll Cons II y tcg Zool AG A $ y* rcg Nigel Mansell Y re& 1 MB SIMM 5-Vc . 4 MR SIMM S]9 t!g.
• S119 CdnS) i S 49 CdnS) .S 19 CdnS I S 19 CdnS I S 49 CdnSi i S219 CdnS) Stw- 537“ 514- 514- 537“ 5165- Color Printers All Amiga Systems Include One full Year of GOLD Serdce T'"irranty by Commodore Canada. ($ 229 Cdn$ ) ($ 299 CdnS) ($ 659 CdnS) (S10S9 Cdn) (SI395 Cdn) $ 169* $ 225* $ 499* S819* $ 1,019*
j. *" SJ _ GA CD-32 low as $ 3A°$ World’s first 32-bit CD-RC
- Double Speed CD-ROM Buio-in!
- Over sixteen million colors! CD-32 & AGA Software $ 4.199* (S.SS9 CdnS) tine! Oscar Krusty’s Fun House Burning RuhheT Cannon Fodder Mortal Kombsl Terminator 2 Alien Breed 2 L ridium 2 Morph Mean Arena Dank $ 34* each (S45 CdnS) Exclusive Gamer Bumv an
- ---- ~ y> ¥ s>
- Amiga CD-32 A: 11 Button Or O *
- Sleepwalkers on CD-ROM x V CSS' CzrjJiar, - C,J« - 5829- $ 1,099 S 1.24a Si.659 52*9- $ 3 N9 - SCAI J. SJ99 SS2Q SCAN. VL-ROM Epson Full Page Color Scanner*
- 300 DPI Resolution ' &-
- Full Page 8.5* X IP)
- 24 Bit (16.7 million Colors) Toaster 4000 System
- Amiga 4000 Computer with 50Mhz 68882
- Toaster 4000 Cara & software including Lightw ave 3D
- 18 MB RAM & a 240 MB Hard Drive Toaster Corner Tc+fter 4000 Card .C Sctru trc DPS Persoml 1 BO IV Kitchen Sync (Two tvmplefe TSC>) DKB 3128 RAM Board FastLaru: SCSI-1! CoiUtoIIct f i-hi Rate (UghtWmve Emulator? WlveLhk (Distributed tendering on two machines! I with a 80 MB Hard Drive with a 120 MB Hard Drive with a 170 MB Hard Drive with a 240 MB Hard Drive with a 340 MB Hard Drive 68030 & 6HHC it 33 Mhz 6H030 & 6KRK2 it 40 Mhz 68030 & 6888: it SO Mhz 68040. M.VIt' & FPU it IS Mhz 68040, MM I & I i’t it 33 Mhz 6S040. M.VIt & FPL it 40 Mhz
- Star NX 1040 Rainbow
- Star NX2420 Rain be w V Star SJ-144 Color InkJet Primcra Thermal Color
- Primcra Dy e Sublimation W inter Super Sport* or. CD Surf Ninjas on CD Reach for the Gold on CD Legacy of Soranil on CD Lotus Trilogy on CD Alfred Chicken on CD Tool tm CD Dvucmui S:reels tin CD While* Voyage vtt CD RoboCod on CD Deep Core on CD D Uencrztioei on CD Digger* on. CD Tiofls on CD Chzos Engine on CD I SS price* shown are bused on the Arneriear.¦ Canadkr, exchange rate tn the dale o! Add pUoffiMU. Transactions arc conducted in ( arudua fund* & sour hank or Credit Cznl company will convert to American funds a; the moment ot the transaction, the re to re.,pnees may 'vary 'i ht.s Prices do not include shipping or taxes Saskatchewan residents add 9% provtncut UK & Canadian residcn'-s add GST. Any other applicable local a;e. Provincial or tedcral taxc* nr tariffs ire the «sp«iabilit> of the pxircha-cr. Due to advertising deadline*, this add reflect* products, pricing Si promotion* available to u* as of November 1&93. Pricbg. Specificattoo* & availability are subject to change at any time Mans items mas have gone down in price since this add ssa* placed. If you see come thing advertised at a Lower price, pjojse give u* a call & we II do our be.-t lo beat it. -O'? Restocking fee on alt orders cancelled or relumed except for defectives. All equipment is NTSC St 1-9V olt COHz. Aniigu Rub* We ship to Canada, the U.S.A & many other countries! MasterCard Circle 166 on Reader Service carc Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00. $ 399
* Call tor more information LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, HP, IIID, IIIP and ail other Pius Series Board with 2 MB ...... ...595.00 Board with 4 MB ...... ,S175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) . ,S189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) . .S325.C0 Similar savings on Panasonic. Star. OKI, Tl, Nee, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer .... ...S14.95 SIMMS IVS CONTROLLERS for A500 Call for Special Pricing! 1x4-60 ......CALL 1x4-80 Call 256x4-80 S5.00 256x4-70 S5.95 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board Call ZIPS DIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ ..Call 1x4-70 SCZ ...Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions 1x1 -120 $ 4.25 1x1 -100 $ 4.99 1x1 -80 .$ 5.99 1x1 - 70 ..$ 6.50 256x4-80 70 60 ....Call 1x4-80 70 60 .Call 256x1-120 ..$ 1.00 256x1-100 80 70 60....Call is the Answer
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 unlv 8 meg of 32 bit RAM ~3699¦ °° 1 0 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM ... .....only $ 33 95 Super Denise .... .$ 3395
1. 3 ROM ......$ 21.50 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for S18.00 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock DKB . ..$ 178.00 MC68000'68010 .$ 15.00 Rom Switcher .... .$ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....$ 399.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb . ......$ 349.00 8 up Board with 2 mb ... ......$ 129.00 1 mb Agnus ....$ 38.00 PaulayDenise ...... CALL 4 MB .CALL 1 MB ..S69.95 MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tarills all prices are subject to change without notice. Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-80 ..S49.95 1x8-70 ..S52.00 4x8-80 S139 Of) 4x8-70 S159 00 4x8-60 S179.00 A4000 80 NS4MB Simms.3169.00 A4000 70 MS4MB Simms,S179.00 A400060 WS4MBSimms.S189.OO 8 mb 16mb 32mb Simms Call Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 GVP SIM32 PAGE ZIPS MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB S159.00 2 MB S199.00 4 MB S299.00 8 MB .S429.00 Call for other configurations! VECTOR l Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force"
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mhz $ 529.00 with MMU High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• Includes 68030 MMU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! 50 Mhz 68882 Available IWMim'I.J CPUs Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator'1 mmu aa-vao i with4mb ....add$ 169' $ 379r with 68882RC50 ....addS135°° fronmo with 33mhz CPU ancl MMU tp LifO EM 33mhz FPU CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator MMU with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4rrb-60-70NS add S169’ S59v with 68882RC50 ...add S135 Call lor other configurations New Derringer nTV3mhz Only &S$ «> Votir Includes: SsfjQoo CSSS we Csfl Derringer but In.to.i 68030-RC-50 with MMU .S149.95 68882-RC-50 S135.95 (call for other speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) Math Co ...$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) .$ 10.00ea 68882 PLCC 40 Mhz ....$ 135.00 A 1200 ACCELERATORS Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery AddS5-°° for C0D* * PA Residents add 6% • APO. AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP INC. "V I'
• NORTH AMERICA S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AND SPECIALTY PARTS • $ 74.50 DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included fciQC CA 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 I 570.DU STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0, the ECS Denise chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators. Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A4000’ With the $ 196 50 MegAChip 2000 you get the following bonus package FREE' Goliath Agnus chip puiler and torx wrench (absolute necessity) valued at $ 6 95 .. FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued at $ 995. FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter guide valued at $ 9.95.. FREE MANY EXTRAS INCLUDED MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed - S30 worth of free bonuses for a total package price of $ 196.50 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 19.50 We will beat any legitimate advertised price! MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs trom your keyboard-Allows Insider II™ tor your A1000 with 1 5 meg 2 05 2 04 ROM ..See column at right 5721 Buster (318075-02> for A2000 .S14.95 8362 Denise % Bright upgrade 8364 Paula ......$ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag instruct software $ 25.95 8372A 8375 Upgrade Kit (NTSC PAL) Special see below 5719 Gary chip ..... $ 13.50 8520A CIA chip. Controls 12 maior lunctions = 2 S16 50)... $ 8.40
1. 3 Kickstan ROM low, low price with instructions $ 21.25 7 0 hard d sk upgrade ROMs to* 2091 (2) ....$ 39.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (Fixes mostkybrd problems)...S11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 14.95 Citizen 32 Printer Butter Chip . $ 14.95 A501 original Commodore (512K) for A500 $ 24.50 We carry more Commodore A Amiga chips Call STOP COSTLY AMIGA REPAIRS IT'S PROBABLY YOUR 8520 CIA CHIP If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 show the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (1C) chip in your Amiga, the 8520 Areas aflected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port. RS232 port. Oy stick port mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems The 8520 is a simple plug in and will save you a lot ol repair costs and down time. 40% of all defective Amigas are caused by bad 8520s Simple plug-in chip 8520 CIA .. $ 8.40 ea. 2 8520 CIA's for Si 6 50 WHY BUY THE 2.05 ROM? The 2 05 ROM. First released in the UK and Europe, is the latest version of the new operating system It incorporates many changes, including library enhancement and user port modifications. This chip is not readily available in the U.S. because it does not work with the older A500 computers (revisions 3 & 4). But this new ROM does work with A500 rev. 5 & 6 and all revisions ot the A20Q0 If you have a rev. 5 or 6 A500 or an A2000. This is the ROM lor you! (A500 Rev. 3 & 4 use 2.04.) AMIGA UPGRADES CUSTOM UPGRADE CHIPS manuals and diskettes Includes new 2.05 ROM
2. 1 SYSTEM UPGRADES 2 05 ROM chip only (latest erhanced version) $ 27.95 2 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) - ..$ 27.95
2. 1 Complete Kit (PAS215): includes new 2 05 o* 2 04 ROM. Books and diskettes. Newly upgraded _ ..$ 74.50 2 1 Kit (*AS216) Same as above but does NOT include ROM (for upgrading your old 2.0 kit)_ .. $ 44.50 2 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit .. $ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit $ 34,95 New Release (AS217) Enhancer Kit for 2.1 3.0 user: Provides Arexx documentation 8 much needed additional 2.1 into (4 bsi $ 26.95
2. 1 diskettes (set of 5)...... see MISCELLANEOUS A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switcn between them with the keyboard A sizable percentage ot current software will be incompatib e with the new 2.0. This simp:e device allows you to be compatible with all your software. No external wires or switches required ......$ 27.50 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE
• Buy the MultiSlarl with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 44.50.
• Buy the MultiSlarl with 205 ROM upgrade ($ $ 52.50.
• The Ultimate Dea Buy the MultiSlarl wf 1.3 & 205 (5) $ 73.95. Upgrade to the latest features Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine . $ 25.95 ORDER STATUS LINE
(914) 368-4242 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE A501 original Commodore (512K) for A500 $ 24.50 A601 memory expansion for A600 .S54.95 A1050 256K expansion for AlOOO ...... $ 19.50 Bomac Tower: For A2000 Handles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk tape back ups $ 262.00 Slingshot Pro: Gives A2000 slot foryour A500. New design with passthrough. Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards ...$ 39.95 Extractor Plus Kit: Contains Agnus chip puller and much needed torx wrench (a necessity) ..$ 6.95 High Density Drive 1.76 MB (external sell contained): for Amiga by Power Computing .....$ 169.95 1520 Plotter Pen Refills (set of 5 colors) ......S7.95 Amiga Joystick (by Commodore) ..$ 7.95 Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any IBM compatible joystick on your Amiga . $ 13.95 Amiga mouse for A500 2000 .. $ 12.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 With 1 meg ... $ 119.95 w 2 meg ..$ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add $ 35.95 DKB1202™ FPU. RTC. Alarm and Memory Allows A1200 owners to install a floating point unit co-processor (up to 40 Mhz using the 68882). A real-time clock with date time and "alarm" functions, and the ability to add up to 8 meg ol true 32-bit RAM Great for ray-tracing etc Price includes 68881-16 Mhz FPU ...$ 139.95 ? EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS * KwikStart II™ utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROM in your A1000 $ 59.95 $ 179.95 AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS FOR EVERY NEED FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE COMPLETE 8372A 8375 1MB KIT S36.85 AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER’" TOP SELLER Kit comes with Agnus. FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued (a) S9 95). And diagnostic software These valuable extras are an exclus ve BONUS package only available from Grapevine This kit has free bonuses (hat total $ 27.95 (We'll beat any legitimate competilor's price on (he Agnus chip and stiil give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puller,} Quantity price available .....$ 36.85 WORLD’S BEST SELLING A500 2000 TM 1.3-2.0 ROM SELECTOR (CONTAINS A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Globa! Upgrades. Inc allows for compatibility of AIL your software. Many software programs still need the 1.3 to function property Automatically switch between 1.3 or 20 ROM from your keyboard Built-in speaker confirms 1 3 or 20 ROM Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in. No solaenng. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included (NEW LOW PRICE)------------------------$ 19.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 13 ROM upgrade (a $ 39.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 46.50 AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own Over 90% ol defective Amigas are easily repaired by this plug-m replacement kit. Kitcorrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips, 8362 8364, 68000-8, Chip Puller Torx wrench, Fuse. Schematic. Amiga Troubleshooter and the Final Test diskette.
• Emergency Startup Kit ( OIA 14). A $ 114 00 value for .. $ 64.50 Same as DIA 14 butincludes 8373 Super Denise instead of 8362 ( DIA 14B) ... $ 79.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8372A 1 meg Agnus ( DIA 14C) .$ 94.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 (instead of 8362} and 8372A (OIA 14D) ....$ 104.50
• THE ULTIMATE OEAL Buy the Switch-ltt with 1 3 and 2 05 @ $ 62.50 = Want entire 2.1 kit? Add $ 43.50) _ LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS
• LOW COST PRINTHEAD REFURBISHING • Don'l throw out your old wom printhead For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specifications lor you SAVE UP TO 70% One year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done) For example Okidate 80 90 100 heads are $ 69 00. Epson (9 pin) EX FX LX are $ 79 00 Call (or more information Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Our new BBS supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. To order from our new on-line catalog, simply set your modem settings at 8N1 and call 914-343-VINE (8463). Announcing: The Grapevine Group BBS Hl(A S SUKJtCT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE IS IT WORTH $ 9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? The Amiga Troubleshooter is simple, easy-to-use for diagnosing laulty components on all Amiga computers It takes you through logical steps leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds. Over ninety percent ol Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution ol integrated circuits (iCs) in existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as Ihe experienced technician will find it simple to use No other tools or equipment are needed. Over thirty of the most common failures in 'he following categories are fisted: power-up problems. Amiga keyboard. Mouse ]Oystick port, video display, serial port, parallel port, disk drive, and audio problems S9.95 Esa OVERDRIVE 3%" PCMCIA ADAPTER FOR IDE REMOVABLE DRIVE for Amiga 600 1200 OVERDRIVE is the first removable 3%“ hard drive expansion module for the A600 1200 that plugs into the PCMCIA port This self contained unit uses an inexpensive IDE hard drive and can be plugged in and removed while the machine in on. It is recognized by the operating system just like an ordinary floppy disk. More important the wty. Remains mtact as the hard drive attaches to the outside of the case. Thousands sold m Europe each month and now available in the U.S..S119.95 (Call for package price with 210 MB Hard Drive) ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS Amiga Shopper magazine (U.K.) says "without doubt, this is the finest diagnostic equipment I have ever seen, and I address all Amiga repairers and practical-minded users when I say this is really something worth having." A complete diagnostic hardware & software analyzer (uses point and click software interface) The analyzer plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software displays 6 screens to work Irom. Shows status of data transmission signals. Tests game port function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85%-90% of the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This sophisticated diagnostic tool is used by end users & Amiga repair centers worldwide $ 69.95 STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP INC. ' °Uf> ~ w ’3TH s ¦v f, 1N ? I Ike 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Status Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 (914) 357-3060 urpose Ami c Machines Cor L - H Order Line Only 1 -800-292-7445 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 g-6 E.T. mon.-fri. B j rciarkScmdj oHCDan K r ronHheu ffiwecomganie5an r olet used tor identification purposes. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Mach COMMODORE FACTORY SURPLUS
- NEW AND REFURBISHED- R ecent y, Commodore elected to consolidate their stateside operations, thus making them financially stronger. One of the first steps taken it as to ,.j.r ce their inventory in both the U.S. and Canada. In doing this, select distributors tvere given the opportunity to purchase sizable amounts (over Vj million pounds) of new and factory refurbished parts at extraordinarily tow prices. This section contains these new and refurbished items, which are indicated by the letters “A or “K" to the left of each product. Refurbished does not mean used or pre-owned, but simply factoryt remanufactured. Some units may have minor imperfections hardly noticeable. With the exception of a minor imperfection, if any, most everything appears “mint.” Of course everything carries a full 90 day warran ty and som e items a full year. Th is is your opportunity to purchase .4 m iga Com modore parts and equipment at u p to 80% less than an authorized dealer pays. Every month we add items to this list that have just arrived from Commodore. We apologize to all our loyal customers who have experienced delays in shipping. We were overwhelmed with the response for our exceptionally priced surplus merchandise. We have added more staff to help correct this situation KEYBOARDS $ 27.50 $ 19.95 $ 29.50 $ 54.50 $ 49.50 $ 49.95 . ArASt. WBBm M C64 ......$ 15.95 N CDTV in black ...... DRIVES N 1.76 MB Internal High Density Drive by Commodore for A2000 A4000 (can be modified for A3000) .. „.....$ 99.00 N 1.76 MB External High Density Drive ...$ 169.95 N A500 internal 880 K drive: Exact drop-in replacement .$ 59.95 R A590 hard drive (20 megs) with controller & power supply ... $ 169.95 With extra 2 megs installed add $ 74.00 R A1010 1011 Amiga external 3Vi" floppy (with case) .....$ 54.95 N A2000 internal drive S79.95 N A3000 internal 3W drive ... $ 89.95 N A2090 hard drive controller (no memory) ....$ 17.95 N Sony tape cartridge (OD 6150) used with A3070 tape backup $ 18.50 R 1541 complete floppy drive with cable ....$ 64.95 N 1541-11 complete stand alone floppy drive with P S ....$ 90.50 N 1571 complete stand alone floppy drive (Selling out fast) ...$ 119.95 R 1571 same as above but refurbished ..$ 84.50 N 1581 floppy drive replacement ..... $ 59.95 N 1581 drive (complete) . $ 94.50 N IBM Commodore bridgeboard floppy (5'A-1.2 megs) ....$ 37.50 MISCELLANEOUS N MPS1230 Commodore printer(same as Citizen 120} tractor frictson 9 pin dot matrix serial parallel ....,$ 69.95 N MPS 1230 brand new replacement ribbon ....S9.95 N New Housing for A500. Includes top & bottom ....$ 16.95 N Printer Port Adapter.* Interface any Commodore printer to work any PC PC
• clone .... $ 34.95 N A520 RF modulator Allows you to connect an Amiga (A500 2000 3000) to a TV or composite video monitor. The A520 converts the RGB video signal into composite color video. Complete kit with instructional book ......S19.95 N A2300 Commodore Genlock Board (A2000 3000) Simple plug-in board software (speedy A200G or A3000) with software manual ...$ 64.50 DISKETTES N Just Released 2.1 Series Diskettes (same software as 2.1 kit)
2. 1 install disk (370166-01)..... $ 3.95 2.1 fonts disk (370169-01) ....$ 3.95
2. 1 locale disk (370129-01) ...$ 3.95 2.1 extra disk (370168-01) ....$ 3.95
2. 1 workbench disk (370167-02) $ 3.95 Set of all 5 diskettes ...$ 17.50
- NOT A COMMODORE PRODUCT II COMPUTER SYSTEMS R Commodore C64 w power supply $ 64.50 R A20QQw all chips including 8372 Agnus, 2.04 ROM, keyboard, mouse, power supply & manual ...$ 469.95 R C128 w power supply (no manual) $ 99.95 with built in 1571 drive, keyboard and power supply ...$ 139.95 (XT) No hard drive ..$ 149.95 (XT) 20 meg hard drive .....$ 169.00 (AT-286) 40 meg hard drive ....$ 299.95 exper Kl' re?i MOTHERBOARDS N A500 (rev. 3) Complete with all chips including Vj meg Agnus 1.2 ROM ..S89.95 N A500 (revision 5 and up) Includes 8372 1 meg Agnus & 1.3 ROM ..$ 129.95 N A1QQQ Last chance to keep a spare .... $ 89.95 R A2000 Includes 8372A 1MB Agnus & new 2.04 Operating ROM .....$ 299.95 N A2058 Commodore A2000 8K RAM expander (8MB installed) ..$ 295.00 N A2088 286XT bridge board kit ..S139.95 R A3000 (various revisions just coming in now) .CALL N A3000 daughter expansion (Zorro) board ....$ 84.50 N VGA 286 laptop motherboard by Commodore .,$ 149.50 R 1541 replacement control board only .. $ 24.50 N 1571 control motherboard ...S39.95 R C64 motherboard (1984-7 version) Includes all chips ...... $ 39.95 N C64C motherboard (revision E) ..... ,......, ..$ 54.50 N C128 motherboard (with new ROMs) $ 69.95 N C123D motherboard (with new ROMs) ...$ 74.50 N PC30 4Q 6Q III ..CALL N Slingshot Pro:* Gives A2000 slot for your A500. New design with passthrough, Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards. A top seller $ 38.50 N A501 original Commodore for A500 512K memory upgrade ...$ 24.50 N A2300 Commodore Genlock board (A2000 3000) software (specify A2000 or A3000). Comes with software manual ... $ 64.50 N 286 386 laptop $ 69.95 POWER SUPPLIES N A500 Exact Amiga replacement $ 29.95 R A500 (240V U.K. & Europe) ...$ 24.50 N A500 Big Foot' (A500 600 20Q watts) A must for Toaster users ......$ 79.95 N A1200 Big Foot* (200 watts) $ 79.95 N A2000 Big Foot* (300 watts) ....$ 135.00 N A2000 (Switchable from 110 220V) Exact Amiga replacement $ 89.95 N A3000 Exact Amiga replacement . $ 84.95 R A3000 (220V) (U.K. & Europe) .....$ 79.95 N C64 (sealed nonrepairabie) 1.5 amp .$ 14.95 N C64 (repairable)* 1.8 amp ......$ 24.95 N C64 4.3 amp heavy duty (also used with 1750 RAM expander) ..$ 29.95 N C1541 11 1581 (external) Limited quantity. Going fast ....$ 19.95 UK European 220 Volt version available for $ 14.95 N C128D (internal) This spare is selling fast .$ 9.95 N C128 external 4 3 amp (exact replacement) S34.95 N PC40 20 (75 watt) . $ 49.95 N 1680 power supply for A1200RS modem ..... $ 8.95 SHIPPING CHARGE UPS S5 FOR MOST SMALL (1 LB.) ITEMS N A500 (American version).. R A500 (U.K. version) ..... N A600 1200 ..... R A1000 N A2000 . R A3000 R C128D $ 34.50 N PC Series .$ 34.50 .. $ 34.50 Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround (24-48 hours), extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we will include the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette ($ 10.00 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10.00 value). SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and March 15th, every customer who sends us their Amiga for repair has the option to purchase "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" software for the low price of S10.95, while supplies last. CALL FOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER GLOBAL UPGRADES, INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET. SUFFERN, N.Y .10901 1 -800-426-8693 914-357-7339 • FAX: 914-357-6243 hours: 9-6 e.t. monday-friday COST OF SERVICES’ AMIGA-FLAT RATE LABOR COMHODQRE- flat rate labor A500 S55 A3Q0O CALL C64 $ 25 154! $ 30 A2000 $ 65 A4000 CALL C12a $ 45 1571 $ 35
* PLUS UPS SHIPPING COTV S60 CALL FOR PRICING ON MONITOR REPAIR 4 OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, AW Gaines Editor Frontier OH. THE THINGS I’ve clone, and the places I've been! I've seen the pirates that haunt a system’s outer rim run like hyenas Ivom my homing missiles, and once the missiles ran out of gas, take up the chase again. I’ve broken through clouds to see citv streets splayed out beneath me like a cracked windshield. I've seen the smokestacks of factories on airless worlds belching lire into space. I’ve seen imperial dreadnoughts sunning themselves in orbit like lazy whales, and I've seen the eiec- tric blue wormhole that leads into hyper space. Hard-drive Installable. Off-disk copy-protection. There is all this, and much more, in the great galactic wilderness that is Frontier. Elite (written by David Braben and Ian Bell about 10 years ago) was the seminal space-trading game perhaps the single most popular computer game of all time and Braben’s Frontier: Elite II (Garnet ek UK, about S35) must rank as one ol the most anxiously awaited. Essentially, this is a greatly articulated version of Elite, blit there is enough here to make veteran Elite-ists feel quite at home. At its heart. Frontier remains a polygon-based three-dimensional Art of the Deal: buying low on one world, selling high on another (preferably one not too faraway), and pumping the proceeds back into better equipment, pricier cargoes, and, this time out, new ships and crew members. There’s no real structure: You can be as nice or as nasty as you wanna be- in theory, you can do anything, as long as you survive the consequences and, as in Elite, there is really no reason to end the game, the only objective being your greater lame (or notoriety). Then again, if vou like, vou can work within the system. O * 7 4 Missions are available via BBS hookups when you put in at space ports or orbital stations. This might entail simply carting an innocent parcel to a nearby system.. .and it might mean running a gauntlet of killers who want to say a very special hello to one of your passengers. You'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to ask for details, negotiate fees (always nice to gel some money up front), and determine in advance if there are special requirements. I can’t say enough about the cities. They’re just for looks, natch, but they're amazing places just to lly over rendered right down to numbers on the launch pads and there must be hundreds of them on planets strewn across this slab of space, not a few with orbiting stations, like the huge 20-sided die (complete with elaborate girder spokes and moving collision lights) that hangs above planet Lave. The detail extends even down to call signs emblazoned on spacecraft, revolving radar dishes, and landing gear that is as delicate as a bird’s wing. You just never know when something new is going to turn up, and I always approach this game with expectation and wonder. It’s all the more amazing: when vou consider that Frontier
o occupies not ten disks, not four, not even two, but a single hard-packed 645K executable file. (Curiously, a second disk contains only five saved-game positions that could have easily lit on the game disk.) What else? Ah. Vou’re probably wondering about docking. Grin> It was a nightmare in Elite and, when handled manually, it's still a nightmare in Frontier. Happily, your ship comes equipped with an autopilot that will lower the landing gear, apply for clearance, and put you down on the tarmac as gently as if you were a baby, all to the splendid accompaniment of Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz (one of many classical pieces with which Frontier is scored). Even so, watch where you put down your joystick. My cat wandered in, impatient for supper, and took a wrong step; suddenly I was persona non grata on planet Merlin. The local police may have questionable taste in lipstick, but they enforce the laws with a trieger-fintier enthusiasm whether the offense is an uu O accidental discharge of ship lasers or the dumping of radioactive waste and any notions of public safety are apparently secondary to the sight of your ship littering die launch pad. Frontier is all polygons and such detailed polygons you've rarely seen but there is nevertheless a speed issue here. It's playable but jerky on a low-end machine like the A500, and a bit sluggish even on the A1200. I recommend an ’030 processor to play the game in full detail and at full speed. Beyond that, there are some... well, it’s hard to tell if they’re just quirks in gameplay or genuine bugs, but 1 suspect Frontier could have used another week in testing to iron out the blimps. . * A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots off room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don't waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill; PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA
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- y- R13_ (; A M PRES E R V E Combat always seems to be a one-on-one affair (which may be merciful, but it's unrealistic, after all). Sound sometimes comes and goes unpredictable. Time compression can play strange tricks on the autopilot. (My ship showed a nasty tendency toward spontaneous combustion just before entering orbit.) Bui here’s a quirk that’s no bug: I found myself yearning to go one more step and see more of this world than could be glimpsed through my windshield orvidcomm screen. I wanted to walk the streets, explore the buildings, talk to the people, get a day job (maybe reducing emissions from the fire- belching factories), and live a land life. Big as Frontier is, it wasn't big enough for me. I don't offer this as criticism, but as evidence of how this wonderful space adventure whets the appetite, raises expectations, and encourages one to think in new wavs about games without frontiers. Perhaps we’ll see something like what I describe in an Elite 111. I'm confident Braben could do it. After Frontier, 1 suspect the man is capable of just about anything. Combat Air Patrol _1.3 ? (rfS 2.0 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drlve Installable. * Off-disk copy-p rotec tion. I’M NOT MUCH of a stickler for realism in flight sims. I don’t really care whether I have separate control over the rear rotor on mv chopper in Gunship 2000, and 1 don’t pass out from pique if my computer counterpart doesn't “red out'" while pulling serious Gs. Instead, 1 tend to focus more on the visual and sonic gratifications the explosions, the scenery, the external views of the plane and consequently have a long- running love affair with games like F A-18 Interceptor and F- 15 Strike Eagle II that cater to pilots who want to feel more like passengers. You'll be Ilyin1 high during the Gulf War with Combat Air Patrol, the latest flight sim from Psygnosis, You can add one more to that short list: Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis, $ 59.95). This F-14 Tomcat and E A-18 sim, set during the GullAVar, is probably the best Amiga “game”-type flight sim to come along since 1990 s F-15 II. Once vou get O O j o into the program, it’s a great deal of fast-moving fun, with a wealth of rewards for eye and ear and rules of engagement simple enough to appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to perform calisthenics just to blow things up. In fact, CAP initially will probably put you in mind of the classic Interceptor, what with the earner launch, rich, bassy jet-en- gine sound and trim gray dashboard. Like Interceptor, too, CAP is a snap lo control: Light up the big engines, blast off and point your nose at the target. (What it lacks is that game’s engaging weirdness.) And it Ilies like it's in a hurry a big hurry. ? SHORT TAKES 0 1.3 ? 2,0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copyprotection.
1. 3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drlve Installable. No copy-protection.
1. 3 ?*
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Hard*drive Installable. * Copy-protect! On. FI 7 Challenge This budget-priced Pitstop-style arcade racer from Italian developers Holodream (about S20) is the first game published by Team 17 I didn't love. The screen update is very fast (rather too fast on accelerated machines) and the scenery pretty, but it's also oddly cold, and in collisions, you're the only one who goes off the road. (And doncha think the title and roadside ads overdo the self-promotion a bit?) A misstep for a label that usually doesn't make them. You'd have more fun with Continental Circus. Weirdness Sighting: The default player driver is "D. Pleasance." (He's the general manager for Commodore Europe.) Nippon Sapes Inc. This luscious animated adventure has a resume as long as your arm: Set in Tokyo and written in Italy, it was first slated to be published in England by DMI, only to wind up back in Italy with Dynabyte (about S35) when DMI went under. In other words, it's a survivor, and for good reason: They've managed to make every element playable or simply fun. Nippon Safes has the first interactive introduction I've seen and a delightful character-selection scheme (there are three, and wait until you see which one you get!) That Overdrive If Overdrive (Infacto, S59.95) was a racehorse instead of a hot-ticket multi-directional shoot-'em-up, I'd bet the farm on it. I mean, what are the odds that a game started in 1989 would appear in the fall of '93? And for that matter, what are the chances of two games called Overdrive the other one, a racing game from Team 17, will be reviewed next issue turning up within a week or two of each other? Four years in the smokehouse suggests the Infacto Overdrive is likely to be either pretty neat or a bit dated, and in fact it is a bit of both. It positively reeks of style even when you just put in the wrong disk. You won't easily find a more polished or feature-filled shooter the selection screens alone kept me occupied for a half-hour and I have a decided weakness for taking on the battleship-like, multi-gunned edifices that it likes to throw at you. But while the technical specs are impressive, the game turned out rather dull tots of chrome and little electricity. The enemies typically fly in brain- ? Doubles as copy-protection. The graphics are sharp, hi-res snapshots perched in the middle of the screen, and the puzzles display a Future Warslike affection for minutiae. And the atmosphere...well, it's very strange. The only conceivable drawback is that you may have to play from the five disks. Nonstandard floppy formats and hard disks just don't get along, and Nippon regularly locked up or bounced back to DOS on NTSC machines during the installation routine. At least they tried. - EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION: Anti Gravity Products proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the gital Broadcasterl6 and the Digital Broadcasfer32. J Digital Broadcaster32: The Digital Broadcaster32 brings ‘TRUE ON-LINE Broadcast Quality” Component Non-Linear Editing to the Amiga 3000 & 4000 series computers. INPUTS: Component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y), SVHS, NTSC, and PAL. OUTPUTS: Component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y), SVHS, NTSC, RGB, and PAL FEATURES: ¦ Non-Linear Video Editing ¦ 24-bit Aminmation Playback ¦ Time Lapse Recording ¦ Stop Motion Recording ¦ Rotoscoping ¦ NTSC > PAL Conversion ¦ Zorro Ml for the A3000, A3000T, A300QT-Q40, and A4QOO Amigas ¦ CCIR601 Format at 4:2:2 digital video resolution of 640 X 480 to 768 X 436 ¦ NTSC has 525 Horizontal Lines @ 30 Frames (60 fields) per second ¦ PAL has 625 Horizontal Lines @ 25 Frames (50 fields) per second Component Digital 4:2:2 Format Throughout The Board Component I O Breakout Box Compatible with sound boards from SunRize Industries Transition Effects*: Cuts, Wipes, Fades, Disolves,... NOW SHIPPING! Broadcaster32 System SCALL A4000-040 18MB
1. 6GB Barracuda Audio Sys Prg
2. 1GB Barracuda Video Drive FastLane SCSI-2 0 64MB Studio16 Audio card Broadcaster32 PICASSO II 2MB 21" IDEK Broadcaster Interface Studio 16 16-bit Audio $ 1200 J Sarracuda-I ST11950N
1. 6 GB $ 1700 Fast SCSI-2 0 256MB Ram Barracuda-2 ST12550N
2. 1 GB S 2100 ITS CD-Rom TIME Speed Price 10ms $ 875 10ms $ 1100 10ms $ 1000 10ms $ 990 10ms $ 1500 10ms $ Call HU Sei Pro-100 CD Rom $ 65 with purchase of a CD Taking up the video slot by using LIGHT R4VE to emulates the Toaster environment. Fits on the serial port $ 435 I $ 320.00 $ 320.00 $ 1250.00 $ 1850.00 FMT Drive
1. 0 GB Quantum Pro1050S
1. 0 GB Micropolis 2210 AV
1. 2 GB Quantum Pro1225S
1. 3 GB Baja F-SCSI-2 3.5"
1. 7 GB Micropolis 2217 AV
1. 8 GB Quantum Pro18Q0S ¦6 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica. CA 90402 :L 310} 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 PRODUCTS Interworks ENLAN-DFS Software Up to 5 nodes Ethernet Board 3-Node Set boards software 5-Node Set boards software Sz. Personal Animation Recorder 24 Bit Real Time Recorder $ 1580 Personal Recorder Harddisk 500MB IDE ST3655A $ 625
1. 0 GB IDE $ Cail
1. 7 GB IDE $ Cali Personal Component Adapter Betacam & Mil Decoder $ 450 Personal TBC Iv $ 790 DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. We Accept Cheap CD rom 350ms, 150KB sec Toshiba XM340IB 200ms, 330KB sec NEC TRIPLE SPEED 195ms, 450KB sec ASIM CDR File System 2.0
3. 5 7200 RPM 500,000 MTBF Fast SCSI-2 8ms ¦ Seagate BARRACUDAS Cut and Paste your video clips with Time Code and insert your transitions; Cuts, Wipes, Fades, Disolves,... etc. Edit your sound track to the video with Time Code. SyQuest Removable Video Toaster 4000 * Video Toaster 4000 $ Lowest Upgrade Software $ Lowest FADE Transition Effects* $ 200 $ 385 $ 485 S 50 I Articulated Human-like Figure lor Lightwave3D
L. - m y Amiga Imagine Fmt PC Imagine Fmt Lightwave Fmt 3D Studio Fmt $ 160 $ 180 $ 160 $ Call Includes: HI IMANOin h jTinn an n.v-in a jrjner L Man, Woman, Strong Man, Child*, Facial morph targets, Run & Walk scripts, Hand morph targets. Re ur 3 laps r ma :x. Hi piciur surfac egrate inj Can be used in your own commercial productions. DRIVES WITH CARTRIDGE 88MB SQ5110CR W44 & 88 105MB SQ3105S 3.5" IDE SCSI NEW SYQUEST 256MB 5.25" IDE 256MB SQ5270 R W 44 & 88 CARTIDGES SCALL SCALL SCALL ! 88MB S 100, 3 for $ 294,10 Box 105MB $ 85, 3 for $ 249,10 Box $ 970 S 820 256MB $ CALL, 3 tor S CALL 10 Box SCALL Ami Back 2.0: $ 45 Ami Back Plus Tools S 65 TapeWorm-FS $ Calt TapeWorm-FS allows any SCSI tape drive to act fike an AmigaDOS volume. ( SCSI TAPE DRIVES ) Exabyte 8mm Drive: 5GB up to 10GB compressed* EXB-8505 5.25" HH 30MB'min S2475 Exabyte 8mm Tape: $ 15 each or 5 for $ 70 DAT 4mm Drives: 2GB up to 16GB compressed* 2GB DAT tlMB min S 850 4GB* Turbo Python 22MB min* $ 1250 8GB* Sony4000 44 MB min* $ 1100 16GB* SonySOOO 130MB min* $ 1350 DAT 2GB Cartridge: $ 15 each or 5 for $ 70 Frankly, there’s not much CAP doesn't do distinctively, 1 can’t leave off without mentioning how you can smoothly (at least on a 25 Mhz A3000) rotate your poim-of-view inside the cockpit (a Strike Commander-like first on the Amiga); the nifty damage-assessment fly-bvs in the post-llight debriefing; the great array of digitized crackles from wing men over the radio; the terrific detailing of the aircrafts’ exteriors (including the smallest of nuances); the option to start your mission over the target; and the ability (not tested) to flv head-to-head via modem. Who wouldn’t love this game? I'h, possibly me. (1 just like it a lot.) For all the passenger- friendly toys, there’s apparently no auto-pilot to keep you in tow if vou get lost. It's been tailored to run smoothiv on anv J O id Amiga and so performs well even on a plain-vanilla A500 hilt like another famous low-ender, Knights of the Sky, it’s a hit too fast on speedy machines even at lull detail. Psygnosis has included a keyboard chart, but it’s awkward to consult; a keyboard overlay or a reference card you could prop up on the machine for instant command identification would have been much better. There’s a certain hard-to-describe lack of intimacy in the j way the aircraft occupies space. And while I'm grateful for the up-to-date absence of a European theater. I'm not sure the Cull War relative target practice where wars are concerned is a strong enough substitute. (The designers might have been belter off inventing their own scenario, a la Interceptor.) Finally, it was hard getting to the fun parts, I couldn’t get the game to run from hard disk on an A12Q0; all 1 got were requesters reporting that the program couldn't find the main executable. It wouldn’t even install on a 1,3-based A500. (The installation program couldn’t lind IconX in my C directory, and when 1 copied that command into the game director)*, CAP tore through the script without installing a thing.) It installed and worked from HI) without a hitch only on a 2.04- based A3000. Then there is the issue of copy-protection. You're asked to look up specs for various weapons systems and planes in the manual. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Except that the inlb is in small black type against a background of mixed grays and on widely separated pages a confusing state ol affairs that has users posting messages to the nets saying they couldn’t find the protection. Hey, Psygnosis, it’s the planes that get camouflage, not CAP. Oh, and by the way, good game! ¦ MORE SHORT TAKES less patterns, are too small to stand out from a cluttered ptayfield, and are easily confused with the external weapons modules that accompany your craft. It's a case of too much too late. In 1989*90, this would have been an easy hit. In 1993-94, I wouldn't bet on it. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0- Not hard-drive Installable. Copy-protection. Humans II: The Jurassic Levels Want to run that by me again? This is no more Humans II (Gametek UK, about S35) than Oh No! More Lemmings was Lemmings II. = The title property belongs to EID.) They've slapped the label on the stand-alone version of the Human Race data-disk set, added sturdier packaging and more accessible copy-protection, and removed the cute accessories that came with the original version. If you've already played the add-on, keep a wide berth of this doppelganger. Then again, if you haven't you will find these 80 new levels of Lem- mingesque puzzle-solving just as engaging to play and gorgeous to look at as the original game. ..and all the hard work for trivial reward, the disk swapping, and the long loads just as irritating. I'm told.) Not much detail or color out the windshield. A320's satisfactions and they do exist aren't of the moment, but slow-building and cumulative, and, much like Virgin's Shuttle, the game rewards an exacting, meticulous approach. You'll want to take your time with it. (Indeed, you'll have to, as A320 comes with more books than you have to buy for some college courses.) So fly your fighters. Buzz town hall. Enjoy the moment. When you're ready for something a little more sophisticated, come back for A320. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Bob’s Bad Day Another one of Psygnosis' unheralded little surprises, Bob's Bad Day ($ 49.99) is actually a novel concept; A pick-up-the-coins platform game in which the player stands still (and is invisible!). You use the joystick to revolve the levels around him and gravity both the normal "what goes up ..." type and the game's infuriating specialized varieties to make him move where you need him. The overall feel is similar to the precarious one of those handheld get-all-the-balls-in-the-holes puzzles a balancing act at once vastly irritating and vastly compelling. You may love it, and you may hate it, but, either way, you'll play it.
1. 3 ?
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3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. A320 Airbus My fighter pilot half yawns and says, "Wake me when we get there." My airline pilot half punches him out, and assures me that "getting there is half the fun," and this time he came out on top. Tha ion's first US release for the Amiga ($ 49.95) is actually more of a pilot simulator than a flight simulator. You can't just light up the engines and point your nose at the clouds. You'll need to master the science of flying a big two-engine passenger jet. You'll need to navigate instead of just fly. In essence, you'll need to think and not revel in the experience think about things like fuel, clouds, staying on course, and the collective meaning of a wide array of gauges and controls. It's not as gamey as you might expect; in a sense, it's not a game at all. And if you just like to buzz town hall with a Foxbat on your six, I wouldn't recommend A320. No explosions. = Not even when you crash. One Step Beyond The name fits. One Step Beyond (Ocean UK, about $ 35) is a neat turn on Pushover. This time, the dominos aren't standing up for you to knock down in clever ways. They've been reinvented as platforms jutting out from a wall the idea is to close all of them and big-jawed dog star Colin Curly leaps between them with a variety of effects (depending on the type of platform) upon landing. This is a natural extension of the original puzzle game's theme, and the basic playability of Pushover's still out in force. Unfortunately, Colin jumps in and out of a bag of Quavers crisps (something like cheese puffs) at the beginning and end of each level. And unlike McDonald's transparent sponsorship of Virgin's Global Gladiators, that lends One Step a slightly cheesy sensation of taking part in a promotion instead of a game. - To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 92. SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders f- 800-888-9273 only ; A M E V R E S E R V E 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need tnfo? Call (305) 491-9519 New Additions are in Red Type
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18. 95 14 95 18 95 16 95 16 95 2195 15 95 1895 1995 2195 16 95 1995 18 95 19 95 ©CD32 planned. A1200 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-proteetion. ©CD32 available. A1200 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces, try pjyn Mastercard & Visa J5 03 -COD = Cash Only) 5 It) Prce S Availability subfect tc change at any liire' No retards or e>ctianges Doective preducts eicnangei with same iterr. But subject to Sideline approval CALL FIRST1 " S products warranted through rranufactur U X products warranted through Sideline Nerd day air add S IQ. 2nd day air add S5 3 day air add S3 to basic rale I guaranteed COMPATIBILITY I DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 3CS-491-03£8 Shipping Ernes ret guaranteed COMPATIBIll DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 3CS-- Nothing is etched in stone Everything is sublet to change ' NOT GUARANTEED U S products *arrantied through manufacturer NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE D Generation This angled-down arcade puzzler [Mindscape UK, about S35) didn't get much play in the media when it turned up on disk a year or so back, and this CD32 release should correct that. In part because it's one of the first games available for the CD32. And in part because, well, it's a pip. The 256 colors of the IBM original are in here, but you probably won't notice. They're a pretty subtle bunch, and you'll be way too busy scheming how best to beat a path through the insidious traps and odd critters that populate this huge genetics lab. (A nice touch is that you can also rescue members of the lab staff by leading them out past those same tricks and traps.) A solid mix of brains and action, and addictive as hell; I was up until all hours. And all just to deliver a package. What, no tip? I actually like this exploration and resource game [Millennium, about S35) better on the A1200 than on the CD32. Maybe it's the crisper monitor display. Or maybe it's the mouse control, which speeds up the pace significantly over the CD32's joypad. You're using it to control a team of five tiny men mining (in side-view) for a range of jewels, warping back out and selling 'em for the right price (you hope) and using the money to buy equipment that will permit them to dig for more jewels. It's really an accomplished and solid design everything fits into place, y'know? But I do think there's an element missing somewhere in the recipe that would move it into classic territory beside Lemmings, rather than standing on its little blue coattails. As it is, Diggers doesn't have quite enough gulp> depth. ¦ Millennium has an interesting problem here: They created a game that was too good. The original Amiga version of this durable platformer featuring a versatile fish with big, bright cartoon eyes was so playable, and looked so pretty, that the 1200 and CD32 versions have had to struggle to top it. The 1200 version added new levels, marginally better graphics, and hard-disk installability. The CD32 version (about S35) keeps the levels and the graphics and throws in more music. Verdict: If you haven't played it before, sure, grab it. This is the definitive version of an Amiga platform classic. But if you have, you're unlikely to be all that impressed with the little perks. I'd wait on James Pond III, Overkill = Mindscape UK, about S30) is a very sharp-looking Defender- style shooter, and for the first few levels it's more than just sharp-looking. While one of the most cloned games among the classic blasters Data- storm and Anarchy being prime examples this one puts the little men on the ground to good strategic use. I was going to say it has a patient difficulty curve, too. But long about the third or fourth level, you start getting killed right at the start by enormous off-screen sprites you can't avoid. Ouch. No fair! James Pond II: Robocod AGA Games CD32 ? A1200 available. Overkill Diggers 4-0 Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Driving SS3 Attack Sub Action Stations A0Jam’s Family Alien Breed Special Edlion Ancient An ol War In The Skies Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Ashes of the Empire Awesome BAT It Battle Chess Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Battlelech Bill Elliot NASCAR Cha'lenge Black Crypt Blackjack Academy Blob Blue Mat Blues Brothers Bubble Bobble Budokhan Calilorma Games 2 Centurion, Defender ol Rome Chaos Engine Chaos Strikes Back Chessmastcr 2000 Chuck Rock 2 Civilization Conan the Cimarron Contiict in Korea (SSi> Conflict in Mideast (SSI) Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirt) Covert Action (Microprose) Craps Academy Crazy Cars 3 Cruise fcr a Corpse Cycles (Accolade) Death Bringcr De cnder Of The Crown DeLuxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Do jo Dan Eye of the Beholder 1 (SSI) Eye ol the Beholder 2 (SSI) F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) Face Off Ice Hockey Faces fTris 3) Fairy Tah Adventure Fighter Bomber Final Flight Fireteam 2200 First Samurai Flight Of The Intruder Fool's Errand Full Metal Planet Gauntlets GEMX Grand Piix Circuit (Acco‘adeJ Gun ship Gunship 20(H) Hagar Ihc Horrible Hardball Harlequin Harpoon Heart ol China (Dynamtx) Heart ol the Dragon Hero Quest Hills far (SSI) Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) International ice Hockey International Karate Plus II Came From The Desert 2 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond: Stealth Attair James Pond Keel The Thiel Knights of the Sky (Microprose) Knightmare Laser Squad Lcandcr (Psygnosis) Legend (4 Crystals of Tranat) I emmings 2 Links Gall Loom Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (Miaoproscf McDonald Land Manhattan Drug Dealers Maniac Mansion Meg a traveler 2 Metal Mutants Microprose Golf (Greens) MICR0PR0SE GRAND PRIX M'dnight Resistance Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monday Night Football Moonstone Napolean 1 (Inlerdne) Narc New Zealand Story Nigel! Mansell Grand Pr x Ninja Remix North and South Obitus iPsygr.osis) Outrun Europa Overrun Pacific Islands Pacland Panes Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (Rainbow Island 2) Piclionary Pirates Pit Fighter Police Quest III Populous 6 Data Disk
21. 95 Power Monger A WW1 2195 Premiere 26 95 Prince ol Persia
16. 95 Project X
21. 95 Pushover 21 95 Putty 24 95 Ouack(Team 17) 24 95 R-Type 2 18 95
P. 81 Baseball 2 18 95 Rainbow Island 18 95 Railroad Tycoon 24 95 Ramparts 1895 Red Storm Rising 18 95 Red Zone (Psygnosis) Revenge ol Defender 1895 995 Rick Dangerous If Rise Of The Dragon 16 95 19 95 Robocod Regular and AGA 18 95 Robocop 3-D 2695 Robosporl (MAXIS) 24 95 Rocket Ranger 18 95 Rodland 18 95 Secret ot Monkey Island
21. 95 Shadow Lands 18 95 Shadow Worlds 18 95 Silent Service
12. 95 Silent Service 2 24 95 Sim Ant 26 95 Sim Earth 26 95 Smash TV 18 95 Space 1889
14. 95 Space Crusade A Add-On
21. 95 Space Quest TV
19. 95 Special Forces
24. 95 Spoils nl War (In eicinc)
18. 95 Street Fighter 2
24. 95 Strider 2
16. 95 Strike Fleet
19. 95 Super Monaco GP
19. 95 Super Ski 2 18 95 Super Squeak 14 95 Super Tetris 19 95 SW.I.V. (Silkworm4) 18 95 Team Yankee
21. 95 The Immortal 19 95
T. V. Sports Baseball 2195
T. V. Sports Basketball 21 95
T. V. Sports Boxing
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T. V. Sports Football 18 95 Terminator 2 18 95 ThcJctsons 16 95 The Simpsons 18 95 The Three Srooges 18 95 Toki 16 95 Torvak the Warrior 16 95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed 16 95 Troddlers 18 95 Turncan 2 18 95 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game 18 95 Typhoon 01 Steel (SSI)
18. 95 Ultima 5
21. 95 Warhead
16. 95 War Zone 16 95 Waterloo
16. 95 White Death (Intetctne) 18 95 World Boxing Manager
18. 95 Worlds a! War (Intcrcine)
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W. WF 2 Euro Rampage
24. 95 Xenon 2 (Mcgab ast) 14 95 Zak McCracken 18 95 Zool 19 95 Zool AQA 24 95 NEW TITLES 1 Aim J 35 Alien Breed 2 35 Alien 8ie«d 2 AGA 33 Apocalypse 35 Batman Returns 40 Battle Toads 33 Wade of Destiny 42 Body Blows 2 35 Body BlOwS 2 AGA 38 Brutal Sports Football 35 Campaign 2 40 Cannon fodder 38 Chaos Engine AGA 35 Ciwli alwn (AGA) 45 Cool Spot 38 Cyber Punks 35 Dark Mere 40 Denms Ihe Menace 8 AGA 33 Diggers 33 Dogfight 42 Dune 2 38 Elite n 33 Ft (Varoom 2) 33 F-117A Stealth Fighter 42 Ganesia 38 Goblins 3 40 Global Domination 38 History Line 1914-1918 42 Ishar 2 S AGA 38 Jurassic Park i AGA 33 K240 33 King Maker 40 Legacy at Sorasil 40 Legend Ot Valor 42 Micro Machines 35 Modal Combat 35 Mr. Nutz 33 Jet Strike 35 Rules ol Engagement 2 Simon the So cerer 33 42 Skid Marks 35 Stardust 35 Syndicate Terminator 2 (Com Op.) 33 33 Tornado Right Simulator 42 Turrkan 3 35 Ultimate Pineal! Quest 33 Ur id turn 2 35 When Two Worlds War 33 Wing Commander 27 CD-3? TITLES IN STOCM'CAU • me nr 00 While They Last! $ 7 each, or 3 for $ 201 Limited Time & Cuanlily. ALL SALES FINAL! Battle Command Continental Circus F-29 Retaliator Killing Cloud Ch.ps Challenge Strider Vengence of Excaltbur Final Blow Boxing Megaphoenix Thunder Jaws Cardiax Night Shift Germ Crazy Enchanter Hudson Hawk Ranx Toobin' Borobodur Armada Borodino Klax Qix Hunter Chuck Rock Vaxxme Alpha Waves Deadline Catch 'Em Challenge Golt Infestation Bush Buck Treasure Hunter Zara Thruster Dark Castle Zoetrope
20. 000 Leagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Wild Wheels Bonanza Brothers li'iUHiliJMM BIG BOX 2 Includes- BombuHle, R-Type Buck !c lie future 3, Snbad, Armafyte. Shanghai. International Karate Plus. IV Sports Football. Trie Real Ghostbunlnv Defenders ol Ihe Earth ALLFOR $ 49.95 The Adventurers includes- Hunter. Supremacy, and Corporator ALLFOR $ 39.95 Lords a! Power Includes Tr.e Perlecl General Red Barca S tent Sery-ce 2. And Radread Tycoon ALLFOR $ 49.95 10 Great Games Includes Ch-cago '90. Xenon 2. Ferrari Foxiula t. Pro Tennis Tout, Pick and Pile. Superski, Camer Command. Rdk Dangerous. Satan. Nigftlfiunler ALLFOR $ 29.95 Amiga Ten Star includes Clever A Smart, Triple X. Eskimo Games, Power Slicks. Spin Word. Sky Blaster. Vampire s Empire. Bllte Dragon, Final Mission, Crystal Hammer ALLFOR $ 19.95 Combat Classics Includes 68B Attack Sub. F 15 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee All FOR $ 44.95 SUPER FIGHTERS Includes FinalFight, Pit F gntff. WWF 1 ALLFOR $ 34.95 NINJA COLLECTION includes Double Dragon Dragon Nifija, Shadow Warrior ALL FOR $ 18.95 Excellent Games Shuttle Pcpudus 2 Robtcod Archer McClain's Poo1 ALL FOR $ 49.95 GS Amiga Fermat, C.U. Amiga, Amiga Games, Amiga Act on, Amiga Computing. Amiga User Internationa!. Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS- $ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk S7 Fa* (305) 431-6134 1994 New Year Specials Select NOW IN STOCK! Better Than Tempest! Uj Sg: s89. 99 X-Mem Virtual Memory Add Memory Without Adding Expensive Chips! Was itpm NOW syg 99 SAVE $ 30 run on any accelerated Amiga with MMU. I Home Office 1012 Home Front v2.5, .... 32.99 1001 PHASAR v4.0 .47.99 1014 Final Copy II HQT.PBJ.C5. 59.99 1010 Pro Write v3.3 ..59.99 1012 ProPage v4.1 AGA ...89.99 1035 ProDraw .119.99 1014 ProPage v4.1 ProDraw Bundle 199.99 1037 Pagesetter 3 .....79.99 1008 Pro Calc 2 ......124.99 1038 The Office 3 ......99.99 1004 Time Tracker ..55.99 1001 On The Ball ....39.99 Utilities & Programming 1015 Directory Opus v4.1 ..57.99 1005 Quarterback v 5.0 .44.99 1006 Quarterback Tools Deluxe ......74.99 1003 AmiBack v2.0 .47.99 1004 AmiBack Tools .... 41.99 1005 AmiBack'AmiBack Tools Bundle 89.99 1001 CrossDOS v5.0 w Cross PC ..34.99 1003 Studio Printer ..69.99 1002 SAS C v6.5 Development System 299.99 1014 AMOS Pro ......79.99 1001 DevPac 3 Assembler ......89.99 1002 High Speed Pascal .139.99 1018 Edge Pro Text Editor 69.99 1001 X-Mem Virtual Memory....SA.V.E.S36 .79.99 Learn & Play 1001 Amys Fun 2-3 Adventure .24.99 1015 ADI Jr. Counting ..19.99 1033 Combat Air Control ...34.99 1034 Dune 2 .....38.99 1032 Gunship 2000 ..39.99 1032 Lemmings II .....34.00 1017 Walker ......31.99 1001 Overdrive .41.99 1015 Prime Mover ...34.99 1018 Hired Guns ......34.99 1016 Vektor Storm 8EP.UGEQ.I 16.99 Video, Sound & Graphics Software: 1003 Image FX v1.5 .... .229.99 1009 Art Department Pro ...... .147.99 1019 TREXX Pro v2.1 129 99 1018 Morph Plus RJEQ.UP.EP.I ..... ,.119.99 1014 Montage vl,01 ...
329. 99 1013 Montage 24 .
239. 99 1012 MONTAGE Fonts .. .119.99 1001 Pegger Auto JPEG Compression ... ....71.99 1001 MultiFrame . ...,74.99 1006 ANIM Workshop v2.0 .. ..111,99 1015 Bars & Pipes Professional .. ..229,99 Final Copy El Absolutely the Best Selling Word Processor! Was Nmv *59." HOTPRICE! Hardware: 5004 Newtek Video Toaster .....CALL 5078 TBC Plus ,.,MwIrm.GVP! .CALL 5005 Kitchen Sync ....1289.99 5005 Personal TBC IV .799.00 5004 DPS TBC 230 Rackmount TBC 1499.99 5006 Prime Image TBC PCB Y C SVHS ..849.99 5014 Personal Animation Recorder 1559.99 with Seagate Drive 2204,99 5006 Personal V-Scope ..729.99 8001 GVR-S950 VTR w SFC by Sanyo .....CALL 5002 Personal Single Frame Controller(SFC).349.99 5011 SuperGen SX HMM .699.99 5008 G-Lock Genlock ..379,99 5006 DCTV .....289.99 5005 Retina 4MB 559.99 w TV Paint Pro..749.99 5077 Spectrum EGS 2MB 549.99....1MB 379.99 5018 Piccolo ...564.99 5001 Picasso II RTG ...449.99 5035 DSS 8 Plus .....89.99 5002 AD516 Studio 16 ..1199.99 5004 AD1012 Stud o 16 ..499.99 5003 One Stop Music Shop ...579.99 5001 Y C Plus SVHS HI8 749.99 5005 Y C++ S-VHS HIS by Prime Image .599.99 5013 Personal Component Adapter ,,.429.99 Paint & Animate 1002 Caligari 2 .49.99 1003 Caligari 24 ....129.99 1004 Rea! 3D v2.0 .399.99 1001 Disney's Animation Studio ......31.99 1136 Deluxe Paint v4.1 117.99 1039 Deluxe Paint IV AGA .....119.99 1001 Brilliance 144.99 1001 Pixel 3D Pro v1.0 .... 89,99 Input Devices Mice & Trackballs: 5001 400DPI 2 Button MegaMouse 29.99 5017 260DPI 2 Button MegaMouse MK-II 19.99 5034 AlfaOptic 3 Button Optical Mouse .....39.99 5033 AlfaPen 3 Button Optical - PenMouse 59.99 5010 Crystal Trackball - 3 Button ....49,99 5001 True Mouse .....24.99 5002 True Trackball - 2 Button ..29.99 1001 1014 Deluxe Music v2.Q Super Jam vl 1 ...
89. 99 .....84.99 1016 Power Tools (for Bars & Pipes Pro).... .....48.99 1017 Performance Tools ..... .....48.99 1005 Music Objects for Lightwave . .....51.99 1001 Backdrop Construction Kit . .....39.99 1002 Odds & Ends Objects for Lightwave..,. .....39.99 1004 Sports Objects for Lightwave .....51.99 1005 Masterpiece 3D Fonts for Lightwave... .....49.99 1007 Lightwave Pro Pack .... ...219.99 Vektor Storm A fast-action, multi-level arcade- style game with superior graphics and stereophonic sound. Special Buy Pixel 3D Pro The Ultimate Object Utility Program! Special Buy 5011 AlfaData 3 Button Cordless Mouse...... ...59.99 Joysticks: 5001 Slik Stick ...... .....7.99 0150 Erao Stick ... ...'6.99 5001 Gravis Joystick . ...34.99 5002 Gravis Amiga Gamepad ..... ...24.99 5001 SpeecKing Autofire ..... ...14.99 5002 SpeedKing Standard ... ...13.99 5003 Navigator Autofire tBlack) .. ...16.99 5004 Amiga Analog Joystick ...16.99 Scanner Drawing Tablets: 5030 AlfaScan .119.99 5031 AlfaScan Plus w Touch*Up . .139,99 5041 OCR AlfaScan Plus wflouch*Up ... .189.99 5029 AlfaColor Hand Scanner ..... .319.99 1008 Epson Scanner Pack ... .119.99 5015
7. 5 x 7.5 Drawing Tablet .... ..319.99 Accelerators & Drives 5040 GVP 4MB 60ns 32-Bit SIMM .. ...CALL 5507 GVP A2000 030 40 40 4 0 . .649.99 5522 GVP A2000 040 33 33 4 0 .
1149. 99 5070 A1230 Turbo Pius 50 0 4 .... ..719.99 5067 A1230 Turbo Plus 40 0 4 .... ..529.99 5001 HD Chassis 5.25 Half Height .. ....99.99 5072 HD Chassis 5.25 (holds 2 drives) .. ....99.99 5018 DataflyerXDS A1200 .. ....69.99 5001 150MB Bernoulli Ext Transportable...... ,.599,99 5002 150MB Bernoulli insider w Disk ..... ..499.99 5029 Dataflyer SyQuest 105 Int SCSI Drive ..479.99 5030 Dataflyer SyQuest 105 int IDE Drive.... ..419.99 5009 AifaDrive 3.5" External Floppy ......
74. 99 Peripherals 5529 I O Extender .... ..124.99 5025 MultiFace Card Ml I O Expands .... ....99.99 5027 Serial Cable ..... ......9.99 5028 Parallel Cable .. ......9.99 5701 IDE 2 5" Cable ......9.99 Monitor Cables . ....CALL 7001 Sync Strainer 15 Pin Acapter ....49,99 SafeSkins (all AMIGA models) ..... ....19.99 5026 ATBus 2008 IDE Card 0 8M .. ....84.99 5028 Oktacon 2008 SCSI 2 0 8M .. ..139.99 5031 GVP A4Q08 SCSI Controller . ..149.99 5502 GVP A4008 SCSI Controller w 120MB ..339.99 5027 Dataflyer 4000SX ....99.99 5025 Dataflyer 4000SX25 Kit ..... ...104.99 5041 50 Pin SCSI Cable ..... ....14.99 5012 Megachip w 2M Agnus ...199.99 5037 Auto Kickstart Plus ROM Switch .. .....19.99 5014 Boot Selector ... .....19.99 5016 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch .. .....24.99 5023 A1200 9MB RAM Exp. W FPU & 1MB. ...139.99 5020 A4091 Fast SCSI-2 Controller ...... ...429.99 Caligari 2 Outstanding 3D-Rendering Power!! Hurry, $ l Q 99 Supplies A re Limited! 43 • Morph Plus The Most Sophisticated Morphing Program On The Market! S119." )lutions 1994 New Year Specials NOW IN STOCK! AlfaColor Hand Scanner Scan & Save Up To 256,000 Colors on AGA Machines! S399. 99 Make The BEST Call! 1 -800-322-1261
P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, IL 61826-6512 Hours-CST Tech. Support Returns Order Fax M-F 8am-7pm Sat. 9am-3pm 217-355-2785 217-356-4312 CLEARANCE BLITZ All Sales Final. Detectives For Replacemenl Only Amiga Machine Specific Hardware A12QQ: 4Mb SCSI'HAM w' 33MHz 68S32 ..379 SS A2000:25MHz Vector 68030 882 Accel 0 32MB RAM 549.99 A2000: AdSpeed IDE 3.5 HD Interface Kit and Accel ..199.99 A2000: AtfaData 0.8MB RAM Board ¦ Half Card ......69 99 A200Q: G-Force 030 50 50 4'240.4Mb RAM 240Mb HD 999.99 A2000: ICD Ad RAM 2080 ¦ 0 SMB RAM Card .59 99 A2500:50MHz Rocket Launcher - A2630 Upgrade ....399.99 AiOOO 3000: ProRAM 0 64Mb 32Pi! RAM Card ...... 299.99 A50D 2000:4Mo Dem'nger 030 Accelerator .. 399.99 A50O.2Q0Q. VXL 030 25MHz AcceSlerator ..199.99 A500 2000: VXL 030 25MHz Accelerator w-882 .249-99 A500: A501 -Style 512k RAM w Clock and Switch ..24.99 A500: AllaRAM 0,8Mb Ext Expansion w,Pass-Thru ......49.99 A500: InierACT • AppleTalk Network Solution ..79.99 A500: Tnfecta EC 0'8Mb IDE Controller .....199,99 A500: Tnfecta LX 0 8Mo IDE'SCSl Controller 219.99 A600: Auto Kickstart Switch -1 ,x 2.x ROM Switcher ......14.99 Spectrum EGS 28 24 1 by GVP - 1Mb Version .....379.99 Amiga Video Tapes and Books MufEiMedia Workbook ......5.99 VHS: The Ultimate Toaster Guide Vol 2 w Dsk 9 99 VHS: Taming the Wave Pro Training System w 2 Disks ...59.99 VHS The Magic of Amiga Music and MIDI ..... 9.99 VHS: Unde'Standmg S-VHS - 202 ...14.99 Application Software AMOS 3D - Larguage Extension ana Object Modeller .29.99 AMOS The Creator - Basic Programming (US Version' 24.99 Arexx Rainbow Library Series Vol. 1 - Rexx Plus . 29 99 Art Expression - Awesome illustration Power .119.99 B A D. v4 • Ultimate Floppy & Hard Disk Optimizer .24.99 Fractal Pro v5.1 - Art and Animation System 79.99 Migraph OCR vl.l - Optical Character Recognition ......89.99 Ouma Version Control Utility and File Manager ......19.99 Reaper - Parameter Disk Copier .9,99 Saxpn Prp Desktop Publisher v1.2 (New Feb'93) ..79.99 SaxonSchpt Professional - Postscript Interpreter ..79.99 CDTV Titles A Bun for Barney - Ages 3 to 6 .14.99 Advanced Military System - Graphic Reference ......14.99 All Docs go to Heaven - Movie Based Adventure., ..14.99 Barney Bear Goes to School - Early Learning ..14.99 Classic Boara Games - Chess, Checkers 8 SackGamnon 14 99 MmdRun - The Mmd-Teasmg Game for All Ages ...14 99 Music Maker - Play Ajong and Music Quiz .. 14 99 My Paint - Painting and Learning for Children ..14.99 Super Games Pack: Jaifbreak. Byteman and Dealhbots ...14 99 NOWINSTOCk! Real-Time Scanning Displayed On-Screen
* 299.11 w ocr jr. *349.” POLICIES VlSA.Maslercard Discover accepted No surcharge on credit cards. Credit card not charged until order is shipped. S5 COD fee. Cash onfy. Ad prices are subject to change without notice Call for current pricing We are not responsible for typographical errors 15% restocking tee tor items returned and not exchanged tor same Customer is responsible lor return shipping Returns accepted tor 10 days alter invoice date. AlfaColor & Brilliance Combo Commodore Logo Specialty Items 20 Disk Easel-style Fold-up Carrying Case ¦ Blue .....6 99 Cardigan - Blue .. 9.99 Executive Pen and Pencil Set . 6.99 Sweat Pants - Ash Medium ...9,99 Sweat Pants - Royal Blue Medium ....9,99 Educational and Early Learning Software ADI Junior He ps with Counting; 5 7 Years ...14,99 African Ram Forest MyPaint (Inett) Coloring Bock 19.99 Kemeny - Kurtz: Ca'culus ... 19.99 Pamt & Create: Cards. Monsters, Jigsaws and Music ....19.99 Spanish Aud 0 Gallery - Language Tutorial .29.99 Games Atomino - Strategy at the Molecular Level! .... 4.99 Barbarian II by Psygnosis ...... 7.9S Blaster! By Core - Awesome Parallax Arcade Action ......23.99 Btob - Addictive Strategy Arcade Action .23.99 Conquest of Japan Samurai Battle and Strategy ....9.99 Data Disk 2 for Brigade Commander by TIP .3.99
D. gital Dungeon • Complete RPG Utility (Awesome1) .....39.99 Discovery: In the Steps 0! Columbus .9 99 EH - Weird, Wild Fantasy Graphic Adventure ....24 99 Fantastic Voyage - Adventure thru the Human 3ody .....19.99 Gearworks - Addictive Puzzle Solving Inside Clocks ......14.99 Gunship 2000 - Multi-Helicopter 3D CcTbat 29.99 Hook (The Movie) - Peter Pan in Neverland Again ..19.9s PAL Fighter Duel Professional Amiga ... 14.99 Precator 2 ....14 59 Push-Over; Featuring G I Ant - Arcade Mind Teaser .3.99 Red Zone by Psygnosis - 3D Racing Action 14,99 Shadow of the Beast II w T-Shirt! .. 19.99 Shadow of the Beast ill by Psygnosis ....29 99 Spellbound - Arcade Adventure by Psygnosis 4.99 Super Space Invaders ¦ Acco'ade ...14.99 The Addams Family Arcade Game ..... 24.99 The Games 92: Espana • 30 Events! .....17.99 Wild Wheels by Ocean ....4,99 Hardware. Peripherals and Accessories 130M Seagate IDEST3144A ..175 16mm Lens w' Iris (for Wvl410 Digi*View) . 19.99 2 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch ......19.99 4 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch ......34.99 877M Toshiba SCSI-2 MK430FB 699.99 AlfaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner w. Scan & Save Plus .119.99 Deluxe 3 5 Disk Box w Lock • Holds 120 Disks! .S.99 DKB 1202 OK RAM 16mhz 68381 w’ Clock • Amiga 1200 ......139.39 DML Insite Floptical - Internal A20C0 3000 4030 ....299.99 DMIInsrte TODC-3A59 128Mb Rewritable Optical D sk 76.99 Epmark TouchWinctow - Amiga Touchscreen .249.99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 12 Drawing Tablet lor Amga ...195.99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 18 Drawing Tablet for Amga ...295.99 Replacement Power Supply for SupraModerr 2400 (US) 3,99 SCSI Ribbon Cable - Standard 17' Internal ....2,99 AlfaData Storage Solutions Amiga 2000 3000 4000 Series AT-Bus 2008 ...... 84.99 IDE Hard Drive Controller with 16 Bit Bus and up to 6MB RAM Expansion Oktagon 2008 ..139.99 SCSI 2 Compatible Controller with 16 Bit Bus and up to 8MB RAM Expansion. Amiga 500 AlfaPower w 130Mb HD and OK .2! Supports one 3.5' or two Z-5 IDE Hard Drives and up to SMB RAM. Massive Storage Values = Fully Configured) AtfaPower with 130Mb HD and 2 8Mb RAM., 359,99 At-Bus 2008 with 130Mb HD and 0 8Mb RAM .....249.99 Oktagon 2008 with 245Mb HD and 0 8Mb RAM ..389.99 Sharp Professional Products Sharp JX-320 Flatbed Color Scanner ..... 599.99 Sharp JX-320 Transparency Uni: ..499,99 Sharp JX-735 Ink Jet Color Printer 799.99 IntelllFONT Scalable Typefaces - WB 2.0+ Decorative Volume 2 - 6 Typefaces ...... 49.99 Decorative Volume 3 • 6 Typefaces .49.99 Newsletter Pack -12 Typefaces .... 69.99 Music, MIDI and Sound Related Toaster Video Music Box vi 6 - Composition ...49.99 Software by Impulse. Inc. Foundation - Hyper Multi-Media Authoring System .19.99 Imagine 2.0 - BEST SELLER! .159.99 Objects Disk Vol. 2 (Cars, Sci-Fi. Animals...) ...29.99 Terrain ¦ 3D Animated Fractal Topography Generator ...14.99 Turbo Silver Bundle (Includes Terrain!) ..49.99 Visionaire - 2D Object Morphing and Deformation ..29.99 Video and Toaster Related Products ADP Tools Professional 2 0 Animation System 99.99 AG-F70Q-P Time Code Generator'Reader ..... 499.99 AnimFonts 4 by Kara Fonts ... 24 99 ASDG's Morph Plus - Cinema Quality Visual FX ...119.99 Autoscript • Postscript to 3D Translation ....29.99 Caltgari Broadcast 3.0 (or Amiga, , 249.99 Digi-View Gold v4.0 for PAL Systems ....79.99 Map Master for Lightwave 3D.., 29.99 Masterpiece 3D Fonts for Lightwave ... 49.99 MultiFrame for ADPro Multi-Image Video Process ng ... 59.99 Nenki Desktop External Genlock ......99 99 Neriki Imagemaster Pro w-360 Phase Control 199.99 PAL DCTV Pamt. Digitize and Display .....249.99 Panorama v3.0 - Pho:o Realistic Fractal Landscapes ....39.99 Pixel 3D Professional vi.O - Best Seller! ....119,99 Pro Textures Vol. 1 - 24 Bit IFF and HAM Images ..19 99 Sports Objects (50) for LightWave 3D ....39.99 Targa TGA-Lmk for RasterLink .69 99 TBC 230 External Professional Rackmount by DPS ..1499 99 TV Paint Professional for Retina ....219.99 Vttiech NTSC Scanttck Genlock ..399.99 Well ship your next order of $ 99 or more FREE via FedEx Economy Service’ You don't lose any time when you order by 5 p.m. CST, Monday througn Friday, because we'll ship in-stock items that some day. And you'll be loading up your computer in just two business days, reaoy 10 go. If two-day service is not fast enough, we will ship your next order of $ 99 or move via FedEX Standard Overnight' Service* for just S51 We're here to help. Call us toll free, and ask for ext. 400 to take advantage of this special order. ’ Offer good ?nough Jan. 31,1594 and applies to in stock items only. ' Continental U.S. only. ' Offer valid for credit card otters only. ’ Orders over 5 lbs. Incur additional shipping charges. ‘ Does not include insurance. Federal Express trademarks used by permission. SHIPPING UPS 0-5 lbs ..$ 5.00 GROUND 5-20 lbs add $ 1 00 lb over 5 lbs Over 20 lbs add 50c-'lb over 20 lbs Monitors .St 5 00 Computers $ 18 00 UPS GROUND 2ND DAY Call for our low pnonty UPS NEXT DAY Shipping rates! ‘Limited Time Offer' HELP KEY Tim chases away the winter blahs with better modems, bigger displays, and boosted systems. Phone Improvement
Q. I purchased a Baud Baud it 2d 00 modem for my Amiga 3000 three years ago. I'm now experiencing problems uploading files errors appear, then the connection is terminated. Have no problem downloading files or connecting to major networks. Both the manufacturer (Progressive Peripherals) and the distributor (Briwall) have gone south, leaving me stranded. Where can I turn for help ? Wynee W. Tsao
P. ltd id, Ohio
A. Turn right here, Wynee. Vour trouble may not be fault of the modem. The wording you use makes it sound as
o J though the upload problem occurs when you're not logged on a network. This might indicate that the problem is the phone line. Tty to isolate the trouble. If, after doing so, you determine that the modem is indeed the culprit, 1 recommend buying a new one instead ol getting the old modem repaired. Repair costs could run as much as a brand-new unit. Besides, your 2400- baud modem uses dated technology. If you’re willing to wait on a hack- O order list, you can get a 14,400-baud modem for around S100. Mac Warehouse (800 255-6227) is selling the Technology Concepts 14.4 Data Modem (part BND-0249) for a mere $ 99 plus shipping. The modem is shipped with Macintosh software, which vou could donate to a school or give to a friend. Match it to a good Amiga telecommunications program (see “Help Key,” Dec. ‘93, p. 94 for recommendations) and you and your Amiga will be in telecommie bliss. Screen Tests
Q. I teach biology in a classroom equipped with large-screen television monitors. Here’s our problem: Students feed data into a spreadsheet on our seemingly steam-powered By Tim Walsh Amiga 1000, and the results appear on the computers monitor. Rather than let the large-screen TV monitors sit idle, is there any way to direct the NTSC output from the Amiga to the monitors? Remember, we're talking tight budget here! Frank Heppner Professo r of Zoology University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island
A. I’ve experimented with AmigaWorid's nightclub-sized Mitsubishi IA' enough to know that it doubles effortlessly as a composite computer monitor. Because the A1000 (and other Amiga models) are capable of a small variety of NTSC output signals without extra hardware, the input limitations of your large- screen TV monitors will determine their usefulness. First, look on the video-connector section on the back of each of the TV monitors. If you see provisions for more than one type of video input, you could conceivably output directly from the Amiga. While it may sound far-fetched today, both Tandy and Sears once sold large “TV monitors” with auxiliary nine-pin RGB computer inputs. If either of your "IV monitors have such inputs, you could plug the AlOOO's RGB cable directly into the RGB input, set the monitor to RGB mode, and it should work just like a slow-scan computer monitor. More likely, there are RCA-type jacks marked “Video-In,” "Chroma,” or “Luma” in the video-input areas of the TV monitors. If so, you’re in luck, professor. Facing the rear of the A1000, the rightmost RCA-type output jack is marked “VIDEO.” Just run an RCA-type cable from that port lo the TV monitor, and plug it into the video jack, or get a Y-connecior and split the video-signal output between the Chroma and Luma jacks. Noninterlaced lo-res (320x200) color output from the Amiga should then appear crystal-clear on the TV. Best ol all, the output to the large-screen TV will be independent of the AlOOO’s monitor, so students can sit in front of the computer monitor and type, while the rest of the class watches the IN monitor. Finally, if the TV monitors lack any type of video input, and use either an antenna or conventional coaxial cable (not likely), you’ll need to lincl the original RF converter that came with the A1000, or pick one up at a used computer store. Pump Up the A2000
Q. I have an Amiga 2000 that I would like to upgrade. Is it possible to bring this system's performance up to the level of an A4000 040? Rodrigo Espurtia FIT) AP
A. As A2000s go, it’s possible to bring the graphics and speed beyond the level of an A4000, but it'll operate as a decidedly different beast. The first step is to install version 2.1 of the Amiga’s operating system and have the video chip set brought up to date. You can do the former and have a dealer do the latter. Processing speed can he addressed with any of several 68040 accelerators from GVP. While installing one of many available display boards in the A2000 will improve the machine’s video output, you should decide on your primary usage before buying. For instance, if you’re seeking video work, NewTck’s Video Toaster might be the board of choice. To get one of the best values in an outstanding artistic board with a top-notch paint program (OpalPaint) to match, look no further than Centaur’s OpalVision. To keep the nature of the computer intact, you may want to consider Expert Sendees’ retarget- table Picasso II, CAT’s Spectrum, or Impulse's Firecracker. Finally, the latest version of the software for the Retina board from MacroSystem US touts AGA emulation. ¦ We have been the official Public Domain Library of all 'he best Amiga magajmes Find out why those magazines choose us' Thg firs! Two letters on each disk indicate (he orientation of ihe disk: WB* general interest • most programs can be run from ihe workbench. FD* games and entertainment. VO* are video related programs utilities ana Ddu advanced-requrres thorough knowledge ol AmigaDOS CLI Thanks ro our extensive arsenal ot anu-virus software. ALL d our software is guaranteed virus tree I Best Selleh! DD79abed: Amiga "C" Tutorial - Thrs is the most comprohensrvG C language-Am a orisnted-sal oF tutorials ava able includes full working u«ampte*. Source code and an Incredible set of iwsacns. Included are fufl discussions end examples lor Amiga programming a disk set. Counts as 3. Newest Disks WB139: MIDI Perlormanco Manager Utility to manage a MIDI Synthesizer and other MIDI equipment Repo -es WB 2- WB138: 3 0 Extras *2 - Ancrnor ask chocked lull OT jfilities to unleash the power ot Workbench 3 0 and AGA" WB137: The Arcxx Guide - Fun AmgaGuid fine.) Document !o teach you AranlM Tip-fiH«J with easy i-relarencmg! W0136; Terminu* WB2 0* Modem.Terminal program lull featured 5Cr;pt5.'scre inmocJesoverscan efc WBI35; 3.0 Extras 1 - 13- ufrties tor WB 3 0 Several must- naves lor gelling the most put of you? New graphics modes' Wbl 34: 3.0 AGA Blanker ¦ Bl tzBianker for WB3.0- 14drf- ferent aiankers to realty snow Oh yOur AGA machine' WB133: Panasonic Studio Special printer Preferences c-o tor and driver system tor all Panasonic 9 A 24-pin printers Wbl 32: Canon Studio Version 2 ¦ Spec a printer Preferences editor and drivers tor BJC 600. 800 A 680 IBP, A1. A2. BJC 000. BJ 5 10. 20. 200, 230. 300. 130 WB131: Magic Workbench Mike your 2 04- Workbench SiZ2lo wlh style with these 8 co'or dithered tons. Easy auto- inttallS in minutes Req'* W82 04* and hard drive WB130: Tool Manger 2 ¦ The ultimate tool manager tor your Workbench And animated cons, sound effects and 'docks' of programs to your VV3 very useful' Rec. 2 0- anc hard drive. FD92: Blast cm contains Scorched tanks--a tank battle wtn futuristic weapons defenses A 'great' graphics Gaactod is a Gni0«ian Spaee Invaders game completely Amiga-hzed FD91; Popoyc ¦ A clone o! The orgnai C 64 classic- Amga Stylo with enhanced graphics Requires 1M9 chip RAM for PA1 mode FD90: Conquest A Dominion - Conquer the known world and mamta n dominion over il--a microcosm ol economic Survival FDB9: Kastfe Kumqual A thoroughly enterta n ng and challenging maze'adveniure gam-* Great soundtrack and graph iCS Rea'S 1MB Chip RAM (for PAL mods) F088: AmyBouldordash - a cone of the original classic, extremefy wo I done complete witn level edrtor. 2 compete sets of levels and a level editor Requires Workbench 2. FD87: OJCYD- A commercial Qualify game--similar to Marble Madness in nany ways, put allows two computers to tirk A play together, soo how many o' the 200 landscapes yog can com plete without having to get Thu hint book1 FDB6: Uchess The strongest playing Chess program available tor the Amiga per.oc Req 68030*, Workbench?-, 4MB RAM Oi more Supports AGA roq 6MB!) DD92: Developer Contairs the orfioai Commodore develop ers kits for tne AmigaGuide anc Commodore Instal1 Utlities. A must have for ail senous developers Fun Disks FD5: GAMES) - This disk is chock lull of games including, Checkers Clue. Go'O - A mnv slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard An enhanced version Ot Rsk. RushHour - Surprisingly addicting and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Comoat-Tanks and asteroids F07; Pacman ¦ This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMan87. MazeMan and Zomx FdiO: HackLlte ¦ A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-have classic. This is ihe 2nd release of this game Great graphic interface. Play time several weeks' FD11: La* Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps • The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every wnTten for any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One, VidooPoker and more FD12AB: Star Trek. The Gome This is by far the best Star Trek game over wriiten for any computer, It features mouse control, good graphics, dig I zed sound eflects and great game- play Counts as 2 disks. Rea. 1Mb and two drives *or hd). FD13: Board Games ¦ contains Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. DD83: IBM - Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS-DOS software with Amiga programs'!' Come. Comptato with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives ntu 720K IBM compaiibk-t drives Also, check our our PC-Tp*,k emulator on our DevWare V«oeo page' FD17: Educational Gomes ¦ This d sk includes several games tor youngsters including geography, maih. Science, and word games, also includes Wnoel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games ¦ MecnForce. A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robols. Simple wo res can t begin fo give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 toot tall, tire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every v him. FD27: Arcade Games Ths disk is loaded w,:h some greal games Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten (liferent courses. MiniBlast a helicopter gunship typo clore. Shark in the same class as bogrjer and Sbreakout Ihe cing nal D'eakout with more FD31: Games f - Air Trultic Control - a good ATC simulat-on. &ack Jack Lnb ¦ a lull featured sol of card games, ChessTet ¦ p ay chess wlh your Irlend m distant and remote places vnfh this garne and a modem, labyrinth ¦ a we I done ten adveniure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap ¦ a 3d maze game FD32: Flight Simulator - An instrument Simulator for a DC10 FQ33: Arcade Games ¦ Ftreddy a Mario Brothers type of Turn the page and see DevWare Video for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-07591 $ 5.95* ea, 20-29 Disks 'Special** $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a S20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library Guarantee - We believe sa strongly in our procuct that we ofler a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee No questions asked. Game, Gero is a target practice game, P peUne a German imerpretat on cl P pe Dreams. Tron a ignt cyc-es version, aid Wetro dS a woncertu version of asteroids wth a hdahduS twist FD35: Omega (v 1.3) - An outstanc rg dungeon and outdoors adventure game m a simitar vem as hack, rouge, and mpna This version is considerabty faster and better that a'i previous versons Pay time weeks. FD38: Games Chbbage Master - A g-eat crpoage game and tuior. Spades a wet done card came, ChineseCheckers A computer version of this classic. Puzz - a s'rtie p ece puzzle game aid construct on set WB105ABi Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This sat contains the programs Thai should have been Inducted wih WB2- These powerful utiimes take fun advantage cf the many new t&Dat- tss that are nsbbie in Workbench 2*. Incudes Tool Manager - a wonderful utility to add programs to your tool menu. Virus Protection - Degradcr, icon • Enhance* Workbench's 'Show AjJ* to display over 40 dtfttrKl icons for different type* of Wei. Bdfnap Font Editor. Screen Brankers - ata bncTAfs and spinier* and swarming bee*1 Requester Enhancer* and CPUBfif. Two disk set. Codilfs as two FD39A&B: Star Trek. The New GeneraUon - This is a com- pleiely d fferent version O' Star Trek man Thai found on Fdi2. This one was created Py the German author Tobias. Excel lent!! I Counts as two disks Requires 512k FD50: Submarine Game - Sea'ance. Ore and a naif years in The making, = fits is an outstanding submarine tact-cal game Comme’Dal quality, h gh'y rKommencod FD57: Arcade Game* • Includes 2 truly commerc-al quality games MegaBall. An Arkanoo-'Sh game features 5 mus-caf sco'os anc noocting gamopiay. Gravity Attack is a psycnadet- lic trip through several different worlds each different FD59: Gem* Potpourri - Xenan III is an almost e»act done Of the commercial game of the same name...a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists of words & automatically generate woro-search puzzles tor any Epson ccmpat-be printer FD60: Games - In Nebula, race Over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations Interfe'pn; a g-eal Dr Mario done Enigma, is n a game or puzzle FDS1: Game* So ilaro. Great graphics, p ays two versions Kl'Od. An interesting piece ol eye cancy Extreme Violence; 2 player Wl or bo killed game YATC. A Tet'is ckXM wth Arbfical Inteugence Genesis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds FD62; PomF-om Gunner. An extremely smooth and we( done World War II gunner Simulation Req. 1 megabyte cl memory FD64: Games ¦ WiZZy s Guest • a 'great' 50 level game witn great graphics, CubuS - a 3-d mens-cnal Tetris type game (rotate ana move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rathe- lhan shape in This Tetns-esque game. 5 screens and 3 levels Of difficulty Requ res Fat Agnus (' Meg of Chip) FD67; Arcado Includes Llamatron a well-done Robofron Clone Hale is a 'terr.lic' Zaxion clone with multipe lovnls-'worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling . A 10' FDE9: MlndGamea Had enough ot shocl-em up games7 Relax and let these 2i games exercise your mind instead of youi wrist FD73: Arcade Series • Intruder Alert' i$ a MULTl-level "Berserk’ clone Features smooth gamep ay great graphics A d>gritzed sound t-x. FD74: Arcade Series • RmgWar is an ‘Outer Limits' clone with vectorized graphics MotherLode is a Lode Runner" Cone witn 50 levels! In B itzTanks they're coming at you from all d roctions1 Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive' FD75; Arcade Series ¦ Descender is n clone of Ihe classic arcade game ‘Tempest"; compioto with veciorized graphics Tan* is the classic battle ot trajectories and media between Iwo tanks incrod bly well done* Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a eve' editor too. (Tanx requres ’ meg chip memory. Fat Agnusi FD77; Arcade Series - Ga’aga'92 is a done of the arcade game with severat gamaplay enhanceT.ems--witn smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's better than the original1 Pharaohs Curse is a done ot the original C64 dass-c Diplomacy rs a beautifully CompulBfized version of the Avalon Hill board game--conquor Or bo conquered' The AmigaWorld "Best-Of" Set FD68ABCD: AmigaWorld s Be*i - These four disks con- tam the hotiest pd c; ini---. Of '921 Includes Mother Lode. Mona, Mmehetd. Pomg. Intruder Alan. Deluxe PacMan. RocAy and Super Arttttery Dec.. "92 AmlgaVVoridj Four Oi*k sei, counts as rhree FDBl; SupcrGames - Some ol rbebest games.-Donkey Kong i* bettor than the original wirn an extra lever Franfic Freddie and TrailBlazer are both fast-paced arcade games Mao Bomber is the classic game ol "Knboom" redone w.th an Am ga flare All o! These games are excellent FD82; Intrepid in the Arctic -ce. You control a tank on a miss-on to rescue hostages in this suporbty crabed Amiga original FD84: Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the original- 20* mazes, special ’power-ups" with custanr mg graphics ThlnkAmanta is the classic game of concentration with beautifully drawn H Res images Workbench Disks WB4:Telecommunlcotion Tins disk contains several excellent pd communication programs: Access I 42. Comm t 34 8. Handshake 2 12a See also WB!02 & WBU5 Y B5: Font* if* 36 Ditmap lonts Also included are live PageSlream fonts.and SbowFont - a fcni display program. W06: Fonts 2 ¦ SbowFont allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Includes large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pt$ ). WB7: Clip An ¦ Th s C'Sk is loaded with back aid white cap an Art includes, trees, watches, teals, US and State maps and more. WB9; Icons • Truly a multitude of various types and kmcs. Also includes FconMiester. LeonLao. And Others g'est uSltes To
h. alp generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities - This great C.Sk is daded with wonderful utilT.es for everything including making disk labels disk cataloging disk opt.mizmg. osk and * e rocave-y archrve and o-ga- ninng and at sorts ij1 Me man pglalion A must have’ WB13AB: Punter Driver* and Generator - over 70 different drivers (inctudirg HP LatorJet 3 4 4’) a so include; a pmter- driver generator. Two disk set counts as two WBI5; Business This disk conta ins a spreacsneet. A database, a projoctT me management program arq t nanqiai anaiys-s (stocks). WB18: WordText Processors - Tnis cisk ccntsirs tne best eo.td-s. InCiiCes.TextPlus (v2 2$ ) a full featured word processor. Dmefvl 35) a great programmers ector with st-oig macro fea‘ures,TexED(v2 B) an enhanced Emacs type ec tor. And a speti cnecke*. W022: Fonts *3 - Several more great lonts Those, ike ire 0‘ner font d sks work great with Dpaint anc WYSIWYG word processors WG23; Graphics and Plotting • Plot, a 3-D rr.atromaT-cai functon plotter Can plot any user ceLnec luncoon. BezSurf2 - produce awesome pctures cf cn.ects one cou'd turn on a lathe Can aisa map IFF image f es onto ary Surface mat rt can draw. New compatible win most 3D packages, and Vscreen - ma-.es a virtual screen any-where. WB25 Educational - On This d-sk a'e two pr 'airs that can generate maps cf differ ng types Wc’ld Data Base uses the CIA's daia base to generate oetai'ed maps of any ertered user gioDat coordnates Also Paradox a greaT demonstration of Albert Elisten Gonerai Theory o' Relativity. WB27: Nagel ¦ ?6 Pothck Nagel p-ctures o! Beautiful women WB33:Clrcuit Board Design - Several territ-c routines for the etectronc emnu$ >ast. IncUd ng PCBlool - a crcuit boara oesign too'. LogiCLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (i 26; a well cone new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circu.t components for insertion into sen e mates WB35: 3D Graphics T-iis C Sk contains 3Forts - Full vector font se; for use with 3d programs. FontMaker - make 3d fonts (rom any system font, Mako2DShape ¦ create 3d shapes *rom any image. Durr-ptolFF ¦ create 3d animations preserves pair" World3a - a como Of a !»ont end for use wnh DKBRc-noer WB36: Graphics ¦ On ths c sk are several programs to peaie stunn.ng graphical images including. Mpath ¦ creates Swirl.ng galaxy images Roses - produce an urtim tea number c! Vana- tons of images that a symmetrically Similar to a rcse, SrmGen - display tnose spectacu'a' ’mages as part of your wo-kpench, and RaySnace - a ve-ty goad raytracng program, create yotir own oeautiful 3d g*aphx models with mis one1 WB37; Educational - Educations games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics Piotxy is a pcwe-ijl lull featured plotting package Used by many colleges and univers- hes Highly recommenced Plans - a mcredbly well cone Computer Aided Draft ng program, very lull featured Tesselaior ¦ a program that helps generates tamasie look,rg recursive M C Ecsher type pictures WB41; Music • MED an incredibly well done, tui featured muse eO'tOf. Create your own stunning muse C rect y on your tne Amga. Simriar to SoundTracker pul better. Very powerful easy to use program. Version 3 20-COfhpatib e w.th WB2*. WB43: Business - This disk contains Analyt Calc - probably the most powerlui spreacsheet program on the Amga A lull featured spreadsheet with marry features erpected n a conv mer&al package Reg I 2 MB Special Product • New Release!! QT3: The A64 Package Version 3- A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 & 2.0 and now 3 0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64 s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. All-new transfer software! Special price S59.95 -with hardware VVQ46: Clip Art - H.gnRes cl p art wth the following monts - embellishments (borders, cocads ....), people, & Kansoprar-pn WB47: Clip Art - Hires dip art Motifs - bar. Drafting. Summer, animals ana macfood. WB48: Clip Art • Hires esip art Motifs ¦ Ho'ioayS. Music, medical. And misc. WB50: Animation S ven of the best eu'o-style animations or "Demos'. Including - scientific 451. Subway, sunride thrsido- mo tmgn; waves, and woow WBS3; Graphic* - Raytratmg programs generate absolutely stunning real-Stc look rig planes, rockets, buildings . And Surreal Images C-Ligit i$ the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it s kino we have seen to cate. This is easily Dener. And more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in die hundreds cf doi'ars. Alsc, sMovie - a full featured vdoo text tiller similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Titier. Great video scroll.ng. wpes. Spedal effects, and more .. WB54: Printing - This disk contains several routines 10 nela with the chore ol printing Includes Gothic ¦ r-nally a Banner printer tor the PD' PriniSlLd.o -a well impiemenied all purpose printer-utility wilh a very comtortabie graphic interlace and many advanced features. Lila • with ease, print ASCII hies to a PostScript printer, and more WB55r Application - Xcopylll - a lull featured disk cppior, make backups of copy prctecied disks. RoadRpute • f na tne quickest route (rom one Cty to anotner, highway cescnption included Diary - a diary program like 'Dougy Houser M.0". Cal
- a calendar program, Magman - a catabase tailored for articles and publ-cations. WB57t Animation - This disk has several "Demo" style animations, Including, Blitter. Lolly. SunS. Vertigo, vortex, and xencmorph WBG2: Midi Utilities - Several useful midi utilities irclud ng. Programs to transfer to arcf from several music programs to midi, a m.dl sysex handler, a mdi recorder wilh timeoase. Display irufli into, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 - Several h ghly recommended programs to aid in removing cuplicate files Irom your hard drive, oortorrr.mg tile Packups, Binary editing, last formatting, hie ¦ecovery. And forced disk validation ol corrupt disks. WB66: Icons K2 Lot s of neat icons Also, several wonderful orograms that to let you create your own icons, modify and man pjfate icons and info struclures. WB69; Music 90 minutes ol classical and modern electronic music tor you Amiga WB75; Music - over 100 instruments files f.inst) and sample sound liioa ( ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting • Includes Ckbacci » the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCaic - tnis well done calculator has a very large display and operates from me keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your duiomobi'e mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar Check* and .Yq-la! Me - find out what time it >s in up to 50 global cities. WB119ABCOE: Font Sef This cnfrecten conjans over TyOb'uzei fox use wth Fyofessi-jnai P ge’F'ageSen.er 3* i PiageSins-m 2 l*. These toms w-J cuput to atry !as*?r j sr or Oot-manut pmtar with no ogo es Thsflks to oaSine tontr. Ve y pro-lootng. 5 dij* se*. Counts as 4- WB31: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. C3-JKinse program Don : let the ease ot use toot you. This is a ve-y tus featured database program mcJud ng Ml prtnfw comrof lor aooress labels ana mail merge aco'cat-bns Also includes. TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer, Banner. 3 multi-font banner maker, and EuOge: a home acccuflbhg in a program, Hghly recommended. WB82; Animations - Feu- fti’1 length. WeS oane ‘movie* Style animations. Including, Csyote. Jugge-ll. GnostPool. S Median 11 2 Os s. Courts as 1 VZB93; V orkbench 1.3 Enras *2 Contams The utilities that Co-rmoCore shou d have Sh pped wrfh The Amiga: VirusX4 0, Snap. FixDiSk (recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimize- (rioppy A ra-d), Machlll (screen blanker, hotxey. Mouse accei macro, dock utility). GOMF (a gjrcbusrerland Pr ntStudO YrB95; Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Def.r.ltely commerce g'ace. We ve seen many checkbook p-ograms arq tnis s the best, rut.’ budge: ng, transaction reccnj ng 4 reocrt gereraiion. WB96: Dupers - Contains Xccpyltl 4 Nib which w il bacsup copy-protected programs F’eeCopy remcves copy protect on from seve-al programs, anp SuperCuper will crank-out fas! Amga DCS copies. WB99: Lifestyles includes Agene famty tree p-og-am that tracks up :p 600 people marriages etc Landscape '£ a CAD program to create garcens lancscapes Loom s>muia:es an 6 harness loom; experiment witn pattern design with instant ‘eedoack WB1Q2: Telecommunications ¦ Conrans me programs Ncomm 20 and Vtl 00-293 Zm.ocem protccais. XPR protocol supped, fust VT100 emu tion. Ncom-r s scrip! Language is so powerful it can create a fuli-'eatured BBS System. W8106: Home Manager Tnis ‘S a Q'eat aJ-m-One address Pock with an autodaienioiepad 10-00 IrStappOintmen! Sched- uler home inventory database and phone number dater WB108; OotaMED • Tnts D'eakthrcu i program doub es your Amga'5 sound capa&ipps from 4 channels to an ear-poppng 8 cnannels1 Ail me renound editing capab kb as ol MED pus 4 more charnels' If you thought you- Amiga sounded good before . You a nt heard nuth n yet' Wbl09: VerseWrse - Display. Sea*cn anc pdflt The Now Testament WB113: Sid II Why pay 40 bucss ‘cr a creasy utu ty. When tnis cr-e w ; do t ai pus much more1 A Tuiy professcnai-cat* oer prpg-am. Srd i was our cest. New complete1 rewritten. Sd 2 will astound you Wbl 14: Fonts 4 - Contains 36 0 tmap System tents WB115: Telecommunication If you have AmgaDOS 2 04- and a moaem. Then this 15 THE program lor you Term totally conforms to the User Interface Style Guide (or 2 04. Has an Arexx port, and supports a'i pcpuia- file-transter protocols through XPR libraries We wish al programs were (fits good. Wbl 16: Databases - This :s what you've been waiting for' Contains 5 undue y special zkJ database p-og-ams tor tracking. Videotapes. CD's Magazine Ancles, Com.c Books and Trading Ca-cs' Wbl 20: Grinder - a compete g'aphCS conversion package that supports GIF'S. Jpeg. Neocftro™, Degas. PCX, Targa. TIFF HAM-E and IFF format pictures An invaluable tool for aH Ce S ki opvi C eog-a ph ers and desktop publishers. WB118: Amiga Beginner - You zrsncd tor HI A ccmplFie tutor,al tor The beginner on using uro Amiga. Starts you oh a: Ihe power-swiich and rake* you through 10 me CLLShtii and all ponta tn t&rwf&n. Donusf Also included are 16- cakH fcom to replace sve-y icon m your 20+ Workbench, WB121: ProPage3 Enhancer - Th s disk contains over 40 "Genies" fo- use witn RroPage 3.0, including useful ones like Make Pie Ciarr anc Resize Text to fit Box *0 name a lew Also incudes Structured & bitmap clipart for jnique borders,,a must have for an 3 Pa go 3 users Wbl22: System Optimizer - Kcommodity enhances your system, gives memory meters mouse keyboard enhancements. Online timers plus man others Too numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and froppy-disks for a big speed increase. HOMem wti allow you to use up to 2 megs of hard- drive space for v.rtuai memory' (Rec 68020- w MMU) AH programs require 2.0- WB123AB: Flags ot the World • same as Wbl24. But for Workbench 1.3. Raq 1MB 2 diSk set. Counts as two Wbl24; Flags of the World - Two mcdes: czick and leam or a game to test your knowledge Great graphics fantastic learning tool Has current Russia 1 Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2 0- A 1MB RAM Wbl27; Blanker* - Over 20 different screen blanker* Most run on Workbench I.3-. a few require 2.0* WB128: ColorFont* - contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use wTh Dpaint or any soltware that supports CoiorFonts. WB129: Super Virus Killer ¦ From Safe Hex IntT who catalogs and lulls Amiga Viruses worldwide-a complete virus system that knows a:l Amiga viruses...updated often. Ren WR 7* Dev Disks DD54: Compression ¦ This dsk is loaded wrth all ot the best file compression programs and aids tor too Amiga Many ot the programs can be used by the new user Includes Arc. Lharc. Lhwarp. Pkax, PowerPacker a must have by all. Zip. Warp, and Zoo. DD71A8: C Compiler - Tnis disk certains DICE. Matthew Dillon s full featured, powerful C compiler A environment 2 disks, counts as 2, DDB6; The Programmer - Includes GecfToo'.s and REQTools wh;ch will allow you to create your user interfaces arq inert the program will automatically generate 'C* source code or Assembly cods. Requires, and wn;e* code for. AmigaDOSS-. DD89: Uedlt - Probably the mosi powerful !exl editor ever written for Ihe Amiga Previously commercial, now public domain Req 1 MB. OD91: ParBonch - Allows you to easily connect network two AmigasiCDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's custom cable (docs to make cable included-easy). DD90: Advanced Utilities - CompressDlsk doubles the capacity ol your harc-dhve on the fly with compression1!! Also contains: disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility, Keymap editors. Enforcer. Urceleter A more. Most programs require 2.0*. Video Disks V09: Imaging Included on ihis disk are the Indispensable utilities, Rond24, ViewTek and the JPEG utilities Rend24 is invaluable to' 24 DT an-mators allow,ng lor previews on AGA and non-AGA Amigas. ViewTek plays tack anims ol all sorts indue ng Amm S, 7 and 8 formats JPEG utilities facilitate the transforming of iFFs into space-saving JPEG format Dynamic Motion Module ImageMaster R t Powerful multimedia authoring system software. Easily create interactive pre- sentations. Fantastic value for the price! Art Department Pro The invaluable image processing software you $ 74.95! Can': be without All the graphic functions for ycurj image manipulation needs Til 60 $ 144.95 LightRave You can now use Lightwave withoul the Toaster! Lightrave emulates all necessary Toaster functions needed by Lightwave 3D Faster rendering of images than is possible with Amiga-equipped Toaster' T5103 $ 419.95' The easiest, most accurate way to mot ion-animate with Lightwave 3D! Tsosj Crouton Tools 4000 Full Featured Toaster- Syslem Integration and videotape logging tOOl. T5012 New! $ 69.95 1 T3600 T3050 T5142 Call T3051 T1162 T5097 Call T5054 T5052 15098 T5123 T1I75 T1176 T5166 T517S T5143 T5013 T1198 T5067 T5164 T5182 T5167 T1180 T5099 T1116 T3054 T5061
5134. 95 $ 49.95 $ 89.95 ea S83.95 $ 179.95 S 104.95 $ 479.95 ea $ 61.95 $ 94.95 $ 134.95
574. 95 $ 72.95
534. 95 $ 34.95 $ 34.95 $ 89.95 $ 89.95 $ 49.95 $ 259.95 $ 149.95
599. 95 $ 74.95 $ 79,95 $ 134.95 $ 339.95
5129. 95 $ 27.95 $ 73.95 (Mi ta ¦ MONTAGE H A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra I T1074 $ 14.95 Algebra It T2034 $ 14.95 Calculus T1082 $ 14.95 Pre-Calculus T2035 Trigonometry T1093 $ 14,95 Discrete Mathematics T2064 Probability Theory T2060 $ 14 95 TrueSTAT T2061 Get any 2 math pgms T2035 $ 26 95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 Get all 8 math programs Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95! St 4.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 Only $ 134.95 ADPTools Pro is lo ADPro what Lightwave is to the Video Toaster! A powerful. Spfine-Dased animation system providing image processing, compositing, and special effects tor digital video and animations T360Q MXKKJ S O F T W A R E Pixel 3D Pro T1036 $ 124.95 Create 3D logos from 2D pictures and much more1 ANIM Workshop V.2 T5i04$ 109.95 Newest Version1 The tools you need for creating, playing, processing, editing, and also adding sound lo your animations! Use all of ADPros power on any frames in your animations! Pixel 3D Professional + ANIM Workshop Version 2 Tsosa $ 209.95 WAVELlNK Double the speed of Lightwave1 Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time, Also allows file sharing T5155 $ 119.95 WAVEMAKER New! Effortlessly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours1 Saved time-money made1 Complete with a video, useful in demonstrating WaveMakers capabilities (i.e. your capabilities) to your clients. T5159 $ 154.95 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough lor the Video Toaster from Innovision Technology. Your definitive solution for video titling, image composition, and effects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling! Nol available anywhere else! -Stunning Text Attribute Options 24-Bit Graphics Imaging
- Powerful Transition Capabilities * Complete Text Editing Control
• Professional Enhanced Video Output. The solution you need to maximize your creative output with your Toaster! T3053 Montage Fonts I T5015 S124.95 10 exciting professional typelaces. Montage + Montage Fonts 1 Bundle T5055 only $ 419.95 Montage 24 15068 $ 239.95 Montage for owners of 24-bif cards. NTSC or PAL compatible. Montage 24 +Montage Fonts 1 Great Value! T5069 $ 339.95 PC-TASK Ver 2.0 The inexpensive and powerful IBM VGA Emulator solution for any Amiga! (This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga1 PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen- leaving your other Amiga applications free to contin-, ue to multitask. |lt is a software-based emulator and, as such, is not as quick as a hardware bridgeboard. But it is also hundreds of dollars less! PC-Task is perfect for your occasional MS-DOS needs. The faster your Amiga, the faster the emulator will run. T5072 ADPTools Professional OctaMED Professional v. 5 Over 100,000 sold! The premier music sequencing packag and the most powerful orchestration tod you'll find Ccmcare these benefits 64 MIDI tracks, built-in sampling software to create your own custom instruments, standard music notation display mode. B channels of Amiga audio, complete online help with cross-referencing and full printing capabilities Requires Workbench 2*. T5051 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional 4 If you only have Kickstan 1 3. This is for you T4001 $ 39.95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS. MED, OctaMED. Music - X ard Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI T5105 $ 29.95 AMFCP + OctaMED 5 T5102 S79.95 Piano Tutor Rapdiy master the basics of playing the piano Learn to play bluos, rhythm, rock. Jazz, improvisa tional - all of which are the basis tor modern music. Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how to play true keyboard T5093 $ 29.95 Mozart’s Music Master Easily learn music reading and theory1 Includes simple to complex time signatures! T5094 $ 39.95 Moonlighter Software AmiBack PLUS Tools Contains btfh Am BacX and AmBazk Tools Tins is *tho' allm-one ocwrftfjl 0‘Sk namtenanDB paefcago FuG backup and res'cuo (wtft SCSI iai*e support) plus disk optimang CisX urror and Oe«eKJ fi'e recovery T5165 $ 79.95 TAPEWORM FS ¦ Uw fsut SCSI DAT Stt or QIC tape t?i- ves as norma' AngaDOS volumes' Fas! Votune storage1 T5T67 S79.95 Home Manager Pro Organize your life with this indispensable information manager! Taoss $ 29.95 Mac; l 7 lie Music T3ox HomeBuilders CAD Deluxe -Sale Priced! A full-featured CAD program From a room addi tion to a cluster ot condos; HomeBmlders CAD makes it easy to design change and estimate your next project. Includes; Contractor's Upgrade HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuilders CAD Design and Estimating System for Decks. Features include; *20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy to 1 60th inch ‘Supports buildings over 200 stones high. ‘Over 300,000 layers.
• Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor's Upgrade allows you lo have up to 1000 items (instead of 450) per layout Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible Requires 2.5MB of RAM Original list price of over $ 400 00* T4032 HomeBuilders CAD 2 includes all of the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB. Wth hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Original list price. $ 249.00 T2040 $ 49.95 New Incredibl y Low Price! More Power! More Features! Was $ 299! If you do image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R Retargetaole operations gives you true colors on all popular 24-bit cards ancf even adjusts t display to compensate for your monitors shortcomings, so whai you see is truly what you get. Thumbnail Image Support (to select a picture, click on a picture-not |ust some filename in a listing). Modal Use: Interface. Save notes with images. Lossless 24-bit Compression. Automatic Image File Readers to access popular file formats, plus the hottest image manipulation tools ever available on the Amiga...bar none T5100 Information Manager Pro Organize your business contacts and more with this information manager1 Track all business contacts with all information, history and branch out to Project and or Agenda-., -' databases for individual contacts., _ Calendar module schedules from day to day. Month fo month and" year to year. Also Reservations,. Wallet, Invento'y, Area Codes T5I9G A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! CocoonMorph is a full-featured, professional morphing system without the Roils Royce, price. You can load any IFF- image, including AGA for mats, and save frames as 24-, Oil. HAM, HAM-8, or 16-leve! Grayscale T5056 Sale Price $ 19.95! T2033 Amiga CD-ROM AsimCDFS V2 Jus! Released! Allows your CDTV COROM drive to access any ISO-9660, High or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes with Fish Market Disc Collection (up to Fred Fish 900). Photo CD viewer, upgraded Me system, new preferences editor, audio playback system, advanced playback features! T5092 $ 59.95 Ami Nol T5077 S22.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 24,95 Bibles and Religion T5115 $ 27.95 Case Caullous Condor T5079 S39.95 Classic Board Games coiv» T5081 $ 39.95 Clip Art Warehouse T5087 $ 22.95 Color Magic T5116 S34.95 Desktop Bookshelf T5i88 $ 24.95 GIFs Galore 5000 color images T5185 S2455 Graphic Resource T5ii8 $ 25.95 Gutenburg Project T5186 $ 32.95 Llbris Britannia iBV PD So'wart- T5088 $ 54.95 Mega Media T5119 $ 29.95 Multimedia T5089 S45.95 Our Solar System T5120 S24.95 Reference Library T5189 S27.95 Science Fiction Fantasy 15190 S29.95 Super Space T5187 S24.95 Texture City -Over 100Txtrs T5015 S119.95 Texture Heaven Ciki.ii Viii je* T5151 $ 79.95 Ultimate MOD Collection T5184 $ 27.95 World Traveler T5114 $ 24.95 Yes! We WILL carry the new Amiga CD32 Titles! ADP Tods Professional New! ASIM VTR AutoPaini for ToasferPamt Broadcast 3D Fonts Mstr Packs Broadcast Titter II Super Hi-Res Broadcast Taller It Font Pack 2 Cat gari Broadcast Cimamon Toast Fonts I or II Dynamic Motion Module Interchange Plus 3.0 MultiFrame PEGGER Pro Fills Vol I (JEK) Pro Fills Vo! II (JEK) Pro Fills Voi III (JEK) Pro Fills I. II. Ill Bundle Pro Wipes Vol I • 75 Wipes Roll 'Em Teleprompter Scala Multimedia 210 (AGA OK) SMPTE Output (SunRize) Sparks lor Lightwave 3D SurfacePro for Lightwave New! TapeWqrm FS (Moonlighter) Trexx Professional TV Paint Professional Video Director (Gold Disk) Video Toaster User Kbd Oviys WaveWriter (Unili) indispensable colfection ol utilities for Video Toaster users. -Toaster Sequence Editor "Toaster ZjtQ Projecl Editor -FrameStore ” Compressor -AnimtoFX ‘FXtoAnim ‘Color Font Convener. T5Q95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 Desktop Video Software -- DevWare Video has the largest selection of videos and books - below is just a sampling. SPECIAL! Order any 3 videos and receive The Amiga Video absolutely FREE! (Bundles count as one selection.) Now 1 00% Toaster! Your Video Toaster Authority Call lor Toaster System Design: (801) 466-7330 NewTek Video Toaster Tutorials Loarn about ToasterCG. ToastarPalnt, Customizing Framestores, using CG Pages with Digtal Video Ettocts and Luminance Ksyer topics 110 rtm V4Q47 $ 29-95 QuickSlart 2.0 Bundfe 1 & 2 V404B $ 54.95 Gel all 4 Dark Horse Tutorials V4065 $ 129.95 Audio tor Video Production Digital recording, eating Tmfng. And SMPTE time code synchronization are ait discussed and shown m actual use A) major hardware and soft ware packages are Supported and d s-, cussed plus many subjects important to. AwSo voeo production V4008 telephone and, il jy credit card, the Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 ustomer & Technical Support Inquiries: (619) 619-2825 • Fax Orders Questions (619) 679-288" Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. -12520 Kirkham Court, Suite I-AW4", Powav, CA 9206-i UtXcr L*u enc»Vrkii«ic l -r ?U ixJci"-cia 8.3 -, V ioc-j (.r.x-pOll I HaitT-A.l lull ?r».ri i-n! J., pr.Om.1 arc-nrtctt locirrq: flttitxrnilD.x Prvr?rikztrit Vmtnhrr ui IW1 C Money-Saving Bundles Art Department Pro 2.3 * ADPTools Pro T5057 S269.95 Broadcast Tiller II + Font Pack 2 Bundle T5-P76 S299.95 Crouton Toof$ 4000 - ADP-o * ADPToolS Pro T5168 $ 374.95 Crouton Toots 4050 * ADP-o « MorphPlus T516S $ 379.95 Crouton Tools 4050 • ADPro * Mullifratne T5170 S309.95 Crcuion Toots 4000 * Dynamic Motion Mod. T5191 $ 214.95 Crouion Tools 400C r Bars 1 Pipes Pro 2 T5i7t $ 319-95 Crouton Tools 4000 - ImageMaster R t T5‘72 $ 159.95 Crouton Tools 4000 * MONTAGE T5T73 $ 409.95 Crouton Tools 4000 * MONTAGE . MONTAGE Font T T5T74 $ 519.95 Crouton Tools 4000 + Pixel 30 Pro 2 T5T75 $ 279.95 Ciouion Tools 4000 + Toaster Toolkit 4000 T5i 12 $ 239.95 MONTAGE * MONTAGE fonts 1 Bundle T5C55 $ 419 95 MONTAGE 24 * MONTAGE Fonts 1 Bundle T5G69 S339.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 t Tre*x Professional T5itl $ 239.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 + Crouion Toots 4000 ? 7Rm Professional T5177 $ 329.95 Pixel 3D Professional 2 * ANIM Workshop V2 TS160 $ 209.95 Adita Video • Any 3 Videos (Specify) V2093 $ 79,95 Adita Video • All 7 Videos V2Q94 $ 174.95 Amiga Video Vol. I $ II V4059 $ 29.95 DeluiePaint IV 4.1 * Both Dpaint Videos T3073 $ 135.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide * Qpalnl IV Advanced Techniques V2062 $ 34,95 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol I, II $ 111 VA045 $ 69,95 Killer Graphics: DCTV ¦ All 4 Videos V2iSi $ 94.95 SONY EVO-9700 Training I $ II V4012 $ 45.95 Amiga Animation Hollywood Style. Animation 101, How To Animate V4022 $ 4695 Mind's Eye. Beyond Mind s Eye V2C&4 529,95 Mmd s Eye, Beyond Mind S Eye. Computer Animalior Festival V4061 $ 44.95 MacroSystemsUS Studio Print The premier printing utility for all Amigas! T3062 $ 64.95 Multiframe (tor ADPro) The professional's tool for creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. Apply ADPro's single-image processing power to any and all frames of your animations. T5098 S74.95 Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities and take your Amiga beyond AGA with this 24- bit graphics card. T5129 S549.95 TV Paint Professional The premier 24-bit, real-time graphics paint program for Toasters Amigas. T5099S339.95 Vlab Y C 30 fps video digitizer. 2 composite inputs. NTSC PAL T5l 62$ 469.95 Sparks Particle animation system for Lightwave 3D...particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity1 T5164 $ 109.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro Bundle Get both of these outstanding products and save! T5163S829.95 Animation Graphics Software 600 Amiga Fonts T3077 S24.95 600 Amiga Color Clips T5144 $ 24.95 Aladdin 40 (Aapsec) 12031 $ 254.95 Art Department Pro 2.3 (ASDG) T1160 S144.95 Art Expression t Soft Log ik) T2032 $ 139.95 Brilliance (Digital Creations) NcwItsois $ 144.95 Caligari 24 (Octree) T305e $ 249.95 DeluxePainl IV 4.1 Tt03i $ 99.95 DeluxePaint IV AGA T3058 $ 109.95 Distanl Suns 4.1 (Virtual Reality) Tt006 $ 62.95 Essence for Imagine 2.0 T5O20 $ 49.95 JmageFX 1.5 (GVP) T3OG0 $ 239.95 Imagine 2.0 (Impulse) Tn?4 $ 179.95 Morph Plus (ASDG) T1067 $ 139.95 Panorama Picture Perfect Fractal Landscapes T5021 S59.95 Professional Draw 3 (Gold Disk) Ti095 STT9.95 Real 3D Professional v2 T50« $ 389.95 Scenery Animator 4 T5022 $ 59.95 SyncPro tuba $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus T5O20 $ 169.95 Tre** Professional Tmbo $ 134.95 Vista Pro 3 H097 S64.95 Voyager 1.1 Sky Simulation T1162 $ 64.95 Wiit Vinton's Playmalton (Hash) tim? $ 299.95 Music Software FRCU Blue Ribbon Bars & Pipes Pro 2+ msa S224.95 One Stop Music Shop tsics S589.95 PatchMeister tsics $ 64.95 SuperJam! Tubs $ 84.95 SyncPro thbj $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus 15020 $ 169.95 The Ultimate Animator's Bundle for Lightwave Crouton looks 4000. Hrtlmnce. Dynamic fJoSco Modute. Pi»e1 3D PrclctiJOn.il 2. ANIM Wivfishcp
2. WaveMakc-t ADPTocte Pro Art Dcpanrtwra Pm OoQOal com tMtedestpficesoio rSJ&xr T5180 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology The ony how-to. Hands on guide to using the Vdec Toaster Fo -cw step-by- step instrvctcns that reach you how tc use me Voeo Toaster to create pe ecr 3-D logos, static .nd travel ng mares ana 3-D animation trom CAD files Learn to unlock me potential ot the Toaster oy ratoscopng ana combining ToasterCG ToasterPamt and Light- Wave to create stunning visual effects Just added a?e two supplementary tutorials talcred fcr Toaster 4C-C0 users Learn to master the alpha channel with Lightwave. Toasie'Pa nt ana ToasterCG. Ana to ratcsccpe from RAM Bonus 2 disk set Rled win 3-D objects, a beveled 5 color ?ont set. Arm wipes andd>p art. Bi C6 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition B104 $ 41.95 Steo by-step approach, useful programs as examples, clear presentation of Arex* controlling PostScript. Thorough references for all Ahexx instructions, functions, and application program commands Mastering AmigaDOS 3 bi5i $ 39.95 A musl have for the ArmgaDOS p’ogrammer1 Extensively documents AmigaDOS 2. 2.1. and 3 Mastering Amiga AMOS b?5i $ 39.95 Learn tyhe fundamentals and the skillful shortcuts fo great programs. Covers the new AMOS Professional. AMOS. Easy AMOS Mastering Amiga C 8*52 $ 39.95 The definitive dook for learning C on your Amiga1 Covers all major compilers, including Lattice SAS. Mastering Amiga System B153 S46.95 Learn to handle tasks ana processes, work with libraries. Incorporate IFF graoh.es and mere W,disk Mastering Amiga Arexx 6:54 $ 39.95 Get a complete understanding of the application con trol advantages of this powerful language W'disk. Mastering Amiga AssemblerBtss $ 39.95 With companion diskette. Mastering Amiga Beginners bisg $ 36,95 A must for those users who want more man the Amiga manual offers! Animation - Entertainment Computer Animation Festival New Release1 M ramar brines you 2T award-winning compute? Animations mnang hyrrcr. Adventure, song and fantasy into 45 oniena'n- mg minutes. V2Q35 S17.95 The Mind's Eye V2043 S17.95 Beyond the Mind's Eye v?044 $ 17.95 History of the Amiga Sole! V2042 511.95 The Amiga Video New Release! V4C58 $ 14.95 DevWare and The Burgess Video Grout) has put together this anoorizor video on being proauctive with you? Amiga, you will learn tips on morphing with Morph Plus ana ImageMaSIer. Mage process ng with Art Dept Pro. Desktop publishing with PageStream. Word processing with Final Copy is, animating with Real 3D, tps on Delj»oPamt IV. And much much more 55m ns The Amiga Video V2 New Release V4039 $ 19.95 This second "appetizer" will gvo you T.ps on graphics and video (‘ecu usng imageFX ana Dpa nt tv Mj.timed-a scrip: con sen with Hyper Boo-., (on: man pgiation w.tn TypoSmfi, plus a gude to AMOS and more video Kps 55 m.ns Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Best 3s ’er' From Myriad Visua Adventures, a complete course in roar time animation fo' video n demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in high resolution, us ng base software and re-.it.vey inexpcn live nafdware. Pari orw snows ycu a variety o! Animation teChniques-wth humor. Pad two shows in detni- how tho animations were made V2078 $ 24.95 Amiga Animation - Hollywood Style Learn classic. Hollywood.Disney-siyte techr. Quas us.ng DetuxaPaint (V and Disney Animation Studio, trom renowned Am-ga animator. Gene Hamm Especially for artists who are computer novices and compjter users who don't draw with a mouse 30 minutes V2051 $ 19.95 How To Animate f SatoPn ¦’ Relevant to novices and in termeoiate users alike. Pick up hoiplui tips and techniques on usmg De*uneP*'ht:V trom Joel Hagen. And using Lightwave 3D from AfttidaWarkSs Lou Wa! Ace 45 m n V2Q59 $ 16.95 The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder How to buy the camcorder and accessories that are righl lor you Use your camcorder to its 'uiJest advantage How to maintain your camcorder, gg mms. V2CB6 533.95 How To Shoot Video Like a Pro How to eliminate that amateur look Learn the key fundamentals o1 composition Bonus' ¦ How to transfer your s aes ana ola home moves io video. 50 mins. V2O07 533.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Loam now wnen and wty to use cc"ec: pann r-.g ana zooming tecniiqjes 7 key steos *or good continuity. Much more V2C8S 533.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get gre fighting with least amount c egu pmc-rt Overcome Datklight ng Creative Shooing ircubngnignnLmevideO freworks.and using Liters. Features neeceo to? Souna Best m Tcphones Do aud>a dubb'ng a-a m xirg 5Q m nulos V2C89 533.95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Create o’oouc- torts us ng cc.nsumer equipment ana hc-w to 'snoot to oat", wnich makes eddng vloecs a srao! 90 mm V2090 S33.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get better con trpl in edimg Leam what krnd of equipment to buy Learn editing theory, insert sr.a Assemble editing. Setup for best results 90 mrns V2091 533 95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techniques used by tho pros Editing incus. Sp it edits post production us ng Am • gas Toaster and miners. Time base correctors. A, B roll. Time Cobe, Decision Lists and mare as performed in Adila s studio 120 min V2092 533.95 Get any 3 tapes in the Super Videos Series V2093 Only S79.95 Graphics Imagine 2.0: The Detail Editor Made Simple Now! Datapath's first mtease m their 'Modeling W th riraQmu* series. You wi I team ho-w to create a scene from start to finish Each tool (s covered in detail. Discussions range from using the onion skin leature to apply laces, grouping, .airting, and. Taking slice objects, to advnncod topics bbjeds Iftst bend and using magnetism io create argsnic fo( j c*jecis, 170 min V4050 $ 36.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With Brilliance Just Released! Creale pro-looking logos and freehand art for Broadcast Quality video productions! 51 mm. V4063 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I. Th.s tutorial senes will teach you how 1o create teller g*aoh,os quctey and easily w tn trie most cur- rent version at DCTV, us.ng real projects as exampes 54 minutes V2073 S26.95 Killer Graphics: Animated Logos wdh DCTV volume II How !o create animated 3D logos Step by step e-* arrples V2095 $ 26.95 Killer Graphics Vol. I & II Bundle V209! $ 49.95 Killer Graphics Volume 3: Special Event Graphics with DCTV Special Even! Procucor take note! Learn how io use DCTV to digitize ana enhance images for weccirygs. Birthdays, and other specie! Event productions V4C44 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics Bundle - a I 4 V2T91 S94.95 Dark Horse Productions The most comprehensive, information- packed instructional videotapes on using ihe Video Toaster. LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us Volume 1: Flying Logos Hew! Covers prasteai moc-i irg ar>C animation techniques io? Th© pro vfleogriipncr 2 hr$ V4Q5G $ 44.95 Volume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New! Swimming sf.apks swaying troos Uso Banos ta roa!- isucai y an mate a-mcst anytfvog V4ti0 $ 44.95 Video Toaster QuickSlart Tutorial 1 ycu will 'earn about Prefe-erces & Projects. The Swtch©' & Digits5 Ehects, Chroma FX, Custom Fx. Lum-nanca Keyer Basics. TEC o? No: TEC..." 20 rwv V4Q46 $ 29.95 Video Toaster QuickStarf Tutorial 02 Hardware One ol the hottest and most reliable manufacturers ol hardware tor the Amiga. External 3.5" Floppy Drive Master 3A-i N. 8SCK w disable switch. The cn.y anve com- panbte wrri-ia:i Amga models1 T33f4 $ 75.95 Hand Scanner T3D:e $ 139,95 JS 105-1MF With Migraph TouchUparvJ OekiiePaint III trcm EA Up 10 400C*)-. 105mm scan widn. 64 hatftonos Hand Scanner 13317 $ 189.95 JS-t 05-1MP* Eest value1 Newest version of Migraph "Touch Up" V3.07, Migraph OCR arc Dpaint IJ, Upgrade Mouse t3jio $ 25.95 GI-6CON Tho Amiga market's bosi soiling mouSO Optical Mouse ran $ 43.95 GI-6C00N ruliy optical, no ban la cieai win mousepad Mouse Pen rata $ 45.95 JP-6CN 250 dpi, iigbl and easy to use. Unicorn Edmcatiqnal We made a special purchase ot those programs at a remarkable pnee and wo ra passing tho savings on• All titles had originalpnees ol $ 49 9$ io $ 59 95‘ All About America Ages 6-11 T2C41 $ 16-95 Land of the Unicorn T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures ot Sinbad Ages 9-14 T2043 $ 16.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9+ T2045 5T6.95 Fraction Action Ages 6* T2C46 SI 6.95 Kindcrama :srescf!ool to First T2047 516.95 Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T20-S6 $ 16.95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2CW0 $ 16,95 Read-A-Hana Grades to 3 T2049 $ 16.95 Read & Rhyme Ages 5-6 T2059 $ 16.95 Tales from the Arabian Nigbls Ages 9 14 T2051 SS6.95 The Logic Master Ages 10-Adu!t T2052 516.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12T2C53 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages S-14T2C54 516.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2C55 $ 44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 69.95 Get all 12 Unicom Tides and Really Save!! T4051S1B9.95 codes of ihe items you would like to order (i e V2040. T2C38. WS13A&B) and The price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date A mail to: DevWare * 12520 Kirkham Court Suite1-AW47 - Poway, CA 92064 For orders containing public domain only add $ 4 00 Canada: also add 5 25 disk. Foreign: also add S.50 disk tor air mail. For ill other orders: U S A add $ 5, p us $ 1 lor each add'I unit shipped Canada add $ 7, plus $ 1 for each add unlt-call tor book shipping Foreign. Cail for shipping into. All caymans in U.S. !unite an!y. CA residents add 7 75% tax 15% restocking foa on all returned commercial products. Prices subject to change without notice No: responsible tor typo's A minimum ol $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. Taming The Wave: Exploring NewTek's LightWave 3D Take advantage ol Lightwave's lull potential with ins most complete LghtWave 3D Tra n ng System you'! ‘ no anywhere Tn*s sc ut>on teatures 3 hours cf D-2 masterect video On two tapes with detaned explanations on every major LghtWave cptort ana hun-3'eOS O* stunning animations wriTten . And e rected ty David Hopkins, a nabcna) LightWave columnist and Amiga industry veteran V2Q74 Sdle! $ 74,95 We have so much more than we can list here. Call us for our free catalog. It has more videotapes, more books, more educational software, more video gear, software and accessories! How To Order... From DevWare Public Domain and DevWare Video: Write yoLf name, shipping address, daytime paymg b card's billing address Then list the product goldenIMAG 3 GVP DM 934
429. 99 DM934 499 99 Ct 5-475
109. 99 D12T09 929 ,C0 Dl2ll2 ai9.co 95572 44 55 GVP 3000 & 4000 Products ICS ZH 2 I Graphic* w l MR I GS 28'’ i M. 2MH I O FatFNUFR "" IlH Plu. With SMP11 New*. , luipim sMPit Nl PIK ULMSl H.r.i 3000 4000 Enhancements © 325 99 64 99 GVP 500 Products New A1200 Products 500 System Upgrades
M. II I lAPYNMl IN W I lilCk A60I EXPANSION W I Mil A600 600III) IA HI) V 2MB 4600 6001 ID CARD W' »MB
F. XSTRAM U 1 MB FAYTRAM If JMB FASTR YM l ‘MH F AVI RAM ll I MB I SYSTEMS Making Technology' Affordable Since 1985 A2000 UPGRADE* 2000 GVP Products
5. V I X11 RN M I loppy I Irisr 39276 IMBYTE x 8 t «0MMMs 93693 A1200 UPGRADES
412. 11) 11 RIIO- No memory, no F=U 4M0y1es RAM. No FPU 4V0yte5 RAW 40MHz FPU
• 2JU I I Bill). 11 Sellr. 40MDZ SOMfiz I 20K SCSI RAM I'm I 5 0MII A1208 M si II M PI I S iMR 349 99 479 00 579 00 519 00 699 00 214 99 429 99 New’11 J ¦ MAI YlUrx 1 prcw S SI C13116 $ 169 99
D. AlAllycr Eapmt ID! Cl 3120 $ 159 99 DM Flyer F.prrtt SC SI lDI C13130 $ 193 59
J. 5" LxilRN.Yl I I OPPY DRIVE. 3 5'Exiemaf Drve 69276 84 99 IMUY 11 * 8 t HW SIM Mi 93633 CALL nil.FDOI POYVi H SI PIM Y 92833 59 99 1 Hll M 1 Y son 1 X 013566 CALL 500 Memory Accelerators OERR1NGLK0W 2SMID 010359 28959 DFRRINCERUR) 50MIL, D1G419 549CO MlGY MIDGET RATER Ci 0*396 39995 SI PRATT RBI) 28 for Y50Q DlCC-47 $ 149 90 Sl’PRAR AM SOU RX »iih 1 MIG it 503 RX w-1MByte 94016 124 95 i Mbyte UpyaoeKii 97312 £4 95 Sl PRYRYM Sim HA «iih 2MHyic 503 RX w.'2MByte 94029 164 99 2V5>ie UcsraC« Kit 97278 99 95 pt.nus*. Socffl ¦T 12 A l U)l k Ci 5509 27 99 Dlvll 1202 ?10373
159. CO IW 1 1 AT Gal'GI 50MII . ?1C405 55900 MICROBOTIC s I ipjimon Iiojii|%. Lot Ui r Y 1 *00 No FrU with C-OCk C15195 139 59 14 Mhz witnCloci Ci 5203 14&59 25 Mhz vrth C'ccr Cl 5227 21959 50 Mhz w-tn Oocx Cl 5234 339 99 lASTRAMK 1 MR ?10240 74 99 I AST RAM l ’Mil Cl5519 M999 1 LSI HAM H AMR D10254 169 99 1 VS 1 RAM IT »MB Cl 5527 199 99 A 1 PI It 1230 lOMHr D10642 CALL AIPLR 1 2.10 SOAI Hr D1C651 CALL A IptR S2 C10663 CALL AMIC.ADOS 2.1 A500 A2000 (Rot $ Sdlwa-e) 96335 79 99 AMIG Yl)l IS 2.1 1 PCRADt l-;r A500 A2000 2 34 ROW owners Cl3e5B 42 99 HI ,Y(.M'S, IMIIYTI 96553 34 99 St PI II DI NIM 81'» 96572 44 95 LA " I.YII.RNA1 1 loppy Dtivr 69276 B4 99 500 Emulators POWT.R IT HOARD 96620 269 95 PC 286 MODUI f for GVP 57713 CALL GVP AA4W IMI'.ACI M HIES II HARD PHIVES A5QO-HDB*OM8 No HD D10565 1B900 A5O0-HD6-OSO If C14065 329 99 A500-HDB.CMB T20II 0003? 37903 GVP Y5M I I'HBO A (III HATIHl s I)RIVI A530 Combe •SCMjBO II 05072 529.00 A52C with 120 MB Hard Owe C12376 899 03 A530 with 170 U8 Ha rd Owe D12213 £39 03 G-FORTL ACCEJLFRITOK RAM Upl.UYDIS 1 Mbyle. 60ns SIMM Cl 0376 39 95 aMByte. 60ns SIMM Cl 0969 229 99 PC72HI. MDDHU. I»i 1AP 97713 79 99 500 Enhancements A600 UPGRADES D10717 D12229 Cl 5468 D12121 D12132 DM442 DM452 600 Memory Accelerators C13503 64 99 C13510 69 99 Cl 2288 CALL C12294 CALL ?10240 74 9? C15519 M999 D1C254 169 99 Cl 5527 199 99 600 Enhancements 54 99 CALL External Hard Drives for A1200 and A600 DATAFLYER
3. 5 Inch 22E)! IDE Drives Offer More Megabyres Less Money A larger selection of sir.es, speeds, and price. Easily connects lo the IDE header inside the computer. No modifications required. Very small chassis. Use with without internal 2.5 drive. Optional PSU. SC-51 soon. DATAFLYER XDS 100MB 01129) 2-1959 DATAFLYER XDS 130MB DM301 27959 DATAFLYER XDS 20DMB DM315 309 59 DATAFLYER XDS 340MB DM329 -129 99 DATAFLYER Low-Cost SCSI Interface The Diitttfli er -400051-25 is a complete package. Includes a DB25 cable kit and an internal 30-pin cable In enable operation with either internal nr external devices. The Dntoftyer -KMWsi includes exlra long 50-pin cable to install internal drives. Can add the D825 cable and connector kit. DATAFLYER 4000SX DM105 99 99 DATAFLYER 40005X*25 DM118 104.99 DATAFLYER DF4-DB23 CABLE KIT _DM120 9 59 DATAFLYER The Ultimate Hard Drive The Dataflyer 105 AT is the latest, fastest and smallest in removable media. DATAFLYER 105AT Dl23?6 47500 expansion I O EXTENDER C15476 ICO 99 2000 System upgrades BltiEOOT 2000 Power Supply D10063 12999 Mill IO V 2000I X C13576 CALL YA'llRDsYNL SI M Interface 66673 99 95
3. 5'Ecema' Dnve 69276 64 99 2000 Memory 1MBVTF. * a 1 SO Sl.ALM* 93693 CALL 2000 Enhancements Sl'PRA 11 RBO 28 for A2hhi DiC0$ 4 $ -4999 AM 1G ADDS 2.1 A50&A2000 (Ran S Soffwate) 96335 79 99 AM II .ADDS 2.1 I PGRADF Dr A500 A2000 2 04 ROM cwr&rs Ci 3658 42 99 A-MAX It PI US C‘2654 339 99
3. 5" EXTERNAL Floppv DiKe 69275 64 99 GVP IMPACT SERIES II II ARIY DRIVE G I (IRCi 030 40MH 680JO A TF.1FR.41 c iRs CttrfcoOKMOWM 99175 559 00 Cc~CO03£~tQ4Q-‘-L170 010630 52900 G IclRCl 040 J3MHr 68040 AC.CFJ ERATO RS A2Q0O O4O-3S33'4M70 D1063! 124903 IORCF RAM, I MR Mini 00076 69 95 TORCI RAM. >MB liOns Cl0089 22999 Fl.S 28 24 G(jphit t* 1 Mil DM984 -29 99 IGS-2K 2-1 l.rjphi.s w2.Mll DM984 49999 Fl.S I lll 2-i (.uphin u iMIl D12097 199903 I (,s-110 24 GntphiLi WHM1I 0*2010 229903 Fbi.Plus wiili SMI’TE 012109 92903 I BCIMus withoutSMl’l L Dl2l 12 61903 YMIGA s.'O A IDIO All API 1 R 75283 29 99 IX IV 31683
2299. 00 DIGI-A'lt YX All D1AST,YTION 57 387
149. 99
• ¦ Fl.s 110 21 Graphici w 4Mft D12CG7 199900 " 1-I iS 1 111)7 1 Gr iphii » w r8.M II D12010 2299 00 G 1 11 k liDm 1 .Y 1* Cl 3621 339 00 IMPA 1 VISION 2 ) 95867 999 00 OsiiorA! Ac pier fw A20CO 95677 55 99 Kill HI N VYNT |W MU 94366 1259 CO OPAl VISION C11915 CALL PI RSI IN Al Tbl IA Cl 3009 53=99 III H l.l N Pll S 94183
- 59 90 VII ill) 11I AS IT R 2.0 566 55 CALL AIDII) IDASI 1 R tIKK) 010723 CALL AIM I) 2 . Ci 3436 2699 DO A'lDI AMIGA 12 Cl 1625 123 95 JJDI AMIGA J2 HI ?10034 139 93 11 Yrt Pits HI 5637
749. 93 COMMODORE PRODUCTS AZUll) 1.5 Ini. Flop, drrie tor ’ftlMl 97688
99. 99 A Al)|0 1.S Int. Ilop. Drive for 11KMI 94173
99. 95 AAWI lltpljtertn INT. DlllAt C12554
179. 95 KX-Pl 123 A571C6
193. 95 KX-P2123 A72449
233. 93 KX-Pl 1241 A57M2
259. 93 KX-Pl 624 67444 345-95 KX-P4410 Laser A71365 53333 S1 All NX-1001 90695
136. 99 NX-2420 Pa noow A51C47
259. 00 NX-1040 Ra noow Cl 2275
154. 39 SJ -144 Co or Printer A96222
433. 99 GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING SW 1 PROFESSIONAL P.YGI. 1.0 93154 199 33 PROEISSIDNAI DR.AAA 1,0 Cl 2064 139 93 Page4 OtJraw 3 0 B-nje Cl 2072 179 33
• Alt 1 HI 1* I. Prlli l.ssloNAL 52135 147 99 Com.ers.or Kit 52149 52 95 I HRILLIANf l. Cl4563 139 93 in'sisT.ss r.AHD makfr 96933 39 35 Oi liRM.YGK CD ROM > Jipjrti D10360 34 93 TOMIT SETTER 51B15
19. 33 NYQl I S J l)HI LS FOR AMIGA N SLAG 44MBy» Edema! Drve A5342o 425 55 66MByte Eitemjl Drv,-e A57222 499 95 44MB)1e Cartridge A5C553 79 55 66MByte CarlnOge A52672 10995 MODEMS & FAXES S1PRAMDDT M 7 *i>0 96667
69. 99 Modem Serai Cable A42447 12 95 si PRA MW'MODEM EXTERNAL FAX-Modem v 32d.s 97154
249. 59 Mil HD RM) F.XTFRNAL 1 i.i FAX MODEM incudes Fax Software DM185
244. 99 1 1 HMINI’S Modem Yolmire DM192 4 99 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES Hll III Mol SI Y PAD 94074 34 95 EllGI) |OY.STICK from VtlC.O 76253 '4.99 1 XI 1*1.1 1 RACK 1RALK1IALL 96994
39. 9S 400 DPI HAND SCANNFR Cl563S U9 95 I PN(I I V Ml S( YNNT H Cl £450 799 00 VIII >1*1(1.1 1 PSOV IS DRIVI R C1536S M 5 99 (repwred for tre ES600 Scarre*) IBM JDYsIH K I'm 1 HI AIT. C15532 13 99 IIISI HI S Mol SI INI 1 III YC 1 Cl 5535 1399 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE 11 K. All 1 1 . 1 INI MORPH I 111 I’M PAIN | | ill! 1 1 XI PAIN 1 l AC.A A tre. Nill’XE A 11)1 O* III iIMAGE E X »I.A MORPH PI I S PROVIDI OC T. 1! C13760 C12522 94997 C13277 79452 DH461 C13143 Cl 1391 ?11871 95170 239 23 59 39 107 9$ 124 39
99. 95 239 99
144. 32 111 99 JT. TAKI * W 11)1 O DIR! ( 1 OR 64 99 133 93 AMIGA MUSIC & SOUND AM AS V ’.O includes MIDI interlace 65334 83 99 The COPYIST 90700 21995 DIGITAL SOI Nil Ml DIO H. New design, enhances fealures' D10446 93 33 Ol 1 l XI MLSK 11 Cl 5-537 79 93 MIDI INTE.RFAC I Cl 0669 34 99 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI II, l K *2.U 94057
44. 95 AMOS 1*110 1 OMPII 1 11 D10269
39. 39 AytOS I'ROl I .SSlO.N Yl D10275
74. 99 >iml'DI S IC'D ROM lilr Tiii;ru! Yf.i D12257
49. 39 Dllll IORY DPI s Cl -469-3
- 35936 34 39 IIYPI IK Al HI PRO Cl 5625
34. 59 Jl YRI1 III1ACK Cl0564 41 39 (Jl ARTUlRAl K Tiuh Drluir D10360 54 39 SXS.C COM i’ll I 11 Cl 2252 234 =3 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY EASY AMOS C149I3
34. 9? 1 IN Al OPY ir C12607
79. 35
I. OE 1) DISK Ol III 1 90052 119 35 GDI D DTSK Al 1 IN ONI ?10316 14 99 HOI 1 INKSA.I.I C13526 4639
* i* » SCALA 500 IIOMI IIIIIR 97001 93 93 i SOMA MM210 D103S0 239 93 BHOAlXLASr INI I R 2 89565 133 93 Bill) AIK AST INI 1 It ft. Hr. D10292 23=93 lilt ANIM A 1 ION SI t DIO 93126 42 99
l. SM Nl 1 Cl 4904 49 99 ENTERTAINMENT AIR St l‘l*iIK 1 Cl 1042 23 99 BLAST HI C12351
33. 93 Bll 1 S TOM A I D (.-YAH Cl4057 32 33 III A* K ( RYPI 96263 31 95 nr ADI III III SI INY D11900 46 99 III AM All D11338 49 95 BODY lit n A s D 4 0122 39 93 III Al DR|N C13210 39 99 1 .AIII 1 1 AA is C11065 29 99 cash is 94677 54 55 cash i s 11 Cl 324j 34 99 CIVIl l AEION Cl 1092 39=9 CONQULM Ol | APYN Cl 343C 34 99 DARKSFFO Cl3737 39 99
1) 1 S| HIM Klkl C133C4 31 93 Ol M H D10758 36 93 Dunfmn M.mer 1 linn S[rikr* C12772 23 99 1 Mi HI.YIN Ml M A Pyk C15630 44 53 Ineudas Sjace Ace Dragon's La r .'.'am of tie Dem.cn FIRM SAMURAI D10H6 24 59 GL NSIIIP ’000 D1C541 3=5= HE1MDAI 1 C123S7
19. 99 HIRED GI NS DI0236 34 39 A complete, high- powered, all-in-one package lor the Amiga, Choose from (he word-processor. Daiabase. Spreadsheet, graphics, or utilities modules!! Mini-Office Cl4932 S69.99 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE PRESENTATION SOFTWARE I'm Al.l M S I! Ii IMAGINI 2.1) movii1 si ni it I* U.l s I HI AM PERSONAL IVM> 1*1X11 ui piidi i in i l ai in i i Is 1ST S PRO .1.0 D10166 134 95 90166 174 99 81824
19. 99 C1 -*870 139 99 1 DM162 72 99 SSIONM C14670
139. 99 1 Y 2.0 C15403
57. 99 94118 54 99 MAXIPI AN * Cl 1379 93 93
M. WIS III YCON D10367 36 53 PH AS A It Cl 1079 4=95 PROPER GRAMMAR 94440 51 33 PROYVHin ,vt A.A 63222 $ 4 39 sRASI PIHSON Al i 012067 93 99 SI PI TillXSt ¦* PRO C14194 163 99 11 T RFXX PRO ?12070 134 99 AMIGA is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga Ire.. MOTE; Due to publishing leaddimes. Product prices and specifications are Subject io change without notice
* AF0, FP0 AK, HI. CM. VI, GU. And foreign orders are suited to additional shipping charges Q Utilizes AGA C15 32 DT0534 96939 95390 92225 C'5332 97799 0*0978 Cl3252 C11343 010033 D10973 Cl 5029 c 1411 a 98099 6*5552 010106 D12056 D1217? 96271 90767 Cl 0636 C11857 0501*56 D51503 C50795 9550*5 D10955 D10352 C1070C D10172 Cl3908 98058 C1S116 INDY JOVE r.YU VI LAN I IS JSItAR PRO ( C. V) JOHN l VOOLN I OOIUM I 5- s I MNJ V IMPORT! 1J MMINGS Li MMIXOS II I III I KlIII s HNKv LI KJIV 1 OKI)!. OF TIME 1 OS I T R FAS. Of I'm OCOM I OS I V IklNGH MANIAC MANSION MANSI | I 'SWI D.C IIWIT.
- MA.NSl l.i.VS Al. V V I IISIO.N Mtf KOI Lvt.l 1 HAM livti MUNOI'OI V O CI.NI HA I ION D YD lOiikl OW'D iCIucb.mk) POPITI.OUS II I’Ovvlkmonger Hah IIOVO TYCOON SIMF.VRUH SI ! I PVX VI Kl H SpAC I I I t*i NI IS f .1 I¦jtiir'1 llllltl) It! II II
VX. Ak in ihc GULF WAIiI OUDS WORLD I IHC I I I OOI (I Oil .VI >00 jinl V-iIKJOi Callfor Complete List Only $ 2 99
• AMIGA STARTER KIT Kindwords Fusion Paint Indiana Jones F40 Pursuit * AMIGA DISCOVERY BUNDLE Kindwords Deluxe Paint Ports of Caif Quality Color PrfrrtM- EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE C11581 95218 63134 010167 Cl 2566 34 567 Cl 0552 AMY'S FI N 2 3 BRIDGE 6.0 DINOSAURS ARE I OKI VI li DISC'D Vi HV I'JtUNNYPIlOM Ml S SURABIILL S11 I WAV V RI IDK III 1 SVI W III Rl IN I1ILWORI I) |s C ARMEN SVNLHLGO! VVHFRL IN LI ROPE; WMLRE IN TIME; VVHFRF IN MIL USA; N*w S£144 Com-Prb&r A96222 .....$ 49939 PLUS SPECIAL SALEt NX-1040Ma mimm Phmttr......$ 15939 Canon Color Printer 1&8 HBIIon Colora ter only $ 59949 Hot Software Deals!! Only SJ99 Only $ J C)99 MICROTEXT Graphics * R0B0C0P 3D TETRIS * VIRTUAL REALITY STUDIO The GRAPHICS STUDIO * MYTH FONT Set 1 * PAGESETTER Where in the World f' n p v is Carmen Sandiego? Money Mentor _ CALL FOR COWLETE LOT Toshiba CD Drives
• 330KByte second Data Transfer Rate
• 256KByte Cache
• Multi-session Drive
• SCSI Device 1 ' j
• 200ms SccessTime " r~ -? TodtaCSHKNI WmiDitvt mm f«M9 IMIiCMOHEdmlDriii mm (HUB* High-Density Amiga External Floppy Drive Fun School Specials have been developed to help children wilh specific areas of learning.All the programs are colorful, fun environments lhat children respond to. Merlin’s Maths DI1809 $ 26.99 Spelling Fair 1311815 S26.99 Paint & Create D11794 526.99 TEKEX Price HARD DRIVES We carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! IDE and SCSI Hard Drives Ac:ess TEHEX Price Hard Drive Description Mbyte W H Time For the Amiga 1200 600 Notebook Size! Conner CP2084 85MB IDE Drive A99013 Rated AmigaWorld The only ALL IN ONE single board SOLUTION for the Amiga 1200 that provides superior ACCELERATION NETWORKING SCSI Controller
vm. Vbaunemok _D10405 599.00 Shipping. Handling, Insurance Order Amount Charge less than S19.99 S5.00
520. 00-S39.99 S6.50
540. 00-S74.99 S7.50
575. 00-S99.99 S8.50
5100. 00-S149.99 S10.5D
5150. 00-S299.99 $ 11.75 S300 & Over 3.5°o of Order Quantum =!Sl27AT£.$ 127S Qyantum BS170AT BS17GS Quantum GTM270AT QTM270S Quantum QTM525AT.OTM525S Ssagate64 Seagate ST6145A' CD780 5189 52 C11793 5159.95 A72751 $ 284 59 A96242 $ 649 00 AB54S2 $ 149 99 A93736 S299 99 A950I3 $ 199 99 A9S027 S259 99 Cl 1922 5155.99 C11933 $ 20999 A 96523 $ 269 CO A96534 $ 649 00 Conner CP2O04 Conner CP2124 Cable only icrAoOG, A1200 Required Kit fc-r A500 Required idt fcr AfiOG'Al200 ‘ No! Cc-ToaSt-ie with A6C0 A85743 $ 8 99 95748 $ 134.50 C15262 S34 99 Why buy just a word processor when you can buy a desktop publisher for the same price? FAGM8ttEAMZ2 (MMVmdm Pagestream 22 is the 1 Amiga DTP program, We have exclusive arrangement to provide you with the same great program and manual, but without the glossy box at a savings of S220! Find out why Amiga World gave PageStream their Experts' Users' Choice! Includes coupon for upgrade to PageStream 3.0 for SI25! _ C10679 $ 79.99 FAGMTMilf 2,1 Myato Buy this full copy of PageStream 2.2 now and receive a coupon for a FREE upgrade to 3.0! PageStream 3.0 will include over 1000 new features gradient fills, AGA color, recordable Arexx, PANTONE support, and more fonts. It can even load P oPage files. Hurry when 3.0 starts shipping it will retail for $ 395! Includes coupon for FREE upgrade to PageStream 3.0! D14174 $ 16999 Conner CP2124 120MB IDE Drive $ 9 :o99 4 For die Amiga 500 "N GVP A500 HD8 010565 Computer Express 56800 Magnetic Drive, Mishawaka. IN 46545
(219) 259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 iVe gladly accept mail orders! Prices and specifications subject to change. Order Toll-Free Nationwide Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Ad spec Programming Commodore Business Gold Disk. Inc. 167 Arch Street Machines 3350 Scott Blvd.. PO Box 13 1200 Wilson Drive Bldg. 14 Salem, Ohio 11460 West Chester, PA Santa Clara, CA 216 337-1329 19380 95054 215 431-9100 408 982-0200 Advanced Micro 800 662-6442 408 982-0298 Interlacing 292 Shirley Road Computer Systems Great Valle)' Products Shirley Associates (CSA) 657 Clark Ave. Southampton 7564 Trade St. King of Prussia, PA SOISHL San Diego, CA 92121 19406 England 619 566-3911 215 337-8770 70-351-1164 CompuYid Haitex Resources Advanced Systems & 5455 SW 8th St., PO Box 20609 Software Suite 250 Charleston, SC 29413 1329 Skilcs Miami, FI. 33134 803 881-7518 Dallas, 75204 305 448-0839 214 239-2000 Heifner DevWare Communications American Software 12528 Kirkham Ct. 4451 1-70 Dr. NAV. Distributors Suite 11-A 17 Columbia, MO 65202 502 K. Anthony Drive Poway, CA 92064 314 445-6163 Urhana. II. 61 SOI 619 679-2825 217 384-2050 Hollyware Digita International Entertainment Amiga Professional Distributed by 13464 Washington Software Company American Software Blvd. PO Box 24 Marina Del Rev, CA Golden Beach Digital Creations 90291 Queensland 4551 160 Blue Ravine 310 822-9200 Australia Road. Suite B 74-91-9190 Folsom, CA 95630 ICD 916 344-4825 1220 Rock St. ASDG Rockford, IL 61101 925 Stewart St. Digital Processing 815 968-2228 Madison. VV'l 53713 Systems 608 273-6585 1 1 Spiral Drive Impulse Florence, KY 11042 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Axiom Software 606 371-5533 Brooklyn Park, MN 1668 East Cliff Road 55444 Burnsville, MN 55337 DKB 612 425-0557 612 894-0596 50240 W. Pontiac Trail InnoVision Black Belt Systems Wixom, Ml 48393 Technology 398 Johnson Road 313 960-8751 1933 Davis St. Gasgow, Ml 59230 San Leandro, CA 406 367-5513 Electronic Arts 94577 800 TK-AMIGA 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. 415 638-8432 Byrd s Eye Software San Mateo, CA 94404 INOVAtronics 9001 North gate 800 245-4525 8499 Greenville Ave., Blvd., 135 415 571-7171 Suite 209B Austin. I X 78758 Dallas, TX 75231 512 835-1811 Elite Microcomputers 138 Turner St. 214 340-4991 Central Coast Port Reading, NJ InierACTIVE Digital Software 07064 Devices A division of New 908 541-4214 2238 Nantuckett Ct. Hori ons Marietta. GA 30066 PO Box 164287 Expansion Systems 404 516-0248 Austin, TX 78746 44862 Osgood Road 512 328-6650 Fremont, CA 94539 Interworks 510 656-2890 43191 Camino CeV Design Casillas, 11 Spring St. Gemstone Group Suite B2469 Reading, MA 01867 64 Hollywood Drive Temecula, CA 92592 617 924-0209 Madison, VI 53713 608 221-4968 909 699-8120 C Hackamas (Computers PO Box 769 Godfrey 8c Associates Clackamas, OR 97015 601 North Orlando 503 650-0379 Ave., Suite 103 Maitland, FI. 32751 407 539-0752 Legendary Design ()ptonica So ft Wood Inc. Technologies 1 I lie Terrace PO Box 50178 25 Frontenac Ave. High St. Phoenix, AZ 85076 Brantford, Ontario laitterworlh 602 431-9151 Canada N3R 3B7 Leics LEI7 4BA 800 247-8330 519 753-6120 England 45-555-8282 Summagraphics MacroSystems US 60 Silver Mine Road 17019 Smuggler’s Oxxi Seymour, CT 06483 Cove PC ) Box 90309 800 729-7866 Mt. Clemens, Ml Long Beach, CA 48038 90809 Team 17 313 263-0095 310 427-1227 Marwood House, (iarden Street MegageM Pre’spect Technics Wakefield, West 1903 Adria B 53. Rte. Lotbinierre Yorkshire Santa Maria, CA Dorion, Que. WF1 1DX England 93454 J 7 * 2K0, Canada 11-924-291867 805 349-1104 514 944-9696 514 424-5596 Terra Nova Merlin's Software Development Distributed by Visual Psy gnosis PO Box 2202 Inspirations 675 Massachusetts Ventura, CA 93002 Ave. 805 652-0531 Micro R&D Cambridge, MA TriMcdia 137 N. 7th 02139 60 East I liiuz Road Loup City, NE 68853 617 497-5457 Wheeling. IL 60090 308 745-1243 708 520-0730 800 527-8797 R & DL Productions 40 1 .iss Road Utilities Unlimited MicroBotics Wappingers Falls, NY 3625 Brave Drive 1251 American Pkwy. 12590 Hike Havasu. AZ Richardson, 1*X 91U298-8968 86406 75081 602 680-9004 214 437-5330 ReadvSofi 30 Wertheint Court. YideoWorld Migraph Unit 2 8 Ardoch Gardens 32700 Pacific 1 Iwy. S. Richmond Hill, Ont. Cambuslang Suite 14 Canada 1.4 B 1B9 Glasgow G72 8HB Federal Wav, WA 416 731-4175 England 98003 11 -64 1-1142 206 838-1677 Realsoft KY Distributed by Virtual Reality Mindscapc Godfrey 8c Associates Laboratories Distributed by 601 North Orlando 234 1 Ganador Court 1 he Software Ave, Suite 103 San Luis Obispo. CA Toolworks Maitland, FI. 32751 93101 407 539-0752 805 545-8515 Natural Graphics 4603 Slate Ct. Scala Inc. Visual Inspirations Rocklin, CA 95677 12110 Sunset Hills, 809 W. Hollywood 916 624-1436 Suite 100 Tampa, FL 33604 Resion. VA 22090 813 935-6110 New 1 lori ons 703 709-8043 206 Wild Basin Rd.. Wacom Technology Suite 109 Seven Seas Software 501 SE Columbia Austin, TX 78746 PO Box 1451 Shores Blvd., 512 328-6650 Port Townsend, WA Suite 300 98368 Vancouver, WA New Media 206 385-1956 98661 15375 Barranca, 800 922-6613 R- HI] Soft-Uogik Publishing Irvine, CA 92718 11131 South Towne Xctec 714 453-0100 Sq., Suite F 2804 Arnold Rd. St. Louis, MO 63123 Salina, KS 67401 NewTck 314 894-8608 913 827-0685 215 ST. 8th St. Topeka. KS 66603 Software Toolworks 913 354-1146 60 Leveroni Ct. 800 843-8934 Novato. CA 94949 415 883-3000 Octree Software 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View, CA 94043 415 390-901)0 92 Ftfbriuny 1999 AN AMIGA 1200 TWICE THE SPEED OF AN A4000 030 OR A3000 SYSTEM??? PURCHASE THE 50MHZ ACCELERATORS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!
• FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES* ‘NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* CSIl's 12 Gouge Accelerators 33Mhz wIMMU & SCSI Board 499 50Mhz wJMMU & SCSI Board 599 A super stable accelerator & SCSI controller built for the Amiga 1200 with an optional newtworking controller coming soon 30 ACCELERATOR VXL3§) 25& MMU Mhz$ 160 4GEC Mhz$ 225 33 Mhz& MMUS225(Vxl 32RA MB$ 179 w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU $ 364 w FPU $ 299 8MB S54J 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000! SG9051A 40 Seagale CN SG9077A 65 Seagale WD SG9096A 85 Seagate SG9145AG 130 Seagate SG9235AG 235 Seagate FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & lOMB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bus
• True Zorro 111 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file system & dynamic caching software
• FAST SCSI - II DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 30001 Pure Speed is Only $ 525 nor 4 1 133 799 909 1215 1049 129 139 39 55 289 89 CALL CALL 249 39 R4000 68040 @ 40MHZ Call for latest pricing!
* EGS Special * Spectrum W 2MB $ 499 A1230-40-00-4+DP P-II A1230-50-00-4 + DP P-ll A1291 Stingray 68030 40Mhz 40 4MB 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 499 699 89 625 1099 Image F X Upgrade EXPANSION SYSTEMS Baseboard 601C 69 Dataflyer XDS 0MB 75 W 170MB Hard Drive 259 w 270Quan!um 339 Baseboard 1200C 25 Baseboard 500 OK 85 Xramboard w OK 75 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb 149 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 Express SCSI 165 500 Express IDE 155 500 Express SCSI&IDE 189 500 SCSI&JDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 399 599 499 Insider (I W 1.5M RAM (A1000) 2632 w 4Megabytes MegAChip 2000 500 w 2MB Agnus Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A KwikStart II (A1000) SecurKey Security Board 3128 A30QG 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB w 4MB 159 89 99 39 69 Kitchen Sync Opal Vision 2.0 DCTV-NTSC Retina w 4MB Vfab Y C Vlab Int Ext Comp Piv 2001 Deluxe Paint IV AGA Morph Plus Art Department Pro Scala 2.11 Video Director Caiigari 24 Aladdin 4D Video Toaster 3.0 Upgrade 799 Video Toaster 4000 1795 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 459 499 Light Rave 399 Hewlett Packard Printers HP 4SI 3195 HP 4M 1975 HP 4 1459 HP 4L 675 HP 4ML 1079 ,HP HIP 899 A4000 Computer 040 CALL A4000 Computer 030 CALL A12Q0 Computer 395 w 40MB HD Installed 535 w 65MB HD Installed 559 W 85MB HD Installed 619 W 130MB HD Installed 699 w 235MB HD Installed 799 1942 Multisync Monitor CALL 1084S Monitor 229 A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard w 1.2MB High Density Floppy & MSDOS 5.0 199 2 MB Ram For 2091 80 Janus 2.1 Update 45 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 69.95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 59.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables gg Beetle Mouse 29.95 External High Density 169 CD 32 NOW AVAILABLE Zool CD32 39 Mean Arenas CD32 39 Troils CD32 39 Robocod CD32 39 Call for other available titles DPS Personal TBC III 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 849 DPS PAR w Software 1599 SEAGATE SG3655A 599 DPS Personal Component 449 DPS Personal V Scope 699 1249 375 274 479 449 379 499 1845 119 139 139 199 129 119 249
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 32.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28,95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18 95 CIA (8520) 8.50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kil 45 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 45 Superbuster (-11) (4091) 99 Ramsey (A3000) 99 Fat Gary (A3000) 49 Super Dmac (A3000) 99 Amber (A3000) 79 A3000 Daugterboard 99
S. ? Ttytpuidc 'Hocv- 4v Uia6lc 95 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA M1230XA ACCELERATOR 68030 25Mhz CPU wIMMU&Clk $ 249 68030 33Mhz C PU & FPU & Clk $ 299 68030 SOMhz CPU w MMU&Clk $ 379 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz FPU wJCIock $ 125 68882 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock $ 135 68882 RC50Mhz FPU w Clock $ 249 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) $ 239 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) $ 339 105MB IDE $ 449 105MB SCSI (Cart+69) $ 495 44MB Cartriges $ 65 88MB Cartriges $ 99 External Versions Add $ 89 V y 179 29 69 99 449 1 IVS Grand Slam 500 229 287 Trumpcard Pro 500 139 225 Trumpcard 500 Pro 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus 149 Trumpcard 500 AT 164 Sourcer Switching Power Supply 99 Moviemaker 799 AUDIO A500-HD8+0MB 52 299 A500-HD8+0MB 85 345 A500-HD8+0MB 127 375 A500-HD8+0MB 270 499 A530-T urbo+1 127 585 A530-T urbo 270Q 699 A530-T urbo+2 270Q 799 A4003-HC8 + 0MB 149 SIMM32 1M B 60ns 69.95 SIMM32 4M B 60ns 199 SI MM 32 16MB 60NS 1299 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 169 G-Lock Genlock 375 A2000-IV24 Adapter 55 Sunrise Industries AD516 Digitizer (1 Gbit) 1189 AD1012 Digitizer (12Bit) 479 AdlDE 40 MB HD vyvtem for Amiga 500 System 239 AdlDE ©0 MB HD System for Amiga 500 System 279 Flicker Free Video II 239 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES Vxl 0KB 180 349 DJ1200C 1459 DJ500 319 DJ500C 419 DJ550C 619 DJPortable 399 Scanjet IIP 969 Scanjet IIC 1320 TBC+ w oSMPTE CODE TBC+ w SMPTE CODE IV 24 Impact Vis. CT IV 24 Impact Vision 2.0 IV 24 2.0 Upgrade 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) Cinemorph Software Phonepak VFX 2.0 DSS8+ Sound Sampler I O Extender Extra I O Port Image F X DERRINGER 25 25 1 w MMU,FPU&RAM DERRINGER 50 4 W MMU.&4MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 500 Bigfoot Power Supply 1200 Bigfoot Power Supply Slingshot A500 (1A2000Slol) Slingshot Pro A500 (Gives An A2000 Slot w Passlhru Micro R&D CSA All Speeds Available 1x8 10Q-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 80-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 80.60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 80-50ns Page DIP 19+ 1x1 120-70ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-6Gns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms 149+ 2x32 Simms 299+ 4x32 Simms 699+ 8x32 Simms 1299+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st Warranties Quantum=2 Years Maxtor=2 Years Maxtor 245 LPS SCSI IDE 249 Maxtor 345 LPS SCSI IDE 359 Maxtor 540 LPS SCSI-2 649
- 6300RPMs & 8.5MS ! Quantum 52 (Low Profile) 99 Quantum 127 ELS 189 Quantum 170SCSI1&2 225 Quantum 270 SCSH&2 295 Quantum 525 SCSI1&2 575 Quantum 1.08GSCSI1&2 849 Micropolis 660 SCSI 1 &2 499 Mlcropolis 1.3G SCSI1&2 649 68030-RC-50 w MMU 149.00 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 135.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 129.00 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 95.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 99.00 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 75.00 68030-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 68882*FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 80387-25SX (Bridges) 69,95 Crystal Oscillators (All) 10.00 SupraRam A500 w 2MB 149 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 149 Safeskin Prolectors 15.00 Xtractor+Chip Puller 10.00 Kool-lt Cooling kit A500 39.95 Qwika Swilcha 4 sockeled ROM selector 39.95 Power Connectors CALL SCSI HD Cables CALL hp ii, HD. Up. In, hid, up AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 110.00 Board with 4MB 195.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 149 HP 4 (8 Meg) 295
2. 5" A1200 600 Hard Drives LASER PRINTER MEMORY MATH CHIPS, CPU's &FPU s
3. 5" HARD DRIVES Accessories MISC. MEMORY CHIPS ALFA DATA 139 159 225 299 399 A IfaData Crystal Trackballs 49 Mulliface (2Ser 1Par) 89 Alpha Power A500+8 IDE W 40MB HD w 0M8 235 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 836-6174 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Circle 189 on Reader Service card Please Understand Our Policies VISA M ASTUR Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice! 15% Restocking Fee On All Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Be Replaced With Same Item. Call 302.836.4145 For Approval KMA0 Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise, No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Date. Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is S5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. Ram Prices Change Daily InfoMarket N C E D SOFTWARE ADVA b r a r t t* s i $ $ $ Amfyi Rcpr* SorvfcoG Staring at $ 36.00 Parts Spectate A500 kumd dM> 4S.00 e373DcrB02a95 204 Ffcm 26SS Now A2000 63 Molwbcerd 30900 W tnbon 29900 INTERNATIONAL BflOUP Atso makers of Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI-II DMA controller for the Amiga 4000 A1200 MotwbcenJ 29999 Rare fcr cawt-g A1200 mdhr- board fcwcrkn A5C0 SI 955 A4000 Mcthabcard 5® 00 System Spectate A12D0w24OWB SS99 v 340 M3 harddrive 799,00 A4000WO 2299.00 A2000S 599.00 § Motacrtxxrd swnpouta A50Q79S5 A2000189.95 A3000219.95 Ftepbcemsrt boards are refurbished wih same rev and dips Bards rrud be n repairable cat* dim BLIZZARD BOARD 500 RAM Board Accelerator for the A500 ' Increase Performance by 200% 4* Expandable up to 8 Mb RAM tf 14MHz or 7MHz Selectable f 512k Shadow Memory option A2000 Keyboard 59.00 Phone 1-800-967-1073 J & C Repair Rockton Pa. 15856 S99 BT OWQUT SALE Tel = 2 1 4J239-2000 T echfax(214)821-3464 Circle 173 On Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-B00-248-29B3 • 803-681-5515 Now the only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source lor more than a DECADE of quality service. COMPETITIVE prices on NEW or used CPUs & accessories, upgrades. Replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery SAVE MONEY with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranly on parts repairs & quanlity discounts Weekday Hours 9.00 am-6.00 pm EST REDUCE COSTS Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. VideoScan Genlock and Video Syslem lor Amiga Computers ? 2 Models * NTSC & PAL, Broadcast Quality Video, Composite and S-VHS. ? Compatible wioth Internal Genlock like Video Toaster. ? Special Effects Generator to Create Amazing Graphics Videos. ? Professional or Amateur Use. Most Competitive Price. ? Dealer Inquiries Welcome. CompuVid, Inc. 5455 S.W. 8th St. 250 Miami FL 33134 (305) 448-0839 FAX (305) 448-8017 Circle 180 On Reader Service Card. ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES and 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT - 24-BIT IFF ¦ HAM • Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion ¦ Brilliant Color Call or Write lor order form, price list & sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 BFTTER CONCEPTS. INC. HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 CD RONS 17 BIT 2CD B O.H SET - $ 12.84 A]HINETCD_$ 15*5 DEMO CB I, II or III _ *28 5 CD PD I, II or III _ $ 3535 That's What I Call Caines I or II _ $ 29.95 LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS Software Support Int. 27(10 N.E. Andrescn Rd. Suite A-10 Vancouver Wn 9H66I
(206) 605-1303 AMIGA - C64 I28 - IBM SOFTUJRRE If you think you can’t afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we carry the lop I (X) software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why Ihousands of computer users choose us as their one slop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry'. Call or write for your free copy! Cl IS PROUD TO PRESENT OUR OWN CD ROM COLLECTIONS! SEXUAL FANTASIES-First XXX Adult CD for the Amiga! Over 600 MB of animations, pictures, stories, games & morei ... $ 39.95 DTP CLIP ART 4 FONTS CD-Over 600MB to use with your DTP program ... $ 29.95 PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. AGA Cjtiktij f KG } disks filed with latest AGA Gtikt M programs! A nuat for* al ?... *9.9} AGA f TKG IO disks filled with jreht AGA turode aos, animations S' piCS? A nuat see package! ... Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. UtAt y pr AGA ow Hardware Amiga 1200 4000 Amiga CD32 Please call for prices Call write b>r free catalog or send 55.00 for Disk Catalog Sampler, Fred f ish catalog. Pal Booter, and Kick 1.3 lX-grader (Includes latest version of Vims (Inker) Newest Tacks February Specials AmigaWorld Nov ‘93 "Best PD Utiltiiies" SI4.95 AmigaWorld Dec *93 “Best PD Games" SI4.95 AmigaWorld 1992 1991 “Best PD Games” $ 14.95! AGA Pack ft I (Demos. HAMS pics, utilities) 514.95 Clipart Portfolio (15 disk classic, was S59.95) 549.95 Bible Search (S100 program, now shareware) 514.95 OX YD “An exquisite puzzle game” - AW $ 2.95 Many new AGA games in stock CDRom CD32 saftware VideoCD movies AGA Fractals flajaa* I diik filled with AGA fractal and plasma generators! Awesome *qht j ... *2.00 AGA Viewers Disk 1 diik filed with AGA viewer a! Includes View VicwTek
2. 0 & Mostra 2.0 ... *2.00 GaRIS, GAKC5, You want lo play frames? We have our own compiled collection Cortwtint; of thousWs of commeroal fjjJ.ty 5»"es for as low a-. Ill} per disk? Lodtsksamplcoflatest game*... ill$ } our”owimslcs Fred Fish (10 disk minimum) S1.35(lowesi price ever!) Send clteckAnoney order or call with Visa Mastercard. S&H software only: Add S-l.fX) US Canada, add $ 7.00 foreign. COD add $ 4.00. $ 20.00 minimum COD order. Hardware: Please call for S&l i amounts. [Zippervvare 626 S Washington Seattle, WA 981 (>4(206) 223-1107 CLJT AKT PACKAGES &&W asstd cLpart for DTP! Nobody can beat our choose subjects & we io d.sks=i7.9} 50 diskj=?5l 1} d.sks=)2.y5 IOO disksc??.?? We distributor, but a Developer? Don't be fooled by our bocus competition. We are ihe best tor less! We will always beat I be competition? Only no t pnees! You Fill the disks! Circle 176 On Reader Service Card. ¦bMJfTJNG AL>D * ~Wc carry a full W of Am qa systems & jroducts donq with lOOO's of PD disks dV Adult totertament. We dso beat all competition prices- Send for fuH descriptive paper & disk catalog alone with a Sample disk from our coioctiorc Jt A o~ For Amiga A600 HD & A1200 2MB, 3MB, & 4MB 1 ¦ 800-CARDS 4 U r b O r CALL NOW TO ORDER!
- l-800-25AMIGAA O ¦i- Wl NEW MEDIA CORPORATION Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 453-0100 Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. 94 February 1994 InfoMarket VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel. CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB 8MB A4i)UO 32hit SIMM-70 SI 69.00 169 338 A4000 32hit SIMM-60
179. 00 -- 179 358 GVP SIMM 32-60
189. 00 _ 189 378 1x8 -80 SIMM
49. 00 98 196 380 1x8- 70 SIMM
50. 00 100 200 396 4x8- 70. 80 SIMM
159. 00 159 318 4x8- 60 SIMM 179,00 179 358 256x4 - 70, 80 PG ZIP
5. 50 88 176 348 256x4 - 70, 80 PG DIP
5. 50 88 176 346 1x4- 70 PG DIP, ZIP
20. 00 80 160 300 A3000 Ix4-70.SC ZIP
21. 00 _ 168 336 2x32 SIMM 70
379. 00 .- _ 379 4x32 SIMM 70
799. 00 _ _ __ GVPA500HD8 + 120
399. 00 499 599 789 GVP A1200 SCSI
229. 00 419 609 GVP A1230+ Turbo
329. 00 t 519 707 GVP Digital Sound 8+
99. 00 SOFTWARE.SPECIAL Call for other lilies Sim Life ...35 Plash Back.. ....35 Alr Bucks 1.2,.33 Hired Guns.....33 Sleep Walker.,.35 Space Hulk......35 Walker .....28 Syndicate... . . 35 Don Relit 8 Frontier ElitcII.35 Pin Bali Fan ....33 Chaos Engine...35 Pin Ball Faniasv AGA..... ...35 S-nil iff AGA 38 ORDERS only: 800-735-2G33 i |cod| INFO & TECH: 408-899-2040 »nd AinltbllriT n| rnxtlKU Fm: 40M9M760 BBS:408 25-6580 1ubj«( la C'.h.ngr Wllhmil Nnlicr Circle 06 On Reader Service Card. AMIGA INTRODUCE YOUR PRODUCT TO THE AMIGA MARKET TODAY! AMIGAWORLD's InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products lo reach over 100,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as
B. Dalton Bookseller and Walden Books. For more information, call Heather Gurnard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924- 0113, or fax a request to 603-924-4066. GAME Z$ NE America's Only Amiga Games Magazine DON'T MISS OUR 2ND ISSUE FEATURING Elite 2 Frontier, Zool 2, Jurassic Park, T2 Mortal Kombat vs. Body Blows Galactic SMTMTH ORISON SAMPLE ISSUE $ 4 + $ 1 S H 6 ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION $ 19.95 SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO: 103 IV. California 6. Urbana. IL 61801 VISA MC 1-800-32-AMIGA Circle 184 On Reader Service Card. V A&M COMPUTER REPAIR - AUTHORIZED SFRVICF CENTER I We service tlie ENTIRE Commodore Amiga product line. Experienced & authorized | technicians. Replacement and repair parts available at low prices. Wc service nationwide. I 'call for details f Repair "- C A500 - $ 56.95* C64 - $ 35 C128- $ 60.00 A2000 • $ 79.95* 1541 - $ 45 C128D - $ 70.00 , A3000 - $ 95.00* 1571 - $ 55 Call for others j_A40Q0 - Call SX64-S70 35mm Slides Negatives 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides All Bitmaps up to 1650 xllOO MS-DOS, IFF, IFF24, Ham, Framestores High Speed Modem Transfers * BBS Support 'Dealers call for Special Quantity Discount |***FREE ESTIMATES*** A&M COMPUTER REPAIR . _ , 24 Colonel Conklin Drive j24 HOUR TURNAROUND Stony Point, NY 10980 I [___1 L? FJ J4 1 0 2 (914)947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 ' Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Isakaa" CALL 715-856*5627 *'MC VISA accepted. Of Write GRAPHIC MPRCSSIONS POB 254 WAUSAUKEE, Wl 54:77 GN1R. Productions Inc. 3835 Richmond Ave., Suite 138 Staten Island, NY 10312 NORTHW6ST PUBLIC DOMAIN CD Rom BonanzafN 2021,2622 - More Imagine objects. 2837 - Operation Firestorm Game 2838 - Ork Attack Game. 2850 - Gorf - trie Classic Arcade game (PAL) 17 Bit CD Collection voL 1(2 Cds) $ 50.00 NEW! I7Bit CD Collection vol 2 (1 CD) S2S.0G 178it CD Collections 1&2 only S65.Q0 948-0893, ict: nfiir*.! Xciv Assii.s .irr, 6 imo DisksiCaJI for free list!) ASI 139 - The Big Game, Bat Dog. Amiganoid ASI 140 - Fatal Mission 2, Chronic the Hodge Heg, and Megawor m ASI 141 - Black Dawn. Reversi II Gold Rusher. ASI 142 - Rueda, Galaxy '93. Courtroom. ASI 143 - Intense. Xatoms Pontoon(Cardgame) ASI 144 -BrainShave, Nibby Nibble Rejection. ASI 145-Puzzword KungFu Charlies. Super Pong ASI 146 - Entity. BattieCarsll. AmasterMind III ASI 147 - BackGammon Deluxe, TursTomb (Card game), Mancala, Parattack ASI 148 - PollyMorph, Nostalgium, MegaMind REMEMBER! ANY 10 A5SAS5IN5 GAMES DISKS FOR ONLY $ 15.00 + $ 2.00 Smi!! Amtnct CD (Walnut Creek promised the new one by Ite end of Dec 1993 - S20.00 DemoCD 1 fGamesAlusic&ModsBil.OO DemoCD 2 (Same as above, Newer) S31.00 CDPD 2 (Rsh 660 - 760. Cfipart ubls}S27.00 CDPD 3 (Fish 761-890.24 bitpix. EtdS31.0g Ne* ird Exduave from NorfitV ei Public Domiinf!! IBM Compatibility - GOLDEN GATE SX w 2MB RAM & WinStorm $ 1049.00 ¦86SX w 2MB RAM $ 799.00 '86SX w 2.5 MB RAM & FDC kit $ 649.00 Ultimate Bridgeboard Peripheral Winstorm - Super VGA SoundBlaster j sound Game Port SCSI CD ROM „ . Controller $ 299.00 jjWinstorm w CDROM & Titles $ 699.00 Call for other IBM Golden Gate svstems and orices ¦ggBB KlBa ,:., ---¦ IPHJI SYQUEST BLOW OUT Get the latest 3.5" 105MB 3105 Syquest Removeable hard drive...internal w 1 cartridge and SCSI ca hi p ONLY $ 449.00 extra cartridge $ 65*00 only at time of order Lock -N- Load Inc LLT1MATE AMG4 P0 'Shareware Games Compilation!! How about 1,000 Games and Commercial Game Demos? All runnable from Work- Benc.nl Compatible witi C032IC0TV. A570 and any External Amiga CO-Rom Drive! How Mum1?
V. ONLY $ 25.00 Is&H includt-dl Sew from 17 Bit!! 2681 - Popoyo Game - Qassc Cod Conversion 2692 - Road To HelJ Game - SuperSpnnt game 2732 - Amilogo - Logo for trie Amiga.
2734. 2735,2736 - Icons Plus - Icon Assortment. 2747AB-Motorola Invaders-AGA Space Invader hpe gome (2disks)(PaXAGA only) 2753AB - MR. MEN Olympics - Great Decathlon t pe game (2Disks)(Pal) 2754ABCO - Last Stand on Hotri Animation - Tlie BEST Arum to date. (4Dsks)(3 megs Ram) 2755 - EasyCalc+ - Trie Best Shareware Spreadsheet just got better! (Deques KS 20+) 2759 - Point of Sale Demo - (AGA Only) Tris is trie EuroDemo they use in France to seil Amiga 1200 s. (PAL) You will need Degrader or ftunil 2767 - TEXTENGINE 4.1 - The Best Shareware Word Processor Text Editor. 2797ABC - AGA Klondike - The MOST visually stunning Solitaire game evef.(3Disks)(AGAonly) 2807,2808,2809 - Imagine Objects._
P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn. WA NEW NPD DISKS: DEM 163 - ABSTRAX RG Demo - Great new AGA ori y Demo. Opervs a 1230x400 overscan screen! GAM 271 - RUBICON - Nicelookng Rde Player GAM 272 - MEGABALL 3 - All new with AGA graphics support. Same great game nore colors GAM 273 - MINE RUNNER - Awesome recreation of trie classic Lode Runner game!! UTI 147 - MAGICWB -The ultimate WorkBench Enhancement. Requires WB 2.0 or Higher. UTI 148 - DI5KSAL V v2 and REORG v3.1 - Two utils that no Hard Drive user should be w o WB 2 0 HARD DRIVE TROUBLES Throughput slow? SCSI “(hangups? Drive light comes ;on constantly? You may j have an old version of the fijWestern Digital SCSI chip, jfe yGet the new WD33C93A- |08 8Mhz version NOW for II p 34.95 includes shipping, m |This may fix all your troubles, if" Prices NPD DISKS - S2.00 ea AMOS PD S2.00 ea. FISH SI.50 ea ASI Daks 52 00 ea AM FM S5.00ea SgrH =1-10 ctsks S2.00 11 -50 daks S4.00.50+ S6.60 ALL CD PRICES EXCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES! WE ACCEPT CASHCHF.CKSN.O.'s Visa MC FOLKS, zve have it all, Call for a free flyer nr send $ 2.00 for Catalog Disk! Wc encourage you to cheek other ads, then call us and get it for _less!!! GUARANTEED!! IBMdfyt®500 AtoncPuIus -J6Mhz SPECIAL OFFER!! ANY 1(H) Disks in our LIBRARY only $ 100.01) + $ 4.01) SOM Top That! Rrlus -1 p0286 compa UT $ 169.00 Prepayment on this item only,! 38071-1617 (206)351-4502 Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. Circle 97 On Reader Service Card. AmigaWorld 95 THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Online Omission In your article on the Internet (“Cruising the Internet,” Jan. ’94), the author credits Delphi as the only on-line service offering full Internet connections. Your readers will lie interested to know that this statement is simply not true. Portal, which made available Internet services to its users before Delphi did. Oilers a full Internet services menu at no charge, with absolutely no limits on O J Fl'P, Telnet, IRC, etc., not to mention a fully Internet-connected e-mail system with no extra receiving or sending charges and with no limits to the length ol' incoming or outgoing letter. Harv Laser To rra nee. Cm Iifo rn ia Thanks for the correction, Haro. (Ha w is the steadfast moderator and sysop of the Amiga Zone on Portal.) Of coarse, this was an inadvertent oversight on the part of AmigaWorld editors, who are familiar with Portal and consider it one of their favorite on-line sendees. We hope that this blunder caused no confusion or inconvenience among our readers. Eds. Everybody’s Business 1 have to agree with Fred Mason’s letter (Nov. ’93) about not having any good word-processing and database programs. True, the Amiga is being we 11-recognized in Hollywood for being a great low-cost graphics animation machine. But is this the only reason for buying an Amiga? In order to compete with IBM and Apple, we also need good business programs. [Because AmigaWorld is] only covering the latest in graphic animation hardware and software that only strengthens the belief that, “The only reason you get an Amiga is for the Video Toaster.” I do have one suggestion. If Commodore would consider opening talks with some of the big software guns like Microsoft, Lotus, WordPerfect...people might buy the Amiga instead of a clone or Mac. At least we’d finally get a decent spreadsheet. I'm a loyal Amiga user, but I’m considering buying a PC clone to get some of the programs the Amiga doesn’t offer. I don't like the idea but what else can I do? Christopher Rucker South field, M iehiga n I have recently purchased an Amiga and thought that subscribing to AmigaWorld would keep me abreast of developments in the use of Amiga computers. I wanted a word processor, so I looked in AmigaWorld and found as far as this magazine was concerned, there were no word processors. I went through the same thing looking for
o o o information on databases. And then as for spreadsheets, those were ignored also. Are Amigas used exclusively for The CD32 is simply the holiest console around, and it will definitely have a spot in my living room. Video effects? I'm vety disappointed in A miga I Vorld. It is amazing that the productive possibilities of Amiga computers are completely ignored by your magazine. While I’m not interested in games, it would seem there is also considerable interest in that field, which is also ig- norecI by A miga 11 'oriel. Arche M. Hartley Colorado Springs, Colorado Kudos for CDS 2 After reading “The Last Word” in the December issue, 1 felt 1 bad to write in. I can't understand how any Amiga user wouldn't be glad to sec the Amiga CD32. If Commodore was trying to break the so-called “game-machine” myth, then Commodore was trying to lose at least 80% of its market. Here is what I think about the CD32. Well, il was die smartest tiling Commodore could have done. L et’s face it, a lot of people bought an Amiga just to play games. Commodore had a choice of a cartridge- or CD-based machine. Well, since cartridges have a high cost- to-capacity ratio, and that capacity is veiy limited, the CD system was the obvious choice. For a while now, I've been looking for a beter machine for games. My A500 still takes care of my computer needs, so the A1200 just doesn’t seem to be the right choice. 1 was looking fora console to buy, but I couldn’t find one that was up to my standards (the Amiga really spoiled me.) Now that the Cl)32 is here, my choice couldn't be easier. The Amiga CD32 is simply the hottest console around, and it will definitely have a spot in my living room. Joseph Steiner West New York. New Jersey We All Make Mistakes When flipping through the Dec. ’93 issue, I was pleasantly surprised at the printing error on page 24. The page that accidentally appears there reveals a telling slice of the inflated PC market: a “high-end animation” software package with a list price of nearly $ 3000. If the corresponding Amiga- World page got printed in some PC magazine, I can imagine its readers’ reactions to an ad for Caiigari or Brilliance or even an entire Video Toaster system. Perhaps to err is humane. Todd Goodman Manhattan, Kansas Pul your thoughts to paper and send them to the Last Word, c o AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil, 03458m Ol mUS js-fhe fiigh resolution Toaster applic resolution ProorXiPc model, de Hid 2-iLit uiuv jr iiir ui] VtuluJ
• i. j • i • I W giiderhigh TVPaint 2.0 you can interactively re objects and pages as the ability to display ons up to 1280x1024 Vofessfgnal users will Solutions, upfb8Mx6wl '68 Interlaced. Applications m-Amiga screen or oHifr g the user full choice in configuring their ul! Matured AGAchfpsef ,%ie Retina ca ulll t's not a jrvice card be astonished Non-Interlaced, or g may be launched on the Workbench screen alio working environment! Emulator usitfg Workbench 2.1 pt's not all e Retina cab also run the Workbench in 24bit depth so that you can display 24bit Images and 24bit Animations directly on the Workbench screen! The F fina with TVPaint 2.0 Pro Is Recommended by NewTek fo| use with the Video Toaster System. Cucle 157 on Render Service card I . J!:jjj ujilI puLliaii v iiilu suuiiirj jjji ndlilfiiu auuiinj. Liij iiuupJIuiij1 jjruyi urn in & mid 24 *>! „; J 2*iU iufuf b y Jiiuitaiu. I ivv v iiii liisii&JGB jj pulnt riiiii'iluij Iji Piini ut up iu J *J2-'L: u;J auil liii iiisfc ‘iu Upgrade available for current Retina owners! The Best has just gotten betterl Pull 32bit Zorro 111. Higher Resolutions, The Fastest Yet! A4000 the Retina n is unbeatable for use with TVPaint and Rendering software. In an A3000 Built-in Video Encoder with Composite and S-Video Outputs. 1280x1024 24bit Res. TVPaiijt 2.0 Professional I The State of the Art in 32 bit Painting for the Amiga. TVPaint is fhe fastest 32 bit Paint Package available for the Amiga. Sonic of TVPaints features; Automatic Antialiasing on drawing tools, ]m r~ Powerful Airbrush tools. Density control on tools, Full Undo Redo, Spare Swap screens, Convolution Effects, Definable Magnification f " Window, Custom Masks, Pressure Sensitive Tablet support. Full CLT. Retina Version - Suggested List ..L $ 449.95 Features
• 15 - 8QKHz Hor. Freq. Aid 50 -110Hz Verti. Froq.
• 800x600 24bit Displays i« either Non-Interlaced or Interlaced resolutions. 1024x768 Interlaced 24bit.
• Programmable Resolutions up to 2400x 1200 -1152x862 in 24bit
• Uses 2 to 4 Megabytes, user-upgradable.
• 4MB oOows large 24bit screens for complex Graphics.
• Includes 8, 16 and 24bit animation software.
• High Speed 32bi! Bus to Video Memory running at 60MHz.
• Hardware drawing assist (unctions to accelerate GUI Operations * 64bit data latch and BIT structure.
• Display 24bit Images or Animations on a 24bit depth Workbench Screen.
• Independent program resolution assignments!
• Compatiblo with the Video Toaster, OpalVision and the Vlab Real-Time Video Digitizer.
• Requires AmigaDos 2.0 or greater. Circle 193 on Reader Service card
• Foil one Year warranty.
• Optional External Video Encoder with Composite and S-Video outputs available for the Retina.
• 1084 Composite Sync Adaptor available for the Retina. Circle 199 on Reader Service card 16blt 48KHz Audio Cfe I Digitizer - 3 Stereo X WX V ClvCi J. VJ Inputs with Mixer The Toccata is a full 16bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, 1 Mic input and 1 Stereo output. The Toccata will work in any Zorroll or Zorrolll slot. The Toccata can digitize at up to 48KHz in 16bit direct to hard disk. Special features are an onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression. The ADPCM compression allows digitizing at 32KHz directly to a floppy disk and playback from floppy. For the first time building lengthy digital video segments no longer requires Playback from HardDisk can be up to 16 channels in 16bit. The Toccata can also expensive and slow frame by frame digitizing. Using a revolutionary new be used with the Vlab iFR to digitize the audio for a video sequence. Simultaneous concept, MacroSystem has provided a new interleaved Frame Recording R® ord °nd Payback from HardDrive. The Toccata comes with a special version yr c Digitize 30fps Video from Video Tape or Laser Disk of SEKD's award-winning audio editing software package, Samplitude. Vlab control windows allow you to keep multiple critical controls open at the same lime. And the monitor window display lets you see exactly what you are digitizing. Real time Color, Contrast, Luminance and Gamma, Luminance, Chromanace controls. Includes ADPro and ImageFX Loader modules. Supported by the Nucleas Personal SFC. Feature (VLab and Vlab Y C). Interleaved Frame Recording or IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full 30fps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the recorded video. The Vlab digitizes the frames directly to HardDisk as sequentially numbered frpmes* Circle 73 on Reader Service card Hardware Features:
• Frame grab in 1 30th see. Or Field grab in l 60th sec.
• Digitize 30fps Video using IFR
• Digitizes full frqme full color - NTSC or PAL signals.
• Save frames as YUV, IFF24, AGA
• Vlab Y C *1 Y C & 2 Composite inputs.
• Vlab &VLab 1200 - 2 Composite inputs,
• Time Base Corrector not required.
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision. Technical Specifications:
* 3 Stereo (6 Channels) Inputs
* 1 MicroPhone Input
* 1 Stereo (2 Channels) Output
* On board mixer
* Record and Playback Simultaneously
* Reads Audio SMPTE Time Code
* 64 Times Oversampling
* 16 different sampling rates Circle 56 on Reader Service card. ¦ Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHz
• 90db Signal to noise ratio
• Dual 16bit delta-sigma A D converters
• Dual 16bit delta-sigma D A converters Suggested List Price .. $ 599.95 Retina. Vlab and TVPaint aie trademarks of MacroSystemUS. The Video Toaster and lightWave 3D arc trodema'ks of NewTek. Inc. ADPro is a registered trademark of ASDG. Inc. ADEFMIE MUST-HAVEXJPGRADE FOREVERYSERIOUS TOASTER USER!’ Amiga Wor Find Out Why! Call for your free Video Toaster 3.1 demo video. 1-800-847-6111' Software upgrade for all A2000 Toasters. Available now at your local authorized Video Toaster dealer. Registered o tmof iilcoTaNerW) and SO u ill receive 1 idcoTaisterl I software auhmitk all)' at no ikuge. LkvT(U rJiiLStr.(BvtiakmBis(fSc TeU!i ©RiwTek.hk = wT= K INCORPORATED 1 Vy ‘‘-Tv 2 All Products Sold Carry Manufacturers' Full Warranties & Documentation,
• APO, FPO HI, AK Puerto Rico & Canadian orders welcome: 69c - Min. $ 6. International Orders Shipped First Class Mail Insured:15%- Min. $ 15. Ir mail cost exceeds calculated amount, you'll he billed additional,
• Call for Free Catalog & Items Not Listed

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