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You can also add multimedia machine and program control to scripts through the command sets. Artists can use all of T-Rexx Pro's facets to grab, process, and convert frames, and pack them automatically into complex ANIMations with an easily constructed script. In any phase of production, you never have enough hands or enough time. T-Rexx Pro provides both. Michael Hanish Emplant Multitasking Macintosh emulator board and software. Utilities Unlimited, $ 279.95; w serial: $ 349.95; w SCSI: $ 349.95; w seria! And SCSI: S399.95; Sybil: S99.95 Amiga 2000 3000 4000 Minimum system: 2MB, accelerator Hard-drive installable. (68020 through 68040). Not copy protected. Recommended system: 4MB, 68030 or Accelerator compatible. 68040. 1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Installation: Easy, During the past eight years, the Amiga has served as the development bed of choice Tor some fascinating hardware devices. Inspired hackers and engineers produced wonders such as ReadySoffs A- Max, Digital Creation’s DCTV, and NewTek’s Video Toaster. Utilities Unlimited now adds the Emplant to that impressive list. Mac-in-the-Box Emplant is the long-awaited emulator board pro- ? Viding full-color Macintosh II, Iix, Ilex, and SE30 emulation. Not designed to take over the system as A-Max does, it was touted to peacefully coexist in a fully multitasking environment. Billed as a third-party Macintosh bridgeboard, it promised to simultaneously run two (or more) computers at full speed in one box. 1 be Emplant is a standard Zorro board with vacant ROM sockets waiting to hold the ROM chips of the machines it emulates. One socket holds the ROM SIMM used in later Mac Hs, and four other sockets hold the four ROM chips used in earlier versions of the MAC II. These four sockets can also hold EPROMS and static RAM chips for devices like recoverable ram disks (not yet available). The big question is whether it works. With reservations, the answer is yes. Obviously in haste, Utilities Unlimited released Emplant for general sale before all its features were implemented, working properly, or even adequately explained. To be sure, the Emplant does create a working Macintosh on an Amiga screen with harmonious multitasking and screen-manipulation abilities. (It's so Amiga-compliant that you can even use Amiga screen-capture programs to take IFF screen shots of the Mac desktop.) Support for both the Mac System 6 and 7 operating systems is present, though earlier versions of System 6 are less than reliable. As advertised, it operates faster than the equivalent Mac, and you can power' it down without rebooting the Amiga system, even if the Mac side crashes. The latest version of the Emplant software (v2.5) runs under Amiga- DOS 1.3, but future upgrades will require 2.0 or higher. The color support also works as promised. The Emplant properly displays 16-color Mac programs on standard ECS Amigas, and full 256-color programs on Amigas with the AGA chip set. Future upgrades promise to allow .Amigas with 24-hit graphics boards to run Mac software in 256-color mode, but for now it supports only the Retina board. The color emulation also works, though some games and shareware programs that deviate from standard Mac rules may crash. Drivetrain Pain Drive support is more involved and. Sadly, problematic. The Emplant can create Mac-formatted partitions in unused Amiga hard-drive partitions, but only up to 31 megs each.

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Amiga World Vol 09 08 1993 Aug

Document sans nom Programming Special! ? A Practical Guide To 20 Amiga Languages Arexx For Image Processing AND MORE! Easy Morphing Jjps Test Your Video Signals
* Macintosh Emulation From Todd Rungren's new video, Theology. Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts A A Release 11 and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compugraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and public-domain fonts. Final Copy Ifs word processing features include: 144,000 word speller: 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation: named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy II's graphic features include: I Legibility & Readability You want a document (hat reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a 144,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math support, mail-merge, automatic hyphenation, and user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix. Arizona 85076 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least 1 megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives To use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2.1 or greater Imported by: AmigaOberland (Germany). Gordon Harwood Computers (England). TUPSoft (Australia), and Essonne Mailing (France) Final Copy's™ graphic support is the best there is in any Amiga® word processor. Place IFF 1LBM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy’s™ structured drawing tools. Flow text around or on top of any graphic in a document. Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and well-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use. 1(800)247-8314 Cvr-lp P7 no RoaA ir Qorwiz-o Got a Great Idea for a Program ? Make it Real with CoilDo! "PPo,
2. 5 ’P'Piic Can Do Lets you convert your ideas into reality. CanDo is a software authoring system that gives you the power of a programming language, yet makes creating your program’s interface as easy as using a paint program. Because CanDo is tailor-made for the Amiga, all of the exciting Graphics, Sounds, and mouse-driven Objects that are built into your computer are at your fingertips. This gives you everything you need to make your ideas come to life. CanDo Makes real programs real easy. Painlessly creating your interface is just the beginning. The key to making real programs is CanDo's English-like scripting language. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still use CanDo’s tools to write programs for you. While easy to learn and use, the commands are so powerful you can create programs which would take 10 limes longer to write using a language such as C - even presuming you had years of programming experience. ¦* CanDo Is programming for the rest of us... Ordinary people all over the world are using CanDo to create real applications such as: databases, utilities, animated multimedia presentations, kiosks, training systems, and all sorts of games. CanDo enables you to explore your imagination and make the things you never thought you had the time or experience to do. You CanDo It! INQVITRONICS 1-800-875-8499 interactive media Inovationics, Inc. 8499 Greenville Avenue Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 U5A Tel: (214] 340-4991 FAX: (214) 340-8514 Inovalronics, ltd. Unit 11, Enterprise Centre Crcnborre Road Potters Bor Hertfordshire EN6 3DG ENGLAND Tel: +44-707-662361 FAX: +44-707-660992 Inovatronics GmbH 1m Heidkamp 1 I W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Telephone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-8704747 Circle 91 on Reader Service card Rocket Science Made Simple ...HIGH FLIER VERSUS “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” Integrated video genlock ... § i 8 i i O I
1. 5MB 24-bit, 16.8 M color frame buffer. $ > Real-time framegrabber digitizer ...... o De-interlaced video flicker eliminator .. VIU-S' with RGB, composite, S-VHS input outputs . O Optional VIU-CT‘ pro-grade component transcoder (Betacam, M-ll compatible) input outpuls o 2-way moveable, sizeable PIP (picture in picture) display, (video over application or application over video) Digital and analog key inputs ...... Captured image retouching processing Video switcher transitions . Real-time 24 bit paint .. Titling character generation .. _ Animation 3-D rendering .... C$ 5 Karate game ...O For more Information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215*337-8770 For technical information, phone 215-354*9495 The VIU Advantage: With some 24 bit video boards you pay your money and take your chances. Chances that they'll be up and flying in the future. Chances that all the "enhancements" they promised will be around tomorrow. Let's be fair. Where do things stand today? IV24 From the very beginning we figured that people who purchase a serious video card want much more than fun and games. GVP is serious about video! So IV24's Video Interface Unit gives you _ more choices for inputting and outputting video signals than any other Amiga® peripheral on the market. Period. Nobody else gives you a VIU splitter, let alone one that integrates video from computer sources, component tape formats, composite video, even broadcast professional formats in any combination you can imagine. GVP also offers an international (PAL) standard 1V24. Software Brigade Desktop Darkroom" • Capture images in Desktop Darkroom or bring stills in from other applications for professional processing and retouching, using filters, special effects and color separation. MyLAD,u • Hot-switch between 2 video sources with 50 packaged video transitions for live action production studio effects. Macropaint-IV24’u 2.0 • (New release Significantly enhanced!) Paint 24 bit graphics from a stunning palette of 16.8 million colors. Then key video over graphics or graphics over video. Access Arexx scripts directly. Caligari24" • IV24's newest software bonus is a complete 3-D modeling animation rendering package. Desktop animation's future on your Amiga today. In a showdown of 24 bit video boards, IV24 rules the pack. So how will you spend your video future airborne at full thrusters...or grounded, waiting for parts? GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.*600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 IV24. VIU. Desktop Darkroom. MyLAD, and Macropaint are trademarks o! Great Valley Products. Inc. Caligan rs a trademark of Octree Software, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark cl Commodore-Amiga. Inc. OpalVision is a trademark of Centaur Development All other trademarks are the property ol their respectvs owners CONTENTS VOLUME 9, NUMBER 8, AUGUST 1993 FEATURES AW Special Preview: The All-New Video Toaster 4000 By Sheldon Leemon 22 Brand-new Toaster hardware and software designed to take advantage of Amiga AG A graphics are the keys to this long-awaited revamping of NewTek s desktop-video system. A special hands-on evaluation of new features, software enhancements, configuration possibilities, and upgrade options. A Command of Languages By Dave Haynie ..28 A complete, practical guide to Amiga programming languages to help you discover which ones are best for you. Dave Haynie, the J * “Experts’ Expert” on matters Amiga, evaluates 20 languages, compares features, and makes recommendations on how best to use them. Directing Graphics Traffic With Arexx By Steve GiUmor ..39 Increased Arexx support plus easier-to-use implementations are key ingredients of the latest versions of many popular graphics programs. Learn how to put Arexx to work for you in controlling the flow of graphics files among your favorite applications to process images in an exciting new variety of ways. ARTICLES The Musical Amiga, Opus 1 By Raymond Mlynczak ...... .. 4d T his two-part series is the guide you've been looking for ifyou’re serious about making music with your Amiga blit didn't know how to gel started. Part 1 examines some basic system setups and helpful tools. COLUMAS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .. 4 The editor breaks out the meteorological gear to take a barometer reading for the West Chester, PA region ... and it may not be as depressed as some people think. Accent on Graphics By Joel Fla gen .... 56 Morphing tricks designed to make “tweening” keyframes in character animation less time- consuming and more fun. Our Programming Sfx'dal (seefeatures on pp. 28 and 39) planned for August shares top billing with the brand-new Video Twister -WOO (above), which will be released by the time this issue hits the newsstands. AW was able to get a pre-release version fora fill, hands- on evaluation and despite its taking full admnlage of theA4000's AGA graphics, you may be surprised to learn this impressive new Toaster will also work wilh A3000 and, yes, even A2000 machines! Video Suite By Joel Tessler and Michael Planish .... 60 Our video team concludes its two-part guide to troubleshooting your productions with a look at when and how to use test equipment. Player’s Choice Contest 41 Pick your all-time favorite Amiga games and win an Amiga 1200 in the bargain in TIFs first-ever Player’s Choice Contest. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ..... 6 Amiga news, new products, trade-show reports, PD shareware right here every month. Help Key ....88 Ask Tim your tech questions and he’ll tell you no lies. The Last Word ...96 Drop us a line or several if you think something needs realignment in matters Amiga. REVIEWS T-Rexx Professional 2 (ASDG)... 14 Enhanced Arexx control of Toaster functions. Emplant (Utilities Unlimited) 15 Unique multitasking Macintosh “bridge- board” emulator. Anim Workshop (Axiom) 18 Nifty utility for creation and manipulation of ANIM files. Personal TBC III (DPS) ...65 High-quality video syncing at an affordable price. Professional Calc 2.0 (Gold Disk) . 65 New spreadsheet graphing databasc program. 24-Bit Texture Collections (Texture City and Bearded Wonder) .... 68 Variety of 24-bit image maps in multiple offerings from two leaders in the textures field. ADPlot2D (Amiga Tech) ....74 Plotting and graphing tool for scientific applications. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 78 More tips and tricks this month for mastering Shadow of the Beast III. Desert Strike (Electronic Arts) 78 This action-packed arcader gets straight-A raves from our reviewer. Caesar (Impressions) .80 Taking Sim City system-games a step further. The Chaos Engine (Renegade) 81 Sophisticated arcade action on 16 levels. Short Takes ..81 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. AW Product Information ... 94 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses" list. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD JUDICE SCREEN IMAGE COURTESY OF NUTOPIA Amiga World 3 EDITOR’S DRAWER AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher With a solid lineup in place and new developments on the horizon, CBM looks to the future. Half-Full Or Half-Empty? It’s understandable that a combination of cutbacks and Commodore’s disclosure of dismal recent-quarter financial results would stir this market and create conditions for rumors full of doom 'n gloom to flourish. In chatting with readers, users, and developers, 1 sense that this pessimism, like a flu epidemic, is contagious. However, those who focus on hopeless hearsay disregard Commodore’s plans for new products based on new technologies, as well as support for its existing crop of machines. A close look at the market reveals the potential for continued success. There’s too much going on for the leader in multimedia and video production not to make its mark. In recent issues we've reported on the new products the company is releasing and the new technologies chip-set development, full-motion video, improved audio in the works. There's much to be excited about now and in the future. The A1200 is a super entry-level machine that compares favorably to Apple’s computers and even to the ubiquitous Pcs. The third-party community as it has done with other Amiga machines has rallied behind the 1200 to develop some interesting products everything from GVP’s Turbo + accelerator board to RAM expanders and multifunction cards from several companies, including CSA, ORB, ICO, Elite Microcomputers, and Micro- botics. Through aggressive pricing and promotion, Commodore has the machine and the support products to bring new users into this market. In addition to attracting new users, the microcomputing mavens at Commodore need to improve distribution and marketing efforts. The low-visibility status that Commodore maintains in diis market may be OK if you’re trying to sneak under enemy radar, but stealth marketing won’t work in the promotion of products. While much new development appears directed toward the A1200, the A4000, according to Commodore officials, is "the new base platform for development of future Amiga products.” Leading the hit parade of new products for the 4000 is the new version of the Video Toaster (see p.
22) , a.k.a. "the Toaster for Everyman.” It will fit into the 2000, 3000, and the 4000, which is where it really shines, taking advantage of the AGA capabilities. It replaces megabucks’ worth of video postproduction editing equipment and lets you produce broadcast-quality videotapes in your own home. These developments position this market as one of the most exciting and creative. Amigadom features some of the most loyal and enthusiastic users whose commitment and support will, in turn, ensure the participation of developers, .And, that will go a long way in quieting the voices of naysayers. J * Dennis Brisson Editor-in-Chief Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughncr, Managing Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Joel Hagen, Peter Olafson, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403:1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlijigame, C4 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Debbie Bourgault, Fulfillment Coordinator Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan M. Hanshaw% Director of Operations Monica A, Lougee, Administrative Assistant Customer Sendee Liaison William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales c-f Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP Amiga World (ISSN 08H3-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore business Machines, Fnc. Lmrgn World is published monthly by TechMedia Publishing, Inc., an I DO Company, HO l-.lm St.. Peterborough. Ni l U345H, U.S. subscription tale is $ 29.97. one year: $ 57.97. two years; $ 83.97. three years; Canada, 541.97 (includes GST 121)038195), and Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface 549.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. U.S. funds drawn on
U. S. bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. .All foreign rales are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough, NH, and at additional mailing offices. Phone; 603-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1993 by TechMedia Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to AMIGAWnrld, Subscription Services, PO box 595, Ml Morris, II. 61054-79(11 Nationally distributed by Kable News (U>. AMIGAWntId makes even' clTori to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings, and diagrams published in the magazine. AmieoWvrUl assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. IMP Sales Agreement 0209696. Printed in the USA. Fax VHSmUIY... IF YOU WANT VoiceMail POWER... MD PHONEPAK VFX! YOU NEED STOP PAUSE D Hon Mar 22 22.26.18 Q Tue Mop 23 22.41.24 C3 Mod M«r 24 18.18.1S ED Ued H*r 24 13.32.59 ? Sun Mar 28 11.83.57 ED Sun Mar 28 11.87.33 SEND PRINT AP£Q1E. B &«***£. DELETE. O SALE CHEAP! Surnx ? VOICE E I rue Pf’np Irf. Prrjriurfr HansfTrr fin's at VaM ci» Prnridr-l s G08 Cfarlr five. PREFIX ?Z3FRBT T Nan* «._T.it.irZJ E Company I BddresH (Mdr*»»3L fCity rRORK EZ3 ; F FRX m3 1=3 NETWORK DAVID OflUE InfO HRILHE MEETING | BBS °mrmm 1 Fax Machine* Answering Machine Ftio n e Pa k VFX 2.0 Automatic voice fax switch .* .... Yes Voice and fax messages in the same call .. No Yes Multiple mailboxes ... No Yes Voice message fax privacy ... No Yes Plain paper fax printing . Ki (Unless you Yes Paperless faxing (both out and in) . No Yes Near-laser quality fax generation .. No Yes Batch broadcast faxing No Yes Scheduled fax transmission .. »¦ _ (Unless you Yes Call screening ... Yes Centrex PBX call transfer ..... No Yes Auto dialer* ...... ..... 30 numbers Unlimited Message forwarding paper alert* . Yes Time and date stamp* .. Yes Remote access to voice messages* .. ..... Yes Yes Remote access to faxes* ..... ..... No Yes Street price ...... ..... $ 499+$ 99-$ 598 $ 299 line
* New enhanced for 2.0 Some Significant Features In addition to all this, PhonePak multitasks and is fully Arexx programmable, allowing you to build interactive, multi-line voice and fax information systems. Try that on a PC! From simple to sophisticated, PhonePak is taking care of business. And working overtime! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.* 600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337-8770 • FAX 215-337-9922 PhonePak VFX and Operator are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga is a registerted trademark of Commocore-Amiga, Ire. AH other trademarks are the property of their respective owners d 993 Great Valley Products. Inc. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Amiga Abroad WEMBLEY, ENGLAND In an attempt to increase foreign interest, several American Amiga developers, including ICD, Micro- Botics, Supra, INOVATronics, and GVP, made appearances at the Amiga Format Live '93 show in May. European exhibitors included Digita International, which has released an AGA- version of its word processor, Wordworth, along with more fonts and clip-art disks. Rumors surfaced that a third version, expected to be released around year's end, could offer even more improvements. (RS
140. ) Advanced Micro Interfacing (AIVII) announced an adapter to allow Super- Denise equipped machines easy access to Productivity-mode graphics. A hardware interface that plugs into the Amiga's video port, it lets you connect a VGA or multisync monitor as well as standard-res devices. A software patch gives higher resolution to some older software; certainly the results on my VGA monitor were impressive, using Wordworth in four-color mode. (RS 141.) Power Computing (RS 140) displayed a 1.76MB floppy drive for all Ami- gas with Workbench 2.0 or higher, along with memory and processor upgrades for the A1200. Apollo Mercury's VideoPilot V330 combines a computer controlled frame-perfect editing system with titling and effects in a box that has enough inputs and outputs for most applications. It is compatible with Scala and DeiuxePaint IV software. Supporting VHS, S-VHS, 8mm and Hi8 videotape formats, the unit is suitable for high- end home or professional use, and is competitively priced at E1299 for the UK model. (RS 142.) Games players weren't left out in the cold, with the usual mob of school kids (and a few of their parents) crammed like sardines into the show's arcade. Virgin Games (RS 143) showed Goall (a soccer simulation), Dune II, Apocalypse, and Beneath The Steel Sky. Gremlin Graphics (RS 144) announced HeroQuest II The Legacy of Sorasil, and Litil Divil both looking promising for imminent release. Through the Grapevine Back in the press office, the main rumor was of a completely new machine from Commodore a 32-bit RISC-based machine that moves away from the 68000 family completely. Details were very sketchy, but revolved around a 24-bit color card (to give 16 million colors in certain screen resolutions) and eight-channel high-quality stereo sound. Not surprisingly. Commodore was tight-lipped about the whole affair, as with talk of an Amiga based on the forthcoming Motorola 68060 processor. More rumors suggested the development of an A12Q0- based CDTV, that would be compatible with Continued on p. 8. Objective Reality Here's the latest sampling of CAD objects available for the LightWave animator. The United States ($ 24.95, Associated Image Group) contains US map objects and individual state objects (including Alaska and Hawaii) that you can incorporate into your animations. As a bonus, an entire globe object is provided to use as an image wrap on a sphere to create your own world! (RS 120.) From Dimension Technologies come two object packages: The Cathedral: For LightWave ($ 99.95) and Odds 8c Ends: Objects for LightWave (559.95). The Cathedral features realistic texture maps and surfaces of a cathedral with more than 40,000 polygons and 50 stained- glass windows. The package also includes scene Files to assist you in animating, so that you can circle the cathedral and even “walk” down its aisle. To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors* Addresses" list on p. 94. Odds 8c Ends, a supplement for Lightwave's Phonebook, is a collection of 200 objects encompassing many categories such as music, education, and video. (RS 121.) V E R IIE A R I) Tulsa Junior College in Oklahoma now oilers an Associate degree program in Desktop Video Production for students with an interest in television production, music, and graphic arts. The program uses Amigas exclusively, with students working mostly on A1200s and A2000s equipped with NewTek's Video Toaster. For more information contact Tony Krehbiel, Chairman of Business Services Computer Science at 918 631-7039. Don't let anyone tell you that USERS your A500 is obsolete! Power Up Your Amiga !
- Adding a GVP A500-HD8+™ or an A5 3 0-Turbo*w will make your A500 feel like a totally new machine. Our A530-Turbo+ will make your A500 fly 4 times faster than an A1200 and many applications will run almost as fast as on an A4000! All this for much less than buying a new A1200 with a hard drive! Both the A500-HD8+ and the A530-Turbo+ feature beautifully styled cases, fast DMA SCSI controller with external SCSI "pass through", SIMM sockets for adding up to SMB of FAST RAM expansion, built-in high-speed SCSI hard drive [choose from 40MB to 540MB!], "Game Switch" to disable the whole unit for compatibility with older games, and GVP's exclusive internal mini-slot expansion connector for adding our optional 16MHz PC286 (PC Emulator) module! The A5 30-Turbo* also features a 40MHz 68EC030 CPU (accelerator), optional 40MHz 68882 FPU (Floating Point math co-processor, and 60ns, 32-bit wide FAST RAM. If you already own a hard drive, call for details on our great "A530-Turbo+Trade-Up!" Deal. CPU FPU RAM: „ Disk Performance Stock 500 Stock A1200 A530-Turt» The A 1200's AG A graphics are great, but they eat up A1200 USERS .....memory and can be slow with the built-in 68EC020 processor and no FAST RAM. GVP now offers two exciting Power-Up solutions. GVP's A1200 SCSI RAM(a.k.a. "FANG" features SIMM sockets for up to 8MB of 60ns, 32-bit wide FAST RAM expansion, a high performance DMA SCSI controller allowing installation of an internal 2.5" SCSI hard drive, and an optional 33MHz 68882 FPU. The optional external SCSI connector kit allows you to attach large SCSI Hard Drives, CD-ROM drives, SyQuest drives, Tape Backup drives, or any other external SCSI device. Although the A1200 SCSI RAM* supports faster FPU's, our tests show that the Al200's 14MHz 68EC020 cannot really take advantage of a 68882 running faster than 33MHz. If you want your A1200 to fly past the A300Q and approach the A4000's performance, our A1230 Turbo*" accelerator (a.k.a. "JAWS") is for you. The A1230 Turbo* features a blindingly fast 40MHz 68EC030 CPU, SIMM sockets for up to 32MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide memory expansion, and an optional 40MHz 68882 FPU. Stock A1200 A1200 A1230-Turto+ SCSI RAM* Don't let anyone tell you that the A2000" is obsolete! Adding a GVP G-Force 040 33MHzn A2000 USERS without using a Zorro expansion slot or a peripheral bay. The G-Force 030 40 is equipped with a 40MHz 68EC030 CPU and 68882 FPU while the G-Force 040 33 features a 33MHz 68040 CPU (with built-in FPU and large cache memory) as well as a high-performance RS232 serial port backed up by two FIFO hardware buffers to prevent data loss and a parallel port to give you more flexibility to add modems, multiple printers, digitizers, etc....! Don't feel left behind by the A40OO, power your A2000 beyond it with the awesome processing power, flexible SCSI interface, and unmatched expandability of a GVP accelerator. Accelerator will make your A200Q outperfonn the fastest A4000 040 and you'll spend a lot less! If you are on an even tighter budget try our G-Force 030 40MHZ™ Accelerator and you will zoom past both the A3000 and A4000 030. All our G-Force Accelerators feature a high- performance DMA SCSI controller and 4MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide RAM, expandable up to 16MB by using our 4MB SIMMs. The G-Force 040 33 also accommodates our new state-of-the-art 16MB SIMMs allowing expansion up to a massive 64MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide memory. Our optional SCSI Hard-Drive mounting bracket turns either model into the ultimate "Hard-Disk-Card" We didn't become the largest Amiga developer by accident it took hard work, dedication, and engineering excellence. Don't take a chance. Choose GVP the winner of 4 Amazing Computing Reader's Choice Awards for your storage and acceleration needs. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.*600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337-8770 • FAX 215-337-9922 A few words ataout the tests: The c?u and r?u test results were generated by A!BB 5.5 by LaMonte Koop. The Render test results tor the A2Q00 were generated with Lightwave 3D by NewTek. The RAM and Hard Disk test results were generated with DiskSpeed 4.2 by MKSofL 0 V E R S C A N Kodak's Photo-CD system, but other trade reports suggest a CD-based console. While Atari's Falcon is apparently suffering from a lack of serious interest, the Amiga continues to gain popularity in Europe. More than 60,000 A1200s have already been sold and professional uses for the A4000 and A4000 030 (especially in music and video) are ensuring the strong foothold in Europe. Stuart Menges Colorful Additions Soft-Logik is launching the Soft-Logik Graphic Library with: 3D Flags of the World and Amiga Computer Art (each SI 25). 3D Flags of the World contains more than 190 full-color international flags of countries and organizations (such as The Red Cross and The United Nations). You can remove the beveled edges of the flags (which give their 3-D appearance) using a compatible illustration program. The flags ar e stored in Adobe Illustrator 88 EPS format and can be output to PostScript printers or to any other printer with Soft-Logik’s PageStream 2 or Art Expression. Amiga Computer Art contains full-color illustrations of Amiga computers and accessories ranging from a Toaster station to a flatbed scanner. You can output Virtual Reality Sharpens Reflexes When reality is too risky, virtual reality (VR) can help. The Seattle-based Ixion Inc., for instance, has pioneered VR training devices that allow surgeons to practice delicate operations using computers, including Amigas. At the recent National Association of Broadcasters' (NAB) convention, Ixion president David Hon demonstrated how variable tactile feedback can help develop skills in abdominal surgery. Surgeons can manipulate simulated pathologies with remote-control tools across a real-time video-disc map of the inside of the body. "We use laparoscopy to make complete digitized still-photos of the gastrointestinal system, then activate the system with 3-D computer animations, which react according to realistic laws of physics," Hon explained. The partnership of video and computer graphics simulates actual experience with both visual and tactile accuracy. Hon uses the Amiga and NewTek's LightWave for much of the 3-D modeling with a low-end Silicon Graphics workstation for the medical simulations. Ixion's simulations often use touchscreens with x, y, and z matrices for 3-D responsiveness. Even more astounding is the life-like dummy created for Ixion's Robotic Endoscopy Simulation, which en- ables surgeons to develop neuro-muscu- lar coordination and psychomotor skills. The computer graphics mimic an operation based on the surgeon's manipulation of the tools. The illustrations (in Illustrator 3 EPS format) directly to PostScript printers or to any printer via PageStream 3. (RS 130.) Try This At Home If you are eager to experience virtual reality on your own Amiga, try Ixion's VR Slingshot game (S149), which immerses players into a 3-D world using a powerful physical model and peripherals such as stereo glasses and sound, and a special analog joystick that responds like a flight- stick. You can play alone or connect by modem with a friend in the same virtual world. The game features a dynamic airborne dogfight where terms of conflict revolve around "spherical gravity generators" gravitational forces that players use strategically to increase flight speed and enhance energy efficiency in their crafts. When you zap the opposition fighter with an energy beam, the force spins the craft; as you move into a nosedive or other evasive maneuver, the firing path adjusts to the new trajectory. The 3-D effect and realistic physics give a feeling of being within the environment, far different from the distance you maintain with a 2-D game. VR Slingshot works on any Amiga equipped with a 68020 accelerator, although an A3000 or A4000 with a 68030 040 is recommended. (RS 145.) Patric Hedlund Programming Possibilities TorqueWare (SI00 for base development system, AugmenTek) creates programs that can run on networked Amigas. Using the C-Linda programming model, TorqueWare uses the power of each computer to solve problems. The base development system consists of a C-preprocessor, stand-alone local libraries, a user interface, and on-line documentation. An Amiga network is possible with the addition of the TorqueWare network link library, sold separately at S200 per CPU. To use TorqueWare you need Amiga DOS 2.04 or higher, a SAS C compiler, and 3MB of RAM. For the network link library you also need CBM’s A2065 Ethernet card and AS225 2.0 TCP IP software, plus 1.5MB of RAM. (RS 128.) Two Arexx support products are available from Dineeti Edwards Group: Rexx Plus Compiler 1.3 and The Rexx Rainbow Library Series. (RS 129.) The updated Rexx Plus Compiler (SI50; $ 20 for current owners) saves disk space and quickens load time by generating smaller programs 10% smaller with default settings and 40-60% smaller with runtime library' options. Rexx Plus claims to make Arexx programs execute nearly 18 times faster and to make debugging easier. Rexx Plus Compiler requires 1 MB RAM and is compatible with Ami- gaDOS 1.3-3.0. The Rexx Rainbow Library Series ($ 48 each) is a line of support libraries, each of which has functions for a specific subject. For example, one volume. Stem Array Functions, contains functions to manipulate single-dimension arrays. Rexx Rainbow libraries are compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3-3.0. Used with Rexx Plus, all the functions in each volume can be included as part of lire language. »» PRESENTS Retina™ - 24Bit Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation Output: DB-15 VGA Connector - Analog RGB output Supports 15 - 75KHz Hor. Freq. And 50 - 95 Vert. Freq. 800x600 full 24Bit 16.7 Mi II ion color Display Non-Interlaced. Allows multiple 8,16,and 24Bit Resolutions. Full Workbench Emulation with resolutions such as 1024x768 or 1280x 1024 in 16 colors or even more! Up to2400x1200! Compatible with Amiga 1950,1960 and VGA and up monitors. Rant Configurations 2 Megabytes or 4 Megabytes. 4MB allows double buffering for animations. Compatible with the A2000, A3000, and A4000 series A mi gas. Installs into any 100 pin Amiga slot does not use the video slot. Compatible with the Video Toaster and OpalVision. XIPaint is a real-time 24Bit paint program that comes with the Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 24Bii graphics while emulating Workbench at a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 noninterlaced and you could have AdProrunning on it's own screen at 320x200. You can change the output resolution for any program simply by choosing the program name and then selecting a different screen resolution for that program. Compatible with programs such as AdPro, Morph Plus, Multi Frame, TVPaint, ImageFX, ProPage, ProWrite, PageStream, DynaCadd, Imagine 2.0 to name a few. The Retina requires the 2.0 or greater operating system. Vlah™ - RealTime Video Digitizer Digitizes a full frame in I 30th of a second or 1 field in I 60th of a second. Digitizes in full Broadcast NTSC or PAL Will save images as 24Bit, YUV, or any Amiga format including AG A modes like Ham8. The Vlab™ has 2 Composite Video inputs. The Vlab will work in the A2000, A3000 and the A400Q series Amiga Computers and does not use the video slot. There is also a Vlah 1200 that til lows owners of the A1200, $ 500, A600 to also use the Vlab. The Vlab does not require a frame accurate video player to hold the image still to digitize. The Vlab will in real-time digitize any frame from the video source that you have connected. You can digitize images from cable TV, Broadcast TV, VCR. Video Disk Players, and Video Cameras. The Vlab is supported by popular Graphics software such as ASDG's Art Department Professional. TV Paint by TechSoft. Multi Frame by MacroSystemUS. There is a special monitor window that allows you to see the video signal that you have attached to the Vlab in a window on the Vlah screen in up to 16 gray scales. The Vlab software requires the 2.0 operating system or higher and is fully Arexx compatible. The Vlab is compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision, Retina™, and Harlequin. The Vlab is also supported by the Nucleas Personal SFC. MuItiFrame for AdPro MultiFrame is a front end for the Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that allows you much greater control over multiple- frame processing. You can manipulate single or multipleimagesovertimecrealing special effects with just afew mouse clicks. The perfect tool for creating effects with a large number of images for output to video. MultiFrame Features:
- Process images over time - most processes can be manipulated with a starting value and an ending value with the separation being the number of frames that you choose to make. Generates all frames automatically for you.
- Non-linear motion interpolation using true splines with adjustable knots, tension, continuity and bias. Full spline-controlled variables.
- Perform ADO-style lly-insof moving images easily using MORPHPLUS perspective operator.
- Create a morph from a flat to a sphere using SPHERE with EFFECT start and end values of Oand 100 respectively.
- Multiple frame Multiple Ripples, allowing ripples that start at different times that accelerate decelerate over time and can move.
- Use the compositor to rotoscope images using foreground images, background images and alpha for matting images over others.
- Automatic compositing of images over backgrounds using true alpha-channe! Holecutter key effects.
- Use a black & white animation as a wipe- pattern, transition between a background sequence and a foreground sequence using the B& W frames as an alpha sequence in compositor.
- Create panning tilting camera effects on still images orsequences. Movable skew tiling effects with panning tilting camera moves.
- Auto triggering of 4 GPI (General Purpose Interface, optional) functions for recording control of devices such as Digital Disk Recorders from SONY and ABEKAS.
- Complex operator processes (sphere, perspective, etc...) now allow loading and saving of all parameters for easy recall.-Automatic conversion of any supported image format to any other format (including ANIM-5 ANIM-8 and T oaster FR AMESTORE) duri ng process! Ng. Mt. Clemens, Ml 48038 (313] SG3- Phnne 1313] BG3-BG33 Fax 0 Y E R S C V Up and Coming Simpatica 2.0 ($ 560, Optonica)t the single-frame editing system, now features AG A support in 256 and HAM 8 modes, and a 24-bit rotoscoping system that digitizes sequences of video frames from tape. Optonica also offers Video Timelapse (S560) for stop-motion sequences and time-lapse video to create such effects as claymation. Simpatica
2. 0 and Timelapse are available together for $ 878.40. (RS 136.) DataPath is releasing a series of tutorial videos on Impulse’s Imagine 3D. The first release is Imagine the Detail Editor Made Simple (S34.95), which will be followed by Imagine Animation Made A4000 Add-On The Toaster Toolbox 4000 ($ 299, Desktop Video Systems) adds eight expansion slots to the A4000 for internal peripherals for the Video Toaster (NewTek) such as edit controllers and sync generators. Although the Toaster Toolbox 4000 was primarily designed for use with a Toaster-equipped A4000, it is compatible with any Amiga system. (RS 131.) Simple and Imagine Advance Techniques Made Simple. Each two-hour video is a complete walk-through of the animation process with helpful examples and tips. (RS 146). The Amiga TroubleShooter ($ 9.95, Grapevine Group) is a quick-check reference chart that pinpoints common problems from faulty IC components on the A500, A2000, and A2500. (RS 135.) Inspired by the YVWII flight simulator. Fighter Duel Pro, Fighter Duel Pro Flight Recorder ($ 79.95, Jaeger Software) is a motion-pat h generator for use with NewTek’s LtghtVVave 3D, Impulse’s Imagine, and Virtual Reality Labs’s Video Captions With Euro-Titler (£180, Zen Computer Systems) you can compose, edit, cue, and display subtitles for your Amiga-based video productions. You can load ASCII text from a text editor or a word processor using standard Amiga fonts. Subtitles can appear with or without a solid background box, Euro-Titler includes drivers for an external Vista Pro. Flight Recorder simultaneously records the altitude and position of three aircraft at 30 frames per second. You can import the resulting motion path into your 3-D software to animate objects or the viewpoint. Fighter Duel Pro Flight Recorder requires 3MB of RAM and Kickstart 1.2 or higher. Owners of Fighter Duel Pro (the game) can upgrade to Flight Recorder for S25. Optionally, with the FDPro Parallel Adapter ($ 20) you can connect Fighter Duel Pro or Flight Recorder to another Amiga to display the view from the rear of the aircraft, (RS 134.) Time-cocle reader or an internal VITC LTC card such as Zen’s VITC Reader Card (£450 ). If you desire professional broadcast quality, Zen also offers an enhanced version Euro-Titler Broadcast (£380), which requires an Aston 4 Caption Generator to create the background and fonts while an Amiga controls text and timing. (RS 137.) If you pay a visit to any network vou will surelv be over- ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh j * whelmed by the countless Arexx files available from text editors to graphics applications. Bear in mind that programmers are the source of almost everything to do with Arexx. With few exceptions, both the documentation and descriptions of on-line Arexx files are meant for other programmers, so many an Arexx gem goes overlooked by the masses. (Most people don't realize that installing one of these files usually requires copying only a file or two to the Rexx directory.) What are the least technical Arexx must-haves? On Genie. ARTUT.LZH (file 12756) from Library 32, contains text files oTa 1989 conference with Arexx guru Vi 11 i a in H awe s so me t h i n g akin to tennis lessons from Steffi Graf. Most of the subject matter is still current, as are the multiple script examples packed in this Arexx masterpiece. Before departing Genie, get a copy of HACK2.1 .LHA (file 19191), also found in Library
32. It is one of the best utilities for using Arexx to add eyecatching and useful gadgets to ilie Workbench. Moving on to BIX, don’t download artut.lzh if you've al- ready captured ARTOT.LZH from Genie it's the same file. Your collection of Arexx utilities isn't complete without mxreq.llia. This small (19K) file houses MXReq version 1.2 by Andre Weissflog, which creates mutual exclude requesters. Found elsewhere in BIX, rxs- er502.lha (ARexx Serial Device Function Library version 5.02) provides an interface between Arexx programs and any .Amiga serial device. Portal offers an entire library of .ARexx files in its Amiga area. Most notable is GENEREXXT. LHA (GeneRexxT Version
2. 1.), which creates Arexx scripts for ASDG’s Art Department Professional and Axiom’s Pixel 3D 2.0, and offers automated conversion for NewTek’s Toaster framestores to and from RGB mode. The file's Pixel 3D support includes rapid conversion of 3-D objects to various formats. Also on Portal is AREXXAP- PI JST0293.LZH, which contains the Arexx Application List by Daniel Barrett. The Arexx Application List is the most current and complete list found on any network al this writing that offers Arexx compatibility. In the AmigaTech area of CompuServe you will find ABC.LZH, a script that batch converts files loaded into ADPro from one format to another. If you're like me, you probably waste time by manually selecting options to load an IFF file for conversion to JPEG format; ABC.LZH makes that and similar processes automatic. Finally, if you use Autopilot to access CompuServe, check out the Arexx utility AP- SCAN.LZH, which automatically extracts file data from .LST files and GETSTK.LZH, which obtains stock quotes. .Another file, GETWX.LHA uses an Arexx script to automatically retrieve weather forecasts from within AutoPilot. BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 408 973-9111 BIMour Coach to the Internet! Ursfors$ Under the 5 tor S5 plan dayt-ne surcnarges (59 lir) apply tor access during prime time hours. Tne 5 for 35 offer is valid tor lirst-bme members only. Unusea hcurs do ret accrue to subsequent months Tne 35 charge is a non-retondable flat fee and 13 charged rega-dless of use. The Internet connects you with more than 10 million people - at universities, companies, and other on-line services. Now, get the Internet free of charge when you subscribe to BIX. You'll also get on-line assistance from more than 200 moderators who will help you understand the Internet. These experts will guide you through the Internet, providing you with a large selection of help files, books, programs and other resources to get you going. Anytime you need help, they'll be available to answer your questions, point you in the right direction. Once you know your way around the Internet, you'll be able to initiate technical discussions, download programs and files from all over the world using FTP, and connect in real-time to other networks through Telnet. Bix and the Internet. They're the largest technical resource in on-line services. And with over 600 local access numbers available across the country, BIX makes it easy to connect. Try out BIX today, at only $ 5 for 5 hours, and become a part of the top technical team. El If you can hack it OpalVision™ Main Board A true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel and a maximum resolution of 768 x 480 (580 PAL). An internal card, it operates automatically in NTSC or PAL mode in any Amiga computer with a video slot (including the Amiga 4000). It's powerful VLSi graphics coprocessor enables stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth, hardware-controlled priority switching and scrolling panning effects. The board's state-of-the-art design allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double-buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes critically acclaimed and award winning OpalPaint™, Opol Presents™ and OpalAnimMATE™ software. SssBsa New incredibly low pric The best is now Plug this card into the OpalVision Main Board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality, it's a high-quality, real-time 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn't require a time-base corrector. And, it's a professional-quality geniocker with chroma and luma keying. The 256-levef linear transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis for smooth vignettes, anti-aliased text and super-smooth effects. The Video Sandwich key allows you to insert chroma or luma keyed video between definable f background layers of a 24-Bit image. It also provides real-time color pf video and an unlimited number of transitions and Digital Video Ef included OpalVision Roaster Chip and software. These include cuts, wi special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range c picture-in-picture, page peels and image wrapping. Ips, tumbles, OpalVision Video Suite™ This power-packed video and audio mixing, switching and transcoding device connects directly to the Video Processor. This 19-inch, rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has its own internal computer and every aspect is software-controlled for precisely timed and accurate functionality. The Video Suite includes a wealth of inputs and outputs. There are 9 video and 10 a udio inputs available, plus the 24-Bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S- Video. Choose any 2 sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect, and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite. The linear transparency key (Alpha channel and transparency effects) can be taken from the Video Processor or an external video source, and or output to another production switcher. This allows transparency control between video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The 10 Audio inputs (five stereo pairs) are fully software-sequenced with smooth fades and full, 5-band frequency equalization. OpalVision Scan-Rate Convertor TBC Add this enhancement card to the Main Board and achieve 31 Khz, non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and animations. It also de-interlaces any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC and includes full time-base correction of incoming video. The on-board memory also serves as a separate frame-store for dual framebuffer applications. Feature Comparison OpalVision'' 2.0 (Main Board, Video Processor' & Video Suite' ) New Tek Video Toaster 4000 Hardware Operating Mode Real-Time, 24-Bil RGB Hardware OperaMng Mode 8-Bit Composite Video Supported Broadcast Standard NTSC NO Supported Broadcast Standards NTSC PAL Inputs Outputs: 9 Video Inputs 5 Video Outputs Key in out Master Sync In Inputs Outputs: 4 Video Inputs 2 Video Outputs NO NO Supported Video Standards: Composite Video S-Video Y R-Y B-Y (YUV Betacam) RGB Supported Video Standards: Composite Video NO NO NO Audio Mixing 5-Band Equalization 10 Audio Inputs (5 Stereo Pairs) 2 Audio Outputs (1 Stereo Pair) 35ns Character Generator 35ns Character Generator Includes Lightwave 3D Compatible with all Amiga 3D software Full-Color, 24-Bit, real-time animation playback in multiple modes HAM-B, Maximum 256,000 color animation playback generated through Amiga 4000, not the Video Toaster Hardware Genlock with Luma Keying Genlock with Luma keying Transparency Keying Chroma Keying on any cotor Video Sandwich Keying Transparency Keying Integrates into the Amiga Environment Frame Buffer accessible by oil Amiga Software Takes over the machine Limited Frame Buffer accessibility to 3rd party software Numerous pre-set DVE effects Vector-based effects editor for unlimited custom effects. Numerous, pre-set DVE effects NO Optional de-interlacing of Video and Graphics Includes Award-Winning OpaiPainl,M software with real-time 32-Bit painting Includes Toaster Point'". Operates in inferior quality HAM mode, renders to composite software for viewing Time-Base Correction unnecessary for Frame Grabbing Time-Base Correction usually required for Frame Grabbing OpalVision is Awesome! The verdict was unanimous...Brilliant Amiga Shopper Camcorder an enormous range of creative possibilities It’s a spectacular product Amiga Computing Computer Graphics World 5tate-of-the-Art features The best paint program At 11Iga Video Joi iroal Amiga World The overall champion of Amiga paint programs the finest, most versatile paint package on the Amiga Desktop Video World TV Technology Video Professionals Prefer OpalVision m "We installed the OpalVision Main Board in an Amiga 4000 last Jt, r-[ September and it has worked very well for our company. In animation tjij . . L - H work, the ability to show a client motion tests at thirty frames a second *'•1 .ir®|| W?' Via OpalAnimMATE is a great help as weil as an outstanding sales tool. Sit a prospective client down and go through four or five past animation projects (playing back in real time with OpalVision rather than using U-* ! 1 video tape) and you've got a heck of a presentation. T The OpalPaint software is a great timesaver also, turning out beautiful 1 still graphics with ease. The ability to use scalable fonts with Workbench
3. 0 puts this system into the Paintbox class for rendering fonts. The extremely advanced software and the fact that OpalVision outputs an _ RGB signal rather than NTSC gives it the edge over the competition. You can output directly to component devices and never go through composite video. At Sinister Video, we researched all the 24-bit systems available and decided on OpalVision. We’ve never looked back.” Mac McAlpin, Sinister Video Group, Los Angeles For information: 1-800-621-2202 Manufactured arid Distributed by Centaur Development
P. O. Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 Phone: (310) 7B7-4530 FAX: (310) 222-5B82 BBS: (310) 767-4540 Created by: Opal Tech Sydney, Australia Oof) .sor.. Opo'Pa n;. Opal Presents, OpalVIiicr. Video St*8e Ope-Won Wdeo P*oce»or or-O Oeo'Visien '>oestof C O ere rrndsrrarw n' Opr:' Gpa'An rr-.IVATE * a trademark of Ce 'ojf Deve)oof>"*ent, Inc Psintbc* « a restored frcner-.crk of Quanto*.Wiic Video Joasfer. TighfwavG 3D a no ToostOf Pont aro traacmarki ol flew te* he TgChncai ssoci'ico ons ‘o enc go wfhoj* ' Circle 16? On Reader Service card. R E V E T-Rexx Professional 2 Arexx script generator for video hardware and software integration. ASDG, $ 249. All models. Hard drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 2MB, AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. ASDG recently acquired the code of T-Rexx Professional, made some substantial revisions and enlargements, and released Version 2. Good new s For Video Toaster users. Commands at Hand Those familiar with the earlier version should take note that screen control of the main program has not changed substantially, but it has been expanded. The primary idea is Arexx control, and lots of it. You control virtually ever)' aspect of the Video Toaster's functions through a user-generated script by pushing buttons. 'The script window is large enough (roughly 25 lines, depending on the font) for easy viewing, editing, and debugging, and it displays your script in either Arexx or plain English. Basic editing commands include cut, copy, paste, insert, delete, undo and find. Once prepared, the editing screen can test finished scripts, or it can test commands in real time as you enter them. If an error occurs during script execution, the editing screen appears with the offending line highlighted. Up to six separate scripts can reside in memory simultaneously, so you can paste and rearrange blocks of repeated commands or previously designed modules as you would with a text editor or word processor. Script creation, testing, and execution were never so easy. The Business Screen Because all the Switcher buttons on the main edit screen trigger the insertion of Arexx commands into the script, it is natural that T-Rexx Pro should provide the same facility for other Arexx-acccssi- ble programs. A nicely integrated rocker switch on the T-Rexx Pro edit screen scrolls through the available programs and commands. To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. Processing possibilities are far-reaching. Given enough system resources, you can, from one simple assemble script, control a VCR. Grab a frame, load it into ASDG’s ADPro for a series of prearranged manipulations, and save it out in one fell swoop. (For some other image-processing possibilities using Arexx with T-Rexx Pro 2 and ADPro, see Directing Graphics Traffic with Arexx, ” p. 39.) Three other included programs are accessible from the edit screen (or from their own icons): T- Rexx Command Editor (TCE), Project Editor (PE), and FramestoreFM (FFM). One click loads the selected program into memory, a second click makes it active, and a shifted click removes it from memory. TCE allows for creating, editing, and arranging banks of command buttons. On the clown side, the manual is a bit thin on instructions, but by checking out an existing set of commands you can fabricate a new command without too much difficulty. T-Rexx Pro comes complete with command sets for all Toaster programs (Switcher, ToasterPaint, LightWave, and Genlock), as well as DQ-Taco (Diaquest), Personal TBC2 (DPS), Ami Link C I, CLD-V2400 (Pioneer laser-disc player), BCD2000A (BCD Associates’ single-frame controller), MediaPhile editing systems (Interactive MicroSystems), VISCA (Sony devices), PC-VCR (NEC), Personal SFC (Nucleus), Pixel 3D (Axiom), Studio 16 (SunRize), ADPro, Arexx (William Hawes), and LightTV (a T-Rexx Pro utility). Toast As You Like It FFM is a multifunction program for all manner of Toaster Framestore management. Once it locates your directory of frames (Framestore or any other directory), you can build a black-and-white picture database of all the frames in that directory. It’s a quick process my ’030-based Amiga built a database of 32 frames in about three minutes. Even frames that haven’t had these “stamps” can be viewed quickly on the Amiga’s monitor at full size
191. FS.UTLogo
399. FS.Mm3.T1
391. FS.M*a*3.T2
m. FS.n*«3.T3
393. FS.nm3. T4 3M.Fi.6Min
393. FS.M»*s3.2 369-FS.Hon*v2
561. FS.non»v1
362. FS.Hi sc5.bunp
563. FS.Mlsc9.bimp
364. RS.t1isc3.bunp
563. FS.Htsc2.bunp 3fi6.FS.Misd .bunp
579. FS.Gan *?.bunp
371. FS.Gan *1.bunp
372. FS.Gan**9.bunp
373. FS.RlddtPs2.bun
374. FS.R t ddI»s.bunp
575. FS.Dollar in 16 levels of gray scale on original and ECS machines, and in 256 levels on AGA computers. If the Toaster is running, you can also view them on either framebuffer with a simple double click. Other FFM actions include renaming, deleting, and converting frames. The conversion business, handled by a subprogram (FSloIFF), involves compressing and decompressing frames and conv erting them to IFF24 (RGB in Toaster talk) format files. The task is performed whether or not the Toaster is running in almost less time than it takes to tell about it. PE is another indispensable tool for Toaster users. It allows the editing and substantial rearrangement of the Project configuration of effects, effect speeds, and background and border colors. It's handy for removing Kiki-effects and replacing them with professional ones. The concept is not original, but the organization and execution is refreshingly complete. Presets for each effect can be modified, and new effects can be created from brush ANIMations. You can apply various “special effects” such as flips, rotations, and mirrors to a basic animation to create variations (new effects). Beneath the Streets A number of other utility subprograms also populate T-Rexx Pro. These include LightTV (a Eight- Wave controller that converts rendered frames to 722998 DCTV-format single images or ANIMations); FSView (quickly displays a gray-scale image of a frame); ShareFX (allows for easy distribution and installation of new effects you create); Sentry (monitors a directory and performs specified Arexx or CLI commands on new or updated files); and FstoIFF. T-Rexx Pro 2 allows you to build picture databases of Toaster Frame- stores for quick and easy viewing. T-Rexx Pro brings to Video Toaster users, multimedia producers, and artists a collection of useful utilities that work well. With the program. Toaster users can control through Arexx scripts virtually every aspect of all the Toaster’s “slices” and can easily produce projects from slideshows to complex, multisource edits. You can also add multimedia machine and program control to scripts through the command sets. Artists can use all of T-Rexx Pro's facets to grab, process, and convert frames, and pack them automatically into complex ANIMations with an easily constructed script. In any phase of production, you never have enough hands or enough time. T-Rexx Pro provides both. Michael Hanish Emplant Multitasking Macintosh emulator board and software. Utilities Unlimited, $ 279.95; w serial: $ 349.95; w SCSI: $ 349.95; w seria! And SCSI: S399.95; Sybil: S99.95 Amiga 2000 3000 4000 Minimum system: 2MB, accelerator Hard-drive installable. (68020 through 68040). Not copy protected. Recommended system: 4MB, 68030 or Accelerator compatible. 68040.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Installation: Easy, During the past eight years, the Amiga has served as the development bed of choice Tor some fascinating hardware devices. Inspired hackers and engineers produced wonders such as ReadySoffs A- Max, Digital Creation’s DCTV, and NewTek’s Video Toaster. Utilities Unlimited now adds the Emplant to that impressive list. Mac-in-the-Box Emplant is the long-awaited emulator board pro- ? Viding full-color Macintosh II, Iix, Ilex, and SE30 emulation. Not designed to take over the system as A-Max does, it was touted to peacefully coexist in a fully multitasking environment. Billed as a third-party Macintosh bridgeboard, it promised to simultaneously run two (or more) computers at full speed in one box. 1 be Emplant is a standard Zorro board with vacant ROM sockets waiting to hold the ROM chips of the machines it emulates. One socket holds the ROM SIMM used in later Mac Hs, and four other sockets hold the four ROM chips used in earlier versions of the MAC II. These four sockets can also hold EPROMS and static RAM chips for devices like recoverable ram disks (not yet available). The big question is whether it works. With reservations, the answer is yes. Obviously in haste, Utilities Unlimited released Emplant for general sale before all its features were implemented, working properly, or even adequately explained. To be sure, the Emplant does create a working Macintosh on an Amiga screen with harmonious multitasking and screen-manipulation abilities. (It's so Amiga-compliant that you can even use Amiga screen-capture programs to take IFF screen shots of the Mac desktop.) Support for both the Mac System 6 and 7 operating systems is present, though earlier versions of System 6 are less than reliable. As advertised, it operates faster than the equivalent Mac, and you can power' it down without rebooting the Amiga system, even if the Mac side crashes. The latest version of the Emplant software (v2.5) runs under Amiga- DOS 1.3, but future upgrades will require 2.0 or higher. The color support also works as promised. The Emplant properly displays 16-color Mac programs on standard ECS Amigas, and full 256-color programs on Amigas with the AGA chip set. Future upgrades promise to allow .Amigas with 24-hit graphics boards to run Mac software in 256-color mode, but for now it supports only the Retina board. The color emulation also works, though some games and shareware programs that deviate from standard Mac rules may crash. Drivetrain Pain Drive support is more involved and. Sadly, problematic. The Emplant can create Mac-formatted partitions in unused Amiga hard-drive partitions, but only up to 31 megs each. Emplant does, however, allow Mac hard drives connected to the board to be formatted to their till I capacity, Fortunately, the Emplant can also Find and boot from A-Max partitions on Amiga hard drives, and you can connect Emplant boards with the SCSI option to Mac-formatted SCSI hard drives. This makes upgrading from a Mac or A-Max much easier than jumping cold into Mac emulation. Emplant allows Amiga disk drives to read Mac disks in either A-Max or Emplant format. Connecting an Amiga high-density drive allows Emplant to read and write high-density Mac disks, but not the more common low-density (also called double-density) disks. To use low-density Mac disks, you need to connect Sybil, the Utilities Unlimited disk interface (sold separately for $ 99.95). This is currently the biggest drawback in re-creating a genuine Mac within a multitasking Amiga. If you want to be able to use both high- and low-density disks in your Emplant system, you must have two separate pieces of hardware: a Sybil and an Amiga high-density disk drive. The Emplant’s Mac serial and parallel ports support modems, printers, and AppleTalk networks. As of this writing, the Emplant cannot use the Amiga serial and parallel ports; you must buy or build the proper connectors. You can then transfer your modem and printer cables from the Amiga to the Emplant board, but that reduces convenience, especially in a multitasking environment. .Also missing in action are Mac sound, support for the AmigaDOS devices like dhO: and 1CAD:, support for more than 4MB of Mac memory, and anything that resembles a functional manual. There is a booklet that barely begins to explain this complex product, and several disk files that fill in some of the holes, but this combination raises more questions than answers. Tech support is very knowledgeable (you get the actual board designers), but available only three days a week. The Emplant compares very favorably to the A-Max II Plus, which does not support color or Amiga multitasking. The A- Max II Plus also uses the 128K first-generation Mac ROMs, while the Emplant uses the more advanced 256K ROMs, which support 16- and 256-color screens. The Emplant is not a clear winner, though, since the A-Max II Plus has a larger screen, faster screen scrolling (because it’s monochrome), and built-in support for standard, low-density, 800K Mac disks. Although the Emplant does not emulate the powerful Mac Quadra, a stock 68040 Amiga provides most of the horsepower needed to turn an A4000 and an Emplant with 256K ROMs into the virtual equivalent of a Quadra without more expensive ROMs or an emulation upgrade. (Mac 256K ROMs cost about S250 and are available from outlets like Shreve Systems, 800-227-
3971. ) Manic Mac Attack I initially spent several frustrating days performing ROM transplants on delicate Mac innards, until a call to Utilities Unlimited tech support revealed the mystery of the ROMINFO program. It turns out that you don’t have to open your Mac II and pry out the precious ROM chips. The as-yet-undocumented file ROMINFO reads the Mac chips while they are inside the Mac, and dumps them to a Mac file that you can easily send to the Amiga via modem, I never could get the ROM dump program to work from within the Amiga (tech support claims that not all Mac II ROMs are compatible), but ROMINFO worked like a dream. Just connect your Amiga to your Mac via modem, send the ROMINFO File to the Mac, and run it. Then use your modem to send the ROM-image file it creates back to the Amiga, and you’re in business. Legal issues involved in using ROM- image files are vague, but, according to Utilities Unlimited, using such files is legitimate as long as you do not use the Mac from which they were copied at the same time as you use the Emplant. I bis is scarcely an undue hardship, since an Amiga with a multitasking Macintosh inside is superior in so many ways to even the best single-processing Mac. Because so many of the Emplant’s advertised features were dysfunctional upon release, users should be forewarned that this is a continually evolving product. Fortunately, fixes continue to arrive at a furious pace, and Emplant utility programs have appeared on networks such as GE- nie and BIX, further lessening some consumer concerns. Call ahead before von buy, ancl make sure that all the features you need are available. Big Aspirations Future versions will include the ability to emulate a host of personal computers, like MS-DOS 386 486, Commodore 64, Atari Mega ST, Atari 400 800, and even game machines such as Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. According to die advertising, all you need to run several computers at once is the current version of the Emplant hardware, the ROMs or ROM-image file ? IT HAD TO HAPPEN.. We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhotoLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! IT’S AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new AGA modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. IT’S POWERFUL... Multiple levels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features. A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. IT’S EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations. IT’S BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all, it’s from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modes supported: Register based 2. 4, 8, 16. 32. Or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. With the new AGA Amigas: Register based 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64EHB, 64. 128, and 256 Colors. 6 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in full fidelity internal representations.) Competitive Upgrade Program! If you already own any current Amiga paint or animation package, you can upgrade to Brilliance for half price! Just caii our order department. Digital Direct, with your current paint package manual handy and order Brilliance for only $ 125. But hurry, this is a limited offer! Oa|| DIGITAL
- as*DIRECT 1-800-645-1164 Dealers! Interested in participating in this competitive upgrade program? Call Digital Creations at 916-344-4825 to find out how. DIGITAL C R EATIONS FAX 916*635*0475 Phone 916*344*4825
P. O. Box 97. Folsom CA 95763-0097 Brilliance and IKTV Pain I arc trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc. Deluxe Paint ST ant! Deluxe PhotoLab are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Creation and control of OpCode 5 ANIMations. Minimum system: 1MB, AmigaDOS 2.0 or 2.1. Recommended: Additional RAM, hard drive, ADPro, Arexx, ow many times have you sought pretiming of individual ANIMation from the computer to be emulated, and new emulation software. Who knows? Maybe the Amiga will become the Anything Machine, capable of wide-reaching computer and game-machine emulation. Any way you look at it, Emplant-is an engineering marvel. Granted, it’s sometimes frustrating, hut if the continuing upgrades from Utilities Unlimited make the Emplant live up to its billing, the future in cross-platform computing will he bright indeed. Daniel Greenberg frames or attempted to sync a sound to a specific spot? Ever tried to change the size or resolution of an animation after it was created? Now, by using Axiom’s Anim Workshop in conjunction with ASDG’s Art Department Professional, you can achieve all of the above and more. W hile its name might imply otherwise, Anim Workshop does not create the individual frames that constitute your animation. Rather, the program provides an interface for manipulating the images and combining them into an Amiga IFF OpCode 5 ANIM file. ANIMs may also be of the XOR (allowing you to play them backwards) and multimedia (can contain audio synchronization) varieties. In addition, Anim Workshop can act as a batch-flle converter in that it enables you to manipulate individual files and store them back as individual frame files. All models except AGA machines. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
2. 0 or higher compatible. Anim Workshop Axiom Software, $ 99.95. ZtiFG COMVERT xNrcnT FiEfi loot ntrmr.r. iii i r CUSTOM fiREXX -A ¦j '¦ .> ¦
* ft J i . ':-A * . '«r‘ r" * HndySeft Incorporated M WorOwton Court SdW J fkctmood HW. Ontario. Canada L43 IB T«r(4l*)TJ1 -41TJ Fax:(410 m-kWT
- Cr ' *¦ IreadySqft ¦*J The Wait Is Over ... The addition of A-Max 11 Plus to ReadySofft acdalmed series of Macintosh emulators brings powerful new capabilities to your Amiga. Amax II and A-Max II Plus are hardware and software combinations that once you supply Macintosh 128K ROMs, run almost all Macintosh productivity software at full speed Including Word, Excel, Quark Xpress* and Illustrator*. A-Max II Plus Is an Interna! Card which may be easily Inserted Into a slot In your Amiga 2000 or greater series computer. Once installed, A-Max I) Plus provides AppleTalk*, serial port, MIDI and disk compatiblity with the Macintosh, The A-Max 2.5 software also features: support for Amiga hard drives, mouse, keyboard, disk drives, serial and parallel ports, processor accelerators, RAM, all normal video modes and screen sizes, de-interlacers, playback of Macintosh digitized sounds, Apple ImageWrfter* emulation for 9 and 24 pin Epson* compatible printers, and access to Macintosh SCSI peripherals through a hard drive controller's SCSI port. A-Max II and A Max II Plui are trademark! Of ReadySofi Incorporated. Appfe. Madmoth, Mac, AppleTalk. LaterVfrlter. LocaiTalk. Im+geWrlitr are reglfletcd trademark! Of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademark! Arc the property of their reiperthre owner!-
v. , cf.-- Anim Workshop's interface Is clean and simple. Installation is a simple process that utilizes a standard Commodore installation program. The user interface is comprised entirely of on-screen buttons or keyboard equivalents; there are no pull-down menus. The upper-left section of the screen is used for a file list that may contain either ANIM or picture files. Using the buttons below the list, you can add, remove, or show files. You also have buttons to sort (alphabetically) or swap files in the list. You can save the file list to disk and load it later with the List button. A picture file can be in any valid format supported by ADPro from two to 16.7 million colors. You must convert each picture to an ? SuperGen GENLOCK AND OVERLAY SYSTEM Only broadcast quality genlock for less than $ 1000 Two independent dissolve controls Software controllable Compatible with all Amiga models Notch filter THE FUTURE IS HERE! TWO CHANNEL TBC SYSTEM Create spectacular true color animations on te your Amiga. The industry standard - yet to be equaled SuperGen NEW1 PRICE! $ 549.00 SuperGen2000 THE FIRST TRUE Y C GENLOCK AND OVERLAY CARD FOR THE AMIGA 2000 SERIES COMPUTER S-VIIS. ED-BETA, I Ii8 compatible Broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A output SC I I phase adjustability Built-in sync generator Two independent dissolve controls Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source. Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software included. Compatible with AG A 1200 and 4000 Amigas in NTSC PAL modes. Two to four times the speed of AGA animations (DCTV vs. HAMS) with greater color and resolution. Compatible with all popular 3D. Rendering, and graphics packages including: AD-Pro. Aladdin 4D, AmigaVision, Brilliance, Calligari. Cinemorph. Draw4D, ImageMaster, Imagine, LigluWave, MorphPlus. Real 3D. Scala. Scenery Animator, Sculpt, VistaPro, and many others... DCTV Nwk. (NTSC or PAL) SJ a $ 299.00 The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of time base correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card.
• Absolute 100% broadcast quality
• Composite or Y C video in
• Includes easy to use external control panel
• No waveform monitor needed
• Variable speed strobe
• Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields
• Low power consumption
• Lowest TBC price per channel
• Works w ith consumer grade VCRs I'm Kitchen Sync NEW! PRICE! RGB CONVERTER Allows the use of DCTV with standard RGB monitors (1084) in standard NTSC or PAL modes. Also permits the use of external genlocks like our SuperGen. RGB Converter $ 199.00 SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external video source. Genlock Option
k. $ 150.00 S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. ? I S-VHS Option $ 99.00 FREE 2nd Day shipping nro on all VISA & MC orders in the US. Next Day Shipping add $ 5.00. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. DIGITAI Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited. CALL DIGITAL =DIRECT 1 -800-645-1164 Orders only 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 916-344-4825 R E A T I O N S p o. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 - Phone 9J6-344-4825 • FAX 916-635-0475 SuperGen. SupcrGcn2000s, DCTV, DCTV RGB Converter, and Kitchen Sync arc trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc. Video Toaster is u trademark of Newtek. Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Amiga-displayable format prior to creating the ANIM file. Animation Manipulation and so on. You can play ANIMations at a selected global frame rate, or set different timings on individual frames. The panel lets you adjust viewing positions, as well as force an interlaced screen, which output to video requires. You also can set an IFF 8SYX sound file to play on any of the four .Amiga audio channels at any specific frame, while controlling foreground background priority or interrupt and volume. With Anim Workshop, you can also separate an ANIM into individual files or The upper right of the screen displays the information about an ANIM file, including dimensions, display mode, frame count, file size, format, and whether loop frames are included. The Enter key brings up the Animation Control Panel, where you have the expected controls such as stop, play forward backward, fast forward, first last frame, pause. We won't let you down! Hang on! DKB knows the importance of customer service. If you re having a problem or need a questions answered, our Tech Support Team is just a phone call away. Everyone at DKB is friendly,professional and know what they're talking about when it comes to your Amiga . DKB technology remains on the cutting edge as we continue to introduce the peripherals and expansion boards you’ve asked for. Like The CLOCK, real time for your Amiga 1200. Or the DKB 1202, to speed up math intensive operations. Our innovative products are thoroughly tested before they are shipped. Every DKB peripheral comes with a full 2-year warrant}'. Our first commitment has always been customer satisfaction. At DKB it's not just something we talk about, it’s how we run our business every day. Problems or Questions? Please call our Tech Support Team at 50240 W. Pontiac Trail Wixom, MI. 48393 313-960-8750 Circle 26 on Reader Service card smaller animations, or combine it with other animations or pictures into a complete ANIM. In addition, you can control palettes, resize, dither, delete insert or replace specific frames, flip from horizontal to vertical, or grab frames from the screen. To execute complete image processing, you can call anything that does not have a specific button through custom Arexx scripts using ADPro or through other Arexx commands. Anim Workshop can also create very useful histograms and information about the ANIMation, such as the number of unique colors, or the smallest, largest, and average delta (changes between frames) compression. This information is critical, because it affects actual playback speed. Anim Workshop provides hard-disk playback, which, while obviously slower, does give you the ability to view larger-than-RAM animations. Prerequisites The documentation is a brief 42-page booklet without an index. While it discusses the program functions, you will need to understand the concept of Amiga ANIM files, and their limitations, as well. For fiill utilization of this program, you will also have to know and under- stand ADPro loaders and savers. On the surface, it seems that most of the same functionality provided by Anim Workshop can be found in public-domain utilities or in ASDG’s FRED, a part of ADPro (which itself really is a required tool to obtain full functionality from Anim Workshop). The program’s interface, however, is more intuitive than FRED’s for basic ANIMation creation although to use most of the powerful image-processing operators in ADPro, you will still need to write custom Arexx scripts. If you have this ability, you could just as easily access FRED directly from ADPro. Problems .. * and Solutions! My testbed system consisted of two 68030 28MHz-equipped Amiga 2000s, each with 9MB of RAM, and AmigaDOS
2. 04, with no TSR programs, I originally tested Anim Workshop (version 1.02) and found minor problems with font display, the creation of XOR ANIM, the use of wildcards in file naming, and a few other things. After contacting technical support , I was told a few of the problems had already been fixed and a new version would soon be readv. Axiom also examined the other problems I bad identified and made some additional revisions, and very shortly afterwards a new version (1.03) arrived for me to evaluate. I found that each problem had indeed Continued on p.65. VIDEO VIDEO SET LEVEL UP TNT HUE METER INPUT dub mode POWER SaveVmr Animation From Being Eaten Alive. You know how an animation can take on a life of its own. Sometimes it takes forever. Or it costs too much. Or a tape machine mistakes it for lunch. The DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ solves these and other animation-production problems. For just S 1,995, it gives you the reliability and capabilities of systems costing thousands more. A plug-in AMIGA® card, the Personal Animation Recorder functions as a single-frame recording deck. With it, you can digitally record your animation onto a dedicated hard disk* and play it back in real time. Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. The Personal Animation Recorder will even genlock to your system. Because the Personal Animation Recorder operates in a totally digital environment, you won’t be
- ¦¦ik. ¦. Nar
• ¦ • *«ar DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best bothered with the time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation recorders. Since vour animation is recorded in a component digital 4:2:2 format, you can produce an infinite number of first-generation tape copies. Plus, the Personal Animation Recorder features outputs for true component analog video (Betacam®, Mil®), composite and S-Video (Hi8® S-VHS). Rescue your productions from the jaws of traditional animation systems. Produce quality animation for a fraction of the usual cost with the DPS Personal Animation Recorder. In the U.S. call (606) 371-5533 Fax:(606)371-3729 In Canada call (416) 754-8090 Fax:(416) 754-7046 Circle 171 on Reader Service card.
• Hard Jrlvv nm included. DPS Per* mi I Animation Recorder™ is a trademark of Uiftlul Pm sin* System,. Inc. AMIGA* is a re*.stcred trademark of Commodore-Am, . Inc. Iltfi* and Beliicum* art retistered trademarks of Sony Corp. MU is » rvftiMcrcd trademark of Panasonic Broadcast AW SPECIAL PREVIEW The long-awaited Toaster upgrade delivers both new hardware that takes advantage of Amiga AGA graphics and new softwareoffering greatly enhanced Toaster operations. S 11 E L D () N B Y L E E M 0 N EDITOR'S NOTE: The following "first-look" feature is based on a pre-release version of the Video Toaster -1000 made available especially for this review. The final release is expected to ship by the time you read this. AI V will provide follow-up coverage and in-depth evaluations of the new Toaster hardware and software in future issues. TI IE NEW AMIGA 1000 version of NewTek’s Video Toaster should answer a lot of the lingering questions Amiga owners have had about the Video Toaster: Will NewTek stick with the Amiga or jump to IBM or Mac hardware? Will they finally make make a Video Toaster that fits in a state-of-the- art Amiga, instead of the obsolete A2000? Will LightWave users ever be able to create animations without using expensive professional video decks and single-frame controllers? Toaster users and Amiga owners everywhere are bound to like the answers that the Toaster 4000 provides. One of the more interesting aspects of the new Toaster card is that it fits in virtually every’ model Amiga that has a video slot. In its default configuration, the card plugs into the A3000, A3000 Tower, A4000, or the upcoming A4000 Tower. Like a Transformer robot, however, when you shift the position of the removable BNC module, it converts to a card for the Amiga 2000. (The manual provides precise, step-by-step instructions with diagrams and pictures for installing the card in each Amiga model.) Although the new card looks quite similar to the original one, NewTek does claim a number of new additions and improvements; six new effects modes, improved video output, better overlay of Amiga graphics, and hardware that is designed to mesh belter with the AGA graphics chips in the Amiga 4000, ? PHOTOGRAPH 11V EDWARD JU DICE AMIGA World 23
- GRAPHICS------ PAINT Col 3D I BabS-flNIH LOAD SUPERIMPOSE 1|2l3l4lPVi!PV2|Dvaj ms OFF FREEZE TAKE Software Switches New hardware, of course, isn’t of much use without new software. The new Toaster 4000 Toaster 3.0 software may look quite similar to version 2.0, but it is much improved. The Switcher screen has a more professional look, with rounded buttons, better colors, and a less cluttered layout (see Figure 1). Its interface has also been improved. Whenever a button offers a large numFigure 1. Switcher: The Switcher module sports a cleaner, less»clut- tered look. It's also picked up the ability to display LightWave anima- tlons as well as still frames not to mention dozens of new effects. Wznz Ml L Hi - ber of choices, for example, it pops up a scrolling menu, rather than making you flip through selections one at a time. And on wipe effects, you can now set the duration in frames (l 30th of a second), instead of being stuck with Slow, Medium, and Fast speeds. The real news, however, is the extent to which the Switcher takes advantage of the A4000’s AGA graphics chips. One of the greatest strengths of the Amiga 4000 is its ability to play 262,000-color animations at 30 frames per second. The Toaster 4000 takes advantage of this ability by allowing you to render HAMS animations directly from LightWave 3D. You can now load and display these files right from the Switcher screen, just as you load and display still frames. The quality of the A4000’s 18-bit color display isn’t quite as good as the Toaster’s own output, but even so, it is often indistinguishable from high-quality video. Most video makers should find it of sufficient quality for a wide range of uses. With a full 18MB of RAM installed in the A4000, you can play six seconds of animation enough for most logo sequences, for example. Longer animations will be possible if you add a 32-bit memory expander such as the upcoming DKB 3128 (DKB Software), which can hold 128MB more RAM. The Switcher also uses AGA graphics in its new video effects. Toaster 2.0 Action F X used moving silhouettes, but Toaster 4000 effects include full-color moving figures, some with transparent drop shadows. In one effect, for example, the ubiquitous Kiki Stock- hammer walks in from the side of the screen, waves a magic wand, and the picnire changes in a flash of light (see Figure 2). Other effects make extensive use of LightWave animations: to fly the word “SALE” around with trails, to crash a spaceship through the picture, and to superimpose an animation of life-like swinging wedding bells in a corner of the screen. AGA graphics even come in handy for still images. In effects where multiple layers of graphics are needed, the A4000’s display adds a third high-color source to the Toaster’s own two internal framebuffers. There is a category of effect, for example, that uses AGA graphics to superimpose a frame or border around the screen, such as a picture frame or a set of marble columns. NewTek has also improved many existing effects. Although the new Toaster does not compress video any better than the old version, the increased video bandwidth of the A4000 allows for noticeably faster effects and smoother transitions. Effects like page peels and flys are dramatically more professional than they were before. In effects like the Rotating Cube, transparent drop shadows provide an extra touch of realism. Some effects not only look better, but sound better. For example, the Glass Shatter effect is now accompanied by the sound of breaking glass, while Pour In adds the sound of water pouring; several of the new effects also have sound to go with them. Not only has the quality of the effects changed, but so also has the quantity. I he Switcher now sports nine panels of 32 effects each, for a total of nearly 300 effects loaded at a time. A CG With Character The Switcher changes are flashy, but the improvements to the Character Generator program may have an even more lasting impact. The CG is a program that video makers use constantly, and it has gotten a complete overhaul (see Figure 3). The interface, which had used VIDE 0 the keyboard exclusively, now features complete mouse control. Not only can you use the mouse to select text placement, but also you can drag text and graphics elements to any position on the screen. You can even overlap them, with variable degrees of transparency. T 0 A S T E R Freeing the CG from its keyboard control has removed most of the restrictions. You can now change the size, color, border, and shadow of each character individually. And no longer are you restricted to a fixed list of sizes. The Toaster CG now reads both PostScript fonts and Gompugraphic outline fonts, in addition to its own bitmap format. These new fonts can be scaled to the point where a single character fills the screen. There is no longer a set number of fonts that can be loaded at once a good thing because the package comes with more than 300 fonts. You are now limited only by memory. The most exciting change to the CG, however, is the introduction of graphics clips into the title page. You can load virtually any brush file into the CG, and ' place it wherever you wish on the screen. In addition, there is a built-in “box” brush, which can be dragged out to any size you wish to create background boxes and separator bars. Both text and brushes have individual alpha-channel transparency settings, which means that you can layer them transparently over live video, as well as over each other. These features allow you to create the same kind of bottom-third graphics that you see on network TV, where, for instance, baseball scores are set over semi-transparent boxes, with the NBC peacock off'to one side. LightWave Moves Light Years Ahead If you think that the Switcher and CG have changed, then wait until you see LightWave and Modeler. Light- Wave 4000 has more than 250 new features, and almost every one of them is a major improvement. Just listing them would take an entire article, but a few deserve special mention. The entire user interface has been made simpler, yet much more powerful. All of the controls have been consolidated onto the Layout screen (see Figure 4), so there is no more switching back and forth from Layout to control screens (and no more losing your layout because you forgot to set a keyframe). Motion paths are now visible and can be changed interactively. There are powerful new controls for moving and scaling sections of the animation: You can view the scene from the vantage point of a light, move easily from one frame to another via sliders, and save and load preview animations. There are many rendering improvements as well. Rendering has been optimized for the 68040 processor and now operates up to ten times faster. True antialiasing makes your scene look good even when rendered at lower resolutions. Camera effects such as lens flare, motion blur, and depth of field have been added. Shadow mapping allows you to create soft-edge shadows much more quickly than ray tracing. Cubic and Front Projection image-mapping modes provide easier and better ways to wrap pictures around objects. Deformation maps can be used to change the shape of objects. A system of “bones” allows you free-form deformation of objects especially good for character animation in which objects stretch and twist as they move. You now can morph not only objects, but also their surfaces. Best of all, you now render HAM8 versions of 4 0 0 0 you animations directly to hard disk for real-time playback through the Switcher. AW SPECIAL PREVIEW The Modeler program (see Figure 5) has almost as many new features as LightWave itself. Create a text object, for example, merely by typing text and selecting one of the same PostScript fonts used by the CG. A bevel tool allows you to bevel text (or any other object) automatically. Boolean functions allow you to combine objects, create an object from the intersection AW SPECIAL PREVIE V I D E 0 T OAST F, R 4 0 0 0 Figure 5. Modeler: The Modeler sports a whole new set of power toots, including Drill and Boolean operators. Of objects, or use an object to punch a hole through another object. The Drill ancl Solid Drill tools let you create holes with sides. The new Modeler 4000 also now allows you to use spline curves to create objects. In addition, you can now view a LightWave image in the Modeler and trace over it. You can extrude an object over a motion path or spline curve, and you can modilV an j j object's shape with Taper, Sheer. Bend, and Magnet tools. Use Quantize to snap Getting Up to Date For all of the changes and improvements, the suggested list price of the new Toaster 4000 hardware and software package has actually gone down $ 100, to $ 2395. Although final details are not yet available, NewTek states that there will be a number of upgrade plans for current 'Toaster owners. A software-only upgrade will cost $ 795 (although it appears at least for points to a grid, Merge to eliminate duplicate points, Smooth to reduce jaggedness, and Jitter to randomly rough up an object. One of the more important changes to the Modeler is the addition of extensive Arexx support, A Macro tool allows you to inn an .ARexx macro directly from the Modeler to create or modify objects under program control. One macro included, for example, automatically creates the ob- jects for a 3-D bar graph from Pro Calc spreadsheet data. Now you will need an accelerator and math coprocessor). If you wish to get the new Toaster hardware, you can either send in your old board and $ 1 195, or keep your old board and “double up" for $ 1795 = i.e.. you get new software for your old board, plus the new 4000 card with its software). Commodore is also making it easier to upgrade to an Amiga 4000, with a “power-up" plan whereby A2000 owners can buy an A4000 30 for SI599 or an A4000 040 for $ 2349, In addition, through a joint promotional effort with NewTek, CBM is offering a SI00 rebate on the purchase of an A4000 to anyone buy ing the Toaster 4000. This should be a tempting proposition, since A2000 and A3000 owners who upgrade their software, but not their computers, will miss out on some of the new Switcher features that reJv on AG A graphics. Although NewTek has not yet shipped the non-A4000 version of the
3. 0 software, preliminary illustrations in the manual suggest that this version will have only seven banks of effects instead of nine. And unlike the A4000 version, obviously it will not be able to play back HAM8-mode animations. .Also, if you're using a 1960 monitor, you may need to switch to a 1084 at least temporarily. The current VGA-style adapter plug that Commodore ships with the A4000 does not work with the Toaster. A revised model may be available later, but for now the 1084 is the only recommended monitor for the Toaster 4000. It’s a Wrap While not every part of the Toaster has been updated (e.g., ToasterPaint and Uhroma FN), the changes are so substant ial that it appears NewTek is making good its pledge to renew the Toaster revolution every year. The company also indicates the kind of improvements that we may expect in the future. NewTek has stated its intention not just to update T oasterPaint in the near future, but to completely replace it with a ground-breaking paint system. It has hinted that audio digitizing may also be added. There has been widespread speculation, as well, about the Toaster becoming the heart of a non-linear system in which video could be edited and played back directly from bard disk. Considering NewTek’s accomplishments so far, it seems likely that the company will eventually fulfill all of these expectations. In the meantime, however, the Toaster 4000 system is a definite “must-have" upgrade for every serious Toaster user. ¦ Sheldon Leemon, a computer video consultant and instructor, is the author of two hooks and scores of magazine articles covering the Amiga. He recently became Forum Manager for the Amiga area on the National Videotex Network. FINALLY A VIDEO RECORDER DESIGNED fAND PRICED) FOR THE TOASTER GENERATION. MET OUR RECORDER What was your animation system like before Sanyo's GVRS-950R Building an animation system meant buying a recorder, then the SMPTE generator and reader, then a single frame animation controller, and probably an audio video switcher. Think about all that time and money. It's much simpler to just purchase Sanyo's GVRS-950. The recorder that's a lot more than just a recorder. It's a complete audio video production system. The GVRS-950 is designed to meet the needs of TOASTER users. With built in RS 232 and RS 422 interfaces, a SMPTE time code generator and reader, Dual input computer controlled video and audio switchers, and a SINGLE FRAME ANIMATION CONTROLLER... ALL STANDARD. FOR A DEMONSTRATION OF SANYO'S GVRS-950 JUST CALL SANYO FOR THE NAME OF YOUR NEAREST PRODUCT REPRESENTATIVE. SafilYO Industrial Video Division 1200 West Artesia Boulevard Compton CA 90220 Phone: (310) 605-6527 Fax: (310) 605-6529 Whether you're an old hand or a novice, goals should determine which programming language you use. To choose among the dozens of options available, however, you need a good command of languages. Rogrammmg is not just programming. Some languages are best suited for learning, some for creating macros. Some are geared toward large project development, some for mathematical analysis. This means that the job should, as often as possible, dictate the tool. Everything a Language Should Be The language itself is not the only issue to consider. The particular implementation of the language, supplied tools, and support are also concerns. The main difference in implementation is the question of an “interpreted” versus a “compiled” language. Interpreters operate slowly, executing one line of code at a time, but they interact directly with you, offering instant feedback, protection from errors, and built- in debugging. Programming is generally easier in an interpreter. Traditional compilers (and assemblers) translate an entire source program into executable code (i.e., machine-language) before any instruction is executed. This usually results in a "stand-alone" program that can exist apart from the language system. The translation into machine code makes compiled programs run fast, but difficult to debug. Good compilers offer some kind of debugger. A few establish a workspace much like an interpreter’s, compiling one statement or function at a time. Some can integrate with a text editor to provide a seamless edit-compile-debug loop similar to an interpreter. Most languages can book into Amiga libraries, and thus use AmigaDOS functions; they may also provide additional linker libraries. If there’s a language standard, support is an advantage. Examples and manuals are important, and help features and support are nice. ? By Dave Haynie To see how 19 commercial Amiga languages compare, refer to the table entitled “Codes of Conduct,” on pages 32-35. Throughout the rest of the article, we’ll focus individually on the languages and packages listed there, plus freeware languages (see the sidebar "Free ’Speech’”) and a couple from overseas (see the “Swiss Please” sidebar). The table and writeups reflect the results I got testing each package under Amiga DOS 2.1 and 3.0 along with Enforcer, a utility that determines how well they follow Commodore guidelines. (To locate the vendors of languages presented here, see the “AIanulacturersyDistributors’ Addresses” list on p. 94.) Arexx Arexx is in a class by itself. It comes with the Amiga- DOS 2.x or 3.x, and is available separately (complete with interfacing samples, programs, and a manual) from William Hawes ($ 49.95). The language excels at linking programs and building new tools from existing ones. Cooperating programs make a set of functions available to Arexx, allowing for “remote control.” Further, any Arexx program can access the exported functions of a host of applications. Professionals can also use Arexx for quick prototyping. Arexx supports dynamic strings with pattern matching. Recursive functions, and routines for dealing with command passing. You can use Arexx to program the Amiga directly (via shared libraries), though inefficiently compared to other languages. The Assembly Languages Assembly, the native 680x0 CPU’s language, is suited to things that cannot be done quickly or efficiently enough in higher-level languages. Some programmers swear by it, others find ii time-consuming or unman- I o ageable for large projects. AssemPro AssemPro (S99.95, Abacus), is an integrated system. The assembler works from the editor or disk. You can make changes in the screen editor, and edit files in separate windows. The assembler generates 68010 code, but nothing more advanced, and it’s not fast. It produces executables in memory, which you can save, but there’s no linking phase for modular coding. The debugger can load a program (from disk) and transfer symbols from the assembler. It handles basic breakpoints and single or slow stepping. Help Files for 1.3 Amiga library function register conventions are included. AssemPro is outdated, has trouble with 2.x 3.x windows, and generates lots of Enforcer hits. Its few good features aren't developed enough to offer advantage. Devpac 3 Devpac 3 (SI !(), HiSoft). Another integrated assembler, comes on four disks (two for 1,3 and two for
2. X 3.0) with assembler, editor, debugger, linker, utilities, and include files. It supports all instructions for 68000 through 68040, plus 68881, 68882, and 68851. Devpac 3 is compatible with standard Amiga assemblers, and it supports both pre-assembled and standard headers. It produces executable, object, and Motorola S-Record output. The editor integrates nicely with the assembler and debugger, and supports multiple files, clipboard cut and paste, macros, and more. The lull-featured symbolic debugger oilers complex breakpoints, stepping, various load and save options, and source-line import from from compilers. I recommend Devpac 3 highly. Because most compilers offer assembly support, it might be overkill for compiler users. Advanced development may also require direct FPU (floating-point unit) or supervisor- level assembly code, which is lacking in many assemblers. Devpac 3’s only flaw is a lack of much demo code, though this is easily found in the public domain. The BASIC Languages Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code comes in many forms. Traditional BASIC is interpreted and run only from an integrated environment. Most BASICs store programs in binary form, where commands are "tokenized” for compact storage and execution. All those I examined have the basic modern control structures, some subprogram facility, and long variable names with local global scoping control. Typically, BASIC has dynamic string variables, which are easier to use (but generally slower) than lixed-length strings. Commodore's Amiga Basic was included with Amiga systems before the A3000, but is not available by itself. Other BASICs have more features, better structures, and more current support, and sev eral packages extend Amiga Basic. A C BASIC A C BASIC 1.3 (SI95, Absoft), an Amiga Basic compiler, takes programs in ASCII rather than tokenized format, so you can use it without Amiga Basic’s interpreter. Its manual describes the language completely, A C BASIC adds recursive subroutines, static arrays, and other compiler-specific features to Amiga Basic. Its stand-alone results run much faster than under Amiga Basic, and seem to work fine on the A3000 A4000. The compiler has trouble with 2.x 3.x windows, however, and installation is not very flexible. It’s good for Amiga Basic users, but not for much beyond that. AMOS AMOS (Europress Software) is a tokenized BASIC interpreter that emphaszes graphics and animation. There are three versions: Easy AMOS ($ 50), AMOS The Creator ($ 99.95), and AMOS Professional ($ 99.95). 1 examined the latter two. (For a review of Easy AMOS, see Dec. ’92, p. 22.) The Creator 1.3 comes on three disks and Professional 1.12 on six. The manuals do not teach programming, but they’re good references. The Creator’s editor is driven by gadgets; Pro provides an enhanced editor with menus. The editor knows the language and can check syntax interactively. It also supports subroutine folds, a help system, and tools written in AMOS. Both versions support a decent structured BASIC, with recursive procedures. The hundreds of commands allow high-level access to screens, graphics, menus, windows, sprites, blitter objects, sounds, and soon. There’s a language for animation, ancl in Professional, a GUI (graphic user interface) language. A set of functions hook into AmigaDOS libraries and structures (AMOS does not support data structures directly). One add-on module provides new BASIC commands; another provides 3-D object control and an object editor. An optional compiler adds commands for startup and compiling, and produces faster, stand-alone programs. AMOS is easy to use and has advanced capabilities for game and some multimedia programming, but it needs better support of the Amiga standards, and has some bugs. While The Creator started up on a 68040, some functions caused crashes. The compiler doesn’t support Professional’s system enhancements (these are scheduled for summer release), and too often fails on ’040 systems. And while Pro works on an ’040, it caused Enforcer hits with many examples. Blitz BASIC 2 Blitz BASIC 2, 1.0 (S99.95, Acid Software) is an integrated BASIC compiler. Its two disks contain the editor, compiler, libraries, and examples. The editor knows BASIC and highlights keywords. You can compile and run programs from the editor without disk I O, maintaining some of the feel of an interpreter. The compiler is fast, and supports a simple postmortem source-level debugger. Blitz is a good structured BASIC. Features include recursive functions subroutines and a rich set of types: byte, word, long, fixed-point, single-precision floating-point, dynamic strings, fixed arrays, dynamic lists, pointers, and user-defined. Unlike most compilers, Blitz does not require you to declare non-array variables before using them, though you must specify their types initially. Most built-in commands are closely aligned with AmigaDOS structures. Blitz handles interrupt routines, copper lists, or direct assembly language. Interestingly, assembly is a subset of Blitz. You can build extension modules to add commands. Blitz Mode shuts down AmigaDOS and runs under Blitz library functions. The compiler isn’t great at identifying some problems, and a few examples failed on the 68040, though apparently Acid is readying a fix. Blitz is fast, sophisticated, and suited to games. A newsletter is available. F-Basic F-Basic 5.0 ($ 99,95, Delphi Noetic) is an advanced, compiler-only system. Three disks contain compiler, editor, linker, debugger, and examples. Its manual teaches F-Basic, but not programming. Library functions access 1.3, 2.x, and 3.0 routines. F-Basic requires stricter structuring than most BASICS. You must declare all variables, including maximum string lengths, though dynamic strings are not supported. Numbers of several sizes, floats, pointers, and user-defined types are available too. It supports a very powerful Pattern data type for text-enhanced processing. Along with recursive procedures and functions, F-Basic supports overloaded user-defined operators. It comes with a decent set of functions for AmigaDOS, matrix, and event-trap processing. You can create F-Basic programs with any text editor, though the simple Fed gives an integrated feel. It can compile in memory or to disk, and supports linking for multifile projects or stand-alone programs. The compiler can optimize for 68020-68040 processors, and can generate in-line FPU code. F-Basic does not have a huge built-in library, but it’s O d 7 the most professional BASIC system, equivalent to C or Modula-2, and in some places more powerful. Power BASIC Power BASIC 1.06 (S72.99, HiSoft) comes on one bootable disk. It is a superset of Amiga Basic, and is highly compatible with Microsoft’s QuickBASIC 3. The integrated editor compiler opens from Workbench to a window limited to 640x512 or so. You can edit in ASCII within the simple Power BASIC editor or another. The integrated system delivers some of the feel of interpretive BASIC. Programs compiled with Power BASIC run on 68030s and ’040s. This is a good system for upgrading .Amiga Basic, or for transporting BASIC programs from Macs or Pcs = the manual details translating). The compiler crashed on a 68040 with the caches on, but worked fine without caches (compiled programs work fine with). Power BASIC programs require the hisoftbasic.library to run. An enhanced version, called HiSoft BASIC, is fully Power BASIC compatible, extensible, and produces true stand-alone programs. True BASIC True BASIC Student Edition 2 ($ 19.95, DevWare) is a traditional structured system. Its manual teaches programming, but leaves out some features, including true modularization mechanism (a full reference is available). Fine BASIC supports most modern language constructs, though it sticks with rather simple typing numbers and dynamic strings only. Its graphics system works independently of computer platform. While you can use any text editor, the built-in editor allows interactive compilation. Programs can be compiled from within the environment for extra speed. True BASIC doesn’t have the extensive libraries of other BASICs, but DevWare sells a series of instructional mathematics packages for it. It had a few problems with the 68040, but no trouble on other systems. The Niklaus Wirth Languages Niklaus Wirth is famous for Pascal, which remains popular for teaching structured programming. To answer its deficiencies, he developed Modula-2; it allows for managing modules and associated abstract data types, as well as procedure variables and low-level facilities for machine-specific jobs. Finally, Wirth created the streamlined Oberon, which incorporates fully abstract data, or objects. (Sec the sidebar “Swiss Please” for an Oberon and a second Modula-2 package.) Highspeed Pascal Highspeed Pascal 1.10 ($ 147.99, HiSoft) includes a compiler, integrated editor, and library support units. Versions for 1.3 and 2.04 are provided. The compiler strives for Turbo Pascal coinpatiblity, and approaches the ISO standard. It supports program units (equivalent to modules in Modula-2), pointers, “typeless” parameters, macros, and other features required for ser ions development. It handles in-line assembly very Codes of Conduct It's no easy task to compare languages side by side. They don’t all exist for the same purpose and they don't all support the same features. Besides, you can accept limitations in a $ 20 package that are unacceptable in a $ 200 language. Still, I came up with a number of useful categories. In each case, I consider what comes with the package and the manufacturers' options, not necessarily what's possible via extension. Languages that provide enhancements to AmigaDOS in terms of easy-to- A C Amiga Amiga AMOS AMOS L1 APL L2APL Arexx Assem- BenchBASIC Basic Logo Creator Pro 68000 68000 Pro mark M2 Manufacturer Absoft CBM CBM Europress Europress Micro APL MicroAPL
W. Hawes Abacus Armadillo Price: $ 195 N A $ 99.95 $ 99,95 $ 99,95 $ 155; $ 415 $ 495 $ 49.95 $ 99.95 $ 200-500 Memory required: 512K 512K 512K 512K 1MB 512K 512K 512K 512K 512K SYSTEM OVERVIEW: System Type: Compiler Yes No No Yes:0 Yes:0 No No Yes:0 No Yes Interpreter No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Assembler No No No Yes:0 Yes:0 No No No Yes No Interface: CLI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Workbench Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Arexx No No No No No No No No E Editor No F F F G F F No F G Integrated No G G G E Yes Yes No F Yes User Level: Educational * G G E G E E E G P F Advanced F F F F G E E E F G Pro developer P P P P F F F E F G Pro scientific P P P P P E E G P P EXECUTION CODE: Production: Stand-alone Yes:L No No Yes:L Yes:L YesrOL Yes:OL No(4) Yes Yes Executable Yes No No Yes:0 Yes:0 No No YesiO Yes Yes ROMable No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Object code No No No No No No No No No Yes Optimizer No No No No No No No No No 68020-1- No No No No No No No No No No Floating-Point: Custom unspecified Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No No FFP.library No No Yes No Yes No No No Yes IEEE.library No No No No Yes No No Yes No Direct FPU No No No No No No Yes No No No LANGUAGE FEATURES: Standard Yes(3) Yes(3) Yes No(3) No(3) ISO APL2 Yes No Yes Datatypes: Typing M M W M M W W W W S Lists No No G No No F(10) F(10) No No Arrays P P No G G E E No P Text G G G G G G G E F User-defined No No No No No No No No _ E Subprograms: Macros No No No No No No No No Yes No Line Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Procedures Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Functions Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Operators overload No No No No No No Yes No No No Recursion Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Level: Structured Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Modular No No No No No No No No No Yes Object-oriented No No No No No No No No No No use library functions get special note. When a feature is significant, I give it a grade scaled in relation to the other languages presented. Please keep in mind that such ratings reflect my opinion, and that languages can be as personal as any other issue; just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't fall in love with it. See the key on pp. 34-35 for an explanation of the rating symbols. Blitz Comeau Devpac F-Basic A C HiSpeed J-Forth Power SAS C True BASIC C+ + 3 Fortran Pascal Pro BASIC BASIC Manufacturer Acid Comeau HiSoft Delphi Absoft HiSoft Delta HiSoft SAS DevWare Price: $ 99.95 $ 250 $ 110 $ 99.95 $ 295; $ 495 $ 149.99 $ 179.95 $ 72.99 $ 395 S19.95 Memory required: 1MB 2MB 512K 512K 512K 1MB 512K 512K 1MB 1MB SYSTEM OVERVIEW: System Type: Compiler Yes Yes(1] No Yes Yes Yes Yes = 2) Yes Yes Yes Interpreter No No No No No No Yes(2j No No Yes Assembler Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No Interface: CLI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Workbench Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Arexx No No No No No No No No Yes Editor F No G F No G G F G F Integrated G No G G No E G F G G User Level: Educational * G P P G P G F G F E Advanced G G E E F E E F E G Pro development G E E G F E E P E F Pro scientific P F P G G F G P F F EXECUTION CODE: Production: Stand-alone Yes Yes(1) Yes Yes Yes:L Yes Yes Yes(14) Yes Yes:0 Executable Yes Yes(l) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes|14) Yes Yes:0 ROMable No see(1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Object Code Yes YesfU Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Optimizer No see = 1) Yes No Yes No No No Yes No 68020+ No see(l) Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No Floating-Point: Custom unspecified No seefl) No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes FFP.library Yes see(1) No No No No Yes No Yes No IEEE.library No see(1) No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Direct FPU No see(1) Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No LANGUAGE FEATURES: Standard AT&T
3. 0 Yes No(3) ANSI Yes Yes Yes(3) ANSI No(3] Datatypes: Typing S S W S M S W M S(8| M Lists F No No No No No No No No Arrays F P G P P P P P G Text P G E P G P F G G User-defined G E E G E G No G No Subprograms: Macros Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes No Line Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes Procedures Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Functions Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 0 perators overload No Yes No Yes No No No No No No Recursion Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Level: Structured Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Modular Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes(9) Object-oriented No Yes No No No No Yes No No No 1* R 0 G R . M M A C Amiga Amiga AMOS BASIC Basic Logo Creatoi SUPPLIED INTERFACES: Graphics Animation G G No E IFF OS OS No F Intuition GUI F F No F 2-D Drawing G G G E 3-D Drawing No No No G:0 Sound Simple F F E IFF OS OS No G Tracker No No No Yes MIDI No No No No Other OS library calls Yes Yes No Yes Amiga interface No(15)
1. 3(15) No
1. 3 Call to assembly Yes Yes No Yes Call from assembly No No No No Arexx OS OS No OS Event trapping Yes Yes Yes Yes rOOLS SUPPORT: Debugger Type No ENV No ENV Trace No Yes No No Breakpoint No Yes No Yes Variable No Yes No Yes Expression No Yes No Yes Source No Yes No Yes Installation Automated No No No Yes Floppy Yes Yes Yes Yes Flexible No Yes Yes No Help Learning Manual G G F G Tutorial Yes No G G On-line help No No F G Extra tools No No No G Example code Yes Yes F G Phone FAX Yes No No Yes(GB) Vendor BBS Yes No No No Other support No No No M UserSIG No No No Yes Key:
* Both beginners' languages and languages well suited to teach* ing get high marks here. OS Provided by Amiga operating system interface only (any language supporting AmigaDOS calls can use this level of interface). Unknown or not applicable to this package language. E Excellect G Good F Fair P P S Data typing is strong M Data typing is moderate W Data typing is weak ENV Debug features are mainly consequence of the interpretive environment. RDB Separate run-time debugger provided. PDB Separate post-mortem debugger provided. G L A i G L A G E S AMOS L1 APL L2APL Arexx Assem- Bench Pro 68000 68000 Pro mark f E No No OS OS OS E No No OS OS G:0 E F F OS OS G:0 E F F OS OS OS G:0 No No No No No E G G OS OS OS E No OS OS OS OS Yes No No No No No Yes No No No No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
2. X
1. 3
1. 3 No
1. 3(15)
1. 3(7) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No No OS OS Yes Yes Yes Yes No No RDB ENV ENV ENV RDB RDB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes E G G G F G G F F No No F E P P No P No E No No Yes No G E P P F F E Yes(GB) Yes:0 YesiO No Yes No No No No No No M C(GB) C(GB) No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No :0 Available as an option purchased separately. :L Run-time distribution requires licensing. GB England CH Switzerland C Courses offered; contact developer for details. D Extra example disks L Newsletter available; contact developer. M Freely redistributable disk "magazine"; contact developer. 1 Requires a C compiler and Arexx. Some functions depend on compiler. Source-level debugging supported with SAS C. Amiga interface support via C, no Amiga class library available yet. 2 Incremental compiler, exhibiting features of both interpreter and compiler. 3 There is no true BASIC standard, though Amiga Basic is the effective standard. All these languages are recognizable as BASIC, and it's usually easy to convert to them from Amiga Basic. Comeau C+ + SAS C True BASIC Blitz BASIC F-Basic A C Fortran HiSpeed Pascal J-Forth Pro Power BASIC Devpac 3 SUPPLIED INTERFACES: Graphics: Animation E OS OS G OS OS Yes G OS F IFF G(12) OS OS F OS OS Yes OS OS G Intuition GUI G OS OS E OS OS Yes F OS G 2-D Drawing G OS OS G OS E Yes G OS G 3-D Drawing F(12) No No No No No No No No Sound: Simple G OS OS G OS OS OS F OS G IFF G OS OS F OS OS OS OS OS OS Tracker Yes No No No No No No No No No MIDI Yes = 12) No No No No No No No No No Other: OS library calls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Amiga interface
2. X(13) see(1)
3. 0(15)
3. 0
1. 3
2. X( 15)
2. X 1-3(15)
2. X(15)
2. X Call to assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Call from assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Arexx Yes(12) OS OS Yes No OS Yes OS OS No Event trapping Yes Yes(1] OS Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes TOOLS SUPPORT: Debugger: Type PDB RDB(1) RDB RDB:0 RDB RDB ENV No RDB ENV Trace Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Breakpoint Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Variable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Expression Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Yes Yes Source Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Installation: Automated No Yes No No No No Yes No Yes No Floppy Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Flexible Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Help Learning: Manual G G E G F E G G E E Tutorial No No No No No No F F No E On-line help No No No No No No No No E F Extra tools No P G P F F G No G No Example code E No P G G F G F G E Phone FAX Yes Yes Yes:0 Yes No Yes:0 Yes Yes(GB) Yes No Vendor BBS No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No Other support D,L C No No No No No No No No User SIG No Yes No No No No Yes No Yes No 4 Arexx programs require Arexx to run; because Arexx is built in to AmigaDOS versions 2.0 and later, they are functionally stand-alone on 2,x 3,x systems. 5 The basic package was very easy to install, but the add-on packages didn't install correctly. 6 The A C BASIC compiler and the Amiga Basic interpreter support the same BASIC language, 7 Comes with AmigaDOS 1.3 support only. Workbench 2 definition modules due from Armadillo in late l93; 2.04 available now from Aglet Software, PO Box 3314, University Station, Charlottesville, VA 22903. 8 SAS C is by default strongly typed, but compiler options allow it to support the moderate type enforcement typical of pre-ANSI C languages. 9 Some True BASIC (Student Edition) constructs are included in the language, but not discussed in the manual. 10 APL doesn't implement lists in the classic LISP sense, but manipulations on its dynAMIGAlly reconfigurabfe string arrays achieve some of the same things, 11 Breakpoints work by explicitly inserting breakpoint functions, which in turn invoke the post-mortem debugger. 12 Functions available in modules supplied with Issue 2 of the Blitz User newsletter. 13 Standard system includes AmigaDOS interfaces for Exec, DOS, Graphics, Intuition, and Diskfont libraries. A full system interface set is an option. 14 Compiled programs are executables that don't require the compiler, but do require the hisoftbasic.library. 15 AmigaDOS interface routines can be generated ".fd", ".h", "A", or other files distributed by Commodore as a standard part of DOS support releases. Well, with Pascal variables available From assembler. The editor is powerful and integrates with the compiler and debugger (which can run separately), even supporting compiles to memory. I he debugger displays source and assembler, and manages steps and breakpoints, but it handles only symbols, not full variables or expressions. AmigaDOS support units are supplied in a precompiled libra 17 and source form. The compiler doesn’t generate system calls directly, but they are easy to write using the excellent in-line assembler. The system also includes some Borland Turbo Pascal libraries for easy porting to and from MS-DOS. The system is fast and performs well. I have only minor complaints: The compiler doesn’t produce true FPU code (its math libraries use FPU if it's there) or 68020+ optimized code, and the debugger could be higher level. Benchmark Modula-2 Benchmark Modula-2 ($ 200, Armadillo Computing) comes with editor, compiler, linker, and examples. The MicroEmacs-based editor presents an integrated interface, though any editor works at the CLI. Options include a nice source-level debugger (for walk-though or post-mortem work) and the Modula-2 Assistant (project manager, librarian, and help system). The C Language Library contains modules that implement C-equivalent functions. The Simplified Amiga Library allows for easily hooking into various Amiga features, and the IFF Sc Image Resource Library deals with IFF files. (Libraries are priced in various packages.) Finally, Armadillo’s Modula-2 and the Amiga book and disk ($ 75; less with language purchase) teaches Modula-2 to those with programming experience. The compiler doesn’t support 32-bit optimizations for 68020-68040 processors (or direct FPU code) and the debugger didn’t work with t he 68040. The system hasn’t been updated for 2.0 or 3.0, which isn’t a real problem for the compiler proper. Armadillo plans 2.x definition modules for late ’93. Meanwhile you can get
2. 04 modules from Aglet Software, PC) Box 3314, University Stn., Charlottesville, VA 22903. The Bell Labs Languages Today’s most popular professional-development languages were designed by AT&T’s think tank, Bell Labs. The C language removed complexities from the compiler by providing dynamic memory allocation, I O storage, and so on through libraries. Since C s release, the ANSI committee (which establishes programming standards) has changed it somewhat, making type checking stronger and standardizing library support. Meanwhile, Bell Labs built a “C with classes.” C++, largely compatible with C, adds objects without attempting to change C, There are slight differences, however, because C continued evolving during C++’s development. An ANSI standardization effort is now underway for C + +. The SAS C Development System SAS C (S395, SAS Institute) is the professional standard on the Amiga. It implements a two-pass compiler, global and peephole optimizer, and various other functions as Amiga shared libraries. Programs include a compiler front-end, linker, editor, debugger, assembler, object librarian, make tools, and more. The disks contain includes for 2.x and 3.x and a good set of linker libraries for standard C functions, SAS C allows for strict ANSI compliance or K&R looseness, but defaults to relaxed ANSI. Compiler enhancements allow auto- ¦3ree “Speech” A number of Amiga languages are freely redistributable that is, available for use without purchase. With these, you're on your own much more so than with a commercial package. Sometimes the author has an e-mail address on a telecommunications network, but you probably won't get a full set of tools, include files, etc. On the other hand, some of these languages have no commercial equivalents. And trying a freeware system may help your buying decision. Here's a sampling: A4th This public-domain FORTH compiler environment by Peter Appelman has a reasonable interface to Amiga libraries. ACE David Benn's optimizing Amiga Basic compiler produces stand-alone programs. Enhancements to Amiga Basic include recursion, type casting, constants, structures, enhanced sound, turtle graphics, and other good stuff, Amiga E Designed and implemeted by Wouter van Oortmerssen, E is a weakly typed structured language with support for lists, functions, exceptions, in-line assembly, and interface modules for AmigaDOS functions. A68k The A68k assembler by Brian R. Anderson and Charlie Gibbs, has a good reputation, BC-FORTRAN This FORTRAN-77 compiler by Andre Kastli includes compiler, linker, and libraries. This is a "consumer" version, designed for learning rather than full power development. A professional commercial system is also available from the author for a price. DICE Matt Dillon's Integrated C Environment is a nice Amiga-specific ANSI C compiler system. A commercial version is in the works. GNU-C This C and C+ + compiler from the GNU project is nonstandard, but has a reputation for producing good-quality code. Icon Ralph Griswold's follow-up to SNOBOL4 is a string-processing language, but more powerful, and based on a modern Pascal C-like syntax, J A dialect of APL that uses the standard ASCII character set, J (like APL) was invented by Kenneth E, Iverson, it comes with source (in C) and a reasonable tutorial. PERL This is an interesting interpreted string- processing language, popular on Unix systems. XLISP LISP, a powerful list-processing language, is kind of Logo's big brother. This object- oriented version by David Betz is good for learning LISP and object-oriented programming. Besides languages, you can find demos of commercial systems on networks (see On-line Scan, p. 8, for details on contacting the network services. Free support tools (project managers, debuggers, shared libraries) and all sorts of examples are there for the taking, too. ? DH P R 0 G R A M M 1 G matic generation of direct AmigaDOS function calls. Ed in the library search path. Otherwise, A C FORTRAN is good. For new users, it won't stack up to most of the modern languages; if you need FORTRAN, you’ll know. The supplied text editor provides an integrated feel, but you can use another. The source-level debugger of fers an excellent two-window environment, and supports library and multitask debugging and traps in conjunction with Enforcer. You can run or configure SAS C from either Workbench or a Shell. I recommend SAS C as a mature, well-designed system for the advanced or professional programmer. COMEAU C + + Comeau C++ With Templates (S250, Comeau Computing), a version of C++ 3.0, is based on AT&T’s cfront compiler, which outputs C code. Therefore, Comeau C+ + requires that you purchase a C compiler separately, which becomes part of the C++ system to produce binary output. Comeau supports recent C implementations, including SAS, Manx Aztec (no longer in development), and the freely distributable DICE. Because it must make many passes, this kind of compiler is slow. With SAS C, though, it's acceptably fast on my system. Included with the two floppies is a loose-leaf book with an Amiga addendum (Comeau supports C+ + on most platforms), a short user’s manual, and a guide that describes C + + 3.0 completely. While nothing here actually teaches C+ + , it cites references for learning. A script installs the system and processes the compiler’s includes for safe use under C + + . The compiler has a smart front-end that starts phases as needed and automatically determines which C compiler you are using. Called como.rexx, it is an Arexx script, which means you should have Arexx. Finally, with SAS C’s cpr debugger, you get reasonable C + + source-level debugging. Only two examples are provided since the package is aimed at advanced users. The lack of an AmigaDOS class library means that all OS interface is via normal C (Comeau says a library is in the works). Despite this, 1 recommend Comeau C++ to anyone using SAS C, especially those interested in object-oriented programming. It is professional, reliable, and actively supported. And C+ + is better than C for large projects. The Other Languages The remaining languages don't fit into any category, though all have their traditional strengths. A C FORTRAN 77 FORTRAN is well suited to numeric processing. While it was not designed as a structured language, FORTRAN today supports standard structured control statements and subroutines but no user-defined data types. Absoft s A C FORTRAN 77 2.2 ($ 295; $ 495 for 68020 version) is an implementation of the ANSI standard. Its manual details Amiga specifics and the language. The system includes compiler, debugger, linker, and librarian, but no editor; you can use any ASCII editor. Absoft is compiler enhances the FORTRAN 1977 standard with recursive subroutines, Amiga library support, and many Amiga functions. The examples and compiler caused crashes and unexplained failures with the 68040, although not with the caches disabled. Also, df 1: seems to be hard-cocl- Amiga Logo Logo, perhaps the first language designed for teaching, is famous for "turtle graphics,” a drawing system suited to beginners. It is, however, quite sophisticated, supporting long variable names, dynamic list processing, recursive functions, local variables, exceptions, a modular packaging mechanism, and other advanced features, Amiga Logo 1,03 ($ 99.95, Commodore) comes on a single disk with tutorial and reference manuals that can teach everything you need to program in Logo. The environment provides a graphics and a text window; you can type commands directly in the text window or enter them into subprograms. Editing is done via an integrated screen editor, and the interpreter is limited to built-in functions. The lack of AmigaDOS calls alone keeps this out of the professional's consideration. My only real complaint is that the text output fails with the 68040 data cache on. Still, I recommend Amiga Logo as a good learning system. The danger of learning Logo first is that other languages may disappoint you. APL*68000 APL was originally intended as a means for formal expression of math procedures. This gives APL two unique features; it handles arrays as first-class objects with lots of powerful operators, and it uses a symbolic notation not normally found on computers. APL is not truly structured: it supports functions, but its only control mechanism is a GOTO statement. Its powerful operators eliminate many loops and branches, however. APL.68000 (MicroAPL), an interpreter, comes in two versions: Level I (SI55; S415 for math coprocessor version 7.34F, ISO standard APL) and Level II ($ 495 2.05F, IBM APL2 standard). The latter has a Level-1 mode and an FPU-coded version of the interpreter for speed. Each comes on one disk, with manuals on Amiga specifics, the language, a quick-reference guide, and keyboard labels to support one of two APL- symbol keyboard mappings. You can learn to program in APL from either system’s manual. I The environment offers menus for common functions, and either a screen editor or standard APL line editor. You can run multiple sessions from APL using the same copy of the APL interpreter. It offers a way to call assembly routines, and several Amiga-specific functions to manage menus and windows, graphics, I O, sounds, multitasking, and event trapping, though Amiga libraries can’t be called directly. I had no real problems, though APL takes most of your memory when started from the Workbench (CLI users can specify any amount), and the size of .APL windows are limited to about 640x360. J-Forth Professional Invented to control telescopes, FORTH is based on a set of small functions (“words”) and a stack for coinA nitga 1 Vorld munication between them. Words place data onto the stack or strip it off. Programs consist of a series of words, which in effect extend the language. FORTH is difficult to read, but it is among die fastest development environments once you master it. J-Forth Professional (SI79.95. Delta Research) is a complete system. Its three disks contain FORTH, a tutorial, libraries, and examples. The environment includes an editor with Arexx, and a standard “block” editor. Although it behaves as an interpreter, J-Forth is a true compiler. Each word is compiled into 68000 assembly as entered. J-Forth can also handle precompiled modules and includes, and comes with a utility Lo translate includes from C to FORTH. While FORTH itself is actually untyped, [-Forth provides words for advanced programming, handling C-style data structures, easy graphics and menus, IFF, and Arexx. It also has an object-oriented programming system suited to building data types for large projects. J-Forth Pro has a lot to recommend it. Programmers are often put off by FORTH’s design, but I advise reading more before either buying it or writing it off. Programming Picks True BASIC is probably sufficient for those just learning. If you want your Amiga Basic programs to go faster, Power B.ASIC or A C BASIC are obvious choices. If you’re hot on writing the next “Lemmings,” .AMOS or Blitz BASIC both address the game writer directly, albeit quite differently. Devpac 3 may be an alternative here, too, for the serious programmer because most commercial games are done in assembly. If you want to move up from BASIC, consider F-Ba- sic as an alternative to C or Modula-2. And for professional use, you can’t go wrong with SAS C. Some, however, find it easier to code in Pascal, Modula-2, or FORTH. Large project work is more maintainable with object classes, so C + + or Oberon are other good professional choices. Scientific users should know their needs, and might choose FORTRAN or APL; and APL is the thing if you lean toward math. These tilings said, I strongly recommend reading up on a language before jumping in Abu can find a hun- dered different books on BASIC or C. In the former case, beware, as ever)' BASIC is different. A good beginner’s text should help with programming in any BASIC. C++ enjoys a similar level of support. The standard book here is The C+ + Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustmp, though others may be better for beginners. Modula-2 and the Amiga from Armadillo is good for that language; I also like Modula-2: A Software Development Approach, by Gary Ford and Richard Wiener. For Oberon, Programming in Oberon: Steps Beyond Pascal and Modida, by Martin Reiser and Niklaus Wirth, is the standard text. Thinking FORTH: A Imu- guageand Philosophy for Solving Problems, by Leo Brodic, is excellent. Finally, there are quite a Few hooks oriented to numerical methods using APL, rather than just the language itself. ¦ Dave Haynie, a senior designer of hardware systems at Commodore, has written such widely-used programs as SetCPU and DishSalv. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Swiss Please Both M2Amiga and Amiga Oberon are developed in Switzerland by A+L AG. Their virtues are difficult to ignore. Although at the time of this writing they had no US distribution and outdated English documentation, these issues are currently being addressed, Amiga Oberon Amiga Oberon 3.00 = $ 249) is a complete and newly updated system. The manual I had was for the previous version (current documentation is now being translated to English). The manual describes the system fully, but does not teach Oberon. The editor is good; it supports user-defined menus, plus keyboard and Arexx macros. Arexx macros for three other popular editors are included. The compiler implements a superset of Oberon. It can make direct AmigaDOS calls with automatic library opening. Module definitions for 2.1 are included, along with source. It handles BCPL pointers transparently and supports a C assembly compatible STRUCT in addition to Oberon's type-protected RECORDS. The package comes with a smart Make utility and a linker that handles Amiga- standard object files. A nice source-level debugger can intercept an Oberon program compiled for debugging when launched from CLI or Workbench. There are 68020+ versions of most tools. Library support is good. A startup module that offers an optional dynamic garbage collector manages the system. Other modules include lists (linked, queues, stacks), trees (AVL, binary), type conversions, easy Amiga functions (audio, graphics, requesters, and so on), enhanced types (dynamic strings, dynamic arrays, complex numbers, etc.), and more. Amiga Oberon can hold its own against anything on the Amiga market, and then some. It adheres to Amiga standards, works on all systems, it's fast, and comes with a good support library. I'll be waiting for the English manual. M2Amiga M2Amiga ($ 249) comes with a Modula-2 compiler, linker, project-management tools, editor, Amiga-interface code, demos, and more. Its manual covers the system but does not teach Modula-2. The compiler is fast, and can produce direct AmigaDOS calls. Definition modules for all 2.04 libraries are included, and accessing a library module automatically opens the library. It comes with a 2.x-enhanced Micro- Emacs-based editor that knows Modula-2. It has a built-in help facility, but doesn't actually form an integrated system the project manager and Make tool are used from CLI or Workbench, not called automatically. M2AMIGA's loader manages modules individually in memory at run-time, eliminating linking during development. A nice window- oriented post-mortem source-level debugger is provided too. There are some aids to debugging in run-time, a module that's basically a super startup, and an error trapper is included with each compiled program. Other modules manage CLI and Workbench arguments, in-line assembler, data conversions, easy windows, and other I O. M2 Amiga is fast, easy to use. Amiga- friendly, and up-to-date with the current operating system. The only problems: The English documentation is a bit out of date, and some menus are in German. ? DH With Arexx as your traffic cop, you can control the flow of graphics files among your favorite applications or imaging devices, and successfully process images in ci rich, new variety of ways. ONE OF THE many things done right when the Amiga was invented was the creation of die common IFF (Interchange File Format) graphic file Format. From the beginning, developers have been encouraged to create applications that could interact with each other so that the user could process images in a variety of ways even multitasking multiple programs in memory at one time. When Arexx was included in Release 2 of AmigaDOS, a common macro language was ratified, spurring most developers to add Arexx control to their programs. Be aware, though, that there are differences among various Arexx implementations; some are more complete and user-friendly than others. Authoring systems like CanDo (INOVAtronics), AmigaVision (CBM), and Helm (Eagle Tree) let us imbed Arexx control under a push-button graphical user interface, but for many users these solutions offer more power than they need to hook up their favorite applications. Arexx ... for Everyone! Developers are now starting to provide built-in tools that average users can access to wire together their desktops. Of course, Arexx is right in the middle of things, serving as the digital traffic cop directing the How of messages. The good news is that upgrades of important programs are adding increased Arexx support, examples, and utilities to make user programming more fun and intuitive. To test the waters, we’ll look at the latest Art Department Professional (version 2.3, ASDG, $ 295), a new DeluxePaint update (version 4.(5, Electronic Arts, SI 99), T-Rexx Professional (version 2, ASDG, S249), and OpalPaint (version 2.0. bundled with Centaur's OpalVision main board software, $ 699). You may be surprised to see DeluxePaint mentioned here. The long-promised Arexx interface to the classic paint program has still not arrived; that will come with Version 5.0 if things go as planned. However, using Dpaint’s recent 4.5 AGA upgrade with a special patch in ADPro converts the paint program to version
4. (5, allowing the two programs to interact via an Arexx-conirollable loader and saver. This AGA version continues to work with older Amigas. If you have a NewTek Video Toaster, you’ll recognize T-Rexx Professional as one of several programs ? By Steve Gillmor that allow automated Arexx control of Newtek’s Switcher, LightWave, and ToasterPaint software. But T-Rexx 2.0 doesn't stop there; it offers tools to create scripts for any Arexx-compatible program, as well as for devices accepting serial- or parallel-port commands. The latest version is now marketed by ASDG, so it's not a total coincidence that a suite of pre-writ- ten command buttons for ASDG’s ADPro is included, as well as others for AmiLink CI (AmiLink), DQ-Taco (Diaquest), Personal TBC-II (DPS), Personal SFC 2 (Nucleus Electronics), CLD-V2400 (Pioneer), BCD- 2000A (BCD Associates), MediaPhile (Interactive MicroSystems), PC-VCR (NEC), Studio 16 (SunRize), VISCA (Sony), T-Rexx Pro’s EightTV, and Arexx (William Hawes) itself. LightTV is a T-Rexx Professional utility program that automates the conversion of LightWavc-generat- ed images into DCTY (Digital Creations) images and DCTY ANIM animation files. Sentry, another utility that conies with both T-Rexx and ADPro, allows von 1 j to monitor a directory and execute a series of Arexx script or CLI commands on any new or updated files within a selected directory. This is an important tool for use with programs like Imagine (Impulse) that still have no Arexx hooks of their own. All roads certainly lead to ancl from ADPro these days. Powerful competitors like ImageFX (GVP) and Imagemaster (Black Belt) have made image processing a lively battleground, and the emergence of Centaur’s OpalVision 24-bit painting ancl animation system has extended Amiga technology to rival and in some cases surpass that of other computer platforms. ADPro gives us tools to share images with OpalPaint, and OpalPaint 2.0 adds complete Arexx control over all operations. Hooking up with Dpaint First, let's examine how DeluxePaint works with ADPro. By default, ADPro will allocate 128K less than the largest fast-memory block available, so we’ll limit its consumption on startup. You can set the MAXMEM tool type from the Workbench using the Information... command, or specify a command line option of' MAXMEM=bvtes if you run from a Shell. I have ten megabytes of memory on mv Amiga, so I give ADPro 3M B with the command: ADPro MAXMEM=3000000. Now run DeluxePaint, then load an ANIM file. Switch screens to AD Pro, click the Load Format button. And double-click on the Dpaint loader. The Dpaint IV AGA Loader screen appears, where you can see information about the width, height, type of image, number of frames, and current frame number. You can move a slider to advance to the ANIM frame of your choice, then click the Show Dpaint button to display the current frame. T his is not a copy of the frame in Dpaint, but the actual original screen now displaying in AD Pro. Click as usual with the left mouse button to return to the Loader screen. Find a frame you like and click Accept to load the frame into AD Pro’s buffer. Make sure to set AD Pro’s screen controls in the lower-right corner of the display to the same size, resolution, and number of colors as the frame you just loaded. In my case, the settings are Hi Res, Lace, StdSz, StdSz, and 16 colors. Now choose the Horizomal_Flip operator, execute it, and then dick on the Palette button making sure Palette Control is set to Locked. Now dick the Execute button in the lower-right corner to render the data. We have Hipped the image, maintaining its palette, size, and resolution so we can insert the new image back into the Dpaint ANIM. Click the Save Format button and double-click on the Dpaint saver. Move the Frame Number slider all the way to the right and dick Accept. You’ve appended the Hipped frame to the end of your animation. You should confirm this by moving to your Dpaint screen and checking that the new last frame is your processed image. You can also use the Show button in the Dpaint loader in ADPro to display the frame. You can append, delete, and insert frames, as well as access Dpaint's spare page. But remember that AD- Pro supports Arexx control of its loaders, savers, and operators, so we can do all this from a script. Here’s a script that will place the contents of .AIDPro's buffer at frame 0 (DPaint’s spare page): * Save rendered data to Dpaint spare page * address 'ADPro' SFORMAT 'DPAINT' SAVE 'XXX' 'IMAGE' 'FRAME' 0 OKAY1 'It works!' EXIT0 Type this in with a text editor and save it as F7.AD- Pro in your Rexx: directory. Move to your ADPro J J screen and press Hie F7 function key. After the image has been saved, a message appears confirming success. Move to Dpaint and press the j key to view the spare page, which will contain the image from AD- Pro’s buffer. A note of caution: If you are working with a single page in Dpaint, some Arexx commands may not function correctly. There are no problems with ANIMs, so just add a frame to make things work if you need to. Contact ASDG tech support if necessary; they are aware of the problem and have a fix. ADPro comes bundled with FRED, a list-manager utility that batch processes sequences of images. The latest release includes a number of Arexx programs you can launch from FRED. You’ll find these scripts in the FRFDFunctions, FREDOperators, FRFDRender- ers, and FREDSavers subdirectories in your Rexx: directory. They are a rich source of information and techniques, and best of all, you can just run them without having to know how they work. In fact, Save- ToDP4ANIM.fred will process a series of images in a FRED sequence and save them directly to Dpaint IV AGA’s ANIM buffer. If you are starting with a series of 24-bit files from LightWave, you should first run Rendered AsDelined.fr ed to convert to the 256 or fewer colors needed to create a Dpaint ANIM. If you scroll down through AD Pro’s linage Operators requester, you will see a series of operator names with a leading underscore. Dubbed “pseudo operators,” these are in fact Arexx scripts that ask for user input and then process your image data under Arexx control. Pseudo-ops shipped in v2.3 include _Fm- boss, _Fresco, _OilPaint, and _ScaleTo Aspect. The FRED scripts in the FREDOperators subdirectory are not the same thing: use them only with FRED because Vote for your favorite games inAW’s P L A Y A _Fia 3 G H DICE AY A A 3 ¦ Grab your pen or pencil! Now*s your chance to tell us your favorite Amiga games. You pick ’em and we’ll print ’em the top five choices in our annual games issue, and you could win BIG! 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Mmdwalker ? Shanghai ? World Circuit MicroProse Accolade Commodore Mediagenic MicroProse i | Drakkhen ? Immortal, The ? Monkey Island II ? Silent Service II ? Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders LucasArts Data East Electronic Arts LucasArts MicroProse ? Defender of Crown ? Indianapolis 500 Q NY Warriors ? Sim City Cinemaware Electronic Arts Vfrgin Mastertronics Maxis Software Don’t see your favorite game listed here? Write in your submission below: DEADLINE: AU0U8T 10, 1993 Name _ Address_ City State. Zip_ Phone RULES: Check your five favorite games from this ballot and send it in to the address below before-August 16, 1993. Be sure to include your name a nd address to be eligible for our prize drawing. Prize drawing will be held September 1 (1 1993. Results of the voting Mil be published in the December 1993 issue ofAmigaWorld Please submit only one ballot per person and only five selections per ballot. Prisons of any ag&may enter, but if the grand prize is won by a minor it must be mimed by a parent or legal guardian. Mail Ballots to: 4 _ Player3© Choice Contest e o AmSgmWorid Magaalne j pO lffttreeL 1
- Peterborough, NH 03458 AmwiWorid ¦ HOH these scripts may call corresponding .pre and .post scripts automatically in their execution. FRED .pre scripts set up and initialize global Arexx script variables; .post scripts do clean-up work by deleting temporary files and removing those variables no longer needed. T-Rexx to the Rescue If you are in need of a little hand holding with Arexx, T-Rexx Professional 2,0 may be just the ticket. Not only does it have the aforementioned command banks for a variety of products including ADPro, but also its T-Rexx Command Editor (TCE) can be used to create and edit new commands. When you run T-Rexx, you will see the Program Selector button currently labeled Switcher with arrows at either end. Click the left arrow twice to move to the bank of .ADPro commands. Just to the right of the other arrow, you will see a button labeled 1 5. Click here to cycle forward or shift-click to move backwards through the five banks of ADPro commands. It’s easy to create a working Arexx script with just a few mouse clicks. Von can load a picture, perform a variety of operators, then render and save the result to a new graphic File format. Each command is listed in a window, not in Arexx but in a descriptive English phrase, such as “Bring ADPro to front,” “Perform LOAD (UNIVERSAL),” and so on. You can cut, copy, and paste among five scripts active at one time, and test, save, and delete your work all with button clicks. Click on the TCE button to load the Command Editor, click again to move to its screen, and load the command bank you want to modify. Let’s add a command to AD Pro’s Bank 5 to load D Paint’s spare page into .ADPro. Cycle to Bank 5 and double-click on a blank command button. A list of Command Types appears; you can choose to set up requesters for string, numerical, Fde, path and other input, but let’s select Immediate because we already know the command we want to send. Set the Mode toggle button to Real Time so you can fire off this command button in real time from the Command Bank for instant gratification. Click Commit to save the type and mode, then Edit to bring up the Edit Command window. There are six string gadgets to fill in, but you need only he concerned with the first two. Type “Load Image from Dpaint” in the first field; this message will be displayed in the Script List if you use this command in Listing 1 (Indents indicate line continuations) * Automatic brush drop shadow creator for OpalPaint. AREXX script by Greg Niles, Centaur Development. V address 'OpaIPaint_Rexx' options Results SaveSetUp Panic AskBool "Drop Shadow Maker v1.0 - by Greg Niles nCfick OK to continue. Cancel to Abort." If Result = 0 then EXIT * Ask which brush to use * Asklnt 13 1 "Select brush number (1-3). N(Select CANCEL if you don't want to lose your brush!)" If RC = 5 then EXIT BrushBay = Result * Get size of selected brush * ActiveBrush BrushBay BrushSize parse var result Bwidth Bheight * Get feather amount from user * Asklnt 0 640 0 "Enter feather amount (0=no feather- ing). Nthis determines the 'fuzziness' of your drop shadow, in pixels." If RC = 5 then EXIT FeatherAmt = Result i* Get transparency level from user * AskProp 0 100 50 "Select transparency level of drop shadow." If RC = 5 then EXIT TransAmt = Result * Make a new screen *f CurrPage OrigPage = Result PageRes AddPage 640 400 Result OpenPages NewPage = Result PickPage NewPage * Place brush in center of new screen 6 in alpha channel * PageSize parse var result PageWidth PageHeight Xposition = Trunc((PageWidth 2)-(BWidth 2)) Yposition = Trunc((PageHeight 2}-(BHeight 2)) ActiveBrush BrushBay Handle 0 0 ColorSource Multicolor PutBrush Xposition Yposition WorkMode ALPHA SetDrawMode 4 building a script later. The second field contains the Arexx code: Address 'ADPro' 'LOADER' 'DPAINT' 'XXX' 'PAGE' 'FRAME' '0' Click OK to close the window. The command button you edited will still be blank; you will need to load the image file that contains the button graphics (GI_ADPro.pic) into Dpaint and add some text to label it later. For now, click SAVE to save all the work, and then Quit back to T-Rexx’s main screen. Cycle through to the ADPro bank of buttons, and shift-click once to go to Bank 5. Click on the R-Time button to allow instant execution of the command, make sure that ADPro and Dpaint are running and that there’s an image on Dpainfs spare page, and finally click on your new command button. Nothing happened? Actually, the command worked; you can navigate to your ADPro screen and click ReDisplay to see the spare-page image. But let's use some of the other command buttons to assemble a script that displays the results for more than a split second. First click the Clear button to clear out any existing commands from the Script List. Deselect the R-Time button by clicking again on it. Cycle to Bank 1 of the ADPro commands and click on the .ADPRO TO FRONT command button. Cvcle to Bank 5 and click on the new- J lv created Dpaint Load button. Cvcle back to Bank 1 and click on the Show button. Now the Script List reads: Bring ADPro to Front Load Image from Dpaint Begin Display of rendered image We need one more element: a little time. Click the l ight arrow on the Program Selector button (currently labeled .ADPro) twice to move to the Switcher command bank. Now click the WAIT button (the second button in the first row) and a requester appears with sliders to set a time duration in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames. It defaults to five seconds, so click OK to finish writing the script. Click TEST and a requester asks if you want to save this script before testing. Now click OK, or click Cancel. Either way, the script runs: .ADPro comes to die front, the image loads, and it displays for five seconds. Enhanced Operations with OpalPaint Centaur’s OpalVision 24-bit paint animation system interfaces with ADPro via a saver and an operator. The ? Zap SetDrawMode 1 ActiveBrush BrushBay Handle 0 0 ColorSource PaintPot ActivePot 1 PutBrush Xposition Yposition WorkMode Image * Feather the brush * ActiveBrush BrushBay Feather FeatherAmt * Ask for position of drop shadow * Okay "Choose the location of your drop shadow." Handle 0 0 GetPoint parse var result XdropPos YdropPos I* Let's do itl * Busy WorkMode Alpha * Paste drop shadow into alpha channel * Panic SetDrawMode 1 ActiveBrush BrushBay Handle 0 0 A migalVorhl 43 ColorSource PaintPot TransType Standard TransAmt Trans Enable ActivePot 1 PutBrush XdropPos YdropPos Trans Disable * Calculate size of area to contain brush b drop shadow * X1 = MIN(XPosition,XDropPos| Y1 = MIN(YPosition,YDropPos) X2 = M AX = Xposition + Bwidth.XDropPos + Bwidth) Y2 = MAX(YPosition + Bheight,YDropPos + Bheight) * Cut brush with alpha drop shadow * WorkMode Image ActiveBrush BrushBay CutMode Normal 1 RectCut X1 Y1 X2 Y2 * Go back to old page * PickPage OrigPage Okay "We're done! Paste your new brush anywhere you want!" RestoreSetUp NotBusy EXIT saver works directly with the display card, allowing raw 24-bit color or gray-scale images or rendered images from two to 256 colors to be displayed. We can modify the Dfaint Save script we wrote earlier to work here: A K E X * Save raw 24-bit data to OpalVision board * address 'ADPro' SFORMAT 'OPALVISION' SAVE 'XXX' 'RAW' 'SCREEN_TYPE 3' OKAY1 'It works!' EXITO Saved as F8.ADPro, this displays raw image data in hi-res interlaced inode until you either click on the screen or press the space bar. You can display an image for a specified amount of time by adding a duration, as in SAVE 'XXX' 'RAW' 'SCREENJYPE 8 DURATION 100' which shows the image for two seconds in lo-res overscan. The operator gives you direct access to OpalPaint, letting you touch up and modify the raw image data in AD Pro's buffer interactively. Here again, it’s a good idea to limit AD Pro’s memory grab with MAXMEM before using the OpalPaint operator. In fact, the operator starts up the paint program, then loads in the raw image data from ADPro. The actual data, not a copy, is used, and the operator will fail if OpalPaint is already running. Simply select the operator from the Image Operators requester and execute it: in a few seconds your image appears in the paint program. When you exit OpalPaint, a requester prompts you to preserve your changes and, if you accept, reloads the modified image into ADPro. If you haven’t made any changes, the original image is automatically restored. It would seem that OpalPaint’s hooks to and from ADPro are not even as powerful as those to Dpaint, but, in fact, you can access every last one of OpalPaint’s powerful suite of tools via Arexx. Yon can run Arexx macros within OpalPaint or from outside the program. For example, Listing I (sec box), a script written by Greg Niles of Centaur Development, provides a way to automate adding a drop shadow to anv brush. J It’s easy to tell from the name of each Arexx com- mand in this script just what the action will be. Briefly, here’s how the script works. After addressing OpalPaint’s Arexx port and enabling results to be received, the current OpalPaint settings are saved. "Panic” simply resets the system to initial defaults. A title message is displayed, then the user is asked to select one of Opal's three brush buffers. The choice is stored in a variable and made the ActiveBrush. The brush size is measured, with its width and height stored in variables. Next the user is asked to define an amount ol leathering for the drop shadow, as well as a transparency level. The “AskProp 0 100 50” parameters display a slider that defaults to 50% transparency within a range of 0 to 100. The next block of commands saves the current page number, determines the current page resolution, adds a new page in that resolution, and moves to the new page. The center of the new screen is calculated and the brush is stamped down there. Now OpalPaint is switched to its Alpha Work mode, where you can define and edit an eight-bit (256-level) transparency mask or channel over the image. Next Opal’s Draw Mode is set to one of its 18 built-in operators (there are also 45 loadable draw modes on disk), in this case Negative. "Zap” applies this mode to the entire Alpha channel, making the channel 100% transparent. Now a singlecolor, opaque version of the original brush is stamped down at the same coordinates, making a mask around the original brush. Next the brush is feathered, which softens its edges by varying the transparency. The user is allowed to interactively select the location of the drop shadow in relation to the original brush, and we’re ready for action. Reentering Alpha mode, the brush is stamped down again with the user-defined amount of transparency at the offset just defined. As the comment in the code indicates, the size of the final brush is calculated to include both the original brush and its offset drop shadow. The “CutMode” command includes the “I” parameter to enable "Use Alpha,” which employs the Alpha channel information to make the drop shadow area semi-transparent in the final brush. Since the brush is picked up from a black background, when this new brush is stamped on a scene, the drop shadow paints semi-transparent black over the picture. This realistic look is common these days in high-end video production. If any of this is confusing to you, remember: The beauty of Arexx is that you don't have to know how it works, just that it does. There are no Arexx examples included on OpalYision’s disk set, but Centaur maintains a vendor area on the Portal network, in addition to its own BBS. This drop-shadow script and many others written by OpalPaint users are available there, and OpalPaint’s author, Martin Boyd, can often be found on Portal’s on-line graphics conferences. Centaur is readying a new version of OpalAni- mate’s MakeAnim24 that runs from the command line, allowing generation and playback of high-quality animations under script control. There are plans for improving the connectivity between OpalPaint and ADPro, as well as for similar hooks to ImageFX and Imagemaster. ADPro 2.3 has added a Frame- store loader so that Toaster imagery can be easily integrated with these oilier tools. At a recent CES in Las Vegas, Digital Creations demonstrated its newly-announced multiple video-slot peripheral. Video Slot Box, with a Toaster and OpalVision running side by side in the same machine. Although some might question the value of Arexx interconnect ivity on a single image, multiply by the thousands and even millions of individual f rames needed to fill a complex morphing sequence in a film, or the 600 megabytes of data on an interactive CD-ROM, and tilings come quickly into focus. This degree of remote-control automation makes possible networking not just between programs and peripherals, but also among multiple Amigas and even multiple platforms. ¦ Steve Gillmor has worked extensively with both Arexx and * authoring systems* and has witten numerous articles on these topics. He semes as director of Southern Digital, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina. Write to him do Amiga Wort cl. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458.
• Opus 1 BY RAYMOND MLYNCZAK, D ? M . A . IF YOU’VE BEEN searching magazines and books for a practical, systematic approach to Amiga music making, you probably haven’t found it until now. Because you know a little bit about music but hunger for details of how to play your Amiga, what you need is not another review of music software or an examination of the intricacies of sampled and looped waveforms. No, what you need is basic information on what’s what and how to begin. Well, here it is. This month and next, we’ll examine all the pieces that go into Amiga music making, and show you what they do and how they fit together. Any S77ie first s cyme if o 'ottr two -f artjjuide to (miya re oca is Aom (o yet started foSl t some basic too s. iff.s'Sc fUf tf) Musically, the .Amiga has come of age. Today, your .Amiga can teach you music, be your instrument, or be your orchestra. It’s all at your and you don’t have to be a virtuoso, you know' music theory, you don’t have to play an instrument at all. I don’t want to mislead you. Some ability to play the keyboard is definitely helpful, and the more experience you have, the easier it will be. But it’s really the music in your mind that counts. The .Amiga doesn’t care how long it took or how' many changes you made. Although you can enter musical data via keyboard or mouse, doing so can be cumbersome and slow. Most people prefer to hook up an electronic keyboard to the computer. Prices for such keyboards, including the computer interfaces necessary for connection, start at around $ 700 retail from manufacturers such as Kawai. While you can interface other instruments such as flute, guitar, and even your own voice to the computer, such interfaces cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1000 at street prices. (To contact the developers of products mentioned, consult the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 94.) The Miracle Piano Teaching System ($ 399, The Software Toolworks) comes with a keyboard and software to teach you how to play the piano along with the appropriate music theory. Although the keyboard does not come with a MIDI interface ILLUSTRATED BY FRED LYNCH A miga World 45 THE l U S I C A L A M 1 G A - P A K T 1 =H L_ Optional Synth Channel 1 OUT THRU Synthesizer I - Channel 1 THRU Synthesizer 2 • Channel 2 I Receive Only Transmit and Receive (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), it is MIDI-capable, meaning that it can share data with other devices supporting the MIDI communications standard. Other avenues for music-theorv instruction include lessons, books, and other software designed to introduce fundamentals. My own Keys to Music program (S59.95, Electric Theatre), teaches music theory and complements any instrumental study, hut leans toward music composition. Volume 1 (there arc live volumes) is for beginners, while later volumes progress to advanced harmony. Music Processors Music composition-and-editing programs are very much like word processors with the functionality of tape recorders. These programs are generally called sequencers, which is a logical name because in their simplest forms they can create and play hack a sequence of musical events. Sequencers come in two main varieties, differentiated by the computer file formats they generate. SMI'S (for Simple MUSic, pronounced “smyooze”) is an IFF (Interchange File Format) file type, while MIDI links the computer with external devices. (There are also proprietary formats called mods, which are generally used in freely distributable software.) Nowadays, distinctions between sequencer types are smaller, but they do exist. It’s up to you to choose the right tool for the job. The choice you make depends on the result you wish to achieve. Although experiment and chance are valid and necessary for creation, a direction and vision of the total project can help you determine the pieces you need. If the end product is for a computer-only presentation, the music should he in SMUS format and use internal sounds. With some good sound samples, the Amiga’s four internal sound channels can do an impressive job. If you have external devices such as synthesizers, some presentation programs (including Electronic Arts’ DeluxeVideo III and Commodore’s AmigaVision) can access these devices and use SMUS scores. Because the Amiga is multitasking, you could use a more sophisticated MIDI sequencer with .ARexx capa- Basic MIDI Setup MIDI Interface Optional IN OUT THRU Chonnels 1 & 2 1 Channels 1 & 2 IN bilities to achieve the highest quality your sound generators can produce, and play those sounds, along with your best visual creations, live and in real time. There is a drawback, however, and that is portability unless you can figure out how to get all those synthesizers inside your Amiga. Well, somebody did. The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks' One-Stop Music Shop package ($ 649) includes a board that plugs right into an A2000, A5000, or A4000 series Amiga. It has the award-winning E-Mu Proteus SoundEnginc with hundreds of 16-hii samples that you can edit to design new sounds. With 32 channels of sound, a built-in MIDI interface, and an impressive array of instruments and drum kits, this board could make your Amiga levitate! Wired for Sound To enter or play hack music through an external keyboard or other such device, you need a MIDI interface. This comes with its own cable and connects to the Amiga’s serial port. MIDI keyboards and keyboardless sound modules (synthesizers) attach to the interface using cables with five-pin DIN plugs on each end. The MIDI interface and external devices are equipped with three or more DIN sockets marked In, Out, and Thru. In a simple setup using only a keyboard and a computer, the keyboard Out is connected by cable to the computer interface’s In. This enables the keyboard to transmit a signal and the computer to receive it. The computer Out is also connected to the keyboard In, allowing the computer to transmit a signal (music it recorded) to the keyboard. Out always originates a signal and In is always a receiver. MIDI uses 16 channels. An important point to remember is that the transmitter and receiver must be set to the same channel. If the keyboard is set to send through channel 1, but die computer software is set to receive on channel 2, die computer will ignore the incoming signal. Normally, you would connect a second synthesizer to the Thru of the first synthesizer and let it receive on a different channel, such as channel 2. If you had two separate tracks of music recorded by the computer, you could set these tracks to play back on different channels say, I and 2. The result: The computer transmits both tracks simultaneously at its Out port. Synthesizer 1, tuned to channel 1, receives both tracks at its In, but responds only to the track (music data) sent on channel 1. Both tracks from In are simultaneously sent to Thru, which is connected to synthesizer 2. Synthesizer 2, set to receive on channel 2, accepts both tracks at its In, hut responds only to that sent on channel 2. Both tracks pass to Thru, but because there are no other devices in this example, the data terminates there. (The “Basic MIDI Setup” diagram at left illustrates this.) If you had more devices, you could connect the Thm of the previous unit to die In of die next. The Out port is used only when a device is a transmitter, dial is, for a computer or keyboard used to enter data music into the computer. Musical Data Sometimes people use the term “digital T II E MUSI C A I A W I G A - V A R T I recording” to describe computer music. Don’t confuse this with the sound you hear on a compact disc or digital tape, though. A computer can record sound with the help of an audio digitizer, but die result (called a sound sample or digitized sound) can be a very large file. What the Amiga can record, without the aid of a sampler or sound digitizer, is a sequence of events or, simply, a “sequence.” A sequence is like a script, which tells an actor what to say and do, but it is not itself the actor. A musical sequence tells a sound generator when and how to play, but it is not the sound generator. The sound generator is a synthesizer or a sound sample. Each step of a sequence is called an “event,” which indicates that at a certain point in time something happens. The difference between MIDI and SMUS sequences lies mostly in the type of events recorded. SML'S sequences have certain other characteristics that we'll explore further next month. The most basic event is a “note on.” This means that at a certain point in time say, measure one, beat one a note plays. This is denoted by a number from 0 to 127. The lowest note recognized is 0 and the highest is 127; middle C is considered number 60, whereas middle C sharp is 61. Along with this, the note’s velocity, or volume, is recorded. Velocity also ranges from 0 to 127, with 0 being the softest (actually, inaudible) and 127 the loudest. Be aware, though, that some inexpensive synthesizers do not respond to velocity changes. The third piece of information recorded as part of an event is the duration, or length, of the note. At the end of a note there is an automatic “note off" If the synth for some reason does not get the note off (if the MIDI cable is disconnected or a glitch occurs), ii will play forever or until you power down. This is the extent of the information recorded in a SML'S sequence. You can attach other data, such as instrument (IFF sample) names and locations, tempos, time signatures, channel numbers, and so on, but that is generally edited in later in a global way. By contrast, a lull-featured MIDI sequencer can record much more information. This extra data allows you absolute control over all aspects of the music recorded and played. Thus, there is a potential for extremely large files. Some inexpensive svnths cannot deal with some of this data and therefore cannot transmit it to a computer. Further, if such a sythesizer received this data from a computer, the synth would ignore it. Even high-priced svnths can have limits on certain types of data and have idiosyncrasies in the way it is handled. Most of this data takes the form of “controllers.” Some controllers are simple on-off switches while others, called “continuous controllers,” can handle extremely large amounts of data. “System Exclusive” (sys ex) messages, which speak only to a certain synthesizer or sampler in your system, can transmit huge data dumps to specific addresses. A MIDI sequence can also support higher resolutions, nonstandard note values, and various other fine-tuning aspects. A MIDI sequencer can be an extremely sophisticated tool for creating and editing music. Just Betweeen Us Many music programs can convert a standard MIDI sequence to a SMUS sequence, but the process involves stripping away some data and rounding out the rest. If your composition relies heavily on the extended resources of a standard MIDI sequencer, you will be very disappointed with the result. If your intention is SMUS, use a SMUS sequencer, or else keep in mind the limits of SMUS so that the conversion will have no perceptible effect. You should also take care when saving in a MIDI format. Standard MIDI format retains all the intricate data needed to reload and play or edit your work even on a different but capable sequencer. What is not saved is the environment or special setup that you might have used when you were working on a particular composition. More importantly, shortcuts you might have used in arranging your composition may be proprietary to the sequencer and thus lost during a standard save. Things such as loops (repeated sections) and song construction are handled differently by each program. If you want to save in standard MIDI for use on another program, it is best to avoid shortcuts. Instead of using a loop, for instance, copy and paste the section. Use the same technique when combining sections into longer compositions, or “songs." This is inconvenient to accomplish and to change, but it's necessary. My advice is to always save a copy of your work in the proprietary format. The next time you open up that composition, it will be just as you left it. While SMUS may seem like a stripped-down brand X compared to the data a full-featurecl MIDI program can record, you can achieve impressive results with it. What you need are good sound samples and a good composition. A top-notch actor or actress with a creative script really doesn’t need the extras. Making It Happen 1 wouldn’t want to end this without mentioning the products that make music possible on the Amiga. Deluxe Music 2. The long-awaited upgrade io Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Music Construction Set, should be released by the time you read this. The program was always easy to use, but this version is even easier. Deluxe Music is mainly mouse driven; if you’ve used a word processor, you’ll feel right at home. While its MIDI output is improved, however, MIDI input is still cumbersome. So if you want to do some heavy-duty playing, you’ll have to look to the big guys. Bars and Pipes Pro (S429, The Blue Ribbon Sound- Works), KCS ($ 379, Dr. T’s Music Software), and Music- X (SI99.95. Hollyware) are some of the choices. .Ail are full-featured sequencers and can have steep learning curves. ‘Ilie best thing to do is read reviews and try demos of them. Some may be more intuitive to one person than to another. Both Blue Ribbon and Dr. Vs have full lines of compatible software and hardware accessories. A new entiy, Sequel, should be out in a few months. Publisher Diemer Development promises a very different interface to an easy-to-use sequencer. Before you buy any sequencer, though, check that it reads and writes IFF files and can use IFF sound samples; some need utility programs to accomplish this. Next month, we’ll key up with the different types of recording. Stay tuned! ¦ In addition to a 35-year music background involving performance and teaching. Dr. Raymond Mlyncmk has seven years' experience with the Amiga. Currently, he is president of Electric Theatre, Creative Computers MAD 1ESS SALE! Tvi COMPUTERS Amiga 3000 ® j. Creative Computers, your one-stop shop for the most .... v-y unbelievable deals on Amiga computers, hardware and software!
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- ¦i of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IN THE WAKE of Michael Jackson music videos and films like Terminator 2, morphing software has enjoyed a wave of popularity on the personal computer. Smooth transformations between photographic faces are so impressive that it is easy to get caught up in thinking that this is all morphing is for. This column will explore ways in which you might employ morphing software to assist you in hand-drawn character animation on your Amiga, You draw a few keyframes, then your morphing software "draws” the resi ol the animation while yoirjean back in your chair to watch Star Trek. Eor many projects, the results are quite good. B e-Tween Gigs A standard approach to character animation on the computer involves drawing keyframes lo represent the beginning and end points of one movement. Then, using features that simulate an animator’s light table, one draws a number of frames in between the keyframes to create the effect of smooth motion. This “tweening” is one ol' the most labor-intensive aspects of animation. With computers being incorporated more and more into the production facilities of major animation companies, automatic computer tweening is vine of the more wished-for dreams. Many hurdles remain in that j quest, but you can do some interesting “morph-tweening” experiments on your Amiga toward that same goal. I am aware of three major Amiga programs that perform morphing functions. ASDG has Morph Plus, Black Belt has Imagemaster and GVP has ImageFX. All three of these packages deliver excellent results, share similar features, and offer sophisticated levels of user control. Despite differences in the operation of the particular features, each program yielded similar results in my experiments for this column. Consult your documentation for specific details on setup. You perform a morph by first loading a source and destination image. You then specify a number of points on the source image over details such as the eyes, corners of the mouth, outline of the face, and so on. Each of these points has a corresponding point that can he repositioned on the destination image. For example, a point positioned over an eyebrow' in the source image has a corresponding point that can be dragged to the eyebrow in the destination image. You specify a number of frames and the software gradually moves the region around the source point toward the destination point. The path a point follows is called a vector. By specifying a sufficient number of vectors, every detail of the source image can be smoothly moved, squeezed, and stretched to the location of corresponding details in the destination image. For greater control, vectors can he connected as “edges.” You can also control a progressive transparency affecting how the visual details of the destination image gradually fade in over those of the source image. For this animation project, both the source and destination image will be line drawings. A little thought and experimentation will soon reveal which kinds of movement sequences lend themselves to "morph tweens” and which are doomed to resemble spaghetti bombs of random lines as they progress. A good candidate for your first morph-tweening might be a front view of a cartoon face changing expression as shown in the accompanying illustration. The changes between keyframes are moderate and all lines follow logical unobstructed paths from one frame to the next. A Good Framework is Key DeluxePaint IV’s (Electronic Arts) Light Table and Animation Control panel is a good environment for drawing your keyframes. (For more detail on light-table animation, see “Accent” 40, Jun. '92, p. 52.) For your first Borrow a little magic from your favorite morphing software to pull oft some fast, fun “tweening” in your character animations. Experiments, try low resolution ancl draw with the freehand-line tool using a brush thicker than a single pixel. Single-pixel lines can break up during morphing. Draw the First keyframe in saturated blue on a black background. Don’t fill or color that finished outline drawing. Press the “ + ” button in the control panel to add a frame and then clear the current frame. Press the Light Table button and the P button to see the first frame as a reference to draw the second keyframe. Save these two frames as pictures, not as an animation. Load them into your morphing software as source and destination images. Place points along all the lines of the face. I used a total of 82 points to define each keyframe in this cartoon. Logical groups of points such as eyebrows can be connected as edges for increased control. The illustration shows a ten-frame morph between Key I and Key 2 and a seven-frame morph between Key 2 and Key 3. Continuing this process with more keyframes can produce a smooth animation of a character talking and changing facial expressions. While the morph tweens in the illustration have been shrunk 50% to fit the page, they have not been retouched. Note that in the first, ten- lrame sequence there is a noticeable jump between frames 5 and 6 (marked with asterisks). Between those two frames, details of the source and destination images crossed the mid-morph transparency threshold and the second key began to dominate. In the second, seven-frame sequence that threshold occurs directly on the middle frame resulting in a double exposure. In both cases, some retouching is needed. As an alternative experiment, follow the same procedure for setting up a morph, but set the transparency curve to a flat line that always shows 100% source image as it is deformed toward the second keyframe. This is called a “warp.” The result of a warp morph between keyframes is a smooth transition with no midpoint jump or double exposure. The trade-off is that by the final frame, the lines become a little choppy. In the normal transparency transition, the choppiness is in the middle, with the beginning and end of the morph clean. Overall, I prefer the warp morph because of the smoother motion. The finished outline animation that results from morph-tweening can be used directly with minor retouching, or it can be a template over which you draw a clean single-pixel line by hand. Color the animation with the fill tool and add it to a background. ¦ nin Joel Hagens credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope fora reply. Since 1982 800-554-9980 .omputAbility Consumer Electronics HARD DRIVES Quantum 2 year warranty! 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114. 95
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(414) 357-7814 HRS (GST): M-F 8am-8pm, Sat11am-5pm Troubleshooting In Paradise VIDEO Part 2 In the second segment of our two-part, problem-diagnosis guide, we explore more common maladies and the use of test equipment. SlIITE By Michael Hanish and Joel Tessler THE BEST TROUBLESHOOTING tip is prevention. Last month, we established that setting up your equipment properly in the first place can prevent all kinds of trouble. Unfortunately, doing so will not ward oil' trouble altogether. In our experience, the NewTek Video Toaster sometimes gets up on the wrong side of bed and refuses to boot initially. If your monitor broadcasts the message, “Toaster not responding,” don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean paradise has fallen. (For contact infonna- tion on the companies mentioned in this article, see the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 94.) First, try rebooting. If that fails, confirm that there is a cable connected to Input 1 and that it carries an active video signal. This is important, for this signal is what the Toaster syncs to. If you cannot confirm these tilings, either provide a valid signal or remove the cable. Also, make sure the Toaster is well seated in the video slot. If none of these things work, perform an AutoHue before you resort to calling NewTek tech-support: Gel the shortest BNC cable von can find and connect the Program output (fifth BNC from the top on the Toaster) to Input 4 (fourth BNC from the top). Double-click the AutoHue icon in vour Toaster drawer and follow’ the - on-screen instructions. When AutoHue finishes, recable vour Toaster
* s (this will be easy if you have labeled your cable ends and given yourself enough room in the set-up). Don’t hesitate to perform an AutoHue any time you doubt the colors of your Toaster matte screens, graphics, or video reproduction. Testing ... One, Two, Three Vour video monitor is your first line of defense in the struggle for video- signal integrity. Last month we talked about setting up and using video monitors with color bars. By itself, though, the use of color bars will not ensure good-quality video. The video signal is hideously complex, and irregularities often do not show up until several generations down the line. If you have multiple sources (as in an A B roll studio), you can time them roughly by eye using color bars, but to trulv fine-tune a system re- quires use of a waveform monitor and vectorscope. Amiga owners can find both these tools in two packages for a fraction of the cost of traditional test equipment. The Monitor (Magni Systems, $ 1799) provides both tools in a stand-alone external device; DPS’s Personal Waveform Monitor Vectorscope ($ 899) does so via an internal board for the A2000, A3000, and A4000. (For details on both products, please see “Video Suite”, Oct. ’92, p. 48.) Catch the Waveform A waveform monitor is a specialized oscilloscope that displays a voltage time graph of the video signal passing through it. It displays this electronic “picture” on a graticulated screen (see Fig. 1), providing real-time analysis of the levels of all parts of the video waveform: sync, blanking, pedestal, burst, luminance range and levels, and more. Some parts of the waveform are proportionally small, yet still important. To monitor them accurately, you must be able to magnify I he display and shift its location on the graticule. When you send color bars to the waveform monitor, make certain that display represents the proper video level for the bars. Whether they are 75% or 100% bars, the waveform monitor should show one volt peak-to-peak. .Anything above 100 IRE, clearly marked on the graticule, will he too hot and clipped off. The bottom “pedestal” step, or black level, should be at the dotted 7.5 IRE line. When the black levels arc too low, details get lost. When they are too high, blacks turn to grays, the whole image looks washed out, sync problems can crop up, and you should reach for some laundry brightener to get the colors back into your picture. The sync burst part of the waveform is the U-shaped signal on the left. The bottom of the U should be a clean, straight, horizontal line at -40 IRE. Irregularities here indicate ringing and will produce visible scan lines and degradation of the image. To the right is a 3.58 Mhz reference oscillation (burst-color information), which must peak between +20 and -20 IRE. Deviation here means poor irequency-rc- sponse (inaccurate color reproduction) and color aberration (crawl, streaking, ? MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - 1-800-477-7706 H4NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! Cz Commodore Aaf OA AMIGA 1200 LOWEST EVER Become a part of the next generation of Amiga technology! And with MANTA's special pricing, the 1200 has never been more affordable! A1200 - $ 499.°°* A1200 HD80 - $ 775.°°* AGA GAMES IN STOCK • Al'lOO'S ARE IN STOCK A4000 LOWEST PRICING AVAILABLE Price when purchased with a I960 Monitor at $ 529.** p ) |fi* LOWEST FRICESj GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS Miscellaneous Digital Sound Studio ...$ 55 Impact Vision 2.0 ...$ 1199 Hard Drives
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* Amiga 3000 and 4000 require video adapters (not included) Amiga 1000 requires a serial adapter (not included). MegAChip 2000 500 * *189” Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toasterl with Agnus MultiStart II • *29" Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and L .3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider II A1000 • 0K! 14955 Battery backed clock and calendar with up lo 1,5 mg RAM. Cail Tor RAM prices Kwikstart n * ’69 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 4MB 32 Bit Expansion * '399* I 12 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. NEW - ONLY 99’ V aci AUTHORIZED AMIGA SALES & SERVICE CENTER ringing), among other problems. What’s your Vector, Victor? A vectorscope ignores all vicleo-signal information except the color subcarrier frequency (3.58 Mhz). !l displays this information as dynamic lines along an x-y axis, where distance from the center represents color saturation, and direction represents phase (hue), A vectorscope provides the only technically correct means to accurately meas- * ure (and thus adjust) the color levels, saturation, intensity, and timing of one or several color video signals. Ideally, for a multiple-source system, the vectorscope will have several inputs that you can display simultaneously for accurate co-timing. (Magni's Monitor meets this criteria with three composite inputs.) As you can see in Fig. 2, the vector- scope’s display looks like a pie cut into eight pieces; six of these represent different colors. Within each slice is a box containing a smaller box. The smaller box is a target; when the tip of each color-signal line lands there, color saturation is correct. Oversaturation, shown by the color line overshooting the target, results in blurred images with white edges, tearing (wavering vertical lines), exaggerated chroma crawl, and blooming (curvature at the screen edge), among other problems. Undersaturation manifests itself as color washout, which becomes especially apparent when you make dubs. If the phase of the signal is accurate, the vector line will drive a straight course to the center of the target. Deviation indicates color-phase shift, (change in hue). If the line falls counter-clockwise of the box, colors will shift toward red; if it deviates clockwise, a greenish tinge will be introduced into the picture. Beyond that, the vectors must be straight. Curved vectors indicate poor differential phase. This means that a baseball diamond, for example, might be greenish on one siclc but reddish on the other. Using the Equipment Both DPS's Personal V-Scope and Magni’s Monitor do a fine job of performing both waveform-monitor and vectorscope tests on the Amiga. Neither requires a special CRT as do traditional devices; both display the results on a standard video monitor. The Personal V-Scope is certainly more affordable, but we prefer the Magni Monitor because of its multiple inputs, better display capabilities (magnification, positioning, and color settings), and reference input. The TSG software that comes with the Personal V-Scope provides a full range of standardized test signals, including the essential color bars and multiburst. Magni Monitor users who do not have access to a hardware test- signal generator (these start at $ 400) should check out two Freely distributable programs, Video Tools on Tap and BarsVTone. Using color bars and the above information, feed a test signal to each piece of equipment (for VCRs, record a good length of the signal on tape, and use the same tape for each machine). Verify that die video is one volt peak-to-peak, sync is clean and solid, and color phase is accurate. Testing your video with either of these products requires starting at the beginning of the signal path and continuing until you reach the end. (If you slap a waveform monitor on the output of your record deck, for example, and notice a 5% drop in the signal level, how do you know at what point in the signal path the problem begins?) Test each piece of equipment individually, with the output sent to your test equipment and looped through to a video monitor and properly terminated. As you adjust the proc-amp parameters, remember that even the most minute change in settings will affect the signal path throughout your system. When you finish with the setup, reconnect the test equipment to the point in the signal path you wish to monitor during editing production. This will usually be the program output of your Toaster or record deck. Plan to test every component of your system when you first set up your studio, when you recable or reconfigure, or when you add to it. Testing is especially crucial for the initial setup of any new equipment; you want to verify that you sit in the middle of your magneto digital analog paradise, keep in mind that you are lost if you must rely on idiot lights and automatic script generators to make your pieces unless you can afford to hire someone to do the work for you. When you produce video, you are putting your reputation on magnetic tape or digital media. ¦ Joel Tessler is a video and animation consultant to cable stations and networks domestically and abroad. Michael Hanish produces Amiga video, graphics, and music for both performance and adult- literacy work. .... continually improve the integrity of your video, video graphics, editing style, and signal hygiene. The current buzz- phrase “video literacy” implies a knowledge of how video technology works. As (..lolling a 4X6SLC Isr.dgcBoafd? I , hc p B The PowerBox is an enclosure, specially designed for the A1200 power user. It has room for 2. 5.25". SCSI or IDE. Half height devices, and includes a whopping 200 watt power supply. This power supply is usable by the A1200. So not only do you get all the power your drives need, but an extra 17 amps tow ard your A1200! Vortex 486SLC 25 Mh 71 45 2 MB S65 !!! Heat Sink no +S65 no +S79 +$ 30 SI 140! Speed Landmark 2.0 Norton SI Standard Rant Price per MB CPU cooling method Janus 2.1 compatible MS-DOS 5.0 included 386sv to 486SLC upgrade Floppy Controller Shipping "EQUAL" Boards Or + EMC = *486 POWER! The BackPack That's right! All the quality, and compatibility you need from Commodore. With all the performance you want from EMC. Need more features? Enter the Super Multi I O board The ONLY answer to an A3000 owners prayers. It includes: An IDE harddrivc controller. 2 serial ports, I parallel port. ! Game port, and a UVGA video card w I mb. All on one 16-bit card. The OlilCIX l ...The I WJIM !!!! EMC’s 486 SLC BridgeBoard. F:MC 486 SLC w 3mb A23X6SX with I mh Tjft i» 486 upgrade Super Multi I O $ 930 S265 $ 650 f S750 $ 200 Western Digital Caviar 80 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 200 170 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 275 250 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 320 340 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 3X5 Switch Box w Cabling $ 36 Super ( umbo 4S6SLC w 8 mb. 170mh HD. Super Multi I O card. VGA switch box +¦ cabling $ 75off ”!! SI 520 The BackPack S 110 2 to 3, IDE 2 to 3, IDE plugs into the mini IDE connector in your A1200. It then provides you with an externa! Standard IDE connector, for easy expansion of 3.5" IDE harddrives. It does not interfere with your internal harddrive. 486SLC w 5 mb. Super Multi I O card. VGA switch box + cabling 550off ”!' SI 140 J h ''-fin v„ VPQ 2 to 3, IDE $ 50 ou. C Voice: 908-541-4214 Fax: 908-541-6348 CompuServe: 70322,447 Genie: D.CINEGE Elite Microcomputers 138 Turner Si Port Reading, NJ 07064 ever)'thing is 100% before the warranty period runs out. Who Needs It? If you are setting up an A B roll system, but cannot afford to buy lest equipment, plan to marry someone who can or at least hire an engineer to come to your studio and do setup and timing. Even if you are using a basic, single- source system with a small-formal tape, test equipment is important. Industrial (nonbroadcast) applications of small formats are especially critical because they work with tighter tolerances, less multigenerational integrity, and more noise. A 5% level drop, which you may not even notice in the first generation of editing, can easily translate to 20% or greater loss by the duplication stage. Line noise, one of the biggest culprits, is so easily introduced and amplified at even* stage of production, point in the signal path, and successive generation. Keep in mind, though, that all the test equipment and processing gear in the world won’t make up for poorly shot or badly colored footage. If you try to tweak a low signal with a proc amp, you will likely blow noise into the signal. Save yourself a prayer and do good, solid preproduction. Make sure your camera is properly white-balanced and the scene is properly lit. Monitor the audio carefully as you shoot and edit. And, for heaven’s sake, clean your lenses and monitor screens regularly. When preparing graphics for video, always check them on a composite monitor for safe-area positioning, color crawl, and single-pixel lines prone to jiggling. If you think this is a joke, flip around die channels on a cable system some time. You will see over saturated graphics, unreadable fonts, and “underwater” audio. The reason you are doing video is to communicate something; don't let the message turn to mush. Video signals are plagued with myriad problems that probably won’t disappear for quite a while. It is important not only to keep in touch with new information and innovations, but also to "The video signal is hideously complex, and irregularities often do not show up for several generations down the line.’’ f ig THE PASADENA CENTER, 300 EAST GREEN ST. PASADENA CALIFORNIA September 10,11 & 12,1993 Fri. & Sat. 10am-5 pm Sun. Noon-5pm ADMISSION: $ 15.00 per day. $ 30.00 for three-day pass. Admission price includes seminars. Name SHOW HOTEL: Doubletree Hotel, 191 North Los Robles Ave.. Pasadena, CA 91101. For reservations call (818) 792-2727 and request World of Commodore Amiga show rate of $ 85 single or double. Deadline August 7,1993. Ad dress For more show information, phone (416) 285-5950. Circle 181 on Reader Service card State Z' o _ Make check payable to RAMiGE MANAGEMENT GROUP. Mart to: 3380 Sheridan Dr., Suite 120, Amherst, NY 1422G From p.20, been corrected. If you have an earlier version of the program, contact the company for an updated one. I commend the Axiom support staff for an excellent job of working on the problems rather than brushing the complaints aside. Anim Workshop does not, however, currently support AGA-specific color or resolutions, nor the creation of newer OpCode 6, 7 or 8 ANIM file formats. .And while the program includes View
(3. 6), a freely distributable animation and graphics viewing program, this viewer through some oversight is not installed during hard-disk installation, nor is there any mention of it in the documentation or read_me file. This version of View also displays animations shifted half a screen to the right -which then requires repositioning. These problems aside, however, I would recommend Anim Workshop to any Amiga user for easy ANIM creation and manipulation. Steven Maize Personal Time-Base Corrector 111 Digital Processing Systems, S850 RC 2000 Remote, S299. Amiga 2000 3000 4000. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, 68030 or 68040. Installation: Easy. Time-base corrector, remote controller, and software. Ahalf dozen years ago, the term “personal time-base corrector” would not have made sense. Cumbersome and frightfully expensive, TBCs were anything but “personal.” But technological advancements and the introduction of the Video Toaster have made personal TBCs mandatory equipment for a new generation of video professionals. Digital Processing Systems has been there from the start with its Personal TBC I. Today, the product has grown into the Personal TBC III. Roles For Rolls The average video hobbyist may wonder why a videographer needs a time-base corrector. But just consider these factors: Motors on even the best video equipment may fluctuate in speed, quality control varies between brands of videotape, and all tape eventually gets worn and stretched. The untrained eve can’t J catch such video minutiae, but devices such as the Video Toaster can. It expects every frame to follow the same parameters, and you can set a TBC to correct deviations from those settings. TBCs work by grabbing the incoming frame and making rapid adjustments to mend even the most mangled. Their ability to repair and restore varies: Some TBCs grab just a few lines and fix only the smallest of errors; high-end correctors (also known as infmite-window time- base correctors) grab the entire frame and correct all but the most serious of flaws. The Personal TBC III falls in the latter category. N j For such a competent piece of equipment, the Personal TBC III is a very compact unit. It is mounted on a PC- compatible card that snaps into place in any Zorro slot on your Amiga. Even if' you’re all thumbs like me, DPS provides a series of diagrams to help you connect the TBC III to your Toaster-based studio in a matter of minutes. Totally Serialized Along with thoughtfully provided cables, the Personal TBC III card has a series of DIP switches to expedite the configuration process. Again, the manual provides clear diagrams to help with the set-up process, even if it involves installing multiple TBC Ills in one computer. Software bundled with the card controls its every move. Due to its multiplatform design, the TBC III does not communicate with the Amiga through the bus card. Instead, the serial port is pressed into service for signal transmissions. You connect the TBC III either by means of the internal serial connector or the external serial port. While both methods work well, minor problems arise. Using the internal connector leaves the port free, but some video equipment such as single-frame controllers -will not work with the TBC III plugged in. Using the external port avoids that problem, but the lack of passthrough design prevents other devices from sharing the port unless you unplug the TBC III. The bundled software includes a full processing amplifier, referred to in video circles as a “proc amp.” (Before the recent leaps in video technology, proc amps were often costlier than the TBC itself.) The proc-amp software controls video, black, and chroma levels, and also lets you adjust the hue and horizontal positions. Provisions are also made for strobing, removing color, and grabbing perfect freeze frames. With practice, you can learn to use the proc amp to adjust the signal to professional specs. The only limitations of the TBC Ill’s proc amp are equally applicable to any other such device: You will need a waveform monitor and vectorscope for consistently perfect signals. Remote Means One of the best complements to the TBC ill is its optional remote control, the RC-
2000. Fully equipped with all the features of the software at your disposal via a smart button and dial box, it’s an efficient way to use the TBC III. An LED read-out provides a numeric display of all settings and can control up to eight TBC III units. Equipped with the RC-2000 remote, the ability to process S-Video, support for external sync from other devices or its own signal, and an Arexx port for additional control, the 1)1*8 Personal TBC ill is a well-rounded package. It is proof that high-quality video equipment does not need to carry a high price tag. Derek Grime Professional Calc 2.0 Gold Disk, $ 199 All models. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible,
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended: Second floppy or hard disk. Spreadsheet program with graphing database functions. No office is complete without a spreadsheet. The granddaddy of spreadsheet programs, VisaCalc, caused a commotion among bookkeepers comparable to the reaction when scribes heard of Gutenberg’s movable type. Hours of tedious graph-paper computations were reduced to moments. Professional Calc version 2.0 from Gold Disk is the most recent addition to this group. Row upon Row Pro Calc 2.0, as with any good spreadsheet, uses that same graph-paper Continued on p. 68. CALI F0 « coMPLt CATALOG INTERNATIONAL ORDER UNE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE (412) 962-0533 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday GOLDEN IMAGE Opto-Mechanical MOUSE m. ALSO AVAILABLE
• A1200 W 60MBHD
• A1200 W 80MBHD
• A1200 W 120MB HD
• 50 MB $ 189
• 80 MB S235
• 120 MB $ 535 Includes Drive. Cable & Software Commodore AMIGA Handscanner W Powerful Migraph Toucti-Up Software w Clock, Calendar, Battery (100's of Titles Available) GAMES rcaii for More Titles) MBX 12 J FPU, 32’Bit Memory.w Clock, Calendar & Bat. For the 1200 14MHZ 68881 25MHz 68882 50MHZ 68882
* 139 *209 *309 VHHT w ocr ONLY
- ¦1*499 MIGRAPH COLORBURST COLOR HAND SCANNER 4ntiy&m&n, lour Ctamc Connection-! Or 3 aid Payments of ‘103 OR 3 AID Payments of >47 OR 3 AID Payments of ‘70 P eiln1Z30XAHigh speed 68030 Accelerator W 32 Bit RAM Board up to 128 MB RAM, Math Chip Option, includes Realtime Clock 50 MHZ 68030 w mmu mh.r 40 Mhz 68EC030 50 0 0 5399 configurations 40 0 0 S3 25 50 50 4 $ 699 available 40 33 4 $ 549 Plus Memory imbsimms69 4mb simm *149 for 1200Z & 1230XA 2MB SIMM s119 8MB SIMM s379 USE 1 SIMM ONLY Modes: Croiler Encyclopedia. Fred Fish OR 3 AID Payments of *83 12 A’CLOCK Clock, Calendar w Bat s25 AMIGA ONLY BBS
• RUMORS AND FACTS and much much more AFTER DARK OPERATIONS G PM to 9 AM EST Mon - Fri S3t £ sun • 24 HOURS A2000-HC8+0 0 A2000C-Force-30 25 25 1 0 40 40 4 0 50 50 4 0 A2000 C-Force-40 33 4 0 33 4 120 A500HD8+0 80 A500HD8+0 120 A500-PC286 512 A530 Turbo A530-40 0 1 120 A120Q FPU+SCSI+RAM A12-FP33 4 MB SCSI A1230 Turbo A1230-40 40 4 IV24-NTSC IV2424 CT-NTSC G-LOCk Phonepack I O Extender DSS-8 Clnemorph image FX FREEWHEEL STEERING WHEEL TOP STAR JOYSTICK QUICKJOY FOOT PEDALS $ 999 $ 1299 $ 329 $ 379 $ 79 $ 599 $ 589 1199 1299 $ 399 $ 329 $ 109 S59 $ 62 $ 199 ¦, av ca mug wim i exn iragtime suDsalptior OR 3 AID Payments of *57 with 80 MB SCSI Drive $ 379 - 3 $ 5B7 with 120 MB SCSI Drive $ 469 - 3 $ 1S A2000 SCSI Controlier $ 72 A2000 SMB RAM Card $ 84 A500 BaseBoard $ 88 Coming soon A1200 BaseBoard with FPU A1200 Clock _ Amiga Format * Amiga Computing Amiga User • Amiga Shopper Amiga Action • Amiga Poirtr Tin One • CU Amiga SUBSCRIPTIONS ACCEPTED Don't miss the latest news In Amiga Computing and Gaming 1 magazine - $ 125 year $ 70 6 mo. EACH ADDITIONAL MAGAZINE: $ 108 year, $ 65 6 mo. Subscription Prices include Mailing. Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 PHONE SALES HOURS: M-F 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. • Sat. 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. • Sun. 12 noon - 5 p.m. Video Director Professional Draw Phase 5 SCSI 2 Interface & Ram Board works with All A 40001 Final Copy II Art & Animation imagemaster Deluxe Paint V4.1 Deluxe Paint iv V4.5 Disney Anim. Stuwo imagine 2.0 Pixel 3 D Pro vista Pro 3.0 Prof. Draw 3.0 AlADOIN 40 REAL 3D Brilliance Databases Super Base Personal 4 Superbase Prof. 4 S135 S99 $ 109 $ 43 $ 259 $ 129 $ 56 $ 124 $ 279 $ 436 $ 156 $ 94 $ 185 Spreadsheets: Maxi Pun 4.0 Professional Calc 2 MAIN BOARD
• Hierarchical Animations
• Organic Deformations Music Bars and Pipes Pro 2.0 Delx Musjc Const. 5a Super Jam Sync Pro Patch Meister One-Stop Music Shop Dr. T KCS LEVEL 11 V3.5 Studio 16 ad 1012 sxvpjft ififlp.aifi_ $ 239 $ 69 $ 89 $ 179 $ 59 $ 599 $ 209 $ 539 ¦112.22 COMING SOONI Video Processor$ 995 Video Suite $ 995 $ 300 OFF ea. W coupon-cali for details!
• 32 Bit color
• IFF Textures and more ProWrite 3.3 Supports nsw ASA Chip Set of Anigi 1200 & 4000 §§ SOFT-LOGIK Amiga for Beginners Amiga Dos Quk ref Guide Amiga Dos inside 6 Out Amiga Basic Inside ft Out Amiga c for Beginners Amiga c for Advanced Amiga Intern Machine Language Graphics Inside ft Out Desktop Video Power Best of Amiga Tricps & Tips Using arexk SI 3 S8 S1 9 $ 19 $ 15 $ 26 $ 26 $ 15 $ 26 $ 23 $ 23 1 MEGACHIP PAGESTREAM 2.2 Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM for your A2000& A500 w Super Agnus Free Mfg. Upgrade to version
3. 0! $ 20 520 $ 27 Si 7 OR 3 AID Payments of s65, 3 Multi-Start llv.6 ART EXPRESSION adventures in Math Aesop's Fables Algebra ii All about America Amy's Fun-2-3- Adventure Barney bear in Space Decimal Dungeon Discovert math Spelung Distant Suns 4 0 Fraction Action Katie's Farm LOGIC MASTER marks Math lab__ $ 17 524 S3! 524 531 $ 22 $ 24 $ 17 $ 55 $ 24 525 $ 24 Hi. $ 24 $ 25 $ 34 534 534 534 534 524 $ 24 557 524 524 11L Dial ROM Board Assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key With ribbon cable. Includes autotracer rAsmts'ioii and 35 ' fonts! Nm TYPESMITH Create. Edit and convert fonts. Tl p* SMITH k- m S-5T * s&j - 1 L > Midi's ECE Midi Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold insider Phantom Smpte midi Midi Cable 6 ft. 2J w ROM for Amiga 500 2000
* 71 . $ 49 $ 56 $ 65 $ 229 $ 8
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 $ 44 International Orders inot APO, FPO.) Send copy or fax of front i back of Charge Card w signature. Call or FAX for shipping quote, lixMnl«ohlWwkkt*bDri Audio Auoiomaster 4 Digital Sound Stud o Perfect Sound 31 Sound Master Studio 16 AO 516 Studio 16 AD 1012 $ 62 $ 59 $ 69 SI 39 $ 1299 $ 539 Highest Resolution 320 DPI PANORAMA FAX 1 412-962-0279 MAILING ADDRESS: Computer Basics, Inc 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148
* fpr orders under 10I&S. In the continental US. All orders fully insured. Monitors, computers printers and other heavy items may mcure additional charoes.. call for _ Replacement Parts Picture Perfect Fractal Landscapes big foot 200W powersupply a500 Internal Drive A20O0 internal Drive A3000 INTERNAL DRIVE HD 1.76 DRIVE 3000 HD 1.76 DRIVE 4000 2000 OLOR rMOUSE - BUTTONS) Red - Slack Slue - Black Black - Black LADY BUG RED • WHITE - BLUE PC Mac Emulators AMAX 2 PLUS $ 379 Golden Gate 386SX Board $ 599 golden Gate 486sic Board $ 1099 Amiga 2386 Board Call ___ Bundle Price ®Sllf8 $ 12l OR 3 AID Payments of s8000 B GCT BUMPER STKXEK WITH OtDBH $ 99 $ 129 „ utilities Ahiback 2.0 $ 39 CROSS DOS 5.0 $ 34 Directory Opus 4.0 $ 62 Quarterback 5.0 S45 Quarterback tools S53 SAS lATTICE C 6.0 $ 274 Visionary $ 62 Word Processors 8 Desk Top publishing Page Stream 2.2 $ 169 Prof Page 4.0 $ 179 Pelican Press $ 62 Proper Grammar II $ 59 Final Copt ei $ 84 Prowrite 3.3 $ 55 video & presentation amic-a Vision prof $ 199 broadcast Titler II $ 219 Broadcast Titler Hires $ 279 Can Do 2 $ 129 Pro Video CG If $ 112 Pro Video Post $ 149 Scala Multimedia 2.1 $ 299 Video Director $ 129 Joysticks, Mouses & Trackballs Slik St.k jotstick BOSS JOYSTICK TAC 50 JOYSTICK bat Handle joystick Jin Mouse Optomechanical Mega mouse Optical mouse bcing Optical Mouse Amtrac Trackball Kraft Trackball Mouse Switch (automatic) Books for programmers ROM KERNEL:AU1000C5 3RD ED. $ 27 ROM KERNELDEViCES 3RD ED ROM KERnelHardware 3RD Ed. ROM kernelLibraries 3rd Ed. ROM KernelStyle Guide all Five for $ 99 Math Wizard McGee Fun Fair MlCKET'S ABC Mickey's 123 Mickey's Jigsaw MlCKET'S MEMORY Playroom Read and Rhyme vocab. Quest in land or Unicorn voyager Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Word master world Atlas__ Supra Modems 2400 EXTERNAL $ 74 FAX MODEM 14400 $ 299 FAX MODEM 9600 S249 FAXj'MODEM SOTTW it to w'Modiu i $ 79 PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE Professional Calc Professional Page 4.0 laxFax 14.4 Modems HARDWARE EDUCATION Call for Titles Not Listed! BOOKS .fon.MiitNAi r*or withGP gfovao Software 2000 POWER-UP DEAL save bis BUCKS IP YOU OWN AN AMBSA 2000 ©IF 3@@© ON PURCHASE OF AMIGA 4000 External SCSI HardDrive Cases Single Bay open or closed front *99 Upright Case for single 3.5HD 5109 Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's *149 Four Bay open front (not shown) $ 259 Ail Units include:
• Power Supply • SCSI External Cable • Power Cable
• SCSI Pass thru and Mounting Hardware • LED UPS GROUND $ Q TO $ 99......~ 7% Min. $ 5 2 OAT SHIPPING SO TO $ 199......- 7% Min. $ 7 BY FED. EXP. $ 200 TO $ 499.... 5% Min. $ 10 $ $ 00 TO $ 799-.. 4% Min. $ 20 $ 800 ......3.5% Min. $ 24 Fed Exp. Overnight add S6 to 2 Day PR, hi, ak add 510 to 2 Day apo, fpos Canada are shipped bv Mall add 111 to 2 Day COD orders ok, Add $ 5 Prices subject to cnange without notice. Returns accepted for 10 days after date of purchase Ca!l cutomsr Ser.fcr RA* before returning, Defectives replaced with same item. 1514 Restocking fee for items returned and not exchanged for same. Customer responsible for return shipping. No additional charge for Fed. Exp For what others charge for UPS Ground we deliver in 2 days or less.
- SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY! MULTI-SCAN 15-40 KHZ 1024 X 768 Res. IIP - $ §§§ 15”-$ 649 21" -$ 1699 1BSBS MONITORI OR 5 aid Payments of *233 Circle 12 on Reader Service card From p.65. metaphor horizontal rows and vertical columns of cells, each waiting to be filled with numbers, letters, or formulae. A cell can he independent, or linked with any number of others, with its value determined by values and operations elsewhere. The sign of any spreadsheet artist is the ability to make a change in one cell and have that change reflected in all other dependent figures. Pro Calc comes on three disks and includes a very thorough and well-indexed manual. Seventy-one example spreadsheets are included, covering business, law, and household budgets. While the program is completely mouse and menu controlled, keyboard-happy users can access most Functions through hot-kev
o j combinations. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard overlay or chart detailing keyboard shortcuts, so power-user status conies through practice. The program allows for worksheets large enough (65,000 rows by 65,000 columns) to accommodate all but the bulkiest of home-office budgets. You can open separate views of your work, and, as with any Workbench window, you can size 4 d a view, arrange it with a depth gadget, and control it with scroll bars. With each window showing a different area of the spreadsheet, there's no need to prim out a partially completed spreadsheet just to view the formula in one cell and note that it refers to the figure in another. The spreadsheet allows you to cut and paste between the Clipboard device and files, and words, figures, and functions can all be involved in these operations. Depending on the operation selected, functions that reference other cells will either be maintained or adjusted to lit their new locations. Word Support Gold Disk is well known for word processors and desktop-publishing programs, and Pro Calc reflects that heritage. You can show text included in your worksheet in any typeface your system supports, in a range of styles, sizes, and colors. Colors on AGA machines can be any of 256, and can be dithered for more apparent colors on older Amigas. All of these options and others commonly used appear on a tool bar above the work area. This strip of icons lets you bring up requesters or perform functions with a click of the mouse. Pro Calc also has the ability to create keyboard macros if you find yourself A balance sheet created with Pro Calc
2. 0. Continually repeating the same series of keystrokes. Turn the recording function on, press the keys once, arid save your keystrokes as a macro. You can assign a macro to a hot-key chosen from a re- quester, and even attach it to a particular spreadsheet so it’s readily available. Gold Disk also continues two traditions with this program: Arexx support and hot-linking. Two different Arexx ports are available, each with its own features. As with macros, you can attach Arexx scripts to a spreadsheet for automatic execution, or you can choose them manually from a requester. Hot-linking means you can send charts or entire spreadsheets back and forth between Gold Disk's Transwrite word processor and Professional Page desktop-publishing software. In addition to the normal math functions, your Pro Calc spreadsheets can also use Boolean logic, dates, times and statistical functions. Built-in functions are available to calculate loan payments based on the principal, interest and time period you input. If you can’t find the function you need from the more than 130 supplied, you can easily add your own. Pies That Bind Charts are not in short supply with Pro Calc 2.0, either. Fourteen different types include pie, line, and bar graphs in two and three dimensions. Defining the information to be graphed is as easy as dragging the cursor to highlight the data you want included and selecting a chart type. You can save charts as IFF files, or in Professional Draw or Aegis Draw formats. You can then print them on any Preferences printer, with separate support for PostScript printing. You can also save them as PostScript files for importation into other programs. You can send output to a disk and select sideways priming for spreadsheets with many columns. If all this were not enough, Pro Calc even includes database functions, with which you can define any portion of a spreadsheet as a database. This allows you to perform sorts according to different criteria and pull out selected bits of information to form the basis of a new spreadsheet. Pro Calc will also import spreadsheets done with MaxiPlan and Lotus 1-2-3, and will export 1-2-3 format files. A proven design coupled with support for charts, databases, Arexx, and hot- linking make Pro Calc 2.0 a useful spreadsheet program. Gold Disk deserves hearty compliments for its efforts. Rob Hays PRO-100 1 (24-Bit Image Library on CD-ROM) PRO-60 2 (24-Bit JPEG Image Library) Texture City, 1 and 2: $ 199.95 each All models. Hard-drive installable (PRO-100 requires ISO-9660-compatible CD-ROM drive). Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended: Additional RAM, image-processing software. Ultimate Wood Collection Ultimate Rock Stone Mineral Collections 1 & 2 Bearded Wonder Graphics, Wood collection: S225; Stone collections: $ 110 each All models. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended: Additional RAM, image-processing software. Image-mapped graphics collections. Texture City PRO-100 and PRO-60 LOOKING FOR SOME organic-image maps, often referred to as “textures,” to ? Looking for More Power From YourA500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00. Plat! F,n3ef °nly$ S9ff° *0
* Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
* 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 499.00 Only 8 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 699.00 tb nn rtnn 16 meQ of 32 b,t RAM- $ 1099.00 SOHO 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor hr °o De"inBer bul faster! A 1200 ACELLERATORS ‘Call for more information Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 with 4mb ....add S139:,: With 68882RC50 ....add $ 135“ Call for other configurations $ 349° 0 LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II. IID, IIP. IIID. HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 89.00 Board with 4 MB .$ 149.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade ..$ 55ea...2 for S100.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ...$ 149.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ..S295.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI. 71, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM .only $ 35.00 Super Denise ..S33 95
1. 3 ROM ..S26.95 CIA 8520 S10.95 or two for ...SI 9 95 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory andClock DKB S183.00 MC68000,'68010 ....S15.00 Multistart II - Rom Switcher Rev 6a $ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher-2630 Doubler....S499.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb S349.00 8 up Boa'dwith 2 mb $ 129.00 1 mb Agnus ...- ....$ 44.95 CSA-12 Guage A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-70NS add S159:,: with 68882RC50 ....add 8135* Call for other configurations $ 599 OO MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB $ 199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB $ 375.00 Call for other configurations! DRAM BLOWOUT We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper SIMMS PAGE ZIPS IVS 1 MEG Simms...$ 29.95 1x8-80 ..$ 33.00 1x8-70 ..$ 35.00 4x8-80 $ 119.00 4x8-70 ...$ 139.00 4x8-60 $ 149.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms.8149.00 A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms...$ 149.00 A400060 NS 4MB Simms....$ 159.00 8x16mb Simms Please call 4 MB Nibble Mode...$ 250.00 GVP 40ns Simms .S189 ea. 1x4-100 .$ 13.95 1x4-80 ..$ 15.95 256x4-80 $ 4.50 256x4-70 $ 5.50 1x1-100 S3.49 1x1 -80 ..S3.99 1x1-70 ..$ 4.50 256x4-80 ...Call 256x4-70 ...Call 1x4-80 ..$ 17.95 1x4-60 ..$ 19.95 256x1-120 ...S1.00 VECTOR with MMU Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000 ¦ Over 25% faster than G-Force *
• Built-in 2530 Expansion Bus 25 Mhr $ 529.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• 25. 33 or 40 Mhz
• Includes 68030 MMU & 68882 FPU ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ ...$ 16.50 1x4-70 SCZ S17.95 1x4-60 SCZ ...Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ S6.99 Includes Instructions Only at Memory World! GVP SIM32 MATH CHIPS AND CPUs 4 MB ...$ 179.95 1 MB .....$ 69.95 MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. 68030-RC-50 with MMU .....$ 149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 80387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ....S69 95 Crystal Oscillators(Call for speed) $ 10 Ooea 68B82 PLCC40MHZ $ 139.00 Call for other speeds Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020* Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add S8.00 for two-day deliver Add S5.00 for C.O.D. • AP0, AK: HI. Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items spice up your graphics or videos? If so, PRO-100 and Pro-60 are two products from Texture City to consider. Image Li- braiy on CD-ROM contains 100 different images in four separate formats: IFF24, TIFF. Targa, and PCX. Each image is in 24-bit high-resolution overscan mode (752x480 pixels), and each is roughly 1MB in size. The Cl) holds approximately 400 megabytes of image data. Fabrics of Life Mastered in standard ISO-9660 format, Texture City scenes and surfaces. Pro-100 could be used in a CD-ROM drive on an Amiga, Macintosh, PC, or any other computer that reads ISO 9660-format ted Cds and can load one or more of the graphic formats named above. If your graphics work transcends computer platforms, this CD can travel with you. Filenames conform to MS-DOS standards, with each file's extension an abbreviation of its category. For example, “.AML” means animal fur or skin, “.MBL” indicates some kind of marble, and so on. An accompanying list names every file on the CD-ROM with a brief explanation. I tested PRO-100 using a CDTV connected to my Amiga 2500 via a parallel cable and Par net networking software (found on Fred Fish disk 400). Insertion of the CD-ROM immediately crashed CD’IV, To circumvent this problem. Boot CDTV with a Workbench floppy disk and then insert the CD-ROM. The images are all exceptionally attractive, and a few uses sprang immediately to mind: backdrops For video titling, multimedia presentations, and surfaces for 3-D objects. There’s serious potential here a 3-D Roman temple lavished with marble surfaces; a sofa complete with fabric swatches; a modeled wooden desktop with real polished wood. Other possibilities are visually enticing button backdrops for a user-interactive presentation or a kiosk touchscreen display. Twisting and Turning I loaded Texture City’s images into Art Department Professional (ASDG), Im- ageFX (GVP), Imagemaster (Black Belt), OpalPaim and Opal Presents (Centaur), and lesser programs that handle 24-bit images, and proceeded to manipulate them in various ways. My OpalVision 24- bit display revealed their true top-notch clarity and beauty. Some of the files actually don’t qualify as “textures”: for example, there’s a blue sky with puffy clouds, a dazzling sunset, and an East Coast bayside house, to name but a few. The complaint list is short the package lacks printouts of its one hundred images, and no thumbnail miniatures or quick-view samples exist on the CD, despite its more than 200MB of free space. You can, however, create your own thumbnail-file indexing screens. I made some with a program called Advantage (Dennis Turkington, Matrix Productions, 319 378-9648). You can load them one at a time, or just load them based on their abbreviated filenames. As an Amiga-specific product, the Pro-60 2 set from Texture City con- tains 60 J PEG text ures ancl scenes on 15 372-inch floppies. Thankfully, there's no readily apparent duplication of images between the disk-based set and the CD-ROM’s contents. Unlike the CD- ROM, however, the Pro-60 2 set includes many screensful of 2x2 scaled thumbnail pictures, each captioned with the JPEG File it depicts. The package also includes a couple of utility programs, one of which installs the JPEG files, thumbnail screens, and some public-domain JPEG-manipulat- ing tools on your hard drive; the other for use after installation lets you view the thumbnails (all provided in 320x400 interlaced HAM) or decompress any of the JPEGs back into full 24- bit file formal for import into your other software. It s not necessary to install all of the 15 disks on your hard drive, though, for if you examine what's on the floppy disks, you can directly access the JPEGs and thumbnails without using the install procedures at all. Bearded Wonder Ultimate Collections AN ALTERNATIVE TO Texture City’s CD-ROM and disks is Bearded Wonder’s Ultimate Wood Collection (UWC). No fewer than 20 Amiga floppy disks in a three-ring binder with ten pages of printed documentation comprise this collection. Eighteen of the disks contain 122 different JPEG 24-bit 320x400 images. (I would prefer to see them supplied in full Amiga-video high-resolution overscan mode, as in the Texture City’ collection.) The remaining two disks hold “thumbnail” 768x480 miniature representations of those textures, each labeled to identify the full-size picture it represents. The Ultimate Rock Stone Mineral Bearded Wonder minerals and wood. Collections (URSMC I and II) each contain eight Amiga floppy disks packed into 3 4-inch videotape-sized plastic boxes. There are 50 JPEG 24-bit, 320x400 images in each of these two sets, and one disk of each set contains thumbnail- labeled versions of the larger pictures. Documentation for the URSMC sets is similar to that supplied with the Ultimate Wood Collection binder: ten pages of text. A Wonder Unto Itself Woods, rocks, and stone surfaces comprise Bearded Wonder’s products. Unlike Texture City’s packages, no scenic pictures clutter the wares, and don’t expect any J PEG-manipulating software to be included. Like the self-appointed surgeon general of image software, Bearded Wonder warns you on the outside of each package that some kind of JPEG loading software is required. The three major players in Amiga image-processing software ASDG’s Art Department Professional, GVP’s Image- FX, ancl Black Belt Systems’ Imagemaster are all capable of loading these images, manipulating them, and then saving them to disk in another image-file format (GIF, TIFF, IFF24, etc.) or reducing them into various Amiga IFF, HAM, or HAM8 formats. Centaur Development’s OpalPaim and OpalPre- Continued on p. 74. “Your Video Toast et Commodore AMIGA Headquarters” AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C-Commodore"DEALER
599. 95
899. 95 CALL
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* Powedul image processor AD Pro Conversion Pack ¦ Targa. Rendition, and Tiff files $ 49.99 G-Force 68030 Accelerators 25 Mhz 25 1 MB ..... 40 Mhz 40 4 MB ..... 50 Mhz 50 4 MB ..... Morph Plus
• The EEST morphing package on the market G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33 MHZ 33 4MB ..... 33MHZ 33 4MB 120 .. w x T-Rexx Professional
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• ixccrb "«i ’!'"Ccr2*i 2i‘-Ci rc-ron iltAOti
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• ’J Mil rnsf s-st-a-*,; uc-aoa 10: rrs mMum CONFIGURED. INSTALLED AND TESTED AMIGADOS 2.1 MONITORS 1084S Analog RGB Stereo ...299.99 1942 Multi-Sync Stereo .379.99 PRODUCTIVITY & UTILITIES ROM & Software ....84.99 Software Only .42.99 HOT PRICES! 52MB HD2MB HAW ... 509 99 53UBHQMMBRAW 369 99 52MB HD 3MB HAW .479 99 105MB HD2MB RAW .... 369 99 105MB HD A M3 RAW ......, .429 99 HARDWARE 105MB HD.BMB RAM .....549 99 213MB HD2M9 RAM 399,99 345MB HD OK RAM .. 479.99 5405!B HO OK RAM ...CALL Many more avails ...CALL ImageMaster .119.99 AmiBack 2.0 ....47.99 AmiBack Tools 41.99 CanDo 2.0 .....114.99 CrossDOS 5 ....34.99 Proper Grammar II ......59.99 SAS C v6.0 ...234.99 True Print 24 ...54.99 Directory Opus 4.0 .....52.99 TypeSmith .....114.99 GRAPHICS & VIDEO Broadcast Titler II .....214.99 Scala MM210 v2.0 ...299.99 Montage-Toaster CG ......339.99 Virtual Reality Studio 2 .....54.99 Panorama .59.99 Vista Pro 3.0 ...54.99 Pixel 3D Pro ..129,99 Visionaire Morphing ...69.99 Playmation Animation .....299,99 Wave Writer ....79.99 Real 3D v2.0 .399.99
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• 1 99 899 499 9S frag-(nv.a 33MHJ 043 « 4WB RAW __£99 99 GVP PO6tG4O*A0 Sard i Hard Dm* SuC'4 PC BC4*d . 218 99 199 99 Soe-Cid Am B ...... _ . 14 QQ Apadaia 51JK R4M * 3oct nd S-no-. ..... vm CDTVOrmrr* Sroopt i Main] ftanur ......It W (lAtoi It 99 M ww Ma»« Sir-nga D*«r* lcnvi _ 1199 Buvnen Ttme Taw . 11 99
f. leci'iwc C Xitow*. ..... ... __ .11 99 Outl ra Fonts Dacca Jt-v* Slider Paci - 4 Font* Daeararrt vciunv? I ¦ 3 Foma Dacorit-v* Vctur* 3 - 5 Forts NaaieQe* Pik» ¦ 1J Ferns Oscb Pjoi - t? Fonts Uii»il*n*out 4C Fc»tfn ¦ Am.ga S|«n Owmorjn ey GVP • C-y->c*«c Pac*a AultiiASIC Sasji Proyam inq Language Tr* Reaper • L>ir. Cc >e- art) ToOs AmgaVaor ¦ bUaneOA KXXsrrq SysJerT A-toS:rot • 3D 2D PostSs- Uurty Ulrma'e T cast o' Gjk Votj-ne 2 ¦ VHS Reo Plus - *[le>i Comsner and lAftsea Video t*js-t Efcsi sit Ml Font 1* PraPage - Fastscnp! For! Com Ml O-jrira lor ProOjn ¦ Font Can* Me-jaPan: tot Mimtlic* FrarflCitjflM Mu'liMrCia WcrUK»k tar A-nvgi 34 99 £9 99 £7 99 79 99 T 9 9J 99 99 29 99 24 93 1499 .49 SS 29 93 15 99 79 99 59 99 '9 99 19 99 29 99 . 999 Cr-'r-a Vernon Ccn'rii ScHaar* vl 1 Saia-. PutMrar vm«n 1 2 lira r 1093 Various Hiimti STOnCT PC EnMBWr .3 0 GVP A2OT0 vCa.OF.3UH 14'fl II Hart Cart Pro-Res A2CC Eertio: RGB C&cr Setter ttonK OesoDj CcmpTbie Gervoev lien*, -ajprar P-c'e-SKrw 1C Gowk AurJO trjnwr PiiS II • Pro 3-Br ScuV Supra Woden- ?4CC Fw *V42 SuperCard Am I! Lor A200C Our Hard Dfl»* Overstock > Tour Saving* Manor 123MB SCSI ?1KS Quantum 105M IDE LPS'KAt Guaiium S2M IDE LPS5ZAT Overturn SOM SCSI ELSB£S SHIPPING POLICIES IPS 0-3 lb* .....SS-M wiEt.aosi (Vt'Odai assKes? MtXti Uw.n .11550 J1J5C LM 0*0 O PtOOiT CptiMta s inrtjifiBitjnsi' L«t«T0AT VSAUai4a«ii4Cfcm*rKcagica S&-Jr« r& at4'.ar3». -.1 'S*7e: fit rn*» % SlCODb* un Mt rtwrrsrr I'a”, r'ti ui fl ttKTita >> * rt •**, Tact* ng m Vj «»* w naa *>8 M irtranjaj rr urt CvVPlV' 9 W«4 atun k-XCrtJ Fi»*-r« u 19 4M iifniwtaa Quality Service!
* 41 |-n-4.-nt jrn; cj-tu-en r* sxdrf Mr!-C • =cr- -: «n ij> *i T C5T b *¦!-« t-M tn >rve r rv. M-4vr- a-KiwuMirtss Information Tech. Support Returns 217-355-2785 If You Dont See What You Need Here CALL US TOLL FREE! NOW J OPEN C SATURDAYh'
• 1 [ HOURS-CST M-F 8am-7pm Sat. 8am-2pm
P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, IL 61826-6512 From p. 70. Sents (supplied with its OpalVision 24-bit display card) can load JPEG files, while most Amiga paint programs and 3-D packages first need to have the images converted. The commercial solutions described above work well, but public-domain JPEG manipulators are another option. Not for the faint-of-heart, these are pri- marily technically oriented, command- line-driven programs. Regardless of whether you use a commercial package or a PD conversion utility, when you con-
* * vert a JPEG file into an IFF24 file, the resulting image balloons into a massive file, much larger than its original JPEG size. You need a hard drive and several megs of RAM to deal with 24-bit fullscreen images, and an accelerator is strongly recommended otherwise you’ll need a calendar to time the loading and displaying of JPEG files on a stock 68000 Amiga. Pre-Processed Goods Oddly enough, many of the images supplied in the UYVC and URSMC have already been image processed. Liberal use of Imagemaster created radial waves, sharpened and smoothed many textures, and generally touched up surfaces. As a result, you’ll find each type of wood in many different forms: plain, rough, polished, tiled, parquet flooring, and so on. Some of the textures in Bearded Wonder’s packages looked markedly similar when displayed on the Amiga screen. OpalVision’s 24-bit RGB display, a more accurate device, often revealed little difference between a plain and a polished version of the same wood. Some images also appeared too dark an easy-to-fix problem for an image- processing package. The documentation mentions uses for these textures in 3-D and paint programs, and also in background-genera- tion and titling software. Bearded Wonder’s manuals, like Texture City’s, provide lists of what is on each of the disks, but offer no printouts of the images lor reference. The inclusion of reduced-sized images (thumbnails) is a nice touch; it makes easy work of rapid loading and viewing. Purchasing collections of textures is like buying sampled sounds or clip art. For the full retail price of both Texture City’s and Bearded Wonder Graphics’ images (about SI000), you could buy an Epson ES800 flatbed 24-bit color scanner, Then, using photographs and small flat objects that fit on the scanner’s glass bed, you could make your own textures (id infinitum. These image packages do, however, solve an immediate problem, since all the basic work has been done for you. Buying canned artwork versus making it yourself is a personal financial decision. These packages won’t disappoint, for they contain a wealth of finely detailed images to give your presentations and renderings a professional aura. Harv Laser ADPlot2D Amiga Tech Scientific Applications, $ 79.95 All models. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB, Plotting program for scientific applications. While the Amiga’s sound and video capabilities have received great fanfare, the scientific community has justifiably felt neglected when it comes to Amiga-specific applications. This neglect mav have spurred ATSA to develop Aplot2D. Plotting Along As the name implies, Aplot2D is a two- dimensional plotting program aimed PURCHASE REASONS U ."V ¦ 2J3C- i>~ I
u. iC Charts are a breeze with ADPIot 2D. Squarely at the scientific user. The primary indication that this is no ordinary 4 § • Amiga application is that it is programmed in Fortran, long employed in the scientific community for its mathematical features. With Aplot2D, you can create several different types of plotted graphs, choosing the one that most clearly presents your data and rendering it in a variety of colors. These types include polar (a circular, looking-down-from-above graph), three types oi logarithmic plots, and the more familiar linear plot. There are six different line patterns available, along with eight symbols to indicate data points and five data-reduction methods. You can also include error bars at the data points to indicate the possible range of values for each point. The 35-page manual includes brief descriptions of the available functions and details on the data-entry format. (Demonstration files included with the program also show off various features and act as examples for your own data files.) Aplot2D uses a type of scripting language that lets you specify every possible graph option for the data file to be plotted. Initial data entry is rather cumbersome, requiring that you follow a specific format with a separate text editor. Once you have the information plotted, however, it is a simple matter to alter individual pieces of data through menus and requesters. While you can manipulate virtually even- aspect of your graph in this way, these are far from standard Amiga requesters, I lie scientific heritage of the program filters through. For example, the gadget that executes your choice is labeled “Employ,” rather than the standard Amiga terminology of “Run” or “Execute.” Output Options The program presents graphs on a high- resolution interlaced screen for fine detail, so an A3000 or flicker eliminator for the A2000 is in order. Once you’ve created your graph, hardcopy is produced in one of three ways. You can use the old Workbench standby (Graphic- Dump) to direct the screen to your printer, or you can save the screen as an IFF file or as a PostScript file. This last option enables you to take the file to a service bureau for output on professional image-setting equipment. If your graphing needs run only to everyday bar and pie charts, this is not your program. However, if you are doing serious number crunching or data collection and need to present your findings in graph form, Aplot2D will probably serve you well. Rob Hays m Software Hu j? Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 1907. T Commodore 1 AMIGA i fax iitSSfm Orders 800-93-AMIGA lS lTSJ£,e ¦ We do not pubtbh a catabq. Phase call if you don’t see what you want. The largest Authorized AMIGA dealer in the United States Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... IN STOCK MONITOR SPECIALS 1084 - $ 139.95 Color Amiga Model - Refurbished by CBM 90 Day Warranty - With Complete Cabling 1084S - Color stereo model w Amiga cable - $ 249.00 A1942 - Multiscan, .28mm DP Stereo Speakers - Call A600 - A1200 _Pmi Upgrades AMIGA 1200
• AGA Chips & 14 Mz 68EC020
• 16 Million Colors & OS 3.0
• PCMCIA & Flicker Free Support We have ALL Amiga A1200 models IN STOCK! Please add S20.00 for installation and formatting of your Hard Drive. WB2 Upgrades! Hi-Density Floppy Drives External Model: $ 134.95 A2000 3000 Internal: $ 99.95 CBM PARTS & PERIPHERALS J A2320 Deinterlace Board S134.00 A2386SX Bridgeboard
249. 00 A2065 Ethernet Card
265. 00 A2091 Controller 65 00
7. 0 Eproms for older 2091
35. 00 A520 Video Adapter
34. 00 A501 512K RAM A5O0
25. 00 A500 Keyboard 34,95 A50Q Ini Floppy Drive
59. 95 A50Q Complete Case w Shield
24. 95 A600 1200 Int. Floppy
74. 95 A600 1200 Keyboard (Specify)
29. 95 A2000 Keyboard
59. 95 A3000 Keyboard
59. 95 A400Q Keyboard
67. 95 A100Q Keyboard Adaptor
16. 95 A2000 Complete Case NEW 59 95 A2000 Ini Floppy Drive 6995 A30G0 Int Floppy Drive 6995 A500 Power Supply
35. 00 A1000 Power Supply
62. 00 A2000 Power Supply
109. 00 A300Q Power Supply
109. 00 A400G Power Supply
89. 00 A105Q 256K RAM A1000
39. 95 CBM Amiga Model Mouse
19. 00 v ? Power Supplies & Expansion Boards Big Fool Power Supply S89.00 A2000 300W Power Supply 169.00 A-Max 2 Plus Emulator 345.00 Mac 128K ROMS Call Action Replay Mark3 A2000 79.95 Alfa Data A500 RAM Board w 2Mb 175.00 DataFlyerfiMp Board W 2M0 165.00 0KB Megactiip w 2Mb Agnus 199.00 Sunrize 16 Bit Audio Digitizer 1259.00 Accessories Golden Image Amiga Mouse $ 29.95 Gravis Gamepad Controller 22.95 GVP DSS8+ Sound Oigilizer 109.95 Janus 2.1 Upgrade Kit 35.00 Krall Triple Track Trackball 40.00 TriMedia 7x7 Cordless Table! 389.00 TfiMedia 12x12 Drawboard 2 549.00 Motherboards A500 w swap-AII Revs $ 125.00 A2000 w swap- Rev 6 or above 225.00 A2000 Rev 6.X Motherboard 449.00 A3000 25Mz w swap 399.00 RAM S Other Chips Motorola 68030 RC CPU 50Mz $ 189.00 Motorola 68882 Math Co 50Mz 139.00 Other CPUs and FPUs Available Call 1x4 Static Zips tor A3000 Call 1x4 Page Zips lor A2386 Bridge + 19 DO 1x8 SIMM 33.00 1x32 SIMM 70Ms lor A400C MBX 149.00 2x32 SIMM 70Ns 8Mb lor MBX 299.00 4x32 16Mb SIMM lor DXB 2632 Call OpalVision $ 679.00 Parnet Software & Cable S44.95 Above w Fred Fish CD vl .4 59.95 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 249.00 Amiga 2000 Computer 599.00 Playmation 289.00 Retina 2Mb 24Bit Frame Butler 509.00 Vlab Realtime Video Digitizer 439.00 Vldi 12 AGA 149.00 SUPER SPECIALS Toaster and configure complete systems. Call for pi rice on Toaster 3.0 upgrade kit for current Toaster owners. Video Products DCTV $ 289.00 RGB Converter lor DCTV 165 00 Kitchen Sync TBC 1279,00 Genlock Option (or Kitchen Sync
145. 00 S-VHS Option lor Kitchen Sync
99. 00 SuperGen
539. 00 SeperGen 2000S
1179. 00 Personal TBC 3 or 4 Cali RocGen Plus
239. 00 DPS Personal Animation Controller Call Games & Closeouts Blue Max Si 2.00 Castle ol Dr Brain
15. 00 Colonel's Bequest
15. 00 Ccdename Iceman
15. 00 Das Bool
14. 00 Harpoon
15. 00 Heart ol Ihe Dragon
8. 00 James Bond: Stealth Affair
15. 00 Legends of Valor
42. 00 Microtext
22. 00 Mindroll
5. 00 Myth
18. 00 Pulfy Saga
9. 00 Rarnbo 3
12. 00 Robocop 3D
22. 00 Space Quest 4
15. 00 Street Rod
9. 00 UMS2
20. 00 Unreal
9. 00 Willy Beamish
15. 00 Software Top Sellers Ami-Back 2.0 $ 42.00 Ami-Back Toots 49.00 Ami-Back Plus Tools 83.95 AMOS Pro - A1200 Compatible 59.95 Anim Workshop 65.00 An Depanment Pro v2.3 AGA 159.00 Art Expression 159.00 CrossDOS 5 w CrossPC 39.00 Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5 AGA 119.95 Directory Opus V4 68.00 Essence 54.95 Fred Fish Online CD v1.5 49.95 Imagemaster v9.51 149.00 Imagine 2.0 199.00 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 39.00 Morph Plus 159.00 Panorama 3,0 59,95 Pro Write 3.3x 59.00 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 79.95 Scenery Animator 2 65.00 True Print 24 59.95 Vista Pro 3.0 59.00 Your Family Tree v2.2 59.95 Many more software products in stock... CALL! Amiga 4000 Tpade-Up Commodore Promotion Call us and find out how you can purchase an Amiga 4000 for as low as $ 1599.00 We also carry the NEW A4000 MBX12O0 68881 20Mz OK $ 139.00 MBX1200 68381 20Mz 4Mb 279.00 MBX1200 68881 20Mz 8Mb 449 00 MBX1200 68882 33Mz OK 259.00 MBX1200 68882 33Mz 4Mb 369.00 MBX1200 68882 33Mz 8Mb 519.00 MBX1200 68882 50MZ OK 309.00 MBX1200 68882 50MZ 4Mb 459.00 MBX1200 68882 50MZ 8Mb 615.00 MBX1200z Model (w Cjock) ADD 20.00 MBX 1Mb, 4Mb. 8Mb RAM Call M1230XA Accel 33Mz CPU 345.00 M1230XA Accel 50Mz CPU 3B9.QG Other W1230XA Configurations Call GVP 1230 Turbo+40 0 Q 359.95 GVP 1230 Turbo+ 40 40 4Mb 579.95 GVP 1200 SCSI RAM f (All) Call Above w RAM & Maih-Co Call Microbotics 12 A’ClOCk 35.00 PCMCIA Card 600 5 200 2Mb 139.95 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 Conner 2,5‘84Mb IDE HD 239.95 Seagate 2 5’85M0 IDE HD 224 95 Seagate 2.5-129Mb IDE HD 335.00 Maxlor2.5‘128Mb IDE HD 315.00 Seagate 2 5‘210Mb I0E 479.00 IDE Cable & Software- 600 1200 20.00 Above w HD purchase 10.00 15-23 Pm Converter 19.95 601 1Mb RAM w C!ock 79.95 CBM A263D 25 ?5 4Mb $ 449.00 Derringer 25 25 4MD 499.00 Derringer Platinum 50 4 Mb 699.00 GVP A500 HD8 No HO 179.00 GVP A500 HD8 40Mb HD 295.00 GVP A500 HD8 120Mb HD 399.00 GVP 530 Turbo No HD * No RAM 359.00 GVP 530 Turbo 120Mb HD * 1Mb 589.00 GVP G-Force 030 40 40 4Mb 679.00 GVP G-Force 030 50 50 4Mb 859.00 GVP G-Force 040 33 4Mb 999.00 Quantum 52Mb LPS HD 149.00 Quantum 80Mb ELS HD 189.00 Quantum 170MD ELS HD 269.00 Quantum 240Mb LPS HD 379.00 Maxtor 120Mb LPS HD 249.00 Maxtor 213Mb LPS HD 339.95 Conner 212Mb LPS HD 359.95 Seagate 525Mb 360QA IDE HD 849.95 SyQuest 88Mb Removable Drive 339.00 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge 109 00 SyQuest 44Mb Cartridge 68.00 SyQuest 105Mb Removable Drive Call Single bay Ext. Case w cablmg 99.00 Dual bay Ext. Case w cabling 109.00 Toshiba 1.2Gig HD 1159.00 Super Special for A500 Owners! Bundle 1: A570 w Fish CD & Defender of Crown CD $ 229.00 Bundle 2: A570 v Flsh CD & Grollier Ency'pedia CD $ 269.00 ACCELERATORS & HARD DRIVES A570 CD-ROM SALE AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Call for Quantity Discounts 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373 28.95 CIA 852D Chip 9.50 Gary 5719 chip 13.95 Paula or Denise chip 18.95
1. 3 ROM chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM chip w Wire 33.95
2. 04 ROM supports all 2.1 functions. 2 05 ROM is noi needed and is intended only lor A6Q0 NEW ITEMS! AS217 Enhancer Docs for A12Q0 Users * $ 26.95 DOS 2.1 Krt w ROM - $ 78.00
2. 1 Enhancer - no ROM - $ 45.00 A262Q A263Q Eprom Kit $ 35.00 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 38.00
2. 04 ROM Kit lor A3030 421.00 CBM Arexx Manual (or 2.1 Users 14.95 512K RAM - Refurb. By CBM 9D Day Warranty rpn . CRQ Q5 CPU w Keyboard-$ 119.95 Use as a second Amiga for the family, or as a spare. Limited Quantity! More A1000s Due to advertising schedules, all prices are subject lo change. We accept Visa. Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 4 00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 lor small items, $ 15.00 lor Monitors. Call lor larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian. APO, & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & Insurance al time of order 15% re-slocking lee on all returns not exchanged. 9 Copyright 1993. W:hWmm inc. Ail Rights Reserve A1200 $ 569.DD A1200 w 40 Mb HD 745.00 A1200 w 85 Mb HD 799.00 A1200 w 128 Mb HD 879.00 A1200 w 21QMb HD 1029.00 No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post or DHL Domestic orders are shipped UPS or Federal Express.
• All orders are subject to credit card verilicaiion • ¦¦---
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1. 76MB Capacity Use With A-Max & 386 Emulators 1 Year Warranty Must use with 2.04 or higher OUR POLICIES AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS 2 05 ROM . See column at right AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES 8362 Denise % Bright upgrade .. $ 14.95 8364 Paula ... $ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with drag mstruct. Sflwr $ 27.50 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 PAL only .... $ 59.95 5719 Gary chip ...$ 13.50 8520A CIA chip. Controls 12 maior functions (2 S16.50). S9.95 1 3 Kickstart ROM low. Low price with instructions $ 21.95
7. 0 hard disk upgrade ROMs for 2091 (2) ...$ 39.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip = This chip fixes most keyboard problems) .$ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip ......$ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip .... $ 14.95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 only) ..$ 11.95 FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE COMPLETE 8372A 1MB KIT $ 37.50 Kit comes with Agnus. FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued @ $ 9 95). And diagnostic software These valuable exlras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine. This kit has free bonuses that total $ 27.95. (Well beat any legitimate competitor's price on the Agnus chip and still give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puller ) Quantity price available ...$ 36.85 ?- We will beat any legitimate advertised price! PRODUCTS ¦k * AMIQUEST * ? 2W PCMCIA ADAPTER FOR IDE REMOVABLE DRIVE for Amiga 600 1200 AMIQUEST is a removable hard disk expansion module for thge A600 1200 that plugs into the PCMCIA port. AMIQUEST is small and self-contained 4,1 " x 2.9"), about the size ol a 2.5" disk unit. It plugs into the A60Q 1200 PCMCIA connector and rests on the work area beside the computer. The disk is a standard, inexpensive IDE 2.5" hard drive, the size of a PCMCIA card, Disk capacities currently available range from 20 to 240 MB. AMIQUEST IDE controller is four times faster than the internal A600 1200 controller (880 kb sec using a Seagate 2.5" disk). It is configured with the standard utility, HdToolBox and auto-configures at boot time. AMIOUEST can be plugged in and removed while the machine is on. It is recognized by the operating system just like an ordinary floppy disk ..... $ 139.95 BASEBOARD 601
• 1 MB Chip Memory Card by Expansion Systems. Allows for 2 MB in your A600. Contains battery and clock Populated with 1 MB of chip RAM ..$ 52.50
• Same as above but no clock memory .....$ 36.50 NEW
* * AMEM32 ? * 32 BIT WIDE MEMORY EXPANSION for the Amiga 1200 Expand the memory of your A1200 up to 8 megs. Optional 68881 or 68882 Floating Point Unit (FPU) may be added. Installs internally and includes clock. AMEM 32 speeds up your system more than 50%. Now utilize the full potential of your A1200. (68882 is 10% faster than 68881). AMEM 32 C with clock (no FPU. = 7 memory)..S114.50 AMEM 32 D w clock & 6888M6MHz FPU......$ 129.95 AMEM 32 E w dock & 68882-20MHz FPU......$ 169.95 AMEM 32 F w clock & 68882-25MHz FPU......$ 228.00 AMEM 32 G w clock & 68882-33MHz FPU......$ 258.00 AMEM 32 H w clock & 68882-4QMHZ FPU......$ 271.00 AMEM 32 I w clock & 68882-50MHz FPU $ 244.95 PLUG IN 32 BIT MEMORY 4 MB SIMM 1X32 70 for above $ 136.95 (1x32 70 also used in the A4000) 8 MB SIMM 2x32 70 for above $ 269.95 WORLD’S BEST SELLING A500 2000 TM 1.3-2.0 ROM SELECTOR (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) r TM Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades. Inc.allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Many software programs still need the 13 to function properly. Automatically swilch between 1.3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or 2.0 ROM. Does not overlap the 68030 chip which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midgel Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included (new low price) ....$ 24.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1,3 ROM upgrade @ $ 42.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 46.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2 05 @ $ 66.95 (Want entire 2.1 kit? Add $ 43 50) ATTENTION: COMMODORE AMIGA DEALERS & SERVICE CENTERS You no longer have to be an authorized service center or dealer to purchase spare parts at very low prices The Grapevine Group is proud to announce availability of spare Commodore Amiga custom chips at prices lower than dealing with Commodore directly. Send us your letterhead for pricing. = ¦ o*
- pfllCE v f
2. 05 ROM chip only (enhanced version) $ 27.95 2 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) .....$ 29.95
2. 1 Complete Kit ( AS215): includes new 2.05 ROM, books and diskettes Newly upgraded ......$ 77.50
2. 1 Kit ( AS216) Same as above butdoes NOT include ROM (lor upgrading your oid 2.0 kit) $ 44.30 2 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit ....$ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ....$ 34.95 New Release (AS217) Enhancer Kit for 2.1 3.0 user: Provides Arexx documentation and much needed additional 2.1 information (4 lbs.) $ 29.95 NOTE: The 2 05 ROM (above) is the latest 20 version, first released in Europe. Now a standard throughout Europe, it contains provisions for PCMCIA interfacing devices and has additional library upgrades rot included mthe 2 04 version SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE UPGRADE TO THE LATEST FEATURES New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available fhrough the Grapevine $ 27.50 MORE UPGRADES High Density Drives for A20Q0 A30QQ (specify) $ 95.50 A501 Clone: 512K RAM Expander module .$ 32.50 A1050 (new) 256K modu e for A1000. Plugs into front of A10Q0.....$ 21.95 Rejuvenalor II A1000 Upgrade: Allows 2MB of chip RAM. Includes all upgrade chips. ROMs and 8372B .,$ 599.95 1750 RAM Expander Unit for C64 128 This is a new unit. Last chance to upgrade to 512K (includes diskettes) $ 69.95 LOW PRICED MEMORY Grapevine's buying power allows us to give you the lowest priced, highest quality memory. All chips are new 256 x 1 100 DIP (41256) .... $ 1-25 256 x 4 70 DIP (for AdRAMs, etc) ....S4.50 1 x 1 80 DIP ......$ 3.95 t x 4 80 SC ZIP lor A3000 ....$ 19.75 1 x 8 80 SIMM module .$ 32.95 1 x 9 70 SIMM module ..... S38.50 4 x 8 80 SiMM module .. $ 149.50 HP Laser Memory Board 1 -4 MB (f K ..$ 32.50 32 BIT MEMORY 1 x 32 70 (4 meg SIMM lor A4000 MicroBotics). $ 136.95 2 x 32 70 (B meg SIMM lor MicroBotics) ....$ 269.95 12 A’CLOCK by MICROBOTICS A12Q0 REALTIME CLOCK CALENDAR EXPANSION The At 200 is just about perfect except for one thing it needs a clock. Now you can easily and inexpensively have one by installing the 12 A’Clock board internally,.. $ 24.95
* DKB 1202 Memory Upgrade ......See DKB Below STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 363-4242 • ORDER LINE ONLY 1-800-292-7445 DKB PRODUCTS NEW MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included Qe (-« LOW PRICE 2 MB ol Chip RAM for A500 2000 “D.OU STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0, the ECS Denise chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A40009 With the Si 96.50 MegAChip 2000 you get the following bonus package FREE1 Goliath Agnus chip puller (absolute necessity) valued at $ 6.95 ....FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued al $ 9.95 ...FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter guide valued at $ 9 95 ..FREE 1 MB REBATE: We will buy back your 1 MB Agnus Chip. MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed + $ 30 worth of free bonuses for a total package price of $ 196.50 NOTICE: The Goiiath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 23.50 We will beat any legitimate advertised price! Insider II™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg of Fast RAM internally User expandable in 512K increments using 256Kx4 DRAMs Includes battery backed clock calendar Simple installation. No soldering required. Compatible w the KwikStart II & most processor acceL..S147.5Q W 1.5 meg...$ 188.50 DKB1202™ FPU. RTC. Alarm and Memory Allows A120Q owners to install a floating point unit co-processor (up to 40 Mhz using the 68882), a real-time clock with date time and "alarm" functions, and the ability to add up to 8 meg of true 32-bit RAM. Great for ray-tracing, etc Price includes 68881-16 Mhz FPU ..... $ 154.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROM Allows A1000 owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROM and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3..... $ 59.95 MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2 0 and switch between them with the keyboard. A sizable percentage of current software will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software No external wires or switches required $ 29.95 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE
• Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 48.50.
• Buy the MultiStart with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ 555.50.
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 and 2 05 @ $ 79.95. ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 • STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Line Only 1 Qflft OOO 7 l lE Order Status Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 (914) 357-2607 International Order Line:J91l4) 357-2424 9-6E]FMON FflL AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS FOR EVERY NEED m* ___ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS TOP SELLER eia auu + .. * AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTERR’ IS IT WORTH $ 9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? The Amiga Troubleshooter is a simple, east-to-use symptomatic guide to diagnosing faulty components (especially Ics) on Amiga computers The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER by Wilcom Australia takes you through logical steps leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds. Over ninety percent of Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution of integrated circuits (ICs) in existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it simple to use. No other tools or equipment are needed. Developed by a group of Amiga Technicians, the AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER addresses over thirty of the most common failures in the following catagories: power-up problems, Amiga keyboard, mouse joystick port, video display, serial port, parallel port, disk drive, and audio problems. Don't be misled by the price. This is a true Amiga diagnostic tool that performs welt, saving you time and money on repairs. (The C64 version ot the Troubleshooter has sold over 45,000 copies.) Look for product reviews in most Amiga magazines ....$ 9.95 THE FINAL TEST DIAGNOSTIC DISK IS YOUR 1 MB AGNUS AND COMPUTER WORKING PERFECTLY? Although it tests the functioning of the keyboard, its primary purpose is to run through and verify all the functions of the 83721 meg Agnus such as sound, new work bench, timing, real time clock, RAM test (both chip and fast), half bright function, HAM, blitter, sprites, double buffer animation, mouse, disk read write. DF1 DF$ C (self booting disk)....$ 9.95 HOW-TO BOOKS & SERVICE MANUALS
• C64 Commodore computer service manual . $ 17.95
• 1571 Commodore computer service manual ....$ 17.95
• A5Q0 Amiga computer service manual . $ 17.95
• A2000 Amiga service manual $ 22.50
• A3000 Amiga service manual ..$ 44.95 NEW (Excellent Product Reviews Worldwide) A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interlace). The analyzer plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software displays 6 screens to work from. Shows status of data transmission signals: Tests game port function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are lound and the chips responsible. 85% to 90% of the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don’t be fooled by its low cost Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This sophisticated diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers worldwide ..$ 69.95 EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT GET YOUR A500 A1000 A2000 GOING ... NOW Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot ot time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of defective Amigas are easily repaired by this plug-in replacement kit Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520AC1A Chips, 8362,8364, Chip Puller, Fuse, Schematic, Amiga Troubleshooter, the Final Test diskette and instructions.
* Emergency Startup Kit ( DIA 14), A $ 210.00 value for .....$ 64.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes 8373 Super Denise ( OIA 14B) ... $ 74.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8372A 1 meg Agnus ( DIA 14C) ...$ 94.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 and B372A ( DI A 14D) ..$ 104.50 AMI FLOPPY ALIGNMENT SYSTEM High precision tloppy drive alignment and performance monitoring system by Free Spirit. Test alignment, speed, read write accuracy. Comes with program disk, calibration disk and manual ....$ 17.95 POWER SUPPLIES
• A500: Factory replacement New larger components for cooler operation ..$ 46.50
• A500 A600 A1200 200 Watt: This Bigloot power supply by Micro R&D is an absolute must for those adding more peripherals or memory (eg.: MicroBolics MBX Series). The power supply provided with the A600 A1200 cannot handle additional peripherals. The Bigloot is universal switching, comes with a fan and works with different input voltages worldwide $ 84.95
• A2000 300 Watt: The Bigfoot 2000 by Micro R&D is an INTERNAL replacement power supply providing 300 watts (Ian cooled). A must for the Toaster user who has run out ol power or a great replacement for anyone wanting more power for 040 boards extra RAM. S15B.50
• Special 300 Watt Test Bench: External power supply has all three Amiga connections built in. Now you can connect the A500 2000 3000 into one power supply ....$ 169.95
• A2000 110 220 VAC (U.S. U.K.) original ....$ 94.50
• A3000 110 voft Amiga original .....$ 79.95
• C64 4.3 amp power supply: Extra heavy duty $ 29.95
• 1541 II 1581 drive: 220 volt (U K) .$ 12.95 CABLES AND INTERFACES Amiga 1000 to A2000 keyboard ( 999) ..$ 15.95 Amiga RGB Extension (4 ft.) ( 630) ...$ 16.95 Amiga to CBM 1080 1084 2002 ( 632) .$ 15,95 Amiga to CBM 1084 Magnavox Monitor ( 634).....$ 16.95 Power Cord to PC Amiga (6 ft.) ( 9050) ...$ 6.95 C64 to Commodore Disk Drive ( 690) ...$ 12.95 C64 Drive Extension ( 691) .. $ 12.95 C64 10 Monitor with 3 RCA Jacks ( 693) $ 12.95 SX64 Keyboard Adapter Interlace Cable ( 998).....$ 16.95 Printer Port Adapter cable. Interfaces any Commodore printer to work on any PC PC clone ( ANI) $ 29.95 VIDEO ENHANCERS
• Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) S219.95
• Flicker Blaster: Low cost. Works like the Flicker Free Video & Flicker Fixer (by Micro R&D) ......$ 199.95
• Video Crisper: Amplifies red, green & blue to give vivid, crisp monitor display. Plugs right in ..$ 12.95
• Flicker Free Video by ICD ..$ 228.95 EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• Amiga 500 Motherboard: Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each board is fully popu lated, tested and has a 90 day warranty. Contains 1.2 ROM, (2) 8520, 5719, 8362, 8364, 68000-8 and % meg Agnus. The plug-in chips alone cost over S137. Revisions vary .....$ 94.95 With 8372 1 meg Agnus installed .$ 129.95
• A2000 Amiga Computer: Imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus, 8373 Super Denise, New 2.0 ROM, 2.0 Workbench disk, new keyboard, mouse & manual) for hundreds of dollars less than a dealer pays! This A2000 recondifioned demonstrator offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL (110 220 volts). This is a once-in-a-lilelime offer will save you hundreds of dollars. Gel them before supply runs out Mint condition .....$ 499.95
• Bomac Tower For A2000 Handles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk, tape back ups ...$ 262.00
• Slingshot: Gives A2000 slot for your A500 Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards ......$ 42.50
• Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any IBM compatible joystick on your Amiga ......$ 13.95
• Swifty 3 Button Amiga Mouse from Pyramid $ 22.50
• 1084 Monitor Flyback Transformer replacement..$ 59.95
• Commodore 1670 (1200 Baud)C64 Modem $ 9.95 REPLACEMENT KEYBOARDS
• Encoder Circuit Board for A500 keyboard $ 17.95
• A500 Amiga Keyboard (312502). Choose between American or British keyboard ......$ 37.50
• A20QQ 30QQ Keyboard ......$ 59.95
• A600 Keyboard .. $ 36.50
• A1200 Keyboard ...$ 36.50 CHIP EXTRACTORS
• Goliath PLCC 8372 Agnus extractor $ 6.95
• Extractor Plus Kit: Contains professional PLCC (Agnus) DIP chip puller and much needed torx screw driver. (List price Si2 95). Our Price , ......$ 7.95
• Burndy Chip Puller: Commodore recommended Agnus chip puller. Part 0X1 .. $ 9.95 STOP COSTLY AMIGA REPAIRS IT'S PROBABLY YOUR 8520 CIA CHIP If your Amiga 500 1500 20(30 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (1C) chip in your Amiga, the 8520. Areas affected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port. RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, bool and external dnve problems The 8520 isa simple plug in and will save you a lot ot repair costs and down time. 40% or all defective Amigas are caused by bad 8520s. Simple plug-in chip. 8520 CIA $ 9.95 ea. 2 8520 CIA's for $ 16.50 ICD PRODUCTS Flicker Free Video 2. Eliminates dicker .$ 228.95 AdRAM 540. Add up fo 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 7 meg ....$ 119.95 w 2 meg...$ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add ...$ 35.95 AdRAM 2080: Tf K (for A2000) ..$ 89.00 IDE2. Hard drive interface (2%" 3T i” HD Kit): AdlDE2 + Shuffleboard (3W interface kit) $ 124.50 AdlDE2 + Mounting Bracket = 2W interlace kit) $ 116.50 AdSpeed: Best low priced accelerator (14 Mhz) ...$ 164.50 Kickback: ROM selector switch ......$ 34.95 LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS
• LOW COST PRINTHEAD REFURBISHING • Don't throw out your old worn printhead. For a fraction of the cost of a new one. We will refurbish orremanufacture if to factory specifications tor you. SAVE UP TO 70% One year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done). For example: Okidata 80 90 100 heads are $ 69.00; Epson (9 pin) EX FX LX are $ 79.00. Call for more information. Imagine a top selling ROM selector (SWITCH-ITT) with 2.05 (or2.04) ROM FOR ONLY $ 46.95! See details on facing page. C® WE CARRY MOST C64 128 COMMODORE SPARE CHIPS & PARTS Announcin The Grapevine Group BBS £ Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Our new BBS supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. To order from our new on-line catalog, simply set your modem settings at 8N1 and call 914-343-VINE (8463). MOTOROLA 68882 (ALL SPEEDS) FLOATING POINT UNIT - MATH CHIPS
* * * * CALL FOR PRICING * * * * ATTENTION WORLDWIDE DEALERS AND REPAIR CENTERS: If you are presently buying Amiga custom chips, upgrades, ROMs, etc., you will want to know about our special pricing. Fax us your letterhead. We will make it worth your while. 9-6 ET Mon.-Fri. We Ship Worldwide *15% restocking charge PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE Game Preserve By Peter Qlafson, AW Games Editor Desert Strike FORGET WHAT YOU may have seen on the Genesis ancl Super NES. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95) on the Amiga is an experience all its own. This white-knuckle arcader is even more over-the-top than earlier console conversions like John Madden Football and Road Rash. It's the sort of game that should make cart-gamers turn green. .And it’s one of the best Amiga games ever. If you haven’t seen the console version, so much the bet- ter. Essentially, this is Chopperlifter recast as a massive isometric shoot’em-up with a good whiff of strategy mixed in. You direct an Apache attack helicopter against the strongholds of a certain not-so-well-disguised Middle Eastern loon using chain-gun and two types of missiles. Using a winch and ladder, you collect caches of ammo and fuel (some of which have to be, uh, liberated from their respective storage buildings first) and rescue little tan-suitecl MIAs wandering the desert. Your wits will have to take you the rest of the way. Ibis isn’t a straight-up blaster. The playfield (there are four) isn’t just the narrow band familiar from shoofem-ups, but a wide and varied world as seen through the bank’s security camera that rewards exploration with things interesting and even useful, stowed in out-of-the-way places. And there’s not simply one task per level, but several linked missions. On the opening level, you’ll have to take out raclar sites, a power station, airfields, and the command centers and finally rescue the spy whose location you learn only when the command center goes down. CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson Lots of folks are breezing through the first two levels of Shadow of the Beast 111 (Psygnosis, S59.95) which aren't all that tough -and immediately getting bogged down in one of three ticklish puzzles on the third. The right and jump up the branches to the top. (If you're the nasty sort, you can blast the nest and the birds that you'll find at the top, but it's not necessary.) There's no room for error here. Carefully head right, then down the ladder note the caged bird calling for help and right again, and you'll find a table, a fireball-spitting head, and a blank wall. Timing your moves to the stream of fireworks from the head (it always targets the same spot), shoot off the table's left leg, You can get into the Caves of Bid- hur once you've finished either the forest or the fort. It starts much like Level One with a bang. Head right until you pass two robotic skeletons on a bridge above you, and then jump up and let them have it from behind. (You can also just dodge whatever they're throwing and leave 'em be.) Continue right, and hop onto the branch. Move all the way to You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the enemy in Desert Strike. . 1.2 1.3 ? H 2.0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Along die way, you’ll find jeeps, checkpoints, little guys with rocket launchers, and various annoying buildings. Go ahead. Blow them all up. Virtually everything is combustible if you have the ordnance bandy. Finding your way to the next explosion is simple, too. The joystick controls are responsive, and a set of screens that tell you where everything is, what’s onboard, and whafs still to be done is a keypress away. Finally, Desert Strike is just lovably slick: You can tell from the way the option and pilot-selection screens zip in and out of view that you’re onto something quite special here. (Isn’t it ? Jump off the ledge onto the seesaw, and the head will smack the cage and free the bird. The grateful critter f will now permit itself to be ridden. Jump onto the table proper, walk of its right-hand edge, and turn arounc to shoot off the right leg. Now it's c seesaw. (Be careful not to push the table against the far wall, since yoi can't move it back again and wil have to start this sequence over.) The seesaw's left end should be under the stone head. Fire at the head from the right. It will fall on the table, rather than shattering, anc your teeter-totter will become a cat apult. Push the entire assembly al the way to the left, climb the ladder I (Does this bird know the stunt you i pulled with the nest?) ; Direct it up and to the right until t you come to a set of metal balls and I ramps (and the biggest statue you've ever seen) on top of the next s cliff over. This ensemble is essen- i tially a giant game of Landslide. The ? Balls can be released one at a time I by hitting the toggle at the base of the column, and the path down the I ramps can be adjusted by hitting the , pivoting doorways. ? A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t wasto your time. $ You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. DON’T SLOW DOWN YOUR AMIGA 1200 WITH 16-bit WIDE "CREDIT CARD" RAM! GET TRUE 32-bit WIDE, ZERO WAIT-STATE FASTRAM ACCESS! ‘PURCHASE THE MICR0B0TICS MBX 1200z CARD FOR THE AMIGA 1200* 2599 675 CALL 329 489 189 574 275 199 129 125 375 35 49 MEMORY CHIPS 279 69 80
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39. 95
39. 95 $ 559 Kick Back ROM Switcher 35 PowerP layers JoyBtick 6.49 CSA Rocket Launcher 499 SupraTurbo 26Mhz 145 68030 50Mhz CPU 179.95 68882 RC50MZ FPU 135.95 Safeskin Protectors 15.00 Xtractor+ Chip Puller 9.95 Slingshot single A2000 9k>t for the A500 Kool-lt Cooling kit A500 Qwika Switcha 4 socketed ROM selector 39.95 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
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(302) 836-4138 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Please Read Our Policies Visa Master Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice 15% Restocking Fee On All Non-Defective Returned Merchandise. Call For Approval RMA Before Relurning Merchandise. Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 5 COD Fee $ 5 Personal Checks Require 10 Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. II You Don't See It Here, Call Us! Eo'M’p'tnsiz S UISS fun sometimes to just sit back and watch the software hit the hardware?) Ids been rewritten from the sand up for die Amiga. T he (>4- and 32-color graphics are much crisper, the explosions are gorgeous (they reportedly each take up 40K in memory), and the little MlAs on the ground now call out “Over here!” and “Help!” in digitized voices. (OK, so they're yelling in British accents a clue that this is a product of EA’s UK division.) The copter sound comes from the Apache itself'. And I can’t wrap up without mentioning the wealth of delightful minor detail lavished here: the tiny US Hag waving on the beach, the flames from a burning truck, the Lemmings- sized troops waving and running and going down, and the way you don't blow up if you crash for want of fuel. Just two reprimands for the victorious troops: Couldn’t EA find a picture for the title screen that has the Apache flying over sand instead of browned-out trees? It looks more like Return to the ’Burbs. And unfortunately, like its brother console-to-Amiga conversions, the three-disk Desert Strike doesn't go on hard disk. That may not he much of an issue Over'I here, but it's bound to cost the game some respect in the US market, where I Ids are far more common. We can only hope EA takes this into consideration for the next release in this series NHL Hockey. I can't wait. I just can’t wait. Caesar
1. 2 1.3 ? THE ONLY THING really wrong with Sim City (Maxis) was that it didn’t go far enough. The city you built was an end in itself. And delightful as that end may have been, there wasn’t anything you could do with your creation once it was up and running...except admire it or destroy it (much in t he manner of plastic model planes).
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy protection. With this in mind, I come to praise Caesar (Impressions, S59.95), not to bury it. It’s a Sim City that goes further: a classical turn on Konami’s Utopia that lets you build a provincial Roman capital circa the birth of Christ, develop the region around it, defend both against the depredations of the everpresent barbarians, and address occasional requests from the people and orders from your boss back in Rome. The system-game is much like Sim City’s. Using an angled- down perspective, mouse, and a menu bar (this one at screen- bottom), you select and place buildings (forums, public baths, and prefectures) and elements of inf rastructure (walls, roads, and plumbing) on an empty map. It’s quite enjoyable. There’s much more articulation in the types of buildings you can construct (eight different types of forums and workshops, for instance), with sensible links between their integration and the city’s growth, and many offering some small animation to complement the troops and citizens wandering the streets. And if you want some hard facts to go with the color, it’s a u breeze to summon information on how you’re doing taxes, distribution of the work force, morale of the troops by clicking on the various fellows on the Forum screen. (Troubleshooting in times of unrest can he a bit tough, though; the game tells you where the unrest is and how bacl, but not the precise source. Perhaps the Forum could have used one more fellow: an advisor.) At any rate, a full-fledged, self-sustaining city is quite a lively place it’s fun to watch (the view is close-up compared to Sim City, so there’s a greater sense of intimacy) and a challenge to create. And yet Caesar isn’t quite l'ull-fleshed. The combat system CRIB NOTES From p. 78. There's not much room for exploration in this game. But this is one spot where it'll pay off. Below and to the right of the apparatus, you'll find a set of caverns. At this stage, the top two are impassable on account, respectively, of a huge block and giant metal rods thrusting up from the ground (this last a decided tip of the hat to the original Beast). The metal balls are the answer to both these problems. (Again, take your time here, as there are only enough balls to get the job done.) Set up the ramps so that the balls empty into the top cave, and release the first three. (They'll serve as ball bearings to help you move a stone step into place.) Now set them up so the balls go into the next cave down, and release the rest. (They'll block the holes through which the metal rods pop up.) Once this is done, fly the bird down the shaft to the bottom chamber, move to the lower right-hand corner where you at least have the benefit of having your back to a wall and kill the strange turkey-like birds you'll find there. At length, one of them will drop a hammer. Take it and return to the topmost cave. This passage is a bit tight-going, and your bird friend can't make it through. So dismount, squeeze through the gap, and look lively, man, as you'll almost immediately find a stone slab falling on you. (You can spot it beforehand if you do a little reconnaissance on birdback. Just dart left to avoid it.) Change your active weapon to the hammer, push one of the three balls you released into this cave over to the left-hand edge of the little pit, and keep hitting the stone slab to move it to the right and onto the metal ball. Every time a ball is freed* up at the rear of the slab, move it in front of the stone. (Try to space the balls so that you only have to move them from hack to front after hitting the slab about four times.) Once the slab's across the pit, hit it a few times to be sure it's gone as far as it'll go. Then change your weapon back to the shuriken, and use the slob as a step up to this level's major-league monster, which can be defeated by jumping over its fire and bashing it in the eye as it retreats. After it's dead be sue to grab the flask from the laboratory to the right. Back on the bird, you now traverse down to the next cave, where you'll find the metal rods replaced by bobbing metal balls. Get off the bird, select the flask as your active item, and jump into the middle of the grisly red pool you'll find here. Pressing fire fills the flask...and takes us on to Level Four. C To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. Used for the all-too-frequent encounters with barbarians is abstract and simple, with four icons for different offensive tactics and a fifth for retreat. This may have been a side effect of Impressions’ plans to release Cohort II an improved version of Fighting for Rome, which links with Caesar to allow you to fight out the battles in detail. That’s encouraging, of course, but I wish they’d found a more sophisticated engine in the meantime. This one feels like a sort of guessing game, and it’s out-of-character with the city-builder. The construction set is pretty clean, though there’s the occasional problem when certain pieces notably reservoirs and pipe ankles are built too close together. Caesar is also a touch slow on a 68000-based machine, and on a fast one the mouse can be a touch over-sensitive until you get the hang of things. Hence, it’s possible to build a whole stretch of pipeline or highway when you only meant to build one or two segments. Still, what little evil Caesar does will not live after it, and the combat issues should be addressed by the time you read this. This is altogether the best game Impressions has released. Hail Caesar! The Chaos Engine Not hard*drive installable. Copy-protection. THE CHAOS ENGINE (Renegade, about $ 40) finds the Bitmap Brothers happily back on track. The cutesy-poo platform-game, Magic Pockets however charming was something of a minor-key detour from a brilliant run of games that boosted this English design team’s name into the pantheon of Amiga gaming: Xenon II, Speedball Speedball 2, and Gods. Chaos returns to their old strengths and exposes new ones. It’s a land-locked overhead-perspective shooter first, and a grand one at that: a 16-level quest to destroy a machine that has corrupted time and space. (Hence, perhaps, the rather Victorian cast of much of the game.) In the fashion of games like Sega’s Crackdown and Alien Syndrome, each level isn't simply a slash of terrain, but a whole region, and your two players will have to find and activate the exit no small task on the larger levels before you can escape. Yes, two players. There’s no one-player mode. And ideally, you’ll play Chaos Engine with a pal. However, most of us aren’t fortunate enough to carry around a spare friend in our hip pockets for such occasions, and will appreciate the computer- Battle a computer gone haywire in The Chaos Engine. Controlled player. It tends to follow you around like a hungry puppy when you’re on the move, but in combat and post-combat it’s uncommonly intelligent. (It doesn’t simply shoot every monster in sight and hog all the treasure.) That’s the least of it. I remember describing Chaos to someone as an arcade role-playing game. It’s not it’s a sophisticated arcade game but it makes use of many good ideas imported from RPGs. There are sometimes multiple paths through levels, multiple exits and entrances, and you chose your chaotic duo from among six characters with distinctive attributes and special gifts (like throwing up a map of your surroundings). Chaos Engine has also inherited the Bitmap family’s typically burnished good looks. The graphics have the thick, ruddy lustre of a good shoe shine. The special effect s that is, the effects accompanying the game’s “specials” are sharp as a Ginsu steak knife. Digitized speech and sound abounds. It’s only in detail and on a technical level that The Chaos Engine is occasionally wanting. Passwords that let you resume play later are offered up only after every four-level world. And I’m not enchanted with the floppy-only play and or the on-disk copy protection on Disc Two. (On a happier note, the European release runs just fine on NTSC machines sans PAL-boot- er. A US release is still sketchy at the moment.) But what else is new under the British sun? Don’t worry, be happy. The Chaos Engine is great. And the Bits are back. SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson Sleepwalker ©1.2 1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. They say you shouldn't wake a sleepwalker, but what do you do when a sleepwalker wakes you? Sleepwalker from Ocean UK (around S40) may do just that. It's an extremely clever arcade puzzle game casting you not as the blond boy trudging through this cityscape with arms outstretched but as the faithful dog determined to keep his master out of harm's way. So while you're doing the usual jumping, running, and beating up baddies, you're doing it on someone else's behalf, and all the while you'll find your mind tethered to that helpless, Lemming-like creature somewhere behind you. It's challenging right from the get-go, and Ocean's sometimes-gener- ic artwork has rarely looked so gorgeous. And fast? When he builds up a head of steam, this hound's a regular Sonic. (Note: An A1200-specific version exists. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much that the standard version doesn't.) WlZKID
1. 2 1.3 ? Meanwhile, OCEAN USA has just pumped out Sensible Software's Wizkid ($ 49.95) a sequel to the celebrated (in Europe, anyway) Wizball.
2. 0 ?
3. 0 - Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. It's a creative turn on Breakout the idea being to knock blocks into as many critters as possible and so ob- ? MORE SHORT TAKES to the Sierra game to a futuristic combat game, and does a pretty fair job of it, too. For one thing, they haven't made the mistake in Space Crusade (around $ 40) they made with HQ, which had rather too much of the board game still visible in it. I like the mix of overhead (for movement) and angled-down [for action) perspectives. And since this is actually an expanded version of the original release bringing the game up to a total of 22 missions there's plenty to be done. Then again, it's a PAL game, requiring a Fat Agnus and a PAL-booter, and the icons at screen-bottom are almost chopped off on an NTSC monitor even when booted in PAL. Until I memorized them, I was constantly standing up to peer down the monitor's cowl: (Mr. Olafson! Really!) Tain musical notes that makes great use of the Amiga's ability to move lots of brilliant-colored objects around the screen quickly and smoothly. Hardly another clone, though: It's strikingly original and pleasantly dizzying, in a way small children and large adults are certain to enjoy. And while the game is quite simple at its heart, that very simplicity is a great part of its charm. Nice tutorial and sub-games, too! The Humans Another delightful piece borrowed from the Lemmings puzzle. The Humans = Mirage, about $ 40) gives you joystick control over a crew of up to eight dopey-looking cavemen in what looks, at the outset, like a platform-game. These big-eyed ughs walk around. They climb ladders. They climb on each other to make teetering stacks. And here's the new wrinkle: They manipulate and use assorted cavemanic objects wheels, torches, and whatnot in their level-escaping cause. (A spear as pole-vaulting equipment?) That adds a dimension to The Humans that the pre-equipped Lemmings can't touch, it's also one of those pure Amiga creations loads of sound and graphic fury that make you proud of our favorite computer. But and it's a big but Humans also takes absolutely forever to load, throwing up lord-knows-how-many toney intro screens before you get to the game proper. It also supports only the internal floppy drive (which means a lot of swapping among the three disks), and it's not NTSC-friendly, so you'll need a PAL-booter and a Fat Agnus chip. Still, try it it's clever, beautiful, and lots of fun, and Mirage recently released a data disk (The Jurassic Levels). But you may evolve a couple of extra thumbs from all the twiddling while waiting for Humans to load. (Note: Gametek was expected to release a domestic version of Humans, so it's possible some of these problems have been cleared up.) ©1.2 1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0- Not hard-drive installable. Gopy-pratection. Omar Sharif on Bridge Here's one bridge I won't be burning. The star of Dr. Zhivago is evidently a demon bridge player, and he's lent his name (and digitized voice) to this splendid Amiga version of the classic four-handed card game (Interplay, S49.95). I gotta own up here: I'm at best a novice at this sport, but Omar's dulcet tones ("That was a good play!"), the game's plain-English hints, and easy-to-get- around interface made for a most pleasant hour or two. I didn't feel on the outside looking in. (Note: The docs report the program requires one meg of chip RAM, and the hard-disk installation program doesn't ask where it should go on multi-partition systems. It defaulted to System2.0: instead of Work: on my A3G00.)
1. 2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. The Animation Classics Pack A mixed bag of reissues from ReadySoft. On one hand, it's nice to see Wrath of the Demon again. It's a Shadow of the Beast-ish action-adventure with a pleasantly high difficulty level, luverly pictures, and many layers of parallax scrolling. Gorgeousness abounds. Then there are two Don Bluth games: Space Age and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp. If you were weaned on the arcade CD-ROM originals of SA and DL, but could never come up with the quarters to finish them, go for it. They were brought to the Amiga with a joyful authenticity it's like playing cartoons and the graphics, animation, and sound are all peerless. (They all work perfectly on the A1200, too.) If you weren't...sigh...well, you may probably find the push-in-the- right-direction-at-the-right-time-or-die-big-time aesthetic wanting in variety. And the $ 69.95 list price is a mite stiff for re-releases. ©1.2 1.3 ?
2. 0i
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Fighter Dutx Pro Flight Recorder The newest version of the superb Fighter Duel Pro (Jaeger Software, S79.95) features this major upgrade. For the gamer, it's basically a VCR enabling you to record and play back your airborne exploits: a nice, but not critical, addition to an already substantial and singularly smooth flight sim and virtually transparent when in use (though I don't much care for having to reboot to access the resultant tape). It's also the first game-related Amiga product to require 3MB of memory. I ought to add that Jaeger really intends Flight Recorder for the "serious" user. On the cover sticker, it's described as an "aerodynamic motion path generator" meaning a tool that (among other things) converts FDP flights into motion files for use with Imagine (Impulse), LightWave 3D (NewTek), and VistaPro (Virtual Reality Laboratories). I can't comment on how well that works, but i'm rather taken with the VCR. Film at 11 o'clock!
1. 2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond Gremiin Graphics adapts the engine it created for its board-game conversion HeroQuest no relation
1. 2 1.3 ?*
2. 0-
3. 0- Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Oil Barons
1. 2 1.3 ? Remember The Stock Market Game? It was a rather basic, but not an altogether unpleasant, share- trading game designed by StarSoft and put out in 1990 by budget label ComputerEasy. If you had a bunch of people over for a party, it wasn't a bad icebreaker.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only GAME PRESERVE MORE SHORT TAKES 840 N.W. 57th Court. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 1695 1795
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18. 95 2295 1895 14 95 1895 1695 24 95 1895 16 95 ©1.2 1.3 ?
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3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. ©1.2 1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0- Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up lo 3 pact* by paymertf Mastercard A Visa J5 60 • C 6 D (Cash Only) SIO 00 Ned day air add St C. 2nd day air add SS 3 day a r add S3 lo basic rale Shipping limes not guaranteed COMPATIBILITY HOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 305-491-0395 Naming is etched in stone Everything is subject to change P'i« S Avlilioilcy S.it>j«: to tMnge a! Any line* Vo tef jn* ci erchincyes De'ec'u; p-cri jets erchanyrd wn sane iten.px subject to Sideline approval CALI rRST1 LT.S- p’odxts nif raicied tfi'Oin i n-.ifJiti.rei UX prodx's wirratifsl !Vo h*i Sideline HCTRrSPO-iSlBlr FOR SQ£TWAR; P-RFCRVAVCE The Digital Dungeon Not a computer game at all, but a nice gaming aid for tabletop role players one considerably more advanced than SSI's antique Dungeon Master's Assistant series (the only other commercial offering in this line). Digital Dungeon [Magic Matrix, $ 69.95) consists of eight disks of D&D- type clip art terrain, enemies, objects, and mouse-driven machinery to put 'em together in a sort of visual front-end for the RPGer's imagination. By and large, it works well at smoothing over and firming up over the rough edges that invariably accompany "live" RPGs, while being itself easy to use (with some practice) and well-supplied in raw materials. (For instance, there are 88 "entities" in here, and data disks are promised.) On the other hand, DD has a few rough edges of its own. The artwork is of inconsistent quality, and the program has a number of peculiarities such as having to invoke the HD install routine once for each of the disks and not saving your system configuration from boot to boot that reveal this as a first product. (It also doesn't seem to work fully under 3.0.) But overall, this rolls up as a 13 or 14 on the old 20-sided die. (Keep an eye on this little label, by the way. It appears to have some interesting tricks up its Amigas.) ¦ Lavandiss Role Playing Game System Well, let's just say it isn't exactly the Bard's Tale Construction Set. This RPG-making and playing system from Software Studio of Canada (S24.95) isn't even Adventure Construction Set. The graphics are crude beyond telling; the flicker over the control icons is irritating it would be hard to tell what some of them were even without the flicker; the docs are marginal; and it's programmed in BASIC so it's slow as molasses in January. The Lavandiss RPG System would earn an "interesting but flawed" if it were public domain or shareware, but as commercial software...well, let's just say there are cheaper ways to buy blank disks. By the way, who or what is Lavandiss? Oil Barons (Lobo Software, $ 29,95) is essentially The Stock Market Game: The Next Generation, but it's more of a room-clearer than an icebreaker: EGA-level artwork, huge waits between screens (especially on a 68000-based system), minimalist animation (like one-pixel running lights winking on and off), and "music" that will intimidate your pets. Shame of it is, the game underneath seems to be semi-involved by comparison all sorts of forces are at work here but who's going to be induced to play it when the presentation is so rough-and-ready? If you have to get an oil-industry game, dredge up a copy of Electronic Zoo's Black Gold instead. Oil Barons is a serf. Don’t forget to check out our Players’ Choice Contest on page 41. Pick your all-time favorite Amiga games and win yourself an Amiga 1200. NEW ENTRIES ARE IN RED 20,000 Leagues Under Me Sea 40 Spoils Boxing 4 0 Spoils Driving 4it and inches 638 Attack Sub A10 Tank Kiltez (Dynama) Alien Breed Special Edition Amazing Spidermn Apidyi Aqcawnlura (Psytposis) Armada Ashes ol the Empire Austerhlz Bards Tale 3 Batman The Move Battle Chess Battle Command Battle Hawks 1942 Battleship Blastercids Blue Me.i Blues Brothers Bonanza Brothers Borodino Bubble Bobble Budokhan Burger Man (burger time) Captive Centurion, Defender ol Rome Chaos Strikes Back Chips Challenge Chuck Rock Conllicl In Europe Conflict in Korea (SSI) Cohllicl in Mid east fSSIJ Continental Circus Covert Adion (Microp rose) Craps Academy Crazy Cars 2 Cydes (Accolade) D Generation Darkman Das Bool Days Of Thunder Death Brmqer Defender Ol The Crown DeLuxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker. Data Disks Dig Dug (Dugger) Dojo Dan Double Dragon 2 Dragon Wars (Interplay) Elvira 2 Eye ot the Beholder 1 (SSl) F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 fighting Falcon F- in Stealth tighter (Mtroprose) F-29 Retallator Fairy Tale A denture Fighter Bomber Final Blow Boxing Final Flight First Samurai Flames of Freedom (Midwinter 2) Flight Ot The Intruder Funlslones Foot's Errand Future Wars (Interplay) GEM X Ghouls and Ghosts Golden Axe Gunship Harlequin Harpoon Hear! Ol China (Dynamix) Hear! Ot the Dragon Hero's Dues! Hook Hoyle's Book of Games 2 Hoyle's Book ot Games 3 Hunter Impossible Mission 2 Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indy Heat International Ice Hockey International Olympic Athletics It Came From The Desert II Came From The Desert 2 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond: Stealth Attair James Pond Keel The Thiel Killing Cloud King s Quest 5 Klax Knights ol the Sky (Microprose) Knighlmare Laser Squad Last Ninia 3 Learxfer (Psygnosisl Legend (4 Crystals of I tar at) Leisure Suit Larry V Lite and Death Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 M l Tank Platoon (Microprosej Manhattan Drug Dealers Maniac Mansion Mega Lo Mania Megaphoenix Mega traveler l Megalraveter 2 Meta! Mutants Microprose Goit (Greens) Mig 29 Fulcrum Midnight Resistance Monday Night Football Monty Python MusicX Myth NAM 1965-1975 Napotean 1 (Interdne) Narc Neuromancet New Zealand Story Ninja Remix North and South Nova Nine (Siena) Obitus (Psjgncsis) Outrun Europa Overrun Pactand Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy Paperboy 2 Pictionary Pirates PJ Fighter Police Quest ill Pope)? 2 Populous A Data Disk PP Hammer's Neutratic Premiere Prince ot Persia RBI Baseball2 Rainbow Island Red Baron (Dynamix) Red Lightning (SS!) Red Zone (PsyQnasis) Rewnje ot Defender Rick Dangerous ll Rise 01 the Dragon Robocop 3-D Rocket Ranger Rodiand Shadowtands Shadow Dancer Shadow Warrior Shadow ot the Bees: 3 Shoot Em Up Consr Kit Silent Service Smash TV Space 1889 Space Quest IV Space* recked Special Forces Slrider I Slnder 2 Strike Fleet Strip Poker 2 Stunt Car Racer Super Monaco GP Super Oil Road Racing Super Ski 2 Switchblade 1 swtv Sword of Honor the Immortal T V. Sports Baseball
IV. Sports Boxing IV Spods Football Terminator 2 Test l>nv 2, ali 4 add ops Tetris The Jet sons The Simpsons The Three Stodges Treasure Trap Trmal Pursuit Genius Ed Trump Casim 2 Turn can 2 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Ultima 5 Under Pressure Universal Military Sim 2 Vengeance of Excalibur Valued Wargame Construction Set Waterloo Waxworks (Elvira 3) Weird Dreams While Death (tnterdm) Yjild Wheeis World Boxing Manager Zak McCracken Zoertope NEW TITLES Abandoned Places It 40 Ancient Art ot War in Skies 45 Arabian Knights 35 B-17 Flying Fortress 40 Body Blows 35 Chaos Engine 35 Cohort 2 40 D-Day 35 Dune 2 45 Elite II Soon! Flashback 35 Gunship 2000 45 History Line 1914-1918 42 Humans 2 42 tshar. Legend ot ForlressMA 42 Legend 01 Valor 45 Li on hart 35 Reach tor the Skies 40 Street Fighter 2 35 Super Frog 35 Tornado flight Simulator Soon! Transarclica AGA 42 Trolls AGA 35 Universal Monsters 38 War in the Gull 45 Wmg Commander 25 fVIULTIPACKS Big Box 2 InciuJes S'jmtoizz'fc. R-Typc. Back Id the future 3. Sinbad. Arm yle. Shanghai. !r.!«nal'3na: Karate Plus,
T. V SporkFoalbal, [he Real Ghostouslers. Detendcfs at Ok Earth ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Dream Team lex: tides WWF, Tie S ltrpsons. Tfrtlli IW!£JI 2 ALL FOR $ 39.95 The Advenlorers Inc urs Hunter. Supremacy, and Caipaiahon ALL FOR $ 39.95 Super Heroes Includes LaM Nmia 2. Sir *Jet
2. Indiam Jones Crusade, The Spy Wikj Laved Me ALL FOR $ 29.95 Ten Great Games Includes Ch ago '90, Xenon 2 Ferrari Formula 1. Pro Tenms Tour. Pick and Pile. Supefsk', Carnei Command. Rick Dangerous. Satan, Nignthunfer ALL FOR $ 39.95 Adion 16 Includes Targon Sherman 1 4 Eliminator, Fast Lane, Cosmic Pirate. Hostages. Rotor, CnloMiln, Maya. On Salari ALL FOR $ 24.95 Combat Classics Inc udes: 6ft8 Attack Sub, F15 Slnke Eage2. Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 Air Sea Supremacy Includes S Hit Service, Gunship. Wings, PM Tholl, Cinlier Command ALL FOR $ 49.95 Super Fighters Inc udes Final Fighl. Pi Fghltr, VYWF I ALL FOR $ 39 95 Raving Mad Inc mfcs MERCS, Rod and RqLxj J (James Pond 2) ALL FOR $ 29.95 Top leogue Jncuis Speedba:i 2, F-16 Falcon. Mkhvnfar R ck Dangerous 2. I V Spoils foolball ALL FOR $ 34.95 Fantastic Worlds M*ga!omafi a, Prates. Populous, flea'iitt. Wonderland ALL FOR $ 49.95 Powerhits L Fie Computer People. Shanyha*. BaWeteh. F nhfrf Bombrf Wicked. Gfi A r flaiy. Hacker 2. Tourr riierilGol. Spn Dizzy Wand, Porrs of Ca l ALL FOR $ 49.95 Amiga TEN Star C ever and Smart. Esk mo Games, PoAer Sticks Sp n Word Sky Blaster. Vampire's Empire. Crystal Hammer, Final Mission, Tr pV-X. I It e Dragon ALL FOR $ 49.95 EUROMAGS Amiga Foimal, C U. Amiga. Anwja Games. Amiga Achon. Amiga Computing. Amiga User International. Amiga Pawei ALL WITH DISKS-SW each AmrgaSh-oppei-ZMiftfA 57 Fax (3051491-0134 CDU 0 ATJ 0 Nl_ Entr.ERTfll NMEN.T. TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST Information Tech Support returns 414-548-8125 mam. Software ADI Jr. Reading .26.99 ADI Jr. Counting 26.99 A-Train 43.99 A-Train Const Set ..24.99 AT Air Command ..36.00 Arabian Nights ...31.99 B17 Flying Fortress 42.00 Chaos Engine .....39.99 Desert Strike ......35.99 Fighter Duel Pro 36.99 Fighter Duel Flight .48.99 FlashBack ...37.00 Gear Works 32.99 History Line 1914-1918 45.99 KGB .19.99 Keys to Music ....39.99 Math Vision 2.4 ...118.00 Mavis Beacon 2.0 ..37.99 Mickey’s 1, 2, 3 ..30.99 Mickey’s Jigsaw ......30.99 Nicky Boom ...26.99 Omar Sharif on Bridge ..33.99 EPSON 600C Scanner 845.00 800C Scanner 1189.00 Transparency Unit 815.00 US ROBOTICS Be the proud owner of USR!!! Sportster 2400 .99.00 Sportster 2400 V.42bis115.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext 197,00 Sportster 14.4 FAX Ext 225.00 Courier 14.4 Ext 489.00 Courier HST Dual Standard ...849.00 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Playroom .....32.99 Reach for the Skies ......35.00 Realms of Arkania .37.00 Sleepwalker ......37.99 Space Hulk .42.99 Syndicate ....35.00 Voyager ......59.99 War in the Gulf ..32.00 ZoolAGA ....38.99 r TiyrpwRj j M h Software 600 Amiga Clip Art 22.00 600 Amiga Fonts ...20.99 Address it! .30.00 Aladdin 4D 309.00 AmiBack 2.0 .....47.99 AmiBack Plus Tools ......75.00 Introducing Digital Recording To Go! Start with digital sound quality, instant track access, a disc you can play repeatedly without wear and tear. Now add the convenience of pocket-size music, shock-resistant playback and the ability to record and re-record. That’s the magic of Sony’s MZ-1 MD Walkman Recorder Player. Nov available! It s HOT!!!! $ 699.00 AMOS Pro .. 86.99 ASIM VTR ... 53.99 Anim Workshop ..... 55.00 Art Expression .....149.99 Animatrix Modeler . 85.00 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0... .....245.00 Brilliance ..... .....149.00 C Net 2.6 .... 79.00 Caligari24 ... .....249.99 Can Do 2.0 .. .....120.00 Charts & Graphs 3.0..... 59.00 Condensed Fonts ... 19.99 Cross DOS 5.0+ ..... 37.00 Deluxe Music II ...... 80.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA..... .....119.00 Directory Opus 4.0 59.99 Easy AMOS . 41.99 Enlan DFS Network .....185.00 Essence Imagine ... 47.99 Font Flyer ....
53. 99 BOOKS& MAGAZINES A-Train Strategy .14.99 Amiga Intern .33.99 AMOS Gamemakers' Manual .27.99 Arexx Cookbook v Disks 37.99 DOS Ref Guide 4th Ed ....18.99 Mastering AMOS .29.00 Mastering Amiga Beginners ..24.00 Mastering AmigaDOS ....26.99 Mastering Amiga Systems.....36.00 Mastering Assembler .....33.00 Mastering Toaster Tech ..33.99 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Fractal Pro 6.0 .120.00 HyperCache Pro .32.99 ImageMaster .145.00 Imagine vv Objects .....199.00 Interchange Plus ..79.00 Cr Commodore® AMIGA BMH3S A520 RF Modulator 35.00 Floppy Drive 2000 HD....91.00 Floppy Drive 3000 HD....91.00 Monitor 1084 .. 289.00 Monitor 1942 BiScan...399.00 Mouse, 2-Button 45.00 Mouse. 3-Button 53.00 SCSI Controller 4091 ...299.00 INSTOCK!! COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 030 COMMODORE’S NEWEST AGA machine with a 68030 accelerator board. FAST 120 MB hard drive, 4 ¦inii megs of RAM ImtW including 2 megs CHIP RAM. An affordable machine for Toaster 4000!! Also available: The GREAT ONE: 4000 040. Call for pricing. C= Commodore CftTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA 3D ROM (3D Models) ..180.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack ..15.99 Fred Fish Online 1.5 45.00 Fred Fish Reg 1.6 45.00 GIFs Galore ....18.99 Audio 1 20.00 Graphics 1 .20.00 Karaoke Unit ......155.00 SCSI-TV w Adapator NEWI16Q.0Q Texture City 120.00 Ultimate MOD Collection 22,99 Educational Titles - CLOSE-OUT PRICE! Rr fni ¦MK jk © Lemmings II .. ...37.99 © Amiga DOS 2.04 to 2.1... ...45.00 ©SupraTrubo 28500 ..159.00 O Wing Commander .... ...38.99 © Amiga 1200 . ..539.00 © SupraTurbo 28 2000..... .159.00 ©ProWrite ..... ...55.00 © Hypercache Pro . ...32.99 © AMOS Gamemakers1 Manual 27.99 H> Understanding Imagine
28. 00 Joe’s Company EPS Clip Art Original ...75.00 Family ......47.00 Wedding ...47.00 Fantasy .... 26.00 Business ..75.00 MiGraph OCR . 205.00 Micro R. & D. Clock, 1201 AM.. Fontasa300 Outfire fonts for usevrth Workbench ....59,00 MIDI Interface w Cabies .50.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GPFAX and FRE6-morrih Safe Harbor BBS membership! ..269,00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button Works with OpaJVson! .29.00 Pa erSuppty2000 (300watts) ___149.00 Rm Supply 500 (200watts) .26.00 .89.00 MiGraph OCR Jr ..110.00 Nature’s Backdrop... 43.00 Office 3.0 ..120.00 Origins .79.00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 Panorama ...55.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 Pixel 3D Pro ....119.00 Video Toaster 3.0 $ 1950.00 Also available Video Toaster 3.0 Software only $ 625.00 NewTek INCORPORATED PlayMation . 299.00 Power Packer Pro .22.99 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..239.00 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Profills 2.0 1 2 ..33.99 Proper Grammar II 59.99 ProStream + Fonts 44.99 QuarterBack 5.0 .45.00 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe ..73.99 Real 3D 2.0 ......379.00 Resource .125.00 SASC 6.0 .249.00 SMPTE Output ..149.00 Scaia MultiMedia 210..,......299.00 Scape Maker 3.0 42.99 Scenery Animator 4.0 ...59.99 Studio Print 63.99 SuperBase Personal 4 110.00 Super Jam 1.1 ..88.99 True Print 24 .. 56.00 TypeSmith .....115.00 Video Toaster 3.0 SW .599.00 Virtual Reality 2.0 ..59.99 Vista Pro 3.0 ......59.99 WaveWriter .75.00 WipeOut ..42.99 Hardware Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module ..call 2x32 8-Meg Module ..call 1202 Board 16MHz OK 149.00 1230 Board, 33MHz .....345.00 1230 Board 50MHz .....410.00 AD 516 ..1239.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..12.00 AMAX II+ ..325.00 Boing! Mouse ....84.00 CD ROM Drive 535 Int......469.00 lYlaxtor Drives w 1-year warranty 25128A 128MB IDE 335.00 3243A 244MB IDE 279.00 540A MXT 540MB IDE .889.00 540S MXT 540MB SCSI .889.00 7120S 120MB SCSI 210.00 7213S 213MB SCSI 289.00 7245S 245MB SCSI ... 299.00 7345S 345MB SCSI 450.00 P1-17S 1.7 GIG SCSI.1499.00 1240S 12 GIG SCSI ..1135.00 Msgxjor Syquest Drive Packages New models! SQ3105S
3. 5" SCSI 105MB .. .$ 569.00 (Bare Drive) SQ3105A
3. 5“ IDE 105MB $ 499.00 (Bare Drive) Cartridges Each . ..$ 99.00 Syquist 5110C Bare Drive 88MB Reads & Writes 44-Meg formatted cartridges Now only $ 389 00! Art Department Pro ....139.00 Morph + ...145.00 Trexx Pro 155.00 Lan Rover Ethernet 299.00 CD ROM Drive 535 Ext 579.00 DCTV ..285.00 DCTV RGB Converter 199.00 Drawing Brd II Corded 399.00 Drawing Brd II Cordless 545.00 Drawing Pad Cordless 345.00 Harddrive. 85Q ELS 199.00 Harddrive. 170Q ELS 349.00 Harddrive. Seagate 86 IDE ..249.00 Harddrive, Seagate 128 IDE..315.00 Joystick Adaptor. Analog 13.99 Joystick, Ergo ....20.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog 23.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MBX 4 OK 14MHz w Clock149.00 MBX 4 OK 28MHz w Clock235.00 MIDI Connector .48.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus..199.00 Modem, Zyxel 1496E ..379.00 Modem, Zyxel 1496E+...... 459.00 Monitor. IDEK 15" ..... 620.00 Monitor, IDEK 17" .....989.00 Monitor. IDEK 21" ...1759.00 Monitor. Sony 1302 ...569.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 MultiStart II 39.99 One-Stop Music Shop 579.00 OpalVision 699.00 Optical Drive 128MB Int...1275.00 Optical Drive 128MB Ext..1375.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1599.00 Personal Component Adapt ..420.00 Personal SFC ...369.00 Personal TBC IV ...845.0( HGVPl 3 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS G-Force 68030 Accelerators 40MHZ 4O 4MB 669.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 120..889.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 213..910.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB 1029.00 33 MHZ 33 4MB 120.1298.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 17Q, 1333.00 33 M Hz 33 4 MB 540.2184.00 1230T 030 40 0 0 .369.00 1230T 030 40 40 4 ......579.00 Memory Upgrade 4MB.189.00 1200 SCSI Ram + ..239.00 1200 SCSI RAM + 4 459.00 Ciremorph ...56.99 Controller 2000 8 0......149.00 DSS Sound Digitizer 55.00 Fast ROM Kit 2000 .45.00 G-Lock Genlock 389.00 Hardcard 8 0 120MB. 369.00 Image F X ...215.00 I O Extender Board 125.00 Phone Pak ..289.00 SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GPFax Software .69.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 239.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw .28900 SupraFAXModem 2400+Bare..119.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+ w sw .....150.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 75.00 For the A500 SupraDrive 500XP120MB .399.00 SupraDrive 500XP 213MB .489.00 M E M ImiMI 512K RAM Expansion 500 m 3900 ....12500 500 RX2 __ .... 165.00 500 RX$ _ ...41900 SupraRAM 2000 0K-... 95.00 SupraRAM 20002 _ .150.00 SupraRAM 2Q3G4 ___215.00 ROCTEC Floppy Drive. Int 500..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..75.00 RocGen Plus 219.00 RocKey .249.00 Buy Both .459.00 RocTec Mouse ..24.00 RocMate HD Box NICE! .90.00 External enclosure kit for all Amigas. Holds LPS dnves. SCSI IDE Controller 500.150.00 SupraRAM 20006. SupraRAM 20008. RoppyDfoe ___ ..69.00
- 27500 .339.00 OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS Rawer PC Board ..
259. 00
169. 00
85. 00 .179.00
- ....35.00 ...-.159.00 SCSICmtro1er,500XP ... SCSI Contrater,2000 . SCSI Controller. 1000 Series III Upgrade ...... SipaTurbo28.. Supra corporation Personal V Scope 729.00 Retina 2MB ......499.00 Retina 4MB ......575.00 Scanner, MiGraph B W 239.00 Scanner, ColorBurst 469.00 Scanner. ColorBurst w OCR.499.00 Scanner, Golden Image Deluxe .... 189.00 Scanner, MiGraph PS400 ..655.00 Smart Port .54.00 Speakers, Koss ..26.00 The Box. Iomega 150MB Int..815.00 The Box, Iomega 150MB Ext..910.00 Trackball, AMTrac ..69,99 V-Lab .405.00 Y-C Plus ....859,00 Is This Box Worth S220? I P.inrVtr -I r ) ' . L Pagestream 2.2 Desktop Publishing Super Special $ 7999 f AST 7 We made a special buy of the OEM vers on of Pagestream 2.2 from Soft-Logic, the leading desktop publishing package for the Amiga, and are offering it to our customers at fSA- savings of hundreds of dollars below sugGVP AMGA UPGRADES ColorBurst Color Hand Scanner . -. .*ifa Ml(.II API I olnrByrM Scjnncr C15157 Mil.II M'll l olorBurM " OC 15 D10492 Mil ill A PI I lllvlVII.mil Si.inner 04189 Mil. II API I Ol K Sul I vs .ire 03626 399 00 439 00 219 99 259 93 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE New A1200 Products The Basics and More. BASEBOARD 1208 1208 32 Bit RAM FPU-Clock- Optional SCSI Adds up to 1, 2, 4, or 8Mb of 32 bit RAM. Uses 72 pin SIMM. Battery vith backed clock calendar. Comes with 68881-16 FPU installed. Optional 68882 up to 50Mhz available. Optional = plug on) DataFlyer 1200 SCSI controller (see below), BaseBoard 1208-81-0 Mb 010206 524.99 BaseBoard 1208-81-2 Mb 010222 239.99 BASEBOARD 1200C Clock Calendar A clock calendar wilh removable lithium battery Easily installed without removing main RF srieild. Does not use CPU slot. BaseBoard 1200c D10192 27.95 DATAFLYER 1200S SCSI Controller Used with BaseBoard 1208. Add larger more economical 3.5 inch drives. Run removable media like S Floptical etc. Amaxll compafible. Super easy Aulolnstall soft’ on line HELP screens, cases available. DataFlyer 1200 SCSI software with 32 External drive 050212 1W99 EXPANSION ¦ ¦ Hli II I Mol SI IV I’M) 94074 34 95 ROING' MOUSE V PAD 94039 73 99 SYSTEMS Making Technology Affordable Since 1985
• Satie, a .. AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES FIIGO |OY S Ml K 11mu IVIC O Ml Mini W |KI- I If.Ill I’! HolTI I AMIGA Mol Si 1111 ivi 1 a 11111 I III PI 1.1 RACK IRACKUAI I Kxl DPI II AND St W VI U EPSON FseOO SCANNER ADDPRO EPSON I S DRIVER (requtrgd for the ES600 Scanner) 76253 N 82037 95252 96489 96S94 C12633 05430 015368
17. 95
89. 95 2499 239 99 43 95 143,99
799. 00 11S 99 gvp a500impai i si hii s n iiahii dki ls A5O0-HDS*CM8 No HD D10565
159. 00 A500-HD8+C 40II Cl 4076 26399 A500-HD3*G 3G II Cl 4085 329 99 A500-HQ3+CM&120II C10039 379 00
f. VP A510 Tl HBO-.At I 11 1 R TOK A DRIVE A530 wlh No Hard Dive 010572 309 00 A530 Ccmoo 40-. T B0 tl Cl 5072 509 CO A530 wflh 120 MB Hard Drve Cl 2376 559 00
S. RD5 A200Q Ba-eca-d 93667 159 39 A2000-HCS-C,.,£;20II C10059 349 00 A20W-HC3-OVB-70H 010586 41900 CA P IMI'Af 1 MKII Ml HARD DRIVI G-FDRCl.lDO 2SMI It r»WD0 MINI K ATORS Com5o030-25i'25'l'0 99133 399 00 ComdoQ30-25'25';1 80 D10597 543 00 Combo030-25'-25 t l20 99152
613. 00 G'FORC 1 U3(l 40MHr fihlDn Al 1 1 I l li XTORS CorTrbo030-40 40 0 99175 593 00 Com bo030-4&4047170 D10500 889 00 Combci030-40’40’4'240 D10615 939 00 CofTbO030J0’40 '4 540 05084 1699 00 G-FORCI mu umii hium i ( i ii ii Minis CotiSwOjO-50 50 40 97568 81300 Cot,mC30' SC 5014 120 97589 104900 Combo030-5G SO 4'2 40 D10629 109900 ComooCSO-SC 50 4.540 05092 '799.00 (j-IUREt 040 AMD KS040 StC 1 I ERA 1ORS A2000 040-3333 4120 Cl4009
1199. 00 A2000 040-33'33’4t 70 D10531
1299. 00 A2000 040-3333 4-540 05104 2099 00
r. 'MlKM Vtllll RAK1KKXMI PI.1C Mils 1M3,1e.60ns SIMM 00076 69 99 4V3yie 60ns SIMM 00089 199 00 1 Mbyte. 40ns SIMM 00092
299. 99 GVP PHONE PAK Cl 0989 299 99 I’G'ZSb MODUII tor t. VP 97713
59. 99 I O EXTENDER CI5476
119. 99 A1230 TURBO PIUS Cl 5468 CALL A1200 SCSI RAM PI US llMB A93937 CALL A12011 SC SI KAM PI US 4MB A93996 CALL AMIGA SOU CP RDM DRIVI C12825 199 99 DA I M lv«*r Npri > Si SI CI3116 Si 59.99 1 >A 1 Al !i»-r 1 vpr.'v-. II '1 C13T20 Si 59 99 DATAHvrr 1 vim . SCSI IDF C13130
5199. 99
3. 5” EXTERNA! 1 1 OPPY DUD 1 3 5*Exterr,ai Drive 33276
34. 99 1 MBYTE S S(i SIMMs 93693 44 95 MgfOOT POWl R SI PPI Y 92898
33. 99
llll. L (Jill :r>IH! Pius nr Supply DI0068
129. 99 TRIFECTA 500 E Cl3566 CalL TKJI KCTA 2000 1 X Cl 3578 CALL SVOltDSWl SI SI INTERFACE WcnJSync interlace 83673
99. 95 DKB 2632 12 III 1 Ml M FXP. C13812
459. 00 HARD PRIVI INI1RI Ml KlKAIOUll C13533
174. 99 MEMORY & ACCELERATORS 12 A'CLOCK tor AI200 C15509 27 39 rfil EXPANSION 1% CLOCK Cl 3503
34. 99 A601 EXPANSION W IMH C13510
59. 99 MJ0 MXH ID C ARD W 2MB Cl 2268 CALL AhOO 6011111 > I A UP W IMP C12294 CALL Mil ill)R()III 1 iiMiiviort Ito.u.ls for |he A121X1 No FPU mn Clock CI5195
139. 39 '4 Mhz Mis Clock C15203
149. 99 25 Mhz with Clock C15227
219. 99 50 Mhz witti Clock C15234
339. 99 E STR AM 11 2MB tor AnlJU and A1200 C15519
149. 99 1 ASTKAM (1 4MB tnr AmM jnd A1200 C15527 229 99 KlVlkS 1 All 1 II for AllKHl Cl 5423 48 99 Ml (,A MllM.i 1 KAC I II Cl 0998 395 95 SI PR A TURBO 2S 1 nr Y=SM D10047 SI 49 99 SI PRAKAM 5U0 R w ith iMBvIe 500 RX w’l Mbyte 94016 524 35 iM&yte Upg-ads Kit 97312
54. 35 SUPK Mt AM 4tkj R with 2MR U- 500 RX rt '2MByie 94029
154. 39 2MByte Upgrade Kt 97278
99. 35 SI PR A RAM 2IKHI with OMByTo 89048
94. 39 with 2MByte 88663
149. 99 ¦wih 4MB to 88691
224. 35
VI. L I Dll 6SH.1I1 tor (he A20IW C12E06
699. 99 VI PLYIl 12111 40MH 010642 CA.L VIPOR 1230 9IMIU 010651 CA.L VII'OR 2 C10668 CALL AMIGADOS 2 I A5QG'A2C00 (Ron 4 ScTwa-e) 96335 79 99 A30CC 97707 34 35 AMIGADOS 2.1 I J’GK PI for A500 A2000 2.04 ROM owners C13653
42. 99 I AT M.Nl S ’MBYTE Fat Agrvjs 8372B, 2f 3yte 98564
79. 95 Fat Agnjs 8372&'MegACh:p 2000 C10013 199 39 1 AT YGVI S. 1 MID I 1 93553
53. 35 si PI ti Ol VlSl 8373 98572 44 95 chip run i ii C10249 1495 Illf SIVIII II MAN C15054 33 99 KOQL-IT C15570
37. 99 EMULATORS A MAX 11 PI US Cl 2654 339 99 POWER PC BOARD 96620
259. 35 J'l 2A6 MOIJU11 for GVP 97713 CA.L A Toner* IX Al 1 Mil ATOR A70756 5 79.99 | DATA STORAGE sYOLI s| OKIVI sinil YMJGA & MAC 44MByle Exiemai Drwe A53425
429. 35 83MByle External Drive A67222
599. 35 44MByte Cartridge A60583
79. 95 88MByta Cartridge A52872
109. 35 II NF SUSI 1 API IIAUKL P A84109
599. 00 MODEMS & FAXES GVP 1*114INF PAK C10989
299. 99 SL PR 3 MODI M 2400 96667
59. 99 Vcden Senal Cable A42447
12. 95 SL I’ll 1 MODI M rxTERNAL FAX Voden v 32 97149
229. 95 FAXVcdem v 32tns 97154 299 99 AMIGA ENHANCEMENTS AMIGA INPUT DEVICES ess AMIGA 52CJ VIDEO ADAPTTR 79283 29 99 I (lilt I'm M Y « Cl 2786
339. 99 COPYISTPCU 91589
289. 99 DIGI I, l EDIT MASTER Cl 3-*27 2299 00 PIGIV II U Ml PI AST ATION 97387 14999 riRECRAC Kl R 24 97281 819 95 GF VI 111 K from GVP C13321 399 00 IMPACT VISION 24 95367 1193 00 Optional adapter for A2000 95377 49 99 M Tl HEN SY NC 94366 1299 00 OPAI VISION C11916 CALL PI RSI IN Al I IK III C13009 699 99 IKK I.I N PELS 94183 199 99 IKK Kl Y C11693 349 00 Spr.lrum 1 K MI l.RAIIIll’ll C11-440 449 00 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 96598 CALL VI 111 O TOASTER 4i)iK> D10728 CALL VIVID 24 C13436 2899 00 COMMODORE PRODUCTS A2010 3 5 IN 1 FLOPPY DRIVE 91BS8 109 95 A3010 1 'IVE JlOpl’Y DRIVI 94173 99 95 >DO Rrpliirriul. INT. DRIVE Cl 2554 89 99 PRINTERS PANASONIC KX-P21S0I A53346
179. 95 KX-P1123 A57I08 199 95 KXP2I23 A72449 239 93 KX-P1124I A57112 269 99 KX-P1624 87444 349 95 KX-P4410 Laser A71385 599 99 STAR NX-1001 90395 135 99 NX-2420 Ra nbow A61047 284 95 NX-1040 Rcrbow C12275 164 99 PROFESSIONAL P YGE 4.0 93154 178 99 PROfESSiONAI DRAW 3.11 C12364 1W 99 Page4.0.Draw 3.0 B nc:e C12072 239 00 Mil III PI. PROFESSIONAL 92135
147. 99 Conversion Krt 92145
149. 99 11 It II 1 lANCE C14083
39. 95 COMIC SL I r Ell iVrw L.pw Price' 81815
19. 99 Dll DIRECTOR V 2.0 90U7 75 99 IMAGE.M ASTER New! D10186 134 99 IMAGINE L«1 30166 179 99 MOVIE sLUTER Ne»‘ 81824 1999 Pal.ISTRF AM C14870 139 99 PIXF.L 3D PROEtSSLONAE C14870
139. 99 VIRTUAL RFAI.m 2-0 C154&3 57 99 VISTA PRO 94D0 54 99 Three Scanners in One!
• Scan 262,144 colors
• Scan 64 true greyscales
• Scan text for OCR
• Scan up to 200 dpi in color or 400 dpi in greyscale text mode. Quickly scan & save images for video, DTP & more. ACA compat 2MB RAM rtq ColorBurst - S399 A w OCR Jc • S499 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE 1 C VI IGARI M CI3760 239 99 CINE MORPH C12922
59. 99 DELUXE PAINT IV 94997 ¦07.95 DELUXE PAINT IV ACA Vers C13277
• 24.99 ? LLLXE VIDEOi 111 79452
99. 95 IMAGE F X C10973 ¦99.99 MORPH PLUS C13149 ¦44 99 PROVIDED CG II Cl 1391
• 11 99 VIDEO DIRECTOR 96170 133 99 AMIGA MUSIC & SOUND A M AS V. 2.0 IrxdtOes MiDi miedece 66334 69 99 BOOM BOX Cl3443 36 99 Thr COPYIST 90700 219 95 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO v &7302 54 99 DIGIT Al SOUND STUDIO s* NEW Now des n, enhanced features! D10446 99 99 r»n i xr music n C15437 79 99 MIDI INTI III YCF C10669 34 99 MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SY I SI M SALE' NEW LOW PRICE! 99026 295 00 PERI ECT SOUND 86370 69 95 TIGER CUB 69721 74 95 VIDEO MUSIC BOX Cl 4865 69 99 AMIGA UTILITIES Ami-iuvck vin 94057 44 95 DIRECTORY Ol’LS C14894 59 99 DISKMASTER II 95936
34. 99 1 AT TRACKS C15377 44 99 GICAMEM C13798
79. 99 HYPERCACHE PRO C15625
34. 99 Kll KIIACK Rum Sivilrh Cl 1420 39 99 OE Alt II it BACK C10964
41. 99
25. 99 Bit II 1 IAVCE ci4883 49 95 TASY AMOS C14913 34 99 FIVAI COPY II C12807 79 99
- 1955 GDI D DISK Al 1 -iV-Ovr DT0318 1499 MOTE IVKSV 1.1 Cl 3526 46 99 M AXI PI A V 4 C11379
• 24 99 PIIASAR C11073 49 99 PROl FSSIONAI. CALC 96151 174 99 proper Grammar 94440 51 99 PRO WRITE'* 3.3 88222 £4 99 SUPER BASE PERSONAL II C14203 69 99 SUPERB ASET PRO C14I94 169 99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE SC AL A 50U HOME TlTLFR 97001 11995 SCAI A MV12II1 D10980 299 99 BROADCAST T1TLER 2 69585
* 69 99 BROADCAST TIT1 FK Hi-Ros D10292 239 99 THF AVTMATION' STUDIO 50128 42 99 AMIGA VISION PRO C12337 31900 FSSFVCF C14904 49 99 ENTERTAINMENT
- SPORTS BODY Bl OWS D10122 3999 CARE LEWIS Cl 1065 29 99 |OHN MADDEN FOOTBALL 98939
31. 95 1 1N KS 97799
29. 95 MICROLEAGLT BASEBALL 98099 2495 M ANSFI I S WED. CHAMP M ANSLI.E S AG V VERSION Cl 5029 35 99 iron A12DOOR atowii 04118 36 99 RED ONE 01082 29 99 TONY I ARLSSA LET BSBAll 93873 999 VvORI n CIRCUIT 98058 33 95 1 ENTERTA[NMENT-ADVEf !TURE RCA nr SMASH HITS D’0832 gested retail! What do we mean by the version? Just that you get the same great software, the same great documentation, but no fancy box. This is by far the best Amiga desktop publishing value we’ve ever offered1 There’s only one catch quantities are limited, and when they're gone, they're gone so don't wait, start publishing now! Includes coupon for upgrade to PageStream 3.0 for S125! PAGF5TREAM 2-2 *OFM 00679 $ 7399 AMIGA is a registered uatJemar* ol Commodore Amiga Inc.. NOTE Due to publishing lead-limes, product prices and specifications are subject to change without notice 'APO, FPO, AK, HI, CN, VI, GU, and foreign orders are subject to additional shipping charges. J For Up-to-the-Minute Pricing on all our products Call 219-255-TECH Ijll l S TOMATO CAMr C14Q57 HI AST 111 C12351 III Ack CIO I' I 96283 Bl ANIKIN C13213 CAS I LI S 5.5377 C ASH I S || C13243 CLIKCLAK CU131 co.vqli.si Ol IAPAN C13490 OARkSEED C1378? DLSI RTSTRIKC C13304 Dunitcun Master (hjos Strike* C12772 LSI I KTAJNMIM 3 I’Ak Space Ace. Dragon's Lar. Wrath ci the Demon DlOllfl I IKS L s AML R AI 010116 IIMMDM 1 Cl 2387 IOOIV D1C878 LORDS Ol TIMI Cl3252 IOST VIKINGS DiOOSO I OST TREAS. Ol IMOCOM Cl 1340 MIGHT & MAGIC III 96297 O GENERATION D:0l06 I'M ADIS II C13474 riCTIONARI 90949 l-OPL I OUS II 96271 RAILROAD TIC (ION C10806 Ronocop J-n C10739 SLLLI'WALKER D10146 SLPTRI ROC. DtOljfi THIRD REICH Cl0755 YlKINt.S CtO’OO WARLORDS Cl 3906 WING COMMANDI.lt DIO‘53 WI ARDK1 97923 OOL il OR A 121*1 Jnj A-KWOI C15116 and request document 501 to receive a FAX with the absolute latest pricing VIDI-12 DIGITIZER C11625 AMIGA 1200 Hi Resolution AGA Chip Set • 256.000 Simultaneous Colors FAVORITE CHARACTERS (Same as Amiga 4000) • IDE Hard Drive Interface Fast 14.32 Mhz Processor • Multiple Display Options 2MBytes of Chip RAM Call For Lowest Pricing Call For Lowest Pricing New Commodore Monitors! A1200 with Hard Drive LEMMINGS 92225 LI MMINC.S 11 THE TR1BLS C15332 roWrUMOSt.I K 90767 |)H KIM IS; Quest for Coli! 91491 ism |ON I. I A 11 HI WTIS Cl 5492 I AM NINJA 3 IMPORT' 9535c SI Alt I KLK 2*IH NN!VrRS C13237 FAI NT RCADE 95504 STRATEGY GAMES Call For Lowest Pi 1942 MultiSync Monitor D10485 SCALL Cli 042 Cl 3243 Cl 2592 84552 D10O92 ?10*72 SIMULATION GAMES HARD DRIVES A-TRAIN Combo ON IU ATIOV sin. 111 r sl 1 m it 1 MM TOR si i( in s| Ml All III si. Ri r hi rtos D10075 CD 092 96138 Cl U6l 82879 Cl 1857 Cl 5343 For the Amiga 1200 600 Notebook S ad Seagate 85MB IDE Drive We carry a complete selection of SCSI and I0E Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! IDE and SCSI Hard Drives EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE TENEX Price Hard Drive Description A MVS EL'N-2-3 BRIDGE 6,0 DINOSAt US A HI I (lit I V| It nistm lid rilENN’irilOM MLS SI It A Hill I Si l.imvAKI I(JH I III SAT Will RI IN Till WORLD is I MlMI N SANDII (At* Will Ki IN Ll'ROPE? Wlirur IN TJMI.7 VS Ml RI IN Dll I SA’ Cl 1581 96218 83134 ?10167 Cl2653 84567 Cl 0952 Seagate Quantum E!S42AT.EiS42S Quantum EIS85AT EiSBSS Quanturr ELS127AT EIS127S Ouantum EtSi70ATEiSi 70S Quantum QTM24QAT Quantum QTM24GS Quantum GTM525AT Quantum OTM525S Ouantum STQ40IDE Quantum S7Q5CIDE Seagaic 9396A Seagate ST9144A Quantum GRS160AT CaWe Orty for AGOG, A! 200 Required K« for A50Q Required Ku for A600 A1200 A69137 Cl 1762 Cl 1779 011780 C117SO A72761 5149 99 5139 99 S184 99 5239 99 S259 99 5319 00 A85490 Seagate A93736 A96523 5229 00 85229 893 79 91005 86677 5829 00 A96534 582900 2 5* 2 5* 2 5* 2 5* 2 6* A85748 95748 C152&2 C1532 9 A93535 A354EO A33736 C153E1 For the Amiga 500 GVP A&30 about TENEX's Express Delivery S3Q9.00 D10672 GVP A500 HD8 2nd Day Delivery . S 99 Use with SCSI hard drive. See opposite page for copy list of GVP upgrades. $ 169.00 O105S5 additional shipping on Orders 10lbs & under r*fvvu AMIGA 600 ~ $ i7T ; for Commodore oumers only call for details Order Toll-Free Nationwide Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount Charge less than $ 19,99 S5.00
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(219) 259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 We gladly accept mall orders! Prices and specifications subject to change. HELP KEY Seeing red over CD-ROM or have you got the floppy-drive blues ? Tim tackles these and gets your screen out of the black. ' VV;v.j. -.
- . ... - . By Tim Walsh From CD To Shining CD
Q. With the price oj the Commodore A570 CD-ROM dropping, should I buy one for my A3000? I envision removing the drive from its housing and installing it into an external ease and connecting it to my A3000 via a SCSI port connection. Would my A-Max II hoard recognize the CD-ROM drive? If I connected an Apple 300i CD- ROM drive to the A-Max II, would the Amiga recognize it in Amiga mode? Daniel Hoffmann Corning, NY
A. Instead of butchering the A570, a far better solution is a low priced Commodore CDTV, You can get Software Distillery’s Parnet system (see May 93,
p. 84) for your A3000 and a CD'IV, and you'll have a very versatile CD-ROM player that can also play music Cds in stereo. Your question concerning A-Max II is a little more involved, I can’t duplicate the A3000 A-Max II CDTV configuration that you describe. Technical support at ReaclySoft is currently updating A-Max s code to support various Mac CD-ROM software drivers, but cannot recommend any CD-ROM drives at this time. Emplant, Utilities Unlimited’s Mac emulation board (see p. 15), might be the solution. Emplanfs documentation claims support for CD-ROMs, hand scanners, and Syquest’s drives, but only if they’re connected to its SCSI inter- lace and not to the Amiga’s SCSI port. Finally, the Amiga will not recognize an Apple CD-ROM drive either, but you could copy data from ISO-9660 formatted Mac CD-ROMs using the aforementioned Parnet and CDTV. Screen Test Sorrows
Q. have an Amiga 2000 equipped with Micro Way's picker Fixer and a Taxan 770 Plus multiscan monitor. I use Preferences to adjust the screen position so that most oj the time the display looks fine. When hooting the system with a game dish, though, there's a large black band on the right side of the screen. I've tried adjusting the monitor's manual horizontal position settings to no avail. Stephen Dunning APOAE
A. Your monitor and display card combo is sought after for non-video graphics, word processing and the like, but it’s hardly the game player's configuration of choice. My old housebound A2000, equipped with an aging flickerFixer and NEC’s Multisync II monitor, bears close resemblance to yours. No one notices the half-inch black border on both the left and right side of the display thanks to its superb hi-res screens and ability to handle a wide range of both interlaced and deinterlaced non-AGA resolutions. One-time fine-tuning is the key. First tip: Don’t bother with the tiny video adjustment screw located on the right side of the llickerFixer; it s incredibly sensitive and will just corrupt the video output. Instead, set your monitor's horizontal position so the screen is centered, and if the monitor has a horizontal size control, set it to the maximum setting. The next item on the list is the operating system. Your mention of Prefer- n j ences raised atcc! Hag to Workbench
1. 3’s limitations. Once again, my advice rings to the tune of Amiga DOS
2. 1. With the ROM ancl system soft- ware upgrade installed, you have an overscan setting in Preferences that allows you to “stretch” the screen in eight directions, and then save those settings, in turn making the most of your multiscan monitor's displavable area. Next on the to-do list is to copy as many of those games onto your hard disk so thev’ll use the Preferences settings. Naturally, you're going to find that some of the older games must be booted from the floppy. If their graphics-intensive displays are unacceptable with those games, get a workaday Commodore 1084 monitor. Leave your multiscan monitor plugged into the flickerFixer and connect the 1084 to the standard video port on the Amiga. You can then play games just fine with full-screen overscan on the 1084 and use the other monitor for applications. Salvage Equipment
Q. Is it possible to connect my Commodore 1541-11 dish drive to my A500? Also, can my system 's external California Access CA- 880 disk drive's 23-pin port he modified to accept the 1541-11?
N. Wendell Carman Gilroy, CA
A. There's some good news and some bad news. First, the CA-880's port is for daisv-cbaining other Amiga-compatible floppy drives, which does not include your 1541-11. Now for the good news: While most hardware and software emulators from a few vears i ago offered varying degrees of Commodore 8-bit emulation, programmer Cliff Dugan started a small, enterprising company called QuesTronix (PO Box 340285', Hartford, C l 06134-
0285) that offers the best solution The A64 Package. QuesTronix offers, as shareware, the many dozens of liles that comprise the package and makes them available on nearly all of the major telecommunication networks, usually as two separate archived files. Be sure to contact QuesTronix for its latest pricing and availability, but it was offering a parallel port adapter for the A500, A2000, and A3000 for $ 39.95, which allowed some models of older Commodore 8- bit drives and printers to be connected to the Amiga. 1 recall using the adapter and software several years ago on my A3000 and it worked with re- markable consistency. * 4 S pecial Summer Pricing ! NEWTEK Video Toaster Tutorials DevWare Video now makes your shopping for instructional products easier than ever before. We offer the largest selection of videos and books...see for yourself! SPECIAL! - Order any 3 videos and receive "The Amiga Video" absolutely free! (Bundles count as 1 video towards offer) V2040 511.95 V204t 514.95 K V K Vh Gl 6000N Fully optic Mouse Pen P5 OUSe ren T3018 JP-6QN 250 dpi, light and easy to use A500 Ram Card T3012 $ 33 512K with realtime clock calendar & battery backup A600 RAM Card T3013 $ 69 Extra 1MB with realtime dock calendar & battery backup Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or turn the page and see the information for mailed orders in our DevWare ToolChest ad. Razz a Video U.S.A. The NewTek Video Toaster, 2nd Edition Mew 1993 Release! Covers creating and installing a Toaster Workstation, basic transitions and effects. DVE moves, creating titles with ToasterCG. Usrng ToasterPaint. Using MacLmk using LightWave 3D, and practical applications tor the toaster, and more. V2057 519.95 Desktop Video Vol. 1 Razzas best tape for getting starred with Amiga Desktoo Video Features excellent advice from experts on camcorders editors, peripherals, techniques, titling and more. V2Q62 S17.95 Desktop Video Vol. 2Morehoipon desktop Video Includes comparisons of tape formats, and information on the Video Toaster. LightWave 3D. Dpamt IV. DCTV. Virtual Reality, and more. V2063 517.95 The Amiga Primer Best Seller! The aii-Ume. Best seller for getting started with your Amiga, including setup, Workbench, Shell. CLI, expansion and AmigaVision A must for every Amiga owner. 90 min, V2061 514.95 Magic ot Music & MIDI Now Edition! This brings you the most up to date information on using the Amiga as a music generator and MIDI device Features Super Jam1, Bars & Pipes Pro, Dr Fs, Sonix, Deluxe Music. Au- dioMaster, and more V2072 518.95 Hat Rod Your Amiga win show you how to add peripherals to your A3000, build a more powerful A2000. Arc how io expand your A500. Features products from GVP. NewTek and Digital Creations. Tips on accelerators. Genlocks, aud‘0 and more V2058 514.95 Amiga Graphics, 2nd Ed. V2061 514.95 Animation - Entertainment Space Wars & Olher Animations A DevWare Exclusive! Superb animations trom Tobias Richter, one of Europe’s Pest Amiga animators Centerp ece is Space Wars. 8000 frames spann ng 7 entertaining minutes with an original soundtrack by Norwegian musician BicrnA Lynne Space Wars’stunn ng ray tracea animations took 5 amigas over 4 weeks to complete 40 minutes Now Available! V4027 S19.95 Computer Animation Festival New Release! Miramar brings you 21 award-winning computer animations mixing humor, adventure, song and fantasy into 45 entertaining minutes Also includes Todd Rungren's "Change Myself video which was done using the Video Toaster's LightWave 3-D software V2035 $ 17.95 The Mind's Eye A compelling look at the universe, utilizing the talents of over 300 top computer animation artists. 40 minutes V2043 $ 15-95 Beyond the Mind's Eye Best Seiler! This cr.e :s even better than the original! Soundtrack Dy Jan Hammer Over 200.000 coo es ot this mcred ole video sold ready1 40 mns. New Low Price! V2044 S15.95 Chronos (Miramar) B'eath:akmg' V2045 515.95 History ol the Amiga Listen to the initial tnais and tribulations which Jay Miner, R j £ Caryn Mica!. Dale Luck, Carl Snssenrath, Dave Needle and the rest ol the 'Los Gatos gang" went through 45 mm V2042 $ 14.95 Animation vol.I Sale! Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Best Seifert From Myriad Visual Adventures. A complete course in real-time animation for video It demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in hrgh resolution, using basic software and relatively inexpensive hardware Pad one shows you a variety of animation techniques -with humor Part two shows in detail how the animations were mace. V2078 523.95 Amiga Animation -- Hollywood Style Learn classic. Ho'iywood,Disney-styie techniques using Deiux- ePamt IV and Disney Animation Stud a, from renowned Amiga animator Gene Hamm Espeoa'iy for artists who are computer novices nnc computer users who don't draw with a mouse 30 minutes V2051 518.95 How To Animate I Sale Price! Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike Pick up helpful t ps and techniques on us>ng DeluxePamtlV from Joel Hagen ano using LightWave 3D Irom Amiga Worlds Lou Waiace 45 minutes. V2059 $ 14.95 Special Opfeh! Get our Animator's Bundle (all 3 of the above videos) lor only V4022 S44.95 Animation Vol. II Sale! The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder Howto buy the camcorder and accessories that are right for you Use your cam corder to its fullest advantage How to maintain your camcorder. 90 mins V2086 $ 33.95 How To Shoot Video Like a ProHow to eliminate that amateur look Learn tne key fundamentals of composition Bonus' How to transfer your si des and old home movies to video. 90 mms. V2C87 S33.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Learn now. When and why to use correct panning and zooming techniques 7 key steps for good continuity Much more V2088 $ 33.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get great lighting with least amount o1 equipment Overcome backl.ghtmg Creative shooting including nighttime video, tirewcrks, and using titters Features needed for sound. Best microphones Do auCio dubbing and mixing. 90 minutes V2089 $ 33.95 8asic Editing w Consumer Gear Howto create productions using consumer equipment and how to "shoot to edit", wh ch makes editing videos a snap' 90 minutes V2090 $ 33.95 Inter. Editing w. Prosumer Gear Get better con trol m editing Learn what kind of equipment to buy. Learn editing theory Insert and Assemble ed'tr-g Setup for best results. 90 mms. V2091 $ 33.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Tecnmques used by the pros- Editing treks, spi t edits, post-production using Amigas. Toaster ano mixers. Time oase correcto-s. AS roll. Time Cooe, Decision Lists and more as oer- formed m Ad ta s studio 120 mm V2092 S33.95 Get any 3 tapes In the Super Videos Series V2093 Only 579.95 Desktop Video The Basics Ol Video New Release! Classroom- based trom Alpha Video explains video signals, taoe formats, cameras and video recorders. V4018 526.95 Understanding S-VHS New Release! What S- VHS really 15. How 4 tits into your system and how it can improve you'video productions. V4D19 526.95 Video Signals and the Toaster New Release! This will provide you with an in-depth examination of how the Toaster accepts and processes video signals. An invaluable tape for anyone working (or intending) with the Toaster V4Q20 526.95 Alpha Video 3 Video Bundle V4G21 S69.95 Secrets of the Panasonic AG1960 1970 New Release! Kngsway Productions reveals the super se crets and hidden features ot the AG i960 and the new AG 1970 S-VHS edf ng decks Demos 0! Aud o modifications and edhing systems 130 mms V4037 534.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. T Elite Video will teach you haw to get the most from Panason.c's AVE5 or MxiO'i2 digital video mixers, including how to use them as dual channel, time-based controllers for input to our Video Toaster system. 75 mins. V4014 536.95 e Digital Mixer Companion Vol. II Leam how to do effects with your mixer which shouldn't be possible, but are ¦¦ with Elite Video's secrets V4015 536.95 Digital Mixer Companion I & II v4Qi6 564.95 Sony EVO-9700 Sasic Training V40to 526.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape Voi II Acvanced window, synced & timecode dubs, multi- track aud'O. Single trarne recording, use of externa' equipment for titling and A B roll editing V-iQll $ 26.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Series I & II Both Basic Training and Advanced Training. V4Q12 546.95 The Amiga Video New Release! A DevWare Exclusive! DevWare and (he Burgess Video Group have put together this "Appetizer" video on being productive with you- Amiga You wifi be introduced to image processing with Art Department P'o, morphing with Morph Pius and ImageMaster, desktop publishing with PageSfream, word processing with Final Copy !!. Animating with Real 3D. Lips on Dpaint IV. And much, much more 55 minutes V4039 S14.95 We are Ihe Amiga market's la-gest reseller of videotapes. Send us your product(s) or cal
(603) 532-7701 for more information, Amiga Books Maslering Toaster Technology Best Seiler! The s!ep-by-step gu-ce that no Video Toaster user can afford to be without1 Learn Toaster operation and set-up. Rotoscopmg techn cues, now take perfect 3D logos, creating mattes and flying mattes, ana much more Plus 2 disks ot bonus software 9106 $ 39.95 Today's Video By noted videographer and video pro ducer, Peter Lftz Everything a video professional needs toknow' 600+pages, 1100 illus ! 91410S44.95 Amiga C For Beginners Intro to learn ng C Ian guage which explains elements using Amiga examples. Describes C libraries ana much more. 3101 $ 18.95 Amiga Intern The definitive reference library for all Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000 users. It will leach you the internals of the 3000, AmigaDOS 2. And much more Di ¦ vided into three sections for hardware operating systems ano Arexx programm ng 900* pages B103 $ 27,95 AmigaDOS Reterence Guide New Release' Fourth edition by renown Amiga author Sheldon Leemon. The complete gu de and tutorial to AmigaDOS including Releases 2 and 3 335 pcs B11Q S19.95 Amiga Multimedia WorkBook B115 $ 26.95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition This tutorial guide will m3ke Arexx easy fo- you! Step-by-step ap proach, useful programs as examples, dear presentation of Arexx controlling PostScript tho'ough references for an Arexx instructors. Functions, and appl cation program commands Includes 2 d-sks. BT04 $ 41.95 Best Amiga Tips and Secrels Answers to the questions you ask the most: adding a CD-ROM drive, translerrmg data to other platforms, getting rid of screen flicker, and much more. B114 $ 17.95 Understanding Imagine 2.0 The ultimate reference manual' Comes with Disk-O-Stuff.BI 07 $ 25.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Ed B113 S19.95 Amiga BASIC Inside S Out B102 $ 19.95' Mapping the Amiga B111 S24.95 Amiga Printers Inside’Out 013! $ 27.95 Using Arexx on the Amiga 0108 S24.95* Amiga Graphics Inside Out (Abacus) 0119 S17.95* "includes companion dtsk(s) Dark Horse Productions The most comprehensive, information-packed instructional videotapes on using the Video Video To5stafrC?u?ckStart Tutorial 1 V4046 You will learn about Preferences & Projects, The Switcher a Digital Effects. Chroma FX, Cuslom FX. Luminance Keyer Ba sics. TBC or Not TBC...12Q min, $ 44.95 Video Toaster QuickSlart Tutorial 2 V4047 you will learn about the Toaster Character Generator, ToasterPaint. Customizing Frame- stores. Using CG Pages with Digital Video Effects. Art Card, and Luminance Keyer topics 110 minutes. $ 44.95 Video Toaster QuickSlart 2.0 Bundle 1 & 2 V4G43 579,95 From Desktop Images... LighlWove 3D Flying Logos V4024 544.95 LightWave 3D Essentials V2097 S44.95 LighlWave 3D Surfaces V2093 S44.95 LightWave 3D Modeler V2099 S44.95 Professional Techniques y 2071 $ 44.95 Video Toaster Essentials V2052 S44.95 ToasterPaint Essentials V2069 S44.95 ToasterCG Essentials V2070 $ 44,95 AH 8 Toaster Videos V4025 $ 299.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bundle A'l 4 videos Sail! V2091 $ 159.95 LightWave 3D Bundle, 4 Videos V4025 SI 59.95 Graphics Killer Graphics: Animated Logos with DCTV Vo'ume II How to create animated 3D logos Step by step examples V2t02 524.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I. This ser-es will teach you how to create killer graphics quick and easy with tne latest DCTV, using real projects as examples 54 mm V2073 $ 26.95 Killer Graphics: Special Event Graphics with DCTV vol3. Speca: Event producers take note! Learn id use DCTV to digitize & enhance images for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. V4044 529.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide in this easy-to-follow tutorial, you'll explore many Dpaint IV’s features which will meet most of your graphicsranim, needs V2060 519.95 Advanced Techniques with DeluxePoint IV Learn t ps and tricks for combining Qpamt IV s different toots for spectacular effects with pro results. Create 3D text, drop snadows, textures, cycle color an matons. Prcl bfiing techniques, arc more' 60 mm V20SS $ 19-95 Money-Saving Bundles! Animation Vol I & II V207S 519.95 Dpamt IV (Video Guide. Adv Tech) V2082 533 95 Pro Video Gold Part One & Two V2083 554.95 Adita: Any 3 (specify taoes) 579.95 Adna: All 7 video V2094 $ t69.95 Minds Eye, Beyond Mmds Eye V2084 529.95 Desktop Video, Volume I and II V2085 S29.95 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. 1,2 & 3 V4045 569.95 History of the Amiga. How to Animate, and Animation Volume I & II Sale! V208C 539.95 Amiga Ammaticn-Hollywood Style, How to Animate, Animation 101 V4Q22 $ 44 95 SpecialOffer ToasterVislon T1165 $ 117 "The best integrated software tools !or your Video Toaster." (Video Toaster User Magazine, Feb Mar'93) Byrds Eye Software gives you 5 modular programs that "offer super or techniques for enhancing the use of your Video Toaster." WrpeMaster 2, Toaster Project Manager, ToastMaster 2, Framestgre Manager and Catalog. Pixel 3D Professional 2.0 T1097 $ 137 Makes 3D modeling simple! Considered essential by LightWave 3D users everywhere Create useful 3D ob- lects, including text and logos Video Director TH16 $ 119 Will Vinton's Playmalion T1068 $ 279 Lemmings II • The Tribes T1064 $ 33 ToasterVislon ? The Video Guide . T3092 S157 DeluxePaint IV AGA T3058 S109 DeluxePaini IV 4.1 T1Q31 $ 95 Dpaint 4.1 + Dpaint Video Guide T3071 $ 119 Dpaint 4.1 + Adv. Tech w Dpaint Vld T3072 $ 119 Dpainl4.1 + Both Dpalnt Videos T3073 $ 135 Imagine 2.0 + Under. Imagine 2 Bk T3066 $ 195 Will Vinton's Playmalion T1G68 $ 289 DCTV T3501 $ 289 DCTV + Killer Graphics I & II T3507 $ 325 Taming The Wave: Exploring NewTek’s LightWave 3D "This is an excellent opportunity to see an experts actual working methods ‘ - David Duberman, Ed tor, Video Toaster User Magazine. Take advantage of Lightwave's full potential with the most complete LightWave 3D Training System you'll find anywhere This solution features 3 hours of D-2 mastered video on two tapes, with detailed explanations on every major LightWave option and nundreds ol stunning animations written and directed by David Hopkins, a national LightWave columnist and Amiga industry veteran. Also r.dudec are two disks fi led with 2 exclusive type- styles from Unili Graphcs. 4 great textures from JEK Grapn cs' Pro Fills series, a 3-D scanned Chevy Ca- maro a!) The tutorial objects, and a 50-page handbook in a helpful Questions £ Answers format An increditj'e value' V2074 $ 89.95 Hardware One ol the hottest and most reliable manufacturers ot hardware for the Amiga. External 3.5” Floppy Drive Master 3A-IN. 880K w disable switch T3014 $ 69 Hand Scanner T3016 $ 129 JS 105-1 MR With Migraph Touch Up and OeluxePamt III trom EA Up to 400dpi. 105mm scan width, 64 halftones Hand Scanner T3017 $ 191 JS-105-1MP. Bes! Value1 Newest version of Migraph "Touch Up" V3 07 Migraph OCR and Dpaint III. Upgrade Mouse tsoio $ 27 GI-600N The Amiga market's best selling mouse Optical Mouse tsgh $ 44 The Video Guide to ToaslerVision Noa Release1 V4043 The Toaster Crustaceans and Ken Byrd, the creator of ToaslerVision, will give you the insight and knowledge to master this important program and its five exciting modules. Learn howto: use the FrameStore Manager to rapidly compress Toaster Framestores; create custom animated wipes for your toaster with WipeMaster2; create your own sequence of Toaster switcher events wth the powerful ToastMaster2; create unique broadcast TV gradient logo effects, master the Project Manager to easily create your own personal switcher interface that includes your newest, most used effects: and much, much more, 105 minutes S44.95 Audio Production for the Video Toaster From Atomic Toaster-'ieam how to use your Video Toaster to produce broadcastabie multi-track, digital audio and CD- quality music. Includes use of Sonnze Studio 16 wth Adl 012 and AD516, SuperJam!, Bars and Pipes Pro 2.0. Tnpfe Play Plus, Sync Pro. Or, Ts Phantom. MIOi devices, and more. V4008 539.95 goldenIMAGE L6000N Fully optical, no bali to clean with mousepad Graphics Workshop $ 34.95 Re-introduced and available at a fantastic price-an other product available exclusively from DevWare1 Graphics Workshop has a huge toolbox. Graphics effects, page flipping and moviepatn animation AmigaWorld called it "Best new graphics program. A technical tour de force The color-area. Color mixing, and cell animation features are simply amazing ‘ Amazing Computing said ’. .Electronic Arts should Sludy it carefully..." Features Include: a 10 brush library, gray-scaling. Line ad generation, true anti-aliasing, true polygon generation = 3-22 sides}, rays, four-point curves, brush masking, color replacing. Rub-thru drawing, pattern library with pattern draw, automate, normal and hail-bnto shadows, gradient fill, wrapping, variable speed air brush, two types o! Stenciling. 3-D perspective. And much more1 Originally available from Hoiosolt Technologies Compat Ole with ail Am gas and alt versions a! AmigaDOS T4007. Unicorn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at a remarkable price and we’re passing the savings on! All titles had original prices ot $ 49 95 to $ 59 95‘ All Aboul America Ages 6 11 T204I $ 16,95 Each of Ihese 16 stones wrll give your students an introduction to American History Stories are followed by reading comorehension and vocabulary questions. Land of the Unicom T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures of Slnbad Ages 9-14 T2043 S14.95 Aesops Fabtes Ages 6-9 T2044 S14.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9- T2045 S14.95 Fraction Action Ages 8* T2046 S14.95 Klnderama Preschool to First T2Q47 $ 14.95 Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 14.95 Math Wizard Grades 1 6 T2046 $ 14.95 Read-A-Rama Grades K to 3 T2049 $ 14.95 Read & Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 S14.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T205T $ 14.95 The Logic Masier Ages ID-Adult T2052 S14.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12T2053 S14.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 9-14T2CE4 S14.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 39.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 64.95 Design as a urus $ 14.95!k Three programs in one' Re-released from Compton's New Media. Walk-A-Dirosaur - you can walk either a Brontosaurus. Slegosaurus or Tyrannasaurus Rex through three ages. Build-A-Dinosaur by combining a head, neck, tail and body from several different real dinosaurs. Print-A-Dinosaur - you can print out 12 dinosaurs in their natural habitat along with descriptions, Using Dpamt you can also color your favorite dinosaur and print it out. Original price $ 49.95. T4005 DBFoRM 2.01 Only S29.95 A complete lorm design and invoicing system for business or home use. This remarkable program features powerful layout tools that are completely mtegraied with tne built-in database capabilities yie ding a completely configurable lorn crealion mvQicmg'database management solution Drawing features include selectable corner types, line weights, patterns and auto grid creation Imports IFF files. Text and Data features: specify a box's font and oomt size, use Bold. Italic and Underlined, al gn to left, nght or center, link text boxes so that text flows from one box to another, imports ASCII text files. Data fields’ fill order is user specified Printing features: onnt in text only mode for speed arc qual ty. Print text and graphics, print PostScript, printing can be scaled on both axis by percentage Many other features! A great value lor this powerful package' T4000 How To Order... From DevWare ToolChest, DevWare Public Domain and DevWare Video: Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and. If paying by credit card, the card's billing address. Then list the product codes of the items you would like to order (i.e. V2040, T2038, WB13A&B) and the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare • 12520 Kirkham court Suite1-AW41 * Poway, CA 92064 For orders containing public domain only add $ 3.50. Canada: also add $ .25 disk. Foreign: also add S.50 disk for air mail. For Sl other orders: U.S.A.: add $ 5. Plus $ 1 for each add'l unit shipped. Canada; add $ 7. Plus $ 1 for each add l unit--call for book shipping. Foreign: Call for shipping info. All payments in U S funds only. A mil inimum of $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. Or Order Toll-Free by calling:
(800) 879-0759 HomeBuilders CAD v2.Q $ 49.95! Bonus program now integrated: Deckbuilder's CAD Design and Estimating System tor Decks-a $ 99.95 value!!' The Music Corner OctaMED Professional, Version 4 $ 39.95! Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide! Available in the U. S. for the first time - exclusively from DevWare! OctaMED Pro is the definitive budget sequencing package. Discover what thousands of Europeans already know and love. Compose professional sounding music at a fraction of the price of its higher-priced competitors. CU Amiga Magazine says OctaMED Pro "has more, better implemented. Features than anything else on the market.'' Product code; T4001 An amazingly powerful program at an unbeatable price. OctaMED Pro features:
* 8 chgnnels of audio using the Amiga's own built-in audio hardware
* Utilizes 16 channels using any MIDI package for the Amiga.
* Includes it's own powerful sampling software to create your own instruments!
* Hg§ standard music notslien display mede! Compose & editing using tracker or stave formats
* Print Option - will print out all blocks in a song, complete with play list,instrument names, and tempo information. OctaMED Professional's pre-printed manual T4033 only $ 12,95 From a room addition to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include: 20 acre drawing area Accuracy to 1 60 inch. Supports buildings over 200 stories high. Over 300,000 layers. Over 60 predefined doors anO windows. Drawing features include PAN, ZOOM. ROTATE. COPY ADD TEXT, auto- DIMENS ONING, UNDO, and TOPOGRAPHY. View plumbing and electrical components separately. Automatically generates wireframe FRONT, REAR, and SIDE elevations. Spreadsheet-styie cost editor Calculates material, labor and overhead costs. Displays or prints cost summary or detail Calculates backfill and excavation costs. Easy-to-use documentation. AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB with hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Product code: T40Q2 Original list price: $ 249, HomeBjildeh’s CAD V2.Q Deluxe Version Get all of the above features PLUS: Contractor's Upgrade and HomeBuilder's Library T. Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items per layout...requires 2.5 MB of RAM. Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets T4032 Only $ 69.96! Home Manager Pro $ 29.95! Available exclusively from DevWare Organize your life with this indspensible information manager! Home Manager Pro contains the following modules: Address Book - all me fields you need for names, addresses phone *2. Brthdays. Anniversaries, and for notes. Appointment Calendar - wifi show schedule from day to day. Month to month and year to year. Area Codes Halt-screen listing of WORLD Area Codes and their matching, major cities Fully searchable database by Area Code. City cr Country. Contacts Database - Keep back of all business and personal contacts with all necessary information and history. Inventory - Keeps track o! Home and Business Inventories, and also Totals Costs and Total Values. Ideal for insurance purposes Separate module for keep mg track of all computer products NotePad - ASCII Text Editor has search, replace, and other editing features. P!us an editable Macro setup lor up to 10-255 character macros and or 20 full text file macros. Importable into any word processor. To Do’s - Keeps track ot Personal and Business To Do’s. Wallet - Keep track of all your credit cards, licenses, etc. Contlg - Configure for: type of phone line you have, which serial device, datafiles location, autosave choice, iconize on startup, data format. And time (ormat. All areas have: an online Alarm Clock function, online help window, extensive search capabilities, palette control function, full print features, uniform display of date and time, and much more how did you ever manager your rife without Home Manager Profes&onaP Product Code: T4035 miga Musicians Floppy Magazine The Disk Magazine for anyone who has an Amiga and likes music! If you want to learn more aboul using the Amiga as a music computer, then AM FM is for you. Each disk contains news, reviews, previews, hints & tips, tutorials, new sounds for popular synthesizers, lots ol great Amiga music, and the latest sound and music utilities! Each issue contains 2-5 Amiga songs, 2-5 MIDI songs and 4- 8 Sound Music Utility programs! The AM FM Sample disks are chocked full of superb quality samples from the latest and best in synthesizers, drum machines, etc. Call or write for a complete catalog ot the AM FM series. Pricing: AM senes disks; $ 9.95 each. Special offer: Buy 4 and get the 1 free! Buy 7 and get 2 free!! SM senes disks; $ 7.95 each. The DevWare Too'Chest. A quality line ol low-cost software, presents poweftoots for your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of ail. You support the independent Amiga developer. The "RK" anthology are registered, fully-functional versions of the cream of the crop in shareware titles Amiga mustc-ans will want to check out our brand-new AM FM series...they're packed with fantastic utilities! Now, many of our programs have reduced packaging to lower the cost and pass the savings on to you, your wallet and our environment. Satisfaction Guaranteed Designing Minds Educational Software Worid Tour Series - Take a trip this summer and explore tfe world- right from you' home. Complete tutorials provide mtormation on capitols, currency, govern ment. Languages, religions, Hags, and much more. Features include: lully colored maps which show average rainfall, population, topography and other facts: timed quizzes; digitized sounds and music; high quality graphics and animations; prints award certificates: word search puzzles; quizzes; and more For ages 9 to adult. World Tour USA T4008 $ 16.95 World Tour Canada T40Q9 $ 16.95 Worid Tour Cenlral America T4CM0 $ 16,95 Worid Tour South America T4011 S16.95 Worid Tour Australia T4Q12 S16.95 World Tour Atrica T4013 $ 16.95 World Tour Europe T4Q14 Si 6.9 5 World Tour Middle East T4015 SI 6.95 World Tour India T4D15 S16.95 World Tour Russia West-Asia New'T40l7 S 16.95 Get any 3 World Tours T4Q10 $ 44.95 Gel any 5 World Tours T4019 $ 69.95 Gel all 10 World Tours T4020 S129.95 Spell-a-Fari T4021 $ 14.95 A new adventure m Spelling1 Friendly animal teachers. Mike the Monkey. Elly !he Elephant, Polly the Parrot will help your child become an expert spelling 'bee" Math Doctor T4022 $ 14.95 Teaches a new way ol learning the "old mathematics" with positive reinforcement, speech, colorful graphics and interactive help. Tho Talking Storybook Series An excellent reading aid. Each story session can be customized oy selling the speech, music, lexl highlighting and speed on off The Red Hen T4Q23 Si 4.9 5 Children learn the value ol friendship and teamwork. Nursery Rhymes T4024 S14.95 The Three Bears T4025 SI 4.9 5 All About Whales T4025 $ 14.95 Marvelous facts, pictures & explanations will lead children thru the amazing world of whales ABC'S T4026 $ 14.95 Solar System T4027 S14.95 Hundreds ol questions are answered in this Storybook as children take a fascinating tour of the Solar System. Get any 3 Storybooks T4028 $ 39.95 Get All 6 Storybooks T4Q29 S74.95 Crossword Construction Set T4Q30 S 16.95 Create your own1 Many great features including selectable background music and IFF pictures. Poco Man T4031 $ 14,95 Extremely challenging strategy log c game Over 50 levels of thought-provoking fun. Blues Tutor $ 29.95 New Release by DevWare - You will acquire an amazingly rapid mastery of the blues lorm! Btues Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how to play irue blues keyboard, utilizing left-hand bass patterns with varied chordal progressions, it is MIDI-based and utilizes your own sequencer (must read standard MIDI files), providing a familiar interface and also a ready means for recording progress. This program makes each step ol the process simple - so you can qurckly absorb the information and play actual pieces. Inslead of bogging down in the boredom of lengthy practice sessions, you will be constantly rewarded with the success of producing real music. When you complete the Blues Tutor course, you will have a real grasp of basic piano theory and blues harmony, This is the first and foundation disk in a series. Future disks will have more advarced playing and genres of music. Compatible with all current Amigas and versions of AmigaDOS. 1 0 0 % A DevWare TgolChest Exclusive! A complete, high- level programming language for only $ 19.95!
2. 0, Student! True BASIC Edition Product Code: T2033 "...After years of language and compiler hopping, I am convinced there is only one programming environment [his new release ol TrueBASIC lor Ihe Am ga si I that environment " = Amazing Computing, Sept. ‘92) | The most recent release of TrueBASIC, the powerful programming language from Kemeny & Kurtz, the original j creators of 3ASIC You will receive the Language, libraries for font support, DO files, script files, more than 30 demo programs, and a 200* page manual System | requirements: Any Amiga with one neg of memory Student Edition Highlights: ¦ you can run TrueBASIC programs ol any size ' Modem structured lormal allows you to combine small-1 er program sections into larger, sophisticated programs ‘ Superb buitt-in graphics and color capabilities...handles sound and music effortlessly.
• Advanced program editor enables you to quickly com- 1 pose or modify programs.
• Built-in math functions, debugging facilities, and on-line help tiles1
• Special Amiga font and IFF graphics handling leatures TrueBASIC programs are portable to DOS. Macintosh and most UNIX workstations. Now you can use the same program code across all platforms lor the powerful I portability that every programmer dreams about! Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra I - Now Only! T1074 T2034 T1082 T2035 T1093 T2064 $ 14.95
514. 95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95
514. 95 Algebra II - Now Only! Calculus - New Only! Pre-Calculus - Now Only1 Trigonometry - Now Only' Discrete Mathematics Probability Theory - Now Only! T2060 514.95 TrueSTAT - Now Only! T2Q61 $ 14.95 Get any 2 malh programs T2036 $ 26.95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 $ 94.95 Get all 8 Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95 Mozart's Music Master $ 29.95 Makes music reading and learning theory easy! Mozart's Music Masier has scored rave reviews Irom music major graduate students. With this new program you can:
• Learn music note reading (note recognition) in four clefs (Treble, Alio, Tenor and Bass). A timer with three settings can be used to limit time for note identification. Right and wrong answers can be tallied and displayed. • Learn interval shape recognition. This also can be timed and scored activity. * Learn interval ear training. ¦ Learn to identify scales using a graphic representation.
* Includes bonus feature.1 Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify symbols using its music terms database. Add your own terms to the data base with built-in text ppoces- sor. Mozart's Music Master with Music Tutor is easy to use and works with all current Amigas and versions of AmigaDOS. Product code: T4006 MegaTest $ 29.95 Attention Parents! Teachers! Available exclusively from DevWare This hypertext-like TEST and TUTORIAL AUTHORING PROGRAM is extremely versatile and can create tesi designs that integrate sounds, pictures and text into any question. Multiple choice tests can be quickly created with up to five possible answers, Features Picture, IFF sound and a separate text file can be keyed to any question When picture or sound is keyed to a question, appropriate button lights up alerting user. Test Mode and Tutorial Mode Score: number of questions missed and correct is tallied and displayed on the screen each time a question is answered. Will give customized sound feedback indicating a correct or wrong choice. Easy-to-use test maker is a separate progfam from the testing software. Several sample tests included. Easy-to- use mouse interlace. Supports all current AmigaDOS versions. Megatest is already being used lor studying for college exams, making tests to teach music to children in the home, using it as a test to identify bird calls, and more! An incredible value’ T4C04 Special Edition Toolchest HK1: Mega Ball . Tnis disk contain* th* full-relesse version ol MegeBall, compleie with the level editor to create your own challenging worlds to conquer. Thle geme la quite simitar to Arkanold and allow* two player* with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks! $ 14.95. RX2: ?.t3cnlli . This remarkable utility will allow you to record any mouse click or keypress and play It back as a macro at any 11m , inside any program. Also provides memory into clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-lo-menu and window cycling. $ 19 95. RK3 30 Objects an amazing collection ot tome ot the best 3D objects wo ve aver seen In Imagine formal. Running man. Spaceship*, staircase, hoverboats A much more Also texture map* to wrap around tom* of the object*... 1.SMB of data in all! $ 14.95 RK4: Home Manager Thl* program will help you keep track of your the! Complete address book, appointment scheduler, notepad, auto-xfater (require* modem), area-code utility and complete Inventory of all your possession* and credit cards. Extremely useful. Requires 1 Meg, $ 14.95 RKS; Diffusion an Alien terrorists plents e Nuclear Time bomb and you are Ihe onfy chance ol saving the worfdt Outstanding graphics and sounds compute th* mood of this futuristic race against Hme and devastation! $ 14.95. $ 3.95 ea. 11-19 Disks pra Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library 10 for 25 for 50 for 100 for S8.00 SI 9.25 S3 6.00 $ 67.00 See the DevWahe ToolChest to mail-in your order or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including. Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard
- An enhanced version ot Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting. And SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Ccmbat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pacman This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMan07. MazeMan and Zonix. FD1Q; HockLite A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-have classic This is the 2nd release of this game Great graphic interface Play lime several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Crass - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One. VideoPoker and more FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is by far the best Star Trok game over written lor any computer It featuies mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gamoplay. Counts as 2 disks Req 1 Mb and two drives (ot hd) FD13; Board Games ¦ contains Monopoly, Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games • DM maps, spelts, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hbail - an arkanoid-'breakout type game, Tnx - a Qix type dene DD83: ISM - Not one, buf TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS-DOS software with Amiga programs'!’ Comes complete with programs lo turn your Amiga floppy drives into 72CK IBM compatible drives FD17: Educational Games • This d=sk includes several games for youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also indudes Wheel ol Fortune FD20: Tactical Games - MachForce: A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robots. Simple words can t begin to give you the tool ol piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your eve*y whim. FD27: Arcade Games - Ths disk is loaded with some groat games includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different Courses, MiniBlast a helicopter gunship type clono, Shark in the same class as froggor. And Sbreakout the original breakout with more. FD31; Gamest - Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation, Black Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games. ChessTel - play chess with your friend n distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrinth - a well done text adventure name (tike an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32: Flight Simulator An instrument simulator for a DC10. FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a Mario Brothers typo of game. Gerbils a target practice game. PipeLlne a Gorman interpretation ot Pipo Dreams, Tron a light cycles verson, and Wetroids a wonderful version of astero-ds with a hilarious twist FD35: Omega = v 1.3( - An outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and mona. Tbs version is considerably faster and better that ail previous versions. Playtime:weeks. FD8B: AmyBoutderdash - a clone ot the original classic., extremely well done complete with level editor, 2 complete sets of levels and a level editor. Requires Workbench 2* FDS7: OXYD- A commerce! Quality game-similar to Marble Madness in nany ways, but allows two computers lo link & play together ...see how many of the 200 landscapes you can complete without having to get the hint book" FDB6: Uchess; The strongest playing Chess program available 'or the Amiga period Rsq 60030 f. Workbench?*. 4I.1B RAM or more. Supports AGA (req. 8MBI) WB130: ToolManger 2 ¦ The ultimate tool manager for your Workbench. Add animated icons, sound effects and docks' of programs lo your WB..very useful! Req 2 0* and hard drive W8129: Super Vims Killer - From Safe Hex Int'J, who catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses worlOwid&s complete virus sys- 1em that knows all Amiga viruses ...updated often. Rec WB ?* WB120: ColorFonts - contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use with Dpaint or any software lhat supports ColorFonts. WB127: Blankcrs - Over 20 dilleront screen bankers Most run on Workbench 1,3+.. a few require 2.0* WB126: EdPlayer ¦ music MOO player that looks. Ac1s and plays like your CD player. AmigaWortd s J*1 MOD utility. Plus MOD songs. DD92: Developer Contains the official Commodore developers kits tor the AmigaGuide and Commodore Install Utilities...a must have for aft serious developers. DD91: ParBench - Allows you to easily connect network two Amgas CDTVs together and share storage devices Req's custom cable (docs to make cable included--easy) DD90: Advanced Utilities • CompressDisk doubles the caaacrty ol your hard-drive on the fty with compression!1! Also contains; disk optimizer, SCSI mount utility, Keymap editors. Enforcer, Undeleter & more Most programs require 2 0*. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. FmC out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; Wbfi general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and entertainment. VCW are video related programs,'utilities and DD* advanced -requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI Thanks Io our extensive arsenal ot anti virus software. ALL ot our software is guaranteed v rus free' Bestseller! DD79abcdt Amiga “C" Tutorial - This ts the most comprehensive C language--Amiga orrentedsei of tutorials available, incudes full working examples, source code and an incredible set os lessons Included are full discussions and examples for Amiga programming. 4 disk set, counts as 3 New Disks Fun Disks FD39A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation - This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 5i2k FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance. One and a half years In fhe making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended FD57: Arcade Games Includes 2 truly commercial quality games MegaBall, an Arkanoid-ish game, fealures 5 musical scores and addicting gamepiay. Gravity Attack is a psychadel- lie trip through several different worlds each different. FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon Hi is an almost exact done ol the commercial game of the same name...a great sfcootemup.. Crossword will lake lists at wards & automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compatible printer. FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world lo destroy enemy installations Interferon; a great Dr Mano clono. Enigma; is it a game or puzzle? FD61: Games ¦ Solilane. Great graphics, plays two versions Klide: an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2 player kill O' be killed game YATC; A Terns dene with Artitical Intelligence. Genesis; create realistic 3d (racial worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done Worid War II gunner simulation. Requires 1 megabyte of memory FD64: Games Wizzy s Quest a ‘greaT 50 level game with great graphics. Cubus • a 3-dimensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions) Hnsker Du - Colors and partem rather than shape in this Tetris-esquo game; 5 screens and 3 levels of ditlicully. Requ>res Fat Agnus (1 Meg ot Chip) FD67: Arcade - Includes Llamarron a well-done 'Robotron' clone. Hate is a ‘terrific Zaxxon clone with multiple leveisAvorlds and smooth diagonal scrolling , a 10! FD69: MindGames - Had enough of. Shooi-em up games? Relax and et these 21 games exercise your mmd inslead cf your wrist FD73: Arcade Series - Intruder Alert’ is a MULTHevel "Berserk’ clone Features smooth gamepiay, great graphics & digitized sound l x FD74: Arcade Series - RingWar is an ’Outer Limits’ clone wilh vectorized graphrcs, MotherLode is a ‘Lode Runner clone with 50 levels! In BhtzTanks. They're coming at you from ail directions1! Call in an strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive! FD75: Arcade Series - Descender is a clone of rhe classic arcade game "Tempest"; complete with vectorized graphics Tanx is the classic battte ot trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done! Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too (Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory=Fat Agnus) FD77: Arcade Series - Gafoga'92 is a clone o! The arcade game with several gamoplay onhancemems-with smoooath, sharp graphics, it's bettor than the original! Pharaohs Curse is a done ot tne original C64 classic Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version ot the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or be conquered! The AmigaWorld "Best-Qf*1 Set! FD85ABCO: AmlgaWorttfs Best These four disks contain the fittest p d games of ‘92! Includes Mother Lode, Moria. Minefield, Poing. Intruder Alert, De’uxe PacMan Rocky and Super Artiiiery (boo Dec, '92 AmrgaWorld) Foui disk set. Counts as three. FD81: SuperGames - Some ot the Pest games-Donkey Kong is better than the original with an extra lev&! Frantic Freddie and TrailBlazer are both fast-paced arcade games. Mad 3omber is the classic game of "Kafcocm" redone wrth an Amiga Mare. All cf these games are excellent! FD82: Intrepid - In the Arctic ice. You control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly crafted Amiga original FDB4: Gamos! Deluxe PacMan is better than the ongma!- 20* mazes, special "powet-ups" with ouslanding graphics ThmkAmama Is the classic game ot concentration-with beautifully drawn HiRes images. Workbench Disks WB4:Telecommunication - This dis contains several oxcol- ient pd communication programs: Access 1.42. Comm t .34 3 Handshake, 2*1 £a Ses..als,a WB102 & flans. WB5: Fonts 1- 35 bitmap fonts Also included are five PageStream fonts.and ShowFon! - a font display program WB6: Fonts 1*2 ¦ ShowFont allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical lont Includes large AmigaDos system tonls (many up to 56pts) WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded with black and white clip an Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more, WB9: Icons ¦ Truly a multitude of various types and Kinds. Also includes IconMiester, IconLab. And others great utilities to help generate icons. WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contains the programs (hat should have been included with WB2+ These powerful utilities take full advantage of the many new capabilities that are available in Workbench 2+. Includes: Tool Manager - a wonderful utriily to add programs Jo your TOOL menu. Virus Protection • Degrader, icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show Air to display over 40 distinct icons for diftorent types of tiles. Bitmap Font Editor, Screen Blankers - aia fractals and splicers and swarming bees! Requester Enhancers and CPUBfiL Two disk set, counts as two FD3B; Games ¦ Cribbago Master A groat cribbago game and tutor, Spades • a well done card came, ChinoseCheckers - A computer version of this classic, Puzz ¦ a side piece puzzle game and construction set. Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions| asked.
* *Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! S3.45* ea. 20-29 Disks WB10; Virus Killers ¦ The best: VirusX(A.Q). Kv(2.i), and ZeroVirus ill. Y B12: Disk utilities ¦ This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging. Aisk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts of file manipulation A must have1 WB13AB: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers (including HP LaserJet 3 & 41), aiso includes a printer- driver generator. Two disk set counts as two. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project'time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WbtB: Word.Text Processors - This disk contains the best ednors includes,TextPius (v2.2e) a lull feaiured word processor, Dme(v1.35) a great programmers editor wilh strong macro features.TexED(v2.3) an enhanced Emacs t)pe editor, and a spell checker. WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great fonts These, like the Olher lont disks wotk great wilh Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot a 3-D mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined function, BezSurt2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map IFF imago files onlo any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere WB25:Educatlonal - On this disk are two programs lhat can generate maps ol differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Etnsfem General Theory ot Relativity WB27: Nagel • 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ot beautiful women V B29: Graphics and Sound - This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs producing stunning graphics, Includes. MandelMountains - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generate recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandelorot generators, also Mostra - ihe best IFF display program to date Sound - a greai IFF sound player, will play anything. WS33:Clrcui! Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiasm Including PC3tool - a circuit board dosign fool. LogicLab - circuit logic Jester, and Mead (1 26) a well done new release cf this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components fcr insertion into schematics WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk contains 3Fcn = s • Full vector lent set for use with 3d programs. FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3DShape • create 3d shapes from any image, DumptoiFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet. World3d - a demo of a Iron! End for use with OKQRender WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images. Roses ¦ produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose, SimGen - display those spectacular images as par: of your workbench and RayShade - a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one' WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books Ages 5 • 15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plofxy is a powerful full featured pioitmg package Used Dy many colleges and universities. Highly recommondod Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesseiator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly wet! Done, tuff featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your.- the Amiga. Similar to SdundTracker but better Very powerful’ easy to use program Version 3.20-ccmpat ble with WB2+ WB43: Business - This disk contains AnalyliCalc - probably the most powerful sareadsheet program on the Amiga A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Req. 1.2 MB Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with Wbi .3 & 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64"s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emufat on. Two disk set. Counts as two, Special price S49.95 - including hardware. WB46: Clip Art - HighRes clip ari with the tallowing motifs • embellishments (borders, dodads,...), people & transportation WB47: Clip Art - Hires clip art Motils • hair, drafting, summer, animals and macfood. WB48: Clip Art - Hires clip an Motifs ¦ Holidays, music, medical. And misc. WB50: Animation - Seven of the best euro-style animations or "Demos", including - scientific 451, subway, sunride, thrstde- ma. Tmght, waves, and woow WB53: Graphics Raytracing programs generate absolutely Stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, builcmgs.,. and surreal images C-Light is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's Kind we have seen to date This is easify better, and more lull featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds ot dollars. Also, sMovie - a lull featured video text filler similar to ProVioeo. Broadcast Titler. Great video scrollrng. Wipes, special effects, and more... WB54; Printing - This disk contains several routines lo help with the chore of printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD1 PrintStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila • with ease, print ASCII files lo a PostScript printer, and more WB55; Application - Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier make backups of copy protected disks RoadRouto ¦ find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like ’Dougy Houser M D”. Cat
- a calendar program. Mag man - a database tailored for articles and publications WB57; Animation - This disk has several ‘Demo’ style animations. Including, Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph WB52: Midi Utilities Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder win timebase. Display midi into tile sequence player, and a few scores WB63: Disk Utilities A3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate (lies from your hard drive, performing tile backups, 3inary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, arid forced disk validation ot corrupt disks. WB66: Icons A2- Lot's of neat icons Aiso. Several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures. WB69: Music ¦ 90 minutes ol classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga, WB75: Music - over 100 instruments tiles (inst) and sampig sound files ( ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Incudes Ckbacct ¦ the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display WB102: Telecommunications - Contains the programs Ncomm 2 0 and VT100-29B Zmcdem protocols, XPR protocol support, full VT100 emulation. Ncomm's script language is so powerful it can create a tull-te3tured BBS system. WB106: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address bock with an autodialer notepad'to-do iist appomtment sched- ulentilome inventory database and phone number dialer. WB108: OctaMED - This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels to an ear-popping 8 channels! All the renound editing capabilities of MED plus 4 more channels! It you thought your Amiga sounded good betore .you aint heard nuthin yeti WB109: VerscY ise ¦ Dispfay, search and print Tho Now Testament WB113: Sid If - Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utility, when this one will do il all plus much more’ A truly professional-cal- tber program Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. Sid 2 will astound you. WB114: Fonts **4 - Contains 36 bitmap system tonls WB115: Telecommunication - It you have AmiaaDOS 2 04+ and a modem, then this is THE program for you. Term totally ccrfotms to the User Interlace Style Guide for 2 04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular lile-lransfer protocols through XRR libraries We wish all programs were this good. WB116: Databases • This is what you've been waiting lor! Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for tracking Videotapes. CD’s, Magazine Articles, Comic Books and Trading Cardsl WB120: Grinder • a complete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's, Jpeg, Neochrome, Degas. PCX, Targa. TIF=. HAM-E and IFF format pictures. An invaluable tool for all desktop-videographers and desktop publishers, Wbllfl: Amiga Beginner - You asked tor ft! A complete tutorial tor the beginner on using the Amiga. Starts you oft al the power-witch and Takes you through to the CltiSheli and all points in between Bonus: Also included are 16- ccw icons to replace emy Icon in your 2 0+ Workbench W8t21: ProPage3 Enhancer - This disk contains over 40 "Genies’ for use with ProPago 3.0, including useful ones like Make Pie Chart and Resize Text to tit Box to name a few. Also includes structured & bitmap clipart for unique borders., a must have for all Ppage 3 users WB122: System Optimizer Kcommodity enhances your syslem, gives memory meters, mouse-keyboard enhancements. Online timers plus many others ..too numerous to list' Reorg will optimize hard and lloppy-disks lor a big speed increase. HDMem will allow you to use up to 2 megs ot hard- drivu space lor virtual memory1 (Req 68020* w MMU) All programs require 2.0+ WB123AB: Flags of the World - same as WB124. But tor Workbench 1,3. Req. 1MB. 2 disk set, counts as two. WB124: Flags ot the World - Two modes: click and Isarn or a game to test your knowledge. Great graphics-lantastic learning tool Has current Russia & Yugoslavia republics. Rea. Workbench 2.0+ & 1MB RAM Y BB1: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program. Don t let the ease ot use tool you, this is a very full loaiured database program including full printer control tor address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes. TypeTul a good typing lutor, RLC a full featured label printer, Banner, a multi-Ion) banner maker, and Budget a homo accounting in a program Highly recommended WB82; Animations - Four lull length, well done move’ style animations Including. Coyote. Jugglerl). GhostPool, & Mechanix. 2 disks, counts as 1. WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras a2 Contains the utilities that Commodore should have sh pped with the Amiga: VirusX4.0. Snap, FixDisk (recover corrupt-'deieted files). Disk Optimizer (tioopy & hard). Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel.. macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubuster)and PrintStudio WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade: we've seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Full budgeting, transacton recording & report generation WB96: Dupers - Contains XccpyIII & Nib which will backup copy protected programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection irom several programs, anc SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmgaDOS copies WB99: Lifestyles - includes Agene family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages etC- Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design with instant feedback VOS: Modeling - This demo. Vertex, allows you to create 3-D objects without using the abstract X, Y and Z views Loads Sculpt-3D.'4D, Turbo Silver. Imagine, lightwave, GEO and Wavefront formats MaglcTween will metamorphasize any two pics and animate the “in-between' frames V06: 3D Objects - Contains 20 objects all in Imagine format. Includes a complete Amiga 3000, space station and much more1 VQ8: CompuCraphic Fonts- Conlains 2 Clipart-style fonts and 4 actual typefaces for use with WB2+ and its Fountain utility. Great tor Desktop publishing or titling, VO10: Imagine Enhancer- Iccons and ISL supplement the object and scene editors. VOU: Imagine Enhancer - T3D converts Imagine objects to OFF, NFF, VORT. Rayshade. MIF. DXF and POV formats. DD54: Compression • This disk is loaded with all ot tho pest tile compression programs and a ds lor tho Amiga. Many ol the programs can be used by the new user Includes Arc. Lharc, Lhvrarp, Pkax, PowerPacker a must have by al). Zip. Warp, and Zoo. DD71AB: C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Matthew Diilon's full featured, powerful C compiler 8 environment 2 disks, counts as 2 DD86: The Programmer - Includes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you lo create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generale ’C" source code or Assembiy-code Requires, and writes code for. AmigaDOS2+. DD89: Uedll - Probably Ihe most powerful text editor ever written for ihe Amiga Previously commercial, now public domain Req 1 MB Memorex blank disks-3,tft DSDD Canada Mexico add S. 15 ea., other foreign add $ .50 ea. Video Disks (.HO cents ea) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) (.67 cents ea) Dev Disks fonrs. And operates from the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with (his mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worhltime - find cut what lime it is in up to 50 global cities VVB119ABCDE: Font Sot This collection comans ovst 100 typalaces tor use with Professional Page 'PageSetler 3. 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185. 00 185 365 1x8-80 SIMM
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139. 00 139 270 4x8-60 SIMM
145. 00 145 280 25Gx4 - 70 PG ZIP
5. 00 80 160 304 256x4 - 70 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 Ixl -70. 80 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 1x4- 70 PG DIP. ZIP
19. 00 76 152 300 1x4 - 70 SC ZIP
18. 50 148 292 2x32 SIMM 70 Special 289 MBX i200z
159. 00 295 339 MBX I200XA CALL GVP 1230 4 megs CALL 162 225 DataFlycr RAM 162 225 385 DplyerSOO Exp SCSI .. 169 7 S“ir>F 17RMR I n .129 DaiaRver 1000 SCSI .. 159 1.76 MB Floppy Dr. ..CALL GVP A530 Turbo __ . . .559 2 1 ROM UP C, Kit . ......85 GVP I O Extender...... 229 2.1 Software Only ......45 Supra FAX V32 w cble ....269 Amiga 4000 ..CALL C-Ncl BBS Software ... CALI. Amiea I200C..... CALL ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 COD INFO Sc TECH: 408-899-20-10 Prim *nH At*ili>a|tTT of Fmducli K«: 408-8WS7fi0 BBS: 4O8-f.2W.H0 Subjnl In Oimgr Without Notice Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. The AMIGA SMART PORT™ PATENT PENDING NOW YOU CAN ENJOY: A PC style game port with TWO ANALOG joystick convertors, two separate digital ports for the mouse and joystick, and AUTO M ATIC electronic switching. Use the solid state circuitry and SmartPortCal utility program to tune the Smart Port to get maximum performance from your analog JOYSTICK Add analog RUDDER PEDALS and THROTTLE to your favorite games with FREE upgrade software Fighter Duel flight simulator included for a limited time! Send check or money order for 552.95 + $ 5.00 shipping to IniarACTIVE Digital Devices. Inc 2238 Nantuckett Court Marietta. GA 30066 or call (404) 516-0248 c-iDD Circle 68 On Reader Service Card. Better Concepts, Inc. Presents: PD MANIA We just reorired European CD’s rmtnining 1000s £ Megabytes dT compressed fits so get our catalog! 1 -500*25 Amiga (sales] 1-914-639-5095 (Info) 1-914-634-7097 (fax) XXX PKG i 1 5 disks contain trig wild digitized anims, pics, movies 6 morel Not far the weak hearted 1 Only $ 14.95 II Ov» tty ¦ XXX PKG A follow up to 1, More action with superb clarity and things you cant behevell WOWl Only $ 14.95 11 3£XA bAMlUtttU Usta lilkd w thc hottest pcs yuuvo ever sun an yuur computer! $ 496 You must be at least 18 years of to purchase AAA altwaic ' UTILITY PKG *1' 5 disks containing latest full working word processors, data bases, check book manager, home & small business clerk, music anim players + morel $ 12.95 EURODEUOPKGIl 10 disks containing latest dt wildest demos straight from Europe] Music and an tins that will blow you away! Some run over 15 minutes! Only $ 19.95 II games sampler pack 10 disks loaded with latest and greatest gomes. Many new imports that are cotataerdaJ qualtryll $ 16.95 Send $ 2 for full catalogs & sample PD disk] Shlpplng:Mln. Charge add $ 5-Call lor larger orders Better Concepts, Inc. 22 N. Main Street Suite 393 flew City, NY 10956_ Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. REPEAT OF SELL-OUT!! Used AMIGA 500s Unused Mouse and Manuals 90 Day Warranty Plus shipping and sales tax Visa MC or check 3 week delivery COMPUTERS FOR TRACTS, INC. 1930 Brea Canyon Road, Suite 1 30 Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(909) 861-5411 or (800) 523-9357 Outside CA Computer Paradise Authorized AMIGA Sales & Service Amiga Parts & Accessories AREXX users: Tired of typing programs for your arexx comp, software, then get: T-Rexx Professional With built-in support for 12 products and the ability to easily add more, you may never want to type again! Full Line of CD+G titles available! Ask for information regarding PCMCIA cards. Call Toll Free Today! 1-800-622-9790 Computer Paradise Rt. 1 Box 222 Hartville, Mo, 65667
(417) 668-5730 Circle 164 On Reader Service Card. New! BIGFOOT 2000 j 300 Watt A-2000 Power Supply From Micro R.&D. j 1(800)527-8797 : 1(308) 745-1246FAX _$ 189.00 Circle 99 On Reader Service Card. Thousands Of Disks With The BEST Amiga Public Domain & Shareware 2MB, 3MB, & 4MB 1 ¦800-CARDS4U Business. Grophcs. MODs. Fred Fish. Terminal Proqtoms. Workbench Utihtes. GAMESI 3D Objects & Tons Of FontsI Also check out cur Desktop Spacclhght Collection> rhareWare Coil For Your FREE Calolog Today! I -800*552'POWER p O Box 1898. Spring Volley. CA 91979 ¦ FAX (619) 670-9732 NEW MEDIA CORPORATION VlSA MasletCord Accepted Dealer Inquiries Welcome1 Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 453-0100 ManufacturersVDistributors’ Addresses A+LAG Daderiz 61 25-40 Grenchen, Germany 065 52-03-11 Abacus 5370 52nd St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616 698-0330 Absoft 2781 Bond St. Rochester Hills, MI 48309 313 853-0050 Add Software of Madison 1121 Alrita Court 4 Madison, WI 53713 608 257-9057 Advanced Micro Interfacing 292 Shirely Road Southampton. England SOI 3BI. 0703 51116-4 Amiga Tech Sdentific App. FO Box 201 Los Altos, CA 94023 408 756-4268 .Ami link 4512 Blue Heron Blvd. W, 118 Riviera Beach, FL 3340-1 407 844-3348 AmiTrix Development 7011 93 Ave. Edmonton, .-Mb., Canada T6B 0W7 403 425-1746 Apollo Mercury Alexandra House Swansea, Wales SA1 1BD 0733 391514 Armadillo Computing 5225 Marymount Drive Austin, TX 78723 512 926-0360 .ASDG, Inc. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Associated Image Group 14900 Landmark Blvd., Ste. 600 Dallas, Texas 75240 214 788-0066 AugmenTek 3606 S 180th St. C-22 SeaTac, WA 98188 206 246-6077 BCD .Associates 7510 N Broadway, Suite 205 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 405 845*4574 Bearded Wonder Graphics 1866 Ocean Ave. 5C Brookly, NY 11230 718 998-1776 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Road Gasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 Blue Ribbon Soundworks 1605 Chantilly Drive, Ste. 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315-0212 GenUiur Development
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, GA 90278 310 542-2226 Comeau Computing 91-34 120th St. Richmond Hill, NY 11118 718 945-0009 Commodore 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 800 662-6442 Cottage Software 3-3820 Regina Ave. Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4S OH7 Creative Focus Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NT 13745 607 648-4082 Delphi Noetic Systems 2700 West Main St. Rapid Citv, SD 57709 605 348-0791 Delta Research PO Box 1051 San Rafael, CA 94915 415 461-1442 Desktop Video Systems 141II West 95 th St. Lenexa, KS 66215 913 782-8888 DcvWare 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11 -A 17 Poway, CA 92064 619 679-2825 Diaquest 1440 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, GA 94702 510 526-7167 Diemer Development 12814 Undale St. Studio City, CA 91604 818 762-0804 Digita International Distributed by American Software Black Horse House Exmouth Devon EX8 IJL England 0395 270273 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Expressions Research W6400 Firelane 8 Menasha, WI 54952 414 733-6863 Digital Processing Systems II Spiral Drive Florence, KY 41042 606 371-5533 Dimension Technologies 2703 Vineyard Drive Erie, PA 16506 814 838-2184 Dineen Edwards Group 19785 West Twelve Mile Road, Suite 305 Southfield, MT 48076 313 352-1288 Dr. T*s Music Software 124 Crescent Road, Suite 3 Needham, MA 0219-1 617 455-1454 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Electric Theatre III Holme Ave., 2 Elkins Park. PA 19117 215 379-4538 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, GA 9440-1 800 245-4525 415 571-7171 Europress Software Distributed by Micro Pace GameTek 2999 NE191 St.
N. Miami Beach, FL 33180 305 935-3995 Gemstonc Group 2416 Independence Lane, Suite 108 Madison, WI 53704 608 246-8464 Grapevine Group 3 Chestnut St. SufFcm, NY 10901 914 357-2424 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337*8770 Gremlin Graphics Software Carver House, 2-4 Carver St. Sheffield, England Si 4FS (0742)753423 HiSoft 1Distributed by Oregon Research Hollyware Entertainment 13464 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Re)', CA 90291 310 822-9200 Impressions Software 7 Melrose Drive Framingham, C7r 06032 203 676-9002 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 612 425-0557 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Intcractive Microsystems 9 Red Roof Lane Salem, NH 03079 603 898-3545 Ixion Inc. 1335 N. North lake Way Seattle, Wa 98103 206 282*6809 jaeger Software 7800 White Cliff Terrace Rockville, MD 20855 301 9-18-6862 Konami 900 Deerfield Parkway Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 708 215-51CX) Lol>o Software, Ltd. 1400 Coleman Ave. Santa Clara, GA 95050 408 986-1414 Mach Ten Computer Products 28 Heathrow Manor Court Baltimore. M L> 21236 800 925-3587 Magic Matrix Station A, PO Box 2406 Champaign, IL 61825 Magni Systems 9500 SW Gemini Beaverton, OR 97005 503 626-8400 Micro-Pace Distributors 109 South Duncan Road Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1884 MicroBotics 1251 American Parkway Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 N EC Technologies 1255 Michael Drive Wood Dale, IL 60191 800 562-5200 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 Nucleus Electronics PO Box 1025 Nobleton, Ontario, Canada 416 859-5218 Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts Oploniea 1 The Terrace, High St. Lutterworth, Ixrics England LEI 7 4BA 455 558282 Oregon Research 16200 SW’ Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 503 620-4919 Pioneer Comm, of America 600 East Crescent Ave. Upper Saddle River, Xj 07458 201 327-6400 Power Computing Unit 8, Railton Road Kirkton North, Livingston Scotland EH54 6TS 0506 414631 Psygnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 617 497-5457 ReachSoft 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada L4B 1B9 416 731-4175 Renegade Distributed by Konami
S. AS Institute SAS Campus Drive Cary, SC 27513 919 677-8000 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 S. Tuwne Sq.. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Software of the Month Club 2180 Las Palmas Drive Carlsbad, CA 92009 619 931-8111 Software Toolworks. The 60 I everoni Court Novato, CA 94949 415 883-3000 Sony Corp. of America One Sony Drive Park Ridge, NJ 07656 201 930-1000' Spencer Organization 24 Wampum Road Park Ridge, NJ 07656 201 307-9099 SunRizc Industries 2959 S. winchester Blvd., Ste 204 Campbell, GA 95008 408 374-4962 Texture City 3203 Overland Ave., 6157
1. 05 Angeles, GA 90034 310 836-9224 William Hawes PO Box 308 Maynard, MA 01754 Zen Computer Services 2 Silver Birch Grove Swinton, Manchester M27 1FS, England
(011) 4461-793-1931 CSA's Derringer CSA’s 25 Mhz 68030-based accelerator for the A500 2000 provides a complete upgrade path. Expandable wilh up to 32MB of 32-hit RAM and a 50MHz 68882. 25MHz PRICE $ 569 I wilh 25MHz 6RNR2 and 4MB tif 32-hit RAM) DKB MeGACRlP 300-2000 Expand your Amiga’s graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! New, smaller version is compatible wilh all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2MB Agnus ~ $ 239 (Please specify NTSC or PAL) OZ Muo i- chh e M&C tf ffcewa fimttai) (2.04) Libraries. Devices, Hardware, Includes, & Intuition Style Guide tye o4 5foi $ 99! A1200 2000 3000 4000 We offer a complete line of Amiga systems in all price ranges. Call for info and pricing! DtairtattdSeatt 1L3A1LA. Here’s the Mitsubishi monitor you’ve been looking for! With a scan rate of 15.75-36KH ., and Composite video input, this 14" monitor is great for every Amiga from the A500 to the A4000, as well as all video applications. BiPiwall Exclusive $ 599 We thought you’d like to know that we:
* * Test and Format your Hard Drive Test and Install Memory Burn-in your Computer Burn-in your Monitor
* * Customize & Configure your System Purchase Offer trade-ins
* * Offer full service to APOs, FPOs and CFPOs A WOO Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 129 Insider 2 $ 139 DataflyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 DataFlver w 120MB $ 499 FastTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Keyboard w adaptor $ 99 KwikStart II $ 69 fmpactVision24 2.0 GVP has just updated this exciting product with new software, and a lower price! Features 24-bit graphics, genlock, frameg rubber, 2-input switcher, Caligari-24, MacroPaint and much more! Briwatt Price S12S9 CBM 2000HHP A complete 2.04 Amiga 2000 system with a 2091 SCSI controller. Quantum 52MB hard drive, and the A2000 Professional software bundle including Advantage, TransVVrite, PageSetter II, GoldFile, Paint 2000, Music 2000, MediaShovv and CrossDOS! A Gilf lT TsiJi GVP Phone Pak Use the GVP Phone Pak to create a complete automated answering machine. FAX machine and voicc-mail system on your A2000. Easy to set up. And sounds great! Now JUST S2U5) Gold Did Only $ 149! TV _n _ mtl wjvm maim Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder. VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardw are to control most camcorders and VCRs! July Highlights AD516 w Sludio 16 SI 279 A4000 030 25 4MB I20MB $ 1599 Caesar $ 41 GVP530 40 1 120 S599 Idek 5015A 15" Monitor $ 599 Koss Amplified Mini Speakers S59 Playmation $ 359 Flicker Blaster 2000 S219 Vlab - OK $ 399 Montage $ 379 ToaslerVision $ 139 DynaCADD 2D SI 99 Voyager vl.l $ 65 GVP Gforce 25 1 0 S459 PS400 Wand Scanner $ 719 Progressive Accelerators Scall ParNet S49 TREXX Pro v2.0 $ 169 Retina $ 499 Ami Back Tools $ 59 Vidi Sound and Vision $ 199 Twin Sound Stereo System $ 99 TV Paint Jr. $ 349 GVP G-Loek $ 399 Imagine v2.() w Ojects 2 $ 199 GVP 1230-40 40 4 $ 599 DeluxePaint IV AGA $ 129 Pixel 3D Pro SI 19 ProWrite v3.3 $ 64 Wacom Graphics Tablet Scall Chinon CD ROM Drive S389 Archive 250MB Tape B U $ 399 Write for your Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk Call us for ALL your Amiga needs B5UWALL Omm hmmu;A1200 $ 559 The Amiga 1200 boasts a full 32-bit architecture, 68020 processor. Workbench 3.0, the new AGA graphics chip set, 2MB Chip RAM. And an interna! IDE hard drive controller. We’re A1200 specialists, and can configure your new A1200 with hard drives, memory, accelerators, SCSI controller, and accessories. Call and we'll help you put a system together! Featured Products CSA’s Twelve Gauge 50MHz 030 accelerator with OK RAM. And SCSI interface $ 649! Vidil2 Color AGA graphics video digitizer $ 149 PCMCIA - 4MB memorv card - $ 229" 128MB Maxtor 2.5" IDEharddrive - $ 359 M1230XA - 50MHz 030 and up to 128MB RAM - Scall! 1-800-766-5757 (USA & Canada) Outside USA: (215) 683-5661 Tech Support: (215) 683-5699 Customer Service: (215) 683-5433 FAX: (215)683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8N1) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store Hours:Monday-Fridav 9AM- 6PM, Saturdav I0AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St.. KUTZTOWN. PA 19530 Also, see the Briwall ad in Desktop Video World! I&ettiimia MacroS vstemUS's Retina j hoard provides true 24-bit graphics capability at an unheard-of price. 'Hie Retina works in the A21)00, 3000 & 4000 and supports both the I084S and VGA-style monitors. Software support includes Workbench, An Dept. Pro. Propage and ProWrite. Brtwall Price $ 499 TAPtwoaM-fS Tape Worm-FS from Moonlighter Software allows SCSI tape drives to be used a hard drives. Perfect for recording long animations! Fal.I. imi Pkshng! T*0*A*S*T*E*ll Systems, Oven. Cozzy. F X. Books. Vision, Videos...Call! Syquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 389 88MB w Cartridge $ 499 105MB w Cartridge $ 729 MANIA es on Great Drives! From 120MB to 1.7GB...the highest quality drives with the lowest cost per MB. Call for comparisons! UNLEASH THE POWER! The Publising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239.00! PROFESSIONAL FW SSIONAL Any Visa or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. Software shipping charges are $ 6.00 per total order via UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental US A. All orders over $ 300 are insured at the customer’s expense. All returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything. AH refunds are subject to a usage fee. Ad prices are subject to change without notice. Federal Express Charges for all orders under 20 pounds; 2nd Day Delivery --$ 13; Next Day Delivery - $ 17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Call for rates. THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Amiga At Work Only the most wooly-mincled Ami- gan could fail to realize that our beloved machine is under serious threat. A W does a great job month after month in showing its capabilities and how to realize them. (And a big plus for this reader you do it in an adult way, without glitzy presentation.) But you could do more. What I would like to see is a new department in the mag perhaps called Amiga Pro in which you give pithy case histories of the Amiga at work in the engine-rooms of society: industry, science, design and control engineering, the arts, education, public sendees. That’s the kind of thing that will grab the eyes of both corporate and individual buyers of new technology. Derek O'Reilly London, England Monitor Madness When 1 bought my A4000 last week I asked the salesman about the best type of monitor for my new investment. I soon felt like Captain Kirk on a hostile planet without my universal translator. I was standing there with my head nodding in ignorant acknowledgement as he described all the screen options. I decided to do some research before selling my 1084S for a new monitor. My head was still spinning when I got my June issue of Amiga World. Sheldon Leemon, I thank you! Your two great articles fixed my universal translator and stopped my head from spinning. Thomas Healy Ixike Oswego, OR Review of Reviews Your magazine does have articles about very important and interesting issues, but simply not enough. More detailed information and longer standard reviews of new products would greatly enhance and improve Amiga- World. I would like to see more standardized reviews for both hardware and software, such as a star svstem or a
* 4 scale from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5, which would be graded by your writers according to their opinions. This would allow readers to make a more informed decision from a standardized table of grades that would accompany each product’s review without forcing them to read between the lines of your articles. I shay Raven Sherman Oaks, CA I soon felt like Captain Kirk on a hostile planet without my universal translator. Game Plan Why did you cut the “Game Pre- serve” by 25%? I’m an avid game player and I depend entirely upon your magazine for coverage. I think that you are catering to a minority of Amiga owners in the video production field at the expense of everyone else. I person- all)* know three other Amiga owners and they bought their machines to play games and run simulations. Charles Sham pine Carthage, NY Along with video usage, games entertainment is one of the highest-rated applications among AmigaWorld readers. We don't take this statistic lightly, and, given the recent decline in game development, feel that our current coverage of this market is justified.. AmigaWorld will continue lo publish its monthly column on games, as well as its annual games issue. I appreciate your support of the magazine and your comments concerning the editorial content of AmigaWorld, and welcome the input of enthusiastic readers who help ensure that AW is addressing the needs of its audience. Dennis Brisson Editor-in-Chief Given The Rub The Amiga has evolved and specialized for better or worse into a few niches, most of which I have no interest in, I do mostly data analysis, financial and scientific projects. The Amiga has gone video and graphics and so 1 suppose Amiga World must follow, but I'm collecting too many issues featuring reviews, comparisons, and how-tos of fifty products 1 can neither use nor, in many cases afford. Dave Ceponis Berkeley, CA Share More Shareware 1 would like to suggest more coverage of public-domain and shareware software. Tim Walsh’s “On-Line Scan” is nice, but it needs to be two or three pages, not a half-page box. There are many fine programs that Amiga users may not realize even exist. Please consider expanding “On-Line Scan” into something wider in scope and more in depth than a couple of new files on the big pay systems. I feel that there is a lot of potential there that is being bottled up. Kari Hoyt Rothesay, Canada Got any great ideas ? Put it in writing and send it to The Last Word, c v Amiga- World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. M Even if you didn’t, Proper Grammar II can help you write as if you did. Proper Grammar II is an easy-to-use proofreading tool designed to help you improve your writing. It takes the guess work out of good grammar by detecting 95% of all writing errors. Use it with your favorite word processor to identify and correct embarrassing errors that your , word processor can ' not detect. Proper Grammar II identifies potential errors, indicates how to correct them, and lets you decide whether to make the change or not. By using Proper Grammar II you will have confidence in your writing, and increase your grammar skills. Grammar usage is a reflection on you -- make sure it is correct. 0 u ©
* ¥ SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 1 (800) 247-8314 Scribble! ASCII™ .TM SUPPORTS:
• Final Copy™ • KindWords
• PenPal™ • Excellence!™
• Pro Write™ • TextCraft Plus1' Requires Amiga with hard disk and at least I megabyte of memory. Products mentioned are trademarks of their respective ovc Circle 48 on Reader Service card 2 | J 1 M mi 1 K. Vw The Emmy-award winning Video Toaster gave you the power to produce broadcast quality video without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, the new Video Toaster 4000 gives you stunning effects, higher quality and state-of-the-art features you can't buy anywhere else at any price. Toaster 4000 takes full advantage of the powerful new Amiga 4000, the only computer designed from the ground up with video production in mind. Video Toaster 4000... nothing comes close. 4 Input Switcher Digital Video Effects LightWave 3D Character Generator Toaster™ 4000 adds over 50% more effects and offers improved effects quality along with an enhanced interface and user- adjustable effect speeds. Amazing new effects include photo-realistic color action effects, real-time animation overlays and warps with transparent drop shadows. Nov with 275 resizable PostScript fonts, multiple fonts on a line, variable transparency, 24-bit ToasterPaint brushes and seamless image compositing. Featuring hundreds of new capabilities, it’s easier to use, faster and lets you play back animations overlive video in real-time! Call 1-800-847-6111 for more information. = wT= 'Complete systems starting at well under S5000. Base system includes Amiga 4000'020 computer. 120Mb hard drive. 10Mb RAM. Toaster card and software. Call 1-800-847-6111 for the Toaster dealer nearest you Toaster owners: Cali NewTek for upgrade information. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Video Toaster. LightWave 3D are trademarks of NewTek, Inc © NewTek, Inc. 1993 K

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