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On-board user configurable parallel port for Amiga PC compatibility. ? Future expansion via GVP's exclusive GVP compatible 32-Bit expansion bus. CALL YOUR GVP DEALER AND ORDER A GVP G-FORCE 030 or G-FORCE 040 TODA Y! For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215*354*9495. Amiga is a registered Trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc. Aji other trademarks a_e the property ol their respective owners 01992 Great Valley Products, Ire CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 9, SEPTEMBER 1992 FHATURES Moving in 3 Dimensions 20 Five leading Amiga animators offer hands- on tips and techniques for creating exciting 3-D animation effects using the top-rated packages in the held. Programs include: Imagine (Victor Osaka), Draw 4D-Pro (Phil Fitzpatrick), Real 3D (Leonard Price), I.ight- W'ave 3D (Mark Swain), and Caligari Broadcast (Paul Safr). Amiga Profile By Barbara Gefvert 32 AW profiles award-winning Amiga 3-D graphics artist Stephen Menzies, Toft lips and techniques for Amiga 3-D antmn- whose stunning Amiga-generated 3-D thm! See "Moving in 3 Dimensions" p. 20, image graces this month’s cover. THE 2D-3D Punch By Rusty Mills .33 Using traditional 2-D techniques in combination with your Amiga-generated 3-D animation ellorts can yield top-quality results. Warner Bros.’ Animation Director Rusty Mills shows you how to pull it off. ARTICLES The Power of One By Rob Hays ..37 ] I you're faced with the hassles of computing on a single-floppy Amiga, try these timely tips designed to help you survive and thrive with a single-drive system. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 This month, Barney wants to know what your “concerns” are, so tune in his edito- rial and give him a piece of your mind. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen . 44 If you admire the crisp, bold style of traditional woodcut prints, Joel can show you some techniques for incorporating that look in images created with your favorite paint or drawing program. Video Suite takes a break this month, but videopliiles can look ahead one issue to October, when AW puts the spotlight on Amiga video. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ...... 8 News, newsmakers, and new products from all over the Amiga community. Help Key , ..88 He’s not as well known as CBS’s investigating Mike, but our man Wallace can usually find answers to your technical problems in well under 60 minutes. The Last Word .96 Don’t be foreign about correspondence send us vour letters right here O ever)- month. REVIEWS A530 Turbo Accelerator (Great Valley Products) 16 Maybe the most comprehensive A500 expansion product ever made! Resolver Graphics Coprocessor (Digital Micronics) ...18 This graphics-eiiliancement hoard offers more colors and a larger display area. AmlLlNK Cl (RGB) .54 Consumer version of RGB’s pro video editor conics in both cuts-only and A R roll versions. REXX Plus 1.2 (Dineen Edwards Group) .....? 8 Fast compiler speeds up Arexx scripts. Quarterback 5.0 (Central Coast). .38 SpiHy update of popular back-up utility. Audio Sampler Roundup 60 Three new sound-sampling packages from Europe: MegaMix Master (Rombo) plus AMAS 2 and Stereo Master (Microdeal). MaXIPlAN4 (The Disc Co.) And PROFESSIONAL Calc 1.4 (Gold Disk) ... 64 Two contenders vie For the elusive Amiga spreadsheet ring. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 70 Lop tips for mastering the latest and greatest in Amiga games. LiNKS (Access) .70 Multilevel golf with great graphics.. World Circuit (MicroProse) 72 Fantastic Formula One racing thrills. John Madden Football (Electronic Arts) .72 Big John's gridiron simulator goes Amiga.

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Amiga World Vol 08 09 1992 Sep

Document sans nom AMIGA Pro AnimationTips: 5 Top 3-D Programs ? Animation Combo: The 2D-3D Punch GVP’s A530 Best A500 Expansion Box Ever? PLUS!
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CCELERAWN: THE TIME TESTED, USER-PROVEN, BEST SOLUTION FOR THE AMIGA9 2000 SERIES NOW SHIPPING 33Mhz Only the GVP Family of Combo Accelerators are Packed, Stacked and Backed with more of what you want Most! Don't get stuck. Don't overpay. Don't buy half a solution. Don't take chances. When you're shopping for an accelerator, there is only one thing you should do... Choose from GVP's family of G-FORCE 040 and 030-based Combo Accelerator boards. WHY? Because only GVP: ? Has a proven 5 year history of the best product performance and support. See us AT world of „ commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA • SEPT. 11-13, 1992 Gives you the choice of state-of-the-art 68030 or 68040 CPU Power at blazing speeds of 25,33,40 or 50MHZ. No matter what your budget or speed requirements, GVP has the right solution for you. Provides unsurpassed multi-functionality through superior design integration giving ALL GVP accelerator users:
• On-board SCSI-II compatible DMA Hard Drive Controller
• Up to 16MB of high speed 32 Bit- Wide Memory expansion (up to 64MB with 16MB SIMMS available late 1992|
• Ability to transform your accelerator into the ultimate hardcard with GVP's new improved snap on Hard Disk mount kit
• On-board future expansion possibilities with the GVP exclusive 32-Bit expansion bus (includingGVP's EGS 110 24). This feature alone literally obsoletes ALL other accelerator products. ? Backs ALL GVP accelerators with a full 2-year warranty and upgrade program. Choose GVP's newest, fastest and feature filled accelerator... the A2000 0-FORCE040 It's the fastest accelerator bar none: ? 68040 CPU running at up to a blazing 33MHZ clockspeed, outperforms even high end workstations costing thousands more. It's the most highly integrated bar none: ? High performance onboard SCSI SCSI II compatible hard drive controller. ? On-board serial port with speeds up to 625 Kbps and two 16 byte hardware buffers (1 read 1 write) to prevent data loss. Ideal for adding additional modems, printers etc. ? On-board user configurable parallel port for Amiga PC compatibility. ? Future expansion via GVP's exclusive GVP compatible 32-Bit expansion bus. CALL YOUR GVP DEALER AND ORDER A GVP G-FORCE 030 or G-FORCE 040 TODA Y! For more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337*8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215*354*9495. Amiga is a registered Trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc. Aji other trademarks a_e the property ol their respective owners 01992 Great Valley Products, Ire CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 9, SEPTEMBER 1992 FHATURES Moving in 3 Dimensions 20 Five leading Amiga animators offer hands- on tips and techniques for creating exciting 3-D animation effects using the top-rated packages in the held. Programs include: Imagine (Victor Osaka), Draw 4D-Pro (Phil Fitzpatrick), Real 3D (Leonard Price), I.ight- W'ave 3D (Mark Swain), and Caligari Broadcast (Paul Safr). Amiga Profile By Barbara Gefvert 32 AW profiles award-winning Amiga 3-D graphics artist Stephen Menzies, Toft lips and techniques for Amiga 3-D antmn- whose stunning Amiga-generated 3-D thm! See "Moving in 3 Dimensions" p. 20, image graces this month’s cover. THE 2D-3D Punch By Rusty Mills .33 Using traditional 2-D techniques in combination with your Amiga-generated 3-D animation ellorts can yield top-quality results. Warner Bros.’ Animation Director Rusty Mills shows you how to pull it off. ARTICLES The Power of One By Rob Hays ..37 ] I you're faced with the hassles of computing on a single-floppy Amiga, try these timely tips designed to help you survive and thrive with a single-drive system. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 This month, Barney wants to know what your “concerns” are, so tune in his edito- rial and give him a piece of your mind. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen . 44 If you admire the crisp, bold style of traditional woodcut prints, Joel can show you some techniques for incorporating that look in images created with your favorite paint or drawing program. Video Suite takes a break this month, but videopliiles can look ahead one issue to October, when AW puts the spotlight on Amiga video. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ...... 8 News, newsmakers, and new products from all over the Amiga community. Help Key , ..88 He’s not as well known as CBS’s investigating Mike, but our man Wallace can usually find answers to your technical problems in well under 60 minutes. The Last Word .96 Don’t be foreign about correspondence send us vour letters right here O ever)- month. REVIEWS A530 Turbo Accelerator (Great Valley Products) 16 Maybe the most comprehensive A500 expansion product ever made! Resolver Graphics Coprocessor (Digital Micronics) ...18 This graphics-eiiliancement hoard offers more colors and a larger display area. AmlLlNK Cl (RGB) .54 Consumer version of RGB’s pro video editor conics in both cuts-only and A R roll versions. REXX Plus 1.2 (Dineen Edwards Group) .....? 8 Fast compiler speeds up Arexx scripts. Quarterback 5.0 (Central Coast). .38 SpiHy update of popular back-up utility. Audio Sampler Roundup 60 Three new sound-sampling packages from Europe: MegaMix Master (Rombo) plus AMAS 2 and Stereo Master (Microdeal). MaXIPlAN4 (The Disc Co.) And PROFESSIONAL Calc 1.4 (Gold Disk) ... 64 Two contenders vie For the elusive Amiga spreadsheet ring. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 70 Lop tips for mastering the latest and greatest in Amiga games. LiNKS (Access) .70 Multilevel golf with great graphics.. World Circuit (MicroProse) 72 Fantastic Formula One racing thrills. John Madden Football (Electronic Arts) .72 Big John's gridiron simulator goes Amiga. Short Takes .79 Capsule reviews of recent Amiga games. This month: Pacific Islands (Empire), Ork (Psygnosis), Super Space Invaders (Domark), Vikings: Fields of Conquest (Realism Entertainment). Bravo Romeo Delta (Free Spirit), and The Four Crystals of Trazcrc (Mindscape), The Next Round 80 Announcements of upcoming titles in the Amiga game market. AW Product Information. . 9 4 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue ofAmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers* Distributors1 Addresses1’ list. UN THOUSANDS OF PC COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE PACKAGES WTTH GVP'S A500-PC 286 EMULATOR! With innovative and unique engineering GVP's exclusive A500-HD8+ and A530-TURB0 “Mini Slot opens a whole new computing world. Llpflllil IB. My-g ¦ ' IifV:. ! An n . 1 1 i i INTRODUCING THE A500-PC 286 FOR A530-WRB0 AND A500-HD8+ USERS ONLY. Iff The GVP A500-PC 286 emulator features: ? Run MS-DOS' DR-DOS” and even Microsoft Windows*’* applications. ? 16MHZ 80286 CPU power with rates up to 15 on the Norton Speed Index. ? Provides Hercules, CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome) video emulations. ? Run PC and Amiga applications simultaneously. ? 512KB of dedicated PC Memory (DRAM) plus transparent access up to SMB of Amiga memory (configurable as normal, extended or expanded memory). ? 80C287 math processor (FPU) socket. For more information on GVP’s A500-PG 286 emulator for your A530-TUREI0 orA500-HD8+ contact your local GVP deafer today, or call GVP at215*337>8770, ' version 3,2 or later (not included)
* * version 5.0 or later (not included) '"not included GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 14406 USA PHONE 215 *337*8770 FAX 215*337*9922 For technical support, call 215*354*9495 AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Editorial Offices: 1-800*441-4403; 1-603-924-owo Gene Brawn. Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, PETER OLAFSON, Contributing Editors Howard G. Harp, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALANA KoRDA, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoLDRICK, Advertising Director BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative Heather GuiNARD, Sales Representative MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 WENDIE Haines MaRRO, Marketing Director LlSA JAILLET, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager; 1-603-924-0280 Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0983 or 1-800-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President SUSAN M. Hanshaw, Director of Operations LlSA LaFleuR, Business & Operations Manager MARY McCOLE, President's Assistant; Customer Service Liaison KENNETH BLAKEMAN, Associate Publisher. Ancillary Products Tl.M WALSH, Ancillary Products Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales it? Collections r> AuugaWarlti = ISSN 0883-2399) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, tm. AMIGA World is published monthlv l>y Tech Media I’ublishing. Inc.. an IDG Uomparn. .HO Elm St.. Ivm IxHungh. Nil 034,58. U.S. subscription rale is $ 29.97. one year; $ 57.97. two years; $ 83.97. lluee years. Canada and Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface
549. 97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. U.S. Iiimls drawn on U S. hank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at lYtei borough. NIL and .it additional mailing offices. Phone: 1)03-924-9100. Entire contents copyright 1992 hy TechMedia Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication may Ik- printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes la AmigaWorld, Subscription Services, PO Box 595, Mt. Morris. II. 61054-7901. Nationally distributed by Kable News (!o. Arnica World makes even effort to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings and i ire nits published in the tnaga ine. AmigaUbrld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Computing world. Simply plug the GYP PC 286 into our exclusive mini-slot and you are off and running PC programs!
• Optional socket for 68882 FPU in the New A530-TURBO to speed up rendering applications. Reliability and a company who stands behind their products is a given with any GVP product, and has made us the largest Amiga peripheral company in the world.
• Free dedicated universal power supply included with both the A500-HD8+ and A530-Turbo. Don't even think about straining your A5Q0 power supply.
• Internal fan to ensure that your system stays cool.
• 2-yr limited Factory Warranty on both the A500-FTDS+ and A530 Turbo.
• Game switch for the A500-HD8+ and Turbo switch for the A53Q-TURBO ensures full game compatibility.
• The best technical support team in the business. ‘ Requires kiekstart 1.3 or higher ii vr iviHnco ourtc iuu uu n RIGHT: CHOICE, SPEED, EXPEND- O, ABILITY AND RELIABILITY Si * IV ARE BUILT IN... AND ONLY GVP GIVES YOU A? A FULL TWO-YEAR WARRANTY.
* yEML* irO % Free Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply Far more information or your nearest GVP Dealer, call 215*337-8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support call 215-354*9495. Amiga is a registered Trademark of Commcaor? Aiiiga Ir.c A500HD8* AS30 Turiw and FvastROM are tradema'ks of Great Vatiey Products Inc 0 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc AMIGA PASADENA, CA - SEPT. 11-13, 1992 GVP'S LATEST ENGINEERING BREAKTHROUGH OWBt YOUR AMIGA 500 BEYOND EVEN THE A3000!
* A530-TURB0™ WITH
- 68EC030 CPU RUNNING AT A BLAZING 40MHZ! Imagine running your software applications at 10 times the speed: your animations will play more smoothly, multitasking is more useful, your windows open and move more quickly and more Don't waste your hard earned money on a questionable and risky hard drive when you can own a GVP A500-HD8+ classic or New A530-TURBO. No matter what GVP solution you choose there is no doubt that you will be getting the fastest, most expandable and safest hard drive system you can buy for your A50Q! Both the NEW A530 TURBO and A500- HD8+ are externally installed in a snap. It's simple, fast and worry free! And it doesn't void your warranty. GETMOREFOR YOUR MONEY WITH GVP... ? Choose from a full range of factory tested hard disk drives up to 240MB. ? Speed increase is the key. Through GVP's custom chip and FaaastROM technology, once unreachable performance is achieved.
• GVP Custom Integration ensures greatest possible performance and reliability
• Direct and instant access to up to 8MB of 32-Bit RAM on A530 Turbo and standard 8MB on A500-HD8+ Classic. ? Expandability is a must. CAT does not close the door for future expansion needs. Insure your investment with a GVP H.ird Drive Solution:
• Supports up to 7 external SCSI devices for tape backup, CD ROM Drive etc.
• Add up to SMB of FAST RAM for the A500-HD8+ or SMB of blazing 32-Bit- Wide RAM for the A530-TURBO.
• Run thousands of PC compatible software packages with the GVP A500 PC 286. This optional board incorporates state-of- the-art integration that opens a whole new SEE US AT world of _ commodore CHIEF CONCERNS Choosing our direction. ATYPICAL ISSUE of Amiga World has a column on graphics, another about video, and feature articles and reviews covering, perhaps, animation, music, and multimedia. Then there’s always a half-baked editorial and a dash of productivity or programming. Just look at this current issue, whose theme is 3-D animation. It is bursting with tips and techniques for creating top 3-D images. For a long time we’ve thought ibis was quite a good formula. Now I'm not so sure. As is often the case, a few letters to the editor and some of the usual on-line R&R (ranting and raving) jostled me from my complacency. There are a fair number of people who dislike the hea y emphasis on specific uses of the machine. They complain about our coverage of SI 000+ graphics boards, ulna- complicated video-production systems, and graphics, graphics, graphics. "Heck. We just want to compute, not create Terminator 4!” they tell us. "Besides. I can barely afford to keep my Chcvette running." We aren’t supposed to help you with your Chcvette, but we should make your Amiga computing easier. But how? There are several possible paths to take: We can focus on what makes the Amiga hot animation, video, sound, and multimedia or we can incline towards broader system coverage, Amiga DOS, hardware upgrades, productivity tips, setting up your system, and the like. Or we could do something smart, like combine the two. Now here’s where it gets tricky. If we beat animation, video, and so on to death, we may lose readers who view their Amigas as general-purpose computers. These are the folks most easily seduced by cheap clones. Of course, with Lotus 1-2-3 selling for S595 and some databases at S795, you have to file Chapter 11 before your hard drive is even half-full. So keep that in mind. II we go for the broad-based approach, we may lose a chance to capture new desktop-video, animation, and multimedia users. And we lose a certain amount of sizzle. But here you can argue that even an animator needs to know about the innards of the hardware and operating system and needs to use productivity software from time to time. This is the catch: We can’t do two magazines. We tried that with the Amiga World Tech Journal, but the market couldn’t support it, so it no longer exists. Nor can we simply double the size of Amiga World. Since we print about 100,000 copies, all those extra pages add up to lots of bucks and lots ol trees. Wasting trees our company can live with; the bucks, unfortunately, it can't. So we need to choose a direction. We could coop ourselves up in some conference room somewhere with some stale donuts and old coffee to decide what is best for you the reader. That would be the lazy solution, and we stand about a 50% chance maybe more of being dead wrong. Or we could ask you what you want. Hey, now there’s some fancy thinking. ’ J o Give the people what they want! We already are working on a telephone survey, and our annual mail survey of about 1000 readers will press lor answers to ibis question. We've also recently done a couple of on-line surveys, one of which helped us to reshape the reviews section. And even- month through our reader service cards we survey readers’ interest in particular topics. Bill I’m fat'from satisfied. 1 wouldn't mind some fairly spontaneous reactions, along with reasons why we should choose one direction over the other, or mix them both. If you care what runs between the covers of Amiga World, drop me a line, or give a quick call. Tell me what you think and why. Feel free to go beyond the basic question of broad versus specific application coverage. Tell us if you like our style, our tone, our design. You can even critique our photographs. I’ve heard complaints that mine is so small and dark that it is almost impossible to draw a good mustache on it. We’d also like to know if the technical level of the magazine is appropriate. For some, our jargon is as incomprehensible as a Dan Quayle speech. Others like to probe the deepest levels of Intuition, and view anything less as pure fluff. These folks would have us write the magazine in machine language and beam it off a satellite. But hey, if there are enough of you out there, that’s what we’ll do. So write or call. You might even throw in an article idea or two. We promise to discuss it over stale donuts ancl coffee sometime soon. ¦ Now, your Amiga® 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! HONE Pa k X X X X X X X X X X HI JOE f GOT YOUR FAX ft AH THINK iT LOOKS GREAT, - . TM PHONEPAK1 S EXCLUSIVE Vfr TECHNOLOGY TAKES FAX AND VOICE MAIL INTO THE NEXT CENTURY! You know what a fax machine IS. You know what an answering machine DOES. I You know how voice mail WORKS. Now imagine all that technology working together as a single comprehensive information system all on one board. And that's just the beginning when it comes to what GVP's new PhonePak can do for your A2000 3000! PhonePak Handles All Calls With a PhonePak VFX system installed on each of your phone lines you can: ? Receive faxes and store them on your Amiga's hard disk for on-screen viewing and or plain paper printing at your convenience. ? Use PhonePak's advanced digital technology to record and playback voice messages. ? Receive VFX" messages combining voice and fax, from virtually any standard phone fax machine. ? View a fax onscreen and listen to a voice message about that fax at the same time a GVP multimedia breakthrough! ? Send faxes to one or more numbers immediately, or via PhonePak's built-in scheduler. ? Record and play your own voice messages in standard IFF audio format using a fully configurable system of private user mailboxes. ? Create customized databases for all your names, addresses, and telephone numbers. ? Use PhonePak’s exclusive Operator' script language or AREXX to control all dialing functions. Anti because PhonePak uses GVP's custom DMA chip technology for multitasking, you can keep right on working, even while PhonePak is taking calls. SEE US AT world of n commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA • SEPT. 11-13, 1992 Mm GVPs NEW PhonePak Saves Time and Money With PhonePak, you get a powerful, yet affordable, fax and voice messaging system that:
• Can be learned in no time with the simple, step-by-step user's manual.
• Completely eliminates costly and unwieldy thermal paper.
• Offers scaled, nonscaled, and inverted viewing of faxes in both Hi Res (640x400) or Workbench 2.O s SuperHiRes 11280x400) mode.
• Intelligently transfers incoming calls over Centrex"* or other compatible phone networks.
• Lets the caller decide whether to leave a message or speak with the called party. And, you get something no other fax machine or computerized fax product can offer privacy for every fax received. PhonePak Helps You Work Smarter As you can see, anything fax machines, answering machines, and voicemail systems can do, PhonePak can do. Plus, PhonePak is the only technology' that gives you fax and voice information combined. Whether you have a single phone line at home, or multiple lines in die office, once you install PhonePak, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Circle 1 on Reader Service card Dmiirsl Iwirt.rti ¦! Olbte H fl.tt.Jt Bfeta H M.ll.n 0 ? ? ? 0 ?. .. .. 'Bi¦ 9 ll
- rT- A T. : -
* 4.*r t.
- . ¦ ' 0, _
ML. HM. * m. i Main PhonePak Control Panel Lttt Ml(W|H »«7l’Mniit ¦ Iilfer in PhonePak requires 2MB RAM and a hard drive, and ts FCC certified for use in the Uniec States PrranePak, VFX and Operator * are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners © Copyright T992 Great Valley Products, Inc For more information on what GVP’s PhonePak can do for you, call (215)337-8770 today. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Prime Effects on Prime Time I lollvwood filmmakers have lone used O die Amiga to breadie life into dull com- puter displays or add high-tech computer graphics to scenes. For the most part, however, the Amiga has taken a hack seat in the special-effects arena. A space station named Babylon 5 is about to take the Amiga out of the back seat and send it racing at lightspccd into the homes of science-Union fans. The space station lends its name to a two- hour television movie that promises some of the most extensive computer animation ever generated from a desktop. I he story takes place on the space station resting between five space federations. Over 52 Amiga-animated shots including external views oft he space station, alien space craft, massive space battles, and a video wall full ofalien creamres sell- ing soap are involved in the telling. “In Babvlon 5. The Toaster and Light- t n Wave allow us to do special-eflecls shots that would otherwise he impossible, and do the effects on a television budget.“ says Ron Thornton, who heads the show’s digital-elfects team, Thornton, a special- eifects model maker and computcr-ani- maiion master, has used NewTek’s Video Toaster and Light Wave 3D as his primary special-effects tools for the last year. He has created some of the finest images el ever to fill a framebuffer, among them moon landers, space battle cruisers, and a steel mill filled with smoke, molten mel- aj, and showers of sparks. Thornton’s Babylon 5 models are spectacularly detailed and realistically textuied. Watch for Babylon 5 to air on a syndicated station near you on November 27 and for the special effects sci- ence-fiction model-and-texturc package that T hornton plans to produce. Mark Swain New Looks for Old Friends Leading the march on the upgrade path is Professional Draw 3.0 ($ 199.95). Gold Disk's si met ured-cl rawing program. This overhaul includes a hot link
U) Pro Page 3,0; more than 30 automatic lunctions (Genies); Arexx support (to let vou edit or create Genies); user-definable linear and radial gradient fills; Pan- lone, RGB, and CMYK colors; an undo feature; scaling, cropping, and rotating of IFF (including 2 1-hii) and KPS Files; and a clip-art collection. Text handling has been improved, and Pro Draw now supports Compugraphic scalable and Type 1 PostScript fonts. (RS 1 15.) How can vou improve on excellence!? (list ask Micro-Systems Software. Version 3 of the well-known graphics word processor is compatible with both Amiga- DOS 2.0-1 and Arexx, incorporates a new look and feel, and includes such user-requested features as automatic Snow ’Nuff! Will any trade shows and conferences exhibit Amiga products and discuss Amiga-related topics this fall? You bet! You can do some "hands-on browsing" and attend free seminars when you visit the World of Commodore Amiga at the Pasadena Center in Pasadena, California. September 11-13. To save S5 on a one-day or three-day pass (regularly SI5 and S30), register before August 21. Send your check, payable to Ramige Management, along with your name and address to World of Amiga, 3380 Sheridan Dr., Suite 120, Amherst, NY 14226. For further information call 416(285-5950. (RS 139.) Image World, featuring Video Expo and the CAMMP show, will turn up at New York City's Jacob Javits Center in late September. Seminars will run September 21-25, and the exhibit hall will be open from the 22nd to the 24th. Show producer Knowledge Industry Publications promises that the show will highlight new desktop video equipment for the Amiga, Mac, 3nd PC, and that seminars will cover a range of DTV topics. For details, coll 800 800-5474 or 914 328-9093, or fax 914 328-9093. (RS 140.) The Software Publisher's Association holds its eighth annual conference this year from Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 in the nations's capital. Developers wanting to network anti attend educational sessions should write the Association at 1730 M St. NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036, or fax 202 785-
3646. (RS 141.) Liard-disk backup program are improved compression routines, die ability to append backups on tapes, DAT fast-search support, a 91 I -Recovery mode to salvage data from a crashed drive, password pro- timed saves, French and German spelliug-chccker support, an improved ruler, and more. (RS 128.) Ami-Back’s hack in version 2.9 (Moonlighter Software. $ 79.95). New lo the To locate the vendors of the products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p; 94. The Next Generation In Backup Software Conpleted: F i1es: 25II Bytes: 178,5601 Tagged: F i1es: 559 Bytes: 4,599,613 The fastest backup and archiving program on the Amiga! Supports up to four floppy drives for backup and restore New integrated streaming tape support New “compression “ option for backups Optional password protection, with encryption, for data security Full tape control for retension, erase and rewinding New “interrogator, ” retrieves device information from SCSI devices Capable of complete, subdirectory-only, or selected-dies backup and restore Improved wild card and pattern matching, for fast and easy selective archiving Restores all date and time stamps, file notes, and protection bits on files and directories Supports both hard and soft links Full macro and AREXX support Full Workbench 2.0 compatibility Improved user interface, with Workbench 2.0 style “3-D” appearance Many more features! Thousands of people rely on Quarterback for their backup and archival needs. Now, with Quarterback 5.0, there is even more reason to do so. Greater speed, even more features, and proven reliability. And a new “3-0” user interface puts these powerful capabilities at your finger tips. With features like these, it is no wonder that Quarterback is the best selling backup program for the Amiga, Would you trust your data with anything less? Central Coast Software .1 Division Of New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road. Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 • FAX (512) 328-1925 Quarterback V a trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc. tection, on-line help, ancl Arexx support. (RS 116.) Broadcast Titler 2 Super High Res = In noVision Technology) promises to make vour titles look sharper. Building on Broadcast Titler 2, the updated character generator adds transitions and 1472x480-resolution display support, and it lets von mix super and standaid hires lines on a single page. The program sells for $ 499.95, but registered owners can upgrade for $ 99. (RS 1 I 7.) Jump Start for 3-D Anjon b Associates has the charge to get you up and running with Animation Journeyman the Animation Journeyman Starter Kit (S59.95). A tricks-and-tips videotape, sample 3-D objects, and 24-bit IFF maps are included to boost you up the learning curve. (RS 111.) For other programs, try Slide City's TV Objects as creative fuel. The two-disk set contains 33 geometric objects, arrays, and spirals of various styles in Sculpt 3D 4D and Turbo Silver Imagine formats ($ 49.95). For $ 19.95, you can purchase the set in VideoScape 3D format, or get all three formats for $ 59.95. IRS 112.) Did Your Family Tree fall under the recent onslaught of AmigaDOS 2.04? Don’t worry. MicroMaster has released Your Family Tree 2.2 ($ 79.95). which assures compatibility with the new Workbench. The genealogy database has undergone some other changes, too. For example, reports are enhanced, the bugs are fixed, and you can now define a text editor and picture viewer for use within the program. Registered owners of previous versions should contact MicroMaster Commodore Calling Things are moving at Commodore: people, departments, and prices. Although Jeff Scherb has left, CATS (Commodore Applications and Technical Support) is not without a leader. The new “top cat” is John F. Campbell, a ten- year CBM veteran who in days of yore helped launch the VIC-20 and C-64. Campbell has begun his new job by moving the CATS group into Commodore's engineering division, a move lie predicts will “help strengthen ties between Commodore’s development effor upgrade details. (RS 1 IS.) A-Talk III owners should get in touch with New Horizons for help. The company has taken over distribution and technical support duties for the popular telecommunications program from Oxxi. (RS 1 19.) Can't find Image Catalog? No wonder; the texture collection’s manufacturer has moved. Direct future inquiries to Robert Young at PC) Box 1134, Perris, CA 92572. (RS 120.) Forts and the work of our developers.” In hopes of strengthening sales, CBM has slashed suggested retail computer prices by lip to 25%. These price moves are part of a new multimedia marketing campaign, for which Commodore has developed a few system bundles. The first of these, an A2000 with a 100MB hard drive, 5MB of RAM, and a 1084S monitor, sells for S2699. Or for S3159 with an 150MB tape drive. Two other configurations, available only through September 30, are an A3000T with a ? Want to enhance your Workbench 1.3 or 2.04 interlaced display? Then a visit to ('ompuServe's AmigaUser area is in order. There in Library 11 von will find EA- CEP. LZH, an interlaced pointer that is the “right” size for your screens and compatible with other pointer hacks such as the animated “busy-hand" pointer. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh While on CompuServe, also be sure to get DWORK,-
1. 1 IA, located in Library' 15 of the .AmigaUser area. This popular program is Chris flames’ DirWork VI.62, a directory utility loaded with bullous and configurable options. Although its scant down- load numbers are misleading, one of the better utilities on BIX goes by the filename expwin.lha. Known as Exploding Layers 1.0, and written by Andreas Schildbach, this easily implemented commodity makes Workbench 2.x windows “explode” as they open. Closing a window has an opposite, imploding, effect. I’ve found the program to be virtually bulletproof, and I think it gives accelerated Amigas a refined look. The Toy Department Genie is keeping the telephone companies busy with its second-to-none choice of downloads, including WB- TOYS11.LZII (file number 16263, Amiga Library 15). Workbench Toys version 1.1 updates the five programs in the original release and adds two new “graphical interaction” toys, EtchToy and Rip- pleToy, for the 2.04 Gatl- ’fools library'. A 4K text-ftle that looks as though it was originally addressed to Portal is unique to Genie. Called CDROMS.- LZH (file number 16244 in Amiga Library 33) and written by Dan Barrett, it is a roundup of CD-ROM informal ion lor the Amiga. With slats on drive and file-system popularity; details on drives from major manufacturers, a list of the author’s favorite discs, and so on, the file makes for good reading. Portal, in a move to expand its flexibility, has now added Internet access. Ii has also added CPUSET.LZH a must-have for accelerated Amigas to the File Libraries Resource Sc System Utilities category of its Amiga area. Whether you use 2.04 or 1.3, a 68020 or a 68040, you can use this program to enable or disable the instruction and data caches in a hum; While you’re on Portal, also check out AIBB43.LHA in the File Libraries Resource & System Utilities area. It’s the latest version of the Amiga Intuition-Based Benchmarks by La Monte Koop. If vou’re interested in es- tablishing an account with one of the networks, call: BIX 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 408 973-91 1 1 10 September 1902 ers the &OUND ZONE «*rSL! 'p*ry&*,tC With the most powerful, comprehensive 8-bit Digital Sound Package to ever orchestrate an Amiga j( Ht ' Digital Sound Studio The Affordable Answer to Tour Audio Dreams Record, Edit, Compose... With a high-quality stereo sound sampler; A fast, powerful, easy-to-use sound editor, And a self-contained 4-track sequencer: For all the sound effects and music you could ever Imagine. ? Record sound samples from any source, including voices, noise, and pre-recorded instruments, to create your own instruments and effects. ? Edit sounds quickly in real time. Add effects like reverb and echo, run sounds backward, alter wave forms, cut and paste sound segments, create loops, eliminate pops and scratches. ? Compose easily using the DSS 4-track sequencer and your Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Draw from up to 31 instruments at a time, in up to four octaves with 8 different variable effects. Mix and modify sounds in real time as you compose, through direct interface with the sound editor. DSS Stretches the outer limits of 8-bit sound
• Create your own 4-track, self-playing musical compositions.
• Make soundtracks for home video, animation or visual presentations complete with voice-over, sound effects and music.
• Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation.
• Analyze graphic equalization of real-time sound.
• Remove "pops" from old phonograph recordings.
• Create custom instruments and sound effects by collecting and or modifying pre-recorded instruments, voice, or sounds from any source, and use them in your own compositions.
• Save your sound and music to disk or send it out via modem for replay on any Amiga. SEE US AT world of „ commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA • SEPT. 11-T3, 1992 Chech out these unparalleled features V AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible; written in assembly language. V Multi-tasking operation. V 68020 and 68030 compatible. V Comprehensive tutorial manual helps even beginners get started right away. V Intuition-based graphic interface makes operation easy. V MIDI-in capability. V Direct interface between sequencer and editor. V Hold 31 sound samples in memory at once all shown on screen so they are easy to manipulate.
* Effects and processing capabilities include echo, mix, filter, re-sample, sound data inversion, playing sounds backwards, loops, fade-in fade-out and more. V Manipulate sound samples in real time, as you listen. V Create sampled instruments with 1, 3 and 5 octaves. V HIFI recording for highest quality playback. V7 Controls for faster slower playback and filtering high frequencies during playback. V Load and save samples, songs and instruments in multiple formats. V' Multiple effects for each note. » Stereo and monophonic operation. Also convert mono to stereo or separate stereo. Vf Auto-playing music modules. Real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. Real-time reverberation.
* Graphic editing of wave forms through easy-to-use functions, including zoom in out and precision controls for position, frequency and amplitude. V Draw sound waves freehand using the mouse. T Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. V Maximum recording speed of 51,000 samples second (38,908 samples second in stereo). V Savable Preference settings. V Saves in IFF, SONIX or RAW formats. V Compatible with SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and SoundFX modules. FX ? P 0 m AMIGA PARALLEL V GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tet. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 200MB hard drive, 5MB of RAM, and a 1950 or I960 VGA color monitor for $ 4499 suggested retail; and an A3000- 25 50 with a 50MB hard drive, 2MB of RAM. And CBM’s new 20-MHz A2386SX Bridgeboard for $ 3399, 1 lie 386 Bridge- board, which fits into A2000s and A3000s and conies with MS-DOS 5.0, lets you run IBM applications in a window under AmigaDOS and transfer between Amiga and MS-DOS disks. (RS 132.) ERHEARD Do you have a computer that’s collecting dust? Two nonprofit agencies want to put it to use to help at-risk and special-needs people and to encourage freedom in newly democratic nations. The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) seeks computers and televisions for educational programs to help folks with differing abilities reach their potential and lead productive lives. Over 5000 computers have been placed tints far; donors receive notification of where and how their equipment is used. Meanwhile, the East West Education Development Foundation wants to counter the government’s “pathetically inadequate” aid and give ex-Com- munist countries tools to think their way out of economic dilemmas. Today, one donated PC helps monitor one of the world’s most polluted rivers the Danube. If you lack equipment but still want to help, a $ 50 or $ 100 contribution will ensure shipment to a trainer who will instruct users. Donations to either group are lax deductible; corporations receive additional tax benefits. Contact NCF at 42 Hillcrest Dr., Pelham Manor, NY, 800 274-7846, or 914 738-7494 (RS
142) . Reach East West at 49 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111, 617 542- 1234 or fax 617 542-3333 (RS 143). The Structure of Things Genisofts Expert Draw ($ 99), a new structured-graphics program, includes Bezier curves with point insertion and deletion. Also in its repertoire are multi- ple-object duplication with successive resizing and rotation, a morphing feature, and object distortion to either prescribed constraints or free control. An autotrace function turns bitmapped images into structured drawings. I wo color options let you blend hues across groups of objects and define in RGB or CMYK terms. (RS 133.) An add-on module for PSImport, Stylus's draw program, lets you import EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) drawings into Pro Vector and save them in Amiga IFF- DR2D or -1LBM formats. PSImport can also convert most PostScript Tvpel fonts into the IFF-OFNT outline-font format for use in ProVector. With the help of a transfer utility such as Consultron's CrossDOS or a modem for downloading, it allows access to nonAmiga graphics, as well. (RS 134.) The Soft-Logik Clip Art Library contains over 2000 EPS graphics files divided into 21 theme volumes (S99 each). You can import the structured graphics into Soft-Logik's PageStream 2 publishing program and resize them without losing resolution. Handy TIFF bitmap headers on each illustration output to any printer. (RS 135.) A1000 and A500 Add-ons Cramped Amiga owners: a quartet of companies wants to pump you up. Available in lightweight (S149) and heavy-duty metal (S169) versions, CeVDesign’s X-pander chassis lets you add A2000 boards to your A1000 or A500. Both models connect to the CPU's expansion bus; the A1000 box leaves two holes for mouse-port access. (RS 121.) Pre'spect Technics serves the same market with NakeD-Up (S49.50). A small circuit board with one slot, the unit plugs onto your A500's or A1000's bus, allowing you to run one A2G00 card. A pass-through port is provided, and a two-slot version is planned. (RS 122.) Comspec’s ARM 1000 (S99) lets you Install 1.3 or 2.0 Kickstart ROMs in your A1000 and boot from either OS. With a hardware modification, you can also free an extra 256K of RAM. (RS 123,) Doing double duty, the DataFlyer Express (Expansion Systems) adds a hard drive and up to 8MB of memory to your A500. For the hard drive, you can choose a SCSI, IDE AT, or SCSI IDE controller. The SCSI controller allows up to seven daisy-chained devices, while the IDE handles two. Pick the SCSI IDE combo, and you can run all nine devices at once but you may need the optional power supply. (RS 124.) Spending too much time designing layouts in PageStream 2? 'Fry ADDesign Templates, Volume 1, a collect ion of works by ADDesign Page Layout & Design Service. The offerings range from complex and specialized to simple and versatile, and you can use them as is or customize them to 111 specific requirements. (RS 136.) A Graphics Gem OpalVision [Centaur Development) is the latest to enter the graphic-enhancer ring. A 24-bit framebuffer for the A2000’s or A3000's video slot. OpalVision handles resolutions up to 768x480 (768x580 in PAL), 16.8 million colors, and double-buffered animations, and it can display Amiga graphics or animations in front of or behind its own images. To access these features, the package comes with Opal Paint, a 24-bit paint and image-processing program; Opal Presents, presentation software for controlling and combining OpalVision images, Amiga graphics, and live video; OpalVision HolKey, an Arexx-com- patible utility that lets you display and swap OpalVision screens at any time; and King of Karate, a 24- bit arcade game. The future of OpalVision is even more intriguing, with framegrabber-and-genlock, scan-rate converter, and production-switcher modules planned, as well as a special-effects Roaster chip- (RS 127.) Here and There Take a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean with the flip of a switch: Luna Tech's A3000 PAL NTSC Switch ($ 15.95 plus $ 2.50 shipping) is offered with a lifetime warranty and promises to install quickly and easily. Once in place, the unit lets vou run software in either NTSC (the North American video standard) or in PAL (the European standard). (RS 129.) 12 September I1)1)2 OU’LL BUY IMPACT VISION 24 FOR ONE VIDEO NEED AND FIND YOU NEED IT FOR EVERYTHING VIDEO Introducing the IMPACT VISION 24 from GVP The All-In-One Video Peripheral for the A3000 and A2000
- f' press a (configurable) “hot key" to activate any feature. At GVP, we wanted to make a major impact on the use of the A3000 2000 by professional video enthusiasts. With the Impact Vision-24 we have! For more information on how the Impact Vision 24 can have a major impact on your video productions, call us at 215-337-8770.
• auxin die imran visisn I GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 * FAX (215) 337-0922 If you ’re into video, IMPACT VISION-24 is truly a dream come true for your A3000 or A2000. It is the first multifunction peripheral specifically designed for the A3000’s video expansion slot. With the optional A2000 genlock slot adaptor kit, it also perfectly complements and enhances the A2000. Check out these features, all packed on a single Amiga" expansion board! ? Separate Composite and Component Video (RGB+Sync) Genlocks. RGB genlock operates in the digital domain, for digitally perfect production studio quality mixing: no color bleeding, no ghosting, no artifacts ...! ? 15R® Frame fritter. Display 24-bit, 16 million color images on your Amiga monitor. On a multi-sync monitor, you can even display 16 million color images in non-interlaced mode! ? Realtime Framegrabber DigrtEer. Freeze, grab and store (in standard 4096 or 16 million color IFF format) any frame from a “live" incoming RGB video source. Video Interface Ulit, Transcode composite or S-VHS video into RGB. (Optional version available with YUV input output.) ? Hcker-ESminator. Duplicates and enhances the A3000's display enhancer circuitry. It even de-interlaces live external video! A must for any A2000 owner. Ask about our A2000 “genlock slot trade-up" program. ? Simultaneous Component Video (RGB) Out, Composite Video Out and s-vhs Video Out. Now, anything you can see on your Amiga monitor can be recorded on video tape, SEE us AT world of , commodore AMIGA PASADENA. CA * SEPT. 11-13, 1992 including animations, ray-traced 24-bit images and more! ? Picture-ta-Picture (pip) Display, Freeze, resize, rescale and or reposition live incoming RGB video just like any workbench window at the double click of a mouse or the pressing of a “hot key". With a multisync all this can even be in rock steady de-interlaced mode. Unique “reverse-PIP" feature, even allows you to place a fully functional Amiga workbench (or other application) screen as a SCALE-ABLE (shrunk down!) And re-positionable window over full-screen live video. ? To make sure you can take full and immediate advantage of every feature of your new Impact Vision 24 video-station, we even include the following software with every unit:
• Cafigari -IV24. An exclusive version of the leading broadcast quality, 3-D modelling and rendering program. Use your imagination &¦ to model 3D, 16 million color, W scenes. Use your digitized video images as textures to wrap around any object! The mind is the limit!
• SCALA’"Titling. Easy -to-leam, video titling package complete with lots of special fonts and exciting special transition effects, Turn your Amiga into a character generator.
• MACROPAIVT-IV24. A 2D, 16 million color paint program that lets you have fun creating or manipulating any 16 million color, 24-bit image. Control Panel. Provides full software control over all Impact Vision-24's numerous features. Use your mouse or simply Virtually Amiga If you've ever imagined being inside your favorite video game, you know what virtual reality (VR) is. A concept developed by NASA, VR seeks to let human beings interact with otherwise impossible realms. Now, the world's first commercial VR system, Virtually, incorporates three 25-33-MHz Amiga 3000s, ci 100MB hard drive for program code, and a 553MB CD-ROM for incredible sound into one $ 65,000 control unit. Although only two units are necessary for real fun, you can network up to six for simultaneous play. I saw a two-mechine setup at the Limelight Club in New York City, where it ran its first application, the addictive Dactyl Nightmare. This hi-tech showdown pits human beings against each other or the computer; while you hunt one another, two pterodactyls circle overhead. If you shoot too fast or too many times without striking, the flying reptiles swoop down to grab you, lift you high above the playing field, and drop you. This sequence is the only one in the game that gives a third-person rather than a first-person view of the action. The mechanical grabbing device consists of a 375-pound raised circular platform connected to a waist-level ring via three equally-spaced, curved columns. The ring functions as a restraint during play. Well Suited To suit up for play, you step onto the platform where the ring is lowered, a hip pack is belted around your waist, and a helmet is placed on your head. Two cables connect the hip pack, which contains hip motion-detection circuitry, to the helmet. A third leads from the hip pack to the controller, which has two buttons and looks like a joystick. The top button causes your game persona to walk or run toward whatever you see; the other lets you shoot. Once you get a feel for the game, it doesn't matter that the graphics are biocky and the display offers just 256 colors in a 768x512 resolution. All that matters is winning. According to Dave Polinchock, the New York City dealer for Virtuality, the system will undergo many changes by year's end; You will be able to network 20 machines, and a sit-down version will be developed. On the software side, more games are in the works, including a racing simulation and a Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure. For more information on the system, contact Horizon Entertainment at 800 Illusion. Rajesh Goe Sign Here Programmer’s Corner Need help with AMOS? PLAYFIELD!, The Journal of Creative Amiga Programming with AMOS, may have the answers. This bimonthly newsletter is filled with code examples and articles. One-year subscriptions are $ 20, but you can buy a sample issue for $ 1. (RS 125) If you're a neophyte, Easy AMOS fEuropress Software) has your code. The package includes the language, a course of 20 programming lessons, and two program examples = a Breakout clone and a racing game), plus plenty of documentation to walk you through it. (RS 126.) Fingerspelling it is the use of hand positions to indicate letters of the alphabet, and it constitutes a part of American Sign Language. It is also the subject of The Puzzle Factory's new fingerTalk ($ 35), a tutor suitable for both children and adults. The program offers five teaching modes, speed control, and text Hies. It also includes games to help you practice and tips for signing and reading linger- spelling. (RS 130.) More MegaHertz Kick your A2000 into high gear with Vector, an accelerator from Interactive Video Systems. Available in 25-, 33-, and 40-MHz versions, Vector comes with Motorola’s 68EC030 or 68030 in the processor socket, a socketed 68882 math coprocessor, a SCSI controller, an external 50-pin SCSI pass-through, and SCSI-Share Networking. Not only does the hoard boot in either 68000 or ’030 mode, but it also allows the 68000 to access the SCSI controller and up to SMB of RAM. If you need more than the Vector’s maximum 32MB of RAM. The board is compatible with Commodore’s 2630 expansion bus and any memory expanders built for it. (RS I 13.) The Fast Lane, a chip-RAM accelerator and expansion device for the A500 and A2000, promises to let your system access chip RAM at least as quickly as it does fast RAM. The Fast Lane plugs into the CPU socket and accepts 2MB of memory and a one- or two-meg Agnus chip. Get it unpopulated ($ 269) or with two megs ($ 399) from Black Knight Peripherals; you supply the Agnus chip, (RS 114.) Head to Ed Want io compare text editors? Dare to discover their obscure features? Vidia's Amiga Text Editor Quick Reference ($ 7.95) is a ‘20-page publication that lists keyboard equivalents, macro languages, and so on for 11 programs: CygnusEd. TurboTest, TxEd Plus, Uedit, DME, LSE, Z, Ed, Edit, MicroEMACS, and Notepad. (RS 131.) Texture Topics For algorithmically-generatecl textures designed to simulate real and surreal surfaces, try on TexTiles (Mannikin Sceptre Graphics). The images, available in I IT-24 or Video Toaster formal, mea- sure 256x256 each, so even those with just 1 MB of memory can use them (3MB and a hard drive are recommended, though). TexTiles’ edge-mapping feature promises seamless transitions for tiling lills and image wrapping. Each 40- image volume costs $ 39.95 and conies on ten disks. (RS 137.) Would you prefer arboreal textures? Bearded Wonder Graphics' Ultimate Wood Collection is available as a full set ($ 190) or a sampler ($ 60). The former offers 48 textures, including plank and parquet, in as many as three styles each (plain, rough, and polished) for a total of 116 images. The smaller collection contains a dozen textures in the three styles. Take your choice of HAM or [PEG I EE- 24 formats. (RS 138.) Overscan is compifed by Barbara Gefvert, Linda Laflamme, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWor d Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ Only GVP Factory Installed A2000 HC8+ SCSI Hard Disk+RAM Boards have a track record this good over 20,000 satisfied Amiga- users and now a 2-Year Warranty! Don't waste your valuable time or money building a SCSI + RAM Controller from parts.., Because of our unprecedented pricing structure you can now get GVP's factory installed A2000 HC8+ with drives from 52MB to 240MB at a very competitive price. ? GVP's A2000 HC8+...THE SAFEST CHOICE Look for the GVP Factory Installed Drive Seal... it's your assurance that your A2000 HC8+ drive has been installed and tested in GVP's own factory . . . And the 2 year limited warranty protects you better and longer than any third party installed drive. And with third party drives you run the risk of a run around if anything does go wrong. ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+...N0W EVEN FASTER WITH F AASTR0MIM 4.5 All A2000 HC84 have been redesigned and equipped with GVP's newest fastest SCSI Driver - FftAASTROM 4.5. Plus, we've also doubled Western Digital's SCSI Controller clockspeed to I4Mhz for a tremendous increase in speed ... ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+ ...JUST LOOK AT THESE FEATURES Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion
• Custom chip design for the fastest possible data transfer rates and DMA performance - even in a multi-tasking environment. GVP Custom VLSI Chip GVP Factory Installed Seal A Ask your dealer about Syquest 44MB or 80MB removable hard drives for use with any GVP SCSI Controller. Special factory-bundled configurations are now available. Slfus.i world of . Commodore Circle 1 on Reader Service card. AMIGA PASADENA CA-SEPI 1I-1J, 199?
• Easy-to-Install SIMM memory modules for configurations up to 8MB-and support BridgeBoard users with the 6MB FAST RAM.
• Support for virtually any SCSI device.
• Fastest and easiest SCSI installation possible. ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+.. JUST LOOK FOR THE GVP FACTORY INSTALLED SEAL Remember if the GVP Factoryr Installed seal shown in this ad isn't on your A2000 HC84- box ... it isn't the fastest, most powerful, longest warrantied, safest A2000 HC8+ you can buy. Ask for and accept only GVP A2000 HC8+ with the Factory Installed seal. For more information call 215-337-8770. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 600 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406
U. S.A. PHONE 215 * 33 * 8770 FAX 215 *337 * 9922 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call 215-337-8770. Dealer inquiries welcome. For technical support, call 215-354-9495. Amigj t% t r.Qi&tutea traaem.r* o! Commodor.-Amiga, Inc 11991 Great tfanev Product* (nc Factory Installed
3. 5" Hard Disk Drive R E VIE A530 Turbo Accelerator 40-MHz 6803Q accelerator, hard drive, and RAM expansion. Great Valley Products, $ 999 A500. External, expansion bus connection. Installation: Easy. * Great Valley Products (GVP) has a well-de- sened reputation as the Amiga's leading third-party hardware developer. The first to oiler serious, high-speed accelerators, it remains one of the foremost producers of cutting- edge, high-performance accelerators for the Amiga 2000 and 3000 lines. GYP was also among the first to produce an expansion chassis for the A500 (the Series II) that combined a hard drive with RAM expansion. With this background, it should come as no surprise that the company has developed the most all-encompassing A500 expansion product I have seen. The An 30 Turbo is a combination of several products. It's a 10-MI 1 68030 accelerator, a high-speed SCSI hard-drive controller, a hard disk, a RAM expander, and an (optional) PC emulator, all rolled into one slim box that fits perfectly alongside the A500 case. It plugs into the expansion bus and has its own power supply, an important consideration because the standard A500 supply is designed to power only the computer. Simple, Fast, and Rellable Hooking up the A530 was the easiest hardware installation I have ever made. With the power off, you just slide the A530 on the expansion bus, connect the power supply, and turn on the power. When you power up, the A530 detects which version of the operating system you are using (1.3 or 2.0) and automatically installs the appropriate version of Workbench onto itself. .All this is done without your putting a floppy disk into a drive. The only user intervention is responding to the request to specify which keymap you want from the supplied list. Once started, the whole installation takes only a couple of minutes of harddisk activity; the system reboots itself, and in sec- To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. Onds you are presented with a Workbench screen complete with a disk icon for the new drive. The A530 certainly sets a new standard for ease of harddisk installation! Built into every A530 is a 40-MHz 68EC030 processor. This CPU differs from the standard 68030 in that it does not contain a built-in MMU (inemoiy- manageinem unit). While the MMU is an important component, on the Amiga it is used primarily to copy the system ROM into fast 32-bit RAM and protect it. A technique that greatly speeds up nearly every aspect of the operating system. The A530 includes its own circuitry to accomplish this task, so the lack of an MMU is no great disadvantage. You also get several programs to help control the use of the new CPU. One of these is GvpCpuCtrl, a utility that copies the ROM into RAM. The automatic installation procedure adds this command to the start up-seqiience, so you never really have to use it. The only exception is if you want to switch from 68030 to 68000 mode (which you may have to do in run some older games). In those instances, you use GvpCpuCtrl to turn olf the 68030 and revert control to the 68000. To take effect, this requires a system reboot, and once it’s done, the A530’s hardware resources (including RAM and the hard disk) are no longer available. If you need a floating-point processor (ITT), keep in mind that the standard configuration does not include a 68882 chip. The hoard does contain a socket for one, however, and you can either buy the A530 already equipped with a 40-Ml I . 68882 or add one later. The unit I reviewed came with the 68882 installed, and, as the chart below indicates, performance for floating point was significantly better then the standard A3000. The hard-drive controller in the A530 is the same DMA SCSI technology used in all of GVP’s harddisk products. As such, it has been on the market for some time and is quite fast and very reliable. The standard A530 ships with a 52-megabyte hard drive, but you can also buy it with a 120MB or 240MB drive instead (SI 179 or $ 1399). Disk performance (as measured by DiskSpeed 4.2) is quite high, with reads approaching 900.000 bytes a second. In addition, because the A530 has an external SCSI port, you can daisy chain up to six other SCSI devices (such as a CD-ROM drive), as long as they have their own power supplies. The stock A530 comes with one megabyte of 60- nanosecond. 32-bit expansion RAM, and allows you to add another two, four, or eight megs with one- or four-megabyte SIMMs (single in-line memory modules). You cannot mix SIMMs, however, meaning that you must use either all one-meg or all four- meg SIMMs. RAM installation is very simple: Remove three screws, lift the top, and slide the SIMM into one of the two sockets. You must also set a couple of jumpers, but these are easily accessed and well-documented in the manual. I added eight megabytes in only five minutes, including opening and closing the case. When I turned the machine back on, I had nine megabytes of RAM in my A500, making it the equal of my misty A2500 sitting nearby. You can add more than RAM, as well. Inside the A530 is a small custom mini-slot for other expansion devices. While I didn’t test it, one card already available is CAT’s PC.286 emulator, a 16-MHz, 80286 AT-class computer that promises to run a wide variety of MS-DOS software. (Watch for a review in an upcoming issue.) The A530 is a remarkable device. I used AIBB (the standard Amiga benchmark program) to compare the 40-MHz 68EC030 with a stock 25-MHz A3000. As the chart below shows, the 68EC030 significantly outperformed its bigger brother. The only areas where it wasn’t faster were in tests that used the built-in graphic routines, which is not surprising when you consider that the A3000 has a completely 32-bit-wide architecture, while the A530 A500 combination still uses the A500’s 16-bit chip memory when the custom chips are accessed. The A530's*- Figure 1. A530 AIBB results Writepixel
0. 40 Savage
1. 60 Sieve
1. 58 Fmath
1. 59 Dhrystone
1. 37 Fmatrix
1. 57 Sort
1. 50 BeachBall
0. 86 Matrix
1. 51 Swhetstone
1. 86 Imath
1. 51 Dwhetstone
1. 52 MemTest
0. 97 Ftrace
1. 62 TGTest
0. 69 CpIxTest
1. 45 NOTE: These A530 results are in comparison to a 25-MHz A3000. A result of 1.0 indicates a speed equal to the A3000; higher values represent better performance. A value of 1.5, for example, indicates a speed 50% faster than the A3000. Figure 2. A530 DiskSpeed 4.2 Testing directory manipulation speed: File Create: 13 files sec 53 files sec 148 files sec 30 files sec 52 seeks sec CPU Available: 73% CPU Available: 46% CPU Available: 25% CPU Available: 70% CPU Available: 70% File Open: Directory Scan: File Delete: Seek Read: Testing with a 262144-byte, MEMF_FAST, LONG-aligned buffer: Create file: 490477 bytes sec CPU Available: 47% CPU Available: 33% CPU Available: 29% Write to file: 846676 bytes sec Read from file: 891862 bytes sec harcl-drive performance is equally impressive, and the fact you can so easily add both 32-bit memory and a PC emulator makes it a formidable expansion option. Finally, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the price. It is cheaper to buy an A530 ($ 999) and a new A500 ($ 399) than a new 25-MHz A3000 and you get a faster computer! So if you a ready have an A500 and have been wanting a faster system, the A530 deserves some serious consideration. I Resolver Graphics Coprocessor Digital Micronics Inc., S1295 for base A2000, A3000. Internal, slot connection. Installation: moderate. Graphics-enhancer board for workstation-style displays. OTS OF AMIGA display devices give .Liyou more colors, but the Digital Micron ic.s (DMI) Resolver board gives you highly recommend it. Lou Wallace We’re making waves A revolutionary 3D modelling, ray-tracing, and animation package. Version 1.4.2 now available. Free form modelling, point editing, keyframe and morph animation, direct DCTV support, animated(24 bit) textures, bend and stretch tools,sophisticated boolean operations, anti tuanv other state of the art features. D marketed internationally by Activa International B.V.
P. O. Box 23260, 1100 DT Amsterdam The Netherlands support for North America by Programs Plus & Video 344 Queen Street, Chatham, Ontario N7M 2J6, Canada
(319) 436-09SS BBS(519) 436-0140 ¦ni . Real3D is a product of rcalsoft ky, Finland something extra a larger display area. Fhe Resolver displays 256 colors (out of a palette of 16.7 million) in resolutions of up to 1280x1024 pixels noninterlaced and 2048x2048 pixels interlaced. This large screen area makes the Resolver suitable for applications that require a lot of display space, such as desktop publishing and CAD. Because it supports many of the standard VGA resolutions, the hoard is also well suited to developing graphics for use on IBM-compatible systems. Because the Resolver uses any expansion slot and does not need to be connected to the normal Amiga display system, you can install more than one in a machine. For horizontal resolutions greater than 200 lines, you also need to connect a VGA-compatible monitor to the hoard’s 15-pin VGA-style connector. (The subject of monitor types and the results they produce is completely omitted from the rather slim Resolver users manual.) While you can run the system with a single monitor connected to a switchbox that lets you select either the Amiga or Resolver display, it’s much more convenient to run two monitors, one hooked to die Amiga display and the other to the Resolver. To derive t he maximum benefit from the Resolver, you need a large YOUR TLRM Hr' The Resolver gives the Amiga a cost-effective way to compete with Macintosh, NeXT and Sun workstations. I use my Amiga 3000 for desktop publishing, and the Resolver displays my Epson ES3O0C- scanned images with remarkable clarity. Add AD Pro 2.1, and the board functions like a highly versatile framebuffer. Leonard O. Thomas, Jr. Oakland, California (17- to 20-inch) multiscanning monitor, as well as a large hard drive and several megabytes of RAM, because oversized eight-bit pictures eat up huge amounts of storage space and memory. Sage Advice After the hardware is hooked up, you need to install the software, particularly the SAGE libraries. SAGE was developed jointly by DM I and Progressive Peripherals as a standard way for applications software to access graphics boards based on Texas Instruments’ 340x0 processors (as are the Resolver, Progressive Peripherals’ Rambrandt, and Commodore’s A2410). Continued on p. 54. Version 1.3’s new screen display is easy to read! 0 be a winner you've gol to be a whole lot better than the rest. Final Copy Final Copy is the first and only word processor for the Amiga that gives high-quality printing on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported printer. It conies with a 116.000 word spelling detector and corrector, 470,000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, 35 outline typefaces, multiple newspaper style columns, IFF graphic support including 24 bit ILBMs, real-time text flow around graphics, 12 bit-plane color printing, typographic controls, Arexx port, and true WYSIWYG PostScript® printing. As one of our customers said, “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see Final Copy has the best printing of any Amiga word processor.” Comparison Chart Outline Fonts Included Crop Graphics Load Simple HAM graphic Thesaurus Synonyms Speller Words Snaking Columns Graphic Text Flow Automatic Hyphenation Final Copy 1,3 35 Yes
3. 5 sec. 470,000 116,000 1-6 Yes Yes Pro Write 3,2® 0 No 1 min 20 see
300. 000 100,000 1-5 No No Comparison Chart Price Frame Graphics 24 Bit ILBM Support Thes. With Definitions Page Views Print 1 pg. Document Arexx Use Amiga Clipboard Final Copy 1.3 $ 99.95 Yes Yes Yes 25-400% 53 sec. Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® $ 174.95 No No No No 2 min 5 sec Yes No
* 9095 VISA & ¦ MASTERCARD | 1-800-247-8314 I SoftWood, Inc. Need to add some new techniques to your animation repertoire? You've come to the right place. These tutorials, covering most Amiga 3-D software, are sure to make animating a more moving experience. He idea of connecting small sequences of motion to produce complete, fluid, and graceful action is at least as old as Eadweard Muybridge, who in 1887 published one of the first definitive photographic studies of human and animal motion. It seems, though, that no matter how sophisticated our technolog)' becomes, the conceptual problems never change. 1 he evolution from the single-cel environment into the three dimensions of computational cyberspace increases the challenge. Even the most minute gesture has to he “programmed” for 3-D space and cannot he considered (rotn a single viewpoint, which is no mean (eat when you consider that most of our training in file has been iwo-dimensionatly oriented. Most of us have overused the spins, rolls, (lips, lly-bys, and other visual tricks of animated TV commercials... they of fer the most interesting results for the least amount of work. Add a chrome or glossy plastic finish, and network TV has nothing on you. So what can you do for an encore? The possibilities are nearly endless. In this compilation ol tips, based on five of the major 3-D Amiga programs, we offer some suggestions. No matter which software you use, you are hound to uncover ideas and techniques that applv elsewhere. I lore's to more proficient and effective 3-D animation! (To locate the vendors oj the products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 9-1.) Phil Fitzpatrick and Barbara Gefoert SOONER OR LATER, you are hound to encounter an animation that demands an unusual approach. A recent project I worked on required that the camera pan left to right at varying speeds during a single animation. The objective was to simulate the viewpoint of a person walking past a series of lamp fixtures, taking time to notice each one. Although Impulse's Imagine 2.0 ($ 330) can apply acceleration and deceleration factors to an axis following a path, these factors affect only the path's start and finish; Imagine does not let you segment the path and apply variable speeds to those parts. While there may be different ways to create the varied-pace effect, I discovered a method that is both universal and modifiable. This tutorial will help you create a smooth, human-like movement that you can apply to various situations and even various programs. I first tried this technique in Impulse's older program, ? Turbo Silver, and have since found it relevant to any motion-path-based animation software, including high-end nonAniiga applications. On Track display case, the two lamp fixtures, and the ground plane in the Detail Editor. Positioning and sizing the objects relative to one another here ensures correct orientation for loading into the Stage Editor later. (Be sure to save each object and every other change you make throughout the production.) Figure 1: The camera points to the track object in all four views. The top-right perspective view shows a thumbnail of the alcove that appears fully rendered on page 20. Figure 2: The track and camera paths. Figure 3: A more complete view, from the Stage Editor. The next step is to add an open path for the track object and size and position it as shown in Figure 2. Now add a path for the camera, and edit it using Fracture. Move, and Rotate to approximate the camera path shown. As you can see, I named these TrackPath and CamPath, respectively. Note that objects will follow a path in the direction of the Y-axis away from the origin. Now move to the Action Editor and enter a frame count to determine the length of the animation; I used a frame count of 200. Switch to the Stage Editor, and load the objects into frame 1. Add a track axis for the camera to track, and place light sources in the appropriate positions. Back in the Action Editor, select the Info function and click on the Camera Size bar (frame 1). Changing the X value to 520 lets you approximate a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera. Leave the End Frame value set to 1. With the Delete function selected, click on the Position bar (frame 1) for the camera and track objects, and on the Alignment bar for the camera only. Then, selecting the Rename menu item, click on the name path (you’ll see that it appears in the left column) and enter the name TrackPath. Similarly, rename path. 1 to CamPath. Now set up the camera to follow the course of the CamPath for the entire 200-frame animation. Select the Add function, double-click on the Camera Position bar (frame 1) and select “follow path." In the requester that opens, enter the name of the path (in this case CamPath), and change the last frame number to 200. In the Track Position bar, enter “Track Path” and set the end-frame value to 200. Then enter “Track” in the Camera Alignment bar and set the end-frame value here to 200 as well. Staged Performance Now reenter the Stage Editor at frame 1. If you have completed the aforementioned steps and selected the Camera view, you should see that the camera is indeed pointing to the track object. Both the camera and the track object should now be positioned at rite beginning (far left) of their respective paths. Go to frame 200 and make sure the camera is still pointing to the track object, and that both camera and object now appear at the end (far right) of their respective paths. Selecting Make lets you preview your animation before rendering. You’ll be pleased to see smooth, correctly paced motion. I suggest you practice this technique with simple objects and paths. Good camera motion can make or break a good animation, and practice is very necessary to achieve that goal. Victor Osaka is president and founder of the 3D Art Forum International, aa Amiga 3-D educational foundation that offers support, information, and discounts to members all around the world. You can write to him at 1341 Ocean Ave., Suite 349, Santa Monica, CA 90401, or call him at 301 398-7649, 22 September 1692 I Motion chaining applied to finger joints makes animating this hand an open-and- shut case. & sc ing live creatures, has shifted from main- | frame computers to the desktop. Today, I several softw are packages for the Amiga offer this “motion chaining” capability, and one of the most complete and interesting implementations is found in Adspec Programming’s Draw4D-Pro ($ 249). Be warned, though: In spite of what software developers may tell you, there is no free lunch. Complex articulations arc time consuming and involve a certain amount of plain old drudgery, but the results can be highly unusual and extremely satisfying. Assuming you know how 3-D modeling works, the actual creation of a hierarchical articulation is fairly straightforward. In 4D-Pro, objects arc created and assembled in a wireframe editor, then modeled, displayed, and viewed as a distinctly separate process. The program uses a sophisticated system of polygonal “paths” to control the motion of faceted, polygonal objects in Cartesian space. These paths exhibit the same characteristics as any other polygons and can be assigned, like any other polygon object, to other paths. The results should he readily apparent. If you have multiple paths and assign the first to the second, the second to the third, and so forth, all actions are carried out relative to the last "link” in the “chain,” hut each path is also executed in the process. Collectively, this produces an average, optimized composite of all the actions. Examine the skeleton hand in the illustration. This represents the most complex combination of gesticulations in the human anatomy. Each element requires fairly simple movements, hut, as a whole, it involves axial rotations, hinge joints, and angular movement, all of which can possibly occur simultaneously. If this can be made to work (and it can), everything else is easy. Finger Tips To demonstrate, let’s start with a finger and work up from there. Each joint must have its own articulation, which requires a separate path. (The triangle makes the most satisfactory shape to use as a path for localized rotational motion.) Then, each joint must link with the next one. You can do this outside the object. While the path’s initial size is not important, to get really satisfactory results, you must reduce each path to the smallest feasible size and locate it as close as possible to the actual pivot point after making the object path and path path assignments. Size is important in paths, because one-point polygons are nonexistent and motion follows the path shape. If the path is small enough, any fluctuation is not apparent. The triangle’s XYZ orientation is not particularly important, hut it seems logical to “point” to the pivot spot. Once you have a single group of paths and objects, ienirdiical articulation, one of the most exciting phenomena associated with simulatuse 4D-Pro s Preview feature to perform a motion test. While the previewer runs, you can manipulate the viewpoint with the normal XYZ rotation functions. Repeat the process for each additional finger, the thumb, and any wrist movements, being careful to assign things in the correct order. You can develop interesting combinations using path manipulations wit h a trick ofDraw4D s Deform (mor- phing) function. This accepts repositioning as a valid transformation, which allows for relocating objects without changing shape. Not only can von establish action hierarchy, but you can also overlay alternative motion patterns for precise point-to-point movements. For example, suppose you want to create a segment that begins with the hand open and finish with the thumb and forefinger touching. First, unassign previous actions and create a path “deform” that starts with the hand in the open position. Then, manually move the linger segments to the desired ending position and define that as the last frame of the deform. The program will spread the motion out over the in-between screens without affecting the rest of the animation action. And end with the thumb and finger touching. Figure 1. Dem bones in wireframe. Seems pretty simple, right? Where's the drudgciy I promised? Well, here’s the catch. What works well enough by itscll may not work properly when combined with other segments. Then comes the fine-tuning pliase. It isn’t hard, but its complexity depends on the number of object facets and separate movements. Also, because there is noway lo adequately judge the total activity before reducing the sizes of the individual paths, making adjustments requires developing a lasting relationship with the Object Fdiior. This particular project requires about 5MB, but a non skeletal, scaled-down version or the simulation of a robot-arm can be done with considerably less memory. For speed, work with simple shapes (cylinders, spheres, and so on) to solve movement details. Because rendering objects can be slow, divide the projected animation length by six or eight and “step through" to check finished motion; don't hesitate to “begin" anywhere in the animation il you want to check a specific frame. Phil Fitzpatrick is a veteran of commercial design and advertising who now teaches art including Amiga graphics at himar University. 1 Vnte to him at 2117 Orange St., Beaumont, TX 77701. Left, a close- up of a single finger. The red triangles indicate motion paths. Right, the pivot point. Real 3D ith the large selection of powerful tools available in Activa Software's, Real 3D (SI99), the hardest task is sometimes to discover the most efficient way of accomplishing each effect. Real 31Vs strengths in object and scene creation give unlimited possibilities, resulting in effects that rival those seen in movies such as Terminator 2 and The Lawnmower Man. A good example is the Terminator 2 scene in which the cyborg extrudes itself from a tiled floor. Most 3-D users would quickly identify this effect as morphing. Of course, morphing is available in Real 3D. But it is a very heavy consumer of time and RAM in all 3-D programs. An easier way to accomplish this is to create a root object and put both the skull and Moor within this object directory. By selecting a tiled material for the director you effectively assign both the head and the floor with the same attribute perfectly aligned. By point editing the cyborg's head to create a skirt, you can portray a realistic 3-D stretch showing the floor’s texture ? Ome and get it. The new Amiga’ 3000T multimedia workstation tower the most expandable, flexible Amiga ever built. Important News For The Bower Hungry: Your Dinner’s Ready. 1 Mow powered by a 25 MHZ Motorola 68040 CPU, with a 68882 math coprocessor,; the A3000T is faster than ever before. (Current A3000T users can upgrade to a 040-based accelerator card for just $ 1,998.) The A3000T features a 200MB hard disk drive. A 3.5'1 floppy disk drive. 5MB of RAM, expandable lo 18MB. And 32 bit bus architecture to transfer mammoth amounts of information at breakneck speed. The truly power famished will be happy to know that the A3000T is stuffed with an 040" abundant selection of expansion slots. There's a coprocessor slot. A video slot for internal devices. Up to four PC slots. And up to five Zorro III slots. Ever)’ Amiga 3000 series computer comes with Commodore Express" Gold Service options.* And convenient leasing terms are available. Now, you'd expect a power feast like this to carry a fat price tag. But now through September 30, you can sit down to an Amiga 3000T with a monitor for just $ 5,998.** Which in itself is a powerful reason for seeing your Commodore dealer today. For a dealer near you, call 1-800-66-AMIGA. In Canadat call 1-800-661-AMIGA. Bon appetit. O Commodore AMIGA © 1 92 Commodore Business Machines Inc Commodore ami the Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics Lid Amiga is a registered trademark e»l
t. ommodore-Amiga, Inc. Products available on GSA schedule (i$ -00K'91-AG5-5069. ’ Available only on systems purchased iti iheU > through an authored Comnuxlorc-Amiga dealer. Customer activation required Some optional programs include a charge ‘*MSRF disconfigure as the head rises through it. Create a path for the head, having it start below the floor and rise high enough to show ilie cyborg’s skirt. Remember that large transition frame counts, high antialiasing values, and proper lighting will produce your best 72 effect. Particularly Effective One of the best effects shown in The Ijrwnmower Man was the particulation of the bad guys being separated into huge molecules and spun away. For high-end users, I would suggest a series of five frames captured f rom an action shot of the villain entering. Create a texture index by giving the frames a universal title with the frame numbers appended to it (e.g., framed, frame 1, etc.). Type the title name in the I xr.index field, and Real 3D automatically switches them by frame, producing an animated clean background without genlocking. On the last frame, save the villain as a brush to be loaded into DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts, $ I 7(.),95). In Dpaint, create an outline of the villain brush and fill the interior of the blank outline with equally-spaced single-pixel dots. Now remove the outline and save the brush for use in Real 3D. By making use of Real 3D*s powerful Pixel tool to substitute the brush’s pixels for spheres, you can create the participated object. Create a material using the original villain brush and apply it to the object directory containing the participated object. Although the spheres creating the villain have separate positions, paint the material axis in one location. Remember to substitute a villainless frame as the final backdrop once the 3-D objects have replaced the "live” villain. For the smoothest transition from 2-1) to 3-1), I suk- gcst 2-D morphing using Black Belt Systems' Imagemas- ter ($ 199.95). This gives the scene a professional transition from the backdrop picture of the villain to the 3-D participated villain created within Real 31). Unlike some programs, Real 3D maintains Commodore’s IFF standards, eliminating the need for piclurc-file conversion. You can animate the particles in several ways, combining group and camera action. Because die background is stationary and the participated villain could contain over a hundred spheres, a camera-action trick can do the job. Simply place the backdrop, lamp, observer, and aim positions in the same object directory. Animating these four as a single object creates the illusion that the particles, not the backdrop, are moving. To set the molecules spinning, you have to apply motion to each sphere individually. An advanced Real 3D user could combine the wildcard and macro functions to generate extremely complicated sphere motion. While we sometimes forget that the majority of Real 3D’s ohject-creation tools can be used to animate, it is true that Boolean operations, lathing, fencing, and exploding can all provide for unmatched effects. Further, point editing, meshing, curve bending, fog, and morphing offer unlimited possibilities that you can use to duplicate or even surpass big-screen 3-D effects. Iwnnard Price is a Canad'mn-based freelance computer artist specializing in 3-D effects. You can reach him mi G.A.B.B. II (Graphic Amiga Bulletin Board) at (4I6)-541-1690, or write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., PeterboroughNH 03-158. ?
* >005 23i*it = "run ¦ - -rhii'Mun 3omi!!|ign fa' includes these and other effects. 925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713 i nt . 608 273-6585 orP i us “ is a trademark of A5DG Incorporated Circle 4 on Reader Service card gfEBSj 3ge« Explosive Effects LichtWave 3D By Mark S wai n xplosions are natural phenomena that have long been the most popular special effects in motion pictures. Cars explode in fiery crashes. Helicopters are shot from the sky, and, in Lethal Weapon 5, a multistory office building collapses at die feet of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. While explosions of movie-magic caliber arc still a few- years away for Amiga 3-D animators, NewTek’s LightWave 3D ($ 2499) has some built-in features that are sure to add shattering possibilities to your animations. Todd Rundgren’s music video “Change Myself” was one of the first LightWave animations to feature dozens ol graphic explosions. The program function that made some ol them possible is Polygon Shrink, found in the Object menu. The effect works by shrinking the size of each polygon within an object. Yon can easily animate the polygon-shrink function using a key framed envelope. To animate an exploding sphere, first create the spherical object and load it into LightWave. Next, select Polygon Shrink and die Animation Envelope. Create a keyframe at 30, and set its size value to zero. In the Layout menu, place the sphere in the correct location and reduce the object’s size to zero. Set a keyframe at I. resize the object to lill the screen, and set another keyframe at 30. You can now preview the animation, but the polygon shrink will appear only in rendered frames. The final animation will look much like Rundgren’s explosions, with the sphere expanding w hile the polygons of the object shrink into nothing. Pm Melting! If the animation calls for a more nuclear, planet-bursting blast, opt for the Object Dissolve function, which is also located in the Object menu. Unlike the Transparent surface setting, the dissolve can he animated, lb try a simple blast, create three spheres, each with their own surface names. Load each object into LightWave and enter the Layout menu. Resize each object to zero w ith the Object Size function, and create a keyframe at ? The LightWave Animator’s Tuneup Kit THE VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 software includes some remarkable new features. If you are doing serious LightWave animation, though, some of this software might actually get in your way. To rev up your system, try these tips: point.) IT1 aware, though, that the system does not recognize some 68040 accelerator cards as floating-point devices. If you have ail 040, click on the INFO button in both LightWave and Modeler to discover which version vottr svstem is using. J J o 11 the system doesn’t use the floating-point versions, then you can delete the regular versions from your hard disk and use the Workbench’s Rename option to lop the “.FP” extension from the names of the remaining programs.
• I urning off the Tc>aster s TDE effects allows the Toaster to load faster and saves about 30QK of memory. In the Project section of the Preferences menu, select the project named Get- Small. Next, click on the Project Load icon and exit to the switcher. The onlv TDE move that will remain is Dissolve.
• I he Toaster s new 3-D object library is neat, but it takes a large amount of liard-disk space. Try transferring the objects you seldom use to floppy disk. From there, you can easily reload them to the system when needed.
• LightWave contains a configuration file (called LW-config and found in the Tbaster 3D directory) that you can customize using almost any text editor. O ? Tailor it to meet your needs by setting directory paths, default tension, and Expert mode. In enable Expert mode which causes LightWave not to display message requesters when you select rav- tracing functions, shadows, and print resolution simply change the coniig file’s expert setting to 1. MS ? Out of Control Control Make your own 35mm slides, prints and pocket-sized overhead transparencies right from your PC instantly with Polaroid's Desktop Color Film Recorders, Now supported on the Commodore AmigarM by ASDG 608 273-6585 You’ve got a big presentation. You’ve got pressures and deadlines. The last thing you need to worry about are your slides. Will they look good? Will they come back right? And on time? Will they cost a fortune? With a Desktop Coior Film Recorder from Polaroid you can relax. It’s right at your desk so you can make last minute changes. And, it’s easy to use. Both the CI-3000™ and the 01*5000™ are compatible with all leading OGTL MIETTE r J 1 DOS Windows software packages. Plus, the CI-5000 works with the Mac to bring you an even broader imaging range and slides at 4000 lines of resolution. Best of all, it’s from Polaroid so you get award winning professional quality, sharp text and brilliant colors. For more information or a free demonstration, call us at T800-225-1618. And take control of your next presentation. Nothing Works Like Polaroid Instant Presentation Solutions frame 1. In setting the next few keyframes, use the Keyframe Set for selected item onlv. Then resize the first object so that it is enormous, and set a keyframe at 30. The second sphere should remain at size 0, with a keyframe set at 5. Now expand the second object tremendously and set a key at 30. Set a keyframe for 4 J J the third object at 10, with the size remaining at 0. I hen increase the size and set a key at frame 30, Finally, click Make Preview and watch as the spheres expand at different rates from the center of the screen. Once the object animation is set up, you must key the Object Dissolve envelopes. In the Object menu, select Object Dissolve for the first object and enter the animation envelope. Create one keyframe at 15 and another at 30. Set keyframe 0 to 100%, 15 to 0%, and 30 to 100%. The envelope for the second object should he the same, except that the 0-percent setting should occur at frame 20 instead of frame 15. Make the third envelope the same, but replace keyframe 20 with keyframe 25 also at the 0 setting. Finally, in the Surface menu, choose an explosion color and select transparent edges for each sphere. The final rendered animation will show each sphere expand while increasing in opacity, and then slowly dissolve from the scene. Sparking Interest You can easily create an explosion that resembles sparks or fiery bursts by using particles single points that have been made into polygons. You can set up such an animation in a few minutes and be sure that it will make a good impression on your friends. In the Object menu, load three copies of the “ac- tualsiarfiekr object contained in the Object Space directory. In the Payout menu, (camera view) move the first object to the upper-right corner of the window and the third starfield to the lower left. Next, keyframe each of the objects in the same staggered fashion as with the dissolve-explosion project. Once the keyframing is finished, click Make Preview. In the two or three minutes the program requires to calculate, gather your Friends and neighbors, and get ready to watch their reactions. Particle explosions have the added bonus of particle- motion blur. The Motion Blur function is located in the Camera menu and lias an adjustable blur length. Try to keep the blur length at a medium setting; greater blur lengths tend to cause a hyperspace look. While these explosions are fairly basic, you can mesh them together for more complex, three-dimensional bursts of animation. Try animating the surface textures with fractal noise, bump maps, or other interesting textures to give a more realistic explosion. Or, try making models into modules and explode an object in many different directions. LightWave is full of explosive animation n icks, and experimenting is the best wav to unlock its blasting power. Mark Swain is a California-based freelance writer, video past producer, and computer animator. Write to him c o Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm StPeterborough, NH 03458. Organic Machinery Caligari Broadcast By Pa u 1 Safi i he cyborg cndoskeleton From the original 1" Terminator film is an excellent challenge for 3-D artists. It is unique in combining several contrasting elements. It looks like a chrome I human skeleton at first glance, but examination of its details reveals that it is clearly a machine. The skull-like head gives way to hydraulics and servos that connect to curvaceous joints and limbs. The model's fusion of cybernetics and organ ics made j o me choose Octree's Caligari Broadcast ($ 1995), rather than a more mechanical modeler like that of Light- Wave, ora more organic one such as Hash Enterprise’s Journeyman. Caligari combines these two elements in several biomechanical modeling tools called free-form deformations, or FFDs. FFDs are composed of simple shapes (cylinders and cubes) that encompass the shape to be deformed. By grabbing the points that make up the simple objects and moving them, you affect the object enclosed. It is kind of like pulling on bubble gum or poking your finger into day, and it can he very addictive. I began by applying a cubic deformation to a basic sphere primitive. .After surrounding the sphere with an FFD, I stretched out a portion of the cube to form an asymmetrical ellipsoid. I then widened the smaller, pointed end and manipulated it to form an upper mandible. To create the eye sockets, 1 subdivided my FFD cube into a fine mesh. On the surface of the FFD, I selected a group of points located roughly at the pupil, and pushed them inwards till a deep depression resulted. I used the same method to pull at the vertices that would eventually form the edges of the eye socket. ? Circle 40 on Reader Service card. . O' n16'S' After finishing the main parts of the face, I used the Slice function to cut the deformed sphere in two. I discarded the unmodified half and mirrored the modified portion to create a symmetrical head. Then I glued these two pieces together. An anatomy text helped determine a suitable cross section for the lower jaws. I created it, extruded it across several sections, and eventually deformed it just slightly, to make it appear more bone-like. The teeth, severely deformed hemispheres, were rendered more often than any other part of the cyborg in order to get the textures right. To tweak certain sections after seeing preliminary images with all the parts in place, I used the Render Object function in the Attributes section. This feature can save you a great deal of time by rendering only selected objects in a scene and letting you test local lighting and surfaces without rerendering the entire object. Moving Man Proper animation requires correct hierarchical assembly of the individual pieces that constitute the skull. To begin with, gather all your parts and determine which will move independently. Assemble the independent pieces and make the remaining objects “children” of the parts they should move with. For instance, you would assign the teeth to be children of the jaw. Working this way allows logical assembly of simple sets of modules. This hierarchical construction lets you simply load the finished figure into the Object Editor, select individual parts to affect, and move them by using the up and down arrows in the Scene Editor. By selecting the Spline-based Movement gadget and tweening small, progressive motions, you can achieve very life-like animation. While some people prefer to work 30 or even 60 frames apart, 1 find that keeping track of a very complex hierarchy can get confusing with broadly spaced tweens, so I prefer to work in eight- frame chunks. Building small segments in 3-D gives you greater control: If your wireframe preview is unsatisfac- toiy, you can simply go back and alter the keyframes. For the fiery ambience, I used a digitized image of flames. 1 converted the full file plus a few small cropped sections to Caligaris Rendition (.6m) format using ASDG’s AD Pro ($ 299). The main image became the background and part of the environment map, and I applied the smaller sections to some surfaces as texture maps. Converting the ,6rn files into textures using AD Pro's full-smoothing option ensured that the surlace would not show pixelization during close camera [lasses in an animation. The finished sequence was rendered in Rendition format as well, using maximum antialiasing of object edges. ¦ Paul Safr is creative director of MEDIA Innovations, a Canadian company specializing in Amiga-based multimedia and production systems. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Cover Klatch “THE MEASURE OF man is what he does with power," said Pitta- cus. No doubt the ancient Greek philosopher would be impressed with what cover artist Stephen Menzies has done with the Amiga’s power. We certainly are. “Brightside," this months 3-D cover image, first appeared as a 14x20-inch photographic print in the recent Montreal computer- art exhibition, "Memoires Vives." Menzies created it with the help of his RCS Fusion Forty-accelerated, 37MB A2000 and Octree's Caligari Broadcast 2.1. Every component of "Bright- side" is a 3-D object; the scene contains nearly 125,000 polygons. Menzies did about 95% of his modeling with Caligari Broadcast's new FFD (free-form deformation) lattices and auto subdivision smoothing routines. These features let you mold simple primitives into complex objects and offer great flexibility for varying objects. By manipulating control points on the lattice encompassing a primitive (each object in this image started as either a 32-section sphere or a 10-section cone or cylinder), he transformed the object's polygon mesh in Caligaris real-time perspective view. The remaining 5% of the modeling (which mostly involved setting up primitives) he did via point editing. Menzies hand-painted the texture maps using DCTV's Paintbox software. He then mapped the objects in Caligari with the UV-coordinate feature. Looking closely, you may notice that the textures, many of which repeat, follow the objects' shapes without incorporating the distortions that regular spherical, cylindrical, and planer projection-map techniques impart. Menzies applied Gouraud shading to most of the objects, and rendered the scene at a 3300x2200 1:1 resolution. To produce the cover print, he converted the original 12MB, 32-bit Rendition file to a 24MB, 32-bit Targa file through ASDG's AD- Pro. He then transterred it to a Mac-formated Syquest cartridge, which SyGraf Lab in Montreal output through a Solitaire Image Recorder as a professional-qual- ity 4x5 transparency. Menzies praises the organic effects of Caligari’s FFDs and UV mapping. “If your objects and animation look convincingly alive," he says, “the possibilities of creating new and believable fictions open up wide." He is now designing fictionalized characters to take advantage of powerful animation features that are due to become part of a Caligari upgrade. Menzies has a fine-arts background and has worked in Amiga 3-D since 1988. He has won first- place awards in several shows, including AmiExpo '90, Amiga- Worfd Expo '91, AmigaWorld Art & Video Competition '90, and the Festival International du Film par Ordinateur ?89 in Montreal. He teaches 3-D computer animation in Concordia Unversity s Amiga- equipped computer lab. He is also one of several artists working on an in-house computer character-animation film at Montreal's Taarna Studios, using the high-end. Proprietary, 3-D animation software on the SGI platform. AMIGA PROFILE "I maintain a strong interest in both personal and high-end platforms,'' states Menzies. In “Mem- oires Vives" he displayed work created on both Amiga and SGI, and is "equally satisfied with what ] have been able to do on both." M For many projects, integrating 2-D and 3-D animation techniques is the key to creating a successful finished work. By Rusty Mills FOR AN ANIMATOR, one of the outstanding benefits of using the Amiga is that it enables you to combine The natural look and feel of conventional 2-D animation with the ease and flexibility of computer-generated 3-D animation. Ironically, most professional productions are not designed lor utilizing this capability. A recent project, however, gave me die opportunity to many the two techniques. By describing in some detail just how this was accomplished, I hope to demonstrate the advantages involved in combining 2-D and 3- D animation. In the final section of the article, 1 will outline some ways you can best put these techniques to use in your own work. (To locale the vendors of the products mentioned. See the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. CM.) Imagine’s Just “Ducky” My opportunity arose when I was working on a recent episode of Tiny Toon Adventures for Warner Bros, and Steven Spielberg that's scheduled to air earlv in the ‘92-93 season on the Fox network. I was storyboard iim
* O a sequence in which the character Plucky Duck is zapped into an outer-space arcade game. W’hile visualizing the story, the possibility of using Imagine (Imagine 2.0. $ 450, Impulse) to create and animate the necessary 3-D spaceships became apparent. Using the Amiga, I could create chase sequences in outer space without worrying about the amount of time an animator would have to spend working out the perspective of the spaceships. My main concern was not to lose the feel of conventional animation, in which animators draw each frame by hand. Often, in combining conventional ancl computer animation, the two can clash in a distinctly uncomfortable way because computer images may appear cold and unnatural against hand-drawn characters. While I worked on drawing the storyboards, I also experimented with Imagine to discover the best method for constructing the spaceships. The first hurdle was the "duck bill” front on Plucky‘s ship (see the illustration above). In Imaginc’s Detail editor, I added an axis. Selecting this axis, I then added lines and created an oval-like shape. Using the Drag Points command, I positioned the points in all windows until I shaped the front edge of the beak. I copied the object and reshaped it repeatedly until 1 had an outline of the hill (see Figure 1, left). After selecting all of the individual objects, I used the Skin command to create a solid object (see Figure I, right). As a help to understanding the concept behind this method of construction, think of balsa-wood airplane models. You construct a frame of balsa wood and then stretch a "skin" of paper over this framework. ? I used the same method to make the dome and tail sections of Pluckys ship. By constructing a cross section (again creating an axis and adding lines) in the shape oi an elongated teardrop lying on its side. I then created the wings. Mi tally, 1 extruded the cross section to a length of 200 and resized by .5 in the x and directions for tapering. The jets were extruded and resized disks. I designed the model in pieces, grouping them so that later I could easily make changes, such as adding the teeth that are prominent in the finished illustration in Figure 2, left. (I created the teeth using the same method as for the bill see Figure 3, left.) To produce the Martian saucer ships that are chasing Plucky in the finished illustration (see Figure 2, right), 1 used the same procedures as for creating Plucky’s ship (Figure 3, right). Once approved, both ships were generated as 360-degree rotating animations. Using The Director 2 (5 129.95, Right Answers Group) and GraphicDump from the Workbench, I printed the ANIM files one frame at a time on a Star NX-1000 printer to obtain the printouts used for the model sheets. With these, we could also ascertain whether the process of registering and cleaning up printed images (described further on) would be feasible. This proved to be a much easier task than we had originally anticipated. Scenes and Paths With the storyboards now finished, we moved on to building the scenes. This involved two separate processes. My director needed to time the scenes based on the “exposure-sheet” readings (readings noted down bv an editor who listens to the soundtrack, frame by frame). At the same time, before receiving the timings, 1 had to construct the basic scenes. Imagine provided all the capabilities needed to handle the different sets of requirements demanded by each scene. It provides hidden-line wireframes in high resolution, path acceleration, pose-to-pose animation, and speed. With Imagine, I could also squash and stretch the spaceships as required on particular frames. To do this, you simply resize the object on a chosen frame in the Stage editor. Then save a size timeline (pressing the right-Amiga key with 9) and adjust it in the Action editor to make the squash or stretch occur over a selected number of frames. For instance, if in frame 1 the object appears in normal proportion but by f rame 7 you need it to be at maximum squash, then adjust the size timeline extending between frames 2 and 7 to begin at frame 5. This causes the action to take place over only the final two frames, rather than over the entire sequence. Timeline adjustments like this help give more “snap” to the overall timing of the scene. In the first scene, I used a technique with Imagine that has worked well in the past to create a more natural feel to the motion. After creating a path for Plucky’s ship, I copied and pasted it at a slight offset from the original. I then shortened the copy and attached a target for the camera to follow. Doing this gives the illusion that a cameraman is trying to follow the spaceship, thus making the movements seem more natural. Also, when I built these scenes in the Stage editor, I used a frame count of 10. This kept the test animation times down to a minimum, while still giving me a basic idea of the action. To aid in this process, 1 set the speed slider on the Animation requester to Slow. Many of the first scenes I constructed used paths, and it is important to keep in mind that even though they provide a nice smooth Might pattern, paths make it difficult to guarantee an object’s position on a particular frame. (Later on, after this first batch of scenes had been reviewed by die director, I found I would need to make refinements to certain mov ements using the more traditional “pose-to-pose” method described further on in this article.) Fine Tuning and Finishing Touches With the timings in from the director, I could now finalize the scenes by adjusting the frame counts and path accelerations in Imagined Action editor. After previewing the animations in the Stage editor. I generated each scene as hi-rcs, black-and-white wireframe ANIMS. These were then transferred to videotape lor the director to approve. Most of the scenes required special timings, and some involved "staggering” (a method in which drawings are placed out of order to produce a jittering effect). To accommodate these situations, I used The Animation Studio (SI79.95, Walt Disney Computer Software) for animation playback because of its enforced fra morale and exposure-sheet capabilities. A way to ensure that a scene will play at the enforced rate is to delete any unused cels and most of the looping I tames placed at the end ofDPaint (DeluxePaint IV, SI 79.95, Electronic Arts) ANIMS. If you do so. Your scene should flow smoothly from one frame to another. Figure 1. In Imagine's Detail editor, copied and altered cross sections create the frame of the duckbill front of Pjucky's spaceship (left), while adding a “skin” completes the duckbill (right). .As mentioned above, when we reviewed our scenes, we discovered lhe need to make some timing changes and introduce alternative motions. Some scenes needed "anticipation” (an animation technique in which a character makes a slight move in the opposite direction before thrusting forward into an action), while others required more “snap” in the movements. This is where using “pose-to-pose” techniques comes into play to eliminate some of the even timing created when the computer averages object positions along a path. Pose-to-pose is a form of key framing in which you pick out the most extreme positions of an action while skipping over the intermediate frames. Realizing that this was needed, I began to experiment with Imagines position and alignment timelines. With versions 1.1 and 2.0, you can place (pose) an object on selected frames and keep it there using the Position Timeline (right-Amiga key 7) and Alignment Timeline (right- Amiga key 8) commands. With these, von can place timelines in the Action editor, starting at the end of the previous timeline and ending at the current frame. (You can also make adjustments to accommodate particular timings.) Using this method enabled me to create anticipation and. In certain cases, entire scenes. I employee! It for scenes where paths were too smooth or where they did not place the ships at positions indicated by the director on particular frames. (The more i used this technique, the more 1 came to realize 1 could build scenes faster and more effectively with it.) To provide the extra snap required in scenes that had been created using my original paths, 1 gave those paths tighter curves and further rotated the banking of the ships. I also deleted some frames to get rid of artificial-looking smoothness. The greatest challenge came when a scene required the computer drawings to work right into hand-drawn images. I digitized the animator's drawings using Digi- View Gold 4.0 (formerly available as a separate package for SI99, but now part ofNewTek's Digi-View Me- diaStation), which made it easy to scale the drawings to match the ship sizes in Imagine. To help the computer portion of the scene work directly into the hand- drawn section, I selected a point in the scene where the ship “snapped" into a pose, and then added a hand- drawn blur to make the transition seamless. After completing all the scenes and adjusting the timings, 1 printed the frames. Using Dpaint TV's Move requester, 1 stamped cross-hair brushes in three different places on every frame of the AN IMS to ensure proper registration. Employing The Director 2 and GraphicDump, I printed one frame at a time and then pasted each individual page onto animation paper (special sheets registered with a three-hole peg system), using the cross hairs for registration. Once we had cleaned up any unclear images, we shot the scenes on a single-frame video recorder. Later on, cleanup artists did a final cleanup of the scenes for the animators, who placed the characters inside the ships. After all the animation was completed and cleaned up, tlie drawings were photocopied onto celluloid and painted in the traditional way. From the Pro Studio to Your Studio A number of the procedures outlined above especially much of the work clone by hand are dictated by the * particular setup and protocols of a typical professional production studio. For instance, printing and registering the 3-D wireframe spaceships was the best way to integrate the computer animation into Warner's already established production pathway. Many of my personal animation projects, however, allow me to use the Amiga for all phases of the production. While 1 hope you find some of the above techniques useful, I want to conclude with a few tips from my personal work that could be particularly valuable to your own animation efforts. T j For example, wireframe ANIMS like the ones used for Tiny loon Adventures can be brought directly into The Animation Studio and Dpaint IV. This makes it easy to create 3-D environments for 2-D characters to live in. To ensure continuity and cut down on rendering time, build vour 3-D environments like movie sets. O Put detail only where it will be seen. Eliminate unseen . Walls and objects. After a “set" has been built, you may freely move around and position your camera as needed. Using sets saves you from having to build a new environment for every scene. Using a program like Imagine to build vehicles eliminates the painstaking process ol animating them by hand, which means you can spend more time animating the characters. Also, when you build an object or environment, take the time to get it right. Then you won’t have to worry about it any more. When a character must stay in close contact with a 3-D object or environment, I animate directly on the Amiga, using The Animation Studio or Dpaint. This takes care of the registration problems that occur when Fm using digitized animation with 3-D animation.
O. o When registration is not a problem, I can print wire-? Figure 2. Two completed frames from a Plucky Duck episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Both Pfucky’s spaceship = left) and the saucer ships of his Martian pursuers (right) were created using Imagine. P i c II Figure 3. In Imagine’s Detail editor, you can now see the completed wireframes for Plucky’s spaceship (Eeft) and the Martian saucer ships (right). Frames and animate on paper, and then digitize the animation afterwards. In this way, you can clean up the animal ion and color it in Dpaint, If you need more colors than are available with Dpaint, split the animation into levels (usually by character). This allows each level to have its own palette. The levels can be composited in 24-hit format using a program such as AD Pro 2 ($ 299, ASDG). Then, if required, you can output the animation to film or video. Remember, if (lie computer does not give vou the results you want, use your imagination and tty alternative techniques. After all, you are the creator, and the Amiga is one more tool you have at your disposal to get the joh done. ¦ Since writing this article, Rusty Mills has become Animation Director at Warner Brothers, heinously, he worked for a number of studios on animation projects, including An American Tail for Sullivan-Bluth, and Goofy for Walt Disney. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. THE BLACK KNIGHT NEEDS YOU! READ ON! 'Tower Peripherals that don 7 cost a King's Ransom!"
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34) , one illustration in the Animated Clip Art section was a living cartoon bird. No write-up about the bird appeared because we discovered that the phone back at the “nest" was no longer in service, and we therefore could not get the information. Long Island Media Group, our feathered friend s creator, lias since informed us of their new phone number: 516 265-9697, Their street address is 2 Sherbrooke Drive, Smithtown, NY 11787. The bluebird is part of Long Island Media’s six-disk Wedding Animbrushes collection. The set also contains cartoon animations of flying cupids, an opening book, ringing bells, some nice twinkles and sparkles, and several fullscreen animations of a church door opening to color 0. While Geoffrey Williams gave the package a four-star rating, he noted that the colors are not video sale. ¦ SURVIVING AND THRIVING ON A SINGLE-FLOPPY SYSTEM If you think that storage limitations and endless disk he single-floppy computing an impossibility, take this survivalist course and learn that “one can be fun” WHILE IT’S DEFINITELY a curse, working with only one floppy- disk drive can be less frustrating than you think. Although the majority of'Amiga owners probably have clual-floppy systems if not a hard drive there are quite a number of users who do fit the singlc-lloppv profile: novices, people on a tight budget, or individuals who have ha re-bones Ai)OOs or old A1000s that serve as backups to more powerful systems. F°r the single-lloppyist, even a basic task such as mak- ing a back-up copy of vour Workbench disk can seem an endless chain of disk swapping. And. Of course, once vou have gotten a taste for some of the things von can 4 . . M m
- ¦> accomplish with the Amiga, you will probably feel even more confined. Lake heart, however; there are *7ft tilings you can do to get by reasonably well. (To locate Tie vendors of jm>dnets mentioned, see Ihe "Mannfar- turns* Distributors* Addresses" list on 94.) Cleaning House: File Deletion . Tlie place to begin is with your copy of Work- y bench, where you can free up some valuable disk space by deleting a number of files or programs. But before going any further, make a backup of JNI your Workbench disk, pul the original in a safe jbtKj place, and work with the backup. If anything goes wrong, you can start over with a new copy of your y1 master disk. (Ifyou are brand new to the Amiga and y do not know how to copy a disk, get out the copy of the Introduction to the Amiga or i sing The System Soft- ¥ ware that came with your computer and read the section on duplicating disks. For now we w ill assume you know the procedure.) As shipped from the factory, Workbench 1.3 is 969£ lull BY ROB HAY S S I G L E - V L 0 r and Workbench 2.0 is 94% lull, which leaves precious little space on either for anything else. While the files we will delete should not he considered unnecessary (thev would not have been included if they were), they are not needed in most dav-to-day operations. If at some point a program you are using requires one of these files, you can always restore it from your master disk. Remember, these are just my suggestions. Feel free to modify or ignore them to suit vour needs. O «» The easiest way to delete a large number of files is to use a utility program, such as commercial programs like DiskMaster II ($ (>9.93. Progressive Peripherals), Directory Opus ($ 59.95, INOVAtronics). And Quarterback 5.0 ($ 75, Central Coast New Horizons), or one of the numerous shareware pub!ic-clomain equivalents. These allow you to use the mouse to highlight names of files and then delete them. If you do not have access to one of these programs and want to get started right away, you can use the GLI or Shell and the Delete command. To do this, double- click on either the Cl.I or Shell icon and then change the current directory to the one vou want to trim. For J instance, if you wish to delete Tiles from the C: director)', type cd C; and press the Return key. Then type DELETE, followed by the name ol the file to be deleted, and press the Return key again. (Note that commands and filenames are not case-sensitive; you can use uppercase, lowercase, or a mixture of the two.) For now, we will assume that vou are using version
1. 3 of .Amiga 1)0$ , hut if you have version 1.2 or even n t the new 2.0, the principles are the same, even if some of the specifics change. If you have upgraded to 2.0, we will cover the differences further on in this article. Start with the C: directory and delete the following: ChangeTaskPri DiskChange (unless you have a 574-inch floppy drive attached) DiskDoctor Edit (or Ed) Fault FileNote Join (leave this if you have 2.0) Lock Relabel RemRAD (unless you use the recoverable RAM disk RAD) Sort Status Unless you frequently use Amiga DOS scripts, you can also delete: Ask Endlf EndSkip Eval Lab Search SetDate Skip Which Why In the devs directory, check the printers subdirectory and delete any unnecessary printers listed there. V V S I R V I V A L Because the font normally used by the Workbench is stored in ROM in the computer and not on the disk, you can delete everything in the fonts directory unless an application needs a specific font. If you do keep a font say, garnet he sure to keep both the subdirectory garnet, which contains the different font sizes, and the file garnet.font. Do not delete the fonts director)7 itself in case you need to add a special font later. As you do not have a hard disk, delete CopvPrefs and CopyPrefs.info from the Prefs director)' and Starlup-Se- quence.HD from the the s: director)'. (From here on, we’ll assume and not specify it each time that you are also deleting the .info file For each file.) In the System: directory, unless vou have expanded memory, vou can delete MergeMem and NoFastMem. J j O Also delete FixFonts while you are there. Alter you have installed the proper printer driver for vour system, vou can delete InstallPrinter from the Util- ities director)'. Abu can also delete any of the utilities that you do not use regularly. Remember, the files you delete are always available from vour master disk if vou need * them. The only ones 1 kept were More and Clock. Workbench 2.0 Tips The release of Amiga DOS 2.0 (which, to lie precise, is designated as 2.04) has brought about significant enhancements to Workbench, and care should he taken in deleting files that seem useless or unimportant. In fact, you may find the best solution is to create several trimmed-down Workbench disks, each slightly different to fit different needs. Some of the commands listed above are no longer included on the new Workbench disk, so don't worn' if you cannot find them. For gen- j * o eral, day-to-day purposes, make the following deletions in addition to the ones recommended above. In the c: director)': CPU (unless you have something other than a 68000 processor) MagTape (unless you have a tape drive attached) SetFont In the s: directory: BRUtab HDBackup.config PickMap (after choosing a keymap to use with this disk) In the System directory: 4 4 AddMonitor SetMap In the Prefs directoiy, delete any of the Preferences editors that are not needed on that particular disk. Be sure, however, to retain die subdirectory Env-Archive. The deletions we have made require no alterations to the standard startup-sequence for either 1.3 or 2.0. If you are interested in making even more room on a disk, and are willing to edit the startup-scquence. There are other files that you can remove. The key is to make sure you remove the reference to the file from the startup-sequence. For instance, if you do not require speech capability, delete DEVS:Narrator.device, LIBS:'Translator, library, and L:$ peak-handler. Then edit the startup- ? Are of actual DCTV screens, DjSmZCJtHD UlOCfSK jr»t* m»nc s»u*l 00:T I 6(n»fj "»-.t * nr c«>. Ijm ro
* *•») "3 nr Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. Rfv yA x 8 J 0_400 gQ J Sul. Hirtfwlh f.it t f ? Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga*' pj, ?1,11 m * » i ™ 1 pFu.c nu. MuiaL-SiiiU-QRaaJjiyjp Jttii&r Clif Jvk(il ¦SgSgJSW: j Aiu.HP gwc: t-QiiO) jEni-cI tono! Gave1 Sophisticated true color video paint digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package. A Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCT T images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV"1 is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Geate beautiful full color video images with all popular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 Min. I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended }B8BIBBBBB3E DIGITAL_ Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution of television. CREATIONS Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 1992 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered liodemoik of Commodore Business Mothines. Patents applied for. Circle 16 on Reader Servce card F L 0 P P V A I, sequence to remove the command MOUNT Speak:. If, for some reason, a program fails to work later on, check the slarmp-scquence on the hoot disk for that program. It may be expecting to use some resource that you have deleted, which you will then have to restore from your master disk. At this point, if you have deleted the files I recommended, your Workbench 1.3 disk has almost 320K of free space, compared to approximately 30K on the standard disk. W ith Workbench 2.0, you have added more than lOOKof free space to your disk (plus having learned how to recover even more should you need it). This in itself' is a respectable accomplishment. But wait ; there’s more! Putting on the Squeeze: File Compression Manv different file-compression utilities such as ARC, ZOO. LHARC. And PKAZIP are available as PD shareware, All use methods of data compression to reduce the size of files, which, in turn, reduces the amount of time needed to transmit them. NASA uses the same technique to send data hack to Earth from ils deep-space probes, and we use it to hold down the monthly bills from Genie and CompuServe. Abu could, in theory, compress the files remaining on the Workbench disk to create more room, hut that would he more trouble than it’s worth. You would have to type in decompression commands each time, and application programs would not run at all because they could not find the commands they require. Luckily for all of us, this problem has been elegantly solved bv Nico Francois’ program Power Packer. (Version 2.3b is available as shareware, Fred Fish 253. And you can obtain a commercial version. Power Packer Professional, fromJumpdisk for $ 29.95.) This fantastic program will compress data files, AmigaDOS commands, and most commercial programs. Power Packer is completely mouse-and-memi controlled, so there are no complicated commands to learn. Click on the name of the lile you want to com- * press, select the amount of compression, and then save the new, smaller program back to your disk. It will add a small decompression routine to the compressed programs, so all you have to do is double-click on the icon as usual. The program automatically decompresses it- self in just a few seconds and begins running. Power Packer has live different levels of compression for different situations. For example, the standard size of the Dir command is 8772 hvtes (all of the file sizes in the following examples refer to Workbench 1.3). Choosing the fastest compression shrinks this to (5028 hyies, including the automatic decompressor, and takes about 13 seconds to complete. The medium setting yields a size of 5592 bytes in 3(5 seconds. If you opt for the greatest compression, you get a file size of 5528 bytes alter 75 seconds. The documentation for Power Packer mentions that the '‘best" setting for maximum compression is not always die best one to use. For very large files, that setting can result in extremelv slow compression times. Fortunately, the program includes a script mode lo use in such instances, allowing you to compress a whole series of files automatically. W hen you nm the new Dir program, it decompresses and begins executing in approximately one-half second, a very small amount of time considering you save over s i (j l i: 3000 bytes of disk space. A larger program takes a little longer to decompress, hilt even WordPerfect takes less than six seconds with space savings of over 40,000 bytes. I liat's a most agreeable cost-to-bencfit ratio! Go through your trimmed Workbench disk and see which remaining files can he compressed to recover still more disk space. Some of these are already so small that I did not bother to shrink them. A compressed Ed, however, saves quite a hit of room. Speeding It Up: Disk Optimization Now that you have made room for more programs, is there anything you can do to speed up actual disk operations? Yes, you can physically reorganize the remaining files on the disk. To do this, use an optimizing program, such as B.A.D. ($ 49.95, Centaur), Dunlap Utilities ($ 49.95, Progressive Peripherals), or Quarterback Tools (S89.95, Central Coast New Horizons), to reorganize the files so as to eliminate the fragmentation that occurs with use. The reason files become fragmented is that AmigaDOS tries to make die most efficient use of available disk space. If you delete a file that occupies 10 blocks on the disk and then save a file that needs 20 blocks, AmigaDOS will put half of the new file in the previous file’s space and the other half elsewhere on the disk, flits process occurs with every deletion and save, evcn- tuallv fragmenting a disk so thoroughly that even- lime
* d n n you open a window, it seems to take forever for the icons to appear. Optimizing the disk will rejoin all of the fragmented files and regroup all of the .info files so that AmigaDOS does not have to search the entire disk. After a period of use, you will have to run the optimizer program again, hut each time you do, the results should he spectacular. One other way to speed disk processes is with a cache utility such as Face II (S34.95, ASDG). Under normal circumstances, if you open a drawer or type Dir from the Shell, AmigaDOS will read the disk looking for files that belong to that directors' and then display them. Unfortunately, the operating system promptly forgets what it just told you, so that if you type Dir again, the entire process is repealed. Using a cache program, the first Dir operation will take the same amount of time, hut subsequent directoiy listings will be much faster. This type of program is most useful if you have extra memory and are performing such disk-intensive operations as working with a database. By setting aside a portion of memory as a specialized RAM disk and then intercepting floppy operations. A cache program can make some operations even faster than if you had a hard disk. With the changes and procedures Eve outlined, your Workbench disk will still boot and operate in a normal fashion without vour even having to make any
* o changes to the standard startup-sequence. Using your new "working master” back-up copy, you will now have a Workbench disk with plenty of room lor vour favoriic application which should make using it a lot less frustrating. ¦ Since 1987, Rob Hays has used Amigas for writing, game playing, business record diet ping, and desktop publishing. Before recently acquiring a hard disk, he performed all of these activities with a floppy-based system. S I R THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO BE CHALLENGING.
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2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH 3. At the U = prompt, enter XTX993I3, Amiga92 then press RETURN 4. Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready. ? For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Genie multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS Centaur Development presents the most brilliant new product line for the Amiga Seeing is Believing The complete 24-Bit graphics and video solution. OpalVision thrusts the Amiga back into first place as the most powerful video and graphics computer in the industry. OpalVision links cutting-edge, high-quality hardware with the ultimate painting sottware. Its modular design lets you select only the features you want while providing expandability so you can add additional capabilities as you need them. The OpalVision system is an excellent video processing and manipulation tool but unlike other video-only systems, it integrates extremely well into the Amiga environment and functions superlatively for applications like desktop publishing, 3D desktop design, image processing, multimedia and entertainment. OpalVision is the only complete 24-Bit graphics and video system for the Amiga. OpalVision Main Board
• The core of the OpalVision system, It is a true 24-Eit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel.
• Uncompromised. 24-Bit higher- than-broadcast-quality, crystal-clear images which far surpass any composite video or HAM system.
• AMIGA graphics ond animations, can appear in front of or behind OpalVision imageson a pixel-by- pixel basis.
• Operates in all standard Amiga resolutions up to a maximum of 768 x 480 pixels (580 in PAL).
• Double buffered 24-Bit and 15- Bit animation can be performed in medium and low resolution modes while 8-Bit double-buffered animation is available in all resolutions.
• VLSI Microcode Graphics Coprocessor enables resolution changes, stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth scrolling between screens.
• "Palette-Mapped" design updates screen colors in real-time. Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes on the fly.
• Available in an internal version which occupies the video slot of the Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computers. The external version connects to the RGB port of any Amiga, including the Amiga 500 and 600 series computers.
• Equipped with 1.5 MB of display RAM
• Automatically self-configures for NTSC or PAL operation. Software Included with Main Board: Opal Paint: An unequalled pointing and image manipulation program. Fast. Real-time. Full 24- Bit. OpalPoint gives you complete control over OpalVision's 16.8 million color palette. Includes a full-range of drawing tools ond image-processing modes. No other 24-Bit paint program on the Amiga even comes close to the power of OpalPaint which rivals professional painting systems costing thousands of dollars. Its speed, open-ended design and exclusive features like real-world Artist's Tools, virtual memory support and support for pressure sensitive drawing tablets make OpalPaint the software of choice for graphic and video professionals. Opal Presents: A comprehensive, icon-driven presentation program offering complete control over OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video (when the Frame Grabber Genlock is installed), includes numerous built-in transitions and effects including wipes, fades and scrolling effects. OpalVision Hotkey: Dispiay OpalVision images anytime by using key combinations. Show OpalVision and Amiga graphics simultaneously, with single keystrokes to control two different OpalVision screens, priority masks, genlocking and other OpalVision features. King of Karate: The world's first 24-Bit personal computer game! An exciting karate competition. Lots of fun and an excellent demonstration of OpalVision's capabilities. OPALPAINT lets you composite multiple images quickly and easily with seamless, 24-Bit color accuracy. Moke quick and precise color selections using OPALPAINT's versatile 24-Bit Palette Requester. A complete range of enhancement modules will be available soon. Add framegrabbing and genlocking, de-interlacing, Digital Video Effects and input switching capabilities. OpalVision's modular design circumvents the usual problems with incompatibility and loss of signal integrity associated with the external components available from third parties and the “Rat's Nest“ required to connect them. The expansion modules connect directly to the OpalVision Main Board without tying up Amiga slots. Add the Genlock, Switcher and the Roaster Chip for a complete 24-Bit Amiga desktop video system. Or, if you’re into desktop publishing, just add the Scan Rate Converter for non-interlaced output. OpalVision lets you create a custom-designed system to fit your specific needs. Stan Bthancenzcm a U: Jules Revolutionary"Roaster" chip provides unlimited digital video effects. Create your own effects or use the includsd library. Multitasking HOTKEY software lets you show 24-Bit pics anytime. Run Dpaint ANIMS on a 24-Bit background. Add Genlock and Framegrabbing for unlimited video capabilities. Includes S-VHS inputs and outputs. Includes OPAL PRESENTS a feature- packed, 24-Bit presentation program for multimedia applications. Ti'i'i i Vi »j» » jij ..«¦¦¦ . I-; . OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock Module:
• A true 24-Bit frame grabber, genlock, composite decoder (color splitter), composite encoder. 256- level linear keyer with alpha channel output and live video effects processor.
• Broadcast-quality S-Video (S-VHS or HI-8) or composite input and output.
• No external splitter required. Uses the Sony broadcast camera chipset for quality in excess of broadcast standards.
• Instantly freeze and save multiple video frames or a sequence of frames as 24-Bit images. No still frame or signal preparation required for image grabbing.
• High-quality integration of 24-Bit OpalVision and Amiga images with video. Define a 256-level transparency overlay (alpha channel) for OpalVision or Amiga images so live video can be displayed through transparent and semi-transparent portions of the image. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter
• Display Amiga Graphics, OpalVision 24-Bit images and live video as rock- solid, non-interlaced, flicker-free images on any multi-scan or multisync monitor.
• Acts as an independent 24-Bit frame buffer for two-screen multimedia applications. OpalVision Quad-input Production Switcher
• An external unit which plugs info the OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock for software-controlled switching between two video sources.
• Incorporates four video input signals each with its own color splitter. These four inputs can be assigned to A and B sources for switching in any combination.
• Perform cuts, dissolves, wipes and all the transitions made possible by the OpalVision Roaster Chip between two different sources.
• Each input includes both S-Video (S- VHS or Hi-8) and composite jacks. Output is provided in both S-Video and composite format. OpalVision Roaster Chip
• Real-time processing and morphing of five video. OpalVision images or standard Amiga output. Take any live video signal. Flip it. Scale it. Wrap it on a sphere. Wave it like a flag. Do page turns to reveal a second source image. Provides an infinite variety of amazing, real-time Digital Video Effects.
• "Picture-in-Picture" capability allows the display of full 24-Bit live or frozen video in a scalable window on the Workbench. Zoom in on a portion of the image and pan around for a close-up look.
• Use the included software to design and accurately sequence your own custom digital video effects and transitions. Includes an expandable library of useful wipes, dissolves, wraps, etc.
• Plugs into the OpalVision Main Board. The Roaster Chip is a fully integrated part of the OpalVision system and is fully compatible with all other modules. For effective use, the Roaster Chip and software requires the Frame Grabber Genlock Module. Created by: opal tech Sydney, australio Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development 4451-B Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale. CA 90260 Phone: (310) 542-2226 Fax: (310) 542-9998 For information call 1 -800-621 -2202 CpolVaion. Ckj) Port'. Cdqi P-es&rts one Ooa'WsJon Roaitet Cn*p ore rrcdemarics a‘ Opa Tecrmocgy. Utf King of Koiate n c t-adenor* cf Contour Development, inc. Ciner Dro-as ong pfOOuCt rarroi ore ncoorno-vs ©* toos'e'e-a Ttogemo-ij ot me»reu>oct v© holder
* ACCENT * ON GRAPHICS 43 A continuing series of tips, techniques, mid tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen I HAVE ALWAYS liked ihe look of woodcut prints from the Japanese masters to Rockwell Kent. A design is cancel into a wood block that is then inked and pressed to paper. The artist's knife strokes create shallow troughs in the wood that leave smooth, hold lines in the print. Any slip of the knife can irrevocably ruin part oi the image. One of the computer's strong points as an art medium is the freedom it gives an artist to correct such "irre- vcrsible” mistakes. This month's column explores methods through which the computer artist may explore the woodcut style while still enjoying the experimental freedom of the computer. Simple Experiments The methods I will explore are general enough so that they will work in any major paint, drawing, or publishing program, although I will use terminology specific to Deluxe Paint (Electronic Arts), Professional Draw, and Professional Page (both Gold Disk). For the simplest experiment, open Dpaint to a high-resolution, two-color screen. Make one color black and the oilier white. Draw with thick black lines using the freehand-line tool. After the main elements of the drawing are laid in, use a white brush to go over those same lines, carving them up a bit. The goal is to produce interesting lines of varying thickness rather than the me- j n chanical uniformity of strokes made with a standard brush. You will probable find that this technique lends itself to expressive strokes rather than deliberate draftsmanship. I fere, the Amiga's two-button mouse conies into its own. Allowing you to paint black with one button and white with the other. The experiment with the paint program gives von a feel for the tech- niquc, hut in a printed image, you can see a limitation of bitmapped graphics. The picture is a jagged mosaic of black-and-white rectangular dots. To address this deficiency, you can experiment with structured graphics in Pro Draw, Pro Page, PageStream (Soft- Logik), or any other structured-draw- ing or publishing program. A structured drawing is not a fixed pattern of dots forming an image. Rather, it is a sophisticated description of the lines and forms that compose that image. From this description, the drawing can be reproduced in any size at the resolution of the display device. Sent to a printer, an image is made at the printer's resolution, typically much higher than the screen display of a paint program. For the computer woodcut experiments, this means that an artist can print images with the smooth curves and sharp points one associates with the knife strokes of a woodcut image. Structured-drawing programs like Pro Draw offer the widest range of tools for artistic experimentation, but most desktop-publishing packages include all the basic drawing tools needed for a computer woodcut. The idea is essentially the same as in the painting software. Draw with black, then cane the lines with white, fn Pro Draw's Attributes menu, set Fine Weight to Custom 0.2 and the Line Joins to Round. Use the freehand-line tool, switching the line color back and forth from black to white. Print the finished image to test vour O j results. If von do not own a drawing o program, try the freehand-line tools in your desktop-publishing software. A woodcut image is easy to create directly ‘-j i1 in PagcSiream or Pro Page as an cm-
o n bellishment to a document, or ii can he cloned and used as a border. The woodcut stvle is excellent for designing j o n unusual logos and business graphics. Combining Techniques Perhaps the most effective solution to creating a woodcut look with the computer combines the methods discussed above. Yon can paint the image as a high-resolution bitmap, enjoying the St pieniher 1902 Combining paint-program and structured-drawing techniques, you can create and print images exhibiting the crisp, boldly expressive sty le of traditional woodcuts. Freedom and speed ol paint tools. Yon can then convert that painting to a structured graphic that your drawing or publishing software can print at the highest printer resolution available to you. The critical conversion from bitmapped painting to structured drawing is accomplished with the Trace program that comes with Pro Draw 2.(1. The "Monument Valley” illustration accompanying this column was created using this combination process. To tiy a similar drawing, open Dpaint to a 640x400 two-color screen. Use Filled Freehand and standard brushes to draw the dill's. Make the distant rocks solid black, then rake them with a white brush made up of it row of single pixels. Save the image and open the Trace program. Enter the image you just created as the Picture File. Enter an Output File name for the conversion and a Clip name for the actual structured object the program will create. Turn Fills on. Select a Fit of 2.0 for your first experiments (this determines how closely the trace follows the exact lines of the bitmap). If the fit is too close, actual pixels may lie traced; il it is too loose, detail will be lost. Press the Trace button and sit back. When the trace is finished, load the conversion into Pro Draw or Pro Page as a Clip. With the clip loaded in Pro Draw, you can print the image from the Output menu. The illustration here was output to an NEC Silentwritcr laser printer as PostScript. The software will also do a remarkable job with non PostScript or even dot-matrix printers. The conversion to a structured graphic has turned jaggecl pixel shapes into smooth strokes having the feel of a woodcut. In this process of conversion, dozens or even hundreds of objects are created that collectively compose the image. Each object can contain dozens or hundreds of control points that define it. There is a maximum limit of 1500 points allowed in any individual object. If any object exceeds that complexity, the image tnav not print. If you encounter this problem, the solution is to break up objects, lb do this, choose Select All and then Split Compound Object from the Object menu. Use the Null Pointer to click on all the objects in the drawing until you come to one that looks as though it might exceed the point limit. Select the cutting tool Irani the lower-right portion of the screen, position the cross hair on a point near the center of the suspect object, and click the left button. This divides the object without altering it. Continue this process with all objects that might exceed the limit. When finished, you can either output to a printer or group the objects and save them as a Clip. You can even save a PostScript file ro disk for use on other platforms. ¦ Joel Hagen's cm its include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope for a re ph.
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: 800-872-8882 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA S0260 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 310-214-0000 ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-6 PST FAK: 310-214-0932 DRIVES, HARD DRIVES AND CONTROLLERS AT DRIVES & CONTR TRUMPCARD 50DAT ..... 179 00 99 95
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• Up to 32megs RAM
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* J~ j P' »> • 1 V These are all Brand-New no used or refurbished units! A Creative Computers Exclusive! Sharp JX-100 2 ___ _1 DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ 15 ost rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! Lowest overnight rates in the business SKETCH WASTER 12X12 ..... SKETCH WASTER 12X18 ..... WIZ DRAWING TABLET 7.5 X 7.5 X-SPECS 3D . SCANNERS DIGITIZERS EPSON ES300C SCANNER COLOR 256 GRAY ..... HAND SCANNER, GOLDEN IMAGE SHARP JX100 SCANNER .. AUDIO MIDI ECE MIDI A1000 ..... ECE MIDI PLUS A500' A20CO A3C00 EUREKA MIDI 500 2000 MIDI GOLD INSIDER ... PERFECT SOUND 3.1 A500 A2G00 PHANTOM MIDI INTERFACE .. EXPANSION PORTS BOMAC TOWER DENISE EXTENDER BUS DUAL SERIAL BOARD .... EMULATORS A MAX II EMULATOR MAC EMULATOR SYSTEM 135.00 A MAX II PLUS .349.00 AT BRIDGEBOARD (SEE CBM LISTING) POWER SUPLIES BIGFOOT 200 POWER SUPPLY IVS POWER SUPPLY ... CHIPS (VARIOUS) 68882 25 MATH COPROC .. 68882 33 MATH COPROC .. IC AGNUS FATTER 1MB C8W 8372 IC AGNUS SUPER FAT 2MB A3000 AGNUS CHIP ..... KICKSTART 1.3 ROW ...... MEGACHIP 2000 500
49. 95 MAXIPLAN 4.0 .. 99.95 PROFESSIONAL CALC ....189.00 DATABASES FAMILY TREE VERSION 2 46.95 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 ......59.95 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL 4 ......199.00 WORD PROCESSING FLOW 3.0 ...57 95 FINAL COPY ......59.95 PROPER GRAMMAR ..57.95 PROSCRIPT . 32 95 PROWRITE 3.2 ..59.95 QUICK WRITE WORD PROCESSOR 44.95 TRANSWRITE ..... 39.95 HOME PRODUCTIVITY CONTACT 2.0 .... 44.95 NOTEBOOK 26.95 TOP FORM ..... .52 95 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN .....51.95 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE GENERAL EDUCATIONAL CASTLE OF DR. BRAIN .....34 95 CROSSWORD CONST SET ......22.95 DISTANT SUNS VERSION 4.1 ..49.95 MAPLE V ... 429.00 MARK S MATHLAB ..34 95 MATH AMATiON 49.95 MAVIS BEACON TvpiNG ...34 95 PELICAN PRESS ... 64.95 WHERE IN EUROPE IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO ......34.95 WHERE IN THE U.S.A. IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34.95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO ......34.95 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDIEGO ...34.95 WORLD ATLAS 2.5 ..29.95 ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SCHOOL 20 95 BARNEY BEAR GOES CAMPING 20 95 BARNEY BEAR GOES FARM ...20.95 BARNEY BEAR MET SANTA ....20.95 BARNEY BEAR TO SPACE ......20 95 KATIES FARM ...25 95 KINDERAMA ......19.95 LAND OF THE UNICORN ...32.95 LETTERS FOR YOU 13.95 MATH A MAGICIAN .25.95 MATH BLASTER PLUS ......32.95 MATH WIZARD ..19.95 MCGEE .25.95 NUMBERS COUNT .. 13.95 OPPOSITES ATTRACT ......13.95 READ-A-RAMA ...19.95 SPELLAFARI ......23.95 LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION AUDIO GALLERY SPANISH .... 54 95 AUDIO GALLERY JAPANESE .74.95 AUDIO GALLERY FRENCH ...... 52 95 :Q: (C, = > trimedia incorporated W T z 7 V" x 7 v« Wiz Drawing Tablet l239°° The Kitchen Sync si 59900 Two Complete TOC's on one card Works witfi any video source S-VHS and HI-8 compatible Optional Y C output Great for use with the Video Toaster Modems Supra 2400 Baud Modem Supra 2400 MNP Plus ..... Supra 2400ZI Plus .... SupraFax Modem 14.4 14.4k . ..79.95
115. 00 1 19.00
299. 00 Supra FAX Modem 2400 9600 $ 25900 The ICD AdSpced * _ M78” ¦to accaMWr a h i price naft com date! Kfllcker Free Video 2 ------------------- Biminatn interlace dieter ter »ny Amiga computer. Novia" GDI ... CcapMtt 2 1 f 60we3 ktcrul t*rS prtvs xyitin ler Mi Nevis" 851---------------------- CALL CmptaW l r 85meg talinnl hari Artvi system Mr Me AdRAM 540 _ This new 9600bps modem has MNP5, V.42bis and
V. 32 error correction and data compression. SupraRam RX 1MB .....1 SupraRam RX 2MB . SupraRam 500 512k Duo to industry fluciualion, RAM prices ore subject to change without notice Memory etpaniUn Mr Me Amiga &Q0- [ipineton up to AdlDE 40 Kit Tea supply trie Hriil. ASIDE 40 ewplie* Me reel lar as . Kickback" - _ Hulli teilcred ROM swiicber fer Amiga conpiteri. Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-600-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE . AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN JAPANESE I .74.95 ..54.95 .. 79.95 27.95 LINKWORD FRENCH . 19.95 LINKWORD GERMAN ... 19.95 LINKV ORD ITALIAN ..... .19 95 LINKWORD RUSSIAN .19.95 LINKWORD SPANISH .19.95 FONTS GENERAL FONTS ALL AGFA FONTS AVAILABLE .. CALL KARA ANIMFONTS 1 . 29.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 29.55 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 .... 29.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 35.95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES ..... ......44.95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES2 ......39.95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3 ...... .46.95 KARA FONTS STARFIELDS ......34.95 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS . 39.95 MASTERPIECE FONTS ..... ......159.95 PROF. FONT LIBRARY ..... .....48.95 600 AMIGA FONTS ..... ......,.19.95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY VOL1 ......59.95
34. 95
64. 95 ... 289.00
119. 00 .79.95 .54.95 .32.95
199. 00
58. 95
299. 00
209. 00
199. 00 DIGIPAINT 3 PAL .... IMAGINE 2.0 PAL .... IMAGINE 1.1 PAL ..... PRO VIDEO POST PAL .. VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 PAL ..64.95 XCAD PROFESSIONAL PAL VERSION 79.00 UTILITY MISC. BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE RAW COPY 1 3K .....36.95 X-COPY PROFESSIONAL ...... 45 95 TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE BAUD BANDIT ...27.95 MINDLINK TELECOM ..28.95 ONLINE PLATINUM .39.95 DOS TOOLS UTILITIES AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM 29.95 AMI BACK 2.0 .. 44.95 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER 4 0 24.95 CROSS DOS ..... 25.95 DIRECTORY OPUS . 36 95 DISKMASTER ....29 95 DISKMASTER II .42.95 DJ HELPER ... 29.95 DOS TO DOS .....32.49 HYPER HELPERS ...... 35.95 MAC 2 DOS .90.95 MAVERICK 4.0 ...27 95 QUARTERBACK 5.0 .44 95 QUARTERBACK TOOLS ....52.95 SUPER DJ 500C 32.95 HP DeskJet 500 $ 39900 Amiga Music at Unheard- Of-Prices! THE Blue Ribbon Soundworks LTD ~ NEW Professional Page 3,0 VERS,ON! HP DeskJet 50QC (Color) $ 79900 The Latest Upgrade for the Professionals Choice in DTP I Page & Function Genies give total ease of use Irregular text wrap Adobe type 1 font support Mqil merge and hot link to New Undo feature Bars&Pipes plus Internal Sounds Kit. .just ®9995 No additional hardware required. Multi-track recording for the masses! PatchMeister $ 5995 Universal Patch Librarian Bars&Pipes Professional S209Q0 State of the Art MIDI Sequencing SyncPro ...... s ygao SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator Triple Play Plus s-jggoo 48 MIDI channels via one interface SuperJAM .....s8995 Write music without ever touching an intrument Pixel 3D 2.0 ..*6495 The most powerful 3D object utility for the Amiga computer! Convert bitmaps to 3D objects, get rid of redundant points and convert from one format to another! Quarterback 5.0 The Next Generation In Backup Software ......s4495
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 'iin.9i4.nnnn OUU O f c OOOl CANADA: 1-800-548-2512
o i J c. 4-uuuu ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Mon-Sat 8-8 PST Lawndale, CA 90260 FAX: 310-214-0932 * MUSIC GENERAL MUSIC SOFTWARE BARS AND PIPES PROFESSIONAL 209.00 BARS AND PIPES ..99 95 CREATIVITY KIT 32.95 INTERNAL SOUNDS KIT ...32.95 MULTI MEDIA KIT ....32.95 MUSIC BOX A ....32.95 MUSIC BOX B ....32.95 PRO STUDIO KIT ....32.95 RULES FOR TOOLS 32.95 C-ZAR ...59.95 DR. T’S COPYIST DTP .....190 00 DR. T’S KCS LEVEL II V3.5 .....229.00 PATCHMEISTER 49.95 PfXOUND ....56.95 SONIX ...51 95 SOUND QUEST Ml DIQUEST ..148 00 SOUNDTRAX VOL 1 14 95 SOUNDTRAX VQL 2 14 95 SUPER JAM' ......89.95 TIGER CUB ....79.95
34. 95
24. 95
24. 95
19. 95 AMIGA PRIMER VIDEO ...... AMIGA WORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOL II .. AMIGAWORLD VIDEO ANIMATION VOLUME ONE ..19.95 AMIGAWORLD VIDEO DESKTOP VIDEO VOL I 24 95 MUSICAL AMIGA VIDEO ...23 95 GAMES ARCADE GAMES MAGIC POCKETS PAL . .32.95 . 34.95 .27.95 .24.95 .25.95 .25.95 .34.95 .38.95 29 95 . 15.95 .39.95 .31.95 .39.95 .35.95 .35.95 39-95 .39.95 .32.95 23 95 .23.95 .29.95 .24.95 . 19.95 .25.95 35 95
35. 95
• Fastest Renderer on the Amiga
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• Render up to 32k x 32k SyQuest Drives These packages include the SyQuest drive, 1 cartridge & all neccesary cables. External models include a case 44mb for Amiga 2000 s399 infernal s499 external kit 88mb for Amiga 2000 s569 internal s669 external kit ProWrite 3.2 Now the ali-time bestselling word processor supports Postscript output
* Audio Vidoo Scriplwfiling.
* Arexx supporl.
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* Wraps text around graphics
* Mail Merge f R E A L 3 D I'm _ Introducing an exciting neuu product from IlfS... THIRD GENERATION G8D3D PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR BY INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS
• 32-Bit RANI Expansion to 32 MB
• On-Board SCSI
• 2630 Compatible Expansion port
• The first and only C03Q accelerator with Pro-Plex allowing on-board SCSI and RAM to be accessed in the 68000 mode. Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga! Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes! Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR’s! Prices Effective MM Visit our Amiga Superstores! South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 11-7 PST -Phone: (310) 542-2292 Westside: 318 Wilshire Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Tues-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 PST-Phone: (310) 394-7779 STRIP POKER HI .. STRIP III DATA 1 .. STRIP III DATA 2 .. STRIP III DATA 3 STRIP III DATA 4 .. STRIP III DATA 5 .. WAR STRATEGY CARDINAL OF THE KREMLIN ..32.95 CENTURION DEFENDER OF ROME 34 95 HARPOON ..41.95 HARPOON BATTLE SET 3 MEDITERRANEAN CONFLICT .20.95 HARPOON SCENARIO EDITOR ...27.95 HARPOON CHALLENGER PACK .62.95 OVERLORD 32.95 PACIFIC ISLANDS ..29 95 POPULOUS .29 95 POPULOUS II .....38 95 POWERMONGER ..... 33.95 POWERMONGER WWI DATA ..19.95 THE THIRD REICH . 28.95 WORLDS AT WAR ...29 95 ROLE PLAYING BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE .....38.55 BARD'S TALE III THIEF OF FATE 34,95 BLACK CRYPT ...34.95 CHAOS HINTDISK DUNGEON MASTER II .....14.95 DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN .34.95 DUNGEON MASTER ... 19 95 DUNGEON MASTER II CHAOS STRIKES BACK ..19.95 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER ..38.95 .29.95 .16.95 .16 95
16. 95
16. 95
12. 95 FLICKER MASTER ...... DUST COVERS AND KEYBOARD CALL SKINS AVAIL ..... CABLES FOR MOST NEEDS USES AVAIL ..CALL KEYBOARD TEMPLATES FOR TOASTER CG. TOASTER SWITCHER. DCTV & DPAINT IV FOR AMIGA 500 2000'3003 ..CALL INPUT ACCESSORIES ALFA DATA CRYSTAL TRACKBALL CALL BEETLE MOUSE (ASSORTED COLORS) ..34 95 GOLDEN IMAGE 2 BUTTON MOUSE 34.95 GOLDEN IMAGE CORDLESS MOUSE ......74.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE 64 95 TRACKBALL AMTRAC .... 59.95 DSS-8 s84i fiiud Copy Record, edit, compose...with a high-quality, stereo sound sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track sequencer. Outline fonts, 470,000 word Thesaurus, 116,000 word dictionary, Multiple columns, IFF graphic support, PostScript support, Work Bench 2.0 and Automatic hyphenation. Hard Drive Deal of the Year! A2000 owners: Choose an ICD AdSCSI 2000 or Trumpcard Classic, then we’ll mount a new Quantum 40mb drive on only $ 259. A500 owners: Take a Trumpcard 500 with an installed 40mb Quantum only $ 269. (This is a limited time offer, no backorders) Firecracker Bundle High-resolution •16.8 Million Colors * 24-Bit graphics display card
• Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 2 Meg Version Charts & Graphs ¦ l harts 1 yraptis I pm $ 4995 | Buy th© Firecracker and get Imagine 2.0 + ProTextures FREEI J - - Imagine Bundle! DKB 2632 Ram Expansion Imagine plus IMAC1HE Imagine: A Guided Tour video Now expand your Amiga up to
1) 2 megs o! 32 Bit memory rf you own the CBM A2632 Accelerator board. With 4megs ..!509M A Creative Computers Best Buy! Includes free object disk and you can upgrade to 2.0 for $ 100! »• . I-
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• 68030 running at 40mhz
• 68882 running at 40mhz
• 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
• Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
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• A500 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
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• Socket for 68882 Math chip
• “Mini Slot” for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility.
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 52mb drive ..s96900 A530 w 120mb drive ..s109900 A500 HD+ A500-HD+ 52Q (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) s488°° A500-HD+ 120Q (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) *638°° A500-HD+ 240Q (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) $ 899°° PC286 Module (Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit) ...s31900 Now, your Amiga1 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! All for just $ 42900 HONE PflK 4 Mr The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it!***
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3. 25° a SALES TAX (CA RE S.ONLY) or rates) j shipping TOTAL R E V I i; Y s From j). 18. The next step is to configure the SACK software for your particular Resolver board and monitor, using the set-up program, lwcek. Configuring is as simple as selecting the model that you purchased. The Resolver comes in three configurations: the Aboard, with two megabytes of video RAM, two megs of DRAM, and a maximum resolution of 102-4x 70S pixels in noninterlaced mode (SI295); the B hoard, with three megs of video RAM, two of DRAM, and a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 noninterlaced (SI749); and the C board, with five megs of video RAM. Four of DRAM, and up to 2048x2048 interlaced resolution (S2I95). Configuring the system for your monitor is both more complicated and more interesting. The Resolver comes set up for six default resolution modes that most monitors can display but you can modify any of these or create up to 32 new modes of your own. The basic process involves selecting the horizontal and vertical resolution, changing the vertical 1 o o refresh rate so that the picture synchronizes correctly, and then using the positioning gadget to drag the test image into a centered position on your display. You have complete control over all of the display registers and can instantly see the effect caused by changing a particular setting. This lets you achieve the maximum picture size that your monitor allows, not some “safe" size that is sure to work on all monitors, for example, the inexpensive multiscan monitor 1 use is not rated for 1024x768 noninterlaced, vet I 4 can display that resolution by turning down the refresh rate to 54 Ilz. II 1 want a 60-Hz refresh, I simply reduce the display size to, say, 1024x700. Once you save the mode descriptions to your configuration file, all applications that use the SAGE libraries can use your custom modes. All of this hardware power is useless, however, without software support. Because the Amiga does not yet allow the use of graphics cards as Workbench displays. Special provisions have to be made to run existing Amiga software on the Resolver board. One of these is a program called the Resolver Workbench, which continuously copies the Workbench display (including the mouse pointer) to the Resolver screen. Under 2.0. for example, you can set your Workbench screen size to 1024x768 and run the Resolver Workbench on a noninterlaced 1024x768 screen. The Amiga display makes you scroll around this large Workbench, but on the Resolver screen, you can see even thing at once, which allows you to run existing desktop-publishing programs on a screen The Tweek program gives you full con* trol over the Resolver board's program* able resolution modes. Large enough to show a whole page. The Resolver Workbench program is not perfect, however. Because it must copy much information from the Amiga screen, it lags behind the Amiga display (menu bars come up a piece at a time), and it somewhat slows down the whole system. Also, an application that opens its own custom screen does not work well with the Resolver Workbench. A 320x 200 Deluxe Paint screen, for example, appears as a tiny display in the upper- left corner of a 1024x768 screen. While I wouldn’t employ it as my everyday display, the Resolver Workbench is fine for occasional use. It is a good example of the lengths to which DMI will go to support this board, and provides a taste of what we can expect from future Kickstart versions that support large Workbench displays on graphics cards. For now, the best way to use the Resolver is with software designed with the board in mind. DMI includes one such program with the Resolver, its own DMI Paint program. Although the version we reviewed (1.3) has only a few basic tools, DMI continues to update and enhance this program. Also included is a utility that displays eight-hit or smaller IFF files. Disciples The Resolver is currently supported, however, by several programs from other software developers. ASDCi’s Art Department Professional and Black Belt’s Im- ageMaster both output images in any Resolver display mode and support multiple buffers and multiple Resolver boards. Aegis’ Presentation Master and Adspec Programming’s Draw4DPro can also output high-resolution images directly to the Resolver display. In all of these cases, however, the Resolver is used merely as a display device, not as an interactive screen on which you can select menus or gadgets. Moreover, most of these programs store their color information in 24-bit format and must lake the time to convert it to eiglu-hit color before displaying it on the Resolver. DMI reports that SAGE versions of DvnaCADD (Ditek), Professional Page
3. 0 (Gold Disk), Imagine (Impulse), Caligari (Octree), 3D Professional 2.0 (Progressive Peripherals), and TV Paint (Tec- soft) are currently in the works. Despite this support, the Resolver board has not yet realized its full potential. For example, DMI states that the hoard can display 2048 horizontal dots at NTSC or PAL scan rates, making it suitable for high-resolution video. (The board also provides a composite input that lets you sync to an external source.) The company does not, however, offer the proper type of encoder and software to make such an application a reality. Although the board can in some configurations support multiple buffers that could help to display high-resolution animations at good frame rates, there is so far no real software support for this kind of animation. Considering, however, all of the work involved in developing support for large workstation-type displays on the Amiga, DMI has made real progress. Starting completely from scratch, the company developed the SAGE libraries, recruited other developers, and came up with such innovative solutions as the Resolver Workbench. More importantly. DMI has demonstrated a commitment to continually update the software and expand the usefulness of the display. Such efforts can only bring closer the day when large workstation-type displays are common on the Amiga. Sheldon Leemon AmiLink Cl RGB Computers and Video, $ 995 or $ 1595. Hard-drive installable. Copy protected with dongle.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 3MB RAM, Panasonic’s AG 1960 video decks. Recommended system: 5 +MB RAM, accelerator, hard drive, AG 1960 video decks. External hardware, serial-port connection. Installation: difficult. Consumer video-editing system. Ascaled-down version of RGB’s professional video editor, AmiLink Cl controls Panasonic A( i 1960 SVHS consumer decks and is available as a cuts-only svs- i 4 tcm for $ 995 or as an A B roll system for $ 1595. Both versions having an optional Video Toaster control module ($ 150). A Web of Cables The first step in setting up the AmiLink Cl editor is to attach one end of the serial interface cable to the Amiga’s serial port through the softwarc-protection dongle and the other to an eight-pin serial port on the supplied Yukon AG 1960 control interface. The cuts-only YuPort controller has two VCR connectors, one for the recorder and one for the source. The A B roll system comes with two Vu- Port controllers; the computer connects to the first controller's serial-in, and rite single VCR-controI port is hooked to the recorder. You then daisy chain from the first controller’s serial-out to the second controller’s serial-in. YuPort number 2 is equipped with two VCR control ports, one for each of the source machines. The video connections are more complicated, and you must supply the cables for the decks. The complexity increases as your configuration grows more advanced, with switchers and time-base correctors added to the loop. The last hookup is audio. In a cuts-only system, simply connect the source audio- out to a mixer or directly to the recorder. An A B roll system requires a mixer connected to the recorder, allowing more creative audio editing bv enabling the source
o n decks to he faded up or down. Flie Amil.ink software installs more quickly, as it boots to the edit interface. I asked many editors to look the system
* 4 over, and their first impressions of the interlace were not glowing. One even fell that it resembled a video game, lacking the slickness most clients look for. Lb put a more professional face on it. You can use an interlaced display and open the edit list in the screen’s lower half. Looks aside, the editing interface is genuinely functional, displaying the sources on the left and the recorder on the right. You can enter in and out points and durations by clicking a source or recorder input (In Out Dur) and typing the standard hour, minute, second, and frame number. The lower-left part of the display is used to select cuts, dissolves, and wipes from the various sources. The lower right is reserved for the control of the source machines and the recorder. The one problem here is that it is easy to click rewind instead of shuttle, which causes problems with edit [joints and lowers the accuracy of the performed edit. Accessible from the main interlace. Am iLink’s Set-up menu lets you select how AmiLink controls the VCRs, display, foast- AmiLink Cl’s main editing screen. R E Y I E W S er. And edit list. One function you should immediately set is End Status, which tells AmiLink what to do after an edit. A second important menu is the Electronic Batch Bay (EBB), which tells AmiLink which video sources are connected to which inputs of the Toaster. If your video deck is consistently fast or * slow bv a number of frames, vou can even j * specify a frame offset to compensate. Cutting and Splicing 1 tested an A B roll AmiLink with Toaster- con Lml software. Initially, it took a while to get used to the editing. Instead of I! O twisting knobs, you use the mouse to control the video decks in both shuttle and jog modes, fhejog mode is the most difficult to master, because you constantly f J have to pick up and set down the mouse to move through the video frames. In the Cl version of AmiLink, time code is not available. Instead, the editor reads the tape location of each video deck and displays the number in a time-cocle- like manner. The problem with this type of editing is that the accuracy of the edits decreases if the video decks are stopped or if the tape is pulled off the play head. I found that slopping the decks in the test sessions caused the edits to be off by minus three to five frames. One way to keep locations accurate is by using the shuttle or the jog VCR controls instead of the rewind or last-forward buttons. Editing dissolves, keys, and Toaster effects with AmiLink is a simple matter of selling up an A B roll edit. For example, to dissolve from source A to source B, click the DIS button to bring up a window representing the Toaster’s Preview, Program, anil Overlay bus. Select the inputs and dissolve speed, and from the main screen choose the sourcc-in points, an out point (the trigger for AmiLink to dissolve from source A to B) or a duration, and the recorder-in point. For match edits, press the lab key to establish the correct in and out points ro (Ion(uuifd on p. 58. A ( tire For The Colorblind Toaster. Vectoracope It’s the NEW DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ card. The world’s first waveform monitor and vectors cope for desktop video. And best of all, it shows your true colors for a little green. Just $ 995.
• ¦ • Bilk . • ¦ •mmurni ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦I ¦ *• ¦¦¦¦¦'
• ¦.b||¥ DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your beat In the U.S. Gall 606-371-5533 In Canada Gall 416-754-8090 DPS PERSONALV-SCOPF™ is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems, Inc. Waveform Monitor AMW 9-92 Since 1982 * § tLomputrftbilitg. Conbume'c Llectfconlcb The Multimedia Specialists! YOUR PRICE INCLUDES: 40 Mhz '030 TOASTER WORKSTATION
• Installation by our trained technicians
• Knowlegable support staff to assist you in designing the system YOU need
• All products sold carry full manufacturer's warranty and documentation
• No surcharge for credit cards free; delivery in the contiguous 48 states ENTRY LEVEL VIDEO TOASTER WORKSTATION Toaster 2.0 • Quantum 52MB Hard Drive
• 7MB RAM •14" Stereo Monitor
* Toaster 2.0 Quantum 105MB Hard Drive
* GVP Gforce ‘030 combo 40 4 with Math Coprocessor 9MB RAM (8MB 32 Bit)
• 14" Stereo Monitor $ 3,899 25 Mhz 030 TOASTER WORKSTATION
* Toaster 2.0 • Quantum 52MB Hard Drive
• GVP 25 Mhz 68030 Accelerator Card 10MB RAM (9MB. 32 Bit) • 14“ Stereo Monitor $ 4,699 ULTIMATE 50 Mhz TOASTER WORKSTATION
• Toaster 2.0
• Maxtor 120MB SCSI Drive
• GVP Gforce '030 Combo 50 with Math Coprocessor
• 9MB RAM (SMB. 32 Bit)
• (2) Personal TBC II or Kitchen Sync (your choice)
• 14" Stereo Monitor $ 7,299 * Desktop Video & Studio AGFA Video Unlimited Type Puck 25T 122 95 Amiga World Toaster Video Tape ...19 95 Animation Station ...29.55 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 ..147.95 ASDG Art Department Pro Conv. Pack 57 95 Bread & Butter Fonts ......57 95 Broadcast 3D Fonts for Light Wave 67.95 Boadcast 3D Fonts lor Imagine ...32.95 Caligari 2 (Reg. 2 MB) 249 95 Can Do 79.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 1 or 2 ...... 57.95 Deluxe Paint 4.1 ...... ...97 95 Director 2 0 .... 75.95 Directory Opus 36.95 Disney Animation Studio .....74 95 Draw4D Professional .184.95 Exotic Cars Volum e 1 & 2 Imagine .29.95 Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Light,vave .....29 95 Fractal Pro 5.0 ....87.95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 ....57.95 Image Master V20 .. 132 95 Imagine 2.0 244.95 Masterpiece Toaster Fonts ..57.95 Masterpiece 3D Fonts tor Lightwave 57 95 Our Wedding (24 Bit) .... 52.95 .... 37.95 .... 67 95 .... 29.95 .... 39.95 .... 54.95 ....54 95 .... 54 95 .54 95 112 95 154 95
49. 95 57 95
111. 95 Pix Mate Pixel 3D . Pro Fills Volume 1 2.0 Pro Textures Volume 1 .. Pro Toaster Fonts 1 - Foriegn Language .. Pro Toaster Fonts 2 - Serif Type Pro Toaster Fonts 3 - Decorative Display . Pro Toaster Fonts 4 - Flags of the World . Pro Video CG II . Pro Video Posf ... Quarterback Quarterback Tools Raster Link Real 3D Professional . 269.95 ...29.95 ...57.95 ...57 95 Scape Maker ...... ScreenMaker 2.2 Scenery Animator..... Sculpt Animate 4D 249.95 Shov Maker .... 229.95 T Rexx Professional ..72.95 Transporier Anrmaiion Controller Software 129.95 Toastmaster ... 87.95 TV Show V 2.0 .. 56.95 TV Text Protessiona! 97.95 Ultimate Guide to Toaster 1 or 2 (vidoe tape)32.95 VideoClips Toaster Font Volume II ..29.95 Video Director ...137.95 Vista Professional ....57.95 Genlock Video Master ...Call ChromaKey + ...... 329 Supergen ...... 619 Supergen 2000S Call Storage Quantum SCSI 52 105 240 .....205 329 555 Maxtor SCSI 7120 7213 ......349 5 9 Syquest 44MB 88 MB ...299 409 Single Frame Controller BCD 2000A ...649 Personal SFC 20 ...339 Time Base Correctors DPS 230 ...Call IDEN TB Card TR-7 Remote ...849 129 Kitchen Sync . Call Kitchen Sync Genlock Options ...159 Personal TBC II ...Call Other Bread Board Video Delay Line .309 DCTV 385 Firecracker 24 825 Flicker Free Video II ... 235 Mega Chip 2000 with Super Agnus .285 Mullistart ll .42.95 Personal VDA-10CO = IBM or Amiga sloi • please specify) .....129 Professional Video Chassis .....269 Personal Vscope ... Call Turn the page for Accelerators & More Amiga Product Specials!
• • CAMCORDERS • VCR S • A-V MIXERS • VIDEO MONITORS • INDUSTRIAL CAMERAS • EDITING DECKS CALL FOR LOW, LOW PRICES! CALL FOR LOW, LOW PRICES! SUPER VHS • VHS • Hi-8 • 8mm MINOLTA Vdeck Hi-8, 2 Chip Camcorder Audio Video Mixers WJ-MX50 NEW! WJ-MX12 WJ-AVE5 WJ-AVE3 Super VHS Video Cassette Player AG-7650 AG-7750 Professional Editing VCR Panasonic CAMCORDERS VCRs AUTHORIZED DEALER OF: Canon SONY Panasonic JVC PHILIPS MINOLTA TOSHIBA ItDGBGDDD Hi-8 Video Tape Case Price Sale! Vbox This unique computer video provides advanced, yet easy to use editing features from an intuitive, easy to understand interface All edit control is performed directly iv lh the Amiga keyboard and mouse, joystick or trackball The AmiLink CI user interface is designed to give you the teelmg of using a traditional edit controller, Out takes advantage of the great flexibility and power packed into today s personal computet CI2 VP AmiLink CI System; 2 machine CI3-VP: AmiLink CI Syslem; 3 machine CI4-VP' AmiLink CI Syslem; 4 machine CI-VPU1; Controller Upgrade far additional AG-1960 CI-VPU2: Controller Upgrade lor 2 additional AG-196D'$ CI VT: Software for Video Toaster control, AmiLink CI System for the Panasonic AG-1960 A UlLlkir turn the page or more specials & ordering information! To Order Call SYQUEST BARE DRIVES 44IVIB 88MB $ 299 $ 409 AMIGA 500 UPGRADE KIT A C L E ¦i $ 105 f r Master 3A-1 Disk Drive with Golden Image Ram 500 with Clock Calendar NEW LOW PRICE!
• • AD Speed = all Amiga Computers) S154 Air Drive Int 3 5"-A3000 .$ 89 AMAXX I! AMAXX II PLUS $ 137 5339 Amiga RF Modulator S29 Amiga 1680 Modem „ .$ 39 A VIDEO 13 ...S419 BCD Internal SFC-A2000 ....S649 Big Foot Power Supply ...$ 95 Blizzard Board OK ...S219 Bodega Bay ..S279 Breadboard Video Delay Line ...S309 Chroma Key Plus (New) S339 Colorbursl, ...S659 Color Splitter .....S105 Data Flyer RAM Card OK .$ 89 Digiview Media Station .$ 152 Digital Sound Studio $ 85 DMI Floptical Disk Drive ...Call ECE Midi Interface ...S48 Flicker Fixer Genlock Options .....S35 Flicker fixer .$ 235 Flicker Free Video I! ......$ 235 Firecracker .S825 Frame Grabber 256 Gray S429 S489 Hi 0 Tower $ 619 Internal Drive 2000 ... S69 K-Start Selector ...$ 35 Kitchen Sync Genlock Option ...S159 Light-24 ...Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus $ 285 MIDI Gold A500 ...S55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 $ 59 Mini Gen ..,.,.$ 185 Miracle Keyboard ..CALL Multistart II ....S42.95 PC Snap-In Module At Emulator ....$ 295
• • Hi-Speed IDE Hard Drive Packages for the A500 52 IDE Quantum A500 105 IDE Quantum A500 120 IDE Maxtor A500 Internal ICD-AD IDE 40 Kit S329 S439 $ 469 Int. ICD-AD IDE 40 w AD Speed $ 519 $ 629 S649 Trumpcard 500 AT External 0K expandable to 8 MB S369 $ 489 $ 519 Includes: cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware AMIGA EXTRAS Personal SFC 2 0 (Nucleus) ..$ 339 Personal VDA 1000 (IBM or Amiga slot - please specilly) ...$ 129 Personal VDA (Video Distribut Amp) .,..$ 729 Perfect Sound $ 65 Profess onal Video Chassis ..$ 269 Progessive 040 for A500 ......Call Roctec Internal 500 Drive ......$ 79 Rommatic ......$ 22 S-VHS Option Kit lor Kitchen Sync $ 99 Sharp JX100 Scanner ....$ 489 Studio 16 ......$ 479 Triple Play Plus ..$ 159 Vidi Complete Color Solution ...S235 GOLDEN IMAGE: Jin Mouse ... S23 Replacement Mouse ....S32 Optical Mouse .....S45 Cordless Mouse with Deluxe Paint II $ 69 Cordless TrackBall with Deluxe Paint II $ 79 1 2MB RAM Expansion for A500 .S36 Microbotics VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor .S289 25MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor ......S449 40MHZ No Math Coprocessor S449 40MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor ...S629 Series II for A500 HD+ QK Expandable to 8MB 52 MB S485 120 MB $ 635 Impact Se A2000 SCSI RAM Ex| 120LPS $ 505 SEE HARD DRIVl FOR ADDITION ries II for Hard Disk + oansion 240LPS $ 815 r GRID BELOW AL OPTIONS A500 TURBO, 120MB A500 Subsystem w 58030 40MHz Mini Slot & Optional FPU S1,079 FREE DELIVERY G-Force Combo 0-3D Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
• •FREE DELIVERY'•• 25MHZ W Math Coprocessor - 1MB, S679 40MHz w Math Coprocessor + 4MB $ 1,089 40MHz, 120MB w Math Co + 4MB $ 1,399 50MHzw Math Coprocessor + 4MB SI,559 50MHz, 240MB HD w MathCo+4MB $ 2,049 G-Force Combo 0-40 Accelerators for A2000 Series SCSI II Compatible Controller with Parallel & Serial Port Exp. To 16MB
• •$ 2199 FREE DELIVERY* ••
* (in the 48 Contiguous States) Phone PakVFX S389 Digital Sound Studio S85 VIDEO TOASTER PERSONAL TBC II DC TV KITCHEN SYNC DPS 230 EXTERNAL TBC Rackmountable PERSONAL VSCOPE AMIGA 500 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES MepQor Quantum f DRIVES DRIVE ALONE as advertised TRUMPCARD TRUMPCARD GRAND SLAM 500 OK Exp to 8MB GRAND SLAM 2000 OK Exp to 0MB SUPRA WORD- SYNC 2000 GVP HCB series II OK - 8MB I DATA FLYER f 20DD PROJOOD 500 PR 500 2000 500 Quantum 52 IPS $ 205 $ 285 $ 345 $ 349 $ 439 $ 509 $ 445 $ 305 $ 369 $ 289 $ 349 Quantum 105 LPS $ 329 $ 409 $ 465 $ 459 $ 559 $ 619 $ 569 $ 429 $ 489 $ 419 $ 469 Quantum 240 LPS $ 655 $ 749 $ 809 $ 779 $ 909 $ 979 $ 915 $ 755 $ 799 $ 755 $ 815 Maxtor 7120 SCSI $ 349 $ 439 $ 499 $ 479 $ 599 $ 669 $ 605 $ 449 $ 515 $ 445 $ 505 ! Maxtor 7213 SCSI $ 519 $ 599 $ 659 $ 629 $ 749 $ 819 $ 755 $ 629 $ 695 $ 599 $ 739 CITIZEN’ 200GX with Color Kit ....$ 155 S199 200GX-15 with Color Kit $ 295 $ 359 GSX-130 with Color Kit S239 $ 279 GSX-140 PLUS .$ 295 GSX-140 PLUS with Color Kit $ 339 GSX-145 Wide 24 pin .....$ 365 GSX-145 Wide 24 Pin with Color Kit .$ 425 4 warn Panasonic MX 1001 Multifont NEW ..S135 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW .S179 NX 2420 Rainbow $ 285 NX 2430 Black ......$ 235 Star Jet 48 .....S285 Laser Printer 4 .....$ 799 Laser Printer 4 Star Script... $ 1.159 KX-P 1123 ...5199 KX-P 2180 ...$ 169 KX-P 2180 w Color Kit ..S219 KX-P 2123 ...$ 229 KX-P 2123 w Color Kit ..$ 279 KX-P 1124i ..$ 275 KX-P 2124 ...$ 315 KX-P 2124 w Color Kit .,$ 359 KX-P 1624 ...$ 337 KX-P 2624 ...$ 359 KX-P 4410 ....$ 645 KX-P 4430 ...S899 KX-P 4455 S1.769 LOWER PRICES! From p. 55. Match the previous edit. Select die effect button and die appropriate inputs for each input bus. The new edit should have the correct in locations for source B, but you need a new out or duration time. Next, set the points for source A. The match edit is ready to roll with a touch of the preview or perform buttons. A more accurate method is to choose an auto edit of a list of match edits. To create the list, simply follow the same procedure, except preview the edits. Advance to the next event and prepare the match edit. Turn on the auto edit with the FI key. .AmiLink starts at the top of the edit decision list (EDL) and performs each edit. The slickest feature of Ami Link is the optional Video Toaster control. Editing with the Toaster is as simple as selecting an effect and the sources it should manipulate. The lower left of Ami Link’s interface houses the Toaster programming buttons: VIP, CG, KEY, and ES. The WIP button lets you select the sources, the ef- feet grid letter, the effect number, and the transition speed. To select an effect, click the T button to enter the Toaster’s switcher, locate the correct effect, return to AmiLink, click WIP, and enter the effect information. The FS button allows AmiLink to load either (if the Toaster’s frame stores for use during an edit. Room to Excel or Expand AmiLink is a reasonably priced system that can easily be built over a period of time, starting with a cuts-only configuration and advancing to the full AB roll system. The biggest drawback of the system is the software-protection dongle; it sticks out of the serial port over four inches, and if you lose it, RGB says it will not issue another. Otherwise, AmiLink is a good step forward in the editing realm. Mark Swain REXX PLUS Compiler, v. 1.2 Dineen Edwards Group, S150 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM. Improves execution speed of Arexx scripts. Arexx is now an integral part of the Amiga operating environment, especially since the introduction of the 2.0 operating system. Most major commercial applications include Arexx support, and as a consequence, a lot of Arexx programs are being written to integrate the applications and extend their capabilities. Not all these programs are short macro sequences, however, which shows one of Arexx’s deficiencies: .ARexx programs can be (relatively) slow. This is where the REXX PLUS Compiler can help. REXX is traditionally an interpreted language; Each time you run a program, the interpreter reads and tokeniz.es the source before executing it. The same is true ol Arexx. But if you are willing to accept a few restrictions, a compiler can process Arexx to produce an executable that inns several times faster than the program’s interpreted version. The restrictions, which shouldn’t cause the average Arexx programmer any grief, are that you cannot use sonic of the tracing modes or the INTERPRET statement. After the straightforward installation procedure, REXX PLUS operates seamlessly within the Arexx environment, so you can mix and match interpreted and compiled programs. You can run the compiler from either the Shell or an Intuition-based interface. At its simplest, compiling a program involves specifying the input and output paths and letting REXX PLUS go ro it. I he compiler creates an executable that you can run in the usual manner from a CLI or an icon. With the REXX PLUS environment running, you can also invoke compiled Arexx programs from within interpreted programs (and vice- versa) or by using the usual RX command. Compiled programs are completely reentrant, meaning that you can make them resident for even laster execution. Not only does the compiler support the full language, but it also knows about Arexx function hosts and libraries. Function calls to external libraries and hosts, which can be fairly time-consuming because Arexx searches a dynamic list, can be resolved at compile-time for significant speed improvements. You can even add your own built-in functions to REXX PIUS programs, and the compiled programs support the Rexx Variable Interface (RVI). The Dineen Edwards Group was very careful to support all the features of the Arexx interpreter. The developers even added a few extra debugging capabilities not found in the Arexx interpreter, including the generation of variable cross references and the ability to find many errors that the interpreter would only encounter at run-time. For additional help, the package offers a disk of popular REXX-related libraries and utilities, as well as a 280-page manual that includes a reference guide to the REXX language. I low much faster will a compiled program execute than an interpreted one? Dineen Edwards claims programs will run 2 to 15 times faster, depending upon what the program does and which REXX PLUS options you are using to compile it. Testing confirmed both Dineen Edwards* prediction and the fact that computation- intensive programs benefit the most from compiling. Of course, the speed increase has its costs. The first is space: The smallest compiled REXX program (say ‘’hello”) is about 10K. The average size For compiled programs seems to be about 20K, which really isn’t all that had. Second, because compiled programs use a proprietary shared library when running, you cannot distribute programs compiled with REXX PLUS without a license from the Dineen Edwards Group. In summary, the REXX PLUS Compiler is a well-designed utility that does its utmost to support the complete Arexx environment in a transparent fashion. The price is reasonable, and the program is quite useful if you’re heavily into Arexx programming. Eric Giguere Quarterback 5.0 Central Coast Software, $ 75 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K, one floppy. Recommended system: 512K, hard drive, two floppies or a removable- media drive. File backup for large or small hard drives. V n Amiga institution just got better. Ii.Quarterback 5.0 is as safe and sturdy as its predecessors, but sports a new look. In fact, it seems like an entirely new program. Qback lets you load a directory or drive for backup, either by navigating through valid devices listed in the program’s window or by dragging a drawer or disk icon onto the Applcon on Workbench 2.0. In addition to physical devices, logical assigns may also be displayed. Moreover, version 5.0 has loads of new features. If vour drive contains j sensitive data, for example, you can specify a custom password that is then Supra corporation Supra FaxModem V.32 bis includes: SupraFax software, A-Talk III Telecom software, & Amiga Modem Cable .S335 Stand Alone Modem, no software or cable .... S309 Supra Faxmodem 2400 Plus Includes same items as the above. Call for specific features .S165 SupraDrive 500XP 52MB with 1MB 2MB RAM ...S465 S545 120MB with 1 2MB 2MB RAM ......S579 S665 240MB drive W 2MB RAM .....S909 SupraRAIYI 500RX S12S S1S5 S395 1MB 2MB 8MB . StipraRAM 2000 2 4 6 8 MB S165 $ 225 $ 285 S349 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock ..... S39 SupralYlodem 2400 External $ 72 SupralYlodem 2400 Plus Ext. 2400 Zi Plus Int. MNP5& V.42bis S119 S129 PowerPC Board Run ms dos Software on your A500 $ 269 Far Hard Drive Packge Featuring the SUPRA WORD SYNC CONTROLLER, see Grid on Opposite Page. GoldenI RAM Expansion 4 MB RAM lor A50G. Comes with 2MB installed $ 159 MAGE® Master 3A-1
3. 5" Floppy Ext. Disk Drive ; tor the 500 1000 2000 $ 79 ¦ mm* Hand Scanner with
• Migraph Touch-up
• 64 halftone levels $ 169 PowerPen
* pen shaped mouse
• ideal for drawing, and illustrating $ 69 C* Commodore AMIGA 500 STARTER KIT Call for Low, Low Price! Complete Video Toaster Work Stations
p. . * | lorspecilie UALL! Configurations - SEE PAGE 85 A-1Q Tank Killer V 1.5 Upgrade .....34.95 Aces ol the Pacific ..... 39.95 Action Stations ... 29.95 Adventures ol Willie Beamish .34.95 Agony .. 29.95 Air Support ..29.95 American Gladiators ......24.95 Aqua-Vennire .... 29.95 ATAC ... 30.95 B-17 Rying Fortress ....41.95 Ball Game .. 24.95 BaneiCosmic Forge lMeg ....34.95 Barbarian II ..29.95 Bard s Construction .29.95 Barney Bear each ... . 21.95 Bailie Chess II . 29 95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge 29 95 Birds cf Prey .....31.95 Black Crypt . 3195 Blitzkrieg . .29 95 Campaign ....34.95 Carmen San Diego Each 30 95 Carmen San Diego - America ..36 95 Castles ..34 95 Campaign Disk ...19 96 CasUe ol Or. Brain . 29 95 Champions ol Krynn . 31 95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 ...24 95 Chcssmasler 2100 .31 95 Civil War .. 37 95 Conan the Cimmerian ....29 95 Conflict. Korea ....37.95 Conflict: Middle East ... 34.95 Coven Action .....36 95 Crackdown .. 17.95 Crime Does Not Pay ......30 95 Cruise for a Corpse ......34 95 Crusaders of the Dark Savant ...... 39 95 Curse ol the Azure Bonds .....15.95 Dark Queen ol Krynn 31 95 Deaili Knrghls of Krynn . 31 95 DeluxePaint IV (while supplies lost} ......97.95 Demomak .....30.95 Disney Animation Studio .... 74.95 3D Professional 282 95 Ami Back Moonlighter 2 0 44.95 AMOS ....57.95 AMOS Compiler 34,95 AMOS 3D ..... 44 95 Animation Station . 29 95 Arexx 27 95 Art Department Pro 2.1 ... 147 95 AM Department Pro Conversion Kit 49 95 Audio Master 4 ... 57 95 Audition 4 .... 57.95 Aztec C Developer V 5 0 ... 157 95 Aztec C Pro V 5 0 104 95 BAD 4 0 ... 29 95 Bars & Pipes Pro ..194 95 Internal Sound Kit ..... 36 95 Baud Bandit .. 26 95 Broadcast 3D Fonts for Imagine 82.95 Broadcast Fonts 3D . 67 95 Broadcast Titler 2.0 ...... 194 95 Caiigan 2 .. 249 95 Can Do 79 95 Comic Setter .... 44 95 Copyright .....28 95 Cross DOS 2.0 . 24 95 Deluxe Music Construction ...61 S5 Deluxe Paint 4 1 97 95 Deluxe Print II ..... 51 95 Design Works .....72 95 Dog Eat Dot] ....30 95 Dragon Wars .. 29 95 Dune 29 95 ECO Phantoms . 24 95 Ecoquesl 34 95 Elvira II * Jaws of Certerus .. 39.95 Eye ol the Beholdei I or II ...... 37.95 Eye ol the Storm ...29 95 F-15 Strike Eagle II ......34.95 Fables & Fiends Legend of Kyrandia 34 95 Falcon ..... 29 95 Fantastic Voyage ...29 95 Fighter Dual .29,95 Final Conflict . 34 95 Flames of Freedom 29 95 Flight of Ihe Intruder ... 34 95 Four Crystals of Trazere 3195 Gateway to the Savage Frontier 31 95 Global Effect ..... 31 95 Godfather 29.95 Gods .. 24.95 Guy Spy .. 30.95 Hardbai! II ...29.95 Hard Nova .31.95 Harpoon .. 37 95 Battlesei 4 ... 25.95 Harpoon Challenger Pak ... 54.95 Harpoon Designers'Series Batlleset 31.95 Heart ol China ......36 95 HeimdaH 24 95 Hoi .24 95 Heme Alone . 29 95 Hoyles Book of Games 3 29.95 Indy Jones 4; Fale ol Atlantis ...37.95 International Sports Challenge 30.95 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited 34 95 Keys To Maramon .....31.95 King's Quest 4 or 5 ..34 95 Knights intne Sky 34 95 Land. Air. Sea Compl 2 34 95 Leander ..29.95 Leisure Suil Larry I Enhanced ......34 95 Leisure Suil Larry 5 __ . 34 95 Lemmings .. 28 95 Light Quest ....31 95 Alternate Font Sets ... .34 95 Super JAM1 . ... 84.95 Video Fonts II .... ...... 57 95 Superbase 4 ..... .244.95 Pro Write 3.2 .. .54.95 T-Rexx Pro 72 95 Professional Calc .. . . . 184.95 Take 2 . 112 95 Professional Draw 3 0 ......
129. 95 Tiger Cub ... 74 95 Professional Page 3.0 . .....179.95 Title Page 104 95 Structured Clip An 36 95 Toast Master , . 84 95 Proper Grammar ...
57. 95 Toasted Fonts V 1-5 63ch 41 95 ProTextures ...... ...... 35.95 Transvvfite 44 95 ProVector ... ... 187.95 Turbo Text 57 95 Quarter Back . 49 95 T V Show V2 0 64 95 Quarter Back Tools ... 57 95 TV Text 56 95 Raw Copy ...... .....
34. 95 TV Text Professional 99 95 Real 3D Beginner ... ... 112.95 Type Decorative Designer Real 3D Professional .. 269 95 Publisher, Videographer, eacn , Video Effects 3-D 35 95 RX Tools . ..... 35.95 106 95 Saxon Script Pro ... .74.95 Video Tiller VI.5 ...... .... ....92.95 Sea la . .... .....172.95 Video Tools 172 95 Scaia 500 ... ..... 84.95 VideoDirector 137 95 ScapeMaker .....
29. 95 VideoScape 3D ’72 0 119 95 Scene Generator ..
29. 95 ViP Video Interface 104 95 Scenery Animator ..... ... 57.95 Virtual Reality Studio 57 95 ScreenMaker 2.2 ...... Screen Maker Syquest Cartridge
57. 95 . 269 95 Visionary ... Vista Professional V ? 0 ..57.95 57 95 Sho.‘.Maker ...... 229 95 Works, Platinum 99 95 Soft Clips VOI 1.2. 3 Or 4 44 95 World Atlas 2 0 36 95 Soft fonts ..
54. 95 W Shell 2 0 54 95 Sound Master .. . . 134.95 X Copy Protessional 47 95 Soectracolor ... ...... 57.95 Vdur Fnmilu Tree 99 98 Desk Top Budget ... 44 95 Director 2 0 .. 75.95 Directory Opus ...36.95 Disk Labeler .24 95 Disk Master 2 _ . 39 95 Disney Animation Studio ...74.95 Distant Suns Version 4.1 .... 54 95 Dos 2 Dos .. 30 95 Draw 4D Professional __ 184 95 Dynacadd V 2.0 ...669.95 Excellence 3 0 .... 107.95 EZ AMOS 29 95 Final Copy 56 95 Font Pack t lor Broadcast Titler . . 107.95 Font Enhancer lor EroaccastTuler 107.95 Fractal Pro .. 87.95 Gold Disk Office .154.95 Hot Links ......62.95 Hyper Book ... 59.95 Image finder ...... 41.95 Image Master Pro .. 132.95 Imagine V2 0 NEW .244.95 Kara Headline Fonts 1 ...41.95 Kara Headline Fonls 2 ...36.95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 .....51.95 Lattice C DEV 5 01 187.95 Macro Paint . 77.95 Map Master tor Lightwave 3D ......57.95 Math Blaster Plus 30.95
32. 95 25 95 39 95 22 95
34. 95 29 95
21. 95
29. 95
45. 95
31. 95
17. 95
29. 95
25. 95
34. 95
22. 95
19. 95
24. 95
21. 95 34 95
34. 95
37. 95
15. 95
31. 95
37. 95
31. 95
29. 95
24. 95
37. 95
34. 95 34 95 34 95 29 95
34. 95
36. 95
31. 55
34. 95
39. 95 37 95
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31. 95
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P. O. 80X17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 wm-m MON-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE K E V I E W S required for accessing the backups. Quarterback also sports live levels of data compression that allow you to find the right compromise between backup speed and Hie si .e. The program isn’t very smart about compression rates, however; if you are already using a program such as Powerpackcr on your hard disk. Qback does not abort the crunch, even though its compression scheme winds up making files larger. Qback does filter out files with certain extensions, however. Watch the compression rates and judge the efficiency for yourself. In 5.0, Qback’s lile catalog documenting backups is even configurable. You can specify the format of such items as date and time and choose whether the catalog lists such details as lile si .e and the status of Amiga DOS (lags. In acldi- n n don, the program's main window now displays errors encountered, compression efficiency, backup speed, and oilier statistics. A session log writes this data to disk or the printer. One of the nicest changes to Qback is n v the new procedure for including and excluding files in the backup restore. Files that arc included in the backup are now called tagged files, and a group of intuitive menu items and a tag-ill ler requester make it a piece of cake to precisely configure a backup or restore. The requester allows you to exclude or include files based on factors such as the status of the archive bit (have they been backed up since their Iasi modification?). File date (before or after), and filename-matching criteria. You can even mix and match filters so as to rag files with archive bits set and files created after March 31, 1992. Thanks to New I lori on’s acquisition of Central Coast Software, Quarterback now shares many of the same interface stylings as ProWVite 3.2. At your disposal is a complete macro language, courtesy of Arexx, and you are able to name those macros in a logical manner, rather titan simply Macro_l. A ProWrite-like printer set-up requester optimizes the printed quality of session logs and catalogs. You can even use the AST lile requester, although not all public-domaiu replacements work (Stefan Stunt .’s excellent Magic File Requester, for example). Throw in Qback's nicely polished interface, support for SCSI devices and streaming-tape drives, and you'll have a hard time finding a better program to take care of all the precious data you've been storing. Quarterback 5.0 is a program you can trust, and you'll enjoy using it for what must be the most tmm- dane task computer owners have. Dave Johnson MegaMix Master Rombo, S69.95 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible; sampling problems on some A3Q00s. Parallel-port connection for sampler. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: 512K RAM, speakers, sound source. Recommended system: 1+MB RAM, speakers, sound source- Basic to intermediate sampling and editing. AMAS 2 Microdeal, S 199.95 Hard-drive Installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible; sampling problems on some A3000s. Parallel- and serial-port connection For sampler. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: 512K RAM, speakers, sound source. Recommended system: 1+MB RAM, speakers, sound source. All levels of sampling and editing. Stereo Master Microdeal, S89.95 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible; sampling problems on some A3000s. Parallel-port connection for sampler. Installation: Easv. J Minimum system: 5I2K RAM, speakers, sound source. Recommended system: 1 + MB RAM, speakers, sound source. All levels of sampling and editing. Fortunately, many European products are now finding their way into the North American market. Most recently, three audio samplers invaded these shores: MegaMix Master, AMAS 2. And Stereo Master. MegaMix Master I he cover photo on the MegaMix Master box of kids looking as though they were junior high school students is deceptive. For it is not an entry-level sampler and sound-editor package aimed at young people strictly for fun. It can do some serious stuff, loo. Instructions on hooking up the sampler hardware are skimpy, but installation is simple (pop it onto the parallel port). Connection to your sound source is via a mini-plug. The software supports the basic sound-editing tools and features, all of which von access through on- screen buttons. The Realtime menu lets you audition your sound source with a variety of effects, including echo, stereo echo, and vibrato. Once a sample has been recorded, you can filter it, fade it in and out. Increase or decrease its volume, and run it through a phaser. Among other tvpes of signal processing. The program even helps you find the best spots for creating loops in a sample. Unfortunately, not all the effects available in the Realtime menu are in the Remix menu. While some seem more useful than others, all effects worked as promised, MegaMix Master does not, however, provide a way to audition or undo an effect once it’s applied. Von must reload your sample and start over. Ihe manual mentions a MIDI four- track recording feature, but the tutorial is a hit sketchy. Keypresses triggered samples twice once at the original pitch and speed, and once at twice the pitch and speed. I he manual never spells out how to operate the key-assign feature. I seful for constructing a conversation from separate vocal samples, the Song Sequencer lets you link samples together into one longer piece. Loading an IKK sound file Irani disk appends it to the one currently in memory, instead of re- 4 J placing it. Unless vou want to merge the two, you must delete the current sample before loading a new one. There are many good things in MegaMix Master, The icons are colorful and intuitive, the audio quality is first-rate, the hardware is compact and easily installed, and the price is right. Even so, 1 hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend MegaMix Master to its seemingly intended audience, as it requires a certain amount of patience and savvy to take full advantage of its many features. II you have had a great deal of experience with sampling, you should be able to feel your way through most of the package. However, programs designed for novice computer users should he more clear, well defined, and easily understood than is MegaMix Master. AMAS 2 and Stereo Master Both from Microdeal, Stereo Master and AMAS 2 share many features, including Continued on p. 64. In a world of re-runs, these videos are ready for prime time The Amiga Primer These are the educational videos for your Amiga computer. You will agree they’ve got what it takes for prime time. Get the latest information, graphics, interviews with experts, music, the hottest products and software all at an affordable price. Don’t be caught with video re-runs of manufacturer’s manuals. Get the videos that everyone is raving about the most exciting and advanced videos in the Amiga market today. $ 24.95 Get the facts on getting started: Setup, Workbench, Shell, CLI, expansion, AmigaVision. Includes AmigaDOS 2.0 and AmigaVision. A must for every Amiga owner. The Peripheral Guide for every Amiga Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 19.95 NEW 1992 EDITION Go shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today! Leam about accelerators, RAM, Video Toaster, Genlocks and more. Features GVP, NewTek, Digital Creations and others. M ciWAPHi- new low price it EE3 Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. The best tape available for getting started. Includes interviews with experts. Features Deluxe Paint IV, NewTek, Kara fonts and others. NEW UPDAB EDITION! NEW LOW PRICE! The Informative Guide to Music and The Magic of Music and I $ 19.95 ¦f. . 4 K New edition brings you the most up-to-date and MIDI data, including using the Amiga as a music generator or MIDI device! Features SuperJAM!, Bars & Pipes Professional, Dr. Ts, Sonix, Deluxe Music, AudioMaster and others. . • 's ¦ v' - -s'
P. A JlljP NEW 2.0 1111-ii»ft L mPEH[iin.*! Edition Winner of two Bronze Telly statues in 1991, this video provides a complete overview of the Video Toaster (Version 2) and shows how the Toaster can be used in the real world. Includes comparisons with broadcast equipment and hot Lightwave animations. Desktop Video, Volume I _ | * s , > ’ • it t v J V V j The best source for getting started with DTV. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Award winning director Terry Sanders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques for top results, titling and more. Desktop Video, Volume Get the inside line on DTV with this new video. Includes direct comparisons of tape formats, including Hi8 and BetaCam, Lightwave, Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering. Features Deluxe Paint IV, Video Toaster, DCTV and others. ' : '... •. ' .' * A ¦¦ ¦ ¦ .• v,. $ 24.95 $ 24.95 $ 24.95 Desktop Video, Master’s Edition $ 24.95 NEW The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects. Become a master today! Includes background music, sound effects, and graphic backdrops. ¦ . * • A- ' ; .'; ¦: TechMedia VIDEO 1-800-824-5499 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM E.D.T. For customer service, Canadian and foreign orders Please call 410-546-0180 Please add S2.95 for each video ordered or $ 5.00 for 2 or more. (California and Maryland residents add appropriata sales tax). Copyright 01989.1990,1991, 1992 by Razza Video USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga Is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, inc. Video Toaster Is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. TechMedia is a licensed distributor of Razza Video products. 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Newtek Video Toaster Video Toaster Factory Refurbished v2.0 With Full Warranty only Imagine 2.0 The Amiga’s best modeler gets more powerful! Dozens of new features re-establish this as the best modeler available for the Amiga computer! Includes FREE Understanding Imagine 2.0 book and Protextures 10 disk set! $ 1799°° EPSON Scanner 600 DPI, 24-Bit full page colon scanner.... ‘98900 E S - 3 0 0 C Drivep Bunille ....*1 B79°° EPSON 4 f«»gitf43*r"4'* O' EPSON lie The Kitchen Sync .$ 1595
• Two Complete TBC's on one card * Works with any video source -S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible • Optional Y C output *Great for use with the Video Toaster DPS Personal Now with Proc amp control and color balancing VIDEO SOLUTIONS (SOFTWARE ANDHARDWARE) IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE ART DEPARTMENT-----------------------------52.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO. V 2.1 ...159.00 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK 52.95 ART DEPT LOADER TGA ASDG ___36.95 ART DEPT LOADER TIFF 5.0 X __36.95 DCTV ___399.00 DCTV: A GUIDED TOUR ___ „... 26.95 IMAGEMASTER PROFESSIONAL _149 00 IMAGEMA5TER FIRECRAKER __139.00 PIXMATE .._...40.95 RASTER LINK .... -.119.00 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE ANIMATION STATION - 39.95 ANIMATRIX MODELER...---- ....59 95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - CALIGARI _74.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - IMAGINE-------84.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE 84.95 CALIGARI II 279.00 CALIGARI BROADCAST ....CALL ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE CALL DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION ....159 00 DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL ___149.00 IMAGINE 1.1 W FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO ..... IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR __ IMAGINE 2.0 UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2.0-------- MAP MASTER • IMAGINE MAP MASTER -LIGHTWAVE .. MATERIAL TEXTURES STONE • TILES • WOOD EACH PIXEL 3D 2.0 __ ... PRO TEXTURES . REAL 3D V1.4 _ SCAPEMAKER 2.0......- ___ SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 __ SCENERY ANIMATOR DATA DISKS..... SCULPT ANIMATE 4-D ...... . SURFACE MASTER - IMAGINE ...... TEXTURE CITY . VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0----------------- VISTA PROFESSIONAL DATA DISKS FROM _ VIDEO UTILITIES DIRECTORY OPUS .. DISKMASTER II PRO MOTION ... TOASTMASTER .. TOASTER TOOL KIT .. TREXX PROFESSIONAL -------------- VIDEO TOOLS ...-..... Personal pER >nALTBG Factory retfurbiistoad vv'Wh Ml warranty 144900 Upgrade your Amiga 2000 or 3000 to 24-Bit technology. Perfect for Video & Graphic Applications j Discrete, RGB, 16.8 Million colors C e n t a u r Includes he best 24-Bit paint program * OpalPaint Development" [ Includes: Zeus 28MHz '040 W SCSI-II *17mb 32-bit RAM Includes:
• 28MHz ‘040
• Toaster 2.0
• 120mb HD
• 9mb 32-bit RAM
• 14" monitor Includes:
• 25MHz '030
• Toaster 2.0
• 52mb HD
• 7mb RAM
• 14" monitor Toaster 2.0 *14" RGB Composite monitor 120mb SCSI HD *2 Personal TBC II Internal Syquest 88mb drive w cart, (or at your request Kitchen Sync) All systems are assembled and tested by factory authorized technicians. Includes:
• Toaster 2.0
• 52mb HD
• 7mb RAM
• 14" monitor All systems use only Quantum high quality mechanisms and the NewTek Video Toaster 2.0 The Art Department Professional Ver. 2.1 Have you ever taken a Lightwave object and converted it into an Imagine object only to have the phong shading appear to be nonfunctional? Here is the fix: Load the object into Imagine’s DETAIL EDITOR, SEIECHhe object and choose MERGE in the FUNCTIONS menu. This will get rid of the redundant points, lines and faces. G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 ..... 5999°°
• 68030 running at 40mhz
• 68882 running at 40mhz
• 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
• Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
• Hard drive mountable
• All on one board (while supplies last) A530 TURBO
* A5Q0 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
* lmb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
* Socket for 68882 Math chip “Mint Slot" for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility,
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 52mb drive *969“ A530 w 120mb diive *1099“ Art Department Pro gives you the most powerful Image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-8it printing S15900 DESKTOP VIDEO AMIGA VISION ... BROADCAST TITLER II .. BROADCAST TITLER II SUPER HI-RES CANDO 1.6 .... DELUXE PAINT 4.1 THE DIRECTOR 2.0 .... OUR WEDDING • 24 BIT ...... OUR WEDDING* HAM ... PRO VIDEO POST ... PRO VIDEO CGJI SCALA ... SCALA 500 SCREEN MAKER - 24 BIT ..... SCREEN MAKER-HAM . SHOWMAKER . TRANSPORTER TV SHOW 2.0 ....„ 53.95 TV'TEXT PROFESSIONAL ...99.95 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE CHROMA KEY PIUS 359.00 COLOR SPLITTER ... 109.00 DMI RESOLVER BOARDS CALL FLICKER FIXER 249.00 FLICKER FREE VIDEO II ....239 00 VIP VIDEO INTERFACE ..... 109,95 GVP - VIU-S ... CALL GVP • VIU * CT ...„ .. CALL FRAMEGRABBER HARDWARE FRAMEGRABBER .. 369.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GRAY 499.00 PERSONAL TBC ..... 449.00 PERSONAL TBC II .... 799.00 SONY XV-D300 ....----------- .... 289,00 GENLOCKS MINIGEN GENLOCK ... 189.00 ROCGENPLUS . 369.00 SUPERGEN 2000S .1350.00 SUPERGEN GENLOCK ......629.00 EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A (SONY PANASONIC JVC) 799.00 BCD 5000 . 1995.00 DQ TACO .... 1795.00 MEDIAPHILE SYSTEMS ..CALL NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER W, CABLE ...359.00 VIDEO DIRECTOR 139.00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV ...... 399.00 MEGACHIP 2000 500 .. 208.00 MEGACHIP 2000 500 W 2MB AGNUS 289.00 PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE ....789.00 VIDEO BLENDER ... 895.00 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 . 2099.00 FACTORY REFERB .... 1799.00 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION PAL 179.00 FLICKER FIXER PAL .. 299.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL ......499.00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL .449.00 PRO VIDEO POST PAL 199.95 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D PAL ......139.95 International orders call: (310) 370-9550 mco rnric. N-n r II ... ... Circle 13 on Reader Service card From p. 60. The interface and most technical specifications, Both programs provide functions similar to those of MegaMix Master, adding a wide selection of special effects and some more unusual features. For example, you can display your sound source via the traditional twin oscilloscopes or the less common spectrum analyzer and display your sample as a Fast Fourier graph. Stereo Master is the economy version, coming with a very small hardware interface that sports a stereo minijack and a stereo mini-to-mini cable. The biggest drawback to Stereo Master is its inability to process samples in memory through the special effects. You can only process incoming signals. AMAS 2 is the more comprehensive package. The hardware interface provides two stereo line-level inputs, a mic- level input (and a microphone), as well as MIDI In, Out, and Thru. While you might think the inclusion of MIDI ports means you can sample directly from your MIDI keyboard, this is not the case. The ports let you control the sequencer functions from a MIDI device, in addition to the Amiga keyboard. AMAS 2’s software allows you to adjust the input’s volume level, swap back and forth between your main sample and an edit buffer, play samples in the buffer through the special effects for previewing, and take advantage of faster 680x0 processors. You can test any of the numerous special effects without altering your sample, but once you commit, that's it. As with MegaMix, there’s no undo function. The screens arc well laid out, and you’ll find many icon functions duplicated in pull-down menus. The sound quality is quite good. AMAS 2 can save your samples as executable liles. Simply click on the icon to play the sample. You can even make sell- running demos for customizing your startup-sequence or running behind video presentations. The interface and manual are big pluses for both AMAS 2 and Stereo Master. They both seem designed to address problems and situations that would come up in an average sampling session. The learning curve is smooth, and getting around both programs is easy and logical. Tops in the Trio All of die tested packages offer a slightly different presentation than you may be accustomed to. For one thing, the reliance on graphic images rather than text boxes seems to be a European characteristic. File sizes are comparable, as is Among other methods, AMAS 2 displays your sample via twin oscilloscopes. Sound quality. MegaMix Master is the only one that possesses para lie I-port pass through, so you'll be swapping cables to run your printer with AMAS 2 and Stereo Master. For A3000 owners, there is an unfortunate aspect to all three of these packages. While they do work well on A500s and A2000s, these samplers generated quite unacceptable levels of background noise when connected to my A3000. One technical representative suggested that l he problem was caused by the electrical components that are used in some A3000s, and that not all A3000s exhibit the distortion. So which should you choose? AMAS 2 has the most features. With edit buffers, effects processing in real time and on previously recorded samples, RGA-type jacks, remote control from MIDI keyboards, and a microphone, it offers the most power and flexibility for the heftiest price lag. Outside of the cost, the biggest drawback is the size of the interface and the lack of pass through. If you’re on a restricted budget, and if your desk space is at a premium, you shouldn't overlook MegaMix Master. While it doesn't have as many effects as AMAS 2 or Stereo Master, it does perform the basic sampling, editing, and ef- fects-processing functions well; it offers the smallest hardware of tlie lot; and it is the only one that provides you with a parallel-port pass through. In my opinion, the biggest drawback to MegaMix Master is the skimpy manual. If I could get the Microdeal manual writers to produce documentation for MegaMix Master, I d feel even better about recommending it. If you can do without processing already recorded samples and MIDI control, consider Stereo Master. It has a very small hardware footprint and most of the features of AMAS 2, at less than half the price, Rick Manasa MaxiPlan4 The Disc Company, $ 159.95 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, Recommended system: 1MB RAM. Hard drive. Intermediate spreadsheet with graphing. Professional Calc
1. 4 Gold Disk, S295 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: !MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Intermediate spreadsheet with graphing. Since the Amiga’s debut, users have wailed fora professional-level spreadsheet competitive with PC and Mac products. Two hopefuls bidding for the title and your dollars are Maxi Aland and Professional Calc 1.4. Compatible with its many previous versions, MaxiPlan4 lets you build worksheets with up to 512 columns and 32,760 rows, have up to three of them open simultaneously (although the program crashed several times when I tried this), and output to Preferences printers. In all, over 70 functions are available. A renovated Advantage, Professional Calc 1.4 flaunts a sharp AmigaDOS 2.0 look for its worksheets of up to 65,000 columns and rows. You can choose from over 125 functions, have an unlimited number of worksheets on screen, and import Maxi Plan Files. Fonts, style tags, and PostScript and sideways printing are supported, as well. Both programs offer a maximum of 16 screen colors, customized charts, Lotus lile importing and exporting, database functions, collapsible outlines, and cell naming. Beyond Numbers Good spreadsheet design dictates working with named cells rather than locations, but neither program’s naming function works without a hitch. Pro Calc’s is absolute; when you move your data you must rename the new cell. Also handling ranges, MaxiPlan’s naming func- ? The AmigaWorld ToolChesl is a line of quality, low-cost software that brings many uniquely powerful programs to your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of all, you support the independent Amiga developer. The “TC“ series disks are our potpourri series of disks that are available in our money-saving and convenient subscription offer. The "TSP" series are grouped together by theme for your convenience. Keep your eyes on our new “RK" series-these exciting programs are the hottest 'commercial userware“ programs available, full featured and fully documented. $ 435 10-19 Disks 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed r‘ 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I I I I I I J 1 ] 1 - 1 I ! I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i j each @$ i St: i Phone: ( i v t r i i L protection tfom many popular commercial progrants. TSP20; Board Games Includes CltH&flfS. Oominoes flte. Jilaal 303 Monopoly. Throw rtway your d ce and let your Amiga lake cars of the details...hours and hours c? Tanoiy ton! TSP19: PncMan Clastic* Ccmans Mozeman Zoh'« and .aacMan67-a:i great imtfe- ifMKttMen* of the ongonAl arcade dasstc TSP1B: MS-DOS Emulation Cont.nnt ECJflStLAno IfiiiiJ tWQ Sharewaip IBM MS Dos emulators for yout Am»ga. Alto included are ulitrtic' to allow Amiga drives to readtVrhfo 720K formal MS-DOS ctska- Mullrrlo and MgH TSP17; Printer Drlvnr* Thts tSsk cortairw over 70 printef driver* toi many popufn- printers TSP 16: Telecommunication Thts dish contn ns two fir*:-class modem programs, fiCcfiifn rtkf Ab?25S This disk « tor t» begmner or ojpprt teiecommunjcnfor. Featuring all the popular communication protocols, including X. V and Z-Modem Ncomm. Has very advanced script enpabti tkrs for performing auiomattrd log-ms. Downloads and uploads TSPl 5: MED Th® duk cortams the prem-er music package MED = Musical Editorl li wi'J aifow you hi u&g d*giuied sound sampfos a$ your maburnents and use them in you- own song' Jts tremendous edRng power makes MED more cr a musical word'processor An ortremeT,- we ! Dons program Many commercial software companies use this packagn to crsxe soundtracks tor their erHuflamntent programB TSP 14. Plotters This disk contains several ol the best mathematical plotting programs available lor the Amiga Includes AmioaPtol a Stormensional mafhematicnt foncfion p'otter ipcjunto!, Ao-'otg.Q ana PtgXY TSP13: Totrlt Games Th-.n p.*k cont-i n: ii flavors of Pwcfa'Sic game ¦Tutus' Some fwvo .irti'ical jnWhgonce. Otiws a varirty ot piay-style*'*»uil levMtmumber of player* TSPI2: ClipA>t Thu- uiik conutirs sevival uvccitont bitntippsd images tor me in Outiktop Publishing ot amahir program* TSPtl: Operation Down Storm: This a a comptoto Hyperbooh-type appticatron that well take you through & ou«iud tour ot the recent conflict in The Gulf 7SP10: Fractals SfiSibtfi fDtoturedi wn creme reoksfic tracrai Undscapn* Ger srs aifow? Iht creojion erf v jnotts landscape! With user-defoiabto evots of compteirty. Also included are vanous M.mdetofot generators, incfudmg Tmancfef. Mandel-Mountains and FraoGon T3P9: utliltio* A1 lcflnMfiliila£~an Icon editor with a complete set of ecfiing painting tools TvFflrmai a rffAM formatting program tha: will formal disks that AitngaOOS want ClUlllidaalfil a graph mg tod that you to gerornte and save different graph: m IFF format GraoiGD irts you vituakce compto' data n 3 D and r.ive the uit* SL'uctGea toi» you crente gadget*, tout, bitmaps and window siruaurrn and the program w in automagically write the *C source code for you. LabrtMaker i* a very easy tp u«o, full Matured labi-l prinior DoupfuPrinf fascilitale* prsntmg ol tort files on both tldot ol paper TSP42: 3D Master E.ptore the wor'-d of 3D (TOdetong W«h m«S high-pawe-, tl software Create realistic raytraced 3D images 3D Master is perfect to get you leet v*et in 3D. It j will require some exoarimertation IQ get the most out of it Roq I MB TSP41: Sea Ian ce Go on petrol n your nuclear Trident sufcrror ,ne and dear the seas- ot the wrw that poBute it A complete mutation with aS tactical weapons and offensive systems. TSP40AB: Star Trek Trivia Tost your knowledge of ‘Tt»- Not Gereration* donify scenes, sounds, characters and much morel Two disk set counts as two. TSP39AB: Catacomb A well done prep»uc dungeon adventure game. Discover the secruts 8 treasures of the octet ground maze and try to stay aSve' TSP38: Virus UiiUtlH VrusX KifiVras ViruS-Mewarv Kater. VK360 and ZflroV.au 111 w 1 let you Sleep X mgrt unowtng your Amiga ts 1030% vtrui-tree. TSP37; ChcckBook Accountant This program has Ml budgo’mg-aarsacton recording capabilities. Thts program toms the chore ot b.i'onang your checkbook into a 2 minute treat' TSP36: Animation Two beoutitol anrnationa. ScjgcJ and Watch. Both ot these were created with 3D animation programs ana are truly beautiful and smooth. TSP35: Hack Lite Tins ts a dongeonactirenture game or hxjhest magnitude, .an absolutely hjga workt to explore that *nl task even the most hardened dungeon etptar- er tot weefcs on and! TSP34: MechForce Any number o' players can control up la 24 giant robots with lasers, rrvssios. Jump ids to get you airborne to do battle >n teams agamst each Other of agmst the computer highty addicting' TSP33ABCD: Complete Guide to Programming the Amiga In rC" Ttos tour fek set textures tutorial* sample programs arc inside tips to the specs! Programming needs Of the Amga Four Asks counts as three TSP32: Classic Arcade Games DelemHsx snd Mi5£iH.'.Cgmafl0d--need we say more? Qusceratef is a done ol the ctimic Tempest TSP31: DataBase* Contains all l avors oI databases Bbase'l ts a htohlv Amron tired database. Dat.rF.rsv is another powerful database MflgMaq is speaoHy dei-gnnd to hop you reference articles m magazines TSP30: Educallonoi This mduies WondDaaSase. DraatMjp-wch draws tSeta>ted maps of countries VjrvnGxrr** Metric Convert** Suefi2 an ingenious spewing cha?- lenqer FfestFactg-evofvthihQ you always wanted to know anoirt our Solar System TSP2SABC; King Jemes Bible The complete text of the bibie is included on th s 3 disk set (courts as 3) w-th priming and searching rapaO*flies 7SP28: Bitmapped Font* Ths disk contains 67 fonts tor the Amiga all under 25 points n size a font tor every occasion' TSP27: Octa MEO Ttvs remartabto program doubles I'm sound capaiWMies ol your Amiga from 4 chan ¦ ¦¦ ol aud>o la 8‘ Almost completely iderh.a) to MED. This it a indy remarkable program TSP26. Dlroctory Ulillll** Cortams ail ol the best pubirc domain and shareware tire and di ** utilities ttv.nlable lor the Amiga including L'li'Mastor. FitoMan. M2IXI Sd jr-d ftiNastfir. TSP25: SpaceGam** Contains Moon Base a very graphical: detailed lunar-fonder game. SoaooWaf-a two player either in person or over the modem} space battle. NebuMis a 3D woeJd you must defend definitely comrrwo.il quality. TSP24 Printing Utilities Thts disk contains a very nice Banner maker that wW use any ArttgaDOS lont with fuilcotof printing Rofrrt aba'Cmmm will allow Oftsy creating ol lobdla tor your diskettes PrintStudio allow* easy printing of lo» I graphic images with toraf control over page numbering tilling, etc TSP23AB: Tobias 5Ur Tr*k A graphic space adventure where yoy'ru the captain ol your own lUrehip Trowel through the unrverse, stop the Fomufons and Ksngons and compirto your missronr Two disk , counts as two T9P22: 3D Object* 1 fh* disk contains 10 dilfuront vector object* for use with Sculpt and Imagine Somo of itm object* Inclwto train ongtno, syrttfiaflifer toryboard Amiga
3000. Space station TSP21: Disk Duplicators Th drjc cwit.i n* off for- butt (.li ves ;c- backup diskettes. IncflxM Off Xgopvl‘1 and tilS wtrch wrf backup CCCry-pfOWCT programs. Also includes SuborDjosr wh. I is an eicifedibly fast AmigaDOS cop*jw Fftfflcgpy w*9 remove copy ‘V"Kf§ .tr. 2h mM , j*H|a
i. v 9PI i ,___
4. .. AmigaPlot featured on TSP14 TSP8: Clipart Black & Who* and colorful ctipait to» a variety of neudf mckxting tor* top publishing video. People, holiday retotod, school items, scrolls food, monsters ksh, tobsrers. Symbols and kxs more TSP7: 3D Vector Objects 2 Books, tarty American Je‘eohone. Barrels, gun. Sp.vx» shos. Tamos tambone bogfe skateboard. Lego Rover, remote contrr> cbder and airplane. Ail objecss in Scu>pt tormrt T5P«: 3D Vector Objects *1 Lamp, mirror, bod. Char 5rehyd-.ini lamppost street lamp, street sign, traffic tignt, cannon, cannon supplies, rose. Fork, spoon, knife and plate. AB objects in Sculpt format. TSPS: Games 3 CrossCcn;il is a one or two ti' iyer actHXifopic game that uxni u1 last refiewa WoidSuarch w»U .Vfow you to generate your own word S*arch puzztes In QtugSuSSTJ you rid tho shoot* ol crgarettes alcohol. P>«fs and needle* In CfftCO you try to get five X s m a row before your opponent CotorLogic it an oxortlont MusterM-no type game TSP4: Game* 2 Dvno-Wars a stralogic dweker-styto game Koonoa assomftkr a bug before the computer beats you lo n BfockBuslur ts a cotorfji. Well done Tutrls- type game Warrior is a fon shoot em-uo advonture oame M cioMan ts a graphic mare gam* pUyt-d wtto a joyst>ck. Battle the computer s arrra-s to take over the planet m Qgre TSP3: Games f Cry?!Ri Cavern:. An advontuie game with randomiy generated
• wO'tfs-ycuti revet trash the same world tw;co! Dot2Dat is an adaptation of tno dassc 2-player connect-the-dot game. PizzaPelwervMan ha* you running through the streets to get those p»>s to your customers. TnyBail s 3ie world's smavest baseball gam* Rjround-Cyctos tf, a Ngh-fpMd arcade game based on the fght cycle races horn tn* Disney movie Tron TSP2: Sound* Animal sounds musical instrument* and marry many more -43 sound samples m all' TSP1: Maps ol USA. Cenada *nd Europe Mi-Run IFF bruslvn ol an 50 US States 10 Canadian Provinces and countnos m Europe Eadi map has a 3D extrusion eM.«cl with cut shadow ShlCUi EofTiON Tootcet*'! RK1: McgaBsll • This disk contain* the tuthreleaae version ol MegaBall, complete with the level editor to create yout own challenging worlds to conquer. This game is quite similar to Arkanoid and allow* two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price. S14.95. RK2: Machlll - This remarkable utility will allow you to record any mouse dick or keypress and play it back as a macro at any time. Inside any program. Also provides memory Info clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-to- menu, sunmouee and window cycling. Special RK price 514.95. TC34AB: Qatmnzc-r wirt permsn*nl7 speedup youi hard-drne or ti-aop cfoks. L£D Cato is a nicA tod-screen calculator. B Basel I ts a usc-lul database- program. FixD-Ek vrili correct mriny problems with disks BizCalc rs a loan analyser interforon ;s a TetJlS-type gannj Nebula is a 30 space game PicBase will allow you to track all the IFF images you have Hale ts a great Zaxren clone TC33AB: Measure* 10 ts an incrwJ bfy useful utiht P-l.t! Wid convert any- hype of n-«»- surement to ansihet i* a database designed tor stor ng and printing 3 disk fabeh jewels -s a Totris-tisque game of action and strategy Switch is a fun board-gam m Gimifopec will altow you fo grab any ecreon and save i as an IFF picture Sotibali Mamau >3 a database lot itorrrw stats lor softball any number of leagues may be track'':! Wp£xec allow* you to oxecute CLI command* from witltin the Workbench. Several Cipart images are aso mcludod TC32AB. ComtXi’.T ColQimp Book 19 a deflghttul program for chAOryn c* afi age* comes won 15 page* of picture* to color agam and again. UsimaktH tots you make, ed f combino and print lets ot words great for those spelling tests’ MoieEmooth1 sci08s tent tiles,smoothly on the screen and aiiowa easy printing Ectiiai B-fin'-rti if-t* you choose from several of the mos) papular pool games with realistic action. TfMU'fl .nifows you to create, manipuiate and save (in standard IFF format, -ealistic tradai teis- tured surfaces. Piaaue is a monster raaze game Aiso includes Screen Fader, Snowbench and FiipEencn TC31AB: Cafomfor Putfishw is p proh>n-;iorjiil-c3iib*r cafondar maker mat is customiz nhie Croo;Cl:cu|t 1* n f or 2 ptayor acScmogic game fltat caBs t» last reftexas and thinking APR is a much-needed printer utility f'u f t Pi-: vi?ty M.iD n a maze game whore you ilulrvnr pies in your rwgtiborhood MuJtiofivei is .1 single pvogram that will tot you see IFF picturesbrusha* or playback IFF nound ssmpi**. Also indudas RAMg.iuge. 3-D vudor Objects and Hi-Res IFF brufldtf. Of map* and flags trf European court nes TC26AB: )(&£& Snatch Maker tots you create word ruarch puzzles TannC-alc js use tol lor an onp who has to calcuiale hours and minutes (great tor adding up times ol Cds lo make tapes If DruQbustois is a tun gprho whore you gel nd ol Cigarettes, booza. Pills and n«edtes WcKdhnqer fofs you search binary or text titer, tor a particular word or string cood for getting twits m your adventure games') KevCtick w»i! Add a audrbte chck to youf keys and Mo-jseCxk vn-f do the same tor foe mouse bu- tons. Sftnva- a- a game between the Aaed Navy and the Empire Fleet Plus Eariy ctianpe thy color* of your Workbench screen Wautai ‘3 a fun shooi'em-up-adkanlure game to* one or :wq players KuiiridPscoM ts a Hr.y drawing program Biockbustwa is a game where you put rid of btocks by puJhirg maictung blocks rUo Ihym Anvdgpig rhow-olf you1 Armgas abitity lo do roii-j-polygon anlmafions Mjhqscope tots you examine memory at any location Atso include* wi-Res fFF btusfw* of all SO sfotet and to Canjd -m provmcos. Tone digitized sounds nntl two smmi disk uteHies and pnnt ttf utlfty. TC24AB: is a tool tor utlortiessly building numerical fables Kooties is a ton game where you have to assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it hyBglLE-tl tots you pul (ink* m a ten tite to other text graphics sound, animation. Affot* and odtet Jfdicatjons Hu* lattie $ ss& «-a wonoedufy useful tefophorv,' and address book QoSg LSJtti 'S a MasierMmd typc- game Also Hvcr jdo* several d>sk and memory utilities and some animal sound effects to top it off. TC23AB: Wlciaij (ors you quickly and paintoasfy find 3 mispijced flu on your drive creates a window from wfudi you can run your favorite programs MatnqtAa -p i*fs you find thu day of the week lor any data m the cuntury a>*o tots you enter statistical d-ria to be analyzed, graphs data and solves knew algebraic equations. Pp,n:pr Lifil Maker tots you create your own pointers or import pointers Irorr other p'ogramt and save them m a disk Mo Dvna Wars require* more strategy nna thought hum your fpguler checkoi board game Also includes Mi. Monntar and Tu.iqp games. 3-D objects, six sound rtlects and an ammaticn ot n pretzel A mixture of great utilities, application, games & more! Receive 6 bi-monthly double-disk issues for just S54.95' Save $ 34.45 oil single-issue price?* Convenient automatic home delivery Lowest possible prices! Receive your disks weeks before others do! Full Money-Back Guarantee: It you’re not ccmpleletv satisfied. We'll refund your money-no questions asked. Amencan 3-D vector objects, digitized sound effecfs. And 3 d,rectory program. TC25AB: ScreanTolFF capture* your screen fo an iff tile PooCclom tins you SAVE 39%!! SUBSCRIBE!
• Haied on 0Jngf& ixflk riricwi inckicinp handing aba SS.00T.Wfifing. alloUWr rfemgn £XS &10.09 tapping. Speed arcade game DolSOof an adaptation of T» dassrczP comea-foe-dot game tutorial on animation tectwiques by Amgo-.jr*st extroranaixa Brad Schonck complete with one ol his animation a. Also includes a collection of Ctip-sTt and more animal sounds. TC14AB: AMIGAFikt is a database and address book Graph 3-D lets you vwuatize comptex data m a 3-D manner and «av* ttw results Sooctioqtam anaiyzo* and dis ploy* digitized sounds. FteronadonabaU an animation by Lou Markoya Alsr mdudos 2_Q L- lac I'm 3-D objecu. Food clip art and sampled sound* TCI3AB: StiucGon lets you abate gadget, Mwt bitmap, and wmdow stuctures am wnter. The C source code lor you LiteCyfles pkss your hurhyfoms Create spoctacu far images with Mandeibrots Look a CLI utility that helps you find tites cn your disk quckly .and easily Plus 3-D objects hokday ctip-art. An Amiga Flight animation dnve head ctejnmg ub-dy. 3rd technical ctscussjon on how ArmgaDOS stores mftinr.abon or- disk TC12: TdForp.a formal d'-HS Thai AnngaDOS porma3f wont Chartf.j3;.;...f 5 a pow erful graphing tool MoreCafTdv generates an assortment of colorful graphic patterns and allows you lo save them to tksk, Sti.uk a game where you hove to oat a* flte li oerch you can catch 10 stay aNve Ptos BSW ctio art. Spaceshxp 3-D vector objects, an animation, and Soeake-isy (C source code tor the programmer to odd speech M C pro grams) TC11: PiskSalYagtf wi* fn corrupted dtskv and recover delelud titea IconMentef 1* at .advanced Icon editor. AjieflDuef is a fast shoofem up game CiWai Cayyrps t* a col orlyl, graphic adventuru g.vne like llw arcade game Aiso includes an animation, sound samples. 3D dinner table object:. And Hi-Res monati-r ctip art TC21 AB: Quo! L » ‘nsk '.tyto game whore you tort to foo computer to take over the planet Batchman aBowr. You to e«ecgt» CLJ program*, batch litos and Aroxx scripts by '.imply ticking on a gadget Colors pnnts color test *h.K»t« and nssxjns RGB values to printer and screen output, absolutely invaluable to achieve the best color printing result* Easyfito is .1 powerful database lor home or n sm.iit business Sontu Editor teU you oasFy create arwnated spntes Ptu* 3-0 tnxi obieciB and tive sampfoo sounds TC16AB: GytffiriMBfi generates complex 3 D vector objeefs Of setran and saves yore object* m Sculpt or Tuit» Silver format foincite graptn mashematica; equawns m both 2-D and 3-D. Doubto Prmt prints your text tiles on both sides ot foe paper. MetaniotPh. A grapiiic adventure game. Tjnybail the worlds smaJto-st baseball arcoct game and G dgifced sound effects TC15AB: ' ohrtm.-Uuir « a very easy To use tabel program SurrcondCxdes. A high TC22AB: AfiKSJ CftgCfclaOfl& ts a fasi checkbook manager with check printing ab*fy. Budget anntysis. And a report writer. AmiCrvot is a tiki encryption decryption tool to password-protea any tile a must lor lecunty WaveSvn lets voo doman musical instruments and waveforms for use in other programs »l also tots you ptiy your key-1 board »o a prano Qaa » a game where you try to get live Xs m a row before your opponent does. Ateffcll tots you change attributes ot your Cli window (wvfih. Tide, depth, height, location, cokxs) with a smgfo command very useful tor scripts Also includes an animation by renowned Amiga-arpst Lou Markoya. As wek as 3 D objects Most orders shipped the folkhvTng busj- I nessday. Np;shipping charges within I the USA. C'ana.dd add S.25 per disk, j Fpreign add S.50 per disk fox air m.iil ] delivery Paymt-nt in LS funds onI> [ 1 Visa [ I MasterCard [ 1 Discover [ 1 Check Money Order Total for special' RK" series disks Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) ...$ ___ CA Residents add 7.75% Tax _ Handling; ... $ 3.00 Foreign Shipping S_ Total enclosed ..- ...$ _ The Amiga World Toolchest 11835 Carmel Mtn. Rd 1304-T7 San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks (Use product ID code-i.e. TC22) 3DMaster featured on TSP42 Total disks CC : Zip:. $ _ I 1 Orderline (800) 677-0416 Technical Support (619) 486-9538 JNOTE: All "TC” disks count as TWO disks [ Expiration Date;. J. j Signature:, i Name:_ | Address REV! E W S rion usually works, but it occasionally failed to relocate the name when I moved cell data. In addition, the programs don’t provide much cell information beyond displaying cell data in the editing bar. Pro Calc does show your current style tag, but neither program displays the column width until you attempt to adjust it. Both programs offer multiple options for formatting the numbers within the cells. Maxi Plan cannot display negative numbers with parentheses, but it has three date formats, whereas Pro Calc gives you only two. MaxiPlan accurately displays underlining on screen, but when you prim, die entire cell is underlined rather than just the cell data. Pro Calc's underlining worked properly. In coloring vour cell data, MaxiPkm's CJ j implementation is line and Pro Calc’s is quirky. In calculating, Pro Calc uses the value of the color to lie displayed. You always get the right color, but to get the correct numerical result, you must multiply the color result by zero. And don’t plan on stunning color output: Pro Calc prints in black-and-white only (although version ! .05 promises color for graphs), and the colors MaxiPlan sent to the printer were not those 1 set on the screen. Popular auditing features include chec king for circular references, displaying cells as formulas, showing precedent and dependent cells, and cell mapping. MaxiPlan alerts you to circular refer- cnces in an error message, but Pro Calc warns you of such mistakes only in its manual. Both programs let you display cells as formulas, but neither helps you check precedent and dependent values nor offers cell mapping. I .inking worksheets is vital in consolidating information. MaxiPlan’s REFERQ function works ilawlessly, but recognizes only files on disk. Pix> Ckilc’s LC!ELL() func- lion requires worksheets to be in memory, and its LINKDISKQ function looks for a worksheet on disk. I could get neither one to work, but Gold Disk promises version
1. 05 will conect the problem. 1 had better luck with the programs’ database functions. Both spreadsheets let you find and extract data, although neither lets you define the maximum size of your output range. MaxiPlan also offers a unique DataYiew operation that lets you look at a data range in a comfortable display mode. Both of these programs provide a lill- righi and fill-down command, but no simple data fill. Outside of a simple sort, sorting in MaxiPlan is cumbersome, because everything must be defined by labelled database range names and sort criteria. At least MaxiPlan offers a choice ProfessionalCalc 1.04 lets you easily customize charts. MaxiPlan4 displays spreadsheets in up to 16 colors. Between ascending or descending sorts; Pro Calc unfortunately performs only ascending ones! Bells, Whistles, and Alarms You can develop customized interfaces with both programs. Both have a keystroke and mouse recorder, but MaxiPlan’s extensive macro programming language overshadows ProCalc’s Arexx support. MaxiPlan does also support Arexx, but, unlike ProCalc, provides only a one-page explanation and no examples. Both programs support chart making. Pro Calc’s intuitive interface lets you eas- ilv customize your charts, but unfortu- J nately I found no way to name and save chart definitions with a worksheet except by creating a macro. You can save the i . . Chat t if it is displayed while you’re saving the worksheet, but close the chart’s window, and you lose its definition. In MaxiPlan, chart-legend names with more than nine characters arc truncated at the screen edge; legend lists exceeding the screen heighi suffer the same late on-screen and in print. MaxiPlan does, however, oiler Word and Gantt charts, both of which Pro Calc lacks. Configuration files are missing from both packages, as is the ability to define a default data directory or disk. With more Tool Types, Pro Calc does surpass Maxi- Plan a little on the configuration front, blit it isn’t enough. .MaxiPlan assumes all your files are in a predefined directory called Worksheets, and it can't save files without icons, whereas Pro Calc can. MaxiPlan uses the number keypad as numbers only, but Pro Calc lets you toggle the keypad for either numbers or screen movement. Unfortunately, there’s no permanent reminder of which mode you re in. Another keyboard curiosity is
* that both programs ignore the left Alt- Amiga key combination, which simulates the left mouse button. Survival in the spreadsheet world requires importing and exporting Lotus files. Both spreadsheets claim these capabilities, yet both had trouble importing a simple vertical look-up table. Both can read Lotus macro commands, though neither can execute them. Pro Calc fared no better at importing MaxiPlan files. ROUNl)() and SUM() functions were garbled, cell names were lost, several labels were treated as numbers, and no formatting was maintained; in addition, my system froze lip on one Uy. Neither program is long on providing help. MaxiPlan has a built-in calculator and a simple worksheet status screen (which doesn’t inform you of worksheet errors). Pro Calc lacks both. Neither pro- gran: lias an undo operation, MaxiPlan’s worksheet examples arc useful, but most of Pro Calc’s are little more than data-en- try templates. Both manuals are small and badly in need of more information and concrete examples. MaxiPlan provides limited on-line help (even using the Help key), but Pro Calc is devoid of any such assistance. Bottom Line for more than six long years, Amiga users have waited for a powerful and capable spreadsheet. Sadly, the wait must continue, since Pro Calc and MaxiPlan are both lacking in reliability and features. Each product has some good attributes. MaxiPlan has a strong macro language, and some of its functions are more intuitive than Pro Calc’s, whereas Pro Calc’s PostScript and sideways output, style tags, and chart-customizing features are blessings. II you could combine the best aspects of both, you’d have a good spreadsheet. Add the missing features, and you’d have a better one. As it stands, either program may serve you if you don’t need a sophisticated spreadsheet, although you might want to wait a revision or two. If, however, you’re a business person needing quality, 1 regretfully suggest you spend your money on Lotus, Excel, or Quattro. Daryell Sipper ¦ MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free • 1-800-477-7706 For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! H4NTk Computers Bit 0* Commodore AMIGA LOWEST PRICES
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459. 99 CALL CALL
• CALL 89 739 CALL . .CALL 239 229 .. ..CALL PRODUCTIVITY buddy 5>sJcm Amku 1X>5 2.0.....S35 Bydd S>iaem Pagtslrrnm ....33 Cross IX>S5.0 Hu5.7 . ...... .....CALL Cyqnus Ed Fro .61 Deluxe Prim II ...50.95 Design Works ..75 Dishm3sTer 2 ...37 final Copy CALL Image faster ..I 12 95 Calttgary 2 ......249.95 Color Splitter. 90.93 Dfcsney Animator . ,..09.95 Director Z.O .73 Draw 4D Pro ...- ...179 image Tinder...» ...40 Hapaasier lorUshbure- ------- 59 Marks Math Lab .CALL R*el 3D 2.O., .... 67 pro Conversion Pah . --- Pro-Video QoM ......129.95 Provided Post 169 Real 3D ... - . CALL Scene Generator. .26 Scenery Animator ....55 Turbo Silver ......,....,....,.39
T. v. Show 2.0 .56
t. v. Text i vo . Oa Video Director 139.95 Vf&in Pm 2.0 ...59 HARDWARE Supra Carp AMO XT Hard Diivei 52MB. I MB FLAM .....5449 120 Mb, 2 MB HAM ....649 240 MB. 2 MB RAM .CALL Supra Ram .300 KX 1 MB .. 119 2 MB ..... 279 Modem* 2400 BD External,-Cable ..... .75 2400 PLUS Cable ...I 19 fa* Modem V32 .....239 PC Power Board ___ ..,259 Mlvc. LlardwAit- DCTV- ...... 379 firecracker 24 2 MG ..749 Persona! $ rc. .....349 Progressive 040 2000, ..1549 Progressive 040 500 .. CALI, Zeus 040 2000 SC 51 CALL VSL 30 23MIIZ . 290.93 High performance low cost A500 w chassis SCSI ...S139.00 A500 w chassis IDE .....S129.00 A500 IDE & SCSI ...$ 179.00 A200G SCSI ..S85.00 A2000 IDE .....$ 75.00 A1000 SCSI $ 159.00 lus 1.1 ...62 Pagestream ...169 PeiiKiin Press ...64 Fro Page 2.2 ..169 Pro Write 3.2 ...59 Proper Grammar .....57 Screen maker ......CALL Vista Pro 2.0 ...59 MISCELLANEOUS Arrian II Hus CALL Anvix, ROMS CALL Amiga Arllon Replay A500 99 AmlracV ..... ...63 Aren ...26.95 AudloMasler * 6A
B. U5 61 Pipes 190 Distant 5uns 4.0 ....55 CCT Mid SOO 2000 +9 Keyboard Skin ------------------------17-49 Miracle Piano 359 Parchmei«« CALL Perfect Sound, 64.95 Quarterback Tools .52 SAS Uulke C 5. J 1B9 Soundmjuter .. CALL Super Jam 77.93
W. Shell 2 0...... 49.93 GRAPHICS * VIDEO AnDepartment 2.0 .....*149.05 Hrantosl Tulei II..... ...219 CALL ...CALL .CALL .CALL CALL CALL . ..CAUL ..CALL CALL ..CALL ..CALL CAU. ... .369 .369 J99 DataFlyer RAM 8 MB A2000 RAM card also fits in DF500 chassis, oK memory ....$ 95.00 BaseBoard 4MB internal memory for A500 with clock, oK memory ....$ 95.00 TVS Grandsiam .4500 52HQ .... GraiaWam A20OO 52MQ _, Trumpcard Pro A5Q0 52 T*j - Trumpcanl Pro A2000 32 MG Trumpcard A5oO 32 MO . Trumpcard A2000 52 HQ Trumpcard 500 AT Other 51 c Hard Drives ... „ OeniiHki Mini Gen ... supeigen.. ---------- .. ,.,¦¦¦ Alter Image ... Supeigcn 20005 .. .... ...499 .439 .425 ..339 ...365 ..279 ..CALL CAU. .,.165 ...590 .CALL .1299 Video Toaster Ami Link Packages...... .....CALL BCD 2000 . .....CALL Kitchen Sync .....1599 Personal V Scope . .....CALL TBC 2 789 Toaster 2,0 Upgrade... 289 Video Toaster 2.0 Workstations . .....CALL TM ICD New From ICD Ad IDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives. IDE 44 for your 2.5 inch hard drives. IDE 40 for your 3.5 Inch hard drive, Novia 20i The small hard drive and interface in the world for your Amiga 500. Fits internally. Novia 60i flow you can have llie Movia with a 60 meg 2.5 inch hard drive. Prima 52i now mount a 3.5 inch IDE drive internally in your Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000. Prima 105i 105 megs internally in your 500, 1000 or 2000. Shuffle Board Reroutes DFO: to the external floppy connector. Boot from an external floppy. For an Amiga 500 or 1000. GOLDEN Cordless Trackball & Mouse Cordless ? • Mouse
- 569 Specials Art Dept 2.0.....$
149. 95 Cross Dos 5,0.... ..54.99 DCTV ...
379. 95 Deluxe Paint IV.. ..99.99 Hot Links .... ..55.00 j Imagine 2.0 Vista Pro Combo ....
249. 99 Pagestream 2.2..
164. 99 Quarterback 5.0 ..43.99 Superbase IV.....
169. 95 The ICD Advantage AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. AdSpecd Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Flicker Free Video Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. AdRAM 540 Add up to 4 meg of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 AdRAM 2080 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500. Cordless Trackball s79 New Item Special master 3ai floppy *74.99 Amiga RC-500 sm ham **» dot* a awo ..... ,,. 36 Hand Scanner * nouct**> tmox wn .179,99 Optical Mouse ....;49 Opto Mechanical Mouse ...J36 RC-2000 4MB&amBocrf!aA£fX!u4fh2Mfl .149 i VftorwanGrilyon alGddBftSnojspoducb In NJ Call: ORHFR TOI I FRFF MS Route35 f9081 542-1251 V Eatontown, XJ 07724 FAX: (908) 542-3654 1-800-477-7706 OPEN 7 DAYS TECH SUPPORT CALL • 1-908-542-8767 Walk in Traflic Welcome
• Terms VISA. MASTERCARD. Discover, tcriifli-d checks and money orders welcome. School « Corporate Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1-2 Business days, • Returns: all items returned must have KMA * before returning. Defective products exchanged for same item only, hardware items will be replaced or repaired. All returned items subject to a restocking fee. Shipping nuu-rcfundable. Call for complete details. • Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ In retail location - Software Concepts, Katontown, hot responsible for typographical errors. Customer Service and product information call i908) 542-8767,
* 'Beat any price' guaranty may not apply to certain Items. AdSpeed $ 16995 Flicker Free Video $ 23995 Call For Of her Prices r- mim AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE CENTER AUTHOURIZED COMMODORE DEALER SINCE 1980 NO ONE KNOWS AMIGA BETTER Multi-Start II Dual ROM Board assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at the push of a key. $ 55 w 2.0 ROM S139 Orders Only USA & Canada _ 1-800-258-0533 MegAChip 9am - 9pm M-F, 10am- 5pm sat SUNDAY 12- 5PM Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM (or your A2Q0Q & A500 C O Q w Agnus S295 S 2632 MemoryBoard for the Amiqa 2500 rind 2B3Qaccel iQ A500 Tower Amiga 2500 and 2630accel Up to 32MB RAM S509 KiiklJiidv NEW ROM switch for 2.04 & 1.3 ROMS. N jyiit 6Q i 60MB internal hard drive & interface for - -* ¦> your Amiga 500. 5)4 9 VV Built in AdSpeed S669 AdlUL Kiti .(Prima) iNow mount a 3.5 inch IDE harddrivc internal* v in vour Arnica 500. Includes IDE Your 3-5’ Drive Your Mother Board Your Keyboard NEW Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga Computer. Use with VGA or Multisync Monitors S259 The ICD Advantage AdSpml 68000 at 14.3 Mhz. Best Overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. 1 80 AdKAM 540 Add up to 4 meg of RAM internally in your Amiga 50°- ' $ 95 Shuffle itaard Keroutes.dfT): to the external floppy connector. Boot from external floppy $ 29 mica: jmrj(1 40, Shuffle Board and M1UL40 for 3,5" hard drives nioimtincs C1 Q Q Smallest Amiga hard drive jor |Kirt| drive. O l Ozf interface made for IDE Priirni 52 CQQ Above with 52HD IDE Hard Drive 339Q AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET EXPANSION SYSTEMS (ATI drives Chi noTTCD-UOM Internal Drive $ 439 External Drive S579 GOLDEN IMAGE W 52MB HD S389 MB HD 529 Opto-Mechanical Mouse $ 34 Includes Cables andCD-FS software Cordless Mouse 875 Optical Mouse (Not shown) Qrr Cordless Trackball Brush Mouse $ 99 $ 85 MicroBotics VXL30 68030 Acceleration for A500. A2000 25MHz $ 329 with 68882 S459 40MHz $ 479 with 68882 $ 649 Compatible withl .3 8 2,04 ROMS VXL RAM-32 2MB $ 242 VXL RAM-32 8MB S633 SERffiSU A500 HARD DRIVES EXPAND UP TO SMB RAN W 52 MB hard drive $ 495 W 120 MB hard drive S679 Alpha Data 512K RAM Expander For A500 Alvha Data EXTERNAL 880K DRIVE ALL-IN-ONE EXPANSION FOR A500 40MHz Accelerator Hurd drive RAM Expansion W52MBIID $ 95 w 120MB HD $ 11)99 EXPANSION SYSTEMS SupraRAM RX External RAM Expand your A500 to the MAX. Passthrough design 1MB up to 2MB' BASB BOARD $ 79 Ouier Amiga Ccmpj'Jtta Drives
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H. O.I. Jack Ncktaus Unlmned Killing Game Show Kings Quest V Knights of the Sky Leander Leisure Suit Larry 5 Lemmings Lemmings. Oh No! More. Links 41 A-320 At Bus Crime City Cruise for a Corpse Deuteros Double Dragon 3 Final Fight " Fire anc Ice Gauntlet 3 Goblins Goes HeindaH Life and Death Meqafortress Myth Pit Fighter Realms Rofcocod: James Por.d 2 Robocop3 Smash TV Terminator 2 L MIGA irvgs Mig 29 Super Fulcrum Murder NAM Ork Out of This Worfd Perfect General Perfect General Data Dsk PGA Golf Pnball dreams Pools ol Darkness Populous II PowerMonger Pcwer Monger WWI data cisk Railroad Tycoon Secret of Monkey Island Shadow Lane Silent Service II Sim City Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 Sim City Terrain Space Quest IV Speedbal2 Strip Poker III Teogien Archade Hits Wayne Gretzky 2 Wide World cf'Boxir Wf l e Beamish $ 39 $ 40 $ 39 $ 40 $ 39 $ 38 $ 44 $ 37 $ 44 $ 41 Call $ 43 $ 39 $ 41 $ 39 $ 43 $ 39 $ 34 $ 29 $ 39 $ 41 $ 34 $ 22 $ 37 $ 39 Sr $ 23 S12 $ 37 S25 $ 31 S25 $ 34 S31 $ 37 CDTV Keyboard, Infru-red Mouse Disk Drhv 3199 Trackball Contrllr $ 99 Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 Ai ling Orders Only USA & Canada 1 -800-258-0533 Express your love for your Amiga T-Shirts, Caps and Mugs 9 - 9 M - F (West Coast customers call up to 6PM PST), 10* 5 Sat. SUNDAYS.!! 24 I lour Fax line (412) 962-0279, Customer Service (412) 962-0533 i Complete Video Toaster basic: WORKSTATION $ 3995 W 52MB HD. 7MB RAM, VIDEO TOASTER &. MONITOR Complete Digi-View System Mediastation fTT* $ 3991 (I Includes: m I *7 Digi-View I > Gold 4.0 (iJLft Otgv-Pamf Elan Performer V u Copy Stand I JfA Panasonic 14 SO camera video switch dV *_ and at) cables. . Onfy complete system offered Dxp' nw Mndsttla’ion $ 165 1410 Camera wAens SI 79 Copy Stand__S62 ENHANCED ¦Wjg&SSTATION $ 4495 W 105MB HD. 25MHZ, 8MB RAM VIDEO TOASTER & MONITOR G-Force 40 68(440 AO m one board forvourA2000 33MH7733 4Ml? $ 2199 includes SCSI controller for your A300Q 28MHz 2N 2MIi SI799 Video Toaster $ 2099 Enhancement Options Personal TBC II S799 Personal V-5copc $ 799 Personal SFC S379 BCD 2000A VAC $ H49 DQ-TACO $ 1899 AmiLink C I (cuts only) $ 995 AmiLink C I (AB Roll) $ 1-495 AmiLink Toastcr Software $ 150 Kitchen Sync $ 1599 Software Options Toaster Tool Kit SI 10 Toasi Master $ 94 Wipe Master SI25 Toaster Fonts 1st PrzToasicd Fonts S159 Cinnamon I or II S62 Bread & Buticr $ 69 Kara Toaster J. II, Ul.or IV $ 62 Masicmicce S89 Video Fonts 2 $ 62 OFT IIYF WORKSTATION $ 5295 W 120MB HD.40MHZ.9MB RAM VIDEO TOASTER, MONITOR AMIGA GEMTIZER Electronic S' Drawing Tab es S s for AMIGA jr SUPER WORKSTATION $ 61)95 W 240MB HD. 50MHZ.12MB RAM VIDEO TOASTER. MONITOR Handscannei i 400DPI wJScan and Save software I Includes S drivci ihal £ allows ii L>0 to work C N «ith viiIujIU nil Amiga dra wing program- Mug $ 6 T-shirts $ 8 Med, Lrg, X-Lrcj WORKSTATIONS FULLY ASSEMBLKD AM) TESTED BY FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIANS New RACK MOUNT version Available - CALL EXPANSION SYSTEMS External SCSI Hard Drive Storage . All units include: Power supply, SCSI external cable, if Power cable. SCSI pass thru, and Mounting hardware (Imcd farr, 1 j I single hay case Prices for CtLSC cablc PS I 105 120MU 240MB Upright single bay case Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 SCSI Controller ft* o C only Jboh Syqucst Floptical Single Buy closed from lor 3.5" HD W 52 MB Quantum HDS319 W 120MB Quantum HDS479 DalaFlyer RAM For DataFlyer2000 OK $ 99. 2MB $ 189, 4MB $ 279 W 52MB HI) Expand up to SMB W 120MBHD VV 240MB HD Single Bay open from for Syquesi or Floptical Drive New Improved Beetle Mice COLORS MOUSE - BUTTONS Red ¦ Black Yellow - Black Black - Black Blue - Black Black - Yellow Red - While - Blue Other colors on special order Upright, small fool print for single 3.5HD Dual Bay open tlosci! Front for 2 half height IID or Syqucst, etc Dual hay case Open clos«l front Four Buy open closed front for 4 half height HD's or Syqucst, etc. (not shown)
• SvuLic t drive include* I cartridge
* *Tloplieal drive includes I disk Installation - $ 15 pcrdnvc Productivity Software Hardware Books Art & Animation Ar1 Department Pro 2 1 $ Deluxe Pam! IV V4.1 S Disney Anim Studio V Draw 4D Pro $ Imagine 2.0 & Pixel 3-D 2.0 % Prof. Draw 3.0 5 Spectracolor a Turbo Silver 3.0 Si Visia Pro 2.0 $ : Databases Microfiche Filer $ f Microfiche Filer PLUS $ SuperBase Personal 2 S‘ SuperBase Prof. 4 SI Music Bars and Pipes £* Bars and Pipes Pro $ ; Delx Muse Const. Set $ ( Super Jam St Multimedia Kit & Music Box A & Music Box 0 $ ; Tele-Communications A-Talk ill SC Baud Bandit $ : SupraFax Software Si Spreadsheets Advantage $ 125 Maxi Plan Plus 2,0 562 Professional Calc 5185 Utilities Armback 2.0 S50 Arexx 531 Cross DOS S25 Directory Opus $ 37 DiskMasier tl $ 44 Labeldex S47 Project D 2.0 S37 RX Tools $ 35 Quarterbacks. 0 Call Quarterback Tools $ 53 SAS Lance C $ 199 Visionary $ 62 Workbench Management $ 35 Video & Presentation Amiga Vision S89 Broadcast Titlor II $ 229 Broadcast Titlor HiRex $ 109 Can Do 1.6 $ 85 Pro Video CG Cali Pro Video Post S2G9 Scaia 2.0 Multimedia S250 Sfowmaker $ 229 TV Text Professional $ 99 Video Director $ 169 Amiga lor Beginners $ 13 Amiga Dos Quk Ref Guide $ 8 Amiga Dos Inside & Out S19 Amiga Base inside & Out S19 Machine Language $ 15 Graphics Inside 8 Oul $ 26 Amiga C for Beginners $ 15 Amiga C lor Advanced $ 26 Desktop Video Power $ 23 Best ol AmigaThcks4Tips $ 23 Using Arexx $ 26 Imagine Companion $ 24 ROM Kernel:Autodccs 3rd E 1 $ 34 ROM Kemel:Dewces 3«d Ed. $ 26 ROM Kemel:Hard are 3rd Ed $ 26 Visionary Handbook $ 22 Joysticks. Mouses & Trackballs Sl* St* Joystick $ 7 Boss Joystick $ 15 Tac 50 Joystick $ 17 Bat Handle Joystick $ 25 Jin Mouso $ 25 Opto-M ech a rxca I Mouse $ 35 Optical Mouse $ 55 Bo-ng Optical Mouse $ 94 Gl Cordless Mouse $ 75 Gl Cordless Trackball $ 85 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Kraft Trackball S59 Mouso Switch (automate) $ 29 Supra Modems 2400 External $ 89 2400Wus External $ 139 24C0PLsZJ Nora) Sf69 FAX Modaml 4400 $ 309 FAX Modarn 9600 $ 249 FAX,Mortem Sofrw OttwMcdem) $ 79 Zoom Modems 2400 Ext $ 75 2400 W fjf4P5 & v 42 be $ 14= 9600 v. 32 bis 539' Cable S10 (S5 w modem) Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Final Copy $ 59 Page Stream 22 $ 169 Pelican Press $ 62 ProWnte 3.2 $ 56 Professional Page 3.0 S179 Proper Grammar £59 EUROPEAN MAGAZINES AMIGA Fo-mat w Disks 510 AMIGA Action w Disks $ 10 C,U AMIGA w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Power w Disks $ 10 1 for AMIGA w.'DrSks S10 VIDEO TOASTER Video Tapes FINAL COPY PROWRITE AMIGA 500 2000 includes books and work- V* bench disk I yMxj AMIGA Game Preserve Links By Rob Hays A DOUBLE RARITY among .Amiga games. Links (Access Software, $ 59.95) was rewritten for the Amiga, not simply ported from the MS-DOS version, and it has a 4096-color HAM-mode display. Asa result, this golf game looks substantially better on tlie Amiga than 011 a VGA-mode PC. Links has three levels of difficulty. At the easiest, which is suitable for voting players, your ball is unaffected bv wind or j gusts, the computerized caddie selects the proper club, and swing timing is not critical. At the Pro level, however, you choose your own dub for each shot, timing is extremely important, and you’ll need to keep an eye on the wind indicators to adjust your shot. Up to eight players can play a round, and all scores are displayed for comparison. Options abound, covering levels of graphic detail, sound effects (chirping birds, rustling leaves, murmured words of encouragement), and player capabilities. A driving range and putting green are also included for practice. If you’re an avid golfer, you can even alter the simulation to reflect your real swing, stance, and so on. The greens fees are rather steep for this course; a hard disk and one megabyte of memory are required. (With three megs of RAM, however, you can install Links on the RAM disk.) 1 No matter what the weather, Links puts you on the greens. Also recommend the use of a 14-MHz or faster processor. At the default graphics levels, redrawing the screen takes approximately 30 seconds to one minute on a standard A500. A 25- Mhz A3000 cuts this to about ten seconds. If you’re a golf novice like me, use the delay to consult the enclosed chart of This time, we'll get into Out of This World [Interplay, S59.95), which has been rapidly catching up to Shadow of the Beast II (Psygno- sis, S59.99) as my most-asked- about game. Hey kids, buy something new] CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson The first level is actually pretty tough. The particular brand of seaweed at the bottom of the pool is bad for your health, so you'll want to get out of it as fast as possible and quickly head right (the seaweed is also persistent), where you'll encounter two screens full of poisonous slugs. Squish ’em or hop over 'em. (Hopping takes less time than squishing and is good practice for what you're about to endure.) On the third screen, however, the creature who's been watching you from the backdrop sort of a panther on steroids is suddenly right in your face and you'll have no choice but to run left, over the slugs, until you reach a precipice. Jump for the vine, ride it back to the right when it breaks it's just enough of a head start and hoof it past the slugs yet another time. You'll find someone waiting for you, and he'll handle the panther. Unfortunately, he also handles you, and you'll wake up on the next level (code: HICI) in a cage. There's really not much you can do here except swing the cage back and forth until it falls on the guard. (You may be able to extend this sequence by not swinging the cage when the guard is looking, but he alv ays eventually fires his gun to summon help, so don't think there's a trick here.) You'll make a pal of your cellmate, and he'll serve you well. Pick up the mashed guard's gun, and then head right. Mow down the next guard as soon as you see your friend retreat, then continue two screens right, put up shields to >our left while your new buddy plays with the door controls, and let the other guards have at you. (You can shoot it out with them and win, but it's risky.) Then head right to the elevator shaft. Do go to the top level once not because you need to, but because it's gorgeous and then go all the way to the bottom. Notice the power line running up the far wall. It controls the doors on the next level up, and if you disable it, you'll trap the guard there long enough to escape. Now, up one level, blast your way through the door and head down, left, and up again. And be quick about it, because the guard you've trapped will blast his way out. When a guard approaches, head down the shaft. Your pal will be taken prisoner, but don't worry; that's supposed to happen. This is sort of a mini-level (code; FLLD), the main idea being to avoid falling too far. There's no way to get through except by experimentation, so, at the risk of sounding like a confused drill sergeant: left, right, right, left, right. The next level (code: LIBC) offers something of a respite. Your gun is probably pooped from all this blasting and shielding, so before you do anything else, head left into the recharging chamber for some more juice. Blast your way through the doors to your right, recharge your gun again, and, two screens to the right, blow away the guard. At the edge of the cliff, jump. You can't make the top level (though you can visit it a bit later to no useful pur- Computer Mr.-. ' I ill r I I Iniwil you it-ivi lif-r-li Intjn.j 111111V nl Alimil I lullin' i y If fU'll J Iff ifM-f t •§* • HILL STREET BLUES is the most honored series in the history of television with the stunning accomplishment of 26 Emmy Awards and numerous other international awards. Now you can finally play the computer game in this re-created computer simulated city of Hill Street. You take on the rale of “Captain Frank Furillo” and by deploying the police officers under your control, you solve and control the crime rate. With help from nine of the most famous characters from the TV series, you can interact with up to nine crime incidents simultaneously, ranging from muggers to bank robbers, drug pushers and murderers. So "REMEMBER, LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!” Digitized Pictures and Sounds From The TV Series Fantastic 256 Color VGA 3-D Graphics Intelligent City System Complete With Traffic Lights, Subways, Trains, And Over 300 Different Vehicles Over 400 Male and Female Pedestrians With Individual Characteristics. Some Nice, Some Nasty. Amiga screens shown. Pictures of the actual TV series have been used with permission from MTM Production. Available for A500, A1000, A2000, A2500, A3000 and other computer formats. Retail Price: $ 39.95. Visit your software retailer or call toll-free 1-800-783-8023 to order. DigiTek Software 1916 Twisting Lane Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543
(813) 973-7733 golf club performance to select your club for the next shot. Access has done a good job, even including toll-free numbers for registration and help. While Toney Pines is the only course available currently, Access promises the release of additional courses every two months. If golf is your game, Links should be on vour hard disk. World Circuit By Peter Olafson WORLD CIRCUIT (MICROPROSE, $ 59.95) isn’t merely good. It’s spectacular. This Formula One production number easily lakes the checkered Hag in the competition among car- racing games. This Amiga-first game places you in Lotus Land at the start of the 16-race Grand Prix season. You’ll join one of 18 racing teams and fine-tune and pilot one of these wheeled rockets through the 200-mph straights, tight hairpins, and gear-grinding chicanes ofcityscapes like Phoenix and Monaco, as well as Brazil’s bosky Interlagos circuit. No bland scrolling backgrounds here; the scenery in World Circuit is a deep and constant presence. Big, filled-polygon buildings, trees, cranes, and grandstands loom up beside the road and zip by with speed and smoothness not to be believed even 011 an tin accelerated A500. (The game positively flies on the A300U.) This is not some drive-by-night game world. It is pleasantly and realistically full of detail the sort of game that makes you feel you could get out of the car, hop over the guardrail, and walk around in it if you wanted to. You won't want to. The track is where the lion's share of the action is. The opponents are aggressive, the qualifying is rigorous, and practice is necessary. The race itself will make you sweat as though you were wearing a fire-retardant cowl in July. World Circuit is just easy enough to get its hooks into you, and once they’re in, they’re in to stay. Success at the higher levels of realism comes onlv with hard work the car will initially 4 J seem almost uncontrollable once you toggle off the many “help” options but it’s an enormous amount of fun. Most racing games are a few notches removed from reality when it comes to off-track goings-on if they bother with offtrack goings-on at all. World Circuit bothers with them in splendid fashion. If you have a race-ending accident, you’ll be seen pushing your car to the side of the track. If there’s a flag on the play, you’ll see an official leaning over the barricade waving it, and the color of the flag will mean something. And the pit crew isn’t some abstract concept. They appear right in front of you when you pull into the pit area (as do the pit crews for all the other cars), and getting in and out fast is as critical as in real life. It s also a beautiful game a variety of stunning graphic screens are used as backdrops and the on-screen menus are a joy. The four disks install effortlessly on a hard drive. As for options, nothing seems to have been overlooked; they are useful and well thought-out, permitting you to learn the game on the track rather than from a book. (One of the nicest is the option to place a dotted white guideline down the track to highlight the optimal path.) When it comes time to refer to the manual, you’ll find it’s the usual great MicroProse job. For my money, this is simply the best racing simulation out there not just on the Amiga, but on any home computer. Gentlemen, start your processors and make sure World Circuit is plugged in first. John Madden Football By Joe Dicara FORMERLY A TOUGH player, John Madden represents the true grit of football. So it comes as quite a surprise that a computer game for which he has partial design credit contains as many weaknesses as John Madden Football (Electronic Arts. $ 49.95). Don’t misunderstand me. JMF is a remarkable game remarkable, but flawed. The most complete football simulation for the Amiga, this game has all the right stuff- smooth player animation (even on unaccelerated machines), crisp sound samples, excellent stereo sound tracks, last, seamless scene transitions, on-side kicks, audible calls for both offense and defense, extensive Continued on p. 76. CRIB NOTES pose), but you can land on the one below it, where you must shoot your way through the rock wall to the right. The large cave system you've reached (code: CCAL) offers lots of opportunities for exploring and experimentation, but don't be too allfired adventurous, as you need to do many of these things in a particular order to escape. For now, just head down and to the right don't worry about how far you're falling and you'll eventually find the cave floor and some Prince of Persia-ish spikes, which you can easily jump over. Going right again, however, puts you in a rocky situation; one wrong step and you'll be a paint job on a fallen boulder, so time your moves precisely. You should be able to complete the first screen simply by leaping repeatedly. On the second, I used the passage of a large boulder falling on the left side of the screen and a smaller one falling just to its right to trigger my crossing. Time to meet some new friends. One hangs from the ceiling, and the other lives in the ground. Both have many sharp teeth, which you will experience up close and personal unless you are quick enough to run past the first and accurate enough to leap over the second. (Some of the tentacle creatures hang low enough so that you can blast them out of this world with a full charge from your pistol; shooting them merely makes them withdraw temporarily.) Continue right, jumping over the ravine, until you come to a wail. Blast your way through it and find,..an empty room. I went through all that to find a flippin' empty room? Well then, you'll like this even better: Now you have to go back through it in the other direction. (Mercifully, by blowing through the wall, you've earned another password EDIL.) When you come to the incline leading up and to the left, follow it. You'll have trouble getting past the tentacle creature, so fill his stomach first by luring over (shooting) the flying red thing that you may have spotted on your trip to the right. Now you should be able to climb across the stalactites to the left. (Be sure you don't grab them too far down; they're slippery little devils.) If all went well you're reading this, so it probably didn't you'll wind up atop the huge triargie- shaped rock you visited on your way down here. (Code: FADK.) There's nowhere to go from here except back where you just came from er, no thanks! So drop off the left side and blow out the rock's underpinnings; the triangle is an "up" ramp to the next level. Once there, head right, jumping the pits, until you come to a dead end under a pool of water. If you've run into the impassable spillway in your travels, this should give you some ideas. You're going to pull the plug...but carefully, carefully. Position yourself as far to the left side of the screen as possible leaving and then returning if necessary and then give the right wall the benefit of the full power of your pistol. Don't stick around to watch the results, as the flood will follow you left quickly enough. You'll need to run as fast as possible, jumping all the pits, until you can't go any farther. Good luck! Continued on p. 76. AIR SUPPORT Take command of an Alpha Class battle group: a fleet of 16 high-performance tactical and strategic ground and air weapons systems bristling with the latest in directed ordnance and electronic warfare devices. Formulate strategic and tactical plans for your campaign. Deploy your force of high-tech vehicles and launch the attack. Direct the battle from your electronic mission command center monitoring its progress on detailed computer generated frac-scape terrain maps; OR, project yourself into the cockpit of one of your vehicles and plunge into the heat of battle by taking direct control of a combat mission. Special 3D Mode 3D glasses included for the ultimate in gome playing realism! RED ZONE Red hot motorcycle racing action that puts you right on the trac k. Compete at 10 challenging grand prix courses in your quest for the world championship. Red Zone lets you choose your level ot difficulty according to your experience. Improve your skills on practice laps with action re-plays and 3rd person helicopter views of your performance. Red Zone features high speed vector graphics rotation, digitized sound effects and a design that takes advantage of accelerated computers. You're deafened by the roar of the crowd and the hungry whine of finely tuned engines as you move Into your starting position. The flag drops, you pop the clutch, twist the throttle and push it to The Red Zone. PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 I Fax:(617)731-8379 Circle 62 on Reader Service card, TO ORDER CALL 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3CST Information Tech Support Returns 414-548-8125 Easy AMOS from EuroPress $ 41.99 Software Air Support .....31.99 Amy’s Fun 2 3 Adventure... 31.99 AquaVentura ....35.99 Black Crypt ......33.99 Civilization .35.99 Cruise fora Corpse ......34.99 Dark Queen of Krynn 31.99 Deuteros ..26.99 Discovery 2.0 Educational ...45.00 Epic 32.99 Eye Beholder II .39.99 Fighter Duel 1.1 31.99 Four Crystals of Trazere......36.99 Fun School Series 32.99 Global Effect ......35.99 Gods ..33.99 Guy Spy ....31.99 Hunter .26.99 Links ..37.99 Lost Treasures ..45.99 Mark’s Math Lab ..31.99 Mathasaurs I or II 17.99 sS f BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga Companion 2.0 ...20.99 AmiaaDOS Manual 3rd Ed.... 22.00 DOS*Inside & Out 2.0 ....22.95 Hardware Ref Manual 24.00 Includes & Autodocs 35.95 Interface Style Guide 20,99 ROM Kernal: Devices 25.99 ROM Kernal: Libraries 29.99 Understanding Imagine 2.0 ...28.00 Using Arexx on the Amiga... 27.99 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Call for Pricing EN iT.CRTfll N M EN.T. CODS WaCOMEI VZS4 Matrix Cubed ....33.99 MegaFortress ...37.99 MegaFortress Mission 27.99 Mixed Up Fairy Tales ....31.99 Napoleon I ...... 34.99 Out of the World .36.99 Pacific Islands ..31.99 Panzer Battles ..31.99 Paper Boy 2 .....26.99 Pinball Dreams ..38.99 Solitaire's Journey ......38.99 Space Shuttle ...36.99 Third Reich .....25.99 Ultima VI ...41.99 Where USA is Carmen 31.99 Wild Wheels .....33.99 C= Commodore CDTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA We carry all available CDTV titles! ASIMCD RomFS .‘....50,99 Battle Chess ..36.99 Beethoven Symphony 7...36.99 Brickette 42.99 CD Caddy 2-Pack 15.99 CDTV Prof Bundle 185.00 CDTV Carry Case 60.00 CDTV Genlock 155.00 CDTV Keyboard Adaptor .49.99 CDTV Trackball 95.00 CD Rom File System 36.99 Defender of the Crown 31.99 Fred Fish Online 45.00 Guinness Disc of Records..37.99 Music Maker 37.99 NASA's 25th Year 19.99 Software 600 Amiga Fonts ..20.99 A-Talk III ....36.99 AmiBack 2.0 ......47.99 AMOS ..59.99 AMOS Compiler 34.99 AMOS 3D ...42.99 Animattes: Wedding 2 49.99 Arexx 31.10
B. A.D ...31.99 Beyond Backgrounds Pro ...70.99 Boom Box .....36.99 Caligari II ... ...253.99 Can Do 1.6 .....85.00 Can Do Intro Pak..... .....25.00 Can Do Pro Pak .....25.00 Charts and Grachs.. .....59.00 Cross DOS 5.0+...... .....37.00 Cycle Man . .....36.99 Deluxe Paint IV ...109.00 Draw 4D Pro .... ...199.00 Essence Imagine .... .....47.99 Fractal Pro 5.0 . .....87.99 High Speed Pascal.. ...114.99 Homefront 2.0 .. .....59.99 HotLinks ....62.99 ImageMaster .... ...145.00 Imagine 2.0 ...... ...256.99 In the Can .. .....59.99 LabelDex! .. ....46.00 Lattice 5.0 . ...189.00 Macro 68 ..135 00 MaxiPlan 4.0 ... 115 00 Media Show ..... 75 99 Migraph OCR 249 00 Notebook .. 27 99 PageStream 2.2 ..177.00 PatchMeister .....59 00 Phasar 4.0 .55.99 Power Packer Pro 21.99 Presentation Master ...171.99 Pro Draw 3.0 ...130.00 Pro Toaster Fonts ..53.99 Professional Calc 168.99 A10 Speakers ..38.00 A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A1011 Ext Floppy 116.00 A2010 Int Floppy 2000 .95.00 A2060 ArcNet Card ....175.00 A2091 SCSI Controllerl 55.00 A2232 Multi-Serial Bd.295.00 A2286 AT BridgeBoard .379.00 A2300 Int Genlock ...135.00 A2320 Display Enhancer..225.00 A2386SX BridgeBoard.725.00 A3010 Int Floppy 3000.95.00 DOS 2.04 500 2000 ...85.00 DOS Upgrade. 3000....45.00 Mouse. 2-Button 45.00 Mouse. 3-Button ..53.00 C- Commodore® AMIGA H-M I N C L U D E S ¦ 3.5”fnternal Floppy Drive ¦ 512K RAM. RF Modulator ¦ 94*Key Keyboard and Mouse ¦ Appetizer Software ¦ Where World is Carmen ¦ Amiga Basic ¦ DOS 1.3 ¦ Safe Harbor PD Disk Call for Pricing!!!! Professional Page 3.0...... .169.00 ProStream Fonts Plus...... ...38.00 Profills 2.0 ..... ...32.99 Pro Textures 2 . ...40.99 PSImport ...54,00 Resource . .135.00 Rexx Plus Compiler .. ...90.00 Soft Faces ...... ...55.99 SuperBase Prof 4 ...... .185.00 Super DJ . ...31.99 Super Jam ...... ...87.99 Synchpro .187.99 Take 2 .... .105.00 Texture City Pro 60 .. .170.00 Toaster 2.0 Software .305.00 Toaster Toolkit . ...95.00 ToastMaster .. 89 99 Trexx .... 76 99 Virtual Reality Studio ..... 53 99 Vista Pro 2.0 59 99 WipeMaster .. .120.00 Worldwide Maps Clip Art ...31.99 O Supra FAX Modem 14,4 ,305.00 I © DCTV ... .379.00 Lj © QuarterBack 5.0 ...... ....46.00 1 0 Amiga DOS 2.04 ..... ....85.00 I 0 Directory Opus .. ....36.99 © Final Copy .. ...59.99 © Understanding Imagine © Art Department Pro 2.0. ..154.00 0 Prowrite 3.2 . ...5999 CD Supra FAX Modem 9600.. .245.00 68030 Accelerators from GVP! 25MHZ 1MB ..669.00 25MHZ 1MB 52Q ....889.00 40 Mhz 40 4 MB .999.00 40MHz 4Q 4MB 120Q...1399.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 240Q...1719.00 50MHZ 50 4MB .....1529.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120Q ..1849.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 240Q ..2045.00 Video Toaster 2.0 S2025.00 N=wT=k INCORPORATED frl 120Q SupraDrive with Word Sync for the Amiga 2000 Easy to install A2000 Hardcard with autobooting WordSync interface, factory tested, with Supra‘s 1 - year warranty. Hardcard 52Q ....349.00 Hardcard 120Q ..499.00 Hardcard 240Q ..819.00 SupraDrive 52Q Ext 365.00 SupraDrive 120Q Ext 529.00 SupraDrive 240Q Ext 845.00 FortheA500 SupraDrive 500XP 520 1 ...480.00 SupraDrive 500XP 502 2 ...565.00 SupraDrive 500XP12002 .675.00 SupraDrive 500XP 2400 2 .935.00 (Shipping is only S7.00 on these systems!) SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data e m s GPFax Software .75.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare.305.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw..355.0Q SupraFAXModem 9600 Bare 245.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+....135.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....165.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 79.00 SupraModem 2400zi+ w sw 120.00 SPECIAL: FREE 6-month Safe Harbor BBS membership with the purchase of any SupraFAXModem! 50QRX 1 RAM EXPANSION 512KRAM&p0raon _39.00 500m ___125.00 500RX2__185.00 500RX®___419.00 SipaRAM20OOOK_119.00 SupraRAM 20002 _169.00 SupraRAM 20004 SupraRAM 20006 SupraRAM 20006 .285.00
349. 00 mnifN *»* mmw *-»• * -** OTHER GREAT SUPRA PRODUCTS floppy Drfte___ PowerPCBoard PtMer Supply, 50QXP. SCSI Controler. 500XP SCSI Controter, 2000. SCSI Controller. 1000 Series III Upgrade Q500
- 275.00
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- 39.00 Supra Corporation Joystick Adaptor, Analog Joystick, Epyx Speedking K-Start Selector . Keyboard, Miracle .... Kickback ROM Switch..... A Video 24 ......870.00 AD 1012 Digitizer 509.00 AMAS Version 2 99.99 AMAX II + 345.00 AdFlicker Free Video 2 239.00 AdSpeed ..179.00 Atonce + GVP 299.00 Black Burst Generator..... 219.00 Blizzard Board ...219.00 CD Rom Drive, Ext Chinon 545.00 Cable: DB25-50 Cent SCSI ..20.00 Cable: Dual SCSI Ribbon 16.95 Floptical Drive, Int 399.00 Floptical Drive, Ext 509.00 Floptical Drive, 3000 .449.00 Celebrate America with the US Flag Beetle Mouse. Many assorted color combinations are also available. Genlock. SuperGen 669.00 Genlock. SuperGen 2000S .1329.00 Harddrive, 52Q Bare ...249.00 Harddrive, 120Q Bare .399.00 Harddrive, 105Q Bare .379.00 Harddrive, 240Q Bare .709.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 52Q .488.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 120Q .639.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 240Q.899.00 Hi-Q Tower ......635.00 ...17.00 ...15.00 ...33.99 .369.00 ...39.99 ROCTEC Roc Lite Ext Floppy with built-in anti-virus and no-click Beige or Black....89.00 Roc Gen Plus 305.00 Roc Key 319.00 Roc Gen Plus with Roc Key 539.00 Roc Hard 52Q 500 ..419.00 RocHard IDE SCSI ..195.00 Internal Replacement Drives A2000 ..75.00 A500 ....78.00 Kitchen Sync .1599.00 MIDI, ECE ..52.00 MIDI. Eureka .....40.00 MIDI. Triple Play + .....165.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus.274.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Mouse, Wang ....24.99 MultiStart II Board (DKB) ...41.99 PC 286 Emulator .295.00 Personal TBC II .. 789.00 Personal V Scope ...... 789.00 Personal VDA ..125.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 Safe Skins .18.00 Scanner, Sharp 320 1190.00 Scanner Board, Sharp320.415.00 Scanner, Golden Image.....212.00 Scanner, MiGraph ......259.00 Switch Box, 4-Port .....49.00 Tape Drive. ABT 250 630.00 Tape Drive. Sidewinder.....616.99 Tower, Bomac .245.00 Video Director .139.00 Video Interface, VIP ...105.00 44MB (2000) S399 S499 88MB (2000) S559 S659 Package includes drive, cartridge, manual, and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable: external models include case & molded cable. We support what we sell!! Syquest Drive Packages Int Ext G A M E P R E S E R V E From j>. 12. Playbooks, blocked kicks, and even an end-zone celebration dance. After you wade through all the glitz, however, you’ll notice the game forgets the basics. Consider a few examples: I'd he totally absorbed in the action, twisting and bending my poor joystick unmercifully in the attempt to guide a running hack through a maze of tacklers, when a key blocker would just stand still or, even worse, run in the opposite direction. High-percentage passes into the flat are not completed most of the time, even if the computer makes the play, and I’ve seen more consistent pass catching by blindfolded players! The game is modeling professionals, right? The heart of JMF is its complex and comprehensive play calling. The game makes an honest effort to make the process as painless as possible, but 1 have gripes here, too. To begin a play, you must determine the set, formation, and play for offense and defense. Available options are scrolled in three windows, and you select each category with a series of precise joystick movements and firebutton presses. On offense, there are six possible pro sets, live formations for each set, six plays for each formation, and three audibles per team. Defense is just as complex. The window-choosing routine is also used to select which pass receiver is to catch the hall. This sounds reasonable until you realize that you, as quarterback, must scan the three windows as the play unfolds, determine who appears most open, and then use a precise joystick sequence to select a receiver. As the game switches back to full-screen, you must pick up the receiver and guide him lo the hall. The good news is that as you’re learning the game, you can allow the computer to control both the quarterback and the receiver selection. Unfortunately, that’s when the basic ineptness of the players becomes apparent. ? 1943 1495 Kill rg Cloud
19. 95 3 Sfoogcs 1495 Killing Game Show (Psyg)
19. 95 4 0 Sports Bacirg 21 95 King's Bounty
16. 95 4 0 Spols Dnvirg
21. 95 K’axx
16. 95 Advanced Destroyer Simulator 1695 Ihe Krystal
14. 95 Alpha Waves
9. 95 leatherneck
12. 95 Altered Beast
14. 95 Legend Of Faragahl
14. 95 Amazing Spiderman
16. 95 Line Of Rre
9. 95 Annies (Psygnosis) Arkonoid 2 1895
14. 95 Lords of the Rising Sun Magic Fly
18. 95
18. 95 Atomic Robo Kid 995 Mega Lo Mania
22. 95 Baal 13 95 Menace
16. 95 Ballgamo 16 95 Midnight Resistance
16. 95 Baflistyx 14 95 Midwinter
14. 95 Barbarian 2 1495 M:g 29 Fulcrum
19. 95 Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) 21 95 Monty Python
17. 95 Bard's la?c 3 21 95 Moonshine Racers
17. 95 Bat
16. 95
M. U.D.S. 16 95 Batman The Mov e 1695 NAM 1965-1975
16. 95 Battle Chess 18 95 Neu romancer 16 95 Battlesocadron 650 New Zealand Story
16. 95 Bionic Commando
14. 95 Night Hunter 650 Blades of Steel
6. 95 Night Shift
12. 95 Blasteroids 1495 Ninja Spirits 1455 Blockout
14. 95 Nitro
16. 95 Blood money 1495 North & South
14. 95 Blood wych
14. 95 Operation Harrier
16. 95 Blood wych Data Disk 1295 Operation Snowsirike
16. 95 Brat 1295 Operaion Thunderbolt
18. 95 Bngade Commande* 1695 Outrun Eurona 19 95 BSS Jare Scymour Spacewrecxed Bubble Bobble 1695 Pacmania
16. 95 16 95 Paperboy
16. 95 Budakon
18. 95 Pictionay
14. 95 Cabal
16. 95 PTFignte-
21. 55 Cadaver
24. 95 Populous
18. 95 California Games
16. 95 Populous World Editor 16,95 Captive
18. 95 Pro Tennis Tour
12. 95 Card tax
14. 95 Projectile
14. 95 Carrier Command
14. 95 Putty's Saga
12. 95 Carthage (Psygnosis) Centurion, Dcfenceroinome 19 95 OIX 12,95 2195 R B I. Baseball 2
21. 95 Championship Run
9. 95 Red Lightning (SSI)
18. 95 Chips Challenge
16. 95 Red Storm Rising
19. 95 Chuck Yeager 2.0
18. 95 Resolution 101 Hoverforce
14. 95 Collossus Chess X
16. 95 Rick Dangerous
14. 95 Conflict In Europe
14. 95 R0T0X 14 95 Conqueror
14. 95
R. V.F. Honda
14. 95 Crackdown
9. 95 Satan
9. 95 Craps Academy
16. 95 Savage 650 Cyberball 16 95 Shadow Of The Beast 18 95 Dark Spy re
14. 95 Shadow Warrior
16. 95 Days Of Thunder
16. 95 Shogun
16. 95 Demons Tomb
9. 95 Shoot Em’ Up Constr. Kit
19. 95 Deuteros
19. 95 Sir Fred 14 95 Disc Tron 1695 Ski Or Die
16. 95 Double Dragon 2 16 95 Sky Chase
14. 95 Double Dribble
6. 95 ShuRlepjck Cafe 14 95 Dragon Breed
14. 95 Silkworm
14. 95 Dragons ol Flame (SSI) 1895 Star Command (SSI) 18 95 Dra Wars (Interplay) 1895
9. 95 Startlight Starghder2
18. 95 16 95 F-16 Combat Pilot
16. 95 Storm ball 18 95 Fast Break 1495 Street Fighter 16 95 Final Command
16. 95 Street Rod
12. 95 Final Fghi
19. 95 Stride.- 1695 Fire & Brimstone 1495 Styx 14 95 Flight Of The Intruder 2495 Stunt Car Racer 16 95 Flinistones
16. £ Super C
6. 95 Flood 1895 Super Monaco GP 1995 Forgotlon Worlds
14. 95 Super Off-Road Racing
16. 95 Future Basketball 1695 Switchblade 16 95 Future Wars (Interplay)
18. 95 Sword 0! Sodan
9. 95 Gauntlet 2 14 95
T. V. Sports Basketball
18. 95 Gauntlet 3
19. 95
T. V. Sports Football
18. 95 Games Summer Edition
14. 95 The Immortal
18. 95 Games Winter Edition
14. 95 The Third Courier
9. 95 Germ Crazy 9 95 ThunderJaws 650 Ghouls and Ghosts 1695 Thunderstrike
14. 95 Gold ol Ihe Aztecs
17. 95 Toobin’ 14 95 Gold Runner 2 12 95 ToumamenlGolf
16. 95 Golden Axe 1895 Treasure Trap
16. 95 Grand Prix Circuit 1895 Trivial Pursuit- (No*)
16. 95 Gunship 1695 Turbo 650 Hard Driving 2
17. 95 Turrican 2
21. 95 Heart cf the Dragon 18 95 Tunnels Of Armageddon
9. 95 Hollywood Poker Hunt For Red October (Arcade)
16. 95 Typhoon Thompson Under Pressure
14. 95
12. 95
14. 95 Hunter 19 95 Unreal 935 Imperium
18. 95 Vaxxine
12. 95 Impossible Mission 2
14. 95 Viking Child
12. 95 Infestation
14. 95 Voodoo Knightmara 9-95 International Ice Hockey
17. 95 Wargame Construction Set
16. 95 Iron Lord
16. 95 Waterloo
14. 95 It Came From The Desert
18. 95 Welltris 9 95 It Came From The Desert 2 1695 White Death
21. 95 Ivanhoe 1695 Wings 1895 Jack Nicholas Greatest 1B 1495 Wings Of Fury 1895 James Bond: Stealth Affair 1895 Wolfpack 1895 James Pond
16. 95 World Class Leaderboard
14. 95 Jupiter Master Drive
14. 95 World Games
16. 95 Kee! The Thief
18. 95 Xybots
16. 95 Khalaan
19. 95 Zoetmpe 1995 Kid Gloves
14. 95 Aa 3r::~Bd i" Ps;«Stsct2 i: 300 DPI 00 SHIPPING . Mastercard & Visa SS OC For up to 3 pieces, by payment:
• C.O.D.(Cash Only) $ 10. Next day & second day air available! Cali lor prices on special shipping. Snipping limes no! Gjaranteed. 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (3Q5)-491-0398 MULTIPACKS SPORTING GOLD Includes: California Games Games Summer Edition Games Winter Edition All FOR $ 24.95 PHANTAS1E PACK Includes: Phanfesiel. Phantasio 3. QuBStron 2 ALL FOR$ 21.95 TNT Includes: Toobin*. Xybols, All Points Bulletin Hard Driving, Dragon Spirit ALL FOR$ 24.95 AIR SEA SUPREMACY Includes: Silent Service, Gunship, P-47 Triunderbolt, Wires, Carrier Command ALL FOR $ 49 95 AMIGA TEN 8TAR Includes: Clever 4 Smart. Eskimo Games. Triple X, Sty Blaster, Spin World. Power Sticks, Crystal Hammer. Final Mission. Little Dragon, and Vampire’s Empire BLOWOUt!ALL FOR $ 19.95 POWER HITS Includes: Shanghai. Wicked. Battle'ech, Fighter Bomber, Gee Bee Air Rally, Hacker 2, Tournament Golf, Ports of Call. Little Computer People, Spin Dizzy Worlds ALL FOR $ 49.95 MAX PACK Includes: S.W.I.V., Night Shilt, Tumcan?, St. Dragon ALLF0RS44.95 LIGHT FORCE Includes: R-Type, Voyager, International Karate Plus ALL FOR $ 21.95 HIGH ENERGY Includes: North and South, Hostages, Teenage Queen. Tin I in on the Moon. Fire and Forget ALL FOR$ 24.95 TOP LEAGUE Includes: Speed ball 2, F-16 Falcon, Midwinter, Rick Dange-ous 2,
T. V. Sports Football ALL FOR$ 49.95 POWER PACK Includes: Lombard Road Ralley. Bloodwych, Xenon 2,
T. V. Sports Football ALL FOR$ 24.95 NEW TITLES Risky Woods 37 Pushover 37 Floor 13 37 Deliverance 37 A pi diva 37 Hook 40 Sensible Soccer 37 Myth 37 Adams Family 37 Fire and Ice 37 Epic 45
W. W.F. Wrestling 37 Co ver Girt Strip Poker 37 Jaguar XJ220 37 Parasol Stars 37 EUROMAGS Amiga Format, C.U. Amiga, Amiga Games, Amiga Action, Amiga Computing, Zero, Amiga User International, Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS-SWoch Fax (305)-491-6134 Prics & Availability subject to change* No rafunrh ot exchanges. Defective products exchanged with same item U S productswanantied through manufKturcr. U K products ararrantied through Sideline From p. 72. This wasn't pure delinquency; if you make it, a jet of water wifi blast you up to the top level of the caves. Head right again, blowing your way through the door, and when you come to stairs leading up and left, take 'em. (Head left just for the fun of it; you're now on the right side of the broken span.) Heading right noting the dry spillway you'll find yourself earning code KcfJ and a view of your alien chum being tossed into a narrow chamber below you; he's trying to escape through the floor and not having an easy time of it. Maybe you could help from below, eh? Back down the stairs and to the right, you'll find a room with hanging chandeliers. Venturing about halfway down the screen will trigger the appearance of a guard. Drop to one knee and nail him, and, back at the screen's left side, shoot the biggest of three lamps. (If you go back to the upper level, you'll see your pal has vanished.) From the chandelier room, head right until you run into a guard who knocks you down and separates you from your pistol. CRIB NOTES When he grabs you, you can kick him...well, where it counts, OK? Speed is of the essence here: Get your gun as quickly as possible roll over it to collect it and don't waste time blasting him as you come up. Continuing right, you will find yourself in that least lovely of tactical situations: crossfire from guards left and right. You can't match firepower with them, so put up shields and concentrate on the right-hand guard, as this is the way you're heading. (You can also just bull your way right into the next screen to earn the code ICAH.) If you're successful, you'll find yourself looking across a pool. Water. Deep water. Hey, no one said anything about swimming. Next time, we'il wrap up Out of This World and start in on some of the tough spots in Ultima VI: The False Prophet. Meanwhile, if you need help with a game and no, getting the cellophane off the box is not a legitimate problem you can reach me at 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940, on Genie and Portal at PETEROO, on CompuServe as 74160,3053, and via Usenet at Pe- teroo@cup.portaf.com. We will spend the time you need to make an informed decision 160 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 BETWEEN LIBERTY ST & MAIDEN LANE OPEN 9-6, FRI 9-2:30. SUN 10-4 ‘15 Yrs. Ol Service to the Computing Community' fc W A rrr ORDERS: USA & CANADA I RI i lA 1 JL (800)537-4441 r'muDVm'D INF0; (212> S08'1391 309-2555 JWEJL U J. MlLm Jtm. Fax Us Your Order or Inquiry ESTABLISHED 1977 • SE HABLA ESPANOL (212) 962-4635 'Tour Video Toaster C CommodoreyLl (j,4 Headquarters” AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C=Commodore-DEALER ' FIRECRACKER 24 2 Meg. 24 Bit Graphics Hi Res, Works on 2500 Free Imagine 2.0 $ 829.00, DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 Bit Paint Millions of Colors S384.95 -S GVP-lmpactvision 24 16 7 Million Colors Flicker Eliminator Genlock Pip 3 D Modeler Framegraboer Video Tuler A2000 Adapie- _ . _ _ _ _ _ S49.95_$ 1869,QQ- KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNELTBC Broadcast Quality SI529,95 LTD. QTY. EPSON ES 300 C Full Color 24 Bit Scanner 600 DPI w ASDG Driver S1099.95
* ~ 1 GVP 040 POWER! For A30QQ SI979.95 ART DEPT. PRO V. 2.0 S149.95 Seoiember only j A3000 Call for Custom Configurations A2000 Call For Consultation A3000 TOWER IN STOCK ALL CONFIGURATIONS! SOFTWARE SOFTWARE NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 $ 2039.95! Final Copy 1,4 1 3 2
52. 95 Pagestream 2.2
168. 95 Art Dept Pro 2 0
149. 95 SAS Lattice Ver 5.1.
187. 95 Cahgan 2 ......
239. 00 AMAX II Plus
349. 95 DeskJel 500C Driver
39. 95 Imagine 2 0 ...
264. 95 Pixel 3D 2.0 ..
67. 00 Real 3D V-1-4
319. 00 Sculpt Ammate-4D...
299. 00 3D Professional......
195. 00 Broadcast Titler I.....
225. 00 Pro Video Post 197,00 Screenmaker . LOWEST Avideo 24 .... ... CALL Avideo 12 .... CALL Trexx Pro ..... LOWEST Toaster 2.0 Upgrade 279.95 Pro Page 3.0 .
165. 00 TBC’s & GENLOCKS DPS Personal TBC II 769,95 DPS TBC 230 ......
1499. 95 DPS Personal Vscope 749,95 Kitchen Sync (2 Chan). 1539.00 Iden TBC Card w TR7.
1049. 95 Prime Image TBC TCB ..CALL Hotronics AP41
949. 95 The Personal SFC
359. 95 Vs Progressive Per Mmigen. 184.95 Supergen 2000S Genlock 1369.95 Instructional Videos. Books CALL 1 st PrizeToasterFonts. 39.95 Masterpiece Fonts.... 158.50 j Kara Fonts Subheads,. 38.50 Kara Fonts Starfields. .34.50 Showmaker ... 239.95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 45.95 Kara Animfonts (1-3).... 29.50 Cinnamon Toast Fonts Vol I & II 64.50 Disney Animation Studio 78.00 The Director V 2 0 .....72.50 Fractal Pro ......49.95 Map Master (Imagine). 44.00 Scenery Animator 57.50 Scenery Animator Disk. 18.50 Video Scape 3D .....117.00 Visiapro 2 0 ... 84.95 ?Paint 4.1 ...... 105.95 Dr. T’s 3 5 Lev II KCS .229.95 Diskmaster II 39.95 Directory Opus ...... 37.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 207.95 PERIPHERALS DRIVES Syquest 44 Meg Int Drive 339.95 Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge .78.95 Syquesl 88 Meg Ini Drive .437.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge...... 109.00 Syquest Cleaning Kit .....24.55 Ext Box wI Power Supp y 109.95 3’ ?" Internal Floppy .... 67.95 3V?” A3000 Internal .84.95 3Y?" Rociite Drive ...68.95 31V Ext Air Drive ..79.95 Maxtor LXT213 SCSi ... 689.95 316 Rodec Internal Floppy 79.50 3Vi Rodec Super Slim Ext 84.95 Supra 500XP5ZMB HD w 512K. 529 95 Quant 52MB SCSi LPS HD ... 229.95 Quant 105MB SCSi LPS HD 376 00 Quant. 120MB SCSi LPS 439.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD .. 729.95 Maxtor 12 GiG ... 1899.95 Dataflyer 500 139.95 Dataliyer SCSi Controller ..83.00 We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! Amigavision Newest Version 89.95 A2320 Disp Enhancer (A2000) 209.95 Super Fax Modem w Software .349.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 LOWEST Microbotics VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrade STOCK All Computer Safeskins ....CALL Optical Mouse .. 48.95 Midi Controller (4 outs) ....49.95 Phantom Midi Controller 218.95 Microbotics 8upl Dip.2meg 169.95 Flicker Free Video II ..... 234.95 ICD All Products Available CALL CSA Rocket launcner ..... CALL Prog Peripherals A2000 26 Mhz 040 1568.00 ProRAM 54 MB Exp Card 3000 0K 358.00 Mercury A3QQQ lmagme 2.0 Bundle. 2099.00 DKB-Megacnip 2000 500 w Agnus .. 289.95 Multistart II .....49.95 DKB 2632 RAM Exp 112 4 Meg...439.95 IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL. Trumpcard 500 MCTA 4 184.95 Grandslam 500 .. 2B9.95 Grandslam 2000 ...... 232.00 Trumpcard Pro ...144.95 Trumpcard 500 AT 174.95
• 69030 A 69000 Shire Accelerator. SiSi A RAM
• Exp. Id 32 rag HAH
• Uses Industry Standard
* Built In Trumpcard Pro Simm VtCTOR E2E332I33S- ¦Snd v-m'O. MOIC WCCfUJ T» PRINTERS MONITORS Epson LQ 200 Printer .... 199.95 Epson LQ 570 Epson LQ 870 Canon BJ*300 ..... Panasonic 1124i..... Panasonic 1624 ..... Panasonic KXP 4410
259. 95
424. 95
419. 95
274. 95
324. 95
629. 95 Loop Tech. CT1458..CALL Commodore 1084S . LOWEST Commodore 1960 CALL Pan. CT-1382Y 234.95 Sony CPD 1304S .... 579.00 SonyCPD 1604S ... 999.95 Panasync 1381i ... 319.00 Nec MS 2A 369.95 Nec MS 4FG 729.95 Panasonic KXP 4450i .... 999.95 HP Desk Jet 500 C 699.95 HP Laser Jet III . 1469.95 Tristate is a full service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing AmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL A500 HD8+0 52Q-11 CALL DSS8 Sound Sludio .... CALL A500 HD8-0 120Q-11 . CALL Combo 030-25 1 0 .... CALL A500 HD8-0 240G-11 CALL Combo 030-40 4 CALL A500-PC 286 512 CALL Combo 030-40 4 120 ...... CALL AT Once + PC emulator...... CALL Combo 030-40 4 240 . CALL A2000 HC8+0MB . CALL G Force 030-50 4 . . CALL A200Q HC8+0MB 52Q-11... CALL Combo 030-50 4 120 CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 120Q-11 CALL Combo 030-50 4 240 ..... CALL A2000 HC8+0MB 240Q-11 CALL GVPA-530 . CALL A2000 RAM 8 0 . CAM Sim32-4MB 60 CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB) CALL S11 030 HD Disk Mt Kit.... CALL
* 59 ¦rvi ijniigJf COOs accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 A B Roll System (AG 1960) CALL Cuts Only System (AG 1960) CALL Toaster Control Module. CALL TSC-100 Industrial Hi8 CALI LX-100 ..... CALL Canon A1 Digital Kit CALL AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Perfect (or Toaster AG 7650 Built m TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG F700 Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS AG-1960 .....
939. 95 AG-450 SVHS w case ...
1249. 95 AG-460 2 chip SVHSw case 2899.95 AG-185U .. CALL AGW1 .
329. 95 AG-190U STOCK WV200 CLE .. CALL AG-7400 Port. SVHS ..... ... CALL AG-1730 ... SPECIAL CT-1382Y .
234. 95 AG-1260 4HD Ind. VCR. ..
259. 95 TOSHIBA AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7650 CANON ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Finally, a complete Amiga diagnostic analyzer composed of a hardware and software package that's sophisticated yet easy and quick to use. This will give the user: status of all data transmissions signals, the ability to test integrity of any disk drive, check all ports (one at a time), check buffer chips, alignment & joystick mouse. Also performs diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79 and other important tests. The user is automatically told what errors are found and the chip(s) responsible. Works on all Amigas and used by service centers worldwide..S79.95 DIAGNOSTICS The Final Test Diagnostic Program. Diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock, RAM test (both chip & fast) V? Bright, HAM, blitter, sprites, double buff animation. Mouse, disk read write. DF1 DF0 ..S15.95 Amiga Diagnostician. Diagnose up to 28 common problems. Comes with diagnostic software and booklet. Locate faulty chips yourself. This is the next best thing to an expensive service manual or your local Amiga repair center. Works on all Amigas......$ 17.95 LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET
• Super Denis 8373 Upgrade Utilize program scan modes. Super hi res mode. Comes with exclusive Super Denise diagnostic test & installation software programs ....S35.95
• 2.04 Operating System Kit Upgrade: Contains 2.04 ROM, 1200 page manual and diskettes (7 lb. Box)......S87.50
• Buy the 2.04 Kit from us @ $ 87.50 and as a bonus we ll give you the Super Denise 8373 for $ 31.80
• 2.04 ROM Only (NTSC PAL) without kit ....S39.95 8362 Den.se % Bright ...$ 21.95 8364 Paula ......,,.$ 18.95 8373 New Super Denise . $ 35.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 only $ 59.95 391155 -02 Gayle (A3000)..... $ 44.95 5719 Gary chip ... $ 12.95 852QA CIA chip Controls 12 maior functions $ 9.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM .$ 24.95 2 04 ROM only NTSC PAL (does not include kit) ..$ 39.95 2 04 Enhancer ROM Krt eAS213 Includes 4 floppy disks. 1.000 page operation manual & ROM (NTSC PALI .....$ 87.50 2 04 ROM Upgrade Kit 4AS314 for A3000 only .....$ 45.50 2 04 A2620 A2630 ROM Upgrade Kil ....$ 34.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems $ 9.95 NEED A ROM SWITCH? SEE OUR SwlTCH-lTT INFORMATION REJUVENATOR II A1000 UPGRADE Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM. Surpasses A2000 specs Contains 2MB Agnus. 8373 Super Denise, 2MB RAM. 1,3 ROM. '‘Final Test" diagnostic software and Amiga Diagnostician booklet .* ...$ 599.95 ELIAS 3000 MODULE EXPANDER (THE ULTIM ATE 2 MEG CHIP RAM UPGRADE BY MICROWORKS OF CANADA) Commodore recently developed a new, improved 2 meg Agnus chip to work with their new A500- and A6QQ. This chip (8375) is now available in the Elias 3000 plug-in module & provides the much needed 2 MB of CHIP RAM at low cost. Never run out of chip RAM again myour A500 2000 2500 Fully compatible w 2.04 & 8373 Super Denise. If you use desktop video. 3D rendering & animation, multimedia Of desktop publishing, etc., then you need the Elias 3000, We will even buy back your old 1 meg Agnus and stitl give you the newty designed Goliath chip puiler FREE. Comes complete with new 8375 2 meg Agnus, additional RAM & instructions (specify NTSC or PAL)$ 234.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8372A)-Comes with FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity). “Final Test" diskette (18 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step instructions ..S44.95 (Well beat any competitor's price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and puller.) AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A5Q0 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty. Contains 1.2 and ' z meg Agnus. PAL format is also avail. ...$ 99.95 Jt EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT (Revised ApriM 992) Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own, Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362,8370,8364, Chip Puller, Fuse, Schematic. Diagnostician Booklet and The Final Test Diskette. A S224.00 value for ..$ 99.50 (Above kit with 8373 Super Demse .....$ 109.95) MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Printer Pori Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC) $ 29.95 IBM 5V«" Alignment Syslem (Free Sprit) .. $ 29.95 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory & bard disk dragnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory. Locates defective chips & bad memory location .... $ 29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package... .... $ 28.50 PHOENIX BOARD A1QQ0 upgrade |ust released from Australia Withmg minutes transform your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches the specs ol the A3000. Eliminate compalability problems. The Phoenix is a complete replacement motherboard FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM; SCSI controller built in; true A2DOO video and expansion slot, easy solderless installation; uses all original A1QOO peripherals (Send for specs.) .. $ 785.00 WE SELL TO AMIGA DEALERS. SUPPLIERS AND SERVICE CENTERS ON 5 CONTINENTS. DEALER PRICING AVAILABLE DKB PRODUCTS A500 240 volt power supply (U.K. Eur.) Exact Amiga replacement .$ 82.50 A2000110 volt power supply (200 watt fan)..$ 129.50 A2000110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K)..$ 179.95 A3000 110 volt power supply .....$ 169.95 A500 internal floppy drive .$ 67.50 A2058 8 Mb Amiga RAM board $ 299.95 A2058 2 Mb Amiga RAM board ......$ 159.95 A501 Amiga 512K module RAM (CBM) $ 34.95 A2088 XT Amiga add on board kit $ 191.50 A500 keyboard (312502-01). Made by Conmodore. (Exact replacement) ..$ 54.50 British A500 keyboard (312502-12) .$ 59.95 A2000 keyboard ...S89.95 14C3 (14”) VGA CBM B W monitor. Just refurbished by Commodore. 90 day warranty.... $ 46.95 6570-036 A500 Keyboard chip ...S9.95
2. 01 ROM Chip only. For those multi-Amiga users who do lot need the full operating manual and diskettes, this is for you We now sell the latest version ol the 2.04 ROM chio at a fantastic price. Schools, businesses and multi- Amiga users should be pleased because of the big savings . ..$ 39.95 8520 CIA CHIP .....$ 9.95 (2 or more S9.00 each)
1. 3 Kickstart ROM .$ 24.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 15,95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 22.50 GVP G Force Combo 4 Megs, Comes with 68030 68882. SCSI controller and 4 megs. Limited quantity 40 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1079.00 50 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1439.00 GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 for above ...$ 214.95 LASER PRINTER MEMORY: All HP Series HPII, HO. IIP, III, HID, HIP and all Plus 2 meg 4 meg ..$ 104.50 5159.95 MEMORY EXPANSION 1x4 8C SC Zip for A3000 (Amiga approved brand) $ 19.95 1x1 SC . $ 3.85 4164 JO (used but guaranteed) ......$ .29 256x4 80 ...... $ 3.75 1x8 80 SIMM . $ 38.95 4x8 8C' SIMM .....$ 118.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....,..$ 15.95 Citizen 32K Primer Buffer Chip ....$ 22.50 Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) ..,$ 227.95 68000-3 Mhz $ 9.95 68881-16 Mhz .....$ 39.95 68882-20 Mhz .....$ 34.95 68882-25 Mhz .....$ 49.95 AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES A500 45 watt (heary duty) ...$ 67.50 200 Watt "Big Foot" A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with fan and external cabling for hard disks, etc An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e g. Prima) Works in all countries worldwide. ..... $ 83.95 A20Q3 110 volt P S (200 watts fan) ... S129.50 MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 Sizable Rebate on 1 Meg Agnus STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM II you use your Amiga lor Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need the MegAChip 2000- Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0, the ECS Demse chip, GVP's and Commodore’s 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000? Includes FREE Rockwell chip putier(a necessity), Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) and 2 meg Agnus chip installed and tested ... $ 288.50 MegAChip 2000 without 2 meg Agnus chip .....$ 228.50 Buy the MegAChip from us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) lor $ 31.50 Insider 11™ 1 5 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1 5 meg ol Fast RAM internally. User expandable m 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation No soldering required. Compatible with the KwikStart II and most processor accelerators .$ 176.50 With 1.5 meg . $ 218.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows A1000 owners to ins+all 1 3 and 2 0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 .. $ 59.95 MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM A sizable percenlage of present software will be incompatible wilh thii new 2.0. This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software. No eternal wires or switches raquired .42.50 BONUS
• Buy the MultiStart with 1 3 ROM upgrade mstaiied @ $ 62.50.
• Buy the MultiStart with 2 04 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 77.50.
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy Ihe MultiStart with 1 3 and 2 04 installed @ $ 99.95. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP IS THE OLDEST COMPUTER MAIL-ORDER COMPANY IN THE U.S. ESTABLISHED 19B0. ALL COMMODORE CHIPS PARTS AVAILABLE 3 Chestnut Street, Suftern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Line Only Customer Service Line: (914) 368*4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 B33 1-800-292-7445
a. i trademark} anfl iQQOt lo* iCD *hq D*8 ftft r-e-r rcvscc; companm and an.- i&t'y uttO *Q' ijfri ftcxbor jMpo*** Am-ja it a ragistetrt iiaati-arX of Ctyrnoaore Macrvpes Co'P I* K E S E R V E a u e Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP me ICD THE ICD ADVANTAGE DEFENSE WftSHINCTOM CHOOSE PlfiV Wx Tana TOTAL NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades. Inc allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.04 ROM from your keyboard or mouse Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or 2.04 ROM. Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in. No soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included $ 32.95 FANTASTIC BONUS:
• Buy the Switch-ltl with 1.3 ROM upgrade installed @ 549.95.
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.04 ROM upgrade installed @ $ 64.95.
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL: Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2.04 installed @ SP4.95. (1,200 page 2.04 manual diskettes add $ 49.95) EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS II your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of tne most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520A Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are: centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED, drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. (None of the above9 See our Amiga Diagnostician.) The 8520A is a simple plug in and will save you a lot ol repair costs and down time 40% or all broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s. No soldering ..59.95 (2 for $ 9.00 each) McCOY (PLCC) AGNUS CHIP PULLER This is an exact copy ol the Burndy chip extractor that Commodore sells lor $ 29.95 to its authorized service centefs. It is essential for removing the Agnus chip. Our price for this top professional tool .$ 14.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode lor flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhi-res mode for ultrasharp video titling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A500+ & A600 A3000.) Comes with Super Denise diagnostic and installation software programs. This chip is an absolute must with the 2.0 and is the latest of the Enhanced Chip Set (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) ..S35.95 AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility ... $ 97.50 AdSCSI 2080. Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM . $ 164.50 Each meg of memory add ..$ 38.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range .....$ 164.50 Flicker Free Video. Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer . $ 234.95 AdRAM 510. Just released for the new A500 PLUS. Take your Amiga 500 PLUS up to 2MB of fast RAM Includes RAM and battery $ 77.50 AdRAM 510+ for A500 PLUS (no ram) ..$ 29,95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs ol RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg .....S127.95 with 2 meg $ 159.95 Each additional meg of memory add ..S3B.95 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 ...597.50 Each meg of memory add .....$ 35.00 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) ....S117.50 IDE 40 (for 3.5” hard drive) (includes controller & cable) $ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuffle Board) ..$ 134.50 Novia 60t. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A500. Fils internally . S496.00 Novia 85) S599.00 Prima 52i. 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500.1000. 2000.... S399.95 Prima 105i .....$ 577.00 Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector SEND FOR OUR FREE CATALOG Witch 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 Lusome* Semce l9U| 368-4?42 Iriefratioral OrCe* Ufl* 357-2424 Fai (914) 357-6243 Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 _ *0d UPS Cnrg*i lo Ano.r John Madden Football lets you call the plays and execute them. Is anything missing? Yes, like the jets, Raiders, Colts, Lions, Cowboys, Saints, Cardinals, Buts, Seahawks, Chargers, and Brownies. At least the other 16 teams are available, not to mention the all-Madden team of all-stars. This wouldn't be too hard to swallow if you could somehow modify the teams and players, but you can’t. Pro Football is a very fast and complex game, and [MF attempts to simulate that excitement and complexity. Because there's no beginner or amateur modes, rookies will initially have a rough rime just completing a pass or generating a long run. Everything happens so fast, even on defense, that you’ll be hard-pressed to make correct or reasonable play selections. So until you become extremely proficient at manipulating the controls, recognizing formations, and selecting correct plays, you can forget about beating the computer. On the other hand, if you can square off against a human opponent, J IF does provide the best all-around football game yet for the Amiga. I ley, just imagine that those guvs in uniform are from die old World Football League. Pacific Islands The only thing really wrong with Team Yankee, Empire's splendid tank game, was that there were just five scenarios. That has been admirably remedied in the follow-up, for Pacific Islands (S49.95) has 25. ? SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson OWH TOGO V0«0 HftSHtHGTOH I 10 32 BUFFALO
* ¦1 UNIT 1 BUFFALO CHOOSE PLAY DOWN b. OUT E*IIi GAM i; I’ R i: S E R V E MORE SHORT TAKES Here, renegade Soviet communists, backed by North Korea, have invaded the atoll of Yama Yarna It's the same basic game system plugged into a larger environment, with more missions and new weapons and buildings. If you liked the first game, well, here's more of it. The sequence of missions is no longer linear, and you can now draw on a S55 million budget to buy your weapons and supplies. Happily, Team Yankee's main innovations the four-way, split-screen views and the pleasant mixture of polygon and bitmapped graphics remain intact. And there's not a tank out there that burns as cheerfully as a Pacific Island tank. Ork Nanu-nanu. I was ready to write off Ork (Psygnosis, 549.99} as another passionless exercise in arcade perfection. Boy, was I wrong. This is a fascinating platform adventure, with a Shadow of the Beast II feel (in the puzzles and graphics), Psygnosis's usual peerless parallax scrolling, and sprites that appear to have been carved from limestone. And there's a lot more to these five trials by fire than immediately meets the ear: jet-packs, item identification, a scanner to generate a local map, and so on. (It also comes with a hintbook.) The game played wonderfully on the A3000, but booted in PAL mode (with the screen- bottom inventory invisible) on the A500. Otherwise, good show. Super Space Invaders A deluxe edition of the hoary arcade classic. Super Space Invaders (Do- mark, 539.95) comes wrapped in animations, jazzy graphics, sound effects, and extra features. The trouble is that.,.well, it's still Space Invaders, the shoot-'em-up as conga line, and the delightful little game that launched a bazillion quarters seems overwhelmed by tinsel. Sure, it has end-of-level bosses, multiple alien configurations and more, but what's the point, please? Space Invaders's great asset was its mindless simplicity, and that's vanished. Someone at Domark should just have said "no" out of respect for history. Vikings: Fields of Conquest An overhaul of Kingdoms of England, Vikings: Fields of Conquest = Realism Entertainment, 559.95) keeps the brains of the original and leaves the archery tournaments and raiding parties locked up in the dungeon. Vikings is still pretty (its 64-color screens glow like watch fires), but the focus has changed. It's a pure rule-the-world strategy and resource-man- agement game the world being medieval England and its environs throwing food supply, mineral surveys, a raw-materiais market, sea travel, and recruitment of locals into the matrix . Those elements, combined with a regiment of bloody-minded computer opponents, make this essential stuff for those who would be king...or queen. Bravo Romeo Delta You have to hand it to Free Spirit: It hasn't tried to make the unthinkable palatable with animations and sound effects. A nuclear war game, Bravo Romeo Delta ($ 59.95) has crude eight-color screens, virtually no sonic enhancements, and a copiously footnoted manual that sometimes reads more like a textbook. The premise: Soviet forces launch a limited nuclear strike during a naval exercise, and your duty (as the finger on US or Soviet icons) is to keep a level head as you respond. The concept is a bit dated, but the game is quietly riveting and the lack of sound only reinforces the appropriate bunker mentality. I pulled out a narrow and sobering victory only 2.3 million dead. The Four Crystals of Trazere Apart from the silly name (in England it was simply called Legend), The Four Crystals of Trazere [Mindscape, S49.95) is quite good. It's equipped with a wonderfully creative spell-making system and lots of puzzle rooms that rely heavily on your ingenuity. Play is fast and fluid, animation in the isometric dungeon and fight sequences is superb, and while combat is a challenge to control, characters do a good job of staying out of each other's way. Quibbles: The puzzle element isn't quite prominent enough to conceal Trazere's identity as a find-the-keys hack-and-slash. Moreover, this is really just the European version with new title screens and an English-only manual, meaning that the PAL screens are pitched about a half-inch too low, making the bottom line on the screen next to unreadable. It also doesn't go on hard disk. (Boo-hiss.) SNOW JOB Break out your THE NEXT ROUND SKIS AND SLEDS FOR WINTER CHALLENGE ($ 54.95), A COLLECTION OF EIGHT WINTER SPORTS FROM ACCOIADE. Up TO TEN PLAYERS CAN COMPETE IN BOBSLED, LUGE, BIATHLON, SPEED SKATING. CROSSCOUNTRY SKIING, GIANT SLALOM, DOWNHILL RACES, AND SKI JUMPING. APRES-SKt HOT CHOCOLATE AND SPIRITS NOT INCLUDED.(RS 101.) TIGHT CONTROL Are you LONGING TO USE A PROPORTIONAL JOYSTICK'S MORE PRECISE, SMOOTHEH MOVEMENT AND TWO FIRE BUTTONS with your Amiga? Now you can, THANKS TO GEORGE RiBEIRO'S ADAPTOR CABLES, WHICH ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL PROPOffnONAL DRIVER-EQUIPPED GAMES WITH ANY IBM ANALOG JOYSTICK. Proportional controllers are CURRENTLY SUPPORTED BY MlCRO- Prose's F-19 Stealth Fighter, F-15 Strike Eagle II, Knights of the Sky, and World Circuit; Domark's MiG- 29 Fulcrum; Spectrum Holobyte's Flight of the Intruder; Jaeger Software's Fighter Duel; Electronic Arts' Birds of Prey; and Dynamix's A-10 Tank Killer Enhanced. Your game's driver determines WHICH OF THE SIX AVAILABLE CABLES YOU NEED (S13.95-S19.95), OR YOU CAN CHOOSE THE ALL-IN-ONE MODEL FOR S34.95. FOR MORE DETAILS ON SPECIFIC CABLES AND SHIPPING CHARGES, CONTACT GEORGE RlBEIRO (RS 102.) TRACKS AND TRACK Whether you prefer the race track or track-and-field events, Psygnosis wants to make your joystick jump. Red Zone (S49.99) puts you behind the handlebars of a fast- track RACING MOTORBIKE, SPEEDING AROUND THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS COURSES. TO HELP YOU REACH THE CHECKERED FLAG, IT INCLUDES PRACTICE AND REPLAY MODES. Carl Lewis Sports Challenge ($ 49.99) TESTS MUSCLES, NOT HORSEPOWER, IN FIVE EVENTS JAVELIN, HIGH JUMP, LONG JUMP, 400-METER HURDLES, AND 100-METER SPRINT. BEFORE YOU CAN COMPETE IN ELIMINATION HEATS AND THE MEDAL ROUND, HOWEVER, YOU (AND UP TO THREE OPPONENTS) MUST PLAN YOUR SQUAD'S TRAINING PROGRAMS, MONITOR THEIR PERFORMANCE, AND CHOOSE THE TOP FIVE CONTENDERS. (RS 103.) JOIN THE FUN Got a new GAME IN THE WORKS? TELL US ABOUT it. Send all the particulars to The Next Round, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ Productivity Proper Information and Order Lim Use Proper Grammar to detect and correct 95% of your writing errors. FinalCopy produces (he highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 35 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any
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638. 00 A500 HD8.0VB 2400 M Cl 00*7
399. 00
C. VI' A2000 IMI'AC 1 SI llll s | 1 II XRD CARDS A2COO-HCS-3V3 520II 93994 379 99 A2CQ0-HC3+0MB 120011 C10-059
509. 00 A2000-HC8+OV3 240Q Jl Cl 0065 B1900
3. 5'Entemai Drive 89275 9*95 DAI XI 1 XI K Si III 99062 139 95 DAT AM XI R 2IKH1 95058 79 95 SCSI II XRD DRIVES. 1" Hi«li Quantum 240MB, 3 5'. 16ms drive 55445 CALL Quantum 105MB, 35*. 17ns drive 97124 CALL DXTAI LXER RAM, 2.MIEXTE 99000 179 95 DAI XI IXFR RAM, IMIDTI 95091 259 95 DAI At 1 YFR RAM. 8MBYTI 99109 399 95 1MKX TE H » 00SIMMs 93693 39 99 Hll.l CX>T POWI R SUPTI X 92893 94 95 SUPKADRIV 1 '.(HIM' H ARD DKJX i s 52MByte with 1MB 95445
* 65 00 52MByte aci 2MB 96455 54 5 00 120MByte win 2MB 96643 665 00 2«MByte Alt 2M3 96653 909 09 SI PR XDRIVE MhiM' UPCRAIH s 5l2KEyte kit 97255 23 95 2MByte kit 97253 99 95 sL PR XDRTYE 2000 HARD DKIVFS. 52M3jie 97241 319 95 120MByte 95594
439. 00 240MByte 95704
809. 00 llll HARD DKIX 1 INI IIU XC 1 Ad IDE 44 94525 11995 WCIRnsXM SC S| IN 11 HI XC 1 WorcSync ntertaco 83673
99. 95 IDE & SCSI HARD DRIVES Qujnlum Pro IDI SJMBXTF 95*4 CALL Ivirsli'in Dig. IDE 85MIEYTE A59542 CALL CJUJMlum Pro IDI IflSMBYTI A96380 CALL Xveilcm Dig IDE 212M BYTE A57545 CALL Qu.mlum Pro SC S| '2MBYEI 97117 CALL Pro SL H IH5MBY 11 97124 CALL gujnlitm Pro si ‘¦I 24l) inx 11 98448 CALL MODEMS CAT PHONE PAR MAIL Cl 0989 CALL SUPRAMODEM 34011 55657 79 95 Modem Serai Cao'e A42447 1295 SUPRA MODEM 2400- 56678 11695 5LTRA MODEM 240071* 5565S 11999 SUPR A I AX MODI M EXTERN XI FAX Modem. V.32 971*9 239 95 FAX Modem, v 32C4 97154 309 95 AMIGA 1680 MODI M 79237 29 95 PI AIINL XI ONI INI 88486 39 95 34 55 59 95 24 99 239 99 89 95 549 CO 45 95 m i m moi si w p r> BOING’ MOL 51 IN I’AO ROC TI L AMU.A MOL SI llll IVIZ TABU I I I I XII IK AW |s» 1 Kiln |’| N 82037 shawm Ol OK sc NnfcK 9*335 mini iralk him'KRali 56094 3*074 9*089 95252 96*89 GVP ACCELERATOR BOARDS AMIGA is .i registered trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc., NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. ¦APO. FPO. AK, Hr, CN. VI, GU. Arid foreign orders are subject to additional shipping charges Cen-tcG30-2= 251 0 99133 6*9 CO Cc~5c03C-2525' 52 99147 749 CO CcT.bo93Q-2525;T >120 99152 929 00 ComboQ3Q-25 25,1v240 99161 1075 00 GIOIU E 030 KIM 11 600 Ml AC C II FRA tOllS Cc tc030-*C 40 4 0 99175 1049 00 Ccmto030*40 *0 * 52 97538 1399 00 CombpO30-40 40 4,'120 97545 1499 00 CcmtO'33C-*0404.2.:C 97553 1699 0-D
i. ltiRC 1 AUV silMHirvSOXli ACCELERATORS CurcoO30-50 504 9 97568 1:59 CO C0mbq030-5a504 52 97573 1769 00 Cc-“to03C-5C-5O *120 9758= 1839 03 ComboQ3O-5Q 5C'*240 97530 2049 00
f. -lC )RC E 040- :SMID 60(140 AC C TIER X 11 HIS G-Fcne3000-040282 99124 1979 00 CTORLI XCC1 1 LRATOR R AM L PC.R XDI s 3 Vbye. 60ns SIMM Cl 00 76 89 95 4MByte 60ra SIMM Cl 0089 239 95 1 Mbyte. 40ns SIMM C10092 219 95 SUPRA MEMORY & ACCELERATORS 1 SI PR VRAM 500 94794 4995 SC PR XRAM 5011 ItX with IMBvli- 500 RX .v 1 Mbyte 94016 124 95 IV Byte Upgrade K: 37312 64 95 SL PRARAM >00 RX isilh 2MP le 500 RX w 2VEyte 9*029 185 95 2MByte Upgrade KI 37273 99 95 SI PRARAM 2lHM> wtn 0MByte 83C49 109 95 with 2MByte 35663 165 95 wttfi *MByte eS69l 224 95 AMIGA ENHANCED CHIP SETS FAT AGNUS, 2.MHX TE Fat Ag-iLS 8372B. 27E.te 96564 79 85 Fat Agnus e372B MegAChip 2G0Q CI0013 269 00 IXT AC NX'S, 1MIIVTE 83553 59 95 SL IT R DEMSI 8373 98572 44 95 1 STANDARD CHIP SET REPLACEMENTS Dl Msl SK,2 995S5 24 95 PALI A S3*4 68537 24 95 GARY 5TD 96500 12 95 C I A 8 >20 A 99512 11 95 ROM 1.3 98524 2995 ADD IBM COMPATIBILITY POWI u PC HOARD 96620 26995 l c MODI'T 1 lor f.VP 97713 319 99 Atonic* PC XI EMULATOR A70756 31900 1 DATASTORAGE ' IV I 190 TAPI K ACM P Emmal Backup 94535 699 CO Interna! Backup 94572 629 CO sxgi LSI DRIVI S Eoll AMR .A i NIAi ¦‘.4MByte Internal Dnve A6C578 329 00 80MByte internal Dnve A67257
* 99 00 44MByte External Dnve A63425
* 29 95 88MByte External Dr.e A67222 599 96 44VB-yie Cartridge A6G503 79 95 86MByte Cartridge A62372 119 95 21 M RX TE 1 LOPTICAL DISK MR IXT Irte-na1 Fbptcal D've 96565
* 55 89 External Roetcal Dr.ve 93559 595 9? 20MByte Hectical D.s*ter,e 96150 15 95 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE ANIMTONTS I AMIGA INPUT DEVICES 965SB 29 95 AMMTONTS 2 96724 29 35 ANIMKONTS .1 55733 29.55 ART DEPT. I'ltcH LSSION.U 92135 178 95 Conversion K ‘ 92145 52.95 mm IILSI NESS CARD MAKER 96039 39 95 CALIGARI : 93047 259 95 COMIC SETTER 31S15 41 95 DESIGN VxtlKKS 9*439 75 95 THE DIRECTOR 93147 "8 95 COLD DISK IN PE Publisher Pad-. 9-3107 38 95 De»gr«r Pack 90067 3*95 Oeccai.ve Pack 90072 39 95 Video Pack 80C9H 39 95 HI nHNTS 1 56554 44 95 HLADI INES; 96563 42 55 IMAGINE 2-0 50155 269 00 INTROCAD 82105 29 95 MOVIE SETTER 6182* 41 95 OUT LINE TOMS 5*393 129 95 PACT EUPPER 1 X 51855 89 95 PAGE SE1 ILR 11 7?7?3 79 95 PAGESTREAM 2.2 C*t)S73 '59 55 PERFORMER 2-0 8C475 99 95 PIXEL 3D 5*257 £9 95 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 34) 8E1S4 CALL PROI LSSION AL DRAW 2.0 8**2* 11995 PROSCRIPT 8321* 3295 SAXON PUBLISHER L.l 94069
159. 99 SCU L PT 3-D XL 83-394 11995 SCULPT. AMM XTE |R £4365
99. 95 SCULPT ANIM ATE 4D.FRO 84376
319. 95 SOFTCLIPS C'assic 95492 4*95 Pecpie 563C3 44 55 Co er.es 95513
44. 95 Anmai 95527
44. 95 SPECTRA COLOR 94507 64 95 STARITELDS 955*5 34 95 SLBHFXDS 96573 42 95 ULTRA DESIGN 38329 99 99 VISTA PRO 94116
57. 95 Califcrva Scenery Dsk 94*27
48. 95 VISTA 1.2 93*66 37 95 7LMA FONT PACK 1-2-3 97513 59 35
7. UMA FONT PACK 4-5-h 97525 59 95 VIDEO FONTS Sans Sen' i 95740 54 95 Sans Sen1 2 95754 64 95 Deccrai.ve 1 95765 64 95 Dect-ratrte 2 95776 64 95 Ser.f i 95786 64 95 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA *20 X IDLO ADAPTER 79283 34 95 ( HROMAKI V 96554 31500 DC IV 91669 399 00 DIGIDROID 84797 59 95 DIGI VIIIV Ml 1 11 ASEATION 97387 169 95 1 I II M Rd III 1 VID10 2 94457 24999 1 1UECUACKI 11 24 97201 619 95 IMPACT VISION 24 l-npacl ViS’Cn 24 95867
1079. 00 Opbonal adapier 35577 £9 CO KITCHEN SYNC 9*365 1595 00 PERSONAE TBC 32322
799. 99 ROCGEN PI US Cl1650
299. 95 VIDEO TOAsTtk 211 Video Toaster 96598 2C99C0 Instruct cnai Video 94693 IS 95 X IDI O m 1 Mil R S5S05 995 00 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE Ho a b An Tate, v. 1 35608 22 95 Desktop Video, v 1 94726 22 55 Desktop Video, v 2 35510 19 55 T-e At ga Fn-re' 94713 22 95 At oa Gracriss 94720 22 95 Hot Bod Ycur Axga 34662
17. 95 The Muscat Amiga 947*3 22 95 Mdeo Toaster 91693 19 95 An rralijn Video, v 1 94575 1795 An Tenon Vrdec. V. 2 947C8 19 95 H story ol tne Amga 937*1 16 95 DELUXE PRINT' II 37137
51. 95 Dl 1 UYE PAINT IV 9*997
107. 95 DELUXE VIDEOS III 79452
99. 55 D1GI-PA1NT i 85822 5*.35 HYPERBOOK 94465
59. 93 PIXMATE 82034
37. 95 PRO X IDFO GOLD 8818-3 11599 VIDEO TOASTFR SOI TW.ARL LPGRADI to C10133 339 CO VIDEO DIRECTOR 96170 137 95 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-ALIC.N'MENT SYSTt M 6*834 29 95 AMI-B ACK >2.0 94057 44 55 AM IGADOS 2.04 A500.’A2000 £6335 89 95 A3O30 97707 34 95 ASSEMPRO £3323 6*95 B-A.D cc*?* e; 2-9=5 DISKMASTEH 8211* 29 95 DISKMASTI K II 95936 39 95 DOS-2-DOS 93*03
31. 95 1 L.XSHE.XCk 92953 45 95 IIOTI INKS CiK-eg 62 95 1-800-PRDPT-1 (1-800-776-6781) lowest Price guarantee WordPerfect 4.1 Dnicf IBM Compatibility for only Includes: * IBM-compatible Floppy Disk Drive
* 512K RAM
• MS-DOS software BRIDGEBOARD* By popping the Bridgeboard into an A2000 expansion slot you add IBM-compatible features to your Amiga while retaining all of the Amiga's advanced abilities. The board features an 8088 microprocessor. 512KByte RAM. A PC-XT BIOS, a 5.25“ 360KByte floppy drive, an external floppy drive connector, and a socket for a math coprocessor. These IBM-compatible features allow you to run thousands of MS-DOS software programs at the same time as you're running your Amiga applications. Bndgeboard XT 84706 179.95 Bridgeboard AT 84719 299.99 WORDPERFECT 4.1. A, We made a special purchase of Word Perfect 4.1 for the Amiga, and can offer the world's 1 wo'd processor to our customer at giant savings! This is the same package that usually sells for 50% to 100% more! In order to let as many of our customers take advantage of this limited quantity offer, we're limiting purchases to just one per customer Sug Retail 275.00 WordPerfect 4.1 01065
29. 99 98066
41. 95 94469
22. 95 90306
34. 95 93939 3V95 97799 29 95 97B15 16 95 973C8
16. 95 93399
24. 95 96016 2495 95SC5 24 95 95755
24. 35 93058
36. 95 91741 9 95
32. 99 29 95 5:955 95453 Cl 0723 67934 556*34 99C40 36 99 33 95 1599
29. 95
24. 95 STRATEGY GAMES Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount Charge AIR SUPPORT C11042 29 99 BATTLE CHESS 37568 29 95 less Ihan $ 19.99 $ 4.95 BATTLE CHESS II: Chinese Chew S20.00-S39.99 S5.95 BLACKJACK ACADEMY 94478 S3027 35 95
16. 95 S40.00-S74.99 $ 6.95 CHIP'S CHALLENGE 92881 29 95 S75.00-S99 99 $ 7.95 CLUE MASTER DETECTIVE 37413 17 95 S100.00-S149.99 S9.95 FACE5..TRISIIA 54911
14. 99 S150.00-S299.99 S10.95 MONOPOLY £4552
29. 95 S300.00-S499.00 S12.95 RISK £5889
29. 95 S500.00-S699.99 S 19.95 SIMCITY 82879
32. 35 S700.00-S999.99 $ 27.95 SIMCTTY TERRAIN EDITOR 87877 995 S1000 & Over 2.8% of Order STRATECO 95650 39 95 TETRIS 83835 26 95 IMAGEFTNDER 94257
41. 95 KICKBACK C11420 3S 99 MAVERICK V* 896C1
119. 95 PRO DATA RETRIEVE. 63910
124. 95 DISTANT SUNS AC 94599
49. 95 ELECTRIC THESAURUS 92126 34 95 EXCELLENCE 3.0 69330 104 99 GOLD DISK OFFICE 90052 1 39 95 THE KFS ACCOUNTANT 2.0 62594 189 95 KLNDWORDS 3 Cl 1351 74 99 MAXIPLAN 4 Cl 1379 124 99 PENPAL 64682 85 95 PROFESSIONAL CALC 96151 189 95 PROPER GRAMMAR. 94440 57,95 PROWRITE™ 3-2 66222 CALL PROVTDEO CG D C11391
111. 99 TEACHER'S TOOLKIT 96535 34 95 WORDPERFECT 4.1 93106 99 95 WORDPERFECT LIBRARY 93115 79 95 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE 1 SC A LA VIDEO STUDIO 94033 249 95 SCALA 500 HOME TTTLER 97001 119 95 THE ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 74 95 SHOWMAKER 94303 21995 AMIGAVISION 89661 99 9= AMIGA CLIPS, Vol. LrScrond Effects 91851 2495 AMIGA MUSIC AND SOUND 1 MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SYSTEM Miracle System 99026 31999 AD1012 94803 509 00 AMAS V.2J) inc udes MIDI ntedaie 85334 89 99 CD 5FEAKERS 9729C 34 95 THE COPYIST: A PRENTICE VERSION 90568 8995 DELUXE MUSIC 79419
19. 95 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 97302 84 99 SOUNDSCAPE V.L4 66341 79 95 PERFECT SOUND 34) 85370
69. 95 AUDIO MASTER ITT 79529 62 95 SONDC 73580
34. 95 ELVIRA 91114 34 95 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 93793 37 95 THE KILLING GAME SHOW £8064 26 95 LEMMINGS 92225 2795 OB ITUS 93676 34 95 OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS 96816
29. 95 Add-on d A* 95686 24 95 POWERMONGER 90757 3195 POWERMONGER CLUEBOOK : 92557 10 95 SPEED BALL 2 95524 2495 THUNDERSTRDCE 99110 24 95 WONDERLAND 92375 34 95 | ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS 4*D BOXING 99954 31 95 ABC”. W.W. of Sport* BOXING 95974 32 95 BO JACKSON BASEBALL 95989 29 95 CALIFORNIA GAMES 01841 13 95 95755 AMERICAN GLADIATORS I* i l1 C10730 24 95 94659 32 85 VUMOUU.I DIKJN 98979 29 99 K WENT I C11G55
29. 99 94669
29. 99 BEAST II: SHADOW DEEPENS 90435 34 9$ THE BIG DEAL 93934
39. 95 BIRDS OF PREY 95074 31 95 BLACK Cm l’T 96283 31 95 CADAVER 95534 24 95 CARTHAGE 9S985 29 95 CASTLES 94877 34 95 CONAN THE CIMMERIAN 95244 30 95 CONTINUUM 94857
29. 95 DAEMONSGATt 99037
39. 95 THE DARK HALF C11214 38 99 DEATH KNIGHTS of KRYNN 94156
31. 95 ORAGONSCAPE 09338 995 ELF 96266 34 95 ELVIRA II JAWS at CERBERUS 95347 41 95 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II 96309 39 95 FANTASTIC VOYAGE 53356 27 95 1 LIGHT OF THE INTRUDER 95146 34 55 GATEWAY lu the SAVAGE FRONTIER 977B7 32 95 GLOBAL EFFECT Cl 0760 32 95 THE GODFATHER 95643
30. 95 GOD5 C1115S
28. 99 CLY SPY 95427 29 59 HARPOON CHALLENGE I’AK 95117 5795 HARPOON BATTLESET *4 95102 27 95 HOVERrORCE 92330 30 55 HUMANS Cl 0770 26 95 IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II 61855 1395 KILLING CLOUD 95543 1495 KINGS QUEST IV 9546 T 34 95 KINGS QUEST V 95233 34 55 KNIGHTS of CRY STALLION 96137 36 95 LEANDER 95698
29. 99 LORD OF THE RINGS, VOL 1 94921
39. 95 MAGNETIC SCROLLS Collect. 96127 32 95 MANIAC MANSION 87115
39. 95 MILLENIUM 96050 26 95 MURDER 85913 29 95 MYTH C10005 IB 95 NINJA CAIDEN II 95813 35 95 ORK 95701 29 59 OVERLORD 92381 30 95 PAPERBOY 11 86253 25 95 I'l l TIGHTER 99001 2395 THE PERI Ecr GENERAL 93779 36 95 POPULOUS 86407 31 55 POPULOUS li 96271 33 95 POPULOUS WORLD EDITOR 95345 15 95 TOWERMONGER: VWVI 95062 1995 I'REHISTORIK 96243 29 95 PROPHECY 1 Viking Chtlch Cl 0749 26 95 RAILROAD TYCOON C1C805 34 95 REALMS C1CS1Q 26 99 RISE OF THE DRAGON 88768 36 99 ROBOCOP 3-D C10739 34 95 ROBOSPORT 98C35 36 95 ROTOX 95507 29 95 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 92597 37 95 SILENT SERVICE 11 98792
37. 95 SIMAN'T 98029
34. 95 SLEEPING CODS LIE 95753 29 99 SPACE ACE II: Borf's Revenge 9=473
36. 95 SPACEWRECKED 95556 22 85 STAR CONTROL 93314 30 95 STARFLIGHT 89H7 31 95 STARFLIGHT 2 95056 31 95 STARS I X C11015 39 95 SUPER SPACE INVADERS 95955 27 95 SWAP 92811 31 95 TENGEN ARCADE HITS C11147 26 99 THEME PARK MYSTERY 91281 1495 THIRD REICH Cl0755 29 95 THUNDERHAWK 961 CO
30. 95 ULTIMA VI: 1 a)*e Prophet 95042
30. 95 VIKINGS C10700 2495 VOLF1ED 93641 24 95 W IZARDRY: Cruvader', of the Dark Savant 97823 46 95 WOLi PACK C10106 1495 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE FAVORITE CHARACTERS THE AMAZING SFIDER-MAN 91324 1995 ARACHNOPHOBIA 93399 999 BILL & TEDS EXCELL. A DVT. 80049 29 95 DICK TRACY 93307 999 DUCKTALES: Quest for Gold 9149: 999 MARE RAISING It YVOC 96085 24 99 HILL STREET BLUES C10717 24 95 HOME ALONE 9543: 29 95 EAST NIN|A 3 95390 22 95 LEISURE SUIT LARKY 2. LOOKING FOR LOVE 95447 36 99 LEISURE SUIT LARKY 3: PASSIONATE PATTI MIGHT AND MAGIC III Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
99. 95 trump castle 84060
24. 95 TRUMP CASTLE II 96C20 29 95
15. 95 Mission Disk If 91367
19. 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II 33764 32 99 SHUTTLE 96126
32. 95 SUPER OFF ROAD 924C5
17. 95 THE DUEL: TEST DRIVE 11 37982
59. 99 TRACON II 92678
32. 95 SCRABBLE 84557
34. 95 WORLD ATLAS C1C925
39. 95 39 95 56800 Magnetic Drive • Mishawaka, IN 46545 • (219)259-7057 FAX (219)259-0300 • We gladly accept mail orders! * Prices and specifications subject to change. X1B Cirrle 77 on Reenter Rprvirp rarrl LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader Sendee Nu inbei 59 Aciiva, 18 Reader 95 Easyscriptl Software, 91 Reader 99 Micro R&D. 90 12 Atnigaman, 68-69 Sendee 185 Electronic Services, Int 1, 91 Setviee 1 S3 MicroMiga. 89 4 ASDG. 27 Number lt)() Fair'brothers Inc., 90 Number 65 New I lori ons Software. 9 * AmigaWoi Id 166 Foxy fee. 91 37 NewTek. Inc.. CIV Gel Animated. 92 18 GK.nic Information Services. 41 170 Northwest Public Domain. 91 Kuz a Video. 61 13 Go AMIGA, 62-63 24 Polaroid, 29 Educational Products, 84 154 Gold Disk, Inc., 1 62 Isvgnosis. 73 9 AmigaWorld tool Chest, 65 20 Grapevine Group. Inc., The. 78-79 1 1 Safe Harbor. 74-75 S5 Bare Bones Software, 90 67 Graphic Impressions, 89 4(1 SAS Institute, 31 30 Black Knight Peripherals, 36 1 Great Valiev Products. Inc.. 2 45 Sideline Software, 76 7 Briwall. 93. 95 1 Great Valiev Products. Inc.. 4 81 Smart sol i, 81 162 Centaur Software. 42-43 1 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 5 90 SMC Software Publishers. 89 9 Commodore Business Machines. 25 1 Great Valiev Products. Inc.. 7 88 Software 1 Int. 90 10 Computability. 56-57 1 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 11 48 Softwood, Inc., 19 10 C aiiiiputability. 59 1 Great Valley Products. Inc., 13 * Supra Corporation, GII 13 Creative Computers. 46-53 1 Great Valiev Products, Inc., 15 22 Feuex Computer Express, 82-83 14 Dev Ware. Inc.. 86-87 194 Hammond Photographic Sen ices. 91 70 FI.AS. 89 16 Digital Creations. 39 75 I XOVAt ionics. Inc.. Cl IX 71 Iri Stale Computer. 77 76 Digital Expressions, 90 47 J&C Computer Sen ice, 90 71 Unili Graphics, 89 156 Digital Images, 91 173 [&C Computer Service, 89 86 Msionsol't. 90 23 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 55 * Kasara Microsystems, 89 * Whitestone. 89 73 Digitek Software. 71 34 Manta, 67 176 Zippcnvarc. 91 95 Dubois Animation. 91 93 Memory World. 85 This index is provided as an addirional service. I he puhlisfici does not assume liability lor errors or omissions. ' I lii' advertiser prefers lo be coiiiai. Led directly. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices. Amiga World, 81) Elm St.. Peterborough, H 03458; telephone: 800-441 1403. Subscription problems or address changes: Write to AmigaWorld, Subscription Dept., DO Box 505, Ml, Morris, IL 0103 1-7001. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and yom current address to: AmigcWar d, 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, Nil 03458. VI I N.: Marv McCole, Customer Service Liaison. 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Amiga Intern will educate you on the internals of the Amiga 3000, the essentials of the 68030 processor and its environment, the new operation system Release 2.0 (Workbench 2.0 and kickstart 2.xx), and the Arexx programming language all in three easy-to-use sections. Amiga Intern also contains an extensive reference section on kickstart 2.xx. 1000 pages. Only $ 39,95 To order call 1 -800-824-5499 or 41 0-546-01 80 (outside the U.S.) Or send your payment to: AmigaWorld Magazine, PO Box 2151,Salisbury, MD 21802 For Shipping and 1 kindling, add S3.95 for Amiga Intern, $ 2.95 for any Fun School 4 product, or $ 4.95 for any 2 or more products. Maryland and California residents add appropriate taxes. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, Amiga Intern is a registered trademark «»f Abacus Books. Fun School 4 is a registered trademark ol F.iimpress Software. 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1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 25 MHZ.. $ 349.99 Excellent entry level accelerator can be upgraded by user.
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3) MMR 38 Special for the speed demon or true professional ...$ 599.99 38 MHZ CPU & 50 MHZ FPU 68882 allows SERIOUS productivity. All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only... You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD. CSA UPGRADES 32 Bit 512K SRAM allows copying of 1.3 or 2.0 ROM into 32 bit memory: 100ns $ 99.00 70ns $ 125.00 2 MEG Board $ 269.95 4 MEG Board $ 499.95 8 MEG Board $ 629.95 EXTRA SPECIALS 68882RC FN $ 79.95 68882RC 33 $ 99.95 68882RC 50 $ 149.95 68882FN 33 (PLCC) $ 149.95 MEMORY WORLD 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD VISA MC CHECK COD Other chips speeds available CALL mwm Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Library Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been Ihe official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are fam packed with only the best programs--no "one program per disk* here...compare this to our competitors-*p ease Almost all of our software is made and written in the USA for easy compatability with American machines. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced--requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS Cll. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software, ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! $ 4.95 ea. 5-11 Disk x*Special** Order 15 disks and pick any 4 disks of your choice! 'Anti- Virus is always free on all orders of 15 or more disks-
- a $ 20 value! V09: 24-Bil - Contains Rend2*i wh ch allows you to proof Toaster gone rated 24-bit animations. Also Contains utils to convert iFF's to IBM VGA Windows readable tormat Also contains latest release ol JPEG->IFF convener V08: CompuGraphlc Fonts - Contains 2 cliparfistyle fonts and 4 actual typefaces for use with WB2 04 and it's Fountain utility. Great lor desktop punishing and or video projects VO?: StarTrek Objects - Contains the USS Reliant. NCC-1701D (the Enterprise from Star Trek:TNG) and a Ferengi Marauder ship. Also contains a fully detailed Porsche 91 t and Apache Attack Helicopter. Imagine format. V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vector objects in Imagine format. These are perfect for use with V05 or your favcrrte 3D modelling program, fndudes Amiga 3000. Space station & many more1 V05: Modelling - Vertex allows you to create 3-D objects without using the abstract X. V and Z views. Loads Sculpt-3D 4D. Turbo Silver. Imag ne. Lightwave. GEO and Wavefront formats MagcTween will metamorpnasize any two pictures by automatically animate tho "in-between" frames. V04: Video 5 Anim - Video DB will catalog all ol your v-deotapes Slate is a sharp graphic ot a slate for your productions. CyroUtils splits, makes and g ves info about AniMs. RTAP lets you play large ANIMs on small memory machines V03: Image Utils ¦ let VideoTcolsOnTao let you tap into the video pawe' of your Amiga for fades, color and greybars as well as a plethora of other mae- spensable video (unctions TiileGen will do professional crawling titles. JPEG converts JPEG-> IFF with amazing compression ImageLab performs special effects on IFFs. V02: Stlllstore - Used to create the 'over the shoulder" graphic inserts ala the 11 00 news. V01: Graphics - Picbase will let you view arc tra:k ALL of ycur IFF pictures over ail of those floppies' Freepamt is a Deiuxe-Ramt vsorkai ke Agraph >s a powerful utility to produce snazzy graphs FD02: Intrepid • In the Arctic ice you control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly cratted Amiga ong onaL FDS1: SuperGames - Some of .'be best games- Donkey Kong is better than the origionat with an exfra fevef Frantic Freddie and TrailBlazer are both last-pased arcade games. Mao Bomber is the classic game ot "Kaboom" redone with an Amiga flare. AH of these games are excellent I FD80: Technoban - If you like logic puzzles, this disk is for you' Create your own puzzles with the built-in editor or play the many pre-made ones. Requires Fat Agnus (1MB of Cn p memory). FD79: Addams Family Quiz - They re delightfully creepy and spooky and now they’re in your Amiga! Classic digitized graphics and sound samples make this a real crowd-pleaser, Wait till you "talk with Cousin Ittr FD78: Potpourri - Lothian is a great Uitima-type adventure game with great graphics Rocky is a rema o ot the das c Bcuiderdash FD77: Arcade Series - Gaiaga'92 is a clone of the arcade game ot the same name w>th several gamoplay enhancements-with smooootn. Sharp graphics, it s better than the ongionatt Pharaohs Curse is a done of the onglonai C54 classic. D plomacy is a boautilully computerized version of the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or be conquered! Galaga requires 68020- FD76: Catacomb is a full graphic dungeon adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon mouse driven interface. FD75: Arcade Series - Descender is a clone of the dassic arcade game "Tempest"; complete with vectorized graphics Tanx i$ the classic battle of tra.ectones and inertia between two tanks incredibly wen done1 Search is a maze game unlike any other induded is a level editor too. (Tanx requires T meg chip memory=Fat Agnus) FD74: Arcade Series R ngWar is an “Outer Limits* clone with vectorizea graphics MotherLade Is a "Lode Runner'1 clone win 50 levels' In BmzTanks. They're coming at you from ail diroctionsl1 Call In air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive1 FD73: Arcade Series • Intruder Alert' is a MULTl-levei ’Berserk" clone Features smooth gamoplay. Great graphics & digitized souno fix. FD72: Sword of tho Warlock - This Is a demo version of a great public domain graphic dungeon adventure game. The adventure spans three ciskettes and allows rwo players to go adventuring The game has a Bares Tale' feel to it Three disk set. Counts as 2. Reqjres t meg cl RAM and 2 f'cpoy dnves cr HD. FD71A&0: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you think you know The Next Generation, huh? Complete with lantastic sampled sounds and digitized images, this game oven looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete1 Counts as 2 d sks FD70: SpaceGames • Contains AMIGAids, >fma !y1 an Asteroids game that New Disks DD79abcd: Amiga "C” Tutorial • This is Ihe mosl comprehensive C language Amiga orisntBd-set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible sat of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples on topic on Amiga programming. 4 disk set. Counts as 3. WB118: Amiga Beginner - You asked for if A tutorial for the beginner on using your Am gaf Covers the CLI and Workbench, it s great for learning about the Amiga. Also contains numerous beautiful 16-color icons for WB 2 0 WB117: Religion - Contains Schpture_Mom (aids in memorizing verses and passages) anc in Pauls Journey, you are Paul of Tarsus exploring the Mediterranean and preaching just as Paul did Req. I MB RAM. WB116: Databases • This is what you've been waiting tor Contains 5 uniquely specialized dtabase programs lor tracking Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Articles, Com»c Books and Trading Cards' WB115: Term If you have AmigaDQS 2 CM and a modem, then this is THE program tor you. Term totally con'orms to the User Interlace Style Guido tor
2. 04, has an Arexx part, and supports all popular file-fransfer protocols through XPR libraries. We wish ail programs were written to this caliber. WB114: Fonts *4 Contains 36 bitmap system fonts WB113: Sid II ¦ Why pay 40 bucks lor a directory utility, when th>s one will do it ail plus much more! A truly professional-caiiber program. Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. Sid 2 will undoubtedly astound you. WB112: Productivity Business - Sto:k Analysis allows automated cown- loacing of stock aata with full analysis capabilities (requires modem). SubStore will allow you to log magazines and articles with full search scan pnrt capabilities. WB111: Cellular Automa Straight from the pages of the January 1990 issue of Scientific American, this electronic model will allow you to simulate cellular circuits WB110: Electronic Baby Book Immortalize your children on your Amiga' Tracks everything about your newborn tirst steps, words, tooth, birthdays. X mas, Mends, etc even space for a digitized photo! WB109: VerseWlse ¦ Display, search and output The New Testament to text flies or youf printer. DD86: The Programmer • Includes GadTools and REQToo s which will anew you to create your user interlaces and then the program will automatically generate "C" source code or Assembiy-code-saving you countless hours of work* Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOS2.04 DD95: AnalytlRIM - Tis Incred bfe program Is a combination cf a powerful spreadsheet ard a Relational Information Manager (database). No: for tho ta.nt of neart. This is a neavy-duty package' Req. 1 MB RAM DD84: Proteus BBS • This disk contains the full blown version ol the PrO'&uS BBS software. Totally configurable fi ullimately powerful Requires a hard drive, Araxx and at leas: a meg o! Memory. ODB3: IBM Not one, Bui TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS DOS scttware with Amiga p-ograms" Comes complete w.th programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 720K IBM compatabie drives ODS2: Uni* • Contains a working demo of Mimx ¦ a Unix workaiike. Mini* is sysfem call compatabie with V7 of Unix takes advantage ot the Amiga totaly contigurabi© with great sound and grpahqs In Cosmosfiucfion the object of the game is for each Cosmostruct'On team to acquire the most points whito consfiuction energy duels between the space stat on and planetoids FD69: MindGames * Had enough ot shoot em up games? Relax and let those 2f games exercise your mind instead ot your wrist FD68: Potpourri - Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation of the Roman Emp re includ ng military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors. Lord of Hosts is a board strategy game for 2 players In Moonshine, you ve got to get the hootch across the state line a great roiling, scrolling driving game! FD67: Arcade includes Uamatron a well-done Robctron' clone Hate is a "terrific" commercial grade Za**on clone with multiple levels, worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling., a tQ1 FD64: Games - Wizzy's Quest - a "great" 50 level game with great graphics, Cubus - a 3-dmensional Tetris type game (rotate and move m 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esque game: 5 screens anc 3 levels ot difficulty. Requires Fat Agnus jf Meg ol Chip) FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation. Requires 1 megabyte ot memory Special Product! OTT: The A64 Package • A very complete Commodore 64 emulator, Supports any CPU and is fully compatabie with Wbl.3 & 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga lor total emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 • including hardware. Fun Disks FD5: Tactical Games - EuliRun - a Civil war batt e game, Metro you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will load to disaster and tinarcral ruin. Very very habit forming. F06: GAMES! This disk is chock full ol games including; Checkers. Clue, Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard - An enhanced version q! Risk. RushHour - Surprisingly addicting and SoaceWat - Best described as a crc beween Combat Tanks ard asteroids FC7: Pacman This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMans7. MazMan and 2omx FD9; Moria This has great graphc controls. Mutip:e spells.’ similar to Larn and Hack. Ptay time several weeks! FD10: HackLite • A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-nave classic. This is the second re’ease ol this game on the Amiga. Great graphic interface Play time several weeks' Fdil: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vogas Craps * The pest Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty-Ono.VideoPQker and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is oy tar the best Star Trek game ever wntfon tor any computer It featuros mouse control, good graph ics dig.tized sound elfects and greal gamepiay Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1 Vo and rwo dnves (or hd) FDI3: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FDI4: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells, item location, ard hints and more, also on inis disk, Hoall - an arkanoxlbreakoj! Type game. Tnx - a Qix type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the yomger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games MochForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat berveen rwo cr more giant, robot-like machmes Simple words can't begn to give you the fee! Of piloting a 30 40 toot tali, tiro breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD:!6:Arcade Gamos Marble slide is a commercial quality game similar to a Lucas game named P peDroams, excellent playability and entertainment Mu'ants a small version of the same arcade game SuperBreakout is a Porg Arkanoics type game. FD?7: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes, Raceorama a great racing car game with ten diffe'ent courses. MiniBlast a helicopter gunship type cone. Shark in the sane class as froger. And Sbreakoul the ong na! Breakout with mo-e. FD*9: Shoot'em up's ¦ WWH - you're the pilot of a VVWfl p'ane flymg through enemy territory, you ve just been spotted, good luck on you mrss-on, SpKilier - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaliator ¦ another great game. FD21: Games! ¦ Air Traffic Control - a good ATC s mutation B!ack Jack Lab ¦ a fu l featured set of carq games. ChessTel - play chess with your friend in dstint and remote places with this game .and a modem, labyrnth - a well dona text adventure game (like an infoccm game), and MouSdTrap • a 3d maze game FD22: Flight Simulator ¦ An instrument flight simulator for a DclC. FD33: Arcade Games ¦ Ffreddy a Mario Brothers type o‘ game. Gerdts a target practice game. PipeLme a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Iron a light cycles version, and Wetroids a wonderful version ot asteroics with a hilarious twist. FD35: Omega (v 1.3) ¦ A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and mona. This version is considerably taster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks FD37A£0:Tactlcal Games Empire (2.2wj This great game comes nighty recommended W-th a full graphic front end FD33: Games Cribbage Masier A great cnbbago game and tutor, Spades ¦ a well done card came. ChmeseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz ¦ a slide piece puzzle game and construction set FD33A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation - This s a, completely different verson ot Star Trek than that found on FD12 This one was created by ihe German author Tobias. Now with English instructions Excellent1" Counts as Two disks. Requires 5l2k FD4-1: Game - Mechfight is an cut ol this world role-playing adventure ccm- paraoie to hack and mona. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations, in your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys ol their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robo s and alien life torms. Pick up a now Amiga 9000. Most ol all don t forget to slay alive... FD49:Chsos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set tor Chaos Strikes Back, including *uil maps, spells, object local ons. Super characters and more FD50: Submarine Game ¦ Sealanco one and a half years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quality, highly recommended. FD52: Classics Games - PetersQuest a well done Mano Drainers type ol game, jymbc a two player missile command clone, ana Vstank a tank com- mancer game. FD53: Great Arcade ¦ On this disk is a wonderful implementation ol the ever poou ar dassic arcade game Defender. A'so contain Air Race a VWVtl flying ace arcade game, and Psycoolas: new creation idea game FD5t: Arcade Includes SoaceWar HueyRaid is a well done helicopter arcaco game. PowerPong s a gtoat expanded pong game. FD57: Arcade Games ¦ Includes 2 truly commercial quality games. MegaBall. An Arkanoq ish game, foaiures 5 muslca scores multiple levels and adapting gamoplay Gravity Attack is a psychadeiiic top through several different worlcs eacn a strictly different. FD58: GAMES! Includes Steinschlag. A great Tefns done horn Germany with nuslc Scombat; simulate battle between up to 40 players & monsters. Impenum Romanum: Battle up to 4 players for control of the Mediterranean in this R.sk-esque game FDS9 Game Potpourri - Xenon III is an almost exact done ot the commercial game of the same name., a great shooiemup. Crossword will take lists of word; & automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compatabie printer, FD60 Games ¦ in Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations intederorv. A great Dr. Mano clone Enigma; is it a gameor a puzzle’ FD6J Games ¦ Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Klee, an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2 player kill or bokillod game YATC. A Tetris done with Amfical Intelligence Gonosis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds. WB4:Telecommumnication • This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily. Access (1 42) • A very nice ANSI term program. Comm (1.34) ¦ Latest version of one ol the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2.12a) Handshake «s a Full featured VT52 100 102220 WB5; Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are live PageSfieam fonts.and ShowFont a font display piogram. WBG: Fonts 2 ShowFonf;4,0) This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font Large AmgaDos system fonts (nany up to 56pts). WB7; Clip Art - This disk Is loaded with black and white clip art. Art ¦ncludes. Trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more. WB9: Icons - Truly a multitude ol various types and Kinds Also includes iconM ester. IconLab. And others great utilities to help generate icons. WB10: Virus Killers ¦ The latest and Pest VirusX(4.0), Kv(2.l), and ZeroViTJS III. WBH Business • Cferki4.0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program tor ihe small to medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end ol month and uch more, WB12 Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everythng including making disk labc's. Disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and Me recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts of file manipulation. A Workbench Disks ea. = S J Enter disk. ID (Example. DD79r FD57, WB105) (Caulogdbk comes With a coupon for a ftvedisk with vournext order) ! Anti-Virus ($ 19.95) = S_ ! - KAO Blank Disks =$ _ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = S_ Foreign Shipping = $ _ Handling = S 3.00 Total Due = $ _ CCS Exp ] Payment enclosed Please charge my. ] Visa ] Mastercard j Discover Following day shipping in most casts. No shipping charges within USA. Canada add S.25 each. Foreign add S.50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds only. A minimum of S20.00 required on all credit card orders. I Signature l Name _ j Address ST Zip I City_ [Phone (. Dev Ware, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-AW30, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 ' Fax (619) 679-2887 Mostra ¦ the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFFs including Dynamic HAM. And Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything. WB33:Clrcult Board Design * severa! Terrific routines (or the electronic enthusiast. Inducting PCBtool ¦ a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26) a well done new release ot this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components lor insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will require moderate Knowledge of a Cll or Shell lor setup, Chatter Box - this one will ptey any user defined sound alter any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...), Anm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper - help program to make learning the Cll easier, and morel WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracing programs 3d Fonts - Full vector tom set tor use with 3d programs. FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system tont, Make3DShape • create 3d shapes from any image. DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d - a demo program ot a front end tor use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics ¦ On this disk are several programs to create Stunning graphical images including. Mpalh - creates swtrllng gaia*y images. Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose, SunGen - display those spectacular images as part ot your workbench screen, and RayShade ¦ a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this onel WB37: Educational ¦ Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books Ages 6 -15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is the most powerful lull featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured, TesseEalor • a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures, I m I • ; WB40; Music • 'CD on a disk". 90 minutes cl modern music on this well presented collection Requires 2 drives or HD WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker Out better. Very powerful easy to use program Version 3 20, wh ch iscompatab’e with W82.0-5 WB43: Business - Th«s disk contains AnaiybCaic - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercal package Requires 1.2 ME of memory1 WB46: Clip Art HighRes dip an with the following mo: fs - embellishments (borders, dodads ....), people, arc transportation WB47: Clip Art - KghReS d p art With the following motifs - hair, drafting, summer animals and madood WB48: Clip Art - H ghRes dip art with the following motifs - Holidays. Music, medical, and mbc WB49ABC:Animation Sampler - On this three cfcsk sampler set (counts as two d*&ks) am some ol the best animations that have been created over the last three years Several examples ol 'Movie' type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (cooiroby. Water spigot and egg). Also several european style or 'Demo' animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akriight. Copersme. Doc. Dps20T0. Impact, and logode- mo). These truly shew off the creative ecge of an Amiga' WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or 'Demos', mclud-ng - scientific 451. Subway (a U.S. entrant, also our favonte). Sunnde. Thrstdemo, Slight. Waves, and woow. WB53: Graphics Raytraorg programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes rockets, buildings..., and surreal images often consisting ol highly polshed spheres and objects. C-Light is the most powerful EASY- TO-USE ol its kind we have seen to date This is easily better, ard more lull featured, than smtiar commercial programs costing in the hundreds d dollars. Also, sMovie ¦ a lull featured video text titler similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Tiller, Great video scrolling, wipes, special ettecls, and more. WB54: Printing - This disk contains several routines to help with the chore o! Printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer (or the PD1 PnntStudio ¦a well implemented all-purpose pnnter-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, bla - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more WB55: Application - Xcopyiii - a lull featured disk copier, make backups ol copy protected disks. RcadRoute • find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like "Dougy Howard M D'. Cat • a calendar program. Magman - a database taiored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57; Animation • This disk has several "Demo' style animations, must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - ever 70 different drivers, and it these don't do it. With PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project'time management program and financial analysis (stocks}. WB16: Business ¦ This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan aratysis program, a great ea'endar scheduler, a roiodex program, and pennywise a good ‘Cash Book' accounting for home or odice. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the oest editors, includes.TexfPius (v2 2e) a full featured word processor. Dme(v1.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2S) an enhanced Emacs typo editor, and a spell checker. WB22: Fonts 3 ¦ Several more great fonts These, like the other font d*sks work great with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional matnenv. Cat function potter. Can plot any user defined function. BezSurt2 - produce awesome pictures ot objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and vScreer. - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP1 WB25:Educat!onal • On this disk are two programs that can generate maps ot differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps ot any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration ot Albert Einstein Genera! Theory ot Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 • MrBackup, KwxkBackup - two well done utilities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups. FiieMast • a binary file editor. LaOeiprmter • Disk label printer with very powerful features. WB27: Nagol - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. WB29; Graphics and Sound ¦ This C>sk has severa) different Mardeibrot type programs tor generating stunning graphics. Induces. MandeiMountains
- a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractals Irom user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast nandelbrot generators, also KAO 31'1" Blank Diskettes DSDD 10 for $ 9.20 (.92 cents ea) 25 for $ 21.25 (.85 cents ea) 50 for $ 38.50 (.77 cents ea) 100 for $ 72.00 (.72 cents ea) No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders. Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, oilier forctsn add S.50 each. Including. Blitter, Lolly. Sunb. Vertigo, vortex, and xonmorph, WB61: Intermediate Utilities - Includes programs to help to drashcaiy decrease ti cker in interlace and hi-res modes (amitlick). An Atari st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or ocilloscope, ana more. WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a m>di sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi info, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 ¦ Several highly recommended programs to ad in removing duplicate tiles Irom your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, tile recovery, dsk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of conupt d'Sks WB66: Icons 2- Lot's at neat icors Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and inio structures WB68:Music Utilities several good utilities lor the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes. Noisetracker - a great music creation program, Sonix2MOD - convens sonix to mod files which tnen can be used Dy noisetracker, sound- traker. And MED. SpeakerSim - a speaker design tool cemo, Wonoersounc is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls WB69: Music • This disk has over 90 minutes ci classical and modem electronic music for you Amiga. WB70: De3k Top Pub - Aicp ¦ transfer Macintosh screen lonts, Mac or IBM format AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric lifes With this program, open the door io the libraries of Adobe and PostScript fonts* Calendar - month templates in PageStream torm Post - a full featured postscript file d,splay and print utility. WB75: Music • Over 100 instruments files ( instl and sample sound files ( SS) lor your music programs. WB76; Applications - This cLsk contains Slchery - a often requested knitting design program, Lotto - a rathe' complete lottery trackirg and prediction utility. SSS - this screen caoture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today • a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker, WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Induces Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCaic - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates Irom the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage witn this mileage log, Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what time it is In up to 50 gioba' cities. WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database program. Don t let the ease ol use fool you, this is a very lull featured database program including lull printer control lot address labels and mail merge applications. Also indudes. TypeTuf a good typing tutor. RlC a full featured label printer, Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. « WB82: Animations - Four full length, well done ‘movie' style animations. Including. Coyote. Juggler!!. GhostPool, & Mechanic 2 disks, counts as 1. WB83: Computer Art - this d sk has some of the best Amiga generated computer ad that we have collected in the past 5 years. WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs tor manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nee HI Image processing packago. WB86: Cerrturfnn Press - An electronic newspaper ¦ requires AmlgnVlsion WB88ABC: The Complete Bible • A three disk set, with the entire texi ol the New Testament and Old Testament King James version. A great uilllty. Three dsk set. Counts as three. WB9Q: Rippers, Strippers and Beats - For the Arnign musfe enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your lavorite games and programs. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk requires some knowledge of the Cll WB93: Workbench Extras 2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga: VirusX4 0. Snap. FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard). Machlli (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel. Macro, clock utility), GOMF (a guru- buster)and PnntStudio, WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 • This is definitely commercial grade; we ve seen many checnbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Fuli budgeting, transaction recording and report generation. WB96: Dupers ¦ Contains Xcopylli 3, Nib which will backup copy protected programs FreeCopy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out last AmgaDOS cop es. WB98: Business - Includes Bbasell a n ee, powerfe! Database: BizCalc a personal or mortgage loan calculator with amortization capabilities. Loop a flowchart maker, Formmaker - design professional forms on your Epson LQ- 2500 cprnpaiibfe printer. WB99; Lifestyles - induces Agene family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages etc. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom, experiment wlh pattern des-gr In an instant feedback environment. WB101: Chemesthetlcs ¦ is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model This kind ot display cortlairts a certain esthetic attitude, even ertremely poisonous moiecufee like nicotine and diqxlne look quHemce W8t02: Telecommunications - Contains the programs Ncomm 2 0 ard VT100-29E Zmodem protocols. Xptt protocol support, fuff VtiOO emulation. Nccmn's script language is so powerful it comes with a script file that creates a full-team rag BBS system, WB103: Music - Contains 12 ‘great* Sounatracker MED music MODules.. complete with programmable shuttle player..6 bit audio never sounded so hot1 Two d sk set counts as two WB1Q4: GrabBag - Q&A Tnvia (requires AmgaVision) is a trivia game lor 1 2 players add your own questions to customize the difficulty level! Sysmfo is great for felling you how fast'Slow your computer is, whal boards are installed, chipsets, etc AmsGazer wifi plot stars m the heaven from any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constellation identification WB106: Home Manager - This >s a great all-m-orte address book with an aufocfialer. Notepad to-do list appointment scheduler, home inventory Tplease send me the following disks: DD45: AREXX Programs - This disk contains several useful arexx programs nnd examplos. PopCLI4 - The latest ol a must have utriity. DD47: Pascal ¦ This disk confams everything needed lo program in Pascal. Includes, A88K(t.2) 68000 assembler, Bhnk linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler. DD4B: C Compiler • contains zc(l.Oi) fully K&R, zcc(i.O) Iront end, A68k(1.2) assembler. Blink linker DD5Q: Arexx 2 a must have set o! Tutorials on Aroxx and several useful examples and ullfltfes for Arexx development. DD51; Circuit Analysis * Aspice (2.3) A lull feaured program lor electric circuit analyse DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with all of the best file compression programs and aids tor the Amiga Many of the programs can be used by the now user. Includes Arc. Lharc. Lhwarp. Pkax. PowerPacker a must have by all. Zip, Warp, and Zoo, Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression lor IFF files. DD55: ARP On this disk you will find the complete ArpRcl3.0 release Including the full user does, tne full Developers guide. ARP is the olticiai ArmgaDOS Resource Pro|oct (ARP) release 1.3 ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDQS and makes your Cll more powerful DD57: Advanced Utilities Msh - tike Cross dos. Copies files to and from MS-DOS. Pal NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several boosts for your startup-sequence. Plus 25 more programs. ?D62: Basic and Xscheme Cursor * a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and (text - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers. And Xscheme • 8n Interpreted object oriented language, DD66: Programming ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most tor C some tor basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spniemakerJooSba*. Io greatly fHd compiling convert Dpalnt brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and mary more wondertu' time savers' DD59:Advanccd Utilities • SerNet and ParNei - Connect two Amiga's ana share resources, MemMonitor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved, Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD71 A&B:C Compiler ¦ This disk contains DICE Matthew Dillon s full featured. Powerful C compile- and environment system 2 Disks, counts as 2, DD72: VT Emulators Contains three powerful full featured VT emulators, with many advanced features including KermrL Xmodem and Tektronix protocols. VaxTerm, VLT. And more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured Fortran?? Development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 55000 assembler. DD78: Monua & System Enhancements - Se eral programs to ad in launching programs from special icons, adding WorkBench menus and more Also contains many useful programs lo determine operation system configuration, momory usage, load and many o'.her important utilizations. Dealer inquiries and submissions welcome. ___ I |Too! Manager - a wonderful utility to add programs to your TOOL meuu.j I create a collection of icons on the workbench to easily launch frequently j I used programs...and much more! A nut must have utility of ourt I Amiga* rely on this utility. (Sec the review in AmigaVorld-May '92)1 J Virus Checker - Full virus protection can be yours by simply dropping ill is | I icon m your WBStanup drawer. J itttgrader - gives y ou tools to in to make non-2.0 happy program* warfctj I Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show All" todixp ay over 40 distinct icons! I for different types of files [text, IFF*, source codes, libraries, etc)! | Foul Editor Create edit bitmap fonts with full color suppv>ri!j I Screen HI.inkers - ulu fractals ami spUtiers and ‘.vanning bees! No morcj [boring black screen. Colorful, ini ere sting and highly hypnotic cflects![ I Requester Enhancers - no more 'talc 'Please Insen Volume* requesters-[
• these arc animated requesters fot all of the system's requesters.• JcPUBlil - speeds up text displays for owners of (iKOjO-t- CPLt'j.J I SafcKcbnnt - adds a safe way la reboot your computer..xan greatly reduce j (disk validation errors i I TWO DISK SET. COUNTS AS TWO I I I database and phone number dialer. WB107A&B: Educational Drawmap is a program that generates representations sucn as hemispherical views and orbital views ol the Earth's su'- laco. Complete with national boundaries. Screens can be printed or saved to disk as standard IFF tiles. Full user-configurable online help facility. 68020* version included 2 disk set. Counts as 1 f WB 108: OctaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities Irom 4 channels io an ear-popping 8 channels I All the renound editing capabilities of MED plus 4 more channels! II you thought your Amiga sounded good before,you aint heard nuthin' yeti Dev Disks that arc available in Wpribntch 2.0, Total disks r_WB f05A&B r WorkbeneV:2.0 Extras 2 " iThis m:i centum* ihc programs that should have been included with WB2.0.1 llTicw powerful utilities take full advantage of the many new capabiliticd It’s Here and in Stock!! Release 2.04 of Amiga DOS for the A5OO A2O0Q!!! Includes ROMs, disks and full documentation. Requires installation. $ 99 While supplies Disk based catalog ($ 2.50) = $ _ HELP KEY Enlivening startup screens, installing 2.0 on hard disk, reluctant games on the A3000, and help with Imagine. Jazzing Up the Startup
Q. am litt? Proud owner of an A2000HD, but I am tired of the same boring start-up screen. I 'wonder if there is any way to show a graphics screen or short animation daring system startup? Also, I have heard a lot about the new 2.0 Workbench operating system. If I were to upgrade to it, does that mean I would have to format my hard drive to install 2.0? If so, exactly how is it done?
J. Franklin Findlay, Ohio
A. It is a fairly simple task to have a picture or animation shown on system startup. Merely acid a command to your startup-sequence (found in the S: directory) that displays a picture or plays an animation. Depending on the display program you use, the picture or animation can be put up for a set period of time or until some user interaction (such as a mouse click or keypress) occurs. However, the best way to add a picture is to use one of the screen utilities such as WBPicture, which is part of the PD package NickPrefs, hv Nicola Salmoria that enables you to display a picture as part of the Workbench screen it sell’. NickPrefs, which is an AmigaDOS 2.0-only set of programs, also has a preferences utility that can give you an animated “busy” pointer. For users of AmigaDOS 1.3, there arc a variety of other such utilities for displaying a picture on the Workbench screen; names like Tapestry, Backdrop, and DropCloth come to mind. All of these can he found on the usual on-line sendees like Portal, Genie and CompuServe, as well as in users-group libraries and disk collections like those of Fred Fish. As far as installing AmigaDOS 2.0 on a hard disk with an existing 1.3 OS, it is generally a good idea to reformat your old disk before installing 2.0. In fact, tiie 2.0 installation documentation instructs you to hack up your old disk and reformat during the 2.0 installation. Of course, you must he careful By Louis R. Wallace when you restore your programs to copy only applications and data, and not the old 1.3 OS! The actual installation of 2.0 to your hard disk is basically an automatic procedure; all you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts. Of course, you must have the new ROM chips installed. Depending on your technical prowess, this may he something you can do yourself; or it may require a trip to your local sendee center. A3000 Game Trouble
Q. Help! I have recently upgraded from an A 500 to a brand spanking new A3000, and I love all the power its fast 68030 and multi megabytes of RAM offer. My problem concerns my collection of games. While some of them run fine, others work only partially, and some won't run at all. Since the A3000 doesn 't have a 68000 to fall back on in such circumstances, I was wondering if there is any software fix, hack, or utility I can use that would allow at least some of these games to work. Af. Harkin Sebring, Florida
A. There are a couple of things you can do. First, some older games just don’t like fast memory. You can try using the NoFastMem program (usually found in your System drawer) to disable all your extra memory. Then, il the program can he started from the GLI or Workbench, try running it using only the remaining chip RAM. Or, if you have access to older Kick- start disks and your A3000 is running Kickstart from disk and not from ROM, it is possible to boot using another Kickstart besides 2.0. This is how the earlier A3000s worked, allowing you to decided on power-up which version of the OS you wanted to use. You can make the selection by holding down both mouse buttons when you first power up the A3000. This gives you a menu that offers both 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart, along with options to load them from either hard disk or floppy. If you are not sure if your A3000 offers this option, hold down the mouse buttons the next time you power up your computer and see what happens. Another approach is to use the PD utility Degrader, by Chris Hames. This program allows you to turn off fast memory, intercept privileged instructions generated by CPUs more advanced then the 68000, reduce the amount of chip RAM, turn off CPU cache and hurst modes, and force either PAL or NTSC displays. Its results can he made to survive one or more warm reboots, too, making it useful for programs that work only when the software is hooted from its own floppy. Degrader doesn’t always help, but I have used it to successfully run several programs that just wouldn’t work before. You can find Degrader on most BBSs and telecommunication networks, as well as in disk collections like Fred Fish. Mysteries of Imagine
Q. I recently bought Imagine 2.0, but I am hai tng some difficulty learning to use it. Do you know of any hooks or other support for those of us just getting into it?
J. Byron GainesviUe, Florida
A. One of the best sources of help for Imagine is the hook Understanding Imagine 2.0, by Steven Worley. I have been told by many people that it is a wonderful source of assistance. You can also find help via your telephone on the on-line networks. Most of them have special-interest groups that lend assistance to one another. For example, Portal has a very active Imagine group where you can find help, 3-D objects, and many examples of work done with Imagine. ¦ InfoMarket CO-N-S-T-R-UCT-I-N-G when you should be Available in 3 Master Packs of 9 or a Specially Priced ProPack with all 27 fonts! At Finer Amiga* Dealers or call (510) 439-1580 Object Sides are built so that, with Smoothing turned on, both *500’ curves and *Hard‘ corners look perfect trom any camera angle. Each 30 Object Font contains Upper & Lowercase. Numbers and 29 Symbols Complete Tutorial Included! Pay Only $ 5.00 Shipping Handling per pkg of 6 3.5" disks. Foreign add $ 5.00 per pkg. OlVAr* SOFTWARE OIVIO PUBLISHERS CREDIT CARDS ONL Y - ORDER TODA Y - CALL 619-931-8111 e« 511 Circle 90 On Reader Service Card FREE- 6 DISKS - FREE Receive 6 Disks Full of our Best Selling Software for Amiga® Computers Choose from GAMES • ANIMATION EDUCATION • UTILITIES VIDEO TOOLS ’ "Extremely ProfessionaL.Incredible Results...! Highly recommend them..." Video Toaster User "Just the Ticket...The Fonts look great when rendered..." Amiga Video Journal ‘...3D Font Heaven...A Must,." 3D World Bulletin Sample Scene Disk Available! Circle 178 On Reader Service Card. V * carrv over avw I hardware and software lit MicroMiga Lowest luces ; 1 R00-733-AM1GA T-UUU po Box 1898 Spring Valley. CA 91977 Customer Service: (619) 070-1095 Cnll for Pricing or fREE Catalog ,D wLot .... Supra *'Peripherals * G.W ...... Supra ri s . Microbotics ¦S*. «Di* • Accolade 1CD Mix* . MicroProse . Re'dXf - HOCTEC. Qua.uuni ‘ Specnnm Holobyie CSA _ Ta.io .. Circle 183 On Reader Service Card. AMIGA Files to 35mm and 4x5 35mm AND 4x5 B&W Color Slides, Transparencies, Negatives ' 2000 Line Resolution Maintains RGB Quality b Anti-aliasing
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* IFF, IFF24, and All Overscan files supported
* Student discounts available For pricing b iample% call: (715) 856-5627 Of wriie: Graphic Impressions POB 254 Wausaukee, WI 54177 Circle 67 On Reader Service Card.
T. L.A.S. Turtle Lightning AmigaSoftware ALMOST 400 DISKS Most User-Friendly Library PRICES AS LOW AS $ 3.00 - NOTHING OVER $ 4.50 SENO $ 3.00 FOR OUR CATALOG - DISK & GET AN EXCITING NEW GAME TOO TLAS GAMES • BUSINESS animations MUSIC - EDUCATION APPLICATIONS GRAPHICS - UTILTITIES (, MORE PO BOX 30499 MIDLAND, TX 79712 TLAS INFORMATION: 800-828-9005 frizi AfiziXX COChiDCJUttby Merrill Callaway ,rA Tutorial Guide to Arexx - Not a reference manual. Multiple Index - Commodore, Hawes, and applications. Arexx and PostScript - No other book has this feature! Inter-Process Control - Useful projects in TurboText, ADPro, Directory Opus, Proper Grammar, and others. WHITESTONE, 511-A Girard SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 $ 24.95 Cookbook S9.95 Disk $ 5.00 S&H (505) 268-0678 Dealer ar.d Distributor Inquiries In ited. ISBN 0-9632773-0-8 (book) ISBN 0-9632773- J -6 (disk)_ KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 COMPETITIVE SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS EO ou will need for your Commodore product requirements. We ORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST The Computer Service and Repair Video AMIGA Edition This video represents six years of first hand experience repairing the Amiga Computer , Covering everything from basic theory of operation to our special tricks and tips section this video is sure to save you many hours of unproductive diagnostic time . For both the user who would like to understand inner workings of this amazing computer to the experienced technician this video can save you time and money._ Send your check or money order for S39.95 + $ 5.00 Shipping & handling to J & C Repair PO Box 70 Rockton PA 15856 Allow 4-6 wcclu far delivery InfoMarket AUDIO GALLERY Korean * English * Russian * Chinese French * German * Spanish * Japanese ' Words and phrases (fytiimJ wee* & iMnte t(mak*n FslrBrOttlCrS, IflC. ' 25 30 Topes secft as WmPw*. Numbers, Food, ate znzA c pprvi
• trxtudm Ortorsary. Pronrroanen Glm3s jd Qu.-.ts J oi. ' Haney ¦Hrerxx for r* t erete*. Ewwnsssman Arlington, VA 22206 ’ Icorrzpe Tat»e d Corterts • arc«sf»e to pre*cf»oto»-6 Tal 7f)H 1 0 4
• Seven or Etfs -6* w* Wjes ccmprpheaw* m*nu* 1 &l I' Ujf °
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17. 25 I 138 276 1 x 4-70. SO PAGE DIP 2000 80 160 1 304 1 x 4-70. 80 PAGE ZIP 2000 80 160 304 256 x 4-70. 80 ZrP
5. 00 80 160 304 1 x 1-70, 80
4. 00 64 128 240 256 x 4-70, SO 400 64 128 240 1 x 8-70. SO SIMM 3300 66 132 256 4 x8-70. SO SIMM
125. 00 ~ 1 125 250 New From Eureka:
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P. O. Box 130, Loup Cily, NE 68S53 Circle 86 On Reader Service Card Circle 99 On Reader Service Card. SIER _ fmited Quarrtitjas UMMER SALE! Goffnow. For be&sel A-10 anhmcmf *26 King's Quest 1,2, or 3 Leisure Suit 1 enhanced* lAanhunter 1 or 2 Mother Goose enhmcec* Police Quest 1 Police Quest 2 Police Queer 3 Quest for Glory 2 Space Quest 1 or 2 Space Quest 3 Space Quest 4 The Colonel's Bequest Thexder Black Cauldron Castles of Dr Brain Conquest of Camelcrt Gold Rush Hoyle's Card Games 2 Hoyle'6 Board Games 16 1-800-638-1123 ,'gSfHf Tech Support: (304)529-0461 E. S.T. All lilies arc new and fully guaranleed. Call for free brochure of many other blowout* plus our extensive line of current releases and used Amiga titles. We accept Visa, _ tuiitni icitwits unu uku nmiga tines. R*c accept via yAflS American Express, Discover. Mastercard, and COD orders. A. Orde 85 On Reader Service Card. Amiga Repair Services 24 hour Turnaround
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- 1x8 SIMM Module 80ns .....99.00 Motorola 68030 CPU 50M1IZ .189.00 Above CPU w 68882 50M1IZ Math Co 269.00 Power Supplies, Floppies b Keyboards CBM A2000 Bower Supply .....$ 159.00 Above item w swapout 119.00 Big Foot Power Supply .89.00 A2000 Keyboard ...89.95 A500 Keyboard ...49.95 A2000 Internal Disk Drive ..89.00 A500 Internal Disk Drive ....89.00 Amiga Computers & Monitors 108 IS Stereo Monitor 279.95 A2000, 3000 Computer Systems ..Call 2320 Display Enhancer .....235.00 CBM 2232 Multi Serial Card ...319.00 CBM Replacement Mouse ..28.00 NEW ARRIVALS FROM COMMODORE A2000 HDAM 00 computer .Call A2386 S Btidgchoaicl ......Call Special Offer on Amiga Products Software Hut Inc. 2534 S. Broad Street Philidelphia, PA 19145 To order call
(800) 848-0079 In PA or for more information cal New! Video Music Box, The easiest way to create background music for Amiga multimedia... Eveiything you need in one program! ¦ Combines algorithmic composition of common musical styles with a full-featured graphic note editor that Includes special tools lor adding melody or counterpoint to chord progressions.
* Supports both standard MIDI or IFF SMUS music files. ¦ Includes over 75 patterns and 50 chord progressions with editors for creating and saving new chord progressions and new patterns, plus more. So... Call of write now for free product brochure or send $ 5 for demo disk. Pfice $ 109 + 56 S&H Checks or MO. Only. Wl re&wts pilose oca 5% jato fc* Digital Expressions (414) 733-6863 W6400 Firelane 8, Menasha Wl 54952 Circle 76 On Reader Service Card. Bigfool 200 Watt A-500 Power Supply $ 129.95 Automatic Joystick Mouse Switch $
49. 95 Slingshot A-200 Slot For The A-500 $
39. 95 Eureka 512 A-501 Clone $
74. 95 Eureka 4MB Ram Expansion W 0K $ S9.95 Eureka Swifty True Three Button Mouse S
39. 95 A-3000 200 Wait Fbwer Upgrade SI
49. 00 Mouse Kbrd ROM Swich $ 49.95 B&W Hand Scanner $ 229.95 MIDI W Serial Pass Thru S59.95 (Dealer Inquiries Welcome) Visa MC COD
(215) 462-2268
(215) 339-5336 (Fax) Many additional product' available for immediate 'hipping, Please call for information. Shipping on chip» is $ 3.00. Power Stipplies. Drive' and Keyboard' are jh.tK). COD 'hipping please add SI.00. For other items or air shipping, please call. We accept International and Canadian order* and only charge actual shipping charges We accept Visa. MC. Discover. Money Order or Ftrson.il Check' .•Ml items are shipped same day from stock, personal checks allow 10 days to clear. No charges fee Commntfenr In-Warranty Service A2000 $ 95.00* • C64 39.95* • 1541 45.00* -C128 $ 75.00* Send Computer or drive Ccmmcdon- Monkon tttoo pi.« p« J & C Repair RI) 2 BOX 9 1 Ol Rockton PA. 15856 with your name, address , phone number and a description of the problem
• Phone (814)583 - 5996 PAX (814)583-5995 I We will rr mm Vour Sy item VIA UPS Grand COO . Commodore ie-warranty repaint please include copy cfaalca alt InfoMarket !*> LizedCOLC PRODUCTIVITY & EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE EasyScript! Software, 10006 Covington Dr., Huntsville, AL 35803
(205) 881-6297 Fax 205)881-1090 top Publisl THIS IS NOT LINE ARTI Less than SB. 00 per disk I HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 pieomu DM eni Presents DigitizedUOLOR Clip Art specially designed for Desktop Publishing applications. Composite Video Images professionally processed. Beautiful results printing in COLOR or B&W. For the 4 disk sampler set send a Check or Money Order for $ 30.00 to: DIGITAL IMAGES PO BOX 1274 ATHENS, AL 35611 Specify Amiga, IBM or MAC YOU'VE SEEN THE REST- (MOs processed same day.} NOW SEE THE BESTI ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF HAM • Standard IFF ACCELERATE YOUR AMIGA TODAY WITH A CSA MEGA MIDGET RACER CLOCKED AT 25 Mhz e.Y- with math chip $ 375.00 Technical Support Line 1 "800-729-4361 Visa MC COD EffiSPH ELECTRONIC SERVICES biMMufflf INTERNATIONAL Over4QOO-Jine Resolution • NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color Call or Write for order (arm. Price list & sample: 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. FlaShBUsten Arcade Style Replacement for Traditional Flash Cards. Loads of Fun for .All ages! $ 49.95 Most Likely the Best BibleStudy Program for Any Computer! Too many features to list... Requires hard drive. $ 149.95 Demo Disk $ 5.00 Has 90% of features of BibleScholar! But requires NO hard drive... Four Translations Available! S89.95 Demo Disk $ 5.00 Easy Clip Art! Christian Injages Over 50 High Quality Christian Clip Art Images Ready to Use at the Click of a Mouse Button! $ 24.95 Full Featured Mailing, Floppy and Video Audio Labeling Database Program. Create Great Looking Lables in seconds with your LaserJet, DeskJet, PostScript or Epson Compatible Printer. $ 74.95 Great Math Learning Tool for the High School for College Level Mathematician. $ 49.95 Circle 194 On Reader Service Card. Circle 95 On Reader Service Card.
P. nr pr nriuni . Call or write to receive . Zjpperware's 10 mystery software absolutely free I Game. Music. PS I Fonts, Cliparts, Utilities, Video, Anti-Virus. Educationa. European. Productivity!, MODELER AN I OUCH! Now in (That's the sound of you taking it in the shorts by getting yourPD Software anywhere else.) Check the other PD Shareware ads In this magazine, find what you want and give us a call! Or send S2.00 for latest catalog and Sample Disk! $ 2.00 per Disk We have it all, AMOS PD, Fish ($ 1,50 ea) and tticusands mere! Call today.
(206) 351-9502 We accept cash.check.money order or C. O- D.l Northw&st Public Domain-P.O. Box 16J7‘Auburn,WA 98071 -1617 Hundred’s of previews of old and new games! Now you can test drive many programs cheaply before actually buying the final product! We also have an incredible amount of adult software and music modules! A 2-disk adult sampler is available for $ 7.00 (must sign stating you are over 18). All shipping is free. Write for a FREE catalog today! Foxy Tec • PO Box 2266 • Gresham, OR 97030 DTP PACK 30 Postscript Type 1 Fonts lor Pagestream & Professional Page (req conversion), near 1 meg ol cliparts, Pagestream calendar template, postscript and font utilities. Highly recommended $ 19 95 VIDEO FONTS 5 Amiga Video'Graphics Guild disks, 100* , fonts (big, small, color}, font manipulators, great for paint and subtitling' $ 19 95. TOP TEN GAMES 10 best picks of 1991 by this magazine! Rings of Zon, Uamalron. Dungeon. Megaball, & many more.si4 9‘ CLIPART PORTFOLIO "imported 15 disk set of thousands b&w clips, 17 general ihemes, over 100 subcategones. Easy search index, high quality, much better value than other commercial packages! $ 59,95' To order, call for C.U.D. or send checkJM.O. Add $ 4 s Lh. Open MS till 7pm ACD3A K&TOBB9 .or try a popular PD Shareware pack today! ZIPPERWARE ¦ POB 95285 ¦ Seattle, WA 98145 (206)747-1964 Circle 170 On Reader Service Card Circle 176 On Reader Service Card For the first time, Animatrix Modeler now provides the ability to view and model in teal-time stereoscopic virtual reality, using either the X-specs™ stereoscopic glasses from Haitex™ (not included) or the supplied red-blue stereo glasses. This represents a breakthrough in 3-D modeling on the Amiga™, and must be seen to be appreciated. Animatrix Modeler provides the "hands-on" approach; all operations are performed in perspective (stereo or non-stereo) mode. Features include real-time rotation, scaling, and translation, single and grouped point editing, edge and face subdivision, point joining, magnet, reflect, clone, extrude, bide, combine, and keyboard equivalents. Objects can be loaded and saved in 6 formats including Imagine ,M and Lightwave ,M. Now available for $ 139.95 ($ 99.95 introductory special until September 15th) from: duBois Animation 1012 N. Chartrand Ave., F, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
(405) 348-4670 X-specs ™ glasses available through Haitex Resources. 1*0 Box 20609. Charleston, CSC 29413-0609,
(803) 881-7518. (trademarks: Imagine Impulse. T j g h rwave No,Irk, X-spets l faitex) tOrfTUAL REALM* Get Animated! Learn From the Experts Now you can learn all about the latest in animation software! With How To Animate, Part 1, you’ll discover the amazing software programs available to help you animate just like the Pros! 60 min. $ 29.95. Order your copy today! Awtmhtai Also Available History of the Amiga An intriguing, fun-filled look at the history of the Amiga computer. Meet the people, view the products and visit the places that helped to make the Commodore Amiga and Amiga user unique in the history of computing and animation. $ 19.95 Animation 1 The original Amiga- World Animation Video. 48 minutes that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. Each animation is prefaced by the artist’s name and the animation products used. Experiment and explore the possibilities yourself. $ 19.95 AWTMAVl DeluxePaint IV Video Guide In easy to follow, step by step fashion you’ll explore many of Dpaint's features to fulfill your graph ics and animation needs. Includes the new Menu Structure, Metamorphosis, HAM color mode, the new Gradients and Cycle requesters, the advanced pallette mixer and much more! $ 24.95 awtmdpi Advanced Techniques With DeluxePaint IV Learn tips and tricks for combining Dpaint's different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animation, professional titling technique and more. $ 24.95 AWTMDP2 Animation ii AmigaWorld editors do it again! 90 minutes of exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Sculpt-Animate 4D, 3D, TurboSilver, Imagine and DeiuxePaint III. You’ll be thoroughly entertained as you absorb new animation techniques and ideas. $ 24.95 AWTMAV2 The Mind’s Eye a compelling look at the creation of the universe utilizing the talents of the world’s top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. 40 minutes of powerful imagery from over 300 of the leading talents in the field. $ 19.95 AWTMME Call toll free 1-800-824-5499 or see your local Amiga dealer for these videos. For Customer Service or Foreign Orders please call 410-546-0180 between 8 AM - 6 PM EDT. Acd $ 2.95 per video for shipping and handling. California & Maryland orders add appropriate tax Make check or money order payable to: TechMedla Video, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Available in VHS. Some titles available in PAL Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. TechMedia is the licensed North American distributor ot AmigaWorld Videos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. DeluxePaint IV is a registered trademark of Electronic Aris. DeluxePaint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with Deluxe- w y -w- -j-’w ~m Paint IV are products of Saddleback Graphics. The Mind’s Eye is a registered trademark ol Miramar. I I 1 8 B TECHMEDIA nr Total VIDEO SOLUTION! B Hi WALL For Videographers, Personnel Directors, Advertising Managers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and Small Business Owners, BriWALL can help you make your presentations & training videos cost effective! Cr 68040 Pro Toaster W S $ 6499 Basic Toaster Workstation $ 4099 25MHz Toaster Workstation $ 4799 W 52MB HD, 7MB RAM TOASTER, 14" MONITOR W 52MB HD, 10MB RAM, TOASTER, 14" MONITOR Magnum 44 68040 28 Mhz, W 120MB HD, 9MB RAM, TOASTER, 14" MONITOR Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants and trained Technical staff will work with you to choose one of these Toaster Systems, or help you configure a custom system, according toyour needs. We also configure, install and test every Toaster System before it leaves our shop! Call Briwall Tofl-I at 1-800-766-5757 to order all ofyour Computer and Video products. Write us if you would FREE copy of Briwall s Catalog-Gn-A-Disk.
- -------- ‘ - * * We free like a Peripherals to save time & increase your video production! DISPLAY TBC’s DPS Personal TBC ...... .....$ 819 DPS Personal TBC 230...... .....1699 Kitchen SyncDual TBC..... .....1629 IDEN TBCard . ......Call Panasonic WJ-AVE5 . ......Call SFC’s SFC Personal ... ......$ 379 BCD2000A ..... 699 BCD5000 . 1839 CBM 1084S 14- 289 CBM 1960 Multiscan 399 Mistubishi DiamondScan 20L ...2199 PanaSync CT1395 ...529 Relsys RE-1420 Super VGA......389 Sony CDP1304S 659 ViewSonic 7 (17u) ...1259 OTHER AmiLink Editing Systems Call Future Video Edit Systems Call SOFTWARE DCTV .$ 399 Firecracker .. 829 Animation Journeyman.. .,$ 379 Trexx Pm ...... 79 TAO Editizer ... ...Call Draw 4D Pro 199 1 rst Prize Toaster Fonts.. ....199 VistaPro v2.0 ... 62 Credit Text Scroller 2..... ......29 Fractal Pro v5 0 99 Broadcast Titler 11 .... 2?9 Toaster Master 99 Video Director .. ...169 Imagine v2.0... ...279 Pro Video Post .. ...169 Real 3D Turbo Pro .. , ,299 TV TextPro ... .....99 Toaster Toolkit. .. 109 ArtD Pro ....179 Pixel 3D 79 Caligari 2 ..... ....269 Deluxe Paint v4 109 Caligari Broadcast ... ..1699 Scenery Animator ... 59 3D Pro v2.0 ... ...Call ImaueMaster Pro ..... .....145 Video Elf eels 3D ..... .....129 Fonts, Clips, Video Tapes, Books, Pro Video CGI1 . ....129 Textures, Objeets. Eic.. Video Blender 1299 GVPIV24 1899 GVP IV24 CT .2379 DPS Personal VDA1050 ...139 DPS Personal Vscope .799 Panasonic ACFVV1 Universal ...2299 Panasonic A1960 ...Call JX100 Color Scanner ..569 Sony CVD-1000 Vdeck ....Call Epson ES 300C Scanner ...999 BreadBoard delay and DA 359 Hi SPEED GVP Combo 25MHz w 1 MB $ 669 GVP Combo 4QMHz w 4MB 1059 GVP Combo 50MHz w 4MB 1529 I VS Vector ..Call Progressive 68040 ......1679 Magnum 44 68040 w 4MB ..Call Zeus .....Call Mercury 68040 A3000 ...2059 32-bit Memory available for all of ihe above GENLOCK CHROMAKEY RocgenPlus ......349 MiniGen ..189 SuperGen .669 SuperGen 2000s ....1459 Rockey ..359 Chromakey Plus ......379 OmniGen PAL NTSC Call STORAGE 52, 120. 240 Quantum .....Call 120MB Maxtor ......399 213MB Maxtor ......659 535MB Maxtor .....1429
1. 2GIG Maxtor external ...2189 44MB Syquest removable 349 88MB Syquest removable 449 128MB Ricoh 3.5" Optical 1329 20MB DM I Floptical ..479 640MB Ricoh Optical ext 2499 1GIG Maxtor Tahiti OptExt...3499 Xelec CDROM Drive .529 Wangtek 250MB Tape Drive....599 DAT 2GIG Tape Drive 1879 External Solutions available for all of the above BriwallTToll-Free HOTLINE! 1 -800 766-5757 (US & Canada) OUTSIDE USA; (215) 663-5661 TECH SUPPORT; (215) 683-5699 CUSTOMER SERVICE: (215) 683-5433 FAX (215) 683-8567 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St. kutztown. PA. 19530 Any Visa & MasterCard Accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight & value. Software shipping charges are $ 6.00 per total order via UPS ground to anywhere in the continental USA. All orders over $ 300 are insured at customer’s expense. All returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything. All returned items are subject to a restocking FEE. Ad prices subject to change without notice. FEDERAL EXPRESS Charges for all orders under 20 pounds: 2nd day Delivery -$ 13, Next Day Delivery - $ 17. DHL Canadian & Overseas customers shipped DHL. Call for rates. ManufacturersVDistributors’ Addresses Access Technologies PC) Box 202197 Austin, TX 78720 512 343-9564 Accolade 5800 Stevens Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129 408 985-1700 Activa International Keienbergweg 95 1101 GF Amsterdam, Holland 011-31-20-97-00-85 Dist. By I'rograms Plus & Video A D Design PO Box 8543 Warwick. RI 02888 401 467-5566 Adspcc Programming PO Box 13 Salem. OH 44460 216 337-3325 American Software Distributors 502 E. Anthony Drive Urhana, IL 61801 217 384-2050 Anion & .Associates PO Box 7956 Canoga Park. CA 91303 818 998-287! ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, VI 53713 608 273-6585 Bearded Wonder Graphics 1866 Ocean Ave., 5C Brooklvn, NY 11230 718 998-1767 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rtl. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 Black Knight Peripherals 255 W. Moana, 207 Reno, XV 89509 702'827-8088 Centaur Development PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Central Coast Software A division of New Horizons CeV Design 61 Clewley Rd. Medford, MA 02155 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Comspec Communicat ions 74 Wingold Ave. Toronto, Ont. Canada M6B 1P5 416 785-3553 Digital Micronics 56 4-P FI Cainino Real Carlsbad, CA 92008 619 931-8554 Digital Processing Systems 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Scarborough. Ont. M1S3L1 Canada 416 754-8090 Dittccn Edwards Group 19785 W. 12 Mile Rd.. Suite 305 Southfield, Ml 18076 313 352-4288 Domark Software Fern’ 1 louse 51-57 lacy Rd., Putney London SW1S 1PR, England 081-780-2224 Distributed by Accolade Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 *0 Empire Distributed lt ReadvSoft Europress Software Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4XP England 0625-859-333 Expansion Systems 44862 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 415 656-2890 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 F. Belmont Drive Teinpc, AZ 85284 Free Spirit Software 720 Sycamore Si. Columbus, IN 47201 812 376-9964 Gcnisoft Unit 3, Poyle 14 Newlands Drive Colnbrook, Berks. SL3 0DX England 753-686-000 George Ribeiro 2550 I lilborn Rd., 167 Fairfield, CA 94533 707 426-3428 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada LAW 5A1 416 602-4000 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklvn Park, MN 55444 612 425-0557 InnoYisiun Technology 1933 Davis St. San Leandro. CA 94577 415 638-8432 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209 B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Interactive Video Systems 7245 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite F Garden Grove, CA 9264 I 714 890-7040 Interplay Productions 3710 S. Susan, Suite 100 Santa .Ana, CA 92704 714 549-2411 JumpDisk 1493 Mountain View Ave. C illico, CA 95926 916 343-7658 Long Island Media 2 Sherbrooke Drive Smithtown. NY 11787 516 265-9697 Luna Tech 3667 Cilani Way Sarasota. FL 34232 813 378-5477 Mannikin Septic Graphics 1600 Indiana Ave. Winter Park. FL 32789 407 644-9547 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas. TX 75244 214 385-2353 MichTmn 3201 Drummond Plaza Newark, DF. 19711 302 454-7946 Microdeal PO Box 68. St. Austell Cornwall PL25 4YB England 0726-68020 Distributed by MichTron MicroMaster 1085-A Rrodhead Rd. Aliquippa, PA 15001 4 I2 7 a-3000 M icro Prose Software 180 1 -akefrcmt Drive Hunt Valley, MD 21030 301 771-1151 M icn i-Sysiems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 202 West Palm Beach, FL 33414 407 790-0770 Mindscape 60 Levenmi Court Novato, CA 94949 415 883-3000 N1 oonl ighier Software 3208-C F. Colonial Drive Suite 204 Orlando, FL 32803 407 384-9484 New I lorizons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd. Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Octree Software 311 West 43rd St., Suite 904 New York. NY 10036 212 262-3116 Playfteld! 5180 NF. 6th Ave., Suite 624 Ft. Lurderdale, FL 33334 Pre'spect Technics PO Box 670. Station H Montreal. Que. Canada 113G 2M6 514 954-1483 Programs Plus X: Video 544 Queen St. Chatham, Ont. Canada N7M 2[6 519 436-0988 Progressive Peripherals 8c Sof tware 164 kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Inygnosis 29 Si. Mary’s Court Brookline. MA 02146 617 731-3553 RAW Entertainment 3027 Marina Bay Drive Suite 110 league Citv. TX 77573 713 538-3399 ReadvSoft 30 Werthcim Court. Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada LIB 1B9 416 731-4175 Realism Entertainment 6 N 522 Pine St. Bensenville, IL 60106 708 595-7487 R( IB Computer & Video 4152 Blue Heron Blvd. W. Suite 118 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 407 844-3348 800 535-7876 Right Answers Group PO Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 Robert Young PO Box 1134 Perris, CA 92572 Rombo Distributed bv American Software t Slide Citv 6474 Highway I L Deleon Springs. FL 32130 904 985-1103 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Towne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Stylus PO Box 1671 Ft. Collins, CO 80522 303 484-7321 The Disc Company t 1040 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90025 213 478-6767 I lie Puzzle Factor,' PO Box 986 Veneta, OR 97487 503 935-3709 800 828-9952 Vidia PO Box I 180 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 310 379-7139 Walt Disney Computer Software 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 818 567-5360 ¦ A1000 Owners! [ 'Complete Video Editing j System Tot anyone with a camcorder, VCR and in i _ J Amiga 'Quickly & easily catalog k edit 'ihe be>t moments from fMi $ 109! Yourvideotapes! | 'Includes hard-Aare to control most camcorder, k VCR Y AdSpeed ......$ 189 Insider 2 ... SI 89 DataflyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 CBM1300 Genlock . S69 Rejuvinator w IMB Agnus .. $ 419 Rejuvinator w 2MB Agnus .. $ 629 Phoenix Board ....$ 850 KwikStart II ..... $ 62 Keyboard $ 99 Call us for all of your A1000 needs CALIGARI | The Leading Real Time 3D Modeler, Animator and Renderer Caligari Broadcast is Ihe premier product of its kind. Film-quality outpui resolutions up to H(XK)x8000. Requires 32-bit processor. The Ultimate Solution $ 1699 Caligari2 is ihe ideal choice for animation and animatics. For professional artists that don't require broadcast output. Requires 24 or 32-bit processor. Just $ 269 Get up to S200 back directly Irom Octree. See the Avid 5 92 issue, or the June July AmigaWorld Outlook lor details AUGUST SPOTLIGHTS CBM 386SX Brklgebonrd ...Call MaxiPlan v4 ..$ 99 SCS A2IHK) Tower Case ....S359 SCS A5(K) Tower Case .Call ADI012 u Studio 16 ...$ 539 Pinball Dreams ...S27 HST Standard Ho 16.6Kb) .5599 A MAX II Plus ..$ 369 Cnel v2.0 BBS ......SI 29 Progressive (MB A500 Si 129 SupraFax Moderns ....Call Roe tee 501 ...$ 39 Roctec Slimline Floppy .$ 94 I VS Vector ... Calf Siipcrbase Pro v4.0 ..SI79 Bigfool A500 200W P S $ 95 Bomac Tower A2000 ...S269 Final Copy ...$ 59 Arexx $ 32 Quarterback 5 . $ 49 Quarterback Tools 1.5 .$ 53 Pelican Press $ 59 Digital Sound Studio .$ 89 Sim Ant ..$ 39 Ma is Beacon Typing ...$ 34 Any Barney Bear Title ..$ 21 Any Carmen SnnDieeo Title $ 33 Scala .7 ...$ 179 ROCTEC Rochard 52 Attention A500 owners! Rociec has bundled their IDE SCSI combo controller, an SMB capacity memory hoard, and a Quantum 52MB hard drive in a color-matched, molded, Rochard case with an auto-switching power supply, game switch and quiet fan. Summer Sale - $ 469 (and we'll add the first 2MB of RAM for only $ 79!) H-j rw mmm DM1 Flopticals Don't be fooled bv others! I r s. Professional Page 3.0 The latesl upgrade for the Professional'* choice! DMI .offers a .complete Amiga solution. You just add it to your .system like any other hi dri ve. Aud you ‘ we got low-cost sot rage at $ 1 MB. C’ornpes complete with an insite tlopiical drive, DMI's Amiga driver., a 20MB disk, .cabling, and a free copy of Qiuutc.rbyck. Ail you have to supply, is ihe SCSI control lei-. Blizzard Board From Preferred Technologies $ 179 Only ttliiWAl I Choice lor our in-hnusc I) 11' need Internal - $ 479 External - $ 589 f Att-buLyfi.l it) 220SAC J Ip. Increase Ihe performance of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 with a 14MHz 68000 “ processor, and up to SMB of RAM on a single board! Also has Shadow Memory option to pul Kickstart in 14MHz RAM. Utility software disk. And a 5 year warranty. JlillOsS CSA’s Magnum 44 Far the really serious A2000 user, nothing heats the Magnum 44 6804Q 28-33MHZ. SCSI-2 Controller, 64MB Memory Capacity (4MB of 32-bit RAM included), high-speed Parallel port (print at blazing speeds), and an extra serial port, all smartly designed into one beautiful hoard Call for Special Introductory Pricing We also still have the cver-popular, reliable, upgradeable 68030-based MegiiMidgct Racer for as low as $ 399 ($ 429 w 68882.) Blizzard w 4MB 500 2000 - $ 44 500 WK) ~ $ 449 Blizzard w 2MB A100I) - $ 385 v- Addiso n-Wcsle ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware, Includes, & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! RocGen RocKey Video Combo ROCTEC With the Roctien Plus Genlock and KocKcy Chromakey, you can add a whole new dimension by bringing high quality studio effects to your desktop video production. Special Low Combo Price ,.$ 599
T. -- CBM, CSA & DKB What a combination! Stari with Commodore 2630 (68030 25MHz) accelerator board with 4MB of 32-hit RAM. Our low price $ 679 Now, add DKB’s 2632 32-hit RAM daughterboard w 4MB (expandable to 128MB!). ,Just $ 53y Then, upgrade to a 50MHz 68030 and a 50MHz 68882 with CSA's Rocket Launcher. Get this add-on board for only $ 699 For a combination that will blow you away, we'll combine all three boards, assemble, and test the entire system for just $ 1799* DA TAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast, Reliable, and Flexible; all Dataflyer boards are A500 1000 2000 compatible. SCSI Controller - $ 79 IDE Controller - S75 A500 Case - $ 79 A1000 Case - SI29 RAM Board - S99 Dataflver SCSI or IDE 52MB Quantum Packs A500- $ 399 A1000- $ 479 A2000 - $ 349 Buv a DataflyerRAM board, and we'll add the First 2MB of RAM for onIv S79! Met i I o rde r~ The Total Solution A500 Super System Start with an Amiga 5(X), 1084s Monitor, 1MB RAM, 2400 baud modem, an extra Floppy drive, and $ 100 of bundled software. Then, we’ll add a $ 100 surprise package of software, a telecom, program, and 10
3. 5” floppy disks. AND if you purchase your system before 9 1 92, we'll give you another $ 100 of software of your choice! Over $ 1800 retail value! Summer Special $ 999* Megachip 500 2000 Expanding your Amiga jusi isn'l complete until you've expanded your graphics capacity lo 2MB of chip Ram! You need Megachip to gel it imo your 500or 2000, L-orry 1000’s). Megachip 2000 or 500 compclctc vv 2MB Agnus - $ 299
* Price is dependent on A500 pricing. No substitutions please. ¦: a s No, we don’t have a lot of line listings, but who can read that tiny type anyway. Just call us at 1-800-766-5757 and let one of our Sales Consultants help you! We specialize in ’solutions1, and we carry all of the good stuff. And if you want a complete listing, packed full of descriptions, just write us for a Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk! TEE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, com ments, concerns, and contribu tions from our readers. CanDo Did It As a point of information regarding the item concerning The Dynamic Spine in July’s Overscan (p. 14), the program was authored using CanDo, not Amiga Vision, in spite of the positioning of the workstation ai the World of Amiga in New York last April. Not only did we write the program in Can- Do. But Eddie Churchill of INOVAtron- ics was instrumental in its completion, and we are sincerely grateful for Eddie’s help and that ol the rest ol the INOVAtronics stall. Pa t rick Co ugh I in Philadelphia, Pen nsyhm nia Dongle Dilemma With regard to Steven Blaize’s review of Caligari in the July issue (p. 20), he complains of the program s dongle, saying that “professional software has not had hardware copy protection in years.” A Yell, this just isn't true. In fact, the latest release of AutoDesk's 3D- Studio (which is the 3-D rendering and animation program for die IBM platform) requires a device to lie plugged into the parallel port in order for the program to work. Also, it has become almost a requirement with European distributors that professional (and thus expensive) software packages come with dongles to control piracy. I’m not defending dongles, as I think they’re a pain, but I can see Octree’s concern, and we should all realize that they’re not alone. James Schroder Brooklyn, Xeiv York Soupin’ Up the A500 Impressed with your “Ultimate Amiga” article (August, p. 25), 1 decided that instead of buying an A3000, I’d do a major upgrade on my A500. My two major reasons were that I wanted to prove that the A500 is not dead with the release of the 3000, and that 1 wanted complete downward compati- biliiv with all of mv software, which the J 3000 doesn’t provide. So I bought a 4MB baseboard, Switch-it, 2.04 ROM, Super Denise, a 1 MB ECS Fatter Agnus, Flicker-Free Video, a 33-MHz (>8030 Mega-Midget Racer, a 68882 math chip, 512 SRAM, and a multisync monitor. I now have an A500 to rival any stock A3000, with complete downward compatibility. As much as Fd like to say that turbocharging my 500 was a breeze, it wasn’t, and I'd probably have gone crazy without the incredible help, patience and knowledge of CSA, in particular Steve Riker. 1 want to thank Amiga World for its excellent reviews and information. “ t he Toaster's new ‘Kiki' wipes, however, are selling women hack 50 years." Amiga World readers for their helpful comments, and CSA for its super help in turning my computer into a speed demon! JeffJ- Bishop Coh nlle, Wash ington O Confessions of a Desktop Publisher 1 have a desktop-publishing business that does work primarily for the entertainment industry. I must confess that a while ago my eye began to wander. In a world dominated by Macs, it was hard not to be tempted by their software features and support, and I began to think of leaving mv ever-loval A3000. O J 4 Now 1 realize it is darkest before the dawn. I'm happy to say that thanks to all the recent outstanding improvements in programs such as Professional Page 3.0 (Gold Disk), Art Department Professional 2.0 (ASDG), and OCR
1. 11 (Migrapli), 1 have reconsidered. I will wander no more. Mike Pike West Hills, California Getting no Kick Out of Kiki NewTek’s Video Toaster 2.0 has no doubt created a “paradigm shift” in the industry, just as the ads are claiming. I use the product and find it spectacular. The Toaster’s new ’Kiki" wipes, however, are setting women back 50 years. Evety new male wipe features men in action sports. Each new female wipe, the touted “KikiEX,” splays NewTek’s spokeswoman across the screen in suggestive poses. One must ask, "Who is this Kiki, and where is her pride?” Today, even the TV medium treats j women as more than sexual objects. NcwTek. Ifs time to enter the 1990s. Jane Mahoney Providence, Photic Island Perfect Final Copy I want to congratulate and thank Softwood for their outstanding work on their word processor, f inal Copy. When I bought Final Copy a few months ago, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the output on my CBM MPS-1270. 1 did not expect my cheap printer to do wonders! When I did have a problem, I called Softwood's customer support. Then, three updates later, I rejoiced with a version 1.3.2 running perfectly. The support offered by Softwood is marvelous. The program still needs a little work on font readability, but otherwise it is perfect. Daniel Migueres Pock Hill, South Carolina ¦ Multi-Media 24-bit Video! Live Video (From LaserDisc or Videotape) ¦. Vttuls Multi-layer Composite Screens On Your Amiga’s Monitor Avideo24 is a top-quality 24-bit graphic display and creation system for the Amiga, but what makes Avideo unique is its built-in Multi-Media capabilities. The key is Avideo’s ability to superimpose an Amiga screen over your 24-bit graphic display. With Avideo, you can have an Amiga screen in front, Avideo 24-bit imagery behind, and gen ockedlive video behind it all (externalgenlock required*). The colors of the Amiga screen are used to key transparency. Add to this picture perfect RGB output and a state-of-the-art 24-bit paint program and you’ll see why Avideo is the answer! Amiga Application Screen ' •!«*> i n jjjjjju HjsJ ill i nlo % A liJTJ * SJ Si szj iQl S3 *J "As a general purpose 24-bit card, Avideo literally blows the competition out of the water" - Amiga Computing VIDEO TOASTER compatible! TV Paint: 24-bit Pro Paint Package Avideo24 and TVPaint: $ 999.95! Avideo 12 (12-bit) and AVPaint: $ 499.95! Call Now To Order by VISA, MC, AmEx: 1-800-875-8499
• 100% Toaster Compatible!
• Over 16 million colors in overscan HIRES (752 x 566)
• Shows 12-bit double buffered anims, up to 25 frames sec.
• Installs inside your Amiga - leaves video slot free
• Supports any software that generates ILBM’s (up to 24 bits): ADPro, LightWave 3D, Imagine, Pixel 3D, Dpaint IV, etc.
• Arexx controllable: great for use with CanDo, AmigaVision INOVAtronics Be More Productive. INOVAtronics, Inc.• Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, USA 75231-2499 ‘Phone 214-340-4991 'FAX 214-340-8514 AvIdeo, Avtdao24( and Avicfeo 12 copyright Archos S A INOVAtromcs is a trademark of tnovatronics. Inc. TVPaint copyright TECSOFT All other products mentioned are trademarks ard copyrights of their respective owners Special thanks to top Dallas model Tracy Hageman. 'Additional cable required when using a genlock Circle 75 on Reader Service card. KfTI LEADERBOARD AFTER IB
M. Turner. -6
B. Voight -5 H, Irwin -3 f R. Paridis -2 1 s Digital Video Eflects Real-time digital video effects on lire video. Frontflip. Spin and fumble to high-end icarping effects. VIDEO TOASTER 35ns Character Generator Scroll, craui and key professional-quafity titles over lire video and still images or warp. Peel, and spin titles with digital effects. . 24-bit Broadcast Paint Create 16 million color images with powerful tools for drawing, tinting. Blending, colorizing and warping images. 4 Input Production Switcher Perform cuts, fades and wipes between 4 video inputs and3 internal sources. Now includes amazing new transitions such as fire, liquid and breaking glass. 3D Animation e2ffi]F1E3E9r2E2K3 nnr iFinnnra IPIlRinDlIIQ BznHsrapsiHnwn wwmmm nQDPptrc "i'jonaracrE r Eel j£7mknacam II light Ware 30 is a complete animation system that creates high-resolution 24-bit color images with incredible speed and qualit y. .citJ ri-jjMH Ji Dual Frame Buffers Hold two higb-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect broadcast quality. Luminance Key More than just simple weal her man over a map. Toaster keying does luminance fade transitions and even key- based digital trails. Color Processing Re-color live video or alter brightness and contrast. Effects include sepia-toning, color-negatii vs. day '-for-night, chrome and more. Complete systems starting at $ -15% Outside North America can 612-882-1662. Demo aisa available on S- VHS HiS 3n Mil. Betacam. R, Las:rDisc and D2 a! Nominal cost Next-day delivery ava table Price and specifications subject to change. Video Toaster. L ghtwave 30 and ToasterPaint are trademarks ol NewTek, Inc © Nt'ArTerinc. 1992 Still Store Frame Grabber Freeze flan ‘less broadcast resolution images instantly and recall them as sources for the switcher and digital video effects. Circle 37 on Reader Service card 9 essential tools you need it you're using your Amiga for video or graphics. The Video Toaster is the world's first all- in-one broadcast- quality video production studio. It's giving everyone from desktop producers to network producers the power of a high- end production studio on a desktop. YoiTve seen the award-winning Toaster used on network television, now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the Toaster, call for your free Video Toaster tape today. Free Toaster' Video Tape Cali 800-765-3406 N INCORPORATED 1 1 lie Toaster installs two versions each (floating-point and nonfioating- point) of both LightWave and Modeler. Only one version of each program is needed: Floating-point programs are useful only on accelerated systems, and these • ignore the regular versions. Removing (deleting or saving to a floppy disk) the extra software saves you approximately 300K of liard-disk space. The programs, which reside in the Toaster directory, are named LightWave. FP, LightWave, Modeler.FP, and Modeler. (“.FP” stands for floating

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