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The introduction of the new line of Amigas raises some troubling questions for current owners anxious about whether to upgrade or to keep their present systems. This overview of the AGA issue will help you make the right choice. The Soul of the New Machines By Lou Wallace ..40 AW’s Technology expert provides an in- depth analysis of the A1200 and the A4000 to help you understand how the new AGA svstems work and what they oiler in the way of increased power, color, and resolution. Amigas on the Block By John Foust .....47 Practical, informative advice on selling or buying used Amigas and gear both for users upgrading to AGA machines and for those who want to improve their current setups with some good buys on existing Amiga equipment. ARTICLES Music of the Spheres By Gene Hamm .33 In this tutorial for non-professional musicians. We’ll show you how to adapt a traditional music tool, the “Circle of Fifths,” to the computer to help you create music more easily on your Amiga. Up-Front Savings On Line By Tim Walsh ...59 Turn your on-line hours into on-line minutes with this money-saving look at automated front-end terminal programs for the major communications networks. Digging into DOS - 5 By Sheldon Leemon ..03 Part 5 of our series focuses on the brand- new Font editor in Workbench 2.0 Preferences that greatly expands the range of font stvles and si es available to vou. Evolution of the Amiga: What impact will the new AGA product line have on users aj current Amiga systems? 1'his month's AGA Special" covers the issue from every angle. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .6 Is there a new Amiga in your future? The editor confronts the issues raised by the new direction taken by Commodore in the development of the AGA Amiga product line. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..80 fretting the best and most satisfying results from your painting and drawing often involves combining techniques from both computer and traditional media as this month's column will illustrate. Video Suite By Steven Blaize .84 Proper, logical connections between your video and computer hardware are a key ingredient in a smooth-running video setup and a sure-fire way to avoid getting your signals crossed. AW Product Information ......118 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue oi AmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 What’s new in the world of Amiga products, trade shows, and other events? This is the place to find out. Help Key ..1 10 Take a tip or two from ’Him as he tackles your toughest tech troubles and teasers even’ month. J The Last Word 120 Just 29c* gets our attention. REVIEWS Derringer 030 (CSA) and 040 500 (PP&S) ...18 High-powered A2000 A500 accelerators. Aladdin 4D (Adspec) .....20 Unique 3-D modeling animation software. Vector (IVS) .24 Accelerator memory SCSI-adapter combo. SuperaFAXModem Plus V. 32BIS (Supra) 30 Two nifty modem software packages. Golden Gate 386SX Monitor Master (Vortex) 92 PC AT emulation with display-mode switcher. VIDEOMASTER (Microdeal) .... 98 Low-cost audio video digitizing combo. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson.....102 More deep, dark secrets of Ultima VI. Indiana Jones 8c the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts) .102 Indy’s back . . . And so are the Nazis! ROAD Rash (Electronic Arts) .....104 Thrills and spills for motorcycle maniacs. Tom Landry Strategy Football (Merit) 105 Why bis Cowboys ruled the gridiron. Short Takes 105 Capsule reviews ol new Amiga games. The Next Round ......1 OH The scoop on upcoming Amiga games. GON ER PHOTO OF A lt>00 IW EDWARD JUDICE Amiga World 3 A AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Digital for your Amiga®!

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Amiga World Vol 09 03 1993 Mar

Document sans nom Irtgredibte speed! Incredible price! For only ppf $ 199.95, turn your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 into a t 28MHz speedster with the SupraTlirbo 28 accelerator! Now you can run high- ' performance programs high-priced hardware, ijlifey The A500 unit is completely external. Just plug and play! TheA2000 unit plugs easily into the 86-pin co-processor slot. Both versions are Supra designed for compatibility Turbo witli other Amiga add-in The SupraUirbo 28 out-paces expensive accelerators. But if you need l(§| to slow down for games or older software, use the * external on off switch or the software speed control. And when you feel the need for speed call Sunra 1-800-727-3443 TIME IN MINUTES ? SUPRATURBO 28 ™ 10 11 12 $ 199.95 UNACCELERATED A500 2000 ADSPEED™ 2 $ 209 VXL-30 ™ 3 $ 399 VXL-30 32™ 4 $ 698
- TEST 2 SOFTWARE: Lharc™ Adda 115KB file to an archive TEST 3 SOFTWARE: Vista Pro™ Render an imoge of Mt. 5r Helens mm TEST 1 SOFTWARE: ADPro™ Convert 24 bit irrogc to 32-color low res. Image 28 Mhz 68HCOOO.214.3 Mhz 68000.3 25 Mhz 68030. *25 Mhz 68030 with 2MB of 32-bit RAM Enables the use of high speed modems while multi-tasking Makes the Workbench environment more responsive Reduces the time required for compiling programs SUPRA CORPORATION *7101 SUPRA DRIVE SW • P.O. BOX 7101 * AlflANY OR 97321-8000 • 503-967-2410 • All trademarki belong la fbeir nnpedive companies Lets you run more complex animation at faster speeds Speeds decompression and loading of still graphics Supra Corporation ‘old Disk Authorized oftware Centers iId Disk products ore available at most 7iga dealers. Jhe following dealers have alifisd as Gold Disk Authorized ftware Centers and carry a complete age of Gold Disk products. See one day.1 a*ka: Him iJcctmnii*. Aiitlnnagc
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105) 266-2800: lagtc Osrnpuu r , fclboumc (407) 253-1805; New Age lraionic-i. I aigo (8131 330-4561; .corgi a; A.S.I., nrcnw- 14(H) 263- 1%; Illinois: Intuitive Computers. ,'otm.d (300) 452-~434; .Micro lid nterpriscs. Chicago (312' 245-0066 ndiana: t 'I'L' Int. Indiarupnlw. (31")
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• liclugan: Computer I ink. Garden lirv (313) 522 6005: Slipped Disk, ¦ladisnn Heights (31.3) 5t6-3l75; 4chravkji I TouWe 1:. Lomputerv, Jmalu (-4(121 334-7870 New Ijmpshire: Digital l ominruns. L«.vCr (6031 “ 12-22.5.3 New Jersey: 1 olden I (edge. Cherry I (ill inf>9) 354- 500 Ncsv Ynrli: Amaginariim. Xiiv ork (212) 727-3290: Nlicroworks. Luffalo (716) 8~3-1 856 Oregon: Dackanus Compnrcrv Clackamas
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1. 5MB 24-bit, 16.8 M color frame buffer .. Real-time framegrabber digitizer .. O O o o o o o § o § De-interlaced video flicker eliminator . IHU-S’ with RGB, composite, S-VHS input outputs 5$ Optional VIU-CT pro-grade component transcoder (Betacam, M-ll compatible) input outputs 2-way moveable, sizeable PIP (picture in picture) display, (video over application or application over video) V Digital and analog key inputs ..... £ Captured image retouching processing ... * Video switcher transitions .... $ $ Real-time 24 bit paint Titling character generation . Animation 3-D rendering (£$ Karate game ...O The VIU Advantage: From the very beginning we figured that people who purchase a serious video card want much more than fun and games. GVP is serious about video! So IV24's Video Interface Unit gives you more choices for inputting and outputting video signals than any other Amiga" peripheral on the market. Period. Nobody else gives you a VIU splitter, let alone one that integrates video from computer sources, component tape formats, composite video, even broadcast professional formats in any combination you can imagine. GVP also offers an international (PAL) standard IV24. Software Brigade Desktop Darkroom" * Capture images in Desktop Darkroom or bring stills in from other applications for professional processing and retouching, using filters, special effects and color separation. MyLAD’" • Hot-switch between 2 video sources with 50 packaged video transitions for live action production studio effects. Macropaint-IV24" 2.0 • (New release Significantly enhanced!) Paint 24 bit graphics from a stunning palette of 16.8 million colors. Then key video over graphics or graphics over video. Access Arexx scripts directly. Caligari24“ • IV24's newest software bonus is a complete 3-D modeling animation rendering package. Desktop animation's future on your Amiga today. In a showdown of 24 bit video hoards, TV24 rules the pack. So how will you spend your video future airborne at full thrusters...or grounded, waiting for parts? For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337*8770 For technical information, phone 215*337*9495 Circle 25 on Reader Service card GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC*6Q0 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215-337-9922 1V24. VIU. Desktop Darkroom. My LAD. And Macropaint are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Caiigan Is a trademark ol Octree Software, Inc. Amiga is s registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc. OpaiVision is a trademark ot Centaur Development. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CONTENTS VOLUME 9, NUMBER 3, MARCH 1993 FEATURES Tiie AGA Issue ... and You By Dan Sullivan .33 AW brings von a three-part special feature on everything you need to know about Commodore’s new AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture) Amiga systems . . . The Big Decision By Dave Johnson 34 The introduction of the new line of Amigas raises some troubling questions for current owners anxious about whether to upgrade or to keep their present systems. This overview of the AGA issue will help you make the right choice. The Soul of the New Machines By Lou Wallace ..40 AW’s Technology expert provides an in- depth analysis of the A1200 and the A4000 to help you understand how the new AGA svstems work and what they oiler in the way of increased power, color, and resolution. Amigas on the Block By John Foust .....47 Practical, informative advice on selling or buying used Amigas and gear both for users upgrading to AGA machines and for those who want to improve their current setups with some good buys on existing Amiga equipment. ARTICLES Music of the Spheres By Gene Hamm .33 In this tutorial for non-professional musicians. We’ll show you how to adapt a traditional music tool, the “Circle of Fifths,” to the computer to help you create music more easily on your Amiga. Up-Front Savings On Line By Tim Walsh ...59 Turn your on-line hours into on-line minutes with this money-saving look at automated front-end terminal programs for the major communications networks. Digging into DOS - 5 By Sheldon Leemon ..03 Part 5 of our series focuses on the brand- new Font editor in Workbench 2.0 Preferences that greatly expands the range of font stvles and si es available to vou. Evolution of the Amiga: What impact will the new AGA product line have on users aj current Amiga systems? 1'his month's AGA Special" covers the issue from every angle. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .6 Is there a new Amiga in your future? The editor confronts the issues raised by the new direction taken by Commodore in the development of the AGA Amiga product line. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..80 fretting the best and most satisfying results from your painting and drawing often involves combining techniques from both computer and traditional media as this month's column will illustrate. Video Suite By Steven Blaize .84 Proper, logical connections between your video and computer hardware are a key ingredient in a smooth-running video setup and a sure-fire way to avoid getting your signals crossed. AW Product Information ......118 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue oi AmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 What’s new in the world of Amiga products, trade shows, and other events? This is the place to find out. Help Key ..1 10 Take a tip or two from ’Him as he tackles your toughest tech troubles and teasers even’ month. J The Last Word 120 Just 29c* gets our attention. REVIEWS Derringer 030 (CSA) and 040 500 (PP&S) ...18 High-powered A2000 A500 accelerators. Aladdin 4D (Adspec) .....20 Unique 3-D modeling animation software. Vector (IVS) .24 Accelerator memory SCSI-adapter combo. SuperaFAXModem Plus
V. 32BIS (Supra) 30 Two nifty modem software packages. Golden Gate 386SX Monitor Master (Vortex) 92 PC AT emulation with display-mode switcher. VIDEOMASTER (Microdeal) .... 98 Low-cost audio video digitizing combo. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson.....102 More deep, dark secrets of Ultima VI. Indiana Jones 8c the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts) .102 Indy’s back . . . And so are the Nazis! ROAD Rash (Electronic Arts) .....104 Thrills and spills for motorcycle maniacs. Tom Landry Strategy Football (Merit) 105 Why bis Cowboys ruled the gridiron. Short Takes 105 Capsule reviews ol new Amiga games. The Next Round ......1 OH The scoop on upcoming Amiga games. GON ER PHOTO OF A lt>00 IW EDWARD JUDICE Amiga World 3 A AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Digital for your Amiga®! It’s a premium stereo sound sampler, fast and easy editor, and self-contained 4-track sequencer all in one! With DSS-8 and your imagination, there's no limits to your composing, recording and editing of mush and sound effects. Record sound samples from any audio source. Edit sounds in real lime. Add a full range of effects, including reverb, echo, reverse-sound, loops, etc. Use ujHo'31 instruments, 4 octaves ond 8 effects at the same time. ? ? ? Voice patterns and stereo separation. Remove "pops" from old recordings. ISHEH ntznncn Dennis Bresson, Editor-in-chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor VlNOY LAUCHNER, Managing Editor Barbara GeFVERT.; Senior Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor. Technology Linda Barrett LafLAMME, Review Editor Editorial Offices: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen. David T. McClellan, PETER OLAFSON, Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP, Art Director LAURA Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Manufacturing Manager TlM WaLSH, Ancillary Products Manager Michael McGoLDRICK, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER GUINARD, Sales Representative MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 WEN DIE H.AINES MaRRO, Marketing Director LfSA jAJLLET, Desktop Publishing Manager DSS-8 has built-in everything There’s not enough room to list all the DSS-8 features, but here’s a sample: ? AmigaDOS 2.0.68020 and 68030 compatibility. ? Multi-tasking operation. ? Intuitive graphic interlace for easy self-teaching. ? MIDI-in capability. ? Direct sequencer to editor interfacing. ? On-screen sample diplay of up to 31 samples. ? H3FI recording for high quality playback. ? Multiple effects for each note. ? Real time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. ? Graphic editing and freehand drawing of waveforms. ? Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. ? Sampling maximums of 51,000 sec (mono) 38.908 sec. (stereo). ? Saves in IFF. SO.MX and ROT formats. ? SoundTracker, Noise Tracker and SoundFX compatibility. DEBORAH M. Walsh, Circulation Manager; 1-603-924-0280 Monica LoUGEE, Circulation Assistant; 1-603-924-0312 Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Sl SAN M. HaXSHAVV, Director of Operations
M. ARY McCole, President's Assistant; Customer Service Liaison WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales 2? Collections KEMCO Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation Ami pa n a rrjtutcmJ tradrmark of Cj*runafc*r-Arnica. Iiv GVP. And IJSSS arc trademark. AfGrrar Vallcr PrtaJuct*. Inc O ( -rpvri iht 199 Cirr-at Vallr* Pmiucrt, Inc For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, phone 215-337-8770 today. For technical information call 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 U S 4, PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215* 337*9922 Circle 1 on Reader Service card AmipaWnrhi (ISSN 0883-2390) is an inde >endenl journal nor connected with (kimmodoie Jlu.sinrss Machines, Inc. AmigaWorld is published monthly by Tech Media lYib isbixig. Inc.. an 11X; Company, 80 Elm .St.. Ivierboumgli. .VH 03158. L'.S. subscription cute is $ 29.97. one year; $ 57.97. two years; $ 83.97, three years; (.'an a da. $ -11.97 (includes GST). And Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 8-1.97. L'.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank. I ’repayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. Second- class postage paid at Rjtcrborough. H. Arid at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924- 010(1. Entire contents copyright 1993 by 'lechMedia Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication maybe printed or otherwise reprodut ed without written permission fntm the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to AmigaWorld, Subscription Services. I’O Box a9a. Ml. Morris. IE 61(15-1-7901. Nationally distributed by Kabfe News I'm. Amiga World makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings and citcuils published in the magazine, .-bn - ga World assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Expand You'd Horizons A1230 TURBO+ With the world's largest family of GVP productivity-enhancing peripherals for Amiga " 500,600 and 1200 computers INTRODUCING The A1200 SCSI RAM+ and A1230 TURBO+ Take full advantage of the Amiga 1200 with these powerful new additions to the GVP line. I*1230 TURBO+ Stepped-up payload down-to-earth price
• 40MHz 68EC03Q processor,
• 1MB 32-bit 60ns RAM, incrementally expandable to 32MB.
• FPU socket for optional 40 Mhz math coprocessor |for intensive floating-point operations like animation).
• GVP's exclusive Kickstart Remapping Technology copies Kickstart ROM into Fast RAM for accelerated performance.
• Fits in "trap-door" slot for easy installation. Maintains A1200 warranty. A1200 SCSMAM+ Economical SCSI workstation versatility
• Includes high-speed DMA SCSI Hard Disk Controller, Attach up to 7 other external SCSI peripherals.
• I MB standard with onboard 32-bit, 60ns, 0 wait-state RAM expansion, (expandable to 8MB).
• FPU socket for optional math coprocessor. A530 Turbo " Turbo-charged A500 Enhancer
• Amiga World called it "'the best A500 Expansion Box ever." Turbo's 68EC030 40MHz CPU powers your most intensive applications more than 10 times faster, for A3000- surpassing performance.
• High-speed DMA SCSI hard disk controller with internal hard disk.
• Access up to SMB of 32-bit RAM.
• Unique mini-slot for further expandability
• Instant expandability for up to 7 SCSI devices
• 6S882 FPU socket. A500-HD8+" Classic A500 Enhancer
• Value-packed with many A530-Turbo features.
• Up to SMB fast RAM expansion.
• High-speed DMA SCSI hard disk controller with internal hard disk.
• Instant expandability for up to 7 SCSI devices.
• Unique mini-slot for further expandability. GVP PG286“ A500 PC 286 Emulator
• Fits in the mini-slot of the A530 Turbo or A500HD8+ to emulate a "286-16" PC. MS-DOS Windows compatible.
• 512K dedicated PC memory + Amiga memory sharing, CGA-VGA mono display emulation, 80C287 FPU socket. Great values for the entire Amiga line G-Lock‘
• The industry's most versatile and well-engineered genlock board for professional titling and graphic applications.
• Powerful, intuitive software interfaces.
• Video and audio special effects. DSS8"
• Record, edit and compose digital audio samples in real time for multi- media audio mixes.
• MIDI-in capability with direct interface between sequencer and editor.
• Graphic editing and composition of wave forms.
• Dozens of effects and features make this the most comprehensive 8-bit Amiga digital audio device. CineMorph“ Morphing Special Effects Software
• Powerful enough for professional morph results, but easy enough for novice use.
• Generate "composites," aging or missing person simulations. A1200SCSI RAM+ A530 Turbo “ A500-HD8+* GVP PC28G¦
• Integrated, Amiga-style interface compatible with any Amiga, DSS8" CineMorph' ImageFX DCTV" or HAM-E" system. ImageFXu Image Compositing Software
• Digital retouching with the most complete set of filters, color gradients, image distortions, masks, and text handling tools on the market.
• Converts your Amiga into an image prepress color correction system with CMYK, RGB, HSV, and YUV.
• Scan in or framegrab from virtually any image capturing device.
• Includes CineMorph features, at no extra charge. When it comes to a sheer range of innovative products, uncompromising excellence and comprehensive customer support one company consistently outperforms the rest. World-class performance it's what you expect from the world's 1 Amiga peripherals company. For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337-8770 For technical information, phone 215-337-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.*600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337-B770 • FAX 215-337-9922 A1230 Turbo-t. A1200 SCSI RAM. A53Q Turbo, A503-HD8*. GVP PC285. G-Locl, DSS8. CineMorph and ImageFX ate trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc Amiga .s a registered trademark of Commodcre-Amiga, Inc All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners £ DRAWER It’s an exciting time of change in the Amiga market. ..bat excitement and change can cause confusion. We hope this issue ofAmigaWorld will ease some of your concerns. Hardware Questions Forgive us Amiga users if we seem preoccupied these days. You see, most of us are grappling with a burning* fundamental question: “Is a new Amiga in my future?” As Commodore begins shipment of its new AGA line of computers, Amiga users are still busy digesting all the specs and dazzling promises of these new machines. Amiga faithful are carefully weighing the decision whether to upgrade to A4000 1200 machines representing Commodore’s commitment to leading edge technology or to stick with their present systems, which many users have expanded to include an accelerator and expansion boards, peripherals, and other available add-ons to help them get the most out of their Amigas. User reaction to Commodore’s new machines has generally been favorable. Initial reports at the World of Amiga in Toronto and overseas sales indicate that these machines will be a hit. But grumblings can be heard, specifically front die-hard Amiga 500, 2000, and 3000 owners who are feeling betrayed and pressured into upgrading to one of the new systems. They fear not without justification that the Amiga community is being split into two camps. We agree that, at the moment, this market is certainly faced with more questions than answers. What does all this mean for you? 4 Must you upgrade to avoid the risk of being left behind, or should you stay with your present system? Amiga World has covered the introduction of the A4000 and the A1200 (in Nov. ’92 and Jan. '93, respectively), and, to help you wrestle with the Big Question, we follow up in this issue with a timely exploration of the ramifications of Commodore’s recent announcements. Is the AGA hardware line compatible with existing Amigas? Will A2Q00 3000 expansion cards work with the A4000? What about video display cards? What existing monitors peripherals will work with the A4000? What advantage is there for an '040-cquipped A3000 owner to upgrade? Vhich people will benefit most from an upgrade: gamers, productivity users, publishers, artists? Turn to page 34 to read Commodore veteran Dave Johnson’s answers to these and other questions. Software Concerns Before vou make voitr first move, how- ever, you’ll need to search out the answers to some software questions. What existing software will work with the new machines? Will software developed for the AGA machines work on older machines? How long before we see AGA games? With the introduction of any new machine, it takes time for user community acceptance and for software development. Amiga users are anxious to know what kinds of new sof tware pro- grammmers will create to take advantage of Commodore’s new hardware ... and how long that will take. In announcing their new machines, Commodore strongly claimed that, “software compatibility with earlier Amiga models has been maintained.” Tliat means that while existing .Amiga programs will not be able to access the graphics power of the AGA chip set, thcv will work on the new machines. New software developed for the AGA machines should also work on existing computers. Users are anxiously waiting to see what new games will support the new graphics modes. Pundits predict that the future holds great promise for games to he showcased on the new Dennis Brisson Editordn-Chief Amigas. We’ll wait and see. Most of the software excitement, however, is on the productivity side. We’ve seen several programs and upgrades already on the market that support the graphics modes of the AGA chip set. Commodore is urging manufacturers to develop applications that make full use of the new graphics capabilities. These products will have a definite competitive edge over current products without AGA capability. As you developers test your software lor compatibility with AGA and the Release 3 OS, we want to hear the results at Amiga World so we can pass the information along to our readers, A New Magazine II you are interested in the merging technologies of computers and video, you'll want to pick up a copy of Desktop Video World, the latest publication from the crew here at TcchMedia Publishing. As iis name implies, DTV World is written lor the computer user interested in multimedia presentations and video productions. The first issue, consisting of 128 pages, covers the latest computer video products, techniques, and information occurring in the PC, Mac, and Amiga markets. We’re pleased with the effort that went into our premiere issue, which features a unique design and boasts some of the top authors in the world of video computing. Be sure to check it out and let us know what vou think.
G. G-LOCK" BY GVP FOR SIMPLE TITLING OR MIKING IT ALL TOGETHER ihe Building Bucks of better Video G-Lock™ Makes Your Video Connections With:
• Genlock features for crisp overlays of scrolling, or static titles, graphics over live video and recording to videotape with high quality results.
• Simple, intuitive mouse-driven software control panels. Full Arexx, CLI interfaces and Workbench interfaces.
• Software selection of 2 composite video inputs or 1 Y C (S-Video) input.
• Software selection or mixing of 2 audio inputs with bass and treble control » Software-driven video processing amplifier, (proc amp) offering complete real-time signal processing control, including hue, brightness, saturation and more.
• Software-controlled RGB color splitter compatible with video digitizers like Newtek's Digi-View™.
• Built-in transcoder converts input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs.
• Full ECS AGA support for full compatibility with new A1200 and A4000 systems!
• Compatible with popular titling software like AmigaVision™, Scala-Multimedia 200™ and Gold Disk's Video Director™.
• Separate versions available for standards around the world. Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Video: A Cut Above G-Lock's six video control panels enable you to perform a wide array of special effects on still or motion video including... ? Colorizing for unique visual effects. ? Creating your own "classic" black and white videos using the Colorkill feature ? Color filter effects. ? High-quality keying effects with bitplane or chroma keying. ? Manual or automatic (ARexx triggered] fades and cuts. Audio: Sound Designs G-Lock's dual-input audio panel switches, mixes and shapes sound for effects such as... ? Combining stereo channels or separate inputs without a "Y" adaptor. ? Treble and bass equalization. ? Plus, add DSS8 or any Amiga created modified digital audio samples to your final mix! Professional video processing + audio processing + a powerful but simple interface + creative special effects, make G-Lock the cornerstone of your multimedia productions! For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215*337*8770 For technical information, phone 215-337-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.-600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337-8770 * FAX 215-337-9922 G-Lock is a trademark of Great Valle Products, Inc Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc. All other trademarks are the property ot their respective owners Circle 1 on Reader Service card News, New Products and Networks Such Character! Lining up 3-D text onto an arc or circle within a LightWave scene requires a steady hand, a calibrated eye, trigonometry, geometry, and, above all, patience. But Font Flyer (MD Grafix) does away with all those requisites. Simply enter a text string and Font Flyer creates the scene file for you. The package provides ten switches (including circles and arcs on the x and y axes, and three plates) For flexibility. It includes three 3-D Fonts, and lets you create your own character sets as well. (RS 152.) Kara Computer Graphics oFFers still and animated 2-D Fonts that look three dimensional. AnimFonts 5 ($ 59.95) contains KaraGOTHICchisel, a hi-res, shiny, chiseled, light-faced contemporary gothic 104-point ColorFont. In animated mode (which works with programs such as DeluxePaint that support the Anim- Brush Format), each character ‘‘burns” it- selF onto the screen in a Fuse-like, sparkling pen stroke. For more versatility, the two-disk set also includes a static, keyboard Font. Want to use Kara's Toaster Font series on your nonToaster-equipped Amiga? No problem. KaraGOTHICseriF, Kara- RO MAN extrude, KaraCh iselSC RI PI n >- man, and KaraBRUSHED, converted to the eight-color hi-res ColorFont standard From Toaster Fonts 3 and 4 sets, comprise the new Headlines 4 (S79.95). Both releases provide Full character sets (upper- and lowercase, numbers, and symbols), installer programs, extra palettes, and utilities. (RS 155.) Classic Concepts can teach your Video Toaster new languages with Eurofonts Video 3.0 ($ 129.95). Compatible with both ToasterCG and ToasterPaint, the package provides complete upper- and lowercase alphabets, numerals, and symbols for more than 25 languages (among them are Icelandic, Western European, Scandinavian, Finnish, Baltic, Polish, Hungarian, Albanian, and Romanian) in 14 styles with four sizes each. A Universal Key map Feature streamlines text entry and allows multiple languages on one screen. The 18 accents provided can be placed wherever needed. (RS 153.) To support its AGA-compatible Broadcast Titler 2 Super High Res character generator ($ 499.95), InnoVision Technology lias released Broadcast Titler 2 Font Pack 2 and Broadcast Titler 2 Font Enhancer (S169.95 each). Font Pack 2 offers Avante Garde, Palatine, Dom Casual, Typewriter, Gille Sans, Handel Gothic, Compacta, Exotic, Clarendon, and Lydian in six sizes each, including a 1 15-scan- line version. The Enhancer lets you create more sizes, kern, space, and add antialiasing. (RS 162.) Figure Faster Amiga programmers, why not replace the conventional transcendental function library routines your applications most often use with those in Parth Galen's FasTrig? As an incentive, the company promises its FasTrig functions can execute at 180 times faster than the IEEE Double Precision library subroutines provided with the Amiga system software. At this rate a stock 7 Mhz 68000-based Amiga can perform trig operations faster than a 25 Mhz 68030 with a 68882 FFP coprocessor! FasTrig itself does not require a floating-point processor, however, or an accelerated clock, although it can be used with such hardware. You need no particular hardware or RAM capacity to use the functions, and all Amiga software versions can employ the routines. (RS 161.) Editor-iim-Video With a FutureYideo edit controller and Cybercall's Cyber Edit software ($ 395), you can get started with cuts-only video editing. Capable oFcontrolling two VCRs or camcorders. CyberEdit can handle assemble edits, Frame Freezes, and auclio-only, video, or A V inserts. After compiling your edit decision list, you can perform the edits one at a time or let CyberEdit automate I lie process. A tinie-code-capable com roller is what it takes to make CyberEdit Frame accurate. For non- time-code use, an in-line VCR recalibration utility and a tape-slippage tracking function are included. For further automation, the supplied Arexx-compatible VCR driver can be controlled bv such programs as CanDo (INOVAtronics). DeluxeVideo III. (Electronic .Aits), and T he Director (The Right Answers Group). (RS 150.) Develop for Disc tem for CDTV. Designed for noncomputer-users, VidDISC lets you point and ciick to assemble scripts, linking video, audio, text, and graphics. You can display CDXL motion video, still-frame ? Got a great idea for a CDTV title? Need help producing it? Call CREOTEC. The company will create an interactive application lor you or sell you a site license for its VidDISC Authoring SysTo locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses'" list on p. 118, ProWrite 33 The Best Just Keeps Getting Better ProWrite is the best selling word processor for the Amiga®, and for good reason. High performance. Ease-of-usc. Constant updates and enhancements. And now a new low price! New Features ProWrite 3.3 gives you more power than ever before. More powerful graphic handling, including automatic text-wrap. Print preview. Password protection for your documents. The ability to name and find pictures in long documents. Full clipboard support, for seamless exchange of text and pictures with other programs. And HotLlnks » ™ support, giving you total integration of ProWrite with other HotLinks-capable programs! Proven Performance Combine this with Pro Write’s already * formidable feature set, and you have the most powerful word processor for the Amiga. Features like multiple fonts and pictures. A spelling checker with over 100,000 dictionary words. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross-references. Outline font support. Jaggie- free printing, for high-quality printing on dot-matrix printers. PostScript printing. Macros and ARFXX support for power users. Mail merge, lor form letters. And multiple columns, including side-by-side columns for writing audio video scripts a ProWrite exclusive! And the list goes on! And of course, ProWrite 3.3 retains die speed and case-of-use that has made it famous with thousands of Amiga users world-wide. New Low Price! Even with all this power, ProWrite is more affordable than ever before because ProWrite is available now for only $ 99.95! So you no longer have a reason not to treat yourself to the best! See for yqurself what makes ProWrite the most popular word gavv0 processor for the y A : Amiga. Visit your 1 t * * local Amiga dealer nw? And put the power of ProWrite to work for ... V -v «... you today! ProWrite is ;i registered trademark of New Horizons Software, Inc. HotLinks is a trademark of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Features “What you see is what you get” display. Multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors. Outline font support. Insert IFF and HAM pictures in your documents.
• Automatically wrap text around pictures.
• Multiple columns, with snaking or side-by- side text flow. Spelling checker with 100,000 word dictionary. Thesaurus with 300.000 cross-references. Full system clipboard support. HotLinksTM support. Undo and Redo command. Mail merge. AREXX port. Macros, when used w ith AREXX. Name and search for pictures in a document. Speaking capability, ro read back document contents. Separate odd and even page headers and footers. Paragraph sorting. Automatic page numbering, with five different page number styles. .Insert current date and time, with five different date formats and two time formats. Word count and readability level calculation. Up to 10 documents open at the same time. Document password protection. User-set document comments. Horizontal and or vertical document rulers, for precise positioning. Custom page sizes. Print preview. PostScript printing, in black & white or color. High-quality graphics printing for jaggie-frec output. Print NLQ text and graphics at the same time. Complete printer control, including sideways printing and 4.0% color printing. Automatic timed saves and backups. Import and export Professional Page text files. Comprehensive keylxiard commands. Easy to use “3-D" user interface look. Fully customizable. Full support tor Kickstart 2.0. Requires Kickstart 1.2 or later, one megabyte of memory, and two disk drives. NEW HORIZONS New Horizons Software, Inc. • 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 • Austin, Texas 78746 • (512) 328-6650 Circle 65 on Reacer Service card. Video, stop-frame video, animation, image dissolves, and color cycling in 64,000-color AVM (Advanced Video Mode) and 4096-color HAM formats. You can specify synchronous or contirt- VidDISC means CDTV development. Uous audio to accompany the images, plus enter and edit audio and text in multiple languages. Arexx tools let you process both audio and video in batches, as well as optimize the organization of the application files on your CD-ROM to minimize seek times. VidDfSC even generates and index of a disc's contents automatically. (RS 110.) Reading List The shelves are bursting with new books. From COMPUTE Books comes AmigaDOS Reference Guide, Fourth Edition (S22.95, ISBN: 0-87455-268-0). This update to Sheldon Leemon’s popular tutorial covers new versions of the OS, detailing even the new Release 2 and Release 3 commands. (RS 112.) Bruce Smith Books Ltd. Also wants to help you improve your AmigaDOS prowess. Recently updated, Mastering AmigaDOS Volume One (£21.95, ISBN: 1-873308-10-8) by Bruce Smith and Mark Smiddy offers tutorials on the basics of the commands and scripting, while the team's Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Volume Two (ISBN: 1-873308-09-4) is a reference guide to .AmigaDOS 2.04. Mastering Amiga Workbench 2 (£ 19.95, ISBN: 1-873308-08-6) by Bruce Smith concentrates on working with the Amiga’s graphical front-end. For programmers, Bruce Smith Books offers Mastering Amiga Assembler (£24.95, ISBN: 1-873308-1 I -6) by Paul Overaa, and Mastering Amiga AMOS (£19.95, ISBN: 1-873308-12-4) by Phil South. Mastering Amiga Assembler covers the fundamentals of assembly language, 68000 instructions and addressing modes, using system header files, working with libraries, low-level Intuition and graphics programming, and advanced topics such as Exec interrupts and mixed-code programming. Mastering Amiga AMOS delves into the AMOS language and even points you towards AMOS clubs and program libraries. Companion disks are available free for all Bruce Smith books. (RS 113.) For a second opinion on AMOS try Anne and Len 'Fucker’s AMOS in Action (£12.95, Kuma Computers Ltd., ISBN: 07457-0221 -X). AMOS in Action is full of programming tips, shareware library contacts, and details on AMOS companion products, as well as information on how to get your games published. Send in the hook’s coupon and you’ll receive a free game with source code. (RS 1 14.) While the homes and ofFices of network junkies rarely contain just one type of computer, few users fit each machine with its own modem and phone line. Meaning: Tie machine used to retrieve files might not be the same one that ultimatelv uses ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh t those files. For obvious reasons, I’m loath to discuss Macintosh topics in this column, but there’s little harm in breaking tradition for important matters. I've witnessed first hand the confusion that typically arises when conversation turns to cross-platform compatibility of archival programs between the Mac and Amiga. Some of the Mac files I've retrieved recently were compressed with archive programs generally assumed to be Amiga or PC-specific. Using an Amiga is fine for accessing Mac files on the nets, but you need to know what files to gel for the destination computer. While it's well known that PkZip was originally an MS- DOS program (PkaZip is the Amiga version), many users are oblivious to the fact that PkZip has gained popularity in recent years on the Mac. IT you want to begin collecting Mac- and Amiga-compatible archival utilities, BIX’s Macintosh area holds uz200.cpt, a robust 155K file used to unzip files on the Mac compressed by PKZIP 1.93a or older. It also transforms DOS or Unix texi end-of-line markers to Mac format for added compatibility. Library 15 in CompuServe’s MACAP (MAC in tosh Applications) fomm is where you’ll locate the 47K Mac-executable file, UNZIP.BIN. You'll need either a Mac or ReadySoit's A- Max II device on your Amiga for the program to unzip Mac files compressed with PkZip on the PC or PkaZip on the Amiga. While cruising for Mac-compatible Amiga files in the CompuServe hood, drop in on the AmigaUser forum where you’ll see UNSTF2.LZH, version 2.0 of Peter Heinrich’s Unstuff. Mac files that are compressed with the Scufflt utility’ (indicated by a .SIT file extension) can be decompressed on your Amiga using this utility. That’s a handy, time-saving feature if you want to read documentation. It even includes the WhackMac utility to convert Mac sound samples and a Crlf program to convert text. Genie’s Mac RoundTable provides file number 20205, which resides under the name MACLHARC0.41.SIT. A 22K Mac utility that can be used to decompress Amiga and PC Lharc archives, this is a truly useful utility for anyone who wants to view the contents of compressed Amiga files on a Mac without first converting them. The documentation that accompanies this file cannot be displayed with most Mac text readers, but, like most Mac programs, it can be mastered without any required reading. Finally, there’s a file on Portal that can make life more compatible between the two platforms. The Disk Utilities area under the Macintosh SIG is where you'll find UnZip.sit a Stufllt file that performs the same unzip functions on PC- and Amiga-zipped files as CompuServe's UNZIP.BIN. While these are hardly all that's available for moving files between the Mac and Amiga, they are some of the more significant. Next month: A look at cross-platform archivers for the PC and Amiga, BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 408 973-9111 Museum Pieces Attain a new status of computer communications while enhancing the value of your Amiga®2000 3000 4000. Standalone telecommunications devices are ancient history, because... PhonePak VFX handles all the calls PhonePak VFX" by GVP turns your Amiga into a professional telecommunications center with integrated voice mail, answering machine and fax messaging options. Think of the possibilities when you can;
• Customize individualized greetings and private user mailboxes.
• Automatically receive and store high-resolution faxes on your hard disk for on-screen viewing or plain paper printing.
• View a fax while you simultaneously listen to voice "cover sheet" messages from any standard fax phone machine.
• Record and play outgoing PhonePak" voice messages in digital standard IFF audio format.
• Manage contacts with built-in database retrieval of names, addresses, phone and fax numbers.
• Throw out (or recycle) that low quality, costly, curly, nasty thermal paper. You won't need it any more!
• Capitalize on outgoing fax polling and delay functions, using PhonePak's intuitive, built-in scheduler.
• Configure all dialing and other telephone line control functions with Arexx or PhonePak's exclusive Operator'" scripting language. PhonePak VFX ' won’t hold up the works The GVP logo on the box means the most comprehensive manuals and most knowledgeable tech support in the business. PhonePak uses GVP's powerful multi-tasking DMA chip technology. PhonePak frees your serial port for modem or TBC connections. PhonePak intelligently transfers incoming calls over Centrex® or other compatible phone networks and... PhonePak offers privacy for incoming and outgoing faxes! No other computer-based messaging device packs such utility on any one board, at any price. Integrated, affordable fax, answering machine and voice mail features mean that other telecommunications systems are history. The future belongs to PhonePak! For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337-8770 For technical information, phone 215-337-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.*600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 PhonePak VFX anfl Operator are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc All other trademarks are the property ot their respective owners. Prints Charming Does your dot-matrix printer deliver mysterious dot patterns, different colors than you see on screen, and other unwanted results? Maybe it's TURBOprfnt promises to really clean up your act. Media in the Making In working to upgrade its image-pro- cessor Butcher, Eagle Tree Software set its sights on a further shore. What resulted is Helm. A multimedia authoring package with an accent on image handling. Numerous bitmap and object-oriented drawing tools are integrated into a single interface so you need not switch to another program to create or modify images. In Helm, you create objects directly on the pages of electronic books, attaching actions or scripts to die objects (by clicking and dragging) to trigger music, animations, and so on, or to jump to another page or book. And you can test your work as you go. Your resulting application or interactive presentation is actually a database: The pages are records that can contain the various elements. Helm retails for $ 189, but registered Butcher owners can upgrade to the Helm packnot a hardware but a software problem. Maybe you should try TURBOprint 2.0 (SI 29.95, INOVA- tronics). A multifeatured printer driver, the software promises to output text and graphics to the highest possible resolution of your hardware. And because it supports most current color and black- and-white models, it's likely got you covered. To improve text printing, the program includes a half-line mode to reduce horizontal banding and two levels of smoothing algorithms to eliminate stairstep edges. Image output should benefit from 14 kinds of rotatable print dithering, the ability to posterize, and the wall-size print feature. You get direct control over color correction and brightness for color prints, and the ability to generate separations as well. You can even produce reverse images for T-shirt transfer and so on. (RS 154.) Age for just $ 79. (RS 156.) According to Activa Software, multimedia should be practical, able to work with inexpensive equipment, and should deliver solutions, not problems. The company promises its new MediaLink fits tlie bill. The Arexx-capable software supports most video display cards, laserdisc players, VCRs, and SunRize’s Studio 16 sound card. Time-based applications may enjoy MediaLink’s support for three time-code systems: MIDI, SMPTE EBU, and standard timing to 1 10 of a second. And video editors can benefit from the large, antialiased fonts, line-by-line and page transitions, real-time loading from hard disk of larger-than-inemory animations and sounds, and the time-base counter. For audio video synchronization, timing is measured relative to the start of the script, not the previous event. Through March 31, Commodore is otfer- ing savings on its new A4000 and A1200 machines through the Power Up program. Through this offer, you can purchase an Amiga 4000, along with ASDG’s .Art Department Ho image processor and Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint IV AGA paint software. For just $ 2693 a $ 1500 savings. For just $ 599 (a $ 600 savings), the A1200 comes with D Paint and Soft Wood’s Final Copy 1.3 word processor. (For details on the hardware, see p. 40.) To take advantage, see an authorized dealer; Commodore will send applications software to purchasers directly. .Also, Commodore is now shipping Ami- gaDOS 2.1, an updated version of the Amiga's operating system previously available only on the Amiga 600 computer. If you now own AmigaDOS 2, you need only a $ 49 upgrade kit that includes six disks and a set of manuals. Upgrading from versions
1. 3 or earlier requires the $ 99 kit, containing 2.1 ROM chips in addition to the manual and disks. You can acquire either upgrade through authorized Commodore resellers. While the latter upgrade must be installed by an Authorized Commodore Service Center if you wish to maintain the J warranty on your computer, the former you can order through CommodoreEx- press at 800 448-9987. A feature called XaPP allows for modular customizations, while a remote-ac- cess option lets you transfer scripts and data via cable, netw ork, modem or satellite. (RS 157.) Both Helm and MediaLink are compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and up. Musical Notes Whether you want to learn to read and write music, develop a keyboard-playing style, or need a selection of MIDI sequences for video and multimedia use, two developers have you covered. Electric Theatre's Keys To Music is a later incarnation of the software that won Commodore's 1991 AmigaVision contest. Five volumes are planned; two are available now at $ 59.95 each (demo disks are $ 2). Volume I: Learn To Read Music can complement musical-instrument instruction with its coverage of musical terms, names of notes, accidentals, note values, and basic rhythm. Volume II: Learn To Write Music explores time signatures, key signatures, and scales, and composition. Both releases employ synthesized voice, graphics, text, and musical examples, and provide games, drills, and quizzes to promote learning. The software is suitable for both adults and school-age kids. (RS 158.) New Sound Music's Rock Through MIDI ($ 39.95) presents analysis of over 65 classic rock keyboard riffs, including those of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Little Richard, Billy Joel, and others. You can use these to learn the masters' techniques and develop your own style. Each sequence uses drums, piano, and bass; note-for-note transcriptions are included. For those more interested in listening than playing, there's Soundtracks For MIDI ($ 49.95), a collection of fully orchestrated, multitrack sequences in several styles, including action drama, jingles, industrial and corporate, cartoons, horror, suspense, and more. The sequences were designed for easy incorporation into your video and multimedia productions. Both programs require a MIDI keyboard and a sequencer. (RS 159.) How's That Graph You? Need to produce publication-quality graphs for illustrating scientific and technical documents? Perhaps you need AM- Plot2, from the British company SciTech Software. The software (£60, £3 for a demo disk) allows four major graph types line and scatter plots; bar and pie charts with many variations. The program will automatically calculate graph boundaries, ticks and sub ticks, although you can override this feature. And error bars, log axes, and three types of curve fitting are provided for scientific applications. Via the Intuition interface, you can supply input in any form from two columns of numbers to commands that Continued on p. 16. CCELERAWN: THE TIME TESTED, USER-PROVEN, BEST SOLUTION FOR THE AMIGA 9 2000 SERIES G-FORCE POWERED BY> Only the GVP Family of Combo Accelerators are PackedStacked and Backed with more of what you want Most! Don't get stuck. Don't overpay. Don't buy half a solution. Don't take chances. When you're shopping for an accelerator, there is only one thing you should do... Choose from GVP's family of G-FORCE 040 and 030-based Combo Accelerator boards. WHY? Because only GVP: ? Has a proven 5 year history of the best product performance and support. ? Gives you the choice of state-of-the-art 68030 or 68040 CPU Power at blazing speeds of 25,33,40 or 50MHZ. No matter what your budget or speed requirements, GVP has tire right solution for you. ? Provides unsurpassed multi-functionality through superior design integration giving ALL GVP accelerator users:
• On-board SCSI-II compatible DMA Hard Drive Controller
• Up to 16MB of high speed 32 Bit- Wide Memory expansion (up to 64MB with 16MB SIMMS available late 1992)
• Ability to transform your accelerator into the ultimate hardcard with GVP's new improved snap on Hard Disk mount kit
• On-board future expansion possibilities with the GVP exclusive 32-Bit expansion bus (including GVP’s EGS 110 24). This feature alone literally obsoletes ALL other accelerator products. Backs ALL GVP accelerators with a full 2-year warranty and upgrade program. Choose GVP's newest, fastest and feature filled accelerator... the A2000 G-F0RCE040 It's the fastest accelerator bar none: ? 68040 CPU running at up to a blazing 33MHZ clockspeed, outperforms even high end workstations costing thousands more. It's the most highly integrated bar none: ? High performance onboard SCSI SCSI II compatible hard drive controller. ? On-board serial port with speeds up to 625 Kbps and two 16 byte hardware buffers [ 1 read 1 write) to prevent data loss. Ideal for adding additional modems, printers etc. ? On-board user configurable parallel port for Amiga PC compatibility, ? Future expansion via GVP's exclusive GVP compatible 32-Bit expansion bus. CALL YOUR GVP DEALER AND ORDER A GVP G-FORCE 030 or G-FORCE 040 TOD A Y! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215*337*8770 FAX 215*337*9922 For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215*354*9495. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga, Ire, All other trademarks are the property ol their respective owners © 1992 Great Valley Products. Inc. The Reviews Are In. Consumers and Experts Agree: OpalVision Sets A New Standard of Excellence. “OpalPaint is the overall champion of Amiga paint programs” Desktop Video World. USA “One of the hottest new Amiga display boards. OpalPaint includes state-of-the-art features not found on any other Amiga paint program."
- :-4 Amiga World, USA “Quite simply, it's a spectacular product." Amiga Computing Magazine. UK "Undoubtedly the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga." Amiga Formal Magazine.UK “OpalVision is awesome!" Opal Paint's new Chrominance Effects allows absolute, real‘time control of image contrast, brilliance and re- mapping of colors. Camcorder MagazineAJSA “A Very Powerful Product, much better than GVP’s IV 24* Fortis Aldo. Switzerland “Professional quality at this price can't be turned away." Amiga User International Magazine.UK “OpalVision is an amazing delight." Hank Tucker. Producer for Disney TV Animation. USA “The verdict was unanimous brilliant." Amiga Shopper Magazine. UK “OpalPaint is in my opinion the best paint program currently available in the United States forthe Amiga.” The Amiga Video Journal (AVID). USA The OpalVision Main Board A true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel with a maximum resolution of 768 x 480 (580 PAL). An internal card, it operates automatically in NTSC or PAL mode in any Amiga computer with a video slot including the Amiga 4000. It's powerful VLSI graphics coprocessor enables stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth, hardware-controlled priority switching and scrolling panning effects. The board's "Palette-Mapped" design updates screen colors in real-time for fading pictures in and out and changing their palettes on the fly. Every Main Board includes OpalPaint, OpalAnimMATE and Opal Presents! Software. Opal Paint's image processing modes will alter any area or an entire image. More than a paint program, OpalPaint is a complete creative environment. OpalPaint New! Version 1.5 OpalPaint even in its first release was widely praised as the very best paint program on the Amiga. Reviewers have compared it favorably with the very best painting systems on the Mac and PC. Some even say it rivals professional broadcast systems costing $ 70,003.00! And now we've added even more powerful features: Real-time chrominance effects. Interactively modify RGB response curves. Re-map an image's colors, change its brilliance or contrast in real time. You've got to see it to believe it. AREXX control. OpalPaint now includes the most powerful implementation of AREXX ever in an Amiga paint program. Unleash all of OpalPaint's 24-Bit image processing power from any program which supports AREXX. The Magic Wand. A real time-saver. Easily and quickly select specific ranges of colors interactively. Working with 24-Bit true-color has never been this simple! And that's not all. We've added overscan painting, custom papertypes, realtime previews of many image processing modes, and more! OpalPaint is Fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. It gives you complete control over OpalVision's 16.8 million color palette. Includes a full-range of drawing toofs and an expandable library of image-processing modes with adjustable parameters, complete texture-mapping capabilities, transparency and color gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and predefined palettes. Real-world "Artist's Tools" and customizable paper types, multiple stencil types and compatibility with the pressure-sensitive Wacom drawing tablet provide a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. OPALPAINT $ exclusive real-world Artist's Tools and paper types bring a new level of artistic creativity to the Amiga. Activa Int’l ASDG_ OpalAnimMATE New Version! Now even foster! Run OpalVision animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It's features include 8,12, 15,18 and 24-Bit modes with selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels and will play anims directly from hard drive. Delta compression creates small files and fast playback rates. Create 16-million color animations using your favorite 3D rendering package and play them back through OpalVision! Third Party OpalVision Software (Available now or coming soon!) Adspec _ Black Beit Systems SCALA _ GVP _ Octree RGB Computer_ Amazing Computers Texture City_ TecSoft_ Progressive Peripherals CEV Design_ Electric Crayon Studio Michtron _Real 3D Art Dept. Pro & Morph Plus Aladdin 4D _ImageMaster MuttiMedia 200 & InfoChannel Image FX & Cine Morph _Caligari 24 AmiLink Video Editing Products _Transporter 24-Bit image libraries TV Paint 3D Professional _Video Visions _24-Bit Clip Art Entertainment Products OpalAnimMATE offers real-time playback of animations created by ray-tracers, landscape generators, morphersandallother24-Bitsoftware. The OpalVision Main Board is the core of a complete video system. The powerful new Magic Wand in OpalPaint lets you easily and interactively select specific ranges of color. Enhancement Modules Coming Soon: Frame Grabber + Genlock Module 24-Bit real-time framegrabbing and better-than-broadcast-quality geniocking. Real-Time video effects, transitions and color processing. Quad-input Production Switcher Complete video switching capabilities. Includes S-VHS, composite and RGB inputs and outputs. Combine live video sources, OpalVision and Amiga graphics. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter For flicker-free 24-Bit and Amiga graphics. Also acts as a separate 24-Bit frame store. OpalVision Roaster Chip Complex DVEs. Real-time processing of live video. Picture-in-Picture capability. Includes pre-made effects and provides for the creation of custom effects. The new Alpha Channel feature of OpalPaint allows photo compositing with selectable transparency levels on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Buy an OpalVision Main Board and get a FREE copy of Imagine 2.0 for OpalVision! ' reSuyJ. P ACT NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Imagine 3D - the popular, best-selling Amiga 3D rendering software now supports OpalVision I And you can get a free copy ($ 450.00 retail value!) If you purchase an OpalVision Main Board. This isn't a stripped-down, crippled version. This is a full version of the most powerful, award- winning 3D renderer. Imagine 2.0, now with full OpalVision compatability! Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Phone: (310) 542-2226 FAX: (310) 542-9998 BBS: (310) 793-7142 For information: 1-800-621-2202 Here's how it works: Purchase an OpalVision Main Board between February 1 and March 31.
1993. Send us a copy of the invoice with your name and address along with your OpalVision Warranty card and we'll send you a free copy of Imagine I U.S.A. orders include free shipping. Orders from outside the U.S.A. please include a $ 20.00 shipping and handling fee. Please enclose an international money order or furnish your Visa, MasterCard or American Express Card number and expiration date. Requests for Imagine and purchase documentation must be received by April 30, 1993.) OpalVision ks of Centaur Development, Inc. MATE ore ti holders. , Opal Presents and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opal Technology. Ltd. King of Kcrale and OpaW Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks ot their respec Crrde 162 on Reador Service? Card From j). 12. Define exact specifications. AMPIot2 has an extensive Arexx interface; in fact, you can plot data directly to a graph using Arexx. The software supports EPSF, IFF- DR2D, PostScript, and HPGL file formats; you can send files of the the latter two types to compatible plotters, printers, and interpreters, (RS 160.) Busy Blue In a flurry of activity following the new year, The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks moved its offices and released one new product, two upgrades, and six data disks. The all-new product is One-Stop Music Shop ($ 649), a 16-bit sampler, sound editor, and MIDI interface. Based on the E-Mu Proteus SoundEngine, One Stop Music Shop comes with hundreds of ready-made 16-bit samples, as well as controls to handle 32 channels of digital-audio decoding and reconstruction in real time, to design your own instruments, and to mix and modify samples. The hardware component fits in an A2000, A3000, or A4000, while the software is compatible with SuperJAM! And Bars&Pipes Professional, both of which have been updated. SuperJAMT 1.1 ($ 149) includes stereo TurboSounds, two-octave and split chords, multiple grooves per style, and more. Six new Extras Disks (S24.95 each, S59.95 for three, $ 109.95 for all) escort SuperJAM! To market, specializing in soundtracks, world music, dance mixes, pop rock, classical, and the cutting edge. Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 ($ 429) is more than an upgrade, it's a liberation. No longer is Bars&Pipes restricted to manipulating music data, thanks to the Media Madness Tool Set. With it, Bars&Pipes becomes a multimedia tool that controls Video Toaster transitions, ANIM file playback, SunRize sound effects, genlocks, video decks, Arexx, and more. You edit your production in the Media Madness window, record it with the Media Madness Recorder, and play it back with the freely distributable Media Madness Player. Plus, the Player can synchronize to SMPTE, Arexx, and all of B&P 2.0's special accessories. On the music side, Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 improved notation, editing, recording, and Music Box tools. For more information on Blue Ribbon's latest line contact the company at its new home; Venture Center, 1605 Chantilly Dr., Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30324 (404 315-0212). (RS 117.) Watch and Learn Sometimes die only way to understand a product is to see it in action. So, instead of thumbing through a manual, fast forward through a videotape. The Beginners Guide for Art Department Professional 2.+ ($ 39.95, Dreamworks Video Productions) devotes one hour and 45 minutes to helping you master ASDG’s ADPro 2, Topics covered include the Text Visual, Broadcast Limit, Negative, and Scaling operators; the Prefprinter Saver; the enhanced palette control; compositing images; antialiasing; AD Pro’s peripheral drivers; converting IBM-format graphics to the Amiga; Arexx; and FRED, the animation utility. (RS 1 15.) Gettin' Better All the Time A videotape and booklet combination, A3000 Toaster (L&N Productions, $ 35) illustrates two methods of installing NewTek’s Video Toaster in an A3000. The kit includes a coax cable for implementing the second solution. (RS 116.) It’s a Three For All Need RAM, an IDE hard-drive controller, and SCSI controller? CD's Trifecta, available in several configurations, may be a good bet. Trifecta accepts up to SMB of RAM via four- megabit ZIP DRAM Ics. According to !CD, Trifecta's SCSI-2 hard-drive controller is the fastest available for the Amiga, with 10MB-per-second synchronous and 5MB-per-second asynchronous transfers. Data flow is full DMA on the bus and hidden DMA to the board's RAM, to keep your tasks moving. Besides SCSI peripherals, you can connect with one or two low-cost 16-bit IDE drives. Quick-block transfers and intelligent caching promise to make Trifecta's IDE transfer rates comparable to those of 16-bit SCSI controllers. A2000-series owners can choose from the Trifecta 2000LX (S249.96), which includes all the features, or the 2000EC (S199.96), which excludes the SCSI-2 feature (a $ 69.96 plug-in upgrade lets you add this capability later). LX and EC models offer the same differences to Amiga 500 owners. The 500LX (S349.96) and 500EC (S299.96) come in external cases with pass-through connectors (to accommodate other bus expanders), switches to disable RAM and hard drives (for compatibility with finicky software), and power supplies. (RS 151.) The ever-expanding Fred Fish Collection On-Line (HyperMedia Concepts) leads the update parade this month. Release 1.5 of the CD-ROM includes the contents of disks number one through 750 of the Fred Fish public-domain software library. Registered owners can update to this new edition for $ 29.95, or you can purchase a subscription for $ 79,95 that covers releases 1.5 through
1. 7. (RS 118.) While the latest version of its popular 3-D modeler Real3D V.2 ($ 845) comes from across the ocean, Activa International recently opened a North American office at 644 Queen St., Chatham, Ont., Canada N7M 2J6, 519 435-0988. You can change your working environment in Real3D V. 2, as well. The program lets you model in a tri-view editor, a nine-view editor with real-time rendered previews, or a single perspec- tive-view editor. Version 2 also oilers multiple creation techniques for its hierarchical objects. In addition to the solid modeling and Boolean operations of previous editions, RealSD V.2 employs quadric and free-form tools as well as B- splines and parametric surfaces. Landscapes and trees each rate their own fractal generators. You can now map and morph textures and materials on your objects in a variety ol ways, plus define properties such as gravity and magnetism. The animation support was expanded, object morphing added, and rendering options increased, among other changes. If all this power is too much for your beginner’s blood, the previous version of Real 3D is still available as Real3D Classic (SI79), (RS 119.) Aesthetic-minded mathematicians will be pleased that Math VISION 2.4 ($ 223, Seven Seas Software) now renders to NewTek’s Video Toaster and CVP’s 24- bit display cards. The new version of this function plotter also sports new functions, such as the ability to launch Arexx scripts, and is available to registered Math VISION owners for $ 49. (RS 120.) INOVAtronics CanDo! Version 2 can do even more than earlier releases of this software-authoring environment. New features include Script Bookmarking, which allows you to return to certain scripts by pressing one or two keys; a SuperDuper tool, which lets you automatically insert complete spreaclsheet- stvle columns and rows of buttons, fields, and sliders into your application; and an Object Layer tool that can change the hierarchy of your objects. There are also new facilities for error checking, lile-change monitoring, and more. Of course there are scores of enhancements to previously existing features as well. Current owners can upgrade for $ 105. (RS 121.) Finally, we have an update of a different sort a revision to the GigaMem review in Jan. ’93 (p. 24). GigaMem is now distributed and supported by INOVAtronics, 98499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B, Dallas, TX 75231,214 340-4991). The price for the virtual-inemory simulator remains at $ 149.95. (RS 121.) ¦ Send news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Even if you didn’t, Proper Grammar II Proper Grammar II is an easy-to-use proofreading tool designed to help you improve your writing. It takes the guess work out of good grammar by detecting 95% of all writing errors. Use it with your favorite word processor to identify and correct embarrassing errors that your v , word processor can not detect. Proper Grammar II identifies potential errors, indicates how to correct them, and lets you decide whether to make the change or not. By using Proper Grammar II vou will have confidence
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• ASCII A A A A A SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 1 (800) 247-8314 Requires Amiga with hard disk and at least 1 megabyte of memory. Products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. Derringer 030 Computer Systems Associates, from $ 249,95, A500, A2000. Internal, CPU-socket connection. Installation: Easy. 040 500 Progressive Peripherals iff Software, from $ 1295, A500. Internal, CPU-socket connection. Installation: Moderate. 25 Mhz G8030 accelerator with coprocessor socket and up to SMB of 32-bit RAM. 28 or 33 Mhz 68040 accelerator with 4MB or 8MB of 32-bit RAM. Think back for a moment to when your Amiga 500 was new. Remember how quickly it accomplished tasks? Things seemed to happen at almost the speed of light. Then, one day, you found yourself actually waiting for the computer, instead of the other way around. What happened? Did your reaction times speed up that much? Did the speed of light slow down? Most likely you discovered desktop publishing, 3-D modeling, or some other computation-intensive application. The solution is to crank up your computing power a notch or two. The two newest and highest-powered accelerators for the A5Q0 are the Derringer 030 from Computer System Associates, and Progressive Peripherals & Software’s 040 500. The actual numbers generated by benchmark programs tell little by tfiemselves. Their value comes when making comparisons. The results in this review (see Table 1) were generated on a standard Amiga 500, an A3000 with a 25 Mhz 68030 and a 68882, and three test boards installed in the A500. All systems were booted with the standard Workbench 2.0 startup-sequence to eliminate different background tasks that could affect performance. The only exception to this was to move Kickstart into 32-bit RAM in each test. The benchmark program used was A1BB version 5.0, by Lamont Koop. While the numbers give a good indication of the different performance levels available, most of us don’t relate well to MIPS or MFLOPS, so I’ve also included a couple of real-world tests. First, I used WordPerfect (WordPerfect Corp.) to count through a file containing 100,000 words. Secondly, 1 used version 1.21 of Vista (Virtual Reality Labratories) to generate a sample scene. The scene was Olympus To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 118. Mons, included with Vista, with all controls set at their defaults, except that Blend, OS hade, and Pdither were turned on, ancl Polygon was set to I. These settings give the most life-like pictures, and increase the rendering times quite a bit. I used the standard version of Vista with the base A500 and the version optimized for advanced processors and math coprocessors for the other systems. I ran the tests several times and averaged the results. Derringer 030 First up was the Derringer 030, equipped with a 68030 processor with the MMU (Memory Management Unit), running at 25 Mhz. It also has a socket for a separate math coprocessor (68881 or 68882) that can be clocked independently of the 68030 at up to 50 Mhz. The six-layer circuit board also has a connector for attaching a single standard SIMM, allowing up to eight megabytes of 32-bit memory to be added. Future DRAM chips should boost this to a 32 meg maximum. The lest board included the 50 Mhz 68882 math coprocessor and four megs of 32-bit RAM. You can install the Derringer in either an A500 or A2000, and although the six-page manual seems rather sparse, it covers both configurations in detail. Also included is a disk with software that, among other things, allows you to reboot your system with its original 68000 processor. Unlike many accelerators and Commodore’s 68030 systems, the Derringer doesn’t use the MMU to copy Kickstart into 32-bit RAM. Instead, CSA uses special hardware and its 1)3 program. Copying D3 to your C director)7 and inserting a line in your startup-sequence adds the new memory to the system. Copy Kickstart and approximately 7K of system tables and stacks into this RAM for a significant system- wide speedup. This approach leaves the MMU free for use by other software, such as Unix, Mac cinu- Insfpuctions Second II Data Loc: Node II iffi r, A50HFR A508-NFR A2MHR A3888-25 la tors, and programs I hat treat your hard disk as a huge poo! Of virtual memory. Installation of Derringer and the PP&S boards is similar. First, remove the plastic case and the metal RF shield, and then pry out the 68000 microprocessor. You next insert the 68000 into a socket on the new board, then plug the board into the vacant CPU socket on your motherboard. Replace the shield and plastic case and you’re done. The only special tool youll need is a Torx T-10 screwdriver to open the case. Be aware that this voids your computer's remaining warranty. If you’re nervous about digging around inside your Amiga, a dealer should be able to install any of these boards for a minimal service charge. 040 500 Progressive Peripherals & Software, after rebuilding from a devastating lire, has begun shipping 28 Mhz and 33 Mhz versions of a 68040 accelerator for the A500. The most startling feature of these systems is the small fan mounted directly above the CPU chip. I was a hit leery of putting something that got hot enough to require its own fan inside my A500’s case. The fan, however, pulls air in from the top of the case, blows it onto the chip, then forces it out of the case, so the plastic top actually was cooler than with the less powerful 68030 installed. The 33 Mhz ’040 500 outperformed the competition in the benchmarks, as the red bar above shows. The fan requires an additional installation step. Ib supply power for the fan, you must unplug the internal floppy’s power connector from the motherboard, and plug it into the 040 500’s connector. Then, using the supplied cable, connect the motherboard to the 040 500, daisy-chaining the drive and fan power. The only physical problem I had with any of these boards concerned this power connection. The cable from my drive was just barely long enough to reach the new hoard, and the longer cable supplied with the accelerator would Fit Table 1. Derringer and 040 500 accelerator benchmark tests. Test A500 A3000 25 Derringer '040-28 '040-33 Writepixel
111. 13
28. 58
35. 50
29. 92
26. 86 Sieve
78. 61
7. 15
7. 86
2. 87
2. 55 Dhrystone* 1,335 9,803 7,889 34,580
40. 757 Sort
70. 01
8. 33
10. 14
2. 45
2. 11 Matrix
28. 07
2. 35
2. 78
0. 93
0. 81 Imath
105. 92
5. 13
5. 56
2. 01
1. 71 MemTest
54. 98
6. 92
6. 57
2. 40
2. 08 TGTest
12. 49
6. 07
6. 51
5. 18
5. 16 Savage
797. 08
3. 37
1. 71
2. 54
2. 15 Fmath
86. 89
3. 00
1. 85
0. 30
0. 25 Fmatrix
39. 08
4. 50
3. 93
0. 87
0. 76 BeachBall
1242. 53
28. 40
24. 41
16. 28
15. 35 Swhetstone* 22,228 1,923,068 2,740,141 5,175,838 6,208,318 Dwhetstone* 24,057 2,173,927 3,160,354 4,809,070 6,012,968 Ftrace
561. 11
4. 00
2. 41
1. 81
1. 53 CptxTest
49. 55
5. 78
5. 90
1. 27
1. 08 Word count 2:57.3
33. 9
30. 6
8. 4
7. 3 Vista 43:28.9 3:21.3 3:47.8 3:25.9 3:51.3 NOTE: Numbers are minutes:seconds.tenths to complete test except *, of repetitions per second of test. Which are number ever)' connector except the one on my disk drive. The 040 500 board includes either four or eight megabytes of 32-bit RAM; no other configurations are possible. The Progressive systems come from the factory with the Kickstart 2.04 ROM chip installed. The supplied software includes a program to move Kickstart while leaving the MMU free. A second utility lets you reboot your computer with either microprocessor and trom either the ROM on the accelerator or the one on your motherboard. While oper- ating a 68040-based system under tcmtiH ptovitmsn Workbench 1.3 is not recommended, the 52-page manual includes scripts you can insert into your startup-sequence to allow this. The disk from Progressive includes the Commodore hard-clrive installation program that makes the software installation painless. If the 68030 represents a giant leap in computing power over the 68000, the 68040 takes a quantum leap. This chip includes a math coprocessor, larger data and instruction caches, and the MMU all in one package. Software compatibility under 2.04 is high, and most problems can be solved by turning off the copy- .01* PLS11B16 back mode. Commodore’s Clock program, for instance, requires this or else the system crashes. Physically, all of these boards cover the Agnus chip, the Kickstart ROM, and other sockets that products from enterprising companies plug into. If you have made any modifications in these areas, check with the respective manufacturers before buying an accelerator. Also be aware that older hard-clrive interfaces may need to be upgraded to work properly with the faster processors, and some external memory' units may not work. Speaking of memory, these processors need 32-bit RAM to achieve their full potential. You won’t be happy without adding the memory too. Speeding Tickets Will these boards make your A500 the equivalent of a new A3000 or A4000? In some respects, yes, in others, no. Remember that all graphics and sound data must go through your existing chip RAM, which remains 16 bits wide and slower than your new processor. On the other hand, with only a modest investment, you can turn your mild- mannered A500 into a real screaming number masher. Rob Hays MATH CHIP AND WIDE RAM MBX 1200 FOR THE NEW AMIGA 1200 MicroBotics is first in the field with high quality, affordable expansion for your new Amiga 1200. By installing MBX 1200 in the 150-pin expansion bay of your Amiga, the 1200 realizes its full potential
- with hardware floating point math and up to eight megabytes of 32-bit FastRAM. Standard on the MBX 1200 is a Motorola 68881 clocked at motherboard speeds (14.3MHz). This feature alone will speed up math intensive operations by as much as 55 times (AIBB v5,0 Savage benchmark). If you do any ray-tracing, image manipulation, morphing or animation, such hardware floating point is a must-have feature. MBX 1200 is also available with a 25MHz or 50MHz 68882. Add on an optional 72-pin SIMM memory module to MBX 1200 and average system performance will increase to 193% of a standard A1200 (or to 688% of a standard A500I). SIMM sizes supported: 1,2,4, or 8 megabytes. SIMM type is identical to that used in the Amiga 4000. Don’t buy sluggish, 16-bit wide "credit card" RAM -it actually slows down your 1200! Get true 32 bit wide, zero-wait state FastRAM access via MBX 1200 for maximum system performance. The SIMM is easily installed thanks to the top quality, metal latch connector found on MBX 1200. MBX 1200 is a low-power, highly integrated multilayer board, made in the U.S.A. MBX 1200 is a plug in and go expansion; no complex setup required. Software includes MBRTest-2, a comprehensive system memory test, and MBXRAM8, a "credit card" toggling utility for eight megabyte installations. Available now from your Amiga dealer. Hi MicroBotics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081 ’Amiga 500' and ’Amiga 1200’ are registered trademarks of Commodof e-Amiga. ‘MBX 1200" is a MicroBolics, Inc. trademark. Circle 6 on Reader Service card Aladdin 4D Adspec Programming, $ 499. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB of RAM. Recommended system: 10MB of RAM, 68030 accelerator, math coprocessor, and hard drive. Professional 3-D modeling and animation. The desktop 3-1) modeling and animation field’s quality and size are rapidly increasing as evidenced by the latest entry, Aladdin 4D. While it’s not a true ray-tracing program, you will find Aladdin’s unique rendering abilities and polished results worth a look. One Window, Many Views Aladdin 4D uses a one-editor interface in which you model objects, as well as lay out animation movement. You can configure the editor window as perspective space (view the objects from any angle you wish), flat views from the X, Y, or Z axis, or as an isometric view. The isomet- ? FDD Series Compatible with all Amiga computers Slim-line design with solid metal case Additional drive connector and on off switch Mouse Series Precise cursor control - 290 dpi resolution Stylish and ergonomic design Top quality construction with micro-switch buttons Cordless Infrared Mouse Series High power infrared transmitter with a 4-foot range indicators on receiver reflect every mouse action long-life maintenance free rechargeable battery cursor control - 280 dpi resolution ErgonomjgDesign Trackball Series ¦ Compile with all Amiga'5 computers ErgorAnic design for comfortable operation
• Top qHly construction with micro-switch buttons ALFA 'DATA® 109 North Duncan • Champaign, II61821 Tel: (217) 356-1962 • Fax: (217) 356-4312 For more information, contact your nearest Amiga dealer. Dealer inquiries welcome. Amiga is a registered t cdomark of Commodore AMIGA, ir-c Circle 191 on Reader Service card ric view is helpful because it eliminates all reference to perspective; you can align objects without regard to distance from the viewer. You can also rotate your editing space in real time about one or two axes by simply using the number- pacl keys. While I found the supplied views very usef ul, 1 missed the quad view (flat X,Y, and Z and a perspective) found in many 3-D programs. Aladdin 4D’s modeling capabilities are not its outstanding feature. If oilers die basic controls polygon extrusion, extrusions along a path, point and polygon editing, magnetism, sweep, and mirror. An interesting addition is a slant tool to deform an object along a specific axis. 'Ilie extrusion controls also have the ability to j swell or contract in a nonlinear manner during the process. While not a critical factor, the increasingly common Boolean operations for cutting holes in objects are not included. For primitives, only a rectangle and an arc are provided* thus, to create a simple sphere you must add an arc then sweep for 360 degrees. The arc, however, can include up to different 16 radii for easy creation of stars, gears, and other odd shapes. For ready-made objects, you can import Draw4D Draw4D Pro, Video 1 ¦] I Ti ¦ j 4 TOASTER SYSTEM With the MEGACHIP 2 MB Chip RAM Expansion “The MegAChip 2000 500 should be standard equipment on every Video Toaster System.” Jim Plum • Publisher Editor Video Toaster User “The MegAChip 2000 500 is a must own for anyone that wants to use Toaster Paint or Multitask with the Video Toaster." Lee Sirannhon - Former NEWTEK employee A writer vfihe tutorials for the Video Toaster 2.0 munuttl. Featured in the Desktop Images Video Toaster Tutorial series. "1 would advise Toaster users w ho make use of Toaster Paint or Light Wave' to add DKB’s MegAChip 2000 500 to your system as soon as possible." Tim Doherty ¦ Video Toaster User The MegAChip 2(KM) 5(M) allows you to upgrade your Video Toaster. Amiga A500 & A2000, and CDTV to 2 Megabytes of Graphics Memory, The MegAChip 2000 500 is a needed addition if you are using your system for Desktop Video. .ID Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing. The MegAChip 2000 500 is compatible with the Video Toaster . OpalVision . Vlah IV-24 . Contact your local dealer or call for information. Dealer inquiries welcome. DCTV . Ham-E , and most genlocks and framebuffers. DKB Software 50240 W.Pontiac Tr. Wixom, MI 48393 Sales (313) 9&0-K?5t FAX (3131960-8752 Technical Support (3131 960-8750 MegAChip 2000 500 is a trademark of DKB Software. Video Toaster is a trademark of New tek. Inc. CDTV', A500. And A2000 arc trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. IV-24 is a trademark of Great Valley Products. Inc. DCTV is a trademark of Digital Creations. Ham-E is a trademark of Black Belt Systems. OpalVision is a trademark of Ccnlaur Development. Ill® Scape, Scenery Animator, and some EPS file formats. To produce text objects, you simply load an Aladdin-format font and type. For total flexibility, you can manually enter point positions, but this is a little awkward for manipulating large numbers of points or polygons. A unique aspect is the fact that point and polygon movements are relative to the mouse pointer, not tied to it. In this manner, you can even move a point or polygon off the screen and still control it. You can also hide any points or polygons that clutter the space when you are editing a detailed object, thanks to Aladdin’s unique multiple spaces. You can create, manipulate, and even render any number of 3-D spaces. Think of this just as multiple pages in a desktop-publishing program, or like the jump screen in DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts). You can move objects to 3-D Space 2 and work only on the object in Space 1. When you are finished, you can then jump the objects back into Space 1. This is a very quick method to hide things or do test renders only on specific objects. Hi-Test Rendering Aladdin’s real power and one-of-a-kind (currently) abilities are in its rendering engine. My favorite object attribute is gases. .Aladdin 4D lets you turn an object into a gas with full control of color, density, turbulence, texture, movement, and much more. You can even factor in fractal noise routines to assist the animation. This is very different than Fog used by Aladdin and other programs. Gas objects have shape and size and can be moved. This creates spectacular planet atmospheres, rocket flares, and so on. Aladdin also lets you have unlimited layers of procedural textures or bitmaps, w hich can even be projected onto gas objects. In addition, you can use bump maps, reflection maps, and illumination maps as textures. All these attributes can be animated with full control of ease ins and ease outs at every level. You can also se- ? ¦iHHatch your computing capabilities soar with the new Amiga* 4000 and 1200. Save up to SI,500* on the A4000, including DeluxePaint® IV AGA and Art Department Professional® software. Save up to S440* on the new A1200, including DeluxePaint IV AGA and Final Copy® 1.3 word processing software. Both computers feature the Advanced Graphics Architecture™ that lets you display and animate graphics from a palette of 16.8 million colors. You also get a 24-hour Helpline and optional on-site service.** This offer is only good from January 1,1993 through March 31, 1993. So take off for your Amiga dealer today. Or, call 1-800-66 AMIGA. C- Commodore AMIGA © Comaodixt Machines Inc. G?ma»dw. The Coxaotae lc .r ml Afoncri Graxx* .Vwh .Ktuir rr in&nmfa of Gmnwdorr Qrcnamcs hi Amp Bi tndetaark ef Cmnnodoft iagi. Hi Ddsuritaa 5 * rrjatnd tadnnxk o( Ekctraac Ar.s Art Deputises Frofesoni2 a a rrgxerf raderur* J;A50GItv Ft.vG'* . 1 rraderi-i fsrfwoxi h. *bsmjMfWUS • >r the AlJvVhndi? Mi VsNJ-.tthe A4X0 btmdie ”Av: j «Jfor'’wjM»patcfcasoJtathfL' S thnxihanatth-rudCrazKskrT-Aca ' i pushsrd 31 the I' S thiwgh an wthTCri COTnodmr-Anagi desk Cucp&r. ActiMtwr, Tcqacrd Nozia!?«for son* cpsro lectively apply Facet, Gouraud, or Phong shading to objects and have them accept and cast shadows. Phis. Aladdin 4D’s wave Functions let you animate ripples across objects. The number of controls and ability to animate changes in attributes to this degree far exceeds most other 3-D programs. How fast does the rendering engine do all this? It isn’t the fastest, or the slowest, but you should be satisfied if your system has the recommended configuration. There is direct support for standard Amiga displays as well as DC IY (Digital Creations), Firecracker 24 (Impulse), Resolver (DMI), and OpalVision (Centaur Development). You can render to a maximum of 32K by 32K in Hill 24-bit resolution. There are routines that antialias bitmap textures also, which helps prevent the pixelizatton that can occur when you get too close to an object. The hardest part in learning this program was "unlearning" how most other 3-D programs work. Aladdin 4D’s interface is very different. Because it utilizes only one editor interface for everything, you set up your animations in perspective space and never set a “Stage” or a specific "Frame" of the animation. All The magic carpet nde begins... '"3*'.M Rub the lamp
* " VW and watch your creative ideas come to life. , x , Aladdin 4D is the most advanced, %, flexible and intuitive 3D render- xp I ing and animation software for ..'• - the Amiga. Ride the magic carpet on a jour- 4p hh9Hb9: ney through your dreams as you create spectacular images and PU-ii f sLD: animations never before possible. I-rr-:--!--- If you have been searching for Ili.lH’1001 nights and don’t want to spend the treasure of the Forty £0 ® Thieves, pick up the phone, call
- -- one of our genies and use the first
- •-- of your three wishes on our free illustrated brochure. Want your second wish? Replace your tarnished lamp! Upgrade to Aladdin 4D from any Amiga graphics package for only $ 219.00. Call for more details. Own the genie! The objects involved in the animation aie in the editor even though attributes or positioning may prevent you from seeing them. At any point you can see a realtime wireframe preview of your animation of any specific frame by hitting a function key. This method precludes the ability to do traditional kev frames. Ad- spec Programming suggests that you can use the Deform option to do key framing, but this is a rather limited method. Once you are used to this idea, however, having to learn only one editor could be a major time saver. Overall, I found the program and interface to be full featured and very capable. The program seems stable and I found the tech support to be knowledgeable and helpful. Aladdin 4D's documentation provides informative tutorials, a reference section, and an index. The section and page numbering scheme, however. Makes it difficult to locate information from the index. .Aladdin isn’t the best choice for your first or only 3-D tool, because some of the controls can seem overwhelming. But if you are looking for some new effects and are willing to learn a different approach, put Aladdin 4D on your wish list. Steven Blaize Vector Interactive Video Systems, from S799. A2000, A500 with modification. Internal, CPU connection. Installation: Easy to moderate. 25, 33, or 40 Mhz 68030 accelerator with FPU, 32-bit memory and onboard 32-bit SCSI host adapter. Aladdin 4D Adspec Programming
P. O. Box 13 • Salem, OH 44460
(216) 337-3325 Squeezing the equivalent of five expansion cards into the Amiga's CPU slot, Vector provides a 68030 processor with Conti?i tied on p. 28. Circle 38 on Reader Service card Professional Digital Sound for Your Video, Music, and Radio Productions Finally, true CD quality 16 hit audio is available for your Amiga! SunRize’s new AD516 gives you eight tracks, plus a time code reader and a DSP chip. Included with the AD516 is Studio 16™ version 2.0. This new release of our popular 16 bit editing software puts a complete sound studio on your desk! AD516 The AD516 hardware provides stereo in out connectors, plus a SMPTE in. Just plug your VTR, CD player, radio, tape deck, or other audio source directly in. Then record in stereo, direct to hard disk, with 16 hits at sampling rates up to 48,000 samples per second. Plus, the AD5I6's efficient design allows 8 track playback direct from hard disk. The AD516 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24. 25, 29.97, and 30 fps (drop or non-drop frame). Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD5I6 offers 15Hz to 22KHz frequency response and 85dB dynamic range. Video Production Die Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do want to do ADR or voice-overs? Do you need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps, door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do you need to fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can you edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16’s cue list and SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably. At the same spot, every time. Or you can slip your audio effects, trying them at different spots. And since Studio 16 plays directly off hard disk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Mixer and Meters Each of Studio !6's eight tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems, Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record two tracks while playing up to eight! Low Prices, High Performance Studio 16 2.0 comes with either the AD516 (16 bit, 8 track, stereo, S1495 list) or the AD 1012 (12 bit. 4 track, mono, $ 595 list). Also available is the DD524 digital I O card for direct interface to DAT. Call today a free Studio 16 information packet Tel: (408)374-4962. Fax: (408)374-4963. DSP Supercharger The AD516 includes a special sound coprocessor - the advanced 2105 DSP. Die DSP allows Studio 16 to handle those eight tracks while performing real time mixing. The DSP can also do high quality 16 bit effects such as echo, flange, delay and chorus can be edited per window. And edits can be non-destructive or permanent. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, echo, normalize, loop EFT. Resample, and many other functions are available. Named regions can be defined and used in the cue list or transport modules. Waveform Editor The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and allows you to cut, copy, and paste audio. Up to eight samples European Representatives: FINLAND Power Computers +358 (18) 781 8942 FRANCE Storm +33 (I) 43 57 46 57. GERMAN Y AS&S +49 (069) 5 48 81 30, ITALY AP&S +39 04323 759264. SPA IN' PiXeLSOFT +34(088) 71 27 00 SW EDEN DiiplajDala +46 (0457) 503 SO. SWITZERLAND Mnm.tron +41 .032)872429. UNITED KINGDOM MB Marketing +44 (0753)686000. Studio 16 is a trademark of SunRize Industries. Video Toaster is a trademark of StwTtk. Ir.C. Amiga is a trademark of CBM. REVIEWS From j). 24. 08882 math coprocessor, a SCSI adapter with internal and external 50-pin connectors, a harclcard, on-board 32-bit RAM, and connectors for an optional 32-bit RAM card. PRO-PLEX is Vector s unique claim to fame. With PRO-PLEX, Vector's 32-bit SCSI host adapter and up to eight megabytes of its 32-bit RAM are automatically reconfigured as 16-bit resources when you switch the system to native 68000 mode. Basics and Beyond Vector’s basic configuration includes a 68EC030 microprocessor with a 68882 math coprocessor, but you can order the board with any combination of 68030, 68EC030, 68881, or 68882 chips running at clock frequencies of 25, 33, or 40 Mhz. The 68EC030 lacks an on-chip memory management unit (MMU), but is otherwise identical to the 68030, An MMU lets you relocate the Kickstart ROM code to high-speed 32-bit RAM for faster operation. Vector’s FastRom feature, however, lets you do the same with a 68EC030. In fact, you should use FastRom to move Kickstart even if an MMU is available, because it runs the code slightly faster than an MMU does. A second clock unit can be installed on Vector to run the math coprocessor at a higher speed. The 68030’s clock speed can also he upgraded, but some factory’ modifications to Vector are needed. Note that Vector’s clocks run at twice the speed of the associated processor. Vector's eight memory sockets can be n j populated with one- or four-megabyte Table 1i Vector Versus the A3000 Benchmark Results A2000 A3000 A2000 with Vector WritePixel
0. 25
1. 00
1. 00 Sieve
0. 13
1. 00
1. 00 Dhrystone
0. 18
1. 00
1. 01 Sort
0. 14
1. 00
1. 00 Matrix
0. 14
1. 00
0. 99 Imath
0. 15
1. 00
1. 01 MemTest
0. 17
1. 00
0. 89 TGTest
0. 52
1. 00
0. 95 Savage
0. 19
1. 00
1. 05 Fmath
0. 21
1. 00
1. 00 Fmatrix
0. 17
1. 00
1. 00 BeachBall
0. 19
1. 00
1. 02 Swhetstone
0. 19
1. 00
1. 03 Dwhetstone
0. 18
1. 00
1. 04 Ftrace
0. 19
1. 00
1. 05 CpIxTest
0. 18
1. 00
1. 04 SIMMs. Because SIMMs must be added four at a time, the available combinations are 0, 4, 8, 16. And 32 megabytes. (Remember, you cannot mix one- and four-megabyte SIMMs.) When all eight SIMMs are installed on Vector, 32-bit memory access is slightly faster. For more 32-bit RAM (up to 1 12MB), you can plug a card, such as DKB Sof tware's DKB 2632, into Vector’s A2630-compat- ible connectors. In 68030 mode, all of Vector’s RAM autoconfigures as 32-bit RAM into the system. PRO-PLEX also makes up to eight megs of RAM available to the 68000 microprocessor as a pair of four-meg RAM boards. For compatibility with Bridgeboards and 16-bit RAM cards, you can disable either the upper four or the entire eight megabytes of Vector’s 32-bit RAM in 68000 mode by setting on-board junipers. The jumpers have no effect in 68030 mode. Vectors on-board SCSI host adapter is based on IVS’ high-speed Trumpcard Professional series. Because Vector replaced my IVS Grand Slam card and a Commodore A2630, I was able to retain all of the data located on six partitions on two hard drives by simply rewriting the rigid-disk blocks with Vector’s TC Utils hard-drive set-up program. Flic entire reconfiguration took only a couple of minutes as TC Utils automatically identified all the partitions. PRO-PLEX even makes the SCSI controller and both hard drives available to the 68000 in 16-bit mode. Plus, the controller supports IVS’ SCSI-Share network that lets several IVS-controller- equipped Amigas share multiple SCSI peripherals. Once you have a drive, you can convert Vector into a hardcard easily; all the necessary parts including a 50-conductor SCSI ribbon cable are provided. You connect SCSI devices to Vector via the board’s 50-pin, flat-ribbon connector. A second 50-pin, Centronics-style SCSI connector is located on Vector’s rear mounting bracket. The latter necessitates some maneuvering when you plug Vector into the A2000’s CPU slot. I recommend removing the back mounting screws on the A2000*s built-in power supply before you start. Vector is compatible with the .Amiga
500. No suitable enclosure is available currently, however, and you must modify the A500 to connect the 7.14 Mhz clock signal to one of the expansion port’s 86 pins. An on-board jumper converts Vector for operation with an A500. You access Vector s operating options via the mouse. To bring up the Vector Boot Options Menu screen, hold down the right mouse button after a svstem re- O * set. You can then select 68030 or 68000 mode, enable or disable 32-bit RAM. Specify autobooting for your hard drive, transfer Kickstart ROM to 32-bit RAM, and control the 68030’s burst mode and RAM caches. All options default to Vector’s on-board jumper settings. The 68030 or 68000 operating modes survive a warm boot and remain in effect until you shut off the machine or change the settings. Vector automatically disables the hard drives when a bootable floppy is in dfO:, but you can still mount the hard-drive partitions by holding down the left mouse button. As Good or Better I tested a Vector board with a 25 Mhz 68EC030, a 68882, and eight megs of 32-bit RAM. Whether an additional 16- bit, four-meg RAM card was installed or not, the system had access to eight megs of fast RAM in 68000 mode and as much as 12MB (four of 16-bit RAM and eight of 32-hit) in 68030 mode. To insure objective results, I used Lamont Koop’s AIBB to benchmark Vector and compare its performance against a 25 Mhz A3000. (See Table 1.) The performance was virtually identical to that of the A3000. Michael Sinz’s DiskSpeed v4.2 evaluated the performance of Vector’s SCSI controller with a Quantum LP105S hard drive and with a SyQuest 88MB re- ? Table 2: Vector DiskSpeed 4.2 Results With Quantum L105S Hard Drive: Testing directory manipulation speed: File Create: 19 files sec CPU Avail: 0% File Open: 86 files sec CPU Avail.: 0% Directory Scan: 273 files sec CPU Avail.: 0% File Delete: 210 files sec CPU Avail: 0% Seek Read: 53 seeks sec CPU Avail: 0% Testing with a 262144-byte, MEMFFAST, LONG-aUgned buffer: Create file:541488 bytes sec CPU Avail: 16% Write to file:792454 b. sec CPU Avail: 24% Read from file:802154 b. sec CPU Avail: 44% With SyQuest 88MB Removable Media Drive: Testing directory manipulation speed: File Create: 17 files sec CPU Avail: 0% File Open:69 files sec CPU Avail: 0% Directory Scan:260 files sec CPU Avail: 0% File Delete: 127 files sec CPU Avail: 0% Seek Read:56 seeks sec CPU Avail: 0% Testing with a 262144 byte MEMFJAST, LONG-aligned buffer: Create file:550178 bytes sec CPU Avail: 11% Write to file:829165 b. sec CPU Avail: 17% Read fr. File:831188 b. sec CPU Avail: 47% Epson introduces eyes for Amiga. Coupled with an ASDG ADPro driven Epson offers the best flatbed scanning combination asailablc for Amiga. Rmtw . !' Jixl >•’ [hi¦'ilk I n.nn » .ill lr.nl* ili.n k« .nki >¦! Ir[klrlr i I r.nlr rn.uk* *l ibnT n*|hilkr 111.1r111l.11 liim * 1 jhmi i» .t ir«i«irlni li.ntcin.ifI *>1 Vtkil I pviil I • i|i iWL‘ fpMHi aioif j. !iu.. .liT.O M.ilmu >i . Iim.m.i i '*nVi. Jat.ik i h I. iijI . ,ili vWlllV I ISON imm ;“i‘ In I -iii.mLi ..l!1 mum .(> I I’m i I- i I .im m. I i .kli'i Greater speed and higher resolution is a given for both models, and whether you opt New from Epson. High resolution color scanners. For the fiOOC. Or 800C model, you always get 24-bit single pass color scanning with almost 17 million colors. But Epson also offers an automatic document feeder attachment and an add-on transparency unit, which give you the flexibility to scan slides. And of course it's all protected by Epson’s one-year warranty. So drop by your computer store soon and take a look or call 1-800-289-3776 and ask for representative 81 for more information. Just don't be surprised if you end up with an Epson scanner. EPSON movable-media drive. (See Table 2.) Subjectively, I felt that Vector performed equal to or better than the A2630 that it replaced. In addition, hard-drive access seemed snappier. Vector is a high-performance, multifunction board from a reliable company with a consistent track record. If you’re looking for an accelerator with maximum RAM expansion, Vector is well worth considering. If you also need a SCSI controller with availability of RAM and hard drives in 68000 mode, look no further. Morton Kevelson 2,0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB of RAM. Recommended system: 1MB chip RAM, 1MB fast RAM, hard drive. When the street price for even the cheapest fax machine is hovering around $ 400, an Amiga fax system that promises nearly the same performance .•I* A-Max II and A-Mac II Plui arc trademark* ol ReadySofl Incorporated, Apple. Macintosh. Mac. AppleTalk, LaicrWflier. LocalTalk. ImageU rlter are reglitered trademarks of Apple Computer. Inc All other trademark! Are the property of their respective owners. ; v. a*. - *v . I FfeKfySen buarpwftM » WflMa Coiav 8ri» * I Tel: (416) 731-4175 F*x: (41«) 7M-W47 iV Just the Fax While I tested the entire 9600 2400-baud SupraFAX bundle, this review focuses on the software. The modem itself, which includes a complete Hayes AT command set, and Atalk III performed flawlessly. The excellent GPFAX interface sports four control quadrants. The First handles program set-up functions customizing the headers transmitted with each fax, setting page and font definitions, specifying serial-port and modem initialization strings, and creating cover sheets. Although limited to two-color renditions, GPFAX can translate IFF scans of logos and other artwork for a customized look. With the quadrant’s phonebook you can define a permanent list of fax recipients, with automatic or manual dialing instructions, the cover sheet choice, and header information. The second quadrant controls the transmission, reception, and report-log updating. The third covers converting files to faxes, printing and viewing incoming and outgoing faxes,
o o o o plus a scheduler program that lets GPFAX automatically send faxes to a specified machine or group at a predetermined time (such as after long-distance rates drop). Finally, the computer-con - tro! Quadrant lets you iconify or exit the program. GPFAX handles all these chores simply and elegantly. GPFAX carries this philosophy over to its operation side, as well. Whether running in the fore- or background, the program inserts a special printer driver (actually a fax generator) into your system that traps anything sent to the printer. For example, compose a fax in a word processor or desktop-publishing program and tell the program to print it; GPFAX intercepts the print instruction for a street price of SI65 deserves close attention. The SupraFAXModem Plus is just such a deal, including nor only a 9600-band fax 2400-baud data modem, but also a cable, Adalk III telecommunications software, and GPFAX software. For a bit more, you can get the 14,400- baud SupraFAXModem v.32bis. If you add the do-it-yourself ROM chip upgrade, the high-speed modem gains a Caller! D feature. Personal and small business faxing and data transfer. All models. External, serial-port connection. Installation: Easy. Hard-drive-installable software. Not copy protected. Supra Corporation $ 219.95 and S479.95 respectively. SupraFAXModem Plus SupraFAXModem v.32bis WAIT *CS« I DMA MAXO CXWl COX7XCK.HH r . 2MAK* 6*040 ' ACCsir*uro« . (4MB MGM-SXUD 32-W RAJ* tJtPAXSKM* , TMC ULTIMATE AAMCA JCOO r-O-WM WIWXHtXAU ZEOS: FAST SCSI-2 DMA Hard Drive Controller +28MHz 33MHz '040 Powei + 64MB RAM Expansion! PROGRESSIVE 040 2000: 28MHz 33MHz '040 Power + 32MB RAM Expansion!
* m- Still using an '030 accelerator in your Amiga 2000™ system? Since August 1991, over 2,000 professionals have turbocharged their Amigas with a Progressive '040. Progressive Peripherals was first to bring 28MHz and 33MHz 68040 acceleration to Amiga 2000™ systems, for high-speed processing up to 7 times faster than '030-based systems. With today's RAM-intensive and processor- intensive software, and upcoming '040-optimized graphics software, you'll get more out of your Amiga 2000™ than ever before with the Progressive '040. The Progressive '040 is compatible with a wide range of hardware and software, plus AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.0, and 68000 mode is software- selectable. RAM expansion costs LESS for the Progressive '040 than most '030 accelerators! Compare the cost and performance of a 16MB Progressive '040 to a 16MB '030, and the choice is clear. Put the power and performance of the Progressive '040 to work for you, at a lower price than ever before. See your local dealer or call Progressive Peripherals for more information. Pr $ >greSJ Professional desktop video production, graphics and desktop publishing are faster than ever before with Progressive's Zeus. Zeus is the only true FAST SCSI-2 DMA hard drive controller for access up to TEN times the speed of other controllers. Zeus is available in 28MHz and 33MHz speeds to fit your budget. Zeus is economical to expand - from 4MB to 64MB in over a dozen RAM configurations, using industry standard, low-cost 1MBx8 and or 4MBx8 SIMMs. Zeus is packed with features and performance: autoconfiguring RAM, software and hardware 68000 fallback mode, AmigaDOS 1.3 2.0 compatibility, external SCSI-2 port and more, all on a single easy to install board. ,nAn Pr°9ressive's state of the art SCSI-2 utility and 040 software makes Zeus the most powerful, maTpf re;,and rfiab,e '040 iterator on the Amiga 2000™ SstemlotT Wrb°Char9e qoq Quail Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80215-5513 (303) 238-6326
(303) 238-5555 • Fax: +01 (303) 235-0600 • 24-Hour BBS. Teleph°ne- +°1 Wa nd Amiga 2000™ are trademarks of Commodore Amiga, Inc. Designed by Elite Design. Inc.. Denver. CO. R E V I E W S and creates a ready-to-fax File. The software does an excellent job of converting full-color graphics to grayscale images that fax well. Of course, this technique works with any existing lile, and the program directly converts Fdes, as well. GP- FAX even gives you the opportunity to view your fax before transmission. Upon receipt, you can view a fax on screen, print it, or save it in IFF format. The program automatically switches between its fax driver and your Preferences printer drive as necessary. J GPFAX’s real power lies in its features and flexibility. For example, you can easily configure the program in conjunction with the SupraFAXModem to correctly handle fax, data, and voice calls. If it senses a fax tone, it act ivates and begins receiving. If your telecommunications or BBS software is running concurrently and can share the serial port, GPFAX lets it respond to a data call. If none of the above are true, vour answer- ing machine is allowed to kick in, on the assumption that the incoming message must be a voice call. GPFAX can even be configured to screen out junk faxes by checking incoming numbers against your phonebook and refusing to accept AmigaWorld wants to see your stuff... still images in 2D or 3D, or even collages containing Amiga-generated works. We're building a new catalog of Amiga artists and we want to include you! Well keep your submissions on file and, if your work or style fits our needs, contact you. If we call, we will either ask you to create an illustration, or contract a completed work. We find it easiest to work with a slide, photo, or printout of each image accompanied by an IFF file (preferably JPEGged at 100% quality). Please indicate whether your submissions have been used elsewhere, and what software you used to create them. If you've worked previously as an illustrator or have other related experience, send along a resume or short bio as well. Address your package to: AmigaWorld Art Submissions 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. "To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it," said Edward Alden Jewell. But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Transmissions without a match. GPFAX also implements Arexx with more than 40 commands for nearly total remote control. The provided sample scripts should get von started. The very com-
o prehensive manual will answer any other questions. Setting the program up, toggling your option decisions, and transmitting your first fax might take all of 30 minutes. . .if you’re a slow reader. No matter how easy the program is to use, a deciding factor is the quality of its transmissions. GPFAX’s quality is excellent. In head-to-head tests with my $ 1400 office machine, the program outperformed it every time for image clarity and quality. Graphics and type both looked superior. Static on the Line Does GPFAX have any negatives? A few, but frankly I'm picking nits at this point. The first is speed. The program can take from one to three minutes to convert your file to a fax-ready state. (Of course, you eliminate the step of printing the document that traditional fax machines require.) A 10-15 page report could take nearly 30 minutes to generate and another 15 to transmit; keep this in mind if you're a high-volume faxer. For personal, home, and small business use, GPFAX’s speed is more than adequate and its high level of automation gives it features even my office machine can’t match. My second small gripe is that GPFAX doesn’t give you the option of naming your faxes. It uses sequential numbering (for example prt004.p01), with a prefix that indicates whether the fax was generated through the printer driver or directly from a text or IFF file.The numbers are then stored in the Fax-Out drawer. If you generate several files at once, it’s very difficult to remember their order and content. At least the View Fax option lets you double check Continued on p. 92. WITH THE RECENT introduction of die A4000, closely followed by the A1200. Commodore is making a statement about the future of the Amiga. In the immediate sense, that statement can be summed up in three letters: AGA. The AGA (for “Advanced Graphics Architecture") chip set offers tremendous potential for enhanced color and vastly improved resolution. By positioning the A4000 at the high end (following the A3000) and the A1200 at the low end (a logical replacement for the A500), the company is being serious about how it intends to develop the entire product line in the foreseeable future. For Amiga owners who have suffered through some past indecisiveness on the part of CBM, this demonstration of clear purpose is welcome news. The AGA revolution, however, is bound to elicit questions, confusion, and even anxiety among Amiga users. That’s why AmigaWorld is devoting a three-pronged special feature section this month to an examination of the AGA issue from e ery conceivable vantage point. Our first feature, ‘ The Big Decision," provides an overview that raises the questions on the minds of many Amiga owners: What are the benefits of AGA? Should you upgrade to the new line or stay with your present system? Will those who don’t upgrade be left with "orphan” systems by Commodore and third-party developers? "The Soul of the New Machines" takes an in-depth look at the AGA chips and the A4000 A1200 systems that so far comprise the new line of Amigas. Finally, in “Amigas on the Block,” we provide a wealth of practical information both for users who are upgrading and wish to sell their present equipment, and for those who are looking for good buys on existing systems and gear. Whether you make the jump, stay where you are, or sit on the fence to wait and see, knowing the ins and outs of the AGA issue will help you make an informed decision. Daniel Sullivan The Soul of the New Machines"
p. 40 "Amigas on the Block'
p. 47 The Big Decision”
p. 34 THE The question of whether or when to upgrade to one of Commodore’s new AGA line Amiga systems may be confusing and difficult for many users. This overview is designed to put the issue in perspective and help you make the right decision. BY DAVE JOHNSON NEW COMPUTERS SEEM to make people apprehensive. Consider this: If you upgrade, will your old software run on the new machine? If you don’t upgrade, will your present system become an electronic orphan? Will third-party developers abandon the older models in the name of progress? These are reasonable concerns, particularly if you’re short of cash and choosing between a new computer or a cheap car. The new Amiga line is now beginning to take shape with the A4000 and A1200. It is fairly clear that the ACA chip set will soon constitute the backbone of the product line; although the old machines will be around for quite a while, gone is the time when new software or hardware can make a really big splash without some serious support for the new color modes. Let’s talk about what all this actually means to us: Must we upgrade to one of the new machines, or can we keep what we’ve got? In this article we’ll ask a lot of questions and, if we’re lucky, maybe come up with enough answers to help you make die "Big Decision" and come out on top which ever way you decide. The Cost of Progress The Amiga community is face to face with its first revolutionary change in hardware since the Amiga 1000 rolled out of Los Gatos in 1985. It is a change that has been met with confusion, bewilderment, and, in some circles, even anger. Some believe that Commodore has divided the Amiga platform along two incompatible hardware lines and that developers will now have to choose which segment of the market they intend to develop for. Thankfully, that really isn’t true. When you get right down to it, the Amiga product line now closely parallels another computer platform we all know the Macintosh. Even though the Macintosh product line has been split between the old one- hit displays and Mac II high-color systems for years, most software runs on either type of machine, configuring to the available display. The Amiga, aided by Workbench 2.0’s display database, permits software to conform to the computer it is installed on taking advantage of AGA when present or working with the old chip set if need be. In other words, the presence of AGA w ill not weaken the developer’s ability to write software for the entire Amiga market. Nonelhelcss, many Amiga owners are justly concerned that they and their old chip sets may soon be left out in the cold. How worried, say, should Amiga 3000 owners be that they’ll own an orphan in two years? That depends on many factors, a few of which we can reliably predict at the moment. If VGA displays and the Mac II line are any indicator, there is little doubt that software developers will quickly move toward making AGA the standard to which future software is written. That does not mean this new software won't run on older machines, but it does mean that users without the AGA chip set will be locked out of the really hot new features that are sure to appear in these programs. While you will be able to run the AGA version of Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint IV (about to be released as of this writing) on your vintage A2000, for instance, you won’t be able to paint or animate in its nearly true-color HAMS mode. Similarly, Black Bell’s Imagemastcr, which has already been running on old and new Ami- gas alike, recognizes AGA and defaults to HAM8 mode on the A4000, while on the older Ami gas it resorts to a classic HAM display. AMIGA AGAIN liew HOOO Writing on the Wall While there is now a tremendous installed base of older Amigas, the emphasis in the future will be on Amigas with the new chip set. While not officially confirmed as of this writing, Commodore has reportedly ceased production of the A500, which had become largely redundant with the introduction of the A600. If you are planning to buy a hard drive or memory expansion that plugs into the side ol your A500, you might want to consider the purchase carefully. Will you keep the computer long enough to justify the expense? Remember that the A500’s bus is unique and you may not be able to sell the expansion product easily or at a reasonable profit some time down the road. Ironically, the A2000 will probably be around for a bit yet, saved by the “Toaster factor.” The A2000 is cur- rently the only machine in which NewTek’s Video Toaster will work, and that will, no doubt, save the A2000 from a quick demise. Unless a new AGA machine proves to he Toaster friendly soon, the A2000 will likely be manufactured into the foreseeable future and be well supported even longer by the Amiga aftermarket when Commodore finally does cease production. The longer Commodore and NewTek take to converge on an AGA Toaster marriage, the more A2000s will continue to be sold, further solidifying that computer’s place in the long-term market. Obviously, though, it is in NewTek’s best interest to re- lease a version of the Toaster that can run on the AT 000 and future machines. AGA support could, for instance, finally make ToasterPaint a valued feature and the Toaster a stronger product overall. Even more important. If Commodore were to unilaterally discontinue the A2000, NewTek would abruptly be left without a product to sell. Expect a new, improved Toaster soon. What does all this mean for the A2000? Well, of all the older Amigas, The Evolution of the AMIGA; AW’s “Amiga Time Line" traces the development of the Amiga from the introduction of the A1000 In July 1985, through the AGA models the A4000 and A1200 at the end of 1992. 1_ - i .....4 . L___J 4_. £ ’ ¦ A2000 - AW Mar. Apr. ’87 Bringing It All Hack Home rr. A500 - AW May June ’87 T II E V (i A I S S I E . . . A X I) V 0 I - 1 this is the chassis most likely to be eventually “upgradable” to AGA via some sort of motherboard surgery. Hi is does not mean that such an upgrade will ever happen, of course. Like the AlOOO’s latent resurrection, it will almost certainly be aftermarket forces that breathe AGA life into old Amigas depending on what value companies perceive in offering such a product. In any event, expansion cards for the A2000 and A30Q0 work just line in the new A4000, so lire A4000 should have essentially no effect on that particular market. The A4000’s Zorro-3 bus is the same as that in the A3000, which proved to be highly compatible with the A2000’s 16-bit Zorro-2 slot. Generally, any expansion card you use in an older Amiga will be transplantable to your A4000 when you eventually upgrade. The 16.7-Million Color Answer How do the .Amiga’s new graphics capabilities affect the swelling video display market? When CBM was slow to introduce a high-color standard for the Amiga, third-party manufacturers filled the void with their own uniquely incompatible systems: HAM-E (Black Belt), DC IV (Digital Creations), OpalVision (Centaur), Firecracker 24 (Impulse), and the granddadcly of them all, die Video Jbastcr. Ifvou own one of these, does it mean j you don’t need an AGA machine? Absolutely not! Because many third-party display cards don’t really work within the Amiga’s operating system, you generally can't get a Workbench screen or major application to run on them. Unlike the AGA chip set, none of the old display devices are universal enough to meet anything but highly specialized video and graphics needs. Someday, that may all change with a future version of the OS. Commodore has acknowledged that it intends to develop a version of AmigaDOS with retarget- table graphics (RTG). RTG gives you the capability to direct the Amiga’s display to a third-party high-reso- lution display device just as easily as using a VGA card on a PC. So, if you decide to stick it out with your current Amiga, it may be possible in a year or two to have a true 24-bit Amiga with, say, AmigaDos 4.0 and a Firecracker. Looking at the question of display cards from another direction, what if you upgrade to an A4000? Can you still use that video card you bought only last A3000 - AW June *90 A1200 - AW Jan. '93 year? The answer depends largely on which card you own. Clearly, AGA is so superior to low-end video boxes like DCTV and HAM-E that you should probably try to sell it to someone who has decided to stick it out with an old Amiga. On the other hand, 24-bit display cards significantly extend die utility of your plain-vanilla A4OO0. Ifvou had a need for, say, OpalV ision with an A3000, vouil still have that need with die A4000 and should keep the card. Il is even possible, in the forthcoming days of RTG, that you may be able to retaiget your Amiga’s output to one of these cards entirely. The bot tom line is that there is still plenty of room for video display cards, with or without AGA Amigas. By their very nature, these devices perform specialized tasks for unique applications. While the Amiga’s new display modes may lit the bill for the majority of us, there will always be the need for true 24-bit color, video j ’ switching, real-time image manipulation, and other capabilities you can’t get in any Amiga right now. Assessing the Benefits of AGA In the end, the decision to upgrade or keep vour existing system may not be an easy one. To make things simpler, I’ve analyzed the new AGA machines and determined that, for most people, there are only three principal reasons to step up to one of the new machines. Specifically, they are the new graphics modes, deinterlaced displays, and increased processing speeds. Let’s start with the processor. If you still use a 68000- based machine, you’ll be stepping up to a speedier CPU regardless of which AGA machine vou buv. The ? New A1200, for instance, is powered by a 68020 and is a very logical step for A300 owners. The A-1000 comes with a 68040 processor. Likewise, if you are one of the many Amiga owners who has long wanted, Inn never bought, a deinterlacer, AGA comes to the rescue. The new chip set employs "mode promotion ' a fancy way of saying that most resolutions (from lo-res through Productivity mode) can be deinterlaced on a VGA or multisync monitor. Think of it this way: Buy an A1200 for the new colors, and get a deinterlacer for free. If you add those two features together and throw in the new graphics inodes, you may find any of the AGA machines a bargain. This leads to an obvious question, though: As nice as the new display modes are, do you really need them? This question is particularly relevant if, for instance, you have a 68040-powered A3000. With little need For a speedier processor or deinterlacing, you must decide if the new graphics modes arc worth the price all by themselves. To answer that question, you have to take stock of your actual computing needs. Not everyone is a professional videographer, animator, or desktop publisher, and you may conceivably be just as well off keeping the hardware you have. So What Do You Do With Your Computer? Statistics tell us that a majority of A500 owners primarily play games. If you own an A500 and are thinking about upgrading to the A1200 to play better games, should you? Before we answer that question, let’s first recall a bit of history. For years, Amiga games were far and away superior to those produced in the MS-DOS world. The reason, of course, is that games are generally written for the lowest common denominator
(LCD) at the time, CGA and perhaps EGA. About a year ago, VGA “happened" in a really big way, anti MS- DOS entertainment started looking significantly better than Amiga stuff. Today, most Amiga games are still low resolution, in 16 or so colors, while many VGA games are painstakingly crafted in 256 colors. Thus was born the Game Gap. AGA finally offers Amiga game players the promise of high-resolution and high-color displays, but remember the LCD. There won’t be a large installed base of AGA machines for quite some time, so don’t expect the market to be quickly saturated with VGA-quality games. Even now, you can count on one hand all of the MS-DOS games that take advantage of Super VGA cards, and you can upgrade to one of those for well under S100. Yes, there will be AGA resolution games, but not many, at least for a while. Bottom line: Wait and see. After games, the most common home use for many Amiga owners is word processing. Text-only word processors won’t realize very much, if any, benefit from die new display modes; if text processing is your principal labor and you already use a deinterlaced display, AGA has nothing to offer you. Text processors have long been on the decline, though; most people want to integrate graphics into their documents. And while WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) has become a very common catch phrase when talking about graphic word processors, until recently there was no true WYSIWYG on the Amiga. All other factors aside, you can't get “What You See” when what you see is a 4096-color image filtered down to four or eight shades on vour monitor. That was unavoidable, of course, because there weren’t nearly enough colors to go around, particularly at high resolution. All that has changed now. There are already word processors available that allow you to open high-resolution, 256-color screens. II you are uncertain about the advantages of AGA and word processing. I suggest you rush to a dealer and try it out. Thanks to the speed of the new AGA chip set, displaying graphics in 16 shades of gray on a Productivity mode screen is a snappy little task. You might even try theSuper72 800x600 resolution (which yields virtually a complete page on screen), although there is some flicker to deal with. Anything you say about graphic word processing goes for page layout, multiplied tenfold. In other words, when it comes to desktop publishing, color is good; more color is better. The AGA chips couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, in fact. There has been a veritable revolution in color ink-jet printer prices recently, and now you can combine WYSIWYG color on the computer screen with 300-dpi color proofs from a very low-cosi printer such as the HP 500G or 550C. The new Amigas have created a formidable low- cost desktop-publishing solution that should at long last allow Amigas to hold their own against more expensive Macintosh systems. Bottom line: If you publish, AGA is pretty dose to essential. The caveat, of course, is that neither Professional Page (Gold Disk) nor PageStream (Soft-Logik) actually takes real advantage of AGA yet so you can wait a shorL while before spending the money to upgrade. Video, graphics, and animation artists will feel like kids in a candy store with the A1200 and A4000; this is AGA’s “home turf." Not only is the new chip set like a gift from heaven for these chores, but also there arc already a number of programs that can, or soon will, lullv support it. While the Amiga’s 256-color mode is actually superior to VGA (which is based on an 18-bit palette), realize that HAMS is not true 24-bit color and therefore cannot be the ultimate solution to everyone’s graphics needs. Because it is based on a LIAM algorithm, HAMS does fringe, and some professionals will still need 24- bit displays to augment AGA. For all but the most rigorous applications, though, HAMS fringing is essentially invisible, and the new display modes can stand alone as a superior graphics tool. Bottom line: The first time you render an image in Imagine and view it in 256 colors or HAMS, you'll wonder how you ever made do with HAM. Upgrade now, if not sooner. Time to Decide If you’re still silting on the proverbial fence, lake stock of what you use your computer for. If you think you can keep what you have for the time being, don’t worry; you can always step up to an AGA machine later. But be cautious about investing in new peripherals for specialized systems like the A500 that might be difficult to sell later. It is likely, though, that for those who can afford the upgrade, one look at the new display modes will convince you that it is time to take the next step in the Amiga’s evolution; we have seen the future, and the future is AGA. ¦ Dave Johnson authored the book The Desktop Studio: Multimedia With the Amiga, and he is a frequent contributor to Amiga publications. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. 5 New Programs? Business Graphics for the price of 1 Suggested Retail Price: $ 249.95. Call for a free brochure. People have been using Art Expression for more things than we ever imagined. It's like getting five programs for the price of one. If you never thought you'd need a structured drawing program, or even if you're not sure what one is, take a good iook at Art Expression. If you need to do technical illustration but don't require a full-blown CAD system, Art Expression fills the gap with its precision drawing tools. If you're into Desktop Video, you can use Art Expression to create titles and special text effects for your videos and presentations. And if you're an artist, you can use BME (included free with Art Expression) to autotrace your scanned sketches, and then use Art Expression's professional editing tools to touch up your work. We think you'll agree that Art Expression can change the way you use your Amiga. The thousands of new Art Expression users think so. PageStream: the number one selling Amiga desktop publisher. PageStream is the winner of the prestigious Amiga World's Expert Choice award and Amazing Computing's Reader's Choice award. $ 299.95. TypeSmith: the first professional outline font editor for the Amiga. TypeSmith can create and edit PostScript, Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream fonts. TypeSmith is Arexx and HotLinks compatible. $ 199.95. HotLinks Editions: a bundle of three programs at one affordable price. You get HotLinks (a data exchange system), BME (a bitmap editor) and PageLiner (a text processor), all for only $ 150! Soft-Logik Publishing • We give you the tools to dream. .
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- 829- Art Expression, PapeSiream and TvpeSmiih are natleraaiLs or registered trademarks of Soft-Loeik Publishing Corporation. All other trademarks are the propertv of their respective ow ' International calls: 514-894-8608 Fax: 314-894-3280- Mail: P.O. Box . 10589, Si Louis. MO 63151-0589 USA. THE AGA ISSUE . . . AND YOU - 2 The Soul of the NEW Machines If you do plan to upgrade to a new AGA system, know what you’re buying before you plunk down your hard-earned money. Here's an in-depth look at the vital statistics of the A4000 and A1200 machines. BY LOU WALLACE () M P U T E R S change and computing needs change. So is it any wonder that Amiga users are struggling to make the “Big Decision" presented in the previous article: Do you stick with your current computer or upgrade to one of Commodore’s new AGA machines? We won’t rehash the issue here, but for those thinking of upgrading, consider the question in these terms: You must first examine your existing computer, and, while noting it still does everything it ever did, determine if it offers the features you want “now.” In other words, does your current computer satisfy your computing needs? If you decide that it no longer does everything you need done, the next step is even tougher. Do you upgrade your system by adding more memory, faster processors, or better graphics hardware, or should you just give it up and go for the latest and greatest? As luck would have it, them are two new Amiga models that offer faster CPUs PHOTOGRAPHS BY EDWARD J CDI( ;K. Amiga World *f 1 Paula Alice The A4000 is designed for easy access to install hard disks, RAM, and CPU cards. Mmagaa Opening the A1200 shows you have room for a small internal IDE hard drive (but just barely!). Underneath we see the A1200’s expansion port. T H E A G A A 1) V 0 I - 9 ISSUE.. and far better graphics than earlier Amiga models. II you want a faster processor or better gi'aphics (or both), you would probably make a better financial choice to go with one of the new Amigas than to spend a lot of money upgrading your present system. The New Amiga Models While .4 UF has previewed both of the new AG A systems in recent issues (A4000: Nov. ’92. P. 30; A1200: Jan. "93, p.30), let’s examine each in summary fashion here. Then we'll look at them in the context of the larger AGA issue itself, and also take a peek at what you can expect in terms of new product development. The A1200 has a 14 Mhz 68020 processor and an internal IDE hard-disk interface, can be expanded to 10 megabytes of RAM, and includes a PCMCIA expansion slot and a 150-pin expansion slot that can be used to add faster CPUs, math chips and more memory. With 2MB of RAM (all chip), it retails for S699. The A4000 has no built-in CPU, but currently comes with a 25 Mhz 68040 card in its 200-pin processor slot. (Later A4000-class machines will probably offer other CPU configurations.) Like the A1200, the A4000 comes with an IDE hard-disk interface, but features a hard disk as a standard component. The A4000 has the same memoiy-expansion features as the earlier A3000: 18MB on the motherboard and almost unlimited RAM expansion via plug-in RAM cards. The floppy drive is a high-density floppy (1.76MB) that can also read and write to the standard 880K floppy disks used by other Amigas. The A1000 contains four 100-pin Amiga expansion slots, one video slot, and three AT-style PC slots. You will not be able to use all of these slots at once using any one of three Amiga slots will eliminate the AT slot found “inline” with the Amiga slot. Placing a card in the video slot will usually eliminate an Amiga slot. The A4000 has internal drive bays for four 3.5-inch drives and one 5.25-inch drive. I he A4000 lacks the hardware display enhancer circuitry found on the A3000. But high-resolution non-interlace displays can be generated via the new custom chips. However, only some display modes are deinterlaced using this approach. The A4000 also differs f rom the A3000 in that the A4000 does not have a SCSI interface as a standard feature. The standard A4000 configuration comes with a 120MB IDE hard disk and 6MB of RAM (two of which are chip RAM), and sells for S3699. Both the A1200 and A4000 are 32-bit computers, offer up to 2MB of chip RAM. And have the new AGA custom graphics chips. They come with the latest version of the Amiga operating system, V3.0, as a standard feature. Neither computer offers any improvement in audio features over earlier model Amigas. Since there is a wide variety of memory, storage, and processor expansions available for the A500, A2000, and A3000 models, the main reason to upgrade to the new machines is for the AGA chip set and the vastly improved graphics it offers. You may already be wondering if you can simply add the new OS and AGA chips to your existing Amiga in order to upgrade it. The quick answer is yes and no. Yes, it will be possible to upgrade to Workbench 3.0 on older machines that can be upgraded to (or already use) Workbench 2.0, when Commodore releases Workbench 3.0 as a stand-alone product. So far the company has not stated when that will happen. And no, for a variety of reasons you cannot just add the new chips to your existing machine (although rumors persist of third-party work on some sort of AGA upgrade option for older Amigas). Keep in mind that these new chips (Lisa and Alice) are not pin-compatible with the older chips (Denise and Agnus); you cannot just pull out the old chips and plug in the new. And these new graphics chips require other chips (such as custom gate arrays) not found on the older motherboards. One way you could add AGA compatibility is if Commodore released a motherboard upgrade for older machines. So far there is no indication that this will happen. More importantly, it likely wouldn't be a cost-effective upgrade option anyway. For example, if you are an A3000 owner, would you want to pay more than the cost of an A I 200 in order to turn your A3000 (which now retails for as low as SI400) into an AGA machine? It would be better to buy an A1200 and keep the A3000, giving you two machines for less money. The AGA Factor So what do these new AC 1A chips offer that would make you run out and spend your hard-earned money? First and foremost, you get improved resolutions and enhanced color capability. The AGA chips support a 24-bit color palette, offering you any of 16.7 million (yes, million!) Colors. Your screen displays can make use of one to eight bit planes, which gives vou the option of from two to 256 colors in the palette for each screen. You can select the colors for the screen palette from the 24-bit palette range available, which means the colors in the palettes can be any of the 16.7 million colors made possible by a 24-bit palette. This form of color usage is referee! To as register mode, meaning each color in the screen palette corresponds to a given color register. The other color mode is our old friend Hold-and- “First and foremost, vou get improved resolutions AND ENHANCED COLOR CAPABILITY. . . THE AGA CHIPS SUPPORT A 24-bit palette. .. [and] offer A WEALTH OE 11 NEW SCREEN RESOLUTIONS. Everybody's talking multimedia revolution. Allow us to light the fuse. The press writes: "The word multimedia has been battered and misused... Scala on the other hand, know exactly what multi- media is and what to do with it!" Amiga User International (UK) A lot of apples were bruised when we first introduced Scala, the professional presentation package. With the new Scala MultiMedia MM200, they will be blown into oblivion! Let us introduce a few of the features that make Scala MM200 combined with the Amiga the world's most powerful multimedia environment: Scala EX A revolutionary new plug & play system, for the integration of laserdisk, still video, MIDI, or CDTV sound in your Scala presentation. Extra EX'es, such as 24 bit graphic support and VCR control are also available. Scala Wipes More than 80 amazing, smooth and professional transitions provide possibilities previously unseen on the Amiga. Scala Sound Enhance your presentations with voice-over, music and special sound effects! Scala offers total control of recording and play-back. 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The Scala edit menu. SCALA Inc. 12110 Sunset 1 lills ltd.. Suite 100 Reston, A 22090, USA Tel: (703) 709-8043 Fax: (703) 709-8242 SCALA Why make it harder? The Scala Shuffler. Modify (HAM). AGA machines feature an eight-hit HAM mode (HAM8), which lets you use up to 256,000 colors (selected from the available 16.7 million) on screen at once. Unlike the HAM mode, which use 16 base colors, HA.M8 mode offers a 64-color base, which makes it easier to create HAM8 images free of the fringe effects so common in die older HAM mode. Most important to keep in mind is the fact that these color resolutions can be used in any screen display mode or pixel resolution. You arc no longer limited in using low- resolution modes in order to get more color, A properly rendered 752x480 HAM8 image is virtually indistinguishable from a true 24-bit image. The AGA chips offer a wealth of new screen resolutions. Besides those available with ECS and the V2.04 OS, you have horizontal resolutions up to 1280 pixels wide and vertical resolutions up to 1024 pixels high. One of my favorites is the Super72 800x600 mode, which I use for word processing as well as working in Deluxe Paint AGA. Other aspects of the graphics system have been improved. Sprites, for example, are now larger (up to 64 bits wide) and can be displayed in both low- resolution and high-resoludon modes. (Previously, all sprites appeared as low-resolution images, regardless of the screen display mode.) Dual play field mode offers two screens visible at once, with part of one screen being transparent so the other screen can be seen behind it. In AGA machines these dual playfield screens can be four bitplanes deep, meaning they can have 16 colors per playfield. This feature is handy for game developers to give their creations a smooth scrolling effect or to create complex image overlays. The new chips’ vastly improved bandwidth (a fourfold increase over the older chips) allows more colors, better resolutions, deinterlaced displays, larger sprites, and more exotic modes like four-bitplaue dual play- field or HAM8. The extra bandwidth also speeds up the computer’s windowing operating system. (ione are the days when using a 16-color high-resolution display would virtually lock up your A2000 or seriously bog down your A3000. In fact, vou can now use 256-color Workbench displays on your A4000 and expect a performance similar to what you would expect with eight colors on older systems. Expansion Options There are already hardware upgrades available for these new models. For example, MicroBotics offers the MBX 1200, which is a card for the AI200 expansion slot that gives you FPU (floatingpoint unit) and 32-bit memory expansion. The standard MBX 1200 has a 14,3 Mhz M68881 math chip and comes with 1, 2, 4, or SMB of RAM. (You have the option of adding a 25 or 50 Mhz M68882 FPU instead of the 14.3 Mhz M68SS1.) With the MBX 1200 installed, iny A1200 approached about half the speed of my older A3000 in most situations, and was 2.5 to 11(5 times as fast as a stock A500. So far the only announced A4000 hardware option is the A4091 SCSI-2 controller card from Commodore. Designed to give the A4000 access to the new generation of high-speed SCSI-2 devices, it also serves to silence those users who were upset with the decision to make IDE. And not SCSI, the standard interface for storage devices on the Amiga 4000 system. You can expect that because of the features and bandwidth of the new AGA chips, the A4000-class machines will likely see some pretty impressive graphics video accessories developed. And it’s not just the chip set itself that will allow these developments. With the increased CPU power of the 68040, the 32-bit Zorro III bus, and the fact that (he video slot is inline with the Zorro expansion slot (as it is in the A3000). Developers will find all the horsepower they need to make their dream products become a reality. In terms of software, it is obvious that most developers ol graphics packages paint, animal ion, and video tools will add AGA support. Yve have already seen some announcements such as Electronic Arts* DcluxcPuini IV- AGAand Digital Creations’ Brilliance, and oilier upgrades are under way. Many Amiga gamers are looking to the AGA machines, especially the A1200, to rejuvenate the Amiga game market. Because so many PC games are now done in VGA mode, ports to the existing Amiga (if thev are done at all) tend to pale when compared to the VGA versions. With AGA that shouldn't be a problem any longer. In fact, because of the speed of the new chips, it is likely that AGA-based Amiga games will once again be the version that game companies use to “show oil ” their games to the public. Under the Cover The photos at the bottom of pp. 42 13 show the inside design of the A1200 and A4Q00 for user-installed expansion options. You can add floppies and hard-disk drives much more easily on the A4000 than on earlier Amiga systems. Adding RAM is easier, too, because it involves the use of SIMMs (Single In-line Memory Modules) instead of RAM chips. (SIMM RAM can be added in one- and four-MB increments, so the motherboard can hold from 4-16MB of 32-bit RAM.) Installing an expansion card in the A I 200’s expansion port (on the bottom of‘ the computer) may require a bit of wiggling to get the card in place, depending on what you install. You can mount an IDE hard disk (which may already be in place if’you have purchased an A12001II) model) under the keyboard. The photos at the top of pp. 42 43 show the new systems’ motherboards, and all the new chips that make these machines so special are located and identified. Those of you who are familiar with the earlier chip sets will note that these are quite different physically. So What’s a Person To Do? The decision whether to upgrade your present system or bit}’ one of the new machines is a complex one. Which only each individual Amiga user can answer. You must factor in the performance of your existing machine, what features you need that your present computer doesn’t deliver, what it would cost to bring it up to speed, and what options you have in the new systems. By presenting the features that these new systems have to offer, this article attempts to help you understand some of the questions and choices you will have to confront, flic good news is that no matter what route you take, you will still end up with one of the best computers available. ¦ HE AGA ISSUE... AND YOU 3 If you've decided to jump on the AGA bandwagon, you may be looking to sell your older Amiga. If you've decided not to jump, now is the time to get a good deal on used Amiga gear: Here's some savvy advice for buyers and sellers on the used-equipment market WHILE THE MOST rabid Amigaphiles pursue the latest and greatest (and most expensive) .Amiga technology' available, the rest of us can enjoy more Amiga at lower-than-ever prices by picking up baigain, pre-owned .Amiga hardware. Whether you belong to the former or latter group of .Amiga users, we can provide some food for thought. After reviewing the whole Amiga lineup and the considerations involving each model, well explore the issues buyers should consider, and then look at the sellers’ options. Past and Present In the beginning was the Amiga 1000. Only 150,000 A1000s were manufactured; they entered the computer marketplace in shining white armor, blitting and boing-ing graphic beach balls in a single bound. With 256K of chip memory on the motherboard, most AlOOOs bear an additional 256K of optional “nose-piece” RAM expansion. ? BY JOHN FOUST Any further expansion is typically held in an oui-board box, affectionately known as “slap on the side,” or SOTS expansion. Because of electrical limitations, no more than two SOTS devices should be added to an A1000 (typically, these are RAM-expansion and hard-disk expanders). Virile internal memory expansion is also possible, such expanders hold just one or two megabytes; they were made in the days of expensive 64 K and 256K RAM chips. As the oldest Amiga, the ground-breaking A1000 commands the least on the auction block. Next came the Amiga 2000, a computer in a more conventional case with room for internal expansion cards. Often sold with a hard disk, it still offers the widest variety of expansion devices, including accelerators, memory, extra serial ports, emulators, and so on. The Amiga 500 soon followed. Intended as an entry- level, reduced-cost machine. Commodore hoped it would be the C-64 of the late Eighties. The A500 has a memory-expansion slot on the underside and a bus connection on the side. Commodore and third parties developed external peripherals for the A500; because the connector was designed for only a single device, these devices often provide both RAM and hard-disk functions. Third-party companies have developed un- der-the-hood components as well. Later, the .Amiga 3000 was introduced. It featured faster processors and a different accelerator slot, hut backward compatibility with some A2000 peripherals. Today, it’s the best bargain around if you want a faster processor, flicker-free video, and a more sophisticated box than the A500 or A1000. Although the slim box cannot quite hold as much as an A2000, it is perfect for many people. Only the A1200 and A4000 incorporate the newest revisions of the Amiga graphics chips. But so far the A2000 is the only Amiga directly compatible with NewTek’s Video Toaster. If NewTek ever makes the Video Toaster work with the A4000. Prepare for a glut of A2000 systems. In the meantime, look to the sidebar entitled “Preowned Products and Prices” for a glance at the resale Amiga hardware market. What’s the Matter? While there are sure to be some driven-onlv-on-Sundays, mint-condition Amigas on the block, von should know of potential weak points before you buv a used system. What might be wrong with an old Amiga? Any part of it that has been exposed to the outside world may suffer from effects of time and age. After thousands of clicks and miles of being pushed around, the mouse might creak. That’s a minor problem, though; several companies offer replacement Amiga mice for around $ 30. The most common Amiga problem is a defective custom chip called the 8520. I wo 8520s are present in every Amiga. They interface and control the serial and parallel ports, and handle other I O functions. If the I O ports are acting strange, try swapping the 8520 chips. II' the symptoms change, at least one 8520 is probably blown. Replacement 8520s are less than S20 each. Similarly, the Paula chip can be damaged by static charges from fingers or joysticks poked into the mouse ports while the power was on. The serial port has another pair of sensitive chips known as the 1488 and 1489 “line drivers.” These help buffer the serial circuitry from stray voltage. Your Amiga dealer probably carries all of these chips, or you can purchase them from a mail-order company. Apart from physical problems, beware of other issues, such as support and compatibility. Commodore offers ROM and software upgrades to move from AmigaDOS
1. 3 to 2.0, an operation that will become increasingly important if you want to be able to use the latest software. Also, it is difficult to use a hard-disk controller from a company that went belly-up after selling only two dozen units. Without future support or a reputation for reliability, such orphan cards are worthless. And chances are that they will not work with AmigaDOS 2.0 or3.0. In general, you’re better off buying older models made by companies that are still in business in the Amiga market. For a small sum, you might be able to buy the latest software drivers and manual for the un- boxed, bare gizmo you saw on the swap table. The developer might also have a ROM upgrade that makes ii more compatible with present operating systems; Commodore. For instance, offers upgrades for hard-disk controllers and accelerators. Even if a product’s manufacturer is still around, the product itself might be discontinued and tinsupport- The Gift of Power THE FOLLOWING GROUPS accept donations of used computers. For more information about the East West Education Development Foundation, the National Cristina Foundation, and the ALS Association, see Computers To Help People National Cristina Foundation 42 Hillcrest Dr. Pelham Manor, NY 10803 800 274-7846 914 738-7494 Attn: Girl Durocher 1221 W. Johnson St. Madison, WI 53715 608 257-5917 East West Education Development Foundation 49 Temple Place Boston, MA 02111 617 542-1244 617 542-3333 FAX "Help Key,” p. 92, Nov. '92. Computers To Help People is a nonprofit organization that offers consulting and training in adapting computers for use by people who might otherwise have trouble using them. PROFESSIONAL* PAINT & ANIMATION IT HAD TO HAPPEN... We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhoioLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! ITS AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new A4000 modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. ITS POWERFUL... Multiple ievels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features. A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. ITS EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations. ITS BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all, it's from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modessupported: Register based 2,4, 8, 16. 32, or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. With the new A4000: Register based 2, 4, 8, 16,32, 64EHB,
64. 128, and 256 Colors. 6 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in full fidelity internal representations.) DIGITAL
P. O. Box 97. Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone 916*344'4825 • FAX 916-635-0475 CREATIONS Brilliance and DCTV Paint are trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc. Deluxe Paint ST and Deluxe PhoioLab are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Circle 63 on Reader Service card ed. For example, Great Valley Products no longer supports its Series I hard-disk adapters. Instead, it recommends that you trade up to Series II models. The Amiga’s motherboard is another consideration. There have been several revisions of the A2Q00’s main circuit board, for instance. The latest is 6.2; older revisions, including 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, each have their own peculiarities. Today, hardware manufacturers often guarantee their products for compatibility with revisions 4.5 and later, for example. If you have a 4.3 machine, you’ll need to upgrade it to use the latest expansion hardware. Commodore repair centers can resurrect older motherboards to a limited extent. A 4.3 motherboard can be converted to a 4.5, but further improvements might require a complete replacement. Swapping motherboards costs between S300 and S400, depending on your dealer s pricing and your installation requirements. The motherboard swap may become the most routine method of “repair” for future Amigas. First-generation Amigas have many chips that use sockets to make the electrical connection to the motherboard. This makes many repairs as easy as replacing a single chip. The A600, A1200, and A4000, however, incorporate tiny surface-mounted chips that are soldered directly to the circuit board. Thus, repairs of the future are much more likely to require a relatively more costly exchange of the entire motherboard. Pick Up The Pieces Depending on many variables, your old computer and peripherals might be more useful as scrap and components than as work horses. For example, 8520 chips are useful as spares for any model Amiga. Memory chips from an A1000 board can be used in some A2000 RAM boards, adding an extra megabyte or two. Be aware, though, that mixing memory cards in an accelerated system can invalidate your latest purchases. For example, adding 16-bit memory' in an expansion card can slow down some 68040 cards that expect to make 32-bit address requests. You can salvage old hard disks, too. Several manufacturers made A1000 hard-disk systems composed of a slap-on-the-side SCSI adapter and an external SCSI hard disk in a box with a fan and a power supply. Throwaway the interface card for the A1000 (or turn it into a desk ornament) and keep the case, which would cost S100 or more new as part of a do-it-yourself kit. Yesterday’s 5.25-inch half-height hard disk can be re- J o placed with an internal CD-ROM drive, shaving several hundred dollars oil the price of a new, external CD- ROM package. Yon can also replace the old 20MB, 65- millisecond 3.5-inch hard disk with a 200MB, 15-millisecond model for about §300. Because all these devices employ the SCSI standard, you can use them on any model Amiga. Even a supposedly “dead” hard disk is worth something, especially if you can get it for nothing. Often, the manufacturer will refurbish the drive for $ 75 to SI50, depending on size. Most likely, the company will simply send you a new drive of the same type. Check out the advertisements in such magazines as Computer Shopper for companies that repair hard drives for similar prices. They often have great deals on refurbished drives. According to one dealer, Commodore’s original Ami- gaDOSAIS-DOS 8088-based BridgeBoaid is "difficult to give away.” Still slow and cantankerous by today’s standards, the 80286 BridgeBoard might serve you better. A used BridgeBoard system should include the card itself, a 5.25-inch floppy drive, an Amiga disk with the Janus interconnection software, and a set of MS-DOS disks. Your dealer can assist with an upgrade of the BridgeBoard ROMs and the latest Janus software. With 300-baud modems being historical curiosities, consider yourselflucky if you can find someone to cany yours away. The 1200-baud variety is not far from the scrap heap, either. And that $ 300 2400-baud modem you bought in 1988 will sell for $ 50 if you’re lucky. For the Amiga user who has never acquired a modem, there has not been a better time to buy, y The Price is Right “Street price” for used equipment is a hard lesson for some computer owners. The wonderfully complete Amiga 1000 system you purchased for S3000 in 1987 might fetch just S200 today. Even 1990’s hot 25 Mhz A3000 systems have dropped in street price to just $ 1000. This may be bad news for sellers, but it’s good news for buyers. When judging used equipment prices, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Determining a price doesn’t require a degree in economics. If the right buyer thinks an item is worth the asking price, a sale can take place. In the final moment, price is determined by the buyer, the seller, and no one else. A typical, or street, price arises when there are enough beholders and buyers to make the market worthwhile. The “selling price” can even be zero. Why might someone give away an Amiga? They might not know what it is. It might have been transferred as an asset to someone who didn’L really want it. A snobby PC owner J J might dismiss a wonderful .Amiga system because it is not DOS compatible. It is possible for the value of equipment to drop to zero, then rise again later when it becomes “collectible.” There are dyed-in-the-wool Commodore fa- i italics who collect old equipment for their computer museums. A fully-functional Sidecar for an Amiga 1000 might have no practical value, but have great historical value to the right buyer. Set to Sell When you’re getting ready to sell an Amiga, polish it with a spray-on household cleaner in the same way you would wash and vacuum a car before selling it. Prepare a "medical history" of the devices in the system. Are they dean and well-maintained? Have they ever been repaired? Do they have any quirks? What is the future for the devices? Assemble all the pertinent records such as manuals, installation notes, and so on, that go with the hardware and software; put these things together in one place. The medical history should lead directly to your sales pitch. Be prepared to truly sell the equipment to convince them of all the useful things it can do and of how carefully you treated it. The sales pitch in turn leads directly to advertisement. It is good practice to adcl “or best offer” to the price in any advertisement. It should result in more inquiries, giving you a chance to exercise your sales pitch. If you have a modem, post an electronic version of your ad to the classifieds section of local electronic bulletin board systems. If you subscribe to an inter- ? I All photographs are of actual DCTV screens. OiomlCE WHO PROCESS
- )T«* H*KC aacJ«5J?V5S t©*0|rr,'M' 1WHR 5CUIH to'***** A Dt«h»I Oolorl* I
T. htl TT set 1 V**?r-:r “ SI.*.*!’ Jl"-t I ACT I "til J ¦¦¦¦ Qf..Kl-¦* r ¦¦ml - :e and process full color composite images in millions of colors. The Future Is Here! O QO 1 10 1 mtE} «Uf»nuh tu» _ I _fiuv .tMatU_iUH. :«*!«. Cl if St.acj Pai.x** LOW?,1 wtl; UMPj S(W* M>WDJ gftir LORPJ SM-t ? Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.®' Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package. A Cyture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCTV™ images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV™ is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Create beautiful full color video images with all papular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 Mm. J Meg, required mi 3-5 Meg. Recommended Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution of television. Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 1992 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Circle 16 on Reader Service card national computer network such as CompuServe, post your nolice in the tAmiga forums. O . In printed form, you can advertise in computer user group newsletters. While an Amiga-specific newsletter is probably the best place to advertise Amiga equipment, don’t forget local MS-DOS and Mac newsletters and bulletin boards, too. Many Amiga dealers sell equipment on consignment, meaning they will display your goods in their store for a small fee. Such shops usually request an amount equal to ten percent of the sales price. Consignment stores can suggest a price for the goods. Preowned Products and Prices Model Features and flaws AMIGA COMPUTERS: A1000 68000 processor; old, slow; little hope for future expansion; long discontinued A500 68000 processor standard; limited expansion; recently discontinued A2000 68000 processor standard; highly expandable; most popular model Street value $ 100 for stock machine; S150-S200 with 1.5MB RAM $ 300 for new bare system $ 150-$ 250 used $ 790 new bare machine; $ 500- $ 600 used bare machine; S800-S900 with 50MB hard disk, 4MB RAM A3000 68030 standard; MMU, FPU; new; deinterlaced video; 16 & 25 Mhz models $ 1000-$ 1300 COMMODORE PERIPHERALS: Hard-disk adapters A2090 No autoboot; ST-506 and SCSI A2090A Autoboot; ST-506, Free or cheap SCSI, but not best A2091 Commodore's latest; $ 40-580 autoboot SCSI Accelerators A2620 68020, MMU, FPU $ 200-5300 $ 500 max A2630 68030, MMU, FPU, and room for RAM BridgeBoards 8088 Very slow Free or cheap $ 75-$ 150 $ 300-5500 80286 Faster PC 80386SX Better still Their price might differ from your expectations, but keep in mind they are more experienced than you about the true street value of used Amiga equipment. They have little reason to set a price that is too low or too high; after all, a low price means they'd get less commission than they possibly could, and an inflated price means you might never find a buyer. If you don’t have a local Amiga dealer, consider listing your items with an organization such as The National Amiga Exchange, a consignment service of DC Computers in Chantilly, Virginia. To receive its listing, you need a fax machine with ‘ polling" abilities. Dial 703 620-9499 and you will receive a half-dozen pages listing Amiga software, hardware, and related items. The voice number is 703 222-8799. Give and Take If your fond memories of that old Amiga 1000 remain strong, and you are saddened by how little you can get for it, consider donating it to a worthy cause. Do you know a child who would love a computer to call her own? Is there someone you believe could uncover new- found creativity if only he knew about DeluxePaint? Donating your machine to a neighborhood center or national group (such as those listed in the sidebar "The Gift of Power") can bring a tax deduction, too. Keep in mind, though, that most charitable organizations have little time to devote to computer equipment that is not in working condition. If the machine needs repair, have it done before you donate the system. In fact, because the Amiga is not as well-known as other computers, you might want to make a few extra preparations before you donate. Your medical history of the system might include extra notes to point out the Amiga’s speech and graphics abilities. Endless swapping of disks is a hassle for anyone, regardless of ability. It might be impossible for someone of limited dexterity. If you can, prepare bootable floppies for the software you intend to include in the system. Or consider donating the hard disk, too. Even an old, slow 20MB hard disk is valuable to someone who’s never had a computer before. To make the Amiga more useful to some people, Black Belt Systems offers the Jakeboard, a freely-dis- tributable software alternative to the traditional keyboard. It works with most Amiga applications. When the mouse (or alternative pointing device) is moved to the lower half of the screen, a graphical keyboard appears. Click on a key and it is automatically sent to the application. The Jakeboarcl also holds clown the Shift and Control keys until a second key is pressed, making it possible to reach all key combinations. Any Amiga user might use it in a pinch if their keyboard is broken. AGA wasn't even a twinkle in Commodore’s eye when the phrase "Only Amiga Makes It Happen" was coined. Just because there’s a new generation of Amigas available does not mean the earlier models should be discounted. Whether you’re trading up, getting in cheap, or adding to your Amiga collection, remember that all models are powerful tools. ¦ John Foust has been actively involved in the Amiga market since the A1000 made its debut in 1985. He's written for sro- eral computer publications and is president of Syndesis Corporation. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, i TH 03458. E’VE ALL read technical articles about sound sampling and MIDI products. This isn’t one of them. This one’s for people who want to create music on the Amiga, but know little about music composition. If you can hum a tune the same way twice, this article can help you recreate it on your computer. If you can hum a tune the same way twice, you can write a song on You don ’t need fancy equipment, just a couple pieces of software, a few ideas, and the “circle of fifths. You don’t need a complete MIDI studio you don't even need to know what MIDI is. What you do need is a piece of music software that provides an on-screen keyboard (Dr. T’s Tiger Cub, The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks’ Superjam!, and Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Music all do; such programs as Dr. T’s BoomBox do not). I also recommend By Gen& Hamm M U S I C 0 F THE S P II E R E S you use a paint or draw program for this project. Cassette decks and electronic keyboards are optional extras. (I have a Tascam Porta One lour-track cassette deck connected to my Amiga. 1 write all the complicated guitar riffs and orchestral maneuvers on the Amiga and dump them to one track. The easier parts I play on my Casio keyboards and leave the remaining tracks free for lead vocals and harmonies. So far I haven’t composed anything complicated enough for me to learn MIDI, but the day is coming.) It helps to know the names of the notes on the piano keyboard, because you enter notes in most music programs by clicking on a graphic representation of a keyboard. (Of course you can also enter notes via a real music keyboard connected to your Amiga.) So here’s a short course: Looking at the keyboard, you will notice the black keys are dumped in twos and threes. Pick out the group of two black keys closest to the center of the keyboard. Look at the left black key. The first white key to the left of it is C. The white keys are natural notes. The black keys are sharps or flats. Moving up the scale to the right, it goes C, D flat, D, E flat, E, E, C flat, G, A fiat, A, B fiat, B, and C. That scale repeats all over the keyboard. Will It Go Round in Circles? I he most useful musical tool I have come across is the "circle of fifths.” It is the musical equivalent of the Color Wheel in art. With the circle of fifths, you can find all the notes in a chord, other chords in a progression, or transpose melody and chords all over the scale. It is divided up into 12 slices of pie, each slice the name of chord. The outside ring comprises all major chords. I he inner ring is made up of minor chords. The circle of fifths is buried inside most music programs. That is why a tune can be automatically transposed to any key. I've unearthed it so you can understand how it works. To get the most use out of the circle of fifths, use your paint or draw program to graph some of the common chords (Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint IV). Once you build and save your circle of fifths chord chart, you can display it on one screen while running your music program on another, flipping back and forth between windows when vou need to refer to it. ¦ NISI C 0 ]’ T II E S I* II E R i; s In DeluxePaint IV, turn on Perspective so you see the cross hair in the center of the screen. Make a small circle emanating from the center, then a bigger circle, and another one still larger. Turn off Perspective and select the Symmetry tool. Set Symmetry to 12 and draw a line from the center point to the edge of the circle. It should divide the circle into 12 segments. Make sure to keep the circle roomy enough so that you can type in the names of the keys in text mode. Save it as a brush. Stamp the brush 12 times on the screen and save the screen as Blueprint. Then number the circles 1 through 12. Responsive Chords lb make a pie chart for a major chord, find C, G, and E, and color them in on the first circle of fifths. Make C red. As it is the root note of the chord, and color the other two notes pink. On the second circle of fifths, offset your coloring one slice so G is the red mot note and
I) and B are the pink notes. On each successive circle keep moving over one slice, until you have the major chord colored in on all 12 circles. It should come out looking like the sweep of hands on a musical clock (see Figure 1). Save this screen as “Major Chord.” Notice that on the major chord Cand G are clumped together and E is three slices to the right of G. A minor chord is a mirror image of the major chord, with E flat three slices to the left ofG (see Figure 2, top left). Call up the Blueprint screen and run through the same coloring procedure on all 12 circles. Usually, minor chords are transitions in chord progressions from one major chord to another, but songs can be made up solely of minor chords for a distinct sound, such as in reggae. Seventh chords give a slightly more bluesey sound. Graphically on the circle of fifths, a seventh chord looks like the major chord with an added fourth note. The fourth note, E flat, is three slices left of C on the first circle (see Figure 2, top right). You can make a chart for all the seventh chords. Minor sevenths are used for syrupy, soft jazz; they have a light, slightly wistful sound, i he Beach Boys used a lot of minor sevenths. I he fourth note is part of another chord, so it makes the chord a little indecisive. Soft-edged, and nebulous, tugging between two chords. It is not a definite statement like a major chord. The painting equivalent would be the di(Terence between a hard-edged primary color and a soft-edged tertiary color. .Vs depicted in Figure 2. Center left, minor seventh is a minor chord, with the fourth note, B flat, two slices left of C on the first circle. A C major seventh chord (Figure 2. Center right) is made up of C, G, E, and B, and is what most Bossa Nova songs consist of. Try it all over the pie chart. C major sixth is the reverse of the minor seventh (Figure 2, bottom left). It consists of C, G, A, and E. It’s another chord that pops up in Beach Boys songs, especially the ones about tropical climates. Dial it around the circle and see how it sounds. As you can see in Figure 2, bottom right, a minor sixth looks like a mirror image of a seventh. In C, it consists of C, G, B flat, and A. It has a melancholy sound. I'he diatonic scale is the one used in most rock-and- roll songs. If you know how to sing “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do.” you know how to sing the diatonic scale. It consists of seven notes that can start on any root note. With a root note of C, it comprises all the white keys. This means that in just about any rock-and-roll tune, j you have a one-in-seven chance of hitting the right note (pretty good odds). If you use the circle of fifths to find the notes in the diatonic scale, you must decode it slightly because each slice of pie is five notes above or below the one next to it (see Figure 3, top). T hus, if the C is number one, Announcing... Desktop Video World VIDEO, ANIMATION, COMPUTERS, MULTIMEDIA COMp(j VIDEO Multimedia ANIMATION °mPuterf bold, new magazine created especially for computer owners interested in using their equipment to make videos, and for videographers seeking new challenges in computer production. Each issue contains informative articles on such topics as setting up your own studio, candid reviews on new products, stimulating commentary from industry experts, comprehensive buyer’s guides, profiles on desktop video users and more. Editorial perspectives include coverage on all platforms - IBM, Macintosh and Amiga. Other related articles will cover special techniques, such as: morphini oToasfep Ut>Ohi Ti £UYER>s 'a Suite P,0 c:i?drachii v,deo media
• QuickTime • Morphing • Full motion video cards • Animation • Time-base correc- tors t Framegrabbers and more... Save over 33% on your Charter subscription to Desktop Video World and get the next six issues conveniently delivered to your home! TfYES! Enter my Charter subscription (6 bi-monthly issues) to Desktop Video World and bill me later for $ 15.97. I'll save over 33% off the single copy price. Send no money now! One for me One for a friend Name - Name---- Address--Address City-State_Zip_ City_State__Zip. Mail To: TechMedia Publishing, Inc., 80 Elm Street, Peterborough. NH 03458. 800-998-0806, Fax: 603-924-4066. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Canadian residents must add 7% GST. Foreign surface rate is $ 31.97 per subscription. Foreign Air Mail is $ -19.97 per subscription. Make checks payable in U.S. funds on a U.S. bank to TechMedia Publishing. Inc. 533AD MUSIC OF THE SPHERES you must start one slice left of C, and the numbering going clockwise is 4, 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, and 7, The chromatic scale is ail 12 notes: C, D flat, D, E flat, E, F, G flat, G, A flat, A, B flat, B, and C again. On the circle of fifths, starting with C, the numbering is 1, 8, 3, 10, 5, 12, 7, 2, 9, 4, 11, 6, and 1 again. You can see this depicted in Figure 3, bottom. Bites of the Pie A simple rock-chord progression, counted out in beats would be C-2-3-4, C-2-3-4, F-2-3-4, F-2-3-4, G-2-3-4, F- 2-3-4, C-2-3-4, C-2-3-4, and repeat. If you look on the circle of fifths, those chords are clustered together so you have used only a quarter of the whole pie. None of my songs have ever gotten close to using even half of the chords in the pie. At its most basic, my first three- chord rock-and-roll song was just the standard blues progression. You can get a lot of mileage out of those three chords: some rockers have made a whole career from them! Most music clusters around and returns to one chord, which makes locating all your notes that much easier. I think only the most progressive, atonal jazz would use every chord. 1 11 When I think of a tune, 10 I try to make the first note start on a key I am familiar with. In most rock and roll, ever)' four beats is a measure, and most chord changes are on the first beat of the measure. I count out my tune in beats to see where chord changes are. Figuring out the name of the notes in each chord change makes it simpler to narrow down the names of the notes between the chord changes. 1 am an animator and relate this pattern to the frames of an animation sequence: I see the first note in each chord change representing both extremes, or key frames, and the other notes as in-betweens. The chord-change notes are the most important, because they give shape to the song. The other notes are secondary details. To find the name of the chord, I go to the circle of fifths. My first guess is that the name of the chord is the name of the note, so I try that major chord on the outer wheel. If that doesn’t quite sound right, I then try the minor chord of that major, which lies on the inner wheel. Nine times out ten, you will find it is either the major or the minor. If that does not work, then go around the pie chart and try' every major chord that includes vour note. If that doesn’t work, do the same with every minor chord. It is detective work, but the circle of fifths gives you a good map to save you legwork. Going back to our rock-and-roll song, I usually start with a repetitive guitar riff before I add the melody on top. (I grew up in an era where we all hummed the guitar riff instead of the melody.) We know the first chord is C and that the first note of the riff is C. To simplify things, I give all the notes equal value in time. (Later on, in the clean-up stage, I will determine whether to add eighth notes, sixteenth notes, triplets, and so on; now such things would just add confusing detail.) For each subsequent note in the riff, just move up or down die keyboard to see how far it is from die last note. Once you know all the notes in your riff, mark them off on vour circle of fifths. The next chord change is to F. The guitar riff repeats, but now the first note starts on F. To find the other notes in the riff on your circle of fifths, rotate counter-clockwise one slice of pie so that the root note starts on F instead of C. All the other notes will fall into place. For even' other chord change, just dial in the root note. Let’s go back and take a look at the beginning of the song that starts with the C chord. Whatever melody you come up with will start with C or one of the other notes in the C chord, namely E or G. You can find the other notes in the melody the same way you found the notes
* * in the riff Harmonizing To make harmony for your melody, look back to the diatonic scale (remember “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do?”). Consider each note in your melody separately. To make two-part harmony with the first note, think of that note as Do. Start there, move up the scale to Me, and sing it on top of Do. You now have two-part harmony with the first note. Do the same separately with all the notes in your melody. For three-part harmony add So to Do and Me. As you play with the circle of fifths, you will see some of the same chord progressions crop up in your songs again and again. You may start out writing tunes and then looking for chords. Later on you may play chord progressions until they suggest a tune. Perhaps you will reach a point where the common chord progressions seem like cliches. If this happens, you can note the mathematical patterns your chords make on the circle of fifths and, using a purely intellectual approach, try different mathematical patterns that have their own logic. Alternately, you could take a John Cage random approach, print out the circle of fifths, use it as a dart board, and compose by recording your hits! I’ve written over 200 songs since I got out of high school. Until I produced them with the Amiga, they never sounded the same way recorded as they did in my head. Now I have fun recording them, reliving my adolescence, and observing the way the Amiga has affected my music. Because of the Amiga’s vast sound possibilities, my music has developed and expanded from simple songs to instrumentals and background music for animation, and has grown in texture and complexity. ¦ Gene Hamm is an amateur musician and a professional animator. In addition to workittg for TecMagik, Colossal Pictures, and The Gumby Show, he has produced a videotape entitled Amiga Animation: Hollywood Style. Front-end terminal programs can rave netruork users time and money by automatin? Communications tasks and cuttin? Doujn the time you spend on line. On think that just because you recently equipped your Amiga with a snazzy new 9600-baud modem, you can scurry about the BBSs and nets at a dizzying pace saving all kinds of time and money in the process? Think again. Sure, uploads and downloads now move with lightning speed, but not much else has changed on the networks. If anything, checking your E-mail and greeting others on-line seems slower, not faster, and browsing the ever-growing number of information databases gets more confusing and time-consuming all the time. The usual system delays during peak hours compound the situation. And, worse yet, some nets have the nerve to charge extra for 9600-baud transmissions! But don’t despair yet. Before you chuck your on-line pleasures and apply as just another social misfit on a weekday talk show, think about upgrading your telecommunications software first. Easy Living On Line Of course, a liberal amount of scripts, macros, and Arexx code can make all but the most awkward communications packages run smoother and faster but few Amiga users have the time, inclination, By Tim UIAL5H or knowledge to write them. Far easier solutions come in the form of Amiga front-end terminals for LS5J ISSJ ¦ Autopilot 1.82
1992. FiForimi Ltd. 8 REL-MNP &JStr SlCfo«Eu?ot?5R Ri nU er’2M :Bt"0®3_M *” ,09 'n: I ser lt>: 76376.2137 assword: orf ni» how | Oo j »Q I Editor | jnfc ernefc Cuor Get ( Intofoclive _I AutoPilot options are laid out in a clean, button-style format. MANY AMIGA ENTHUSIASTS wax nostalgic over t he good old days of Whap!, CompuServe’s slightly awkward. Ungainly, but beloved Amiga front-end. According to Steve Ahlstrom, the creator of Whap!, the old prc-2.0 warhorse will gallop off to the binary dust bin later in 1993. This should serve as an inducement for holdouts with outdated operating systems to upgrade to 2.0 or higher; otherwise, you and your CompuServe (CIS) account will be out in the cold someday soon. The reason for the phase-out is simple: AutoPilot, the acclaimed replacement for Whap!, is a better, more professional program. Whap! Was already long overdue for an overhaul, not just a facelift. Found in the Amiga Vendor area of CIS, the program has been enhanced to version 1.02 and now attracts a loyal following. AutoPilot. Or AP, works only under j O T AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. After paying a visit to the AmigaVendor forum to download the program and its documentation, you’re almost ready to get under way. The major commercial telecommunications networks. Aladclin (GEnie), AutoPilot (CompuServe), and Por- talX (Portal) are three such programs designed to make your on-line time more effective and reduce the size of your network bill. (Whether it’s the lack of an additional charge for 9600-baud transmissions or its population of technically savvy users who live to write scripts and discuss Arexx ad nauseam. BIX does not offer an Amiga-compatible front-end.) By automating many common communications operations, each makes the on-line process much faster and generally easier. All three are particularly effective if you're using a 9600-baud modem, too. Get M He*'.*g*S ¦ ' • ’ ¦ . ; .j RntgaUscr Get Fites ftntgaTech Get Messages Files BniqaRrts Get ¦ ~*v. Messages Files G t : Messages files RnCaaVen d Get Messages Files gjj-ljrt? Tor noiT-prjggl.~___ REGISTERED: 7637 .. 2137 Slav On! M _| J liras Wifi. I say "almost" because in my haste to install ancl begin using AP, and spoiled by a new generation of Amiga software with automated installation. I failed to recognize the seemingly arcane and dated necessity of manually adding an ASSIGN statement to the user-startup and taking note of which directory VP resides within on the hard disk. Read the somewhat elaborate documentation beforehand, however, and you won’t experience such difficulties. Once installed, AutoPilot demands the time-honored ritual of typing in your local access numbers on the nicely detailed AP screen, followed by your user ID and password in the appropriate requesters, and then the specifying of baud rate and other minor details. After you log on to CIS for the first time using AP, E-mail is sent to Aforums Ltd., the creators of the program, so be prepared to gel billed for $ 69.95, Once you’ve paid your dues, a whole host of otherwise dormant features spring to life. There are screen options for Cmail and the four Amiga forums: AmigaLsei; AmigaArts, Amiga lech, and AmigaVendor. Simply select a button and the option next to it is performed. You can, of course, add more forums merely by clicking a screen button and typing in other forum names. A handful of buttons near the bottom of the screen round out the primary options. Go Online calls CompuServe, while Get All activates all of the Get options for the above areas. Clear All, as its name implies, deactivates all of the Get buttons. AutoPilot in Action AutoPilot, similar to the front-end programs for the other netnrks we’ll be looking at, offers the luxury of making one menu selection and then sitting hack while
o o the computer logs on and collects messages f rom Mail and the Amiga forums; reads new messages and then transfers and installs any messages you’ve written off line: uploads, downloads, and makes a list of Amiga library catalogs; and then automatically logs off. AP automates more E-mail messaging options in the Amiga forums than anyone will probably ever need. Message sections in the various windows for each forum are initially ghosted, or inactive, to show that you cannot use them until you pay a visit to the forum and note the status changes. Having plowed this far along, there’s little danger things will go awry as you proceed further. With a name like AutoPilot, it’s not by chance that buttons next to each forum on the screen allow fledgling novices to become CIS power users in rapid fashion. Among the finer points about AP worth mentioning is an option called Link Speed, which is basic in design, but quite advanced in overall execution. It’s used to set the baud rate between your modem and your computer. While this may sound simple enough, consider that this speed may differ from the connect rate between your modem and CIS. High-speed modems that support MNP or v.42bis compression send data to the computer at a faster, compressed rate. Link Speed then performs a transparent decompression on the fly. Displaying more data than is actually arriving may necessitate that you set Link Speed to a higher rate than the connect speed to prevent the loss of data. It would be an understatement to say AutoPilot is a worthy successor to Whap!. AP is genuinely a better program and a strong argument for all CIS users to up- If your video productions are turning your clients into monsters, it’s time vou attacked the problem with the DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ and DPS PERSONAL TBC III® cards. The PERSONAL V-SCOPE diagnoses color problems by letting you superimpose a digitally synthesized waveform and vectorscope display on any video signal. The PERSONAL TBC III can then cure color distortions by properly balancing red, green and blue. It also gives vou rock solid freeze, variable strobe and forced DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you xcutit to look your beat In the U.S. call (606) 371-5533 Fax: (606) 371-3729 • In Canada call (416) 754-8090 Fax: (416) 754-7046 Circle 171 on Reader Serv-ce card Prices and specifications subject n* change without notice. AMIGA* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Video Toaster* is a registered trademark of Newtek Incorporated.
I) |*S PERSONAL -SCOPE™ is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. PI’S PERSONAL TBC* is a registered trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. monochrome. And it time base corrects and synchronizes your video feeds to eliminate signal . ¦ la,
• ••illk .....lilt ¦¦¦¦¦¦ errors. Both cards are AMIGA® and Video Toaster® compatible, and make for a fully integrated video processing, manipulating and monitoring system. Get the DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE and PERSONAL TBC III, and vour video •> productions from looking like thev're out of this world. At a down to earth price of $ 995 each. F R 0 X T - E X D TER M I A L PRO (2 R A M S grade their operating systems if they haven’t ahead)' done so. If for no other reason, you will enjoy using this program just for the amazing speed at which it transports you about the CIS system retrieving information and recording every move for leisurely off-line browsing. AP is swift and well documented (and it even sports a good sense of humor with its slightly-less-than- complimentary reference to the network as “CIS” right in plain view for the whole world to see!). Your sign-on information, modem configuration, and the names of the RoundTables you're interested in at- tending, and then log on to test the setup. If all goes according to plan, you’re logged on, information is retrieved, and you're logged off. Fast-Paced Action Once you read up on the documentation and get Aladdin customized for your system, the fun really starts. To fully appreciate Aladdin’s functionality, an understanding of Genie’s hierarchical configuration is in order. As mentioned earlier, Genie is divided into RoundTables, each of which contains Bulletin Boards. These are further subdivided into categories, each of which includes a number of given topics. For ever)' message Aladdin retrieves from a particular Bulletin Board, it will display the appropriate category corresponding to that message. Because each category is further subdivided into topics. Aladdin will also search for user-specified topics all in a fraction of the time needed to perform a manual search. If there is a downside to this high-speed action, it's only that because everything happens so quickly; you have very little time to acknowledge the activity much less verify that each category' you desired was checked for its contents. But once you get the hang of it, you will learn to appreciate all that time-saving speed of operation. Further enhancing its functionality, Aladdin allows the addition of new topics in any category'. Simply use the built-in editor to type in a message, let Aladdin post it on the Bulletin Board area of the RoundTable, and you're finished. Aladdin then retrieves any responses to the inquiry the next time you log on. Aladdin handles the Software Libraries on Genie in much l he same manner. List the names of the desired RoundTables and it scans for new uploads in each specified area. Abu can then examine these off line, and mark them for retrieval. OF course, when you log back on, Aladdin downloads them for you automatically. H you are so inclined, Aladdin also sports an R FC. Command that will take you to the Round Fable Real Time Conference area, a virtual trip Lo Purgatory' for hardcore lurkers who strive to maintain a low profile. With RTC, Aladdin will first check for E-mail collecting and saving it for you and then continue on its happy tour to join you with other social butterflies in the RTC area. What don't I like about Aladdin? It bothers me that while you can select between interlaced and noninterlaced screen displays, there’s no provision to use Aladdin outside its custom screen. Maybe it’s the slick interface design and its snazzy embossed requesters that make it cry out for use on the Workbench screen. I expect to see that problem addressed in new releases. JUST AS WITH Autopilot for CIS, Amiga users of GE- nie should make getting a copy of Aladdin a top priority. An entire forum on Genie, called the Aladdin Support RoundTable, is dedicated to supporting this elaborate freeware, which has gone through several updates since its initial release by Timothv Purves in 1991. J d Beyond saving time and automating E-mail functions, Aladdin provides automated access to all the public RoundTables, or areas, on Genie. Three other major segments and a host of smaller features round out the program. These include communication facilities, terminal emulation functions, and the Aladdin Script Language. Getting started with Aladdin involves logging on with a terminal program and retrieving ALADV1.5.RUN, a I40K self-extracting executable file from the Aladdin Support RoundTable. Like Autopilot, ALADV1.5 requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher; without it, the program won’t even decompress onto your hard disk. With .Aladdin decompressed and in place in minutes, clicking on the various menus positioned about the nicely detailed screen and typing in the required information gets the wheels in motion. There’s no waiting for activation from Genie with this program. Enter Lei : B _ Device; t (orwand )T unrrrri scrtii¦>...] I™ t Aladdin Options Script Filenihe tr.tP.Utt.*** Download JsisAn-i Znotitft I Upload enane Address F . Ienane addf s» te?et
* **%!' Th~?T is Bladdin. F jfK MlVtfl I Hot 11 ler.sage _J 0K_ Porta IX Portal T * . Fc, . - - r.. -• . J _ Aladdin installs easily and gets you on line quickly. LIKE BUTTER ON corn, or mustard on a Fenway frank, PortalX is a necessity if you subscribe to the Portal network. Written by Sieve Tibbett, the first version of PortalX appeared in early 1992. The latest version STEP INTO THE WORLD OF AMIGA. . . ¦ • ' ft-'.'1 • ,'e - ••L--nrf'l The Pathway To 0 For a computer as extraordinary as th k. Amiga,™ you need a magazine that Xsfk * can match its excellence. AmigaWorld. 13 vr~v' ; wV6?? AmigaWorld is the only magazine which ; $ &. S SV provides you with ideas and information to il get maximum performance from the Amiga's d$ k. *v W tremendous power and versatility. V Each issue gives you valuable insights to 5 boost your productivity and enhance your creativity. Whether you choose the Amiga as a serious business V tool for its speed and multi-tasking capabilities.. .or for y L : its superb graphics, drawing, color, (over 4,000 colors), sr and animation... or for its state-of-the-art music and speech.., or for its scientific and CAD abilities, AmigaWorld can help you achieve superior results. With its timely news features, product announcements and reviews, useful operating tips, and stunning graphics, AmigaWorld is as dynamic as the market covers. Don't wail! Become a subscriber anil save nearly 47% oil Ibe cover price. Return the coupon or for immcdiulc service, call toll-free 1-800-027-0077 Save 47% ? Yes! I want to discover the full potential of this powerful machine. And save nearly 47% off the cover price. Enter my one year subscription to AmigaWorld for the low price of $ 24.97. If I'm not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund no questions asked. ? Payment Enclosed ? Bill Me Name_ Address_ City State_Zip __ Canada $ 36.00 (includes GST), Mexico $ 33.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). All rates are one year only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. AmigaWorld PO Box 595, Mt. Morris, IL 61054 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. 1 + lead Subs Hrite Article PORTAL PORTALX VI.30 CLICK HERE FOR HELP The new (1.30) version of Portal offers improved performance.
(1. 30) became available at the end of 1992 just as this article was being written causing me to scrap an earlier (and Far less satisfactory) version (1.10) that had been parked in an obscure hard-disk directory. Fortunately, this newest version needed no time to mellow before use. As with the other front-ends in this roundup, you can't use 1.3 or earlier versions of the Amiga OS. We're talking 2.04 or higher here, and no exceptions. Earlier versions of PortalX were grads for the taking; version
1. 30, however, is a $ 30 shareware program. While FortalX has the same basic mission in life as the other front-ends, it looks, operates, and performs in an unconventional manner. Unlike other programs of this genre, it uses windows in place of drop-down mentis. To be sure, PortalX does gel you on and offline in a hurry; it performs all the time-consuming, budget- busting writing and reading activities offline, and then logs you on when you're ready to move those files. Minimal screen activity, however, gives little evidence that all of this is taking place, until you understand both the network and FortalX's functions. Scripts for logging on arc bundled in the Ilia-compressed archive with PortalX, Tymnet is my primary connection to Portal, so I opted for the corresponding script. Tit as I might, the Tymnet script would not log me in properly, or at all, for that matter. After several frustrating minutes, I called up a text editor from the hard disk (necessaiy because PortalX v arrives sans editor) and examined the Tymnet script; even my sleep-deprived eyes noticed the code deviated quite a bit from the norm. An accompanying Sprint.net script, however, bore a closer resemblance to my terminal package’s script, so I merely substituted the code needed by Tymnet, renamed the script, and used it as my personalized PortalX Login Script. To avoid a similar ordeal, be advised that there is a PortalX support area on the network to help you with these and other problems. While PortalX is a fantastic program for retrieving E-mail and posting messages, it's not a stand-alone ter- PortalX, by Steve Tibbett Windou Configure Edit £ages list Edit Eriends List Session Options tall Portal Hu it minal package for Portal. The program uses a public screen named “PORTALX” to accept text from a text editor or word processor that can produce ASCII files to create messages to be uploaded to Portal. You’ll want to keep your favorite terminal program handy, too, since you’ll continue to use it to access older files, to participate in the live forums, and to make use of Portal's Internet Services facilities. As a stand-alone program operating outside of your terminal software, Por- lalX is not designed to handle live chatting or Portal's Internet Services. Finally, On With the Show Once you've overcome the quirks in the supplied scripts, getting started with PortalX doesn’t require an advanced degree in telecommunications. Just hi! In the blanks in the configuration process. A "Set Signature” option lets you supply your signature to bid adios at the end of messages posted on Portal. As with other front- end programs, you also need to specify your modem device and the band rate. Entering your user name, password, and local telephone number, and even specifying how to hang up at the end ol a session, is also mandated. Options allow you to set the screen mode when using AmigaDOS 2.1 or higher (a particularly nice feature), and there are also provisions for saving or using the current configuration for one session. PortalX s primary function, collecting “subscriptions,” sounds like some kind of electronic Book of the Month Club promotion. Such subscription collections, however, are nothing more than visits to areas where you commonly read posts on Portal.Just logon to Portal with your favorite telecommunications program, go to an area, and enter “subscribe.” (To remove a subscription. Simply type “unsubscribe” and that area is removed.) Text gathered can then be read offline. Session Options allow PortalX to automatically download mail messages that you can also read offline. There are also Kill Mail (deletes retrieved mail) and the before-mentioned Get Subs options. Odd appearance and unique operation aside, PortalX is a must for all Portal users. If you subscribe to y several areas and want to minimize the amount of time you spend on line, there is really no other software for the task. Time To Log Off Because each of these programs is specific to one network, it may not serve any real purpose to name which front-end is the “best” or even my personal favorite. Bui when it conies to functionality, speed, and overall refinement, Aladdin wins hands down. Purely from the user’s standpoint, it’s the most time-tested, bulletproof, and well-executed program of the lot. Because they are more recent, however, Autopilot and PortalX have plenty of scope for improvement. Each has already gone through one or more revisions with the results having been all for the good and l highly recommend them to users of CIS and Portal, respectively. And I hope that the authors of all three of these programs continue to take advantage of improved screen modes, file requesters, and other enhancements to the OS. The possibilities for better, cheaper telecommunications are extensive, and users will greatly appreciate the results. ¦ A SERIES THAT EXPLORES THE AMIGAS RELEASE 2 OPERATING SYSTEM In part 5 of our examination of 2.0, we conclude the discussion To finish the investigation of fonts we started in the last installment, we must take a look at user Preferences, another area in which some very interesting enhancements were made in release 2. Of fonts, and introduce Preferences. In Workbench versions 1.3 and below, there are a fixed number of Preferences selections you can make and size and style of text fonts are not among them. In versions 2.0 and above, however, the Preferences system has been opened up, allowing for the addition of new settings and editors for these settings. This new system makes it so easy to expand the range of these settings that new Preferences options have been introduced in each of operating-svstem versions 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0, As with AmigaDOS 1.3, the Preferences editors are located in the Pref’s drawer of the new Workbench. Instead of a single large (and confusing) Preferences program, however, there are now separate programs for each type of setting. Some of these programs, such as the Printer Preferences editor, are almost identical to their 1,3 counterparts. Others, including the Time ed- itor, perform the same functions as before but are now much easier to use. And the Font editor is one example of programs tliat provide entirely new functionality. The Character Issue The new Font editor was designed to give you more choice than that of the old Preferences program, which restricted you to 60- or 80-column text. When you open the Font editor, it presents you with buttons that let you select separate text fonts for Workbench Icon Text, Screen Text, and System Default Text. Workbench Icon Text is, as you might guess, the font in which names appear under icons on the Workbench screen. Your selection here allows you to control not only the appearance of the Workbench and the legibility of icon text, but also the space between icons. Because the Cleanup selection of the Workbench menu now takes into account the size of icon text, vou can r spread your icons out by enlarging the text and then cleaning up each window. ? BY SHELDON LEEMON DOS 2 . 0 - P A R T 5 Font Preferences Workbench icon toxt Screen text _J Svsten default text _) dlanond 12 dlanond 28 dpaint 5 dpaint 8 Elite Hide 11 (¦ Text Only J Text & Field Save I Font Preferences Selected Fonts I Workbench Icon Text: dlanond 12 Systen Default Text: courier 15 Screen Text: courier 15 Select Workbench Icon Text... Select Systen Default Text... Select Screen Text... Save [ J Use I ruby sapphire t ines topas topaz Uni The meaning of "Screen Text” is a little harder to guess. That’s the font in which the operating system displays text for menu bars, title bars, and system requesters. To change this font, the editor must close all of the windows that were opened from the Workbench screen, close the screen, and reopen it with the new font. Therefore, prepare to close all your applications when you select a new Screen Text font. What does this mean for compatibility with older software? Many pre-2.0 applications assume that the title bar employs a very small (short) font, so if you select a larger font, die title bar may overwrite the top of die application screen. While this may be cosmetically unappealing, it usually does not cause problems in the operation of your programs. Ironically, while both Workbench Icon Text and Screen Text are generated by the operating system. System Default Text is not. It is the text style that such applications programs as the Memacs text editor and The 2.0 Font Preferences editor (top) displays only the type styles and sizes it finds in the Fonts: directory. The 2.1 Font Preferences editor (bottom), however, allows you to type in a new size for any type style. | dianond 12 Cancelj ? IB Kr- . - ' 1123 HaBbCdMEeffGgHhliJjKkLIMm4%i0oPpQqft~SsTtUu1 Text: [¦ Field: | Hod : Ol |dianond Text 12 28 J9 A a I Select Workbench Icon Text versflediun Cancel | J the Shell get if they do not specif)- a font. This setting is the one most likely to cause a problem, since applications programs are much more likely to be font-unaware than the operating-system programs. An application that expects its font to be smaller than it is may try to position text where it cannot be read. Making Choices The actual font-selection process varies slightly depending on whether you use version 2.0 or 2.1 3.0 of the operating system. The initial 2.0 Font editor uses a single screen for all three selections. Its old-style font requester displays only existing typefaces and sizes and does not let you create new sizes by scaling existing fonts. The editor in version 2.1 presents a separate font requester for each type of text, and uses a newer style requester wherein you can specify a new type size lor the system to create. With either editor, however, there are a couple of variations in choices you can make for a particular type of text. When selecting icon text, you can choose the color of the text and, optionally, the color for an opaque background behind the text. This is necessary because a new WBPattern Preferences editor allows you to change the color and pattern of the Workbench windows, and the default text color may be illegible with some combinations. One other thing you may notice is that the font ie- quester for System Default Text does not list all your fonts. Only the few monospaced fonts (those, such as Courier and Topaz, in which all characters have the same fixed width) appear in the list. All the other fonts (Ruby, Diamond, and so on) are proportional, meaning that such letters as I and i are narrower than w and m. Proportional fonts look better, but they are harder for programs to handle. Because a number of applications do not display text properly using proportional fonts, the Font editor will not let you select a proportional font as the System Default font. The .Amiga console device is one of the major programs that has difficult)'with proportional fonts. For that reason, the Set Font command mentioned last month does not allow you to install a proportional font in a Shell window unless you add the keyword PROP at the encl of the command line to override this safeguard. For a good example of the problems some applications have with proportional fonts, type the command SETFONT Times 18 PROP in the Shell window. Notice the long space after your prompt? If you type the DIR command, you will see that the Shell breaks each line up into two lines because it thinks that it lias nan out of space, even though it has printed only halfway across the screen. Ready, Set As with all the new Preferences editors, the Font program allows you to save multiple settings. Using the Save .As menu item, you can save your settings to a file along with an icon. From there, you can load the settings directly without running the Font Editor program. You can also load these settings using a CLI command, either from the Shell window or as part of a script. If you have applications that do not work well with your System Default font, you may be able to avoid these problems by using a script that changes the System worldwide The Wor Id's PC Emulator Specialists Customer Service Product Information Please contact our Tech Support if you have any further questions or a particulary tricky problem. Software versions now available:
3. 0 for Atonce Atonce-Plus and
1. 20.22 for Golden Gate. Send a blank disk and a s-a, stamped envelope to receive latest version! Tonce-Plus ,1Hz 286 PC AT emulator, 512KB RAM * qq nboard, for Amiga 500 500-Plus 20Q0 S' * pdate B Atonce-Plus in exchange for Atonce $ 169 irds colors B, ET4000 $ 299 Golden Gate Packages $ 159 Power Pack Golden Gate 486SLC, 8MB RAM, Floppy Disk Controller and Arithmetic Coprocessor 1529 aSSSSSlfKSSJ.u. $ 118 Colde cate 486SLC, 8MB RAM, 80C387SX.25 For Golden Gate $ 129 Jxlrtll C lSSr. Floppy Controller Kit Monitor Master and A | qq Controller chip with cable set $ 89 SVGA Card, ET4000 v * **' 1-Kits fxl MB 60ns lMBitx9SlMMs 2x4MB 60ns 4MBitx9SlMMs $ 129 $ 348 _ INFO- AND ORDER FORM Method of Payment Cl Wire transfer to Deutsche Bank AG, Heilbronn. Germany Address bank account 05 124 420, bank code 620 700 81 moPO Box) Payment by Credit Card ' ? AMEX($ ) 3 MASTERCARD (S) ? VISA (DM)*
* DM-charging may be influenced by the current exchange rates Telephone Card Owner-- Name Credit Card Expiration Date Signature of Card Owner Signature worldwide Branch Office, 3835 Richmond Ave. Suite 138, Staten Island, New York 10312, Fax 718-948-0893 vortex Computersysteme GmbH, FaIter$ tra0e 51-53, D-7101 Flein, Phone +49-7131-59720, Fax+49-7131-55063 POCompatibility by Mail Order You get German products with a 12 month guarantee. You get technical support from the US vortex worldwide Branch Office. You get our prices including all sales taxes and duties. No surcharge. You get all deliveries by our parcel ervice TNT worldwide express. Golden Gate 486SLC 25MHz 486SLC PC AT emulator for Amiga 2000 3
4000. As a bridge-slot-board it connects the zorro slots with the PC AT (ISA) slots. O 2MB RAM (max. 16MB and up to 4M Amiga). Includes PC AT IDE ha interface and optional HD fl disk controller (2,88MB Norton SI 45 $ 10 8MB RAM $ 139 Monitor Master External box connecting graphics card and the AmigS output with one Multisync mo Update A $ Golden Gate 386SX in $ 529 exchange for any PC AT emulator Update D 486SLC-2MB $ 993 Update E 486SLC"8MB 1 tqq Golden Gate 486SLC in p 1 exchange for any PC AT emulator YES, I would like to order Qty. Product Name Price Plus shipping costs S 30 Total (in US $ ) Prices include all sales taxes and duties everywhere In the USA Can Ask for prices other than USA'Can Defective product exchanges only All returns require an RMA . Please call or fax for an RMA before returning anything All returns without RMAp will be refused. Ad prices subject to change without notice. Tech Support in the USA Phone 718-967-1509 Monday -Friday from 12 to 6 p.m. EST Fax 718-948-0893 lompuserve 100015,330, ‘ s en Gate 86SX 25MHz 386SX PC AT emulator for miga 2000 3000 4000. 512KB RAM onboard. Norton SI 23. Identical with 486SLC board DOS 2 . 0 - P A R T 5 Default font, runs your program, and then changes it back. To do this, you first need to save a Font Preferences file that uses the the same icon and screen fonts asvour Workbench Window New Drawer ppen Parent [Close [Update a Workbench' Iselect Contents iClean Up aSnapshot Sshow Ivelx The new Workbench easily handles even the largest fonts. When the Screen Text font is too large to allow it to display a menu in a single row, it uses two rows. Normal Preferences setting, but uses Topaz 8 as the System font, for this example, let's say you call this settings file TopazS.pre (sysiprefs presets is the default directory in which presets are saved). Then, yon will he able to launch the program with the following script Font from sys:prefs presets topaz8.pre use Run onil: Program Font from sys-.prefs env-archive sys font.prefs use where Program is the name of the program you want to run. The second Font command restores the default settings found in the file sys:prefs env- archive sys font.prefs. If you prefer, you can create for this script a Project icon that uses the c:lconx program as its default tool. This way, you can launch your program from an icon. The new font Preferences options that give you such flexibility in choosing type styles for displays are by no means the only such enhancements found in 2.0 and above. Next time, we'll take a look at the other new Preferences editors in versions 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0. ¦ Sheldon Leernon recently finished the fourth edition of the Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute! Hooks), a guide to using the CL1 under operating-systern releases 2 and 3. When he's not writing, you can often find him at Slipped Disk, a Detroit-area Amiga dealership. Blitz BRSIC 2 YOU NEED THE BLACK KNIGHT Breaking new ground for Amiga programmers!!! Developed for the proffessional programmer but easy to leam for beginners, Blitz BASIC 2 offers new levels of speed and simplicity in programming your Amiga. For serious applications and entertainment software. Blitz 2 packages both powerful operating system support and super fast graphics routings into an open ended BASIC compiler environment. Combining extended BASIC concepts with C structures, inline assembler and an open ended command library management system Blitz 2 is a powerful language certain to sharpen your skills. Support for IFF shapes, pictures, anims and sound means Blitz 2 is a practical development language for multimedia applications. With 6 different blitting commands, custom screen control including support for double buffered, dual playfield, virtual scrolling and multi split displays, Blitz can take full control of the Amiga hardware with some of the industries’ fastest graphics techniques. For applications builders. Blitz supports all of Intuition's features including excellent control of 1DCMP communications. Developing 2.0 compatible system friendly applications has never been easier. Blitz 2 comes with 2 manuals of concise documentation, 5 disks packed with demo code, an applications generator, 5 games and heaps more. ACID SOFTWARE 2051 South Dobson Road Suite 17-196 Mesa, AZ 85202 - Phone (602) 831-2313 Black Knight Peripherals 255 W.Moana 207, Reno NV 89509 Tel (702) 827 8088 FAX (702) 827 8099 _Amiga is a TM ol CBM. All otnw trattemariu Ot compan** acXnOtttadyd_ Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc. TOP CHIP The Ultimate in 2Mb Chip Ram Expansion The most versatile, smallest, 2Mb chip memory expansion available. TC has 2 Mb ol Ram on board lor improved noise immunity = Megachip has 1 Mb). It is easily installed with no soldering or cutting ol tracks. TC is compatible with NMS (or electronic switching between 512K, 1Mb. & 2Mbof Chip Ram. Best of all it is upward compatible with The Fast Lane. $ 199 2Mb Agnus.
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14. 4 V.32BIS ... 299 00 PAL SPECIFIC HARDWARE 4052 4422 DCTV PAL ... PERSONAL TBC II PAL .. . 549.00
1299. 00 MEMORY EXPANSION RAM CHIPS MOST RAM CmiP SIZES AVAILABLE AT ECONOMICAL PRICES CALL 1265 SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM ... 1 79 00 1411 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM ...... 240 00 1533 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB BAM ....299 00 1291 SUPRARAM 2000 8MB RAM ....379 00 3184 SUPRAFAX 2409ZI PLUS 119.00 4150 SUPRAFAX MODEM 2400 9600FAX GENERIC ... 135.95 4152 SUPRAFAX MODEM 2400 9600FAX AMIGA 174 00 4086 SUPRAFAX MODEM 9G00 V 32 269 00 3732 SUPRAFAX MODEM
14. 4,V.22915 299.00 VIDE050LUT10NS_ (SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE) INPUT HARDWARE AND ACCESSORIES 4597 AMIGA PC BUS MOUSE ADAPTER 1395 454a analog joystick adapter ....13 95 48T3 CH ANALOG FLIGHTSUCK 3995 4524 CHS ROLLER MOUSE TRACKBALL ..... .....73.95 23 71 GOLDEN IMAGE 2 BUTTON MOUSE .....34.95 3216 GOLDEN IMAGE CORDLESS MOUSE 74 95 4079 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE ___ . 64 .95 4426 GRAVIS AMIGA GAMEPAD 19 95 4544 MICROTOUCH TOUCH SCREEN ..... 829.00 3742 MIRACLE KEYBOARD ... 359 00 4557 PRO PARALLEL ADAPTER FOR FIGHTER DUEL PRO .15.95 1531 SLICK STICK JOYSTICK 7 95 4536 SPEED KING ANALOG JOYSTICK . . 19 95 4445 TAC-30 JOYSTICK..... 10 95 4446 TAC-50 JOYSTICK ...... 13 S5 1416 TRACKBALL AMTRAC ....59.95 4447 C-STlCK JOYSTICK .. ......7 95 4558 WACOM AMIGA DRIVER WITH CABLE . ...64.95 3293 WlZ DRAWING TABLET 75 X 7.5 .... 239 CO mam
• 1604 EPSON ES-G00C SCANNER ... 949 00
• 1665 EPSON ES-B00C SCANNER .. 1279 00 4691 EPSON SCANNER TRANSPARENCY OPTION .....799 00 IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE 3634 ART DEPARTMENT PRO V 2.1 . 159 00 2584 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK ... 52 95 4414 ASDG TRUE PRINT 74 ..... 04 95 4391 CINEMORPH . 99 95 4609 IMAGE F;X .... 749 00 3870 IMAGEMASTER 149 00 4021 IMAGEMASTER FIRECRACKER VER . 139 00 4348 MORPH PLUS 179 00 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 4542 ALADDIN 4D ..... 279 00 4030 ANIMATRIX MODELER 04 95 3290 BROADCAST 3D FONTS ¦ IMAGINE 79 95 3749 BROADCAST 3D FONTS- LIGHTWAVE 79 95 4312 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - MASTER PACK 2 LlGH IWAVE .. 79.95 4313 BROADCAST 3D FONTS- MASTER PACK 3 LIGHTWAVE ... 79 95 3807 CAUGARIII 149 00 4633 CALIGAPI24 279 00 4007 CYC LEMAN FOR IMAGINE - 39.95 4315 ESSENCE ......- .- ..... .49.95 4208 IMAGINE 1.1 VATREE VIDEC ___ 79 95 3826 IMAGINE 2.0 .... 199 00 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS 64.95 2990 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE .... 46.95 2954 MAP MASTER FOR LIGHTWAVE 64 95 4455 MQRPHUS 69.95 4343 MOTION MAN FOR LIGHTWAVE ... . 119 00 RAM CHIPS
- MOST RAM CHIP SIZES AVAILABLE AT ECONOMICAL PRICES CALL A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS 1652 AORAM 540 W OK ......-......89.95 4198 ALFA DATA 501 CLONE .....36.95 1580 BASEBOARD A500 0 4 MB .... 89 00 4438 EUREKA A501 CLONE ..38 95 1685 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MEG ...... _. . 47 00 A500 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS 2506 SUPRARAM 500RX 1MB ..... 135 00 2773 SUPRARAM 500RX 2MB ..... 199 00 3192 SUPRARAM 5Q0RX 8MB ...... 429.00 A600 A1200 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS 4432 BASEBOARD 600 0MB WO CLOCK .... ....24.95 4431 BASEBOARD 600 0MB W'CLOCK ___ . 39 95 4648 EUREKA A601 VV.'IMB . ....- 69 95 4472 PCMCIA 2MB BRD A600 A12Q0 . CALL 4473 PCMCIA 4MB BRD A600 A1200 .CALL A2000 RAM BOARDS 3B89 DKG 2632 RAM EXPANSION BOARD FOR A2600 . ..CALL A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS SCANNERS DIGITIZERS MODEMS ¦5274 1DEK MF-5Q2I ...... . .1899 00 2121 SEIKO 1440 MULTISYNC ....429.00 4649 SEIKO MSO MULTI SYNC 519.00 5059 SONY 1302A ......699 00 ¦5019 SONY 13045 MULTISYNC ..... 625 00 4692 EFSON SCANNER AUTO DOCUMENT FEEDER 459 00 4462 EUREKA HAND SCANNER 400 . 169 00 AUDIO MIDI 112a ECE MIDI A1000. 49 95 1655 ECE MIDI PLUS A50Q' A200G A3000 . 49 95 4370 EUREKA MIDI WrTH PASSTHROUGH ... 2-3.S5 1538 MIDI GOLD INSIDER ...... £4.95 4767 NES MIDI INTERFACE . .. 49.55 4504 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 ..
199. 00 1057 BIGFOOT 200 POWER SUPPLY 97,95 2434 IVS POWER SUPPLY .... . 89 95 CHIPS (VARIOUS) 2143 68882 50 MAT H COPROC ..... 169 00 4052 DCTV PAL ..549.00 4422 PERSONAL TBC II PAL ... 1299.00 21B9 1C AGNUS FATTER 1MB CBM 8372 . . ..... . 69.00 2425 ic agnus super fat 2MB A3000 AGNUS CHIP ..... 99.00 5212 KICKSTART 1 3 ROM 39 00 4229 MEGACHIP 500 2000 W' AGNUS ... 269.00 3881 MULTISTART II REV 6A ....39.95 ¦ 6877 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM 79 95 DPS Personal TBC IIL.S869°° 4486 PROGRESSIVE ¦ Rock solid freeze
• Variable strobe
• True Monochrome mode The Progressive I 040 500 w 4megs I t I Now in stock! Order today! Hz, 68040 .*888“ «i2 kz. 68040 _*127 A2000 28MIIZ ’040 S1129"° A2000 33MhZ '040 s1529“ Expandable up to 32mb ol RAM 4517 DPS TBC, (refurb.)...s499°° 2566 Newtek Video Toaster Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D Renderer, 24-Bit painting & morel I Zeus 040 Accelerator for the A2000 SCSI-2 DMA hd 28MHz ...s152900 Controller expandable to __ mrm of 32-Bit ram. 33Mhz...s192900 EED A3000 ’040 25Mhz ,....s82900 FHE1 Mercury 28Mhz w 4mb .s144900 ES3 Mercury 35Mhz w 4mb .S1849Q0 EE® From Digital Creations Full NTSC Color Display $ 37900*and Di9itizer> PAL Version Now Available! T PCTV DCTV: A guided tour This easy-to-follow, comprehensive x 95 VHS tutorial will tell you ail you need 4&O to know about DCTV, mm Visit our Amiga Superstores! South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90260 - Phone: (310) 542-2292 Mon-Sat 10am-7pm PST Westside: 318 Wilshire Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - -Phone: (310) 394-7779 Sun 11am-6pm 4582 PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL 149 00 4556 playmatiqn ... ..279 00 4292 PRO TEXTURES VOL It ..42 95 3203 REAL 3D VI 4.....
119. 00 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO 60 ... . . 129 00 4370 TOASTER TOOLKIT 1 1 ... . 139 00
• 1584 TOASTER VISION .....
139. 00 3699 VIDEO DIRECTOR
- AMIGA SLOT ... 139 00
- IBM SLOT 139 00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV ......399.00 DCTV RGB ADAPTOR .....249 00 DIGITAL MICRONICS VIViD 24 ... 2795.00 DPS REMOTE CONTROL _ 279 00 KITCHEN SYNC . 1599.00 KITCHEN SYNC S-tflOEO OPTION ......119 00 KITCHEN SYNC GENLOCK OPTION ...154 00 OPALVISION 24-BIT MAIN BOARD 999.00 PERSONAL VECTRASCOPE .. 789 00 FERSONALTBCI (REFURBISHEDI ... ..... FERSONALTBC III . VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 .... 34 95 34 95 29 49 19 95 2995 22 95 14 95 12 95 12 95 12 95
12. 95 .22 95 .22 95 32 95 32 95
32. 95 .32.95 .32.95 25 95 22 95 22 95 . 32 95 . 22.95 . 25.95 . 211 95 24 95 3684 4T29 3681 4022 2912 0104 1219 1679 5602 3680 4 709 ¦1668 4515 4690 4514 1694 5604 3643 1010 5605 2753 0255 5607 1721 4331 4630 4521 3639 4194 4009 4277 3940 2566 4466 3628 4596 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE 4164 CHROMA KEY PLUS .... 0155 COLOR SPLITTER .... DMI RESOLVER BOARDS 2431 FIRECRACKER 24 2 MEG . 8787 FLICKER FIXER .. 4201 FLICKER FREE VIDEO 2 ...... 4277 OPALVISION 24 0IT MAIN BOARD . 4092 RAMBRANDT 24-BIT VlD BRD .... GENLOCKS 4525 GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK 3725 ROCGEN PL JS GENLOCK 6879 SUPERGEN GENLOCK 1440 SUPERGEN 2000S ...... EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A 3635 -JVC DECKS .. 3281 -PANASONIC 7760 3636 -SONY 9 PIN DECKS 359 00 ... 109.00 ....CALL 819 00 . 249 00 ... 239 00 ... 999.00 . 3595.00 479 00 869 00 2099 00 FRAMEGRABBER HARDWARE SPECTRUM 24 BIT framegraqher . 4; 9 00 BUSINESS SOFTWARE EDUCATIONAL LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING BEST BUSINESS MGMT ....129.00 CESKTOP BUDGET 40.95 ROME FRONT 2 5 .. 44 95 PHASAR 4.0 .... 44 95 SERVICE INDUSTRY ACCTNG ...109 00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING HOT LINKS l.t PAGESTREAM . 99 95 DIGRAPH CCRJR 129 55 449 00 329 00
- 629 00 .1350.00 SOFTWARE 3622 AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE . .....74 95 3623 AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN _ .54 95 3621 AUDIO GALLERY JAPANESE ... ...... 74 95 4130 AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN . ...79.95 3558 AUDIO GALLERY SPANISH ... 54.95 0954 LINKWORD FRENCH .... 19 95 0955 LINKWORD GERMAN 19 95 0956 LINKWORD ITALIAN 1995 0957 LINKWORD RUSSIAN 19 95 7066 0226 4510 1854 0979 GENERAL EDUCATIONAL 4027 DISTANT SUNS VERSION 4 1 .49,95 2440 PELICAN PRESS ..64.95 1268 WHERE IN EUROPE IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34 95 1833 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDIEGO 34 95
799. 00 799 00 799 00 4507 1697 Morph Plus s179°° S«we With features like 3D wave ripple effects, completely WYSIWYG perspective and spherical warper, arbitrary rotation, and the best morphing warping technology around, Morph Plus Is the premiere morphing package on the market. . _ . _ 4348 Apt Department Professional Ver 2.1 ¦VI iTsjwrtnvon*. |lMlrr>Tlnnnl Art Department Pro gives you the most powerlul image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compreslon and 24-Bit printing *159°° 3634 The 2 Bit Amiga Graphics Standard Wacom Tablet Aladdin 4D OpalVision Compatible 6"x 9" Seeing is Bettering 50978 “Spectacular”
- Amiga Computing “Awesome”
- Camcorder “Brilliant”
- Amiga Shopper ‘The best paint program”
- AV D
V. -„ L ' " f. r - 10-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! The Ultimate 24-Bit Video and Graphics System Mam Board includes OpalPaint, DpalPresents, OpalHotkey, OpalAnimate and Wacom driver For the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 Oniy $ 999°° $ 279 00 4542 OpalVision Compatible This Is the best pressure sensitive tablet available! The best selling tablet on the Mac. Also avaifabfe in 12Dx 12*'size Driver and cable* ...*84w
• Not required w OpalVision K03*l NEW!!! 32- Bit color Organic deformations Helrarclvlcal animations IFF textures DXF format
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 a m 7M reative CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon-Sat 8-8 PST FAX: 310-214-0932 2948 2957 4207
44. 95 44 95 52 95 3197 2961 2962 3155 3156 42 B2 42S3 3143 40 95 64 95 64 95 54 95 54 95 54 95 54 95 89 95 2659 1267 3649 CALL
64. 95
289. 00 4662 4096 4633 3000 2535
- 1248 0387 8839 3650 4$ 4y 3784 3786 3785 2951 3B56 49 95 74 95 CALL 59 95 13 95
18. 95
16. 95 25 95 59 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 2995 29 95 4270 3880 3965 BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE RAW COPY 1 3K ......36.95 X-COPY PROFESSIONAL .. 45 95 2456 2759 2755 2756 2758 2455 2757 3745 2821 2761 GENERAL FONTS ALL AGFA FONTS AVAILABLE .... CALL 0821 KARA ANIMFONTS 1 . 29 95 0822 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 29.95 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 ......29 95 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS A .35.95 4660 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 34.95 0337 KARA FONTS HEADLINES ...44 95 0358 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 2 ....39.95 3759 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3 .... 46.35 4659 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 4 ...... 44 95 1838 KARA FONTS STARFlELDS .... 34 95 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS ..... 39 95 0095 MASTERPIECE FONTS ... 159.00 3319 600 AMIGA FONTS ...19.95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY 4002 -VOLUME I .59.95 4055 -VOLUME H . 59 95 4271 -VOLUME fil .....59 95 4272 -VOLUME IV ... 59 95 356-i PAGESTREAM CLASSIC FONTS .... ... 129 00 3562 PAGESTREAM DESIGNER FONTS .. .... 129 00 2827 PAGESTREAM FONT PACK 1 -..... 46 95 3560 PAGESTREAM NEWSLETTER FONTS .... -..... 64 95 2826 PAGESTREAM PLUS PACK . 46 95 3561 PAGESTREAM STARTER FONTS . 64 95 4160 PRO STREAM PLUS FONTS ...42,95 DTP PROFESSIONAL PAG€ FONTS 1714 GOLD DISK DECORATIVE . 34 95 1736 GOLD DISK DESIGNER . 34 95 1725 GOLD DISK PUBLISHER 34 95 1104 PROF PAGE OUTLINE CG ....129 00 0953 UNKWORD SPANISH ... 19.95 DTP PAGESTREAM FONTS ANIMATION SOFTWARE DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO THE DIRECTOR V2 0 FRACTAL PRO 5.0 ... SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 ... SCENERY ANIM. DATA DISKS
- GRND CANYON .... OAHU ....
28. 95 3009 ONLINE PLATINUM .. 4153 SUPRA GP FAX SOFTWARE ......
74. 95 DOS TOOLS UlfUTIES 4222 AMI BACK 2.0 ...
44. 95 4410 ASDG ADPRO JX-100 MODULE 64 95 0120 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER 4 t ..... 24 95 PAINT DRAW SOFTWARE ART EXPRESSIONS ...... 169.00 DELUXE PAINT IV V4 1 .. 119.00 DELUXE PAINT IV AGA ...... 139 95 DESIGN WORKS ..... 79.95 IMAGE FINDER .. 39.95 PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 ... 129.00 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEOSOFTWAK BROADCAST TITLE R II SUPER HIGH RES PAL 279.00 IMAGINE 2 0 PAL .. 299.00 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 PAL _.... 64.95 SOFTCLIPSVOL IN COLLECT SOFTCLIPS VOL IV ANIMALS VIDEO TOASTER FLAGS OF THE WORLD CAD DYNACADD .... INTRQCAD PLUS ... PRO BOARD'NET PACKAGE VERSION 2.09 NTSC'PAL..... TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE UTILITY MISC 4698 1912 GENERAL MUSIC SOFTWARE 0663 BARS AND PIPES 39 95 2720 BARS AND PIPES PROF 209 00 4?IB BARS AND PIPES PROF 2 0 ...... 73900 3359 CREATIVITY KIT . 32 95 1270 INTERNAL SOUNDS KIT .... 32 95 1751 MULTI MEDIA KIT 32.95 1271 MUSIC BOX A ...... 32.95 1750 MUSIC BOX B ..... 32 95 3352 PRO STUDIO KIT 32 95 1596 RULES FOR TOOLS _ 32 95 1550 DR T S COPYIST DTP . 190 00 2797 DR T S KCS LEVEL II V3.S ......229.00 3890 PATCHMEISTER 4995 1260 PIXOUND . 50 95 3507 SONIX ..... 51 95 4759 SUPER JAM1 VII 89 95 1584 TIGER CUB 79 95 SAMPLING SOLUTIONS MUSIC HARDWARE 3348 GVP DIGITAL SOUND SAMPLR 8-1 00 4669 ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP ... 599 00 4504 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 70 95 2800 SCUNDMASTER' AjDlOMASTER BUNDLE . 139 00 4041 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES AD10! 2 12-BIT SAMPLER ... 529 00 4332 CROSS DOS 5.0 39.95 47?» directory opus 4 o .... l- 95 3200 OISKMASTER II 42 95 2341 DJ HELPER 29 95 4463 GlGAMEM B2 95 0694 MAC 2 DOS 90.95 4363 MAVERICK 5.0 . 27.95 4124 QUARTERBACK 5.0 . 44.95 1847 QUARTERBACK TOOLS ...... 52.95 3975 SUPER DJ 500C ....32.95 4464 TURBO PRINT .....69.95 111 =- j (fil h LL liVLL •" vu iuiiluuilUDsuuujLOU'ii ¦- ciii' vuiiai suigjjah I'm!li£ mill LL-ti cuuiiuiiMi- ¦:W, IK3PP] Supra corporation Modems - Supra 2400 Baud Modem ....69.95 LfjZZ SupraFax 2400 9600 Data ...... 129.00 4150 SupraFax Modem 14,4 14.4k 299.00 3732 Epson® Scanners ES-600C - 24-Bit, 300 DPI .*949°° 4664 4665 ES-800C - 24-Bit, 400 DPI ......*1279°° 1 ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software when purchased with scanner „..9995 Supra FAX Epson is a registered irodemarV of Epson America THIRD 6EM£R.ffiTI0i 6803D PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR Modem 14.4k 14.4k $ 34900 Includes software and cable SupraRam RX 2506 1 1 MB .129.00 SupraRam RX 2773 I 2MB ..189.00 SupraRam 500 1585 1 512k .. 39.95 Due to industry fluctuation. RAM prices ore subject to change without notice
• 32-Bit RAM Expansion to 32 MB IVIow Available!!!
• 25Mge 68030
• Includes 68882 Math chip
• in-Boaird SCSI
• 253.0 Compatible Expansion part ¦ The first and. Amty ”030 accelerator wth PrcHPiieji aBouring on-board SCS I and RAM to be accessed m the 68000 mode.
* 579°° 4232 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. TAPES GENERAL AMIGA ANIMATION HOLLYWOOD STYLE 15 55 AMIGA PRIMER VIDEO 15 95 AMIGA WORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOLUME I ...... 13.95 AMIGA WORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOLUME II .... 19 95 BEYOND THE MIND'S EYE . 14 95 MUSICAL AMIGA VIDEO 23 95 AMIGA DOS 2 0 COMPANION _ 19 95 AMIGA DOS REF MANUAL V 4 .... 17 95 AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE MANUAL ... 19 95 AMIGA INTERN .... 32 95 AMIGA ROW KERNEL
- DEVICES ....24 95
- INCLUDES A AUTODOCS .....29 95 ¦LIBRARIES . 29 95 AMIGA USER INTERFACE STYLE GUIDE 19 95 AMOS GAME MAKER S MAN L .....26 95 CIVILIZATION THE AUTHORIZED GUIDE .... 13 95 MULTIMEDIA W THE AMIGA __ 16 95 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND II HINT BOOK . ..... 9 95 UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2 0 26 95 4099 2 88 1239 2937 4559 1841 BOOKS 2787 4566 3372 4339 3501 2093 4210 297G 4436 4368 4610 4424 4082 GAMES 45I6 SUNRlZE INDUSTRIES AD516 16-BIT SAMP.ER ...... 1359 00 4157 SYNC PRO .... 179 00 3891 TRIPLE PLAY PLUS . . 166 00 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE 9010 AMIGA VISION . 49 95 3165 AMOS THE COMPILER 45 95 4413 amqs the creator NORTH AMERICAN VER ..... .64.95 4534 AMOS PROFESSIONAL .. 89 95 3229 AMOS 3D PAL . 42 95 9965 AZTEC C DEVELOPERS SYSTEM PLUS SOB ..... 195 00 2687 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL .... 129 00 1753 CAM DO PROPAK 1 ...... 23 95 4525 CANDO2 0
114. 00 0078 CAPtGflK ASSEM2 5 ..
52. 95 6654 CYGNUSED PROF REL 2 .. 58 95 4512 EASY AMOS W.BOOK . 39.95 3921 HISOFT DEVPAK 3 ... .. 79.95 3924 HISPEED PASCAL .
109. 00 3264 INOVATOOLS II ......- ..... ..59.95 3964 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL 3.0
135. 00 1302 POWER WINDOWS 2 5 ...
119. 95 4334 SAS C DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM VER 6 269 00 2688 SCALA vl 1 299 00 2B50 TURBOTEXT
99. 95 TOASTER ESSFNENTIAt S VIDEOS 4401 4460 4458 4457 4379 2841 1887
- TOASTER CG ....34 95
- TOASTER PAINT ......34 95 VIDEO TOASTER WADE EASY 24 95 ARCADE GAMES ARMOUR GEDDON 29 96 AWESOME .... 34 95 4685 BILLS TOMATO SAME ...... . 34 95 4678 HUMANS .. 3995 4615 CYTRON .... . 29 95 1766 Ml TANK PLATOON . 35 95 4433 DGENERATlON .... .. . 34 95 2754 MONOPOLY 16 95 4601 DRAGONS LAIR 111 . 34 95 4407 PUSHOVER 39 95 4283 EPIC . ...... 39 95 2968 RAILROAD TYCOON 39 95 3670 FANTASTIC VovAGE 29 95 4216 ROOQ SPORT 36 95 2914 GODS ..... 26 95 4020 SlM ANT ... 39 95 1779 IMMORTAL ...... 30 95 0508 SIMClTY 32 95 4291 JAGUAR XJ-220 ... 35 95 2712 SIMClTY GRAPHICS * 1 1749 KILLING GAME SHOW . .26.95 ANCIENT CITIES ..... ..... 16 95 2642 3666 LEMMINGS LEMMINGS DATA DISK 79 95 13 95 5713 SIMClTY GRAPHICS - 2 FUTURE CITIES 16 95 4393 MAGIC PCCKETS . . 17 95 4323 SIM EARTH .45 95 4340 NOVA 9 74 95 2380 STAR CONTROL 22 95 2516 OBITUS WT ShflT..... 76 96 0010 TETRIS
14. 95 4197 PINBALL DREAMS 77 95 4667 TRADERS ...... . 22.95 4613 1770 4396 PINBALL FAN-ASIES ... PR«NCE OF PERSIA PPO.ECT X ...... 29 95 2595 36 95 4739 WING COMMANDER ADULT GAMES 45 95 4580 RoflOCCP30 ......
36. 95 7564 CENTERFOLD SQUARES .... .. 19 95 1638 SHADOW CF THE 4358 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 1 BEAST II W.T-SHIRT ..26.95 ENHANCED . ......35.95 4470 SHADOW OF THE BEAST III...... .36.95 3386 STRIP POKER III ...... . 29 95 4676 SILLY PUTTY .. ......35 95 3387 STRIP III DATA 1 .. 16 95 3669 SPACE ACE II ...
38. 95 3388 STRIP III DATA 2 .. ... 16.95 2585 SPEEDBALL 2 ..... ...... 26 95 3389 STRIP III DATA 3 ...... . 16.95 4740 STREET FIGHTER 11 39 95 3390 STRIP III DATA 4 ... 16 95 4231 TENGEN'S ARCADE HITS 26 95 3965 STRIP III DATA S . 16 95 4417 UTOPIA 32 95 4423 STRIP III DATA 6 ...... 1695 4713 4526 4723 1653 395S VECTOR STORM ZOOL ACTION STRATEGY ATRAIN ..... BATTLE CHESS ... CASTIFS 26 95 36 95 ......45 95
31. 95 39 96 4579 4578 4131 4702 4296 WAR STRATEGY CAMPAIGN ... COMBAT CLASSICS ...... CONFLICT. KOREA . CONQUEST OF JAPAN ... CYBER EMPIRE ...36.95 .....29.95 ....43.95 . ... 39 95 .....34 95 4618 CASTLES DAI A DISK 19 95 4604 DIPLOMACY ...... ....26.95 4344 0984 4617 CIVILIZATION CLUE ...... DISCOVERIES OF COLUMBUS 45 95 ..... 14 95 39 95 1846 2663 HARPOON . HARPOON BATTLESET *3 MEDITERRANEAN CONFLICT
41. 95 2095 4294 GLOBAL EFFECT 34 95 4297 HARPOON DESIGNER SERIES 34 95 4397 HOOK . . . 39 95 2838 HARPOON SCENARIO EDITOR .27.95 3244 HARPOON CHALLENGER PACK .....62.95 HP DeskJet 500 HP DeskJet 550C (Color) HP DeskJet 500C (Color) $ 33300 574900
* 439" mm 17401 ¦j 60747 Animator Scenery Animator 2.0.....$ 5995
* Create beautiful landscape scenes and animations
* Render realistic 3-D trees
* Create infinite fractal landscapes A _ . C UlLEHSh 1 THE P OWEI 1! The Publishing Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Professional Draw 3.0 $ 12900 Professional Page 4.0 New Version!
A. A Ann Ask about 0000 our free l lew Version upgrade program! I 4248 3854 IDEO UIRECTOR Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR’s! PatchMeister ...s4995 3890 Universal Patch Librarian SyncPro S17900 4157 SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator Triple Play Plus .,$ 1G5DQ 48 MIDI channels via one interface 3667 SuperJAM! S8995 Write music without ever touching an intrument FREE!!! Buy $ 100 worth of Blue Ribbon Products, get Who, What, When, Where, a personal organizer FREE!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 a • TM reative COMPUTERS CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-6 PST FAX: 310-214-0932 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 80260 4196 LINKS DATA DISK FIRESTONE COUNTRY CLUB .....17.95 4675 LOTUS III .... 35 95 4677 NIGEL MANSELS GRNO PRIX..... .....39.95 4641 ROAD RASH ...
38. 95 4627 TOM LANDRY FOOTBALL .....
32. 95 4733 TV SPORTS BASEBALL 34 95 3973 WORLD CIRCUIT GRAND PRIX ......39.95 4749 wwf European rampage
59. 95 - BARNEY BEAR 3201
27. 95 w•fcW' * 2740
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By necessity, a column about using Amiga computers for artistic purposes, computer art, generally, is too often perceived as a replacement for traditional tools and techniques. Some of the most interesting artists I know are those who. In- stead, have smoothly incorporated the computer into their studios as one of many tools kept at hand for creative work. T his column will explore ways you might integrate the Amiga into a working studio environment, using it in conjunction with traditional media. From Conte to Computer I like the bold strokes one gets from the broad side of a piece of conte drawn across rough paper. Achieving strokes like these from a paint program will probably remain a challenge to programmers for some time to come, so I often find myself with conte in hand rather than a mouse. In drawing from live models, I sometimes use the Amiga as a secondary tool to complete a composition while preserving the look of the conte. The accompanying illustrat ion shows an example of such a two-stage drawing. The original conte drawing was a tall, vertical composition. Looking at it days later, I could see an interesting horizontal composition I wanted to explore. I scanned the top hallOl the drawing into the computer as a 16-level gray scale. In DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) 640x400 mode, I created a horizontal composition with the figure on the left and a gradient (ill to the t ight. With a one-inch brush in Smear mode, I dragged a few arcs into the gradient to loosen it up a bit, altering the mechanical orderliness of the dithering. On a whim, I took a lew experimental swipes at the hack of the figure's head. Some kind of headgear and crest seemed to emerge from the smear, so I made a more deliberate effort utilizing the Undo button until I liked the result. Switching to Shade mode, 1 enhanced the striations in the headgear left by my smear strokes. Using the airbrush in Shade mode, then in Smear, I did a major retouch of the area between the arm and chest that had not gone well in the “no-second- chance” world of the original drawing. I added the final touches with a small brush and changed the palette to sepia conte tones; the image was finished. My goal had been to present* the character of the original conte strokes while making major changes to the format and value composition with computer tools. Creating the headpiece and crest was unplanned, hut developed easily thanks to the freedom ol the Undo feature. I now use the image either directly on the monitor or as a 35mm slide. Moving a painting or sketch into the computer while it is still in progress can open manv useful avenues of exploration. Whether you capture the picture with a scanner or a video digitizer. You can then manipulate the digital version of the image instead of O O the original. For example, a captured sketch can be experimentally cropped and recomposed with any paint program. Its image elements can he cut as brushes, resized, moved around, Hipped, stretched, tilted in perspective, and then placed hack into the composition. With a little touch-up, that image can serve as reference for a traditional-medium painting, either ;is a printout or viewed directly on the monitor while you paint. DIGITAL EX VERIM ENTATION Often while I work on a watcrcolor. Oil, or acrylic, ad justments of overall color and value seem desirable. Experiments of this sort done directly on a painting can he tense. You can, however, safely modify and explore a digital version of the painting. Art Department Pm (ASI)G), PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals), and Imagcmasrer (Black Bell) allow the artist to play with the color bias, simulating oil glaze effects or watercolor washes. The artist can also Don’t forget that your Amiga is just one element in the overall creation of a pleasing work of art as these computer traditional-medium techniques will demonstrate. Reduce or enhance contrast to experiment with the value composition. In Digi-Paint (NevvTek) or DCTV Paint (Digital Creations), controlled coloriza- tion of selected areas of a painting is easy. A hundred experiments can be tried digitally before committing paint to the canvas itself. You can even give a digitized painting a new set of colors. While automatic remap features exist in programs such as DeluxePaint, they are designed to logically replace old bines with new blues, old greens with new greens, and so on. Manually replacing a palette with a new one can vielcl more cleliber- * ate results. One way to try this is to digitize your painting in a palette of eight to thirty-two colors. Reduce dithering in the image by dropping Digi-View’s Sharpness slider or by averaging the final image in ADPro, PIXmate, or Imagemaster. While remaining in any of these image-processing programs, let the software sort the palette low to high and save the image. Next, digitize or paint a new palette of the same number of colors, sort it low to high, and save it. Load the original painting into DeluxePaint. In DpaintlV, simply load the new palette from the Color menu. In earlier versions, press the j key and load the image with the new palette to the swap screen. Press the j key again to return to the modified original. The consistent low-to-high sort preserves the visual structure of the painting. A friend of mine uses this approach to create multiple color variations of fabric designs she produces with her Amiga. Tty digitizing a vivid painting and use this technique to replace its colors with those obtained from digit iz- mg a seashell. If you use an art projector in your illustration work, try using the Amiga as a digital assembly stage prior to projection. Digitize the various elements, composite them in a paint program, and then retouch and print the image. Use this printout in the art projector to shoot the image onto your canvas or illustration board. You can even use the computer as a quick way to enlarge a scrap photo you are using for a portrait. Typically, an artist is given a few snapshots of the subject showing only a small face. A close-up grab with a video camera or an enlarged 300-dpi scan can be displayed full screen on the Amiga with enhanced sharpness and contrast. Then simply use the screen as reference while you paint. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, OakdaleCA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. 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P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HQUflS-CST MQN-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE The Ins and Outs Of Connecting To make successful connections, you must make sure your ins and outs match. Here’s what you need to VIDEO SEITE know to get it right. By Steven Blaize “AFTER FIRST CONNECTING the output of the first playback deck to the input of the first TBC...” Sound familiar? Confusing directions seem to he everywhere once you j J start adding video components to your “Complete Desktop Video System.” No matter what level of experience you have in computers, video, or both, bringing together much of today’s video and computer hardware presents challenges and often headaches. Why? For the most part, these devices were not originally intended to work together. The video and computer industries evolved (and are still evolving) at different points in time and, until just recently, had completely different audiences. Industry leaders vying for market share present another problem. (The most famous example of this kind of phenomenon was exemplified in the videotape format battles between Beta and VHS.) Only recently have many companies become interested in mixing the two technologies, although most still want to use proprietary methods. Where does this put us today? The answer is somewhere in the middle of the changing technologies. The biggest problem to overcome in making computers and video work together is the signal formats. Many computers, including the Amiga, output an analog RGB signal carried by a dedicated cable to an RGB monitor. This signal contains specific information for each of the red. Green, and blue color guns housed in vour monitor. A video signal, O on the other hand, while generally analog, contains information with regard to color, picture levels, and sync. Let me note that in this article I will stay away from technical terms and emphasize concepts. My goal is to assist you in understanding the dill'er- ent signals and what you need to make n your computer signal into a compatible video signal. You may wish to review previous installments for information on the sync signals (p. 45. Jun. '92) and videotape formats (p. (>(), Nov. ’92). Determining Rates Although most computers’ signals are designed to be viewed on an RGB monitor, all computer signals are not the same. Various computers and display cards output signals at very different rates. In order for you to see the picture, you need a monitor that can handle the signal rale output by the computer. In general, the higher the number (typically in 1 Iz) of the signal rate, the higher the addressable resolution of display. The standard Amiga display outputs a 15 Hz signal, which is exact.lv the
o 7 « same rate as a NTSC signal. This is a feature even ol the original Amiga O o 1000, and is what gave the Amiga its early head start in video. All that is necessary to record the Amiga signal is O I' a device that encodes RGB into a recordable composite signal. This permits the development and use of inexpensive encoders and genlocks to he developed lor the Amiga. Coupled with the machine’s animation abilities, this provided the push into video. Until the release of the Amiga 3000, however, our machine suffered in resolution standards when compared to the Mac or PC platforms. I lie higher signal rates common oil the other platforms and in the higli- resolution modes of the newer Amiga AGA chip set make the conversion more difficult. Signals higher than 15 Hz require the addition of a scan-ratc converter, which adds cost and introduces quality differences to these devices. This is important to understand. The high-resolurion picture displayed on your computer must he converted to a lower-resolution-capable signal before it can he recorded to videotape. I lie methods and technology for ao n i coinplishing the conversion vary from device to device. II you plan to design at higher resolutions and convert the signal for video recording, vou should
o o 7 ; pay close attention ro the quality of the encoding device. Now with the understanding of encoding under our belts, we can move on to the next level ol incompatibility signal formats. Sorting Signals The NTSC signal format was originally developed to cany black-and-white picture and audio information. When color television was introduced, color information was incorporated into the same signal format in an attempt to provide backward compatibility. This is where the term composite conies from:' The Third Generation 63030 Processor Accelerator Featuring Pro-Plex ... Processor Multiplexing Vector's unique Pro-Plex feature allows it's on board RAM and SCSI to be used by either the 68030 or by the Amiga's native 68000 processor. By making these resources _ available to the 68000 you save T the expense of an j|§§ additional 8 ¦ AY- meg RAM card % “ and an ¦ L- . I• ...... additional SCSI a - . IJ controller and A 7 drive ... a real ¦ - -0V ¦ savings of . K ... „,-„»»»»« hundreds of *..« *. Null1 dollars. Vltt See what other satisfied Vector owners have to say ... ‘I chose Vector because of the Pro-Plex features and speed of the "1‘m very happy with it 1 traded in my GVP for the Vector, because hard drive. It's very competitively priced.., with better features than of it's higher memory capacity.’ - Ralph HayfGrd Toms River. NJ models comparatively priced... Excellent customer support.* ’Its the best accelerator I've seen. Ifs everything... you have
- Dale Schoeck Waller, TX access to your hard drive and memory in both (68000 and 68030) "Vector is a leader over other products with its features... Excellent modes." - Carey Newsom Mt. Home. ID performance and very competitively priced." "Ifs great... I'm very happy with the performance.’
- Darcy McConnell Fresno. CA - Gil Gilbertson San Diego, CA 'I had resigned myself to the limitations that the competition' offered ’Pro-Plex was one of my deciding factors in buying the Vector over
- either losing ram & drive in fallback mode or no! Having the drive the G-Force. I moved two SCSI drives from my SCSI controller to operate at the accelerated speed. Staff is friendly & helpful... I'm the Vector with no probiems and they are almost twice as fast... generally pleased all around." - Leland Bittle Wichita, KS Competitively priced.. Very satisfied." - Scott Mason Tucson. AZ Compare Vector's feature set and functionality to the competition. Achieving Vector’s functionality with their products requires you to spend a lot of extra money. Money that could otherwise be spent on more 32 bit RAM or a larger hard drive. Or money that could be saved! In any case, consider the real cost of having RAM and SCSI available to both the 68000 and the 68030 and you’ll discover what the competition doesn't want you to know... Vector is the logical choice. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. SOCKETED 6B030 68EC030 CPU SOCKETED 68S32 MATH COPRO 25 MHZ CPU SPEED 33 MHZ CPU SPEED 40 MHZ CPU SPEED Ph. [VTA} 890-70A0 FAX (71 A) B98-OB58 BBS (7TAJ 898-2822 INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS 72A5 Garden Croi e Blvd. Ste. E » Carden Grox e, CA 92GAT Circle 66 on Reader Service card. V i i) i; o s i i t i; The color and picture information arc composited into one signal. While this is still a very popular and common format, the signal will degrade quickly as you make more duplications. 1 his is one reason a duplicated YHS tape does not look as good as the original. Often, people who do not come from a video background do not realize how quickly you can move many iterations away from the original source signal. As a simple example, an animation is put on tape and the tape is edited for timing and audio, this master anitna- (ion is then edited in with other source video and the result is duplicated for distribution. In this case, the final tape is three generations away from the original. It is not uncommon to have four to live generations, and thus signal integrity becomes critical. In an effort to handle this type of editing situation, companies introduced Betacam. Betacam SP, M, Mil, Dl, 1)2, D3, S-VHS, and Hi-8 signal formats. Most of these formats, except D2 and 1)3, deal with component signals. In a component signal, the color and picture information remain separate, and hence the quality of the information in the signal tends to degrade less quickly. Of course, the immediate question is, uWliv all the different formats, and which is better?” The first part is easy: Different companies promote different formats, some of which have higher bandwidths than others, and some of which are digital rather than analog signals. Which is best for you depends on vour requirements and budget. 5- VHS and Hi -8 are convenient in size, ideal for field reporters, and are very economical, although they do not have the bandwidth of Betacam SP. Dl, D2. And D3 are all digital and thus result in little to no drop in signal quality, but definitely come at a higher price. Additionally, the developers of component signals came up with different methods of handling the in for- mation. S-YHS and Hi-8 both use a Y C signal, which carries the color in one place and the picture in another. Beta SP, on the other hand, deals with Y R-Y B-Y, which is similar to the RGB components in the original computer signal. Where You’re Going The computer outputs an RGB signal at a specific scan rate, the video-editing equipment accepts and records a different type of signal, and this videotape is then either broadcast or distributed for viewing. If broadcast is vour goal, vou must know tin* format of the tape that can be handled and be prepared to assure that the recorded signal is within broadcast specifications. As discussed in previous Video Suite installments, this is when you start seeing the difference in equipment prices. Broadcast-quality equipment is generally designed within specific guidelines and manufactured for r) greater durability. Professional non- broadcast equipment is designed with a balance of price, performance, and quality, for example, several S-YHS and Hi-8 edit decks are very good quality and may even meet broadcast specifications, but may not he quite as durable as, say, a Betacam SP deck. Manufacturers have also developed different connections for these devices. This keeps the cable companies in business, but can drive you crazy il you have all the equipment you need and lack the right cable. Your RGB computer cable is likely to Lie a 25-, 6-, 8-, or 15-pin cable. Composite video typically requires one cable for video, and one or two for audio with either RCA or BNC connectors. S- VHS and Hi-8 almost alwavs use 4- pin mini-din connections for the Y C signal, while Beta SP and digital svstems mav include three BNC con- j j ilections for the Y R-Y B-Y component video. Some video decks may also include 7-pi11 Y688 or 12-pin component club connections. Finally, new high-resolution and '‘true-color” (24- or 32-bit) display devices output different signals. The signals of some are identical to those already discussed; others output unique signals. Certain display boards can produce more than one type of signal, and a few can produce other signals with the help of additional equipment, for instance, Centaur Development's OpalYision is a 24-bit display device that outputs only an RGB signal; to record the image you need the optional genlock module, which is promised for release early in '93. I his module should produce a composite as well as a Y C (S-VHS 11i-8) signal. The same is true for Great Valley Products' IY-24: It requires the VIU-CT module to transcode into S-VHS, Betacam Mil formats. Impulse's Firecracker 24 currently has only RGB out at the same scan rate as the original Amiga, and thus requires onlv an Amiga encoder or genlock to record to videotape. Bend and Stretch The solution to these problems is contained in the word ‘Transcode.” A transcoder is designed for one purpose only: to convert one signal type to another. T his means if you have a computer that outputs only RGB, and a transcoder that can output composite, Y C, or Y R-Y B-Y, then you can probably record to most any videotape machine. II this transcoder can also accept a variety of signal formats, you can put it between different videotape decks. Like encoders and genlocks, transcoders vary dramatically in price, quality, and flexibility. You can, for instance, purchase a transcoder that goes specifically from RGB to Y C with a 4-pin mini-din connection. II diis is specifically your need, then this could save you a considerable amount ol money. II, on the other hand, you need flexibility, vou mav need a transcoder 1 J j with more inputs and or outputs. Omi- cron Video. Aha Group, Nova Systems, Digital Processing Svstems, and I.Den O O ? All produce a variety of video trans- coders. And GYP’s new and inexpensive G-Lock genlock also has some tra i iscoding capabi 1 i ty. The bottom line is to consider and understand the differences in your input and output video signals. If you are using a video switc her, vou must tj F v make sure that the input and output features are correct and compatible, and that quality levels are acceptable. Every computer, display hoard, video deck, and video switcher lias not only input and output connections, but also input and output signal specifications. Check each one of these to make sure that each output is a compatible match in terms of connections, signals, cables, and quality with the next-in-line input. Next year may bring more connectivity, but for now keep your eyes open and check out the connections, a Steven Blaize is owner oj Creative Fire, a multimedia-jiresentution company, and co- owner oj Texture City. He is an author, lecturer,; and consultant on Amiga and DOS Windows platforms, specializing in graphic design and 3-D animation. Write to him c a Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - l-800-477'7706 M4NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! 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R. cr. 'imt .....47" P-aiCh Messier ..64*' Souixiinastcr I J4’ Super Jam .....79 '" Sjnc 170 I 74' Triple Ptay MIDI .159" APS US ...Call At) 1012...... l.«f" AmuiW Elite, .64“ AutiiiiaidisH'f IV 5*" Audition 4 ....54 Ivwp flr rtpe* rnj.|«4- Graphics 6f Video Flxel 3D rra I 19" Pujflnation 269" ’ ftaConvmlkifl PaX .32” ftrtilis Vol. I ..... 29“ ProfiUs Vol. 2 29 " Kea! 3D Pro _25-'. 5CALA Home Vitim ..84 " HullUtiedla ...259“ Vltlcu Xliitl.il ...100 Scenery Artlntaior 5V Video Director. ...124 ¦¦ Virtual Reality Jtwtto .54 " Vista Pro 2,0 57 - Al.llVILH 4l> ..... .239 Ail 2.!-------149" Art Crpress'uns -CW1 ttrtuUocc ...... tail Hrujdcml Tltlrrl!. 211 Oi:igiid24 CaH Color SpflUer 104" Ctnefflurpti 99" Deluxe Paint IV,.....99** Deluxe Palm AGA.. CaU Dlirctot 2 __ 07" uKitcy Anlniiiiof 47" Or.X CAD In Stork Imagine 2 0..... 209' Murpll Hus I.Vt'" ICD Specials Ad SCSI 2000 Hard drive interlace A2000 ....$ 59 Cull For Other Prices The ICD Advantage AdlDE 40 Smallest Amiga hard drive interface. AdRAM 2080 8 MB RAM Board for A2000 2500. Flicker Free Video 2 Eliminates interlace llicker for any Amiga computer. Kickback ROM Switch Switch between 2.0 & 1.3 ROMS. Specials ) Commodore Multi Serial......199-*9 Commordore Flicker Fixer... 149" 286 At Bridgeboard ......249" XT Bridge board ...99" DCTV .. 359°° Opus 4.0 53°° Golden Gate 386,486 .....Call Morph Plus .149" Pixel 3D Pro ......1 19" Hardware Oofp DHL Ll-Rftd UU Harter N3ntmr4tE«SUnrj Call C»UX* Call Svpergert ,599 Supenr* 70085 1299 Big rodi PV.T .....89-” Dread Board...,. Call Commodore A570 .Call DCTV ......370- OCTV Rgaton.eiier .Call Dt'sk Jel 3O0C-.- ..Call DxiS 2 I ___ fjB Ciwt fififlC "Wanaef lo*rv nrrctaeXff 24 2 HQ Cali oukJL-ntuti- 366SX HtflU . Cull Michcn Sync 1499- Persona: SIC 349' tougmi e 040 2000 - Call FtogRsrtxi- 0KV5»,.X.ill OuaHi-r:. 127.2W. 340 .Call Smart port ...In Slirfk Vxt. 30 25MHZ ...299" VXL 30 40 MHZ...159” VX1. Mali) Ci> Call VXL RAM Board ... .Call Zeus 610 ’040 SCSI Call 1 MB-... I Iff” 2 MB ¦¦ ..1 Jti'.) Lui ! Utrr.il 7 V 2400 IIDS CaOk-.I iff* Pnx Hixlerrt V32 tux ..Call CiKnmmlon: I QMS... Call Comnxnb>ie 1.960 Call ntC 3fQX ...Call HI Smmi..... ___.OH 236x4 8 Dr.im......Call DOS 2.0 ....on Super IV-hKk . .. Call I M(l > I 80 HS . Call CiVPSarirn.U Oil 3000 I li SAM-H IPS.Calt liB Snuux OU CM*--------C*xlt 115 Route 35 Eatontown, fLI 07724 New From ICD Fastest Hard Drive Controller for Amiga! Up to 10 megs second transfer SCSI-2 IDE Compatible - 8 MG RAM Board Available A500 A2000 2500 CALL IN STOCK! IXTW Syqitest 88 31 IOC Reads A Writes 44N8 carts *399" Maxltx 7120 I20MD *259" SCSI . 7213 213MD ..*259** 3405V 310M8. »259” ini Drives ,m i Dow.* CALI inpucait: ORDER TOLL FREE FAX: (908) 542-3654 1 "800*477*7706 Retail location open Monday - Saturday • It aJh in Traffic Welcome • Fhonc orders taken 7 days a week CUSTOMER SERVICE ft TECH SUPPORT CALL • 1-908-542-8767 ¦ Terms VISA MASTCRCARD. Discover, certified checks and money orders welcome. School &' Corfiorale Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1-2 Business days * Returns: all Items returned must have RMA t before reluming. Defective products exchanged for same Item only. Hardware Items will be replaced or repaired, All relumed llems subject lo a restocking fee. Shipping non-refundable. C.a!l for complete details. ¦ Ad prices subject 10 change without notice. Prices may differ In retail location - Software Concepts I'.ilonlown. Mol responsible fui Lyixxjraphlcal errors. Customer Service and product information call iD08) 542-8767. ' Beni any price" guaranty may not apply to certain items. Ft Video Toaster 3 AmiLink Cl AB Roll ..Call Kitchen Sync ....$ 1499 TBC III .$ 759 TBC Remote .Call ToaslMaster . $ 79 Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ......&289 Toaster Cozzy ......Call Toaster Toolkit ...s I 19 V-Scope .Call Video Toaster 2.0 ....LOWEST WipeMaster .S1 15 ECOWOMY TOASTER ComQURATfOB: Amiga 2000 GVP HC8+ 120 7MB RAM Video Toaster 2.0 1084s Monitor Everything you need for a basic toaster workstation ...$ 3499°° CALL OUR VIDEO COHSULTAmS EOR OTHER CohriGURATlOHS. MegAChip 2000 500 • 'lAO* Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaster? Call for 2MB Agnus Price MultiStart H * *39“ Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and
1. 3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider n A1000 • 0K *149” Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for RAM prices Kwikstart D • *69 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Bools faster and auto boots most hard drives. 3632 4HB 32 Btt 1 12 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. NEW - ONLY 99,s AUTHORIZED AMIGA. SALES & SERVICE CENTER LIST OF ADVERTISERS Header HR) A&M Computer Repair, 117 Reader
173. 17 J&C Computer Service, 116, 117 Sen nee Acid Software, 680 Sendee * Kasara Microsystems. 116 Number . In Adspec, 24 N,""l,tr 34 Manta, 87 1 Dl Alfa Data. 21 93 Memorv World, 93 12 Amigaman. 94-95 99 Micro RX.T), 117 * Amiga World 6 Microbiotics, 20 AmigaWorld Subscription, 63 183 MicroMiga, 117 AinigaWorld Back Issues, 115 65 New I lori .ous Software, 9 « AmigaWorld Tool C'hesl, 109 56 New Media Corporation, 116 85 Bare Bones Software. 116 37 NewTek, Inc., CIV 30 Black Knight Peripherals. 68 17(1 Northwest Public Domain. 117 7 Briwali, 119 150 Progressive lVriplierials, 31 162 Centaur Software, 14-15 188 Ramco Computer Supplies. 117 y Commodore Business Machines. 23 181 Raniige Management Group, 69 id Computability, 82-83 * Razza Video, 96 13 Creative Computers, 70-79 152 Readvsolt, Inc., 30 * Desktop Video Subscription, 57 44 Safe Harbor, 90-91 189 DeVine Computer Sales, 103 40 SAS Institute. 55 14 Dev Ware-. Inc.. 112-113 60 Scala, Inc., 45 63 Digital Creations, 49 45 Sideline Software, 105 16 Digital Creations, 51 81 Smartsoli, 89 76 Digital Expressions Research, 116 46 SoftLogik Corporation, 39 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 61 88 Software Hut, 99 26 DKB Software, 22 90 Software of the Month Club, 116 * Epson America, 26-27, 29 192 Software Support Int i, 117 100 Fail brothers. Inc., 116 87 Softwood, Inc., 17 166 Foxy Tec, 117 57 Sunt i e Industries, 25 151 Gold Disk, Inc., 1 ¦* Supra Corporation. CII 20 Grapevine Group, Inc., The, 106-107 22 Tenex Computer Express, 100-101 156 Grapevine Group, Inc.. The, 117 71 Tri Stale Computer, 97 * Graphic Impressions. 117 86 Visionsoft, 116 25 Great Valley Products, Inc.. 2 52 Vortex Computcrsysteme GmbH, 67 1 Great Valiev Products, Inc.. 4 176 Zipperware, 116 1 Great Valiev Products. Inc.. 5 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 7 1 Great Valiev Products, Inc., 11 f I Great Valley Products, Inc., 13 * Hammond Photographic Services, 116 a 1 nnovatromcs Inc.. CII1 66 Innteractive Video Sy stems, 85 This index K provided as an additional service. The publisher does not assume liability for emirs or omissions.
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Hi old Tnrlttye; 11 IE I M l ED KINCiIK)M'sh tus Magazine, Maneorbi; THE UNITED STATES’ 4niiguWorld, Cable in the Classroom, CIO, Computer lluying World. Computmeorld, Digital Siaes, DOS Resource Guide. Electronic Xmes. Federal Computer Week, GamePro, I IK * Books. InCiderA-. InjoWorld. Ijstiis, Mara* old, MFC Woild, Network Iliold. X, STUDDED. PC Games. PC letter. PC World, hdJeJi!, Hi X. S odliuW. .MIM77*ni: 'EN'EZl ELAN Computer-
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- 95.00 Supra Corporation In your choice of SCSI, IDE, or SCSI IDE Combo Uses any LPS drive. Great looking chassis! IDE ..165 SCSI 175 Combo ..199 EXPANSION Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Safe Harbor! Dale, Scott H„ George, Laurie, Jeff Mary, Pat, and Dennis 2 120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L, WAUKESHA. W! 53186 Profills 2.0 1 ...33 99 Profills 2.0 2 ...33.99 Proper Grammar II ... ...59.99 ProStream Fonts Plus...... ...44.99 ProWrite 3.3 .. ...55.00 QuarterBack 5.0 . ...45.00 QuarterBack Tools .... ...53.00 Resource .125.00 Rexx Plus Comoiler .. .125.00 Scala MultiMedia 200...... ..305.00 Super DJC ..... ...31.99 SuperBase Prof 4 ..... ..185.00 Super Jam 1.1 .. ...88.99 TexTiles Vol 2 .32.99 Toaster Toolkit 1.1 .... ..130.00 Toaster Vision ... .130.00 ToastMaster .. ....89.99 True Print 24 . 56 on Virtual Reality Studio ...53.99 Vista Pro 2.0 .. ..59.99 Wshell 2.0 ..... ....52.00 WipeMaster ... .120.00 Workbench 2.0 Enh Pack ....13.00 Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module ...159.00 AD 1012 ...495.00 AD 516 ...1249.00 AdFlicker Free Video 2 239.00 AdSpeed ...179.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..12.00 AMAX II+ ..345.00 Atonce + ...199.00 Black Burst Generator .175.00 Boing! Mouse ....84.00 CD Rom Drive, Ext Chinon.535.00 CD Rom Drive, Int Chinon .425.00 Deluxe Muse II .. ...8000 Deluxe F*aint IV (AGA) 119.00 Desert Stnke . ..3299 Haipoon Signature Ed . ...56.99 Legends ot Valour . ...38.99 Road Rash ..... ..34.99 Space Hulk 3299 Wing Commander ..4499 Increase the chip memory of your A600 to 2 megs! A601 0k .....24.00 A601C w clock 0k ..39.00 ELECTRONIC ARTS® Spring Releases! Hardware Controller. GVP 2000 8 0 ..169.00 DCTV .389.00 DCTV RGB Converter 225.00 DSS Sound Digitizer 79.00 Fast RAM IC Card w 2MB.210.00 Fast RAM IC Card w 4MB.339.00 Fatter Agnus 1-Meg 49.00 Floptical Drive, Int DMI 389.00 Floptical Drive, Ext DMI 570.00 Floptical Drive. 3000 DMI..399.00 Floptical Media ..25.00 Genlock, G-Lock ..410.00 Harddrive, 42Q ELS 215.00 Harddrive, 85Q ELS 299.00 Harddrive, 127QELS 385.00 Harddrive, 170Q ELS 445.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 120 ..609.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 213 ..899.00 Harddrive. Impact 530T 120..999.00 Harddrive, Impact 530T 240.1349.00 I O Extender, GVP 210.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog 14.99 Joystick. SpeedKing 15.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog 23.00 Keyboard Overlay DCTV 12.00 Keyboard Overlay Toaster ...26.99 Kitchen Sync .1599.00 MBX 1200 4 OK 14MHz 155.00 MBX 1200 4 0K 28MHz 215.00 MIDI. ECE 500 2000 .....52.00 MIDI Connector ......48.00 Miracle Keyboard 349.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus .269.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Mouse Pen. Alfa Data 64.00 Mug. CBM Amiga 5.00 One Stop Music Shop 629.00 OpalVision 989.00 PC 286 Emulator 160.00 Personal SFC ...375.00 Personal V Scope 789.00 Personal VDA ..125.00 Phone Pak, GVP ..399.00 Power Supply 2000 ....159.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 Scanner, MiGraph 259.00 Scanner, MiGraph OCR Jr 299.00 Syquest Int 44 88MB 399 549 Syquest Ext 44 88MB......499 649 Syquest 5110C88MB 435.00 TBC III ......795.00 Toaster Cozzy ..699.00 TouchDown Tape Drive 655.00 Trackball, AMTrac ..69.99 ROCTEC Floppy Drive, Int 500..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..89.00 RocGen Plus 289.00 RocKey .319.00 RocGen Plus with RocKey .....539,00 RocHard IDE SCSI .190.00 RocHard 80 500 .....449.00 RocHard 120 500 ...489.00 RocTec Mouse ..25.00 RocKnight Anti-Virus ..30.00 RocMate ....95.00 SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GP Fax Software .75 00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 299.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw .345.00 SupraFAXModem 9600 Bare245.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....165.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 75.00 INTRODUCING ZyXEL MODEM*
14. 4 FAX Modem w
V. 32bis V.42bis + FAX Password protection Built-in caller ID Switcher for modem or FAX use Forthe A500 SupraDrive 500XP120MB .499.00 SupraDrive 500XP 213MB .599.00 (Shipping is only $ 7.00 on these systems!) Video Master .....73.99 Visiona 110MHz 2 ....3375.00 WIZ Tablet 229.00 SupraRAM 200QGK. M E M HA 512K RAM Expansion 500RX 1 500 RX _ 500 RX-S__ =GVPJ 1 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS G-Force 68030 Accelerators 25MHZ 25 1MB 595.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 879.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 120 1199.00 40MHZ 4Q 213 1319.00 50MHZ 5O 4MB 1339.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120.1679.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 213.1899.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB 1679.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 120.1919.00 Memoiy Upgrade 4MB..205.00 Floppy Dn e__75.00 PowerPC Board 259.00 Power Suppty. 500XP __55.00 SCSI Controler, 50QXP _169.00 SCSI Controler, 2000 __110.00 SCSI Controler, 1000 179.00 Series III Upgrade _3500 OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS SupraRAM 20002 SupraRAM 20004 SupraRAM 20006. SupraRAM 20008. .339.00 From p. 32. Which fax is which. Finally, GPFAX needs a hang-up-on-cr- ror routine. During reception of a fax, my machine ran out of disk space. It signaled an error to the sending machine, but the program simply stopped on my machine and never hung up the phone. Two subsequent tests yielded the same results. Golden Gate 386SX Monitor Master Vortex Worldwide, S599, $ 148. A2000, A3000, A4000. 2.0 compatible. Internal, PC-slot connection. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Moderate. Minimum system: 1MB of RAM. Hard-drive-installable software. Recommended system: 1+MB of RAM, Not copy protected, hard drive, VGA card, multisync monitor. Nits aside, 1 am very impressed with GPFAX and the Supra FAX Modem. From top to bottom this is a quality act with more value per dollar spent than anything I’ve bought in a long time. IBM PC AT emulation. If you’re like me, your workplace is littered with Pcs. Using an Amiga is something of a compromise, because it is hard to bring work home when you use Gary Ludxvick Amiga Artists AmigaWorld wants to see your stuff... still images in 2D or 3D, or even collages containing Amiga-generated works, Werrc building a new catalog of Amiga artists and we want to include you! We'll keep your submissions on file and, if your work or style fits our needs, contact you. If we call, we will either ask you to create an illustration, or contract a completed work. We find it easiest to work with a slide, photo, or printout of each image accompanied by an IFF file (preferably JPEGged at 100% quality). Please indicate whether your submissions have been used elsewhere, and what software you used to create them. If you've worked previously as an illustrator or have other related experience, send along a resume or short bio as well. Address your package to: AmigaWorld Art Submissions 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. "To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it," said Edward Alden Jewell. But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Word for Windows in the office and Pro Write 3.3 in the den. Wouldn’t it he nice to have an emulator in your Amiga for these kinds of situations? In fact, there is a natural synergy that arises from housing both an Amiga and a PC in the same box, such as the ability to easily share files and exchange data. With that in mind, Vortex brings us the leading edge in PC emulation today: 80386 and 80486 Pcs-on-a-card. Unlike other PC cards I’ve tried, the Golden Gate 386SX includes just about all of the essentials for the price of admission and offers numerous expansion possibilities as well. (While this review focuses on the 386SX, watch for our coverage of its big brother, the 486SLC, in the near future.) It’s In There First and foremost, Vortex takes care of the basics. Your Amiga mouse does double duty on the PC side as a Microsoft mouse, provided that you install the driver (included with Windows and DOS). The PC can use the Amiga’s parallel and serial ports, and, unlike Commodore’s Bridgeboard, Golden Gate doesn't lock the Amiga side out of those ports while the PC is running. As for hard-drive support, an IDE interface is included on the card. While it’s a snap to add up to two hard drives to the emulator, that’s really gravy because you can use your Amiga hard disk as a PC] drive, as well. About the only thing missing is the ability to emulate a PC game port with your Amiga joystick. There are two empty sockets on the emulator. The first is for a math coprocessor. If you want to speed up your system inexpensively, try out the 387SX math coprocessor. It is rather a bargain at SI29, and you can easily install it yourself in about 30 seconds. The other empty socket is for an optional floppy- clisk controller ($ 89). Unlike the math coprocessor, which you can usually live without, you almost certainly need this chip. Out of the box, Golden Gate can read and write 720K 3.5-inch disks directly from Amiga drives and, with a
5. 25-inch drive, can use low-densilv
5. 25-inch disks as well. Most software in Continued o)i p. 96. Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. Give your Amiga 500,1000 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 4 megs of 32 bit Ram (remaps Kickstart) Onlv 8 meQversion add " a nmn 68882'25 Fpu add 875 ¦99 $ 49!? 68882-50 FPU add $ 150.00 Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving! Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor Call oar Accelerator Hotline Today! - i-soo-csa-xlhs (1-800-272‘9578) COMMODORE CHIPS 1 MB Agnus w Puller and Instructions ....$ 44 95 Super Denise ... .....$ 33 95
1. 3 ROM .... .....$ 22.95 CIA 8520 S10.95 or two for .. ....$ 1995
2. 04 Kit for A3000 ...Call A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade with Clock DKB .$ 189.95 Multistart II - Rom Switcher Rev 6a ... ....S39 95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler. ..$ 499 00 IVS Gland Slam 500 .$ 299.00 IVS Trumpcard Pro 500 .$ 245.00 IVS Trumpcard Classic 500 ......$ 129.00 IVS Trumpcard 500AT IDE S179.00 Amiga 500 Controllers 2000 Controllers DRAM BLOWOUT Well Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper GVP NIBBLE MODE SIMMS 4 MB ...3250.00 GVP 40ns Simms Call ZIPS A300Q Static Column Zips Each ..$ 14.99 32 Pieces 14.50ea. 1x4-70 SCZ S15.50 1x4-60 SCZ S16.50 Includes Instructions High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• 25.33 or 40 Mhz
• Includes 68030MMU & 6B8B2 FPU Only at Memory World! LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, IID, IIP HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..S89.95 Board with 4 MB S149.95 Deskjet 256K Upgrade S69.95 Tv o Boards (for 500, Series) $ 130.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 [VS 1 MEG Simms..,329.95 1x8-80 ..329.95 1x8-70 ..331.95 4x8-80 ..399.99 4x8-70 $ 119.00 4x8-60 $ 129.00 A4000 4MB Simms $ 145.00 4 MB ....3185.00 1 MB .....369.95 Due to trade tariffs ail prices are subject to change without notice. 1x4-80 . .S15.95 256x4-80 . ...34.50 256x4-100 ...S4.00 | DIPS 1x1-100 . ...33.49 1x1-80 ... ...33.99 1x1-70 ... ...34.50 256x4-80 . ...33.99 256x4-70 . ...34.50 1x4-80 . .S15.95 1x4-70 . .S16.95 256x1-120..... ...S1.00 PAGE ZIPS Trumpcard 500AT Rated "Best Buy “ on the Amiga 500. (AW Feb. 92 Issue) Holds up to 8 Megs o f Simms and a fast AT IDE drive! Ultimate Amiga Peripheral Trumpcard Pro includes SCSI-SHARE Networking and the World's Fastest SCSI Controller! This unit works great with any accelerator. IVS IVS Grand Slam .S229.00 IVS Trumpcard Professional ... $ 149.00 IVS Trumpcard Classic ...$ 85 Grand Slam and Trumpcard Professional are the World’s Fastest SCSI Controllers for the Amiga computer. Both controllers have returned disk transfer rates in excess of
2. 1 Mbytes per second. As always, all IVS products include TC Utilities 2.0! ALL products are 100% compatible under WB 2.0 and w removable media! Meta4 -1 MB ...S89.00 IVS-1 MB Simms .$ 29.95 Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up lo 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000 ¦ Over 25% faster than G-Force™
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mb ....$ 569.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call VECTOR with MMU PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5,00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 15.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 7.00 for two-day deliver Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D, • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates •10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items MEGACHIP Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM for your A2000 & A500 w Super Agnus Multi-Start llv.6 Dual ROM Board Assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key With ribbon cable. AMIGA500EXPANSION SETfg|g) 512K RAM w Oedt, (tMtr, lolltrji & 880K DflVC Amiga Compatible GOLDEN IMAGE A500 512 K RAM Expander Commodore 501 Clone 512K RAM « Clock, Calendar, Boitery Opto-Mechanical Master 3A1N Mouse 880K AMIGA DRIVE X$ IS v X 533 BRUSH MOUSE Handscanner Works Like a W Powerful Migraph Touch-Up Software Alfa Data EXTERNALDRIVE 880K *79 FULLY AMIGA COMPATIBLE Roctec ULTRA-Slim 880K Drive $ 89 NEW for the AMIGA 1200 MBX 1200 FPU and 32-Bit Memory for the Amiga 1200 14MHz 68881 *149 25MHz 68882 *219 50MHz 68882 *449 Plus 1MB SIMM s69 Memory2MB SIMM *119 U5£ 4MB SIMM *189 8MB SIMM *379 BEETLE MICE Highest Resolution 320 dpi OlO (MOUSE • BUTTONSI Red * Black slue - Black Black - Black LADY BUG RED - WHITE - BLUE
* 29 1 SIMM ONLY VXI* 30 & RAM-32 68030 ACCELERATION AND 32-BIT WIDE RAM RAM includes Built-in ROM Switcher 25MHZ s249 W 68882FPU *559 40MHZ s329 W 68882FPU *459 VXL32 RAM 2MB *229 8MB ‘599 Bring Your AMIGA 500 or 2000 up to SPEED COMBO SPECIALS 25MHz & 2MB RAM 40MHZ w 68882 & 2MB RAM Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 Customer service (412) 962-0533 (M-F10-5) 40MHZ W 68882 & SMB RAM *899 HwMicroBotics, Inc PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE Music Databases Super Base personal2 594 SUPERBASE IV 1.2 SI 85 Spreadsheets Advantage SI 25 Maxi Plan 4.0 $ 99 Professional Calc Si 89 Page streak 2.2 Prof. Page 4 0 Pelican Press Proper Grammar Si Excellance 3,0 Final Copy II Prowrite 3.3 Call for Titles Not Listed! VIDEO TAPES IMAGEMASTER $ 135 Baps and Pipers Pro 2 0 Call Deluxe Paint ]V V4.5 CALL Delx Music Const. Set 569 Disney Anim studio 579 Super Jam 589 IMAGINE 2.0 S259 Sync Pro $ 179 Pixel 3-D PRO $ 129 Patch Meister $ 59 Vista Pro 2.0 559 One-Stop Music Shop S599 prof. Draw 4.0 $ 124 DR.TKCS LEVEL li V3.5 $ 249 Aladdin 40 $ 279 STUDIO 16 AO 1012 $ 539 Opalvision $ 988 Studio 16 ao 516 $ 1299 Brilliance St 56 Call Art & Animation Utilities AMIBACK 2.0 539 Cross DOS 5.0 S34 Directory opus 4 0 $ 62 Quarterback 5.0 545 Quarterback Tools S53 SAS Lattice C 6.0 5274 Visionary 562 Video & Presentation Amiga Vision Prof CALL Broadcast Titler II S219 Broadcast Titler Hires S279 Can Do 2 SI12 PRO ViDEO CG II 5112 Pro Video Post S209 5cala 2.0 Multimedia S299 Video Director S i 39 IV24 W CAUGARI24 a Dark Room $ 1899 Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Si 69 $ 184 562 S59 Si 25 584 S55 Amiga for Beginners 513 Amiga Dos Quk Ref. Guide SB Amiga Dos inside & Out $ 19 Amiga Basic Inside a Out $ 19 Amiga C for Beginners 515 Amiga C for Advanced S26 Amiga Intern Machine Language Graphics Inside & Out Desxtop Video Power Best of Amiga Tricks 6 Tips Using arexx Imagine Comnpanion $ 24 $ 26 515 526 $ 23 523 S26 ROM KERNELAUTODOCS 3RD ED. 527 ROM KernelDevices 3rd Ed. 520 ROM KERNELHARDWARE 3RD ED.S20 ROM KERNElLlBRARlES 3rd Ed $ 27 Amiga Primer Animation 101 DCTV: A Guided Tour Deluxe IV Video Tape DESKTOP VIDEO VOLUME *1 Desktop Video volume 2 Pro. Techniques w Dpaint Lightwave Training $ 19 $ 29 $ 29 524 $ 25 $ 25 525 Lightwave Essentials $ 31 Surfaces 531 Modeler S31 Flying Logos $ 31 ALL FOUR $ 119 Toaster Training Toaster Essentials $ 3f Toaster Paint Essentials S31 toaster CG Essentials $ 31 Toaster Prof Techniques S31 ALL FOUR $ 119 Can Do! .....i With Can Dol You Can Do Just 1 1 About Anything Support! New ABA Ctilp Set ol Amiga 1200 a 4000 it?” POWERFUL IMAGE PROCESSING ART DEPT, r jpa PROFESSIONAL
2. 1 jUL-MIK The r+m i Ultimate jH - - ; ; Backup Utility AMI-BACK V 2.0 rtrt r « >ii** r»« r MBS' SPECIAL PACKAGE 51 ProWrlte 3.3
3. 0
* 84 Plus -'16-9 Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 A ' HOURS 9 a.m. • 9 p.m. Monday tltru Friday 10 a.m. * 8 p.m. Saturday 12 noon • S p.m. Sunday Customer service (412) 962-0533 (M-f 10-5) Complete Dlgl-Vlew System* Medlastatlon indudes: P Dlgl-Vlew mX Cold 4.0 2
• Digi-Paint X
• Elan Performer
• Copy stand
• Panasonic 1410 camera
• video Switch and All Cadies j Only Complete System Offered Dlgl-Vlew Medlastatlon 1410 Camera w Lens Copy Stand cable switch Set 2000 3000 SPECTRUM HIGH DEFINITION REALTIME VIDEO FRAME GRABBER THERE IS NO BETTER TIME TO Robocop 3 CALL AMIGA AMIGA 600
• Amiga 600 w mouse
* Fobmp 3 :SL« power up to a Commo NEW AMIGA and Graphic Workshop M COMPUTER E£P.AJIi5lgU DataFlyer 500 Hard drive controller Budget Solution for your Amiga 500 SCSI Controller Only DataFlyerRm ok- 84 Hard Drive Controller Expandable to 8 Megabytes nqa 50( [Qt of RAM for the Amiga 500 SCSI *184 SCSI IDE *229 C-Force 30SG 68030 AH in One BoSrd with SCSI Interface 25MHZ 25 1 MB $ 559 40MHZ 40 4MB $ 779 50MHZ 50 4MB $ 1299 Expandable to 15MB of 32-Blt RAM 4MB 32 Bit Extra RAM $ 199 C-Force 40 68040 AM in One Board for your A2000 33MH2 33 4MB S1499 Includes SCSI Controller for your A3000 28 MHZ 28 2MB S999 PHONEPAK $ 399 C-LOCK $ 425
2. 1 w ROM Includes Book'i WdkW fek $ QR
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 $ 44 O- A530 Turbo ALL-IN-ONE EXPANSION FOR A500 40MHz Accelerator. Hard Drive & ram Expansion! Wboub $ 799 w 120MB hd sgjg A500 HARD DRIVESlr= EXPAND UP TO 8MB RAI w 40 mb hard drive W 80 MB hard drive W 120 MB hard drive w 213 MB hard drive CVP PC286 IBM Card DSS 8 clnemorph IMACEFX A2286 Bridgeboard Supports IFF24 Formal real time video two-yw w!£nty frame grabber, video digitizer & frame buffer a Full 24 bit $ 4i§ External SCSI HardDrive Cases Single Bay open or closed front S99 upright Case for single 3.5HD S109 Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's $ 149 Four Bay open front (not shown) $ 259 All Units S_ include: *»-¦ -
• Power Supply
• SCSIExternal ~ cable r-
• Power Cable fer-f
• SCSI Pass thru *¦ and Mounting Hardware
• LED (100's of Titles Available) GAMES (Call for More Titles) A320 Airbus a-Train Aerss Agony Air Support amnios Amos 1.2 The Game Creator Amos 1.3 The Compiler Amos 3d Amos. Professional ARMOUR GEOOEN S28 AWESOME $ 37 Back To The Future Hi $ 25 Battle Chess $ 3 Birds of prey $ 37 Black Crypt $ 37 Carmen, Where in Time S31 Carmen. Where In The USA $ 31 Carmen. Where In The world $ 31 CENTERFOLD 5QUARES S 1 9 Champions Of Krynn $ 34 Civilization $ 47 Clue Master Detective $ 25 Curse Of Azure Bonds $ 12 Death Knights of Kryns $ 34 Discovery. Steps of Columbus $ 37 double Dragon ll 525 Dragon Strike $ 34 Dragon's Lair S37 Dragon's Lair II Time Warp $ 37 Dungeon Master 182 Bundie S 31 Elvira $ 37 Elvira 2 Jaws of Cerberus 544 Empire 534 Epk $ 44 Ete of the Beholder ll 543 F14 F1B $ 31 FJ5 STRIKE Eagle I! 537 Ft9 Stealth Fighter $ 37 F29 itETALJATOH $ 34 Falcon $ 31 Falcon Mission 1: Counter strike $ 16 Falcon Mission 2; freftght St9 Fantastic Voyage $ 31 Fighter DuelCorsa r vs. zero $ 17 Fighter Duel Pro $ 37 riGHTER DUEL PRO FUGHT RECO«D£ft$ 49 1 KOBOcap3a V i i]u
* * ,l.w t ROBOCOP GO RENEGADE! ROBOCOP SZC f 3 0 39 T TRIBES LEMMINGS 2 THE TRIBE Fighter Duel Pro Parallel Aoap Flames of freedom (Midwinter 2) four Crystals of Trazere Gateway to the Savage Frontier Global Effect goos 15 31 37 34 37 $ 25 Call S31 $ 34 $ 37 559 $ 31 S25 $ 25 534 $ 34 $ 16 $ 14 SI 4 $ 14 S37 S31 537 S31 $ 31 S22 $ 37 538 $ 16 516 544 $ 37 $ 44 $ 31 537 $ 41 S28 $ 31 $ 37 531 S37 $ 31 $ 37 $ 22 $ 34 $ 31 $ 25 GUNSHIP 2. Guy Spy Hard Nova Harpoon Designer series Harpoon Signature Series Heimdall hoi hole in One minigou immortal Indianapolis 500 Jack Nickuus Clip Art Course jack Nickuus Courses «3 Jack Nickuus Courses *4 jack Nickuus Courses 85 jack Nickuus Unumited Goer Jaguar X2200 John Madden Football leancer Lemmings lemmings. Oh No! More Lemmings li Links Links - Bountiful Country Cub Links - Firestone Country Club LOST TREASURES OF l-NFOCOM Ml tank Platoon MEGAFORTRESS megafortress Mission Disk *2 megatraviller 2 MfGHT a MAGIC 3 MURDER! M:g29 Super Fulcrum 03ITJ5 ORK Out of this World Pacific islands Perfect General PERF. Gen Data Disk WWII PGA Golf . Pinball Fantasies Pinball Dreams Prr FIGHTER $ 24 pool of Radiance $ 13 Pools or Darkness $ 41 Populous $ 34 populous 2 $ 41 Populous 2 Challenge S2 3 POWERMONGER $ 34 POWERMONGER WWI DATA DISK S2 2 PRO FOOTBALL SIMULATOR 3.0 $ 28 RAILROAD Tycoon $ 37 Red Zone $ 31 Road Rash $ 37 Rules cf engagement $ 39 Scrabble $ 25 Secret of monkey Island 2 $ 38 Shadow Land $ 31 Shadow OF the Beast 3 $ 33 Shadow sorcerer $ 34 siuent service ii $ 37 Sim Ant $ 37 Sim Cm $ 31 Sim cm Graphics pi Ancient $ 13 Sim Cm Graphics 52 Future S13 Sim City Terrain $ 12 Sim Earth S47 Simpsons $ 39 SPEEDBAU.2 $ 25 Spirit of Excaubur $ 31 Srp'p Po*ER 3 $ 31 Sraip Poker 3 Data 81-2-3 4-5-6 &5»TTltO $ 16 team Yankee $ 37 tengen Arcade Hits $ 25 TERMiNATOR 2 S43 THUNOERHAWK S31 TREASURE Of THE SAVAGE FRONTIER S36 Trump Castle 2 $ 31 Ultima vi 544 Virtual Reality Studio 2 Call Warlords $ 31 Wayne Gretzky 2. $ 34 World Circuit Grand Pr:x $ 37 WRATH Of THE DEMON $ 3 I Yeagers An 2 0 $ 28 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 3 adventures in Math $ 25 Aesop s Fables $ 24 Algebra ll $ 31 all about America $ 24 Amy's Fun-2-3- Adventure $ 31 Barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney bear at the Fapm $ 2 2 Barney Bear in School $ 22 Barney bear in Space $ 22 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San Diego Time $ 31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 31 Carmen San Diego world $ 31 Crossword Const. Kit $ 25 Decimal Dungeon $ 24 discovery Math Spelling $ 25 Distant Suns 4.0 $ 55 Fraction action $ 24 Katie s Farm $ 25 logic Master $ 24 marks Math Lab $ 31 Math Talk $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 Math Wizard $ 24 McGee Fun Fair $ 25 Read and Rhyme $ 24 Talking Animator $ 41 Talking Coloring Book $ 19 Trigonometry $ 31 vocab. Quest in land o- Umcorn$ 24 WONDERS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $ 24 word master $ 24 world atlas $ 37 zool$ 40 Midi's ECE MIDI Midi Goto 500 Midi golo insider Midi Connector w cables phantom smpte midi Midi Cable 6 ft. Omni Midi Audio Audiomaster 4 Digital Sound Studio Perfect Souno 3.1 sound master Studio 16 AD 516 STUDIO 16 AD 1012 Replacement Parts BIG FOOT 200W POWERSUPPLY A500 Internal Drive A2000 INTERNAL DRIVE A3000 INTERNAL DRIVE HD 1.76 DRIVE 3000 HD 1.76 DRIVE 4000 2000 PC Mac Emulators AMAX 2 PLUS AT ONCE Plus Power PC Board Golden Gate 386SX Board Golden Gate 486sic Board Am ga 2286 Board A¥*;a 3386 BOARD Video Display Boards Fucker Free 2 Fucker Fixer Opal Vision SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (Continental u$ > $ 0 TO $ 99 __7% MIN $ 5 $ 100 TO $ 199 5% MIN $ 7 $ 200 TO $ 499 4% MIN $ 10 $ 500 TO $ 799 ---- 3% MIN $ 20 $ 800 -------- 2.5% MIN $ 24 2nd Day Fed Ex add $ 6 to Ground Next Day Fed Ex add $ 11 to Ground APO.FPO add $ 11 to Ground CANADA add $ 11 to Ground PR. Hi. AK add $ 10 to 2nd or Next Day COD orders OK. Add 55 Prices subject to change without notice. Returns accepted for todays after date of purchase Joysticks. Mouses & Trackballs SlIK STIK JOYSTICK BOSS JOYSTICK TAC 50 JOYSTICK Bat Handle Joystick Jin Mouse opto-mechanical mega mouse Optical mouse BOING OPTICAL MOUSE Ahtrac Trackball KRAFT TRACKBALL Mouse Switch (automatic) Supra Modems 2400 External $ 74 2400 plus External si25 2400 Plus Zl Internal S169 FAX MOOEM 14400 $ 299 FAX MOOEM 9600 $ 249 FAX MOOLM SofTW ,t*o . S79 COMPLETE PACKAGE
2. 5" HD DRIVES FOR 1200 & 600 $ 199 $ 275 $ 419 Call AMIGA
• 40 MB
• 85 MB
• 125 MB
• 170 MB includes Drive, Cable & Software Cali cutomer Ser.for RA* cefore returning. Defectives recaceo with saire item. 15S Restocking fee for .terns reamed and not exchanged for same, customer resoonsitle for return sh opng. International Orders mot APO. FPO > Send copy or fax of front & back of Charge Caro w signature Cali or fax for snioping quote. FAX 1 412-962-0279 MAILING ADDRESS: computer Basics, inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 Circle 12 on Reader Service card row a 92. The PC. World is shipped on high-density of Amiga RAM, you can tell the PC to use some Amiga memory in addition to its own. (In the A3000 and A4000, the Golden Chile does not recognize motherboard fast RAM.) Amiga memory is accessed more slowly than the zero-wait- state chips on the emulator, but this “economy RAM” can save you some cash for very nearlv the same function- 4 f alily. Taking a different tack, allow me to remind you that SIMMs are less expensive than Amiga RAM. Interested in adding more memory to vour Amiga? O J , © Vortex lets you dedicate two or four
5. 25-inch floppies, however, and to access these you must get the optional controller. Golden Gate conies equipped with 512K of RAM barely enough to boot a PC these clays. I think Vortex should have included more, even if it meant a slightly higher list price. Nonetheless, the four sockets on the card can hold up to 16.V1B of RAM, twice the capacity of the Commodore 386 Bridgeboard. Vortex has a few tricks up its sleeve that may interest you. If you have plenty Amiga Artists AmigaWorld wants to see your stuff... still images in 2D or 3D, or even collages containing Amiga-generated works. We're building a new catalog of Amiga artists and we want to include you! We'll keep your submissions on file and, if your work or style fits our needs, contact you. If we call, we will either ask you to create an illustration, or contract a completed work. We find it easiest to work with a slide, photo, or printout of each image accompanied by an IFF file (preferably JPEGged at 100% quality). Please indicate whether your submissions have been used elsewhere, and what software you used to create them. If you've worked previously as an illustrator or have other related experience, send along a resume or short bio as well. Address your package to: AmigaWorld Art Submissions 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. "To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it," said Edward Alden Jewell. But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Megs of the emulator's own RAM to the Amiga. This is a good way to expand your A2000, because the RAM is always available for your PC with just the Ilip of a jumper. Plug It In Golden Gate has a slick installation procedure, allowing for a few minor idiosyncrasies, such as the installer program carelessly dropping extraneous files and empty directories on my hard drive. Otherwise, software installation is a snap. The manual separately discusses hardware installation for the A3000 (which took about 30 minutes) and the A2000 (somewhat more involved, as you must remove the 68000 and replace it atop Vortex’s adapter). With the hardware and software in place, you configure the system. Most features are configured directly from the set-up program that runs right before DOS loads. Using it, you may create a PC hard disk on vour Amiga drive from an i U entiie partition or a single file. Once setup is done, simply format the hard disk in MS-DOS; there are no special software steps in between. The set-up program also controls display emulation: Vortex supports a wide variety of modes on a 1084 monitor, from CGA to monochrome VGA. I he display is somewhat slower than a real display card provides, although an accelerated Amiga remedies this somewhat. Are the supplied display modes sufll- cient? Considering that the 386SX is designed for the power user, I doubt it. The clear choice is to buy a VGA card and use a multisync (or VGA) monitor. 1 purchased an SVGA card (for under SI 10) and switch between the Amiga’s display and the SVGA output via Vortex’s optional MonitorMaster. Like a standard video switchbox, MonitorMaster lets you display PC and Amiga screens on the same monitor. A keyboard shortcut swaps you back and forth as easily as pushing ordinary' Amiga screens. It works flawlessly and I recommend it highly.
B. Y.O. MS-DOS I said earlier that this is a very complete system. Oddly, one significant omission is MS-DOS it sell you have to provide your own copy. Once you are up and running. Golden Gate works as well as any PC I've used. Windows applications run Fine, as well as most other programs I tried (excepting a game or two). After adding a math coprocessor, AutoCad and other specialized software requiring the chip also worked as expected. I was quite impressed with the emulator. The hardware seems well engineered ? ‘Toni* Video Toaster C= Commodore AMIGA Headquarters NEW! Epson ES600C 24 Bit Color Scanner w ASDG Driver $ 999.95 DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 Bit Paint Millions of Colors S3G9.95 i -r EDITIZER True A B Roll • Multi Format Editor Toaster Control • DPS TBC Control $ 1899.95 AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C'Commodore DEALER A2000 A2000 HD-1 A2000 HD-100 Gill lor Consultation A4000 SYSTEM IN STOCK ALL CONFIGURATIONS! KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNELTBC $ 1479.95 LTD QUANTITIES -¦ f - GOLDEN GATE 486SL 25 Mhz S999.95 386SX $ 649.95 k ' OPALVISION LOWEST! Amiga A1200 CPU LOWEST (‘CommodoreAMIGA' A-BOO S369.95 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 A600 HD nI 40 meg drive $ 549.95 Tristate is a lull service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL A500 HD8+Q 40-11 . 449.95 A500 HD8+0 120Q-11 ... 599.95 A500 HD8+0 240Q-11 ...... CALL A500-PC 286 512 ... 159.95 AT 0nce+ PC emulator.... 169.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 159.95 A2000HC8+QMB 80Q-11. .449.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 120G-1T.. CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 240G-11.. CALL A20G0 RAM 8 0 ...... CALL 1MBx8M8 SIMM (2MB) CALL AG-1960 .. 939.95 AG-450 SVHS w case .... 1249.95 AG-460 2 chip SVHS w case. 2899.95 AG-185U ....CALL AGW1 .... 1829.95 AG-190U ...STOCK WV200 CLE .CALL AG-7400 Port. SVHS ..CALL AG-1730 .SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind. VCR..... 259.95 AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC. Built m serial controlled IN STOCK Pertscl Dr leister AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7650 AG F700 Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS
• CDD 8 Overnight shipping ivillibJa. 15 day money back guanniBs All marcftwdlse brand new. Factory (rash. Custom cnnllgureiior.s our specialty. Final Copy 2.0
88. 50 Pagestream 2.2 16B.95 Art Dept. Pro 2.1
148. 95 SAS Lattice C V6 0 . 224.95 Caligan 24 ....
239. 00 AMAX 11 Plus
324. 95 DeskJet 500C Driver ...39.95 Imagine 2.0 .. . 224.95 Pixel 3D 2.0 .. ...67,00 Pixel 3D Pro .. ... CALL Image Master .
127. 95 Morph Plus ...
146. 95 Broadcast Titler 1
225. 00 Pro Video Post...... . 197.00 Screenmaker LOWEST Avideo 24 ... CALL Avitieo 12 .. CALL Trexx Pro ..... LOWEST Toaster 2.0 Upgrade. .289.95 Pro Page 3.0 .
165. 00 Hotronics AP41 ...... 949.95 The Personal SFC 359.95 Progressive Per Mimgen .. 184.95 Supergen 2000 Genlock. ,1349.95 Instructional Videos, Books. .CALL DPS Personal TBC III...769.95 DPS TBC 230 1499.95 DPS Personal V Scope. .729.95 Kitchen Sync (2 Chan) .. 1514.95 Iden TBC Card w TR7.. CALL TBC's & GENLOCKS Prime Image TBC TCB CALL SOFTWARE Syquest 44 Meg Int Drive 279.95 Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge .68,95 Syquest 88 Meg Int Drive ..... 379.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge .99.95 Syquest Cleaning Kit ......24.55 Ext. Chassis Power Supply 99.95 3%" Internal Floppy A-500......67.95 3V?” A3000 Internal B4.95 3Y?H Ext. Air Drive ..79.95 Maxtor LXT 213 SCSi 689.95 3Y? Roctec Internal Floppy 79.50 Supra 500XP 53MB HD W 512K... 529.95 Quant 52MB SCSi LPS HD,... 229.95 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD... 326.00 120MB SCSi LPS 334.95 Conner 170MB SCSi HD 369.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ..... 569.95 Maxtor 1.2 GiG 1685.95 Dataflyer 500 ...CALL Dataflyer SCSi Controller CALL Dataflyer Express ...CALL We will not be undersold.1 Call if you need a price beat! DSS8 Sound Studio .. 79.95 Combo 030-25 1 10 599.95 Combo 030-40 4 ... 974.95 Combo 030-40 4 120 . CALL Combo 030-40 4 240 . CALL G Force 030-50 4 ..1469.95 Combo 030-50 4 120 CALL Combo 030-50 4 240 ..... CALL GVP A-530 Turbo 120 . .. 999.95 Sim32-4MB 60 ...... 184.95 Si 1 030 HD Disk Mt. Kit CALL DataFlyer Series DataFlyer DataFlyer 500 Express SCSI .....119.95 500 IDE 114.95 SCSI 169.95 SCSI IDE.. 154.95 IDE 154.95 DataFlyer Ram SCSI IDE.. 199.95 8 meg Ok,,. 79,95 DataFlyer 2000 Baseboard SCSI 64.95 601c .39.95 IDE 64.95 601 .. 29.95 SCSI IDE.. 109.95 A5.X)Basaxarc.. 109.95 Roctech Superslim ..84.95 Anti Virus No Click Rockey ... 299.95 Rocgen Plus ...... 289.95 Combo Deal . 574.95 Rocmouse ...23.95 A500 Int Drive .....74.95 A B Roll System (AG 1960).. CALL Cuts Only System (AG 1960)..CALL Toaster Control Module CALL 10 32 m«s
- SEBBLanMttfla • Uses Industry Standard
• Buitl In Trunponl Pro Simms AmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters EXPANSION SYSTEMS Toaster Cozzy . 659.95 A2320 Disp. Enhancer(A2000)... 149.95 Super Fax Modem w Soltware. .349.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 . 269.95 Microbotics VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrage ....STOCK All Computer Safeskins CALL Optical Mouse ..48.95 Midi Controller (4 outs) 49.95 Phantom Midi Controller 218.95 Microbotics Sup! Dip. 2meg .... 169.95 Flicker Free Video II ..... 229.95 ICD All Products Available CAL CSA Rocket Launcher ..... CALL AD 516 w Studio 16 ...... CALL AD 1012 w Studio 16 ..... CALL Mercury A3000 Imagine 2 0 Bundle. .2099.00 DKB-Megachip 2000 500 wI Agnus.. 289,95 Multistate II ....49.95 DKB 2632 RA Exp 112 4 Meg. .439.95 IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL PERIPHERALS Arock Masterpiece Fonts- Toaster .....
139. 95 1st Prize Toaster Fonts. ,.39.95 Masterpiece Fonts....
158. 50 Showmaker ....
239. 95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 ..45.95 Kara Ammlonts (1-3) ..29.50 Cinnamon Toast Fonts Vol I. II ..... ..64.50 Disney Animation Sludio ..78.00 The Director V 2.0 ... ..72.50 Fractal Pro ... .49.95 Map Master (Imagine). .44.00 Scenery Animator.... ..57.50 Scenery Animator Disk, .. 18.50 Video Scape 3D......
117. 00 Vistapro 2.0 .. ..84.95 Dpamt 4.1 ....
105. 95 Dr T s 3.5 Lev. II KCS. .229.95 Diskmaster II ..
39. 95 Directory Opus ..37.95 Bars & Pipes Pro
207. 95 Toaster Toolkit ..99.95 Wipe Master ...
129. 95 MONITORS Commodore 1084S ....
279. 95 Commodore 1960 ...... LOWEST Pan CT-1382Y .234.95 Sony CPD 1304S......
579. 00 Sony CPD 15Q4S
999. 95 Panasync 1881i .
319. 00 Nec MS 2A ......
369. 95 Nec MS 4FG .... . 729.95 SOFTWARE R E V JEWS and professionally assembled. Additionally, it runs in the A4000 just as well as in the A2000 and A300G. Finally, the M Amiga has a PC emulator that combines functionality and a reasonable price well enough that it’s actually better than buying a clone. If you're in the market for a PC, take a serious look at the Vortex Golden Gate. Dave Johnson VIDEOMASTER Microdeal, S108. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum System: Amiga 500, I MB. Recommended System: 1 + MB, hard drive with pass-through. Hobbyist video and sound digitizing. Alow-priced digitizer aimed at video hobbyists, VIDEOMASTER not only records video and audio samples, but also lets you play them simultaneously in short, black-and-white, monaural film clips. (It does not output to video,) Overall. It’s a fun, inexpensive package that is badly flawed by fuzzy images and puzzling design decisions. VI DEO MASTER (VMAS) comes complete with the digitizer, recording and playback software, a manual, and red, green, and blue plastic filters for singleframe color recording. The unit requires live or prerecorded video and mono audio input sources. VIDEOMASTER’s hardware component plugs snuggly into the A500 expansion port and does not contain pass-through. If your hard drive does not pass the bus, you must disconnect it to use the digitizer. Small Motion The video digitizer can shoot full-screen black-and-white and color images, but can’t record full-screen images in real time for full-motion video. VMAS shoots full-motion, quarter-screen video images at two to 30 frames per second at 160x100 resolution in 16 shades of gray. It can handle still grayscale video images in higher resolutions 320X200, 640X 256, 320x512, and 640X512, You can create quarter-screen video clips with partial color by importing nonmoving, 16-color IFF pictures. While this tedious process does not create live color video, it docs allow for 16-color video titling and limited animation. Using the color filters VMAS can shoot still, full-screen video images in eight, 16, and 32 colors, or 64 colors in EHB and 4096 colors in HAM. Shooting full-screen still pictures is slow and is susceptible to blurring if the subject moves even slightly. Because the subject and camera must be absolutely still for at least ten seconds, the procedure is good only for still life compositions or for digitizing photographs. If you’re not happy with your recorded clips, you can edit them. You can cut or add frames to the sample or even grab quarter-screen, grayscale, still images from the video source and incorporate them into a prerecorded clip. A toggle lets you flip between one frame of the video and the live video feed, which is very useful for stop-motion animation. You can play clips back at multiple speeds or step through them frame by frame. You can even watch a black-and- white video feed (including 4 V) in a window and hear a mono audio feed from the Amiga speaker. The audio digitizer records sound samples in IFF, AYR, and SPL formats (and also loads 8SVX and RAW files). You can fade the sample in and out, play it backward, crop it, change sampling speeds and volume, and watch the waveform during playback. Both the video and audio screens allow integration of audio and video in recording and playback. You can record samples with live sound and video, or record them separately and link them later. Although it’s fun to record simultaneous audio and video, the samples are cleaner if you record them separately. The sequencer combines video and audio signals into a full movie. Still shots, film clips, and audio tracks can all be merged into extended video sequences. This is a powerful feature, but unfortunately the controls are not as intuitive and easy to use as the other modes. VIDEOMASTER’s final mode lets you configure the video, audio, and memory settings. While you can control the distribution of memory into audio and video segments, the program does not let you determine how much of the total system memorv the i * software uses. This makes multitasking difficult, because VIDEO MASTER grabs all available memory before you start shooting clips. VMAS in Action Playing with the VIDEO MASTER digitizer is a fun, although very limited, experience. Splicing together short VCR clips with short homemade clips can make interesting effects. The stop-motion video tools are especially good. Although professionally recorded video images digitize well, getting a quality image from the video camera requires a lot of experimentation. The most complex part of the operation is digitizing still-frame color images. In my tests, the color images tended to be faint, washed out, and saturated with red. Greens were VIDEOMASTER's Edit screen Is your computer cutting room. Usually overpowered by red. The plastic filters are very tricky to manipulate. By snapping pictures at different intervals in the filtering process, 1 was able to get more natural colors, but the pictures were still weak and washed out. The manual has a lot of interesting information, but is poorly written and badly edited. The worst part of the product was the tech support. There was none. I called the listed Microdeal tech-support number a dozen times to ask about improving the quality of the images, but I never got an answer. I hesitate to recommend VI DEO MASTER, even to A500 owners who want an inexpensive way to try black-and-white video digitizing. Although k is an engaging toy, it's difficult to use without a hard drive, expansion memory, and technical support. Because the video images are so small, the clips so short, and the filming options limited to black and white, there is not much you can do with VMAS apart from whetting your appetite for real video-digitizing equipment. Software Hut Fo croft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA We do not publish a catalog. Please 0 0ne of the East boast’s largest Authorized AMIGA dealers call if you don’t see what you want. • Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... IN STOCK Hard Drives & Bridgeboard CBM A2286 AT Bridgeboard $ 279.00 AMIGAS Syquest 44Mb Removable 309.00 Syquesi 88Mb Ramon bid 899.00 Syquest 44Mb Cartridge 75.00 Syquest 86Mb Cartridge 119.00 Case & Cabling to make Ext Syq 100.00 Seagate ST3283N 240Mb LPS HD 599.00 Accelerators & RAM Boards Fusion Forty 040 28MZ for A2000 $ 1329.00 DataFiyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb 165.00 Derringer 25Mz w Math Co & 4MB 499.00 Progressive Accelerators I n Stock Call Supra 500RX RAM 2Mb 189.00 VXL30 25Mz Accelerator 299.00 VXL32 Accel 2Mb 32 bit RAM board 245.00 Power Supplies, Video, & More 1802 Composite Monitor for Toaster $ 139.00 A-Max 2 Plus Emu lator 345.00 Mac 512K ROMS Call Big Foot Power Supply 89.00 DCTV 389.00 Golden Image Amiga Mouse 32.00 Janus 2.1 Up grad a Ktt 35.00 draff Trip la Track Trackball 40.00 Miracle Keyboard Learning System 329.00 Personal TBC 3 789.00 RocGen Genlock 299.00 Speeding Analog Amiga Joystick 21.00 Toaster Gozzy for A3000 699.00 Motherboards A500 w swap-AII Revs $ 150.00 A2Q0Q w swap-Rev 6 or above 225,00 A200G w swap-Rev 3.9 to 4.5 400.00 A2GQQ Rev 6.X Motherboard 499,00 A300Q 25Mz w swap 449.00 HARD DRIVES A2091 SCSI Controller $ 69.00 A2091 w HD purchase 49.00 2MB Ram for A2091 80.00
2. 5' IDE Hds for A600 A1200 Call Maxtor 80MB IDE 239.00 Other IDE & SCSI drives Call Maxtor 120MB LPS HD 289.00 Conner 212MB LPS HD 375.00 Toshiba Call Looking for LARGE Hard Drives? We have the BEST prices on Toshibas. These compact drives are rated highest in speed and dependability. Toshiba 540MB; 877MB or 1.2Gig3.5HH... CALL MINDSCAPE P0WERPLAYERS JOYSTICK
• Microswitches
• Steel shaft
• Ball-bearing pivot
• Pistol grip
• Large trigger
• Originally $ 34.95 One for$ 8.50 - Two for $ 7.95each EXCLUSIVE CBM A2024 Hi-Res Monochrome Monitor A600, A2000, A3000, etc, Toaster & Other Amiga configurations are available. We Sell and Service the entire Amiga line of computers. Please call for complete pricing on the configuration you need.
• 1008x600 Resolution
• 14' Paper White Display
• Supports ALL Amiga Models
• Supports ALL Display Modes
• Supports NTSC and PAL
• Perfect for Programmers & DTP
• Originally $ 895.00 NOW $ 199.00 NEW LOWS ON CBM PARTS & PERIPHERALS A2320 Deinterlace Board$ 145.00 A2232 Multi Serial Board 245.00 A520 Video Adapter 29.00 A500 Keyboard A1000 Keyboard A2000 Keyboard A3000 Keyboard A500 Irrt Floppy Drive A2000 Irrt Floppy Drive A3000 Irrt Floppy Drive A500 Power Supply A1000 Power Supply A2000 Power Supply A3000 Power Supply A501 512K RAM A500 A1Q50 256K RAM A1000
34. 95
79. 95
59. 95
59. 95
69. 95
69. 95
69. 95
35. 00
62. 00
109. 00
109. 00 35,00
• 1.76 MB under DOS 2.0
• Supports Amax2+ & 386 Bridge
• Use as DF0: and or DF1:
• Specify for A2000 or A3000
• Made by Commodore $ 99.95 WB 2 UPGRADES DOS 2.1 Kit with ROM $ 86.00
2. 1 Enhancer - no ROM 47.00 A2620 A263O Eprom Kit Super Denise 8373 chip $ 35.00
34. 00 2630 ACCEL 68030 & 68882 Math Co 25Mz 4 Megabytes of 32 Bit RAM 1 Year Warranty by Commodore Fully DOS 2.0 Compatible Originally $ 895.00 NOW $ 529.00 20 Art Department Pro
159. 00 Art Expression
159. 09 Brilliance
159. 00 Broadcast Titler 2
239. 00 Caligari 24
279. 00 CrossDQSS w CrossPC
39. 00 Deluxe Paint 4 - AGA (Specify) Call Directory 0pusV4
68. 00 Excaf anca 3.0
85. 00 Image master
149. 00 Imasge FX by GVP
245. 00 Imagine 2.0
259. 00 Morph Plus
189. 00 Pixel 3D Pro
159. 00 Pro Write 3.3x
59. 00 Quarterback Tools
59. 00 Scenery Animator 2
65. 00 Superbase Pro 4
179. 00 Vista Pro 3.0
59. 00 A500 HD W 40MB Quantum $ 429.00 A5Q0 HD W 120MB
579. 00 A530 Turbo 1MB W 120MB HD
849. 00 G-Force 030 25Mz 1 MB RAM
599. 00 G-Force 030 40Mz 4MB RAM
849. 00 G-Force 030 50Mz 4MB RAM
1289. 00 G-Force 030 33Mz 4MB RAM
1699. 00 Other HD Configurations Call HC8 Series 2 Controller
159. 00 GVP SIMM 32 4MB 60Ns Module 199.00 Phonepak
395. 00 G-Lock
419. 00 DSS
75. 00 I O Extender
• 199.00 Other GVP Products Call Amiga Chips & RAM Chips SIMMS, ZIPS, DRAMS Call 8520 CIA chip $ 11.00
2. 05 ROM chip only
44. 95 Denise chip or Paula chip
22. 00 DKB Mchip board w 2Mb Agnus
269. 00 Fattar Agnus 1 Mb chip
45. 00 Kickstart 1.3 ROM
26. 00 Motorola 68030 RC CPU 50Mz
199. 00 Motorola 68882 Math Co 50Mz
139. 00 Both Above Motorola Items
299. 00 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000
45. 00 Super Agnus 2 Mb chip
69. 00 A600 Computer Call A570 CD-ROM $ 399.00 A1960 MultiScan Monitor
499. 00 CDTV Call 1084S Monitor
279. 95 A2386 SX Bridgeboard
499. 00 A2000 Computer Call SECURITY A3070 SCSI Tape Drive 150 Megabyte capacity FAST - 3 Megs minute NEW & 1 Year Wty by CBM Only 40 remaining In stock NOW $ 349.00 Ami-Back2.0 $ 42.00 Quarterback5.x $ 43.00 Sony 6150 Tapes NOW$ 21.95 A590 HD
• 20 Meg Hard Drive for Amiga 500
• NEW & 1 Year Wty by CBM
• Socketted for 2 Megs RAM
• SCSI Pass-through
• With Case & Power Supply
• Originally $ 799.00 NOW $ 239.95 2 Megs RAM for $ 80.00 OUR POLICIES No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS or Federal Express.
• AH orders are subject to credit card verification • Supplies are limited and on a first-come first-serve basis. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order. Software and accessories shipping Is $ 4.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small Items. Call tor larger Items (ie. Monitors). COD add $ 5.00. Minimum COD order Is $ 40.00. Canadian, APO, & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & Insurance at time of order. 15% re- stoddnq fee on a! Returns not erctenoed. O Cowrigfrt tSSB. TechWriien Inc. AJ Rights ftswved Amiga 600 Bonus Pack Includes Amiga 600HD Computer Great Software Titles Robocop 3, Beast III, Myth, Microtext, Graphics Workshop 1-800-PRO fitPT-1 I CALL FOR COMPLETE SELECTION OF CD SOFTWARE! GVP AMIGA UPGRADES IMIKNA1 HARD DRIVES FOR IIII Aidll. A nun, AND A1200 40 Mbyte Ha*c Dnve A3S474 CALL 64 Mbyte Hard D-,ve A65482 CALL 65 Mbyte Hate Drive A354?0 CALL Ftequred Carte !cr A600,1200 A3 5461 399 Required :t ': ¦ A5Q0 95743 134 50 D A T A F L Y E R 0 fA, 97278 99 95 E9340
109. 95 88633 165 95 68691 224 95 C126C6 CALL 2MByte Upg'.vae Ki1 si PR ARAM 2000 with OMByie with 2M9yie ft ith 4M8yie VIC I l)K AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE MU. V 420 X IPLO ADAPI LH 73268 34 35 CHRC1M XKFY T C12766 34D.KJ DCTV 91689 399 00 DIG If XL 1 HIT MASTFR C13427 22?? 00 DIM V II W Ml IUASI A TIDN 97367 151 99 1 IRII RAC Kl R 21 97281 31995
t. l Nl Ol K C13321
399. 00 IMP AC 1 VISION 24 impaci Vision 24 95567 1749 00 Do: cna aoaoie* for A2C0 95377 43 99 Kl 1 L III SYNC 94366 ¦555 DO OP XI VISION C11316 59? 99 ri RSON VI Tpl III CT3009 call KlHT.l N PI US 94163 299 9? ROC Kl Y Cl 1693 34 3 00 SIM I IRI VI 1 KAMI (IK MIHI K Cl 1446 445 00 VIDI1) IOASILR 2 0 Video Easier 96558 SCALL VIVID 24 Cl 34 36 2699 00 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE VI TFKIMAC.I C11331 64 99 BRLADi Bl riFK I OMS 95944 57 99 CALIGARI 24 C13760 249 99 CINNAMON IOAST FONTS 95951 57 99 CINLMORPH Cl 2922
99. 99 Dl I UI. PAINT IV 94997 107 95 DELL XL PAINT IV AA C13277
124. 99 DU t f IDLOL ill 79452 99 95 MOKPII PLUS C1314? '47 99 PI AYM VTION C1377? 33000 FRO VillLO GOI I) 63136 11999 VIDFOTOASTER SOI 1IVARF I PGRADI 2.0 C10133 33900 V II H O DIRFCTOR 96170 133 99
l. X I* VMM IMP VC r SI III I S II 11A K11 I >|l | | s A500-HDfl*G'40 II Cl 4076 389.00 AS0D-KD5-C 60 II Cl 4085 510.00 A5C0-HD6-CMB120II Cl 0039 595 DO A500-ttO6«0MB?l3'B Cl 3940 899.00
C. VI’ A5VI 11 RBO-ACCT I I K XIDK tc DRIVI A530 Combo 40*1 80 H C5 5072 849 00 A530 with 120 MB Hard Dnvo C12376 999.00 A530 with 213 MB Hard Drive Cl 3950 1329.00 C A P A2000 IMPACT 5FR1FS II II R|)C ARDS AMIGA ENHANCED CHIP SETS I I AGNUS 2MI1Y II Fat Agnus 8372B. 2MByte 98564 79 95 Fat Agnus 6372B MegAOp 2000 ctooia 289&0 J AI AGNUS. 1MBYTF 98553 59 95 SUPER Dt NISL 83T3 93572
44. 95 CHIP PIT I.FR Cl 024? 14 95 A2000 Barecara 93667 A2000-HC8.0MB120H C10069 A2000-HCE«CVS213fl C13364
c. vp imp vc i sums ii m vkii nni i IIAKIH AND Ml MORA EXPANSION IMBylo SIMM 93533
C. lORt I 030 2SMII 68030 C Cl I I R AI OKS ComDo030-25 25 1 0 93133 599 00 CocnD0030-25 251 120 93152 899 00 Combo030-25 25 1 -213 Cl 3986 1099 00
C. -lORl I CIAO WMIUCiSOXO Al l ! I I It A I OKS Cot;5c03>40 40 4 0 99175 049 oo CoTisO30-40 40 4 -20 97545 1199.00 CoTi>c030-40 40 i 2 t 3 Cl 3992 1293 00 ComboOOCMO 4 0 4 540 Cl5084 1593 00
t. l DIM I IIVO 50M11 bSOM) ACC El 1 K AfOKS CoTt>2030-50 50 4 0 97568 1349 00 Cot«o030-50504'120 97589 1679 CO ComboOSO-EQ 50 4'213 C14Q10 1639 00 Combo03O-50 50 4 540 C15092 2499.00 G l DR( I I'll' 2AM lir 68040 ACC I I I It A TORS G-Force3000*040'28 2 93124 1579 03 C-K )Kl I 040 J.'MH; 68040 ACC I I R A TORS CoTbo040-33 33 4-120 C140G9 1899 00 Cct&o040-333>4 9i3 03343 2C4903 CorboOAO- 33-33 4'540 C15104 2999 00 (.TORI I At t I I I K Nil>14 RAM I PC.R VIM s 153 33
509. 00
649. 00 The DataFlyer Express upgrades the Amiga 500 with a hard drive and up to 8 Mbytes of memory. Just add any 3,5 inch low p-ofile hard drive and SIMM memo'y modules The controller comes in either SCSI. IDE or a SCSklDE combination hard drive controller. Includes all software, hardware and cables, auto-boosting, auto install, DB25 SCSI pass thru (SCSI only), and drive and power LED display Compatible with Floptical, CD-ROM. Amax II (SCSI), Syquest (SCSI), Power PC and KCS AT emulator (SCSI IDE), and Baseboard. (Note: Hard dnve not included). 33 59 EMULATORS AMAX II PELS Cl 2654
340. 00 I'DWT II PC IIUAKD 96620 259 95 PC 2Kb MODI I I lor G VP 97713 149 CO A I uncv ? PC AT EMUI A TOR A70755
315. CO Riiill*i'hi>jril XT 84706 9? Rr DATASTORAGE SYQl I S| DRIVI s lull AMU. 44MByte External Drive 88MByte Exiema1 Drive 14MByte Cartridge 66MByte Cartridge 20MIIY 11 I LcirilCAl DISK II Interna1 Ffopieal Dnve Eiiemai Fropbcal Dnve 2CM3,te Flop seal C seers II Nl sc SI I VPI BACKUP V As MAC A63425 A67222 A60583 A62872 HIV I 36663 96659 5S1&0 A94109 429 95 599-95 79 95
* 09.55 459 59 55? 59
19. 99 699 CC DjIj 1 lyri I xpress SCSI C I3llb SIMVSU
U. il-i ] Iyer I xprvss IDI C 13120 SIV).«N 1 Id 1.1 Ihcr 1 xpri-vsSC SI |[1| I 13130 S1 W 40 1 MODEMS & FAXES GVP PIIONI PAK C10939 399 00 SI PR VMDDI M 241H3 96667 79 95 Modem Sena! Car e A42447 12 95 SI PR AMDUI M 24IIO* - 96678 116 95 SI PRAMDDI M 2400 D 96638 11999 SI I'll V 1 XX Mi IDI M 1 XII RNAI FAX Modem v 32 97149 235 95 FAX Modem. V.32t>is 97154 309 95 PLA1T UM ONLINE 88486 39 95 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES 1 III 1 III MlH S( W PAD 94074 34 95 HOINC. MOUSE W PAD 94039 99 96 11 I XIDH WV 4R4-A LIGII1 IT N E2037 89 95 Rill IK AMIGA VIOLS! 95252 24 99 fill Wl TA14LEI 96-139 239 99 TRIPI F TRACK TRACKHAI 1 96994
49. 95 ZOOMl R YOKE IOVST1CK 66031
44. S5 MEMORY & ACCELERATORS | 84 95 69 99 399 95 C10076 C10039 C10092 C109E9 97713 I Mbyte 60ns SIMM 4VB W 60ns SIMM I Mbyte 40ns SIMM CAT FI It i l PAK PC 2Hh MODI I I InrCV P 69 99 199 00 21955 39900 14900 GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING SOFTWARE CAD SOFTWARE AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES 11 SI X IN 11 RS XI A5QQ II Mill 1 )RIVI s TENEX 105MByte Krl 95724 CALL K( Kill VS- 1 X II RN VI IKJITY DRIVI 3 5'external Di ve 99276 94 95 IMHV II x H vHCI SIMMs 93693 44 95 BIC.lt JOT rOVVF.R SUPPLY 92893 94 95 SLIPR YDRIVL 500XPH VRD DRIV 1 S 52MBye ftlh iMB 964-5 465 CO 52M5yte ft te 2MB 56455 545 CO 120MByte wm 2ME 96643 665 CO 240MByto ft'n 2 MS 96653 969 CO si PRVDRIVI 500X1' L Pi.KADI S 5l2KBfte M 97255 23 95 2MByte M 97263 99 95 IU1I I c l 500 I X Cl3566 CALL Till FI. L 1 A 2000 LX C13573 CALL WORDS'! SC SCSI INTLRI ACL WordSync interlace 83673 9-5 95 DKII 2M2 2 HIT VII VI I P C13312 459 00 HARD DRIVI INTLRI VC 1 1 or inon C13533 174 99 HARD DRIVES VVY i'.m .i cnmplele H'k'climi nl SC si anil IDI Haul I )rives from Quantum .mil nlher fine
m. mut.u-liirrT'. I all for lulesl it I (Kick .mJ pnerV Cl 1639 Cl 1642
264. 99 ¦jo »
C. FX C VI) iFullVerSinni
29. S5 YMI-HACK »2.0 54057
44. S5 V MIG ADOS 2.04 A500 A2000 96335
89. 55 A3000 57707 34 95 XSSI.MPRO 83926 64 95 DISKM VST 1 R IE 95936 39 55 DDS-2-DOS 96403 31 95
C. IGAMLM Cl 3793 55 55 klCKBAt K Cl 1420 39 99 MAX I KICK. V4 6960! 32 56 MICROI K 111 ! ILLR - 9-095
119. 95 QUARTERBACK Cl0964
45. 95 RAYVCOPY XT.3k 87466 34 95 SAS t COMPll I 11 C12252 269 99 VIRTL XI REALITY STL DID
2. U 96193 57 99 PROFESSION Al PAGE 4.0 98154 I’KOI I SSIONAL DRAW'4.0 C12064 Pago4 O'Draw 4X3 Bundle C12072 169 99 129 00 239 00 VIM Dl PI FROM SSIONAl. 92135 159 95 Convervon Kit 9214? 52 95 III SIM SS I VIII) MAKI R 96039 39 95 COMIC SI ITLR 81815 41 95 DESIGN WORKS 94439 72 99 MIL DIRI CTOR V. 2.0 90147
75. 93 GDI l> DISK TY PI Desgrer Pack 9X67 34 35 Decora! Ve Pack $ »72 33 95 1 MAC .IN 1 2.(1 90166 269 00 Ol II I'm IONTS 94390 12995 I’AGFSTRL.VM 2 2 Cl 0679 159=5 SAXON PI 111 ISIILR 1.1 94069 159 99 SIT Cl RA COLOR 94607 £4.95 MSI V PRO 94113
57. 95 ZUM V 1 ON 1 PACK 1-2-3 97513 59 95 I'm A FONT PACK 4-5-6 97525 £9.95 Vr4U IXPANSIOMV Cl Ol k C13508 WI1 EXPANSION V I Mil C1O9C0 MIGA MltH.I I K At I It Cl 0999 si pH VRAM 50(1 R with l.MRvtf 500 Rxw 1MByte 94016 1MByte Upgrade K»i 97312 SL PR ARAM V0I1 KX wilh IMBylr 500 BX ft 2MByle 94029 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY 12495
64. 95
49. 95
649. 99
99. 99 94599 CI2714 39330 nis i I sl.nS 4 1 D SAC ADD V. 2 tXCI I 1 I NCL 3.0 195 95 AMIGA is a reqistv'ca trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc . NOTE Dot* to publishing lead-times. Product prices and spectftaroorn .ire subject to change without noua* 'APO. FPO. AK, hi, CN. VI. GU. And foreign or dew art* subject to additional shipp ng charges I Amiga 600HD Bonus Pack Includes Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive Great Software Titles Virtual Reality Studio 2.0, Microtext, Graphics Workshop and PushOver m Amiga 600 Graphics Pack ! Includes Amiga 600HD Computer Amiga 1084S Color Monitor with Stereo Sound Great Software Titles Robocop 3, Beast III, Myth, Microtext, and Graphics Workshop
* 7691 Amiga 600HD Graphics Pack Includes Amiga 600HD Computer with 40 Mbyte Hard Drive Amiga 1084S Coior Monitor with Stereo Sound Great Software Titles Virtual Reality Studio 2.0, Microtext, Graphics Workshop and PushOver We Cany a Complete Line of Amiga Hardware! A2000! A3000! More! Lowest Prices in the U.S.! Call for pricing on standard or custom systems. 1 INAL con II Cl 2807 89 99 coi n DISK OFFICE 9-3052 115 95 IIOJLINKSV.1.1 Cl 3526 46 99 MAYlPl AN 4 C11379 T24.99 MIGKAI'II OCR C14169
250. 00 I'lIASAR Cl 1079
49. 99 HU >1 I SSIO.VAI t ALL 96151 174,99 I’lU >111 M GRAMMAR 94440 51 99 PROVVUI IL '* 3.3 88222 64 99 I'UOVIDI OCG II C11391
111. 99 SI ]*| ILHASL PERSONAL II Cl4203
79. 99 SLTI llll ASF 4 PRO C14194
119. 95 Fill ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 49 99 YMICAVISION PRO C12837 31900 AMIGA MUSIC AND SOUND A M AS V. 2,0 Includes MIDI interface 06334 89 99 ROOM ROY C13443 36 99 ROW LRIL> ST LKLO SPEAKERS 97290 34 95 DICITAJ SOUND STUDIO 97302 74 99 MIDI INI I Ul ACL C10663 34 99 MIRACI r PIANO TTACHING SYSTEM M ?acte Syi-'er 99026 319 99 Pt-ltl LCI SOL ND 3.0 86370 69 95 1 l(.l K C L II 83721 74 95 AWESOME 91093 2795 LEMMINGS 9J226 2795 Oil NO! MOM LEMMINGS 96818 2995 Add on disk-more levels' 95635 22 99 nmi KMONGI It 5076 7 31 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE TOP ALL-STAR GAMES ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS 56954 31 55 C11055 29 99 98939 3195 97799 29 95 01204 16 59 97809 16 95 58099 24 55 Cl 1082 29 99 UASII1A1 1 93873 9 99 98058 36 95 4-D BOXING CAR! LEWIS JOHN MAI)!)! KKITIIAI I LINKS BccnufjtGrf Course FifKtone Country Cup M1CROLLAGLL BASEBALL: I he .inai>erN Cli.illenge RFT) 70NF TONY LARI SSA ULTIMA IL WOULD CIRCUIT ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ADVENTURE A-1 RAIN 03352
39. 99 ashes or LMPIRL Shipping, Handling, Insurance 03457 47 99 Order Amount Charge ( C1V1LIZA 1 ION less than S19.99 S4.95 01052 49 99 S20 00-S39.99 S5.95 ( K A Y C ARS 3 C12463 32 99 S4000-S74.99 S6.95 I EAGllsRtDIR S75 00-S99 99 $ 7 95 r C12522 32 99
5100. 00-S149.99
5150. 00-S299 99 S9.95 S10.95 C12495 32 99 S300.00-S499.00 $ 12 95 96138 32 99 S500.00-S699.99 $ 19,95 1 OR 2.0 Cl 1461 59 99 $ 700 00-S999.99 S27.95 92578 39 99 S1000 & Over 2.8% of Order MYSTICAL SI IL I JLL SCENFRY A TRACO.N II MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SYSTEM. A revolutionary learning method that conquers traditional leaching hurdles by making studying fun and productive. Features include an electronic piano keyboard capable of synthesizing over 100 digitized instruments, 25-to 25-pin cable, utility software, an AC adapter, earphones, and oulput jacks so you can use il with your stereo. Use the synthesizer as a stand-alone instrument without Ihe ccmpuler pfatform. (Note: A1000 needs a one-to-one gender changer). From Software Toolworks Miracle Piano 99026 319.99
- j* I Play the Piano the Easy Way! AdiD CHAMPIONS Ol KRY NN: Dugimbnce ! Jntjsy Role-I* Dying V.I 68679
15. 59 DteD: Dark Queen ol kr nn 00751
22. 55 AdicU: In the Sj jyc Lmnlii-r 97737 1659 YD&LJ: Pot»l» of Djikncv 95309 44 55 AD&D: I rejvure of the Sjv.igr 1 roniier C1DQ9 32 99 AGONY 58968 29 95 AMERICAN GLADIAIOWS Cl 0780 29 S9 AMNIOS 94659 32 95 YRMOURCLDDON 58979 2999 AQUAVLNTLRA C11Q55 29 59 RATTLE SQUADRON Cl3395
9. 99 III YST II: SHADOW DU PENS 90435 34 95 HILLS 1 DMA TO GAMI C14057 32 99 III AST III OUT Ol Till SHADOW C12351 33 99 BLACK CUYI’I 96283 31 55 BL7 AI DRIN Cl 3213 39 99 CAR FI1AGL 58965 29 95 CASTLES 94877 34 55 COMBAT AIR PATROL 03159 32 99 CONQL LSI Ol JAPAN 03490 34 99 C HIT PI RS 03165 2999 CKIMI 1)01 S NOI PAY 02500 2299 L RUISI FOR A CORPSI Cl 1124
34. 99 PARKS! 1 I) 03787 3999 PI MO.N1AK 02512 32 59 DI-SFKTSTRIKE Cl 3334
31. 99 DISCOVERY COLL Mills 03483
42. 59 El AIRY IL JAWS of CLRBLRL b 95847
35. 59 LY L Of IIIL BLItOLUl If II 96305 2555 Cl OBAI. EFFTCT 00760 32 55 OH GOD! ATI ILK 55640 30 95 CODS O' 159 25 99 CUY SPY 95427 29 99 JILIMDALL C12337 1999 HOI C13259 24 99 HUMANS 00770 26 5= t EANPFR 95693 29 99
LLC. Lnl) Ol KYRA 1)1 A 02401 33 59 LORDS Ol TIM I. 03262 29 59 LOST TREASURES OF INFOC O.M 01340 49 99 Ml G FORTRESS: 1 I.IGJIl Ol OIL OLD IK)t, 95096 37 55 MIGHT &. MAGIC III 96297 34 99 MLKDtRSINSPYCF 0 2475 32 99 MYTH 00035 1895 NAM 02530 32 99 OMAR SIILItll ON BRIDGE 03229 35 99 PALADIN II 03474
34. 99 IIIL PLAGUL 03410
7. 99 POPUI Ol S II 96271 38 95 POPUI OL S II I DAI 1 i Mil 02340 22 99 PROPHECY Ol llll SHADOW C12226 39 99 POWLRMONGl K WWI 95062
19. 95 R AM ROAD TY'CDON 00306 34 95 ROAD RASH 03239 31 99 ROBOCOP 1-D 00739 34 95 SHADOWLANDS 02545 29 99 SILENT SERVICE II 98792 37 95 SWORD OF SOD AN 03402 9 93 TENCEN MU D1 HITS Cl 1147 25 59 THIRD REICH 00795 29 55 TITUS Till FOX 03173 34 99 1 UR RICAN C13334 999 LT TIMA VI: Talsc Prophet 56342 39 99 UN III At C10292
7. 95 VIKINGS Cl0700 29 99 WIZARDRY : L riii.ulerv .if Ihe 1 kirk Savant 97823 46 95 WOL1 PACK. C10I06 14 95 AIR SUITOR! 01042 29 99 BAT 1 LL UlLSS 67566 29 55 Bl YCKJACK ACADI MY EC-027 1595 CASTLLS II 03243 34 99 tMil R 1 MPIR1 S C13292 31 99 DUNE C12392 39 99 I 1GII1 CORRIDOR Cl2432 32 99 MONOPOI Y 84552 29 95 SIMCI IY 82879 29 99 SIMFARTH C11B57 41 95 1 LI IMS 83835 25 55 SLIDE K M A N 51324
19. 55 01A 53899
9. 99 93337 9 99
- DEC KTA 1.1 S: Qucsl for Gold 91491
9. 99 I HI 1 1 STKFFT BI.UFS 00717
24. 95 [l AST NINJA 4 95390
22. 95 STAR TREK: 21TII WN'IVIRSARY 03237 34 99
34. 95 AMVSrLN-23 C11581
29. 99 ARI III Ml lit Cl 0934 34 95 URIPGl 6.0 96218 24 95 DINOSAURS ARI 1 OKI VI R 83134 1495 PHUNNYITIOM Ml S C12668 2699 SI KAIII)I 1 84567 17 95 SI LT)Y IVAIM 1 OR TUT SAT C10952
34. 95 Will ILL IN OIL WORLD Is CARMI N SANDII GOT 35229 2993 W HERE IN EUROPE IS CARMEN 5ANDILGO? 39179 29 99 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDII GO’ 910G5 29 99 Will Rl IN THI LS V IS ( ARMEN SANDILGO? 86677 29 99 A64 PACKAGE, With he A64 emulator package, you can connect your 1541 or other Commodore disk dnve 1o your Amiga 500 or 2000 and run your C64 soflware on the Amiga! Some soflware which incorporates disk 'fast load" may no! Work, and the speed of operation of some games may change depending on the speed of your Amiga. Package includes both disk software and special adapter. From Questronix. A 64 C10550 39.95 Order Toll Free Nationwide! 1-800-PROMPT-1 (I -800-776-6781) Mon.-Fri. 8:00am - 8:00pm Sat. 9:00am - 2:00pm (EST) Run C64 Software on Your Amiga! M Circle 22 on Reader Serv-ce card 56800 Magnetic Drive * Misha waka. IN 46545 • (219)259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 * We gladly accept mail orders! • Prices and specifications subject to change. X1H Game Preserve Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis By Jeff James IF YOU THOUGHT you’d seen the last of Indiana Jones, think again. Everyone's favorite globe-trotting, bullwhip-wielding archaeologist is back for more adventures in LucasArts’ Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ($ 59.95). The year is 1939, and the Nazis are up to no good (again). This time you must help Indy thwart their plans to find the Lost City of Atlantis and use its secrets to rule the world. Guiding Indy in his quest to defeat those goose-stepping goons of the Third Reich is facilitated by LucasArts SCUMM interface, used in such LucasArts products as Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, Moving Indy (and his feisty female sidekick, Sophia) about the screen is as simple as clicking on a spot and watching Indy walk there. For more complex tasks, a verb list in the bottom left corner of the screen offers commands that manipulate the game environment. Finally, a scrollable list of carried inventory items occupies the bottom right of the screen. When communicating with other characters, a list of what things you’d like Indy to say appears at the bottom of the screen. The dialogue with other characters is especially amusing, particularly Indy’s verbal sparring with Sophia. Ported from the 256-color VGA version, the Amiga graphics aren’t too shabby. Some screens are overly dithered, making the quest for small items difficult. The music is top-notch, subtly changing based 011 the player's situation. In addition, At- You'lt need fists, wits, and women to win at Indiana Jones. Lands features three separate adventuring paths that are tailored for certain types of players. The Wits path requires you to use mental dexterity to overcome obstacles; if you'd rather pummel Nazis and race cars, take the Fists path. Finally, the Team path emphasizes cooperation between Indy and Sophia. Each offers different puzzles and solutions, making Atlantis truly three games in one. J D Given the size of the program, you'll he swapping the 1 1 disks frequently without a hard drive (with 9.5 megabytes free). Atlantis runs a trifle sluggishly on unaccelerated Amigas; more than one meg of RAM and or an accelerator speeds up things nicely. ? (You'll eventually learn the language on your own, and, even without it, what Mariah says isn't too meaty.) On the other hand, this long string of quests is a way to gain experience, to see a lot of neat things you'd otherwise miss, and to play the game as it was designed to be played. No one's breathing down your neck except a dragon or two, so why rush? (Even the hard way needn't be all that hard: The pickpocket spell and that worry-free staple, invisibility, will take you a long way.) Don't worry about the map at all until you've reached Buccaneer's Den and met Homer. He has one of the pieces, which he'll hand over only when you come back with the other eight. Of course, he won't say boo until you join the Thieves Guild, and that means another quest to the caverns beneath the Britain sewers where you must relieve Phoenix of a particular belt. (Yup, the same person referred to in passing back in the November issue, just north of the underground lake.) The pickpocket spell will do the trick here, and you can also use it to get her magic armor and glass sword (and more that's worth taking). Once you belt Homer he'll tell you about five pieces, and Sandy will fill you in on the final three. Naturally, he wants something first a dragon's egg and the dragons are a nasty crowd. You'd do well to remain invisible during your visit to their cave in Dungeon Destard. A couple more pieces can be found down around Trinsic. (Visit Lord Whitsaber in the city, and seek out the gypsy Arturos to the northeast.) Morchelto has another (try the tavern in Serpent's Hold), Bonn on Dagger Isle still another, and a third can be found in the ? CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 118. HIGH QUALITY - LOW PRICES! AMIGA A600 Computer $ 369.00 A600 W 85MBHD $ 659.00 A570 CD-ROM $ 415.00 CDTV $ 574.00 1084S Monitor $ 279.00 A2386 SX NOW 25Mhz Bridgeboard $ 499.00 A2320 Flicker Fixer $ 149.95 A2232 Multi-Serial card $ 249.00 A520 Video Adapter $ 27.95 A3000-lmpact Vision 24 A2000-IV24 Adapter VIU-CT Tahiti-ll 1GB (35ms) Tahitr-ll 1GB Cartridge Syquest 44MB Removable 44MB Cartridge Syquest 88MB Removable 88MB Cartridge Impact XC Ext. Case FaaastROM 2000 Kit FaaastROM 500 Kit Cinemorph Software Phonepak VFX DSS8 Sound Sampler I O Extender Image FIX
1675. 00
39. 00
499. 00
3300. 00
299. 00
275. 00
65. 00
385. 00
119. 00
250. 00
35. 00
45. 00
109. 00
399. 00
79. 00
195. 00
239. 00 CBM CHIPS Kickstart 2.1 Upgrade Kit 85.00 Kickstart 1.3 26.00 1MB Agnus (8372A) 42.95 2MB Agnus (8372B) 79.95 Super Denise (8373) 33.00 Paula (8364) 18.95 CIA (8520) 9,95 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Eprom Kit for CBM Accelerator 35,00 CBM A2024 Hi-Res Monochrome Monitor
- 1008 x 600 Resolution
* 14' Paper White Display
- Supports ALL Amiga Models
- Supports ALL Display Modes
- Supports NTSC and PAL
- Perfect for Programmers & Desktop Publishing
- Originally $ 895.00 NOW $ 199.00 A2630 Accelerators 68030 66882 25Mhz 4MB 32bit RAM Newest Eproms $ 529 SPECIAL AMIGA 2000 BRAND NEW MINDSCAPE POWERPLAYERS JOYSTICK DKB Mchip board with 2MB Agnus 269.00 Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A 53.00 Kick Back ROM Switcher 35.00 68030 50Mhz CPU 199.00 68882 50Mhz Moth Co 139.00 3,SO ••oh CSA ROCKET LAUNCHER MEMORY CHIPS IVS 1MB SIMMS
29. 95 1 x8-80ns SIMMS
32. 00 1 x8-70ns SIMMS
34. 00 1 x8-60ns SIMMS
36. 00 4x8-80ns SIMMS
99. 00 4x8-70ns SIMMS
124. 00 4x8-60ns SIMMS
129. 00 1x4-80ns Static Col. ZIP Call 1 x4-80ns Page ZIP Call 1 x4-80ns Page DIP Call 1x1-100ns DIP Call 256X4-80ns DIP Call A4000 SIMMS Call Doubles W25MHz& Commodore 2630 Accelerators to 50 Mhz! $ 499.00 HARD DRIVES Quantum - Conner Seagate - Fujitsu Western Digital At unbelievable prices! Cali for prices! THIRD GENERATION 68030 PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR eroR Maxtor 213MB 15ms LPS 64K Cache $ 375 FOR THE AMIGA 2000 A500-HD8+OMB 120 589.00 A500-HD8+0MB 245 Call A530-HD8+1 120 995.00 A530-HD 8+1 245 Call A500-PC286 512 119.00 A2000-HC8+0MB 165.00 A2000 Series ll-22Mhz 1 MB 549.00 A2000 Series ll-33Mhz 4MB 750.00 G-Force 030 25Mhz 1 MB 595.00 G-Force 030 40Mhz 4MB 839.00 G-Force 030 50Mhz 4MB 1299.00 G-Force 040 28Mhz 2MB 975.00 G-Force 040 33Mhz 4MB 1649.00 SIMM32 1 MB 60ns 59.95 SIMM32 4MB 60ns 195.95 1 MB SIMMS-GForce A3000 Call G-Lock Genlock 399.00 ASK ABOUT OUR ACCELERATOR, HARD DRIVE AND MEMORY UPGRADES! A2091 Controller $ 65.00 Maxtor 7120S 120MB SCSI $ 315.00 Both A2091 & 7120S $ 359.00 Add 2MB RAM to 2091 $ 80.00 HP II, I ID, IIP, III, MID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 87.50 Board with 4MB 145.95 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 69.95 2 Boards (for 500 Series) 130.00 $ 699.00 LASER PRINTER MEMORY Accessories MISC. DERRINGER - Running at 25Mhz wIMMU 4MB 32bit RAM Exp. To 32MB, w 68881 $ 499 68882 add $ 75 68882-50Mhz add $ 150 8MB version add $ 199. US Robotics Modems
16. 8K Courier HST with tax 595,00
16. 8K Courier HST Dual w fax 925.00 Courier v.32bis 449.00 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(800) 578-7617 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4138 Info 10AM-6PM
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Visa Master Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Arc Subject To Change Without Notice 15% Restocking Fee On All Non-Dcfcctive Returned Merchandise. Call For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise. Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 4 COD Re 55 Personal Checks Require 10 Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items, If You Don't Set It Here, Call Us! Problems with overly dithered graphics and sluggish play aside, Atlantis is a well-crafted adventure with much to offer. With excellent music, longevity, and all the elements of a classic Indy quest, Atlantis is an adventure not to be missed. Road Rash By Peter Olafson TURNABOUTS FAIR PLAY. The Amiga gave the Sega Genesis many of the 16-bit console’s earlier titles, so it seems only- fit ting that the Genesis give some back. Road Rash ($ 49.95) is the second Genesis-to-Amiga conversion from Electronic Arts, and it preserves intact the happy violence and breakneck pace of the original. It’s a motorcycle racing game in which fists, clubs, and willingness to do the 140-mph bump are almost as important as speed and steering. You face a field of 14 punchy opponents over a variety of five twisting, hilly courses. Pull up beside ’em and sock ’em good (courtesy of the fire button), and they’ll fall behind. Knock one on his can with a well-placecl blow of a club, and watch him tumble in your rear-view mirrors. If you do well, you win a cash prize, which goes toward faster, better-handling cycles, repairs after wrecks, and paying off the tickets you’ll receive from the bevy of Irish cops. Once von complete all five tracks in a satisfactory position, you move on to the next of five levels. The courses are essentially the same only longer and twistier, the opponents tougher, their bikes faster, and obstacles more plentiful. (T he difficulty seems poorly pitched; fm usually a miserable arcade game player, yet made Level 5 in my third session.) This rough stuff is just a taster for the delightful dementia that is Road Rash. The wrecks are right out of a comic book. I’ve wiped out on a curve, torn head over heels through shrubbery, tumbled down the hill beyond, and dusted myself off only to discover that my fallen bike had been punted a quarter-mile down the highway by a passing car. I hen a fellow biker coming off the hill landed on me. It’s all in lim, however, and the cyclists shake everything off occasionally to accompaniment of cartoony effects. The two-lane blacktop is a progressively darker nightmare of hill and dale, tight curves leading into tighter curves, blind spots, and heacl-ons in the making. It's also liberally sprinkled with If you can’t pass 'em, push 'em out of the way in Road Rash. Deer and cows (not to mention the remains of what those creatures had for breakfast), cars coming in both directions and from cross streets, construction barricades, and even other fallen riders. (Off-road, there’s a wealth of*charmingly rendered scenery.) Not that you’ll get much of a chance to inspect it. On a 68000-based system, Road Rash doesn’t have the original's crazy speed, but the game flows along splendidly. (The update on a 68030 machine is absolutely blistering. After a while, it feels almost like real driving.) In some respects, it even goes the Genesis version one better. The graphics are crisper, the sound cleaner and richer, and joystick control is far superior. And yet a couple of sugar cubes spike RR’s gas tank: The dismounted rider looks a mite like Lumpy the Friendly Hunchback when seen from behind while running toward his fallen bike. And a few times, after taking a spill, I noticed that the biker ahead of me had stopped dead on the road. The game ought to disguise better the fact that other riders’ performances are keyed to the player’s; as it is, it spoils (he fantasy a bit, RR is also fairly disk- intensive between races, and you have no choice but to play from floppy. Nevertheless, this is a great game it’s the best arcade-style cycle race I’ve played. Wreck of the Empire (which, if you have a sextant, can be found at about 71 degrees South, 15 degrees East). Things get a bit hairy from here on in. Ybarra has one piece didn't this guy and and the city of Skara Brae turn up in The Bard's Tale sagas? And he's in a bloody inconvenient spot: Dungeon Shame. (The poor fellow's so hungry he's eaten his belt, and I imagine you can swing a trade.) Another is on Level Two of Dungeon Wrong behind a secret door in the Hydra's room. And then there's the one in the Ant Mound (at 21 degrees North. 66 degrees East by the sextant). It's a long way down, and can be found on a corpse in a big old cavern. Get back to Homer to collect the ninth piece if you haven't already pickpocketed it, you devil and you'll be set for the final quest for the pirate's cache. (Be sure to pick up the Explosion spell or bring a powder keg to enable you to pass a certain reluctant door en- route.) One more Ultima VI cheat: Remember that quick-karma trick I mentioned in passing a few issues back? Well, it's in there after all, along with two others, but it eluded me because it uses the numeric key pad rather than the main keyboard. Here it is: Holding down the Alt key, press and release 2, 1, and 3 on the key pad. After a sec, you'll be rewarded with a long, driver's-li- cense-number-ish, alpha-numeric phrase in the command box as well a niceoverhead map of your location. The first two digits are your karma. The next four are the time in 24-hour notation.The next three represent your party's X position, the three after that the Y position, and the final one the Z position. More on these coordinates in a sec. Holding Alt and pressing 2, 1, and 5 advances game time an hour convenient if the party is at loose ends and hanging around to wait for a shopkeeper or some other wayward character. Now, obviously the above coordinates aren't the same ones revealed by the sextant, but they're essential to this last cheat. To teleport immediately to any location, hold Alt as before and press and release in sequence 2, 1, 4. You'll see some indecipherable script (gar- goylese?) And a prompt, Plug in the X, Y, and 2 positions in that order, with a carriage return after each, and you're off to... somewhere. The trick is to know where you're going before you make any but random use of the cheat. I just happen to have a list of locations, and let's just say your search for the pirates' treasure will be a whole lot shorter if you visit, oh, X = 2C3, Y = 343, Z = 0. Don't forget your shovel. (It's item number 103 in the cheat editor revealed last issue.) Next month: A visit to the Shad* owlands...or maybe Atlantis, _ SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 MULTIPACKS Narc NAVY SEALS Neuromancer New Zealand Story Nmja Remix Ninja Spirits North & South Operation Harrier Operation Snowstrike Operation Thunderbolt Overrun Pacland Pacmania Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy Paperboy 2 Photon Paint 2.0 Pictionary Pit Fighter Popeye2 Populous Predator 2 Premiere Prince ot Persia Projectile OIX Rainbow island RANX
R. B.L Baseball2 Red Lightning (SSI) Red Storm Rising U 95
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16. 95
12. 95 14 95
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21. 95
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16. 95 2195
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18. 95 14 95 12 95
16. 95
12. 95 18 95
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16. 95 22 95
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16. 95 16 95
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16. 95 29 95
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18. 95 16 95
16. 95 1895 18 95 14 95
24. 95
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17. 95 18 95 15 95 1895
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16. 95 18 95 IB 95
12. 95
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22. 95 19 95
14. 95
16. 95 16 95
16. 95
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17. 95
21. 95
24. 95
16. 95 18 95
16. 95 1995 SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces, by payment: Mastercard & Visa $ 5.00 • COD. (Cash Only) $ 10.00 Next day & second day air available! Call For prices on special shipping. Shipping times nol guaranteed. Price & Availstiility subject to change! No refunds or exchanges. Defective products exchanged with same item
U. S products mrrantied througfr manufacturer. U K. products warrantied through Sideline. Tom Landry Strategy Football By Peter Olafson THERE’S A NEW quarterback in town. Tom Landry Strategy Football (Merit Software, S49.95) is quite simply the best football simulation available for the .Amiga. Features? TLSF seems to have everything except joystick control. A list would have to include modem play (including links with non-Amiga systems); penalty screens that make crystal clear the pluses and minuses of accepting or declining; sensible menus for control of the game dock; hard-disk installation and A3000 compatibility; a sweet stats-compiling package; extensive on-line help, including context-sensitive advice from Big Tom himself; a playbook thick as your finger; the ability to tear off a lightning game and to watch replays of its high points; facility to generate scouting reports and dump them to an ASCII file; a scenario editor that allows you set up chess-like problem-solving situations; intelligent copy protection; a very slick, easy-to-use mouse interface; generous information windows; and a realistic approach to injuries and fatigue. There’s more, too. I suppose I should have taken notes, but I was enjoying myself too much. Basically, I found that everything I wanted to do, I could do, and then some. TLSF is fun and easy to use, and never seems simplistic, as easy-to-use games sometimes do. A flag gets thrown here and there. The graphics have classy sheen, but I wish the in-game screens were a bit sharper. (The game uses an unusual angled-down side view that put me in mind of a much spruced-up edition of Accolade’s Fourth 8c Inches.) And I suspect more could have been done with crowd sounds than the short, cycled samples that every other sports game uses. (Earl Weaver Baseball still beats all comers hands- down in this respect.) And it’s not quite the ultimate all-in-one football package. Only Landry is obviously drawn from life seasonal NFL data disks or a team editor would be a nice addition and, as the title says, this is very much a strategy football game. If you fancy steering a runner downfield, you’d be better off with Electronic Arts’John Madden Football, which is still tops in the pure-ac- tion Field, But there are no obvious weaknesses here, and more strengths than I have Fingers and toes. Tom Landry Strategy Football is the Super Bowl champ among Amiga pigskin games. They don’t come any better. ? Pinball Fantasies Words fail me with this bit of genius from 27st Century. Pinball Dreams was an amazing pinbali simulator. The followup, Pinball Fantasies ($ 49.95), is even more amazing. There simply isn't much difference on an intuitive level between playing this and playing a real pinball game. Aside from the four great new tables (and the ability to import new ones) and added features (like extra flippers), PF has a thicker, more realistic slab of sound that establishes the game as even more of a physical presence. Hey, could ya work in the sound where the ball bounds up and hits the glass? Alas, one especially useful feature hard-disk installability for the three floppies is available only via a mail-in offer and costs an extra tenner. SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson ton Double Dragon 2 Dragons of flame (SSI) Dragon Wars (Interplay) Enchanter (Infocom) F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Fighting Falcon Final Bhw Boxing Flames of Freedom (Midwinter 2) Flight Of The Intruder Flintstones Fool s Errand Future Basketball Future Wars (Interplay) Gauntlet 2 Gettysburg Ghouls and Ghosts Gold of the Aztecs Golden Axe Grand Pnx Circuit (Accolade) Heart ot the Dragon Hills far (SSI) Hollywood Poker Hoyts s Book ot Games 1 Hudson Hawk Hunt For Red October (Arcade) Hunter Imperium Impossible Mission 2 Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Infestation International fee Hockey International Olympic Athletics Iron Lord It Came From The Desert It Came From The Desert 2 tvanhoe Jack Nicholas Greatest 18 James Bond: Stealth Atlair James Pond Keet The Thiel Kid Gloves Killing Cloud King s Bounty Last Nmia 3 Leather Goddess Phobos Lite and Death Lords ot the Rising Sun Magic Fly Manhattan Drug Dealers Mega Lo Mania Megaphoemx Megatraveler 1 Menace Melal Mutants Midnight Resistance Mig 29 Fulcrum Monty Python Moonshine Racers Moonstone Music X NAM 1965-1975
20. 000 iosoiMS "rtit-1 the Scjj 4-0 Sports Boxing 4-0 Sports Driving Advanced Destroyer Simulator Altered Beast Amazing Spiderman Archipelagos Armada Atomic Robo Kid Austerfitr Baliistyx Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) Bard's Tale 3 Bat Batman The Movie Battle Chess Battle Command Battle Hawks 1942 Battleship Bionic Commando Blasteroids Blockout Blue Max Borobodur Borodino Bravo Romeo Delta Bubble Bobble Burger Man (burger lime) Bush Buck Cadaver California Games Captive Carthage (Psypnosis) Centurion, Defender of Rome Challenge Golf Chaos Strikes Back (DM 2) Chips Challenge Chuck Yeager 2.0 Conflict In Europe Conqueror Countdown to Doomsday (SSI) Craps Academy D ueneralion Darkman Dark Spyre Das Boot Days Of Thunder Deadline (Infocom) Death Bringer Defender 2 (Stargite) Deluxe Productions Dig Dug Disc ft
16. 95
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18. 95 ling 19.95 Resolution 101 Hoverlorce t4.95 Racket Ranger 18.95 ROTOX 14.95 Sex Olympics 16 95 Shadow Warrior 16.95 Shogun 16.95 Shoot Em'Up Constr. Kit 19 95 Sky Chase 14.95 Silkworm 14.95 Smash rv 18.95 Space 1889 14.95 Space Gun 16.95 Spacewrecked 16.95 Spot 16.95 Sunlight 2 18 95 Starglider2 1695 Slormbalt 14.95 Strider f 16 95 St rider 2 16 95 Stryx 14.95 Stunt Car Racer 16.95 Super Monaco GP 19.95 Super Oft Road Racing 16.95 Super Ski 2 1895 Super Space Invaders 19 95 Switchblade 1 16.95
S. WIV (Silkworm 4) 16 95 Sword OtSodan 9.95 T V. Sports Baseball 2195 T V. Sports Boxing 21.95
T. V. Sports Football 18.95 Tetris 13.95 The Krystal 14.95 The Three Stooges 18 95 Thunder strike 14.95 Toobin' 14.95 Treasure Trap 1695 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed 16 95 Turrican 2 18.95 Typhoon ot Steel (SSI) 18.95 Under Pressure 16.95 Universal Military Sim 2 16 95 Unreal 9.95 Vottied 18.95 Wa rgame Construction Set 16.95 Wild Wheels 16 95 Wings 18 95 Woltpack 18 95 World Boxing Manager 18 95 Xenon 2 14 95 Xybots 16.95 Zak McCracken Zara Thruster Zoe trope NEW TITLES Ishar I egend ot the Fortress 45 Ramparts 38 Ttoddlers 38 Shuttle 40 Zool 38 Humans 38 WilKid 38 Fpic 45 Amberstar 40 Putty 38 Cool World 38 Crazy Cars 3 38 lure of the Temptress 45 Battle Toads 40 WWF2 38 Street Fighter 7 38 Caesar 38 Nigcll Manset'S Grand Pnx 38 Sabre Team 39 No Second Prize 38 Indy 4 The Arcade Game 38 Ween the Prophet 40 Legend ol Karandya 42 Curse ot Enchanlna 47 Chaos Engine 38 Superski, Carrier Command, Rick Dangerous, Satan. Nignthunter ALL FOR ONLY $ 39.95 Future Classics Includes: Tank Battle, Diskman, Blockerlanch. Lost Maze, Diel Riot ALL FOR $ 14.95 Campaign Clattici Includes: 688 Attack Sub, F15 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 Amiga Classics Includes Carrier Command, Star Glider 2, Midwinter ALL FOR $ 19.95 High Energy Includes: North and Soulh, hostages, Teenage Queen, Tin Tin on the Moon, Fire and Forge! ALL FOR $ 24.95 Top League Includes Speeuball 2, F-16 Fa’con, Midwinter. Rick Dangerous 2.
T. V. Sports Football ALL FOR $ 49.95 Fantastic Worlds Mega omania. Pirates. Papulus. Rea ms. Wonder! And ALL FOR $ 49.95 Powerhits Litlte Computer People, Shanghai, Batttelech, Fighter Bomber. Wicked. G B Ar Rally, Hacker 2. Tournament Goil. Spin Dizzy Word, Ports ol Cat] ALL FOR $ 49.95 AMIGA TEN Star Clever and Smart. Eskimo Games, Power Slicks, Spin World. Sky Blaster. Vampire's Empire, Crystal Hammer, Fral Mission, Tripie-X, Little Dragon ALL FOR $ 49.95 EUR0MAGS Amiga Formal, C U Amiga, Amiga Games. Amiga Action, Amiga Computing, Amiga User International Amiga Po*er AIL WITH DISKS- S10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk S5 fff Cmpsi Tlwrt'i Mtptl CH Ff TU PC Llttl Fix (305) 481-6134 Big Box 2 Includes Bwrbuzzle, R-Type, Back to the Future 3, S ntod, Armaiyle, Shanghai, InternalOfttl Karale Plus.
T. V. Sports PootbaH, The Real Ghoslbuslers, Ddendersol the Earth. ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Dream Team Includes: WWF, The Simpsons. Terminator 2 ALL FOR $ 44.95 Capcom Collection Includes Strider, Strider 2, Ghouls & Ghasts. U N. Squadron, Forgotten Worlds,
L. E.D. Stnim, Last Duel ALL FOR $ 39,95 Super Heroes Includes: last Ninja 2, Strider
2. Indiana Jones Crusade, The Spy Who Loved Me ALL FOR $ 29.95 Ten Great Games Includes: Chicago ‘90, Xenon 2, Ferrari Formula 1, Pm Tennis Tour, Pick and Pile, AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board’’ is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty. Contains 1.2. (2) 8520. 5719,
8362. 6364,68000-8 and 'h meg Agnus. The plug-in chips alone cost over Si37. Revisions vary ..$ 94.95 A2000 AMIGA COMPUTER-S599.95 Imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus. 8373 Super Denise, New 2.0 ROM operating system, 2.0 Workbench, new keyboard, mouse & manual) for hundreds ol dollars less than a dealer pays! This A2000 reconditioned demonstrator offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a fulf 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL This is a once-in-a- lifetime offer will save you hundreds of dollars. Get them before supply runs out ....$ 599.95 ? EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT + Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362,8370. 8364, Chip Puller, Fuse, Schematic, Amiga Troubleshooter and the Final Test diskette. A $ 224.00 value for.... $ 99.50 (with 8373 Super Denise chip .....$ 109.95) SWITCH WORLDS 9" best selling I2 A500 2000 ROM SELECTOR Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUIT FOR A500 REV. 5 AND OLDER) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility ol ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1,3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard. Built-m speaker confirms 1.3 or 2.0 ROM. Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included $ 29.95 FANTASTIC BONUS: =
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 13 ROM upgrade @ $ 49.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 59.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL: Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and
2. 05 @ $ 84.95 (Want entire kit? Add S47.50) AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS 8362 Denise Vt Bright upgrade 8364 Paula .$ 18.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag insfructions sotiware....$ 29.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus « A600 PAL only.... $ 59.95 5719 Gary Chip ....$ 14.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions. Includes FREE Amiga Troubleshooter.. (2 for S18)----- .$ 9.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM low. Low price ..$ 23.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems)..$ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip $ 15.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....$ 19.95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 only) ..$ 11.95
2. 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes)..S35.95
2. 05 ROM chip only; NEW, latest revision for high density drives, PCMCIA slot, etc. Just released..$ 39.95
2. 1 Complete Kit ( AS215): includes ROM. Books and diskettes. Newly upgraded $ 77.50
2. 1 Kit ( AS216>: Same as above but does NOT include
2. 0 ROM (for upgrading your old 2.0 kit) $ 47.50
2. Q4 ROM Upgrade Kit ( AS314) for A3000 .... $ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit .....$ 34.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8372A) Comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by- step instructions and Amiga Troubleshooter.... $ 44.95 (We'll beat any competitor's price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and newly designed puller.) The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software guide is an exclusive package only from Grapevine. COSTLY REPAIRS Jf your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520. Areas affected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED, drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. The 8520 is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time. 40% or all broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s. Simple plug-in chip. Includes FREE "Amiga Troubleshooter," an excellent guide for repairing your Amiga 8520 ....$ 9.95 ea. (2 for $ 18.00) SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity, superhl-res and scan mode. Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine. (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) .. $ 29.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
* Printer Port Adapter (runs any Commodore printer to PC PC clone) ....$ 29.95
• Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory & hard disk diagnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory. Locates defective chips and bad memory location $ 29.35
• AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package ..$ 27.50
* Goliath chip extractor. Exclusively designed for Agnus chips $ 6.95
* McCoy (PLCC) Agnus Chip Puller. This is a clone of the Burndy chip extractor sold by Commodore $ 12.95
• Final Test Diskette: Diagnoses keyboard, display, grapics, new 2.0 W B, sound, timing, clock. RAM test. HAM, blitter, sprites, animation, mouse, floppies (included free with Agnus Chip) .$ 15.95 DKB PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• 200 Watt "Big Foot" A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with tan and external cabling for hard disks, etc. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (hard drive). Works worldwide ....$ 86.95 ¦ A2000 110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K.) Commodore original $ 99.00
• A3000 110 volt power supply ...$ 97.00
• A500 internal floppy drive by CBM ....$ 72.50
• A1050 (new) 256K module for A1000. This module plugs into the front of the A1000 ......$ 49.95
• 2090A for A2000: hard drive controller $ 17.95
• A560 Arcnet Adapter replacement ....$ 29.95
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga 2000 RAM board. Comes with 2Mb Expands to 8 Mb (low price) $ 124.50
• A501 Golden Image 512K module RAM..., $ 34.95
• A2086 XT Amiga add on kit. Contains books, disk & floppy drive. Brand new .....$ 119.95
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• A3000 keyboard (31323-02) Hi-tek ...$ 99.00
• 1,3 Kickstart ROM .....$ 23.95
• GVP SIMM 32 - 4 Mb 6QNS ...$ 219.95
• Laser Printer Memory: All HP Series HPII, IID, IIP, III, tJID, HIP and all plus 2 Mb 4 Mb... $ 84.95 $ 146.95 PHOENIX BOARD
• A STAND ALONE AMIGA COMPUTER BOARD • A1000 upgrade just released from Australia. Within minules transform your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches the specs of the A3000. Use as a "stand alone" Amiga. The Phoenix is a complete replacement motherboard. FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM; SCSI controller built in; true A2000 video and expansion slot, easy solderless installation; uses all original A1000 peripherals (Send for specifications and review) ..$ 749.95 ICD PRODUCTS l?I4,YJTrifecfa. High speed combination board host adapter that supports SCSI SCSI-tl, IDE & memory for A2000
2500. Call for latest prices. Flicker Free Video II. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer. New version just upgraded ..$ 232.50 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 1 meg, $ 119.95 with 2 meg $ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add ..$ 35.95 IDE2. Hard drive interlace = 2W 3W HD Kit): AdlOE2 + Shuffleboard (3V4" interface kit) $ 124.50 AslDE2 + Mounting Bracket (2VV’ interlace kit)..$ 116.50 $ 264.95 1 MB REBATE MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 M B of Chip RAM for A500 200Q STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM It you use your Amiga tor Desktop Video. 3D Rendering £ Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need the MegAChip 2000 Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0. the ECS Oenise chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to I meg ol RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A30001 Include* FREE Goliath chip puller (a necessity), Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program, new Amiga Troubleshooter & 2 meg Agnus chip installed A te*ted..S264.95 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively tram Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and well give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 25.95 Insider ll™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1QQO Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1 5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation. No soldenng required Compatible with the KwikStart ll and most processor accelerators...$ 147.50 With 1.5 meg ...$ 196.50 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows A1000 owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the lalesl operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 . $ 59.95 MultiStart Iith Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM, A sizable percentage ol present software will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software. No external wires or switches required ...$ 37.85 MULTI START BONUS
• Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 59.95.
• Buy the MultiSlart with 2.04 ROM upgrade @ $ 69.95.
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiSlart with 1.3 and 2.04 @ $ 95.50. 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 HH An waasmartia and ioqo* lor ICO and DKB mb from n»r f«»p«ctiva cofnp«rl«t and aoMy ir»yu.tr»d tnd«ra>rt of Comr>odofB Boairwi Machinw Gorp Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP me PRES E R V E ; e life MORE SHORT TAKES AMIGA 1200 MEMORY UPGRADE MICROCARD 601™ FAST RAM PCMCIA MEMORY CARD rtftOO From Ik 105, 1 Shadowlands M ICROCARD 601 by Microworks Ltd. Offers up to 4 additional megabytes of (fast) dynamic RAM via the A600 A1200 PCMCIA slot. This credit card sized memory module auto-configures at boot time, leaving most of the internal chip RAM free for image processing. No hardware or software configurations are needed and recognition is automatic. F* - y pitted A large percentage of the Amiga 1200 software now requires more than 2 megabytes of memory (2 meg in the A600) and certainly more than the standard memory built into each computer. A neat, quirky role-player from Domark, Shadowlands ($ 49.95) has delicate graphics, a huge play area, good individual character control. (You can have the four characters in very different places at the same time, which immediately separates Shadowlands from the mass of stand-by-me RPGs.) The game has a lovely half-lit atmosphere just right, considering your characters are dead and the moving light sources (a flickering ring of light moves with a character holding the torch) are eerily effective. On the other hand, I'm not sure everything here really works. For instance, the idea of clicking on a particular limb of a character to perform a particular action is better than the reality. (It's awfully inconvenient in stressful moments.) And while the game's from England, the characters all look like refugees from a Japanese cartoon. Very strange. Microcard 601 is available as PCMCIA memory modules in configurations of 2 and 4 megabytes at the lowest price available anywhere. 2 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 154.95 4 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ..$ 219.95 Microcard 601 15 a trademark of Microworks Lid In Canada contact IT Tech rn Saskatchewan (306) 691 -0520 BASEBOARD 601 1MB CHIP MEMORY CARD Baseboard 601 by Expansion Systems: A specialty designed memory upgrade card for the Amiga 600 that will increase the CHIP MEMORY of your computer from 1 meg to 2 megs. The Baseboard contains a battery back-up clock. Installs easily in the trap door at the bottom of the A600. Fully populated ....$ 62.50 TOP SELLER ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Ltd. A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer for all Amigas. Gives display status of ail data transmission signals, the ability to test the integrity of any disk drive, checks all ports, buffer chips, alignment and joystick mouse. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85% to 90% of the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. It will save you lots of money on repairs and no repair shop can afford to be without one. Don’t be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box into any Amiga port. This is a sophisticated diagnostic unit used by Amiga repair centers worldwide $ 79.95 Robocop 3D The dead-ordinary sideways shooters based on the first two Robocop movies never prepared you for Robocop 3D ($ 49.95). It's from England's Ocean, it's based on a movie that still isn't out at this writing, and it's really brilliant stuff: a fast and even spooky three-dimensional arcade game. (There's also an adventure version in which the arcade segments appear to have been shuffled and linked.) Developer DID has kept the range of the palette small black, white, brown, gray, and gray-blue and detail minor, the better to move Robo 3's polygons swiftly and smoothly (and swift and smooth they are). Love the approximation of the Robo's orders and targeting mechanism. And the opening shoot-out with robbers at the OCP building and the driving sequence are chilling as the game music. (There's even a sort of Rock-'Em- Sock-'Em Robots bit.) I can't put this down. Quibbles: Robocop doesn't say, "Your move, creep." When you die, it takes too long to get back into the game. And when was the last time you saw a dongle used for copy protection? Lose this bit of plastic-coated circuitry (which plugs into a joystick port) and kiss your sweet game goodbye. Vektor Storm Hey, Tempest! Vektor Storm (INOVAgames, $ 39.95) is basically a straight Amiga implementation of that respected vector-graphics shooter, and it's a fine one. You're still shooting down the sides of a sort of galactic trashcan at various dangerous asterisks, toy boats, and squiggly lines. It hasn't lost any of its speed or addictiveness, and if you don't dig the default mouse controls, there's always the joystick or keyboard. Another game? Can do! A nice start for a new game company. AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER jlpF? Mmm Released January, 1993. A very unique troubleshooting guide for the Amiga 500 2000. This diagnostic tool will truly save you lots of money and down time by showing you which plug-in chips to change. It's quick and it’s easy to use. The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER is quickly becoming and invaluable diagnostic tool for every Amiga owner ..... $ 15.95 3 Chestnut Street. Suffern, New York 10901 Cusftwwr Service:(914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 Fax:(9U) 3S7-6243 Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 _Add UPS Charges to Above 15H rextocking charge Conquest oi Japan Impressions' Conquest ($ 59.95) is to the earlier Fighting for Rome as Discovery (reviewed last month) is to Merchant Colony. This animated wargame, set in medieval Japan, is faster, easier to understand and control, and generally more fun than FFR (which uses a similar combat system). You can chose from a range of elaborate combat formations, and there's an autocalc function to finish up combat if it gets too interminable. (It does take a while.) The problem is that the title is something of a misnomer, "Japan" here is just the central island of Honshu, and the "conquest" concept is just a MORE SHORT TAKES shell for pitched land battles, with no city-management elements beyond buying and transferring troops. It's really quite a small game. Nobunaga's Ambition this isn't. But then, it isn't the horrid Fighting for Rome either. Cytron Paradroid '90 lives on in this very unPsysrnos s-like, overhead-perspective, maze puzzle game, clothed in the big Psyg's usual captivating intro, graphics, and special effects. (Love the seething explosion when time's up.) Your robotic tank uses (and is confounded by) conveyor belts, forcefields, pressure pads, and switches (which turn other devices on and off), collects tokens, and makes ash of the usual crew of enemy sprites to escape each level within an unforgiving time limit. Neat tricks: Cytron ($ 49.99) can split up into two individual robots. (Sure this critter isn't called Voltron?) Computer termimnals scattered throughout levels offer mapping and more. Still, this lacks that one extra element that would put it over the top. Maybe just originality. I like it anyway. Spoils of War Not a bad little game of conquest from Germany, via the folks at RAW Entertainment. And not so little, actually: Spoils of War ($ 59.95) is loaded nicely with details and features like the ability to move guns from one side of a ship to the other, specialization of units, and a combat system that takes experience and morale into account. This also means that SOW is not as quick a play as some conquer-the-world games it'll take a while to get the feel of things but it's worth the effort. Give this one a good look. Realms Virgin joins the stampede of PowerMonger clones with Realms ($ 29.95). And, alas, while this animated wargame is pretty, challenging, and reasonably playable, it's just not a great deal of fun. The standardized battlefields make every conflict look like a medieval tournament it's more like miniatures than like PM and while the cities have tons of associated options, they're handled in the abstract. (This bit reminded me of Rings of Medusa.) It's hard to feel anything much about Realms at all, and I guess that's the problem. Castles Campaign Disk 1: The Northern Campaigns Here's a data disk that's not just a nice afterthought, but an essential addition to the parent game. Interplay's original Castles had a good heart but a weak mind and begged for some articulation. The Northern Campaigns (S29.95) provides it. There are new plots to thicken, a more extensive commodities market, and more troop and combat options (including troop training and more realistic combat capabilities for enemies). And if you're playing as a queen, she finally looks like a queen. We approve. ? WORKIN' ON THE RAILROAD You've got the building THE NEXT ROUND MATERIALS AND THE CASH. CAN YOU TURN YOUR SINGLE-TRACK RAILROAD INTO THE TRANSPORTATION HUB OF A BUSTLING METROPOLIS? A-Train (Maxis, $ 69.95) lets you TRY. You LAY TRACK AND SCHEDULE TRAINS. AS WELL AS PASSENGERS, THEY'LL BE CARRYING FREIGHT TO THE SITES OF THE FACTORIES, HOTELS, SKI RESORTS, AND DEVELOPMENTS YOU'RE building. Need more capital? Speculate in real estate to build a BANK ROLL. As in the Maxis Sim- games, in A- Train simulated city inhabitants continue their work without your intervention; status reports and BALANCE SHEETS WILL KEEP YOU UP TO date. Competing computer-controlled ENTREPRENEURS WILL KEEP YOU SHARP, OFTEN SNAPPING UP THE BIG INVESTMENT BEFORE YOU MAKE THE DEAL. |F YOU TIRE OF A-TRAtN'S SIX SUPPLIED SCENARIOS, THE A-TRAIN CONSTRUCTION Set lets you design custom PLAYING HELDS. (RS 101.) FLYER FOR HIRE When you boot Elite II (Konami), you join the Elite Pilots Federation and sell YOUR SERVICES TO THE HIGHEST bidder. You're sent on a series of mercenary missions in this sci-fi ADVENTURE FOLLOW-UP TO EUTE. To EARN MONEY FOR MUCH NEEDED SHIP UPGRADES AND PROTECTION FROM SPACE PIRATES, YOU CAN TRADE AND SELL CARGO AMONG PLANETS. All won't go smoothly, however, SO BE READY FOR 3-D COMBAT SEQUENCES. Perform above and BEYOND THE CALL WHILE COMPLETING YOUR MISSION AND A NEW RANK MEDAL AWAITS WHEN YOU RETURN TO BASE. (RS 102.) WANTED: HERO FOR LEGEND The fohtired medieval TOWN OF MlTTELDORF IS YOUR home in Legends of Valour (S59.95), SSI's latest singlecharacter, ROLE-PLAYING ADVENTURE. You'll have plenty of time to EXPLORE ALL 28 SQUARE MILES OF IT ON THE GAME'S MORE THAN 45 QUESTS, BUT BEWARE: NOT ALL NEIGHBORHOODS AND INHABITANTS ARE FRIENDLY, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT. YOU'LL ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF PRACTICE AT REAL-TIME COMBAT. The AUTO-MAPPiNG FEATURE HELPS YOU GET YOUR BEARINGS IN THE 3-D CITY, WHILE THE FORTHCOMING CLUE BOOK ($ 19.95) WILL STEER YOU AROUND DEADENDS. IF YOU CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER'S ATTRIBUTES THOUGHTFULLY AND TREAT THE PEOPLE YOU MEET WITH RESPECT, YOU'LL GO FAR. (RS 103.) JOIN THE FUN Mark your CALENDARS AND START PACKING YOUR suitcases. From August 19 to August 22 the 1993 GEN CON Game Fair takes over MECCA in Milwaukee, Wisconson. The fair FEATURES FOUR DAYS OF COMPUTER, MILITARY, ROLE-PLAYING, STRATEGY, MINIATURES, VIDEO, ARCADE, PBM, AND BOARD GAMING, AS WELL AS TOURNAMENTS. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY, THERE'S STILL PLENTY TO DO. GO TO THE ART SHOW, ENTER THE COSTUME CONTEST, BID AT THE GAME AUCTION, WATCH THE MOVIE PREVIEWS, SPOT CELEBRITIES, OR STROLL THROUGH THE 200-BOOTH EXHIBIT HALL. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT THE SPONSOR OF GEN CON, TSR Inc. (RS 104.) FULL THROTTLE If you BELIEVE SLOW BUT STEADY WINS THE RACE, YOU'LL NEVER TAKE FIRST PLACE in Cyber Race (Cyberdreams Entertainment). In this futuristic RACING SIMULATION YOU NEED TO BE FAST AND MEAN JUST TO KEEP UP. The race has no rules. Not only MUST YOU OUTRUN THE OTHER VEHICLES IN THE MULTILANE RACING SPHERE, YOU MUST ALSO CONTEND WITH THEIR DIRTY TRICKS. VEHICLES ARE KNOWN TO "MYSTERIOUSLY" DEMAGNETIZE AND FLY OFF THE SECURE TRACK TO CRASH AGAINST THE RACING SPHERE'S INSIDE WALL. THE GRAPHICS for Cyber Race were designed by Syd Mead, known for his work on SUCH FILMS AS BLADE RUNNER, 2010, Tron, and Aliens. Farther down the road, Cyber- DREAMS PLANS TO RELEASE No Mouth. A graphic adventure, the GAME IS BASED ON THE STORY "I HAVE No Mouth, And I Must Scream" by Hugo and Nebula award winner Harlan Ellison. (RS 104.) PLAN AHEAD If you're DESIGNING A NEW GAME, TELL US ABOUT IT BEFORE IT HITS THE STORE shelves. We'll tell the world WHEN TO WATCH FOR IT AND WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN IT ARRIVES. SEND ALL THE DETAILS TO THE NEXT ROUND, AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, or fax them to 603 924-4066. ¦ Disks Price i+ 3 20-29 ....3.95 11-19 ....4.45 1-10 ......5.95 The AmigaWorld ToolChesi. A quality fine ol low-cost software, presents power- tool6 for your Amiga By purchasing th s software you receive unmatched versa- tillty. Usability, and best of all you support the independen! Amiga developer. The "TSP" disk series are collectively grouped by theme for your easy access. The ¦'RK'' anthology are registered versions of the cream ol the crop in shareware titles The "TC* line, our premium disk series, is also conveniently available in our money-saving subscription offer. Amiga mus cians make sure you check out our brand-new AM.-FM series...they’re packed with fantastic utilities1 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed TSP55: DataBase! It • incudes spec a- sec program to heap track pi V septa pas, Comic Docks, trading cards, magazine articles and CD'S. 5 programs In all) IMS ram T5P54; EDPiayer Th4 spectacular program 'ocxs and acts ike a CD player and pays MOD music files (some included) includes a spectrum analyzer, lull programabffity. A simulatec LED display, oiayer-pano mode ana moreil Requires l M3 RAM TSP53: Term THE best terminal program for me Am-ga Full compliance with User interlace Style Guide X, Y, Zmodem, QulCk-B. Kermit & others. Arexx, all display mooes fast end re-iiobi* Requires Workbench 2 Q4» & 1 MB PAM TSP52: Amiga Intuition Based Banchmarki Ever wonder how your Amiga stacks up 10 oiher Amy's? Extensive system coats and tpeed-enecki will tall you TSPB1: The Intrepid You control ¦ lank in the Iroien arctic trying to rescue hostages TSP5C: Grindir This useful utility will convert bttween the following graphics formats IFF. Hem-E. TIFF, Targa. PCX, Neochrome Degas, GIF and jPegf TSP49: MorJa Trvs Is a vast adventure game that will require hours of dedicated acntjr- ng to crack. You must traverse an absolutely huge world dungeon to cefeee fc'ces cf evil. 1 Meg, hardchve installable TSP4BAB: The A-64 Package This Is a complete Commodo'e 64 emulator. Emulates saphlcs... everything (no fast loaders or timlng-aenaitiv* scftwa-e.) Works on any Amiga with 1 meg. Two d sks, counts as two. TSP47: Chemosthetlce This program will generate calotte models (3D (ull-CQlor IFF plctecules QuHe boautilui pictures cf even the nastiest mo'ocu es TSP46: Drifting Mcad and Pinna are both object oriented drawing drafting programs (sructurea grapnlcs) with til the pno-ects you need to create any object Landscape is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program for laying out landscapes; once faidcut, the computer wilnerete a stylized 3D representation of your landscape TSP45: AmlgaDOS Replacement Project (ARP) Tn.s Is the result of a vary ambitous project la completely replace ail of the AmsgaDOS c commands (DIR. LIST, ASSIGN, INFO. Etc.Jwlth more powerful, feature-f iled programs Tness programs a-e fully com- eatable wth -.he r Workbench 1.3 counterparts, but a so cf‘er more capablities-lnclubing greatly ennancd wildcard support and more help for each command TSP44: MeehFite s a ro e playing game where you control ¦ giant robot and explore worlda. Buy or find items, f,g*it against other robots and aliens you are also required to fulfill some tasnp compete mssion* TSP42; 3D Master Explore the word of 3D mode ling witn tn s high-powered software Create real sue raytraced 3D images 3D Master is perfect to get your feet wet in 3D. It will require some experimentation to get me most out cl it Req l MB TSP41: Seatance Go on patrol In your nuclear Indent submarine and clear me seas of tne vermen that pollute tt A comp-e't simulation with a I tacteil weapons and oe'ens-ve systems TSP39AB: Catacomb A well dene graphic dungeon adventure game D:soover the secrets & treasures of the uderground maze and try to stay alive I TSP38; Virus Utilities ViruaX- KiHVuua. Vi-'ua-Memcrv Killer. VK36Q and ZeroVi'usl 'l will let you sleep at night knowing your Amiga Is 1000S virui-frea. 79P37: ChecltBook Accountsnt This program has M bgdgst ng transaction recording capabilities. This program lets you balance your checkbook In 2 minutest' TSP36; Animation Two beautiful animations, Spigot and Watch. Both of these were created with 3D animation programs and are truly beautiful and smooth TSP35: HackLlte This Is a dungean-advsnture game of the highest magnitude, an absolutely huge world to explore that w-ll task even the most hardened dungeon explorer for weeks on end' TSP34: MechForce Any number of players can control up to 24 giant robots with asers, missiles. Jump-jets to get you airborne to do battle in teams against each other or aga nst the computer, .highly addicting! TSP33ABCD: Complete Guide to Programming the Amlgs In "C" This four d sk set ‘eatures tutorials, sample programs and mt Je bps to the specal prog'amm ng needs of sr* Amiga. Four disks counts as three TSP32; Classic Arcade Gamee Derpndor and M.esile Comrrand-need we say more? Desce'-de- s a clone of the classic Tempest TSP31; DataBase* Centaln* ill flavors ol databases Bbasei! .a a highly Amiga-tiiea cataoase. DataEasv is another powerful database MagMan >s specially designed to n*:p you re'e’ence arte'es in magazines TSP30; Edueatlonaf This includes WchaDataBase. DrawMap-which craws detailed maps cf countries VvardGamn., Metric Convener. Sae:2--ar ingen pus spel.-ing chal- enger. FastFacts--everything you always wanted to know about our So ar System TSP29ABC; King James Bible The complete text of the b o'e is included on tnie 3 c sk set (counts as 3) with printing and searching capacities TSP26: Bitmapped Fonta This duk contains 67 fcnts for the Amga. All under 25 points n size...a ‘ont for every occesionl TSP27: Octa-MED Th s remarkable program doubles the sound capab I ties ol your Amiga from 4 channels of aubio to B Almost completely Identical to MED. This le a truly
• emarkable program TSP26; Directory Utilities Contains all of the pest public domain and shareware file and disk utilities available for the Amiga, Including Ut'Master, F-faMan M2DU Sri arri (M&flMfiL rSP25: SpaceGemes Contains MqpnfljMft a very graphically detailed Junar-lander game. SoacBWar-a two player (either in person or over the modem) space battle. Nebula is a 3D world you must defend definitely commercial quality Diffusion featured on RK5 rSP24: Printing Utilities This disk contains a very nice Banner maker that will use any AmigaDOS font with lull-cclor printing. RcbiLahelCrealcr wHI allow easy creating ot aaeis for your diskettes. PrintStud.a allow* easy printing of textgraph-c images with total :ontro! Over page numbannglitllng. Etc. rSP23AB; Tobias Ster Trsk A graphic space adventure where you're the captain cf our own starship, Travel through the universe, stop the Romulans and Kllngons and tomplete your missions. Two disks, counts as two. RSP2l: Disk Dupllcstort This disk contains all the best utilities to backup diskettes, nciuded are XcppyljJ and M3 which will backup copy-protect programs. Also Includes xuoerDuper which Is an Incredibly fast AmlgaDOS copier. Freecoov wllr remove copy irotectlon from many papular commercial programs. FSP20: Board Games Includes Checkers Do.mincBS. p'ijft JflQflarP and Monopoly, hhrow away your dice and let your Amiga take care of tne details...hours and hours cf arrnly lunl rSPl9: PacMan Classics Contains Mnzenan. Zemx and SfliUAaflZ-"*11 Great Impi . Nentabonsof the original arcade classic. RSPIB; MS-DOS Emulation Contains PCTask and ;BeM. Two sharewere iBM-MS Dds imulators tor your Amga Alio included are utilities to allow Am-ga drives to readwnt* '20K format MS-DOS diSkt-MuTdcs end MSH. RSPl7: Printer Drivers This duk contains over 70 popular printer cr.vers rspi6: Telecommunication Th-s disk contains two fust-c ass modem programs ¦iComm ara Access Tn.s 0 sk is for the beginner or expert le'eComn-Lncator, featuring U! Tne popular communication protocols, including X. Y and 2-Modem Ncomm has very idvancefl scrip; capabilities lor per'or.m ng automated log- ns. Downloads and uoioacs rSPiS: MED This d>sk conta ns me premier muse pae«age. MED [Musical Editor). It trill allow you to use digitized sound samples as your instruments ana use them in your jwn songs Its tremendous ed.!ing power makes MED more of a musca1 word-proces- .or. An extremely wall-done program Many commercial software companies use tnis sacksge to create soundtracks for the r entertainment programs. SiMiga [Musicians [Freeware Magazine The Disk Magazine tor anyone who has an Amiga and likes music! Whether you rfl into compos rg, collecting. Studying!, or simply enoymg mus-C. Then AM fm has Iota to c“e'. If you want to team mo-e about us ng the Am ga as a rr.u$ c computflf, then AM FM s for you Eacn dsk certains news reviews previews. Hints & tps. Tutvaii. New sounds for popular synthesizers lots of great Am ga music and the latest souna and mus-c utlEities! Each isslb contains 2-5 Am ga songs 2-5 MIDI songs arc 4-5 Sound Music Utility programs! AMI: Yamaha util's, MIDI analyzer, PfoTmer, 3 MIDI arc 4 Amiga songs AM2: MIDI time tool, Yamaha utilities. 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs AM3: Roiar.c utilities, ProPlayer (for MODS), 4 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs Roland Samp'e storage loader utits.. 4 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Yamaha & Korg Editor Storage pgms. 5 MIDI and 2 Amiga songs ProPlay 2, MuillRipper, Casio DZ utits. 5 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs Kawai editor, MIDlCom, Tracksheet-X, 6 MIDI and 3 Amiga songs MlDltools, music ripper, Promizer. 5 MIDI ana 4 Amiga songs Kawal Eaitors, Thief 3.0, JoinSouncs, 3 MIDI and 4 Amiga songs. AM10: CDTV Arexx control, Piayscund. 5 MIDI and 5 Amiga songs The AM FM Sample disks are stuffed full Ot suoerb quality samples from the latest and test in synthesizers, drum machines, etc. AM4; AM5: AM6: AM7; AMB: AMB: SM1: 45 drum & percusscn sounds trcm Roland PCM 10 sound card SM2: 59 orchestra winds, flutes, brass, saxes trumpets, etc. SM3: 30 atmosphere ncn-instrumeital death & horro* sound effects SM4; 32 lead, oass 4 background sounos from Korg 707 synjh SM5: f5 rich, full A dynan c Grand Piano sounds, chores too SM9: 48 characteristic samples 'rom tne Korg Wavestaten, leads bass effect* SM7; 53 chianacie'ist c samples from Korg Wavestations. Leads oass effects SMB; 46 chords from Ko-g Wavestation, Paos choirs syrths etc Major S minor Pricing: av sees w.l ! 9 85 bj1.1 apecfii nmutfuuiuiy uffi. Buy a and get the 1 tree! Buy 7 and get 2 freo!l SM seres disks 57.55 eacn, AM & SM series disks do not count towards normal (TS? 4 TC) disk pricing levels TSP14: Plotters This a sk contains several ol the best mathematical plotting programs available for the Amiga Includes AmigaPlot-a 3-dimer.siona! Mathematical function plotter (pictured). Ap;pt2,Q and Elot&Y TSP13: Tstrfs Gamee Contain* 6 flavors o‘ the ciass-c game -Tetn*.' Some hava artificial Intalllgonc*. Olhora a variety at play-sty!as skill lava's number of players. T3P12; Clip Art "hi* disk contains sevaral excellent bitmapped images for use In Dosktcp Publishing or similar programs. TSPtO: Fractals Scenery (pictured) will create realistic Iractal landscapes. Genesis allows the creation ol various landscapes with user-definable levels of complexify. Also Included are various Mandelbrot generators, including TmandeL Mandel-MounUuns and FracGen, TSP9: utilities *1 isnnMclaar-an icon editor with a complete set cl editing pa nting tools. TjForrhflt a disk formatting program that will format disks that AmigaDOS wont. ChartMaslor a g-aph ng tool that allows ycu to generate and save e fferent graphs in IFF format Graph3D lets you visualize complex dota In 3-D and save the results. SL'uciGen lets you create gadgets, text. Dtmaps and w ndow structures and tne program wkl autcmag c*'(y writ* me "C" source code for you Lane Vake- s a very easy to use, full featured label printer Doub'epnn: tascntstes printing of text I es cn both sides d paper TSP6: Ctlpsrt Black A White and co crfu! Cipn for a vanety cl needs nciud.ng desktop SAVE 39%!! SUBSCRIBE!
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* Full Money-Back Guarantee: tf you’re not completely sat- islied. We'il refund your money-no questions asked. 3asad on single da* ortcing.nc- vng h*nchng i tubiaiptons Add 5b 00 srvpo ‘>3 a’l art-- Foreff 1 odu EI q 00 sh pping poMthfnftVldeo People, noiday re'atec. School items, scrolls, food, monsters, feh lobsters. Symbols and lots more. TSP6: 3D Vector Objects it Lamp, mirror bed chair, h'e hydrant, lamp post, street tamp, street sign, traffic l-ght. Cannon, cannon suppl es rose fork, spoon, knife and plate At! Objects in Scu'pt format. TSP3: Gamee 1 Crystal Caverns is an adventure game with ranoomly generated wortda-youii never tr*sh th *am* world twice! PpLZS-a; '* an adaptatcn of th* classic 2-piay*r connecMhe-dot game. PizzaDekvtrvMan has you running through the streets 10 get tnos* pies to your customers TinvBan is the wortd's smallest baseball game Surrauhd-Cyclas 1 a hgh-speed arcade game, based cn the light cycle races from the Disney movie Iron TSP2: Sounds An.mat souttoa. Musical instruments and many, many more 43 sound samples In till TSP1: Maps of USA, Canada end Europe Hi-Ras IFF brushes of all 50 US States. 10 Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe. Each map has a 3D extrusion effect with cast shadow. TC36AB: Qalnoa Is better than the arcade original Gect me shows the world and where Its tighVdark Realnure d an easy-to-use file un-deleler, Syslnfo shows momory. Boards, speed A other system info VldenPoker will save you hundreds ol SS In a casino. Also includes sound effects & very detailed Impulse object of remote control TC37AB: DaluxoPacMan Is hollar than the arcaao game with power-ups and new lev- e s SubStore allows vou to kaea tack ol vbur magazine col fictien. Kwichback wall civ quick, reliable backups of your hard drive Also includes 3D Tic Tac Toe. Rolodex to keep track of name*'numbers and BeatStomiPe'li-a fun and functional drum machine for your amiga. Also ircludes 3D obiect of giant raDot & sound effects TC36AB: Machi l wjII give macros, screenblanker A mere to your system £ifl and DirMaster nra great directory utilities. PrntStudio allows versatile printing of graphics and documsntt Qea’ide* gets old p'ogrsm* working with new machines Am.pcds is an incredible asteroids game--totaify editable graphics Pius 3D objects 6 sounds TC35AB: Ch.aokboon Accountant wilt let you balance your checkbook in 2 minutes' SpaceWaf is th c sssc redone as onry the Amiga can 00 VidecSto'o rack* your video collection A-Gerte s a fam-iy-tree program Motne-Lode is akin to the dassre Lode Runner A'sc 3D objects o' an A3DOO and d part for pubitshirg. TC34AB: Cot m ze- w ll perrr.anantiy speedup ycur hard-dnve or floppy dis*s 1 CtD pan is a nice fuli-screer calculator Bbasei' is a useful database program. FixGsk w it correct many problems witn disks qrz“Ca:S 3 >oar analyser Interfe'cn s a Tetru-type game. Nebula is a 3D space game PcBase will albw you to track ail the IFF images you have Hate is a great Zaxnon cone TC32AB; Computer Coloring Hock is a delghflul pragram for children of a ages com** with 15 oagss of pictures to coloi age n and again. Listmake* lets you make, ed t. comb ne and pnnt lists c! Words great for spelling tests! Mcreimootn! Scrolls text files smoothly on the screen and a'lows easy printing. Pocket B ' lards lets you choose from several popular pool games wth reel sue action Jgxya allows you to create man u- late and save (in standard IFF format) realistic fractal textures surfaces ¦ e monster maze game Aiso includes Screen Fader. Snowbench. And FfpBtncn TC3i AB: Calerdar Pubshe-1* a picfrttionii-cal.be' calendar maker that * customizable C-cssC 'CL-t is a 1 or 2 player action logic game that calls to* last ralttxes ana thinking * * much-needed printer utility p rra Delivery Man 11 a maze game where you deliver pas in your negnpomood. Muitipaver « a single program that will let you see IFF pduresbrushes or playback IFF sound samples. Also includes RAMgsug*. 3-D vector objects and H -Res IFF brushes of maps and flags of European countries TC23AB: ScraenTolFF capu'es your screen to an FF Me PppGbiPJfl lets you change me colors of your Workbench screen Warrior is a fun snoot em-up adventure game for one or two players. KalBOSScepa is a line drawing program. B pckbustefi is a Qama where you get nd of blocks by pushing matching blocks into them Am demo will show- off your Amigas ability to do solid-pofygcn animations. Microscope lets you examine memory at any location. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, nine digitized sounds and two small disk utilities and pnnter utility. TC11; QiaLSflliiigfi will lix corrupted d sks and recover deleted files. IconMeiiter Is an advanced icon edtlor. Ftleflflufll is a fast, shoofem-up game CryitaJ fimm s a colorful, graphs adventure game like the arcade gams. Also includes an animation, sound samples, 3D dinner tab’e objects, and Hl-Re* monster clip-art. Special Edition Toolchest rki : MtrgaBall - This disk contains the fuil-rekas version of MegaBafl, with the level editor to create your own challenging worlds to eenqutr. Is gam* Is quite simitar to Arkanold and allow* two players with atsrso sound and 3 soundtracks! Special RK price. Si4 95. RK.2: Machlfl - This rtmerkebl* utility wilt allow you to record any mouse click or keyprete end ptey It beck es a macro el any time, Inside any program. Also provides memory Info clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse scceierator, mouse- to-menu, sunmouse and window cycling. Special RK price 119.95. RK3: 3D Objects *n amazing collection ot some great 3D objects we’ve ever ¦een. Running man, spaceships, staircase, hovartxoal* * much more. Also feature mope to wrep around some of th* object*.-.1.5MB of data In *11! 114.95 KK4: Horn' Manage; Thli program will halp you keep track of your life! Com plate ad dr* si book, appointment scheduler, notepad, auto-dlaler (requires modem), eree-code utility end complete Inventory ol ell your poasaailons and credit cards. Extremely useful. Requires 1 Meg. Si 4.95 RK5: Diffusion an Auent terrorists plants ¦ Nuclear Time bomb end you sr* the only chance ol saving the world! Outstanding graphic* end sounds complete the mood ot Ihia futuristic race against lime and devastation! 514.95 AmigaPIot featured on TSP14 The Amiga World Toolchest 11835 Carmel Mtn. Rd 1304-T13 San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks (Use product ID code--i.e. TC22) if if NOTE; All "TC" disks count as TWO disks Total disks each Total for special "RK" series disks % Toolchest Subscription ($ 54,95) .. CA Residents add 7.75% Tax ..$ Handling ... $ 3.00 Foreign Shipping Total enclosed ...$ Most order* sliipped the following bust- nes> if.iy Mo shipping charges within thi- USA. Can Ad n ftdd S-.23 per dink, l on-ign .util 830 per disk ror .nr mail deiiwry f.iymvni in US funds only 1 Visa ) MasterCard ) Oiscover ) Check Money OrGer CC :_ Expiration Date:_ Signature: Name:__ Address:_ City:_ St: .Zip:. Phone: (_)_ *l i ORDERLINE (800) 677-0416 Technical Support (619) 486-9538 mHWffHBBBWBffffBSfS-eSWfa L i, HELP KEY An A600 IDE hard-drive compatibility caper, and fearless battle with the dreaded “Printer Trouble” message. How to Drive the A600
Q. I recently purchased an Amiga 600 and would like to install a 2.5-inch IDE harddisk drive in it Mounting hardware inside the case and an IDE connector on the motherboard seem to indicate this is possible; both my Amiga dealer and Commodore Express, however, said otherwise. Is there any way to install such a drive in the A600? Joel Kraft Red Bluff, CA
A. Research on your question has made it “clear’' to me that there’s less mystery surrounding Jimmy Hoffa's whereabouts than A600 IDE hard- drive compatibility. Neither several technicians nor an .Amiga dealer could tell me with confidence that the A600 is not IDE compatible. Having installed a 40MB IDE hard drive supplied by Commodore in what I assumed to be a production A600, I find it odd that your A600, unlike the one I used, already contained mounts for the drive. It may be a good sign. While the results of connecting an IDE drive to the 44-pin connector on the A600's motherboard is anyone’s guess, you've already voided your warranty by opening the case, so there’s no harm in experimenting a little further with the installation of the IDE drive. Minute variations in IDE drive designs and other unknowns render the success of such an installation uncertain. Therefore, with a very hearty disclaimer attached, I'll venture what might work, based on personal experience and the fact that your A600 already has the hard-drive mounting hardware. .After installing a standard 40MB IDE drive, such as a Seagate, get two more items, A 2.1 Kickstart ROM for an A600HD (from your dealer) and a copy of the A600HD harddisk installation software. Replace the A600's ROM (found in the only socket on the motherboard) with the AGOOHD's chip. Run the installation By Tim Walsh software and probably, hopefully, the hard drive will come to life, MultiStart II Workbench
2. 0 Parallel Death Q, Ever since I installed DKB Software's MultiStart II board with both the 1.3 and
2. 0 Kickstart ROMs in my A2000, I've had problems in 2.0 mode: I can't access the parallel port. If I try to print under 2.0, I receive the dreaded ”Printer Trouble” system error Booting under 1.3 from a floppy, however, allows me to print just fine. Ken Kowalski Winnipeg, Manitoba
A. I can think of several likely possibilities: a missing file or two in the 2.0 Devs director)', or a problem with the MultiStart II board. There's little chance anything’s wrong with the parallel port, since it functions under 1.3. First, on your hard disk, check the Workbench 2,0 Devs director)' to make sure your using the PRINTER, DEVICE and PARALLEL.DEVICE files that came with the board. If either one of these files is missing, copy it to your hard disk from the copy of 2.0 that was supplied with MultiStart II. If the problem persists with those files in place, procedures applicable to any circuit board are appropriate. First, the 2.0 Kickstart ROM might be defective. The ROM can be removed and a replacement chip tried on the board. If the parallel port then works under
2. 04, it’s obvious the chip is to blame. If a second Kickstart ROM still doesn’t revitalize the parallel port, the time tested two-Amiga diagnostic test is in order: Try the MultiStart II board in another A2000. If the parallel port problem remains after installing the board in a second computer, it's a sure bet the board is defective. Don’t try to repair the board yourself unless you’re highly skilled with a soldering gun and know the particulars of the circuitry of the 2.0 ROM section of the board; otherwise, contact the manufacturer or distributor for a replacement. Tandy 100 to A3000
Q. For years I used the Tandy Model 100 to create documents and simply plugged its serial cable into the A500’s port and used Text Pro 1.01 to read in the text. Now Text Pro hangs up and Gurus under 2.04 on my A3000. How can I transfer ASCII text from my Model 100 to my A3000? Tom Napier North Wales, PA
A. For those unfamiliar, the Tandy 100 was a battery-gobbling, disk-drive-less precursor to laptops that allowed slow but reliable transfer of files to other platforms through a built-in modem. Circumventing your incompatibility problem should be a snap. If you've installed TextPro on your main harddisk volume (typically called “Work"), boot up the A3000 in 1.3 mode by powering up the machine (cold) while holding down both mouse buttons. Select the screen option for booting
1. 3 from the hard disk. When the 1.3 Workbench screen appears, run the copy of TextPro you installed under 2.04. (If your TextPro doesn’t work under 1.3, get a copy of Chris Hames’ freely distributable Degrader 1.0 program. An A3000 owner's must-have, Degrader lets you turn off a multitude of options, such as Fast memory, Cache, and Burst Modes the kinds of things that keep older programs from running on the A3000.) Once TextPro is running, you need only run your A3000 under 1.3 long enough to connect the Model 100 to the serial port, transfer the file, and save it to disk the same as with your A500. Now, power up in 2.04 mode, and use any 2.04-compatible word processor to read in the file as .ASCII text. Follow this procedure whenever you need to transfer other files from the Model 100. ¦ Desktop Video Audio Production for the Video Toaster Fromp , Atomic Toaster-laarn how to use your Video Toaster to produce broadcastable multi-track, digital audio and CD quality music. Includes use of Sunrlzt Stud a 16 with Adi0l2and AD515. Supe Jam', Bars and P pes Pro 2 0. Triple Play Plus. Sync Pro, Or, Ts Phantom. MIDI devices, and more. V40O8 $ 39.95 The AG-450 Companion Elite Video will teach you to get tne most out & your Panasonic AG-450 S-VHS camcorder. Includes sections on the 460, accessor es. Shortcuts, hidden functions, and more. V4017 S36.95 Canon L-1* LX-100 Camcorder Laam how to get the best sojnd. Color, contrast. Ceptn, and composition from this excellent camcorder. Learn professional tech piques such es the use of interchangeable lenses, filters, d«gltai effects and more, V4013 $ 36.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. 1 Elite Video will teacn you how to get the most from Panasonic's AVE5 or MX1Q 12 dQitai viceo mixers, including how to use them as dual channel, time-based controllers for maut to your Video Toaster system. 75 mins. V4Q14 S39.95 TheDigtlalMixerCompanionVol.il Learn how to do effects with your mixer which shouldn't be possible, but are - with Elite Vdeo's secrets. V4015 S39.95 Digital Mixer Companion I & II V40i6 $ 69.95 Sony EVO-9700 Basic Training Tape Volume I from KnowledgePath Vdeo is the fastest way to loam all aDout every function, operation and trick for tne Sony EVO-9700 incudes tons of information not in the manual. 50 mins. V4010 $ 29.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape Vol. It covers more advanced operations; creating window dubs, tmecoce synced cubs, multi-track audio and Single frame recording, as we I as the use of external ecu pment for Miing and AB roll editing. V4011 529.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Series I & II Botn Basic Training and Advarced Training. V4012 $ 49.95 Pro Video Gold Part One First part ol Video Bookshelf's series on everything you need to know about Pro Viceo God from Shereff Systems. For novice.'intermediate users. V210Q 532.95 Pro Video Gold Part Two Part two cf the ser es for intermediate and advanced users. V2101 $ 32.95 Desktop Video Vol. 1 Razza Video s best tape for getting started with Amiga Desktop Video Features excellent aov ce from experts on camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques, tiling and more V2062 $ 18,95 Desktop Video Vol. 2 More neipon desktop viceo. Includes comparsons o' tape formats, and information on the Video Toaster, LightWave 3D, Dpaint IV, DCTV, Virtual Reality, and more V2063 $ 18.95 VideoMaker. The Video Series V20S5 $ 16.95 Educational Software Amy'S Fun 2 3 (Devascft) Age 2-6 Tl 075 532.95 Amy's Play DC (Devasoft) Age 2-6 T1Q76 532 95 Deslgnasaurus (Brittamca) T10B3 524.95 Katie's Farm (Broderbund) Age2-5 T10B4 S30.95 Mark's Math Lab = Easyscrpt) T1085 $ 34.95 Mathbtaster Plus (Davidson) T10S6 $ 34 95 Mathasaurs ! (CanCor) Ages 3* T1087 $ 18.95 Mamasaurs II (CanCorj Ages 3* T10S3 S1S 95 My Paint 2.0 (Saddleback) Best SellerTl089 $ 34 95 My Paint Coloring Disks 1-9 Cali $ 14.95 McGee (Broderbund) Ages 2-5 T1091 $ 28.95 McGee at Fun Fair (B-bund) Age 2-5 T1091 $ 28 95 Where in Europe Carmen Stndlego T2017 S34 95 Where in Time Carmen Sand ego T20I8 £34 95 Where in USA Carmen Sand ego T2019 £34.95 Where in Wohd Carmen Sand ego T2020 S34.95 Voyager (Sky Simulation) Tn46 £56.95 Order Toii-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or turn the page, and mail in the order form from our DevWare Public Domain ad. Circle 14 on Reader Service card. Pr1ccs cffcc,ivc Fcbrujr>11W Dealer inquire welcome. Other Best Selling Accessories Externa! 3.5* Floppy Drive T1010 $ 73 Infra-Red Cordless Mouse T1Q14 $ 75 Optical Mega Mouse T1112 $ 49 Optica! Mojso Pen Tl 017 $ 49 3 Button Trackball w lock button Tl 018 $ 49 3 Button Trackball w Crystal Ball T1019 $ 49 Opto-Meehan ca! Mega Mouse T1015 $ 29 A2000 2MB RAM Card T101251B9 A500 2MB RAM Card Tf 011 S139 A50O 512K RAM Card Tl Ol 3 $ 45 AifaScan Hand Scanner w software T1023 Si 85 AlfaScan Plus w software Tl024£235 Bool Selector Switch T1022 S29 Electrical Switch for Mouse Joystick T1020 S29 Electrica! Kicks tan Switch . T1021 S29 Acvanced Grav s Joystc« T1025 $ 37 W:CO Ergo Stick T1027 $ 19 Fuckermaster T1028 $ 15 Konix Navigator Autofire Joystick T1029 $ 15. Frinter Modem Cables Call $ 12 Animation - Entertainment Animation Vol.I Sale! The original AmigaWorsd Animation Video that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilit:es of Amiga an.mation. 4B minutes. V204Q $ 11.95 NEWTEK Video Toaster Tutorials AnimationVol.il Sale! Am gaWorid s editors go it aga n. Exciting, mnovatve animations us rg programs such as Lightwave 3D, Imag no. Sculpt-Animate 4-D. And DeluxePaint III You'll be thoroughly entertained by these animated stories, 90 minutes. V20dt $ 14.95 Benny Bear Great for children! The comedy debut of Benny Bear from Haas Animation. The three Benny 3ear and one Scrao Cat careers are proo* that you can generate first-class, entera r.ng animations using -ow- cost Am ga products. 30 minutes. V4002 $ 14.95 The Mind's Eye A compelling look at the universe utilizing 'he talents of over 300 top computer animation artists 40 minutes- V2Q43 St 5.93 Beyond tho Mind's Eye Best Seller! This one >s even better than the ortginall Soundtrack by Jan Ham mer, 40 Tins New Low Price! V2044 $ 15.95 1989 Best ot the Fests A film festival in a box! Award winning animation, comedy, documentary and ex perlmental shorts. 90 minutes V2Q47 $ 24.95 1991 Best of Ihe Fests More award-winning an nation, comedy, drama, experimental and documentary short films from 1991's too international Film Festivals 90 mins. V2048 $ 24.95 Best of the Fests for Kids Awara-wnnngchid'ens animations-8 films. 40 min. V4C07 $ 19.95 Animation of the Apocalypse V2049 $ 19.95 Chronos (Miramar) V2045 $ 16.95 Animated Acidburn Flashback Tabu V2G50 $ 19.95 Green Toons V2Q46 $ 16.95 Graphics K Killer Graphics; Animated Logos with DCTV Volume il. How to create animated 3D logos. Step by step examples. V2102 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I This tutorial series will teach you hew to create kriier graph cs quickly and easily with the most current vers on o! DCTV. Using real projects as examples. 54 minutes V2073 $ 29.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide in Saddleback Graphics' easy-to-fo!low tutorial, you'll explore many of Dpalnt IV's features which will meet most of you' graphics and animation needs. V2Q60 $ 19.95 Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV Leam tips and tricks for combining Dpaint IV’s afferent tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results, Create 3D text, crop shadows, textures, cycle color animations, professional titling teenniques. 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3. 336 pages. B'10 $ 22,95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Edition - Create your own videos by us ng these easy to understand step-by- step instructions and tutors B n 23 $ 22.95 Mapping the Amiga - This best sei er cn Amiga programming by Randy Thompson and Rhett Anderson has been updated lo cover AmigaDOS Releases 2 and 3. 512 pages. 8111 S25.B5 Understanding Imagine 2.0 - 1992 release by Steven Worley, if you own Imagine, this is your ultimate reference manual' Comes with disk. B107 $ 25.95 Amiga C for Beg nrers 3101 $ 16.95* Amiga 3ASIC Ins oe & Out 8102 $ 10.05* Amiga Intern B103 $ 25.95 Arexx Cookbook w 2 disks B104 $ 41,95* Using Arexx on the Amiga BIOS $ 24.95* Advanced Amiga BASIC B139 $ 18.95 Kids and the Amiga 2nd Ed. Bn 2 $ 15,95 Best Am ga Tips and Secrets 3114 $ 18.95 The Amiga Multimedia WritDk 3115 $ 29.95 Am ga 3D Graphics (Abacus) Bn9 $ 17.95* Other Books A Guide to MultiMeflia (PC) B1402 $ 23.95* Hollywood (Presentations) Tour Guide B125 S44.95 Fracta! 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Animation Vol. 1 5 II V2079 S22.95 Dpamt IV (Video Guide, Adv. Tech) V2082 $ 34,95 Pro Video Gold Pan One & Two V2083
559. 95 Adita; Any 3 (specify tapes) $ 94.95 Aoita; All 7 vdeo V2094S174.95 Minds Eye. Beyond M nas Eye V2084 $ 23.55 Desktop Video, Volume 1 and ll V2085 $ 22.35 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. 1 arc ll V2091 $ 49 95 History of the Amiga, How to Animate and Animation Volume 1 & II Sale! V2080 $ 48 95 Amiga AnimationHollywooa Style, How to Ammate, Animation 101 V4022 $ 49 55 The Toas:er 2.0 Essentials Bundle Ail 4 videos Sale! V2Q01 $ 129 65 $ 3.95* ea. 20-29 Disks
* *Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Library (Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetimet complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; WB general interest * most programs can be run from the workbench. FD games and entertainment. VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software, ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! WinlBlast a helicopter gurrship typo clone. Shark in tho same class as froger. And Sbreakout the original breakout with more, FD2B: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you're the pilot ol a WWII plane Hying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKlller * try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaliator • another great game. F031: Games! • Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulatron, Blackjack Lab - a full featured set of card games, ChessTel • play chess with your friend In distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrmh - a woll done text adventure game (like an Infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32: Flight Simulator - An instrument flight simulator for a DC10 FD33: Arcade Games • Ffreddy a Mario Brothers type of game, Gerbils a target practice game, PipeUne a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Tron a light cycles version, and Wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD35: Omega (v 1.3) • An outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game In a smilar vein as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and bettor that all previous versions. Play time: weeks. FD37A40:Tactlcal Gome* • Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended. With a full-graphic front end. FD38: Games - Cribbage Master - A great cribbage game and tutor. Spades - a well done card came, ChmeseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set Best D079abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial * This is the most compretie slve C language-Amiga oriented-set of tutorials avallabl Includes fail working examples, source oode and an incredible set of lessons Included are lull discussions and examples for Amiga programming. 4 disk set. Counts as 3. New Disks FD5: Tactical Games - BuilRun - a Civil war battle game, Metro you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very very habit forming, FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including; Checkers, Clue, Gold • A new slice the pieces puzzle, Jeopard • An ennanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar • Best described as a cross between Cambat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: Pacman - This d sk contains several pacman type games including; PacManB7. MazMan and Zonix, FD9: Moria This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack. Play time several weeks! FD10: HackLlte - A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-have classic. This is tho second release of this game on the Amiga Great graphic Interface. Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Gamoa • Las Vegas Craos • The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features, Also Thirty-One.VideoPoker and more. FD12A,FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is by tar the best Star Trek game over written lor any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects end great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1 Mb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games • contains multiplayer Monopoly, Domnoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells. Item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball • an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix • a Qix type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk Includes several games tor the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel ol Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games • MechForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 ¦ 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shak-
• ng colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games - Marble_slide is a commercial quality game simi- ar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability and entertainment. Mutants a small version of the same arcade game. Super8reakout Is a Pong Arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games - This disk Is loaded with some groat games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ton dllferent courses. F085: Uchos*: The strongest playing Chess program available for the Amiga period. Req. 68030*. Wcrk5ench2*, 4MB RAM. Supports AGA. FD84; Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the ongional-20- mazes, special "power-ups" with oustanding graphics. ThlnkAmania is tho classic game of concentratlon-wlth beautifully drawn HiRes Images. FD83: Arcade Series: Contains Croaker and Squamble, two great clones ol the arcade games ¦Frcgger" and "Scramble." WB126: EdPJayer • music MOD player that looks, acts and plays like your CD player...AmigaWorfd's *1 MOD utility. Plus MOD songs. W8124: Flags of the World • Two modes: click and learn or a gome to test your knowledge Q'eal graphlcs-lantastic learning tool. Has current Russia & Yugoslavia republics Req. Workbench 2.0* & 1MB RAM. WB123AB: Flags of the World • same as above, but for 1.3. Req. 1MB, WB122: System Optimizer • Kcommodiiy ehances your system, gives memory meters, mouse.keyboard enhancements, online timers plus many others...too numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and lloppy-disks for n big speed Increase. HDMem will allow you to use up to 2 megs of hard- drive space for virtual memory! (Req. 68020* w MMU) Ail prog'ams reQuire 2 0*. WB121: ProPage3 Enhancer - This d sk contains over 40 ‘Genies’ for use with ProPage 3.0, including useful ones like Make Pie Chart and Resize Text to lit Box to name a few Also includes structured & bitmap clipart for unique borders...a must have for all Ppage 3 users. WB120: Grinder * a complete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's, Jpeg, Atari ST (Neochromo & Degas). PCX. Targa, TIFF. HAM-E and IFF format pictures. DD90: Advanced Utilities • CompressDlsk coubies the capacity of your hard-drive on the fly with compressionlll Also contains: disk optimizer, SCSI mount utility. Keymap editors. Enforce*. Undeleter & more. Most programs require 2.0*. DD89: Uedlt • Probably the most powerful text editor ever written for the Amiga Previously commercial, now public domain. Rec t MB. Fun Disks Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package • A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and Is fully compatable with WB1.3 & 2.0. This version Includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price S49.95 - including hardware. FD39A&B: Star Trek, Tha New Generation - This is a. completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobas. New with English instruct ors. Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Roquires 512k FD44: Game - Mechlight Is an out of this world role-playing adventure comparable to hack and moria. The setting. Interplanetary colonies and spaco stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new Amiga 9000. Most ot all, don't 'orget to stay alive... FD50: Submarine Game - Seafance, one and a hall years in the making, this Is an outstanding submarine tactical gamo. Commercial quality, highly rocommondod. FD52: Classics Games - PetersOuest a well done Mario brothers type ot game. Jymbc a two player miss lie command clone, and Vstank a tank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade • On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Delender, Also contain Air Race a WWII (lying ace arcade gamo, and Psycoblast new creation idea game. FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 truly commercial quality games. MegaBall, an Arkanoid-ish game, features 5 musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds each distinctly different. FD59: Game Potpourri • Xenon III is an almost exact clone of the commercial game of the same name., a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists of words & automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compatab'e printer. FD60: Games ¦ In Nebuia. Race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Interferon: a greaf Dr-Mario clone, Enigma: is it a game or puzzle13 FD01: Games • Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions. Kiide: an Interesting piece of eye candy. Extrema Violence; 2 player kill or bekilled game. YATC; A Tetris done with Artiticat Intelligence Genesis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation Requires 1 megaDyte of memory. FD64: Games • Wizzy s Quest - a ’great’ 50 level game with great graphics, Cubus - a 3-dimensional Tetris type game = rotate and move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colo's and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esqje game; 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty. Requires Fat Agnus = 1 Meg of Chip) FD67: Arcade ¦ Includes Llamatron a well-done Robot*on clone. Hate is a "terrific* commercial grade Zaxxon clone with multiple levels.worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling...a 10! FD58: Potpourri • Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation ol the Roman Empire including military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors. Lord ol Hosts is a strategy game for 2 players. In Moonshine, get the hootch across the state line a great rolling, scrolling driving game! FD69: MlndGames • Had enough ol shoot-em up games? Relax and let these 21 games exercise your mind instead ot your wrist, FD70: SpaceGames * Contains AMIGA ds, >fmally! An Asteroids game that takes advantage cf tha Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmoslruction thB object ol the game is for each Cosmostructlon team to acquire the most points while construction energy ducts between the spaco station and planetoids. FD71A4B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you think you know The Nexl Generation, huh? Complete with fantastic sampled sounds and digitized images, this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete! Counts as 2 disks. FD72: Sword of the Warlock - This Is a demo version ol a great public domain graphic dungeon adventure game. Tho adventuro spans three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tale- feel to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2. Requires 1 meg of RAM and 2 floppy drives-HD installable. FD73: Arcade Series ¦ Intruder Alert! Is a MULTf-level 'Berserk' clone. Features smooth gameplay. Great graphics & digitized sound l x. FD74: Arcade Series ¦ RlngWar is an "Outer Limits" clone with vectorized graphics, MotherLode is a “Lode Runner" clone with 50 levols! In BlitzTanks, they re coming at you from all directions!! Call In air strikes and use your heavy art llery to survive! FD75: Arcade Series • Descender is a clone of the classic arcade game Tempest"; complete with vectorized graphics Tanx is the classic battle of trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well donol Search is a maze game unlike any other included Is a level editor too = Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory-Fat Agnus) FD76: Catacomb - is a full graphic dungeon adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon mouse driven interface. FD77: Arcade Series • Galaga’92 is a clone of the arcade game of the same name with several gameplay enhancements-with smooooth. Sharp graphics, it’s better than the origional!' Pharaohs Curse is a clone of the origional C64 classic. Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version of the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or be conquered! FD81: SuperGames - SomB of he best games--Donkey Kong is better than the origional with an extra lever Frantic Freddie and TrailBiazer are Doth fast-pased arcade games. Mad Bomber is tne classic gamo of "Kaboom" redone with an Amiga flare. All of these games are excellent! FD82; Intrepid - In the Arctic Ice. You control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly cra'ted Amiga origional. . Workbench Disks WB4:Telecommumnicatlon - This disk ccntams several excellent pc communication programs: Access 1.42, Comm 1,34 & Handshake 2.12a. WB5: Fonts *1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included ere five 3agBStream fonts,and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6: Fonts 2 - ShcwFom(4.0) This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmgaDcs system fonts (many up to 55pts), WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded with black and white clip art. Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more. WB9; Icona • Truly a multitude of various types and kinds. Also induces iconMiester, IccnLab, and others great utilities to help generate icons WB10: Virus Killers ¦ The best: VuusX(4.0). Kv(2.l). and ZeroVirus III. WB11; Business - Cierk(4.0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company. Includes receivables, oayabies. End of month and uch more. WB12: Disk Utilities • This great cisk is icacec with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, cisk cataloging, disk optimizing, d-SK and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sc*ts of file manipulation. A must have' WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator • over 70 different drivers (including HP LaserJot 344!). Also includos a pnnter-driver generator. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business - Ths disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great caiendar'sc.heduier. a roiodex program, and oenny- wise a good "Cash Bcok" accounting for home or o*fce. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains tne best editors. Includes.TextPlus (v2.2o) a full featured word processor. Dme(vl.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2.8i an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. WB22: Font* 3 - Several more great fonts. These, like the other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting • Plot (20b) a 3-D mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user dot ned function. BezSurf2 • produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a iatne Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can craw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywnere. Great for DTP' WB25:Educatlonal - On this disk are two programs that can gererate maps cf differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration ot Albert Einstein General Theory of Re ativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwckBackup - two wen done utilities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast - a b.nary Me editor, Labelprinter • Disk label printer with very powerful leatures. 110: Amiga Beginner You asked for it: This disk con a complete tutorial for the beginner on using the Amiga. Starts you off at the power-swrtch and takes you through to the Cll Shell arid all points In between Bonus! Also included are 16'COlor icons to replace every icon in your 2.0*- Workbench. WB27: Nagel * 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women, WB29: Graphics and Sound • This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs producing stunning graphics Includes. MandelMountains • a realistic terrain generator. Fracgen - generate recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - twe fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra • the best IFF display program to date. Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything. WB33:C!rcult Board Design - several terrilic routines for the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool • a circuit board design tool, LoglcLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a wen done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components tor insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities ¦ Several we'l done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge o! A CL! Or Shell for setup, Chatter Box - this one will play any user defined sound atter any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...),. Artm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper - help program to make learning tho CLI easier, and more! WB35: 30 Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracing programs 3d Fonts - Full vector font set for use with 3d programs, FontMaker • make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3DShape ¦ create 3d shapes from any image. DumptolFF • create 3d animations preserves pallet, and Warld3C - a demo prog*am of a front end for use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including, Mpath • creates swirling galaxy images, Roses
• produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically WB82: Animations - Four full length, well done ‘movie" stye animations, Including, Coyote, Jugglerll, GhostPool, & Mechanix. 2 disks, counts as 1. WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the oast 5 years. WB88ABC: The Complete Bible A three d sk sot. With the entire text of the New Testamert and Old Testament-King James version A great utility, Three disk set, counts as three. WB90: Rfppers, Strippers and Beats - For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your favorite games and programs. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk requires some knowledge of the CH. WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 42 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4.0, Snap, FixDisk (recover corrupt,deleted tiles). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard), Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel., macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubusterjand PrintStudio. WB95; Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - This is definitely commercial grade; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation WB96: Dupers • Contains Xccpylll & Nib which will backup copy-protected programs. FreeCooy removes copy protection from several programs. And SuperDuper will crank-out last AmigaDOS copies. WB9B: Business * Includes Bbasell a nice, powerlul database: BizCaic a personal or mortgage loan calculator with amortization capabilities, Loop a flowchart maker. Formmaker - design professional torms on ycur Epson LO-250D compatible printer. WB99: Lifestyles • Includes Agene family tree p-ogram that tracks up to 600 people,‘marriagesVetC. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardensMandscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment, WB101; Chemesthetlcs - is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model. Ths kind ol display contains a certain esthetic attitude, even poisonous motecules like nicotine and dioxine look quite nice. WB102: Telecommunications - Contains the programs Ncomm 2.0 and VT100-29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, full VT100 emulation. Ncomm s script language is so powerful It comes with a script Me that creates a full-featured BBS system. WB103: Music - Contains 12 "great" Soundtracker MED music MODuies-.complete with programmabte.'shulfle player...8 bit audio never sounded so hotl Two disk set counts as two. WB1Q6: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodialer notepad to-do list appointment scheduler,home inventory database and phone number dialer. WB119ABCDE; Font tyftfocet for use with Professional PagB 3* or PageSlream 2.1 *. These fonts will output to any laser printer or dot-matrix printer with no jaggles, thanks to outline lonts Very pro looking typefaces. 5 disk set, counts as 4 The AmigaWorld "Best-Of" Set! (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) (.67 cents ea) WB108: OctaMED - This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels to an ear-popping 8 channels! All the renound editing capabilities ol MED plus 4 more channels! If you thought your Amiga sounded good before...you alnt heard nuthlrV yeti WB109: VerseWlBe - Display, search and output The New Testament to text files or your printer. WB112: Productivity Business • Stock Analysis allows automated downloading ol stock data with full analysis capabilities (requires modem), SubStore will allow you to Jog magazines and articles with lull search,scan'prinl capabilities. WB113: Sid II ¦ Why pay 40 bucks lor a directory utility, when this one will do it all plus much more1 A truly professional-cahber program. Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten, Sid 2 will astound you. WB114: Fonts 4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts WB115: Term - II you nave AmigaDOS 2.04* and a modem, then this is THE program lor you. Term totally conforms to the User Interface Style Guide for 2.04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular file-transfer protocols through XPR libraries. We wish all programs were this good WB116: Databases - This is what you've been waiting for! Contains 5 uniquely specialized diabase programs for tracking: Videotapes. CD's, Magazine Articles, Comic Bocks and Trading Cards I WS117; Religion ¦ Contains Scripture_Mem (aids in memorizing verses and passages) and in Pauls Journey, you are Paul ol Tarsus exploring the Mediterranean and preaching just as Paul did. Req. 1 M3 RAM. De v Disks DD45: AREXX Programs - This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples. PopCLl4 - The atest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal • This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal. Includes. A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler, Blink linking software and PCO (1.0) a modest Pascal sub-set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(l.01) fully K&R, zcc = 1.0) Iron! End. A68k(1,2) assembler. Blink linker. DD5Q: Aroxx 02 • a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples arc utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Asp ce (2.3) A full featured program for electnc circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements • an incredibly well done periodic lable program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k ol Lattice C source routines that can be Included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk Is loaded with ail ol the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many ol the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc. Lharc, Lhwarp. Pkax. Powe-Packer Total disks ©$ ea. = $ PD-Disk based catalog ($ 2.50) = $ _ JCC _ I Signature Exp (Name __ ! Address | ] Payment encl. Please cnarge my. | J Visa [ j Mastercard Discover I City _ !Phone .ST. .Zip WB49ABC:Anlmatlon Sampler - On this three dsk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of the best animations that have been created over the last three years. Several examples ol ‘Movie" type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (coairoby, watch, spigot and egg). Also several european style or “Demo" animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akrilight, copersine, doc, dps2010, impact, and logocemo). These truly show olf the Amiga! WB50; Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or "Demos", including • scientific 451, subway (a U.S entrant, also our favorite), sunnde. Thrstdemo. Tnight, waves, and woow. WB53: Graphics - Raytraeing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images. C- Uflht is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds ol dollars. Also. Smovie • a full featured video text titier similar to ProViceo. Broadcast Titter- Great v;cec scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54: Printing - This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing. Includes Gothic • Finally a Banner printer lor the PDI PrintStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features. Lila ¦ with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more W855: Application - Xcopylll - a lull leatured disk copier, make backups of copy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like ‘Dougy Howard M.D". Cal • a calendar program. Magman * a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57: Animation - This disk has several “Oemo" style animations, Including, Blitter, Lolly, Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful rrvdi utilities including, programs to transfer to and Irom several music programs to mid. A midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi info, file sequence player, and a lew scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid In removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk back recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corruDt disks. WB66: Icons 2- Lot's of neat icons. Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and Into structures. Runmr_ of MS-DOS software with Amiga programs!!! Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 72CK IBM compaiabie driv WB68:Muslc Utilities - several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes. Noisetracker • a great music creation program, Sonix2MOD - converts sonix to .mod files which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtraker, and MED, SpeakerSim • a speaker design tool demo. Wondersound is an add tive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modem electronic music for you Amiga. WB70: Desk Top Pub * Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts. Mac or IBM format ,AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage .metric files. With this program, open the door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript fonts! Calendar - month templates in PageStream form. Post
• a full featured postscript file display and print utility WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files (.Inst) and sample sound files (,ss) for your music programs. WB76: Applications - This disk contatns Stlchery - e often requested xnitting cesign program, Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS - this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a personal calender, Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB79: Home & Business Accounting * Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc ¦ this well done calculator has a very large display and operates Irom the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log, Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what time it is In up to 50 global cities WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. Database crogram. Don't let tne ease ol use fool you, this is a very full featured dataoase program including ful printer control for address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting In a program. Highly recommended. Similar to a rose, SimGen • display those spectacular images as part ol your workbenck screen, and RayShade • a very good raytraeing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this onel WB37: Educational • Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is a powerful lull featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. Highly recommended. Plans • a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very lull leatured. Tessetator * a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures. WB40: Music - CD on a disk", 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. Requires 2 drives or HD. WB4i: Music • MED an incredibly well done, lull featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. Version
3. 20, which 1$ compatable with WB2+. WB43: Business • This disk contains AnalytiCalc • probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A lull featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Req. 1.2 MB WB46: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with the following motifs - embellishments (borders, dodads people, and transports! On. WB47: Clip Art - HghRes clip art with the following motifs - hair, drafting, summer, animals and macfood. WB4B: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with tha following motlls * Holidays, music, medical, and misc. Memorex blank disks-3iyi" DSDD 10 for $ 8.00 (.80 cents ea) 25 for S 19.25 50 for $ 36.00 100 for $ 67.00 No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders, Canada and Mexico add $ .15 each, other foreign add $ .50 each. AmigaWorld's Boat Tnese four c ->s contain the p a games of '92f Includes Mother Lode. Morin Minefield. Poing Intruder Aleri. Deluxe PacMan, Rocky and Super Artillery (see Dec. 92 AmigaWorld) Four disk set, counts as three. A must have by alt- Zip, Warp, and Zoo. Also tFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF lifes. DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3.Q release including the full user docs, the ful! Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1,3, ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your CLI more powerful. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - copies hies to and from MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vce versa, Also several boosts for your startup-sequence. Plus 25 mere programs. DD52: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler. Sbasic and ftext • several wonderful routines to help in basic pro- gramers, and Xscheme - an Interpreted object oriented language. DD66: Programming ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers! DD69:Advaneed Utilities - SerNet and ParNet • Connect two Amiga's and share resources, MemMomtor * Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD71 A48:C Compiler - This disk contains DICE, Matthew Dillon's full featured- powerful C compiler & environment. 2 disks, counts as 2. DD77: Fortran ¦ Contains a fuH featured Fortran77 development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembier. DD82: Unix - Contains a working demo of Minix - a Unix workahke. Minix is system call compatable with V7 of Unix. DD85: AnalytlRlM - Tis Increoible program is a combination of a powerful spreadsheet and a Relational Information Manager (database) Not for the faint ol heart, this is a heavy-duty package! Req. 1 MB RAM. DD86: The Programmer ¦ Includes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate "C* source code or Assembly-code-saving you countless hours ol work! Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOSZ*. DD8B; GnuPIOt • This is a command-driven interactive function plotter. Creates stunning plots,graphs ol mathematical (unctions. Requires hard- drive and unpacks to over 1.6MB of code data...most impressive! Video-Related Disks V01: Graphics - Picbase will let you view and track ALL of your IFF pictures over all ol those floppies! Freepaini is a Deluxe-Paint workalike. Agraph is a powerful utility to produce snazzy graphs. V03: ImBge Utils - let VideoToolsOnTap let you tap irto the video power of your Amiga lor fades, color and greybars as well as a plethora of other maespersable video functions, TitleGen will do professional crawling titles. JPEG converts JPEG-> IFF with amazing compression. ImageLab performs special effects on iFFs. VOS: Modolllng - Vertex allows you to create 3-D objects without using the abstract X. Y and Z views. Loads Sculpt-3D,'4D, Turbo Silver, Imagine, Lightwave, GEO and Wavefront formats. MagicTween will metamorphasize any two pics and animate the "in-between" frames. V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vector objects in Imagine format. These are perfect for use with V05 or your favorite 3D modelling program. Includes Amiga 3000. Space station & many more! V08: CompuGraphic Fonls - Contains 2 ciipart-style fonts and 4 actual typefaces for use with WB2.04 and it's Fountain utility. Great for desktop publishing and or video projects. V09: 24-Blt - Contains Rend24 which allows you to prcol Toaster-generated 2*1-bit animations. Also contains utils to convert IFF's to IBM VGA'Windows readable format. Also latest release ol JPEG-»IFF Dealer inquiries anq submissions welcome. R ' Wbf05A&B? Workbench” 2+ Extras 2 " 1 I This sei contains the prog nuns th.it should have been included with .WB2.0.I I These powerful utilities fake full advantage or the many new capabilities I j that are available in Workbench 2,0. J Tool Manager - u wonderful utility to jdd program-, to your TOOL mcnu.| I create a collection at icons on the workbench to easily launch frequent Iy| [used programs and much morel (Sec the review in AmigaWorld-May V2i| [Virus Protection - just drop this icon in your WBSlortnp drawer I iDegradcr - gives you tools to try to make non-2.0 happy programs work! I }Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show All" io display over 4(1 distinct icons] (Catalog dL*k comes with a coupon for a free disk with vour next order) Anti-Virus (519.95) = S_ Products from DitIVare Video (1 page back) = S Memorex Blank Disks H = $ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax ~ S Foreign Shipping = S_ Shipping & Handling ! Rr Mew) = S_ m Total Due = $ _ Please send me: Enter product ID (Ex: V2052, FD85, WB105AB) Including any products from previous pages. Following dav shipping in most cases. Public Domain Disks:
53. 00 minimum per order. Canada add 5.25 per disk. Foreign add $ .50 per disk for air-mail delivery. Videos Books iiajwware SomvARE: S3 00 minimum per order plus $ .50 fcr each add I unit shipped. Canadian minimum $ 6, plus $ 1 for each add ! Unit-call tor wok shippirg. Foreign: call. All payments in U-S. Funds ontv. A minimum cf 520,00 required orCall ci for different types of files (text, IFF's, source codes, libraries, etc)] credit card orders. I. DevWare, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW36, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 ’ Fax (619) 679-2887 jFont Editor - Create edit bitmap fonts with full color support! ( |Scre*n Blanker* - ala fractals and splincrs und swarming becs!| I Requester Enhancers - no more stale ' Please Inren Volume" requester*-1
• these are animuicd requesters for all of the system's requestors. I
• CPUBUl - speeds up text displays for owners of 68020+ CPU's * TWO DISK SET, COUNTS AS TWO AmigaWorld Inside Space Animation Contest! AmigaWorld and the Sci-Fi Channel’s™ Inside Space Program Need You! AmigaWorld and the Sci-Fi Channel’s™ Inside Space Program are proud to announce a joint venture into cablecasting a series of Amiga-generated space animations on future episodes of Inside Space. We’re seeking the very best Amiga-produced animations that have a space theme. Unless they’ve got jet packs strapped to their backs, gargoyles, mutants or monsters need not apply. We’re looking for a few good satellites, lunar orbiters and intergalactic battles. Perhaps you want to share the marvel of space travel or adventures in outer space. Maybe the checkout line tabloids don’t do justice in recounting your most recent abduction by extraterrestrials. Now you can let your story be seen and heard. Your Big Chance at the Big Time! Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for instant fame as an Amiga animator. Not only will these animations be televised, but there’s more! We’ll also produce a videotape called AmigdWorldflnsife Space Animations, which will be produced and released in 1993. Inside Space will review these space-oriented animations for possible cablecast. Even if your submission isn’t selected for use on our video, Inside Space may be interested in using it in upcoming episodes. Every submission included on our videotape will receive a prize. The grand prize winner will receive a fully loaded Amiga 4000 system. Stay tuned to AmigaWorld for more details on other valuable video, hardware and software prizes to be announced. Send in your animations to: Tim Walsh do AmigaWorld lnsiie Space Contest 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 Requirements Please keep all entries to 3 minutes or less in length. Animations, their soundtracks and accompanying music must be your own work. Since every animation we receive is potentially cablecast-bound, we need first-generation 3 4" or Beta videotape format. As with earlier contests, please include a VHS or S-VHS tape for review purposes. Submissions must include details on the hardware and software used to create them. Also include enough material on disk as proof of their Amiga origins. If you don’t have access to video equipment and your animation is of a relatively short duration, we’ll accept them on disk. Disk-based animations must be complete with sound and video players. Also, they can be compressed with commercial hard drive back-up utilities. Please! Only those that fit on fifteen disks or less. Animations that require over 15 disks must be on 3 4" or Beta with accompanying VHS or S-VHS videotape. Please include name, address and phone number. The deadline is June 15,1993. All materials received become the property of AmigaWorld. Amiga I Artists AmigaWorld wants to see your stuff... Don’t Miss a Word! Send for your missing back Issues and complete your Tlta Amigt World or TECH JOURNAL library today! Still images in 2D or 3D, or even collages containing Amiga-generated works. We're building a new catalog of Amiga artists and we want to include you! We'll keep your submissions on file and, if your work or style fits our needs, contact you. If we call, we will either ask you to create an illustration, or contract a completed work. We find it easiest to work with a slide, photo, or printout of each image accompanied by an IFF file (preferably JPEGged at 100% quality). Please indicate whether your submissions have been used elsewhere, and what software you used to create them. If you've worked previously as an illustrator or have other related experience, send along a resume or short bio as well. Address your package to: Free Tech Journal Binder with the Purchase of 2 or More. Tech Journal Back Issues - an $ 8.95 Valuel While Supplies Last. For Credit Card Orders Call 1-800-824-5499 or 410-543-1989 Mall order form with check or money order to: AmlgaWorfdBack Issues, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Write your issue selections on the lines below. Please use product codes. AmigaWorld Issues_ Tech Journal issues_ Aini$ nWorh1 Art Submissions 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. ? Yesl I want my FREE binder with the purchase of two or more Tech Journal Issues. I want_back Issues of AmigaWorldx $ 3.95 I want_back Issues of Tech Journal x $ 15.95 CA & MD orders add appropriate tax Canadian orders add 7% GST Postage and Handling $ 1.00 for single Issue $ 2.95 for 2 or more Issues Canadian orders, add S3.00. Foreign orders, add $ 4,00 more for surface shipping. Total Enclosed "To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it" said Edward Alden Jewell. But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Name_ Address Video and Animation Special Issue 1992. Articles on Video Basics end Vldeography Techniques, Tips and Tutorials for better animating, Video Animation Buyer's Guides, Product Reviews and Roundups. A must-have for any Amiga animator or video enthusiast. AWSP M iy 1992 Amiga Output as Art. Finding the right printer. Creating a cross-platform DTP operation. Part II • Getting the Most from Workbench 20. Reviews on newest versions of Imagine and Real 3-D 1.41. AW9205 April 1992 Music and Sound, Anatomy of a MIDI Studio. Reviews on sound sampling software. First part of series on getting most from Workbench 2.0. AW9204 March 1992. Multimedia. Comparisons of 9 authoring programs. Step-by-step guide tor producing multimedia presentations. Director 2 tutorial. Plunging Into CD-ROM. AWB203 February 1992. Features on Graphics. Tutorial on Dpaini IV. Overview on Image-making. Structured Drawing. 2-D Painting and Landsape Generators. Tax Prep with the Amiga. AW9202 January 1992. 8 '040 Accelerators for the Amiga, AW Experts' Choice Awards. Productivity Tips on telecommunications, daiabase management, maximizing printer output. AW9201 December 1991. Video. Creating low-cost video effects. Guide to A5Q0 Video products. Using DCTV to create low-cost 24-bit animations. Reviving Your A1000. Using PC-generated data and programs on your Amiga. The Scientific Am:ga. War games roundup. AW9112 November 1991. Top 20 Games of 1991. Spot-light on 10 game-constructlon kits. The Amiga Troubleshooter's Guide. Dressing Up Arexx. Tips on creating smooth transitions with AmlgaVlson. AW9111 October 1991. Animation. Pointers and advice from 4 Amiga animators. Learn secrets of 2-D morphing. Step- by-step guide to using Imagine. Planet-building tutorial. Making the leap from 2-D to 3-D Graphics. AW9110 September 1991 5 Low-End Post-Script Laser Printers. Quality Separations with 3 Top DTP Programs. Converting Amiga-generated graphics to PC or Mac. Avoiding “Catastrophic* Data Loss, AW9109 August 1991. Telecommunications. Getting out-fitted. Look at modems, fax modems, and terminal software, Look at what networks offer. Arexx...For Everyone, Using Workbench Utilities. AW91Q8 July 1991. Annual Review Issue. Coverage of hottesi hardware and software products. Debut of new monthly column, “Video Suite AW9107 June 1991. Special Feature on CDTV with comprehensive Buyer's Guide to CD titles. Tips and techniques features on animation and optimizing your system's resources. AW910C S. S. s. May 1991. Leadlng-edge Amiga graphics and the newest 3-D animation programs. 'Spedal Report’ on the A3QQ0 Tower, Beginner's Guide to Music. Con- duslon to A500 upgrade series. AW9105 April 1991. Power Hardware spedal. Part 3 of A500 Upgrade Series. AW9104 March 1991. Tips and Techniques on using 7 Amiga 3-D programs. Pari 2 of A50Q Upgrade Series * 4 Hard AW9103 Drives. February 1991. Multimedia Spedal. Part I of A59Q Upgrade Series. AW9102 January 1991. 2-D Graphics Spedal: Buyer’s Guide to Amiga Paint Programs, Tutorials on Image-processing portraits, slide-making, painting and 2-D to 3-D graphics conversion, AW9101 AmigaWorld Tech Journal Back Issues With Disks All disks Indude source code Bnd executables for artides. April 1992. The Amiga Custom Chip Set Easy Font and File Requestors. Object-Oriented Display Refreshing. Programming Motion: Animation Elements. Much More. On Disk: Animation Routines. Requestors and Gadgets, Revision Control System: A source-code manager. AWTC22 February 1992. Amiga NTSC and PAL Genlock fnter- fadng. A Tight Fit: JPEG Compression. Blitter Optimization. MIDI Programming Demystified. A Developer's Guide to PostScript - Part I. On Disk: Tons of Tods for Programmers, JPEG Compression Routines. AWTC21 December 1991. 68030 to 68040 Differences. Clean Up Your Programs. Effldant Assembly Programs. Custom Interfaces With Arexx. Hard Drives: How Fast Are They Really? On Disk: Loads of Libraries. Custom Printer Drivers. AWTC15 October 1991. The Complete Guide for the Blitterlng Idiot. Extending Arexx. Global Parlor Tricks. Multitasking In Amiga Basic. Designing a User Interface. Arcade Elements. On Disk: A6BK version 2.71: a full- featured assembler, BLINK version 6.7, The linker io use. AWTC14 August 1991. Arexx Arcana: Hosis and Quotes. Inside SCSI. The Basics of Ray Tradng. An Introduction to Boopsl. Postscript Primer. On Disk: 2.0 indude files, Posl: a PostScript Interpreter. AWTC13 June 1991. An Introduction to the Zorro III Bus. Building a 3-D Object Viewer. Improved Genlock handling. The NTSC RS- 170A Standard. On Disk: 1.3 Indude files, Enforcer: an MMU protection tod. AWTC12 April 1991 Premiere Issue. Menus for a New Generation. Control Your Channels. Racyda Your Sprites. The Fast Floppy Syslem. In Search of...The Perfect Joystick Routine. On Disk: DICE: Dillon's integrated C Environment, PowerWindows 2.5c demo. AWTC11 City, State, Zip Code_ Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Checks or money orders payable In US funds. InfoMarket Digital Orchestra One-Octave 8SVX IFF 17K and 8K sound samples. Compatible wth DMCS. MED, Trackers, sequencers. |A0i Bass Guitars - Slap Bass Fratlai*. PickwJ. Ate 1 2? Brass ¦ Tuba. TromDonajrurrpat, Frfneh Horn, etc SA03 Reefls * Clannat, Ooce, Saxqpfione, Bassoon, etc. SA04 Strings ¦ Violin. Viola. Cello. Orch Hits. Etc. § 25 Sul,ar« • Acoustic. Electric. Lead. Jazz, etc SA06 Pianos - Pianos, Electric Piano, Honky-Tonk. Etc. 5A07 Latin Percussion * Timbale, Conga, Bongo, etc. SAG8 Drums l * Bass Drum, Snare. Tom. Cowbell, etc. Arcade Closeouts WllJro Hy-.It Qua vl.ilI c J ©QD GDGED rs rmi Airball ... Boing Botics Clever & Smart.. Dr Plummit .. Final Assult . Final Countdown Fire Power ... Fright Night . Goldrunner 2...... Hits Disk Vol 1 ... Insanity Flight.... Manix ... 8 Mindroll ... 6 8 No Excuses 5 3 Off Road 4x4 . 9 3 Pyramax . 7 6 Renaisance 8 6 Slip Stream 6 5 Spell Bound 7 8 Spherical 9 8 Street Cat 6 3 Summer Challenge 5 7 Tetra Quest 8 3 Torch 2081 ... 6 6 Turbo Racing 5 Video Music Box vl,6 SAQ9 Drums 2 • Hi-hat, Guiro, Aaogo. Cymbal, etc'. Sato Percussion - Steel Drum, Taiko, Bell, Woodblock, etc. |A11 Organs - Cathedral, Electric. Bandoneon, Reed, etc. SA12 Etnnlc • Sltar, Koto, Bf----- SA13 ChrPerc ¦ Marimba. SluWTrict Huf u, tiectnc. Banooneon, Heed, . Bagpipe. Koxyu, Banjo, etc.
- - J. Xylophone, Celesta, etc AU Pipes • Flute. P-ccaio, Recorder, Whittle, etc. 0A15 En5flxbi| - Orcft Hrt, Strings. Voice. Solo Che SA16 Choirs • Three or more.harmonious sinning voices. The easiest way for creative non-musicians to compoae original background muaio for their Amiga multimedia preaentatiom... Algorithmic composition and music editor, now with full support of dynamics, unlimited pattern generation, and expanded MIDI and IFF 8MUS capabilities. Aik your local dealer, or write call uj for free product brochure. Send $ 5 for the demo program. Retail Price $ 109 Requires Amigas with 1 M An aD05 2.0 compatible Digital Expressions Research mm-m W640Q Firelane 8, Menasha Wl 54952 Circle 76 On Reader Service Card. SA31 More unoros • Acooraion, Honky-Tonk Piano SA32 Organ2 Chords - Sounds ol the Cathedral Organ SA33 Voce Organ - UniquB Voice + Eleo Organ sounds SA34 Harp • Wnne keys, Black Keys, angle tones. §*25 • Fantaaia. SpaceVo*. Sweep, etc SA36 SynthsFX • Electric Cat, Gnost. Stratosonere, etc SA40 Foreign • "Hello*. "Yes’. *1.2.3*, etc in 8 languages FAIRBROTHHRS, INC. 5054 South 22nd Street Arlington, Virginia 22206 (703f 820-1954, Fax (703) 820-4779 Each disk, S5.95,3 for $ 4.95@, ten for S39.95, Complete collection for $ 99.95. Also available MED musk construction kit and sound sampler. Send for free complete listing. Shipping S3, ten or more disks $ 4. Add S4 for COD, L PS 2nd [Day Air. Canada- So shipping, add if paying in Canadian dollars. Canadian checks accepted Osnseas. Add S8 -fnpprg, All titles are new and fully numuiteed. Call for free broc of many other blowouts plus our extensive line of current releases and used Amiga titles. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and COD orders,_ pSfers Only: Customer Service: 1-800-638-1123 (304)529-0461 22ar 2 o fwarc Circle 100 On Reader Service Card. Circle 85 On Reader Service Card. I Love My Amiga! VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Carmel, CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB SMB 1 X 32 SIMM-70 S 149.00 149 290 1 X 32 SIMM - 60
169. 00 -- 169 330 1 x 4-80 SC ZIP
18. 50 - 148 292 1 x 4 ¦ 70 SC ZIP
18. 75 - 150 292 1 x 4- 70 PG DIP, ZIP
18. 50 74 148 292 256x4 - 70 PG ZIP
4. 75 76 152 288 256x4 - 70 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 Ixl - 70. 80 PG DIP 4,25 68 136 256 1x8 - 70. 80 SIMM
36. 00 72 140 280 1x8-60 SIMM
40. 00 80 150 300 4x8- 70. 80 SIMM 139 00 139 270 4x8-60 SIMM
145. 00 _ 145 280 GVP SIMM 32
199. 00 199 390 MBX 1200
159. 00 309 PCMCIA CALL «- __ BaseBoard 162 225 - DataFlyer RAM 162 225 385
- yfy $ 1.75 eacrv! Owlbea other's ad onces!
- -5 full fl sks. 20 very useful software IBM file transferer, CO Videotape database, accounting, ari-vrus 4 more! Cwy.$ -| 4,95 'flmesome Utilities -•7 megs, 5 disks, near 100 famous Amiga programs. At the necessary power utilities for your Amiga! All for 0n y„,.$ -| 4,95
* fewest Qomes -Newi 15 disks cf hottest games hom E jropa USA Good sound & graphca guaranteed! Temfc fun at ms mos 1 afo'dab'a pnee... S29.95 50 5X1$ fonts -50 Postscript Type 1 fonts for Pagestream & Pro'essonal Page. Pius a 5 dak Opal Pack free with order! Ont ..... $ 39,95 European imported 15 disk sell Thousands ol medhi-res Iff Ww erf 17 general categories over 100 sutxa’.egones indexed for easy searching' As good as corr.meroal packages, but less expens-ve .. $ 59,95 To order now: send check money order or call for C.O.D. (206)747.1964. Add 54 S&H for US CAN, +S3 foreign. Choose from: Fonts * Clip Art • Kids Home I Business Gomes Pay a service charge of only $ 2.95 per collection. Credit Cards Only DaiaFlyer 500 SCSI.. Dflycr 500 Express., DataFlyer 10O0SCSI GVP A5.10 Turbo..... GVP I O Extender,... Supra FAX V32B1S . ..135 .,175 ..159 .,999 ..22y ..295
2. 5 "IDE 80 MB HD 269
1. 76 MB HD Floppy ..CALL A570CD ROM ....399
2. 1 ROM Up Gkil 89
2. 1 Software ...45 A1200C ..CALL Software of the Month Club® 619-931-8111 Ext. 511 ORDERS: 408- INFO 8c TECH: 408 Fax: 408-626-0532 899-2 H° ~ 899-2040 USE- WB BBS: 408-625-6580 Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1985 ZIPPERWARE (A7) - P0 Box 95285 - Seattle. WA 98145 Circle 176 On Reader Service Card. Circle 90 On Reader Service Card, Circle 66 On Reader Service Card. * A2000 $ 95.00+ Send Computer or drive with your name, address, phone number and a description of the problem + Md.'srlotrS K*p«i Or.b
(310) 390-3010 ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES and 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT * 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Ovoi 1000 line Resolution * NO Scanlines • NO Cmuulmn Distortion • Hiillmnl Color Call or Write for order term, price list 1 sample: 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 AMIGA Repair Serv> 24 hour Turnaround **
* I Oycan capchcrcc GxtigCoermodote Equiimwn.* 90 day wunrty on *H puts nfhed .* Fsciory Trailed Service lachnicims . * Low Fist RsccPrkes. Phone (814) 583 • 5996 FAX (814) 583-5995 We warn Your System VIA UPS Qround COD.__ TO* •* ( Rl» 2 HOX 1 u* KiH'kion PA. 15856 Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS i-imo 24» 29H3 + 803-681-5515 Now the only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source for more than a DECADE ol quality service. COMPETITIVE prices on NEW or used CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery | SAVE MONEY with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts REDUCE COSTS 99 ¦ * • • Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:QQ hm EST For Amiga A600 HD & A1200 2MB, 3MB, & 4MB 1-800-CARDS4U NEW MEDIA CORPORATION Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 453-0100 InfoMarket Pyramid Stereo Sampler High Speed Stereo Sound Sampler W Input Level Controls A: Microphone Input Jack. 569.95 Service and repair This video represents six years of fi hand experience repairing the A Computer. This video can sav time and money . $ 39.95 Send your order and a cliec Clie correct amount to : + 55.00 Shipping & handling Pyramid ROM Swilch Only
539. 95 Keyboard Mouse Controlled Contact Your Dealer or Micro R.&D. Visa MC COD 308)745*1243 Voice
(308) 745-1246FAX YES WAY!! Because we are so sure that you will love our disks and comeback for more, we are offering this special introductory pack of 5 disks for only $ 6.00! That's Right! Well give you 5 of ours for the price of Their’ 1 This pack includes Games, Utils,. Music, Fonts, Graphics, etc. It’s all Here!! So send in your order TODAY!! Or Call for your FREE Catalog filled with over 1000 original disks! We have AMOS PD. Games, Utils.. Graphics, Demos, elc... Ail disks $ 2.00 or less, FISH only $ 1.50! + S&H Call (206)361-9502 Northwest Public Domain • Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071- 1617 Microcard by Mcroworks Ltd. Oflere you up Io 4 additional megs of (FAST) dynamic RAM via your Amiga PCMCIA slot. This credit-card sized memory module autoconfigures at boot time and provides much needed adcitionaJ memory for the A600 and A1200 computer. Microworte Ltd.. a leader in PCMCIA memory. Now offers the Amaga user extraordinarily tow pricing. 2 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card ... .,..,$ 154 95 4 megabyte upgrade PCMCIA card .. $ 219.95 Upgrade Installer’s guide . Covers installation of most common dcs such as 2.0 and ECS chips . $ 19.95 J & C Repair PO Box 70 Rockton PA 15856 Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. 3 Chestnul St.. Suffern, NY 10901 We ship woridrtKjol 800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 AMIGA 1200 MEMORY UPGRADE MICROCARD 601- fast RAM PCMCIA MEMORY CARD The Amiga Technical Video Series 5 disks $ 6.00 Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. Hours: 6-6 ET Fax:914-357-6243 Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. Mr B1GFOOT Power Supply Attention! 200 Watt Fan Cooled A-500 600 12(XJ Power w'c Have 200 250 300 Supply. Will Handle Virtually Any Add-on Watt 2000 3000 4000 Device Imaginable! Power Accessories power Supply Solutions Externally And Save Wear And Tear On The Great For Toasters! Motherboard. Pyramid Hand Scanner 4i>11.) V J ]rv.-: Level Grey-sc-le Sinner Text Halftone & Grey-Scalc Modes. Great For DTP And Drawing Paint Programs. If, JFVHB Saves 16 32 Level Grey IFF Pyramid Hand Scanner Is The Only Amiga Scanner To Come With A Parallel Pass Through Interface! True Three Button. High Resolution Micro Switch
- T' J Mouse. Great With Brilliance, MB Directory Onus & Others Handy Mouse "" Two Button Micro Switch Based Amiga Replacement Mouse. Pyramid Mouse Master Automatic Switch For The Amiga Mouse joystick Ports. LB ¦1 ‘ $ 49.95 Seleci Between Mouse Or Joystick Simply By Pressing The Fire Button On Whichever Device You Need. Slingshot A-2000 Slot For A-500 Use A-2000 Cards On Your A-500! 539.95 Pyramid RAM *• A-501 Clone W Clock Etc
549. 95 A-601 1MB W Clock Etc.
599. 95 Coming Soon A-1200 RAM Expansion Amiga IDE Cables
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P. O.Box 1898, Spring Valley, CA 91979 - FAX: (619)670-9732 COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 ‘Call for details We service the entire Amiga product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 • (914) 947-3522 24 Hour Turnaround • Dealers Call For FREE Catalog 1-800-344-4102 FAX: 1-914-947-2728 Circle 190 On Reader Service Card, Circle 183 On Reader Service Card LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS SOFTUIRRE T-SHIRT (HEAT TRANSFER) RIBBONS. ALL COLORS AVAILABLE. COLOR PAPER: 200SHTS BRIGHT PK.S10.90 PASTEL PK, $ 7.90 8ANNER PAPER 45 FT. RL. $ 8.95 CERTIFICATE PAPER: S9.95 PK. Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. HIGH RESOLUTION Slides Negs 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides All Bitmaps up to 1650 x1100 MS-DOS, IFF. IFF24, Ham, RGB LL 715-856-5627 **MC VISA accepted Write: GRAPHIC JMPRESSfONS FOB 254 WAUSAUKEE, Wl 54177 COLORS: SLACK. RED, BLUE, GREEN, BROWN, PURPLE. YELLOW Ribbons Prlca Each Black Color T-Shirt Citizen GSX140.4-CLR $ 4.00 $ 12.00 $ 15 00 Okidata 192 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 Panasonic 1124 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 Panasonic 2123 4-CLR $ 6.50 $ 15.00 $ 20 00 Seikosha SP1600 $ 4.50 $ 6.00 $ 7.50 Star NX1000 4-CLR $ 3.50 $ 6.25 $ 10.00 Star NX1020 4-CLR $ 6.00 $ 10,50 $ 15.00 Foxy Tec, Software - P.O. Box 2266 Gresham, Oregon 97030 RAMC0 COMPUTER SUPPLIES
P. O. Box 475. Manteno, IL 800-522-6922 or 815-468-8081 COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER If you think you can't afford quality commercial software... think again! Although we cany the top 100 software hits and a ful I line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts anti liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. Software Support Ini. 2700 N.E. Andresen Rd. Suite A-10 Vancouver Wa 98661
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA-C64 128 - IBM Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Accolade 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129 408 985-1700 Activa International Keienbergweg 95 1101 GE Amsterdam, Holland 011-31-20-97-00-35 jDistributed by Programs Plus & Video Adspec Programming 1405 N. Ellsworth Ave. PO Box 13 Salem, OH 44460 216 337-3325 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AM1GA Blue Ribbon Soundworks, The 1605 Chantilly Drive Suite 102 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315-0212 Bruce Smith Books Ltd. Smug Oak Green Business Centre Lye Lane Bricket Wood, Herts. England AI-2 3UG 44-923-894355 Centaur Development PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Classic Concepts PO Box 786 Bellingham, WA 98227 206 733-8342 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 CompuServe 5000 Arlington Center Blvd. Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-8600 800 848-8199 Compute Books 324 W. Wendover Ave. Suite 200 Greensboro, NC 27408 919 275-9809 Computer Systems .Associates (CSA) 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 CREOTEC Corp. 122 W. Carpenter Freeway Suite 440, LB 17 Irving, TX 75039 214 717-1272 800 283-3116 CyberCall 20 Cleveland Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904 908 249-9883 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Domark Software Ferry Home 51-57 Lacy Rd., Putney London SWIS I PR, England 081-780-2224 Distributed In Accolade J Dreamworks Video Prod. 5037 E. Keresan Phoenix, AZ 85044 602 893-3988 Dr. Ts Music Software 124 Crescent Rd., Suite 3 Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Electric Theatre 111 Holme Ave., 2 Elkins Park, PA 19117 215 379-4538 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Genie 401 North Washington Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5.A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK HyperMedia Concepts 5200 Washington Ave. Suite 226 Racine, WI 53406 414 632-3766 ICD 1220 Rock St. RockFord, 1L 61101 815 968-2228 800 373-7700 Impressions Software 7 Melrose Drive Framingham, CT 06032 203 676-9002 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park. MN 55444 612 425*0557 INOVAt ronics 8499 Greenville Ave. Suite 209B Dallas. TX 75231 214 340-4991 IimoVision Technology 1933 Davis St. San Leandro, CA 94577 415 638-8432 Interactive Video Systems 7245 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite E Garden Grove, CA 92641 714 890-7040 Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 714 553-6655 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 1010 Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 213 578-9177 Kuma Computers Ltd. 12 Horseshoe Park Pangbourne, Berkshire England RG8 7JW 44-734-844335 L&N Productions PO Box 391 Brownsville, CA 95919 916 675-1227 800 676-4510 Legendary Design Technologies 25 Frontenac Ave. Brantford. Ontario Canada N3R 3B7 519 753-6120 LucasArts Games PO Box 10307 San Rafael, CA 94912 415 721-3300 800 782*7927 MD Gralix PO Box 1991 Spring Valley, CA 91977 619 463-5853 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas, 'I'X 75244 214 385-2353 MichTron 3201 Drummond Plaza Newark, DE 19711 302 454-7946 MicroBotics 1251 American Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 Microdeal PO Box 68, St. Austell Cornwall PL25 4VB England 0726-68020 Distributed by MichTron Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park West Suite C Champaign, 11.61821 217 356-1885 New Sound Music PO Box 37363 Oak Park, MI 48237 313 355-3643 NewTck 215 S.E, 8th St. Topeka. KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts Origin Systems 110 Wild Basin Rd. Suite 330 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-5490 Parth Galen PO Box 482 Cold Spring, MN 56320 612 685-8871 Portal Communications Co. 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 Programs Plus Sc Video 544 Queen St. Chatham, Ont. Canada N7M 2J6 519 436-0988 ' Progressive Peripherals & Software 938 Quail St. Lakewood, CO 80215-5513 303 238-5555 iVygnosis 29 St. Man’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 RAW Entertainment 3027 Marina Bay Drive Suite 110 League City, TX 77573 713 538-3399 SciTech Software 23 Stag Leys Ashtead, Surrey England. KT21 2TD (0372)275775 Seven Seas Software PO Box 1451 Ibrt Townsend, WA 98368 206 385-1956 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Towne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Supra Corp. 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany, OR 97321 503 967-2400 800 727-8772 21st Centurv Entertainment PO Box 415 Webster, NY 14580 716 739-0998 hi England: 56B Milton Park Abington, Oxfordshire England OX14 4RX 0235-832939 Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave,, Suite C Irvine, CA 92714 714 833-8710 Vortex Falterstrasse 51-53 D-7101 Klein, Germany 49 7131-5972-0 US tech support office: 3835 Richmond Ave. Suite 138 Staten Island, NY 10312 718 967-1509 (also distributed Iry MicroPace) NOTE: Last issue an incorrect number for The Blue Ribbon Softworks was printed in Jittrad on page 59. The number 404 313- 2012 is incorrect. The correct number is: 404 315-0212. BfliWALL pm 1-800-766-5757 (USA Sl Canada) Outside USA: (215)683-5661 Tech Support: (215)683-5699 Customer Service: (215) 683-5433 FAX: (215) 683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8N1) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store Hours:Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St., KUTZTOWN. PA 19530 DiamondScan 1391A Here’s the Mitsubishi monitor you’ve been looking for! With a scan rate of l5.75-36KHz, and Composite video input, this 14" monitor is great for every Amiga from l lie A500 to I lie A4000. As well as all video applications. Briwall Exclusive - $ 599 $ 399 $ 549 CBM Parts! Commodore has slashed the prices on keyboards, power supplies and internal drives. Call for pricing! Vortex 386sx and 486slc PC AT Boards Hot new Golden Gate PC AT emulators for the Amiga. They are bridge-slot boards with up to 16MB of RAM. And share the Amiga’s drives, RAM (!}, serial port and parallel port. Call for more details on these exciting boards! MS-DOS not included. 386sx Price - $ 629 (We'll install additional memory!) X DATAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast, Reliable, and Flexible; all boards are A500 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller $ 79 IDE Controller $ 75 A500 Case $ 79 A1000 Case $ 129 RAM Board $ 99 UNLEASH THE POWER! The Publistng Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL MANIA es on Great Drives! DRAW
3. 0 $ 129.00 PAGE 30 4.0 $ 169.00 DKB Megachip 500 2000 Expand your Amiga’s graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! You need Megachip to get it into your Amiga 500 or 2000, (sorry 1000's). New, smaller version is compatible with all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2MB Agnus - $ 279 (Please specify NTSC or PAL) DMI offers a complete Amiga solution. You just add it to your system like any other hard drive, and you've got low-cost storage at Sl MB. Comes complete with an Insite floptical drive, 20MB disk. DMTs Amiga driver, cabling, and a free copy of Quarterback! All you supply is the SCSI controller. HST Modems New models, faster speeds and lower prices! Check out these new Courier HST modems. Courier HST I6.6K v.42bis $ 599 Courier HST Dual $ 899 Courier HST Dual FAX $ 929 Addison-Wesley ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices. Hardware. Includes. & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! A600, A2000 & A3000 We offer a complete line of Amiga systems in all price ranges. Call for info and pricing! DMI Flopticals Don 7 be fooled by others! Internal External X (External unil includes a I I0 220VAC auto-switching power supply) We thought vou’d like to know that we:
* + Test and Format your Hard Drive Test and Install Memory
* + Burn-in your Computer
* +¦ Burn-in your Monitor Customize & Configure your System Purchase Offer Memory trade-ins Offer full service to APOs, FPOs and CFPOs Vidi-12 The newest color video digitizer from Rombo. Grab full-color images in less than a second, or monochrome images in real-time from a composite or S-VHS source without filters or an RGB splitter! Includes software and features full AGA chip set support! Just $ 149! A1000 Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 129 AdSpeed $ 189 Insider 2 $ 169 DataflverRAM w 2MB $ 289 DataFfyer w 120MB $ 559 FastTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Rejuvenator w IMB Agnus $ 419 KwikStart II $ 62 Utopia S3 3 Shadow of the Beast 3 S39 Shuttle S3 3 Bill's Tomato Game S3 3 Gunship 2000 S45 Wing Commander S59 A Train $ 49 CSA’s Derringer CSA's new 25MHz 68030-based accelerator for the A500 2000. Expandable with up to 32MB RAM and 50MHz 68882. Starting as low as $ 499 (with 6SSS! And 4MB of RAM) Syquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 399 88MB w Cartridge $ 519 105MB IDE (NEW!) $ 569 Hot New Games February Highlights CBM ROM 2.1 w manuals $ 89 CBM590 20MB Drive w 2MB $ 319 Disney Animation Studio $ 49 Maxtor 128MB 2.5" *AT* $ 369 Opus v4.0 $ 64 GVP I O Extender $ 199 Bars &. Pipes Professional $ 229 GVP G-Lock $ 419 AlphaPen Optical Pen Mouse $ 69 Imagine v2.0 $ 279 HP DeskJet 550 $ 799 Maverick v4.0 copier $ 28 Ami..Alignment drive utility $ 29 World Atlas 2.5 $ 38 Gravis Joystick $ 39 Amiback v2.0 $ 45 Pelican Press $ 59 100 3.5" Diskettes $ 79 Roctec Ultralite Floppy $ 89 DeluxePaim IV $ 109 Pixel 3D Pro $ 159 UPS 400V A $ 199 Golden Image Hand Scanner SI 99 ProWrite v3.3 $ 52 SupraFAX Modem v.32bis S299 GVP Phone Pak $ 429 AD 1012 w Studiol6 S539 Xetec CD ROM external S599 Archive 250MB Tape external $ 629 We carry it ALL! Write for your Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk DataFlyer Express for the A500 combines a SCSI or IDE controller with up to SMB memor>r in a single affordable case, SCSI W 120MB drive & 2MB $ 659 (call for other configurations) For all your video needs see the Briwall ad in Desktop Video World Any Visa or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. Software shipping charges are S6.CK> per total order via UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental USA, All orders over 5300 arc insured at the customer's expense. All returns require an RAW. Please cull before returning anything. All refunds are subject to a usage fee. Ad prices are subject to change without notice. Express Charges for all orders under 20 pounds; 2nd Day Delivery - $ I3jNext Day Delivery - THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Solid Gold Support I’ve been an avid Amiga user for years: I bought a 1000 in ’86, a 2000 in ‘91, and a 4000 last month. Although I had no problems with the first two machines, the 4000 gave me trouble within the First week. After an hour of normal use it would crash miserably likely a heat problem. Instead of sending it back to the dealer for replacement (from Florida to California), I called Commodore through the Express Gold warranty that came with the system. The next day, at 9:30 a.m., a brand-new A4000 arrived on my doorstep with a prepaid FedEx return form for the problem system. .All I had to do was take the new one out of the box, put the defective one in, and call Federal Express to come pick it up. My hat is off to Commodore for their incredible support; that beats any PC clone warranty I’ve ever seen! William R. Love Fort Walton Beach, Florida The AmigaWorld Weasel? Two things you could do to improve AW for its readers are 1) get a mascot for the magazine, maybe a cute cartoon character, and 2) review retail outlets once in a while. Retailers can make buying and owning an Amiga a pleasure...or a nightmare. Too many of them act like greedy weasels. George Purdy Richmond, Texas Oh well. We were considering using a weasel as our mascot, but now it seems that it might project the wrong image. Eds. Let’s Be Friends The SFVAUG (San Fernando Valley Amiga User’s Group) letter in your December ’92 issue was more than a little disappointing. It has been my privilege to be a member of the .Amiga Video Graphics Guild in Los .Angeles for several years, and I am pleased with the excellent work of its leaders. I disagree with the SFVAUG letter’s criticisms. The guild’s leaders put a lot of effort into reaching out to Amiga users in the U.S. and around the planet. They have a vision about being part of the larger Amiga world. SFVAUG’s negative tetter was unjustified. Come on, SFVAUG, lighten up we’ve got more going for us than we have dividing us. Let’s focus on that. Paul Weiss Santa Barbara, California Try booting up a program that doesn't work, and see how fast your knuckles turn white... Guessing Games Try booting up a program that doesn’t work, and see how fast your knuckles turn white particularly when it’s a nifty new game that’s been highly recommended (so highly that you ordered it from a mail order company and ignored the no-return clause in line print). This scenario is all-too-likely for anyone wrho’s upgraded to the new Workbench 2.04. Most applications work fine, but games...anyone’s guess. Software distributors often a) don’t guarantee compatibility, and b) don’t accept returns. And they are frequently unable to tell you wrhat works on 2.04 and what doesn’t. Why can’t mail order advertisers give compatibility information in their ads? A simple word or even a well-placed asterisk might ease the minds of many apprehensive wTould-be mail order software buyers. Tom Knapp Lancaster, Pennsylvania Credit Where It’s Due The ten or fifteen seconds Computer Chronicles gave to the A1200 (shown running lackluster graphics) seemed to me deliberately misleading. I get the feeling the show has become an infomercial for Apple and IBM. Perhaps a few thousand A W readers should write PBS and complain (hint, hint). Many showrs use the .Amiga for graphics, including the other PBS shows Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego and Ghost Writer. Too bad they don’t credit the Amiga; it might do wonders for sales. Richard L. Smith Tampa, Florida Amazed and Frustrated As a chemist, I work daily with computers of several types, and several instruments interfaced by computers. I cannot help but think of how the Amiga with its power, speed, and graphics capabilities could run circles around the VAX 4000s, Macs, and IBM Pcs in our labs. There are hundreds of programs available for the IBM and Mac that make my job as a scientist much easier: Why must I be forced to think of IBM or Mac emulation on my Amiga as a way to enjoy these programs? In all the years I have read AIT, I can only remember two articles on the Amiga’s use in the scientific community. The Amiga must break the video game image it has acquired to contend with UNIX, VAX, IBM, or Apple. Augustus W. Fountain III Tallahassee, Florida Express your opinion! Write The Last Word, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ The CssentialDirectory Utility e to suit everyone's taste 3353 aiescatu
• Vinrti'hr r*r rTTT* Scott’s John’s v trfdirv. Ir•• aaass £JSl£i:S83£JSJ£JaE£iE32 as:* i 'l wnriiMi u-.re til irf' 11* rrriM iri«
* *. Tiifri tnfJ lSJl'09 v|«* ¦•j* ir. Iff t*: m 7 «.]s TtM* iff* n: piiuw I'm WorW
- Tir iuh mum innmnrv Aunt Mable’s (She lost her reading glasses again!) What's yours look like?! No two people can agree on what the best Directory OPUS configuration looks Wke-not even those of us here at Inovatronics! [employee screen shots shown above] Directory OPUS 4.0 is not only the most comprehensive and powerful directory utility available for ANY platform, it’s also the most configurable! While our competition insists on limiting you to what they think you need or want, we pride ourselves on making OPUS as easy as possible to customize to suit your individual needs or taste. Buy Directory OPUS 4.0 today for its power and flexibility, and configure it to make it your PERSONAL utility program! To order, or for further information on Directory OPUS 4.0 call toll-free: l($ 00)873~84PP interactive met)ia Inovatrorbcs, Inc. Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX USA 75231-2499 Phone 214-340-4991 FAX214-340-8514 tnovatronibs, GmbH lm Heidkamp 11 W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Phone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-8704747 1 Circle 75 on Reader Service card. Revolutionizing the world ol professional video. The Video Toaster isjfi the world's first all* in-one broadcast- quality video production studio. Inrgiving everyone fronrklesktop prodicers to network producers the power of a high- end production suite on a desktop. TOASTER You've seen the award-winning Toaster used on ¦j network television, Because professional results demand professional tools Joe Conli chose the Video Toaster. Now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the Toaster, call for your free Video Toaster tape today* Free Toaster Video Tape Gall 800-765-3406 Complete systems starting al $ 4595. Outside North America call 612-882-1662. Demo also available on S-VHS. Hi8.3 4'SP. Mil, Belacam, 1*. And D2 at nominal cost. Next-day delivery available. Price and specifications subject to change. Video Toaster. Lightwave 3D and ToasterPaint are trademarks ol NewTek, lnct © NewTek, Inc. 1992. In Hollywood, time is money* And results matter. “My job is to solve problems. I'm always tasked with finding cheaper, better and faster ways to produce elements...the Video Toaster fills all of those necessities.” For Joe Conti, professional freelance animator, the Video Toaster is an all-in-one special effects tool: digital video effects, character generator, paint and 3D. It’s all there, “With the availability of the Video Toaster, my clientele totally changed. I went from a mid-level, industrial market to a full high-end. Broadcast and motion picture, film quality environment." Joe uses the Video Toaster for a weekly network television series. The client was so impressed with the money saved on the first segment Joe created, that they gave him a contract for several more. “Owning a Video Toaster is like driving a Stealth bomber...it's the most incredible experience. It produces incredibly high-end results for very little investment. The Toaster puts everything you want at your fingertips and at a price that’s affordable.” Join the REVOLUTION! Circle 37 on Reader Service card 1 I'd intended this to be a sort of free- for-all column tackling various problems in Ultima VI; The False Prophet (Origin, $ 69.95). But it looks as though most of the trouble is centered around the long, drawn- out business of the pirate's map. The map shows where to find a treasure that includes the missing second part of the tablet Mariah needs to translate the Book of Prophecy. Unfortunately, it’s been divided in nine pieces the better to keep any individual pirate from getting to the loot. I should warn you, however, that the whole map affair is a bit of a canard it's reportedly possible to finish the game without it. 2 512K Model 1750 RAM Expander Unit Factory upgraded from 256K. Last chance to upgrade your computer to 512K $ 99.95
• CBM 1370 [1200 Baud) Modem (no box) ..$ 9.95
• CBM 1660 (300 Baud) Modem (no box) ...$ 19.95

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