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Text files from WordPerfect (both .Amiga and MS-DOS versions), Pro Write, excellence!, scribble! And Transwrite can all be imported into the program. For on-the-fly text generation, a text-entry tool is included for dashing out short bits of text such as headlines, titles, and subheads. Unfortunately, that same import flexibility is absent as far as graphics are concerned; only IFF bitmaps and Professional Draw clips are supported. While PageSetter 3 will display color graphics (up to 16 colors) on any Amiga, A1200 4000 owners receive the added bonus of being able to display 256-color graphics on screen in their documents. While graphics add impact and increase the readability of your document, font handling is truly at the heart of any desktop-publishing system. PageSetter 3 supports both Compugraphic and PostScript Type 1 fonts, although only one font is shipped with the program: CG Times. The product packaging claims that PageSetter 3 supports PostScript Type 1 fonts; unfortunately, that support requires the use of the included “font manager" utility (created by Eyo Sama, former publisher of AMIGATimes), which converts Adobe Type 1 fonts into Compugraphic format fonts. The font manager is easy to use, although Gold Disk should have hard-coded support for PostScript Type 1 fonts into the program. For desktop-publishing applications, the proof is in the printing. PageSetter 3 offers more flexible printing features than any previous version of PageSetter, supporting color output to a wide variety of printer types, including PostScript. I tested PageSetter 3 on a number of different output devices, including a 9-pin dot-matrix printer, an HP-compatible laser- printer and an inkjet printer. The Compugraphic font output was crisp and legible in all of the samples I printed. Speed was a problem with Continued on p. 68. : Epson introduces eyes for Amiga. Coupled with an ASDG AD Pro driver, Epson offers the best flatbed scanning combination available for Amiga, Greater speed and higher resolution is a given for both models, and whether you opt New from Epson. For the 600C or 800C model, you always get 24-bit single pass color scanning with almost 17 million colors. But Epson also offers an automatic document feeder attachment and an add-on transparency unit, which give you the flexibility to scan slides. And of course it's High resolution color scanners. All protected by Epson’s one-war warranty. So drop by your computer store soon and take a look or call 1-800-289-3776 and ask for representative 81 for more information. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with an Epson scanner. EPSON We put the ultimate Amiga display devices monitors on display, and reveal the “bigpicture” involved in choosing one. BY SHELDON LEEMON HAT’S THE BEST monitor for your computer? That question is not as easy to answer as it might seem. It’s a little like asking what is the best car to buy. If you’re 20 years old and single, the answer might be a Miata, blit if you’re 40- something with five children, a Voyager is probably a better choice. In selecting a monitor, as with choosing a car, you must consider suitability as well as quality. This is especially true of choosing a monitor for use with an Amiga. Although the various Amiga models can be made to work, after a fashion, with almost any kind of monitor out there, very few monitors work well with all Amigas in every situation. To match a monitor with your Amiga, you must first understand what kinds of signals the Amiga can generate, and which of these signals the various types of monitors accept. Display Details .All .Amigas can produce die three main ty pes of signals computer monitors accept: digital RGB, analog RGB, and composite signals (though some models require the Commodore 520 adapter for the last). Therefore, the critical factors for determining whether or not a particular mode will display properly on a certain type of monitor are the horizontal and vertical scan rates that the mode produces. (For details on the Amiga’s display modes, see “In The Mode,” p. 31.) The original .Amiga 1000, 500 and 2000 models output their signals at a single scan rate, which differs slightly depending on whether you are using the US display standard (NTSC) or the European one (PAL). These frequencies are 15.72 Khz horizontal and 60 Hz vertical for NTSC; 15.72 Khz horizontal and 50 Hz vertical for PAL, Because these are the same frequencies standard televisions employ, you can use either composite or RGB monitors with these modes.

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Amiga World Vol 09 06 1993 Jun

Document sans nom An IDG Communications Publication Find 00 = d ;0C y+’iar Find Com II Release 11 f «i Ih«r*
• Mrkt f» 7i cJattin jr* jr !jt « «• '.' I * tlx, Uvfim 'fc r** ti 4f%ln
* rit r**'i »
• ¦•II TV I r* Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy 11 is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench ( or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compgraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and public-domain fonts. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy H's graphic features include: nhiect-oriented, . S,mc.ured tools for ]ines, and screens having up to 2->6 colors. Pinal Copy II now available in American English, British English, German, F''e"c and French-Canadian versions ts the best selling word processor for the Amiga in the world. As stated in a recent AmigaWorld review, "FinalCopy II pulls into the lead of the Amiga word-processing pack. SoftWood, Inc. 1(800)247-8314 drive or 2 floppy drives, or greater.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard To use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2.1 C rete 87 on Render Service card GOLD DISK AUTHORIZED SOFTWARE CENTERS Alaska: Best Electronics. Anchorage,
(907) 278-9288 Alabama: Alabama Computer, Huntsville, (205) 837- 9324 Arkansas: Jungkind Photo Graphic, Little Rock, (>01) 374-8305 Arizona: ATKCo Computers, Phoenix, (602) 264-0524 California: Transnational Electronics. Anaheim,
(714) 630-8644 Winners Circle, Berkeley, (510) 845-4814 KJ Computers, Granada Hills,
(818) 366-9120 Century Computer Systems, La Habra, (310) 694-5397 Creative Computers. Lawndale, (310) 542-2292 Computer Guild. Mission Viejo, (714) 931-1355 Applied Computer Systems, North Highlands, (916)338-2000 Computer Showcase, San Francisco,
(415) 664-0484 HT Electronics, Sunnyvale, (408) 737-0900 Daraplule. Watsonville, (408) 724- 3322 Florida: Computers Plus. Daytona Beach. (904) 252-6442 Computers Plus, Jacksonville, (904) 268-2359 New Age Electronics, l-argo, (813) 530-4561 Creative Equipment, Miami, (305) 266-2800 CuntjMttcr 1-1 tic, Pembroke Pines, Purchase any new Amiga System from your Gold Disk Authorized Software Center and Add the Power of Award Winning Gold Disk software for as little as $ 99.00 !
(305) 435-1118 Computer Video Associates, Pinellas Park, (813) 576- 5242 Amazing Express, Tampa. (813) 977-6511 Georgia: A.C.S., Norcross,
(404) 263-9190 Indiana: CPU, Inc,, Indianapolis, (317) 577-3677 Kentucky: Expert Services, Florence,
(606) 371-9690 Mr. Horan's Computer Lab, Louisville. (502) 244- 9595 Maryland: Professional Micro Services, Baltimore, (410} 366-0010 Buried Treasure, Rockville. (301) 770-6778 Software Advantage, Rockville. (301) 424-3024 Michigan: Computer Link, Garden City, (313) 522-6005 Slipped Disk, Madison Heights, (313) 546-3475 Nebraska: Double E Computers, Omaha, (402) 334-7870 New' 1 Hampshire: Digital Connections. Dover, (603) 742-2233 New jersey: Golden Hedge, Cherry Hill, (609) 354-1500 New York: Microworks, Buffalo. (716) 873-1856 Digital Dimensions. New York. (212) 727-3290 Oregon: Cackamas Computers, Clackamas, (503) 650- 0701 Pennsylvania: Mega Bytes, Pittsburg. (412) 653-9050 South Carolina: Computet Port. Spartanburg. (803) 574-9679 Texas: The Station, Austin, (512) 459-5440 Computcr-Easc, Corpus Christi,
(512) 882-2275 Metropolitan Computers. Dallas. (214) 702-9119
• Microsearch, Houston, (713) 988- 2818 Washington: Spectral Electronics, Bellevue, (206) 451-4075 Omni lnicrii.ition.il Trading. Seattle,
(206) 628-2925 Nybbles and Bytes, Tacoma. (206) 471-0400 CANADA: Alberta: The Computer Shop of Calgary, Calgary. (403) 243-4356 A Plus Computers, Edmonton, (403) 448-0632 Software Supermart, Edmonton, (403) 425-0691 Desktop Computing, Red Deer, (403) 342- 4444 British Columbia Computime Computers & Software, Prince George, (604) 564-3778 Conti Computer Systems. Vancouver, (604) 734-0606 Wi ard Compurcrs. Vancouver. (604) 321-7144 Manitoba; Adventure Software, Winnepeg. (204) 942-4752 Ontario: Oby’s AMIGA Computing Shop, Sudburry, (705) 524-5826 Neutron Computers, Kitchener. (519) 742- 9821 Lynx Technical Service. Retail Price: $ 295.00 Retail Pricer $ 199.95 Retail Price: $ 199.95 AM POWER PRICE $ 39.00! ADD POWER PRICE$ 38,00! ABB POWER PRICE $ 89.00! Ultimate DTP Bundle Professional Page 4.0 and Professional Draw 3.0. ADD POWER PRICE $ 149-00! Whatever you’re into Video, Graphics, DTP, Business or Home Productivity, you want to get the most out of your new Amiga! Adding Powetfd Gold Disk software to your system will help you get the job done. And these special prices mean you can Add the Power you need at a price you can afford! The new generation of the Amigas are more Poivetfd than ever. Add Gold Disk software at these special prices and you’ve got a deal too good to pass up. But you'll have to hurry as this Poweftloffer is only available for a limited time. Visit your nearest Gold Disk Authorized Software Center and tell them to AddPower Today!
- i- Special prices available only at Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers. For the I rMCI name of the nearest Authorized Sofiware Center, call (800) GODDDSK Sofware must be purchased at the same time as any new Amiga system. Ojfer p q gox gtreetsville expires Jane 31 1993, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 2C2 Canada Dealers: To become a Gold Disk Authorized Software Center call (310) 320-5080 extension 122 Ottawa. (613) 237-4701 Computer Variables, Richmond Hill, (416) 771- 6807 Artisoft,Scarborough, (416) 282-7987 Cotnspec, Toronto, (416) 785-3553 Electronics 2001, Willuwdak, (416) 223-8400 Quebec:
M. S.I., Longuruil, (514) 670-7206 Softwares Co.. Montreal, (511) 737- 5865 Software House. Montreal,
(514) 374-3614 Saskatchewan: Computer Answers, Prince Alberr,
(306) 764-2983 Memory Lane Computers, Saskatoon, (306) 242- 4000 Professional Page 4.0 Add the Power of the Gold medal winner that "..redefines the standards in Amiga DTP..." and "...leaves the competition for dead.,."! See for yourself why "..laying out pages has never been so simple!" ¦ AGA support for 256 colors on screen. ¦ Built in Text & Paint edicors. ¦ Genies for automatic page layout. ¦ Pantone Color Matching ¦ Hot Link to Pro Draw* Pro Calc and Art Department Professional. Professional Draw 3.0 Add the Powetfd package rhat sets the standard in Amiga structured drawing. Create stunning illustrations, graphics and type effects! ¦ Extensive drawing tools. ¦ Scale, skew, & distort tools. ¦ Gradient fills. ¦ Fit text to curve. ¦ Panrone Color Matching. ¦ Hot Link to Pro Page and Art Department Professional. ¦ Jaggie free, high res out put to any preferences or Postscript print. Video Director Add the Power of Desktop Video Editing. Turn your Amiga, camcorder and VCR into a complete editing system! ¦ Includes SmartCable to control VCR & camcorder. ¦ VCR style transport controls. ¦ Add titles with your genlock. ¦ Tape Library catalogs all your best shots, ¦ Point Sc Click to define clips. ¦ Cut & Paste to arrange clips in desired order. ¦ VideoDirector automatically performs your edits. P Professional Calc 2.0 Add the most Powerful Amiga spreadsheet available. Now with full AGA support! ¦ AGA support for 256 color charts & graphs. ¦ Overl25 math, statistical, financial and trig functions. ¦ 3D Sc 2D bar, pie, line, column, x-y, and area graphs. ¦ Full Arexx support including Hot Link to Pro Page. ¦ Collapsible outlines. ¦ Pushbutton toolbar for fast access to most features. Retail Price: $ 199.95 ADO POWER PRICE $ 39.00! ' ' IV24™ 2.0 PRODUCT LAUNCH Rocket Science Made Simple ...HIGH FLIER VERSUS “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” With some 24 bit video boards you pay your money and take your chances. Chances that they'll be up and flying in the future. Chances that all the "enhancements'1 they promised will be around tomorrow. Let's be fair. Where do things stand today? IV24 (85 O O o o o o o o § o § Integrated video genlock ... &
1. 5MB 24-bit, 16.8 M color frame buffer 5$ Real-time framegrabber digitizer De-interlaced video flicker eliminator -------------C?5 VIU-S' with RGB, composite, S-VHS input outputs .. Optional VIU-Cr pro-grade component transcoder (Betacam, M-ll compatible) input outputs .. 2-way moveable, sizeable PIP (picture in picture) display, (video over application or application over video) 55 Digital and analog key inputs ..... Captured image retouching processing .... Video switcher transitions &> Real-time 24 bit paint Titling character generation . 5 Animation 3-D rendering £5 Karate game ... Q The VIU Advantage: From the very beginning we figured that people who purchase a serious video card want much more than fun and games. GVP is serious about video! So IV24's Video Interface Unit gives you more choices for inputting and outputting video signals than any other Amiga® peripheral on the market. Period. Nobody else gives you a VIU splitter, let alone one that integrates video from computer sources, component tape formats, composite video, even broadcast professional formats in any combination you can imagine. GVP also offers an international (PALI standard IV24. Software Brigade Desktop Darkroom '10 Capture images in Desktop Darkroom or bring stills in from other applications for professional processing and retouching, using filters, special effects and color separation. My LAD™ • Hot-switch between 2 video sources with 50 packaged video transitions for live action production studio effects. Macropaint-IV24'v 2.0 • (New release Significantly enhanced!) Paint 24 bit graphics from a stunning palette of 16.8 million colors. Then key video over graphics or graphics over video. Access Arexx scripts directly. Caligari24v • IV24's newest software bonus is a complete 3-D modeling animation rendering package. Desktop animation's future on your Amiga today. In a showdown of 24 bit video boards, IV24 rules the pack. So how will you spend your video future airborne at full thrusters...or grounded, waiting for parts? For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215*337*8770 For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. *600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337-8770 • FAX 215-337-9922 IV24. VIU. Desktop Darkroom. MyLAD. And Macropaint arc trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Caiman is a trademark ol Octree Software. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. OpalVision is a trademark of Centaur Development All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, FEATURES On Display you care to send our way l ight here every month. REVIEWS A1230 Turbo+ Accelerator By Sheldon Leemon 24 Yes, we’ll give you the specifics on a dozen and a half different monitor models. But we'll also show you how to choose based on the system you have, what you use your computer for, and how much money you have to spend. In the Mode By Sheldon Leemon 31 Whether you use your computer for productivity, graphics, or video, understanding the many different display modes your Amiga offers will help you to work more effectively. From ECS to AGA, PAL to NTSC, HAM8 to Super72 we’ll make sure you get the big picture on better displays. The AW Amiga Fonts Buyer’s Guide Part 2: Video Fonts By Geoffrey Williams ..3o More than 40 font collections in half a dozen categories for ever}’ kind of video-titling job you might encounter. With comparative evaluations, sample output, and expert recommendations, “Head-to Head” Competition By Morion A. Kevelson .41 Scanning in photos, graphics, and even text is easier find more affordable than ever before. Here are comparative reviews of 15 scanners (plus software interfaces) spanning a wide range of performance and price from handhelds to wands to heavy-duty flatbeds. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .. 6 “They also serve who only sit and evaluate” (often long into the night, die editor adds, as he takes the occasion of our Special Review Issue to salute those who participate in Aws product-rcview process). Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ... 60 Try these easy techniques for creating fancy real-time animation tricks with simple paint- program graphics and an ordinary genlock. Video Suite By Paulo de Andrade ..64 Knowing how to use special-effects software Yes, our Annual Special Review Issue has roundups, buyer's guides, and reviews oj everything from monitors (above), scanners, accelerators, and video gear to font sets, graphics programs, music software, and even the new Lemmings sequel. June is bustin' out all over with Amiga products galore! Such as Morph Plus, ImageFX, and Imagemaster can provide you with exciting yet economical transitions for your everyday video-production work. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ..8 Amiga news and new products. List of Advertisers ......65 Help Key 88 Tim provides the “As” to your “Qs" when the subject is trouble with a capital “ I .” The Last Word ...... 96 Well take a Message to Garcia, a Zimmerman Note, a Purloined Letter ... or anything else A W Product Information. ...... 94 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue oi'AmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. Toaster Cozzy (Heifner Communications) .....19 Enables A300Qs to use the Video Toaster. PageSetter 3 (Gold Disk) ...22 New features for the popular DTP system. DeluxePaint IV AGA (V4.5) (Electronic Arts) ...... 68 Dpaint now makes full use of die AGA chips. Caligari24 (Octree) .69 Major upgrade to a leading 3-D package. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 74 A Ws games expert takes on the challenges of Shadow of the Beast III in this months tips- antl-tricks column. Lemmings II: The Tribes (Psygnosis) ......74 The long-awaited true sequel is here and those cute little creatures now come in 12 different varieties. A Lot Like Lemmings, Too.....78 Four Lernmings-inspired games, including Troddlers (Storm), Pushover (Ocean), Goblins 2 (Coktel Vision), and Contraption Zack (Mindscape). Short Takes ..84 Capsule reviews of new games: Nigel Mansell's World Championship (Gremlin), Hook (Ocean), Nick Faldo's Championship Golf (Grandslam), and Robocop 3D (Ocean). WE RE LOOKING FORA FEW GOOD AMIGA DEALERS Creative Equipment International*, newly appointed Commodore Amiga distributor, is now recruiting Amiga resellers in the United States. Accepted applicants will be able to take advantage of special programs offered by CEI. We believe that our dealer support of quality resellers is the key to success. If you think you have the "Right Stuff’, call your recruiter, Msgt. Dawn Miller at: 1(800) 334-3122 ty Be all the Amiga Dealer you can he! Creative Equipment International Commodore Specialists since 1977 Accepting applications from current and prospective new Amiga Dealers.
• i» Not affiliated with Creative Computers Commodore and Amiga are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines Amiga World Dale Strang, Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughner, Managing Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Joel Hagen, Peter Olafson, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1.800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Safuti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd.. Fourth Floor,; Burlingame, C4 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCoIe, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager Debbie Bourgauh, Fulfillment Coordinator Subscription Services: 1 -800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan Af. Hanshaw, Director of Operations Monica A. Lougee, Administrative Assistant Customer Service Liaison William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collectiojis Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP AmignWbrU (ISSN 0883*2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Amiga World is published monthly by lecbMedia Publishing, Inc., an 1IX1 Company. 80 Elm St., Ivterborough, H 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year; $ 57.97, two years; $ 83.97, three years; Canada, $ 41.97 = includes GST), and Mexico $ 38.97. foreign Surface $ 49.97. foreign Airmail S84.97. U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank. Prepayment is required on ail foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates arc onc-year only. Second- class postage paid at JV-tet borough. Nil. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-
0100. Kill ire contents copyright 1993 by Tech Media Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication may be piinted or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to.'I miga If 'odd. Subscription Services, PO Box 595, Me. Morris, II. 61034-7901. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co.ArniguWorhl makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings, and diagrams published in the magazine. Amiga World assumes no responsibility for damages flue to errors or omissions. Printed in USA. Power Up Your Amiga ! A500 USERS Switch" to disable the whole unit for compatibility with older games, and GVP's exclusive internal mini-slot expansion connector for adding our optional 16MHz PC286 (PC Emulator] module! The A530-Turbo+ also features a 40MHz 68EC030 CPU (accelerator], optional 40MHz 68882 FPU (Floating Point math co-processor, and 60ns, 32-bit wide FAST RAM. If you already own a hard drive, call for details on our great "A530-Turbo+Trade-Up!" Deal. Don't let anyone tell you that your A500 is obsolete!
- Adding a GVP A500-HD8+™ or an A530-Turbo+™ will make your A500 feel like a totally new machine. Our A530-Turbo+ will make your A500 fly 4 times faster than an A1200 and many applications will run almost as fast as on an A4000! All this for much less than buying a new A1200 with a hard drive! Both the A500-HD8+ and the A530-Turbo+ feature beautifully styled cases, fast DMA SCSI controller with external SCSI ''pass through", SIMM sockets for adding up to 8MB of FAST RAM expansion, built-in high-speed SCSI hard drive (choose from 40MB to 540MB!|, "Game A1200 USERS The A 1200's AGA graphics are great, hut they eat up memory and can be slow with the built-in 68EC020 processor and no FAST RAM. GVP now offers two exciting Power-Up solutions. GVP's A1200 SCSI RAMV* (a.k.a. "FANG" features SIMM sockets for up to 8MB of 60ns, 32-bit wide FAST RAM expansion, a high performance DMA SCSI controller allowing installation of an internal 2.5" SCSI hard drive, and an optional 33MHz 68882 FPU. The optional external SCSI connector kit allows you to attach large SCSI Hard Drives, CD-ROM drives, SyQuest drives, Tape Backup drives, or any other external scsi device. Although the A1200 SCSI RAM+ supports faster FPU's, our tests show that the A1200's 14MHz 68EC020 cannot really take advantage of a 68882 running faster than 33MHz. If you want your A1200 to fly past the A3000 and approach the A4000's performance, our A1230 Turbo+ accelerator (a.k.a. "JAWS"] is for you. The A1230 Turbo* features a blindingly fast 40MHz 68EC030 CPU, SIMM sockets for up to 32MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide memory expansion, and an optional 40MHz 68882 FPU A2000 USERS Don't let anyone tell you that the A2000: is obsolete! Adding a GVP G-Force 040 33MHzr without using a Zorro expansion slot or a peripheral bay. The G-Force 030 40 is equipped with a 40MHz 68EC030 CPU and 68882 FPU while the G-Force 040 33 features a 33MHz 68040 CPU (with built-in FPU and large cache memory) as well as a high-performance RS232 serial port two FIFO hardware buffers to prevent data loss and a parallel port to give you more flexibility to add modems, multiple printers, digitizers, etc....! Don't feel left behind by the A40Q0, power your A2000 beyond it with the awesome processing power, flexible SCSI interface, and unmatched expandability of a GVP accelerator. Accelerator will make your A2000 outperform the fastest A4000 040 and you'll spend a lot less! If you are on an even tighter budget try our G-Force 030 40MHz:m Accelerator and you will zoom past both the A3000 and A4000 030. All our G-Force Accelerators feature a high- performance DMA SCSI controller and 4MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide RAM, expandable up to 16MB by using our 4MB SIMMs. The G-Force 040 33 also accommodates our new state-of-the-art 16MB SIMMs allowing expansion up to a massive 64MB of fast 60ns, 32-bit wide memory. Our optional SCSI Hard-Drive mounting bracket turns either model into the ultimate "Hard-Disk-Card" We didn't become the largest Amiga developer by accident it took hard work, dedication, and engineering excellence. Don't take a chance. Choose GVP the winner of 4 Amazing Computing Reader's Choice Awards for your storage and acceleration needs. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.-600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337-9922 Amiga is a rtgisterteQ trademark of Commodore-Amiga. [nc. All olher trademarks are the property of their respective owners s T 993 Great Valley Products, Inc. A few words about the tests: The cpu and fpu test results were generated by AiBB 5.5 by LaVomte Koop. The Render test results for the A200Q were generated with Lightwave 3D by Newtek. The RAM and Hard Disk test results were generated with DiskSpeed 4.2 by MKSoft. £ DRAWER Dm A tip o’ the hat to some broad-minded AW staffers who keep readers informed about what’s good... and what’s not. Reviews in Revue Reviewers are the backbone of computer magazine publishing (next to editors-in-chief, that is). Most readers, eager to discover the latest products and updates for their systems, immediately turn to the review pages upon receiving their issues. So, it should come as no surprise that since its early days, Amiga World has devoted the lion’s share of its editorial in each issue to reviews. In a burst of originality, those first editors dubbed the section “Reviews,” which provided a fresh look at the products that were being developed for the burgeoning Amiga market. In this, our eighth year of publishing, Amiga IvorUl pays homage to those humble beginnings, while seizing the opportunity to incorporate several changes in the review process to ensure that reviews will remain an essential part of the fabric of the magazine. First, we are pleased to announce that newly named Senior Editor Tim Walsh will manage the Reviews section in each issue. Tim, a nine-year veteran of the computer wars, has yet to encounter a piece of software or hardware that he couldn’t tame. He will supervise an extensive network of qualified freelancers, who are itching to get their hands on the latest Amiga equipment. Many readers and vendors will recall Tim in his roles as technical guru of RUN and Amiga World, as well as the O driving force behind the successful special products division at both magazines. He now steps up to oversee AW reviews, and brings to the position a unique understanding of products in the Amiga market. Developers should send relevant information and products for review to Tim’s attention. Second, we’ve also taken steps to ensure that the entertainment side of reviews will he gamely covered. Games connoisseur Peter Olafson, who maintains a playful perspective at all times, will considerably expand his involvement in the magazine’s game reviews. Beginning with this issue, Peter adds a new feature to the Game Preserve column: a rating system that will tell readers at a glance whether or not the game merits their consideration. In addition, he’s included key information prominently displayed with each review regarding compatible operating system(s), copy-protection, and hard-drive installabilitv. This makes it j easier for you to glean the information you need. As long-time A W readers will attest, Peter, who has been a keen observer of the games market for manv vears, has O _ j had an influential voice in the magazine’s games coverage in the past. His opinions, couched in a sharp-witted writing style, are well-read and well- respected throughout the industry. In addition to these improvements in the regular review columns, it is appropriate to note the efforts of Senior Editor Barbara Gefvert in this, our annual Review Issue. Barbara has assembled an impressive array of feature reviews, roundups, and buyers’ guides on a variety of essential items includ- ing monitors for every kind of application, scanning devices and support software, and font collections for any video-titling job. At this stage in the Amiga market, it is particularly relevant to rededicate ourselves to offering complete, unbiased, and timely reviews. Commodore has introduced its line of AGA machines, which solidly positions the computer manufacturer at the forefront of the graphics and video field. Third-party developers have followed with products and applications that take advantage of the machines’ new capabilities. .And we can anticipate that we'll see more new products based upon emerging technologies. But innovation oftentimes breeds uncertainty. This “new generation of machines” has raised questions and confusion about software applications, upgrade possibilities, compatibility with existing hardware, and new developments 011 the horizon. Amiga World will address these concerns regarding current products, and monitor new developments in this industry. We feel confident that reviews will continue to rank highest in popularity among A W readers, and serve as a haven for weary Amiga travelers seeking reliable evaluations and truth* fill answers to their questions. As always, the lines of communication are open here nx. Amiga World, We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding these changes or other industry-related topics. !¦ u A. AMIGA® THE VIDEOGRAPHER'S VIDEO-MAKING COMPUTER. FOR ANIMATION, GRAPHICS, CHARACTER GENE RATION, AUDIO, ETC. B ei- OAY - OP ANY BIG EVENT IN YOUR LIFE t *4 "V ¦ ! * : , 1 " J I C. CAM CO R DER ANY FORM AT FORL1V E VIDEO ' •'? 1 b. DECK VCR. ANY FORMAT. WITH PRE-RECORDED VIDEO oun Tn ource eper r ecorde of ideotape or live lime input G-LQCIC BY GVP FOR SIMPLE TITLING OR MIXING IT ALL TOGETHER m&m the building Blocks of Better Video Video: A Cut Above G-Lock's six video control panels enable you to perform a wide array of special effects on still or motion video including... ? Colorizing for unique visual effects. ? Creating your own "classic" black and white videos using the Colorkill feature ? Color filter effects. ? High-quality keying effects with bitplane or chroma keying. ? Manual or automatic (ARexx triggered) fades and cuts. Audio: Sound Designs G-Lock's dual-input audio panel switches, mixes and shapes sound for effects such as... ? Combining stereo channels or separate inputs without a "Y" adaptor. ? Treble and bass equalization. ? Plus, add DSS8 or any Amiga created modified digital audio samples to your final mix! Professional video processing + audio processing + a powerful but simple interface + creative special effects, make G-Lock the cornerstone of your multimedia productions! G-LockM Makes Your Video Connections With:
• Genlock features for crisp overlays of scrolling, or static titles, graphics over live video and recording to videotape with high quality results.
• Simple, intuitive mouse-driven software control panels. Full Arexx, CLI interfaces and Workbench interfaces.
• Software selection of 2 composite video inputs or 1 Y C (S-Video) input.
• Software selection or mixing of 2 audio inputs with bass and treble control.
• Software-driven video processing amplifier, (proc ampl offering complete real-time signal processing control, including hue, brightness, saturation and more.
• Software-controlled RGB color splitter compatible with video digitizers like Newtek's Digi-View™,
• Built-in transcoder converts input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs.
• Full ECS AGA support for full compatibility with new A1200 and A4000 systems!
• Compatible with popular titling software like AmigaVision™, Scala-Multimedia 200™ and Gold Disk's Video Director™.
• Separate versions available for standards around the world. Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM. For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337-8770 CREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.-600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 A PHONE 215-337-8770 « FAX 215-337-9922 G-lock is a tratfemaik of Great Valley Products, inc. Amiga is a registeted trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc A i other trademarks are the property of their respective owners Circle 53 on Reader Service card OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks A1200 Star of WOCA Show NEW YORK CITY After a faltering start, Commodore feels confident that it has solved its AGA-production problems and is ready to meet demand. Support of the new Ami- gas and of older models was in evidence among both developers and users at the World of Commodore Amiga show in April. CBM Spotlight Commodore VP of Engineering Lew Eggebrecht kicked off the event with a keynote address full of details about development plans. Topping CBM's new-prod- ucts list are lower- and higher-end Amiga 4000s (RS 150). The former (A4000 030) is identical to the original A4000 except that a 68030 processor replaces the faster 68040, and its price tag is S2399, Meanwhile, the A4000 Tower (clue for release around August) adds a SCSI-2 connector, and provides News About News Art Department Professional has broken new ground with version
2. 3, which reads and writes in the NewTek Video Toaster's frames tore format. This allows direct framestore-to- Dl transfer capabilities via ADPro’s ABEKAS digital video driver. ADPro 2.3 also provides a direct memory link to Deluxe Paint IV AGA and Opal Pa int. This link lets you load images of any format ADPro supports from within the paint software. There, you can manipulate them using both paint and ADPro tools, and then save them again, in any format ADPro supports. (RS 131.) Thanks to a software update, OpalVi- sion is fully compatible with the Amiga 4000 and its operating system. All the bundled software has been improved. The paint program, in particular, has many new features, including more drawing modes, overscan painting, on-line help, and Arcxx implementation. Download the version-2 software from the Opal Vitwo video slots, five Zorro slots, three PC slots, six drive bays, and 250-watt power supply in an upright case. A new monitor (see the editor's note at the end of "On Display," p. 30) and a SCSI-2 hard-drive controller board should be shipping when you read this. Later this year, you can expect a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) board with stereo codec (compression decompression) via a 66 Mhz AT&T 3210 chip; a family of double-speed multisession CD- ROM drives for the A12Q0, A3000 A2000, and A4000 (CBM is negotiating with Kodak for Photo-CD support); and a display enhancer that deinteriaces AGA video modes and provides screen promotion to 1280x 1024 and scan-rate conversion to 72 Hz. More CBM plans involve full-motion video and sound MPEG, plus software and possibly hardware players and an authoring syssion BBS (310 793-7142) or get the nine- disk set by mail from Centaur for $ 10; an extra $ 10 gets you revised manuals that reflect the changes. (RS 130.) In its latest incarnation, Electronic Arts' music-compos it ion software has a shorter name: DeluxeMusic. The 2.0 version promises complete input, editing, and notation with multiple document support, Hide Reveal Project options, improved MIDI support, definable macros, and Arcxx linking. Dmusic now provides a stand-alone player module and over 20 instruments with multiple play styles. Plus, you can attach any instrument sample or MIDI channel to an instrument name. The program allows printing of your work through a WYSIWYG screen display that allows 48 staves and resposi- tioning of notes, chords, etc. (RS 132.) Digita International made a splash in the AGA pool with Wordworth 2 AGA. The updated word processor supports all new screen modes and graphics intem to support MPEG for title development. An impressive video-only MPEG "technology demonstration" seemed to be the biggest attention-getter at Commodore's booth. Though it will be at least a year until we see results, Eggebrecht said chip-set development will take a bi-level approach, with one set addressing low-end needs and another for mid-to-high-level use. A primary goal in development of the "AGA-plus" chips, he said, is to maintain backward compatibility. The low-end chip set will retain the architecture of current Amigas, but provide improved video bandwidth and resolutions, up to 16MB programmable chip RAM, an optional "chunky pixel" mode (wherein information is at pixel, not bitptane, level), 16 24 32-bit color modes, and more. The high-end chips will introduce a new architecture with on-demand DMA (letting ? Cluding those in HAMS format, and any created with Dpaint 4.1 AGA plus PCX files and shared palettes. Contact Digita for the £10 upgrade. (RS 133.) Aladdin 4D 2.1 promises speedier rendering, group levels, and a line-types attribute, plus support for AGA machines and files created with Art Expression (Soft-Logik). Simply send your registration card to Adspec to receive the free upgrade. (RS 134.) Real 3D has a new version and a new North American distributor. The Real 3D 2 ($ 699, Realsoft) animation, modeling, and rendering program offers particle animation, collision detection, inverse kinematics, skeletonal control, CSG and cubic b-spline objects. Other new features include a fully customizable ed- itor, savable macros, open architecture, and hierarchical object construction. A ProDraw clip converter allows import of 2-D fonts and shapes. Contact Godfrey & Associates for details. (RS 135.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. Everybody's talking multimedia revolution. Allow us to light the fuse. A lot of apples were bruised when we first introduced Scala, the professional presentation package. AnlmLab With this bonus program you can make your animations play up to four times faster! The press writes: "The word multimedia has been battered and misused... Scala on the other hand, know exactly what multi- media is and what to do with it!" Amiga User International (UK) "...the best program in show business." Amiga Format (UK) "Scala MM200 is the kind of software that many serious users simply cant't afford to be without." Amiga Computing (UK) With the new Scala MultiMedia MM2O0, they will be blown into oblivion! Let us introduce a few of the features that make Scala MM200 combined with the Amiga the world's most powerful multimedia environment: Scala EX A revolutionary new plug play system, for the integration of laserdisk, still video, MIDI, or CDTV sound in your Scala presentation. Extra EX'es, such as 24 bit graphic support and VCR control are also available. Scala Wipes More than 80 amazing, smooth and professional transitions provide possibilities previously unseen on the Amiga. Scala Sound Enhance your presentations with voice-over, music and special sound effects! Scala offers total control of recording and play-back. Scala Shi 4er Instant viewing c your whole presentation! You can see up to 112 pages at one time. Simply shuffle them around with the mouse! Scala Snap load A series of advanced techniques make Sca!« load and display pictures and animations faster than any other package! Scala LINGUA The multimedia language Lingua with its close link to Arexx puts the advanced user in total control! For a close look at the market leader In multi- media software, contact your dealer today! With ihe'hind cmiitanco of Th&rnEMJ,International C" anrf .7 ] Encyclopaedia Britanniea , - •' '¦*. >- • Filmed on location in Shaku&poarn' ’ - = i '¦¦' f Country. -( . Music by SCALA * Directed by Daniel Block - ¦*v- >' Produced by Jan Ivor Bruoroy 4wmm*sL'*'-' %¦ f?W W X Scroll text by Scala. SCALA Why make it harder? You specify bandwidth for individual tasks). Along with a performance increase of 12*20 times over ECS chips, the system promises compatibility with ECS. Also on the high-level list are DRAM and VRAM support, multiple blitters, 1Kx1K screens to 72 Hz, and eight-channel 16-bit stereo sound. Attendees asked Eggebrecht questions about the meaning of these announcements for currrent Amiga owners. In a nutshell, he answered that it's possible some current systems will be upgradable to AGA-plus, that NewTek may (hint!) Be working on a Toaster for the A4000, that configuring pre-AGA machines to run the AGA chip set is probably cost prohibitive, and that there are no specific plans for an AGA CDTV. A1200 Here We Come Amiga 1200s and Centaur's OpalVision board now with software version 2 (RS
130) were two of the hottest selling products at the show. But if there was a theme among third-party developers, it was A1200 expansion. MicroBotics may have been the first to develop for the A1200, with its MBX 1200 math-chip RAM board (RS 152), but it was definitely not the last. GVP, for instance, augmented its A1200 product line with the new A1200 SCSI RAM+ , a SCSI controller, RAM, and math coprocessor combo (see the review of GVP's A1230Turbo accelerator on
p. 14). (RS 153.) And DKB Software announced DKB1202 ($ 189.95), featuring a math coprocessor, sockets for up to SMB RAM, and a real-time clock (RS 154). From Elite Microcomputers come three A1200 products (RS 155). The Modular Expansion System ($ 50) lets you fit not one but two expansion boards in the trap door of your A1200. The 2 to 3, IDE ($ 50) lets your A1200 access two external hard drives. Meanwhile, both the Power Box (for the A1200, $ 175) and the Back Pack (A600 and A500, $ 110) accommodate additional SCSI and IDE drives and provide power supplies. CSA added to its product arsenal the new TwelveGauge ($ 699), a 50 Mhz 68030-accelerator and SCSI-interfaco board with room for 32MB of RAM and a 68882 math coprocessor (RS 156), Similarly, CD's new Viper 1230 (from S499) offers an '030 accelerator, battery-backed clock, sockets for a math coprocessor and up to 32MB RAM. It also has a DMA port that accommodates a plug-in card (Viper S2, $ 199) with internal and external SCSI-2 connectors. ICD also showed its Trifecta 500 and 2000 units combination IDE, SCSI, and RAM expanders for the A500 and A2000, respectively, (RS 157.) Other Business Sca a showed off IVIM210, an upgrade to its popular presentation package. Amiga- World erroneously reported that the earlier MM200 worked with the AGA chip set, but this upgrade, with its improved wipes and scripts, truly does (RS 158). GVP demonstrated the 2.0 version of its IV24 graphics board, which now comes with fufl-featured Caligari 24 3-D software, plus a redesigned MacroPaint, and MyLad and Desktop Darkroom programs. GVP's DSS-8 eight-bit sound sampling hardware now comes in a clear-plastic case along with new software (RS 153). Across the way, Microdeaf (RS 159) made sound waves with Clarity-16, a 16-bit sound sampler for just $ 249.95, and with Videomaster, a sound-and-video digitizer. Meanwhile, Electric Theatre played up its delightful Keys to Music, an interactive program that teaches both music theory and performance (RS 160). Migraph's new ColorBurst Color Hand Scanner ($ 549) drew a crowd (RS 161). So did Utilities Unlimited, with demos of its Em- plant board, which promises to run Mac, PC, and Atari software with tfie insertion of the proper ROM chips (RS 162). Soft-Logik showcased its new TypeSmith font editor and previewed the upcoming 3.0 release of its PageStream DTP program, which will support AGA colors and gradient fills as well as Arexx, (RS 163.) AGA support was also in evidence at the Gold Disk booth, which featured the latest versions of its publishing programs, Professional Page and Pagesetter 3. Gold Disk demonstrated AGA support on its Professional Calc 2 spreadsheet and Video Director VCR-hookup as well. (RS 164.) Moonlighter Software introduced a companion to its Ami-Back disk-backup program: Ami-Back Toots provides disk recovery and optimization utilities, and more (RS 165). What's It All Mean? While small by industry standards, the New York show attracted an enthusiastic crowd and provided a convenient platform for companies to demonstrate Amiga support. This market continues to prove its resiliency with dedicated users and developers. Commodore, meanwhile, seems bent on attracting new buyers. In fact, CBM hinted that it will make even more announcements at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. Check out next month's issue for that report! DB and BG While AGA-specific files have materialized on the networks more slowly than I had anticipated (see the Jan. ‘93 On-line Scan), I have discovered a wonderful compatibility of AmigaDOS 2.0- specific programs under 3.0. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Enhancing the Workbench and operating system of your A1200 or A4000 requires a creative mix of a half dozen 3.0 programs and a couple of 2.0 programs all of which are available on line. A quick search of AGA, A1200, and A4000 files on BIX, CompuServe, Genie, and Portal yields virtually all of the programs that follow. And installation rarely requires more than dropping a program's icon into the 3.0 WBStartup drawer. One program for AGA owners with ample RAM is MPEG Player, which lets you play JPEG animations under 3,0. As of this writing, no other program can deliver photographic-quality animations quite like MPEG Player without extra hardware. A lesser utility called New Look Menus gives 3.0-Work- bench and -applications dropdown menus a serious, professional appearance. Similarly, the latest version of Exploding Layers (often called “Exploding Windows”) gives a dynamic look that no other single utility can match. Serving duty on many non-AGA Amigas, it works like a charm under 3.0. New Pop 4.0 AGA an update of the beloved time, date and other-information keeper, takes advantage of the AGA chip set. Pkludge is another 3.0-specific utility. A mode-promotion program that automatically resizes your screen as needed, it is a must for A1200 and A4000 users. ViewTek, which works nicely under 2.0, is a mandator)’ item for 3.0. Currently at version 1.04, this small graphics viewer displays most common formats and plays animations. Installed as a tool using Tools Manager under
3. 0, it can save significant time reviewing graphics in a hurry. Finally, the 3.0-specific Window7 Blender creates a resizable window on a custom or Workbench screen with up to 256 colors. It seems to have little or no purpose beyond creating windows of blending, cycling colors and user-defined Mandelbrots, but its download numbers suggest that it’s the reigning champ of eye candy. Before I sign off: Last month's On-line Scan mentioned that you could access AmigaWorUVs area on Portal with the command GO AMIGA;3;I. The addition of another vendor in the same area requires that you type GO AMIGA;3;2 instead to enter the AmigaWorld forum. ? OVERSCAN Objects cTArt If you can't own the car of your dreams, at least you can drive it through an Imagine or LightWave animation. Exotic Cars Volumes I and 11 (S34.95 each, AmiGrafix) each features one high- performance speedster, plus bump and image maps for tires,instrumentation, and license plates; less-detailed objects for low-memory use; and full articulation. Depending on which 3-D package you specify, you'll also get special features designed to take advantage of that particular program. (RS 121.) Cyclemuscles ($ 99, Spectronics) gives you gain without pain: two detailed bodybuilder caricatures in 24-bit and HAM versions for use in Imagine. Running and walking cycles are included to get those muscles moving. (RS 126.) Shadow Box Need more expansion options than your Amiga 500 allows? The Eagle Shuttle Board ($ 799, Spectronics) connects to the A500 to provide A2000- like possibilities. The black tower-style case offers a processor slot to accommodate your Amiga's motherboard; a video slot and PC slots; four drive bays for mounting hard, floppy, and re- movable-media drives; and a 220-watt power supply for running it all. A separate case is provided to house your Amiga's keyboard, Spectronics is promising another version later this year for those seeking similar options on the Amiga 600. (RS 129.) Hebrew 101 MA-PITOM Software’s new interactive learning program MASPEAK-Jr. (S99) actually speaks Hebrew. The synthesized voice is adjustable in pitch and volume and has three default settings. With the help of four talking characters, this program aims to teach Hebrew with a director)- of over 700 files of traditional and modern prayers and songs. If that is not enough, you can create your own texts by clicking letters with the keyboard or the mouse while using the software's Hebrew Keyboard Map. Other features include the pronunciation of accents such as Israeli and Sephardic Hebrew and a letter-identifi- cation mode that explains a letter’s sound and use. The program requires Amiga- DOS 1.3-2.04, lMB RAM, and a Workbench 1.3 system floppy disk. (RS 120.) OVERHEARD ShowBiz Expo West expects to attract some 500 exhibitors (and many more video enthusiasts) to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 5-7 for its tenth-anniversary event. Call 213 669-1811 for details. Seeing is Believing MacroSystemUS's new Retina can be the instrument of vision for your A2000, A3000, or A4000. The card comes in 2MB ($ 599) and 4MB (S699) RAM configurations (the latter allows double-buffering). Because it does not require the video slot, Retina is compatible with NewTek's Video Toaster and Centaur's OpalVision. It can create a 16.8 million-color 800x600 noninterlaced display and can take 65,000 of those colors to create a 1024x768 noninterlaced display, or 256 to display at 1280x1024 interlaced resolution. Retina lets you display Workbench at up to 1900x1426. Depending on your monitor. (The board's DB-15 VGA connector and analog RGB output make it compatible with 1084, 1950, VGA, and better monitors.) What's more, Retina can display 24-bit images while emulating Workbench, and any programs that open on Workbench (plus some that don't) can run at Retina resolutions. Finally, the board comes with VDPaint 24-bit real-time paint software, and it supports MacroSystemUS's Vlab for 24-bit video digitizing. (RS 125.) Picasso, from German developer VH- tageTronic, also promises increased color and pixel resolution for Amiga 2000, 3000, and 4000 owners. The Zorro !l board promises to increase graphics performance significantly, even on an A4000. It offers several display options: a 24-bit (16.8-mil- Iton-color) 640x480 display; 16-bit (65,536 colors) in up to 800x600; plus an 8-bit packed-pixel mode (256 colors out of 256,000, up to 1280x1024) and normal planar modes with 2 to 16 colors. In conjunction with its Intuition driver, you can use the Picasso display as a replacement for the Amiga's native display. The driver runs under AmigaDOS 2.x and 3.0 and promises compatibility with all "clean" 2.0-supporting software. The board comes with 2MB display memory for linear or 64K-segment use. (RS 124.) Harlequin Plus = Amiga Centre Scot and) offers everything the original Harlequin framebuffer does and more. A full-screen four-bit overlay (16 colors from a 16.8-million-color palette) works independently of the main 24-bit display to give you 32-bit color resolution. You can now feed the Harlequin's standard output through a 24-bit color lookup table to facilitate real-time gamma correction, color cycling, or color transformation. Among the board's modes are true-color 15- and 8-bit modes (for 32,768 and 256 colors, respectively). There's also a pseudo-color 8-bit mode (256 colors from a 16.8 million palette) with color cycling, in which the board can hold up to six full-screen images simultaneously, ready for instant display. Both the NTSC and PAL models offer several revised square-pixel screen resolutions. A 4MB linear memory map is standard, as is a built- in genlock, and broadcast-standard output sync and signal levels.(RS 123.) German developerX-Pert hopes to make magic on your system with its modular Merlin board (distributed by Spectronics). Providing resolutions up to 1280x1024 noninterlaced, the board fits into a Zorro II or Zorro HI slot, providing compatibility with the A2000, A3000, and A4000. It features composite, Y C, and 15-pin Sub-D output, and allows up to 4MB RAM (the 1MB configuration is priced at $ 699; with 4MB it's $ 999). The board comes bundled with a real-time Workbench emulator that supports the A4000's AGA chip set, and TV- Paint Junior, a 24-bit drawing program. Two extension modules ($ 699 each) will plug onto the board to provide 24-bit digitizing (NTSC and PAL; 25 30 frames per second) and genlocking (video computer-graphics overlay). (RS 127.) 24-bit Video and Graphics System The OpalVision™ 2.0 Main Board A true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel and a maximum resolution of 768 x 480 (580 PAL). An internal card, it operates automatically in NTSC or PAL mode in any Amiga computer with a video slot (including the Amiga 4000). It's powerful VLSI graphics coprocessor enables stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth, hardware-controlled priority switching and scrolling panning effects. The board's state-of-the-art design allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double-buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes critically acclaimed and award winning Opal Paint™, Opal Presents™ and OpalAnimMATE™ software. The Best is now even more affordable! OpalVision Video Processor™ Plug this card into the OpalVision Main Board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality. It's a high-quality, real-time 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn't require a time-base corrector. And, it's a professional-quality genlocker with chroma and luma keying. The 256-level linear . Yip’ , transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live video sources on a pixel-by- f 'O'-' ' pixel basis for smooth vignettes, anti-aliased text and super-smooth effects. The Video Sandwich key ¦ ’ v ; allows you to insert chroma or luma keyed video between definable foreground and background
- i. ¦ layers of a 24-Bit image. It also provides real-time color processing of live video and an unlimited )r number of transitions and Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVision Roaster Chip and software. These include cuts, wipes, fades, and special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range of flips, tumbles, picture-in-picture, page peels and image wrapping. OpalVision Video Suite™ A power-packed video and audio mixing, switching, and transcoding device. This 19-inch, rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has its own internal computer and every aspect is software-controlled for precisely - timed and accurate functionality. TheVideo Suite includes a wealth of inputs and outputs.Thereare9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24-bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are : " - available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. Choose any 2 sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect, and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite. Video Performance Audio Performance Video Input Standards (User selectable); .... NTSC, NTSC 4.4, PAL, SECAM Audio Inputs ..10 inputs (5 left, 5 right) line level 20k ohms Video Output Standards: . NTSC, NTSC 4.4. PAL Audio Outputs 2 outputs (Left, Right) line level 70 ohms RGB output Bandwidth ...>7 Mhz Input Mode ....Differential for very low noise Composite (Luma) Bandwidth .. 4.5 Mhz typical Frequency Response 20Hz - >20kHz S-Video Bandwidth ..5.5 Mhz typical Frequency Equalization points .....59 Hz, 205 Hz, 790 Hz, Hue Control .+30 to -30 degrees 2.95 kHz. 12 kHz Equalization Range ...+ - 15db Video lock jitter ...... 15ns Total Harmonic Distortion ..0.05 % typical Horizontal position adjust .. -320 to +1000 ns Mixing level control0to-70db(independentsoffwarecontro!ledDAC's) Horizontal lock range + -1200Hz typical VU meters .. 10 steps -20db to +3db range Subcarrier lock range ....+ - 350Hz minimum Linear Keyer input speed >7 Mhz Save $ 600 on a complete OpalVision Video System! Buy an OpalVision Main Board prior to June 30, 1993 and receive coupons worth $ 600 off the Suggested List Price of the Video Processor and Video Suite. Proof of Purchase required. Call Centaur for complete details.
• • • Let’s Set the Record Straight OpalVision™ 2.0 (Main Board, Video Processor & Video Suite ) NewTek Video Toaster 4000 Hardware Operating Mode: Hardware Operating Mode: Real-Time, 24-Bit RGB 8-Bit Composite Video Supported Broadcast Standards: Supported Broadcast Standard: NTSC NTSC PAL NO inputs Outputs: Inputs Outputs: 9 Video Inputs 4 Video Inputs 5 Video Outputs 2 Video Outputs Key in out NO Master Sync Jn NO Supported Video Standards: Supported Video Standards: Composite Video Composite Video S-Video NO Y R-Y B-Y (YUV Betacam) NO RGB NO Audio Mixing NO 5-Band Equalization NO 10 Audio Inputs (5 Stereo Pairs) NO 2 Audio Outputs (1 Stereo Pair) NO 35ns Character Generator 35ns Character Generator Compatible with alt Amiga 3D software Includes lightwave 3D Full-Color, 24-Bit, 16 million color real-time animation playback in multiple modes HAM-8, Maximum 256,000 color animation playback generated through AMIGA 4000, not the Video Toaster Hardware Genlock with Luma keying Genlock with Luma Keying Chroma Keying on any cokw Video Sandwich Keying Transparency Keying NO ¦ ... -r .. . NO Transparency Keying «•.« iv ftivr «¦ * Integrates into the Amiga Environment Frame Buffer accessible by ali Amiga Software Takes over the machine Limited Frame Buffer accessibility to 3rd party software Numerous pre-sef DVE effects Vector-based effects editor for unlimited cusfom effects. Numerous, pre-set DVE effects NO Optional de-interlacing of Video and Graphics Includes Award-Winning OpaiPaint™ software with real-time 32-Bit painting Includes Toaster Paint’. Operates in inferior quality HAM mode, renders to composite software for viewing Time-Base Correction unnecessary for Frame Grabbing
* 2099 (Suggested Introductory Price) Time-Base Correction usually required for Frame Grabbing ¦ lUIBt ,l|ll.Bifcni U*-lHii . ¦ - .¦ i I. ¦¦¦¦¦¦ ¦ *2399 (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) "OpalVision is Awesome!” . Camcorder “...an enormous range of creative possibilities." Computer Graphics World "State-of-the-Art features” Amiga World "The overall champion of Amiga paint programs.” Desktop Video World "The verdict was.unanimous...Brilliant.” AMIGA Shopper "It’s a spectacular product" AMIGA Computing "The best paint program" Amiga Video Journal "...the finest, most versatile paint package an the Amiga." TV Technology Free IMAGINE 2.0 software! Jg | A $ 450.00 Value. Buy an OpalVision Main Board and get a free copy of Imagine 2.0 for OpalVision! Act Now! J This is a limited time offer. Imagine 3D - the popular, best-selling Amiga 3D rendering software now supports OpalVision! And you can get a free copy ($ 450 retail value!) If you purchase an OpalVision Main Board. This isn’t a sfripped-down, crippled version. This is a full version of the most powerful, award-winning 3D Tenderer, Imagine 2.0, now with full OpalVision compatibility Hoff's how it work*! Purchase an OpalVision Main Board beiweon February 1st and June 30ih. 1993. Send us a copy of the Invoice with your name and addiess along with your OpalVision Warranty card and wo'n send you a free copy ol Imagine! US. A. orders include tree shipping. Orders Irom outside (he U S A. ptease include a $ 20 shipping and handling lee. Please enclose an international money order or furnish your Vise. MasterCard or American Express Card number and expiration date. Requests (or Imagine and purchase documentation must be received by July 31st. 1993. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Phone: (310) 542-2226 FAX: (310) 542-9998 BBS: (310) 793-7142 ipl Created by: Opal Tech Sydney, Australia For information: 1-800-621-2202 Opaivson. Cpc'Panr One! Presents. OpalVsran Video Sute. Op5.V*on Vrdcc Processor ana OpaVr'-co Roasier Cn.-p are trademarks of Occl Technology. Ltd OpaHAmmMATE rs a trademark of Ccnlaur Deve=‘cnmcnS. Inc Video toaster lightwave 3D andTcas*cr Pant aro trodemadrs cf Newlefc. Fcx: Arnga «a regaiGced I'odrmo-v: of Commodore Aflvgo inc tochmcoi sDefpricafjonssubject to Change wincxji notice Circla 162 on Rea E GVP A1230 Turbo + Accelerator Accelerator combo board for the Amiga 1200. Great Valley Products, S699. System Requirements: A1200 Hard-drive installable. Installation: Easy Which Amiga model has six megabytes of RAM, comes with AmigaDOS 3.0, has full AGA graphics support, is faster than an A3000, and costs way under $ 2000? While the description almost matches an Amiga 4000, the price of that particular dream machine is over $ 2500. With the new A1230 Turbo + accelerator from GVP, however, you can catapult the lowly Amiga 1200 to near-4000 levels of performance and expandability for almost .SI000 less than the cost of a 4000. The A l 230 accelerator board provides a 68EC030 processor running at 40 Mhz, about one-and-a-half times as fast as the processor on the Amiga 3000. A major difference between this processor and that of the 3000 is that the EC ’030 does not have a built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU), Normally, an MMU is used to remap the Kickstart ROM to 32-bit RAM, but the A1230 contains hardware that allows it to perform this task without an MMU. T his board cannot, however, perform other functions made possible by an MMU, such as running the Unix operating system, utilizing the memory - management features of the A-Max Macintosh emulator, and using the Enforcer (a programmer’s tool) or virtual-memory programs like GigaMem that allow you to use parts of your hard drive as extra memory. Moreover, the board uses a surface- mount processor, so you cannot simply substitute a full 68030 for the EC part. GVP has indicated that it may make a model available with a full 68030 if demand is sufficient, but since most of the functions requiring an MMU are pretty esoteric, most users will not notice the difference. SIMMply RAM The A1230 also includes a socket for a 68882 math coprocessor and two SIMM sockets for 32-bit ex- To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. Pansion memory. The memory sockets can accommodate only CAT’s proprietary SIMMs, which the company sells in one-megabyte, four-megabyte, and sixteen-megabyte sizes (the same modules used in its 68030 and 68040 accelerators for the A2000). You can use SIMMs of two different sizes in the same hoard, however, so it is possible to come up with the various configurations of 1. 2, 4, 5, 8, 16, 17, 20, or 32MB. GVP has indicated that its initial plan is to sell this board with a 68882 math coprocessor and a single 4MB SIMM. You will, of course, be able to add more memory just by plugging in another SIMM module (and setting one jumper if you add a 16MB module). Because the 16MB SIMMs are currently pretty rare and expensive, the most popular memory configurations for the A1230 will probably be 4 and 8MB, at least for a while. My review unit actually had one 4MB and one 16MB SIMM, providing 20MB of fast RAM to go along with the standard 2MB of chip RAM. This total of 22MB is four more than you can fit on the motherboard of an Amiga 4000! The A1230 comes on a plug-in board that fits into the internal expansion slot of the Amiga 1200. Because this slot is covered by a plastic hatch, you don’t need to disassemble the computer for installation. .All you do is pry off the cover with a coin, insert the board, and snap the cover back on. This is easier said than done, however. Commodore didn't provide a whole lot of room for the expansion slot, and GVP’s board needs every bit of that space, so it’s a tight maneuver. (Removing the board is actually harder than plugging it in I had to push the edge of the connector with pliers as I pulled the board.) Still, the installation is much easier than taking the machine apart and putting it back together again. Even allowing for a brief struggle, the whole process took only about two minutes. After the A1230 is in place, you can start using it immediately, without having to install any software. GVP does, however, provide some utility software on a floppy disk to help you take maximum advantage of the board. The disk includes Commodore’s standard hard-drive installation program, which makes it easy to move the software to the appropriate place on the drive if you so desire. Tools of the Trade 'Hie three main programs that come with the board are GVPCpuCtrl, MemTest and GVPInfo. GVPCpuCtrl is the program that allows you to move the Kickstart image into 32-bit RAM. It does not, however, let you bypass the accelerator board as it does with other GVP accelerators. = T here is a hardware jumper available if you need to install an “on off switch for some reason.) The MemTest program checks the system’s memory, which is helpful when installing an additional SIMM. Finally, the GVPInfo program provides information about your system’s memory, drives, custom chips, and expansion boards. Adding the A1230 Turbo + board dramatically increases the speed ol the 1200. IIAM8 animations that played back slowly on a stock system played at full speed after I added the accelerator. Tests with AIBB 5.5, a commonly used benchmarking program, show that the Amiga 1200 with the A1230 installed is more than three times as fast as an unex- panded 1200, and more than twice as fast as a 1200 with 32-bit fast RAM and a 14 Mhz 08882 math coprocessor (see Table 1). It may be surprising, but the figures in Table 1 showing that the 1200 with the PCMCIA memory card was slower than an unexpanded 1200 are no mistake. T he PCMCIA interface may be fine for devices like modems and network adapters, but it creates such a bottleneck that it is clearly not the way to go when expanding your memory on the 1200. Finally, when compared to Commodore's other 32- bit machines, our Turbo 1200 was about 1.5 times as fast as the A3000, and not all that much slower than the A4000. GVP should be commended not onlv for the J technical feat of era mining so much power onto such a little board, but for coming out with this product almost as soon as the A1200 became widely available. The 1200 is an impressive machine to begin with, but with the 1230 board, it is nothing less than astonishing. For about the same price as an A3000 close-out, and in a package not much bigger than the 3000’s keyboard, you can have a system with more processing power, more memory capacity, and far better graphics than the
3000. The availability of the A1230 should go a long way towards convincing potential buyers that the low-priced 1200 is really a powerful and expandable computer. Sheldon Leemon Table 1: AIBB Version 5.5 Results System Integer Graphics Floating Point 1200 PCMCIA DRAM card
4. 34
1. 6
11. 57 1200 No Fast RAM
3. 64
1. 48
7. 27 1200 Fast RAM + 68882
2. 51
1. 26
2. 36 3000 25 Mhz 68030
1. 57
2. 54
1. 58 4000 25 Mhz 68040
0. 78
1. 07
0. 54 Note-. The values indicate the speed of the A1200 with the A1230 installed as compared to the other listed systems. For example, it is 1.57 times as fast as an A3000 at integer operations, but only about three-fourths as fast as an A4000. Tions. These include video scoring and editing, animation and graphics presentation, and devices such as the Video Toaster, IV-24, G-Lock, and SuperGen. Music for the Masses deep satisfaction of reviewing Amiga iYsoftware is watching programs evolve and mature. It is my pleasure to report that Bars&Pipes Professional has come of age. Already a full-featured composition and scoring tool, die release of this major upgrade makes it the control center for all sorts of multimedia applicaA multitude of improvements speed up the workings of Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0. -All graphical display and editing features have been honed, seemingly to perfection: Windows scroll, resize, and update with dead-on accuracy and speed; the interface design has the amazing Workbench 2.0+ look and feel; score output (printing) is considerably improved and tuned up; the song-con- struction window, through which global editing and arranging tasks are performed simultaneously across multiple tracks, is vastly improved, as are the section, track, and list-editing functions. A lot of the good news has to do with B&P Pro’s Tools, t he program’s unique method of doing almost everything, including input, output, transposing, creating harmony and counterpoint, and making articulations and arpeggios, Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 Blue Ribbon Soundworks, $ 429 All models. Minimum system: 2MB Not copy protected. Hard drive recommended. Major update of multifeatured music software. J I4 V ¦ vi s* v asm nu !© (*»u mM 0 ¦ HKHmtitl Jn* iKti !(} C M fw»|. Lit
• a. v>,» ¦ u r-y-i RmdySoft tncorpentod 30 Wertholm Court. 2 Richmond UK. Ontario, Canada UB 1B« Tel: (0111 73M1M F»*:|4l») 7M-U67 ¦+ ¦ * ReadySoft I The addition of A-Max il Plus to ReadySoffs acclaimed series of Macintosh emulators brings powerful new capabilities to your Amiga. Amax II and A-Max II Plus are hardware and software combinations that once you supply Macintosh 128K ROMs, run almost all Macintosh productivity software at full speed including Word, Excel. Quark Xpress* and Illustrator*. A-Max li Plus is an internal card which may be easily Inserted into a slot In your Amiga 2000 or greater series computer. Once Installed, A-Max II Plus provides AppleTalk* serial port MIDI and disk compatlblity with the Macintosh. The A-Max 2.5 software also features: support for Amiga hard drives, mouse, keyboard, disk drives, serial and parallel ports, processor accelerators, RAM, all normal video modes and screen sizes, de-lnterlacers, playback of Macintosh digitized sounds, Apple fmageWriter* emulation for 9 and 24 pin Epson* compatible printers, and access to Macintosh 5CSI peripherals through a hard drive controller's SCSI port. AM Ml II and A-Mai II Plus are trademark! Of ReadySoft Incorporated. Apple, Macintosh, Mac. AppleTalk. LaserWriter. LocalTalk. ImafleWrlter are registered trademark! Ot Apple Computer. Inc. All other trademark! Are the property of their reipective owners. The Wait is Over -V Multimedia producers will love Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0’s Media Madness module. Patch assignments, and looping and pattern passages. Many of the new tools belong to the Media Madness control set, and are discussed below. Other new tools include Tempo Tap (receives tapped notes and creates an overall tempo map), Pattern (graphics- based pattern recording, editing, and playback an alternative to linear track- based recording), Arexx Real Time In (converts Arexx messages into MIDI notes and feeds them into a track), and Pedal Meddler (simulates the three traditional piano pedals). You can now organize Tools into as many as eight Tool n * u Trays for each song, with the arrangements and parameters of each tool saved along with the song. A number of new and revamped Accessories also complement B&P Pro
2. 0. These external programs, configured to work within the B&P Pro environment, include MMC (MIDI Machine Control), MTC (MIDI Time Code synchronization), AmiLink (controls the Ami Link video-editing and machine- con t ml software via Arexx), PIP (controls the IV-24 picture-in-picture function), SvncPro (controls Blue Ribbon’s SMPTE sync box), Smoose and sMeriT (file converters ForSML'S ancl MIDI formats), and SunMPTE and SnnSet (control and allow access to SunRize’s Studio 16 software). Owners of Superjam! Or the One-Stop Music Shop will find Accessories that provide integration into the composing environment. Integration is the key word here. Every production task from the simplest theme-music score to a complex video edit involving animations, synchronized music, sound effects, and dialog demands its own particular means and methods. Every producer has a unique style and preferred way of’working. One of the marvels of B&P Pro’s design is its flexibility: There are always
o j several ways to perform any task, and several levels of complexity and control. This means all functions are available to users at all levels of experience; it also means it is as easy to edit and arrange at the micro level as at the macro. Coordination Madness One of the challenges of multimedia production is that several different events must often occur ar the same time. In the past, since most of us are endowed with only two hands, this has been an almost insurmountable problem, compounded by the fact that programs weren't designed to work together or even simultaneously. The Media Madness Tool Set changes all that. These new enhancements allow for a wide range of simultaneous and synchronized media events. Wow! Media Madness works by assigning events to particular MIDI notes on a track, with each tool or controlled application having its own track. These triggers, or hits, are recorded into the song format, allowing precise timing internally and externally. One tool, The Last Slide Show, shows IFF pictures on demand; AN I Mai plays animations; Command Performance sends commands to an Arexx port, a file, or a device (printer, serial, parallel); SunRize Out and SunRize Virtual Track control and trigger sample playback from either the 12- or 16-bit version of the board; Toast}' provides a graphical representation of the Video Toaster’s Switcher interface and a means for compiling Arexx scripts for all Switcher functions. Additional Media Madness tools can control GVP’s G-Lock genlock and IV-24 display hoard, Digital Creations’ Super- Gen genlock, Scala (multimedia presentation program), Pioneer Optical laserdisc player, MediaPhile video-edit controller, and the Amiga's internal speech and eight-bit sound routines. With B&P Pro’s facilities, I cut production time for these segments at least in half, a quite respectable profit margin. The above is by no means an exhaustive list of features and capabilities. I keep feeling that I should have some constructive suggestions for improving the program or adding features, but I have been so busy exploring and working with what is present that I am unable to generate a wish list. Bars&Pipes Professional has definitely come of age As of this writing, I have been working with the new version for only two weeks, and have put it to strenuous use in a video-editing project that has inundated me. For the introduction to each of four tapes in a series, I had to create, transfer to video, and score a complex series of still frames, animations, and moving video. The audio tracks are a mix of narration, sound effects, and music. Normally, this would have taken multiple video edits, two additional audio inserts, as well as careful mixdown, times four. By automating much of the procedure mature, but by no means old. Michael Hanish ? 50MHz 68030 CPU Memory Management 68882 MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE FastRAM and REALTIME CLOCK M1230 XA Get the fastest and most cost effective 68030 accelerator for your Amiga 1200. The M1230 XA comes standard with 50MHz processor and MMLI. Run your Amiga 1200 at twice the speed of an A3000 or A4000 30! Install a 68882 math chip running at 50MHz and blaze your way through raytraces and morphs or any heavy-duty floating point task. The XA uses an industry standard, 72-pin, 32-bit wide SIMM Memory Module and supports a huge 128 megabyte memory capability- the largest FastRAM space available for the A1200! It can use the same commonly available SIMM as the Amiga 4000! Don’t get stuck with overpriced, proprietary SIMMs and don’t cripple your machine with ultra- slow “credit card” memory. Available SIMM’s range from 1 to 128 megabytes; speeds as fast as 40 nanoseconds! M1230 XA is also available with a 33MHz 68030 or 40MHz EC030 installed. All processors are socketed for upgrading. AVAILABLE NOW! 68881 MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE FastRAM and REALTIME CLOCK MBX1200z Install MBX 1200z in the 150-pin expansion bay of your Amiga, and bring your A1200 up to full power- with hardware floating point math and up to eight megabytes of 32-bit FastRAM. Standard on the MBX 1200z is a Motorola 68881 clocked at motherboard speeds (14.3MHz). Speeds up math-intensive operations by as much as 55 times (AIBB v5.0 Savage benchmark). 25MHzor50MHz 68882’s optional. Add a 72-pin SIMM to MBX 1200z and average system performance will increase to 193% of a standard A1200 (or to 688% of a standard A500!). SIMM sizes supported; 1,2,4, or 8 megabytes. SIMM type is identical to that used in the Amiga 4000. Don’t slow down your system with sluggish, 16-bit wide “credit card” RAM! Get true 32-bit wide FastRAM access via MBX 1200z for maximum performance. The realtime clock calendar circuit is backed by a long-life, replaceable lithium battery and responds to AmigaDOS time and date commands. A MicroBotics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081 "Amiga 1200" is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. "M1230 XA’ and ‘MBX 1200z" are MicroBotics trademarks. Circle 6 on Reader Service card Provides Y C input output for theVideo Toaster, Owners of Super-VHS or ! Ii8 format video equipment who plan to buy a Video Toaster are often disappointed when they discover that the Toaster uses only composite signals, and not the separated video signals that their equipNow Introducing List Price $ 499- Vlab™- RealTime Video Digitizer Digitizes a full frame in l 30thofa second or 1 field in 1 60th of a second. Digitizes in full Broadcast NTSC or PAL Will save images as 24Bit, YUV, or any Amiga format including AGA modes like Ham8. The Vlab™ has 2 Composite Video inputs. The Vlab™ will work in the A2000, A3000 and the A4000 series Amiga Computers and does not use the video slot. There is also a Vl.abl200 that allows owners of the A1200, A500, A600 to also use the Vlab™. The Vlab™ docs not require a frame accurate video player to hold the image still to digitize. The Vlab™ will in real-time digitize any frame from the video source that you have connected. You can digitize images from cable TV, Broadcast TV, VCR, Video Disk Players, and Video Cameras. The Vlab™ is supported by popular Graphics software such as ASDG’s Art Depar™ent Professional, TVPaint by TechSoft, MultiFrame by MacroSvstemUS, There is a special monitor window that allows you to see the video signal that you have attached to the Vlab in a window on the Vlab screen In up to 16 gray scales. The Vlab™ software requires the 2.0 operating system or higher and is fully Arcxx compatible. The Vlab™ is compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision, Retina™, and Harlequin. The Vlab™ is also supported by the Nucleas Personal SFC. MultiFrame for AdPro Controls both ADPRO and MORPH PLUS operators from ADPRO. Perform ADO-style fly-ins of moving images easily. Multiple frame Multiplc Ripples, allowing ripples that start at different times that accelcrate dcccUerate over time. Create panning tilting camera effects on still images or sequences. Direct display to supported framebuffers. Circle 157 on Reader Service card. Ment is able to produce. Some of this concern is misplaced; you get the enhanced resolution of Super-YHS (about 400 lines as opposed to about 240 for regular VHS) regardless of whether you use a composite or separated signal. MacraSystemUS Mt.Clemens, MI 48038
(313) 263-0095 Phone
(313) 263-9639 Fax The real benefit of separating the luminance (the brightness or Y component) signal from the chrominance (the color or C component) comes in the form of reduced color bleeding and dot crawl in areas of high color saturation. These improvements, while perhaps not as significant as the increased resolution afforded by S-VHS and Hi8, are nothing to sneer at. Maybe that is why one ol the J Y C Plus Y C Plus, Inc., $ 949
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: A3000, Accelerator compatible. Video Toaster. Installation: Easy. Most-requested additions to the Toaster is Y C input and output capability. Separate Plans While NcwTtck hasn’t announced any plans to olfer a Y C version of the Toaster, Y C Plus, Inc. has come out with the next best thing. Its Y C Plus board takes the incoming Y C signal from your separated composite-video equipment, encodes it to composite, sends it through the Toaster, and then decodes the signal from the Toaster hack to Y C. The way it works is simple. There are six mini-DIN (S-Video) connectors on the rear bracket of the Y C Plus board, four for foaster inputs 1 1 and two for "Program Out.” Each input channel has a jumper that allows you to select input via the standard composite Toaster connection or through the Y C Plus. For the channels that are set to Y C input, the normal Toaster inputs are converted to composite outputs, which provides another source for monitoring these inputs. There is no Y C output for Preview, hut since you don’t normally record that channel, you should be able to make do with the standard composite output. In addition to the Y C outputs, the Toaster's normal composite output is still active. This output is terminated, however, which means you should not use it with devices like monitors and VCRs that are themselves terminated. T he Y C Plus manual suggests that you might use a video-distribution amplifier to isolate this terminated line when employing terminated devices. Installation of the Y C Plus takes only i a few minutes. The board plugs into the standard Amiga expansion slot that is closest to the power supply. It connects to the Toaster via a couple of ribbon cables that run from headers at the top of the Y C Plus hoard to headers along the top oft he Toaster board. After plugging in the board and configuring the jumpers for the desired combination of inputs, enable termination in the Toaster Preferences screen for every S-Video input. There is no software control of any of the Y C Plus functions. Many video peripherals such as TBC (time-base corrector) cards plug into the Amiga's IBM slots, so there is no conflict between them and the Y C Plus. There is a conflict, however, between the Y C Plus and PreVue Technologies’ Breadboard, which provides a composite “key out” and delay lines for timing the Toaster into an existing switcher. Both of the boards plug into header JP-2 on the Toaster. While you might use the Breadboard with Y C Plus by fabricating a “Y” cable, this isn’t too feasible a scenario. The Breadboard provides a 400-ns delay to compensate for the normal Toaster delay, but the Y C Plus introduces an additional 1360-ns delay, which is beyond the range of the delay lines on the Breadboard. If you're planning to time a Y C Plus Toaster into an existing switcher, you'll need to find another way to compensate for this total 1760-ns delay. According to Y C Plus, Inc., however, the board will work in a 3000 system in which a Toaster Cozzy is used. A3000 expansion box for the Video Toaster. Installation; Easy, My, how time flies. Incredibly, the sluggish Amiga 2500 was king of the hill when the Video Toaster was designed, but by the time the board made it to market, Commodore had already released the A3000. The 3000 seemed Testing, 1,2,3... To test the Y C Plus, I installed it in a Toaster edit system consisting of two Panasonic AG-7650 S-VHS players and a 7750 S-VHS recorder. In operation, the Y C Plus lived up to its claims of reduced color artifacts and dot crawl. The difference was particularly noticeable when using one of the framebuffers to view Toaster graphics, such as the Toaster logo that appears when you first boot up, or titles from the character generator. The reduction in color smearing did, as advertised, make vertical and horizontal lines appear sharper. The manual states that using a TBC with Y C inputs and outputs will increase picture quality, but we saw no difference between feeding the Y C Plus from the Y C or composite output of the decks the degree of improvement appeared to be the same in each case. It appears, therefore, that if you use a TBC that does a good job of encoding the original separated video to composite, you will not lose any of the benefits that result from the Y C Plus decoding the Toasters output to separated video. You will have to decide, of course, whether picture improvements that the Y C Plus provides are sufficient to justify its price tag. Although these improvements are incremental rather than night-and-day, professional video producers seeking to improve the quality of their product are likely to find it well worth the price. Don’t, however, expect this board to make up for poor editing equipment. If the Y C Plus costs more than your edit decks, you will probably be better served spending the money on upgrading your basic gear. DKB Software 50240 W.Pontiac Tr. Wixom, MI 48393 Sales (313) 960-8751 FAX (313) 960-8752 Technical Support (313) 960-8750 Sheldon Leemon Toaster Cozzy Heifner Communications, $ 635
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: A3000, Accelerator compatible. Video Toaster. Like the ideal system for the Video Toaster, thanks to its built-in display enhancer and fast 68030 processor. Unfortunately, there were two obstacles to putting the Toaster in a 3000. Continued on p.22. MegAChip 2000 500 is a trademark, of DKB Software. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek. Inc. CDTV. A5Q0, and A2000 are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. IV-24 is a trademark of Great Valley Products.lnc. DCTV is n trademark of Digital Creations. Ham-E is a trademark of Black Belt Systems. Opal Vision is a trademark of Centaur Development, From p. 19. First, the downsized A3000 housing covers up tlie most important of the six BNC connectors on the Toaster. Second, the power supply on the 3000 is not adequate for a Toaster system, particularly one equipped with expansion boards such as time-base correctors (TBCs). There were ways to get around these problems, but they weren’t pretty. They included modifying the Toaster board or cutting a piece out of the 30()0's metal case, and replacing the power supply with a heftier model. Toastin’ and Coastin’ Heifner Communications has come up with a far better wav to add a Toaster to your .Amiga 3000, one that doesn’t involve renting the Jaws of Life. The Toaster Cozzy is an external box that fits on top of the A3000. It contains a circuit board with two video slots and a black- burst generator, plus a supplementary 45-watt power supply. This neatly solves both the case and power-supply problems, all without voiding any warranties. Installing the Toaster Cozzy is simple. Just connect the shielded ribbon cable that runs out of the box to a daughter- carcl, and plug that card into the video slot of the 3000. Then, installing the Toaster card in the Cozzy is just like installing it in an A2000. Remove the four screws, open up the box, and plug the Toaster into the open slot. There are even labels on the hack of the Cozzy for the six BNC connectors on the Toaster. Plug in the power cable, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. Operating the Toaster in a 3000 with the Cozzv is no different from using it in a 2000, except that the 3000 is much faster than a stock 2000. The built-in black-burst generator provides the Cozzy system with another advantage over the 2000 system. On the hack of the Cozzy, there are five BNC connectors that provide synchronization signals for the Toaster and up to four video devices. Ail of your video inputs into the Toaster must he synchronized in order to switch between them, and using a black-burst generator is the preferred way of achieving this synchronization. ? The only compatibility questions you might have about the Cozzy involve boards that plug into the headers on the Toaster, such as PreVue Technologies’ Breadboard or the Y C Plus. Heifner says that it has been working with those two companies, and it can make a special adapter that allows you to install a board like the Breadboard into the second slot in the Cozzy. Aside from this. However, the second slot is currently inactive, and cannot be used for a board like Opalvision that uses the video slot. Amiga 4000 owners should also note that the Toaster Cozzv won’t allow them to use a Toaster, at least not yet. Although it overcomes the problem with the cramped living conditions, the hardware and software of the 4000 are different enough that they prevent the current Toaster from working. Beauty In a Box The Toaster Cozzy provides a seemingly elegant method of adding a Toaster to an A3000, and prospective Toaster owners will want to work out the costs and benefits of using a 3000 instead of a
2000. Although the price of the Cozzy seems expensive for a mere expansion box, when you consider that it includes a five-output black-burst generator, normally S300 or more, the cost seems much more reasonable. With the Amiga 3000 earmarked for eternity in the computer orphanage, the Toaster Cozzy provides soured owners with some relief in the form of Toaster support. Faced with the alternatives of selling their current system or redesigning them with a Milwaukee Sawzall, these owners are likely to find the Toaster Cozzy a much more palatable, not to mention civilized, solution. Sheldon Leemon Pagesetter 3 Gold Disk, $ 99.95 Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM (1.5MB for A600HD systems), dual floppy drives. Recommended system: 2 + MB RAM, hard drive, accelerator. Basic desktop publishing with paint program and word processor. With the release of PageSetter 3, Gold Disk is following the proven marketing strategy of offering "more for less.” While this latest version retains the features that made earlier PageSetter releases popular, PageSetter 3 is packed with a surprising number of new features and capabilities. A Flexible Package All of these new features are wrapped up in the familiar “frames” interface used in previous versions of PageSetter. This system requires that text files or graphic objects placed in your document reside within a box. Once these boxes are created and filled with graphics or text, they can be resized, linked together, and moved about the document easily. Text to fill those boxes can come from a variety of sources, thanks to PageSet- ter 3’s robust support for a wide range of word-processing formats. Text files from WordPerfect (both .Amiga and MS-DOS versions), Pro Write, excellence!, scribble! And Transwrite can all be imported into the program. For on-the-fly text generation, a text-entry tool is included for dashing out short bits of text such as headlines, titles, and subheads. Unfortunately, that same import flexibility is absent as far as graphics are concerned; only IFF bitmaps and Professional Draw clips are supported. While PageSetter 3 will display color graphics (up to 16 colors) on any Amiga, A1200 4000 owners receive the added bonus of being able to display 256-color graphics on screen in their documents. While graphics add impact and increase the readability of your document, font handling is truly at the heart of any desktop-publishing system. PageSetter 3 supports both Compugraphic and PostScript Type 1 fonts, although only one font is shipped with the program: CG Times. The product packaging claims that PageSetter 3 supports PostScript Type 1 fonts; unfortunately, that support requires the use of the included “font manager" utility (created by Eyo Sama, former publisher of AMIGATimes), which converts Adobe Type 1 fonts into Compugraphic format fonts. The font manager is easy to use, although Gold Disk should have hard-coded support for PostScript Type 1 fonts into the program. For desktop-publishing applications, the proof is in the printing. PageSetter 3 offers more flexible printing features than any previous version of PageSetter, supporting color output to a wide variety of printer types, including PostScript. I tested PageSetter 3 on a number of different output devices, including a 9-pin dot-matrix printer, an HP-compatible laser- printer and an inkjet printer. The Compugraphic font output was crisp and legible in all of the samples I printed. Speed was a problem with Continued on p. 68. : Epson introduces eyes for Amiga. Coupled with an ASDG AD Pro driver, Epson offers the best flatbed scanning combination available for Amiga, Greater speed and higher resolution is a given for both models, and whether you opt New from Epson. For the 600C or 800C model, you always get 24-bit single pass color scanning with almost 17 million colors. But Epson also offers an automatic document feeder attachment and an add-on transparency unit, which give you the flexibility to scan slides. And of course it's High resolution color scanners. All protected by Epson’s one-war warranty. So drop by your computer store soon and take a look or call 1-800-289-3776 and ask for representative 81 for more information. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with an Epson scanner. EPSON We put the ultimate Amiga display devices monitors on display, and reveal the “bigpicture” involved in choosing one. BY SHELDON LEEMON HAT’S THE BEST monitor for your computer? That question is not as easy to answer as it might seem. It’s a little like asking what is the best car to buy. If you’re 20 years old and single, the answer might be a Miata, blit if you’re 40- something with five children, a Voyager is probably a better choice. In selecting a monitor, as with choosing a car, you must consider suitability as well as quality. This is especially true of choosing a monitor for use with an Amiga. Although the various Amiga models can be made to work, after a fashion, with almost any kind of monitor out there, very few monitors work well with all Amigas in every situation. To match a monitor with your Amiga, you must first understand what kinds of signals the Amiga can generate, and which of these signals the various types of monitors accept. Display Details .All .Amigas can produce die three main ty pes of signals computer monitors accept: digital RGB, analog RGB, and composite signals (though some models require the Commodore 520 adapter for the last). Therefore, the critical factors for determining whether or not a particular mode will display properly on a certain type of monitor are the horizontal and vertical scan rates that the mode produces. (For details on the Amiga’s display modes, see “In The Mode,” p. 31.) The original .Amiga 1000, 500 and 2000 models output their signals at a single scan rate, which differs slightly depending on whether you are using the US display standard (NTSC) or the European one (PAL). These frequencies are 15.72 Khz horizontal and 60 Hz vertical for NTSC; 15.72 Khz horizontal and 50 Hz vertical for PAL, Because these are the same frequencies standard televisions employ, you can use either composite or RGB monitors with these modes. In .Amigas that have the ECS or AGA chip set (which includes most newer A500s, A2000s, and A3000s, and all models released after the A3000), the display output frequencies are programmable. Under Workbench versions 2.0 and later, Commodore offers a wide variety of new display modes, most of which require a special type of monitor. Of these new modes, only Euro36, which has a scan rate of 15.76 Khz horizontal and 73 Hz vertical, has a chance of working on CBM 1084-style monitors and it works only on models that have a wide range of vertical adjustment. Several new modes are meant to work with standard VGA monitors. These modes all have a horizontal scan rate of about 31.4 Khz, and a vertical scan rate of about 60 Hz, except for DblPAL which has a vertical rate of about 50 Hz. These rates are only approximate because some versions of the monitor drivers use slightly lower frequencies to boost the overscan area. If your monitor has trouble adjusting to these slightly varied rates, there is a VGA-only driver you can use to ensure that all of these modes use more standard VGA rates, although it comes at the cost of some size and positioning flexibility. The new ECS VGA modes are Euro72, which offers a 640x400 noninterlaced display with a 70 Hz refresh (for even less flicker), and the misnamed Mukiscan mode, a VGA clone that offers a 640x480 noninterlaced display at a 60 Hz vertical scan rate. With the ECS chip set, these modes are limited to a maximum of four colors out of 64, hut on the A1200 and A4000 AGA machines, you can display 256 col- PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARDJUDICK MONITORS ors from the full palette of 16.7 million. AGA machines also also offer two new VGA-type display modes, DblNTSG and DblPAL 31 Khz versions of the standard NTSC and PAL modes that give you noninterlaced versions of hi-res mode. Using one of these new modes with a VGA monitor is one way to get a noninterlaced display with more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution, but it is not a perfect solution. For one thing, your programs must either lei you select one of the new modes or run on the Workbench screen in order for you to display them on the VGA monitor. This problem is alleviated somewhat on the AGA machines, which provide mode promotion to allow most iNTSC or PAL programs to display in DblNTSC or DblPAL. The real problem with the soft ware VGA solution, however, is with self-booting programs like games that do not open from the Workbench. Because such programs take over the machine, there is no way to convince them to appear other than 15 Khz PAL or NTSC modes. If you are depending on programmable modes to give you a noninterlaced VGA display, you’ll also need a monitor that handles the lower scan rates in order to use self-booting software. One alternative to using new modes to obtain a 31 Khz display is to buy a device that converts the normal 15 Khz display to 31 Khz in hardware. MicroWay's flickerFixer ($ 295) and Commodore's A2320 ($ 291) for the A2000, and ICD’s Flicker Free Video ($ 299.95) and Micro R&D's Flicker Blaster (S299.95) for the A500 and A2000, do just that. No such devices are available yet for the A600, A1200, or A4000, and none are needed for the A3000, which has built-in 31 Khz output capability. With such a display enhancer, all normal 15 Khz modes are converted to 31 Khz. Noninterlaced modes are scan-doubled (which removes the black lines between rows), and interlaced screens are deinterlaced (for flicker-free viewing). Because this operation takes place in hardware, it works with all software, even games. In addition, most of these display enhancers turn themselves off when the computer goes into one of its own 31 Khz modes, so they are compatible with these modes as well. The only modes that do not work with these de- J vices are SuperHires and modes that use a horizontal scan rate of other than 15 or 31 Khz. Currently, the only display mode that uses an unusual horizontal scan rate is Super72. This mode uses a 24.6 Khz horizontal scan rate, and a 72 Hz vertical rate, to provide display sizes from 400x300 noninterlaced to 996x628 interlaced. The ECS version is limited to four colors, while the AGA version can display the full 256 colors. The only type of monitor that can be used for this mode is a multiscan monitor whose horizontal scan range includes 25 Khz. For further information on how different types of monitors work with the various display modes, see the table entitled "Show of Support.” Fixed-scan Monitors Now that we’ve examined the type of signals that the Amiga can produce, let’s take a look at the various types of monitors, and see which Amiga modes they work with. Composite color monitors are generally the least expensive type of monitor to use with the Amiga. Many people already own such a monitor whether it is a Commodore 1802 from an old C-64 system, or just a television set when they buy their first Amiga. Because the AI000, A600, and A1200 have color composite output, you can hook them up directly to a composite monitor or TV. For other Amiga models, you’ll need a 520 display adapter to make the connection. ?o -7 V'.T . A composite monitor will allow you to use the default NTSC or PAL modes, but will not display any of the new modes available through Workbench versions 2.0 and later. And though a composite monitor can display the fill I range of colors on the Amiga because it combines the red, green, and blue components of the signal, it cannot display the sharp detail needed for work with 80-column text. Therefore, a composite monitor is suitable if you use your Amiga strictly for game play, or if you use the computer primarily for video work, because it accurately reflects how your computer graphics will look on video. But if you want to run productivity software like word processors and such, plan on using a composite monitor only as a stop-gap until you can afford an RGB monitor one that preserves the red, green, and blue signals and therefore gives better clarity'. Be aware, though, that not all RGB monitors are created equal. There are several varieties of fixed-scan RGB monitors, some of which are not really suitable for use with the Amiga. One example is the old CGA color monitor developed for use on the IBM PC. This is a digital RGB monitor, which means that although it can display sharp text, it can handle a maximum of eight or 16 colors. Because you probably chose your Amiga in part because of its colorful graphics, using this kind of monitor is self-defeating. Still, if you already have a CGA monitor, it’s nice to know that you can use it for your Amiga in a pinch, providing that you can come up with the proper cable. Companies like Redmond Cable often make custom cables if your dealer does not carry the type you need. The proper type of fixed-scan monitor to use with an Amiga is an analog RGB variety. Moreover, to display the default NTSC or PAL modes, the one you choose must have a horizontal scan rate of about 15.75 Khz. This combination is pretty rare only a few manufacturers, including Magnavox and Thompson, ever made such a monitor. The only such model currently in production at least as far as we could find is Commodore's own 1084S. Priced at $ 388, the 1084 is the least expensive analog RGB alternative for most Amiga models. It is also quite versatile. In addition to RGB video, it provides stereo sound output, composite video, and separated Y C composite video (S-VHS and Hi8 formats). This means that your computer monitor can double as a video monitor. Although most 1084 models have a full range of important controls such as mode (digital or analog RGB and composite) and horizontal and vertical size and positioning there are a lot of 1084 models, each with different variations on the controls. For instance, the most current model as of this writing, the 1084S-D1, has all these controls on the back of the unit. The 1084D, however, has a handier placement of mode switches on the front. One major drawback of the 1084 is its .41 mm dot pitch, which means that it is not quite as sharp as some other monitors. Its other major failing, though, is its inability to handle any of the new 640x400 noninterlaced modes. And because the 1084 does not accept the output of flicker-reduction devices, this means that the monitor’s display will always flicker in high resolution. What’s more, there are three different types of 1084 cables, and the one you require depends upon the particular 1084 variation you have. These days, die most popular type of fixed-frequency RGB monitor is the VGA monitor used on IBM systems. Although this accepts analog RGB input, it synchronizes only to a signal whose horizontal scan rate is about 31.5 Khz. This means that while it displays the new 640x400 noninterlaced modes with no problems, in most cases it cannot display the default NTSC or PAL modes. The only exceptions are the Amiga 3000, which has a built-in scan converter, and flicker-reducer-equipped A500 and A2000 computers. For these computers, a VGA monitor is an excellent solution, as it can display all modes except Super72, Euro36, and NTSC PAL SuperHires. Because this is the dominant monitor in the industry today, there is a dizzying array of models and styles from which to choose, and the menu changes almost daily. Selection is highly subjective, so my best advice is to try them out (because they are IBM compatible, you need not limit yourself to-an .Amiga dealership). One feature to look for among these monitors is a wide range of horizontal size and position adjustments. Many VGA monitors are not made to display from edge to edge, and therefore leave a thick black border (which some Amiga owners find annoying) around the screen. For the majority of Amigas, which do not have hardware scan conversion of 15 Khz modes to 31 Khz, a VGA monitor is a much more dubious choice. On the A4000 and A1200, a VGA monitor will display most programs that run from the Workbench via Mode Promotion, which “hijacks” most requests for NTSC or PAL screens, and converts them to DblNTSC or DblPAL. It will not, however, be able to display self- booting programs, such as games that do not run from the Workbench. On ECS machines, a VGA monitor works only with programs that run on the Workbench screen, and not with most programs that open their own custom screen. On either AGA or ECS machines, you'll still need a 15 Khz monitor to perform the initial setup, because with a VGA monitor you cannot even see the default Workbench screen from which you choose a 31 Khz mode! Multiscanning Models Since the various Amiga display modes use different horizontal scan rates, the optimum solution is to find a monitor that handles all these rates. At one time, multiscanning monitors that handled the Amiga's range of frequencies (15-31 Khz) were very popular. Unfortunately, when IBM’s 15 Khz mode (CGA) disappeared, so did most low-scanning multifrequency monitors. Although you may find a few of these monitors on store shelves, or sold as used equipment, very few are still being manufactured (see the sidebar “Where Have All the Multisyncs Gone?”). Of the remaining models, the least expensive is Commodore’s own 13-inch 1960 (S699). (The inches indicate the measurement of the screen diagonally from corner to corner.) Because the 1960 works with all Amiga display modes, it is an excellent choice for use with any .Amiga model. Other advantages include a .28mm dot pitch for a sharp, clear display, and an “overscan” switch that lets you extend the display from one edge to the other, eliminating the black border. Unlike current 1084 models, all the 1960's controls arc at the front a definite plus. About the only thing that the 1960 lacks is sound capabilities, but this deficiency can be easily remedied with a pair of inexpensive amplified speakers, such as those sold for use with Sony Walkman radios and IBM PC sound cards. For those Amiga owners with special needs, there are a couple of multiscanning alternatives to the 1960. IDEK makes 15-, 17-, and 2 I-inch monitors that should satisfy those who need a larger-than- 13-inch display. IDEK loaned AmigaWorld a 17-inch MF- 5017sp for this article; it is the finest monitor I have seen on an Amiga. Despite its large display size, the unit itself is rather compact. It uses a Flat Square Tube, so that its screen is perfectly flat, rather than slightly convex as are those of most monitors. This substantially reduces distortion, particularly at the corners, and eliminates the bowed look you get with many monitors. The display is very bright, and the ,31mm dot pitch makes it sharp. The monitor has controls for adjusting horizontal and vertical size and position, which are placed at the front of the screen and dearly marked for easy access. The range of the size and position controls is extremely wide, so Amiga owners will have no problem filling the entire screen without seeing a border. The monitor accepts signals with horizontal scan rates of 15 to 40 Khz, so it can handle all of the Amiga graphics modes. It also makes an excellent choice for use with a Bridgeboard and a SuperVGA card, displaying a 1024x768 interlaced screen under Microsoft Windows with no problem. In addition to the 5017sp, IDEK makes the MF- 50I71p, which uses a long-persistence phosphor. Long-persistence monitors substantially reduce interlace flicker, which may make the 50171p the best choice to use with the 800x600 interlaced Super72 display- mode. IDEK also makes the short-persistence monitor in 15- (MF-5015) and 21-inch (MF-5021A) models. IDEK’s pricing is fairly low as oversized monitors go. The list price of the 15-inch model is $ 695, both 17- inch models are SI 195, and the 21-inch 5021A is $ 1995. The company has recently started selling these monitors direct to the public at a discount, however. The 17-inch version I tested, for example, is available direct for $ 945. If multimedia versatility is what you crave, you’ll be interested in the Sony GVM-1311Q (S1295), which combines multiscan RGB capabilities with composite video. As a multiscan RGB monitor, the 131 IQ covers a horizontal frequency range from 15 to 31 Khz, which allows it to display all Amiga modes. .As a general-purpose au- clio video monitor, it provides a wide variety of switch- able inputs. There are two RGB inputs, one of which lias an audio input, video-A input and output with BNC connects, vicleo-B input and output with Y C connectors and termination switch, and audio-in and -out for lines A and B. There is also a remote jack for switching the inputs, and another for controlling picture settings via a Sony Control-S device. The multiscan characteristics extend to the composite-video inputs also, allowing the monitor to handle NTSC, PAL, and SECAM signals. The monitor uses a Sony Trinitron tube with a .26 mm * M 0 I r 0 R s HOW OF SUPPORT HOW COMPATIBLE ARE the various types of monitors with the several Amiga display modes? Here’s how... NTSC PAL Euro36 Multiscan Euro72 DblNTSC DblPAL Super72 Horizontal Scan (in Khz)
15. 72
15. 60
15. 76*
31. 44*
31. 43*
29. 20*
29. 45*
24. 62* Vertical Scan (in Hz) 60 50 73* 60* 70* 59* 50* 72* Composite? Partly 1 Partly 1 Partly 4 No No No No No CGA? Partly 2 Partly 2 Partly 4 No No No No No 1084? Yes 3 Yes3 Partly 4 No No No No No VGA? A3000 only A500 2000 w enhancer. No Super- Hires A3000 only A500 2000 w enhancer. No Super- Hires No Yes Yes Yes Yes No High Multi? (SVGA) A3000 or A500 2000 w enhancer. No Super- Hi-res A3000 or A500 2000 w enhancer. No Super- Hi-res No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Low Multi? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (1960)
* Scan rates and overscan display sizes for ECS and AGA modes are approximate. Because these modes are totally pi j- grammable, figures vary slightly depending on which version of the monitor drivers you are using. Some drivers lower the horizontal scan rate slightly in order to get a wider overscan area for modes like DblNTSC. More standard rates can be obtained from all modes by using the VGAOnly driver. 1 While composite monitors display all colors in NTSC and PAL modes, the display is generally too blurry for use with 80-column text. 2 Digital RGB (CGA) monitors display sharp 80-column text, but with a maximum of eight or 16 colors. Not only is this less appealing, but because a large number of colors get translated to the same CGA color, some text and graphics may become indistinguishable from the background, rendering them invisible. And to use a digital RGB monitor with an Amiga, you must find (or make) a fairly rare 23-to-9-pin cable. 3 American 1084 monitors are guaranteed to work only in NTSC mode, and European models to work only in PAL. Because the horizontal scan rates of these modes are so close, however, the only real distinguishing factor is the vertical sweep rate. The control used to adjust this rate is the Vertical Hold knob. In several 1084 models, the range of adjustment is wide enough to lock to either 50 or 60 Hz, allowing the same monitor to be used with both PAL and NTSC modes. 4 Euro36 has a horizontal scan rate very similar to both PAL and NTSC, but a vertical rate of 70 Hz. In some 1084 models, the adjustment range of the Vertical Hold is wide enough to accept Euro36; in others it is not. SL Note: The different colors indicate which modes are accessible via the different chip sets. Red indicates pre-ECS machines, blue means ECS or AGA, and green means AGA only. Two popular public-domain programs, AIBB and Si, can tell you which chip set your machine has, if you are uncertain. ? $ Sm. CALL ’ ¦ Built-in RF Modulator a aga Chip Set Amiga 1200 Retail S699.00 (Monitor Not Included) The Perfect Toaster Platform! NEW $ THE LOWEST $ , 99 Amiga 4000-030 120 Retail S2399.00 FREE GIFT Amiga 2000C Retail $ 115000 (Monitor Not inctuftorii Super Low Sale Price! $ 99 AmigaDOS
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P. O. Box 6512 Champaign, IL 61826-6512 23 PqliCios Prccedures: Visa MasterCard accepted No surcharge on credit cards. Credit card not charged until order is shipped $ 5 COD fee with a S1000 limit. Cashiers check or money order only. Ad prees are subject to change without notice. Cal tor current pricing. We are not responsible for typographical errors 15% rostockmg lee on non-defective goods All returns will do rofused unless a Return Authorization Number has been assigned Shipping: UPS Ground. S5 per order up to 5 lbs.. SI per pound over 5 lbs. Next Day and Second Day deliveries available If HERE HAVE ALL THE MULTISYNCS GONE? TIME WAS, EVERY multiscan monitor was perfect for the Amiga. Since SuperVGA display cards have come out for the IBM, however, a new generation of incompatible multiscans has sprung up, and the old generation has almost completely disappeared. If you look around, however, you may still be able to find one of these once-popular models gathering dust on some dealer’s shelf, or being sold as a used or display model. Size Horiz Vert Model Manufacturer (inches) Khz Hz CM-324 AOC International 14 15-36 50-90 CM-326 AOC International 14 15-38 50-90 Multiscan 3436 CTX International 14 15-38 50-90 AUM-1381A Mitsubishi 13 15-36 45-90 FlexScan 9060S Nanao 13 15-38 50-90 MultiSync* NEC 13 15-37 50-80 PanaSync C1391 Panasonic Communications 13 15-36 40-80 Ultra 1200 Princeton Graphic Systems 12 15-38 45-120 MultiVision 770+ TAXAN America 14 15-37 50-90
* Only the original Multisync or Multisync 3D uses these scan rates all newer models scan from 30 Khz up. SL ? Aperture grill, which is roughly equivalent to a .28 mm dot pitch. The monitor has a fillL range of front-panel adjustments, and the horizontal size and position controls allow you to almost fill the screen with minimal i border. A 20-inch variation on the same theme is Sony’s GVM-2020, which lists for $ 1595. The Sony units are not cheap, but are hv far the least expensive monitors with this particular combination of features. NEC's 27- inch Multisync 3PG. For example, which covers the same range of RGB and composite frequencies, carries a price lag of more than $ 3000, The final class ol muhiscan monitors are the models designed to bridge the gap between VGA and SuperVGA, scanning at horizontal frequencies between about 30-50 Khz. Although these are the most common type of multiscanning monitor you'll find today, their capabilities are largely wasted on the Amiga, which has a maximum horizontal scan rate of 31 Khz. For all intents and purposes, high-scanning multifrequency monitors function no better or worse on the Amiga than fixed-frequency VGA monitors. Unless you plan to use these monitors with a PC as well as an Amiga, you'll be paying extra for features you cannot use. Show Down The Amiga has very different display needs from other brands of computers. For this reason, the monitors Commodore designed specifically for the Amiga are still the best bet for the vast majority of Amiga owners. The 1084 is good for video enthusiasts, since it can display both composite and Y C video in addition to RGB. It is also the least expensive RGB monitor you can find for your Amiga. The 1960 is more desirable for traditional computer applications, particularly for A4000 and A1200 owners, as it displays the “no-flicker” hi-res inodes. Those who demand the very best, however, should look to IDEK’s line of low-scanning Multi-Flat monitors, particularly the ME-50I5, which is reasonably priced for a 15-inch screen. The monitor situation is very different, however, for Amiga 3000 owners, and A2000 or A500 owners with flicker-eliminating devices. Because these boards convert all normal 15 Khz modes to 31 Khz, owners of these machines are free to choose virtually any VGA or high-scanning multi frequency monitor. If you decide to go this route, Kxik for a monitor with a fairly low dot pitch (.31 or .28 mm), and a wide range of horizontal size adjustment in order to avoid a black border around your display. What if you’re considering a move to AGA? A monitor such as the IDEK will leave your options wide open, and allow you access to self-booting software from AGA. But while there’s no Mode Promotion in hardware now among the AGA machines, Commodore may well provide it in the future. ¦ Sheldon Leemon is a frequent contributor to computer publications, and the author of two hooks covering the Amiga. When he s not uniting, he's open working at Slipped Disk, an Amiga dealership in Madison Heights, Michigan. (Editor's note: At press time, AmigaWorld learned of Commodore's plans to replace the 1084 and 1960 monitors with a new analog RGB model. The Quad Sync 1940 and 1942 are two variations on the same theme: The former has a dot pitch of .39 mm, while the latter provides a sharper display with a .28 mm dot pitch. Only the 1942, which is scheduled to retail for less than 5599, will be sold in the US. The Quad Sync name refers to the monitor's ability to sync at the four horizontal frequencies Amiga modes require. The 14-inch swivel-based unit provides the most commonly used controls on the front panel, plus stereo sound via built-in speakers. Commodore expects the new monitor to be available by the time you read this. White the company found that early produet ion units did not support the popular Super?2 (800x600 interlaced) mode, the issue is being addressed and. According to Commodore, anyone purchasing a 1942 should not have problems. Tune in to future issues for details.) AS AN AMIGA owner, you play band leader to many more graphics modes than IBM or Mac users. When you open a program like Deluxe- Paint IV, you can select a low-resolution, medi- um-res, interlaced, or hi-res screen; standard, maximum, or no overscan; NTSC or PAL format; and 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, or HAM color levels. NlHE yf[ nAi Can’t swing the Amiga’s big band of display modes? We’ll compare them, offer tips, and help you orchestrate their use. To some extent, even' graphically-oriented Amiga program (and aren’t they all?) Oilers the same sorts of choices. While you may feel put upon for having to make all of these decisions, this flexibility lets you do it “your way.” If you’ve j been improvising on modes thus far, it's time you started directing them to your advantage. AmigalVorld 31 To appreciate all the Amiga’s modes, you must understand how computers display pictures. A computer screen is made up of rows and columns of colored dots. The more rows and columns of dots, the higher the pixel resolution. Die more colors from which to choose, the higher the color resolution. High pixel resolution is most useful for applications such as desktop publishing or computer-aided design that require very detailed displays. High color resolution is most important for working with continuous-lone photographic images, such as pictures of people and scenery. While large pixel arrays and lots of colors are both desirable, it just is not possible to use the maximum amount of each. Adding pixels and colors not only increases the amount of memory needed, but also decreases the speed at which the computer can redraw the display. A display with 3000x3000 pixels and billions of colors would make our computers too expensive and slow to use. It would also be difficult to Find let alone afford a monitor that could take advantage of such a display. For this reason, every computer display must make trade-offs between size and number of colors. In the IBM world, a limited number of display modes are available. Most users run alt of their applications in just one mode; and it is not easy to change modes within a program. On the Amiga, however, each program can choose the display characteristics of the screen on which it appears. Furthermore, applications often leave this choice up to the user. This arrangement is well suited to the multitasking Amiga because it lets you allocate scarce system resources among several programs. So that you can take advantage of this flexibility, let's examine the choices in terms of screen characteristics. The chart on p. 33 lists the specifics of each mode. Screen Size Display size selections include horizontal resolution (lo-res. Hi-res, or SupcrHiRes), vertical resolution (noninterlaced or interlaced), and overscan (which includes the outermost edges of the screen area). Machines with Commodore's ECS (enhanced chip set) or AGA (advanced graphics architecture) graphics chips and Workbench software versions 2.0 or later have an even greater selection of size configurations. (Most computers made within the last two or three years contain the slightly updated ECS chip set; the new A1200 and A4000 contain AGA chips.) The greater the horizontal resolution, the more detailed your display. In lo-res inode (320 dots across), for example, you can get only 40 columns of text on screen, but with hi-res (640 dots across), you can see 80 columns, which is the frill width of most documents. Using hi-res mode does have its price, however. It takes twice as much memory as lo-res mode, which may make a difference to users of older 512K machines. The largest chunk of memory that machines prior to the A4000 can use for a single screen display is about 128K, while AGA screens can be twice as large. This is a significant amount of memory, but it won’t make much of an impact if you have 3MB or more RAM. Performance is another issue to consider. Pre- AGA computers slow down somewhat when in hi-res mode with eight colors, and significantly in hi-res mode with 16 colors. This effect is most pronounced if you have only chip RAM, but may still be noticeable even if you have fast RAM. Finally, hi-res screens in Amiga 500, 600, 1000, 2000, and 3000 models are limited to 16 colors. The new Amiga 4000 and 1200 models can display the full range of colors in hi-res mode, however, and performance does not begin to drop off until you get over 64 colors. Under Workbench 2.0, the ECS chips provide a new horizontal resolution, SuperHires (1280 dots across). This mode is most useful when maximum detail is critical, as when trying to display very smooth, crisp-looking titles for video work. SuperHires incurs the same performance penalties as hi-res with 16 colors, but has even more severe color limitations a maximum of four colors from a palette of 64. These limitations do not ap- ply to the AGA machines, which can display up to 256 colors in SuperHires mode, and do not slow down until you get to die upper range of the number of colors. Your other size choice deals with vertical resolution, hut the issue is actually a little more complex than that. To achieve greater vertical resolution, the Amiga uses a process called interlacing. Instead of drawing ever)' line of the display during each screen update (which happens 50 or 60 times per second depending on whether you are using a European PAL or American NTSC display), an interlaced screen draws only half of the lines each time. Your eye combines the odd- numbered lines drawn in one pass with the even-numbered lines drawn in the next. The result is a screen that is twice as high as a noninterlaced screen (400 lines in NTSC, 512 in PAL). My Friend Flicker Although interlaced screens require twice as much memory as noninterlaced screens, tliev do not incur I 9 j performance penalties or suffer any color restrictions. That’s because interlaced screens do not display more information at any one time than noninterlaced screens. In effect, you're alternating between displaying two noninterlaced screens, one alter the other. Interlacing does have a nasty' side effect, however. Thin lines appearing on one alternate screen hut not the other cause flicker, making the whole display look like it’s vibrating. On the plus side, the Amiga's interlaced display is compatible with standard television signals, which are also interlaced. Interlacing may not work well with detailed computer images, but it looks fine with photographic material, and is absolutely essential for television compatibility. There are special display boards that take the drawback out of interlacing by converting interlaced screen displays at video scan rates to noninterlaced screens at VGA scan rates. They require special monitors (see “On Display,” p. 24, for details). Another way of fighting flicker is with new display modes. Under Workbench 2.0, ECS and AGA machines can display Multiscan Productivity and Euro 72 Productivity modes, both of which provide a noninterlaced display of 400 or more lines. The ECS versions are limited to four colors out of 64, but their AGA equivalents can display up to 256 colors from a palette of 16 million. AGA machines also provide DblNTSC and DblPAL modes, which include a hi-res “no-flicker” mode. All these modes are very similar, differing only slightly in screen size, and all require a special monitor. But other new screen modes com-
I) I S P I, V V M 0 I) E S £ crttn -pt&ys, Here are the specifics you need for masterful mode maneuvering. NTSC PAL Euro36 Multiscan Euro72 DblNTSC DbfPAL Super7z HORIZONTAL SCAN (in Khz)
15. 72
15. 60
15. 76*
31. 44*
31. 43*
29. 20* 29,45*
24. 62* VERTICAL SCAN (in Hz) 60 50 73* 60* 70* 59* 50* 72* GENLOCK COMPATIBLE Yes Yes No No No No No No DISPLAY- ENHANCER COMPATIBLE Yes1 Yes1 No2 No2 No2 No2 No2 No HORIZONTAL RESOLUTION (in pixels): Lo-res 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 N A Hi-res 640 640 640 640 640 640 640 400 Overscan 724 724 724 640 640 676* 676* 448 Super HiRes 1280 1280 1280 N A N A 1280 1280 800 VERTICAL RESOLUTION (in pixels): Noninterlaced 200 256 200 480 400 200 400 256 512 300 Interlaced 400 512 400 960 800 800 1024 600 Overscan 482 566 400 990 800 934 1128 628 MAXIMUM COLORS: Lo-res palette map. 32 32 32 16 16 256 256 N A Lo-res EHB 64 64 64 N A N A 64 64 N A Lo-res HAMS 4096 4096 4096 N A N A 4096 4096 N A Hi-res palette map. 16 16 16 4 4 256 256 16 Super palette map. 4 4 4 N A N A 256 256 4 AGA palette map. 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 AGA HAM8 262,144 262,144 262,144 262,144 262,144 262,144 262,144 262,144
* Scan rates and overscan display sizes for ECS and AGA modes are approximate. Because these modes are totally programmable, figures vary slightly depending on which version of the monitor drivers you are using. Some versions lower the horizontal scan rate slightly in order to get a wider overscan area for such modes as DblNTSC. 1 If you have a display enhancer, you wilt need to bypass it when in SuperHiRes mode. 2 None of these modes work with MicroWay’s original flickerFixer. Some flicker cards bypass 31 Khz modes; some must be disabled manually. N A This resolution is not available in this mode. Bat flicker without requiring a special monitor. The Euro36 and Super72 modes redraw the screen 70 times a second instead of the normal 60 times (50 in PAL format). This does not eliminate flicker altogether, hut does make it much less noticeable. Su- per72 makes some trade-olls between horizontal and vertical resolution to give you a screen size that is 800x600 interlaced, hut it works only with a Commodore 1960 monitor or its equivalent. Increasing the refresh rate to 70 Hz reduces flicker, hut also reduces the maximum screen size. In general, modes with a lower refresh rate can display more lines. The European PAL mode, for example, which refreshes at the lower 50 Hz rate, has 256 lines in noninterlaced mode, compared to the 200 lines you get with the 60 Hz NTSC display used in the US. Under Workbench 2.0 and higher, of course, American users can switch to PAL mode for more lines, while Euro- ? Peans can switch to NTSC mode for reduced flicker. The final factor affecting screen size is overscan. I he Amiga has always been able to slightly extend the screen into the border area, although prior to the release of Amiga DOS 2.0, there was no standard way to do so. Using the 2.0 Overscan Preference editor, you can now select a slightly larger screen than the standard one provided in any mode. The standard overscan sizes you can set are Text (in which the entire screen appears within the visible area), Graphics (extends to the edge of the viewable area), and Max (expands the screen as far as possible). Extending the screen with overscan, as with any other method, increases memory use. Increasing the horizontal dimension can also decrease performance. Increasing the screen vertically with overscan, however, has no such effect on performance. Rather than making the system work harder each line, it only decreases the amount of time the it rests between drawing the bottom of the display and going hack up to the top. Color Depth The number of colors displayed on screen can he just as important as the size of the screen. Most Amiga graphics modes use a palette-mapped scheme to determine which colors are displayed. Palette mapping means that instead of assigning a red, blue, and green color value to each pixel, you assign it a much smaller register number. That register number refers to a hardware location where the red, green, and blue color information is stored in the computer. Without palette mapping, you would need 12 bits of data for each pixel to get the 4096-color range older Amigas enjoy, or 24 hits of data for the l(i-million color range of AG A Amigas. With palette mapping, you need only one data hit for two colors, each of which can he any of the 4096 or 16 million colors. In palette-mapped modes, the total number of colors displayed is determined by the number of information hits per pixel. A single bit yields two colors, two gives four colors, three means eight colors, and so on up to the maximum number of hitplanes (five hits or 32 color registers on non-AGA machines, eight bits or 256 color registers for AGA). On pre-AG A machines, hi-res mode can have only 16 colors, instead of the maximum
32. And SuperHires modes can display a maximum of four colors from a palette of 64. AGA machines always allow the maximum number of colors to be displayed, regardless of screen size. One advantage of palette-mapped graphics is that you can change even pixel of a particular color just by changing the contents of one register. This makes it easy to change all of the colors on screen at once, for "color-cycling” or flashing effects. Another advantage is that you can select just the number of hitplanes you need. If you are using a terminal program that requires maximum performance, cut hack to two colors; if you're Hying to get near-photographic results in paint software, use the maximum number. In addition to palette-mapped modes, the Amiga offers a couple of extended-color modes. Both modes work only in lo-res or lo-res interlaced sizes on pre-ACiA machines (the A4000 and A1200 offer all color modes in all resolutions). The first is Extra_Halfbrite, which doubles the maximum number of apparent colors (64 for the original Amigas, 512 for AGA machines). The extra colors this mode provides duplicate those in the color registers, but are half as bright in intensity. An even more useful extended-color mode is Mold and Modify (HAM). 11 AM uses hardware compression to give you 12-hit color (4096 shades) for six bits of data on earlier Amigas, and 18-hit color (262,000 hues) for eight data hits on the AGA machines. Compression is important when animating images with lots of colors, because the less data there is to move, the faster the rate at which you can flip through pictures in the animation. Making Beautiful Music Once you understand the trade-offs, you can make the Amiga's graphics modes work for you. Here’s how:
• If your animation files are too large to fit on a disk or to play hack in memory, or if the animations play hack too slowly, consider reducing the number of colors or switching from high to low resolution. Four or eight colors may be plenty for cartoon-like art or text, and the memory savings will be significant.
• Ifyou want to display photographic images only, you will probably get the best results using interlaced HAM, If you need to include text or detailed graphics on the same screen (as for video titling), you’re better off with a hi-res interlaced screen, unless you own an AGA machine that can do hi-res HAM. A program such as Imagemaster (Black Belt) or Art Department Pro (ASDG) can do a surprisingly good job of converting a full-color picture to 16 colors.
• When running productivity software, use as few colors as you can. A desktop-publishing program, for example, will update the screen much faster in four- color mode than with 16 colors. When working with text-based programs, you may even want to usejust two colors. The same goes for your Workbench screen. Is a "pretty” Workbench really worth the decreased mem- on' and performance you get when you use all those colors? Stick with 16 or fewer colors for an AGA machine, fewer than four for older models.
• A good-quality gray-scale image will often look sharper than the same image in 16-color or HAM mode. You may even be able to get away with eight or four shades of gray a considerable memory savings. When detail is more important than aesthetics, consider gray. The same advice applies to output for a black-and-white printer. Why design text and graphics in color when your printout is limited to gray?
• HAM mode yields good results when a program creates the HAM image, but may not do as well when you are editing the picture manually. Never alter the contents of the color registers on an existing HAM image the result will probably he a smeary mess.
• Use the new modes in AmigaDOS 2.0 and up to create a comfortable working environment. If less flicker is more important to you than a large screen size, set your Workbench screen to one of the new 70 Hz modes like Euro36 or Euro72. If flicker doesn't bother you, switch to PAL or Super72 to gain real estate.
• Because vertical overscan takes few system resources and vertical size is easily adjusted on most monitors, feel free to use the maximum vertical overscan, Be a hit more cautious with horizontal overscan. By stretching the width to 672 pixels or so, you should he able to see 80 columns of text and still have room for window borders and a scroll bar. ¦ The AW Amiga Fonts Buyer’s Guide PART 2 F= CZ> I «l T S IN SURVEYS OF video-procluction facilities, the most common use of computer graphics by far is for tilling. Whether you are using a character generator ora 3-D program, you will need fonts to help you communicate your message most effectively. Although we present information on most of the many Amiga fonts available, this guide cannot hope to be all-inclusive. Also, in the case of nuiltivolume font series compiled over a period of time, we have tried to include information on the newer additions rather than rehashing descriptions of older volumes in the series. The guide is divided into sections covering standard Bitmapped Fonts, ColorFonts, AniniFonts, Toaster Fonts, Compugraphic (CG) Fonts, and 3-D Fonts. A section on Font Utilities completes the guide. Bitmapped Fonts BITMAPPED FONTS ARE actually individual pictures of each letter that have been assigned to the kevboard using the standard Amiga font structure. 4 Cl .... While the most common format for Amiga fonts, it does have a number of limitations. Since the Amiga font structure lacks kerning pairs (in which the excess space found between some letter combinations is removed), you have to kern the letters together manually, and not all fonts support this without cutting and pasting in a paint program. Because video is fairly low resolution, there are not enough pixels to properly render a font so that it looks smooth and crisp, hence the jagged appearance of some curves and angular lines. You also have to have a separate font for each size that you want. 600 Amiga Fonts Pushbutton Software distributed by Vertical $ 30 This is a mixed bag for video, as a majority of the fonts are too small to be useful. Even so, there are 250 typefaces, each in a number of sizes. These fonts were originally part of the BMUG Macintosh font collection. They were converted bv I .ion Kuntz, who recently sold ? J * BY GEOFFREY WILLIAMS lincl use for some of them, and because they are verv 1 J * inexpensive it may prove useful to have them around. Font City Allied Studios $ 225 This collection of 46 typefaces with a total of 270 fonts is a bitmapped version of Allied’s 1st Prize Toasted Fonts (see below). Sizes are 50, 60, 80, 100, 125, and 160 pixels tall. Included is a booklet showing all letters of all the fonts and a keyboai d-layout guide. Hi-Fi Fonts Fonts Allied Studio $ 67 What makes this collection of 67 100-pixel-high fonts unique is the inclusion of Professional Page metric files. While this does not make them fully scalable, as with Compugraphic fonts, when used with Professional Page thev can be scaled for better results than you O - 4 would get in DeluxePaint. They also offer good typographic control through features such as built-in kerning pairs. For video titling, you can lay out the text in Professional Page (any version) and use a screen-grab utility. Included is a CLI-based screen-grab utility, which is nice to have but awkward to use. There are much better PD hot-key-based screen grabbers. While 21 of these fonts are also found in the Font City collection, that collection does not include the metric files. A sheet showing all of the font names in the corresponding style is provided. ColorFonts ONE WAY IN which the Amiga's bitmapped fonts really shine is when they are used in the Color- Font standard, in which fonts can have their own palette of up to 16 colors. While other platforms can render colored fonts, the technique is proprietary to each program. They lack a standardized color-font structure that allows any program to use them. The onlv downside to ColorFonts is that thev nor- J mally use eight colors, which is a lot in hi-reswhen you have only 16 colors available. With Workbench 3.0 and its support of 256-color palettes, however, ColorFonts prove extremely useful because you do not have to worry about using half your color palette for each font. Masterpiece Anti-Aliased Fonts Arock Computer Software the rights to Pushbutton Software. The conversions arc well done, and there is a booklet showing all of the fonts in all of the available sizes. Chances are that you'll SI 99 While these fonts appear to he monochrome, additional colors have been added along the edges to create smoother curves and angles. 1 his process of adding colors that transition from the font color to the background color is called antialiasing. While it is simple to change the palette to make the antialiasing match the background color (instructions are given on how to do this), you may have problems using these fonts over a background with a lot of light and dark colors. Even so, the antialiasing looks very good, and this huge collection of 110 typefaces in multiple sizes ranging from 18 to 80 pixels tall will definitely come in handy. Included is a four-page sheet showing samples of all of the fonts, and a booklet of complete instructions. All of the fonts have been PowerPacked (a great compression utility available from your local dealer), reducing a font file from over 50K to about 16K a great savings in disk space. You do need to run the included PPEoadSEG program first, which patches the system to automatically decompress these fonts when you load them. Video Fonts II Shereff Systems S99.95 'These fonts also have built-in antialiasing, but unlike the Masterpiece fonts (which have three levels of antialiasing), these have only one. In most cases, the fonts look just as good, as they were designed for video in the First place to avoid most of the jaggies problems. Only a few of the fonts that 1 examined would have benefited f rom more levels of antialiasing. This set has the same fonts found in SherelFs Bread and Butter set for the Toaster. Each of the 17 fonts comes in 2fi, 38, 50. And 66 scanline heights. Kara Fonts Kara Computer Graphics Prices varv * Of all the ColorFonts available, none are better than these beautifully designed, well-executed sets. Kara squeezes more out of a limited palette than almost anyone, creating stunning fonts that look like glass, shiny metal, wood, and so on all with realistic three- dimensional detailing. The newest font packages, 1 leadlines 3 ($ 79.95) and Headlines 4 ($ 79.95), adapted from the outstanding Toaster Chroma Font series, are some of the best work yet. The fonts come with a booklet describing how to use them, and the packaging displays full-color pictures of the fonts for reference. 'These fonts also support manual kerning by using the and > keys to move the character a pixel at a time forward or backward. Too Many Fonts Mediascape $ 79.95 While the thinking behind this brand-new font set may be obvious, the results are unique. What you get are ten antialiased ColorFonts, each in two sizes, with kerning built in. The main body of the fonts are a single color, but included with the set are 200 brush patterns in various categories. They can be used in DeluxePaint, where you can either fill the fonts using a brush fill (which works very well, as the brushes are large enough so that you do not notice that a single brush is used on each letter), or stencil out all but the font color and do a tile liil of the entire screen. .Although I looked at a prerelease version, what I saw was well executed and very promising. There is a lot of variety in the fills, letting you create fonts with rivets, metallic looks, various textures, gradients, and a great deal more. AnimFonts ACTUALLY, ANIMFONTS ARE not really fonts at all, but a set of animbrushes for each letter of the alphabet. Because of the amount of work required to create them, there are few products available. Kara AnimFonts Kara Computer Graphics Prices vary The originator of AnimFonts, Kara now has five sets At top, one face from Kara’s AnimFonts 4 collection rotates the word Animated onto the screen; at bottom, an Olo Animated Font 3 face depixelates. Available. AnimFonts 4 ($ 59.95), at 115 scanlines tall, are a shiny metallic script in which the outline of the character sparkles as the solid letter is drawn from left to right headed by a glowing sheen. A very pretty effect. With AnimFonts 5 ($ 59.95), at 104 lines tall, each character burns itself onto the screen in a fuse-like sparkling pen stroke. The effects of both are hard to describe in words, but the color pictures in the packaging provide a good idea of the results. I use Kara’s AnimFonts frequently and strongly recommend them. Olo Animated Fonts ArtoVinjett $ 59.95 This is a three-disk collection of the regular ColorFont versions of Olo Animated Fonts. Set 1 (Marmot) is the most bizarre of the three. Lumps of rock transform into rock-formed three-dimensional letters, and then become veined as if made from marble. Set 2 (Glider) is a three-dimensional-looking script font in which each letter appears in a burst of light. Then a sheen of light with sparkles moves slowly across the face of the letters, highlighting the face and the sides. It's quite pretty. In Set 3 (Gold), characters start out as a box of two to four squares that fly straight in and then pixel- ate into the letter. Toaster Fonts OASTER CG FONTS are a proprietary antialiased font format for use with NewTek’s Video Toaster. If you thought having a proprietary frame- store format was stupid, how about a font format that is not even compatible with the developer’s own paint program? Toaster Fonts can he used only by the Toaster character generator. Because of this, many font developers also include bitmapped versions of their fonts for use in ToasterPaint. Fun Fonts Allied Studios $ 39.95 This is a collection of eight nicely designed, showy typefaces in several sizes from 40 to 80 scanlines for a total of 46 fonts. Also included are double-size bitmapped versions. The names are fairly representative, with fonts such as Circus, Frankenstein, and Flash Caps. The set also includes a very good manual showing all characters. Variety Pack Allied Studios S99.95 If you are looking for a larger collection of novelty fonts, this offers an entirely different selection of 38 typefaces (105 fonts) in Toaster Font format only. You get unusual fonts made from hones, electricity, dripping blood, vines, and so on, along with some very nice scripts. There is a lot of variety and a very good selection to choose from. There is also a booklet showing all of the characters of each font. 1st Prize Toaster Fonts Allied Studios $ 150 Originally a five-pack set (at S69.95 each), these 39 ? Masterpiece Toaster CG Fonts Arock Computer Software A I I (i A V I D K 0 F 0 i S $ 99 This is Arock’s huge Masterpiece collection of 110 typefaces with a single size of each in Toaster Font formal. The average size is about 60, although fonts can range from 40 to 70. It includes an 1 lxl 7-inch folded sheet showing samples of all oft he faces. 1st Prize Toaster Fonts, Latino Accented Allied Studios $ 120 With 1 ! Typefaces in six siz.es each, this is a good collection of standard faces that will prove quite useful for those working in the huge Latino market. These Toaster CG Fonts also include bitmapped versions. Russian Toaster Fonts Allied Studios $ 359 This is a collection of 24 fonts in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. The burgeoning Russian market offers a lot of opportunities, so the release is timely and useful. EuroFonts Video Classic Concepts $ 164.95 A set of 14 typefaces supporting more than 20 European languages, EuroFonts are extremely easy to use. The set contains 18 distinct accents and diacritical marks that can be added to any letter with a simple keystroke. The fonts are provided in both Toaster and bitmapped formats, and this set has the best documentation around. You get a booklet on Toaster Fonts, one on video Fonts, one on font basics, a plastic-coated kevmap, a plastic-coated color card showing all of the letters in each font, and a booklet showing large versions of all of the fonts and a sample font set in several European alphabets. Outstanding overall. Kara Toaster Fonts Kara Computer Graphics $ 99.95 each Volumes 3 and 4 each add four new Toaster Chroma- Fonts in two sizes. Volume 3 provides a Gothic gold, metal, and a shiny gold metallic, as well as an extruded Roman font with a silver lace and gold edges. Volume 4 provides three 3-D script fonts in gold, blue, and silver, and a gold calligraphic font. Unlike ColorFonts, ChromaFonts cannot use alternate palettes, but these fonts are so beautilul you'll be quite happy with the original coloring and design. Compugraphic Fonts AS WITH PRINTED output, the future of video titling lies with scalable fonts, where instead of pixels, each font is described as a series of mathematical lines and curves. This lets you scale fonts to any size with a minimum of jaggies when rendered in bitmapped form (as they will be for video for print use they can be output at the maximum resolution of the printer). The official format for Workbench 2.0 and beyond is the Compugraphic (CG) format, also known as Imcllifont. There is yet no character generator for the Amiga that can load scalable fonts (although Montage, announced by Inno- Vision Technology but not yet available, will have proprietary scalable font technology). Video Fonts Gold Disk $ 99 I here are four sets currentIv available. These are ba- sically the same fonts available for Gold Disk s Professional Page software, but they have been selected for video use. The most important part of the package is the Video Font Maker utility. It lets you render each type style as a complete bitmapped font usable in any program. You can control the horizontal and vertical aspect ratio, add a variable italics angle, adjust bolding both horizontally and vertically, and even gener- n 7 o ate a version in Toaster Font format. .An instant preview lets you see what the font looks like before rendering. While there are only three fonts in each u VIM0 C SaveYour Animation From Being Eaten Alive. Pomn You know how an animation can take on a life of its own. Sometimes it takes forever. Or it costs too much. Or a tape machine mistakes it for lunch. The DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ solves these and other animation-production problems. For just 31,995, it gives you the reliability and capabilities of systems costing thousands more. A plug-in AMIGA® card, the Personal Animation Recorder functions as a single-frame recording deck. With it, you can digitally record your animation onto a dedicated hard disk* and play it back in real time. Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. The Personal Animation Recorder will even genlock to your system. Because the Personal Animation Recorder operates in a totally digital environment, you won’t be
• •¦*¦Bk
- ¦¦¦•¦¦¦A BIIMIIIH ¦ ¦ ¦ -oar DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best bothered with the time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation recorders. Since your animation is recorded in a component digital 4:2:2 format, you can produce an infinite number of first-generation tape copies. Plus, the Personal Animation Recorder features outputs for true component analog video (Betacam®, Mil®), composite and S-Video (Hi8® S-VHS). Rescue your productions from the jaws of traditional animation systems. Produce quality animation for a fraction of the usual cost with the DPS Personal Animation Recorder. In the U.S. call (606) 371-5533 Fax:(606)371-3729 In Canada call (416) 754-8090 Fax:(416) 754-7046 Circle 171 on Reader Service card ' Hard drive M"t Included. DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ is u trademark of Digital Processing Systems Inc. AMIGA* Is u registered trademark of CnmmiKlore-Amiga foe IliS* and Ik'lrtcrtm* arc registered trademarks of Sony Corp Mil* is a registered trademark of Panasonic Broadcast package, because of'the flexibility you can render an entire font family (bold, italic, expanded, narrow) in any size you want from a single font. 3 -D Fonts ACTUALLY, 3-D FONTS are really collections of objects that can be loaded into 3-D programs. A handful of sets are available for those with 3-D titling requirements. Broadcast Fonts 3D Unili Graphics $ 149.95 In my experience, these are the best of the lot. There are three sets currently available, each with a nice variety of nine fonts. Unili provides versions for Imagine, Caiigari, and LightWave. Each object has additional, carefully placed points along the curves so that you can fly through the letters and they still look good. The brief manual conveys the basics, and it explains Phong shading (supported through multiple joined objects used for the sides to achieve the best output). Pop Arts Pop Arts Inc. $ 49.95 Each of the four volumes contains nine fonts and a disk of textures. The fonts are attractive and have a reasonable number of points so you can get fairly close and maintain the sides as separate objects for more accurate Phong shading. Personally, I prefer to spend a little more and get sets with more fonts in them, but if you wish to be selective, you can save money and get just the fonts you want. Masterpiece Fonts for Imagine Masterpiece Fonts for LightWave Arock Computer Software S99 each Unlike the other 3-D fonts, these are not extruded and have little detail, which explains how Arock can get 50 fonts on only eight disks. This is the extreme low end among font selection. Font Utilities THE NUMBER OF font utilities on the market is quite slim. We do not have any text-effects programs like those available for other platforms. Currently, there is not even a good font editor available. FlightPaths Meciiascape $ 49.95 T he Move requester in DeluxePaint is not the most intuitive, especially if you want to create smooth curved movement paths. FlightPaths solves this problem by taking advantage of DeluxePaint TV’s ability to load and save moves from within die Move requester. By stamping down text and then loading a sequence of moves into the Move requester and selecting draw, you can get some incredible animation sequences for moving text on and off the screen. Curves, flips, spirals, zig-zags, loops, ripples, and many more effects are easy with this collection of 130 multistage movements. The manual describes each move to help you find the effect you are looking for, and there are some striking effects you would never think of on your own. It also comes with several ColorFonts, which, while attractive, are not well designed for video use as there are some horizontal flicker problems. Even without the fonts, though, this package is more than worth the price. Font Flyer MD Grafix $ 89 “Tedious” best describes the process of loading in text objects into a 3-D program and lining them up. If you are a LightWave user, that process has been greatly simplified by Font Flyer. It lets you choose a 3-D font and then select how it should be laid out from a set of nine options. Text can be set in a straight line or in several circular or arc configurations. The program then creates a scene file that you can load into LightWave. It’s easy to use and does the job, and it also includes three fonts: Clarendon, Dont, and Times. AntiA Zen Computer Services $ 59 A simple utility that does a good job of adding antialiasing to any font, AntiA produces a full antialiased ColorFont from the original at sizes from 1 2 to 1 12 the original size. It is fast and effective. A conversion of a full character set took only a few seconds, and tlie four-level antialiasing looks very smooth. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is executive producer of CBC Communications and director and newsletter editor of the Amiga Video- Graphics Guild. Write to him c o AVGG, 1833 Verdugo Vista Drive, Glendale, CA 91208. Please note: Backgrounds for the fonts screen shots illustrating this artiide are from OpalPaintrJEK Graphics, and Texture City. Graphics were created by Geoffrey Williams and Dave Thomas. To Head COMPETITION We put all Amiga, scan heads together to come up with recommendations for the best scanning solutions. F the pen is mightier than the sword, then what is the power of an image? A thousand words, at the very least although the ability to get just the right image into your computer when you need it can be priceless. Sometimes what you need on your computer screen is a photo. And now that OCR (optical character recognition) software has come to the Amiga, getting a picture of printed text can be equally valuable. But to incorporate such sources into an Amiga application, you must first convert them to digital data. The scanner is the instrument of choice for digitizing anything two dimensional and even very thin three-dimensional items. Video digitizers can bring both 2-D and 3-D images into your Amiga but usually at lower resolutions. With a scanner, you can get professional print quality. Thanks to the folks who have developed .Amiga software interfaces to scanner hardware, there are more choices available to Amiga users today than ever before. They come in a dramatic range of sizes and prices. The smallest is about the size of the sandwich you had for lunch and can cost less than SI50 through mail order. The top-of-the-line, professional models are bigger than your computer and command upwards of SI2,000. Amiga-compatible scanners break down into three categories: handheld, wand, and flatbed units. Let’s start our exploration at the low end. (The addresses and phone numbers of vendors mentioned in this article are listed on p. 94.) Give a Hand HAND SCANNERS ARE the least expensive of all image-input devices. Don’t let that fact fool you, though: The monochrome resolution of a hand scanner is as fine as that of a flatbed model. And a hand scanner’s size and portability make it more suitable for some than any oth- er type. Tradeoffs are lack of a true grayscale in the current crop, the limited size of an original you can scan in a single pass, and the additional work you must do to input the image. I looked at four hand scanners, which have more similarities than differences. By Morton Am Kevelson 8 C A N All look like the business end of a hammerhead shark, and provide switch-selected scanning resolutions of 100, 200, 300, and 400 dots per inch (dpi). A second switch lets you choose among line-art, text, and hardware-generated dither modes (the lauer is designed for scanning photographs). In all cases, the scanning software can convert the dithered patterns into true grayscale images. Keep in mind that the resulting image has one-sixth or one-eighth of the resolution used for the scan, and that the converted images are a fraction of the size of the original scan. Three dither patterns of various dot sizes are available in a photograph mode, and a rotary control lets you compensate for the brightness or contrast of the original material. All the hand-held models have scanning windows four inches wide, which translates to 1632 dots at -100 dpi. While that limits the width of the scan, the length is limited only by your computer’s available memory, and the length of the connecting cable, or your arm. A button on the scanner initiates the scan, and a small light on top indicates overspeed (too-fast movement), A green-tinted window lets you view die original as you sweep the paper. Each of the hand scanners connects to the Amiga’s parallel port via a supplied adapter. Finally, all come with their own power supplies. Pyramid Both the hardware and software components of the Pyramid hand scanner ($ 229.95,, Omni-Eureka) are E K S Many hand scanners come with versions of Migraph’s Touch-Up software. Made in Taiwan. Although the Pyramid carries the lowest price of all Amiga scanners, it does not lack features. The parallel-port interface, at 5-1 2x1-1 2x4 inches, is larger than that of the other three, but it's the only one with a switchable pass-through connector, which means you can leave both a printer and the scanner plugged in to the Amiga at the same time. A two-foot cable lets you put the interface wherever is convenient for you. Clicking once on the Pyramid’s scan-mode button starts the scanning operation. A second click interrupts the process and lets you reposition the scanner; a third restarts the scan. Not needing to continuously hold the button makes the Pyramid a little more convenient to operate than the other hand-held units. The scanner’s overspeed indicator is nice: It remained dark until an overspeecl was detected, flickered to indicate a possible loss of data due to overspeed, and glowed steadily when certain overspeecl occurred. This scanner is the only one that also sounds a beep to signal overspeed. The Pyramid software (version 1.30) is minimal when compared to that supplied with the other units. It lets you select among the four scanning resolutions and set the scan length. You can save, load, and view IFF images, and easily clip and save parts of the image separately. The software also lets you process, view, and save a siugle-bitplane scanned image as a true gray-scale graphic. Pyramid software supports grayscale images with 16, 32, and 64 levels based on both 6x6 and 8x8 dither matrices although you can view only 16 levels of gray on screen. The supplied hardware generates photo-dithered images based on a 6x6 clot matrix, which limits true gray scales to 32 levels. The on-screen scanning window is limited to 640x200, or half of a hi-res, interlaced display. 1 found the software to be partially compatible with the Amiga 1200. 1 was able to generate and process some scans, but each time I did, the software eventually crashed. According to Omni-Eureka, this problem should be resolved by the time you read this. Migraph Hand Scanner and Touch-Up Migraph Super Hand Scanner Bundle The Migraph scanning head is made in Japan. The 1-1 2x2x4-1 2-inch interface plugs directly into the computer’s parallel port. Migraph has indicated, though, that the next batch of scanners may include a short parallel cable. Unlike the Pyramid, the rest of t he hand scanners including Migraph’s require that you hold down the scanning button while you move the head over the paper. Simply releasing the button and moving the head then interrupts the scan (this is useful for assembling an image from parts of the original). I discovered that the Migraph unit scans slightly faster than the other hand-helds. It generates a 6x6 halftone pattern in photo mode, which the software can convert into a true 32-level gray-scale image. The software supplied with the Migraph Hand Scanner ($ 299) is Migraph’s own Touch-Up version 3.1, a combination scanning, image-processing, and paint program designed to manipulate single-bitplane monochrome images that the hand scanner generates. The Migraph Super Hand Scanner Bundle ($ 399) adds Migraph OCR Jr. Version 1.4., which can convert scanned text from images to ASCII charaters for loading into word processors, spreadsheets, and so on. The A black-and- white original was the source for this 16- level, 300 dpi scan created with Migraph's PS-400 Wand. Scanning the same image with a handheld unit produces remarkably similar results. AlfaScan AlfaScan-Plus The hardware AlfaData provides in both its is similar to that ol Golden Image. Also like en Image unit, AlphaScan-Plus ($ 299.95) comes with Migraph's Touch-Up (3.07v) software. Instead of OCR software, though, AlphaScan-Plus provides Merge-It, which lets you combine a pair of parallel scans to create a larger single image. And to help you position the scanner on a letter-size sheet to create scans suitable for processing with Merge-It, the package includes a plastic guide. This guide sets only the starting point for the scan, however; the rest is done freehand. I he AlphaScan package ($ 199.95) includes the same components, except that a program called Scan and Save replaces Touch-Up. I he Golden Image Hand Scanner’s (S239) scanning head and interface is made in Taiwan. The interface is the same size as Migraph’s, but connects to the computer via a six-inch cable. When data loss occurred during scanning, the overspeed indicator flickered and then turned off. I found the Golden Image scanner to be the slowest of the hand-held units. It generates an 8x8 halftone pattern in photo mode, however, which lets the software generate a true 64-level grav-scale image. The software supplied with the Golden Image Hand Scanner is Migraph's Touch-Up 3.07 and Migraph OCR Jr. 1.3. These versions are identical to the ones supplied with the Migraph scanner, except they do not yet support the new AGA chip set. Jr. Version of the OCR software has all the features of the full $ 300 version (for details, see the review, Oct. ‘92, p. 56), except the ability to load IFF images. This means it can process into text only tilings that the hardware scans in directly. These versions of the software proved to be compatible with the A1200 and A4000. (Editor's Note: By the time you read this, Migraph will have debuted the Amiga's first color hand scanner the CS- 6000 at the World of Commodore Amiga show in April. This exciting new unit promises 18-bit color scanning (jar a total of262J44 colors), plus true six-bit, 64-level grayscale output at resolutions to 400 dpi. The CS-6000 is the same size as the other hand-helds, and will retail for $ 549.) Migraph PS-400 Wand The scanning unit of the Migraph PS-400 (S899, Migraph) is 9-3 4 inches wide, 4-1 4 inches deep, and 2-1 2 inches high. It fits comfortably in the hand and pulls smoothly across a page on four rollers. You can set the scanning resolution from 100 to 400 dpi, in l()-dpi increments. In addition to line-art and letter settings and a brightness-adjustment wheel, CURRENTLY ONLY ONE scanner occupies the brand-new wand category: Migraph’s PS-400 Wand Fu 11-Page Scanner, It is essentially a larger version of the hand-held units, able to scan a full 8-1 2 inch-wide sheet in one sweep. An optional sheet feeder cradles the wand and draws the paper under the scan head at just the right speed, giving you a hands-off solution. Wand To Scan? Golden Image S C A K R S E .53 5.43 X V Origin - 399
* JO 1 *¦“
3. 10 Id. . Kl CUB usj pm ¦ . :.j mr.v.T. 3 Sctr ?30 zz! Mn i r ¦ r ( there are four photo-gray settings that you enter via a three-button switch pad. (These settings are retained when the scanner is turned off.) The unit generates photo grays using an 8x8 dither pattern, which permits the creation of 64-level true gray-scale images. One- tenth of the resolution value is displayed on a pair of LED digits (34 represents 340 dpi, for instance); another set of LEDs shows the current photo or letter setting, and indicates when an overspeed occurs. The PS-400 Sheet Feeder ($ 249) is an optional accessory that automates scanning. It has a 13x10-1 2- inch footprint and stands 10 inches high, including the sheet holder, which folds down for storage. The wand drops right into the sheet feeder, but must be removed from the cradle in order to change the resolution and Photo Line Art settings. The feeder holds up to ten sheets at a time, and via software you can rapidly scan a series of pages, saving the files to disk. This application would benefit from a program Arexx interface, which would allow automatation of the process. The PS-400 comes with Touch-Up 3.1 1, which lias settings for the wancl (for use with and without the sheet feeder), as well as for the hand scanners. Touch- Up always inputs a full-width scan from the wand. Although the program makes it easy to trim away excess material, scanning the full width eats up a lot of memory, especially at high resolutions. This can limit the maximum length of the scan from the wand if the computer has insufficient memory. Besides Touch-Up, the PS-400 comes with the full version of Migraph OCR, which can load previously scanned and saved images. The Lords Of Flatbed FLATBED SCANNERS ARE generally the most capable type, but also the largest and most expensive. Amiga software supports Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and Sharp flatbeds. Unlike the hand and wand scanners, software interfaces for flatbeds are generally sold separately from the hardware. Let's look at the hardware, and at the Amiga products that support it. Hewlett-Packard ScanJets Scannery, from Concise Logic, consists of software and a parallel-port interface cable for use with Hewlett- Packard's, ScanJet and ScanJet Plus Although both models have been discontinued, they are still available on dealer shelves for around S600-S700, or through used-equipment channels. I tested Scannery with the ScanJet Plus. The software offers full control of all scanner features via an easy-to- use single-screen interface. Half of the screen displays a low-resolmion, monochrome preview of the entire scanner surface. While you can quickly crop the preview image using the mouse, the display does not zoom to the size of the clip. The absence of a zoom feature and the high contrast of the preview combine to impede visual line-tuning with the mouse. The mouse’s position and the clipped image’s size automatically display on a digital readout to a resolution of 1 100th inch. The size of the clip in pixels is automatically updared to match any scan resolution you select, and you can direct the 4 4 4 final scan to any storage device in IFF, PCL, EPS, viewable EPS, TIFF, and Applied Engineering fax formats. The ScanJet Plus’s hardware scanning resolution is 300 dpi; you can increase its vertical resolution by slowing the scanning speed. The device can also generate 12 to 1500 dpi resolution scans using built-in software routines; it produces data for resolutions of more than 300 dpi horizontal and 600 dpi vertical by interpolating from the lower-resolution hardware scan. You can vary the scanning resolution by single-dpi increments, specifying the vertical and horizontal settings independently. You can also adjust both the brightness and contrast of the scan over a range of 255 to 1. The .ScanJet Plus can generate scans with 256 true gray levels. All of these features are supported by Scannery. Scanneiy images include monochrome, time grayscale with 16 and 256 levels and four dither patterns: 4x4 Fatting, 8x8 Fatting, 4x4 Bayer, and 4x4 Vertical. Scanneiy also includes Arexx support. When used with a ScanJet, the true gray scale is limited to 16 levels, the contrast adjustment is not available, and the brightness adjustment has only three levels. The ScanJet and ScanJet Plus have been superseded bv HP's new monochrome ScanJet Up and color ScanJet He. Because (be Up and lie provide SCSI instead of parallel connection, they are incompatible with Scannery. ASDG, however, plans to offer Amiga owners access to the ScanJet lie via a driver package that IT HAD TO HAPPEN... We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhotoLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! IT’S AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new AGA modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. IT’S POWERFUL... Multiple levels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features. A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. IT’S EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The mm
P. O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations. IT’S BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all, it's from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modes supported: Register based 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM. 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. With the new AGA Amigas: Register based 2, 4. 8, 16. 32, 64EHB, 64. 128, and 256 Colors. 5 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM. 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in full fidelity internal representations.) Phone 916-344-4825 FAX 916-635-0475 Competitive Upgrade Program! If you already own any current Amiga paint or animation package, you can upgrade to Brilliance for half price! Just call our order department. Digital Direct, with your current paint package manual handy and order Brilliance for only $ 125. But hurry, this is a limited offer! Call digital °c*11 -«5DIRECT 1-800-645-1164 Brilliance and DCTV Paim arc trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Deluxe Paint ST and Deluxe PhotoLab are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. E R S should be released by the time vou read this. I he lie 4 provides 400 dpi resolution (800 dpi through ASDG’s software) and retails for $ 1599. Epson ES Series Scanners The Epson ES-600C (SI 129) and ES-800C (SI499) are 24-bit color flatbed scanners. Both can generate 16-million color scans, as well as eight-bit monochrome images with 256 gray levels, and single-bit black-and-white line art. The hardware scanning resolution of the ES-600C is 300 dpi, which can be doubled to 600 dpi via built-in software routines. The ES- SOOC’s resolution is 400 dpi, though the scanner can double it to 800 dpi. The maximum scanning area for both units is 8.5 inches by 1 1.67 inches. While both devices provide tremendous flexibility, there are definite practical limitations to their capabilities. A full-bed scan at 800 dpi would require more than 250 megabytes of RAM for 24 bitplanes, 125MB for eight bitplanes, and 63MB fora single bitplane! But scanning large images at low resolutions can produce excellent displays for video. The ES-600C has a 13.3x22.7-inch footprint and is five inches in height. The ES-800C is about 10 percent larger all around. Both accept an optional transparency unit (S959) and sheet feeder ($ 599). The software driver for the .Amiga, which includes a parallel-port interface cable and also supports the older Epson ES-300C and ES-450, comes Ivoiu lSDG. Two versions of the software are included in one package ($ 200). One is a stand-alone “loader” that saves the image directly to disk. The other functions as an image loader and is designed for use with ASDCfs image processor, Art Department Professional ($ 295), which is ideal for manipulating and displaying scanned images. ADPro also can produce a color display of scanner-generated 24-bit data; the actual appearance depends on the number of colors and screen resolutions your Amiga supports. High-resolution HAMS images rendered on an Amiga 1200 were superb. The software presents a two-part screen containing a preview window and a control panel. The window shows a low-resolution scan of the source material. Using the mouse, you can quickly crop the preview to define the size of the final image. You can adjust the clip precisely as the display zooms in on it. The control panel shows the dimensions of the clip area in English or metric units as well as in pixels. You can set the scanning resolution over the full range supported by the hardware. The scanners provide both gamma and color correction for two kinds of CRT displays and three types of color printers; the software supports these as well. You can scan in full 24-bit color, eight-bit gray with up to 256 true gray levels, or one-bit monochrome with seven dithering options. Settings are provided for seven levels of brightness and five levels of sharpness. The stand-alone loader oilers the same scanning options as the ADPro version, but displays only the low- resolution gray-scale preview. .Also, it lets you scan images that are too large or at too great a resolution to display with available RAM; the ADPro version limits the scan to what your system can display. SharpJX Scanners Professional ScanLab II (S499) is the software interlace to Sharp’s color flatbed scanners. Its operation and basic features are identical to those of ASDC s Epson drivers; any differences relate to hardware capabilities. The current version of ScanLab II was designed for use with the JX-320, JX-450, and JX-600 scanners. TheJX-600 has been superseded by the JX-610. Unlike the other scanners I reviewed, the interface to die Sharp scanners is either a SCSI port or an IEEE-488 GP1B (General Purpose Instrument Bus) card. The GPIB was developed as a high-speed, eight-hit, digital interface between computers and other equipment. Professional ScanLab II is provided with an Amiga 2000- compatible GPIB card and a six-foot IEEE-488 cable. The additional hardware increases the cost of' Professional ScanLab II as compared to that of the Epson kit. The Sharp JX-320 (SI 179) is a 300x600-dpi, 24-bit color, eight-bit gray-scale device with built-in hardware interpolation to 600x600 dpi. The scanning area is 8.5x11 inches. The ASDG software supports scanning resolutions of 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300 dpi with the JX-3 20. Fhe software also supports four levels of edge emphasis or sharpness, gamma correction, brightness, and a threshold sett ing for black-and-white scans. All these settings are built into the scanning hardware. The software also supports an optional full- ? SuperGen GENLOCK AND OVERLAY SYSTEM Only broadcast quality genlock for less than SI000 Two independent dissolve controls Software controllable Compatible with all Amiga models Notch filter I HE FUTURE IS HERE TWO CHANNEL TBC SYSTEM Create spectacular true color animations on your Amiga. ¦ Now i Available i in PAL A The industry- standard - yet to be equaled j? T SuperGen newi PRICE! $ 549.00 SuperGen2000 THE FIRST TRUE Y C GENLOCK AND OVERLAY CARD FOR THE AMIGA 2000 SERIES COMPUTER S-VHS, ED-BETA, Hi8 compatible Broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A output SC H phase adjustability Built-in sync generator Two independent dissolve controls Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source. Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software included. Compatible with AGA 1200 and 4000 Amigas in NTSC PAL modes. Two to four times the speed of AGA animations (DCTV vs. HAMS) with greater color and resolution. Compatible with all popular 3D, rendering, and graphics packages including: AD-Pro, Aladdin 4D. AmigaVision. Brilliance, Calligari, Cinemorph, Draw4D, ImageMaster, Imagine, LightWave, Morph PI us. Real 3D, Scala, Scenery Animator. Sculpt, VistaPro. And many others... DCTV 11? 14VK (NTSC or PAL) NEW! PRICE! $ 299.00 The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of time base correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card.
• Absolute 100% broadcast quality
• Composite or Y C video in
• Includes easy to use external control panel
• No waveform monitor needed
• Variable speed strobe
• Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields
• Low power consumption
• Lowest TBC price per channel
• Works with consumer grade VCRs rji j f: Kitchen Svnc NEW PRICE! La=TW5w $ 1295.00 SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 RGB CONVERTER Allows the use of DCTV with standard RGB monitors (1084) in standard NTSC or PAL modes. Also permits the use of external genlocks like our SuperGen. Fch. RGB Converter Bk. $ 199.00 NEW PRICE! NEW1 PRICE! Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external video source. ?TMW Genlock Option $ 150.00 S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. S-VHS Option I $ 99.00 FREE 2nd Day shipping m on all VISA & MC orders in the US. Next Day Shipping add $ 5.00. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00 Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. DIGITAI Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited CALL DIGITAL DIRECT 1-800-645-1164 Orders only 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 916-344-4825 k c n i i u n a p o. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 * Phone 916*344*4825 • FAX 916*635 SuperOen, Suj)erGeii2000s, DCTV. DCTV RGB Converter, and Kitchen Sync are trademarks of Digiial Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc IBM and IBM AT arc registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Circle 16 oo Reader Service card bed transparency film scan unit (SI 195). The JX-450 ($ 4995) provides 300x600-dpi scanning and also supports 24-bit color and eight-bit gray scales. Its scanning space is a full 11x17 inches. The JX-450’s optional transparency unit is $ 500. The JX-610 (SI3.500) offers double the 320’s dot resolution (600x1200 dpi), and increases color resolution to 36 bits (though output is limited to 24 bits), while retaining eight-bit gray-scale scanning. It provides hardware interpolation to 1200x1200 dpi and an 11x17 scanning area. While the box is 22 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and seven inches high, it requires a 40- inch-wide space because the scanning table moves the original across the scan head. When used with the JX- 610, Scan Lab II supports scanning resolutions of 400 and 600 dpi as well as those listed for the JX-320. The JX-610rs price includes a fu11-bed transparency unit and both SCSI and GPIB interface ports. Scanning For Answers HAND SCANNERS OFFER adequate performance for printing on low-resolution output devices such as dot-matrix and laser printers. They work best with line art in text mode or with direct printing of dithered gray-scale images. The derived gray-scale images are of low resolution and are more suitable for video display than printing. Because there is very little to differentiate the hand scanners with regard to the basic hardware, you can shop by price and features. The Pyramid’s switchable parallel-port pass-through is nice, but that package lacks the OCR software provided by Migraph and Golden Image. Migraph's PS-400 Wand offers the same scanning resolutions as the hand units with a full-width head. The optional sheet feeder is convenient, but it kicks the price of the package into the same vicinity as that of the I IP ScanJet, which offers true 300 dpi with 256-level gray-scale scanning. II OCR is important to you. However, then the PS-400 with sheet feeder mav be the best choice. The price of sheet feeders for flatbed scanners is not negligible. The small difference in price between the ScanJet and the entry-level color flatbeds makes the Epson ES- 600C and the Sharp JX-350 attractive as well. If you need color and a larger scanning area, the Sharp JX450 and Epson ES-600C are worth considering. If you need the highest resolution possible, you should consider the Sharp JX-610. You’ve got quite a selection to choose from, and the field continues to grow. As you can see, whatever your needs might be, there's an Amiga-compatible scanner for you. ¦ Morion A. Kevelson, an electrical engineer, is a frequent contributor to Amiga publications, Contact him at Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, XII 03458. Announcing Panther The ultimate 24-bit drawing package! F As an artist, you always miss that one special function in a graphics package. As a programmer, you find ways to improve certain functions in a program. At Spectronics we had artists and programmers work together to create Panther, the ultimate 24-bit drawing package. Together they pushed the limits of what was thought possible on Amiga today. Panther combines aesthetic elegance with raw computing power, a professional tool without compromises.
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• Advanced colorization
• Real-time zoom on AGA machines
• Professional stencil features (soft and hard stencil)
• Parabolic and bezier curves
• Perfect anti-aliasing
• Real airbrush with error distortion
• Rapid screen update
• Curvilinear and planar brush bending
• Compatible with most 24-bit graphic boards Spectronics World Class Marketing For more information, contact your nearest Amiga dealer or call Spectronics. Denier inquiries welcome. Spectronics International USA Inc. 34 E. Main St. Suite 23 Champaign IL 61820 tel 217 352-0061 fax 217 352-0063 Panther is a trademark of Spectronics International USA, Inc. Commodore Amiga and AGA are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. "Horn listen, Tank, when this Give BIX a try with our new 5 for $ 5 Offer! Join BIX today and get 5 hours of evening and weekend access for just ?5! Use the rest of the calendar month to explore BIX, with the option of continuing for only ?13 per month. Further details and complete rate information are provided during registration. Using any ommunications program, dial 1-800-695-4882. Fit the "logon” prompt enter bix. Then at the"name? ” prompt enter bix.amw36. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-695-4775 (voice). Or fax us at 617-491-6642. Send Internet mail to bix@genvid.com. Windows users order BIXnav, our graphical front-end for BIX. Details are available online. Under ihe 5 lor $ 5 plan, daytime surcharges ($ 9 hr,) apply lo* access during prime lime hours The 5 lor S5 offer is val-d lor l*rsttime members only. Unused hours da no! Accrue to subsequent months. The S5 charge is a non refundable Hat fee and is charged regardless ot use 300 pound hup gets in your way, run a dynamic link library around it. You know rnhat the other team’s got SD you’d bEtter go fluer nur playbooh and learn abDUi object inheritance, operator oucrloading. And uirtual destructors. Better yet, telnet to BIK and get into their Objectiue C huddle and ijo nuer strategies with the other BIKen, they’re real pros. After pu'ue reuiemed ail the plays, send Internet mail to my Did buddy UDL at yenuid.cnm to get his feedback. Let me glue it to you straight. Tank, if you euer inant tn yet off the bench and become a Hall of Famer, you'd better sign up with the BIK team.” BIX If you can hack it Creative Computers MADNESS SALE! COMPUTERS your one-stop shop for the most unbelievable deals on Amiga computers hardware and software! Monitor not
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U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST Amiga 3000 030 lower
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• Amiga A3000 5mb RAM
• 105mb SCSI Hard Drive
• Progressive 68040 25Mhz accel. Order Status Customer Service 310-214-0000 Mon Sat 8-6 PST FAX 310-214-0932 $ 1498 5061 3798 Features Processor Memory Capacity A3000 A3000 Tower A3000 with 040 Accel. A4000 * 030 A4000 - 040 68030 68030 68040 68EC030 68040 Up to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card 68882 68882 68882 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes 5mb RAM 5mb RAM 5mb RAM 4mb RAM 6mb RAM 105mb SCSI 200mb SCSI lOSmb SCSI 1 20mb IDE 1 20mb IDE one 3.5" two 3.5" four 5.25" one 3.5" one 3.5" one 5.25" one 3.5" one 5.25" Built-in Built-in Built-in Emulates flicker fixer Emulates flicker fixer $ 999 $ 1 199 $ 1498 $ 1895 $ 2499 Coprocessor Memory Management Standard Memory Standard Hard Drive Drive Bays 'Flicker Fixer Hardware" Next Day Service Available! C= Commodore AMIGA Authorized Dealer 4639 Amiga 1200 Systems
• '020 Processor *AGA Chipset
• 2mb RAM • Expandable! P
* with purchase of monitor and or Hard Drive 40HD, 80HD, 120HD and 200HD versions available call for details c 2000C 1MB RAM, 68000 Processor
2. 04 Enhanced Chip Set Large selection of Hard Drives available for expansion 4926 $ 699 4927 'Bose model includes A600HD with 40mb Hard Drive and 1084S stereo color Word Processor monitor FREE! (While supplies lest) Amiga 600 Systems A600 with 10845 stereo color monitor and bonus software A ai $ 499 CDTV ¦*“” The interactive workstation to fire your imagination!
• Connects to your television and stereo
• Plays audio CD's, games, more!
• Parallel, serial, floppy Only drive ports £ *2 A A
• Interface to A3000 with ytlT optional Parnet Bundle 2741 AmigaDos 2.1 System 2.1 ROM $ g 95 4646
• Includes Grollers Encyclopedia, Fred Fish CD'
• Comes with cables and software 4645 A570 External CD-ROM Drive for A500 Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 Accessories EUREKA A601 W 1MB RAM ....69.95 BASEBOARD 600 0MB W CLOCK .39.95 PCMCIA 2MB RAM BOARD A600 .139.00 PCMCIA 3MB RAM BOARD A600 .189.00 PCMCIA 4MB RAM BOARD A600 .229.00 MBX 1200 W CLOCK, 14MHZ 68881 ......179.00 MBX 1200 W CLOCK, 25MHZ, 68882.....259.00 SEAGATE 2.5" 80MB IDE HD ...249.95 SEAGATE 2.5" 120MB IDE HD .369.00 SEAGATE 2.5" 200MB IDE HD .599.00 A600 PLASTIC DUST COVER .6.95 A1200 PLASTIC DUST COVER ......6.95 A1200 INSIDERS GUIDE BOOK ..24.95 Creative Computers is the service and low price leader - and the largest Amiga® mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it!** C "See out policies on the last page of this catalog reative Service card GVP SUPER BLOWOUT SALE! A530 Turbo w 120MB Hard Drive reative COMPUTERS
• A500 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
• Imbof 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
• Socket for 68882 Math chip
• “Mini Slot” for PC emulator & morel
• Includes dedicated power supply PC286 Module - Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs into A530 Turbo. We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** $ 892L A2000 ACCELERATORS DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ 15 G-Force 030 40Mhz
• 68882 Math Coprocessor
• Hard Drive Mountable
• 4mb of 32-Bit RAM
• Onboard Series IE SCSI Controller $ 677°° G-Force 040 33Mhz with 6888
• Built-in SCSI Controller, Serial and Parallel Ports
• Omb RAM, expandable to 16mb G-Force 040 33Mhz $ 988°° 4mb RAM 68882 t G-Force 030 25Mhz .547900 1 mb RAM 68882 Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office. 4322 Get these items tomorrow at no extra charge! Ask salesperson for details. 3937 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST
* 275 , _00 A2000 HC8+0 W 80HD ..... C A2000 HC8+0 W 120HD ..$ 35900 A2000 HC8+0 W 213HD ..$ 499°° 4398 SUPER HARD DRIVE BUNDLE A500HD+ W 80MB HD and Cinemorph
• 40Mhz68EC030
• Super expansion for Amiga 500
• Expandable to 8MB RAM
* 80MB Quantum hard
* Cinemorph morphing software!
* OMB RAM, expandable to 32mb of 60ns RAM
• Optional 68882 Math-Coprocessor
* Does NOT void factory warranty ALSO AVAILABLE A1230+ 4MB with 40Mhz _ Mafh Coprocessor $ 589 son 5015 Phone Pak Works with all Amigas, External SVHS Genlock, Realtime Software Control, and more! 5066 Gives your Amiga 1200 SCSI capability! Memory expansion and FPU socket. OMB RAM 4MB RAM No FPU 33Mhz FPU $ 299°° Em $ 499°° 1200 SCSI RAM FPU Board $ 289°° Now, your Amiga" 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! Rrm Spring Inventory Clearance Sale! Who!, What!, When!, Where! Final Copy 1.3 Excellent word processing program with Postscript support
116. 000 Word Dictionary
470. 000 Word Thesaurus IFF Graphic support Workbench 2.0 compatible Best-selling WWI air combat simulator Analog joystick compatible Design your own custom airplane colors
• Personal organizer
• Appointnent Scheduler
• Alarm Clock Reminder
• Tone or Pulse Autodial
• Supports up to 14 users SHI Pixel 3D Professional Scala Multimedia SCALA Q =5S 0FESSI0NAL fP, £ s t n m Jr. SC At..
* 'V -O. In i ll rf J" v
• Stereo sound sampler
• 4-Track sequencer
• Graphic waveform editing
• Saves in IFF, Sonix or RAM
• Real-time reverb Image Presentation program with audio, animation and titling features. Includes variety of backgrounds, symbols, sounds, music and demo projects. Special Edition. Convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality Loads and saves Lightwave, Imagine and many others These items are in very limited supply order today!! BONUS DEAL OF THE CENTURY!! PC XT Bridgeboard for A2000 ’FREE with purchase of any one of these products: Features of Commodore A2088
• Gives Amiga 2000 PC XT Compatibility
• Run thousands of PC software titles
• Includes 360kb 5.25" floppy disk drive unit! Amiga 2000 Video Toaster G-Force 040 Accelerator for A2000
• Supports monochrome mode and CGA Color graphics!
• Includes MS-DOS 3.2 and GW Basic
• 4.77Mhz 8088 emulator with 512k RAM Documentation language may vary. GVP I O EXTENDER Add 2 serial ports and 1 port to your Amig Super Price! Reative COMPUTERS Image F X Total Image Processing Package! RGB, CMYK, HVS adjustment, Full Motion Morphs and more! $ 18495 Video Solutions ASDG Morph Plus COMPUTERS With features like 3D wave ripple effects, completely WYSIWYG perspective and spherical warper, arbitrary rotation, and the best morphing warping techno] around. Morph plus is the premiere morphing package on the market; $ 149°° 4348 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 Canada 1-800-548-2512 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 0031-11-1351 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-3420 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178 4143 IDEK MF-5017 17" LP ......979.00 4658 IDEK MF-5017 17" SP ......979.00 4615 IDEK MF-8317 17" HP ....1249.00 4274 IDEK MF-5021 .....1899.00 4030 ANIMATRIX MODELER .....64.95 3290 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - IMAGINE 79.95 3749 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE .....79.95 4312 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - MASTER PACK 2 LIGHTWAVE 79.95 4313 BROADCAST 30 FONTS * MASTER PACK 3 LIGHTWAVE 79.95 4711 BROADCAST 3D FONTS * PRO PACK 1 LIGHTWAVE 169.00 MULTISYNC MONITORS 3807 CALIGARI II ....129.00 4007 CYCLEMAN FOR IMAGINE 39,95 4315 ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE 49.95 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS 64.95 2996 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE ..45.95 2954 MAP MASTER FOR LIGHTWAVE ......64.95 4455 MORPHUS .69.95 4556 PLAYMATION .369.00 3203 REAL 3D V1,4 109.00 4907 VIRTUAL REALITY STUDIO II ..64.95 1805 BROADCAST TITLER II 229.00 4250 BROADCAST TITLER II SUPER HIGH RES VERSION.279.00 4471 BROADCAST TITLER II FONT PACK 2 ..94,95 3888 SCREEN MAKER 24-BIT 59.95 4377 - TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM.... ..,119,00 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO 60...... ..129.00 4584 TOASTER VISION .. ...139.00 3699 VIDEO DIRECTOR . ...149.00 3725 ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK. ...329.00 6879 SUPERGEN GENLOCK ...539,00 1440 SUPERGEN 2000S.....
1350. 00 EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A FOR: 3635
- JVC DECKS ...... ...799.00 3281
- PANASONIC 7750 . ...799.00 3636
- SONY 9 PIN DECKS ...799,00 4260 NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER 2 0 . ...369.00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE 4331 DCTV RGB ADAPTOR .. ...199.00 Wacom Tablet Aladdin 4D 6"x 9" $ 499°° This is the best pressure sensitive tablet available! The best selling tablet on the Mac. Also available in 12"x 12" size 00 Driver and cable* s8495 $ 249 Lliyl *Not required w OpalVision kTii DPS Personal
• Rock solid freeze
• Variable strobe
• True Monochrome for A2000 A3000 040 25lVlhz Omb ...,.,.s4990fl Mercury 35Mhz A3000 Omb .....s89900 4630 DIGITAL MICRONICS VIVID 24 2795.00 4521 DPS REMOTE CONTROL......279.00 4194 KITCHEN SYNC S-VIDEO OPTION .119.00 4009 KITCHEN SYNC GENLOCK OPTION ..149.00 3940 PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE 7B9.00 4596 SPECTRUM 24-BIT FRAMEGRABBER .479.00 4892 TOASTER Y C PLUS 879.00 0821 KARA ANIMFONTS 1 ..29.95 0822 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 ..29.95 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 ..29.95 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 ...35.95 4660 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 ..34.95 0337 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 44.95 0358 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 2 ...39.95 3759 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3...46.95 4659 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 4 ...44.95 1838 KARA FONTS STARFIELDS ....34.95 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS 39.95 0095 MASTERPIECE FONTS 159.00 3197 1ST PRIZE TOASTED FONTS SET 4 ...40.95 2961 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL I ...64.95 2962 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL II ..64.95 3155 KARA TOASTER FONTS V.l.... 54.95 3156 KARA TOASTER FONTS V II ...54.95 4282 KARA TOASTER FONTS V.lll.. 54.95 4283 KARA TOASTER FONTS V.IV.. 54.95 3143 MASTERPIECE TOASTER FONTS ....B9.S5 0387 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO . 49 95 8839 THE DIRECTOR V2.0 .74.95 3850 FRACTAL PRO 5.0 ..CALL 4545 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 59.95 SCENERY ANIM. DATA DISKS: 3784 -GRND CANYON .....18.95 3786 -OAHU ...18.95 3785 -YOSEMITE ......18.95 2951 SURFACE MASTER FOR IMAGINE 25.95 VISTA PRO 2.0 DATA DISKS: 2456 -CALIFORNIA ...29.95 2759 -FLAMING GORGE-DATA 2 29.95 2755 -GRAND CANYON-DATA 1 .29.95 2756 -GRAND CANYON-DATA 2......29.95 2758 -JACKSON HOLE-DATA 1 29.95 2455 -MARS SCAPES ......29.95 4893 f 1 1 1 1 111 VrWi VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0.. ...54.95 CLIP ART DISK5 207 VIDEO TOASTER: FLAGS OF THE WORLD ...52.95 1 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO SOFTWARE j 4270 BROADCAST TITLER II SUPER HIGH RES PAL 279.00 3880 IMAGINE 2.0 PAL ..299.00 3985 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 PAL64.95 2829 ANIMATION 101 ......24.95 3160 DCTV ..A GUIDED TOUR 26.95 3676 DCTV ..A GUIDED TOUR PAL . 26.95 2543 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR 26.95 2828 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR PAL26.95 4975 LIGHTWAVE: ESSENTIALS 34.95 4977 LIGHTWAVE: MODELLER 34.95 4976 LIGHTWAVE: SURFACES 34.95 4734 TAMING OF THE WAVE 99.95 TOASTER ESSENENTIALS VIDEOS: 4461 -ADVANCED TECHNIQUES 34.95 4460 -STEP BY STEP GUIDE 34.95 4458 -TOASTER CG .34.95 4457 -TOASTER PAINT ...34.95 4961 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 TUTORIAL19.95 reative COMPUTERS Prices Effective May 1, 1993 Newtek Video Toaster Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D Renderer, 24-Bit painting & more!
• Complete Video Editing System for eveiyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga!
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes!
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! 36211 3699 Large 17" Screen Works on all Amigas! Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution 4143
S. •" 4658 ! NOW AVAILABLE!
• Full ABA Support
• 24 Bit Color plii* Alpha Channel
- * Hierarchical animations
• Organic deformations
• IFF textures
• DXF format
• Comes with WHO Videotape 4638 DCTV: A guided tour $ 1995 DCTV This easy-to-follow, comprehensive VHS tutorial will teii you all you need to know about DCTV. Pm 3160 Publishing Solutions I’M 24-Pin printer $ 209°° COMPUTERS 4606 4406 Hewlett Packard HP DeskJet 500 223 HP DeskJet 500C HP DeskJet 550C (Colon) (Colon) $ 40QQO soogoo 00 1740 3367 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST ProWrite Version 3.3
• Supports Hotllnks mt 7,>- * 100,000 word Spell Wmk ; Checker. Hs£* • Thesaurus with O 300,000 word cross reference. 749 Order Status CD ROM HARDWARE 4477 A570 CD-ROM A500. ....299.00 PRINTERS 3906 LASERJET IIP+ .. .... 899.00 55220 NEWGEN PS 300P LASER ..1399.00 PRINT CARTRIDGES 1873 DESKJET INK CLEANING INKMUN ...3.95 INPUT HARDWARE AND ACCESSORIES Customer Service 310-214-0000 Mon Sat 8-6 PST FAX 310-214-0932 1028 DESKJET BLACK CARTRIDGE 16.95 60123 DJ BLACK CART. 1000 PGS ....25.00 1872 DESKJET INK LASER PRINTER TONER 95.95 0409 PROF. PAGE TEMPLATES......35.95 PRINTER ACCESSORIES COLOR KIT STARTER 34.95 1399 EP-L TONER CARTRIDGE LASER PRINTER TONER 76.95 51071 EP-S TONER CARTRIDGE 3293 WIZ DRAWING TABLET
7. 5 X 7.5 ..239.00 SCANNERS DIGITIZERS 4691 TRANSPARENCY OPTION ....799.00 4692 AUTO DOCUMENT FEEDER .499.00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING 4697 MIGRAPH OCR JR ...129.95 4590 PAGESETTER 3 .....59.95 WORD PROCESSING 4469 FINAL COPY II RELEASE 2 89.95 DTP FONTS 3319 600 AMIGA FONTS ..19.95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY: VOLUME 1-IV each: .59.95 3560 PAGESTREAM NEWSLETTER FONTS 64.95 4160 PRO STREAM PLUS FONTS ...42.95 CAD 4853 DYNACADD2D .....199.00 1267 INTROCADPLUS ...64.95 Unleash the Power! PageStream SuperPak 3833 The Publishing Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239°°! Professional Draw 3.0 $ 129°°
• The “Expert’s Choice” for desktop publishing power is PageStream 2.2!
• Now includes PageLiner, BME, HotLinks and 47 fonts. A $ 449.95 value!
• Includes a coupon for a free upgrade to version 3.0. The upgrade includes recordable Aress, AGA colors, more fonts and free clip art! Only $ 169°° • Power up to PageStream today! 4730 Professional Page 4.0 $ 15900 3854 4248 Art Expression
• The new Amiga drawing and illustration standard!
• Create incredible text effects. Perfect for desktop video and publishing!
• Includes 35 fonts and a free picture editor with a built-in autotracer!
• Works great with PageStream and ProPage 4! TypeSmlth omys 1 IS30 Epson® Scanners Color Scanners ES-600C - 24-Bit, 300 DPI $ 7990° ES-800C - 24-Bit, 400 DPI ® 109900 4664 only $ 14900 4962
• The first and only outline font editor for the Amiga! Create your own typefaces!
• Load, save and edit Compugraphic, PostScript and Soft-Logik fonts.
• Convert between formats end font format hell!
• Arexx and HotLinks compatible! Eureka Scanner.$ 15900 400 DPI black & white and greyscale hand held scanner. 32 level scan. Parallel interface with pass-through. 4462 Soft-Logik • The Amiga DTP Leader Upgrades and Accessories DKB MultiSUirt II MegaChip 2000 500 DKB Now got 2 megabytes of Chip RAM tor the Amiga 2000 & 500 .....$ 19900 (with Agnus) 4229 Provides for Amiga 500’s & 2000’s to operate under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0 *39” MultiStart II 3881 Pixound $ 2495
B. A.D Ver.4.0 $ 2495 MindLink $ 1996 0120 1260 1875 Best-Selling disk optimizer for all Amigas. Speed floppy and hard drives by up to 5 times! Powerful telecommunication software package for all Amigas. Unique sound program that creates music from pictures* 4176 AMAX II PLUS 359.00 4911 RAW COPY 1.3M . 36.95 4729 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.0 ......64.95 4463 GIGAMEM ..
82. 95 4933 HYPERCACHE PRO ......34.95 4124 QUARTERBACK 5.0 .
44. 95 1847 QUARTERBACK TOOLS..... ......52.95 SAMPLING SOLUTIONS MUSIC HARDWARE 3165 AMOS THE COMPILER .. 4413 AMOS THE CREATOR NORTH AMERICAN VER 4534 AMOS PROFESSIONAL 3229 AMOS 3D ...... 4334 SAS C DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM VER. 6 ...... ...45.95 ...64.95 ...89.95 ...42.95 .269 00 EMULATORS reative BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE COMPUTERS Prices Effective May 1, 1993 TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE 1788 A TALK III ..42.95 4684 BAUD BANDIT II .....29.95 4605 CNET V2.4 BBS ......84.95 4153 SUPRA GP FAX SOFTWARE...74.95 4504 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 .70 95 4041 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES A01012 12-BIT SAMPLER ..529.00 NEW! MASS MICRO DATAPAK 105
- 2.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE 61240 .799.00 DOS TOOLS UTILITIES 4332 CROSS DOS 5.0 .....39.95 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE 9010 AMIGA VISION .49.95 WM Supra Corporation Modems ,_, A , ~0, I 8877 Supra 2400 Baud Modem .. 56995 - SupraFax 2400 9600 Data $ 129°° SupraFax Modem 14*4 14.4k .,$ 24900 HZH FREE Bonus!!!
• 8-channel, 16-blt CD quality stereo sampler.
• Includes Studio 16 software t At)51.0 ww STUDIO 16 4516 $ 1359°° SMPTE - in TheOneStop Music Shop sound 16-Brt, 32-voce, Cfl-quafity, fufly digital stereo audio for your Amiga.
R. ieCOMML'NiCATION, SOFXWARr Get Mindlink, a powerful telecommunication software package FREE with purchase of any of the above modems. 557900 4689 HU ptiwrnrii lUeuvr Version SM-rwARE FOR A! R AMIGA COMPl N HS 4718 3890 3983 4157 3891 4759 2773 1585 Due to industry fluctuation. RAM prices are subject to change without notice Supra FAX Modem 14.4k 14.4k $ 299* Includes software and cable SupraRam RX for Amiga 500 1MB ..$ ! 1900 flHjH SupraRam RX 5rfS 2MB .....$ 16900 H SupraRam 500 Hag 512k ...s3995 PatchMeister ...s4995 Universal Patch Librarian SyncPro Sl79D0 SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator Triple Play Plus..516500 48 MIDI channels via one interface SuperJAM! 1.1 SS995 Write music without ever touching an FREE BONUS!!! Buy $ 100 worth of Blue Ribbon Products, get Who!, What!, When!, Where!, a personal organizer FREE!!! Entertainment and Education $ 3495 COMPUTERS Street Wing Body Fighter II Commander Blows ------------ K Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST B-17 The Chaos Sleepwalker Flying Fortress Engine AGA SOQ9 4007 4971 Fantastic Imagine HistoryLine Voyage A Gu deed0T°ur 1The Gamel 9f $ 1995 3670 World Mauis Amy’s Atlas Beacon 2.0 Fun, 2, 3 ' MSI isnmiH Order Status Customer Service 310-214-0000 Mon Sat 8-6 PST FAX 310-214-0932 4972 2543 t* $ 3995 Visit out Amiga Superstores In Southern California South Bay - 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 - Phone (310) 542-2292 Westside -318 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Phone (310) 394-7779 Mon Sat 10-7 PST - Sun 11 -6pm 10 reasons why you should only buy from Creative Computers:
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• Does not include insurance. CC-Money Bock Guarantee rules limited-time offer expires 5 31 93 and only applies »o the above listed categories only. You must call Customer Service to obtain O Return Authorisation number betore sending the itom(s) bock. The ilem(s) must be In original condition and In original packaging, with blank warranty card Ho damaged items will be accepted Rotunds tssued within Id days ol receipt ol the returned itom = s). Behind is limited to 53,000 per customer No refunds on freight or labor charges CUSTOMER SC 0VICE lor tech support call 310-542- 2292 from 11 a m to 7 p.m. PST ¦ Standard Overnight Service" by Federal Express is not available in all aroas Those Extended Aroas" tak e two days Check with your local Federal Express station lor del very confirmation and delivery limes CODT odd $ 6-No Personal Company chocks. Collfor all other shipping information. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. All advertised prices are CA5H prices. Visa Master Card same ai cash; Discover add tVRETlMIN POLICY Coll Cuilomer Service at (310) 214-0000 lor return authorization All returns without authorization number (RMA ) will be tefused. Returned products must be in original condition ond packaging end must be sent bock within 30 days of our invoice date. No rotunds, please. Defective product exchanges only. We make no guarantees lor product performance. Exchanges with unlike products are at our optionond subject toa 20' . Re-stocking lee.COMDlTlOUS Prices ond availability at product are subject to change without notice MAIL-lit ORDERS Send money orders or cashiers check for (astost service Personal checks - 10 days to clear. Include: Name, Address.and telephpne number (no P.O. Boxes, please) If ordering by credit card include expiration date and bi!1intfaddress~XqU fcrexoct shipping rate*. INTERNATIONAL TOLL FREE ORDERING i' UciES For Canado. FPO. 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Are you in the market for a GVP Accelerator but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don’t know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! The Creative Computers Exclusive ; Money Back Guarantee Program OUR P O L I C I E S Next day Shipping via: ON GRAPHICS 52 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen GEN LOG KING COM PETER GRAPHICS effects over video is one of the Amiga’s strong points. While sophisticated video-graphics systems built around your Amiga can be expensive, we’ll explore some real-time tricks you can try with just an ordinary genlock and a paint program. You may be surprised to learn these techniques can turn an otherwise complicated project into a few minutes’ easy work and provide some fun in the process. A genlock attached to your computer allows Amiga graphics to be mixed with a video signal from a camera or VCR. The mix can then be viewed on a composite television monitor, recorded to a second VCR. Or even passed to another Amiga genlock station for further layering of video and graphics. At the simplest level, a genlock allows an input video signal to show through any part of the Amiga screen that is color zero, the first position in die palette. For example, if you clear a DeluxePaint (Electronic .Arts) screen to color zero, any video coining through the genlock will fill the screen of a video monitor attached to the genlock output. Paint a line or a blob of any other color and it will be superimposed over the video. Fly Fly Birdie Often, it is desirable to synchronize an animated computer effect to a section of video or to wild sound. For example, you might want to create a video showing a cartoon bird living over a real landscape, suddenly flapping higher in the sky to avoid a passing Lruck. Or perhaps you want a ray- traced rocket sled speeding through a forest, dodging trees and ducking under branches. Your first thought might be to shoot the video, time various movements of the sequence, and then use an animation program to create movement paths for the bird or rocket sled that will synchronize with the tape. This can be done, but it would be a laborious process eating up a lot of disk space. As an alternative, tiy these quick low- tech methods. For the bird project, create a looping animation of four or more frames in I)Paint showing a complete flapping cycle. Pick this up as an animbrush (as in the accompanying illustration), clear the screen to color zero, and turn off the tool and menu bars. Press the Delete key to turn oil the pointer and play the videotape sequence through the genlock, observing the result on a video monitor. Watch the sequence once or twice to get the feel of it, then try the anim- brush. Press and hold the 8 key to cycle the cels of the animbrush in a continuous loop while you move the mouse around. L)o not press the mouse button. You will see the bird flv around the screen, superimposed over the video. It is easy to respond in real time to the action and move the bird higher on the screen as the truck passes. I he rocket-sled project employs a variation on this idea. Shoot the video at a slow frame rate while walking through the woods. When it is played back later at 30 frames per second (fps), you will see a dizzying effect of high speed. Render or paint the rocket sled seen from the rear as though you are following it. A color-cycled blinking light adds to t he realism. Rotate the sled to create a minimum of three positions for level flight, left bank, and right bank, respectively. Experiment with intermediate frames if you like. Save these frames as an animbrush as you did with the bird. T Now play the video sequence of the forest chase and keep the animbrush in a clear path as trees whip past. Have two fingers resting on the 7 and 8 keys while you control the position of the brush with the mouse. Again, do not press the mouse button, just guide the brush. The 7 key moves backward through animbrush cels and the 8 key moves forward to bank the rocket left or right as you dodge around trees. You might be surprised at how effective three cels can he when the object is being moved in real time with the mouse. On the other hand, rendering a similar animation to synchronize with events in the tape could be a nightmare. Take a genlock, some simple graphics, add a little digital sleight-of-hand, and presto! You can create fancy animated tricks in a matter of minutes. And Now for a Few More Tricks! You can also get great real-time effects without an animbrush. Even the simple blue ball in the illustration (top right) can be amazingly effective in a video if you stage the scene well. For example, you can create the illusion that the ball is glowing by projecting blue light onto the face of a character in the video as it is shot. Later, move the brush in sync with the movement of the light for a superb illusion. You can even capitalize on the “chroma-crawl” (if over-saturated colors. Purposefully use saturated blue or red to give a soft-edged glow to the brush in NTSC. You can use the + and - keys to give the illusion of movement into the z-axis ol the scene. To complete the illusion, direct your actors to react to the ball (which will actually be added in post-production). Bouncing-ball sing-along effects (illustration, lower left) are also a good use of real-time synchronization to sound. In addition, subtitles (illustration, lower left) are easy to sync to dialogue by creating an animation ol’ the series of titles against color zero. Simply use the 2 key in Dpaint to advance through the frames on cue. You can also use the j key at any time to cut to a transparent screen. Try creating a moving-mask effect (illustration, lower right) such as a binocular view or a telescopic sight that tracks a character. Assuming color zero is already black, make a second black somewhere else in your palette. Use this black to create a border that obscures the edge of the overscan frame but leaves a window in the middle for the action. Use the same black to make a brush the size ol the screen with a color-zero hole in the middle. Move this mask brush around the screen to track your character. The overlap with die black overscan border prevents the video image from leaking around the edge of the moving brush. These simple real-time tricks are not as clean as double-buffered animation, but they often work surprisingly well. For moving large or complex brushes you may need to use low resolution to minimize the flashing that can occur. The character of the final NTSC image helps cover up flaws. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope fora reply. Eustrates many of tl icks presented in tht :le. Brushes are synchronized to nd and video action by hand rather t as rendered animations. Since 1982 800-554-9980 .omputAbility Consumer Electronics
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• Call for Free Catalog & Items Not Listed VIDEO FX For Everybod Special-effects programs can be just the ticket for many everyday video situations. SUITE By Paulo de Andrade SOME PEOPLE KEEL special effects are, well, "special” that is, they’re very useful, but only for working in high-end projects, music videos, or expensive television commercials. Fortunately, that just isn't so. The kinds of effects possible with programs like ADSG’s Morph Plus ($ 295), Black Belt Systems' Imagemas- ter ($ 199.95), or (.VP’s ImageFX ($ 249.95) can help you in your everyday productions by providing you with imaginative transitions, economical special effects, and even quick fixes for common video image problems. Let’s examine some practical uses for these programs that you might find useful in your day-to-day video-production work. Be advised that to take advantage of most of the techniques described here, you will need not only the software bur also a framegrabher and a fra i ne-accurate VC' R. Morphs as Transitions Morphing, for example, offers one of the more effective transitions when you are dealing with “before-and-after” situations. Let’s say that you are producing a video for a diet center and you arc v• supplied with several photos of clients who have lost a lot of weight. Anyone could place the photos side by side for comparison, hut creating a transition between them would he more interesting. While you could do a dissolve from one to the other, von can morph between the images to produce an even greater impact. The person will seem to lose weight before your very eyes, and the transition will appear to he much more subtle than with a dissolve. Similarly, you could use morphing to demonstrate how a body builder has gained mass during a certain period. With morphing between the before and after pictures, you can create a very interesting transition that intensifies the feeling of progress. If you remember to keep the angle, lighting, and other details the same in shots, die effect will he smooth and quite successful. Morphing transitions can also replace dissolves in many other situations, such as in showing the progress of the construction of a building, the fixing of a damaged car by a body shop, or the transformation of a person's appearance through plastic surgery. The Digital Dissolve While morphs can often replace dissolves, there are other occasions when the latter are the best and most effective transitions. But you may be surprised to learn that morphing packages can also he used to create digital dissolves between two images. For example, GYT’s CineMorph (included as part of ImageFX), has a built-in “Dissolve Only” option especially for this purpose. Digital dissolves are useful in a variety of situations. The simplest one involves creating a dissolve between two images as part of an animation that can he played back in real time on your Amiga. Just make sure the dissolve is rendered in the same screen mode as the rest of your animation. Digital dissolves are also handv when you don’t have access to a switcher or two playback V 1 Rs. Simply grab the two images, perform the dissolve, and then output the frames back to tape. If you have access to a single-frame recorder and a good framebuffer, the rendered images will look as good as the originals. Another great use for digital dissolves is in simulating surface-texture morphing in 3-D animations. NewTek’s Light- Wave 2.0, for example, allows you to morph between two objects but not to morph their textures. The texture mapped to the first object is automatically transferred to the second. But by using your morphing software to perforin a digital dissolve between two textures, you can map the resulting frames as a sequence on the first object. Be sure to create the dissolve with the same number of f rames as your morph. When you play hack your animation, you will get a perfect morph between the objects, including the textures. No More Jump Cuts Another type of transition where morphing comes in handy is the jump cut. A jump cut occurs when there is a sudden change in an image while the camera is paused in the same position and there is a need for continuity. A very common example is in the case of interviews, when there are no cutaway shots available to he inserted to disguise necessary editing. If you simply cut part of an answer off, your on-camera talent will suddenly “jump" on screen, sort of like Max Headroom. Before the advent of the accessible morph, editors used to perform dissolves between the images to minimize the problem. Dissolves, however, cannot cover big changes in images, and they give the edit away. Morphs, on the other hand, are powerful transitions that when applied well can perfectly disguise jump cuts. Just make certain that the morph does not last more than Continued on ;. 66. LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader 19(1 A & M Computer Repair, 92 Reader 26 DKB Software, 19 Reader 50 New Media Corporation. 92 Sendee o Ami gam an, 72-73 Sendee 163 Dreamworks, 92 Sendee 37 NewTek, Inc., CIV Number * AmigaWorld Number 179 Elite Microcomputer, 93 Number 170 Northwest Public Domain, 92 Amigamations Video, 65 * Epson America, 20-21 152 ReadySoft, Inc., 16 85 Bare Bones Software. 92 * Epson America, 23 44 Sale Harbor, 76-77 151 Better Concepts, Inc., 93 19 Gold Disk, Inc., I 40 SAS Institute, 69 178 BIX, 49 20 Grapevine Group, Inc., The, 86-87 191 Select Solutions, 29 ** i Briwall, 95 * Graphic Impressions, 93 60 Scala, Inc., 9 162 Centaur Software, 12*13 25 Great Valley Products, Inc., 2 45 Sideline Software, 80 10 Computability, 62-63 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5 81 Smartsoft, 71 * Computers For Tracts, 92 53 Great Valley Products, Inc., 7 88 Software Hut, 85 17-1 Copperhead Technologies, 92 * Hammond Photographic Services, 93 192 Software Support Int’l, 92 13 Creative Computers, 50-59 91 INOVAtronics, Inc., CIII 87 Softwood, Inc., CII 189 De Vine Computer Sales, 79 47 J&C Computer Service, 92 153 Spectronics Int’l USA Inc., 48 1-1 Dev Ware, Inc., 83 * Kasara Microsystems, 92 22 Tenex Computer Express, 90-91 * DevWare Video. Inc., 81 157 Macrosystems U.S., 18 70 TLAS, 93 * Dev Ware, Tool Chest Inc., 82 34 Manta, 67 71 Tri State Computer, 89 63 Digital Creations, 45 93 Memory World, 75 86 Visionsoft, 92 16 Digital Creations, 47 99 Micro R&D, 93 52 Vortex Computersysteme GmbH, 84 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 39 6 Microbiotics, Inc., 17 NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS This index is provided as an additional service. 'I Tic publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions.
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• Dive for sunken treasure in Treasure Hunt.
• See the award-winning Commuter Chip in action.
• And many more action-packed Amiga animations! Have your credit card ready and call to place your order: 1-603-924-0156 Just $ 19.95! Shipping and handling: U.S., $ 2.95; Mexico & Canada (includes GST), $ 4.50; Foreign, $ 7.50 per video. Make check or money order payable to AmigaWorld and mail to: Amigamations, Thompson Publishing Group, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. AW0693 VIDEO SlIITE From p.64. a few frames. Also, be sure to use as many control points as possible to ensure that you avoid distortions. The One-Frame Morph Besides providing effective transitions, morphing can also save your video footage when you get in a fix. By using a one-frame morph, you can replace damaged frames with excellent results. .As an example, when I work with 3-D animations, I usually render my frames to a hard disk before recording them a frame at a time on video instead of recording them as they are rendered. This way, if anything goes wrong during the recording process, fixing the problem does not involve having to render all the frames again. On one occasion, however, I had to render directly to tape because I was temporarily out of storage space. Of course, something had to go wrong. A bad sync cable caused the single-frame controller to record two blank frames during the animation. As I could not afford to render the whole animation again, I resorted to morphing to fix my problem. First, I grabbed the frames immediately before and alter the missing ones. I then took the first couple of frames into the morphing software and performed a one-frame morph between them. The resulting frame was a perfect interpolation between die two images. I repeated the operation for the second missing frame and then recorded the new frames at their respective places. When I played back the animation, it seemed like nothing had ever been wrong with it and no one was able to tell it had been fixed. Best off all, it took very little time to accomplish. You can use this technique to replace frames with almost any kind of glitch, including bad dropouts. Moving Backgrounds and Overlays All three of our specia 1-effects packages also allow you to create the kind of rolling backgrounds that you see all the time on CNN, MTV, and the other TV networks. The background moves smoothly in a given direction while the graphics in the foreground remain static, or even while another layer of graphics moves in a different direction. The secret to producing such an effect is to create a seamless background, that is, an image that will not show a seam when moved around. Once your background image is perfect, you can have the effects program perform the roll effect for the number of frames you need. After the roll animation is finished, you can superimpose your graphics by using either a switcher or software capable of creating good overlays. FRED, the frame
o CJ j editor that comes with both ASDG’s Art Department Professional and MorphPlus, offers excellent layering capabilities. You can even create a second laver j of movement by leaving open spaces in your screen or by using transparency in the compositing process. If the layers move in different directions, you get a great sense of depth. This same effect, which can be so easily rendered with your Amiga, often requires very expensive digital-video equipment when created in traditional post-pn>( hiction su i tes. Program-Specific Tips MorphPlus not only provides great morphing capabilities, but also includes several other handy operators. One of the most useful is Perspective. With it you can achieve results very similar to those using an Ampex ADO or other sophisticated high-end DVE (Digital Video Effects) generators capable of perfect compression and perspective. Although NewTek’s more affordable Video Toaster offers lots of nice DVEs, it can’t perform this particularly useful effect on its own. Lei’s suppose that you need to display a graphic in a small, slanted window, just like you see everyday in the television J news. Simply use MorphPlus’ Perspective to compress and position your image where you want it. After a few minutes of rendering, you will end up with a very high-quality graphic. You can then key the graphic in with the Toaster (or any other switcher). If rendering time is not a problem, you can use MorphPlus to animate the perspective and even apply multiple layers of moving graphics to create a very dynamic presentation. If you’re handy using Arexx scripts, you can animate practically all of Im- agemaster’s effects to create some very interesting transitions. For example, you can use the Spiral Blur function to progressively increase the amount of blur for the first image; when it becomes indistinguishable, cut to the second image using the same amount of blur and gradually decrease the effect until it is completely gone. A transition like this may be impossible to reproduce even with veiy expensive DVEs. Other interesting effects that can be used for effective transitions include Water Color, Relief, Implode Explode, and even the Contour filter. The Arexx interface included with ImageFX also allows you to create very exciting transitions. Ever wanted to recreate the classic spinning front-page newspaper-headline sequence used in old black-and-white films? ImageFX’s Rotate operator makes this an easy task. Or how about having unlimited wipes at your disposal? The program’s Wipe Arexx script creates a transition between the main and swap image buffers by using an animation and an alpha channel to control the mixing. All you do is design the wipe you want. While 1 would love to show you dozens of other nifty effects these programs can perform, there is just not enough space to do so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and experiment for yourself. Perfecting your expertise with your program’s features will increase your confidence and keep you a step ahead of the competition. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of a company that uses AMIGAs in broadcast-quality video production. MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - 1-800-477-7706 M4NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes 8i latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! C: Commodore* AMIGA AMIGA 1200 LOWEST EVER Become a part of the next generation of Amiga technology! And with MANTA’s special pricing, the 1200 has never been more affordable! A1200 - $ 499.°°* A1200 HD80 - $ 775** AGA GAMES INSTOCK * AI20O'S ARE INSTOCK A4000 LOWEST PRICING AVAILABLE
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* Amiga 3000 and 4000 require video adapters (not included) Amiga 1000 requires a serial adapter (not included). MegAChip 2000 500 • *189“ Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing. 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaslerl with Agnus MultiStart II • *29" Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and
1. 3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider IIA1000'0K’14995 Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for RAM prices Kwikstart II • *69 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 MIB 32 Bit Expansion • *399* 1 12 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. NEW - ONLY 9995 AUTHORIZED AMIGA SALES & SERVICE CENTER From p. 22. Larger documents; documents with several bitmapped graphics and or more than a dozen pages took considerably greater amounts of time to print. More for Your Money Since Gold Disk has taken the “value- added” approach with PageSetter 3, a variety of utilities and mini-applications have been thrown in to sweeten the deal. Chief among these are the graphics editor and article editor, a paint program, and a word processor. Admittedly, the paint program is limited to 32 colors and the most basic of drawing tools. 'Fhe article editor is actually a version of Gold Disk’s Transwrite word processor, modified for use with PageSetter 3 and equipped with a 90,000-word spell checker. Maximizing the usefulness of these programs is a “linking” feature that lets you jump out of PageSetter, edit your object (text or graphic) in the appropriate editor, then send the edited item back into PageSetter 3. For the artistically challenged, Gold Disk has also bundled more than 100 pieces of structured clip art, offering a ready-made graphic solution for Amiga publishers looking for jaggie-free clip art. PageSetter 3 requires at least two flop- py-disk drives and 1 M B of RAM (1.5MB for Amiga 600HD owners) for operation; if you're planning to create multipage newsletters and other large documents, I'd recommend at least 2MB of RAM and a hard drive to help speed things along. A Commodore-issuc installation utility is provided to copy the contents of the three program disks to your hard drive, where they occupy approximately 2MB of hard-drive space. The program ran politely under both AmigaDOS 2.0 and 3.0, and it ran exceptionally well on AGA Amigas. In the final analysis, PageSetter 3 is possibly the best deal in Amiga desktop publishing today. The underpowered graphics editor, limited font support, and weak graphics importing capabilities, however, preclude the use of PageSetter 3 for more demanding publishing projects. If you're looking to publish magazines or perform process color separations, look elsewhere. For small-scale publishing projects, though, PageSetter 3 is too much of a good deal to pass up. Jeffjames DeluxePaint IV AGA (V4.5) Electronic Arts, $ 199.95 (upgrade for registered users, $ 37) Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. AGA compatible. Requires Amiga DOS 2.04 or greater (does not support KickstartAVork- benchl.3), 2MB RAM, 2 floppy drives or hard drive and one floppy drive. AGA version of Dpaint IV graphics software. Much to the delight of .Amiga 1200 and 4000 owners, the AGA version of DeluxePaint IV has arrived! Owners of earlier Amigas can also use it, but you’re limited to the colors and modes your original or ECS chip set provide. Installing to floppy-disk or hard-drive systems is simple. First-timers must enter name, company, and registration number, which are then coded into the program and become a nuisance, as they pop up each time you start the program. A totally new screen-forniat requester checks your Devs Monitors drawer and makes a scrolling list from the dozens of new screen modes that accompany the A1200 and A4000. My limited list, for instance, contained 60 options. This same requester provides other helpful information, including maxi- ill f ii iH DeluxePaint IV V4.5, supports all the new AGA graphics modes. Mum pixel size and colors available in each mode. A slider controls palette size, while a cycle gadget shows overscan options, with text-entry gadgets for custom pixel dimensions. One problem with this requester, however, is that the screen mode always defaults to my 640x200 Workbench resolution, whereas all my graphics require overscan and interlace for my specialized video applications. On every startup, therefore, I must scroll through 60 choices to Find my selection. The addition of a user-defined default Preferences setting would be nice. Gonzo Graphics As the name implies, DeluxePaint IV AGA supports the new graphics chips, so you can create, manipulate, and convert images in ever)' AGA resolution up to 1472x482 pixels. With my A4000 and 1960 multisync monitor in place, I have all the original Amiga color options at my disposal, plus the new 256-color and HAM8 262,000-color IFF formats. You can now also load IFF24 images. Don’t be misled, however, for you still need a 24-bit display board to view images in true 24-bit detail. Dpaint will simply load and convert a 24-bit image to your current screen format for display. It performs remarkably well, particularly in 256-color and HAMS modes. As a reference, Dpaint converted 24-bit images down to 16 colors better than did Art Department Pro V2.2 using Floyd-Stein- berg dithering. While the new Player utility handles HAMS and 256-color images, it can’t read 24-bit images. Animation is available in all 262,000 colors, but animation and animbrush resolution is limited in a few cases, although this is likely to affect only those working in such exotic modes as NTSC:SuperHiRes interlaced overscan 1472x482. Helpful Selections Other than AGA support, other new features fall into the “handy” category. A new Rub Through feature combines Transparency and LightTable to rub an image area from the back screen to the front. Sounds great on paper, but in practice it worked only with the current background color. The difference is that the transparency setting allows a partial or “transparent” rub through. While not a true rub through, you can create some nice effects with skillful application. The system Clipboard now uses Copy and Paste to move brushes between Dpaint and other programs. You can free buffer memory occupied by spare brushes by using the BiTish free menu selection, which can make a big difference if, as I do, you frequently use large brushes. Selecting your brush handle has also been greatly simplified. Alt-x now cycles the brush handle through all four corners and center, while Alt-z still allows custom handle placement. With V4.5, you can move around in requesters and make selections with the keyboard. For example, clicking the Picture Load requester’s Parent button lists the Parent director)*. But now the “P” in Parent is underlined, meaning that you can list the Parent directory with the shifted-P key instead of clicking the Parent button. Ranges provide smooth gradations with the AGA color options of 256-color and HAM8 modes, but the screen-wide dithering “show” bar formerly available from the Range requester is gone. One nice new feature is that the current color’s number appears under the Selected Color box in the Range requester and the Palette. With hundreds of colors to choose from, this is a blessing. 3-D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Minimum system: SMB RAM. Hard drive and accelerator recommended. Point. The first version of Caligari was released a number of years ago, and numerous revisions since that time have improved the product. If you passed over this program once before, it’s now time for a second look. ? Other refinements include the addition of an Applcon for Workbench, plus the ability to specify Prefs Menu Tool- Types when running Dpaint from a Shell. If you use TriMedia’s pressure- sensitive tablets, Dpaint has built-in pressure On OlTand bmsh-size controls. For PC users, the PBM (Packed Bitmap) files created by PC-compatible versions of Dpaint now load directly into this new .Amiga version. Bad Flashbacks Two nagging problems remain, however, from earlier Dpaint versions. First, in both HAM and HAMS, menu selections are still in what appears to be pale green text highlighted in another pale green, making them nearly impossible to read. While I seldom used the old HAM mode due to fringing and lack of resolution, the new HAMS mode is exceptionally useful and I foresee putting it to regular use. Secondly, this is the fourth version of Dpaint that shows onlv 53 font names in the font requester, out of the 88 font styles 1 have available. A call to Electronic Arts posing as a user with complaints was met with helpful advice from a knowledgeable tech- support person. Fie invited me to forward my suggestions, which I did. Other than a few minor improvements, DeluxePaint IV AGA is exactly what the name says: DeluxePaint IV with support added for the AGA chip set. The absence of changes to the program’s functionality' allows you to start viewing and converting older graphics in the new AGA modes. Dpaint is still the standard by which all other paint and 2-D animation programs are measured, and no Amiga artist, animator, or active user with an AGA machine should be without it. Fred Hurteau Caligari24 Octree Software, S399. All models. AGA compatible Not copy protected. One of the strengths of the Amiga is its sheer number of excellent 3-D programs. W hile some of them seem to get all the press, other fine programs get less than their fair share of column inches. Octree’s Caligari24 is a case in P A® A® Experts agree that Version 6 of the SAS C Development System is the most complete C development system for the Amiga®. Many Amiga users have already caught the wave. You can too! If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! M SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive Cary. NC 27513 For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 7001. SAS and SAS C. Are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. 1 ini go I Vo r d 69 Unlike other 3-D programs, Caligari drops you dead center in the remarkable 3-D world. You become the camera, observe ring the universe from a 3-D perspective view, and as you move through this world, objects redraw themselves in real time. Octree has optimized its code to give Caligari24 users the fastest screen updates available on the Amiga. The effect is much like a virtual- real i tv environment, making it a snap to set up complex scenes. If an object is too finely detailed for real-time updates, the program switches to a bounding-box display. Where objects are replaced with outline rectangles. For old hands who prefer the standard fare the top, side, and front views used by other programs Caligari has these options also. Functionally, Caligari differs from most Amiga software in another important wav: Pull-down menus are nowhere 4 to be found. Instead, all menu options appear on the bottom of the screen, out of the working area. If you need to access more than one menu at once, just slack them on top of one another any way you wish. While it’s refreshing to see this different approach, it’s a mixed blessing, for the anxious user must deal with the learning cui’vc associated with a new in- terface in order to get started. The mouse works in a different fashion as well. I he left mouse button controls X and Y movement within a scene in the working area, while the right button takes care of Z movement. Thankfully, this arrangement makes lots of sense in a 3-D world, because it sure doesn’t otherwise. Mucho Modules Caligari24 is not a small package. You’ll find modules for each part of the animal ion process: object design, scene setup, animation sequencing, and rendering. The standout in the crowd is the object-design module. A built-in library provides 18 primitive shapes, the building blocks with which you form more complex objects. These primitives can be easily moved, scaled, and rotated in space, and if you prefer to create your own. You can switch to a point editor and build new ones from scratch. Virtually any function pertaining to primitives is available. You can extrude, lathe, connect, copy, and mirror them. And don’t worry if you make a mistake; an Undo button undoes the damage. Some of the better modeling functions are unique to Caligari. The sweep function adds new polygons that project from the originals. Slice acids a new cross-section to an object. Care to pinch an object in the middle? Just adcl a new cross-section slice and scale it smaller. There’s even a quad-divide tool that breaks down an existing polygon into smaller pieces. Yet, while these tools are powerful, they pale next to the organic deformation module, which places a deformation box, constructed with as many points as you wish, around your geometry. Moving a point of the box distorts the original While it may take time to adjust to Cali- gari24’s interface, the effort is worth it. Geometry. Just grab a point and twist or deform the box. And the original object twists and deforms in the same way. The results arc very natural, with the object taking on a clay-like consistency that permits incredible manipulation. After warming up in the modeling arena, vou move into animation staging, where the virtual-world interface comes into its own. Select an object with the mouse, move it wherever you want, and then dick on the Set button, which sets a new keyframe for the animation. You can then slide through the sequence to whatever frame you want, move the oh- jeet to a new position, and then click Set again giving you your second key. This quickly results in a very complex series of moves, and it couldn't be easier. You can also view the object’s motion path, which appears as a white line in the scene area. If it’s too irregular, you can smooth it with a click on the spline button. Should you need more detailed information. You can view all the keyframes graphed on a timeline. You can generate wireframe previews of the entire sequence and ihen view them with a VCR-style con- trol system. Moving the mouse back and forth plays the animation forward and backward. All this power and flexibility is both intuitive and easy to access. Rendering: The Final Frontier The last module on the list is for rendering. You can set even* object with different colors, transparencies, textures, and shaders. You can place textures with an easy-to-use utility' program and project them on your object in several different ways from planar to spherical. Caligari24 also allows for cubic-environ- inent maps, where you can map every side of the world including the ground and sky onto your object. The effect is extremely realistic, giving the finished picture a ray-traced appearance. Yet another powerful option is the choice of shaders. Most programs use only Phong shading, but Caligari24 also lets you choose Gouraud for speed, or Conk-Torrance (metal) for realistic, shiny surfaces. In addition, all the common f ramebuffers are directly supported. You can render to DCTV, HAM-E, Firecracker, Harlequin, IY-24, OpalVision, and the older Mimetic’s Framebuffer. Even Targa cards connected to an Amiga bridgeboard present no problems. There’s a lot to praise here. Caligari supports all standard Amiga display modes, including HAM and the new AGA. The manual is one of the best I’ve ever seen for any product. Installation is straightforward, and an extra version is included that works on older, unaccelerated Amigas. After lots of use and abuse, the software remained rock solid. Caligari24’s one glaring weakness is the lack of direct, true-color IFF support. Rendering to a 24-bit IFF file means jumping through a few software hoops. You begin by selecting the Null Framebuffer to render the picture in 32-bit Rendition format and then save it. To create an IFF file from the 32-bit image, you must load it in with an image converter such as ASDG’s Art Department Professional, and then change it into IFF format. For such a powerful package, this awkward procedure seems like an oversight. (Editors Note: Caligari promises a free upgrade in the near future for 2d-hit IFF output.) Another shortcoming is multitasking it’s virtually nonexistent. Cali- gari24 disables the rest of the OS while it’s in action. Yon can open a Shell window, but that’s about the limit to realtime multitasking. Thankfully, when you quit Caligari, background programs will be idling as you left them. Despite these glitches, Caligari24 is excellent. New users and those curious about 3-D animation should look here first, and experienced Amiga animators should be delighted with the organic deformations and other great features, All in all, Caligari24 is a real contender in the Amiga 3-D wars. Derek Grime ¦ Final Copy produces the highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 13 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any 1.3 or 2,0 Workbench supported graphic printer or PostScript® printer. Includes a 114,000 word speller, 470,000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, automatic text flow around graphics, automatic hyphenation, Arexx port, headers, footers, and multiple columns. Say goodbye to jagged edged output forever. Final Copy II contains everything in the original Final Copy plus: structured drawing tools, style sheets, master pages, color text,
1. 4 million response thesaurus, 144,000 word speller, math, paragraph sorting, mail-merge, left-right pages, text obliquing, new user-interfaee, improved memory management, many new Arexx commands, vertical ruler option, new page guides, and more. Use the structured drawing tools to create boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, circles, and squares in your document. Final Copy II Final Copy $ $ 89 39! 95 95 & SoftFaces Proper Grammar II Piu xr Grammar II $ 59; 54; 95 95 SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy. Widely recognized and useful, SoftFaces' professional quality typefaces give your documents the creative flair they deserve. These typefaces are outline fonts that can be sized from 4 points (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no jaggies and will print using the full capabilities of your printer. Use Proper Grammar to detect and correct 95% of your writing errors. It is the best companion to your favorite word processor. Proper Grammmar can read, correct, and save documents created in FinalCopy, PenPal, Pro Write™, QuickWrite™, Excellence!™, Scribble!™, KindWords™, TransWrite™, and TextCraft Plus™. Don*t be embarassed by bad writing or silly mistakes again. Detect and correct grammar errors in all of your writing. Hard disk required. $ 5.00 2nd day shipping to most cities in continental U.S. SmartSoft 30 day exchange - no questions asked
• Order hours M-F 10 - 6:30 EST 7 - 3:30 PST
• Same day shipping on orders received by 5:00 EST or 2:00 PST SmartSoft, Inc., PO. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 Orders Only USA & Canada iff ww fact m m urns m §s = mwl (ORDERS UNDER 10 LB) AMIGA 2000
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 $ 44 upGrades Available - Call for Details ALSO AVAILABLE
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• 80 MB S275
• 120 MB $ 405 includes Drive, Cable & Software ° iiall Q@ ? Prtet Commodore AMIGA 68030 40 MHZ With FPU and 4 MB Ram Additional 4MB A premium stereo sound sampler, fa easy editor, & self-contained 4-track sequencer... ail in one. For Amiga 500 2000 liutudn looks & Work-bend) Disk with a MB DataFlyer Express SCSI With 80 M B SCSI Drive $ 359V With 120 MB SCSI Drive $ 449 A2000 scsi controller $ 72 A2000 8 MB RAM Card $ 84 A500 Base Board $ 88 Coming soon A1200 Base Board with FPU A1200 Clock 24 UR Frsme Buffer & workbench Emulation. Analog RGB output. B00X600fu!i 24Bit 16.7 million color display. Non-interlaced Full Workbench Emulation with resolutions of 1024 X 763 or 1280 X1024 In 16 colors with 2 MB 24 Bit RealTime Video Digitizer AGA Support Digitizes Full Frame in 1 30 of a second For A2000,3000,4000 version 2.0 1 A vjT*
• Dsktop darkroom capture images cr I Y V* bring stiis r> from otner Jot*at>ons fv 1 ? Professional Exocess ng. Retojcftng using * » « > > « * ¦ Wt=f5. Sweat e*ecs and color secaTEon.
• iiytAO setww: 2 vMeo scutes K DK*3gsc vceo trsnsitKxa ftr :•.» xthjr. Of«ycoor. Studto effects
• BacratHlnt-fVW 2 c New errunced-Paint 15 bt graph® frprr IS 3 mdjcn colors kcy voeorgranpics ¦ Access Men scripts fcrsctty artmjocn renoenng ciciage Desncc arvmanors futu'6 S>l'| i f PHONEPAK Receive faxes & store, view, print Record & playback p k m Receive vfx™ messages combining voice 8. Fax, from virtually any standard phone fax machine Send faxes to 1 or more no. Create customized databases $ r for names, address, & phone A (100’s of Titles Available) CS M S (Cali for More Titles) dD Sports Boxing $ 37 Fireforce $ 25 Road Rash 537 A320 Airbus $ 47 Gateway to the Savage Frontier $ 15 RoboCop3D $ 35 a-Traw 544 Global Effect $ 37 Secret of Monket island 2 $ 38 Agony $ 31 Gods $ 25 Shadow Land $ 3! Air Support $ 31 hard Nova $ 34 Shadow of the Blast 3 $ 33 Amos 1.3 The Compiler 544 heimdall $ 31 shadow sorcerer Si 5 Amos 3d $ 44 Hoi $ 25 silent Service fl $ 37 Amos Professional $ 87 John Madden Football $ 37 Sim ant $ 37 AQUAVENTURA $ 31 LEANDER $ 31 SlMClTY $ 35 Armour Gedoln S2B Legend Of Kyrandia $ 38 Sim City Graphics *16*2 S13 AWESOME $ 37 LEMMINGS $ 31 S:M ClTY TERRAIN $ 11 Bards Tale Construction Set $ 34 lemmings. Oh Noi more $ 22 Sim earth $ 47 Battle Chess $ 31 lemmings 0 $ 37 Simpsons $ 39 Bill's Tomato Game $ 31 Links $ 38 Speeob*ll2 $ 25 Birds of Prey 537 links-Bountiful Country Club S i 6 Spirit Of Eacausjr $ 3 5 Black Crypt 537 Links - Firestone Country Club Si 6 Spoils Of War $ 39 Carmen. Where in Time $ 31 lords of Time $ 28 StripPo«ier3 $ 3! Carmen, where In The USA $ 31 Lost Treasures of infoccm $ 44 Strip Poker 3 Data »i-2 3-j-w S16 Carmen, where In The World $ 31 Ml Tana Platoon $ 37 Team Yankee $ 37 Centerfold Squares $ 19 megafortsess $ 44 Tengen Arcade Hets $ 25 Champions Of Krynn $ 15 megafortress Mission Disk 2 $ 31 Terminator 2 S43 Civilization $ 47 megatraveller 2 $ 37 Thunderhawx S3 3 Conflict in the Middle East $ 15 Might a Magic 3 $ 41 trooclers 539 Cttron 528 mig29 Super Fulcrum S31 treasure of the savage Frontier $ 36 Death Knights of krynn $ 15 myth S41 Trump Castle 2 S3 5 Discovery. Steps of Columbus $ 37 Obirus $ 37 Ultima VI $ 44 Dragon's Lair $ 37 Ohk $ 31 Virtual reality studio 2 Call Dragon's Lair ll: Time warp $ 37 Our of this world $ 37 warlords $ 3 5 Dungeon master 182 Bundie $ 31 Pacific islands $ 31 wayne Gretzky 2: $ 34 Elvira $ 22 Perfect general $ 37 wing commander $ 34 Elvira 2 jaws of Cerberus $ 25 Perf.gen Data Disk WWII $ 22 World Circuit Grand Prix S37 Epic $ 44 Piracy 525 ETE OF THE BEHOLDER 515 PiNB*U FANTASIES 531 EYE Or THE BEHOLDER I: $ 43 PiNBAIL DREAMS $ 25 F3 5 STRIKE Eagle ll $ 37 Pools of Darkness $ 41 . F3 9 Stealth Fighter $ 37 Populous S34 mjt Falcon $ 31 Populous 2 541 Falcon Mission i: Counter Strike $ i 6 Populous 2 challenge $ 23 vl falcon Mission 2: Firefight $ 19 Puwermoncer S34 JF Fighter Qua.-Corsair vs zero $ 17 Powerhonger WY l Data Disk S22 - Fighter Duel Pro $ 37 Pro Football Simulator 3.0 $ 28 Fighter Duel Flight Recorder $ 49 Railroad Tycoon $ 37 4, Fighter Duel Pro Parallel Adap $ 15 Red Zone $ 31 - td FREE BUMPER STICKER WITH EVICT ORDER! QUICKJOY FOOT PEDALS LEMMINGS 2 THE TRIBE 12 NEW TRIBES Midi's ECE MIDI $ 49 Midi GOLD 500 S56 MIDI GOLD INSIDER $ 65 Phantom smpte MIDI $ 229 Midi Cable 6 ft. $ 8 Audio Audiomaster 4 $ 62 digital Sound Studio $ 79 Perfect Sound 3.1 $ 69 SOUND MASTER $ 139 STUDIO 16 AD 516 $ 129 STUDIO 16 AD 1012 $ 539 Replacement Parts BIG FOOT 200W POWERSUPPLT $ 89 A500 Internal Drive $ 71 A2000 INTERNAL DRIVE $ 71 A3000 INTERNAL DRIVE $ 71 HD 1.76 DRIVE 3000 $ 91 HD 1.76 DRIVE 4000 2000 $ 91 Video Display Boards Fucker Free 2 $ 239 Ricker Fixer $ 249 Adventures in Math S25 aesop's Fables $ 24 algebra 11 $ 31 All About America $ 24 Amy's Fun-2-3 Adveniure $ 31 barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 Barney Bear in School $ 22 Barney Bear in Space 522 CALCULUS $ 31 Carmen San Diego Time $ 31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 31 Carmen San Diego world $ 31 CROSSWORD CONST. Kit $ 25 Decimal Dungeon $ 24 Discovery Math'Spelung $ 25 Distant Suns 4 0 $ 55 Fraction Action $ 24 Katie s Farm $ 25 Logic master $ 24 maple V $ 489 Marks Math Lab S31 MATH WIZARD $ 24 McGee fun fair $ 25 Read and Rhyme S24 Trigonometry $ 31 vocab. Quest in land of unicorn $ 24 Voyager $ 57 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom $ 24 word Master $ 24 World Atlas $ 37 Slik Stik MrSflcF $ 7 Boss Joystick Si 5 Tac 50 joystick $ 17 Bat Handle Joystick $ 25 Jin mouse $ 25 Opto-mechanical Mega mouse $ 35 Optical mouse $ 55 Boing Optical Mouse $ 94 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 kraft Trackball $ 59 mouse Switch iautomatic) $ 29 Supra Modems 2400 External $ 74 FAX MODEM 14400 $ 299 FAX MODEM 9600 $ 249 FAXWOOEM SOFTW , ho >meMai $ 79 PC Mac Emulators AMAX 2 PLUS $ 379 Golden Gate 386sx Board $ 599 Golden Gate 486sic Board $ 1099 AMIGA 3386 BOARD $ 479 External SCSI HardDrive Cases Single Bay open or dosed front y-- Upright Case for single 3.5HD sio» A Dual Bay for 2 half height hd s $ i«» ~vA Four Bay open front (not shown) $ 2S9 r| rp Ail Units include: • SCSI Pass thru •
• Power Supply and Mounting A
• SCSI External Cable Hardware
• Power Cable • led TOP STAR CHECK US 0UT F0R THE BEST JOYSTICK HIM SAMIS SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (Continental US) SOTO $ 99 __7% MIN $ 5 $ 100 TO $ 199 5% MIN $ 7 $ 200 TO $ 499----4% MIN $ 10 $ 500 TO $ 799 ---- 5% MIN $ 20 $ 800 ..... . 2.5% MIN $ 24 ' GET YOUR ORDB FAST FOR AS UTTIS AS $ 2 ADDITIONAL SHIPPWG (ORDERS UNDER 1D LB Fed Ex. 2nd Dav aoa $ 2 to Ground Fed Ex. Next Day add $ 6 to Ground APO, FPO ado 511 to Ground toy Ma i> CANADA add $ 11 to Cround (by Mall- PR, hi. Ak aafl $ 10 to 2no or Next Day COD orders OK. Add S3 Prices subject to change without nonce. Returns accept ed fcno days after date of purchase 8-17 BODY BLOWS CHAOS ENGINE DARK SEED DARK SEED ACA HARRIER ASSAULT HISTORY LINE 1914-1918 HUMANS LION HEART NIGEL MANSEL NIGEL MANSEL AGA POOL (ARCHER MCCLEANI PUSH OVER SENSIBLE SOCCER SLEEPWALKER SLEEPWALKER AGA SUPER FROGS WING COMMANDER ZOOL ZOOLAGA Can cutomer Ser.for m before returning Defectives replaced with same item 15% Restocking fee for items retimed and not exchanged for same Customer resccnsi&ie for return shipping, international Orders mot APO, FPO ) Sena copy or FAX of front & back of Charge Cara w signature Cali or FAX for shipping quote, FAX 1 412-962*0279 MAILING ADDRESS: Computer Basics, inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 FREEWHEEL STEERING WHEEL Orders Only USA & Canada ¦800-258-0533 CALL FOR ¦ST, v COMPLETE SPRING CATALOG! I INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE 1412) 962-0535 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.ra. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday PHONE SALES HOURS: M-F 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. • Sun. 12 noon - 5 p.m. AUTHORIZED COMMODORE DEALER SINCE 1990 No One Knows I Setter? VXL-k 30 & RAM-32 68030 ACCELERATION AND 32-BIT WIDE RAM RAM includes Built-in ROM Switcher RriB fir AMIGA sm or 2600 op to SMC COMBO SPECIALS 25MHZ & tf MEGACHIP Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM for your A2000& A500 w Super Agnus Multi-Start llv.6 Dual ROM Board Assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key With ribbon cable. 229 55 Get a FREE Amiga Mug with your order of $ 100 or more! 40MHZ w 68882 & 2MB RAM 40MHZ W 68882 & 8MB RAM 2MB RAM Vxl 2MB 8MB 32 RAM 30 25MHZ W 688E2FPU 5299 soqq 229
• 599 40SV1HZL W 68882FPU s399 570 CD Rom Drive Plays standard audio and CD+graphks discs. For Amiga 500 only Free A500 Mother Board upgrade by Fed Ex. Includes; Crolier Encyclopedia, Fred Fisli 512K R AM 8E5&-, Amiga C«pdiU: MBX1200Z MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE RAM And REAL TIME CLOCK FOR THE NEW AMIGA 1200 FPU, 32-Bit Memory,w Ciock, Calendar 8, Bat. For the 1200 BEETLE MICE Highest Resolution 320 dpi OlOr
* 2® (MOUSE • BUTTONSI Red - Black Blue - Black Black * Black lady bug RED * WHITE - BLUE GOLDEN IMAGE Pius 1MB SIMM '69 Memory 2MB SIMM '119 4MB SIMM '149 OntY 8MB SIMM '379 12 A’C LOCK Clock, Calendar w Ba: SJS '139 209 '309 14MHz 68881 2 5IVI11 z 68882 50MHz 68882 Opto-Mechanlcal MOUSE Master 3A1N 880K AMIGA DRIVE NEW! HANDSCANNER with OCR & TOUCH UP SOFTWARE 3.07 A®® High speed 68030 Accelerator for A1200 32 Bit RAM Broad up to 128 MB RAM, Math chip Option, Includes Realtime Clock 50 Mhz 68030 with mmu 50 0 0 S399 50 50 a §699 40 MHZ 68030 40 0 0 $ 325
- ---- 0 -- , 40 33 4 $ 549 MicroBotlCS, Inc other configUrations available FULLY OPTICAL MOUSE includes Migraph O.C.R. Jr. A500 A600 RAM Expander FORA500-512Kf iS FOR A600 * W 1MB Handscanner W Powerfui Migraph Touch *up Software nm Utilities S239 Amiback 2.0 539 S69 Cross DOS 5.0 $ 34 S89 Directory opus 4.0 $ 62 $ 179 Quarterback 5.0 $ 45 $ 59 Quarterback Tools $ 53 $ 599 S A S LATTICE C 6.0 $ 274 $ 249 Visionary $ 62 $ 539 C t ¦T ft Spreadsheets: 51299 Maxi Plan 4.0 S99 professional Ca.c 2 $ 99 Art & Animation Music $ 335 Bars anc Pipers Pro 2.0 call Delx Music Const. Set 579 Super Jam 5259 Sync pro SI 29 Patch Meister 556 One-Stop Music Shop SI 24 DR. T KCS Level II V3.5 5279 Studio 16 AD 103 2 Call Studio 16 AD 516 ,5156 GET A FREE BUMPER STICKER WITH ORDER! Video & Presentation Amiga Vision prof CALL Broadcast Titler II S219 Broadcast Titler Hires $ 279 Can Do 2 $ M2 pro video CG II $ 112 Pro Video Post $ 209 Scala 2.0 Multimedia $ 299 Video Director $ 139 Call for Titles Not Listed! Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Page Stream 2.2 $ 169 prof. Page 4fo Si 84 Pelican press $ 62 Proper Grammar II $ 59 ExCellance 3.0 $ 125 Final Copy II $ 84 PROWRITE 3.3 S55 Databases Super Base Fersonal 4 SuperBase4 1.2 A ONLY _! 1*5! IMAGEMASTER Deluxe Paint IV V4.5 Disney Anim. Studio Imagine 2.0 Pixel 3-D pro Vista Pro 3.0 Prof, Draw 3.0 Aladdin 40 Opalvision Brilliance NLY 500 MIGRAPH COLORBURST COLOR HAND SCANNER Books for programmers ROM KernelAutocccs 3rd Ed. $ 27 ROM Kern EL:Dev ices 3rd Ed. S20 ROM Kernel:Hardware 3rd Ed. 520 ROM KERNEL:LlBRARIES 3RD ED $ 27 ROM kernelStyle Guide Si 7 ALL FIVE FOR $ 99 Toaster Training Toaster Essentials $ 39 Toaster Paint Essentials $ 39 Toaster CG Essentials $ 39 Toaster Prof Techniques $ 39 ALL FOUR $ 139 Lightwave Training Lightwave Essentials 5 3 9 Surfaces S39 Modeler $ 39 Flying logos S39 ALL FOUR $ 139 S13 58 539 $ 19 $ 15 526 Amiga for Beginners Amiga Dos Qua ref. Glide Amiga Dos Inside a Out Amiga Basic Inside a Out Amiga C for beginners Amiga c for Advanced Amiga Intern Machine Language Graphics Inside a Out Desktop Video power Best of Amiga Tricks a Tips 523 Using Apexx $ 26 Am ga Primer Animation 101 DCTV: A Guided Tour Deluxe IV Video Tape Desktop Video volume si Desktop Video Volume 2 Pro. Techniques w Dpaint Work! *lth OPAIVIIION,
D. Palai AGA and OltiBri at Masse Replacement Trl Media DRAWINC PAD pressure sensitive
7. 5 X 7.5 $ 383 12X12 S568 12X18 $ 869 PROFESSIONAL PA & PROFESSIONAL GE 4 DRAW BUNDLE jj 9 9 Final Copy 11 Plf l © FINAL e COPY II B4 ProWrlte 3.3 '55 ART DEPT.t„m. PROFESSIONAL VIDEO DIRECTOR
- ,t„, » .-4 . K VJSTAPRO 3.0 NEW LOW PRICE GET FREE IMAGINE 2.0 Morph Plus _ NfWI • Hierarchical Animation*
* Organic Deformations
• 32 Bit Color
• IFF Textures and MORE VISTAPRO Sgg Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, AW Games Editor Lemmings II: The Tribes LEMMINGS WAS NOT simply a game*. When it was unleashed on a puzzle-starved Amiga world early in 1991, it created a sensation. Someone cooked up a freely-distributable Operation Wolf-stvle game in which you had equal time to kill the critters instead of saving them. Sane people with families and day jobs dressed up in Lemmingwear. Among Amiga gamers, the question, “Have you seen ...invariably was followed by the question, “How do you solve...” And like all sensations, it spawned many an imitation (see p. 78 for a sampling) little men run amok and demanded a sequel. The sequel is here at last, and it’s not simply a data disk in the style of Oh, No! More Lemmings. DMA Design lingered eight months over Lemmings II: The Tribes = Psygnosis, $ 59.99), and its work has been amply rewarded with another classic in miniature. Lemmings will never feel brand new again, of course, but this follow-up manages to capture the sweetly exuberant, creative spirit of the original and add a wealth of new features without seeming more than necessarily derivative. It's a natural extension of the original game, and the basic concept is the same. The Lemmings are still little strolling thingamabobs with smooth faces and Theodore Chipmunk’s wardrobe, and they’re still on an intercept course with disaster. You use the mouse to bestow skills upon individual Lemmings that you hope will permit the lion’s share of the brood to make it from the entry trapdoor(s), through an obstacle-ridden landscape, to an exit. Fall too far, and the Lem- Oh, not They're back! And just as dumb, but Eovable, as ever, in the circus world of Lemmings II: The Tribes. Mings go squish. Fall in water, and they go glub. And so on. Everything’s bigger and better here, though. The amusement park that is Lemmings II makes the original look like Jumpman. You’ve probably gathered from the title that there’s more than one type of Lemming in here. In fact, doomed Lemmings Island is a pie divided among 12 distinct tribes Egy ptian, Medieval, Beach Bum. Space, etc. and you’ll need to rescue at least one Lemming from each to complete a talisman that secures the escape of civilization as the little green-haired guys know it. It’s also tougher. The new levels are sizable, and often scroll Continued on p. 80 It wasn't difficult to settle on Shadow of the Beast ill (Psygnosis, $ 59.99} over Shadowlands for this month's Crib Notes. After all. Beast II casts a huge shadow; I still receive occasional mail about the crane puzzle. This time we'll tackle the first level, and move up from there next month. CRIB NOTES Level One (the Forest of Zeakres) is actually pretty standard bash 'em-up-type stuff for this otherwise puzzle-like game. Run right you can't go left anyway and you'll soon find yourself in hostile territory. This is no time to be casually losing energy, so nail the plants shooting purple slime at you they're the quivery ones that look like planets and head for the elevator. Ride it to the top and head right again. Get the gold, blast the critters heading for you, and, continuing right, shoot the wheel three times to bring the hanging platform up to your level. Then hightail it to the grenades, which you'll need to take out the guns on the four moving platforms farther to the right. As you ride those platforms, you'll notice that down and to the left there's another gold cache behind a locked door, which you can open with the key on the far-right platform. Now head right again, across the moving platforms, until you find a sort of goblin outpost. There's evidently an inexhaustible supply of them, so kill the ones that are doing immediate damage, climb up to the lookout, and then jump off the right-hand edge. Well, now I've gone and done it, eh? Put you right in the middle of the goblin camp, and they seem to be coming at you every which way. Fortunately, they're not very hardy creatures, and a sharp eye and good timing will prevent your precious little store of life from becoming too greatly diminished. You have bigger fish to fry. Head right and you'll come upon a piece of meat roasting on a spit. Shoot it repeatedly to knock it down, and then push it until it's squarely under the swinging spiked block. Along the way, you'll collect another key that goes to the cage the one with the big critter inside it to the far left. Release the mon- Continued on p. 80 A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Continued on p. 78 Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00. ‘Call for more information New Low Price!!!
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 On Iv 8 meBol 32 bit RAM~$ 699-00 16meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 S399 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Call our Accelerator Hotline Today!- 1-800-CSA-XLR8 Plaf! 0errin9er nniU1! 50mh* Only Ssggvo MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1MB $ 159.00 2 MB ...$ 199.00 4 MB ...$ 299.00 8 MB ...$ 499.00 Call for other configurations! DRAM BLOWOUT We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody's Cheaper GVP NIBBLE MODE SIMMS VECTOR with MMU 4 MB ...$ 250.00 GVP 40ns Simms $ 189 ea.I mgn bpee Controller ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ ...$ 17.50 1x4-70 SCZ S17.95 1x4-60 SCZ ...Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ S6.99 Includes Instructions 68030-RC-50 with MMU .$ 179.95 68882-RC-50 ..$ 135.95 80387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ....$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) $ 10.00ea. 68882 PLCC Call Due fo trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, IIP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ...... ...S79.00 Board with 4 MB ...... .$ 145.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade .... ...$ 59.95 HP 4 (4 Meg) . .$ 149.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) . .$ 295.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer .... ...$ 14.95 IVS1 MEG Simms...529.95 1x8-80 ..$ 33.00 1x8-70 ..$ 35.00 4x8-80 3119.00 4x8-70 $ 125.00 4x8-60 $ 149.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms.SI 49.00 A40008Q NS 4MB Simms.SI 39.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms Call GVP SIM32 SIMMS 4 MB ...$ 169.95 1 MB .....$ 69.95 COMMODORE CHIPS All Bridgeboard Chips .. ...Please Call 1 MB Agnus ..$ 39.95
1. 3 ROM ... ..S26.95 CIA 8520 S10.95 or two for..... ..S19.95 A10001.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and CIOCk DKB ..... ..$ 189.95 MC68000 68010 ...... ..S15.00 Qwika Switcha .. .$ 35.99 CSA Rocket Launcher • 2630 Doubler.....$ 399.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb S399.00 1x1-100 $ 3.49 1x1-80 ..$ 3.99 1x1-70 ..$ 4.50 256x4-80 ...Call 256x4-70 ...Call 1x4-80 ..S17.95 1x4-60 ..$ 19.95 256x1-120 ...$ 1.00 1x4-100 .$ 13.95 1x4-80 ..315.95 256x4-80 $ 4.50 256x4-100 ..34.00 PAGE ZIPS DIPS Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force"
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mb $ 559.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• 25,33 or 40 Mhz
• Includes 68030 MMU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! High Speed SCSI CPUs Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 8.00 for two-day deliver Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D. • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items O Amiga DOS 2.04 to 2.1 45.00 ©Amiga DOS 2.1 ......85.00 ©Hypercache Pro .....32.99 0 Final Copy El 79.00 © Amiga 1200 Hardrive Kit ..30.00 © Amiga 1200 Call 0 Poppy Drive, HD 3000 ......91.00 History Line 1914-1918 45.99 © Art Department Pro 2.3 .148.00 © Pixel 3D Pro .....119.00 E> Video Adaptor ....15.00 Aladdin 4D 309.00 AmiBack 2.0 ......47.99 AmiBack Tools ...48.99 AMOS U.S ..65.99 AMOS Pro ..86.99 C: Commodore3 AMIGA IB Entertainment, Commodore's newest AGA machine with 2 megs chip RAM and FAST 68020 processor! Harddrive systems are also available Call for pricing. Notebook ....27.99 Origins ...... 79,00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169 00 PlayMation ......299.00 Pop Arts Toaster ...32.99 Introducing new video tapes from Lee Stranahan! Lightwave 3D: Essentials Lightwave 3D: Modeler Lightwave 3D: Surfaces Essentials: Techniques Essentials: CG Essentials: Toaster Paint Essentials: Video Toaster Each only S33.99; buy any three for $ 96.00! Get help with the Toaster from an expert! Software A-Train .... ..43.99 A-Train Const Set ...... ..24.99 African RainForest ..... ..32.99 Archer Maclean's Pool ..34.99 Assassin .. ..32.99 B17 Flying Fortress .... 42 99 Bard’s Construction ... ..31.99 Buzz Aldrin's Race Space. ..35.99 Campaign ..36.99 Castles Campaign Disk..... .,19.99 Chaos Engine .. .39.99 Dark Seed ..45.99 Digital Dungeon .. 47 99 Dune . ..36.99 Fighter Duel Pro . 36 99 Fighter Duel Flight ..... ..48.99 Fun School: Paint ...... .31.99 Gunship 2000 . 42 99 Harrier Assault ..39.99 Humans 29.99 Indiana Jones: Atlantis .37.99 KGB .19.99 Lemmings II ......37.99 Lure of the Temptress ..31.99 Mavis Beacon 2.0 ..37.99 Nigel Mansell’s Champ .39.99 Omar Sharif on Bridge ..33.99 Pinball Dreams ..24.99 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Playroom ....32.99 Tom Landry Football .....20.00 Vektor Storm .....25.99 Voyager ......59.99 Wing Commander 38.99 WordMaster ......25.99 Zool AGA ....38.99 C~ Commodore® Safe Harbor suggests this bundle for an affordable desktop video workstation:
• Amiga 1200 85 HD
• 1084S Monitor
• MBX 14mhz w 4 megs & clock
• RocGen Plus Genlock
• Imagine 2.0 w Objects Disk
• Art Department Pro 2.3
• Deluxe Paint IV AGA Only $ 2099 Delivered Maxtor Drives w 1-year warranty 25128A IDE 125MB 349.00 540 SL MXT 540MB...1145.00 7120$ 120MB 249.00 7213S 213MB 345.00 340 LXTS 340MB ..649.00 535S LXT 535MB 1019.00 PO-12S 1.2 GIG 1365.00 P1-17S 1.7 GIG 1679.00 1240$ 1.2 GIG 1689.00 M or Software 600 Amiga Clip Art 22.00 ADP Tools ..56.99 A-Talk III .....42.99 ASIM VTR ...53.99 Anim Workshop .55.00 Art Expression .149.99 Animatrix Modeler .85.00 Bars & Pipes Pro 2,0 .245,00 Blitz Basic 2 .99.99 Brilliance ...149.00 C Net 2.6 ....75.00 Caligari24 249.99 Can Do 2.0 120.00 Charts & Graphs 49.00 Cross DOS 5.0+ .37.00 Deluxe Music II ..80.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ...119.00 Directory Opus 4,0 59.99 A2065 Ethernet Adapter .265.00 A2300 Int Genlock, 2000.145.00 A2320 Display Enhancer .225,00 A2386 SX BridgeBoard 200.00 (while supplies last) Floppy Drive 2000 HD....91.00 Floppy Drive 3000 HD....91.00 Monitor 1084 .289.00 Monitor 1960 .525.00 Mouse, 2-Button 45.00 Mouse, 3-Button 53.00 INSTOCK!! COMMODORE AMIGA A520 RF Modulator 35.00 Easy AMOS .41.99 Essence Imagine ...47.99 Fractal Pro 5.0 ...87.99 ImageMaster ...145.00 Imagine w Objects .....199.00 LabelDex! ...46.00 Lattice 6.0 ...249.00 Macro 68 ..125.00 Montage ...329,99 Morph Plus ......149.00 MiGraph OCR ..249.00 MiGraph OCR Jr ..110.00 Mini Office ..75.00 ms Eure Ifjf® 512K Memory 500 ....36.00 601W 1MB 75.00 MIDI.*. ......40.00 Mouse, Swifly 29.00 Mouse Joystick Port .29.99 Multi-Face Card 2000 ....229.00 Scanner 149.00 Sound Enhancer .46.99
63. 99 Video Toaster 2.0 S! 945.00 N=wT=k INCORPORATED Aiiiho'ized Panasoric Broadcast I TV Systems Authorized RGB AmiLink Systems Power Packer Pro ..22.99 ProPage 4.0 .....169.00 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..239.00 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Profills 2.0 1 ....33.99 Profills 2.0 2 ....33.99 Proper Grammar II 59.99 ProWrite 3.3 ......55.00 PSImporl ....58.00 QuarterBack 5.0 45.00 QuarterBack Tools .53.00 Real 3D Classic 105.00 Resource ..125.00 SMPTE Output .149.00 Scala MultiMedia 210 .299.00 Scape Maker 3.0 42.99 Studio Print 63.99 Super DJC II ......33.99 SuperBase Personal 4 110.00 Super Jam 1.1 ..88.99 Toaster Vision .125.00 True Print 24 .....56.00 TypeSmith ..124.00 Virtual Reality 2.0 ..59.99 Vista Pro 3.0 ......59.99 WaveWriter .79.00 Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module .
149. 00 2x32 8-Meg Module
255. 00 AD 516 .. .1249.00 AdFlicker Free Video 2... ...239.00 Agnus Chip Puller ...
12. 00 AMAXII+ .....
345. 00 Boing! Mouse .. .....84.00 Controllers 500 Data Flyer Exp Combo ...190.00 Data Flyer Exp SCSI
170. 00 DCTV .... ...295.00 EPSON 600C Scanner 800C Scanner
845. 00
1189. 00 DCTV RGB Converter ..209.00 DeJa Vue ..415.00 Floptical Drive, int DMI......389.00 Floptical Drive, Ext DMI.....570.00 Floptical Drive, 3000 DMI ..399.0( Floptical Media ...25.00 Syquest Drive Packages New model! 88MB 5110C reads and writes 44M8 formatted cartridges, too! Only $ 415 (Bare drive) Int Ext 44MB $ 359 $ 459 88MB $ 539 S625 Bundles include drive, cartridge, manual and cable. External bundles include case. FrameGrabber, Spectrum ..475.00 Harddrive, 42Q ELS 215.00 Harddrive, 85Q ELS 239.00 Harddrive, 127QELS 329.00 Harddrive, 170QELS 359.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 120..499.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 213..625.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog 14.99 Joystick, Ergo ....20.00 Joystick, SpeedKing 19.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog.23.00 Keyboard Overlay DCTV 12.00 Keyboard Overlay Toaster....26.99 KickStart Switch 600 ....39.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MBX 4 OK 14MHz w Clock149.00 MBX 4 OK 28MHz w Clock235.Q0 MIDI Connector .48.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus..199.00 Memory Brd Data Flyer OK...99.00 Modem, Zyxef 1496E ..379.00 Modem, Zyxel 1496E+ 459.00 Monitor, IDEK15” 610.00 Monitor, IDEK17" 989.00 Monitor, Sony 1302 ....579.00 Mouse Game Pad ......25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Mouse Pen, Alfa Data 64.00 MultiStart II 39.99 OpalVision 839.00 Perfect Sound ....69.00 Personal SFC ...375.00 Personal V Scope 729.00 Personal VDA ...125.00 Power Supply 2000 300W .149.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 Retina 2MB ......499.00 Retina 4MB ......575.00 Scanner, AlfaScan + 0CR ..275.00 Scanner, Sharp 320 ....889.00 Scanner Board for 320 199.00 Smart Port ..54.00 TBC III ......795.00 Toaster Cozzy ..549.00 ROCTEC Floppy Drive, Int 50Q..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..89.00 RocGen Plus ......219.00 RocKey .249.00 RocGen Plus with RocKey .....459.00 RocHard IDE SCSI .185.00 RocHard 80 500 .....449.00 RocHard 120 500 ...449.00 RocTec Mouse ...24.00 RocKnight Anti-Virus ..30.00 RocMate ....95.00 SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GPFax Software .75.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 249.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw 299.00 SupraFAXModem 240Q+Bare.,119.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....150.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 75.00 IVES HA iiiiaiin For the A500 SupraDrive 500XP120MB .499.00 SupraDrive 500XP 213MB .599.00 M E M ODD 512K RAM Expansion 500RX0 ___ ___12500 finhRXP 16500 .„ -419.00 SupraRAM20000K_ SupraRAM20002_
95. 00 SupraRAM20004 . »¦ ¦ litltUri 5.00 HGVPj 1 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS G-Force 68030 Accelerators 40MHZ 40 4MB ...739.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 120..949.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 2131065.G0 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB 1129.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 213.1459.00 1230T 030 40 0 0 ..399.00 1230T 030 40 40 4......599.00 Memory Upgrade 4MB.175.00 Cinemorph .56.99 Controller 2000 8 0......169.00 DSS Sound Digitizer 65.99 G-Lock Genlock 399.00 Hardcard 8 0 w 120MB..385.00 Image F X ...215.00 I O Extender Board 175.00 Phone Pak .299.00 .275.00 SupraRAM20006. SipraRAM20008. Floppy Dme__
- 75J00 OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS Power PC Bead_ SCSICon&Dler.SOOXP SCSI Contrater, 2000. SCSI Controller, 1000, Series III Upgrade Supra Turbo 28-
259. 00 ,10900 ..110.00 ,.179.00
- 2500 .169.00 Supra Corporation Trackball, AMTrac ..69.99 V-Lab ..40500 Video Chassis ....8900 WIZ Tablet 22900 Y-C Plus ....859.00 FONTS FOOTNOTE 600 Amiga Fonts 20.99 Condensed Fonts 19.99 Font Flyer ..53.99 Kara Fonts: Toaster.... 59.99 Kara Fonts: ANIM 537.99 ProStream Plus Fonts.44.99 Western Fonts..., 21,00 PRESERVE G A M E Hold On There’s More! Just when you thought it was safe, the addictive are here, too and most of them are quite good. Troddlers ® 1.2 1.3 ?*
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. TRODDLERS (STORM, about $ 40) is getting on in age now, but I have to mention it, since it’s the most unabashed of the Lem- mings-inspired games essentially a hybrid of Lemmings and Spherical whose little critters are cheerfully free of the requirements of gravity. (Walking on ceilings seems to be their natural state.) They stick where Lemmings fall, and your job is to provide a surface all the way to the exit. Not as complex as Lemmings, it’s nevertheless exceptionally stylish it has that Amiga inner glow and well done. Lemmings imitators Contraption Zack FINALLY, THERE’S Contraption Zack (Mindscape, 539.95) the only US-made game in the bunch. Zack’s the new boy on the job, and his co-workers have pulled a little initiation rite and scattered his tools throughout the plant. His task is to recover them while repairing various dysfunctional systems, and that’s a tall order, since the plant is a regular minefield of interlocking puzzle rooms. You’ll need to hop on pressure pads to lower floor spikes, ride catapults to rise above them, and Pushover PUSHOVER (OCEAN, $ 49.95) is more its own creature. It’s essentially a game of topple-the-domi- noes, of all things, with the chief toppler and domino-organizer being a soldier ant named, uh,
G. I. ANT, G.I. can lug most of these spotted blocks around, including up and down ladders to other platforms except the trigger block, which is immovable and must be the last to fail. It’s unexpectedly challenging (certain dominoes have unusual properties), it’s tightly focused (each level is confined to one screen), and it’s cute (love the way they give you the level codes). And behind Robocop 3-D it’s the best game Ocean has brought over since it started handling its own distribution here. Gobliins 2 GOBLIINS 2 (COKTEL Vision, about 540) itself a sequel is from a different tribe entirely.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. It’s closer in spirit to traditional adventure games. Get the object, use the object, discover the object doesn’t work in this situation, yell something nasty at the screen. You supervise two goblins who are maneuvered individually with the mouse and two livelier, goofier faces you’ve never seen on computer-game critters. That goofy look carries over into the game. The designers have evidently thought out all the consequences of doing the wrong thing, with the result that the game is engaging and fun even when you don’t know which end is up, Gobliins 2 just won’t stand still. 'Fake too long to click, and Fingus and Winkle peer from the screen in bemused anticipation, or do backflips. I do wish the story had a spark of originality. (A demon has kidnapped the king’s son... hmmm.) It’s not as logic-oriented as other members of this troop governed more by a text- adventure-like willingness to try anything and everything under the sun but it’s big enough that you’ll appreciate that it’ll go on hard disk. Factory life can be tough, but it’s challenging fun in Zack. Pull switches to reverse conveyor belts. And, once the tool box begins to fill up again, you’ll find ways to put it to use as well. Lovingly done up in 64 colors and a Populous point-of-view, and equipped with a rapidly rising difFiculty curve, it’s immensely agreeable stay-up-Jate stuff. It installs on hard disk. (Indeed, it’s one of a handful of Amiga games that require one.) And yet, in technical terms, Zack could use a few repairs. The speed on an unaccelerated A500 is sluggish while this sort of game ought to be the Amiga’s bread and butter and even on an A3000 25 it slowed down when Zack walked during a machinery animation. I’d recommend a fast machine. The joystick routines seem unreliable when dealing with Zack’s menus, and the clipboard notes on a player’s progress were rendered in a virtually unreadable color scheme on my A500. A critically important detail on saving games is missing from the printed documentation. It seems you can’t save Zack just anywhere only in certain specified areas. But you’re not told that when you try to save outside those areas. The info appears only in a text file on Disk One a spot usually reserved for manual addenda rather than essentials. ? To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses'1 list on p. 94. DON’T SLOW DOWN YOUR AMIGA 1200 WITH 16-bit WIDE "CREDIT CARD” RAM! GET TRUE 32-bit WIDE, ZERO WAIT-STATE FASTRAM ACCESS! ‘PURCHASE THE MICROBOTICS MBX 1200z CARD FOR THE AMIGA 1200* 2599 675 CALL 329 489 189 574 275 199 129 125 375 35 49 $ 219 $ 325 MEMORY CHIPS 279 69 80 $ 199 60MB $ 175 85M Conner $ 225 128M Maxtor $ 325 235MB $ 499 Quantum 245MB 11ms LPS 256K Cache Quantum 1050MB 10ms HH 3.5" 512K Cache PC286 Module 16Mhz 59 TahilMI 1GB (35ms) 3300 Tahiti-ll 1GB Cartridge 299 Syquest 44MB Removable 275 44MB Cartridge 65 Syquest 88MB Removable 385 88MB Cartridge 119 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 129 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 35 Cinemorph Software 51 PhonepakVFX 299 DSS8 Sound Sampler 49 I O Extender (2SeriaiPor1) 125 Image F X 199 A1230 Turbo+ A1200 SCSI RAM+ 8575,00 LOWEST! Qforce Accelerators w 60030,68482, 80ns RAM, SCSI Controller, RAM Card in One 40Mhz 4MB 675 50Mhz 4MB 899 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 999 68040 28Mhz A3000 2MB (40ns RAM) 975 A4000 Computer A200Q Computer A1200 Computer A600 Computer 1960 Multisync Monitor 2024 Monochrome Mon. CD7V 1084S Monitor A2386 25Mz Bridgecard A2320 Ricker Fixer A2286 AT Bridgeboard A2630 Accelerator A520 Video Adapter A2088 XT Bridgecard A2091 Hard Drive & Ram Controller W 120MB HD A2091 HD Controller 2 MB Ram For 2091 HD Roppy Drive 1.76MB 99.95 External Version 125 Janus 2.1 Update 35 A2065 Ethernet Card 265 A2000 3000 Keyboard 59.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 Kickstart 2.1 Upgrade Kit 85 Just 2.1 Kit OR Just Rom 42.50 Kickstart 1.3 26 1 MB Agnus (8372A) 38.95 2MB Agnus (8372B) 69.95 Super Denise (8373) 29.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 19.95 CIA (8520) 9.95 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 35 Grand Slam 229 Grand Slam 500 287 Trump card Pro 139 Trump card 500 Pro 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus 149 Trump card 500 AT 164 Prinlerface Auxiliary Printer Port 55 Sourcer Switching Power Supply 99 CALL OUR BULLETIN BOARD THE WORLDS LARGEST AMIGA RUN BBS1 10 HST D S LINES 2 GIGABYTES OF STORAGE
(302) 836-6175 GVP 68030 68882-25MZ 1 M B 60ns RAM w SCSI Controller AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AMIGA MICROBOTICS 1200z 68881 RC20Mhz FPU & w o clock w IMB RAM $ 139 W 2MB RAM $ 179 W 4MB RAM $ 279 w 8MB RAM $ 479
* Add $ 20 For Clock & Battery* Call for other custom configurations Only $ 399 vffist*S “Z m 'mmmn w 8MB Ram $ 699 ASK A BOUT OUR A CCELERA TOR, HA RDDRIVE A ND MEMOR Y UPGRADES IVS 1MB SIMMS 29.95 1x8 80-60ns SIMMS 33.00 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS 119.00 1x4 80-6Ons Static ZIP 17.50 1 x4 80-60ns Page ZIP 15.95 1x4 80-60ns Page DIP Call 1x1 120-70ns DIP Call 256X4 120-60ns DIP Call 256X4 120-60ns ZIP Call A4000 SIMMS 80-60NS 139.00 A500-HD8+OMB 40 319 A500-HD8+OMB 80 385 A500-HD8+OMB 120 439 A500-HD8+QMB 213 549 A530-HD8+1 120 659 A530-HD8+1 245 709 A2000-HC8+0MB 145 SIMM32 1MB 60ns 69.95 SIM M32 4MB 60ns 169.95 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 Call G-Lock Genlock 389 A3000-lmpact Vision 24 1199 A2000-IV24 Adapler 45 VIU-CT 499 A1200 600 HD’s HP II, IID, IIP, III. HID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 89.95 Board with 4MB 149.95 Deslg'et 256K Upgrade 65.95 2 Boards (for 500 Series) 130 HP 4 (4 Meg) 149 HP 4 (8 Meg) 295 Quantum - Conner Maxtor - Fujitsu Western Digital
2. 5" end 3.5" ffl WtMtMJ IP
16. 8K Courier HST with fax 595
16. 8K Courier HST Dual Standard with fax 925 Courier v.32bis 449 A600 1200 Accessories PCMCIA 2 and 4MB 129 Baseboard 601 $ 59 LASER PRINTER MEMORY Maxtor 120MB 15ms LPS 64K Cache Maxtor 213MB 15m* LPS 64K Cache Accessories MISC. US ROBOTICS HARD DRIVES mm Quantum 85MB ELS 1U $ 1399 $ 359 DKB Insider II w OK 159 2632 w 4Megabytes 399 MegAChip 2000 500 W 2MB Agnus 199 Multi-Slart 2 Rev 6A 53 KwikStart II for A1000 69 SecurKey Security Board 99 BattDisk battery backed static RAM disk 199 TESTED ft CLOCKED AT 25 MHZ • W *«030 A BftKZ, EXPANDABLE TO 32MB RAM W SCSI CONTROLLER. FEATURES PROPLEX, SCSI SHARErt* NETWORKING, RAM A SCSI USABLE IN MOM MODE. THIRD GENERATION 68030 PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR FOR THE AMIGA 2000
39. 95
39. 95 Kick Back ROM Switcher 35 PowerPlayers Joystick 6.49 CSA Rocket Launcher 499 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 145 68030 SOMhz CPU 179.95 68882 RC50Mz FPU 135.95 Safeskin Protectors 15.00 Xtractor+ Chip Puller 9.95 Slingshot single A2Q00 slot for the A500 KooHt Cooling kit A5Q0 Qwika Switcha 4 socketed ROM selector 39.95 f Please Read Our Policies 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
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18. 95
20. 000 Leagues Under the Sea
14. 95 Microprose Golt (0 Itbbttlu
24. 95 4-D Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Driving
21. 95 Midnight Resistance Monday Night Football
16. 95
21. 95
16. 95 4ih and Inches
16. 95 Monty Python
17. 95 A-W Tank Killer Enchanced 2195 Moonstone
21. 95 Advanced Destroyer Simulator 1695 Music X 24 95 Alien Breed Special Edition 24 95 Myth
18. 95 Amazing Spiderman 16,95 NAM 1965-1975
16. 95 Apidya
18. 95 Napolean 1 (Interdne)
18. 95 Archipelagos 1295 Narc
16. 95 Armada 14,95 Neuromancer
16. 95 Austertitz 1495 New Zealand Story
16. 95 Bard s Tale 3
21. 95 Ninja Remix 18 95 Batman The Movie 1695 Nova Nine (Sierra) Battle Chess
18. 95 Outrun Europa
16. 95 Battle Command
16. 95 Overrun
16. 95 Battle Hawks 1942
21. 95 Pacland
16. 95 Battleship
12. 95 Panza Kick Boxing
18. 95 Blastero ds
14. 95 Paperboy
16. 95 Blue Max
21. 95 rap 5fboy 2 19 95 Blues Brothers
16. 95 Pictionary
14. 95 Bonanza Brothers 2195 Pit Fighter
13. 95 Borobodur
18. 95 Police Quest III
19. 95 Borodino
14. 95 Popaye 2
16. 95 Brides ot Dr acuta 16 95 Populous PP Hammer's Neumatic
18. 95 Bubble Bobble
16. 95
16. 95 Burger Man (burger time)
12. 95 Premiere 26 95 Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunt
18. 95 Prince of Persia
16. 95 California Games
16. 95 QIX
12. 95 Captive
18. 95 R Type 2
18. 95 Centurion. Detender ot Rome
21. 95 Rambow Island
18. 95 Chips Challenge
16. 95 RANX
16. 95 Chuck Rock
21. 95 Red Lightning (SSI)
18. 95 Chuck Yeager 2.0
18. 95 Rick Dangerous II Rise Of The Dragon
16. 95 Conflict In Europe
14. 95
19. 95 Conflict in Korea (SSI)
19. 95 Robocop 3-D 26 95 Conflict in Mideast (SSI) 19 95 Rocket Ranger Shadowianas
19. 95 Conqueror
14. 95
18. 95 Conbnental Circus
16. 95 Shadow Dancer
16. 95 Countdown to Doomsday (SSI)
18. 95 Shadow Warrior
18. 95 Covert Action (Microprose)
18. 95 Shoot Em'Up Constr. Kit
19. 95 Craps Academy
16. 95 Silent Service
12. 95 Crazy Cars 2
16. 95 SIM EARTH 29 95 D Generabon
22. 95 Smash TV
18. 95 Dark Castle
14. 95 Space 1889 Space Gun
14. 95 Dark man 18 95
16. 95 Das Boot 18 95 Space Quest IV
19. 95 Days Ot Thunder 16 95 Space wrecked
16. 95 Death Btinger Defender Of The Crown
16. 95 Special Forces 24 95
16. 95 Starflight2
18. 95 DeL uxe Productions 29 95 Strider 1
16. 95 DeLuxe Strip Poker
16. 95 Strider 2
16. 95 Dig Dug (Dugger)
16. 95 Stunt Car Racer 16 95 Dojo Dan 18 95 Super Monaco GP
19. 95 Double Dragon 2
16. 95 Super Off Road Racing 16 95 Dragon Wars (Interplay) 18 95 Super Ski 2
18. 95 Elvira 2
21. 95 Switchblade I 1695 EPIC 26 95
S. WI.V (Silkworm I) 16 95 Eve ot the Beholder 1 (SSI) 19 96 Sword of Honor 1895 F-16 Combat Pilot
16. 95
T. V. Sports Baseball
21. 95 F-16 Fighting Falcon 18 95
T. V. Sports Boxing
21. 95 F-19 Stealth fighter (Microprose) 13 95
T. V. Sports Football 1695 F-29 Retaliator
18. 95 Terminator 2
18. 95 Fairy Tale Adventure Fighter Bomber Final Blow Boxing
16. 95 Tetris
13. 95
14. 95 The Jelscns 15 95 18 95 The Krystal
14. 95 First Samurai
18. 95 The Three Stooges 18 95 Flames ot Freedom (Midwinter 2) 14 95 Tootin' 14 95 Flight Of The Intruder Flints tones 24 95 Treasure Trap 16 95 16 95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed. 1695 Fool's Errand
16. 95 Trump Casino 2 18 95 Future Wars (Interplay)
18. 95 Turrican 2
18. 95 GEMX
16. 95 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game 18 95 Ghouls and Ghosts
16. 95 Ultima 5
21. 95 Gold ot the Aztecs
17. 95 Under Pressure 16 95 Golden Axe
18. 95 Uniwrsai Military Sim 2 15 95 Grand Ph.x Circuit (Accolade) 18 95 Vengeance of Excahbur Voltied 1895 Harpoon
19. 95
18. 95 Heart of China (Dynamix)
19. 95 Waigame Construction Set 16 95 Heart of the Dragon
18. 95 Waterloo
16. 95 Hero's Quest
18. 95 Weird Dreams
14. 95 Hook
23. 95 Wild Wheels 16 95 Hoyle's Book of Games 2
18. 95 World Boxing Manager
18. 95 Hoyle's Book of Games 3
19. 95 Zak McCracken
18. 95 Impossible Mission 2
14. 95 Zara Thruster (Thrust)
16. 95 tnduna Jones Graphic Ad-.?nture
18. 95 Zoetrope
19. 95 Indy Heat
18. 95 NEW TITLES International Ice Hockey International Olympic Athletics It Came From The Desert
16. 95
16. 95 Humans 2 42
18. 95 History Line 1914-1918 Abandoned Places II 42 It Came From The Desert 2
16. 95 Soon! Tvanhoe
16. 9 5 Elite II Soon! Jack Nicholas Greatest 18
14. 95 Zoo! -or- Zooi AGA 38 Jaguar XJ 22! 26 95 Lionhart 38 James Bond: Stealth Affair
18. 95 Legend Of Valor B-17 Flying Fortress Dung 2 45 James Pond Keet The Thief
16. 95
18. 95 45 45 Killing Cloud King s Bounty Kings Guest V
19. 95 Chuck Rock 2 38
16. 95 Sleepwalker AGA 45
19. 95 Super Frog Street Fighter 2 38 Max
16. 95 38 Knights ot the Sty iMicroprose) 18 95 Caesar 40 Laser Squad
12. 95 Nigell Mans el's GP AGA KGB 38 Last Ninja 3
18. 95 40 Leisure Suit Larry V 19 95 Chaos Engine 38 Lite and Death
21. 95 Wing Commander SPECIAL 25 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
19. 95 Transarctica 42 M-I Tank Pis loon (Microprose) 21 95 Harrier Assault 45 Manhattan Drug Dealers
12. 95 Gunship 2000 45 Maniac Mansion 18 95 Nick Faldo Champ. Golf 45 Mega Lo Mama
22. 95 Tornado Flight Simulator Reach tor the Skies Soon! Megaphoenix 18 95 Soon! Megatraveler t
14. 95 Body Blows 38 you to jump to the ledge on the other side. (A side note: You're free to go down the ladder before the edge and explore the Monty Pytbonesque underpinnings of the mechanism. There's even a semi-usefess switch you can throw.) With the boulder, however, you're in fine fettle, and should be able to make the leap with ease. The wall that erupts behind you is a clue that you've entered the endgame for this level. Head left up the hill, pausing between the metal rods that pop out of the ground. Over the bridge and past the statue, at cliff's edge, you'll find the ground crumbling beneath you, dropping into an arena for a standoff with a giant flying demon. Hey, can we talk this over? Actually, he's kind of a wienie. Just jump out of the way when he fires on you and keep up a steady stream of shurikens yourself, and he'll soon be history. Take his skull as a souvenir. D GP Continued on p. 84 SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up lo 3 pieces. Oy payment; Mastercard 1 Visa $ 5.60 • C.O.D. (Cash Only) Si 0 00 Price & Availability subject lo change! No refunds or exchanges. Detective products exchanged with same item.
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U. K. products warranted through Sideline. Next day & second day air available! Cali for prices on special shipping. Shipping limes not guaranteed- COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED. DEALER INQUIRIES? Ctll 305-491-0398. SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 MULTIPACKS Includes. Bombuzzie, R-Type Bact lo the Future 3, Sinbid, Armaiyte, Shanghai. International Karate Plus. T V. Sports Football, The Real Ghoslbusters, Defenders or the Earth ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Dream Team Includes; WWF. The Simpsons, Terminator 2 ALL FOR $ 39.95 The Adventurers Includes: Hunter, Supremacy, and Corporation ALL FOR $ 39.95 Super Heroes Includes; Last Ninja 2, Stfider
2. Indana Jones Crusade, The Spy Who Loved Me ALL FOR $ 29.95 Ten Great Games Includes; Chicago "90. Xenon 2, Ferrari Formula 1, Pro Tennis Tour. Pick and Pile. Superski, Carrier Command, Rick Dangerous, Salan Ntanthunter ALL FOR ONLY $ 39.95 Future Classics Includes: Tank Battle, Diskman. Blockerlanch, Lost Waze. Die! Riot ALL FOR $ 14.95 Combat Classics Includes: 688 Attack Sub. F15 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 Super Fighters Includes: Final Fiohf, Pil Fighter, WWF 1 ALL FOR $ 39.95 High Energy Inc udes: Norlh and South. Hostage, Teenage Queen, Tin Tin on the Moon, Fire and Forget ALL FOR $ 24.95 Top League Includes: SpeedbaH2, F-16 Falcon, Midwinter. Rick Dangerous 2. T V. Sports Football ALL FOR $ 34.95 Fontaslic Worlds Megalomania, Pirates. Popuius, Realms. Wonderland ALL FOR $ 49.95 Powerhits litre Computer People. Shanghai. Battlelech, Fighter Bomber, Wicked.
G. B Air Rally, Hacker 2, Tournament Golf. Spin Dizzy World. Ports ol Call ALL FOR $ 49.95 AMIGA TEN Star Clever and Smart, Eskimo Games. Power Slicks. Spin World, Sky Blaster. Vamp re's Emp re, Crystal Hammer. Final Mission, Trip e-X, Lithe Dragon ALL FOR $ 49.95 EUR0MAGS Amiga Formal. CU Amiga. Amiga Games, Amiga Action, Amiga Computing, Amiga User International, Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 5 Of CMPtt Tben't Miff I CUFtf TteBKLbtl Fix (305) 481-8134 From p. 74 in several directions. And simply completing a level there are ten per tribe may no longer be enough, as you now bring to the next level only the number of Lemmings who survived the previous one. (Hence, if your stock of Lemmings falls too precipitously, you may be unable to maneuver beyond a certain point.) And there’s now a reward for doing especially well: The talisman pieces are gold, silver, and bronze in the style of Olympic medals. At the same time, it’s easier to get the hang of Lemmings
II. There’s a practice mode where you can chose eight skills and try them out without heed to time or technique. No more burdensome password system; now you can save your progress to disk. It’s no longer purely a life or death affair; Lemmings can now fall and be knocked temporarily senseless hence the little blue dots spinning around their heads. You don’t have to wait for the clock to run out anymore once you’ve saved the Lemmings, and there’s a little clover-like fan to help certain Lems breeze to their destinations an evident tip of the hat to Lemming-cousin Bill’s Tomato Game. The 55 different skills are a scream; they make the game something to simply play around with as well as solve. Beyond the usually mundane Lemmingesque tasks like tunneling and bridge building, the visitor in Lemmingland may witness Lemmings surfing, firing bazookas, throwing spears, wielding clubs the size of several Lemmings, hovering above the ground on angel wings, being fired from catapults, and paddling little Lemming-sized canoes. If you ever wished hopelessly for a way to pass a certain obstacle in the original Lemmings, it’s here. (Of course, the obstacles are that much more obstinate as well.) DMA seems to have included even- conceivable wish-1 ist fea- ture without sacrificing any of the basic fiin. In fact, my three- disk version of Lemmings II was missing just one: hard-disk installability. That’s expected to be included in the NTSC version sold in the US. As the English would say, this is brill. From p. 74. Ster and jump on a ladder to get out of its way. Once you return right, you'll find that the beast has taken the bait, the spiked block has fallen, and your path.to another gold cache is clear. What's this little platform-ish thing beside the gold, then? It's basically another elevator but rocket-powered and semi-steerable. You'll want to have it bear left, but level out before you reach the boulder that's waiting midway up the shaft, so as to carry the boulder up with you. (If at first you don't succeed, try again; the platform and boulder will still be there.) At the top, head left (pushing the boulder), drop the rock over the precipice, and follow it down. Seems you've landed onto one of those weight-driven platforms so common in Sonic- and Super Mario- type games. If you've gotten this far without snagging the boulder first, you know your weight doesn't tip it quite far enough to the left to allow (i A ME PRESERVE CRIB NOTES Space Wars & Other Animations A DevWare Exclusive! Superb animations from Tobias Richter, ere of Europe's best Amiga animators. Centerpiece is Space Wars. 8000 frames spanning 7 entertaining minutes with an origmal soundtrack by Norwegian musician Bjorn A Lynne. Space Wars' stunning, ray-traced animations look 5 amigas over 4 weeks to complete. 40 m'nutes. Available April 20 V4027 $ 19.95 The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos” series Know Your Camcorder How to buy the camcorder and accessories that are right for you. Use your cam co'der to its fullest advantage How to maintain your cam- co-der 90 mms. V2086 S34.95 How To Shoot Video Like a Pro How to eliminate that amateur look Learn the key fundamentals of composition. Bonus1 • How to transfer your slides and old home movies to video. 90 mins. V2087 S34.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Learn how when and why to use correct panning ana zooming techniques. 7 key steps for good continuity, Much more. V20B8 S34.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get great lighting with least amount ot ecuipment. Overcome backlighting. Creative shooting including nighttime viceo, fireworks, and using filters Features needed for sound Best microphones. Do audo dubbing and mixing 90 mmutes. V2089 $ 34.95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Howto create productions using consumer equipment and how to 'shoot to edit*, which nakes editing videos a snap' 90 minutes. V209O $ 34.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get better con trp m editing. Learn what kind of equ-pmen: to buy Learn editing tneory. Insert and Assemble editing. Setup tor best results 90 mins. V2091 $ 34.95 Adv. Editing w.Professional Gear Techniques used by the pros. Editing hicks, split edits post production usog Amigas, Toaster and mixers. Time base correctors, A B roll. Time Code. Decsion Lists and more as performed in Adita's studio. 120 mm. V2092 S34.95 Gel any 3 tapes In the Super Videos Series V2093 Only $ 84.95 Animation - Entertainment Computer Animation Festival New Release! Miramar brings you 21 award-winning computer animations mixing humor, adventure, song and fantasy into 45 entertaining mmutes. Also includes Todd Rungren's "Change Myself" video...which was done using tne Video Toaster’s LightWave 3-D software V2G35 $ 19.95 The Mind's Eye A compelling look at the universe, utilizing the talents of over 300 top computer animation artists. 40 minutes. V2043 $ 15 95 Beyond the Mind's Eye Best Seller! This one is even better than the original! Soundtrack by Jan Ham mer. Over 200,000 copies of this incredible video sold ready1 40 mins New Low1 Price! V2044 $ 15.95 Animation Vol.I Sale! The original AnngaWoric Animation Video that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as It demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation, 48 mmutes. V2040 $ 11.95 AnimationVoI.il Sale! AmigaWorlds editors do it again Exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Lightwave 3D, Imagine. Sculpt-Animate 4 D. and DeluxePamt III. You'll be thoroughly entertained by these animated stories 90 minutes. V2041 $ 14.95 1991 Best ol the Fests More award-winning animation. Exoenmental & documentary short films from 1991's top Intern! Film Festivals 90 min V204S $ 24.95 Chronos (Miramar) Breathtaking' V2045 S16.95 Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Bestseller! From Mynad Visual Ad ventures, a complete course in real-time animation tor vcec it demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in n»gh resolution, using bas e software and relatively inexpensive hardware Fart one snows you a var ety of animation techniques--with humor. Part two shows in detail how the animations were made. V2078 S24.95 Amiga Animation - Hollywood Stylo Learn classic. Hollywood Disney-style techniques using Delux- eFaint IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator. Gene Hamm, Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouse 30 mmutes V2051 $ 19.95 V How To Animate I Sate Price! Relevant to novces and intermediate users alke. Pick up helpful tips and techniques cn using DeluxePaintIV from Joel Hager, and using LightWave 3D from Amiga Worlds Lou Walace. 45 mmutes. V2059 S16.95 Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or turn the page, and mail in the order form from our DevWare ToolChest ad. Special Offer! Get our Animator's Bundle (all 3 ol the above videos) for only V4022 $ 49.95 The Essential Amiga Video New Release! A DevWare Exclusive! DevWare and the Burgess Group have put together this essertial video on being productive with your Amiga you wilt earn morphing with Morph Plus and ImngeMnster, desktop publishing with PagoStream. Word processing with Final Copy II. Animating with Real 3D. Tips on DeluxePaint IV. And much, much more, 55 minutes V4Q39 $ 19.95 NEWTEK Video Toaster Tutorials Razza Video U.S.A. The NewTek Video Toaster, 2nd Edition New 1993 Release! Covers creating and Installing a Toaster Workstation basic transitions and effects, DVE moves, creating titles with ToasterCG. Using ToasterPamt. Using MacLink. Using LightWave 3D, and practical applications for the toaster, and more. V2057 $ 24.95 Desktop Video Vol. 1 Razza's oest tape for getting started with Amiga Desktop Video Features excellent advice from experts on camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques, titling and more, V2Q62 $ 18.95 Desktop Video Vol. 2 More help on desktop video. Indudes comparisons ol tape tormats, and information on the Video Toaster, LightWave 3D. Dpam; IV. DCTV. Virtual Reality, and more V2063 S1B.95 The Amiga Primer Best Seder! The ail-nme. Best seller lor getting sinned with your Amiga, including setup, Workbench. Shell. Clt. Expansion and AmigaVision. A must tor every Amiga owner. 90 min. V2061 S14.95 Magic ol Music & MIDI New Edition! This brings you the most up-to-date information o.n using the Amiga as a music generator and MIDI device Features Super Jam1, Bais S Pipes Pro, Dr. T$ , Sonix, Deluxe Music, Au- dioMaster, and more Hmp Ifcy las ' V2072 $ 19.95 Hot Rod Your Amiga Will show you bow to add pe npherals to your A3000, build a mere powerful A2000, and how to expand your A50Q Features products from GVP. NewTek and Digital Creations. Tips on accelerators, genlocks, audio and more. V2058 S16.95 Amiga Graphics, 2nd Edition Leam the ethics ot style and now to use the Amiga for graphics. An ideal tape tor getting started. Indudes interviews with experts. Features Dpaini IV, NewTek's products. Kara Fonts and others. Wh 'e they last' V2061 $ 16,95 Desktop Video The Basics of Video Now Release! Classroom- based from Alpha Video explains v.-deo signals, tape formats. Cameras and video recorders V4018 S27.95 Understanding S-VHS New Release! What S VHS really is, how it tits into your system and how it can improve your video productions. V4019 S27.95 V % % Video Signals and the Toaster New Release! This will provide you with an in-depth examination of how the Toaster accepts and processes video signals. An in valuable tape tor anyone working (o intending) with the Toaster. V4020 $ 27.95 Alpha Video 3 Video Bundle V4021 $ 74.95 Secrets ot the Panasonic AG1960 1970 New Release! King&way Productions reveals the super secrets and hidden features of the AG i960 and the new AG1970 S-VHS editing decks. Demos of audio modifications and editing systems 130 mins V4037 $ 36.95 The AG-450 Companion V4017 $ 36,95 Canon L-1, LX-100 Camcorder V4013 $ 36.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. I Elite Video will teach you how to get the most from Panasonic's AVE5 or MxlO 12 digital video mixers, including how to use them as dual channel, time based controllers for input to your Video Toaster system 75 mins. V4Q14 $ 39.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. II Leam now to do effects with your mixer which shoutdni be possible, but are -- with Elite Video's secrets V4Q15 $ 39.95 Digital Mixer Companion I & li V4016 S69.95 Sony E VO-9700 Basic Training Tape Leam ail about every function, operation and trick for the Sony EVO-9700 50 mms. V4010 S29.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape Vol. II Advanced window synced & timecode dubs, mutt?- track audio, single frame recording, use of external ecu p- ment for trtJirg and A-B roll editing. V4011 $ 29.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Series I & II Both Basic Training and Advanced Training. V4012 S49.95 Pro Video Gold Pari One Everything you need to know about Pro Video Gold from Sheretf Systems For novice intermediate users V2t00 S32.95 Pro Video Gofd Part Two V2toi $ 32.95 VideoMaker, The Video Series V2065 $ 16.95 Dculcrlnquirift (bOb S.U- 01 FarP-U-tkkwCJllU'efth' Bunru Ikfoi (ill IVI IK" 161161 Untomhktl Inilunpr 1‘rim cflcvllir ,'Lh I. I*MV LightWave 3D Flying Logos Newwt Refea&a Step-by-step instructions on converting printed logos into 3D objects to create dazzling animations. Simulate high- end "Paint Box' moving text and graphics Steo-by-step instructions on Pixel 3D Professional. Available May7- we't! Be the first to have in stock1 V4024 S36.95 LightWave 3D Essentials 3D animation in Light- Wave's Layout and Renderer is made easy from loading Objects lb creating keyframes, from adding backgrounds and lighting effects -- all the way to finished animation V2097 S36.95 UghtWavo 3D Surfaces Give your 3D objects tex-V ture and realism with spec-ai techniques used by Lght- Wave artists. Texture mapping, applying images, lighting techniQjss.bump mapping, and mere. V2098 S36.95 DevWare Video now makes your shopping for instructional products easier than ever before. We offer the largest selection of videos and books...see for yourself! LightWave 3b Modeler Learn how easy 3D rrtod- , eling can be1 Create basic objects, changing their shapes arc defining surfaces, anc simple techniques for creating complex 3D Objects. V2099 S36.95 Special! - Order any 3 videos and receive "Animation Volume II" absolutely free! (Bundles count as 1 video towards offer) Professional Techniques Get more from Toaster- Paint and ToasterCG with demonstrations of special techniques to create professional network quality graphics.59 minutes V2Q71 $ 36.95 Video Toaster Essentials The first of 4 v deos leads you through a step-by-step guide to the Video Toaster's switcher and special effects. 83 mm. V2Q52 $ 36.95 ToasterPalnt Essentials Discover the full potential ol ToasterPaint This video will take you through each powerful lunction step by step 62 mm V2069 $ 36.95 ToasterCG Essentials a step by- step guide to the Toaster s character generator, Complete with demonstrations of special techniques.59 min. V2070 S36.95 'LightWave 3D" Bund e. 4 Videos V4025 $ 129.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bundle All 4 videos SaleI V2081 $ 129.95 AH 8 above Toaster Videos V4Q26 $ 234.95 Graphics Killer Graphics: Animated Logos wilh DCTV Volume II. How to create animated 3D logos. Step by step examples. V2102 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I. This tutonal senes will leach you how to create kilter graphics quickly and easily with the most current vers on of DCTV. Using real projects as examples. 54 minules V2073 $ 29.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide In Saddleback Graphics easy-to-follow tutorial, you'll explore many ot Dpaint Ivs features which will meet most of your graphics and animation needs. V2050 S19.95 Advanced Techniques wilh DeluxePaint IV Leam tips and tricks for combining Dpaint Ivs different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results C'eate 3D text, drop snadows, textures cycle color animations, professional titling techniques, and much more1 60 minutes V2068 $ 19,95 Amiga Books Mastering Toasler Technology Best Setter The steo-by-step guide from expens Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toaster user can afforc to be without! Leam Toaster operation and set-up, rotoscoping techniques, how take perfect 3D Igoos, creating mattes and flying mattes, and much more Plus 2 disks of bonus software. 0106 $ 39.95 Amiga C For Beginners introduction to learning C language which explains elements to you using examples geared Jo the Amiga. Describes C library routines and much more. Bl Ol $ 19.95 Amiga Intern The definitive reference library for all Amiga 500. 2000 and 3000 users. It will teach you the internals of the 3000. AmigaDOS 2. And much more Divided into three sections tor hardware, operating systems and Arexx programming. 900+pages. B103 S29.95 AmigaDOS Reference Guide New Release! Fourth edition by renown Amiga author Sheldon Leemon The complete guide and tutorial to AmigaDOS including Releases 2 and 3, 335 pgs. Q110 S22.95 Amiga Multimedia WorkBook The most up-to- date book on multimedia for the Amiga. Bi 15 $ 29.95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition This tutorial guide wit! Make Arexx easy for you! Step-by-step approach, useful programs as examples, clear presentation Of Arexx controlling PostScript, thorough references for alt Aflexx instructions, functions, and application program commands Includes 2 disks. Bt04 $ 44.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Ed. Create your own videos through step-by-step instructions and tutorials. Bl 13 $ 22.95 Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Answers to the questions you ask the most: addmg a CD-ROM drive, transferring data to other platforms, getting nd of screen flicker, and much more. B114 $ 18.95 Mapping the Amiga - This best setter on Amiga pro gramming by Randy Thompson and Rhett Anderson features complete listing of Amiga calls, descriptions ot all system structures, ard detailed explanations ol Amiga’s harcware. 512 pages Bill S25.95 Understanding Imagine 2.0 it you own Imagine, this is your ultimate reference manual! Comes with Disk-O-Stufl. B107 S27.95 Amiga EASIC Inside $ Out B102 S19.95* Amiga Printers Inside ‘Out B13‘ S29.95 Us ng Arexx on the Amiga Bi 08 S24.95- Advanced Amiga BASIC 0109 $ 18.95 Making Music on the Amiga 0130 $ 29.95 Mastering Amiga - Beginners 0132 $ 34.95 Kids and the Amiga 2nd Ed Bit2 SI5.95 Amiga Graphics Inside Out (Abacus) Bl 19 St 7.95* includes companion disk(s) Audio Production for the Video Toaster From Atomic Toaster team how to use your Video Toaster to produce broadcastable multi-track, digital audio and CD-qusiity music. Includes use of Sunrize Studio 16 with Adt05 2and AD516. SuperJam1. Bars and Pipes Pro 2.0. TnplB Ray P'us, Sync Pro. Dr Ts Phantom. MIDI devices, and more V4008 S34.95 Taming the Wave: Exploring Newtek's LightWave 3D 'This is an excellent opportunity to see an experts actual working methods * - David Duberman. Editor, Vdeo Toaster User Magazine Take acvantage of Lightwave's full potential with the most complete UghiWave 3D Training System you'll find anywhere. This solution features 3 hours of D-2 mastered video on two tapes, with detailed explanations on every major LightWave option and hundreds of stunning animations written and directed by David Hopkins, a national LightWave columnist and Am ga industry veteran. Also included are two disks filled with 2 exclusive typestyles from Unili Graphics. 4 great textures from JEK Graphics' Pro Fills series, a 3-D scanned Chevy Camara, all the tutorial objects, and a 50 page handbook in a helpful Question & Answer forma*. V2074 S99.95 Money-Saving Bundles! Animation Vol I & II V2079 $ 22.95 Dpaint IV (Video Guide, Adv. Tech) V20S2 $ 34.95 Pro Video Gold Part One & Two V2083 $ 59.95 Adita; Any 3 (specily tapes) $ 89.95 Adita: All 7 video V2094 $ 174.95 Minds Eye. Beyond Minds Eye V20S4 $ 29.95 Desktop Video. Volume I and II V2085 $ 32.95 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. Land II V2091 $ 49 95 History of the Amiga, How to Animate. And Animation Volume 1 & II Sall! V2080 $ 48 95 Amiga Animation Hollywood Style. How to Animate, Animation 101 V4022 $ 49.95 Miscellaneous Videos The Amiga Service & Repair Video Includes $ 40 worth of service work from J& C V4003 S36.95 History o1 the Amiga An intriguing and entertaining look at the origins of the Am ga computer Listen to the initial trials and tribulations wi>ch Jay Miner. R J Micai. Caryn Mical, Dale Luck. Carl Sassenrath, Dave Neede and the rest ot the original ‘Los Gatos gang went through 45 minutes. V2042 $ 14,95 SpecialOffer ToasterVision T1165 $ 119 The best integrated sofrware tools for your Video Toaster ." (Video Toaster User Magazine. Feb War 93) Bird's Eye Software gives you 5 modular programs that ‘offer superior techniques for enhancing the use of your Video Toaster * WipeMaster 2. Toaster Project Manager, ToastMaster 2. Framestore Manager and Catalog Video Director rm6 sizi Gofo Disk's Video Director turns your computer, camcorder and VCR into a compete analog editing system. The smart cable acts as a universal remote controlfe', letting your computer control your camcorder and VCR. No need tor expensive digitizing cards because you record direct Irom your camcorder to your VCR Will Vinton's Playmation nose $ 279 Lemmings II * The Tribes T1064 $ 33 "golpenIMAGE) Hardware One of the hottest and most tellable manufacturers ot hardware tor the Amiga. High reliability and quality construction throughout. External 3.5" Floppy Drive Master 3A 1N. 830K w disable switch T3014 $ 69 Hand Scanner T3015 $ 119 JS-105-1MS With Scan & Save shwr, 400 DPI, !05mm width, 64 halftones, works with A1200 & A4000! Hand Scanner $ 139 T3Q16 JS-105-tMP With Migraph TouchUp and DefoxePamt III from EA Up to 400dpoi, 105mm scan width. 64 halftones T3017 $ 1 99 Hand Scanner JS-105-iMP* Best value' Newest version of Migraph Touch Up' V3 07. Migraph OCR and Dpaini III. Upgrade Mouse tsoio $ 25 GF600N The Amiga market's best selling mouse Optical Mouse ran $ 43 GI-6003N Fully optical, no bal to clean with mousepad Mouse Pen T3018 $ 45 JP-60N 250 dpi. Tight and easy to use. A500 Ram Card T3012 $ 33 512K with reaitime ciock'calendar & battery backup A60Q RAM Card t3o.3 $ 69 Extra 1M0 witheaitime clock calendar & battery backup 30*®* .iSiMiGA Musicians Floppy Magazine The Disk Magailne tor anyone who has an Amiga and likes music! Whether you're into composing, collecting studying, or simply en|0yif!g music, then AM FM has Ids lo offer l! You wart :o learn more abou! Using ihe Amiga as a music computer, then AM FM is lor you Each disk contains news, reviews, previews, hrrts & tips, tutorials, new sounds lor popular synthesizers, lots ol great Amga music, and the lalesl sound and music utilities! Each issue contains 2 5 Am$ a songs. 2 5 MIDI songs and 4-8 Sound Music Utility programs! AM1: Sound Storage for Yamaha Korg and Kawa MIDI analyzer, ProTimer, 3 MIDI and 4 Amga songs AM2: MIDI lime tool. Yamaha DS-55 voice editor, utility to convert MIDI to text lor edit print ng 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs. AM3: Roland DIC Drum. Tone and Patch editors ProPlayer (lor MODS), 4 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs. AM4: Roland ? 1 TO Bank Loader, Editor Sample storage loader utils 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM5: Yamaha TX-81Z. F0-OI & Korg Ml Realtime iuii-screen oscillator Editor.Storage cgms. 5 MIDI and 2 Amiga songs AM6: PraPtay 2. MuifiR pper. Casio CziOl 'CZ1000 sound storage system 5 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM7: Kawai K4 editor Pro 1.99. MIDI diagnostics, TrackSheei-X. MIDICom, Tracksheei X, 6 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs AM8: MIDItools EchoProcessor.Midi Keyboard SysEx ProgChange. Music ripper, Promizer 5 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM9: Kawai K4 Editor Pro v 2.99. Kawai K1. K1 -1L K T - R Kt-R II Editor v5 3. Thiel 3 0 JomSounds, 3 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM10: CDTV Apexx control. Piaysound (play large samples oil disk with small memory). 5 MID! And 5 Amiga songs The AM'FM Sample disks are chocked full of superb quality samples from the latest and best in synthesizers, drum machines, etc. SM1: 45 drum 8 percussion sounds from Roland PCM 10 sound card with added reverb lor fees! Possib'e sound quality SM2; 58 oreheslrai winds Sounds Many dill flutes, brass, saxes, trumpets, bass chords, unlradilicnai and ethnc winds SM3:30 atmospheric non-instrumenial dealh * horror sound effects lo' lhat scary edge1 SM4: 32 lead bass 4 background sounds Irom Korg 707 synthesizer Great dynamics and originality SM5; 16 nch lull & dynamic Grand Piano sounds, chords also sampled Also piano with strings, voices and pads SM6: 48 charactenstc samples from Kcxg Wavesiation Some chords but mostly lead bass effects SM7: 53 charactensrc samples from Korg Wavestanon Lead bass ehects no chords no percussion SMS: 46 chords from Korg Wavesiation Pads, choirs, synihs. Etc etc Major, minor, sus2 sus4. Addo and add’ chords' SM9: 84 drumspercussrons trom Korg Mi AH stndrd drums, plus many rythmic effects, hits, lasers, etc. etc. SM10: ambient and hard hitting sounds made on Korg Wavesta:ion It your looking for truly unique sounds .this is it! SM11: More special atmospheric sounds Truly unique and characteristic sounds made lor the AM FM magazine Special Edition Toolchest Rkl: M.vjaBail - This disk contains the full-role a SO v*r- slon of MegaBnli. Complete with the level editor id creete your own challenging worlds to conquer. This gam ts quite similar lo Arkanokt end allows two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price. *14.95. RK2: Mac hit I - This remarks bio utility will allow you lo record any mouse click or keypress and play II back as a macro at any Ume, Inside any program. Also provide* momo- ry info clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-to-menu sunrnouso and window cycling. Special RK price $ 19.35. HK3: 30 ObjfrCI* an amazing collection ol somo great 3b objects we've ever seen. Running man. Spaceships, staircase. Hovertwats & much more. Also texture maps to wrap around some of Ihe objects...!.5MB of data In all! *14.35 RK4: Home Mansgc-r This program will help you keep track of your lllel Complete address book, appointment scheduler, notepad, auto-dialer (requires modem), ares-code utility and complete Inventory of all your possessions and credit cards. Extremely useful. Requires 1 Meg. 514.95 RKS: Diffusion en Allen terrorists plants a Nuclear Time bomb and you are the only chance ol saving Ihe world! Outstanding graphics and sounds complete the mood of this futuristic race against Ume and devastation! 514.95. Formally the Amina' richest 1 Unicorn Educational Software %. DevWare has made a special purchase of these educational programs at a remarkable pnee and we're passing the savings on' All titles have ong nai list pnees of $ 49.95 to $ 59.95! All About America T2CW1 S16.95 Ages 6 to It. Each oi these 16 stones will give your students an introduction to American History Stories are followed by reading comprehension and vocabulary questions. The map disk includes maps of the 13 colonies, the U. S. before the Civil War, the 50 States and geography quizzes. Land ol the Unicorn. T2042 S16.95 Builds important vocabulary and logo skills through the use of interesting and exciting language arts activities including Synonym Review & Quizzes and Antonym Review a Quizzes. 4 disks a great value111 Adventures ol Sinbad T2043 S14.95 Ages 9 to t4. The adventures with Smbad will capture your student's interests and imaginations while building critical reading and vocabulary skills. Aesops Fables T2044 S14.95 Ages 6 to 9. Each of these 12 charming fables comes with games which will help buiid reading comprehension and vocabulary skills Decimal Dungeon T2045 $ 14.95 Ages 9-. Trapped inside the crystal caverns of the Dungeon Maste'. The only way to escape is to answer the math problems correctly. Fraction Action T2046 $ 14.95 Ages 8* Multi-screen arcade action and sound educational content in the basement of the Mad Professor’s Mansion. Klnderama T2047 $ 14.95 Preschool to First. 5 different learning activities: Robot Story. Count the Robots. Robot Match Letter. Robot Addition and Robot Construction. Mbglcal Myths T2056 $ 14.95 Ages 9 fo 14. Journey into the world of Greek Mythology while building important reading comprehension and Ian guage art skills. Math Wizard T2048 $ 14.95 Grades i to 6 Build essential arithmetic skills and a foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts with Wizard's Flash, Elf's Equations. Dragon Race and Troll's Toy Shop Read-A-Rama T2049 $ 14.95 Grades K to 3. Animated circus setting helps build Important reading, word recognition, spelling and concentration skills. Read & Rhyme T2Q5G $ 14.95 Ages 5 to 8 Boost alphabetizing, rhyming, vocabulary and phonetic skills as the students interact with exciting space creatures. Tales from the Arabian Nights T2051 $ 14.95 Ages 9 to 14. These 3 captivating tales will entertain and enhance your children’s reading comprehension, creative writing, and language arts skills The Logic Master T2052 $ 14.95 Ages 10-Adult. Will help develop critical, high-level thinking skills through the introduction of a broad variety of analogy and number series activities Wonders of the Animal Kingdom T2053 $ 14.95 Ages 6 lo 12 Six outstanding learning activities: All About Animals. Animal Spells. Animalgrams. Who Am I7 What's Different, and Animal Memory Game. Word Master Vocabulary Builder T205-1 $ 14.95 Ages 3 to 14. Captivate your students and build essential word power skills with Vocabulary Test. Master's Review. Vocabulary Challenge and Master's Maze Got any 3 Unicom Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 39.95 Gel Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 S64.95 HomeBuilders CAD v2,0 From a room addition to a cluster o! Cortdos HomeBuilders CAD makes ii easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include: 20 acre drawing area. Accuracy to 1 60 inch. Supoorts buildings over 200 stones high. Over 303.000 layers Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Drawing features include PAN. ZOOM. ROTATE. COPY ADD TEXT. AUTO- DIMENSIONING. UNDO, and TOPOGRAPHY View plumbing and electrical components separately Automatically generates wireframe FRONT. REAR, and SIDE elevations. Spreadsheet-style cosl editor Calculates material, labor and overhead costs. Displays or prints cost summary or detail. Calculates backfill and excavation costs. Easy-lo-use documentation. AmigaDOS 2.0 ccmpatabife. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB with nard drive, requires 1.5MB. T4002 Onginal list $ 249. New LOW ToolChest Price! Only $ 49.95! Pricing: AM series disks 5-9 95 each Special Introductory offer: Buy 4 and gel Ihe i tree! Buy 7 and gel 2 free!! SM senes disks: $ 7.95 each AM 8 SM series dsks do not count towards normal (TSP & Tcl disk pricing levels OctaMED Professional, Version 4 $ 39.95! Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide! Available in the U. S. for the first time - exclusively from DevWare! OctaMED Pro is the definitive budget sequencing package. Discover what thousands of europeans already know and love. Compose professional sounding music at a fraction of the price of its higher-priced competitors. CU Amiga Magazine says OctaMED Pro "has more, better implemented, features than anything else on the market,'’ T4001 An amazingly powerful program at an unbeatable price, OctaMED Pro features:
• 8 channels of audio using the Amiga's own built-in audio hardware
• Utilizes 16 channels using any MIDI package for the Amiga.
• Includes it's own powerful sampling software to create your own instruments!
• Has standard music notation display mode! Compose & editing using tracker or stave formats
• Print Option - will print out all blocks in a song, complete with play list,instrument names, and tempo information. DbForm 2.0 A complete form design and invoicing system lor business or home use. This remarkable program leaiures powerful layout tools that are completely integrated with the built-in database capabilities yielding a completely configurable and ultimately powerful iorm creation invoic- ingidaiabase management solution. Drawing features include user selectable corner types, line weights, line patterns and automatic grid creation Imports IFF liles Text and Data features: specify a box’s front and point size, use Bold, lialic and Underlined, align to left, right or center, link text boxes so that text Hows Irom one box to another, imports ASCII text files. Data fields' (ill order is user specified. Printing features: print in text only mode for speed and quality, print text and graphics, print PostScript, printing can be scaled on both axis by percentage. Many other features! T4000 A great value for this powerful all-in-one package! Only $ 29.95! Wware ToolChesi, a quality Jlne ol low-cost software, presents powanools for your Amiga. By purchasing you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best ol all, you support Ihe independent Amiga developer. The tK" anthology are registered, My-tuncKina! Versions ol the cream of the crop in shareware titles. Amiga musicians i sure you check out our brand new AM FM series. .they're packed with fantastic utilities! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed A DevWare ToolChest Exclusive! V A complete, high-level programming language for only $ 19.95! True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition MegaTest T4004 $ 29.95 Available exclusively from DevWare This hypertext-like TEST and TUTORIAL AUTHORING PROGRAM is extremely versatile and can create test designs that integrate sounds, pictures and text into any question. Multiple choice tests can be quickly created with up to five possible answers. Features; [The most receni release ol TrueBASIC, the powerful programming language from Kemeny & Kurtz, the original cre- lafors of BASIC You will receive the Language, libraries lor lorn support, DO files, script files, more than 30 demo programs. And a 200* page manual. System requirements: Any Amiga with one Megabyte of memory,
* Picture, IFF sound and a separate text tile can be keyed to any question
* When picture or sound is keyed to a question, appropriate button lights up alerting user
* Test Mode and Tutorial Mode
• Score - number of questions missed and correct is tallied and displayed on the screen each time a question is answered.
* Will give customized sound feedback indicating a correct or wrong choice.
• Easy-to-use test maker is a separate program from the testing software. ¦ Several sample tests included.
• Easy-to-use mouse interface.
• Supports all current AmigaDOS versions Megatesl is already being used for studying for college exams, making tests to teach music to children in the home, using it as a test to identify bird calls, and more! An incredible value! Istudent Edition Highlights: with this version you can run TrueBAS C programs o! Any size Modern structured format allows you lo compne smaller program sections into larger, sophisticated programs Superb built-in graphics and color capabilities ..handles sound and music eflortlessly Advanced program editor enables you lo quickly compose or modify programs Built-in math functions, debugging facilities, and on-line help ii es! Special Amiga lent and IFF graphics handling features. I TrueBASIC programs are portable to DOS. Macintosh and most UNIX workstations row you can use the same pro- [gram code across ail platforms lor the powerful portability that every programmer dreams about1 Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Designasaurus $ 14.95!! % Three programs in one! Re-released from Compton’s New Media. Walk-A-Dincsaur - you can walk either a Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus or Tyrannasaurus Rex through three ages. Bwld-A-Dinosaur by combining a head. Neck, tail and body Irom several different real dinosaurs. Prini-A-Dinosaur - you can print out 12 dinosaurs in their natural habitat along with descriptions. Using DeluxePaint, you can also color your favorite dinosaur and print it out. Original list price $ 49.95. T4Q05 | Algebra I * Now Only1 Calculus - Now Only! Trigonometry - Now Only! Probability Theory * Now Only' I Get any 2 math programs all 8 Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T1074 T1082 T1093 T2060 T2036 T2063 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 V $ 26.95 $ 109.95 Algebra II - Now Only! Pre-Calculus - Now Only! Discrete Mathematics V TrueSTAT - Now OnlylV Get all 8 math programs T2034 T2035 T2064 T2061 T2062 $ 14.95 S14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦I [Please send me: Enter product ID (Ex; V2Q52, FD85, TSP10} Including any products from DevWare Public Domain or DevWare Video! Total DevWare PD disks ea. = $ @$ PD-Disk based catalog ($ 2.50) = $ _
(C. Itjlop disk comes with a coupon lor ,i fnv disk with your next order) j Anti-Virus ($ 19.95) = $ _ Jtems from DevIVArj; Video PD ToolChlst = $ _ Mcmorex Blank Disks _= $ Get ihe hottest new programs automatically from DevWare!--A mixture of utilities, application, games & more! Receive 6 bi-monthly double-disk issues for jusl $ 49,951 Save $ 39.45 off single-issue price?* Convenient aulomatic home delivery Lowest possible prices! Full Money-Back Guarantee: ft not completely satisfied, we’fl refund your money--no questions asked. CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = $ _ Canada Foreign Shipping = lipping & Handling iwhebuv = $ _ Total Due = $ jco Exp i Signature Following day shipping in most cases, public Domain Disks: S3.50 minimum per order. Canada add $ .25 per disk. Foreign ado 5.50 pe’ disk lor air- mail delivery. Videos Books hardware1 Software: S5 minimum per order plus $ 1 for each add i unit shipped. Canadian minimum $ 7, plus $ 1 for each add1! Unit call for book shipping. Foreign: call. All payments In y.S.' ’ [ ] Payment encl. Please charge my. 1 1 Visa [ j Mastercard Discover Name I Address ST. I City, [ 1 i only. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. !Phone i DevWare, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW39, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800)879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 'Braid on smqto-dafc pnonq including rramJiirtg. Can3rt.w »utacr*pMrt* too $ 5 00 shipping, all otf>ei FortHgn aM
* 1000 skipping $ 3.95* ea. 20-29 Disks
* *Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library 10 for 25 for 50 for 100 for S8.00 $ 19.25 S 36.00 $ 67,00 filsE ouR ToolChest order form or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! FD6; GAMES! ¦ This d sk is cnock full ol games hcluo ng. Checkers. Clue. Goid - A new slide the pieces puzzte Jeopard
• An enhanced version ot Risk. RushHour - Surprisingly add ct- ng and SoaceV ar - Best descr bed as a cross between CornbatTanks and asteroids FD7; Pncman ¦ Tn.s disk contains several pacnan type games including PacMan87, MazeMan and Zonrx FD10: HackLJtc • A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have ciassc This is the 2nd re ease o! This game Great graphic interface P ay time severs; weeks' FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Veg3s Craps simulation every wrrtten lor any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Tniny- Qne.VdeoPoker and more F012A.FD12B: Star Tr k, Tho Game - This is by tar the best Star Trex game ever written for any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects ana great gameplay Counts as 2 dsks Req Jmb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly, Dominoes. Paranoids, and others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints end Arcede Games DM maps, spells. Hem location, and hints and more, also on this disk, Hball - an arkanod breakout type game, Trix - a Oix type done. DOS* IBM ¦ No: one. But THO IBM emulate* that *j aiktw the running of MS-DOS software with Amiga programt.ll! Come? Complete wilh programs to (urn ypui Amiga floppy driven Into 720K IBM compatible drives. FDI7: Educallonai Gnrnos - This disk includes several games tor youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games • MochForce; A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robots. Simple wcrds can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tail, fire breatnmg. Earth shaking cotossus that obeys your every whim. FD27t Arcade Games ¦ This disk is loaded with some great games Induces, Raceorana a great racing car game with ten diltcrent courses, Mm Blast n helicopter gunship type done, Shark m the same class as Logger, and Sbreakout the anginal breakout with more FD29: Shool em up's - WWII • you re the p lot ot a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've |ust been spotted good luck on you rr. Ss.Qfi, SpyKi er - try ard penetrate enemy Ines with this game, and Retaiiator ¦ another great game. FD31; Games! ¦ Air Traffic Control - a gooc ATC simufatton, Black Jack Lab - a M featured set of card games. ChessTel - p'ay chess with your tnerc in distant and remote p aces with tfw game and a modem, labynnth • a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game FD32: Flight Simulator ¦ An instrument f. ghi simulator tor a DC10 FD33: Arcade Games • Ffreccy a Mario Brothers type of game. Gerpils a target practice game. Pipe Line a German ntflrpretaton of Ppe Dreams, Tron a I-git cyces version, and V011: Imagine Enhancer • T3D converts imagine objects to OFF. NFF, VORT. Rayshade. MlF. DXF and POV formats VO10: Imagine Enhancer* Icoons and ISL supplement tne ob.ect anc scene cdtc's FD86: Uchcss. The Strongest playing Chess program avail- rtb'o for the Amgj penod Req 68030* Workbench?*. 4MB RAM Supports AGA FD84: Games! Deluxe PacMan .s better man th* or g nal*- 20* mazes, special 'power ops* witn oustanamg graph cs. ThinkAmana is the class c game ot concentration--with Peaof.- Wyd'awn HiRes images. WB129: Super Virus KlUer ¦ From Sate He* Intl. »no catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses worfdw.de-a coma e'.e virus system that knows all Amiga viruses updated often Rh Wfl ? • WB1Z8: ColorFonts - contains 12 color bitmap toms lor use win Dpamt or any software that supports ColorFonts. Perfect tor titlmg WB127: Blankers - Over 20 different screen blankers Most run on Workbench i ,3* . A lew require 2 0* WB126: EdPlayer ¦ mus e MOD player that looks, acts and p ays like your CD player., AmigaWorld s 1 MOD uMity Plus MOD songs DD92; Developer Contains the official Commodore developers kits for me AmigaGuide and Commodore Install Utilities...a must have for all serious developers. DD91: PorBench - Allows you to easily connect network two Amigas CDTVs together and share storage devices Req's WB2* and custom cable (docs to make cabte included-easy) DD90: Advanced Ullllllas - ComprossDisk dOLbles the capacity of your harp-drivo on the liy with compression!!' Also eomams disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility. Key map editors. Enforcer. Undeleter A more. Most programs requre 2.0+ We have been the official Public Domain Library q! All the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: Wbtf general interest • most programs can t>e run Irom the workbench. FD games and entertainment, VO* are video related programstottlilios and Ddri advanced -requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS.CLI Thanks to our extensive arsenal ol anti-virus software, ALL ot our software is guaranteed virus tree! New Disks Fun Disks Best Seller! Amiga ,TC" Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language-Amiga oriented-net of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an tnaodibte set of lessons. Included are full discus- sdns and examples for Amiga programming, 4 disk set. As 3. FD39ASB: Star Trek, The New Generation ¦ This is a completely different version of S:a* Trek man tnat found on Foi2 This one was created by the German author Tobias Excellent1!! Counts as two dsks Recu.res 512k FD50: Submarine Game - Sea'ance. One ar.o a half yea's in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended FD57: Arcade Games ¦ Includes 2 "ruiy commerciaf quality games. MegaBall. An Arkanoid-rsh game, features 5 musical scores and addicting gameplay Gravty Attack is a psyehadei- lie trip through several drffererrf worlds each different FD59: Game Potpourri ¦ Xenon III is an almost exact clone of tne commercial game ol the same name a great shootemup. Crossword will lake lists of words A automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compatible printer, FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Interferon; a great Dr. Mario clone. Enigma; is it a came or puzzle? FD61: Games - Solitaire; greal graphics, plays two versions. Klide: an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence, 2 player kill o' be krlleo game. YATC. A Tetns cfone with Artifical Intelligence. Genesis; create roalstic 3d fractal worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation. Requires 1 megabyte of memory. FD64: Games - Wzzy's Quest - a 'g-ea:‘ 50 level game w th great graphics. Cubus - a 3-Cimenjional TetfiS type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions), dusker Du - Colors and pattern rather than sri3oe in this Tetrs-esque game; 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty. Requires Fa; Agnus (1 Meg of Chip) FD67; Arcade * includes Ltamatron a well-done 'RoDobon clone Hate is a ¦terrific* Za»xon ctone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling a IQ1 FD69: MlndGames Had enough cf shoot-em up games? Retax and et these 21 games oiercse your mind instead of your wnst FD71A&B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you think you know The Next Generation, huh? Comp’ote with fantastic sampled sounds and digitized mages, n s game even socks and sounds like a certu-ne Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete! Counts as 2 cisxs FD73: Arcade Series - Intruder Alert' >S a MULTI-levei ‘Berserk* done. Features smooth gameplay. G-eat graph cs 4 d-gitized sound fix. FD74: Arcade Series ¦ RingWar 15 an 'Outer Limits' clone wrfh vectored grapnics. MotharLcde ¦$ a 'Lode Runner* done with 50 ieve'S* in Bi tzTankS, they're coming at you Irom all directions 11 Call in ar strkes and use your heavy artillery to survive! FD75: Arcade Series ¦ Descender « a clone of the classic arcade game 'Tempest*; complete with vectorized graphics Tanx is the class c battle 0! Trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done! Search is a maze game uni ke any ether included is a level editor too (Tan* requires 1 meg chip memory=Fat Agnus) FD77: Arcade Series - Galaga'92 is a clone of trie arcade game with several gameplay enhancements-witn smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's better than the 011011141' Pharaohs Curse is a done of tho original C64 classic. Dp!om3cy Is a beautifully computerized version of the Avalon Hil board game-conquer or be conquered' The AmigaWorld "Best-Of11 Set! FD85ABCD: AMIGAWorfcTa Best - These four cKks contain the notJesi p-d games of ?2! Includes Mother Lode, Morin Minefield, Poing, Iriruder Alert, DelLrro PaoMrtn. Rocky and Super Archery (see Dee. "BE AmigaWorid) Four disk set. Couns as tfcrw. FD81: SuperGames Some of rhebest games- Donkoy Kong ¦S better Liar, the org-ral with an eitra lever Frantic Fredc t* and Tra iBlazer are both fast-paced arcaoe games Mad Bomber is the Class C game of 'Kabocn* redore with an Am-ga 'lare. All o* mese games a-e exce ent1 FD32: Intrepid - tn the Arcrc ice. You control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly carted Amiga ongmal. Workbench Disks WB4:TeleC0mmunicallom - This d sk conta ns several e*cel- lenl Dd communication programs; Access 1 42, Comm 1.34 8 Handshake 2.12a See also WB102 8 WB515 WB5: Fonts »1- Several toms (35) for me Amiga, also -nciud ed are five 3ageSt'ean fonts.and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6: Fonts »2 - ShowFont allows you to Quickly and WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contorts toe programs tnat should have boon included with WB2-. These powerful utilities take full advantage o? The many new capaSLitas that are available in I Wsrttoench 2- indudes: Too! Manager - a woncerfU utli- ty to add programs to your TOOL menu. Virus Protection • Degrade?. Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show AS" to ds- piay over 40 d-sdnd icons for afferent types pffites Btmap Font Edrfor. Screen Blanker* - ate fractals and spfmert and s*arming bees! Requester Enhancers and CPUBfct Two ask set. Counts as two Wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist FD35: Omega (v 5.3) - An outstandrg dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rougo, ar.d moria. This version is considerably faster and better that afl previous versions. Play Time: weeks. FD38: Games • Cnbbage Master - A g'eat crbbage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card carre. ChineseCheckers - A computer version q! This classic. Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set Guarantee - We believe so strongly in I our product that we oiler a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions| asked. Painlessly view all 255 characters in 3 typical font Includes large AmgaDos system loots (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art This disk is toaoec win back ana wftte cip art Art includes trees watches, tools. US and State maos and more, WB9; Icons ¦ Truly a multitude 0! Various types and kinds. Also includes IconM-ester. I con Lab. And others g-eat utilities to help generate cons. WB1D; Virus Killers - Tho best: VtnjsX(4.0). Kv(2.1|, arc ZeroV rus III. WB12: Disk Utilities ¦ This grea: dss is loaCed with wonderful utilities lor everything including making disk laoels, disk cata loging, disk optimizing disk ana file recovery archive and organizing. Ana all sorts of file manipulation A must have' WB13AB: Printer Orlvert and Generator * over 70 different drivers (including HP LaserJet 3 & 4'}. Also includes a printer- driver generator Two disk set counts as two WB15: Business - This d sk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB18: WordTexl Processors ¦ This disk contains the best editors, Includes,TextPius (v2.2e) a full featured wcrd processor, Dm«(vl 35) a great programmers editor with strong macro fea!uies.Te*ED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonts 3 • Several more great toms These, like the other font disks work great with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot a 3-D mathematical function plotter Can pot any user cefined function. BezSur12 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map IFF image files onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscrecn - makes a virtual screen anywhere. WB25: Educational - On this disk are two programs that can generate maos of differing types, World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate delated maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Abort Emstein Go nor a Theory of Relativity WB27: Nagel • 26 Patock Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound - This dsk has several different Mandetorot type programs producing stunning graphics. Includes MandelMotntams - a realistic terra rr generator. Fracgen - generate recursive fractals from user input. Mande'orot ana Tmancet - two fast manoeloro: generators. A:so Mostra - tne best IFF d spiay program to date. Sound - a great IFF sound p ayer, wll pJay anything. WB33:CJrcult Board Design - several terrific routines tor the electronic enthusiast Including PCB'OOl • a circuit board design tool. Logctab circuit log c tester, ano Mead ii 26) a won done new release ot this PO CAD program, now comes
w. tfi predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk conta ns 3 Fonts - Fult vector tont set tor use with 3d p'ograms, FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3D$ nape - create 3d shapes from any image. DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, Worto3d • a demo of a front end for use with DKBRender WB36; Graphics ¦ On this d sk are several programs to create stunnmg graphical images including, Mpatn - creates swirling gala>y images, Roses - produce an unlimited number cf variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rcse, SimGen - display those spectacular images as pan of your workbench, and RayShade - a very good raytradng program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one' WB37; Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics • Plotxy is a powerful full featured plotting) package Used by many colleges and universities H'ghfy recommended, Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full leatured Tesseiator - a program That helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsrier type pictures Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very compfeie Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible wilh WBJ.3 4 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's T541 disk drive to your parallel port Of your Amiga for total emulation Two disk set, counts as two Special price S49.95 • including hardware. WB4t: Music MED an incedibly well done, full teatured music editor. Create your own stunning muse cirecty on your tfw Amiga Similar to Souna'Tracxer but better. Very powerful easy 10 use program. Version 3.20-compatible with WB2-, WB43: Business - This csk contains AnalytiCalo - nrobably the most powerful sqreacsneet program on the Amiga. A to I leaturec spreadsheet with many feaLres expected in a commercial package Req 1 2 M3 WB4G: Clip Art - Hig-iRss d p an wrfh tne following motifs - embellishments (borders docaos , ). People. A transportation. WB47. Clip Art - Hires clip art Motifs ¦ hair, drafting summer, animats and macfood. WB48: Clip Art - Hires dip an Motifs • Holidays, music, med'- cal, and misc WB.50; Animation - Seven of The Pest euro-style animations or "Demos', including • scientific 451, suoway, sunrfde. Thrstde- mo. Tmght. Waves, and woow. WB53: Graphics ¦ Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunn.ng rea'istiC lookirg planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images C-Light s the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have soon to date This is easily better, and moie full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars Atso. Smovie - a lull featored video text tiller similar to ProVidoo, Broadcast Tiller Great video scrolling, w.pes. special effects, and more... WB54: Printing This disk contains several routines to help with the chore ot printing Includes Gotmc - Finally a Banner primer for the PD! PrintStudio -a well implemented alt-purpose printer-utility With a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features Lila - win ease, pnnt ASGII files to a PostScript pr-nter, and more. WB55: Application - Xcopylll ¦ a full featured disk copier, make backups of copy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from ore city to another, highway description included Diary ¦ a d.ary program I ke "Dougy Hauser M D*. Cal
• a calendar program. Mag man • a dataoase tailored for articles and publications WB57: Animation • Th s cisk has several Demo* style animations. Including, Bi tier. Ldiiy, Sun5, vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph WB62: Midi Utilities ¦ Several useful rtid= utlrties including, programs to transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysox handler, a md recorder win timeoase. Display rrtidi info, file seduence player, and a few scores W883: Dl*k Utilities *3 - Several h gniy recommended pro- giams to a d in removing dupl qaie files from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary ec t ng, fast formatting. Lie recovery, dsk track recovery, and forced disk validation of corrupt dsks. WB66: icons *2- Lot s of neat icons Aisp, several wonderful programs tnat to let you create your own icons, modify and WB102: Telecommunications Contains tha programs Ncomm 2 0 a no VT1O0-29B Zmcxlerh protocols, XPR protocol supoort, tul VttOO emulation Ncomm 5 script language is so powerful it can creaie a fulirfeatured BBS system WB106; Home Manager - This s a great all-in-one address book wth an autodialer'notepad to-do lisl appointmenl sched- uler home inventory database and phone number dialer WB1Q8; OctaMED This breakih'ougti program douoies your Amiga’s sound capabilities from 4 channels to an ear-popping 8 channels! A'l the renound editing capacities ol MED plus 4 more channels* If you thought your Amiga sounded good before, you aim heard nothin' yeti WB109: VofseWise • Display, search and print The New Tesla ment. WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks lor a d-rectory utility, when this one wtl do n all plus much more' A truly professional-cal- iber program Sid 1 was our bps! Now completely rewritten, S d 2 w ll astound you WB114; Fonts »4 - Contains 36 bitmap system fonts. WB115: Telecommunication ¦ It you hava ArmgaDOS 2.(K* and a modem, then this is THE program for you Term totally conforms to the User Interface Siyle Guide tor 2 04. Has an Arexx port, and supports all popular file-transfer protcccls through XPR I branes We wish all programs ware th s good WB116: Databases - This is what you've been waiting fort Contairs 5 uniquely specialized oataoase programs tor tracking Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Articles. Come Books and Tradrg Cards' WB120: Grinder • 3 complete grophcs convers on package that supports GIF's, Jpeg. Necchrcme, Degas. PCX, Targa HFF, HAM-E and IFF format p>C!u'0S An invaluable tool for al, desktop-videogtaphers and desktop publishers WB118: Amiga Beginner ¦ You a;*erf for A complete telorfai for the beginner an using ;re Amiga Stans you off at the power -swdrh and ta-us you through to the- CL I Sheli and I points in between, i ten us' Ateo included are 16-OOkr to repioc* every icon -n your 2 0* Workbench. WB121: ProPage3 Enhancer • This disk contains over 40
* Genos* tor use witn PioPage 3 0, inciuding useful ones like Make Pe Chart ana Rasize Tu*t to fit Box to name a lew Also includes Structured 8 bitmap clipart for unique borders, a must have lor all Ppage 3 users WB122: System Optimizer - Kcommodrfy enhances your system gives memory meters, mouse keyooard enhancements. Online timers plus many others too numerous to list' Reorg witl optimize hard and Ifoppy-disks for a big speed increase. HDMem will allow you ta use up to 2 megs of hard- dfive space for virtual memory I (Req 68020* wMMU) All programs require 2 0* WB123AB; Flogs of the World - same as Wbt24, bul lor Workbench t.3. Req 1MB. 2 disk set, counts as two WB124: Flags ol the World Two modes click and learn or a game to test your knowledge Great graphics-fantast c learning tool Has curreni Russia & Yugoslavia republics, Req. Workbench 2.0- A 1MB RAM manipulate icons and Info structures WB69: Music - 90 minutes 0! Ciassca! And modern 0 enromc music tor you Amiga WB7S: Music - over 5 00 instruments Mas (.mst) and sample sound ‘iles (ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Inc udes Ckbaco; - I he mast complete checkbook accounting program gomg. LCDCalc - this well dene ca'culalor has a very large display and operates from the keyboard o? Mouse. Mileage maste- - monitor' your automopiio mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Wortdbme • find Out what lime rt s m up to 50 global cites WB119ABCDE: Font Set Thnco' Lon cdnuns ov.-r >00 typelnres for use wnti Prole ssion*! Puge Page Setter 3 ¦ or PagoSueam 2 f* These font* w* output to any laser printer or dci-matrix prime' with no )aggit-s, thanks to outline toms. Very pro-look ing. $ rfck sel. Cooes as 4. 17881: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database program. Don t let the ease of use foci you. Mis is a very to I teatured database program including full printer cont-ol tor address labels and mail merge applications. A'so includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a toll featured label printer. Banne1. A multi-font Danner maker, and Budget a hone accounting in a program Highly recommended. VVB82: Animations • Four full length, well done ‘movie" style animations. Including, Coyota, Jugglorll. GhostPool, A Mechaaix 2 disks, counts as t. WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4 0. Snap. RixDisk (recover corrupt deleted tiros). Disk Optimizer (floppy A hard). Macfilll (screen banker, hotkey, mouse accel,. Macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubuste')and PrmtStudo WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely cornmercal grade, wo ve soon many checkbook programs and this is tne best Full Budgeting, transaction recording & report generation. WB96: Dupcrs - Contains Xcopylll A Nib which will backup copyprotected programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection from several programs, ana SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmigaDOS copies WB99: Lifestyles • Includes Agene family tree program that tracks jo to 600 peopte mamagestetc. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardenslardsoapes Loom simulates an B harness loom; experiment with pattern design with insiant feedback D054: Compression ¦ Thrs disk s loaded with all of the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by tho new user. Includes Arc. Lharc, Lhwarp Pka*. PcwerPackor .1 rrust have by all Zip, Warp, and Zoo DD7IAB: C Compiler - Trus d sk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compiler A environment, 2 disks, counts as 2 DD36: The Programmer • Includes GadTocls ana REQToots when W'ff altow you to create your user interfaces and tnen the program will automatically generate X* source code or Assembycode Requ res. Anq wrtes cooe for, AmgaDOS2-. DD89: Uedit • Probably the most powerful text editor ever written 'or the Amiga Previously commercial, now pubic domain Req 1 MB Memorex blank disks-31DSDD Canada Mexico add S.IS ca.. other foreign add S_St) cu (,80cenls ea) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) (.67 cents ea) Video Disks Dev Disks V05: Modeling - This demo. Vertex, a'tows you to create 3-D objects without using the abstract X. Y and 2 vews Loads Sculpt-3D-4D. Turbo Silver, Imagine, LightWave. GEO and Wavefront formats MagicTween will metamorphasize any two dcs and animate tne 'in-between* frames worldwide I PC Emulator Specialists (i A ME P R E S E R V E From p. 74 ('US Product Information, Placing Orders ancH Technical Support is at your Fingertips SHORT TAKES Phone €•> Fax 718-967-1509 718-948-0893 Vmon-Fri 12-6 p.m. EST CompuServe 10001533 Golden Gate does it all ¦ at NEW LOW PRICES III Golden Gate 486SLC 25MHz 486SLC PC AT emulator for Amiga 2000 3000
4000. As a bridge-slot-board it connects the Amiga zorro slots with the PC AT (ISA) slots. Onboard 2MB 8MB RAM (max. 16MB and up to 4MB for Amiga). Includes PC AT IDE hard disk interface and optional HD floppy disk controller (2.88MB). Norton SI 45 $ 1199 $ 499 with 2MB $ 899 with 8MB Golden Gate 386SX 25MHz 386SX PC AT emulator for Amiga 2000 3000 4000. 512KB RAM onboard. Features identical to our popular 486SLC. Norton SI 23 Super Beginner's Package Golden Gate 386SX, 2MB RAM and Floppy Com Profi Pack for the Power User $ 999 $ 1498 Golden Gate 486SLC, 2MB RAM, Floppy Controller Kit and Math Coprocessor The Ultimate Solution Golden Gate 486SLC, SMB RAM, Floppy Controller Kit, Math Coprocessor, Monitor Master and Truecolor SVGA Card Atonce-Plus Video-Kit Monitor Master and AVCA Card, Galaxy $ 179 169 16MHz 286 PC AT C emulator 512KB RAM for Amiga 500 500-Plus 2000 Monitor Master External box | a q connecting an EGA 3 1 tO Graphics Cards Truecolor, 16 7 M c. SVGA, 1MB, ET4000 VGA graphics card ana the Amiga video output with one Multisync monitor only for Golden Gate Update A " $ 449 AVGA. I MB, Galaxy Golden Gate 386SX in exchange RAM-Kits (60ns) for any PC AT emulator t 2xlMB IMBitx9SIMMs j Update D 486SLC-2 * 2x4MB 4MBitx9SIMMs $ Update E 486SLC-8 $ 1 149 Arithmetic Coprocessor g Golden Gate 486SLC in exchange 80C387SX-25 for GG for any PC AT emulator Floppy Controller Kit iall for SPECIAL pricing updates !!! Controller chip with cable set Method of Payment 3 Wire transfer to Deutsche Bank AG. Heilbronn. Germany bank account 05 124 420. Code 620 700 81 3 AMEX(S) 3 MASTERCARD(S) “I ViSA(DM)* ’charging maybe influenced by rhe current exchange rates Name Telephone Card Owner Credit Card ** Expiration Date_ Signature Qty Product Name Price Plus shipping costs $ 30 Total (in US S) Address (no P.O. Box! Prices include all sales taxes and duties everywhere in the USA Can No surcharge Ask for prices other than USA Can. You get German products with a 12 month guarantee You get all deliveries by our parcel service TNT worldwide express No refunds Defective product exchanges only All returns require an RMA Please call or fax for an RMA* before returning anything All returns without RMA will be refused Ad prices subject to change without notice Information 3 Atonce 3 Golden Gate Send a blank disk and a s-a-s envelope for updates 3 3.0 Atonce 3 I 24.23 Golden Gate vortex Branch Office, 3835 Richmond Ave. Suite 138, Staten Island, NY 1031 Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Give me a sec while my brain floats back into normal position. There. Whew. This driving game from England's Grem~ lin Graphics (about $ 45) is quite the little runabout. On a basic A500, it's just cumbersome enough to feel realistic. On an A3000 25, it's a holy terror. Build a cabinet around it and you could put it in an arcade. The only thing flashing by faster than the trackside scenery was my life when I zoomed into a hairpin turn at something over 200 KPH. Like other recent speedy driving games, NMWC is a hybrid of action and strategy. Unlike any of them, it goes on hard disk, which speeds up disk- loading. Too bad the codewheel copy protection slows it down. It doesn't have a track editor it's tied to a Grand Prix Circuit and the view doesn't have quite the depth of field of some of the competition (namely. Core Design's Jaguar XJ220 and Gremlin's own Lotus III). But I'm not complaining especially not with an AGA-specific version inbound. Hook 0 1.2 1*3 ?
2. 0.
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-pro tect i on. Steven Spielberg's syrupy yarn about a yuppified Peter Pan rediscovering his roots arrives on the Amiga as an animated adventure [Ocean, $ 49.95) with easygoing icon controls, graphic inventory, lots of conversations (albeit rendered in a difficult-to-read color), on-line hints from Tink, and the occasional delicious graphic detail. Initially, it’ll put you in mind of The Secret of Monkey Island, and nothing which does that could be entirely awful. But this simply isn't much fun. It feels oddly dead on its feet as though it's watting around for you to interact with it. The graphics look like leftovers from Darkman and The Untouchables. And we don't need another four-disk game that doesn't go onto hard disk. Hook, you're a schnook. Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf I'm even worse at computer golf than at the real thing, but I love this game from England's Grandslam label. It's better looking than any golf game except Links (and these graphics are drawn rather than digitized). It also has nice tucked-away info screens (which pop out when you want 'em) and a sensible emphasis on the art of making contact with the ball and picking clubs (which is assumed in other games). Caveat: It's a long load, and so would benefit from hard-disk installa- bilrty. And it's a PAL program, so you'll need a meg of chip and a PALboot program to play it. (Degrader works fine.) Robocop Redux Of .2 1.3 ? *
2. 0 ? *
3. 0 Not hard-drive installable. Copyprotection. Great just got better. The review of Robocop 3D a few issues back was based on the European version. I've since seen the US incarnation, which is notably better. Ocean has replaced the dongle protection with the manual-based variety, and the manual is far more readable without the weird color scheme. Wish it worked on the A1200, though. ¦ Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern Orders 800-93-AMIGA We do not publish a catalog. Phase call if you don’t see what you want.
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• Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... IN STOCK you Accelerators & RAM Boards All GVP Products In Stock Call NEW! DataFlyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb S165.00 Derringer 25Mz w Maih Co & 4 Mb 499.00 DKB Megachlp w 2Mb Agnus 199.00 4MB & 8MB RAM tor MBX boards Call Supra 500RX RAM 2Mb 189.00 VXL Accelerator & RAM in Stock Call Power Supplies, Video, & More A3070 Tape Backup 150Mb Call Sony 6150 Tapes S21.95 A590 Hard Drive Call Syquest 88Mb Removable Drive 349,00 Syquest 88Mb Cartridge 109.00 Syquest 44Mb Cartridge 68.00 Dual Bay Ext. Case w Cabling 109.00 A-Max 2 Plus Emulator 345.00 Mac 128K ROMS Call Big Foot Power Supply 89.00 A2000 30GW Power Supply 169.00 Golden Image Amiga Mouse 29.95 Janus 2.1 Upgrade Kit 35.00 Kraft Triple Track Trackball 40.00 Miracle Keyboard Learning System 329.00 Personal TBC 3 789.00 RocGen Plus 249.00 Sunrize 16 Bit Audio Digitizer 1259.00 Motherboards A500 w swap-AII Revs $ 150.00 A2000 w swap-Rev6 or above 225.00 A2000 Rev 6.X Motherboard 499.00 A3000 25Mz w $ wap 449,00 RAM & Other Chips Motorola 68030 RC CPU 50Mz $ 199.00 Motorola 68882 Math Co 50Mz 139.00 Other CPUs and FPUs Available Call Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 39.00 1x4 Static Zips tor A3000 Call 1x4 Page Zips lor A2385 Bridge + 19.00 1x8 SIMM 33.00 1x32 SIMM 70Ns for A4QQ0 MBX 149.00 2x32 SIMM 70Ns 8Mb lor MBX 299.00 4x32 16Mb SIMM for DKB 2632 Call HARD DRIVES A2091 SCSI Controller $ 65.00 2MB Ram lor A2091 80.00 Maxtor 120Mb IPS HD 259.00 Conner 212Mb LPS HD 369.00 Maxtor 213Mb LPS HD 359.00 Quantum 240Mb LPS HD 395.00 Toshiba, Fujitsu Call Other IDE & SCSI drives Call Looking for LARGE Hard Drives? We have the BEST prices on Toshibas. These compact drives are rated highest in speed and dependability. Toshiba 540MB, 877MB or 1.2Gig 3.5'HH... CALL MONITOR SPECIALS 1 802 - Composite NTSC Color Perfect 2nd 3rd Toaster monitor $ 145.00 1084S * Current color stereo model w Amiga cable $ 249.00 New Model! A1942 - Multiscan Monitor .23mm DP - Stereo Speakers $ 489.00 EXCLUSIVE AMIGA 1200 CBM A2024 Hi-Res Monochrome Monitor A1200 $ 569.00 At200 w 40 Mb Quantum HD 739.00 A1200 w 60 Mb W. Digital HD 789.00 A1200 w 84 Mb Conner HD 829.00 A1200 w 85 Mb Maxtor HD 829.00 A1200 w 128 Mb Maxtor HD 929.00 A1200 w 235Mb Toshiba HD 1079.00 Please add $ 20.00 for installation and formatting of your Hard Drive.
• 1008 x 600 Resolution
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• NTSC & PAL for ALL Amigas
• Supports AGA Disp. Modes
• Originally $ 895.00 NOW 5189.00 We have ALL Amiga A1200 models IN STOCK! CBM PARTS & PERIPHERALS A2320 Deinterlace Board S134.00 A2386SX Bridgeboard
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69. 95 A5O0 Power Supply
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109. 00 A1050 256K RAM A1009
39. 95 j Software Closeouts Blades ot Steel $ 8.00 Blue Max
12. 00 Castle of Dr Brain
15. 00 Colonel's Bequest
15. 00 Codename Iceman
15. 00 Das Boot 14 00 D Generation
24. 00 Firsl Samurai
24. 00 Flames ol Freedom
16. 00 Future Wars
15. 00 Harpoon
15. 00 Heart of China
19. 00 Hoyle Book ol Games
17. 00 Hoyle Book dI Games 3
17. 00 it Came From the Desert
19. 00 James Bond: Stealth Alfair 1500 Paperboy 2
22. 00 Rambo 3
12. 00 Rise of the Dragon
18. 00 Rocket Ranger
17. 00 Space Quest 4
15. 00 Spot
12. 00 Stellar Crusade
9. 00 Slreel Rod
9. 00 Three Stooges
17. 00 UMS 2 2000 Willy Beamish
15. 00 DIGITAL C REA T I 0 N S DCTV $ 295.00 RGB Converter lor DCTV
195. 00 Kitchen Sync TBC 1279 00 Genlock Option for Kitchen Sync
145. 00 S-VHS Option for Kitchen Sync
99. 00 SuperGen
539. 00 SuperGen 2QQQS
1179. 00 A600 - A1200 Upgrades External Model: $ 134.95 A2000 3000 Internal: $ 99.95 You no longer need an A4000 to use high density ffoppies. Any Amiga with WB
2. 04, or higher, can now use these external units. HiDex floppy drives feature CBM's approved hi-density mechanisms and a full 1 Year Warranty. They also perform as normal 880K drives & support A-Max2 Plus & 386 BridgeBoard. They come in a sturdy, complimentary painted, metal case. Why buy a regular drive when a few extra dollars gets you a hiDex Hi-Density model. MBX1200 68881 20Mz OK S139.00 MBX1200 68881 20Mz 4Mb
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219. 00 MBX1200 68882 33Mz 4Mb
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625. 00 MBX120QZ (w Clock) ADD
20. 00 Microbotics 12 A'Clcck
35. 00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb
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579. 00 IDE Cable tor 600 1200 2000 IDE Cable w HD purchase
10. 00 15-23 Pin Converter
19. 95 GVP 1230 TurPo+ 40 40 4
599. 00 GVP 1200 SCSI RAM+ (All) Call 601 1Mb RAM w Clock
84. 95 601 RAM w C lock - No RAM
34. 95 Software Top 20 Ami-Back 2.0 $ 42.00 Ami-Back Tools
49. 00 Art Department Pro
159. 00 Art Expression
159. 00 Brilliance
159. 00 Broadcast Titler 2
239. 00 Caligari 24
279. 00 CrossDOS 5 w CrossPC
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135. 00 Directory Opus V4
68. 00 Excellence 3.0
65. 00 Imagemaster
149. 00 Image FX by GVP
239. 00 Imagine 2.0
229. 00 Morph Plus
169. 00 Pixel 3D Pro
159. 00 Pro Wrile 3.3x
59. 00 Quarterback 5.x
43. 00 Scenery Animator 2
65. 00 Vista Pro 3.0
59. 00 WB2 Upgrades NEW PRICE$ ! DOS 2.1 Kitw ROM $ 79.95
2. 1 Enhancer-no ROM $ 45.00 A570 CD-ROM Jump into CD-ROM technology. Commodore has lowered their price on the A570 CD-ROM Drive. It is fully CDTV compatible and comes with everything necessary for instalfation. Includes SCSI pass-thru to connect additional SCSI drives. AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Newly Reduced Prices Call for Quantity Discounts 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 38.95 Super Denise 8373 29.95 CIA 8520 chip 9.95 Gary 5719 chip 13.95 Paula or Denise chip 19.95
1. 3 ROM chip 22.95
2. 04 ROM chip 39.95
2. 04 Supports Hi Density Floppy Drives
2. 05 Supports PCMCIA Slot 2630 ACCEL 68030 & 68882 Math Co 25Mz 4 Megabytes of 32 Bit RAM 1 Year Warranty by Commodore Fully DOS 2.0 Compatible Originally $ 895.00 NOW $ 489.00 Q Copyright 1993. TechWntm Inc. Ail Rignts Reserved AGA Chips & 14 Mz 68EC020 16 Million Colors & OS 3.0 PCMCIA Card Support Flicker Free Support Super Special for A500 Owners! Bundle 1: A57D w Fish CD & Defender of the Crown CD $ 229.00 Bundle 2: A570 w Fish CD & Grollier Encyclopedia CD $ 269.00 Software Hut EXCLUSIVE Hi-Density Floppy Drives OUR POLICIES No wailing tor your orders lo ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day £ Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS or Federal Express.
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* 7¦ - Nil rr Due io advertising schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa. Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Software and accessories shipping is $ 4.00. Hardware shipping is S6.00 tor small items. S12.00 tor Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5,00. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Canadian. APO. & International orders ate welcome. We wiil bill only tor actual shipping charges & insurance at time of order. 15% re-stocking fee on all returns not exchanged. DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip included $ 212.50 2 MB of Chip RAM lor A500 2000 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM Fully compatible with Workbench 2 0. The ECS Denise chip, GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A4000,J With the $ 212 50 MegAChip 2000 you get ihe following bonus package FREE1 Goliath Agnus chip puller (absolute necessity) valued at 56 95 FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued at S9 95 ...... FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter valued at $ 9.95 FREE REBATE We will buy back your 1 MS Agnus Chip MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed + 530 worth of free bonuses for a total package price of $ 219 50 NOTICE: The Goliath chip pufler diagnoslic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. A Buy the MegAChip from us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 25.95 ™ We will beat any legitimate advertised price! KwikStart 11” Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows A1000 owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 ... $ 59.95 MultiStart 11™ Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1 3 and 2 0 and switch between them with the keyboardI A sizable percentage ol current software will be incompatible with the new 20. This simple device allowsyou to be compatible with all your software No external wires or switches required ...$ 34.50 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 52.95. Buy the MultiStart with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 64.95. The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 and 2.05 @ $ 87.50. insider II™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 DRAMs. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation. No soldering required x 4 Compatible with the KwikStart II and most processor acceleralors $ 147.50 With 1.5 meg....$ 188.50 V litflTwL WORLD'S BESTSELLING ™ A500 2000
1. 3-2.0 ROM SELECTOR (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUIT FOR A500 REV* 5 AND OLDER) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility of ALLyour software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard Bujlt-in speaker confirms i .3 or 2 0 ROM. Does not overlap the 68009 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included $ 29.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 47.50
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 56.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2*05 @ $ 79.95 (Want entire 2.1 kit? Add $ 43.50 AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS A2091 HDC new 7 0 ROMs (2) ....$ 39.95 8362 Denise 'h Bright upgrade ....S1B.95 8364 Paula ..S14.9S 8373 New Super Denise with diag instructions software.... $ 29.95 8372A 1 meg Agnus: See full description above 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 PAL only.... $ 59.95 5719 Gary chip ...... $ 14.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions (2 for $ 18) .. $ 9.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM low, low price with instructions $ 21.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes mosl keyboard problems) .$ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Bufler Chip $ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....$ 14.95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 only) ..$ 11.95 FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE 8372A 1MB KIT $ 38.25 Kit comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide(valued @ $ 9.95), and diagnostic software. These valuable extras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine. This kit has free bonuses that total $ 27.95. (We'll beat any legitimate competitor’s price on the Agnus chip and still give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puller. $ 38.25 We will beat any legitimate advertised price! AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each board is fully populated, tested and has a 90 day warranty. Contains 1.2, (2) B520, 5719, 8362. 8364. 68000-8 and Vi meg Agnus. The pJug*in chips alone cost over $ 137. Revisions vary ......$ 94.95 1 MB REBATE J . • ¦ v-v V Cll HEW
2. 1 SYSTEM 1 T upgrades ;;;; rv
• 2.04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes)..$ 34.95
• 2.05 ROM chip only (enhanced version) $ 34.95
• 2.1 Complete Kit ( A$ 215): includes ROM, books and diskettes. Newly upgraded S77.50
• 2.1 Kit ( AS216): Same as above but does NOT include 2 0 ROM (for upgrading your old 20 kit) .$ 43.50
• 2.04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit ...$ 45.50
• 2.04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit $ 34.95 A2000 AMIGA COMPUTER imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus, 8373 Super Denise, New 2.0 ROM, 2.0 Workbench disk, new keyboard, mouse & manual) for hundreds of dollars less than a dealer pays! This A2000 reconditioned demonstrator offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL (110 220 volts). Ideal lor tower case. This is a once-m-a-lifetime offer will save you hundreds of dollars. Get them before suppiy runs out ..$ 499.95 LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS
• LOW COST PRINTHEAD REPAIR • Don't throw out your old worn printhead. For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specifications for you. SAVE UP TO 70%. One year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done). For example; Okidata 80 90 100 heads are $ 69.00; Epson (9 pin) EX FX LX are $ 79.00 Call for more information. SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE UPGRADE TO THE LATEST FEATURES New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine .. $ 28.50 A600 A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES PCMCIA MICROCARD by Microworks Lid. Offers up to 4 additional megabytes of (fast) dynamic RAM via the A600 A1200 PCMCIA slot. This credit card sized memory module auto-configures at boot time, leaving most ol the internal chip RAM free for image processing. No hardware or software configurations are needed and recognition is automatic. A large percentage of the Amiga 1200 software now requires more than 2 megabytes of memory (1 meg in the A600) and certainly more than the standard memory built into each computer. 2 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 134.95 4 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card . $ 209.25 In Canada contact IT Tech in Saskatchewan (306) 691 *0520. A2091 HDC: New revision 7.0 ROMs (2). High performance & capability. Supports larger drives $ 39.95 A2000 PC Motherboard: Includes enhanced chip set (2.0 and 8372 Agnus). Limited quantity. 90 day wty. Use as a spare or put into a tower S369.95 Bomac Tower: For A2000 (& soon A500). Handles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk, tape back ups. With built-in power supply. Specs available $ 262.00 Goliath PLCC 8372 Agnus extractor ....$ 6.95 Extractor Plus Kit: Contains professional PLCC (Agnus) DIP chip puller and much needed torx screw driver. (List price $ 12.95). Our Price .... 7.95 Bumdy Chip Puller: Commodore recommended Agnus chip puller, Part QX1 .$ 9.95 200 Watt "Big Foot" Universal Switching Power Supply with Ian and external cabling for hard disks, etc. Works with A500 A600 A1200. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e.g. memory) ... $ 84.95 A500 power supply (factory fresh) ....$ 46.50 A2000 3000 110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K) Commodore original $ 94.50 A105Q (new) 256K module for A1000. This module plugs into the front of the A1000 ......$ 29.95 High Density Drives for A2000 A3000 (specify)..$ 99.0Q Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any IBM compatible joystick on your Amiga $ 13.95 Swrfty 3 Button Amiga Mouse from Pyramid $ 22.50 A2088 XT: Complete Amiga add on kit Brand new..$ 99.50 Encoder Circuit Board for A500 keyboard.. $ 17.95 A500 Amiga key board(3l 2502). Choose between American or British kybrd ...... $ 37.50 A200Q 3000 keyboard (factory fresh) $ 59.95 A600 Keyboard Assembly ...$ 36.50 A1200 Keyboard Assembly .$ 36.50 GVP SEMM 32 • 4 Mb 60 for accelerator ..$ 194.95 Printer Port Adapter: Interfaces any Commodore printer lo PC PC clone ......$ 29.95 Pro Port Analyzer: Recommended by Commodore as a diagnostic tool for all Amigas ....$ 80.00 2090A SCSI controller board for A2000.....$ 17.95 1084 Monitor Flyback Transformer $ 54.50 A501 Clone: 512K RAM Expander module..$ 34.95 Slingshot: Gives A2000 slotfor your A500 Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards $ 36.50 Arcnet A560 adapter replacement module..$ 21.50 SupraTurbo 28: Low cost 28 Mhz accelerator..$ 194.50 Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL)..$ 219,95 Flicker Blaster: Low cost. Works like the Flicker Free Video & Flicker Fixer (by Micro R&D)..$ 199.95 Video Crisper. Amplifies red, green & blue to give vivid, crisp monitor display. Plugs right in .. $ 12.95 ic MONTHLY SPECIALS ? A1200 Amiga Computer
• Package A: A1200 with extra 2 MB memory module included (total 4 MB) . $ 728.00
• Package B: A120G with extra 4 MB memory module included (total of 6 MB) ....$ 799.00
• OPTION: 85 MB Maxtor Hard Drive $ 275.00 Comes with full Commodore warranty. Other package specials include hard drives and MicroBohcs MBX 1200 Series. Call us for pricing combinations. EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Status Customer Service: (914) 368-4242 or (914) 357-2607 International Order (914)357-2424 Order Line Only 9-6 ET Mca-Fri. We Ship Worldwide restocking Charge arcave? Iv 1 IC*C_'«5 1-800-292-7445 XU tfjiMfnarkt mpO logo* Iw ICO and 0>«B or* I'om T>e>r ipmwchv* compar. . And are toWr uSW to* 'dentil cation purpgm Am.ga i> a tag xrwea ttaflamini of Commoo y« Bu*rifr«t Mach>n« Corp PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE The GRAPEVINE GROUP INC. I * '> 00*
• NORTH AMERICA S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AND SPECIALTY PARTS • *V I EMERGENCY STARTUP KITS & AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS + + ITU I-:-;-- mm all this in c DacK your ¦ U,'- ¦ ¦ i Refurbished by Commodore with all the latest chips (1 MB 8372A Agnus & 2.04 ROM chip) 90 day warranty NTSC or PAL available. Tested and guaranteed $ 369.95 Why not install this in our Bomac Tower'? (We'll even buy back your faulty board) STOP COSTLY REPAIRS IT’S PROBABLY YOUR 8520 CIA CHIP If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520 Areas affected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port. RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. The B520 is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time 40% or all defective Amigas are caused by bad 8520s. Simple plug-in chip. B520 CIA .$ 9.95 ea. 2 8520 CIA's for $ 18.00 THE FINAL TEST DIAGNOSTIC DISK IS YOUR 1 MB AGNUS WORKING PERFECTLY? Although il tests the functioning of the keyboard, its primary purpose is lo run through and verify all the functions of the 8372 1 meg Agnus such as sound, new work bench, liming, real lime clock, RAM test (both chip and fast), half bright function, HAM. Blitter, sprites, double buffer animation, mouse, disk read write, Dfl Dfflf .$ 9.95 AMI FLOPPY ALIGNMENT SYSTEM High precision floppy drive alignment and performance monitoring system by Free Spirit. Test alignment, speed, read write accuracy. Comes with program disk, calibration disk and manual ....$ 27.50 EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT GET YOUR A500 A1000 A2000 GOING ... NOW Stop sendmg out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of defeclive Amigasare easily repaired by this plug-in replacement kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: I wo 8520A CIA Chips, 8362.8364, Chip Putter, Fuse. Schematic, Amiga Troubleshooter, the Final Tesl diskette and instructions.
• Emergency Startup Kit ( DIA 14). A S21Q.00 value for .....S89.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes 8373 Super Denise (ADIA KB) ...S99.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8372A 1 meg Agnus (6DIA 14C)......$ 129.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 and 8372A (frDIA KD) ..$ 139.95 A500 SAMS Computerlacts: A complete professionally written manual ol technical service data for the A500 that includes schematics, alignment adjustment procedures, parts list, logic charts, voltages, troubleshooting and pictorial layouts. This 63 page service manual is the bible of repair books .. $ 39.95 C64 Commodore computer service manual .S17.95 1571 Commodore computer service manual ... $ 17.95 A500 Ccmmodore computer service manual ....S17.95 A2000 Commodore service manual (schematics only) ...$ 22.50 A3000 Commodore service manual (schematics only) ....$ 44.95 HOW-TO BOOKS & SERVICE MANUALS A2000 PC MOTHERBOARD AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER IS n WORTH $ 9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? The Amiga Troubleshooter is a simple, east-to-use symptomatic guide to diagnosing faulty components (especially Ics) on Amiga computers The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER by Wilcom Australia takes you through logical sleps leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds. Over ninety percent of Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution of integrated circuits (ICs) in existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it simple to use. No other tools or equipment are needed. Developed by a group of Amiga Technicians, the AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER addresses over thirty of the most common failures in the following catagories: power*up problems. Amiga keyboard, mouse joystick port, video display, serial port, parallel port, disk drive, and audio problems. Don't be misled by the price. This is a true Amiga diagnostic tool that performs well, saving you time and money on repairs. The C64 version of the Troubleshooter has sold over 45.000 copies. Look for product reviews in Amiga magazines ...... .....$ 9.95 ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS by Wilcom Australia Ltd. A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interface). Sample displays shows status of data transmission signals Tests game port function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85% lo 90% ol the problems presented to service centers are found wifh this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford lo be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost Simply plug in cables Irom the analyzer box. This is a sophisticated diagnostic used by Amiga repair centers worldwide $ 79.95 The Bigfoot 2000 by Micro R&D is an INTERNAL replacement power supply providing 300 watls (fan cooled). A must for the Toaster user who has run out of power or a great replacement for anyone wanting more power for 040 boards or extra RAM $ 158.50 300 WATT BENCH POWER SUPPLY Exlernal power supply has all three Amiga connections built in. Now you can connect the A500 2000 3000 into one power supply ..... S169.95 A500 POWER SUPPLY Factory replacement. Larger components for cooler operation ...$ 46.50 A500 A600 A12G0 200 WATT POWER SUPPLY This Bigloot power supply by Micro R&D is an absolute must for those adding more peripherals or memory (eg MicroBotics MBX Series) The power supply provided with the A600 A120Q cannot handle additional peripherals. The Bigfoot is universal switching, comes with a fan and works with dilferent input voltages worldwide. $ 84.95 A2000 300 WATT POWER SUPPLY TOP SELLER NEW MICROBOTICS A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES MBX 1200 SERIES WITH FPU (Motorola 68881 68882 Floating Point Unit) WITH 32 BIT MEMORY (up lo 8 MB) AND CLOCK
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 20 Mhz FPU..$ 176.50
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 25 Mhz FPU..S223.50
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68862 33 Mhz FPU..S335.00
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 40 Mhz FPU..S285.00
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 50 Mhz FPU..S329.50
• 4MB wide bodied StMM module for above $ 149.50
• SMB wide bodied SIMM module for above $ 289.95 (CD PRODUCTS mVJTrifecta. High speed combo board ....$ 198.95 Flicker Free Video 2. Eliminates flicker $ 228.95 AdRAM 540, Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 1 meg....$ 119.95 w 2 meg,..$ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add .....S35.95 IDE2. Hard drive interface (2WI3W* HD Kit): AdlDE2 + Shuffleboard (3' i" interface kit) $ 124.50 AdlD£2 + Mounting Bracket (2' " interface kil) $ 116.50 AdSpeed: Best low priced accelerator $ 164.50 Kickback ROM selector switch ......$ 34.95 Announcing: Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Our new BBS supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. Tho ftranouino firnnn HOC To order from our new or,-|ine catalog, simply set your modem I ne grapevine uroup DDO settings at 8N1 and cad 914-343-VINE (8463). BBS MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Baseboard 601 1M8 Chip Memory Card: Take the 1 MB memory in your A600 up to 2 MB of chip RAM. Installs in trap door. Contains battery and clock. By Expansion Systems. Fully populated with 1 MB of chip RAM ....$ 59.95 512K Model 1750 RAM Expander Unit for C64 128: This is a new unit. Last chance to upgrade to 512K ... $ 89.95 Commodore 1670 (1200 Baud) C64 Modem $ 9.95
4. 3 amp C64 power supply: Extra heavy duly $ 37.95 REJUVENATOR If A1000 UPGRADE Allows 2MB of chip RAM. Contains 2MB Agnus, 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 2.0 ROM, 'FinalTesf diagnostic software & Amiga Troubleshooter S599.95 12 A’CLOCK by MICROBOTICS REALTIME CLOCK CALENDAR EXPANSION FOR THE AMIGA 1200 The A1200 is just about perfect except (or one thing; it really needs a clock. Now you can easily and inexpensively have one by installing the 12 A’Clock board internally on the clock-header connector on the A1200 motherboard. This simple-to-use peripheral can automatically set your Amiga’s system time and date upon siartup ..$ 24.95 LOW PRICED MEMORY Grapevine s buying power allows us lo give you the lowest priced, highest quality memory. AM chips are new and guaranteed. 256 x 1 100 . $ 1.25 1 x 1 80 DIP .....$ 4.30 1 x 3 70 ...$ 37.50 1 x 4 80 SC ZIP ..... $ 19.75 1 x 8 80 Simm . $ 32.95 .... v : : 1 x 9 70 ...$ 38.50 4x8 80 SIMM ..... $ 149.50 GVP SIMM 32-4Mb 60NS .....194.95 256x4 70 DIP ...$ 4,50 1 x 32 70(4 meg SIMM lor A4000 MicroBotics) $ 142.50 2 x 32 70 (8 meg SIMM for MicroBotics) .....$ 279.95 HP Laser 2MB Memory Board .. $ 87.50 HP Laser 4MB Memory Board ......$ 147.95 HIGH QUALITY CABLES Ws Amiga 1000 to A2000 keyboard ......$ 15.95 Amiga RGB Extension (4 ft.) ...$ 16.95 Amiga to CBM 1080 1084 2002...... $ 15.95 Amiga to CBM 1084 Magnavox Monitor ......$ 16.95 RPC 900.6 Power Cord to PC Amiga (6 ft.) .....S6.95 C64 Disk Drive . S12.95 C64 Drive Extension ...S12.95 C64 to Monitor with 3 RCA Jacks ....$ 12.95 SX64 Keyboard Adapter .$ 16.95 Printer Pori Adapter cable, interfaces any Commodore printer to PC PC clone ..$ 29.95 PARTS AVAILABLE an 9-6 ET Won.*Fn. We Snip Worldwide 15% restocking cnarge PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Jpg ‘OP08101 lC0 ang QKB aie from Itvi reapecnv compar es ana a;e-kw, him tot .danblxaw puipoM* Amigaa regahsred tf.iacmark ol Comrcdw* Busin*** Machines Com Order Line Only 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 1-800-292-7445 Order Status Customer Service: (914) 388-4242 or (914) 357-2607 International Order: (914) 357-2424 C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS HELP KEY Upgrading How to do it and when you might consider AGA. Also, some summer reading. Unpleasant Memory
Q. With the men I addition oj an SMB internal RAM expander to my A500, a guru message occasional!} appears, but otherwise it works wed. I use my Amiga primarily for graphics and music. Should I upgrade it further or consider one of the newer Amigas? Finally, which hooks would he best for learning the Shell orARexx? Derek M. Gatis Norfolk. VA
A. Past experience with internal RAM expanders on the A500 makes me no stranger to your dilemma. First, try to reseat the expander to make certain the connection is solid. II the guru messages persist, contact the mamilae- turer or your dealer. 1 he board or one of its components may be defective. 11 it’s still under warranty, you may be able to exchange it fora replacement. It's a tough decision whether to continue to upgrade your A500 or invest in one of the new AGA Amigas. Last month’s Help Key (May *93) listed numerous upgrade options for the machine at various price points. Many A500 users like yourself hear the siren song of the low-priced A1200. It operates roughly three limes faster than vour A500, has increased chip RAM for more expansive graphics and sound capabilities, offers 256 simultaneous screen colors at higher screen resolutions, and comes complete with the vastly improved Amiga DOS 3.0 operating svstem. O j While an additional investment in AGA-speciftc versions of graphic programs (such as EA’s DeluxePaint IV
v. 5) are needed, there’s the benefit of added graphics capabilities. Equipment used with your A5Q0, such as the monitor, disk drives, and external modem would work fine on the A1200. Required reading on AmigaDOS would be incomplete without Amiga Intern ($ 39.95), a recent book focusing on the subject from Abacus (5370 52nd Sl. SE, Grand Rapids, Ml 49512). By Tim Walsh
• Arexx knowledge comes in printed form via The Arexx Cookbook ($ 24.95) iby Merril Callaway. You can order it from Whitestone, 511-A Girard Blvd. $ E, Albuquerque. NM 87106. Bridging the A2000HD
Q. As the owner of an A2000HD, complete with a Bridgeboard and the standard 1MB of RAM. I'm looking to upgrade my computer. How much Rj M should I add to the machine? I'd also like to know how to program (he Bridgehttard and gel it worh- iug properly. Lastly, which modems work well with the A2000HD? I'm interested in hoth Prodigy and CompuServe networks. Charlie Wilkins Solon, ML
A. When it comes to adding RAM to the A2000HD, as with the A2000, it's remarkably easy. I'nlike the newer A3000 and A4000, the A2000 would not accept SIMM-slyie RAM chi])s on the motherboard. Therefore, your best bet is to buy a Zorro 11-compatible RAM card that will plug into any free expansion slot on the motherboard. You have a couple of options when choosing the card. You can get an unpopulated board and buy some plug-in static RAM chips for it. Just ask the dealer for RAM chips when you buy the card, or shop around for the lowest price. Once you have the chips, just press them in place in 2MB increments on the board’s empty sockets. Regardless of which one you get, it’s
o vital to make sure they’re all of the same nanosecond speed rating and that you refer to the instructions for i setting the jumpers so the computer recognizes all the RAM installed. The second choice is to buy a board already populated with either 4- or 8MB of RAM. Typically, the price difference is minimal between the two, so 8MB versions are preferable. Thanks to the popularity of the A2000, finding a RAM board is easy, with offerings over the years front GYP, ICD, Progressive Peripherals, Supra, and Commodore, to name a lew. To get the Briclgeboard working, you need to get the latest revision of the [anus libraries and accompanying documentation for your Bridgeboard, which could either be an A2088 XT model, the A2286 AT, or the faster .42286 SX version. You can find the model identification etched on the Bridgeboard controller card. Janus libraries arc available through both online sources or by contacting your Commodore dealer. Virtually any external standard or r fax modem can be connected to the A20G0 via a 25-pin serial cable. Supra and US Robotics are only two of a number of manufacturers tlint make a wide variety of modems. Supra internal modems come complete with the latest version of A Falk III, a complete Amiga telecommunications package. To minimize desk clutter, Supra also oilers a small variety of internal Amiga modems, complete with installation software. I’ve had great success transporting Supra internal modems between the A2000, A3000, and A4000. Finally, concerning the networks, you need to have PC-specific telecommunication software in order to connect with Prodigy a worthy reason to o J get vour Bridgeboard in operation. While Prodig)' is a satisfactory net, it’s no match for CompuServe. Besides offering an expansive Amiga area, CompuServe has sheer numbers of online services, files, and areas of interest that virtually no other network can match. It’s an expensive net, so be sure to check the price structures of others covered in On-line Scan, including Portal, BIX, and Genie. ¦ Do you have a question about Amiga computing that just won't leave you (done? Rack it up and send it to Help Key, Amiga- World, SO Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. NEW! Epson ES600C 24 Bit Color Scanner w ASDG Driver S899.95 ES800C SI 119.95 s,__•> DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 Bit Paint Millions of ColorsS279.95 " EDITIZER True A B Roll • Multi Format Editor Toaster Control • DPS TBC Control LOWEST AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C=CommodoreDEALER Take Advantage of These Once in a Lifetime Prices!! Supplies are running low! A-570 CD Rom 369.95 A-2000 599.95 A-2000-HD-100 899.95 1084 S Monitor CALL A2091 Kit 54.95 A>2386 Bridgeboard..299.95 A-2320 F Fixer ......124.95 A-2630 ... 379.95 A4000 SYSTEM Q40_ST0CK NEW A4000-030 _CALL! KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNELTBC $ 1239.95 LTD QUANTITIES s ? F S, GOLDEN GATE 486SL 25 Mhz $ 969.95 386SX SB 19.95 V- ¦> ' OPALVISION ' S849.95 Free Imagine 2.05 Amiga A1200 CPU LOWEST VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 $ 1859.95! A600 HD w 40 m«j drive LOWEST Final Copy 2 0 . 88.50 Pagestream 2 2 ...... 168.95 Art Depl Pro 2.3..... 148.95 SAS Lattice C V6 0. 224.95 Caligan 24...... 239.00 AMAX II Plus 324.95 DeskJet 550C Driver ...39.95 Imagine 2.0 ... 199.95 Real 3D ..CALL Pixel 3D Pro 125.95 Image Master 127.95 Morph Plus .... 146.95 Broadcast Titler 11.. Super Price Pro Video Post 197.00 Screenmaker LOWEST Avrdeo 24 CALL Montage ..CALL Trexx Pro .....LOWEST Toaster 2.0 Upgrade..289.95 Pro Page 3.0 .. 165.00 Holronics AP41 ...... 949.95 The Personal SFC .... 339.95 GVP G-Lock ... 384,95 Supergeo 2000 Genlock .1249.95 Instructional Videos, Books. CALL DPS Personal TBC III.. 739.95 DPS TBC 230 1499.95 DPS Personal V Scope..729.95
• TBC's & GENLOCKS SOFTWARE Prime Image TBC PCB S ¦’ out with remote control
869. 95 Syquest 44 Meg Int Drive .... Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge Syquest 88 Meg Int. Drive .... Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge..... Syquest Cleaning Kit ......24.55 Ext. Chassis Power Supply 89.95 3Vf Internal Floppy A-500 CALL 3Vy A3000 Internal CALL 3Vi" Ext Air Drive, .79.95 Maxtor LXT 213 SCSi LOWEST 3V2 Roctec Internal Floppy CALL Supra 500XP 53MB HD w 512K.. 529.95 Quant. 52MB SCSi LPS HD..., 229,95 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD... 269.95 120MB SCSi LPS 299.95 Conner 170MB SCSi HD 3)9.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ....379.95 Maxtor 1.2 GiG ..1599.95 Dataflyer 500 ...CALL Dataflyer SCSi Controller CALL Dataflyer Express ...CALL We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat1 DRIVES Dataflyer Series DalaFlyer DalaFlyer 500 Express SCSI 119.95 500 IDE 114.95 SCSI 169.95 SCSI IDE 154.95 IDE 154.95 DataFlyer Ram SCSI IDE 199.95 8 meg 0k.. 79.95 DalaFlyer 2000 Baseboard SCSI 64.95 601c .39.95 IDE . 64.95 601 .. 29.95 SCSI IDE 109.95 A500 Baseboard.. 109.95 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Toasler Cozzy . 529.95 A2320 Disp. Enhancer (A2000),.. 124.95 Super Fax Modem w Software..319.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 . 249.95 MicrobotiCS VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrage .. STOCK All Computer Saleskins CALL Optical Mouse ..4B.95 Midi Controller (4 outs) ....39.95 One Stop Music Shop 569.95 Microbotics 8up! Dip. 2meg CALL Flicker Free Video II 229.95 ICD Alf Products Available CAL CSA Rocket Launcher .....CALL AD 516 w Studio 16 ...1199.95 AD 1012 w Studio 16 .... CALL Mercury A3000 lmagine 2.0 Bundle. CALL DKB-Megachip 2000 500 w Agnus . 194.95 Muftistart II .36.50 DKB 2632 RA Exp 112 4 Meg , CALL IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL C* Commodore v Mki.Y A-600 LOWEST PERIPHERALS Arock Masterpiece Fonts- Toaster ...... 139.95 1st Prize Toaster Fonts. 39.95 Masterpiece Fonts.... 158.50 Showmaker .... 239.95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 .. 45.95 Kara Ammfonts (1-3) 29.50 Brilliance .CALL Image F X CALL Disney Animation Studio. 78.00 The Director V 2.0.....72.50 Animatrix Modler CALL Map Master (Imagine),.44.00 Scenery Animator 57.50 Scenery Animator Disk... 18.50 MorphuS .. CALL Vistapro 2 0 .....84.95 Dpaint 4.1 .... 105.95 Dr. Ts 3.5 Lev. II KCS. 229.95 Diskmaster II ......39.95 Directory Opus 4.0.....69.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 207.95 Toaster Toolkit 1 1... 129.95 Toaster Vision 109.95 Commodore 1960 .479.95 Pan CT-1382Y .. 234.95 Sony CPP 1304$ 579.00 Sony CPD 1604S 999.95 Panasync 1881 i .319.00 Nec MS 2A ...... 369.95 Nec MS 3FG ......CALL Nec MS 4FG .... 729.95 SOFTWARE MONITORS Tristate is a fu I service deafer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing A500 Hdfl+0 40'11 449.95 A500 HD8+0 120Q-11 .... 599.95 A500 HD8+0 240Q-11 ..... CALL A500-PC 286 512 .... CALL AT Once + PC emulator..,, . CALL . CALL
449. 95 . CALL CALL CALL . CALL A20Q0 HC8+0MB ... A2000 HC8+0MB 80Q-11 A2000 HC8+0MB 120Q-11 A2000 HC8+0MB 240Q-11 A20O0 RAM 8 0 .... 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB)...
* 5® aSSTa Efil COD s accepted Ovcrnighi shipping avallabla. 15 day monay back guarantee. All merchandise brand new. Faciary Irosh. Custom contlguriilons our specialty. DSS8 Sound Studio 58.95 Combo 030-25 1 10 489.95 Combo 030-40 4 ... 685.95 Combo 030-40 4 120 CALL Combo 030-40 4 240 CALL G Force 030-50 4 ... 849.95 Combo 030-50 4 120 CALL Combo 040*33 4 .... 989.95 GVP A-530 Turbo 120 .... 769.95 Sim32-4MB 60 ...... 174.95 Si 1 030 HO Disk Mt. Kit .... CALL AmiLink Cl Authorized Dealer We guarantee lowest prices!!! Editor Headquarters A B Roll System (AG 1960), CALL Cuts Only System (AG 1950)..CALL Toaster Control Module CALL Roctech Superslim 84 95 Anti ViruS No Click Rockey ... 299.95 Rocgen Plus . 289.95 Combo Deal ...... 574.95 Rocmouse ...23.95 A500 Int. Drive . CALL PANASONIC AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Perfect lor Towter AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7650 AG F700 Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS INDUSTRIAL AG-1970 ...... CALL AG-450 SVHS w case ... 1139.95 AG-460 2 chip SHVS w case. 2899.95 AG-185U ... CALL AGW1 ... 1735.95 AG-190U ..STOCK WV200 CLE CALL AG-7400 Port. SVHS CALL AG-1730 .SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind. VCR.... 259.95 GVP A500 IMPACT SERIES U HARD DRIVES A500-HD6*0'4Q II C14076 319 00 A500-HD6*GSO I! C14085 389 00 A500-HD8-OWES. 120II C10033 429 00 A500-HDB*OV3 2131! C13940 529 00 GVP A530 TURBO-ACCELERATOR & DRIVE AS30 Ccmtc 40*1.83 fl C15072 359.00 A530 wrrth 120 MB Hard Drive Cl2376 599 00 A530 w* 213 MB Hard Dnve C13950 729 00 GVP A2Q00 IMPACT SERIES II HARD CARDS A2000 Barecard 93667 159.99 A2000-HC8»OMBT20 II C10059 389 00 A2000-HC8»OMB'213I[ 03964 469 00 GVP IMPACT SERIES II HARD DRIVE G-FORCE 030 25M1 ix 6NJ30 ACCELERATORS CcmboC30-2S25T'0 99133 499 00 Co“«o020-252S 1,120 59152 799.00 Combo030-2S’2S'1'tl3 C135S6 929 00 G-FORCE 030 4QMHx WRJ30 ACCELERATORS Combo030-40 40 40 99175 550 00 CotiSo03(LAO.'AQ,A:120 97545 929 00 ComftoC30-s040'4'2i3 Cl 3992 1029 00 Co-nooC30-40.4Q1540 Cl 5064 1799 03 G-FOKCE 030 50MHx 68030 ACCELERATORS Com&o030-50 5G 4 0 97=68 9® 00 Comoo030-505a'4'l 20 57569 1199.00 CorriiwOoO-SG 504.213 Cl 4010 1369 00 Combo030-50,'50'4 54Q C15092 1999 00 G-FORCE 040 2£M1U bS040 ACCELERATORS G-Force3000-04G282 99124 999 00 G-FORCE 040- 33 MID 68040 ACCELERATORS Com£»040-3333 4:120 C14O09 1 349 CO ComOo040-3S3G4 2l3 C13643 1449 00 Com&o040-333a 4.540 Cl5l04 2199 00 G-FORCE ACCELERATOR RAM UPGRADES 1MByte, 60ns SIMM C10076 69.99 4MByte. 60ns SIMM 010089 199.00 1MByte, 40ns SIMM C10092 299.99 GVP PHONE PAK Cl0939 309 00 Ft7286 MODULE fm GVP S7713 109 99 I O EXTENDER Cl5476 12900 A1230 TURBO PLUS C15466 CALL AL2DO SCSI RAM PLUS C15457 CALL D A T A F L Y E R The DataFlyer Express upgrades the Amiga 500 with a hard dnve and up to 0 Mbytes of memory. Just add any 3.5 inch low profile hard drive and SIMM memory modules. The controller comes in either SCSI, IDE or a SCSI IDE combination hard drive controller. Includes all software, hardware and cables, aulo-boosting, auto install. DB25 SCSI pass thru (SCSI only), and drive and power LED display. Compatible with Floptical. CD-ROM, Amax II (SCSI), Syquest (SCSI). Power PC and KCS AT emulator (SCSI IDE), and Baseboard. (Note: Hard drive not included). DjU Flyer E*pfC"«. SCSI
I) ,ill Flyer Express. IDF. C 13 lib Slh .W Cl 31711 515H.W Cl 3130 5 pH =•** ItoU Flyer L*pr«ryi St M l(>L AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES AMIGA 500 CD ROM DRIVE C12E25 399 00 TENEX INTERNAL A500 HARD DRIVES TEN EX 105MByte Kit 35724 CALL
3. 5'exlemai Drive 39276 84 99 1 MBYTE * 8 * 80 SIMM* 93693 44 95 B1GFOOT POWER SUPPLY 52593 94 95 SUPRADRIVE 500XP HARD DRIVES 52MByte wih 1M3 56445 465 00 52MBy1e wbh 2MB 96455 545 00 120MB K WCT.2MB 56643 665 00 240MByte 2M0 56653 909 00 SUPRADRTV'E 5O0XP UPGRADES. 512KByte kit 57255 23 95 2MByte lot 97263 9995 TRII ECTA 500 LX C13555 CALL TRETECTA 2000 LX CI3576 CALL WORDS* NC SC SI INTLKI ACL WofflSync imerlace 88673 DKII 2612 32 lilt MEM 1AP. C136I2 99 95
459. 00
174. 99
27. 99 HAIlll IHIIVI I I I 111 At I FI>11 MINIII C13533 12 .VI lilt K lur AI2IMJ C15509 MODEMS & FAXES GVP PIUIM PAR C10569
399. 00
69. 99 12 95 239 95 299 95 24 99 SLI’KAMOIMM 2 Mill 96667 Mtxlen Serial Cable A42447 SI I'll A I Ml )l 11 | I Ml RNAI FAX Modtm. V 32 97149 FAX Voders v32w 97154 PLAI l. L M t)M INF B6466 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES 111 I 11 1 MOUKI- w PAD 94074 34 95 BOJNG! MOL SI VV PAD 94069 79 99 ERGO joy SUCK from VVICO 76253 FLFXIIJRAW HU-A LIGHT PEN 62037 IBM IOYS I It K IN I LK! ACL Cl5532 IBM lit S Mol SI INTERF VI I C15586 KOOK AMIGA MOUSL 95252 Till SIVlF'l Y Mol'SI 97200
17. 95
89. 95 13-99
13. 99
24. 99 2699 239 59 49 95 44 95
259. 59
255. 55
149. 99 54900 119-59 I Hi Wl T Mil I I 96469 IKIP1 L I RACK I RACKHA1 I 96994 OOMI-K'YtlkL JOYSTICK 63031 MIGRAPH HAND Si AVNLK C14189 MIGRAPH Ol II SOFTWARE Cl3526 400 DPI HASP SCANNER C12536 EPSON I SMX1 SCANNER Cl$ 480 ADDI'HO EPSON I SDKD ER C15366 (required lor the ES600 Scanner) MEMORY & ACCELERATORS A601 LXPANSION VV CLOCK Cl 3506
84. 99 bi»1 LVPANSION VV 1MII Cl 3510
69. 99 A600,6001111 I Mll>W 2MB C12258 CALL b00 bOOlIM CARD Wf 4MB Cl 2294 CALL F AN I H AM l 2MII for AbOO jnd A1200 Cl 5519 149 99 FAS TRAM U VMH for AfcOO jml I2H0 C15527
229. 99 KVVIKN1AH1 II lot , 1000 Cl 5*123
48. 99 Ml G.A MI1K.I 1 Kal 1 R Cl0998
399. 95 SLPKAKAM SlKlRX ivilh iMByle 500 RX w,4 Mbyte 94016 124 95 1MByte Upgrade Krt 57312
64. 95 5L PR ARAM =(KMl with 2MByle 500 PX w,?M9yte 94029 169 99 2M3)ie Upgrade Kit 97278
99. 95 SL I'll ARAM MOO with OMByle 09048 109 95 with 2MByte 68683 165 95 with 4 Mbyte 88691 224 95 FC 1 lilt 68OJ0 fm 1 he A2IKX1 C12606 699 99 EXPANSION Hl'lARDS FOR IIIE A1200 No FPU wtfi Ccck 05195 13999 14 Mhz wtfl Oock 05203 U9.9S 25 Mhz with Croc* C15227 21999 50 Mhz with Clock 05234 339 39 COMMODORE PRODUCTS A20II1 3.5 IN rill 1PPY DRIVE 91868 109 95 A3010 3.5 IMF LOPPY DRIVL 94173
39. 95 A500 KKI'I Al 1 MI NT Inf. DKI 1 Cl 2554
39. 99 ILEXIFONT 37724
24. 9= GRAPHICS IN 11 l.RATOR C10215
19. 95 1 AMIGA ENHANCEMENTS AMIGADnS 2 1 A500 A2000 S6335
59. 95 A30CC 97707 34 55 AMIGADOS 2.1 UPGRADE 03856
44. 99 1 A I AGNUS, 2AIBYTL Fat Agnus B372B, 2MByte 98554
79. 95 Fat Agnus 8372B MegAChip 2000 00013 199 99 1 AT AGNUS, 1 MBYTE 98553
59. 95 SUI’111 in NISI 8.473 98572 44 55 CHIP Fill > 1 It 00249 14 95 THE SWITCH M N 05054 39 99 KOCH 1 r 05570 37 59 EMULATORS A-MAX II PLUS C12654 339 99 269 95 CALL 179 99 POWER PC BOARD 96620 PC 286 MODULE for GVP 97713 Aton«+ PC AT EMU LA TOR A70756 DATASTORAGE SYQUEST DRIVES FOR AMIGA A MAC 44MByte External Dnve A63425 429 95 599 95 79 95 109 95 49999 599 99 1959 86MByte External Dnve A67222 44 Mbyte Cartridge A60593 88MByte Cartridge A62872 2CMBYTE FLOPTICAL DISK DRIVE Internal Floptical Drive 58668 External Ftxtcal Dnve 96659 20MByte Floptical Diskette 55150 TENEX SCSI TAPE BACKUP AS41Q9 699 00 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA 520 VIDEO ADAPTER 79283 34 95 CHROMAKEY + Cl2736 339 99 DCTV 91689 299 00 DIGITAL EDIT MASTER 03427 2299 CO DIGI-VEEW MED1ASTATION 57337 151 99 FIRECRACKER 24 97231 31995 GENLOCK from GVP C13521 399 00 IMPACT VISION 24 Impact V>sion 24 95B67 1249 CO Opional adapter (or A2000 95877 4999 KITCHEN SYNC 54356 1595 00 OPALVISION 01916 899 99 PERSONAL TBC Ol New Prtcaf 03039 CALL ROC GEN PLUS 94183 24999 ROCKEY 01693 349 CO Spectrum FRAME GRABBER C11448 44900 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Video Tcasier 96593 SCALL VIVID 24 03436 2699 00 PRINTERS PANASONIC KX PI 160! A5S534
159. 55 KX-P2160I A6S646
179. 95 KX-P1123 A57103
199. 95 KX-P2123 A72449 23999 KX-P11241 A57112 289 95 KX-P1624 07444 34 9 95 KX-P4J10 Laser A71385 549 55 STAR NX-1001 90895 136 99 NX-2420 Rainbow A51047
284. 95 NX-1040 Rainbow Cl 2275
159. 99 C12064
109. 99 02072
239. 00 92135 147 99 92U9
52. 95 C14643
159. 93 C14663 139 99 95039
39. 95 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 PROFESSIONAL DRAW 4.0 Pa964tVDraw4 0B-ncSe ART DEPT. PROFESSIONAL Conve'SJCfl Kit ART EXPRESSIONS BRILLIANCE BUSINESS CARD MAKER Is This Box Worth $ 220? Pagestream 2,0 Desktop Publishing Super Speeia] I $ 7999 We made a special buy ol the OEM version of Pagestream 2.0 from Soft-Logic, the leading desktop publ shmg package for the Amiga, and are offering it to our customers at savings of hundreds of dollars below suggested retail! What do we mean by the OEM version7 Just that you get the same great software, the same great documentation, but no fancy box. This is by far the best Amiga desktop publishing value we've ever offered! There's only one catch quantities are limited, and when they're gone, they're gone so don't wait, start publishing now! PAGESTREAM 2.0-OEM Cl 0679 $ 79.99 COMIC SFTT111 61815 41 95 DESIGN WORKS 94439 72 99 rilL DIRECTOR V. 2.(1 90147 75 99 GOLD DISK 1 VPI. Cesser Pack 90067 34 95 Decorative Pack 90072 39 95 I'm GIN1: 2.0 90165 179 99 OUTLINE FONTS 94393
129. 95 PAGESTREAM 2.2 Ivtm? C10679 79 99 PIXEL 3D PttOI LSSIONAI C14870 129 55 SAXON PUBLISIII.lt t.l 94069 169 59 SPECTRA Cot Oil 94607 64 95 VIR1 UAL RF.AI I TV 2.0 C15403 57 99 VISTA PRO 94118 54 99 Lima i on r pack 1-2.3
57. 99 CA1 IGARJ 24 Cl 3760 244 99 C M ICAJH 2 88289 129 99 I I NNA MON TOAST FONTS 95951
57. 99 CIM MORPH Cl2922 59 99 Ol LUXE PAINT l 4 1 94997 107 95 DELL XL ID 1.0• Ill 79452
95. 95 IMAGE F. Cl0973 199 99 MORPH pels C13149 14955 PLAYM TION Cl 3779 CALL I'ROVIDLOCG II CT1391 113 99 PRO VTDFO GDI 11 68166 119 99 PRO lUt O POST 93838 169 99 VIDEO TOASTER SOI 1 W AHL UPGRAIH
2. 11 C10139 339 00 VIDEO DtltLCTOR 96170 133 99 1 • CAD SOFTV ARE GfX CAD (FullVcfsiool Cl 1639 264 99 Ol X CAD fL'p radel Cl 1642
A. MAS V 2.(1 Includes MIDI iniertace 86334
69. 99 DOOM mux Cl 3443
74. 99 DELUXE MUSIC II Cl 5437 84,99 MIDI IN 11 III ACE Cl 0669 34 99 MIRAC1 E PIANO 99026 319 99 PERILCT SOUND 86370 69 95 TIGER CL II 39721 74 95 VIDEO MUSIC BOX Cl 4665 69 99 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-BACK v2.H 94057
44. 95 ASSFMPRO 83926 64 95 DIRECTORY OPUS Cl 4894 59 99 D1SKXIASTLR II 95936 34 99 IJ0S-2D05 93403 31 95 rAT TRACKS C1S377 44 99 G1GAMFA1 Cl 3798 99 99 IIYPLKCACHI. PRO C15525 34 99 KICKBACK Cl 1420 39 99 MAXT.RICK, V4 89601 32 95 MICROIICHE FILFR - 94095 119 95 QUARTERBACK C1Q964 44 99 RAWCOPY Cl 48=7 44 95 SAS C COM PH 1 K C 122=2 239 99 VIRTU XI REALI H SluUici 2.0 96193 57 99 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY DIST 3 NT SUNS 4.1 94599 4995 DYNACAPD V. j C12714 649 59 EASY AMOS C14913 34® FIN M COPY II C12S07 69® GOLD DISK Ol 1 ICE 90052 119 95 IIOTl.INKSV.lt C13526 46 99 MAXI PLAN I Cl 1379 124 99 MINT OFFICE Cl 4932 69 99 P1IASAR C11079 49 99 PROFESSIONAL CAI.C 96151 174 99 PROPER GRAMMAR 94440 51® PROW RITE3J 88222 54® SUPERB AST PERSON XL 11 C14203
63. 95 SUPERBASI 4 PRO CU1&4 179® PRESENTATION SOFTWARE SC AI A 500 HOME TITLLK 97001 11995 THLANIM V I ION STUDIO 90126 42® amigaxtsion pro Cl2837 31S.C0 ESSENCE Cl 4904 43® GALLERIA GROUP 1 C15389
19. ® AMIGA is a registered trademark or Commodore Amiga Inc , NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications are subject to change vvithouE notice
* APO. FPO. AK. Hi. CN. VI. GU. And foreign c'ders are subject to additional shipping charges GALLERIA GROUP n Cl 5392 19 LEMMINGS 92226
27. 95 LEMMINGS II THE TRIBES 015332 34 99 POWERMONGER 90767
29. 95 BountJIu! Got? Course CH20J
16. 99 Freenone Country dub 97 806
24. 95 MANSELL'S WLD. CHAMP. Cl 5029
39. 99 MANSELL'S AGA VERSION (FOR A1200 OR A4000) 01-41 IS
39. 93 RED ZONE Cl 1C62 29 93 TONY LARUSSA ULT. BSBALL 93573
16. 99 AD&D: Dark Queen of Kiynn C10751
32. 95 AD&D: Treaa. Of Savage Front Cl 1109
17. 99 AMNIOS 9-5659
9. 99 BEAST U: SHADOW DEEPENS 90435 34 95 BILL'S TOMATO GAME C14057 32-95 BEAST III C12351 33 93 BLACK CRYPT 96233
31. 95 BUZ ALDRIN C13213
39. 95 CASTLES 94077
34. 95 CLJKCLAK C14131 2995 COMBAT AIR PATROL C13150
32. 59 CONQUEST OF JAPAN C13490 34 99 CREEPERS C13I65 25 99 CRIME DOES NOT PAY C12500 32 99 CYBERBLAST 05442 999 DARKS EED C13737 3999 DEMOMAK C12512
30. 55 DESERT STRIKE C13304
34. 99 DRAGON’S LAIR m C13931
39. 95 GA 600 99J Am m 600 HD Bonas Pad Includes
• Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive
• Great Software Titles C12855 S479.99 Afftia a 600 HD Pad Includes
• Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive
• Amiga 1084S Color Monitor with Stereo Sound
• Great Software Titles K12995 $ 679.99 Amiga 600 Bows Pad Includes
• Amiga 600 Computer
• Great SoftwareTitles Cl2846 $ 299.99 Atnk a 600 (jrapkics Pad, Includes
• Amiga 600 Computer
• Amiga 1084S Color Monitor with Stereo Sound
• Great Software Titles K12987 S499.99
37. 95 MIGHT & MAGIC III 96297 34 99 MURDERS IN SPACE 02475 3299 OMAR SHARIF ON BRIDGE C13229 36 99 PALADIN II C13474 42 99 THE PERFECT GENERAL 90779 34 99 THE PLAGUE C13410 799 POPULOUS n 56271 33 95 POWERMONGER: WWI 55062 1995 RAILROAD TYCOON 00606 34 55 ROAD RASH 03239 31 53 ROBOCOP 3-D 00739 34 95 SWORD OH SODAN 03402 9 99 THIRD REICH 00795 29 95 TITUS THE FOX 03173 34 99 TUR RICAN C13364 999 UNREAL C10292
7. 95 VIKINGS LOW PRICE! C10700 29 99 WARLORDS 03906 34 99 WIZARDRY: Crusaders of the Dark Savant 97623 46 95 ZOOL (FOR A1200 and A4000) C15116 37 99 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE FAVORITE CHARACTERS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 91324 1995 DUCKTALES: Quest for Gold 91491 9 99 INDY JONE FATE ATLANTIS Cl 5452 39 99 LAST NINJ A 3 IMPORT! 953SO
22. 95 STAR TREK: 25TTH ANNTYERS.C13237 34 59
34. 99 DUNE Cl2392 29 99 MONOPOLY 34552
32. 99 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 Cl 1461
54. 99 SIMCITY 02079 2999 SIMEAKTH 01057
39. 99 SUPER Heroes C15343
29. 59 BRIDGE 6.0 96218 24 95 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 63134 14 95 PHUNNYPHONEMES C12G66
19. 59 SCRABBLE 64567
34. 95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEG07 65229 29 59 WHERE IN EUROPE? 89179 29 99 WHERE IN TTME? 91005 29 99 WHERE IN THE USA? £6677 29 99
• •
• • Order Toll-Free Nationwide 1-800-PPOMPT-1 = l-800-776-6781) Mon.-Fri. 8:00am - 8:00pm Sat 9:00am - 2:00pm (EST) VISA _ ¦ . -¦. Shipping, Handling, Insurance IDE Drive* Quantum 42 Mbyte Hard Drive C11762 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Drive C11779 Quantum 127 Mbyte Hard Drive C11780 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Drive C11790 SCSI Drive* Quantum 42 Mbyte Hard Drive C11806 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Dnve C11815 Quantum 127 Mbyte Hard Drive C11922 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Dnve Cl 1923 Order Amount less than Si9.99
520. 00-S39.99 S40.CQ-S7d.99
575. 00-S99.99 $ 100 00-$ 149.99
5150. 00-S299.99 S300 & Over Charge $ 5 00
56. 50
57. 50 $ 850 $ 10.50 S11.75
3. 5% of Order 40 Mbyte 15” Hand Drive Only
• Plugs in Directly to A1200, A600! £ 1
• Can Install Inside A500, A20Q0,with IDE Adapter! ¦ I '
• Optional 3 1 2” Mounting Kit Fits Standard Bay! This super dnve from Quantum is 'he best value and most versatile dnve we've ever offered! Its time 2.5" format Eels it fit inside the A500. A600 and A3 200. As well as be used in systems that accepts a 3.5" dnve (optional mounting bracket required). Order now- supply at this special pnee is limited to stock on hand1 tjl WILMSf (Hutl M C15329 $ 119 .99 Need more space? How about 60MByte for Only s15999 Ul Wll VI Siomni A93535 * SIS9.99
• Saw 5(M Oil
• Oaf- Did Price. A570 CD-ROM
• Drive for A500 ; $ 199"! I mi Sou Price on GVP ImpactVIsion $ 12 !
2. 5" HARD DRIVES A4000 FOR THE A500, Af.00, AND A1200 40 Mbyle Hard Dnve C15329 119 99
154. 99 64 Mbyte Hard Dnve A85432 CALL
189. 99 85 Mbyte Hard Dnve A88356
229. 99
249. 99 128MByte Hard Dnve A88382 33999
279. 99 160MByte Hard Drive C15351
449. 99 Cable only for A600. A1200 A85451
8. 99
169. 99
219. 99
279. 99
314. 99 Required Kit for A500 95748 134 50 Required Kit for A600 A1200 C15262
34. 99 HARD DRIVES ' Vie carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! Quantum 40 Mbyte 2*5” Hard Drive o*$ 119" Includes
• Hi Resolution AGA Chip Set (Same as Amiga 4000)
• Fast 14.32 Mhz Processor
• 2MBytes of Chip RAM
• 256.000 Simultaneous Colors
• IDE Hard Drive Interface
• Multiple Display Options Call For Lowest Pricing A1200 with Har'd Drive Call For Lowest Pricing I960 Color Monitor Call For Lowest Pricing We Carry a Complete Line of Amiga Hardware! A2000! A3000! More! Call for the Lowest Prices in the U.S.! Circle 22 on Reader service card. 56800 Magnetic Drive • Mishawaka, IN 46545 * (219)259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 * We gladly accept mail orders! • Prices and specifications subject to change, X1L InfoMarket Used AMIGA 500s Unused Mouse and Manuals 90 Day Warranty $ 179. Plus shipping and sales lax Check or C.O.D. 3 week delivery COMPUTERS FOR TRACTS, INC. 1930 Brea Canyon Road, Suite 130 Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(909) 861 -5411 or (800) 523-9357 Outside CA Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. AUTHORIZED COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER sPtcAMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 58.95* We service the ENTIRE Commodore Amiga product line & carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. * *We will beat any legitimate price.** 2MB, 3MB, &. 4MB 1 ¦ 800‘CARDS 4U A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 • (914)947-3522
* **24 HOUR TURNAROUND*** 1-800-344-4102 FAX: 1-914-947-2728 NEW MEDIA CoflPORAlTON Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. For AlDwT GOQO And Monitors call The Amiga Service and Repair Video This video shows you how to repair your own computer and save big money on repairs. 539.95 Amiga1200 with 80,120 or 210 meg hard Drive call for lowest Prices Enter our AMIGA AGA Sweepstakes Win a $ 200.00 gift certificate. No purchase necessary. Just send us your name and address on a post card. (No Phone call's please.) Drawing will be held on December 5, 1993 1-800 967 1073 J & C Repair RD 2 BOX 9 Rockton Pa. 15856 PA residents ad 5°o ‘Motherboard repair only AMIGA REPAIR SERVICES
* ' 24 HOUR TURNAROUND ** A 90 day warranty • Factory Trained Technicians and the lowest prices In the USA A2000 79.95* A500 59.95* factory authorized service center Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. VISIONSOFT 1*0 Box 22517 • Carmel. CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB 8MB 4000 32bii SIMM-70 SI 39.00 _ 139 278 4000 32bil SIMM-60
159. 00 159 310 GVP SIMM 32
175. 00 . 175 350 1x8 - 70,80 SIMM
34. 00 68 134 268 1x8- 60 SIMM
36. 00 72 142 280 4x8- 70. 80 SIMM 13 5.IX) - 135 270 4x8- 60 SIMM
145. 00 145 280 256x4 - 70 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 1x1 - 70, 80 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 1x4-70 PG DIP
17. 50 70 140 288 256x4 . 70 PG ZIP
5. 00 80 160 304 1x4-70 PG ZIP
17. 50 70 140 276 1 x4-80SCZrP
16. 50 132 264 1 x 4 .70 SC ZIP 17,50 140 280 GVP A1230 CatL GVP A1200 CALL MBX 1200
159. 00 289 389 DalaFlver RAM 162 225 385 68882RC25Mhz FPU 68882RC40Mhz FPU Supra FAX V32B1S . GVP A530 120 HD .. C-Net BBS ..... 99 2.5 " IDE 80 MB III) 259 ....129 1.76 MB Floppy Dr... CALL ....295 2.1 ROMUP Gkit 89 ....699 Amiga 1200 .....CALL .CALL Amiga 4000 .....CALL Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 453-0100 Circle 50 On Reader Service Card. ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 INFO & TECH: 408-899-2010 ttw:-HW-aWJ-OTGO BBS: 408-625-6580 COD LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS USED AMIGA HARDWARE! II'you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we carry the lop 100software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Lei us do the bargain huruing for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one slop supplier. Wc publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or w rite for your free copy! Software Support Ini. 2700 N.H. Andresen Rd. Suite A -10 Vancouver Wa 98661
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• Gan»re«XRalfd»Kuro Demoe*
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- 2mb 134.50 -4inb 212.50 4m Z Expanaion Sya. A601 w Ok&clock 38.50 Over 4000-line Resolution - NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion - Brilliant Color A4000 Microbotica 70na SIMMS 4MB J 145.95 • 8MB S325.95 Call or Write for order lorm, price list & sample: 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
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• AWESOME* INFO; (915) 563-4925 SEND CASH. CHECK OR MO TL AS PO BOX 30499 MIDLAND, TX 79712 Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Adspec Programming 4(57 Arch St., PO Box 13 Salem, Ohio 44460 216 337-1329 Advanced Control Systems Old Mine Rock Way Hingham, MA 02043 617 740-0223 AirMouse Remote Controls 30 Mountain View Drive Colchester, VT 05446 802 655-9600 Alfa Data Distributed fty Micro-Pace Distributors Allied Studios 482 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94102 4 15 863-1 781 American Software Dist, 502 E. Anthony Drive Urhana, IL 61801 217 384-2050 Amiga Centre Scotland Distributed by Haitex Resources AmiGrafix PO Box 2063 Apopka, FL 32704 407 884-9557 Arock Computer Software PO Box 731 Springfield. MO 65801 417 866-8803 ArtoVinjett Byalvs v.65 5 i 2174 I hov, Sweden 011-468-649-7702 AS DC 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Road Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 Blue Ribbon Sonndworks. The 1605 Chantilly Drive. Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315-0212 Centaur Development PO Box 1400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Classic Concepts PO Box 786 Bellingham, WA 98227 206 671-8384 Coktel Vision Parc Tertaire de Meudon 5, rue Jeanne Braconnier 92 366 Meudon-La-Foret, France 011-276-684959 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 800 662-6442 Concise Logic 36 Tamarack Ave., Suite 315 Danbury, CT06811 203 746-6739 Creative Focus Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-4082 Digita International Distributed by American Software Electronic Arts 1150 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-717! Epson America 20770 Madrona Ave. Torrance, CA 90509 310 782-5161 Godfrey & Associates 544 Queen St., Chatham Ontario, Canada N7M 2J6 519 436-0988 Gold Disk 20675 South Western Ave., Suite 120 Torrance, CA 90501 213 320-5080 Golden IMAGE Technology 3578 East Enterprise Drive Anaheim, CA 92807 714 524-1322 Grandslam Video 3 Rat hlxme Square, 28 1'anfiekl Road Croydon, Surrey CRO 1A.L. England 011-81-680-7044 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Gremlin Graphics Software Carver House, 2-4 Carver St. Sheffield SI 4FS 011-0742-753423 Haitex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston, SC 29413 803 881-7518 Heifner Communications 4451 1-70 Drive N.W. Columbia, MO 65202 314 445-6163 Hewlett-Packard 16399 W. Bernardo Drive San Diego, CA 92127 619 487-4100 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, TL 61101 815 968-2228 IDEK Iiyamn North America 650 Louis Drive, Suite 120 Warminster, PA 18974 215 957-6543 Intergalactic Development 1427 Washington Street Davenport, IA 52804 319 323-3293 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 1010 Marina Del Rev, CA 90291 310 578-9177 KarmaSoft PO Box 1034 Golden, CO 80402 303 420-2939 MacroSystem 17019 Smuggler’s Cove Mt. Clemens, MI 48038 313 263-0095 MA-P1TOM Software 531 Norwich Drive
W. Hollywood, CA 90048 310 657-9226 MD Grafix PO Box 1991 Spring Valley* CA 91977 619 463-5853 Mediascape 7471 Watt Ave., Suite 109. Dept, 333 North I lighlands, CA 95660 916 339-1984 Micro R&D 137 N. 7th Loup City, NE 68853 308 745-1243 Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park W. Suite C Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1885 Micro Way PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364 508 746-7341 Migraph 32700 Pacific Highway S.. Suite 12 Federal Way, WA 98003 206 838-4677 Mindscapc Distributed by t he Software Toolworks NcwTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, K5 66603 913 354-114 Ocean Software 1855 O’Toole Ave., Suite D-102 San Jose, CA 95131 408 954-0201 Octree Software 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View, CA 94043 415 390-9600 Omni-Eureka Distributed ly Micro R&D Pop -Arts 28 Main, Suite 200 Bradford, PA 16701 814 362-7413 Psygnosis 29 St. Mary’s Court Brookline,'NLA 02146 617 731-3553 Pushbutton Software Distributed bv Vertical Real-soft KY Distributed by Godfrey & .Associates Sharp PO Box 650 Mahwah. NJ 07430 201 529-8200 SherefTSystems 8071 SW 184diAve., Lower Level B Beaverton, OR 97007 503 591-5984 Software Toolworks, The 60 Lcveroni Ct. Novato, CA 94949 415 883-3000 Sony Corp. of America One Sony Drive Park Ridge, Nj 07656 201 930-1000 Spectronics International USA. 34 East Main St. 3 Champaign, IL 61820 217 352-0061 Storm Unit 17, 50 Lombard Road London SW 11 3SU England 71-585-3308 SunRizc Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 Unili Graphics 143 Lorraine Ave. Pittsburg, CA 94565 510 439-1580 Vertical 1411 Lemay 406 Carrolton, TX 75007 214 466-0048 Village Tronic Bratmstras.se 14 3000 Hannover 1, Germany 01 1-49-51 1-138-41 Y C Plus 1410 S. Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66612 913 235-3481 Zen Computer Services 2 Silver Birch Grove, Swinion Manchester, England M27 1FS 011-4461-793-1931 BifiWALL Commodore A1200 - $ 559 The Amiga 1200 boasts a full 32-bit architecture, 68020 processor. Workbench 3.0. the new AGA graphics chip set, 2MB Chip RAM, and an internal IDE hard drive controller. We’re A1200 specialists, and can configure your new A1200 with hard drives, memory, accelerators, SCSI controller, and accessories. Call and we’ll help you put a system together! Featured Products CSA’s Twelve Gauge 50MHz 030 accelerator with RAM, math coprocessor, and SCSI interface $ 649! Vidil2 Color AGA graphics video digitizer $ 149 PCMCIA -- 4MB memory card - $ 229 128MB Maxtor 2.5" IDE hard drive kit - $ 399 MI230XA - 50MHz 030 and up to 128MB RAM - Scall! 1-800-766-5757 (USA & Canada) Outside USA: (215)683-5661 7'cch Support: (215) 683-5699 Customer Service: (215)683-5433 PAX: (215)683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8NI) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwrallians are in 9-SEST) Store Hours:Mondav-Friday 9AM- 6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St.. KUTZTOWN, PA 19530 Onlx $ 149! Syquest Drives 44MB w Curtridge $ 389 88MB w Cartridge $ 499 105MB IDE (NEW!) $ 569 DATAFLYERfrom Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast. Reliable, and Flexible; all boards are A500 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller $ 79 IDE Controller $ 75 A 500 Case $ 79 A1000 Case $ 129 RAM Board $ 99 UNLEASH THE POWER! The Publising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL DRAW iaS ¦HfPPAGE
3. ° M Btj£4.0 S129.00 fBii a8BjS169.0Q DKB Megachip 500 2000 Expand your Amiga’s graphics capacity lo 2MB of chip Ram! New, smaller version is compatible with all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 20(H) or 500 w 2MB Agnus - $ 239 (Please specify NTSC or PAL) CSA’s Platinum Now gel roaring speed with the new 50MHz 68030-based accelerator lor the A500 20Q0. Expandable with up lo 32MB RAM and 50MHz 68882. 50MHz Price* - $ 859 tuiih 5QMI!z 68882 tintI 4MB of 60ns RAM) Addison-Weslev ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware, Includes, & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! A1200 2000 3000 4000 We offer a complete line of Amiga systems in all price ranges. Call for info and pricing! X We thought you’d like to know that we: Test and Format your Hard Drive Test and Install Memory Burn-in your Computer Burn-in your Monitor Customize & Configure your System Purchase Offer Memory trade-ins Offer full service to APOs, FPOs and CFPOs A1000 Owners t * Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 129 Insider 2 $ 149 DataflyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 DataFlyer w 120MB $ 499 FastTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Keyboard w adaptor $ 99 KwikSlart 11 $ 69 DiamondScan 1391A Here's the Mitsubishi monitor you've been looking for! With a scan rate of l5.75-36KHz, and Composite video input, this 14" monitor is great for every Amiga from i he A500 to the A4000, as well as all video applications. Briwall Exclusive -- $ 599 CBM 2000HD P A complete 2.04 Amiga 2000 system with a 2091 SCSI controller, Quantum 52MB hard drive, and the A2000 Professional software bundle including Advantage, TransWrite, PageSetter II, GoldFile, Paint 2000, Music 2000, MediaShow and Cross DOS! A Great Deal at $ 799 ImpactVision24 2.0 GVP has just updated this exciting product with new software, and a lower price! Features 24-bit graphics, genlock, framegrabber, 2-input switcher, Caligari-24, MaeroPaint and much more! Briwall Price - $ 1299 GVP Phone Pak Use the GVP Phone Pak to create a complete automated answering machine, FAX machine and voice-mail system on your A2000. Easy to set up, and sounds great! Now just $ 299 x _ June Highlights AD516 w Studio 16 SI 279 A4000 030 25 4MB 120MB $ 1899 GVP530 40 1 120 $ 599 Koss Amplified Mini Speakers $ 59 Playmation ¦Z $ 359 Flicker Blaster 2000 $ 219 Vlab $ 399 Montage $ 379 Video Toaster $ 1999 DynaCADD 2D $ 199 Voyager v 1.1 $ 65 PS400 Wand Scanner $ 719 Progressive Accelerators Scall ParNet $ 49 Blitz Basic 2 $ 109 TREXX Pro v2.0 SI 69 Retina S499 Ami Back Tools $ 59 Vidi Sound and Vision $ 199 Twin Sound Stereo System S99 Trifecta LX SCSI-2 IDE SI 99 TV Paint Jr. S349 GVP G-Lock $ 399 Imagine v2,0 w Ojects 2 $ 199 GVP 1230-40 40 4 Scall DeluxePaint IV AGA $ 129 Pixel 3D Pro $ 1 19 Pro Write v3.3 $ 64 Wacom 12x12 Graphics TabletS779 Xetec CD ROM external $ 599 Archive 250MB Tape B U $ 399 Write for your Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk Call us for ALL your Amiga needs Also, see the Briwall ad in Desktop Video World! DataFlyer Express for the A500 combines a SCSI or IDE controller with up to SMB memory in a single affordable case. SCSI W 120MB drive & 2MB $ 569 (call for other configurations) Any Visa or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. Software shipping charges arc $ 6.00 per total order via UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental USA. AH orders over S300 are insured at the customer’s expense. All returns require an RA . Please call before reluming anything. All refunds are subject to a usage fee. Ad prices arc subject lo change without notice. Federal Express Charges for all orders under 20 pounds; 2nd Day Delivery - $ 13; Next Day Delivery - $ 17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Call for rates THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Speech Error I keep reading that the A4000 is compatible with existing Amiga software, yet Amiga Basic software is not supported in any 2.0 or higher OS. Workbench 3.0 does not have speech so any program that uses speech will not work on the A1200 or A4000 as shipped. If you have upgraded from a
2. 0 system, the immediate solution is to copy the missing files to the new Workbench. If you do not own Workbench
2. 0, you will need to purchase it first. Speech is essential for educational software and it is a terrible loss that it is no longer standard. Maggie Hettinger Leban o n Ju nction, KY If You Can’t Beat ’Em ... As most users of Imagine already know, Impulse has begun to release a PC version of Imagine 2.0. Although Impulse appears to be targeting the lower end of the professional audience, I still think they aspire to compete with 3D-Studio 2.0, which is the 3D rendering and animation package for the PC. If they are to succeed at all, they will need to fully support the .1)XF object format. It’s up to us, as loyal Amiga users, to petition Impulse and tell them that this support is a requirement. I've already called them, 1 suggest that others do the same. Cross-platform data sharing assures the Amiga's survival, not it’s demise. James Schroder Brooklyn, NY Modus Operandi In his article, “Advanced Opera- tions”(April ’93, p.46), Sheldon Leemon states: “By default, the chips power up in Original mode to help provide compatibility with programs that are not AGA-aware,” I have purchased an A1200, and by default, the chips power up in Best Available mode. I cannot verily this information with the A4000, but 1 wanted this clarified for potential owners of the A1200. Jim Maciorowski Safe Hex International According to Commodore's documentation, the AGA chips power up in compatibility mode, but are set to enhanced mode by the Set patch command whenever you run Workbench. This is difficult to test since programs such as Showcouftg (in the Tools drawer) always recognize the AGA chip set. My main point was that the existence of a compatibility mode makes it likely that games will work with the new graphics Speech is essential for educational software and it is a terrible loss that it is no longer standard. Chips. I apologize if I suggested that the compatibility mode would ever prevent the user from taking advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the chips, which is clearly not the case. Sheldon Leemon Third-Party Commercials I have never seen any IV commercials for CDTV. Come Lo think of it, I've hardly seen anv advertising for j o Commodore products since the C-64 days. If they can’t afford to produce commercials, I’m sure many Amiga- based production companies would be glad to make a commercial for Commodore. It would be great if Commodore could hold a contest for Amiga and CDTV commercials, and award prizes for the best ones. Tony J. McKimm Event Horizon Productions It’s All in the OS Less than an hour after he brought his new A1200 home, my friend had 7 AmigaDOS 3.0 running on his (14 Mhz 68000) Blizzard board-equipped A1000. It runs about 20% faster than on the “No fast Ram” A!200. Judging by this, I can state that most of the speed of disk I O on the A1200 is due to improvements in the OS and not to the AGA chips as you implied in one of your articles. I expect that adding fast RAM or an accelerator to the A1200 would be a whole different ball game. Richard L. Smith Tampa, FL Middle East Relations I bought a paint program more than a year ago and immediately sent in the user registration card. For some reason. I didn't receive a response. Maybe the US companies think it's too much trouble to handle Israeli customers, but if they give proper customer support, I will continue to buy their software, Nir Hermoni Qiryat-Ono, Israel I would like to express my gratitude towards GVP Inc. for their fast response to a problem that I encountered that was not even their fault. I bought the G- Lock from a dealer in the US, but upon receiving the package, the disk included was completely damaged. I sent them a fax telling them of the problem, and within ten days I received a replacement disk. Not many companies look after their overseas customers, but GVP has been outstanding towards us. Ahmed Balfakih Jeddah, Saudi Arabia M The Amiga is the most configurable, dynamic personal computer on the market today. The perfect accessory for your Amiga is Directory Opus 4.0- the most powerful, user-friendly, user-configurable directory utility available. Directory Opus gives you the flexibility and freedom to effortlessly manage all your files from an interface YOU configure to suit your specific needs and taste: NOT limiting yourself to what some programmer thinks you need or wantl Pir3 ; 0QQjpQ3 Fites : 000 019 Bytes : OOOOOQQ&)331 151 Workbench. I 201K
13. 8M Al len HAM brown snd circle snd CLI disk.info DiskCopy Dorothy iIbm FixFonts FixFonts.info Format Format.info Fountain Fountain.info NoFastMe* NoFastMen! Info Rexxflast RexxMast i n fo She 11 - info 70430 5650 6766 1180 364 10024 117268 840 454 12520 454 60880 610 524 486 2364 454 327 IS-Sep-90 09-Feb-$ 9 09-Feb-89 27-JuJ-92 Today 27-Jul-3t 13-May-3Q 27-Jul-32 27-Jul-92 27-Jul-92 27-Jul-92 2 7“J -j 1-92 27-Jul-32 27-Ju1 32 27-Jul-32 27-Jul-S2 27-Jul-92 27-Jul-92 16:31:30 23 16 45 23:16:37 09:42:20 20:07:01 03:42:20 20:44:20 0342:20 09:42:33 0942;20 09 42:33 09:42:21 09 42:33 09:42.21
09. 42:33 09:4221 09 42:33 09 42 33 RUED PUED RUED P-RWED RW-fl P-RWED RUED P-RWED RU-D P-RUEO RU-D RUED RU-D RUED RU-D RUED RU-D RU-D IFF HAM Picture IFF 8SVX Sound IFF 8SVX Sound ApplI cation Workbench Icon Application IFF ILBM Picture Application Workbench Icon Applicat ion Workbench Icon Application Workbench Icon Application Horkbench Icon AppIication Uorkbench Icon Workbench Icon Otvs.info Oisk.info Expansion, info Pr«fs.info System,info Trashcarv. Info U+i Iities, info WBStar+up.info Directory Opus’ Features Include: Graphic Display Support: ‘AGA AA (A4000 A1200)
* AII ILBM Formats
* Anim and Anim Brush Playback w. , = • i‘- f v Audio Support: •
* Noisetracker
* SoundTracker
* ProTracker
* StarTracker "MED w MIDI
* OctaMed
* Oktalyzer
* 8SVX
* Raw Data J Runs Executables V Displays Fonts Displays Text Files- Normal or ANSI Displays HEX Files Unlimited User Configurable Buttons Unlimited Configurable Device Buttons Launches Can Do Decks And a whole lot more!! . * * With a completely configurable user interface, numerous built-in functions such as user definable sorts and searches, comprehensive "online" help, and full Arexx support, Directory Opus 4.0 takes the concept of directory utilities to a new level of professionalism, power and productivity. Pick up a copy of Directory Opus 4.0 today, and discover why it is the ESSENTIAL utility! To order or further information on Directory OPUS 4.0, call toll-free: 1 (800) 875-8499 live m Inovatronics. Inc. Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas. TX USA 75231-2499 Phone 214-340-4991 FAX 214-340-8514 Inovatronics, GmbH lm Heidkamp 11 W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Phone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-8704747 Circle 91 on Reader Service card INOVATRONICS i n t e Revolutionizing the world ol professional video. TM TOASTER Tfje Video Toaster is the world's first all- in-one broadcast- quality video production studio. ItTs giving everyone from desktop producers to network producers the power of a high- end production suite on a desktop. You've seen the award-winning Toaster used on • network television, now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the Toaster, call for your free Video Toaster tape today. Free Toaster Video Tape Clll 800*765*3408 Complete systems starting at $ 4595. Outside North America call 612-882-1652. Demo also available on S-VHS. Hi8.3 4'SP, Mil. Betacam, t”, and 02 at nominal cost. Noxl-day delivery available. Price and specifications subject to change. Video Toaster. Lightwave 3D and ToasterPaint are trademarks of NewTek. Inc © NewTek. Inc. 1992. NzwT-k Because professional results demand professional tools Joe Conti chose the Video Toaster. In Hollywood, time is money. And results matter. "Mv job is to solve problems. I'm always tusked with finding cheaper, better and faster ways lo produce elements...the Video Toaster fills all of those necessities." For Joe Conti, professional freelance animator, the Video Toaster is an all-in-one special effects tool: digital video effects, character generator, paint and 3D. Its all there. "With the availability of the Video Toaster, my clientele totally changed. I went from a mid-level industrial market to a full high-end. Broadcast and motion picture, film quality environment." Joe uses the Video Toaster for a weekly network television series. The client was so impressed with the money saved on the first segment Joe created, that they gave him a contract for several more. "Owning a Video Toaster is like driving a Stealth bomber...it's the most incredible experience. It produces incredibly high-end results for very little investment. The Toaster puis everything you want at your fingertips and at a price that's affordable." Join the REVOLUTION!

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