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Text, or video we'll help you gel your message across with this won Ill's m idti media special. We’ve got authoring software, presentation tools, and advice on delivering the whole enchilada. ARTICLES Advanced Operations By Sheldon Leemon .... ..4fi Catch up on all the changes, enhancements, and new features in the Amiga's operating system and Workbench, as our system- softwarc expert takes you “beyond 2.0" to versions 2.1 and 3.0 of AmigaDOS. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .() Back from the Desert, the editor reports that the recent CES in Vegas spelled good news and bad news for Amiga gamers. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..()0 With some digitizing, paint, and image- processing tools, you can master stop- motion and motion-blur techniques to create spiff)’ looking animation effects. Video Suite By Gene Braivn .62 With the right support software, you can gel some unexpected additional mileage out of two popular video boards. See how New- Tek’s Video Toaster and GA P’s IY24 can be adapted to live multimedia presentations. The ABCs of Amiga Fonts By JeffJames ...31 Bitmapped and outline, Compugraphic and PostScript, AnimFonts and ColorFonts ... if the profusion of font types is leading you to confusion, take this short course in Amiga font basics. Digging into DOS - 6 By Sheldon Leemon ...... Our series on using new versions of AmigaDOS continues with a look at the wide range of new Preferences available in Workbench 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0. AW Profile: Joel Hagen By Jan Jackson ..38 .•Ill s “Accent on Graphics” column turns “50” this month (see p. 60 lor the 50th installment). We celebrate here with a profile of the maestro of Amiga graphics who created it. AW Product Information ...110 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list. DEPARTMENTS Overscan 8 Amiga new products, news and newsmakers. Help Key .106 Just hit the “Help T-l-M" key combination and our man Walsh pops up to aid requesters of technical assistance. The Last Word ....112 The reader’s right to write back right here. REVIEWS CanDO 2.0 (INOVAtronics) lit A good authoring package just got better. Pixel 3D Professional (Axiom) 19 Major enhancements to Pixel’s 3-D power. WORDWORTH V2 (Digita InfI) 22 Text graphics word processor from the UK. Art Expression (Soft-Logik).....28 SI iticturecl-drawing i 1 lust ration D I P tool. Blitz BASIC 2 (Atidsw) 76 BASK; programming with games in mind. Golden Gate 486SLC (Vortex) 80 Powerful 80486 PC AT emulator. G-Force 040 Combo (GVP) .... 84 Multifunction A2000 accelerator card. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 90 l ips and tricks on mastering popular Amiga games. This month: Lure of the Temptress. The Koshan Conspiracy (UBI Soft) .90 Sprawling graphic adventure with lots to do. DARKSEED (CyberDreams) .96 Great graphics but short on action. Traders (Merit SW) 96 Nif ty knockoff of the classic M.U.L.E. Short Takes .97 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. The Next Round ...100 Announcements of upcoming titles in the Amiga game market. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD JUDICE WINDSURFING PHOTO BY DIRK GALLIAN. NAWROGKI STOCK PHOTO. INC Amiga World Dale Strang. Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughner, Managing Editor Barbara GefVert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Rcidcws Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, Peter Olafson, Contributing Editors WERE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD AMIGA DEALERS Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoIdrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Creative Equipment International*, newly appointed Commodore Amiga distributor, is now recruiting Amiga resellers in the United States.

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Amiga World Vol 09 04 1993 Apr

Document sans nom Multimedia April 1993 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 AnIDG Communications Publication $ 199-95, turn your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 into a ... 28MHz speedster with v WM the 8u rallirbo28 Mtlioutinvftstingin jlllx high-priced hardware. The A500 unit is completely external. Just plug and play! The A2000 unit plugs easily into the 86-pin co-processor slot. Both versions are Suora designed for compatibility t X Turbo with other Amiga add-in expensive accelerators. But if you need ljg to si ow down for panes or older software, use the external on off switch or the software speed control. And when you feel the need for speed call Sunra 1-800-727-3443 TIME IN MINUTES SUPRATURBO 28 $ 199,95 UN ACCELERATED A500 2000 AD5PEED $ 209 SOFTWARE: ADPro™ SOFTWARE: Lharc™ Add a 115 KB file to on orchive SOFTWARE: VistaPro™ Render an imaqe ofMt. St Helens Convert 24 bit image to 32 color low res. Image 28 Mhz 68HCOOO.214.3 Mhz 68000.3 25 Mhz 68030.4 25 Mhz 68030 with 2MB of 32-bit RAM Enhances the speed of Reduces the time required Enables the use of higf speed modems while multi-tasking Makes the Workbench environment more responsive Lets you run more complex animation at faster speeds Speeds decompression and loading of still graphics graphic displays and the for compiling programs performance of mony 9ames Completely compatible with 68000 r '' " processor even while [ ir. , 1 accelerated SUPRA CORPORATION • 7101 SUPRA DRIVE SW • P.O. BOX 7101 • AIBANY OR 97321-8000 • 503-967-2410 * 503 967-2401 FAX All trademark belong to Hieif nnpctMvc compar-tcv Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers Gold Disk products are available at most AMIGA dealers, The following dealers have qualified os Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers and carry a complete range of Gold Disk products. See one today! Alaska: llc.vt F.k-cimriks. Andmragc- !'K17) 278-2.378 Alabama: Alabama Oimptiu-rs. 1 luntsvillc (205) 837- 9324 Arkansas: juilgkind PikiHi Graphic. Little Iwk (501) 374-8305 California: Cenrury Gum purer Sy.Mc.ns. 1 j I labra (jlft) 697-6977: Compiiier Guild. Mission Vicjn
(714) 051-1355; Computer Showcase, San Francisco (415) 563- 1053; Creative ( »mpuu-rv I awndale
(310) 542-2202: Creative Compuicix, Santa Monica (310) 394- 7779:1 )ataphile. Watsonville (408) 724-3322; HT Electronics. Sunnyvale (408) 737-0900; KJ Computers. Granada Hills (HIS) 366-9120: I’ramnational Electronics. Anaheim (714) 630-8711: Winners Circle, Berkeley (415) 845-4814 Florida: Amazing Computer*. Tampa (813) 977-6511; Computer Video Associates, Pinellas l’jik (813) 576-5242; Computer I-me, Pembroke Pines (305) 435-1118; Computers Plus. Jacksonville (904) 268-1559; Computers Plus. Daytona beach (904) 252-6112; Creative Papiipment. Miami (305) 266-280(1; pjp.le Computers. W. Melbourne
(407) 951-9732; New Ape Electronics, latrgo (813) 530-4561; Georgia: A.C.S., Norirms (40-1) 263-9190; Indiana: CPU Inc, Indianapolis, (317) 577-3677 Kentucky: E*pert Services. Florence
(606) 371-9690; Mary land: Ihiricd Treasure, Rockville (301) 770-6778; Prolession.il Micro Services. Baltimore (301) 366-0010; Software Advantage, Rockville (301) -124-3024 Michigan: Computer Link. Lardcn City (313) 522 6005: Slipped Disk, Madison Heights (313) 546-3475: Nebraska: Double E Computers. Omaha (402) 334-7870 New Hampshire: Digital Connections, Dover (603) "12-2233 New Jersey: Golden I ledge. Cherry 1 (ill (609) 35-4-15(HJ New York: Digiral Dimensions. New York (212) 727- 3290: Microworks. Buffalo (716) 873-1856 Oregon: Clackamas Computers. Clackamas (503) 650- 0701: Pennsylvania! Mega bytes. Pittslxtrg (412) 653-9050: South Carolina: Computer Port. Spartanburg (803) 574-9679; Tecis; Computer-Easc, Corpus Christi
(512) 882-2275; Metropolitan Computers, Dallas (214) 702-91 19; Micnwcarch, I Inustim (713) 988- 2818; ! Lie Station, Austin (512) 459- 54-tO: Washington: Nybbles it Bytes. Tacoma (206) 475-5938; Omni International Trading. Seattle (2(K>) 620-2925; Spectral Electronics, Bellvue (206) 644-4038
* CANADA; Alberta; A Plus Computers. Edmonton. (403) 448- 0632; Desktop Computing, Hid Deer 403) 342-4444: Software Superman, Edmonton (403) 425- 0691: The Computer Shop of Calgary (40.3) 24.3-4.356: llcilisli Columbia: Cnnri Computers. V'ancouvcr (604) 734-0606: Manitoba: Adventure Software, Winncpeg (204) 9-12 (752: Ontario! Amsolt, Scarbarough (-116) 4.31- 9452; Computer Variables. Richmond Hill (416) 771-6807; Coinspec. L oronto (416) 633-5605; Elcitrnnics 2001, WiHowdale (416) 223-8400; I eppert Business Systems, Hamilton (416} 522-9029: Lynx Technical Services, Orleans (613) 8,10-8 )96; I vnx Technical Services, Ottawa (613) 2.37-4701; Neutron Computers, Kitchener (519) 742- 9821:1 )l vs Amiga Computing, Sudbury (Vo5) 673-8520: Quebec: Software I louse, Montreal (5l-l) 374- 3614: Soft Wares. Montreal (514) 737-5865 Saskctcfacwan: (ainiputer Answers, Prince Albert (306) 764- 298 ) Memory lame Computers, Saskatoon (306) 242-4000 User-definable Zoom means you'l get the view you want, from 10% to 400% for greater precision! Non-printing stick on style notes make it easy to leave reminders for yourself or others. I wt jAliardr Professional Edge V4.U &1992 Gold Disk inc. T UntIt led The new Font Preview saves you time by letting you see your fonts before you apply them! The built-in Pair Kerning lets you visually adjust letter pairs for automatic kerning! Page and Function Genies actually layout your pages for you and perform all kinds of tasks like table creation, drop caps and more. 4.0 has even more time saving Genies. And you get a special Genie Editor that makes it easy to write your own. Mike: This looks great,..see you at the meeting! Industrial Videos Sales Tapes Commercials Multimedia Presentations The unique Page Sorter lets you easily arrange your pages using just your mouse! A4000 AGA chip set support lets you see up to 256 colors on screen at once for a photo-realistic view of your work. Import graphics from a wide range of formats and platforms, including: IFF, GIF. TIF. PCX, BMP. Pro Draw, EPS with TIF preview header, PLUS Adobe Illustrator and Aldus Freehand files can be imported and even hot-linked to Professional Draw for editing! Free Paint Program
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P. O. Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga. Ontario L5M 2C2 Canada Circle 154 on Reader Service card See Your Dealer or Call 1-800-465-3375 I Aa'Bb Rocket Science Made Simple ...HIGH FLIER VERSUS “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” Integrated video genlock .... With some 24 bit video boards you pay your money and take your chances. Chances that they'll be up and flying in the future. Chances that all the "enhancements" they promised will be around tomorrow. Let's be fair. Where do things stand lodayl IV24 s fS o o o
1. 5MB 24-bit, 16.8 M color frame buffer... > r> Real-time framegrabber digitizer De-interlaced video flicker eliminator...... VIU-S with RGB, composite, S-VHS input outputs .... Optional VIU-CT pro-grade component transcoder (Betacam, M-ll compatible) input outputs ..... Cg5 o 2-way moveable, sizeable PIP (picture in picture) display, (video over application or application over video).... o o o § o Digital and analog key inputs ... O O > o Captured image retouching processing.... Video switcher transitions .. Real-time 24 bit paint .. Titling character generation ...... Animation 3-D rendering .... Karate game . The VIU Advantage: From the very beginning we figured that people who purchase a serious video card want much more than fun and games. GVP is serious about video! So IV24's Video Interface Unit gives you _ more choices for inputting and outputting video signals than any other Amiga® peripheral on the market. Period. Nobody else gives you a VIU splitter, let alone one that integrates video from computer sources, component tape formats, composite video, even broadcast professional formats in any combination you can imagine. GVP also offers an international (PAL) standard IV24. Software Brigade Desktop Darkroom ,M Capture images in Desktop Darkroom or bring stills in from other applications for professional processing and retouching, using filters, special effects and color separation. MyLAD,u • Hot-switch between 2 video sources with 50 packaged video transitions for live action production studio effects. Macropaint-IV24 “ 2.0 • (New release Significantly enhanced!) Paint 24 bit graphics from a stunning palette of 16.8 million colors. Then key video over graphics or graphics over video. Access Arexx scripts directly. Caligari24u • lV24's newest software bonus is a complete 3-D modeling animation rendering package. Desktop animation's future on your Amiga today. In a showdown of 24 bit video boards, IV24 rules the pack. So how will you spend your video future airborne at full thrusters...or grounded, waiting for parts? For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215*337*8770 For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 Circle 25 on Reader Service card GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.«600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 IV24, VIU. Desktop Darkroom, MyLAD, and Macropaint are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Cahgan is a trademark ot Octree Software. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Am ga, Inc OpaiVision is a trademark ot Centaur Development All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners VOLUME 9, NUMBER 4, APRIL 1993 FEATURES A Show of Strength By Christopher Kohler ....30 There’s a powerful array of multimedia software From authoring programs to presentation packages ready to heip you w ith anv kind of production you have in mind. AW surveys 20 multimedia tools to show you what each does best. The Power of Positive Presentation By Dave Johnson .41 Once you've assembled your multimedia presentation, you're only halfway home. Iiow you deliver it is the kev to success or failure. Here’s some sage advice on the do’s and don Vs of an effective presentation. Whatn'er your medium graphics, animation, sound. Text, or video we'll help you gel your message across with this won Ill's m idti media special. We’ve got authoring software, presentation tools, and advice on delivering the whole enchilada. ARTICLES Advanced Operations By Sheldon Leemon .... ..4fi Catch up on all the changes, enhancements, and new features in the Amiga's operating system and Workbench, as our system- softwarc expert takes you “beyond 2.0" to versions 2.1 and 3.0 of AmigaDOS. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .() Back from the Desert, the editor reports that the recent CES in Vegas spelled good news and bad news for Amiga gamers. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..()0 With some digitizing, paint, and image- processing tools, you can master stop- motion and motion-blur techniques to create spiff)’ looking animation effects. Video Suite By Gene Braivn .62 With the right support software, you can gel some unexpected additional mileage out of two popular video boards. See how New- Tek’s Video Toaster and GA P’s IY24 can be adapted to live multimedia presentations. The ABCs of Amiga Fonts By JeffJames ...31 Bitmapped and outline, Compugraphic and PostScript, AnimFonts and ColorFonts ... if the profusion of font types is leading you to confusion, take this short course in Amiga font basics. Digging into DOS - 6 By Sheldon Leemon ...... Our series on using new versions of AmigaDOS continues with a look at the wide range of new Preferences available in Workbench 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0. AW Profile: Joel Hagen By Jan Jackson ..38 .•Ill s “Accent on Graphics” column turns “50” this month (see p. 60 lor the 50th installment). We celebrate here with a profile of the maestro of Amiga graphics who created it. AW Product Information ...110 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list. DEPARTMENTS Overscan 8 Amiga new products, news and newsmakers. Help Key .106 Just hit the “Help T-l-M" key combination and our man Walsh pops up to aid requesters of technical assistance. The Last Word ....112 The reader’s right to write back right here. REVIEWS CanDO 2.0 (INOVAtronics) lit A good authoring package just got better. Pixel 3D Professional (Axiom) 19 Major enhancements to Pixel’s 3-D power. WORDWORTH V2 (Digita InfI) 22 Text graphics word processor from the UK. Art Expression (Soft-Logik).....28 SI iticturecl-drawing i 1 lust ration D I P tool. Blitz BASIC 2 (Atidsw) 76 BASK; programming with games in mind. Golden Gate 486SLC (Vortex) 80 Powerful 80486 PC AT emulator. G-Force 040 Combo (GVP) .... 84 Multifunction A2000 accelerator card. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 90 l ips and tricks on mastering popular Amiga games. This month: Lure of the Temptress. The Koshan Conspiracy (UBI Soft) .90 Sprawling graphic adventure with lots to do. DARKSEED (CyberDreams) .96 Great graphics but short on action. Traders (Merit SW) 96 Nif ty knockoff of the classic M.U.L.E. Short Takes .97 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. The Next Round ...100 Announcements of upcoming titles in the Amiga game market. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD JUDICE WINDSURFING PHOTO BY DIRK GALLIAN. NAWROGKI STOCK PHOTO. INC Amiga World Dale Strang. Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughner, Managing Editor Barbara GefVert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Rcidcws Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, Peter Olafson, Contributing Editors WERE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD AMIGA DEALERS Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoIdrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Creative Equipment International*, newly appointed Commodore Amiga distributor, is now recruiting Amiga resellers in the United States. Accepted applicants will be able to take advantage of special programs offered by CE1. We believe that our dealer support of quality resellers is the key to success. If you think you have the "Right Stuff", call your recruiter, Msgt. Dawn Miller at: Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager Monica Lou gee. Circulation Assistant Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan M. Hanshaw, Director of Operations Mary McCoIe, President's Assistant; Customer Service Liaison William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales ijf Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation Be all the Amiga Dealer you can be! Mi dg INTERNATIONAL DATA CROUP Creative Equipment International Commodore Specialists since 1977 .1 tnigo World (ISSN 0883-2390} is »ti independent journal not cormeiled with Cormntx oir Business Machines. Inc. .¦imigallbrltt is published monthly by IcchMcdia Publishing. Inc .. an I1XJ Company. SO Kim St.. Ibferborough. NH 03458. U.S. subscription raic is S29.97. one year: S57.97. two years; $ 83.97. ihrce years: Canada. S I 1.97 (includes CiS I I. and .Mexico S38.97. Foreign Surface S49.97. Foreign Airmail S84.97. L .S. funds dmwn on U.S. bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. Second- class postage paid at I *terborough, NH, anti at additional mailing offices. Phone: 303-924-
1) 100. Entire contents copyright 1993 by TechMedia Publishing. Inc. No pair of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission fioin the- pub- lislier. Postmaster: Send address changes lo.4m»g«IIW . .Subset iption Services. PO Box 595, Accepting applications from current and prospective new Amiga Dealers. Not affiliated with Creative Computers Commodore and Amiga are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines Ml. Mortis. II. 01054-7901. Nationally distributed by Kahle No'S Co. AmigalVnr dmakes cvciy effort to ensure the acniniq of articles, listings and circuits published in the maga inc. Amiga Ifor rf assumes no responsibility for damages due to enors or omissions. Expand Your Horizons A1230 TURBO*"1 A1200SCSI RAM*' With the world's largest family of GUP productivity-enhancing peripherals for Amiga" 500,600 and 1200 computers INTRODUCING The A1200 SCSI RAM+ and A1230 TURBO+ Take full advantage of the Amiga 1200 with these powerful new additions to the GVP line. A1230 TURBO* Stepped-up payload down-to-earth price
• 40MHz 68EC030 processor.
• lMB 32-bit 60ns RAM, incrementally expandable to 32MB.
• FPU socket for optional 40 Mhz math coprocessor (for intensive floating-point operations like animation].
• GVP's exclusive Kickstart Remapping Technology copies Kickstart ROM into Fast RAM for accelerated performance.
• Fits in "trap-door" slot for easy installation. Maintains A1200 warranty. A1200 SCSI RAM* Economical SCSI workstation versatility
• Includes high-speed DMA SCSI Hard Disk Controller. Attach up to 7 other external SCSI peripherals.
• l MB standard with onboard 32-bit, 60ns, 0 wait-state RAM expansion, (expandable to 8MB).
• FPU socket for optional math coprocessor. A530 Turbov Turbo-charged A500 Enhancer
• Amiga World called it "the best A50D Expansion Box ever." Turbo's 68EC030 40MHz CPU powers your most intensive applications more than 10 times faster, for A3Q00- surpassing performance.
• High-speed DMA SCSI hard disk controller with internal hard disk.
• Access up to SMB of 32-bit RAM.
• Unique mini-slot for further expandability
• Instant expandability for up to 7 SCSI devices
• 68882 FPU socket. A500-HD8+” Classic A500 Enhancer
• Value-packed with many A53Q-Turbo features.
• Up to SMB fast RAM expansion.
• High-speed DMA SCSI hard disk controller with internal hard disk.
• Instant expandability for up to 7 SCSI devices.
• Unique mini-slot for further expandability. GVP PC286 A500 PC 286 Emulator
• Fits in the mini-slot of the A530 Turbo or A500HD8+ to emulate a "286-16" PC. MS-DOS Windows compatible.
• 512K dedicated PC memory + Amiga memory sharing, CGA-VGA mono display emulation, 80C287 FPU socket. Great values for the entire Amiga line G-Lock”
• The industry's most versatile and well-engineered genlock board for professional titling and graphic applications.
• Powerful, intuitive software interfaces.
• Video and audio special effects. DSS8"
• Record, edit and compose digital audio samples in real time for multi- media audio mixes.
• MIDI-in capability with direct interface between sequencer and editor.
• Graphic editing and composition of wave forms.
• Dozens of effects and features make this the most comprehensive 8-bit Amiga digital audio device. CineMorph Morphing Special Effects Software
• Powerful enough for professional morph results, but easy enough for novice use.
• Generate "composites," aging or missing person simulations. A530 Turbov A500-ND8+" GVP PC288“ DSS8" CineMorph“ ImageFX,M
• Integrated, Amiga-style interface compatible with any Amiga, DCTr or HAM-E” system. ImageF}T Image Compositing Software
• Digital retouching with the most complete set of filters, coior gradients, image distortions, masks, and text handling tools on the market.
• Converts your Amiga into an image prepress color correction system with CMYK, RGB, HSV, and YUV.
• Scan in or framegrab from virtually any image capturing device.
• Includes CineMorph features, at no extra charge. When it comes to a sheer range of innovative products, uncompromising excellence and comprehensive customer support one company consistently outperforms the rest. World-class performance it's what you expect from the world's 1 Amiga peripherals company. For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337-8770 For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.-600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215¦337*8770 * FAX 215*337*9922 A! 230 Tlho*. A120C SCSI RAW. A53Q TufdO. A50Q-HDB+. GVP PC286. G-Lock. DSS3. CineMorph ana ImageFX are trademarks of Great Va ley Products. Inc. Amiga ts a registered trademark of Commodore-Amrga. Inc. AH other trademarks are the property ot their respective owners. G DRAWER To keep the fun in computing, the Amiga games market needs a helping hand from across the water. Is the Thrill of Games Gone? Always an exciting, gadgets-filled adventure, this year's Consumer Electronics Show was a disappointment. While the show offered manv new electronic wonders, I had come to Las Vegas seeking fan in the form of games for the .Amiga market. Several of the software developers at CES had nothing to offer except a weak response, “Sony, we don’t have any Amiga titles to show you right now.” In years past US software developers rushed to showcase their games in the Amiga market. I should have been prepared, since we had received calls at the Ami go World editorial offices from readers concerned about a perceived decline in the number of game titles available. New .Amiga games, they complained, were as scarce as real estate on the Strip. Some industry watchers trace the problem to distribution. AW games guru, Peter Olafson, notes that “there’s no shortage of .Amiga games; they're all over the place.” Instead, he suggests that with the “crunch on retail space," users would be advised to shop from independent software retailers or a reliable mailorder company for their supply of software. This situation may change, however, according to Olafson. “Once the 1200 asserts itself in the US, we'll see some of the major developers take notice, as people embrace the 1200 as they do in Europe.” He also observed that companies with strong roots in Europe are now entering the US market. No doubt, the European market is the hotbed of game development for Amigas right now (see A Ws cover story, Dec 92, p. 30). Some companies, like Electronic Innovative Design, have assessed the situation and seized the opportunity. EID, which was launched just last month, is an importer of Amiga games. The burgeoning import market for native European games is brisk, according to EID’s Marcus Marzet. His company anticipates importing at least 10-15 titles each month. Joining forces with UK software developers, Marzet serves as a bridge between what lie sees as an oasis of games being developed overseas and desert-like conditions in die US. “There’s nothing wrong with the Amiga platform: it still has a good following in the States,” claims Marzet. He hopes that introducing new games many of them targeted for the AG A machines into the market will “revive interest" in the Amiga. Another company with European Lies is UK-based Psvgnosis. According to marketing manager Phil Sandock, the company is steadfast in its commitment to remain one of the top names in the Amiga game market. “In comparison to the European market, the US market for Amiga games is not as huge, but it still warrants releasing product in the US.” He added that the Amiga is sometimes used to develop games, such as Lemmings II. Psvgnosis has a half-dozen other products slated for release, including two CD'EV products, Dracula and Microcosm, which feature a high level of user interaction and impressive graphics. Amiga users can expect exciting new games from other companies, notably Readysoft, CyberDreams, and Merit Software, who also plan to continue their commitment to the Amiga games market. Dennis Brisson Editor-in-Chief The outlook for that market remains positive, filled with new simulations, arcades, and role-playing adventures. While MS-DOS games dominate the US market, Amiga users and AW readers will benefit from an infusion of games from overseas. .Amiga gamers can look forward to products marketed through various licensing agreements and under a combination of American and European labels. While many A W readers rate home entertainment as their primary application, games are just one, although a significant, facet of the Amiga. It warrants.dll A focus on the games market in each issue and our special year-end feature on games. We will continue to scan the seas for products for the Amiga market, as well as monitor the nets to give you the hottest public-domain offerings. The Amiga has always been highly regarded as a great platform for games. That was the intent of the designers of the machine. And that’s your heritage as an Amiga user. If you think that gam? Is just a four- letter word, then it’s probably time to trade in your joystick. If you’ve never experienced the excitement of playing Prince of Persia, or watched animated chessmen duke it out for control of a square in Battle Chess, or manipulated those lovable-but-dumb-Lemmings characters on your Amiga screen, you’ve missed out on part of the Amiga experience. So join t he action and let the games resume; there's lots more to come!
G. G-LOCK" BY GVP-FOR SIMPLE TITLING OR MIXING IT ALL TOGETHER the Building Blocks of Betier Video Video: A Cut Above G-Lock's six video control panels enable you to perform a wide array of special effects on still or motion video including... ? Colorizing for unique visual effects. ? Creating your own "classic" black and white videos using the Colorkill feature ? Color filter effects. ? High-quality keying effects with bitplane or chroma keying. ? Manual or automatic (ARexx triggered) fades and cuts. G-LockM Makes Your Video Connections With:
• Genlock features for crisp overlays of scrolling, or static titles, graphics over live video and recording to videotape with high quality results.
• Simple, intuitive mouse-driven software control panels. Full Arexx, CLI interfaces and Workbench interfaces.
• Software selection of 2 composite video inputs or 1 Y C (S-Video) input.
• Software selection or mixing of 2 audio inputs with bass and treble control.
• Software-driven video processing amplifier, |proc ainp) offering complete real-time signal processing control, including hue, brightness, saturation and more.
• Software-controlled RGB color splitter compatible with video digitizers like Newtek's Digi-View™. Audio: Sound Designs G-Loek's dual-input audio panel switches, mixes and shapes sound for effects such as... ? Combining stereo channels or separate inputs without a' Y" adaptor. ? Treble and bass equalization. ? Plus, add DSS8 or any Amiga created modified digital audio samples to your final mix! Professional video processing + audio processing + a powerful but simple interface + creative special effects, make G-Lock the cornerstone of your multimedia productions!
• Built-in transcoder converts input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs.
• Full ECS AG A support for full compatibility with new A1200 and A4000 systems!
• Compatible with popular titling software like AmigaVision™, Scala-Multimedia 200™ and Gold Disk's Video Director™.
• Separate versions available for standards around the world. Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SEC AM. For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337-8770 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.*600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 A PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 G-Lock Is a trademark ot Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Armga. Inc AH ottier trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Circle 1 on Reader Service card OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Believing Without Seeing thought that if you don’t think you’re any good, no one else will. So I’ve never let myself think that way.” P E N SAC () LA, FLORJ DA When you’re blind, it takes more than a liule chutzpah to be an amateur videograph- er. Be so brazen as to start your own vicleo-production company, and people will think you’re nuts. Actually succeed at that endeavor, and you can only be one thing. “I’m a fighter. I was always that way, even before I was blind,” says Mike Danger, who is equally at home working an Amiga-driven Video Toaster as he is skydiving. “I’ve always Inspiring words, for sure. But even the most open-minded sort has to wonder how a blind man can put together music videos that have aired on MTV. How a blind man produces wrestling videos that air on international TV. How a blind man regularly produces commercials for his local TV station. Indeed, it all sounds so outrageous: until you realize that ‘outrageous* is precisely what defines Mike Danger. This is a man, after all, who wrestles professionally under the handle “Blind-As-A-Batman.” He was a world-class skateboarder before he went blind, and now works as front man for a rock- parody group a la Weird Al Yankovich. It was late in ’91 when he decided to open his own video -p roduction companv, convinced that NewTek’s Video Toaster would set him apart from the pack. Says Rick May, a Pensacola television Blindness doesn’t stop Mike Danger from producing producer who knows first excellent work in his Amiga-based audio video hand why this human hurri- production studio. Cane can pull off the things thai he does: “Mike’s got the juice.” Of course, there is no question that Danger’s blindness presents a formidable technical challenge when he sits down in his studio to put together a production. “It can he a real drag,” lie says candidly, “You have to spend a lot of time just on concentrating where tilings are in the room.” But like most entrepreneurs, Danger focuses more on finding solutions than on whining. And, remarkably, he is able to do most of his production work on his own, without help. “A lot of it has to do with memory,” Danger says. “I can hear a door slam in a video, and I can picture just where we are in the footage, and what kind of special effect I want to create.” Much of Danger's equipment is touch-coded, so lie can feel out the right key or switch he needs to push or throw. When Mike Danger gets stuck, he hires an audio or video person to help handle the particulars. And unlike some other videographers who prefer to cultivate the impression that production equipment is somehow the hallowed realm of‘technomagicians,* Danger has 110 qualms about bringing his clients into the production process whenever or wherever necessary to help him with camera angles, or just Toaster Turns Component Now you can transform your NewTek Video Toaster into a component (Y C) system and get improved video to boot with Y C Plus (S949, Y C P us Inc.). The full-length board slips into one of your A2000's expansion slots and provides four Y C-in connectors along with two Y C- program outputs. The Y C inputs convert the Toaster's composite ins to composite outs, thus allowing you to monitor incoming component signals for "live camera switching" and A B-rol! Editing purposes. The Y C Plus board does not alter composite preview output from the Toaster. And because the Toaster's composite-pro- gram output remains active but terminated, you need only hook up a video distribution amplifier to access it. Y C Plus accepts S-VHS, Hi8, S-Video, and Y C signals. You say you want to use a combination of Y C and composite video in your productions ? No problem. Simply select the type of source you need via jumper plug. The "Plus" part of Y C Plus pronvses to reduce cross color, dot crawl, cross luminance, Moire patterns, and other tyoes of NTSC artifacting, and to impart an overall sharper image. (RS 120.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 110. Museum Pieces PhonePak i i Attain a new status of computer communications while enhancing the value of your Amiga® 2000 3000 4000. Standalone telecommunications devices are ancient history, because... PhonePak VFX handles all the calls PhonePak VFX" by GVP turns your Amiga into a professional telecommunications center with integrated voice mail, answering machine and fax messaging options. Think of the possibilities when you can:
• Customize individualized greetings and private user mailboxes.
• Automatically receive and store high-resolution faxes on your hard disk for on-screen viewing or plain paper printing.
• View a fax while you simultaneously listen to voice "cover sheet" messages from any standard fax phone machine.
• Record and play outgoing PhonePak v voice messages in digital standard IFF audio format.
• Manage contacts with built-in database retrieval of names, addresses, phone and fax numbers.
• Throw out (or recycle) that low quality, costly, curly, nasty thermal paper. You won't need it any more!
• Capitalize on outgoing fax polling and delay functions, using PhonePak's intuitive, built-in scheduler.
• Configure all dialing and other telephone line control functions with Arexx or PhonePak's exclusive Operator “ scripting language. PhonePak VFX * won’t hold up the works The GVP logo on the box means the most comprehensive manuals and most knowledgeable tech support in the business. PhonePak uses CVP's powerful multi-tasking DMA chip technology. PhonePak frees your serial port for modem or TBC connections. PhonePak intelligently transfers incoming calls over Centrex® or other compatible phone networks and... PhonePak offers privacy for incoming and outgoing faxes! No other computer-based messaging device packs such utility on any one board, at any price. Integrated, affordable fax, answering machine and voice mail features mean that other telecommunications systems are history. The future belongs to PhonePak! For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215*337*8770 For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, IN0600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 213-337*8770 * FAX 215-337-9922 PhonePak VFX and Operator are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga is a registered tradenark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners play around with Toaster effects. Says Geneva Smith, an account executive at Pensacola's WJTC-TV who has seen many of Danger’s commercials air on her own station, “Mike is good enough to work for a TV station if lie wanted to. I'd suggest his services to any client,'' Given the multitude of obstacles Danger is up against, the rest of us must sound like a bunch of weenies when we complain how tough it is to get along in today’s world. As you might expect, Danger has little time for that kind of banter. Says he, “I think, as much as anything, getting involved in video has been great therapy for me. When you lose your sight, it can get pretty scary. If you’re not using your mind to think in images, it starts to go. Eventually your memory of what things look like starts to erase.’’ “It got to the point where I forgot what my parents looked like." He says. “I never want that to happen again.” -Joe Dysart Good CADD for J usr a Tad If you've wished for a lower-cost, 2-D version of DynaCADD (which, developer Ditek says, many folks have}, your wish just came true. DynaCADD 2D provides all the 2-D capabilities of Drtek's popular 2-D 3-D design-and-drafting package for a fraction of the price under $ 300. The package includes software versions for accelerated and unacceferated machines. Features such as on-line help, con- ? Last month I listed some handy archiving programs to ease file-transport woes between Amigas and Macs. This month, archiving between PC and Amiga is the focus. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Past experience once taught me that Pcs and Amigas don't mix well. AmigaWorUt once had a couple of older Bridgeboards, but the upgrade from Workbench 1.2 five years ago proved too much for those wretched contraptions. Label me a quitter because 1 repeatedly failed to minister to my Janus libraries as cryptic updates were released, but it was easier to forget all that nonsense, yank that rascal out of the A2000, and start using a real PC. Besides, I needed to free up a slot on tile Amiga’s motherboard. Today’s Special: Canned Ham? PC machines are just that- machines. When I speak of Pcs. I don't think in terms of Bridgeboards or those tinv cards 4 wedged beneath A50Qs, either. No. My idea of a PC is my
* J A4000’s roommate a fast, fully- equipped Tandy 386, Good sniff includes SVGA, PS 2 color monitor, and a fifth-of-a-gig hard drive. = .All’s not well in Tandy- land, though. I’m not sure whether it's by design or defect, but the hard-drive mechanism, as one imaginative caller put it, "...sounds like a hog stuck in a trash compactor.” She was commenting on the rapidfire grunts she heard in the background as the machine struggled through a database. Odd.) While PC emulators are needed to run executables on your Amiga, they are not necessary for sharing files between the two platforms. As with the Mac, the lines of distinction between PC and Amiga files have become so blurred as to be almost indiscernible. For that reason, a knowledge of archiving formats shared between the PC and the Amiga can make life more pleasant. The roots of your Amiga’s most popular archiving formats Lharc, Zip, and Zoo can be traced directly to the PC. Virtually all the documentation for these popular compression techniques begins with a nod of acknowledgement to the MS- DOS programmers who originally designed them in return for permission to distribute their Amiga ports. Compression Lessons It's so incredibly handy to have compression techniques that can be shared between the Amiga and the PC. Here’s why: Let s suppose your co-worker has an MS-DOS machine and has just copied ten JPEG and two GIF graphic files from some high-density = 1.44 meg) floppies onto its hard drive. It’s 11:45 am in the morning, and he asks you to get them on his Amiga for image processing before noon. The two machines are not conned ed in any way. You'll need to copy the files to a double-density 720K MS- DOS formatted disk (the only type of PC format the Amiga can read). The directory reveals the JPEG files will fill one-and- a-half such disks, and there’s room for only one GIF per disk. It’s now 11:47. So you fire up the PKZip archiving utility on the PC and compress the ten JPEG images into one 500K or 600K file. Repeat the process with the two GIFs and you’ll have a 500K to 700K file, still small enough for a 720K disk. The clock now reads 11:53. Next, copy the PKZip-com- pressed file containing the JPEG images to the first low- density PC formatted tiisk and the similarly compressed GIF file to the second disk. Run a PC utility such as CrossDOS or Mul- tiDOS on the Amiga, and launch Pka .ip, the Amiga’s version of the same archiver. Pop the disk containing the JPEG files into the floppy drive, select the source and destination devices, then let PkaZip do its unzipping thing. It's now 11:57. Repeat the above process with the disk containing the GIF images. At 1 1:59, having finished the job, you nonchalantly stroll into your co-worker's office with the good news. But it’s too late..,he’s already left for lunch. The Wherefore With flatbed scanners becoming all the rage in the computing business, the above scenario is becoming commonplace. In fact, it’s a variation of a reoc- curring event in my office. Just knowing that the compression techniques are transportable between the Amiga and the PC is the only secret. You don't have to use PKZip, either, as the above example would work just as well with Lharc or Zoo, so long as you have versions for both machines. A number of alternative ways exist to transport these graphic files, as well, using null modems and Syquest drives, However, experience has taught me the above method is best, mainly because it's the quickest and least expensive way to move from the PC to the Amiga and vice versa. Finding these Tiles on the nets, whether it be BIX, CompuServe, Genie, or Portal, is effortless. Just go to one of the archiving compression sections within the IBM PC areas and search on the keywords Lha, Zoo, or Zip. For reference purposes, the latest PC versions of Lharc hovers around 2.13; for Zoo it’s 2.10, A word of caution: If you have a PKZip file that won’t decompress on your Amiga, chances are good it was created on a PC using PKZip version
2. 04c. This January '93 shareware release from PKWare creates files that you’ll have to un- zip on a PC, then copy to the Amiga after the fact. All earlier versions of Zip seemingly offer 1009c Amiga compatibility. But, maybe by the time you read this, the Amiga’s PkaZip will have been updated... Here are voice numbers for the major networks in case vou're not vet on line. Until next
* 4 month, happy squeezin! BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 408 973-9111 ? 1-mai Corn II other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to-use page layout capabilities, and state-of-the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - With Final Copy II you get the same great looking output produced in expensive desktop publishing programs. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. SmK.ured took fcfounded object locking; and graphic deptn arranging. Sav good-bye to jagged-edged pnnjxjuts. Your documents wall look more polished and professional than ever before. Final Copy II is an excellent investment for your software library'. -1
mi. L» w»II-T>uu or* .yar.nrnir*' ¦w*il «. U . T • d ar Am a Jictuda sr. Int*$ rol tinur an4ttaaaiaut. Paiknt 3i»0*r not er_y rttMPuJrt f 1x4 *- v _ Igll »at 6*- KiiEe M» _h I r.fatln Kgdt 3 Iftunm. Ill til ak>i W i»«B« A mn 1 :. L MibI tvJ A ¦t i«i U a. J.t >il In Bfl.UlBW. Th*M»v». HiiUuii fcj;-o»i pma r il»in»liu« tfcawi an «UI, « nf ** An»l>l f. ¦¦ -mM n» m i*ISS2S 2 Jvki! Ccr y I WsyMAMNWl You want a document that reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a 144,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math support, mail-merge, automatic hyphenation, a id user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. Final Copy’s™ graphic support is the best there is in any .Amiga® word processor. Place IFF ILBM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy's™ structured drawing tools. Flow text around or on top of any graphic in a document. Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and well-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use. SoftWood, Inc. P.O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 1 (800) 247- 8314 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives Circle 87 on Reader Service card 0 V K R 8 C A X text-sensitive documentation, and a well- organized, graphical interface should make DynaCADD 2D easy to learn and use. The program promises to send accurate data representing all or any portion of a drawing at any scale (including best fit) to "all popular" pen plotters, printers (be they dot-matrix, laser, or PostScript), and disk files. Dy- naCADD's MAKEPIOT utility lets you create or change any plotter driver, and its full Vector Font Editor lets you create or alter characters and fonts. (RS 135.) I e r n E A R I) Read All About It Popular Amiga-savvy writer editor and ubiquitous network commentator Denny Atkin promises answers to the questions Amiga owners ask most in his new book, Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips ($ 19.95, COMPUTE Books). The editor of COMPUTE’s Amiga Resource covers such varied topics as how to add a CD-ROM drive to your system, how to j transfer data between the Amiga and other platforms, and how to rid your screen of flicker. It’s sure to have something for everybody. (RS 127.) If your knowledge requirements are more specific say, centering on die .Amiga 600 then put The Insider Guide to the Amiga 600 on your reading list. New from Bruce Smith Books, the volume features 55 sets of step-by-step instructions to the most important and common procedures. Workbench, utilities, Preferences, and AmigaDGS are all touched upon. The hook promises to show you how to configure your machine for your own way of working, and includes an appendix for quick reference. (RS 128.) Programmers, beware. New York City law- firm Pennie &- Edmonds (212 790-9090), which specializes in software copyright and patent law, recently informed.-4migaWorld of a case that could affect vou if you do any
* ¦ programming professionally. The case involved Clifford Ames, who was hired by Island Swimming Sales on a free-lance basis to write software for tracking inventory and cash flow. While a lower court awarded the copyright to the programmer, the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the earlier decision and favored the corporation. Therefore, one more time: Programmers, beware. Write With a Twist Want to combine the Greek, Arabic, English, and Hebrew languages in one document? The Rashumon graphic word processor desktop publisher ($ 180) can do it! But that, and the program's ability to support multiple fonts (up to 99 pixels high) and proportional spacing (to 256 pixels wide), is only the beginning. Rashumon, from Israeli company Har- monySoftr specializes in unusual features. For instance, you can highlight separate parts of text in your document and manipulate them all at once. You can also perform coior-sensitive searches, so if the Frame Accuracy in Every Studio Want frame-accurate video editing without investing a fortune? Ron Dt Richardson promises just this. No controller card is necessary; Richardson’s Evoke (S99) is a software transport controller designed for use with Sony’s EVO-9650 VCR and an Amiga. The only other requirements are a composite monitor and a null-modern cable. Word "strawberry" appears in both red and pink in your document, you can replace just the red ones with, say, "lemon," printed in bold green italics. But you need not waste time and RAM displaying all those colors; switching to monochrome mode lets you double your working speed. In fact, Rashumon promises to excel as a text editor, unlike most resource-hungry graphic word processors. Har- monySoft says it provides superior editing and scrolling speed, and even lets you import ASCII files directly from PC format. (RS 137.) Extensive error checking is provided to keep everything on track, and die feedback edit point display promises complete accuracy. You get access to more than 135 functions via 70T onscreen gadgets. Edit modes include PCM digital stereo insert, time-code insert, assemble, video A FM stereo insert, and format. (RS 130.) Applied Phonics New Zealand-based Lascelles Productions says its new Word Construction Set is appropriate for many types of students learning English: remedial, early reading, and ESL (English as a second language). It encompasses more than 1000 words, which the student builds by word and sound parts or by using phonograms. The program “speaks” a word (using Amiga sound) in the context of a sentence that is displayed on screen. A graphic depicting the word also appears. T he student assembles the word from beginning. Middle, and ending sounded parts, then tests the result in a sentence. Learning takes place as students recognize the word, letter, and sound patterns, and as thev take cues from context and visuals. The software promises to clarify confusing sound patterns along the way. Progress is measured by the successful construction of seven “building sites,” each representing different ways of approaching words (by consonantal sounds, by compounds, by homophones, etc.) and each being built visually via an animated crane. Individual reports can be printed, (RS 121.) Socket To Me, Joe Cool Want to leave yourself a little elbow room while adding the ability to switch between Amiga DOS 1.3 and 2.0? Better Concepts offers a solution: Qwicka-Switcha ($ 39.95), The miniature board plugs into your motherboard's ROM connector and provides sockets for 1.3 and 2.0 ROMs so that you can switch between modes to retain compatibility with all your software. That's not all: Two additional sockets are provided to accommodate whatever the future may hold. Another hardware utility can help extend the fife of your CPU by maintaining a flow of air in and out of your computer case to keep the inside cool and dust-free. Developer Better Concepts promises its Kool-lt ($ 39.95) micro fan kit will substantially reduce the operating temperature of your Amiga's custom chips and other internal parts, and thus head off the need for costly repair. If it's true that most system failure and chip burnout is caused by overheating, this may be a wise investment. (RS 122.) CDTV owners, if you have any questions regarding homeopathic medicine, HomeoCD ($ 60) is the answer. Developed by the Homepathic Medical Association of Canada (HMAC), the CD-based program provides a self-medication guide, describing the most common pathologies and advising on the use of appropriate homeopathic medications. An introduction to homeopathy, a repertory (including a veterinary section), a “materia medica,” and a lexicon of terms are among the offerings of the interactive guide, in addition to 80 Like a Laser SeaWorld does it. Lawrence Livermore Labs does it. Even PC developer Corel Corporation does it. Now you can do it, too: You can create laser-light shows using the Amiga. How? With Lasershow Designer. Developer Pangolin Laser Software is quick to point out that the Amiga is the only computer capable of directly controlling laser-show projectors. It's done using the audio outputs: Graphics become digitized waveforms, which play through the Amiga's Paula chip. Instead of hearing sound, you see it. The hardware part of Lasershow Designer, the QuadMod8 board, incorporates a reverse- engineered Paula chip, which promises all the Paula's capabilities plus four separated sound channels (three 16-bit and one 8-bit) for driving laser projectors. The Lasershow software comprises a draw program with CAD-like 3-D extensions, a library of assembly-language instructions (the laser is "just another device" to the Amiga), and even a laser-projected game. Pricing for various versions of the package runs from $ 595 (for hobbyist use) to $ 7995. Of course, for full effect you need a laser projector as well. (RS 124.) Lights Up! Whether you need to control vast lighting rigs for a professional theater or you have more modest lighting-con- trol requirements, a version of the Aladdin Lighting Control System (Phoenix MicroTechnologies) is on cue to help. A hardware-software combo, this Australian product promises power and sophistication enough to meet or exceed the capabilities of dedicated consoles costing much more. What’s more, it can integrate with big-name consoles as a backup or as an additional effects generator. Phoenix MicroTechnologies assures simple programming, on-line help, and ease of use even for novices. Features and functions include 48 channels, multiple automatic and manual crossfades, proportional softpatch with individual curve assignment, M and more. M f The hardware compris- | es a full-length card for the illustrations and 170 explanations of remedies, the disc promises more than 500 recommendations in simple and precise language. And speaking of language, you can choose between English and French when you boot up. Geared toward family use as a com- plement to a physician's advice the program can also be helplul in schools and professional situations. Its aim is, according to HMAC president Dr. Claude Harvey, to increase awareness of homeopathy “as the main alternative medicine; gentle, natural, and with no side effects.” (RS 123.) A2000 or A3000. The package supports both the Arexx and MIDI protocols, meaning you can control your lighting via other software or via MIDI keyboards, instruments, and sequencers. This also means you can control more than one Aladdin system at a time for unlimited channel capacity. Futher- more, you can trigger the system using common cordless telephones for remote interaction without reliance on line-of-siglu infrared technology. (RS 126.) ’ Have you produced a hip-looking graphic demo using an AGA machine (A 1200 or A40Q0)? If you want to make it public domain, Hip Computing wants to distribute it to dealers across North America to promote the new Amigas. Wherefore Art Thou, Homeo? Whether it’s a simple HAMS slide show or a full-blown animation with sound, your production will fit the bill as long as it: inns on a standard A1200 with 40MB hard drive; mentions the Amiga in some way; lists the softwre used in creation; is hard- drive installable; is “family viewable.” Send your demo disk along with your name and address to: An Amiga In Every Home, cfo Zoltan Hunt, RR 2, Beeton, Ont., Canada LOG IA0. Dealers wishing to be on the mailing list can write to this address as well. Shine On Want to add a little shine to your desktop-published documents? Allied Studios announces Hot Foil Effects, in six solid metallic colors ($ 12 for each 8x30-inch sheet) and silver holographic patterns ($ 15 for an 8x2Q-inch piece). Each package can spot-color 400 average letterheads. You can use the product with any printer that accepts heavyweight or card stock simply by running your page through the printer a second time. (RS 129.) CD For Yourself Turbo Technologies' sub-$ 300 Turbo Duo isn't just a CD-ROM game machine; it can play any High Sierra or ISO 9660 formatted CD-ROM discs. And while it's sold as a stand-alone machine, Turbo Technologies' new Intelligent Link adapter turns it into a SCSI peripheral for your computer. Turbo Duo has a 256K RAM buffer and comes bundled with more than S250 worth of games and discount coupons. The Intelligent Link adapter is scheduled to retail for less than $ 100. (RS 125.) Send news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458.¦ "Awesome, Spectacular, Amazing, Brilliant, Wonderful" Choose any positive adjective and chances are it’s already been used by both critics and consumers to describe OpalVision and OpalPaint the most professional 24-bit power you’ve ever seen! And now, Centaur Development and Opal Technology, whose dedication to excellence created OpalVision and OpalPaint, are pleased to give you complete details on all of the OpalVision modules... OpalVision’sstate-of-the-artmodulardesigngivesyouunequalledversatility. Start with the OpalVision Main Board and included software. Then easily add additional modules if you require more capabilities, spending only what you need to get the results you need. Each ofthemodulesfully integrates to create a seamless system. The OpalVision Main Board A true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available resolution of 768 x 480 (580 PAL). An internal card, it operates automatically Amiga computer with a video slot (including the Amiga 4000). It's coprocessor enables stencil modes, a host of transition effects and hardware-controlled priority switching and scrolling panning effects, state-of-the-art design allows smooth fading of pictures, color- andsmooth,double-buffered24-Bitanimation.lncludesconnectors for every pixel and a maximum in NTSC or PAL mode in any powerful VLSI graphics smooth, The board's cycling effects, for all of the optional OpalVision components. Included Software:
• OpalPaint V 2.0 - 32-Bit painting and image processing.
• OpaiAnimMATE V 2.0 - 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-Bit animations from frame sequences.
• Imagine V 2.0 - Award-winning 3D renderer and animation software.
• Opal Presents! - Comprehensive, icon-driven presentation package.
• Opal HotKey V 2.0 • Display OpalVision graphics anytime with key combinations.
• Miscellaneous Utility software Inputs Outputs:
• RGB output via standard Amiga DB-23 connector
• Compatible with most external genlocks The OpalVision Video Processor Plug this card into the OpalVision Main Board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality. It's a high-quality, real-time 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn't require a time-base corrector. And, it s a professional-quality genlocker with chroma and luma keying. The 256-level linear transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis for smooth vignettes, anti-aliased text and super-smooth effects. Video Sandwich key allows you to insert chroma or luma keyed video between definable foreground and background layers of a 24- Bit image. It also provides real-time color processing of live video and an unlimited number of transitions and Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVision Roaster Chip and software. These include cuts, wipes, fades, and special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range of flips, tumbles, picture-in- picture, page peels and image wrapping. New Features:
• Now includes powerful, VLSI microcode processor "Roaster Chip" for Digital Video Effects of unequalled quality.
• Luminance keying with definable upper and lower levels
• Chroma keying on any color range
• 256-level "Alpha Channel” (transparency) key.
• 24-bit, 35ns character generation software
• 24-Bit Picture-in-Picture and Video Sandwich Keying
• 24-bit real-time frameg robbing from composite or S-Vtdeo.
• Professional quality genlocking.
• Real-time, live-video color processing and chrominance effects
• High-quality Digital Video Effects The OpalVision Video Suite A power-packed video and audio mixing, switching, and transcoding device. This 19-inch, rack mountable unit is so advcnced that it has its own internal computer and every aspect is software-controlled for precisely timed and accurate functionality. The Video Suite includesa wealth of inputsand outputs. There are 9 Video and lOAudio inputs available, plus the 24-bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. Choose any 2 sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect, and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite. SOURCE A SOURCE B PREVIEW Preview Main Main RGB Key OpalVision Power composite composite or Y R-Y B-Y In out input Connector and and and output S-Video S-Video sync outputs outputs outputs The linear transparency key (Alpha channel and transparency effects) can be taken from the Video Processor or an external video source, and or output to another production switcher. This allows transparency control between 2 videosources on a pixel by pixel basis. The 10 Audio inputs (5 stereo pairs) are fully software sequenced with smooth fades and full, 5-band stereo frequency equalization. Video Inputs: (All available simultaneously)
• 4 composite inputs (8 composite inputs if S-Video inputs are used as composite)
• 4 S-Video inputs (S-VHS, Hi-8 or Y C)
• 1 or 2 RGB or Y R-Y B-Y Inputs (2nd source uses the 4 composite inputs)
• 1 master sync input (master sync can be selected from any video source)
• 1 Infinite level linear transparency key Video Outputs:
• 1 composite main output
• 1 S-Video main Output
• 1 RGB or Y R-Y B-Y main output
• 1 linear transparency key
• 1 composite preview (automatically transcodes composite & S-Video)
• 1 S-Video preview Audio:
• Inputs; 10 mono or 5 stereo pairs
• Output: Stereo with 5-bond equalizer ond VU meters ! Amiga
* 2000 P 3000 I 4000 OpalVision Scan-Rate Convertor Add this card to the OpalVision Main Board and achieve 31 kHz, non-interlaced output of Amiga graphics, OpalVision images and any incoming source in either PAL or NTSC. And we've added full time-base correction of incoming video. Time base correctors are used to synchronize two non-synchronized video signals, orforcleaning up the timing of a “dirty" video signal. The on-board memory also serves as a separate frame-store for dual framebuffer applications.
• Converts interlaced PAL and NTSC to 31 kHz non-interlaced, flicker-free display.
• Plugs Into the OpalVision Main Board. No external power supply needed.
• Works with any multl-sync muftl-scan monitor. New Features: Typical OpalVision Configurations OpalVision Paint and Animation Station; Put an OpalVision Main Board in your Amiga and you've upgraded your system to include complete 24-bit fundionality.
• The best available 24-BH pa Inf and graphics software
• Works with all important Amiga graphics software Including Art Department, Imagine, ImageMaster, Morph Plus, Aladdin, Callgarl, Real 3D, and more.
• Supports pressure sensitive input tablets.
• Mixes Amiga and OpalVision graphics and animations simultaneously. Included software:
• OpalPaint V 2.0 for 32-BIt painting and image-processing
• OpalPresentsI for professional-quality 24-BI1 presentations.
• OpalAnlmMATE V 2.0 for full 24*bIt animation creation and playback Imagine 2.0 (for a limited time) for 3D rendering of graphics and animations Opal Character Generator provides 35ns, professional-guality video titling. OpalVision Video Effects, Digitizing and Titling Workstation Add the OpalVision Video Processor board to add new worlds of video capabilities to the system. Grab frames from live video. Modify them in OpalPaint, add titles, color processing and realtime chrominance effects, output to video tape, use the powerful "Roaster Chip" for real-time Digital video effects to transform one incoming video signal in composite or S-VHS format. Applications: Animation Overlays Video Titling Video Processing and color correction Digital Video Effects Multimedia Applications Simpler Video productions of any sort To achieve 31kHz non-interlaced output and time-base correction of incoming video, you can add the OpalVision Scan-Rate convertor. And you can always obtain third party software or hardware (like Art Department Professional or a pressure-sensitive tablet) for additional functionality. Applications: Graphic Artists Fine Artists Videographers Multimedia Animators Desktop Publishing Education Designers Hobbyists This set-up can also be enhanced through the use of third party software and hardware. Add a 24-Bit scanner to import hardcopy color images for applications like photo-retouching and image enhancing. Add the OpalVision Scan-Rate convertor for de-interlaced output. Use third party Amiga-compatible genlocks for simple video applications. Or, include a pressure-sensitive tablet with your system for unrivalled artistic creativity. OpalVision Desktop Video System After installing the Video Processor board, you can greatly increase your input and output capabilities by adding the OpalVision Video Suite. Perform cuts, fades, wipes and DVE's between any two sources selected from nine available inputs. We've also added full mono and stereo audio mixing. Applications: Modularity equals Versatility Professional Video Production Wedding, Industrial and educational videos Audio dubbing and mixing, sound effects Cable and Professional Television production Multimedia Presentations Home video production If your need 31kHz (non-interlaced) output or time base correcting, you can add an OpalVision Scan-Rate Convertor to complete your system. Third Party OpalVision Software Video Performance Video Input Standards (User selectable): ...NTSC, NTSC 4.4, PAL SECAM Video Output Standards: NTSC, NTSC 4.4, PAL RGB output Bandwidth ....>7 Mhz Composite (Luma) Bandwidth ..4.5 Mhz typical S-Video Bandwidth ...5.5 Mhz typical Hue Control .....+30 to -30 degrees Video lock jitter .. 15ns Horizontal position adjust . -320 to +1000 ns Horizontal lock range ..+ - 1200Hz typical Subcarrier lock range ......+ - 350Hz minimum Linear Keyer input speed ...... >7 Mhz Audio Performance Audio Inputs. 10 inputs (5 left, 5 right) line level 20k ohms Audio Outputs ..2 outputs (Left, Right) line level 70 ohms Input Mode ......Differential for very low noise. Frequency Response ...20Hz->20kHz Frequency Equalization points 59 Hz, 205 Hz, 790 Hz, 2.95 kHz, 12 kHz Equalization Range .+ - 15db Total Harmonic Distortion ..0.05 % typical. Mixing level control... 0 to -70db (independent software controlled DAC's) VU meters .10 steps -20db to +3db range. (Available now or coming soon!) Aladdin 4D, AmiUnk Video Editing Products, Art Department Professional, Callgatl 24, Cine Morph, Fractel Pro, Image FX, ImageMaster, Imagine, Mlchtron Entertainment Products, Morph Plus, Real 3D, Scafa InfoChannel, Scala MultlMedla 200, Texture City Image Libraries, 3D Professional, Transporter, TV Paint, Vista Pro, Video Visions and morel OpalVision Distributors Canada: Woodstock, Ontario Ph:(519) 539-0200 Fax:(5l9) 539-9725 Denmark: Scala Computer TV, Herlev Ph:44 53 11 77 Fax:44 53 11 73 France: CIS, Pessac Ph:56 36 34 41 Fax:56 36 28 46 Germany: VldeoComp, Overursel Ph:61 71 59 070 Fax:6t 71 59 07 44 Italy: KB srl, Bologna Ph:51 76 55 63 Fox:51 76 55 68 Japan: c o Omni Inti, Seattle. WA Ph: 206) 628-2924 Fox: (206) 628-4324 Netherlands: Take One Prodi., Heerlen Ph:45 22 57 83 Fax:45 21 22 63 Norway; Capella, Olio Ph: 222 00 806 Fax:222 00 B05 Portugal: Chroma, Coimbra Ph:351 39 273 43 Fax;351 39 27 401 Spain: Arkofoto, Barcelona Ph:33 01 00 20 Fax:33 16 02 77 Sweden: Karlberg 6 Karlbetg, B|arred Ph:46 47 450 Fax:46 47 120 UK: ZCL, Lichfield, Staffs., Ph:54 34 14 817 Fax:54 32 50 713 USA: American Software, Illinois Ph:(2l7) 384-2050 Fax:(217) 384-2055 USA: MicroPACE. Illinois Ph: (217) 356*1884 Fax: = 217) 356-0097 USA: Vertical, Texas Ph:(214) 466-0046 Fax:C214) 466-0428 Free Imagine 2.0 A $ 450.00 Value Buy an OpalVision Main Board and get a free copy of Imagine 2.0 for OpalVision! ACT NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Imagine 3D - the papular, best-seling Amiga 3D rendering software now supports OpalVision! And you can get a free copy ($ 450.00 retail value!) If you purchase an OpalVision Main Board. This isn’t a stripped-down, crippled version. This is a full version of the most powerful, award-winning 3D renderer. Imagine 2.0. now with full OpalVision comparability! Hg'O i how it works Purchase ah OMVSOn Mon Bod-'O Fao-ucry ' and Vcrch 31.1993 So-d ui a Copy Of m* 'hvo C6 with yOvf name gro OOO'ess dong win your OpoJVSsian Warranty Cqr3 end wo .1 send you a I'M COOV of imagine! U S A. orders mcude f-ee sh po ng Orders from cu-rsce tne U.S.A p ease Include a $ 2000 shipping end handing fee Reate enclose an International money order ct furnish your Via. F cs-e-Ccra or American Express Card number and e«D'.'Cton aato Reauetti for Imogne and purchase documentation must 00 received Dy Aon 30. '99J Tns offer may not oe used in conjunct-on with artier Centaui promotional offer* Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development 1-800-621-2202
P. O. Box 4400 Phone: (310) 542-2226 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 FAX: 31 © 542-9998 BBS: (310) 793-7142 OoaiVcHon. Ooa'PQirv. Opal Presents. OpalViion Video Suite. OparVwon V Coo Processor and OpoV.ton Rooste- Crvp are r-ocemcrki cf Cod Tecfmotogy. Ltd OpaiAnWMATE is O •roaemork of Contour DovO'Cpment, me Other prendt and product names arc trademarks or registered trademarks of tw lOJWCtivo holders leennica speciftoaTtons subject to change witnou* nonce Tecnnccs specific at ions tuo,ect to cnar.ge without na"co R E V E CanDo Version 2.0 INOVAtronicSy SI99.95 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Multimedia Authoring
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB of RAM with a floppy drive or 1.5MB with a hard drive. Recommended system: 2 +MB of RAM with hard drive or three floppies. In an industry that is quick to call every innovation a revolution, authoring systems are an insurrection. Upstart non programmers can now scale the battlements of the sanctum reserved only for the high priests of programming and create software treasures of their own. Power to the People CanDo puts the power to create flexible, responsive, stand-alone programs in the hands of complete beginners and nonprogrammers through a simple, clear, point-and-dick interface. It also rewards experienced programmers by providing a clean, useful programming language that goes well beyond what the point-and-click interface can do. All point-and-click operations are instantly translated into script commands that can be edited or ignored. This strange hybrid of graphical and textual interfaces works well, even though there is sometimes a wide gulf between what the mouse alone can accomplish and operations that require script programming. CanDo’s list of features reads like the contents page for “How to Succeed With Your Amiga Without Learning C Programming.” CanDo effortlessly displays pictures (all ECS resolutions and display modes, but not AGA*s new offerings), sounds (sound effects and music), fonts (excluding ColorFonts), documents, brush animations, and laserdisc images. It responds to inputs from the keyboard, mouse, joystick, timers, and the serial, parallel, and Arexx ports. It has full support for Intuition menus, custom screens, multiple windows, screen gadgets, global and local variables, arrays, relational databases. AmigaDOS calls, and Arexx. The CanDo application builder can invoke paint tools to jazz up the display, and even put those tools in the hands To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 110. Of the application user. Rounding out the package is an excellent error-checking-and-rcporiing system, thorough on-line help, floating-point math, screen coordinates, crash recovery, and even AppEvents under Workbench 2.0. Program execution covers all available options. You can keep your programs small by installing the CanDo libraries on your system, or you can distribute programs with Deck Browser, CanDo’s freely distributable player. If necessary, you can even bind the CanDo library into the deck to create a much larger, stand-alone program. New to 2 l be improvements to CanDo 2.0 are mostly tools that simplify the deek-creation process and make it friendlier, which indicates to me that the people at INOVAtronics actively use CanDo. A BookMark feature lets you quickly pull up preselected scripts. The SuperDuper tool duplicates objects and aligns them in rows and columns. The upgrade also adds user- definable grids, pictures up to 1700X2200 pixels (such as fax images), longer scripts, and better er ror cheeking and memory management. None of these improvements are earth-shattering, but this release integrates all the earlier manuals and documentation files into a comprehensive 400-page loose-leaf book. Mostly it contains useful, clear descriptions of the script commands. Although 2.0 is not really a major upgrade (the most powerful features have been available since 1.5), it is worth having for the complete manual. I wish, however, that the docs contained a separate listing summarizing the changes to 2.0, so users of previous versions could get up to speed quickly. Many more programming examples would be helpful, as well. The program has a very simple, clean structure for creating buttons, screens, and windows. It uses the metaphor of a deck of cards to structure its programs, echoing HyperCard on the Macintosh. Each interactive screen is one card in die deck. Decks can contain one card or many, and they can easily flip between cards. Can Do goes well beyond HyperCard’s many limitations to create programs with strong graphics, animation, and sound support. For example, you can create animation motion simply by moving the mouse. The computer records the sequence and instantly turns it into script commands, which can be edited, as well. (Tinkering with the scripts generated by the visual interface makes learning the script language easier.) The visual interface can't do everything, but it can take care of some of the biggest programming complications. Configuring screens and creating and placing buttons, lists, requesters, disk Files, and so on are all handled by simple, easy-to-use point- and-click routines. This eliminates the need for complicated, messy routines that usually handle such chores. 1 feel a great sense of freedom when I watch windows, menus, close gadgets, and sizing tools appear at the touch of a button. It's fun to watch a program work hard so I don't have to, but it would be better if the visual interface could handle even more than it does. The only problem with the point-and-click interface is that ii must open window after window to get to the script you want. On a slow Amiga this awkwardness becomes torturous after a while. The new BookMark system alleviates the problem somewhat, but it remains Can Do’s biggest drawback. The feature that makes Can Do so easy to learn ultimately j hampers experienced users. Comfortable in the Middle CanDo programs run at a decent speed, though some tend to bog down on slower Amigas. While CanDo does not create blisteringly fast animations as the more complex AMOS (Europress Software) can, and while it is not a marvel of intuitive interface engineering as the less powerful Scala (Scala Inc.) is, CanDo is comfortably positioned between the two. It skillfully combines programming prowess with ease of use. Unlike both those packages, Can- Do is customized to Intuition, multitasks properly, and cooperates peacefully with other resources. Ultimately, CanDo passes my acid test for a program: Clearly it was not designed by people who were looking merely to fill a market niche, but by people who wanted to use it regularly. Daniel Greenberg Pixel 3D Professional Builds 3-D objects from bitmap pictures and converts among object formats. Accelerator compatible. Axiom Software, $ 249.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB of chip RAM. Recommended system: 4 +MB RAM, hard drive. V 7 The latest version of the popular Pixel 3D, Pixel 3D Professional boasts some very impressive improvements. The program has without question made another leap forward, upgrading the quality, speed, flexibility, and user interface. About the only similarities to the previous edition are the program's concept and documentation. Briefly, Pixel 3D Professional converts bitmap pictures into 3-D objects that you can then import to your 3-D imaging and animation program. While Pixel 3D is not a full-scale 3-D tenderer or modeler, it does offer some modeling capabilities and can render solid models of the objects from any angle within the program. Pixel 3D imports bitmaps (IFF format, up to 32 colors), as well as 3-D objects in 14 formats (Light- Wave 3D, 3D Professional, Turbo Silver, AutoCAD DXF, Wavefront, VideoScape Binary and ASCII, R E V 1 i; w s saves so many object formats, you can use it as a file converter. Rapid Rise Objects After loading a bitmap, the program outlines the image and creates a flat 3-D object. You can request that each color (up to 31) in the bitmap be outlined. Which is very useful in re-creating color logos. If color 0 is black, you can use it as a cut-out to put holes in the object. You can also load 16-shade grayscale images, from which the program generates a 3-D grid with higher and pyi_ huMM m hi
- The Walt is Over...
- The addition of A-Max II Plus to ReadySoffs acdaimed series of Macintosh emulators brings powerful new capabilities to your Amiga. A-Max II and A-Max It Plus are hardware and software combinations that, once you supply Macintosh 128K ROMs, run almost all Macintosh productivity software at full speed including Word, Excel, Quark Xpress* and Illustrator*. A-Max II Plus Is an internal card which may be easily inserted Into a slot In your Amiga 2000 or greater series computer. Once installed, A-Max II Plus provides AppleTalk* serial port. MIDI Y*. And disk compatiblity with the Macintosh. V' ¦*’ “ - The A-Max 2.5 software also features: support for Amiga hard drives, mouse, keyboard, disk drives, serial and
- ¦ parallel ports, processor accelerators, RAM, all normal video modes and screen sizes, de-interlacers, playback ’ of Macintosh digitized sounds, Apple ImageWriter* emulation for 9 and 24 pin Epson* compatible printers, ; and access to Macintosh SCSI peripherals through a hard drive controller's SCSI port. RaodySolt Incorporated SO W*nh*lm Court Sulw 1 Richmond Hit Ontario. Canada L4B IBS 7JI-417S Fa.i(«t|) TU-UST lower spots determined by the intensity level of the shades. Full white sections are the high ground, while dark gray portions are the low lands. I his method lets you easily create one-of-a-kind ter- rains: Simply use DeluxePaint’s spray can to put down different shades of gray. Imagine, Sculpt 3D, Draw 4D and 4D Pro, Caligari, Vista Pro, and Scenery Animator DEM). You can manipulate and optimize the objexts, then save them in LightWave 3D, 3D Pro, Turbo Silver, AutoCAD DXF, Wavefront, VideoScape Binaiy and .ASCII, Imagine, Sculpt 3D, Draw 4D and 4D Pro, Caligari, or Router Bit formats. Router Bit is the same as VideoScape ASCII except it is limited to one polygon and has a unique use (more in a moment). .As a bonus, the program now loads and retains grouped object in- fromation. Because Pixel 31) loads and Al ter loading or tracing your 3-D object, you can extrude, bevel, smooth, or spin it. You can spin and offset points during an extrusion, as well as type and convert bitmap-font text into an object. 1 find the bevel ability alone worth the price of the program. Now with the use of a Router Bit file you can create a custom shape bevel for any area of your objects, so angles, curves, and any other shape can cut the beveled edge. You can even save the bevels with separate vertices, letting you select whether or not to use Phong shading on various parts of the object. The biggest enhancement is that Professional lets you edit points. You can now move, delete, and subdivide points and edges within your objects. While you still cannot simply add points or polygons, the feature is very useful. You can select points individually or as groups and even extrude, bevel, or smooth only selected points. The smoothing controls now include fitting to spline curves for much better looking letters and objects. The screen shot above contains before and after smoothing examples; notice there are many more points before the smoothing. The process is also much faster than in the previous version. The user interface is completely new and is much easier to understand. While it sports a 2.0 look with 3-D buttons, the interface layout is still unique and lacks such standard elements as front back, close, and sizing gadgets. There are no menus, either; you access everything through buttons, which open information panels. There are keyboard equivalents to many functions. The organization of the interface is clean and understandable. The only areas that can ? Finally, true CD quality 16 bit audio is available for your Amiga! SunRize’s new AD516 gives you eight tracks, plus a lime code reader and a DSP chip. Included with the AD5I6 is Studio 16,u version 2.0. This new release of our popular 16 bit editing software puts a complete sound studio on your desk! AD516 The AD516 hardware provides stereo in out connectors, plus a SMPTE in. Just plug your VTR. CD player, radio, tape deck, or other audio source directly in. Then record in stereo, direct to hard disk, with 16 bits at sampling rates up to 48,000 samples per second. Plus, the AD516’s efficient design allows 8 track playback direct from hard disk. The AD5I6 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24. 25. 29.97, and 30 fps (drop or non-drop frame). Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD516 offers 15Hz to 22KHz frequency response and 85dB dynamic range. Video Production The Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do you want to do ADR or voice-overs? Do vou need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps. Door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do vou need to ¥ fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can vou * edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16’s cue list and SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably. At the same spot, every time. Or you can slip your audio effects, try ing them at different spots. And since Studio 16 plays directly off hard disk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Mixer and Meters Each of Studio 16’s eiuht tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems, Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record two tracks while playing up to eight! Waveform Editor The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and allows you to cut, copy, and paste audio. Up to eight samples can be edited per window. And edits can be non-destructive or permanent. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, echo, normalize, loop FFT, resample, and many other functions are available. Named regions can be defined and used in the cue list or transport modules. DSP Supercharger The AD5I6 includes a special sound coprocessor - the advanced 2105 DSP. The DSP allows Studio 16 to handle those eight tracks while performing real time mixing. The DSP can also do high quality 16 bit effects such as echo, flange, delay and chorus. Low Prices, High Performance Studio 16 2.0 comes with either the AD516 (16 bit, 8 track, stereo, $ 1495 list) or the AD 1012 (12 bit, 4 track, mono. $ 595 list). Also available is the DD524 digital I O card for direct interlace to DAT. Call today ¦ for a free Studio 16 information packet. Tel: (408)374-4962. Fax: (408)374-4963. Europejn Representatives: FINLAND Power Compu:crs +358 118) 781 SW] FRANCE Storm +33 11) 43 57 4(, 57. GERMANY A.S&S +49 069t 5 4K HI 30. ITALY AP&S +39 (0432) 754264 SPAIN PtXrLSOFT *34 tOSHi 71 27 OO. SWEDEN DisplayDita *-6 (0457) 503 SO SWITZERLAND Microtron +41 (032) X72429 UNITED KINGDOM HB Marketing +44 0753* 686000. Studio 16 if a trademark of SunRtze Industries- Video Toaster is a trademark of Se* Tek. Inc. Amiga is a trademark of CBM. R E V 1 E S can be handled; the less RAM. The simpler the objects allowed. The problem with this nondynamic allocation is that you must guess how much is required to trace the bitmap or load an object. Ifvou don't have enough, you must reset the memory and try again. Be rather confusing are the system memory and smoothing settings. Remember the Memory As the previous version does, Pixel 3D Professional requires you to allocate system memory resources. In other words, you configure the amount of memory that the program should use to handle the 3-D objects. This is excellent if you are multitasking and want to restrict blocks of RAM for other purposes. The amount of memory allocated, however, affects the complexity of the object that The documentation is brief, with no index or tutorials. The text in many areas, such as smoothing and extrusion, is technically specific and could use a more layman-type explanation. While operation was smooth, I did encounter a few problems with stray polySYSTEM With the MEGACHIP 2 MB Chip "The MegAChip 2000 500 should he standard equipment on every Video Toaster System." Jim Plain ¦ Publisher Editor Video Toaster I M r "The MegAChip 2000 500 is a must own for anyone that wants to use Toaster Paint or Multitask w ith the Video Toaster." Lee StrumiiOn ¦ Former NEWTEK employee dc w riter of lite tutorials fur die Vidro Toaster 2.0 ituirutal. Featured ill die Desktop Images Video Tom ter Tutorial aeries. "I would advise Toaster users who make use of Toaster Paint or Light Wave ‘ :o add DKB's MegAChip 2000 500 to your system as soon as possible." 318069-11 8375 1992 20VBE Tim Doherty ¦ Video Toaster User The MegAChip 2000 500 allows you to upgrade your Video Toaster. Amiga A500 & A2IHX), and CI>TV to 2 Megaby tes of Graphics Memory. The MegAChip 2000 500 is a needed addition if you are using your system for Desktop Video. ?D Rendering & Animation, Multimedia or Desktop Publishing. The MegAChip 2000 500 is compatible with the Video ToasterOpal Vision’VLab . IV.24 . DCTV", Ham-F. And most genlocks and framebuffers. Contact your local dealer or call for information. Dealer inquiries welcome. DKB Software 50240 W. Pontiac Tr. Wixom, MI 48393 Sales 313) 960-8751 FAX 13131 960-8752 Technical Support (313) 960-8750 MegAChip 2000 500 is a trademark of DKB Software. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc, CDTV, A500, and A2000 are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. 1V-24 is a trademark of Great Valley Products, Inc. DCTV is a trademark of Digital Creations. Ham-F. Is a trademark of Black Belt Systems. Opal Vision is a trademark of Centaur Development. If gons during some bevel functions and odd behavior when loading some object formats from Pixel 3D into several 3-D programs. I was able to fix each of these problems with a little expenmantation, however, and did not find them a major detriment. I recommend Pixel 3D Professional to anyone working with 3-D programs. Steven Blaize WORDWORTH V2 Digits international, S200. Hard drive installable. Not copy-protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1.5MB of RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 2 +MB of RAM, hard drive. Basic word processing and small-scale desktop publishing. For the past several years, a complementary balance of trade has existed between US Amiga owners and their English counterparts. While the best in entertainment software often originates from England, the lion's share of productivity software is designed and programmed here in the States. Now, UK-based Digita International bucks this trend with the release of Word- worth V2, a surprisingly versatile word processor that compares favorably with American offerings. An update to Wordworth 1.1, Word- worth V2 offers all the basic features that Amiga owners have come to expect. Such staples as cut, copy, paste, adjustable margins and line spacing, find, and replace are all present. You access most of these functions by selecting icons on a tool bar. Like many other d Amiga word processors, Wordworth lets you include graphics in documents. Unlike many others, Wordworth supports a wide variety of image formats in addition to IFF, such as PCX (IBM PC Paintbrush), EPS (encapsulated PostScript), and Windows BMP (Microsoft Windows). You can resize and reposition images, and a number oftext-llow options help pour text around oddly shaped graphics. Wordworth’s text importing and exporting capability is just as flexible, with support for a variety of formats. You can import documents created with ProWrite, WordPerfect, Kind- Words, and Protext, plus such MS-DOS ? AlfaScan and AlfaScan-Plus 400 DPI Hand Scanner 256 Grayscale Conversion Software Regular version includes New Scan&Save Plus V1,76-V. Plus version includes Touch Up V3.07-V. Both models include:
• Merge It V1.4
• Alfascale scanning conversion scale
• Cartridge, Interface and Power Adaptor AlfaPower External IDE Hard Drive and 8 MegaByte Ram Expansion for your Amiga 500 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Solid metal case RAM expandable to 2, 4, 6 or 8MB Holds one 3.5" or two 2.5" HD = s) Includes all cables, screws and software k Autoboot, gQfoconfig and zero wait states Separate'HD and RAM disable switches Pre-configured systems with hard drive and ram installed are available. Plug an AlfaPower into your Amiga 500’s expansion port and increase your performance and powerijgnist minutes. Desktop Publishers and Video Professionals can produce 24 bit IFF and TIFF 256 Grayscale files with the included software. When used with products like Pixel 3D Professional from Axiom Software, generating high tech 3D logos from printed materials becomes easy, productive and profitable. 3 Button Crystal Trackball for any model of Amiga Computer "
• Top quality construction with optomechanical encoder
• Two-color shining Crystal Ball ¦ Auto-fire button & key-lock function switch
• Long 6+ foot cord for convenient placement Product Description External A500 8MB Ram Expansion, expandable to 2, 4r 6 or 8MB - chassis is similar to AlfaPower (above) $ 149.95 AlfaRAM-0 AlfaRAM600-2 AlfaRAM600-4 FDD-M312 RA2-8M-0 RA5-4M-0 RA5-512K RA6-1M SWB-M-BT SWB-M-KS+ SWB-M-KS6 AlfaOptic AlfaPen CLM-MT OMM-MT 2MB AlfaRAM600 PCMCIA card provides 2 MegaBytes Fast Ram for Amiga 1200 or 600 $ 199.95 4MB AlfaRAM600 PCMCIA card provides 4 MegaBytes Fast Ram for Amiga 1200 or 600 $ 349.95 External 3.5" 880K Floppy Drive with pass-through drive connector and on off switch for all Amigas $ 139.95 Low cost 8 MegaByte RAM expansion card for the A2000, expandable to 2, 4, 6 or 8MB - OK installed $ 149.95 Amiga 500 4 MegaByte RAM expansion card includes set-up, RAM test software and on off switch cable $ 139.95 Amiga 500 512K RAM expansion module (501-style) with Real Time Clock and on off switch cable $ 69.95 Amiga 600 1 MegaByte RAM expansion device with Real Time Clock and Memory Enable Link $ 99.95 Floppy drive boot selector for Amiga 500 or 2000 - boot from drive(s) other than DF0: $ 39.95 Auto Kickstart Switch Plus for Amiga 500 or 2000 - allows convenient switching between 1.3 and 2.0 ROMs $ 39.95 Amiga 600 Auto Kickstart Switch - allows users to easily switch back to 1.3 ROMs for extra compatibility $ 49.95 3 Button 300 DPI Optical Mouse - comes with optical mouse pad - Note: 3rd button is active $ 79.95 3 Button Optical Pen with pad - allows comfortable Pen-style mouse input with high resolution accuracy $ 99.95 "High tech" infra-red 3 Button Cordless Mouse with receiver charging stand, mouse pad and power supply $ 99.95 2 Button Mouse with mouse pad, holder and extra long cord - excellent replacement mouse for all Amigas $ 59.95 When You Consider Your Choices... Remember The Company That Has Them All. ALFA DATA* s Crcle 19 t on Reader Service card ! LFA DATA US Qost Office Box 6990 Dhampaign, IL 61821 USA Tel: 1 217 356-1962 Fax: 1 217 356-1881 For more information, contact your nearest dealer or call 1 217 356-1962 Technical Support Available Dealer inquiries always welcome ©1993 AlfaData US. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. All brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. R E V I E W S word processors as WordPerfect 5.1 and Microsoft Word. A number of novel features facilitate editing newly imported documents. A convenient ’’bookmark” function lets you jump through large documents with the greatest of ease, while tools for creating a table of contents and an index make dealing with large documents painless. The mail-merge utility accepts data from a variety of formats, including Superbase and ASCII. And if you’re planning to create a multicolumn newsletter. Wordworth can accommodate up to 32 text columns with variab 1 e-size gut ters. A Font of Fonts For creating newsletters, W ordworth offers an impressive array of fonts and type styles. In addition to standard Amiga bitmap fonts, Wordworth supports Color Fonts and the new Agfa Compu- graphic outline fonts used in AmigaDOS
2. 1. Seventeen Compugraphic fonts and one ColorFont (Digita Chrome) are included, giving you plenty of typefaces to choose from. Plus, Wordworth supports for PageStream, Arf Expression, ProPage, ProDraw, Workbench 2, and any program that uses Workbench 2 or 3 fonts! Convert fonts between formats!
• Open, create and save PostScript, Compugraphic Intellifont and Soft-Logik format outline fonts!
• Arexx and HotLinks compatible!
• Draw and edit characters or import IFF DR2D drawings.
• Manually trace bitmap picture templates. PltOPAOZ Professional Page, Professional Draw and PageSetter owners: this is your chance to get a free disk of Compugraphic fonts for use with ProPage, ProDraw and PageSetter. Since your programs come with only 7 fonts, we have decided to give all ProPage, ProDraw and PageSetter users 17 free fonts! Call or write today for your free disk. (Please include $ 5 for postage and handling, plus proof of ownership of Professional Page, Professional Draw or PageSetter.) Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. 1-800-829-8608 (314)894-8608 11131F South Towne Square, St. Louis, M0 63123 USA Wordworth V2 lets you include PCX, EPS, and BMP graphics in your documents, as well as IFF images. Internal printer fonts, which while not as flashy as Compugraphic fonts print much more quickly. To massage your prose into something more memorable, Wordworth includes a 1 i 0,000-word spell checker and an 826,000-word thesaurus. Once you 7 j judge your work as being up to snuff, a noneditablc page preview shows you an overall view of your document before going to press. Wordworth outputs to almost ever)' .Amiga supported device, including PostScript printers. If high-quality output is your goal, use the included Compugraphic fonts. With these, I printed Wordworth documents to a variety of de- vices, and the output was always clear and crisp, even on a nine-pin dot-matrix printer. Wordworth’s printing times were a little sluggish, but not considerably more than times for other outline- font capable programs. .All of these features are wrapped up in what Digita calls its Human Interface Protocol (HIP). HIP refers to the appearance and operation of Wordworth V2 under both AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0. Accessing program options is usually as easy as clicking on tool-bar icons with the mouse or punching out a sequence of keyboard equivalents. As polished as Digita’s HIP graphical environment is, some foibles are apparent. The program does not support 2.0’s ASL file requesters, and the existing requesters are thick and chunky, often obscuring most if not all of the screen. Support for Arexx is strangely absent, and the program performs very slowly on unaccelerated Amigas. Other problems stem from the program’s overseas origin. All the printer information in the manual refers to printers with UK trade names, which may cause some confusion. Finally, Digita hasn’t yet set up a support office stateside; if Continued on p. 28 show Quantum Leap and for major motion pictures. 925 Stewart Street Madison, VVI 53713 608 273-6585 If you're thinking about getting an Amiga® special effects or image processing product, here are some facts to consider:
• ASDG's Art Department Professional was named the "Best Image Processing Program" for 1992 by the readers of Amazing Computing Magazine and "Best Video Software" by Germany's Amiga Plus Magazine.
• American Software And Hardware Distributors and MicroPace Distributors (the two largest Amiga1 software distributors in North America) cite ADPro and Morph PI us as the best selling products of their kind.
• ADPro placed third among ALL Amiga" software products on the MicroPace 1992 Top 50 Sellers List.
• The Post Group, one of the largest post production houses in the world, has used ADPro and MorphPlus in the production of special effects for the prime time TV
• Mark Swain, an AmigaWorld Conskjer facts reviewer (and animator for Foundation Jhen brj home best Imaging, the creators ot the special effects for Babylon 5), said, "MorphPlus produces the most realistic shape shifting special effects I have ever seen on a desktop."
• David Duberman, Executive Editor of Video Toaster User, said in a comparative review of Amiga morphing products, "MorphPlus is the Rolls Royce of Amiga* morphing software... it will pay for itself with one job." Art Department Professional is a registered trademark of ASDG Incorporated. MorphPlus is a trademark of ASDG Incorporated. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Circle 39 on Reader Service card MV9 R E V I E VV S From p. 24 you need tech support, be prepared for a pricev transatlantic phone call. Book Value Before placing that call, however, take a look at Wordworth’s excellent 350-page manual. Packed to the margins with helpful tips, reference material, and tutorials, the documentation is superlative. Chances are good that most problems can be solved by delving into the book, but Wordworth also offers on-line help. Aside from the sluggish operation and interface oddities, Wordworth V2 ends up being quite a potent word processor. The ability to import MS-DOS format documents is a boon, and the table-of- contents, index-generation, and glossary features make Wordworth V2 compare favorably with such popular Amiga word processors as ProWrite, Final Copy, and excellence. While it might not be the most powerful graphic word processor available, Wordworth Y2 serves as ample evidence that British Amiga developers aren’t just playing games anymore. JeffJames Art Expression Soft-Loglk, S249. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB of RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 2 +MB of RAM, hard drive. Entry-level structured-drawing and illustration. Soft-Logik adds the last link in its desktop-publishing product line with Art Expression. .Although PageStream has fairly good built-in structured-drawing tools, they are insufficient for creating complex illustrations. Enter Art Expression. Art Expression’s interface is clean, simple, and well laid out. The main drawing tools are located on a moveable vertical bar, and the menus are arranged logically. You can edit objects in Preview and Outline mode on an interlaced, a noninterlaced, or a Workbench screen at magnifications from 30% to 3200%. Bad Curve Ahead The toolbar contains most of the tools you expect in an illustration program lines, arcs, polygons, ellipses, boxes, rounded-edge boxes, and Bezier curves. The weakest of these is the most important the Bezier curve tool. While drawing a curve, you have minimal control over the control points, and you cannot see them. Worse, when you continue subsequent curves, there is no continuation between the tangents of the previous and current curve. This means that you must take great care to make continuous curves accurate. Controlling individual curve handles requires you to first click on a tool to enter the point-editing mode. The control points of all an object’s curves then become visible, turning your complex object into a confusing mass of handles. To make matters worse, none of the cont rol points have tangent lines leading to their anchor points. Knowing whether a point belongs to a specific curve segment is difficult until you move it. Other drawing tools are well thought out and implemented. For example, the circle tool automatically creates pie segments or slices based on percentages you enter in the corresponding requester, making pie charts a breeze. The arc and freehand tools are just as versatile and useful. T he toolbar also lets you automatically close a path, convert a line to a curve (or vice versa), draw' text, and set the magnification scale. Plus, you can arrange objects by moving them forward or backwards by an increment of one, select an obscured object by clicking it, and create subgroups of objects. For exam]) I e, if you group together several objects that are themselves groups, the initial subgroups are retained when you disband the new group, unlike in other illustration programs. The lack of gradient fills is a surprising omission. You can accomplish similar effects with the blend tool; unfortunately, blends are not as easy to change. They make your files larger, and you must decide how man)' objects make up the blend when you create it. With a gradient fill, the software calculates how many steps are used. On the plus side. Art Expression’s blend tool gives you more flexiblity than other illustration programs provide. When you select two objects for a blend, Art Expression lets you switch the starting and ending objects. One annoyance is that once created, all the objects involved with the blend remain selected: If you delete the blend, you end up deleting the starting and ending objects unless you First deselect them, which is not always easy. An excellent tool is the path-to-path function, which duplicates and lits a user-specified number of shapes along a drawn path = a curve, a freehand line, or whatever you wish). Its function is similar to the text-to-curve fitting tools available in this and other programs. The software automatically scales to fit, spaces to fit, centers, or justifies left or right the shapes on the path, A similar stand-out, the path-into-shape tool lets you fit any object or group within a drawn path. You could, for example, warp a line of text into the outline of a triangle or hexagon. A these tools work on text objects, as well as drawn ones. Art Expression gives you 35 PostScript Type 1 fonts among which to choose. You can convert them all to editable curves or use the tools provided in the Text menu. You can output the text at your printer's maximum resolution, as well. Noticeably absent, however, are such controls as tracking, leading, and kerning. If you don’t want to start a project from scratch, Art Expression imports IFF DR2D and Adobe Illustrator drawings for editing, and the included converter program transforms Gold Disk’s Professional Draw clips into IFF DR2D files. Because Art Expression does not support gradient fills, ProDraw’s gradi- ents are simply changed to solid colors. The Adobe Illustrator loader is slow and somewhat flawed; complex drawings often arrive with several objects skewed or missing. The loader does not handle compound objects properly, either. Surprisingly, you cannot import IFF images, which is an unfortunate oversight. Help at Every Turn Art Expression's documentation is top- notch. The extensive user’s manual is well written and illustrated bv many screen shots and diagrams. To supplement it, you get a 100-page tutorial manual, which also explains the included auto-tracing program. A third hook covers the workings of BME, the BitMap Continued on p. 76 Epson introduces eyes for Amiga. Coupled with an ASDG ADPrri driver, Epson offers the best flatbed scanning combination available for Amiga. Greater speed and higher resolution is a given for both models, and whether you opt New from Epson. High resolution color scanners. For the (>00C or 800C model, you always get 24-bit single pass color scanning with almost 17 million colors. But Epson also offers an automatic document feeder attachment and an add-on transparency unit, which give you the flexibility to scan slides. And of course it’s all protected by Epson’s one-year warranty. So drop by your computer store soon and take a look or call 1-800-289-3776 and ask for representative 81 for more information. Just don't be surprised if you end up with an Epson scanner. EPSON La * *rj Sotebooki Scanneri Dot Matrix r - . ¦ = [.. . ¦' -H : m -* ¦ ? *
* : , • : •» ‘ • +*¦¦“* ¦ - • *. V . ¦ V ! CSS'¦>• rr ¦ 5 . ' - "I A.
t. . Mem .
- ¦ Show Every good .show requires creativity and careful orchestration. For multimedia productions, there’s a strong cast of software on call to help you get your act together T . : OTHER COMPUTER platforms struggle just to define multimedia, Aini- m ga products and users continue to demonstrate it. Standard hardware and sys- 1 1 tern software provide the raw power you need to perform the greatest show on desktop. But this notable combination of strengths remains only an attractive potential until you add multimedia software muscle. Considering the wealth of packages available, it’s useful to establish some guidelines for selecting among them. At least la packages qualify as multitnedia-production tools. They range from complete applications-software development packages to simple slide-show programs. You’ll find their basic “stats” listed in the chart 011 p. 34. For beyond-the-stats reports, read on. .After a more detailed examination of the things you should consider in a multimedia package, we’ll investigate individual packages. Levels of Complexity ultimedia-pmduction software can be appraised according to two fundamental criteria: how many functions and routines they include (how much control is available), and the methods and environment used to access, utilize, and apply them. Often, both of these factors are af- CHRISTOPHE R B Y KOHLER ol HmgaHorld CanDo Test Ok Cancel R|[ : ? A 1 i t i -
r. TTT*rcrar 0 'Print T«o oneYftrea Buttons" ," have a rectangular Area,",5 fected by the intended purpose for the package (some have been tailored for certain kinds of productions and have concentrated 011 particular features more than others). And, as you might imagine, there is usually a direct relationship between power and complexity. The central demand is to be able to combine images, animations, sounds, and music that have been created or captured with applications programs. Good, basic multimedia packages call into play the full range of system features, including standard file formats for graphics and sound (IFF, ANIM5, 8SVX, SMUS, and so on), all native screen resolutions and colors, both channels and all four voices of eight-bit audio, and efficient use of resources such as RAM so that preloading of elements, large files, animation play, and simultaneous operations will be smooth. Going a step further, multitasking with Amiga DOS commands, Arexx calls, and linking with other applications opens up many potentials. A next level of functionality might include external devices and the addition oI further resources through software drivers, machine control, gcnlocking, and expanded input output options. In this way, you can access analog video, MIDI music, and CD material, and control touch-screens and enhanced-display and audio devices. It’s also becoming more common for such programs to directly support leading Amiga expansion cards and peripherals, such as those providing 24-bit graphics, digital audio, video effects, and the like. Interactivity is essential to some multimedia applications. While some packages arc only rudimentary in this regard, those intended for more intricate interactivity typically support several flexible methods and devices. Similarly, the software routines, production structure, and hardware support represent a tightly interrelated combination. Other considerations include modularity, or how convenient it is to create “chunks” or subroutines that can be inserted into other productions. Also, some authoring programs come with independent player utilities, enabling productions to be distributed and used on other machines without running rhe original development program. Scripting Success Text-based authoring “languages” produce scripts that the computer can follow. Text scripting can offer very detailed and exacting control over almost every aspect of a production. While typing command sequences line by line can become tedious, especially with more elaborate productions, the advantages of text-based scripting are distinct. Even some packages that lead with other kinds of interfacing contain options for scripting. The power of scripting is boosted further when the script can subsequently he compiled to an executable file, which results in small, fast productions. One of the earliest contenders in the text-scripting realm was The Director, from The Right Answers Group. The Director 2 (SI29.95), the current version, offers more than 130 commands to construct a range of productions. Dedit, The Director 2’s text editor, contains features helpful not only for writing scripts, but also for debugging. This means that scripted routines are run from within Dedit and errors or faulty sequences are caught and identified by the software, assisting in proper and effective authoring, which is especially useful for the novice or anyone producing long or elaborate scripts. Advanced users may prefer to use their favorite texi editors. The Director 2 controls the standard Amiga resolutions, as well as directly supporting Digital Creations’ DCTV and Black Belt Systems’ HAM-E display devices. Additional peripherals are addressed in the form of a ToolK.it disk (available separately) containing interlace modules lor Commodore’s GDI V, MIDI equipment, serial-port connecting peripherals, Pioneer’s LDV4200 laserdisc player, and Haitex’s X-Specs 3D stereo glasses. Unfortunately, no direct support is available for 24-bit display, specialty-audio, or video-effects boards, although you can access these things via Arexx. With its depth of control and ability to “manually” manage many facets of a production, The Director 2 has been used for a wide variety of projects in professional, educational, artistic, and entertainment fields, demonstrating the diversity of applications possible for a powerful and flexible general-purpose authoring package. Still, these strengths demand more from the user in terms of programming savvy and considerable familiarity with the many options offered within the package. The manual is well-ordered and concise, but neophytes in programming, multimedia and or Ami- gas may find it difficult. Wtiile INOVAtronics identifies CanDo 2 (S 149.95) as a “software authoring system,” it does qualify as a multimedia package at least by definition as it integrates a broad array of elements and can produce many multimedia applications. CanDo presents a combined graphical textual interface to semi-automate the process of building scripts (more than 200 commands and functions) using a “card-deck” context, much like HyperCard for Macintosh systems. A series of on-screen requester panels, control buttons, and dialog boxes guide the steps necessary to enter definitions, commands, and option selections. The versatility of CanDo is founded on a capable and sophisticated collection of functions and routines, enlarged with calls to AmigaDOS and Arexx, plus modules dedicated to port input output activity. The program’s interface design, including some graphic screen utilities, a built-in basic paint program, and a degree of automation, simplifies program use. But even the manual warns of some possible difficulty in using the more advanced techniques. CanDo’s features reveal its system-application bent: There are no drivers for external equipment or particular expansion items and little provision for some more fully developed multimedia that would benefit from such resources. Those with enough programming experience could likely accomplish such things via CanDo’s facilities, hut it’s not complete within the package. Also, there are a couple of options for producing “stand-alone” applications, including one requiring the licensing of the cando.library. Hyperbook ($ 99.95, Gold Disk) provides a very similar but rather simplified version of the card-deck approach. Its smaller set of functions allows an easier, almost self-explanatory graphic interface involving no text scripting other than optional Arexx macros. The drawback here is that many multimedia elements even basics, such as sound are accessible only through AmigaDOS, Arexx, and other programs. Thinker ($ 80, Poor Person Software) occupies a category of its own as a “hypermedia” program. Originally produced as a hypertext creator, further media options such as graphics and CD-ROM support have been cultivated in version 2.1.4. The developer has an especially frugal outlook (as indicated by the company moniker) which is manifested in the humble, sparse documentation, and avoidance of features developed in other applications that can he used in concert. This philosophy has Thinker providing a specialized, focused application that satisfactorily and af- fordably fulfills its claims...no more, hut no less. Get Graphical Graphical and iconic interfaces are popular because they provide simplicity and ease. Programs taking this approach allow you to construct productions via visual pictograms of the program’s controls. Their interfaces usually take the form of diagrams, graph layouts, and flowcharts, or timelines and multitrack bars. Whereas the former approach emphasizes linear sequence and production structure, the latter better accommodates precise timing and simultaneous events. ? |5| AHIHal KB Arexx In (H1 Sound Canvas G-LOCKenspiel Ri Media Madness Record 13' Notepad = 5 POD People £7 Scala B Toasty m Vak The new Media Madness module of Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 provides numerous multimedia-control options. I Multimedia Production Software m 111 . . ¦ y-:W :¦ i«Ns « ¦am AmigaVision Professional Bars&Pipes Pro 2 CanDo 2 Deluxe- Video III The Director 2 Elan Performer Helm" interface Graphic Graphic Graphic Text Graphic Text Graphic Graphic Scripting1 Auto ASCII Auto Auto ASCII Auto ASCII Auto ASCII
- ivi Color Support2 ECS AGA ECS ECS ECS ECS ECS ECS File Formats Accepted IFF-ILBM ANIM5 ASCII 8SVX SMUS MIDI Dbase 111 CDXLPAN IFF-ILBM 8SVX SMUS MIDI IFF-ILBM ANIM5 ASCII 8SVX FTEXT IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX SMUS IFF-ILBM ANIM5 ASCII 8SVX SMUS IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX SMUS File Formats Generated Program Program SMUS MIDI IFF-ILBM ASCII FTEXT Program ANIM5 IFF-ILBM ANIM5 ASCII Program ANIM5 Program IFF-ILBM ANIM5 Standards Supported MIDI MIDI SMPTE n a MIDI MIDI n a PostScript Expansion Support n a IV-24 Toaster SunRize audio DCTV HAM-E SuperGen DCTV HAM-E X-Specs 3D n a n a Peripheral Support Laserdisc Touchscreen CDTV Laserdisc SuperGen G-Lock SyncPro VCR Serial I O Parallel I O n a Laserdisc CDTV Serial I O n a n a gfptl Program3 Support Arexx Arexx Imagine, Scala Real 3D, CanDo AmigaVision SuperView Arexx Arexx (out only) Arexx n a n a Fonts System System Y System System System System - Clips4 Y Y Y Y N N Y Play Exec5 Y Y Y Y Y N ? Suggested6 Uses General MM Presentations DTV System Applications DTV Presentations Presentations Custom MM Presentations System App Custom MM Notes:
* Information on Helm and Medial .ink preliminary and unconfirmed. 1 ASCII indicates that the program generates ASCII text that you can use with a text editor. 2 EC$ = Enhanced Chip Set, available for A3000 and earlier machines. AGA=Advanced Graphics Architecture of A1200 and A4000, 3 Programs you can run and interact with via main program. 4 Does die package provide sound and graphics clips for use in your productions? ¦ : . •, - ¦ ¦ .. . • ¦ .••• : X
• • = - = • -1- ==---- v- - -,=! '•* - •• SSSfSHg --.*?• --S . . Xf- 'SS. Xj L T I i E D I A SOFT W A R E 1| |T ¦ ¦ • • - - ¦ v..;-.' . . .....
• ' • " - v v - - v Features Comparison Chart .....- ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦ - ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ ¦ - .I-:-.. v.; Hyperbook MediaShow Media Link" Presentation Master Scala MM 200 ShowMaker Thinker 2 TV*Show Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Text Graphic Text Graphic Auto Auto Auto Auto ASCII Auto ASCII Auto ECS ECS ECS AGA ECS Virtual 24-bit (dither) ECS AGA 24-bit ECS ECS AGA ECS IFF-ILBM ASCII 8SVX IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX SMUS IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX MIDI DSS Sound Tracker Noise Tracker IFF-ILBM ANIM5 ASCII EPS IFF-ILBM ANIM5,16, 32 8SVX SMUS DSS Sound Tracker IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX SMUS MIDI IFF-ILBM ASCII IFF-ILBM ANIM5 8SVX Program Program Program PostScript EPS IFF-ILBM ANIM5,16, 32 8SVX Program ASCII Program Program n a n a MIDI SMPTE EBU PostScript Z-modem PostScript SAGE MIDI MIDI SMPTE VuPort n a n a DCTV DCTV 24-bit cards DMI Resolver CDTV IV-24 OpalVision DCTV Toaster n a n a n a n a Still video Laserdisc VCR Film recorders Laser printers Still video Laserdisc VCR Laserdisc CDTV n a Arexx Video Font Maker Arexx n a Arexx Arexx Video Font Maker n a System System System PolyFonts Compugraphic System Scala System System System N Y Y Y Y Y N N INI Y Y Y N N N Y System Applications Presentations General MM Presentations General MM DTV Presentations Hypertext Hypermedia Presentations 5 Does the program generate executable files or come with a freely distributable player? 6 Uses For which I feel each package is best suited. General MM=broadly capable of most typical applications: random-access presentations, interactive training, automated displays, some desktop video and more advanced options. Prescntalions=sequential productions: timed and untimed, attended and unattended. DTV= desktop video, with such features as overscan and video-equipment control. System Applicalions=design bias toward productions applications for use directly on Amiga. Custom MM = particlular power for unique functions and advanced control. Hypertext and Hypermedia = nonlinear organization and enhanced access lor large amounts of similar data types. Prompts and dialog boxes sometimes assist in entering many details and definitions as necessary for complex control. In terms of easy and versatile production and access to advanced capabilities. Commodore’s Amiga- Vision has arguably set a standard. Sporting one of the most intuitive graphic interfaces, AmigaVision makes a number of useful productions almost immediately available without specialized scripting. It’s a comparatively full-featured package, offering functions and resources for most types of multimedia from the simplest "slide shows” to the most complex presentations, and from networked computer-based training to free-standing interactive kiosks. The brand-new AmigaVision Professional ($ 399) contains some improvements and additions. Some advanced applications will benefit from varying degrees of technical comprehension, production and design skill, and a more-than-passing knowledge of Amiga Vision’s details. Integrated databasing, interprocess communication, involved interactivity, and managing multiple media with external resources are areas where such expertise is helpful. Vet AmigaVision simplifies even these realms through its visual structure, organized prompting, and on-line help. The iconic, flowchart interface assists clarity and speed. Its modular method offers power and versatility. The newer version has a resource screen for conveniently organizing many elements, too. Most standard system resources (hardware modes and software file formats) are addressable through easy selection and defined options, and the software supports several laserdisc players and CDTV CD-ROM. AmigaDOS calls, Arexx polling, and application multi- OBTECTIVE ADVIC MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS CAN be produced and delivered in a wide variety of ways. The method you choose will depend on your resources, purposes, and preferences. Regardless of what those are, here are some key issues to keep in mind. Content Material The more types of elements you can include, the greater your options. If your multimedia program can handle still screens, animations, several sound ancl music formats, a variety of resolutions, and external material such as video, then you and your presentations will enjoy the broadest creative and productive freedom. The combining and transitioning among materials are handled differently by each program, and this should factor into your choice. Delivery Systems Some presentations can be conducted exclusively at one location, such as an in- house facility, while others might be intended for multiple installations. Single-site presentations allow more elaborate hardware configurations. Thus, the support presentations that require particular equipment (VCRs, MIDI, etc.), lots of expansion (specific boards, RAM, mass storage), specialized display and audio setups, even multiple Amigas. A multimedia program that best matches your mix of items will offer the most potential, although you may want to build upon the features of a particular package. Consider which device drivers are necessary, whether they are provided or need to be created, what types of cabling and connectors are involved, and other details. Portability a self-contained system that can output at most locations becomes important for outboard presentations. A minimal system could be just a CPU or a CDTV, a mouse or re- mote-contro! Device, and a genlock (to avoid bringing a monitor). (While Commodore’s internal genlock is inferior for recording to tape, it performs well for most presentation situations.) In this case, you may prefer a multimedia program that provides the most performance while requiring minimal hardware. Your choice of programs will also determine how much memory you will J need, what types of drives you will require, and so on. Display For live presentations, you might want a monitor for reference in addition to the one for the audience. This allows you to concentrate on your material instead of continually turning around to check the display, ancl removes limitations on die placement of monitors and projection screens. The reference monitor need not display video portions; I’ve often used an RGB display for myself while sending gen locked displays to projectors. When you include video, your software’s overscan abilities become important: They influence the content material and gen- locking options. Interactivity Many presentations need no more than a basic ability to trigger a sequence of segments or to reverse direction. Multi- media productions can, however, oiler nonlinear access to all of the presentation material, providing new dimensions. Check authoring-program features that will affect this ability. Flexibility Presentations frequently demand alterations and last-minute work. Some programs accommodate this better than others. Look for easy file-defini- tion procedures, clear sequencing methods, and even built-in resources for quick graphic text creation. The ability to use segments you have already created as building blocks for other sections or presentations can save considerable time and effort. Similarly, presentations or parts thereof can do double or triple duty by being converted from live delivery to automated display for exhibits, to videotape for wide distribution, and to output in other forms, such as slides and handouts. Consider evaluating for these abililies. Some packages are designed for use across a broad range of functionality from crafting very advanced presentation on beefy development systems to nimble performance on minimal systems via efficient player utilities. Others concentrate on special strengths in particular applications and are not as versatile. CK IT HAD TO HAPPEN.., We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhotoLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! IT S AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new AGA modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. ITS POWERFUL... Multiple levels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features. A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. IT’S EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations. ITS BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all, it's from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modes supported: Register based 2, 4, 8, 16. 32, or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true coior. With the new AGA Amigas: Register based 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64EHB, 64, 128, and 256 Colors. 6 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM. 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in fuil fidelity internal representations.) Competitive Upgrade Program! If you already own any current Amiga paint or animation package, you can upgrade to Brilliance for half price! Just call our order department, Digital Direct, with your current paint package manual handy and t>rder Brilliance for only $ 125. But hurry, this is a limited offer! Call DIGITAL i 1-800-645-1164 Dealers! Interested in participating in this competitive upgrade program? Call Digital Creations at 916-344-4825 to find out how. DIGITAI F-
P. O. Box 97. Folsom CA 95763-0097 CREATIONS FAX 916-635-0475 Phone 916*344-4825 Brilliance and DCTV Paint are trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc. Deluxe Paint ST and Deluxe PhotoLah are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts, Amiga is a registered trademark of CommtHlore-Amiga. Inc. tasking are well integrated, adding vast potential. Other strengths include its structured object editor, realtime previewing, and a freely distributable player program. AmigaVision has an integrated database capacity, including Dbase III compatibility. Its chief weakness is crude timing control and lack of support for MIDI, SMPTE, and other standards. .Also, while it provides important resource-manage- ment, the method is awkward. These limitations are overcome in ShowMaker (S395, Gold Disk). Billed as “The Complete Multi- media Presentation System,” it is apparently more of a desktop-video production program. Still, it is capable of much more than just video. ShowMaker’s interface utilizes gridded, multitrack, vertically stacked timelines upon which you place bars representing graphics, animations, titling, music, sound, and video effects. You define each effect separately; the bars’ lengths represent duration. This affords precise item timing and synchronization according to music (beats) or absolute time (seconds). You can adjust individual elements further in their respective modes, such as animation frames-per-second and loops, tide scroll rates, display transitions, and musical tempo. You can view this information as a sequential cue-sheet listing or an ordered story board with text and graphics. This type of program encourages the use of numerous elements, raising issues ofloading and playing many large files through limited RAM. ShowMaker s unique “dynamic preloading” automatically determines the system resources necessary for smooth performance, monitors them, and manages the loading and unloading of components on the fly. Once you have defined a production, you can perform subsequent editing entirely with the mouse; the program will alter resource management as necessary. ShowMaker supports CAV and CLV laserdisc players, MIDI, SMPTE MTC, and Arexx and specifically controls Digital Creations’ SuperGen 2000S genlock and NewTek’s Video Toaster, whether installed in the control computer or in a second system. Together, these features amount to a rich choice for artful, accomplished multimedia production. ShowMaker lacks interactive options, however, beyond simple pause- and-resume mouse support. To produce its simpler program, MediaShow (SI29), Gold Disk stripped transport control, device drivers, and other features from ShowMaker. Like its big brother, MediaShow is built on the timeline, and, with Dynamic Preloading, coordinates a synchronized play of graphics, animations, text, and audio. Gold Disk has thrown in basic paint and music software to sweeten the deal. .Another timeline-based package is DeluxeVideo III (SI49.95, Electronic Arts). Similar in approach to ShowMaker. Dvideo III is rather intricate, even clumsy, in use hut has increased controls within the program for incorporating more effects (rather than relying on the sequenced material). It also includes more interactive branching capabilities. Dvideo Ilfs timing accuracy is to ’ r>oth of a second (a jiffy). It allows detailed use of animbrushes and scrolling backgrounds in addition to other, more typical material. While you can access MIDI equipment, SuperGen genlocks, and. Theoretically, many other devices via a Device Track with the help of Arexx, this ability is available only in Expert mode and requires custom programming outside of the authoring package. Dvideo 111 comprises four separate programs. One coordinates and enhances external elements (usually created with other applications) and optionally combines them with effects from within the program. Another copies these presentations (or “videos,” as EA terms them) and all associated files to other disks. The third is a player utility for performing finished productions. The last is a straightforward, linear, graphics-only “SlideShow” perhaps in case all the rest becomes too much to deal with. Slide Into Home Early in the history of the Amiga, plain slide-show software was the only type available for producing presentations. Today, high-end graphics cards include slide-show programs. For instance, Centaur’s OpalVision comes with Opal Presents!, which arranges miniaturized versions of your graphics in a “filmstrip” and provides buttons for selecting options. With 20 transition effects, several genlocking modes, simple timing, and a receive-only .ARexx port with an “advance” command, you can create basic sequential presentations of still images. Similarly, ACS's Harlequin 32-bit board comes packaged with Slide32, which offers spartan control through text-file scripts. A more agile presentation program, also bundled with hardware, is Elan Performer 2. Previously available separately, the program is now bundled with NewTek's DigiView still digitizer in a package called MediaStation (S249.95). Its interface provides a sensible representation of the Amiga keyboard. You assign images, animations, and sounds to individual keys by clicking on them with the mouse. On-screen dialogue boxes and buttons list directories and files for selection, and define the appropriate options for timing, looping, and so on. The program allows especially quick presentation construction, and assigning individual or groups of elements to keys provides interesting (if limited) interactive potential. The same scheme also offers nearly immediate nonlinear access to file play, which encourages such intriguing applications as realtime video production with genlock and audio overlays, possibly without scripting or sequencing. I think that TV*Show (S99.95, Zuma Group), wras the first Amiga program to specialize in presentations. Even now its use of icons to craft productions and select among a set of the most common screen transitions keeps it a credible contender for those wanting easy, reliable performance, and reasonable creative options with minimal hiss. Zuina’s companion titling program, 'fV*Text Professional (SI69.95), is optimized for quickly building satisfying screens. With surprising ease, you can generate a wide variety of special text effects and combine them with practical graphics and backgrounds from within the program, from other sources, or both. The overscan capabilities of both programs are a useful feature for recording to video. In terms of creating strictly still-image presentations, the most complete and adapted package is probably Presentation Master ($ 299.95, Oxxi). This is a profes-*- SuperGen GENLOCK AND OVERLAY SYSTEM Only broadcast quality genlock for less than SI000 Two independent dissolve controls Software controllable Compatible with all Amiga models Notch tllter THE FUTURE IS HERE! TWO CHANNEL TBC SYSTEM % Create spectacular true color animations on X -- your Amisa. The industry standard - yet to be equaled SuperGen $ 549.00 SuperGen2000 THE FIRST TRUE Y C GENLOCK AND OVERLAY CARD FOR THE AMIGA 2000 SERIES COMPUTER S-VHS. ED-BETA. Hi8 compatible Broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A output SC H phase adjustability Built-in sync generator Two independent dissolve controls Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source. Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software included. Compatible with AGA 1200 and 4000 Amigas in NTSC PAL modes. Two to four times the speed of AGA animations (DCTV vs. HAMS) with greater color and resolution. Compatible with all popular 3D, rendering, and graphics packages including: AD-Pro, Aladdin 4D. AmigaVision, Brilliance, Calligari. Cincmorph, Draw4D. ImageMaster, Imagine, LightWave, MorphPlus, Real 3D, Scala, Scenery Animator, Sculpt, VistaPro, and many others... DCTV (NTSC or PAL) ias4LH=tk. $ 299.00 The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of time base correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™. To • "O •" ‘ v With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card.
• Absolute 100% broadcast quality
• Composite or Y C video in
• Includes easy to use external control panel
• No waveform monitor needed
• Variable speed strobe
• Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields
• Low power consumption
• Lowest TBC price per channel
• Works w ith consumer grade VCRs [=4y Kitchen Sync K SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 RGB CONVERTER Allows the use of DCTV with standard RGB monitors (1084) in standard NTSC or PAL modes. Also permits the use of external genlocks like our SuperGen. RGB Converter $ 199.00 NEW PRICE! Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external video source. Genlock Option NEW1 PRICE! $ 150.00 S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. ?I=1V S-VHS Option si $ 99.00 FREE 2nd Day shipping m on all VISA & MC orders in the US. CALL DIGITAL DIRECT 1 -800-645-1164 Orders only Next Day Shipping add $ 5.00. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00 Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 916-344-4825 Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited R E A T I O N S P.O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone 916-344-4825 • FAX 916*635*0475 SuperGen. SupcrGcn2000s. DCTV. DCTV KGB Converter, and Kitchen Sync arc trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 16 on Reader Service card sional-level product for creating, producing, and managing not only slide shows, but also important support material and hardcopy output such as speaker’s notes, audience handouts, and storyboards. Using scalable fonts, structured objects, automated charts and graphs, and 24-bit color, Presentation Master generates high-quality slides and images. These are suitable for display on Amiga systems, for PostScript output to laser printers, and For output to film recorders. Presentations can be linear or interactive. For more dynamic multimedia presentations, Scala has taken a leading position alongside AmigaVision. The latest version, Scala Multimedia 200 ($ 495, Scala Inc.), takes the program beyond its prior bounds of presentation into the broader interactive arena. This is evident by the new Lingo scripting language, which can invisibly drive productions created solely through the graphical user interface. Lingo can also be accessed via Arexx or directly with a text editor. Scala’s wider scope is also seen in its new EX modules, which seamlessly support laserdisc players, Canon still-video, MIDI, Souncltracker DSS sound, CDTV, and more. Additional EX modules are planned. Scala’s display transitions have been improved to rival the very best on the Amiga in both speed and effect. An innovative technique of timing, accurate internally to milliseconds, is so flexible that simple mouse clicks register cues in real-time to accommodate intuitive, analog synchronization of most production elements. SnapLoad a method of pre- loading, dynamic and static buffering, and proprietary 32-bit formatting speeds up graphic display and lets you play very large animations (even digitized video) directly from disk, unhindered by RAM limitations. Hierarchical interactivity supports variable and conditional branching. You can define “hit spots” easily and simply, to allow triggering choices of actions. You can multitask additional applications programs and employ Arexx for interprocess communication. The program design is clean and responsive. A new Shuffler interface lets you reorganize productions by moving reduced screen representations. Scala still comes with a nice collection of elegant fonts and stunning background textures. Unfortunately, a hardware “key” or (dongle) must be installed in a mouse port for the program to run. While the dongle does pass the port through, it is one of the most inconvenient and imposing forms of copy-protection a big disappointment, even if understandable. A superset of Scala is InfoChannel, with features for multiple distributed displays and unattended performance. On the Way. .. The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks has announced another entrant in the multimedia genre, Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0, which I looked at in beta stage. Not just a music-sequencer any more, the inclusion of a module called Media Madness empowers Bars&Pipes with multimedia control within its tracks framework. This is effected with various new Tools, all of which can be configured separately. There are Tools devoted to NewTek’s Video Toaster, GVP’s G-Lock genlock and IV-24 hoard, Digital Creations’ SuperGen, SunRize’s AD516 and AD 1012 audio boards, and video equipment through interfacing with Interactive Micro-Systems’ MediaPhile. Accessory modules synchronize media elements among other products, including Scala, Impulse’s Imagine and Activa’s Real3D modelers, and Blue Ribbon's own SyncPro sync box. Advanced MIDI and SMPTE options are available, too. You can save multimedia productions in Media Madness format and perform them using the freely distributable Player program. Bars & Pipes’.attractive graphical interface is widely considered effective, and these new dimensions to the program lit right in. Eagle Tree Software characterizes Helm, which is not yet shipping at this writing, as an economical but able package for creating productivity applications (called Books) via a scripting language (called Breeze). Notable image-processing routines, as found in Eagle Tree’s popular Butcher program, are included as tools along with image editors. The firm promises several example applications and two full disks of dip art will accompany the release. According to developer 1001 Software Development, the upcoming MediaLink 3.0, will be close to Scala’s InfoChannel in terms of purpose and capabilities. Press literature promises InoChannePs functions, and a large number of other features. Claiming developmental roots going back to 1988 and worldwide commercial installations, the company hopes for superior performance and lists almost exhaustive resources, including support for: “all popular 24-bit cards,” VCRs, and many other devices; Z-modem protocol for transplatform screen editing; and data-broadcast via cable, network and or satellite using “the upper lines of TV signals” for remote access and updating. And finally, Knowledge Media continues to work on Viva II, which promises an object-oriented approach to developing multimedia productions, including interactive presentations, “media databases,” and even full applications. Defining Multimedia This wide diversity of multimedia packages poses a challenging, hologrammatic mosaic of criteria for comparison. Evaluating programs is extremely relative: There are no fixed, objective ratings with which to measure them. Many developers promote their products aggressively, but ambiguously, as multimedia with liberal use of terms like “revolutionary” and “complete.” As you have seen, though, there are actually many shades of meanings. Depending on your particular needs, you might find packages not marketed for multimedia including such game-development packages as Europress’ AMOS, Oxxi’s Aegis Visionary, and so on helpful. What’s sure is that there are abundant, powerful, and ever-expanding choices. If you want multimedia, you’re definitely in the right ring. So, now, on with the show! ¦ Christopher Kohler is an independent marketing professional, and an author, speaker, and consultant on multimedia topics. A long-time professional Amiga user, he was formerly a Commodore executive and, as such, was responsible for creative multimedia and was instrumental in developing the company's own use of these applications. THE POWER OF PRESENTATION is just as important as its contents. Here are some essential do’s and don’t’s for preparing yourself for an effective presentation. Nlv a few years ago, it seemed inconceivable to many people diat the .Amiga could be successfully employed as a presentation machine, replacing the overhead projector, slide viewer, and flip chart in one fell swoop. Today, Amigas sit at the front of many classrooms, boardrooms, and, yes, even users’ group meeting halls, ready and eager to provide audio-visual assistance to group speakers. You may be like many Amigans who have received a lot of advice on the mechanics of creating graphics, using encoders, displaying text in NTSC, and so on, but have limited experience speaking before a group. Multimedia is not just graphics and video, so let’s take a look at some often neglected elements of winning and memorable presentations. Keep the Audience Informed Your first order of business when speaking to a group should always be to let the audience know what, and how much, to expect. Design the first graphic to outline the two to four major points in your discussion. (If you use more than four main points, your speech won't appear focused.) This is a good time to tell them how long you plan to talk. Remember: You can’t hope to keep the group’s attention if people expect you to talk for 30 minutes, but you ramble on for an hour. Another useful technique is to tell the crowd which main point you intend to spend the most time on. Put yourself in the place of an audience that sits patiently through twenty minutes of a supposed thirty-minute ? BY DAVE JOHNSON How you deliver your m ultimedia presentation speech, only to see that the speaker has two more major points to go! If your last point will take only a brief time to discuss, let them know. It works. The Body Visual One of the most important visual aids you have at your disposal, Amiga notwithstanding, is yourself. You are a valuable tool for getting your message across, and you can likewise have a disastrous effect on the 4 group’s attention span if you don’t think about how to use your body. 4 What separates a good public speaker from a bad one? More often than not, it is simply body language. A relaxed speaker puts the audience at ease and makes the information flow a little easier. It takes only a litA relaxed speaker puts the audience at ease. . . [your hands] make nifty visual aids. Use them to convey normal body motions... ff tle conscious effort to convey natural body language, so think about the way you cany yourself ahead of time. Don’t clasp your hands, either in front or behind you. Your hands are attached to your arms for a good reason: They make nifty visual aids. Use them to convey normal body motions, as if you were conversing with another person in private conversation. Many people think that body motion is supposed to be rigid during public speaking, but nothing could be further from the truth. While we’re talking about natural body motion, how about props? Some people love to pick things up their notes, a pointing stick, chalk, or a marker and keep a deathgrip on them throughout the speech. While props may come in handy on occasion, it is best to keep your hands empty. Put your prop down as soon as you are done with it, lest the audience pay more attention to your Hailing pointer than what you are saying. Next Slide, Please You will likely be using your Amiga to drive graphics, so an appropriate question arises: How do I advance slides and animations as inconspicuously as possible? Some folks opt to have a helper nearby to whom they repeatedly utter the phrase, “next slide, please.” There are few things you can do. Aside from running your fingernails down a blackboard, to annoy a crowd more quickly. Software such as Elan Performer (now sold as part of NewTek’s Digi-View MediaStation) and Deluxe Video III (Electronic Arts) allow you to advance graphics entirely from the mouse, so use that rodent Commodore so thoughtfully supplied with your computer. The cord is not likely to be long enough, so buy a long extension cable that will allow you to move around the floor as much as you please. Ideally, dip the mouse to your belt or put it in your pocket so that your hands are free to convey all that nifty body motion we dis- 4 4 cussed. An arguably better solution is to purchase a cordless mouse. Because they have a limited range (about six feet), you will still need an extension cord to get the IR receiver into the middle of the room, but you and the mouse are no longer tethered to the Amiga like a space-walking cosmonaut. I do not recommend that you use a timer-based script style such as AmigaVision (Commodore) or Deluxe Video III olfer. While there are no mice to early or helpers to talk to, remember that if you become slowed down due to questions, embellishments, or war stories, your audio visuals will march right along without you. Extemporaneously Speaking While all this is going on, where should you be standing? Not behind a podium, that’s for sure. Get out into the middle of the room and move around. If you hide behind a 4 barrier like the podium, you are, in effect, telling your audience that they' aren’t important enough to talk to directly. But wait, I know you’re say- 4 4 4 ing, “If I move around, and don’t carry my notes with me, how am I supposed to remember what to say?” Well, this is called extemporaneous speaking. All that means is that you are neither repeating the speech from memory nor reading it word for word from a set of index cards. Ideally, you have practiced the speech often enough (three or four times) that you know essentially what needs to be said. Leave the notes on the corner of a table or the podium, and walk over to them when you need to refer to some aspect of your speech. Extemporaneous speaking is a better method then rote memorization because the latter lacks sincerity and leaves you vulnerable to you guessed it forgetting something. If you forget even a little, the results are often disastrous because you’ve built a memorized speech like a house of cards: Full one out and it all falls down. Likewise, reading directly from notes has its own pitfalls: It, too, lacks sincerity, and if you’re looking down at your index cards, you aren’t looking at your audience. Turn up the Feedback The last point brings up another important matter. Where do you look when speaking? Many people tend to look at the First row of the audience, or only at cer- * lain people they know well. Others rely on something they were told to do in high school; that is, they look past the audience, over people’s heads speaking, in effect, to the back wall. On the surface, this technique seems effective because you don’t actually have to look at anybody great if you are nervous while appearing to make contact somewhere in the audience. Unfortunately, everybody can tell that you aren’t looking at anything but the wallpaper. It lacks and here’s that ? Everybody's talking multimedia revolution. Allow us to light the fuse. Lot of apples were bruised len we first introduced :ala, the professional pres- itation package, fith the new Scala lultiMedia MM200, they dll be blown into oblivion! .et us introduce a few of the eatures that make Scala MM200 combined with the Amiga the world's most powerful multimedia environment: Scala EX A revolutionary new plug & play system, for the integration of laserdisk, still video, MIDI, or CDTV sound in your Scala presentation. Extra EX'es, such as 24 bit graphic support and VCR control are also available. Scala Wipes More than 80 amazing, smooth and professional transitions provide possibilities previously unseen on the Amiga. Scala Sound Enhance your presentations with voice-over, music and special sound effects! Scala offers total control of recording and play-back. Scala Shuffler Instant viewing of your whole presentation! You can see up to 112 pages at one time. Simply shuffle them around with the mouse! Scala Snapload A series of advanced techniques make Scala load and display pictures and animations faster than any other package! O Scala Buttons Creating interactive hotspots has never been so easy! Scala MM200 even includes full support of variables. Scala LINGUA The multimedia language Lingua with its close link to Arexx puts the advanced user in total control! AvtimLab With this bonus program you can make your animations play up to four times faster! The press writes: "The word multimedia has been battered and misused... Scala on the other hand, know exactly what multi- media is and what to do with it!" Amiga User International (UK) "...the best program in show business." Amiga Format (UK) "Scala MM200 is the kind of software that many serious users simply cant't afford to be without." Amiga Computing (UK) Scala MM200 for video titling, training, business presentations, interactive use or any multi- media combination. For a close look at the market leader in multi- media software, contact your dealer today! SCALA Why make it harder? Circle 60 on Reader Service card Reading directly from notes has its own pitfalls...if you're looking down at your index cards, you aren't looking at your audience. Fi with someone, they are almost certainly going to give you positive feedback small nods, smiles, and so forth. This feedback will put you at ease a lot faster than staring at the back door or your notes. How else can you foster feedback with your audience? One obvious way is to simply ask them questions. There are several kinds of queries, the most common of which are rhetorical, directed, and reverse. The rhetorical question needs little explanation, except to say that you should strive to make the question clearly rhetorical. Otherwise, you open yourself up to the possibility of having someone else answer your own question, thereby derailing your train of thought. Directed questions are generally the most useful. Thev can be directed to an individual whom you think
• J is likely to know the right answer, or to the audience in general. Be sure, though, to give the recipient sufficient time to think and respond. What seems like an eternity 011 stage is often less than a few short seconds. If you don’t believe that, stage a practice speech with some friends and videotape yourself. You'll be surprised at how often you cut off a potential respondent after only a brief moment because you were sure time v had been dragging on to embarrassing lengths. Finally, the reverse question, if applied with tact, can be a very effective means of drawing the audience into an active role in the speech. If someone were to ask, “I still don't understand why HAM mode creates such fringing,” you could lead them through the solution step by step, asking them such questions as, “1 low many bitplanes are available in a lo-res screen?” If you get the questioner to come up with the answers himmagic word again sincerity, which is how yon bond with your audience and get the message across. The best approach is simply to look at the people you're addressing. Look at their faces and into their eyes. Make eye contact. And don’t just look at the first row, or at your friends in the middle. Look at everybody, by moving your head from time to time. Get the front, back, and corners; don’t leave anybody out. There are several benefits to this. First, people tend to listen better when they have eye contact with the person speaking to them. Second, they are less likely to doze off during the presentation if they know that the speaker is looking at each individual member of the audience, even if it is for only a few seconds at a time. Finally, if you are nervous, looking at people actually helps. If you establish eye contact self, so to speak, not only will that person understand your point better, but so will others in the group who were also confused but didn’t ask. Pre-Flight Checklist The final items that need to be addressed are your visual aids themselves. Leave nothing to chance, particularly if you are delivering a presentation to your boss or to potential clients. As a general rule, friends at a users’ group meeting will tolerate some technical glitches, but people who are paying you won’t. There are several things you should do. First, don’t ignore the obvious: Spell check even - tiling! Nothing will damage your credibility faster than an introduction screen proclaiming in bold Kara fonts, “Today’s Topiks:”. Next, limit the text on any one screen. Split verbose screens up into multiple entries, as dense text is difficult and distracting to read from a distance. On the same note, font size and style are critical. If you are going to output your slides on a television, don’t use fonts smaller than 20-point size or those with single-pixel widths. They'll get lost in the video. Be sure to test your slides in the actual presentation hall, lest you discover that even your 30-pointers are too small to be digested comfortably in the rear of the room. As you are probably quite aware, keep an eye on your palette, as well, to avoid those ultra-saturated colors the Amiga is capable of generating. They bleed all over video and look terrible. If you can, test the presentation ahead of time on the actual system you plan to use. Some inexpensive genlocks aren't happy unless they have a live video feed while they are running; you can discover this beforehand or wait until the start of your speech it’s your choice. Some esoteric video-projection systems even reverse the video image left to right when projected onto a big screen. Preplanning will save your skin. It allows you to judge color saturation, font size, and clarity of graphics and animations. And it also gives you an opportunity to scope out the room and decide where to put the television projection system, where to stand, and how you can circulate through the room without blocking the audience’s view of the Amiga’s display. So, the next time your supervisor, users’ group president, or stamp collecting club asks you to put together “a little presentation” with your Amiga for the next meeting, consider yourself armed with not just the world’s best multimedia machine, but also with some mechanical knowledge on giving a great speech. A little practice, common sense, and a tiny bit of graphic skill will go quite a long way towards making your next speech a hit. ¦ Dave Johnson authored the hook The Desktop Studio: Multimedia With the Amiga, and is a frequent contributor to Amiga publications. Write to him c o AmigaWorld. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Make Your Productions Lode Like A Million Bucks For Only $ 99. A Upgrade your AmigaVisiorT to the new AmigaVision Professional for only $ 99. AmigaVision Professional is ideal for interactive courseware designers, multimedia developers, point-of-information displays, and business, government, and educational presentations. With over 100 new improvements and features you'll save time and money. But it’ll look like you spent a fortune. Call CommodoreExpress at 1-800-448-9987. And start making million dollar productions without spending a million. Feature Flighlights:
• Supports new AGA’colors and resolutions
• Freely redistributable runtime player included
• Controls full motion video devices and CD-XL motion video files
• Plays a MIDI file out to a MIDI device or Amiga audio channels
• New resolution-independent transitions Streamed-in animations and sound files mean faster loading and reduced memory usage Word and character recognition allow hypertext browsing in text windows Enhanced object editor now has control panel functions Additional database functions O Commodore AMIGA © Commodore Business Mx hires. Inc, Comnwdorr. C ¦unmodmch.vprtss. -rid ire Cnmmodcirt logo are iradcuarks of Commodore Ulct trinns, lid Amiga. AmsgaVtsiofi and AGA arc trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. He htle some Amiga owners are still trying to catch up with Workbench 2.0, Commodore has forged ahead with versions 2.1 and 3.0 of the .Amiga operating system. On the surface, these versions may not look very different from 2.0, but on closer examination, one can see that they represent a substantial level of evolutionary change and refinement. .As 3.0 has generated a great deal of interest because of its association with the new AGA Amigas, we’ll examine that version first and then follow up with a look at the 2.1 enhancements, AmigaDOS 3.0. introduced with the A4000, contains all of die features of 2.1, of course, and then some. The main reason that Commodore released Kickstart and Workbench 3.0 at about the same time as 2.1 was to support the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the Amiga 4000 and the A1200. While 3.0 contains some non-AGA-related improvements as well, so many of the changes are specific to the new hardware that Commodore has not announced any plans to release a 3.0 upgrade for the A500, A2000, or A3000. For owners of these pre-AG A machines, 2.1 may be the last upgrade, at least for a while. ILLUSTRATED BY MILBER NELSON* pril 1993 OPERATIONS UT] Our top AmigaDOS agent takes you "beyond 2.0" to unravel the secrets of versions 2.1 and 3.0 of the Amiga's operating system. BY SHELDON LEEMON AmigaDOS 3.0 WHAT BENEFITS WILL Amiga owners who join the AGA generation receive from version 3.0 of the operating system? In two words, better graphics. A quick look at the ScreenMode Preference editor reveals some important changes. First, you can set all of the old Workbench display modes to a maximum of 256 colors out of a palette of 16.7 million, including the various SuperEIiRes and Productivity modes, which on an ECS machine can display only four colors out of 64. Second, there are a couple of new monitor types, DBLNTSC and DBLPAL, which provide a 640x400 and 640x512 noninterlaced display on VGA-compatible monitors. These modes are similar to the 640x480 Productivity mode, but provide a larger overscan area. The drawback to using new noninterlaced modes instead of deinterlacing the old modes the way the A3000 did is that you somehow have to get your programs to come up in one of the new modes. Programs that mn on the Workbench screen don’t present any problem, but those that open their own custom screen aren’t likely to support the new modes yet. Until applications '’learn” about the new modes, there is a setting in the I Control Preference editor that can offer a helpful workaround. When you turn on its Mode Promotion button, applications that open interlaced screens will get the “scan-doubled” noninterlaced equivalents, unless they specifically ask for interlaced by using a new Mode ID, .Also of assistance here is ? DoubleX, a public-domain utility program that goes even one step further, converting all requests to open an NTSC or PAL screen into a request to open the “doubled’' equivalent. Even with all this help, however, you still cannot set up a new A4000 or A1200 system with just a VGA monitor because the default graphics inode is either NTSC or PAL neither of which will display on such a monitor. .Also, you will not be able to play self-booting games or use the boot menu (described below) on such a system, because they also use the default graphics mode. Another way in which 3.0 helps to promote display compatibility is with new boot-menu items. The boot menu appears when you hold down both mouse buttons as you turn the computer on. The 3.0 boot menu has a Display Options section that allows you to choose which graphics chip set to emulate: “Original,” “Enhanced,’' or "Best Available" (which in the case of the current A4000 or A1200 means “AGA”). By default, the chips power up in Original mode to help provide compatibility with programs that are not AGA-aware. The boot menu also allows you to select PAL or NTSC as your initial graphics mode, which finally provides an easy way for North American .Amiga owners to boot in PAL mode in order to play European games. More AGA Enhancements In addition to the Screen Mode editor, other system programs have been updated to support new AGA features, The Pointer Preference editor now supports hires sprites, allowing you to use a much smaller mouse pointer than the rather large default one. The program also allows you to load images from and save them to the Clipboard. The WBPattern Preference editor allows you to use an IFF picture file as the background that appears behind the Workbench window (this is known as "wallpaper” in’Microsoft Windows). And the Printer device and printer driver files have been updated, allowing you to print pictures created in the new eight-bit HAM mode, which can display up to 262,000 colors at once. With 256-color Workbench screens and a 16-million color palette now available, the Palette editor obviously needed an overhaul, and Commodore lias responded in a manner that paves the way for future graphics enhancements. Instead of the old reel, blue, and green sliders, the new Palette editor provides a color wheel that lets you pick the shade, and a luminance slider that lets you choose the brightness of that shade (a common method for selecting 24-bit colors). More significantly, the Palette editor allows you to select colors for a maximum of only eight color registers, even if you’ve set your Workbench screen to 256 colors. This was done to help implement a new palette- sharing scheme, which will allow several applications to appear on the Workbench screen (or other public screen) at the same time, each using its own color scheme. Instead of asking for a particular color register, an application may simply ask for, say, the closest color to a particular shade of green. Allowing applications to ask for colors, rather than hardware color registers, is just one of the steps taken in 3.0 towards a retargettable graphics (RTG) system. When RTG is fully implemented, perhaps in AmigaDOS 4.0, conventional applications will be able to run on special display boards, such as DMI’s Vivid24 or Centaur’s Opalvision, without requiring a new version of the software for each board. And on Other Fronts ... Aside from its AGA support, Workbench 3.0 also moves the Amiga operating system more firmly into the object-oriented camp. There’s a new Classes drawer to hold files that support standard object-class types, and a Datatypes drawer to hold files that provide a standard method of dealing with various data objects. This means that in the future, applications programs will be able to ask the system to help them read and write a wide variety of data files, without each program having to implement support for all of them individually. It will also make the Clipboard device more useful, since every program will have an easy method for displaying the contents of a clipboard. The prime example of this type of application is MultiView, a new “display” program in the Utilities drawer that replaces More (the old text viewer), Display (the old graphics viewer), and AmigaGuide (the old hypertext viewer), and also acts as an IFF sound player. The ability to handle all of these types of data is not actually built into MultiView; when it receives a request to deal with a particular type of file, it passes that request on to the appropriate datatype object. This means that as developers come up with additional datatype files for different types of data (such as AN I Ms, for example), MultiView will be able to display these files, as well. In the “also-of-interest” category', the new Mouse- Blanker commodity7 make that pesky mouse pointer invisible while you’re typing, so it doesn't cover up your work. A new directory-caching file system option speeds up floppy disks, but makes them unreadable on pre-3.0 systems. There are even a couple of new CLI commands to make scripts more user-friendly. The RequestChoice command lets the script display a standard requester to accept input from the user, while the RequestFile program allows the script to accept a filename from the user by displaying a standard system- file requester. AmigaDOS 2.1 FOR THE NON-AGA Amiga crowd, Workbench 2.1 adds a number of features that did not quite make it into 2.0 because of deadline pressures. Many of these changes reflect a growing awareness of the international nature of the Amiga. Language localization now allows the user to select the language in which the text of Workbench programs appears. The standard 2.1 version supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, and the new system makes it easy for local Commodore affiliates to create versions for other languages also. The language-localization system also makes it easier for independent software vendors to provide multilingual support in their applications. Easy Iconography Workbench 2.1 also continues the trend of providing icon-based methods of performing tasks that formerly required the use of CLI commands. The DEVS directory has now been reorganized, with visible draw- ? Worldwide The World’s PC Emulator Specialists Customer Service Product Information Please contact our Tech Support if you have any further questions or a particulary tricky problem. Software versions now available:
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- -- Tech Support iti the USA Phone 718-967-1509 Monday -Friday from 12 to 6 p.m. EST Fax 718-948-0893 lompuserve 100015,3302 Gate _86SX 25MHz 386SX PC AT emulator for iga 2000 3000 4000. 512KB RAM onboard. Norton SI 23. Identical with 486SLC board $ 299 Golden Gate Packages 159 Power Pack
* Golden Gate 486SLC, 8MB RAM, £ no floppy Disk Controller and § 129 Arithmetic Coprocessor cS 1 $ 348 $ 1529 Video Pack Golden Gate 486SLC, 8MB RAM, Floppy Disk Controller, Arithmetic Coprocessor, Monitor Master and A 1 700 $ 89 SVGA Card, ET4000 S> 4 W vortex Computersysteme GmbH, Falterstrape 51-53, D-7101 Flein, Phone +49-7131-59720, Fax +49-7131-55063 Circle 52 on Reader Service card. Ers for each of the user-selectable device types: Keymaps, Printers, Monitors, and DOSDrivers. Driver files that are not currently in use are warehoused in the Storage drawer, which has the same subdirectories as the DEVS drawer. Along with its move to the DEVS drawer, Monitors picked up a trio of new entries in 2.1 Furo36, Euro72 and Super72 all of which provide a higher (70 Hz.) Vertical refresh rate for less flickering even in interlaced modes. Euro36 and Euro72 are for NTSC PAL and VGA monitors, respectively, while Super72 provides multiscan monitor owners with an 800x600 interlaced mode (see this month's installment of the “Digging in to DOS” series (p. 55) for more on the new monitor drivers). The new DOSDrivers drawer allows users to automatically mount optional system devices, such as the recoverable RAM disk, by dragging an icon instead of adding a MOUNT command to a startup script. Icons are provided for existing devices such as PIPE:, AUX:, and RAD:, as well as for a couple of new ones PC0: and PCI: These last two signal an exciting new development, the integration of CrossDOS into the Workbench. CrossDOS, an MS-DOS File system licensed by Commodore from Consultron, allows you to read and write MS-DOS disks from any Amiga application as if they were AmigaDOS disks. When you mount PCQ: (either by double-clicking its icon or dragging it into the DOSDrivers drawer where it will be automatically mounted on startup), you can insert an IBM-formatted 720K 3.5-inch floppy disk into the internal drive and read text files that were written on it by a PC sim- 4 ply by clicking (in the "PC0:” gadget in your word- processing program's file requester. Similarly, you can save a spreadsheet in Lotus .WKS format directly to PC0:, and then take that disk to a PC and load the spreadsheet into Lotus 1-2-3. This doesn't mean, of course, that you can run IBM programs from the disks. (Consultron sells a separate version of CrossDOS 5.0; $ 59.95 that includes Cross- PC, an emulator program that allows you to do just that.) It does mean, however, that you can easily transfer the work that those programs do (the text files, picture files, and other kinds of data files) between the two systems. For large files, CrossDOS can he made to work with IBM-format external hard drives or remov- able-media hard drives. Users of 2.1 will be pleased to note that some of the supporting programs have been changed to accommodate the system enhancements. The standard Formal program, for instance, now supports CrossDOS disks (just double-click Format and select “PC0:” or whatever other CrossDOS device you have mounted). It also lets you type in volume name, create a Trash- can icon (or not), and select the FastFileSystem or “International” mode, which recognizes filenames with any ol the accented characters. Another example of change is the Time Preference editor, which now uses the local time and date format of the country selected by the Locale Preference editor. More Additions *.. and Deletions Speaking of Preference editors, 2.1 adds a couple of new ones. The Sound editor allows you to replace the system screen flash (which programs use when they want to signal an error) with either a beep or a sampled sound of your choice. New also is the PrinterPS Preference editor, which lets you control a number of features of the new Postscript printer drivers, including the text font and size, print orientation (portrait or landscape), and graphics imaging. The 2.1 Tools drawer also sports some new programs. The Lacer program causes the display to be interlaced, regardless of the current graphics mode, in order to provide a more compatible television-style video signal for genlock users, and for those who take advantage of the AGOO’s and A1200’s composite color outputs to send Amiga graphics straight to their VCRs. Another new program is PrepCard, which helps configure the expansion cards that fit into the new PCMCIA expansion slot on the A600 and A1200. Finally, the ShowConfig program provides an easy way for the nontechnical users to determine the type of processor present in their systems, the amount of memory, the version of the custom chips, the Kickstart version, and the number and types of expansion boards that are installed. Within the fools drawer, you’ll also find that the Commodities drawer has a couple of new additions. The CrossDOS commodity allows you to select text fil-
* J tering and text translation when reading and writing files to IBM-format disks. .Although not new, the Fkey commodity has been updated to include a number of new functions. In addition to inserting a string of text, you can now designate key combinations to cycle through windows or screens; to shrink, enlarge, or toggle the size of the current window; and to run a program or Arexx script. Since Fkey now performs all of the functions formerly provided by the I Help commodity, that program has now been deleted. Speaking of deletions, all of the changes to 2.1 were not additions. The DiskDoctor command, a disk-recovery program that was both unreliable and hard to use, was removed from the C: director)- (the official reason cited by Commodore documentation is “malpractice”). More seriously, the Narrator device and the Translator library, which in previous versions had been licensed from an independent developer, were omitted from versions 2.1 and higher, along with handlers for the Speak: device, and the Say program that resided in the Utilities drawer. Fortunately, the 2.0 versions of these programs function correctly under 2.1, and updating to 2.1 from 2.0 will leave them intact on your hard drive if they were already installed. J WHILE NEW AMIGA models have been making most of the news lately, it is just as important for the system software to evolve as for the hardware to become more powerful. With advances like internationalization, object orientation, and a more open graphics architecture, the .Amiga operating-system software lias been doing an excellent job of keeping up with progress on the hardware end. No doubt there will be even greater surprises in store as we move towards 3.1 and 4.0. ¦ Sheldon Leemon, a respected authority on the Amiga, has recently finished the fourth edition of AmigaDOS Reference Guide (Compute! Iiooks), a guide to using the CLI under operating system releases 2 and 3. He is also the author of a series on AmigaDOS release 2, “Digging in to DOS,'* currently running in AW. The s of Amiga Fonts 5TRUH ETQlREflD ?gjaimp ufirap f WHEN THE AMIGA was first released, Ending and using fonts with your favorite applications was about as complicated as fooling with alphabet blocks in a nursery school. Since there was basically onlv 4 one format available of the singlecolor bitmapped variety choosing new fonts was a plug- and-play operation. Today, finding appropriate fonts for your favorite applications can make you feel like a medieval typesetter rummaging through a dimly lit print shop stacked with hundreds of different drawers of type. Bitmapped fonts are still the most popular fonts on the Amiga, joined by a wide variety of colorful (and often incompatible) bitmap formats. New outline font formats offer superior printed output, but suffer from similar compatibility problems and sluggish operation on slower Amigas. Alt hougl i astonishing strides have been made in the quantity, quality, and diversity of Amiga Don't let the profusion of new Amiga font formats and technologies lead to confusion. Let's go back to basics and get your "font facts" straight. By JEFF JAMES
• O fonts, users may now find making sense out of this newfound profusion to be a little confusing. How can we shed some light on the currently murky * state of Amiga fonts confronting uninitiated Amiga users? Armed wiih some basic font facts and a handful of shareware utilities, Amiga owners can learn to get the most out of their font collections and successfully obtain and use new fonts. In the following sections, we’ll briefly discuss and describe each of the major Amiga font formats and how they differ, and also present a few commercial and shareware offerings for each. Finally, we'll reveal a few helpful hints on getting new fonts, using fonts from other platforms, and getting the most out of the fonts you already have. (Editor's Note: In its May and June issues, AmigaWorld will follow up the overview of fonts presented here with a comprehensive, two-part “Buyers Guide to Amiga Fonts.”) I 0 T S A M I G V Bitmapped Amiga Fonts There are basically two types of fonts available for use on the Amiga: bitmapped fonts and outline fonts. Each employs a different technology in the creation of a font. Bitmapped fonts are the oldest (and still most popular) type of fonts. A good example of a bitmapped font is Topaz, a font that has been bundled with die Amiga since the earliest releases of AmigaDOS. Bitmapped fonts are created by using an organized matrix of dots, with each font size requiring a separate matrix (represented by files for each font size). If you can imagine creating a font by filling in squares on a sheet of graph paper, you'll have a good idea of what bitmapped fonts are all about. On die positive side, bitmapped fonts are die easiest Amiga fonts to use and have a minimal effect on system performance. Drawbacks to using bitmapped fonts include the degradation in font resolution when the font is stretched, enlarged, or twisted resulting in jagged edges (“jaggies”) and poor print quality. Bitmapped fonts also require a font file for every font size, resulting in a great expenditure of storage space when large number of fonts are involved. AmigaDOS
2. 0 added a limited bitmapped-font scaling capability, although the poor print quality of bitmapped fonts remains a concern. There are three major types of Amiga bitmapped font formats:
I. Standard Amiga Bitmapped Fonts The most common type of Amiga fonts, standard bitmapped fonts have been used since the introduction of the Amiga back in 1985. Most of the fonts included with your Amiga when you first purchase it are of this variety. Notable among these are the precious gem- stone collection of fonts (Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, et. Al.) Familiar to so many Amiga users. There are literally hundreds of different bitmapped fonts available, and many of these are offered through shareware and the public domain. One of the more popular commercial offerings is the Masterpiece Font Collection (SI99.95, Arock Computer Software), which offers a whopping 110 bitmapped fonts in a 20-disk set. Although still the most popular form of Amiga fonts, standard Amiga bitmapped fonts are starting to lose out to ColorFonts for video animation use, and outline fonts for most printed applications.
2. ColorFonts A variation on standard Amiga bitmapped fonts, ColorFonts contain additional font information allowing them to make use of up to 16 colors per font. Until the release of AmigaDOS 2.0, you were required to run a small utility before these fonts could be used. Although not quite as widely used as standard Amiga fonts, ColorFonts are perfect for special graphic and video applications. Some of the more popular commercial ColorFont packages are Kara Fonts Headlines, now available in volumes I through 4 (S79.95 each, Kara Computer Graphics). A novel twist on the ColorFont standard, AnimFonts, when used with an animbrush-compatible program such as Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Paint IV, can be colorfully animated. A popular AnimFonts package is Kara Fonts AnimFonts 1 ($ 49.95, Kara Computer Graphics).
3. Miscellaneous Bitmapped Formats In addition to standard fonts and ColorFonts, proprietary color bitmapped fonts are used by a number of companies particularly those that produce video- titling software. NewTek's Video Toaster makes use of such fonts (ToasterFonts), as do Broadcast Titler 2 (S389.95, InnoVision Technology) and Pro Video Post ($ 269.95, Shereff Systems). Most of these packages include a font-conversion utility that allows users to trails- form standard Amiga fonts into a format usable by that particular program. Popular third-party font packages for the Video Toaster include Cinnamon Toast Fonts ($ 99.95, Sher- eff Systems) and Kara Fonts Toaster Fonts ($ 99.95, Kara Computer Graphics). Outline (Structured) Fonts Outline (sometimes called vector) fonts are, more precisely speaking, structured fonts and are created in an entirely different fashion than bitmapped fonts. While a bitmapped font must have a font file for each point size, structured fonts are defined by lines and curves. If you want a new font size, structured fonts can easily be rescaled on the fly to match the size you need. And j while bitmapped fonts become distorted when stretched or twisted, structured fonts remain perfectly smooth. The biggest drawback to using structured fonts is their slow speed: Because each structured typeface is defined by a geometric formula, slower machines will have trouble keeping up with the processing power required to display these fonts.
1. Compugraphic Outline Fonts With the release of AmigaDOS 2.0, the Amiga now offers inherent support for type giant Agfa-Compu- graphic’s outiine-font technology. Popular in both the MS-DOS and Macintosh markets, Agfa-Compugraph- ic typefaces print smoothly on any output device. This format has the potential to replace standard Amiga bitmapped fonts as the new, default font standard for most Amiga owners. Although using them is still slower than using conventional fonts, the output is far superior. Gold Disk offers several Compugraphic font packages, including Publisher Pack ($ 59.95), which contains three outline typefaces.
2. PostScript Outline Fonts PostScript Type 1 and 3 outline fonts are the desktop publisher’s fonts of choice on MS-DOS and Macintosh computer systems. Type 1 fonts are “hinted” fonts, which means that the fonts include additional information to help the fonts render crisply at small point sizes. Type 3 fonts lack this information; generally, it's best to use PostScript Type 1 fonts when available. Most Amiga desktop-publishing packages including PageStream 2.2 (Soft-Logik), Professional Page 4.0 (Gold Disk), and Saxon Publisher 1.2 (Saxon Industries) have now added support for these fonts, giving Amiga owners access to an incredibly large variety of PostScript outline fonts. Soft-Logik publishes ? 16-Bit, 32 Voice, Fully Digital Stereo Audio for Your Amiga Tim One-Stop Music Shop catapults you into the world of professional audio. Once you hear this state-of-the-art soundcard, you 'll wonder how you ever lived without it. With doze) is of digitaI instni me) its. The One-Stop Music Shop is the perfect accompaniment to your desktop video or professional MIDI setup. Hundreds Of Sounds... Featuring the award-winning E-Mu Proteus SoundFngine, the One-Stop Music Shop includes hundreds of 16-hit linear CD-quality samples recorded, looped and edited to optimize the quality and variety of sounds. From piano to piccolo, trumpet to tambourine, these high-quality instruments are yours for less than the cost of a MIDI setup. Plus, we even threw in a MIDI interface so that you can use your serial port for genlocks, video controllers, modems, and more. Clear As A Bell... You’ve never heard Amiga music sound this crisp and clear. The One-Stop Music Shop’s exclusive signal processing ASIC chip was designed for high quality digital audio sampling systems. It can handle 32 channels of digital audio decoding and reconstruction in real-time with minimal distortion and artifacts. Just plug it in. It's easy! Write video soundtracks, original music, multi-media scores and more. Design IT yourself... The One-Stop Music Shop even includes special editing software, so you can design your own instruments from scratch. Mix samples or cross-fade. Modulate each sound with various sources, such as velocity, MIDI controllers and LFOs. You’ll be amazed at the instruments and sound effects you can create! INSTANT COMPATIBILITY... Because the One-Stop Music Shop conforms to the General MIDI and Multi-Media PC specifications, you've got instant compatibility with thousands of songfiles. Use the One-Stop Music Shop instead of the Amiga’s 8-bit sound hardware in Bars&Pipes Professional and SuperJAM! Or reorganize its banks with The PatchMeister. Multi-media, pro video, education, composition, recreation. The musical possibilities are endless! E-mu Proteu Seundingine For The AMIGA Technical Specifications: Sound Generation: a MB SoundFile ROM • F-Mu G1.5 proprietary DSP
• 201 Iz - 20kHz frequency response Audio Outputs and Max. Level: 2 (stereo) • +4dBm into 600 Ohms* Distortion: TI1D + N less than O.OY'o
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• MIDI In Sound files: Stored in 4Mega Bytes of ROM • Oxer 210 samples and wave forms • Sounds organized into 128 Presets * (vi drum maps • General MIDI compatible Hardw are Compatibility: A2000. 2500 • A3000, A3000T • A4000 Software Integration: Bars&Pipes Professional • SuperJAM! • The PatchMeister • Arcxx-controllable MIDI File player • Loop-hack MIDI Software Integrator The Perfect Build for SttfivrfAM! Bait and Invent Your Oivn Sounds IitBSI. , THE BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS LTD 1605 Chantilly Drive Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 60624 404-315-0212 404-315-0213fax Tin- llhti- Kihhrnt V*m. Ii .rfc fcirv'ft V' Pn csiu»tal. Orw-Slrp MuUi Shi = > Vn *rf, Miami The htlibSMsttr atv trademark if The Hint WlAm Si*imJVhrl&, Oil All uh. R ,11 ut >rprr* iict namex art- tnultmaria tif their nyxxSttv htLien All yitxi iutHons uhfti! To chungc utlhaul HuHte 'ithin Bars&Ptfjes Professional A M I G A several PostScript font packages for the Amiga, including the Starter Font Pack ($ 99.95), which offers eight PostScript typefaces.
3. Proprietory Outline Fonts A number of Amiga packages offer their own proprietary font formats. Programs such as PageStream and Final Copy II (Softwood) use custom outline fonts that are similar to both Compugraphic and PostScript fonts, but compatible with neither. Again, these fonts offer superior printed output at any type size 011 any output device, making their use perfect for printed documents. Alternative Font Sources If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get hold of a new batch of fonts, there are a number of options open to you. Most users' groups and Amiga BBSs offer shareware Amiga fonts. Two of the more accessible font collections I’ve come across are Fonts (numerous authors, Fred Fish 81) and New Fonts (Bill Fischer, FF 34). If you’re looking for a few shareware PostScript Type 1 fonts to add to your collection, most commercial on-line sendees including Genie and CompuServe offer a substantial number of fonts to choose from in their .Amiga forums. Soft-Logik offers a healthy supply of shareware PostScript fonts for PageStream that can be accessed by calling the Soft- Logik technical-support BBS. If you can’t Find the fonts you're looking for, you can always create your own. With Calligrapher (now being sold and updated by Allied Studios), you can easily create your own standard and ColorFont format Amiga fonts. If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own structured fonts, Soft-Logik’s upcoming Type- Smith program (S 199.95) allows users to create and edit structured fonts in Compugraphic, PostScript (Type 1 and 3), and PageStream formats. If you can’t Find or create fonts you need, you can make use of a variety of font utilities to access the large number of fonts available in the Mac and MS- DOS markets. A few years ago, using PostScript fonts with your .Amiga publishing software required that you purchase the fonts in IBM format and then using a bridgeboard manually download them to your laser printer by way of a serial cable. .Alter downloading the font into the laser printer, you would use your desktop-publishing software to recognize the font and then if you were lucky enough print your document. Today, support for PostScript fonts is de rigueur in any professional Amiga desktop-publishing application. As long as the PostScript fonts you’re trying to use are in IBM format, you can simply download them from a BBS or convert them to .Amiga disk format using Consultrons CrossDOS (S59.95; version 5.0 without the CrossPC utility is now also included as part of Workbench
2. 1 and higher), and then use them with your favorite publishing program. PostScript fonts in Macintosh format contain different font information; if you want to use a Mac- format font, you can convert it to MS-DOS format by using the FONTS shareware utility FontConv 1.2 (Gary Knight, FF 528), which readily converts Mac-format Adobe Type 1 and 3 fonts to MS-DOS format. Bridgeboard users can also use AllType, (S79.95, Atech) an excellent MS-DOS font utility that converts scalable typefaces to and from most major font formats, including Compugraphic, PostScript, Bitstream, and TrueType. For example, an Amiga user could use All- Type and a bridgeboard to convert MS-DOS TrueType fonts to PostScript Type 1, then use CrossDOS to transfer the converted font so it can be used by an Amiga desktop-publishing program. An older software font-creation package of particular interest to desktop-video users is Interfont, now part of Interchange Plus ($ 99.95 Syndesis), which can be used to create 3-D fonts for CAD and 3-D programs. .Another font-utility package you may Find useful is Anti-A (S65, Zen Computer Services), a UK-designed program that can transform your drab, plain-looking standard Amiga fonts into antialiased gray-scale Color Fonts. For more technically inclined users, a number of shareware utilities are available for tinkering with font Files. The program PrFont 1.4 (Joel Swank, FF 606) does a handy job of displaying and printing a sample of all fonts in your fonts: directory. Finally, a collection of PostScript utilities in PSUtils (numerous authors, FF 732) offers a font disassembler and other useful tools for serious desktop publishers. Mtien it comes to fonts, the .Amiga has definitely come a long way. With support for industry-standard PostScript and Compugraphic fonts, Amiga users will Find it easier than ever to utilize Mac and MS-DOS service bureaus. Amiga developers will eventually offer support for the popular TrueType structured font format popularized by Microsoft Windows 3.1 and System 7 on the Mac. Revolutionary new technologies such as Adobe’s Carousel (which allows users of different DTP packages to seamlessly exchange documents) and Multiple Master typeface technology (which enables users to customize typefaces to a heretofore unheard of level) may eventually make their way to the Amiga. An Amiga-specific typeface- conversion facility would be the next step, with Soft- Logik’s forthcoming TypeSmith serving as an indirect conversion program. Making Adobe’s PostScript fonts available specifically for the Amiga would be another positive occurrence, although Adobe hasn’t expressed much interest in doing so. Even more Amiga fonts, font utilities, and other applications are on the way. With the right information, .Amiga users should be able to master their font basics to maximize their applications without having to become professional typographers in the process. ¦ Jeff Janies is a long-time Amiga user and a frequent contributor to several computer publications. He is currently a student at Colorado State University where he is majoring in Technical Journalism. Write to him do Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. The Font editor we discussed last month is just one example of how AmigaDOS versions to do so under 2.0, 2.1, and even 3.0. A SERIES THAT EXPLORES THE AMIGA’S RELEASE 2 OPERATING SYSTEM State your Preferences! The sixth installment of our series reveals new ways
2. 0 and higher let you customize the look and feel of your system. Other new Preferences programs allow you to take advantage of new display capabilities in addition to old ones that were not accessible under Workbench 1.3, At least three of the new Preferences editors deal with the size and appearance of the Workbench screen. The ScreenMode editor provides much more control over the appearance of the Workbench screen than the simple Workbench Interlace on off button in 1.3 Preferences. Even if your computer has the original Amiga graphics chip set, this editor provides a couple of choices you did not have before. First, it allows you to select the number of colors on the Workbench screen. Instead of the default four colors, you can set vour Workbench to memory-saving monochrome mode (two colors), or boost the number of colors to eight or 16 (256 on the A4000 and A1200 model Amigas). Remember. However, that this riot of colors has a price it uses up valuable chip memory and may slow operations somewhat as well. Another feature the ScreenMode editor offers all Amiga users is the ability to create an enormous Workbench screen. Normally, the Workbench screen size is the same as the visible display. If you turn off the Default buttons in the ScreenMode Preferences window, however, you can specify larger width and height. Although the dieoretical maximum is 16368x16384, you would need 32MB of chip RAM for a monochrome display of this size! Even with the current 2MB limit on chip RAM, you can still easily expand your four-color Workbench screen to over 3000x2000 pixels. You may never need a Workbench even this large, but expanding your Workbench to 800x800 or 1000x1000 pixels allows your desktop-publishing program to display an entire page at normal magnification, which speeds up screen redraws enormously. Several new features help you navigate these large displays. With the Autoscroll button turned on, the screen moves automatically any time you move the BY SHELDON LEEMON
- PART 6 DOS 2.0 mouse pointer past the visible edge of the screen. Another new feature is "free” screen drag. Workbench 1.3 lets you drag a screen up and down only, and then only by pulling on its title bar. Workbench 2.0 allows you to drag a screen regardless of where your pointer is simply by holding down the the left Amiga key while you move the mouse (the Icontrol Preferences editor lets you switch this key to Alt, Ctrl, or Shift). If the screen is wider than the display, you can drag from left to right, as well as up and down. Finally, the Icontrol Preferences editor offers Screen Menu Snap. With this feature enabled, the display window “snaps” to the top-left corner of the screen whenever you press the right mouse button, providing easy access to the menu bar. Monitor Progress If your computer has the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) that was introduced shortly before the A3000 or the Advanced Graphics .Architecture (AGA) chips available with the A4000 and A1200, the SereenMode editor allows vou to set your Workbench to one of the new dis-
* play modes that these chips provide. Only one of these modes, SuperHiRes, works with Commodore’s 1084 monitor. Some modes, including Productivity, require either a VGA-stvle or multiscan monitor like the Com- J modore 1960, while others, such as Super72 mode, work only with a multiscan monitor. Because your computer cannot tell what kind of monitor is connected, SereenMode offers the new modes only if you have installed a monitor driver that indicates your screen is capable of displaying certain types of signals. In Workbench 2.0, you install driver files by moving them from the Monitors drawer of the Extras disk to the Monitors drawer of the Workbench disk. In 2.1 and 3.0, this destination drawer is found in the Devs directory, and spare drivers reside in the Monitors drawer within the Storage directory. Four monitor drivers for NTSC, PAL, multiscan, and A2024 monitors come with Workbench 2.0. The first three offer enhanced capabilities for users with the ECS or AGA graphics chips (the A2024 driver is for use only with a special Commodore monochrome moni- Use the handles to size and place your Text overscan area. It nay be as bi9 as you like, but the whole area should renain visible. Current Position: ( 44. 16) Current Size: 642 x 210 Use Cancel Wfthin the Overscan editor, just drag a rectangle using any of the black “handles” to change the size and position of your WB screen. Tor). NTSC and PAL drivers allow European users to set Workbench for the US display standard and vice versa, as long as their monitors can adjust to the slightly different standard (as several versions of the A1084 can). With either of these standard monitor types the SereenMode program offers new SuperHiRes and SuperHiRes Interlaced modes. These modes double the horizontal resolution to 1280 pixels, with four colors on ECS and 256 colors on AGA machines. With the multiscan driver, SereenMode offers two new Productivity modes, 640x480 noninterlaced and 640x960 interlaced, again with a maximum of four colors on ECS machines and 256 colors on AGA machines. Workbench 2.1 offers even more monitor types for users with ECS AGA graphics chips and a multiscan monitor such as the 1960. The Euro36 and Euro72 modes have higher vertical refresh rates, which makes for less flicker even in interlaced modes. The screen sizes for Euro36 are similar to NTSC, ranging from 640x200 to 1280x400, while those for Euro72 are similar to Productivity mode, ranging from 640x400 to 640x800. Super72 also has higher refresh rates, but trades horizontal resolution for vertical resolution. The noninterlaced screens are 400x300 or 800x300, and interlaced screens are 400x600 or 800x600. With Workbench 3.0 (available only on the A4000 and A1200), you get the new DBLNTSC and DBLPAL monitor types. These offer 400-line flicker-free modes, which are similar to Productivity mode but provide slightly greater overscan options. .Also, all previous 16- and four-color modes can now display up to 256 colors. The Bigger Picture The new Overscan editor provides a standard way to extend the .Amiga's display all the way to the edge of the screen. This editor allows you to set two expanded sizes for each screen mode, using a rectangle that you drag around by its "handles.” The first, called Text Size, determines the normal working area of your Workbench screen, while the second, Graphics Size, allows applications to determine the total visible area of your screen. With the Overscan editor, NTSC users can expand the Workbench from 640x400 to 724x482, an increase of about 30 percent; similar gains are possible with most other modes. Expanding the width of Workbench to about 680 pixels allows you to display 80 columns of text in a word-processor, even with a scroll bar at the side. Beware, though: Screen-width expansion increases the demands on the graphics processor and may slow processing. Increasing the height of your screen, on the other hand, bears no processing penalty. While many applications can read your Overscan Preferences specifications and open their custom screens to the same size as your Workbench, relatively few programs "understand” the new screen modes. Many, however, give you a choice of running on the Workbench or on public screens, and thus provide an easy way to access the new modes. There are also pub- lic-domain utilities to help you coerce programs into the new modes, but these are partial solutions at best. Of course, greater compatability is in the cards: Now that the A4000 and A1200 have set a new graphics standard, you can expect future software to be much more graphics-mode aware. That’s the strongest incentive yet to upgrade to 2.1 or beyond. Next month well explore Commodities utilities. ¦ PER «>nAL V- C0PE all, it shows your true colors just for a little green. Only 8995. Include PERSONAL Its the new DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ card. The world's first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video. A perfect companion for your Video Toaster? Our PERSONAL V-SCOPE lets you superimpose a digitally svnthesized waveform * monitor and vectorscope on any video signal. So now you can precisely measure video levels and test for TSG Software with more than 30 industry standard test signals for display with your Video Toaster. Buffered video output. Dedicated full-time output and superimpose output. Hardware rasterizer with electronically generated graticule scales. And more. All compatible with AMIGA® and IBM PC® Use the DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE by itself or combine with our PERSONAL TBC II card for a fully integrated video processing, ¦Jk manipulating and monitoring system. Best of !¦¦¦ (¦¦V ¦II' ¦ar DIGITAL Actual Monitor Photos PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best 55 Nugget Avenue, Unit 10 • Scarborough, Ontario MIS L31 Canada * (416) 754-8090 Fax: (416) 754-7046 11 Spiral Drive * Florence, Kentucky 41042 • (606)371-5533 Fax:(606)371-3729 Video Toaster* is a registered trademark of NewTek Incorporated. PC* is a registered trademark of IBM Corp. AMIGA* is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE1- is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. DPS PERSONAL TBC * is a registered trademark of Digital Processing Systems, Inc. Circle 171 on Reader Service card A W PROFILE: JOEL HAGEN A Renaissance Man This month, AmigaWorld has a bit of an anniversary to celebrate: “Accent on Graphics’" has reached a milestone its 50th column (see p. 60). First appearing in the December ’88 issue, the column was billed initially as “an occasional series on . . . Amiga graphics.” I guess A Wwas hedging its bets it didn’t know that “Accent” would turn out to be the longest running column in the magazine’s history. The success of that column is most assuredly due to its author, Joel Hagen. If you have followed his monthly forays over the years, perhaps you have wondered, “Who is this guy Joel Hagen, anyway?” His picture doesn’t even appear with the column. (No, the moustachioed dude in the “Accent” logo is not Joel!) The question is not an easy one to answer, especially given how little personal information he is willing to divulge (probably owing to a noticeable absence of ego). Faithful readers and students most likely know him best as the one who en- courages them to “do try this at home.” This fly-fishing, astronomy-loving former anthropology major might be best described as possessing a Leonardo da Vinci-like fascination with art and science and a Hunter Thompsonesque disregard for convention. Eternal Wanderer As a child, Hagen and his family moved frequently throughout the Pacific Northwest, finally settling in California. As an adult, he attempted to distance himself from things familiar during the mid-1970s by working as a cod fisherman off the coast of Iceland. When ashore, he wandered around the countryside sketching pictures and getting to know the people. As wandering would seem his birthright, you may just as easily have seen this tall, soft-spoken man discussing the possibility of life in sj)ace with fellow astronomical artists on a Crimean spring morning or contemplating a comet’s composition while scrutinizing a dirty snowbank on the streets of Brattleboro, Vermont. When he needs to return to Earth, you may find him in his Oakdale, California, studio seeking inspiration at the keyboard of his .Amiga, or sifting through his “filtered clutter." Perhaps he is drawing, or preparing for the computer art class he teaches at a local community college, or maybe hammering out his next colum n for Amiga World. Hagen looks for another kind of inspiration out his window. “I really like the outdoors, to camp and fish, be alone and let all the tensions of the world dissolve away.” The studio is located in farm country, but only a few hours’ drive from San Francisco. In the distance beyond his window reach the High Sierras, “I like to tell people that I live nowhere, but an hour from anywhere,” he explains. Them Bones Hagen’s interest in paleontology and archaeology inspired a rather unique project. His earliest sculptures took the form of alien fossils. He painstakingly molded these fish, bones, and sculls out of ceramic. Making them as realistic as possible, he displayed them in a dry, museiim-style exhibit complete with maps of dig sites and tags with scientific names in Latin. In Space and Time Blit while exploring the elegant shapes of bones, he took his fictional fossils one step further in a story of alien archaeology through digitized composite images. In what later became known as the “Probe Sequence,” a computer-generated video reports landing on an alien world and discovering previously unidentified skulls. Next, the computer ascertains what these beings looked like by reconstructing them. (See “Probing Alien Worlds: Extraterrestrial Video,” Mar, '88, p. 33, for more on the Probe Sequence.) This project also provided a segue into another of Hagen's interests, the Amiga. Relying on an A1000 to create and run the Probe Sequence, he actually used die “premiere” version of The Director software designed especially for that purpose. Up until that point, no Amiga tools in existence could control sequencing and blitter chips in the way required. Hagen turned to his friend, software developer Keith Doyle, for help. When they were ready, Doyle and Hagen packed up a six-command version of the program and took it to a Contact Conference. The fledgling Director impressed the attendees as well as representatives from PBS who picked up the story. In its tenth year, the Contact Conference is a “pretty eclectic” group of writers and space scientists who discuss human futures and life in space, according to Hagen. He’s been an active participant for the past five years, and also has attended artist exchanges in such places as Iceland and the Crimea through the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Brave New Worlds to Conquer Hagen was also present for Voyager’s Neptune and Uranus encounters at the Jet Propulsion Lab in California. “It was a great experience standing in the Command Center watching images coming up live. We have certainly reached a new stage of evolution of ourselves and of our species when we can put our eyes and ears out there in space.” When it comes to computers and art, Joel Hagen is pretty adamant about letting a computer be a computer. “It’s not a fake paintbrush; we should open up its many facets to direct creative use. I don't know how many artists think the way I do,” he adds, “but I’ve always enjoyed programming.” Looking back on the last 50 “Accent” columns, what he finds most gratifying is covering the landmarks in graphics software, such as the emergence of strong animation tools, particularly Dpaint’s first animation features. He also fondly remembers the advent of Amiga landscape-generating tools. When asked what he had planned for the future, Hagen paused and politely remarked, “What a depressing idea. I’ve never planned anything in my life. I can think of nothing more dismal than knowing what’s going to happen five years from now.” End of story. We’ll just have to use our imaginations to guess what Joel will be up to next. ¦ Jan Jackson 50 ? Stop-Motion Animation and Motion Blur A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen IN STOP-MOTION animation, real objects are filmed one frame at a time. The object is moved between frames to produce a cumulative illusion of motion. Generations of movie audiences from King Kong to Star Wars have been thrilled by this effect . . . And generations of aspiring young Hollywood impresarios have tried duplicating it in the family basement or garage. Before the advent of personal computers, I used an 8mm movie camera for my stop-motion experiments. A friend and I went so far as to film an epic about his oil-guzzling ’52 Buick erecting a huge bamboo scaffold from which we suspended a 20-foot stuffed satin tongue that lapped out from beneath the hood of the car. Filming went on for days as we inched the car forward between frames, adjusting the tongue for each shot. I haven’t lost mv enthusiasm for stop-motion, but today I use my Amiga, a video camera, and special-effects software to do the job in new ways. Capturing Your Cast of Characters While 3-D software is a wonderful way to build virtual objects for animations, sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing. You might want to animate kitchen utensils dancing out of your cupboard, or your child zooming around the house on a flying carpet. You may be a model-kit hobbyist want- ing to see your l 48th scale DC-3 flying through Yosemite valley. Your .Amiga makes these and other “Hollywood” effects accessible. In addition to your Amiga, you need a video camera and an imagc-capture device such as Digi-View (NewTek), Framegrabber (Progressive Peripherals), DCTV (Digital Creations), or any other video digitizer. This allows you to store a series of individual pictures as computer images that you can then manipulate in paint, animation, or image-processing software. As a first experiment, you might try animating a movable character. Toy stores abound with articulated figures, from Ninja Turtles to Barbie Dolls. Fasten the feet to a solid stand near your camera, computer, and lights. Move each joint of the figure slightly between shooting successive frames so the sequence creates a smooth motion. Number the saved frames sequentially as, for example, “turtle.001,” “turtle.002,” and so on. When you are finished you can specify a number of frames in DeluxePaint’s (Electronic Arts) Load Picture requester to load an entire sequence at once and play it as an animation. You could shoot the figure in a completely staged setting using miniature buildings, HO railroad details, model cars, and so on. However, you can make deeper use of the computer as a complete special-effects studio. For example, by shooting against a black background, you can clean up each frame easily isolating the model against a transparent solid color. That, in turn, allows you to composite the model with other images, thus simulating a special-effects technique called a matte shot. For example, the Ninja Turtle could stroll life-size along a digitized photo of your street. Rigid models such as airplanes and cars can be mounted on black rods and shot against a black background. I often use a plastic "lazy Susan" as a stand marking the rim and making measured rotations of models when needed. For instance, you could shoot that DC-3 model head on from a fixed camera position, then in a banking- and-turning sequence on the “lazy Susan.” Ii is easy to use the head-on image as a brush in Dpaint's Move requester with a negative "z” distance setting to make the plane fly toward you over a Vista Pro (Virtual Reality) Yosemite landscape. Add the bank and turn images, and then use the Move requester to fly off the screen. Animations like the dancing kitchen With just a few digitizing, paint, and image-processing tricks, you can create Hollywood-style animation special effects. Utensils will require a little on-the-spot ingenuity on your part to support and control each object. I frequently use hidden dabs of modeling clay to hold things in place for a shot. You can even clean up visible props in a paint program, but this can be tedious. Vs for the child on a flying carpet, try a mg on a piece of plywood resting on a box. Be sure the child remains still, shoot from a tripod at an angle that conceals the box, and then drag box, rug, and child as one unit from spot to spot for each shot. The child can try incremental actions such as waving. Fly Me to the Moon . .. The accompanying illustration shows an animation frame in which a spacecraft Hies over a snowy alien landscape. The spacecraft was scratch-built from sheet styrene, model parts, and two spark plugs, and then captured with Digi-Vicw. The mountain was generated with Scenery Animator (Natural Graphics), while the moon was painted in Dpaint's Shade mode. The spacecraft shadow is a rotated spaceship stamped on the landscape in Shade mode. The sky is a 24-bit “Backdrop” created in .Art Department Professional (ASDG). These elements were assembled using Stencil features in Dpaint and Composite options in ADPro. As a final touch, I manually applied motion blur to each frame using Im- agemaster (Black Belt). The motion- blur el feet was an unfulfilled dream for earlier stop-molion animators. For instance, individual frames from King Kong reveal the model in crisp focus even during action scenes. By contrast, u a film frame with a person in motion shows blurring. This, in part, is why models in older stop-motion films move a bit jerkily. Modern effects teams can use computer-controlled models to physically blur each frame as it is shot. Amiga animators can perform a little software magic to achieve similar results. In the illustration, 1 wanted to pre- anc serve the detail of the model, but enhance a feeling of speed and motion. I chose to create a motion blur somewhat like the “zippity” lines animators often adcl to the trailing edge of a speeding character. In Imagemaster, 1 selected Motion Blur from under Geometric Transformations in the Process Panel and then used Polygon Area to outline a portion of the rear of the craft keeping the outline slightly within the area of the ship itself. If the outlined area were to extend beyond the ship, parts of the sky, for example, would blur over the moon which in tiiis case is not desirable. Choosing a blur distance often pixels, I then manually set the direction along the major axis of the craft. The same post-production method could be applied to the child on the Hying carpet or the airplane in Yosemite. ¦ Joel Hagens credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Multimedia From Video Take the Toaster and the VIDEO IV24 out of the suite and into the hoard room. SUITE By Gene Brawn THE INCREDIBLE SUCCESS of New- Tek’s Video Toaster alerted the video world to the Amiga’s power in the editing room. Yet, there is another area where the Toaster and its stepcousin, GVP’s Impact Vision 24 two of the most popular video boards on the market could have as great an impact. Where? Live multimedia presentations. Both offer the millions of colors, realtime transitions, and special effects that your TV-saturated audiences expect. Using the boards for this purpose is a bit like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Although both come with 3-D rendering and 24-bit paint programs, neither offers software for creating or controlling real-time presentations. So why would you want to bother expanding your board's horizons? For great results, of course, and to further capitalize on your investment. Several software packages provide the power you need for integrating either system into video’s new age. But before investigating them, let’s make sure your hardware is up to snuff. Hardware For Multimedia Most multimedia productions can easily overwhelm a stock Amiga. If the processor is too slow, or there's not enough memory to load large animations, or the hard drive isn’t fast enough to retrieve the data in time, your fast-paced program will slow to a crawl. The multimedia Amiga is an expanded Amiga. Don’t skimp on hardware; it can make or break your presentations. The Video Toaster, of course, requires an A2000, and unless your pace is leisurely, you should add an accelerator preferably a 68030 or ’040. Install as much RAM as you can afford; ten megabytes is enough for Toaster presentations, but you will need more if you do much 3-D rendering. If you plan to incorporate VCR input, you’ll also need a time-base corrector for each device. Because the Toaster is not an edit controller, you will have to create your own command software for the video deck. This is not difficult if you can obtain the control codes for your particular deck. All the software presented here can send ancl receive data through the serial port; some packages include drivers for the more popular laserdisc players and VCRs. The IV24 is less picky about its host, and any .Amiga with a video slot will do (earlier versions do not support the A4000, however). As with the Toaster, use the fastest processor you can to ensure smooth performance. The IV24’s RAM requirements are also less demanding than the Toaster’s. Five megs should give you a comfortable margin, not including the memory requirements of your multimedia software. And remember, if you plan to incorporate more than one VCR into your setup, you’ll need an add-on serial card to supplement the Amiga’s solo port. A fast, high-capacity hard drive is a must for both systems. Bear in mind that RGB images often exceed a megabyte of disk space. It will not take long before you fill even a 100MB drive, especially if you include animations. A compromise is to dedicate the internal drive to the multimedia system and your everyday software, then add a removable-cartridge drive for your projects. This is a good way to keep your presentations organized, and to avoid the hassle of shuffling files on and off the hard drive as it fills. Back To The Boards Before you commit to a software package, assess your multimedia needs. .And if you don’t actually have either board, consider this: A software-controllable genlock may he all you need for simple applications, but most Amiga genlocks accept only one video input. They combine the Amiga and video signals as NTSC video and allow for limited effects, such as simple fades between video and Amiga, or a mix of the two sources. The IV24 is a big step up from the genlock. This powerful piece of hardware gives the multimedia producer unparalleled video flexibility: The IV24 can accept and output (transcode) even- video standard used in North America. This means, among other things, that you won’t have to invest in any new equipment, since the IV24 can accommodate anything you already use. The hoard’s 24-hit framegrabber, live digital picture-in-picture feature, and ability to combine video signals, often without time-base correction, provide many opportunities. These include: Amigagenerated titles superimposed on live video; animation and recorded video, overlaid on a high-quality RGB framegrab; and broadcast-style over- the-shoulder video in a window. Keep in mind though that if you want to connect more than two devices and switch between them, you must synchronize each device to a master signal. T he IY24 is an ideal solution for com- ? Final Copy produces the highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 13 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported graphic printer or PostScript® printer. Includes a 114,000 word speller, 470,000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, automatic text flow around graphics, automatic hyphenation, Arexx port, headers, footers, and multiple columns. Say goodbye to jagged edged output forever. Final Copy II contains everything in the original Final Copy plus: structured drawing tools, style sheets, master pages, color text,
1. 4 million response thesaurus, 144,000 word speller, math, paragraph sorting, mail-merge, left-right pages, text obliquing, new user-interface, improved memory management, many new Arexx commands, vertical ruler option, new page guides, and more. Use the structured drawing tools to create boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, circles, and squares in your document. Final Copy II Final Copy
• j.tm u-i ¦ SoftFaces SmartSoft $ 5.00 2nd day shipping to most cities in continental U.S. 30 day exchange - no questions asked SmartSoft, Inc., PO. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy. Widely recognized and useful, SoftFaces’ professional quality typefaces give your documents the creative flair they deserve. These typefaces are outline fonts that can be sized from 4 points (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no jaggies and will print using the full capabilities of your printer. Use Proper Grammar to detect and correct 95% of your writing errors. It is the best companion to your favorite word processor. Proper Grammmar can read, correct, and save documents created in FinalCopy, PenPal, ProWrite™, QuickWrite™, Excellence!™, Scribble!™, KindWords™, Trans Write™, and TextCraft Plus™. Don’t be embarassed by bad writing or silly mistakes again. Detect and correct grammar errors in all of your writing. Hard disk required. S54?5
• Order hours M-F 10 - 6:30 EST 7 - 3:30 PST
• Same day shipping on orders received by 5:00 EST or 2:00 PST bining Amiga animations, graphics, or text with 24-bit images or live video. NewTek's Video Toaster was designed for video production, not multimedia presentations, but because its tools are so impressive, it is hard to dismiss. The Toaster offers many features useful for multimedia: four NTSC video inputs, two NTSC outputs, a framegrabber, two frame buffers, a realtime colorizer, scores of digital effects, a video switcher, and one of the best- looking character generators in the business. If you want great effects, a variety of transitions, and high-quality text in your programs, you can’t go wrong with the Toaster. For all its agility, NewTek’s board is not as adept as the IV24 at integrating Amiga graphics into its environment. In fact, the Toaster is “blind” to the Amiga’s graphics while the switcher is active. Although the Toaster provides a genlock mode with fades, dissolves, and cuts, the switcher must be shut down before the genlock engages. Additionally, since the board uses the sound channels for some of its operations, audio effects are not always possible. As a result, if you want Amiga graphics and sound, you must connect a second Amiga to the serial port and video inputs of your Toaster system. Anticipating tliis dilemma, NewTek included a sample Arexx program demonstrating external control of the Toaster through the AUX: port. Although the IV24 is more Amiga- friendlv than the Toaster, both include 7 software better suited for controlling the boards’ operations than for providing multimedia pizazz. For instance, neither piece of hardware makes any provision for audio. So, to realize their true power, you need software to coordinate the boards with the Amiga and your presentation. Toast And, *, A host of software can adapt the Video Toaster to presentations. Included arc at least four programs to automate the Toaster’s operation. Toast Master ($ 149.95, Byrd’s Eye Software), Script- gen ($ 49.95, Michael Greenstein), Toaster Toolkit ($ 150, The Byte Factory), and Trexx Professional. (The latter was recently acquired by ASDG, which, at press time, stated that a revision is underway and pricing is yet undetermined.) Their displays emulate the Toaster interface; you simply click on buttons representing actions the Toaster is to perform. The software then converts these commands into Arexx scripts that, when run, instruct the Toaster to repeat your actions automatically. Nothing could be simpler. (For a review of all lour programs, see p. 58, Oct. ’92.) Keep in mind, though, that these four packages are essentially Arexx script generators, not multimedia programs; they add no functionality to the Toaster. Programs designed with these scripters are ideal for non interactive, stand-alone displays, but little else. If you need more, try a package specifically designed for multimedia. One program, ShowMaker ($ 395, Gold Disk) provides easy access to animation, pictures, music and sound effects, video recorders, and laserdisc players for powerful presentations. ShowMaker is the first multimedia program to provide direct Toaster control. Still, it “The mult imediii inigii is an evpaiulwl Amiga. Don't skimp on hardware; it can make or break your presentations." Cannot hurdle the Toaster’s inabilitv to j integrate Amiga graphics. The way around this is to create the Amiga portions of your presentation using ShowMaker, then record them to videotape. (Recording the segments in the order you will need them will save you time shuttling back and forth in search of the next section.) Next, rewind the tape and reroute the deck’s output to the Toaster. Now, write a second ShowMaker script to orchestrate the real-time text and effects that the Toaster is to add while the tape is playing. Be aware that ShowMaker has not been updated since its release. This means new Toaster features are inaccessible through ShowMaker and others may no longer work correctly. An upcoming multimedia program that promises updated Toaster control as well as savvy sound integration is Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 from The Blue Ribbon SoundYVorks. For more information on the capabilities offered by that program’s new Media Madness module, and for summaries of other multimedia software mentioned here, see “A Show of Strength” on p. 30. The Impact-Vision Thing GVP now includes two special-effects packages with the IV24. My LAD is a small wipe program that uses black- and-white DeluxePaint-style animations to effect moving changes while keying two video sources. Scafa lias teamed up with GVP to create the second program a no-frills character generator. While offering limited utility for the multimedia producer, neither program comes close to the Toaster’s capabilities. Instead, IV24 users must turn to the likes of Amiga Vision (Commodore), Sea la MM200 (Scala Inc.), Can Do (IN- OVAtronics), or ShowMaker, All four of these progr ams can talk to the 1V24 through its Arexx port. Since these packages send messages in Arexx format, the board does not know the dilference and executes the command as ii it were from Arexx. In other words, you don’t have to be an Arexx programmer to get Arexx results. All these programs feature graphical interlaces, programmable “hot spots,” playback of SMUS and SSVX files, full ANIM capability, and great text handling. .Although all are powerful packages, each possesses one or two extra features that make it the most suitable for a particular style of multimedia. Scala MM200, for example, is excellent for business presentations, primarily because of its elegant typefaces and huge collection of backgrounds, ideal for enlivening graphs and charts. AinigaVision is a favorite of interactive video makers. Its main attraction is the simple point-and-click method used to create sequences. AinigaVision includes drivers for most major laserdisc players, and a capable database feature. Can Do is arguably the most powerful. Flexible database commands and an easy-to-use scripting mode for low- level control enable it to tackle any «• multimedia task. It includes no drivers for VCRs or laserdisc players, however. Because ShowMaker includes Arexx, MIDI, and Toaster interfaces, it is ideal for live performances where video interaction must be keved to musical notes. Its one weakness is interactive control: user input is limited to mouse clicks (pausing and restarting a sequence, for example). Try it! There are real advantages to using the Toaster and IV24 for presentations, including comparability with almost any video system and color resolutions that outshine the new A4000 and A1200. Now, think of the possibilities for using both boards together... ¦ Gene Brawn is a digital animator, graphics designer, and frequent lecturer. His hack- ground includes video and multimedia production. ADMISSION: $ 15.00 per day, $ 30.00 for three-day pass SHOW HOTEL: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, 1605 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. For reservations call (212) 977-4000 Show rate $ 135 single or double. Deadline March 9,1993. For more show information, phone (416) 285-5950 Circle 181 on Reader Service card.
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 902B0 ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-6 PST FAX: 310-214-0932 ¦owwiM ow bchniv»i i Jij jj jJjjj uniszui'JAXL1 on -smi dial-dp-i j] - Hztti'Jltf 2AL1 ijziiDym 'SJH Li'JS Ali hi Jhiiiuf y ui AuJJiJiJ DODD'sl ___ lLllLv. UlliI LutLt-tLL Hllb'L CcuUcLLch L'LlcLuL' tLL. J:L' Ll L'UVl Uur LLLLLULLuetl (JLlLL: Hel L2[:LiLV LLILcLl 3008 ilLLLUH Monitor not included LildA t Hie Amiga 3000T is a 68030 or 68040 machine running at 25Mhz. It includes 5mb of RAM and a 200mb SCSI hard drive. A4000 A3000 32-Bit processor 32-Bit processor Up to 18mb RAM w o an) Up to 18mb RAM w o cad Emulates Flicker Fixer Has Flicker Fixer built-in Medium Compatibility High Compatibility 32-Bit Zone III Bus 25Mhz 32-Kt Zorro Ell Bus 25Mftz 2mb Chip RAM 2mb Chip RAM IDE Seagate HD Standard SCSI HD Standard A3000T 030 Tower * 1 79900 A3000T 040 Tower $ 2399°° Lowest priced 040 Tower in the World! 3798 4769 Hurry! The A3000 will never again be offered at these low prices!!! Reative Computers: Your One-Stop Shop for the most unbelievable deals on Amiga computers, hardware and software! Cl Commodore @ AMIGA CALL FOR Amiga 1200HD JscIng! Both models include FREE Dpaint IV AGA and Final Copy 1.3 from Commodore. Amiga 1200 4639 Amiga 600 Systems SUPER BUNDLES A600 with 1084s Stereo Color Monitor ....$ 499! A600HD with 1084s Stereo Color Monitor .$ 699! Base model includes Robocop 3D, Shadow of the Beast II, and Microtext word processor for FREE! 3874 4239 •4 CDTV The interactive workstation to fire your imagination! $ 499! 4477 4646 A570 External CD-ROM Drive for A500 4445 (Limited-time special) 4431 BASEBOARD 600 OMB W CLOCK ......39.95 4472 PCMCIA 2MB RAM BOARD ...1 39.00 4473 PCMCIA 4MB RAM BOARD ...229.00 4648 EUREKA A601 W 1MB RAM .69.95 4755 MBX 1200 W 68881 14MHZ ..... 169.00 4754 MBX 1200 W 68882 25MHZ ......239.00 4768 MBX 1200 W 68882 50MHZ CALL 4817 QUANTUM GO ROCKET 80MB HD ....319.00 4810 QUANTUM GO ROCKET 1 60MB HD CALL 4879 SEAGATE 2.5" 80MB IDE HD ....CALL 4880 SEAGATE 2.5" 1 20MB IDE HD ..CALL AmigaDos 2.1 Sysfem 2, $ 89„, ROM & Software -iOm * : , feSL-Jtll System 2.1 ..$ 44”! M software only (use with 2.0 ROM) Amiga 2000 Systems A2000C (indudes 2.04 ECS)... $ 649! A2000HD (w 105mb HD)| A2000 Accelerated System 25Mhz 5mb RAM 1 Oomb HD . Monitor not included Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 Accessories Prices Effective March 1,1993 New incredible a • TM eative The Amiga Deal of the Century! G-Force 030 A2000 68030 and 68882 both running at 40Mhz Hard Drive mountable 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.) Onboard Series II SCSI Controller All on one board (while supplies last) 'Must order by 5:00pm EST 4475 4219 4661 3848 3655 4333 HONE PAK - . • _ G-force 25MHz 1 MB 68882 ..$ 529.00 ESS G-force 40MHz 4MB 68882 120MB HD ..$ 999.00 E33 G-force 50MHz 4MB 68882 $ 1199.00 ESI I '• . _ G-force 50MHz 4MB 68882 120MB HD $ 1499.00 ES3 Q-Force ‘040s A2000 G-Force ‘040 33Mhz 4mb 68882 * 139900 A3000 G-Force ‘040 28Mhz 2mb 68882 *999°°
• 40Mhz 68EC030
• 1 mb 32-Bit RAM, expandable to 32mb of 60ns RAM
• Optional 68882 Math-Coprocessor
• Does Not void factory warranty Accelerate your Amiga 1200 with ‘030 power!!! G-force Accelerators
* 699“ A530 Turbo
• A500 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
• lmb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
• Socket for 68882 Math chip
• "Mini Slot” for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility.
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 80mb drive *71900 A530 w 120mb drive s75900 A500 HD+ A500-HD+ w 80mb HD....$ 419°° A500-HD+ w 12Qmb HD ..s479°° PC286 Module Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit .s 10900 u Now, your Amiga 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! All for just s399°° DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ Ti Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business" ntwHnu or euwh ACCELERATORS FOR GVP’S ACCELERATORS SEE OUR GVP FULL PAGE AD 4095 A2630 ROCKET LAUNCHER 619 00 2542 ADSPEED . ..... 179 00 4680 CSA DERRINGER W 0K ... 309 00 3934 MERCURY 68040 BOARD FOR A3Q00 W 4MB . 1449.00 4241 MERCURY 68040 BOARD FOR A300Q 35 MHZ .... ...1349.00 4335 MERCURY 68040 BOARD 35MHZ 16MB FOR A3000
2995. 00 4755 MICROBOTICS UBX1200 W 66881 14MHZ FOR A1200 169 00 4754 MICROBOTICS MQX1200 VV 68882 25MH2 FOR AI200 ..._ 239 00 4768 MICROBOTICS M3X1200 W 66862 50MHZ FOR Ai 200
499. 00 4230 MICROBOTICS VXL30 25MHZ 500 2000
• '.B27 4735 3144 3175 1624 1667 . 99 95 161 00 199 00 239 00
289. 00 T59 00 229 00 99 95 99 95 99 95 89 95 1470 2307 3637 433B CBM PRODUCTS COMMODORE SOFTWARE 90lC AMIGA VISION .. 44 95 2595 TCP IP NETWRKNG 50FTWRE __ 149 00 COMMODORE REPLACEMENT PARTS 2013 A2000 KEYBOARD 129 00 2023 A3000 POWER SUPPLY ..... 199 00 4046 A500 DRIVE REPLACEMENT ... 159 00 COMMODORE ACCESSORIES ion A1Q11 EXTERNAL FLOPPY 3 5' FDD
139. 00 1680 A1580 1200 BAUD MODEM .49 95 2232 A2232 MULTI SERIAL BRD
299. 00 2266 A22S6 AT SRIDGECARO . 429 0O 2320 A2320 DISPLAY ENHANCER FQR A2000 239 00 4357 A2335SX BRIDGEBOARD 849 CO 0520 A520 COMPOSITE ADAPTOR .41.95 4477 A570 CD-ROM FOR A500 .
349. 00 439 00 799 00 1049 00 1249 00 1899 00 1299 00 1459 00 1B99 00 199 00 299 00 3T9 00 299 00 359 00 369 00 .499 00 399 00 469 00 1049 00 11 40 00 55117 4598 3898 3969 55170 60655 60-182 60004 55613 4353 4694 4817 4354 1680 4355 4010 4356 3860 3210 MONITORS AND ACCESSORIES PRINTERS AND ACCESSORIES MULTISYNC MONITORS IDEK VF-5017 1 T LP ... 999 00 IDEK MF-5017 17" SP ..... 999 00 IDEK MF-8317 17* HP ... 1249 00 iDEKMF-5021 ....1899 00 SEIKO 1440 MULTISYNC ... 429 00 SEIKO 1450 MULTI SYNC 519.00 PRINTERS DESKJET 500 DESKJET 500C EPSON AP-3250
24. PIN PRINTER LASERJET IIP. 4143 339 00 4658 599 00 4615 4274 209 00 2121 B99 00 4G49 174Q 3357 4606 3903 Hard Cards Series IIA2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card Image F X A2000-HC8+0 80 (80Mb Hard disk) s319°° A2000-HC8+Q 120 (120Mb Hard disk) ..M99c° A2000-HC8+0 213 (213Mb Hard disk) .. S699G0 2183 3849 Total Image Processing Package! RGB. CMYK, HVS adjustment, Full Motion Morphs and more... 4609 4398 Cinemorph ..$ 8495 A2091 Static or Full-motion morphing Multi-Speed morphing SPLINE and LINE morphing methods 24-Bit color and 8-Bit grayscale modes available Standard Commodore SCSI Hard Drive Controller. Will hold 2mb RAM., A Blowout Price...„.$ 3995 4391 DSS-8 3348
Y. t mi % Record, edit, compose...with a high-quality, stereo sound sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track sequencer. $ 2091 COMPUTERS 5059 4019
13. 95 4 548 ANALOG JOYSTICK ADAPTER 13 95 4813 CH ANALOG FLIGHTSTICK (IBM) 39 95 4524 CHS ROLLER MOUSE TRACKBALL ... ... 73 95 2371 GOLDEN IMAGE 2 BUTTON MOUSE ..... 34 95 3216 GOLDEN IMAGE CORDLESS MOUSE .. . 74 95 4079 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE ..... .. 64 95 4426 GRAVIS AMIGA GAMEPAD 19 95 4544 MiCROTOUCH TOUCHSCREEN ... .829 00 3742 MIRACLE KEYBOARD ..... . 359 00 4557 PRO PARALLEL ADAPTER FOR FIGHTER DUEL PF10 .. 1531 Slick STICK joystick .. 7 95 4535 SPEED KING ANALOG JOYSTICK . ....19.95 1164 TAC-2 JOYSTICK .... .. 10.95 4445 TAC-30 JOYSTICK . 1095 4446 TAC-50 JOYSTICK 13 95 1416 TRACKBALL AMTRAC 59 95 4447 O STICK .OYSTICK 7 95 45S8 WACOM AMIGA DRIVER WITH CABLE 84 95 3293 WIZ DRAWING TABLET
7. 5 X 7.5 . ..239 00 A500 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS 2506 SUPRARAM 50CRX 1MB 135 00 2773 SUPRARAM 500RX 2MB 199 00 3192 SUPRARAM 50CRX 0MB 429 00 A600 A1200 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS 4432 BASEBOARD 600 0MB W O CLOCK 24 95 4431 BASEBOARD 600 0MB
W. CLOCK .. 39 95 4646 EUREKA A601 W 1 MS 69 95 4472 PCMCIA 2MB ERD A60D A1200 . 139.00 4654 PCMCIA 3MB 9RO A6iM A1200 169 00 4473 PCMCIA 4M3BRDA600 A1200 229 00 A2000 RAM BOARDS 3889 DKB 2632 RAM EXPANSION BOARD FOR A2500 CALL 1265 SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM 179 00 1411 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM 240 00 SCANNERS DIGITIZERS 4664 EPSON ES-600C SCANNER 4665 EPSON ES-800C SCANNER 4691 EPSON SCANNER TRANSPARENCY OPTION 4692 EPSON SCANNER AUTOOQCUMENT FEEDER SONY 1332A SONY 1304S MULTISYNC 4462 EUREKA HAND SCANNER 400 . 649 00 1199 00 . 799 00 499 00 1 AUDIO MIDI [ 1120 ECE MIDI A1000 49 95 1655 EC£ MIDI PLUS A5Q0.1 A2000 A300C 49 95 4370 EUREKA MIDI WITH PASSTHROUGH 38 95 1538 MIDI GOLD INSIDER 64 95 4767 NES MIDI INTERFACE 49 95 4504 PERFECT SOUND 3 1 69 95 EXPANSION PORTS 4902 DENISE EXTENDER BUS 05 CC 1248 DUAL SERIAL BOARD 269 CC 4394 GVP INPUT OUTPUT EXTENDR 199 OC EMULATORS 4176 AMAX II PLUS 359 OC 2286 AT BriDGEBOARD...... (SEE CBM LISTING) 4357 386SX BRIDGEBRD (SEE CBM LISTING) POWER SUPPLIES 4696 BENCH POWER SUPPLY ..... 199 00 1057 BIGFOOT 200 POWER SUPPLY ..... ......97 95 2434 IVS POWER SUPPLY 89 95 CHIPS (VARIOUS) 2143 65882 50 MATH COPROC 169 OC 2189 1C AGNUS FATTER 1MB CBM 8372 69 00 2425 1C AGNUS SUPER FAT 2MB A3000 AGNUS CHIP ..... 99 OC 5212 KICKSTART 1 3ROM ......39 CC 422S MEGACHIP 5002000 W AGNUS ..... ... . . 269 OC 3081 MULTISTART II REV 6A ......39 95 ! MODEMS 8577 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM 79 95 3104 SUPRAFAX 2400ZI PLUS . 119 OC 4152 4096 3732 4052 4422 1652 4199 1580 4438 1565 4150 SUPRAFAX MODEM RAM CHIPS MOST RAM CHIP SIZES AVAILABLE AT ECONOMICAL PRICES CALL A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS ADRAM 540 W OK ... 89.95 ALFA DATA 501 CLONE .36 95 BASEBOARD A500 0 4 MB . 89 00 EUREKA A501 CLONE 38 95 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MEG ... 47 00 2400 3500FAX GENERIC 135 95 SUPRAFAX MODEM 2400 9500FAX AMIGA ... 174.00 SUPRAFAX MODEM 9600 V 32 259 00 SUPRAFAX MODEM 14 4 V32BS .. 299 00 DCTV PAL 499 00 PERSONAL TEC II PAL 1299 00 Pal SPECIFIC HARDWARE MEMORY EXPANSION IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE 3634 ART DEPARTMENT PRO V 2 1 159 00 2564 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK 52 95 4414 ASDG TRUE PRINT 24 ...... 64 95 4391 CINEMORPH .... .99 95 4609 MAGE FIX ..249 00 3870 MAGEMASTER 149 00 4021 MAGEMASTER FIRECRACKER VER......139 00 4340 MORPH PLUS .179 00 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 4542 ALADDIN 4D ... 279 00 4030 ANIMATRIX MODELER .. 64 95 3290 BROADCAST 3D FONTS ¦ IMAGINE ......79 95 3749 BROADCAST 30 FONTS ¦ LIGHTWAVE - 79 95 4312 3ROADCAST 3D FONTS • MASTER PACK 2 LIGHTWAVE 79 95 4313 BROADCAST 3D FONTS ¦ MASTER PACK 3 LIGHTWAVE 79 95 47ii BROADCAST 30 FONTS- PRO PACK 1 LIGHTWAVE 169 00 3807 CALlGARI II ...... 149 00 4630 CALlGARI 24 ... 279 00 4C07 CYCLEMAN FOR IMAGINE . 39 95 4315 ESSENCE .. 49 95 4208 IMAGINE 1 1 VYFREE VIDEO 79 95 3825 IMAGINE 2 0 .... 199 00 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS 64 95 2996 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE 45 95 2954 MAP MASTER FOR LIGHTWAVE 64 95 4455 MORPHUS 69 95 4343 MOTION MAN FOR LIGHTWAVE 119 00 (SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE) VIDEO SOLUTIONS 1533 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM 299 00 1291 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM 379 00 DPS Personal TBC m...$ 869°° 4486
u. • Hock solid Ircozc
• Variable strobe
• True Monochrome mode DPS TBC I (refurb.).„M99°° 2566 NEW LOWER PRICES! Newtek Video Toaster A2000 28MhZ '040.J64800 Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D Renderer, 24-Bit painting & more! Expandable up to 32mb of RAM 28MHz s899"" 33MhZ...s1149G0 4074 4080 3218 4241 A3000 '040 25Mhz ....S4990D Mercury 35Mhz w flmb s899°" SCSI-2 DMA HD Controller expandable to of 32-Bit RAM. I Zeus 040 Accelerator lor the A2000 From Digital Creations Full NTSC Color Display $ 07000 and Digitizer. PAL Version Now 1721 Available! Bcrv This easy-to-follow, comprehensive a z Qr VHS tutorial will tell you all you need to know about DCTV. O i zn Prices Effective March 1,1893 __ Visit our Amiga Superstores! South Bay: 4463 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90260 - Phone: (310) 542-2292 Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Westside: 318 Wilshire Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - -Phone: (310) 394-7779 Sun 11am-6pm .29.49 'WORLD ATLAS 2.5 ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL ALL ABOUT AMERICA ..... AMY'S FUN 2 3 .. ANIMAL KINGDOM . AT THE ZOO .. BARNEY BEAR GOES CAMPING BARNEY BEAR GOES TO FARM ...... BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SCHOOL ... BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SPACE...... DECIMAL DUNGEON .... FRACTION ACTION ..... FUN SCHOOL FREDDY FROG FUN SCHOOL MERLIN'S MATH .. FUN SCHOOL PAINT & CREATE . FUN SCHOOL SAMMY SPY ...... FUN SCHOOL SPELLING FAIR KATIES FARM .... KINDERAMA LAND OF THE UNICORN ... MATH BLASTER PLUS - ... MATH WIZARD .. MCGEE MY PAINT 2.0 READ-A-RAMA LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION 3833 PAGESTREAM 2 2 .. 199-00 0410 PROF PAGE STRUCTURED CLIPART ...38.95 0409 PROF PAGE TEMPLATES .... 35.95 3854 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 3 0 ..... 169.00 4730 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4 Q» DRAW 3 0 BUNDLE ..239.00 SPREADSHEET 3493 CHARTS AND GRAPHS ......29.95 4187 MAXIPLAN 4.0 .....99-95 0437 PROFESSIONAL CALC .....189.00 DATABASES 2352 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 ...... 59 95 2762 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL 4 199 00 WORD PROCESSING 4469 FINAL COPY II .89 95 4701 PROPER GRAMMAR II 59 95 4406 PROWRITE 3 3 ..... 64 95 2442 TRANSWRITE 39 95 HOME PRODUCTIVITY 4228 CONTACT 2.0 ......44.95 4421 MINI OFFICE ......69.95 4075 NOTEBOOK . 26 95 0797 TOP FORM ..... 44 95 0699 PERSONAL VIDEO DISTR BUTION AMPLIFIER:
- *556 4292 3203 4199 4217 4216 19 95 29 95 22 95 14 95 12 95 12 95
12. 95
12. 95 .22 95 22 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 25 95 22 95
22. 95 32 95 22 95 25 95 .29.95 24 95 3684 4129 3681 4022 2912 0104 1219 1679 5602 3680 4709 4668 4515 4690 4514 1694 5604 3643 1010 5605 2753 0255 5607 1805 BROADCAST TlTLER II . 229.00 ¦1250 BROADCAST TlTLER II SUPER HIGH RES VERSION . ...279 00 4471 BROADCAST TlTLER II FONT PACK 2 ... ... 94 95 3772 PRO VIDEO CG II ....
129. 00 3888 SCREEN MAKER 24-BlT ..... 5995 4377 TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM ... ...119 00 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO 60 ..... 129 00 4370 TOASTER TOOLKIT 1 1 .. 139 00 4584 TOASTER VISION 139 00 3699 VIDEO DIRECTOR ... 14900 1721 4331 4630 4521 3639 4194 4009 4277 3940 2S66 4486 3628 4596 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE 4164 0152 CHROMA KEY PLUS ...... COLOR SPLITTER ...... 359 00 ...109 00 DMI RESOLVER BOARDS .. .....CALL 2431 FIRECRACKER 24 2 MEG ..... .819.00 6787 FLICKER FIXER ...... .249 00 4201 FLICKER FREE VIDEO 2 239 00 4277 OPALVISION 24-BlT MAIN BOARD .... .999 00 4092 ftAMBRAND” 24-BlT VlD BRD GENLOCKS 3595 00 4526 GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK ...... 399 00 329 00 629 00 1350 00 EDUCATIONAL BUSINESS SOFTWARE 3622 AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE ....74 95 3623 AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN .. 54 95 3621 AUDIO GALLERY JAPANESE ....74,95 4130 AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN 79 95 3558 AUDIO GALLERY SPANISH
54. 95 0954 LINK WORD FRENCH ......
19. 95 0955 LINKWORD GERMAN .
19. 55 0956 LINKWORO ITALIAN ... ...... 19 55 0957 LINKWORD RUSSIAN ..... 19-95 0953 LINKWORD SPANISH ..... ... 19 95 ACCOUNTING BEST BUSINESS MGMT .... CESKTOP BUDGET HOME FRONT 2.5 .... PHASAR 4.0 ...... SERVICE INDUSTRY ACCTNG DESKTOP PUBLISHING HOT LINKS 1 1 -PAGESTREAM SOFTWARE 129 00 40 95 44 95 4027 39 95 2440 109 00 1268 1333 99 95 129 95 0766 249 00 0470 59 95 7066 0226 4510 1654 0975 GENERAL EDUCATIONAL DISTANT SUNS VERSION 4.1 .. 49.95 PELICAN PRESS .64.95 WHERE IN EUROPE IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO ..- ..34.95 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDlEGO .. 34.95 WHERE IN THE U S A. IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34 95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO .34.95 3725 ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK 6879 SUPERGEN GENLOCK 1440 SUPERGEN 200CS EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A 3635 -JVC DECKS .. 3281 -PANASONIC 7750 3636 -SONY 9 PIN DECKS ... 4260 NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER 2 0 799 00 799 00 799 00 4507 4697 4125 MIGRAPH OCR 369 00 4590 PACESETTER 3 Morph PI US S179001 Compatible II V* e- ' _., "‘V ". ‘ With features like 3D wave ripple effects, completely Art Department Professional Ver 2.1 Art Department Pro giues you the most powerful imago processing system ever offered lor the Amiga. Now with JPEG compresion and 24-Bit printing S15900 ER mu .Tvri-.-.-n: Y’NUiYl'RlMl With features like 3D wave rlpple effects, completely WYSIWYG perspective and spherical warper, arbitrary rotation, and the best morphing warping technology around. Morph Plus is the premiere morphing package on the market. . . A 4o4o Wacom Tablet 6"x 9"
* 499°° Aladdin 4D OpalVision Compatible Spectacular”
• Amiga Computing Awesome”
- Camcorder Brilliant” Amiga Shopper The best paint program” - A iD V, l -Ml a M 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! 4277 Versio . 2.0 The Ultimate 24-Bit Video and Graphics System Main Board includes OpalPaint, OpalPresents, OpalHotkey, OpalAnimate and Wacom driver For the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 ONLY *899°° $ 279' 4542 OpalVision Compatible 50978 This is the best pressure sensitive tablet available! The best selling tablet on the Mac. Also available in 12"x 12” size Driver and cable* ...s84w ‘Not required w QpalVislon 4558 NOW AVAILABLE! 4638
• 32- Bit color ¦ Organic ttef ormations r ? Heirarchical animations 4.
• IFF textures cX* OKF format Prices Effective March 1,1893
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS
* 1*153 Redondo Reach Blvd., Mon-Sal 8-6 PST Lawndale, CA 902GO FAX: 310 214 0932 reative COMPUTERS 40 95 Flags of The world £2 95 2341 DJ HELPER CAD 4463 GIGAMEM e-1 95 C634 MAC 2 DOS . 2659 DYNACADD CALL 4353 MA' EriCK 5 0 64 95 AflM DYNA CADD 2D ! §0 00 4124 QUARTERBACK 5 0 54 95 1267 INTROCAD PLUS 54 95 18-17 QUARTERBACK TOOLS 54 95 3649 PRO BOARD NET PACKAGE 3975 SUPER DJ 500C 54 95 VERSION 2 OB NTSC-PAL ... 28900 4464 TURBO PRINT 54 95 . 89 95 29 95 82 95 90 95 27 95 44 95 52 95 . 32 95
69. 95 2961 2962 3155 3156 4282 4263 3143 CALL 29 95 29 95 29 95 35 95 34 95 44 95 39 95 46 95 44 95 34 95 39 95 159 00 MUSIC 4662 4096 4633 3000 2535 4248 16900 .119.00
139. 95 ...79.95 39 95 129 00 0663 2720 4718 3359 1270 1751 1271 1750 3352 1595 1550 2797 3890 1260
39. 95
209. 00
239. 00 32 95 32 95
32. 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 190 00 . 229.00
49. 95
56. 95 51 95 B9 95
79. 95 1995 0387 8639 5995 3650 59 95 ¦1545 5995 59 95 3784 3786 3785 2951 129 00 3856 129 00 ¦16 95 2456 2759 64 95 2755 ¦16 95 2756 64 95 2758 42 95 2455 1 2757 t* 34 95 34 95 3745 34 95 2821 129 00 2701 2948 2957 4207 49 95 . 7-1 95 CALL 59 95 . 10.95 . 18 95 .18.95 .25.95 . 59-95 29 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 .29 95 29 95 4270 3880 3985 34 95 44 95 44 95 44 95 44 95 4690 RAW COPY 13K .. 26 95 3507 191? X-COPY PROFESSIONAL 45 95 '7CQ TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE ¦* f 1594 1780 A TALK III ... 42 95 4684 BAUD BANDIT II
29. 95 4605 CNET V2 4 BBS 84 95 1075 MlNOUNK TELECOM 28.95 3340 3009 ONLINE PLATINUM
39. 95 4669 4153 SUPRA GP FAX SOFTWARE
- 74 95 4504 DOS TOOLS UTILITIES c, Cxa 4222 AMI SACK 2 0 44 55 4041 441Q ASDG ADPROJX-IOO MODULE . 64 95 0120 BAD DISK 0PTIMI2ER 4.1 . 24.95 4516 433? CROSS DOS 5 0 .. .... 39.35 4729 DIRECTORY OPUS 4 0
64. 95 4157 3200 DISKMASTER II 42 95 389 T B4 00 599 00 ... 70.95 139 0-0 529 00 1359 00 179 00 165 00 GENERAL FONTS all AGFA FONTS AVAILABLE 0821 KARA ANIMFONTS 1 C022 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 1637 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 2753 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 4660 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 ...... 0337 KARA FON'S HEADLINES 0353 KARA FCN'S HEADLINES 2 . 3759 KARA FON’S HEADLINES 3
- OAHU ...
• 32-Bit RAM Expansion to 32 MB
• 25Mhz 68030
• Includes 68882 Math chip
• On-Board SCSI
• 2630 Compatible Expansion port
• The first and only ‘030 accelerator with Pro-Plex allowing on-board SCSI and RAM to be accessed in the 68000 mode. SupraRam RX 1MB ... SupraRam RX I 2773 I 2MB ... SupraRam 500 I 1585 I 512k... Now Available!!!
119. 00
169. 00
39. 95 s579°° Due to industry flucluolion. RAM prices ore subject to change without notice 4232 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0600-89-1178. | PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE 1 9610 AMIGA VISION . 49 95 3165 AMOS THE COMPILER ..
129. 00 1753 CANDO PROPAK 1 ..... .23.95 4525 CANDO 2.0 .. 1 14.Q0 0078 CAPE 68K ASSEM 2.5 ...... ..52.95 6654 CYGNUSED PROF. REL 2 ..... .. 58.95 4512 EASY AMOS V .BOOK . . 39.95 4802 HELM . 99 95 3921 HISOFT DeVPAK 3 ......-......- ....-...... .79.95 3924 HISPEED PASCAL ...
109. 00 3264 INOVATOOLS 11 .59.95 3564 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL 3 0 135 00 1302 POWER WINDOWS 2-5 .. .. 52.95 4439 REXX PLUS COMPILER ......
259. 00 2668 SCALA v1.1
299. 00 2850 TURBOTEXT .. .. 64 95 TAPES TUTORIAL ANIMATION 101. - 2829 3160 3676 3512 3617 2543 2823 4734 4461 4460 4458 4457 4379 24 95 . 26.95 . 26.95
19. 95 . 19.95 .26.95 .26.95 . 99.95
19. 95 4339 AMIGA INTERN . . . ..32.95 AMIGA ROM KERNEL 350!
- DEVICES 24 95 2093 INCLUDES 8 AU1000CS . 29 95 4210
- LIBRARIES .... .29 95 2976 AMIGA USER INTERFACE STYLE GUIDE ... . . 19 95 4426 AMOS GAME MAKER’S MAN L .... . . 25.95 4368 CIVILIZATION. THE AUTHORIZED GUIDE .. ..13.95 4849 MASTERING AMIGA ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE .. 27.05 4840 MASTERING AMIGA SYSTEM PROGRAMMING . . . 32 65 4846 MASTERING AMIGA WORKBENCH 2.0 ... 24 05 484 J MASTERING AMIGADOS 2.0 VOLUME II 24 05 4610 MULTIMEDIA W THE AMIGA .... ..16 95 4424 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND II HINT BOOK ..... ....9.95 4082 UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2 0 ... ..26 95 GAMES ARCADE GAMES 2841 ARMOUR GEDDON ..... ......29 95 1087 AWESOME 34 95 4535 BILLS TOMATO GAME .34.95 2754 4516 CITRON ... 29 1407 4133 DGENERATICN .24 95 29611 4661 DRAGONS I AIR III 24 95 4215 4288 EPIC ..... 29 95 4020 3670 FAN-AS'IC VOYAGE 29 95 3508 2314 GODS ... 26 95 2712 1779 IMMORTAL "0 95 476- JAGUAR XJ-220 ... 36 95 2 13 1743 Kll I INGGAM1 SHOW ......26 95 4393 MAGIC POCKETS ..4323 4340 NOVA 0 .24.95 236C 2516 OBITUS W T-SHIRT . 26 95 0010 4197 PINBALL DREAMS ...27 95 4667 4613 PINBALL FANTASIES .. 29.95 4739 1770 PRINCE OF PERSIA ... 25.95 4396 PROJECT X . 36.95 4560 ROBOCOP 3D 36.95 7564 1688 SHADOW OF THE 4358 BEAST II WiT-SHlRT .. 26 95 4470 SHADO'W OF THE BEAST III ..... 36 95 3386 4075 SILLY PUTTY .. 35.95 3387 3563 SPACE ACE II . 38 95 3388 2585 SPEEDBALL 2 ... 26.95 3389 4740 STREET FIGHTER II 32.95 3390 4231 TENGEN S ARCADE HITS .. 26.95 3965 4417 UTOPIA ..32.95 4423 4713 VECTOR STORM .... 26 95 4528 ZOOL ..... 36 95 4B52 ZOOL AGA ..... 34 05 J579 4578 ACTION STRATEGY 4702 4723 ATRAIN .. .. 45 95 460-1 1658 BATTLE CHESS .. 31.95 1846 3956 CASTLES ..... 39.95 2663 4613 CASTLES DATA DISK ..
19. 95 4297 4344 CIVILIZATION .... 45 95 2838 0984 CLUE . 14.95 3244 4617 DISCOVERIES OF COLUMEJUS .. 39.95 4133 4397 HOOK ... 39.95 *589 4678 HUMANS .....3995 4121 2642 LEMMINGS .... 29 95 0577 3666 LEMMINGS DATA DISK .... 13 95 3720 1766 Ml TANK PLATOON 35.95 MONOPOLY ..16.55 PUSHOVER ..39.95 RAILROAD TYCOON 39 95 ROBO SPORT ..... 36 95 SIM ANT . 39 95 SIMCITY ...... 32 95 SIMCITY GRAPHICS 1 ANCIENT CITIES .... 16 95 SIMCITY GRAPHICS «r 2 FUTURE CITIES .16.95 SIM EARTH ...45 95 STAR CONTROL 22 95 TETR'S ..14.95 TRADERS .....22 95 WING COMMANDER .. 39.95 ADULT GAMES CENTERFOLD SQUARES ..19 95 LEISURE SUIT LARRY I ENHANCED 35 95 STRIP POKER III .29 95 STRIP III DATA 1 .16.95 STRIP lit DATA 2 ..... 16 95 STRIP lit DATA 3 16 95 STRIP lit DATA 4 .16.95 STRIP II! DATA 5 . 16.95 STRIP III DATA 6 .16.95 WAR STRATEGY CAMPAIGN 36 95 COMBAT CLASSICS ...29 95 CONQUEST OF JAPAN ..... 39 95 DIPLOMACY ..26 95 HARPOON ....41.95 HARPOON BATTLESET a3 MEDITERRANEAN CONFLICT 20.95 HARPOON DESIGNER’ SERIES ....34 95 HARPOON SCENARIO EDITOR 27.95 HARPOON CHALLENGER PACK ..62 95 NAPOLEON .34.95 NO GREATER GLORY .... ?4 95 PACIFIC ISLANOS .....29 95 POPULOUS ...29.95 POPULOUS II ...... 38 95 HP DeskJet 50BC HP DeskJet 5500 (Cctor) (Color) $ 49900 00 60747 . - UNLERS H THE POWEI » °|-Hie One-Stop BUJERI ™ ; Music Shop sounds 16-Bit, 32-sroice, CO-qualHy, fully digital stereo audit) for your Amiga. The Publishing Team with the Genie Edge the Bundle & Save a Bundle Professional
4. 0 New VersiQn! NOW , AVAILABLE!
* .. .J Bars&Pipes J Professional 2.0 $ 23900 4?is State of the Art MIDI Sequencing Draw 3.0 4248 3854 er ...S4995 Uniuersa! Patch librarian SyncPro s179oo SMPTE Time Eode Reader Generator Triple Play Plus ..si6500 48 MIDI channels via one interface Super JAM! 1.1 $ 899S Write music without ever touching an intrument rnrrni FREE!!! Buy $ 100 worth of Blue Ribbon Products, get Who, What, When, Where, a personal organizer FREE!!! 3890 4157 Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! 4759 Prices Effective March 1,1993 r-sagii-fei. CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 9Q2GQ ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-8 PSI FAX: 310-214-0932 SOLITAIRE S JOURNEY . 30.55 TOM LANDRY FOOTBALL . 32.95 TV SPORTS BASEBALL 34 95 WORLD CIRCUIT GRAND PRIX 33 95 WWF EUROPEAN RAMPAGE 37 95 STRANGE DEADFELLOWS
- • .!•- i " r1'Plates for TOASTER CG TOASTER SWITCHER DCTV 1 OPAINT IV FOR AMIGA 500 2000'3000 ... CALL 4440 STAR TREK .MOUSE PAD 10 X 10 ... 13.95 4441 STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION MOUSE PAD . 1395 4634 STAR TREK NEXT GEN CREW MOUSE PAD ... . 13.95 483? X TRACTOR PLUS 11 95 4643 POPULOUS H DATA DISK .... 19.95 flight of the old dog TB45 POWERMONGER .. ..33.55 4290 MEGAFORTRESS MISSION 1 3237 POWERMONGER WW1 DATA . 19.95 4299 MEGAFORTRESS: MISSION 2 43S9 SPOfLS OF WAR 36 95 3987 MIG 29 ACCOLADE . . 3966 THE THIRD REICH 23 55 3753 RED BARQN 4275 VIKINGS 39 95 3319 THUNDERHAWK 3260 WORLDS AT WAR .. .29.95 4547 TRACON II 2569 ROLE PLAYING BANE O" THE COSMIC FORGE 3995 4520 27 95 4627 27 95 4738 36 95 3973 26 95 4749 34 95 38 95 2926 2752 . 39.95 2922 39 95 26 95 3368
29. 95 . 39.95 3201 39 95 2740 29 95 41B4 39 95 2750 34 95 39 95 3251 2495 3278 .36 95 4252 ...38.95 4253 . 34 95 4254 34 95 2751 39 95 4374 34 95 3190 34 95 2833 19 95 4053 4159 2794 25 95 2944 42 95 3360
34. 95
34. 95 3970 372i BLACK CRYPT..... . .34 95 3710 0002 DUNGEON MASTER 19 55 4633 2443 DUNGEON MASTER II CHAOS STRIKES SACK 19 95 2674 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER . 16.95 4623 4017 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II ...
38. 95 4527 4703 ISHAR LEGEND OF FORTRESS ...... 39.95 3739 4054 LOST TREASURES OF INFOCOM 45 55 4629 4577 MEGATRAVELLER II
39. 95 4341 4647 PALADIN II ... ...... 39 95 4715 SHADOW WORLDS .... . 34.95 4136 4295 TREASURES OF THE 4635 SAVAGE FRONTIER 34 95 4127 2379 ULTIMA V 3953 WARRIORS OF DESTINY .. . . 35 95 3236 4073 ULTIMA VI 2445 THE FALSE PROPHET 44 95 2915 FLIGHT SIMULATORS 4249 AIR SUPPORT 29 95 0961 4717 AV8B HARRIER SIMULATOR ...... ...... 45.95 3756 3233 BIRDS OF PREY .....
34. S5 1842 2967 F15 STRIKE EAGLE 11 ..
39. 95 1782 1619 F19 STEALTH FIGHTER .. 34 55 4043 0115 FALCON ..... 32 95 4135 1639 FALCON MISSION DISK 7 . 19 95 4535 FIGHTER DUEL PROFESSIONAL 34 95 4196 2551 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II 32 49 4700 GUNSHIP 2COO 42 95 4675 3791 KNIGHTS OF THE SKY .....39 95 4677 3246 MEGAFORTRESS 4641 Idek MF-5017 . Large 17" Screen Works on all Amigas! M1 Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution SP Perfect for OpalVision ProWrite Version .....
• Supports Hotlinks
• 100,000 word Spell Checker
• Thesaurus with 300,000 word cross reference. 4406 4143 4658 rvw Version 4.1 DeluxePaint IV The King ol Painl and Animation New AGA version available!!! Call for price!!! 4462 Eureka ....M5900 Commander
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• Creditcard problems, SYSlEraproblcms.AclialGod.sliippmgtoa different addressthan your bittiapaddrES*, and orders sfcipping to same rural areas Sf small cities witl rncitr addittorval processing and shipping lime.
• Orders over 3 Ihs- incur additional shipping charges
• Does not include insurance. OUR UnHwd-eme offer9xne:2rM.-'?3.«ft3«AJ? Apples tolfts obo«* SitedtMimuttM Cumw S«vfc»to - Owttfr affnhim Aiittigriwiw'rsMff>b« cetoiB lemtag rw ilenHi} taxi The "us ts medgndiwcWloncr.3 mrtgiiWl pcciagtrtg
* iTh Mar* wo'iarity ccud. Ho damspra farm w.fl t» occupied Seiwrtl issued wifrrn 14days cf leceipi of in* i*fum f tfarrftl. Se lur'd is limited fa H.000 pw customer Wcieturwh on ftO'flM Hr lato'tim'gft. : foi !Wh it Pwrt CfH SIO-MJftWfrom 11 o n toJpm W Dyl*oei5llipriutt.'>ofo>0'tef>»ino!l®§3J ThsM li CeSA.' 8rfeli»f«otJoyi Check owloco-' Fedfrici fip**astation (or deifaery coot mciionor-iJ3*1'itry CCD'sod-3 ll 'io >*uonoi Cc-tf-pory cneck* ColtWafi o*he‘ s'lapir.® MMWhM ‘ducpt.crai twrt V-l orcspoc* p«hM* Cid*f>«C*pt d M ac»« i d prices at* CASH prices Vis Master CcfC ipt* oicoifi Dfttpifcr pad ST. ' Cot-CuUemet Struct cf jlTO} 2M-CQ3Qfsi return auttauaSWi AS return
• ¦irio-J awfcotuo1'cn vamfcct Cstf AD *0 te retiwC. Rotit'i raw) fc sipiw; ecna 'XA crd pCMOjrvjOBflrrwtt 0* sent bOCt uvthin Sodo,sotMftvoee date, tis refunds p'tfOJ* Detect.*p>*luC1 titbOhQtiWy. '*'»"«**eo ju sic«**stofp*sa«fae'fpn-c-ct hCf>o"9*s -fiiurhit p,-*3K«0»isow cFcoova wbi*:i to a » »-*SoctirigJ« ?«« end otcfettfy cf ejicuc'ca Streetfochar ewrcutre&bt; : SendmonerHd*ii« cesfc ~s c*i*dt -r Iasierrs*ra*jfersontf tr*CU - HjidCTStoeseOf. Lr-ck.3*- Kcm*. Address Bsdtreaswean&w (»oP.O teen.ptedw) ‘foidasSfi&f ctrts awJ nefce*t*tws«n Cate cr t CstlCriaciiTtipptfejrFti : ‘ fp'Coiddc fTO, APO-liAwnsiti crtitt SK Ajcf3*rcosifiies p-j.mvmeWttSWO ’or VS A end Jaatei Cord a ce s icu-tui! MX Cftr*aics.feCptc4occpf of yew ttedrtctKd ¦ te'-'irsfbcek- Mow havayotictedffcad numberrtoCitotemCoRt* . N Coders Wrpiees* CorodotMO 5«-JStfclwy !t»- 7-»M4 BwetrtMfldomSWM*«Ut:;Mre*«W-W».Awiral«»l* S«.|»-7W.3*hz*riasdWo-flS-MM US Cry. Applies to ori meic-tndue attended Cy on outhcxced Amiga dealeri eicepi neicrarSi* so tor* end out tf sfcU. A* •hi pi» youtw 'delivered oxe lowei ftroa ih« cfn*r o Nxirea AMIGA dial's "(Jelivnee' cure* When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, an OpalVision, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GVP Hardware from Creatiue Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questicns-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the market for a GVP Accelerator but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! The Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program POLICIES Overnight Shipping via: (CC-MBG1 Prices Effective March 1,1993 R E V I E W S From p. 28 Editor. A cardboard Quick Reference Guide gives you crib notes on the basic drawing tools, and on-line help is a click away. In addition, when selected, all tools display usage hints in the main drawing window’s drag bar. Art Expression is a good, introductory-level illustration package with intuitive tools and a fair supply of features. It does lack abilities that you expect in a professional program, however, such as support for the Pantone Color Matching System. To .Art Expression’s credit, several of its drawing and manipulation tools easily let you spend more time thinking and innovating ideas than struggling with the program. The interface is simple and veteran Amiga users will hardly ever have to refer to the superb manuals. Soft-Logik needs to change very little to take Art Expressions from being good to being excellent. The formula for success is better Bezier control tools, gradient fills, and possibly the Pantone Color Matching System. Olusegun Olaniyan Blitz BASIC 2 Acid Software, $ 159. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K of RAM. Recommended system: 1MB of RAM, hard drive. Basic language for games programming. Tie death of BASIC as a programming I language has been anticipated for many years now. Professionals shun it, hackers laugh at it, and schools have long since quit teaching it. Still, it won’t go away. Recently, Blitz BASIC 2, the latest BASIC incarnation for the Amiga, arrived complete with five floppies, two large manuals, and other sundry goodies. The package weighs about five pounds. If BASIC is dying, it sure isn't of starvation. But is it getting better? To find out I tested Blitz 2 in three areas: speed, power, and ease of use. Speed: Out in Front If speed is the only thing you want out of a BASIC language, Blitz 2 fills the bill. It’s a compiled, rather than an interpreted, BASIC. While compiled BASIC does not execute as fast as assembly language, it's definitely a lot quicker than interpreted BASIC. Blitz 2 doesn't stop there, either. With Blitz 2’s editor compiler you can insert C and assembly code into vour BA- 4 I SIC programs to speed up sensitive areas. Plus, Blitz 2 offers a special Blitz mode that shuts off the operating system to give you lightning-fast performance. Of course, there are trade-offs. Debugging is slower with compiled BASIC. With Blitz 2 you cannot simply stop a running routine unless you program in a Stop, Even doing that isn’t very helpful: After a Stop you’re left in a primitive Direct mode window that allows you to do little other than examine variables. Blitz mode has more severe trade-offs. When you enter it, you leave behind all the conveniences of Intuition, including keyboard routines, mouse control, windows, and multitasking. The user’s guide warns you: “...the only time it’s acceptable to close down the Amiga’s multitasking environment is with software dedicated to entertainment. .Any applications software that uses Blitz mode will NOT be welcomed by the Amiga public.” That statement provides a telling clue to Blitz 2’s real destiny to be a games creator. While it does have the standard window commands, file handling, and control structures, Blitz 2’s heart is set on creating entertainment software. Is Blitz 2 fast enough to produce truly commer- cial-quality games? I think so. The sample games that accompany the program are convincing evidence that Blitz 2 can handle heaw-duty animation. 4 Power: Commands Aplenty Blitz 2 gives you access to much of the Amiga’s hardware power without requiring library work. .All the screen modes HAM, interlaced, hi- and lo-res (not overscan), and double-buffering are available with simple commands. ILBM File formats (as from DeluxePaint) are implemented, as well as 8SVX IFF and Soundtracker Noise- tracker sound files, letting you play whole soundtracks in die background. Also included among Blitz. 2’s more than 300 commands are Rotate (turns a shape to any degree), Stencil (slides objects among different background graphics), Vwait (synchronizes graphics with the hardware display refreshes), a series of Gadget commands (simplify putting clickable buttons on the screen), and excellent array-sorting options (Sort, Son Up, Sort Down). In addition, you can use CLI commands to pass parameters between your program and AmigaDOS, or you can open the Workbench screen A few things, however, are noticeably absent. Where are the font commands? Where is overscan? The text and cursor capabilities are not very powerful: How about a simple Home command? Perhaps some screen and file compression? Ease of Use: Maybe Not Blitz 2’s speed and power are its forte; ease of use is its weakness. The problem starts with the documentation, or rather, the lack of it. Despite the two large manuals, 1 couldn’t locate information on how to paste what you cut in the editor, to break out of a running program, or to enter Direct mode from the editor. Nor could I find evidence of a timer command or what the function keys do in the editor. Worse yet are the cryptic explanations of new concepts. I had a lot of trouble visualizing some of Blitz 2’s core concepts, such as bitmap objects, slices, queues, and buffers. I never did quite figure out what the NewTypes variables are all about. Related to this is Blitz 2’s somewhat eccentric character. I realize that software evolution requires us to break new ground and sometimes forsake old, familiar turf, blit is it really nec- essary to change the name of the old turf in the process? For example, why “Edit" rather than “Input?” I didn’t like Blitz 2’s editing system, either. Pressing the Return key while your cursor is on a line inserts a line below the one you’re on. All strings require an end-quote. Auto-indenting doesn’t exist. Text scrolling is too fast. You can’t delete a line with a simple backspace or delete. The editor is picky about spacing. Hey, maybe it's me that’s picky, but all language creators should realize their potential clients are going to be spending most of their time inside the editor. It better be kind. I did like one holdover from the original Blitz: The right side of the editing screen is preserved for procedure labels you add to your program. Click a label, and you dive directly into that section of code, a great timesaver in long programs. Also, compiling and making icon-executable programs couldn’t be easier. A few clicks is all it takes. Prognosis: Healthy Blitz BASIC 2 is an improvement over the original Blitz in every respect. It isn't the most powerful BASIC available for the Amiga; it definitely isn’t the most user-friendly. But it is a good choice for creating lightning-fast games, and an excellent choice for combining BASIC and assembly language. One thing's certain: Its entry into the fray proves that BASIC is alive and well. Mark Jordan Continued on p. 80 BIX and the Internet
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• A500 HD8+ Classic
• A530 Turbo with "Minislot11
• Impact Series II A2000 SCSI Hard Disk + RAM Expansion with OK Factory Installed!
* G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
• G-Force Combo 0-40 Accelerators for A200 with SCSI II, Parallel & Serial Port NEW • HEW • NEW } ? ? A1230 TURBO+ Stepped up payload down-to-earth price! A1200 SCSI RAM+ Economical SCSI workstation versatility CALL! ALSO AVAILABLE FROM GVP: Phone Pak VFX ..S399 Digital Sound Studio ...$ 79 GVP G-Lock ...$ 399 SYQUEST NeW 555 44MB $ 269 Drives 5110c sbmb $ 389 HARD DRIVES Quantum new lower prices! (2 year warranty) ELS. SCSI, 42MB ...$ 169 ELS, SCSI, 85MB ...S219 ELS, SCSI, 127MB .S295 ELS, SCSI. 170MB $ 315 LPS, SCSI. 240MB .S485 Pro Drive, SCSI. 425MB ....S919 ELS, IDE, 42MB .....S155 ELS, IDE. 85MB .....$ 189 ELS, IDE, 127MB ...$ 249 ELS, IDE, 170MB ...S279 LPS, IDE, 240MB ...S419 2? Seagate (1 year warranty) ST-3283N. SCSI, 245 MB .$ 419 ST-351 A, IDE. 42MB ..S145 ST-3120A, IDE, 106MB .....$ 225 ST-3144A, IDE, 130MB .....$ 229 ST-3283A, IDE. 245MB .....$ 389 340A, IDE. 340MB ..S649 Mcixfor (1 year warranty)
7120. SCSI. 120MB .$ 239
7213. SCSI. 213MB $ 345 340SY. SCSI. 340MB .$ 679 7120, IDE, 120MB .$ 235 7213, IDE. 213MB ..$ 315 2585A IDE, 80MB. 2 1 2* ...$ 229 25128 IDE. 120MB. 2 1 2* .$ 329 w« wasn The Storage Answer new hard drives! CP3000 IDE. 44MB. 28MS ..$ 145 CP60064H IDE. 60MB. 19MS.....$ 169 CP30084E IDE. 85MB. 17MS......S189 CP30104H IDE. 120MB. 19MS ...S235 CP30174E IDE. 170MB. 17MS ...S255 CP30204 IDE. 212MB. 12MS......S325 CP30254 IDE. 240MB. 14MS......$ 394 30080E SCSI. 85MB. 17MS .$ 189 CP30100 SCSI, 120MB. 19MS ...$ 259 CP30170E SCSI, 170MB, 17MS .$ 275 CP30200 SCSI, 212MB, 14MS ...S345
• PERSONAL VSCOPE fifl T H t MIRACLE r ! T • o r r. 1 ¦ ii i ¦ n ¦ t i t ( ¦ State-of-the-art electronic keyboard, Amiga software and artificial intelligence music technology work together to create the perfect teaching program ! CONTROLLERS IVS SCSI Internal: Trumpacard Pro 2000 ... $ 142 j Grandslam 2000 OK Exp-8MB .. $ 229 SCSI External: Trumpcard Pro 500 . S225 j Grandslam 500 OK Exp-8MB .... .$ 287 IDE External: Trumpard 500 AT OK £xp-8MB $ 172 GVP HC8 Series II OK Exp-8MB for 2000, SCSI Internal .3165 ICO AD IDE 40 Kit for A500. IDE External Si 19 AD IDE 40 Kit with AD speed for A500, IDE. Internal . $ 299 ICD Trilecta EC 2000 8 0 IDE .... $ 155 ICD Trilecta LX 2000 8 0 SCSI IDE ... $ 175 ! Expansion Systems Data Flyer 2000 SCSI Internal .. ... S77 Data Flyer 500, SCSI External ... $ 133 Data Flyer 2000. IDE Internal .... ...$ 73 t Data Flyer 500, IDE External ..... .$ 127 EPSON SCANNERS Coupled with an ASDG ADPro Orive. Epson offers the best flatbed scanning combination available tor Amiga! EPS 600C parallel SCSI $ 835 $ 835 EPS 800C $ 1,079 PRINTERS EPSON Action Printer 3250 ... .SI 89 Action Laser 1000 512K 2MB . S635 709 Action Laser 1500 ..... ...$ 779 LX 810 .... ...S169 FX 870 1050 .... ...$ 269 S355 FX1170 .... ...$ 359 LQ 570 870 ...... ...S245 S425 LQ 1070 1170 . ...$ 355 $ 579 LQ 2550 .. ...$ 879 EPL8000 S1.075 DFX 5000 8000 ....$ 1,269 82.139 Panasonic KX-P 2123 ... S229 ,.,.$ 279 ,...$ 315 ,...$ 359 ....$ 365 with Color Kil KX-P 2124 . With Color Kit KX-P 2624 . NX 1001 Multifont ...... ...5135 ...$ 159 ...$ 269 ...$ 215 NX 1040 Rainbow NEW..... NX 2420 Rainbow NX 2430 Black . NEC Silentwriter: M95.6ppm Postscript ..S1.399 M95fx (M95 but with fax) .....CALL M97. Iqppm Postscript .... ..$ 1,769 M97lx ( M97 but with lax) .....CALL Dot Matrix: P32Q0 P3300 .. . S225 S325 P6200 P6300 .S405 SS15 P9300 S855 Since 1982 - - AMW 4-93 800-554-9980 800-554-9980 eon>Zme*j: ect*onlc* SOFTWARE AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO HARDWARE SOFTWARE 3D Objects Vol II lor Imagine ..37.95 AGFA Video Unlimited Type Pack 25T ...122.95 Aladin 40 ....254.95 Animation Station .....29.95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 ...147.95 ASDG Art Department Pro Conv Pack 57.95 Bread & Butter Fonts ...57.95 Brilliance ...Call Broadcast 3D Fonts for Light Wave ...... 67.95 Master Pak 2 for Lightwave ..69.95 Font Pak lor Lightwave 1.2.3 .187.95 Broadcast Tiller 2.0 ...194.95 Font Pak 1 .99.95 Font Pack 2 ....104.95 Caligan 2 (Reg 2 MB) ..... 249.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 1 or 2 ..57.95 Claymation ..244.95 Deluxe Paint 4 1 .97.95 Deluxe Paint AGA ..119.95 Director 2.0 ..... 75.95 Disney Animation Studio ...42.95 Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Imagine 29.95 Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Lightwave 29 95 Fractal Pro 5.0 ....87.95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 ..57 95 Image Master V 2.0 ... 132 95 Imagine 2 0 .... 239 95 Masierpiece Toaster Fonts 57.95 Masterpiece 3D Fonts for Lightwave 57 95 Morph Plus .147.95 Morphis - Imagine . 64.95 Motion Man lor Lightwave .....107.95 Page Renderer 3 0 ... 94.95 Pix Mate ..34.95 Pixel 3D Pro ....,.134.95 Pro Fills Volume 1 or 2 ......29.95 Pro Textures Volume 1 39 95 Pro Toasler Fonts 1 • Foriegn Language .54,95 Pro Toaster Fonts 2 • Seril Type .54.95 Pro Toaster Fonts 3 - Decorative Display 54.95 Pro Toaster Fonts 4 ¦ Flags ol the World 54.95 Pro Video CG II .....112.95 Pro Video Fonts .* , ..Call Pro Video Post , 144.95 Raster Link ......, , ...111.95 Real 3D Beginner,.., ...... 74 95 Real 3D Prolessional ..... 199.95 Scape Maker 34.95 ScreenMaker 2.2 .57.95 Scenery Animator .....54.95 Sculpt Animate 4D .249.95 ShowMaker .229.95 T Rexx Professional ... . 72.95 Transporter Animation Controller S.W. 129.95 Toastmaster ..81.95 Toasted Fonts V.1-5 each ...41.95 TV Show V.2.0 .....57.95 TV Text Prolessional 92 95 Ultimate Guide lo Toaster t or 2 (vidoe tape)...... .. .32.95 Video Titler V.1.5 .....92.95 VideoClips Toaster Font Volume II 29.95 Video Scape 30 V.2 0 119.95 Visla Prolessional 54 95 Wipemaster . 104 95 HARDWARE Digital Video DMI Digital Editmaster FREE DELIVERY ...2249 DMI Vivid 24 .. 2749 Speclronics Visiona Board ... FREE DELIVERY, call lor specifications.CALL Genlock Video Master ....Call ChromaKey * . 339 Rocgen Plus .....419 Supergen 619 Supergen 2000S ..... Call Glock ......399 Single Frame Controller BCD 2000A 649 Personal SFC 2.0 ....339 Time Base Correctors ..... DPS 230 Call 10EN TB Card TR-7 Remote $ 849 $ 129 Kitchen Sync ... ...Call Kitchen Sync Genlock Options ....159 Personal Series Remote Control .245 S-VHS Option Kit lor Kitchen Sync ..99 TBC III Call Other AD Speed (all Amiga Computers} ...164 Advance Gravis Amiga Game Pad .21 Air Drive Int 3.5"-A3G00 ...89 AM A XX II AMAXX II PLUS Si 37 5339 Amiga RF Modulalor ..... 29 Amiga 1680 Modem ... 39 A Video 12 . 419 A Video 24 FREE DELIVERY! ......859 Big Foot Power Supply ..95 Blizzard Board OK .219 Breadboard Video Delay Line 309 Colorburst .. 659 Color Splitter .105 Dala Flyer RAM Card DK .... 89 DCTV 385 Digivievr Media Station 152 Digital Sound Studio .....85 DKB-2632 RAM Expansion ....419 ECE Midi Interface . 48 Flicker Fixer Genlock Option ...35 Flicker Fixer .. 235 Flicker Free Video II ....235 Firecracker .825 Golden Gate ......Call
• i • Hi Q Tower . ....619 Internal Drive 2000 ...69 K-Slarl Selector .. ...35 Light-24 ..... .....Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus..... 285 MIDI Gold A500 . ...55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ...59 Mini Gen ... 185 Miracle Kevboard .....CALL II U V1 V I'tV J Mul U apt f Multistart 11 ..... ...39 Opal Vision FREE DELIVERY! 969 PC 286 Emulator A500 .... 169 Personal VDA 1000 (IBM or Amiga slot - .. please specilfy) ..... 129 Perfect Sound . ...65 Professional Video Chassis ...... 259 Progessive 040 for A500 .. Call
R. G.B. Convener DCTV 229 Rockel Launcher FREE DELIVERY.. 609 Roctec Inlemaf 500 Drive .. ...79 flommalic .... ...22 Sharp JX100 Scanner ...... 489 Studio 16 ... 479 Toaster cozzy .. 719 Toaster Oven ... 429 Triple Play Plus ... 159 Video Director., ... 134 VIP Video Interlace ... VIP Video Interlace ... 105 MICROBOTICS VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for A5D0 20Q0 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor S265 with 68882 Math Coprocessor ...$ 369
• 40MHZ No Math Coprocessor ......$ 335 with 68882 Math Coprocessor ..$ 449 ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ Advantage, The ....
124. 95 Cahgari 2 ..
249. 95 Ami Back 2.0 . Ami Back Tools ...... .44 95 42 95 Can Do 2.0 Comic Art Disks each .
124. 95
22. 95 Ami Back Plus Tools .. 67 95 Copyright .. 28 95 AMOS .
57. 95 Cross DOS 5.0 version ...
33. 95 AMOS Compiler .... AMOS 3D ... ..34.95
44. 95 Oeluxe Music Construction Deluxe Music II .... 61 95 ...49 95 AMOS EZ ... ..36.95 Oeluxe Print II ...... ...51.95 Arexx ... .27.95 Design Works ...... ... 72.95 Art Department Pro 2 1
147. 95 Oesk Top Budget . ...44.95 Art Department Pro Conversion Kit A talk III .
49. 95 .39.95 Directory Opus 4.0 ..... Disk Master 2 ...... 56 95 ... 39.95 Audition 4 .. 57 95 Dislant Suns Version 4.1 ...54 95 BAD 4 0 .....
29. 95 Dos 2 Dos
30. 95 Bars & Pipes Pro .
194. 95 Dynacadd V.2.0 ... 649 95 Internal Sound Kit ..... 36 95 Excellence 3.0 ...... ... 99 95 Baud Bandit .28.95 Fairbrolhers Audio Gallery: Chin. JaD. Russ. Korean each..... Boombox ...... ..36.95 .67.95 AT rain . I H--- ... 39.95 rinliivfiParnl IV fiuhilo curvrliflc lacl Q7 QS ! Agony , .29 95 Demomak .... 30 95 J Air Force Commander .. ...34.95 Desert Strike ...31.95 Air Support ... ..29.95 Discovery Columbus .. ..,.34,95 ATAC ... ...30.95 Dragon s Lair 3 .... ....34.95 3-17 Flying Fortress ... ...39.95 Dune .... 29.95 Bard's Taile Construction .29.95 Elvira II - Jaws ol Cerberus ....39.95 3irds ol Prey .. .,,31.95 Eye ol the Beholder 1 or II ....37.95 Black Crypt .. ...31.95 Fve nl the Storm 29 95 Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space...... Campaign .. Carmen San Diego Each .. ..39.95 ...34.95 ... 30.95 F-14 F-18 29 95 Fables & Fiends: Legend of Kyrandia34 95 Finhter final Pm 34 95 Carmen San Diego - America ..... ...36.95 Final Conflict .. .... 34.95 Castles ..34 95 Gateway lo the Savage Frontier.. ....31.95 Campaign Disk....., .... ... 19.96 Global Effect ..... ....31.95 Castles 11 .... ...34.95 Great Naval Battles ... Harpoon ,...42,95 ....37.95 Civil War .... ...37.95 Conquest olJapan ...34.95 Rallies*! *4 25 95 Creepers .... ..29.95 Mstrnnnn flpcinnprc piIpc R.illlpcpf 31 Q5 Crusaders of the Dark Savant , ..39.95 Harpoon Signature Edition ....47.95 Cyber Empires ...... ...31.95 Heimdall .. ...... .. . 24 95 Cytron .. ...29.95 Indy Jones 4 Fate ol Atlantis .... 34.95 Daemonsgate ...34.95 International Sports Challenge..... Jack Nicklaus Unlimited ....30,95 ,,,.34.95 Dark Seed .. ..39.95 Death Knights of Krynn ...31.95 Legend of Kyrandia .... ....34.95 PRODUCTIVITY French. Spanish, German each 49 95 Final Copy II .89.95 SollFaces 1,2.3,4 each ... 54 95 Font Pack 1 for Broadcast Tiller ......99 95 Hot Links 1.1 ...62 95 Hot Lmks Additions 84 95 Image Finder 41.95 Lattice C DEV 5.0 ..244.95 Math Blaster Plus ... 30 95 Maverick . 24 95 Movie Maker 49 95 OCR by Migraph 254 95 Page Setter 3 ...... 64 95 Page Stream V.2 2 159.95 Additional Page Slream Disks Call Patch Meister .. .56 95 Pelican Press ......62.95 RECREATION Lengends of Valour 37.95 Lemmings 1 or 2 .28 9534.95 Light Quest ..31.95 Links . 29.95 Firestone. Bountiful Course Disks ..17.95 Lord ol the Rings 2 or 3 34.95 Lords of Time ..29.95 Lost Treasures ol Infocom 39.95 Madden Footbal .... 31.95 Mantis ...3995 Mega Fortress ...... 37.95 Mission Disk *1 or 2 ...25.95 Mercenaries . 37.95 MegalraveEler 2 34.95 Mig-29 ...30.95 Might & Magic III ...34.95 Napoleon I ...29.95 Navy Seals ...25.95 No Greater Glory .....39.95 Oh No! More Lemmings stand alone 29.95 Oh No! More Lemm. Add-on 21.95 Oul of this World ....46.95 PGA Tour Golf ..... 31.95 Phasar ... ...49.95
209. 95 ... 54.95
174. 95 119 95
174. 95 ..51 95 ...44.95 ...54.95
242. 95 .„ 72 95 ...39.95 ...84 95
179. 95
177. 95 ... 74,95 ..44.95 ..4895 Pro Page Pro Draw 3.0 bundle Pro Write 3.3 .... Professional Calc ... Professional Draw 3 0 . Professional Page 3.0 * .. Proper Grammar II .. Quarterback 5.0 Quarterback Tools ... SAS C Development System 6.0 Saxon Script Pro * .. Soft Clips Vol. 1.2. 3 or 4 ... SuperJAM1 ...... SuperPase IV 1.2 ..... Sync Pro Tiger Cub ... Transwrite ... TruePrint 24 .. Golf Tournament Course disk ... .....17 95 Perfect General ... .....34.95 WWII Scenario Disk .....19 95 Pinball Dreams ... ,.,-24.95 Finbatl Fantasy ... .....24.95 Fit-Fighter .....21.95 Flan 9 Irom Space ..... .....29.95 Pools of Darkness ..... .....37.95 Fopolous II .. .....37.95 The Challenge scenario disk..... ... 2095 Fowermonger .... 31 95 Prehistoric ... .....29 95 Prophecy of the Shadow .....37.95 Red Zone . .....29.95 Road Rash ... .....31.95 Rules of Engagement .. ... .37.95 Secret ol Monkey island i or II .... .....34.95 Shadow ol the Beasi II or 111 .. .....34.95 Shadowlands ...... ..... 29 95 Sharif on Bridge .. .....29.95 Shuttle .. ..29 95 Sim Anl .. .....34.95 Sim City ... ..... 29 95 Sim Earth .....39.95 Solitaires Journey ...... ... 34,95 Turbo Text 57.95 Type: Decorative. Designer .... Publisher. Videographer. Each ......35.95 Video Music Box ...65.95 Virtual Reality Studio 57.95 Visionary .. 57.95 Vista Prolessional V.2.0 .54.95 World Atlas 2.5 34.95 V . Shell 2.0 ..49.95 X Copy Professional ......44.95 Your Family Tree ..... 44.95 If you don't find what you're looking for, see the Desktop Video Software list above! Space Hulk 31.95 Spoils Of War ...34 95 Star Control II ....34.95 Star Trek 25th Anniversary 34.95 Strip Poker 3 ...29.95 Tales of Magic: Prophecy Shadow... 37.95 Terrain Envoy ..28.95 The Challenge ..20,95 The Light Corridor ....29 95 Tern Landry Football ... 29.95 Twighligtit 2000 ......34.95 Ultima SV orV ..37.95 Utopia ...29 95 Viking Field of Conquest ...36 95 Warriors of Legends .. 19.95 Where in the ...Carmen each 29.95 World Circuit ...34.95 If you don't find what you're looking for - CALL US! ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For fasi delivery send cashier s check or money order Personal & company checks allow 14 business days to clear P.O.'s welcome C.O.D. charges are $ 5.00. in Continental USA include $ 5.00 lor software orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum S5 00. MasterCard & Visa orders please include card . Expiration dale and signature. Wl residents please Include 5% sales tax HI, AK, FPO, APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 6% shipping, minimum $ 6.00. All atner foreign orders add 15% shipping, min $ 15.00 All orders shipped outside the Continental U S A. are shipped lust class insured U S malt, where available tf foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, you wli be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty. We do not guarantee compatability & version *s. Due to our lowprices all sales are final. All Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Call = 414} 357-3131 to obtain an R A. t or your return will not be accepted. Prices and availability subject to change without norice. Shipping & handling are non-relundabfe We ship the latest versions available to us, updates must be handled by end user direcily with the manufacturer. Not responsible lor typographical errors In an effort lo be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press time. MEQBMMM 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
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(310) 578-9177 R E V I E VV S From p. 76 Golden Gate 486SLC Vortex Worldwide, from S1099. A2000, A3000, A4000. Internal, PC-slot connection. Installation: Moderate. Hard-drive-installable software. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB of RAM. Recommended system: 1 + MB of RAM, hard drive, VGA card, and multisync monitor. 25 Mhz 80486 IBM PC AT emulation. If you need PC compatibility, Vortex has the cutting edge in PC-compatibles today: 486 power. The Golden Gate 486SLC is a close cousin to Vortex’s 386SX bridgeboard reviewed last month. Installation for both boards is identical, as are the emulator software and basic features. The CPU, a 25 Mhz Cyrix486SLC, is the most significant difference. Like the 68040 chip, the 80486 runs very hot. The first board I received sported a massive beat sink above the CPU. The design was adequate in the A2000 and A3000, but the A40()0Ts limited circulation proved injurious to the Golden Gate. When I reported that ii crashed frequently from heat exhaustion in my A4000, Vortex responded by placing a fan on all of its new boards. While this solves the problem. I strongly recommend you put the card only in the top slot, where it has the greatest opportunity to breathe. Room for Expansion The 486 board comes with 2- or SMB of memory and expands to 16MB. This is a vast improvement over the default 512K on the 386SX board. Two megs, however, are barely sufficient to run Windows. Consider expanding to six if you am Windows applications often. The board has sockets for a math coprocessor ($ 129) and custom floppy-disk controller ($ 89). If you don’t already own a 5.25-inch floppy drive, do you need to purchase the optional controller? Maybe. If you have a high-density drive in your Amiga, the Golden Gate treats it as a high-density DOS drive. If you own only a 880K drive, however, you'll need the controller to read industry-standard high-density disks. If you don’t think that’s very important, try to find any commercial software that is shipped on 720K disks these days. Vortex thoughtfully includes an IDE interface on the board, so adding a PC hard drive is as easy as plugging it in. Vortex provides even more flexible storage options, however: You may designate an AmigaDOS partition as die PC hard disk or even create your C: drive out of a single (albeit large) Amiga file on your hard disk. The file method is fast and easy and allows you to back up the PC with any Amiga back-up program. The disadvantage is that it makes a very slow PC hard disk. An AmigaDOS partition is just as fast as a dedicated PC hard disk, but it is messy because you have to reformat your hard drive to create the PC partition to begin with. I’ve found the ideal solution is a re- movable-media Syquest drive, because it lets you use the partition method with your exist ing Amiga storage system without reformatting all of your previous work. You can add hard disks to the 486 simply by formatting new cartridges, and the Syquest is still available to the Amiga at all limes. Additionally, Syquest’s SQ5110C is perfect for this task. It reads and writes both 44MB and 88MB cartridges: Now you can tailor the right size cartridge to specific applications like data storage, hard disk backup, and booting multiple operating systems. Looks Like a PC, Acts Like a PC ... I was very interested to see just how well Vortex’s board behaved. Many emulators provide superficial compatibility but falter when challenged. I installed a Super-VGA card, sound card, game port, Windows 3.1, and a slew of Windows and DOS applications. I also tested the Amiga’s parallel, serial, and mouse ports while under the Golden Gate’s control. The Golden Gate supported video cards without a hitch; multiple brands worked great. Vortex’s Monitor Mas ter ($ 148), a software controlled switch box, makes using the Golden Gate on your Amiga multisync monitor a joy. My first attempt at sound, Media Vision's Thunder board. Wasn’t quite as trouble-free. The emulator would not recognize any of the board’s audio interrupts, meaning that while the Thunder board was able to behave as an Ad Lib card, software that looked for a SoundBlaster crashed. I swapped the Thunder board fora Reveal Sound FX, which functioned flawlessly. Like many combination boards these days, the Sound FX includes a game 7 o port, and joysticks worked great with a variety of games as well. I had no problems getting any productivity software to install or run properly on the Golden Gate. 1 felt like 1 was using a full-fledged PC, Windows 3,1 ran speed- Con tinned on p. 84 “Four Video Toaster- C=Commodor0vlMICrA HeadcgATARIers*’ NEW! Epson ES600C 24 Bit Color Scanner w ASDG Driver S899.95 ES800C $ 1 19.95 ¦¦ - ...... DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Butter wI 24 Bit Paint Millions ot ColorsS364.95 EDITIZER ' True A B Roll * Multi Format Editor Toaster Control • DPS TBC Control $ 1839.95 AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C=Commodore*DEALER Take Advantage of These Once in a Lifetime Prices!! A-2000 ..... A-2000-HD-100 A-3000-16 40.... A-3000-25 1500
614. 95
929. 95
1159. 95
1524. 95 A-570 CD Rom 374.95 A-2386 Bridgeboard..399.95 A-2320 F Fixer ....134.95 A-2630 ..... 3 89.95 A4000 SYSTEM INSTOCK ALL CONFIGURATIONS! KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNEL TBC S1449.95 LTD QUANTITIES GOLDEN GATE 486SL 25 Mhz S969.95 386SX S619.95 OPALVISION S869.95 Fret Imager 2.05 Amiga A1200 CPU GUARANTEED SOFTWARE SOFTWARE OcommodorevUf .*! A-600 LOWEST VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Final Copy 2.0 .88.50 Pagestream 2.2
168. 95 Art Dept. Pro 2.1....
148. 95 SAS Lattice C V6.0.
224. 95 Caligan 24 ....
239. 00 AMAX II Plus
324. 95 DeskJet 500C Driver .39.95 Imagine 2.0 ...
224. 95 Pixel 3D 2.0 ... .67.00 Pixel 3D Pro ... .. CALL Image Master ..
127. 95 Morph Plus ....
146. 95 Broadcast Tiller II . Super Price Pro Video Post
197. 00 Screenmaker . LOWEST Avideo 24 ..... .. CALL Avideo 12 ..... . CALL Trexx Pro ..... LOWEST Toaster 2 0 Upgrade 2B9.95 Pro Page 3.0
165. 00 TBC's & GENLOCKS DPS Personal TBC 111.. . 769.95 DPS TBC 230 I
1499. 95 DPS Personal V Scope. 729.95 Kitchen Sync (2 Chan) ..
1449. 95 Iden TBC Card w TR7 .. CALL Prime Image TBC TCB..CALL | Hotronics AP41 ...... 949.95 The Personal SFC .... 359.95 Progressive Per Minigen .. 184.95 Supergen 2000 Genlock 1349.95 Instructional Videos. Books. CALL Arock Masterpiece Fonts- Toaster .....139.95 1st Prize Toaster Fonts. .39,95 Masterpiece Fonts, , 158.50 Showmaker .... 239.95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 .. 45.95 Kara Ammfonts (1-3) . 29.50 Brilliance CALL Image F X CALL Disney Animation Studio..78.00 The Director V 2 0 .....72.50 Animatrix Modler CALL Map Master (Imagine). 44.00 Scenery Animator 57.50 Scenery Animator Disk. 18.50 Morphus CALL Vistapro 2.0 .....84.95 Dpaint 4.1 .... 105.95 Or Ts 3.5 Lev II KCS 229.95 Diskmaster II ....39.95 Directory Opus 4 0 ......69.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 207.95 Toaster Toolkit 11... 129.95 Toaster Vision 109.95 A600 HD w 40 meg drive LOWEST PERIPHERALS Syquest 44 Meg Int. Drive .... Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge..... Syquest 88 Meg Int. Drive .. Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge..... Syquest Cleaning Kit ... Ext. Chassis Power Supply 99.95 3Vz" Internal Floppy A-500 CALL 3Vi" A3000 Internal CALL 3'ti‘ Ext. Air Drive ..79.95 Maxtor LXT 213 SCSi LOWEST Vh Roctec Internal Floppy CALL Supra 500XP 53MB HD W 512K.. 529.95 Quant. 52MB SCSi LPS HD ... 229.95 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD... 325.00 120MB SCSi LPS 334.95 Conner 170MB SCSi HD 319.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ..... 569.95 Maxtor 1 2 GiG .. 1599.95 Dataflyer 500 . CALL Dataflyer SCSi Controller ..CALL Dataflyer Express ...CALL We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! Toaster Cozzy . 649.95 A2320 Disp. Enhancer(A2000)... 134.95 Super Fax Modem w Software .319.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 . 249.95 Microbotics VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrage ....STOCK All Computer Safeskins .... CALL Optical Mouse ..48.95 Midi Controller (4 outs) 39.95 One Slop Music Shop ... 569.95 Microbotics 8up! Dip. 2meg CALL Flicker Free Video II ..... 229.95 ICD All Products Available CAL CSA Rocket Launcher ....CALL AD 516 w Studio 16 ......CALL AD 1012 w Studio 16 .... CALL Mercury A30Q0 lmagine 2.0 Bundle. 2099.00 DKB-Megachip 2000 500 wI Agnus 269.95 Multistart II ......36.50 DK8 2632 RA Exp 112 4 Meg..399.95 IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL Trumpcard 500 META 4 Grandslam 500 . Grandslam 2000 Trumpcard Pro .. Trumpcard 500 AT..... Vector 030-25-0K..... EXPANSION SYSTEMS DataFlyer Series DataFlyer DataFlyer 5QO Express SCSI 119.95 500 IDE 114.95 SCSI ... 169.95 SCSi lOE 154.95 IDE 154.95 DataFlyer Ram SCSI IDE. 199.95 8 meg Ok ... 79.95 DaiaFlyer 2000 Baseboard SCSI 64.95 631c .39.95 IDE . 64.95 631 .. 29.95 SCSI IDE 109.95 AiOO Esseooarc.. 109.95 MONITORS Commodore 1084S.....279.95 Comrattfore 1960 LOWEST Pan. CT-1332Y ...234.95 Sony CPD 1304S 579.00 Sony CPD 15Q4S 999.95 Panasync 1881 i .319.00 Nec MS 2A ...... 369.95 Nec MS4FG .... 729.95 Tristate is a full service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing Authorized Dealer We guarantee lowest prices!!! AmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL A500 HD8+0 40-11 ... 449.95 A500 HD8+0 120Q-11 . 599.95 A500 HD8+0 240Q-11 ...... CALL A500-PC 286 512 ... CALL AT Once + PC emulator.... 169.95 A2000 HC8+0MB ..... CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 80Q-11 .449.95 A2000 HC8+QMB 120Q-11.. CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 2400-11 CALL A2000 RAM 8 0 ...... CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB)..... CALL mm jm DSSa Sound Studio.. .....69.95 Combo 030-25 1 10 524.95 Combo 030-40 4 ... 685.95 Combo 030-40 4 120 . CALL Combo 030-40 4 240 .CALL G Force 030-50 4 .1229.95 Combo 030-50 4 120 . CALL Combo 040-331A 1349.95 GVPA-530 Turbo 120 . 849,95 Sim32-4MB 60 . 174.95 CALL AG-1970 .... CALL AG-450 SVHSw case ... 1139.95 AG-460 2 chip SHVS w case..2899.95 AG-185U ...CALL AGW1 ...1735.95 AG-190U ..STOCK WV200 CLE CALL AG-7400 Port SVHS .. CALL AG-1730 .SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind VCR. 259.95 AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Perfect for Toaster A B Roll System (AG 1960). CALL Cuts Only System (AG 1960). CALL Toaster Control Module CALL AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7650 Roctech Superslim ...84.95 Anti Virus No Click Rockey .... 299.95 Rocger Plus .. 289.95 Combo Deal .. 574.95 Rocrnouse ...23.95 A500 Int. Drive .. CALL AG F7QQ Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS S11 030 HD Disk Ml Kit CQU's accepted. Overnight shipping available 15 day monay beck guerantaa. All merchandise brand now. Factory Iresh. Cusiom conllgurallona our specially. Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D Renderer, 24-Bit painting & more! 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• ’ 30-day J | Satisfaction The Ultimate Guaranteed or 24-Bit Video and *077 Y°ur m°nev Graphics System . DOCK 1 Main Board includes OpalPaint, DpalPresents, OpalHntkey, GpalAnimate and Wacom driver For the Amiga 2000,3QQQ and 4000 Centaur Development Commodore' AMIGA Authorized Dealer Amiga 1200 Call for Amiga 1200HD ..Lowest Price! Amiga 600 w software $ 29900! With Robocop 3D, Shadow of the Beast HI, Microtext Word Processor. Amiga 600HD ... $ 49900! Amiga 2000C .....5649°°! Amiga 2000HD . 599900! Amiga 3000T 030 .5179900! Amiga 3000T 040 .s239900! Amiga DOS 2.1 Upgrade $ 8995 i Works with all Amigas LOCK A500 HD8 with 40Mhz 6B030 A5QQ HD8 with 40mhz 66030 lmb of 32-Blt RAM expandable to 8mb Socket for 68662 Math chip
• "Mini Slot" for PC emulator & morel
• Turbo switch for compatibility.
• includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 80mb drive ....571900 A530 w 120mb drive ..s75900 lltluite iviLU tiiiv M 'JJ.
Q. maiuucl Y IS tuiluuL G-Force Accelerators G-Force 25Mhz 1 mb 68882 s52900 G-Force 40Mhz 4mb 68882 120mb HD s99900 G-Force SOMhz 4mb 68882 S11990D!!! G-Force SOMhz 4mb 68882 120mb HD ..S149900 A2000 ‘040 33Mhz 4mb 68882 ... s139900 A3000 ‘040 28Mhz 2mb 68882 . S99900 A1230 Turbo for A1200 40Mhz 1 mb expandable to 32mb .....s39900 KITCHEN SYNC S-VIDEO AUDIO MIDI EPSON DRIVER SOFTWARE ...CALL EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II..... 538.95 OPTION ... ... S119.00 ECE MIDI PLUS ......S49.95 GUNSHIP 2000 $ 42.95 OPALVISION MODULES ..... ......CALL ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP .. .....5599.00 MULTISYNC MONITORS LEMMINGS II TRIBES . 539.95 PERSONAL TBCIII ... ...SB69.00 SYNC PRO .... ...5179 00 IDEK MF-501717" HP .5999.00 IDEK MF-5017 17“ LP .S999.00 IDEK MF-8317 17" HP ...51249.00 NOVA 9 . $ 24.95 PERSONALVECTORSCOPE , ..,5789.00 TRIPLE PLAY PLUS ... .....5165.00 PINBALL FANTASIES RED BARON ....
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OFFER CODE: G331MG14 Call for all other shipping Information. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. No surcharge for Visa MasterCard; 17* surcharge for Discover. RETURN POLICY: Call Customer Service at (310) 214-0000 tor return authorization. All returns without authorization number (RMA ) will be refused. Returned products must be in original condition and packaging and must be sent back within 30 days of our invoice date. No refunds, please. Defective product exchanges only. We make no guarantees for product performance. Exchanges with unlike products are at our option and subject to a 207* re-stocking fee. CONDITIONS: Prices and availability of product are subject to change without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check for fastest service. Personal checks - up to 10 days to clear. Include: Name, Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes, please). It ordering by credit card include expiration dale and billing address. Call for exact shipping rafes. From j). 80 ilv (although the entire system was begging for more than my four megs of memory), both in Standard and 386-Enhanced Mode (which features virtual memory). Although the Golden Gate doesn’t recognize the Amiga’s joystick port, it does use the Amiga mouse as a Microsoft mouse alter you've installed the appropriate driver. I didn't encounter a single problem getting any software to respond to the rodent, although mouse movement was a bit fast (due perhaps to the speed of my A4000); the slowest setting in Windows was just about right, but in DOS, the cursor was possessed by the “Mouse Accelerator From Hell.” The Golden Gate can use the Amiga’s parallel and serial ports. Printing through the Amiga’s parallel port was completely transparent in both DOS and Windows. (Under Windows, however, use the LPT1.DGS port or the output garbles.) Both my dot matrix and laser printer yielded gorgeous results with Windows’ TrueType fonts. As for the serial port, 1 found that my SupraFAXModem V.32bis worked just as well under Windows as it did through the Workbench. I've never been much impressed with PC emulators before, because their shortcomings were emphatic reminders that 1 was using a hardware hack of limited versatility, not a real PC clone. That is not so with the Golden Gate 486SLC; it performs like a champ. Vortex has thought of just about everything and delivered it in a professional, well-engineered, and affordable package. If you need PC compatibility, this is the one to buy. Dave Johnson G-Force 040 Combo Great Valley Products, S1B99. A2000. Internal, CPU-slot connection. Installation: Easy. 33 Mhz 68040 accelerator with up to 64MB of 32-bit RAM and hard-drive controller. GVP’s latest G-Force A2000 accelerator is a new multifunction 68040 card. Operating at 33 Mhz, expandable to 64 mesrabvtes of 32-bit RAM, the G- O Force 040 Combcrcombines several expansion features into a single card. You can populate the board with from 4-64MB of RAM, using 4- or 16MB SIMMs. The 68040’s Burst mode of operation is supported (offering faster CPU performance), but only when the board is fully populated with RAM (either 16- or 64MB, depending on the SIMMs used). To enable Burst mode you must remove a jumper on the card. Modus Operandi The 68040’s mode of operation is controlled via GYP’5 GVPCpuCtrl utility, which lets you copy the system ROM into the fast, on-board 32-bit RAM (FAS- TROM). You can also significantly improve performance by using the MoveSSP option, which moves the CPU’s supervisor stack pointer to the G- Force 32-bit RAM. The GVPCpuCtrl uiilitv lets vou switch back to 68000 mode, r J ensuring compatibility with older (brain- dead) software. Unfortunately, doing so not only disables the 68040, but disables the on-board memory and hard-drive controller too (as well as other hardware HARD DRIVES A4000 Computer A2000 Computer A1200 Computer A600 Computer 1960 Multisync Monitor 2024 Monochrome Mon. A590 20MB HD System A570 CD-ROM CDTV 1084S Monitor A2386 25Mz Bridgecard A2320 Flicker Fixer A2232 Multi-Serial card A520 Video Adapter A2088 XT Bridgecard A2090A Hard Drive Controller w 4SMB HD : HD Floppy Drive 1.76MB PC286 Module 16Mhz 109 Tahrti-ll 1GB (35ms) 3300 Tahrti-ll 1GB Cartridge 299 Syquest 44MB Removable 275 44MB Cartridge 65 Syquest 88MB Removable 385 88MB Cartridge 119 Impact XC Ext. Case 250 FaaastROM Kit 35 Cinemorph Software 109 Phonepak VFX 379 DSS8 Sound Sampler 74 I O Extender 195 Image FIX 239 Call Call $ 375 US ROBOTICS DERRINGER- Running at 25Mhi w MMU 4MB 32bit RAM Exp. To32MB.w 6888lS499 68882 add $ 75 68882-50Mhzadd SI50 8MB version add SI99. CTQR BY INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS FOR TH E AM IG A 2000 TESTED & CLOCKED AT 25 MHZ • W W030 & 66602, EXPANDABLE TO 32MB RAM WI SCSI CONTROLLER. FEATURES PROPLEX, SCSI SHARE,- NETWORKING, RAM & SCSI USABLE IN 68000 MODE. Call! Kickstart 2.1 Upgrade Kit 85 Kickstart 1.3 26 1MB Agnus (8372A) Call 2MB Agnus (8372B) 79.95 Super Denise (8373) 33 Paula (8364) 22 CIA (8520) 9.95 Gary (5719) 14.95 2620 2630 Eprom Kit for CBM Accelerator 35 A2630 Accelerators 68030 68882 25Mhz 4MB 32blt RAM Newest &AQQ Eproms CBM CHIPS A50Q-HD8+0MB 40 349 A500- H D8+0MB 80 425 A5Q0- H D8+0MB 120 479 A500- H D8+QM B 213 599 A530-HD8+1 120 759 A530-HD8+1 245 Call A2000-HC8+QMB 149 SIMM32 1MB 60ns 59.95 SIMM32 4MB 60ns 184 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 Calf G-Lock Genlock 399 A3000-lmpacl Vision 24 1675 A2000-IV24 Adapter 39 V1U-CT 499 IVS 1MB SIMMS 29.95 1x8 80-60ns SIMMS Call 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS Call 1x4 80-60ns Static ZIP Call 1x4 80-60ns Page ZIP Call 1x4 80-60ns Page DIP Call 1x1 100-70ns DIP Call 256X4 8Q-60ns DIP Call 256X4 80-60ns ZIP Call A4000 SIMMS Call DKB Mchip board with 2MB Agnus Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A Kick Back ROM Switcher PowerPlayers Joystick CSA Rocket Launcher SupraTurbo 28Mhz 68030 50Mhz CPU 68882 50Mhz Math Co Safeskin Protectors Accessories MISC. MEMORY CHIPS Gforce Accelerators ml68030,68882, 60 ns RAM, SCSI Controller, RAM Card in One 25Mhz 1MB 525 40Mhz 4MB 695 50MhZ 4MB 1195 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 1445 68040 28Mhz A3000 2MB (40ns RAM) 975 HP El. I1D. IIP. Ill, HID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 87.50 Board with 4MB 145 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 69.95 2 Boards (for 500 Series) 130 LASER PRINTER MEMORY A1230 Turbo+ A1200 SCSI RAM+
16. 8K Courier HST with fax 595
16. 8K Courier HST Dual Standard with fax 925 Courier v,32bis 449 IVS Grand Slam 229 Grand Slam 500 287 Trumpcard Pro 139 Trumpcard 500 Pro 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus Call Trumpcard 500 AT 164 Meta4 Memory Card 85 Printerface Auxiliary Printer Port 55 Sourcer Switching Power Supply 99 1 A600 1200 Acceeorlee PCMCIA 2 and 4MB Call MBX1200 Call Baseboard Call THIRD GENERATION 68030 PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
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(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Visa I Master Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice 15% Restocking Fee On All Non-Defective Returned Merchandise. Call For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise. Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 4 COD Fee $ 5 Personal Checks Require 10 Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. If You Don’t See It Here, Call Us! MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free • 1-800-477-7706 T14NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! C= Commodore AMIGA AMIGA 600 LOWEST PRICES W Miscellaneous Digital Sound Studio $ 74 Impact Vision 24 ....$ I 749 Q Lock $ Call PC-28G .....$ 1 19.95 Phone F’ak .....$ 379 Accelerators G force Combo 25 1 ......$ 525 G force Combo 40 4 ......$ 699 G force Combo 50 4 ....$ I 199 G force 2000 040 33 .$ 1399 ACCELERATORS AVAILABLE WITH 120MB, 213MB. 540MB HARD DRIVES. CALL FOR I’RICinCi. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A low profile design including 1 MB Chip Ram, DOS 2.05. TV adapter and Hard disk controller. Options include a 40MB hard drive and 2 0 - 4MB PCMCIA RAM expansions. LOWEST PRICES! 1200 & 4000 POWER UP A2000, A500O, A600 IN STOCK AGA GAMES IN STOCK Hard Drives A2000 I ICS ..$ 149 A2000 IIC8+ 1 20 ....$ 399 A500 MDB+ 40 .$ 359 A500 1ID8+ 8Q .$ 438 A500 MD8+ 120 $ 489 A530 Turbo+ 80 ......$ 769 A330 Turbo+ l 20 ....$ 789 A530 Turbo* 1089 ..$ 879 r ENTiRTAINMENT SOFTWA&E AvAIIABU European Imports & Magazines 3 International Orders Welcome 1 'I'M r Prod uctivity Utilities A fzcTore - Qu.ul.-iMm 5.0....30-’ QlHirt.-di.lc K too Is.44“ Pagestrcain 2 2 .. .1511' I cldcau Press ......54 " Tyu Fsqc 3.0 .IG9-’ no Write 3.3 .54 lYopcrQumnwr 11.59” 5 V5 C v.tk.0 234“' Sllperliav IV . ..159" True Prim ...... .54-' W Shell 2 0 .47- AmlBatk 2.0....._.47" An*** ..27" Arcxx Cooh«wk..-34" Cwt2 0, _115- Cross DOS 5 .34 - Ostcitmy Opus 4 0.. 53“ OisKnuBtrr II 37 •' filial Coil) il.,...., .Hit- MatMnks 03'" tloUirlhJ I'lur.nlc .43 ¦ im-n.’ .... I | • Es 68030 68882 Acceler- ator R AM Harddisk controller for A2000. Expands to 32 MB using industry standard 1 or 4 MB SIMMS. Allows access to & hard drive in 68000 mode. GOLDEN IMAGE Miscellaneous SPECIAL Master 3AI Floppy $ 66.95 RAM Arnax II- .....349*- XmlracK Tr« ktwlf .59 AppcUjci Disk.™.. 12- Atalk III ....39- UblJiit 5um 4.1 ...,54' rmplarrt. Call kcvbOBKl 5Wn _lb' Msr ROMS ,...„..Cafi MunHcif Hittiri ___Call Voyager ...OO" Amiga RC-500‘i:»RAv «iocc«K>rA5oc $ 36* Hand Scanner wmtouch*.rvan $ 139” Optical Mouse ... Opto Mechanical Mouse . Pen Mouse PC-2000 3 M3 ‘¦iOr Board fa A2QC0 wifi 2VE NEW! RAM Card c00 I Vw .OTnty crs os -£c*»n rro D product! $ 39” ..$ 24” ..$ 44” $ 135* 59* Audio & MIDI Video Backup System f inally, an inexpensive way to back-up your data! Easy, inexpensive, reliable hardware software package backs up your data to ANY VCR. Features: Intuitive point & click interface, file logging, tape header ID, and data transfers up to Imcg min Why buy a tape drive when you already own one? For Amiga 500, 600, 1000, 2000, 5000 - 256K Reg. AD 510 Call An MU'.’ .low Asounil nik- ...04 •' AudJoinasicr IV 59” Auritlion 4 ......54- Oacjs * Pipes Fro. ISA' CCE MIDI 47“ I'.itch Metal cr ..fi4
5. Iurt0m.isii.-r-------124” Super Jam __.....79' Sync Pro .174- Triple r.j,. midi 159” Graphics & Video Fud 3D Fro. I nr rUirnJlicin .....269' Fia Contentii«n I'.iX .52' ProfHlj Vo I I ___29 rruOOsVol 2 ..29” Real 3D |Yv ......254 ' SCAtA llome Video.. B4“ Muiiimrrtla ___259 1 Video Studio 169," Scenery Ati.ni.iroi ...54" Vuco Director . 124' Virtual Realt) Swim .54 Visa Do 2 II 57“ AltiMin 411 ......,239- Art Dept 2.1 I4 i Art f.JpraSbea... Call BrilJfantrt .Oil broadtail ¦ntk-rJI..214 Orikpri 24 u.-.Cjii Color Split ler 104 w Ciimiwrph.---------99” Deluxe ratal IV 99' Deluxe Paint A0A. T .m Director 2 ......07- Dtahc) Anbn«lw-...47" OtACAIi wsiotk Imagine 2.0 ..209" Moiph Plus 139- ICD Specials Ad SCSI 2000 Hard drive interface A20GQ $ 59 Call For Other Prices The ICD Advantage AdlDE 40 Smallest Amiga hard drive Interface. AdRAM 2080 8 MB HAM Board for A2000 2500. Flicker Free Video 2 Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. Kickback ROP1 Switch Switch between 2.0 & 1.3 ROMS. New From ICD Fastest Hard Drive Controller for Amiga! Up to 10 megs second transfer SC51-2 1DE Compatible - 8 MG RAM Board Available A500 A2000 2500 CALL IN STOCKI Specials nn Commodore Multi Serial......199" Commordore Flicker Fixer,,. 149" 286 At Bridgeboard ...249" XT Bridgeboard ...99" DCTV ..359°° Opus 4.0 ......53" Golden Gate 386,486 .....Call Morph Plus .149" Pixel 3D Pro ......1 19" Hardware E DM) Digital UH Hosier
• if*.., ......-.119*' .-‘onCineur Muing...Cafl 2MB ..i7*~ ot-*... ' c«i 2VXnK.tumWCaSr.7V *****™ 2400 PLUS. Cable. I 19- 5“PrtH‘'rt •'*** Tax Modem V32 bis .-Call hritan Wfl Foot Fwr ,...89" Comnnx50rc I084S..,.ChJI broad Bonn I... Coll Commodore I960., (nil Commodore A570 Call aK-jrew ----Can ,KTv _iy I 256i4 6 Drlnl Call Lk3h J -t *(y,tC Co" D05 2 d DOS 2 ‘ Call 5aj--iDri.lv- CoJI tptpll oof* Sromci Lcwot I Mcl » I HO hs tAll flKOKlw 24 I Mil f .ill CiVf SlrlMtl JJ t all enHHKV*. 3000 1,4 SCRAM 710. .Col. C;(1| Oas ,T‘rl" ..r,H tUlcbrn sine 1499* M Drtrca ftasonjU SfC .349- ra:W5)gwLi4 88 51IOC m rcwoc 040 2000-Call Readi ft Writes Frtigrrwiic040 500...Call 44Mb Cjrt.x S3K*“ Quantum ir 240. 34G .CaJI Smartport InSlnrh
7. 20 120MB ..5-259' v 7213 2mm 3(09 oo VXL » « M,l • 340SY 3I0MR S599 00 VXL Cn- C-111 IDE Drlvm .-.('Alt, VXL RAM Hoard Call Quanium Drives...( AIL rus 040 2000 SCSI..Call 115 Route 35 Eatontown, iXJ 07724 in PU Call: ORDER TOLL FREE FAX: (908) 542*3654 1*800*47 7*7706 Retail location open Monday - Saturday • Hulk in Traffic Welcome * Phone orders taken 7 days a n cck CUSTOMER SERVICE & TECS SUPPORT CAUL • 1-908-542-8767
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* ‘Beat any price' guaranty may not apply to certain Items. VideoToaster AmiLink Cl AB Roll ..Call Kitchen Sync ....st499 TBC III ...$ 759 TBC Remote .Call ToastMaster ..$ 79 Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ......$ 289 Toasler Cozzy ......Call Toaster Toolkit ...$ 1 19 V-Scope .Call Video Toaster 2.0 ....LOWEST WipeMaster .$ 1 15 ECONOMY TOASTER CONFIGURATION: ® Amiga 2000 GVP HC8-r l20 7 MB RAM Video Toaster 2.0 1084s Monitor Everything you need for a basic toaster workstation ...*3499°° CALL OUH VIDEO COMSULTAHTS FOR OTHER COTIEIGURATIOMS. HegAGdp 2000 500 • *149” Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing. 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaster! Call for 2MB Agnus Price MultiStart n • *39“ install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000, Switch between 2.0 and 1,3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider D A1000 • 0fi *149** Battery' backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call Tor RAM prices Kwikstart n • *69 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga J000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2A32 4HB 32 Bit Expansion • *399** 11 2 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. NEW - ONLY 9995 act AUTHORIZED AMIGA SALES & SERVICE CENTER r i: V I E w s resources found on the G-Force), Like most other GVP accelerators, the G-Force 040 has a high-performance SCSI hard-disk controller on hoard. AI)le to control up to seven SCSI devices, it has two separate SCSI connections. On the card is a standard internal SCSI connector for devices installed within the computer, while a second external SCSI connection is also available for external devices. The G-Force SCSI uses the same high-performance DMA design of other GVP controllers, with additional disk- speed improvments due to the speed- clemon 68040. Table 1: AIBB Version 5 Results Note: Values indicate the System Integer Graphics Floating Point factor by which the G-Force 040 is faster than the listed system. A500 21.22
5. 96
55. 07 For example, the G-Force A3000 3.26
0. 78
3. 84 is 21.22 times faster than the A4000 1.61
0. 37
1. 30 A500 at integer operations. Also on board arc a very high-speed serial port and a second parallel port. You can configure the serial port with rates as high as 625,000 baud, though a more realistic top rate is about 115,000. The parallel port is simply a second parallel port and operates at the same performance rates of the Amiga's existing port. GVPlOControl and GVPSerial control these extra ports. Testing the Force To test the G-Force 040 Comho I placed it in my Toaster-equipped A2000.1 tried it with the Toaster’s Switcher, Toaster- CG, ToasterPaint, and LightWave. All operated properly and, more importantly, much faster then they did with the 25 Mhz 68030 card 1 used previously. (Note that under some situations the floating-point routines in the 68040 are slightly slower than the 50 Mhz 68882 used with some 50 Mhz 68030 accelerators. When software is written to take full advantage of the 68040, however, die 68040 cards are faster.) For a second test, I ran A1BB v5, the standard in benchmark programs for the Amiga. Version 5 offers a report that combines similar tests inlo a single grouped result, so the numbers more closely represent real-world conditions, fable 1 illustrates the differences among the G-Force, A500, A3000 (35 Mhz), and A4000 (25 MI Iz). Thanks to its 33 Mhz processor, rhe G-Force is much faster than even the A4000 in integer and floating-point operations. Graphics, of course, are slower than on the A4000 (after all, the A4000 has the new highspeed AGA custom graphics chips), and are slightly slower than on the A3000. The bottom line is that once again GVP is offering a serious accelerator card suitable for the most demanding of applications. While 1 was a bit disappointed that all features of the card are lost when you reboot to 68000 mode, most people who buy this card won't be mulling software that requires a 68000 to operate. If you are in need of a really fast accelerator card for the A2000, the G- Force 040 Combo will get the job done. Lou Wallace AMIGA WORLD AmigaWorld lnside Space Animation Contest! YOUR BIG CHANCE AT THE BIG TIME! AmigaWorld and the Sci-Fi Channels™ Inside Space Program are looking for Amiga-generated space theme animations on future episodes of Inside Space. Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for instant fame as an Amiga animator. Selected animations will be televised and well produce a videotape called Amiga YvorJd Inside Space Animations. Watch for an announcement in next month’s AmigaWorld for details on valuable video, hardware and software prizes, including an Amiga 4000 Grand Prize! The deadline is June 15, 1993. Watch for Animation Volume III winners in the May AmigaWorld! SEND YOUR ANIMATIONS TO: Tim Walsh c o AmigaWor d lnside Space Contest 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 REQUIREMENTS 'Keep entries to 3 minutes or less in length. 'Animations, their soundtracks and accompanying music must be your own work. 'We need first-generation 3 4" or Beta videotape format. 'Include a Hi-8, VHS or S-VHS tape for review purposes. 'Include details on the hardware and software used to create them. Include proof of their Amiga origins on disk.
- Disk-based animations must be complete with sound and video players. Animations of 15 or fewer disks can be compressed with commercial hard drive back-up utilities. Longer animations must be on 3 4" or Beta with accompanying 1 2" videotape.
• Please include name, address and phone number. Progressive Peripherals We carry the entire line of Progressive 040 accelerators:. The 28 33MHz A2000. The 28 35MHz A3000 Mercury, and the 28MHz A2000 Zeuss. See the Briwall ad on Page 111 for more products and more specials, Call for the lowest prices! 1-800-766-5757 (USA & Canada) Outside USA: (215) 683-5661 Tech Support: (215) 683-5699 Customer Service: (215) 683-5433 FAX: (215) 683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8N1) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store Hours:Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM, Saturday I0AM-2PM
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- 150.00 .215.00
275. 00 .339.00 Supra corporation 8-Meg RAM Board for the Data Flyer SCSI Controllers. Fits the A1000,500. And 2000. Data Flyer RAM Board OK.99.00 your choice ot SCSI. IDE, or SCSI IDE Combo. Uses any LPS drive. Great rooking chassis! ZyXEL MODHVls:
14. 4 FAX Modem w
V. 32bis V.42bis + FAX Password protection Built-in caller ID Switcher for modem or FAX use 2120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L. WAUKESHA, Wl 53186 QuarterBack Tools .... ...53.00 Real 3D Classic .. .105.00 Resource .125.00 Rexx Plus Compiler .. .125.00 Scala MultiMedia 200...... .305.00 Scape Maker 3.0 ...42.99 Super DJC ..... ...31.99 SuperBase Prof 4 ..... .185.00 Super Jam 1.1 .. ...88.99 TV'Show 2.0 . ...59.99 Tax Break . ...47.99 TexTiles Vol 2 ...32.99 Toaster Vision ... .130.00 True Print 24 . ,.,56.00 Virtual Reality Studio ...53.99 Visionary ...59.99 Vista Pro 3.0 .. ...59.99 Wshell 2.0 ..... ...52.00 Workbench 2.0 Enh Pack ....13.00 Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module ...159.00 2x32 8-Meg Module ...335.00 AD 1012 ...495.00 AD 516 ...1249.00 AdFlicker Free Video 2 239.00 AdSpeed ...179.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..12.00 AMAX II+ ..345.00 Black Burst Generator 175.00 Boing! Mouse .....84.00 CD Rom Drive, Ext Chinon .535.00 Syquest Drive Packages New model! 88MB 5110C reads and writes 44MB formatted cartridges, too! Only S429 (Bare drive) 44IVIB $ 359 $ 459 88MB $ 549 $ 625 Bundles include drive, cartridge, manual and cable. External bundles include case. IDE ...165.00 SCSI .175.00 Combo ....195.00 EXPANSION Int Ext CD Rom Drive, Int Chinon .425.00 Controller. GVP 2000 8 0 ..169.00 DCTV ..389.00 DCTV RGB Converter 225.00 DSS Sound Digitizer 69.00 Fatter Agnus 1-Meg 49.00 Floptical Drive, Int DMI 389.00 Floptical Drive, Ext DMI 570.00 Floptical Drive, 3000 DMI..399.00 Floptical Media ..25.00 FrameGrabber, Spectrum ,.475.00 Genlock, G-Lock ...410.00 Harddrive. 42Q ELS 215.00 Harddrive, 85Q ELS 299.00 Harddrive, 127Q ELS 329.00 Harddrive, 170Q ELS 359.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 120.499.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 213.625.00 Harddrive, Impact 530T 120 ..899.00 Harddrive, Impact 530T 213..999.00 I O Extender, GVP 175.00 Joystick Adaptor. Analog 14.99 Joystick, SpeedKing 19.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog 23.00 Keyboard Overlay DCTV 12.00 Keyboard Overlay Toaster ...26.99 Kitchen Sync .1599.00 MBX 4 0K 14MHz 155.00 MBX 4 OK 28MHz 215.00 MBX Clock Board ..34.00 MBX 4 OK 14MHz w Ciock.169.00 MBX 4 OK 28MHz w Clock.239.00 MIDI Connector .48.00 Miracle Keyboard .349.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus .269.00 Monitor. Sony 1302 ....589.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Mouse Pen, Alfa Data 64.00 One Stop Music Shop 629.00 OpalVision 849.00 PC 286 Emulator 160.00 Perfect Sound ....69.00 Personal SFC ...375.00 Personal V Scope 789.00 Phone Pak, GVP ..349.00 Power Supply 2000 230W.120.00 ROCTEC Floppy Drive. Int 500..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..89.00 RocGen Plus ....289.00 RocKey .319.00 RocGen Plus with RocKey ......539.00 RocHard IDE SCSI .190.00 RocHard 80 500 .....449.00 RocHard 120 500 ...489.00 RocTec Mouse ..25.00 RocKnight Anti-Virus ..30.00 RocMate ....95.00 A PERFECT PAIR! Pixel 3D Pro ...119.00 Alfa Scan + Scanner w Touch-Up Software and Merge-lt SI 85.00 Buy the bundle lor $ 295.00 SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GPFax Software .75.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 299.00 SupraFAXMocJem 14.4 w sw .345.00 SupraFAXModem 9600 Bare245.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....165.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 75.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 Scanner, MiGraph 259.00 Scanner. MiGraph OCR Jr .299.00 TBC III ...795.00 Toaster Cozzy ..699.00 TouchDown Tape Drive.....655.00 Trackball, AMTrac ..69.99 Video Master .....73.99 WIZ Tablet 229.00 For the A500 SupraDrive 500XP120MB ,499.00 SupraDrive500XP 213MB .599.00 (Shipping is only $ 7.00 on these systems!) 512K RAM Expansion .39.00 500RXO . 125.00 500 RX2 ___165,00 500 RX8 _ 419.00 SupraRAM20000K. .96.00 M E M HA GVPj | GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS G-Force 68030 Accelerators 25MHZ 25 1MB ..525.00 40MHZ 40 4MB ..749.00 40MHz 40 4MB 1201029.00 40MHZ 40 213 .1159.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 1249.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120..1499.00 50M Hz 50 4 MB 213.1619.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB 1439.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 120,1689.00 Memory Upgrade 4MB. 189.00 floppy Dike _.75,00 PowerPC Board .259.00 SCSI Controller. 500XP 169.00 SCSI Controller, 2000™ .. 110.00 SCSI Controller. 1000 179.00 Series III Upgrade ___35.00
189. 00 OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS SupraRAM 20002 SupraRAM200Q 4 SupraRAM 20006, SupraRAM 200Q8. SupraTurtx)28.. Software A-Train 43.99 Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure....31.99 Archer Maclean's Pool ..34.99 B17 Flying Fortress 42.99 Bard’s Construction ......31.99 Battle Isle Scenario 1 ..24.00 Buzz Aldrin’s Race Space ....35.99 Campaign ...36.99 Castles II ....35.99 Castles Campaign Disk .19.99 Conquest of Japan .36.99 Dark Seed ...51.99 Digital Dungeon .47.99 Desert Strike ......32.99 Fighter Duel Pro 36.99 Fighter Duel Flight .48.99 Fun School: Merlin 32 99 Fun School: Paint ..31.99 Gunship 2000 .... 42.99 Harpoon Challenger Pak......62.99 Harpoon Designer Ed ...34.99 Heimdahl U.S ....21.00 Humans 29.99 Indiana Jones: Atlantis .37.99 Koshan Conspiracy 36.99 Legend of Kyrandia 38.99 Lemmings II ......37.99 Lotus III ......37.99 Lure of the Temptress ..31.99 MegaFortress Mission ..27.99 MegaTraveller II .39.99 Nigel Mansell's Champ .39.99 Pinball Dreams ..24.99 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Realms 25.00 RoboCop 3 .37.99 Sensible Soccer .38.99 YEPSON’ BQOC Scanner $ 895.00 Shadow Beast III..... The Two Towers...... Tom Landry Football Twilight 2000 .... Vektor Storm .... Voyager . Wing Commander... WordMaster ..... Zool CODs WaCOME EN .TitRTfl IN M E-N iT, Soltware 600 Amiga Clip Art.... A-Talk III .. Aladdin 4D ... AmiBack 2.0 AmiBack Tools .... AMOSU.S ... AMOS Pro ..... Animatrix Modeler..... Anim Workshop . Art Department Pro... Art Expression .... 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Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0 Baud Bandit II ..... Blitz BASIC 2 ...... BroadcastTitler II...... C Net 2.6 . C: Commodore® AMIGA A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A570 CD ROM Drive....515.00 A2065 Ethernet Adapter .265.00 A2232 Multi-Serial Board .299.00 A2300 int Genlock. 2000.145.00 A2320 Display Enhancer .225.00 A2386SX BridgeBoard..535.00 AmigaVision Pro 199.00 Floppy Drive Int 2000 ,...71.00 Floppy Drive 3000 HD....91.00 Keyboard 2000 60.00 Monitor 1084 .309.00 Monitor 1960 .545.00 Mouse. 2-Button .....45.00 Mouse. 3-Button .....53.00 Video Adaptor ..15.00 IN STOCK!! COMMODORE AMIGA IUF1AJ Caligari24 .. Can Do 2.0 . Charts & Graphs...... Cinemorph . Cycle Man .. Deluxe Music II . Deluxe Paint IV . Deluxe Paint IV AGA Directory Opus 4.0.. Essence Imagine..... Fractal Pro 5.0 .. High Speed Pascal... HotLinks Hypercache linage F X . Interchange Plus..... LabelDex! .. Lattice 6.0 .. Macro 68 ... Morphis lmagine..... Morph Plus MiGraph OCR ... MiGraph OCR Jr...... Mini Office . Notebook ... ©Amiga DOS 2.1 © Cross DOS 5.0+ Origins .79.00 PageSetter II 3.0 59.99 PageStream 2.2..* 169.00 Pixel 3D Pro ....119.00 PlayMation ......299.00 Pop Arts Toaster ...32.99 Power Basic 58.99 Power Packer Pro ..22.99 Presentation Master 171.99 ProDraw 3.0 ....130.00 ProPage 4.0 .....169.00 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..239.00 Professional Calc .168.99 512KMemoiy500 ....36.00 601 w 1MB .75.00 MIDI 40.00 Mouse. Swifty ..29.00 Mouse Joystick Port .29.99 Multi-Face Card 2000 ....229.00 Scanner .....149.00 Sound Enhancer .46.99 Sound Sampler .63.99 Profills 2.0 1 Profills 2.0 2 Proper Grammar II ProWrite 3.3 .. PSImport QuarterBack 5.0.... Video Tpaster2.o Sl 945.00 INCORPORATED Authorized Panasonic Broadcast & TV Systems Authorized RGB AmiLink Systems Game Preserve The Koshan Conspiracy By Peter Olafson A SCIENCE-FICTION role-playing game, The Koshan Conspiracy (UB1 Soft, $ 59.95) is as big as two barns and deep as a well. In fact, the designers claim it’s five times larger than its predecessor, B.A.T. There's always something different to do wandering a vast, multipart city, talking at length with the numerous inhabitants (many of whom don’t speak your lingo), playing a game within the game, programming a computer within your computer, or just traveling. Traveling is a trip. The game features four = light simulators and a very speedy driving sequence on the city’s Ada- Express highways. There are also two arcade sequences (versions off hinese Checkers and Breakout), one hoard game (a pleasant turn on Pipe Dream), and two types of combat. Along for the ride again is your little computer-cum-wristwatch, B.O.B, which offers a number of helpful functions and its own icon- based programming language for providing new ones. (The language even has get this a compiler.) Tt’s much better documented than it was the first time around, and the icons make it far less intimidating to use. Most of the game is set on the planet of Shedishan, where you begin in the Romanesque city of Roma II. But, let’s just say there's even more to the game than initially meets the eye, eh? Very close to the original B.A.T. in spirit, The Koshon Conspiracy again has been rendered in the style of a graphic adventure, with multiple windows, the shape of the cursor indicating the relevant command, and in the same slightly unwashed graphic style. (Same font, even.) When in Roma II, watch out for the Romans. While B.A.T. was fairly compact, however, Koshan leaves the impression of boundlessness. Those graphic windows now scroll left and right. You can have up to five characters in your party, and they have memories that can he added to (and that need to he refreshed). Conversations are far more elaborate, with a host of general areas of inquiry, as well as highlighted keywords (in the style of Ultima VI) that the program then adds to the general list for future use. Characters give detailed directions, there are cultures to assimilate, and the game ob- Con tinned on p. 93. Lure of the Temptress = Konami, $ 49.95) starts off in the classic mode: with you in a cell. Nasty place, with no hidden items and no evident ways out save the door, which is very locked. There is that torch on the wall and the straw beneath, however: and last time I looked one plus one still equaled two. Give the torch a tug and then get over next to the door. The guard will soon come in to put out the resultant blaze, and you should take this opportunity to nip out. (Be sure to lock the door behind you or he'll follow you.) CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson Now you can explore the rest of the dungeon at your leisure. For starters, talk to the prisoner chained to the wall. He doesn't have much to say yet he wants water first so you'll need to find him a sip of something. There's not much else you can do in here (not yet, at least), so head into the Guard Room. You'll need the knife atop the barrel and the bottle (the stuff of which drinks are made). And take a look at that sack, eh? [For a nonrequired bit of fun, take a peek through the grate in the left side of the wall.) Next stop is the torture chamber. Use the knife to free Rat- pouch the guy on the rack and you'll make a friend for life (or at least for three disks). He'll follow you everywhere including back to the room outside your cell with the chained prisoner. Give the prisoner the drink, and he'll tell you about a certain section of wall and give you directions before he breathes his last. You're too weak yourself to be doing much wall pushing, so it's convenient that your obedient servant Ratpouch is lingering about to do your bidding. (Bear this in mind later in the game; it may save you some time.) Off you go into the sewers with a neat little animated sequence. It's apparently a one-way trip, by the way, so you may want to save your game first. This would be a good spot to start making your map of Turn- vale. It's not huge, but there are lots of similar-looking locations. The best approach is simply to follow the prisoner's directions and seek out Luthern the blacksmith. His digs are roughly to the north and west. (You'll probably hear him at work before you see him.) Take the tinderbox, and be sure to have a chat with Luthern before you leave. Now's as good a time as any to learn the lay of the land, so make like a tourist, wander around and question everyone about the missing girl (name of Geowin). You may have noticed that you're not accum- Continued on p. 93. To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p, 110, Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00.
• ¦ J* ‘ ’Call for more information New Low Price!!!
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 499.00 OilIV 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 me0 of 32 M RAM~ $ 1099-00 S399 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-
- CSA-XLR8 LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, IIDt IIP, IIIDt HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..S89.95 Board with 4 MB S149.95 DeskJet 256K Upgrade S65.95 HP 4 (4 Meg) ...S149.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ...$ 295.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tlr Nec, Epson and others. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 DRAM BLOWOUT We 'II Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper COMMODORE CHIPS VECTOR with MMU All BricJgeboard Chips .Please Call Super Denise ..$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM ..$ 26.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for ...S19.95 A10001.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock DKB $ 189.95 MC68Q00 68Q10 ....$ 15.00 Amiga 500 Controllers Multistart II - Rom Switcher Rev 6a S39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....S499.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb $ 399.00 IVS Gland Slam 500 .S299.00 IVSTrumpcard Pro 500 ..... S245.00 IVS Trumpcard Classic 500 SI29.00 IVSTrumpcard 500AT IDE .S179.00 2000 Controllers Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2Q00
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force"-
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mb .S569.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• 25, 33 or 40 Mhz
• Includes68030 MMU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! SIMMS IVS1 MEG Simms...529.95 1x8-80 ..S33.00 1x8-70 ..S35.00 4x8-80 S119.00 4x8-70 S125.00 4x8-60 ..$ 135.00 A400080 NS4MB Simms S139.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms .$ 149.00 GVP SIM32 $ 185.00 4 MB 1 MB
569. 95 Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. GVP NIBBLE MODE SIMMS 4 MB ...$ 250.00 GVP 40ns Simms Call A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ Call 1x4-70 SCZ ...Call 1x4-60 SCZ ...Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ ....$ 6.99 Includes Instructions PAGE ZIPS 1x4-80 ..$ 15.95 256x4-80 .S4.50 256x4-100 ..S4.00 1x1-100 $ 3.49 1x1-80 ..$ 3.99 1x1-70 ..S4.50 256x4-80 ..$ 3.99 256x4-70 S4.50 1x4-80 ..S17.95 1x4-70 ..$ 18.95 256x1-120 ...$ 1.00 IVS Grand Slam .S229.00 IVSTrumpcard Professional ......S129.00 IVS Trumpcard Classic ...S85 Grand Slam and Trumpcard Professional are the World's Fastest SCSI Controllers for the Amiga computer. Both controllers have returned disk transfer rates in excess of
2. 1 Mbytes per second. IVS As always, ail IVS products include TC Utilities 2.0! ALL products are 100% compatible under WB 2.0 and tv removable media! Meta4 -1 MB $ 89.00 IVS- 1 MB Simms ..$ 29.95 68030-RC-50 with MMU . $ 179.95 68882-RC-50 ..$ 135.95 80387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ....$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) $ 10.00ea. 68882 PLCC .Call Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA M C C HECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 8.00 for two-day deliver Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D. • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective Items AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays1 Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty Contains 1 2, (2) 8520, 5719,
8362. 8364, 68000-8 and ft meg Agnus. The plug-in chips alone cost over Si 37. Revisions vary ..S94.95 A2000 AMIGA COMPUTER S549.95 Imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips 8372 Agnus. 8373 Super Denise, New 2.0 ROM operating system, 2.0 Workbench, new keyboard, mouse & manual) for hundreds of dollars less than a dealer pays! This A2000 reconditioned demonstrator ofters you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL This is a once-in-a- lifetime offer will save you hundreds of dollars. Get them before supply runs out ....S549.95 IBM XT COMPUTER IBM has closed some of its facilities and the Grapevine Group has been able to buy sizable amounts of IBM XT Computers at phenomenal prices if you ever wanted to own an IBM, here's your chance. IBM XT, 5V*" floppy, 10 meg hard drive, VGA or color card for as low as..$ 149.95 OPTIONS: 80 100 meg hard drive, 101 key keyboard, monochrome monitor (AT also available) Call or write lor details. V lA ITCn worlds if* BEST SELLING * tm A500 2000 r ROM SELECTOR Unique 1.3-2,0 ROM Selector (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUIT FOR A500 REV. 5 AND OLDER) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades. Inc. allows for compatibility of ALL your sottware. Automatically switch between 13 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard. Built-in speaker confirms 1.3or2.0 ROM Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in. No soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included .S29.95 FANTASTIC BONUS:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ S49.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ S56.95
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2. 05 @ $ 79.95 (Want entire kit? Add S47.50) AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS 8362 Denise ft Bright upgrade 8364 Paula .$ 18.95 8373 New Super Denise wilhdiag instructions software S29.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A6O0 PAL only.... $ 59.95 5719 Gary chip $ 14.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 mapr lunctions Includes NEW FREE Amiga Troubleshooter ....$ 15.95 1 3 Kickstart ROM low. Low price with instructions $ 21.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems) $ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip $ 15.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....$ 15,95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 only) ..$ 11.95
2. 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes)..$ 34.95
2. 05 ROM chip only; NEW, latest revision tor high density drives, PCMCIA slot, etc. Just released..$ 35.95
2. 1 Complete Kit (PAS215): includes ROM, books and diskettes. Newly upgraded S77.50
2. 1 Kit (PAS216): Same as above but does NOT include
2. 0 ROM (for upgrading your old 20 kit) $ 47.50
2. 04 ROM Upgrade Kit ( AS314) for A300Q .... $ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit $ 34.95 FATTER AGNUS (1MB) UPGRADE 8372A 8375 $ 44.95 Kit comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued @ $ 12.95), and diagnostic sottware. These valuable extras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine. (We'lt beat any legitimate competitor s price on the Agnus chip and siill give you the diagnostics and chip puller.) COSTLY REPAIRS If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement ot the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520 Areas affected by either olthe two 8520chipsare. Centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. The 8520 is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time. 40% or ail broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s Simple plug-in chip. Includes FREE "Amiga Troubleshooter," an excellent guidefor repairing your Amiga B52Q .... $ 9.95 ea. (2 lor $ 18.00) ? EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT + Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot ot time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% ol broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362. 8364. Chip Puller. Fuse. Schematic. Amiga Troubleshooter and the Final Test diskette. A $ 210.00 value for ..$ 89.95 (with 8373 Super Denise chip ...$ 99.50) ICD PRODUCTS iJI4YjTrifecla. High speed combo board CALL Flicker Free Video IE. Eliminates flicker .....$ 228.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 With 1 meg $ 119.95 with 2 meg $ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add .S35.95 IDE2. Hard drive interface (2 ft" 3 ft" HD Kit): AdlDE2 + Shuffleboard (3ft" interface kit) S124.50 AslDE2 + Mounting Bracket (2ft" interface kit).$ 116.50 AdSpeed: Best low priced accelerator ......$ 164.50 DKB PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• Extractor Kit: Contains professional PLCC (Agnus) DIP chip puller and much needed torx screw driver. (List price Si2.95). Our Price ... 7.50
• 200 Watt "Big Fool" A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with Ian and external cabling lor hard disks, etc An absolute must lor those adding on more memory peripherals (hard drive) $ 86.95
• A500 power supply (factory fresh) ...S67.50
• A2000 3000 110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K.) Commodore original $ 99.00
• A500 internal floppy drive by CBM ....S72.50
• A1050 (new) 256K module for A1000 This module plugs into the Iront ol the A1000 ......S49.95 « High Density Drives for A200G A3000 (specify)..$ 99.00
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga 2000 RAM board. Conies with 2Mb Expands to 8 Mb (low price) ....$ 124.50
• A2088 XT Amiga add on kit Brand new....$ 119.95
• A500 keyboard (312502). Made by Commodore British keyboard also available, NEW S37.50
• A2000 3000 keyboard (factory fresh) S59.95
• GVP SIMM 32 * 4 Mb 60NS $ 219.95 AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER $ 12.95 The Amiga Troubleshooter is a simple, east-to-use symptomatic guide to diagnosing faulty components (especially Ics) on Amiga computers The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER takes you through logical steps eading you directly to the source ot your problem in seconds Over ninety percent of Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution ol integrated circuits (ICs) in existing plug-m sockets The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it simple to use. No other tools or equipment are needed. Developed by a group of Amiga Technicians, the AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER addressed over thirty of the most common failures m the following catagones power-up problems, Amiga keyboard, mouse |Oyslick port, videodisplay. Serial port, parallel port, d sk drive, and audio problems Don t be misled by the low price. This is a true diagnostic tool that performs well, saving you time and money on repairs NEW SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Dense chip adds new screen modes. Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation sottware programs which s exclusively available through the Grapevine ...... $ 29.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
• Printer Port Adapler (runs any Commodore printer to PC PC clone) ... $ 29,95
* AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit) Precision disk alignment performance package $ 27.50 LOW PRICES MEMORY 1 x 4 80 SC ZIP . ...S19.75 1 x 1 80 DIP .$ 4.69 256*4 70 DIP . S4.59 1 x 8 80 SIMM .... $ 33.95 4 x 8 80 SIMM ...$ 124.95 1 x 32 70 (4 megs SIMM for A4000 MicroBotics) $ 154.95 2 x 32 80 (8 megs SIMM for MicroBoncs) ..$ 337.50 $ 264.95 1 MB REBATE MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM lor A500 2000 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM if you use your Amiga for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need the MegAChip 2000 Fully compatible with Workbench 2 0 the ECS Dense chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to i meg ol RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A30007 Includes FREE Goliath chip puller (a necessity), Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program, new Amiga Troubleshooter 4 2 meg Agnus chip installed & tesled..S264.95 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic sottware is available exclusively trom Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we ll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 25.95 Insider 11™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A100Q owners to add up to 1.5 mog of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation No soldering required Compatible with Ihe KwikStari II and most processor accelerators ,.,$ 147.50 With 15 meg...$ 188.50 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows A10D0 owners to install 1.3 and 2 0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them Upgrade to the latest operating system arid still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1 3 .. ....,$ 59.95 MultiStart 11™ Switch beiween ROMs Irom your keyboard Allows A500 2CX)0 Owners to install Kickstart t .3and 2 0 and switch between tnem with the keyboard A sizable percentage of present software will be incompatible with the new 2 0 This simple device allows you io be compatible with all your software No external wires or switches required .. $ 34.50 MULTI START BONUS Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 59.95. Buy the MultiStart with 2.05 ROM upgrade (® $ 64.95. The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart with 13 and 2 05 @ $ 91.85. C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Line Only Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 52 SE 1-800-292-7445 Ail ti*c»fna *s ard ‘ogox lo« ICO ard DKB »i«Horn igsp«i >e co-mpar'ea and »qe , irt*d idpni puipoys Arr a i a registered iraaemarn of Corrrroaj'e tk.s ress Macrvrw 1 (I A M E P R E S E R V E Ttoe GRAPEVINE GROUP Inc. MICROCARP SERIES From j). 90. Jectives are pleasantly sophisticated and grown-up. (You’ll start out trying to gather enough property titles to claim the precious echiatone deposits.) I think you'll enjoy exploring Koshan. It would he hard not to. I can’t recall the last time I found such a joyful and endless assemblage of entertaining things to do in one place. Ah, variety. You can't beat it. I wasn’t bored even once. On the other hand, I was mighty frustrated on several occasions. The game refused to load fully on my A500 about half the time, and its five disks won’t install on a hard drive. The docs claim Koshan supports extra floppy drives, but while the program did. Under some circumstances, recognize a disk in dfl:, it didn’t load from it. It doesn’t seem to like much less use fast RAM above one meg. Even filling live disks, the Amiga version appears spartan beside the glamorous IBM take, which displays sumptuous colors throughout and some ray- traced animations. Continued on p. 96. A600 1200 MEMORY UPGRADE FAST RAM PCMCIA MEMORY CARD M ICROCARD by Microworks Ltd. Offers up to 4 additional megabytes of (fast) dynamic RAM via the A600 A1200 PCMCIA slot. This credit card sized memory module auto-configures at boot time, leaving mostof the internal chip RAM free for image processing. No hardware or software configurations are needed and recognition is automatic. A large percentage of the Amiga 1200 software now requires more than 2 megabytes of memory (2 meg in the A600) and certainly more than the standard memory built into each computer. CRIB NOTES 2 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 137.50 4 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 219.95 In Canada contact IT Tech in Saskatchewan (306) 691-0520. MICROBOTICS A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES MBX 1200Z Series Available in various combinations: 68881 82, with wo clock, choice of 14, 20, 25 or 50 Mhz and up to 8 megs of memory. LOW PRICES. (Example: MBX 1200Z with 68882 (FPU) @ 20 Mhz with clock and 4 meg SIMM $ 369.95.) As a distributor for FPU (68881 82) we guarantee the lowest package price CALL 12 A'Clock: real time clock calendar (something your A1200 doesn’t have) . $ 27.50 BASEBOARD 601 1MB CHIP MEMORY CARD Take the 1 MB memory in your A600 up to 2 MB of chip RAM. Installs in trap door. Contains battery and clock. By Expansion System. Fully populated with 1 MB of chip RAM ..$ 59.95 TOP SELLER ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Ltd. A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer. Displays status of all data transmission signals, tests the integrity of any disk drive, checks all ports, buffer chips, alignment and joystick mouse. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85% to 90% of the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no repair shop can afford to be without one. Don’t be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This is a sophisticated diagnostic used by Amiga repair centers worldwide..$ 79.95 REJUVENATOR II A1000 UPGRADE Allows 2MB of chip RAM. Contains 2MB Agnus, 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 2.0 ROM, "Final Test" diagnostic software and Amiga Troubleshooter guide (a Grapevine exclusive) $ 599.95 COMMODORE C64 C128 PRODUCT
• 512K Mode! 1750 RAM Expander Unit: This is a new unit. Last chance to upgrade your computer to 512K ..$ 99.95
• Commodore 1670 (1200 Baud) Modem (no box) .$ 9.95 ANNOUNCEMENT: now you can place your grapevine orders 24 HOURS A DAY. OUR NEW BBS SUPPORTS SPEEDS BETWEEN 300 AND 9600 BPS. SIMPLY CALL THE GRAPEVINE BBS AT 914-343-VINE 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 Ctsranw Se*vce (91 ) 366-4242 Irisfnascra! Orfer Lr« 914) 357-2424 Fa* |9l4j 357-6243 Order Line Only 1-800-292*7445 UPS Charges io Above i Ubiocfcing Cftarpc_ From p. 90. Ulating many items. That's soon to change. Before long, you'll come across a fellow in green named Mallin. He has an errand for you a simple delivery and upon its completion you'll get some moolah and a gem. The moolah is for spending. = Speaking of which, try bribing Markus at the Magpie somewhere along the line.) The gem goes to the barmaid at the Magpie and earns you a flask of ole. Time to report back to Luthern about Geowin. He'll send you off to see Grub, who's sitting outside the Magpie. Before you go, allow Luthern to drink the ale. (You never know when you're going to need a nice empty flask.) Grub is a talkative bioke, and if you inquire after the dragon, he'll tell you about a wizard and turn over a lockpick. (The latter goes to Rat- pouch.) Now, off to the Severed Arms (just north of the blacksmith's) for a chat with the woman sitting by the fire. She knows about the wizard, and will eventually turn over his diary. Now you're cooking with gas literally. Read the diary. It'll give you some bright ideas. The wizard's house is off the marketplace, so toodle over there and have Rat- pouch pick the lock for you. (Save your game before doing so, as the consequences are, well, unpredictable.) Within, look at the wiz's chemistry set and use the blacksmith's tinderbox to get the gas burner going. When the liquid boils, collect some of it in the flask. Now, get out of there pronto, because a Skorl guard is on his way to turn out your lights. Head west and north up to Were Gate and have a nip from your flask. (You may be able to pull this off on Middle Street as well, but it's the sort of thing that should probably be performed in private.) Wow! Elvira, eat your heart out. You've turned into Selena the sorceress. Now you have only to head east to Middle Street, where your new form persuades the Skorl guard to let you into Town Hall and convinces the Skorl within to release Geowin. This is one of the neat parts of the game. Again, it's not required, but it's great fun to stroll about as Selena, talking to the folks you've already dealt with as Diermot. A lot of attention has been lavished on these situations, and it's good for some horse laughs. The potion apparently wears off on its own, but if you've had your fill, just head over to the castle wall east of Town Hall and the magic will expire, leaving you as Diermot again. Have a talk with Geowin. She'll reveal Luthern's plan to unseat Selena, and so it's back to the blacksmith's a third time to learn what he has in mind. He'll ask whether you're in or out. (This is apparently window dressing rather than a story branch; it doesn't matter what you say.) So, hey, be a team player. Tell him you're in. Then go looking for Mallin. I'll just bet he's got another job for you. Next time: The end of Lure of the Temptress, n Orders Only USA & Canada Customer service (412) 962-0533 VXLir 30 & RAM-32 68030 ACCELERATION AND 32-BIT WIDE RAM WE STAND FOR LOW PRICES , FAST SERVICE LONGER HOURS MEGACHIP . Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM for your A2000 & A500 w Super Agnus i Multi-Start llv.6 Dual ROM Board Assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key With ribbon cable. SEE US AT fyf&ilik. World of , TjWf.cammodarf %SyAMIGA
- III w nm ctit* Mim n. iw S? OFF ADMISSION -t :* TOM AMIGAMAN CALI FCUCCJPOM AMIGA500EXPaNSION SET 512K RAMw m Calendar, Battery & 880K Drive Amiga Compatible GOLDEN IMAGE Opto-Mechanical Mouse Master 3A1N 880K AMIGA DRIVE For All AMIGA A500 A600 RAM Expander £?2 7 FOR A50O - 512K FORA600 -- 1MB I'T B NEW I HANDSCANNER Newest & A More _ § y) = t Powerful C~i U TOUCH UP SOFTWARE 3JI7 with MigrapJ Jpl
O. C.R. FULLY OPTICAL MOUSE eJ PEN SHAPED MOUSE Works Like a Pen COMBO SPECIALS 25MHZ & 2MB RAM M' Handscarirfer W Poweiful Migraph Touch-Up Software US)* 40MHZ W 68882 & 2MB RAM || BEETLE MICE Highest Resolution 320 dpi 0|_0r , = MOUSE - BUTTONS) Red - Black Blue - Black Black - Black LADY BUG RED - WHITE - BLUE 40MHz W 68882 & 8MB RAM § MicroBotics, Inc Art & Animation IMAGEMASTER $ 135 DELUXE PAINT IV V4.5 CALL Disney Anim. Studio S79 Imagine 2.0 $ 259 Pixel 3-0 Pro $ 129 Vista Pro 2.0 S59 Prof. Draw 4.0 S124 Aladdin 4D S279 Opalvision $ 938 Brilliance S156 Music Bars and Pipers Pro 2.0 Delx Music Const. Set Super Jam Sync Pro Patch Meister One-Stop Music Shop Dr. T KCS Level II V3.5 Studio 16 AD 1012 Studio 16 AD 516 Utilities Amiback'2.0 Cross DOS 5.0 Directory Opus 4.0 Quarterback 5.0 Quarterback Tools SAS LATTlCE C 6.0 Visionary Spreadsheets Advantage Maxi Plan 4.0 Professional Calc Video & Presentation Amiga Vision Prof CALL Broadcast Titler II S2I9 broadcast Titler Hires $ 279 Can Do 2 SH2 Pro Video CG ii S112 Pro Video Post S2Q9 Scala 2.0 Multimedia $ 299 Video Director si 39 Call for Titles Not Listed! Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Page Stream 2.2 $ 16 Prof. Page 4.0 $ is Pelican Press $ 62 Proper Grammar ii S59 Excellence 3.0 $ 12 Final Copy II $ 84 Prowrite 3.3 S55 Databases Super Base Personal 4 $ 94 SuperBase 4 1.2 SI8 TAX BREAK 1992 Tax Preparation and Planning Tool Lightwave Training Lightwave Essentials S39 Surfaces S39 modeler $ 39 Flying Logos S39 ALL FOUR $ 139 Toaster Training Toaster Essentials $ 39 Toaster Pajnt essentials $ 39 Toaster CG Essentials $ 39 Toaster Prof Techniques $ 39 ALL FOUR $ 139 Amiga for Beginners Amiga Dos Quk Ref. Guide Amiga Dos inside a Out Amiga Basic Ins de a Out Amiga C for Beginners Amiga C for Advanced Amiga Intern $ 26 Machine Language SI 5 Graphics Inside a Out $ 26 desktop Video Power $ 23 Best of Amiga Tricks a Tips $ 23 Using Arexx $ 26 Imagine Companion S24 Amiga Primer ROM KernelAutodocs 3rd Ed. $ 27 Animation 101 ROM KERnel-DeviceS 3rd Ed. $ 20 DCTV: A Guided Tojr ROM KernelHardware 3rd Ed.$ 20 Deluxe IV Video Tape ROM KerneliLibraries 3rd Ed. $ 27 Desktop Video Volume 1 Desktop Video volume *2 Pro. Techniques w Dpaint UJ Acj! The Ultimate Backup Utility SPECIAL PACKAGE Prowrite 3.3 Sujpof 11 naw (V AGA Chip Set ol Amiga 1200 a 4000 w PROFESSIONAL PA6E 4.0 Final Copy u V1STAPRO 3.0 NEW LOW PRICE NEW! ¦ Hierarchical Animations
• Organic Deformations
• 32 Bit Color «IFF Textures and MORE VISTAPRO $
3. 0 OPUS 4.0 Circle i2 on Reader Service card ,U, E: ¦ ' Orders Only USA & Canada INTERNATIONAL ORDER UNE 412-962-0567 PHONE SALES HOURS 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. • 8 p.m. Saturday; 12 norm * 5 p.m. Sunday CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. • 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday Customer service (412) 962-0533 SPECTRUM HIGH DEFINITION REAL TIME VIDEO FRAME GRABBER AMIGA 2000 ASLO AVAILABLE
• A1200 W 40MBHD
• A1200 W 85MBHD
• A1200 W 120MB HD STILL THE PREFERRED PLATFORM FOR THE VIDEO TOASTER COMPLETE WORK STATIONS AVAILABLE FREE Final Copy 1.3 • Deluxe Paint 4.5 Commodore® AMIGA8 Supports IFF24 Formet (i wi* Eas* 10 uSe 3 Full 24 bit Two-Year W&rranlv real time video Frame grabber, video digitizer TO liMei & frame buffer
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 S44 For Ami Includes: £ Work-Wh OKI Hard drive controller sgv9£53? Turbo ALL-IN-ONE X EXPANSION FOR A500 £OMHzAccelerator,Hard ncnn haSddrives Drive & RAM Expansion expand up to bmb ram w somb 5740 W 40 MB hard drive S349 HD 3 ft y w 80 MB hard drive $ 419 W 12t)MB W 120 MB hard drive $ 479 HD AM CVP PC286 IBM Card $ 149 Budget Solution for your Amiga 500 SCSI Controller Only DataFlver ram ok-*84 Hard Drive controller Expandable to 8 Megabytes of RAM for the Amiga 500 SCSI *169 SCSI IDE *229 C-Force 30 68030 All In One Board wltn SCSI interface 25MHZ 25 1MB $ 529 40MHZ 40 4MB $ 699 50MHZ 50 4MB $ 1199 Expanaame to iemb of 32-Bit ram 4MB 32 Bit Extra RAM $ 199 G-Force 00 68040 for your A2Q00 33MHZ 33 4MB $ 1449
- iirctyfltt-KSLfiantrflffii: A1230 Turbo+ 68030 40 MHZ w Optional FPU and 32 Bit Ram A1230 40 0 OMB $ 399 a premium stereo sound samoser, Ik: easy edtor £ seH-conained «crac* secuer.ce' art in one G-LOCN $ 425 A1230 40 40 4MB S669 Additional 4MB RAM $ 199 version 2.0 cinemorph
• desktop darkroom tiptufc images of onng Mia tn from otnar iooitacora tor orateimai processing reioucwtg. Usng fliers, specai effects arw cotor s«a.raaofi
• Sou or Fui Moocn morphing »2i-Brtcoiorai'xi B-Bit araysciie modes avstuoie
• UuW-SpeW mofphlng
• $ D ne ana ir* rwwvng ¦IMAGEFX 3 imageFXisatotaiimage ¦ procentrg Package tor ¦ rcs cmv o?hvs j'safiiU ¦ n>rttv n; re'e DSS 8 8 BIT DIGITAL SOUND «My lao Hoi-switcft Detween 2 video sources wttti 50 packaged video transitions for Jive action prDoucttoi studio effects
* Iajcnjp3int-fY2A-“20New enfurfCM Patft 24 cut sraof»cs frorp. 16 8 rrvftCft COICfs. Key bh v tew grano'ts - Access iPe» I M senses dircctiy IMHMB
• CatiaraiW* 3 D modei.rg 1ES - Oesttjp iiirra!ls*S I PHONEPAK PhqneB receive fmes s store vtnxcnnt record s ouytaa Receive vFx*- messages combining vg e £ f*r, from virtually any standard onooe fu matrwr* Send fj»to to s or mere rw . Create CLTtomzea ouatuses )Z I ( tor names, address. £ phone tJHK (100's of Titles Available) GAMES (Call for More Titles) A320 Airbus A-Train AGOHT Air Support AMOS 5.2 THE Game CREATOR Amos 5.3 The Compiler AMOS 3D amos Professional Armour Gedoen AWESOME Back To the Future ifi Bards Tale Construction Set Battle Chess Bill's Tomato Game Birds of Prey Black Crypt Carmen. Where in Time Carmen. Where in The USA carmen. Where in The world CENTERFOLD SQUARES CHAMPIONS OF KSYNN Civilization Clue master detective Conflict in Korea Conflict in the Middle East curse Of azure bonds DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN Discovery. Steps of Columbus Double Dragon 11 Dragon Strike Dragon's Lair Dragon s Lair II: Time Warp Dungeon Master IS2 Bundle Elvira Elvira 2 Jaws of Cerberus EMPIRE EPIC EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Eye of the Beholder ll FI4,F10 FIS Strike Eagle II FI 9 Stealth Fighter Falcon Falcon Mission 1: Counter Strike FACffl Ml5SMtt.2;.£lREfKan_ $ 47 Fantastic voyage $ 31 pools of Radiance $ 13 $ 44 FIGHTER DUEL CORSAJR VS. ZERO $ 1 7 POOLS OF DARKNESS $ 41 $ 31 Fighter Duel pro $ 37 populous $ 34 $ 31 Fighter Dua flight recorder $ 49 populous 2 S4i $ 62 Fighter Duel Pro Parallel adap $ 15 populous 2 Challenge $ 23 $ 44 Flames of Freedom (Midwinter 2) $ 31 Powehmongfr $ 34 $ 44 Four Crystals of Trazere $ 37 Powermonger wwi Data Disk 522 $ 87 Gate* a* to the Savage Frontier Si 5 Pro Football Simulator 3 0 $ 28 $ 28'Gods $ 25 Railroad Tycoon $ 37 $ 37 Gunship 2. Call red zone S31 $ 25 Hard nova $ 34 Road Rash $ 37 $ 34 harpoos Designer Series $ 37 RoooCo=3D $ 35 $ 31 Harpoon Signature Series $ 59 Pules of Engagement 539 $ 31 Heimdall S31 Scrabble $ 25 $ 37 hoi $ 25 Secret of Monkey Island 2 538 $ 37 HOLE N One MlNIGOLF $ 25 SHADOW LAND $ 31 S31 IMMORTAL $ 34 Shadow OF THE BEAST 3 $ 33 S3i indianapous 500 $ 34 shadow Sorcerer Si 5 S31 Jaguar X2200 $ 31 Silent Service ii $ 37 S19 John Madden Football $ 37Simant S37 $ 15 LEANDER $ 31 SlM CiTY $ 31 $ 47 LEGEND OF KYRANDJA $ 38 SlM CiTYGRAPH'CSPI ANCIENT $ 13 $ 25 lemmings S31 Sim CittGraphicspZFuture Si3 $ t 5 Lemmings, Oh No! More $ 22 Sim cmr Terrain $ 12 Si5 lemmings 11 $ 37 Sim Earth $ 47 $ 15 Links $ 38 Simpsons $ 39 $ 15 Links - Bountiful Country Club Si 6 Speeobau.2 $ 25 $ 37 i nks - FtRESTONE Country Club $ 16 Spirit of Excalirur $ 31 $ 25 Lost Treasures of In-ocom $ 44 Strip Poker 3 $ 31 $ 15 Ml Tank Platoon $ 37 Strip Poker 3 Data $ 37 Megafortress S44 r 2-34-5 6 &snsj£o $ 16 $ 37 Megatchtress Mission Disk tl S31 Team Yankee $ 37 S31 MEGATPAVELLER 2 $ 37 TENGEft ARCADE H IS $ 25 $ 22 MIGHT ft MAGtC 3 54 i TERMINATOR 2 43 $ 25 MURDER! 528 THUNDERHAWK S31 $ 34 MIG29 Super Fulcrum $ 31 Treasure’ of the Savage frontier $ 36 $ 44 oerms S37 Trumpcastle2 $ 31 $ 15 OR* $ 31 Ultima Vj $ 44 $ 43 Our OF THIS WORLD $ 37 VIRTUAL REAUTY SHJD© 2 CALL $ 31 Pacific Islands S31 Warlords $ 31 $ 37 Perfect General $ 37 Wayne Grew 2; $ 34 $ 37 Perf Gen. Data Disk WWII 522 Wing Commander $ 34 S31 PGA Golf 534 World Circuit Grand Prik $ 37 $ 16 Pinball Fantasies $ 31 Yeagers Aft 2.0 $ 28 iL2-£limU&EAtt£ _S£5--- ADVENTURES IN MATH $ 25 aesop’s Fables $ 24 Algebra 11 $ 31 all About America $ 24 Amys Fun-2-3- adventure S31 Barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 B*RND Bear in school $ 22 Barney Bear in Space $ 22 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San Diego Time S31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 33 Carmen San Diego World S31 Crossword Const. Kir $ 25 Decimal dungeon $ 24 Discovery Math Spelling $ 25 Distant Suns 4 0 $ 55 FPJkCTlON ACTION $ 24 Katie's Farm $ 25 Logic Master $ 24 marks math Lab S31 Math Talk $ 25 MATHWiZARD $ 24 McGee Fun Fair $ 25 Read AND Rhyme $ 24 Talking Animator $ 41 Talking Coloring Book S19 Trigonometry $ 3 5 VOCAB. GUE5T IN UND OF UniCORN$ 24 Bonders of the Animal Kingdom $ 24 word master $ 24 World Atlas $ 37 includes: Olgl-Vlew Cold 4.0
• Digl-Paint
• Elan Performer (
• Cony stand
• Panasonic 1410 Camera -
• Video Switch * and Ail Cables A Only Complete Ef system Offend Midi's ECE Midi midi Gold 500 Midi Gold Insider Phantom SMPTE MfO! OMNI MIDI Midi Cable 6 ft. Video Display Boards Fucker Free 2 Fucker Fixer Opal Vision COMPLETE PACKAGE
2. 5" HD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 1200 & 600
• 40 MB $ 199
• 85 MB $ 275
• 125 MB $ 405
• 170 MB Call includes Drive, cacie & Software External SCSI HardDrive cases 12 NEW TRIBES Single Bay open or closed front $ 99 -- Upright Case for single 3.5HD 5109 X A Dual Bay for 2 haff height hd s sia9 X- _ A Four Bay open front (not shown) $ 259 All Units Include: L-J. ¦ -A . -
• Power Supply • SCSI Pass thru A ,
• SCSI External Cable and Mounting [ 11 > > LEMMINGS 2 THE TRIBE
• Povfer cable Hardware ¦J _V
• LED_ (i V M E PRES E R V E From p. 93. If you’re a fan of Giger’s art or a hard-core adventurer, you Varied or not, on a couple of levels, the Amiga version got might enjoy Darkseed. It is a beautiful game, but beamy is only short shrift. A shame. Skin deep. Darkseed Traders By Rob Lawrence AS DARKSEED’S (CYBERDREAMS, $ 69.95) Mike Dawson, a writer who’s new to town, you discover your new house contains the portal to a parallel realm that’s influenced by your actions in the “real” world. Unless you can break the link between the evil alien inhabitants and your world, it’s curtains for everyone. The neighbors are more than nasty in Darkseed. Hands down, Darkseed’s biggest asset is its graphic quality. The scenes are in hi-res, and the only bothersome flicker is in the message window. The backgrounds’ faded, gloomy palettes, together with the suspensefiil sound tracks, create an air of mvsterv. Much of the dark-side scenerv is
• r 4 comprised of the half-organic, half-mechanical artwork of Swiss artist H.R. Giger (the designer of Alien). Spot animation also adds life to many scenes, and character animation is quite realistic in many ways. Especially notable is the smooth, perspective scaling; as Mike walks into tlie background, he gradually shrinks. Darkseed also has many impressive sound effects, including lengthy digitized speech (albiet never coordinated with the character’s gum-chewing lip motions). Gone is the old guess-and-type interaction of earlier games. This may limit your chances to experiment, but the new mouse-driven control saves precious minutes (this is a time-based game) by indicating the immediately usable objects and exits. I was, however, disappointed to find that you have no control over conversation. (Don’t turn to the manual with questions; it’s useless.) After many grueling hours, 1 finally conquered Darkseed. I wish I hadn’t; the ending was so stupid that I wanted to cry. The action is often painfully slow, and the game is very linear, allowing for few alternate routes. My biggest complaint? Darkseed is too damn small. For a game that spans seven disks (install it on a hard drive to avoid disk-swapping-induced insanity) and requires a meg of RAM, I’d expect tlie town to have more than just a police station, a store, a library, and a barber shop that you can't even enter. By Peter Olafson THAT 'S ONE ST UBBORN M.UT.F. in EA’s stable. It just keeps kicking. The addictive trading game Dan Bunten created for eight-bit computers in the early 1980s has regularly turned up on lists of classics that gamers would like to see reborn on the Amiga. In the world of commercial games, that’s usually just wishful thinking, but this time, someone listened. Merit Software lias harnessed a very nice clone from Switzerland’s Linel label. And, generally speaking. Traders (S 14.95) has the kick ol a . . . Well, of a M.U.L.E. It pits you against three computer- or human-controlled "Plubbers” trying to make their fortune on the planet Fat-Star by raising and collecting rabbits, roses, perfume, and water how adorable while lending off a landlordly critter named Fat Mike. Naturally, they’re all related rabbits make water and eat roses, and you need a rose-based perfume to catch them and so there’s a brisk commodities market with a hauntinglv familiar mechanism for bidding. All the while, vouTl contend with O the influence of weather, random events, and Fat Mike (who parcels out land and collects rent). You can also plav the lottery and send rockets to other worlds to collect snails if pirates don’t collect your rockets first. Thi s is just the basic game, too. Traders lias lots of options that permit you to tailor it to your liking and ability. (The advanced game, with an elaborate robot battle sequence, sets Traders apart from its illustrious predecessor.) The graphics are functional not great, but as good as they need to be and Traders has some of the best game-playing music I’ve heard. I can’t really complain about the play. It’s essentially
M. U.L.E.’s, and the parts not modeled on M.U.L.E. show that game’s indomitable spirit. But one cautionary note here: One of M.U.L.E.’s great virtues was accessibility; you could pick it up just by playing. Traders, however, is not a good game to learn on line. 1 tried, and most of the time had little or no idea what was going on. A lot of data gets thrown at you, albeit in a clever format; read the excellent 27-page manual first. Traders also doesn’t come hard-disk ready. References to dfO: are written into the code; the program looks for the game disk in the internal drive regardless of where the files reside. You can overcome this easily, if you’re semi-adept with a hex editor such as NewZap. (I changed the two df(): references in my back-up copy of TRADERS INTRO to dhO:.) But it's still a nuisance to have to force a game to do something it should have done voluntarily. (Traders does load far more quickly from hard disk.) Nor does T raders run under 2.04 or TO. And the copy protection is unforgiving; one mistake in translating the code and the program declares your program to be “counterfeit.” Now isn’t that special. Despite quibbles about not being as accessible as the original M.U.L.E., the rigamaiole about installing the game on a hard disk, and the frustratingly inane copy-protection scheme, it’s still a pretty good game. This stubborn M.U.L.E. hasn’t lost its kick. I recommend T raders. Any more at home like vou? * SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only ; V E P R E S E R V E SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson 640 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need tnfo? Call (305) 491-9519 Bill’s Tomato Game Bill's Tomato Game = $ 49.99) is a natural upshot of Lemmings' success. In this charming and deeply addictive puzzle game from Psygnosis, you guide a grinning little 'mato to an outbound conveyor belt by strategically placing jack-in-the-boxes, trampolines, and fans with the mouse. Succeed, and advance to the next level. Fait splat! And experience Bill's Tomato Puree. You'll love it. The interface is simple point-and-click educational software at its best. The puzzles are the devil's work. By Level 3, you'll be figuring to be done with all 100 scenarios by lunch. By Level 6 you'll be sending out for lunch and swearing that you won't get back to work until you finish just one more. And at 5 PM, you'll still be on Level 6. A-Train In A-Train ($ 69.95), Sim City marries Railroad Tycoon at their accountants' office. This hybrid of railroad management and city planning from Maxis borrows some delightful bits from each game the amusement parks you'll build even have fireworks shows but is more bound up with finances and detail work, right down to train departure times. The lo-res mode lends a whole new sense of intimacy to a mass-transit sim that in its earlier incarnation on the IBM seemed rather cold. And picking out the engines will have your nose pasted to the monitor screen like a kid in a toy store. Tougher to master than Sim and Tycoon it'll take some training but stilt rewarding. (Hey, no subways!) The Legend of Kyrandia Good lord, what a gorgeous game. The Legend of Kyrandia (Virgin Games, $ 59.99) is easily the best-looking animated Amiga adventure produced in this country. You'll be hard put to distinguish it from the VGA IBM version (except that this one has much better sound). The colors are thick look at the shadowing on those trees the speed is decent to good, and there's something of LucasArts in the font and tone of the Brandons' dialogue. The interface literally just point and click is simplicity itself. Caveat: The game's content is a bit on the antiseptic and child-safe side the story is very much a fairy tale in the King's Quest V mode and that will probably limit the audience to the younger set (apart from some meaty maze elements well into the game). But, they're lucky; this is a beautiful piece of work. Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread Dragon's Lair III ($ 59.95) is the first of the four Dragon's Lair games the third by ReadySoft that doesn't draw most of its source material from the original Don Bluth laserdisc game. So it's an encouraging sign that the charm and fluidity of the original animation still featuring goofy knight Dirk the Daring and blonde wolf-whistle-inspiring Princess Daphne remain the same, Unfortunately, not much else has changed, including the twin frustrations of the one-note solutions and lack of hard-disk support. Delightful while it lasts 27 scenes' worth but we had a right to expect more in the wake of Guy Spy. Diplomacy The name Avalon Hill does not exactly come trippingly to the tongue when SHIPPING (IPs Ground) For jd tc 3 o*hk ny Daynei: MaYeicard& Visa 55 00* COD. (Casa Oily) S!Q00 Her Oir 4 seed'dair awitsnld Call for arias on soerial niorrg $ *nf rnng times no! Guaranteed COMPATIBILITY HOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME Call 305-491-0398 Continued on p. 100. 20 000 L eagues Under the Sea 4-D Sports boning 4-0 Sports D ivmg Advanced Destroyer Simulator Alien Breed Special Fdition Altered Beast Amazing Spiderman Archipelagos Armada Austerht! Bard s tale 3 Batman The Movie Batlle Chess Battle Command Battle Hawks 1943 Battleship Bionic Commando Blaster oids Blue Mai Blues Brothers Bonanza Brothers Borobodur Borodino Bravo Romeo Delta Bubble Bobble Burger Man (burger time) Busn Buck Globa.' Treasure Hunt Cadaver California Games Captive Catch 'em Centurion Defender ot Rome Challenge Goll Chaos Strikes Back (DM 2) Chips Challenge Chuck Rock Chuck Yeager 2 0 Con flict In Europe Conflict in Korea (SSI) Conflict m Mideast (SSI) Conqueror Countdown to Doomsday (SSI) Craps Academy Crazy Cars 2 D> Generation Darkman Das Boot Days 01 Thunder Death Bringer Delender 2 (Stargate) Deluxe Productions DeLuxe Strip Poker Dig Dug (Dugger) Disc Tron Dojo Dan Double Dragon 2 Dragon Wars (InterplayI Elvira 2 Eye ot the Beholder 1 (SSI) F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Fighting Falcon F-19 stealth Fighter (MicroPros?) F-29 Retahator Fairy Tale Adventure Final Blow Boring Flames ot Freedom (Midwinter 2) Flight 01 The Intruder Fhi.,stones Fool's Errand Future Basketball Future Wars (Interplay) Gauntlet 2 Ghouls and Ghosts Gold ot the Aztecs Golden Axe Grand Prut Circuit (Accolade) Heart of the Dragon Hero's Quest Hook Hoyle 's Book of Games 2 Hudson Hawk Impossible Mission 2 Indiana Jones Gtaphtc Adventure Indy Heat Infestation International Ice Hockey International Olympic Athletics it Came From The Desert It Came From The Desert 2 ivanhoe Jack Nicholas Greatest 18 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond¦ Stealth Attair James Pond Keef The Thief Killing Cloud King's Bounty Klax Kmghts of the Sky (Microprose) Laser Squad Last Ninja 3 Lite and Death Manhattan Drug Dealers Mega to Mama Megaphoenix Megatraveler 1 Menace Midnight Resistance Monty Python Moonshine Racers Moonstone Music X NAM 1965-1925 Napolean I (Intercme) Pijce 4 A*5iJsnili:y sunjee: to tK.angeJ Ho refunds or wtttanges Deleotive arodx's wensoged mi:h same item Li S products warnmittj ttvougn manufacturer L K moducts warranted mougn Sideline Narc 16 95 MULTlPflCKS Big Box 2 Includes: Bomtuc e, R-Type, Back to lire Fulure 3. S’nbad. Armayte, Shangha, Internationa Karate Plus. T V Sports Football, The Real Ghoslbuslws, Ohenders o! Ihe Earth ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Dreom Team Includes: WWF, TheS:mpsons, Terminator 2 ALL FOR $ 39.95 Capcom Collodion Incudes Strder.Slrider2, Ghou s & Ghosls, U N Squadron. Forgotten War ds. LED. Storm. Last Due ALL FOR $ 39.95 Super Heroes Inc udes. Last Ninja 2. Sir .der
2. Intfaria Jones Crusade, Tlie Spy Who Loved Me ALL FOR $ 29.95 Ten Greal Games Includes: Chicago ’90, Xenon 2, Ferrari Forinu!a 1. Pro Term s Tour, Pick and P ie. Superski. Carrier Command, Rck Dangerous, Satan, fLght hunter ALL FOR"ONLY $ 39.95 Future Classics Includes Tank Battle, Diskman, Blnckerlanch. Lost Maze. Diet Riot ALL FOR 514.95 Combat Classics Inc udes; 688 Attack Sub. F15 Strike Eage 2, Team Yankee ALL FOR 544.95 Super Fighters Includes F na Fnhi. P I Fighter. WWF 1 ALL FOR 539.95 High Energy Includes: North and South, Hostages. Teenage Queen, Tin Tin on the Moon. Fire and For gel ALL FOR SZ4.95 Top League Incudes: Speedbaii 2, F-16 Fa‘can. M dwinter, R ck Dangerous 2, T V. Sports Foofbal: ALL FOR 534.95 Fantastic Worlds Megalomania, P rales. Popu us. Realms, Wonderland ALL FOR 549.95 Powerhits L me Computer Peop e, Shanghai. Balliefech, Fghler "Bomber. Wicked. G 8. At Rally, Hacker 2, Tournament Goif, Spin Dizzy World. Pods ol Call ALL FOR $ 49.95 Amiga TEN Star Clever and Smart, Lskiino Games, Power Slicks, Sp n Wor d. Sky B aster. Vamp res Empire, Crystai Hammer, Final M ssioo, Tr p e-X. Little Dragon ALL FOR 549.95 EUR0MAGS Amiga Formal. C.U Amiga Amiga Games, Amiga Action, Amiga Compuling, Amiga User Internalional, Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS-StO each Amiga Shopper -no disk S5 01 Course There'* Morel Oil For The BIG ll»ll Fax [305] 491*6134 14 95 21 95 21 95 1695 24 95 1495 1695 1295 14 95 14 95 21 95 16 95 1895 1695 2195
12. 95 14 95 14 95 21 95 16 95 21 95 1395 14 95 12 95 16 95 1295 18 95 13 95 1695 1895 18 95 2195 1695 18 95 16 95 2195 1895 14 95 19 95 19 95 14 95 18 5 5 16 95 16 95 22 95 13 95 18 95 16 95
16. 95 1695 2395
16. 95
16. 95
16. 95 18 95 1695 18 95 21 95
19. 95 15 95
18. 95 13 95
18. 95 1695
18. 95 1495 24 95
16. 95
16. 95 1695 16 95
14. 95
16. 95
17. 95
18. 95 18 95
18. 95 18 95 23 95 18 95 NAVY SEALS 16 95 Neuromancer 16 95 New Zealand Story 16 95 Ninja Remix 18 95 No va Nine (Sierra) 2195 Overrun 16 95 Pacland 16 95 Pacmania 16 95 Panza Kick Boxing 13 95 Paperboy 1695 Paperboy 2 19 95 Photon Paint 2.0 19 95 Pictionary 14.95 Pit Fighter 13 95 Popeye2 16 95 Populous 18 95 Premiere 26 95 Prince ot Persia 16 95 QIX 12.95 R Type 2 18 95 Rainbow Island 13 95 RANX 16 95 Red L ightnmg (SSI) 13 95 Red Storm Rising 19 95 Rocket Ranger 1895 Shadow Warrior 16 95 Shoot Em' Up Constr Kit 19 95 Sky Chase 14.95 Silkworm 14.95 Smash TV 18 95 Space 1889 14 95 Space Gun 16.95 Spacewrecked 16 95 Spa! 16.95 Sur lighl 2 13 95 Stormbalt 1495 Stride 1 16 95 Strider 2 16 95 Stunt Car Racer 16.95 Super Monaco GP 19 95 Super Oft Road Racing 16 95 Super Ski 2 18 95 Super Space Invaders 19 95 Switchblade 1 16 95
S. W.I.V. (Silkworm 4) 16 95 Sword or Honor 18 95 T V Sports Baseball 21 95 T V. Sports Boxing 21 95 Terminator 2 18 95 Tetris 13.95 TheJetsons 16.95 The Krystal 14.95 The Three Stooges IB 95 Tootin' 1495 Treasure Trap 16.95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed. 16 95 Trump Casmo 2 18 95 Turn can 2 18 95 Turlies 2 The Arcade Game 18 95 Typhoon ot Steel (SSI) 1895 ultima 5 2195 Underpressure 16.95 Universal Military Sim. 2 16 95 Vengeance ot [*C3hbur 18 95 Voided 18.95 Wargame Construction Set 16 95 Weird Dreams 14.95 Wild Wheels 16 95 Wings 1895 Wollpack 1895 World Boxing Manager 18 95 Xenon 2 14 95 Zak McCracken 13 95 Zara Thruster (Thrust) 16 95 Zoe trope 19 95 NEW TITLES 18 95 Rome A D. 92 40 14 95 13 95 Ramparts Troodiets 38 33 1895 Shuttle 40
14. 95 Zoo! -or- Zooi AGA 33 16 95 Humans 38
16. 95 Wiz Kid 33 18 95 Legend of Valor 42 16 95 Amborslar 42
16. 95 Putty 40
14. 95 Fire Force 38 26 95 Crazy Cars 3 38
18. 95
B. C. Kid 33
16. 95 Waxworks 45
18. 95 WWF 2 33 19 95 Street Fighter 2 38
16. 95 Caesar 40 16 95 Nigeii Mans el 's Crand Pnx 33 18 95 Sabra Team 33
12. 95 No Second Prize 38
18. 95 Chaos Engine Legend olKarandya soon! 21 95 42
12. 95 Curse of Fnchantna 42 22 85 Trolls 38
18. 95 Wing Commander 42
14. 95 Shadow Worlds 33
16. 95 Harrier Assault 45
16. 95 Gunship 2000 Call 1795 Nick Faido Champ Goll 45
17. 95 Assassin 38 21 9S Project X 40 24 95 Tornado Fliaht Simulator Reach (or the Skies Call 16 95 Call 18 95 Body Blows Call GVP A500 IMPACT SERIES II HARD DR A500-HD3-.040 II C14076 A500 HD8-&80 II Cl 4085 A50O-HD8-0MB 120 II C10039 A500-HD8*QM&'213U Cl 3940 GVP A530 TURBO-ACCELERATOR A DRIVE A530 Combo 40+1 8011 Cl 5072 719 00 A530 wiih 120 MS Hard Dnve Cl 2376 759 00 A530 with 213 MB Hard Drive Cl 3950 899 00 GVP A2000 IMPACT SERIES II HARD CARDS A2000 Ba-ecard 93667 149 99 A200Q-HC8*OM3120II Cl 0059 399 00 A200OHC6‘0MS213 II C139&4 54 9 00 GVP I MI'ACT SERIES H HARD DRIVE HARD CARD MEMORY EXPANSION lMByte SIMM 93693 39 99 G-FORCE 030 25MHz 68030 ACCELERATORS Comt»03O-252S1 0 99133 52900 Combo630-25251; 120 99152 82900 Com&o030-25251 213 C139B6 949 00 G-FORCE 030 40MHz 68C30 ACCELERATORS Com&o03O-4Q.'4a'4,0 99175 749 00 Combo030-4Q'40'4 I20 97545 999 00 ComSoOSO-AOAO ia C13992 1199 00 Combo030-40'4O'4 540 C15084 1999 (X) Ol ORCE 030 50MHz 68030 ACCELERATORS Cot*o030-5C 50'4'0 57568 1249 00 Com*>oC30-50’5(S 4.12C 57589 1499 00 CofT*o030-50'50‘4'213 CI4010 169900 Comdo030-50 5Gr4 5AC c15092 229900 G-FORCE 0*0 2fl.MHz 68040 ACCELERATORS G-Foj‘ce3000'04G2S2 99124 1599 00 G-FORCE 040 33MHz 68040 ACCELERATORS Comoo040-3333'4 12C C14009 1649 00 Corn&o040'33'33'4,i213 C13843 1749 00 Combo040-33'33'4.54C Cl 5104 2399 00 G-FORCE ACCELERATOR RAM UPGRADES 1MByte. 60ns SIMM C10076 69 99 4MByte. 60r-s SIMM Cl0039 199 00 1MByte. AorsSIMV C10092 21995 GVP PHONE TAK Cl0939 39900 PC 286 MODULE for GVP 97713 109 99 VO EXTENDER C15476 199 00 A 12.10 TURBO PLUS C15455 CALL A1200 SCSI RAM PLUS C15457 CALL AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES AMIGA 500 CD ROM DRIVE C12825 399 00 CALL 04 99 44 95 94 95 465 00 545 00 665 00 909 00 23 95 99 95 CALL CALL 99 55 459 00 174 99 TENEX INTERNAL A500 HARD DRIVES TENEX l05M8y1e Kit 95724
3. 5’ EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVF. 3 5'Eatemai Dnve 89276 I MBYTE * 8 * 80 SIMM* 93693 BIG FOOT POWER SUPPLY 92898 SUPRA DRIVE 5Q0XP HARD DRIVES 52MBy1e with 1MB 96.145 52MByte with 2MB 96455 l20M3yte wlh 2MB 96643 24QM9yte with 2VB 96653 SUPRADRIVE 500XP UPGRADES. 5l2 Bytekd 97255 2MBy!e lui 97263 TRIFECTA 500 LX Cl 3566 TrffECTA 2000 LX C13578 WORDSYNC SCSI INTERFACE WwdSync interface 38673 DKB 2632 32 BIT MEM EXP. C13612 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE FOR A1000 C13533 MODEMS & FAXES 94074 34 95 94039 99 95 76253 17 95 82037 B9 95 55252 24 99 97200 26 99 96+JS3 239 59 96954 49 95 66081 44 95 GVPPHONE PAK C10989 399 00 SUPRAMODEM 2400 96667 6999 Modern Serai Cable A42447 12 95 SUPRAMODEM 2400* 96678 114 99 SUPRAMODEM 2400ZI+ 96688 11999 SUPRA FAX MODEM EXTERNAL FAX-Modem. V.32 97149 239 95 FAX.Modem v 32DS 97154 299 99 PLATINUM ONLINE 83466 24 99 HARD DRIVES See Feature Section to Right AMIGA INPUT DEVICES HEETI.F. MOUSE W PAD BOINGI MOUSE W PAD ERGO JOYSTICK from W1CO FLEXIDRAW 164-A LIGHT PEN ROCTEC AMIGA MOUSE THE SWITTY MOUSE THE WIZ TABLET TRIP1.ETRACK TRACKB ALL ZOOMER YOKE JOYSTICK Commodore Amiga Inc.. NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications are ‘APO. F30. AK. HI. CN. VI. GU. And foreign orders are subject ro additional shipping charges AMIGA is a registered trademark of MEMORY & ACCELERATORS 1 A601 EXPANSION W CLOCK Cl 3506
84. 95 A601 EXPANSION W 1MB Cl 3510
69. 99 A600 600HD CARD W 2MB Cl 2288
159. 95 A60a'«XJHD CARD W 4MB Cl 2294
329. 95 MEGA MIDGET RACER Cl 0959
359. 95 5UFRARAM 500 RX with iMByte 500 RX w 1 Mbyte 94016
124. 95 1MByte Upgrade Kt 97312 64 95 SUFRARAM 500 RX with 2MByte 500 RX 94029
165. 95 2 Mbyte Uograse Kt 97270
99. 95 SUFRARAM 2000 with OMBvte 39040
105. 95 wlh 2MByte 33683
165. 35 with 4 Mbyte 88691 224 95 VECTOR 680.90 for the A2000 C12606 699 99 EXPANSION BOARDS FOR THE A1200 No FPU with Cock C15I95 139 99 14 Mhz with Clock Cl 5203 159 99 20 Mhz with Clock 015212 179 99 25 Mhz with Clock Cl 5227 229 99 50 Mhz with Dock C15234 339 99 COMMODORE PRODUCTS 1 A201O 3.5 INT. FLOPPY DRIVE 91860 109 95 A3O10 3-5 INT. FLOITY DRIVE 94173 99 95 A500 REPLACEMENT INT. DRIVE C12554 89 99 AMIGA ENHANCEMENTS AM1GADOS 2.1 A500 A2000 96335 09 95 A3000 57707 34 95 AM1C.ADOS 2.1 UPGRADE C13358 44 99 FAT AGNUS. 2MBYTE Fat Agnus 8372B. 2MByte 90564 79 95 Fat Agnus 33723 MegACn p 2000 C10013 239 00 FAT AGNUS, 1MBYTE 98553 59 95 SUPER DENISE 8373 50572 44 95 CHIP PULLER C10249 1495 THE SWITCH MAN C15054 39 99 EMULATORS A-MAX n PLUS C12654 339 59 POWER PC BOARD 96620 269 95 rC 286 MODULE for GVP 97713
549. 00 Atonce* PC AT EMULATOR A70756
179. 99 BRIDCEBOARD XT 8-1706
99. 99 DATA STORAGE SYQUEST DRIVES FOR AMIGA A MAC 44W3yie External Dnve A63425 429 55 BSMB te External Dnve A67222 599 95 44MByte Cartridge A605S3 79 95 BBMByieCanndge A62072 109 B5 20MBYTE FLOPTICAL DISK DRIVE Iniefnal Floptical Drive 98668 499 59 External Fcotca' Dnve 55659 599-99 CCVByre Floptical Diskette 96160
399. 00 DIGITAL EDIT MASTER Cl 3427 2299 00 DIG1-VTEW MED1ASTATION 97387
151. 99 FIRECRACKER 24 97281 819 95 GENLOCK from GVP C13821 399 00 IMPACT VISION 2* Impact Vision 24 95667
1699. 00 Optional adapter tot A2C0 958 77 49 99 KITCHEN SYNC 94366
1595. 00 OPALVISION Cl 1916
969. 99 PERSONAL TBC HI Cl 3009 call ROCGEN FLUS NEW PRICK! 94ie3
245. 99 ROCKEY C11653 34&.QC Spectnun FRAME GRABBER Cl 1440 44900 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Video Toaster 96598 SC ALL VIVID 21 C13436
2699. 00 j PRINTERS PANASONIC KX-P11801 A&35S4 159 35 KX-P2180I A63845 179 35 KX-P1123 A57108 199 95 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE ALTERLMAGE Cl 1331 64 99 BREAD & BUTTER FONTS 95944 57 59 CAUGARI 24 Cl 3760 24g&9 CALIGARI 2 86289 279 95 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS 95951 57 99 CINEMORPH Cl 2922 39 99 DELUXE PAINT IV 4.1 94997 107 95 DELUXE PAINT IV AGA Cl 3277 124 99 DELUXE VIDEO® III 7S452 99 95 IMAGE F X C10973 2-4 99 MORPH PLUS C13143 147 99 FLAYMATION Cl 3775 325 99 PRO VIDEO CG II C11391 fl 99 PRO VIDEO GOLD 80186 T9 99 PRO VIDEO PORT 93833 169 95 VIDEO TOASTER SOFTWARE UPGRADE 10 ClOl39 335 00 VIDEO DIRECTOR 96170 133 99 CAD SOFTY ARE GFX CAD (Full Version) Cl 1639
264. 99 GFX CAD (Upgrade! Cl 1642 129 99 AMIGA MUSIC AND SOUND AMAS V. 10 includes MIDI -nter1ace 36334
39. 99 BOOM BOX C13443 36 59 POWERED STEREO SPEAKERS 97290
319. 99 PERFECT SOUND 3.0 35370
59. 95 TIGER CUB 89721
74. 95 VIDEO MUSIC BOX C14665
59. 99 MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SYSTEM. A revolutionary learning method that conquers traditional teaching hurdles by making studying fun and productive. Features include an electronic piano keyboard capable ol synthesizing over 100 digitized instruments. 25-to 25-pin cable, utility software. An AC adapter, earphones, and output jacks so you can use it with your stereo. Use the synthesizer as a standalone instrument without the computer platform. (Note: A1000 needs a one-to- one gender changer). Miracle ri.mn 99026 319.99 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-ALIGNMENT SYSTEM 34004 £9.95 AMI-BACK vlO 94057
44. 95 ASSEMPRO 33925
64. 95 DIRECTORY OPUS Cl 4054 62 59 DISKMASTBH II 55936 39 95 DOS-2-DOS 93403 31 95 GIGAMEM C13793
99. 99 KICKBACK Cl 1420 39 99 MAVERICK, V4 39601 32 95 MICKOFIOIEFILER + 94095 11995 QUARTERBACK C1Q9&4 44 99 RAWCOPY 014857 44 95 SAS C COMPILER Cl 2252
242. 99 VIRTUAL REALITY Studio 10 95193
57. 99 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY M1GRAFH HAND SCANNER "14TB9 25959 Ml GRAPH OCR SOFTWARE C13626 259 59 OMNI EUREKA 400 DPI HAND SCANNER Cl 2638 149.99 KX-P2123 A7244Q 239 99 KX-P1124I A57112 289 55 KX-P1624 87444 349 95 KX-P4410 Laser A71305 549 55 STAR NX-1001 90695 136 59 NX-2420 Rainbow A51047
204. 95 NX-1040 Ra.nbow Cl 2275 164 95 GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING SOFTWARE | PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1-0 98154 169 99 PROFESSIONAL DRAW LO C12064 11999 Page* Outaw 4 0 Bundle Cl 2072 239 00 ART DelT. PROFESSIONAL 92135 147 59 Conversion Kit 92149 52 95 .ART EXPRESSIONS C14843 159 99 BRILLIANCE C14K3 139 59 BUSINESS CARD MAKER 96039 35 55 COMIC SETTER 81815 41 55 DESIGN WORKS 94439 72 99 THE DIRECTOR V. 10 90147 75 99 GOLD DISK TYPE Designet Pack 90067 34 95 Decorative Pack S0072
29. 95 IMAGINE 10 90166 189 59 OUTLINE FONTS 94390 129 55 PAGE5TREAM 12 010679 169 99 PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL Cl4070 139 99 SAXON'PUBLISHER 1.1 94069 169 99 SPECTRA COLOR 94607 64 95 VISTA PRO 94158 £4 99 ZUMA FONT PACK 1-2-3 97513 69 55 ZUMA FONT PACK 1-5-6 97525 59 95 DISTANT SUNS 4.1 94599 49 95 DYNACADD V. 2 C12714 649 99 EASY AMOS C14913 34 99 AMOS-THE CREATOR C14927 49 99 EXCELLENCE 3.0 89330
99. 99 FINAL COPY II 02807 09 99 GOLD DISK OFFICE 90052 119 95 non.INKS V.1.1 Cl 3526 46 99 MAXIPLAN 4 CT1379 124 99 MINI OFFICE CT4932 69 99 PHASAR C11079 49 99 PROFESSIONAL CALC 96151 174 99 PROPER GRAMMAR 94440 51 99 PRO WRITE™ 3J B0222 54 99 SUPERBASE PERSONAL II C14203 79 99 SLTFERBA5E 4 PRO C14194 179 99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE SCALA MULTIMEDIA C14301 CALL SCALA 500- 1IOME TlTLER 97301 11995 THE ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 42 99 AMIGAVISION PRO C12337 31900 ESSENCE C14304 49 99 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE TOP ALL-STAR GAMES AWESOME 91D90 27 95 LEMMINGS 92226 27 95 Oil Nol MORE LEMMINGS 96318 29 99 Add-on ctsk-more levels' 95566 22 99 POWERMONGER &D767 31 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS 4-D BOXING 98954 31 95 CARL LEWIS Cl 1065 29 99 JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL 90939 31 95 LINKS 97799 29 95 Bountiful Golf Course Cl1204 1699 Firestone Country Cub 97308 16 95 MICROLEAGUE BASEBALL The Manager's Challenge 96099 24 95 NIGEL MANSELL'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Cl 5023 39 99 NIGEL MANSELL'S AGA VERSION (FOR A1200 OK A4000) C14116 39 99 RED ZONE Cl 1032 29 99 TONY LARLSSA ULTIMATE BASEBALL 93873 999 WORLD CIRCUIT 96056 3695 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ADVENTURE A DAD CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN: Dragonlancr Fanlasy Role-Haying V.l 33379
16. 99 ADAD; Dark Queen of Krynn C10751
32. 95 ADAD: Death Nights of Krynn 94156
14. 99 ADAD: Gateway to the Savage Frontier 97787
16. 99 ADAD: Pools of Darkness 95309 44 95 ADAD: Treasure* of the Savage Frontier Cl ’109 32 99 AGONY 95968 29 99 AMERICAN GLADIATORS Cl0763 24 95 AMNIOS 94659 32 95 ARMOUR-CEDDON 95979 29 99 AQUAVENTURA Cl 1055 29 99 BATTLE SQUADRON Cl 3396 9 99 BEAST 11: SHADOW DEEPENS , 99435
34. 95 BILL'S TOMATO GAME Cl 4057 3299 BEAST III: OUT OF THE SHADOW C12351 33 99 BLACK CRYPT 932S3 3195 BUZ ALDRIN C13213 39 99 CARTHAGE 93985 29 95 CASTLES 94877 34 95 CL1KCLAK C1413V
29. 99 COMBAT AIR PATROL 03350
32. 99 CONQUEST OF JAPAN C13490 34 99 CREEPERS C13165 29 99 CRIME DOES NOT PAY C12500 32 99 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Cl 1124 34 92 DARKSEED C13767 39 99 DEMONIAK C12512 30 99 DESERT STRIKE C13304 31 99 DISCOVERY COLUMBUS 03483 34 99 DRAGON'S LAIR HI Cl 3931 39 99 DUNGEON MASTER CHAOS STRIKES BACK Cl 2772 29 99 ELVIRA 11: JAWS of CERBERUS S5847 26 99 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 11 96309 39 95 GLOBAL EFFECT C10760 35 99 THE GODFATHER 95643 33 95 GODS CH159 28 99 GUY SPY 95427 29 99 HEIMDALL Cl 2337 1999 HOI 03259 24 99 HUMANS 00770 25 95 LEANDER 95655
29. 99 subjecr to change without notice LEGEND OF KARANPIA C1240J loxnsm 11 Ml Cl3262 1 GST I It I A5LRLS Ol INI OCO.M Cl 1340 MICA1 OR IRLSS: I LIGIIJ Ol 34 99 29 99 44 99 DOG 37 95
34. 99 32 99
13. 95
32. 99 36 99 42 99
34. 99 7 99 38 95
22. 99
39. 99
19. 95
34. 95
31. 99 34 95 29 99 37 95 959 26 99 29 95
34. 59
9. 59 3999
7. 95 29 99 34 99 46 95 14 95 37 99 AMIGA 600 I ML OLD 95006 96297 Cl 2475 cio:o= C12530 Cl 3229 Cl 3474 93779 Cl 3410 96271 Cl 2340 MIGHT & MAGIC 111 MUKPI Its IN SI’ M l MYTH MAM OM Mt Sill K11 ON BRIDGE I'M APIS' II llil I’l Itl I t I (.1 Ml It At Mil I’l U.LT POPULOUS II I'OI'ULOLS II ( II M I f MC.1 $ 299 99 f o
l. tfnr A 600Bonus Includes Amiga 600 Computer Great Software Titles Cl2846 ..$ 299.99 Pac£ runriliey in iin shadow C12226 I'OIVUiMONGLR: IvlVl S5C-62 It AI LUO AO IYCOU.N C10S06 ItdADRASII C13269 HOBCK'dPJ-n C10739 SIIAPUWl AMPS C12S45 SI I I N I SI KMCI II 93792 SWOltO Ol SODAS Cl3402 II Ncl.N ARLAOL III IS Cl D47 THIRD REICH Cl 0795 TITL'S THE I'OX Cl3173 TLRRICAM Cl 333-1 I I TIMA VI I Jltt Prophet 96042 I'MILAL Cl 0292 I KINGS C10700 W MilOltPS Cl3908 W I7ARDRN : CrusjiJi-rs i»l the Lljik Sj jnt 97323 W OL1 PACK C1010S ZOOI (FOR 5 ZOO and Mono C15118 600 HO Bonos Includes Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive Great Software Titles C12855 ..$ 499.99 A ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE FAVORITE CHARACTERS l ||l|i IHL AMAZING SPIP1 KM AM 91324 19.95 ARACHNOHIOllI A 93899 9.99 PICK 1 RACY
• • •
• • •
• • • •
• • • AMIGA 1200 93907 9.99 PLCk I Al l S (JueM lot Gold HILL SI KIT I III.Li I S ixm iomi FATE ATLANTIS L AS I M | A STAR 1RI K: 25TII 91491 9.99 CS0717 24 95 C15492 39 99 95390 22.55 ANNIVERSARY Cl 3237 34.59 35604 2i.SS
16. 95 CAS ILLS II Cl3243 34 99 CY HI li 1 MPIRCS Cl 3292 3199
l) L Ml Cl2392
35. 99 1 It'.HT CORRIDOR C12432
32. 99 MONOPOLY 84552
29. 95 NIMt in 82879
29. 99 SIMI AIM II Cl 1857
39. 99 II I Ips 63835
26. 95 ¦, t* u Si, _ j-* -
• •
• •
• •
• •
• •
• • HARD DRIVES We carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE
• Sc SIMULATION GAMES Seagate 42MByte IDE External Hard Drive for only $ 159.99 0 A T A F L Y E B Order Toll-Free Nationwide isoo-PROMPT-1 (1-800-776-6781) Mon.-Fri, 8:00am ¦ 8:00pm Sat. 9:00am - 2:00pm (EST) The DataFlyer Express upgrades the Amiga 500 with a hard drive and up to B Mbytes ot memory. Just add any 3.5 inch low profile hard drive and SIMM memory modules. The controller comes in either SCSI, IDE or a SCSI IDE combination hard drive controller. Includes all software, hardware and cables, auto-boosting, auto install, DB25 SCSI pass thru (SCSI only), and drive and power LED display. Compatible with Floptical. CD-ROM, Amax (I (SCSI), Syquest (SCSI), Power PC and KCS AT emulator (SCSI IDE), and Baseboard. (Note: Hard drive not included).
P. iU Flyer Express SCSI CITllfe DjU | lyrr Express. IP! T 14120 5159 PjIj 11 vet Express SCHI ilM cmio 519999 EXTERNAL HARO DRIVES FOR THE A50Q, A2000. AJOOO. & AiOOO IDE Driven Quanium 42 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1762 169.99 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Drive C* 1779 209.99 Quanium 127 Mbyte Hard Drive C11780 279.99 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Dnve C11790 319.99 SCSI Driven Quantum 42 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1806 189.99 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1815 249.99 Quantum 127 Mbyte Hard Drive C11922 299 99 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1933 339.99 INTERNAL HARD DRIVES FOR THE A SOIL A600, AND A1200 Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount less than $ 19.99
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54. 95
55. 95 $ 6.95 $ 7.95 $ 9.95
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2. 8Do ol Order 40 Mbyte Hard Dnve C15329
159. 99 64 Mbyte Hard Dnve A85482 CALL 85 Mbyte Hard Dnve A88366 229 99 128MByte Hard Dnve A £8382
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499. 99 Required Cable for A600.1200 AE5461 899 Required Kit for A500 55748
134. 50 Order Toll-Free Nationwide 1-800-PPO PPT-1 We Carry a Complete Line of Amiga Hardware! A2000! A3000! More! Call for the Lowest Prices in the U.S.! 56800 Magnetic Drive * Mishawaka, IN 46545 • (219)259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 • We gladly accept mail orders! * Prices and specifications subject to change. . Includes
• Hi Resolution AGA Chip Set (Same as Amiga 4000)
• Fast 14.32 Mhz Processor
• 2MBytes of Chip RAM
• 256.000 Simultaneous Colors
• IDE Hard Drive Interface
• Multiple Display Options Call For Lowest Pricing A1200 with Hard Drive Call For Lowest Pricing 1960 Color Monitor Call For Lowest Pricing
• ••• C11092 49 99 CRAZY CARS 5 Cl2463 32 99 EAGLES RIDLK C12522
32. 99 MYSTICAL Cl 2495 32 99 SHUTTLE 95138 32 99 SCI MIRY ANIMATOR 2.0 C11461 54 99 TKACON II 92678 39 99 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Al.GI Ilk A I C10948 34 95 AMY'S 1L VI-3 C11581
29. 99 ARITHMETIC 00934 34 95 BRIDGE iv P 96218 24 95 DINOSAURS ARF FOREVER 83134 1495 Pill NNYI’llONLMLS Cl 2668 19 99 SC K AURI I 84567 17 95 S1 LIPY W ARE I OR ItiL 5AT Cl 0952 34 95 Will Ki IN Oil WO| = LP IS CAR MI M SAND1EGO? 85229 29 99 WHIRL I'm LLILOIT Is CARMEN SANP1LGO? 89179
29. 99 Will KL I'm TIM1 IS CAKMI M S YMP1FG07 91005 29 99 WHERE I'm NIL ISA IS CAR MI M SANPILCO? 86677 29 99 Amiya 600 (jrapkics Pac£ Includes Amiga 600 Computer Amiga 1084S Color Monitor 4 ! With Stereo Sound 6oo Great Software Titles ms K12987 ..$ 569.99 Antiya 600PD ( faykias Po.e£ Includes Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive Amiga 1084S Color Monitor with Stereo Sound Great Software Titles K12995 ..$ 769.99 X1J (i 4 M E I* R E S E R V E MORE SHORT TAKES From p. 97. Naming the top Amiga developers. But this venerable board-game publisher has shown a real gift for bringing its classics to the Amiga first with Third Reich and now with Diplomacy (S34.95). A PD version of this Great War-era strategy game has been around for years on the Amiga, but ft didn't offer computer opponents. This one does as many as you need and they're smart little buggers, too. As in the case of Third Reich, this isn't a graphical or sonic tour de force and a computer really can't replace the huge human element in the board game but it's fast and challenging, and it shows off the delightful complexities of the game. (It's also very economically priced.) Brides of Dracula I don't quite know what to make of this weird vampire game from England's Gonzo label (distributed here by Hollyware). On one hand, Brides of Dracula ($ 29.95) does have some sly appeal. There's a rather neat two-player mode with a split-screen. (You can play as the Count trying to nail 13 brides or as van Helsing trying to assemble his Vampire Destruction Kit.) The graphics are detailed and vivid the packaging claims 236 simultaneous colors and the ability to open doors and explore buildings gives the game an adventure cast. This van Helsing, however, walks like a tum-of-the-century nerd. It probably isn't for pre-teens; there are lots of, uh, picturesque women in here wearing less than Madonna in high summer. (A recurring theme in vampire games: Remember the full frontal nudity in Vampire's Empire?) The game would have benfitted from some fleshing out of a different kind say, a "search" or "talk" function. A curiosity, at least. Sciielober’s Quest for A Babe The title and the six-pack belch that introduces the game make this sound sophomoric. The game proper (3DK, $ 26 money order or $ 30 COD) is anything but. Schelober's Quest for A Babe is basically Gauntlet with puzzles or a more arcade-like version of Dark Spyre. Either way, great fun, and well-executed fun at that, as you send this little Simpsons-skinned caveman around collecting keys, food, and loot (called bucks and chunks). The levels are many, massive, and often tricky. The pure joystick control is superb, And, naturally, it goes on hard disk. Paladin II Quest Disk: The Dark One Paladin had The Scrolls of Talmouth. Paladin II has The Dark One (Impressions, $ 19.95) a batch of 20 linked quests set in a renewed battle against the unknown-but-still-sinister DO of the title. Admittedly, these scenarios are intended for advanced Paladin characters, but they're a very tough lot, without any much let-up, and it might have been nice to throw in an additional breather or two. (Only one quest is rated easy, eight are rated hard, and three very hard, and that's at the expert level.) Back up those characters, mate. You're in for a fight. Little Green-Haired Men The Lemmings are not THE NEXT ROUND ONLY BACK, BUT THRIVING. IN Lemmings 2: The Tribes (PSYGNOSIS, S59.99), THE Walkers, Diggers, Climbers, and Builders are joined by more specialized tribesmen. Beach Lemmings surf, Sport Lemmings run and jump. Polar Lemmings ski, and Circus Lemmings inflate balloons to float away. Unfortunately, the 12 newly formed tribes are in terrible danger (again). Can you SAVE AND REUNITE THE TRIBES FOR THE FINAL EXODUS? (RS
101. ) Dive Deep in point Of View Computing's Subversion, YOU'RE CAPTAIN OF THE SUBMARINE NAUTILUS ON A MISSION TO ELIMINATE ENEMY DESTROYERS FROM THE EUCLIDEAN Strait. Sounds simple, RIGHT? Not WHEN YOU FACTOR IN the enemy subs, sharks, limited supplies, and more complications. The focus EAST COAST 615-478-5760 HERE IS ON STRATEGY AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, NOT SIMPLY GETTING OFF A GOOD SHOT.A MISSION SIMULATOR LETS YOU PLY A GAME WITH PRESET VALUES, RATHER THAN RANDOM ONES. AS AN ADDED CHALLENGE, A CONTEST MODE IS INCLUDED. All REGISTERED OWNERS WILL PERIODICALLY RECEIVE SPECIAL mission specs. The captain WITH THE HIGHEST SCORE AT THE CONTEST DEADLINE WINS A PRIZE. (RS 102.) Stone Age Follies Sometimes you really do NEED TO REINVENT THE WHEEL. In Introducing the Humans (Gametek, $ 39.95) you coordinate THE EFFORTS OF A Stone Age tribe of humans TO GATHER THE BASICS FOR SURVIVAL FIRE, THE WHEEL, AND OTHER NECESSITIES. STONE Age HUMANS AREN'T always COOPERATIVE, HOWEVER, SO GET ready. You'll need reasoning SKILLS AND ARCADE REFLEXES. (RS 103. )¦ Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern Info FAX 215-586-5701 215-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA A f> An nnt mfrii-hh n mtnlnn * The largest Authorized AMIGA dealer in the United States call if you don’t eee what you want. • Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... IN STOCK Hard Drives & Bridgeboard A3070 Tape Bacvkup 150MB Call CBM A2286 AT Bridgeboard $ 279.00 Syquest 88Mb Removable Drive 389.00 Syquest 44Mb Cartridge 75.00 Syquest 88Mb Cartridge 119.00 Case & Cabling to make Ext. Syq 100.00 Sony 6150 Tapes 21.95 Accelerators & RAM Boards All GVP Products In Stock Call DataFlyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb $ 165.00 Derringer 25Mz w Math Co & 4MB 499.00 MBX board for A1200 14Mz 0K 149.00 MBX board for A1200 25Mz 0K 249.00 4MB & 8MB RAM lor MBX boards Call Progressive Accelerators In Stock Call Supra 500RX RAM 2Mb 189.00 VXL Accelerator & RAM in Stock Call Power Supplies, Video, & More A-Max 2 Plus Emulator $ 345.00 Mac 512K ROMS Call Big Foot Power Supply 89.00 DCTV 385.00 Golden Image Amiga Mouse 32.00 Janus 2,1 Upgrade Kit 35.00 Kraft Triple Track Trackball 40.00 Miracle Keyboard Learning System 329.00 Personal TBC 3 789.00 RocGenPIus 279.00 Speedking Analog Amiga Joystick -21.00 Motherboards A500 w swap-AII Revs $ 150.00 A2000 w svvap-Rev 6 or above 225.00 A2000 w swap-Rev 3.9 to 4.5 400,00 A2000 Rev 6.X Motherboard 499,00 A3000 25Mz w swap 449.00 EXCLUSIVE AMIGAS CBM A2024 Hi-Res Monochrome Monitor A600, A2Q00, A30Q0, etc, Toaster & Other Amiga configurations are available. We Sell and Service the entire Amiga line of computers. Please call for complete pricing on the configuration you need. A1960 MultiScan Monitor $ 499.00 A2386 SX Bridgeboard 499.00 A600, A1200, A2000, A4000 Call A3000 Tower 200MB HD, SMB RAM 1899.00 1008 x 600 Resolution 14* Paper White Disp. - NTSC & PAL Supports ALL Amigas & Disp. Modes Perfect for Programmers & DTP Originally $ 895.00 NOW $ 199.00 CBM PARTS & PERIPHERALS
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• 1 Year Warranty by Commodore
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New Low Prlcel V2044 S15.95 1989 Bcs1 ol Ihe Fests V204? $ 24.95 1991 Best of Ihe Fests More award-winning animation, experimental & documentary short films from 1991's top Intern'l Film Festival. 90 mm V2048 $ 24.95 Best Of the Fests for Kids Aaand-winnng childrens animations-8 films. 40 min, V4C07 $ 19.95 Chronos (Miramar) V2045 $ 16.95 Green Toons V2Q46 S16.95 Graphics Beginner's Guide fo Art Department Pro 2+ Just Released1 Will help you learn all ot ADPros unique features as well as its enhanced palette control, compositing images, antialiasing. FRED, the animation utility, and much more. V4030 $ 39.95 Killer Graphics: Animated Logos with DCTV Volume II How to create animated 3D logos. Step by step examples V2102 S29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I This tutorial series will teach you how 1o create kille1 graphics quickly and easily with the most current version o! DCTV, usmg real projects as examples 54 minutes V2073 S29.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide in Saddleback Graphics easy-to-totlow tutorial, you'll explore many of Dpamt I Vs features which will meet most of your graphics and animation needs V2050 S19.95 Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV Learn tips and tricks for combmng Dpamt Ivs different toots to achieve spectacular effects w-th professional re suits. Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animations, professional titling techniques. AnO much morel 60 minutes V2068 S19.95 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology The step by step guide Irom experts Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toaster user can afford to be without! Learn Toaster operation and set-up. Rotoscoping techniques, how toake perfect 3D Igoos, creating mattes and flying mattes, and much more. Plus 2 disks of bonus software. Available March 1 B106 $ 39.95 Advanced Amiga BASIC Learn advanced techniques & commands you need to know to write your own sophisticated pmgrams in ArrtigaBASlC B109 $ 18.95 Amiga C For Beginners Introduction to learning C language which explains elements to you using examples geared to teh Amiga Describes C library routines and much more. BtOi $ 19.95 Amiga Intern The definitive reference library for ail Am ga 500. 2000 and 3000 users. It will teach you the internals of the 3000. AmigaDOS 2. And much more. Divided into three sections for hardware, operating systems ana Arexx programming 900* pages. 8103 $ 29.95 AmigaDOS Reference Guide aito $ 22.95 Amiga Multimedia WorkBook The mcst up-to- date book on multimed a (or the Amiga 8115 $ 29.95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition Ths tutorial guide will make Arexx easy for you! Step by step approach. Uselu! Programs as examples, dear presentation ot Arexx controlling PcstScnpt. Thorough references for all Arexx instructions, functions, and application program commands. Includes 2 disks 8104 S46.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Ed. B1123 $ 22.95 Mapping the Amiga - This best seller on Amiga programming by Randy Thompson and Rhett Anderson tea- tures complete listing ol Amiga calls, descriptions of all system structures, and detailed explanations ol Amiga's The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder V2t03 $ 34.95 How To Shoot Video Like a Prov2io-s Continuity & Combining Shots V2105 Light Tech. Recording Sound V2106 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear create productions using consumer equipment and haw to "shoot to edit", which makes editing videos a snap! 90 minutes V2107 $ 34.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get better control in editing. Learn what kind o! Equipment to buy Learn editing theory Insert and Assemble editing Setup lor best results. 90 mins. V2108 S34.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techniques used by the pros. Editing tricks, split edits, post-production using Amigas. Toaster and mixers. Time base correctors. A B roll, Time Code Decision Lists and more as performed m Adta's studio 120 mm. V2109 $ 34.95 Pick any 3 of the above videos ft save! S94.95 Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Bestseller’ From Myriad Visual Adventures a complete course in real-time animation lor wdeo tl demonstrates cartoon and industrial an mation in high resolution, using basic software and relatively inexpensive hardware Pad one shows you a vanety of animation techniques-w.th humor. Pad two shows in detail how the animations were made. V2078 $ 24.95 Amiga Animation - Hollywood Style Leam classic. Hoi ywood.D sney style techniques usmg DeluxePaint IV and Disney An,mation Studio, Irom renowned Am ga animator, Gene Hamm Especially tor artists who are computer novices and computer users wno don't draw with a mouse 30 minutes V2051 $ 19.95 How To Animate I Sale Price! Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike Pick up helpful tips and techniques on using DeluxePamtiV from Joe! Hagen, and using LightWave 30 (rom AmigaWorids Lou Wallace 45 minutes. V2059 $ 16.95 grounds and lighting effects - all the way to finished ant malar. S34.95 Lightwave 3D Surfaces V2098 Give your 3D objects texture and realism with special techniques used by LightWave artists Texture mapping, applying images, lighting techniques.bump mapping, and more. $ 34.95 LightWave 3D Modeler V2099 Learn how easy 3D modeling can be' Create basic objects, changing their shapes and defining surfaces, and simple techniques lor creat ng complex 3D objects $ 34.95 Professional Techniques V207t Get more from ToasterPaint and ToaslarCG with demonstrations of special techni ques to create professional network quality graphics 59 minutes $ 34.95 Lightwave 3D Flying Logos Newest ReieaseiSy V4024 Step-by-step instructions on convert ng pnnted logos into 3D objects to create dazzling animations S mutate high-end ‘Pa nt Box' moving text and grapbes Step- by-siep instructions on Pixel 3D Professional. Avail March 18--we'll be tho first to have in stock! S34.95 "V, LightWave 3D Essentials V2097 3D animation m Lightwave's Layout and Renderer is made easy: from hardware 512 pages Understanding Imagine 2.0 Amiga BASIC inside ft Out Amiga Printers Inside Out Using Arexx on the Amga Advanced Amiga BASIC Making Music on the Amiga Mastering Amiga - Beg nrers Kids and the Amiga 2nd Ed Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Amiga Graphics Inside Out (Abacus) "indudes companion d sk(s) loading objects to creating koytramos, Irom adding back* i%* Aladdin 4D (Adspec) T2031 5279 An Expression (SoftLog k) New' T2032 $ 259 An Department Pro 2.1 (ASDG) Til 60 $ 163 Animation Station T2002 $ 34 Broadcast Titier II T1161 $ 229 Can Do 2.0 (Innovatroncs) Tit 93 $ 125 CrossDOS 5 0 (Consuitron) T1039 $ 41 DeluxePaint IV 4 i EA) T1031 $ 119 Design Works (New Horizons) Til 96 $ 59 Diskmaster 2 (Prog Peripherals) T1033 $ 47 Disney Ammat on Studio T2001 $ 49 Distant Suns (Virtual Reality Labs) T1096 $ 51 Final Copy II (Softwood) T1069 S93 Font Packages - Call for Selection Call Interchange Plus T1167 $ 65 Morph Plus (ASDG) T1067 $ 179 Pixel 30 Professional (Axiom) T1103 $ 149 Profess ana! Draw 3 (Gold Diski T1095 $ 124 Profess ona! Page 4 (Gold Dski T2003 SI 73 ProVideo CG II (Sherett) Til 63 $ 121 ProVideo Post (Sherett) Til 77 $ 155 ProWnte 3.3 (New Horizons) Til 05 $ 65 Quarteroack 5 (Central Coast) T1037 $ 53 Quarterback Tools 1.5 (Central Coast) T1038 $ 65 Scala Home Video Titier T1101 S91 Scaia Multimedia 200 Tl 198 $ 271 Scala Video Studio Til 02 $ 181 ShowMaker (Gold Disk) Tl 178 S235 SuperJam! (Blue Ribbon) T1185 $ 97 SyncPro (Blue Ribbon) Til 84 $ 189 The Director 2.0 (Right Answers) T1199 $ 77 Toaster Too:kit 1.1 T1164 $ 131 Toaster Vision Til 65 $ 131 ToastMaster (Bird's Eye) T1179 $ 99 Trexx Professional (KludgeCode) T11B0 S91 True Print 24 (ASDG) T11G6 $ 65 TV Snow 2.0 (Zuma) T11B1 $ 65 Video Director (Gold Disk) T11T6 $ 149 Virtual Real ty Stud o (Accoiaoe) Til 00 $ 61 Vista Pro 2.0 (Virtual Reality Laos) T1097 S51 Miscellaneous Videos The Amiga Service & Repair Video With six years of repa* experience JSC Repair’s helpful hints, tips and instructions will save you money and hours ol diagnostic time with an aspects o! Your Amiga Will help new users and experienced techs alike includes $ ¦>0 worth ol service repair work Iron J& C' V4003 S39.95 History of fhe Amiga An intriguing and entertaining look at the ongms ol die Amiga computer. Listen to the initial trials and tribulations wrvch Jay Miner. R.J. Mical, Caryn Mical. Dale Luck. Carl Sassenrath. Dave Needle and the rest o' the original ‘Los Gatos gang went through. 45 minutes. V2042 SI5.95 Toast & Coffee VideoGrallx Today n2 V2075 $ 12.95 T ft C. VideoGrallx Today *3 New! V4Q10 $ 12.95 Video Toaster Essentials V2052 The first ol 4 videos leads you through a step Dy step guide to the Video Toasters switcher and spec a I effects. 83 mnutes S34.95 ToasterPaint Essentials V2069 Discover the fut: potential of ToasterPaint. This v deo will take you through each of Is powerful functions step by step. 62 minutes S34.95 ToasterCG Essentials V2070 A step by-step guide to the Vioeo Toaster's character generator Complete with demonstrations of special techniques.59 minutes S34.95 LightWave 3D Bundle. 4 Videos V4025 $ 124.95 All 8 Toaster Videos V4026 $ 234.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bunde All 4 Viceos Sale! V2081 $ 129.95 SpecialOffer Will Vinton's Piaymation From CinePlay and Will Vinton Studios, Oscar-wmning creators of Ciaymafion. Comes a revolutionary software to do 3D animation - with no polygons. AmigaWorld says "Eottom line tor spline based modeling and 3D character animation, nothing oven comes close to Will Vinton's Piaymation," (Jan. '93). Requires 5MB RAM and 68020-r T1068 $ 259 Animat on Voi I & II Dpa nt IV (Video Guide, Adv Tech) Pro Vioeo Gold Pad One & Two Adita: Any 3 (specify tapes) Adita: Alt 7 vtceo Mines Eye. Beyond Minds Eye Desktoo Video. Volume I and II Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. I and II History of the Amiga, How to An mate and Animation Volume I & II SallI Amiga Animation Hollywood Style, Howto Animate, Animation 101 Money-Saving Bundles! Xarmng T e W£ave: Exploring NewTelcs Lightwave 3D V20?4 The most Video Graphic Software 'Ml complete Lightwave 30 Tunning Sysiom now available wi'l help you tana advantage of Lightwave's full potential This training solution teatures three hours ol viboo with advanced tutorials and hundreds oi animations illustrating every major aspect cf bghtWave Also includes 2 packed disks with useful 30 items, including 2 Broadcast 3D Fonts irom Unili Graphics image maps Irom JEK Graphics' Pro-Fills sones a $ 500 Camara object from Viewpoint and a ret ere nee handbook A Great Value at $ 104.95 Formally the AmigaWorld ToolChest! Disks ...... The DevWare TooiChesi. A quality line of low-cost software, presents power- tools for your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility usability, and best of all. You support the independent Amiga developer. The "TSP" disk series are collectively grouped bv theme for your easy access. The "RK" anthology are registered versions of the cream of the crop in shareware titles. The "TC” line, our premium disk series, is also conveniently available in our money-saving subscription offer. Amiga musicians make sure you check out our brand-new AM.FM series...they’re packed with fantastic utilities!
• ? AM3: AM4: AM5: AM6: AM7: AMB: AM9:
• » True BASIC 2.0. Student Edition T2033 $ 19.95
* After years ol language and compiler hopping. I am convinced there is only one programming environment this new release of TrueBASIC for the Amiga is that environment" (Amazing Computing. Sept. 92) T1074 $ 14 95 T2034 $ 14 95 T1082 $ 14 95 T2035 Si -1 95 T1093 $ 14 95 T2036 $ 26.95 T2037 $ 64 95 T2038 $ 79.95 [please send me: Enter product ID (Ex: V2052, FD85, TSP10) Including any products front previous or next page! On. = $ Exp CC I Signature ! Name __ Following ilav shipping in most cases. Pibuc Domain Disks:
53. 50 minimum per order. Canada add 5.25 per disk. Foreign add
5. 50 per disk jor air-mail delivery. Videos Books harpware Software: 55 minimum per order plus 51 for each add l unit shipped. Canadian minimum 57. Plus 51 tor each add I unit call for nook shipping. Foreign: call. All payments in U-S. Find* only. A minimum of S20.00 required on all credit card orders. I Address | City. ,ST, .Zip
* Phone (. DevWare, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW37, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 TSP38: Virus Killers VtusX. KiiiVrus. Virus-Memory Kjiier. VK36Q and ZeroViruslll will let you sleep safe at night. Knowing your data is safe. TSP32: Classic Arcade Games Delender and Missile Command-- need we say more? Descender is a clone of the classic Tempest TSP31: DataBases Contains all flavors of databases. Bbasetl is a highly Amiga-tized database. DataEasy is another powerful database. MagMan is specially designed to help you reference articles in magazines TSP30: Educational This includes WoridDataBase. DrawMao-which draws detailed maps of countries. WordGame. Metnc Converter, Speil2--an ingenious spelling challenger. FastFacts-everything you always wanted to Know abcut our Solar System. TSP29ABC: King James Bible The complete text of the bible is included on this 3 disk set (counts as 3) with printing and searching capabilities. TSP26: Directory Utilities Contains all of the best public domain and shareware file and disk utilities available for the Amiga, including TSP25: SpaceGames Contains MoonBase a very graphically detailed lunar-lander game. SpaceWar-a two player (either in person or over the modem) space battle. Nebula is a 3D world you must defend-definitely commercial quality. TSP24: Printing Utilities This disk contains a very nice Banner maker that will use any AmigaDOS lont with lull-color printing RobsLabelCreator will allow easy creating of labels lor your disketies PnntStudio allows easy printing of text graphic images with total control over page numbering titling, etc. TSP19: PacMan Classics Contains Mazeman. Zomx and PacMan87 all great implementations of the origiona! Arcade classic. TSP 14: Plotters This disk contains several ol the best mathematical plotting programs available for the Amiga. Includes AmigaPlot--a 3- dimensional mathematical (unction plotter (pictured), Aplot2.0. and PlolXY TSP13: Tetris Games Contains 6 flavors of the classic game ’Tetris." Some have artificial intelligence, others a variety of play-styles'skili levels number of players. TSP12: ClipArt This disk contains several exce lent bitmapped images for use in Desktop Publishing or similar programs. TSP10: Fractals Scenery (pictured) will create realistic fractal landscapes. Genesis allows the creation o! Various landscapes with user- definable levels of complexity Also included are various Mandelbrot generators, including Tmandel. Mandel-Mountains and FracGen. TSP9: Utilities 1 IconMeister an Icon editor with a complete set of editing painting tools. TJFermat a disk formatting program that will format disks that AmigaD05 wont ChanMaster a graphing too! That allows you to generate and save different graphs in IFF format. |Graph3D lets you visualize complex data in 3-D and save the results IstruciGen lets you create gadgets, text, bitmaps and window structures land the program will automagically write the *C' source code for you LabelMaker is a very easy to use. Full featured label printer DoublePnot fascili'.ates printing of text files on both sides of paper. TSP8: Clipart Black & White and colorful dipart for a variety of needs [inclucing desktop publishing video. People, holiday related, school litems scrolls, food, monsters, fish, lobsters, symbols and lots more. ItsP6: 3D Vector Objects 1 Lamp, mirror, bed. Chair, fire hydrant lamp post, street lamp, street sign, traffic light, cannon, cannon supplies, rose, fork, spoon, knife and plate. All objects in Sculpt format TSP3: Games 1 Crystal Caverns is an adventure game with randomly I generated worlds-you'll never trash the same world twice' Dot2Dot is |an adaptation of the classic 2-player connect-the-dot game. I??aDeliveryMan has you running through the streets to get those pies I to your customers. Tiny Ball is the world's smallest baseball game. Diffusion featured on RK5 The Disk Magazine for anyone who has an Amiga and likes music! Whether you're into composing, collecting studying, or simply enjoying music, then AM.FM has lots lo offer, ll you want to learn more abcut using the Amiga as a muse computer, then AM FM is for you Each disk contains news, reviews, previews. Hints & tips, tutorials, new sounds lor popular synthesizers, lots ol great Amiga muse, and the latest sound and music utilities' Each issue contains 2-5 Amiga songs. 2 5 MIDI songs and 4-8 Sound Music Utility programs! AM1: Yanaha util's. MIDI analyzer. ProTimer. 3 MIDI arc 4 Am-ga songs AM2: MIDI time tool. Yamaha utilities 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Retard utilities. PrcPiayef (for MODS. 4 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs Roland Samp'e storage loader utils.. 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Yamaha & Korg Editor Storage pgms. 5 MIDI and 2 Amiga songs ProPlay 2. MjtliRpper, Case CZ utils 5 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Kawai editor. MiDiCom. Tracksheet-X 6 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs MIDItools, music f'pper. Promizer 5 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Kawai Editors, Ihiet 3 0, JqmSounds, 3 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM10: CDTV Arexx control. Pla sound 5 MIDI and 5 Amiga songs The AM FM Sample disks are stuffed full of superb quality samples from the latest and best in synthesizers, drum machines, etc. SM1: 45 drum & percussion sounds from Ro'and PCM 1G sound card SM2: 53 orchestral winds, hutes. Brass saxes trumpets, etc. SM3: 30 atmospheric non-instrumental death a horrcr sound effects SM4: 32 lead bass & background sounds from Ko-g 707 synth SM5:16 rich. FuB & dynamic Grand Piano sounds, chords too SMS: 43 characteristic samples from tne Korg Wavestation. Leads bass effects SM7: 53 characteristic samples from Korg Wavestations, leads bass effects SM3: 45 chords from Korg Wavestator Pads. Choirs syrths etc Mater & m.npr Surround-Cycles is a high speed arcade game, based on the light cycle races from the Disney movie Tron TSP2: Sounds Animal sounds, musical instruments and many, many more 43 sound samples in all! TSP1: Maps of USA, Canada and Europe Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 US States. 10 Canadian Provnces and countnes in Europe. Each map has a 3D extrusion effect with cast shadow. TC38AB: Gaiaga is better than the arcace original. Geotime shows the world and where its light dark. Restaure is an easy-to-use file undeleter. Svsinfo shows memory, boards, speed & other system info. ViaeoPoker will save you hundreds of SS in a casinc. Also includes sound effects & very detailed Impulse object of remote control. TC37AB: DeluxePacMnn is hotter than the arcade game with power- ups and new levels. SubStore allows you to keep tack of your magazine collection. KwickbacK will give quick, reliable backups of your hard drive. Also includes 3D Tic Tac Toe. Rolodex to keep track ol names numbers and BeatStomperll-a fun and functional drum machine for your amiga. Also includes 3D object of giant robot & sound effects.
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- av-rU ob sagMsi Dhcvq ttjfWQ Cvra&ar stjbscrs»cra ada 15 00 tiiirpnq *X aBvfFweqn anc $ 1000 tiTpno Amiga Musicians Floppy Magazine TC36AB: Machlll will give macros, screenblanker & more to your system, and DirMaster are great directory utilities, PrmtStudio allows versatile printing of graphics and documents. Deqracer gets old programs working with new machines. AMIGAids is an incredible asteroids game--tola!ly editable graphics. Plus 3D objects & sounds. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Total disks PD-Disk based catalog ($ 2.50) = $ _ (Catalog disk ii'iiu-s with a coupon for a free disk with your next order) Anti-Virus ($ 19.95) = $ _ Products from DevWare Video!PD = $ _ Memorex Blank Disks CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = $ _ Foreign Shipping = $ _ hipping & Handling iswMoan = $ . Total Due - $ ] Payment encl. Please charge my. ] Visa j Mastercard ] Discover TC31AB: Calendar Publisher is a professional-caliber calendar maki that is customizable. CrossCircuri is a f or 2 player actionlcgic gam that calls for fast reflexes and thinking. APR is a much-needed print* utility. Pizza Delivery Man is a maze game where you deliver pies your neighborhood Multiplayer is a single program that will let you st IFF pictures'brushes or playback IFF sound samples. Also include RAMgauge. 3-D vector objects and Hi-Res IFF brushes of maps ar flags of European countnes. TC25AB: ScreenTolFF captures your screen to an IFF file. PopColo lets you change the colors of your Workbench screen Warrior is a l shoot em-up advenlure game for one or two players. Kaleidoscope is line drawing program. Blockbusters is a game where you get rid blocks by pushing matching blocks into them. Amidemo will show-c your Amigas ability to do solid-polygon animations. Microscope lets yc examine memory at any location. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces nine digitized sounds and tw small disk utilities and printer utility. TC11: DiskSalvaqe will fix corrupted dsks and recover deleted file IconMeister is an advanced Icon editor AiienDuel is a fast, shoot em-i game Crystal Caverns is a colorful, graphic adventure game like ll arcade game. Also includes an animation, sound samples. 3D dinm table objects, and Hi-Res monster clip-art Special Edition Toolchest RK t: M? Ga 5 j i I - This disk contains the fuD-re tease version of UegaBall. Complete with the level editor lo create your own challenging worlds to conquer. This game is quite similar lo Arkanotd and allows two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price. Si4.95. RK2: Machlll - This renUHhabt* utility will allow you to record any mouse click or keypress and play n back as a macro at any lime. Inside any program. Alto provides memory into'dock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse- to-menu. Sunmouse and window cycling. Special RK price S19.95, RK3: 3D Object? An amazing collection of some great 30 objects we’ve ever seen. Running man. Spaceships, staircase, bovertwats & much more. Also lex- lure maps lo wrap around some of the objects...1.5MB of data In all! $ 14.95 RK4: Home Manager This program will help you keep track ol your life! Complete address book, appointment scheduler, notepad, auto-dlaler (requires modem), area-code utility and complete inventory of all your possessions and credit cards. Extremely useful. Requires 1 Meg. $ 14.95 RK3. C Mlir an Altent terrorists plants a Nuclear Time bomb and you are tho only chance of saving I he world! Outstanding graphics and sounds complete the mood ol Ihis futuristic race against lime and devastation! $ 14.95 Student Edition Highlights:
* with this version you can run True3ASlC programs of any size ’ Modern structured fo'mat allows you to combine smaller program sections into larger, sophisticated programs ¦ Superb built-in graphics and color capaD iities ’ Handies sound and music
* Advanced program editor enables you to quickly compost* or modify programs ‘ Built-in math functions, dobuggmg facilities, and on-line help files! ’ Special Amiga font and IFF graphics handling features TrueBASIC programs are portable lo DOS. Macintosh and most UNIX workstations, now you can use the same D'cgram code across all plat forms fo’ the powerful portability that every programmer dreams about1 3D space game. PicBase will allow you to track all the IFF images yc nave. Hate is a great Zaxxon clone. TC32AB: Computer Coloring Book is a Delightful program for children i all ages comes with 15 pages of pictures to color again and agaii Listmaker lets you make. Edit, combine and print lists of words gre; for spelling tests1 Moresmooth1 scrolls text files smoothly on the scree and allows easy printing. Pocket Billiards lets you choose trom sever popular pool games with realistic action Texture allows you to creat' manipulate and save (in standard IFF format) realistic fractal texture surfaces. Plague is a monster maze game. Also includes Scree Fader. Snowbench and FlipBench. TC35AB: Checkbook Accountant will let you balance your checkbook 2 minutes1 SpaceWar is the classic recone as only the Amiga can d: VideoStore tracks your video collection A-Gene is a family-tree prt gram. MolherLodc- is akin to the classic Lode Runner. Also 3D object of an A3000 and cl pari lor publishing TC34AB: Optimizer will permanently speedup your hard drive or llopp disks. LCD Calc is a nice full-screen calculator. Bbaseli is a usefi database program FixDisk will correct many problems with disk: BizCalc is a loan analyser. Interferon is a Tetris-type game. Nebula is System requirements: Any Amiga with one Megabyte of memory Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra I • Now Only' Algebra II - Now Oily1 Calculus - Now Only' Pre-Calculus - Now Only1 Trigonometry - Now Only' Get any 2 math programs [Gel all 5 matn prog-ams Get all 5 Plus TrueBASIC 2 0. Student Edit on The most recent release of TrueBASIC, the powerful programming language from Kemeny & Kururtz. The original creators of BASIC. You w II receive tne Language, libraries for font suppoh. DO files, script files, more | than 30 demo programs, and a 200- page manual A DevWare ToolChest Exclusive! A complete programming language for only $ 20! 20-29 ....3.45 11-19 ....4.45 1-10 ......5.95 ffisc $ 3.95* ea. 20-29 Disks U Special ¦k k S4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee- No questions asked. Clone wiih Artifical intelligence. Genesis, create realistic 3d fractal worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner, An extremely smooth and well done Work) War It gunner simulation Requires 1 megabyte at memory. FD64; Games • Wizzy's Ouesl - a 'great' 50 level game with great graphics, Cubus - a 3 dimensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions) Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esque game. 5 screens and 3 levels o! Difficulty. Requires Fat Agnus (l Meg of Chip) New Disks Votl: Imagine Enhancer - T30 converts Imagine objects to OFF NFF VORT Rayshade MIF DXF and POV formats VoiQ: Imagine Enhancer- iCoons and ISL suppiomenf the object and scene editors FD66: Uchcss; The strongest staying Chess program available for the Amiga period Req 68030 + . Wcrkbench2-. 4MB RAM. Supports AGA F0B4: Games! Deluxe PacMan is belter than 1he original -20* mazes, special "power ups' wilh ouslanding graphics ThinkAmania is the classic game ot concenlra- lion-wilh bthioMulty drawn HiRes images WB126: EdPfayer music MOD player mat looks, acts and plays tike your CD piny or. AMIGAWoild s 1 MOD utility Plus MOD songs Wbl 24: Flugs ol the World Two modes ctich and learn or a game to tost your knowledge Great graphics --fantastic learning tool Has current Russia & Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2.0*- & 1 MB RAM WB123AB: Flags ol the World ¦ same as above but lor 1 3. Req tMB Wbl 22: System Optimizer - Kccmmodity enhances ycur system, gives memory meters mouse keyboard enhancements, online timers plus many ethers . Toe numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and (loppy disks for a big speed increase. HDMem will allow you to use up to 2 megs ot hard drive space for virtual memory1 (Roq. 68020- w.MMU) All programs require 2 0* Wot 21: ProPago3 Enhancer - This dish contains over -10 “Genies' lor use with ProPage 3 0, including uselul ones like Make Pie Chart and Resize Text to til Box to name a lew Also includes structured A bitmap clipart tor unique borders a must have tor all Ppage 3 users WB12Q: Grinder - a complete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's. Jpe9 Noochrcme. Degas. PCX. Targa. TiFF. HAM E and IFF format pictures. DD90: Advanced Utilities - CempressDisk doubles the capaDiy of your hard drive on the fly with compression!!! Also contains; disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility. Keymap editors, Enlorcer, Undeleter & more Most programs require 2 C- DDB9: Uedit Probably the most powertul to«t editor ever written for the Amiga Previously commercial now public daman Req 1 MB $ 8.CX> $ 19.25 $ 36.00 $ 67 .(XI 10 l or 25 lor 50 for I ()0 for Fun Disks FD6; GAMES! • This d sk is chock full ot games including: Checkers, Clue, Gold • A new sfido the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat- Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pocman This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacManST, MazeMan and Zonix FD10: HackUte • A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic This is the 2nd release of this game Great graphic interface Play time several weeks I FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps Tfvo best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written lor any computer Contains extensive HELP features Also Thirty-One.VideoPoker and more F012A.FD12B: Star Trek. The Game • This is by tar The best Star Trek game ever written tor any computer It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks Req. 1Mb and two drives (or hd FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and Others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games ¦ DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball • an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix ¦ a Ox type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel ol Fortune FD20: Tactical Games MechForce. A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robots Simple words can: begin to give you the feel ot piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall. Tifo breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some great games Includes. Raceorama a groat ra ng car game with Jon different courses MmiBlast a helicopter gunshp type clone. Shark in tha same class as froggnr, and Sbreakcut the original breakout with more FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you're the pilot ol a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, Spy Killer - try and penetrate enonty lines with this game, and Rotafiator • another great game FD31: GnmosT ¦ Air Trallic Control ¦ a good ATC simulation, Black Jack Lab a lull teaiursd set of card games. ChessTel ¦ p'ay chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modern, labyrinth ¦ n well done text adventure game (t>ko an Infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game DD83: IBM • Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that wf allow the running of MS-DOS software with Amiga programs!" Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 720K I3M compatible drives. FD32: Flight Simulator - An instrument fight simulator hr a Dcl 0. FD33: Arcade Games =fredby a Mano Brothers type ot game. Gem-ts a target practice game. Pipeline a German interpretation ot Pipe Dreams. Tron a light cycles version. And Wotroids a wonderful version ol asteroids with a hilarious twist FD35: Omega = v 1.3) - An outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and maria This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions Play Irme weeks FD3B: Games Cabbage Master - A great cnbbage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card came. ChmuseCheckers A computer version ot this classic, Puzz • a slide p-ece puzzle game and construction sel FD39A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12 This one was created by the German author Tobias Excellent1" Counts as two d-sks Requires 512K FD50 Submarine Game - Sesianco, one and a hat! Years in the making this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quality, highly recommended FD57: Arcade Games - induces 2 truly commercial quality games MegaBall. An Arkanord-rsh g.nmo. features S musical scores and addicting gameplay Gravity Attack is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds each distinctly different FD59 Gnmo Potpourri Xenon III is an almost exact done ol tne commercial game ot tho samn name a great shootemup Crossword will take lists ot words & automatically generate word-search puzzles tor any Epson compatible printer FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installation, interferon; a great Dr. Mario clone. Enigma: is it a game or puzzle? FDBt: Games - Solitaire great graphics plays two versions Klide: an interesting piece of eye candy Extreme Valence. 2 player kill or be kited game YATC; A Tetris FD67: Arcade - Includes Ljamatron a well-done Robo'ton clone. Hale is a 'terrific' Zaxxon done with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling a tO1 FD69: MlndGames - Had enough ol shool-em up games? Relax nrd lei these 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist FD71AS.B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you think you know The Next Generation, huh? Complete with lantashc sampled sounds and digitized images this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal1 VERY thorough and complete’ Counts as 2 disks FD73: Arcade Series - intruder Alen1 is a MULTIdevel 'Berserk' done Features smooth oamectay. Great graphics & digitized sound t x FD74: Arcade Series RingWar is an 'Outer Limits' clone with vectorized g'aphics. MofherLode is a ‘Lode Runner' done wilh 50 levels1 In BlitzTanks, they're coming at you from all directions" Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive1 FD75: Arcade Series Descender is a clone cf the classic arcade game 'Tempes!'; complete with vectorized graphics Ttinx is the classic battle of trajectories and inertia botwoen two tanks Incredibly well done' Search is a mazo game unlike any other included is a level editor too (Tanx requires 1 meg chip niomory-Fai Agnus) FD77; Arcade Series - Galaga 92 is a clone ol the arcade game w.th several gameplay enhancemenls- with smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's bolter than tho original' Pharaohs Curse is a done of tho original C64 classic Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version ot tne Avaton Hill board game--conquer or be conquered' FD81: SuperGames • Some ol the best games--Donkey Kong is better than the original with an exi-a leve? Frantic Freddie and TraiiBiazer are both fast paced arcade games Mad Bomber is the classic game of “Kaboom" redone with an Amiga flare An of those games are excellent1 FD82: Intrepid • In the Arctic ice, you control a lank on a mission to rescue hostages rn this superbly crated Amiga original Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 & 2,0 This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64'$ 1541 disk dnve to your pa'allei port of your Amiga for total emulation, Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 - including hardware Workbench Disks WB4:TelecommuiicaIlon • This d sk contains several excellent pd communication programs Access 1 42. Comm 1 34 a Handshake 2.12a WB5: Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) lor the Amiga also included are five PageSlream lonts.and Show Font - a toot display program. WB6: Fonts 2 - ShawFonl allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font Includes fargo AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art • This disk is loaded wilh black and white clip art Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more WB9: Icons - Truly a multitude ol various types and kinds Also includes IconMiesler, IconLab and others great utilities to help gererate icons WB10: Virus Killers • The best VnusX(4 0), Kv(2 1). And ZeroVnus III Wbl 2: Disk Utilities This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities tor everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging disk optimizing, disk and tile recovery archive and organizing, and atl sorts of We manipulation A must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Gcneralor ¦ ever 70 differeni drivers (including HP LaserJet 3&4!). Also includes a primer-driver generator WB15: Business • This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks) WB18: Word Text Processors ¦ Ths disk contains the besl ediiors Includes,TextPlus (v2.2o) a lull featured word processor, Dme(v1 35) a giHal programmers editor with strong macro teatufes.ToxED = v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more groat toms These like Ihe olher font disks work greai with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting Plol a 3 D matnematical (unction plotter Can plot any user defined fjncoon. Be:Surf2 ¦ produce awesome pictures o! Objects one could turn cn a lathe. Can also map IFF image files onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere The AmigaWorld "Best-Of" Set! FD85ABCD: AmigaWorld’s Best These tour disks contain the hottest
p. d games of "92! Includes Mother Lode. Maria, Minefield, Polng, Intruder Alert, Deluxe PacMan. Rocky and Super Artillery (fiae Dec '92 AmipaWorld} Four disk set, counts as three WB25:Educa1ional - On this disk are two p-ograms that can generate maps of differing types. World Oaia Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps ol any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a grea! Demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory ot Relativity. W026: Disk Utilities »2 - Mr Backup. KwnekBackup - two well done utj ities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups. Fite Mast - a binary file editor. Labetpnnter • Disk label printer with very powerful features WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound This disk has several differeni Mandelbrot type programs producing stunning graphics Includes, MandeiMountams ¦ a realistic terrain gonerator, Fracgon - generate recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two last mandetbrot generators, also Mostra - ttie best IFF display program to dale Sound • a great IFF sound player, will play anything WB33:Circurt Board Design - several territic routines lor the electronic enthusiast, including PCBtocI - a circuit board design tool. LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26) a wed done new release ct this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuil components lor insertion into schematics Mru Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Library WB105A&R: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 Tills vet ctmiain*. The program* ttui should have been included with WB2+. These powerful utilities take lull advantage ut the many new capabilities lh.it ate available in Workbench 2+, Includes. Tool Manager - a wonderful utility to xB programs m your TOOl. Menu. Virus Protection - I leg raster. Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show All" 10 display over 40 distinct icons for different type* of (lies. Bitmap Font Editor. Screen Blanker-. - ala fractals and spiincn and swarming bees! Requester Enhancers and CpliBlii. Two disk set. Counts as two. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines Find out why these magazines choose us1 Tie first two letters on each disk indicate the orientaton of the disk; WB* general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD» games and entertainment, VO*r are v deo related programsfutdities and DD advanced -requires thor ough knowledge ol AmigaDOS.CLI Thanks to our extensive arsenal ol antivirus software. ALL ol our software is guaranteed virus free' Best Seller! DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language A rn ga oriented-set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full tfcscuss-ons and examples for Amiga programming, 4 disk set. Counts as 3 WB55: Application - Xcopylll - a full featured disk cop er. Make backups of copy protected disks Road Route - find the quickest route Irom one cty to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like 'Dougy Houser M D’, Cat - a calendar program, Magman • a database tailored for articles and publications WB57: Animation This disk has several 'Demo' style animations. Including. Blilier, Lolly. SunS. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph WB62: Midi Utilities * Several useful midi uhlrlios including, programs to transfet to and lrom several music programs to midi, a rnitji sysex tiandfei, a midi recorder with trmebase display midi into, Me sequence player, and a tew scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in rumovng duplicate tiles from your hard dnve. Performing Mg backups Binary editing, fast formating. Tile recovery, disk track recovery, and forced disk validation of corrupt disks WB66: (cons rf2- Lots of neat icons Also several worx»rfu’ programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures WB69; Music - 90 minutes of classical and modern electronic muse for you Amiga WB73: Music over 10a instruments files ( insi) ara sample sound files ( ss) WB79; Homo & Business Accounting - includes Ckbacct • the mosl complale checkbook accounting program going. LCDCalc - this weil done calculator has a wry large display and operates Irom the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master • monlor your automobile mileage wilh this mileage log, Grammar - a grammar checker, and Wotldume - Imd out what time n is in up lo 50 global cilies. WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don't let the ease of use tool you. This is a very full teatured database program including full pnnler control lor address labels and ma.1 merge applications. Also includes. TypeTuI a good typing tutor, RLC a lull featured labei printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounimg >n a program Highly recommended WB82: Animations Four lull length well done 'movie' style animations Including Coyote. JugglerJl. GhostPool A Meehantx 2 disks, counts as V WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 This disk contains [ho utilities that CommodJro should have shipped with the Amiga; VirusXA 0, Snap. Fix Disk (recover corrupt derated tiles), Disk Optimizer (floppy A hatd), Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse acceh. Macro, clock utility), GCMF (a gurubu$ ter)and PnntStudio WBS5: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - This is definitely commercial grade; we've seen, many checkbook prograns and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation. WB96: Dupers - Contains Xccpylll & Nib which will backup copy protected programs FreeCopy temovos copy protection from sovoral programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out fast Am.gaDOS copies. W0118: Amiga Beginner • You asked tor iff A complete tutorial for me beginner on using the Amiga. Starts you oft at the power-swtch and takes you through to the CLI-Sheii and all points in between BonusI Also indud- ed are 16-color icons to replace every icon irt your 2 0+ Workbench. WB99: Lifestyles Includes Agene family free program lhat tracks up to 600 peo pie marriages, etc Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes. Lcom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design with instant feedback WB102: Telecommunications - Contains tho programs Ncomm 2 0 and VT100- 29B Zmodam protocols, XPR protocol support, lull VT100 emulation. Ncomm s script languago is so powerful il can create a full-featured BBS system WB106: Homo Manager - This is a groat all-in-one address book with an auiodialer notepadito do list appointment scheduierihome inventory database and phone number dialer WB1O8: OctaMED This breaxthrougn program doubles your Amiga's sound capacities Tom 4 channels to an ear-popping 8 channels' A’l Ihe renound editing capacities of MED plus 4 more channels1 H you thought your Amiga sounded good be'cre you are heard rythin’ yet! Wbf09: VerseWlse - Display, search and phnt The New Testament. WB113: Sid II • Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utilty, when this one will do it all pus much mom1 A truly professional-caliber program Sid 1 was our best, now com- pfefefy rewritten Sid 2 will astound you Wbl 14; Fonts F4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts Wbt 15: Tolocommunlcailon ¦ It you have AnngaDOS 2 04 * and n modem, then this is THE program lor you Term totally conforms to Ihe User Interface Stylo Guido for 2 04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular file transfer protocols through XPR libraries Wo wish all programs were this good V Bl 16: Databases This is what you've been waling for1 Certains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for tracking Videotapes CD's Magazine Articles. Ccmic Bows and Trading Cards! Dev Disks DD54: Compression This disk is loaded wilh all of Ihe besl Me compression programs and aids for the Amiga Many cl tne programs can be used by the new user Includes Arc Lharc, Lliwarp, Pkax, PowerP.ickar a mull have by all. Zip. Warp and Zoo Also IFFcruneh an excel oni compression for IFF fi es DD71AB: C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon s full teaiured, powerful C compiler & environment 2 disks, counts as 2 DD86: The Programmer ledudes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you lo create your user interlaces and then Ihe program wii automatically generate 'C' sou-ce code or Assembly-code. Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOS2* V05: Modeling • This demo. Vertex, allows you lo create 3-D objects without using the abstract X. Y and Z views. Loads Sculpt 3D 4D Turbo Silver, imagine. UghtWave. GEO and Wavofronl formats MagcTween will melamorphas-ze any two pics and animate the 'in-between" frames WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs lo use w-lh your 3d modeingrayiracmg programs 3Fonls - Full vector loot sel for use with 3d programs, FomMaker • make 3d fonts Iron any system lont, Maku3DShapo ¦ create 3d Shapes from any imago. OumptolFF create 3d animations preserves pallet, and Worid3d ¦ a dumo program ol a Ironl ond lor use with DKSRofldOl WB36: Graphics ¦ On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images. Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose, SimGen • d s play those spectacular images as part o! Your workbench, and RayShade - a very good raytraong program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one’ W0119A8CDE; Font Set This collection contains over lG0 typefaces tor use wilh Professional Page 3* or Page Stream 2.1*. These fonts wit output to arty laser printer or dot-matm print et with no j aggies, thanks to outline fonts. Very prrj-toowng typefaces. 5 disk set, counts as 4 WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math geography, spelling, and books Ages 6 15 WB3B: Plotting and Graphics Piotxy is a powertul lull matured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities Highly rucommonded Plans - a incredibly well done Compuier Aided Drafting program, vety full teatured Tesseiator ¦ a pro gram that helps generates fantastic looking recursive M.C, Ecsher type pictures WB4l: Music MED an increcibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly or your the Amiga Similar lo SoundTracker but butlar Very powerful easy to use program Version 3 20. Which is compatible with WB2* WB43: Business - This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga A full teaiured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Req 1.2 MB WB46: Clip Art High Res dip art with the following motifs ¦ embefbshments (boroe's, dodads . . ). People, and transportation WB47: Clip Art • Hires clip art Motifs - hair, drafting, summer, animals and macfood WB48: Clip Arl • Hires clip art Motifs • Holidays, music, medical, and misc, WB50: Animation Seven ot tne best european style animations or "Demos', including - scientific 451. Subway (a U.S. entrant, also our lavorile). Sunride thrstdemo, might, waves, and woow WB53: Graphics Raytradng programs generale abso utely stunning realistic looking p anes, rockets, buildings and surreal images C-Light is the most powerful EASY-TO USE of it s kind we have seen to date This rs easily better, and more 'ull featured, than similar commercal prog'ams costing in tho hundreds of dollars Also, sMowe ¦ a lull featured video text titler similar to Pro Video Broadcast Titfer. Great video scrolling, 'wipes speoai effects, and more WB54: Printing - This disk ccntams several routines 10 help with tne cncre of printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer lor ihe PD! PrintStudio -a wof! Imp'e- mented all purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interlace and many advanced leatures. Lila - with ease, pnnt ASCII Wes to a 3ostScripj printer, and more Memorex blank disks-31'1" DSDD Canada and Mexico add $ .15 cacti, other foreign add 5-50 each. (,H(Icents ea) (.77 cents ca) (.72 cents ca) (.67 cents ea) HELP KEY New machines, new questions. This time, Tim focuses on important issues surrounding the A4000. A4000 Concerns
Q. An A20U0, A3000, or A3000T with Amiga DOS 2.1, the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS), a 68040 accelerator, and a 24-hit graphics card makes for a potent computer. Considering this, do the advantages of an A4000 really merit the higher cost?
A. Those of us who use A4000s on our desks everyday know the price is easily justified. The combination of Amiga- DOS 3,0 and the Advanced Graphic Architecture (AGA) chips gives the Amiga a faster, more refined operating system. The 68040 performance, wide array of screen colors, and multitude of display options outshine 2.04 and ECS on all counts. While 24-bit graphics cards can complement the operating systems of earlier Amigas, the output From the AGA custom chips is an integral part of the A4000’s OS. Furthermore, 24-bit cards usually require a second monitor. Even if you purchase an A2000 or A3000 at a garage sale, consider the additional investment necessary to realize A4000-like performance from one of them. Considering all you’d need to buy to approach the A4000‘s advantages, the A4000 is a good buy.
Q. How much of my older Amiga software and hardware will work with the A4000?
A. Conservative estimate: over 95 percent of new AmigaDOS 2.0 software is compatible (at least to the point where it doesn’t immediately crash). Lower that to 80 percent or less for pre-1989 games and applications. Workbench 3.0’s SereenMode Editor lets you select a low-resotmion screen i to match those required by older software. The freely-distributable program, Degrader version 1.10 = described in last issue’s Help Key), like some electronic Jim-Dandy-to-thc-rescue, provides various ways to achieve backward compatibility by letting you disable A400Q Cache, Burst, and Fast Memory By Tim Walsh options when working with older Amiga software. It lets you simply pick and choose from CPU options. Even without resorting to Degrader, however, most of your EC’S Amiga- DOS 2.0-compatible software will work fine. Graphics supported by both EC’S and the original Amiga chip set are displayed on the A1000, though some differences in appearance may occur due to display mode variations and your monitor. Also, new versions of programs such as Black Belt’s Imagemaster and ASDG's Art Department Professional take advantage of AGA screen modes. Long-time devotees of these programs will take no small delight in the manifold increase in productivity. Graphics cards are no longer required to display 256-color overscan, hi-res screens, such as BMP and GIF images. New A4000 owners shouldn't hesitate for a moment to copy files from Workbench 2.04 or higher over to AmigaDOS 3.0. With most of my longtime disk utilities and scripts in place, nary a single one failed to perform flawlessly under 3.0. An exhaustive list of Alias commands in my Shell-Startup that minimize typing worked line, too. They’re rarely used, though, since a revamped Tools Manager under 3.0 makes the creation of Tools so effortless that entering commands at the command line almost becomes a thing of the past. Most hardware that works with earlier Amigas is transportable to the A4000. All manner of video monitors are supported, including multiscan and VGA-type monitors, which plug into the A lOOO’s standard video port with the use of a 15-pin to 23-pin adapter. In general, external floppy drives, internal and external modems, graphics boards, and anything else that plugs into the various ports and slots work nicely. Woefully missing, though, is the A3()00’s useful SCSI port, which is not available as standard equipment on the IDE-equipped A4000. Five 72-pin SIMM sockets and (our 100-pin horizontal expansion slots give A4000 users two easy methods of adding RAM. Most Amiga users like myself have never seen SIMMs (single in-line memoir modules) outside of a Mac. By lorce of habit, we remove every RAM expansion board from our old Amigas and stuff them into the A4000's 100- pin slots. It may be slow, and it ain’t pretty, but it’s RAM! Q, Is the A 3000 obsolete ? With A miga 3000s selling at bargain basement prices, should buy one, or save for an A4000?
A. Words like obsolete don’t spring to my mind in relation to the A3000. Sure, the A3000 is “outdated” by the A4000, but still it offers very respectable performance. With ECS, a 68030, full 32-bit Zoito III architecture, and the 2.04 OS, it's not a machine that’s easily outgrown. Pop in a 68040 accelerator and it fairly flies. But, it does fall short in the graphics area compared to the A4000, and even the A1200. Around the AW offices, the A3000 is pretty standard fare; several are lit ted with 24-bit graphics boards. With the installation of the 2.1 OS, it moves a bit closer to the A4000. The kicker remains that until someone develops a way to get the custom AGA Alice and 24-bit Lisa video chips to work in the A3000 series, installing Workbench 3.0 on the A3000 is fruitless,
Q. Will I ever be able to upgrade my older Amiga model to 3.0 and the AGA chip set?
A. I’ve heard rumors of adapter boards in the works, but only that- rumors. You can rest assured, however, that the third-party Amiga mavens who did the impossible (Kickstart 2.04 and ECS in the A1000) need only time to meet the challenge. Until an adapter board is available for transplanting the AGA chips into the older machines, the only alternative to buying an A4000 is... buying an A1200. ¦ pont xwiat m InfoMarket Micro Fail Installation Kit drastically reduces die operating temperature of your Amiga’s ailcmal chip* and all other parts.Over 95% of all »y stem eh ip failure is due to Lent.Guaranteed to prevent system failures ( gurus ) and chip failure bum out due to overheating.Keeps your Amiga cool and cleaulThc fau systeui every Amiga should have.Installs in seconds.No soldering or tools .. .$ 39.95 OWIKA SWITCHA"" 4 socket ROM switcher. Switch from 13 to 2.x with sp»tce for up lo 2 future ROMs .....$ 34.95 Xtractor+™ Combination DIP PLCC chip puller and TORX screwdriver for easy, uo hassle entry to motherboard. No more mined chips w tliit futuristic tool ... .$ 12.95 GURU DIAGNOSTIC KIT Combination software 4 manual lo correct almost any AMIGA problem (A50CVA2000) $ 9.95 IMAGEWARE PD SHAREWARE LIBRARY GAMES GAMES GAMES XXX PICS XXX ANIM’S XXX MOVIES NEW EUROPEAN DEMOS Hundreds of disks loaded with games, demos and much more! (Send $ 2 for full listing and Iree sample disk) As low as S1.69 each!! Also Fred Fish disks for $ 1.50 each! Also available all Amiga custom and enhanced criipslCALL! Shipping add $ 4.00 -COD's add S4.00 Write us about our across the country user support group! FeETl Ett CONCEPTS, NC. 22. North UaVn SuWaMI Hwt Caty.HT TtraS&*VfcQQ-2SMMCMCkLE OUFO. *nd CuMorrvat (F Axt -tC* tor any ham not UttacJ Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. AUDIO GALLERY Korean * ESL * Italian * French* Chinese Russian * German * Spanish * Japanese
• WcrctS I»ndfi»va5*4i>0it2rOvi>Crt of native speakers Fsl'rBrOtherS, ItlC. ‘ 25-33 Tc iC5 sucn as Wratrat, Numeets, Pood esc. CiycA Oonri
• Indudes Dictionary, Pronunciation Guide ana Oum*& “-‘1Q al- ' Handy reference 'ey Uin siucont. Traveler businessman Arlington. VA 22206 ' Iconized Tablo of Contents • accwn.No to pro-scbocters j , rynoi Ron.l Qrd ¦ Swvim v EigW disk sol Includes comfnobenslvomanual y y OcU- l 30'* ¦ Pomt 4 Clc* interlace makm keyboard unnecessary Fax (703) 820-4779 Romance Languages: S89.95 Oriental Languages: S129.95 Picas: vpccify Lin-runcc vdicii mtkmi); Free brochure available. Send 55 (of Jcrrui di*L irchalr.l m regular puii,ha%e) To pmchavt. Vend check or money order. All order* dupped UPS Ground. Add S5 for COD or L I'S 2nd Day Air. Virginia Revidems add 4 I[2‘i Salru tai. Canadian orders add 30 ?if paying in Canadian dollarv. S3 shtpping unii.. U.K.orders add S6 shipping unii. Circle 100 On Reader Service Card. Jtbr MICROCARD SERIES 71600 1200 MEMORY UPGRADE FAST RAM PCMIA MEMORY CARD Microcard by Microworks Lid offers you up to 4 additional megs of (FAST) dynamic RAM via your Amiga PCMCIA slot. This credil-card sized memory module aulo configures ai boot timB and provides much needed additional memory for Ihe A600 and A12Q0 comput- er. Microworks Lid., a leader in PCMCIA memory, now offers the Amiga user extraordinarily fow pricing. 2 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 137.50 4 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 219.95 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St.. Suffern, NY 10901
- ST 1 -800-292-7445 or smi “ 914-357-2424 Wo ship Worldw«jQ Hours: 6-6 FT Fa*: 914-357-6243 VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Carmel. CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MH 4MH 8MB 4000 32bit SIMM-70 $ 145.00 145 290 4000 32bit SIMM-60
169. 00 - IG9 330 1 x 4-80 SC ZIP
19. 50 156 308 1 x 4 - 70 SC ZIP
20. 50 - 164 328 1 x 4- 70 PG DIP. ZIP
19. 00 76 152 300 256x4 - 70 PG ZIP
5. 00 80 160 304 256x4 - 70 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 Ixl - 70. 80PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 1x8 -70. 80 SIMM
36. 00 72 140 280 1x8-60 SIMM
40. 00 80 150 300 4x8- 70. 80 SIMM
139. 00 139 270 4x8- 60 SIMM
145. 00 145 280 GVP SIMM 32-60
199. 00 199 390 MBX 1200
159. 00 305 445 GVP A 1230 CALL - - BaseBoard 162 225 - DataFlycr RAM 162 225 385
1) 1-1 vcr 500 F.xp SCSI 175
2. 5" IDE 80 MB 1 ID 269 A570CD ROM ....399
2. 1 ROM Up G Kit ,.89
1. 76 MB Floppy Dr ...CALL A1200 System CALL ATOnce Plus ...,...199 DalaFlycr 1000SCSL 159 GVP A530 Turbo .....999 GVP I O Extender ....229 Supra FAX V32D1S .295 C Net BBS Software.....CALL ORDERS only: 408-899-2140 INFO Sc TECH: 408-899-2040 " COD Kx»: 40HJWD “60 HRS: 408-625-65X0 Three
3. 5" disks. Choose from: Fonts • Clip Art • Kids Home Business Games Pay a service charge of only $ 2.95 per collection. Credit Cards Only Software of the Month Club® 619-931-8111 Ext. 511 Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1985 Circle 90 On Reader Service Card. ATTENTION! Amiga Video Producers and Software Developers II you would like to increase sales of your videotapes or software programs, or you are looking for a Product Champion to help you bring your products to market, let us help you. We have served the product needs of Amiga enthusiasts for over 6 years. Please call or send evaluation copies to: Submissions Department DevWare Video & Software 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1, Poway, CA 92064 (Tel.) 619-679-2826 (Fax) 619-679-2887 AMIGA REPAIR SERVICES
* * 24 HOUR TURNAROUND ** 10 YEARS EXHatlENOi FIXING COMMODORE EQUIPMENT 90 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS REHACH) .* FACTORY TRAINED SERVICE TEGINH3ANS .* LOWF1ATRATEPRICES. A2000 $ 95.00* A500 $ 69.95* FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER The Amiga Service and Repair Video. This video represents six years of first hand experience repairing the Amiga Computer. Covering everything front basic theory of operation lo our special tricks and tips section Uris video is sure to save you many houis of unproductive diagnostic time . For both the user who would like to understand inner workings of litis amazing computer lo the experienced technician this video can save you time and S39.95 + $ 5 These Videos Pay for themself The Frist time you use them Upgrade Installer’s Video Covers installation of most common upgrades such as 2.0 and ECS chips . $ 19.95+ 5 S&H AMIGA PARTS DRIVE ASSEMBLY A5MW0OW30OO 565.00 . A500 KEYBOARD 530.00- KEYBOARD A2WXY3COO549.00- POWER SUPPLIES A2CXXY3000 595.00 - (BOARD SWAPS A2000 REV 6 5225.00 ¦ REV 4JC CALL • A3000 16 MHZ 5469.00 25MHZ 5479.00) WE CARRY THE ENTIRE LINE OF AMIGA COMPUTERS AMIGA2000 $ 648.00 * A209164.00 A3000 25 50 1389.00 New AGA Systems A 12(H) 589.00 A1200 W80MBHD 849.00*
• Our Competitors System only includes a 40MB drive. Includes Dpaint IV and Final Copy 1.3 Form Commodore Trade In your A500 or A2000 For the A40Q0 We pay Top Dollar for used Machines. AMIGA UPGRADES AMIGA DOS 2.1 W ROM S84.00 DKB MEGACH1P 2000 W AGNUS $ 259.00 GVP A530 FOR A500 W 80 MB $ 799.00 *W 213 MB $ 1299.00 G-FORCE ACCELATORS FOR A2000 II you see ¦ pr>ec lower dun ours on any GVP products give us a call Call ForCurrcnl Prices GOLDEN GATE IBM EMULATORS Call For Cunent Prices VIDEO STUFF VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 $ 1949.00 DPS PERSONAL TOC III $ 769.00 DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE $ 729.00 HARDDISKS Call For Current Prices PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT DUE TO PUBLISHING DEADLINES PRICES MAY BE LOWER .CALL OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER FOR CURRENT PRICING INFORMATION. 1 -800-967-1073 J & C Repair RD 2 Box 9 Rocktou Pa. 15856 PA. Pendents add 6% sales Ulv Prices subject to change wiihosjt nctice. 24 hour mznuounJ subject lo parts availability. Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. AMIGA World 107 LIST OF ADVERTISERS For Amiga A600 HD & A1200 2MB, 3MB, & 4MB 1 *800-CARDS 4U Header 190 Service 191 Number I 2 * 39 I pi 72 109 7 162 9 181 10 17-1 13 9 189 182 1-1 1-1 03 10 171 26 * 100 106 13 Ip I 20 I 56 * 25 1 NEW MEDIA CORPORATION Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714)4 -0100 ¦17 32 * 3-1 167 93 99 6 37 170 181 152 172
- 1-1 00 ¦15 81
- 16 88 90 192
- 18 57 * 22 70 71 86 52 A 8: M Computer Repair, 109 Alpha Data, 23 Anugainan, 94-95 AmigaWorld Animation Contest, 86 AmigaWorld Tool Chest. 104 AS DC, 25 Better Concepts Inc., 107 Blue Ribbon Soundvvorks Ltd., 53 Briwall, 87 Briwall, 111 Centaur Software, 14-17 Commodore Business Machines, CIII Commodore Business Machines. 45 Computability. 78-79 Copperhead Technologies, 108 Creative Computers, 66-75 Creative Equipment. 4 De Vine Computer Sales. 84 Design Your Own, 109 Dev Ware. Inc., 105 DevWare Video, 103 Digital Creations. 37 Digital Creations. 39 Digital Process Systems. Inc,, 57 DKB Software. 22 Epson America, 26-27, 29 Fail brothers Inc., 107 Foxy Tec, 109 Go AMIGA Video. 82-83 Gold Disk, Inc., 1 (irapevinc Group, Inc., The, 92-93 (irapevinc Group, Inc., The, 107 Graphic Impressions, 109 Great Valley Products, Inc., 2 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 5 Cheat Valley Products, Inc., 7 Great Valley Products, Inc., 9 Hammond Photographic Services. 109 J&.-C Computer Service, 107 Kara Computer Graphics. 80 Kasai a Microsystems, 108 Manta, 85 Megage.M, 109 Memory World. 91 Micro R&D, 109 New Media Corporation, 108 NevvTck, Inc.. CIV Northwest Public Domain. 109 Ramige Management Group, 65 ReadvSoft, Inc.. 20 Redmond Cable, 100 Safe 11 arbor, 88-89 Scala, Inc., 43 Sideline Software. 97 Smart soft, 63 SoltLogik Corporation. 24 Software Hut, 101 Software of the Month Club, 107 Software Support Intl. 11 Softwood, Inc., 11 Sum i e Industries. 21 Supra Corporation, CII Teriex Computer Express, 98-99 TLAS, 109 1 Vi State Computer, 81 Visionsoft, 107 Vortex Conpntersysienie Gmbl I. 49 This index is provided as an additional service. The publisher does not assume liability lor errors or omissions. * This advertiser prefers lo be contacted directly. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising C Jllices, ImigwIVorld, 86 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458; telephone; 800-14 I -4-103. Subscription problems or address changes: Write in AmigaWorld, Subscription Dept.. PO Box 595. Ml. Morris, IL 61051. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and your air- rent address to: AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NIT 03458, A FI N.: Mary McCole, Customer Service Liaison. Introduce Your Product To the Amiga Market Today! AMIGAWORLD’s InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 100,000 Amiga owners, AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B, Dalton Bookseller and Walden Books. For more information, call Heather Gurnard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0113, or fax a request to 603-924-4066. Circle 50 On Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 Now the only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source lor more lhan a DECADE of quality service. COMPETITIVE prices on NEW or UbtD GPUs & accessories, upgrades. Replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9 00 am-6.00 pm EST I .SAVE MONEY I REDUCE COSTS COPPERHEAD: Iiic 1 dealer in quality pitxivvncd AM It iA Iwidw.ud BUY: I’he Amiga or add-ons you want w o paying “new" prices. SELL: Your used Amiga equipment to us. BES T PRICES PAID! TRADE: In your system or accessories; Get the hardvvaie you waul!
* 30 day warranty on all equipment * Quick cash for your hanlwaie * COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES, INC, 101 JityScSdxixxintlyNY 12305 t wiyElx: (518) 346-3891 BBS:‘(518) 3107532 USED AMIGA HARDWARE! Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. InfoMarket BIGFOOT Power Supply 21X1 Wan Fan Cooled A-50W600 1200 Power Supply. Will Handle Virtually Any Add-on Device Imaginable! Power Accessories Externally And Save Wear And Tear On The Motherboard. Attention! Wc Have 200 250 300 Wan 2 XM) 3000 40()0 Power Supply Solutions Great For Toasters! Pyramid Hand Scanner 4(X) D.P.I. 16 32 Level Grey-seale Scanner. Text Hallione &. Grcy-Seale Modes. Great For DTP And Drawing Paint Programs. Saves 16 32 Level Grey IFF Box 353 Willis, Ks 66435 Put your computer to work Call any time (800) 547-3544 Swifty Mouse ¦¦wf True Three Button, High Resolution Micro Sw itch Mouse. Great With Brilliance. Directory Opus A Others. _ Pyramid Mouse Master Automatic Switch For The Amiga Mouse joystick Ports Select Between Mouse Or Joystick Simply By I'rwang The ? Fire Button On Whichever Device You Need. $ 49.95 Pyramid Midi Interface Great Amiga MIDI. Includes Serial Pass Through Pott and Multiple MIDI Connections. I In. 2 Out & 2 Thru! Pyramid Sound Enhancer Improve The High End Sound Output Oul of Your Amiga A Must If You Record Sound Ti» Video Tape etc.! Pyramid Siereo Sampler High Speed Stereo Sound Sampler W Inpui Level Controls & Microphone Input Jack. 569.95 Pyramid ROM Su itch Only
539. 95 Kevhoard Mouse Controlled Contact Your Dealer or Micro K Al) Visa M C COD
1308) 745-1243 Voice ( 3081 745-1246FAX Foxy Tee. Software - P.O. Box 2266 Gresham, Oregon 97030 Send us a picture in IFF. Or JPEG Format. 2 to 24 bit. And we will send you a T-Shirt with your picture on it. Disk will be returned. Said $ 19.95 To : Design Your Own
- 52.00 Shipp®*’ i rtzndri' Check, Money order. Visa, or MasterCard Put another picture on hack add $ 7.50 Spocifv S. M. L.ct XL COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 ‘Call for details We service the entire Amiga product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. 0 Foxy Tec. Software © The largest selection of adult software, music mods and preujare (previews) found anywhere! A 2-dish A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 * (914)947-3522 24 Hour Turnaround * Dealers Call For FREE Catalog 1-800-344-4102 FAX: 1-914-947-2728 T-shirii Design Your Own T_shjrts Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Circle 182 On Reader Service Card. Slingshot A-2000 Slot For A-500 Use A-2000 Cards On Your A-500! S39.95 Pyramid RAM A-501 Clone W Oock Etc. $ 49.95 A-601 I MB W Clock Etc $ 99,95 Coming Soon A-1200 RAM Expansion Circle 166 On Reader Service Card. HIGH RESOLUTION Slides Negs
* 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides
* All Bitmaps up to 1650 x1 100 * MS-DOS, IFF, IFF24, Ham, RGB CALL 71 5-856-5627 **mc visa accepted. Or Write: GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS POB 254 WAUSAUKEE, W! 54177 Circle 99 On Reader Service Card. ? Drives Drives DrlVtsa Drives Drives - IDE 2.5 inch - For A60G & A1200 - 80M S269 120MS379 250M CALL New Maxtor 1 Gig 8ms 3.5 hh BLAZING! 51999 SUPER SPECIAL SUPER SPECIAL Maxtor 130M 15ms 3.5 slim scsi S319 5.25 Full Height 1Gig SCSI $ 1199 Maxtor 213M 15ms 3.5 slim scsi2 $ 439 NEW FractalPro 6.0 AGAt $ 199 Seagale 426M 14ms 3.5 hh fast scsi2 $ 1099 For all Amiga storage needs ¦ CALL! Fujitsu 517M 12ms 3.5 hh scsi2 S1099 PCMCIA CARDS - A600 1200 CDTV New Maxtor 540M 8ms 3.5 slim fast scsi2 S1299 2 M $ 179 - 4M $ 289 Toshiba 877M 12ms 3.5 hh fast scsi2 $ 1399 2 M Battery Backed • $ 329 Micropolis 1 Gig 10ms 3.5 hh fast scsi2 SI 799 Prices may be even X ¦ - CALLI Toshiba CDROM 325ms 5.25 hh scsi2 S499 Authorized Amiga Dealer WangDAT 2Gig DAT 5.25 hh scsi2 $ 999 Amiga Data Storage SpecialistsI Hi-tech: neural networks, cellular automata, cryptography, fractals, bar codes, 3D _MegageM 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 93454-1011 Tel FAX 805-349-1104_ Circle 167 On Reader Service Card. ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES and 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution - NO Scanlines « NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 Call Of Write for order form, price lisi & sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 TURTLE LIGHTNING AMIGA SOFTWARE OUR PAPER CATALOG IS FREE _ CALL OR WRITE FOR YOURS TODAY! A- We Ship Within 24 Hrs. GAMES -BUSINESS-HOME-MUSIC-MORE Let us show You why we're BEST SEND $ 2 FOR OUR CATALOG DISK& GET A NEW GAME FREE & COUPON FOR SS OFF OFF OR SEND $ 5 FOR OUR 4 DISK GAME-PAC SET WORKS ON ANY AMIGA WITH 5 2 1 K MEMORY FANTASTIC PROGRAMS INFO; (915) 563-4925 SEND CASH CHECK OH MO TLAS PO BOX 30499 MIDLAND, TX 79712 EC WAN! Ml Oi, 5 dis Sample D
(206) : NorthWe r~ 1 WrSlill Hive ii AIL!!! Ow OOODidsolifip|inpMinAI A f AMOSPD.Gimps.QtiB.Musk.Graphics,Business,[ducdtn l rl wLESS!!! USHDisksstiHjisi$ 1.50(* SLH). C T vAQ (kkifi out. (tipci our d?als, You can't HES?!? Our Top 10 Gamps disks only SI .00! K Sample Pack only $ 6.00! 01! (dialog and isk only U.00! OB [all lor free (alalog!!! 151-9502) 11 we don't have it, It's prot fst Public Domain - P.O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA i
- 1IGA PD Shdipw rp!! Ml and MORI!!! All On Dish WA Efsidpnis add 87% tax qowronf!! WeActeptCash.Chetbf Money QiiM (Ms ViWHC ComirHj Vpiy idbly Lame!!! 18071-1617 Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS If you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although wc carry the top 1 (HI software hits and a l ull line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closcouls and liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find oul why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. Software Support Int. 3700 N.E. Andrescn Rd. Suite A-10 Vancouver Wa 98661
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA - €64 128 - IBM CALL TOLL FREE TODAY* X-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! SOFTTURRE Amign World 109 Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Access Technologies PO Box 202197 Austin, TX 78720 512 343-9564 Acid Software 2051 S. Dobson Rd., 17-196 Mesa. AZ 85202 602 831-2313 Allied Studios 482 1 laves St. San Francisco, CA 94102 415 863-1781 American Software I>ist. 502 K. Anthony Drive Urhana, II. 61801 217 384-2050 Amiga Centre Scotland (ACS) Harlequin House. Walkcrbum Peeblcshire F.H43 6AZ Scotland 44-0-31-557-4242 Arock (Computer Software PO Box 731 Springfield, MO 65801 ¦117 866-8803 AS DC. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI53713 608 273-6585 Avalon Hill 4517 Harford Rd. Baltimore, Ml) 21214 410 254-9200 Axiom Software 1221 E. Center St. S.E. Rochester, MN 55904 612 882-8136 Better Concepts 22 N. Main St., Suite 393 New City, New York 10956 800 25-AMIGA 914 639*5095 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800TK-AMIGA Blue Ribbon Soundworks, The 1605 Chantilly Drive, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315*0212 Bruce Smith Books I ,td. Smug Oak Green Business Centre, Lye Line Bricket Wood, Hens. England AL2 3UG 44-923-894355 Centaur Development PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 CompuServe 5000 Arlington Center Blvd. Columbus. OH 43220 614 457-8600 800 848-8199 Compute Books 324 W. Wendovcr Avc., S. 200 Greensboro, NC 27408 919 275-9809 Consul tron 11280 Parkview Plymouth, MI 48170 313 459-7271 Cyber Dreams Entertainment 21243 Ventura Blvd., S. 230 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 818 348-371 I Pigita International Ltd. Black Horse 1 louse Exmouth, EX8 I]I., England 011-44-395-270273 Dist. By American Software Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., S. 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Ditek International 2800 John St., Unit 15 Markham, Ont. Canada L3R 0E2 416 479-1990 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 I lopewcll, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Europress Software Europa House, Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Cheshire, England 0625-859333 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E, Belmont Drive Tenipe, AZ 85284 GameTek 2999 NF. 191 St.
N. Miami Beach, FL 33180 Genie 401 North Washington Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK Cheat Valley Products (GVP) 600 Clark Avc. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 I laitex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston.se 29413 803 881-7518 I larmonySoft 69 Jabotinsky St. (avatayim 53319, Isreal Voice Fax 972-3-315-967 II MAC PO Box 262 Sain I-Bruno, Que., J3V 4P9 Canada 416 513-8207 800 669-7543 (in Canada) I lollyware Entertainment 13461 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 310 822-9200 Impressions Software 7 Melrose Drive Framingham, CT 06032 203 676-9002 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenv ille Ave., 209B Dallas. TX 75231 214 340-4991 InnoVision Technology 1933 Davis St. San 1 .candm, CA 94577 415 638-8432 Kara Computer (Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd., S. 1010 Marina Del Rev. CA 90291 213 578-9177 Knowledge Media 436 Nunneley Paradise, CA 95969 916 782-3826 Konami 900 Deerfield Pkwv. Buffalo Grove, 1L 60089 708 215-5100 biscelles Productions 401 Lascelles St., Box 959 I tastings. New Zealand 0061-0-878-9652 Maxis Software Two Theatre Square, S. 230 Orinda, CA 94563 510 254-9700 Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park W, Suite C Champaign, IIAil821 217 356-1885 Natural Graphics 4603 Slate Court Rocklin, CA 95677 916 624-1436 NcvvTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 1001 Sofiwarc Aetiva Ind. DisL Ip, Programs Plus «2r I Idea Oxxi PO Box 90309 b»ng Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Pangolin Laser Software Suite 317-A 933 N. Kcnmore St. Arlington, VA 22201 703 527-4880 Phoenix M icroTechnologies 18 Hampton Rd., Keswick, SA 5035 Australia 08 293-7852 Fax 08 293-8814 Point ofVicw Computing 5050 Edison Ave., S. 221 Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719 591-5320 800 397-7055 Poor Person Software 3721 Starr King Circle Palo Alto, CA 94306 415 493-7234 Programs Plus Video 544 Queen St. Chatham, Ont. Canada N7M 2J6 519 436-0988 ' Progressive Peripherals & SW 938 Quail St. 1 .akewood, GO 80215-5513 303 238-5555 Psygnosis 29 St. Mary’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 Read yS oft 30 Wcrtheim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, ()nt. Canada L4B IB9 416 731-4175 Ron I). Richardson PO 52013 Edmonton Trail RPO Calgary, Alberta Canada T2F.8K9 Fax 403 277-4061 Right Answers Croup, The PO Box 3699 I o nance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 Saxon Industries 14 Rockcress Cardens Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2G 5A8 613 228-8013 Scala 12110 Sunset Hills Rd.,S. 100 Reston, VA 22090 703 709-8043 Shereff Systems 15075 SW Roll Pkwy., Suite G Beaverton, OR 97006 503 62(5-2022 Soft-1 .ogik Publishing 11131 South lowne Sq., Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 SoftWood PO Box 50178 Phoenix, A7. 85076 602 431-9151 Syndesis N9353 Benson Rd. Brooklyn, VI 53521 608 455-1422 3DK PO Box 7704 Grand Rapids, Ml 49510 616 538-7018 Turbo Technologies (57(11 Center Dr. W, S. 500 I os Angeles. CA 90045 310 641-4(522 UBI Soft Distributed by Electronic. A rts VersaSoft Corp. 13 JOAlmadcn F.xpwy., S. I 10 Sail Jose, CIA 408 723-9044 Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave., Suite C Irvine, CA 92714 714 833-8710 Virtual Reality laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Vortex 1 ’.S' tech support: 718 967-1509 (also dist. By MicwPace) Y C Plus Inc. 1410 S. Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66612 913 235-3481 Zen Computer Sendees 2 Silver Birch Grove Swinton, Manchester M27 1FS. England 011-4461-793-1931 Zuma Chimp 6733 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix. AZ 85015 602 246-4238 AW SHUCKS! Hi our Feb. Overscan (p.
12) . We erroneously staled that DRC Sequential Graphics' Digital Collage package is $ 587 lor a 12- month subscription: The correct price is $ 57. We also reversed the last two numbers ol Silicon Prairie's phone number. 1 lie correct number is 306 352-0358. HST Modems New models, faster speeds and lower prices! Check out these new' Courier HST modems. Courier HST 16.6K v.42bis $ 599 Courier HST Dual $ 899 Courier HST Dual FAX $ 929 Neriki Genlocks Now get a Professional Quality genlock at home-use prices. These rack-mount genlocks offer all the features of a high-end genlock... except the price. Call for details! Neriki Desktop $ 499 Neriki Y C Imagemaster $ 699 Hot New Games Utopia $ 33 Shuttle $ 33 Gunship 2000 $ 45 Wing Commander $ 59 A Train $ 49 DKB Megachip 500 2000 Expand your Amiga’s graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! You need Megachip to get it into your Amiga 500 or 2000, (sorry 1000's). New. Smaller version is compatible with all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2Mll Agnus - $ 279 (Please specify NTSC or PAL) Addison-Weslev ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries. Devices, Hardware, includes, & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! A1200 2000 3000 4000 We offer a complete line of Amiga systems in all price ranges. Call for info and pricing! Vidi Sound & Vision A color digitizer and audio digital effects box in one! Grab images in less than a second from an S-VHS or composite source without filters! And add real-time audio effects such as Echo and Phaser to all of your Amiga audio. Software features lull AGA chip set support! B lWALL 1-800-766-5757 (USA & Canada) Outside USA: (215)683-5661 Tech Support: (215)683-5699 Customer Service: (215) 683-5433 FAX: (215) 683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8N1) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store Hours:Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM, Saturday I0AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St., KUTZTOWN, PA 19530 Just $ 199! CSA's Derringer CSA’s new 25MHz 68030-based accelerator for the A500 2000. Expandable w ith up to 32MB RAM and 50MHz. 68882. Starting as low as $ 499 (with Mttttl ami 4MU of RAM) DiamondScan 1391A I lore’s the Mitsubishi monitor you've been looking for! With a scan rate of 15.75-36KH . And Composite video input, this 14" monitor is great for every Amiga from the A500 to the A4000, as well as all video applications. Briwall Exclusive -- $ 599 We thought you’d like to know that we:
* +¦ Test and Format your Hard Drive Test and Install Memory Burn-in your Computer Burn-in your Monitor Customize & Configure your System Purchase Offer Memory trade-ins Offer full service to APOs, FPOs and CFPOs A1000 Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 129 Insider 2 $ 169 DatallyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 DataFlyerw 120MB $ 559 FastTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Rcjuvenator w 1 MB A211 us $ 419 Onlv $ 149! KwikStart II ~ $ 59 T DM1 Flopticals Complete with an Insite floptical drive, 20MB disk, cabling and a free copy of Quarterback! Internal $ 399 External $ 549 AlphaScan Hand Scanners Scan up to 400DPI with these great new packages. All include scanner, cable, power supply and software AlphaScan w Scan&Save Plus software $ 139 AlphaScan Plus w Touch-Up v3.10 $ 179 OCR AlphaScan Plus w Migraph OCR Jr, and Touch-Up v3.10 $ 249 Full Migraph OCR Software package $ 249 Caligari24 This 3D rendering solution from Octree features a perspective interface, hetrarchal animations, 24-bit hardware support, organic deformations, and much more! Briwall Price $ 269 x April Highlights CBM ROM 2,1 w manuals $ 89 GVP530 40 1 120 $ 729 Taxbreak $ 59 Maxtor 128MB 2.5" *AT* $ 369 Opus v4.0 $ 64 Conner 85MB 3.5" SCSI S239 GVP G-Lock $ 399 AlphaPen Optical Pen Mouse $ 69 Imagine v2.0 w Ojccts 2 S199 GVP 1230-40 40 4 Scall GVP 12-FP22 4M B SCS1 Scall CrossDOS 5.0 Plus w PC S34 Gravis Joystick $ 39 Amiback v2.0 $ 45 Pelican Press $ 59 Roctec Ultralite Floppy $ 89 DeluxePaint IV AGA $ 129 Pixel 3D Pro SI 19 AlphaPowcr A500 52MB 2MB $ 399 UPS 400V A $ 199 CineMorph S79 Pro Write v3.3 $ 52 Supra 14.4 w soflwarc+euble $ 346 GVP Phone Pak $ 399 A D1012 w Studio!6 $ 529 Xetec CD ROM external $ 599 Archive 250MB Tape external $ 629 We carry it ALL! Write for your Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk 1 Check out Page 87 for additional Briwall specials! And for all your video needs see the Briwall ad in Desktop Video World PAGE i04.O $ 169.00 The Pubiising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL DRAW
3. 0 $ 129,00 UNLEASH IHE POWEfll Syquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 399 88MB w Cartridge $ 519 105MB IDE(NEV!) $ 569 DATAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast, Reliable, and Flexible; all boards are A500 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller $ 79 IDE Controller $ 75 A500 Ca.se $ 79 A1000 Case $ 129 RAM Board $ 99 DataKlyer Express for the A500 combines a SCSI or IDE controller with up to 8MB memory in a single affordable case. SCSI w 120MB drive & 2MB $ 569 (call lor other configurations) Any Visa or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. Software shipping charges arc $ 6.00 per total order via UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental USA. A1J orders over$ 300 arc insured at the customer’s expense. All returns require an RA , Please call before returning anything. Al l refunds are subject to a usage fee. Ad prices are subject to change without notice. Cjtcje 16g on Reader Service card. Federal Express Charges for all orders under 20 pounds; 2nd Day Delivery - $ 13: Next Day Delivery -- $ 17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Call for rates. THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Support Our Troops The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), a Dallas-based department store serving all Army and Air Force bases worldwide, has dropped the Amiga line from its stores. As a result. California-based SoftKat has also decided to drop Amiga software. Now, myself and the other millions of service people stationed overseas are effectively cut off from Amiga computers and software for our four, or more, years of sen ice. We don’t want to buy through mail order and pav shipping costs! I have an A1200 and have started a user's group at my base for the many other Amiga users here. Amigas sell well at these stores, so what’s the problem? Where’s the support for us loyal Amiga users stationed in overseas service? Luis Reich APO First, thank you for being a loyal Amiga user. 1 is true that the availability of the Amiga in military exchanges decreased for a period offline, not because of sales, but because of a number of changes in the AAFES buying department and some issues that arose between Commodore and the AAFES due to those changes. I am happy, however, to say that we have resolved all of the issues and are moving fonvard. The Amiga is currently being sold in the fifty largest exchanges worldwide. The models being sold are the A3000, A600 and A600- HD, and, as of February '93, the A1200. Thanks again for your loyalty, and I assure you we are working with the AAFES to continue moving forward. John V. Gray Military Sales Manager Commodore Business Machines Preemptive Strike Either John Donovan blew it or you misunderstood him when you reported in your February Overscan entry “Cy- berArts Reveals Amiga Is Positioned for Multimedia'’ that Donovan said the Amiga uses cooperative multitasking. Since its inception, the Amiga’s operating system has featured preemptive multitasking, not cooperative multitasking as you printed. Daniel J. Barrett A mherst, Massach use!Is We Want AGA Cards! Thank you. Commodore, for revital- i .ing the Amiga! You Finally heard our pleas. AGA graphics should have ap- ... in the past chips were replaceable. Now is the time for CBM to offer motherboard upgrades like Apple has for (he Mac line. Peared on the A3000. 1 bought an A3000 believing it was the “machine for the future,” but now I’ve learned it was a stand-in before the next generation arrived. Now even a lowly A1200 exceeds the A3000 in graphics punch. Hey, how about a little damage control! J ' o Why doesn't CBM release an AGA version of the A3000 with a motherboard that will lit into previous A3000s? At least offer us a motherboard upgrade at a reasonable cost. Such a machine, or upgrade, would fit the lineup between the A1200 and the A4000, and it would sure make a lot of present A3000 owners happy. Let’s face it, the AGA chip set is the first real change since the Amiga’s release; in the past chips were replaceable. Now is the time for CBM to offer motherboard upgrades like Apple has for the Mac line. A3()0()s are too expensive to just set aside for something new. Maybe an Amiga chip set on a replaceable card is the way to go. Alan M, Smith Nova Scotia, Canada Bac.kUp to Back Off Thank you for featuring BackUP V3.5 in your article comparing Amiga hard- drive back-up programs (“The Great Amiga Back(up) Off,” Feb. ’93. P. 49). I would like, however, to point out an error in the comparison chart on pages 52 and 53. In Fable 5: Other Features, you incorrectly listed BackUP V3.5 as j • not being graphics-based, which it is. Felix R.Jeshe Chicago, Illinois Unfortunately, the enhy “Graphic-based” in Table 5 was misleading. We intended both the “Graphic-bused" and “Serifit-based’’ entries at that point to he subheadings under "Backup scheduling” to indicate whether backup scheduling was graphic- or script- based. Because we didn 't indent the subhead- nigs, it was confusing, and we apologize. We took for granted that the programs mentioned all had graphics-based interfaces. Eds. Demystifying cIBase Tim Walsh's Help Key answer to Leu Carter’s question on using dBase files with the Amiga (Feb. '93, p. 110) seems to me to be overly complicated, and definitely not for the iaint-of-heart. J A much easier and more functional method is to use dBMan Y from Versa- Soft. This product has full read write compatibility with dBase II, dBase III, and dBase III + data files, and is also almost entirely compatible with the dBase command language (through dBase I1I + ). So not only can Mr. Carter work on his database and index files at home, hut also on his PRC files. Janies Closs Long Beach, California ¦ GA 0 4 Ytff s Commodore AMIGA TOASTER Because professional results demand professional tools Joe Cooli chose the Video Toaster. Revolutionizing the world of professional video. The Video Toaster is the world's first all- in-one broadcast- quaiity video production studio. It's giving everyone from desktop producers to network producers the power of a high- end production suite on a desktop? You've seen the award-winning Toaster used on network television, now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the Toaster, call for yourfree Video ~ Toaster tape today. Free Toaster Video Tape V* - Call 800*765*3406 Complete systems starting at $ 4595. Outside North America call $ 12*882-1562! Demo also available on S-VHS. Hi8.3 4”$ P. Mil, Betacam. 1". And_D2 at nominal cost. Next-day delivery available. Price and specifications subject to change Video Toaster. Lightwave 3D and ToasterPaint are trademarks of NewTek, Inc. © Nev Tek, Inc, 1992. NwFk In Hollywood, time is money. And results matter. “My job is to solve problems. I'm always tasked with finding cheaper, better and faster ways lo produce elements...the Video Toaster fills all of those necessities:’ For Joe Conti, professional freelance animator, the Video Toaster is an all-in-one special effects tool: digital video effects, character generator, paint and 3D. It’s all there. “With the availability of the Video Toaster, my clientele totally changed. 1 went from a mid-level, industrial market to a full high-end. Broadcast and motion picture, film quality*environment * Joe uses the Video Toaster for a weekly network television series. The client was so impressed with the money saved on the First segment Joe created, that they gave him a contract for several more. “Owning a Video Toaster is like driving a Stealth bomber...it’s the most incredible experience. It produces incredibly high-end results for very7 little investment. The Toaster pills everything you want at your fingertips and at a price that's affordable.*’ Join the REVOLUTION! C rqie 37 on Reader Service card 1

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