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They’re fellow Amiga World readers, people like you who are discovering new ways to utilize the Amiga and seek to maximize the use of their systems. The Amiga community is a diverse group of users who have flocked to the Amiga market for various reasons. Some are long-time Commodore users who may have cut their teeth on the C- 64 and for whom the Amiga represents a logical upgrade path. Some are first- time computer users. And some, although familiar with more sophisticated systems, are impressed by the price performance that the Amiga offers. The strength of this market lies in the diversity of its users, each with his her own perspectives, needs and expectations. In the Amiga community, you’ll encounter the beginner; the hacker who lives to program in C or assembly source code and AREXX scripts; the speed junkie in search of the fastest accelerator board; the games fanatic; the professional video producer; the musician; and the general user. Mistorv has shown us that the assimi- lation of heterogeneous groups such as this often produces invigoration and innovation. This is certainly true in the Amiga market. This melting pot of users ensures that the market doesn’t become too myopic, but meets the needs of an amalgamation of interests and applications. Developers address the needs of both the power user and the beginner, the animator as well as the spreadsheet calculator. The result is a vibrant, multi-dimensional market. Survey Results AmigaiVorhl recently conducted a survey of its subscribers to find out more about them, their systems, applications and purchasing intentions. The results of our findings help us to fine- tune our editorial to meet the changing needs of our readers. The typical Amiga user is male, married, 57 years old. A college graduate, with an average household income of $ 58,950. He spends almost two hours with each issue of the magazine, which he considers the best source of information in evaluating Amiga hardware and software purchases. Half of flKs readers own or use the A500; over 50% own the A2000; 20% are 1000 owners; and over 1 1% are 5000 owners. (The total represents over 100% due to more than one computer system owned.) .‘1 IT readers have owned their Amigas for an average of four years. A ty pical system includes a joystick and modem and memory expansion (most are configured for 1-2 MB, while over a third have 5 MB or more). A hard drive is also part of most 2000 and 5000 systems, while a smaller percentage of 500 owners own a hard drive. Amiga users spend a significant amount on both hardware and software the average is $ 5440 and $ 2000, respectively. Entertainment, word processing and animation are the three main areas of interest, followed by desktop publishing, video applications and telecommunications. Current Amiga users plan on spending an average of $ 1850 for hardware in the coming year.

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Amiga World Vol 08 12 1992 Dec

Document sans nom The British Are Coming! Games Invasion! ? 40+ Games From England ? Top 10 US Games of’92 ? Best’92 PD Picks Plus: 3-D ANIM
• Claymation Made Easy
• “Real”3-D Models
• Animation Design Guide ALSO • Arexx Answers ® Audio For Video
• OpalVision 1 Inveiled
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(310) 697-6977: Computer Guild, Mission Viejo (7141 951-1355: Computer Showcase, San Francisco (41 Sj 563 1953; Creative Computers, Lawndale (310) 542-2292; Creative Computers. Santa Monica (310) 394- 7779: Datapliilc. Watsonville (408) 724
3. 322; H i Electronics, Sunnyvale (408) 737-0900: K| Computers. Granada Mills
1818) 366-9120: Transnational Electronics. Anaheim (714) 630-871 I; Winners Circle. Berkeley (415) 845-4814 Florida: Amazing Computers, Tampa
(813) 977-6511; Computer Video .Associates. Pinellas Park (813) 576-5242; Computet Lane, Pembroke Pines (305) 435-1118; Cotnputcis Plus. Jacksonville (904 ) 268-2359; Computers Pius. Daytona Beach (904) 252-6442; Creative Equipment. Miami (305) 266-2800; Eagic Computers, Melbourne (40”) 253- 1805; New Age Electronics, largo (813) 530-4561; Georgia: A S I , Norcrncs
(404) 263-9190: Illinois: Intuitive Computers. Normal (309) 452-7434; MkfO Ed Enterprises. Chicago (312) 245-0066 Indiana: CPC Inc, Indianapolis. (31~) 5 367” Kentucky: Expert Services, Florence (6)6)371- 969'); .Mary land: Buried Treasure. RocicviJlc (301) 770-6778; Professional Micro Services. Baltimore (3011 366- 0010; Software Advantage. Rockville
(301) 424-302 t Michigan: C bmputrr lank, Garden City (313) 522 6005; Slipped Disk. Madison Heights (3131
5461. 5475; Nebraska: Double £ Computers, Omaha (402) 334-7870 New Hampshire; Digital Connections. Dover (603) 742-2233 New Jersey- Golden Hedge, Cherry- Hill (609) 554- 1500 New York Amagirurion, New York (212) 727-3290; Microworks. Buffalo (716) 873-1856 Oregon: Clackamas Computers. Clackamas (503) 650-0701; Pennsylvania: Mega Bytes. Pittsburg (412) 653-9050; South Carolina: Computer Pori. Spartanburg
(803) 574-9679; Texas: Compuicr-Easc, Corpus Chris:i (512) 882-2275: Metropolitan Computers, Dallas (214) 702-9119; Microscarch. Houston (713) 988 2818; The Station, Austin (512) 459-5440; Washington! Nybbles ti Bytes. Tacoma (2061 475-5938; Omni International Trading. Seattle (2061 620 2925: Spectral Ejritronics, Rcllvuc (206) 644-40.58 CANADA Alberu: A Plus Computers, Edmonton, (4031 448-0632; Comparer Works. Edmonton (403) 424- GO 11; Desktop Computing, Red Deer
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M. LC. Computers, Kelowna (6041 861- 5520; N'u-Tek Computers. Vancouver
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P. O. Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga. Ontario L5M 2C2 Canada Paint Program “Ifound a link to great animations... ” Tom Hutchison, Producer, Wild Orchid Graphics, City Ruck, OK Perfect Holiday Gift Idea is your computer j TV24 Is what I’ve been waiting for, I use it with i Imagine® software to produce animations for a local cable company. 1 really like being able to
* use one monitor and have a de-interlaced out- 5 put that integrates into the system better than
* anv oilier frame buffers 1 looked at. Graphic Covrtesy of Nickelodeon Artig. Si » ri iiund tradrra.tkof Commodore - A n-.ig». Ir»: IV24, MyLA.D, M*croP*a.t. D«>lcup D.rkrooir, *r* :f»a« r.i.'ki of Gr*»t V*ll«y Prc-doeu. K»c All oth*r iidtir.ifu U* proprrty of ti*ir f*>p ;trv« owmo
- I1 Copynght 1992 G*x*t Valley Producu, loc For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, phone 215-337-8770 today. For technical information call 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS. INC. PHONE 21 S• 237-8770 600 CLARK AVENUE KING Oc PRUSSIA. PA I9-I06 U.S.A. FAX 215- 337-9922 Circle 25 on Reader Service card CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12, DECEMBER 1992 Digging into DOS 2 By Sheldon Leemon ...43 Pail Two of our new series on mastering AmigaDOS 2.0 reveals how to capitalize on
2. 0’s new, improved Shell features. 3-D Keys to Animation Design By Steven Blaize ..45 If you'd like to do more than just "fool around” with 3-D animation, here’s a short course in 3-D graphicVanimation design to get you moving in the right direction. 3-Dimensionally Yours By Kirby Carmichael ..4 9 Avery hands-on digitizing project demonstrates how to create "real” head-and-face models for use in your 3-D productions. The Arexx Interview By Richard Stockton ..D D Check the mikes and mil the cameras! AW puls the spotlight on Arexx to get answers to questions about this increasingly popular and useliil programming tool. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson. 6 Want to know a little more about yourself? Well, the editor wants to share with you some demographics from a recent survey of AW readers. Video Suite By Michael Hanish 60 In the first of a two-part series, “Audio for Video,” you’ll learn how to develop techniques for effectively recording sound, dialogue, and music. Like England's immensely popular "Zool" (above), British games have taken the lead in the Amiga market. Find out how you can get in on the international act. Plus an expanded Game review section, the '92 Top Ten domestic games, the year's best in PD games, and more all in our Annual Games Special! Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..120 How did Joel, his father, and his grandfather all wind up together in a “photograph" that was never taken? Find out the secret of creating "virtual portraits” in this month's column. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 Amiga news, trade-show reports, and new products plus a special “On-Line Scan” with the best PD games of 1992. Help Key ...94 Lou’s Q&A hotline is always open for any new business you want to throw His way. The Last Word 132 The mailbags were bursting this month, so here's a special double dose of reader feedback. REVIEWS OPALVlSION (Centaur) .....20 Highly promising 24-bit graphics system with modular hardware options and multifeatured paint program. Amos the Creator FEATURES Britannia Rules the Games! By Peter Olafson 30 Want to know where the hottest Amiga games are and how you can get hold of them? Follow AIFs gamesmeister to foreign shores for a look at dozens of exciting new games from England. ARTICLES Claymation Excitation By Gene Hamm ..39 A TV Hollywood pro shows yon how to pul traditional clay-animation techniques to work on your Amiga to achieve fantastic animation results. And EASY Amos (Europress) .22 US versions of the dynamic programming language from Britain. The Personal SFC (Nucleus) 26 Very affordable single-frame recorder. CHROMAKEY 11+ (.MicroSearch) ... 78 Update yields improved chroma keying. QVCS 1.1 (Quma) .82 Full-featured revision control system. Blizzard Board (Preferred)......82 Accelerator RAM-expander combo. Hand Scanner Software (Migraph) 84 Complete low-cost scanning system. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 102
P. O.’s long-awaited “Sweet Cheats” column provides a score of bile-sized bonbons to give you a little edge in playing some of the all-time great Amiga games.. The 1992 Top Ten ....110 Here's our special “Pete’s Picks” of the best Amiga games released in '92. Civilization (MicroProse) 102 The last word in conquer-the-world games. Nova 9 (Dynamix) .104 Admirable sequel to Stellar 7. 4 Sports Challenge Games ..108 “Games”-type games for the Olympic year: American Gladiators (GameTek), California Games II (Epyx), International Sports Challenge (ReadySoft), and Carl Lewis Challenge (Psygnosis). Short Takes 115 Capsule review's of new Amiga games. The Next Round ......117 Announcements of upcoming titles in the Amiga game market. AW Product Information ...117 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD JUDICE "ZOOir CHARACTERS BY GREMUNGRAPHICS Amiga World 3 Hhi AmigaW orld Dale Strang, Publisher Create video and multi-media How can we make such a bold productions that totally unite statement? Take a look and com your video, audio, and Amiga pare for yourself, graphics on demand... at the click of a mouse! Vy GVP's G-LOCK is without doubt f f *’ the easiest, most flexible, most V y I ml * J capable, high performance gen- iff JffV m lock you can buy for your Amiga. | Dennis RR1SSON, Editor-in-chief DANIV.I. Sui.i-IVAN, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GEFVERT, Senior Editor LOUIS R. WaIA-ACE, Senior Editor, Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Editorial Offices: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924*0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, Peter OlaFSON, Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer AlANA Korda, Manufacturing Manager jfcat vancy nrocucts (j-LOC* Contr . [ G-LOCK Control P*neT” rcai valley Products (j-LULP. Conir ;Ka!Ym iSELGa Audio Panel Mute (-IQdB) Q G-LOCK advantages abound Hie differences between G-LOCK and oil other genlock boards start with these lime-saving, creaftvitY* generating benefits only available on G-LOCK: ? Push-button Control Panels with Intuitive, Mouse-Click Simplicity with Full Arexx and CLI Interfaces. ? Software Switchoble between - , I 2 Composite Video ' > Inputs or 1Y C (S-Video) In. ? Real-Time, Software-Controlled Video Processor (Proc Amp) with Complete Video Signal Processing Control. ? Complete 2-Input Audio Processing with Real-Time Volume, Bass, Treble, Mix and Mule Control Add DSS8' Audio Samples to Your Videos. ? Software Controlled RGB Color Splitter for Use with NewTek Digi-Vievf and Other Video Digitizers. Dale Strang, President Susan M. HanshAW, Director oj Operations MaRY McCOLE, President’s Assistant; Customer Service Liaison TlM WALSH, Ancillary Products Manager MICHAEL McGoLDRICK, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER GvUNARD, Sales Representative MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441 1- 03; !-603-924-0iG0 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director 0 Credit Sales Collections ReMCO PUBLISHERS Services, Newsstand Circulation GlORGlO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 DEBORAH M. WALSH, Circulation Manager; 1-601-924*0280 Subscription Sendees; J-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 WENDIE Haines MaRRO, Marketing Director LlSA J.Y1LLET, Desktop Publishing Manager TechMedia Publishing And only G-LOCK offers... Full transcoder operation vilh composite, Y C, and RGB YUV outputs; HCS AA keyer modes control; complete AmigaVision* and Scalu" compatibility; and a host of other features only GVP realized you want from a quality genlock hut you’d never expect at such an affordable price. Amiga irtJ Ami|»Vi«*i *tr trpxtrtnl inUmuHa af Commodore* Amiga. Ir*. GVP. G-Dxk. Aa! IKSH ur trmWrrurb ti
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* 2-Year Limited Warranty. MsgfS*-
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• • 16MHZ 80286 CPU with a Norton Speed Index up to 15. Hercules, CCA, EGA VGA (mono) emulations. Simultaneous PC and Amiga applications use. 512KB dedicated PC memory (DRAM). Able to transparently use Amiga memory for PC applications requiring more than 512KB. Optional 80C287 math processor (FPU). For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215*354*9495. Amiga is a registered trademark o! Commodore-Amiga, Inc. lOExtender, A50Q-HD3. AS30-Turtxi. And FawlstROM are trademarks ol Great VaSey Products. Inc © 1992 G'eai Valley Products, Inc. s® DRAWER Dm Life would be simpler for this magazine editor if there were only one kind of Amiga user interested in only one kind of application. But think how boring that market would be! Vive la Difference!
• A 17-year-old high-school student dazzles his graphic art and design teacher (a Mac devotee) with the Amiga’s animation and graphics capabilities.
• A 40-year-old father of three is at- traded to the Amiga’s potential as an educational and entertainment vehicle for his kids.
• A licensed massage therapist seeks to use his Amiga 500 to maintain records, design forms, etc., in his business.
• A Wisconsin college student majoring in computer management purchases an Amiga for its sound and graphics,
• A Catholic priest from Long Beach, CA, who says he is “not in the least artistically gifted,” is inspired instead by such applications as word processing, accounting and database management. While this lineup may seem like the guest list for the next Donahue or Geraldo show, it represents profiles of some Amiga users. They’re fellow Amiga World readers, people like you who are discovering new ways to utilize the Amiga and seek to maximize the use of their systems. The Amiga community is a diverse group of users who have flocked to the Amiga market for various reasons. Some are long-time Commodore users who may have cut their teeth on the C- 64 and for whom the Amiga represents a logical upgrade path. Some are first- time computer users. And some, although familiar with more sophisticated systems, are impressed by the price performance that the Amiga offers. The strength of this market lies in the diversity of its users, each with his her own perspectives, needs and expectations. In the Amiga community, you’ll encounter the beginner; the hacker who lives to program in C or assembly source code and AREXX scripts; the speed junkie in search of the fastest accelerator board; the games fanatic; the professional video producer; the musician; and the general user. Mistorv has shown us that the assimi- lation of heterogeneous groups such as this often produces invigoration and innovation. This is certainly true in the Amiga market. This melting pot of users ensures that the market doesn’t become too myopic, but meets the needs of an amalgamation of interests and applications. Developers address the needs of both the power user and the beginner, the animator as well as the spreadsheet calculator. The result is a vibrant, multi-dimensional market. Survey Results AmigaiVorhl recently conducted a survey of its subscribers to find out more about them, their systems, applications and purchasing intentions. The results of our findings help us to fine- tune our editorial to meet the changing needs of our readers. The typical Amiga user is male, married, 57 years old. A college graduate, with an average household income of $ 58,950. He spends almost two hours with each issue of the magazine, which he considers the best source of information in evaluating Amiga hardware and software purchases. Half of flKs readers own or use the A500; over 50% own the A2000; 20% are 1000 owners; and over 1 1% are 5000 owners. (The total represents over 100% due to more than one computer system owned.) .‘1 IT readers have owned their Amigas for an average of four years. A ty pical system includes a joystick and modem and memory expansion (most are configured for 1-2 MB, while over a third have 5 MB or more). A hard drive is also part of most 2000 and 5000 systems, while a smaller percentage of 500 owners own a hard drive. Amiga users spend a significant amount on both hardware and software the average is $ 5440 and $ 2000, respectively. Entertainment, word processing and animation are the three main areas of interest, followed by desktop publishing, video applications and telecommunications. Current Amiga users plan on spending an average of $ 1850 for hardware in the coming year. Those products most likely to be purchased include hard drives, accelerator boards and memory expansion, as welt as CD- ROM drives and emulation boards. Planned software expenditures in the coming year will amount to over $ 600, with games, animation, word processing, 3-D tendering, and music the major applications to lie purchased. This survey brings into focus a picture of the .Amiga user and the market, which has it all. And Amiga World, as the name implies, covers it all. Whether you’re a media artist in search of the latest digital effect or a Basic programmer in search of the right routine, the common link you have with other users is your desire to get the most out of your computer system.And, as we close out the old year and look forward to an exciting 1995 a year that promises new applications, new machines from Commodore and new products for this market Amiga Worl I will be there to help you. CCEURATM: THE Tim TESTED, USER-PROVEN, BEST SOLUTION FOR THE AMIGA ’ 2000 SERIES NOW SHIPPING 33Mhz Only the GVP Family of Combo Accelerators are PackedStacked and Backed with more of what you want Most! Don’t get stuck. Don't overpay. Don’t buy half a solution. Don't take chances. When you're shopping for an accelerator, there is only one thing you should do... Choose from GVP’s family of G-FORCE 040 and 030-based Combo Accelerator boards. WHY? Because only GVP: ? Has a proven 5 year history of the best product performance and support. ? Gives you the choice of state-of-the-art 68030 or 68040 CPU Power at blazing speeds of 25,33,40 or 50MHZ. No matter what your budget or speed requirements, GVP has the right solution for you. ? Provides unsurpassed multi-functionality through superior design integration giving ALL GVP accelerator users:
• On-board SCSI-1! Compatible DMA Hard Drive Controller
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On-board serial port with speeds up to 625 Kbps and two 16 byte hardware buffers |1 read 1 write) to prevent data loss. Ideal for adding additional modems, printers etc. ? On-board user configurable parallel port for Amiga PC compatibility. ? Future expansion via GVP's exclusive GVP compatible 32-Bit expansion bus. CALL YOUR GVP DEALER AND ORDER A GVP G-FORCE 030 or G-FORCE 040 TOD A Y! Computer users now have 4000 reasons to own an Amiga computer. That was one of the themes this year at the Pasadena World of Commodore Amiga, where Commodore kicked off the fall show season by unveiling the dynamic new A4000. Overscan News, New Products and Networks No "Little Old Lady" at Pasadena Large numbers ofcomputer fans (some estimates placed them at nearly 20,000) packed the weekend show for a hands-on look at Commodore’s powerful new machine, which, according to Commodore, represents the first generation of a new line of multimedia computers. With its new graphics, animation, and video features including an advanced graphics chip set, a new operating system, and a new 68040 processor the A4000 is designed to meet the graphics and video demands of multimedia computing. The Word From West Chester At a multimedia press conference, Commodore officials talked about the direction the company is taking. James Dionne, Commodore president and general manager, who noted that he has been involved in the release of all Commodore computers since the PET, called the introduction of the A4000 “die most exciting I’ve seen.” Commodore is hoping that the A4000 will, in Dionne’s words, “cement our share of the multimedia market and help us leap forward.” Another speaker was CBM’s new VP of Engineering, Lewis Eggebrecht, whose keynote had a technical slant as he not only discussed the new graphic chips in the A4000, but also revealed some of the technolog)' under devlopment in Commodore's R&D labs. I he next-generation chip set (sometimes called AAA, or Triple A) is an extremly ambitious project that will take the Amiga well beyond today’s state-of-the-art technology. Some of the features hinted at were true 24-bit displays, advanced audio, hardware image decompression, and multiple blitters. No timetable was given for products that will use this as-yet-unfinished chip set. Hut it was refreshing to hear Commodore publicly announce it was both planning for and working on the next generation Amiga. Commodore took advantage of the occasion of this first-ever Pasadena show to reaffirm its commitment to the Amiga with increased levels of dealer, user; and advertising support. Commodore officials announced that selected software will he bundled with the A600 computers including the A600HD version. Other new Commodore products showcased at Pasadena included a new version of AmigaDOS (3.0) and Amiga Vision Professional (a significant upgrade over earlier versions), as well as the A570 CD-ROM drive for the A500. The opportunity to win an A4OO0 attracted the attention of many show attendees, who, in 25 words or less, cited their reasons for using an Amiga and entered Commodore’s “4000 Reasons to Own an Amiga” contest. The three best entries were to receive an A4000, an A600 computer with hard drive, and Amiga Vision Pr Sessional, respectively. On the last (lay of the show. Commodore also delighted attendees by presenting one of the very first A4000s to none other then Jay Miner. As the leading designer of the A1000 and one of the founders of Amiga, Inc., Jay is often ? Faster, Faster RCS Management wants to shift your A2000 or A3000 into high gear with its line of 68040 accelerators. Promising speeds of 18 to 20 MIPS, the Fusion-Forty LC ($ 995 with no memory) is driven by an MC68EC040, has two-kilobyte instruction and data caches, lets you hardware select between 68000 and '040 mode, and supports up to 32MB of on-board RAM. The Fusion-Forty ($ 1650) upgrades to a standard '040 chip with an FPU and MMU (rated at 18 to 20 MIPS and up to 3.5 MFLOPS), adds genlock capability, and beefs up each cache by two kilobytes. The A3000 XLR8-2-33 + (S1500) lets you choose between the 68040 and 68030 via software, has four-kilobyte caches, uses the A3000's RAM, and promises to run at 20 to 22 MIPS and up to 4M FLOPS. Boasting the same speed numbers as its A3000 sibling, the XLR8-2-33 + ($ 2100, no RAM) hardware switches between the 68040 and 68000, supports up to 128MB of on-board RAM, and features a custom 64-bit wide interleaved DRAM controller. Finally, the XLR8-2-33 + LC ($ 1800, no RAM) lowers cache sizes to two kilobytes and eliminates the FPU and MMU by using an MC68EC040 running at 20 to 22 MIPS. All boards support burst mode and include Fusion-BUS connectors for further expansion. (RS 118.) A New Way to C The lung awaited update to S.4.S’ Institute's popular C compilier is now available to Amiga programmers. Version 6 of the SAS C Development System (S395) adds global and peephole optimizers, a message browser, the Code Probe debugger, and support for Ainiga-to-Amiga cross development to its arsenal of options. Don’t worry, there’s more than 1000 pages of new documentation to explain it all, and technical support is now free. Adding more features, however, means more memory required. SAS C will run in one megabyte ol RAM, but some functions operate only when two or more megabytes are present. To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 117. ProWrite 33 The Best Just Keeps Getting Better Pro Write is the best selling word processor for the Amiga®, and for good reason. I Iigh performance. Ease-of-use. Constant updates and enhancements. And now a new low price! New Features Pro Write 3.3 gives you more power than ever before. More powerful graphic handling, including automatic text-wrap. Print preview. Password protection for your documents. The ability to name and find pictures in long documents. Full clipboard support, for seamless exchange of text and pictures with other programs. And HotLlnHs »'rM support, giving you total integration of ProWrite with other I lotLtnks-capable programs! Proven Performance Combine this with ProWrite’s already formidable feature set, and you have the most powerful word processor for the Amiga. Features like multiple fonts and pictures. A spelling checker with over 100,000 dictionary words. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross-references. Outline font support. Jaggie- free printing, for high-quality printing on dot-matrix printers. PostScript printing. Macros and AREXX support for power users. Mail merge, for form letters. And multiple columns, including sidc-by-side columns for writing audio video scripts a ProWrite exclusive! And the list goes on! And of course, ProWrite 3.3 retains the speed and ease-of-use that has made it famous with thousands of Amiga users world-wide. New Low Price! Even with all this power, ProWrite is more affordable than ever before because ProWrite is available now for only $ 99.95! So you no longer have a reason not to treat yourself to the best! * See for yourself what makes ProWrite the most popular word processor for the Amiga. Visit your local Amiga dealer and put the power of ProWrite to work for . You today! ProWrite is a registered trademark of New [ forizons Software, Inc. HotLinks is a trademark of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Features “What you see is what you get’* display. Multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors. Outline font support. Insert IFF and I LAM pictures in your documents.
• Automatically wrap text around pictures.
• .Multiple columns, with snaking or side-by- side text flow. Spelling checker with 100,000 word dictionary. Thesaurus with 300,000 cross-references. Full system clipboard support. HotLinksTAl support. Undo and Redo command. Mail merge. AREXX port. Macros, when used with AREXX. Name and search for pictures in a document. Speaking capability, to read back document contents. Separate odd and even page headers and footers. Paragraph sorting. Automatic page numbering, with live different page number sty les. Insert current date and time, with five different date formats and two time formats. Word count and readability level calculation. Up to 10 documents open at the same titnc. Document password protection. User-set document comments. Horizontal and or vertical document-rulers, tor precise positioning. Custom page sizes. Print preview. PostScript printing, in black white or color. High-quality graphics printing for jaggie-free output. Print NLQ text and graphics at the same time. Complete printer control, including sideways printing and 4,096 color printing. Automatic timed saves and backups. Import and export Professional Page text files. Comprehensive keyboard commands. Easy to use “3-D" user interface look. Fully customizable. Full support for Kickstart 2.0. Requires Kickstart 1.2 or later, one megabyte of memory, and two disk drives. NEW HORIZONS New Horizons Software, Inc. • 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 • Austin, Texas 78746 • (512) 328-6650 Circle 65 on Reader Service card. Called the Father of the Amiga. Jay, who stated how impressed he was with the new machines, was extremely surprised and pleased with the gilt. And From the Rest Of the ‘World’ ... While the A4000 may have been the star of the show, the supporting cast was certainly noteworthy. The show provided attendees with a first-hand look at many exciting new products soon to hit the market. 5 15 Institute released its new version
(6. 0) of the C Development System. Scala wowed attendees with the latest version of its multimcdia-presentation software. Black Belt Systems demonstrated the many special-effects image- inanipulation capabilities, including morphing, of its hot new product, Imagemaster. Migraph presented a low- cost fu II-page scanner, as well as a hand scanner. While attendees could get a deal on Amiga products at the Creative Computers booth, Centaur showed off the exciting graphics and video capabilities of its OpalVision board (see the review on p. 20 in this issue). The speedsters at C5 1 unleashed the latest in the company’s line of accelerators: the Derringer, a low-cost, 25-MHz, 68030-based board, targeted for any Amiga needing A3000- level performance. Euphonies displayed an interesting new product entitled Lightworks Graphics Synthesizer, which lets you create a visual and audio masterpiece on screen. Digital Micronics lifted the wraps from Digital EditMaster, its lull- inotion JPEG compression board, and introduced die exciting new Vivid 24, a graphics rendering board for the A3 000. Gold Disk held weekend-long demonstrations of its most recent software, including Professional Page 3.0, Professional Draw 3.0. VideoDirector. Professional Calc, and Showmaker. Great Valley Products featured a host of products, including its A530 hard drive for the A500. Along with a new genlock board, appropriately called G-Lock. The company also surprised everyone with the re- lease of CineMorph. A new image-morphing program. The HiQTower. Which gives your A500 the power of an A2000, was on display at the INOVAtronics booth, as well as a new version (2.0) of the CanDo multimedia authoring system and graphics enhancers (AVideol2 and Avideo24) for combining .Amiga graphics with 12- and 24-bit images. Viewers at the ASDG booth were treated to a tape showing the morphing and imaging capabilities of MorphPlus. Axiom Software unveiled the newest features of Pixel 3D Professional. The special-eflects wizards from Pacific Digital showed off that company’s latest videographic programs, which combine visual and audio effects in surprising and sometimes strange ways. In addition !(>? Because this is AmigaWorld's annual Games issue, they asked me to cover the PD shareware side of things in this month’s column. My assignment was to come up with a list of the "Best Freely Distributable Games of
1992. ” Mavbe they should have j j asked Andy Rooney. I i • You see, I’m not a big fan of Amiga computer games. The vast amount of time that kids spend honing their game-playing skills with various simulators could probably be better spent. Today's dismal job market shows little demand for individuals who can barrel-roll a Boeing 727 on final approach or exhibit perfect power-shifting techniques with race cars and motorcycles. (Hmm... maybe they did ON-LINE SCAN get Andy Rooney after all...) I have Lo admit, though, that I'm guilt)- of playing games, loo. Although I use spreadsheets a lot, and my joystick reflexes are probably a tad rusty, 1 still can’t resist a little rousing arcade action from time to time. As long as it's done in moderation, game playing doesn't qualify as a serious character flaw. It’s a good rule of thumb that if after a few days of "researching" or "testing" a new Amiga game, you find yourself suffering from sleep deprivation, then call it quits. Formulating strategies to outwit a laser-wielding knight or the sabre-touting dwarf lurking beneath the moat at the 23rd castle just isn't worth the loss of sleep, friends, or family. By Tim Walsh “Net” Gains With On-line Games Mavbe my intense interest in 4 4 games is the reason why I like the Amiga-specific ones found on the nets so much. They tend to differ quite a bit from their commercial counterparts. They are not necessarily better; rather, they just seem to be smaller, simpler, require little or no documentation, and can typically provide as much enjoyment as the most sophisticated simulators. Their sound and graphics often put some of the overpriced 16-bit game-machine cartridges to shame, too. Physical activity and socializing aside, nothing beats a hot game of Megaball on the Amiga after a long day at the office. If you’re af ter shoot-’em-ups, you’re in luck, as the nets are literally riddled with them. Sure, there are plenty of complex, multilevel text-and-graphics adventures. A smattering of spelling and arithmetic gems, and some offerings worthy even of educational circles. However, shoot-’em-ups still rule the nets. Best of all. The price can't be beat, That’s important when you consider that surveys conducted in recent years reveal the majority of Amiga users are likely to spend more money on games than on productivity software. When you consider how inexpensive on-line offerings are, it becomes obvious the nets are a bargain when it comes to finding games. ? THIS IS THE INFORMATION YOU RE Q[)E $ TEP. WHAT PO YOU___ THINK 7 J Now, your Amiga* 2000 3000 is a Computer Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! Hone Pa k X X X X X X X X X X HI JOE ! T 60 r YOUR FAX ft AH.. f THINK IT LOOKS GREAT.. . = PhonePak TM You know what a fax machine IS. You know what an answering machine DOES. You know how voice mail WORKS. Now imagine all that technology working together as a single comprehensive information system all on one board. And that's just the beginning when it comes to what GVP's new PhonePak can do for your A2000 3000! PhonePak Handles All Calls With a PhonePak VFX system installed on each of your phone lines you can: ? Receive faxes and store them on your Amiga's hard disk for on-screen viewing and or plain paper printing at your convenience. ? Use PhonePak’s advanced digital technology to record and playback voice messages. ? Receive VFX messages combining voice and fax, from virtually any standard phone fax machine. ? View a fax onscreen and listen to a voice message about that fax at the same time a GVP multimedia breakthrough! ? Send faxes to one or more numbers immediately, or via PhonePak's built-in scheduler. ? Record and play your own voice messages in standard IFF audio format using a fully configurable system of private user mailboxes. ? Create customized databases for all your names, addresses, and telephone numbers. ? Use PhonePak’s exclusive Operator'- script language or AREXX to control all dialing functions. And because PhonePak uses GVP's custom DMA chip technology for multitasking, you can keep right on working even while PhonePak is taking calls. PHONEPAK'S EXCLUSIVE Vfr TECHNOLOGY TAKES FAX AND VOICEMAIL INTO THE NEXT CENTURY! PhonePak Saves Time and Money With PhonePak, you get a powerful, yet affordable, fax and voice messaging system that:
* Can be learned in no time with the simple, step-by-step user's manual.
* Completely eliminates costly and unwieldy thermal paper.
* Offers scaled, nonscaled, and inverted viewing of faxes in both Hi Res 1640x400) or Workbench 2.0’s SuperHiRes (1280x400) mode.
* Intelligently transfers incoming calls over Centrex '' or other compatible phone networks.
* Lets the caller decide whether to leave a message or speak with the called party. And, you get something no other fax machine or computerized fax product can offer privacy for every fax received. PhonePak Helps You Work Smarter As you can sec, anything fax machines, answering machines, and voicemail systems can do, PhonePak can do. Plus, PhonePak is the only technology that gives you fax and voice information combined. Whether you have a single phone line at home, or multiple lines in die office, once you install PhonePak, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Ar»tj tut twji.tfi ¦' ¦ JL*r Hjrr 19 131 D tK « K flK *5 a at tar H lLfc.il 9 „ IL 1 Jv _ ftm T JTH BfiK; s 5 Q Q m i': I. .snt r > -r*
- - .'1 B 1 O. 0‘A
• if. ¦h
* 011 Bti. ?Uk2 ? ? ;SL», ’-i ' ufuDUU Mrffl ~ . ,~Z. R jjj tiWiiu * Cl MtSfkUi i Du m_-11 WJ
f. . 1 Main PhonePak Control Panel PhonePak requires 2MB RAM and a turd drive, and is FCC tented tor use in the Ur.tec States. PhonePak. VFX and Operator' are tradenurks ol Great VaJtey Products. Inc AH other trademarks are the property ol their respective owners © Copyright 1992 Great Valley Products. Inc For more information on what GVP’s PhonePak can do for you, call (215)337-8770 today. I
o v i; r s c v demonstrating 1 he Kitchen Sync and DCTV, Digital Creations showcased its new paint and animation program entitled Brilliance, which is compatible with the entire range ol Amiga computers, including the A4000. Soft-Logik Publishing demonstrated three new products: Art Expression, a new Amiga drawing program; a new version of the PageStream desktop-publishing system; and the HotLinks interactive data-exchange program. Also, the games still keep coming from Merit Software, which released Tom Landry Strategy Football for Amiga fans who want to experience bone-crunching football action without the humps and bruises. Other show highlights included I lie following products and announcements: 9 HyperMedia's new CD-ROM of the Fred Fish library of freely distributable software (which lias now grown to well over 700 floppy disks); 9Ambitious Technologies' Toaster Oven (with seven slots) for A3000 owners who want to convert their machines into a tower that w ill accommodate a Toaster;
• the latest version of Pro Write (3,3) from New Horizons;
• new SunRize Industries' audio products, including the Studio 16 professional digital sound editor;
• Nucleus Electronics' single-frame recorder for use with the Toaster, along with a preview of its new cuts-only editing system;
• a new product line (called Trifecta) of hard-drive controllers from ICD for the A500, A2000, and A2500 computers. Dennis Brisson and Lou Wallace Which network is best for locating good Amiga games? That award probably belongs to GE- Inie, with Portal running a close second. Both networks offer the now massive Fred Fish collection of freely distributable games, so if you’re looking for one of the games found on those disks, you can turn to either net for rapid retrieval. By comparison, CompuServe offers considerably fewer, while BIX runs a distant fourth place with an emphasis on multiplayer, Amiga-compatible BBS games, where you play against opponents while on the phone lines. The Best of ’92 As I might have implied at the 8 beginning of the column, simulators are my preference when it comes to Amiga games so I'm out of luck because thev’re in short supply on the nets. Of course, if there’s a shoot-’em-up arcade game that puts me in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, that’s a different story. But simulators of anv kind are rare in the public domain, so my choices in (lie following list are not too heavily influenced by any personal bias to games of that genre. That said, I’ve rounded up what 1 think are the top picks in public-domain games for 1992. Please note that virtually all of these are shareware games of varying, yet reasonable, cost. Do your part and support these folks so that we II see more games in ’93. Mother Lode: For pure addicting fun, nothing beats the most recent incarnation of the popular standby, Lode Runner. With 50 levels and an optional level editor, digitized sound, and a full complement of play options, it's a well-rounded package. Armed with a “microwave shovel”, your goal is to gather all the chests on each level, while avoiding what appear to be rap- video extras complete with hooded sweatshirts. Although, technically, it has been available since very late 1991, it deserves inclusion with the best of 1992. As of this writing, its downloads number in the four-digit category on Genie. Ir ir j iririnr Umoria 5.4: There is no shortage of fans of the Moria series of games, and avid net junkies are undoubtably familiar with this particular offshoot by now. Stripped of some menus and graphic options, 5.4 is faster and more enjoyable to play than its predecessors. While its download numbers don’t reflect much recent activity, Umoria 5.4 is one of the best text-and-graphics adventure games for the Amiga. Sc?-re; 000000 !rvp-001 ?A-n:03 lllllllll IIIIIIIRI ¦Mill 1IIII1I i mu w mi Minefield 1.15: Here’s some software to round out your collection of games compatible with AmigaDOS 2.04 or higher. Variable board sizes and difficulty lev- els, score charts for each board, and selectable levels of play make this a winner. Of course, it’s a must for all A3000 users. Poing 1.0: I’m not just speaking for myself when I state few game players can resist a good Breakout-type game. Poing 1.0 is horizontal Breakout at its absolute best for the Amiga. Multilevel play helps keep the game interesting. Intruder Alert: Fast-paced shoot ’em up action is still alive and well in 1992. An offshoot of the arcade game, Beserker, this one offers first-rate graphics and sound. Guaranteed to induce callouses on vour firebutton fin- ger or thumb. Deluxe Pac Man: After all these vears, Pac Man is still one of j 7 i up asa the best arcade games. Deluxe Pac Man is historically accurate to the original, retaining most of the critters found in the first version. Pay the shareware fee to gain access to all 20 levels. Rocky: A rather exclusive program that isn’t well-known, this program is an addicting, low-cost alternative to the popular Bouldcrdash. Super Artillery: One of my all-time favorite types or games on the old Commodore 64 was the artillery game where the trajectory of the shells is based on numerous factors, such as wind conditions, topography, and so forth. Super Artillery does the same lor the Amiga, except in a 90s’ sort of fashion. Downloading literally for pocket change a decent Amiga game that might provide years of entertainment makes for a One of the very best downloads of ’92, Mother Lode (top), is the latest and greatest version of the classic Lode Runner. For fans of Breakout-style games, Poing Is a super shareware substitute. S r pretty attractive investment. Although some of the larger games on the nets may use one percent or more of your 100- megabvte hard drive’s storage capacity, ii sure beats having to plop down between thirty and fifty bucks for a brand-new commercial program. Special thanks to game guru Peter Olafson for his input in choosing the selections. To contact individual networks, use the following numbers: BIX 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe 800 848-8199 614 457-0802 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ? K tOUND ZONE rsthe With the most powerfulcomprehensive 8-bit Digital Sound Package to ever orchestrate an Amiga FX A ? Ip The Affordable Answer to Your Audio Dreams Record, Edit, Compose ... With a high-quality stereo sound sampler, A fast, powerful, easy-to-use sound editor, And a self-contained 4-track sequencer: For all the sound effects and music you could ever imagine. ? Record sound samples from any source, including voices, noise, and pre-recorded instruments, to create your own instruments and effects. ? Edit sounds quickly in real time. Add effects like reverb and echo, run sounds backward, alter wave forms, cut and paste sound segments, create loops, eliminate pops and scratches. ? Compose easily using the DSS 4-track sequencer and your Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Draw from up to 31 instruments at a time, in up to four octaves with 8 different variable effects. Mix and modify sounds in real time as you compose, through direct interface with the sound editor. DSS Stretches the outer limits of 8-blt sound
• Create your own 4-track, self-playing musical compositions.
• Make soundtracks for home video, animation or visual presentations complete with voice-over, sound effects and music.
• Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation.
• Analyze graphic equalization of real-time sound.
• Remove "pops" from old phonograph recordings.
• Create custom instruments and sound effects by collecting and or modifying pre-recorded instruments, voice, or sounds from any source, and use them in your own compositions.
• Save your sound and music to disk or send it out via modem for replay on any Amiga. Check out these unparalleled features AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible; written in assembly language. V Multi-tasking operation. V 68020 and 68030 compatible. Comprehensive tutorial manual helps even beginners get started right away. V Intuit ion-based graphic interface makes operation easy. V MIDI-in capability. V Direct interface between sequencer and editor. V Hold 31 sound samples in memory at once all shown on screen so they are easy to manipulate. V Effects and processing capabilities include echo, mix, filter, re-sample, sound data inversion, playing sounds backwards, loops, fade-in fade-out and more. V Manipulate sound samples in real time, as you listen. V Create sampled instruments with 1, 3 and 5 octaves. V HIFI recording for highest quality playback. V Controls for faster slower playback and filtering high frequencies during playback. V Load and save samples, songs and instruments in multiple formats. Multiple effects for each note. V Stereo and monophonic operation. Also convert mono to stereo or separate stereo. V Auto-playing music modules. V Real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. V Real-time reverberation. V' Graphic editing of wave forms through easy-to-use functions, including zoom in out and precision controls for position, frequency and amplitude. V' Draw sound waves freehand using the mouse. V Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. V Maximum recording speed of 51,000 samples second (38,908 samples second in stereo]. V Savable Preference settings.
* Saves in IFF, SONIX or RAW formats. V Compatible with SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and SoundFX modules. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 El It’s Learning That Matters Events at SIGGRAPH '92 provided an opportunity for the Amiga not only to flex its already well-developed artistic muscles, but also to demonstrate that it really can hold its own in the classroom. Hollywood producer Coco Conn invited Chicag-area teachers to choose 30 students between the ages of 11 and 17 to take part in a multiplatform creative workshop dubbed SIGKids. Eleven of the group landed in the Amiga Art Corner with Amiga artist and art education producer Curt Kass. OYER IIE 1 R I) The Amiga group's original assignment was to animate a logo for Nickelodeon's Nick News W 5. When the program's producers had a change of heart, Kass and his crew landed a new assignment and a more challenging project to describe through video what is wrong with America today and offer a solution. Portions of the project will air on PBS's November Learning Matters as an election-month piece, in a segment devoted entirely to computers and technology in the classroom. According to PBS staffer Karina O'Riordan, SIGKids caught the attention of the producers of Learning Matters because the students were learning independently with few guidelines. SIGKids fits well into Learning Matters' coverage of computers in education inside and outside the classroom. Kass stated that the success of the Amiga SIGKids project was directly connected to the opportunity to create a curriculum. The kids were not just thrown into a room with computers and asked to emerge six days later with a finished video. The students conceptualized and designed the video themselves, but were informed in advance what was expected of them and were provided with the tools and knowledge to succeed. While the Amiga group was originally scheduled to develop individual videos, the students voted for a collaborative effort. Each of them contributed according to his or her own abilities and interests. The video includes original digitized stills, animations, and sampled sounds. With the help of Commodore's Rick Block, Steve Johnson, and Ken Nordine, Kass showed students how to storyboard, use source material, and utilize video-production procedures. Although only two of the eleven Amiga SIGKids had previous experience with Amigas, within three days they became proficient with a variety of products, including DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts), The Art Department (ASDG), DCTV (Digital Creations), Final Copy (Softwood), and SuperGen (Digital Creations). The Chicago-area Amiga Art Corner participants were Robert Casey, Helen Choi, Nathan Fredrickson, Michele Gonzaies, James Kelly, John Kubo, Chris Montoya, Adam Mathes, Corey Murray, and Hui Young Pak. The original team also invited a visiting student from South Africa, Mael Gerard, to bring his artistic talents to the project. Tune to your local PBS station during November for a first-hand look at what a good program can do with talented young people and your favorite computer. -Jan Jackson Are They Being Served? Spending too much time in the back room buried in ordering, invoicing, pricing, and inventory paperwork and too little lime on the store lloor with your customers? Pile the work on The Or- derDesk (Gramma Software). The modular system is divided into Order, Cus- tomer, Inventory, and Tickle windows. The Order Window produces invoices complete with user-definable shipping charges and taxes, resets pricing, calculates accounts payable and receivable, prints sales reports, and supports cash, check, COD, on-account, and several credit card sales. On any field, and prints customer-activity reports and labels. T he Inventory Window automatically reduces or increases its contents based on customer activity, ac- cepts data from Arexx-compatible programs, and prints reports. Accessible from a gadget in the Customer Window, the Tickle Window saves and recalls notes and reminders on customers and orders. The program is available in three configurations: The OrderDesk ($ 200), which supports up to 300 products or customers; The OrderDeskU ($ 225), which handles unlimited numbers of the same; and The OrderDeskUI ($ 250), which adds an inventory module to unlimited product and customer support. (RS 110.) The Customer window stores 25-line records of customer data, lets you search Video Wallpaper Designed for video and multimedia productions, Beyond Backgrounds Pro Set is a ten- disk collection of 24-bit, severe-overscan backdrops. The images are in 1FF24 format and depict such subjects as clouds, celebrations, weddings, cartoons, trophies, coffee cups, grids, the stage, and people. The compilation includes 14 texture-map images for 3-D objects. Available from Frostbyte Systems, Beyond Backgrounds retails for S99.95. = RS 119.) Women in the audio, video, broadcast, and related industries have a place to turn when they feel isolated in their professions. TheTechnet network provides a forum for exchanging technical information, finding job leads and professional organizations, and more through its many conferences. The network seeks to slrenghten and advance the careers of its members, increase the profile of women in the industries it serves, and recognize companies that promote women. If you support the group’s mission, gel involved! Whether you’re a man or woman, the volunteer organization wants your ideas and participation. To receive the group’s first mailing, send a SASE to Julie Perez, 110 Horatio St. 017, New York, NY 10014. You can also get more information by calling 212 727-8352 or 707 485-5373. Lamp Included? Aladdin 4D (Adspec Programming, $ 499) improves extensively on its predecessor, Draw4D-Pro. New features include a timeline system that allows polygon attributes to change during an animation; procedural textures and the ability to map textures as opacity, bump, rellectivity, normal, genlock, or decal; wave sources that can be assigned to a path and moved in 3-D space; gases with controllable color and density; ray- J J traced shadows; facet, Gouraud, or Phong shading; and the ability to render to firecracker 24 (Impulse), Resolver (Digital Micronics), and DCTV (Digital Creations). A new camera system replaces Draw- 4D-Pro’s eyepath approach. The Aladdin 4D camera can have an unlimited number of target points and will cut from one target to another or pan between them during an animation. The program employs a single-window editor and lets you preview animations. To squeeze out extra rendering speed, a math-coprocessor version is included with the package. (RS 123.) Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Linda Laftamme, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ ? Automatically convert image files to from over 20 different file formats. ? Create time, full motion polymorphic “morphing” animation just like they use in movies, commercials and music videos. Image Processing ? Regional Processing ? Anti-Aliasing ? Composite Imaging ? RGB, CMYK, HVS Adjustments ? Contrast, Gamma Adjustment Special Effects ? Full Motion Morphs ? Single Dual Image Morphs ? 24-Bit Transitions ? Waves and Ripple Effects ? Spiral Effects ? Water Glass Distortion Image Rendering ? Amiga, ECS AGA Modes ? UAM-E, DCTV, GIF ? Multiple Dither Controls ? IV24, FC24, EGS 24-Bit Output .and much more It’s like having a professional art department at your fingertips. ImageFX is faster, easier to use, more expandable, more adaptable and more powerful than any other product of its kind for the Amiga®. Here are just a few ways ImageFX expands your visual horizons: ? Scan in or framegrab from a full range of image capturing devices directly into your Amiga. ? Use your Amiga as an image prepress, color correction system including, CMYK, RGB. HSV and YUV. ? Digitally retouch any image with the most complete set of filters, color gradients, image distortions, masks, and text handling tools available. ? Generate single and dual image morphs; wave, ripple and spiral effects; water and glass-like distortions; and a wide range of 24-bit transitions. ? Make vour own add-on features with full Arexx™ and C programming language support. ? Enjoy near “real time" painting in 24-hit color. ImageFX is the most exciting and versatile hill color, image processing and enhancement system ever made. You owe it to whit imagination to buy Imagtf-X i Give your Amiga graphics and animations new magical powers at an affordable price! If you need ImageFX™ morphing power alone, GneMorph is for you. GneMorph transforms any image, or images, from one to another quickly, easily and with the professional quality "morph" results you see at the movies and on IV. With CmeMorph you can: ? Worp single or motion images, create full motion morphs, merge scenes, and per- ? Work quickly and easily with Amiga style controls, then output directly to any Amiga, DGVU, or HAM-P" systems including boards like GVPs IV24™. Remember: When you're in the market for morphing, and only morphing, GneMorph is the maximum performance morph power. CineMorph is the must-buy morph software. ? Set different speeds for different parts of the morph. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodorv-Amiga, Inc. Imagc-fx. CineMorph. And IV2-1 are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. All other trademarks are the properly of their respective owners, C Copyright 1992 Great Valley products. Inc. For more information or your nearest GYP Dealer, phone 215-337-8770 today. For technical information call 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. PHONE 21 5 * 337*8770 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 U.S.A. FAX 215* 337 *9922 Final Copy final, A rp UA Fqr rwrt mkrfi ul M nVLI«, • OUUM n Ml*! -..nu MfMnf¦' «*r'Jrr* Tl*‘lbM" Imf H>«.n iv M Ml, k*.»* l«*n iot*u k«prtll- ' •fcnfv»U KM naMMM> *¦ tani 4 In I r>« an ta „IVill|,n:I.M Imauw *4 i*f* l*vto« !>•»« *¦ *'*•» AH nm 4i *0 n jiApN Final Copy a M Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to-use page layout capabilities, and state-of-the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If von have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. With Final Copy II you get the same great looking output produced in expensive desktop publishing programs. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; maii-mcrge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy Ips graphic features include: object-oriented, structured tools for drawing boxes, ovals, lines, arrow-tipped lines, and rounded cornered boxes; graphic object color fill, line weight and line color; ability to import IFF ILBM pictures and brushes including 24 bit ILBM and HAM; real-time text flow around any graphic; graphic sizing; cropping; object locking; and graphic depth arranging. Final Copy Ips outline fohtTeatu res include: 35 outline typefaces; font sizing from 4 to 300 points; variable line spacing; compressed and expanded character widths; underline, strikelhru, and small caps styles; superscript and subscripts; positive and negative text obliqing; and color text. Final Copy Ips user interface features include: command ribbon; real-time scrolling: Arcxx port; magnified and reduced editable page views; user preferences; WB 2.0 look and feel; mouse zooming; mouse document panning; horizontal and vertical rulers, and page guides. Say good-bye to jagged-edged printouts. Your documents will look more polished and professional than ever before. Final Copy II is an excellent investment for your software library. SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix. Arizona 85076 1 (800)247-8314 Circle 48 on Reader Service card Final Con You want n document ihat reads well in addition to looking good. Pinal Copy™ comes with a 144,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, stylesheets, paragraph sorting, math, mail-merge, automatic hyphenation, and user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. Rnn* bum utrtnm Pinal Copy’s™ graphic support is the best there is in any Amiga® word processor. Place IFF
ll. BM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy’s™ structured drawing loots. Flow text around or on top of any graphic in a document. Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents arc created in a consistent and well-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use. Comparison Outline Fonts Style Master Line, Box, Oval PostScript” Thesaurus Speller Automatic Chart Included Sheets Pages Drawing Tools Support Responses Words Hyphenation Final Copy II 35 Yes Yes Yes Excellent
1. 4 million 144,000 Yes ProWrite 3.3® 0 No No No Limited 300,000 100,000 No . Comparison Chart Snaking Columns 24 Bit Editable ILBM Support Page Views Outline Font Processing Print 1 pg. Document Math Support Outline Fonts
1. 3 and 2.0 Print Quality Final Copy II 1-6 Yes 25-400% Fast 53 sec. Yes Yes Excellent ProWrite 3.3- 1-5 No No Stow 2 min. 5 sec. No No Fair System Requirements: Amiga® with at least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives. Or years, the Amiga* name has been synonymous with multimedia. We’ve proven to the world that when you combine the brilliance of video, audio, and animation with a computer, incredible things can happen. Well, now that the world has finally caught on to the concept, Commodore takes the medium to an entirely new level: With the all-new Amiga 4000. The A4000 frees you to do more multi- media computing for less than any other personal computer. It empowers you to create exciting professional television effects, stimulating interactive training programs, and more powerful presentations like never before.* That's because the Amiga is the only computer designed as a multimedia machine from the ground up. Which means the A4000 doesn't suffer the handicaps other so-called multimedia machines endure. There is no need for costly, cumbersome add-ons, no need to kludge together potentially incomO 1992 Commodore Business Machines. Inc Commodore ard tne Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Commodore E ectronics Ltd Amiga and Amiga DOS are regist U S through an authorized Ccmrodore-Am ga cea'er Customer act-vaticn required Some octional programs require a charge MS-DCS is a registered trademark of patible components. So it gives you spectacular multimedia performance right out of the box, at a price that keeps the cost of imagination very realistic. Sit in front of the A4000 and instantly you enter a world filled with high-resolu- tion graphics simultaneously displayed in up to 256.000 colors from a palette of over 16.8 million hues. You gain a heightened ability to create exciting graphics with full video overscan. And you attain the freedom to create complex animations at a full 30 Frames Per Second, not at 15 FPS. You even have the option of choosing from a The Amiga 4000 T , - features the powerful spectrum of high resolution Jntnv Moloro& modes while Still main- Coprocessor. Taining NTSC scan rate capability All this multimedia muscle, of course, comes through true design elegance. At the heart of every A 4000 lies our new, unique, custom coprocessors, the Advanced Graphics Architecture™ chip set, and the latest multitasking operating system, Amiga DOS™ 3.0. Add to this Motorola’s thundering expandability, compatibility, and the capability for hundreds of business applications. In fact, the A4000 even lits seamlessly into whatever operating system you’re currently using by coex- Mp isting and communicat- Jor audio the A 4000
o sounds like nothing ing with your Macintosh ‘ -vow ve evcr or MS-DOS computers in a Novell® network.* Announcing The Amiga4000. The Encore To The Most Powerful, Cost Effective Multimedia Computers Ever. 68040 Chip (which other computer companies consider to be enough on its own), and not only is the A4000 blindingly quick, it literally gives you true workstation power. Of course, there’s much more to the A 4000 than just being the ultimate tool for creativity. It also comes with a large capacity hard drive, and a
1. 76 MB dual speed high density floppy drive which, combined with Cross-DOS, allows you to read and write MS-DOS® files. And a design that allows for rademarks ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc Products available on GSA schedule GS-OOK-91-AGS-5069 ‘With optioral hardware software "Available only on systems purchased in the
• soli, Inc Novell is a registered trademark ol Novell. Inc Macintosh is a registered trademark o* Apple Computer, Inc Motorola is a registered trademark o' Motorola. Inc And we back all this technolog}' up with a potent service package that is second to none: Including a 24 hour hotline and optional on-site “ V service. To find out more about Commodore Multimedia and the all-new Amiga 4000, call 1-800-66-AM1GA. (In Canada, call 1 -800-661 - AMIGA.) We'll show you an outstanding performance that will certainly bring you to your feet. C" Commodore® AMIGA OpalVision 24-bit display, painting, and presentation. R E V E Centaur Software, $ 995. A2000, A3000T, A4000. Internal, video-slot connection. Installation: easy. Hard drive-installable software. Not copy protected. These days, when a company advertises a new "video board,” it could be anything from an enhanced-color display card, a video-capture card, or a video-overlay card, to a card that combines all of these capabilities. Solid Foundation With OpalVision, the ambiguity is part of the plan. The main board of the OpalVision system displays a screen of up to 768x476 pixels on a standard 1084-style interlaced monitor (768x576 on a PAL monitor), using any of over 16 million colors. With planned optional modules (unreleased at this writing), you will be able to add a framegrabber and overlav genlock, a deinterlacer that allows the use O of 31 -KHz VGA-style monitors, and a module that provides a four-input switcher with digital video effects, a la NewTek’s Video Toaster. This modular design means that you add (and pay for) only the options you reallv need, as von need them. Even without its optional add-ons, the OpalVision main board is an appealing choice for adding "true- color’' capability to an Amiga. As with other framebuffer boards, the 16-mil lion-color display is separate from the .Amiga system display. This means that although you can load and display standard 24-hit IFF graphics hies, you cannot run the Workbench or other Amiga software in 24-bit color. OpalVision can, however, combine a normal Amiga display with its own display on die same monitor. This allows you to overlay Amiga graphics on a true-color background or to make them peek through "holes" in the 24-bit picture. With the optional framegrabber genlock module, you can add a video laver as well. I j The only problem 1 experienced with hardware installation was on an A3000X whose video-slot To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 117.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB chip RAM, 2MB fast RAM, hard drive. Recommended system: 2MB chip RAM, 4+MB fast RAM, hard drive, accelerator board. Opening is a little cramped. An adjusting screw on the mounting bracket was so close to the 23-pin monitor connector that it was difficult to insert even the smallest jeweler’s screwdriver when the large molded plug from my 1084 monitor was connected. (I had to angle the plug in to make the adjustment.) I found that software installation was very easy on most of the systems I tried, because Commodore’s standard installer program is included with the package. On one 1.3-based system, however, the installer program consistently crashed when trying to install the sample images, and I was forced to finish the process manually. Centaur technical support informed me that they are aware of this problem and are working to correct it. Because normal system software cannot take ad- vantage of 24-bit framebuffers, specialized software support is crucial to a product like this. Centaur has included OpalPaint, a paint program; Opal Presents!, an enhanced slide-show with transitions; and OpalVision Hotkey, a display control program. Although it’s not much advertised, a Workbench 2.0 driver for the popular Wacom drawing tablet also accompanies the board. Finally, there is King of Karate, which Centaur bills as the “world’s First 24-bit personal computer game.” The colorful backgrounds do enhance the game somewhat, but it’s safe to say that nobody will buy OpalVision just for this game. Powerful Paint Of the included software, OpalPaint is by far the most significant. One of the most ambitious 24-bit paint programs currently available for the Amiga, it attempts to combine the best features from high- end paint programs on the Mac and PC with familiar tools from such Amiga standards as DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts). It is the first Amiga program I’ve seen that has both selectable brush characteristics (airbrush, chalk, watercolor, pencil, and so on) and paper types (rice paper, rough paper, and more), which lets you emulate conventional artistic styles and media on the computer. The program features a number of interesting new drawing modes, and, as with the brush and paper types, you can load additional drawing modes from disk, which greatly facilitates program updates. ()palPaint’s stencil feature allows you to specify the area to protect by drawing the stencil shape, by selecting a color or range of colors to protect, or both. Stencil colors, lill colors, and brush background colors can all be selected using tolerances that let you choose not only the exact color, but also any color that is close. You indicate what is considered close by setting the range of hue, saturation, and value levels individually. This makes it possible to fill a digitized picture of a person’s face, for example, even though the skin tones vary slightly from point to point. You can also specify transparency levels using this same system of tolerances, allowing you, for instance, to change only the hue of the current image. The more traditional features of the program are well implemented. Although the tool bar shows only 20 paint pots at a time, there are 13 such rows in any given palette, which you can Hip through rapidly. The palette mixer includes RGB and HSY sliders, a color wheel, and a mixing area where you can stir together colors to form new shades. You can save and load files in IFF or JPEG format, and there is a proprietary mode that loads large images more quickly. To let you preview saved images, Opal Paint creates “thumbnails.” small representations of the files’ pictures that appear in the file requester. Many of the geometric tool icons (line, box, circle, arc, and so on) work exactly like their DeluxePaint counterparts, clown to the keyboard equivalents and the settings you can vary with a right-mouse-button click. Although working with 24-hit images is generally slow, OpalPaint performs fairly well, as long as you work on an accelerated machine. Its treatment of custom brushes is a good compromise between moving the full 24-hit image (which can be excruciatingly slow) and showing a rectangular outline only (which makes it hard to position the brush). OpalPaint shows an outline that is similar to a two-color representation of the brush. You can move this quickly, but still see the image outline to help with placement. The program also features a Tip-and-reclo” feature that lets you undo a brush stamp, move it over a pixel. And stamp it down again, all in one operation. The file requester’s thumbnails take the guesswork out of loading images. OpalPaint may he powerful, but it isn't polished. Not yet included are some of the planned features: Arexx support, the alpha channel (which provides variable transparent overlays), and the magic wand (which uses edge detection to fill an enclosed area that contains a lot of different colors). Other included features don’t work quite right. For example, if you hold the Shift key while resizing a brush, the operation is supposed to maintain the picture's original aspect ratio, but what it really does is constrain you to straight horizontal or vertical movements. The program occasionally crashed or did such strange things as fail to re-open the Workbench screen on exit, forcing a reboot. While these bugs don’t render the program unusable, I hope to see them corrected in the next update. Show Offs The other two programs. Opal Presents! And Opal Hot Key are a step up from the usual display programs that accompany a graphics board. A slide show program, Presents! Provides 2(1 transition patterns for changing from one picture to the next. Its pushbutton interface is very easy to use. All you have to do to create a presentation is select your pictures from die file requester, set the transition pattern, transition speed, and frame-advance method. You can advance frames by clicking the mouse button, setting a timer, or sending a command through an Arexx port. The program also lets you choose whether you want to show the OpalVision display, the Amiga display, live video, or a combination of the three. In addition, you can attach a CLI command to each slide for starting a music or animation player. ? HotKey allows vou to use function-key S t J combinations to load 24-bit images into the framebuffer and select the various display sources (Opal, Amiga, and video). HotKey also has an Arexx port, which allows other presentation programs to combine OpalVision graphics with their Amiga slide shows. While Presents! And HotKey theoreti- 4 cally seem well suited to multimedia presentations, they have some practical problems. The OpalVision board appears to use the top line of the display for some control signals, which sometimes show up as small red dots at the top of a screen that combines Opal and Amiga graphics. In most cases, you can adjust the display to keep them from showing. Also, the Opal software may push down the regular screen display to separate it from the control line, which tends to make vertical centering a problem. Finally, JPEG and large IFF files load fairly slowly, and the loading process may disrupt the show. 68030 ACCELERATION VXL30&RAM-32 AND 32-BIT WIDE RAM Show Me More Despite some minor problems, the OpalVision main board makes a very favorable first impression. The display is near photographic, as advertised, and the bundled software is better than the run-of-the-mill applications that usually come with graphics boards. The only missing variable in the equation is how quickly Centaur will follow through with its intended hardware and software additions. If, as promised, the genlock framegrabber module, the switcher effects module, and the deinterlacer module are available by the time’you read this, it will be a very good sign. With some software updates, third- party programming support, and support for all of the hardware features (such as double-buffered animation and 8- and 15-bit display modes), OpalVision could become a real force in the Amiga graphics market. As things stand, it’s a veiy promising newcomer. Sheldon Leemon iViHS.U •• «T hlW R-KIVV.’ iite . «» AMOS the Creator (American Amos) Europress Software, S110. Hard-drivc installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM single floppy. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Programming graphics- and soundintensive applications. Copyright m2 Hicraeoncs. Inc. VXL*30 Capwghl 19S1. MJCfoBtftics. Inc.. Made tn the USA Cost-effective, high-performance system acceleration for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. VXL-30 uses the low cost 68EC030 or the standard, MMU-bearing 68030. True asynchronous design supports versions at 25MHz and 40MHz. Installs into the Amiga's 68000 socket (and the 68000 is re-installed in VXL-30). Accepts the 68882 math chip. User upgradeable. Compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.04 systems. Cold-boot jumper selection as 68030 or as 68000. Warm boot software selection as 68030 or 68000. Supports separate VXL RAM-32 Memory board with 2 or 8 megabytes of Fast Page Mode RAM with Burst capability. RAM autoconfigs in the Amiga FASTRAM space and is DMA-able: can be mapped high; supports mapping Krckstart to 32-bit RAM even without MMU. RAM-32 has alternate Kickstart ROM socket for optional 2.04 ROM. RAM-32 is also accessible (16-bits wide) in 68000 mode. Performance of VXL30 RAM-32 as a system is equal to an Amiga 3000 at 25MHz and about fifty percent faster than an A3000 when a 40MHz processor and math chip are installed (speed comparisons based an averaging ot sixteen standard benchmarks in AIBB 4.5). Typical raylrace times at 25MHz (using Impulse's Imagine) are sixteen times faster than with the basic 68000. VXL-30 is the price leader in affordable, 68030 acceleration. Available now from your Amiga dealer. MmicroBotics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson. TX 75081 'AMIGA 500‘,‘Arr.ga 2000* and ’Kckstaf a-e re tsle'edt'aaernarks o! Ccmmooofe-Amqa *vxl-30* ana -VXL RAM 32* are Mcro&rcs. He traflerr ants Easy AMOS Europress Software, about S50. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM single floppy. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Learning programming techniques and constructing games. Have you ever gotten halfway through a game and thought “This would be so cool if only...?” Well, you’re certainly in excellent company. Lots of Amiga users have great ideas for games but lack the time or temperament to wrestle a powerful programming language into submission. They just want to get right to the magic. Well, to all of you who are discontented with die current state of the art in games (or programming languages), ? The Next Generation In Backup Software RddBuffers Rrc flss ign flvai I B indOr ivers Break ChangeTaskPrI ConCIi p Copy CPU Date Belete Dir DiskChange D iskDoctor DiskSaIv Ed Edit Eva I Execute Filenote IconX Info InstaI I Iprefs I3DF0: Hriting 1 OF1; Not ava i fab Ie ODF2: Ready 0 DF3: Ready Conpleted: Files: 25 Bytes: 1?8,560|; Tagged: F iles: 559 Bytes: 4,599,613 | The fastest backup and archiving program on the Amiga! Supports up to four floppy drives for backup and restore New integrated streaming tape support New “compression” option for backups Optional password protection, with encryption, for data security Full tape control for retension, erase and rewinding New “interrogator; ” retrieves device information from SCSI devices Capable of complete, subdirectory-only, or selected-files backup and restore Improved wild card and pattern matching, for fast and easy selective archiving Restores all date and time stamps, file notes, and protection bits on files and directories Supports both hard and soft links Full macro and AREXX support Full Workbench 2.0 compatibility Improved user interface, with Workbench 2.0 style “3-D” appearance Many more features! Thousands of people rely on Quarterback for their backup and archival needs. Now, with Quarterback 5.0t there is even more reason to do so. Greater speed, even more features, and proven reliability. And a new “3-D" user interface puts these powerful capabilities at your finger tips. With features like these, it is no wonder that Quarterback is the best selling backup program for the Amiga. Would you trust your data with anything less? Central Coast Software A Division Of Sew Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road. Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 • FAX (512) 328-1925 Quarterback is a trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc. AMOS is here to unchain your creativity. The .AMOS authors got mv attention right from the start with the inflammatory assertion that “computer programming is dead easy.” This audacious statement could enrage anyone who’s sweated through the long hours needed to conquer a powerful but user-hostile language. After all. BASIC may be considered "dead easy,” but everyone knows you can’t make a fast-moving game in BASIC. To get power, you have to trade off ease of use and move up to something elaborate and complicated, right? Lush sound, and structured control in one streamlined BASIC-1 ike language package. Europress promises speed and ease of use, and it actually delivers. Old Friends and New Faces The AMOS command set contains all the old favorites of BASIC, like IF, THEN, ELSE, PRINT, arrays, and string handling. In addition, it adds some very important new commands for easy definition of Blitter objects (BOBs) and hardware sprites, screen drawing, animation, sound, menu-building, and disk access. You can even send data through the Wrong. AMOS delivers rapid motion, “The Meg AC hip 2000 500 should be standard equipment on every Video Toaster System." Jim Plant ¦ Publisher Editor Video Twister User "The MegACHtp 2000 500 is a must nw n for any one that wants to use Toaster Painl or Multitask with the Video Toaster," Lee Stnmahon ¦ Farmer NEWTEK employee & w riter of the tutorials for the Video Toaster 2-0 manual. Featured in the Desktop Images Video Toaster Tutorial series. "I would advise Toaster users who make use of Toaster Paint or LightWave to add DKB's MegAChip 2000 500 to your system as soon as possible." C*'SG 318069-11 Tim Doherty • Video Toaster User The MegAChip 2000 500 allows you to upgrade your Video Toaster, Amiga A500& A20(H). And C'DTV to 2 Megabytes of Graphics Memory. The MegAChip 2000 500 is a needed addition if you arc using your system for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation, Multimedia or Desktop Publishing. The MegAChip 2000 500 is compatible with the Video Toaster". Opal Vision . Vlab '. IV-24 DCTV Ham-E and most genlocks and framebuffers. 5 375 1930 20VB6 nww Contact your local dealer or call for information. Dealer inquiries welcome DKB Software 50240 W.Pontiac Tr. Wixom, MI 48393 Sates (3131960-8751 FAX 1313) 960-8752 Technical Support (3131 960*8730 MegAChip 2000 500 is a trademark of Dkil Software, Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. CDTV. A500. And A2000 arc trademarks of Commodore .Amiga. Inc. IV-24 is a trademark of Great Valley Products, Inc. DCTV is a trademark of Digital Creations. Ham-E is a trademark of Black Bek Systems. OpalVision is a trademark of Centaur Development. 1 ML it ill K& a. serial port for two-player games. Commands such as INC and DEC greatly improve calculating speeds with fast integer math, while you can create procedures to help you structure your programming and pass variables back and forth. The sound commands can generate synthetic sounds or play samples or music from popular Amiga music programs. To most game programmers, crisp screen scrolling and fast, flicker-free sprite movement is vital. Usually this calls for trickv screen synchronization and double j buffering. AMOS handles all the details for you with such simple commands as DOUBLE BUFFER, and that alone is worth the price of admission. This language also provides unambiguous access to all screen modes, including hi-res interlace, HAM, and Extra-Halfbrite, and the DUAL PLAYEIELD command handles the intricacies of parallax scrolling. All this power is augmented by AMAL, an extraordinary animation-language subset optimized for smooth motion at blistering speeds. It’s trickier to master than standard BASIC, but it’s nowhere near as complex and mind-numbingly alien as real assemblv-language programming. (Apologies to programmers who think in machine-language registers.) Each AMAL program can define the motion and behavior of a single sprite or the entire screen, and you can ran up to 16 AMAL programs simultaneously. In addition to its uncomplicated features, AMOS is full of thoughtful touches and virtuoso flourishes. For example, rather than type in everv screen location to define sprite motion, you can record the motion while you draw it on the screen with the mouse. Instead of figuring out complex palette tricks for special effects, you invoke the FADE, FLASH, ZOOM, and RAINBOW commands. For power users who want even more, AMOS can link to C or access directly the Amiga hardware through machine code. All this is neatly wrapped up in a package that allows you to build run-time modules that may legally be sold or placed in the public domain. Such power cries out for a compiler to make your programs into faster, tighter code. Unlike American AMOS, however, AMOS The Compiler and the AMOS 3-D module are not available in NTSC versions at this writing. While you can order the PAL versions from Europress, be warned that they have problems running on American NTSC systems. J Quirky Work Space rhe AMOS programming environment consists of five editors program, sprite, map, menu, and AMAL and a sprite ? THEY’RE BACK!!! With new skills, for a new world...
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2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM Recommended system: 3MB RAM, hard drive. Single*frame recording of animations to videotape. One of the inherent frustrations in doing computer-based animation is getting a smooth playback of the anima- Contitiued on p. 78. Circle 18 on Reader Service card If- £51 your life depends on them. N’riWihOn MUCH Ut So if you’re " 91 S 11*9 Eg I tired of computer HT games you can solve and - H You’re in your 85-ton battle Mech. You’ve shelve, join the living on Genie. We’d really just entered the arena on Solaris. Another enjoy having someone like you in MultiPlayer time, with other Genie players. Some of the best gamers in the world. The crowd viewing your BattleTech" duel? They’re real people. The guys in your mercenary unit? Real. The greedy creeps who sold you your Mech? Too real. Good thing your lancemates are real too-because WM BattleTech. For lunch. Mech moves into position against you. But something’s us ;¦* i But something’s Sign up now: different. This time, I. Set your modem for half duplex (local echo) If ‘TijfKgf the MechWarrior® at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud. Twit «tft* r.m arvj j' E 7 4 b • t t ri«' i i. f k yevr t a> I «ws
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Frames from MultiPlayer BattleTech I know a place where the Amiga gamer’s dreams are born. It’s a lot closer than “second to the right and then straight on till morning” actually, only about 3000 miles from New York. And. Oddly enough, this island is exactly the place from which Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael flew to begin their own adventures. England is the Never Never Land of Amiga gaming. And they never (well, almost never) talk about port-overs from the PC. In fact, when a computer game comes out there, the Amiga version is almost always first and if you could imagine such a thing sometimes they even say, “Oh yes, and we are planning an IBM version later!” Big Blue, you see, is only the third machine down the ladder (after the declining Atari ST). The "Amv” is queen in Britannia, and she accordingly rules the seemingly endless wave of game development. She is invariably the centerpiece of entertainment-soft- ware exhibitions. In computer shops, the walls and shelves are covered with the newest titles. Publishing houses like Electronic Arts, MicroProse, Virgin, and Activision have entire divisions here to cater to the appetites of an Amiga game-buying public. The machine is the focus of a highly competitive and opinionated press corps that treats Amiga designers and programmers such as Andrew Braybrook (Rainbow Islands. Fire & Ice) or Mike Singleton (Space Cutter, Midwinter, Flames of Freedom) much like artists or movie directors. Don’t pinch yourself. Do not adjust your magazine. VN. V Electronic Arts’ Risky Woods: Arcade adventure at its best. (The cover hasn’t suddenly changed to Bizarro Amiga- World.) It may sound as though you’ve entered some alternate universe in which things work out the way they're supposed to. But this topsy-turvy vision is not a dream; it just feels like one the kind you wake from grinning like a maniac. Europe generally and England in particular, as the focus of this article can he sheer heaven for American .Amiga gamers swimming in a Big Blue sea inhabited by fat-chance-ports like Ultima Underworlds and Falcon 3.0. But you don’t need a passport or airfare for this European vacation. Your out-of-the-box Amiga, with the help of a utility or two (and a credit card), should be just the ticket. Many US Amiga gamers know of Europe only through the work of companies like England's Psygno- sis (which has supported the Amiga virtually from the get-go and whose games are still widely regarded as cutting-edge). That's understandable, as it is one of only a few European labels Electronic Zoo, Titus, Sil- marils, and UBI Soft are others to release games only under its own imprint in America. (Electronic Zoo has dropped out of sight here a shame, as it has been the source of many an interesting and odd game.) Many others have opted to license the American release of their games to domestic publishers hence Konami’s new line of Konami Gremlin titles, Cine- maware's entire Spotlight line, and Data East’s release of Infogrames’s Drakkhen, Kult (as Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess), and Continuum. Yet, you don’t necessarily have to wait for an American distributor to pick up some of these British gems in order to start playing. Later on in this article, we’ll look at some sources you can use to help you get your hands on many of these titles right away. But for now, let's get to the games themselves. New Games Galore! So many games to mention...so little space. There’s a positive embarrassment of unsampled riches from across The Pond. (Note: Information about contacting the developers oj these European games directly is contained in the accompanying "Eurogames Resource Guide" box.) Let’s start out with some unfamiliar titles from familiar publishers. Ever heard of MicroProse's Special Forces? No, I thought not: It’s a prime, for-the-Amiga revision of the company’s old Airborne Ranger game. Electronic Arts's Risky' Woods? Nope? Well, it’s as console-able an arcade adventure as you’re likely to Find outside the cart slot of a Super NES. Floor 13? That’s a cryptic, black-and-white strategy adventure game from Virgin that places you at the head of a CIA-like outfit. Rookies? No, it’s not a hopelessly-datecl license from US television, blit Virgin’s sweet-looking isometric waigame. Shadowlands? That’s Domark's giant isometric RPG. Alcatraz? That's Infogrames’s follow-up to 1987’s Hostage, Ashes of Empire? That's the new one from Mike Singleton. Epic? That’s Oceans long-awaited 3-D space-combat game. If you’re a puzzle-game fan, there’s Oceans charming Pushover, Storm's Spherical Troddlers. And Coktel Visions' Gobliiins. Ishar Legend of the Fortess? That’s Silmarils' big-windowed addition to die canon of Bard’s FaJe-ish RPC is. Zool? That's Gremlin's hot new arcade game one that some observers suggest could provide a character as identified with the .Amiga as Sonic the ACROSS-THE-POND PICKS HERE’S AN ASSORTMENT of European imports recent, middle-aged, and positively decrepit that just may play on an Amiga in Peoria. Consider this compilation a broad sampling of recommended titles not an "All-Time Best" list from which to pick, choose, or reject as you see fit. Deliverance (21st Century Entertainment) No, it’s not a movie license. (Don't give them any ideas, eh?) You’ve played Gods, right? It’s a great game, innit? Well, this is like Gods, but with everything bigger including the challenge and not quite as heavy on the chrome. Voodoo Nightmare (Palace) One of my favorites; a vast, pretty (and pretty dumb), hugely entertaining isometric romp. Project X (Team 17) The outfit that produced Alien Breed, the outstanding overhead-perspective, multidirectional shooter, turns its attention to the horizontal shoot-em-up. Yeah, it’s a tired old genre, but they do it better than just about anyone. There’s stuff in here you won’t see outside of an arcade; (Hell of a fight to get there, though.) Premiere (Core Design) Core successfully adapts the mildly goofy, large-character animation from its arcade-RPG Heimdall to a platform format. Abandoned Places (Electronic Zoo) It looked for a while as though this giant RPG out of Hungary (!) Might surface here via the good graces of TTR Development, but TTR sadly seems to have gone the way of Electronic Zoo. It’s not a classic, and it has some playability flaws, but overall it stands up as a nice mix of genres from Dungeon Master WYSIWYG to Ultima. Warning: The five disks do not love a hard drive and seem iffy even about recognizing a second floppy. Warhead (The Movie House) OK, Mantis for the Amiga has been canned, but you can still play the game that it was to be built around. That’s Warhead a nice mix of filled-poly- gon and bitmapped graphics that flow smoothly on a bog- standard machine, an interface you could cook an alien egg on, and a large range of missions. Epic-schmepic. This is my idea of a space-combat game (at least until Elite II arrives). Brilliant. Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters (Tengen) A bit old, this, and just slightly sluggish in response, but otherwise it’s a picture-perfect rendition of Atari’s delightful arcade strategy game. Xenomorph (Pandora) A nice enough sci-fi Dungeon Master clone that's suitable for folks waiting for EOB 111. = No atmosphere to speak of, though.) Escape from Colditz (Digital Magic Software) The Adventures of Robin Hood (Millennium) A pair of charming isometric adventures the first set in a German castle during World War II, the other in,,.well, you know where the guys in green hang. Virtual Worlds (Domark) A nice way to pick up under one roof the four filled-polygon adventures Incentive Software created with its Freescape system-including, delightfully, The Crypt, the sequel to Castle Master, which previously had seen only limited release. Last Ninja 3 (System 3 Software) You may think that The Last Ninja was never released for the Amiga. True enough. But three sequels were issued overseas. This is the last and best of the bunch: It’s colorful, fun, and challenging. (The controls will elude you for a while, though.) War Zone (Core Design) There are a number of good Ikari Warrior updates around Mercs is another one worth checking out but this is an absolutely cracking vertical shooter. Lords of Chaos (Blade Software) The folks who did the Breach clone Laser Squad (Microlllu- sions) didn’t stop there. They went on to do this clone of Paladin (the follow-up to Breach), and it’s quite sharp-looking, multifeatured, and just complex enough to keep you interested. No editor, alas, and just three scenarios, but this is more involved than Paladin, and the packaging mentions expansion disks, (Here’s a twist: Laser Squad is slated to be released in a totally revamped version, via Digitek, and Paladin IE is being brought out here by England’s Impressions.) Simulcra (MicroProse) The much-sought game I mentioned in the main story. Yes, it was worth it. P.O. ? Hedgehog is with the Sega Genesis and Mario is with the Nintendo. And if you have a taste for arcade adventures, I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like Minorsoffs First Samurai or Team 17’s Alien Breed. I could go on and on. In fact, I desperately want to go on, because there are things fin skipping could I just mention Lankhor's fast-as-hell racing game, Vroom? And by the time you read this, there will be dozens more arriving in the traditional preholiday feeding frenzy. Moreover, the .Amiga abroad enjoys a rich history of top-notch games that can be explored at reasonable prices in rerelease or compilation. Take a peek at the Bitmap Brothers's puzzle-driven isometric adventure Cadaver, LoricieV s WAV 11 tank game, Sherman M4, or Infogrames's Quest for the Time Bird (which will put you pleasantly in mind ol Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess). You may be surprised at what you find. If you've ever looked longingly at the bursting IBM shelf in your computer store and wondered what had become of Epyx's Omnicron Conspiracy or Access's Mean Street and Crime Wave, well, they did come out, but only overseas. Likewise, overseas is the only place you’ll be able to find Mindscape International's conversion of Jordan (Prince of Persia) Mechner’s splendid isometric puzzle game, D Generation (released in the US only on the IBM). There's a Turrican II (still by Rainbow Arts, and even better than the first) available as an import, as well as a Rick Dangerous II from MicroProse. There's also a very Rick Dangerous-ish game called Switchblade (Gremlin) from the same author. And while it’s possible to get lost in the wealth of Dragon-(filI-in- the-blank) games for the Amiga, if you can dig up the massive RPG Dragonflight from Germany’s Thalamus label, you may find room in your heart for one more. It’s lovely, Ultima-type stulfwith numbered houses and a combat mode that puts me in mind of square dancing. Transatlantic Trade Winds Of course, the Eurocentric nature of Amiga gaming is not exactly new. It's just a bit less well concealed than it used to be. American developers have gone to the ? European well many times for conversions (from SSI’s Pool of Radiance to Origin’s Ultima VI) and more and more frequently of late to purchase rights to distribute completed games a procedure less expensive than developing domestic games from scratch. GameTek may have brought out the massive. Ultima- inspired RPG Daemonsgate and the puzzler Humans here bv the time vou read this, while Millennium's Steel ti 4 Empire will become Cyber Empires when published here by Strategic Simulations. Minds cape's The Four Crystals of Trazere is simply a ret it led version ut'Mind- scape International's Legend. Most of the games released in Epyx’s glory days in the late '80s were European games. Run your linger clown your dealer’s Amiga shelf, and you’ll see that at least half come from overseas. For the Amiga, that European connection has grown even more important. England is known for its wet weather, but the Amiga game skies here in the L'S have been looking a bit gray of late. Yes, the Amiga may be a veritable Rolls Royce when it conies to game-playing potential, but il everyone has a souped-up Irans Am, whom do you think they’re going to make parts for? The Amiga's disappointing US sales and the rise of fast 80386-based IBM clone machines as the gaming platform of choice (not to mention the recent release of the 16-bit Super Nintendo) have relegated Our Girl to second-class status in her native land. Yes, Amiga versions of new games have become a decidedly ifller proposition these days. Strategic Simulations has decided not to port to die Amiga its new Dark Sun: HI 019 75 Gremlin’s Zool: A character to rival Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario? Shattered Lands the First offering in its newest AD&D line and will address future conversions on a case-by- case basis. Capstone indicates it will not bring over its graphic adventure, The Dark Half. The Amiga version of Mantis, Paragons would-be Wing Commander killer, has been canceled. Accolade will release 1 he Games: Winter Challenge only overseas. Might & Magic 111 is likely to be New World Computing's final Amiga conversion. The market is constricting. Nothing to panic about yet this sort of thing has happened periodically throughout the Amiga’s history but gamers may wonder where their next toy is coming from. How do you spell relief? One side effect has been to produce a (low of game- hungry' refugees willing to pay premium prices typically $ 5 to $ 10 more for a new game to import dealers for the latest and greatest European titles. These show up on our shores in ten days to two weeks after overseas release, and they begin to disappear into the hands of ardent gamers primed for their arrival by word-of-mouth from the on-line nets. Arcade adventures. Flight sims. Puzzle games. RPGs. You name it. It’s not just a tide it’s a torrent. When in Britain... It’s a whole different world Over There, however, and a little preparation is in order to speak the language. The national obsession in Britain is football (what we call soccer) and there are quite literally dozens of football games on the British market. (If you get your kicks from soccer. Renegade's recent Sensible Soccer and Anco's older KickofF 2 have inspired glowing paeans in the British press, and at this writing, a Kickoff 3 is on the wav.) V ' Cute platform games like Ocean's Rainbow7 Islands are all the rage. There is a lively market in budget software typically rereleases of older games or less sophisticated new ones and a heady number of compilations (relative strangers to the US market, and a nice way to sample lots of older games quickly). There’s also an enormous, vital market in public-do- main, shareware, and “licenscware” games the best of them sometimes virtually indistinguishable from commercial products. You can find at least 20 BoulderDash clones for sale (many using the rudiments of the celebrated Emerald Mines system); SEUCK (Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit) games so highly polished they shine; a throng of 3D Construction Kit games (the original name for Domark’s Virtual Reality Studio); and more Tetris variants than you could shake an “L”-sliaped piece at many of them going the original one better. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can read all about it. While the US market does not yet rate a mass-market Amiga game magazine, England alone has at least three big, glossy, full-color mags dedicated purely to that subject Amiga Action, Amiga Powert and The One and a slew of other general magazines (Amiga Formal and Amiga Computing among them) that prominently feature games coverage. (Note: See the “Eu- rogames Resource Guide” box for these magazines' addresses and phone numbers.) They typically sell for about $ 10 over here, but that’s a bargain when you consider what you’re getting: a thick book filled with reviews (sometimes well before a game itself arrives), reports on works-in-progress, interviews with developers, and buyer’s guides. And top that off with the usually included two disks packed with playable or “rolling” (automated) game demos, prime public-domain games, and sometimes tiie odd older commercial game in its entirety, (I’ve found Rampage, Hardball, Hacker 2, Artura, Purple Saturn Day, and Super Huey this way.) Caveat Emptor, Guv’nor A few mind-your-purse caveats for exploring this new turf: Consider that many of the better games will turn up Over Here sooner or later, and that if you’re not the ? RRIUJANCt PROFESSIONAL* PAINT & ANIMATION IT HAD TO HAPPEN... We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhotoLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! IT’S AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new A4000 modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. IT’S POWERFUL... Multiple levels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features.
* Phone 916-344-4825 • FAX 916•
P. O. Box 97. Folsom CA 95763-0097 A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. IT’S EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations. IT’S BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all. It's from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modes supported: Register based 2. 4, 8. 16. 32. Or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM. 12 bit true color, 24 bil true color. With the new A4000: Register based 2.4. 8.16, 32, 64EHB.
64. 128, and 256 Colors. 6 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM. 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in full fidelity internal representations.} DIGITAL r "T a o"rTs Brilliance and DCTV Paint are trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc, Deluxe Paint ST and Deluxe PhotoLab are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now type, you may save a few bucks and some inconvenience by waiting. Konami, among others, has made significant strides in signing on English labels such as Renegade, Gremlin Graphics, and the late, lamented Mirrorsoft and at press lime titles like Lure of the Temptress, Magic Pockets, and The Chaos Engine all were slated for US release in fall ’92 or early ’93. Consider, too, however, that it may be months before the domestic version of the game arrives. Typically, the ¦L*; V* -’? V.
• • A* li'V.oSSv Gremlin's RPG Daemonsgate may be out in the US soon. Practice has been to wait for the developer to complete llie IBM version so as to permit simultaneous release; it’s hard to hold on to your money while everyone around you is spending theirs. Note, also, that the American Amiga is a rather more sophisticated animal than its European counterpart, and that European games are often written for the lowest-common-denominator configuration: a 512K Amiga :>00. The one-meg game is still something of a rarity. Hard drives, floppy drives, and expanded memory are supported only occasionally, and AmigaDOS is frequently put out with the cat and replaced with developers’ custom routines so you can forget about multitasking. Moreover, while the documentation may look thick, that’s often because it has been printed in four languages. Too often it is painfully brief the most notorious example being Captive, Mindscape's otherwise-lu- verly and infinitely large sci-fi RPG. (There’s also a D&D-stvle followup called Knightmare that uses the same basic system.) Another hitch is that European games are usually built to run on PAL-standard machines, which employ a longer vertical display. Often, such games will all by themselves lock up US machines (which subscribe to the NTSC standard), run with the bottom half-inch of the display clipped off, or crash in some interesting way. To coax these reluctant critters to run properly, you’ll need to boot your machine with a utility disk that effectively camouflages your NTSC Amiga as a PAL machine. These programs (typically known as PAL hooters) can readily be found in the file libraries of public-do- main vendors and on-line services such as Genie, CompuServe, and Portal, or even your local Amiga BBS. There is a good variety available you could probably lit ’em all on one disk and you’ll want to experiment to see what works best for you and your favorite Eu- rogames. (Note, however, that PAL booting programs require a one-meg, enhanced-chip-set Agnes, and that most of them were written specifically for 1.2 1.3 machines. With the appropriate monitor. Kickstart 2.0 machines can be configured to boot in PAL mode; check out the AdclMonitor section in your manual.) I’ve successfully used PALboot and PALboot 2.0 (which offers five bool modes) and the Turbo PAIVNTSC Boot Program (which offers four), and I have at least seen these others: Michael Knurck’s Video Mode Switch (which has a convenient Workbench gadget); Nico Francois’s AmigaToPal (which requires Kickstart 2.0); Leo Schwab’s BIT) (for “Boot PAL, Dammit!”); Christian Warren s Switch Install: PALfix (custom system-configuration files that kick up the screen); Boot PAL; I Als Super Pal; Greg Cunningham’s PAL Insert; and Oliver Wagner's Patch NTSC (which patches Intuition so that screens with a height of more than 216 pixels open in interlace). One particularly well-regarded program especially for use with upgraded machines is Chris Haines’s Degrader. It offers PAI. And NTSC options, but it also provides a range of others for turning off fast memory and the hurst and cache modes available with ’020 and ’030 processors and for intercepting instructions privileged on processors above the 68000. Seek and Ye Shall Find European games may also be a little hard to find. I hey aren’t likely to turn up in any hut the most enlightened of chain stores. A more likely route is mail-order busi- nesses that specialize in imports or independently owned software stores. Many vendors here will handle at least the hotter imports there’s been lots of interest in Ocean’s Epic, for instance and some deal in them quite heavily. (Florida’s Sideline Software is a good example -see the “Enmgames Resource Guide" box for the address and plume number.) Also, you can always go to the source and order direct f rom mail-order businesses overseas. That may he the only reliable way to find older titles. I can’t recommend any from extended personal experience, but there are dozens listed in the UK magazines, and you can compare prices before you call. (An illustration: I looked high and low in the US for a polygon-filled arcade strategy game called Simulcra before finding it for £7.99 about S16 in a mail-order budget bin.) Bear in mind that UK time is five hours ahead of Eastern time and eight ahead of Pacific time, so ii may pay to call at off-peak periods in more ways than one. However, my five- to ten-minute direct-dialed calls to the L K during US business hours have typically worked out to a little over SI a minute. Not too bloody ? Shabby. 4 finally, as with any embarrassment of riches, there’s bound to be a good deal of iron pyrite among the gold, so look before you leap. Check out the UK magazines first. Ask your dealer what’s good. European labels seem to release more junk than their American counterparts (perhaps because the ? AH photographs are of attual DCTV screens. Coibr
T. r.t c$ ?,tr -Z? | o srimpt-'jr* -TS LAST Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. R How Available in PAL rBRrsma KX ¦ imp gee® iJHPLJg W J ‘3C1 11 Fltil re>USH STC* . Fflfi.O. COLO* UifJ- F-CTslft enp 5»»r,t.l P.t.tT. load! Sftvtj. Lpfto! Sfti’r '"I'f; towp1 rw;i! A ® e Future Is Here! ? Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.' Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package. A Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCT T images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DOT is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Create beautiful full color video images with all popular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 Min. I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended IBSRMMRPPBHB Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution of television. Telephone 916 344-482S FAX 916 635-0475 1992 Digital Geotions. Amiga is a registered Irodemorh of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. EUROGAMES RESOURCE GUIDE Access Software 4910 West Amelia Earhart Drive Salt Lake City. UT84116 Tel: 801 359-2900 Amiga Action Europress Direct FREEPOST Ellsmere Port South Wirral, L65 3EB England Tel: 0625-878888 Amiga Computing Europress Publications Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Cheshire England Tel: 0625*878888 051-357-2961 (subscriptions) Amiga Format 30 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 2BW England Tel: 0225-442244 For subscriptions: The Old Barn, Somerton Somerset TA11 7PY England Tel: 0458-7401 Amiga Power see Amiga Format Anco Software 7 Millside Industrial Estate Lawson Rd. Dartford Kent DA1 5BH England Tel: 0322-292513 Coktel Vision Address Unavailable Core Design Tradewinds House 69 71 Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE22 3FS England Tel: 0332-297797 Domark Ferry House 51-57 Lacy Rd. Putney London SW15 1PR England Tel: 081 -780-2222 Electronic Arts 90 Heron Dr. Langley Berks SL3 8XP England Tel: 0753-549442 Epyx 600 Allerton St. Redwood City. CA 94063 Tel: 415 368-3200 GameTek 2999 NE 191 St.. Suite 800 North Miami Beach, FL 33180 Tel: 305 935-3995 Gremlin Graphics Software Carver House 2-4 Carver St. Sheffield S1 4FS England Infogrames 18a Old Town Clapham London SW4 0LB England Tel: 071-738-8199 Konami 900 Deerfield Pkwy. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Tel: 708 215-5100 Lankhor 84 bis avenue du General-de-Gaulle 92140 ClAMART France Loriciel 7 rue du Fosse Blanc 92230 Jennevilliers France Tel: 331-4688-2838 MicroProse Unit 1 Hampton Road industrial Estate Tetbury Glos GL8 8LD England Tel: 0666-504326 Millennium Quern House Mill Court Great Shelford Camb CB2 5LD England Tel: 0223-844894 Mindscape International Priority House Charles Ave. Maltings Park Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9PO England Mirrorsoft Out of business Ocean Software 6 Central St. Manchester M2 5NS England Tel: 061-832-6633 Psygnosis South Harringdon Building 182 Seffton St. Liverpool L3 4BQ England Tel: 051-709-5755 Rainbow Arts Sketty Close Brackmills Business Park Northampton NN4 0PL England Tel: 021-702-2323 Renegade C1 Metropolitan Wharf Wapping Wall London E1 9SS England Tel: 071-481-9214 Sideline Software 840 N.W. 57th Court Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 305 491-0398 Silmarils
22. Rue de ta Maison Rouge 77185 LOGNES France Storm Unit 17 50 Lombard Rd. London SW11 3SU England Tel: 071-585 3308 Strategic Simulations 675 Almanor Ave.. Suite 201 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Tel: 408 737-6800 Team 17 Software. Prospect House Borough Rd. Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 3AB England Tel: 0924-291867 Thalamus Europe Unit 29 Riverside Business Centre Victoria St. High Wycombe Bucks HP 1 f 2LT England The One PO Box 500 Leicester LE99 0AA England Tel: 0858-410510 0858-410888 (credit-card order line) Virgin Games 338 Ladbroke Grove London W10 5AH England Tel: 081-960 2255 Note: The source for the developers in this list is the Amiga Format Special Issue, Autumn 1992. ? Americans have the luxury of picking over the choicest European releases) and are more heavily given to buying licenses from movies and television. The Ministers, Night Breed, Hill Street Blues, The Running Man, Total Recall, Hudson Hawk, and The Adams Family are just a few that come to mind. Some of these, like Robocop 3 (which has beaten the movie to release) and The Blues Brothers (which followed die movie by years), are superb, but others aren’t even fit to be reformatted. Come to think of it, even Steven Spielberg’s Hook has made it to the Amiga in the form of a pleasant Monkey Island-like graphic adventure from Ocean. And even though Peter Pan here turns out to be an adult yuppie suffering a mid-life crisis, somehow this game seems to be the perfect ending to the journey we began at t he beginning of this article and a perfect starting point for your own excursion to Never Never Land. Why don’t you join Peter ancl company there? It may seem right beyond the moon, but it can be right there where you sit. Dress warmly. Take your toothbrush. And don't forget to pack your Amiga. You may never ever go home. ¦ Peter Olafson is a contributing editor to Amiga World, writes the monthly "drib Notes" and "Short lakes"in AW’ s "dame Preserve," and generally knows more about Amiga games than any six people we know. He is sometimes seen in a very recognizable green outfit flying above the Manhattan skyline hying to decide whether there's a percentage in growing up. Write to him at 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940. By Gene Hamm Achieve Hollywood-style animation results with these clay-animation techniques for the Amiga, TRADITIONAL STOP-MOTION clay animation is a tried-and-tme professional technique for creating wonderfully realistic animated characters whose movements are fluid and natural. The only trouble is that it is laborious, hack-breaking work. 1 can tell you that from experience, having done a long stint of it working on the “Gumby" television series. The good news is that your Amiga can help. Six months before the end of Gumby, I bought an Amiga. .All day I would work on Gumby and all night I would learn how to animate on the Amiga. Living in those parallel worlds, I began to see how the Amiga could make stop-motion animation easier and far less time- consuming. The secret lies in digitizing the movements of a clay model you can build yourself. Old-Fashioned Blood, Sweat, and Tears First, though, let’s take a look at traditional clay animation or “clayinadon," for short to get an understanding of the basic process to which we will apply a little digital streamlining later in the article. On The Gumby Show, as in most clav animation, clay
* d puppets were moved one frame at a time on big table- top sets. Before Gumby, my experience was with cel animation, in which you work in two dimensions and don’t have to deal with the physical realities of a three-dimensional world. Abu can simply draw whatever you want (no matter how physically impossible). Attempting the same kinds of shots in three-dimensional clay anima- tion, however, would require complicated rigging. Compared with cel animation, everything is harder in clav animation. There are no walk cycles to save von hav- ing to animate every’ single frame of the walk into the scene. You constantly have to worry about gravity; characters are always falling over in mid-shot and ruining scenes. Even simple running or jumping requires that the character he suspended in mid-air with wires. (Although many animators usually settle for a ground-hugging scurry, where the character slides last, or they avoid animating the legs at all by shooting walks in a close-up.) Flying shots are extremely difficult because the character has to be suspended by wires for every frame. Although there are many tricks you can pull out of your bag, you are constantly worrying, on the one hand, whether the wires are strong enough to hold the weight of the puppet, and. On the other, whether they're thin enough not to be seen by the camera. Also, when you have a scene where the set is two tables wide and the character is light in the middle of the set, you will find yourself caught up in an exhausting ritual. Unlike cel animation, there is no “tweening” between key frames. Abu must lean over the set to move the character, walk back to the camera, shoot a frame, walk hack to the set to move the character again, and so on all day long until the shot is complete. It is back-breaking work. Tools, Character, and Set l hope this description has not scared you away from attempting clay animation. Remember, we said in the beginning that the Amiga could help you. All the problems I have listed can be solved with the Amiga. The basic tools required are a digitizer, a camcorder, and a paint program. Add a ray-tracing or other package if you want to create a 3-D background for your character (although this is not necessary if you simply use a flat background). I find A-Squared's Live! To be the easiest and fastest digitizer to use in my work. However, since this is an ? Older Amiga product, you may prefer to use NewTek's Digi-View (although you have to deal with its somewhat cumbersome filters) or almost any other framegrabber. If you work with Live!, you may find that Elans Per- j * * former also comes in handy (which I’ll talk about later). For the paint program, I use Electronic Arts' Deluxe- Figure 1. Basic guide to assembling the wire joints used in creating an armature for the model. Figure 2. The model starts with a wire armature around which only the most basic body parts are molded. Paint IV. (To locate the vendors oj products mentioned in this article, see the '‘Manufacturers Distributors‘ Addresses" list on p. 117.) Before you can animate, you must have a character. You could take the easy wav out and use some reach- J J J made action figure, but then your animation would look like those of everyone else who look the same shortcut. And il your animation is shown anywhere, it may result in a copyright violation. If you want a character that does not look like just any ready-made action figure, you can build your own clay puppet from scratch, using inexpensive armatures. You need some aluminum wire (aluminum allows for more bending than steel or copper), some Super Sculpey (commonly available at art-supply stores), two small blocks of wood, and clay. In designing your character, keep in mind that because it will be suspended, you are free from considerations of gravity and distribution of weight. So let your imagination go. Notice that the feet ol the ant in my illustrations would not support him if you stood him up on a table, but as lie will be a brush on the Amiga, he can defy the laws of physics. He could even have no legs at all and just hover above the ground. The simplest wire armature looks like a skeleton. Figure the length of the spine and cut the wire twice as long. Bend the wire back so the ends meet and twist it so it is double strength. (See Figure 1 to learn how to [iut wire joints together.) After the wire armature is built, mold the head, thorax, and abdomen out of Super Sculpey, and then fit it around the wire (see Figure
2) . These are the parts that hold their shape. For the head, use Super Sculpey only on the skull and eye holes. On the movable parts of the face, such as the mouth and cheeks, just use day. Poke a hole in the puppet where it will he suspended and put it in an oven or toaster oven for five minutes at 275 degrees. Hie Sculpey should come out hard, hut not brittle. When it cools, put the day on it. For eyes, use a package of beads from a fabric store. Sticking a toothpick in the hole in the bead and dipping it in a puddle of black paint gives you a perfect pupil for the eye. When the paint dries, poke the hole in the center of the pupil with the toothpick and place it in the eye socket. When animating, you move the eyes with a toothpick placed in the pupil. (See Figure 3 for a look at the now-completed ant.) You could use wood instead of Super Sculpey il you have the woodworking tools to shape the pieces. If you build a wooden head, thorax, and abdomen, drill holes for the individual arms and legs and the spine. The holes do not have to go dear through the wood; shorter sections of spinal wire can connect the pieces. If your animation requires a 3-1) background, use your 3-1) program to construct your set. (I used Byte by Byte's Sculpt 4D to create the background for my ant in the opening illustration. See Figure 4 for a look at the background without the character.) As the background is ray-traced, you might well ask why the character is not ray-tracecl also. It is mv con- r » » tendon that digitizing a day character can achieve more subtlety ol emotion and fluidity of animation than could he achieved by trying to do it in a ray-tracing program. Even if ray-tracing could achieve the same complexity as hands-on animation, you can animate digitized day characters ten times faster than ray- traced characters. Rav-tracing’s strength is still in creating backgrounds and props. Claymation Time! You are now ready to break the shackles of gravity with a little Amiga claymation magic. Shoot the character in simple contrast against a single background color that can he stenciled out later in DeluxePaint IV to leave just the character, which you can then save as an animbrush and placed in the scene with the Move requester. The character can also he gen locked over a previously videotaped background to save memory. You will need a frame to support your model while you shoot. Use a wire spindle with a wooden base that’s taped securely to a tabletop, and then impale the clay character on the spindle. Patting some clay around the ? Introducing Art Expression, the Amiga Illustrator Art Expression is the most powerful drawing program ever designed for the Amiga. It allows you to warp and distort text like never before. You can run text around a curve, warp it inside shapes and edit it in any way. An Expression even has color blends and shape metamorphosis! Rotate, Skew, Blend, Stretch, Fill and Edit. Text and objects are completely under your control so you can create whatever you imagine. Change colors, edit character shapes, create transparent holes, and transform objects. An Expression has the most sophisticated drawing and editing tools of any Amiga drawing program. Compatibility Art Expression can use any of the thousands of available PostScript Type 1 fonts. You can load and edit IFF DR2D, Aegis and Adobe Illustrator files for compatibility with Amiga, Mac and PC standards. Save your illustrations in DR2D or PostScript for use with PageStream, Sign Engine, ProVector and other programs. More Value Out of the Box You get a lot of value when you buy An Expression. Not only do you get the leading Amiga illustrator, you also get BME trace at no extra charge. BME allows you to touchup and crop pictures, and to convert your bitmap pictures to jaggy-free structured drawings automatically. You also get 35 PostScript fonts and two illustrated manuals with a “cookbook” of examples. And when you send in your registration card, we'll mail you a disk of more free PostScript fonts and clip art! Win an Amiga 4000! Enter the Art Expression Design Contest to be eligible to win an incredible Amiga 4000! There are lots of other great prizes, including our entire 3000 piece Graphic Library, fifty Graphic and Typeface Library volumes, plus Art Expression T-shirts! Get your copy of Art Expression and enter today! Contest details are included in the Art Expression package and are available on request. Soft-Logik Publishing • 1-800-829-8608 Circle 46 on Reader Service card. ATIA
2. 2 Only $ 249.95 Power Up from any version of Professional Draw, ProVector, Expert Draw or PageStream for only $ 125 until Dec. 31, 1992, Call for details. Art Expression and PageStream are registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. All other trademarks are the properly of their respective owners. Art Expression Design Contest ends April 30.1993. hole will keep the character from moving when you don’t want it to. After framing the character in the video camera to your satisfaction, adjust Live! Accordingly. 1 like to work in interlace (Ff>) in simple color (F2). In the Live! Display menu, interlace appears numerically as 320x400. Go to the Controls menu to adjust the video signal (KG). With enough light on the subject, working with 32 colors can produce quite realistic results. You can save some memory by not turning on overscan the character will eventually be an animbrush, anyway. You could click off individual frames with the spacebar. But this is likely to interrupt your concentration, as you have to name the file and save it for every* frame. An easier way is to set the number of frames in the Capture menu and click off frames with the a kev. An excellent resource to help you learn how to shoot a clay tun cycle is Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation (Walter Foster). Look at the page of walks and runs and bend your character’s arms and legs into the positions you see. The book shows them from the side, but you can move your character from the side while you shoot from the front or from three-quarters. When you finish shooting the cycle, save it in the Capture menu and then press F10 to play it back. It will look as though the puppet is riding an invisible bicycle. (For further help here, refer to my article, “Walking in Cycles,” on p. 55 in the 1992 AmigaWorld Video and Animation Special Issue.) Let’s Get ANIMated! The animation is now a Riff file, a lilc unique to Live!. There are two wavs to turn it into an ANIM that can he used in DeluxePaint IY If you have the time, quit Live! And return to the Workbench, where you will find the Playriff icon in the Live! Window. Double-click on Playriffto obtain a menu that allows you to load the Riff, play it, move through it frame by frame, and save individual frames as IFF files. You can then load the individual IFF files into DeluxePaint IV through the Picture menu by setting the number of frames and clicking on the first frame of the animation. Once it's loaded, you can save it as an ANIM. If the Riff is only a few frames, this method works fine. But with many frames, it can get tedious, and you can easily forget where you are. Thereby missing something. An easier method is to exit Live! And load your Riff into Flan's Performer. After assigning the Riff to a key, you can save it as an ANIM. Abu can then load it into DeluxePaint IV and clean it lip until the background is gone, leaving only the character. Now you can save it as an animbrush. Which allows you to address a major problem of movement we have neglected. Because the original puppet was suspended in midair on a spindle, there was no provision for up-and- down body movement. To achieve this, activate the Grid, setting X to 1(5 ancl Y to 1 so the brush can be moved up and down but not sideways. Load the animbrush and,s if you need assistance, look at the run in the Preston Blair book to see where the feet should be placed. Notice when the feet are in contact with the ground and when they aren’t. If you carefully lay each brush on each successive frame, you should wind up with a run that has the proper up-and-down body movement. Save it again as an animbrush and use the Move requester to move ii around the screen. Flying shots are even easier. Because the feet never make contact with the ground during the wing-flapping cycle, you avoid the extra step of registering the feet to the ground. Keep the character in motion, even when it isn't moving. If you have a shot where the character stands still, shoot three or four frames of it and play them back in random order for a moving hold. The pixels will dance and make the character look alive as opposed to the way it would appear in a dead freeze frame; also, this helps disguise the fact that you used only 32 colors. If you are using a 3-D background and you have enough memory, you can lay the character over a ray- traced background. But to save memory, I suggest recording the ray-traced background on videotape and then genlockitig the character over it. Abu can also use live action for the background. This allows you to have stop-motion characters interact with real people, as Ray Harryhausen did in such films as The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, and Jason and the Argonauts. Another choice, depending on the amount of mem- on* you have, is to use Elan's Invision Plus to run vour Live! Digitizer. Abu can customize the capturing and playback modes of Live!, adding, say, (54 colors or hires. Invision Plus saves frames as AN I Ms, so you don’t have to deal with Riff conversions. These techniques provide a good image that you can achieve quickly and lake straight to videotape in real time. If you want a higher-quality image, however, try the following: After creating your animation with Live!, run your combined video of character and background through Digital Creations' DCTV. With each frame individually bumped up to 24 hits, you can transfer them to videotape with a single-frame transport controller. (You could use DCTV for your original digitizing skipping Live! Altogether but it would take much longer and consume an enormous amount of file space.) Now von know some Hollywood tricks for doing clay animation, but even Hollvwood could learn some tricks from the Amiga. ¦ Gene Hamm is a veteran animator who works for Colossal Pictures. His past credits, as you know by now. Include work on The Gumby Show. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ? Workbench A SERIES THAT EXPLORES THE AMIGA’S RELEASE 2 DISK OPERATING SYSTEM Paii two takes a look at some of the sleight-of-hand While it is widely known that Release 2 of AMIGA- DOS makes Workbench more powerful, allowing you to perform almost any operation without using the CLI or Shell, few people realize that 2.0 enhances the Shell almost as much. In this and the next installment, we'll examine some of these Shell improvements. You will see that they are quite broad in scope, ranging from the Shell window, to the environment handler, to individual CLI commands. Maneuvers 2.0 lets you perform in the all-new Shell game. Shell Does Windows The Shell uses the console device for its window, and under 2.0 the default console window has a close gadget. This means that you no longer have to type END- CLI or ENDSHELL to get rid of a Shell window. You can just click on the close gadget or, if you’re a mouse hater, type the end-of-ftle character CTRL A (hold down the Control key and press the backslash key, located just under F10), In fact, the new console description can specify a number of window options, using such keywords as BY SHELDON LEEMON CLOSE (for the close gadget), NODRAG (to eliminate the drag bar), NOSIZE (to eliminate the size, zoom, and close gadgets), NOBORDER (to eliminate the border lines), and BACKDROP (to make it always appear in the back). So, if you want the system to open a fullscreen Shell window on a noninterlaced Workbench screen with no borders and close only depth-arrangement gadgets, you can use the command NEWCLI con;0 0 640 2Q0 AmigaShelI NOBORDER NOSlZE NODRAG CLOSE or enter the line window=con:0 0 640 200 AmigaShell NOBORDER NOSIZE NODRAG CLOSE in theToolTypes window on the Shell icon's Information screen. There are some other interesting ways to customize your Shell window under Release 2. Although the Shell normally uses whatever typeface you select as System ? Default Text from the Font Preferences program, you can change the font used in a single Shell window with the new SETFONT command.
I) 0 s 2 0 - I1 K I The SETFC)NT command not only allows von to use fonts in existing sizes, but to create new sizes of bitmap or Compugraphic-oulline fonts with the SCALE option. For example, “SETFONT Topaz 16 SCALE" creates a font that is twice the size of Topaz 8. If you wish, you can add a SETFONT command to vour srshell- startup file, so that all of your Shell windows come up with a font other than the system default. Under the forthcoming Workbench 2.1, you will also be able to set the keyboard mapping of each individual Shell window, using the SETKEYHOARD command. This lets you try out a foreign-language keyboard layout in a single Shell window without changing the keyboard layout used by every application in the system. Console editing has been improved in small ways, also. You can now use the standard C I RL-S key com- 4 bination to pause the screen listing and CTRL-Q to restart it. This is a welcome replacement for the nonstandard (and somewhat annoying) method of using the space key to pause and backspace to restart. Further, the console window has joined the mouse era to the extent that you can use it for copy and paste operations. Dragging the mouse across text in a console window (such as the Shell window) now highlights the text. Pressing Right Amiga-C copies the highlighted text into the clipboard device. Right Amiga-V pastes the text back into the active console window. Not only can you copy text from one Shell window and paste it to another, you can also copy text between any two applications that use a console window (suc h as the More text viewer program in the Utilities drawer, and the Ed text editor in the U directory’). This means that you can paste a directory listing from your Shell window into a document that you are editing with Ed. Using Carolyn Schcppner s Conpaste commodity, you can paste clipboard text into any application, as if il were being typed in from the keyboard. Various Variables The concept of environment variables text strings you can store and retrieve in a standard manner has been greatly extended. In addition to global variables, which are created with the SETENV command, stored in the Env: directory, and accessible via any Shell or other program, there arc now local environment variables. These, produced using the SET command, are meaningful only to the Shell in which they are created. Under 1.3, you could retrieve the text contents of an environment variable only by using the GETENV command. Under 2.0, however, putting a dollar sign in front of the name of an environment variable instructs the Shell to replace the sign and variable name with the text contents of that variable. For example, if you create an environment variable named Editor with the command SETENV editor Memacs then any program can tell that your preferred editing program is Memacs. Moreover, any Shell command that uses the expression Seditor will have that expression replaced by the string “Memacs". I herefore, if a Shell command or script uses the line RUN Seditor textfile the Memacs program will be run, and it will load textfile. II you decide at some future time that you prefer another text editor, you can use SETENV to change the Editor variable to the name of that program. Then your script will run the new program, even though you have not altered the script. 1 bis example was not chosen at random, by the way. Under 2.0, the global variable “Editor" is recognized by some of the Workbench programs such as More. If you set this variable to the pathname of your text editor, More allows you to bring up the program to edit the current file by pressing Shift-E. Under Workbench 2.0, there are a number of significant local environment variables that are automatically set for you, or that you can set yourself . These include Process, which holds the process number of the current Shell; RC, which holds the return code of the last command that was executed; and Result2, which contains the error code for the last command. You can use RC to examine return codes without using the IF WARN and IF FAIL commands that are available only in script files. If you are not familiar with all of the DOS error codes that Result2 may return (and who is?), you can use the FAULT command to interpret them (just type "FAULT §Result2”). Workbench 2.0 also sets up a couple of global environment variables called Kickstart and Workbench, which contain the version numbers of the Kickstart and Workbench that you are using. A new local environment variable, Echo, borrows a feature f rom MS-DOS. Entering "SET Echo ON" causes each command line of a script file to print before execution. If you set Echo to anything else (or don’t set it at all), you will not see the commands as they are executed. Turning Echo on is a good way to debug scripts that don’t work, as the faulty command line prints at about the same time that the error message appears. Got a Match? Another Shell option expanded under 2.0 is pattern matching, which allows you to specify a number of files at one time by similarities in their file names. One of the handiest of these new patterns is the tilde character (~), which acts as a NOT operator. Under the old system. It was easy to list all of the icon files (the names of which end in .info), fait not so easy to list all of the files except the icon files. Now, you caneasily perform this latter task with the command "DIR ~( ?.info).” Another new pattern uses the dash character to separate a range of letters between brackets. To list all of the tiles in the C: directory that start with the letters a j through c. for example, you could use the command “DIR C:[a-cJ ?." Finally, 2.0 has added the ability to use the asterisk as a “replace anything” character, just as it is used in MS-DOS. To maintain compatibility, however, this feature is available only when activated by a program such as the public-domain Wildstar or Starburst programs. These examples are only a few of the many Shell changes. In the next column I’ll discuss more, including the backtick feature and some of the powerful new options that were added to the CLI commands themselves. See you then. ¦ Sheldon hrmon. A respected authority on the Amiga, is currently finishing a book about Workbench 2.0. You can find him at Slipped Disk, a Detroit-area Amiga dealership. A good grasp of the basic principles of 3-D design will get amateur animators moving in the right direction. Fact of life: Computer-generated 3-D animation is everywhere. Just turn on your television, and you will find abundant evidence. Computer-generated animations are used in the nightly news, commercials, openings to programming, sports, and, of course, on Ml A’. While most of these animations are still created on high-end animation workstations, the increase in demand for this type of work has opened new possibilities for the desktop 3-1) animator. With dramatic new developments in Amiga hardware and software plus the fact that what is created on the Amiga is much easier and cheaper to output to video Amiga-generated 3-D is clearly competitive with that produced on dedicated workstations. The demand for all this new razzle-dazzle also underlines an even more important demand: the need for better and more sophisticated computer graphic design. So, before we all scurry off like lemmings to jump headlong into 3-D graphics and animation, let’s take a few moments to cover some design concepts you may find useful in developing your 3-D animations. (You may also wish to review a similar article that Phil Fitzpatrick wrote for Amiga World's Febrnaiy '92 issue on 2-D graphics see “Amiga Image-Making: Creative Methodology and Graphics Technolog) ' p. 30. Much of the material on general design is applicable to 3-D, as well.) (To locate vendors of the products mentioned in this article, see the “Manufacturers' Listrihutors' Addresses" list on j). 117.) Advance Planning The first principle of 3-D design might best be characterized as “predesign" planning, which involves several different factors, lb begin with, you need a good understanding of the entire 3-1) animation proc ess. In general, 3-D animation is a considerably greater task than 2-D animation. You have to function as a one-person movie producer, director, actor, lighting technician, set designer, editor, and even janitor! To wear all these hats, you must have a thorough understanding of the program or programs you are using. Therefore, you need to practice regularly with your software so that you can master each of these different roles within the capabilities of that software. Every experiment will show you new ways to accomplish new types of effects or shortcuts. When you have a project in hand, the next step is to plan as much in advance as you can. For example, if you have clients who want their logo turned into a 3- D animation, talk to them first about their expectations, see if they have video of other logos they like, and get the object approved before starting any animation. Often, ideas in a client's mind are dramatically different from the ultimate output you will produce. In addition, try to get models or pictures of the real objects as a help in verifying scale and proportions. You should also realize that your 3-D creations are going to be viewed on a 2-D surface. This is true whether your eventual output formal is video, computer presentation, or even prim. This means that your design must take into account movement within a 3-D space and the capability to show that space to your viewer on a 2-D surface. Your predesign planning can become the critical element in your project. Object Lessons Object design is the next key element in 3-D animation. If object creation is not your strong point, the good news is that the growing demand for 3-D animation is stimulating the market for 3-D clip objects in much the same way that desktop publishing created a market demand for ready-to-use clip art. If you do not have the talent or time to create objects from scratch, you can still utilize 3-D objects in your animation projects. (See the relevant 3-D sections in AmigaWorld's clip-art buyer's guide, “Art in an Instant,“ Jul. ’92, p. 30, for source material.) Whether you use predesigned objects or create them yourself, there are some rules of thumb you should fob J j low: Always try to break down the object into the smallest detail necessary for the project. For instance, when creating an automobile, it is easier to create the tires separately from die hub caps. Also, add only as much detail as required. Again referring to the automobile example, if the animation is above and around the car, the detailed tread on each tire is not essential. Ifvour j focus is on a victim being run over by the car. You may want that tread detail in a close-up view, I he question of how much detail is reallv necessary is one that is frequently debated by 3-D artists, because more detail adds substantially to rendering time; yet, it is often subtle, highly detailed items that lend realism to the overall presentation. It can be that extra wall socket or floor molding that adds warmth and believ- ability to your images. If your modeling program or module does not have all the tools you require, there are programs that convert objects from one format to another for use in a variety of situations. One such is Axiom Software's Pixel 3D, which is also very useful for tracing an IFF image and creating 3-D extruded objects from the outline. In addition, the program can retain color information as well as create bevels on objects a handy feature when you are creating logos. Another useful program in this respect is duBois Animation s AniMa- trix. Which is a dedicated modeler for designing in real-time perspective. The Right Look and Feel There is a second aspect to the object-creation process that requires equally careful attention and planning. After you create vonr object’s shape, you must define its surface(s). This process is called image or texture mapping. 1 here are several different kinds of mapping, each one with its own set of procedures and techniques. (For a good introduction to texture mapping, see the article “‘Mapping’ New Worlds," Feb. 92, p. 50.) For our purposes, let’s take a look at one surface texture avidly sought in today’s 3-D market, but difficult to execute ell'ectively: metals. In general, an object like a logo with a metallic surface will look more impressive if it is moving as in the popular flying logo rather than stationary. This is because we see the reflections and the colors changing as the object moves. Why then are metals so hard to create? The reason lies with those reflections. Metals may have their own inherent colors, hut we recognize them as metals because they reflect the environment around them. Oneway to achieve this effect with your computer-generated creations is to simulate reflections of real-world images on your 3-D objects through careful and often painstaking mapping techniques. A hint for working with metals is to make sure that you have set some amount of reflection shine on the surface of your object (some programs may require additional settings) and that von also have a proper environment (colors, images, objects, textures, and so forth) that the object can reflect. In addition, pay attention to variations in the colors of your objects. Take a look at print ads or billboards that use gold or chrome letters. Each letter will he made up of at least three colors. The bottom part will be dark, the top a lighter shade, and the middle a hand of very light color. Keep this in mind when you establish your environment. Many times you will not need to do any time- consuming ray tracing, as programs like NewTek's LightWave and Impulse's Imagine provide environmental mapping without ray tracing. (For a detailed look at reflection-mapping techniques* see '’Reflection- Mapping Magic," 1992 Amiga World Special Issue, p. 69.) Getting away from metals and reflection mapping, there are a host of Other surfaces that can help lend realistic detail to your 3-1) objects. Examine the range of texture-mapping functions offered by different 3-1) programs to see which ones offer the kinds of surfaces you want. Some textures are easy to create, while others require difficult manipulation of your program. 11 you find you are having trouble creating your own, there are quite a number ol ready-made textures and backgrounds available. Start your search by referring to the “Art in an Instant” buyer's guide cited earlier in the article and to the sidebar on ready-made textures in the ‘“Mapping1 New Worlds11 article mentioned above in this section. Getting Your Message Across For some people, the next key design element the story- may be something they might wish to concentrate on before they create objects and worry about surface textures. Fine. Yet, there are also cases like producing an animated sequence with a client’s logo where you need to create the objects with which you will be working before you start planning what you will do with them. So you are now ready to put your objects together into a story' that will convey a message. Your message is very important and needs careful thought and planning whether your project involves entertainment, a business presentation, an advertising campaign, or pure artistic expression. Also, remember that you are creating this animation for a viewer, so keep your viewer in mind as you design the movements. A standard animation technique to use here is to create “storyboards." These may be as formal or informal i as needed, but you should plot the basic sequence of your objects and their movements in some fashion before your proceed. It will save you production time in the long run. Aou can do your storyboards as hand drawings, or you can even use a paint program like Electronic Arts DeluxePaint IV to sketch out the storyline. Often as you jot down elements of your story, you will see in advance that certain things you thought would work are physically impossible (like having two objects pass through each other when you actually wanted to have them collide). Or, you may discover that other 4 4 things you wanted to try will take more work than they ate worth. Storyboards are also useful in helping clients to visualize their ideas (which often leads to revisions on their part) before you have gone to the trouble of producing a full animation, A storyboard will assist you in matching your action with the feeling you wish to create in the viewer. For example, if you want the animation to be very exciting, you may need to speed up the movement of your objects. With, say, a flying logo, however, you do not want ? MDAY-NIGHT IATE MOVIE to fly it in and out so fast that the viewer cannot recognize it. Good storyboarding will also help you manage and coordinate for maximum effect the wide variety of mo- * tion elements you have at your disposal object movement, camera movement, placement and variation of lights, surface changes in objects, and so on. If you combine too many changes in these elements, you can easily overwhelm the viewer and defeat the purpose. Natural Rhythm Understanding the subtleties of natural motion is another key consideration in creating good 3-D anima- A storyboard will assist you in matching your action with the feeling you wish to create in the viewer. Tion. Movement should be smooth and realistic, not jerky and artificial. One of the main reasons that some computer animations seem to jerk is because of “specific placement.” While animations may also be jerky because of too much motion in too few frames, or because of slow playback time, specific placement is often the major culprit. By specific placement, I mean that all the objects in each frame are rendered in perfect clarity. However, when you are shooting film or video of real subjects, the media moves at specific frame rates (24 fps and 30 fps, respectively), recording whatever is on the other side of the lens. If the subject is moving faster than the shutter, then a single frame of film video will contain a blurred image with streaks trailing off in a direction opposite to that of the movement. This phenomenon, called motion blur; tends to smooth out the motion of fast-moving objects. Motion blur can be simulated with image-processing packages to serve as an effective technique for creating smoother, more realistic animations. This requires more work and possibly more rendering on your part, but it can add significantly to the quality of your animations. The logo sequence in the illustration opening this article is an example of motion blur. The easiest way to create motion blur is to use a program, such as Black Belt Systems' Imagemaster, that has its own Motion Blur special effect. Abu can specif)' the direction and the extent of the effect and then use the processed frames as interim frames between the actual rendered images to create smooth movement. Another and more realistic- method of creating motion blur is to rentier two or three extra frames between each specific position frame, and then use ASDG's AD Pro 2 or Imagemaster to composite the interim frames. If you have two frames, use a composite mix of 50%; if you have three frames, use 50% for the second and 33% for the third, so that each will have an equal mix in the total. If you have Arexx, you can use scripts that will process an entire series of frames for you. An additional hint relating to compositing is that you can always add in static backgrounds after the rendering. Most programs allow you to add a backdrop picture, so if you render without the background and add it later, you will save time and gain flexibility. For instance, il a client really likes the logo and the animation movement, hut has trouble deciding on a marble or ocean background, you can render the object over a black background in the 3-1) program and then composite the frames together once the client has made a decision. Over and Output Although output is the final step in the process, it is important to plan during the predesign stage what medium videotape or film and what method you will use. As you create your animation, you will be making choices as to colors, resolutions, and so forth that can affect your output options. Resources are also a major consideration in determining your final output. Some methods may require some pretty expensive equipment. Almost all animations shown on television arc single-frame. This means that each frame of the animation is recorded to film or tape one frame at a time. In order to do this, you must have single-frame recording equipment that can guarantee tiie level of accuracy required. (For information on single-frame recorders, see “Precision Control,” 1992 Amiga World Special Issue, p. 38.) II you are going to output your animations in true 24-bit color, then you will also need a display buffer that can handle such output. Currently, 24-bit animations must be recorded using the single-frame process. If you plan to create ANIM files to output your animation in real time on the Amiga, you will have to create IFF-displayable frames prior to creating the AN I Ms. Nearly all 3-D programs will do this for you; however, I recommend that you render the frames in 24-bit and use an image-processing program to create IFF-displayable images. Without exception, the results will be far superior. Quality 3-D animation work results from good 3-D design principles. If you’re willing to apply those principles to every aspect of your project -from planning and creating your objects to executing their movements then you will have a better chance ol achieving a successful 3-D animation. Programs currently available on the Amiga can produce results equal to many of the best professional effects created on high- end animation workstations. There are no limits to where your imagination can take you. ¦ Steven Blaize is owner of Creative Fire, a multimedia-pre- sentalion company, and co-owner of the graphics development company, Texture City. He is an author and consultant on Amiga and MS-DOS platforms as well as the assistant director of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Write to him do .AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Ask Amiga 3-1) artists what they want most, and they are likely to request a method for importing real-world 3-D data into their computers. Building photorealistic, complex 3-D models from scratch can he likened to sculpting with air. A technique can easily he visualized, hut it is often impossible to do il on a practical level. There are plenty of stock 3-D models available commercially (see “Art in an Instant,” p. 30, July ’92, for a sampling). But where can you turn when your collection does not contain the precise model you need? Dimensionally Yours You can literally put yourself into your 3-D productions without spending an arm and a leg. This digitizing-project tutorial shows you how. The path to obtaining customized, accurate 3-D point-data models (also known as object-range maps) has multiple branches. If you have plenty of money, you can buy a magnetic or acoustic 3-D range- finder ($ 3500 to $ 13,500) and digitize objects point by point. You can also rent time on a laser-scanning machine at ap- p rox i m a t eIy $ 250 per hour (or buy one at prices ranging from S40K-$ 80K!), and then convert the output to Amiga format. Another option is to hire a service that offers custom 3-D digitizing. (See the sidebar entitled “Where the Pros Go” for details on these options and their relation to the Amiga.) For those who have more time than money. I've developed a labor-intensive method for accurately digitizing 3-D point data. It's the least expensive of all the options, and you can use it quite effectively for creating 3-D models of the human face, head, and other body parts. Contained in my met hod are techniques for obtaining casts that you can use in several other digitizing methods. Sliced Pumpkin Most Amiga 3-D modeling and rendering programs support a form of “skinning” cross-sectional data. Imagine a vertical blade making many parallel slices across the width of an airplane wing from leading to trailing edge. These cross sections vary from one to the next as the wing tapers and twists, giving the wing its ultimate con figuration. The skin is then wrapped around, completely covering them. E m ploying this same design philosophy, you can create 3-D objects from 2-D pieces with the tise ofYour Ami- * ga. When you import cross-section data via a 2- D digitizer or scanner into an Amiga 3-D modeling program, you can reassemble and “skin" them over to create an accurate 3-1) model. While taking cross- sectional data directly is very hard on the human head (I don't suggest you attempt it on yourself!), there is a way to get that data without doing yourself am permanent damage, ? BY KIRBY CARMICHAEL 3 - I) I) I (i I I I Z I (i Although I gave up the Shakespearean stage some years ago, I have since found a use for some of the prosthetic makeup techniques I regularly employed. By combining these with airplane coniposite-constmction techniques. I’ve found a 3-1) data-point digitization method that's easy on the wallet and accurate enough to model a recognizable human head. I’ll describe the technique brielly and then delve into the details. To begin with, you must create a mold of a human head or face, using a substance called Moulage (manufactured by Douglas &Sturgess). You then remove the mold and pour into it either liquid foam or a wax- based substance called Posmoulage (also from Douglas & Sturgess). When the foam or Posmoulage sets, strip the female mold from the cast head and mount the cast in front ol a video camera hooked up to a digitizer, such as DCTV (Digital Creations) or DigiView (NewTek). (To locate the vendors of the products mentioned. See the “Manufacturers' Distributors* Addresses" list on p. 117.) If you have used Posmoulage, backlight the head so that the Hat cross sections are noticeably darker than the rest of the head. Use a hot wire to slice oil a thin sheet parallel to the lens ol your video camera. Move the head toward the camera the thickness of the slice, and repeat. If you have created a foam cast, spray it lightly with dark paint to contrast with the foam. Use a tamper's ring saw or a piece ol handsaw mounted in a rectangular frame to slice cross sections. (Do not use a hot wire on loam; burning foam releases hydrocyanic gases!) Digitize each slice of your cast and use the line-art or edgc-dctcction feature of your image-processing program to extract the cross-sectional data from each image. Then, import the cross sections into a 3-D modeling program via software such as Pixel 3D (Axiom Software) or the Convert IFF II.BM function in the Detail editor of Imagine (Impulse). Assemble your cross sections in the 3-D modeling program by “stacking” them, separated by appropriate distances. Then, either skin the cross-sections over or construct polygons amongst them. Vchii result is a wire-frame model of your subject’s head, reach for the detail work of adding textures, colors, animation, and rendering. Project Specifics Moulage is a nontoxic, reusable gelatinous material that becomes liquid when heated in a double boiler. In its liquid state, it can he poured over the face, becoming, when cool, a linn and rubbery mold. You can insert rubber tubes or straws into your subject’s nostrils to facilitate breathing. Hut it is actually quite easy to leave nostril openings when applying the Moulage hv hand. The process is quite simple and is adequately explained in detail in the instructions that come with the product. Having your fac e molded in Moulage is a verv pleasant experience unless you're claustrophobic. It's quite a hit like* getting a facial all warm and relaxing and quiet. I've actually had subjects fall asleep while I applied it. Having your entire head, as opposed to only your face, encased in a Moulage mask can bring on throat- constricting fantasies of suffocation. Ask my wife, Carol, who was kind enough to pose for the accompanying pictures. She has instructed me to inform you that you should keep talking to your subject throughout the process, especially in die latter stages. Unless you already have a proportional 3-D model of a head from which you can cut and paste, I suggest you do mold the entire head the first time you try this process. After the first time, you may find it easier to make a mold ol just the lace and ears, and then model the rest of the head with your 3-D software. Without a reference, though, it is extremely difficult to position the crown and jaw. For either type of cast, laminating wire* screening into the Moulage before it sets ensures a mold stiff enough for the next step. An alternative 1 use is to lay plaster- cast bandages cut in short strips and soaked in warm water over the Moulage. The supportive bandages actually rolls of gauze that have been impregnated with plaster ol paris set up very quickly. 11 you are molding an entire head in one piece, you'll have to slice the mold once to remove it from vour subject's head. The material slices like butter, so use a dull blade. (This is one time when it is important to talk to your subject. The feel of the knife on the tip of Carol's ear at this stage so startled her that she nearlv suffered a Van Gogh handicap.) The Moulage mold releases quite easily when von gentlv pull upon it. If your subject’s hair is embedded in it, however, the situation can become a hit, well, hairy. Mustaches are not really a problem, hut I suggest slicking hack facial hair with petroleum jelly. I covered Carol's hair with kitchen cellophane before applying the Moulage. Once you've removed it. Vou must paste the head mold hack together with Moulage. Or. Il you're using plaster bandages for reinforcement, with short strips of bandage. Next, you must cast the head. Douglas & Sturgess has expertise in p tumble forms and the use of a hot wire. The company's Posmoulage is a wax-based substance that picks up subtle details in the Moulage. Rigid Foam 25R is the firm's two-component, liquid system for producing rigid polyurethane foam suitable for casting. Another foam-casting material is Tap Plas- tics' X-40. W hile it provides for smooth surfaces, - 40 does not produce uniformly small air bubbles, so you’ll need to clean up the resulting cross-sections and mav not get the kind of detail other foams oiler. With either loam, four ounces each of Farts A and B produce more than enough lor a lull head cast. Mix the two parts of either system according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then pour the foam into the Moulage mold. Be* aware that any water on the Moulage will affect the casting. It will show on the Fosmoulage head and will actually a fleet the curing of the foam. ? DAVID SMOOT, A Hollywood director and a manager at the Sony Video Institute, recently said to me, “Terminator 2 is the standard by which your videos are judged." He didn’t qualify that statement by limiting it to professional videos, either. WHERE THE PROS GO Since your 3-D animations dumped to video will be judged by those standards, why not use the same equipment and techniques the T2 team used to create those outstanding special effects? I'll describe the high- end digitizing units available, and then tell you about a couple of companies that make them accessible to Amiga users. Digitizing Hardware Cyberware manufactures optical 3-D digitizers (around S50K-80K) that have been used to create effects for movies such as T2. Batman Returns, and The Abyss. They take 3-D point data via laser rangefinding, resulting in surface geometry files containing about 256,000 vertices, and also digitize surface color data at the same time to produce 24- bit color texture maps to a resolution of 512x512. Cyberware models 3030 MS and 3030 PS digitize 3-D surface data at the rate of 15,000 points per second and a typical resolution of one point per millimeter (maximum resolution is five points per millimeter). Both use a “cylindrical scan" system so that they can take front, back, and side data. Ic-resonance, and son- ic-digitizing hardware. Viewpoint has Science Accessories and Polhe- mus units, and access to a Cyberware unit. The firm has also developed a portable optical digitizer that does not have the object-size lim- The face of Fred Mack: Cyberware itations of other systems digitized, Imagine rendered. Polhemus. A company well- known in the virtual-reality industry. Makes a magnetic rangefinding 3-D digitizer consisting of a black box and a probe. To digitize, you manually select data points. (For feasible scanning of a living subject, you must make a cast.) Although selecting several thousand data points by hand can be tedious, the Polhemus device offers resolution equaled by no other digitizer. Science Accessories manufactures a 3-D digitizer based on time-of-flight sound rangefinding. Named the GP8 Three-Dimensional Sonic Digitizer, it is suitable for digitizing the contents of up to a nine-foot cube. The unit consists of two black boxes and eight sparkplug-like emitters, as well as four microphones set square to each other on the XY-plane and a ten-foot cable tipped with a probe. The probe must be placed on each point to be digitized, and it must be on a clear line of sight from at least two microphones. Software computes the XYZ coordinates to a resolution of .01 cm. Viewpoint a custom 3-D digitizing firm, has extensive experience on most optical, magnet- and has an accuracy of about one-tenth of an inch. Viewpoint personnel travel extensively with this setup, often using it to digitize cars and airplanes on a custom basis. Viewpoint can keep custom digitizing priced relatively low because of the resale value of the digitized objects. The company has an extensive library of 3-D objects (running about S200-S500 each) and will sell packages composed of any of them in any format the customer requests. In addition, Viewpoint sells prepackaged objects in the 3-D Studio and Topaz formats. (Company reps were also seen talking to Allen Hastings of Lightwave and Videoscape 3D fame at SIGGRAPH this year.) A call to Viewpoint will net you a comprehensive catalog detailing goods, services, and pricing. Amiga-Bound DuBois Animation offers a version of Animatrix Modeler that contains a module allowing the direct use of a Polhemus device. To enter a point in Animatrix Modeler, you simply place the digitizer’s stylus on the object and press the Amiga's space bar. With the newest Polhemus digitizer starting at about $ 3500, this avenue is within the reach of many professionals. Fred Mack, a Bay Area animator and programmer, uses Cyberware’s equipment on a regular basis and has written his own utility to convert raw Cyberware data into data directly acceptable by Imagine. The accompanying image, which is in fact Mack’s own face, was created in this way and rendered in Imagine. (He has also used his Amiga to create animation for Cyberware’s SIGGRAPH display.) Mack is available for custom digitizing of real 3-D objects and conversion to both Amiga and PC formats. K.C.a When the east has set. Remove the mold, and you’ll have an accurate reproduction of your subject’s head or lace. You'll quite likely destroy the Moulage mold in removing it. Ihe Moulage is reusable, however, so this is not a continuing expense. Perfect Pieces I he slicing device consists ol an 11-shaped frame across which you place either a hot wire (stainless-steel wire attached to a piece of zip cord and a dimmer switch) or a ring saw (wire with embedded abrasive), depending on the cast material. The hot wire slices the wax- based ftismoulagc: the ring saw slices foam. See Figure l for details of how to build the device. WIRE ROD = guides for hot wire) Figure 2: Jig detail. It is essential to keep the wire taut while slicing; sagging wire will not produce parallel cross sections. Placing a spring at the end of the wooden I I-framc opposite the wire helps. For hot-wire slicing, plug the dimmer switch into a wall socket and adjust it to heat the stainless steel. The wire is not hot enough when it will not cut smoothly, and is too hot when it starts to glow red or sag. To accurately slice your cast into cross sections, you need some way to solidly position it so that you can move it a predetermined amount between slices, because the “blade” works best when it is pulled down a parallel set of runners (thus assuring a plane that is always parallel to the camera lens), you must he able to move the table mount for the cast between the runners after each slice is made. An upside-down piece of ceramic tile works fine. It has parallel edges, and its tex- tured bottom provides a good surface upon which to solidly epoxy the head. Examine the drawing of the jig I’ve constructed to serve these purposes (Figure 2). Once you have sliced off a piece, move the table forward the thickness of your next slice and digitize the surface. A metalworker's scale epoxied onto the side of the jig allows von to accurately move the table a specified amount. As long as you move the table the same distance every slice, the scale of the cross sections will remain constant. I used DCTV and a camcorder to digitize each cross- section. As always, the more careful you are in setting up your lights, the better will be the picture you produce. And the better the picture, the easier it will he for your image-processing program to extract a clear cross-sectional outline using its edge-detection or I incart function. I suggest that you light the background with fill lights. With two hack lights, the limited contrast ratio available with video will ensure that the cut plane remains dark while the background is very light. Pixel 3D is my program of choice for converting the IFF outlines into a suitable 3-D object. I he ins and outs of your particular 3-D modeling program are up to you. Excluding camera, computer equipment and software. The total cost of materials for this project is around $ 75 (see the “Parts and Prices” box for specific breakdowns). Of course, your time is a bigger investment, but vour results will be truly rewarding and truly unique. Future Forms On the horizon is an alternative method for creating 3-D models that’s still within the reach of most Amiga users. It will require about the same amount of time .is the method I have presented, but employs an altogether different process. Coining from duBois Animation (creator of the An- imatrix 3-1) modeler) is an option in the form ol a program tentatively tilled Animatrix Digitizer. I his program requires a digitizing or drawing tablet and a still camera for high-resolution digitizing. The software is based on simple trigonometry and allows for highcr- resolution work than many other methods. With it. You can translate any size static or dynamic object into 3- D digital-point data. ? Finally... affordable high-resolution hand scanners for your Amiga! Alfa Data introduces the AlfaScan and AlfaScan-Plus hand scanners. AlfaScan and AlfaScan-Plus connect to your Amiga 500, A2000 or A3000 parallel port and allow you to scan images in up to 256 grayscales (standard AlfaScan supports 128 grayscales) in resolutions ranging from 100 to 400 dots per inch. Both AlfaScan and AlfaScan-Plus come complete with parallel adapter, A C adapter and new Scan&Save-Plus software featuring real-time on-screen scan display and complete WorkBench 2.0 style user interface. Requires AmigaDOS 1.2 or higner and a minimum of 1MB RAM ALFA DATA For more information, contact your nearest Amiga' dealer. Dealer inquiries welcome 109 South Duncan Rood - Post Office Box 6990 • Champaign. Illinois 61821 Telephone: (217)356-1962 ¦ Fax:(217)356-4312 Amiga, Warkflench and AmigaDOS are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc Commodore is a registered trademark ol Commodore Electronics. Ltd Cifde 191 on Reader Service card 3 - I) I) I i I I I Z I (i ! Lie method is simple; I first read about it in Synthetic Actors in Computer-Generated 3D Films, by Thalmann & Thalmann (1990, Springer-Verlag). You begin hv painting or marking enough points on an inanimate object, model, or cast of an object to establish the needed resolution, and then numbering each point clearly. Mm then mount the object or model on a turntable (a lazy Susan works well), set tip a si ill camera containing line- grain film, and take a picture of the object. (The still camera must be close enough that the number lor each point will be visible on the resulting photo.) Rotating the object up to (50 degrees, yon then lake another picture. Making sure both pictures contain all the points you want to digitize in one view of the object. Once you've developed them, mount the two pictures on a digitizing tablet and enter the individual point pairs into Animatrix Digitizer using the tablet s pen. The program uses trigonometry operating from the rotation angle of the object for each picture to compare the different picture locations oI the point pairs. It then assigns each point a position in 3-D space. You may have to repeat this procedure three or four times and merge the resulting objects to create a 360-degree model. AH this goes to show that photorealistic 3-D images and animations are within the creative realm of all Amiga artists, whether more wealthy in money or in time. ¦ Kirby Carmichael is a principal oj HuizW'ord MultiMedia, a west-coast multimedia consulting, animation, and video studio. Write to him at 411 Ileat iclijj Dr., Ricijica, C.A 94044, PARTS AND PRICES Plywood (3 8x18x18 inches). It runs about S2 at any lumberyard, but you’ve probably got it lying around somewhere. Countertop cutout. This material is very flat, much more so than standard plywood, and you can probably get it for free from a lumberyard that cuts countertops. The lumberyard makes the cutout to install a sink, and routinely discards the cutout material. Wood glue. A small bottle cost me $ 1.55 at a hardware store. Ring saw or fishing leader wire. The former is available for $ 5.89 at a camping store. 20-gauge stainless-steel fishing leader wire costs about $ 2 from a bait shop or discount store. Either will serve as your “blade,” depending on your casting method. Wire rod. One 36-inch piece costs about 89c and is available at any hardware store. Cut in two and glued onto the uprights,it will serve as runners to guide the cutting wire. Mini alligator clips (2). I recommend Radio Shack's Cat. No. 270-372A; they are $ 1.89 each. With the hot-wire method, standard alligator clips weaken the “blade" at the point of contact because electrolysis occurs between the two metals under current. This causes the hot stainless-steel wire eventually to break under tension and possibly fly back and hit you in the face. Because Radio Shack's clips feature a round curve in the contact area, they are much less likely to break the hot wire. Turnbuckle. The turnbuckle allows you to achieve proper cutting-wire tension. It costs S1.80 at hardware stores. Spring. Cost; about 50c at a hardware store. Nails (3). Negligible cost. Ceramic tile. Tile with a hexagonal back that absorbs tile cement costs $ 3 or $ 4 at your local tile store. Runner tile. Four pieces of ceramic runner tile for the jig runners costs about 50c each at a tile store. Tile adhesive. About S3. Moulage. Douglas & Sturgess is the manufacturer of Moulage, and to my knowledge, its only source. It runs $ 25 for five pounds. Plastic screen wire or plaster-cast bandages. Depending on the method you use to reinforce the mold, obtain the former from a hardware store or the latter from a medical-supply house or pharmacy. Wettable plaster bandages cost about $ 4.50 for a 4-inch roll. Posmoulage or pourabte foam. Depending on the method you use for casting, Posmoulage is available from Douglas & Sturgess at $ 30 for 10 lbs. You can get foam in one-quart kits from Douglas & Sturgess ($ 18) or Tap Plastics ($ 12.80) to make 1XU cubic feet. Zip cord. This is for the Posmoulage hot-wire approach only. Buy ten feet at your local hardware store for about 20c a foot, or butcher a $ 3 extension cord. Rheostat or household dimmer. This is for hot-wire method only. The household dimmer switch works very well because it can be attached directly to the hot-wire frame. Buy one at any hardware store for $ 10, or cannibalize your game room dimmer switch (only after you’ve opened the appropriate circuit breaker!). ? An AW correspondent pumps lis subject for answers to ten common questions about Arexx. 1 Amiga World: What the heck is Arexx, and why would I need it, anyway? Arexx: Arexx is a language like BASIC! Or C or Pascal that is used to write programs that control your computer. The programs are simple text files, editable by any text editor or word processor, which are then “interpreted” in real time as they are run. The Amiga version of the REXX language is a commercial product sold (and programmed) by William S. Hawes. Commodore is including Arexx free with the 2.04 and later releases of the operating system. If you buy it separately, ii sells in the mail-order houses for less than $ 30, and (in my humble opinion) is well worth the money. Eel me try to give you the short answer on why you need it. Work with, but much more flexible and powerful.
• It replaces BASIC for those little “Eve got a job to do, and I want it programmed quick” kind of problems, and through the use of external libraries it can take over for most of the “bigger'1 tasks you might previously have done using BASIC.
• It acts as a go-between to let other programs exchange information program A sending data through Arexx to program B, and maybe back again. This interprocess communication makes possible the automation of all sorts of things, and it will become more and more useful and important as more and more programs become “ARexx-compatible.” 2 AW: “Function Not Found!” errors! Explain this library business, okay? AR: This can be a confusing area. Some libraries come with ? R A 11 " ft j 1 1 Arexx, some don't . Some should be loaded by you, and some definitely should not. Arexx conies with two libraries standard: the rexxsvslib.library and the able. Which brings up one of the most powerful features of Arexx: its ability to access commands from libraries or even other running programs. The best advice I can give you for adding new libraries is “read the does** for each one. The author should tell you if it needs to be loaded and, if you’re lucky, include an example of the preferred method. 3 AW: How con I find out if my script is being used with the new 2.0 OS? AR: 'fry out the following routine: a = SHOWLIST('L7exec.library', A') * get library address * The best advice can give you for adding new rexxsupport.library. The firsi is loaded automatically by the “rexxmast” program that runs in your startup- sequence, but the support lib needs to be loaded by you before the functions in it can be called by Arexx. Functions in the rexxsupporl.1 ibrary include SHO VDIR(), SIIGYVLISTO, STATEFO, OPENPOR f(), CLOSE- PORI’O, and the message-handling routines like WAITPKTQ and GETPKTQ. Nes is As you can see, there is a lot of good stuff in there, so t his library is often needed. The mere fact that it exists in libs: is not enough; you have to tell Arexx that you want to make it available for use. Abu can do this in your slartup-sequence by adding a line such as "read the does" for each one. Rx "CALL ADDLIBf'roxxsupport. Libra ry 0,-30,0)"
• •• DO NOT load the 'rexxsyslib.library'! *** Among the freely distributable Arexx-compatible libraries, the rexxarplib.library, written by Willy Langeveld. Is probably the most widely used. It adds screens, windows, gadgets, and graphics to the Arexx arsenal of commands. This is how you can quickly get a nice Graphic User Inferfacc up and running with a minimum of fuss. If you use the rexxarplib (and lots of demo programs do), the rexxarplib.library (and possibly the rexxmath- lib.library) needs to be loaded, but the arp.library and the screen share, library, although required for the rexxarplib to work, should not be loaded. (They are loaded automatically when needed.) To accomplish this, add the following: rx "CALL ADDLIB('rexxmathlib.library',0,-30,0)" rx "CALL ADDLIB('rexxarplib.library',0,-30,0)" DO NOT load the 'arp.library' or the 'screenshare.library'! ** There are other Arexx-compatible libraries avail * add 20 to address * c = IMPORT(b,2) * get 2 chars from that address * d = C2D(c) * and turn them into a decimal number * IF d >= 37 THEN SAY 'WorkBench 2.x version V'd ELSE SAY 'WorkBench 1.3 (or less) version V'd -l AW: I've heard you soy that routines could be written that would somehow “TRAP " errors, and show me the offending code. Show me! AR: The followimg will automatically display the line in your code that Arexx is having a problem with, as well as the lines on either side of the probable error line. The internal Arexx “Special” variable RG will bold the error number and SIGL will hold the line number where the signal occurred. First, turn on the required feature by putting this line near the top of your Arexx program: SIGNAL ON SYNTAX Then, at the bottom ol your program add: EXIT I* we don't want to accidentally execute this routine * SYNTAX: * denotes a "label", can be CALLed or SIGNALed * SAY 'SYNTAX ERROR:' RC ERRORTEXT(RC) * built-in English messages * SAY SOURCELINE(SIGL-I) SAY SOURCELINE(SIGL) * = = this line SHOULD be the error * SAY SOURCELINE(SIGL+1) EXIT If you replace the EXIT with RETURN, it will force the program to continue from the point of the error. This is dangerous in most circumstances, because you don't know what the syntax error might have been. I here could be times when all you want to do is trap the signal (if the user presses BREAK_C, for example), so that the program can exit gracefully, saving data, and so forth. In that case, you might have the BRFAK_C: routine RETURN rather than EXIT. SIGNAL ON SYNTAX is usually the most valuable debugging tool, but you can “SIGNAL ON” a whole varietv of conditions including BREAK C thru BRF.AK._F, ERROR, FAILURE, HALF, lOERR, and NOVALUE. 5 AW: How do you change the current directory “inside" an Arexx program? AR: It's easy simply use the following: olddir = PRAGMA = 'D',new_dir) All internal Arexx commands, like OPFN(), RE- NAM F(b DELETE(), and so on. Will now he pointed at ncw_dir as their current directory. If you are using ADDRESS COMMAND to launch a CLI-based program, however, it is a bit trickier, since the Shell or CLI that ADDRESS COMMAND uses may or may not know the current directory, depending on your environment. The safest thing to do, the thing that works every time in any Arexx environment, is to set the directory as the first command and connect it to the commands that follow, using the linefeed character, ASCII character 10, hex QA. In this way, all of these commands will be executed as if they had been typed, one line per linefeed character, at a single CLI window. Note that ADDRESS COMMAND sends the final linefeed automatically. You can put an implicit “CD" into the ADDRESS COMMAND by doing this: LF = 'OA'x ADDRESS COMMAND 'CD DFO:' LF 'DIR' LF 'CD RAM:' LF 'DIR' This will display a directory listing of DFO: and then one of RAM: 6 AW: How can our send a text string directly to the jointer? In RASIC. You'd simjdy 1 .PRINT “Hello World." How would you do it in Arexx? AR: Well, here are three ways. First, you could simply enter ADDRESS COMMAND 'Type >PRT: Hello World' but that method is somewhat limiting, and is slow if you need to send more than a single line of text. Here’s whal I normally do: x = OPEN(p PRT; 'W') * using the printer as if it were a file * IF x == OTHEN EXIT 20 CALL WRITELN(p,'Hello World') * write one line * CALL CLOSE(p) * close the printer so the next task can use rt * Or, if you put your text into a stem (let’s call it “text.”) and keep the total number of lines in text.O, you can use this more general routine: * blank our sample text file * * just 3 lines * text. = " text.O = 3 text.1 = 'This is line 1' text.2 = 'line 2' text.3 = 'now is the time for all good men to...' x = OPEN|p PRT:' W') IF x = = OTHEN EXIT 20 DO i = 1 TO text.O CALL WRITELNIp.text.il END CALL CLOSE(p) Remember that YVRITELN() appends a linefeed character (ASCII 10) to the text sent automatically, blit VRITECII() (not used here) does not. 7 AW: I need to formal commas into numbers like 980432009 to make them more readable. Is there a command to do thist AR: Arexx does not have a built-in command to do this, but here is a subroutine you can use that will handle up to 15 digits large enough to show the national debt! It also remembers any digits to the right of the decimal point, passing them hack unchanged. Comma: NUMERIC DIGITS 14 * largest number of digits Arexx can handle * ARG num , mant = num - num%1 * anything to the right of the decimal point?* IF mant = 0 THEN mant = " ELSE DO mant = SUBSTR|mant,2) I* if yes, then remove leading "0" * !* make num into an integer *1 num = num % 1 END dgt = LENGTH(num) numtext = " * number of digits in num * ...but a _ ¦ > • will handle up to 15 digits- large enough to show the national debt! IF dgt>3 THEN numtext = 7RIGHT(num,3) Ifdgt>6THEN numtext = YLEFT(RIGHT = num,6),3) 11numtext IF dgt>9 THEN numtext = 7LEFT|RIGHT(num,9),3)| |numtext IF dgt>12 THEN DO numtext= 'r'LEFT(RIGHT(num,12)f3) 11 numtext numtext = LEFTfnum,dgt-12)| | numtext END ELSE IF dgt>9 THEN numtext = LEFT(num,dgt-9)| | numtext ELSE IF dgt>6 THEN numtext = LEFT(num,dgt-6)| | numtext ELSE IF dgt>3 THEN numtext = LEFT(num,dgt-3)| jnumtext ELSE numtext = num numtext = numtext [ | mant I* replace any decimal point data * RETURN(numtext) 8 AW: Could you give me an example of a way to wait for a disk to be inserted into a certain drive and then report the volu me name of the disk that was inserted with no action performed on the part of the user except to insert the dish ? AR: Let’s sav the “certain” drive is DFO:. Now trv this: t i CALL PRAGMA('W' Nr) 2 turn off disk requesters * DO loop = 1 IF EXISTS('DFO:f} THEN DO olddir = PRAGMA('D' DFO:') * make dfO: the current directory * SAY The disk in DFO: is called' PRAGMA('D') LEAVE loop END CALL DELAY(100) * wait 2 seconds * END This will tell you the name of the disk in DFO: If there is no disk in the drive, it will keep checking every two seconds until a disk is inserted. 0 A W: A re there any good RE.XX hooks specific to the A migtt if AR: Using Arexx on the Amiga, hy Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan (Abacus, 425pp., S34.95), includes a disk with examples. It covers all areas of Arexx well and assumes nothing about your programming knowledge. Included are numerous examples of using Arexx with programs. This is Arexx from the end user’s viewpoint. Amiga Programmer's Guide to Arexx, by F.ric Gigiiere (Commodore, 218 pp., $ 20), also includes a disk wit h examples. This one, however, covers Arexx from the programmer’s viewpoint: How to put an Arexx port in your program, standard commands, and so forth. At the moment, this hook is available only from GATS (Commodore Applications & Technical Support). To order, write to: Commodore Business Machines, Department C, 1600 Wilson Drive, West Chester. PA 19380. Specify CATS Part Number: AREXX01 and add $ 3 for shipping and handling. CATS insists on check or money order no plastic. Add sales tax if you live in Pennsylvania. Virginia, California. Tennessee, or Illinois. 10 AW: Where eon get answers to my Arexx questions? AR: 1 run an Arexx question-and-answer session on the first Saturday of even- month at 6 J’M PS Ion Portal (408 973-911 1 to sign up). You can also leave electronic mail for me on Portal, BIX, or Genie (I am rlslockton on all of these). 1 also run my own BBS at 206 744-
1254. If you are among the modem-impaired, you can mail me your questions care of Imiga World, and I'll try to help. Bill Hawes, the author of Arexx, is also available on BIX (whawes), where he moderates a public message conference (amiga.vendors wishful) for support of his products. If I can't answer a question, this is where I usually turn for the “ultimate" answer. ¦ Richard Stockton is one of the leading Arexx programmers in the country and a eofounder of Gramma Software, a publisher of A Rexx-eompatihle software. The Best 8 bit Stereo Sampler II you're looking for raw hardware sampling power, this is the unit, ti has loads of features to ensure Ihe highest tktelrty sampling available in 3 bits, while maintaining compatibility with existing software. Up to 88k samples in stereo. It you want to check it out, send $ 2 for a disk full of sampled sound. You wtll have difficulty distinguishing it from a
CD. Suitable for use on all Amigas. Includes parallel pass thru. List $ 129 and get the best of both worlds. . . Print end video in one! TOP CHIP The Ultimate in 2Mb Chip Rani Expansion The most versatile, smallest. 2Mb chip memory expansion available. TC has 2 Mb of Ram on board for improved noise immunity (Megachip has 1 Mb), it is easily installed with no soldering or cutting of tracks. TC is compatible with NMS for electronic switching between 512K. Imb,& 2Mb of Chip Ram. Best of all it is upward compatible with The Fast Lane $ 199 + 2Mb Agnus. YOU NEED THE BLACK KNIGHT Experience first-hand how others are using the Amiga', the Video Toaster' and a variety of other computer-graphic computer-video packages and products, Watch and learn as top industry producers and developers show you how to do new things, use their products and create the great results you see on television and at trade shows! For more information or to order, call: 1-800-322-4545
• PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS * TRAINING • H0W-T0 SEGMENTS A new issue ei e.ry other month! T10%W% IPU r viDEOGiWHix and Bag AAEshed by Vieeopacha. Re. 12219 Nkniet A»enuc Soutn. Bumsvfle. W‘i 55337. Subscrptan rsie is 5 4800 fytar. Ararf* *ri S 1800 per suOscrfSMrt
S. A.M. I This versatile unit is indispensable for the professional musician or videographer. It is a combo Time code unit that reads a writes SMPTE, and converts it to & from MIDI Time Code. It also indudes a full featured MIDI Interface. This product is perfect for locking audio and video tapes to a computer or to multiple MIDI instruments.SAM can be used to stripe SMPTE onto video tape. List $ 199. EPROM PROGRAMMER The Must have Thingamy! There are not many programmers that can burn EPROM's compatible with the Amiga ROM socket
• this one does! It also plugs into the parallel port ol any Amiga. It is aiso cheap. Go for H! The Skeleton is a bare bones kit (groan), that can program Amiga compatible EPROM's. It is great value at $ 69. However, ft needs some assembly, the addition of a case, and a 12 voit ac piugpack. The Budget Programmer (list $ 99). Will smt most users. It comes complete with evarything-to get you up and funning. The Deluxe Programmer ;$ 149) is for the more advanced hackers, who need to program a multitude of different EPROM's including 27C64, 27C128. 27C256, 27C512, 27C010, 27C020.27C040,27C080,27C1024, 27C2048. & 27C400. Li you have a legitimate requirement to backup your OS Rom, to burn a disk file to EPROM, or to create you Own OS, this product is for you. Do Not breach any copyright by making illegal copies of software. Blank 40 pin EPROM's $ 29.95 Dealers Wanted Don't Forget-Other great products include The Fast Lane - our new chip RAM accelerator, Qulcknet that will economically allow you to network multiple Amigas together on a peer to peer basis, MIDI Express our $ 49 MIDI interface. Around the comer is our new range of CPU accelerators and video products. If your the experimental type, why no! Sling us 25 bucks & o n the Beta Testers Guild - lots of benefits, KICK 2 and KICK 3 Double and Triple Rom Switcher The most compact rom switchers on the market. No noisy flat cable. Hardware swttched, yet com- I patibte with No More Switches. Uses high quality ! Machined sockets lor added reliability. With NMS, i Kick 3 is capable ol electronically switching 4 versions Of the OS. Kick 2 $ 29.95 Kick 3 $ 39.95 NO MORE SWITCHES For Total Control or Your Amiga NMS is a battery backed, software controlled unit.: that can replace up to eight hardware switches. It is easily installed in the Gary socket. Best of all it remembers the last used state on power up - nothing else does f This software hardware bundle can be used with our Rom switchers or the competitions. Either way you get total control. While you're at it why not elec tronieally svv.tch fast ram, autobooting, the amount of chip ram or your accelerator. Also suitable for use with existing hardware switched rom adaptors. Includes eight leads. Great value at $ 39.95 Black Knight Peripherals 255 W.Moana 207, Reno NV 89509 Tel (702) 827 8088 FAX (702) 827 8099 _ Amiga la a repatgrad TM ol CBM.afl otlwr tradamarfcj cl company a-' aexnovHwJged Printing Without Limits! Beautiful Continuous Tone Gray And Color Prints On Most Amiga Printers. ASDG, the leading color imaging innovator, brings yon the first major Amiga®printing breakthrough since the development of scalable fonts. ? Before, you could only print 16 shades of gray. This is due to the operating system's built-in limitation of only 4 bits per primary color. TruePrint 24,M enables you to print 256 shades of gray and more than 16 million colors on most Amiga1 compatible printers. You can even print pictures with 32 shades of gray on text-only devices such as daisy wheel printers. Now that high color high resolution images are commonplace, you can use the inexpensive printer you already own to produce stunning proofs, final prints, and gigantic posters with amazing clarity, without the bands and blotches normally produced by (non-PostScript1) printers. ? After, adding TruePrint 24M you are capable of 8 bits per primary color giving 256 shades of gray or more than 16 million colors. Get TruePrint 24IM and discover how good your pictures really are! 925 Stewart Street Madison, WI 53713 24 Bit Printing Utility 60S 273-6585 Features: Print 256 shades of gray or 16 million colors on printers which have Preferences drivers supporting strip printing * Portrait mode prints are done from disk so you can print pictures too big to lit in available memory • ? Using TruePrint 24 w you can produce posters, the size of which are limited only by your supply of paper. Color printing jumps from 4096 colors to more than 16 million. Create posters of any size • Eleven different halftoning techniques * Global color correction • Print with 32 shades of gray on text-only printers (like daisy wheels) • Easy to use point and click" user interface • AppIcon AppMenu interface under Kickstart 2.0 • Comprehensive manual with tutorials * Multitasks • Arexx compatible. Requirements: Amiga with Kickstart 1.3 or later • Minimum of 1 megabyte of memory for portrait mode prints * Landscape mode requires that the image fit in memory • Color and black and white printer with a Preferences driver that supports strip printing (if you’re unsure about your printer, ask your dealer). The following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: TruePrim 24: ASDG Incorporated. PostScript: Adobe Systems Corp. Arexx: Wishful Thinking Development Corporation. Amiga and Kickstart: Commodore Amiga Inc, Circle 155 on Reader Serv.ce card Audio For Video In the first installment of a two-part series on the audio portion of video production, ice consider some techniques for achieving good recording results. By Michael Hanish WHEN THE AUDIO portion of your video is flawed, your entire presentation suffers. A dialog-intensive instructional tape I saw recently exemplified this fact. It was so poorly ini keel that the speech was nearly unintelligible, and, to add insult to injury, jarringly loud, throbbing disco music separated segments, W hile we are most conscious of the information we take in visually, our audio sense is at least as discriminating (if not more so) to inconsistencies and discrepancies between visual and aural elements. In fact, we readily take for granted the subtle and vast amount of audio information that surrounds us. In spite of the best intentions, the audio tracks of a video may impart a totally different effect than was initially intended. I he following two Video Suite installments will look at both the technical and aesthetic elements of preparing and editing audio tracks (including sound, dialog, and music) for video. This discussion will touch only the tip of the iceberg, however. You can find more help in books and other articles (see a recommended bibliography in tbe “Sound Advice” box on the next page). Your main source of information, though, will be the work of others. Look and listen for both good and bad, what succeeds and what doesn’t, and then apply that same critical distance and sense to vonr own work. Use whatever you find to work best for you. (To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers ' Distributors' Addresses' list on p. 117.) What You Hear and What You Get As with any other aspect of production, you should have reliable, faithful monitoring so you know the exact signal quality going onto your recording. For audio work, this means using an amplifier and speakers, and headphones as well, if possible. In the studio, you need not listen at high volume (save that, and your hearing, for the dance party), so your amp and speakers need not be tremendously powerful* just accurate. Don’t forget to listen to your piece through a television set; it is in that low-lidelity environment that most people will see and hear your work. Headphones are a good tool for the studio, and an absolute necessity for field recording. It’s a waste of time to attempt field recording without using them to monitor your work. If you are J * doing a location shoot, record several minutes of ambient (“wild") sound and location video; it may come in extremely handy during editing if you need to recreate the feel of the place but are unable to go there again. Also, make it a habit to record an audio reference tone at the beginning of each tape you create or use. The reference can be any sort of tone of which you know the level (volume); traditionally, it is OdB, which is clearly marked on all VU (audio level) meters. This recorded tone is useful for setting reference monitor and record levels in the studio. If, for example, your amplifier is turned way up, you will have a very distorted sense of the level and sound quality that is going to tape. Incidentally, when you have the option, set levels manually rather than rely on your camera’s or VCR s automatic level control (ALC), While the AJLC does its job well, sometimes it does it too well, boosting out-of-shot sounds in an attempt to keep the overall levels equal. Ears and Eyes Microphones are your ears on the world. To use them properly, you need a general understanding of how they work. Very basically, a microphone changes physical sound waves into electrical impulses that can be recorded on tape. Like a pair of eyes, a microphone has a field of “vision” (called the directional pattern) and acuity (referred to as frequency response, or sensitivity). The three general groups of directional, or polar, patterns are omnidirectional (equal sensitivity to sound coming from all directions), uni-directional (forward direction), and bidirectional (which picks lip sounds in front and back, but not the sides). There are numerous pattern variations within each group. The more sensitive a mike is and the greater its frequency response, the better its recording fidelity, And after all. The point is to get an accurate representation of the sound lo tape. ? ASDG is not the first to advertise "cinematic quality morphing" for the Commodore Amiga®. Having seen the other products, there's obviously more than one way to define that term. Finally! True Cinematic Quality Morphing For The Amiga"! To us, "cinematic quality morphing" means these things:
* Morphing must be fast. In a production environment, time is money. ASDG's MorphPlus' is the fastest morphing product available for the Commodore Amiga®. MorphPlus' powers through complicated full overscan morphs 3 to 11 times faster than the other products. Fastest ....MorphPlus'" Easiest-To-Use ...MorphPlus"'' Highest Quality .MorphPlus™
• Morphing must be easy. Experts in the field praise the intuitive design of the MorphPlus" user interface which lets them create sophisticated full motion morphs in minutes instead of weeks.
• Morphing must be high quality (so that it truly can be used for cinematic or professional video applications). MorphPlus' is already in use in Hollywood productions, replacing high end systems. This is what we mean by "cinematic quality morphing." If these are the criteria you would use, then MorphPlus' is the choice you should make. See it at your local dealer! 925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713 608 273-6585 What's The Plus? And More! The following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: MorphPlus: ASDG Incorporated, Amiga: Commodore Amiga Inc. Circle 4 on Reader Service card There are. To say the least, a number of aesthetic choices involved in using microphones. The “sound picture’* your microphone captures will give a tremendous amount of information to your audience. For example, using a single microphone to capture sound and dialog in a room will give the sonic effect of distance from the sound source, even when the camera is recording a close-up shot. If this is the effect you want, line. It is rarely appropriate, yet it is the technique used most often bv inexperienced video makers, usually by default. All video cameras have an external microphone jack crying out for use. Radio Shack, as a low-end source, has a variety ol inexpensive microphones that you can connect there, from lavaliere (which you attach to the speaker's lapel) to shotgun (extremely uni-directional) to PZM (an omnidirectional type very useful for picking up a wide field of sound from many sources simultaneously and accurately). As Mr. Natural said, "Get the right tool for the job." The sound Sound Advice CERTAINLY THERE IS much more to producing good audio for your video presentation than can be adequately covered in a two-part article. A number of excellent books are available on the subject. The following are my recommendations. Introduction to Professional Recording Techniques, by Bruce Bartlett (1987, Howard W. Sams), offers detailed information on everything for audio. Including mike techniques and types. MIDI, location recording, sound effects, and sound quality, as well as you record can he manipulated in post-production given you have the resources but it is far better to get it right in the beginning. Many kinds ol microphones exhibit the proximity effect a boost of the bass frequencies that are recorded when they are placed close to the sound source. This could be the sound quality you want, but you won't even know what you're capturing unless you monitor. Recording a scene with multiple sound sources is best done with several microphones and a mixer, allowing you (or your sound recordist) control over level, lone, and placement of each source. Miking and mixing techniques can. For example, bring out specific character trails. In the television series In the Ileat of the Night, one habit of Rod Steiger’s sherifl character is loud and incessant gum chewing, which is recorded with a great deal of presence and mixed loudlv with his dialog. Bv v n keeping that sound prominent in the final mix. The director is giving us a deep and subliminal insight into the character. The power of sound in video is simultaneously direct and subtle. The Guts of the Issue Good sound effects can evoke strong visceral responses from viewers: bad ones may induce unexpected diversionary raids on the kitchen, caused bv j viewer boredom. W hile dialog should usually be close-miked and recorded with the video (it is extremely difficult to replace dialog accurately), the natural sounds of an event, as recorded live, generally do not accurately portray it. SMPTE and syncing sound to video. While Gerald Milferson’s Video Production Handbook (1988. Focal Press) covers primarily video production, it also contains excellent information on audio as it relates to the whole. Finally. Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics. By Herbert Zettl (1990, Wadsworth Publishing), is just what its title suggests. It demonstrates the effects that sound, imagery, and both of them in conjunction have on the viewer, so that you can produce the results you intend.: ... Sound effects are usually rerecorded and dubbed in at a later stage in post- product ion, and in this aspect your Amiga can he particularly helpful. Used with care, any of the eight-hit samplers on the market can do a fine job of recording, editing, and triggering sound effects or even ambient sound tracks back into your audio. You need to use the same care and attention to detail (mike placement, tone, and sound quality) when recording and preparing a sound-effect sample as you clo when recording anv other audio. D j (For more information on good sampling techniques, see “Now Hear This,” Dec. ’90, p. 43.) It is far easier and more accurate to he able to digitally edit the sound and apply reverb, echo, effects, and equalization (tone control) with software, rather than by culling, splicing, and rerecording audio tape. The advent of 12- and 16-bit audio for the Amiga brought on, respectively, by Similize's AD1012 and AD516 boards -greatly expands the control, quality, and accuracy. But more about that in our next installment. I he task of getting the sounds to hit u u at the appropriate places in your video (synchronization) can be accomplished in a variety ol wavs. By far the easiest is to edit all the audio tracks to a multitrack tape recorder “locked” (made to run in sync) to the video edit master, and then to audio-club the finished lull soundtrack (sound, dialog, and music) to the edit master. As an alternative, you can add them on the fly, along with music, as an audio dub between two VCRs. Run the audio output of the source VCR (containing dialog and ambience) into one or two channels of a mixer, add the music source (MIDI, tape, sampler) and the Amiga’s audio out and or sampler output to other channels, and send the output to your recording VCR. At the appropriate times, you can trigger samples manually, by Arexx script, from a sequencer (particularly The Blue Ribbon Sound Work,s' Bars and Pipes Professional ), or from one of the many multimedia authoring or presentation programs, (We’ll discuss this process next month. In the meantime, see “Amiga 1 alkies,” 1992 Amiga- World Special Issue. P. 58, for more informal ion.) You need not break the bank or your back to get good-qiialitv. Effective audio for your video. Trial and error and extreme attention to detail arc required, however even if you use the best and most extensive equipment. Come on back next month, when we consider the “heart” of the matter music and the often mind-bending task ol’putting it all together. ¦ Michael Hautsh uses an Amiga for video, graphics, and music with both his performance group and his adult literacy students. He writes frequently on audio and video topics. Write to him c o Amiga I Vo rid Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough. Nil 03458. It Takes An Art Department With Connections Sure, talent and good looks help, but in the real world, you've got to have connections. This is true whether you want to star in pictures or just manipulate them. Using Art Department Professional (ADPro) you can connect to just about any type of color input or output device such as video digitizers (PP&S and GVP), color scanners (Sharp, EPSON and others), film recorders (Polaroid and LaserGraphics), display boards (Impulse, GVP, Digital Creations, DMI and many others) and all sorts of color and gray scale printers. No matter which device you're controlling, ADPro's advanced image processing, Arexx programmability and powerful format conversion capabilities help you get the best results possible. So, you provide the talent and good looks and let Art Department Professional provide the connections. 925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713 608 273-6585 1 lie following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: Art Department Professional: ASDC Incorporated. Arexx: Wishful Thinking Development Corporation Ode 39 on Reader Service card STEP INTO THE WORLD OF AMIGA... ' St ' S The Pathway To For a computer as extraordinary as the | Amiga,™ you need a magazine that vjpft .1 > can match its excellence, AmigaWorld. Vo T' AmigaWorld is the only magazine whic:h » provides you with ideas and information to get maximum performance from the Amiga s tremendous power and versatility. Each issue gives you valuable insights to I boost your productivity and enham:e your creativity. 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300. 00 4422 PERSONAL TBC II PAL 1299 00 MEMORY EXPANSION RAM CHIPS MOST FAM CHIP SIZES AVAILABLE AT ECONOMICAL PRICES .. .....CALL A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS 165? A DR AM 540 W OK . 69 95 4158 ALFA DATA 501 CLONE ..36 95 1580 BASEBOARD A500 0 4 MB 89 00 4438 EUREKA A501 CLONE .. ...38 95 1585 SurflARAM 500 1 2 MEG ... ...47,00 A500 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS 2506 SUPHARAM 500RX 1MB 13500 2773 SUPRARAM 500RX 2MB...... 169 00 3192 SUPRARAM 500RX 8MB 429 00 A60G INTERNAL RAM BOARDS 4432 BASEBOARD 600 0MB w0 CLOCK ... 24 95 4431 BASEBOARD 600 0MB W CLOCK 39 95 44 72 PCMCIA 2MB RAM BRD A600 . 239 00 4473 PCMCIA 4MB RAM BRD A600 .. 369 00 A2G00 RAM BOARDS 3889 DKB 2632 RAM EXPANSION BOARD FOR A2S00 ... . 399 03 1265 SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM 179 03 1411 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM .240 00 1533 SUPRARAM 2000 C-MB RAM 299 00 1291 SUPRARAM 2000 8MB RAM 379 CO 1 VIDEO SOLUTIONS 1 (SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE) IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE 3634 ART DEPARTMENT PRO V 2 1 159 00 2584 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK ... ... 52 95 •£ ASDG TRUE PRINT 24 64 95 4391 CINEMORPH .. 99 95 3870 IMAGEMASTER 14900 4021 IMAGEMASTER FIRECRACKER VEP 139 30 4348 MORPH PLUS . 1 79 00 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 4030 ANIMAT R1X MODELER ... CALL 3290 BHOADCAST 3D FONTS - IMAGINE ...
84. 95 3749 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE .. . 84 95 4312 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - MASTER PACK 2 LIGHTWAVE . . 74.95 4313 BROADCAST 3D FONTS- MASTER PACK 3 LIGHTWAVE .. .... 74 95 380 CALIGARI 2 ... . 279 00 4007 CYCLEMAh FOR IMAGINE ... ... 39 95 4315 ESSENCE ... 49 95 4208 IMAGINE 1 1WFREE VIDEO .
79. 95 3826 IMAGINE 2 0 ... 239 00 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS ..._ .. 64 95 2996 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE ..._...... .... 45.95 2954 MAP MASTER FOR LIGHTWAVE 64 95 4455 MORPHUS ... .. .69 95 4343 MOTION MAN FOR LIGHTWAVE ....._.... 11900 4292 PRO TEXTURES VOL II __
- 42 95 3203 REAL 3D VI 4 ..... 199 00 3332 SCULPT AN MATE 4-0 .... 299 00 4199 VIRTUAL REALITY STUDIO DESKTOP VIDEO ...64 95 1005 BROADCAST TITLES II ...... 229 00 4250 BROADCAST TITLER II SUPER HIGH RES VERSION .. 279 00 4471 BROADCAST TITLER II FONT PACK 2 ...94 95 3772 PRO VIDEO CG If ... 129 00 3888 SCREEN MAKER 24-BIT ...... 59 95 4377 TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM ..... . 11900 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO 60 ...... . 159 00 437B TOASTER TOOLKIT 11 ___ _ 134 95 3699 VIDEO DIRECTOR . 14900 4235 VIDEO TOASTER TOOLKIT . 99 95 4314 WIPE MASTER 11900 4277 The Ultimate 24-Bit Video and Graphics System Main Board includes DpalPaint, OpalPresents, OpalHotkey and “King of Karate” For the Amiga 2000 & 3000 ONLY $ 999°° a From Digital Creations Full NTSC Color Display $ 00000 and Digitizer. OUC? Pal Version Now 1721 Available! DCTV: A guided four This easy-to-followt comprehensive . VHS tutorial will tell you all you need 26 to know about DCTV. Newtek Video Toaster Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D (tenderer, 24-Bit painting & more! CUSTOMER SERVICE OR
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-6 PST FAX: 310-214-0932 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 COMPUTERS _I 3940 PERSONAL VECTRASCOPE ..789 00 2566 PE RSONAL TBC I .. 479 00 3371 PERSONALTBC II ..719 00 4486 PERSONAL TBC 111 869.00 3628 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 2099 00 4515 FUN SCHOOL PA NT i CREATE 32 95 4514 FUN SCHOOL SPELLING FAIR .32.95 1694 KATIES FARM .25 95 5504 KINDERAMA ..... 24 95 3643 LAND OF THE UNICORN ......32 95 4412 MATH A MAGICIAN ...25 95 101Q MATH BLASTER PLUS .. . 32 95 £605 MATH WIZARD .19 95 2753 MCGEE ... 25 95 0255 MY PAINT 2 0 .... 29 95 560 7 READ A-RAMA .. 24 95 1706 SPELLAFARI .... 23 95 LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION 3622 AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE ’4 95 3623 AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN ...54 95 3621 AUDIO GALLERY JAPANESE ....74,95 4130 AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN ......79 95 3558 AUDIO GALLERY SPANISH .....54 95 1772 JAPANESE I 27 95 0954 LINKWORD FRENCH .....19 95 0955 LINKWORD GERMAN ... .1995 0956 LINKWORD ITALIAN . 19 95 0957 LINKWORD RUSSIAN 19 95 0953 LINKWORD SPANISH ......19 95 TRANSWRITE ... HOME PRODUCTIVITY CONTACT 2.0 MINI OFFICE .... NOTEBOOK TOP FORM ... WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN ...... . 39 35 2442 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE CHROMA KEY PLUS .....359.00 COLOR SPLITTER 109.00
- JVC DECKS .... 799.00
- IBM SLOT .. ...133.00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV ... 399,00 DCTV RGB ADAPTOR 249.00 KITCHEN SYNC ....159SOO KITCHEN SYNC S-VIDEO OPTION ..119.00 KITCHEN SYNC GENLOCK OPTION .154 00 OPALVISlON 24-BIT MAIN BOARD ..... 999.00 4164 0152 2431 8787 420 T 4277 4092 44 95 .. 69 95 .26 95 . 52 95 51 95 4223 4421 4075 0797 0350 BUSINESS SOFTWARE ACCOUNTING 7066 BEST BUSINESS MGMT ...142 GO 0226 DESKTOP BUDGET ..„.AQ95 4120 EASY LEDGERS ..... .159 00 3852 HOME FRONT 2 0 .... 54 95 1854 PHASAR 4,0 59.95 0979 SERVICE INDUSTRY ACCTNG 129.00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING 4507 HOT LINKS 1.1 PAGESTREAM .99.95 4125 MIGRAPH OCR MULTILINGUAL SOFTWARE ... 249,00 3833 PAGESTREAM 2 2 . 189.00 0410 PROF PAGE STRUCTURED CLIP ART .... 38.95 0409 PROF PAGE TEMPLATES ... 35 55 3854 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 3.0 ...... 169 00 SPREADSHEET 3493 CHARTS AND GRAPHS ..... 29 95 4187 MAXIPLAN 4.0 .. 99 95 0487 PROFESSIONAL CALC .....189 00 DATABASES 1775 FAMILY TREE VERSION 2 ..46 95 2352 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 .. 59 95 2762 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL 4 .199 00 WORD PROCESSING 4469 FINAL COPY II ....39 95 3101 FLOW 3 0 57,95 2793 PROPER GRAMMAR .....57.95 4405 PROWRlTE 3.3 .....64 95 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE GENERAL EDUCATIONAL CASTLE OF DR BRAIN .34 95 CROSSWORD CONST SET 22 95 DISTANT SUNS VERSION 4 1 ..49 S5 MAPLE V ..,..429 00 MARK'S MATHLAB ...34 95 MATH-AMATION .....49 95 MAVIS BEACON TYPING 34 95 PELICAN PRESS .....64 95 WHERE IN EUROPE IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34 95 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANOIEGO . 34 95 WHERE IN THE U S A IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34.95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO ....34 95 WORLD ATLAS 2 5 .29 49 ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL AMY'S FUN 2 3 ....29 55 AT THE ZOO 14 95 BARNEY BEAR GOES CAMPING ......20 95 BARNEY BEAR GOES TO FARM 20.95 BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SCHOOL .... . 20 95 BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SPACE 20 95 3725 6879 1M0 4029 1903 4037 4255 4166 5696 3245 2440 1268 1033 0766 0470 0699 3535 3281 3636 4260 4217 4216 1721 4331 3639 4194 4009 4277 FONTS GENERAL FONTS ALL AGFA FONTS AVAILABLE CALL 0821 KARA ANIMFONTS 1 23.95 0822 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 29 95 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 .... 29.95 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 . 35.95 0337 KARA FONTS HEADLINES ... 44.95 0353 KARA FONTS HEADLINES2 ......39.95 3759 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3 _ 46 95 1838 KARA FONTS STAH-IELDS ......34.95 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS . 3S 95 0095 MASTERPIECE FONTS . 159 00 4129 4022 2912 0104 1219 1679 Morph Plus ..$ 179°° gjLv W I z With features like 3D wave ripple effects, completely WYSIWYG perspective and spherical warper, arbitrary rotation, and the best morphing warping technology around, Morph Plus Is the premiere morphing package on the market. .« * n TriNIedi 'carporated 7 K" x 7 V Wiz Drawing Tablet ....(23900 Supra Corporation CIWE Modems _ Supra 2400 Baud Modem .79.95 .8877 SupraFax 2400 9600 Data ......135.95 4150 SupraFax Modem 14.4 I4.4k 3732 The Kitchen Sync YEAR s159900 Two Complete TBCs on one car Works with any video source S-VHS and ffl-8 compatible Optional Y C output Efreat for use with the Video Toaster Flicker Free Video 2 ... Elinlutix Interlace dicker for pay ftrcipt compaler. Navis' SOI... Cwrslete 2 1.2- Bernes lateral! Mrd drive xyilem Novta 85) .....CALI Comsieie 2 17' Bbmeg Irlcrnii bird drive lysim ier Ike Amiga 3887 4317 Modem 9600 9600 $ 259°° I 4086 I This new 9600bps modem has MNP5, V.42bis and
V. 32 error correction and data compression. SupraRam RX 2773 I 2MB ..199.00 SupraRam 500 1585 I 512k ...47.00 Duo to industry fluctuation, BAM prices are subject lo change without notice SupraRam RX 1 2506 | 1MB .... 135,00 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. GRAPHICS SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE ANIMATION SOFTWARE 0387 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO .. 49 95 8339 THE DIRECTOR V2 0 ..... 74 95 3350 FRACTAL PRO 5 0 .. .. CALL 4545 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2 0 SCENERY ANIM DATA DISKS ...£9 95 3704 ¦GRND CANYON .... . 18 95 3786
- OAHU . ...18 95 3785
- 29.95
29. 95 29 95 29 95 29 95 29 S5 BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE LOCK PICK . 36 95 RAW COPY 1 3K ... 36 95 X-CCPY PROFESSIONAL 45 95 TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE A TALK 111 42 95 BAUD BANDIT 27 95 MINDLINK TELECOM 23 95 ONLINE PLATINUM 39 95 STARNET BBS . ..30 99 SUPRA GP ;AX SOFTWARE 74 95 DOS TOOLS imUTIES 4222 AMI BACK 2 0 . 39 95 4410 ASDG ADPROJX-lCO MODULE 84 95 0120 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER 4 1 24 95 4332 CROSS DOS 5 0 ..... 39 95 3262 DIRECTORY OPUS .. 36 95 3200 DISKMASTERII 42 95 2341 DJ HELPER 29.95
• 0 75 4693 1912 1763 0635 1875 3009 4165 4153 2704 3205 3363 3745 2321 2761 2948 2957 4207 29 95 29 95 29 55 .. 34.95 44 55 44 55 .4455 44 95 52 95 2659 DYNA CADD 499 00 3319 600 AMIGA FONTS .... ......19 95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY 4062
- VOLUME 1 .. 59 95 4066
• VOLUME II ... ...... 59 95 4271
- VOLUME HI . 59 95 4272
289. 00 4363 MAVERICK 5 0 ...... .27 95 PAINT DRAW SOFTWARE 4124 1847 QUARTERBACK 5 0 .. QUARTERBACK TOOLS . ...... 44 95 52 95 4096 DELUXE PAINT IV V4 1 .,..119 00 3975 SUPER DJ 500C ... 32 95 3000 DESIGN WORKS 79 95 4464 4465 TURBO PRINT 69 95 2535 4248 2685 IMAGE FINDER PROFESSIONAL. DRAW 3 0 SPECTRA COLOR ...... 32 95 129 00 54 95 GUMA VERSON CONTROL SYSTEM . ..69 95 279 00 299 00 199 00 64 95 GENERAL MUSIC SOFTWARE 0863 BARS AND PIPES .. 99 95 2720 BARS AND PIPES PROF .... 209 00 3359 CREATIVITY KIT ..... ...32 95 1270 INTERNAL SOUNDS KIT __ 32 95 1751 MULTI MEDIA KIT ...... 32 95 1271 MUSIC EOX A ... ...32 95 1750 MUSIC BOX B ... 32 95 3352 PRO STUDIO KIT ...... 3295 1596 RULES FOR TOOLS ..... ... 32 95 1550 DR T S COPYIST DTP 190 00 2797 DR T S KCS LEVEL II V3 5 .. 229 00 3390 PATCHMEISTER 49 95 1260 P1XQUND 56 95 3507 SONIX . ,.,51 95 3667 5UPER JAM 89 95 1584 tlGER CUB ..... 79 95 SAMPLING SOLUTIONS 3348 GVP DIGITAL SOUND SAVPLR 34 00 45C4 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 . ..- .... ... 70 55 28CO SOUNDMASTER AUDiOV,ASTER BUNDLE __ . 139 00 4C41 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES ADI 012 12-BIT SAMPLER ..... 529 00 4157 SYNCPRO .. 179 00 3B9t TRIPLE PLAY PLUS 165 00 MUSIC The Publishing Team with the Genie Edge HP DeskJet 5Q0C (Colon) 00 HP DeskJet 500 Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Professional Page 3.0 $ 16900 Draw 3.0 $ 1 2qoo 4248 Version 4.1 DeluxePaint IV The King of Paint and Animation
• Full-screen metamorphosis
• Optimized HAM painting modes
• Scalable fonts » Improved support for AmigaDos 2.04
• Still easy fo usol 4096 PatchMeister S4995 Universal Patch Librarian Q jinqr. 3890 Cinemorph ...$ 9995
• Static or Full-motion morphing
• Multi-Speed morphing
• SPLINE and LINE morphing methods
• 24-Bit color and 8-Bit grayscale modes available Bars&Pipes Professional ...S209°° State uf the Art MIDI Sequencing SyncPro .s goo SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator 4157 Triple Play Plus s165°° 48 MIDI channels via one interface EPSON Scanner SuperJAM! S8995 Write music withuot ever touching an mtrument 3667 600 DPI, 24-Bit full page color scanner.,,, S999M ES-300C ASDG Driver Bundle .....s1079°° EPSON i 4 rtg:S5*'*0 ir*«.T3*« 5t Se-.e> EPSON i-C Wt.’..
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Man-Sat 8-G PST Lawndale, Cfl 90260 FAX: 310-214-0932 COMPUTERS I
- STEP BY STEP GUIDE 34 95 ¦ ADVANCED TECHNIQUES ..... 34 95 AMIGA PRIMER VIDEO ......19 95 AMIGA WORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOLUME I ... 19 95 AMIGA WORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOL II ....19.95 MUSICAL AMIGA VIDEO ..... 23 95 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE AMIGA VISION .. . .....99.00 AMOS THE COMPILER .... . _45 95 AMOS THE CREATOR NORTH AMERICAN VER .....64 95 1 » «> 1 1111 fllTl k.1 11 “* * FI™ II- i AMOS 3D PAL .. 42 95 nl"VV V M • * ' V. • --I » *11 -( 1‘ > *! * “ *- AZTECC DEVELOPERS SYSTEM PLUS SOB .... ......195 00 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL .....129 00 CANDOPROPAK 1 ... ..23 95 . R.Ahtno ?o .CALL
r. APF AflK AIIFU 7 6 57 95 CYGNUSEDPROF. REL. 2 ..58 95 EASY AMOS ..39 95 HISOFT DEVPAK 3 .... ___79 95 HISPEED PASCAL . 109.00 HYPERBOOK GOLD DISK ......64.95 INOVATOOLS II ... . 5985 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL 3 0 ... 135.00 POWER WINDOWS 2.5 .. ......52 95 REXX PLUS COMPILER ......11995 SASC DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM VER 5 .. ..... 269 00 SCALAvt.1 ....,299 00 TURBOTEXT . 64 95 4460 4451 2708 1239 2937 1841 EPIC .. .39 95 2712 SIMCITY GRAPHICS r 1 FANTASTIC VOYAGE ...... . 29.95 ANCIENT CITIES .. ...23 95 GODS . ..26.95 2713 SIMCITY GRAPHICS 2 GUY SPY ......29 95 FUTURE CITIES ..... 23 95 HOI . 26.95 4323 SIM EARTH 46 55 IMMORTAL .30 95 2380 STAF CONTROL ...... ..29 95 JAGUAR XJ-220 .. ..... 35 95 0010 TETRIS ... ....24 95 KILLING GAME SHOW .... LEMMINGS ..... I EMMINGS DATA DISK ..26.95 ......32 95 13 95 7564 ADULT GAMES CENTERFOLD SQUARES . ...1995 MAGIC POCKETS ... NOVA 9 ObtTUS . 17.95 24 95 34 95 4358 0813 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 1 ENHANCED . LEISURE SUIT LARRY II ... ...35 95 ...35 95 PINBAl 1 DRFAWS 27 95 2597 LEISURE SUIT LARRY III 35 95 PIT FIGHTER 24 95 3796 LEISURE SUIT LARRY V .... ...... . 39 95 PRINCE OF PERSIA 25 95 3386 STRIP POKER III . 29 95 PROJECT X 36 95 3387 STRIP III DATA • . 16 95 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 25 95 3388 STRIP III DATA 2 ...... ......- ....16 95 shadow of th= beast ij 34 95 3383 STRIP III DATA 3 ...... 16.95 SHAnflW OF THE RFAST III 3390 STRIP III DATA 4..... ... . 16 95 SPACE ACF II 33 95 3965 STRIP lit DATA 5 ...... .....16 95 cppcnPAl ] 2 74 95 4423 STRIP III DATA 6 .... ..16.95 jrCCUDRLL C . SWORD OF SODAN .. TENGENS ARCADE HITS UTOPIA ..C- J J J ..15.95 ......-..-26 95 ...32 95 2668 WAR STRATEGY CENTURION: DEFENDER OF ROME 34 95 4288 3670 2914 4276 4362
* 779 4251
• 749 2042 3666 4393 4340 2516 4197 4060 1770 4396 0741 1688 4470 3669 2585 3006 4201 4417 9010 3165 4413 3229 9965 2687 1753 0078 6554 4122 3921 3924 2540 3264 3964 1302 443S 4334 2638 2050 BOOKS AM GA DOS 2. 0 COMPANION AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE MANUAL ..... ..19 95 .... . 19 95 AMIGA INTERN . .32 95 AMIGA ROM KERNEL:
41. 95 20 95 34 95 27 95 6295 34 95 29 95 2995 38 96 33 95 19 95
36. 95 TAPES TUTORIAl .31.95 .39 95 .35.95 . 45 .55 .34.95 .39.95 .35.55 . 39.55 .39.35 . 39 .55 .36.95 . 39.95 .32 95 1658 3956 1735 4344 4294 4357 1756 4430 4407 2956 4215 4020 0508 2927 AMIGAWORLD VIDEO TOASTER TUTORIAL TAPE 1995 2829 ANIMATION 101 ... 24 95 3160 OCTV A GUIDED TOUR ... ___26 95 3676 DCTV A GUIDED TOUR PAL ..... 26 95 3512 DELUXE PAINT 4 VIDEO GUIDE . 19.95 3617 DELUXE PAINT 4 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES VIDEO . ... 19-95 2543 IMAGINE A GUIDED TOUR .. 26 95 2028 IMAGINE A GUIDED TOUR PAL .... .26.95 --- TOASTER ESSENENTIALS VIDEOS 4457 ¦TOASTER PAINT ...
34. 95 4458 ¦TOASTER CG ... ..34 95 4'63 2841 1887 4193 4433 1123 2445 AWESOME ... ... . ..... 3J95 CCNAN THE CIMMERIAN . 29 95 ?GENERATION ...34 95 DRAGON S LAIR SINGE CSTL ..
43. 95 DRAGON'S LAIR TIME WARP . 34 95 MegAChip 2000 500 $ 209°° w o Agnus • s269°° with Agnus Multistart II Provides for Amiga 500's & 2000’s to operate under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0 ...$ 2995 3272 4229 3753 A ? J u
* -;i~ 9 £ ; PRODUCTS & ftp? IV yfA * ir .v £ EE 1 I i ¦ ._ f y 3D Photo
- N*
- ? 1 ' 'cjc
• if 13n 1y j a1 ] ¦ * MOTIONM AN Articulated Humanlike figure tor Lightwave 30 ? 60 Separate Objects ? Complete hierarchy ? WALK & RUN Scripts ? Script editing tutorial Use him in your own commercial projects. $ 1 1900 SyQuest Drives These packages include the SyQuest drive, 1 cartridge & all neccesary cables. External models include a case. 44mb for Amiga 2000 S399 internal *499 external kit 4243 4532 88mb for Amiga 2000 s569 internal *669 external kit 4231 4533 Real 3D vr .4 $ 19900 R E A L 3 D 3203
• Fastest Renderer on the Amiga
• 24 Bit support ¦ Render up to 32k x 32k Introducing an exciting new product from IUS IDEO UIRECTOR THIRD GENERATION G8D30 PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR BY INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS Now Available!!! Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCSSS 32-Bit RAM Expansion to 32 MB 25Mhz G8G30 On-Board SCSI 2B30 Compatible Expansion port The first and only 403Q accelerator with Pro-Plex allowing on-board SCSI and RAM to be accessed in the 68000 mode. Prices Effective November 1,1992 DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ 15 ost rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! Lowest overnight rates in the business’ 3966 THE THIRD REICH _?3 95 FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG 39 95 4275 VIKINGS ..... ..... 39 95 4293 MEGAFORTRESS: MISSION 1 . 27 95 3260 WORLDS AT WAR .,.29 95 4299 MEGAFORTRESS: MISSION 2
36. 95 ..... 39.95 34 96 2667 3721 BARD S TALE til THIEF OF FATE BLACK CRYPT ..... ...31 95 34 95
39. 95 DUNGEON MASTER 11 . ...... 14 95 4395 DUNE ...... .... 39.95 4137 DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN 34 95 2409 ELVIRA . .....29 95 0002 DUNGEON MASTER .... ......19 95 3970 ELVIRA II 34 95 2443 DUNGEON MASTER II CHAOS 3710 HEART OF CHINA . 39 95 STRIKES BACK . 19 95 4429 LORDS OF TIME 29 95 2674 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 38 95 3789 OUT OF THIS WORLD
39. 95 4017 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II 33 95 4450 PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE 32-95 0503 KING'S QUEST IV 33 95 4039 POLICE OUEST III ...
39. 95 3369 KING S OUEST V .....38 95 3339 RISE OF THE DRAGON
39. 95 4054 LOST TREASURES OF JNFOCOM ..... 45 95 4341 R03IN HOOD: 2343 MEGATRAVELLER ......38 95 CONQUEST OF LONGBOW......
36. 95 4295 TREASURES CF THE 2672 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 38 95 SAVAGE FRONTIER .... 34 95 136 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 2 38 95 2379 ULTIMA V: 1123 SINGE S CASTLE WARRIORS OF DESTINY 35 95 DRAGON S LAIR 34 95 4073 ULTIMA VI 41?7 SPACE QUEST l ENHANCED 34 95 THE false pfophet . ..... 44 95 3953 SPACE OUEST IV ... 39 95 FLIGHT SIMULATORS 2550 3236 SPIRIT OF EXCALiBUR STARFLIGHT II ...... 32 49 34 95 4030 4249 A 10 TANK KILLER 1 5 AIR SUPPORT
- --------39 95 .... 29 95 2445 3793 3763 TIME WARP DRAGON S LAIR 11 VENGEANCE OF EXCALIBUR 34 95 32 95 3957 AIRBUS 320 PAL ... .....CALL Wll 1 Y RF A1.1 FH 39 95 3233 2967 BIRDS OF PREY FlS STRIKE EAGLE II .. .... 34 95 ... 39 95 HILL * w w “. I ¦ j r 1 .... ..... . SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT - JJ JJ 1319 F19 STEALTH "IGHTER ... 34 95 3705 4D SPORTS BOXING 34 95 0115 FALCON . .. 32.95 330 4D SPORTS DRIVING . .....34.95 1833 FALCON MISS ON DISK 2 ...... 19 95 C961 SB DGE6 0 25 95 3663 FIGHTER DUE ..... ..... 29 95 4392 CALIFORNIA GAMES II 26-95 2551 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II 32 49 2851 FAST EDDIE'S POOL ..... 22.95 0405 GUNSHlP ..... 35 95 3810 GREENS 38 95 3791 KNIGHTS OF THE SKY .... 39 95 3756 GRETZKY HOCKEY 2 42 95 3246 MEGAFORTRESS 4C65 HOYLE BOOK OF GAMES 3...... .....29 95
29. 95 29 95
09. 95
17. 95
17. 95 34 95
29. 95 32 49
39. 95 3191 3166 3167 3164 3797 3209 2798 3079 3596 3751 3179 3599 451 1 3180 3596 3597 2662 2B63 3202 2779 2941 il CDTV TITLES ADVANCD MILITARY SYS . ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY .... AMERICAN VISTA MULTIMEDIA US ATLA5 ... BARNEY SEAR GOES CAMPING GOES TO SCHOOL ...... BATTLE CHESS ... CASE OF THE CAUTIOUS CONDOR CASE OF THE M SSING BLANKET CD REMIX CDTV FOR KIDS VOL l CDTV FOR KIDS VOL 2 .. CDTV FOR KIDS VOL 3 CLASSIC BOARD GAMES CONNOISSEUR OF FINE ARTS 0EFEN0ER CF THE CROWN ELECTRONIC COOKBOOK . FANTASTIC VOYAGE FRED FISH BBS ONLINE FRED FISH COLLECTION ...... FUN SCHOOL 3 GARDEN FAX INDOOR PLANTS ...... ... 29 95 35 95 .49 95 ._ 59 95 27 95 27 55 39 95 35 95 34 95 32 95 49 95 49 95 49 95 35 95 29 95 39 95 .43 95 29 55 48 55 46 95 35 55 42 95 3201 2740 164 2750 3251 32 7B 252 4253 254 2751 374 3T90 2633 4053 1159 2794 2944 3360 ACCESSORIES MISC CABLES FOR MOST NEEDS USES AVAIL .... CALL DUST COVERS ANO KEYBOARO SKINS AVAIL __CALL FLICKER MASTER _ _ 12 95 KEYBOARO TEMPLATES FOR TOASTER CG. TOASTER SWITCHER. DCTV S DPAINT IV FOR AMIGA 50C. 20CC3COO . CALL STAR TREK MOUSE PAD 10 X 10 .. 13 95 STAR TREK NEXT GENERAT ON MOUSE PAD ...... 13 95 6501 4440 4441 DSS-8 .. $ 84°° Record, edit, compose...with a high-quality, stereo sound sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track sequencer. $ 6495 3348 Supports Hotlinks _ 100,000 word Spell Checker. Thesaurus with 300,000 word cross reference. 4406 1 Firecracker Bundle 4222 Ami-Back is the fastest hard disk backup program for the Amiga. JLMUACX 17m LAUrTMli Bwftup l intY Backs up to floppies, HD lloppies, hard drives, and SCSI tape and DAT drives. Ami-Back's new “911-Recovery" mode recovers lost data without the need for disk utility programs. Compress data during backup with no speed loss (to floppy). Missing disks may be skipped during restores. Supports multlple-device backups. ' N : x u *
• High-resolution *16.8 Million Colors • 24-Bit graphics display card |
• Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 $ 819°° 2 Meg Version 2431 D K DKB 2632 Ram Expansion Now expand your Amiga up to 112 megs ol 32 Bit memory if you own the CBM A2632 Accelerator board. Wrth 4megs ..l399T 3889 DKB Insider II 5149“ 3271
1. 5 Mea of internal RAM for the A1000 with clock calendar Imagine Bundle! Imagine plus IMACIHE Imagine: A Guided Tour video imagine Prices Etlective November 1,1382 The Amiga Deal of the Century! G-Force 030 A2000
• 68030 running at 40Mhz
• 68882 running at 40Mhz
• 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
• Onboard Series II SCSI Controller Hard Drive mountable All on one board (while supplies last) Get it tomorrow at no extra charge!* G-Force 040 A3000
• 68040 running at 28Mhz
• 0 to 8mb of onboard, 40ns, nonmultiplexed DRAM. (24mb max.)
• Software switchable 68030 mode for compatibility
* Full DMA to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral M299°° AT ONCE $ 199°° The only 16Mhz IBM PC AT" Emulator that works with both the A500 and the A2000 Lu-ru A2000 G-Force ’040 Combo 33Mhz W 4MB .....$ 2099.00 4MB Installed Up to 16MB (add in 4MB SIMM increments) Up to 64MB w availability of 16 MB SIMM Hard Drive Option or GVP EGS Color Graphics Option High Speed SCSI Controller On-board Parallel and Serial Port 04 More G-force Accelerators: G-force 25MHz l MB 68882 .... $ 599.00 G-force 40MHz 4MB 68882 120MB HD ..$ 1349.00 G-force 50MHz 4MB 68882 ..$ 1469.00 G-force 50MHz 4MB 68882 213MB HD ..$ 1989.00 Ask about special RAM pricing when ordered with an accelerator boardl Hard Cards Impact Vision 24 Series II A2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card: A2000-HC8+0 120 (120Mb Harddisk) ..s508°“ A2000-HC8+0 213 (213Mb Hard disk) ..s799°° 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + Genlock + Framegrabber + Flicker- Eliminator + PIP + Video Titler + 3D Modelling System and now includes a Video Transcoder Unitl A3000-IV24 ..*1879°° A2000-IV24 Adapter ..*49“ A530 Turbo NOW SHIPPING
• A500 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
• at to
• Imb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb G-FORCE 040=*
• Socket for 68882 Math chip
• “Mini Slot” for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility.
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 80mb drive .s92900 A530 w 120mb drive .5104900 A500 HD+ A500-HD+ w 120mb HD *638°° A500-HD+ w 213mb HD *8990Q PC286 Module (Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit)... $ 22900 HONE PAK Now, your Amiga 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at oncel All for just $ 429°° BmNMB The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it!*** The largest Amiga mail-order company by far! The largest and best Amiga computer dealer (authorized by Commodore) The largest and best Amiga Service & Tech Support center. The largest selection, the best service The best prices! The fastest delivery (overnight service). Money-back guarantee, see separate MBG rules. The first Amiga authorized mail order company. Fastest order-entry system, so you wait less on the phone! The most knowledgeable salespeople who can offer you assistance in selection, system configuration, etc. Order by 2:00pm PST and get your order tommorow! J"
* For what other companies charge for ground service 1 that may take up to 9 days V H CC-HiS wl* 1 untfed -time olfei ntplm 13 31 92 and only opplei to to* above Utd c a*. Gcr; c only. You musf cell Curiam Service to obtain o S*twn Aumot tartan number before sending me lemaj back, toe KemU) mud bo la atgmot conation and in original packaging, WttiMask warranty cord- Ho aomoged iiemi wtt be occwrtd fttonds tossed w*wi U doyt c* receipt ot toe returned ettWM. HtfuM * tented to $ 5,000 per custom No refunds an Ire l or tabactiergei C jiTfiVSStv’CS ter tody support csi 51O-SSJ-OTItejm |1 am. To7p.si.Kl ' aide: O.J ' i v:f’by Federal Eipress to not cvtriab* inaflcrec:. Those 'blended Areas' kA * two oay*. Check wlto yea tecct Federal (ip>eutice«fito(deteerycon! NeHo« and dt»very6m«LCCO i add id rtoPenocnt;Camparyc *cts. Can fa a( ctoertappingMomOicn EducmienaS,c«pocatoata«f«p«*p*ier«ee d*ncec«w iAiio?M*rtto*dptiCtt®ftCAIfcp««.YiM Hosier Card same fls Cato American Cu press odd 4V Dtocover odd IV ::-s »H K JC*: Cod Customer Service d (310} 2 U-0QCC !a return outooryyion At reternt. ¦'NX't MttaduMai number (HMl) «H) be Mined ?* tjned jxodjcts must b* (n ort nd corcShcn end poc k ojbvj andmusttte uni back Mtom SO days of oa tovofce dole Me rOWKli. Pieas*. OeHCMepratoctescrongetiMiir wemakenogaaronlees tor product performance. Exchanges vflt: unfikeproductsa* ol airopflanondjub|*d too20 ti-roct-'a lee fsrnrc avofaOKTy ol product «e wt>J* t te change wiihoar nahc* ‘ - !l CSIiii, Send money orders or eaihtea check tor tastesl service Personalchecki ¦ 10 days la clear Include: Nam*, Attorns and relepnon* numcei (wP,0, loses. Pleas*) Jlaoering byctM* card Include espiratiOft dot* ond Mirrg address. COS tec ensci th-pcring rolei •W|IB*sATfC*.AX. rc-it rtif CUM '...I. For Cenodo, FPO, APO • Utntosum order 550 *n other ccwnmet minimum order J100 Fa VISA and Master Cad orota you muri FAX a mos a slgtwd phceocbpr * yowendft cod •Iroal end bock. Pleas* have you credU cart numb*ri*oayb*tarecc.-; OrOMonlr pteote. Conodo I-MW i4S-7$ t2. Italy 167&-749M.Ur> edl!rigdanEUa0'SV-1176; franc* l9-O&n-IOT9;AustraloaOU-IO0-12S-7l.2:5etr*rfand ca-85-JUO- '•>tC£ AWN :: vs or Aj»iettec«t wctWB(lKadv« byi lo»thort[*dAmgadeoefl*»ttf nettfa«*t*cn sate and oO-of-dock. We w* grr* you os 'dtfntwT pace tower toon the oft* aurbohiea Amiga Oerter's *d*ihw»d' price When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GVP Hardware from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the ma rket fora GVP Impact Vision but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! The Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program POLICIES Overnight Shipping via: (CC-MBGI OUR Creative Computers: Your One-Stop Shop lor the most unbelievable deals on Amiga computers, hardware and software! Amiga 600 A600 .$ 399! A600HD (40mb)......$ 599! Features: Compact low-profile design External PCMCIA expansion connector AmigaDos™ Release 2 software in ROM Color composite, RF Modulated and RGB Video Output It's a revolutionary product that offers integrated audio, full-color digital images and animated graphics* It opens up a whole new universe of experience for the family! Amiga 2000 Toaster A2000 Includes: ir -ITjI- 25Mhz Accelerator (Limited time special) 5mb RAM 1 Oomb Quantum SCSI HD & Controller Ideal for the VideoToaster Great low price due to closeout on this particular configuration External CD-ROM Drive for A500 System 2.0 I $ 79”! It! ROM & Software (Limited-time special) Prices Effective November 1,1992 acintosh emulators almost all ifl&irttosi ajk* serial pat,
• 800K external A-Max Ilhuai aTmntemal card MIDI and'disk cornpSBl wtf disk driveJBoth A ScflHnBfe1 A-Max II Plus feafiires p - ‘¦ Bujjt AppLeTajk port>tojairKtly aSft ple er(vriters.* andUoca iTa Ikf* : -networks : . TyJ'Z*’':*- *”% ¦ Allows tandard Amiga disk •drives to directly' read frtefendjormat Macintosh l $ r 800K diski without additwnal hard Sl nd cost. F 'Prtvicles;two s&al portjidenticaltblihdse found oncJrrent MacmtosBtow.dels, ; ¦’includes ’S'Mac MlblafiferfieJff connect to.sequencers arid otheriffllBIHR® ' i ".The*A- lax Issoftware.aiso features: support fpr- gSnard drives motfte’f
- and-screen sizes, deinterlacers, playback of Macintosh digitj cd soun plejrfeilji peripherals th gh rfiai drive cont&jjM's -SCsftfSn * *GSm ££6-33$ ? ' Umraw infoi ation yirill benefit to redfsteSS oWnei odevious A Max
* £s->j - • . S v.--« ¦ 5% ll aftd', A-Max I Cfctfademarits Q ’dySorf Incorporated. AppVe .Madntosh,. . .AppleTalk, LaierUfrlterF.LocalTaik. lmage vflWJ5?e registered trademarkrofApple GompiSeC 0,htr "*fl'™ks % th' ”r5 beften j mDOs* a nd Macintosh hard'drive parotiohs. Mm048HB648 pixels with scroffirici. Oitrditifiwth Commodore®“s riewhigh density floppy drive. ReaolSrite and transfer MS-DOSiVz" disks with Apple File ports, processor accelerators, RAM, all normal vkfeo modes
* i. A * -ha m m - - ¦ a . ** • T - ~ J ReadySoft Incorporated % t 36 Werthelm Court, Suite 2 •
• Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1E 9 J Tel: (416) 731-4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867.. •. From p. 26. Tion recorded onto videotape. For best results, you must record the frames of the animation to tape one at a time. Single- frame recording, however, requires a frame-accurate VTR and a frame controller; which in turn demand a healthy checking account, but Nucleus Electronics has lowered the cost of this process with The Personal Single Frame Controller (or SFC), which sells for half the price of most other frame controllers. Lay the Pipeline The Personal SFC package consists of a cable that connects the Amiga’s serial port to aVTR’s nine-pin connector, along with the software to control the recording process (among other functions). The only other component you need is a frame-accurate VTR that is capable of generating SMPTE time code. Even the most hardware-phobic person will have no problem installing the Personal SFC. Once you connect the cable, you’re ready to load the Personal SFC software. The configuration screen for the currently connected VTR appears first, containing many VTR-conlrol options. The program sets the preferred default options for each deck, but you can later change and save them. The main control screen of the program resembles a VTR’s front panel with some extra options. A window displaying the current time code position of the tape takes up the top half of the screen. All of the standard VTR controls are available (play, fastforward, rewind, pause, and so on), as well as the ability to move forward or backward through the tape at various speeds via a Jog Shuttle control in the center of the screen. If you prefer, you can use a joystick to control the Jog Shuttle action. The bottom of the screen displays messages, such as error messages or the action currently underway. Some options, such as Quit or Record, require you to click on a Confirm button, which helps avert disaster s. The Personal SFC allows for two types of single-frame recording: recording previously generated images and recording frames as they are rendered by the Amiga. (I recommend the former method, as it causes less wear 011 the VTR.) To start work, you access the Animation Sequence List from the main interface. This screen consists of a list of images to be recorded and a toggle button that lets you select the display device to be used during the recording process. The Personal SFC is compatible with all current Amiga display devices, including DCTV (Digital Creations) and the Video Toaster (NewTek). In addition, the The Personal SFC’s configuration screen specifies default options for each deck. Personal SFC software is capable of loading device-dependent images, as well as IFF and ANIM hies. As the images are loaded, the program checks each one to make sure it is a valid file, so that the recording process will not be interrupted by a bad frame. You can load either single images or sequences of images. In the latter case, you have the option of recording the sequence several times in a row, creating a looping animation. Once you’ve created the list, you can edit several parameters, such as the SMPTE start time of the frames and the number of times each frame is recorded, which makes pause creation easy. Additions and deletions to the sequence list are simple to make, either on a selected range or individual frames. Copy, cut, paste, and insert commands are available, as well as the ability to insert “null” frames, creating gaps in the recorded animation. When satisfied, you can save or print your list. As a final check before recording any frames, you can generate a small grayscale version of your animation with the Preview command. The software can also batcli-convert images into IFF24 Files or Toaster framestores, which load much faster into the Toaster framebuffers, speeding the recording process. Start the Flow Once the list is loaded and all the parameters are set, click on the Start button to begin the recording process. After this, it’s just a matter of sitting hack and letting the Amiga and the VTR do the work. When the job is complete, the controls on the main screen let you review the Finished product. The Personal SFC has other functions, as well. Besides recording single frames, it can grab frames from a previously recorded videotape in conjunction with a Video Idas ter. You can also use the program to control a VTR for time-lapse photography or manual single-frame recording for stop-motion animations. The manual is short but well written, containing all the necessary information to run the Personal SFC, as well as details on many types of VTRs. It also contains some useful tips, such as a chart showing which types of files load the fastest on the various Amiga display devices. The Personal SFC worked flawlessly in my tests, making the job of recording animations to tape much easier. The software is very easy to use, and it took virtually no time to get up and running. The editing options on the Animation Sequence List make it simple to create the exact animation sequence you want. File-integrity checking and batch-file conversion are nice added touches. In short, if you want to single-frame record animations to tape, the Personal SFC is an essential item. Dave Thomas ChromaKey 114- MicroSearch, $ 395. All models. External, RGB port or Video Toaster connection. Installation: moderate. Compatibility notes: external genlock or Video Toaster required. Combines live video over other video sources. Tpdates and new versions are com- U monplace in this age of technology. In fact, many software vendors time the periods between updates more on the money aspects than on the new feature breakthroughs. Hardware vendors have a much more difficult time; thev have to improve the features and re manufacture the product. So it’s nice to see a good idea and a good product updated into a cost-effective and much improved piece of hardware. This is true with the new ChromaKey II+ . The 5x6x1.5-inch box is pretty much the same as the original, but the interior electronics and flexiblity of working in conjuction with the Video Toaster (NewTek) are all new. First, a short review is in order: The purpose of a “key” is to place video (generally live-action) over a background (either computer-generated or video footage). A genlock then mixes the two video signals together. For example, the Video Toaster's built-in luminance (luma) key lets you control the brightness level of the foreground video that is keyed out over the background image. A chrominance (chroma) key lets you re- ? Real-time 24-bit graphics for your Amiga or Video Toaster! Introducing Visiona, a fully programmable real-time 24 32-bit 16.7 million color graphics card for the Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computers (unlike the Harlequin and ImpactVision 24 cards, which are merely framebuffers.) Visiona is based on the powerful Inmos G300 GaAS graphics processor which runs at speeds up to 135 Mhz and utilizes up to 4MB high-speed (20ns!) On-board memory. Visiona supports programmable screen resolutions of 1024 x 1024 pixels in 16.7 million colors up to an impressive 5792 x 5792 pixel monochrome resolution. Workbench-Emulator (included) allows you to open the Workbench (or any screen that uses the Intuition library) in resolutions up to 1280 x 1024! Visiona comes standard with many powerful utilities and several 24-bit color games! Optional Visiona TV-Paint software turns your Amiga into a professional quality 24-bit 16.7 million color paint box system. TV-Paint also works together with the Video Toaster! In fact, the Visiona together with TV-Paint is the ideal combination to replace ToasterPaint, allowing you to edit your Video Toaster images on-screen in full 24-bit 16.7 million colors. Visiona requires an accelerated Amiga (68020 upwards) with one available Zorro II slot, hard drive. 3MB memory, and AmigaDOS 2.04 or later. Supports NTSC, PAL, HDTV and D2MAC video standards. For more information contact your nearest Amiga dealer. Ftlicro-PflCG me. DISTRIBUTORS 109 South Duncan Road Champaign, IL 61821 iSpectronics USA is distributed in Dealer Inquires Welcome. N0iih America by Micro-PACE. Circle 157 on Reader Service ca d idVis>on 24 is a registered trademark ol Great Valley Products, Inc.. Video Toaster and ToasterPaint are registered trademarks ol NewTek. Inc., Amiga. Workbench. Intuition, and AmigaDOS are registered irademarks ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Acure ForThe Colorblind Toaster. Vectorscope It’s the NEW DPS PERSONAL V-SGOPE™ card. The world's first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video. And best of all, it shows vour true colors for a *¦ little green. Just $ 995,
- ¦
• • ¦ aillk
• ¦ ¦ ¦ biiiil ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦Ml ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦Ml 1IIHIUIV
• ••¦ iiuir
- ¦ •¦¦nr
* * *" DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best In the U.S. Call 606-3 1-5533 In Canada Call 416-754-8090 DPS PERSON'ALY-SCOPE * is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems, Inc, move a specific color (generally blue, but sometimes green or red) from the foreground. Chroma keying is generally more controllable and produces better results than luma keying. The critical aspect of keying is that the foreground subject must be properly lighted. Even diffused lighting on each of your subjects helps avoid shadows on the background (dropout) color. Ihe Chroma Key 11+ comes with power supply, new manual, blue chroma-key background cloth, demo video, RGB-interface cable, and Video-Toaster cable. In addition, you can now use an 7 j S-VHS or Hi-8 camcorder to input a chroma-separated signal into the Chro- maKey II + 's S-VHS jack. Using only the chroma information from this signal, you can achieve much cleaner edges on your foreground subject. However, my tests also showed very good (and improved) results without the S-VHS feed. For large projects, the manual suggests sources for obtaining additional blue cloth and Chroma Key Blue (or Uiti- matte Blue) paint in case you need to cover a wall or props. The ChromaKev 11+ only kevs live-ac- tion video and may be used with or without the Toaster. For use without the Toaster, you hook up the ChromaKey’s RGB cable between your Amiga and your genlock’s RGB input. (T he supplied RGB pass-through cable can be a very tight fit on some Amiga models.) You then connect your composite-video input (BNC connections) and the optional S-VHS video input. Be prepared: To use the S-VHS input, you must open the ChromaKey’s box and change a jumper; it is factory set for composite- only input. The controls on the box permit you to select your genlock alone or the ChromaKev 11+ as composite output video. The slider bar lets you fine-tune the chroma levels that need to be keyed out. A Normal Invert switch also selects between a blue background or subject-area dropout . Blue Butter for Your Toast Video Toaster users will be very happy with the ChromaKey II+ , as it gives them a choice between luma and chroma keying and is controlled completely from the Switcher. The previous version of the ChromaKey allowed only live video to be keyed over computer graphics. Now, when used in conjunction with the Toaster, the ChromaKev 11+ can key live video J over videotape footage. This type of connection, however, requires the special Video Toaster cable instead of the RGB pass-through cable. In most cases, you loop the Chroma- Key's composite video output through your time-base corrector (TBC)and into the Toaster’s Video 1 input. T he TBC is synchronized with the camera, and you are able to chroma-key over your videotape playback background on the Toaster’s Video 2 input. The special Key Out cable is connected to either Video 3 or Video 4 input. After everything is connected to the Toaster, all controls on the box are bypassed, and you control the key effect via the Toaster’s Switcher interface. The magic is done using the Art Card effect crouton (looks like a keyhole on Bank F of version 2.0) and the Toaster’s luma key. First, set the Program Bus to Video I (camera), the Preview Bus to Video 2 (tape playback), and the Overlay Bus to Video 3 or 4 (ChromaKey II + ’s Key Out cable). Then select the Art Card effect and set the luminance key (scissors icon) to while. At 000, your Toaster output will be live camera, and when you drag the T-bar down, the areas of blue will drop away to reveal the videotape background. In effect, the ChromaKey 11 + outputs a "‘key signal” that has been converted to black and white. By adjusting the luma key based on this live-action 4 signal, you can obtain a clean chroma key over a Toaster video source. You can just as easily overlay a Toaster framestore by loading it into DV1 or DV2 and then using it as your video-source background. In my tests, my partner and I took it a step further; as you can see by the accompanying picture. With a second Amiga and a genlock, we genlocked the Toaster’s combined Program output with a computer animation over the top (standard genlock). In this manner, we effectively layered a live-action person between videotape footage and a computer animation. (Thanks to Barbara ? DESKTOP SPACE EXPLORATION HAS LANDED! CHOOSE V1STAPRO AND MAKE YOUR EXPLORATION UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Dased on real-world data obtained from NASA spacecraft and The U.S Geological Survey, Vistapro allows you to accurately recreate and explore real-world landscapes in vivid detail. Right and Delow: Valles Marineris, Mars before and after Terraforming. FEATURES
• Complere conrrol of camera viewpoinr wirh easy poinr-and-click interface.
• Gouroud shading produces painring-qualiry scenes of unparalleled beauty.
• Direct 24 bit output The grand master of science fiction, Arthur
C. Clarke warns Stanley Kubrick, 'If you get Vistapro into your computer, you'll never do ony more work! It produces Images of almost photographic quality... So I can explore all the interesting places on Mors!"
• User-definable colors, clouds, tree line, tree types, snow line, waves, haze, lakes, rivers ere.
• Included: The cauidero area of Olympus Mons - Mors. Yosemire, Mr. 5r. Helens. Crarer Lake. Various California sites.
• Many other landscapes available, coll for info. U MAKEPATH - Advanced animarion utility for use * . * with Vistapro £25.00 wirh coupon in box. TERRAFORM - Landscape editing utility for use with K > Vistapro £25.00 v ith coupon in box. Vistapro retail: $ 99.95. OR CHOOSE DISTANT SUNS AND MAKE YOUR EXPLORATION REALLY FAR OUT. This Virtual Reality Observatory is a beautiful and well thought out balance between solar system and deep sky display. FEATURES
• Realistically displays the night sky from 4713 B.C. to 10,000 A.D.
• Displays up to 9100 stars (expandable to 250,000!). 450 galaxies nebulas and star clusters.
• Add up to 3,000 custom objects.
• Move your viewpoinr from earth our into the solar system.
• Reproduce eclipses, show lunar phases.
• Unique feature provides poinr-and-click linkage between planetarium objects ond full screen solor system and deep sky photos. Distant Suns retails for $ 99.95. Tm really boggled
- It's beautiful, especially when the lights ore off. I'm totally owed by whot you hove done!" Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey For more information, or the name of your nearest distributor contact: Virtual Reality Laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-8515 THE POWER OF YOUR Lawrence Productions for die computer character animation.) Outlay for the Overlay The ChroniaKey II + ‘s key output has been improved. The additional abilities of receiving chroma information from an S-YHS source and using the Video Toaster to key over taped backgrounds have significantly enhanced the product. While the ChroniaKey 11+ doesn’t necessarily output a broadcast-safe signal, when used with the Ibastcr it shouldn’t give you any problem with signal levels. If you want to include these types of effects in your productions, the Chro- maKev 11+ is a very good buy. J J O J Steven Blaize QVCS 1.1 Quma, S129 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Tracks versions of frequently revised files. 'AVGS 1.1 (Quma Version Control Sys- Wtern) is the first commercial release of a version-con trol system for the Amiga. Popular on other platforms, especially mainframe and mini computers, version- control systems allow you to keep track of all the changes made to a frequently revised file or a project’s group of files. Most frequently, programmers and writers use such systems to keep a history of edits to their source code and documents, respectively. As well as more advanced commands, they tvpically provide tools to store, retrieve, log. And identify revisions. On projects that involve multiple users, these systems are also used to me- diate access to files. A locking mechanism can ensure that a file may only he edited by one person at a time, while a merge command allows consolidation of two separate sets of edits to the same file. Aside benefit is that QVCS reduces disk-storage requirements, because it only stores the differences between revisions, rather than storing every revision in a separate lile. Widened Appeal Besides text files, QVCS also supports binary files. In other words, anything that die Amiga can store in a file may be kept track of. This broadens QVCS’s audience from writers and programmers to anyone who keeps updating files and needs to retain access to old versions. It is useful, for example, to artists for graphics and animations, to musicians for MIDI songs and samples, and to desktop publishers for groups of files that compose a manual. What handicaps this feature is the lack of a graphical user-interlace alternative tf> the DOS commands. Most users are not programmers; novices may not know how to use the command line interface at all. Besides, many seasoned users prefer to use ihe Workbench, and even programmers are starting to use it for development. QVCS consists of a group of 14 AmigaDOS commands. You can custom-tai- lor its default behavior via AmigaDOS environment variables and can later override most of these parameters by supplying optional command-line arguments when you’re invoking a command. All the commands provide complete on-line help. Once QVCS is correctly installed on vour system (via a v ' script file), you can type a command name with no arguments to invoke a usage description. To understand QVCS’s operation, you need a few kev concepts. The first is work files. These are the files you edit with your application. Second, each work file has a corresponding log file, in which QVCS stores the work file’s complete history of edits and comments. You never directly edit these. Finally, the 14 QVCS commands manage the transfer to and from the log and work files along with other housekeeping chores. The two most important commands are qput (to check a work file into its log file) and qget (to retrieve a worklile from its log file). The other commands let you view log-file comments, merge revisions, delete revisions (while maintaining their edits), and much more. Together, these commands empower you to keep a grip on your project. Without exception, the ring-bound manual is complete, well organized, and highlv informative, containing a table of contents, reference and tutorial chapters, appendices, a glossary, and an index. The manual’s page layout, on the other hand, needs improvement. The margins are much too narrow, and the lexl-body font is also small. In combina- lion, these shortcomings add up to a cramped appearance. Only Game in Town? QVCS is very similar to the public-do- main Amiga version of UNIX’s popular Revision Control System (RCS), which is available with full source code. How does QVCS stack up to RCS? The major difference is that QVCS supports both binary and text files, whereas RCS supports text only. Apart from that, the two are very similar in operation, even sharing many command-line arguments and important key words (Author, Date, Header, Lock, Revision, and so on). QVCS, however, has a few more features, and its user interface and operation are less cryptic and more polished than those of RCS. QVCS is a fully featured and well-documented revision-control system, and I am confident that it will do its job well. I would like to see optional file-compres- sion support in the future, hut the only- valid complaints I have are the missing Workbench support and the manual's poor page layout. If you need hinary-lile support, QVCS is the only game in town. If you don’t, and you can do without technical phone support, you might want to consider the public-domaiu .Amiga RCS as a cheaper alternative. Da rius Taghavy Blizzard Board Preferred Technologies, S259 (with OK). A500, A2000, AI000 with adapter. Internal, 68000 socket connection. Installation: Easy, except for A1000. 68000 acceleration and RAM expansion. The 68000 CPU is slowly going the way of the dinosaur as today’s complex software tasks place a heavy burden on the 7-MHz board. Without speedier instruction processing, animations move sluggishly as they become more intricate, CAD programs take minutes to redraw screens, and detailed 3-D designs take hours to render. Fortunately, third-party developers are helping us break the 7-MHz barrier. Preferred Technologies' Blizzard Board is one such method. The Blizzard Board is a 14-MHz (58000 CPU combined with a RAM expander that can hold up to eight megabytes of RAM. Designed to install in the 68000 socket of an Amiga 500 or 2000, it also works in Amiga 1000s that have a 68000-socket extender (available at most electronic stores). The installation requires opening up your Amiga’s case, which, of course, voids any remaining warranty, unless an authorized sendee ? On*** Wvetcutv 2SNlHz or 35W Hz - "Thu tasvesi, most expandable Aon'iga’ accetciaVot in Vhe wot d. Over 7i performance ai 35N Hz 1008 s*** w * Wmi v;v 10**K m*w> V Dim CQHTWOVVlft
J. SflWrtJ o« 160*0 ’ kCCtUBAMOR . WM6 W4M1D IVW1MMVQN
- ------- nM«DA.SOOO umda K5-*l» Knmiwi1 hc osU sCS ' «0po ffj leus28W Hzor33WVV z-' Amiya'“ 2000.2cusis e conUoWet with 28MVVz or expansion'. NniQa Progressive Peripheral's 040 accelerators will make your Amiga1'1 500, 2000 or 3000 one of the fastest in the world. Whatever your application - professional desktop video, 3-D modeling, rendering, animation, desktop publishing, graphic arts, CAD - a Progressive Peripherals 040 will get it done faster. Progressive 040's aren't just fast, they're affordable! Choose 28MHz or 33MHz to fit your budget. Avoid overpriced, "custom" RAM expansion. Mercury, Zeus, and Progressive's 040 2000 use industry-standard 1MBx8 or 4MBx8 SIMM modules for maximum performance and value. Discover what thousands of accelerated Amiga’M professionals already know: a Progressive 040 accelerator is the best way to power up your Amiga™ Ask your preferred Amiga™ dealer for the latest Progressive 040 pricing and start accelerating today! Si i! P C; II v> 15 1 li j= ej§ S’ E lEfi Progressive Peripherals has relocated to serve you better: PROGRESSIVE INC. 938 Quail Street Lakewood, Colorado 80215-5513 Telephone: +01(303) 238-5555 • Fax: +01 (303) 235-0600 * 24-Hour BBS:+01 (303) 238-6326 center does the job. If you decide to tackle the project yourself, the installation instructions are admirably com- plete, giving step-by-step descriptions of each procedure. The entire process took me roughly 20 minutes. Once properly seated, the Blizzard worked as promised. I could not see any appreciable difference in speed, however, until 1 ran some games. Those games that can handle an increased clock speed really ily! It’s like finding a whole new level, where everything has had too O much caffeine. The Blizzard comes with a utilities disk that lets you use the board at its maximum potential. One utility is CLI-basecl, and the other runs from the Workbench. Both let you change the clock speed, test the RAM, and map Kickstart into RAM so that you can operate in shadow mode, as with 030 and 040 accelerators. I his allows your applications to use system functions at the current clock speed. The utilities even let you copy Kickstart to disk, so that you can change to the latest ROMs while retaining access to previous versions of Kickstart without buying a ROM switcher. Only one problem detracted from the total satisfaction 1 got from watching my A500 do everything twice as fast. When I instructed the software to reboot in 7- Mhz mode, the system went down with a flashing power light and blank screen. I made a telephone call to Preferred Technologies and found out that the Blizzard relies on the ECS Agnus chip for switching modes. My A500 has the older Agnus. The representative told me that the problem had made it through the many development stages because most of the testers were using newer Amigas, He did assure me that the problem was solved in the A1000. He also warned me, however, that installing the Blizzard in the A1000 involves more than just plugging the board into a socket extender. The disk drive must either be removed (using ICD’s Shuffleboard), or the drive’s mounting bracket has to be cut down to make enough room for the Blizzard. I attempted to use the Blizzard and my A500’s hard drive simultaneously (using a GVP HC8 Series IIA2000 controller in CEV Design’s X-Pander Chassis), but I had no luck. I suspect that my 65-watt power supply was just overwhelmed, but the Blizzard’s manual does not say anything about the board's power consumption. The board I was using had 4MB of fast RAM and 512K of shadow RAM, I'm sure that if the board was filled to its eight-megabyte capacity, the A500 would be at its peak power consumption. Aside from requiring the ECS Agnus for software switching of the clock speed, the Blizzard Board did everything the manual claimed. It performed at twice the A500*s normal speed, allowed mapping of Kickstart into RAM, and let me expand the system's RAM without touching the slot under the A500. I recommend both Preferred Technologies for their courteous and honest support, and the Blizzard Board for providing speed and RAM at a fair price, Michael Savoie Hand Scanner and Touch-Up 2.62. Merge-It 1.01, Scan & Save 1.01, and Tray. Migraph, $ 399 and S99, respectively. All models. External, parallel-port connection. Installation: easy. Hard drive-installable software. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: IMB RAM. Recommended system: 2 +MB RAM, hard drive. Small-scale scanning and image touch-up. If you’re looking for a low-cost scanning system, Migraph has a solution the Migraph Hand Scanner with Scan & Save, Touch-Up, and Merge-It software. Fitting comfortably in your hand, the Migraph Hand Scanner has a 4.OS-inch wide scanning head, enabling you to scan images from two to 14 inches long in monochrome. You can achieve resolutions of 100, 200, 300, and 400 dots per inch (dpi), as well as adjust the scanner for line art or photographs. A darkness control is also provided. The scanner plugs into a small interface box, which in turn plugs into your parallel port, A 15- volt dc transformer provides power. Start Your Engine You activate the scanner by pushing a button on its left side within ten seconds after you set your software, and you must keep the button depressed while you move the scanner down the page. Two small rollers in the scanner’s rear provide stability, while a large roller in the front measures the scan length. A green LED on top of the scanner blinks whenever you scan too fast, and a see-through window enables you to view your image while scanning. One megabyte of RAM is required, but more is recommended. Scanned images consume huge amounts of memory, and as the scanner has no on-board storage capabilities, the entire image must be transmitted to your computer’s RAM. Each scanned dot uses one storage hit of RAM. Therefore, an 8x10-inch image scanned at 400 dpi would use about 1.6 megabytes of space. Either Migraph's Touch-Up or Scan & Save software can control the scanning process. Touch-Up also offers many editing tools, as well as virmal-screen, cus- tom-screen, overscan, and PAL support. Scanned images are usually larger than your screen, so I recommend using at least an interlaced screen, if not overscan mode or a virtual screen. You can adjust page size by pixels, inches, or centimeters, Both programs are forgiving of jerky scans. Poyver Steering The basic scanning process is straightforward. With either Scan & Save or Touch- Up, adjust your page and dip sizes, scan length, and resolution. Set the scanner for line-art or halftone and fine-tune the darkness control. When the green LED comes on, press the button and start scanning. The unit automatically turns off when you exceed the scan length or release the start button. The monochrome results appear on the screen a few moments later, ready to be saved or converted to a 16-shade grayscale IFF image. During conversion, each dot becomes part of a six-by-six cell that is then converted into a shade of gray, reducing the size of your original image by The latest version of Touch- Up now supports eight-by-eight dither patterns, as used in the Golden Image and AlphaData scanners. While Scan & Save gets the image into your computer, Touch-Up lets you enhance it. You can scan your image into the page or a clip box, then cut, paste, fill, mirror, rotate, slant, stretch, compress, and distort it. Paint and drawing tools include spraying, creating boxes and circles, and drawing b-spline and Bezier curves. Also available are three dozen fill patterns and four writing modes; Replace, Transparent, Reverse Transparent, and Exclusive-Or. In addition, Touch-Up supports several formats, importing and exporting IFF, IMG, PCX, TIFF, ? This time we Until now, 3D modeling, rendering and animation was really 2D, enhanced with three viewing perspectives. Unlike old programs, Caligari’s direct manipulation actually mirrors the everyday world. Objects can be moved, rotated and scaled by simply pointing the mouse. No menus to access. Everything happens in real time. • In fact Caligari24 operates so much like the real world that you will be able to start creating and manipulating objects in minutes. Not just simple geometric objects. Organic Deformations, Point Editing and Extrusions can generate anything you can conceive. Of course your models are fully hierarchical. Hierarchical Animations, Organic Deformations, 32 bit color, IFF textures, and more... MFC Suggested List Price The Power of Direct Manipulation As animations go, you can easily animate a battalion of marching soldiers with just a few mouse clicks and present it with 16.7 million colors (plus 8bit Alpha). You want Caligari24 because of what it will do for you... its 3D interface, its features, its speed, its photorealistic rendering, and its compatibility (including DXF) with other products. You want Caligari24 because of who we are. Since 1986, profesional 3D software for the Amiga has been our only business. Our commitment to Caligari and the quality of our customer support is simply unmatched by the competition. The products mentioned above are trademarks of the following companies: Caligari 24 Octree Software. Inc.: Amiga Commodore Business Machines. Images created by Paul Safr (Knight) and Stephen Men des (Flower I. Circle 82 on Reader Service card Ml Octree Software Inc* 1955 Landings Drive w- Mountain View, CA 94043 TeL 415. 390 9600 Fax 415.390 9755 MacPaint, and PrincMaster files, plus exporting EPS, Degas, and GIF files. An IFF and grayscale viewer are included. Merge-I t solves yet another part of the scanning puzzle. The biggest liability of hand scanners is their scanning width. Merge-It lets you stitch together strips of a large document. To facilitate the merge process, you should use a scanning tray to guarantee straight scanning and a better match between strips. Made of hard molded plastic, Migraph’s tray lias a built-in clear cover sheet, an 8‘A’X 1 I -inch grid sheet, and guide rails on each side. Using Merge-It is easy. Make two scans of your document, saving them as your left- and right-half images. Load them, select either one, and use the arrow keys to align the strips. Save the combination, and you have one image. Although I like all ol' these products and find them useful, I have a few nits. No pass-through is available on the scanner's interface box, and its design makes it difficult to fasten it permanently to your parallel port (or switch box). On the other end, the tray's cradle prevents you from quickly removing the scanner. The device’s cable must pass through an eye- let in the cradle, so you can’t remove the scanner without turning it off and disconnecting it. The cradle provides a snug lit, so I don’t see a need for enclosed eyelets. The software has inconsistencies, as well. Merge-lI looks like an Amiga program, but lacks pull-down menus and overscan support. Scan & Save doesn’t recognize overscan or virtual and custom screens. While Scan Sc Save makes you specify the scan resolution by setting the scanner switch, ’louch-up lets you select the resolution through software. Pit Crew The scanner’s manual is a good effort, but there are too many addendums and Read_Me files for my taste. Scan & Save comes with only a Read_Me file. The Merge-It handbook is multiplatform, covering both the Amiga and Atari. Last ol all, I wish the manual provided more information about scanning theory and techniques. The best advice it gives is to scan, inspect, adjust, and rescan. If you need additional help, the Mi- graph staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They send bug-fix updates upon request, have a generous upgrade policy, and are eager to hear your improvement suggestions. If you need scanning on a small-scale basis, you’ll have a hard time beating this package. The price is fair, the features are there, and the staff is supportive. Daryell Sipper ¦ ___ . Q . ANALOG * . Vga - o ;!TarE* AR . CUSTOM • DEC . U *
* $ 53°° t t-tO00 tO T 7
- no s O atiO For The Dealer Nearest You! EAST COAST 615-478-5760 TST Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation FA. Title of publication: AmigaWorld. IB. Publication no.: 08832390. 2. Date of Filing: Sept. 9, 1992. 3. Frequency of issue: monthly. 3A. No. Of issues published annually: 12. 3B. Annual subscription price: S29.97. 4. Complete mailing address of known office of publication: 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire 03458. 5. Complete mailing address of the headquarters of general business offices of the publisher: 80 Elm Street. Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire 03458, 6. Full names and complete mailing address of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Publisher: Dale Strang, 80 Elm Street. Peterborough, NH 03458. Editor: Dennis Brisson, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. Managing Editor: Swain Pratt, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. 7. Owner: International Data Group, IDG Headquarters, One Exeter Plaza, Boston, MA 021 16-2851. 8. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding I percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: Patrick J. McGovern, IDG Headquarters, One Exeter Plaza, Boston, MA02116-2851. 9. For completion by nonprofit organizations to mail at special rales: not applicable, il). Extent and nature of circulation: (X) Average no. Copies each issue during preceding 12 months; (V) Actual no. Copies of single issues published nearest to filing date; A. Total no. Copies (X) 168,585 (Y) 155,703.
B. Paid and or requested circulation: 1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales: (X) 35,875 (Y) 31,473. Mail subscription: (X) 64,551 (Y) 60,797. C. Total paid and or requested circulation: (X) 100,426(Y) 92,270. 1). Free distribution by mail, carrier or other means (samples, complimentary; and other free copies): (X) 1,116 (Y) 2,388. E. Total distribution: (X) 101,542
(Y) 94,568. F Copies not distributed: 1. Office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing: (X) 5,643 (Y) 866. 2. Return from news agents: (X) 61,400 (Y) 60.269. G. Total: (X) 168,585 (Y) 155,703. % ' . * . Vga sf V ppLE • Professional Digital Sound for Your Video, Music, and Radio Productions Finally, true CD quality 16 bit audio is available for your Amiga! SunRi .e's new AD516 gives you eight tracks, plus a time code reader and a DSP chip. Included with the AD516 is Studio 16™ version 2.0. This new release of our popular 16 bit editing software puts a complete sound studio on your desk! AD516 The AD516 hardware provides stereo in out connectors, plus a SMPTE in. Just plug your VTR, CD player, radio, tape deck, or other audio source directly in. Then record in stereo, direct to hard disk, with 16 bits at sampling rates up to 48,000 samples per second. Plus, the AD516's efficient design allows 8 track playback direct from hard disk. The AD516 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24. 25, 29.97, and 30 fps (drop or non-drop frame). Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD516 offers 15Hz to 22KHz frequency response and 85dB dynamic range. Video Production The Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do you want lo do ADR or voice-overs? Do you need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps, door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do you need to fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can you edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16’s cue list and SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably, at the same spot, every time. Or you can slip your audio effects, trying them at different spots. And since Studio i6 plays directly off hard disk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Mixer and Meters Each of Studio I6's eight tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems, Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record two tracks while playing up to eight! Waveform Editor The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and allows you to cut, copy, and paste audio. Up to eight samples can be edited per window. And edits can be non-destructive or permanent. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, echo, normalize, loop FFT. Resample, and many other functions are available. Named regions can be defined and used in the cue list or transport modules. DSP Supercharger The AD516 includes a special sound coprocessor - the advanced 2105 DSP. The DSP allows Studio 16 to handle those eight tracks while performing real time mixing. The DSP can also do high quality 16 bit effects such as echo, flange, delay and chorus. Low Prices, High Performance Studio 16 2.0 comes with either the AD516 (16 bit, 8 track, stereo, S1495 list) or the AD 1012 (12 bit, 4 track, mono, S595 list). Also available is the DD524 digital I O card for direct interface to DAT. Call today a free Studio 16 information packet Tel: (408)374-4962. Fax: (408)374-4963. European Representatives: FINLAND Power Computers +35S (18) 7b] 8992 FRANCE Slorm *33 ( I) 43 57 46 57. GERMANY AS&S +49 (0691 5 48 81 30. ITALY AP&S +39 (0432) 759264. SPAIN PiXeLSOFT +34 (088) 71 27 OO. SWEDEN Display Dad -46 (0457) 503 SO SWITZERLAND Microiron +4| (032) 872429. UNITED KINGDOM HB Marketing +44 (0753) 686000. Studio 16 is a trademark of Sur.Rtzf Indutmrs Video Toaster is a trademark of MewTrk. Inc. Amiga if a trademark of CRM "Stupendous, Fantastic, Colossal, and it's good too! James Justice New York, NY "Used if first slight to finish an jjwportant j@b - worked great!" "Fantastic Display! Excellent Paint Program! Brian Wind Greenwood, Indiana a brilliant! It’s a very well made board with excellent software ’
P. G. Brown, Angel Films Birmingham, England Jeff Peterson South Bend, Indiana ¦"! H j j it .oU Everton 'Richards Scarborough, Ontario, Canada "Works Perfectly, fl Super Product' Leni Goldberg Son Pedro, California Ds'adJJffifJj r- r ri ¦J J jJM-J zj J J rJ_TJ j mum mmmtu x sect mm muma. Gary Dominguez, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Venice, California ”A ¦ Tcxj _p © vrcxliA ptv rbjct, iiitick b biter 'iihijii G VTGI Absolutely Awesome! Interactive Media, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia Ftfrtfr Aldo Nuechcitel, Switzerland Kara Biohm, Kara Fonts JJ ;;TJ 1 y p y NILE'S In, jdi'rj£i G nn r r r j,£ij, r _n r r ri bDiird svliiG ziV iy ny zutii in my 'huuL, Ji phAI. N r;l Pj-grn. J;h r kij J; bVtZJ! ZjbhAl Ull Arrii L 'pnirr'r Jz rr 'liiii'i rl yc i' I Jj = _n ’Kjn i 'Hi did£P'iiiP 'i j'L'iiciaiii xusxiiv Ud'jJ. Jubll!" William J. Camarota Mays Landing, New Jersey “Thanks for a great piece of equipment.” Orirt E, Palmer Chula Vista, California “Wow! Look at what tsty Amiga is doing!” n Scott Andreae Portsmouth, New Hampshire The OpalVision Main Board
• An internal card which operates in any Amiga computer with a video slot. It is Ihe core of Ihe OpalVision system.
• A true 24-bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel.
• Uncompromised, 24-bit higher-than-broadcast-quality, crystal-clcar images which far surpass any composite video or HAM system.
• Standard Amiga graphics and animations can appear in front of or behind OpalVision images on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
• Capable of double-buffered 24-bit and 15-bit animation in medium and low resolution modes and 8-bit double-buffered animation in all resolutions.
• VLSI graphics coprocessor enables resolution changes, stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth scrolling between screens.
• 'Palette-Mapped" design updates screen colors in real-time. Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes on the fly.
• Occupies the video slot of any Amiga computer. Technical Info Double buffered full 24-bit, 15-bit and 8-bit true color modes, 24-bit and 8-bit palctte-mapped display modes. Dual Playficld and Overlay Priority stencil modes. Priority mask definition specifies foreground background areas in 24-bit images. Microcode graphics processor for system control, priority switching, hardware scrolling and panning. 20ns video switch to freely mix Amiga and OpalVision graphics. Equipped with 1.5 MB of display RAM which leaves your Amiga's RAM free for other programs. Expansion connectors for available Framcgrabber Qenlock and Scan-Ratc Converter hardware modules. Expansion socket for the "Roaster Chip," a live video special effects processor. Automatically self-configurcs for NTSC or PAL operation. 24-bit RQB output with video bandwidth >7 MHZ. OpalVision Software Every OpalVision Main Board includes a full range of software to let you start enjoying all the benefits of your new 24-Bit Amiga immediately: OpalPaint Everyone is excilcd about OpalPaint, In fact, nearly everyone who's spent any time using it says it's the best paint program on the Amiga. And with good reason. It's Fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OpalPaint gives you complete control over OpalVision's 16.8 million color palette. Includes a full-range of drawing tools and an expandable library of image-processing modes with adjustable parameters, complete texture-mapping capabilities, transparency and color gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes, prc-dcfincd palettes and many other comprehensive tools. Unique and powerful features like real-world "Artist's tools" and paper types, multiple stencil types, virtual memory support and compatibility with the pressure- sensitive Wacom drawing tablet provide a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. OpalAnimMATE Our new Animation player lets you play OpalVision animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 6 different color modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. Features an easy Workbench interface, dynamic DMA allocation for best frame rates on slower f6BOOO-based machines), and wilt play animations directly from a hard drive. Also included arc Opal Presents?, an icon-driven presentation program, OpalVision Hot Key, a powerful and very useful image display utility and the world's first 24-Bit game, King of Karate. OpalVision also works with A4000 and AA Chipset! ¦ -u The OpalVision Main Board is ihe core of a complete video system. Enhancement Modules are on the way which add exceptional graphic and video features to the OpalVision Main Board. Create a complete video production studio by adding some or all of the OpalVision Expansion modules. The modules connect directly to the Main Board without tying up Amiga slots. Frame Grabber + Genlock Module 24-Bil real-time framcgrabbing and better-than-broadcast-quality gcnlocking with S-Vidco, RQB and composite inputs and outputs. Real-Time video effects, transitions and color processing. Quad'input Production Swilcher Complete video switching capabilities. Includes four S-VHS, four composite and one RQB input. Three outputs: Composite, 5-Video and RQB. Combine two live video sources, 24-Bit OpalVision and Amiga-generated graphics. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter Perfect for desktop publishing and graphic arts applications. Qenerates flicker-free 24-Bit and Amiga graphics. Can also be used as a separate 24-Bit frame store for multimedia applications. OpalVision Roaster Chip Amazing, complex Digital Video Effects. Real-time processing of live video. Ticture-in-Picturc" capability. Includes pre-made effects and provides for the creation of custom effects. INCREDIBLE VIDEO BOARD TRADE-IN OFFERLs - SEND US YOUR OLD VIDEO BOARD AND YOU'LL SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON AN AWESOME, NEW OPALVISION MAIN BOARD. CALL NOW FOR DETAILS: 1 -800-621 -2202 LIMITED TIME OFFER! ACT NOW!*
P. O. Box 4400, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 phone: (310) 542-2226 FAX: (310) 542-9998 OpalVision BBS: (310)793-7142 ’Centaur reserves ihe right to limit this offer to specific video boards and or quantities which will be accepted as trade-ins at Centaur s discretion. Centaur may alter or change the terms and conditions of this offer at any time at its sole discretion. Please call Centaur for complete details. OpalVision, OpalPaint, Opal Presents and OpalVision Roaster Chip arc trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE and King of Karate arc trademarks of Centaur Development. Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. C: Commodore * AMIGA A600,A600HD, A570 CD-ROM DRIVE Call tar other new exciting products! Supra Corporation goldenIMAGE * Power Pen. Pen shaped mouse $ 49 Hand Scanner with Migrapah Touch-Up Software ,,.$ 152 Replacement Mouse. Opto Mechanical $ 28 Optical Mouse $ 45 Jin Mouse ... $ 19 1 2MB RAM Expansion for A500 with Color Calander ...$ 33 RAM Expansion 4MB for the A500 with 2MB already installed .S149 Master 3A-1,
3. 5 Floppy External Disk Drive for the 500.1000 2000 .$ 75 goldenIMAGE ® f SPECIAL PURCHASE... made specificaly for the Amiga SupraFaxModem V.32bis $ 325 SupraModem 2400 Plus $ 165 x_x MODEMS Supra FaxModem V.32 his SupraFax software. A-Talk III Telecom software. & Amiga Modem Cable S325 Modem Alone, no software or cable $ 279 Supra FaxModem V.32 Modem Alone, no software or cable $ 219 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus Includes same items as the above. Call for specific features ..$ 165 SupraModem 2400 External .....S72 SupraModem 2400 Plus External MNP5&V.42 bis ......$ 115 2400 zi Plus Internal MNP5 & V.42 bis ......$ 115 DRIVES Supra Drive 500XP for A50Q SupraDrive 500XP 52Q. 1 MB $ 455 Supra Drive 500XP 52Q. 2 MB S545 Supra Drive 500XP 120Q. 1 2 MB S579 SupraDrive 500XP 120q. 2 MB SC65 SupraDrive 500CP 2400, 2MB S909 MEMORY SupraRAM 500RX 1MB 2 MB 8 MB S125 S185 S395 SupraRAM 2000 2 MB 4 MB ..$ 165 S219 6 MB 8 MB S279 S345 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock $ 39 OTHER Power PC Board Run MS DOS Software on your A500 ....$ 259 design your own . .. Video Toaster Work Station CALL! MASTER 3A-1 Disk Drive with Golden Image Ram 500 with Clock Calendar $ 99 LOWEST PRICE EVER! AMIGA 500 UPGRADE KIT ?
J. VIDEO TOASTER PERSONAL TBC III DC TV AMI-LINK OPAL VISION $ 969 FREE DELIVERY! PERSONAL VSCOPE f n r SYQUEST 44MB 88MB Bare Drives $ 299 $ 389 MIRACLE PI A h O I I. I C II I N U W V H T r. Series II for A500 HD+ 0K Expandable to 8MB 120 MB $ 629 Impact Series II for A2000 SCSI Hard Disk + RAM Expansion VECTOR 68030 Accelerator 68030 0K expandable to 32M8 with Hard Drive Controller $ 629 I Make your own Hard Drive Package - pick a hard drive & controller of your choice! I HARD DRIVES CONTROLLERS I PRINTERS 120LPS S503 420MB free de- $ 1,329 thery 213MB S799 Panasonic KX-P 1123 ...$ 199 KX-P 2180 ...S169 with Color Kit ....S219 KX-P 2123 $ 229 with Color Kit ...$ 279 KX-P 1124i ..$ 285 KX-P 2124 $ 315 with Color Kit ...$ 359 KX-P 2624 ...$ 365 iIter NX 1001 Multifont .....S135 NX 1040 Rainbow NEW $ 159 NX 2420 Rainbow ......$ 269 NX 2430 Black ....$ 215 m CITIZEN 200GX .....$ 155 with Color Kit ...$ 199 200GX-15 $ 295 with Color Kit ...$ 359 GSX-130 ..$ 235 with Color Kit ...$ 269 GSX-140 PLUS ...$ 309 v ith Color Kit ...S335 GSX-145 Wide 24 pin $ 365 v ith Color Kit ...$ 425 GSX-230 Quiet Technology .....Call GSX-240 Color Option Available ..$ 295 QUANTUM l new lower prices! (2 year warranty) ELS. SCSI. 42MB ...$ 185 ELS. SCSI. 85MB ...$ 269 ELS. SCSI, 127MB .$ 329 ELS. SCSI, 170MB .S385 LPS, SCSI. 240MB .S655 Pro Drive. SCSI. 425MB .... $ 1.399 ELS. IDE. 42MB ..$ 175 ELS. IDE, 85MB ..S229 ELS. IDE. 127MB $ 299 ELS. IDE, 170MB $ 349 LPS, IDE, 240MB $ 655 SEAGATE (1 year warranty) ST-3283N. SCSI, 245 MB.....S565 ST-351 A, IDE. 42MB .....$ 165 ST-3120A. IDE. 106MB .S249 ST-3144A. IDE, 130MB ..$ 279 ST-3283A. IDE, 245MB .$ 565 MAXTOR (1 year warranty) 7120, SCSI, 120MB $ 329
7123. SCSI. 213MB $ 499 340SY. SCSI. 340MB ....$ 769 7120, IDE, 120MB ...$ 295
7213. IDE. 213MB ...$ 395 340A. IDE. 340MB ..$ 779
• • Super Sale ? • ivs SCSI Internal: Trumpcard 2000 Classic $ 85 Trumpacard Pro 2000 ......$ 142 Grands lam 2000 OK Exp-8MB .$ 229 SCSI External: Trumpcard 500 Classic $ 122 Trumpcard Pro 500 ...S225 Grandslam 500 OK Exp-8MB ...S287 IDE External: Trumpard 500 AT OK Exp-8MB$ 172 SUPRA Word Sync for 2000, SCSI Internal .....S97 GVP HC8 Series II OK Exp-8MB for 2000. SCSI Internal ...S167 ICD AD IDE 40 Kit for A500, IDE External $ 119 AD IDE 40 Kit with AD speed tor A500. IDE- Internal ....S299 Expansion Systems Data Flyer 2000 SCSI !nt ....$ 77 Data Fiyer 500. SCSI Ext ...$ 133 Data Flyer 2000, IDE Int ......$ 73 Data Flyer 500. IDE Ext .....$ 127 A500 TURBO, 120MB A500 Subsystem w 6803G 40MHz Mini Slot & Optional FPU $ 1,079 FREE DELIVERY G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators lor A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
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Q. I've been watching with great interest the new Quicklime animation format on the Macintosh, and want to do the same type of thing on my Amiga. Is there any Quicklime software for the Amiga, or perhaps an equivalent sound and animation player?
J. Taylor Knoxville, Tennessee
A. No, Quicktime remains at the moment a Macintosh animation format. Apple is willing to license its Quicktime code, although I haven’t heard of any movement toward it by any Amiga developers. (There is, however, a rumor that Quicklime will be supported by some Windows programs.) What makes Quicktime so desirable is its ability to combine audio with animations and keep them synced together. On most Macs the Quicktime Tilm” is limited to a rather small window and a slow frame rate. However, don’t count it out because of that, because many companies are developing hardware products that make Quicktime animations run full speed as well as full screen. While there is as vet no “multimedia” an ini format for the Amiga, you can create animations with synced soundtracks using a number of products. The new Scala Multimedia presentation software has very strong animation and sound control, and demos I have seen show sounds being triggered at specific points in an animation. AmigaVision allows you to monitor the frames of an animation so you can wait for a specific frame before playing sounds. You can also make other products like The Director and CanDo perform similar tasks. However, none of these actually create an animation file with the sound embedded in it. To achieve that, you must use other software. The first approach to this on the Amiga is the C.DXL format developed by Carl Sassenrath for use with CDTV. J CDXL is a technique used to transfer data from the CDROM into the com- By Louis R. Wallace puter as fast as possible. Because one of the biggest drawbacks to data transfer on CDROM is the very slow seek time, CDXL was developed so that only one seek was required. CDXL hies arc essentially long data sequences placed on the CDROM in such a manner that once they are located, the computer merely reads data continuously. In the case of CDXL animations, these can have sound information interleaved between successive frames of an animation so that a CDXL anim player always has the sound and image available at the same lime. This technique allows animations with sound to be played off the CDROM at rates of ii]) to 15 frames per second, (To reach this frame rate, however, the images must he 'A screen, not full screen.) CDXL has a lot of promise, hut its biggest drawback is that the animation is not compressed. By using uncompressed animations, no time is wasted decompressing the images. This helps maintain the fastest frame rate off the disc, but uncompressed animations lend to he very big, often reaching many megabytes in si e. Because of this, CDXL is generally used only for CDROM applications, or w here the application has a very large hard disk. At the World of Commodore show in Pasadena this fall, .Axiom Software showed a new program called Anim Workshop. Developed by Cryogenic Software, this package allows die user to create, play, and then perform a wide variety oi manipulations (scaling, format conversion, etc.) on every frame of an Anim5 format animation. It gets even better if you have ASDG's AD Pro, as you can then use it to automatically manipulate and process all the frames in the animation. As powerful and useful as these abilities are, the Anim Workshop has yet another feature that multimedia authors and animators will find extremely useful. It can generate a “multimedia” animation, which is simply an animation with an 8SVX digitized soundtrack incorporated within the frames of the animation. Anim Workshop's editor lets you specify at which frame of the animation you want the sound to begin playing and the sound channels to use (left, right, or stereo), as well as die priority of the sound. You can then save this new animation to disk, and when reloaded, it retains all the information, including the sound itself. Using it, I was able to create animations with sounds precisely synced to specified frames, which were nothing short of spectacular when played hack. For more information on Anim Workshop, write or call Axiom Software at 1221 E. Center St. ST., Rochester, MN 55904; telephone: 612 882-8136. AmigaVision Runtime Option
Q. Is there is a runtime option for AmigaVision that cati be licensed from Commodore? If so, how much would it cost?
D. Jackson Akron, Ohio
A. Yes, a runtime module was developed for use with AmigaVision vl .7 applications that were to he distributed commercially. The royalties varied J J according to the price of the application, hut were generally quite low. For more information on it, you should write to the CATS group at Commodore’s headquarters, 1200 Wilson Drive. West Chester, PA 19380. By the time you read this, however, a new, greatly enhanced version of AmigaVi- sion will be available. AV Professional has been greatly expanded, with a parade of new features as long as your arm. I don't have room to list them this month, but we will be covering AV Professional in a future issue of AmigaWorld. One addition everyone will appreciate is the inclusion of a freely distributable runtime module that will let anyone use your AV flows, even if they don’t have AmigaVision. ¦ Out of Control Control. Now supported on the Commodore Amiga,v by ASDG. 608 273-6585 ‘ Make your owe 35mm slides, prints and pocket-sized overhead transparencies right from your PC instantly with Polaroid's Desktop Color Film Recorders. You’ve got a big presentation. You’ve got pressures and deadlines. The last thing you need to worry about are your slides. Will they look good? Will they come back right? And on time? Will they cost a fortune? With a Desktop Color Film Recorder from Polaroid you can relax. It’s right at your desk so you can make last minute changes. And, it’s easy to use. Both the C1-300CT and the CI-5Q0(T are compatible with all leading DOS Windows software packages. Plus, the CI-5000 works with the Mac to bring you an even broader imaging range and slides at 4000 lines of resolution. Best of all, it's from Polaroid so you get award winning professional quality, sharp text and brilliant colors. For more information or a free demonstration, call us at 1-800 225*1618. And take control of your next presentation. Nothing Works Like Polaroid Instant Presentation Solutions 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Newtek Video Toaster Imagine 2.0 Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D Renderer, 24-Bit painting & more! Dozens of new features re-establish this as the best modeler available for the Amiga computer! Includes FREE Protextures 10 disk set! The Amiga’s best modeler gets more powerful! $ 27900 EPSON Scanner G00 DPI, 24-Bit full page colon scanner.... *399°°
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• 68030 running at 40mhz
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• Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
• Hard drive mountable
• All on one board (while supplies last) A530 TURBO
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• Imb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
• Sock el for 68882 Math chip “Mini Slot” for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch (or compatibility.
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 80mb drive *929® A530 w 120mb drive *1049® Art Deportment Pro gives you the most powerful image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now wlfh JPEG compression and 24»Bit printing $ 15900 DISKMASTER II 42 95 TOASTMASTER 1.1 ...... 134.95 TREXX PROFESSIONAL .79.95 DESKTOP VIDEO AMIGA VISION 99.00 BROADCAST TITLER II .229.00 BROADCAST TITLEfl II SUPER HI-RES ....279.00 CANDO 1.6 ......69.95 DELUXE PAINT 4.1 .119.00 THE DIRECTOR 2.0 ...... 74.95 OUR WEDDING-24 BIT ..55.95 OUR WEDDING-HAM ....44.95 PRO VIDEO CG II 129.00 SCALA MULTIMEDIA .. 300.00 SC ALA 1.1 ... 249,00 SCREEN MAKER-24 BIT .....59.95 SCREEN MAKER-HAM .44.95 SHOWMAKER ..-...215.00 TRANSPORTER .149.00 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE CHROMAKEY PLUS .....35900 COLOR SPLITTER ..... 109.00 DCTV RGB ADAPTER .249.00 DMI RESOLVER BOARDS .....CALL FIRECRACKER ...819.00 FLICKER FIXER ....249.00 FLICKER FREE VIDEO il .. 239.00 GVP-VIU-S . CALL GVP-VIU-CT ..... CALL KITCHEN SYNC 1599.00 KITCHEN SYNC GENLOCK OPT 154.00 KITCHEN SYNC S-VIDEO .119.00 PERSONAL TBC II ...719.00 SONY XV-D300 ....289 00 GENLOCKS ROCGENPLUS .369 00 SUPERGEN 2080S 1350 00 SUPERGEN GENLOCK .629.00 EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A (SONY PANASONIC JVC) .799.00 NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER V2.0 W CABLE 359.00 ViDEO DIRECTOR ...... 149.00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV .....399.00 MEGACHIP 2000 500 .....209.00 MEGACHIP W 2MB AGNUS .269,00 OPALVISION 999.00 PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE 709.00 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 ... 2099.00 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION PAL ..159.00 FLICKER FIXER PAL 300.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL .499.00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL .....,..449.00 PRO VIDEO POST PAL . 199.95 VIDEO EFFECTS 30 PAL ...139.95 IN1ERNAIIONAL TOLL FREE ORDERING POLICIES: For Canada, FRO. APO - Minimum order $ 50. All olher countries: minimum order $ 100. For VISA and Master Card orders you must FAX or mail a signed photocopy of your credit card - front and back. Please have your credit card number ready before calting. INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBERS Orders only please. Canada 1-800-540-2512; Italy 1678-74086; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178; Fiance 19-0590-1099; Australia 0014-800-125-7t2; Switzerland 046-05-3420. OFFER CODE G2C4Q9MG Coll for alt olher shipping information. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. No surcharge tor Visa MasterCard; 4% surcharge for American Express; 1% surcharge for Discover. RETURN POLIC Y Call Customer Service at (310) 214-0000 for return authorization. All returns without authorization number (RMA ) will be refused. Returned products must be In original condition and packaging and must be sent back within 30 days of our invoice dafe. No refunds, please. Defective product exchanges only. We make no guarantees for product performance. Exchanges with unlike products are at our option and subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. CONDITIONS: Prices and availability of product are subject to change without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check for fastest service. Personal checks - up to 10 days to clear. Include: Name. Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes, please). If ordering by credit card include expiration date and billing address. Call for exact shipping rates. TO ORDER CALL 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3 CST Information Tech support Returns 414-548-8125 ishar 39.99 Lemmings II ......37.99 Magic Pockets ...18.99 Mark’s Math Lab 31.99 No Greater Glory 43.99 Pinball Fantasy ..32.99 Premiere .....39.99 Project X .....35.99 Push Over ...38.99 Red Zone : ..32.99 Shadow Beast III ..37.99 Solitaire s Journey .38.99 Super Tetris 39.99 Utopia ..32.99 Zool ..38.99 a Software A-Train 43.99 Air Support .31.99 Apidya .39.99 Ashes of Empire 51.00 Software 600 Amiga Fonts 20.99 A-Talk III .....42.99 Agfa Fonts ..26.00 Aladdin ......309.00 AmiBack 2.0 ......47.99 AmiBack Tools ...48.99 AMOS U.S ..65.99 AMOS Compiler 34.99 AMOS 3D ....42.99 AMOS Professional ...Call Amy’s Fun 2-3 Adventure ,...31.99 Animattes: Wedding 2 49.99 Animatrix Modeler .85.00 Art Department Pro ....158.99
B. A.D ...31.99 Blitz BASIC 2 . 99.00 Battle Isle Scenario 1 ..24.00 Bible Scholar .....89.00 Campaign ...36.99 Carl Lewis Challenge 29.99 Creepers .....25.00 Cyber Empires ...37.99 D Generation .....32.99 Dune 38.99 Epic .....39.99 Fighter Duel Pro .36.99 Fun School: Paint ..31.99 Fun School: Spelling .....31.99 Goblins . 38.99 Intern. Sports Challenge 31.99 FLORIDA EPSON' 300C Scanner $ 949.00 ASDG Driver S120.00 Receive ROUND TRIP AIRLlIf TICKETS for 2 to your choice of Daytona or Orlando, FL with any purchase totaling $ 500.00 or more. C= Commodore CQTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA l Beethoven Symphony 7 18.99 Jrickette 42.99 "CD Caddy 2-Pack 15.99 CDTV Prof Bundle .185.00 CDTV Genlock ...155.00 CDTV Trackball ....95.00 Connoiseur: Fine Art ......29.99 Fred Fish Online ..45.00 Karaoke Unit ......155.00 Scala 500 .... 65,00 Sherlock Holmes: Consult....43.99 Some restrictions apply; call for details. 414-548-8120 Limited-time offer: one per customer. BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga Intern 33.99 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed. ...22.00 Amiga Made Easy 26.99 AMOS Gamemakers Man.....27.99 Arexx Cookbook w Disks.....37.99 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 .....22.95 Includes & Au:odocs ......35.95 Multi-Media W Amiga ....18.99 ROM Kernal: Devices ......25.99 ROM Kernal: Libraries ....29.95 Using Arexx on the Amiga....27.95 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Boom Box .. 46.99 C Net 2.2 ....75.00 Caligari II ..253.99 Can Do 2.0 120.00 Charts & Graphs 49.00 C= Commodore' AMIGA IJTIIJIHJJH A10 Speakers ..,.38.00 A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A570 CD ROM Drive....449.00 A1011 Ext Floppy 116.00 A2010 Int Floppy 2000 ..95.00 A2091 SCSI Controller.155.00 A2232 Multi-Serial Board .295.00 A2286 AT BridgeBoard.379.00 A2300 Int Genlock. 2000.135.00 A2320 Display Enhancer.225.00 A2386 SX BridgeBoard .725.00 A3010 Int Floppy 3000 ..95.00 A3070 Tape Drive 525.00 Mouse. 2-Button 45.00 Mouse, 3-Button 53.00 NOW AVAILABLE! COMMODORE AMIGA 600 AND 600 HD! Call for pricing! Cycle Man ...36.99 Deluxe Paint IV 109.00 Directory Opus ..36.99 Essence Imagine ...47.99 Final Copy II ......99.00 The ultimate 2D 3D plotting tool tor artists, engineers, teachers and scientists $ 115.00 L Fractal Pro 5.0 ...87.99 High Speed Pascal ......114.99 HotLinks .77.99 Interchange Plus ......59.99 LabelDex! ...46.00 Lattice 6.0 .255.00 Macro 68 ..130.00 Migraph OCR ...249.00 Morphis lmagine ...72.99 Morph Plus ......195.00 Mini Office ... ..75.00 Notebook ....27.99 Objects Disk Imagine 42.99 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 PatchMeister .....59.00 I'm p u 0 Supra FAX Modem 144...305.00 © DCTV... .389,00 ©SupraFAXModem 14,4 Ami .359.00 0 Cross DOS 5.0+ ...37.00 © Amiga DOS 2.04 ..85.00 © Civilization ...... ...39.99 © Understanding Imagine 2.0 ...28.00 © AMAXI 4-
345. 00 © ASIM CD Rom FS ...... ...50.99 (S1 Lattice C 60 ....
255. 00 Power Basic 58.99 Power Packer Pro .. 22.99 Presentation Master..... .....171.99 Pro Draw 3.0 .. .....130.00 Professional Calc ... .....168.99 Profills 2.0 2 . 33.99 Pro Textures 2 ..... 40.99 PSImport .... .....54.00 QuarterBack 5.0 ..... 45.00 Resource .... .....130.00 Rexx Plus Compiler...... .....125.00 Scala MultiMedia ... .....305.00 SuperBase Prof 4 .. .....185.00 Super Jam .. 87.99 Toaster Fonts: Variety... 56.99 'eua® 512KMemoiy500 ....36.00 MIDI .40.00 Mouse, Swifty 29.00 MouseOoystickPort ..29.99 Scanner .....149.00 mid® Toaster Toolkit 1.1 .....130.00 ToastMaster 89.99 True Print 24 ......56.00 Turbo Print .79.00 Virtual Reality Studio ....53.99 Vista Pro 2.0 ......59.99 Voyager ......73.99 Video Toaster 2.0 $ 2025.00 NewTek INCORPORATED Authorized Panasonic Broadcast & Vi Systems Authorized RGB AmiLink Systems Wshell 2.0 ..52.00 WipeMaster .....120.00 HARDWARE 68030 Accelerators from GVP! 40MH2 40 4MB .999.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 120Q....1349.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 213......1629.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 240Q....1719.00 50MHZ 50 4MB ......1469.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120Q....1849.00 68040 Accelerators from GVP! 33MHZ 33 4MB ......2089.00 33MHz 33 4MB 120Q....2599.00 AdFlicker Free Video 2 239.00 AdSpeed ...179.00 Blizzard Board .219.00 CD Rom Drive. Ext Chinon 545.00 CD Rom Drive. Int Chinon .425.00 Cable: Dual SCSI Ribbon 16.95 DCTV RGB Converter 225.00 Fast RAM IC Card w 2MB.210.00 Fast RAM IC Card w 4MB.339.00 Floptical Drive. Int ......439.00 Floptical Drive. Ext ......570.00 Floptical Drive. 3000 ...449.00 Floptical Media ..26.00 SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32yV.42
V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GP Fax Software .75.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 305.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw .355.00 SupraFAXModem 9600 Bare245.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+....135.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....165.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 79.00 SupraModem 2400zi+ w sw 120.00 llllJBiiil For the A500 SupraDrive500XP 52Q 1 ...480.00 SupraDrive 500XP 5Q2 2 ...565.00 SupraDrive 500XP120Q 2.675.00 SupraDrive 500XP 240Q 2.935.00 (Shipping is only S7.00 on these systems!) SupraRAM 20004 SuptaRAM 20006. SupraRAM 20008. 512K RAM Expansion 500RX 1_ 500 m_ 500 m SupraRAM20000K_ SijxaRAM 20002
- 39.00 .12500
- 18560 .419.00 .11900
- 169.00 OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS floppy Dri . Pcv.ef PC Board- Rj «r Supply. 500XP- SCSI Controfler. 500XP SCSI CortroSer, 2000- SCSI Controter, 1000. Series III Upgrade_ Supra Corporation Increase the chip memory of your A600 to 2 megs! A601 0k .....24.00 A601C w clock 0k .39.00 D A T A F L Y E R Harddrive, Impact 530 120Q 1079.00 Harddrive Case (Single 3.5") 105.00 Personal V Scope 769.00 Personal VDA ..125.00 Power Supply 2000 ....159.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99 00 Scanner, MiGraph ......259 00 Switch Box, 4-Port 49.00 TBC III ......850 00 Toaster Cozzy ..699.00 Trackball, AMTrac ..69.99 Syquest Drive Packages Joystick Adaptor. Analog 17.00 Joystick. Ergo ....20.00 K-Start Selector .33.99 Keyboard Overlay DCTV 12.00 Keyboard Overlay Toaster ...24.00 Kitchen Sync ...1599.00 MIDI. ECE 500 2000 .....52.00 MIDI Connector .36.99 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus 269.00 Mouse Master ...29.99 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 MultiStart II 39.99 OpalVision 999.00 Personal SFC ...375.00 In your choice of y SCSI, IDE, or SCSI IDE Combo. Uses any LPS drive. Great V- Iooking chassis! IDE .165 SCSI ......175 Combo ..199 EXPANSION 44MB (2000) S399 $ 499 88MB (2000) S549 S649 Package includes drive, cartridge, manual, and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable: external models include case & molded cable. We support what we sell!! ZyXEL MODEM*
14. 4 FAX Modem w
V. 32bis V.42bis + FAX Password protection Built-in caller ID Switcher for modem or FAX use SYSTEMS Harddrive. 1270 ELS ..385.00 Harddrive. 170QELS ..445.00 Harddrive. Maxtor 7213S ..499.00 Harddrive. 240Q Bare .709.00 Harddrive, 1.7 GIG ....1829.00 ROCTEC Floppy Drive, Int 500..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..89.00 RocGen Plus ....305.00 RocKey .319.00 RocGen Plus with RocKey .....539.00 RocHard IDE SCSI .190.00 RocHard 80 500 .....449.00 RocHard 120 500 ...509.00 RocTec Mouse ..25.00 RocKnight Anti-Virus ..35.00 RocTec HD Case...„ .95.00 ELECTRONIC ARTS® Fall Releases! Great Naval Battles ..45.00 Harpoon Signature Ed 56.99 MegaFortress .-..37.99 MegaFortress Mission 2.27.99 Populous II Challenge Disk.23.99 Prophecy of the Shadow ...39.99 LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader 100 A X‘ M Computer Repair. 126 Reader 173 |.N-C Com (inter Seivice. 125 Sermcc 101 llii Data. 53 Service 17 |.N-G Gomputer Service. 126 A 'umber 12 Amiganmn, 106-167 X umber 159 |EK (iraphits. 127 155 AS DC, 59 * Kasara Mu tosysteius, 126 1 AS DC. 61 76
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Federal Computer Wnh, (him,Pro, ID(. Hooks, inCJ ln I +. InfoWhrld. HtftncorldDirect, Lotus. Mai wot Id. Multimedia World. Xetwink World, .XrXnnmU). PC Games. P( teller, PC World, Publish!. PCX. Sun World, SWAIPm; VFNI-. .l l.l.AN Ctmf u lentodd Venezuela, MiiioCouipnleruiirld ,nezitela; I ( .()SlAVlAs Mo Mihro. Information and Order Line Ami-Hack from Moonlighter Software Development, Inc.. is the best solution lor all your backup needs. Both powerful and flexible. Anti-Back gives you complete control over the backup process. No other backup program comes close to the speed, ease of use. Ami reliability of Ami-Back. Compression, data recovery, backup scheduler, true SCSI tape support, and online help arc just a few of the features that make Ami-Hack the best solution Final Copy II contains everything in the original Final Copy plus: structured drawing tools, style sheets, master pages, color text. 1.4 million response thesaurus. 144.000 word speller, math, paragraph sorting, mail-mergc, left-right pages, text obliquing, new uscr- inlcrface. Improved memory management, many new Arexx commands, vertical ruler option, new page guides, and more. Use the structured drawing bxils to create boxes, ovah, line-*, arrows, circles, and squares in your document. Th* Uttlmst* Backup Utility none [ Best Harddrive Backup Software Best Printing on the Amiga! SoftClips Clip-Art is an extensive collection of high- resolution. Bit-mapped images that can be imported into documents created by mast major word-processing and publishing programs on the Amiga. Each volume contains 4 disks, packed with hundreds of useful pictures, created by professional artists. These images arc designed for letters, newsletters, reports, and many other documents for home and business use. SoftClips Best Clip-Art on the Amiga! Each SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality touts. H v-w.c, w H designed world-famous type H H typefaces. These carefully chosen I II tvp.f.we' -:ic designed ewiuMVeh L ¦ lor use with Final Copy. Widely | recognized and useful. SoftFaces’ Sofihmtv Stflwvs ¦ professional quality typefaces 755® -*r"w give ytMtr documents the creative i i>" c . Ja Hair they deserve. I These typefaces are outline fonts ¦ that can be sized from 4 points - (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no jaggtes and will print using the lull capabilities of your printer. FftiiAiuil Quality Typefaces for Final Copy 800 LINE TECtMKSAL SUPPORT Final Copy II, Proper Grammar, SoftCllps, & SoftFaces come with an 800 Toll-Free Technical Support Phone Number to call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the software in the US and Canada. Ami-Back technical support provided by Moonlighter Software Development, Inc. EXPRESS SHIPPING: Next-day shipping to most cities in the continental U.S. only $ 3.00, Hawaii and Alaska $ 13.00. Free 2nd day shipping anywhere in continental U.S. ORDER BY PHONE: Phone our Order Line with your Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date. M-F, 8-5 P.M. MST WARRANTY 30 day exchange on all products - no questions asked. SmartSoft, Inc., P.O. Box 51840, Phoenix, A2 85076 Game Preserve Civilization By Peter Olafson YOU CAN PUT away Interstel's Empire now. Warlords and Stellar Conflict, too. Civilization (MicroProse, §69.95) has arrived. If you have any appetite for conquer-the-workl games, prepare to have il satisfied. This, my Friends, is it. Using a game system similar to Railroad Tycoon’s, this Sid Meier confection has you leading a hand of settlers at the dawn of time and gives you up to 6000 years to build a society not just an empire and crush up to six neighbors under your heel. At the start, Civilization reminded me of a pretty version of Empire. But, unlike Empire, it’s not simply a war game, although that's a good part of it. The cities you build and beat grind out a wide array of military units from basic militia, knights, or riflemen to battleships and fighter planes, depending on your technology level. Even diplomats, those most delicate and deadly weapons, are at your disposal. Blit Civilization also permits you to build the cities themselves: a granary, a marketplace, a barracks, a library, the Pyramids each with its own time and resource demands and effect on the quality of life. Charmingly, when each improvement is complete, the game cuts to a bank-camera view of the particular city taking care to update construction methods to the current era. When you do well, your people volunteer to make improvements to your palace. Those are among the many nice touches. (Another is the “demographics” feature that ranks your civilization in a number of abstract categories.) But here's the key: Simultaneously, you have a passel of scientists working, at your behest, on a CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson December: A time when fire-lit rooms resound with the glad cries of children. A time when the air is brisk with the promise of snow. And a time, naturally, when people cheat like the blue blazes at their Amiga games...with our help. Hey, it's not quite as non-"family value" oriented as swiping Monopoly money behind Mom's back; when you can't finish a game you've owned since 1987 = or even since November), dishonesty may be the best policy. The European version of the game.
* There's apparently a way to collect an infinite stock of supplies in Deuteros (Activision, $ 39.95). Go to the surface stores and type Shift-
C. You should be rewarded with a green screen. Now do it again, and never want for anything.
• I'm not sure whether this is a real cheat or just an oddity. In Agony (Psygnosis, $ 49.99), pressing F1 places a sword beneath the owl, F2 puts it above the owl, and F3 evidently increases the size of the blasts you fire. Hit F3 three times, and you'll earn an extra life. There. That is a cheat. A few caveats: I didn't collect these cheats myseif credit goes to a bloke who colls himself Postcard Man and I've tested only a handful, so some may not work exactly as described, or may work only on In Civilization, the world is yours for the taking. Thicket of interlinked societal advances from pottery making to the wheel to a cure for cancer. It’s the guts of the game what pushes your envelope forward. Without science, you can make only such progress as you appropriate or trade for With it, you can quite literally take your civilization into orbit. Naturally, ibis lends delightful depth both to the war game and the “life” game in Civilization, It's an extraordinarily rich simulation one that matures and evolves as il progresses. You’ll probably still be playing this a year from now. With MicroProse doing so many tilings right the game tively, in Leander = Psygnosis,
• Typing GET MORDROC DIRK anytime during the game kicks Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp [Ready- Soft, S59.95) into auto-playing mode a nice feature that'll show you the whole bleedin' game. HUR- RYDEXTERO, followed by a press of the Return key, should perform the same stunt in Space Ace II ($ 59.95).
• The code RTTMNDHRCH takes you straight to Level 11 in Amnios (Psygnosis, S49.99). (Doesn't that look like shorthand or something?) SULPHATE will take you to Level 100 in Atomino [Psygnosis, $ 49.99).
• The codes ZXSP and LVFT will take you to Levels 2 and 3, respec- S49.99). If you add the letters LTUS, you'll also have unlimited lives and access to any weapons in the game by using FI to F5.
* The cheat for Elf (Ocean, S49.95) is about as cute as the game itself. Type CHEAT on a screen in which there is talking. You'll be told to type in CHOROPOO, and when you do, you'll get 99 pets and your energy will return to a normal level. I think we could all use 99 pets, don't you?
• Arkanoid M's pretty old, but hell's bells, somebody sent me a letter asking for a cheat that I never got around to answering, and this is as good a way as any to save 29 cents. Actually, there are a whole To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 117. ’Tis the Season to BE Entertained... AnimafionVol.l DvtO Formerly AmigaWorld Videos Sit back and be entertained by award-winning animations, from pi novice animators alike. Or learn how you can be more creative and the best selling software and hardware products available for t The original AmigaWorld Animalion Video that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. 48 minutes. $ 19.95 AnimationVol.il DVM AmigaWorld's editors do it again. Exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Lightwave 3D. Imagine, Sculpt-Animate 4-D. And DeluxePaint III. You'll be thoroughly entertained by these animated stones 90 minutes. $ 24.95 1989 Best of the Fests DV17 A film festival in a box! Award winning animation. Comedy, documentary and experimental shorts. 90 minutes. $ 29.95 The Mind's Eye DV13 A compelling look at the universe, utilizing the talents of over 300 top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Beyond the Mind's Eye DV14 This is a case where the sequel is even better than the original. Coming in October. Soundtrack by Jan Hammer. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Best of the Fests 1991 DV18 More award-winning animation, comedy, drama, experimental and documentary short films from 1991 's top international Film Festivals.90 minules. S29.95 Chronos DV15 New Release! Breathtaking 70mm cinematography captures the timelessness of Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Athens’ Acropolis, Mont St. Michel, the Arc de Triomphe, the Vatican and over 50 other locations. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Green Toons DV16 Just released! Entertainment with a conscience! 14 humorous, pointed and beautiful short films by North American animators. 45 minutes. $ 19.95 Animation of the Apocolypse DV19 Eight astounding independent visions of doom, revelations, and the end of the world! 60 minutes. $ 24.95 ofessional and productive with he Amiga. History of the Amiga DV12 An intriguing and entertaining look at the origins of the Amiga computer. Listen to the initial trials and tribulations which Jay Miner, R.J. Mical, Caryn Mical, Dale Luck, Carl Sassenrath, Dave Needle and the rest of the original "Los Gatos gang went through. 45 minutes. $ 19.95 Tony Vegas' Animated Acidburn Flashback Tabu DV20 Aural and visual absorption . Transcendence. Revelation. Breathe. Dream. Relax. Animations for you to tune into from the early 1980’s. 60 minutes. $ 24.95 New Releases, Updates and Prices. ORDER BY TELEPHONE OR MAIL IN THIS FORM. Finer Video Product (s) below. Call 1-800-879-0759 Orders Only, Please Units Product ft Cost Ray men 1 Enclosed Please charge my ? MasterCard ? Visa ? Discover CG __Exp. Signature_ N ante_ Address_ Citv DevWare Video. 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-TM10, Powav, CA 92064 Support (619)679-2825 Pax (619)679-2887 The Mind's Eye Beyond The Mind's Eye and Chroncs are trademarks cl Miramar. Inc. DeluxePaint IV is a trademark of Electronic Arts DeluxePaint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with DeiuxePaml IV are trademarks of Saddleback Graphes Amiga s a registered trademark, of Commodore Business Machines. Video Toaster, ToasierPami and Toaster CG are trademarks o1 NewTek, Inc. Desktop Images is a trademark of Rave Video Production Facilities St. Zip Amiga Animation Hollywood Style DV50 New Release' Leain classic. Hollywood,Dis- ney-style techniques using DeluxePaint IV and Disney Animalion Studio, from renowned Amiga animator, Gene Hamm. Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don’t craw with a mouse. 30 minutes $ 24.95 New Release! New Releases from Desktop Images! The NewTek Video Toaster 2.0 Tutorial Series Video Toaster Essentials DV51 The first of 4 videos, featuring Video Toaster expert Lee Stranahan, leads you through a step-by-step guide to the Video Toasters switcher and special effects 83 minutes S49.95 ToasterPaint Essentials DV52 Discover the lull potential of ToasterPaint as you go through each of its powerful functions step by step. 62 minutes $ 49.95 ToasterCG Essentials DV53 A step-by- step guide to the Video Toasters character generator with demonstrations of special techniques,59 minutes $ 49.95 Professional Techniques DV54 Get more Irom ToasterPaint and ToasterCG with demonstrations of special techniques to create professional network quality graphics.59 minules S49.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bundle Pack DV69 SAVE 10?i> and get all 4 Desktop Images for only $ 179.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV New Release! DV67 Volume I. This tutorial series will teach you how to create killer graphics quickly and easily with the most current version of DCTV. Using real projects as examples. 54 minutes $ 29.95 The Amiga Primer DV64 The alltime, best seller for getting started with your Amiga, including setup. Workbench, Shell, CLI, expansion, and AmigaVision. A must for every Amiga owner. 90 minutes $ 24.95 Amiga Graphics, Second Edition DV61 Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. An ideal tape for getting started. Includes interviews with experts. Features Dpaint IV. NewTeks products, Kara Fonts and others. S19.95 Desktop Video. Volume I DV62 The best tape for getting started with Desktop Video. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Award winning director Terry Saunders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals. Techniques, titling, and more. $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Volume It DV63 More help on understanding Desktop Video with the Amiga. Includes direct comparisons of tape formats. NewTek's Toaster, Lightwave 3D. DpamtlV. DCTV. Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering $ 24.95 How To Animate I New Price! DV58 Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike. Pick up helpful tips and techniques on using DeluxePamtlV from Joel Hagen, and using LightWave 3D from Amiga Worlds Lou Wallace. 45 minutes S24.95 Hot Rod Your Amiga DV57 New low price! This update will assist you in your shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today. Learn about accelerators, RAM. The Video Toaster. Genlocks and more. $ 19.95 DeluxePaint IV Video Guide DV59 In easy to follow, step by step fashion, you'll explore many of Dpaint IV's features which will meet most of your graphics and animations needs. Includes the new menu structure, Metamorphosis, HAM color mode, the new Gradients and Cycle requesters, the new advanced palette mixer and much more! 60 minutes S24.95 Advanced Techniques With DeluxePaint IV DV60 Learn tips and tricks lor combining Dpaint IV's dilferent tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animations, professional titling techniques, and much more! 60 minutes.S24.95 I ! I 1 1 I 1 I | Phone ( ) Videomaker, The Video Series DV65 The experts at Videomaker Magazine will teach you about bringing a documentary to life, professional lighting, camera moves, and most important, generating income with your video equipment. 40 minutes $ 19.95 Desktop Video, Master's Edition DV55 The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects, background music, sound effects and graphic backdrops 60 minutes $ 24.95 imagine, A Guided Tour DV66 This tape will give you extensive help on achieving Professional 3-D rendering results with Imagine. Learn about object loading and creation, surface attributes, lighting techniques. Texture mapping, animation, 12 24-bit rendering, and much more! 90 minutes $ 24.95 The Magic of Music and Midi DV56 New Low Pricel This new edition brings you the most up-to-date information on using the Amiga as a music generator or MIDI device. Features Super Jam!. Bars & Pipes Professional. Dr. T's Somx. Deluxe Music, AudioMas- ter and others. $ 19.95 I'olIoMing l.i shipping in most cases, .Shipping arid handling wiihin tomincnial I .S.. add S3.IK). Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, add
4. 80. Add $ .50 for each additional unit shipped. Foreign orders. $ 6.00 shipping lor each unit. $ 1,00 for each additional unit. Pavmcn! In I .S. funds only: TM12 CA Residents add
7. 759c lax $ Shipping and Handling S Ibtal Due $ Iota I of videos = (j V M E P R B s E R V E looks and plays virtually the same as the IBM version, and die sound is substantially better I feel a bit queer blasting the few points that go wrong. But there are too many Amiga-specific faux pas in Civilization to simply ignore. When booted from its Workbench icon, the game gurus upon exit back to Workbench. (CLI-ignited games run fine.) II’you’re starting a game from scratch, you have to sit through a lengthy introduction that moves like a logging truck going uphill and cannot be interrupted. .After some half-dozen hard disk-installable games, Micro- Prose still doesn't have its installation routines down pat. First, the program asked me if I wanted to install the four-disk game to the Speak:, Pipe:, and Aux: devices (among others) on my A3000. That, aL least, was good lor a laugh. While Civilization’s installation script wrote the proper assigns into the startup-sequence, it did so only after the line endcli >nil:, which prevented them from taking effect when I rebooted. I had to edit the file manually. The program also assumes that your machine boots from hard disk and so writes the changes into the startup-sequence file on the hard drive not allowing for older systems, such as my A500, that boot from floppy. We can only hope that the just-released upgrade fixes some of these slipups. On the other hand, Civilization’s play is virtually without flaw. It's the best conquer-the-world game you’ve ever seen, and much more besides. It's only a shame it takes so much work to get it started. Nova 9 By Rob Lawrence IN STELLAR 7, you creamed Gir Draxon to restore peace and harmony. Old Gir is a poor loser, however. After crash landing, he began his conquest of the unexplored Nova 9 system, massing incredible force. Hop in your Raven II hovertank: In Nova 9 (Dynamix, S34.95), you take on Gir and his awesome mechanized minions again. With enemies coming at you from both surface and air, you begin in the heat ol battle on the first of nine planets to be liberated. Each planet has its own unique fighting force and a big bruiser at the end, with vehicles resembling everything from swamp boats and bulldozers to pterodactyl fighters and mechanical lizards. While the terrain is generally Hat, you’ll encounter obstacles, force fields, and even ramps for going airborne, Exploded enemies often leave behind goodies to increase your tank's speed and maneuverability, or give you ex- Nova 9 is waiting for you and your hovertank to liberate it. Tra firepower or shields. One even produces a holographic twin decoy. You can also lay mines and (later) fire guided missiles. The graphics and sound effects are very well done. Everything is in bright color, with shading. My only complaint about the sound is the absence of engine noise, possibly due to the little Yugo two-cycle under the hood, (Without speed modules, i he tank's pokiness cost me my life more than once.) Hie frame rate is not bad until you run into a lot of action (hence the recommended accelerator). For more speed, you can reduce the detail and activate wireframe mode, but then perspective becomes tougher to judge. The designers apparently thought Nova 9 would be best as an arcade game and abandoned its potential as a sophisticated simulation. For example, you receive radar and damage status information but have no velocity and heading indicators. You cannot raise your cannon to train on fighters smart enough to stay above firing level, nor can you transfer shield power to weakened areas. Despite the simplicity, however, 1 was impressed by the clever setup of each planet, and the unknown weaknesses of Lite guardians. Although one megabyte of memory is required, you can play Nova 9 from Workbench. Hard-drive installation is a snap, but do check out the cool intro on floppies (only the second half played from my hard drive). It) sum ii up, Nova 9 is a good sequel to a good game. It’s a simulation leaning towards the arcade, but being slowed up Continued on p. 108. CRIB NOTES mess of cheats for this one. Typing DEBBIE S on the high-score screen gives you unlimited lives. When you croak, wait for the title screen to roll around, and then type DALEY-88. You'll be able to continue at the level on which you kicked the bucket. Or type MAGENTA, and during the game proper press S to skip levels. Try typing ROBOCOPPETER on this same screen for "continuous mode." I don't know what it is, but it sounds delightful. L still get mail now and again about Psygnosis' Baal usually from people declaring that it is impossible and this is the first real cheat I've seen. Evidently the game has a built-in "trainer" (practice mode) you can access by typing LOVEBUNDLE in the high-score table. Hurrah. Of course, to manage that, you've got to be good enough to reach the high-score table. Boo...
• You can make the marathon Midwinter (MicroProse, S39.95) into a rather short, tidy game by picking up some dynamite and a hang glider and making for the enemy HQ. If you click on the start screen in the same spot every time, every game will be set up the same way.
• Pit-Fighter (Domark, $ 39,95) has a level select. Just type LOBSTERS during the game and then 1, 2, or 3 for the one you want. C is supposed to take you to the championship level.
* Pain bird's Enlightenment has secret levels. To reach them from the starting point, go left to the desert and continue left to the fire zone. Head to the upper-left corner and find some lava bearing a patch that resembles the Firewall spell. Walk on this patch be quick about it and you're on your way.
• When the storyboard appears in Back to the Future III [Konami, $ 39.95), type in ROTTEN CHEAT for Level 1, LOUSY CHEAT to reach Level 2, and LOW DOWN CHEAT to reach Level 3. (Hold on a sec: You have to cheat to reach Level 1?)
* OK, OK, it's not a domestic release at this writing, but Epic (S49.95), Ocean's space-combat game, had people on pins and needles for about two years, and it seems only fair to give you the nine level codes: AURIGA, CEPHEUS, APUS, MUSCA, PYXIS, CETUS, FORNAX, CAELUM, and CORVUS.
* Not a cheat, but just kinda weird: In Bard's Tale 111: The Thief of Fate (Electronic Arts, S49.95), try out the word HAMBURGER on the guard at the Mad God's temple.
* A few RPGs can be licked the easy way with some judicious disk Continued on p. JOS. MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - 1-800-477-7706 H4NTI Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! Ci Commodore* AMIGA
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• 9 Disks of software including F A-18 Interceptor. Fusion Point, KindWords and lots more! Call for the lowest prices on all AmiKtt 500'*! Accelerators G Force Combo 25 1 CALL G Force Combo 40 4 ..CALL G Force Combo 50 4 CALL G Force 2000 040 33 ...CALL miscellaneous A2000 Ram Bo.irtl Rnm-8 Ok .$ 85 Ram-8 2MB ....J49 Digital Sound Studio .....83 52MB, I20MU. 240.'IB packages available 1 MB Simm CALL At Once Flits ..CALL Impact Vision 24 ......CALL 4 MB Simm ....CALL GVP Phone Pak in slock Hard Drives A2000 MC8 + 0 1 20Q CALL A500 MD + I 20 MR ..CALL A2000 MC8 + 0 240Q CALL A530 Turbo 1 20MB.....Ill StOCk Limiied Quaniiiiis
* 59* [Hsiwy Animator ..... (Mrectof 2 0 ...... [»r,iw *0 PW .. Imaiyr rimk-r __ HipouUri |«K laAUaic... Mark* Math lab ...... Itiel 50 2.0 .... Pio Conversion Pah Pro-Video Ookl . Rn>Video I’unI Kc.il 3D ... Scene Genetaior . Sccnei)* Animator Turbo Silver _
T. V shot. 2 u ------
T. V Tc*l Pro.------ Vueo Dtmtn . Vkta Pro 2 0. HARDWARE Supca Corp A500VI* Hard Drive* 5IMH IMI5KAM ......4449 I 20 MB 2 MB KAM ...... f>49 240 MB. 2 MB KAM ...... CALL Supra Ham 500 KX 1 MB .1 19 2 MB ..179 Modems 2400 BO KattflUVCiBte ....73 2+fX) Futt Cxbfe .tl9 fa* rtodrm V32 bis ....CALL PC Power Board ... 230
* 1i*e Hardware 2091 52Mti ...... - 259 2091 40MQ ......229 At lliltkje Iwuni ...... SPECIAL rUq root M.. aw Hn-.wl Ivmol ..CALI DC TV .379 IXTV RGB Converter .CAU. Desk Jet MOC ....CALL Epson 300C Scanner ......LOWEST niecrackrf ja 2 mg ..... caii ___CAU CAU CAU CALL CAU CAU CAU CAU New Item
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- --225 115 123 B3 .. CAU Best Price
• 5.1 DOS
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• ‘beat any price- guaranty may not apply lo certain Items. AdSpeed $ 16995 Flicker Free Video 2 $ 2350° Call For Other Prices The ICD Advantage Ad SCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 MB of FAST RAM. AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Flicker Free Video 2 eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. AdRAM 540 Add up to 4 MB of RAM internally fn your Amiga 500 AdRAM 2080 8 MI5 internally in your 2000 2500. Special master 3Ai floppy *74.99 Amiga RC-500sT?»Rw*«iocci»iDrAKio 536 Hand Scanned resoGscn ...Sld9.95 Optical Mouse ...549 Opto Mechanical Mouse ...522 RC-2000 ¦ ¦ ¦ - : i.- A-'io; * ” 5135 I V«* wOWRtv on & CoOo-i ifOJ* poducn WordPerfect for tre Amiga Full Featured Word Processor
115. 000 word spell checker, footnotes, mailmerge &. More ICD Call for Complete Software & Hardware Listing GOLDEN IMAGE Cordless Trackball & Mouse Cord,ess Mouse
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W. Shell 2.0 . 49.95 GRAPHICS « VIDEO An Oepanmrnl 2.1 ..4140.93 tUnKlutt Tiller n 2to
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II. Q Tower... ..... CAU. K« hen Sync ......1529 iViMin.il sre .... ... 349 ItwjrrsMkC 040*2000 ..LAU. I'nujrrsvlic O40 500 . CAU Qjantum 52. 105.120. 240 CALL Sketch masicr CALL VXL 30 25MnZ .., . 299 95
V. VL 30. 40 MHZ .....439.99 VXL Math Co ......CAU VXL KAM Hoard ...... CAU Zeus 040 '2000.SC51 CAU Ii4 Simms . 2»x4 6 Dram___ 1X15 2 0 -..... .... Slprt Oen.se ----------- I MQ s I 60 KS, __ llir Stmm 32 ... Sun I it SCRAM ZJPS l B Slmrm OA% „ ...... S vquevt 44 MB Internal ... wt MB imetn* utniiVjrtA.aitible...... IV5 OrardsUoi A500 .. OmKbWm A2ooo _ TmmpeanJ Pro A500--------- Ttaffli* .ml Pro 4.2000... . TnnapCiM A500 Trnmpcjrd A2000 Twnu ard MOAT. IYS Vtxior 25 . Lowest PRICES teminodcrc 10645-------- t MunvxWf I960 lit 3TQ4 . Gentocht MegAChip 2000 500 • $ 189.95 Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaster! Call for 2'IB Agnus Price MultiStart II • $ 39.95 Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider II A1000 • 0K $ 149.95 Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for RAM prices Kwikstart II • $ 69 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Bools faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 32 Bit Expansion 1 I 2 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. Art Dept 2.! $ 149.95 Cross Dos 5.0 .34.95 I>CTV: .....365.00 Deluxe Paint IV, 89.05 .... = new version) 89.95 Imagine 2.0 ..209.00 Pagestream 2.2 ....164,99 Quarterback 5.0.....43.99 Superbase IV 169.95 Superjam ....74.95 Complete Dairjsjj yjrji&zi&noM Available Full Warranty • Lowest Prices CALL FOR DETAILS Ml Commodore AT Bridge Board 286 ONLY $ 24999 Limited Qualities Specials AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE CENTER AUTHORIZED COMMODORE DEALER SINCE 1980 NO ONE KNOWS AMIGA BETTER Multi-Start live Dual ROM Board assembly Run 1.3 or 2,0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key. With ribbon cable. A w 2.0ROM$ 122 539 Orders Only USA & Canada 1 -800-258-0533 9am - 9pm M-F, 10am- 5pm sat SUNDAY 12- 5PM MegAChip Get 2 megabyles of chip RAM for your A2000 & A500 JkyhS w Super Agnus WA-V O fiiQ A500 Tower TURN YOUR AMIGA 500 INTO A POWERFUL AMIGA TOWER. Includes: Metal cabinet & speaker Key Jock Security, Speed LED, 250W powersupply Install: 5 exposed drive bay* Your 3.5" I 5 hidden drive bays Dnve. A50O j Daughter board with: Mother I 4 A2000 Slots. Board, and I 3 pc Slots Keyboard I Accelerator Slot Video Slot Keyboard Caso w cord Amiga A570 CD-ROM~B-RlVE 2632 MemoryBoard w 4mb RAM C4qq for the Amiga 2500 ario 2630 accel Up to 32MB RAM *r “ Requires 1MB FATTER AGNUS active. Mv.via (»fli 60MB internal hard drive & in $ 239terface or 'VOUr ArniSa SIX). VV ltuilt in AdSpeed S669 °~9 Trifecta Eliminates interlace flicker for any Anrga Comput* er. Use with VGA or Multisync Monitors ICD Advantage Shuffle Hoard AdSnml Reroutes dfO: Reroutes dfO: to the external (Ioodv Full CDTV Comi Inlornal 2mb RAM Expansion Rear Expansion Slot FREE mother board upgrade with purchase ol drive. Tor in its pnee C'-inn AdIPK40 for 3.5* hard drives Smallest Amiga hard dnve interface made for IDE (AT) drives S169 hard drive controller on the market!!! Call A2000 hard drive card or External A500 hard drive Internal slot accepts GVP 266 board range AdUBAM.f4Q Toaster Compatible, All the power ot the A2000 and More Alfa Data 512K RAM Expander, For A500 Alfa Data ‘'V EXTERNAL ELYAMIGA 880K DRIVE COMPATIBLE - _ XNL $ 79
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500. Kickback NEW ROM switch for
2. 04 & 1.3 ROMS. $ 35 GOLDEN IMAGE Chinon CD-ROM Interna! Drive $ 445 External Drive $ 585 Includes Cables and CD-FS software Requires a SCSI cent, (dual-speed) Master3A1 N 880K AMIGA DRIVE Opto-Mechanical $ 29 ouse MicroBotics VXL 68030 Acceleration for A500, A2000 25MHz $ 279 with 68882 $ 409 40MHz $ 369 with 68882 S489 Compatible witht.3 & 2.04 ROMS DATAFLYER Optical Mouse (Not shown) S55 A500 HARD V DRIVES EXPAND UP TO SMB RAM W 120 MB hard dnve $ 649] w 213 MB hard drive $ 879 w 240 MB hard drive $ 899 Brush Mouse Works Like a Pen Handscanner W Powerfuf Migraph Touch*up software Hard Drive Controllers for 3.5‘ LPS Drives Up lo SMB Ram Expan$ n Auto booting & install SCSI, IDE or Both A530 Turbo VXL RAM-32 2MB VXL RAM-32 8MB S242 S633 er® controller 500 $ 135 W 52MB HD S389 20MB HD $ 529 ALL-IN-ONE EXPANSION FOB A500 40MHz Accelerator Hard drive RAM Expansion w 120MB HD $ 1099 EXPANSION SYSTEMS SupraRAM RX External RAM Expand your A500 to the MAX y c T A> Jo" 512K to 4MB RAM Expander For AW OA 500 Passthrough design 1 esigr MB up lo 2MB $ 129 GVP PC286 IBM Card $ 239 whan purehased w-th either of the an DltiFlytf HAM 0 -$ « 2MBSI89.-IHUS27B W 512K - S119. W 1 MB - S143 vv 2 M B - $ 191. W 4MB - $ 275 $ 199 = $ 245 atone) 2MB up lo BMB Productivity Software Education Books CDTV Art & Animation Art Department Pro 2.1 ' agemaster S164 SI 35 S122 $ 70 $ 199 $ 259 $ 125 luxe Paint IV V4.1 Disney Anim. Sludio Draw 4D Pro in© 2-0 .. 3-D 2-2 Prof. Draw 3.0 Cmdo Morph Vista Pro 2.0 Databases ltroftche Filer luperBase Personal 2 uperBase IV 12 Music 3ars and Pipes Jars and Pipes Pm Music Const Set Jam Pro Meister Spreadsheets Advantage pa5 189 FINAL COPY II Utilities Amibnck 2.0 Cross DOS 5.0 Directory Opus abefdex Quarterbacks .0 Quarterback Toot* SAS latrce C 6.0 Visionary ___ Video & Presentation Am ga Vision Broadcast Taler 11 Broadcast Titter HiRes Can Do 2. Pro Video CG II Pro Video Post Scate 2 0 Multimedia Video Dhector Word Processors Desk Top Publishing Final Copy 11 Page Stream 2 2 Pefcan Press 1 3.3 onal P S84 $ 169 PrcWnte Profession* Proper Gramm PROWRITE3.3 Only $ 56 Prof. Page3.0 Prof. Draw3.0 Combo S209 MORPH PLUS Adventures >n Math $ 25 Algebra $ 31 Algebra II $ 31 Amy's Fun-2-3 Advonluio $ 31 Barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 Barney Bear in School $ 22 Bamey Bear m Space $ 22 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San D>ego Time $ 31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 31 Carmen San D:ego World $ 31 Crossword Const. Kit $ 25 Discovery Math Spell ng $ 25 Distant Suns 4.0 $ 55 Katie’s Farm S25 Marks Math Lab S31 Math Talk S25 Math Blaste1 P us S31 Mav s Beacon Typing $ 34 McGee Fun Fair 525 My Pant 2 0 S31 Talking Animator 541 Talking Colonng Boo* S19 Trigonometry S31 Wono Atlas S37 EUROPEAN MAGAZINES AMIGA Format w C sks S10 AMIGA Action w Disks S10
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2. 0 operating system, ECS chip set, Built in RF and color Color Composite video. Starter Unit .. (SlfimVv $ 399 Robocop 3, Shadow of the BeasflT Myth, MicroText, & Graphic Workshop Advance Harddrive Unit $ 579 Includes: Push Over, Virtual Reality Studio 2 Myth, MicroText, & Graphic Workshop AMIGA 600 EXPANSION SET 1MB 601 RAM card & 880 drive $ 1 29 p SERIES II S’ A2000 SCSI T sCONTROLLER EXPANSION SYSTEMS Budget hard drive solution lor your A2000 SCSI Controller aai- only S85 "dSssi Accelerator* G-Force 30 68030All in one Ixxtni with SCSI tntcrfKC 25 I Hz 25 1.MB $ 639 40MHz 40 4 IB $ 1059 50MH 50 4MB $ 1579 Iji nliNc fc.UAtU >4 }2-b* RAM 4MB 32Bil extra RAM S1V9 G-Force 40 68(340 AU ui one board for your A2000 33MH7733 4MB $ 2149 includes SCSI controller for your A3000 28 M Hz 28 2 MB $ 1499 GENITIZKR Electronic rv Drawing Tablets for AMIGA lnclodc»jC driver (tut ilknti it
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A. r Support American Gladiators Amnios Amos 12 The Game Creator Amos 1.3 The Compiler Amos 3d Amos Proiesswa Anarchy Aquaven'ura Armour Gedden Awesome _ Jack To The Future III Jane Of Cqsmlc Forgo5 Jarbarian II lards Tale III Jatiic Chess jatlle Command Jarlotoads Jig business jirds ol prey iP. ;lvira llvire 2 Jaws Of Corborus ,mp»ro ;ye Of The Beholder ;ye Of The Beholder II 14118 15 Strike Eagle li '19 Siealih Fighter :29 Ro|alialor aces: Tris 3 alcon alcon Mission
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l. ilslar loi loki In C inoanapqlis 500 lack NiCklAUS CJ.p An Co Jack Nickinus Courses • Jack N>ckious Courses * Jack Nicklaus Courses • Jack N cklaus Unlimited Jaauar XJ220Q Jonn Madden Football 'Aaramon KilSng Gamp Show Kingdoms Of England li Kinds Quosl II Km » Quosl I I KbB Quest iv
K. n )s Quest V Leisure Suit Larry 5 Lemmings Sorce'er .nnco II Lemmings. Ob No! More Lemmings II aphes «i Ancmn apnes *2 Future
* m C ry- Terrain ..m Earth
• tmpsons olitaire Rqyale ¦pace 1889 mpail Fantiasies nbail Dreams amu 3 soo! O! Radiance »ools 01 Darkness Jopulous ’opulojs 2 sopuiq;.js 2 Caa»enoe Jorts Of Cali ’ower Pinball Powarmonger Jowermonger WWI DbtR Disk Jro Foo«m" Simulator 3.0 Pro Tenms Tour I .Bridge 8.0 tit For Glory 2 cad Tycoon :h For The Skies Baron Siorm Rising lmTnj Dragon Road Rash Hobm Hood CcrqjMS Of LongOc?* Rcccsgqn Rues Ol Engagement Scrabble Search For The K.ng Secrol Ol Monkey Island 2 Shadow Land Shadow 0j Tne Boas! Shadow 81 The Beast ill Midi’s ECE Mid. $ 49 Midi GokJ 500 $ 56 Mid Gold Ins der 565 Mid. Con-mcty w cables $ 59 Phantom SMPTE MlOl $ 229 Mid cable 6ft $ 8 Omm Midi $ 39 Miraclo Keyboard $ 329 Audio Audiomastor 4 $ 62 Digital Sound Studio $ 89 Perfect Sound 3.1 $ 69 SoundMaster $ 139 Studo 16 AD 516 Cali Studio 16 AD 1012 S539 Video Genlocks G-Iock $ 425 MiniQen >199 RocGen Plus >359 Supoigon Qonlock $ 649 Chroma Key plus $ 329 DCTV $ 399 Replacement Parts BmFoot 200W_poworsup. $ 89 A5Q0 Internal Drive $ 79 A2000 Internal Dnve $ 75 A3000 Internal Dnve $ 95 PC Mac Emulators AMAX 2 PLUS $ 379 AT ONCE Plus $ 279 Pow©' PC Board S289 Golden Gate 386sx Board 5599 Golden Gate 486slc Board $ 1099 Arr.tga 2286 Board $ 249 Amiga 3386 Board Call Joysticks. Mouses & Trackballs Sik St* Joystck $ 7 Bess Joystck $ 15 Tac 50 Joystc* $ 17 Bat Handle Joystck $ 25 Jm Mouse $ 25 Opto-Mec hancai Mega Mouse Sa5 Optical Mouse $ 55 Bo ng Optica! Mouse S94 Amtrac Trackball S69 Kraft Trackball S59 Mouse Switch (automate) S29 Supra Modems 2400 ExttrW $ 89 2400Plus External S125 2400Pts 21 Internal §109 FAX Modem14400 $ 300 FAX Mxfcm 9600 S240 FAX Aaxtem Sc hv Wvm*aobtti $ 79 Zoom Modems 2400 Ext $ 75 2400w W:s5&v42bB $ 145 9600 v.32 bis $ 399 Cable $ 10 ($ 5 w modem) PHONEPAX Irom GVP $ 428 Video Display Boards Fl ker Free 2 $ 239 FicRer Fwer «249 Opal Vision From j). 104. By all the action. If there’s a third installment, I hope it falls into one camp or the other. American Gladiators California Games II International Sports Challenge The Carl Lewis Challenge By Peter Olafson THIS OLYMPIC YEAR lias brought a Hood of (James-type games for the Amiga: International Sports Challenge (Ready So ft, 549.95), The Carl Lewis Challenge (Psygnosis,
549. 99), American Gladiators (GameTek. 539.95), and California Games II (Epyx, 539.95). One is top-notch. Two are just okay. One is a dog. International Sports Challenge The International Sports Challenge is the hands-down winner in the current heat. Empire, the game's European publisher, seems to have set out to do a full-blown, white-hot version of the Summer Games. This worthy idea was beau- j tifully executed across a nice range of sports: diving, swimming, shooting, cycling, show jumping, and a marathon, Yup, a marathon. J Unlike many similar compilations, all the events here are fun and stylish especially the cycling and show-jumping, which are carried off in a smooth, filled-polygon environment. Shooting is the easiest = a matter of mouse control), and diving (matching the movements of a ball around a circle) is by far the toughest. Nothing wrong'with that; it should be tougher to do a given dive than simply pointing the joystick in a particular direction. While the prospect of a marathon worried me, you don’t have to waggle a joystick for 26.2 miles, but only when you want to reset your runner’s speed. It’s a good strategy game, incorporating weather, refreshments, and separate times for each I OK segment, while permitting control of runner speed and rhythm and providing data on other stats. It’s available only when you play a full slate of events, but it serves admirably to link them together you drop back to the marathon after each event and it makes them feel less like a set of little arcade games. Arc there any fouls? Just one: This four-disk game doesn’t install on a hard disk. The Carl Lewis Challenge In second place comes I he Carl Lewis Challenge. The five International Sports Challenge puts you in the saddle for show-jumping and six other Olympic events. Track-and-field events 100-meter sprint, 1 10-meter hurdles, javelin throw, long jump, and high jump are all nicely done, though they have much in common. They’re all played on similar screens, while each of the events in International Sports Challenge has its own distinctive world. Actually, the most original trick turned here is that you choose not only a control device, but also whether it controls your character's speed, rhythm, or “gearing” (how close you can come to hitting marks on the screen). If at first you’re uncomfortable playing The Carl Lewis Challenge, try, try again. Like Ready Soft Em p ire, Psygnosis added a strategy component a training module that you can ptay separately or with the events. Sad to say, it’s best played once and then skipped forever. This is a pure numeric exercise in" which you adjust ten types of training in three areas over live weeks to bring each athelete’s four stats to optimum levels. The human element so present in ReadySoft’s marathon is utterly absent here. It’s more like being Carl Lewis’s accountant than his trainer. American Gladiators A ways behind the leaders is American Gladiators, based on the cartoon-like TV show of the same name. It consists of seven futuristic events, played either head-to-head or in tournament, and they’re a rather mixed lot. The best Assault, Atlasphere, and Powerball look like miniature versions of the Bitmap Brother s Xenon orSpeedball. The worst arejust loo simplistic to be of enduring interest. (Then again, I found one of the simplest a wall-climbing exercise the most charming.) I hate games that make me plug a joystick into the mouse CRIB NOTES From p. 104 swapping. Eye of the Beholder (Strategic Simulations, S49.95) is no exception. Make two copies of Disk 2, and play the game as you normally would with one of them until you find secret passages or unlock doors. Now, insert your other copy and play with it for a while long enough at least for the data to be written to the disk. Then put the first disk back in and continue to play. So where's the cheat? Well, if you get stuck in the game, go back to the second copy, and you'll find that all the locked doors are now unlocked.
* You can reach two special levels in Ubi Soft's war game. Battle Isle ($ 49.95), with the codes EU- ROP and STORM.
* A few helping hands for flight sinis: A simultaneous CTRL-ALT-R replenishes all your weapons in F- 15 Strike Eagle li = MicroProse, $ 59.95). In F-29 Retaliator = Ocean, S19.99), sign up as THE DIDY MEN on the duty roster without hitting Return. Click on COLONEL, and now press Return. You've entered the developer's test mode. Your stock of weapons is unlimited, and ENTER will bring you in for a nice smooth landing [unlike the nasty, firey type you've grown used to). I'm not sure this will work on Strike Aces (Accolade) the program was tweaked somewhat from its European release as Fighter Bomber but give it a try anyway. Name your pilot BUCKAROO. You should be able to choose any mission. And use the D key to head for your next target.
• Psygnosis' Blood Money is still an open wound for lots of Amiga gamers, and I can't resist twisting the knife a little. I couldn't get this trick to work, but it's reported that hitting HELP and then 1 or 2 during the game restores the respective supplies of lives and money.
• There's evidently a ievei-select hidden in The Blues Brothers = Titus, $ 49.95). To reach it, type HOULQ on the character-selection screen. If the black background changes to maroon, the fix is in. To pick a level, simply hit 1 to 6 and then the space bar.
• That's all for this issue. Have some eggnog, and try these out. I'll see you next year, n We will spend the time you need to make an informed decision 160 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 TRI STATE ORDERS: USA & CANADA
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STOCK WV200 CLE .CALL AG-7400 Port SVHS CALL AG-1730 .SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind VCR.. 259.95 G A VI E I* H E S E R V E port (as this one does), and the graphics on the final, most elaborate event an obstacle course were so ridden with glitches on the A3000 that it was impossible to play- But it's a very snappy-looking program especially if you like red, white, and blue and fans of the show shouldn’t be too disappointed. California Games II Finally, crawling across the finish line is the two-year-old California Games II. CG II’s battle for the title of “supreme dude” consists of five bland events two of which are similar to those in the original game. It’s very much an IBM conversion. The music is sharp, and the smooth movement on the title screen left me expecting great things, but the art is drab, the animation mostly crude, and the excitement minimal. (And it doesn’t run from hard drive or on the A3OO0.) The skateboarding sequence is slow, with the skateboarder sometimes disappearing, and the comeuppance for inept play can be unnecessarily gory. The bodvboarding scene would be dull even if it w ere brief, and it's interminable. The snowboarding event shows traces of Epyx’s quiet sense of humor, but seems to permit cheating (by simply heading down the right- hand margin). The hang-gliding segment doesn't have enough room in its sky or enough options to keep you Hying. And the jet-skiing segment, though reasonably speedy, will take you back to those mediocre boat-racing games of two and three years ago. Leave this one on the bench. A A AAA A A A A A A A A A AAA A A AAA A A A A A A A A A AAA A A A A A A A A AAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Thu 1992 TOP TEN By Peter Olafson A A A AAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAA A A A A A A A AAA A A A A HERE’S A PARADOX for you. You hear about U.S. software companies trimming their agenda of Amiga game releases, and yet lor the year since Amiga World’s last games issue produced standouts in virtually every category, I was hard-pressed to pick only the ten best. (Okay, so I cheated and tossed in a couple of ties.) And next year is already shaping up to be a doozy as the forthcoming Christmas crowd foreshadows. As a peek into the future. I’ve included a few wish-they-were-heres at the end of my annual top ten.
10. Pinball Dreams (21st Century, $ 39.95) Frighteningly real electronic pinball.
9. Leander (Psygnosis, $ 49.99): Gorgeous-as-usual arcade- advemure stuff from the masters, and even playable.
8. A tie: The Perfect General (Quantum Quality Productions, $ 59.95), RoboSport (Maxis, $ 59.95), and Battle Isle (UBI Soft, $ 49.95): The Amiga war game comes into its own. Make tanks, not love,
7. Fighter Duel (Jaeger Software, $ 49.95) A spartan but absolutely silky WWII-era flight simulator in interlace, no less.
6. A tie: Might & Magic III (New World Computing, $ 59.95) and Ultima VI (Origin, 569.95): M&M III is a wonderfully pretty, exciting, amusing, and enchantingly large first-person role-playing game. U6 is quite simply the most detailed Amiga role-player ever created. Who says ports don't measure up to IBM originals? Beauts, both of them.
5. Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge (LucasArts, $ 59.95). Incredibly enough, it manages to go the original animated adventure one better.
4. Gods (Konami, $ 39.95): England’s Bitmap Brothers strike gold in this arcade-adventure extravaganza.
3. Knights of the Sky (MicroProse, $ 59.95): Take the feel of the dogfight inode from Wings and spread it over a whole flight sim and you’ve got KOTS. Simply brilliant,
2. World Circuit (MicroProse, $ 59.95): Buy this. It is die best car-racing game on any computer ever. Buy this. (Did I tell you to buy this?) • Iout of this World (Interplay, $ 59.95): Amiga Gold. A dazzling polygon-based arcade adventure from France’s Delphine. (Wait ’til you see the followup to this one: Flashback.) Honorable would-have-been-mentioneds (if AW had a three- week lead time instead of three months): Lure of the Temptress (animated graphic adventure, Konami), Heimdall (arcade-RPG, Virgin Games) and RoboCop 3D (first-person arcade. Ocean). ? Game Preserve contnines on p. 115. DRAM BLOWOUT We Beat Any Advertised Price NOBODY CHEAPER SIMMS IVS 1 MEG Simms .$ 29.95 1x8 - 80 ..29.95 1x8-70 ..31.95 4x8 - 80 ..99.99 4x8 - 70 105.00 4x8 - 60 109.00 GVP SIM32 4 MB .....199.99 1 MB .69.95 GVP NIBBLE MODE SIMMS 4 MB .....250.00 GVP 40ns Simms ...CALL ZIPS A3000 STATIC COLUMN ZIPS - $ 14.99 EA .32 pcs 14.50 EA 1x4-70 SCZ ......$ 15.50 1x4-60 SCZ 16.50 Includes Instructions PAGE ZIPS 1x4-80 .15.95 256x4 - 80 ......4.50 256x4-100 ......4.00 DIPS 1x1 - 100 ......$ 3.49 Ixl - 80 ...3.99 lxl- 70 ...4.50 256x4 - 80 ......3.99 256x4-70 .4.50 1x4 - 80 .15.95 1x4-70 ...16.95 256x1 - 120 ....1.00 LASER PRINTER MEMORY IIP II, IID, IIP, HI. HID, HIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES BOARD WITH 2MB $ 89.95 BOARD Win I 4MB 149.95 DESKJET 256K UPGRADE 69.95 TWO BOARDS (FOR 500, SERIES) 130.00 SIMILAR SAVINGS ON PANASONIC, STAR, OKI, TI, NEC, EPSON AND OTHERS PANASONIC CITIZEN 32K BUFFER 14.95 COMMODORE CHIPS 1 MB AGNUS W PULLER & INSTR. $ 44.95 SUPER DENISE
33. 95
1. 3 ROM
26. 95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 EA. OR TWO FOR
19. 95
189. 95 Memory World has always brought you the finest in SPEED & Quality, so allow us to introduce to you, Interactive Video Systems. Tmmpcard 500AT rated BEST BUY on the .Amiga 500. (AH' Feb. ‘92 issue) Holds up to 8 Megs of SIMMS and a fast AT IDE drive! I v s 11IIHit Ul.NIItAI l(»N ftSII.HJ rttlH ISStMt U t tl.l UMCIK *¦" AtlliiJJ 2IWHI 11Sjircil Nl CihiIiiiMit ( N|-N|i.nr,'j NrKunkint* h-.Him'. l’Hi.1‘1 K -,u Ti.U.* IllMlv In. Li.l.-% KNII HI MMII JtFH : Hill .il Mi iimv WhM t'|» l.» 32 tt 1.1 HAM H AM & SCSI Avjil in AhfHH) I hrriVi I’.wh t tliui (.-Inn r,u Isiiil) in 2630 I H(k.niM,Hi llih
r. Mk Sltfl Tt.Mlu X HI Mil Gill CSA'S MEGA MIDGET RACER $ 289.95 Board with 68030 (FREE 68881) (clocked at 25Mhz) As always, nil IVS products include TC Utils. 2.0! ALL products are 100% compatible under WB 2.0 Sc w removable media! Metal 1MB $ 89.00 IVS 1MB Simms 29.95 Amiga 500 Controllers: IVS Grand Slam 500 .....$ 299 IVS Trumpcard Pro 500 ..245 IVS Tmmpcard Classic 500.... 129 IVS Trumpcard 500AT IDE ...179 Amiga 2000 SCSI Controllers: IVS Grand Slam ....$ 229 IVS Trumpcard Professional .....149 IVS Tmmpcard Classic ....85 Grand Slam & Trumpcard Professional are the World's Fastest SCSI Controllers for the Amiga computer. Both controllers have returned disk speed transfer rales iti excess of 2.1 Mbytes per second. Ultimate Amiga Peripheral Trumpcard Pro includes SCSI-SHARE Networking & the World's fastest SCSI Controller! This unit works great wilh any accelerator! Memory for VXL BATT DISC BRIDGEBOARD - CALL 2630 Upgrade CSA Rocket Launcher 50Mhz $ 499.00 DKB 2632 Memory upgrade $ 399.00
1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 25 MHZ $ 329.95 Excellent entry level accelerator can be upgraded by user.
2) MMR 33 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 36 MHZ $ 399.95 Need more speed? This is it. Great board Great price.
3) MMR 38 Special for the speed demon or true professional $ 599.99 38 MHZ CPU & 50 MHZ FPU 68882 allows SERIOUS productivity. All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only...You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD. CSA UPGRADES 32 Bit 512K SRAM allows copying of 1.3 or 2.0 ROM into 32 bit memory: 100ns $ 89.00 70ns $ 99,00 2 MEG Board $ 269.95 4 MEG Board $ 499.95 8 MEG Board $ 629.95 EXTRA SPECIALS 68882RC FN 25Mhz $ 79.95 68882RC 33 $ 99.95 68882RC 50 $ 149.95 68882FN 33 (PLCC) $ 149.95 MEMORY WORLD 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. 10% Restocking fee non-defective items 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7,00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD VISA MC CHECK Overnight Add $ 15.00 APO, AK,HI, Foreign shipping - Call So Computer Express The Hottest New Amiga! C= Commodore* AMIGA The Amiga 600 is Here! The new A6CQ includes AmigaDOS 2 in ROW. Enhanced chip set (ECS), built-in connections for TV or mon tors, built-in floppy, connection for internal hard drive, mouse. & much more! Choose from two models Amiga 600 and the Amiga 600HD which has the same features as the A600 PLUS a 40 Mbyte Hard Drive' CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE AND FREE SOFTWARE DETAILS! Hot New CD-ROM Drive for A500! CDTV Compatible! Includes A500 Upgrade! FREE Software! The Amiga 570 is hot news! Enter a whole new world of interactive information, education, and entertainment with the add-on A570 external CD-ROM drive for your Amiga
500. The power of digital sound and graphics is phenomenal. Select from a library of exciting and mformalive CDTV discs including encyclopedias, atlases, and early learning activities with top-notch graphics and stereo sound. Home entertainment discs take on a whole new dimension with over 600 Mbytes of storage available for virtually endless levels of play. Plus, the A570 plays CDTV discs, standard audio Cds. As well as CD+Graphics discs. Convenient front panel headphone jack and volume control will allow listening to your favorite audio CD while working on Amiga disk-based applications The A570 can read many ISO-9660 format discs from other platforms and has an internal slot for memory expansion and a rear sloi for cartridge-based peripherals Call for details on includec software and A500 upgrade' A570 CD-ROM Dnve C12825 " SCALL Amiga 500 Computer TENEX sells more Amiga 500s than anyone else in the country! Call for lowest pnces & special software bundles! HARD DRIVES IV*> ram .1 ciimpJrtc selection of SCSI jnd IDF l|jrJ Dfi'i*' from llujntum JnU other fine mjnofjcluri-rv L .til tor latest model* and lowesl price*!
C. vr impactsnui sum rd drives A500-Hoe-Crve 120011 C10039 638 00 l*VP A2000 IMPACT Stlill S M H UD CARDS A2QM Garrard 93667 219 00 A20QO-HC3*OMB 120OII Cl 0059 509 00
C. VPPHONI PAR Cl 0939 429 00 CAT A5 AH TURBO W I20MB HARD DRIVE C12375 10 5 99 SL PR A MODEM 2400 Mcc-t Sena Cat e 96667 A42447 79 95 12 53 TIM INTFRVAI HARD DRIVES SLPRAMODF M 2400* 9E676 11595 IE'.EX iCSVByie K: 9572-1 CALL SL PRAMOD1 M 241WZI- 96633 119 53 AMIGA 3Uil FXTFRNAI IIAUDDRIVF A593 Ha-d Dnve 64693 call SLPRA 1 AX MODEM LXFFKN M FAX Modem v 32 97149 239 53 RDCTK W lATIRMI 1IOJTA DRIVF FAX Modem v 32bis 97154 309 95 3 5 Eoemal Dr.s 692 7E 94 95 MU. LitWH MODI M 79237 29 95 DATAI1 i 1 H 3H0 DM All 31 U 2HIXI 99062 99355 13395 79 95 PL ATINI. M ONLINE 664 B6 39 95 DATAI1 VI H RAM, 2MHATI DATAI11ER RAM. 4MID II DalAiniK I4 M sMID II 99080 99091 95103 17995 25995 339 95 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES BtbTLF MOL SI W PAD 94074 34 95 1 MID II * K t HO SIMM* BICIOOI POWER SLPPFA 93593 92695 39 99 94 95 GOING! MOL SI U PAD 94039 1 LEXIDR W IM-A LIGHT PI N 8203?
99. 95 69 95 SLPRADKIV t 500 P II 3RD DRIVES 52MByte win 1ME 9644= 465 CO ROCTCC AMIGA MOUSE swim MOUSE 95252 Cl 0553 24 99 24 95 52VSy‘r v. r. 2MB 96455 545 CO 12CM3yie ,vf. 2VS 96643 665 00 THE WI TABLET 95489 233 99 240M3,l£ .Mi 2MB 96553 90903 TRIPLETR UN TRACKBAl 1 95994 43 95 VUI’KADHD I 3||[| P 1 re.RADIS 512KByte kii 97255 23 95 ()OM1 14 1 OKI |( D STIC K C1Q695 5995 2MB lo M IV( IKDSA N( SI si IN 11 141 U 1 97263 99 95 GVP ACCELERATOR BOARDS WordSync iric-face 66673 99 95 G-FORCF OSO- 25MH 68030 ACCFLERATOR5 Comte)030-25 25 T 0 99133 595 00 COTiboG'30-2525 T 120 99152 92500 G-FORC F 030 40MHz 6S030 ACCF IERATORS CoT-tw030-40 40'4'0 99175 999.00 CoT,ba03-Q-40404 120 97545 1 349 00 G-rORCt 030 90MHz 68030 At C l I FR TORS CompcOjO-SO 50 4 0 97566 U63 00 Comtw030-50 50 4' 120 97565 1799 00
t. -IORC I 040 28MHz hSimi AC till RATORS G'Forct30M-0402E2 99124 1799 00
t. -FClIU I At till It A TOR RAM UPGRADES iMByie 60ns SiWM C10076 39 95 4WByle 60ns SIMM C10369 239 9 5 I Mbyte 40ns Si MM C10092 219 95 AMIGA ENHANCED CHIP SETS 1 AT AGNUS, 2M1D U Fa: Agrys 637JB 2VByte 96564 79 95 Fa: Agnus, 6372S MegAChp 2CC0 C1C013 269 CO 1 A1 AGNLS, iWtDTI 96553 £9 95 SUPER DFNISl 93572 44 95 CHIP PULI 1 14 Cl 0249 14 95 EMULATORS A-MAX II PI US Cl 2554 340 00 POWER PC BOARD 96520 269 95 PC 2Sh MODULI for GVP 97713 229 93 A Toner* PC AT I ML I A TOR A70756 319 00 DATA STORAGE SAQLI ST DRIVES IOR AMIGA 6l M U 44i.'Byls Iriemjl Dnvi A605’6 329 CO 83MByte Internal Dnve A67257 499 00 44MBy!e Exiernal Drive A63425 429 95 33 M 3 12 Exiernal Dnve A67222 599 95 44MByte Cairidge A60583 79 95 33M3 15 Calndge A62372
109. 35 30MBX TL 1 LUPTK'AI DISK DRIVI riemai Repeal Dnve 53566 499 99 Externa' Fleptcai Dive 93659 539 39 20M3yie Flophcal Disxetie 98160 1999 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Spi-ci.il Publishing Bundle S21‘ J’llOl ESSIONAI PAGI .1.0 96154 169 99 PROFESSION M DRAW 3,0 Cl2064 12900 Page3 0 Draiv 3 0 Burtfle C12072 219.00 Patil STRE AM 2.2 Cl 0679
159. 95 IT III ORMLU 2.0 90476
99. 95 SAXON PL'BI ISIIFR I.I 94069 159 99 SCLI PI ANIM VII IR 54365 99 95 SUL LIT NIXI ATI 4DTKIJ 54376 319 55 sill TCI IPS C'JSSrC 95492 44 95 People 965CG 44 95 Coiieaors 95513 44 95 Ani.ma 96527 44 95 SIT i rR A COLOR 946C7 64 95 STAR!II IDS 95545 34 95 51 II HEADS 35573 42 9: 1ST A PRO 34113 57 95 Calloma S:erer> D sx 34127 46 95 VISTA 1-2 90466 37 95 zl'ma i on i pack 1-2-3 97513 5995 L M V FONT PACK 4-5-r. 97525 59 95 1 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE 1 Will.A >20 VIDI O l> Xl'tl R 732S3 34 55 t HUOMAKEV * Cl 2766 340 CO DCTV 91669 39900 DK.I.VICW MLDIASTATIDN 37367 151 99 DMI KISOI VER DMI-OIH A C1G623 1099 00 DXII RrSOLX LR DMNMll-C C‘C€32 1999 00 11ICKFR-FREE VIDEO 2 54457 234 99 FIRECRACKER 24 97231 S19 95 IMI'AC I VISION 21 Impaci Vision 24 95567 1879 00 Opiio-nai adapter 95877 49 99 kill III N Swl 94366 1595 CO OPAI VISION CH916 999 99 PERSON A1 TBC II 92322 call PlllsONAl 1 HI III Ci 3039 CALL RlJCGI N PELS 94133 299 95 ROCK TV Cl1693 34? CO SIT I I HUM I KAMI (.14 XIIHLR Cl1443
449. 00 VIDI O TOASTFR 20 Vcec 'caster 96-598 2099 CO Instructona! V dec ?46?3 19 96 v ide o iii i Nnrn 95605 996 00 1 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE 11141 AD Ac III 1 ILK ION IS 95944 69 95 CINNAMON IOAS1 FONTS 9=95- 60 95 DI LLXI PAINTIV £4997 107 95 DULLXI IDFO. Ill 79452 99 95 (.1 CAD (1 ull Version I C1163; 264 53 Gi X 1 D iL'pyprjdfl CHS42 129 53 FIX PER BOOK =446= 59 95 PRO VIDEO GOLD £8185 119 93 VIDI O 1 OASTI R SOI 1 U Aid L PGR A Dl 20 C10139 333 0-3 V IDI ODIld C IUK 9617C 137 96 1 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-AI IGN.MLN 1 SXSII M 54834 23 95 A Ml BACK v2.0 94057 44 95 AMIGADOS 2 04 A50C A2DC-0 95335 89 95 A3KC ="07 34 95 A SSI MI’RO 53926 64 96 HAP 59345 23 95 DISKMASTER II 95936 39 95 DOS-2-HOS 95403 31 96 ¦ne subject ro cn.mge without rioiice AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES WIMFONTS 1 AMMFOMS 2 WIMFONTS 3 96:66 95-724 95759 23 55 25 9: 25 95 MEMORY & ACCELERATORS III I77.ARD BOARD Cl 0908 219 95 ART DEPT. PROFESSIONAL 92135 176 95 XIEGA MIDI.FT RACER C10398 339 95 Convers’cn Kii 92149 5295 PROGR1 ss| VI Hill 40tl*4MB C10339 CALL III SINFS5C XRD M Xkl K 96039 39 55 sL PRARAM 9IK1RX with IMIUIn COMIC SETILK 31615
41. 95 500 FIX f,' Mbyte 94015 124 95 DESIGN WORKS 34439 79 95 1 Mbyte Upgrade Xt 97312 54 95 nil DIRECTOR X -o 93147 79 55 st PRARAM ’MWK »vi(l« dMIIMc GOLD DISK IX IT 500 BX .v 2MByte 94029
135. 95 Designer Pacx 93067 34 95 2MByte Upgrade K>t 97278
99. 35 Decorative PacL 90072 39 95 SL PR VRAM 200(1 HEADLINES J 95554
44. 95 vwlh Of Byte 69C43 109 95 HEADLINES 1 95568 42 95 wish 2MByte 65653 16595 IMAGINE 10 90168 269 CO IT 4f«15yie 35691 224 95 MORrH PLUS CALL CALL VECTOR Cl 2605 CALL MOV II SIT U 14 OUTLINE FONTS PAGE FLIPPER I X PAGE SLTTLK II 51624 54393 31659 79790 41 35 129 95 69 95 79 95 ¦APQ, FPO. AK. HI, CN VI. GU and fo’c cgn ; -fieri are subject lo additional shipprtg charges 1-800-PROMPT-1 (1-800-776-6781) lowest Price Ifuarantee IBM Compatibility for Only Learn to Play the Piano the Easy Way! MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SYSTEM. A revolutionary learning method that conquers traditional teachirg hurdles by making studying fun and productive. Features include an electronic piano keyboard capable of synthesizing over 100 digitized instruments. 25-to 25-pin cable, utility software, an AC adapter, earphones, and outpul jacks so you can use it with your stereo Use the synthesizer as a stand-alone instrument without the computer platform, (Nole; A1000 needs a one-to-one gender changer). From Software Toolworks. Miracle Piano 99026 319.99 Includes: • IBM-compatible Moppy Disk Drive
• 512KRAM
* MS-DOS software BRIDGEBOAKD. By popping the Bridgeboard into an A2000 expansion slot, you add IBM-compatible features to your Amiga while retaining all of the Amiga's advanced abilities The board features an 8088 microprocessor, 512K8yte RAM. A PC-XT BIOS, a 5.25" 360KByte floppy drive, an external floppy drive connector, and a socket for a malh coprocessor. These IBM-compatible features allow you to run thousands of MS-DOS software programs at the same time as you're running your Amiga applications. Run C64 Software on Your Amiga! A64 PACKAGE. With the A64 emulator package, you can connect your 1541 or other Commodore disk drive to your Amiga 500 or 2000 and run your C64 software on the Amiga! Some software which incorporates disk "fasl load" may not work, and the speed of operation of some games may change depending on the speed of your Amiga Package includes both disk software and special adapter. From Questromx. A 64 C10550 39.95 My *39 '5 84706 lance 32 95 32 95 31 95 32 95 44 95 32 99 29 95 24 95 3295 29 99
29. 99 29 99 34 95 ¦ Undertake cfial'onging quests wtlh lout levels C3 acton1
33. 99 31 95 3195 29 95 34 95 32 99 34 99 39 95 32 99 38 99 34 95 41 95
29. 95 27 95 3295 30 95 28 99 29 99 57 95 27 95 1999 25 95 34 95
29. 99 39 99
49. 93 33 95 SPLCTRl M fv VOCODER t STARS f« 35 95 33 95 87413 DLNF Cl 2392 IJCHT CORRIDOR Cl2482 MONOI'OI Y 04552 Tl=-V VcARS Cl 1092 012463 C12S22 54284 91356 51367 4999 32 99 32 99 3195 1595 1995 1959 32 99 35 95 32 99 Charge
54. 95
55. 95
56. 95
57. 95
59. 95
510. 95
512. 95
519. 95
527. 95
2. 8°o ol Order IIO! LINKS C1O5S0 £2 95 I'm Gl 1 INIII K 34257 4195 Kit Ml Yt'K C 7 T 420 3999 M YVF KICK. Y 4 85631 32 55 MKKOI Kill 1 111 R » 54395 H955 OLARTfcRBACK C13554 49 55 1! YIVCOPV VI.Ik 87466 34 55 SAS C COMPII FR 54408 19995 VIRTUAL REALIIY SILDIO 96193 5995 VIRUS PROTLCTOR 95270 3995 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY ADVANTAGE 94105 12495 |)IS I NTSL S 4.0 94599
43. 95 DYN ALADD V. 2 C12714 65000 1 II 1 LNCL 3.11 83330 99 99
C. OI D DISK OF IK 1 90052 11995 llll Kl S YLLOLM AM L0 02594 139 95 M Wil l AN 4 Cl 1373 12499 PI IAS All Cl 1079 49 99 I’ROILSSIDNAI L M l 96151 185 95 I'ROI’I R GRAMMAR 94440 57 95 PROW KILL ” 3J 83222 64 99 PRO'VIDEO CG II Cl Y 391 111 99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE I SC A LA VIDEO STL DIO 94033 249 95 St Yl Y 500 HOME 11TI.ER 97C0t 119 95 rill YMMATJON S1L UJO 90126 74 95 SIFOWMAKI 11 94309 219 95 AMIG A VISION 89661 99 95 Wilt.A t L IPS. Y nl LS.tunJ 1 fleets 91951 24 95 AMIGA MUSIC AND SOUND YD1UI2 94803 509 00 M TFC LANSING MUI TIMLDI SIT. YKI R SYSTEM C11743 29900 YMJG-Y YD APT i R HorCI 1743
• C12055 7 95 YM YS Y 2.0 Induces VlDi interface 86334 89 99 ROW! KID SH REOSPI YKI RS 97290 34 95 III 1 I M ML SIC 79419 19S5 DK.I 1 YL SOL ND STL Llll) 57302 84 59 MIDI INTERFACE C10669 25 95 MIK-YLLL ITANO lEACHING SYST! M Miracle System 39026 31999 PERFECT SOL ND 3.0 86370 6995 SON IV 75580 51 95 I it. Lit L L ii 83721 74 55 |.|> HOYlSt; 98954 31 95 t Yl If ORNIA t. Ml S 31641 1395 CAR! LLIVIS Cl 1065 29 99 GRLI.N5 96066 41 95 IIO! I IVONL MINI GOLI 34403 22 95 IOIIN MADDLN I DOTH ALL 38933 31 55 1 INKS 97799 29 55 Bcvr ‘j G: i Course C1T204 16 99 Firesajne Country Out 97808 16 95 MICRl H I YGLL HALF; TOMINO 98786 29 99 l | SDMI 91098 27 95 111! Kill INC GAM! Sill l Y 03054 25 95 1 1 MMINGS 92226 27 95 OH NO! MORL LI MMINGS 95318 23 95 Add-on di* 95666 24 95 POYYI I1MONGI 11 90767 31 95 f’OYYl RMONGLKt I I ! ROOK 92557 1095 WONDLRI AND 92375 34 93 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE TOP ALL-STAR GAMES ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS J3ridaeboarcO BLAST l!l;Ol I Ol Hit SHADOW C12351 BIRDS Ol PRLY 55074 III LK CRY i'T 56233 CARTIIAGF 96935 t SILLS 94377 ( KlMi DO! S Mil I1 Y C12503 l Kl ISI !OR AltHCl’SI Cl 1124 OALMONSC.A It. 99C37 DIMONIAK C12552 Till DARK U Ml Cl 1214 I I I 96266 I I VIKA II: | YIVSol CERBERUS 95647 t Yl OF Till lit I It II DL11 II 96309 FANTASTIC VOY ACL 96366 OI.OBALEFH.LT 00760
III) l.ODI Yl III R 95643 GODS C11159
1. 1 Y Sl'Y 954 2 7 HARPOON t IIAI I I Nit .1 I’YK 95117 II YKI'OON BA IT I I SL I *4 95102 IILIMDMI Cl 2387 III MANS Cl0770 kings yui sty 95233 ItASDIK 95598 IFGLNDOt KYIt YNDlA C12401 LOS I TREASL RLS OF INTOCOM C31340 1 I Kl Ol 111! II MI’TRI SS 99310 Ml (. YIORTRISS H 1C.I IT Ol I III Ol D DOC. 55096 37 95 MIGHT & M Yt.lt III 96297 3995 Ml liDI RS IN sr 1(1 C12475 32 99 MY III C100C5 1895 N AM C12530 32 59 “KK 95701 29 99 OAT Kl OKU 92381 3055 HI-I (C.IITFR 990C1 23 95 llfl PFRFLCT t.LNf RAF 98779 36 95 i'OJ'L L.Ul S II 96271 36 95 roril OLS II C H. l I I.NGL CI2340 2299 POPLLOL'S WORLD EDITOR 98948 15 95 PROITILCY Ol Mil SI I YDOW C12225 39 99 POYYIRMONCLK WW1 95062 1995 YD&DCHAMPIONS OF KRYNN: Dragon (anUvy Role-Play mg 1 68879 YDKD Dark Qurrn ul krvnn CI0751 YdieD. Death Knight* of Krynn 941E6 YD&D: Cjtew.1% in the Savage Frontier 97707 YD&D Pool* nl Diiikncvs 95309 AIKLD Treasure ol the Savage Frontier CHIOS .I l Y 98968 Mt RICAN Cl Ydl YTORS Cl0700 AMNIOS 94659 YKMOLRGI IIDUN 98979 ALU Wl MUR A Cl 1055 II Alt BARI AN I! 94669 iii s i ii ->ii ydoiy in i i’i s 90435 Tin- Manager's Challenge 98993 24 95
t) 1 R THF Nl 1! 96016 24 95 HI 1) ONI C11O02 29 99 SIIHLKS C12451 22 99 YVORI DCIRCL 1 1 93058 56 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ADVENTURE
179. 99 RAILROAD TYCOON Cl0806 34 95 RF.AI MS OQ81Q 26 99 RISE OF Till DRAGON 98768 38 99 ROBOCOP 3-D C1Q739 34 95 SECRET Ol MONKEY Isl YND 92597 37 95 SHADOW! YNDs C12545 32 99 SILENTSLRVILL II 98792 37 95 STAKH.ICHT 2 95C56 31 95 SUPER SPACE INVADERS 98995 27 95 ILNCE.N ARCADE HITS C1I147 26 99 THIRD RLICH C10795 29 95 LI TIMA Vl:lal« Prophet 96C42 42 55 UNREAL Cl0292 795 1 KINGS Cl 0700 24 95 l 1 YRDRY: Cru>.adcp« nf the Dark Sj% ant 97023 46 95 WO! I PACK C101C6 14 55 EffTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE FAVORITE CHARACTERS TltL AMAZING SPIDLIl-MAN 91324 19 96 ARACHNOPIIOBI Y 93899 999 CON AN 95244 21 95 DICK TRACY 93907 959 DLCKT YI LS: Que« fnr Gold 91491 959 HILL STREET HLUIIS * C10717 24 95 HOME ALONE 95431 29 95 LAST MN| Y Y 95390 22 95
L. S.I ARRY 2 11HIKING 1 l)K 1 Ovl 95447 36 99
L. S. I.ARKY i: PASSION AT 1 PA 1 1 1 95453 36 9*9 MONTY I’Y 1 HON S | I Y I'm. T Ikl I S C12368 13 99 PL AN 9 1 ROM OUTER SP Yl I Cn 17a 32 99 RDCKADOODLL COLORING BOOK CM238 19 99
I. MA.T. ARCADE 95504 29 95 WHEEL OF KIRTLM VANN Y 99040 24 95 SIM ANT 98C29 34 95 SIMCITY 82879 32 95 SIMCIIY TERRAIN EDITOR 87877 9 95 SIMEARTH Cl 1857
32. 55 BRIDGE 96210 24 95 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 83134 14 95 UNKWORD SPANISH 96237 19 95 MAGIC POCKETS Cl 1162 1499 I'lll NNYPIIONLMES Cl 2668 26 99 SCRABBLt 84567 1795 SI UimVAKL FOR IIIF. SAT C10952 34 95 WHERE IN rill WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? 85229 29 99 WHI RL IN EUROPE IS CAKMLN SAND IF GO? 89179 29 99 WHERE IN FIML IS carmen sandiico? 91005 29 99 Will Kl IN THE USA IS CAR Ml N SANDIEGO? 06677 29 99 WORLD A It AS Cl 0925 36 95 MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE MIRAGE C10973 CaH MULT'IMiDIA r» Cl 1024 39 95 S >*£r-r SHLTTI F 96138 32 99 SI PER Ol 1 ROAD 92405 17 95 SCLM.RY ANIM ATOR 2.0 C11461 59 99 TR YCON II 92673 39 99 UTOPIA CI1107 32 99 Order Amount less than S19.99 S20 CO-S39 99 S40 CO-S74 99
575. 00-S99.99 ST00.00-S149.99
5150. 00-5299 99 S300 0O-S499 00
5500. 00-S699.99
5700. 00-5999 99 S1000& Over Shipping, Handling, Insurance EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE f C11 CCS Cl 1015 irvice card ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer lor all Amigas. Simply plug in cables from the analyzeer box into any Amiga port. Gives display status of all data transmission signals, the ability to test the integrity of any disk drive, checks all ports, buffer chips, alignment and loystick mouse. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85% to 90% of Ihe problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. It will save you lots of money on repairs and no repair shop can afford to be without one Don't be fooled by its low cost. This is a sophisticated diagnostic unit that really works! Introductory price $ 79.95 AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD NEW Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day wly. Contains 1.2 and Vs meg Agnus. The plug-in chips alone cost over $ 137. Revisions vary..$ 94,95 A2000 AMIGA COMPUTER Imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus, 1.3 ROM, 8373 Super Denise and new keyboard) for hundreds of dollars less than a dealer pays! This reconditioned A2000 computer offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Gel them before supply runs out $ 649.95 LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET
• 2.04 ROM only (NTSC PAL) without manuals & disks $ 39.95
• 2.04 Operating System Kit Upgrade: Contains2 04 ROM. 1200 page manual and diskettes (7 lb. Box) $ 87.50 Buy the 2.04 Kit from us @ $ 87.50 and as a bonus we’ll give you the Super Denise 8373 lor $ 31.80
• Super Demse 8373 Upgrade: See full description to right... DIAGNOSTICS The Final Test Diagnostic Program. Diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock, RAM test (both chip & fast) Vs bright. HAM. Blitter, sprites, double buff animation, mouse, disk read write, DF1 DFO ....$ 15.95 AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS 8362 Denise Vs Bright upgrade ....$ 19.95 8364 Paula .....,,..$ 18.95 8373 New Super Denise withdiag instructions software,.,,$ 32.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 only ..$ 59.95 391155-02 Gayle (A600) $ 44.95 5719 Gary chip ....$ 14.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions $ 9.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM low, low price ...... $ 24.95 2 04 ROM only NTSC PAL (does not include kit) ..$ 39.95 2 04 Enhancer ROM Kit AS214. Includes 4 floppy disks. 1.000 page operation manual & ROM (NTSC PAL) ....$ 87.50 2 04 ROM Upgrade Kit AS314 for A3000 only .....$ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 A263O ROM Upgrade Kit ....$ 34.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems $ 9.95 NEED A ROM SWITCH’ SEE OUR SWITCH-ITT INFORMATION ELIAS 3000 MODULE EXPANDER "RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM?" (THE ULTIMATE 2 MEG CHIP RAM UPGRADE BY MICROWORKS OF CANADA) Commodore recently developed a new, improved 2 meg Agnus chip to work with their new A500+ and A600. This chip (8375) is now available in the Elias 3000 plug-in module & provides the much needed 2 MB of CHIP RAM at low cost. Never run out of chip RAM again in your A500 2000 2500. Fully compatible w 2.04 & 8373 Super Denise If you use desktop video. 3D rendering & animation, multimedia or desktop publishing, etc., then you need the Elias 3000. We will even buy back your old 1 meg Agnus and slill give you the newly designed Goliath chip pu.ler FREE. Comes complete with 8375 chip, additional RAM & instructions (specify NTSC or PAL)..$ 234.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (B372A)-Comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity). “Final Test" diskette (18 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step installation instructions ......$ 44.95 (We'll beat any competitor's price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and newfy designed puller.) The chip puller diagnostic software is an exclusive package only from Grapevine._ + EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT 4 Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362, 8370.8364, Chip Puller, Fuse, Schematic, Diagnostician Booklet & The Final Test Diskette. A $ 224 00 value for ,..$ 99.50 w 8373 Super Denise. $ 109.95) MICROCARD 601 by MICROWORKS LTD. FAST RAM Memory Card for A60Q Credit card size slot PCMCIA dynamic RAM memory for the Amiga A600. Features of Microcard 601 are: Contains its own PCMCIA controller, auto-configures at boot time, and Microcard 601 memory is 20% faster than chip RAM. PCMCIA is Ihe only way to really expand your Amiga 600 computer to 2-4 megs of fast RAM. (Dealer prices avail.) Introductory prices: 2 MB card $ 169.95 4 MB card .$ 224.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode for flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhi-res mode for ultrasharp video titling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A500-r. A600 and A3000.) Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine. (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) $ 32.95 DKB PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• A500 240 volt power supply (U.K. Europe) Exact Amiga replacement by CBM S49.95
• A2000 110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K.) Commodore original S129.95
• A3000 110 volt power supply .....$ 156.50
• A500 internal floppy drive by CBM $ 67.50
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga RAM board. Comes with 2Mb. Expands to 8 Mb (low price) S124.50
• A501 Amiga 512K module RAM $ 34.95
• A2088 XT Amiga add on board kit. Contains books, disk and floppy drive. Super deal. Sl 19.95
• A500 keyboard (312502). Made by Commodore. (Mitsumi Encoder) NEW ..S49.95
• British A500 keyboard (312502-12) ___$ 54.50
• A2000 keyboard (factory fresh) .....S89.95
• A3000 keyboard (31323-02) Hi-tek S99.00
• A600 low cost 2 or 4 meg fast RAM (IC) PCMCIA credit card memory.See description at left.
• 2.04 ROM Chip only. For those multi-Amiga users who do not need the full operating manual and diskettes, this is for you ..$ 39.95
• 8520 CIA CHIP .. $ 9.95 (2 or more $ 9.00 each)
• 1.3 Kickstart ROM .$ 24.95
• GVP SIMM 32 - 4 Mb 6QN$ ......$ 219.95
• Laser Printer Memory: All HP Series HPII, IID. IIP. III. HID. NIP and all plus 2 Mb 4 Mb S8B.50 S149.95 Witch BESTSELLING ROM SELECTOR Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility of ALL your software Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2 04 ROM from your keyboard. Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or 2 04 ROM. Does not overlap Ihe 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included .. $ 32.95 FANTASTIC BONUS:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 49.95
• Buy Ihe Swilch-ltt with 2.04 ROM upgrade insta led @ $ 64.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL: Buy Ihe Switch -Itt with 1 3and 2 04 installed @ $ 84.95 (Want entire kif> Add $ 49 95) MEMORY EXPANSION 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 (Amiga approved brand) $ 19.95 1x1 80 $ 3.85 1256x4 80 ....$ 3.75 256x1 80 ..... $ 1.50 256x4 80 ZIP $ 8.95 1x8 80 SIMM ......$ 34-50 4x8 80 SIMM .....$ 114.50 Panasonic 32K Printer Bulfer Chip ..$ 15.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....$ 19.95 1 MB REBATE MegAChip 2000” With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB ol Chip RAM for A500 2000 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM, If you use your Amiga for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation, Multimedia o: Desktop PubHshmg.then you need the MegAChip 2000 Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0.the ECS Denise chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to 1 rreg of RAW when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000’ Includes FREE Goliath chip puller = a necessity). Final Tesl diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) & 2 meg Agnus chip installed & tested..$ 264.95 NOTICE: The chip puller diagnostic software i* available exclusively Irom Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we ll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 31,50 vj insider II” 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar Simple installation. No soldering required. Compatible with Ihe KwikStart II and most processor accelerators ,..$ 159.95 With 1,5 meg...$ 196.50 KwikStart II” Utilize 1.3 and 2 0 ROMS Allows Ai 000 owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kicksiari ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the lalesl operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 $ 59.95 MultiStart II” Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 13 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM. A sizable percentage of present software will be incompatible with the new 2.0 This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software. No external wires or switches required $ 38.85 MULTI START BONUS
• Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 59.95.
• Buy the MultiStart with 2.04 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 74.50.
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy Ihe MultiStart with 1.3 and 2.04 installed @ $ 95.50. 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 0rder Line 0n|y ALL COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 jHSci 1-800-292-7445 (i A >1 E ICD
• •
• •
• • *
* •
• • • • IJI4YJ Trifecla. High speed combination board host adapter that supports SCSI SCSI-II, IDE & memory tor A2000 2500. Model 500 LX CALL • 500 EC (no SCSI) CALL • 2000 LX $ 219.00 AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interface with Unmatched speed & flexibility......$ 89.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Includes FREE Final Test diagnostic disk ($ 15.95 value) .$ 164.50 Flicker Free Video II. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer. New version just upgraded .. ....$ 232.50 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg ...$ 119.95 with 2 meg ...$ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add S29.95 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interlace made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) .. $ 117.50 IDE 40 (lor 3.5" hard drive) (includes controller & cable) ..$ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuffle Board) $ 134.50 Novia 60S. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A500. Fits internally .. $ 469.96 Novia 85i $ 599.00 Prima 52i. 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500, 1000, 2000 .....S394.50 Prima 105i ..... $ 564.95 Kickback New ROM Selector. Switches 1.3 2.0 .$ 32.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
• Printer Port Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC PC clone) $ 29.95
• IBM 5V4" Alignment System (Free Spirit) .... $ 29.95
• 3Y»" Amiga Diskettes: Commodore brand (with 1.3 Workbench). Erase the Workbench and you have a new 720K DD DD disk. Package of 20..$ 6.99
• Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory & hard disk diagnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory Locates defective chips and bad memory location $ 29.35
• AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package ...$ 28.50
• Goliath chip extractor. Exclusively designed tor Agnus chips 56.95
• McCoy (PLCC) Agnus Chip Puller. This is a clone of the Bumdy chip extractor sold by Commodore .... $ 12.95 THE ICD ADVANTAGE Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP Inc. From p. 110. Mega-Lo-Man [A Let me get the obligatory part over with first. This enjoyable PowerMon- ger clone won't be officially released here. (UB1 Soft, which did the IBM version, found the Amiga version already widely available.) But you'd do well to pick up the English import from Sensible Software (about S40); it's very entertaining stuff. Essentially, this is PM with a more restricted environment a series of nonflowing, square-ish territories and with data disks built in. (You're not restricted to feudal or WWI technology.) There's much more in the way of resource management, and the whole second disk consists of digitized voices, which, once you pick up the accent, add greatly to the fun. This isn't up to the level of PowerMonger in challenge or involvement it's closer to Virgin's Realms but it's nevertheless delightful in its own right. Air Force Commander Hey, nice game! If you'd gotten used to thinking of Impressions only as the developer of the rather shabby war games released here by Merit, think again. Air Force Commander (S59.95) is an excellent, highly playable game of air war over the Middle East. It features zoomable maps and loads of scenarios (even the basic one provides a decent challenge), is quick- scrolling and preserves a point-and-click spirit, ft's a bit like playing Psyg- nosis's Armour-Geddon in map mode, and I mean that as a compliment. A very pleasant surprise. SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson P R E S E K V E
• • • • PHOENIX BOARD A10G0 upgrade just released from Australia. Within minutes transform your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches the specs of the A3000. Eliminate compatability problems. The Phoenix is a complete replacement motherboard. FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM; SCSI controller built in; true A2000 video and expansion slot, easy solderless installation; uses all original AiOOO peripherals (Send lor specifications & review) 5785.00 EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the B520A. Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are: centronics port. RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and exiernal drive problems. The 8520A is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time. 40% or all broken Amigasare caused by bad 3520s No soldering S9.95 each (2 for $ 9.00 each) A600 MEMORY EXPANSION
• 2 4 MB (FAST RAM) creditcard slot PCMCIA Microcard Memory; See full description on facing page.
• Baseboard 600 series (Expansion Systems) adds additional 1 MB ol chip RAM in trap door slot on the bottom of the A600. Unit with 1 Mb is S49.95. Baseboard with battery and 1 Mb is S65.95. (Baseboard memory can be combined with Microcard memory.) REJUVENATOR II A1000 UPGRADE Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM. Surpasses A2000 specs. Contains 2MB Agnus, 8373 Super Demse (a Grapevine exclusive). 2MB RAM, 1.3 ROM, "Final Test'" diagnostic software and Amiga Diagnostician booklet..$ 599,95 AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES
• A500 45 watt (heavy duty) Standard replacement ......$ 67.50
• 200 Watt "Big Foot' A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with fan and externa! Cabling for hard disks, etc. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e.g Prima) Works in all countries worldwide. A natural replacement $ 83.95
• A2000 110 220 volt P S (200 wat1s fan) by Commodore ....$ 129.50 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP IS THE OLDEST COMMODORE MAIL-ORDER COMPANY IN THE U.S. ESTABLISHED 1980. Red Zone The red zone is the spot on the RPM dial that tells the driver when to shift gears or risk blowing the engine. Psygnosis blows its engine on this disastrous motorcycle-racing game. Red Zone ($ 49.99) is virtually uncontrollable; you'll spend most of your time peeling yourself off barriers. It's not even that original an idea. (We've already seen Konami's fiiled-polygon motorcycle-racing game. Team Suzuki.) C'mon, this isn't like you guys. Too bad Psyclapse folded; Red Zone would have been perfect for it. Dojo Dan There's a whole cottage industry in Europe devoted to making this kind of happy platform romp. They look and play at least as well as anything you're likely to see on the 16-bit consoles, and Dojo Dan [Europress, about $ 36) is better than many. You steer cute little karate-kicking, headband- wearing Dan around a richly colored, 20-level landscape, battling almost equally cute enemies and picking up the usual energy-rich stuff that everyone leaves lying on the ground in these games. The graphics, sound, and animation are all sharp, and it runs on the A3000. The only discernible problem with this one is a case of the cutes which may put off some older gamers and a banana-split-rich palette that occasionally makes sprites difficult to pick out from the backdrop. Treasures of the Savage Frontier Treasures of the Savage Frontier (Strategic Simulations, $ 49.95) isn't a bad game if you have a fast machine with a hard disk or multiple floppies and can abide the garbage graphics, eternal combat, and the limits of SSI's creaky old gold-box system. SSI has been plowing roughly the same field for more than a half-dozen games in three separate game lines, and the SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only (i A M E 840 N.W. 57lh Courl. FI. Lauderdale. FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305)- 91-9&19 4-0 Sports Boxing
21. 95 Line Ot Fire
9. 95 4-0 Sports Driving
21. 95 Lords ot the Rising Sun
18. 95 Advanced Destroyer Simulator
16. 95 Magic Fly 1895 Adventure Construction Set
16. 95 Manhattan Drug Dealers 12 95 Alpha IVJYS5 Continuum 9 95 Mega Lo Mama 22 95 Altered Beast
14. 95 Megatraveler 1 14 95 Amazing Spider man
16. 95 Menace 1695 Archipelagos
12. 95 Metal Mutants 16 95 Arkorwid'2
14. 95 Midnight Resistance
16. 95 Armada 14 95 Mig 29 Fulcrum 19 95 Atomic Robo Kid 9 95 Monty Python
17. 95 AuSierliU 14 95 Moonshine Racers
17. 95 Ballgame
16. 95 Music X 24 95 Balhstyx
14. 95 NAM 1965-1975
16. 95 Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis)
21. 95 NAVY SEALS 16 95 Bard's Tale 3
21. 95 Narc 16 95 Bat
16. 95 Neuromancer
16. 95 Batman The Movie
16. 95 New Zealand Story 16 95 Battle Chess 19 95 Night Hunter 6 50 Bailie Command 16 95 Night Shift 1295 Battle Hawks 1942 21 95 Ninja Spirits 14 95 Battleship 1295 Nilro 16 95 Battle Squadron 650 North & South
14. 95 Bionic Commando
14. 95 Cperation Harrier
16. 95 Blades of Steel
6. 95 Operation Snowstrike
16. 95 Blasteroids
14. 95 Cperation Thunderbolt
18. 95 Blockout
14. 95 (S'errun
16. 95 Bloodmoney
14. 95 Outrun Europa )9.95 Bloodwych
14. 95 Facland
16. 95 Glue Max 21 95 Facmania 16 95 Borodmo 14 95 Panza Kick Boxing 18 95 Brat
12. 95 Paperboy
16. 95 Bravo Romeo Della 14 95 Paperboy 2
19. 95 BSS Jane Seymour Spacewrecked 16 95 Persian Gull Inferno 6 95 Bubble Bobbie 16 95 Photon Paint 2 0 19 95 Cadaver 24 95 Pictionary
14. 95 California Games 16 95 Pit Fighter 1895 Captive
18. 95 Pop eye 2 16 95 Cardiax
14. 95 Populous
18. 95 Carthage (Psygnosis) Centurion, Defender ol Rome 1995
21. 95 Predator 2 Pro Tennis Tour
16. 95
12. 95 Championship Run
9. 95 Projectile
14. 95 Chase HO 2 1695 Putty's Saga
12. 95 Chips Challenge 16 95 OIX
12. 95 Chuck Yeager 2.0 18 95 Rainbow island 16 95 Cisco Heat 17 95
P. B.I. Baseball 2
21. 95 ConHict In Europe 14 95 Red Lightning (SSI) 18 95 Conqueror 14 95 Red Storm Rising Resolution tOhmvertorce
19. 95 Countdown to Doomsday (SSI) 18 95 14 95 Crackdown 995 Rick Dangerous 14 95 Craps Academy 16 95 Rocket Ranger 18 95 Cyber blast 14 95 ROTOX
14. 95 0: Generation
22. 95
R. V.F. Honda
14. 95 Dark Spy re
14. 95 Savage
6. 50 Das Bool 18 95 Sex Olympics 16 95 Days Of Thunder 16 95 Shadow Of The Beast 1
18. 95 Death Bringer 16 95 Shadow Warrior
16. 95 Del uxe Productions 29 95 Shogun
16. 95 Demon's Tomb
9. 95 Shoot Em Up Constr. Kit 19 95 Deuteros 19 95 Sir Fred
14. 95 Disc Tr on 16 95 Sky Chase
14. 95 Double Dragon 2 1695 Silkworm 14 95 Double Dribble
6. 95 Smash TV 18 95 Dragon Breed 14 95 Space 1389 14 95 Dragons of Flame (SSI) 18 95 Space Gun
16. 95 Dragon Wars (Interplay) 18 95 Spot 16 95 E-SWAT
9. 95 Starghder 2
16. 95 F-16 Combat Pilot 16 95 Stormball
18. 95 F-16 Fighting Falcon
18. 95 Street Fighter (A500 only)
16. 95 Fast Break
14. 95 Strider
16. 95 Final Fight
19. 95 Stryx
14. 95 Fire 6 Brimstone
14. 95 Stunt Car Racer
16. 95 Flames of Freedom (Midwinter 2) 14 95 Super C 6 95 Flight Ot The Intruder
24. 95 Super Monaco GP 19 95 Fhntstones
16. 95 Switchblade 1
16. 95 Flood
18. 95 Sword ol Aragon (SSI)
16. 95 Future Wars (Interplay)
18. 9 5 Sword Ot Sodan 9 95 Gauntlet 2
14. 95 T V. Sports Basketball
18. 95 Gauntlet 3 19 9 5
T. V. Sports Football 1895 Games Summer Edition
14. 95 The Immortal 19 95 Games Winter Edition
14. 95 The Krystal
14. 95 Germ Crazy 995 The Third Courier 9 95 Ghouls and Ghosts 16 95 Thunder Jaws 650 Gold of the Aztecs
17. 95 Thunderstrike
14. 95 Gold Runner 2
12. 95 Toobin’
14. 95 Golden Axe
18. 95 Treasure Trap
16. 95 Gunship 15 95 Turbo 650 Heart of the Dragon
18. 95 Turrican 1 6 95 Hitlsfar (SSI) Hollywood Poker Hudson Hawk 16 95 Turrican 2
21. 95 16 95 Tunnels Ot Armageddon 9 95 18 95 Typhoon cl Steel (SSI) I&0.5 Hunt For Red October (Arcade)
12. 95 Under Pressure 16 95 Hunter 19 95 Universal Military Sim 2 16 95 Imperium
18. 95 Unreal
9. 95 Impossible Mission 2 14 95 Utopia 26 95 Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure 18 95 Utopia Data Disk 21 95 Infestation
14. 95 Vaxxine 1295 International Ice Hockey 16 95 Viking Child
12. 95 Iron Lord
16. 95 Volfied
18. 95 It Came From The Desert
18. 95 Voodoo Knightmare
9. 95 It Came From The Desert 2
16. 95 Wargame Construction Set 16.95 Ivanhoe 16 95 Waterloo 14 95 Jack Nicholas Greatest IB 1495 Welltris
9. 95 James Bond; Stealth Affair 18 95 White Death
21. 95 James Pond 16 95 Wild Wheels 16 95 Jupiter Master Dnve
14. 95 Wings Woltpack
18. 95 Keel The Thiel 18 95
18. 95 Khalaan 19 95 World Bonng Manager 18 95 Kid Gloves
14. 95 World Class Leaderboard
14. 95 Killing Cloud
19. 95 World Games
16. 95 Killing Game Show (Psyg) King s Bounty
19. 95 Xenon 2
14. 95
16. 95 Xybols Zoetrope
16. 95 Leather God dess Pho bos
14. 95
19. 95 Leatherneck
12. 95 U n Pj jsSLum 21 Nf*Ti5V 400 A" MULTIPACKS BIG BOX 2 Includes: Bontwzzte. H-Type. Back to the FiHure 3, S nbad, Armalyle, Shanghai, Internationa: Karate Plus.
T. V Sports Football, The Real Ghasfcuslers. Ddenders al Ihe Earth. ALL FOR $ 49.95 PHANTASIE PACK Includes: Phanlasie 1, Phanlasie 3, Oueslmn 2 ALL FOR $ 21.95 TNT tnc udes: T:ab n'. Xytats, All Points Bulletin, Hard Driving, Dragon Spirit ALL FOR $ 24.95 AIR SEA SUPREMACY Inc udes Siienl Servce. Gunsh p, P-47 Thunderfcai. Wings. Carrier Command ALL FOR $ 49.95 AMIGA TEN STAR Includes Cever & Smart. Eskma Games, Trpe-X. Sky Blaster. Sp n World. Power Shcks, Crystal Hammer. Final Mission, Little Dragon, and Vampire's Empire BLOWOUT! ONLY $ 19.95 POWER HITS Includes Shanghai, Wicked. Battletech, Fighter Bomber, Gee Bee Air Rally, Hacker 2. Tournamenl Gall. Ports ol Call, Little Computer People, Spin Dizzy Worlds ALL FOR $ 49.95 CHALLENGERS inc udes: Pro Tennis, Superski. Stunt Car Racer, Fighter Baniber ALL'FOR $ 24.95 AMIGA CLASSICS Inc udes: Cafrier Command, Star Glide' 2. Midwinter ALL FOR $ 19.95 HIGH ENERGY Inc udes North and South, Hostages, Teenage Queen, Tin Tin cn Ihe Moon. Fire and Forget ALL FOR $ 24.95 TOP LEAGUE Incudes- Speedball 2. F-16 Falcon, M dw.nler, Rck Dangerous 2,
T. V. Sports Football ALL FOR $ 49.95 NEW TITLES isnat Legend d me Fortress 45 Lotus Turbo 3 38 Troddlers 38 Shuttle 45 Premier 45 Zool 38 Humans 40 Wiz Kid 40 Epic 45 Lethal Weapon 3 38 Dynablasters 45 Jaguar XJ220 35 Cool World 42 Shadow World 45 Lure ol the Temptress 45 Battle Toads 40 KGB 40 WWF 2 40 EURQMAGS Amiga Formal, C U. Amiga. Amiga Games. Amiga Ad ion. Amrga Computing, Amiga User International, Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS- $ 10 each Amiga Shopper -no disk $ 5 Far 1305)491-5134 PRES E R V E MORE SHORT TAKES original AD&D engine was not the greatest system to begin with. (It's so prominent you almost feel you're playing with the system, rather than playing the game.) It's time to hang the gold box up in the rafters and bring in a new boy. Now, that said, I must add that if you're a fan of this line of games. Treasures which takes up where Gateway left off probably won't let you down. The story does hold the interest, at least for a while, and it's nice to play from hard disk, which Gateway didn't support. Action Stations! Scenario Utility Disk The Perfect General: WWII Battle Set Bountiful Golf Course 8c Firestone Country Club Data disks. Ya love 'em, right? Just when a game seems played out, its little brother wanders in and adds some life to it maybe even adds a feature or sprays a nagging bug. We've been treated to a fair torrent of data disks in recent months, and none of them should go to waste. It's difficult to imagine anyone getting tired of Action Stations!, an utterly absorbing naval-combat simulation, but RAW Entertainment has brought out 13 scenarios (ranging from battleship standoffs and a hypothetical German amphibious invasion of Sevastopol), 28 new surface-ship classes (17 of them battleships), and three helpful utility programs. This goes beyond the call of duty; it's not just a scenario disk, but an upgrade all for $ 21.95. The WWII Battleset ($ 34.95) actually makes Quantum Quality Productions' superb wargame. The Perfect General, even better. The data disk gives the game a real-world handle with 15 scenarios, ranging from Pegasus Ridge to Guadalcanal to the Kasserine Pass- I'm playing these even more persistently than the original. Access has come out with two drop-dead gorgeous course disks (Bountiful Golf Course, $ 9.95; Firestone Country Club, $ 24.95) for its drop-dead gorgeous golf game, Links. Kinda tough to review golf scenarios (this is more to let you know they're out), but these two courses offer all the realism and beauty with which the original game abounded. Jaguar XJ220 Vroom, vroom. The software house responsible for games like Virgin's excellent heli-sim Thunderhawk has come up with the fastest Outrun- type racing game yet. The scenery (lots of it) in Jaguar XJ220 [Core Design, about $ 40) justs blitzes by, the weather and road conditions (the fog looks great) lend a real hothouse feel, the tunes on the radio are lis- tenable, the whole thing is dressed to kill, and there's even a bloody editor. (No hard disks need apply, unfortunately.) What, you don't possess this one already? Pit-Fighter Pit-Fighter (Domark, $ 39.95) was a supremely popular beat-'em-up in the arcades. It's an ugly old basher on the Amiga. It's easy to imagine the appeal of the original. You can choose among three fighters. (Guys, here's a fiver. Buy yourself a three-pack of T-shirts.) The playfield's depth lends a certain amount of strategy, a la Golden Axe, and you can pick up items (even motorcycles) to hurl at your opponents. The poorly digitized character graphics are only a couple of notches up from, say, Shinobi, and the game's samey look and limited options quickly turn monotonous; it's like playing Double Dragon without the scrolling backdrop. The mild flakiness of the manual check out the description of the game's one female character almost redeems it. SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces, by payment Mastercard & Vsa $ 5 00 • C.O D (Cash Only) S10 00 Ne*t day & second day air available1 Call lor prices cn special shipping Shipping limes no! Guaranteed r, A M M P [ = E S E R V E Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses COCKPIT PRO Jaeger Software has given its popular Conflict: Korea You can't call Korean Conflict the forgotten war anymore. Strategic Simulations remembered it in Conflict: Korea ($ 19.95), and, as war games go, this successor to Red Lightning and Conflict Middle East isn't too bad. Sure, the graphics could use a serious facelift, and the scrolling does The Jerk even on fast machines, but it's a quick play (largely on account of a slick game system), a breeze to pick up, multifeatured and pretty tough. (On the first few turns, about all you can do is get out of the way of the Chinese.) FLIGHT SIMULATOR A PROMOTION. Fighter Duel Pro ($ 59.95) now offers 16 Allied and Axis aircraft, A REVIEW MODE, MULTIPLE BOGEYS, CATAPULT LAUNCHES, NEW LAND-BASED SCENERY, RUDDER-PEDAL SUPPORT, AND AN UNRESTRICTED PANORAMA. IT ALSO ALLOWS YOU TO CONNECT A SECOND AMIGA VIA THE FLIGHT COMPUTER'S PARALLEL PORT AND A $ 15 ADAPTER, PLUS, WITH A $ 15 ADAPTER YOU CAN CONNECT A SECOND COMPUTER THROUGH THE MafN-FLIGHT AMIGA'S PARALLEL PORT, LETTING YOU BATTLE AN OPPONENT THROUGH THE SERIAL PORT WHILE WATCHING THE ACTION ON THE SLAVE SYSTEM. (RS 101.) SWITCHEROO Tired of PLAYING UNPLUG-AND-CHANGE WITH YOUR CABLES BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY YOUR NEW GAME? CHECK OUT THE Amiga Smart Port (InterACTIVE Digital Devices, $ 52.95), an auto- switching, GAME-PORT INTERFACE system. Connecting to both Amiga MOUSE PORTS, THE SMART PORT OFFERS THREE CONNECTORS: MOUSE, digital joystick, and PC-compati* BLE DUAL-JOYSTICK GAME PORT. To USE SEVERAL PERIPHERALS (EVEN RUDDER PEDALS WITH A $ 7.95 ADAPTER) SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH A MOUSE, FLIP THE MOUSE-MODE swrrcH. Leave it in the "normal” POSITION TO USE A THREE-BUTTON mouse. The accompanying Smart- PORTCaL SOFTWARE HELPS YOU ADJUST THE ANALOG PORTS FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. (RS 102.) DECLARATIONS OF WAR Three-Sixty HAS WHIPPED ITS FIGHTING FORCES INTO SHAPE FOR THE Harpoon Challenger Pack, Signature Edition ($ 79.95) and Theatre of War ($ 49.95). The latest Harpoon installment INCLUDES THE VERSION 1.3 OF THE Harpoon master game, Battle- Sets 2, 3, and 4, plus the Scenario Editor. Theatre of War pits you against a computer or HUMAN PLAYER ON MODIFIABLE PLAYING HELDS OFFERING MULTIPLE TERRAIN TYPES, (RS 103.) JOIN THE FUN GOT a new GAME IN THE WORKS? TELL US ABOUT it. Send all the particulars to The Next Round, AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ 21st Century Entertainment 56B Milton Park Abington, Oxfordshire England OX I I 4RX 0235-832939 Access Technologies PO Box 202197 Austin, 'EX 78720 512 343-9564 Accolade 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129 408 985-1700 GM Football It looks like an Atari 800 game. It sounds like an Atari 800 game. It plays like an Atari 800 game. This followup to BASIC Football does offer the agreeable abilities to scout players and draft teams head-to-head with computer opponents, and it does pay heed to in-game player stamina. Alas, the games themselves remind me of the old football game in which you placed the defense play over the offense play and turned on a light bulb underneath to see the result. The same combination of plays seems to produce the same result time and time again. GM Football (Mahoney Software Products, $ 39.95) is a 4th and 15 situation. Punt, coach! Activision Studios 11440 San Vincente Blvd., Suite 300 Los Angeles* CA 90049 310 207-4500 Adspec Programming 1405 N. Ellsworth Ave. PO Box 13 Salem, OH 44460 216 337-3325 Ambitions Technologies Oliver Praudisch 310 379-1425 THE NEXT ROUND AS DC 925 Stewart St. Madison, W1 53713 608 273-6585 A-Squared Distributions 6114 LaSalle Ave. Oakland* CA 94611 415 339-0339 Axiom Software 1221 E. Center St. S.E. Rochester* MN 55904 612 882-8136 Bethesdn Sofcworks 15235 Sliadv Grove Rd., Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20850 301 926-8300 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TTC AMIGA Byte by Byte Arboretum Plaza II 9442 Capitol of Texas Hwy. N. Suite 150 Austin, I X 78759 512 343-4357 Centaur Development PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach* CA 90278 310 542-2226 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 1938(1 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Core Design Tradewinds House 69 71A Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE3 3FS England 332-297797 Creative Computers 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. I .aw n dale* CA 90260 800 872*8882 CyberCall 20 Cleveland Ave* Highland Park, NJ 08904 908 249-9883 ('.yberwarc 8 Harris Court Monterey, CA 93940 408 373-1441 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Micronics 5674-P El Camino Real Carlsbad, CA 92008 619 931-8554 Dotnark Software Ferry I louse 51-57 Ijtty Rd.. Putney London SW1S 1PR, England 081-780-2224 Distributed bv Accolade Douglas and Sturgess 730 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA94107 duliois Animation 1012 N. Chartrand Ave,, Suite F Edmond, OK 73034 405 348-4670 Dvnamix 99 W. 10th St., Suite 224 Eugene, OR 97401 503 343-0772 Elan Design PO Box 3136 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 115 726-5097' Electric Crayon Studios 3621 N. 64th St. Milwaukee* W1 53216 414 444-9981 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo. CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Epyx 500 Allerton Redwood City. CA 94063 415 368-3200 ? Euphonies 2685 Burnside Rd. Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses, cont Sebastopol, CA 95472 707 823-1380 Europress Software Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Cheshire England 0625-859333 Fred Mack 3820 Dotjen Si. Fremont, CA 94538 510 651-5123 Frost Byte Systems PO Box 481, Station I) Toronto, Ont. Canada MOP 3K1 416 769-7510 GameTek 2999 NE 191 St.
N. Miami Beach, FI. 33180 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Out, Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK Gramma Software 17730 15th Ave. N.F.. Suite 223 Seattle. WA 98155 206 363-64 i 7 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of lYussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 HyperMedia Concepts 5200 Washington Ave., Suite 226 Racine, YV1 53406 414 632-3766 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, 11.61101 815 968-2228 800 373-7700 Image Works Irwin House 118 Southwark London SE1 0SW 71-928-1454 Impressions Software 7 Melrose Drive Framingham, CX 06032 203 676-9002 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 612 425-0557 Inno Vision Techncjlogy 1933 Davis St. San Leandro, CA 94577 415 638-8432 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave. Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Interactive Digital Devices 2238 Nantucket Court Marietta, GA 30066 404 516-0248 Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 714 553-6655 jaeger Software 7800 White CliIT Terrace Rockville, MD 20855 301 948-6862 Konami 900 Deerfield Pkwv. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 708 215-5100 LucasAns Games PO Box 10307 San Rafael, CA 94912 415 721-3300 800 782-7927 Mahoney Software Products PO Box 2962 Newport News, VA 23609 804 591-7225 Maxis Software Two Tli eat re Square. Suite 230 Orinda, CA 94563 510 254-9700 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas. TX 75244 214 385-2353 MicroProse Software 180 Lakcfront Drive Hum Valley, MD 21030 301 771-1151 MicroSearch 9896 Southwest Frecwav Houston, TX 77074 713 988-2818 Migraph 32700 Pacific Hwy., Suite 12 Federal Why, WA 98003 206 838-4677 New Horizons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd, Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 New Tek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 New Work! Computing Distributed by Electronic Arts Novagen Distributed by Bethesda Softworks Nucleus Electronics PO Box 1025 Noblcton., Ont. Canada LOG 1N0 416 859-5218 Ocean Software Distributed bv Electronic Arts * Origin Systems 110 Wild Basin Rd. Suite 330 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-5490 Pacific Digital 6 Stetson Dr. Kent field, CA 94904 4 15 457-8448 Polhc-mus PO Box 560 Colchester, VT 05446 802 655-3159 Preferred technologies 14540 East Beltwood Pkwv. Dallas, Texas 75244 214 702-9191 800 878-0010 Psygnosis 29 St. Marys Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 Quantum Quality Productions 1046 River Ave. ” Fleming!on, NJ 08822 908 788-2799 ’ Quma Software 20 Warren Manor Court Cockcvsville. MD 21030 410 666-5922 Rainbird Out ot business RAW Entertainment 3027 Marina Bay Drive Suite I 10 League City, TX 77573 713 538-3399 RCS Management 120 McGill St. Montreal, Qne. Canada H2Y 2E5 514 288-7825 ReadySoli 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada LIB 1B9 416 731-4175 SAS Institute SAS Campus Drive Cary, SC 27513 Scala 12110 Sunset Hills Rd. Suite 100 Heston, VA 22090 703 709-8043 Science Accessories 200 Watson Blvd. Stratford, CT 06497 203 386-9978 Sensible Software Distributed by Image Works Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Tow tie Sq. Suite F Si. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Springei-Verlag 175 5th Ave. New York, NY 10010 212 460-1500 Strategic Simulations 675 Almanor Ave., Suite 201 Sunnyvale, CA 9 1086 408 737-6800 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 1 he Blue Ribbon Sound Works 1293 Briardale I -me N.E. Atlanta, GA 30306 404 377-1514 Three-Sixty Distributed by Electronic Arts T hus Software 28ter Avenue de Versailles 93220 Gagny France Uui Soft Distributed by Electronic Arts US (iold Distributed by Accolade Viewpoint 870 West Center Orem, UT 84057 801 224-2222 Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave., Suite C Irvine. CA92714 714 833-8710 Walt Disney Computer Software 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 818 567-5360 Walter Foster 430 W. Sixth St. Titstin, CA 92680 714 544-7510 800 426-0099 ¦ Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern Orders 800-93-AMIGA We do not publish a catalog. Piease call if you don’t see what you want. One of the East Coast’s largest Authorized AMIGA dealers QdUin Uiardware oftware Peri herals STOCK Hard Drives & Bridgeboard CBM A2286 AT Bridgeboard S299.00 Conner& Fujitsu Hard Drives Call GVP Series 2 HC8 0 HD Cont 169.00 GVP A500 HD8 0+ 120Mb 599.00 Quantum Hard Drives Call Syquest 44Mb Removable 299.00 Syquest 88Mb He movable 399.00 Syquest 44Mb Cartridge 75.00 Syquest 88Mb Cartridge 119.00 Case & Cabling to make Ext. 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• All orders are subiect to credit card verification * GRAPHICS A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen EVER GIVE A present lo the person who has everything and watch that jaded look creep slowly across his face as he stammers out a polite thank you? Well, next time try giving the hard case on your shopping list a nicely framed ’‘photograph" of something that never happened to pique his interest. Your Amiga and a few simple software tricks can help you create a virtual portrait as a unique gift for any holiday occasion. By way of example, the illustration accompanying this column shows me on the right, my father on the left, and his father between us. We are standing on a Denver street my father knew well in the late 1930s. The framed copy of this photo that I gave him for Father's Dav was so convinc- J ing that he was balfled as to how and when it could have been shot. This column will explore basic computer- painting techniques you can use to craft such a gift. The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief To create a virtual portrait, you must maintain the illusion that it is a real photo, although the subjects never met in the same time and space. Good judgment and care at each phase are important to preserve this illusion. The most important step is the initial selection of images. If you can find photos with similar lighting, sharpness, and contrast, your job of composition will be much easier. The direction of the light is not as important as the angle of light and shadow, because images can later be flipped to match directions. Images of different sizes can also be scaled later, but never enlarge a captured image to match other figures; instead, shrink the larger ones. Use a scanner or video digitizer to capture photographs in the highest resolution your software and memory J permit. If you work in color, use a mode that offers the greatest number of colors to preserve as much detail as possible. It is the nature of this project that some source images may be black and white. Be open to black and white as a final image format; it can often he more dramatic than color. Let’s look at just a few of the many possible compositing techniques in three paint programs: DefuxePaint = Electronic Arts), DCTV Paint = Digital Creations), and Digi-Paint (NewTek). (To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the kiMamtfacturcrs' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 117.) In Deluxe Paint high resolution, a black-and-white image takes up the entire palette with the 16 grays of native Amiga display. Reduce each image to 15 grays by using Change Color BG> FG to change all value-15 white to value-14 gray. Then select the unused color as the nght-mouse-button background color. Carefully paint with this color around each figure to isolate it as precisely as possible. Letting the unused background color be transparent, pick up the figure as a brush and place it in the background image. If the figure does not appear to blend in smoothly, switch to the spare screen, select the unused color with the left button, and press the o key to outline the figure brush in that color. Clear the screen to black, stamp the figure on the screen, and bring up the Stencil requester. Lock die unused color, select Make Stencil, return to the screen, and clear it again to black leaving only the protected outline. Free the stencil, pick up the outline as a brush, and press the o key again to thicken the line. Return with this brush to the image in progress, select Smooth mode, and position the outline precisely over the edge of the figure. Press the left button to smooth the entire border of the figure into the surrounding background. Repeat this process for each figure to achieve a look of smooth integration. (For more on Dpaint compositing tricks, see “Accent” 21, Nov. '90, p. 66.) Not by Dpaint Alone With DCT1Y Paint or Digi-Paint, there is an easy way to assemble multiple images These sleight-of-hand compositing tricks will yield some out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas designed to keep 'em guessing! Using the Rub-Through inode. In DCTV, load the background image and then hit the j key to switch to the spare screen. Load the figure to this spare screen. Use the Scissors tool with Freehand Line to ait out the figure as a brush. You can be quite sloppy in cutting the figure just be sure to cut outside the figure itself. Press the j key to return to the background image and then (shift)-) to copy ilie background to the spare screen. Position the figure brush on the background (use the lack tool if needed to get the brush) and press the Paste button to stamp it in place. Next, click the Brush tool, and then select Solid and Rub Through mode. Use different brush sizes with the dotted-line tool to carefully clean up the edges. Rub Through mode pulls the clean background through your brush strokes from the spare screen. Use Undo if you make a mistake. Experiment with flow rates around 10% at the border of the figure for a soft edge. For final touch-up, use Smooth and Blend modes at a 50% Mow rate to eliminate the ’‘cut-out” look. Repeat this process for each new image element. T his is an excellent way to composite multiple images in full-color high resolution. You can use Digi-Paint and follow the above instructions almost word for word to get similar results in lower resolutions. While Digi-Paint is usually thought of as a HAM program, the procedure outlined above is particularly powerful in black and white. To eliminate artifact mg, load the palette from the gray-scale image and turn Dither off before using Rub Through. Also, try experimenting with Digi- Paint's transparency controls for a sofi- edgc rub through; keep the center transparency slider at the top and the edge slider at the bottom. If it is necessary to do any color or contrast balancing on the images, do so with AD Pro (ASDG) or Imagemas- ter = Black Belt Systems) prior to assembly if possible. Experiment with saturation. Contrast, gamma, and brightness as needed. You might even lit blurring or sharpening an image to achieve uniformity with others. Output to a film recorder such as the Polaroid CI-3000 linked to AD Pro, or simply use a camera to shoot the monitor in a dark room. Laser printout can be quite effective, too, I use AD Pro’s PostScript output to a NEC Sileniwrit- er. I also like AD Pro’s Prefprinter output using Floyd, density 4, with a gamma correction of +36. You can also send your image out on disk to a service bureau to he converted into a high-quality photograph. Check ads in the "InfoMarket” section of hw gd* World to find some of these services. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 9536 L Please include a stamped, sei -addressed envelope for a reply. R--v. 6 ¦ . - j ¦¦¦¦¦MM $ 3.45* ea. 20-29 Disks &$ $ ¦( Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Library Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. ** Special Order 15 disks and pick any 3 disks of your choice! 'Anti-Virus is always free on all orders of 20 or more disks- ~a $ 20 valueI We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of' anti-virus software, ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! V09: 24-Bit - Contains Rend24 which allows you to proof Toaster-generated 24-bit animations. Ajso contains utils to con ert IFF's to IBM VGA Windows readable format Also contains latest release of JPEGo-IFF converter. V08: CompuGraphic Fonts - Contains 2 clipart style fonts and 4 actual typefaces lor use with W82 04 and it's Fountain utility Great for desktop publishing and Or video projects V07: StarTrek Objects - Contains |he USS Reliant, NCC-1701D (the Enterprise trom Star Trek:TNG) and a Ferongi Marauder ship. Also contains a fully detailed Porsche 911 and Apache Attack Helicopter, imagine format. V06; Modelling Objects • Contains 20 vector objects m imagine format These are perfect for use wilh V05 or your lavonto 3D modelling program. Includes Amiga 3000. Space station & many morel V05: Modelling - Vertex allows you to create 3 D objects without using the abstract X, Y and Z views. Loads Scuipt-3D 4D, Turbo Silver, Imagine. Lightwave, GEO and Wavefront formats. MagicTween will meta morph a size any two pictures by automatically animate the ¦in-between" frames. V04: Video 1 Anim - V deo DB will catalog all of your videotapes Slate is a sharp graphic of a slate for your productions CyroUiils splits, makes and gives mfo about ANIMs RTAP lets you play large ANIMs on small memory machines V03: Image Utits ¦ let VdeoTooisOnTap lot you tap into the video power of your Amiga for fades, color and greybars as well as a plethora of other inde- spensabie video functions TitleGen will do professional crawlmg titles. JPEG converts JPEG-> IFF with amazing compression. ImageLab performs special effects on IFFs. V02: Stillstore - Used to create the 'over the shoulder" graphic inserts ala the 11 00 news. V01: Graphics - Picbase will let you view and track ALL of your IFF pictures over all of those floppies! Freepaint is a DeLuxe-Paint workalike. Agraph is a powerful utility to produce snazzy graphs. FDB4: Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the origional-20+ mazes, special “power-ups’ with oustanding graphics. ThinkAmania is the classic game of concentration--with beautifully drawn HiRes images FD83: Arcade Series: Contains Croaker and Squamble. Two great dories of the arcade games 'Frogger' and "Scramble.* FD82: Intrepid - In the Arctic ice, you control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly crafted Amiga ong onai FD81: SuperGames - Some of the best games -Donkey Kcng is better than the origional with ar extra lever Frantic Freddie and TraiiBiazer are both tast-pasec arcade games. Mad Bomber is the classic game of “Kabaonn* redone with an Amiga flare. All of these games are excellent! FD80: Technoban - If you like logic puzzles, this CiSk is for you' Create your own puzzles with tne built-in editor or play the many pre-made ones. Requires Fat Agnus (1MB of Chip memory) FD79; Addams Family Quiz - They’re delightfully creepy and spooky and now they're in your Amiga! Classic digitized graphics and sound samples make this a real crowd-pleaser, Wail till you "talk with Cousin III1" FD78: Potpourri - Lothian is a great Ultima typo adventure game with groal graphics. Rocky is a remake of the classic Boulderdash FD77: Arcade Series - Gaiaga'92 is a clone ot the arcade game of the same name with several gameplay enhancements-with smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's bettor than me ongional1 Pharaohs Curse is a clone ot the ongonai C64 classic Diplomacy s a beautifully computerized version of the Avalon Hill board game--conquer or be conquered1 Galaga requires 68020+ FD76: Catacomb - is a full graphic dungeon adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon mouse dnven interface FD75: Arcade Series - Descender is a done ot the classic arcace game
- Tempest": complete with vectorized graphics Tan* is the classic battle of trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly wen done' Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too (Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory=Fa! Agnus) FD74: Arcade Series RingWar is an Outer Limits" clone with vectorized graphics MothorLode is a "Lode Runner* done with 50 levels' in BiitzTanks, they're coming at ycu Irom all directions1! Call In air strikes and use your heavy artillery to Survive! FD73; Arcade Series - Iniruder Alert! Is a MULTI-level "Berserk" clone. Features smooth gameplay. Great graphics & digitized sound f x. FD72: Sword ol the Warlock - This is a demo version of a great public domain graphic cunceon adventure game The adventure spans three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tale" feel to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2 Requires 1 meg of RAW and 2 Loppy dnves--HD installable FD71A4B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge So you think you know The Next Generation, huh? Complete with fantastic samp'ed sounds and digitized Unbeatable Value! WB119ABCDE: Font Set This collection contains over 100 typefaces for use with Professional Page 3.0 or PageStream
2. 1+ . These fonts will output to any laser primer or dot-mairix printer with no jaggies, thanks to oulilne tom technology. Very professional looking typefaces. 5 disk set. Counts as 4 New Disks WB118: Amiga Beginner - You asked for it! A tutorial far the beginner on using your Amiga1 Covers the CD and Workbench, it's great tor learning about the Amiga. Aiso contains numerous beautiful 16-color icons lor WB 2.0 WB117: Religion Contains Scnpture_Mem (aids m memorizing verses and passages] and in Pauls Journey, you are Paul of Tarsus exploring the Mediterranean and preaching just as Paul did. Req 1 MB RAM, WB116; Databases • This is wnat you've been waiting lorf Contains 5 uniquely specialized diabase programs for tracking: Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Articles. Comic Books and Trading Cards! Wan 5: Term ¦ It you have AmigaDOS 2.04 and a modem, then this is THE program tor you Term totally con'orms to the User Interface Style Guide for 2 04. Has an Arexx port, and supports all popular lilo-trnnslor protocols Through XPR libraries. We wish all programs were whiten to this caliber. WB114: Fonts 44 • Contains 36 btmap system fonts V B113: Sid II - Wny pay 40 bucks for a directory utility, when this one will do it all plus much morel A truly professional-caliber program. Sid i was our best, now completely rewritten, Sid 2 will undoubtedly astound you WB112: Productivity Business - Stock Analysis allows automated downloading o‘ stock data with full analysis capabilities (requires modem), SubStore will allow you to log magazines and articles with full search scan print capa& irfies D088: GnuPlot This is a command-driven interactive function plotter Creates stunning plots graphs ol mathematical functions Requires haro- dnvo anc unpacks lo over 1.6MB of code'daia...mosi impressive! DD87: Amiga Intuition Based Benchmarks - a groat package with all the popular benchmarks including Sieve, Dhrystone. Savage, Imalh £ Matiix, DD86: The Programmer • Includes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate "C* source code or Assembly-codu saving you countless hours of work! Requires, and writes code for, ArmgaDOS2 Q4 DD85: AnalytlRlM - Tis incredible program is a combinaton ot a powerful spreacsheet and a Relational Information Manager (database) Not for the taint ot heart, this is a heavy-duty package1 Req 1 MB RAM DD84: Proteus BBS ¦ This disk contains the full-blown version of the Proteus BBS software Totally confgurab'e & ultimately powerful Requires a hard drive Arexx and at least a meg of memory DD83: IBM Not ono but TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS-DOS sottwaro with Amiga programs!!' Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 72QK IBM compatable drives. OD82: Unix Contains a working demo of Minix ¦ a Unix workalike. Mimx is system call compatable with V7 ot Unix. Images, this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete! Counts as 2 disks. FD70: SpaceGames - Contains AMIGAids. >fina!ly! An Asteroids game that takes advantage of the Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmostruction the object of the game is for each Cosmoslruction team lo acquire the most points while construction energy ducts between the space station and planetoids FD69: MlndGames ¦ Had enough ol shoot-om up games9 Relax and lei ihese 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist FD68: Potpourri - Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation of the Roman Empire including military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors Lord of Hcsts is a board strategy game for 2 players In Moonshine, you've got to get the hootch across the state line a great rolling, scrolling driving game' WB121; ProPage3 Enhancer - This disk contains over 40 “Genies’ for use with ProPage 3.0. including useful ones ike Make Pie Chart and Resize Text to fit Box to name a few. Also includes structured S bitmap clipart lor unique borders., a must nave for all Ppage 3 users. WB120: Grinder * a complete graphics conversion package ihat supports GIF's. Jpog, Atari ST iNeochrome £ Degas). PCX. Targa. TIFF. HAM-6 and IFF format pictures FD5: Tactical Games - BullRun - a Civil war battle game. Metro you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum. Very very habit forming. FD6; GAMES! - This disk is chock full cf games including: Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzie. Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk. RushHour ¦ Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar ¦ Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: Pacman ¦ This d sk contains several pacman type games including: PacMan87. MazMan and Zonix Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully comparable with WB1.3 & 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will alfow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive lo your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. Two disk set, counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 - including hardware. Fun Disks FD9: Mona Tins has g-eat graphic centre s, multiple spells, simitar to Larn and Hack Play time several weeks' FD10: HachLile A dungeon adventure game Cons dered a must-have classic. This is the second release ot this game on the Amiga Great graphic nierface. Play timo several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps The bos! Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thrfy-One.VideoPoker and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer It features mouse control, good graph cs. Digitized sound effects and great gameplay Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1Mb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games contains multiplayer Monopoly, Dominoes, Paranoids, and others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells. Item ocation. And hints and more, also on this disk, Hbaii - an arkanoid breakout type game. Trix * a Qix type clone FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger mempers inducing geography, math, science, and word games, also ndudes Wheel ot Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games MechForce(3.72): A game that simulates combat oetween two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 fool tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys yout every whim. FD26:Arcade Games Marbio_sldo Is a commorciai quality game similar :o a Lucas game named PipeDreams, excellent playability and entertainment Mutants a small version of the same arcade game SuporBreakout is a Pong Arkanolds type gamo. FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes, Raceorama a great racing car game with ten citferent courses. MiniBlast a nelicopier gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as iroger. And 33reakout the original breakout with more FD29: Shoat'em up's ¦ WWII ¦ you’re the pilot c? A WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've |u$ t been spotted, good luck on you mission. SpKilter - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaiiator - another great game. FD31: Games! - Air Tra'fic Control - a good ATC simulation. Black Jack _ab ¦ a full featured set of card games, ChessTei ¦ play chess with your friend in d stant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth a well done text adventure game = like an infocom game), and MousoTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32: Flight Simulator • An instrument flight simulator foi a DC10. FD33: Arcade Gamo9 Ffreddy a Mario Brothers type ol gamo. Gerbiis a target practice game, PipoLino a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. T'on a light cycles version, and Wotroids a wonderlu version of asteroids with a hilanous twist FD35: Omega (v 1,3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and maria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks FD37A£B:Tactical Games - Empire 12.2w) This great game comes highly recommended With a full-graphic front era. FD38: Games • Cribbage Master - A g-eat cabbage game and tutor. Spades a wet done card came. ChmeseChookers - A computer version ot this classic. Puzz • a slide piece puzzle game and construction set FD39A&B: Star Trek. The Now Generation ¦ This is a. completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias Now with English instructions. Excellent!!! Courts as two disks. Requires 512k FD44: Game - Mechlight is an out of ibis world role-playing adventure com parable to hack and moria. The setting, interpanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out lo liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, p ek up a new Am.ga 9000. Most of all, don’t large! To stay alive... FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Stokes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game Senlance. One and a half years n the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended FD52: Classics Games • PoiersQuos! A well done Mario brothers type of game. Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank com mander game. FD53: Great Arcade On this O-sk is a wonderful implementation ot !he over popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a wwii ‘lying ace arcade game, and Fsycoblast new creation idea game. FD56: Arcade Includes SpaceWar. HueyRaid is a well done helicopter arcade game PowerPong s a great expanded oong game. FQ57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 truly commercial quality games. MegaBail, an Arkanoid-ish game, features 5 musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gameplay Gravity Attack is a psychadelfic trip through several different worlds each distinctly different FD58: GAMES! - Includes Steinschlag; a great Tetris clone from Germany w th music. Scombat: simulate battle between up to 40 players & monsters Imperium Romanum: Battle up to 4 players for control of the Mediterranean in this Risk-esoue game FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon 111 is an almost exact clone ot the commercial game of the same name, a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists of words £ automatically generate word-searcn puzzles for any Epson compat- a&ie prater. FD60: Games - in Nebula, race over a 3d word to destroy enemy installations. Interferon: a great Dr Mario clone Enigma; is it a gameor a puzzle? FD61: Games ¦ Solitaire: great graphics, plays two versions Khde; an interesting piece ol eye candy. Extreme Violence: 2 player kill or bekiftod game. YATC: A Toths done with Artificai Intelligence. Genesis: create realistic 3d fractal worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War il gunner simulation Requires 1 megabyte of memory FD64: Games ¦ Wizzy's Quest a ’great" 50 level game with groal graphics, Cubus - a 3 dimonsiona' Tetris typo game (rotate and move m 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris esque game: 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty Requires Fat Agnus (1 Meg ot Chip) FD57: Arcade ¦ Includes Llamatrcn a well-done Robctron done Hate is a ’terrific’ commercial grade Zaxxon clone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling...a 1Q! WB4:Telocommumnlcallon • This disk contains several excellent pd com munication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily, Access
(1. 42) - A very nice ANSI term program. Comm (1.34) - Latest version of one of the best public domain communications programs over mado on the Amiga. Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 WB5: Fonts 41- Several lonis (35) lor (he Amiga, also included are live PageSlream lonts.and ShowFont • a font display program. WB6: Fonts 2 ShowFonl(4 0) This program allows you to quickly and oamJessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large ArmgaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded with, black and white clip an. Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more WB9: Icons Truly a multitude of various types and kinds Also includes iconMiester. IconLab and others great utilities to help generate >cons WblQ: Virus Kilters The latest and besf VirusX(4 0). Kv(JM). And ZeroWus III OillWVUI UU WIIUi UHII * = £...U ¦ W - Workbench Disks j ¦y* - a. (.92 cents ea) (.85 cents ea) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) ea. = $ @S |Enter disk !D (Example: DD79, FD57, WblOS) (Catalog disk comes With* coupon tor a free disk with your next Older) .Anti-Virus (S19.95) = S_ KAO Blank Disks _= $ _ $ _ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax Foreign Shipping = $ _ Handling = S Total Due = $
3. 00 ;cc*_ I Signature | Name _ 1 Address . S City- J Phone (_ i i HxP ] Payment enclosed Please charge my. ] Visa ] Mastercard j Discover Following Jay shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA Canada add S.25 each. Foreign add $ 50 per disk for air mail delivery Payment in US funds nnly. A minimum ol S20.00 required on all credit card orders. .ST. DevWare, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW33, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwickBackup ¦ two well done utilities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups, FileMast ¦ a binary file editor. Labolprmter - Disk label printer with very powerful teatures. WB27: Nagel ¦ 2S Patrick Nagel pictures of boauillut women. WB29: Graphics and Sound This disk has several dillerent Mandelbrot type programs lor generating stunning graphics. Includes. MandelMountains ¦ a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fracta's irpm user input. Mandelbrot and Tmangel - two last mangetorot generators, also Mostra - the test IFF display program to date, will dispay ALL tFF's mdud- ng Dyramic HAM. And Sound - a great IFF sound player, will p ay anything WB33.Circuit Board Design - several terrific routines lor the electronic enthusiast, including PCBtool ¦ a circuit board design tool. Log>cLaP ¦ circuit logic testor, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release ol this PD CAD pro gram, now comes with predrawn common circuit components lor insertion into schematics WB34: Utilities • Several wel done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge ol a CU or Shell lor setup. Chatter Bo* - If is one will play any user delined sound after any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse dick. Disk removal ). Artm * The Amiga real I me monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper - help program to make learning the CLI easier, and more1 WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytradng programs 3dFonts Fu!l vector font sot lor use with 3d programs, FomMaker • make 3d fonts from any system for:. Mako3DSnape ¦ create 3d shapes from any image DuirptolFF create 30 ammatons preserves paF«et and Wond3d ¦ a demo program o! A front end for use with DKBRender. W036: Graphics • On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images inducing. Mprti - creates swirling gaaxy images. Hoses - produce an unlimited numper of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen - display those spectacular images as pan ot your workbenck screen, and RaySbade - a very good raytracmg program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one! WB37; Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books Ages 6 - 15 WB38: Plotting Bnd Graphics - PioUy is a powerful lull loatured p olling package Used by many colleges and universities A welcome addition to our library1 Highly recommended Plans ¦ a incredibly well done Computer A-ded Drafting program, very lull featured Tesseiator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C. Ecshur typo pictures WB40: Music - "CD on a d-sk". 90 minutes ol modern music on this wen presented collection Requires 2 drives or HD. WB41: Music • MED an incredrbly well done, lull featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to Soundtracker but better Very powerful easy to use program Verson 3 20, when rs compatabd with WB2.04. WB43: Business - This disk contains AnalytiCalc ¦ probably the most powerful spreadsheet p'ogram on the Amiga. A full teatured spreadsheet with many leaturos expected in a commercial package, Req 1.2 MB of memory! WB46: Clip Art • HighRes dip art wilh lho following molds embellishments (bordors, dodads ,...), people, and transportation WB47: Clip Art HighRes clip art with the lollowing notlls hair, drafting, summer, animals and mactood WB4B. Clip Art HighRes dip art with the tallowing moiils ¦ Holidays, music, medical, and misc WB49ABC:Animatlan Sampler ¦ On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of tne best animations that have been created over the last three years Several examples of ’Movie" type animations some with spectacular raytraeed reality (coolroby. Watch, spgat and egg). Also several european style or 'Demo* animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akniight. Copersine. Doc. Dps2010. Impact, and togoce- mo) These truly show oh the creative edge ol an Amiga! WB50: Animation - Seven of Ihe besl european style animations cr 'Demcs'. Including ¦ scientific 45t. Subway (a U S entrant also cur favontel. Sunnde. Thrstdemo. Tnght. Waves, and woow WB53 Graphics Raytraong programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buddings ... and surreal images often consisting of highly polished spheres and objects C Light is the most powerful EASY- TO USE ol it's kind wo have seen to date This is easily bettor, and more lull leaiuiod, than similar commercial programs costing in tho hundreds ol dollars. Also, sMovig - a lull featured video text tiller similar lo ProVideo, Broadcast Titier Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54; Printing - This d-sk contains several routines to help with the chore of priming includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PrintStudio ¦a well implemented all-purpose pnnter-utility with a vcy comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features. Uia - with ease, print ASCII hies to a PostScript printer, and many more WB1I: Business Clerk(4 0). Tnaily a tut leatureo business accounting PD program tor (be small to medium company Includes receivables, payables, end ol month and uch more WB12: Disk Utilities • This great disk 'S loaded wslh wonderful utilities for everyth ng including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, C'Sk and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts o! Tile mampula- t on A must have1 V B13: Printer Drivers and Generator ¦ over 70 dillerent drivers, and if these don't do it, with PrtDrvGen you can make your own WB15: Business This d-sk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a projecMimo management program and financial analysis = stocks}, WB16: Business This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a groat calendar scheduler, a roiode* program, and ponnywise a good "Cash Book" accounting ler home or office. VVBIO Word Text Processors This disk contains lho bost editors includes,ToxlPius v22e! A full teatured word processor, Ome = vi 35) a groat programmers editor with strong macro lQatures,Tex£D|v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, ard a soon checker WB22: Font* S3 - Several more great tonts These. Ike the other tent c sks work great with Opainl and WYSIWYG wdrd processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined function, BezSurf2 ¦ produce awesome pictures of objects cne could turn on a lathe Can also map iff mage ties onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen ¦ makes a virtual screen anywhere, great tor DTP! WB25:Educatlonal On this disk are two programs thaf can generate maps of differing typos. World Data Base uses Ihe CIA's data Paso to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. No shipping charge on USA blank rlisk orders. Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, other foreign add $ 50 each. KAO 3, 2 Blank Diskettes DSDD 10 for $ 9,20 25 for $ 21.25 50 for $ 38.50 100 for $ 72.00 WB55: Application Xcopylll ¦ a full featured disk cop-er. Make backups of copy protected disks RoadRoute - hnd tne quickest route trom one oty to another, highway description Included Diary * a d ary program line 'Oougy Howard M D‘. Cat * a calendar program. Magman ¦ a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57: Anlmaiion ¦ Tnis disk nas several "Demo" siyle animations. Including. Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph WB62: Midi Utilities Several useful midi utilities including, programs lo transfer to and Irom several music programs to mdi, a midi sysex hander, a midi recorder with iimebase, display midi info tile sequence player, and a few scores WB63: Disk Utilities »3 Several highly recommended programs to aid In removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing. Iasi I Of matting, tile recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks WB66: Icons *2 Lot s ot neat icons. Also several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures. V B63 Music Utilities several good utilities ‘or the Amga music enthusi ast Includes. No setracker • a greal muse creation program. Sonix2MOD converts somx to mod Hies which then can be used by noisetracker. Sound traker. And MED. SpeakerSim - a speaker design tool demo. Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design topi with a separate envelope design w ndow and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle conrois. WB69: Music - This disk has over 90 minutes ol classical and modem elec tronsc music for you Amiga WB70: Desk Top Pub Atcp transfer Macintosh screen lonts. Mac or IBM format AFM metric Hies, to Amiga screen (onis and Ppago .metric files. With mis program, open tho door to the libraries ot Adobe and PostScript fonts! Calendar month templates In PageStream lorm. Post - a ful fca tured postscript file display and print utility. W075: Music • over 100 instruments liles (. Nst) and sample sound tiles (,ss) for your music programs WB76: Applications ¦ This disk contains Stcnery • a often requested knitting cesgr program. Lotto ¦ a rather complete cttery tracking arc prediction utility. SSS - this screen capture program can grab afmost any screen including games. Today a personal calendar. Tarot fortune teller and Grammar ¦ grammar checker WB79: Home A Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct the most com plote checkbook accounting progrnm going, LCDCaic • this well done calculator has a very largo display and operates trom tho koyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log, Grammar - a grammar Checker, and Worldiime ¦ find Oul what time II is in up to 50 global cities. WB01: Great Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don't let the ease ol use fool you. This is a very lull featured database program Including full printer control lor address labels and mail merge applications Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured laDei printer, Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Hghly recommended. WB82: Animations Four lull length, well done "movie' style animations Including. Coyote, Jugg'erfl. GhostPooi. & Mechantx 2 disks, counts as i WBS3: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Am ga generated computer ad that we have collected in the past 5 years WB85: Graphics - Cent a ms several programs for man pg'atng 24 Bd color images (ham-e) and a rather nice lit image processing package. WB86: Cenlurlan Presa - An etocMjftic newsoaper - requires AmgaVison. WB88ABC: The Comptele Bible - A three d:Sk set with the entire text ot the New Testament and Old Tostament-Kmg James version, A great utility. Throe disk set, counis aa three. WB90: Rippers, Strippers and Beats - For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music Irom your lavorit® games and programs. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk requires some knowledge of the CU, WB93: Workbench Extras 42 Thss disk contains the utilities that Commodore should have sh pped with the Amiga: VrrusXAO. Snap, FmDrsk (recover corrupt deioted liles). Disk Optimizer (floppy S hard). Machiit (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel. Macro clock utility). GOMF (a guru- bustorjand PrintStudo. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 * This is definitely commeroai grade: we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best FuX budget ng. Transaction recording and report generation WB96: Dupers Contains Xcopylll & N ,p which will oacxup copy protected programs FreeCopy removes copy protection trom several programs. And SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmigaDQS copies. WB98: Business - Includes Bbasell a nice, powerful database, BizCatc a personal or mortgage loan calculator with amcrtization capabilities. Loop a flowchart maker, Forrrmakor • dosign professional forms on your Epson LG- 2500 compatible printer WB99; Lifestyles - Includes Agene family tree program that tracks up to 800 people marnagfls'otc Landscape is a CAD program lo create gardens landscapes Loom simulates art 8 harness loom, experiment with pattern design in an kiMant feedback environment WB1Q1: Chemeslhetlcs - Is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model. This kind ot display contains a certain esthetic attitude, oven extremely poisonous molecules like nicotine and dioxino Jook quite nice WB102: Telecommunications - Contains the programs Ncomm 2 0 ard VT100 29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, lull VttQO emulation. Ncomm's senpt language is so powerful it comes with a scrip: fie that creates a full-featured BBS system WB103: Music - Contains 12 ’great’ Soundtracker MED music MODuies complete with programmable shuttle player 8 bit audio never sounded so hot1 Two disk set counts as two WB104: GrabBag Q4A Trivia = requires AmigaVision) is a trivia game lor 1 2 players., add your own questions to customize the ddficuHy level! Syslnlo is great for toiling you how last slow your compulur is. What boards [Please send me the following disks: WB105A&B: Workbench 2,0 Extras 2 Ithix set contains the program that should have been included with WB2.0.I I These powerful utilities take lull advantage ot the many new captbllitioj J that are available in Workbench 2.0. j I Toot Manager - a wonderful utility lo odd programs lu your TOOL menu.| (create a collection of icons on the workbench to easily launch frequently | lined programs...and much morel A true must have utility!!! A i of our I ¦Amiga* rely on this utility. (See the review in AmigaWorld Mny’9211 J Virus Checker - Full virus protection can be yours by simply dropping this j I icon in your WBStartup drawer. ( I Deg ruder - gives you tools lo try to make imn-2.0 happy programs work! | llcoo - Enhances Workbench's "Show All' to display over 40 distinct iconsl I for different types of files next. IFF’s. Source codes, libraries, ole 11 Jkunl Editor - Cicalc edil bitmap fonts with full color support!J I Screen B Linkers - all fractals .rrtd 'pbncr% and swarming bees! No m «| jboiing Mack screen. Colorful, interesting and highly hypnotic effects!| I Requester Enhancers - no more stale "I']ease Inscn Volume" requesters -1 I there are animated requesters for all of the sysietn'i requester*. I jCPCBHt - speed* up lext displays for owners of 63020+ CPC’s, J I SafeKeboot - adds a safe way to rebool your computer...can greatly reduce ( (disk validation error*! | I TWO DISK SET, COUNTS AS TWO I I I are mstalied. Chipsets, etc AmiGa2e' will plot stars in the heaven from any position on earth compJotu with magnitudes and consiollatior identification WB J 06: Home Manager This i$ a groat all-in-one address book With an nutodiaier.nctepad to do lisVappomtmunt schedulerhone inventory database and phone number dialer, WB107A&B: Educational - Drawmap Is a program that generates representations such as hemispherical views, and orbital views of the Earth's surface, complete witn national boundaries Screens can be prnted or saved to d sk as standard IFF files Full user-configuraoe online help facility 68020- version included 2 disk set, counts as t1 WblOS: OctaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Am ga s sound capacities trom 4 channels to an ear-popp ng 8 channels! AH tne ronound editing capabilities Of MED p'us 4 more channels! It you thought your Am.ga sounded good belore . You aint heard nuthin yeti WB1Q9: VerseWlso ¦ Display, search and output The New Testament to text tiles or your printer WB110: Electronic Onby Book - Immortalize your children on your Am'gai Tracks everything about your newborn first steps, words, tooth, birthdays. X mas, friends, etc even space tor a dig (zed photo! WB11t: Cellular Automa - Straight trom the pages ot the January 1990 issue ot Scientific American, this electronic model will allow you to simulate cellular circuits. OD45: AREXX Programs - This disk contains several usetui arexx programs ana examples, PopCLId ¦ The latest of a must have utility DD47: Pascal - This osk cortu ns owrytrimg needed to p'ogram in Pascal includes A6£k (1 2) 680C0 assempie*. Bi-nk unking software and PCQ (i 0) a modest Pascal suo-Mt comprier. OD49: C Compiler ¦ contains zc(1 01) fully K&R. ZcclVO) front end, A6flk(l .2) assembler, Bknk linker. 0D50: Arexx 2 ¦ a musl have sei ol tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development OD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspics (2 3) A full teatured program tor electric circuit anafyss. DD52: Scientific Includes Elements - an incredibly wen done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting • over 600k of Lattice C source routines that oan be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with all of the best We compression programs and aids for the Amiga Many of tho programs can bo used by the new user, Includes Arc, Lharc. Lhwarp, Pkax. PowerPacker a must have by all. Zip. Warp, and Zoo. Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF tiles DD55: ARP - On this disk you will bnd tho complete ArpRe!3 0 release inciud ng the tun user docs, me full Oeveiopers guide ARP is the official ArrngaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1 3 ARP makes many improvements to AmgaDOS and makes your CLI more powerful DD57: Advanced Utilities ¦ Msh - ike Cross-dos. Copies files to and trom MS-DOS, Pal-NTSC convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several boosts for your startup sequence, plus 25 more programs DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursot ¦ a lull featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wondertut routines to help in base programers, and Xscherne - an interpreted Objoct oriented language DD66: Programming ToolBo* - Many programs to help in your develop ment efforts (most tor C some tor basic} Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spnlemakor toolbox, to greatly ad compling. Convert Dpamt brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers’ DD69:Advanced Utilities SerNet and Par Net - Connect two Amiga's and share resources, MemMonilor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - pu: menus on your workbench screen, and more DD7t A&B:C Compiler - This disk contains DICE, Matthew Dillon s full featured. Powerful C compiler and environment system 2 Disks, cojnts as 2. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured Fortran77 develooment system Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 63000 assembler DD79abcd: Amiga "C” Tutorial ¦ This is tne most comprehensive C language--Amiga onent&d -set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Induded are full discussions and examples tor Am>ga programming 4 disk set. Counts as 3, Dealer inquiries and submissions welcome. Dev Disks Total disks t i Discover the exciting world of the Amiga, desktop video, graphics, music and more with these exciting videos from Razza Video USA. Join the thousands of Amiga owners who have benefited from these informative and entertaining videos. Now, with these new and exciting package deals, you'll get more valuable information, interviews, tips and tricks than ever before. Pick from five packages or order individually. Either way, you'll benefit from the action packed content of each Amiga-based video. Get the latest update on the Video Toaster from NewTek, learn about Music and MIDI, discover the exciting world of desktop video and graphics, or just learn about the Amiga and how to use it. Whatever your interests, we have a video that will make your computing experience more rewarding, interesting and fun. Solution 1: DESKTOP PRODUCER PACKAGE From getting started to completing a finished product, these two videos can make your desktop video career take off. Learn about tape formats, how to shoot with a camera, editing tips and tricks, and how to use the Video Toaster from NewTek INCLUDES 3 VIDEOS: Desktop Video Vol 1 & 2; Video Toaster Video. 2nd Edition. GWHSVOUR PRICE *58.88 simumimi soiuno»*2: AMIGA iiutho package INCLUDES 2 VIDEOS: Tim Amiga Primer and Hot Rod Your Amiga RHAii *!Ano YOUR PRICE *3t.B9 (save more than 30%, HMSffi fflM AH b UN) IWIGUL For customer service. Canadian and foreign orders please call 1-805-251-2223 FAX your order 24 hours a day 1-805-251-8584 VISA Shipping is extra (California residents add appropriate sales taxi SOLUTION ttA: GRAPHICS 8 ANIMATION PACKAGE Discover the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics These videos feature Deluxe Paint IV, NewTek products Kara Fonts. DCTV. And include specific advanced techniques and inside tips and tricks from experts. Also includes interviews with some of the best known artists in the Amiga community. INCLUDES 2 VIDEOS: Amiga Graphics. Vol. 1 & Desktop Video. Vol 2 RETS.L M4 HD YOUR PRICE S31.69 (SAVE mi THAN 30%) RflZZfl WVSmYm PRICE 535.88 (SAVE MORE THAN $ 25.00) Zt! 3WI&d £> yvvg r*W0t> & solution 3: AMIGA MUSIC PACKAGE This new for 1993 edition brings you the most up-to-date music and MIDI data, including using your Amiga as a music generator or MIDI device' Features SuperJAM!, Bars & Pipes Professional. Dr T’s. Somx. Deluxe Music. AudioMaster and others INCLUDES 1 NEW FOR 1993 VIDEO: The Magic of Music & MIDI REBiwsasYOllR PRICE s19.88 (save morethan sio.oo) l !lf 0 ir i*11 solution 5: AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCTION PACKAGE Including the latest version of the award wincing Video Toaster Video, this package takes you through the entire production process and features the Video Toaster, Ami-Lmk editing software, camera techniques, specific video excercises you can use when producing your own videos and much, much more. 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Scan Width: Line Density: Mode Selection: Gratjiratiq.n- % Software Overspeed Control: For pricing 6 samples call: (71 5) 856-5627 impressions o, write; graphic Impressions P08 254 Wausaukee, Wl 54177 IC V L1«f atf % Tvs* SB Among the BEST Bible Study Programs! A'A F Exhaustive Concordance, KJV Text, Boolean. Search, Itifim Search, Marnin Notes, Ulndable Multiple Windows, Option Creek Hebrew Lexicon* and NIV, NKJV and NAS13 Xrartslatione, Smart Maps, Instant Access. Built in Word I’rocessoi; Topics and Much Morel
* BNJ or Color Slides, Transparencies, or Negatives
* 2000 Line Resolution Maintains RGB Quality 6- Anti-aliasing
* 48 Hour Jn-house Turn Around for 35mm Slides
* All Bitmaps & Overscan files supported ACCELERATE YOUR AMIGA TODAY WITH A CSA MIDGET RACER CLOCKED AT 25 Mhz includes 56082 malh chip $ 375.00 Technical Support Line 1-800-729-4361 Visa IMCI COD AMIGA Files to 35mm and 4x5 EasyScript! Software 10006 Covington Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35803,
(205) 881-6297, Fax (205)881-1090 S ELECTRONIC SERVICES INC. Circle 1B5 On Reader Service Card. Circle 95 On Reader Service Card SB 3©© ©PQ (By Omni-Eureka) 105mm r 100 200 300 400 D.p.1 B Whal Itoftc 'Grey Scilc4 V v. V V,J C | R 6 32:Dr64.J vek( r :Scale Full Parallel Pass-Through IFF Save & Load Buzzer & LED Warning Orders: (800) 527-8797 Voice: (308)745-1243 FAX: (308) 745-1246 Dealer Inquiries Invited VISA MC COD Circle 67 On Reader Service Card Circle 99 On Reader Service Card. Your Canadian Grapevine connection |December Specials! Switch-itt $ Can39.95
2. 0 ROM CHIP$ Can50.00 Alt***' !!! 486-36 Mhz BridgeBoard !!! Landmark 2.0; 12 Mhz CPU - Based on the A2386SX Full Board with 2 Megs * $ 1350 Upgrade for A2386SX * $ 675 Requires only one slot - Up to 8 Megs on hoard Add $ 180 for FPU 486*24 Mhz A2286 Accelerator , rmi umi Landmark 2.0: 78 Mhz CPU $ 635 w o FI U ?735 w f PU Super Multi I O Card - $ 280 8 to 16 bit slot conversion - $ 60; 1120 Box 467 Bushell Park, SK Canada SOH 0N0 VOICE FAX: (306) 691-0520 _Please call for free catalogue_ Circle 197 on Reader Service card, G 1 -908-541 -4214 EUTE M1CROCOMPUTERS 138 Turner Street FAX: 908-54 1 -6348 Reading. NJ 07WH Qorgen Full search capability Your Family Tree"1 conversion uti&ty Macros for enieririg repetitive data Any number ot subjects, marriages, children Automatic child-record generation 13 user-defined fiekJs Compatible with entire Amiga line and OS versions. 2 disks, user manual & template $ 49.95 Plus $ 5 Postage & Handling Cali 612 470-4307 or Write: 3208 W. Lake St., Suite 65, Mpls., MN 55416 Your fumtf Tma a Tradarrwfc ol UcraMaitar, Inc. The AMIGA Service and Repair Video This video represents six years of first hand experience repairing the Amiga Computer. Covering everything from basic theory of operation to our special tricks and tips section this video is sure to save you many hours of unproductive diagnostic time. For both the user who would like to understand inner workings of this amazing computer to the experienced technician this video can save you time and money . Qp . J & C Repair Send your check or money order 1 U • pQ gox 7Q «ner™ Rockton PA 15856 + 55,00 Shipping at handling Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery The Genealogical Database ¦ Ancestry, descendants, date reports plus index to all names
• User-delined reports
• All reports to screen, printer, oriexl lile Circle 173 On Reader Service Card. Circle 54 On Reader Service Card. Educational.Business.Graphics, Fonts.(FISH Disks only jl.5Q) NorthWest Public Domaln-Box 1617-Aubum.WA 98071 INFO; (915) 563-4925 SEND CASH. CHECK OR UO
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- 1617 TURTLE LIGHTNING AMIGA SOFTWARE OUR PAPER CATALOG IS FREE CALL OR WRITE FOR YOURS T O DAY I We Ship Within 24 Hrs. GAMES-8US)NESS-HOME-MUSIC*MORE Lei us show You why we're BEST SEND $ 1 FOR OUR CATALOG DISK WITH A GREAT NEW GAME ON IT & COUPON FOR $ 2 OFF TLAS SPECIAL INTRO-PAC 3 OISK (INCL. CATALOG DISK) PACKED WITH GREAT GAMES RUN ON ANY 512K AMIGA SEND $ 3 FOR 3 DISKS TODAY T» * A°-TVhetoA'ft'o c»cK. I 'V. Lbfout ' ?fV Lowest Vncestt ..¦>¦ BA, Km tMon GfJ« EducKionjl Wa,dDi«» VvAco (j&l M*»® “ mas A600 FAST RAM MEMORY CARD Microcard 601 by Microworks Ltd. Now offers something very unique for expanding your FAST RAM in the A600. This credit card size slot PCM01A dynamic memory contains its own POMICIA controller, auto-configures at book time and is 20% faster than chip RAM. The Amiga 600 has only 1 meg of memory and the Mircocard 601 offers you 2 to 4 megs more. It is the fastest and least expensive way to run all those programs requiring more than 1 meg. Dealer pricing available. Introductory price: 2MB card $ 169.95 4 MB card ....$ 224.95 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. NEW PRODUCT! 3 Chestnut St., Sutfern. NY 10901 . . Gsf ST Order Line: 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Egg Customer Service: 914-368-4242 We Ship Worldwide Fax'914-357-6243 Hours: 9-7 E.T. M - F 10-2 Sat flRA W*0 SYSTEMS , Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. Card.
- 800-2 18-2983 • 803-681-5515 AMIGA Repair Services 24 hour Turnaround **
• 10 ytmMjxnCTK* ruing Canmodore EquipmenL* 90 day warranty on >11 ¦ puts replaced .* Factory Trained Service tec hr t: tins. • Low Flat Rite Price*. ITU mTiiT' AUTHnpl?l eed f0r y|°Ur CommQdorQ product requirements. We nr: __e for m°re than a pcr.nr _ on NEW;; USED CPU E,CADE °' qUa'itV s::;s~ =ories,up' services and «?tnru t« programs- repair maintenance u,i»h „. Siock-to-one-week delivery WSSS0 day warranty on Weekday Hours 9:0Q am-6;00 pm EST ultra high RESOLUTION SAVE MONEY A2000 $ 95.00* • C64 39.95* • 1541 45.00* *C128 $ 75.00* Send Computer or drive Comnodocc Monitor* S35 CKVti Ptaa Pan* with your name, address , phone number and a description of the problem ___ r " Pboir (814)583 - 5996 PAX (814)583-5995 We will return Your Syaem VIA UPS Grtxral COD . Tn. J&C Repair Rl) 2 110X9 1 Km'kton l*A. 15856 Reduce COSTS »
• RjpttrOily
- * m±>p d to p*U mUMl; Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. 4x5 color transparencies and 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT . 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF ATTENTION! Amiga Video Producers and Software Developers If you would like to increase sales of your videotapes or software programs, or you are looking for a Product Champion to help you bring your products to market, let us help you. We have served the product needs of Amiga enthusiasts for over 6 years. Please call or send evaluation copies to: Submissions Department DevWare Video & Software 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1, Poway, CA 92064 (Tel.) 619-679-2826 (Fax) 619-679-2887 ¦ Ovor 4000-1 mo Resolution • NO Scarlines - NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 Call or Write lor ordor form, price list & sample: 11380 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 ‘Call for details We service the entire Amiga product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. Cot-OM: KAO. RED, HUE, MEEK, MOW*. HjflPlf. Mi HW Ribbons Prtes Eith Brother 1109 Cttizan GSX140.4-CLR Okldata 192 Panasonic 1124 SeikoshaSP160Q Star NX1QQ0 4-CLR Star NX1020 4-CLR Blsck Color T-Shirt $ 5.50 $ 6.50 $ 7.50 $ 4.00 $ 12.00 $ 15.00 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 $ 4.50 $ 8.00 $ 7.50 $ 3.50 $ 6.25 $ 10.00 $ 8.00 $ 10.50 $ 15.00 T-SHIRT (HEAT TRANSFER) RIBBONS. ALL COLORS AVAILABLE. A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 • (914)947-3522 24 Hour Turnaround • Dealers Call For FREE Catalog 1-800-344-4102 FAX: 1-914-947-2728 COLOR PAPER: 200SHTS BRIGHT PK. $ 10.90 PASTEL PK. S7.90 BANNER PAPER 45 FT. RL $ 8.95 CERTIFICATE PAPER: $ 9.95 PK. M, 0rS*n J25, kto. Sih 16, Priai ut*d to dwigtl RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPUES
P. O. Box 475, Manteno, IL 800-522-6922 or 815-468-8081 Circle 1B8 On Reader Service Card. Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Software Support Int. 2700 N.E. Andresen Rd. Suite A-10 Vancouver W'a 98661
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA - C64 128 - IBM SOFTUJHRL SuppoOT CALL TOLL FREE TODAY!
1. 800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. Customer Service: 914-368-4242 Fax: 914-357-6243 If you think you can't afford quality commercial software... think again! Although we carry the top 100 software hits and a fulI line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and. Liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you. Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy. LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS AMIGA 2000 COMPUTER - $ 64995 IMAGINE an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus, 1.3 ROM, 8373 Super Denise) and a new keyboard for hundreds cl dollars less than a dealer pays! This reconditioned A2000 computer was used as a demonstrator and offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL. This is a once in a lifetime offer. Get them before supply runs out. Shipping extra. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. 3 Chestnut St., Sulfern, NY 10901 _ ,__ 2Sj Order Line: 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 We Ship Worldwide Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 453-0100 Circle 50 On Reader Service Card. 2 MB & 4MB 1 -800-CARDS 4U For Amiga A600&A600 HD Hours: 9-7 E.T. M-F 10 2 Sat NEW MEDIA CORPORATION InfoMarket Hey adventure gome lovers - this month’s ad is for you. These prices arc not misprints! But hurry, quantities arc limited. Best CAD Package for the Amiga GFX-CAD Obitus w T-shirt..$ 17 Ork .... 12 $ 12 Police Quest 3 19 BA T All title* arc new and fully guaranteed. Call for free brochure of many other blowout* plua our extensive line of current release* and ujwd Amiga titles. Wc accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and COD orders._ n _ Customer Service: 1-800-638-1123 (304)529-0461 Darkside ., 3 Future Wars ....11 Golden Path ....3 Jewels of Darkness 4 Last Inc a .. 5 Leisure Suit 1 tnfumctd 9 Quest for Glory 2 16 Space Quest 4..... 19 Third Courier 12 Total Eclipse 4 Universe 3 .... 12 William Tell 10 The fastest CAD Program X-CAD The finest CAD Interface X-SHELL The only CAD Newsletter X-PRESS Circle B5 On Reader Service Card. VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB SMB 1 X 4-80 SC ZIP S15.25 ___ 122 244 1 X 4-70 SC ZIP
16. 00 - 128 252 1 x 4-70. 80 PAGE DIP
17. 00 68 136 268 1 x 4-70, 80 PAGE ZIP
15. 50 62 124 246 256 x 4-70, 80 ZIP 5,00 80 160 304 256 x 4-70. 80
3. 75 62 124 232 1 x 8-70. 80 SIMM 30 00 60 120 232 4 x 8-70. 80 SIMM
119. 00 - 119 230 4x8-60 SIMM
124. 00 _ 124 240 A4000 4x8-70 SIMM
139. 00 - 139 270 A4000 4x8-60 SIMM
165. 00 - 165 325 BascBoard 155 215 _ DataFlyer RAM 155 215 335 Dflyer 1000 RAM 243 299 419 A600 PCMCIA CALL DataFlyer 500 SCSI..... Dflyer 500 Express..... ....135 A500DL 1MB Pal 449 .... 199 A600 4MR HD 5QQ DataFlyer 1000SCSI ... ....159 SuperFax Mod. V32bis .,295 GVP A530T 120HD.... ...1049 2.04 ROM Kit.... ..89 C-NET Amiga BBS Software
* Totally Configurable *Mulli-user(24 lines)
• 2 0 & 1.3 Compatible ... ’UUCP k Fido Net Support ORDERS ONLY: 800-735-2633 INFO & TECH: 408-899-2040 Fax: 408-626-0532 BBS: 408-625-6580 Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. Circle 159 On Reader Service Card. Circle 194 On Reader Service Card, Add original background music to your next video or multimedia project with... Video Music Bo vu
* Video Music Box combines algorithmic composlUon of comimn musical styles with a powerful graphic music editor. Even non-muslclans can quickly compose basic backgiound music In many common styles...
- Suppirts both MIDI and IFF SMUS rnuslc file formats.
- If you use one of the popular mulUmedla authoring programs that require IFF SMUS music sequences. Video Muxic Box gives you capabilities not available In any other music program. Ask your local dealer for more info, or call write us for free product brochure. Send $ 5 for the demo program. Retail Price $ 109 Requires Amiga with I'm AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible Digital Expressions Research (414)733-6863 W6400 Fiielane 8, Menasha Wl 5 4 9 5 2 Circle 76 On Reader Service Card. Introducing the AMIGA SMART PORT™ Now you can enjoy: A PC style game port with TWO analog joystick convertors, two separate digital ports for the mouse and joystick, and AUTOMATIC electronic switching. Use the solid state circuitry and SmartPortCal utility program to tune the Smart Port to get maximum performance from your analog JOYSTICK and RUDDER PEDALS. No capacitors used. Fighter Duel flight simulator included for a limited time! Send check or money order for $ 52.95 + $ 5.00 shipping to: m _ InterACTTVE Digital Devices, Inc. 2238 Nantuctatt Court, Marietta, GA 30066 or cafl (404) 51&Q248 Circle 68 On Reader Service Card SPORTS FANS!!!!! Amiga fans, call or write ZIPPLRW'ARE today for your awesome 1993 catalog (FREE) full of the best new European & U.S. PD SHAREWARE. Mention this ad and receive a money saving coupon!! Or for a 1 f>- software sampler disk & catalog send S2.00. Try ttese discounted packs riskfree! Safefacfon Guaranteed!!! J-rtdJisfi Disfe -only $ 1.75 each'! Or we'll beat others adpnees1
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Add $ 4 S&H for US CAN, +S3 foreign. _ ZIPPERWARE (A7) -P0 Box 95285 - Seattle, WA 98145 Receive 6 Disks hull ot our Best Selling Software for Amiga® Computers Choose from GRMES - fiNIMflTION EDUCATION ¦ UTILITIES . VIDEO TOOLS „ PAY ONLY $ 9.95 PER COLLECTION INCLUDING SHIPPING & HANDLING CREDIT CARD ONLY - FORBGN ADD $ 5.00 PER ColiKTION SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS 619-931-8111 e.. 511 THE MOST COMPLETE SPORTS GAMES IN THE WORLD! !!!!!!! GENERAL MANAGER FOOTBALL (V 1.3) 4 RD ENTIRE LEAGUE DRAFT ± AGENT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS ± GAME SEASON STATISTICS ± WEATHER CONDITION'S ± QU1CKPLAY OPTION ± FULL ANIMATION SEE 'GAME PRESERVE PC GAMES OCT 1992 ft'SHORT TAKES' AMIGA WORLD DEC 1992 GENERAL MANAGER BASKETBALL 2 RD ENTIRE LEAGUE DRAFT ± AGENT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS ± GAME SEASON STATST1CS OM GAMES ....S39 95 ± HOME COURT ADVANMGE DISKS(3 5M10)......S5 00 ± QUICKPLAY OPTION S&H(2D AIR)'......KM ± SLAM DUNK ANIMATION _MAHONEY son WARE PRODUCTS 897 Charlotte Drive Newport News 804-591-7225 804-484-1142 (AC 4729) VA 23601-1068 The AmigaWorld ToolChest. A quality line of low-cost software, presents powertools for your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of all, you support the independent Amiga developer. The "T$ P" disk series are collectively grouped by theme for your easy access. The "RK" anthology are registered versions of the cream of the crop in shareware titles. The "TC" line, our premium disk series, is also conveniently available in our money-saving subscription offer. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed r i i i i i i Total disks . Total for special "RfC scries disks .....$ _ Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) CA Residents add 7.75% Tax ... Handling ..... Foreign Shipping .. ToLil enclosed .... iKt ordm shipped the folioiving busi* ! Ritoss day No shipping charges within I Ihe USA. Canada add S.25 per disk, I Foreign add $ 50 per disk for air mini | delivery. Payment m US funds only. CC :_ Expiration Date: Signature: Name: ress: j Phone: (_)_ (Orderline (800) 677-04161 [Technical Support (619) 486-9538| ; --------------1___i __bh TSP61: The Intrepid You control a tank in Ihe frozen arctic trying to rescue hostages TSPEO: Grinder This useful utility will convert between the following graphics formats IFF. Ham-E. TIFF. Taiga PCX, Neochrome, Degas, GIF andJPeg' TSP49; Morla This is a vast adventure game that will require hours ol dedicated adntiaing to crack You must traverse an absolutely huge world dungeon to deleae torces ol evr 1 Meg. Narodnve instasafcte TSP43AB: The A-64 Package This is a complete Commodore 64 emulator. Emulates saphics.. everything (no fast loaders or timing-sersrtare software,) Vjorks on any Amiga with 1 meg Two disks, courts as two TSP47: Chemesthellcs This program wilt generate calotte models = 3D tufl-cotor JFF pictacules. Quite boautilul pcfures ol even the nastiest molecules TSP*5: Drafting MC.id and Rians are both object-oriented drawing drafting programs = sructurea graohics) with all the pnbjects you need to create any Object. Landscape is a CAD iComputer Aided Design) program tor laying out landscapes: once laidout. Toe com outer wire rate a stylized 3D representation of your landscape TSP43: Amiga DOS Replacement Projecl (ARP) This is toe result ol a very ambitous project to completely replace ail ot toe AmgaDOS c: commands (DIR. LiST, ASSIGN. INFO, etc jwrtn mote powerful. Feature-flHed programs. These programs are fully compnt- abie wllh their Workbench 1 3 counterparts, but also offer many more capabJittes-inc ud ing qraatiy er.hancd w ocara support and more help for each command TSP44: MecnFlte is a rote playing game wnere you con-roi a gianj robot and explore worlds, buy or find items, fight aga rs: other robots and atens you are aiso required to fulfill sometasnd complete missions TSP42: 3D Master Explore me world of 3D modelling w.ti this high-powered software C'Odto realistic raytraced 3D images. 3D Master is perfect to get your feet wet in 3D It will require some experimentation to get the most out of it. Req. 1 MB TSP41: Seelance Go on patrol >n your nuclear Troent submarine and clear the seas ol the vprnen tnai pollute it. A complete simulation with a'l tactical weapons anO oefensive systems T5P40AB: Star Trek Trivia Test your knowledge o! 'The Nuxt Generation'-idertity scenes, sounds, characters and much morel Two disk set. Counts as two TSP33AB: Catacomb A well dare graphic dungeon adventure game. Discover the secrets & treasures ot the uderground maze and try to stay alive' T3P38: Virus Utilities Vi'usX K-llVirus. Vims-Memory K'iter. VK36Q and ZeroViruslll w>ll ret you sleep at night knowing your Amiga ¦$ s 000% virus-free TSP37: CheckBook Accouniant Ths program has foil budgeting transaction reccvcing capabilities This program turns me chore ol balancing your checkbook into a 2 minute beat1 TSP3o: Animation Two boautriul an mahons, Spgct and Water, Both of these were created with 3D animat on programs and ate trufy beautiful and smootn TSP35: HackLJie This is a dungeon-aoventur© game of the highest magnitude...an absolutely huge world to explore that will task even the most hardened dungeon explorer tor weeks on enof TSP34: MechForce Any number of payers can control up to 24 giant robots with lasers, missiles, jump-jets to get you a rbeme to do battle in teams against each other cr aga no* to computer highly adocrrg' TSP33ABCO; Complete Guide fo Programming the Amiga In ”C” This tour disk set features tutorials, sample programs and inside tips to tne special programming needs of too Amiga Four d sks counts as three. TSP32: Classic Arcade Games Defender and Missile Command-moed we say more? Descender Is a clone of the classic Tempust TSP31. DataBase* Contains all flavors ot databases. BbflSttli's a highly Afmga-tizud database. DataEasv is another powerful database MagMa-i ts spxioa iy designed to help you retort*nee articles in magazines TSP30: Educational This includes WflflPPiriaSase. DrawM.ap--which draws detamd maps of countries. WotdGame. Metnc Converter. Speiig-an ingenious spelling challenger, EasiEada--everything you always wanted to know about our Solar System. TSP2SABC: King James Bible The complete text of toe bole is included on this 3 dsk set (counts as 3) with printing and searching capabilities. TSP26; Bitmapped Fonls Tn*s d sk contains 67 fonts for the Amiga, all under 25 pants in sze a font for every occasion' TSP27; Octa-MED This remarkaote program doubles too sound capabilities o» your Amga trom 4 channels of aubo a 8‘ Almost completely identical to MED. This is a truly temarkabie program TSP26: Directory Utilities Contains alt ot the bust public domain and shareware file and disk utilities available for the Amiga, including UtilMaster FiteMan. M2DIJ Sid and D-MailtlL The Intrepid featured onTSP43 space station. T3P21: Disk Duplicator* This auk contains all the best utilities to backup diskettes Ire udt-d are XgcayUI and ££3 which *Ji backup copy-protect programs Also includes Sur.r-tP ip?r wr.ch is an incrucioly fast ArrugaDOS copter Freecooy wiii remove copy pra- tecuon irpm many popular commercial programs TSP20 Board Games Induces Checkers Dcrrinoes Clue Jeopard a no Monopoly Thiqw away your dice ar.d lei your Amiga take care of the details...hours and hours ol family ton! TSP19: PacMan Classics Contains Ma er.v- Zon-x and PacManflZ-aH great implementations nl the a rig: oral arcade classic TSP18: MS-DOS Emulation Contains PCTask and IbeM. Two shareware IBM MS Dos ©mutators for your Am.ga Also included are utilities to allow Amiga drives to road write 72OK fomat MS-DOS dukvMuloos and MSH TSP17: Printer Drivers Ths disk contains over 70 printer drivers for many popular print- ors TSP16: Telecommunication This disk contains two lirSI Class modem programs. Ncomm and Access. This disk is for use Deg-nner o> expert leiecommunicator. Teaturmg all the popular communication protocols. Inducing X. Y and Z-Modem Ncomm has very advanced scr.pt capabilities for performing automated fog-ins. Downloads ana upfoaas TSP15: MED Tnrs disk contains me premier music package, MED (Musical EditorJ (t wil allow ypu to use dgitized sound samples as your instruments and use tnem in your own songs. Its tremendous editing power makes MED more ot a musical word-processor. An extremely well-done program Many commercial software companies use this package lo create sou no: racks tar their entertainment programs TSP14: Plotters This disk contains several of the best mathematical plotting programs avatjb* for the Amiga induoes Am-gaPlot-a 3-Cimensional mathemancaJ function plotter IprturM). Ap:0t2.P and PaiX.Y TSP13: Totris Games Th.s disk contains 6 flavors of the c-assc game "Tetns' Some have arificial intelligence, others a variety ol play-style 'skiil levels'number of players. TSP12: Cl Ip Art This disk contains several oxculleni ptmopped images lor use in Desktop Publishing or similar programs TSP11: Operation Desert Storm: Ttos ts a complete Hypert»ok-type application that will TSP25: SpaceGames Contains MocnBase a very graptocaiy detailed lunar-fander game. SoaceWa'-a two payer (e ther in person or over the modem) space battte. Nebu-a is a 3D world you must defend, oetiniteiy Corr-metCial quality. TSP24: Printing Utilities Ths Oish contains a very nice Ban re- maker mat w4l use any AmgaDOS font with lu«-coior prining. RobsLobeiCreamr wil akow easy ceatmg o! Iaoels for your diskettes. PrintStuQio allows easy printng of text graphic images with total control | over page numbering, titling, etc. TSP23AB: Tobias Star Trek A graphic space adventure where you're the captain ot your own starship. Trave? Through the universe, stop the Romuiars and Ki ngorts and complete your mssons Two d sks. Counts as two TSP22: 3D Objects This d sk contains 18 different vector objects for use wrth Scu pt and Imaointp Some of toe objects include, train engine, syntheszer keyboard. Amiga 3000. SrtciaL Esiuo* ToovCHtsr RK1 MogaBall - Thl* disk contains the lull-rofcasc version ol MogaUaM. Complete wllh tho level cdilor to creolo your own challenging worlds to conquer. This game Is quite similar lo Arkanold and allows two players with Stereo Sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price. St 4.95. RK2 Mscnfll - This remarkable utility witl allow you lo record any mouse click or keypress and play II back os a macro at any time. InsWe any program- Also provides memory Infodock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-to-menu. Sun- mouse and window cycling. Special RK price S19.95. RK3: 3D Ob|ecis an amazing collection ol some of the best 3D objects we've ever seen. Also Includes texture maps lo wrap around some of the objects...1.5MB of data in all! SI 4.95 RK4 Home Manager This program win help you keep track of your life! Complete address book, appointment acbeduler. Notepad, aulo-dlaler (requires modem), area* code utility and complete Inventory ol all your possessions and credit cards. Extremely useful. Requires 1 Meg. $ 14.95 TC34A0 ; Optimizer will permanently speedup your hard-dnv© or lioppy disks LCD Calc is n nJeo foil-screen calculator, Qsaseli is a useful database program FixDisk will correct many problems with disks RzCata is a loan analyser Interferon is a Tetris-type game Usbuifl is n 3D space game PcHase will allow you to track ail the IFF mages you have Hate is a great Zaxxon done TC33AB: Measures ] Q is an iroed-Oly useful util.ty that will convert any type o! Measurement lo another DiskLabotor is a database designed ter stonng and printing 3." Disk labels. Jewels s a Telns-esque game ol action and strategy. Switch is a tun board-game Gfxclioper will allow you lo grab any screen and save it as an IFF picture. Softball Manager IS a database lor storing stats for softball any number ol leagues may be tracked WBExec allows you to execute CLI commands from wllhin Ihe Workbench Several Clipart images are also included TC32AB: Computer Cotorinp Book ts a delightful program lor children ol an ages comes with 15 pages of pictures to color again and again L s!maker lets you make. Edit, comtxmi and punt lists Ot words groat for Ihose spoiling tests! Moresmooth! Scrolls text tiles Smoothly on Ihe scieen and allows easy printing Pocket Billiards Inis you Choose (mm Several ol Ihe most popular pool games with realistic action. Texture allows you lo create, manipulate and save (in standard IFF format} realistic fractal texturud surfaces. Eiasufi >s a monster maze game. Also includes Screen Fader. Snowbonch. And FiipBonch. TC3IA8 Ca-trnJar Publisher ¦$ a proless=ona! Aiiber calendar maker that .s customizable CrossCircu:! Is a t or 2 prayer acbon fogic game that calls lor last reflexes and thinking APR s a much-needed printer utility. Pzza Delivery Man is a maze game where you del.v- er pies in your neighborhood Multiplayer is a single program that wil; let you see IFF pc- turesbrushes or playback IFF sound samples Also includes RAI.tgauge. 3-D vector objects and Hi-Res IFF brushes ot maps and flags ot European countries TC26AB: Wofd Search Maker lets you create word-search puzzles TimeCalc is useful for anyone who has to calculate hours ana minutes (great for adding up times ol CD s lo make tapes') Druobusters is a fun game where you get rid ol cigarettes, booze, pills and needles Worn* rate' lets you search binary or lex! Files tor a partcutar wo-d or string (good lor getting hunts in your adventure games'). KevCIck will add a small aud.ble click to your keys and MoustOck will do the same lor the mouse buttons Seawa- rs a game between Ihe Allied Navy and tho Empire Flue! Plus Early American 3-0 vector objects, digitized Sound effects, and a directory program. TC25AB: ScreenTolFF captures your screen to an IFF Me. PoaColprs lets you change the colors ol your Workbench screen. Warrior is a tun Shool em-upadventure gamo for Oho Ck two players. Kaleidoscope is a lino drawing program. Blockbusters is a gamo wher* you gel r J of blocks by pushing matching blocks into mem Ando mo will show-on your Amigas abftiy to do soid poiygon animations M-croscope lets you examine memory at any location. Also includes Hi Res IFF brushes ol all 50 stales and 10 Canadian provinces, nine digitized sounds and two small disk utilities and printer utility. TC24AB: TabteMakqr is a tool lor effortlessly building numerical tables. Kooi es is a ton game where you have to assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. HyperText lets you pul links in a te*l file to other text, graphics, sound, animation. Arexx a no other appf-cations Its U2ls Black Book is a wonderfully useful telephone a no address book Cctoi Logs a MasterMmd typ© game. Also includes several disk ana memory utilities ana so mo animal sound eft vets lo top it Oft TC23AB: Whersls lets you quickly and painlessly find a misplaced file on your drive Select creates a window from wh.cn you can run your tavohte programs MaineMamc lets you Imd Ihe day ol the week for any date in tho century, also lots you enter statistical data to be analyzed, graphs data, and solves linear algebraic equations Pnnter LzSS MaSti' lets take you through a guided tour ol the recent conflict in The Gull. TSP10: Fractals Scenery (pictured) will create ruaNSCiC fractal landscapes Genesis allows the creation ol various landscapes with user-do finable levels of complexity. Also included are various Mandelbrot generators, including TmantMl, Mandel - Mountains and FracGen TSP9: Utilities 1 iconMe ster an Icon editor win a compete set ot eating pa mng tools TJFornat a disk I or matting program that Wi* format disks that AmigaDOS wont ChartMaster a graphing 10b that slows you to generate and save 0 rtetent graphs m IFF format. GraohSD Sets you visualize complex data m 3-D and save the results. StructGen iets you create gadgets, text, bitmaps and window structures and me program will automagically write the 'C source code for you. LabelMaker is a very easy to use. Full featured label pnnter. OoublePrint fasdlitates printing of text Wes on Doth sides of paper, TSPB: Clipart 3tack & White and colorful cipad for a variety of needs including desktop puDiishingrvideo. People, holiday related, school items, scrofs. Food, monsters, fish, lobsters. Symbols and tots more TSP7: 30 Vector Objects 2 Books. Early American telephone barrets, gun. Spaceships. Lamps, trombone, bugle, skateboard. Logo-Rover, remole control, girder and air- plane. All objects in Sculpt formal TSP6: 3D Veclor Objects 1 lamp, mirror, bed. Chair, tire hydrant, tamp post, street lamp, street sign, trade light, cannon, cannon supplies, rose. Fork, spoon, kmfe and plate. All objects in Sculpt formal TSP5: Games 3 CrossCircml ts a one or two-player acborVlogic game that requires fast reflexes WardSearch will allow you to generate your own wcrd-search puzzles In DrugBusters you rid the streets ot c-garefes alcohol, pi is aid needles In C'pcc you try lo get live X s in a row before your opponent. CoiorLoQic is an excellent MasterMmd type game, TSP4: Games 2 Dvno-W.irs a strategic checker-style game. Kootras assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. Block Buster is a colorful, well done Tetris-type game Warnor is a fun shoot em-up adventure game MicroMarr IS a graphic maze game played with a joystick. Battle the computer's armies to take over The planet In Circe. TSP3; Games 1 Crystal Caverns ts an adventuie on me with randomly generated worlds youli never trash the same world Twee Dpgpot is an adaptation ol me classic 2-player connect-I he-dot game PmaDefcv&fyMafl has you running through the streets lo gel those pies to your customers TinvBail is ihe world's smallest baseball game Sunound-Cycies is a high-speed arcade game, based on me light cycle races Irom lha Disney movie iron TSP2: Sounds Animal sounds, musical instruments and many, many mere 13 sound samples in an I TSP1: Maps ol USA, Canada and Europe Hi-Res IFF brushes ol all 50 US States. 10 Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe Each nap has a 30 «xtrus.on etlect with casi shadow,
- ** Full Money-Back Guarantee: If you're not completely sat isfied, wefl refund your money--no questions asked. U*MO on wtfe iftsfc pno v kfomkog harfomg Gdrvdiao tJtucriprrtns wrlSd 00 snipping. Ai otofr Forxkgoafld SIC 00 Ihwrng. SUBSCRIBE! SAVE 39%!! A mixture of great utilities, application, games & more! Receive 6 bi-monthly double-disk issues tor just $ 54,95*. Save $ 34.45 off smgle-issue price'* Convenient automatic home delivery Lowest possible prices? Amiga Plot featured on TSP14 objects in Sculpl or Turbo-Silver format. Mathbtalter graphs mathematical equations in both 2-D and 3-D. Double Print prints your text files on both sides of the paper Meiamorpri. A graphic adventure game. Trnvbal the worlds smallest baseball arcade game and 6 dg.tized sound effects TC15AB: Labe'maker s a very easy to use label program Sur-pundCvcles. A hiah-speec arcade gamo Doggo1- an adaptation of the classical connect the-dot game A tutorial on animation techniques by Amqa a't st extrordinant- Brad St'wnek complete with one of his animations Also inciudes a collection ot ctip-an and more animal sounds TC14A8: Amiflo£(Jp is a database and address book GupB 3JJ lets you visualize com plox data in a 3 D manner and save tho results. Spectrogram analyzes and displays d-gi- flzed sounds Pteronadonabah an animation by Lou Markoya, Also includes 3-D Tic Tac Toe. 3 D objects, food dp-art and sampled sounds TCI3AB: StrucGen lets you create gadget, text, btmap, and window structures and writes the C source code tor you L i'eCvctes pots your biorhythms. Create spectacuto' .mages with ManflrtteflB 1 n-n* a CLI utility that he ns yo-j find t les on your disk quckiy ard easily. Pius 3-D objects, holiday clp-art, an Amiga Fight animation, enve head cleaning utility, and technical discussion on how AmgaDOS stores information on disk TC12; TJFormal formats disks that AmgaDOS normally wont. ChanMaster is a powerful graphing tool MoreCandy generates an assortment ot cotortu! Graphic patterns and alfows you to save tnem to disk Shark, a game where you have to eat ali the little perch you can catch to stay alive Plus B&W cl p-art, spaceship 3-D vector objects, an animation, and Speakeasy (C source code tor the programmer to add speech to C programs) TC11: DiskSalvape wil fn corrupted Cisks and recover deleted tiles iconMe ster is an advanced Icon r+aitor. AbenDufli is a fast, shoot em-up game Crystal Caverns is a colorful. Graphic adventure game like the arcade game Also includes an animation, sound samples. 3D dinner table objects, and Hi-Res monster clip nrt. You create your own pointers or import pointers from other programs and save them >n a d'SK file. Dvno-Wais requires more strategy and thought than your regular checker boa»a game Also induces Ml Monsie* ana Thiion games. 3-D objects, sjx sound eifects ana an animation of a pretzel. TC22AB: Amiga QneckbpqH is a fast checkbook manager with check printing ab=My. Budge'. Analysis, and a report writer ftm.Cryp; s a Me encryption.decryption toc« to password protea any file a must tor security. WaveSyn ets you aes gn musical instruments anc waveforms for use in other programs. It also lets you play your keyboard like a p-ano. Ciqcq is a game whete you try to get live X's in a row before your opponent ooes AierCLJ lets you change attributes ol your CLI window (width, title, depth, height, location, colors) with a single command very useful tor scripts Also includes an animation by renowned Amiga-ariist Loo Markoya. As well as 3-D objects TC21AB: Circe is a ‘rsk-styte* game where you oattle the computer to take oxer the planet Batchman allows you to execute CLI programs, batch ties and Arexx scripts by simpy coxing on a gadget. Coiors pints co-cx test sheets and assgns RGB values ta printer and screen output absolutely invaluable to achieve the best color printing results Easvfile is a powertol database tar home or a small bus-ness Sprite Editor lets you easily create animated sprites Plus 3-D fruit objects and five sampled sounds TC16A8; Cvberscaae generates complex 3-D vector objects of terrain and saves your Disks Price 1 31+ . .....235 0-30..... ......3.45 12-19..... ......3.95 6-11 ......4.95 1-5 .. ......5.95 The AmigaWorld Toolchest 11835 Carmel Mtn, Rd 1304-T10 San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks = Use product ID code-i.e. TC22) !5) 683 3.8567 5699 OlYwt uVvcVexVvccNx o - luo cV «SggS- “>“!> «5*k ’SS5SS2’' “%«r «» T aX YA’S n - c0 '£5v wsts*« cWdtv CS G 0 ,cS hVU?f «
- sail® «sa »«§as»« sm£i GN H , thOB&v Nvteo SS JoKkOW CA°. Vvvx SRPO V-N ° 9&SO OCXN AecW WCD**» OQ- a t?j .5G 0
* $ sr Sc'‘Mr* 'V**1 Ti “ Add a Tower to your A2000 Toaster Solution for Only $ 399 GVP’s IV24 G nf llas llp"radc J this excellent &.":,‘h,n--bundled" )N Vva& v xws iv K w k C'iA*OTV W Q> V c TVOtV* . K wtfcT cteyg, Wv xto vYv vWu V) Wd MxVSA**'®* s stevw. A -uwc Mot Yi¥ v*s tFvowv f'SOO> software, including Desktop Darkroom for image processing. MyLAD with a and SO ' 2 'nPUt sw«cher 50 transitions, and a new unproved version MacroPain tTwe dvtemwc . . 1oVmA
• ft warff fc-ffif5i- diox c K w vcA »«« «”¦. W«*2 scS.Vx«W. V *o "‘-‘•' s' nA sC U' ?0J tvOW W A soViW’h r Caligari The leading rcal-lime 3D modeler, animator and renderer. Chose Caligari Broadcast or Caligari2 to fit your needs and budget. Our Solutions are Always p~ Fresh, Fully-Instaned uind T SOFTWARE 3D Pro v2.0 Art Dept. Pro Broadcast Tiller 2 Caligari2 CineMorph Deluxe Paint v4.t Aladin 4D FractalPro v5.0 ImagcMaster Pro Imagine v2.0 Pixel 3D Plavmation Pro Video CG II RasterLink Real 3D TurboPro .Shn: !l‘nX'di;1 - « 299 „ T,’is ad M.„, rea.,ed entirely i "oi> Amisa - L; c »npurers and Peripherals. 129 119 Showmak TV Text Pro ToastMaster Toaster Toolkit Trexx Pro Transporter Vista Pro v-2.0 WipeMaster 229 99 89 139 79 159 59 129 Any Visa or MasierCard accepted with NO surcharge. Fj;, Ground to anywhere in the continental USA. All orders o w9r, All refunds arc* subject to a usage fee. Ad prices are subjectr Sj hipp.___ ¦¦ Federal Express Charges for all orders under 20 potmdsj; %,* *£2fS Please call before returning anything V‘a UpJ* o* " $ 13: Next Day Delivery - S17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Call f0r rates. Circie 7 on pcader Service card. From p. 732. Came from people who responded to die survey, not from me, so your mention of the “author s favorite discs' is not quite accurate. (Due to confidentiality issues, the names of the respondents were not listed in the document.) Daniel J. Barrett Amherst, Massachusetts Can of Worms Dept. We found your October public-rela- tions piece on the L.A.-based Amiga Video Graphics Guild (AVG) to be misleading. AVG was a SIG of our San Fernando Valley .Amiga Users Group (SFVAUG) for two years before it broke away from us following a controversy over the handling of the SIG’s finances, among other things. At present, the AVG is a struggling local user’s group with considerable management problems to work out; for A W to tout the AVG as a national outreach is stretching the definition. But to accompany your piece with a plea for a gigabyte drive donation on their behalf is something else. There are many user’s groups across the country that would love AW to make hardware pitches for them, including us. We mge you to be more prudent. SFVAUG Board of Directors Simi Valley, California Skip the Politics Please leave political views out of AW and don’t divide us into Amiga Republicans and Amiga Democrats. Everywhere I turn I see someone making snide comments about Dan Quavle. Fla Ha Ha, real funny. Let’s enjoy the best computer in the world together. Jerry Welch Center, Texas Not Even Street-Legal What was the point of “The Ultimate Amiga” feature? I saw the cover and thought, “Great, they souped up a 30001' and are going to tell us how it performed.” What do you do with such a hot rod? Mr. Wallace can pack a great machine together and dream about it, but 1 want one I can put to work. Jason Koszarsky Heidelberg, Pen n sylvan in My Main Amiga-man I want to inform you about the excel- lent service I recently received from an A W advertiser. After struggling with several dealers, local and mail order, I called Amigaman (Computer Basics) as a result of their ad. They helped me configure a system, and shipped it the next day, at a price that heat all competition. Later, when I had genlock problems, their service technician spent considerable time helping me. I am glad I found Amigaman. Tom Madine Westerville, Ohio How Far User Friendly? My husband lost his voice to a progressive terminal disease. So when we heard about the Amiga, with its graphics and voice capabilities, we bought an A500 to try to stave off'his depression and give him something enjoyable to do. It was one of the single best investments we have ever made. Fie became a new person. In no time he was cranking out paintings, melodies, and letters to Why does video have to be more “sizzling” than anything else? Friends. I have become a “computer widow,” but I am not sorry because I ' J owe so much to the Amiga for restoring enjoyment to my husband’s life. Soon, however, he will be unable to use the keyboard at all, and 1 don’t know of any accessory' that will allow physically impaired people to use the Amiga without the keyboard. Communicating is crucial to a confined person, Marilyn Scott St. Petersburg, Florida “If I Ruled the Amiga World*’’ Dept. You stated in a previous editorial that you would lose “sizzle” if you cut back on v ideo coverage; I don’t understand. Why does video have to be more “sizzling” than anything else? Ron Cardinale South San Francisco, California There are serious video and animation magazines with an Amiga emphasis that people in those fields can turn to for in-depth information. Trying to compete with them is pointless. Focus on broader system coverage, hardware upgrades, product reviews all that practical consumer stuff that saves us Amiganauts time and money. Bill Sweetman Toronto, Ontario I’m not interested in graphics, paint programs, 3-D, MIDI, or Toasters. I bought my Amiga because h was state- of-the-art in speed, RAM, and operating system, and because no new software was being developed for my old 8-bit computers. There have to be some people out there like me who enjoy programming in Basic. Give us a few pages please! Thomas Fye Charleston, West Virginia 1 suggest reviewing software with the same standards demanded of PC and Mac software. Ross Wilkinson San Francisco, California Not all of us run our own IV stations! Dr. Gary Shepard Fast Amherst, Mew York 1 am mainly interested in word processing and document publishing, but have not been able to find much coverage of these subjects in any of the Amiga magazines. David Bertrand FI Cajon, California In the Iasi three years, I’ve found only a few useful items mAW about my main interests: education and general home use and management. Jim Schroeder Berkeley, California The money needed to do the things you often talk about in your articles adds up to big bucks. Maybe I could justify spending that much if I were a videographer, but I’m not. I'm a teacher. I can’t afford to spend thousands on computer products. Daniel Koch Atlanta, Georgia Thanks for telling us that '‘...[the Amiga] no longer competes with Pcs and Macs, but instead takes on workstations from Silicon Graphics, NeXT, and Sun.” The next time I’m in the market for a Sun workstation for cranking out letters, managing a database, and playing games, 1 11 remember: “The Amiga is as good as a Sun, only cheaper.” Richard Boger, Jr. Rural Halt, North Carolina ¦ Bfl i W ALL M?"r The Total Solution 1-800-766-5757 . $ 449 $ 549 $ 669 Onlv$ l49! DATAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! East, Reliable, and Flexible; all boards are A500 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller $ 79 IDE Controller $ 75 A500 Ca.se $ 79 A1000 Case $ 129 RAM Board S99 Syquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 399 88MB w Cartridge $ 519 UNLEASH THE POWER! The Publising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only S219.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL DRAWrte Hff'igfr PAGE
3. 0'HI3.0i S129.00 DataFlyer Express for the A500 combines a SCSI or IDE controller with up to SMB memor>' in a single affordable case. SCSI W 120MB drive & 2MB $ 659 (call for other configurations) 1(13.0 S179.00 BRIWALL BONUS SOFTWARE Choose any of these lilies for only $ 9 each! When you make any other purchase from Briwalf Aunt Arctic Adventure Page Flipper Plus F X Persian Gulf Inferno Credit Text Scroller Bravo Romeo Delta 3D Text Animator DigiMate III Doctor Ami.. Kl Islal (*whj|e quantities last) DM I Flopticals Don't be fooled by others! DM! Offers a complete Amiga solution. You just add il to your system like any other hard drive, and you’ve got low-cost storage at SI MB. Comes complete with an Insite floptical drive. 20MB disk. DMI's Amiga driver, cabling, and a free copy of Quarterback! All you supply is the SCSI controller. Progressive Peripherals The original low-cost 28MHz 68040 accelerator for A2000 owners who already own a SCSI controller. Expandable to 32MB. Call for low Price! We Specialize in Solutions! (External unit includes a 110 220VAC auto-switching power supply) Internal External CSA’s Magnum 40 4 For the serious A2000 user.; nothing hears the Magnum 40 4 68040 2X-33MH , 32MB 32-bit memory capacity (4MB of RAM included), SCSI-2 controller, optional high-speed Parallel and Serial ports, all designed into one beautiful hoard. Call for Special Pricing We also still have the popular, reliable, upgradeable 68030- based MegaMidget Racer for as low as $ 339 (with 68882.) Call about CSA’s new Derringer Board CBM & DKB Now add Speed and Memory CBM2630 (68030725MHz) board with 4MB of 32-bit RAM. Our low price $ 629 Add DKB’s 2632 32-bit RAM daughter board with up to 128MB of 32-bit memory! 4MB $ 429 SMB $ 579 IVS VECTOR The New Force in Acceleration Vector combines a 68030 882 25MHz accelerator board, with up to 32MB of 32-bit memory, and a fast SCSI controller into a single affordable board. And SCSI and 8MB of RAM are available in native 68000 mode! Vector w 0MB A1000 Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 89 AdSpeed $ 189 Insider 2 $ 169 DataflycrRAM w 2M B $ 289 DataFlyer w l 20MB $ 559 FaslTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Phoenix Board $ 850 KwikStart 11 $ 62 Keyboard $ 99 DKB Megachip 500 2000 Expand your Amiga's graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! You need Megachip to gel it into your Amiga 500 or 2000, (sorry 1000’s). New, smaller version is compatible with all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2MB Agnus $ 279 (Please specify NTSC or PAL) ~T_- A2000 Tower Case from SCS Create your own A2000 lower computer by adding your existing A2000 motherboard and power supply. You'll keep all of your expansion room, plus add four
5. 25" HH External bays, two 3.5" HH Internal bays, and more! A Installed Price - $ 479 (7r.« tl.d December Spotlights GVP Phone Pak $ 429 Toshiba 877MB SCSI-2 drive $ 1499 CBM A600 Seal! DCTV RGB Splitter $ 249 HST Dual FAX Modem $ 899 Superbase Pro v4.0 $ 189 Scala v3.0 Scall SAS C v6 $ 279 IDFK 5221A 21" Monitor $ 2199 Fighter Duel Pro $ 39 Voyager $ 79 GVP 530 Combo $ 1059 CBM A570 CD Drive $ 489 Cross Dos v5.0 $ 39 AMAX 11 Plus $ 359 GVP Combo 40MHz $ 1029 DPS Personal TBC v3.0 $ 819 Flicker Free Video 2 $ 259 Final Copy v2.0 $ 99 New products daily! Call for the latest info. RocGen RocKey Video Combo R OCT EC **New Upgrade** With the RocGen Plus Genlock and RocKey Chromakey, you can add a whole new dimension by bringing high quality studio effects to your desktop video production. RocGen $ 339 RocKey $ 339 Special Combo Price - $ 539 386 Bridgeboard Well, il look a while, but Commodore has finally released these 20MHz 386 Bridgeboards! 1MB RAM, expandable to 8MB, up to two dedicated, or ‘shared’ Amiga drives, and MS-DOS 5.0. Briwall's Price - $ 679 (We’ll install additional memory!) Addison-Wesley ROM Kernal manuafs (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware, Includes, & Intuition Style Guide r Get ALL 5 for $ 99! No. We don’t have a lot of line listings.,.but who can read that tiny type anyway? Just call us at 1-800-766-5757 and let one of our Sales Consultants help you! We specialize in ’Solutions', and carry all of the good stuff. If you want a complete listing of everything we carry, packed with product descriptions, just write for a FREE copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk! See our previous page For additional ordering and shipping information, Briwall -- P.O. Box 129 58 Noble Street -- Kutztown, PA -- 19530 THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Tarnished Images Dept. Thank you for mentioning Image- master in your October article "Morphing Madness.” We do, however, have a great deal of concern that your readers have been misled by some errors it contained. 1) Mr, Swain states, “...with each point moving only a few hundred pixels, it is necessary to use numerous points close together." Incorrect. Image- master typically moves many thousands of pixels it is not always necessary' or reasonable to move numerous points close together, 2) Swain says Imagemas- ler is labor intensive because "...you must set up each frame...individually... to perform each separate morph." But Imagemaster lets the user set up sequential frames using user-modified control vectors from the previous frame.
3) A sidebar declared that Imagemaster does not use vectors, while another upcoming morphing product does. Wrong. Imagemaster uses vectors in a highly sophisticated way. Finally, 4), while two carefully prepared examples from other unreleased products were used, Imagemaster was misrepresented by some distorted and blurry images. (We could have shown you some very impressive images.) We believe you owe it to your readers to be fair, and we feel our product was treated inaccurately. Ben Williams VP Engineering. Black Belt Systems Glasgow, Montana Seeing Is Believing There is only one reason why anyone buys a piece of video equipment: to produce the best possible picture. This point was totally absent from the review of our product done by Joel Tessler for All's October Review section. Prime Image's TBC PCB plug-in board has a
K. factor measurement of ringing and picture distortion at an unheard-of ‘ i of one percent (most products measure two percent or more), producing superior picture quality. Also ignored in the article was the fact that the Video Toaster has four available inputs forTBCs, but as a result of the required power for each board, only our TBC PCB's extremely low 5 watts can accommodate it. Mr. Tessler either was not aware of the fact, or chose to overlook it, that direct video processing has long since given way to the modern component processing used by Prime Image. Bill Hendershot President, Prime Image Sa ra toga, California I did address the subject of video-picture quality in my iwiexv of TBC PCB: I said that n>en color bars a stable video The Amiga 4000 is a ninth more loruseri machine, and Commodore seems more concentrated on providing solutions lor its users. Source when run through the device displayed almost 20 degrees of phase jitter on a vectorscope. I do not consider that a clean signal. While it is true that the digital FIR filters in the Phillips chipset used on the TBC PCB will produce the astounding K- factor measurement, I observed other problems with the hoard chroma noise and phase jitter, for example that precluded a "superior quality " judgment on my part. I also feel the mention of 5 watts power consumption is incorrect. Regardless of the spec- sheet claim, the unit I reviewed measured
6. 2 watts of power consumption without remote and 6.7 watts with it. Granted. This rating is still lower than the other units I tested it with; I have tested only one tit her card-based TBC with lower consumption Digital Creations' Kitchen Sync (3.9 watts per channel). My analysis still leads me to conclude that. Of the units I tested, the TBC PCB does not give the best picture. Joel Tessler New Machines; New Mountaintops I think the Amiga BOO has great potential to steer prospective PC and Nintendo buyers away from those costly alternatives. With a monitor, the BOO is an excellent buy for a I-meg machine that has great graphics and sound, and a real graphical user interface that doesn’t require extra RAM to work well. Besides, good tilings do come in small packages: remember the C-64? Marc Chiarello (h'onomowoc, Wisconsin I was seriously considering switching to die Mac, but wanted to wait until the World of Commodore show in Pasadena to see the A4000. Needless to say, I was surprised by the graphics quality7 and speed of the new machine; but what really amazed me was Commodore’s philosophy behind it. Commodore seems to have a new enthusiasm and dedication to the needs of the user, llie Amiga 4000 is a much more focused machine, and Commodore seems more concentrated on providing solutions for its users. John Bavaresco Ijong Beach, California Roundup Returns Thank you for mentioning my Amiga CD ROM roundup in September's "On- Line Scan." I would, though, like to add some clarification. The ‘'roundup'’ is actually a survey that was originally done on USENET, not Portal, as Tim Walsh guessed. Most of the information Continued on p. 130. Cdg’njg Finally DftcoNJcrcd the Limits of CanDo • •• (Your Imagination) ¦ CanDo 2.0 is a revolutionary, interactive software authoring environment that lets you take advantage of the Amiga’s sophisticated architecture without any technical Powerful, versatile and easy to use, CanDo 2.0’s elegant design lets you build anything from a simple slide show to the most advanced, professional application program in a fraction of the time and effort normally associated with program development. Used to create everything from powerful utility programs to interactive laser disk-based training, CanDo is the first choice for thousands of multimedia developers worldwide. Equipped with CanDo 2.0, a paint program, sound digitizer, and a little bit of creativity, you can produce your own standalone commercial- quality software in record time. CanDo takes the guesswork and headache out of programming and allows the creative genius in you to run wild. So go ahead, pick-up a copy of CanDo 2.0 today and see where your imagination takes you!! Now for a limited time, you can test drive CanDo for only $ 10.00 (refundable with purchase of CanDo) plus $ 3.50 s&h To take CanDo out for a trial run, or to drive home a copy of CanDo 2.0 call toll free: 1(8001875-8499. Fnovatronics, tne. Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX USA 75231 Phone 1(214)340-4991 FAX 1(214)340-8514 tnovatronics, GmbH tm Heidkamp 11 W-5QOO Cologne 91 GERMANY Phone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-870474 Circle 75 on Reader Service card. 1 35ns Character Generator Scroll, crawl and key professional-qualih' titles over live video aiul still images or warp, peel, and spin titles with digital effects. . LEADERBOARD AFTER ta
M. Turner
B. Voight
H. Irwin J R. Paridis VIDEO TOASTER 11 O 1 j 1 ) 5 lb Digital Video Effects % • ¦ k Real-lime digital video effects on live video. I:rom flip, spin and tumble to high-end warping effects. 9 essential tools «T you need if you're for video or graphics. 24*Wt Broadcast Print Create 16 million color images with powerful tools for drawing, tinting, blending, colorizing and warping images. 38 Aol 4riH4 Vr*S. LightWave3D is a complete animation system that creates high-resolution 24-bit color images with incredible speed and qtuHfy. Dual Frame Buffers Hold tivo high-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect broadcast quality. Luminance Key More than just simple weatherman over a map, Toaster keying does luminance fade transitions and even key- based digital trails. Color Pri Re-color live video or alter brightness and contrast. Effects include sepia-toning, color-negatives, day-for-night, chrome and more. Still Store Frame Crabber Freeze flawless broadcast resolution images instantly and recall them as sources for the switcher and digital video 'fleets. Circle 37 on Reader Service card 4 Input Preduettoi Switcher Perform cuts, fades and wipes between 4 video inputs and 3 internal sources. Now includes amazing neu* transitions such as fire, liquid and breaking glass. Qqoaciize XiiaEiEiESEe: njjaacEC ' tno*c->rtf r: Complete systems starting at $ 4595 Outside North America cafl 612-832- 1b62 Demo also available on S- VHS, H18, 3 4", Mil, Betacam, 1". LaserDisc and D2 at nominal cost. Ne*t-day delivery available, Price and specifications subject to change. Video Toaster. Lightwave 3D and ToasterPain! Are trademarks ol NewTek. Inc © NewTek. Inc. 1992 Tlje Video Toaster is the world's first all- in-one broadcast- quality video production studio. It's giving everyone from desktop - producers to i' network producers j the power of a high end production j studio on a desktop. You've seen the award-winning Toaster used on network television, now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the i Toaster, call for yourfree Video Toaster tape today. Free Toaster Video Tape Call 800-765-3406 : • ¦ v • ¦ f-f N WT-k INCORPORATED 1 First of all, it replaces the AmigaDOS script language. Arexx can do everything AmigaDOS can do (in fact, it can even use AmigaDOS to do it), and it is at least as easy to 2 MKA s a Regjstcm) Traamat nf Corwwdo-? Bus.ness Machines. V1DCO rOASTER i* a Regale: Trademark erf NciwTefc. Me. Tots: ana tatie* * a puiifaum ni tic. Cap,r rt 1992 he&sc aflow 6 So 8 weeks lor 3 M-RI SS The Data Flyer Express upgrades the Amiga 500 with a hard drive and up to 3 Mbytes of memory. Just aad any 3.5 inch low profile hard dnve and SIMM memory modules. The controller comes m etlher SCSI. IDE or a SCSI IDE combination hard dnve controller. Includes all software, hardware and cables, auto- boosting, auto install, DB25 SCSI pass thru (SCSI only), and drive and power LED display Also, compatible with the lo lowing: Floptical. CD ROM. Amax II (SCSI only). Syquest (SCSI only), Power PC and KCS AT emulator (SCSI IDE), and BaseBoard. (Note: Hard drive not included). CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE AND PRODUCT DETAILS! 56800 Magnetic Drive * Mishawaka, IN 46545 • (219)259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 * We gladly accept mail orders! * Prices and specifications subject to change. X1E iCD xrd DKB ar» irom in*r nH,;*ctvr copicm'ca nnd me »ot«ly uwd tar lOartl.eator puipow Awgn 14 a icqtwca Hndwn.m 01

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