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The Amiga 4000 By Liu Wallace ,., JO It’s the fastest, most powerful, and amazingly “colorful” Amiga ever made. Find out why the Amiga is back on top of the personal- computer heap in this special in-depth preview of the A4000, to be introduced this Fall. ARTICLES Piece Negotiations By Steven Blaize ..3d Greative imagc-ct>mpositing techniques can yield interesting digital collages to use in your video, animation, or print presentations. Know Your Rights By Eric Giguere ..39 If you write your own programs and want to sell them or distribute them as 1*1) or shareware, here's what you need to know about copyright conventions. Publish With Panache By Vidor Osaka ..43 Try this hands-on, A-to-Z course in print design il you plan to get involved in producing newsletters, bulletins, brochures, or any other “home-grown" publications. Digging into DOS 1 By Sheldon Leemon ...4 7 A brand-new series on AmigaDOS 2.0 debuts this month to show you how to get the most out of Release 2 of the Amiga operating system. Animation LIVE! By Gene Hamm ..52 If you want to do animation blit are not an accomplished artist, “roloscoping" may be just the ticket to get you over the hump. CO El MAS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Bnsson. 6 There’s a new name on the corner of lice at AIV, so hid 'bye ’bye to Barney and give a listen to Brisson. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...38 A few simple painting and image-pro- cessing techniques can help you quickly create realistic, natural-looking backgrounds lor any type of presentation. It will huff and puff and blow I he cybersox off any DC Mae in the house. Check out our special prevail' of the Amiga 4000, due out this fall. VIDEO Suite By Paulo de Andrade ..60 for video buffs who are baffled by the burgeoning array of videotape and TR formats, here’s a clear, concise guide to eliminate the confusion. I) E PART ME NTS Overscan .... 8 A monthly roundup of the latest news, new products and network information from every corner of Mondo Amiga. Help Key ...... 92 AVI.OF is back on the air this month to provide answers to your tech-trouble questions. The Last Word 112 1 lere’s a sampling of a Hood of mail we've been getting lately about the magazine and the Amiga market. AW Product Information. 104 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers* Distributors’ Addresses” list. REVIEWS Professional Draw 3.0 (Gold Dish) and ProVector 2.1 PSImport (Stylus) .20 Major updates of two heavyweights in the structured-drawing arena. A2386SX Bridgeboard (CBM) .. 22 Full PC compatibility with IBM’s latest models. EXCELLENCE! 3.0(Micro-Systems) and Kind-WORDS 3 (The Disk Co.)......26 There's one big winner in this duo ofWP updates. Virtual Reality Studio (Domarki Accolade) . 72 Top-notch adventure-game building tool. Expert 4D Jr. (Genisoft) ..76 Entry-level 3-D modeling and animation. Boom Box (Dr. Vs) .8 0 Interactive music-making made easy. Personal VDA (DPS) and Breadboard (Cardinal Video) .....81 Internal video-signal distribution amps. EXPERTDRAW (Genisoft) ....84 Entry-level stimtured-drawing program. Animatrix Modeler (duBois) 84 Low-budget 3-D modeler. (i U E S Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 98 This month, AIVs top game tipster tackles Ultima VI: The Filse Prophet. SlMEARTH (Maxis) .98 Sim games fans will be wowed by this one. Megafortress (Three-Sixty EA) .101 Highly detailed aircraft simulator. Conquests of the Longbow: ROBIN Hood (Sierra On-Line).... 102 Colorful adventure strategy game. Short Takes 106 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games.

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Amiga World Vol 08 11 1992 Nov

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P. O. Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga. Ontario L5M 2C2 Canada AND WE'LL GIVE YOU THE SHIRT OFF OUR BACK! Just buy SI 50 of great Gold Disk software from a Gold Disk Authorized Software (enter and well send you this hot Team Genie Gold Disk T-shirt. Or get it ‘ 1 1 you buy the Team Genie Publishing Bundle! Great software at a great price, plus a T-shirt that says you're port of the team! But only for a limited time so act now! Call 1 -800-GOLD-DSK, 416-602-4000, or see your dealer today! To Sgl youT free T-shirt just send in a valid proof-of purihase fat S150 or more of Gold Disk softwere purchased from o Gold Disk Authorized Software Center and mark the envelope Teem G°nie T shin (Vb> starts 10 1 92 end subject to cancellotion at any time without notice, and may not be combined with onv other offer or program. Genies require Arexx Aftexx comes with Workbench 2 0 or ten b* «i«wi separately Gold Disk Professional Page, Professional Draw VideoDirector, and Professional Calc are trademarks of GolcfOrJt Inc. All other products mentioned are trademarks of then respective nJv,, Dealers interested in becoming a Authorized Software Center should coll 310-320-5080 nght oway! Circlc , Qn Reader SefV(Ce cafd ”*** 0We"- For Publishing, Illustration, Business, and Video SOLUTIONS, TURN TO THE PROS AT GOLD DlSK. SINCE 1986, THE source for professional Amiga software These are just four great examples of our extensive range of software. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, call or write today for our new catalog of over 30 software products that will let you get the most from your Amiga. U Missing link Found The IV24 " Video Imaging System by GVP is your computer [FI link to: U IV24'S VIII: Your link to more power and productivity from your current hardware The heart of every IV24 is the Video Interface Unit (VIU) with fully adjustable, software controlled, multiple video format capability for complete versatility and flexibility when it comes to video production signal compatibility. Choose; VIU-S (RGB Splitter): Composite, S-Video (Y C) ond RGB input sources; sync generation; signal line stabilization; both Composite ond S-Video for video tape recording or standard monitor viewing; input for external digital or analog Composite key source for Chromo luminance keying. V1U-CT (Component Transcoder): All the VIU-S features, plus RGB to Y R-Y B-Y and Y R-Y B-Y to RGB input and output conversions for Betacam MK; VGA-style monitor passthrough. What's vour link to GVP’s 1Y24? With die IV24, all die bundled software and vour choice of YTUs, vour links are endless. "I found a link to corporate presentations ” Bill Evans, Corporate Communications Technician. Fab met Corp., Garden Grove, CA “I use die IV24 mainly as a 2 i bit display device in an A3000.1 scan in 24 bit images with an Epson® 24 hit scanner, and then network diem to a Video Toaster'. The finished product is displayed in our training room on two 27' Mitsubishi monitors I will also use die 1V24 with a Polaroid® freeze frame unit." R t: “I found a link to great animatiotts..." Ton* Hutchison, Producer. Wild Orchid Graphics, City Rock, OR « ' Ivi-i is what 1 ve been waiting for. I use it with J imagine' software to produce animations for a loci cable company. 1 really like being able to . List* one monitor and have a de-interlaced output that integrates into the system belter than ‘ any other frame buffers 1 looked at. You have only 1 video slot in your Amiga®, Only GVPs IV24 makes sure you take maximum acivantage of it. No other multi-function video enhancement peripheral links your Amiga to more video equipment, multi-media and other devices, boards mid programs than GVP’s IV24. Check out these features: ? Separate Composite and RGB Video Genlocks ? I .SMB. 24-bit. 16.8 Million Color Frame Buffer ? Realtime Framegrabber Digitizer ? Flicker- Eliminalor (de-interlaced video) ? RGB. Composite, S-M LS and optional Component (YIV) Format Compatibility vvitli the VII ? Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Yidco-Over- Application or Application-Over-Video Display ? Digital ;uid Analog Key Inputs. GVFS bundled software Is your link to creative imaging. There’s absolutely no a Desktop Darkroom limit to your creativity, imaging and fnn with “Ifound a link to creating great special effects on Nickelodeon's Nick Arcade...” Karim Mitcft’Gou Pntducer, Nickdodeon Arcade, BedwuAlittff Productions. Orlando, H “I created 24-hit files from graphics to keep their colors intact These images were captured by die Quamel Paintbox® from die 1V24 s analog RGB output. The Paintbox generated background then captured by die 1V24 via RGB. The most telling testament to die hoard's quality is dial the IY24 received die best response of all the Amiga-related devices 1 have shown broadcast engineers." The full range of software included with your IV24: Desktop Darkroom1M brings the photo shop to your desktop with filters, special effects and color separations capability from images captured by the IV24 and video camera, VCR, other video sources. Explore photography's future, today . MyLAD' ' (My Uve Action Director) makes everyone a professional video- grapher vvitli a 3 signal, 2-input switcher and 50 spectacular transitions. New, enhanced Macropaint-IV241H lets die artist in you truly express itself with
16. 8 million color paint and image digitizing that shows your work in 24 bits as you use it. IliSSSilliilllill Plus, an easy-to-Ieam video titling system for your videos and multi-media presentations. As well as an introduction to die exciting world of 3-D modeling. 47found a link to a money-making opportunity...” PAUL GILMAN. Entrepreneur (Scientist Retired. Kodak), Personal Sports Cards. Penfiefd. NY ‘ i bought CAP s IN 2*i so my grandson and I am make and sell personalized baseball cards with Deluxe Paint. The IV24 is the only product on die market with die RGB IN and OITI needed to connect my video camera to a Kodak"1 thermal printer, it suits : v my needs J perfectly. I've j uscxl many IV 24 features ™ including [ Picture-In- Picture and they're j ;di superb." Graphic Court**? Of Nick«lod«o* tndunwkof Commocfcre-Am*.. Inc IV24. HyLAD. M*rraPamt. Wx3 Doktop *r, of Grm Vfclhy Ine AH othtf vadtrcfrts *n th prop r.y cf tlur «»p*;tivt ™» £> Copyrgh-. 1992 &**»•. Vadlty In? For more information or your nearest GYP Dealer, phone 215-337-8770 today. GVP For technical information call 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY- PRODUCTS. INC PHONE 2 15-337-6 600 CLARK AVENUE KING 0? PRUSSIA. PA 19406 U 5 A FAX 21E - 337 -9922 Circle 25 on Reader Serv.ce card CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 11, NOVEMBER 1992 I E I [ RI; s The Amiga 4000 By Liu Wallace ,., JO It’s the fastest, most powerful, and amazingly “colorful” Amiga ever made. Find out why the Amiga is back on top of the personal- computer heap in this special in-depth preview of the A4000, to be introduced this Fall. ARTICLES Piece Negotiations By Steven Blaize ..3d Greative imagc-ct>mpositing techniques can yield interesting digital collages to use in your video, animation, or print presentations. Know Your Rights By Eric Giguere ..39 If you write your own programs and want to sell them or distribute them as 1*1) or shareware, here's what you need to know about copyright conventions. Publish With Panache By Vidor Osaka ..43 Try this hands-on, A-to-Z course in print design il you plan to get involved in producing newsletters, bulletins, brochures, or any other “home-grown" publications. Digging into DOS 1 By Sheldon Leemon ...4 7 A brand-new series on AmigaDOS 2.0 debuts this month to show you how to get the most out of Release 2 of the Amiga operating system. Animation LIVE! By Gene Hamm ..52 If you want to do animation blit are not an accomplished artist, “roloscoping" may be just the ticket to get you over the hump. CO El MAS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Bnsson. 6 There’s a new name on the corner of lice at AIV, so hid 'bye ’bye to Barney and give a listen to Brisson. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...38 A few simple painting and image-pro- cessing techniques can help you quickly create realistic, natural-looking backgrounds lor any type of presentation. It will huff and puff and blow I he cybersox off any DC Mae in the house. Check out our special prevail' of the Amiga 4000, due out this fall. VIDEO Suite By Paulo de Andrade ..60 for video buffs who are baffled by the burgeoning array of videotape and TR formats, here’s a clear, concise guide to eliminate the confusion.
I) E PART ME NTS Overscan .... 8 A monthly roundup of the latest news, new products and network information from every corner of Mondo Amiga. Help Key ...... 92 AVI.OF is back on the air this month to provide answers to your tech-trouble questions. The Last Word 112 1 lere’s a sampling of a Hood of mail we've been getting lately about the magazine and the Amiga market. AW Product Information. 104 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers* Distributors’ Addresses” list. REVIEWS Professional Draw 3.0 (Gold Dish) and ProVector 2.1 PSImport (Stylus) .20 Major updates of two heavyweights in the structured-drawing arena. A2386SX Bridgeboard (CBM) .. 22 Full PC compatibility with IBM’s latest models. EXCELLENCE! 3.0(Micro-Systems) and Kind-WORDS 3 (The Disk Co.)......26 There's one big winner in this duo ofWP updates. Virtual Reality Studio (Domarki Accolade) . 72 Top-notch adventure-game building tool. Expert 4D Jr. (Genisoft) ..76 Entry-level 3-D modeling and animation. Boom Box (Dr. Vs) .8 0 Interactive music-making made easy. Personal VDA (DPS) and Breadboard (Cardinal Video) .....81 Internal video-signal distribution amps. EXPERTDRAW (Genisoft) ....84 Entry-level stimtured-drawing program. Animatrix Modeler (duBois) 84 Low-budget 3-D modeler. (i U E S Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 98 This month, AIVs top game tipster tackles Ultima VI: The Filse Prophet. SlMEARTH (Maxis) .98 Sim games fans will be wowed by this one. Megafortress (Three-Sixty EA) .101 Highly detailed aircraft simulator. Conquests of the Longbow: ROBIN Hood (Sierra On-Line).... 102 Colorful adventure strategy game. Short Takes 106 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. The Next Round ..108 Announcements of upcoming game titles. NEXT MONTH: The annual Amiga Games Special! Plus: Amiga claymation, 3-D digitizing, Arexx Q&A, AmigaDOS 2.0 and more. AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Create video and multi-media productions that totally unite your video, audio, and Amiga graphics on demand... at the click of a mouse! (iYP’s G-LOCK is without doubt the easiest, most flexible, most capable, high performance genlock you can buy for your Amiga. Genlock for all Amiga users How can we make such a bold statement? Take a look and compare for yourself. Desms BrISSON, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor BARBARA GEFVERT, Senior Editor LOUIS R. W.ALLACE, Senior Editor, Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Editorial Offices: 1-800-441-4401; D603-924-0W0 Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, PETER Olafson, Contributing Editors Howard G. H ut, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALANA KORDA, Manufacturing Manager The differences between G-LOCK and all other genlock boards start with these time-saving, creativity- generating benefits only avnilabfe on G-LOCK: ? Push-button Control Panels with Intuitive, Mouse-Click Simplicity with Full Arexx and CLI Interfaces. ? Software Switchable between 2 Composite Video Inputs or 1 Y C (S-Vrdeo) In. ? Real-Time, Software-Controlled Video Processor (Proc Amp) with Complete Video Signal Processing Control. ? Complete 2-Input Audio Processing with Real-Time Volume, Bass, Treble, Mix and Mute Control Add DSS8' Audio Samples to Your Videos. ? Software Controlled RG8 Color Splitter for Use with NewTek Digi-View' and Other Video Digitizers. Michael McGoLDRICK, Advertising Director BARBARA Hov, Sales Representative HEATHER GuINAKD, Sales Representative MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; i-6()3-924-oioo GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher. West Coast Sales 533 Airport HI id.. Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 WknDIE Haines MarRO, Marketing Director LlSA JAILLET, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager; 1-603-924-0280 Subscription Sen ices: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President SUSAN M. HaNSHAW, Director of Operations LlSA LaFleu r, Business & Operations Manager MARY McColE, President's Assistant; Customer Sendee Liaison KENNETH Blake MAN. Associate Publisher, Ancillary Products TlM WALSH, Ancillary Products Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales Collections KkMC.’O PUBLISHERS Services, Newsstand Circulation And only G-LOCK offers. . . Full transcoder operation with composite, Y C, and RGB YLV outputs; ESC AA keyer modes control; complete AmigaVision* and Scala compatibility; and a host of other features only CAP realized you want from a quality genlock hut you'd never expect at such an affordable price. Ainigi and AmigaVi-tion ait xcgtscemi tradntiiiki at' QimnmiJorr-AiTjpj. Lac. GVP. (j-lxuk. Ami Dsv> jit trademark} ot Great Valley Products, Inc Digi-Vicw i% j trademark at' NewTek. Inc & Copyright 1992 Great Valley Product}. Ini. For more information or your nearest GYP Dealer, phone 215-337-8770 today. For technical information call 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, NIC. 600 CLARK AVENUE king of PRUSSIA. 3A 19-06 U.S.A. P-ONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 2 5• 337*9522 Circle 1 on Reader Service card Amiga World (ISSN 088 -2390) i-' an independent journal iioJ ronnct fed with Commodore Business Mac limes. Inc. Amiga 11 arid i s published fuonthb In "Icth.Mcdia Publishing. Inc.. ail IlXi Company. SO Elm Si.. lYtcrborough, Nil IW45&. U.S. subscription rate is 529.97. out* year: 537.97. two years: 58:5.07. three years. Canada and Mexico 5.58.07. foreign Surface S 19.97. Foreign Airmail S8-1.97. U.S. funds drawn oil U.S. hank. Prepayment is required oil all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. .Seeond-c ass postage paid at Ifeterborougfi, Ml. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 00:5-921-0100. Entire contents copyright 1992 by let h.Media Publishing. Int. NO pail of this publication may fie primal or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster; Send ad- dress changes to, h ngr Iik , Subscription Services, 1*0 Box a93, Mi. Morris, 11. BJO.VI-7901. Nation.ilb distributed bv Kable NO s Co. Amiga! Fin Id makes every cflort to ensure the aminict of articles, listings and circuits published in the maga ine. AmigaUbdd assumes no responsibility for damages tine to errors or omissions. REAT VALUE AND PERFORMANCE GVP’S A530-TURB0 AND CLASSIC ... POWER YOUR AMIGA 500 BEYOND AN A3000! Yi A* GVP’S A500 PC 286 EMULATOR . WNOW YOU CAN RUN 1000’S OF PC COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE PACKAGES! Used with GVP's innovative and unique "Mini Slot" for A530-TURBOand A500-HD8+ users only. The A5Q0-PC 286 emulator features: THE MUST-HAVE MASS STORAGE AND OR BACKUP DEVICE.., IDEAL FOR IV24 & TOASTER USERS 0 Removable cartridge provides an easy and reliable way to add unlimited data storage capacity to any Amiga with a SCSI controller. Features:
• Supports both 1GB (1000MB! I or ISO compatible 650MB removable disk cartridges.
• Appears to Amiga-DOS like a removable hard disk.
• 35ms average access time. Fastest M-0 drive available.
• External SCSI connectors for SCSI ''pass- through'' for connecting multiple units.
• Built-in universal power supply, fan and air filtering system. Two high-speed, multi-function serial and one parallel port give your A2000 3000 maximum connectability. With GVP's lOExtender, you:
• Separate 16-Byte FEFO buffers for send and receive on each serial port channel. Reduces CPU overhead, allows high speed communications (625 Kbps theoretical maxi and eliminates character loss.
• Configure Parallel Port as Amiga or PC Compatible.
• PC AT-Style, DB9 RS232 Connectors.
• Option connector allowing future options such as a dual channel MIDI interface module to be connected. Software controlled switching between options (e.g. serial ports or MIDI ports].
• Easy, Software "Port-Control" System, GVP’S IQExtender.:. ALWAYS THE RIGHT CONNECTION ~ i 4 MAXTOR TAHITI II MAGNETO-OPTICAL DRIVE See why Amiga World says GVP's A530 Turbo could be the "Best A500 Expansion Box Ever". With its 68EC030 CPU running - at a blazing 40MHZ the A530 runs your soft- £ ware applications up to 10X faster smoother animations, better multitasking, quicker windows and more...
• Disk drives up to 240MB.
• Direct, instant access to up to 8MB 32-bit RAM (Turbo) or SMB RAM (Classic].
• Expandability for up to 7 SCSI devices, GVP's "Mini-Slotfor optional add-ons such as GVP's A500 PC 286 Emulator, 68882 math processor (FPU) optional for A530-Turho.
• Free dedicated universal power supply.
• 2-Year Limited Factory Warranty. P, GVP’S HARD-DISK-CARD... ni AND DRIVE-ING HARDER TO STAY THAT WAY! Proven performance reliability. 100,000+ satisfied users. GVP's factory installed and tested HC8+ 120,213 or 420MB Hard-Disk-Cards are the only smart safe choice with:
• GVP's proven FaaastROM" technology provides optimal pcrfonnance and SCSI compatibility.
• Custom DMA ASIC technology provides highest performance even in heavy multitasking situations.
• SIMM Sockets for installing up to 8MB of FAST RAM expansion.
• Supports up to seven internal or external SCSI devices.
* 2-Year Limited Warranty. »£*£?»!> MS-DOS, DR-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications capabilities. 16MHZ 80286 CPU with a Norton Speed Index up to 15. Hercules, CGA, EGA VGA (mono] emulations. Simultaneous PC and Amiga applications use. 512KB dedicated PC memory (DRAM]. Able to transparently use Amiga memory' for PC applications requiring more than 512KB. Optional 80C287 math processor (FPUI. For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, caEI 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support calf 215*354*9495. Amiga t$ a regts'efed trademark of Commodare-AMIGA, Inc lOExtender. A500-HD5*, A530-Turt», and EuwstRQM are irademams of Great Vafcy Products. Inc. S 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc DRAWER The A4000 is Commodore's latest computer, with a new DOS, a faster processor, and a dynamic new graphics chip set. But will it fly? Bye-Bye Barney Publishers note: This issue marks the debut of Dennis Brisson as editor-in-chief of Amiga* World. He succeeds Doug Barney, who has accepted a position with Info World. We wish Doug well as he leaves behind the luster of the Amiga market where music, art, animations, and great games are the norm and returns to a market dominated by spreadsheets, databases and accounting software. Doug anticipates the upcoming challenges of his new position and takes with him many fond memories from J his three-year stint with AW. Dennis is a capable successor, with nine years* experience in the Commodore market albeit the eight-hit side. Some oi you may already be fa- j J J miliar with Dennis’s work as editor-in- chief of RUN, the C-64 128 magazine, since its inception in January 1984. He will continue to function as RU.AT editor-in-chief, along with his duties at Amiga World. Dale Strang An Auspicious Beginning I take over the reins ol''AmigaWorld at a propit ious time. Commodore has just taken a giant step in the evolution of computing with the introduction of the A4000. The specifics of the newest member of the Amiga family are spelled out in this issue’s feature article (see p. 30). Highlights of the system include a new 25-MHz (58040 processor, a new version (3.0) of Amiga DOS, expansion options galore, and the introduction of a new graphics chip set. Some of you may be thinking: “Oh no, another new machine, another A1000 rehash!” In the past, Commodore has been criticized for introducing machines that feature the same old technology* in a brand new package. Whether or not you agree with that assessment, you’ll encounter plenty of new and exciting features in the A4000. In fact, there are several reasons we feel justified in referring to the A4000 as Commodore’s first new computer since the A1000. Three reasons are Alice, Paula and Lisa, the most dynamic trio since Charlie’s Angels. This Advanced Architecture (AA, pronounced Double A) chip set establishes new standards for desktop video and multimedia. The AA chips offer an expanded choice of colors (you can use up to 256 different colors on a screen at once from a palette of over 16- million colors) and screen resolutions. The machine is also designed to accommodate a variety of memory-storage i O and expansion options. Amiga third-part)' developers now have a great tool to show off their imagination and talent. We’ve chatted with several company reps who are genuinely excited about creating products for the A4000. We fully expect that vendors in this market will, once again, rise to the challenge and create many interesting new A4000 products in the near future. In bringing the A4000 to market. Commodore did nothing to jeopardize its standing as the leader in graphics-intensive applications. We predict that the niche they’ve secured in the high-end multimedia and desktop video market will continue to expand. Among multimedia zealots and DTV devotees, Commodore certainly solidified its reputation by introducing a high-end multimedia and desktop-video machine for an attractive ju ice (also, a tracle-up program for this machine may be in the
o * offing, given Commodore’s marketing history). The A4000 will have its detractors. Questions about the feasibility of upgrading existing Amiga machines to the A4000 standards remain unanswered. Also, some may complain that access to SCSI devices is an option, and not a standard feature, with the A4000. However, while critics will never be assuaged, fans will he pleased. Ill is eomjmter promises to excite those graphics groupies and video partisans who are involved in multimedia productions, videos and animations. In this issue, we hint at the prospect ol more good things coming from Commodore. No doubt, the A4000 represents the first of what may develop into a new line of Amigas. In this case, the old show-biz saying. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” applies. I look forward to mv tenure as edi- J tor-in-chief, which promises to be filled with many new developments from Commodore and the Amiga community. AmigaWorld will continue to bring its readers the highest-quality editorial with the latest new developments in the market, the most objective and timely reviews, informative and entertaining features and useful and easy-to-understand tutorials. Be sure to stav tuned. CCELERAMN: THE TIME TESTED, USER-PROVEN, BEST SOLUTION FOR THE AMIGA* 2000 SERIES NOW SHIPPING 33Mhz J4t$ snn Only the DVP Family of Combo Accelerators are PackedStacked and Backed with more of what you want Most! Don't get stuck. Don't overpay. Don't buy half a solution. Don’t take chances. When you’re shopping for an accelerator, there is only one thing you should do... Choose from GVP’s family of G-FORCE 040 and 030-based Combo Accelerator boards. WfiY? Because only GVP: ? Has a proven 5 year history of the best product performance and support. ? Gives you the choice of state-of-the-art 68030 or 68040 CPU Power at blazing speeds of 25,33, 40 or 50MHZ. No matter what your budget or speed requirements, GVP has the right solution for you. ? Provides unsurpassed multi-functionality through superior design integration giving ALL GVP accelerator users:
• On-board SCSI-1! Compatible DMA Hard Drive Controller
• Up to 16MB of high speed 32 Bit- Wide Memory expansion (up to 64MB with 16MB SIMMS available late 19921
• Ability to transform your accelerator into the ultimate hardcard with GVP’s new improved snap on Hard Disk mount kit
• On-board future expansion possibilities with the GVP exclusive 32-Bit expansion bus (including GVP s EGS 110 24). This feature alone literally obsoletes ALL other accelerator products. Backs ALL GVP accelerators with a full 2-year warranty and upgrade program. Choose GVP‘s newest, fastest and feature filled accelerator... the A2000 G-F0RCEQ40 It's the fastest accelerator bar none: ? 68040 CPU running at up to a blazing 33MHZ clockspeed, outperforms even high end workstations costing thousands more. It’s the most highly integrated bar none: ? High performance onboard SCSI SCSI II compatible hard drive controller. ? On-board serial port with speeds up to 625 Kbps and two 16 byte hardware buffers (1 read 1 write) to prevent data loss. Ideal for adding additional modems, printers etc. ? On-board user configurable parallel port for Amiga PC compatibility. ? Future expansion via GVP's exclusive GVP compatible 32-Bit expansion bus. CALL YOUR GVP DEALER AND ORDER A GVP G-FORCE 030 or G-FORCE 040 TOD A Y! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS. INC 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA. PA 19406
U. SA. PHONE 215*337*8770 FAX 215*337*9922 For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215*354*9495. Amiga ts a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc All other trademarks are the property ol their respective owners. © 1992 Great i alley Products. Inc. Art in Action How do you parlay experience as a race-car mechanic and a driller on a Mediterranean oil rig into a career as a top graphics designer? For British-born Ray Masters, the answer was: Get an Amiga! If you’re not from South Florida, you may not be familiar with Masters’ name, but you’re sure to have seen his work. It can be found on beaches and ski slopes throughout the world. His bold, colorful designs adorn fashion items from international sportswear giants such as Elho Brunner, Ellese. Swatch, and Wilson. (Elho Brunner sold S15 million worth of clothing bearing Masters’ designs in one year.) Masters has also designed striking posters and programs for major sporting events, including the Toyota Grand Prix, the World Water Ski Championships, and the Chris Evert Pro- Celebritv Tennis Tournament (pictured at the light), to name just a few. Sketching on a Digital Canvas Some time after his apprenticeship on 1990 GhflQ IveflT Pwafl -MdR OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks n-o-Cft Brny ftfjTfcc*Cwlrtn. - NnSUEq:Rit Cruise Unp rtr TVE PoLP CLUB-H0CA TlrtW OCT Q-l*. The oil rig off the coast of Sicily, Masters O washed up on the Florida coast at Delray Beach. His first American design venture was making T-shirts by hand for the local sun-and-surf set. He soon latched on to tlie just-released Amiga 2000, and with an early version of DeluxePaint and an HP PaintJet printer, he quickly expanded his operations far beyond the beaches north of Miami. Oddly enough, Masters who now presides over a four-person company, Ray Masters Productions, that requires a high-priced firm of tax accountants has retained the simple computer-design approach he employed in the early days. 'o 24-bit graphics, 16-million-color palettes, and fancy enhanced-display devices for Masters: “I’m basically a Dpaint artist. I always use the same form of ma- nipulation. I'm a low-res, eight-color man. 1 don’t rely on the technology as much; I depend on it as a canvas.” Yet, despite this electronic sketch-pad approach to computer graphics, Masters is one of the most successful Amiga artists in the world todav. * Jack of all Trades While acknowledging that the Amiga has made a crucial difference in his work Video Edits, JPEG Style Digital Micronics' new Digital EditMas- ter (S2495) turns your A2000 or A300Q into a video-editing suite and promises to provide capabilities that would normally cost you upwards of $ 100,000. The heart of the system is a video compressor based on fufl- motion JPEG technology and LSI Logic's JPEG chip set. In real time, the board digitizes, compresses, and stores traditional video segments onto your Amiga's hard disk, where you can edit and modify them. The board is capable of compressing and storing typical animation frames to a hard drive on a frame-by-frame basis, and you can play back the result in real time directly to tape, without needing a single-frame recorder. (RS 130.) Extra Explanations Baffled by Workbench or Arexx? Help is as close as your bookshelf. Fast Guide to Workbench = Vidict. $ 8.95) covers Preferences, system programs, utilities, and tools, Commodities and their hot-key codes, fonts, gadgets, keyboard shortcuts, and other operating-system topics. To make your own crib notes, the booklet includes blank function key and numeric keypad overlays for reference templates. For a concise reference to Arexx commands and functions, consider Fast Guide to Arexx (Vidia, $ 8.95), which describes each command’s syntax, key words, options and results, as well as providing general language conventions. (RS 112.) If you prefer a walk-through approach, flip through the pages of The Arexx Cookbook hv Merrill Callaway (Whitestone, $ 24.95). Supplemented by thorough discussions of commands and techniques, lessons increase in complexity from writing simple stand-alone programs to making complex connections among multiple applications. Whether you’re a rank beginner or a seasoned programmer trying to control PostScript via Arexx, The Arexx Cookbook promises enlightenment. For easy and thorough reference, the book’s index and margin notes include page numbers for William Hawes’ and Commodore’s Arexx manuals, documentation for application software discussed, and the Cookbook itself. An optional ($ 5) companion disk rounds out the package. (RS 113.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses'* list on p. 104, ProWrite 3.3 The Best Just Keeps Getting Better
* 99 95 ProWrite is the best selling word processor for the Amiga®, and for good reason. High performance. Ease-of-use. Constant updates and enhancements. And now a new low price! New Features ProWrite 3.3 gives you more power than ever before. More powerful graphic handling, including automatic text-wrap. Print preview. Password protection for your documents. The ability to name and find pictures in long documents. Full clipboard support, for seamless exchange of text and pictures with other programs. And HotLlnhs »rNI support, giving you total integration of ProWrite with other HotLinks-capable programs! Proven Performance Combine this with Pro Write’s already formidable feature set, and von have the most powerful word processor for the Amiga. Features like multiple fonts and pictures. A spelling checker with over 100,000 dictionary words. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross-references. Outline font support. Jaggie- free printing, for high-quality printing on dot-matrix printers. PostScript printing. Macros and AREXX support for power users. Mail merge, for form letters. And multiple columns, including side-by-side columns for writing audio video scripts a ProWrite exclusive! And the list goes on! See for yourself what makes ProWrite the most popular word processor for the Arnica. Ms it your local Amiga dealer and put the power of ProWrite to work for you today! New Low Price! Even with all this power, ProWrite is more affordable than ever before because ProWrite is available now for onlv $ 99,95! So you no longer have a reason not to treat yourself to the best! And of course, ProWrite 3.3 retains the speed and ease-of-use that has made it famous with thousands of Arnica users world-wide. ProW rite is a registered trademark of New Horizons Software, Inc. HotLinks is a trademark of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
• Separate odd and even page headers and footers.
• Paragraph sorting.
• Automatic page numbering, with five different page number styles.
• Insert current date and time, with five different date formats and two time formats.
• Word count and readability level calculation.
• Up to 10 documents open at the same time.
• Document password protection.
• User-set document comments.,
• I lorizontal and or vertical document rulers, for precise positioning,
• Custom page sizes.
• Print preview.
• PostScript printing, in black & white or color.
• High-quality graphics printing for jaggie-frec output.
• Print Xl.Q text and graphics at the same time.
• Complete printer control, including sideways printing and 4,096 color printing.
• Automatic timed saves and backups.
• Import and export Professional Page text files.
• Comprehensive keyboard commands.
• Easy to use “3-D" user interface look.
• I'ully customizable.
• Full support for Kiclcstart 2.0.
• Requires KicLstart 1.2 or later, one megabyte of memory, and two disk drives. NEW HORIZONS New Horizons Software, Inc. • 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 • Austin, Texas 78746 • (512) 328-6650 Circle 65 on Reader Service card. And its success (lie states lie could never have been as prolific and efficient without it), Masters did come equipped with some natural talent of his own. After leaving Harrow, the prestigious English public school, at age 16. He worked as a photographer and graphics artist at a London advertising agency. Sandwiched between his auto-racing days and his stint as an oil driller, he also worked in design and marketing for the high-powered UK-based Norwood Group. .All of this varied experience finds expression in his work. Masters’ love of sports, knowledge of race cars, and adventures on llie high seas inform both the style (broad, bold, energetic) and subject matter of his art. .As the title of his media kit portfolio attests, his is "The Art of Action.” Jan Jackson Multimedia Makeover Scala MultiMedia 2.0 (also called Scala MM200) packs even more features into Sca a's popular multifunction multimedia program. MM200 adds 25 more special effects, an unlimited-length horizontal crawl line; out-wipes; area transitions; a link function for simultaneous movement of multiple text lines or logos; variables and conditional branching for interactive presentations; support for DCTV stills and animations; AnimLab (an animation-enhancement utility); and the long-awaited sound support. You can now synchronize music and sound effects with your presentation graphics and animations, as well as record your own sounds with a sampler hoard. The program's interface was also revamped. As an alternative to Scala's familiar (and now configurable) main menu, the Scala Shuffler lets you view and rearrange thumbnail versions of your presentation pages. Reaching out for more power, the Scala Ex system of control modules for external devices and programs lets you incorporate into your presentations images from laser-disc and still-video players, audio from MIDI devices and CDTV Cds, and input from Arexx-compatible programs. For new owners, Scala MM200 retails at $ 495. Registered owners of Scala should contact the company for upgrade information. (RS 115.) ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Last month, I addressed the benefits of Internet, the network layer service recently made available through Portal. With increased versatility and interne- J tion between the nets, "telecom- municationspeak" is trickling down from the high-end business and education fields to the hobbyist level. Maybe you've heard of things like Telenet, Usenet, and Tymnet, but is is clear just what they are? For a frame of reference on how these various services relate to telecommunications in today’s networks, a Reader’s Digest look back into computer history is in order. Telecommunications History 101 In the 1970s, computer use was generally limited to a teletypelike printing machine that read punched cards or inch-wide rolls of paper. These terminal machines were connected with others via phone lines to a large mainframe, or host computer, across town or across the state. These network-connected hosts and terminals constituted earlv-generation LANs, or local area networks. Telecommunications pioneers worked to create voluntary protocol standards for the network of terminals and computers. Host computers were tied into local networks, and began to serve as “gateways” to such network services as CompuServe. In the course of the next decade, network la vers such as Internet came on the scene. To get the various smaller nets working in harmony, Internet Protocol established standards for sending e-mail and other data between servers and host computers, opening up the possibility of data sharing with all platforms having common access to a network. Portal is a great example of such data sharing taken to a new, low-cost level on the nets. Many education centers and large corporations use UNIX- based mainframes, workstations, and even UNIX-based Amigas to send e-mail and other data to a variety of nets, Usenet is the network of choice for UNIX-based telecommunications, and thus UNIX is widely represented on networks such as CompuServe. Consequently, a lot of messages on networks that support gateways and direct Usenet connections, such as Portal, will have the address of the author in a username, site, network format. A generic, simplified example might appear as timw@ cs.hrown.edu. The first part of the sending party’s name is just that a person’s on-line name or screen name. That is then followed by the “at” sign and the server’s site or location. Even the originating network is sometimes included; in the above example, it’s Brown University. Some of the smaller nets keep this information intact with the e-mail, so you can typically figure out where the message originated. Making Connections Telenet and Tymnet are not networks; rather, they serve as telecommunication packets for connecting between networks. For instance, with a call to one number listed in the White Pages, I access my accounts on every network that 1 mention in this column (except Genie), plus a few others such as America Online. Packet services can be further divided into smaller specialties such as Sprinmet and PC-Pur- suit. Familiar to many Amiga users, PC-Pursuit is the name of the outdialing service that can reduce the price of calls for com- puterists without local numbers for Telenet and Tymnet. FidoNet is lesser known because it’s outside of the normal network circle, being comprised of large-scale BBS systems. So, now there you have it a glance at some of the words that end with “net" and how they came to be common in Amiga telecommunications.Of course, this overview hardly scratches the surface. There's a lot more of this information online; here are some good places to start looking: BIX . 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 408 973-9111 ? TM With DSS-8 and your imagination, there's no limits to your ¦mmm ? CODEC] media breiikdirough. ? Send multiple taxes instantly, or via the built-in scheduler. ? Create customized databases, configure private mailboxes, and much more. ? Let’s users keep working even when PhonePak is taking calk ¦ PhonePak saves you time and money t ? Eliminates thermal paper. *- ? Transfers incoming calls over Centrex ¦ or other networks. ? Provides complete privacy for each fax received no other fox system can do that! Install PhonePak. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. M. GVP’S New PhonePak' Makes your A2000 3000 a Computer, Fax Machine, Voicemail System and Answering Machine- All at once! PhonePak handles all the calls on every phone line it’s installed on. With PhonePak you can: ? Retrieve unci store faxes on your hard drive for on-screen viewing and or plain paper printing. ? Record and playback voice messages. ? Get combined voice and fax messages. ? Look at a fax on-screen mid listen to a message about it at die same bme a GVP multiIt’s an amazing amount of office productivity power on a single board..* and that’s just PhonePaks starting point. GVP’S DSS-8... Still ' - the most powemil 8-bit Digital Sound System for your Amiga®! It’s a premium stereo sound sampler, fast and easy editor, and self-contained 4-track sequencer all in one! ¦¦ 11 DSS-8 has built-in everything There’s not enough room to list all the DSS-8 features, but here’s a sample: ? AmigaDOS 2.0,68020 and 68030 compatibility. ? Multi-tasking operation. ? Intuitive graphic interface for easy self-teaching. ? MIDI-in capability. ? Direct sequencer to editor interfacing. ? On-screen sample diplay of up to 31 samples. ? HIF1 recording for high quality plavback. ? Multiple effects for each note. ? Real time oscilloscope mid spectrum analysis. ? Grapliic editing and freehand drawing of waveforms. ? Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. ? Sampling maximums of 51,000 sec (mono) 38,908 sec. (stereo). ? Sav es in IFF, SoiVDC and RAW formats. ? SoundTracker, Noise Tracker and SoundFX compatibility. Lo your enecTS* ? Software controllable filters and volume control. ? Record sound samples from any audio source. ? Edit sounds in real time. ? Add a full range of effects, induding reverb, echo, reverse-sound, loops, eft ? Use up to 31 instruments, 4 octaves and 8 effects at the same time. ? Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation. ? Remove "pops" from old recordings. A2000 jj»I A Ui «r Ttwrml inJnruii c Gxrvmlac-Aniyp, Jnt iAifvPjk jj.1 VFX an- t&imu.-vi i Gm« Valley I’niiiAi.v I'm. All urhrr tridciiujkv arc- ihc pmperty of their iwpnriv* unncri C Copyright 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc. Amiga ii t regis-crrd trjilrrrurk cA Cnmnw ulorr-Ami ga, Inc GVP.and !>SSK art trademark* i4Gtra( Valley ProJucu. Inc O Copyright 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes„. The more things change in the Amiga industry, the more you need to know. For instance, you should know that Octree has changed locations (see new address on p. 104) and has picked up Ditek's DynaCADD 2-D 3-D design program for distribution. The program is well suited to work with Octree's own Caligari 3-D modeling, animation, and rendering software. According to Octree, you can "design in Caligari, follow up with precision design in DynaCADD, and then animate and render in Caligari." DynaCADD, which has a suggested retail price of $ 995, is available for $ 499 (plus $ 30 shipping and handling) from Octree. (RS 122.) The developer of Video Music Box has also made two changes: in its name and its product. The Menasha, Wisconsin, developer has changed its name from Digital Expressions to Digital Expressions Research. The change was necessary because, unknown to the Wisconsin firm, an established games manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio, had previously reserved the name Digital Expressions. Product changes come in the form of Video Music Box 1.4 ($ 109), which adds Workbench 2 compatibility, new parameters for controlling pitch ranges and randomization, editing functions, and more. The upgrade is free for registered users. (RS 123.) Lissa 1.2, the 3-D curve generator from Technical Tools ($ 35), produces more complex objects than before (you can create "wiggles within wiggles"), supports more modelling packages, and offers an enhanced interface, with icons for frequently-used controls and more comprehensive help features. The upgrade is free to registerd owners. (RS 124.) ASDG's ADPro just keeps getting more capable. The latest module ($ 200), aimed at video professionals, allows you to exchange digital images stored on 8mm cartridge tapes between an Amiga (equipped with a Commodore SCSI controller and Exabyte 8mm tape drive) and an Abekas A60, A65, or A66 digital-disk recorder. You don't have an Abekas system, but need to send work to a post-production house that does? You can create digital video streams (essentially treating the tape drive as a single-frame recorder). (RS 125.) Also expanding the Amiga's video capabilities is Interactive MicroSystems. The firm's MediaPhile video-editing setup now provides support for Sony VISCA protocol decks as well as VBOX control for Sony CTL-L LANCS-port decks and camcorders through the Amiga's serial port. (RS 126.) MIDI Sample Wrench 2.0, the updated 16-bit sound editor from dissidents (S299), gives musicians, audio engineers, and videographers a toolbox-full of new options. The software works with a variety of MIDI keyboards as well as IFF samples, and it reads and writes several file formats. The new Wrench promises extensive waveform-viewing options, from overviews to a few points, and you can calibrate waveforms in terms of sample points, seconds, or SMPTE frames. It also includes more advanced digital signal-processing features, as well as resynthesis tools that let you expand or compress waveforms in time without changing pitch. The program works with DOS versions 1.3 and higher, and is linkable via Arexx. Registered owners of earlier versions can upgrade for $ 20. (RS 127.) Designed with the developer in mind, version 2.0 of ArexxDB ($ 125) is the "records manager for the serious Amiga user," according to JMH Software, In addition to Arexx support, the program offers new features that include record searching, automated indexing, a query language, and a utility for creating files, ArexxDB is a database engine that you can easily customize, and it imposes no upper limit on either file or record size. With Arexx DB, you can develop database applications using your own custom interface. (RS 128.) EasyScript has upgraded some of its products, including LabelDex! ($ 74.95), which now promises an easy way to make professional-looking video anti audio cassette labels for cassette splines and faces. This integrated VideoLibrarian module supports HP LaserJet, DeskJet, Epson, and PostScript-compatible printers. BibleReaderPro!, which replaces BibleReaderl, includes an 800,000-word concordance, supports Amiga speech, does not require a hard drive, and comes in four versions (KJ, Nl, NKJ, and NASB), each selling for $ 89.95. The higher-end BibfeScholar! Supports speech, too, with version 2.0. It also comes in PAL and NTSC display versions, and offers a 640x400 interlace display. Further, you can fetch search results with the click of a button. (RS 129.) V t: R IIE A R I) Workbench 2.1 is already shipping with the Amiga 600. And it’s destined to become available For other Ami gas. (Commodore has not yet settled on a release date Tor upgrade kits.) So what can yon look forward to in 2.1? There are several brand-new features, including CrossDOS, the favorite MS-DOS AmigaDQS-formai transfer utility which now also allows access to MS-DOS formatted floppy and hard disks. 'Hie new Local Preferences editor lets you read screens of 2.04-supporting software in any of several languages. .An installer utility, which automatically integrates the new Workbench on your system, also comes with this release, as do printer drivers for PostScript devices and Canon’s Bubble Jet. Another printer driver, for the HP DeskJet, has been enhanced since the 2.0 release; it now supports the popular HP 500 Color DeskJet. Other enhancements include simplified installation and activation of printers, keymaps, monitors, and DOS drivers. The Format and DiskCopy functions now provide graphical interfaces that allow you control. I True Color Prints No longer is your printer limited to 4096 colors and 16 shades of gray. TruePrint 24 (.ASDGt $ 89) prints 16-million color (24-bit) and 256-shade grayscale (eight-bit) images on most Preferences-supported color or black- and-white printers. Capable of outputting images at any size (even poster proportions), TruePrint 24 offers 1 1 dithering and halftoning techniques, including a 32-shade gray-scale for such character-only devices as daisy-wheel printers. (RS 111.) External FDD Series ¦
• Compatible with all Amiga"' computers 1
• Slim-line design with solid metal case
• Additional drive connector and on off switch Opto-Mechanical Mouse Series
• Precise cursor control - 290 dpi resolution i Stylish and ergonomic design Top quality construction with micro-switch buttons Cordless Infrared Mouse Series
• High power infrared transmitter with a 4-foot range
• ' tsED indicators on receiver reflect every mouse action
• Includes long-life maintenance free rechargeable battery
• Precise cursor control - 280 dpi resolution Ergonomic Design Trackball Series ¦ Compatible with all Amiga computers ALFA DATA ¦ Ergorijmic design for comfortable operation Top dlality construction with micro switch buttons 109 North Duncan ¦ Champaign, IL 61821 Tel: (217) 356-1962 • Fax: (217) 356-4312 For more information, contact your nearest Amiga deafer Dealer inquiries welcome. AMIGA is a registered troaemcrtt of Commodore Amiga. Ire Haitex Hails Harlequin Haitex Resources, maker of X-Specs 3-D stereo-vision glasses, now distributes the long-awaited Harlequin 32-bit framebuffer from Amiga Centre Scotland. The board, available in NTSC as well as PAL display formats, promises to coexist with Great Valley Products' IV24 and NewTek's Video Toaster, and it fits into either an A2000 or A3000. It comes in several memory configurations, from 1.5 to 4MB of RAM. It provides composite RGB output and an optional alpha channel, both of which you can toggle via software. Harlequin comes with lots of software, including a program that lets you scale and convert images to other formats, and a real-time 24-bit slide-show program with over 30 transitions. Among outside products that support Harlequin directly are Imagemaster (Black Belt), ADPro (ASDG), Real 3D (Activa) and Caligari Broadcast (Octree). (RS 131.) Get in Touch Why point and click when you can reach and touch? The CT-Amiga driver (iCarroll Touch) lets you use infrared touch screens with your Amiga. The driver both emulates the Amiga’s mouse and allows a mouse and touch screen to operate concurrently. Compatible with Amiga Vision, the driver is free with die purchase of the company’s scanning infrared touch frames, which include systems for 14-inch Zenith ZCM-1492 flat-tension and Mitsubishi AUM-1381A Diatnondscan monitors. (RS 1 10.) Climbing the Family Tree No matter how prolific your ancestors were, The Puzzle Factory claims that its genealogical database, Origins ($ 85), is up to keeping track of them. In addition to cataloging over six million relatives, Origins can track multiple marriages, step-children, unmarried parents, and other unorthodox situations. You can print reports on people, family group sheets, pedigree and descendants charts, and Tiny-Tafel listings, as well as import and export GEDCOM formatted data. To help you connect faces with names, Origin even stores IFF images. (RS 114.) Accountant Not Included Bring your business’s books on line with Business Front (DesigningMinds, $ 129). Featuring General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules, this business accounting program can handle up to 32,500 records per file, provides password protection, carries balances from year to year, and allows periodic and fiscal compaction. In the General Ledger von can define a chan of accounts, assign account and subaccount numbers for job costing, and print the customizable reports. Accounts Receivable offers automatic interest calculations for overdue payments, aging reports, user-definable terms of sale, automatic discounts based on payment terms, and complete customer information. Accounts Payable features aging reports, bills due reports, a check register of transactions, and the ability to mark bills for partial or full payment and to search for payments by index or vendor number. (RS 117.) Officlal Immigration Long ci popular import, the AMOS programming language is now available in an NTSC version American AMOS (S110). Featuring more than 500 commands, the language is optimized for graphics and sound manipulation, and, with the new version, no screen-size adjustments are needed. Europress Software has also set up a US technical support line (219 874-6380) and BBS (219 874-0367) to give AMOS users easier access to customer support. (RS 118.) Memory Magic Offering support of up to one gigabyte of virtual memory, GigaMem (Pre’Spect Technics) gives welcome relief to systems with lilled-to-bursting RAM by swapping data from memorv to either a hard-disk file or partition. To optimize performance, the program supports caching and monitors memory-access frequency lor more intelligent memory swapping. GigaMem runs on all accelerated systems with MMUs and promises to work with all hard-drive controllers. For use with Pre’Spect Technics’ ALF 3 Oktagon controller, GigaMem sells for $ 98: for all other controllers, the price jumps to $ 149. (RS 119.) Faster than the Emergency Room Whether your floppy disks aie failing or your hard drive needs help, Moonlighter Software Development has the right medicine. Ami-Back Tools' (S79.95) medical bag includes GI! A disk optimizer; Disk Analyst, a program that checks disks for potential problems and then makes the appropriate repairs; 91 1-Recovery, a specialist in recovering deleted files and data from crashed disks; Antiseptic, a disk wiper that clears everything from your disks; and Lab lest, a utility that checks and compares checksums for file corruption and virus protection. Overseeing these programs is the Administrator interface, which lets you set up. Schedule, and perform whatever tests you desire. (RS 120.) Follow the Stars (and Satellites) If you’re in search of space-science software, the chances are that Kinetic Designs has the right program for you. The company’s collection of public domain and shareware programs includes satellite trackers, planetary-orbit calculators, siderial -t i m c ealeu lators, weat her-related programs, deep-sky databases, gravity simulations, telescope designs, and space art. A complete catalog of programs is available, at a cost of only a sell-addressed envelope with two stamps, while Amiga Space I2pak, a 12-disk compilation of programs, will run you $ 29.95. (RS 116.) Make Your Point A 3-D object editor and converter, Vertex (The Art Machine, $ 40) offers all the standard object-editing tools (including single-point editing), phis more exotic distortion options, such as multiply, scale map, twist, randomize, and gravity. In addition, you can bevel fonts, create 3-D fractal objects, separate and combine objects, cut windows, and add face and edge divisions. For further customization, the program has an Arexx port. On the conversion side, Vertex supports Imagine, Turbo Silver, LightWave 3D, Sculpt 3D, Geo, and Wavefront formats. (RS 121.) Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Linda Laflamme, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ ’Tis the Season TO BE Entertained ... AnimationVol.f DV10 Formerly AmigaWorld Videos Sit back and be entertained by award-winning animations, from professional and novice animators alike. Or learn how you can be more creative and productive with irur software and hardware products available for the Amiga. The best selling The original AmigaWorld Animation Video lhat will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. 48 minutes. $ 19.95 AnimationVol.lf DV11 AmigaWorid’s editors do it again. Exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Lightwave 3D, Imagine, Sculpt-Animate 4-D, and DeluxePaint III. You'll be thoroughly entertained by these animated stories. 90 minutes. $ 24.95 1989 Best of the Fests DV17 A film festival in a box! Award winning animation, comedy, documentary and ex- perimantal shorts. 90 minutes. $ 29.95 The Mind’s Eye DV13 A compelling look at the universe, utilizing the talents ot over 300 top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Beyond the Mind’s Eye DV14 This is a case where the sequel is even better than the original. Coming in October. Soundtrack by Jan Hammer. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Best of the Fests 1991 DV18 More award-winning animation, comedy, drama, experimental and documentary short films from 1991 ’s top international Film Festivals.90 minutes. $ 29.95 pr Chronos OV15 New Release! Breathtaking 70mm cinematography captures the timelessness of Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Athens’ Acropolis, Mont St. Michel, the Arc de Triomphe, the Vatican and over 50 other locations. 40 minutes. $ 19.95 Green Toons DV16 Just released! Entertainment with a conscience! 14 humorous, pointed and beautiful short films by North American animators. 45 minutes. S19.95 Animation of the Apocotypse DV19 Eight astounding independent visions of doom, revelations, and the end of the world! 60 minutes. $ 24.95 History of the Amiga DV12 An intriguing and entertaining look at the origins of the Amiga computer. Listen to the initial trials and tribulations which Jay Miner, R.J. Mical, Caryn Mical, Dale Luck, Carl Sassenrath, Dave Needle and the rest of the original "Los Gatos gang went through. 45 minutes. $ 19.95 Tony Vegas’ Animated Acidburn Flashback Tabu DV20 Aural and visual absorption . Transcendence. Revelation. Breathe. Dream. Relax. Animations for you to tune into from the early 1980's. 60 minutes. $ 24.95 New Releases, Updates and Prices ORDER BY TELEPHONE OR MAIL IN THIS FORM. Enter Video Product ($ ) below. Call 1-800-879-0759 Orders Only, Please Units Product Cost LH Payment Enclosed Please charge iny ? MasterCard ? Visa ? Discover CC _Exp. Signature_ Name_ Address Citv DevWare Video, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite I-I'M 10, Poway, CA 92064 Support (619)679-2825 Fax (619)679-2887 The Mind's Eye. 3eyond The Minds Eye and Chronos are trademarks of Miramar, Inc. DeiuxePant IV is a trademark of Elertronic Arts. DeluxePaint tV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques wiih DeluxePaint IV are trademarks ot Saddleback Graphics Amrga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Video Toaster, ToasterPaint and Toaster CG are trademarks ol NewTek. Inc. Desktop Images is a trademark of Rave Video Production Faotrtres. St. Zip Amiga Animation Hollywood Style DV50 New Release! Learn classic, Hollywood.Dis- ney-style techniques using DeluxePaint IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator, Gene Hamm. Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouse. 30 minutes $ 24.95 New Release! New Releases from Desktop Images! The NewTek Video Toaster 2.0 Tutorial Series Video Toaster Essentials DV51 The first of 4 videos, featuring Video Toaster expert Lee Stranahan. Leads you through a step-by-step guide to the Video Toaster's switcher and special effects. 83 minutes S49.95 ToasterPaint Essentials DV52 Discover the full potential of ToasterPaint as you go through each of its powerful functions step by step. 62 minutes S49.95 ToasterCG Essentials DV53 A step-by- step guide to the Video Toaster’s character generator with demonstrations of special tech- niques.59 minutes $ 49.95 Professional Techniques DV54 Get more from ToasterPaint and ToasterCG with demonstrations ol special techniques to create professional network quality graphics.59 minutes $ 49.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bundle Pack DV69 SAVE 10% and get alt 4 Desktop Images for only S179.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With OCTV New Release! DV67 Volume I. This tutorial series will teach you how to create killer graphics quickly and easily with the most current version of DCTV, using real projects as examples. 54 minutes S29.95 The Amiga Primer DV64 The alltime, best seller for getting started with your Amiga, including setup, Workbench, Shell, Cll, expansion, and AmigaVision. A must for every Amiga owner. 90 minutes $ 24.95 Amiga Graphics, Second Edition DV61 Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. An ideal tape for getting started. Includes interviews with experts. Features Dpaint IV. NewTek's products. Kara Fonts and others $ 19.95 Desktop Video, Volume f DV62 The best tape for getting started with Desktop Video. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Award winning director Terry Saunders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals. Techniques, titling, and more. $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Volume II DV63 More help on understanding Desktop Video with the Amiga I ncludes direct comparisons of tape formats, NewTek’s Toaster. Lightwave 3D. DpamtlV, DCTV. Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering. $ 24.95 How To Animate I New Price! DV58 Relevant to novices and intermediate users a ike. Pick up helpful tips and techniques on using DeluxePaintiV from Joel Hagen, and us- irg Lightwave 3D from AmigaWorfcfs Lou Wallace. 45 minutes $ 24.95 Hot Rod Your Amiga DV57 New low price! This update will assist you in your shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today. Learn about accelerators, RAM, the Video Toaster. Genlocks and more. $ 19.95 DeluxePaint IV Video Guide DV59 in easy to follow, step by step fashion, you'll explore many of Dpaint IV's features which will meet most of your graphics and animations needs. Includes the new menu structure. Metamorphosis. HAM color mode, the new Gradients and Cycle requesters, the new advanced palette mixer and much more! 60 minutes S24.95 Advanced Techniques With DeluxePaint IV DV60 Learn lips and tricks for combining Dpaint IV's different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animations, professional titling techniques, and much more! 60 minutes $ 24.95 I I I I I I I I | Phone ( ) Videomaker, The Video Series DV65 The experts at Videomaker Magazine will teach you about bringing a documentary to life, professional lighting, camera moves, and most important, generating income with your video equipment 40 minutes S19.95 Desktop Video, Master's Edition DV55 The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects, background music, sound effects and graphic backdrops 60 minutes $ 24.95 Imagine, A Guided Tour DV66 This tape will give you extensive help on achieving Professional 3-D rendering results with Imagine. Learn about object loading and creation, surface attributes, lighting techniques, texture mapping, animation, 12 24-bit rendering, and much more! 90 minutes $ 24.95 The Magic of Music and Midi DV56 New Low Price! This new edition brings you the most up-to-date information on using the Amiga as a music generator or MIDI device. Features Super Jam!, Bars & Pipes Professional, Dr. Ts Sonix, Deluxe Music, AudioMas- ter and others. $ 19.95 Following day shipping in most cases. Shipping and handling within continental
U. S., add S3.00, Alaska. Hawaii and Canada, add 4,00. Add 5.50 for each additional unit shipped. Foreign orders, $ 6.00 shipping for each unit. SI.00 for each additional unit. Payment in U.S. hinds only. TM10 Total of videos =_$ CA Residents add
7. 75% Tax $ Shipping and Handling S Total Due $ Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to-use page layout capabilities, and state-of-the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. With Final Copy II you get the same great looking output produced in expensive desktop publishing programs. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy Ips graphic features include: object-oriented, structured tools for drawing boxes, ovals, lines, arrow-tipped lines, and rounded cornered boxes; graphic object color fill, line weight and line color; ability to import IFF ILBM pictures and brushes including 24 bit ILBM and HAM; real-time text flow around any graphic; graphic sizing; cropping; object locking; and graphic depth arranging. SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 1(800)247-8314 Circle 4B on Reader Service card f inal Copy II s outline lont features include: 35 outline typefaces; font sizing from 4 to 300 points; variable line spacing; compressed and expanded character widths; underline, strikethru, and small caps styles; superscript and subscripts; positive and negative text obliqing; and color text. Final Copy Ifs user interface features include: command ribbon; real-time scrolling; Arexx port; magnified and reduced editable page views; user preferences; WB 2.0 look and feel; mouse zooming; mouse document panning; horizontal and vertical rulers, and page guides. Say good-bye to jagged-edged printouts, Your documents will look more polished and professional than ever before. Final Copy II is an excellent investment for your software library. FlNAl 0)1-1 i-fwrvtmrvg f =« :envfeHK* cy
* Tr«g. TofttCT. Sp-JM Wo*©t tr.rnr-Lm-T,« osar*cn r m raiVT-rr. Tphrne !•€** -tot* ID* JLULV. A REASON r- *¦ auiafeAii
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- t* 3TST Sf7*rW»» 'il a* gin ¦tair. . Iswv i lM»pr 3 «*i irt? 4raMrMNIh«i «cu Riivxrt J'-ira*p V? Rpj’tB mwvUJ! M.m Ar XrtiiJ i H rv« l M*.i i »i.' -xi4 *.*rv V*4ib ra-i» • « ft- VU-* ». Fln- Ctfvr *1' voir sar-Jtri ¦ft-* t.* r*Tk,wtw u ir ir.i tjzm. Thi* You want a document that reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a M l,000 word speller. 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math, mail-merge. Automatic hyphenation, and user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. Legibility n junrm Readability Typographic clarity comes in two fla- Studies and Reports Even Most of us have heard about legibility and readability studies ond their resulting reports. You know, the ones Differ- that iypophiles refer to when they discuss legibility or readability, ond supposedly answer all questions about these two topics. Well, referring to these reports and actually trying to use them can bo two very different thi In fact, Jusl trying to find them is cult. Vors: legibility and readability. Though much of the community treats them as are not interchangeable terms typographic s such, they ent typefaces have varying degrees ol legibility, while typography should be readable. Legibility is generally considered to be the ability to distinguish one letter from another In a particular typeface design. Readability, on the other hand, ts the degree of ease with which typography can be read. As a result, it is possible to use a highly legible typeface and creote unreadable typography. White corefully constructed, readobe typography cannot restore missing legibility to a typeface design, if can enhance the message presented by a less than idea! Typeface. For practical purposes, the definitions are no! Oil that important. What is Importanl Is that you ore av are of the factors thal can aftect typeface legibility, and the ways readability can be enhanced - or reduced - through typographic arrangement. Final Copy's1” graphic support is the best there is in any Amiga© word processor. Place IFP
ll. LiM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy's1 M structured drawing tools. Flow text around or on top of anv graphic in a document. Things, dim- They are not in neatly bound volumes readily purchased at the local bookstore. Chances are. Unless you itve in a big city, your public library doesn't have them. Teachers of the communication arts do not often make them available to their students. Ond manufacturers of typesetting and printing equipment do not Include them in their corporate libraries. So what and where are these mythical studies? For the most part, they were published as articles In trade journals and schol arty magazines, and they nol normally Intended for ty- ers or graphic communlco- Fducators. Technical writers, journalists and the like, were their usual tar- nisi Hgt jL • iv* .1. Tfli ly w.¦ ! ¦ -: kfara r.: ri jtw h ?•* li-iy., ‘¦•-l FTTtwBAan'irfl .i «i3]--idir: unJs.n*wjr*
p. i c3En j chKi rr no* anl r a;imm;«trv > bj uv>m BBBBBB pci Ha S-S3-V- 1 3* i*, r'.H’i-, ft". Tit • K ¦*• KHAUV A ECMON rs aitj jImmi w 't;» > w th* i
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r. «t*» i -r- M yi aKi u,«.i 11 .di . V ore _•» nr s. Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and welt-planned manner, fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use. Comparison Outline Fonts Style Master Line, Box, Oval PostScript™ Thesaurus Speller Automatic Chart Included Sheets Pages Drawing Tools Support Responses Words Hyphenation
1. 4 million 144,000 Excellent Final Copy II ProWrite 3.3 300,000 100.000 Limited Comparison Snaking 24 Bit Editable Outline Font Print 1 pg. Math Outline Fonts Print Chart Columns ILBM Support Page Views Processing Document Support 1.3 and 2.0 Quality bxcelient 53 sec. 25*400% Rnal Copy II 2 min, 5 sec. ProWrite 3,3* System Requirements: -Amiga® with al least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives. For years, the Amiga* name has been synonymous with multimedia. We've j j proven to the world that when you combine the brilliance of video, audio, and animation with a computer, incredible things can happen. Well, now that the world has finally caught on to the concept, Commodore takes the medium to an entirely new level: With the all-new Amiga 4000. The A 4000 frees you to do more multimedia computing for less than any other personal computer. It empowers you to create exciting professional television effects, stimulating interactive training programs, and more powerful presentations like never before A That’s because the Amiga is the only computer designed as a multimedia machine from the ground up. Which means the A4000 doesn’t suffer the handicaps other so-called multimedia machines endure. There is no need for costly, cumbersome add-ons, no need to kludge together potentially incom- 1992 Commodore Business Machines. Inc Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Comrrccore Electronics Ltd Am ga and Amiga DOS are regisl U S through an authorized Commodore-Am ga dealer. Customer activation required Some Odtional programs require a charge MS-DOS is a registered trademark of patible components. So it gives you spectacular multimedia performance right out of the box, at a price that keeps the cost of imagination very realistic. Fi 1 led with high-resolution graphics simultaneously displayed in up to 256,000 colors from a palette of over 16.8 million hues. You gain a heightened ability to create exciting graphics with full video overscan. And you attain the freedom to create complex animations at a full 30 Frames Per Second, not at 15 FPS. You even have the option of choosing from a The Amiga 4000 r 11 i • features the powerful spectrum of high resolution Jnew Mowro|*.. modes while Still main- '"Coprocessor. Taining NTSC scan rate capability. All this multimedia muscle, of course, comes through true design elegance. At the heart of every A4000 lies our new, unique, custom coprocessors, the Advanced
• w00 *I 1 I Graphics _ Architecture™ chip set, __ and the latest mulli- * tasking operating system, Amiga DOS™ 3.0. Add to this Motorola's thundering expandability, compatibil- ity, and the capability for f5T (-r hundreds of business applications. In fact, the A4000 even VyAb fits seamlessly into whatever AV y operating system you're currently using by coexisting and communicating with your Macintosh® or MS-DOS computers in a Novell® network With a dedicated chi for audio, the A 4000 sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. 68040 Chip (which other computer companies consider to he enough on its I own), and not only is the A4000 blind- ; ingly quick, it literally gives you true y workstation power. _ 01 course, there’s much more to the A 4000 than just being the ultimate
* ¦3? Tool for creativity. It also comes with a large capacity hard drive, and a
1. 76 MB dual speed high 7 density floppy j? Drive which, combined with L I'm C% 1 Cross-DOS, allows you to K it r-S ' Lj read and write MS-DOS® liles. H And a design that allows for Sand we back all this technology up with a potent service package that is second to none: Including a 24 hour hotline and optional on-site To find out more about Commodore Multimedia and the all-new Amiga 4000, call 1-800-66-AMIGA. (In Canada, call 1-800-66 I-AMIGA.) ======£=t=» We'll show you an outstanding performance that will certainly bring you to vour feet. C- Commodore AMIGA idemarfcs of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Products available on GSA schedule GS-OOK-91-AGS-5069 'With optional hardware software. “Available only on systems purchased in the :5ft, Inc. Novell is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. Macintosh :s a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola. Inc. Circle 9 on Reader Service card. R E VI E Professional Draw 3.0 Gold Disk, $ 199.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. High-level structured drawing.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB RAM, hard drive. Recommended system: 2MB RAM, hard drive, Arexx. Stylus Inc., $ 299.95 $ 89.95. Hard-drive installable. ProVector 2.1, PSImport 1.0 Structured drawing and Post* Script file manipulation. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible; FFP version included. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, Arexx. Both Professional Draw 3.0 and Pro Vector 2.1 implement structured drawing and PostScript, but with different emphasis. While ho- (essiunal Draw 3.0 excels at structured drawing, ProVector 2.1 proves to be the most help with PostScript output and exchanges. Professional to the Core Pro Draw has, arguably, the best user interlace of any personal computer for creating Bezier curves. In Pro Draw, unlike other programs, all the deselected anchor points and oars (the control points protruding on either side of a line) leave white afterimages on the gray background that you can refer to while you are dragging an oar or anchor point. Similarly, when von drag an oar to alter the curve ? J n of a line, you can clearly see both the initial curve and the new curve. If you decide that you prefer the original curve, simply press the Esc key to abort the change. Even the Mac's venerable Adobe Illustrator doesn’t offer this convenience. So, what has version 3.0 brought to this superb drawing tool? First, Pro Draw 3.0 finally has Undo and Redo commands. In addition, it lets you import 24-hit bitmaps and rotate and scale them with the same tools you use to manipulate drawings. You can now double-click on the Rectangle tool to set a radius for rounded corners. To speed screen redraws,
3. 0 lets you keep some objects in wireframe format while viewing others in WYSIWYG. To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the ''Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 104. One of the biggest additions is the Function Genie tool, which allows you to access many Arexx scripts. When you execute one, a message explaining what you should do next is displayed at the top of the screen. One of these Genies moves only selected points on a line, another allows you to position an object at an exact layer, and so on. I hey are very useful, but the Function Genie tool has usurped the place of the Hand Move tool. File latter was always a bit unpredictable, but it came in handy in case you needed to nudge a page a hit in some direction. Gold Disk has also improved text handling somewhat. You can now edit text directly on the page, although it goes a bit slowly. Treating a small text file and importing it is usually the better method especially because Pro Draw still does not have the ability to change a font once the text is on the page. If you want to change the font or the tracking, you must delete the text and import it again. One disappointment: Because the manual staled that you can access characters from the extended character set by pressing the Alt key and entering the ASCII value on the keypad, I thought I would finally he able to use true left and right double quotation marks, hut, sadly, they are still not available. I he Font Manager program supplied with Pro Draw 3.(1 is an extremely valuable addition to the package. It allows you to convert Type 1 PostScript fonts into Gonipugraphic format, which you can use for high-quality screen displays and dot-matrix printouts with both Pro Draw and Professional Page. II you want to use PostScript clip art, however, Pro Draw will not help you; on the other hand, Pro Vector will. Rhythm of a Different Drummer ProVector 2.1 is a breed of its own. Most structured drawing programs won’t let yon work in WYSIWYG mode, but in ProVector, you do everything in that mode, with all the colors and line weights displayed. Contrary to the norm, ProVector has no wireframe mode. Most structured-drawing programs require an extra step to make a corner when you draw curved lines. ProVector’s primary drawing tool operates in the reverse fashion: You have to go back and adjust your curved line (a simple enough procedure) if you want your linejoins to be contiguous or tangential. Alternatively, its Smooth Polygon tool automatically creates averaged smooth cunes for your whole line (you do not have to drag anything while you are drawing the line). You can later edit the oars a bit. ProVector’s drawing tools are unusual, but they have a surprisingly pleasant feel to them, especially the primary drawing tool. When you drag the mouse, you drag out an oar from the previous anchor point; when you let go, the oar from the current point is attached to your cursor. Click again to put it in position. The Rectangle tool can actually create polygons with any number of sides, and. Likewise, the Circle tool can generate arcs and pic- shaped wedges. The program comes with some ready-made pattern fills and allows you to create your own (displaying them slows down the program). You can also control ProVector via Arexx to automatically build graphs and charts from databases. While its tools for creating graphs, charts, diagrams, and simple illustrations are excellent, I found several of Pro Vector's line-editing procedures difficult. When 1 “uncurve” a point on a line, I expect the oars to retract into the point, and not transform into additional points. Similarly, the Make Curve command does not cause oars to spring out of the point; instead, it turns the two adjacent points into oars. Luckily, the supplied Arexx macros oiler an alternative to these methods. ProVector has some other convenient features: You can scale or rotate an object simply by typing a number and ending with the appropriate keystroke. You can set any number of undo levels and cut and paste from multiple windows. You can pm elements of your drawing on separate layers and temporarily hide them, as in a CAD program. The Change tool lets you be veiy specific about painting a particular object with the current default settings or vice versa. In the case of merged objects (objects with holes in them), however, the default settings I made seemed to affect the object immediately, rather than waiting for the signal from the Change tool. PostScript Pro ProVector 2. Is exemplary PostScript skills come from an add-on module called PS Import, which lets you import PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript files. For my many test drawings, the module has performed very well. If it encounters an unfamiliar command, it displays an error message. When you click Okay, it continues importing the file. ProVector 2.1 cannot recognize filled open objects, so it closes them by drawing a border all the way around. Similarly, it cannot recognize lines with caps other than joins, so it simplifies those tines when it encounters them. The module also imports PostScript Type 1 fonts, but without kerning information and at somewhat the wrong aspect ratio. The Stylus representatives who were very helpful in answering technical-sup- port questions said that the developers were working on solving these problems, The differences between Fro Vector's and Pro
• 1 mign 11 or Id 21 If you can imagine it, GVP’s ImageEX can make it come to life. If you’re serious about image processing for any need photography, graphics, video, animation, and more one look at ImageFX will tell you it’s a product you absolutely must have! ImageFX is faster, easier to use, more expandable, more adaptable and more powerful than any other product of it's kind for the Amiga®. ? Scan in or framegrab from virtually any image capturing device directly into your Amiga. ? Use vour Amiga as an image prepress, color correction system including, CMYK, RGB. HSYandYUV. ? Digitally retouch any image with the most complete set of filters, color gradients, image distortions, masks, and text handling tools available. ? Automatically convert from virtually all image file formats, (IFF, VMM, TARGA". TIFF, IMPULSE A RENDITION’’, SCULPT, and GIF to name a few), ? Create true, full motion "morphing’ animations just like diey use in movies, commercials and music videos. ? Make your own add-on features with kill Arexx and C programming language support If you want the most exciting and v ersatile image processing system ev er, ImageFX Is a must buy ! GYP'S CineMorpfTgives your AMIGA graphics and animations new magical powers at an affordable price! If you need ImogeFX Morphing power alone, GneMorph is for you* When it comes to transforming an image, or images, from one into another, GVPS GneMorph is easy enough to be used by novices, yet offers professional quality "morph" results. ? Worp single or motion images, create full motion morphs, merge scenes, and perform digital dissolves ? Set different speeds for different parts of the morph.
• r ? Work quickly and easily with Amiga style controls, then output directly to any Amiga, Dclv, or HAM-E* systems induding 24-bit display boards like GVP s IV24~. If you’re looking only for morphing effects, join the rev olution... buy GneMorph. Amiga ii i rrgiurml ir»icmi i: a (jmnn r-.Armgi, Irt InagrF*.CincMorph. mJ IV24 am intjemufcs ei Gtt*f VJIry Pnaiutti. Ire. Ah other trademirk* am th- property of their mpettmsovaere. C Copt nght 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc. R E V I E VV S Draw’s PostScript support becomes apparent when you try to import a Pro Draw PostScript print 1 lie into ProVector. Pro Draw’s PostScript file can address only 100 steps of gradation, while ProVector can address PostScript’s lull 256 steps. For example, if you want a light-blue sky gradation as a background, Pro Draw will show visible steps in it, while ProVector will not. Before saving the PostScript (or Encapsulated PostScript) file from Pro Draw, you should convert all lines to Filled No-Line- Weight objects; you can reset the line weights and colors after you import the File into ProVector. So using ProVector with PS Import, you can access the art created by Professional Draw and all of the PostScript clip art available in the Mac and MS-DOS markets. Just be sure, when you are using small text and detailed illustrations, to use the fast floating-point-math version of ProVector for greater accuracy. Also, note that ProVector 2.1 lacks the ability to describe the screen density and angle for Einotronic black-and-white prints. Overall, Professional Draw 3.0 rates an A+ for its drawing ability, but gets poor marks for communication because it cannot read PostScript files. In the same vein, Gold Disk is not helping to open channels of communication by releasing an MS-DOS Professional Draw that cannot read the files from its Amiga cousin. If you want to import PostScript clip art into a desktop-publishing program, ProVector 2.1 and PSImport is certainly the combination for you. While I have criticized some of its drawing procedures, ProVector applies good, innovative ideas to structured drawing. Jim Silks A2386SX Bridgeboard Commodore Business Machines, S959. A2000, A3000 A3000T. 2.0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB of RAM. Recommended system: 1+MB of RAM. Internal IBM slot. Installation: moderate. Hard-drive installable software. Not copy protected. Emulates an IBM 2386SX; runs MS-DOS and Windows software. X A Jhcn the Amiga 2000 was released in 1987, Commodore VV supplied PC compatibility via an internal board that “bridged” the machine’s Amiga-only and PC-only slots. 'The first Bridgeboard provided a 4.77-MHz XT-compatible PC. The A2286 Bridgeboard upped the ante with an 8-MHz AT- compatible connection to the PC world. Commodore’s latest offering, the A2386SX, propels the Bridgeboard squarely into the 90s. Rev It Up The A2386SX, which is available in either a 16- or 20-MHz configuration, provides you with the power to use the plethora of IBM-compatible software currently available. Included on the board is a socket for an optional 80387SX math coprocessor; one megabyte of RAM (with room to expand to eight megs); a battery-backed-up real-time clock and calendar; the ability to use your existing Amiga drives simultaneously with both AmigaDOS and MS-DOS; an external connection for attaching a standard Amiga external disk drive for the Bridge- board’s exclusive use; a speaker; and a four-pin DIN connector that the manual states can be used for future external control options. Software is the fuel that makes the A2386SX fly. The board i If you think you’re good at games, then let’s have some real fun. When you’re online with Genie® Multi-Player Games, you’re playing real people, in real time. Some of the best players around the world. ? Splash a bandit in Air Warrior0, and you’ve just taken out eight other guys, who’ll be back gunning for you. Blast a MechWarrior* in MultiPlayer BattleTech™, and who knows? Could be that jerk from the coast. Could be a mercenary who’s looking for a few good friends, d With Genie, the possibilities are endless, the people are terrific, and even the prices are competitive. So put some new life into your joystick, and sign on. We’ll see just how good you are. ? Sign up now: I. Set your modem for half duplex (focal echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud.
2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369, Upon connection, enter HHH 3. At the U - prompt, enter XTX993I3, Amiga92 then press RETURN 4, Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready. ? For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO BE CHALLENGING. Wqrfeia rtp 'PuT (vj ha$ O t. Genie. Multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS lagggma i corporation Air Warrior is a registered trademark and Stellar Emporer is a trademark of Kesmal Corporation. Multiplayer Bottlolcch is a trademark and MechWarrior and Battle?lech are registered trademarks ot FASA Corporation. MuttiPlayof Botttelech available only for IBM PC s and compatibles. R i; v i i: w s comes with MS-DOS 5.0 (including a manual) and version 2.0 of the [anus software, [anus emulates the 1*C keyboard on the Amiga; allows the Bridge- board to access a printer connected to the Amiga’s parallel port; utilizes a standard Amiga monitor to create PC MDA mono or CGA color video displays in an AmigaDOS window; creates a “virtual’1 PC: hard drive on an Amiga hard disk or allows access to up to seven Amiga partitions on a PC hard disk; uses the Amiga mouse with PC programs; and copies files between the PC and Amiga. Janus
2. 0. Compatible with both AmigaDOS 1,3 and 2.0, adds Amiga software to share an Amiga printer connected to the serial port and the “ilipper” software needed to share an Amiga disk drive with the PC. The Bridgeboard installation should not be difficult if you feel comfortable putting internal expansion boards in your Amiga, While the manual contains excellent instructions lor installing the board in the Amiga 2000, 3000, or 3000T, it cautions that your warranty is voided unless an authorized Commodore dealer service center performs the installation. And watch your creative ideas come to life. Aladdin 4D is the most advanced, flexible and intuitive 3D rendering and animation software for the Amiga. Ride the magic carpet on a journey through your dreams as you create spectacular images and animations never before possible. Ff you have been searching for 1001 nights and don't want to spend the treasure of the Forty Thieves, pick up the phone, call one of our genies and use the first of your three wishes on our free illustrated brochure. Want your second wish? Replace your tarnished lamp! Upgrade to Aladdin 4D from any Amiga graphics package for only $ 219.00. Call for more details. Own the genie! Aladdin 4D Adspec Programming
P. O. Box 13 • Salem, OH 44460
(216) 337-3325 I had no difficulty installing the A2386SX. The first step was to decide the types of disk drives I wanted to use. I opted to share the Amiga's till: drive and set the A2386SX's jumpers accordingly. I next installed the supplied cable between dfl: and the A2386SX and inserted the board in my A2000’s first three-slot bridge connector. An important design difference between the A2386SX and the A2286 AT bridge is that the former has no daughterboard. Where the A2286's daughterboard covered the adjacent slot, the A2386SX leaves it free for use. Installing the Janus software and creating a virtual PC hard disk on my Amiga hard drive was even easier. Janus 2.0 uses the new Commodore installer to copy all of the required files to their proper spots on the Amiga boot disk. If you want a virtual hard drive, the installer asks you for the desired size and then automatically creates it. This is a significant improvement over the previous version of Janus, which required vou to perform the installation manually. Janus 2.0 also uses an improved PCPrefs to configure the PC video display, turn the PC speaker on or off, and configure the PC disk drives. Getting the PC side of the house up and running was also a snap. The first time you use the A2386SX, vou need to
* i establish the PC configuration using the built-in set-up utility, which configures the A2386SX’s clock calendar, disk drives, video, speed, and memory. After you’ve established the board's configuration, you reboot the PC and insert the MS-DOS install disk. MS-DOS 5.0 automatically looks at your configuration, formats the hard drive and installs itself on the newly formatted drive. Operation Normal The A2386SX is one speedy little PC! Commodore supplied a 20-MHz version of the board for testing. According to Norton Utilities’ SI program, a leading benchmark for testing PC speed, the A2386SX ran at 21.4 times the speed of an IBM XT. For comparison, I ran SI on an IBM 386SX clone running at 16 Mhz. SI rated the done at a 17.6. I noticed a speed lag on the A2386SX only when using the Amiga’s video to emulate a CGA color PC screen. This is understandable, because the video is passed from the PC to the Amiga. The problem was completely solved by adding an inexpensive VGA card to one of my Amiga’s PC slots and connecting a multisync monitor. With the advent of Windows-based software, a VGA adapter is nearly a necessity with the Bridge- ? Win an Ami expression Introducing Art Expression, the Amiga Illustrator Art Expression is the most powerful drawing program ever designed for the Amiga. It allows you to warp and distort text like never before. You can run text around a curve, warp it inside shapes and edit it in any way. Ait Expression even has color blends and shape metamorphosis! Rotate. Skew, Blend, Stretch. Fill and Edit. Text and objects are completely under your control so you can create whatever you imagine. Change colors, edit character shapes, create transparent holes, and transform objects. Art Expression has the most sophisticated drawing and editing tools of any Amiga drawing program. Compatibility Art Expression can use any of the thousands of available PostScript Type ! Fonts. You can load and edit IFF DR2D, Aegis and Adobe Illustrator files for compatibility with Amiga, Mac and PC standards. Save your illustrations in DR2D or PostScript for use with PageStream, Sign Engine, ProVector and other programs. More Value Out of the Box You get a lot of value when you buy Am Expression. Not only do you get the leading Amiga illustrator, you also get BME trace at no extra charge. BME allows you to touchup and crop pictures, and to convert your bitmap pictures to jaggy-free structured drawings automatically. You also get 35 PostScript fonts and two illustrated manuals with a “cookbook" of examples. And when you send in your registration card, we'll mail you a disk of more free PostScript fonts and clip am! Win an Amiga 4000! Enter the Am Expression Design Contest to be eligible to win an incredible Amiga 4000! There are lots of other great prizes, including our entire 3000 piece Graphic Library, fifty Graphic and Typeface Library volumes, plus Am Expression T-shirts! Get your copy of Am Expression and enter today! Contest details are included in the Art Expression package and are available on request. Soft-Losik Publishing • 1-800-829-8608 ATIA Since 1955 v
2. 2 Only $ 249.95 PowerUpfrom any version of Professional Draw, ProVector, Expert Draw or PageStream for only SI 25 until Dec. 31, 1992. Call for details. Art Expression and PageStream are registered trademark* or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. All other trademarks are the property of their respective ow ners. An Expression Design Contest ends April 30.1993. R E VIEW S board. The addition of a VGA card also solved a bug in Janos 2.(Vs color display that causes the window to resize to a half screen every time a program changes graphics modes. (Commodore reports it is working on a less expensive solution to this problem.) 1 tested a variety of PC software, including WordPerfect 5.1, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, Microsoft Excel, and the PC version of Electronic Arts* DeluxePaint, as well as Windows 3.0. I was unable to test Windows 3.1 without a PC-compatible high-density drive, because Microsoft was unable to furnish a version on 720K disks in time to complete this review. However, another A2386SX user with a high-density drive reports he is running Windows
3. 1 without difficulty. If you’re looking to add PC compatibility to your Amiga’s many talents, the A2386SX is a stellar performer. At a list price of$ 959, however, the Bridgeboard competes with a complete IBM PC 38fiSX-compatible system bundled with a VGA monitor and hard drive. Unless desk space is truly critical, a complete 386SX-compatible system might be a wiser investment. Bob Eller excellence! 3.0 Micro-Systems Software, $ 99.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Heavy-duty word processing; simple page layout. 68030 ACCELERATION VXL30&RAM-32 AND 32-BIT WIDE RAM Hmt «*U rnx ism JiCTlS-St ww v-m
* .159x0611 Cost-effective, high-performance system acceleration for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. VXL-30 uses the low cost 68EC030 or the standard, MMU-bearing 68030. True asynchronous design supports versions at 25MHz and 40MHz. Installs into the Amiga's 68000 socket (and the 68000 is re-installed in VXL-30). Accepts the 68882 math chip. User upgradeable. Compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.04 systems. Cold-boot jumper selection as 68030 or as 68000. Warm boot software selection as 68030 or 68000. Supports separate VXL RAM-32 Memory board with 2 or 8 megabytes of Fast Page Mode RAM with Burst capability. RAM autoconfigs in the Amiga FASTRAM space and is DMA-able; can be mapped high; supports mapping Kickstart to 32-bit RAM even without MMU. RAM-32 has alternate Kickstart ROM socket for optional 2.04 ROM. RAM-32 is also accessible (16-bits wide) in 68000 mode. Performance of VXL30 RAM-32 as a system is equal to an Amiga 3000 at 25MH2 and about fifty percent faster than an A3000 when a 40MHz processor and math chip are installed (speed comparisons based on averaging of sixteen standard benchmarks in AIBB 4.5). Typical raytrace times at 25MHz (using Impulse's Imagine) are sixteen times faster than with the basic 68000. VXL-30 is the price leader in affordable. 68030 acceleration. Available notv from your Amiga deafer. MicroBotics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081 ‘Amiga 500V Am ga 200D’ and "Hicksian* are registered trademarks o = Commodore-Amga. ’VXL-30" and "VXL RAM-32" are MercBctcs, Inc. trademarks. Kindwords 3 The Disc Company,S124.95 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Entry-level word processing. One of the Amiga’s oldest word processors, excellence! Has never really lived up to its name until now. Version
3. 0 may have finally reached world-class status, at least among Amiga software. Another recent update, Kindwords 3.0, has not aged as well. Excellence! 3.0: A New Standard? Sporting a new 2.0 look (even under Workbench 1.3), excellence! Is an attractive program. It opens a full-featured but conservative ruler atop the screen and lets you toggle many display options, such as margins, paragraph markers, and the ruler. You configure its resolution from the Preferences requester, excellence! Even has built-in support for virtual memory, so if you have a hard drive, you can work on files greater than your available memory would normally permit. Timed saves, one of the more significant features added to version 3.0, are handled elegantly. Besides specifying a time interval for excellence! To save your work, you can also tell it to warn you of an impending save by beeping. If you want to abort the save and avoid inadvertently overwriting important data, press the Escape key. As a further precaution, excellence! Will back up the current file before a timed save, and you can specify as many back-up levels as you like. Now you can even have an audit trail of large documents that effortlessly retains every incremental version in case you need to go hack to something written and “discarded” a week ago! ? Professional Digital Sound for Your Video, Music, and Radio Productions Finally, true CD quality 16 bit audio is available for your Amiga! SunRize’s new AD516 gives you eight tracks, plus a time code reader and a DSP chip. Included with the AD516 is Studio 16 version 2.0. This new release of our popular 16 bit editing software puts a complete sound studio on your desk! European Representatives. FINLAND Power Computers +358 (18) 781 8992. FRANCE Storm +33 1) 43 57 46 57 GERMANY AS&S +49 1069) S 48 81 30. ITALY AP&S +39 (0432) 759264 SPAIN PiXel-SOFT *34 (088) 71 27 00. SWEDEN DisplayData +46 (0457) 503 80 SWITZERLAND Microtron +41 (032) 872429. UNITED KINGDOM H3 Marketing +44 (0753) 686000 Studio 16 ii a trademark of SunRi'f Industries. Video Toaster is a trademark ofSewTrk. Inc. Amiga is a trademark of CBS1 AD516 The AD516 hardware provides stereo in out connectors, plus a SMPTE in. Just plug your VTR, CD player, radio, tape deck, or other audio source directly in. Then record in stereo, direct to hard disk, with 16 bits at sampling rates up to 48,000 samples per second. Plus, the AD516’s efficient design allows 8 track playback direct from hard disk. The AD516 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24, 25, 29.97, and 30 fps (drop or non-drop frame). Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD516 offers 15Hz to 22KHz frequency response and 85dB dynamic range. Video Production The Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do you want to do ADR or voice-overs? Do you need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps, door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do you need to fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can you edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16’s cue list and SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably, at the same spot, every time. Or you can slip your audio effects, trying them at different spots. And since Studio 16 plays directly off hard disk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Mixer and Meters Each of Studio 16’s eight tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems, Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record two tracks while playing up to eight! Waveform Editor The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and allows you to cut, copy, and paste audio. Up to eight samples can be edited per window. And edits can be non-destructive or permanent. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, echo, normalize, loop FFT, resample, and many other functions are available. Named regions can be defined and used in the cue list or transport modules. DSP Supercharger The AD516 includes a special sound coprocessor - the advanced 2105 DSP. The DSP allows Studio 16 to handle those eight tracks while performing real time mixing. The DSP can also do high quality 16 bit effects such as echo, flange, delay and chorus. Low Prices, High Performance Studio 16 2.0 comes with either the AD516(16 bit, 8 track, stereo, SI495 list) or the AD1012 (12 bit 4 track, mono, S595 list). Also available is the DD524 digital I O card for direct interface to DAT. Call today a free Studio 16 information packet Tel: (408)374-4962. Fax: (408)374-4963. The program is chock full of other new features, as well. Bookmarks, a handy addition, are the electronic equivalent of paper scraps to tuck between important pages in a large document for easy location. As for page-layout options, what modern word processor would be complete without multiple columns? Excellence! Allows up to eight. It also includes a generously large dictionary and thesaurus not to mention a grammar checker. (This review clocks in at an 1 lth- grade reading level, and I seem to use fewer sentences in the passive voice than typical life-insurance policies.) When you’re ready to print, you can even see what you are about to get with a page- preview function. REVIEWS One particularly nice feature is the ability to work on a file with requesters open. Usually, the spell checker or find replace requester locks you out of the word processor itself; in excellence!, you can continue to edit the current document while it is on screen. One of the best reasons to buy excel- lence!, however, is its ability to quickly and easily generate an automatic table of contents and index. This invaluable function was previously available only excellence! 3.0’s grammar checker provides interactive output. The best way to protect your data is to back it up. Ami-Back takes care of your data. Ami-Back Tools takes care of the drives you store it on. Maybe a friend already gave you that adv ice. Or maybe you teamed its value on your own. Either way, keeping that rule in mind will save you a lot of headaches, heartbreaks, and hassles. The best way to back up your data is to use the best backup program: Ami Back v2.0. With Ami-Back, you can be sure that your data is safe. And with Ami- Back’s sharp interface, making the kind of backups you want is a real snap. All of Ami-Back’s features are at your fingertips. Intelligent data compression that doesn't slow you down. Multiple backups on single tapes. 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* » • To upgrade to Ami-Back v2.0, users of any other backup program may send their orignal disk and $ 39 + S3 shipping and handling. To upgrade to Ami-Back Tools, users of any other disk utilities program may send their original disk and $ 39 + $ 3 s&h. » « « For orders from outside the U.S., please enclose S7 for shipping and handling, and send payment in U.S. funds. Credit card or monev orders onlv from outside the U.S. Moonlighter Software Development. Inc. 3208-C E. Colonial Dr., Suite 204. Orlando, Florida 32803 Phone: (407) 384-9484 FAX: (407) 384-9391 Keeping your drives in top condition is essential for trouble-free computing. If you're like most computer users you don’t store data simply for the pleasure of having data, you constantly use it. That usage takes its toll on your system. Files become fragmented and sometimes lost. System performace is degraded. Productivity is out the window. Enter Ami-Back Tools, a collection of disk utilities designed to keep your floppy and hard drives performing flawlessly. The GP. A sophisticated disk optimizer ensures your data is stored as efficiently as possible, and the Disk Analyst examines your disks for potential problems and repairs them when the need arises. 911-Recovery recovers deleted data from crashed disks, while the Antiseptic clears your disk of everything. The Lab Test lets you check and compare checksums for file corruption and virus protection. All these programs are tied together by the Administrator which allows you to set up, schedule, and perform any or all of these tests with unmatched ease and ultimate flexibility. Ami-Back Ami-Back Tools Anti-Back Plus Tools $ 79.95 msrp $ 79.95 msrp $ 129.95 msrp Kindwords 3 offers a large toolbox for common commands. In Amiga WordPerfect, an undesirable choice for many word-processing tasks, excellence! Is about as full-featured and intuitive as you are likely to see on this J side of AmigaDOS. It even includes extensive macro support with Arexx and an easy-to-use “Glossary” (a user stockpile of macro commands). In a nutshell, excellence! Does just about everything you might want or expect in a word processor. It doesn't do everything perfectly, however. It cannot change die case of words with a keystroke. Its Insert Literal function is marginal. It doesn't show you what the actual charac- j ters are in a given font,blit only what they would be in the standard character set not terribly useful for finding the penguin shape in your Symbols font. Lastly, I felt betrayed by the box, which proudly proclaimed “ASL Compatible Font File Requesters.” It turns out that excellence! Doesn’t actually use the ASL library at all. Instead, MSS has inexplicably provided ASL look-alikes, preventing you from using a single, standard requester in all your Workbench 2.0 software. Kindwords 3; Starter Kit It would take very little tweaking to make excellence! The finest electronic typewrit- Continued on p. 72. ASDG is not the first to advertise "cinematic quality morphing" for the Commodore Amiga®. Having seen the other products, there's obviously more than one way to define that term. Finally! True Cinematic Quality Morphing For The Amiga®! To us, "cinematic quality morphing" means these things:
• Morphing must be fast. In a production environment, time is money. ASDG's MorphPlus" is the fastest morphing product available for the Commodore Amiga®. MorphPlus powers through complicated full overscan morphs 3 to 11 times faster than the other products. Fastest ...MorphPlus”' Easiest-To-Use ...MorphPlus”' Highest Quality .MorphPlus''''
• Morphing must be easy. Experts in the field praise the intuitive design of the MorphPlus user interface which lets them create sophisticated full motion morphs in minutes instead of weeks.
• Morphing must be high quality (so that it truly can be used for cinematic or professional video applications). MorphPlus " is already in use in Hollywood productions, replacing high end systems. This is what we mean by "cinematic quality morphing." If these are the criteria you would use, then MorphPlus is the choice you should make. See it at your local dealer! 925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713 608 273-6585 What's And More! Meet the future of computing: Commodore’s new 68040-based computer that features a new processor, a new DOS, and a dynamic new chip set. Prepare to expand your horizons with the exciting graphics potential of this colorful machine.
V) Xnvaiihn I BY LOU WALLACE Ok SEVERAL YEARS, Amiga users and developers have been clamoring for a major upgrade to the Amiga custom chips. During this time, the Mac and MS- DOS systems equaled, and then surpassed, die Amiga’s graphic-display system in terms of both resolution and number of colors. Because of the increased emphasis on multimedia and desktop video, the Amiga’s screen size, number of colors and total palette became limiting factors. Although third-party developers have filled the void with sophisticated 24-bit display cards, this hardware is aimed mostly at static displays, is basically unsupported by the Amiga's operating system, and has had little impact on most of us in our day-to-day applications. It has become evident that change is needed. And I'm pleased to say that this fall a real change is coming to the Amiga. The first sign of this renaissance is an entirely new machine, the Amiga 4000! The lirst public demonstration of the A4000 was scheduled last month for the World of Commodore show in Pasadena. The A4000 is the most significant upgrade to come out of Commodore. It boasts many additions and changes, the most significant of which concerns its graphic display. The A4000 is the first of a new line of Amigas to incorporate the AA (Advanced Architecture) graphic chip set. Which immensely expands the Amiga’s graphic potential. Hie AA (called “Double A") chips are Alice, Lisa, and Paula. While Paula is essentially unchanged, the other two are full replacements for the Agnus and Denise chips. A4000 Specifics The A4000 is the first in a new line of Amiga computers to take advantage of these new chips. It is also the lirst Amiga to be based on the 68040 processor. Interestingly, there is no CPU on the motherboard. Instead, the .VI000 CPU resides on a plug-in card that installs in the 200-pin processor slot. This approach means that the 32-bit A4000 is completely configurable at the dealer level. While the initial version is a 25-MHz 68040, as other processor cards become available, you will be able to buy (or upgrade to) faster 68040s, custom CPUs, or even future high-performance processors like the 68060. Internally, the A4000 has four Amiga Z.orro I I I 11 slots as well as three PC AT slots. As with earlier models, though, using some PC! Slots precludes using other slots for Amiga cards. As in the A3000, the video slot is in line with one of the Amiga slots. This arrangement will encourage development of specialty video cards (much like Cheat Valley Products’ IV24 multimedia video package). 'The CPU case is a hit larger than that of the A3000, hut not as big as the A2000’s. 1 here is room inside for two floppy drives and two hard disks; an external floppy connector is available for more drives. In addition, the front drive bay can accommodate a 5.25-inch disk device, allowing you to mount large internal hard drives, CD-ROMs, or other removable media. A 120MB IDE hard disk is standard. For those who want access to SCSI devices, an optional 32-bit SCSI-11 controller card will be available. Interestingly, the included floppy drive is a high-density 3.5-inch unit that can read and write in either 880K or 1.7MB modes, and can read and write to standard MS-DOS formatted disks. Like the A3000, memory expansion in the A4000 allows a total of 18MB on the motherboard two megs of chip and 16 megs of 32-bit RAM. You can add more via plug-in cards. The base configuration of the A4000 includes 2MB of chip RAM and 4MB of 32-bit RAM, although this is subject to change. AmigaDOS 3.0 These hardware improvements and additions require new software to take advantage of them. Not surprisingly, the operating system shipped with the A4000 is a new release called AmigaDOS 3.0. It is an enhanced version of the 2.1 OS, introduced on the Amiga 600, and it includes all the 2.1 features, plus support for the AA chips and their new color and screen-resolution features. New to OS 2.1 3.0 is the addition of CrossDOS, a program by Consultron that lets you easily read and write clata between Amiga and MS-DOS disks. Printer Preferences now supports PostScript directly, ancl new printer drivers have been added. A Sound Preferences editor lets you customize your system with the sound effects of vour choice. Also, a Local Preference editor lets you tell the system what language to use in its messages and text displays (use the language library of your choice). This feature should bolster the international appeal of the Amiga. (AmigaWorld will address new operating-systcm features further in future issues.) Commodore says that AmigaDOS 3.0 will, for the time being, be limited to the A4000 and other AA machines. That’s reasonable, as the unique features of 3.0 are designed to take advantage of the new chip set. AmigaDOS 2.1, however, is another story. Any Amiga that can use the 2.04 version can take advantage of 2.1. Look for an upgrade path at some future date, as yet unspecified by Commodore. Over the Rainbow With the AY chips, you can forget about yesterday’s 4096 color palette. These chips feature a full 24-bit palette, which gives you access to any of 16,777,216 colors for use in your screens. The total number of colors on screen will depend on how many bitplanes you use and on the display mode. You can create screens using one to eight bitplanes, which translates into two to 256 colors at once. Most importantly, there is no limit on the number of colors vou can use in the var- J ions screen resolutions. While current Amigas allow up to 32 colors in low resolution, 16 colors in high resolution, and four colors in Productivity and SuperHires modes, the AA chips have no such limitations. With eight bitplanes, every screen can use up to 256 different colors, a fact that you will appreciate even more when we discuss how many new displays and resolutions are available. For those who think 256 colors are not enough for ? Some applications, the AA chips have yet another color surprise in store. Remember how the Amiga’s HAM (I loltl And Modify) mode was able to create stunning low-resolution images using all 4090 colors with the older chips? Well, the new chips have their own eight- bit HAM display mode, which lets you create images that use over 256,000 colors simultaneously. The AA HAM mode has 04 base colors instead of the 16 available in the earlier 11 AM displays. This means that software can minimize the fringing that often accompanies HAM displays. And, as with the standard color modes, you can use AA HAM mode with any screen, regardless of resolution. Imagine a 640x480 display with 256,000 colors! Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Now trv imagining 640x960, or 800x600 or 1280x400 with that many colors! Then add overscan. Are you excited yet? Exotic Resolutions The A4000’s AA chips offer all the standard Amiga NTSC and PAL screen sizes that the original and later ECS chips sup poll. These include the original displays of 320x200, 320x400, 640x200, and 640x400 with or without overscan. Also included are the ECS 640x480 and 640x960 Productivity mode and 1280x200 and 1280x400 SuperHires modes. AA chips go even further with their Super72 modes, including a verv nice 800x600 display. And. These resolutions do not include the extra display area you get when you use overscan modes. In fact. Commodore engineers are now defining O o even more screen resolutions. T hese new chips are programmable: Vou can van' the horizontal and vertical screen sizes in a great variety of wavs, so many more exotic displays are not only possible but vety likely. And keep in mind that all screens can support up to 256 colors (out of 16.7 million), as well as the phenomenal AA s McrklBPywq ytetwrpsruoe I p| 3dpro:oicturoivt imiq-i The AA chips are used here to display multiple 32-color IFF images. HAM displays of 256,000 colors. T he possibilities for artists, animators, multimedia producers, and desktop videographers are monumental, especially when you consider that all these features will now be standard on the A4000 and all future Amigas. Behind the Scenes One feature that enables these new chips to create such graphics is the bandwidth of the chips. Bandwidth measures how fast information can be processed, and the new AA chips have a fourfold increase in bandw idth over their predecessors. This increase does much more than give you improved color resolution; it improves the performance of the graphics as well. Regardless of what processor you have, when you open a 16-color, overscan, hi-res interlaced screen in your existing Amiga, your overall system performance w ill degrade because so many of the Amiga's CPU cycles are required to support this display. Thanks to the AA chips’ increased bandwidth, however, such a display performs as well on the A4000 as a two-color display: It is fast and effective rather than sluggish and futile. Of course, even with the new chips, using the maximum resolution along with the maximum number of colors will cause a performance hit but one not nearly as pronounced as with the older chip set. Sprites benefit from the extra bandwidth. The new system allows sprites that are 16. 32. Or 64 bits wide. (The previous chips onlv allowed 16-bit-wide sprites.) Game developers will be able to use these verv large, very fast sprites instead of slower bitmap objects, also, sprites (such as your pointer) can be set to various resolutions. Independent of the screen resolution. One chip missing from Commodore s newest machine is the A3000 display enhancer, which creates a non-interlaced, flicker-free display. Because of the increased bandwidth and programmability of the chips, software can define a deinterlaced, flicker-free screen, provided vou use a multisync monitor. Examples of these modes are the Productivity 640x480 and Super72 800x600 displays. Bandwidth is not the only factor that contributes to the chips’ speed. Another important A4000 component is 32-bit access to chip memory, instead of the 16- bit access of earlier chips. This means that the processor can read and w rite data to chip RAM twice as fast. Another feature of the system architecture, 32-bit pagemode access, also means faster access to RAM. Where Do We Go From Here? Will you be able to upgrade your existing Amiga to the AA chips? The quick answer is no. AA chips are 32-bit wide and not pin compatible with the earlier Amiga chip sets. One possibility w hich Commodore neither confirms nor denies is a motherboard upgrade. This would require you to purchase ancl install a completely new motherboard, designed for AA. While this is possible for the A3000 (which is a 32-bit system), it is a much more difficult proposition for A2000s, A600s, and A500s. Even if it does become available, though, a drawback to the motherboard option is cost. Motherboard replacement is often expensive enough to justify a new system. This will be an even bigger consideration if other, less expensive AA machines appear. There is, however, another force in the market that can make such an upgrade feasible. That is the ever- creative third-party companies that often provide solutions to “impossible” situations. 1 have no inside information about such upgrade scenarios, but experience leads me to expect them. Impressions One difficulty Amiga industry professionals have had ? DESKTOP SPACE EXPLORATK Za.J vV., - - - AND MAKE YOUR EXPLORATION . ¦ ¦ UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Dased on reol-world doto obtained from NASA spacecraft and The U.S. Geological Survey, Vistapro allows you ta accurately recreate and explore reol-world landscapes in vivid detail. I Right and Delow: I Voiles Marinerls, I Mors before and, after Terraforming. FEATURES
• Complete control of camera viewpoint with easy poinr-ond-click inrerfoce.
• Gouraud shading produces painring-qualiry scenes of unparalleled beauty.
• Direct 24 bit output
• User-definable colors, clouds, tree line, tree types, snow line, waves, haze, lakes, rivers, ere The grand master of sdence fiction, Arthur C Clarke warns Stanley Kubrick, If I you get Vistapro into I your computer, you'll never do any more I work! It produces Images of almost photographic quoII- * ty... So I can explore I oil the Interesting places on Man!" LANDSCAPES
• Included: The cauldera area of Olympus Mons - Mars, Yosemire, Mr. St. Helens, Crarer Lake, various California sires.
• Many other landscapes available, coll for info. MAKEPATH - Advanced animation utility for use wirh Visrapro $ 25.00 wirh coupon in box. TERRAFORM - Landscape editing utility for use wirh Visrapro $ 25.00 wirh coupon in box. Vistapro retail: $ 99.95. ...OR CHOOSE DISTANT SUNS.. AND MAKE YOUR EXPLORATION REALLY FAR OUT. This Virtual Reality Observatory is a beautiful and well thought out balance between solar system and deep sky display. FEATURES
• Realistically displays the nighr sky from 4713 B.C. to 10,000 A.D.
• Displays up ro 9100 stars (expandable ro 250,000!), 450 goloxies nebulas and star clusrers.
• Add up ro 3,000 cusrom objects.
• Move your viewpoint from earth our into the solar system.
• Reproduce eclipses, show lunar phases.
• Unique feature provides poinr-ond-click linkage between planetarium objects ond full screen solar system and deep sky phoros. Distant Suns retails for $ 99.95. ¦ "I'm really boggled j - Ifs beautiful, espe- I dolly when the lights j 1 are off. F m totally [ awed by what you have doner Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey For more Information, or the name of your nearest distributor contact: Virtual Reality Laboratories 2341 Garrador Court 5an Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-8515 UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION! Circle 56 on Rpader Service card to enclure is knowing about Commodore’s plans, but being restrained from talking about them. This has been especially problematic lately, in the face of much speculation and commentary concerning a lack ol development for the Amiga line. I'm happy to report that there is much new technology coming from Commodore, and AmigaWorld will continue to bring that news to von as soon as we can. Applications for AA I am impressed with the AA chi]) set and am eager to start using an A40U0. The new displays will be a boon to artists, multimedia producers, and desktop videographers, and game developers should have a field day with the color, speed and resolution Double A provides. So will the rest of us! ¦ ? Iv.1 L;tn •3 1 ..... . . - .....5? Fcwt«te ..... iELft to hurt 0CkpiH In ImM In SilZtau* | Ittor** 1" Ur* . SrmJMh. M litiitrter : 05* fcmfcf : »• 31 : tOU iCM St Marini Irwjfl ta tonrfiMM ?•tot* W*r. H.'Sfe | jJMit ww »-¦ _J Mifcnil. Yj
* " .1 . “U flute: t MU Ip tm-. T (jj Mktndw.,. . Futate: p.rwita El! I r ... .....ill.
- * J ! ; Some new Preferences toots displayed in 256-color SuperHires. A4000 Specifications 25-MHz 68040 CPU Base machine includes 2MB chip RAM and 4MB 32-bit RAM Up to 18MB RAM on motherboard; additional RAM via RAM cards (to 1.7GB) Upgradable CPU via 200-pin sfot 120MB IDE hard disk 880KB 1.7MB internal floppy Supports four internal disk drives (two floppies and two hard drives) Four ZORRO ll lll expansion slots Three PC AT expansion slots Video-expansion slot Full 32-bit system architecture
16. 8-million color palette Up to 256 simultaneous colors, plus 256.000 colors using HAM display mode Advanced Architecture (AA) Graphic Chip Set (Alice, Lisa and Paula) Programmable display resolutions include 640x480, 640x960. 1280x400 and 800x600 Video overscan modes supported All color modes available in all display resolutions Flicker-free interlaced modes AA chip set backward compatible with earlier ESC chip set Price: S3699 As you might expect, Commodore has been keeping developers informed of these hardware changes, and quite a few have been developing products to take advantage of the new features. While many were not willing to “pre-an- nounce” their work, others were far enough along that they felt comfortable discussing their new AA products. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned[ see the "Manufacturers Vdistributors ’ Ad- dresses” list on p. 104.) INOVAtronics is upgrading its CanDo multimedia application language and Directory Opus file manager to support AA machines. The firm also promises a new, high-powered text editor, as yet unnamed. Scala tells us it will fully support the AA chips in Scala Multimedia 2.0 (scheduled to ship this fall), a greatly enhanced version of the existing Scala presentation software- included with the package is a utility to create animations using the new eight-bit HAM modes, which Scala can play. New Horizons was scheduled to release ProWrite 3.3 at last month's World of Amiga show. This update will fully support all screen resolutions as well as graphics with up to 256 colors. A new version of De- signWorks, scheduled for a Christmas release, will also support the AA chips. New Horizons also states that its other packages, such as Quarterback, QuickWrite and Flow, will work with AA, although by the nature of their tasks they do not require the extra color. Impulse plans a free upgrade for any registered Imagine 2.0 owner with an AA-chip machine. This new version will support the extra modes and resolutions. If you plan to get an A4000 and have not already registered your copy of Imagine, it is time to do so. Octree, publisher of Cali- gari 3-D products, is also jumping on the AA bandwagon with Caligari 24, an upgrade to Caligari 2. Octree is excited by the new hi-res, eight-bit HAM mode, which it thinks will satisfy users who really do not want or need a full 24-bit framebuffer. ASDG's ADPro image processor and FRED (FRame Editor) animation utility already support AA. I used ADPro to process 24-bit images into both 256 color and eight- bit HAM displays, and was surprised to find that it would already open the new screens and display the images it created. ASDG’s Morph Plus will also offer features based on AmigaDOS 3.0. Digital Creations 24-bit paint-and-animation package, Brilliance (scheduled to ship in late October), uses every display mode your system can generate, including AA modes. Soft-Logiks PageStream is already designed to work in the 256-color mode as long as you open it on the Workbench. The company plans further enhancements to take advantage of other AmigaDOS 3.0 features. Gold Disk is upgrading Professional Page and Professional Draw to take advantage of the new color modes. The next release of Professional Page is scheduled for later this year; a Professional Draw update will follow. Electronic Arts' Deluxe- Paint IV 4.5, which is expected this fall, will have full AA chip support. A Deluxe Music Construction Set update, scheduled for release in early winter, will also be compatible with the new system. ? PIECE NEGOTIATIONS CREATING A COMPOSITE IMAGE Where disparate images meet, an interesting collage can result. Not, however, without some finessing. Here are some techniques you can use to negotiate a successful work piece by piece. A COLLAGE IS an artistic medium used by professional artists and grade- school kids alike. The hard-copy approach involves cutting and pasting various pieces pictures and other materials -to create an entirely new composition. The digital approach involves combining images from various sources on screen. Whether you create your collages by hand or by computer, von must carefully select each clement so the final com- 4 4 position is a new work of art. The concept behind any good design is to convey your message to the intended audience. This is true whether your design is for business, television, art, or feature film. Although the selection of pieces is specific to each project, I can offer pointers and assembly lips that can help you time and time again. The examples I use to illustrate this article are intended for video, but the techniques work equally well for animation and print. Also, while my primary tools for ere- ? By Steven Blaize ating collages are ASDG’s Art Departiitent Professional (ADPro), Digital Great ions' DC I"V, and Impulse’s Light24, you can apply these same ideas to whatever programs you use. Picking Up the Pieces Before beginning to assemble a collage on screen, you need a source for your digital art. You can use any paint, draw, or 3-D rendering program to create original art. You can also employ clip-art disks, the purchase of which generally gives you license to use the included images. Ifvou have a Iranicgrabbcr or still digitizer, vou Q o O 7 can capture images from video, live sources, or static pictures. In digitizing, keep copyright in mind; there has been 110 clear definition of the impact of digital composition and changes to copyrighted imagery. So be careful: If you arc digitizing a published piece of art or video, you should get permission to use it. Once you have collected all the pieces you want to include, you are ready to start cutting and pasting. Paint programs such as Light24, Toaster Paint (NewTek), Macro Paint (Lake Forest Logic GVP) and DCTV Paint allow you to work with images in 16.7 million colors (24- bii), bill require display hardware to provide this color accuracy on the Amiga. (Each of these programs conies packaged with the appropriate hardware.) You really do not need special display hardware, however; in order to create 24-bit collages. The Art Department Professional and Image Master (Black Belt Systems) are specifically designed for processing images in 24-hit color, but they do not require anything beyond the Amiga’s normal display. This is a major benefit, even if your final output will be 16-color or HAM. (While Image Master comes packaged with Black Belt’s HAM-E display hardware which it is especially suited to take advantage of- it is sold separately, as is AD Pro.) By combining your elements in lull (24-bit) color, you can mix multiple pictures, even HAM images, without palette problems. Then you can render your collage in 24-bit or in any of the standard Amiga modes with an optimized color palette. (Native display modes limit you in terms of palette: To combine elements of two images in paint software, both must share the same palette. If the images’ palettes are different, vou must either convert one image to the other’s j n palette or change both to a third.) You can also use programs such as Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts), or Spectra- Color (()xxi) to combine Amiga-mode images that is, images that do not require a special device for inicom- protnised screen display. I suggest these programs because they provide transparency controls that are very helpful for such things as see-through drop shadows. Figure I, which illustrates basic image compositing, served as the opening fide to an environmental news segment. 1 digitized the two dolphin photos using DC FV (see Figure 2) and loaded the clip-art image of the Earth onto the jump screen. Then, with the paint program’s stencil features, I cut the dolphins as clips (bottom images), resized them appropriately, and stamped them into position on the jump screen. I saved the result as a 24-bit IFF file. Although I coidd have added the text directly in O 4 DC'fY, I instead created it along with its near-black drop shadow on a solid-black background in another program. Keeping the background and text pieces separate allows you to change the text quickly if you later find that necessary. 1 then loaded this new picture with the Earth and dolphins into AD Pro. Making sure the Comp button was on, I then composited the I EE and title files, setting RGB values to 0 and Mix to 100. This permitted the black background of the title screen to become totally transparent, while the rest of the image was mixed at 100 percent. (By setting the RGB and Mix levels, you can make any specific color in an image transparent while mixing the rest ol the image to any level of transparency.) Finally, I scaled the entire image clown one percent before scaling it hack up to the final 736x480. This al- lowed me to create anti-aliasing around the text with- n out sacrificing image quality. Masks and Shadows Paint programs such as DeluxePaint, Light24, and DCTV provide the ability to create stencils to protect areas of your image from changes. You can then composite other images into your collage over the unprotected areas. You can achieve this same effect through AD Pro by creating a two-color mask. The top-left image in Figure 3 demonstrates this: It shows the entire deco-stylc design in black and white. After deciding which parts will he the same color, you can use your paint software’s fill tool to create the separate mask files. (The first of the mask files for our example appears in the top-riglu corner of Figure 3.) You then simply load die background (in ibis case the marble shown at the lower left) and then composite the mask, making the black transparent. T he result is shown in the lower-right corner of the figure. For this particular image. I used three types of marble for different parts of the design. 1 hen I composited these intermediate files together, with white being transparent. The final image (see p. 35) was placed on a black background for added contrast. Some ofyour projects may involve 3-D graphics and animations. The third example includes 3-D text rendered in Imagine (Impulse), Looking at Figure 4, you can see most of die elements dial were used to create the final image. I fie top half shows die image before processing, while the bottom half depicts the processed image. 1 created the blue background using the Arexx script for embossing that’s included with AD Pro on the picture of wicker. 1 then composited tfiis at a mix of 30 percent over a plain blue backdrop. You achieve the embossed look by first loading a negative ofyour image, and then loading the original image one pixel to the right and one pixel down from the negative, with only a 50-percent mix. (ft works best if your image is made of various gray levels and has good contrast.) In this manner, you can use your paint programs to create the same type of look. I created the red rectangles in a paint program and added them next, first with a 30-percent mix and each of the RGB values at 255 (to produce white), t hen 1 shifted the image to the right and down, using the helpful visual indicators in AD Pro’s Composition Control screen. J his created die transparent drop shadow, which adds depth to the image. I then added die same file at a mix of 100 percent. Dually, I rendered die 3-D text on a black background and added it in the same manner, with a lull 100-percent mix and black designated as transparent (see Figure 5). Those of vou who work with 3-D software niav won- dei'why I would composite a rendered 3-D scene over a background rather than use the latter image as a backdrop in die 3-D program. There are two reasons: time and memory. The 3-1) software must read the image from disk and load it into RAM before rendering takes place. I his consumes significant amounts of both commodities, as an overscan 24-hit background is about 1 MB in si e. While some of die time saved is losl again during compositing, my experience shows that there is an overall saving. Furthermore, because the 3-D program may compromise the backdrop during rendering, compositing ensures that the background will he of the verv O O 4 highest quality. The easiest way to composite fixed backgrounds into an animation sequence is with an Arexx script. AD Pit) comes with several Arexx scripts that give even novices a good start, and you can use this approach with any Arexx-controltable paint program or image processor that lets you composite images together. While I do not have space here for an Arexx lesson, I can offer a few pointers. First, create a list of the names ofyour rendered frames. You can do iliis easily 4 from the Cl.I bv changing the directory to the loca- no j tion ofyour images and typing List>filename sort quick, (You can use an editor to remove the extra entries from the list and also to easily rearrange the order of the images.) ? A wiga I Vorld ? 7 When writing the Arexx script, use the command for your program that can load your background image (with ADPro, use Get File). Now create a loop to first load the background file; then load the Foreground picture, specifying mix levels and transparent color (ADPro uses parameters after the load command); finally, output the image. With .ADPro, you could even save the result to a framebuffer (such as Impulse’s FIRECRACKER or GVP’s IV24), and then trigger Microll- lusions' Transport Controller to record your images automatically to videotape. We Do Windows The last example (see Figure 6) involves a few more steps, but should give you further ideas of what you can easily achieve. All of the original scenic pictures were high-resolution, severe-overscan, 24-bit clip-art images. I created the red, white, and blue borders in Dcluxe- Paint at 772x516 and saved them as a single file. I then loaded this border into AD Pro and, using the Center buLton with a 100-percent mix, composited each scene into the middle between the borders. I then scaled each scenic image down to one-third of its size and temporarily saved it to disk as an individual file. To form the i transparent drop shadows, I also created a plain-black rectangle the same size as the reduced images. To create the final image, I loaded the marble background and then added the first black rectangle, with a 30-percent mix. Although I positioned the rectangle by eye, I noted the exact starting positions because I knew that the next step involved adding the first small bordered image ten pixels up and to the left of the shadow. I handled the three other images in the same manner, placing the shadow first and then the scenic. In this way, I was able to have see-through shadows on the marble as well as on the underlying scenics. This approach added depth to the finished picture. The final touch in this example was to add cut-out titles instead of standard text over the images. I created a mask for the title in a draw program where I could easily manipulate the characters. I saved the mask black characters on a white backgound as a simple two-color picture. Then I composited it at a 30- percent mix, with the black totally transparent; that created the gauze effect. Later, 1 added the outline around the letters using a similar mask. This time, I used RGB values of 1 instead of 0 for the black element the outline so that the composited result is not transparent. As in the last example, I used the same scaling technique for better antialiasing. Regardless of what type of project you are working on, remember to think about your final design before you begin. Collect and arrange your elements carefully, keeping t he goal of effective communication in mind. When considering source images, look for unusual ideas such as the use of wicker for texture in the third example that can enhance your design. These creative touches can make a great difference. Finally, be sure to save intermediate files temporarily as you progress. If you change your mind about one of the elements you are including in a multilevel image such as that in the third example the intermediate files will save a lot of re-creation time. Besides, saving along the way lets you experiment with various results. And with a little experimentation, the possibilities are endless. ¦ The Earth Matters image is a derivative composition, with elements from original 1990 copyrighted works of Laurel Canty and Pieter Folkens Earthviews. Except for the dolphins, all 24-hit images are from Texture City's professional image libraries. Steven Blaize is owner of Creative Fire, a multimedia presentations company, and co-owner of Texture City, developer of 24-bit backgrounds and textures. He is an author lecturer and consultant on Amiga and MS-DOS platforms, as well as the Assistant Director of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Please contact him do AmigaWorld Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. You’ve just downloaded a new program from your favorite bulletin-board system and are scanning through its documentation when you come across this paragraph: ITO So you’ve written a program. Here’s what you should know about copyright law whether you intend to sell your work, make it freely distributable, or place it in the public domain. This program is (c)1991 by Joe Cool. This program is public domain and may be distributed only for noncommercial purposes. If you don’t know why the above statement is flawed, this article is for you. For now, let’s just say that Joe Cool would be in for a surprise if he tried to sue for copyright infringement. BY ERIC GIGUERE Intellectual Property Rights Most software developers feel a sense of attachment to the software they create, especially if they depend on that software for their livelihood. The computer industry as it is today would not exist were it not for intellectual property rights a term that includes copyrights and patents. A patent grants an exclusive monopoly for a limited period of time (the length of protection depends on the country) to the inventor of a new, nonobvious product. In exchange for this monopoly which allows the inventor to license the product to manufacturers ? And collect royalty payments the inventor discloses the complete plans for the invention to the government, which puls the plans on file. Once the patent period expires, anyone can use or sell the invention as he sees lit. Gan software be patented? T his question is being hotlv debated even as you read this. The US Patent
* J Office has already granted several patents on software and program algorithms. Whether the patents are enforceable will not be known until a few lawsuits have wound their way through the legal system. In anv O u case, obtaining a patent is a time-consuming and expensive operation, so the vast majority of developers depend on copyrights to protect their software. A copyright grants the creator of an original work ol expression a book, a painting, a sculpture the exclusive right to make (or to license the making of) copies of that work and to prevent others from using the work without permission. Unlike patents, copyrights do not protect ideas, only the expression of ideas. Copyright protection also lasts longer, usually the lifetime of the creator (author) plus a fixed number of years. Software can definitely be copyrighted, as can program documentation. Most Western countries consider software to be akin to literarv work and deserving of n the same protection. For most developers, copyright is the only viable way to protect software. Your Rights Countries that are signatories to the Berne copyright treatv including Canada and, recently, the US do r U not even require that a copyright notice be present for the work to be protected. Copyright exists the moment a work is created. Not all countries, however, are members of the Berne convention. For many years, the United States was a signatory to the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), but not to the Berne convention. For protection in non-Berne countries a copyright notice like this is required: ©1991 Joe Cool I he word copyright can be used in conjunction with or instead of the copyright symbol, and for maximum protection in certain countries the phrase “all rights reserved” should appear immediately after the notice: Copyright ©1991 Joe Cool. All rights reserved. The copyright notice should be displayed prominently within your source code and on the screen as well, il possible. Note that the letter c in parentheses like this: (c) is not a valid substitute for the copyright symbol, so to be safe, be sure to use the word “copyright" in your program source code. Although registering your copyright with the government is not necessary, doing so affords vou maxi- v n mum protection. In this way, you can sue for statutory damages as well as actual damages in a copyright infringement case. Typically, this involves filling our a form describing the title and nature of the software and including two copies of the source code (or parts thereof) with a registration fee (less than $ 20 in most cases). Of course, copyright restrictions are useful only il they are enforceable. While tliev certainly are. Liliga- « O lion ft>r copyright infringement is expensive, and if the violator has little or no money, about the best you can hope for is to stop the infringement. Unless your software is worth something substantial, there is little you can do in a practical sense to prevent infringement.You must just have faith that your copyright will be respected. A copyright can be bought and sold much like material property. The owner of a software copyright is usually the person or persons who wrote the software, unless it was done in the normal course of employment, in which case the employer owns the software. T he owner of the copyright is granted certain exclusive rights:
1) the right to make copies of the software in any form (this is the origin of the term copyright);
2) the right to self, lend, give away, or otherwise license the use of those copies: and
3) the right to prepare derivative works. As you can see, copyright protection enables software developers to peddle their wares to the public in the hope of making a profit and with reasonable expectation that their work will not be pirated. Except for backup copies, anyone who makes and distributes copies of copyrighted software without the permission of the copyright owner is liable to be sued for copyright infringement. I lie third right, that of preparing derivative works, is an important right. "Derivative" in this sense means works that are based on one or more other works, as in new versions of programs. Even if you make substantial changes to a copyrighted program, the copyright to the new program as a whole belongs to the original copyright owner. Public Domain Copyright provides protection for a limited but lengthy period of time, especially where software is concerned. When a copyright expires, the work that was protected is said to enter the public domain, after which it is available for use bv anvone for any j J purpose. In other words, it belongs to the public. Copyright protection can also be lost if the work is improperly or fraudulently registered. Software can also be placed in the public domain by the copyright owner at any time before the copyright s expiration date. This should not be a decision lightly taken, however, because once copyright protection is withdrawn, it is lost forever. W hile derivative works of public-domain materials can bv copyrighted if the changes are sufficiently substantial (such as an English translation of Dante’s Inferno drawn from the original texts), no one can copyright original works that have lapsed into the public domain. It should be evident at this point that the phrase "this software is public domain" must be used with the utmost care in your software. Think it over carefully; do you really want to relinquish your rights to the software? Remember that once your software is in the public domain, anyone can do anything with it. This includes selling it to others without giving you a single penny, or including it in commercial software without ? Real-time 24-bit graphics for your Amiga or Video Toaster! Introducing Visiona, a fully programmable real-time 24 32-bit 16.7 million color graphics card for the Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computers (unlike the Harlequin and ImpactVision 24 cards, which are merely framebuffers.) Visiona is based on the powerful Inmos G300 GaAS graphics processor which runs at speeds up to 135 Mhz and utilizes up to 4MB high-speed (20ns!) On-board memory. Visiona supports programmable screen resolutions of 1024 x 1024 pixels in 16.7 million colors up to an impressive 5792 x 5792 pixel monochrome resolution. Workbench-Emulator (included) allows you to open the Workbench (or any screen that uses the Intuition library) in resolutions up to 1280 x 1024! Visiona comes standard with many powerful utilities and several 24-bit color games! Optional Visiona TV-Paint software turns your Amiga into a professional quality 24-bit 16.7 million color paint box system. TV-Paint also works together with the Video Toaster! In fact, the Visiona together with TV-Paint is the ideal combination to replace ToasterPaint, allowing you to edit your Video Toaster images on-screen in full 24-bit 16.7 million colors. For more information contact your nearest Amiga dealer. 640x480 (Ylicro-PflCG inc. 1024X768 109 South Duncan Road Champaign, IL 61821 Dealer Inquires Welcome. SPECTRON1CS IMAGINATION IN MOTION Spectronrcs USA is distributed in North America by Micro-PACE. 1280X1024 Circle 157 on Reader Service card
I. ImpactViston 24 Is a registered trademark ol Great Va’ ey Products. Inc.. Video Toaster and ToasterPamt are regjsie-ed trademarks ot NewTek, inc.. Arrvca. Workbench, Intuition, and AmigaDOS are registered trademarks of Commodore Am-ga, Inc. giving you credit. (The ethics of such activities are debatable but beyond die scope of copyright law and this article.) There is nothing wrong with placing your software in the public domain, of course, but you should consider the option thoroughly. Freeware and Beyond Another option is to give your software away without placing it in the public domain. There are a number of reasons for wanting to do this, such as making sure no one makes radical changes to your program without your approval. Copyright enters the picture here, since one of the rights attached to a copyright is the ability to distribute the program as the copyright owner sees lit. It is not unusual to see a statement immediately lb]- lowing a program’s copyright notice that says something like this: “Permission is granted to freely distribute and modify this program for non-commercial purposes only.” Copyrighted software with such a notice is usually referred to as freeware or freely-distributable software, because it can be freely shared with other users. (Technically, all public-domain software is also f reeware, as there are no copyright restrictions to prevent its being shared. However, the term freeware is not synonymous with the phrase public-domain software.) A program that can be shared, and for which a payment is requested if you use it after a trial period, is referred to as shareware. If you are interested in making your software truly freely distributable (thus allowing it to be of greatest possible use to humanity), you may wish to examine what is known as the GNU Public License. Sometimes called a "copyleft,” the copyright statement is used on all software developed by the free Software Foundation. A copy of the statement is included with even' FSF software product and is available separately from the FSF (675 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139). Be aware that the Public License is somewhat controversial and that you should examine its ramifications carefully before using it in vour J , software. To implement the Public License, attach the following notices to the start of each source file to most effectively convey the exclusion of warranty. (At 4 4 4 ' the very least, each file should have the "copyright” line and a pointer to where the full notice is found.) One line to give the program's name and a brief idea of what it does.> Copyright ©19xx cname of author> This program is free software; you can redistribute it and or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 1, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. In addition to these notices, you should include information on how to contact you by both electronic and paper mail. II ihe program is interactive, make it output a short notice like the following when it starts in an interactive mode: Gnomovision version 69, Copyright © 19xx name of author. Gnomovision comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details, type "show w". This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; type "show c" for details. The example commands "show w” and “show c” should display the appropriate parts of the General Public License. Of course, vou may want to use other com- i i mands, or even mouse clicks or menu items. To make the process complete, you should also get your employer (if you work as a programmer) or your school (if you are a computer-science student) to sign a copyright disclaimer for the program, if necessary. Here is a sample: Yoyodyne, Inc., hereby disclaims all copyright interest in the program "Gnomovision" (a program to direct compilers to make passes at assemblers) written by James Hacker. Signature of Ty Coon> 1 April 1989 Ty Coon, President of Vice For More Information I here are many books available dealing with copyrights and other intellectual property issues. If you cannot Find any at your local library (don’t forget to check the section on book writing) a good bet is the nearest college or university library. Be sure to check the publication dates on the books, as copyright law is always evolving. Software Protection by G. Gervaise Davis III (Van Nostrand Reinhold) is a good introductory book, if somewhat dated. For those with a keen interest in the subject area, The Law and Business of Computer Software edited by D.C. Toedt (Clark Boardman) is also a good choice. United States residents can obtain copyright- registration information by writing to the Register of Copyrights, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.' 20559. But remember: no book or article can substitute for professional legal advice. When in doubt, consult an intellectual property lawyer your family lawyer is unlikely to have the expertise you need. By the way, the example “copyright statement” at the beginning of this article illustrates what not to do if vou wish to keep the copyright on your software. ‘I'hat statement might be ruled nonsensical (because of the use of the words “public domain”), and copyright protection could he lost if an infringement case ever came to court. ¦ Eric Giguere is the author of ’Amiga Programmer's Guide to .ARexx (Commodore Amiga, 1991), and a member of the Computer Systems Group at the University of Waterloo. Write to him clo the Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ont., Canada N2L3G1. Producing a fresh, captivating publication involves more than prose. We’ll show you how to make the right choices in terms of fonts, layout, image manipulation, and more- so you can get your point across with style. UBLISH By Victor Osaka Pa na che ITS 11 IK CONTENT lhai really matters, right? Who needs to design a newsletter? In truth, both content and design are important. People are more apt to read your material if it is pleasing to the eve. If they must strain to read the text, however, they will neither enjoy it nor he in a state to absorb its content. Imposing blocks of tiny or unreadable type mav cause readers to skip over your text altogether. I laving seen scores oi newsletters and produced one myself, I know that the quality and appearance of your newsletter depends less on your equipment or desktop- publishing program than on your sense of design aesthetics. Careful use of type and graphics make the real difference between a good design and a great one. This article offers some design ideas and concepts to make your newsletter more elfective, and shows how your Amiga software can help. In describing some parts of the process, I'll refer to the black-and-white monthly 1 publish, the 3D Art Forum International (3DAFI) newsletter, which is produced entirely on the Amiga. It is 12 to 14 pages (I 1x17 sheets folded in hall) and contains lots of liigh- resolution IKK images in addition to text. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers'' Developers' Addresses'* list on p. 104.) Goon Design To begin thinking about design, I suggest that you start a “good designs” file for tear sheets and clippings from the most effective, attention-grabbing newsletters you sec. Von can refer to these for inspiration and education in the liner points of good design. Think you don’t know w hat good design is? Really, at least on a subconscious level, you do and von re- sponcl to it. What you must do is educate your conscious mind to implement what you already know. Ask your- ? Self "What is it about these designs that makesrae like them?" You will find that vou can indeed recognize ; O good newsletter design. When looking at the designs in your clip file, notice where your eye gravitates to. Your eyes should move logically over the page, lirst to the title of the newsletter, then toward the headline of the main article, and finally to other auxiliary information blocks. Also, pay attention to the flow of information from page to page. Does your eve easily find where the article continues? » i (.o ahead and model your newsletter after a successful publication, hut do not copy it directly, and do not duplicate articles or images; they are copyrighted. Your design sets the “personality” of your newsletter, which depends in large part upon your audience. To determine your graphic-design goals, lirst analyze your audience. Is it technically or artistically oriented, young or old, academic or otherwise? Review examples of newsletters, promotionals, and trade magazines in its Held ol interest. Knowing what your readers encounter in other publications will help guide you to what they might expect from yours. In the end, though, it is vou who must be pleased with the results. Before implementing a design on the computer, create a "mockitp" of it with pencil and paper. The grid system helps you to determine your margins, column width and space between columns. Do a few different grids and let them sit for a dav. Then look at them again with a fresh eye tomorrow. The resulting template is important, as it forms the basis of all your future issues. Programs such as Professional Page 3,0 (Gold Disk) and PageStream 2.2 Isoft-Logik) allow vou to set vour final grid system and apply it to all pages ol vour newsletter (except, probably, for the lirst page or cover). When you are ready to import the text of your articles, it will How right into your pages automatically. The Elements of Style I lie ultimate tioal of design is to facilitate effective com- n o mimical ion. To achieve that goal, you must grab the o7 n reader’s attention and hold it. The article titles should immediately catch the eye, pull quotes emphasize important points, and graphic elements and images reinforce the content, not overrun it. The proper choice of type should cany the reader through without fatigue. And don't Idrget air: A good design “breathes” visually. It will have a balance of white space, type columns, headlines, and graphics. With careful use of white space, you can emphasize your titles and pull quotes and focus the reader’s attention. You can manipulate balance by justifying the body text or by ragging on either side. Vour choice will depend on the type of reader you are catering to. Print out a sample of your design using two or three columns with a variety of column gaps between them. You may be surprised at how different gaps can affect the readability of your page. As mentioned before, overly small type can drain your reader, but the issue of type goes beyond just choosing the right size. Different faces, line leading, and kerning variations can make a tremendous difference in readability. When choosing a type treatment, consider the final output method: Li not ronic output at 1210 dots per inch (dpi) may give some type faces overly line detail, and 300-dpi dot-matrix output can make some type look too dark. Depending on the appearance you want to create for your newsletter, you might choose a serif font (Palatine, for example) for the body text and a sans-serif font (such as Univers) for the headlines. In any case, a good design will minimize the variety of fonts used on a single page. Different type styles help to organize and emphasize elements, but should not distract the reader. Using style tags will speed up the process of designing your newsletter by allowing quick and effortless global changes for experimentation. Lb help determine a readable font treatment, you will need an ASCII l-format text file for “greeking.” (Some say that it is best to use nonsensical type, but I just use the documentation from one of my programs.) The file should he large enough to fill your entire newsletter, and you should use the same file for all your design iterations. Flow ibis type into a page and run out samples using a variety of fonts at t he size ofyour newsletter. Vary the leading, kerning, and type faces for these rests and save them as a reference for future type- design decisions. On the Amiga, both Professional Page and PageStream use outline-font technology. This gives you the best quality type for any printer. 1 recommend purchasing a variety of fonts for your library. There are several hundred Adobe Type 1 fonts, which you can find on many Mac and PC BBSs. Both PageStream and Pro Page can easily convert these to Amiga-compatible outline fonts. PageStream allows you to scale, stretch, twist and rotate outline fonts, abilities indispensable for creating dynamic headline type. You can use its drawing tools to create stylized filigree and then save it as an IFF image for use in any layout program. You can get a similar effect with Gold Disk's Professional Draw and move the results into either Professional Page or PageStream, the latter of which also allows you to manipulate your Professional Draw clips. Outline-font technology makes it easy to include drop caps in your design. A drop cap is a very classy treatment that involves enlarging the first letter of an article, making it anywhere from 3 to 20 points larger. For variety, try a reverse letter within a black box, or filigree surrounding the character. D O More Than Words Can Say Any images you include in your design should intimately relate to the article, and vou should carefully J * * consider their placement and size. In general, images should accent the article not the other way around. Both PageStream and Pro Page can import super- bitmapped 24-hit images, but keep in mind that there is a point beyond which a higher resolution won t buv vou any improvement in quality. Consider processing vour very hi-res supei bitmaps down to a more reasonable size using ASDG's Art Department Professional (ADPro). I find that images are an important aspect of 3DAFI. The cover, for example, incorporates a large, 3-D generated IFF image. Working with images in an Amiga desktop-publishing program can be difficult (the problem is related to hardware, not software.) Neither Professional Page nor PageStream gives you a great representation on the screen, which makes it difficult to compose directly on the monitor. I find it best to print out images oversized beforehand, and then scale them down with a photocopier to determine a good size. I then scale the onscreen image to match the photocopied piece. ? Out of Control. Control Now supported on the Commodore AmigaIV byASDG. 608 273-6585 “ Circle 24 on Reader Service card 03000™ and the 05000™ are compatible with ail leading DOS Windows software packages. Plus, the 05000 works with the Mac to bring you an even broader imaging range and slides at 4000 lines ot resolution. Best of all, it’s from Polaroid so you get award winning professional quality, sharp text and brilliant colors. For more intormation or a free demonstration, call us at 1-800-225-1618. And take control of your next presentation, Nothing Works Like Polaroid Instant Presentation Solutions Make your own 35mm slides, prints and pocket-sized overhead transparencies right from your PC instantly with Polaroid's Desktop Color Film Recorders. You’ve got a big presentation. You’ve got pressures and deadlines. The last thing you need to worry about are your slides. Will they look good? Will they come back right? And on time? Will they cost a fortune? With a Desktop Color Film Recorder from Polaroid you can relax. TTT] r' your 6S, so y°u H] can make last minute changes. And, it’s easy to use. Both the FDIIHRS- CHOIlK MAGAZINE
• Determine who your readers are and what they would like from your publication. If you don't know, conduct a survey.
• Create a design that communicates with clarity, interest, and directness. You might style your publication after another successful one (without copying it, of course). If you are going to print 3-D rendered images, you will probaly find them too dark. ADPro or Soft-Logik's BME (Bit Map Editor) can help you make them perfect. In addition, PageStream can import several Mac, PC, and Amiga formats. I use both Professional Page and PageStream for newsletter production. The latest versions offer many powerful tools. Professional Page 3.0’s Genie function is ideal for newsletter layout design and its links to ADPRO and Professional Draw 3.0 are fantastic. Pro Page is a joy to use when dealing with large image files, because the images remain 011 the hard disk and not in the resulting file. PageStream, on the other hand, writes your image(s) directly into the file, so your
• Create a grid system that sets margin and column widths in which to flow your text.
• After flowing the text files into Design Checklist
• Do your eyes follow a logical pattern: first to the masthead, headlines, pull quotes and then subheads?
• Are the headlines and subheads intriguing and to the point?
• Do the type face, type size and lead- Working Conditions WITH THE RIGHT hardware, Workbench 2.0 allows for a larger working screen, which both Professional Page and PageStream can take advantage of automatically. Digital Micronics' DM I Resolver board upgrades your screen to a high-resolution graphic display. And personally, I am a firm believer in antiradiation screens. I find that I can work much longer at the computer without fatigue using NoRad Corporation's antiradiation screen, which I feel is the best. Accelerators and extra memory do wonders for desktop publishing. Don't be mistaken; your life will change dramatically if you install an accelerator, preferably a 68040. This is especially your pages, create your headlines and subheads, then create or input graphic elements and IFF images. Can you fit it all in without compromising the design?
• Proof print the newsletter on a dotmatrix or laser printer. Check for major errors and omissions and evaluate your layout. Does it work visually?
• Send your files to a service bureau for Linotronic output or print them at the highest resolution of your printer. The results are your masters (or mechanicals), ready for the print shop. Ing make the text easy to read?
• Is there a good balance of white space, type columns, and graphics?
• Are the pull quotes and subheads effective and clear? True if you use PageStream or Professional Draw: Screen refreshes and file imports speed up to more reasonable rates. Organization is paramount when you are dealing with many files. A good disk utility such as OPUS ( NOVA Tronics) or DiskMaster (Progressive Peripherals 8 Software) makes managing them much easier. Be sure to keep your original work files in archive. Programs like Quarterback (Central Coast Software) and Ami- Back (Moonlighter Software) are essential for irreplaceable files. I compress my files with the public-domain program LZ before archiving them. ? Graphics capabilities arc limited by the amount of RAM you have. And because the resulting PageStream File can be extremely large, storage can be a problem. PageStream’s forte, however, is its superior treatment of fonts and the ability to print superior halftone images on the ink-jet printer. The latest version offers its own links to useful text- and image-editing programs. One caveat in using Pro Page and PageStream together: The programs do not talk to each other. Von must create mechanicals (pasteup or composite) using final output from both which I find easy to do. Paper and Print Paper selection is a very important decision ifyouwanl your newsletter to be of the highest quality. The right choice in paper can give you brighter type, crisper feel, and better-folded edges. Don’t take these tilings lightly; they can leave an indelible (although perhaps unconscious), impression on the reader. T he Newsletter Design Process Look for a paper that is very smooth, light and crisp, and dense enough so that the printing on one side does not show through to the other. Make sure that the edges do not crack when folded in half. There are literally hundreds of paper choices. .Ask your local paper distributor or manufacturer for samples and availability in your area. J The printing method you use will depend upon the number of pieces you must distribute and the quality you wish to achieve. If you need to print more than a thousand pieces, consider paper or metal plates. Paper piate is a relatively inexpensive process, although the images it produces are generally not verv crisp and contrasty. The more expensive metal-plate method gives you beautiful image quality and clean, sharp type (only as good as your originals, of course). Because of the quality metal plates afford, in using them you should go to Linotronic output of your masters. Simple photocopying is not recommended unless you require only a very small number of copies and images are not an important element in your design. Although laser copying is a bit more expensive, it is worth it. I have found the quality to be superior as good as metal plates in most cases. I create all the masters (mechanicals) for the 3DAFI newsletter with Hewlett Rickards DeskJet printer. Because the newsletter’s cover is so important, I send it to a service bureau for Linotronic output at 1250 resolution and 120 line screen. All the originals then go to a print shop, where they are output on a high-quality laser copier. The issues involved in publication design and production are vast and cannot be adequately addressed in one article. For more guidance, I recommend you look into a number of sources. The Designers Guide to Text Type, by Jean Callan King and Tony Esposito (Van Nostrand Rein hold, 1990), is a time-saving compilation of several dozen type faces, styles, and leading combinations. Newsletters From The Desktop by Roger
C. Parker (Ventana Press, 1990) is filled with excellent information and examples. ¦ Victor Osaka is editor and publisher of the 3D Ait Forum International newsletter which semes the Amiga 3-D educational foundation that he founded. He is also president of the organization. Overseeing support, in formation, and discount offers to members. Write to him at 1341 Ocean Ave., Suite 349, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1066, or call 310(398-7649. ?jWorkbench A SERIES THAT EXPLORES THE AMIGA’S RELEASE 2 DISK OPERATING SYSTEM This, our first installment, investigates things you should Release 2 incorporates by far the most significant set of changes to Amiga- DOS since the operating system was released as version 1.0 in 1985, While some modifications may not be readily apparent, they alter some of the “rules" we have come to take for granted. One area that includes many such changes is the boot procedure. In all 1.x Workbench versions, Kickstart reads the user preferences from the DEVS: system-con figuration file before it opens the initial CXI window. By the lime it begins to execute the s: startup- sequence script, Kickstart has already opened a Workbench screen that conforms to such user-defined preferences as screen type (interlaced or noninterlaced) and font (Topaz cS or 9). Editing the startup-scquence file is a time-honored tradition in Workbench 1.x versions, and there are not many ways to generate problems by adding commands to it. In Release 2, however, the whole system of preferences has changed drastically. Settings are stored in individual files on the Workbench disk in the sys:Prefs env- archive sys drawer, which bears the logical- device name ENVARC:. The startup-scquence script creates the env and env sys directories in the RAM disk and assigns ENV: to RAM:env. It then copies all files and directories from ENVARC: to ENV:, including the preference files, which go to ENV:sys. Know before you modify your AmigaDOS startup-sequence. Later in the startup-sequence, tfie Iprefs program executes. Iprefs not only reads the preferences files in ENV:sys and establishes the initial settings, but also watches those files and alters the settings when it detects changes. When you select the Use option from one of the Preferences editors, a new version of the preference file is written to ENV:sys. Iprefs reads the new file from there and changes the setting. Because ENV: is assigned to the RAM disk, this change lasts only until you reset or turn oil your computer. When you select die Save option, however, the file also copies to the ENVARC: directory, making the change permanent. This new procedure works very' well and has a number of benefits. It allows Commodore to easily add new ? BY SHELDON LEEMON ‘ ’s* ".-J : Adding the ToolType DONOTWAIT to a programlcon instructs WBStartup not to wait for the program to finish before starting the next one in the drawer. Last Chan (oment I DONOTUAIT OC_POPUP=HQ OLP0PKEY=ctrl alt b OLPRID«ITY=0 SEC0MDS=388 New | Bel | |POHOTHflIT Save | Cancel | preference items, such as sound or Postscript Preferences, without a ROM upgrade. This scheme also seizes as a model For third-party hardware and software developers. By following Commodore's example, companies can create their own preference editors with the same look and feel as Commodore’s, and use their own programs to monitor the preferences files that these programs create. Because Kickstart automatically copies the contents of the env-archivc directory to ENV:, you can even save archival copies of environment variables to this directory. By thus creating permanent versions of these variables, you need not re-create them at each session with the SETENV command. Screening Room As with the old Kickstart, Iprefs must set screen preferences (such as mode, font, and overscan) before any screens or windows open. If a Workbench screen opens before I be new preferences are established, Kickstart must close that screen before Iprefs can open one that matches the preference settings. The problem is that Workbench cannot close a screen containing windows (such as the Shell window) that it does not directly control. To avoid this situation, the new Kickstart does not open any display until it is absolutely necessary to output text from a program or to display an error message or requester. That is why the initial screen stays blank so much longer under 2.0 than under 1.3, If you examine the 2.0 starlup-sequence file, you will sec that output from commands coming before Iprefs is either suppressed with a Quiet switch or redirected to NIL:. If you put one of your own commands at the beginning of the 2.0 starlup-sequence and if that command generates some texi before Iprefs establishes the screen and font preferences, the Shell will be forced to open a window on a default screen. Then, when Iprefs runs, it will be unable to close the old Workbench screen containing the Shell window, and will complain by issuing the following mysterious message in a requester: Intuition is attempting to reset the Workbench screen. Please close all windows except drawers. If you get this message every time you boot your system, you have probably added a command line somewhere in the startup-sequencc before Iprefs. The simple solution is to redirect the output of any new command line to NIL:. If the program is called MYCOMMAND, for example, and it lakes the command arguments “arguments,” change the command line from MYCOMMAND arguments to MYCOMMAND >NIL: arguments The only other time you may see this message is when you change screen or font preferences after opening a program that puts a window up on the Workbench screen, such as VirusX or the Shell. Intuition cannot reconfigure the Workbench semen until all “visitor” windows are closed. Here, Not There The new preferences scheme is not the only thing to keep in mind when modifying your startup-sequencc file. Lots of crucial system functions (such as monitor descriptions) are included in this script in 2.0, and Commodore will add more in the future. The more important it is to run the commands in the startup file in the proper order, the greater becomes the risk of bringing the whole system to a halt by careless editing of this file. To minimize this risk, Release 2 introduces the concept of a “user-startup” file. If you put such a script file in the S: directory, Kickstart executes it automatically as part of the startup procedure. Commodore advises all users to add new commands and assignments to this file, rather than editing the startup-se- quence file. It is also a good idea to make sure that programs designed to modify the startup script (such as hard-drive installation scripts) perform their operations on the user-startup file instead of the startup- sequencc file. Of course, modifying either the user-startup or the startup-sequence file requires some familiarity with text editors and the AmigaDOS command interface. Because one goal of the new operating system was to free the user from having to deal with nonvisual, user- hostile interfaces, Release 2 introduces a completely icon-driven alternate method of automatically running certain programs every time the computer boots. ? The new Workbench disk contains a new drawer called WBStartup, To automatically run a program each time you start, just drag its icon into the VB- Startup drawer. It’s as simple as that. You should know, though, that programs in the WBStartup drawer execute in the order in which thev appear in the director)'. This generally corresponds to the order in which you dropped them into the director)'. You can see this order by calling the names with the LIST command (LIST Sys:WBstartup) from the CLI. (DIR is not of use here, because it alphabetizes the list.) 11 the order of execution is an issue if one program will not run unless Arexx has been started, for example you can usually modify it by dragging all the files in the WBStartup drawer to the RAM disk, deleting them from the WBStartup drawer, and then dragging them back to WBStartup in the correct order. If this does not work, you may have to add the command that runs first to the s: user-startup script, which executes before the WBStartup icons, .Another point to keep in mind is that the system waits for each program to finish before it launches the next one. If any program does not finish within a couple of seconds, Workbench pops up the requester: Program 'Name_of_program' has not yet returned. Should 1 wait some more? You can instruct the system not to wait fora program to finish by adding a ToolType line reading DONOT- WATT to the program's icon. Just click once on the program icon, select Information from the fools menu, click the New button under ToolTypes, type DONOT- WAIT, hit the Return key, and click on Save. Commodities programs such as Blanker and Click- IbFront (found in the fools drawer) make excellent candidates for the WBStartup drawer, but many of these programs pop up a settings window when vou run them, even if the settings are saved just as you like them. If you add t he ToolType CX_P( )ITT=N() to the icon of a Commodities program, it will not open a settings window when it runs. When you think about it, you'll probably come up with lots of types of programs that you want to run automatically; Arexx, virus checkers, keyboard enhancers, appointment calendars, a clock, and soon. Bv using the WBStartup drawer, you can modify your boot procedure with the greatest of ease, and with no fear of generating some obscure error in an arcane script file. ¦ Sheldon Lee man, a respect eel authority on the Amiga, is finishing a hook about Workbench 2.0. When he's not writing, you can find him at Slipped Dish, a Detroit-area Amiga dealership. THE BLACK KNIGHT NEEDS YOU! READ ON!
• • 'Tower Peripherals that don 7 cost a King's Ransom! " The Fast Lane. The Fast Lane Chip RAM accelerator 4 2Mb chip ram expanson removes the biggest bottleneck in the Amga - slow access to chip RAM TFL gives superlast access to display memory by flowing the CPU 4 custom chips to access chip ram transparently 4 simultaneously. Works with 1 & 2Mb Agnus chips With TFL unaccelerated machines can access display ram at the same speed as fast RAM. Accelerated Amigas will have up to 3 times this bandwidth (depending on how they access the Amga address space) The Speed Demon CPU Accelerators from BKP will access CRAM at the blinding speed of 21.6 Mb'sec (6x the bandwidth of fast ram ( The price is $ 269 without ram Add $ 130 for 2Mb Of memory Also needs 1 or 2Mb Agnus Quicknet. A combination hardware software ethernet network & 8Mb memory board for the Amiga Two years in de velopment, this hardware 4 software package will take the Amiga into previously untapped areas. Supports Thick- net 4 Twisted Pair with optional coax support Quicknet is ’peer to peer', meaning that any peripheral on any computer on Ihe network, is accessible by any other. It is last & completely transparent to the user The software is in ROM allowing the Amiga to boot oft the network. Quicknet software is 1.3 & 2 0 compatible and runs as a background task. The Quicknet package Is $ 399 and includes everything needed to get you up and running Subscribe to. A VIDEOTAPE. Today!!! Tha only desktop video periodical produced on VIDEOTAPE.*, every oiher month!!! See, hear and learn from the best!
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- the harder you hit. The louder the note. Great value at S129. Don't forget QULSttlflL&iBfll .music hardware products, SAM - combination unit reads & wntes SMPTE MIDI Time Code. Includes MIDI Interlace (4 out.l In) 4 dedicated CPU for zero system overhead. $ 199 Qrystal Sound - superb hi performance Sbit digitizer. Twin ultrafast, low noise converters for up to 7CKHz in stereo. Crystal locked for jitter free sampling $ 99 Midi Express - MIDI interface (4 out. 1 in, 1 thru) with pass thru $ 49 (see Aug A World for info on above 3) Biack Knight 255 W. Moana 207, Reno NV B9509 - Tel: (702) B27 8088 fradomaifct ol falovam companies arc acknowledged Check one: D Bill me [~ Payment enclosed or. . . Bill my: ?Maw’Caro Cord f.__ Eupke*: 32 Signature - C& Only $ 48.00 per year. MN residents add 6.5% sales tax, foreign orders add $ 18.00 NAME PHONE: AbWlfSS; MftflD Videographix, Inc. 12219 Nicollet Ave. S. Burnsville, MN 55337 Aoortrss CUV STATE ZIP COUNTTW C0MP»W: . 1 W.C WM* 1 ¦ I'M-.* X «. Ki. »-.! Cifm ¦ • -x. Cajrtl tM 1 Circle 1 75 on Reader Service card Circle 30 on Reader Servce card Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. Now Available in PAL f: PitlWt Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package. Create beautiful full color video images with oil popular Amiga 3D programs. Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a com- ressed video buffer, DCTV creates a isplay all the color and resolution of television. Pr fu ? Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga ** ? Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCRT images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCRT is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. $ 495 ‘Mb. I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended For animators who aren’t professional artists, rotoscoping is a neat trick for creating smooth, high-quality animations. Toscoping tht* process of tracing over live action, frame by frame, and turning it into a moving drawing is probably one of the more controversial and least understood i techniques in animation. But while profes- I sional animators are divided over its merits, computer animation buffs who are not accomplished artists can get a lot of mileage out of this excellent technique. The reason that rotoscoping is a dirty word to many of the pros is that they view the technique as a crutch for people who cannot draw the human bodv. Yet other shrewd practitioners view it as a handy trick when they need to quickly capture the essence of an action or gesture. Let's leave the debate to the academy and move on. Whatever its pros and cons, rotoscoping is used by animators more than they care to admit and often to great effect. Rotoscoping can result in very beautiful animation, as in the old Betty Boop cartoons and 101 Dalmatians, or in awkward, jerky movements, as in the movie Lonl of the Rtngs. I he trick to rotoscoping is to know when to be interpretive with live action and when to be literal. The fundamental rule to keep in mind is this: If live action is not altered in some significant way, it is not animation. So, if the animation appears so real that it seems live, save yourself a lot of work and just use live action. Generally, literal rotoscoping is good for (pardon the pun) “inanimate’' objects, where the mechanical look is a plus, while interpretive rotoscoping is best for humans and animals, where smooth, fluid movement is required. Often, the best rotoscoping results are obtained when the animator working interpretively looks at the live action to estimate not where the outline of a figure is, but where the skeleton is. The skeleton is what is traced, with the animator then dressing ? A miga 11 orltl 55 the skeleton in whatever flesh he or she chooses. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how each method has been used to produce some very effective and not-so- e fleet i ve resu 11 s. Lessons of Rotoscoping Past Cab Calloway’s exaggerated, rubbery dancing was well suited to animation. In several of the Betty Boop cartoons, animators used Calloway’s timing, altitude, and gestures as reference points to create fluid dancing characters. One of the cartoons, “Minnie the Moocher,” is a good illustration of interpretive animation because the rotoscoping employed in it transformed Calloway a tall, thin man into a roly-poly walrus. It was easier for a man to act as if he were a walrus leaving the rest to an animator's imagination than it was to find a real walrus dancing on its hind legs and rotnscope him literally. On the other hand, literal rotoscoping was put to excellent use in Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Cruel la De A il’s car was a white cardboard model, outlined in black so that the animators could see it dearly. Shot in framc-bv-frame stop motion and copied directly onto cels, the car looked just like a drawing without any help from the animator. Cruella was then animated by hand, silting behind the wheel of the car, and the cels were painted and photographed with the background. This is as literal as rotoscoping gets, (In recent years. Disney has replaced cardboard models with computer- generated ones. Amiga users can choose to digitize models or build them with 3-D programs, depending on the kind of software and hardware they use and the complexity of the model.) Finally, the film Lord of the Rings serves as a cautionary example of what not to do when rotoscoping. The entire film was live action, and the individual frames were blown up to 8x10 photographs. Some scenes were copied directly onto cels, while others were traced by hand. The film contains a lot of swordplay and fast action so fast that, at times, a sword arm becomes an indistinct blur or disappears altogether. Faced with tracing blurs and invisible arms, first-time animators did the logical thing: They drew anatOmi- CJ O tally correct, perfectly foreshortened arms in the mathematically correct position of the arc of a sworcl swing. Each individual drawing was an exquisite work of art. The trouble, however, was that when projected at Film speed, the animation lurched along as if it were something out of the movie Night of the Living Dead. What went wrong? The animators neglected to remember the basics of “squash and stretch.” You must keep in mind that the faster something moves, the more it stretches out. As an arm picks up speed, it looks deformed. But don’t perform cosmetic surgery on it draw it deformed! Vhen it goes even faster, an arm turns into a streak, so draw a streak. Although the individual drawings may look strange, the animation will be a lot smoother because it is the cumulative effect that is important, not the individual frames, Rotoscoping Basics To rotoscope on the Amiga, you need a VCR (a camcorder is best), a digitizer, and an animation paint program. Personally, I find the best digitizer for my jobs is A-Squared Distributions' Live! Because it captures multiple frames from a VCR in real time. Once the images are grabbed, 1 use Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint IV to process and play them back. (See the list on j). 104 jo r vendors ’ add nesses.) Shoot your subject against a blank wall. The wall should contrast with the subject: A light subject calls for a dark wall, and a dark subject requires a light wall. Forget about subtlety in acting for rotoscoping. Ham it up and exaggerate movements. Tell your subject to pretend to be a stage actor and to make broad sweeping gestures. What appears ridiculously overdone in live action will look completely natural and restrained when turned into animation. With the Amiga's ability to manipulate and reprocess digitized shapes, you can turn a live actor into a “toon,” Professional animators who look down on rotoscoping usually brag that they can always spot whether something was rotoscoped or drawn by hand. One of the giveaways is that the finished character is always shaped in the proportions of a normal, realistic hitman body, just as in a monster movie you can tell that it’s only a guy in a lizard suit. Figure 1. Some sample frames from the finished animation sequence that was created through rotoscoping techniques. Toons, by contrast, are half the height of regular humans, as was graphically illustrated in the him Who Framed Roger Rabbitt. Roger came up only to Eddie Valiant’s waist. Real humans are eight heads high; toons are four heads high. Rotoscoping can turn normal human proportions into toon proportions, thereby eliminating a vital clue to the source of your animation. Rotoscoping in Action For my sample rotoscoping demonstration (some of which appears on the opening spread of this article), I videotaped my subject acting as if he were a cute, shy, Disnev-like baby bunny. His hands clasped in front of him, feet pigeon-toed, knees together, upper body twisting left and right, and head tucked into bis shoulders made a nice repetitive cycle. After viewing the tape, I found the section I liked best and opened Live!. In the Capture menu, I set the number of frames I wanted to grab, choosing a number that was a bit higher than I actually needed just to play it safe. 1 played the tape and pressed F9 to capture the frames. After pressing F10 to replay that sequence to make sure it was the section I wanted, I saved it and returned to the Workbench. At the Live! Window, I double-clicked on the Playriff icon. From the only menu present there, 1 selected 1 st Frame and then Save Frame, and then continued with Next Frame and Save Frame until I had saved all the frames. When I bad finished saving them, I closed Live! And opened DeluxePaint IV. I loaded all the Live! Frames at once via the Picture menu. In the of Frames box, I set the total number of my captured Live! Frames and double-clicked on the first frame, which saved me f rom having to load them individually. I then pressed 4 to run the frames continuously so that I could see if there were any that I needed to trim in order to ensure a smoother cy cle. (If 1 had wanted to lose a frame here, I would have gone to the Anim menu and looked under Frames for Delete.) To be on the safe side, I saved the cycle as an ANIM. .After turning on the grid, I grabbed a brush from the top of the head down to the waist and enlarged the brush to the correct size by pressing the Plus key ( + ) four times. Next, I stamped the brush so that the waist registered to the knees and then repeated that procedure on every frame. After playing this cycle to see if it animated smoothly, 1 saved it as an ANIM. With the grid still on and starting back at the first frame, 1 grabbed a brush of the head, enlarged it by pressing the + key three times, and stamped it down so it appeared to sit correctly between the shoulders. 1 repeated that procedure on every frame, and when the sequence appeared to animate smoothly, ! Saved it as an ANIM. The proportions were then correct for a cute, baby-bunny-type character. For the final phase, I started at the beginning frame once again. After each frame, I added another and then cleared the added frame so that I wound up with even'even frame clear. From the Anim menu, I turned on Lite Control panel (Alt-A) and then the Light Table
(1) . I moved to frame 2, the Clear frame. With the Light Table on, I could see frame 1 and the figure it contained as I was drawing on frame 2. I looked at that body as if it were an x-ray and drew only the stick figure inside it for frame 2. I drew a stick figure for each body, until the succession of frames became body, stick figure, body, stick figure, and so on. 1 then deleted all the bodies, leaving only the stick figures. When this cycle passed my viewing test, I saved it. Next, I drew the finished baby bunny in another color over the stick figure, and stenciled out the stick figure. After a little minor tweaking here and there, the animation several frames of which you can see in Figure 1 was done. Through rotoscoping techniques, the digitized live actor can be invaluable in determining timing in your animation. You can do this as precisely and as religiously as I did in my demo, or you can simply rotoscope the extremes and then draw the in-betweens freehand. Much can be learned from digitizing humans and animals and analyzing their movements. ¦ Gene Hamm is a veteran animator who works for Colossal Pictures. His credits include work ort The Guniby Show. Write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. LllLh isS iciul .L£L0 - A-LULUd. L L-LLLv UL'CL[lLLLLSi£ O.LLLL L'LLLLtLL U UurLLL. 24-Bit Graphics!!! Video System Install the exciting new OpalVisiini Main Board in the video slot of your Amiga and vast new possibilities await your exploration. I sc OpalPaint to create graphics, backdrops, video titles or anything you can imagine with 16.8 million colors at your command. Run Workbench applications with incredibly detailed full-color 2-i-Bit backgrounds. OpalVision s discrete design let's you use any of 16,8 million different colors on every pixel Create title screens combining scanned images, clip art and other elements using OPAL PAINT’S wide array of tools and modes. OpalVLsion Main Board Includes OPAL PRESENTS! * A feature* packed, multi-purpose 24-Bit presentation and image display program. An internal card which operates in any Amiga computer with a video slot. It is the core of the OpalVision system. A true 2 t-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 niillk >n colors available for every pixel. 1 Incompromised. 24-Bit higher-thanbroudcast-quality. Crystal-clear images which far surpass any composite video or MAM system. Standard Amiga graphics anti animations can appear in front of or behind OpalVision images oil a pixcl-by -pixel basis. Capable of double-buffered 24-Bit and 15-Bit animation in medium and low resolution modes and 8-Bit double-buffered animation in all resolutions. VLSI graphics coprocessor enables resolution changes, stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth scrolling between screens. “Palette-Mapped" design updates colors in real-time. Fade pictures in and out and change their pa Idles on the My. Technical Info Operates in all Amiga resolutions up to a maximum of 768 by 480 pixels (580 in PAL). Double buffered lull 24-Bit 15-Bit and 8-Bit true color modes. 24-Bit and «S-Bit palette- mapped display modes. Dual Playfield and Overlay Priority stencil modes. Priority mask definition specifics foreground background areas. 20ns video switch to freely mix Amiga and OpalVision graphics. Equipped with 1.5 MB of display RAM. Expansion connectors for available Framegrabber Genlock and Scan-Rate Converter hardware modules and expansion socket for the "Roaster Chip." Opatvisi Automatically sclf-coniigurcs for NTSC or PAL operation. 2 t-Bit RGB output with video bandwidth >“ MHZ.
150. N Microcode graphics processor for system control, priority switching, hardware scrolling anti panning. Hardware Requirements Any Amiga computer with a video slot, Anv Amiga compatible monitor capable of 15. "5kHz scan rate. (Models 1080.1084.1950. I960 most Multi-Sync Multi-Scan monitors.) One Megabyte of CHIP RAM (Two Megabytes Recommended) OPALPAINT’S speed and power lets you composite multiple images quickly and easily with seamless, 24- Bit color accuracy. Two Megabytes of FAS T RAM Hard Drive strongly recommended 68000 20 30 40 compatible Included Software: Every OpalVision Main Board includes a full range of software to let you start enjoying all the benefits of your new 24-Bit .Amiga immediately: Airbrush Chalk OpalPaint An unequalled painting and image manipulation program specifically written to take l ull advantage of the power of OpalVision. It’s fast. Real-time. Full 24-Btt. OpalPaint gives you complete control over OpalVision's 16.8 million color palette. Includes a full-range of drawing tools and an expandable library of image-processing modes with adjustable parameters, full texture-mapping capabilities, transparency and color gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes, pre-dcfincd palettes and many pother comprehensive tools. Unique and powerful features like real-world Artist's tools ' and paper types, multiple stencil types, virtual memory support and compatibility with the pressure-sensitive Wacom1* drawing tablet provide a level of support for artistic creativity never before- available. Opal Presents! A comprehensive icon-driven presentation program offering complete control over OpalVision images. Amiga graphics and live video (when the Genlock and Framcgrabbcr is installed.) Includes numerous built-in transitions and effects including wipes, fades and scrolling effects. Takes full advantage of OpalVision s double buffering and intelligent image pre-loading to minimize delays. Utilizes 24-Bit image thumbnails in both editor and file requester. Trigger transitions by mouse button, timer or AREXX commands. Initiates CM and AREXX scripts. Fully multitasking.
- sr • OPALPAINT's exclusive real-world Artist's Tools and paper types bring a new level of artistic creativity to the Amiga. "j OpalPaint Pencils wmamrz - .*mm Wa let color OpalVision HotKey Display OpalVision images anytime by using key combinations. Show OpalVision and Amiga graphics simultaneously, with single keystrokes to control two different OpalVision screens, priority’ masks, and other Opal Vision features. Multitasks with all Amiga software to provide 24-Bit backdrops for Amiga graphics. AREXX compatibility integrates all OpalVision features into the Amiga environment. King of Karate Just for fun. We’re including the world’s llrst 24-Bit personal computer game with every Main Board! .An exciting, two-player karate competition winch is lots of fun and an excellent demonstration of OpalVision’s capabilities. Includes music and sound effects. ¦ OPAL PRESENTS! Includes numerous built-in transitions for image sequencing and presentation. It also triggers CLI and AREXX commands. Just for fun we've included KING OF KARATE - An exciting, fwo-player, 24-Bit karate competition with music and sound effects. The OpalVision Main Board is the foundation of a complete OpalVision 24-Bit graphics and video system. OpalVision Enhancement Modules are on the way which add exceptional graphic and video features to the OpalVision Main Board, Add 24-Bit. Real-time frame-grabbing and gcnlocking with S-Vidco and composite inputs and outputs. Expand your system even more by adding the OpalVision Production Switcher and “Roaster Chip" for amazing Digital Video Effects ami video switching capabilities. Install our De-Interlacer for flickcr- free output. The expansion modules connect directly to the OpalVision Main Board without tying up Amiga slots. Upcoming OpalVision Enhancement Modules: Frame Grabber Genlock Module Quad-input Production Switcher Scan-Rate Converter (de-interlacer) OpalVision Roaster Chip The expandable, modular design lets you select only the features you need while providing expandability so you can add additional capabilities as you require them. Created by: Opal Tech Sydney, Australia Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 The OpalVision system is an excellent video processing and manipulation tool but unlike other video-only systems, it integrates extremely well into the Amiga environment and functions superlatively for applications like desktop publishing, ray-tracing, image processing, multimedia and entertainment. OpalVision is the complete 24-Bit system which upgrades all of your Amiga’s capabilities to true, uncompromised, 24-Bit RGB. Phone: (310) 542-2226 FAX: (310) 542-9998 For information: 1-800-621-2202 1, Opol Presents and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks at OpaJ Technology, Ltd. King of Karate is a trademark of Centaur Development, tnc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Sion, a | ¦. Crete 162 on Reader Service card 45 A continuing series of tips, techniques, nnd tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen FOR THE COMPUTER artist, texture screens have many uses. In 3-D rendering software, they can be used as “texture maps" to give realistic surfaces to objects. I hey can also serve as backgrounds in video and slide production or as brush fills in painting. Texture screens are standard IFF images of surfaces such as marble, brick, wood, and so on. Many 3-1) renderers come with some textures included, and libraries of texture images are available commercially. A scanner or video digitizer can capture textures photographically. This column, however, will explore methods the computer artist can use to create natural-looking texture images from scratch with painting and image-processing software. (To locate vendors of the products men tinned, see the “Alanufarlurers Distributors' Addresses ” list on p. 104.) Random Harvests There are many approaches an artist might take in creating such textures. 1 will focus on one fundamental technique with many variations. A few of the results of these experiments can be seen in the accompanying illustration. The foundation of each of these textures is a screen of random gray pixels. In fact, with the exception of the wood texture, I developed each image from the same random screen. That initial pattern of dots was put through a variety of simple image-processing sequences to produce the different textures shown in the swatches. Colorization of each texture was the final stage, I used a variety of software in these experiments DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts), Director 2 (Right Answers Group), PIXniate (Progressive Peripherals), Art Department Professional (ASDG), and Imagemaster (Black Belt Systems) but to follow the examples, you do not need all these programs. Any paint package and any image- processing program should suffice. There are at least two fundamental ways to create the base screen of random pixels. You can paint the pattern manually with something like Dpaint’s airbrush tool, or you can create it through a script-based graphics program such as Director 2, using its Point command while randomizing the Pen color. In Dpaint. Work on a 640x100 screen with a spread of 16 grays from black to white. Make Range 1 the full spread of these 16 grays. Use the airbrush with the single-pixel or the three- or live- pixel brush. Turn on Cycle mode (F7) and cover the entire screen with spray. All 16 grays will be randomly sprinkled over the image. Save this image for further processing, A similar screen can be created by using Director 2 in an unconventional way. Use random numbers to change the Pen color each time the Point command places a dot on the screen. Either use random x and y coordinates for the Point, or set up a loop to draw each pixel sequentially from left to right on each line in succession until the screen is filled. You can employ a similar approach in Amiga Basic or with Arexx linked to a paint program. Once you have created the base image, load it into your image-processing software. PIXmatc is a good, basic image processor for non-24-bit work. AD Pro offers a number of operators and convolve matrices that perform sophisticated image processing, while Imagemaster provides screens full of buttons to experiment with in its Process panel. The latter two programs work in a 24-bit color environment and can render in any Amiga resolution. A Textures Six-Pack Now for some results. The “sand” texture in the illustration is the easiest to create because it is simply a blurring of the random-pixel screen. In PIX- niate, use the AVE averaging button in the Image Process panel. In AD Pro, choose the Blur operator or try the Gaussian matrix in the Convolve operator. I did all my experiments in gray scale for clarity and then colored them later by altering the palette. The simple blurring of the random dots gives a photographic quality to the pattern By combining a few simple painting and image-processing techniques, you can create realistic, natural-looking textures in minutes. That is quite convincing. For the “basalt” texture, start with the same screen, averaging as described above. Next, perform a Laplace operation with the LAP button in PIX- mate or the LaplacianEclge convolve matrix in AD Pro. This breaks the image into higher-contrast clusters of pixels. Finally, average or blur this image again and run it through the Deep Press convolve matrix in AD Pro, If you are new to image processing, don't he put off by the terminology mentioned above; just press the buttons and evaluate the results. For the “malachite” texture, use the Gaussian convolve matrix in AD Pro on the original hi-res base screen. If you are using PIXmate, the AVE button works well for this blurring. In Imagemaster, try the Smear effect found under Filters in the Process panel. Next, adjust the palette to two sequences of green. The gray image contains a straight sequence of values from dark to light. Change the palette manually so that colors 0 through (I form a dark-to-light sequence and colors 7 through 15 form another. This creates the concretion texture you see in the illustration. The “pile” effect, which looks to me like synthetic carpet, starts as a random 320x200 base screen. In PIXmate, reformat this to 640x400 and average the image. This creates larger clumps than those resulting from using a hi-res base screen. Next, select Pixmate’s EDO button to perform an edge detection. Finally, average the image again. For the “burlap” texture, use a 320x200 random base screen. Load that into Imagemaster and select Make Shine from the Special Effects screen of the Process panel. Perform Make Shine on the entire image. Reformat the image to 640x400 and blur or average it as described above to produce the finished elfect. Finally, the “wood" texture is a result of that unconventional use of Director 2 outlined earlier for creating a random screen. In this case, though, put constraints on the randomness. For example, the statement ?2-l randomly yields 0, -1, or +1, which can then be added to the previous Pen color before drawing a new point. Each new pixel drawn on a line will thus be the same value as the last pixel drawn one shade darker or lighter. This produces lines in which pixels randomly but smoothly rise and fall in value. Each line, however, is unrelated in value to the lines above and below it, which creates an illusion of real wood grain. You should then blur or average the screen at the final stage, just before adjusting the palette. You can produce any of these custom textures in just a few minutes. Endless variations are possible, thanks to the insight of software designers who allow Amiga artists to combine the tools of art and science. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. W rite to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. VIDEO Befuddled by the array of videotape and machine formats? You're not alone. Here’s a look at each type, with some tips to help determine which is best for your purposes. SUITE By Paulo de Andrade VIDEO TAPE RECORDERS have become steadily better and more accessible every year. A whole family of professional VTRs is now available for a fraction of the cost of their hmadcast- quality predecessors. Even some consumer decks allow basic editing at reasonable prices. While equipment is readily available, however, video is not the same for everyone. Manufacturers, seeing huge potential in the growing videography market, have come out with nianv video formats. This competition extended from the famous consumer Betamax versus VMS to the broadcast world with Retacam versus M-1I. Although prices have dropped as a direct result of this struggle for dominance, we now have a conf using array of for- n mats from which to choose. Is digital better than analog? Is Super-VHS broadcast quality? Can you single-frame record an animation on a home VCR? These are questions 1 hear all the time. To understand the differences between v ideo formats, let’s break them down into categories. Broadcast Quality The term “broadcast quality” is often misused. To he considered broadcast quality, a YTR must meet specific signal standards. Stub machines have the high-frequency responses, excellent signal-to-noise ratios, and high resolutions necessaiy to produce super sharp. Stable video and accurate, pure colors. But broadcast-quality machines also differ from others in the way they are built. They must withstand abuse of all sorts: from frenzied editors shuttling back and forth to finish their pieces minutes before airing, to continuous 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation, and so on. Therefore, broadcast-quality Trs have tough mechanisms and cases made from metals that make them strong and provide sufficient rigidity so that moving parts meet precise tolerances. To meet the repair speeds necessaiy for broadcast situations, the cincuils of broadcast-quality VTRs are on easily- removable boards, and the cases are easily disassembled. Broadcast-quality VTRs incorporate tlie latest production technologies: they are frame-accurate, have many audio channels, and are easily connected to other pieces of equipment. Their components are of the highest grade available. And each unit is individually adjusted at the factory to meet strict broadcast standards, for all these reasons, broadcast-quality VTRs are the most expensive, ranging from $ 15,000 to over SI00.000. This group of machines is divisible into two categories: o digital and analog. Digital The main advantage of digital video lies in the fact that every generation (that is, every copy made) loses very liule quality. It is, therefore, the perfect format for image compositing and multigeneration post production. There are currently three digital video formats: D1: Introduced in 1986, this "king" of all formats is component digital, designed for use in a completely digital environment. Being component, il separates the most important video signals to keep the image quality at its best. It does not use the composite video signal, which, by mixing all video signals into one, has some imperfections. A 1)1 machine has four digital- audio trac ks and separate longitudinal tracks for SNIP 1 E lime code, control track, and cue audio, and it contains 12 video heads. It uses metal-particle videotape encased in small, medium, and large cassettes. D2: Although this format uses composite video, as with all broadcast formats, the quality is so high that composite does not make a big difference. Introduced in 1988. D2 is not totally digital. The inputs and outputs of a D2 machine are analog, and it digitizes video and audio signals in real time. This makes it easy to inte- grate D2 machines into existing analog video systems. A 1)2 machine contains six video heads and uses videocassettes similar to those of 1)1, but with a different metal-tape formulation. ? We Put Your Pieces Together Puzzled about music and the Amiga? Look to us for the answers! At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, we’ve developed a strong lineup of talent. Each of our products receives the special care it takes to produce a winner. That's why you’ll find a Blue Ribbon on every box! Take Super JAM! With this automatic copyright- free composer, you’ll writing the next hit song or creating the perfect soundtrack for your video production in no time. SuperJAM! Comes with over 30 different musical styles and a backup band that performs beautifully, whether it’s Mozart or Motown. And with the Extras Disks lor SuperJAM!, you can instantly increase your repertoire with styles like Fusionist, Funkjungle, Rachmaninoff and Rockapeggio. Harmonies, non-destructive editing, and an unlimited number of tracks for recording only begin to describe it. Plus, you can integrate it seamlessly with SuperJAM! If vou’re into MIDI but don’t need full power, check out Bars&Pipes, music software made simple. Bars&Pipes features multi-track recording, graphical editing, tempo mapping and more. Bars&Pipes is expandable, so it grows as you do. SO nee the music is flowing, pick and choose from the Bars&Pipes Add-on Series. These packages make Bars&Pipes or Bars&Pipes Professional even more fun to own. Use the Creativity Kit to invent fresh musical ideas, or the Pro Studio Kit for complete control of your MIDI studio. The Internal Sounds Kit eliminates the need for MIDI altogether. Imagine, multi-track recording inside your computer! To round it off, we present Rules for Tools, documentation and C source code for writing your own musical features. Our One-Stop Music Shop turns your Amiga into a powerful music machine! This hardwarc-software combination includes all you need to get 16-bit stereo multi-timbral audio for an incredible price! When you’re ready for multi-track recording, automated mixing, notation printing and state-of-the- art MIDI sequencing, PROFESSIONAL you’re ready
* 4 for Bars&Pipes Professional. Special effects, multi-media sync, sophisticated To get organized, grab The PatchMeister, our graphical, uni- versally-configurable MIDI patch librarian. It comes with tub dozens of MIDI drivers and templates. Don’t see what vou want? MEISTC IF Make it yourself with the special driver creation feature. And, The PatchMeister integrates easily into Bars&Pipes Professional for the ultimate composition environment. Want to triple the capacity of your MIDI studio? Use Triple Play Plus, our MIDI interface that includes 3 sepa- rately-addressable MIDI outs for 48 simultaneous MIDI channels* Of course, p - we designed it especial- L ly for our software. No compatibility problems here. Synchronizing with video and 4 u audio tape is simple with SyncPro, our universal SMPTE synchronization box for audio, video and multi- media production. Yes, it comes with special Blue Ribbon software and works with any Amiga application that supports MIDI Time Code. SyncPro The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, When it comes to quality, we dotTt miss a beat! THE Blue ribbon SOUNDWORKS LTD North Highland Station Post Office Box 8689 Atlanta, Georgia 30306 USA
(404) 377-1514 tax(404)377-2277 ! He IllucHars&Pipcs Professing!. Gripes Add-on Scries. (healivi.y Kit. Internal Sounds Kit. One-Stop Vlusic Shop. Pro Studio Kit. Rules fox Tools Multi-Media Kit Music Bo, A Musidtox B SuperlAMl. 1 he PatchUaster. I r.plc Play Plus and SyncPro arc trademarks of The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Ltd. All other product and brand names are trademarks and or .WenurUo D3: Introduced in 1991, this new digital format is gaining wide acceptance because of its excellent price performance ratio. Il is a composite video format like D2 and uses Va-inch metal tape. It is also very easy to integrate into existing analog video systems. Analog Analog VTRs have been around since the first videotape recorder was introduced. The best analog machines produce first-generation pictures equal in quality to digital VTRs, and they arc much more widely used than digital machines. There are several different analog formats: One-inch Type C. Introduced in 1978, I-inch Type C format was for years the high-quality video standard, fust like an audio reel-to-reel recorder, it uses I-inch oxide tape in reels, replacing the older 2-inch VTRs. It was the first format to allow viewable sti 11-frames, slow and fast motion, and picture-in-shuttle. This composite- video system uses three video heads and still delivers pictures of very good quality. Betacam: Introduced in 1982 as the first component-video system, Betacam was designed around the consumer Betamax format. It records the luminance and chrominance signals on separate tracks optimized for those functions, using ‘ a-inch oxide tape and six video heads. Betacam SP: Introduced in 1987 as an improvement over Betacam, this component-video format uses thin metal tape to achieve longer playing time and increase the bandwidth. Betacam SP videotape comes in small and targe cassettes; the small size is compatible with standard Betacam. The SP decks have six video heads. M: Introduced in 1982, this format is an upgrade to consumer VHS. It uses Va-inch oxide tape on VHS-size cassettes. It is a component system, like Betacam, hut processes the signals differently. M also uses six video heads. M-II: This format was introduced as a major upgrade to the M format. Making its debut in 1986, it uses thinner metal tape to allow fine picture quality and record play times up to 90 minutes. M-II records chroma signals using time-comprcssion multiplexing. It uses small and large cassettes and has ten video heads. Professional Quality While professional formats produce very good pictures, they do not meet current broadcast standards. That does not, however, rule out their use in small TV stations or for cable. The main advantage of professional-format machines is price, which starts at S3500. One of the main disadvantages, compared to broadcast-quality VTRs, is the widespread use of plastic parts in the mechanisms, which leads to less image stability and reliability. Also, professional VTRs usually do not have easily j removable circuit boards, thus requiring more work to fix electrical problems than do broadcast VTRs. Some low-end professional VTRs do not support frame-accurate editing and simply cannot be used for animation. All five professional formats are analog: Three-quarter-inch U-Matic: Introduced in 1972, this became the first practical formal for news gathering. Considered broadcast quality until the early 80s, U-Matic became the standard formal for industrial production and still has a broad user base. Its dualhead format is considered highly reliable; it uses ' i-inch oxide tape housed in small and large cassettes. Three-quarter-inch SP: This format is basically the same as regular Vi-inch, but it uses metal tape for better image. Introduced in 1985, il uses tapes that are compatible with regular Vi-inch U- Matic format. VHS. Introduced in 1975, VHS is the most prevalent consumer format. Although there are professional VHS VTRs, the quality is the poorest of all professional machines, and they should be used only for duplication purposes or low-quality work. Machines equipped with hi-fi audio deliver excellent sound. Cassettes can he large or small (VIIS-C). S-VHS: S(uper)-VHS was introduced in 1987 as an evolution of the VHS system. It uses a modified oxide tape formulation and separates luminance chrominance signals to achieve better image quality. VHS tapes can be played on S-VHS decks, but the reverse is not true. Newer S-VHS machines have much-improved picture quality due to better tapes and noise-reduction circuitry. It is becoming the new standard for industrial video production and offers very good quality for the money. Hi-8: The smallest video format. Hi- 8 was introduced in 1988 and became very popular in compact camcorders. Because of their small size, Hi-8 recorders are often used for shooting; footage when large machines would get in the way. Gulf-war news people used Hi-8 machines because they passed as tourist home cameras. Although the strength of this format lies in acquisition, there are now Hi-8 editing systems and frame-accurate VTRs. The 8mm metal tape is housed inside very small cassettes that fit inside a shirt pocket. The Format Formula With so many formats to choose from, how do you know which is right for you? Mainly, your budget will tell you, although there are other things to consider. If you want to record 24-bit animations to tape, a frame-accurate VTR is a must. If most of vour work will be weddings and low-budgct industrial corporate productions, vou should definitely stick with professional VTRs. The lower cost will keep you profitable, and you can also use them for local television commercials if you do not go down too many generations. On the other hand, if you want to produce for network television, do high-end 24-hit animations, or generate MTV-quality music videos and commercials for big companies, you must go with full broadcast quality. Most important, make sure you know what you are doing. 11 you do not have professional video experience, take some courses before vou trv to make a 4 4 business of it. Having even the best equipment is fruitless if you cannot make good use of il. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of a hroad- cast-quality production company that uses AMIGAs. An eight-year network-television veteran, he has six years of experience with computer animation. Write to him at Kine- ma Graphics, 13800 SE 79th Dr., Renton, WA 98059. BEAST III - OUT OF THE SHADOW Beast III the crowning achievement of the landmark series that is the Beast trilogy. Maletoth, The Beast Lord reigns again. Hlamalevolent presence darkens the land. Only his complete destruction will end the horror. Deliverance is in your hands. Using all your skill, cunning and strength you'll make your way through level upon 1evpl of challenging puzzles and battle the powerful foes that stand between you and your final encounter with The Beast Lord. BEAST I FEATURING: BEAST H Award of Excellence • Exceptionally smooth full color graphics tor astounding. Best Arcade Game 1990 - C omputer Entertai ner ‘39. Fost Pqced action, Original digital musical score adds to Omni Magazine. Game of the Yea - ine ominous olsolBeatt ill. Numerous mwgumgpuiztes Best Graphic* and Best Sound - Amiga Worid m °"d outrageous orcode action spread oh* lour vas, European Computer Leisure Awards '91. ,evels of p!ay- 8-way parallax scrolling pulls you _ I , _ . _ . „ Amiga Game of the Year ¦ smoothly mlo each Beaslly encounter. Best Sound and Best Presentation - Game Players *90. 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1. Call lor most carrenl prices and snipping rata*.
Z. Mall this order form In: CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA S828G
1. Credit card erders only shipped to hilling address. When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GUP Hardware from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the market for a GUP Impact Uision but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Ur are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need nut wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! Address City Country Day Phone Night Phone UNIT CC-UK alt* Umfttd-limt cTe-- 32 31 92 one onfy osp?*i !s th* awve Ssfefl caltgortti arty, Yew musi ceil Cut-ontr Str * re OOW-ft a AsfMrtzaNM iwnMt tulsr* i*n £ng Pi* p*m(i) back Tht ittrrXi) ms* t-e In ettgmcl cendhan end in original packaging, w?Hi Monk warranty cars. No Scrog»d hn «r* to occtpltd Itfcndi wittita U ocrt & or m* tthrtod ift-M MuM |, RaftC is 13.000 p*r eu*ion*r No r*l.ndi cn Ir»9h1 o- bbor ctogn. CJITOUJJ HfvCt for t*ch supper col 313 642 2292 fram Horn to 7 pm 9JT :-j cordby f*04tai fip'*si h -o! Cva cb* Ifi tfla-eas !hoi« "lil*na d Ar*at" Iski two doyi Ch*ck w*h yewt local F»d«rdEipr»ti»»3honlcf toLrvwy coriYmdcncndd«lr »r| Tffl« CM 1030 l4-No Ftrtonoi CompCfyCtoCkt Cat! Fc* of ofh*i ihtopmg Wecmahoa. Educational, eorpottft aid ctxisccf purchaw ore*n octtp'ea Ad oc»na*d pr«*$ or* CaJH pru*t v*a Mctrtr Cai3 iom* cicam. American Eipxuodd 4V0«COv*r Md IV HIM* KXJC* Cat Customer 5*r*lce d 1313) 214 0300 lor F*tgrn authorttclton. Al return without outhortiatton numtoi (JUAfj «U C* ret.uc fiatumto podiKtt mwt to 110n9.no! CondMoti end swe kogipfl end mi* be ser.l bee* wihin 33 days o! Cor Invoice dote. No refund, pleose. Defective produel etc ranges owy. We mek* ns gu©oniMi for piodud perfarmarce. Ejichangei »irri untie p’Od cii or* or our oplron and s.bjec to a 20% re-stocking lee Cof .C" Chi Wees and OyolkJbllity of product ore subject to change wthoul rvolice uajiw 093tii Send money orders or cashiers check 'or fastest service. Persona! Checks -10 coys to eleas. Include: Heme, Addessond telephone number (no P.O. Egms. Please), if ordering Or credit cord include oiplrotion dale and fclBng oddress. CdH for * Ocl iMppiPfl (0«*t. H11INATIONAI TOLL F2E£ 09DEJING POUCR3 for Ccnado, FPO APO ¦ Minimum order S60. ATI other countries; minimum order S100 for VISA and Hosier Card orders you musf f AX or moll 0 signed photocopy of yow creort card-frort ana back Please have your crtdl cord number ready before celling WtiENATiOKAi *HCfif urjuSf fi Orders only please Cancdal-400-54S-2SI2;l1otyls!S J40i4;Un0ea«lngdomMM-49 l178;fro.icel!-ai90-l099:Aus!tol*00!4 SCCI l2S-712.SwlUerland 046 OS 3423 "‘PS'CE GUABAN'lt U.S. Onfy Applet foall merchandise advertised by aCauthorjed Amiga dealer* eicepi merchandise on sale end eut-oHla k we *¦! Give you our 'delivered" p«e Wmi than the ofher oulhcrlted Amiga dealer's "delivered' pace 3 25% SALES TAX iCA RES.ONLY1 SHIPPING METHOD: (Call for rates) UPS Ground LJ Airborne Express DHL -International orders Other_ SHIPPING TOTAL OFFER CODE P2B401MG Q( LJ Check ? Money Order I I Visa ? It u American Express FJ Discover Method o Payment Credit Card Signature_ Overnight Shipping via: VISA R E V I E w s From j). 28. Er on the Amiga. On the other hand, Kindwords 3 is simply a scaled-down version of Digital Wordsworth word processor. Despite the claim that it is “the most powerful word processor for your Amiga,” Kindwords 3 lacks some of Wordsworth’s features and includes a special upgrade offer in its box. On its own, Kindwords is a fairly com- plete entry-level word processor. It sports a unique left-hand toolbox that handles most of the tasks (such as font control and paragraph formatting) usually relegated to a ruler atop the screen. A help icon also produces an on-line guide to the program’s features. Two major format requesters, Paragraph and Page Layout, control the appearance of the final document. The Paragraph requester lets you select line spacing. You may specify line height as six or eight lines per inch, automatic (adjusts to the selected font), single, double, or custom spacing specified in points. You can also tell Kindwords to skip an extra line before or after each paragraph, and you can mix styles throughout the document. The Page Layout requester lets you specify page size and margins. Headers and footers are shown on screen, and they may be different on opposing pages. 11 you like, paragraph symbols may also be visible. Have you ever wanted a vertical ruler to complement the standard top-of-page model? Kindwords accommodates, letting you measure how much paper you have consumed. Unfortunately, the ruler is not precise enough for accurate positioning work, as there is no zoom control. As you might expect, Kindwords offers the ability to insert numerous things in a file, such as page breaks, the date, and the time. Depending on vour preference, Kindwords inserts the current date and never changes it (useful for reference documents) or updates the date every time you load the document (useful for form letters). Kindwords also includes the requisite spelling checker and thesaurus, and you can easily add vour own words to the * user dictionary via a convenient module right in the program. Strong Suits Two areas in which Kindwords has a distinct advantage over excellence! Are graphics and printing. Kindwords allows you to place graphics anywhere in a file and contour text around them via a simple requester. This is in stark contrast to excellence!, which treats pictures as alphanumeric characters, severely limiting their placement in a document. In addition, Kindwords was designed to optimize output for dot-matrix and other low-resolution printers. Kindwords can produce high-quality output using standard Amiga fonts if you have double- or quad-sized fonts available. For example, suppose you are printing a file with 15-point fonts. If there is a 30- or 60- point version of the same typeface in the fonts drawer, Kindwords scales down the larger font and prints with it instead, getting a better result than is possible with the size actually selected. Kindwords has its share of idiosvncra- z sies, as well. With over three megabytes of memory available, I was unable to open more than two documents simultaneously, even though 1 couldn't find anything in the manual about the maximum number of files I could open at once. Also, as far as aesthetics go, I found the Kindwords ruler and toolbox to be a tad ugly and a bit large, even in high resolution. Despite the fact that Kindwords is a simpler word processor than excellence!, I couldn’t shake the impression that it was, in fact, somewhat more difficult to use. Kindwords has all the basics, but lacks many of the amenities a seasoned typist looks for in a word processor, excellence!, on the other hand, is in a dose race with New Horizon’s Pro Write 3.2 for the best of the best. Dave Johnson Virtual Reality Studio Domark Accotade, S89.95, Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. 2,0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 5I2K RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive, accelerator. 3-D game creation. Easy to learn, easy to use, and fun to just play around with, Virtual Reality Studio (VRS) is a wonderful tool for building scrolling, ill led-polygon adventure games. With a little ingenuity on your part, the results will look great. The expression “virtual reality” gets tossed around as much for games these days as “multimedia” does for applications. VRS actually pre-clates the concept. This is an improved edition of the Freescape system used by England’s Incentive Software to create such commercial first-person adventures as Total Eclipse, Space Station Oblivion, and Castle Master. (A side note: All these games arc now out of print in the US, but Do- tnark’s European division has released Virtual Worlds a compilation of the three plus Castle Master II: The Crypt. It’s an excellent collection, and bound to give you some bright ideas.) Better than Legos Difficult to imagine creating one of these on your lonesome, eh? Well, it is now within reach. Starting with just a green field and blue sky, you use plain-English icon- and menu-driven commands to create eight basic shapes from a cube to a pyramid to a straight line in the play- field at the top half of your screen. You can color them, stretch them, shrink them, move them, turn them, connect them up in complex objects, and roam among them to ensure the lit is just right. A cube flattened and lengthened becomes a wall. The copy command creates another. (Just push the copy over to the right with the move buttons.) A second clone, pivoted with the turn command and shrank to fit the gap, becomes the back, and a pyramid, with a lit- tlejiggling, forms a little peaked roof. Nice garage, eh? Time to get started on the car. And so, area by linked area, vour en-
• 4 vironment grows. You can add animation and up to 32 sampled sounds the program comes with six pre-dcfined ones (but, alas, no music support). The BASIC-like Freescape Command Language (FCL) permits you to set up conditions and variables for interacting with this world within your Amiga. You can use your paint program to create a custom IFF border that frames and provides the controls with which you will run your program (or use the two that come with the program). And. Finally, you can create a stand-alone game that runs independently of the creating program. (In England, the public-domain and “li- censeware” market is already sporting some very stylish VRS games.) VRS doesn’t make you work that hard. The program has multiple perspectives that make it easy to center one object on another. There’s a coloring utility that doesn’t require each side of a given object to be visible for clicking. (You merely dick on the appropriate patch beside the palette.) If you get tangled up in your architecture, you can quickly bounce back to your starting perspective. .And while there’s some programming to do the more the better, actually it’s very much of the “if X and Y, then Z” variety. It’s easy to understand why this product, upon its initial release in England, Continued on p. 76. D Q [ A a 5HW TST m PI M C ? 91 ril A D o a ' JOIN THE FUN DECEMBER 4-6, 1992 The Toronto International Centre 6900 Airport Road, Hall One Mississauga, Ontario SHOW HOURS 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. ADMISSION S8.00 ADULTS ? $ 6.00 STUDENTS & SENIORS Show Hotel: Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport, 640 Dixon Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario Show Rate: $ 89 Single or Double Deadline: November 3, 1992 Reservations: Toll Free 1-800-333-3333 world of _ commodore AMIGA*
• ft ft • ft » I ftffft-jft ft ife*
o . Wv r fh r WV WU 1® ¦cTlii* W * jNk % $ . % - % *** fc-T * t Ihp. Am Am A* C= Commodore AMIGA A600, A600HD, A570 CD-ROM DRIVE Call for other new exciting products! Supra Corporation SPECIAL PURCHASE... made specificaly for the Amiga SupraFaxModem V.32bis $ 325 SupraModem 2400 Plus $ 165 v_ MODEMS Supra FaxModem V.32 his SupraFax software. A-Talk 111 Telecom software, & Amiga Modem Cable S325 Modem Alone, no software or cable .. S279 Supra FaxModem V.32 bis Modem Alone, no software or cable . S219 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus Includes same items as the above, call for specific features ...S165 SupraModem 2400 External .....S72 SupraModem 2400 Plus External MNP5& V.42 bis ..... $ 115 2400 zi PIUS Internal MNP5&V.42 bis ......$ 115 DRIVES Supra Drive 500XP lor A500 SupraDrive 50GXP 52Q, 1 MB S465 Supra Drive 500XP 520,2 MB $ 545 Supra Drive 500XP 120Q. 1 2 MB $ 579 SupraDrive 50QXP 120q. 2 MB $ 665 SupraDrive 500CP 2400, 2MB $ 909 MEMORY SupraRAM 50QRX 1MB 2 MB 8 MB $ 125 S185 S395 SupraRAM 2000 2 MB 4 MB ..$ 165 $ 219 6 MB 8 MB ..$ 279 5345 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock .....$ 39 OTHER Power PC Board Run MS DOS Software on your A5Q0 ....S259 MASTER 3A-1 Disk Drive with Golden Image Ram 500 with Clock Calendar AMIGA 500 i UPGRADE KIT r $ 99 LOWEST PRICE EVER! Design your own ... Video Toaster Work Station
- your price incudes:- 0 installation by our trained technicians 0 Knowledgable support staft to assist you in designing the system YOU need Manufactuer s warranty & documentaion 0 No surcharge for credit cards I VIDEO TOASTER PERSONAL TBC III DC TV AMI-LINK OPAL VISION $ 969 FREE DELIVERY! PERSONAL VSCOPE £> SYQUEST 44MB 88MB Bare Drives $ 299 $ 389 MIRACLE n f fc • C It I * 4 Series II for A500 HD+ 0K Expandable to 8MB 120 MB S629 VECTOR 68030 Accelerator 68030 0K expandable to 32MB with Hard Drive Controller $ 629 Impact Series II for A2000 SCSI Hard Disk + RAM Expansion 120LPS 213MB 420MB |ree de S503 S799 S1 ,329 livery Make your own Hard Drive Package - pick a hard drive S controller ol your choice! HARD DRIVES CONTROLLERS I PRINTERS Panasonic KX-P1123 . ...S199 KX-P 2180 .. $ 169 with Color Kit ...... ..$ 219 KX-P 2123 . ...S229 with Color Kit ..... ..$ 279 KX-P 1124i ..S285 KX-P 2124 . ..$ 315 with Color Kit ..... ...S359 KX-P 2624 . ...S365 JL QUANTUM new lower prices! (2 year warranty) ELS. SCSI, 42MB ...$ 185 ELS. SCSI. 85MB S269 ELS. SCSI, 127MB .$ 329 ELS. SCSI, 170MB .S385 LPS, SCSI, 240MB .$ 655 Pro Drive. SCSI. 425MB ....$ 1,399 ELS. IDE. 42MB ..$ 175 ELS. IDE. 85MB ..$ 255 ELS, IDE. 127MB $ 310 ELS. IDE. 170MB .$ 365 LPS, IDE, 240MB..... $ 629 SEAGATE (1 year warranty) ST-3283N, SCSI, 245 MB.....S585 ST-351 A, IDE. 42MB ......S175 ST-3120A, IDE, 106MB .S259 ST-3144A. IDE, 130MB .$ 305 ST-3283A, IDE. 245MB .$ 565 MAXTOR (1 year warranty) 7120, SCSI, 120MB $ 329 7123, SCSI, 213MB $ 519 340SY, SCSI. 340MB .....$ 799 7120, IDE. 120MB ...$ 295 7213, IDE, 213MB ...$ 445 340A, IDE, 340MB ..$ 779
• • Super Sale •• tvs SCSI Internal: Trumpcard 2000 Classic $ 85 Trumpacard Pro 2000 ......$ 142 Grandslam 2000 OK Exp-8MB .$ 229 SCSI External: Trumpcard 500 Classic $ 122 Trumpcard Pro 500 ...$ 225 Grandslam 500 OK Exp-SMB ...$ 287 IDE External: Trumpard 500 AT OK Exp-8MB $ 172 SUPRA Word Sync for 2000, SCSI Internal .....S97 GVP HC8 Series II OK Exp~8MB for 2000, SCSI Internal $ 167 ICD AD IDE 40 Kit for A500, IDE External $ 119 AD IDE 40 Kit with AD speed for A500. IDE. Internal ....S299 Expansion Systems Data Fiyer 2000 SCSI Int $ 77 Data Flyer 500, SCSI Ext ...$ 133 Data Flyer 2000, IDE int ......S73 Data Flyer 500, IDE Ext .....$ 127 A500 TURBO, 120MB A500 Subsystem w 68030 40MHz Mini Slot & Optional FPU S1,079 FREE DELIVERY G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
* • FREE DELIVERY* • • 25MHZ W Math Coprocessor + 1MB .....$ 649 40 MHZ W Math Coprocessor $ 1,045 40MHz. 120MB w Math Co + 4MB $ 1,395 50MHz w Math Coprocessor + 4MB ... $ 1,545 NX 1001 Multifont NEW S135 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW S179 NX2420 Rainbow ......S285 NX 2430 Black ....S235 G-Force Combo 0-40 Accelerators for A2000 Series SCSI II Compatible Controller w Parallel & Serial Port, 4MB expand to 16MB 33 Mhz with 4MB 52.129 33MHz W 4MB & 120MB Hard Drive ...$ 2,479 33MHz W 4MB & 213MB Hard Drive ...52.699 33MHz W 4MB & 420 Hard Drive 53.129
• •$ 2129 FREE DELIVERY •• (in the 48 Contiguous States) CITIZEN 200GX .... $ 155 with Color Kit .. $ 199 200GX-15 $ 295 with Color Kit .. $ 359 GSX-130 . $ 235 with Color Kit . $ 269 GSX-140 PLUS . $ 309 with Color Kit . $ 335 GSX-145 Wide 24 pin .. $ 365 with Color Kit . $ 425 GSX-230 Quiet Technology . Call GSX-240 Color Option Available ..$ 325 Phone PakVFX S419 Digital Sound Studio S79 GVP 1 0 Extender $ 195 GVP G Lock S399 IMAGE FX S239 Cineamorph $ 109 Since 1982 a a 800-554-9980 AMW 11-92 800-554-9980
• • • AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO HARDWARE SOFTWARE • • • SOFTWARE AGFA Video Unlimited Type Pack25T 122.95 Amiga World Toaster Video Tape ....19.95 Animation Station ....29.95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 ....147.95 ASDG Art Department Pro Conv. Pack .57.95 Bread & Butter Fonts .....57.95 Broadcast 3D Fonts for Light Wave 67.95 Boadcast 3D Fonts lor Imagine 82 95 Caligari 2 (Reg. 2 MB) .249.95 Can Do . 77.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 1 or 2 ...57.95 Deluxe Paint 4.1 ......97.95 Director 2.0 75.95 Directory Opus .33.95 Disney Animation Studio ...74.95 Fractal Pro 5.0 87.95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 57.95 Image Waster V 2.0 .....132.95 Imagine 2.0 .....239 95 Masterpiece Toaster Fonts .57.95 Masterpiece 3D Fonts lor Lightwave ...57.95 Multistart II .39.95 Our Wedding (24 Bit) .....52 95 Pixel 3D .64 95 Pro Fills Volume 1 2 0 ...29 95 Pro Textures Volume 1 .. 39 95 Pro Toaster Fonls 1 - Foriegn Language .....54 95 Pro Toaster Fonts 2 * Serif Type ......54 95 Pro Toasler Fonls 3 - Decorative Display ....54 95 Pro Toasler Fonls 4 - Flays ol the World 54 95 Pro Video CG II .....112.95 Pro Video Post 144 95 Quarterback Quarterback Tools 44 95 54.95 Raster Link . 111.95 Rea! 3D Prolessional ...199.95 Scape Maker 34.95 ScreenMaker 2.2 .....57.95 Scenery Animator 54.95 ShowMaker ...229.95 T Rexx Prclessional 72.95 Transporter Animation Controller Software 129 95 Toastmaster .....81.95 Toaster Toolkit 1,1 .....117,95 TV Show V.2.0 ...57.95 TV Text Prolessional 92.95 Ultimate Guide to Toaster 1 or 2 (vidoe tape)... 32.95 VideoClips Toaster Font Volume II ...29.95 Video Director .134.95 Vista Professional ....54.95 HARDWARE Genlock Video Master .Call ChromaKey + ...* .. * S339 Rocgen Plus ......5419 Supergen' Supergen 20QQS .....S619 Call Single Frame Controller BCD 200GA .$ 649 Personal SFC2.Q ......$ 339 Time Base Correctors Call S849 S129 ...Call DPS 230 IDEN TB Card TR-7 Remote Kitchen Sync . TIME BASE CORRECTORS conl'd Kitchen Sync Genlock Options .... $ 159 Personal Series Remote Conlrol S245 Personal TBC II ..S679 Personal TBC III ...Call Other AD Speed (all Amiga Computers) .. S164 Advance Gravis Amiga Game Pad .....$ 21 Air Drive Ini 3 5"-A3000 .$ 69 AMAXX II PLUS ...$ 339 Amiga RF Modulator ... $ 29 Amiga 1680 Modem ...S39 A Video 12 ..$ 419 A Video 24 FREE DELIVERY! ....$ 859 Big Foot Power Supply ..$ 95 Blizzard Board OK ..S219 Breadboard Video Delay Line . $ 309 Data Flyer RAM Card OK ..$ 89 DC TV ......5369 Digiview Media Station ...S152 Digital Sound Studio ..... $ 85 DKB-2632 RAM Expansion .S419 ECE Midi Interlace .. S48 Ricker Fixer Genlock Option .$ 35 Flicker Fixer S235 Flicker Free Video II . $ 235 Firecracker ... S825 Frame Grabber 256 Gray ....S429 S489 Golden Gate ... Call Hi Q Tower ..$ 619 Internal Drive 2000 .....569 K-Start Selector ...S35 Ught-24 .. Call Mega Chip 2000 w,'Super Agnus ......S285 MIDI Gold A500 ...$ 55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ..S59 Mini Gen .S185 Miracle Keyboard .....CALL Opal Vision FREE DELIVERY! ....$ 969 PC Snap-In Module for GVP ......S295 Personal VDA 1000 (IBM or Amiga slot- please speciity) . .....S129 Perfect Sound .... $ 65 Progessive 040 for A500 .Call
R. G.B. Convene DCTV .$ 229 Rocket Launcher FREE DELIVERY ....S509 Roctec Internal 500 Drive .S79 Rommatic $ 22 S-VHS Option Kit lor Kitchen Sync... 599Sharp JX100 Scanner . $ 489 $ 479 $ 719 $ 159 $ 19 $ 33 Studio 16 Toasler cozzy . Triple Play Plus GOLDEN IMAGE: Jin Mouse 1 2MB RAM Expansion lor A500 with Color Calander ...... MICROBOTICS: VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor ......$ 289 with 68882 Math Coprocessor .....$ 449 4QMHZ No Math Coprocessor .S449 with 68882 Math Coprocessor .....$ 629 Ami Back Moonlighter 2 0 ..... 44 95 AMOS ...57 95 AMOS Compiler ...... . 34 95 AMOS 3D . 44 95 Arexx ..... 27.95 Art Department Pro 2 1 ....147 95 Art Department Pro Conversion Kit 49 95 Atalk III 39 95 A-jditrart 4...... 57.95 Bars & Pipes Pro .194 95 Internal Sound Kit .... 36 95 Baud Bandit 28 95 Boombox 36 95 Broadcast Fonts 3D: ..... Master Pak 2 ior Lightwave .... 59 95 Master Pak 3 lor Lightware ......69 95 Font Pro Pack lightwave 1,2,3 ....187.95 Broadcast Tiber 2.0 ..... ....19a 95 Font Pack 2 ...-10-195 Cahgan 2 ... 249 95 Can Do ..77 95 Copyright .....28.95 Cross DOS 3 0 version ....33.95 Deluxe Music Construction ...... 61.95 Deluxe Print II ....51.95 Design Works .....72.95 Desk Top Budget .44 95 Disk Master 2 ....39 95 Distant Suns Version 4.1 . 54 95 Dos 2 Dos ....30,95 Dynacadd V.2.0 649 95 Excellence 3.0 ....99.95 EZ AMOS ......36 95 Fairbrother s Audio Gallery: . Chin, Jap. Russ. Korean each 67 95 French. Soanssh, German each ....49 95 Final Copy 54.95 SoftFacesl.2.3.4 each ..54.95 PRODUCTIVITY Final Copy II 89 95 Font Pack t lor Broadcast Tiber 99 95 FX: Stars, Multimedia. Spectrum ej .... 28.95 Hot Links ...... 62.95 mage Finder ... 41.95 internal Sounds Krt .... . 36.95 Kara Fonts Call Lattice C Dp; 6 0 ......244 95 Mavenck . 24,95 Morph Plus .. 177.95 Motion Man lorLightwave ... 107,95 OCR by Migraph . 264,95 On Line Platinum ... 39.95 Page Renderer3 0 .. 94.95 Page Setter 2 ...77.95 Page Stream V.2.2 ......159.95 Additional Page Stream Disks ...... Call Patch Meister .....56.95 ¦¦¦
74. 95
41. 95
44. 95
57. 95 Pelican Press ...62.95 Pnasar . 49 95 Power Windows 2.5 ......51 95 P'O Page Pro Draw 3.0 bundle 209.95 P‘0 Video Font .Call P'O Write 3 3 .....54.95 Professional Calc ....174.95 Professional Draw 3.0 ...119 95 Professional Page 3.0 .....174.95 P-ofills Vol. 2 ... 29 95 Proper Grammar 5t 95 Real 3D Beginner ...74.95 SAS C Development System 6.0 244.95 Sea I a 500 ..... 84.95 Salt Clips Vol. 1.2, 3 or 4 .... 39.95 SuperJAM! ...... 84.95 Supe'base IV 1.2 ..179.95 SyncPro . 177.95 Take 2 ......112 95 Tiger Cub Toasted Fonts V.1-5 each Transwrite . Tuibo Text .. Type: Decorative. Designer...... ..35.95 ..65,95 ..9295
119. 95
104. 95
57. 95
57. 95 .,54.95
104. 95 ..36.95 . 49.95 . 44.95
44. 95 ..44.95 Publisher. Videographer. Each Video Music Bo* .. Video Tiller VI.5 VideoSeaoe 3D V2.0 ... V3P Video Interface .. Virtual Reahty Studio ... Visionary ... Vista Prolessional V 2.0 .. Wipemaster ...... World Atlas 2 0
W. Shefl 2 0 ...... X Copy Professional Ycur Family Tree .... Zcetrope ... A-10 Tank Kilier V.1 5 Upgrade ...... 34.95 Aces ol Ihe Pacific ...39 95 Adventures ol Willie Beamish .34.95 Agony ....29.95 Ajr Force Commander 34 95 Air Support .29 95 ATAC ... 39.95 3-17 Flying Fortress .... ...... ......39.95 Ball Game ....24 95 Bane Cosmtc Forge tMeg ...34.95 Buds ol Prey 31 95 Black Crypt .....3195 Boombox ... .36 95 Campaign ....34 95 Carmen San Oiego.Each ...30 95 Carmen Ssn Diego ¦ America ..36 95 Castles ..34.95 Campaign Disk .19.95 Castles II ......34 95 Castle ol Dr Brain ...... .29 95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 ...24.95 Cnessmaster 2100 ..... 29.95
37. 95 25 95 Lord ol the Rings 1 2 or 3 34 95 49 95
31. 95 Lords of Time ...... 29 95 Lost Treasures of lnlocom .39.95
24. 95 Madden Footbal
31. 95 .24.95 Manager's Challenge ... ...29 95 .37.95 Mantis .. .34 95
30. 95 Matrix Cubed ... 31 95
34. 95 Mavis Beacon Typing . ... 29 95 34 95 Mega Fortress . 37 95
19. 95 Mission Disk or 2 . ... 25 95 34 95 Mercenaries .. 17 95 34 95 Megatraveller 2 . 34 °5
34. 95 Mig-29 30 95
23. 95 Might L Magic III .. . 34 95
31. 95 Mike Ditka Football .. 34 95
29. 95 Mixed-Up Fairy Ta’es ... ..29.95 1795 Monty Python .... 32 95 Civil War .. . 37 95 Conan the Cimmerian _ 29 95 Conliict Korea ..37.95 Conflict: Middle cast ......34 95 Coven Action ....36.95 Crime Does Not Pay ......30.95 Cruise (or a Corpse ...... 34.95 Crusaders of the Dark Savant .....39.95 Curse of tha Azure Bonds ... 15 95 Cyber Empires .31 95 Oaemonsgate . 34 95 Dark Queen of Krynn .. 3195 Death Knights of Krynn .31.95 DeluxePamt IV (while supplies last) 97.95 Demonrak .....30.95 Disney Animation Studio .....74.95 Dog Eat Dog .30 95 Dune ....29 95 Dungeon Master & Chaos (DMII) bundle 24 95 ECO Phantoms .24 95 Ecoquest ....34 95 Elvira II - Jaws o! Cerberus .. 39 95 Eye ol the Beholder I or II ....37.95 Eye ol the Storm ..29.95 F»15 Strike Eagle II .....34 95 Fables & Fiends’ Legend d' Kyrandia 34 95 Falcon ... 29 95 Fantastic Voyage ...27.95 Fighter Dual .29.95 Final Conflict .34 95 Flames of Freedom .. 29 95 FliQnt ol the Intruder ......34.95 Four Crystals of Trazere ......31.95 Galeway to the Savage Frontier ...31.95 Global Effect .....31.95 Gods ......24.95 Guy Spy ...... 28 95 Hardball II . 29 95 Harpoon ..... Battieset *4 .. Harpoon Challenger Pak..... Harpoon Designers Series Battieset Heimdan Hoi . Indy Jones 4: Fate of Atlantis .. International Sports Challenge Jack Nickiaus Unlimited King s Quest 4 or 5 ..... Knights in the Sky...... Land, Air, Sea Compl 2 Leisure Suit Larry I Enhanced Le sure Suit Larry 5 Lemmings .. Light Quest ... Links ...... Firestone. Bountiful Course Disks ..
• RECREATION • LAST CHANCE! PROSE Silent Service li Knights of the Sky Red Storm Rising IVI1 Tank Platoon only $ 19.95 each! Napoleon 1 ....29.95 Navy Seals ..25.95 No Greater Glory 39 95 Nova 9 .22.95 Obitus ...34.95 On No’ More Lemmings stand alone 29.95 Oh No! More Lemm. Add-cn.....21 95 Out ol this World ...46 95 PGA Tour Golf ...31.95 Golf Tournament Course disk ....17.95 Pacific Islands ... 29.95 Paper Boy 2 . 25 95 Perfect General .. 34 95 WWII Edition .., 22 95 WWII Scenario Disk ....19.95 Pinball Dreams . 24 95 Pit-Fighter .... 21 95 Police Quest i Enhanced . 34.95 Police Quest 2 or 3 34,95 Pools ol Darkness .. 37,95 Pools ol Radrence . 15 95 Populous .... 31 95 Populous II .. 37 95 Pcwermonger ..31.95 Prehistoric 29.95 Prmce of Persia ...24.95 Prophecy of the Shadow ... 37.95 Dies! For Glory 1 or 2 .. 34,95 Railroad Tycoon .34.95 Re-J Baron ... 34 95 Red Zone ..... 29 95 Rise ol the Dragon .... 34 95 Road Rash .....31.95 Rohm Hood: Conquest of the Long Bow 36 95 Robocop 3D 31.95 Robosport .....34.95 Romance of 3 Kingdoms 1 or 2 .39 95 Rules ol Engagement ....37.95 Secret ol Monkey Island I or II .34 95 Secret of the Silver Blades ....15.95 Shadow ol the Beast II or III ...... 34 95 Shard on Bridge .. 29 95 Shuttle .34.95 Sim Ant .....34.95 Sim City ......29.95 Sim Earth . 39 95 Scldaires Journey . 34 95 Scrcenan ..... 36 95 Space Quest 3 or 4 ......34,95 Spoils of War ... 34.95 Star Control II .. ...34 95 Star Trek .....34.95 Starflight II . 3195 Stellar 7 ....21,95 Stratego ...... 29.55 Strip Poker 3 ..29 95 Super Space Invaders .... 24.95 Ta es of Magic: Prophecy Shadow 37.95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventure 29 95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles: Arcade 29 95 Tenger Arcade Hits ... 24 95 Terrain Envoy ..... 28 95 Thunderhawk .... 29 95 Thunderstroke 29 95 Tom Landry Football .....29.95 Tracon H 39 95 Traders .... 29.95 Treasure of Ihe Savage Frontier 31 95 Twighlighl 2000 ... 34 95 Ult ma 6 ......39.955 Utopia ..... 29 95 Viking Field ol Conquest .. 36 95 Warlord ..... 29 95 Wheel of Fortune Vanna ......29.95 Where in the ...Carmen each „ ...... 29 95 Wide World of Boxing ...29.95 World Allas 2.5 .. ,.34 95 World Circuit 34.95 iNFQRmiQU 414*357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 H0.yBS_.QSI MON-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm VISA NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE ORDERING INFO: Speedy system. For fas! Delivery send cashier's check or money order. Personal & company checks allow 14 bus ness days to clear P 0 s welcome C O D. charges are J5.00.in Continental U S A. include $ 5.00 lor software orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum 55.00 MasterCarc & Visa orders please include C3rd * expiration dale and signature Wl residents please include 5% sales la*. HI. AK, FPO, APO Puerto Rico and Canadian orders please add 6% sn pping, minimum $ 6.00. All other foreign orders add 15% shipping, mln $ 15.00 All orders shipped outside tne Continental USA are shipped first class insured U.S. mail, where available. If foreign shipping charges exceed tne minimum amount, you will be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty. We do not guarantee compatability S version s. Due to our low prices all sales are final. All Delectfve returns must have a return authorization number. Call 414) 357-8181 to obtain an R A * or your return will not be accepted. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Shipping & handling are non-refundable. We ship the latest versions available to us. Updates must be handled by end user directly with the manufacturer. Not responsible for typographical errors. In an effort to be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press trme. From p. 72. Was called SI) Construction Kit, That’s exactly what it is, and the studio analogy erate primitive shapes (spheres, cubes, cylinders, and so on) by specifying the number of points in the object and then Your imagination can blast off in three dimensions with Virtual Reality Studio. Works as well: Von can jam with Virtual Reality Studio without a fixed idea in mind, then take off on a theme when you hit the right note, whereas a language such as Aegis Visionary requires advance planning. It’s the first real game kit since Electronic Arts’ ancient Adventure Construction Kit. (Another, Interplay’s Bard's Tale Construction Kit, may be available bv the time you read this.) J J f Stray Parts Most of my complaints, such as they are, are little picky ones. The file requester is awkward; on my Amiga 500 (but not on the A3000), the program always accesses dfO: the first time it loads data from disk, rather than detecting (or asking me for) the device in which it resides. FCL could use a set of macros. The hard-disk installation program looks for a missing .info file to create the program drawer, and you'll have to make it yourself. (Then again, just when you think the age of creative Amiga icons has passed. YRS throws up a cute one.) The program does not seem to multitask, but also doesn’t take over the Amiga, and on a three-megabvte machine, I was able to keep other programs comfortably in memory with no evident effect on YRS’s performance. While very speedy and smooth on a 25-MHz .A3000, movement within YRS games is a bit slow and jerky on 68000- based machines compared to more recent games in this genre, such as U.S. Gold’s Cybercon III. The program’s repertoire of shapes is understandably limited to those consisting of straight lines. (For instance, it can create a hex, but not a globe, cone, or cylinder.) The docs are a bit two-dimensional. The 78-page manual is very solid when it comes to explaining the commands, and has a nice tutorial on creation of the excellent sample game, but it is rather lean A streamlined version of Expert 41) (currently available in Europe), Expert 4D Jr. (E4DJr) is designed for beginning users of 3-D modeling and animation software. E4DJr is made up of three modules. The Modeler is the main section of the program, wherein you create all the 3-1) objects, assign them attributes, and build animations. The Renderer draws the images and animations, and the Playback lets you view your completed animation. To begin work, you enter the Modeler, which provides a view of 3-D space from the camera, or observation, point. If you prefer, you can change the view to look at the front, top, or side of your scene. The Rotation and Zoom commands further alter the view. With these, you resize or rotate a bounding box in the scene to establish a new viewpoint. Hie orientation of the scene can also be specifically defined by entering coordinates in a dialog box. All the methods are very intuitive and simple to use. Making it easy to create and edit scenes. You have a choice of object-creation methods in E4D|r, as well. You can genon tricks and shortcuts. The introductory video included with the package may help you get started, but it's more like an instore info-mercial than a real user aid. (Note to Dornark: You could really use a Virtual Reality Studio Handbook here.) Also, I do think that a program so dearly designed as a construction kit could behave a bit more like one. The manual cover and the video are full of stull that appears nowhere in the program. How about a data disk of pre-fab objects and generic scenes to edit or cut and paste with your own? VRS comes equipped with only the 15 or so scenes from the sample game, and the object li- braiy consists of a helicopter, space shuttle, and a palm tree. That might be OK if you were building an adventure about a pilot on vacation, but it’s rather thin for the novice feeling his way around. Otherwise, this 3-1) game maker is 1A by me. Peter Olafson Expert 40 Jr. Genisoft, S75. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommend system: 3MB RAM, hard drive. Beginner 3-D modeling and animation. Editing them. Alternatively, you can use the Extrusion and Spinning functions on a separate screen consisting of a grid of dots. After placing and adjusting points on the grid in the shape of your object, you extrude or spin the shape. If you extrude, the program adds a user-specified depth or thickness to the flat outline. If you choose the Spin option, E4DJr spins the outline around a vertical point you deline. Spin is helpful in designing symmetrical shapes, such as vases. You can even create cutaway objects by spinning your shape less than 360 degrees. Back to the Modeling Board Objects appear on the modeler screen in wireframe mode. When you click on an object, it becomes surrounded by a box with eight handles, three of which alter the object’s size and live of which control the object’s rotation along the three axis dimensions. Clicking and dragging these handles allows for visual scaling and rotation of the object on the modeler screen. For more exact adjustment, you can also control the size and rotation through separate panels. The one problem with using the handles is that they D J look exactly alike, so it is difficult to remember which handle does what when you are learning the program. Abu can edit objects in other ways, as well. For low-level changes, you can alter them on a line-by-line or poim-by-point basis. The Magnet tool attracts points in the object to the spot where you place the magnet, while the Mirror function lets you create an exact opposite of your selected object, lb build a complex structure, you can join objects together, and then assign a color and texture (the latter controls how much light the object reflects). If you change your mind, the Undo function cancels the last edit. When Continued on p. 80. Since 1982 fW i • i. AMW11’92 800-554-9980 Co i3amet jT ec t tonic* 800-554-9980 £o i3ume t j'T ec ttonlc* goldenIMAGE ® Low Cost Accessories for Your AMIGA POWERPEN Pen Shaped Mouse The intelligent way to input with pin point precision Revolutionary new mouse with distinctive & unique design Ideal for drawing, illustrating & design work . Compatible with all Amiga Computers ¦ Hand Scanner With Migraph Touch-Up Software FEATURES
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3. 5" Floppy External Disk Drive , for the $ 75 500 1000 2000 Master 3A-1 plus the RC 500 Ram Expander Both for only $ 99 Bring your Amiga 500 up to 1 MB RAM CAMCORDERS • VCR'S • A-V MIXERS • VIDEO MONITORS • INDUSTRIAL CAMERAS • EDITING DECKS • SUPER VHS * VHS • Hi-8 • 8mm VIDEO WJ-AVE5 WJ-AVE3 Super VHS Video Cassette Player AG-7650 AG-7750 Professional Editing VCR Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Audio Video Mixers! Video Monitor CT-1382 Y CT-2082 Y Monitor Receiver w Remote CT-1382 VY CT-2082 VY SONY BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GROUP EV0-97D0 Desktop Editing Machine EVO-9600 SP Player Recorder MONITORS PVM-1341 PVM-1942 PVM-1380 PVM-1342 PVM-1340 PVM-1390 Vbox Vdeck
* ipF Hi-8 Video Tape Case Price Sale! AUTHORIZED DEALER OF: Canon SONY Panasonic JVC PHILIPS MINOLTA TOSHIBA KDQgQDDO FutureVideo* ygr AmiLink CI System for the Panasonic AG-1960 This unique computer video provides advanced, yet c.isy to use editing features from an intuitive, easy to understand interface All edit control is performed directly with the Amiga keyboard and mouse, joystick or trackball The AmiLtnk CI user interface is designed to give you the fee mg of using a traditional edit controller, but takes advantage of the great flexibility and power packed into today s personal computer.
• • SUPER VHS VCRs • • JVC: HR-4700U, HR-6BQ0U PANASONIC: PV-S4266, PV-S4270, PV-S4280 SONY: SLV-R5, EVS-3000 (Hi-8 Editing Deck) Full line of camcorders & VCRs, call for free catalog! CI2-VP: AmiLink CI System; 2 machine CI3-VP: AmiLink CI System; 3 machine CI4-VP: AmiLink CI System; 4 machine CI-VPU1: Controller Upgrade lor additional AG-1960 CI-VPU2; Controller Upgrade lor 2 additional AG-1960's CI VT: Software lor Video Toaster control. MINOLTA , see previous page for more specials & ordering information! To Order Call Imagine 2.0 The Amiga’s best modeler gets more powerful! Digital Video Effects, Character Generator, 3D (tenderer, 24-Bit painting & more! :Qfi ft ft'f U Dozens of new features re-establish this as the best modeler available for the Amiga computer! Includes FREE Protextures 10 disk set! EPSON Scanner ..w
* 1079°° 600 DPI, 24-Bit lull page color scanner With ASDG Driver Bundle .. The Kitchen Sync
• Two Complete TBC's on one cord • Works with any video source *S-VHS and Hi-fi compatible •Optional Y C output • Great lor use with the Video Toaster' DIGITAL EPSON is a log sie’oo t aaerra'ti of S*i*«o EPSON ir-c VIDEO SOLUTIONS (SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE) IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE ART DEPARTMENT PRO. V 2.1 ... 359.00 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK.....52.95 ASDG MORPH PLUS ...... .199.95 CINEMORPH ....99.95 DCTV ..... .399.00 DCTV: A GUIDED TOUR . 26.95 IMAGEMASTER PROFESSIONAL 149.00 IMAGEMASTER FIRECRAKER _139.00 Procamp control and color balancing RASTER LINK ... CALL 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE ALADIN CALL ANIMATION STATION ...... ...39.95 ANIMATRIX MODELER ... 59.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - CALIGARI ...74.95 BROADCAST 30 FONTS • IMAGINE ....84.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE..... 84.95 CAUGARl II __279.03 CYCLEMAN ... 39.95 ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE------------- CALL DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION-----------------169.00 DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL 179 00 IMAGINE 1.1 W.FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO ....79 95 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR ......26.95 IMAGINE 2,0 BUNDLE . 269.00 UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2.0 ... 26.95 MAP MASTER - IMAGINE .45.95 MAP MASTER - LIGHTWAVE 64.95 MATERIAL TEXTURES STONE - TILES - WOOD ...... EACH 29.95 MOTION MAN . 119.00 PIXEL 3D 2.0 .64.95 PRO TEXTURES ... 36.95 PRO TEXTURES VOL II ... 42.95 PRO TEXTURES VOL III ..42.95 REAL 3D VI .4 . 199.00 SCAPEMAKER 2.0 29.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2 0 __59.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR DATA DISKS 18.95 SCULPT ANIMATE 4-D ......299.00 SURFACE MASTER • IMAGINE ... 25.95 TEXTURE CITY „ _ 159.00 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 ....59.95 VISTA PROFESSIONAL DATA DISKS .... FROM 29.95 WIPEMASTER __ 11900 VIDEO UTILITIES DIRECTORY OPUS __36.95 DISKMASTEH II 42.95 TOASTMASTER 1.1 . 134.95 TREXX PROFESSIONAL . 79.95 Sharp JX-100 These are all Brand-New no used or refurbished units! A portable 200 dpi 18-Bit color scanner. Includes Scanlab software from ASDG ......Was s699°° 24-Bit scanning software included Now only..$ 29900 r$ ._ Upgrade your Amiga 2000 or 3000 to 24-Bit technology. DCTV Perfect for Video & Graphic Applications I | Discrete, RGB, 16.8 Million colors Centaur Includes the best 24-Bit paint program - OpalPaint Development-' r ¦ * . I 1 1 ' I ! ! 1_ T 1 1 PROGR€JCTIV€ PCRIPHCRRLS fiVOFTUJfiRE (33Mhz available, call) A2000 28mhz '040 ...s1309°° 28mhz 68040! Up to 32megs RAM! A3000 A2000 Zeus 040 Call for system prices
s. ¦ ¦ ¦ Example system configuration: Video Workstation: A2000 CPU w KB and Newtek VideoToaster 2.0 Start with a basic Toaster 2.0 machine, then add any hard drive, hard drive controller and monitor that you want. Optionally you may want to add an accelerator and or Time Base Corrector board, or you can choose one of our pre-configured systems. Accelerator for the A2Q0Q 28Mhz ..S1849G0 33Wlhz ..s2299°° SCSI-2 DMA HD Controller expandable to 64mb of 32-Bit RAM. Includes 4mb of RAM The FASTEST A3000 Accelerator Mercury A3000 with 4 mb 28MI1Z .s1728°° 35Mhz .s2248°° Clue of the Month i i V. OpalPainl hai the capability ta scale tonh (Amiga, Compugrophlc. And Color Fonts) lo any arbitrary size, even though it may not seem like il at first examination ot the lont requester. To scale a font to a specltic size, enter the type requester (T on the keyboard) and select your font from the list of fonts In the system. Then, click ON the number indicating the size In the lop center of the requester. You will see a cursor, which you can then use lo delote Ihe current size end type a new one. Be sure to have the “Show" button on. As otherwise you may not know when the new font size is finished computing (Compugraphic fonts can take a while). G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 .....$ 99900
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• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w Bomb drive >929°° A530 w 120mb drive M049w The Art Department Professional Ver. 2.1 'Lr'dv- ¦ ¦ G
* Asnc A x A| Art Department Pro gives you the most powerful image processing system ever altered tor the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-Bit printing $ 15900 DESKTOP VIDEO VIDEO ENHANCEMENT AMIGA VISION .... .99.00 HARDWARE BROADCAST TITLERII .....
279. 00 DC TV RGB ADAPTER .249.00 CAND01*6 89.95 DMI RESOLVER BOARDS ..... ....CALL DELUXE PAINT 4,1
399. 00
- -----209.00
269. 00 999-00 ...789.00 ..CALL MEGACHiP 2000 500 __ MEGACHIP W 2MB AGNUS QPALVIS1QH PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE ... VIDEO BLENDER VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 _2099.00 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION PAL 179.00 FLICKER FIXER PAL 300.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL ......499 00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL . 449,00 PRO VIDEO POST PAL,. __ 199.95 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D PAL 139.95 t INTERNATIOMAL TOLL FREE ORDERING POLICIES For Canada, FPO, APO - Minimum order $ 50. All other countries: minimum order $ 100. For VISA and Master Card orders you must FAX or mall a signed photocopy of your credit cord - tront and back. Please have your credit card number ready beloce calling. INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBERS: Orders only please. Canada 1-800-548-2512; Italy 1678-74086; United Kingdom 0800-89*1178; France 19-0590-1099; Australia 0014-800-125-712; Switzerland 046-05-3420. OFFER COOt: G2B409MG Call tor all other shipping information. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. No surcharge lor Visa MasterCard; 4% surcharge for American Express; 1% surcharge for Discover. RETURN POLICY: Call Customer Service at (310) 214-0000 for return authorization. All returns without authorization number (RMA ) will be refused. Returned products must be in original condition and packaging and must be sent back within 30 days of our invoice date. No refunds, please. Defective product exchanges only. We make no guarantees for product performance. Exchanges with unlike products are at our option and subject lo a 207. Re-stocking fee. CONDITIONS; Prices and availability of product are subject to change without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check for fastest service. Personal checks - up to 10 days to clear. Include: Name, Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes, please), tf ordering by credit card include expiration date and billing address. Call for exact shipping rates. J_ . From j). 76. REVIEWS the objects are finished, you can save them in either E4DJr or Sculpt format. Each scene may have up to ten lights, all with user-definable color, intensity, and aperture size. The light object on the modeler screen looks like a stage light, and the direction and size of the illuminated area is defined by a series of lines emanating from the light. This is a great feature, making it very easy to position your lighting. To put your scenes in motion, E4DJr uses the kev-frame method of animation. J You place the objects in their initial positions for the animation, and then select Animate Scene to indicate the first key frame. To make other key frames, simply change the scene and save it. The program interprets the movement between the frames, giving a smooth animation when rendered. You can save as many key frames as you need, and E4DJr makes it easy to add, delete, and modify them. Once satisfied, choose the Renderer module to generate the finished product. The software supports all standard Amiga resolutions, with image size ranging from postage stamp to full overscan. You can render in wireframe, polygon, or, for best quality, pixel mode, and even add background and foreground pictures. E4D|r does not ray trace, so it generates images at a reasonable speed even on unaccelerated machines. Because E4DJr does not render 24-bit graphics, DCTV support would be a welcome addition (as would the ability to preview animations in the modeler). When your animation is complete, you can view it with the provided player program or any program that plays animations. Explain It Again 'The only weak spot in E4DJr is the manual. It does a barely adequate job of covering the program, is not well organized, and is written in a confusing and sometimes irritating style. Moreover, the documentation contains very little information on the basic concepts of 3-D modeling and animation that are vital for the beginners whom E4DJr targets. Otherwise, E4DJr is a great introduction to the world of 3-D animation. The program is reasonably fast on unaccelerated systems and is very stable. E4DJr is also easv to use and does not confuse the novice with a multitude of advanced features. In addition, it lias features such as the abilities to see the scope ofyour lighting and to save the object in a common formal that are not available in many higher-end 3-D programs. Even better, the price of the program is much lower than that of its nearest counterpart. If you are interested in learning about 3-D animation, take a look at Expert 4D Jr. Dave Thomas BoomBox Dr. T’s Music Software, S59. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, audio amplifier and speakers, hard drive. Simple interactive music-making and entertainment. It’s one of those long, hot summer nights, and you’ve got the urge to kick out the jams a bit. Reach for BoomBox; it will put some stmt in your stride. Billed as providing “interactive fun with music,” it fulfills the promise exactly and admirably. BoomBox’s metaphor is the tape deck and mixer. With one of three control screens, you can play back four virtual tracks of music using only the .Amiga’s internal sounds, controlling volume and adding sound effects. You can then record the result as a virtual mixdown. The opening screen is an animated portable cassette player, complete with moving cassette tape, LED meters, and speakers. To make them pulsate, load one BoomBox’s Remix screen lets you be the DJ at the mixing console. Of the supplied mixdown files, a set of four pattern tracks for drums, bass, synth, and solo, with six IFF samples for effects. A volume slider controls the playback level of each track, and transport controls start, stop, pause, fast-forward, and rewind the mix. If you like the results, you can record and save the playback mix. The Remix screen has all the features of the first and adds a few additional control possibilities to the mix. Its metaphor is a DJ’s mixing console, giv- R E V I E S ing you control over playback tempo and effects samples. Solo pads let you load, control, and trigger individual effects and, of course, record the resulting mix. From die Remix screen, you can also monitor which of the four patterns per track are playing, trigger the current measure again, or set it to loop. The final screen, Jam, has all the possibilities of Remix and adds the ability to interactively change the patterns that play in each track. This is the deepest control the program offers. You cannot record new patterns or alter the supplied ones, although there are a lot of permutations available. The on-line help clearly explains every button, fader, and option (it should be a model to other developers). There are a surprising number of musical variations you can make with Boom- Box; it’s a natural tool for making quick soundtracks and spotting in custom sound effects. For musical entertainment, it’s...well, entertaining. I wonder, though, how long the limited range of Boom Box’s musical palette will hold a user’s interest. The fact that you cannot create new patterns or vary the style is a severe limitation, as is the lack of connection to MIDI devices. If BoomBox added these capabilities, it would be a useful creative tool, instead of merely an enjoyable toy. Michael Hanish Personal VDA Digital Processing Systems, $ 150. A2000, A3000. Internal; IBM or Amiga slot connection. Installation; Easy. Distributes a single video signal to multiple devices. Breadboard Cardinal Video, $ 398. A2000, A3000. Internal; PC-slot and Video-Toaster connection. Installation: Difficult. Compatibility notes: Requires NewTek’s Video Toaster. Delays video for downstream switcher keyer and limited video distribution requirements. Even if you’re not a video professional, you’ve seen the problem. You split your incoming cable so it reaches several TV sets in your home, but the resulting picture quality is not very good. A video signal is more like water than electricity: Split it several times, and, as with water in a pipe, you'll get that much less through each pipe. In video terms, that means the signal strength diminishes enough to seriously affect the overall picture quality. A distribution amp (DA) solves this problem. It splits the video signal several times, but boosts the signal strength so that each is as good as the original. This is useful when you want to simultaneously record an image to video tape and view it on another monitor; make multiple copies of a tape using several recorders; send a genlock reference signal to several devices; or simply add more program outputs to the Video Toaster. .As you’ll see, the two internal Das available for the Amiga have quite different uses. Personal VDA: Video Booster The Personal VDA (video distribution amplifier) comes in two models. The VDA-1000 fits into an IBM slot so you can use it in a PC or an Amiga, while the VDA-1050 plugs into an Amiga slot. Both versions provide four 75-ohm terminated outputs from a single PAL or NTSC source. The input is ac-coupled and fed to two separate video amplifiers, both of which provide two video-out BNC connectors for a total of four outputs. With the rear control, you can adjust each bank of two for a gain range of ± 2dB. The termination switch is also on the rear of the board, so you don’t have to open your computer for simple adjustments. If you already have a heavy power-sup- ply load from other internal cards and can’t get enough -12 volts dc, the board adds a positive dc offset that cuts the -12 load by half, although it increases the +12 load by 40 mA. You would turn this off only if other equipment is affected by it, ancl it should help reduce power-supply problems. You can also switch to -5 volts
dc. What this all comes down to is that the Personal VDA has a much better chance of operating in your machine when you have a lot of other cards installed. The downsides to having a VDA inside your computer are that it occupies a valuable slot and that you have to reach behind the computer to plug and unplug cables. The big pluses are low cost and compactness for small studios. Breadboard: Toaster Delay If you have a Video Toaster, you may want to take a look at the Breadboard. While it is not designed to be a general-purpose DA, it does have some DA capabilities. Its primary function is as a delay line, and it takes strong advantage of the fact that it is plugged inside die Amiga and cabled to the Video Toaster’s JP2 connector. It gets its video signals directly from the Video Toaster, passing Toaster input signals through to its own output, BNC
I) is always Program output, and BNC] F can be either Program output or Preview. The maximum number of outputs from a single signal is three (Toaster Preview, and BNCs D and E set to Preview), so you could distribute a signal to three devices. The other three channels have a somewhat different use. The Toaster takes time to do what it does, introducing a 440- nanosecond delay. If you have a switcher or other device connected to the Toaster output (in video terminology, it is “downstream” of the Toaster) and you want to mix it with other incoming video, the signals will be out of sync with each other. The traditional solution is to add delay lines that delay the other video signals so they arrive at the same time as those from the Toaster. This is the purpose of the other three outputs, which take the video from the Toaster inputs, amplify them, and allow you to add a delay, adjustable from 25 to 525 nanoseconds. You can then connect them to your downstream switcher and everything will work together (assuming that all ofyour cables are the same length, as even the trip down a cable can add some delay). The unit comes preset for input 4, key insert, and alpha channel as the three outputs. The alpha channel provides matting capability for high-quality keying with an external switcher keyer; simply connect the second provided cable to the Toaster’s JP1 connector. Besides preserving the quality of the background video in keys, this opens up the options of interesting mix effects with three pictures on tlie screen at once, multiple keys, and multiple dissolves and wipes. Preset is an appropriate term in several ways: You must configure the board the way you want it before installation, and it is not adjustable once installed. All of the settings, including unity gain, are directly controlled on the board via small potentiometers that require a tiny screwdriver or tweeker. You must power down and open ii]) your computer to change anything. Wanted: More Explanations My only complaint is one that I have with most Amiga video peripherals: very poor documentation. While the Personal VDA manual is sparse, at least it provides the minimum of information you need to get started. The Breadboard, however, is a more complicated device, and its few photocopied pages of documentation are worse. They tell you that you can sc- lect which Toaster inputs you want to de- la)', but not how to do it. If you want to Continued on p. 84. Software Air Support 31.99 Black Crypt .33.99 California Games II 24.99 Carl Lewis Challenge ....29.99 Conflict Korea ...36.99 Conquest of Longbow 36.99 Fighting for Rome 31.99 Global Effect ......35.99 Gods ...33.99 Guy Spy ....31.99 Heimdall U.S .....21.00 Intern. Sports Challenge ...31.99 Links ... 37.99 Lost Treasures ..45.99 Magic Pockets .18.99 Mark's Math Lab 31.99 Pinball Dreams ..24.98 Project X ..35.99 Red Zone ...32.99 RoboSport 38.99 Sim Earth ...45.00 Solitaire's Journey ......38.99 Space Shuttle., ..36.99 BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga Companion 2.0 ....20 99 Amiga Intern 33.99 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed,.., 22.00 Arexx Cookbook ...20.00 Arexx Cookbook Disk 9.00 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 ....22.95 Includes & Autodocs .....35.95 ROM Kernal: Devices .....25.99 ROM Kernal: Libraries 29.99 Using Arexx on the Amiga.. 27.99 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Call for Pricing Software TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3 CST Information Tech Support Returns 414-548-8125 Spoils of War ....37.99 Treasures Savage Frontier ..36.99 Utopia .32.99 Where USA is Carmen .31.99 600 Amiga Fonts ..20.99 A-Talk III ....42.99 AmiBack 2.0 ..... 47.99 AMOS U.S ..65.99 E-N T.ERTAI N M EN.T, AMOS Compiler ..,.34.99 AMOS 3D ..42.99 Amy’s Fun 2-3 Adventure....31.99 Animattes: Wedding 2 49.99 Arexx .31.10 Art Department Pro ....158.99 BAD ...31.99 Boom Box ..46.99 Broadcast Titlertl ...... 229.00 Buddy System Dpaint IV 42.99 C Net 2.2 .....75.00 Caligari II ..253.99 Charts & Graphs ..49.00 CineMorph .99.00 Cycle Man ..36.99 Deluxe Paint IV ...109.00 DevPac 3 ...81.99 Directory Opus 36.99 Draw 4D Pro ...199.00 EPSON 300C Scanner $ 949.00 ASDG Driver $ 120.00 Cs Commodore ClftTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA We carry all available CDTV titles! Bnckette .....42.99 CD Caddy 2-Pack ..15.99 CDTV Prof Bundle 185.00 CDTV Genlock .155.00 CDTV Keyboard Adaptor ....49.99 CDTV Trackball .95.00 Fred Fish Online 45.00 Guinness Disc of Records ...37.99 NASA’s 25th Year ..19.99 Remix ..37.99 Scala 500 ... 65.00 Voice Master ......49.99 Essence Imagine ..47.99 Excellence 3.0 .125.00 Fractal Pro 5.0 ..87.99 High Speed Pascal .....114.99 HotLinks .....62.99 ImageMaster ...145.00 Imagine 2.0 .... 256.99 LabelDex! ..46.00 Lattice 6.0 255.00 Macro 68 ..130.00 Migraph OCR ..249.00 Morph Plus .....195.00 Mini Office ..75.00 Motion Man ......97.99 PageStream 2.2 169.00 PatchMeister .....59.00 Power Basic .....58.99 Power Packer Pro ....22.99 Presentation Master 171.99 Pro Draw 3.0 ...... 130.00 C: Commodore AMIGA A10 Speakers .38.00 A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A570 CD ROM Drive Call A1011 Ext Floppy 116.00 A2010 Int Floppy 2000..95.00 A2091 SCSI Controller.155.00 A2232 Multi-Serial Board 295.00 A2286 AT BridgeBoard..379.00 A2300 Int Genlock, 2000.135.00 A2320 Display Enhancer 225.00 A2386 SX BridgeBoard..725.00 A3010 Int Floppy 3000 ..95.00 A3070 Tape Drive 525.00 Mouse. 2-Button 45.00 Mouse. 3-Button 53.00 NOW AVAILABLE! 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419. 00
119. 00 .16900
- 225.00 .,285.00 _ 349.00 I SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS RoppyDwe __.95.00 PcmPCBoaid __275.00 Pcr Suppfy.500XP __55.0Q SCSI Control, 5CGXP .199.00 SCSI Controller. 2000 ___.110.00 ..179,00 ..39,00 SCSI Controller. 1000 Seres 111 Upgrade-.. Supra corporation CD Rom Drive, Ext Chinon 545.00 CD Rom Drive, Int Chinon.425.00 Cable: Dual SCSI Ribbon 16.95 DCTV RGB Converter .225.00 Fatter, 1-Meg Agnus . ..49.00 FlickerMaster ....15.00 Floptical Drive. Int ..... 439.00 Floptical Drive, Ext ....570,00 Floptical Drive, 3000 ..449.00 Floptical Media .26.00 G-Lock 500 .....410.00 Genlock. SuperGen 2000S 1329.00 Harddrive, 120Q Bare 399,00 Harddrive, 105Q Bare 379.00 Harddrive, 240Q Bare 709.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 52Q...488.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 1200,639,00 Harddrive. Impact 500 240Q .899.00 Harddrive. Impact 530 120 ....1079.00 I O Extender ......199.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog ....17.00 Joystick, Ergo ...20.00 K-Start Selector .33.99 Keyboard Overlay DCTV......12.00 Keyboard Overlay Toaster ..24.00 Kitchen Sync .1599.00 MIDI, ECE 500 2000 ... 52.00 MIDI Connector .36.99 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus.269.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 OpalVision ...... 999.00 Personal SFC ..375.00 Personal V Scope 789.00 Personal VDA ..125.00 Phone Pak .415.00 Power Supply 2000 ...159.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 Scanner, Golden Image.... 212.00 Scanner, MiGraph 259.00 Switch Box, 4-Port 49.00 Tape Drive, ABT 250 ..630 00 Tape Drive, Sidewinder.....616.99 Toaster Cozzy ..729 00 Trackball, AMTrac 69.99 Video Director .139.00 Syquest Drive Packages Int Ext 44MB (2000) S399 S499 88MB (2000) S559 S659 Package includes drive, cartridge, manual, and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable; external models include case 8. Molded cable. We support what we sell!! ROCTEC RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ..89.00 RocGen Plus ....305.00 RocKey .319.00 RocGen Plus with RocKey ...539.00 RocHard 520 500 ..419.00 RocHard IDE SCSI .195.00 RocHard 80 500 .....449.00 RocHard 120 500 ...509.00 Internal Replacement Drives A2000 .75.00 A50Q 78.00 RocTec Mouse ..25.00 RocKnight Anti-Virus ..35.00 RocTec HD Case ......95.00 Electronic arts Fall Releases! Cyber Empires .....32.99 Haipoon Signatured Ed 56.99 MegaFortress 37.99 MegaForuess Mission 1.27.99 Populous 11 Challenge Disk 23.99 Prophecy of the Shadow ..39.99 Road Rash ....34.99 Circle 44 on Reader Servce card. 2120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L, WAUKESHA. W1 531R6 R F! V I E v s From p. 81. Change the factory settings, you'll wind up giving Cardinal a call, only to find mi that you have to send the board to the factoiy to have the changes made. The documentation does not even include a diagram showing where all the adjustments are, although you can find most of them by the markings on the board. It also assumes a high degree of video sophistication; a few explanatory sentences about many of the features’ functions would make the Breadboard much more accessible to video neophytes. Documentation aside, both the Personal VDA and the Breadboard do the job well and represent good value, Geoffrey Williams ExpertDraw Genisoft, S99 Hard-drive installable. Not copy-protected.
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM. Entry-level structured drawing. ExpertDraw should be a good program for a newcomer to structured drawing. It has an extremely concise, easy-to-follow manual to help you along, and the program itself has the clean, contemporary look of Ami gal) OS 2.0. Most of Ex pert Draw's drawing procedures are fairly typical of structured drawing programs. For example, when drawing curved lines, you can hold down the Shift key to freeze the curve of your upcoming line segment in place, while you continue to adjust the curve of your current line segment. In this way, you can create corners in your curved lines while you are drawing them. This is the same procedure used in Professional Draw, but ExpertDraw actually explains in its manual that you can do this. ExpertDraw departs from the norm, however, in its procedure for importing bitmap references to trace. It converts bitmaps to Aegis Draw format, offering various options to retain as much information as possible from the original bitmapped image. It does a good job, but the procedure takes some time, and some of the details of the bitmap will be lost. The program does have the feel of being ‘hushed out the door” a little too soon. When you zoom in past the borders of a polygon, the polygon's fill color completely disappears. The Polygon Connecting and Polygon Closing tools neither connect nor close polygons: They simply For an introduction to structured drawing, consider ExpertDraw. Superimpose the end points (although they do that very well, and that can be sufficient for most purposes). Scaling objects by dragging with the Size tool worked well enough, but I had trouble scaling with the Size Coordinates requester. In addition, you cannot specify line joins (inhered, beveled, rounded, and so on) at present. Genisoft says that this omission will be addressed in the next release. ExpertDraw also promises flexibility now and for the future. Currently, it can import and export Professional Draw clips. It does this very well, and, in fact, saves them much more quickly than does Pro Draw. The manual also promises an ancillary product that lets you use PageStream fonts with ExpertDraw. Overall, ExpertDraw has a veiy solid feel and performs operations very quickly and efficiently. I hope its little problems arc indeed fixed in the next release. With that boost, il could be an excellent introductory structured drawing program, and it’s succinct, well-ordered manual is exemplar r. Jim Stlks Animatrix Modeler duBois Animation, S99.95. Hard-drive installable. Disk-based copy protection (nonprotected version: $ 10 more).
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1.5MB RAM. Recommended system: 3MB RAM. Basic 3-D modeling in user perspective. While it lacks a rendering module, Animatrix Modeler (Version 1.021) may be a low-cost solution if you want to design in perspective mode rather than plot points in the traditional three-window format. In addition to creating objects, the program loads and saves objects in Turbo-Silver, Sculpt-4D, VideoScape 3-D, and its own format, so you can use it as a format converter in a limited manner. Unfortunately, however, Animatrix does not provide a method for applying surface attributes. When vou convert an ob- j ject, it loses all its surface characteristics. Thus, if you use this program to convert any public-domain objects or those created elsewhere, you must load and reapply surface colors and textures in your rendering program. You control the program through layered menus on the bottom of the screen, which you can toggle on and off with the Escape key. This may seem convenient; however, almost all functions must be accessed via the menus, including exiting specific selections. Keyboard equivalents are implemented in a very unconventional way. Each key from the z through the comma represents a menu selection from left to right. This means that you must stiil work your way down and back through the menu layers, and if a new version changes or adds menu items or layers, the keys you are accustomed to using will change function. You can change your viewpoint (camera view) at any time using the cursor keys and the numeric pad cursors without changing functions. Animatrix has a curious mix of features. For example, while the modeler does not have common functions such as lathe or specified-length extrusions, it does have point and edge extrusions, a function available only in better programs such as Caligari2 (Octree) and Animation Journeyman (Hash Enterprises). Unfortunately, Animatrix currently does not support numeric input or an undo feature. The response and screen redraws are very acceptable; I experienced slight trouble with redraws only after pressing the cursor several times. The menu buttons are designed to provide a
2. 0 look and feel, but the program locked up my machine repeatedly while running under AmigaDOS 2.04. The developer has promised to add major features, including on-line help and X- Specs glasses (Haitex Enterprises) support, in the next version. Currently, I cannot recommend this program as a replacement modeler for any serious 3-D designer. I can, however, see Animatrix Modeler as an additional tool for working on objects in perspective mode (highly desired by some designers) or as a starter kit for those inter- ¦ - ested in trying 3-D design without investing several hundred dollars. Steven Blaize ¦ MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - 1-800-477*7706 H4NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes Sf latest releases! Many more Hems in stock at the lowest prices! C- Commodore AMIGA
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• 9 Disks of software including F A-18 Interceptor, Fusion Point, KindWords and lots more! Call for the lowest prices on all Amiga 500's! MegAChip 2000 500 * $ 189.95 Two megabytes of Chip Rani. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing. 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaster! Call for 2MB Agnus Price MultiStart II • $ 39.95 Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider IIA1000 • 0K $ 149.95 Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM, Call for RAM prices Kwikstart II • $ 69 Puts Rickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 32 Bit Expansion I 1 2 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. Entertainment Software Available European Imports & Magazines WordPerfect for the Amiga Full Featured Word Processor
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• 5.1 DOS
* 5 1 4 H.D. Drive
• ftts in a 2000 or 3000 only Commodore AT Bridge Board 286 only $ 24999 UMITED QUANttttS PRODUCTIVITY Ruddy Swiem Amfcu 2 0 . S33 Disney Animator ......,,79 Director 2.O ..ft') lll-Q Tower ..-.....CAU Kitchen Sync ....1329 Buddy Pjgeuream 35 Cross DOS 5.0 Plus ....SPECIAL Draw 4DPIO ......179 Image rtnder ..... 40 “jpmjsur for LksMw.hr-------------- .59 Personal SIX ...349 PmrfrevUvc 040 2000 ...CALL Progressive 040*500 .CAU Quantum 52. 105 120, 240 .CALL Sketch master...,,.,.,,-CALL VXL 30 2571112 .....299.95 Cygnus Ed Pro .61 Deluxe Print it ...50.95 Plain UD A.. LL Pixel 30 2,0.,.- .. 63 Pro Conversion Pak ......50 Dlskmastcr 2 ...37 final Cupy ...CALL Image Master .....1 ID.95 Pro-Video Gold ......] 29.95 Pro-Video Post ..... 169 Real 3D ..CALL VXL 30 '40 HLIZ ....459.99 VXL Math Co ......CALL VXL RAM Goan! CALL 7„.i niiw-Mvnrn'ii-R] rail Pagestream 2.2 ...164.99 Peftkan Press ...64 Pro Page 3.0 ..169 Scenery Animator ,53 Turbo Silver ..59 T V. Show 2.0 38 H1I5 v_ni,r. Monitors Coramodofc HUMS ...CALL Pro Write 3.2 ...59 Proper Grammar .....52 Vlsln Pro 2.0 .....54.95 VbY KH'r C [ I
T. V. Text Pro .. .98 Video Oinrcior 159.95 VtaU Pro 2.0 ...59 Commodore I960. .CALL r»cr. Jrti* -.CALL Memory Chips tht ClaiMi rill MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE Supra Corp 43O0XF Ilard Drives 52MB 1 MB RAM .....*449 120 MB. 2 MB MB ......649 240 MB 2 MB RAM CALL
- -- ......VALL 236x4 H Dum ...,_.CAU DOS 2 0 . CAU Ainax II Plus ..._ . CALL Ain,ii ROMS,.....STOCK Amir* K 59 Arcxa ..23.95 5upcr Demse -------------------------CAU I MO x 1 BO 15 ..CAU GVP Simm 32 CAU 3000 1*4 SCRAM ZIPS ...CAU Bars « pipes Pro ..190 Distant Suns 4.0 ....55 fcCC Midi 500 2000 ..49 Kry hoard Shin 17.49 Strpra Ram MKJ KA 1 MB ..1 19 2 MB 1 79 Modern' IvB Simmv CAU ClAs .....CAU 44 mb internal .. ..,„.„29S 88 MB internal .. ...399 Miracle Plana ....CALL I'm i hmelucr ......CALL Perfect Smmi ,,,,,.,.64 ys Power Plus 230 watt A2000 .CALL QujrteiL.Ki Tools 52 SAS UhtiecC .....-.CALI SuuiiiJituMcr .._ ....CALL Super Jam. , ...74.95 2400 GO External.* Coble ...75 2400 PLUS Cable . .... 1 19 Pax Modem V32 bis CAU PC Power Hoard ..239 CaniMflek Available CAU IVS (iranri'Jam AMO .....299
209. ,52MGMi*t.n"dW” ...259 209I 40MG 229 AT Bridge Board .... ..SPECIAL urjkMiin xiwu ..... z-J Trumpcard Pin AMO .....225 Trumpcard Piq A2000 , . ... 145 Trurpcard A500 ....-125 Txu.ftptjrd A2O00 ......----S3 tl. Shell 2-0„. .....49 95 GRAPHICS VIDEO Art Department 2.1 ..S 149.95 Broadcast Tiller 11 ......2I!I CaUoatl 2 ..219 Bread Board ......CAU DCTV' .379 DCTV ROB Converter .CAU DeskJet 5QOC ....CAU Epson 300C Scanner ......LOWEST Trumpcard 300 AT ... ..CALL IVS vector 25 ..Best Price M;rr Cien - ... .. --------- - .185 Supemcn ... --------------------_--------,599 Afit-r image ......_.„...tAU Color Splitter ... .105 firecracker 24 2 nii CAU Supcrtien auuus ..1299 Accelerators G Force Combo 25 1 CALL G Force Combo 40 4 CALL G Force Combo 50 4 CALL G force 2000 040 33 ...CALL 52m, 120MB. 240MB packages available 1 MBSimm ....CALL 4 MB Simm ....CALL Miscellaneous A2000 Ram Board Ram-8 ok .$ 85 Ram-8 2MB .....149 Digital Sound Studio ....,83 At Once Plus ..CALL Impact Vision 24 ......CALL GVP Phone Pak In Stock Hard Drives A2000 HC8 + 0 120Q CALL A500 HD + 120 MB ...CALL A2000 HC8 + 0 240Q CALI. A530 Turbo i 20MB.....in Stock LOWEST PRICES ICD The ICD Advantage AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with tin matched speed and flexibility. AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 MB of FAST RAM. AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Flicker Free Video 2 Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. AdRAM 540 Add up lo 4 MB or KAN internally in your Amiga 500 AdRAM 2080 8 MB internally in your 2000 2500. New From ICD AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. Por IDE (AT) drives. IDE 44 for your 2.5 inch hard drive. IDE 40 lor your 3.5 inch hard drive. Inovia 60i How you can have the Ho via with a 60 MB 2.5 inch hard drive. Novia 80i The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your Amiga 500. Fits internally. Prima 52i How mount a 3.5 inch IDE drive internally in your Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000, Prima 120i 120 MB hard drive that fils internally In your 500. 1000 or 2000. Shu Hie Board Reroutes DI O: to the external floppy connector. Boot from an external Hoppy, l or an Amiga 500 or 1000. 1 Video Toaster § Ami Link Packages...... .CALL Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ... ...289 Toaster cozzy A3000 .CALL Video Toaster 2.0 . BCD 2000 ....CALL DPS TBC 230......CALL Kitchen Sync ... 1529 Mini Burst .199.95 Personal V ScopcCALL Personal VDA......CALL TBC 2 ..HEW Low Price
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* Terms. VISA MASTERCARD, Discover, certified checks and money orders welcome. School Corporate Purchase accepted Moat items shipped 1-2 Business days. • Returns: all items relumed must have RMA * before returning. Defective products exchanged for same Hem only. Hardware Items will be replaced or repaired. All returned Items subject to a restocking fee. Shipping non-re fundable. Call for complete details. • Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ in retail location - Software Concepts. Entontown. Hoi responsible for tyixjgmphlcal errors. Customer Service and product Information call (908) 542-8767. AUTHORIZED v SALES & SERVICE CENTER We will spend the time you need to make an informed decision 160 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 TRI STATE BETWEEN LIBERTY ST & MAIDEN LANE OPEN 9-6. FRI 9-2:30. SUN 10-4 '15 Yrs. Of Service to the Computing Community' ORDERS: USA & CANADA
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168. 95 Art Dept Pro 2 1 ....
149. 95 SAS Lattice C V6 0 .
239. 95 Caligan 2 .....
239. 00 AMAX II Plus .
349. 95 DeskJet 500C Driver. .39.95 Imagine 2 0 ..
264. 95 Pixel 3D 2.0 .. ..67.00 Real 3D V-1-4
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299. 00 3D Professional.....
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197. 00 Screenmaker LOWEST Avideo 24 ... .. CALL Avideo 12 . . CALL Trexx Pro ..... LOWEST Toaster 2 0 Upgrade 289,95 Pro Page 3.0 .
165. 00 TBC's & GENLOCKS DPS Personal TBC II .769.95 DPS TBC 230
1499. 95 DPS Personal Vscope 749,95 Kitchen Sync (2 Chan) ..
1514. 95 Icten TBC Card w TR7 .. CALL Prime Image TBC TCB ..CALL Hotronics AP41 ......
949. 95 The Personal SFC .... 359 95 Progressive Per Mimgen 184.95 Supergen 200CS Genlock 1369 95 Instructional Videos, Books CALL SOFTWARE Syquest 44 Meg Int Drive ... 339.95 Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge 78.95 Syquest 88 Meg Int. Drive 399.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge .....99.95 Syquest Cleaning Kit ... 24.55 Ext Sox w Power Supply . 99.95 3' Y Internal Floppy .. 67.95 3V?" A3000 Internal 84.95 3V»" Ext, Air Drive 79.95 Maxtor LXT 213 SCSI 689 95 3Vi Roctec Internal Floppy 79.50 Supra 500XP 52MB HD a 51 2k 529 95 Quant. 52M8 SCSi LPS HD 229.95 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD 376.00 Quant. 120MB SCSi LPS ... 374.95 Quanlum 40MB SCSi HD ... 169.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ..... 729.95 Maxtor 1 2 GiG .. 1799.95 Datallyer 500 ...CALL Dalaflyer SCSi Controller CALL Datallyer Express .... CALL We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER 2,0 $ 2024.95 DRIVES Prime Image TBC-PCB "The Ultimate TBC on a Card"
• Y C in and out
• perfect freeze frame & strobe
• software and or hardware controlled
• lull transcoding
• low power consumption
• black & white effect
• IBM or Amiga CALL HP DESK JET 500 C.. .649,95 Toaster Cozzy .719.95 A2320 Disp Enhancer(A2000). .209.95 Super Fax Modem w Software. 349.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 LOWEST Microbotics VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrade ....STOCK All Computer Safeskms ....CALL Optical Mouse ..48.95 Midi Controller (4 outsj 49.95 Phantom Midi Controller 218.95 Microbotics 8up’ Dip.2meg 169.95 Flicker Free Video II ..... 234.95 ICD All Products Available CALL CSA Rocket Launcher ......CALL Prog Peripherals A2000 28 Mhz 040 1560.00 ProRAM 64 MB Exp Card 3000 QK .. 358.00 Mercury A3000 Imagine 2 0 Bundle..2099.00 DKB-Megacmp 2000 500 w Agnus .. 289,95 Muftislart II .....49.95 0KB 2632 RAM Exp 112 4 Meg,,.439.95 IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL Includes LOWEST
• TV Adapter • Tetris
• Carmen San Diego
• Textcraft Plus
• Tulonal Software
• Free Amiga World A500 BONUS Commodere Express 24 Hr. Service PERIPHERALS Arock Masterpiece Fonts- Toaster ...
139. 95 1st Prize Toaster Fonts ..39.95 Masterpiece Fonts...
158. 50 Showmaker ...
239. 95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 ..45.95 Kara Ammfonts (1-3).. ..29.50 Cinnamon Toast Fonts Voi I & II ..... ,.64.50 Disney Animation Studio. 78.00 The Director V 2.0 ... ..72.50 Fractal Pro .... ..49.95 Map Master (Imagine). 44.00 Scenery Animator...... ..57.50 Scenery Animator Disk. .. 18.50 Video Scape 3D......
117. 00 Vistapro 2 0...... .84.95 Dpaint 4.1 ....
105. 95 Dr T s 3 5 Lev. II KCS.
229. 95 Diskmaster 11 .. ..39.95 Directory Opus ..37.95 Bars & Pipes Pro
207. 95 Toaster ToOlkit ..99.95 Wipe Master ...
129. 95 MONITORS Commodore 1084S .. I LOWEST Commodore 1960..... .. CALL Pan. CT-1382Y
234. 95 Sony CPD 1304S ....
579. 00 Sony CPD 1604S
999. 95 Panasync 13811
319. 00 Nec MS 2A ...
369. 95 Nec MS 4FG ..
729. 95 SOFTWARE Tristate is a full service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing PANASONIC CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7G50 S11 030 HO Disk Ml Kit. IcccptBd. Overnight shipping availible. 15 day money back guarantee. All merchandise brand new. Factory fresh. Cusiom configurations our specially A500 HD8+0 52Q-11.. CALL A5Q0 HD8+0 120Q-11 .. . CALL A500 HD8+0 24OQ-11 CALL A500 PC 286 512 .... CALL AT Once + PC emulator CALL A2000 HC8+0MB .CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 52Q-11 CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 120Q-11 CALL A2000 HCB-OMB 240Q-11 CALL A2000 RAM 8 0 ...... CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB)..... CALL 3PS Si'G0D s OSS8 Sound Studio Combo 030-25 1 0 Combo 030-40 4 Combo 030-40 4 120 Combo 030-40 4 240 G Force 030-50 4 Combo 030-50 4 120 Combo 030*50 4 240 GVP A-530 Turbo.. Sim32-4MB 60...... AUTHORIZED DEALER Roclecti Supershm..... ... 84.95 Anti Virus No Click Rockey . . . 299.95 Rocyen Plus .... .. 289.95 Combo Deal .... . 574.95 Rocmouse ...... . .23 95 A500 Ini Drive . ,.74 95 A B Roll System (AG 1960) CALL Cuts Orly System (AG 1960). CALL Toaster Control Module CALL AmiLmk Cl Editor Headquarters AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Puled lor Truster AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG F7Q0 Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS AG-1960 ..... . 939.95 AG-450 SVHS w case ....
1249. 95 AG-460 2 chip SVHS w case. 2899.95 AG-185U ... CALL AGW1
1829. 95 4G-190U .. STOCK WV200 CLE CALL AG-7400 Port SVHS ..... CALL AG-1730 . SPECIAL CT-1382Y...... ....
234. 95 AG-1260 4HD ind VCR.... . 259.95 INDUSTRIAL Recommendations based on Quality, Experience and Value TRI STATE Orders: usa & Canada
(800) 537-4441 INFO. (212) 608-1391 3-19-2555 Fax Us Your Order or Inquiry |212)962-4635 Located in the Heart of the Financial District on Broadway between Liberty Street and Maiden Lane The source for Cameras, Lighting, Tripods, VCR's, Processors, IBM Computers, Industrial Eqpt. Announcing a REVOLUTION in Desktop Editing! Vdeck Vbox W AtLastlanaffordabfeandcompleLeA BrollSolutionforDesktopEditing. The Editizer runs on an IBM PC or Clone under Windows and completely controls three VCRs or camcorders, the Toaster and up to six other editing devices! It contains three time code readers and one time code generator)! )t and is frame accurate with time code. This device costs less than half ofany other comparable product onthe market! (that's including the costofa 386 System), and it does even more... Need the host computer as well? We Stock all configurations! Windows & Dos 386SX cpu 2meg ram 40 meg drive 3.5 floppy SVGA
* ***$ 799.95* * * * Special GVP 040-33 4 A2000 Free FEDEX I J2119.95 V ___ I CD Adspeed $ 172,00 AdRam 540 $ 84.95 COMMODORE Amiga A-600 Special $ CALL S ASDG MorphPlus Guaranteed Lowest! COMMODORE Bridgeboard 286 5 25 floppy$ 247.95 s.
• RunsonanlBM386Clone
• CompletelycontrolsMideoToaster
• Controls ThreedecksorCamcorders
• Compatiblewith So nyControlL
• Compatiblewith PanasonicCtrl M
• Compatiblewith RS-2 32 *
• Compatiblewith RS-422
• Compatiblewith Parallel decks*
• Three U nearTime Code Readers
• OneTi me Code Generator
• Controls DPSTBCS Scene by Scene
• MixandMatchanySupportedDecks
• FrameAccuratewithTimeCode
• SevenGPITriggers
• OptionalSingleFrameController
• Module
• CallForMorelnfocnthisamazing
• machine GOLDEN IMAGE Hand Scanner $ 154.95 SfiS Lattice C Ver 6.0 $ 239,95 Quantum 105 Ips W Scsi Controller 1399.95 $ 369.95 AD I 01 2 w Studio I 6 $ 359.95 Sunrize SONY SCALL J J r J - EXPANSION SYSTEMS !17oaifex Wonkstotions DataFlyer Series DataFlyer Express 500 SCSI .$ 169.95 IDE ..$ 154.95 SCSI IDE .$ 199.95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI ....$ 64.95 IDE ....$ 64.95 SCSI IDE ...$ 109.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI ..$ 1 19.95 IDE ...$ I 14.95 SCSI IDE ..$ 154.95 DataFlyer Ram 8 meg 0k ...$ 79.95 Baseboard 601c ..$ 39.95
601. ...$ 29.95 A500 Baseboard $ 109.95 j Monitor CPU Toaster 2.0 7 Meg Ram 80 Meg Hdisk $ 3995 Monitor CPU Toaster 2.0 13 Meg Ram 213 Meg Hdisk 030-40 mhz $ 5895 Monitor CPU Toaster 2.0 9 Meg Ram 105 Meg Hdisk 030-25 mhz $ 4795 Monitor CPU Toaster 2.0 1 7 Meg Ram 240 Meg Hdisk 030-50 mhz $ 6995 PRINTERS LpsonLQ 200 .$ 199.95 Epson LO 570 .$ 259.95 Epson LQ 8 70 ..$ 424.95 Canon EU 300 .$ 419.95 Pan 1124i...... $ 274.95 Pan 1624 ...$ 324.95 Pan 4410 ...$ 629.95 Pan4450i ...$ 999.95 HP Laser 111 ...$ 1469.95 HPLaserlllp ...$ 999.95 DKB Megachip 2000 .$ 269.95 (W 2mb Agnus) Multistart II $ 39.95 Kwikstart II ..$ 68.95 2632 32bitram Exp for Comm 2630 ..SCALL AH DKB Products in Stock Free Video Wilh any sysiem Purchase! PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS & SOFTWARE Zeus (M0-28 mhz ..$ 2299 9b Zeus 040-33 mhz ...SCALL Prog 040 A500 $ 1049.95 Mercury A3000 $ 2095.00 Free Imagine 2 0 w Purchase Pro Ram 64 A3000...... $ 349 95 Minigen Genlock ....SCALL Minigen Genlock PAL......SCALlj Video Blender ..SCALL 24 bir Graphics and Video System Ray Tracing & Mu'timecJta work
16. 8 million Colors Image proc & Entertainmenl Fully Arexx Compatible Includes 1 5 Megs Display Ram Real time? 24 bit paint program Self Config tor N1S or PAL Opal Presents included Optional Modules are available Desktop Publishing applications to increase capabilities. "73" ~r =VP Cttt IMICROBOTICS | 8up! Dip 2mb A2000 $ 169.95 M501 Clone 512k $ 34 95 M502 1 mb A500 + $ 64,95 VXL*30-25mhz $ 319.95 VXL*30-25mhz w 882 $ 449.95 VXL‘30 40mhz $ 489.95 VXL*30-40mhz w 882 $ 649 95 VXL-30 881 25mhz $ 84 95 VXL-32 w 2mb $ 269 95 VXL-30 882-25mhz $ 229 95 1 FREE Bumper Sticker with every order AUTHORIZED COMMODORE DEALER SINCE 1980 NO ONE KNOWS AMIGA BETTER Dual ROM Board assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 al Ihe push of a key. Wibn ribbon Cable_ w 2.0 ROM O 122 003 Zb32 MemoryBoard w 4mb ram for the Amiga 2500 and 2530 accel Up to 32MB RAM Requires 1MB FATTER AGNUS ¦active. M Full CDTV CompamiTmy Internal 2mb RAM Expansion Rear Expansion Slot . EflEE mother board CC C O Q upside with tjl purchase of drive. Trifecta *£ FASTEST hard drive controller on the market!!! Toaster Compatible, Al) the power ot the A2000 and More Alpha Data 512K RAM Expander. Itr For A500: Alpha Data EXTERNAL amiga 880K DRIVE COMPATIBLE A2000 hard drive card or External A500 hard drive Internal slot accepts GVP 286 board GOLDEN IMAGE Chi non CD-ROM Internal Drive $ 445 External Drive $ 585 Includes Cables and CD-FS software Requires a SCSI conl. (dual-speed) Ofe' Arnica Compatible D-ivaa
A. I.R. Drive - S79 Roctec Ultraslim - S89 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET Master3A1N 880K AMIGA DRIVE Opto-Mechanical Mouse on 512K RAM & 880K Drive Amlgn Compatible MicroBotics DATAFLYER Optical Mouse (Not shown) Cordless $ 55 Trackball s $ 85'cg> Cordless Mouse . A500 HARD | DRIVES 1 EXPAND UP TO 8MB RA I W 120 MB hard drive $ 649 vv 213 MB hard drive S879 w 240 M8 hard drive S899 68030 Acceleration for A500, A2000 25MHz S279 with 68882 $ 409 40MHz $ 369 with 68882 S489 Compatible with1.3 &2-D4 ROMS Handscanner W Powerful Migraph Touch-up software Hard Drive Controllerx for 3.5" LPS Drives Up to 8MB Ram Expansion Auto booting & install SCSI. IDE or Both Data Flyer I©@ Hard drive controller Budget solution for your Amiga SOD A530 Turbo ALL-IN-ONE , EXPANSION FOR A500 1 40MH Accelerator Hard drive RAM Expansion EXPANSION SYSTEMS SupraRAM RX 1 External RAM Expand your A500 to the MAX Pass' through design k 1Mbuplo2MB v_ W 52MB HD S389 SJ20MBHD $ 529 w 1 20MB HD S1099 OauFlferRAM OK-S&9, 2MB SI69. 4MB 5279 GVP PC286 IBM Card S239 Widfi. ['C! Ased .m" ti" ¦: above. (5245 alone) W 512K-S119, W 1MB-S143 W 2MB -S191, W 4MB-S275 SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (continental US) SO TO $ 99 .... 7% MIN $ 5 S100 TO S199 . 5% MIN $ 7 $ 203 TO $ 499...... 4% MIN $ 10 S500TOS799 3% MINS20 $ 800- 2.5% MIN $ 24 2nd Day(Bue) aod S6 to UPS Ground Next Day(Rec) a±i SI 1 to UPS Ground APO.FPO add $ 11 to Ground CANADA aod S11 lo Ground PR. HI. AK add $ 10 lo Blue Red No surcharge for MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER. COD orders OK Press subject to change v.itnout nooce. Returns accepted for 10 days after date of purchase. Call for RAF before returning. Defectives replaced with same item. 15% Restocking fee lor items returned and not exchanged for same. Customer responsible for return shipping. International Orders (not AP0. FrO.) Send copy or FAX of front & back of Charge Card w signalure. Cali or FAX for shipping quote. FAX" 1 (412) 962-0279 Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd, Hermitage, PA 16148 CDTV Education (Call for more lilies) (100’s of lilies available) American Visla Barney Bear School Barney Bear Goes Campog Battle Storm Casa of Cautious Condor CD Remix Classic Board Games Defender of the Crown Falcon Fred Fish Collection Gret2ky Hockey Guinness Disc of Records Illustrated Dictionary Illustrated Holy Bible KJV Illustrated Shakespeare Lemmings Wind Run Murder Wakes Siranga..... My Paint Power Pinball Sim City Snoopy Spirit of Excalibur Team Yankee Time Table Business Time Table Science Ultimate Basketball Wrath ot the Demon Xenon it Adveniuros tn Math Algebra Algebra II Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure Barney Bear Camping Barney Bear a! The Farm Barney Bear m School Barney Bear irt Space Bible Scholar Bible Reader (Intemai-V.) Bible Reader! King James) Calculus Carmen San Diego Time Carmen San Diogo USA Carmen San Diego World Crossword Const Kit Dinosaur Discovery Kit Discovery MatlvSpeliing Distant Suns 3 0 Distant Suns 4.0 Katie’s Farm Marks Math Lab Math Talk Math Blaster Plus Mavis Beacon Typing McGee Fun Fair My Paml 2.0 Pu22te Storybook Rhyming Notebook Spelte' Bee Talking Animator Talking Coloring Book Teachers' Toolkit Trigonometry Wo rid Atlas A-10 Enhanced Tank Killer Agony Air Support Batile Isie Birds of Prey Black Crypt Castles Celtic Legends Cwl atio’n Drag. Lair 2 (Time Warp) Dungeon Master 2 Elvira: Mistress c. Ihe Dark Elvira 2. Jaws of Cerberus Eye of Ihe Behofcer Eye of the Benofcer 2 F15 Stnke Eagle II F19 Stealth Fighter Falcon Falcon Mission 1 or 2 Fantastic Voyage Fighter Duel (Corsair Vs Zero) Flight of the Intruder Gateway Savage Frontier God Father Greens - (Microprose Goff) Guy Spy Heart of China Hockey League Squalor
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* * XONTROU,ER EXPANSION SYSTEMS External SCSI Hard Drive Storage Upright single hay DataFlyer.2000 Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 SCSI Controller st* n only 3)03 All units include: Power supply, SCSI external cable. Power cubic. SCSI pass thru, and Mounting hardware Closed fate, single hay case. Floptical Prices for case cable PS 105 120MB 240MB W 52 MB Quantum HDS319 W 120MB Quantum HDS479 DataFlyer RAM For DataFlyer2C00 OK $ 99. 2MB $ 189. 4MB $ 279 f 52MB I ID Expand up to 8MB RAIW W 120MBHI) $ 539 W 24UMH HI) Call Single Huy open front for Syquest or Floptical Drive Beetle Mice COLO S MOUSE - BUTTONS Red - Black Yellow - Black Black ¦ Black Blue - Black Black - Yollow NEW LADY BUG Red - White - Blue Upright, small fool print for single 3.5HD Dual Bay opcn C I used front for 2 half height I ID's or Syquest. Etc Dual hiiv cim Opcn closctl Iron Four Bay open doscd front for 4 half height HD's or Syquest, etc. (not shown) Highest resolution 320DPI
• Ssguest drive includes I cartridge
* *“Floptical Jme includes I Jisk Installation - 515 per drive Productivity Software Hardware Art & Animation Art Department Pro 2.1 & Imagomasler $ Deluxe Paint IV V4.1 $ Disney An:m. Studio S Draw 4D Pro $ imagine 2.0 S: Pixel 3-D 2.2 C Pro Textures $ • Prof. Draw 3.0 S Cmde Morph Vista Pro 2.0 & Databases Microfiche Filer Si StiporBaso Personal 2 $ ! Super Base IV 1 2 $ Music Bars and Pipes Bars and Pipes Pro $ ; Delx Music Const. Set & Super Jam & Multimedia Kit $ C Music Box A $ Music Box B $ ; Tele-Communications A-Talk III SI Baud Bandit 2 $ ; SupraFax Software Si Spreadsheets Aovanlage SI 25 Maxi Plan 4.0 $ 99 Professional Calc $ 169 Utilities Amiback 2.0 $ 50 Are xx $ 31 Cross DOS 5.0 $ 33 Directory Opus $ 37 DtskMasier II $ 44 Labeldex $ 47 Ouarte'backS.O $ 45 Quarterback Tools $ 53 SAS Latice C 6.0 $ 274 Visionary $ 52 Video & Presentation AmigaVision $ 39 Broadcast Tiller II $ 229 Broadcast Tiller HiRes $ 109 Can Dc 1.6 $ 85 Pro Video CG II $ 112 Pro Video Post $ 209 Scala 2.0 Multimedia $ 250 Showmaker $ 229 TV Text Professional $ 99 Video Director $ 169 Amiga for Beginners $ 5 3 Amiga Dos Quk Ref. Guido $ 8 Amiga Dos Inside & Out $ t9 Amiga Basic Inside & Out $ 19 Amiga C for Beginners S15 Amiga C for Advanced S26 Amiga Inlem S26 Machine Language 515 Graphics Inside A Out $ 26 Desktop Video Power $ 23 Besl ol AmigaTricksATrps $ 23 Using Aroxx $ 26 Imagine Companion $ 24 ROM Kornel:Autodocs 3rd Ed $ 27 ROM KornefDevices 3rd Ed $ 20 ROM KorneliHatdwate 3rd. Ed $ 20 ROM Kernellibranes 3rd. Ed. $ 27 Understanding Imagine 2.0 $ 27 Midi s ECE Midi Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold Insider Midi Connector w cables Phantom SMPTE MIDI Midi cable 6ft Miracle Keyboard Audio Audiomaster 4 Digital Sound Studio Perfeci Sound 3-T SoundMasler Studio 16 AD 516 Sludio 16.AD 5 012 Video G-lock Chroma Key plus Alter imaceGeniock DCTV " MiniGen RocGen Plus Supergen Genlock Misc. Big Foo! 200W powersup. Flicker Fixer A2000 Iniernai Dnve AMAX 2 FLUS AT ONCE Plus Power PC Board Joysticks, Mouses & Trackballs Slik Slik Joystick $ 7 Boss Joystick SI5 TacSOuoystek S17 Bat Handle Joystick $ 25 Jin Meuse $ 25 Opto-Mec hancal Mega Mouse S35 Optical Mouse S55 Being Optical Mouse $ 94 Gl Corciess Mouse S75 Gl Cordless Trackball SB5 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Krall Trackball $ 59 Mouse Switch (automatic) $ 29 Supra Modems 2400 External $ 89 2400Ptus External $ 125 24(X)Pkjs Zl IrfemaJ S1& FAX Modem 14400 S309 FAX Modem 9600 $ 249 FAX Aaxtem Softw f$ «x .vuxn $ 79 Zoom Modems 2400 Ext. $ 75 2400w 574 5 A v 42 be $ 145 9600 v 32 bis $ 399 Cable S10 ($ 5 w modem) PHONEPAX (rom GVP $ 429 Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Final CopyT Call Page Stream 2.2 Si 69 Pefcan Press S62 ProVVnte 3.3 $ 56 Professional Page 3.0 S179 Proper Gramma' $ 59 EUROPEAN WAQAZTNES AMIGA Formal w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Action w Disks $ 10
C. U. AMIGA w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Power w Disks S10 5 lor AMIGA w Disks S10 Video Tapes Prof Combo. Amiga Primer $ 25 Animation 101 S29 SC TV A Guided Tour $ 29 .Deluxe IV Video Tape $ 24 u»sktop Video Volume 1 S25 Desktop Video Volume 42 $ 25 History of the Amiga SI6 How to Animate $ 25 Imagine: A Guided Tour $ 29 Minds Eye $ 15 Pro. Techniques w Dpaint $ 25 Toaster Micro-wave $ 34 The Newtek Video Toaster S22 FINAL COPY cgl69>PROWRITE _ SaLL I'm 0 R PH P iTu sF'3 fT55V + nLylVl for AMIGA 500 2000 includes books and work- bench disk lyMyAMlG Circle 12 on Reader Service card UfcC& Computer Express The Ultimate Speakers 0,Pr,rTy, j Satellite Speakers for Amiga! Dni S" ' Remote Compact Subwoofer Computer speakers have always been a compromise. Either you had tiny, self-amplified standalones that didn't have the volume or bass response that you really wanted, or you had to connect your Amiga to a stereo amplifier system with big oookshelf or floor speakers. Using the amplifier and bio speaker approach gave you pretty good sound, but had its own problems: not only did the speakers take up a lot of space, but the farther away from your computer you put them, the more separated the sound source was from the picture. It was sod of like watching TV and having voices come from the other side of the room. Now. TENEX brings you the first computer speaker system without compromises: The Altec Lansing ACS300 Multimedia Computer Speaker System. The ACS300 actually includes three speakers with built-in amplification. The two satellite speakers are compact and can be placed on your computer desk, attached to your monitor, or even wall mounted. They're shielded, too. To avoid any interference with your monitor's display. What really makes the ACS3000 different, though, is the compact subwoofer that can be hidden anywhere. The subwoofer adds the booming bass that makes the speaker system sound like one five times ils size, and. Because your ears can t localize where the bass is coming from, you can hide the subwoofer out of signt! When you connect your Amiga to the ACS300. You'll find out why we think it really is the ultimate speaker system for computers! Unheard of Low Price!! AMIGA 500 COMPUTER. Includes A500 computer with built-in keyboard and floppy disk drive, power supply, mouse, documentation and Workbench software. Amiga 500 C10527 299.95 Special Upgrade Bundles!! (inciuctos Lemmings lire*!) AMIGA 500 BONUS PACK. Includes A500 computer PLUS TV adapter, Tetris. Carmen Sandiego. And Textcraft software. Amiga 500 Bonus Pack wI Lemmings C10204 339.95 AMIGA 500 POWER PACK. Includes all A500 Bonus Pack items PLUS 512K memory expansion w clock and calendar, WICO joystick and typing tutor, games, and productivity software. Amiga 500 Bonus Pack w Lemmings K10575 399.95 AMIGA 500 SUPER GRAPHICS PACK. Includes all A500 Power Pack items PLUS 1Q84S Stereo monitor. Amiga 500 Suoer Graphics Pack w Lemmings K10586 669.00
299. 00 MODEMS
i. vr xmxi imi'-u i si mi s ii i! Ki) drive s A500-HCSfOMS 120Q II. Cl0039 638 00 A5OO-HD6+OM024OQII C10047 £59 00 CAT V2000 IMPAC 1 M KIES II HARD CARDS A20CQ Ss’ecoT 93657
215. 00 A2000-HCS*OM&52Q II 53994 379 99 A2000-HC8-CM&12COH 010059
509. 00 A2000-HC3+CM&24CQ II C1C066 319 0*0 (A l* IMPACT SI fill s || HARD DHIVI HARD CARI) Ml MOHX 1 Xl’ANSK )N 1MByte SIMM 93693 29 59 II M X IM1 KN M V500HAKD DMIS 1 s TENEX 105VB :e Kj| 55724 CALL XMIG.A A5SU 1 ri KNAL HARD DUI 1 A590 Ha'Q Drive 84698 CALL ROCTEC3.5" LXI1 RNAL FLOPFX DRIVE- 3 5'E*tema Drive 69275 94 95 DAT MI XER VM 59C62 139 95 DAE Ml XEK 21MO 99C58 75 95 SCSI HARD DRIVES, l"High Quantum 240MB 3 5 16ms dme 96-143 CALL Quantum IC5MB. 3 5'. 17ms drive 97124 CALL DAI XI 1 XLIi RAM. 2MIIX II 99000 179 95 DAIAfLXFR RAM, 4MBXTF 99091 255 55 DAT XELXLR RAM. 8METXTE 99109
399. 95 1 MBYTE x 8 x 80 SIMMs 93593
39. 95 HlC.rOOT PolVl 11 SI PPI X 92653
94. 95 St PRXDRIVE 5UOXP II RD DRI 1 s 52M6yM with I MB 96-145 46500 52MByte with 2MB 96455 545 0*3 120MByte wnh 2MB 96643 665 00 240MByie wun 2MB 96553 539 00 SUPRXDRIVL 5UOXFL PgliXDlS 5l2KSyte tat 97255
23. 95 2MB yle M 97263
99. 95 SI PRADRIV! 2MK) HARD Dlil 1 s 52MByte 97241
319. 95 l2OM0yte 96694 439 03 240M8yie 96704
809. 00 WOKDSXNC SCSI IN IE RE AC 1 WordSync interface 88672 93 95 HARD DRIVES De tarry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE I laid Drives from Quantum and ulher fine nun lilac lure is. Call tut latest model*, and tamest pikes! GVP PlIONL I’XK M Ml Cl 0989 CALL SLT'R .AMODLM 2400 5666'
79. 95 Modem Serial Cob e A4244- 12 95 Sul’RAMODEM 2hki+ 96673
115. 95 SI PRAMODLM MOOZI* 9663-5 119 99 SUPRA LAX MDIII M f XILRN Xl FAX Mpdem, v 32 9714? 239 95 FAXModem. V 32D-5 97164 30*9 95 A MIC. A lt»80 MODE M 79237 2955 1*1 ATINUM OM I'm 88486 39 95 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES HFETUE MOUSE W PAD 94074 34 95 IIOENG! MOUSE XV PAD 94089
99. 95 I I I XIDR W 184-A 1 1C.EFT PI N 82037
59. 95 ROCTIC A MIC .A MOL SL 95252
24. 99 sivit rx MOUSE Cl 0653 24 95 AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES ACS300 Computer Speaker System Amiga Adapter C12055
7. 99 SH ARP COLOR SCANNER 94335 549 EX) 1 111 V17 TARI 1 1 95JE9 239 99 1 Ml PI 11 RACK IR M KBAI 1 96994 49 95 OOMIK C10695 59 95 GVP ACCELERATOR BOARDS (.1 ORCE 030 25MH?6803P ACCI 1 I R MORS Corrt»030-2S2S'1 0 99133
649. 00 Corrbo030-2S'2S'in20 99T52
929. 00 Coir&>330-2S'2S'1'2-0 99161 1075 00 . IGRCE. 030 tOMHr hStVW AC (ill R AliJRS Cc rtoO: WC-lCCO 99175 99900 Corr£3Q304a*«M 120 97545 ’499 00 Ccmt:oC3G-4G‘4G4.240 97553 169900 G-IORCE 030 5HMID *80311 ACC 1 1 1 HA 1 OKS CoT.toD30-5G,50.'i.'0 97558
1559. 00 Cc-mto030-5C'S0'4,'l20 97589 1889 00 Comto030-sa'50*i 2-10 97590 2049 00 (. FORCE 040 2HMIE i>H040 CC 1 1 1 R ATORS G-fo*ce300Q-OAG?&2 95124 197900 (.-1C IRCI. AC Cl 1 1 U 1)K RAM UPGRADE s iMByla.60ns SIMM C10Q76 69 95 4MB>10,50ns SIMM C10083
239. 55 IMByte. 40ns SIMM C10092 21995 MEMORY & ACCELERATORS 1 CAP A 530 TCKHO VV 120MH HARD DRIVE CI2376
1099. 99 III I ARD HOARD C1C90E
219. 95 MU.A 1l)l.1 1 RAC 1 R C1093B 399 55 PROGRESSIA 1 0*0 500*4MB C10339 CALL SLTR VRAM 500 RX wllh IMUyU* SCO RX w.iMB ie 94016 124 55 iM3vte Upgrade Kii 97312
54. 55 LE'K VRAM 300 RX with 2MH>ta* 500 RX w2MBy.e 94029
185. 95 2MByie Upgrade Kit 97276 99 95 SLTRARAM 2000 ¦v-rtfi GMSyte 85046 109 95 ninth 2MSyto 88683
155. 95
w. fh 4WByie 3B69I
224. 95 VECTOR C12606 CALL I AT AGNUS. 2MHXTE Fat Agnus 33723 2M3yle 93564 79 95 Fat Agngs 8372B MegACh p 2003 Cl 0013 239 00 1 A1 AC.NUS, 1MUN I I 98553 59 95 SUPER Dl MSI Ml-l 56572 44 95 ( HIP PULI I R C10249 1495 STANDARD CHIP SET REPLACEMENTS DE MSI SX|,2 96585
24. 95 PACE A S364 96597 24 95 CAKX 571M 96600 12 95 1 X 8520 X 96612 11 95 ROM 1.3 98624 29 95 ADD IBM COMPATIBILITY POWER PC BOARD 96620 26995 E'C 286 MODULI lor GVP 97713 319 59 A rpneet PC'A 1 1 MULATOR A70756 319 00 AMIGA ENHANCED CHIP SETS Cl 1743 Special Publishing Bundle S219 PROFESSION XI 1’ AGE 3 0 96154 169 99 PROFESSION XL DR XU 1 11 Cl 2067 129 00 Psge3 0 Draw 3 0 Eun-ie Cl 2072 21900 ANIXTFOMS 1 96538 29 95 MML ONTS 2 96724 2995 VMMFON IS 3 96733 29 95 Mil DEET PKOILSSION XL 92135 176 95 Ccnverson Kit 92149 52 95 BLSINFSS C VRD M KLIi 31815 41 95 COMIC SETTFR 81815 41 95 OLSICN k ORKs 94439 79 95 THE LlliitCTOR 2.U 90147 79 95 GOLD DISK TYPE E3esgner Pack 90C67 34 95 D-;cc'ct:ve Pack 90072 39 95 HE VDLLNFS 1 96554 44 95 IICADI.INLS 2 96568 42 95 IMAGINE 3,1) 90166
269. 00 INTROCAD 82109 29 95 MOVIE SFTTLK 01824 41 95 OL III N L FONTS 94350 129 95 PAGE FLIPPER F X 81869 89 95 PAGE SETT LR II 79790 73 95 PAGES I HE XM 3.2 Cl0579 15995 PERFORMER Id £)476 99 95 PIXEL 3D 94267 59 95 s XON PL BUSKER 1.1 9406? 159 99 SCULPT AMMXTTIR 84365 9995 SCLLPT NlM TE 4D PRO 84376 319 95 SOFTCLIPS Classic 96492 44 95 Peopla 96503 44 95 Co:ie:t:rs 96513 44 95 Anmal 96527 44 95 SPECTRA COLOR 946*37 64 95 ST Mil ILL OS 96545 34 95 iLT.HL VDS 96573 4295 DATASTORAGE 1 Wf *150 LAP! BACKUP Ejlsrnal Backup 94586 699 00 iriemal Backup 94572 629 00 SYQUEST DRIVES LOR AMIGA & MAC 44MByte internal D’ ve A&0573
329. 00 88MByte Internal D've A57257 439 00 44M3yie External Dive A63425 429 95 eaMByle Exiernal Dnvo A57222 599 95 44MBy1e Cartridge A60533 79 95 03MBylo Cartridge A62372 109 95 2UM UN || I 1 OPTIC. AI DISK DHIVI Iriemal Floptical Dme 53668 499 99 External Floptta! Orve 96659 59999 20MByte Floptical D s*.e:'e 98160 1999 | GRAPHICS SOFTWARE | O Commodore AMIGA lEMMINgS' with purctase of any Wade Bundles ¦sf* r* ' • r AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE 1 AMIGA 520 VIDEO A DAP 11R 79233
34. 95 BREAD k BUTTER FONT S 95944 6995 CHROM AKI X 96354 31500 CINN XMON KIAS 1 ION IS 95951 6995 DC TV 91539 399 00
DIC. I V If VV MeiDlASTA11ON 97337 169 95 DMI RESOLVER DMI OUK-X C10823 1099 CO DMI HE SOI VI R PMI-OIO C Cl0832 1999 CO FLICKER-1 Itl 1 VEDF.0 2 94457
239. 99 FIRECRACKER 24 97231
819. 95 CTA C XI* (1 ti|| cr5innl Cl 1633 264 99 (‘.IX CAD 11 pgradrl Cl 16-42 129 99 IMPACT VISION 24 Impact Vision 24 95867 1879 CO Optional adapter 95877 49 99 KII till N SYNC 94366 1595 00 PERSON A1 1 HE 92322 799 99 ROCGEN PI LS 94183 299 99 ROC KE X Cl 1533 349 00 SPFCTKLM 1 EiAME GK.XHbl li Cl 1443 449 CO VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Video Toaster 96593
2099. 00 instructional V deo 94693 19 95 V 1 DEO 111 1 NIJLR 95805 995 00 1 AMIGA VIDEO SOFnVARE ULLLXI- PAIN r IV 94937
107. 95 DF.LLXL VIDEO?: Ill 79452
99. 95 1IX PER BOOK 94468
59. 95 PIXVIAfl 82094 37 95 PRO VIDEO GOLD 88166 119 99 VIDEO TOASTER SOI ID Mil L PGK.XPF 2.1) C10139 33900 VTDF.O DIRLCTOR 95170
A. VK-B VC K v2.ll 940=7 44 95 A MIG XDOS 2.i!4 A50WA2000 96335 89 95 A3070 97707 34 95 VXIIC, DIACNOS1KI v II Cl "540 1495 VSSLMPRO 83926 64 55
B. A.L1 89345 29 55 DISKMASTER 62114 29 95 DISKMASTER II 95335 39 95 UOS-2-DOS 98403 31 95 FEXSIIB XCK 92953 45 55 KOT1 INKS C1C683 62 95 I'm XGLI INDF.R 94257 41 95 KICK 11 C K Ci 1420 3999 MAXIKICK. V I 89601 32 95 MICKOI Id IF FILER 94095 11995 QLARTERBACK C109&4 49 95
R. XVXCOE'X VIJk 87456 34 95 S AS- C COMPILER 94403
199. 95 X IRFUAI RE.AI.m STUDIO 95193
59. 95 X IKLS PROTECTOR 95270
39. 95 ULTRA DESIGN 86329 99 99 VISTA PRO 54118 57 95 CaWxnia Scenery Disk 94127 48 95 VISTA 1.2 90-166 37 95 ZUM A rONTPACK 1-2-1 97513 59 95 ZUMA EOVT PACK 4-5-* 57525 59 95 1-soo-PRDMPT-1 (1-800-776-6781) lowest Price, (faarmt&e, Save 80% on Deluxe Music Limited Supply!! $ 1095 IBM Compatibility for only DELUXE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT. Deluxe Music Construction Kit 79419 19.95 Includes: • IBM-compatible Floppy Disk Drive
• 512K RAM
• MS-DOS software BRJDGE0OAKD. By popping the Bridgeboard into an A2000 expansion slot, you add IBM-compatible features to your Amiga while retaining all of the Amiga's advanced abilities. The board features an 8083 microprocessor, 512KByte RAM, a PC-XT BIOS, a 5.25' 360KByte floppy drive, an external floppy drive connector, and a socket for a math coprocessor. These IBM-compatible features allow you to run thousands of MS-DOS software programs at ihe same time as you're running your Amiga applications. Run C64 Software on Your Amiga! A 64 Package Thinking about upgrading to an Amiga, but don't want to give up your valuable C64 software and data? Now. With the A64 emulator package from Questronix. You can connect your 1541 or other Commodore disk drive to your Amiga 500 or 2000 and actually run your C64 software on the Amiga! AmigaWorld called the A64 Package "a breeze to install' and "far more refined than its competitors." Some software which incorporates disk "fast load' may rot work, and the speed of operation of some games may change depending on the speed of your Amiga. Package includes bolh disk software and special adapter. A64 C10550 39.95 Bridgeboard XT BridcjeboardAT 84706 84719
179. 99
299. 99 SIMEARTH Cl 1857
41. 95 STRATtCO 95650
30. 95 TETRIS 83835
26. 95 TRUMP CASTLE 84060 24 95 TRU MP CASTLE II 96020 29 55 SLIDERS C12451 32 99 TEAM SUZUKI 95505 24 95 TIE BREAK TEN MS 95785 2195 WORLD CIRCUIT 93058
36. 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ADVENTURE AD&D CHAMPIONS Ol KRYNN: Dragonlartcc 1 antas> Role-Playing V.l 55379
32. 95 AD&D: Dark Queen of Krynn C10751
32. 95 AD&D; Pools ol Darkness 95309 4195 YD&D: Treasures of Ihe Savage Frontier CU109 32 99 AGONY 98968 29 95 AMERICAN Gl ADI A TORS Cl 0780 2195 AMNIOS 91659
32. 95 R MOL R-G LDDON 96979 2999 AQUAVENTURA Cl 1055
29. 99 BARBARIAN 11 91665
29. 99 BLAST 11: SHADOW DEEPENS 90435
34. 95 L
* ' "'T 99001 93779 66407 96271 Cl 2340 98918 C12226 95062 cioeos C10810 98763 Cl 0739 98036 92597 C12545 98792 95473 93314 39117 S5056 98995 92811 Cl 1147 91281 Cl 0795 56100 56012 Cl 0292 56113 Cl 0700 98641 ark Savant 97823 Cl 0106 23 95 36 95 31 95 38 95 22 59
15. 95 39 99
19. 95
34. 95
26. 99
36. 99 34 95
36. 95 37 95 32 99 37 95 36 95
30. 95
31. 55
31. 55
27. 95
31. 95 26 99 U 25 29 95 3095 42:55
7. 95
33. 55
24. 55
24. 95 4695
71. 99 MAXIPLAN 4 C11379 12199 PEN PAL 34662 85 95 PH AS A II Cl 1079 19 99 PROFESSIONAL CALC 96151 169 95 PROPER GRAMMAR 94110 57 95 PRO WRITE™ 3.2 83222 CALL PRO VIDEO CG II Cl 1391 111 99 1 LACHLR S TOOLKIT 95536 3195 IVORDPERI LCT4.I 93105
99. 95 1 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE 1 SCALA VIDEO STUDIO 91033 219 95 SCALA 500 HOME TITLER 97CQT 119 95 THE ANIMAT ION STUDIO 90125 74 95 SHOWMAKER 91309 219 55 AMIGA VISION 89661 99 95 AMIGA CLIPS. Vol. Usound Effects, 91951 2i95 1 AMIGA MUSIC AND SOUND ADI0I2 91803 509 00 AM AS V. 2.0 Incljdes MIDI interface 86331 69 99 CD SPEAKERS 97290 3195 DELUXE MUSIC 79119 1995 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 57302 61 99 MIDI INTERFACE C1C6S9 29 95 MIRACLE PI ANO TEACHING SY STEM M-recJe System 99025 31999 PERFECT SOUND 3.0 86370 69 95 SOUNDSCAPE .1.4 86341 79 95 SON IX 79580 51 95 Tkil K CUB 85721 74 95 1 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE- 1 TOP ALL-STAR GAMES YTOMINO 58765 29 99 AWF SOM 1 91093 27 95 ELVIRA 91111 34 95 1 >1 OF THE III HOI 1 >| R 93799 37 55 THE KILLING GAME SHOW 88054
26. 95 LEMMINGS 92226 27 95 OB ITUS 93676 34 95 OH NO: MORF LEMMINGS 96818 29 95 Add-on d 5 9555c 24 95 POW ER MONGER 90767 31 95 PUWERMONGER CLL LBOOK 92557 1095 WONDER! Nil 92375 3199 | ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS | 4-D BOXING 93354
13. 95 CARL LFIVIS Cl 1055
29. 99 GREENS 93065 4195 HOLE-IN-ONE MINI GOLF 81169
22. 95 JOHN MADDEN 1 OOTBALL 93533 31 95 1 INKS 97799 29 95 Bountiful Golf Course Cl 1204 1699 Firestone Country Club 97603 16 95 Pifiehursi Cfluriry Club 97B15 16 95 MICROLEAGUE IIASEBAI L: 1 he Manager's Challenge 93099
21. 95 OVER THE NET! 96016
24. 95 RLDZONE Cl 1082 29 99 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SIMULATION GAMES CIVILIZATION C11092 49 99 CRAZY CARS 3 Cl 2463 3299 EAGLES RIDER Cl 2522 32 99 110 PURSUIT SIMULATOR 85555 29 95 FALCON 84284 31 95 Vij&cn Disk i 91356 1595 Mission Disk I! 91367 19 95 1 LIGHT SIMULATOR II 83764 32 99 MYSTICAL Cl2495 32 99 SHUTTLE 96138 32 99 SUPER OFT ROAD 92405 1755 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 Cl 1461 59 99 TltACON II 92678 39 99 11II DULL: TEST DRIVE II 87982 32 95 UTOPIA Cl 1187 32 99 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE ALGEBRA 1 C10948 3195 AMY’S FUN-2-3 Cl 1531 3993 ARITHMETIC C10934 34 95 BRIDGE 96218 24 95 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 83134 14,95 1 INK WORD SPANISH 96237 19 95 LIE YCON TEACHES TYPING 79477 32 95 SCRABBLE 84567 17 95 STUDYWARE FOR TULSA 1 WHI RL IN THE WORLD IS Cl0952 34 95 CARMEN SANDIECO? W HERE IN EUROPE IS 85229 34 95 CARMEN SAXDTEGO? WHERE IS TIME IS 89179
39. 95 SIM CTRL'M fv.VOCODER f C11C02 39-95 STARS fv C11015 3995 Undertake challenging quesis with four levels of action' BLAST Ilf: OCT Ol I III Sll VDOIV C12351 33 99 HIE IllC. DEAL 93934 39 95 BIRDS OF PREY S5C74 3195 BLACK CRY PL 96283 37 95 CARTHAGE 985-55
23. 95 CASTLES 91677
34. 95 CRIME DOES NOT PAY C12500 32 99 CRUISE FOR A CORPSI Cl 1124 34 95
D. AFMONSG A 11 99037 39 95 DEMON! AK C12512 32 99 IHE DARK HALF Cl 121-4 38 99 HE ATH KNIGHTS nf KKYNN 9H56
31. 95 ELF 96266 34 95 Ll IRA II: JAWS ol CERBERUS SSS17 l! 95 EY L OF THE BEHOLDER II 96309 33 95 FANTASTIC VOY AGE =8356 27 95 GATEWAY lo Ihe SAY AC! FRONTIER 97787 32 95 GLOBAL EFFECr Cl 0760 32 95 Till GODFATHER 95646 30 95 GODS CIT159 28 99 GUY SPY 95427 2999 HARPOON CHAI I I NGL PAK 95117
57. 55 HARPOON BAT! I I SI T «4 95102
27. 55 HEIMDALL C123S7 1999 IIOVERFQRCL 92330 S3 95 HUMANS Cl 0770 26 95 KINGS QUEST IV 95461 34 S5 KINGS QUEST V 95233 34 95 1 1 ANDER 9569B 29 99 LEGEND OF KY KAN 1)1 A C12401 39 99 LORD Of THL RINGS. VOI. 1 94921 34 95 LOST TREASURES Ol INEOCOM C11340
49. 99 LURE Ol THE TEMPTRESS 99010
39. 95 MAGIC POCKETS Cl 1162
37. 95 MIGHT & MAGIC III 96297 39 95 MURDER 95913 29 95 MURDERS IN SPALL C12475 32 99 MYTH C10005
18. 95 NAM Cl2530 3299 ORK =5701
19. 55 ARACH NOPHOBIA 93899
9. 99 BILL & TED'S LXCLLL A DVT. 90019 29 95 CON AN 95214 21 95 DICK TRACY 93907 999 DUCKTALLS: Quctl for Gold 91491 9 99 1 1 RNGULLY COLORING BOOK Cl 1220 59 99 HILL STREET BLLTS C10717 2495 HOME ALONE 55131 29 95 HO MI A LOST COLORING BOOK Cl 1669 1995 LAST NINJA 3 95390 22 95 1 II5LR1. SUIT 1 ARRY 2: 1 (JOKING 1 OR LOVE 95147 36 99 1 1 ISL.RI SUIT LARRY 3: PASSIONATE PATTI 95153 36 99 MONT Y PYTHON S F| Y ING CIRCUS C12268
13. 99 PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE Ct 117-1
19. 99 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle* 87931
29. 95 CL LI MASTER DETECTIVE 87113 1795 DUNE C12392 39 99 LIGHT CORRIDOR Cl2482 32 99 MONOPOLY 64552 29 95 RISK 65389 29 95 SIMA.NT 98029
34. 95 SIMCITY 8207S
9. 95 ter Service card Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount less than $ 19.99
520. 00-S39.99
540. 00-S74.99
575. 00-S99.99
5100. 00-S149.99
5150. 00-S299.99
5300. 00-S499.00
5500. 00-S699.99
5700. 00-S999.99 Si000 & Over Charge $ 4.95 $ 5.95 $ 6.95 $ 7.95 S9.95 $ 10.95 S 12.95 $ 19,95 S27.95
2. 8% of Order HELP KEY Don't sell your old system for pennies; give it away to charity and get a nice tax deduction. By Louis R. Wallace Your Old System May Help Those in Need
Q. I have been thinking about upgrading my Amiga 1000 to either a new A3000 or perhaps one of the rumored new machines Commodore is supposedly planning to release this fall. So I have been checking out what I could get for my 2.5 MB A1000, and sad to say, the going rate is pretty low, especially when you consider what I paid for it when it was new. So instead of selling it, I was thinking of making a donation of it to a worthy cause. Cm writing to ask if you know of any charities or groups that are interested specifically in A mi gas. If so, I would like to contact them about my system. * James Onnlle Miami, Florida
A. James, there are a great many organizations who would love to have your Amiga. Many of them qualify as charities, and your donation can be* used as a tax deduction, possibly giving you a better return than actually selling the computer. I recently got some information on a not-for-profit organization called the National Cristina Foundation, which accepts the donation of used computers for disabled or economically disadvantaged people who might not otherwise have access to using and learning about computer technology. The organization accepts both computer hardware and software donations and is willing to supply documentation on your donation for use with the IRS. You can reach the Foundation at the following address, or by calling its toll- free number. National Cristina Foundation 42 Hillcrest Drive Pelham Manor, NY 10803
(800) 274-7846
(914) 738-7494 Another organization is called the East West Education Development Foundation, This group promotes freedom and world peace through information exchange, which they accomplish by recycling computers, networks and modems. Through the donations of individuals and corporations, they send new and used computers to educational institutions all over the world. For more information, write to them at the following address. East West Education Development Foundation 49 Temple Place Boston, MA 02111
(617) 542-1244
(617) 542-3333 FAX Sometimes you discover a group in need through your personal life. Through my work at Amiga World 1 met a gentleman by the name of Don Scott, an animator and modeller who did a number of jobs for our Tool Chest disk series. As Don and 1 worked together, we became friends, and one of the things I learned about Don is that he has an illness called Amvotro- J phic Lateral Sclerosis, or AES for short. This disease, which is often called “Lou Gehrig's disease.” is what the famous physicist Steven I lawkings suffers from. It is a progressively fatal neuromuscular disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. One of the worst things about AES is that victims often are no longer able to write and speak, many times losing the ability to communicate with people around them. For them, a computer like the Amiga is a blessing, because not only can they write by typing at the word processor, but the machine can also be used to speak for them (using the built-in speech synthesis). There are a number of ALS support groups around the nation, and they would love to have the use of your older Amiga computers. For information, you can contact Don's local group, who will help you find an ALS chapter near your home. Write or call: Laura Henley The ALS Association, Tampa Bay Chapter
P. O. Box 22314 Tampa, FL 33622-2314
(813) 875-4097
2. 04 1.3 and Booting
Q. Help! I just got the AmigaDOS 2.04 upgrade for my A2000. 1 also got a Switch* It board that lets me select between the 1.3 and 2.0 kickstart ROMs, and I installed
1. 3 on one hard disk and 2.0 on another. Both hard disks are set to autoboot. The problem is that when I boot under 1.3. 1 get an error message Cthis disk requires kick- start version 2.0 or greater. C:setpatch jailed return 20.'j. What do I need to do to get the system to boot under 1.3? Chris Henschen Bowling Green, Ohio
A. The easiest way is to check to see what version of kickstart you booted with. Here is a simple test you can do using the VERSION command within your startup-sequence. ; S:STA RTU P-SEQUEN CE VERSION > NIL: 1A BS: VERSION .LIB RARY=37.67 IF WARN ECHO “NOT 2.04” EX EC UTE S: START 11.3 ELSE ECHO “YEP. 2.04!” EXECUTES: STA RT2.0 END IF The first thing to do is change your yj u
1. 3 hard disk to non-autohoot mode. You only need one drive to autoboot. Then use the above as your startup- sequence. Make a separate startup- sequence for the 1.3 and 2.04 modes. The 1.3 should assign the system paths to the 1.3 drive; i.e., assign libs:, h, s:, fonts, etc., to your 1.3 hard disk. The
2. 0 startup-sequence can just use the defaults found on the boot drive. ¦ Get your animations up-and-running faster with your very own professional 3-D Library filled with ready-to-go, high quality 3-D vector objects. WildWestI fin Sculpt format) Sheriff Station APA1 Barberpole Door Hitch post Manger Plaindnor Plainwinclow Saloon Entertainment apa7 (In Sculpt format) Banjo Potbel lyStove Guitar Spin Wheel Bugle Stool Piano Camel Trombone Diver Trumpet Spaceman Violin Jack-In-Box Lantern Toy Elephant Oil Lamp ToySotdier Gun Locomotive I Railway » Revolver StraighlChair Table APA8 APA3 Drivc&Disk 1BMPS2 Macintosh MacKevboard Monitor Mouse Printer Workstation 1 OOOComputcr 1 OOOKeyboard Am iga_ Keyboard 2Q00Computer SOOOConipiiier 3000Tower 500Computer Camcorder Model T PickLJpTmck ItatbedTiuck Tanker Ii tick APA4 Save lime and frustration in creating landscapes for images and animations. Cyberscape 1.2 generates fractal terrain and saves it as a 3-D object file in either Sculpt 3D ILL Turbo Silver 3.0, or Lightwave 3D (Video Toaster) formal. Sculpt Terrain 1.0 creates script files for use with Sculpt 4D. Wbishop Wcastle Wising Wknight Wpawn Wqueen Bbishop Bcasile Bking Bknighl Bpawn Bquccn Chessboard AFA10 Snackbar (Imagine format) APA5 Bee Daisy Glad (flower) I lonevpot Rose-Full Rose Candle 1 Candle2
I. antern OilLtmp WaterPump Well Brick Face I Face2 Lizzie (car) Deliven Truck Awning Chips Coli'eePot Cola Cup&Saucer DogN’Fry EggsN 'Bacon Kork&Knife I lamhurger Jukebox Milkshake Mustard Snackbar Stool Available only from Amiga World! Super Value! Only $ 9.95 each. Over 100 items on 10 disks. Professional Amirack Barrel Cactus Carriage Coach Flaicactus Gun+Armrack WildWest2 (In Sculpt format) Vehicles (In Sculpt format) Store Terminal Tcrminalglnss Window Windjiuinp Biplane Car Motorcycle Gaspump Model A Landscapes ORDER FORM Circle your selections below and enclose this form with proper payment. Order the complete 10 disk set for only S79.95! SPECIAL DEAL FOR SCULPT USERS! Order all 8 Sculpt disks for only $ 69.95! APA1 APA4 APA7 APA2 APA5 APA8 APA3 APA6 APA10 Product Total APA9 Sculpt APA9 Turbo Sculpt Set Complete Set Sculpt Chess Complete Set Turbo Chess $ x $ 9.95 ea Sculpt Set(s) x $ 69.95 ea Complete Set(s) x $ 79.95 ea Add $ 2.95 shipping & handling for 1-4 disks. Add $ 4.95 shipping & handling for 5 or more disks. Canadian Orders add 7% GST California Residents add appropriate Sales Tax. Total Foreign Orders add an additional S4.95 for surface mat!, or $ 6.25 for airmail. All orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks. Allow 4-6 weeks delivery. ? Check or money order enclosed. ? Charge my ? MasterCard ? American Express J Visa ? Discover NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CARD EXR DATE SIGNATURE Send to: Amiga World Magazine, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 For faster service: Call 1-800-824-5499 or 1-410-546-0180 Hours: 8 am - 6 pm EDT. $ 3.45* ea. 20-29 Disks 9mm Exclusivelv serving the Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Library pRlCtS"
* *Special** Order 15 disks and pick any 4 disks of your choice! 'Anti-Virus is always free on all orders of 20 or more disks-
- a $ 20 value! Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench. FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI. Thanks to our extensive arsenal ol anti-virus software; ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! Unbeatable Value! WB119ABCDE: Font Set This collection contains over 100 typefaces for use wilh Professional Page 3.0 or PageSlream
2. 1 + . These fonts will output to any laser primer or dot-mafrix primer wilh no jaggies. Thanks to outline font lechnology. Very professional looking typefaces. 5 disk set. Counts as 4. New Disks V09: 24-Bit - Contains Rend24 which allows you to proof Toaster generated 24-bit animations A so contains ut!s to convert IFFs to IBM VGA'Windows readable format Also contains latest release ot JPEG->IFF convertor. VOS: CompuGraphlc Fonts - Contains 2 clipart-stylo lonts and 4 aclual typelaces lor use wilh WB2.04 and it's Fountain utility. Great for desktop publishing and or video projects. V07: StarTrek Objects - Contains the USS Reliant, NCC-t70iD (the Enterprise from Star Trek:TNG) and a Ferengi Marauder ship A iso contains a fully detailed Porsche 911 and Apache Attack Helicopter, imagine format. V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vector objects in Imagine format These are perfect to* use with V05 or your lavorite 3D modelling p-ogram Indudes Amga 3000. Space station & many more1 V05: Modelling ¦ Vertex allows you to create 3-D oo;ects without using the abstract X. Y ana Z views Loads Sculp:-3D 4D. Turbo Silver. Imagine. UghtWave. GEO and Wavefront formats. Mag cTween will metamorpnasize any two pictures by automatically animaie tne 'in-between' frames V04: Video & Anlm Video DB will catalog all ot your videotapes Slate is a sharp graphic of a slate lor your productions. CyroUtils splits, makes and gives into about AN I Ms RTAP iets you play large ANIMs on small memory machines. V03: Image Utils - let VideoTooisCnTap let you tap into the video power oi your Amiga (or fades color and greybars as wed as a p-'ethora d( other inde- spensabie video furctions. TitieGen will do professcnal crawling titles. JPEG converts JPEG-> IFF with amazing compression, imagetab performs special effects on IFFs V02: Slillstore Used to create the "over the shoulder' graphic inserts ala the tl 00 news V01: Graphics Pictxase will let you v-ew anj track ALL Cl your IFF pictures over ail of these floppies! Freepalnt is a Deluxe Paint workaiike Agraph is a powerful utility to p'oduce snazzy g'aphs FD84: Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the origionai"20+mazes, special 'power-ups* with oustand:ng graphics. TninkAmama is the classic game ol concentration-with beautifully crawn HiRes images. FD83: Arcade Serfes: Conta rrs Croaker and Squambie. Two great cones of the arcade games ‘Frogger* and "Scramble." FD82: Initepid • In tne Arctic ice, you control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this supe-bly crafted Am ga origional FD81: SuperGames Some ot me Des: games- Donkey Kong is better than the origional with an extra leveP. Frantic Freddie and TraJBiazer are bom fast-pasec arcade games* Mad Bomber is the classic game ol 'Kaboom' redone w.tn an Amiga flare- All of these games are excellent1 FD8D: Technoban ¦ If you like logic puzzles, this disk is tor you! Create your own puzzles with the built-in editor or ptay the many pre-made ones. Requires Fat Agnus (1MB ol Ch p memory). FD79: Addams Family Quiz * Tnoy're delightfully creeoy and soooky and row they're m your Amiga1 Classic digitized graphics and sound samples make this a real crowd pteaser. Wait till you "talk wiin Cousin lit!" FD78: Potpourri - Lothian is a great Ultima type adventure game w!h great graphics. Rocky is a remake of the classic Bcuiderdash FD77: Arcade Series - Galaga'92 is a clone of the arcade game ol the same name with several gameplay enhancements -with smooooth. Sharp graphics, it s better than the ongional! Pharaohs Curse is a done of the origional C64 classic. Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized verson of the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or be conquered! Galaga requires 68020* FD76: Catacomb 'S a full graphic dungeon adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon mouse driven interlace. FD75; Arcade Series - Descender is a done of the classic arcade game 'Tempest': complete with vectorized grapnics Tanx is the classic battle ol trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done! Search is a maze game unlike ary otner included is a level editor too (Tanx requires t meg chip memory=Fat Agnus} FD74: Arcade Series - RingWar is an Outer Limits' done with vectorized graphics. MotherLode is a Lode Runner' clone with 50 levels! In BiitzTanks, they're coming at you from at! Directions'! Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive! FD73; Arcade Series Intruder Alert! Is a MULTI-level ¦Berserk' clone Features smooth gameplay, groat graphics & digitized sound f x, FD72; Sword ot the Warlock - This is a demo version of a great public domain graphic durgeon adventure game The adventure spars three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tale' feel to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2 Requires 1 meg ot RAM and 2 floppy drive$ --HD installable. FD71ASB: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge So you think you know The Next Generation, huh? Complete with fantastic sampled sounds and digitized images, this game even looks and sounds tike a genuine Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete! Counts as 2 disks. FD70: SpaceGames - Contains ArmGoids. >finaliy! An Asteroids g3me that takes advantage of the Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmosfruetion the object of the game is for each Cosmoslruction team to acquire the most points Whifo construction energy ducts between the space station and planetoids FD69; MlndGames • Had enough of shoot-em up games? Relax and lot these 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist F068: Potpourri ¦ Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation of the Roman Empire including military, d plomatic. Political, economic and social factors. Lord of Hosts is a board strategy game for 2 players In Moonshine, you've got to get the hootch across the slate line a great rolling, scrolling driving game! FD67: Arcade • Includes Uamatron a well-done 'Robotron' clone Hate is a
* terrjfic* commercial grade Zaxxon clone with multiple eveis worids and smooth diagonal scrolling a 101 FD64: Games Wizzy s Quest - a 'great' 50 level game with great graphics. Cubus - a 3 dimensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dmonsions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetns-esque game; 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty Requires Fal Agnus (1 Meg of Chip) FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation. Requires f megabyte of memory Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package * A very complele Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatable wilh WB1.3 & 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk DRIVE to your parallel port of your Amiga for tola! Emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price S49.95 - including hardware. WB120: Grinder ¦ a comp'ete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's Jpeg. Atari ST (Neochromo & Degas). PCX. Targa. TIFF HAM E and IFF formal pictures WB118: Amiga Beginner • You asked for it! A tutorial tor the beginner on using your Amiga1 Covers the C J and Workbench, it’s great far learning about the Amiga Also contains numerous beautiful 16-co cr icons tor WB 2 0 WB117: Religion - Contains Scripture Mem (aids in memorizing verses and passages) and in Pauls Journey, you are Paul of Tarsus exploring the Mediterranean and preaching just as Paul did. Req. 1 MB RAM. WB116: Databases This is what you've been waning for! Contains 5 unquety specialized diabase programs for tracking: Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Articles. Comic Bocks and Trading Cards! WBH5: Term If you have AmigaDOS 2.04 and a mocem, then this is THE program tor you Term totally conforms to tne User interface Style Guide for 2 04 has an Arexx port, and supports all popular file transfer protocols through XPR libraries We wish all programs were written to this caliber. Wbi 14: Fonts 4 - Contains 36 btmap system fonts. WB113: Sid tl - Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utility, when this one will do it all plus much more1 A truly profess anal-caliber program Sd 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. S d 2 will undoubtedly astound you WB112: Productivity Business Stock Analysis allows automated down lending of stock data with lull analysis capabilities (requires modem) SubStore will allow you to log magazines ana articles with full soarcn scan print capabilities. DD87: Amiga Intuition Based Benchmarks a groat package with all the popular benchmarks including Sieve, Dhryssono. Savage. Imath £ Matrix DD86: The Programmer - Includes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate ‘C* source code or Assemp!y-code--savmg you countless hours ol work' Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOS2.Q4. DD85: AralyllRlM • Tis incredible program is a comb nation ol a powerful spreadsheet and a Relational inlormaflon Manager (database) Not for the faint ot head, this is a heavy-duty package1 Req 1 MB RAM DDB4: Proteus BDS This disk contains the full-blown verson ol the Proteus BBS software. Totally configurable & ultimately powortui. Requires a hard drive. Arexx and at least a meg of memory. DD83: IBM No: one, but TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS-DOS software wifft Amiga programs!!' Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 720K IBM compatable drives. DD82: Unix - Contains a working demo of Minor - a Unix workaiike. Mlnix is system cai compatable with V? Ol Unix Fun Disks FD5: Tactical Games BuHRun ¦ a Civil war battle game. Metro you play the role of a city planner Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum Very very habit terming FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock lull of games including. Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version ot Risk. RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpacoWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: Pacman ¦ This disk contains several pacman type games including. 7, MazMan and Zonlx. F09: Morla This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Larn and Hack. Play time several weeks' FoiQ: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-have classic This is the second release of this game on the Amiga. Great graphic interface. Play time several weeks' Fdtt: Las Vegas and Card Games ¦ Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty One.VideoPoker and more FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek. The Game ¦ This s by far the bes! Star Trek game ever written tor any computer. It teatures mouse control, good graphics. Digitized sound ellects and groat gameplay Counts as 2 disks Req. !Mb and two drivos (or hd) FD13: Board Gomes contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes. Paranoids, and others FD14; Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this d-sk. Hoall • an arkanoid breakout type game. Trix - a Qix-type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, sconce, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games • MechForce(3.72): A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simpla words can t begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, lire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD26:Arcade Games - Marble slide is a commercial quality game similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability and entertainment. Mutants a small version of the same arcade game. Supe-rBreakout is a Pong. Arkanoids type game FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games Includes, Raceorama a great racing car game wish ten different courses, MimBlast a hehcoptor gunship Type clone, Shark in the same class as frogor. And Sbroakoul the original breakout wilh more FD29: Shoot'em up's WWII ¦ you're tho pilot o' a WWII plane (lying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKHer - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retalialor ¦ another great game FD31: Games! ¦ Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation. Black Jack Lab • a full featured set ot card games. ChessTel - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap • a 3d maze game. FD32: Flight Simulator An Instrument fi ght simulator tor a DC 10. FD33: Arcade Games Ffreddy a Mario Brothers Type ot game Gerbils a targe! Practice game, Pipe Line a German interpretation of P;pe Dreams. Tron a ighl cycles version, and Wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids w,th a hilarious twist FD3S: Omega = v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and mora This version is considerably faster and better that all prevrous versions. Play time several weeks. FD37A5,B:Tactlcai Games • Empire (2.2w) This great game comes hghly recommended With a fu i-graphic front end FD38: Games ¦ Cnbbage Master * A great cnobage game and tutor, Spades
• n well done card came ChineseCheckors A computer version of this classic. Puzz ¦ a slide piece puzzle game and construction set FD39A&B: Star Trek. Tne New Generation - This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12 This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions. Excellent1!1 Counts as two disks. Requires 512k FD44: Game - Mechfight is an out ol this world ro!e-play;ng adventure comparable to hack and mcna. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of tho r most valuable possessions, engage m a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new Amiga 9000. Most of all. Don't forget lo stay alive FD49 Chaos Cheats ¦ This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game Seaiance. One and a half years in the making this ¦S an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended. FD52: Classics Games PetersQuest a well done Mario brothers type of game. Jymbe a two p'ayer rrussrle command dene, and Vstank a tank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade On this disk ts a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade came Detender Also contain Air Race a WWII dying ace arcade game, and Psycoblast new creation idea game FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar. HueyRad is a well done helicopter arcade game PowerPong's a great expanded pong game FD57: Arcade Games • includes 2 truly commercial quality games. Mega Ball, an Arkanoid-sh game, features 5 musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadeltic trip through several different worids each distinctly different. FD58: GAMES! - Incfuces Stetnschlag: a great Tetris clone from Germany with music Scorribat: simulate battle between up to 40 players & monsters. Imperium Romanum: Battle up to 4 players lor control of the Mediterranean m this Rtsk-esque game FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon Ilf is an a'most exact clone of the commercial game of tne same name...a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists of words & automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson ccmpat- able printer FD6Q: Games - In Nebula race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations interteron, a great Dr Mano clone. Enigma; is it a gameor a puzzle? FD6t: Games Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Kl de: an interesting piece ol eye candy Extreme Violence: 2 player kill or bekilied game YATC; A Totns clone w th Anifical Intelligence. Genesis: create realistic 3d fractal worlds Workbench Disks WB4:Telecommumnicatlon This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly ano easily. Access (1 42) ¦ A very nice ANSI term program. Comm (1.34} ¦ Latest version of one ol Ihe best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga, Handshake (2 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52. F 00 102220 WB5: Fonts 1- Seve-al fonts (35) for the Amga, also included are five PageSlream lonts,and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6: Fonts 92 • ShowFont(4 0} This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmigaDos system lonts (many up to 56p;s) WB7: Cflp Art This disk is loaded with black and white clip art Art includes, trees, watches, tools, US and State maps, ana more. WB9: Icons ¦ Truly a multitude of various types and kinds. Also includes IconMiester, IconLab. And others great utilities to help generate icons. WB10: Virus Killers Tho latest and best VirusX(4.0), Kv(2.t), and ZeroVirus III WB11: Business Ctark(4 0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program for tho small tc medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end of momh and uch more. Wbi2: Disk Utilities This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities tor everything including making disk iabels. Disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and tile recovery archive and organizing, and at sorts of file manipulation. A must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator ¦ over 70 different drivers, and it those don't do It, with PrtQrvGen you can make your own (.85 cents ea) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) Enter disk ID (Example: DD79, FD57, WB105) ,0
3. 00 cc Exp ] Payment enclosed Please charge my. ] Visa j Mastercard ] Discover I Signature Name j Address I City _ ! I’hone ST. .Zip DevYVare, 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW32, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders, Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, other foreign add S.SOcach. Mestra - the best IFF display program to date, wifi display ALL IFFs incud- ng Dynamic HAM, and Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything WB33:Clrcult Board Design - several terrific routines Jor the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tod. LogtcLab ¦ circuit tegic tester, ard Mead (1.26) a wen done new release d this PD CAO program. Now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion mto schematics WB34; Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will roqu re mode’ale knowtedflfl ol a CLI or Shell for salup. Chatter Box ¦ this one will play any user oofined sound after any event («©. A*sk Insert,, mouse dick. D.sk removal...),. Artm ¦ The Am ga real fme monitor, gives you full control ot the Amiga OS. Very powerful progron, Heiper - help program to make teaming the Cll easier, and more1 WB35: 3D Graphics • This disk contains sever neat programs to use with your 3d model ng raytracteg prog'ams 3cFonts ¦ Fu i vector font set for use ¦with 3d p-ograms. FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system lont, Make3DShape * create 3d shapes hem any imago, DumptoiFF - create 3d animations preserves pilet. And Wotid3d a damo program of a front end for use w.th DKBRender WB36: Graphics - On this disk aro sovoral programs to create stunning graphical images including, ‘ Path - creates darting gaaxy images Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically s mi ar to a rose SmGen - display those soectacular images as pan of your workbench screen, and RayShade ¦ a very good raytracmg program, create your own beautiful 3d graohic models with this one1 WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spei ing. And books Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics Plotxy is the most powerful lull featured plotting packago. Used by many colleges and universal es A we’cont® addition to our library' Highly recommended Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very lull featured Tesselator • a program that helps generates lantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures WB40: Music - 'CD on a disk'. SO minutes Of modern music on this well presented collection Requires 2 drives or HD. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, lull featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to SoimdTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program Version 3 20, which ;s compalabic with WB2 04 WB43: Business This d sk contains Anaiyi Calc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Arrnga A tull featured spreadsheet with many features expected »n a commercial packago. Requires 1 2 MB Of memory! T WB46: Clip Art ¦ HighRes clip art with the following motifs - emoeflsh- ments (borders, dodadspeople, and transportation WB47: Clip Art • HighRes Clip art wilh the following motifs - hair, draffng. Summer, animals and macfood WB48; Clip Art ¦ H ghRes dip art with the loHowing motifs - Holidays, music. Medical, and misc WB49ABC:Anlmat(on Sampler On Ifvs three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) aro some of too best animations that have been created over the last three years Several examples of 'Movie' type animations some with soeclacular raytraced reality (cooiroby. Watch, spigot and egg). Also several european style or 'Demo' an mat on with incredble graphics and cutstand- ng electronic music (aknlight, copersine. Doc. Dps2010, impact, and logode- mo) These truly show o'f the creative edge of ar Amiga! WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style ammalions or Demos', including - scientific 451, subway (a U S. entrant, also our tavbrile). Sunnde, thrsldemo, 'night, waves, and woow WB53: Graphics Raylraeing programs generate absolutely stunning real slic looking planes, rockets, buildings ., and surreal mages often consisting ot highly pol.shed spheres and objects. C- Light is the most powerful EASY- TO-USE of it s kind we nave seen to date This is easily better, and moro ‘uii featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds ol dollars Also. Smovie - a full featured video lent titlor similar to ProViaeo. Broadcast Titter. Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54: Printing - This disk contains several roLt nes to help with iho chore of printing includes Gothic ¦ Finally a Banner printer for the PD' PrmtSiudio a well implemented all purpose primer-utility with a very eomfortabio graph ic interface and many advanced features. Lila with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more WB55: Application Xcopylll a full featured disk copier, make backups 01 copy protected disks RoadRoute - find the qu ckest route from one city to another, highway descriotion included D ary - a diary program like Dougy Howard M D'. Cai - a calendar program. Magman - a database tatlorod to maintain records on articles and publications WB57: Animation - This disk has several “Demo" style animations. Including, Blilter. Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB15: Business This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a projoci limo managorrent program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a roladex program, and penriywise a good "Cash Book" accounting tor home or ottice WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors. Includes.TextPlus (v2.2e) a lull leatured word processor. Dmp(v1.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features,TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonts 3 • Several more great lonts These, like the other ford dsks work groat wilh Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting Plot (20b) a thruo dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined function, BezSurf2 ¦ produce awesome pictures ot objects one could turn on a lathe Can also mao ill image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 30 packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP' WB25:Educatfonal - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities HZ ¦ MrBackup. KwickBackup ¦ two well done utilities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast ¦ a binary (Ho editor. Labelprinter • Disk label printer with very powerful features. WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ol beautiful women. WB29: Graphics and Sound ¦ Th.s disk has several dillerent Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes. MandelMountams
- a realistic terrain generator. Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmardei - two fast mandeibrot generators, also KAO 31'2" Blank Diskettes DSDD 10 for $ 9.20 (.92 cents ea) 25 for $ 21.25 50 for $ 38.50 100 for $ 72.00 WBG1: Intermediate Utilities ¦ Includes programs to help lo drashcaiy decrease dicker in interlace and hi res modes (antiHick). An Alari-sl emulator, an eprom orogrammor, turn your nmiga into an e.ght channel digital data analyzer cr oalloscope, and more WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and from several music programs to m»di. A midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi info, file sequence player, and a few scores WB63: Disk Utilities 3 ¦ Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files Irom your hard drive, performing fie backups. B nary editng, fas! Formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks WB66: Icons 2- Lot s ol neat Icons Also, several wonderful programs that to te! You create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info Struclures WB68:Musie Utilities • several good utilities for the Amiga muSiC enthusiast Includes, Noisetracker - a great music creat.cn program. Sonix2MGD - converts scnix to mod files which then can be used by noiselracker, sound- jraker, and MED. SpeakerSim ¦ a speaker design tool demo, V ondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and '6 relative harmonic Strength and phase angle controls WB69; Music This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga WB70; Desk Top Pub • Atcp ¦ transfer Macintosh screen fonts, Mac or IBM format AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric files With this program, open the door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript fonts' Calendar - month templates m PageStream form, Post - a full featured postscript Me Display and pnnt utility. WB75: Music over 100 instruments files ( inst) and sample sound Lies (,s$ ) for your music programs. WB76: Applications ¦ This disk contans Slithery ¦ a often requested knitting design program, LoJta - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS • this screen capture prcgram can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar ¦ grammar checker. WB79; Home £ Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going. ICDCalc - this wei done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master • monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldhme - find out what time it is in up to 50 global cites WBB1: Groat Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don t lot the ease of use tool you. This is a very full featured database program including full printer control lor address labels and mail merge applications Also includes. TypeTut a good typing tutor, RLC a full featured label printer, 3anne:, a multi-font banner maker, anc Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended WB82: Animations - Four fell length, we i Cone 'movie* styte an matrons. Inc'udmg. Coyote. Juggierll. GhostPoo. & Mecnantx. 2 disks, counts as 1. WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Am ga generated computer art that we have collected >n tho past 5 years. WBB5: Graphics ¦ Contains several progfams for manipulating 24 Brt color images (ham e) and a rather nice iff image processing package, WB86: Centurian Press * An electron c newspaper • requires AmigaViSten. YVB8BABC: Tho Complete Bible A three disk set. With the entire text of tre New Testament and Old Testamert-Kmg James vers on A great uhftry Threediskset. Counts as three WB9Q: Rippers, Strippers and Beats - Ear the Amiga music enthusiast, this rf®k conta ns many programs deigned strip music from your favorite games and programs Also contains Drums a very nice drum machine This disk requires some knowledge of the CU WB93: Workbench Extras 2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should rave shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4 o. Snap. FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted tiles}. Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard), Machlll (screen biankeh hotkey, mouse accel. Macro, cfock utility). GOMF (a guru- buster)and PnrtStudiO WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 ¦ Tms is cehrvteiy commercial grade: we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and reoort generaton. V B96: Dupers Contains Xccpylll & fJ b wmcn w II backup copyprotected programs FreeCopy removes copy protect on from several programs, and Supe'Duper wi I crank-out fast AmgaDOS copies WB9&: Business ¦ Inc udes Bbasell a race, powerful database: BizCaJc e personal or mortgage loan calculator With amortlzat on caoabihes. Loop a flowchart maker. Formmakei - design professional terms on your Epson LG- 2500 compatible pnnter WB99: Lifestyles - Includes Agor-fl ‘armiy tree program that tracks up to 609 peopla-'marriages etc. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment WB101: Chcmesthotlcs - is a prog-am that displays molecules as a calotte model This kind ot display contains a certain esthetic attitude, even extremely poisonous molecules like nicotine and dtenne look quite nice. WB102: Tolocommunlcailona • Contains the programs Nccmrn 2 0 and VT100-29B. Zmodem protocols, XPR protocc: support, full VtlOO emulation Ncamm's senpt language Is SO powerful H comes w Jh a script file that creates a teii-teaiured BBS system. WB103: Music - Conlams 12 'great' Soundtracker MED music MQDuies . Complete with programmable-shuffle player...8 bit audio never sounded so hot! Two disk sei counts as two. WB104: GrabBog Q&A Tnvia (requires AmgaVis on) is a trivia game for
1. 2 players aoa your own Questions to customize tho dificulty level I Sysmfo is groat for telling you how last'sfow your computer is. What boards are installed, chipsets, etc AmiGazer will plot stars in the heaven from any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constetlat an identification TPIease send me the following disks: T " WB105A&B: Workbenc"ff.O Extras W~ Ithis set contains the programs that should have been included with WB2.0.J I These powerful utilities take tull advantage of the many new capabilities j J that are available in Vork!»cnch 2.0. | I Tool Manager - u wonderful utility to add programs 10 your TOOL menu.j I create a collection of icons on the workbench to easily launch frequently! I used programs...and much more! A Irur must have utility!!! All of ourl lAroigas rely on this utility. (Sec the review in Amig»World-May'92)l J Virus Checker • Full virus protection can be yours by simply dropping this J I icon in your WBStartup drawer. J II leg ruder • gives you tools to try to make non-2.0 happy programs work! J I Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show All" to display over 40 distinct icons | I for different types of files (text, IFF’s, source codes, libraries, etctj jFnnI Editor - Create edit bitmap font.s wilh full color support!* I Screen Blanker* - a)a fractals and spliners and swarming bees! No more| I bonne black screen. Colorful, interesting and highly hypnotic effects! J [ Requester Enhancers - no more stale Please Insert Volume' requesters | I these are animated requesters fur all of the system's requesters.! JCPlJBIIi • speeds up text displays for owners ot 68020+ CPL'vj |SufeRebo«i| - adds a safe way to reboot your computer ..can greatly reduce | I disk validation errors! | 1 TWO DISK SET, COUNTS AS TWO 1 I I WB1C6: Home Manager - Tms is a great all-in-one address book with an autodialer notepac.'to-do list appointment scheduler home inventory database and phone number dialer. WB107A&B: Educational - Drawmap is a program that generates representations such as hemisphere v ews. And orbital views of the Earth's surface complete with national boundaries Screens can be printed or saved to disx as standard IFF files Full user-configurable online help facility. 6802C *¦ vers cn included. 2 disk set. Counts as 11 WB108: OctaMED - This breakthrougn program doubles your Amiga's sounc capabilities from 4 channels to an ear-poppmg 8 channels! All the renound editing caoabilities of MED plus 4 more channels! If you thought your Amiga sounded gooo before...you arnt heard nuthm' yet1 WB109: VerseWise - Display, search and output The New Testament to text files or your printer. WB110: Electronic Baby Book - Immortalize your children on your Amiga1 Tracks everything about your newborn test steps, woros. Tooth, birthdays. X-mas. Friends, etc even space for a aonixed photo! W0111- Cellular Automa - Straight from (he pages ol the January 1990 ssue ol Scenttlfc American, tms electronic model wilt aJtew you to simulate cellular circuits. DD45: AREXX Programs • Thtsd'Sk contains several useful arexx programs and examples PopCLt4 - The latest o! A must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everythmg needed to program n Pascal. Inc!Udes. A68k t1.2) 68300 Ussembter Blink linking software and PCO 11.0) a nrocest Pascal sub-set compiler DD49; C Compiler - conta.nt zcll.OtJJdHy K8R zccfl.O) Iront end A68t(i 2) assembler. Bt.nk linker. DD5Q: Arexx 2 - a rnust have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examp es and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis * Asoce (2.3) A full featured program fof electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific • Includes Elements - an incred.fcly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 603k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs DD54: Compression • This dsk loaded wilh all of the best Me compression programs and aids fcr the Amiga Many Of the programs can be used by the new user, indudes Arc. Lhare. Lhwarp. Pka*. PowerPacker a must have oy all. Zip. Warp, and 2oo Also iFFcnjnch an excellent compression for IFF files DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRei3.0 release incluang the fell user docs, tie full Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your DLI more powerful DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh ¦ like Cross-dos. Ccpes files to and from MS-DOS, Pal-NTSC - ccnve-t any pal prcgram to NTSC and vice versa, A'so several boosts for your startup-sequence. Plus 25 more programs DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a fun featured Amiga Bas e compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wondertut routines to help in bas e programers. Anc Xscheme - an mterpteted object oriented language. DD66: Programming ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an ine'edibte sprtemaker toolbox, to greatly a d compiling, convert Dpainr brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers' DD69.Advanced Utilities SerNet and ParNe: ¦ Connect two Amiga's ana share resources, MemMomlor ¦ Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector ¦ put menus On your workbench screen, and more DD71 AS.B C Compiler - This disk contains DICE, Matthew D lion s full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system 2 D sks. Counts as 2 DD77: Fortran - Contains a tell featured Fortran77 development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro cependent 68000 assemoler. DD79abcd: Amiga "C” Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language-AMIGA oriented-set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons, induded are full discussions and examples for Amiga programming 4 disk set. Counts as 3 Dealer inquiries and submissions welcome. Total disks @ S ea. = S_ Disk based catalog (S2.50) = S_ come* with a coupon for j free d isk with vour next order); Anti-Virus ($ 19.95) = $ _ KAO Blank Disks _= $ _ S_ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax Foreign Shipping = $ Handling = S Total Due = $ , Following day shipping in most cases. N'o shipping charges within USA. Canada add $ 25 each. Foreign add S 53 per disk (or air mail delivery. Payment in L'S funds only A minimum of $ 20.09 required on all credit card orders. JDUIUI LiiLU Id. R Dev Disks LIST OF ADVERTISERS
ll. Ndtn IUII A B. 1 AO 1 V-.II.M, PivuIm,!. I.., *>9 Rentier 1911 A & M Computer Repair, 109 Redder 1 Great Willey Products, Inc., 22 Sendee Adspec Programming, 24 Sendee * Hammond Photographic Services. 109 Number j sir is . I a Number Alla Data. 13 75 «_» I I NOYAt tonics. Inc.. C.III 12 Aniigaman, 88-89 173 J&rC Computer Sen ice, 108 ¦I ASDG, 29 * Kasara Microsystems, 109 * Amiga World 77 Gtscelles Product ions, 109 * Ra a itleo, 75 31 Manta, 85 *
31) Library, 93 93 Memory World, 99 * AmigaWorld Tool Chest, 111 99 Micro k&D, 109 85 Bate Bones Software. 107 6 Microbotics, 26 30 Black Knight Peripherals. 50 183 MicruMiga. 109 72 Blue Ribbon Soundworks I id,. 61 89 Moonlighter Software. 28 7 Briwall. 103, 105 65 New Horizons Software. 9 162 Cenlaur Software, 56-57 37 NevvTek, Inc., CIV 9 Commodore Business Math., 18-19 170 Northwest Public Domain, 109 10 Computabilitv, 74-75 24 Polaroid. 45 10 Computability, 77 62 Isvgnosis. 63 78 Computers for Tracis, 108 44 Safe Harbor, 82-83 13 Creative Computers, 64-71 40 SAS Institute, 49 14 Dev Ware, Inc.. 94-95 45 Sideline Software. 102 * Devware Video, 15 81 Smarisoft, 97 16 Digital Creations, 51 90 SMC Software Publishers, 107 76 Digital Expressions Research, 107 46 SoftLogik Corporation, 25 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 80 88 Software Hut, 107 95 Easyscnpi! Software, 109 48 Softwood, Inc., 16-17 » Elite Microcomputers, 109 157 Spectronics, 41 166 Foxy dec, 109 :> Sum i e Industries, 27 185 Genesis Electronic Sen ices. 108 * Supra Corporation, CII 18 Genie Information Services. 23 22 Tenex Computer Express. 90-91 13 Co AMIGA, 78-79 70 TEAS, 108 154 Cold Disk, Inc., I 71 I t i Slate Conipiitcr, 86-87 194 Grafx Computing, 107 175 Videographix, 50 20 Grapevine Group, Inc., Hie, 100-101 58 irtual Reality Laboratory, 33 67 Graphic Impressions, 108 86 isionst>fl, 107 25 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 2 * Whitestone, 108 1 Great Valley Products, Inc.. 4 176 Zip pet ware, 107 1 Greal Valley Products, Inc., 5 1 1 Great alley Products, Inc., 7 Great Valiev Products, Inc., 11 This index is provided .is an additional service. The publisher does nni assume liahilt(% lor errors or omissions.
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World Expms: CANADA'S Ihnrrf .-Irmsj, Graduate Cmnpttleramld, Info- Canada. St (work World Canada', Cl DLL's Computerworld. Infor- matka; COLUMBIA'S Computerworkl Columbia: CZECHOSLOVAKIA'S Camputeruvrld Czedioslmakia. PC World Czexhosloz>akia; DENMARK'S CAD CL-iM WORIJJ. Communications World. Com- puterwortd Danmark, Camputeruvrld Focils. Camputeruvrld Uddan- nelsr. IAS World. FOI L'S World. Macintosh Jsnluktkntalog, Mac- world Danmark, PC World Danmark, PC World Pioduktguide; Window World: ECUADOR'S PC World: EGYFTs PC World.Middle East: FINLAND'S Mikro PC, Tietoverkko. Tietoviikko: FRANCE'S Computer Direct. Distributique. GOLDEN AH C. Info- PC. Languages if System. Le Guide du Monde In format tque. Le Mor.de Injormatique. Telecoms if Reseaux International: GERMANY'S Cvmpuleruwehe, Compuieruvehe Extra, Computcni'oche Focus. Camputerwoehe Knmere. Edvaspckle. Information Management, Ictus Welt, Marwelt. ScCwelt. PC Well, PC Woche, hibhshl. Unit. Unix Welt: GREECE'S Infoworltl, PC Gamesr PC World Greece: HUNGARY'S Computerworld SZT. Mikrovilag Magazin. PC World: INDIAN Computer: if Communications: ISRAEL* Computer, eodd Israel, PC Win Id Israel: ITALYN Crmipnterworld Italia, Macworld Palm. Networking Italia, PC World Palm: JAPAN'S Computer, coil l Japan, Mum-aridJapan, SunWn dJapan; KENYAN East African Computer Sews: KORLAN Computer,rarfd Kura, MaCuvrld Kota. PC II hr Id Kota: MEXICO'S Compu Ed idem. Compu Manufacture!. Compulacion Punta de I ’enta, Computerworld Mexico. Mac- I Vo,Id. Mundo Unix. PC Journal. Windows: THE NETHERLANDS' Computer' Toluol. Computerworld Setherlands. LAS Magazine. Mae Wold Magazine; NEW ZEAl ANI)N (cmpnier Ijst- mgs. (iilnputrniarld Sew Zealand, Sen¦ Zealand PC World; NIGE- RI A s PC Wtirld Africa; NORWAY'S Computerworld Norge, C world, IDG Dnret Response, latiowttrld Saigc. Macworld Sorgo, Setziorld, PC, Wari i Eksprrss. PC WorldSorge, PC World's Product Guide, Publish! 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PC World Turk ye; THE V NI I El> Kl NC iDOM's Lotus Magazine, Macworld; THE UNITED STATES’ AmigaWarld. Cable in the Classroom, CIO, Computer Baying World. Computerworld. Digital Sews. DOS Resource Guide. Electronic News, Federal Computer Week. Game Pm, IDG Books, tnCuier A +, InfoWorld. Ictus. Macworld. MFC World, Set-work World, NeX T WORLD, PC Games, PC letter, 1ST. World, Publish!, RUN, Sun I lot Id, SWATho; VENEZUELAN Computer- world hiezuela, MitmCmuputcni'orld I hiezurta; YUGOSLAVIAN Mnj Mikro. (see below) Information and Order Line; Productivity Software Final Copy II contains everything in the original Final Copy plus: structured drawing tools, style sheets, master pages, color text. 1,4 million response thesaurus. 144,000 word speller, math, paragraph sorting, mail-merge, left-right pages, text obliquing, new user- interface. Improved memory management, many new Arexx commands, vertical ruler option, new page guides, and more. Use the structured drawing tools to create boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, circles, and squares in your document. Ami-Back from Moonlighter Software Development, Inc., is the best solution for all your backup needs. Both powerful and flexible, Ami-Back gives you complete control over the backup process. No other backup program comes close to the speed, ease of use. And reliability of Ami-Back. Compression, data recovery, backup scheduler, true SCSI tape support, and online help are just a few of die features that make Ami-Back the best solution bar none! ¦LiiAMa Final Copy II Tha Ultimata Backup Utility Best Harddrive Backup Software Best Printing on the Amiga! . -A>lSr: tSAt ir SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy. Widely recognized and useful. 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Best Clip-Art on the Amiga! 800 UNE TECHNICAL SUPPORTS Final Copy II, Proper Grammar, SoftClips, & SoftFaces come with an 800 Toll-Free Technical Support Phone Number to call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the software in the US and Canada. Ami-Back technical support provided by Moonlighter Software Development, Inc. EXPRESS SHIPPING: Next-day shipping to most cities in the continental U.S. only $ 3.00, Hawaii and Alaska $ 13.00. Free 2nd day shipping anywhere in continental U.S. ORDER BY PHONE: Phone our Order Line with your Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date. M-F, 8-5 P.M. MST WARRANTY: 30 day exchange on all products - no questions asked. SmartSoft, Inc., P.O. Box 51840, Phoenix, AZ 85076 Circle 81 on Reader Service card Game Preserve SimEartii By Peter Olafson AT ITS BEST, playing SimEarth (Maxis, $ 69.95) is like being in some wonderful, omnipotent bio-physical laboratory. The steaming, shifting Earth is on the slab, the scalpels and retractors are at your right hand, and it’s time for dinner. Based around fames Lovelock’s Gaia theory (Earth's evolution is a single, closely knit, self-regulating process), SimEarth is a grand-scale version of Maxis’ lovely small-systems simulations (SimCily and SimAnt). Using an icon interface similar to the earlier games, it places at your disposal a wide array of instruments to coax a planet to a happy, healthy and prosperous or possiblyjust weird future. Overall, my reaction is pretty warm much like the Earth a few hundred million years ago. Once past the pleasantly simple copy protection, you pick one of eight scenarios. You can terraform Mars or Venus. You can build continents or encourage civilization. You can pick up where Earth left off in 1990. And you can shepherd a random world from glowing hall of hot rock to one bursting with life from prokayotes on up to carnilerns (carnivorous, occasionally sentient plants a la Little Shop of Horrors). You can influence that growth both in broad terms via a set of models for instance, the one for atmosphere allows you to regulate the “greenhouse effect" and rainfall or edit it in detail by triggering events, setting terrain, and placing lifeforms.. .or even monoliths. (l)o these folks like the movies, or what?) This is not SimCily, however, where simple human experience was a pretty sound play guide for the beginner. Do not rush to install this baby and loudly proclaim 15 minutes later Who’s on Earth? That you do not understand it. It’s not a hoot-ancLshoot, hut a real simulation, and even God needed Sunday off after creating Earth. The spiral-bound manual is 220 pages long and you II find it useful and interesting, even if you hate reading manuals. With that little phone book comes a 16-page quick-start gtiide and two copies of the game- a very sharp hi-res (640x400) version (requiring one megabyte each of chip and fast RAM) and a lo-res (520x200) one (requiring 512K of each). SimEarth runs under AmigaDOS 1.3, but Maxis recommends using 2.04, a 16-MHz processor, a hard drive, and, for the hires version, a deinterlacer. Continued on ;. 101. Ultima VI: The False Prophet (Origin, 569.95) is on the high side of huge. Here's the first part of a guide that will make it a little smaller. This time we'll deal with the game in general terms, and in future columns get into specifics ... and some interesting oddities. CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson First off, there is an enormous number of takable objects in the game. I mean hundreds of 'em crockery, clothing, raw materials, food, tools. It's part of the fun, of course, but it can slow things down if you don't exercise discretion, and some people are having inventory problems either struggling to manage a pawn-shop's-worth of accumulated possessions or agonizing over what to dump or not to dump. So listen: Take only what you know you need, not what you think might be useful at some point, and simply note the whereabouts of the rest; you can come back to it later. By the same token, don't load up your party with too many extra members. There are around a dozen nonplayer characters whom you can invite into the fold, and, naturally, it's fun to have the whole crew from Ultima V on hand. But it makes life much more complicated, to say nothing of speed and playability issues. Besides, only a few of the IMPCs have anything to contribute, and some of 'em are real weenies when it comes to combat. (Exceptions: Gwenno, Gorn and, in particular, Seggallion, who you'll find at Serpents Hold. He's a good fighter and a regular pack horse.) You can complete the game quite happily with just your starting quartet and the occasional hired hand... or paw. Magic isn't that big a deal here compared to the earlier games. For one thing, the Avatar is the only one who can cast spells. (Don't even bother looking for NPCs who can turn that trick.) For another, while there are a lot of spells in the game, you apparently can prevail while using relatively few, so don't feel you have to sell the farm to fill up tfiat little black book. Travel fight. I've seen different accounts of which spells are strictly necessary for success. Here's a conflation of them: Dispell Field, Dispell Magic, Explosion, Great Heal, Invisibility, Mass Dispell, Mass Invisibility, Pickpocket, Telekinesis, Unlock Magic, and Wind Change. If you've come across any weird uses for the others, let me know. Behave yourself. And neatness counts. I've heard stories to the effect that social graces aren't as closely enforced in Ultima VI as in its parent games, but I suspect that impression comes from the fact that Continued on h. 101. To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 104. DRAM BLOWOUT We Beat Any Advertised Price NOBODY CHEAPER SIMMS IVS 1 MEG Simms ......
29. 95 1x8*80 .... $ 31.99 1x8 - 70 ....
33. 99
• 1x8-80 .... , 109.99 ¦1x8-70 ....
124. 99 4x8 - 60 ....
129. 99 GVP SIM32 4 MB ..
199. 99 1 MB ..
299. 99 GVP 40ns Simms . CALL ZIPS A3000 STATIC COLUMN ZIPS - $ 15.50 EA .32 pcs 14.95 EA 1 x4 - 70 SCZ ......$ 16.50 1x4-60 SCZ 18.95 Includes Instructions PAGE ZIPS 1x4 - 80 .15.95 256x4 -80 ......5.50 256x4-100 ......4.95 DIPS lxl - 100 ......S3.49 lxl - 80 ...3.99 lxl - 70 ...4.50 256x4 - 80 ......3.99 256x4-70 .4.50 1x4-80 .17.95 1x4-70 ...19.95 256x1 - 120 ....1.00 LASER PRINTER MEMORY IIP II. Ill), IIP, III. HID, HIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES BOARD WITH 2MB BOARD WITH 4MB DESKJET 256K UPGRADE TWO BOARDS (FOR 500, SERIES) $ 44.95
33. 95
26. 95
19. 95 CALL $ 89.95
149. 95
69. 95
130. 00 SIMILAR SAVINGS ON PANASONIC, STAR, OKI. TI, NEC, EPSON AND OTHERS PANASONIC CIT IZEN 32K BUFFER 14.95 I V s CSA'S MEGA MIDGET RACER $ 299.95 Board with 68030 (FREE 68881) (clocked at 25Mhz) Memory World has always brought you the finest in SPEED He Quality, so allow us to introduce to you, Interactive Video Systems. Amiga 500 Controllers: IVS Grand Siam 500 .....$ 299 I VS Trumpcard Pro 500 ..215 IVS Trumpcard Classic 500....129 IVS Trumpcard 500AT IDE... 179 As always, all IVS products include TC Utils. 2.0! ALL products arc 100% compatible under WB 2.0 Sc w removable media! Meta l J MB $ 89.00 IVS I MR Simms 29.95 Tnimpcnid 500AT rated REST BUY on the Amiga 500. = AW Feb. ’92 issue) 1 lokls up to 8 Megs or SIMMS and a fast AT IDE drive! Amiga 2000 SCSI Controllers: IVS Grand Slam ....$ 239 IVS Trumpcard Professional .....149 IVS Trumpcard Classic ....85 Grand Slam & Trumpcard Professional arc llie World’s Fastest SCSI Controllers for the Amiga computer. Both controllers have returned disk speed transfer rales in excess of 2.1 Mbytes per second. Grand Slam includes SCSI- Ultimate Amiga Peripheral. SHARE Networking, Printer- Trumpcard Pro includes face Parallel Port ft sorkrts SCSi-SHARE Networking & for np to 8 SIMM Modules the World's Fastest SCSI for RAM Expansion! This Controller! This unit works makes Grand Slam the great with any accelerator! COMING SOON! IVS "VECTOR" 68050 Accelerator COMMODORE CHIPS I MB AGNUS W PULLER & INS ER. SUPER DENISE
1. 3 ROM CIA 8520 $ 10.95 EA. OR TWO FOR
1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 25 MHZ $ 349.99 2630 Upgrade CSA Rocket Launcher 50Mhz $ 549.00 DKB 2632 Memory upgrade Call Excellent entry level accelerator can be upgraded by user.
2) MMR 33 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 36 MHZ $ 449.99 Need more speed? This is it. Great board Great price.
3) MMR 38 Special for the speed demon or true professional $ 599.99 38 MHZ CPU & 50 MHZ FPU 68882 allows SERIOUS productivity. _ All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only...You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD. CSA UPGRADES 32 Bit 512K SRAM allows copying of 1.3 or 2.0 ROM into 32 bit memory: 100ns $ 99.00 70ns $ 125.00 2 MEG Board $ 269.95 4 MEG Board $ 499.95 8 MEG Board $ 629,95 EXTRA SPECIALS 68882RC FN 25Mhz $ 79.95 68882RC 33 $ 99.95 68882RC 50 $ 149.95 68882FN 33 (PLCC) $ 149.95 MEMORY WORLD 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza 1, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. 10% Restocking fee non-defective items 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD VISA MC CHECK Overnight Add $ 15.00 APO, AK,H!, Foreign shipping - Call GRAPEVINE GROUP INC
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• Super Denise 8373 Upgrade: See full description to right... AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS B362 Denise Vi Bright ...*19.95 8364 Paula ..*18.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag. Instructions software....*35.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus} A500 Plus & A600 only ..*59.95 391155-02 Gayle (A600) *44.95 5719 Gary chip ..... *14.95 8520A CIA chip. Controls 12 major functions *9.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM .... *24.95
2. 04 ROM only NTSC PAL (does not include kit) *39.95
2. 04 Enhancer ROM Kit *AS214. Includes 4 lloppy disks, 1,000 page operation manual & ROM (NTSC PAL) ..... *87.50
2. 04 ROM Upgrade Kit AS3l4 for A3000 only .....*45.50 2-04 A2620 A2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ....*34.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems..S9.95 NEED A ROM SWITCH9 SEE OUR SWITCH-ITT INFORMATION REJUVENATOR II A1000 UPGRADE Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM. Surpasses A2000 specs. Contains 2MB Agnus. 8373 Super Denise (a Grapevine exclusive), 2MB RAM. 1.3 ROM. “Final Test” diagnostic software and Amiga Diagnostician booklet .....*599.95
• NEW PRODUCT • ELIAS 3000 MODULE EXPANDER (THE ULTIMATE 2 MEG CHIP RAM UPGRADE BY MICROWORKS OF CANADA) Commodore recently developed a new, improved 2 meg Agnus chip to work with their new A500+ and A600. This chip (8375) is now available in the Elias 3000 pfug-in module & provides the much needed 2 MB of CHIP RAM at low cost. Never run out of chip RAM again in your A500 2000 2500. Fully compatible w 2.04 & 8373 Super Denise. If you use desktop video, 3D rendering & animation, multimedia or desktop publishing, etc., then you need the Elias 3000. We will even buy back your old 1 meg Agnus and still give you Ihe newly designed Goliath chip puller FREE. Comes complete with 8375 chip, additional RAM & instructions (specify NTSC or PAL)..$ 234.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8372A)-Comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity). "Final Test" diskette (18 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step installation instructions ......$ 44.95 (We'll beat any competitor's price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and newly designed puller.) The chip puller diagnostic software is an exclusive package only from Grapevine. EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot or time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and i ncludes: Two 8520A CIA Chips,
8362. 8370,8364, Chip Puller, Fuse. Schematic, Diagnostician Booklet & The Final Test Diskette. A $ 224.00 value for..S99.50 w 8373 Super Denise..$ 109.95) Credit card size slot PCMCIA memory for Ihe Amiga A600. Features of Microcard 601 are: Contains its own PCMCIA controller, auto-configures at boot time, and Microcard 601 memory is 20% faster than chip RAM. PCMCIA is the only way to really expand your Amiga 600 computer. Introductory prices: 2 MB card $ 169.95 4 MB card $ 224.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode for flicker free display and enhanced picture, supertii-res mode for ultrasharp video titling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A500-F, A600 and A3000.) Comes with Super Denise diagnostic and installation software programs. This chip isan absolute must with the 2.0 and is the latest of the Enhanced Chip Set (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) ..$ 32.95 DKB PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• A500 240 volt power supply (U.K. Eur.) Exact Amiga replacement .$ 49.95
• A2DQ0 110 220 VAC power supply (U.S U.K.) Commodore original 5129.95
• A3000 110 volt power supply .....$ 156.50
• A500 internal floppy drive .$ 67.50
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga RAM board. Comes with 2Mb. Expands to 8 Mb ...$ 124.50
• A501 Amiga 512K module RAM $ 34.95
• A2088 XT Amiga add on board kit. Contains books, disk and floppy drive. Super deal..$ 119.95
• A500 keyboard (312502-01). Made by Commodore. (Mitsumi Encoder) $ 49.95
• British A500 keyboard = 312502-12}......$ 59.95
• A2000 keyboard (factory fresh) .....$ 89.95
• A2000 keyboard (refurbished). 9Gday wty. $ 76.50
• A3000 keyboard (31323-02) Hi-tek $ 99.00
• 1403 (14") VGA CBM B W monitor. Just refurbished by Commodore. 90 day wty. Perfect for Video Toaster. Swivel base Original price $ 129... $ 39.95
• 2.04 ROM Chip only. For those multi-Amiga users who do not need the full operating manual and diskettes, this is for you ..$ 39.95
• 8520 CIA CHIP .. $ 9.95 (2 or more $ 9.00 each)
• 1.3 Kickstart ROM ...$ 24.95
• GVP G Force Combo 4 Megs 68030 68882, SCSI 33 Mhz Combo 4 meg 40 Mhz Combo 4 meg 50 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1079.00 $ 1439.00 IZTL. NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER Unique 1.3-2,0 ROM Selector Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.04 ROM from your keyboard. Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or 2.04 ROM. Does nott overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included .. $ 32.95 FANTASTIC BONUS:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 49.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.04 ROM upgrade installed @$ 64.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL: Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2.04 installed @ $ 84.95 (Want entire kit? Add $ 49.95) MEMORY EXPANSION 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 (Amiga approved brand) Tx1 80 ..... 4164 20 (used but guaranteed) ... 256x4 80 1x8 80 SIMM .... 4x8 80 SIMM .... Panasonic 32K Printer Butter Chip .. Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip . Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) .. 68000-8 Mhz .....*9.95 68882-20 Mhz.. 68881-16 Mhz ...*39.95 68832-25 Mhz.. MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM lor A500 2000 Sizable Rebate on 1 Meg Agnus STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM If you use your Amiga lor Desktop Video. 3D Rendering 4 Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need Ihe MegAChip 2000 Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0. the ECS Denise chip. GVP's & Commodore s 68030 accelerators Why upgrade lo 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A30009 Include* FREE Goliath chip puller (a necessity), Rnal Te*t diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) 5 2 meg Agnus chip installed & tested..*26-4.95 NOTICE: The chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we'tl give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 31.50 Insider II™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg ot Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation. No soldering required Compatible with the KwikStart II and most processor acceierators ,..*169.50 With 1.5 meg. ..*218.95 KwikStart 11™ Utilize 1.3 and 2 0 ROMS Allows A1000 owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 ...*59.95 MultiStart 11™ Switch between ROMs Irom your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1 3 and 2,0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM. A sizabte percentage of present software will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software. No external wires or switches required .42.50 MULTI START BONUS
* Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade installed @ *62.50.
* Buy the MultiStart with 2 04 ROM upgrade installed @ *77.50.
* The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 and 2.04 installed @ *99.95. 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Line Only 9-6 ET Mon.-Fri. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE We Ship Worldwide 15% restocking charge Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 Hi OS 1-800-292-7445
* a trwra*> «no lopai to* CO and DKB ot SOW fWf twp«CTivn lor-pantu »nd are »OWy tot tflwitrfication jttrpoew Amy ¦» a reg ale d Wfltnrt cA Commodore But-rwm Mnchmw C xl> Circle 20 on Reader Service card. Ttoe GRAPEVINE GROUP irjc. P R E S E R V E (i M E ICD From p. 98. SimEarth's only sin of consequence is distance the overall complexion is cool and dispassionate and that may be a necessary sin for a global simulation of this sort. It is like a lab. Life seems rather far away, and this may not sit well with fans of the endearingly intimate SimCity and SimAnt. A superb array of graphs and charts is available here, but no surveys, and you’ll welcome the commentary of the grimacing planet face in the Gaia screen (which reminds me of the teelh-gnashing tennis ball in Sega’s Passing Shot). If only the prokayotes could vote. THE ICD ADVANTAGE AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interlace wilh Unmatched speed & flexibility $ 97.50 AdSCSJ 2080. Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs ol FAST RAM..$ 164.50 Each meg of memory add .$ 29.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range .St64.50 Flicker Free Video II. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer. New version just upgraded $ 234.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg ...$ 119.95 with 2 meg ...$ 151.95 Each additional meg ol memory add ..$ 29.95 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 $ 97.50 Each meg of memory add $ 35.00 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) ....$ 117.50 IDE 40 (for 3.5" hard drive) (includes controller & cable) ..$ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuttle Board) $ 134.50 Novia 60i. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A500. Fits internally ...$ 469.96 Novia 85i .. $ 599.00 Prima 52i. 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500,1000, 2000 .....$ 399.95 Prima I05i .... $ 577.00 Kickback New ROM Selector ... $ 32.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Printer Port Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC) $ 29.95 IBM 5' «” Alignment System (Free Spirit) $ 29.95 3W Amiga Diskettes: Commodore brand (with 1.3 Workbench). Erase the Workbench and you have a new 720K DD DD disk. Package of 20 .. $ 6.99 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory and hard disk diagnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory. Locates defective chips and bad memory location .... $ 29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package .. $ 28.50 Goliath chip extractor. Exclusively designed for Agnus chips .....$ 6.95 McCoy (PLCC) Agnus Chip Puller. This is a clone of the Burndy chip extractor sold by Commodore ...$ 12.95 Megafortress By Rob Hays MEGAFORTRESS [THREE-SIXTY Electronic Arts, $ 59.95) is not so much a flight simulator as an aircraft simulator. The aircraft being simulated is a fictitious, highly modified B-52 bomber, refuted with state-of-the-art electronics and stealth technologies. You play the pilot, copilot, navigator, electronic- waifare officer, and ofFensive-weapons officer. If this sounds like it could get complicated, you are right. Each position has its own station on the plane, with controls and displays suitable to the duty. You switch between them by clicking on your intercom panel. If a particular station requires attention, its light flashes on the panel, so you don’t need to keep switching stations just to check for trouble. The graphics are quite well done, with moving switches and throttle levers, plus indicator lights that change when selected. Megafortress probably approaches the maximum amount of detail that can be included without losing playability. For instance, there are seven steps to take before the engines start. The copilot controls the plane’s hydraulic, electrical, and fuel systems, among others. The electronic-warfare officer monitors and jams hostile sensors, and the ofFensive-weapons officer uses part of the massive arsenal to destroy the target. Low-light television systems allow for navigation and targeting without using position-revealing radar. The 16 training missions help you become proficient enough i PHOENIX BOARD A1000 upgrade just released from Australia. Within minutes transform your A1QQ0 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches the specs of the A3000. Eliminate compatability problems. The Phoenix is a complete replacement motherboard. FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM; SCSI controller built in; true A2000 videoand expansion slot, easy solderless installa- lion; uses all original A1000 peripherals (Send for specifications & review) . $ 785.00 EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS mqSoO If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (1C) chip in your Amiga, the 8520A. Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are; centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. The 8520A is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time, 40% or ail broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s No soldering $ 9,95 (2 for $ 9.00 each) PCMCIA CREDIT CARD MEMORY FOR A600 Just released at prices below dealer cost. See full description on lacing page, DIAGNOSTICS The Final Test Diagnostic Program. Diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock, RAM test (both chip & fast) % bright, HAM, blitter, sprites, double butt animation, mouse, disk read write, DF1 DF0 ...$ 15.95 AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES A500 45 watt (heavy duty) Standard replacement ..$ 67.50 200 Watt "Big Foot" A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with fan and external cabling for hard disks, etc. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e.g. Prima) Works in all countries worldwide. A natural replacement ...$ 83.95 A2000 110 220 volt P S (200 watts fan) by Commodore $ 129.50 small talk from hard information in this game.) Some folks getting lost are simply in too much of a hurry, and are skipping over creatures who have something useful to impart. You’re going to spend a lot of time traveling in Ultima VI, and it’s worth investing a little time to see what works best for you. Swamp boots are nice for footing it, as they permit you to trudge through that difficult terrain without getting poisoned, thank you very much. (( never could find any practical advantage to the horses, though the animation is charming.) A skiff is fine for sea travel not to mention a bargain and you can even have one of your stronger blokes carry it across land. (Pick one up in Yew. The only real use for a full-blown ship is to gun down sea serpents.) A sextant available from Ephemerides, who lives I GRIB NOTES From p. 98. We're not hit over the head with virtuespeak at every turn. Killing nice people and stealing even from the bad ones costs you karma points, which are monitored invisibly by the program. You'll need at least your starting supply of 75 to finish the game. Now, you do gain karma by talking to the shrines and performing certain deeds, so... yes, you can get away with a little bad attitude, but don't go nuts, eh? (I've heard of a nice IBM cheat for displaying your karma points, which I'll mention next time round if I can confirm that it works on the Amiga.) This almost goes without saying in an RPG, but talk to everyone (even the mice) and note what they say. (It's pretty easy to separate THE GRAPEVINE GROUP IS THE OLDEST COMMODORE MAIL-ORDER COMPANY IN THE U.S. ESTABLISHED 1980. ORDER BY 1 PM WE SHIP SAME DAY 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 Customer Service. (914) 368-4242 International Older Une (914) 357-2424 Fa*. (314) 357-6243 Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445
* atf UPS Cftarqes K» A-bove IVH rwtocRing charge SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305)-491-9519 (i A M E CRIB NOTES near the Lycaeum in northwest Bri- tannia will also prove handy while you're out there. And you will quickly want to get a handle on how the Orb of Moons works; it flashes you via moongate to 20 places, depending on where it is cast. However, it wilt be so much deadwood unless you talk to Lord British first. There's more, too, but I wouldn't want to spoil things for you. (Not yet, at least.) Don't beat your head against the rocks for too long. It starts to hurt after a while. And Ultima VI does throw up its share of rocks goose chases, whose ultimate tie-in appears to have been left on the cutting room floor, but whose substance was not entirely stricken from the game. I learned this the hard way. Take the ghost that haunts Skara Brae, for instance. Please. It's a neat Price & Availacil.tjr subject to change! Wo refunds or exchanges. Defective products exchanged with same item.
U. S. products warranted through manufacturer.
U. K. products warranted through Sideline. SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces, by payment: Mastercard & Visa 55.00 • C.O.D.(Cash Only) $ 10.00 Next day & second day air available! Call for prices on axt day & second day: special shipping. Sni ipping times not guaranteed. 3 Stooces 4-l> Szorts Boxino 4-D Sports Drrving Advanced Destroyer Simulator Adventure Construction Set Alpha Waves Continuum Altered Beast Amazing Spiderrran Artonoid 1 Monoid 2 Atomic Rcbo Kid Baal Ballgame Ballistyx Barbarian 2 (Psvuncsis) Bard's I ale 3 Bat Batman The Movie Banie Chess Battle Corma-d Battle Squadron Bionic Commando Blades ol Steel Blackout BloodmonEy Bloodwvch Blue Mu Brat BSS Jane Scyrrcur Scaceweckec BuDD'e Bobbie Cabal Cadaver California Games Captive Cardiax Carthage (Psygnosis) Centurion, Defender of flome Championship Run Chase HO 2 Chips Challenge Chuck Yeager 2.0 Cisco Heat Conflict In Europe Conqueror Countdown to Doomsdzy (SSI) Crackdown Craps Academy Cytxrdiasl D Generation Dark Sayre Das Boot Days Of Thunder Death Bringer Deluxe Pa.nl 3 Demon's Tomb Deuteros Disc Tron Double Dragon 2 Double Dribble Dragon Breed Dragons ol Flame (SSI) Ora on Wars (Interplay) F-16 Combat Pilot Fast Break Final Fight Fire A Brimstone Flight Of The Intruder Flintsfones Flood FofQOtton Worlds Fulure Wars (Interplay) Gauntlet 2 Gauntlet 3 Games Summer Edition Games Winter Edition Germ Crazy Gettysburg Ghouls and Ghosts Gold ol Ihe Aztecs Gold Runner 2 Golden Axe Gunship Heart ol the Dragon HiiiSfar(SSI) Hollywood Poker Hunt For Red October (Arcade) Hunter Ice Hockey (Anco) Imperium Impossible Mission 2 Infestation Iron Lord It Came From The Desert It Came From The Desert 2 tvanhoe Jack Nicholas Greatest 18 James Bond: Stealth Affair James Pond Jupiter Master Drive Keef The Thiel Khalaan Kid Gloves Killing Cloud Killing Game Show (Psyg) King's Bounty
14. 95 Leatrer Goode ss Phooos 1495
21. 95 Leatherneck
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21. 95 Line Of Fire
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16. 95 Lards of the Risino Sun Lest Dutchman's Mine
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9. 95 Magic Fly
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14. 95 27 95 Rick Dangerous
14. 95 14 95 ROTOX
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R. VT. Honda
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6. 50 1695 Shadow Of The Beast 1
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9. 95 Street Fighter (A50Q onty)
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T. V. Sports Basketball
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T. V. Sports Football 1895
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18. 95 lurrican 1 6 95 I urrican 2
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18. 95
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16. 95 ad produced in PagsStream 2 DTP MULTIPACKS SPORTING GOLD includes: California Games Games Summer Edition Games Winter EdiUon ALL FOR $ 24.95 PHANTASIE PACK Includes: Phantasie 1, Prtantas e 3. Questran 2 ALL FOR $ 21.95 TNT Includes: Toobin', Xybots, All Points Bulletin, Hard Driving, Dragon Spirit ALL FOR $ 24.95 AIR SEA SUPREMACY Includes: Silent Service, Gunship, P-47 Thunderbolt, Wmgs. Carrier Command ALL FOR $ 49.95 AMIGA TEN STAR Includes: Clever & Smart, Eskimo Games, Triple-X. Sky Blaster, Spin World, Power Sticks, Crystal Hammer, Final Mission, Littlo Dragon, and Vampire's Empire BLOWOUT! ALL FDR $ 19.95 POWER HITS Includes: Shanghai, Wicked, Battietech, Fighter Bomber, Gee Bee Air Rally, Hacker 2t Tournament Golf. Pols of Call. Little Computer People. Spin Dizzy Worlds ALL FOR $ 49.95 CHALLENGERS Includes: Pro Tennis, Superski, Stun! Car Racer, Fighter Bomber ALL FOR $ 24.95 DOUBLE DOUBLE BILL Includes: Wings
T. V. Sports Basketoall, TV. Sports Football. Lords of the Rising Sun ALL FOR $ 39.95 HIGH ENERGY Includes: North and South, Hostages. Teenage Queen, Tin Tin on Ihe Moon, Fire and Forget ALL FOR $ 24.95 TOP LEAGUE Includes: Speed ball 2. F-16 Falcon, Midwinter, Rick Dangerous 2,
T. V. Sports Football ALL FOR $ 49.95 NEW TITLES Istiar Legend of tne Fortress 45 Pushover 37 Apidiya 37 Sensible Soccer 37 Premier 45 Ashes ol the Empire 55 Fire and fce 37 Wiz Kid 40 Epic 45 Zoot 40 Dynoblasters 45 JaguarXJ220 37 Shuttle 45 Shadow World 45 Lure of the Temptress 45 EURQMAGS Amiga Format, C U. Amiga, Amiga Games, Amiga Action, Amiga Computing. Amiga User International, Amiga Power AU WITH DISKS-$ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 5 Fax (305)-491-6134 Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood By Peter Olafson IT HAS BEEN a long time, but Sierra On-Line's Amiga conversions of its animated adventures are finally catching up to the IBM originals. A ease in point is Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood ($ 59.95) the company's first 64-color Amiga game. First things first: The answer to the 64-color question is a resounding “yes!” Longbow looks even better than King’s Quest
V. Oh, some folks are bound to note that the soft lines of the IBM original are sometimes missing and that the blotchiness that afflicted Sierra’s recent batch of 32-color .Amiga games turns up in small doses. But, after a certain point, each additional color contributes less additional beau tv. Hence, 64 Ami- i * ga colors can look pretty damn good beside 256 IBM colors, and Longbow looks pretty damn good. The game lias a thick, craggy beauty and a much more solid, vivid existence; it's not just pretty pictures. You control the famous bloke in green tights as he leads his Continued on j). 106. To tackle the 14 Desert Storm missions and The Flight of the Old Dog. The latter is the ultimate lest: an interlocking series ol missions involving multiple targets and tenacious defenders. The game requires one megabyte of RAM, and while play is much smoother on an accelerated Amiga, it is still quite enjoyable on a standard machine. The hard-clrive installation program is absolutely the best I’ve seen; it even includes online help. For documentation, you get a I OO-page Flight Manual (the key to the copy protection), a 16-page folder of flight plans, and a four-page reference guide that includes hot-key listings for the controls. If you can master the complexities, Megafortress will provide many hours of flying, dodging, and fighting. Sub-plot wannabe, and seems to proceed promisingly, but it just doesn't go anywhere. You can't solve the murder. There's no way to help him. Finally, take your time. That big outside world will still be there when you're ready for it, and you're not quite ready to start to start liberating gargoyle-held shrines. Once you've slaughtered the winged ones in the throne room and had a good word with LB and his lieutenants, visit your room. Get outfitted. Explore the castle. And take the down ladder from the mage's lab in the castle's southwest corner. A spell in the sewers and the caverns beneath will soon put you straight. Who knows you might even find something useful a little north of that underground lake. But that's another story. Next month, cheats! The Avatar, lolo, Shamino & Dupre, Ltd. Will return in January. J PRES E RY E BriWALL 1-800-766-5757 Outside USA: p, Ca"ada) Customer Service: 215 683-5431 f!v Supp°rt: 21-5) 683-5699 c Order lines are open V4 horns (Briim ¦ (2I5) Store HoursiMonda Fridav 9AM 6PM “T ,n 9'KEST> BOX NoteXu TOWNdapV? 302PM Desktop Video Solutions & ,v>v 0 4 ° a >ss. »> 1S»®SS
r. U-ScoV S»rw .0 SY° S&S 0% Y> f* 1- : cV°°s nccc' $ 0 0* tteC0 L1 AV > W Olr,V0> r l r $ & »' s> Iss r **s$ ? *«r
* -..-V V> & .,0 cwow»ve> £&*T o«""4c O' aSVC tN 0- 60 »v w**0 1
* s3§fc»®° Cmoww- 'VVui ’?®SSn 4s“ TetcW )*r;Joi5» - ft'«SVnVCS ,, Ae° V V'W . .AoAe 1 ., GVI> hi,s upgraded this excellent cC Prcxlucl with new bundJeci o VS»toL«(«C* ware, including Desktop
- °v v>e ° w darkroom for image r*V30' Pr fCSSil'f TV,yLA9 w‘th a N ; y c ox' - J8-1!?1, 2 Pul switcher s antl 50 lransitions, and a ’kU - MC*r lC vvi- new improved version ol MacroPnint GVP’S IV24 Add a Tower to your A2000 4 Toaster Solution for Only $ 399
v. yX'Vs S°K Nso°'' ty
* w« Aftl* t Our Solutions are Always Factory Fresh, Fully-Installed and Tested, ±& ass. ® Y> Caligari The leading real-time 3D modeler, animator and Tenderer. Chose Caligari Broadcast or Caliguri2 to fit your needs and budget. SOFTWARE 239 Pro Video CO II 129 RasterLink 19 Real 3D TurhoPro 239 Scala Multimedia 2.0 299 3D Pro v2.0 Art Dept. Pro Broadcast Tiller 2 Caligari Broadcast Caligari2 Deluxe Paint v4.1 Alladin 4D Fractal Pro v5.() Image Master Pro Imagine v2.0 Pixel 3D Playmation i V' ,o0-
• M V V S> A«e' e e¥r' m ' criWW0® so Showmakcr 229 TV Text Pro 99 Toast Master 9 Toaster Toolkit 139 Trexx Pro 79 Video Director 149 Vista Pro v2.0 59 WipeMaster 129 Any Visa or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping char __ - _ continental USA. All orders over S300 are insured at Jhe cusiomcr's expense An I*?0' dcPcnding on weight and value. Software shmnine chare,-s w nrT T“7------------ Ad nriccs nr, „bta » cKnn.c wirh™, nm.cn * A" *“»¦ rcUui„ „ RA,. P,easc Cl «Ihc ' ......- V • ••• •«..u,«ua arc- suojeci to a usage fee. FEDERAL EXPRESS Charges for all orders under 20 pounds: 2nd Day Delivers 1 Day Delivery -• S17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL, Call for rates. Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses 21st Cent my Entertainment 56B Milton Park Abiugton, Oxfordshire England 0X14 4RX 0235-832939 Accolade 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA95129 408 985-1700 Activision Studios 11-140 San Vincente Blvd., Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90049 310 207-4500 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 A-Squarcd i )i siributions 6111 UiSalle Ave. Oakland, CA 94611 415 339-0339 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Carrol! Touch PO Box 1309 Round Rock. TX 78664 512 244-3500 Central Coast Software A division of New Horizons 206 Wild Basin Rd.. Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester. PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436*4200 Designing Minds 3006 North Main St. Logan, I T 84321 801 752-2501 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Expressions Research W6400 Ft relane 8 Menaslia, W1 54952 414 733-6863 Digital Micronics 5674-P El Camino Real Carlsbad, CA 92008 619 931-8554 Digital Processing Systems 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Scarborough, Ont. MIS 3LI Canada 416 754-8090 dissidents 1(1325 Wood Rd. Utica, NY 13502 315 797-0343 Dornark Software Ferry I louse 51 -57 I tcy Rd., Putnev London SWIS 1PR, England 081-780-2224 Distributed by Accolade Dr. T’s Music Software 124 Crescent Rd., Suite 3 Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 duBois Animation 1012 N. Chart rand Ave., Suite F Edmond. OK 73034 405 348-4670 Easy Script! 10006 Covington Drive Huntsville. AT 35803 205 881*6297 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Europress Software Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SKI (MNP Flngland 0625-859-333 Gen i soft Unit 3, Pbyle 14 Ncwlands Drive Colnbrook, Berks. SL3 0DX England 0753*680363 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK I lailex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston.SC 29413 803 881-7518 Impressions Software 7 Melrose Drive Framington, CT 06032 203 676-9002 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park. MN 55444 til 2 425-0557 I'm Idiom Distributed by Activision r INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave. Suite 209B Dallas. TX 75231 214 340-4991 1 interactive Microsystems 9 Red Roof Lane Salem, NH 03079 603 898*3545 Interplay Productions 3710 S. Susan. Suite 100 Santa Ana. CA 92704 714 549-2411 JMH Software 7200 Hemlock Cine Maple Grove, MN 55369 612 424-5464 Kinetic Designs PO Box 1646 Orange Park. FL 32067 904 272-0371 Maxis Software Two Theatre Square, Suite 230 Orinda, CA 94563 510 254-9700 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas, TX 75244 214 385-2353 Mien) Prose Software 180 Lakefront Drive Hunt Valiev, MD 21030 301 771-1151 Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 202 West Palm Beach, FL33414 407 790-0770 Moonlighter Software 3208-C E. Colonial Drive, Suite 204 Orlando. FL 32803 407 384-9484 New I lorizous Software 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 Octree Software 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View. CA 94043 415 390*9600 Origin Systems 110 Wild Basin Rd. Suite 330 Austin, TX 787 16 512 328-5490 Pre’spect Technics Box 53, Rue Lotbinierrc Dorian, Quc. Canada |7 ' 2K0 514 42 1 5596 Piiigressive Peripherals & Software 461 Kalainath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-41 14 iVygnusis 29 St. Mary’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 Riglu Answers Group PO Box 3699 Torrance. CA 90510 213 325-1311 Sea la 121 10 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 100 Reston, VA 22090 703 709-8043 Sierra On-Line PO Box 485 Coarsegold, CIA 95614 209 683-4468 800 344-7448 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Tdwne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Strategic Simulations 675 Almanor Ave., Suite 201 Sunnwale, CA 94086 ' 408 737-6800 Stylus PO Box 1671 Ft. Collins, CO 80522 303 484-7321 Technical Tools 2 S 461 Cherice Drive War¦renville, II. 60555 708 393-6350 The Art Machine 4 189 Nicknlas Drive Sterling Heights. Ml 48310 313 939-2513 T he Disc Company 11440 San Vincente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 310 207-4500 The Puzzle Factory PO Box 986 Veneta. OR 97487 503 935-3709 800 828-9952 Three-Sixty Distributed by Electronic Arts Vidia PO Box 1180 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 310 379*7139 Wliitestone 511-A Girard Blvd. SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 505 268-0678 A W Shucks! Item: In September’s Overscan (p. S) the date for Babylon 5's airing was given as Nov. 27th. The airing has now been postponed to sometime in February 1993. Item: On page 14 of August’s Overscan, the price for Black Knight Peripherals* S.A.M. tiine-code converter was incorrectly given as S299. It is S199. DMI Flopticals Don't befooled by others! DMI offers a complete Amiga solution. You just add it to your system like any other hard drive, and you've got low-cost storage at Sl MB. Comes complete with an Insitc floptical drive, 20MB disk. Dml’s Amiga driver, cabling, and a free copy of Quarterback I All you supply is the SCSI controller. Internal $ 449 External $ 549 (External unit includes a 110 220VAC aulo-svviiching power supply) ROCTEC Rochard 120 Attention A50Q owners! Roctec has bundled their IDE SCSI combo controller, an 8MB capacity memory' board, and a Quantum 120MB hard drive in a color- matched, molded, Rochard case with an auto-switching power supply, game switch and fan. Summer Sale $ 549 (and we‘11 add the first 2MB of RAM for only 879!) CBM2091 Blow-Out! Commodore's SCSI controller, with 2MB RAM capacity. Only -$ 49 (while supplies iusi!) We Specialize in Solutions! CSA’s Magnum 40 4 For the serious A2000 user, nothing heats the Magnum 40!4 68040 28-33MHz, SCSI-2 controller, 32MB memory capacity (4MB of 32-bit RAM included), high-speed Parallel port (print at blazing speeds I. and an extra serial port, all designed into one beautiful board. Call for Special Pricing We also still have the cver- popular, reliable, upgradeable 68030-buscd McgaMidgct Racer for as low as S399 (with 68882 math coprocessor) CBM & DKB Now add Speed and Memory CBM2630 (68030 25MHx) board with 4MB of 32-bit RAM. Our low price $ 629 Add DKB’s 2632 32-bit RAM daughter hoard v 4MB (expandable to 128MB!) Just $ 469 1_ i i Gold Disk f" RocGen RocKev K VI DroYy f RECTOR Video Combo ROCTEC ¦ Lcimplcic Vulco Editing Vct.MW frtf »*Vi.rl ti'ilh With ihe RocGen Plus Genlock and a camcorder. VCR and an PQ Amiga! ; j * Quickly utuI easily catalog and edit the host moments from >our video tapes! RocKey Chromakey, you can add a whole new dimension by bringing high quality studio effects to your desktop video production. InctUUW ilIL IU COILLIUI , mosi camcorders and Only $ 149! Vcr-s! RocGen $ 339 RocKey $ 339 Special Combo Price - $ 539 IVS VECTOR The New Force in Acceleration Vector combines a 68030 882 25MHz accelerator board, with up to 32MB of 32-bit memory, and a fast SCSI controller into a single affordable board. And SCSI and 8MB of RAM are available in native 68000 mode! Vector w OMB $ 669 Mailorder DKB Megachip 500 2000 Expanding your Amiga just isn't complete until you've expanded your graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! You need Megachip to get it into your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000, (sorry 1000's). .Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2MB Agnus - $ 279 A1000 Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 89 AdSpeed * $ 189 Insider 2 $ 189 DataflyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 FastTrak SCSI Control ler $ 199 Rejuvenator w l MB Agnus $ 419 Rejuvenalor w 2MB Agnus $ 629 Phoenix Board $ 850 KwikStart II $ 62 Keyboard $ 99 Call us for all of your A1000 needs! A2000 Tower from SCS Build your own tower computer by installing your existing A2000 motherboard and power supply. You'll keep all ofyour expansion room, plus add four 5.25" HH External bays, two 3.5" HH Internal bays, and more! Do-It-Yourself Price - $ 359 November Spotlights GVP Phone Pak $ 429 SupraFax Modems Call ProWrite v3.3 $ 62 DCTV RGB Splitter $ 249 11ST Dual FAX Modem $ 899 Superbase Pro v4.0 $ 179 Scala v3.0 Scall SAS C v6 $ 199 IDEK 5221A 21" Monitor $ 2199 RedZone $ 33 Vovager $ 79 GVP 530 Combo $ 1059 CrossDos v5.0 $ 39 AMAX 11 Plus $ 359 GVP Combo 40MHz $ 1029 Epson 300C Scanner $ 999 Flicker Free Video 2 $ 259 Archive 250MB Tape $ 529 Final Copy $ 59 New products daily! Call for the latest info. 386 Ijridgeboard BJIiWALL The Total Solution 1-800-766-5757 Well, it took a while, but Commodore has finally released these 20MHz 386 Bridgeboards! I MB RAM, expandable to 8MB. Up to two dedicated, or ’shared' Amiga drives, and MS-DOS 5.0. BriwalPs Price -- $ 679 Addison-Weslev ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware. Includes, & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! UNLEASH THE POKER! The Publising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 219.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL DRAWr g l ¦jWEPAGE
3. O|Hs£ 1 3.0 $ 129.00 [fan IttAj$ 179.00 Svquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 399 88MB w Cartridge $ 519 MAXTOR MANIA Great Prices on Great Drives! From 120MB to 1.7GB Call for Pricing DATAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast. Reliable, and Flexible; all boards are A50Q 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller $ 79 IDE Controller $ 75 A500 Case $ 79 AI (100 Case $ 129 RAM Board $ 99 DataFlyer Express for the A500 combines a SCSI or IDE controller with up to SMB memory in a single affordable case. D SCSI w l 20MB drive & 2MB $ 659 (call lor oilier configurations) AIAFLYER No, we don't have a lot of line listings...but who can read that tiny type anyway? Just call us at 1-800-766-5757 and let one of our Sales Consultants help you! We specialize in Solutions , and carry all ot the good stulf. It you want a complete listing of everything we carry, packed with product descriptions, just write for a FREE copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk! See our previous page for additional ordering and shipping information, Briwail -- P.O. Box 129 58 Noble Street -- Kutztown. PA -- 19530 From p. 102. Band of merry men (the whole crew familiar from the Errol Flynn classic) through Sherwood Forest and iis environs, looking after the poor, plaguing the sheriff of Nottingham’s men, and trying to help absent King Richard. (Yon may even get yourself a girl, eh?) I wouldn't he so enthusiastic if this Christy Marx followup to Conquests ofCamelot was simply a standard Sierra adventure in 64 colors, hut there’s an enormous amount to do in this eight-disker. Aside from learning the lay of the land (those trees aren’L just scenery) and performing little quests, you’ll also have to administer the till. You can even venture to test your mettle at archery, the quarterstaff. And the medieval strategy game of Nine Men’s Morris. The scoring system doesn’t relv purely on the traditional points for finding objects and solving puzzles, but on how much ransom von can raise for the absent good King Richard and the number of merry men who don’t take a new job pushing up daisies. In other words, diis isn’t simply a treasure hunt. Sure, you have to solve puzzles, hut you also have to plot how best to solve them. Those alternate solutions (and five endings) give Longbow a feel closer lo that of a role-playing or strategy game. .As in Camelot, there’s a convenient map mode that allows you to move quickly to known locations (others appear as you discover them), and the period score is lovely. The downside: Longbow is crawling-across-the-desert-with- out-Gatorade slow on a 68000-hasecl Amiga and Sierra recommends using faster Amigas. (Now that it’s brought the graphics up to spec, perhaps Sierra will turn its attention to improving the speed.) And the new icon-based command system still spares the typing and spoils the experimentation. But either I‘m getting used to that system or, courtesy of Longbow’s alternate solutions and pleasant depth, there’s a lot more game to enjoy here. Cheers, Sierra. This is a good one. What’s next? SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson Pinball Dreams Pinball on computer has always seemed to me a particularly pointless exercise when the real thing was so physical an experience. Until now. Pinball Dreams = 21st Century, S39.95) replicates almost perfectly the feel of the real thing. It's all on two disks: four splendid theme tables, gravity, magnetism, lights, sound, special features that whip the ball around the table the works. Scrolling is so slick I can't even think of it as scrolling. Indeed, playing Pinball Dreams is such an intuitive experience that it's quite possible to momentarily forget that this is only an Amiga. You can even jiggle the board by hitting the space bar. And yes, it does tilt. And fist-whitening puzzles and only the last two Zorks have even a semblance of graphics. If you've played these text adventures, you'll experience tear-to-the-eye deja vu; it's like going back to a place you once lived. If you haven't, you're in for a right good treat. Merchant Colony An 18th-century trading-and-colonizing game. Merchant Colony (Merit Software, S29.95} is one of the dreariest things I've played in a long time. Maybe it's that I lost money while just following the trading tutorial. Maybe it's that even getting your ship into port is a supreme hassle. Maybe it's that the interface is anti-intuitive. Maybe... oh, why bother? Nice music and animation here and there, but I'll pass. RoboSport RoboSport (Maxis, S59.95) is a wonderful, sweet-tempered game of tactical combat. It's essentially a glamorous version of Omega: You program bounding cyborgs to go into any of three Breachish playfields and use their innate talents (and a nice range of weapons) to turn each other into little burned spots on the rug. And it's only programming in the loosest sense, so don't worry about Gotos and Setvars; just use the mouse to tell 'em where to go and what to do when they get there. The results play out in the form of a little movie. It comes in both a hi-res version (which looks just like the Mac It original) and a lo-res version (which is flicker-free and emphasizes the cartoon quality of the dodo bird-like robots in closeup). Loads of options, too among them serial and modem play with owners of the Mac and Windows versions. A good show all around. The Lost Treasures of Infocom They're baaa-ack. Infocom, last seen in these parts circa 1989, has regurgitated 20 of its classic text adventures. Lost Treasures of Infocom ($ 69.95} includes all five Zorks, the three quasi-Zorks of the Enchanter series, four mysteries (Deadline, Suspect, Witness, and Ballyhoo}, three prime examples of science fiction as high comedy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, and Stationfall}, curiosities like the H.R Lovecraft-infested Lurking Horror (which introduced the use of digitized sounds) and the tripartite Moonmist (the beneficiary of Infocom's efforts to increase playability), and the single most difficult text adventure of all time: Suspended. Infocom games made you realize that the best Amiga graphics weren't on the screen. They were in your head -courtesy of the wonderful prose Aquaventura Well, look what the cat dragged in! Announced four years ago around the time of Chronoquest and re-scheduled at least five times, Aquaventura (Psygnosis, S49.99) seemed consigned to Amiga nevereverland. It's difficult to imagine what took four years to refine. This is a passable, but unextraordinary, three-dimensional shoot-'em-up, in which you control an unattractive filled-polygon ship chasing attractive bitmapped targets around a somber undersea landscape. There's almost no excitement and nothing to drag you back. The packaging calls it "the damp patch in your software collection." I'll go along with that. Towel, anyone? ? InfoMarket Best CAD Package for the Amiga GFX-CAD The fastest CAD Program X-CAD The finest CAD Interface X-SHELL The only CAD Newsletter X-PRESS GREfiT COLLECTIONS SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS 619-931-8111 Ext 511 c dui> m II: 3 To order now: srn,I check t nmney nufei hi cat! For free C'.OD.' S-i.llU shipping packaging SEATTLE. WA 98145 Forc-ign Orders+S4.tXI ......I. ,QC, Monday? U> Sunday s (iUb)747'1964 ZIPPERVMRE
P. O. BOX 95285 Many addiironai-produtts available for immediate Hupping Please SJ 00. Power Su| (hipping please add other items or air shipping, please call Vc accept International and rail fur information. Shipping on chips is S3 00. Power Mipnl Drives and Keyboards are $ b 00. COD shipping please add $ -1 00 For dies. Canadian order? And only charge actual shipping charges. We accept isa, MC, Discover, Money Older or fYrsoiul Check. All items are shipped same day from stock, personal checks allow 10 day? To dear. Workbench 2.0 compatible! Video Music Box,, vl.4 Complete background music composition and editing utility for Amiga multimedia...
- If you use one of the popular multimedia authoring programs that require IFF SMUS music sequences. Video Music Box brings you compositional power that until now was available only with MIDI-based sequencers.
- Video Music Box combines algorithmic composition of common musical styles with a powerful graphic music editor. Even non-musicians car. Quickly compose basic background music In many common styles...
- Supports both MIDI and IFF SMUS music file formats. Ask your local dealer for more info, or write call us for free product brochure. Send $ 5 for the demo program. Retail Price S109, Requires Amigas with 1 Meg memory. Digital Expressions Research mw-tM W6400 Fltelane 8, Menasha Wl 5 4 9 5 2 Circle 76 On Reader Service Card. In ihiv issue. ZIPPERWARE again is offering you crazy low prices that won't last loo long! This offer for PD Sharcwarc is good only through this tiny .id! Oh, yeah...good quality & service are included! For an assesomc disk-catalog, please send $ 2-00 and you'll gel coupons and lotsa goodies! Fin do it! ¦ NEW & IMPORTED GAMES from Europe A USA1 Terrific challenge, sound, graphics. And tun for all ages at Use ITHM affordable price am where!!! Sear 40 games: MotberLode (better than Lode* Runner). Intruder Alert (like Bcscik). Operation Lemmings (massacre Lemmings!!). Defender (great! >. Amiguids (the tvs: Asteroids), axson (clone). Crossword Pu a Hollywood Trivia. Downhill "SKIand much much more!!! L-ormih.. jJ29 q ¦ 50 DESKTOP PUBLISHING FONTS! V,», am iml; pet these new AlX>!H: TYPE I fonis I n-in ti such A cheap [nice! The .V) high-quality font* will work Jor Pages I ream A PrnPage. Also as a Itonus, you will gel two disks lull of black & while cliparts free! I'm iirth . I* q ¦ THE CLIPART PORTFOLIO -NEW! The best value Hi-Res black & while clipart set 115 disks) available for the Amiga!" Imported from England, ihis pack offers you thousands of great images with 17 general categories and numerous sub-calegones. Complete with an -rules for easy searching! This is belter Ihan many commercial packages out there costing hundreds of dollars Highly reiomnvnded' JDCK* Satrcf.K.-tion Guaranteed for limited lime! On!, J q q Darkside ..S3 SDI ...$ 8 l>fender of the Crown 9 Sinbad ...... 9 Federation ...... 14 Speedball 7 King of Chicago.... 14 Three Stooges. 8 Rocket Ranger 9 Total Eclipse... 4 Cineirtaware software is gone, but their legendary Amiga games live on. Bare Bones Software has been authorized to liquidate some of their greatest titles at rock bottom prices!_ CINemawakE Classics! All title* a re new and fully guaranteed. Call for free brochure of many other blowouts plus our extensive line of current releases and used Amiga lilies. We accept Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and COD orders. Have We Gone Mad? C*": l -8 oo-63 8-1123TKii Circle 85 On Reader Service Card. Circle 90 On Reader Service Card VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Carmel, CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB
8. MB 1 X 4 80 SC ZIP SI 5.50 _ 124 248 1 X 4-70 SC ZIP
16. 00 - 128 252 1 x 4-70, 80 PAGE Dll
17. 00 68 136 268 1 x 4-70, 80 PAGE ZIP
15. 50 G2 124 246 256x4-70. 80 ZIP
5. 00 80 160 304 256x4-70, 80
3. 75 62 124 232 1 x 8-70, 80 SIMM
30. 00 60 120 232 4 x 8-70. 80 SIMM
119. 00 _ 119 230 4x8 - 60 SIMM
124. 00 _ 124 240 GVP SIMM 32
215. 00 - 215 430 Base Board 155 215
* .__ ADRAM 540 . . 165 225 _ IVS Mela 4 169 229 _ Datal lyei RAM 155 215 335 DPIycr 1000 RAM
24. 1 299 419 DalaFlver 500 SCSI..... .... 135 GVP A530Turbo I20 .. 1069 Dflyer Express ... ....199 A2232 Multi-Serial 295 DataFiver 1000SCSI ... ....159 SuperFax Mod. V32bis ..295 DataUycr 2000 SCSI... .....79 2.04 ROM Kit..... ..89 C-NKT Amiga BBS Software ‘Totally Cnrfiguiahle ......*Mulll-u*er(24 lloei)
* 2.0 A 13 Compatible ... *UUCP M Pido Net Support ORDERS ONLY: 800-735-2633 INFO 8c TECH: 408-899-2040 Visa MC Fax: 408-626-0532 BBS: 408-625-6580 GRMES - ANIMATION EDUCATION - UTILITIES . VIDEO TOOLS , PAY ONLY S9.95 PER COLLECTION INCLUDING SHIPPING & HANDLING CREDIT CARD ONLY - FOREIGN ADD S5.0D PER COLLECTION AmigaDOS Release 2 Upgrades Release 2 Upgrade Kit ......$ 87.50 Super Denise 8373 Chip .....35.00 Fatter Agnus Chip 1 MR .45.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB .....80.00 Multi-Start II 2000 Rev 6a(specify) ......53.00 DKB Megachip Board w 2MB Agnus 275.00 Hard Drives Er Accelerators CBM 2630 25MHZ Accelerator 4MB $ 659.00 GVP G-Force Combo 030 25MHZ 1 MB ....649.00 GVP G-Force Combo 030 40MHZ 4MB ....999.00 GVP G-Force Combo 040 33MHZ 4MB ,.2099.00 GVP SIMM 32 - 4MB 60ns for above .219.00 CVP Series II HCS O I1D Coin 169.00 GYP A500-HD8 0+ 120MB hard drive 599.00 GVP A530 Turbo 40MHZ 120MB 1MB... 1099.00 Maxtor model 7120 SCSI hard drive.....,..,345.00 Syquest 44MB removable bard drive ..329.00 Syquest 88MB removable hard drive ..469.00 A2286 AT Bridgeboard .....299.00 CBM 3070 150MB ext Tape Backup 399.00 GVP SMB RAM card w 2MB installed 149.00 VXL30 25MHZ Accelerator .....319.00 Quantum 52, 105, 120, 210 LPS hard disk....Call Seagate Swift Ser. ST1239N 210MB HD ...499.00 Seagate ST3283N 240MB LPS hard drive 619.00 Motherboard Replacements A500 w swapout (all revisions) ...$ 150.00 A2000 w swapout (rev. 6 or above) .225.00 A2000 w swapout (rev. 3.9 to 4.5) 400.00 A2000 Rev. 6.X Motherboard ..549.00 A3000 25MHZ w swapout .489.00 Amiga Chips Er RAM Chips 8520 CIA Chip .$ 11.00 4x8 SIMM Module 80ns ...119.00 Motorola 68030 CPU 50MHZ .189.00 Above CPU w 68882 50MHZ Math Co 269.00 Power Supplies, Floppies & Keyboards CBM A2000 Power Supply .....$ 159.00 Above item w swapout 119.00 Big Foot Power Supply .89.00 A500 replacement power supply 35.00 A2000 Keyboard .89.95 A500 Keyboard ...49.95 A2000 Internal Disk Drive.,.,: ....89,00 A500 Internal Disk Drive ....89.00 Amiga Computers & Monitors 1084S Stereo Monitor .....$ 279.95 A2000, 3000, 4000 Computer Systems... Call 2320 Display Enhancer 235.00 CBM 2232 Multi Serial Card ...319.00 CDTV unit from Commodore.,.., .389.00 1802C Monitor for Toaster use 139.00 Software Hut Inc. 313 Henderson Drive Sharon Hill, PA 19079 To order call
(800) 848-0079 In PA or for more information call:
(215) 586-5701 (Voice)
(215) 586-5706 (Fax) NEW ARRIVALS FROM COMMODORE Amiga 600 computer ...... 399.00 Amiga 600 computer w 40MB ini HI)....599.00 A570 CD ROM drive for A500 ..Call A2015 A3015 High Density Drives ......Call A2386 SX Bridgeboard ......Call Special Offer on Amiga Products ti A ME P R E S E R V E MORE SHORT TAKES Covert Action Covert Action ($ 59.95} sort of slipped out between World Circuit and Civilization, but don't let it slip away unseen. It's a delightful espionage game from Sid Meier (Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and Civilization), and its hybrid of arcade, strategy and menu-driven adventure is a decided change of pace for MicroProse. As Max (or Maxine) Remington, you'll do the usual spy-type things; following cars, planting bugs, breaking codes, watching buildings, or searching them in charming small-figure animation. The graphics aren't as jazzy as some of MicroProse's recent Amiga works, but don't let that sway you. This is plain old fun, and every game is different. ELECTRONIC SERVICES INC. ACCELERATE YOUR AMIGA TODAY WITH A CSA MIDGET RACER CLOCKED AT 25 Mhz includes 5SS82 math chip $ 375.00 Sales Technical Support Line 1-800-729-4361 Visa IMC COD Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. AMIGA Files to 35mm and 4x5 Fighting i or Rome
* B W or Color Slides, Transparencies, or Negatives
* 2000 Line Resolution Maintains RGB Quality & Anti-aliasing
* 48 Hour in-house Turn Around for 35mm Slides
* All Bitmaps & Overscan files supported Argh! Et tu. Fighting for Rome (S29.95), et tu? 1 hate beating up on Merit Software releases, but, really, what else is there to do? With some refinements, this animated wargame (known as Cohort overseas) might have made a decent subgame in a larger, Romanesque conquest game. But on its lonesome, it's heavy on obtuse mechanism and light on payoff. (Troops stand toe to toe waving sticks at one another. Thrillsville.] Some nice features poke their heads out, but the action is invariably chaotic, and scrolling around the battlefield to see what kind of nonhavoc you're wreaking is next to impossible. Don't let the door hit your rump on the way out. Fcm pricing fr sample call: (715) 656-5627 i _-"i Or write: Graphic Impressions POB 254 Wausaukee. WI 54177 i__) Circle 67 On Reader Service Card, THE NEXT ROUND Amiga Repair Video Amiga Repairs 24 hour Turnaround
* 10 year* experience fixiig Commodore Equijanert.* 90 day warranty on all parts replaced .* Factory Trained Service technicians. • Low Flat Rate Prices . A500 Repair 69.95- A20Q0 Repair 95.00 • Commodore Monitors $ 35.OOjtir Plui Part* J&C Repair RD 2 Bax 9 Rocklon Pa. 15856 BECOMING A HOBBIT First came J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings, now Interplay Productions has followed up with
* A Tutorial Guide to Arexx - Arexx made easy!
* Multiple Index A Many Examples
* Arexx and PostScript A- Inter-Process Control WHITESTONE, 511-A Girard SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 Tel. (505) 268-0678 S29.95 Cookbook; $ 39.90 Book & Disk Set; $ 54.90 Book & Delux Disk Set. Ppd I .teler Distributor Inquiries Invited. ISBN 0-9632773-0-8 (bock) 0-9632773-1-6 (disk) 0-9632773-2-4 (Deluxset) Plus shipping and CA sales tax Check or C.O.D. 3 week delivery COMPUTERS FOR TRACTS, INC. 1930 Brea Canyon Road, Suite 1 30 Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(714) 861-5411 or (800) 523-9357 Outside CA MoMate There's Finally an Easy Way to Make Professional Looking Video and Audio Labels and it's called... LabelDex! A full featured mailing, floppy disk and audiolvideo labeVmgldalabase program.1 Manage your floppy, audio video and address information the easy way. Print a large variety of professional looking labels vfith your HP LaserJet, DeskJet, PostScript or Epson compatable dot matrix printer. Only ¥14.95 EasyScrlptl, 10006 Covington Dr., Huntsville, 35803,
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(310) 390-3010 Vrt&tootltHl Watt X-Stttt Automatic JoysfvcLlMouse Sw tct ... ISUu hot -ltttttt Slot For tV e Sureka 5 2K -SU C ouc ... Eureka 4M t RAM LxpausloutwKt .... Eurcka SxvUty True Tlvcc Wuttou « x-3M0 Wult W E ado >%v- 0 Foxy Tec. Software 0 The largest selection of odult softvuctre, music mods ctnd preujore (previews) found anywhere'. 0 2-dis t odult sampler is available for V7.00 (must sign Foxy Tec. Software - P.O. Box 2266 Gresham, Oregon 97 030 Circle 166 On Readet Sew ce Card. Back to Basics EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Step-by-Step instruction in ditticutt skills Visual, verbal, aural assistance MULTIPLICATION • DIVISION TIMES TABLES • ADDITION SUBTRACTION • S AT N’SPELL New!! ' tai’sfiTfi;,:'Wine. 'N0RD CONSTRUCTION SET ... Excellent for leaching hard skills". 1 & FRACTIONS'. Lascelles
U. K. & AUSTRALASIA Lascolles Productions 401 Lascolles St PO 959 Hastings New Zealand NORTH AMERICA Chalkboard Software Suite 54212201 Btan S Burlington Canada 17P 3N8 PRODUCTIONS FAX*. 010 646 876 8888 Dealer Inquiries Welcome FAX’. 416 336 4043 Ciicte 77 On Reader Service Card KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1*800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 in «* * Now Ihe only source you will need lot your Commodore ptoduci requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source lot mote lhan a DECADE ol quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacemenl pads & assemblies COMPETITIVE 1SE-21 NW f A'VIdd Accelerator 1 uvndmtwV 2 AY. 1 6 u EVE with our EXCHANGE programs, repair [maintenance I services and slock-lo-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on i pads repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9.00 aia-6 .00 r>u EST SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS 486-30 Mhx BridgeBoard III Uttdma V2.9t %M u EVE - Wdouihe KBS5SX Wwihnte mq E dciot 2mS - uw y s m-EptoS m Wtd AddV RC ssloVYE NEW VRUM EUREKA MouselKbrd ROM Switch .95, W&W Wand Sctvttwcv %229.95, MIDI viSerial pass thru %5fl.95, Dealer Vv t utres welcome VtSMMClCOD (dORR 45-1243 145-VL4(>Y VO Wax m Aattty C%NE Wl Uncle ?iS On ReaUei Service Cam Super Mnlu ,0 Lml - VM S to SW s « ww«wm V& vm-m-Am ™ COMMODORE AMIGA SERViCE CENTER eal AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 ‘Call lor Details Wc service the entire Arnica product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call tor prices. A&M Compuler Repair • M Colonel Conklin Or. S'ot'7 Point, New York AVJ9BU • (St4) 9t7-S522 & W Hour Turnaround. Dealers Call For FWE£ Catalog I 1-800-344-4102 FAX; 4-914-947-2T28 DON'T OTOtR TCM Nor«vf pubtve. Uotn WITHOUT TALme SWIRLt, ME dANL A VUX XLCTt IS rKNNL EdRWx, ML m W
(100) 551-8501 UWCS TOVT mwrnis, vux ?wxrk % m W ml m n. (jYsa tva k&r xoe mvL oy vKxtm 8 VM3T SGREN KR8.1 M Of OktMJOO, OR ORNO Uaft YC icqpr osnRktws. T20S)SSV-0S02 TO H,Ot>£ tNorlhwesl Public Domain-P.O. 8ox1 Cucie 190 On Reader Service Card These are the educational videos for your Amiga computer. You will agree they've got what it takes for prime time. Get the latest information, graphics, interviews with experts, music, the hottest products and software all at an affordable price. Don’t be caught with video re-runs of manufacturer’s manuals. Get the videos that everyone is raving about .v * the most exciting and advanced j videos in the Amiga market today. In a world of re-runs, these videos are ready for prime time The Amiga Primer $ 24.95 Get the facts on getting started: Setup, Workbench, Shell, CLI, expansion, AmigaVision. Includes AmigaDOS 2,0 and AnugaVftion. A must for every Amiga owner. NEW 1992 EDITION Go shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today! Learn about accelerators, RAM, Video Toaster, Genlocks and more. Features GVP, NewTek, Digital Creations and others. Imio m graphics NEW LOW PRICE The Peripheral Guide for every Amiga Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 19.95 -- Amiga Graphics, Volume I $ 19.95 Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. The best tape available for getting started. Includes interviews with experts. Features Deluxe Paint IV, NewTek, Kara fonts and others. ZEM NEW UPDATED EDITION! I Ej NEW LOW PRICE! The Informative Guide to Music and The Magic of Music and $ 19.95 New edition brings you the most up-to-date and MIDI data, including using the Amiga as a music generator or MIDI device! Features SuperJAM!, Bars & Pipes Professional, Dr. T$ , Sonix, Deluxe Music, AudioMaster and others. VIDBO NEW 2.0 EDITION The NewTek Video Toaster Video $ 24.95 Winner of two Bronze Telly statues in 1991, this video provides a complete overview of the Video Toaster (Version 2) and shows how the Toaster can be used in the real world. Includes comparisons with broadcast equipment and hot Lightwave animations. $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Volume I The best source for getting started with DTV. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Award winning director Terry Sanders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques for top results, titling and more. $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Volume Get the inside line on DTV with this new video. Includes direct comparisons of tape formats, including Hi8 and BetaCam, Lightwave, Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering. Features Deluxe Paint IV, Video Toaster, DCTV and others. $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Master’s Edition NEW The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects. Become a master today! Includes background music, sound effects, and graphic backdrops. TechMedia VIDEO An IDG Commumcrtiort • Company Please add $ 2.95 for each video ordered or $ 5.00 for 2 or more. 1-800-824-5499 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM E.D.T. For customer service, Canadian and foreign orders Please call 410-546-0180 (California and Maryland residents add appropriate sales tax]. Copyright © 1989,1990.1991.1992 by Raua Video USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga Is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Video Toaster Is a trademark ot NewTek, Inc. TechMedia is a licensed distributor of Razza Video products. __ The AmigaWorid TooiChest is a line of quality, low-cost software that brings many uniquely powerful programs to your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of all. You support the independent Amiga developer. The "TC" series disks are our potpourri series of disks that are available in our money-saving and convenient sub- scriplion offer. The "TSP" series are grouped together by theme for your convenience. Keep your eyes on our new "RK" series-- these exciting programs are the hottest "commercial userware,‘ programs available, full featured and fully documented. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed I Disks Price 31* . .....235 20-30..... ......3.45 12-19..... ......3.95 6-11 ......4.95 1-5 .. ......5.95 Ft I I I I I I I I I I I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I ! I Handling ..... $ 3.00 Foreign Shipping ... S_ Total enclosed ...S Musi orders shipped the following busi- novi day. Nu shipping,chargt-S within tliv USA Canada add'$ .25 per dis*k. Foreign .sdd > 5U per disk Tor air mad delivery, Payment in US funds only. CC : [ ) Visa [ ) MasterCard [ ] Discover ] Check Money Order | Expiration Date;_ i Signature:_ r Name: _ [ Address; | City:. St: .Zip:. [ Phone: ( i i i i L J Orderline (800)677-0416 Technical Support (619) 486-9538 P44: Grinder This uselul utility will convert between the following graphics formats :. Ham-E. TIFF, Taiga. PCX. Neochromo. Degas, GIF andJPeg1 P43: The Intrepid You control a tank in the frozen arctic trying to rescue hostages P42; 3D Master Explore the world ol 30 moooH.ng with this high-powered software. Eate realistic raytraced 3D images 3D Master is perfect to get your terrf wet in 3D it 1 inquire some experimentation to gel the most out ot it Raq t MB P41; Sealanco Go on patrol In your nudoar Trident submarine and dear the seaa ol i vormnn that pollute it A oomplote simulation with all tactical weapons and delenswe items. P40AB; Star Tr«k Trlvlo Test your knowledge of 'The Next Generation* identify enes, sounds, chatacters and much mota’ Two disk sat. counts as two IP3SAB: Catacomb A well done graphic dungeon adventure game Discover the czets £ treasures of the uOorground maze and try to stay alive! P3S: Virus Utilities V>msX- KillVms. Vjus-Memqry Kite*. VK36Q and ZeroVju*n l tat you soap at nigh! Knowing your Amiga is i COCrte virus-Iree P37: Chock Book Accountant This program has Suit buagetingTranaaaion recorn- l capabilities This program turns the chore of balancing your checkbook into a 2 nute treat! P36: Animation Two oeautilul animations, Spigai and tfaUB Both ot these were sated with 3D animation programs and ate Iruly beautiful and smooth iP35; HackUle This Is a dgngoon-adventure game of the highest magnitude on solulely huge work! To explore that Will task even the most hardened dungeon oxplor- for weeks on end! ? P34: MechForce Any number 01 players can control up la 24 gi&nt robots with ¦em. Miss ies, jump-jets to get you airborne to do battle in teams against each other or ainst the computer highly addicting' ?P33ABCD: Complete Guide to Programming the Amiga In ”C" This four disk sol ilures tutorials, sample programs and inside lips to the special programming needs ol , Amiga Four disks counts as twee lP32: Classic Arcade G*m*s Puisf-dlE and Miaailfl C«nfiand-need we say more? Ispprrder is o ckjno ol the classic Tempest P31; Data Bases Contains all flavors of databases. Bsasnil is a highly Arroga-tizod tnbaso, DnlaEnsy is another powerful database MagMan Is specially designed to ip you rotor once articles in magazines iP30: Educational This includes WptldQalaBase. DraviMap- which draws detailed ips ol countries WordGamn. MtiL'ic Convsrtof. 5oan2--an ingenious spelling chat- iger, FaslFacts--flverything you always wanted to know about our Solar System iP29ABC: King James Bible The complete text of the bibte is included on this 3 A set (counts as 3) with printing and searching capabilities ?P28: Bitmapped Fonts This disk contains 67 loots for the Amiga, all under 25 ints in size a tonl lor every occawyil
- P27: Octa-MED This remarkable program doubles the sound capabilities o! Your iiga Iron 4 channels ol aud« to 0" Almost completely »nt al to MED. This is a truly narkabia program P26: Directory Utilities Contains air ol the best pubLc domain and shareware tile d Ckk utilities available lor the Amiga, including UtiiMasfer -14Man M2DJ Sri ard UASSL iP2S: SpaceGames Contains MoonBase a very graphically detailed lunar-lander me, SoatoWar-a two player (either In person ct over tho modem) space battlo Hula '5 3 30 world you musi defend definitely commercial Quality P24: Printing Utilities This disk contains a very nice Banner maker lhal will use i AmigeDOS font with lull-color printing. RobsLabelCreator wil allow easy creating ol ¦els lor your diskottoa PrlnlSludio allows easy printing ot test graphic Images with si control over page numbering ‘titling, etc P23AB: Tobias Star Trek A graphic space adventure where you re the captain ol tt own starsfup. Travel through the un-verse, stop Ihe Romotans and Klingons and nplofo your missions Two disks, counts as two P22: 30 Objects Thu disk contains 18 different vector objects for use with Sculpt 1 Imagine Soma ol tho ot ects include train engr-e, synthesizer keyboard, Amiga
30. Space siaTton P2l: Disk Duplicators This disk contains all the bast utilities to backup diskettes Juried are Xcopyll| and £j|9 which wrfl backup copy-protect programs Also includes BaiDuBST which Is an incredibly last ArrugaOOS copier Freeccnv wilt remove copy itoctwn from many popular commercial programs. P20: Board Games Includes Checkers. Dominoes. Glue, ..oooard and Monopoly, row away your dice and let your Amiga take care ol the details, hours and hours of mty luni P19: Pec Man Classics Contains Mazemitn. Zonu and pacMnnB7--nll great mplo
• stations of the orgcnal arcade classic PIS: MS-DOS Emulation Contains PC Tank and IbfrM two shareware 1BMMS Dos tutelar* tor your Airuga Also included are utilities to allow Amiga drives to read write OK lormal MS-DOS rixsfcs-Muthrin* and MSH P17: Printer Drivers This disk contains over 70 printer drivers tor many popular nt*m The Intrepid featured on TSP43 Pl 6: Telecommunication This disk contains two hrat-cfass modem programs. Romm and Thu duk u for the beginner or expert telecommumcator, lefltuftng the popular communication protocols, including X, Y and Z-Modam Ncomm has y advanced script capabilities lot performing automated log ms. downloads and QrtdS. P1&: MED This disk contains the premier music package. MED (Musical Editor) l allow you to use digitized sound sampled as your instruments and uso them in your n songs Its tremendous editing power makes MED more ©I a musical word prooos An extremely woli dona program. Many commercial software companies us* this zk*g* to create soundtracks tor thor ontertammem programs P14: Plotter* Thu Ctrik contains Severn1 ol the bast mathematical plotting programs
• liable ter the Amiga includes AaugoEioT-a 3-d menvon*i mathematical function twr ip turMi. Asktl2 D and PtotXY PIJ: Tetri* Game* Tht* disk contain* 6 flavors ol the ctessc game 'T*ttiS.¦ Some y* artificial Intefkgonoa, others a variety ol play-sTytes- skil! Iw els. Number of pt.tyari: P12; Clip Art Thu disk contain* sevaral e»c*lleni bitmapped images tor u*« in
* ktop Publishing or similar programs. PM: Operation Desert Storm: Thi* i» a complete Hyporbcok typ« appkeaoon that take you through a gutted tour ol ttw recant confbcl in The Gull P10; Fractals Soenwy (pictured) will create realistic fractal landscapee Genesis jws ihe creation ot vanout landscapes with user definable levels of com plenty Also ludod are various Marrialbrol ganerators, incJubmg Tmandel. ManOel Mountains and icGen P9: Utifltie* 1 icon Master an Icon wfctor wilh a corr.pteto not ol oditmg.'painting
* * TJFflfTMf ¦a lormaning program lhal will tomut risks that AmgaDOS wont. FljtMasle; a graphing tool that atiowt you to generate and save d tterom grapns in ' lormal G»aoh3Q lets you vt«u«kze compl*» data in 3-0 xnd *4»e the r**ult* uctG&n leu you create gadgets text bitmap* and window structural and tT»« pro- m ml automagically write the C source cod* hr you i* I very easy to TC34AB: Oniimizer wtil pwrmarirtntly speedup your hard drive or tioppy disks LCD Cnlc is a nice full-screen calculator. Bbastrfl is a useful database program. Fix Disk will correct many problems with disks BizCalc is a loan analyser, Interferon is a Toms type game NoOul.t is a 3D space game. PicBase will allow you lo track att Ihe IFF images you have Mate is a great Zitxxon done. TC33AB: Maasurns 1 0 is an incredibly useful utility tnnt wiB convert any type ot measurement to another DiskLabeier is a database designed for storing and printing 3 " ctisk labe's Jfinali 15 a Tatn* esque game of action and strategy Switch is a tun board-game Gh Jiboer will allow you to grab any screen and save it as an IFF picture Softna l Manage' I* a database tor storing **411* tor softball any number ol l*agu*s may be tracked WBExco airowa you to exacule CLI command* horn within tha Workbench Several Clipart images era also induded TC32A9: Computer Coloring Book is a delightful program for children ol ail ages comes with 15 pages ol pictures to color again and again Listmaker lets you make, edil. Combine and print liels ot words great lor those spelling tests! Moresmootn! Scrolls text tiles smoothly on the scroort and allows easy printing Rocket BH'iards lets you choose from several ol the most popular pool games with realistic action. Toxturo allows you to Create, manipulate and save (in standard IFF format) realistic fractal tortured surfaces &aau£ Is a monster maze game Also Includes Screen Fador. StiOwbertfih and FlpBendi TC31AB CalppdAr Pub'Jhei is a professional-cakbet calendar maker that I* customizable Cros*Circuit is a 1 or 2 playar action logic game lhal calls tor tast reftaces and thinking APR i» a much-needed printer utitiry Pma Qeiiyetv Man it a maze game where you deliver p-es in your neighborhood Mu-t rkavtw Is a single program (nat wtB lot you see IFF p>ctLr«*brushe« or playback IFF sound samples Also inciudei RAMgauge 3-D vector objects and Mi-Res IFF brushes of maps and (lags ot E jropqan countries. TC26AS: Word Sej’ch Mofcpr lets you create word-searoh puzzles Tirru»Cak: t* useful lor anyone who has to calculate hours and minutes (Qtoat lor adding up fcmea ol CD's lo make tapes') Drugbmtora is a fun game where you gal rid of cigarettes, booze, pills and needle* Svprfltipdftf lets you sonrch binary or utxl lite* lor a particular word or string igood for potting hlrtti In your adventure games!) KnyClick will add a small audible dick lo your keys and MausdCLck will do rhe same lor the mouse button gppiyttf is a game between tlw Ajbod Navy and the Empno Fteaf Plus Early American 3-D vector object*. Otgitired sound effect* and a directory program TC2SAB: SffeonTo'FF captures your screen 10 an IFF Ida PooGotors kits you change m* «kors ol your Workbench screen WxiQl 4 a fun shoot em up-adverii-jr* game tor one 0 two players ftAtt>fla£Cgag i* A 6 drawing program aiaatmlifa =s a game where you get r«d ot blocks oy pushing matching Wocks into them An-jgomo wiE show- olf yCvt Amiga* abtity lo do sold-polygon animation* Microscope la's you examine memory at any location Also includes Hi Res IFF brush** o ail 50 statos and to Canadian provinces n.na digitized sounds and two small disk utilitioa and printer utility TC24A0: TanteMake' '* a tool lor effofTtess-V bu'dmg numerical tabte* Kootia i* a fun game where you have 10 assemble a bug boloie Iho computer bants you lo it. Hypcf.TB.ct lota you put links In a text file lo other taxt, graphics, sound, animation. Arftja and other application* Xbu Litlte Black Book is a wonderfully uaetul hriephorie and address book CciOT Logic Is a MasterMmd typo gam* Al*o -ncJudei tevernl disk and memory utifltie* and aonw animal sound eltecit to top it oft TC23AB: Wherola lots you quickly and painte* ‘y find n m-spiacwd f.l* on your drive $ 91901 creates a window from which you can run your lavoriie program* MatheMayc tets you find lh» day 0! Tha week fa- any dal* «n thte century, alio Ms you *ntw statistical dau to bo analyzed graph* data, and solve* line* algebraic equation* Ppcn-e- LiSl Maker let* you cveal* your own pointers or import pointers from other programs and uv* them «n a risk t.te Qyno Wais r«ju *s more atrelegy and tfv»gni than your regular checker board game Ajso nchxtes Mi. Mortater and Triiron gamas. 3 D objects, six use, full featured Label printer ot paper. TSP8: Clipart Black A White and co’ortui cf-part lor a variety o! Needs ndudmg desktop pupfishingvvdeo. People, holiday related, school items, scrolls, food, monsters, fish, lobsters, symbols and lolS more TSP7: 3D Vector Object* 42 Books. Eariy Amencan lalephone, barrels, gun, spaceships, Jamps, trombone, bugle. Skateboard, Lego Rover, remote conlrol. Glider and airplane All ob|«cts in Sculpt format TSP6: 3D Vector 0b|ccla 1 Lamp, mirror, bod. Chair, tiro liyd'ArH. Lamp post, street lamp, street sign, traffic light, cannon, cannon supplies, rose, fork, spoon, knife and plate AH objects in Sculpt lormat TSP5: Games 3 Cra Ct'cml is a one or two-player action logic game that requires fast reflexes WaroSoj’ch will atiow you to generate your own word-search puzzles. In Drue Busters you rid the streets ol ogarenes, aCohoi, p»Hs and needles in Cmco you try ts get In-e X s id a row before ycur opponent. CoicrLoctC :s an ax cel lent MaSterMrtd type game TSP4; Game* 2 Dvno Wa-s a strategic checker styie game Kooties assemble a bug before the computer boats you to it BtoehBusier is a cotartul, well done Tetris-type game Warncf is a fun shoot em up adventure game MicroMan is a graphic maze game played with a joystick Battle Ihe computer s armies la taka over the planet in Circe. TSP3: Games 1 Crystal Cavnrna is an adventure game with randomly generated worlds--you'll never trash the same world twice! D0(2Pq! '3 an adaptation of the classic 2-player connoct-the-dot game PiyzaDslivervMan has you running through the streets to get Those pies to your customers TinvBaS is the world's smallest baseball game Surround-Cydes is a high speed arcade game, based on tho light cycle races from the Disney movie Tron TSP2: Sounds Anmal sounds, musical instruments and many, many more 43 sound samples In all! TSP1: Map* of USA, Canada arvd Europe Mi Res IFF brushei ol all SC US States. 10 Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe Each map has a 3D extrusion effect win cast shadow. Special Ecuiiom TooiCHESI RK1: MogaBall - Thl* disk contains the lull-reloase version ol MogaBall, complete with the level editor to create your own challenging world* to conquer. Thl* game is quite similar to Arkanold and allows two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks? Special RK price. 514,95, RK2: Machlll ¦ This remarkable utility will allow you to record ony mouse click or keypress and play it back as a macro at any time. Inside *ny program. Also provides memory Inlo clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-to- mcnu, sunmouse end window cycling. Special RK price 11495. A mixture of great utilities, application, games & more* Receive 6 bi-monlhiv doubte d'sk issues for just $ 54.95! Save S34.45 off single-issue pricer Convenient automatic home delivery Lowest possible prices! Receive your disks weeks before others do! FuH Money-Back Guarantee: If you're not comptetelv sat- isfied, we'll refund your money- no questions asked. I on pricing inducing hardfrip Cuniriufi subecnptlon* a*J $ 4 00 v*hj*j ng aA sSher Fcvcqn joo $ 10 00 sfvppir-g . Fascutates printing ot text Me* on both sides AmigaPlot featured on TSP14 , a graphic adventure gamu. Tnybai. The worlds smaltest basebaJI arcade game and G digitized sound effects. TCI 5AB: Labelmakg: is a very easy 10 USO label program SurroundCvdes. A highspeed arcade game Dot2Dot, an adaptation ot the arnica! Connect-the-dol game A tutona! On animation techniques by Amiga-artist oxtrordmaire Brad Schenck compteiu with one cl his animations Also Includes .1 collection of ctip-arf and more animal sound*. TC14AB AmmoFite is a database and address book Graph 3-D lets vOu visualize complex data in a 3-D manner and save the result*. Spa cr pgr am anafyzea and displays digitized sounds Pteronadonabafl an animation by Lou Markoyi Also irfCJude* 3 0 lie Iac Ice. 3-D objects, loeri dip-art and sampled sounds TCI3AB: SlrucGen lets you create gadget, text bitmap, and wmddw structures and writes the C source code for you LrieCydas plats your berhythms, Create spectacular images with Mandeibrots. Look, a CLI utility that helps you find fites on your risk Quickly and easily Plus 3-D objects, holiday ctip-art. An Amiga Flight animation, drive head cfaanino utility, and technical discussion on how Amiga DOS sioros information cn disk. TC12: TJFormat formats disks lhal Aroma DOS nwmuilv wont ChartMasfpr is a powur- lui grapfiing tool MoreCandv genoraios an assortment ol colorful graphic patterns and allows you to save them to risk Shari a game whore you have lo aal all the MB* parch you can catch 10 slay aWe Plus BAW dip an. Spaceship 3-D voaor objeas. An aroma t en. And Speakeasy iC source code tor the programmer to add speech to C programs! Tcll: D-skSaVjae wiH fa corrupted disks and recover cteteted tiles. B an advanced icon edrfor ts a last, ihoot *m op game Crytpgj Caverns if a colorful. Graphic adventure game I** the arcade game Also rxduries an anonaiKJn. Sound samples. 3D omner tabte ocrocrt. And Mi-Re* monster dip-art The AmigaWorld Toolchest 11835 Carmel Mtn. Rd 1304-T9 San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks (Use product ID code-i.e. TC22) _ _ _ _ _ NOT!:: All "TC” disks count .is TWO disks Total disks @ & each ...S_ Total for special "RK” series disks S Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) ...$ _ CA Residents add 7.75% Tax $ _ sound utfocts and an animatjon of a protziH TC22AB: Amiga Checkbook is a last checkbook manager wrtft check printing ability, budget analysis, and a report writer. AmiCrvot is a He encryption, decryption tool to password protea any life a must for security WaveSsn lets you design musical iratru ments and wavelorms lor usa in other programs It also lets you pfay your keyboard like a piano Cirico is a game where you try to get five X'S In a row before your opponent does AlleiCLi lots you change afyibutiJS ol your CLI window (width title, cteptti height, location colors) with a single command very useful lor scripts, Ajso Includes an animation by ronowned Amlga-erUat Lou Markoya. As well as 3-D objects TC21AB: Circe is a "risk-style" gama where you batlte Ihe computer fo lake over Ihe planet. Batch man allows you to execute CLI programs, batch tiles and Arasx script* by simply clicking on a gadget Colors punts color test sfwets and assigns RGB value* 10 prmter and screen output , absolutely Invaluable to achieve the best color printing resells Fasyf.te is a powerful database for home or a small business. Sprite Editor lots you easHy create animated sprites Plus 3 D fruit ob-eds and Sue sampled sounds TCI6AB: Cvberscape ceneralos complex 3-D vector objects ol terrain and saves vout objects m Sculpt or Twbo-Saver lormat Matnpiotler graphs mathematical equatons in t«lh 2-D and 3-0. Doub-e °rfnf prints your lux! Files on botn sides ol the paper THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. To Make Me Happy. .. As to Amiga World's content, I would like to see more comprehensive video and multimedia coverage and (I’m dreaming here) the complete extirpation of game reviews, tips, and ads. I think your magazine should focus on what sets the Amiga apart from the others: multimedia, graphics and desktop video. Certainly the platform is being utilized for broad-based personal computing, but it's breaking new ground in these specialized applications. When's the last time you ripped open a new database package, breathing hard and eager to put it through its paces? Probably not recently, but we both know how we felt when we first double-clicked on Amiga Vision, Deluxe- Paint, and the Video Toaster. Adam Alonzo Dayton, Ohio dithering on the graphing display The list just goes on and on. I understand that space is a consideration in any review, but not even mentioning most of these features and then advising the user to buv MS-DOS
o j spreadsheets because of their larger feature list makes little sense to me. I feel that AmigalVorld has done a disservice to the Amiga community in trying to shoot down what, in my opinion, is the best spreadsheet available for the Amiga and a very competant offering in its price range for any platform. Michal Todorovic Author of Professional Calc lentura, California Almost a Renegade As a long-time C-64 and 128 user, I was on the brink of buying an IBM The Good Old 1000 When I bought my A1000, 1 assumed (foolishly, it turned out) that there would be an expansion system that would allow me to upgrade with plugin cards that wouldn’t cost a fortune. I see that GVP is really making some great boards for the 2000, the 3000, and the 500, but their cost is about the same as a complete IBM clone system! Although I feel betrayed by Commodore's abandoning the 1000, I remain very pleased with the quality of it. I have never had the slightest bit of hardware trouble with it over the vears. From what I read in your magazine, that’s a much better track record than its successors. Merritt J, Rucker Helen, New Mexico Pro Calc Protest With regard to Daryell Sipper’s review of Professional Calc (Sept., p. 64), there are a number of the program’s features that I feel are important, but that Sipper neglected to mention. The first is the speed of the program. A great deal of time and effort was spent in making frequently used functions such as screen update, disk loading, spreadsheet edits, and so on as fast as possible. In regard to the above functions, I believe that Pro Calc is still die fastest spreadsheet on the market. The tool bar across the top allows quick access to important editing functions. There is an Arexx spreadsheet function that allows the user to create his or her own functions (a powerful feature not available in any spreadsheet package on any platform that I know of). Also, Sipper barely mentioned the depth and ease of use of the graphing tools available. Short-changed as well were the style tags, cell notes, multiple fonts on the spreadsheet display, color Although I feel betrayed by Commodore's abandoning the 1000. I remain very pleased with the quality of it. Clone when I was introduced to the Amiga by a friend who was selling his A500, which was loaded with 2.5 megs of RAM and accompanied by an external 3.5-inch drive and an Amiga monitor. Well, for $ 450 I purchased my friend’s Amiga, and I couldn’t be happier. Boy, do 1 love my Amiga! I recently bought Final Copy and Professional Page 2.1, and these are just what I need for my business, especially in the typesetting department. Chris Williams Neptune, A Vic Jersey The All-Around User Though 1 don’t mind your devoting some space to specific uses, I think that there is in AmigalVorld just too much animation art graphics month after month. Yes, those things are both interesting and fantastic, but what about all the other wonderful stuff out (here? I’m one of those “all-around” users, doing finances, telecommunications, word processing, databases and some minor desktop publishing. And I firmly believe that I have more “user” power in my Amiga system than all of the PC look-alikes in the building where I work. As far as magazine format changes are concerned, I think you’re heading in the right direction, but you need to go a little further. I like the header box for the reviews, but 1 think it should also be added to the Game Preserve. After all, everyone would like to know if a game is hard-drive installable,
2. 04-compatible, accelerator-compatible, and so on, before we shell out our hard-earned money MichaelJ. Gratis, Sr. Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts ¦ (Your Imagination) rimrp&m CanDo 2.0 is a revolutionary, interactive software authoring environment that lets you take advanta9e of the Amiga’s sophisticated architecture without any technical 4BB I jgq Powerful, versatile and easy to use, CanDo 2.0’s elegant design lets you build anything from a simple slide show to the most advanced, professional application program in a B I LJ fraction of the time and effort normally associated with program development. Used to create everything from powerful utility programs to interactive laser disk-based training, CanDo is the first choice for thousands of multimedia developers worldwide. Equipped with CanDo 2.0, a paint program, sound digitizer, and a little bit of creativity, you can produce your own standalone commercial- quality software in record time. CanDo takes the guesswork and headache out of programming and allows the creative genius in you to run wild. So go ahead, pick-up a copy of CanDo 2.0 today and see where your imagination takes you!! Special Offer: Now for a limited time, you can test drive CanDo for only S10.00 (refundable with purchase of CanDo) plus $ 3.50 s&h To take CanDo out for a trial run, or to drive home a copy of CanDo 2.0 call toll free: 1 (800) 875-8499. Inovatronics, tnc. Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX USA 75231 Phone 1(214)340-4991 FAX 1(214)340-8514 inovatronics, GmbH I'm Heidkamp 11 W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Phone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-870474 Circle 75 on Reader Service card. Digital Vttleo tTTecls Real-time digital video effects on lire video. From flip, spin and tumble to high-end warping effects. 9 essential tools using your Amiga 35ns Character Generator Scroll crawl and key professiomd-qtudity titles over lire video and still images or warp. Peel, and spin titles with digital effects. . For video or TOASTER TM Ttje Video Toaster is 24-bit Broadcast Paint Create 16 million color images with powerful tools for drawing, tinting, blending, colorizing and warping images. The world's first all- in-one broadcast- quality video production studio, It's giving everyone Complex systems starting at $ 4595. Outside North America call 612-832-1662 Demo also available on S- VHS. Hi8,3 4'. MU, Betocam, 1LaserDiscand D2 at nominal cost. Pjext-ilay delivery avai able Price and specilicaliorts subject to change. Video Toaster Lightwave 3D and ToasterPaint are trademarks of NewTek. Ire © NewTek. Inc. 1992 Circle 37 on Reader Service card Luminance Key More than just simple weatherman over a map. Toaster keying does luminance fade transitions and even key- based digital trails. Color Processing Re-color lire video or alter brightness and contrast. Effects include sepia-toning, color-negatiivs. Da -for-night, chrome and more. 30 Animation Light Ware 3D is a complete animation system that creates bigb-resolution 24-bit color images with incredible speed and quality. Still Store frame Grabber Preeze flan less broadcast resolution images instantly and recall them as sources for the switcher and digital Dual Frame Buffers Hold two bigb-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect broadcast quality. Video effects. 4 Input Production Switcher Perform cuts, fades and wipes between 4 video inputs and J internal sources. Now includes amazing new transitions such as fire, liquid and breaking glass. Excitement to your * videos. Find out why everyone from ; Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the j Toaster, call for yourfree Video Togster tape today, i end production v' j studio on a desktop. You've seen the award-winning Toaster used on network television, now you can add the same level of from desktop producers to network producers the power of a high Free Toaster Video Tape quality and

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Amiga World Vol 08 11 1992 Nov

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