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CHIEF CONCERNS Most of the multitude of Amiga magazines have bit the dust and now it’s farewell to good old .info. Many disliked .info, mainly for its rambunctious, often obnoxious style. I’m not one of them. The magazine was far from perfect, but for me, that was part of the appeal. It was unpolished and up front. It didn’t hesitate to ridicule (AmigaWorld was a regular target) and to let fly with opinions, no matter how ill-founded. Fact is, it once called AmigaWorld issues "so generic it’s hard to tell one year’s issues from the next." And in 1988, it was nice enough to point out that we repeatedly referred to Dr. T’s as Dr. Tease. It reeked of personality. If you liked Benn and Mark, .info's tag team of Amiga publishing, then you probably liked the magazine. In my almost three years with Amiga- World, I’ve seen the demise of AMIGA Times, Amiga Resource, Transactor, Commodore Magazine, Amiga Plus, A.X., Amiga Sentry, and now .info. Of them all, .info is the one I’ll miss most. Almost all the others were slicker and more informative, but none bad the humor or the spirit. Like this nugget from Oct. ’91: “From the way Commodore bides the computer in CDTY, you’d think it was a lump of plutonium.” Cracks like this didn’t always endear these bad boys to the folks at Commodore. They lost a lew more fans in West Chester after ranting at length about how Philip’s CD-I would knock the stuffing out of CDTY’ partly because CD-I had no computer capability! Since I’ve yet to speak with a CD-I owner (or prospective owner, for that matter), I’m not sure .info's thinking was all that sound. Still, saying these tilings took guts. Humble Beginnings .info was started in 1983 by Benn Dun- nington as a quarterly, slapped together in a spare bedroom with a $ 595 C-64, a single (loppy drive, and a dotmatrix printer. Let me tell you, it was just as weird when it started as when it ended. Originally called the Cyborg Gazetter, it was described as "an irregular newsletter of obvious bias, primarily but not exclusively devoted to the amazing Commodore 64.” Not a whole lot of first issues were printed, but by the second issue, the circulation had grown to about 50. It later rose into the thousands. Although .info began as a C-64 book, once the Amiga arrived, coverage was split between the two systems. A couple of years later, it plunged headlong into the Amiga. These guys became real Amiga enthusiasts. Covers were done with 3-D software, and its small staff wrote most of the articles. They were total wee- 4 nies, even for a short while using bizarre titles like Editoroid and Senior Editoroid. Humble Pie When magazines go under, consumers usually ask if there is something wrong with the market, .info itself disagreed with this notion last October, saying that “...magazines come and magazines go. Many of them are underfunded to start with, often launched by those with more zeal than business sense. We don’t think interest in the Amiga is dying down at all, but has stabilized and specialized.

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Amiga World Vol 08 07 1992 Jul

Document sans nom AW’s 1992 Product Roundup & Review Bonanza-Featuring
- >50+ Top-Rated Clip Art Collections
• 22 Accelerator Upgrades
• 4 Investment Analyzers j Expanded Review Section, Games & More! Ikd USA. $ 3.95 I I II Canada $ 4.95 I I UK £2.80 An IDG Com m u n icat ions Publication
• a w& m .-•X *4 :>S '
- .V • * S V) Sf : - t) * vr j I r I 1 . V • [• ; o: I i I 1 ¦ ijii i t r v vi ¦v -’ :-V: ¦ fev:
- -¦ - - t- X llll '' :*v'‘ '•' ' '¦ • v
• 'X-n .. '‘V .T ‘ ‘ v V' |§§j|pi: v>-vv‘ ,-XC-: L-w Ci r;u ¦ t jB£« r't- »cj - j,
• -- w- ¦*¦*•*&£**?***
U. Ln
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• i SupraFAXModem
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As a high power Amiga® 3000 3000T user you need a 68040accelerator board for one reason... and one reason only... SPEED! THINK AGAIN! And once you know what makes one 68040 accelerator better than another, the only board you'll want is the G-FORCE 040 from CVP. WATCH OUT FOR SLOW DRAM BOTTLENECKS Yes, all 68040 CPU's are created equal but this doesn't mean that all accelerator %ds allow your A3000 to make the ost of the 68040 CPU's incredible performance. The A3000 was designed to work with low-cost, 80ns DRAM (memory) technology. As a result, anytime the '040 CPU accesses the A3000 motherboard, memory lots of CPU waitstates are introduced and all the reasons you bought your accelerator literally come to a screeching halt! Not true for the G-FORCE 040... SOLUTION: THE G-FORCE 040's FAST, 40ns, ON BOARD DRAM To eliminate this memory access bottleneck, we designed a special 1MB, 32-bit wide, non-mu ltiplexed, SIMM module using 40ns DRAMs (yes, forty nanoseconds!). This revolutionary memory module allows the G-FORCE 040 to be populated with up to 8MB of state-of-the- art, high performance, on-board DRAM. Think of this as a giant 8MB cache which lets the '040 CPU race along at the top performance speeds you paid for. SHOP SMART: COMPARE THESE G-FORCE 040 SPECS TO ANY OTHER *040 ACCELERATOR 68040 CPU running at 28Mhz providing 22 MIPS and 3.75 MFLOPS! NOTE: The 68040 incorporates a CPU. MMU. FPU and separate 4KB data and instruction caches on a single chip. ? 0 to 8MB of onboard, 40ns, non-multiplexed, DRAM. Fully auto-configured, user-installable SIMM modules lets you expand your A3000 to 24MB! DRAM controller design fully supports the 68040 CPU's burst memory access mode. Full DMA (Direct Memory Ac cess I to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral (e.g: the A3000's built- in hard disk controller]. ? Asynchronous design allows the 68040 to run at clock speeds independent of the A3000 motherboard speed. Allows easy upgrade to 33Mhz 68040 (over 25.3 MIPS!] when available from Motorola. ? Hardware support for allowing V2.0 Kickstart ROM to be copied into and mirrored by the high performance onboard DRAM. Its like caching the entire operating system! ? Software switchable 68030 "fallback" mode for full backward compatibility with the A3000's native 68030 CPU. ? Incorporates GVP's proven quality, experience and leadership in Amiga accelerator products. TRY A RAM DISK PERFORMANCE TEST AND SS FOR YOURSELF HOW THE G-FORCE 040 OUT PERFORMS THE COMPETITION Ask your dealer to run any "RAM disk" performance test and see the G-FORCE 040's amazing powers in action. So now that you know the facts, order your G-FORCE 040 today. After all, the only reason why you need an '040 accelerator is SPEED'. G-Force 040 is a registered trademark of Great Vatley Products Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodoro-Amiga. Inc. 1991 Great Valley Products Inc. A3000 "CPU slot' connector GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 * FAX (215) 337-9922 FEATI RES Motherboard (Pkoenix The Grapevine Group) 62 Makes your A1000 better than new! CONTACT 1.2 (Desktop Utilities Comultron) .....64 A record keeper with lots of extras. CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 7, JULY 1992 O Say Can You CD? By Lou Wallace and Doug Barney......24 Recent product announcements f rom Commodore may serve to more fully integrate CD-ROM applications with Amiga computer systems starting with the A500. Find out how to turn your Amiga 500 into a CD IV and, conversely, how to make a CD IV into an A500. ARTICLES ART in an Instant By Geoffrey Williams ..30 If you're in the market for rcadv-madc graphics, try this selective buyer’s guide to more than 50 of the best collections of clip art, textures, and backgrounds available. “Big 3 ” Upgrades Part II: Processing Power The Accelerator Equation By Sheldon Leemon .....[ = 7 The second of our three-pail series on “essential upgrades” examines a host of strategies for increasing the speed and power of your computer. Buying advice on more than 20 accelerator products for every kind of Amiga system. Investment Software By Gary Ludioick ..... 46 For productivity fans, here’s a comparative review of four investmcnt-analysis packages designed to help you use your Amiga to beat the market. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 Barney mourns the passing of one of Ilf ’s competitors this month. "Farewell, Bonn and Mark; .info, we hardly knew ye!” Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...48 Joel takes you on a “cyberspace” adventure as lie shows you how to combine painting and landscape-rendering techniques to create exciting effects. Video Suite By Paulo de Andrade .,50 Learn these useful tactical maneuvers and you'll be ready to combat the dreaded “dropout” that decimates many a video production. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 Full reports on a busy spring season of Amiga slum s plus a wad of new products and PD offerings. Help Key ...76 “Gold Glover” Lou Wallace still leads the league in making technical assists, so keep those questions coining. The Last Word ....104 We aim to please, so please aim your concerns in our direction. REVIEWS Presentation Master (Oxxi) 16 Slide creation is the forte nl this multimedia-present at ion package. The Miracle Plano Teaching SYSTEM (Software Toolworks) .17 Rave notices for Miracle’s method. DynaCADD 2.04 (Ditck int'l).....18 Strong 3-D enhancements to revision. CALIGARI2 and CALIGARI Broadcast 2.1 (Octree) ...20 Low-end and high-end updates to superb 3-D package. Hard Disk Organizer v3.04 (Display Systems) and WORKBENCH Management System v3.0 (ttr). . 6 5 Utilities to shape up your hard drive. Aegis Visionary (Oxxi) ...68 Adventure-game authoring language. Video Escort and Freelance ESCORT (Mr. Hardware) .....69 Specialized applications for freelancers. Personal Fonts Maker (Cloanto Centaur) ...72 Customized screen and printer fonts. RACETRACE 1.32 (RGB Software)... 7 4 From bitmaps to vector-based drawings. Back Talk ..74 Responses to previous A1V reviews. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter oiafson 82 1 ips and tricks from the Grand Master of Amiga games. Elvira II (Accolade) 82 Match wits with “The Jaws of Cerberus.” Sim Ant: The Electronic Ant Colony (Maxis) ......82 The “Sim City* of the insect world. 4-D Boxing (Electronic Arts) 84 Super-realistic action via “Tru-Motion.” Good Games in Small Packages .....87 Seven little gems from a variety of lesser- n known game developers. AW Product Information.. 100 lo contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list. THE FINAL WORD IN RAM EXPANSION
• The best things come in small packages!
• The smallest and
• most compact
• fl WS RAM Expansion board for the A2000.
• Once again GVP proves to be the technology leader. 2 MB of factory installed memory. SIMM sockets for up to 6MB user installed memory modules. (Shown here fully populated) GVP’s VLSI custom chip allows dramatic decrease in number of parts required. Features: v' 2MB of factory installed RAM, expandable to 8MB. V All memory is fully Auto-Configured. V Also supports a 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. V Uses easy-to*install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! Y GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an SMB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! Lower parts count also means highest possible reliability and life expectancy. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amiga, Inc Circle 1 on Reader Service card AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Douglas Barney, Fditor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Swain Pratt, Managing Editor BARBARA GeFVERT, Senior Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, Peter OLAFSON, Contributing Editors Howard G, Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer DEBRA A. Davies, Production Supervisor ALAN A Korda, Manufacturing Manager MlCHAF.L McGoLDRICK, Advertising Director BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER Guinard, Sales Representative, Partial pages if InfoMarket, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-1018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 WEND1E Haines MaRRO, Marketing Director LiSAJaILLET, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President SUSAN M. Hans HAW, Director of Operations Lisa LaFleur, Business if Operations Manager Mary McCole, President's Assistant: Customer Service Liaison KENNETH Blakeman, Associate Publisher, Ancillary Products LYNN LAGASSE, Video Products Manager CHRIS Conroy, Technical Director. Video Products TlM WALSH, Ancillary Products Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director WlLLIAM M. Boyer. Director of Credit Sales if Collections AmgalVurld (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Nv. AmigaWorld is published monthly by TechMedia Publishing, Inc., an
11) (i Company. 80 Elm St., Ivuerhorough, NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97. one year; $ 57.97. two years; $ 84.97, three years. Canada $ 41 97 (includes GST). Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. Pivpaynient in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank is ie |iiiiedon all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates ate one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Ivterbormigh, Nil, and at additional mailing offices. Phone; 603-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1992 by Tech Media Publishing, Inc. No part of This publication may be printed or otheiwi.se reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to Amiga 11 ’arid. Subscription Services, I’O Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80522-8801. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co. ,1 miga World makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. AmigaWaild assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions 01V ADD 286 "PC AT” COMPATIBILITY TO YOUR A500" IN A "SNAP” WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARRANTY ON YOUR A500! GUP'S SERIES II A500-HD8+ NOW FEATURES AN OPTIONAL, PLUG-IN, 16MHZ PG286 EMULATOR MODULE! Not only have we added a PC286 emulator option to our best selling A500 hard drive subsystem but our Series U™ A500-HD8 units are now equipped exclusively with Quantum™ hard drives offering the fastest access times and data transfer rates, unique disk caching and the highest reliability (MTBF) rating in the industry. Coupled with our world acclaimed DMA SCSI controller, everything from loading software to saving files is so much faster that you finally have the time to enjoy the fun and productivity that you bought your A500 for in the first place. THE MAGIC BEHIND GVP's SERIES IIA500-HD8+ HARD DRIVE MUSCLE Check out these unequalled features: Choice of factory-installed 50, 120 or 240MB Quantum SCSI hard drives. Provides storage space of 56,130 or 260 floppy disks! Game Switch for disabling die hard drive allowing compatibility with those few badly behaved games which don't like hard drives! } A2000™ Hard Drive Performance. The A500HD8+ uses the same Custom DMA VLSI Chip and FAAASTROM technologies as our top-selling, high performance, Series IP1 A2000 SCSI controllers. ? Up to 8MB of User-Installable Internal FAST RAM expansion (SIMMs). ? External SCSI port for connecting additional SCSI Peripherals such as Tape Drives, CD- ROM drives, etc. Unique Internal "Mini-Slot" Expansion Connector and Fan for Cool, Reliable Operation. ? Includes Dedicated Power Supply ensuring that your A500 power supply is not overloaded (a MUST for adherence to Commodore specs). PLUS, now we offer something NO OTHER FLARD DRAT SUBSYSTEM can, an optional plug-in 16Mhz 286 "PC" Emulator! THE MAGIC OF THE GVP PC286 EMULATOR OPENS MICROSOFT WINDOWS AND MORE. Our new GVP PC286 emulator module is the first A500 peripheral specifically designed to be plugged into our unique internal "Mim-Slot". Unlike other 286 PC emulators, this one fits right inside your A500HD8+ housing! So installation is a snap and there's no need to open and dismantle your A500™ and run the risk of VOIDING YOUR Computer's WARRANTY. In fact your warranty worries are over, because the A500-HD8+ as well as the optional GVP PC286 emulator module are now warranted for 2 FULL YEARS!! The GVP PC286 "Mini-Slot" module features:
• Runs MS-DOS (V3.2 or upl, Microsoft Windows™ and literally thousands of PC applications. NOTE: MS-DOS Operating system is NOT Included.
• 16Mhz 80286 CPU. Up to 15 times faster than IBM's original PC!
• Complete Hercules™, CGA, EG A VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video emulations. MS-DOS applications can use the A500's™ built-in parallel and serial ports transparently.
• Use the A500's floppy drive(s) to read write MS-DOS floppies.
• Let's your A500 run MS-DOS and Airiga 4 a tfaotiTiiiii d Commoowo- Am«ja. Inc O 1991 Great Valley PfWJgCtt Inc AmigaDOS Applications Concurrently!!
• 512KB of Onboard Memory (RAMI for exclusive use by MS-DOS. Transparent access to the A500's memory for MS-DOS applications requiring more than 512KB of memory!
• Socket for optional 80C287 (CMOS) Floating Point Unit. PLUS, your Series IIA500-FID8+ matches your Amiga™ 500's good looks line-for-line and curve-for-curve. So... Be Smart, before you buy anyone else's A500™ hard drive or RAM expansion system, ask the question: "Does It Have a Mini-Slot"; Why settle for anything less? GVP PC286 MODULE 80286 CPU «P ¦¦¦¦-mmm mmmr MM ¦¦ 4M>-------------------- mmm * wmb mwmm. A mmmm * wmmma MM mmm
• MM9 ..... GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 PROBABLY' ABOUT A THIRD or a quarter of you flipped regularly through .info, and a slightly larger group likely read occasional issues. For those of you who read and liked it. I’ve got a spot of bad news: .info has suspended publication, and no new issues will appear unless a major investor is found. Of course, this happened once before, and .info made it back, so anything is possible. CHIEF CONCERNS Most of the multitude of Amiga magazines have bit the dust and now it’s farewell to good old .info. Many disliked .info, mainly for its rambunctious, often obnoxious style. I’m not one of them. The magazine was far from perfect, but for me, that was part of the appeal. It was unpolished and up front. It didn’t hesitate to ridicule (AmigaWorld was a regular target) and to let fly with opinions, no matter how ill-founded. Fact is, it once called AmigaWorld issues "so generic it’s hard to tell one year’s issues from the next." And in 1988, it was nice enough to point out that we repeatedly referred to Dr. T’s as Dr. Tease. It reeked of personality. If you liked Benn and Mark, .info's tag team of Amiga publishing, then you probably liked the magazine. In my almost three years with Amiga- World, I’ve seen the demise of AMIGA Times, Amiga Resource, Transactor, Commodore Magazine, Amiga Plus, A.X., Amiga Sentry, and now .info. Of them all, .info is the one I’ll miss most. Almost all the others were slicker and more informative, but none bad the humor or the spirit. Like this nugget from Oct. ’91: “From the way Commodore bides the computer in CDTY, you’d think it was a lump of plutonium.” Cracks like this didn’t always endear these bad boys to the folks at Commodore. They lost a lew more fans in West Chester after ranting at length about how Philip’s CD-I would knock the stuffing out of CDTY’ partly because CD-I had no computer capability! Since I’ve yet to speak with a CD-I owner (or prospective owner, for that matter), I’m not sure .info's thinking was all that sound. Still, saying these tilings took guts. Humble Beginnings .info was started in 1983 by Benn Dun- nington as a quarterly, slapped together in a spare bedroom with a $ 595 C-64, a single (loppy drive, and a dotmatrix printer. Let me tell you, it was just as weird when it started as when it ended. Originally called the Cyborg Gazetter, it was described as "an irregular newsletter of obvious bias, primarily but not exclusively devoted to the amazing Commodore 64.” Not a whole lot of first issues were printed, but by the second issue, the circulation had grown to about 50. It later rose into the thousands. Although .info began as a C-64 book, once the Amiga arrived, coverage was split between the two systems. A couple of years later, it plunged headlong into the Amiga. These guys became real Amiga enthusiasts. Covers were done with 3-D software, and its small staff wrote most of the articles. They were total wee- 4 nies, even for a short while using bizarre titles like Editoroid and Senior Editoroid. Humble Pie When magazines go under, consumers usually ask if there is something wrong with the market, .info itself disagreed with this notion last October, saying that “...magazines come and magazines go. Many of them are underfunded to start with, often launched by those with more zeal than business sense. We don’t think interest in the Amiga is dying down at all, but has stabilized and specialized.” They added that many users read video magazines, and that these magazines “are adding more and more Amiga coverage.” In fact, if you look at the Mac market, there are still only two major magazines. The Amiga magazine market was hugely overbuilt. The demise of.info says more about a change in our market than a decline. Amiga World remains as healthy as ever, new special-interest Amiga magazines are now popping up, mainly in the video area, and other specialized magazines do devote significant space to the Amiga. This theory may be difficult for outsiders to get. Richard Szathmary, a self-proclaimed expert on trade-maga- zinc publishing (he is, alter all, senior associate editor of Sales & Marketing Management, by gum.), recently published a column in Magazine Week. Szathmary related a conversation he had had with a retired publisher, one of whose grandsons has an Amiga computer and therefore subscribes to Amiga World. "But how long can you keep a magazine like that going?” he quoted the publisher as saying. "There can’t be enough editorial material month after month that’s significantly different from what you covered the month before.” Maybe he’s right. We may have only another decade or two left in us. ¦ Our new G-Force 030 Combo board for the A2000 is truly in a class of its own and has no equal. It’s equivalent to four expansion boards in a single slotI With its ‘030 Central Processor and 68882 Floating Point Processor (both running at a clock speed of up to 50Mhz)t 4 to 16MB RAM and on-board DMA SCSI Controller, the G-Force 030 Combo gives you more performance and control for the money than any other single board out there. G-FORCE 030 COMBO THE MUST HAVE A2000 ADD-ON or40MHz m. 32-Bit RAM EXPANSION... DMA SCSIC0RTR0L1ER... HARD-DISK-CARD & IT’S A COMPLETE SYSTEM ON A SINGLE BOARD Give your Amiga a massive memory boost... Make your Amiga faster than a speeding bullet.,. Use your Amiga with virtually every and any SCSI device on the market from CD-ROM drives, to Magneto- Optical and tape-based storage devices... Get all the storage capacity and perfor* mance of the latest SCSI hard drives with our optional hard drive mounting bracket you can even turn it into a 240MB Quantum Hard-Disk-Card... Save lots of time working with desktop publishing, animation, ray tracing and modeling programs... Speed up all your New Tek Video Toaster™ applications. A perfect match... Plus, the G-Force 030 Combo plugs into your A2000's CPU slot, leaving all your normal expansions slots open and free for other uses! It's no wonder we say the G-FORCE 030 Combo is the Afust Have Add-on for your A2000. IT S A COMPLETE SYSTEM ON A SINGLE BOARD Just look what you get from this workhorse, powerhouse: COMBO
• 50Mhz 68030 or 4QMhz 68EC030 CPU. Whichever one you choose your A2000 will out-perform even the latest A3000 systems.
• 5QMhz or 4QMhz 68882 FPU, math processor.
• 4MB of high performance, 60ns, 32- bit wide RAM expansion. User upgradeable to 16MB with easy-to-install 4MB SIMM modules.
• High Performance, Auto-booting, DMA SCSI controller which can DMA directly to from the full 16MB range of 32-bit wide RAM just like the A3000!
• SCSI connectors for connecting both internal and external SCSI peripherals.
• Hardware support for mapping the A2000 Kickstart ROM into the highspeed 32-bit wide on-board RAM. It's like caching the entire operating system!
• Icon-based, Software Switchable, 68000 Fallback mode.
• Converts to Hard-Disk-Card with Optional Hard Drive Mounting bracket. AND FOR THE MUST HAVE OF ALL HARD DISK CARDS... Our optional "Hard-Disk-Card" Conversion Kit turns your G-Force 030 Combo board into a Hard-Disk-Card the drive mounts directly on the Combo board itself even saving you a peripheral bay! For real price performance ask your dealer about our factory installed 120MB or 240MB Quantum hard drive bundles * look for our seal! Not only do you get a great price but with our new two-year warranty, you will get the piece of mind you deserve. Mmmmr'
- v __ -
• WriiW mm MB M m m mm mmm mmtmm. W GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, Kiny of Prussia, PA 19406 Far more information or your nearest GUP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tet, (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Fcwte 030 s a registered trademark od Great Wafcy Products Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Armga, Inc. All other trademarks are tne property ot their respective owners. © 1991 Great Valley Products Inc LAS VEGAS, NEVADA This year's National Association of Broadcasters show was exciting and not just because a protester stormed the podium to smash Ronald Reagan's glass trophy. For Amiga users, the show was exciting because it indicated that the Amiga is now fully accepted by the video industry. Supporting this was the Amiga’s appearance in the booths of several mainstream companies in addition to those of Amiga developers. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Welcome to the Industry! Amigas Accepted at NAB Oncol the most significant new Amiga video products is from Great Valley Products (RS 101). The ADDI digital image-processing workstation is based on an enhanced Amiga and several proprietary programs. The software allows easy creation of keyiayers and masks, using 24-bit digital video data, and it offers an incredible assortment of image-manipu- lation options. Games for All Players Hoi Polloi! With five levels of complexity, hundreds of objects to maneuver around, and scores of pitfalls to avoid, Hoi, Let’s Play ($ 39.95) promises to challenge all your arcade skills. Hoi offers a 256-color display (even on 512K Amigas) and on both PAL and NTSC systems. In the graphic adventure Lords of Time ($ 49.95). you must guide a traveler through space and time. To keep your interest piqued, the program randomly selects various key puzzle elements each time you play. Contact Hollyware Entertainment (RS 113) for details on Hoi and Lords of Time. The military-history game Rise and Decline of the Third Reich (Avalon Hill. $ 39.95) includes military, economic, geographical, ideological and chronological elements. Choose human or computer opponents for either side (a special save The ADDI hardware provides all the muscle needed to push that information around: GVP’s 50-MHz 68030 and FV24 true-color display, 16MB of RAM, a 420MB hard disk, a transcoder video interface, a genlock, a real-time Frame- grabber, support for Y C, RGB, and NTSC, and an optional one-gigabyte removable optical drive. At around $ 20,000, ADDI docs not come cheap, but it is much less expensive than comparable video systems. Along with ADDI, GVP showed its 68030 and 040 accelerators, IV24, and a redesigned interlace for the IV24*s Macropaint software. Also in GVP’s booth was Octree (RS 102), demonstrating the speed and the image quality of its new Broadcast Caligari 3-D system. Some fantastic Caligari-generated images backed up the product’s claims. Also present was RGB Computer & function facilitates play by mail) and one of three European scenarios. The graphic interface promises to be a winner... how about you? (RS 114.) Another WWII simulation, Panzer Continued on p. 14. Video (RS 103), which wowed folks with AmiLink Professional, a full-featured video-editing package. Available in Amiga, Windows, and OS2 flavors, AmiLink Pro supports up to 16 source VTRs and four record decks (both serial and parallel), VITC and ETC SMPTE EBU time code, EDL, inter-lbrmat mixing, Video Toaster transitions and animations, and CMX 3600 edit decision list input output. AmiLink Cl and AmiLink Jr. Are designed to work with less expensive gear, but offer many features of the high- end product. NewTek blew people away with Toaster
2. 0 (RS 104). While no other new products were evident, stay timed NewTek should have new items soon. Interestingly, people who earlier scoffed at the Toaster mentioned they are now ready to buy, and several companies announced “Toaster Killers.” Among these are MS- ? Our Spirits Are in the Amiga World NEW YORK, NEW YORK April's World of Amiga show made attendees happy, whether they wanted to ramp up display resolution, plot a presentation, run a train layout, or dissect a corpse. Great Valley Products brought the most exciting surprises, including its EGS-110 24 ($ 2699 with 4MB of VRAM, S3399 with SMB). Plugging into the 32-bit bus of GVP's A2000 '030 and ’040 boards, this 24-bit retargetable-graphics board offers user- selectable displays of up to 1600X1280, including NTSC-, PAL-, and SECAM standard screens. Most importantly, the board runs Workbench! With the supplied driver, EGS-110 24 promises to run most Amiga applications without modification. IV24, GVP's other multifunction 24-bit graphics board, got a boost with the addition of a cable-TV tuner and the Video Interface Unit (VIU), a video* transcoder available in basic (VIU-S) and professional (VIU CT) versions. For converting, touching up, and animating Continued on p. I f. To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 100. Quarterback * Backup started Feb 11, 1992 at 10: di$ ystem2.0 Backup in progress.
E) C RddBuffers Arc
2) flss i gn 3 flva * I 3 BindDriuers
2) Break
2) ChangeTaskPr i ConCIip Copy CPU Date 2} Delete Dir DiskChange DiskOoctor DiskSaiv Ded D Edit 3 Eva I
2) Execute 2] Fi lenote 3 IconX 2] Info 3 InstaI I D Iprefs
• The fastest backup and archiving program on the Amiga! ?
• Supports up to four floppy drives for backup and restore
• New integrated streaming tape support
• New “compression” option for backups
• Optional password protection, with encryption, for data security
• Full tape control for retension, erase and rewinding
• New “interrogator, ” retrieves device information from SCSI devices
• Capable of complete, subdirectory-only, or selected-files backup and restore
• Improved wild card and pattern matching, for fast and easy selective archiving
• Restores all date and time stamps, file notes, and protection bits on hies and directories
• Supports both hard and soft links
• Full macro and AREXX support
• Full Workbench 2,0 compatibility
• Improved user interface, with Workbench 2,0 style “3-D” appearance
• Many more features! K. Thousands of people rely on Quarterback for their backup and archival needs. Now, with Quarterback 5.0, there is even more reason to do so. Greater speed, even more features, and proven reliability. And a new “3-D'? User interface puts these powerful capabilities at your finger tips. With features like these, it is no wonder that Quarterback is the best selling backup program for the Amiga. Would you trust your data with anything less? I Central Coast Software A Division Of New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 • FAX (512) 328-1925 Quarterback is a trademark of Hew Horizons Software, Inc. A DOS Windows products Matrox Studio (about S10,000) and The Video Machine (around $ 4,000) from Germany's FAST Electronics. Digital Creations impressed crowds with DCTV and its applications. Some made such remarks as “With this, why do I need an expensive paintbox?" DCTV was also a hit with those who need full NTSC animation hut lack a frame-accurate VTR. At one display 1 saw a Super- Gen 3000 a new external genlock lor the A3000 and an RGB adapter for DC1Y, which should he finished soon. Finally, the two-channel TBC Kitchen * Sync drew attention from budget-minded shoppers. (RS 105.) DPS. An innovator in low-cost time- base correction, showed its Personal TBC-II and its new Personal Vector- scope and Personal Waveform Monitor cards, all of which generated a lot of interest (RS 106). Nearby, I.Den displayed its new Amiga TBCard, sporting an optional external controller (theTR-
7) . With a well-deserved reputation for quality, I.Den seems to legitimize the TBC-on-a-card market. (RS 107.) Present in both Sonv and Panasonic booths was DiaQiiest (RS 108), maker of the DQ-TACO animation controller for Amiga. Diaquest controllers seemed to he the device of choice at both booths. Multimedia guru Martin Ricketts kept an A2000 busy recording a Caligari animation to a Panasonic recordable laserdisc system (RS 109). United Media (RS 110), well known for its video-editing products, showed some new Amiga devices. Its VAC-110 is a GPI controller for use with the Video Toaster, while its VAC-120 is a single- frame controller for animation work with any RS-422 video recorder. Finally, Sony's new EVO-9650 Hi8 M R is well worth mentioning even if it is not an Amiga-specific product. Designed as a VTR for animators, it is fully single-frame capable. (RS 111.) LRW Hi-Res Star Ameristar Technologies announces 1600GX. A hi-re , 32-hit, graphics board for tho A3000. While the palette is set at 16 million colors, both the resolution and pixel-output rate are programmable up to 1600X1280 and 180 million pixels per second, respectively. The card also supports such noninterlaced resolutions as 640X400. 800X600, 1024X768, 1152X900, 1280X1024, and 1600X1200. The on-board graphics processor promises a drawing rate of 100 million pixels per second and draws quadrilaterals, triangles, lines, and points at full videomemory bandwidth. The board directly supports X-Windows drawing modes and a direct-access, memory- mapped framebuffer for image processing. Several developers are working on software versions to take advantage of the board. Among these are GfxBase, which will support Commodore's A3000UX system as well as X-Windows. The 1600GX is available on its own for S2495 or bundled with a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 20 monitor for $ 5995. (RS 118.) As 1 write this, the stock marked is a picture of prosperity. While the economic health of much of the world teeters on the verge of collapse. Wall Street lias ridden a crest of record-breaking highs. Because catchy phrases like “severely insolvent" and “bad credit risk" are peppered throughout my financial dossier. I'm not in a position to invest. But those who have survived the recession thus far with money in hand may find it the perfect time to jump in. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh While the networks cannot ensure that you'll buy low and sell high, they can get you the necessary i n format ion aud fast. Serving as the most direct connection to Wall Street, telecommunication is essential for savvy investors. Outfit vourAmi- r » ga with a modem and a network account, and you can quickly become as susceptible to heart palpitations as any over-paid investment agent. Bigger = Better If von are serious about invest- ing, CompuServe is a logical choice for a network account. Its most valuable investment service is the Money Matters area. Within this busy department is an area called Quotes, which gives you timely slock-juice reports. In the subarea 1 lighlights, you can find such options as Current Quotes. Highlights from the Previous Day, Commodity Markets. Mutual Fund Analysis, Investment Analysis, and Current Market Snapshot. The latter gives you the major indexes such as Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 and their respective highs, lows and changes from the previous day. It also lets you monitor foreign exchange rates. Genie. Too. Offers timely information. Part of the Genie* Basic services, the Money Matters Personal Finance Round- Table includes Closing Stock Quotes and three bulletin boards, including one where you can post and read investment-related messages. Genie’s Investing Round- Table offers a smattering of services, including Dow Jones News Retrieval and Charles Schwab Brokerage. The former oilers more than 60 databases (at extra cost) and lets von monitor stock action as it happens on Wall Street. Calculating that extra cost is not easy, because most prime-time ju ice checks are variable, but 1 figured an average of about S1.56. plus S.90 per Information Unit transmitted. (.An Information Unit is "1000 characters, including carriage returns and spaces.”) Nonprime-time checks run a fraction of that, with most around S. 15 plus $ .24 per Information Unit. Please note that Genie does not recognize pre-existing Dow jones accounts. If you currently .1 have a Dow Jones account, you must establish a separate one on Genie to access via the Genie Gateway. Also, to obtain the navigational commands and codes lor accessing the information, you must order a $ 9.95 News Retrieval User’s Guide. Modest Returns The smaller networks do not fare as well For investment information. BIX offers a Finances area that is broken down into numerous smaller categories, such as Taxes, Trends, Personal, and my personal favorite, Flames. These areas are not sources of news, leads, and stock activity, but rather provide a platform where BIX users can share financial experiences, flaunt their financial knowledge, and post comments and questions. Do not write off this banter, though financial discussions rarely make for boring reading. Portal offers only the UPI Newswire (within the Clarinet gateway service) for financial updates. While there are no stock market listings, the news is updated throughout the day. In addition to normal connect charges, the Newswire sendee is an additional $ 4 per month. BIX General Videotext Corp. 1030 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe PO Box 20212 Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 N. Washington St. Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9! 11 _ With the most powerfulcomprehensive 8-bit Digital Sound Package to ever orchestrate an Amiga ?UNO STUDIO jjla. TH to d operation. Also convert mono to stereo or separate stereo. V Auto-playing music modules. Digital Sound Studio The Affordable Answer to Your Audio Dreams Record, Edit, Compose... With a high-quality stereo sound sampler; A fast, powerful, easy-to-use sound editor; And a self-contained 4-track sequencer. For all the sound effects and music you could ever Imagine. ? Record sound samples from any source, including voices, noise, and pre-recorded instruments, to create your own instruments and effects. ? Edit sounds quickly in real time. Add effects like reverb and echo, run sounds backward, alter wave forms, cut and paste sound segments, create loops, eliminate pops and scratches. ? Compose easily using the DSS 4-track sequencer and your Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Draw from up to 31 instruments at a time, in up to four octaves with 8 different variable effects. Mix and modify sounds in real time as you compose, through direct interface with the sound editor. DSS Stretches the outer limits of 8-bit sound
• Create your own 4-track, self-playing musical compositions.
• Make soundtracks for home video, animation or visual presentations complete with voice-over, sound effects and music.
• Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation.
• Analyze graphic equalization of real-time sound.
• Remove "pops” from old phonograph recordings.
• Create custom instruments and sound effects by collecting and or modifying pre-recorded instruments, voice, or sounds from any source, and use them in your own compositions.
• Save your sound and music to disk or send it out via modem for replay on any Amiga. Check out these unparalleled features V AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible; written in assembly language. V Multi-tasking operation. V 68020 and 68030 compatible, V Comprehensive tutorial manual helps even beginners get started right away. Intuition-based graphic interface makes operation easy. V MIDI-in capability. V Direct interface between sequencer and editor. V Hold 31 sound samples in memory at once all shown on screen so they are easy to manipulate. V Effects and processing capabilities include echo, mix, filter, re-sample, sound data inversion, playing sounds backwards, loops, fade-in fade-out and more. V Manipulate sound samples in real time, as you listen. V Create sampled instruments with 1, 3 and 5 octaves. V HTFI recording for highest quality playback. V Controls for faster slower playback and filtering high frequencies during playback. V Load and save samples, songs and instruments in multiple formats. V Multiple effects for each note. V Stereo and monophonic V Real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. V Real-time reverberation. V Graphic editing of wave fonns through easy-to-use functions, including zoom in out and precision controls for position, frequency and amplitude. V Draw sound waves freehand using the mouse, t Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. V Maximum recording speed of 51,000 samples second (38,908 samples second in stereo).
* Savable Preference settings. V Saves in IFF, SONIX or RAW formats. Y Compatible with SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and SoundFX modules. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 FX New Worlds Centaur Software has updated World Atlas to version 2.5 ($ 59.95; upgrade just $ 10). Completely rewritten in C, the program reflects recent statistical and political changes and features hard-disk installation, print functions, AmigaDOS
2. 0 compatibility, and an Arexx interface (RS 128) Version 3.0 of Prolific* Pro-Board cir- cuit-board design program adds full autoplacement and autorouting, allows increased routing density, and directly supports 18-layer PCBs as well as HPGL and Photo plotters. The list price is $ 439; current owners should contact Prolific for upgrade details. Fully compatible with the new Pro- Board and versions above 2.0A is Prolilie’s Pro-Drill, which lets you quickly specify Pad, Via, and custom hole sizes for PCBs. It supports the True-Dri 11 format and costs $ 89. (RS 129.) Assume you’ve seen the latest in hypertext? Think again! Thinker 2.1.4 is here, and can treat any CD-ROM database as a Thinker document. Replace clumsy searches with direct subject-to- Together at last...as GFX-CAD subject hypertext links and modify read-only Thinker documents. A better interface and Arexx support round out Poor Person Software's new offerings. (RS 130.) Doug’s Color Commander palette- control program is now noncopy-protected and compatible with Workbench
2. 0. It can screen print and offers a save- delav feature, too. DCC 1.0 owners can upgrade for S10 through Seven Seas Software. (RS 131.) Bars&Pipes Pro has a more polished image, thanks to a few enhancements and bug fixes. Version l.Oe, available to registered owners for $ 9.50 from The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, also allows full access to the Pro Studio and Creativity kits. (RS 133.) The latest version of AVT’s X-CAD Professional joins Grafx Computing’s X- Shell 3.0 menu interface to form GFX- CAD ($ 359). Purchase of the integrated package gets you stateside tech support and a six-month CAD newsletter subscription. .Already have one or both components? You can upgrade for S49 or $ 169. A rewritten manual accompanies the new X-Shell. Contact Grafx for details. (RS 134.) Indeed, 3-D! Colorized Movies Your children can learn about the environment white having fun with the FemGuIly Computerized Coloring Book. Based on the movie FernGully... The Last Rainforest, the program lets kids combine their choice of five backgrounds and over 20 characters = including Crysta, Pips, Batty Koda, and The Beetle Boys), color them in 16 colors, and then print. The Parent Teacher Learning Guide suggests entertaining projects (such as story-book making) and educational ones (such as preservation). Do your kids prefer the movies Home Alone or Rock-A-Doodle? Then choose one of these "coloring books," which come with learning guides that center on child safety (Home Atone) and friendship, courage, and rock-and-roll (Rock-A-Doodfs). Designed for ages three and up, each program is S29.95 from Capstone! IntraCorp. IRS 112.) Designed to make computer modeling as similar as possible to day modeling, Animatrix Modeler 1.02 (DuBois Animation, $ 99.95) loads and saves in Sculpt, Turbo Imagine, and VideoScape formats. You perform all operations on a single full-screen view of the object, which you can turn to any position in real time. The modeler distinguishes near edges from far with brighter coloring, and lets you select individual faces for shaded display white modeling. It also provides single- and grouped-point editing, subdivision of faces and edges, magnetism, and more. Animatrix is compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0 ancl requires at least
1. 5MB to run (3MB is better). A demo version of the program is $ 18, $ 15 of which applies toward purchase. (RS 125.) Platonic solids; prisms and antiprisms; Archimedean solids. These and more are in Polyhedra ($ 25), Techtiical Tools' collection of over 50 geometric solids for use with Impulse’s Imagine. Each object comes in wireframe form, which shows its polyhedral structure, and in solid form, with faces colored to indicate symmetry planes. (RS 126.) Now available in Caligari2 format (in addition to Imagine and LightWave versions) is Unili Graphics' Broadcast Fonts 3D (S 149.95). It oilers nine tradi- tional-style font sets that include 30 punctuation marks. An International Character Supplement is available separately for $ 99.95. All characters are designed to optimize Phong shading. This version is the first to incorporate Unili’s AQPoints system for maintaining proper angle thresholds during curve generation. Contact Unili for a free demo. (RS 127.) Financial Assistance Need help with your finances? LPCalc (Solid Gold Software, S49.95), Retail Escort (Mr. Hardware, $ 499.95), and Home Front 2.0 (Designing Minds Software, $ 99.95) are up to the challenge. LPCalc Linear Programming Calculator is a business-planning program that combines a spreadsheet-style window interface with the behavior of a command-driven database. Several manufacturing and financial templates are included to start you analyzing data and generating reports. (RS 119.) Designed for retail businesses, Retail Escort includes customer and supplier databases, inventor)-* control with stock balancing, order tracking with a back-order function, label printing, invoicing with account aging, a price-quoting function, ready-made forms and reports, and password protection. To run Retail Escort, you’ll need 1MB of RAM, a hard drive, and Oxxi’s SuperBase 4. (RS 120.) For your home or small business, Home Front 2.0 handles several functions accounting, cost forecasting and loan analysis, and address, home-inven- tory, tax, and recipe management. It promises to support 99 accounts with 1000 categories and more than 32,500 transactions. Other useful functions include automatic backup and check and graph printing. (RS 121.) AND DRIVE-ING HARD TO STAY THAT WAY! Easy-to-Install SIMM memory modules for configurations up to 8MB-and support BridgeBoard users with the 6MB FAST RAM. Support for virtually any SCSI device.
• Fastest and easiest SCSI installation possible. ? GVP's A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- JUST LOOK FOR THE GVP FACTORY INSTALLED SEAL Remember if the GVP Factory Installed seal shown in this ad isn't on your A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 box ... it isn't the fastest, most powerful, longest warrantied, safest A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105 Q or 200 you can buy. Ask for and accept only GVP A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 with the Factory? Installed seal. For more information Only GVP Factory Installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 SCSI Hard Disk+RAM Boards have a track record this good over 20,000 satisfied Amiga® users and now a 2-Year Warranty! Don't waste your valuable time or money building a SCSI+RAM Controller from parts... Because of our unprecedented pricing structure you can now get GVP's, brand name, factory installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 at a very competitive price. ?GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- THE SAFEST CHOICE Look for the GVP Factory Installed Drive Seal... it's your assurance that your A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 has been installed and tested in GVP's own factory ... And the 2 year limited warranty protects you better and longer than any third party installed drive. And with third party drives you run the risk of a run around if anything does go wrong. ?GVP's A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- NOW EVEN FASTER WITH FV ASTROM M 4.0 All A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 have been redesigned and equipped with GVP's newest fastest SCSI Driver - FMASTROM 4.0. Plus, we've also doubled Western Digital's SCSI Controller clock speed to 14Mhz-for a tremendous increase in speed ... ?GVP's A2000HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
• Custom chip design for the fastest possible data transfer rates and DMA performance-even in a multi-tasking environment. Ask your dealer about Syquest 44MB or 80MB removable hard drives for use with any GVP SCSI Controller Special factory-bundled configurations are now available. For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amiga is a logmenm H adorn mk of C ommoaoiO' Amiga I no C 1991 Gioa! Vai'ay Piaducti Inc OVER S 6 A Games, from p. 8. Battles (Strategic Studies Group, S49.95) recreates six scenes from the Russian Front. The game follows the popular Halls of Montezuma release, and also includes SSG’s acclaimed WarPlan and War Runt kits to let you change scenarios, create new battles, or alter the landscape. You’ll need 1MB of RAM and Workbench 1.2 or 1.3 to play; two drives are recommended. (RS 115.) Also requiring 1 MB is Lavandiss (Cottage Software, $ 39.95), a role-playing adventure. In it. You become a sorcerer’s j apprentice who must gather spells and power to defeat awful ogres. Play using one of the game modules included or create your own, adding original maps, potions, spells, and monster habitats. (RS 116.) More role playing awaits you in Mind- craft's The Keys to Maramon (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95), wherein you play the hero or heroine attempting to end monster attacks against the town of Maramon. By day, you gather supplies and information from town. By night, you battle behemoths and explore the catacombs of Maramon, using your wits to ferret out the monsters’ source and stop their terrorism. (RS 1 17.) Enter Here The Video .Association of Dallas is gearing up for its sixth annual Dallas Video Festival, scheduled November 5-8 at the Dallas Museum of Art. Now one of the largest video festivals in the US, it shows the ‘’state of the medium” as art, entertainment, document, archive, and commerce. Among its special programs are KidVid. Which oilers workshops for children. The submissions deadline is August 17, 1992; call (214 651-8888), write (125A Hcnrv St., Dallas, TX 75226), or Fix (214 651-8896) the .Association for details. Progressive Peripherals b Software makes turning 40 something to cheer about for A500 owners, too. The company's newest 68040 boards, which promise to run your A500 at up to five times the speed of a 68030-based machine, are due for release in June. The Progressive 040 500 combines a 28-MHz 040 with 4MB of 32-bit RAM and a floating-point coprocessor (to boost math-intensive tasks). A utility conveniently copies AmigaDOS into 32-bit RAM for system-wide speed enhancement. Although PP&S promises compatibility with most commercial software and hardware, a software-switch lets you access 68000 mode for complete assurance. Also, while the board provides 2.0 Kickstart ROMs, you can easily revert to 1.3. The more economical Progressive 040 500S gives you all the features of the 040 500 except for the floating-point processor. (RS 124.) The entry deadline for Amiga World's third annual Amiga animation video contest is October 15. This year we seek 2-D and 3-D animations of three minutes or less depicting state-of-the-art style and technique. Among over $ 20,000 in prizes is a souped-up A3000. Send your entry on professional-format tape (Vi-inch. Hi-8 orSVHS) along with a VHS copy and enough disk material to prove it was generated on an Amiga. Or, submit it on floppy with loading instructions and player software, making sure it is easily installed on a hard drive. Direct entries and queries to Tim Walsh. Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. World of Amiga, from p. 8. Graphics, GVP introduced Mirage ($ 259), a 24-bit image processor that can access your hard-drive space as virtual memory. It offers many 24-bit draw and paint modes, an animation list editor, and the ability to load and save ANIM files. Across the aisle, ASOG showed Art Department Professional 2.1.3 and its frame-editor animation module, FRED, while promising future ADPro upgrades... and even more advanced projects. Better Pictures Electronic Arts updated DeluxePaint in time for the show. Dpaint 4.1 adds scalable-font support, full-screen morphing, the ability to apply Stencil Paint across all frames of an animation, and a player utility for PAL mode. Also marching in the enhanced-graphics parade was Amiga Centre Scotland's Harlequin, a 32-bit framebuffer offering 16 million colors and an eight-bit alpha channel. The Harlequin displayed stunning images from TV Paint (Tecsoft Images), a French 24-bit paint program that also runs on GVP's IV24 and EGS 110 24. Foundation 3.0 (S100) now marches to its own drummer it's distributed by Parallax Publishing instead of Impulse. The latest authoring-system version includes the MultiMedia Factory (an automatic stack builder), The Bottom Line (a money-manage- ment system), and CDTV-development functions. Digital Vision A S has updated its presentation program. The new professional features of Scala Multimedia, such as sound functions and controller and video device support, drew plenty of attention. Scan Lines "Great! It's about time the Amiga had this," was Forty for Five Hundred Have you developed a computer system that can fool judges into thinking it is a person? If so, join the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies’ Quest for the Thinking Computer. Your arti- ficial-intelligence system need be conversant on one topic only, and it could win $ 2000. (A computer iliat convinces judges it is human in an open-ended test will win at least $ 100,000!) Applications for this year’s Quest must be postmarked by July 31. Finalists will join in a simultaneous, real-time competition on November 17 at Boston’s repeated like a chorus by crowds at the Migraph booth. With a handheld or flatbed scanner, Migraph OCR lets you scan a document and convert its text to ASCII and its graphics to IFF files. Amidst the flashy graphics and video items were several solidly useful products. Quarterback
5. 0 = Central Coast Software) offers more harddisk backup power and flexibility, and Hypermedia Concepts' Fred Fish Collection on CD-ROM provides over 600 floppies worth of software in one tidy package. Even better, the CD is configured for use as a ParNet node, letting you network CD7V to your Amiga. The Application Base System (T.A.B.S.) from Software Plus aims to make you better organized; with it you can set up menus to directly access applications, scripts, and files. Without doubt, the most eye-catching display at the show was The Great Amiga Railway. Assembled through a joint effort of Amazing Computing, ASDG, and CATS (Commodore Applications and Technical Support), the trains and switches on the 15X14-foot HO layout were controlled entirely by the Amiga, which even provided digitized sound. No less life-like was The Dynamic Spine, which combined laser-disc images of real cadavers (as well as living people) with an AmigaVision dissection and medical-education program. Dr. Pat Coughlin, of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and medical student Mark Hysell are co-authors of the program. The system, intended as a training tool for medical professionals, should be available in July for under S6000. While no one could obtain proof, word had it that CBM officials spent their off hours in the booth pretending to dissect IBM and Mac marketing teams. LBL Computer Museum. Call Dr. Robert Epstein in California (619 534-6281 or 619 454-3160) or in Massachusetts (617 876-2716) for details. Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Linda Laflamme, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ 0 BRAG. IUST FACTS! Ihavre overcome the only cb|ect!cr. To your program that 1 had. Now my print tuts look as good os any i hove r*en created at
- any computer! My only complaint is that P. it a! Copy was not available before. Amiga users have been waiting rcr a pog-am like this for a Icrtg time. Version 1.3’s new screen display is easy to read! 0 be a winner you’ve got to be a whole lot better than the rest. Final Copy Final Copy is the first and only word processor for the Amiga that gives high-quality printing on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported printer, ft comes with a 116.000 word spelling detector and corrector, 470,000 synonym thesaurus with definitions. 35 outline typefaces, multiple newspaper style columns, IFF graphic support including 24 bit ILBMs, real-time text flow around graphics, 12 bit-plane color printing, typographic controls, Arexx port, and true WYSIWYG PostScript® printing. As one of our customers said, “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see Final Copy has the best printing of any Amiga word processor." Comparison Outline Fonts Crop Load Simple Thesaurus Speller Snaking Graphic Automatic Chart Included Graphics HAM graphic Synonyms Words Columns Text Flow Hyphenation Final Copy 1.3 35 Yes
3. 5 sec.
470. 000
116. 000 1-6 Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® 0 No 1 min 20 sec
300. 000
100. 000 1 -5 1 No No Comparison Chart Price Frame Graphics 24 Bit ILBM Support Thes. With Definitions Page Views Print 1 pg. Document Arexx Use Amiga Clipboard Final Copy 1.3
599. 95 Yes Yes Yes 25-400% 53 sec. Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® $ 174.95 No No No No 2 min 5 sec Yes No
* 9995 VISA & ¦ MASTERCARD | 1-800-247-8314 1 SoftWood, Inc. Presentation Master Oxxi A professional for slide and print presentations. By Geoffrey Williams SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT FROM other multimedia programs in the Amiga market, Presentation Master (Oxxi, $ 299.95) resembles such Mac and IBM products as Aldus Persuasion and Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentation Master’s slide-creation capabilities are its power. You design and sequence a series of slides, and then print the results as PostScript files or present them directly from the computer with transitions and animation. You can display the slides by clicking on an on-screen hot spot, specifying a timed sequence, or randomly accessing sequences. Follow the Template Creating a basic slide is easy. Presentation Master includes 16 template families, each of which has seven template types, and you can easily create your own. Slide templates have several areas for text, each with its own formatting (font type, position, text attributes, and color), lb create a text slide, simply type in the text or import an ASCII file after choosing the appropriate template. Basic word processing features let you edit the contents. Each new line can automatically have a bullet preceding it, and a line’s formatting can be based on its level of indentation. If you load in a new template, your text is automatically reformatted to the new layout. Presentation Master handles text (and graphics) color by allowing you to set a 256-color palette from the available 16 million colors, which are represented on screen by up to 30,000 dithered colors. The program even supports CMYK and Pantone colors (if you hand-enter their values and make a table ahead of time). While Presentation Master can create 24-bit images and print them as PostScript files, it can't save those files as 24-bit IFF images or use a 24-bit display device. I hope correcting these major shortcomings is a priority for the next version; an encouraging note is that Oxxi is working on supporting the DMI's Resolver and Progressive Peripherals and Software’s Rambrandt through the SAGE protocol. Presentation Master supports standard Amiga fonts and CompuGraphic scalable fonts (the standard under Workbench 2.0), as well as its own Poly- Font formal. PoIyFonts are defined individually by Bezier curves, so you can perform a range of distortions on them, even point-by-point editing. Like CG fonts, the 12 supplied PoIyFonts print at a printer’s highest resolution. While text handling is excellent, this is only a small part of Presentation Master’s slide-making capabilities. You can create charts by importing ASCII spreadsheet data into a simple spreadsheet form or by typing in the numbers. You can highlight the areas you want plotted and then choose from among 17 chart formats, from spline graphs to the standard pic chart. These charts are object-based drawings, which you can print out in high resolution with no jaggies. In addition, you can edit them like any compound object in a structured drawing program. You can ungroup the elements of the chart, change the labels, or even size, move, and edit the individual pie wedges. Draw It Yourself Presentation Master’s integrated drawing program rivals the Amiga’s best stand-alone structured drawing packages. It has a full complement of drawing tools, with magnify, snap to grid, polygon, freehand, and even rounded- For information about the vendors of products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 100. Edge boxes. The curve tools draw using splines, but you can convert any spline to an editable Bezier curve. When you draw multipoint lines, you can switch between straight lines and spline curves on a single object with a key press, Objects can be grouped and ungrouped into a hierarchical structure. You can add automatic and adjustable shadows, edging, outlines, extrusion, and embossing to any object, and you can type in text to be rendered as an object using PoIyFonts or Compugraphic fonts. The drawing editing tools let you move, rotate to any angle, and reshape any object. You can bend and skew objects from any corner or at the midpoint. The perspective distortion feature lets you create a 3-D look. Fit to Circle fills an adjustable circle with any paint object, including text. Using the PoIyFonts, this is the best text-effect generator on the Amiga. You also have full control-point line editing, and you can easily add additional control points. The Object Arrangement requester lets you arrange objects, adjust alignment and spacing, match sizes, and even do morphing and color interpolation between objects. Presentation Master lets you import Adobe Illustrator EPS files, and unlike all other Amiga drawing programs, you can display these files on screen and edit them. Included are 3.2 megs of EPS clip art and a read-only copy of Cross-DOS so that you can load EPS files from IBM-formatted disks. Presentation Master would not, however, load Professional Draw images saved as EPS files or Professional Draw clips. Each slide is made up of multiple layers of text and graphics, and you can import IFF images (even 24-bit and IFF brushes) and use them as backgrounds or scale and crop them. You can also remap colors and mix resolutions between slides. Show the World Once you’ve created your slides, you can sequence them with the slide T i ger!!! Go anywhere in the U. S Bring your spouse Spend $ 1 million Presentation Master lets you easily design, order and show slides. Sorter, which uses the analog)' of a slide rack. Slides are represented by miniature thumbnails of their images, and they can be dragged from one place in the rack to another. You can also preview individual slides and sequences, and you have a choice of 33 transitions for presentations, each with variable speed. To access sequences of slides, you can use the function keys or set up rectangular hot spots on an image. Because most of the slides have structured objects, they would not appear on screen quickly enough for a real-time slide show. Using the included Vulcanizer utility, you can convert the images into IFF pictures that the distributable player can present. I hope future versions of the Vulcanizer will offer the option of creating DCTV images from the slides, as well. Sound support is also lacking. While you can use the Narrator device to speak text attached to or within a slide, I would like the ability to play digitized sounds. Oxxi is working on adding .ARexx hooks, however, which might get around the program’s inability to play sound or music. While it may be lacking in some areas as a full-featured multimedia program, Presentation Master’s printing and PostScript slide-making capabilities are outstanding, allowing you to create full- resolution, 16-million-color slides. You can also print miniature slides with speaker notes, 1-Up and 3-Up audience handouts with lines for notes, and storyboards with from 2 to 40 images on a page. Such a multitude of features requires plenty of space and explanation. Presentation Master requires about 12 megabytes of hard-disk space for itself, its backgrounds and its clip art, plus two megs to run. (The flexible installation utility is a breeze.)The hefty program comes with a booklet showing all the clip art, a Quick Reference Guide for the templates and fonts, and a well-organized 544-page manual with an excellent table of contents and a complete index that would be great were it not inaccurate. (I found several references that were off by two or three pages.) If the manual seems too daunting, consult the interactive on-line help. Presentation Master is a powerful program that excels at making slides, is one of the best structured-drawing tools available, and does a very adequate job of creating interactive slide shows (although it falls quite short of the power of such programs as AmigaY'ision for true multimedia presentations). For the power that it has, Presentation Master is an outstanding value. Because additional features can he added through modules without changing the program itself, we can expect a continual evolution and improvement of an already superior product. The Miracle Pl no Teaching System The Software Toolworks Results without tedium. By Daniel Greenberg AS A KID, I always secretly thought it would be very cool to be able to play the piano, but going to lessons was as enjoyable as going to the dentist. So I never learned. Rigorous teaching methods and a dogmatic insistence on perfect technique are essential for transforming a dedicated student into a master, but can be detrimental in transforming a novice into a dedicated student. The idea behind the Miracle Piano Teaching System (Software Toolworks, S479.95) is that children and adults can have fun playing with a music lesson just as they would with a computer game. A hardware and software combination, the Miracle System includes a sturdy keyboard with 49 velocity-sensitive keys that plugs into the serial port, two four-inch stereo speakers that deliver bright, clear sound, MIDI in and out ports, 128 internal digitized instruments, a simple, foam sustain pedal (with a nonstandard plug, so it can’t be replaced), and a pair of headphones for the sake of peace and quiet in the rest of the household. The responsive, full-size keys detect the velocity of each keypress, so you can coax a wide range of dynamics from them a feature lacking in many other keyboards in the same price range. Although the keyboard is good, the software is the soul of the machine. The music lessons that are the main focus of Miracle are supplemented by a battery of entertaining and educational subprograms for practicing, performing with full accompaniment, playing video games, and even laying down MIDI tracks. The variety, interactivity, and high quality of these programs make the learning experience a lot of fun. Music Theory What the Miracle system does very well is to mix playing with learning. The lessons include on-screen instructional text, practice sessions, games, and a final performance for each ? Chapter. They start with very simple steps and progress to such advanced course work as syncopation and staccato rhythms. Three well-designed manuals supplement the on-screen lessons. The teaching methods are both solid and very well thought out. The miracle of Miracle is its remarkable ability to tailor instruction to individuals. It can track which key was pressed and the duration in microseconds that it was held. Because it can compare the note played to the notes in the current song and the duration to the song’s proper rhythm, Miracle can determine how well you played. Best of all, the computer understands gradations of success, and isolates your weak- nesses (pitch or rhythm) for more practice. When you lose both pitch and rhythm, the computer breaks the song down into short sections for more practice, or plays the piece properly for you to hear. When you master the piece, Miracle rewards you for a job well done, and moves on to the next section. The main program menu is arranged like a music conservatory, complete with a classroom for learning lessons, an administrative office for program management, a studio for recording songs in full eight-voice MIDI, a rehearsal room for practicing any piece in the Miracle repertoire, and a performance hall for playing it with full blown Miracle accompaniment. Of course, no school is complete without a place for fun and games, so the conservatory also comes with a video arcade. The software presents the informative part of the lessons through clear, on-screen tutorials, with hypertext links for the musical terms and Help screens for program navigation. The keyboard plays the song for you, and then breaks it down into notes and rhythm. You play the notes without regard to the rhythm, and then play the rhythm without regard to pitch. When you master these two vital elements, you put them together to play the whole song. Miracle’s arcade games present real instruction. Shooting Gallery teaches melodies by having ducks swim by on a staff; play the right notes to shoot the ducks. A difficult part of learning to play the piano is the practice necessary to teach the hand to alternate between chords. The Ripchord game makes this practice fun; you play chord sequences to make parachutists jump on cue. Aliens is a Simon Says-like game that teaches proper fingering (even though the computer has 110 way to know if you use the right fingers). The recording studio is a lot of fun, and may keep you occupied as long as the lessons. Budding composers can create new compositions, record variations on old ones, and play along with their own music. Don’t be surprised if you or* your kids outgrow this elementary' recording program, however, and want a full-blown sequencer. Fortunately, the Miracle keyboard comes complete with MIDI in and out (but not thru) ports, and it is read)- for use with professional music packages. (The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks offers several utilities for using Miracle with Bars&Pipes.) .Although Miracle works very well (even under 2.0), I do have a few minor gripes. Because the software is in medium resolution (640x200), the staff lines are just a little too thick. .As a result, notes that are on the lines of the staff do not appear to have a complete line through them. This approach is better than filling in the lines and making the half notes look like quarter notes, but not much better. .Also, if you back up a lesson in version 1.50 of the software, program load time becomes very sluggish. The Software Toolworks has an upgrade in the works that should help this. I hope a bit more user control over the lessons will be included, as well. Currently, you can back up to the previous lesson or skip to the next one, but you can’t easily jump to any part of a lesson or sneak in a full practice session in the middle of an exercise without exiting the chapter. Final Movement So how did Miracle work? Well, despite my old fears, I found myself playing melodies within an hour, and complete songs with chords in three. I had expected die Miracle Piano Teaching System to relieve the tedium of music lessons, but I was not prepared for the sheer fun of it. The Software Toolworks has paid attention to what potential music students want and has come up with a winner. DynaCADD 2.04 Ditek International An upgrade of dimensio n and flexibility. By Ronald Bissett WITH THE ARRIVAL of version 2.04, DynaCADD (Ditek International, $ 995, first reviewed August ’91) became easier to use and more compatible with other Amiga software and with non- Amiga CAD programs. Topping the list of improvements is DynaCADD’s rewritten 3-D mode. A new entity type, the 3-D face solid and a hidden-Iine-removal subroutine make it an extremely powerful CAD tool for creating 3-D objects, which you can export for final rendering. Yes, the program now exports to Imagine, Sculpt, LightWave, Caligari, and VideoScape, among other rendering programs. By using 2-D plans and elevations with version 2.04, you can quickly create an accurate representation of a residence, then convert it into an Imagine object and load it into Imag- ine’s Detail Editor. To greatly simplify object creation, you can use options that invoke automatic creation of 3-D faces with the Translate, Project, Revolve, and Sweep commands. In addition, you can project text entities in any font into 3-D ? , CP**** oof3- MacintoslVernuiatorc malmost flljSifinffi j1loa££k? Kft ser lport, 800K.extemal v . ™ga*?-aqi0 irto -tard m* p3
* 2048 pixels with scrolfirigf3 "* an d ;tran:fe-MS withjft JpCHts, protwsor accgferato, RAM, ajywmi i InEpson® comjgtiW pnntef s, and acc 1||Mag ReadySoft incorporated 3fi Worttelm Court, Suite 2 : '«:. Richmond Hiir, Ontario, Canada L4B16 731 HM ax: (410) 7S4-886T, pleTallc, La: ;Xll otter i :asteT Service Irfresp pgi 'lnfooiiatfon'wlll teserfftoY S P owners oF c s M-v i s !:-• *Sr-- ..• -v vi . -v.% x- • -> • --"¦, - -•- * rlhtprporat ed. Apjile Mad nt os h.. Igettd t aderisa rfcs; of .Apple, pomp ejtlvep wrjn: Cir enE style, and weight with which it was created. In addition, the maximum number of rotation or revolution copies has been increased to 3600, and coordinate tracking now has six digits to the decimal’s left, A new feature with an old name,
2. 04’s TRIMINTOF uses the second entity selected as a reference to trim the first entity without affecting the second. (The original TRIMINTOF command is now called TRIMCORNR.) Entities and then export them to rendering programs a fantastic capability. (Conversion instructions are provided for previously created 3-D planar entities.) DynaCADD also offers several improved features for 2-D image creation and manipulation. For example, the new layer dialog box gives you complete control of and easy access to all possible layer attributes via toggles. With the layers’ toggles on, entities inserted in a layer arc created in its color, style, and weight. With the toggles off, the entity is drawn in the color, Pathways to Other Platforms Giving the program more flexibility', DISTANT SUNS 4.1 "Remarkably powerful and aston ishingly easy to use,., undoubtedly one of the most fascinating pieces of software ever released for the Amiga. Educational and useful to the astronomy buff while simultaneously entertaining and enlightening to the star-gazing neophyte, Distant Suns is a must-buy marvel." Amazing 5 92 "I'm really boggled it's beautiful, especially when the lights are off. I'm totally awed by what you have done!" Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey "... absolutely fabulous and extremely well done. Mike Smithwick (Distant Suns developer) should get industry honors!" V.L., PA "Best of Its kind. Sight unseen, I'll buy any new program you put out."
P. R. NM "Fabulous upgrade. Great service."
R. C., Ireland Stars, planets, asteroids and comets. Make animations and display full screen space photos. Lunar and solar eclipses. AREXX, NTSC and PAL compatible. Requires 1 meg and 2 disk drives. Hard drive suggested. $ 99.95 list price. Virtual Ideality Laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-8515 the improved DXF import and export routines work flawlessly. Additional layer, color, and style information now makes file conversion less subject to editing problems between the platforms. On the import side of translation, the program now supports 2V2-D and 3-D entities, as well as 3-D extrusion using 3-D faces. Generally, the DXF routine conforms to the requirements of AutoCAD release 11, and it handles all six AutoCAD text justification modes. DXF-out was similarly upgraded and now also converts DynaCADD GCP tables (3-D information) to AutoCAD UCS-table information. When swapping data between DynaCADD on the Amiga and its Atari and IBM cousins, the native DEF (Drawing Exchange Format) provides a more complete file transfer than the DXF format. The upgraded 3.0 version of DEF now includes 3-D view tables, color tables, GCP tables, Image tables, and many global variables. Version 2.04 gives you more output options, as well. Several new plotter and printer drivers were added, including one for the HPLaserJet 300-DPI printer that handles output very efficiently and allows easy control over the image. Finally, DynaCADD's new Network Support function promises to expand the program’s usefulness in a large office, although I was unable to test it. Ditek International seems committed to improving DynaCADD; the latest changes were badly needed, and they have been well thought out. DynaCADD 2.04 is a winner that can only get better. Caligari2 Caligari Broadcast 2.1 Octree Software Keep your 3-D work in perspective. By Steven Blaize THE FIRST PROGRAM to provide a perspective design space, Caligari Broadcast allowed you to create, animate, and manipulate 3-D objects in a real 3-D environment. This original version was also unique in that it required the Bridgeboard and rendered to a 24-bit Targa board high performance at a high cost. With an eye deftly toward the competition, Octree ? Professional Digital Sound For Your Video, Music, and Radio Productions how does the 12-hit A DIG 12 sound? Absolutely great! Amiga World, 4 92, p.29 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 USA The Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do you need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps, door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do you need to fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can you edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16s SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably, at the same spot, every time. Or you can quickly slip your audio effects, trying them at different spots. And since Studio 16 plays directly off allows you to cut, copy, and paste audio. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, and many other functions are available. Edits can be non-destructive or permanent. The included AD1012 hardware provides audio in, SMPTE in, and audio out connectors. Just plug your VTR, CD player, radio, tape deck, or other source directly in. Then record with 12 bits at sampling rates up to 80,000 samples per second. The AD1012 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24, 25, 29.97, and 30 fps. Hard disk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Each of Studio 16s four tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems. Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record while playing. The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD1012 offers CD frequency response and 70dB signal-to-noise ratio. The AD 1012 includes a special sound coprocessor the advanced 2105 DSP. The DSP allows Studio 16 to perform real time mixing and high quality 16 bit effects. These include echo, flange, delay, and chorus. Call today for a free Studio 16 information packet,
(408) 374-4962. Fax: (408) 374-4963, Dealers: call for promotional package. Salespeople: call to join our commission program. EjropffinRcrjewnumts BENELUX dONAR + 32(011 >22 5076. FINLAND fti»rrCom| puirr - 358 (9) IS 7g!S99; GERMANY AsdiS * 49 iC5*9j 5 48 81 Ml ITALY ApicS - 39 (0432)759264 SPAIN P XrLSOFT + ?4 (088'7! 27 00. ITZERLANDMiSfKros -41 f032J 872429 UNITED KINGDOM HB Mulcting - a (0752)686000 SWEDENDnplajDait - 46(045?) 503 80 SW Studio 16 is a trademark ofSunRtie Industries. Video Toaster is e trademark of &m Tel. Fm Amiga is a trademark ofCBSI. Software7s upgrade offers more flexibility and creative tools at a lower price. Octree ships Caligari in two main versions, basic Caligari2 ($ 399) and Caligari Broadcast 2.1 (Si995), plus a dedicated edition, Caligari Pro24 (S995), for GVP’s Impact Vision 24 and Impulse's Firecracker 24, The interface and documentation of the three versions are almost identical. In addition, the basic package sports all the functionality and flexibility of the Broadcast version, minus the ability to render to 24-bit framebuffers (or files) and a few features that require a 24-bit board The House That Xcad Built The above building was designed by Architect David Bishop, modelled by Xcad and rendered with Imagine, SPEED - An A500 is 6 times faster on zoom and redraw than AutoCAD running on a fast '386. PRACTICALITY - Ideal for design in architecture, electronic and or mechanical engineering. COMPATIBILITY - AutoCAD DXF import export comes complete across the Xcad range. Print to plotters, laser or dot-matrix printers. MODULAR - Simple upgrade from Xcad 2000 to Xcad 3000. Never before has the Amiga been so well complemented. Never before has the Designer been given so much power, speed and flexibility at such an affordable price. Xcad harnesses the incredible power of the Amiga to deliver a drafting (merging a foreground image, and so on). With Caligari2 you can render at 32-bit accuracy a standard HAM image or render to a HAM-E (Black Belt Software) or a DCTV (Digital Creations) display. For the extra SI596, Caligari Broadcast lets you render to several framebuffer devices as well: Firecracker (Impulse), Harlequin 24- and 32-bit (Amiga Centre Scotland), Impact Vision 24 (Great Valley Products), Targa, Targa + , and Vista (Truevision; Bridgeboard needed), and Framebuffer (Reliable). Owners of TIPS, a tool to beat all others. Processing times are cut to a fraction of most PC based systems. Plans* designs and blueprints can easily be produced using simple, flexible menus or commands. The Xcad range starts from as little as $ 199 for Xcad 2000 (1MB RAM minimum) which includes both 2D Detailing and 3D Modelling plus automatic perspective views. To order the Amigas No. 1 CAD package contact: IN THE USA AMERICAN SOFTWARE Tel: 800 225 IN EUROPE DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA Tel: Belgium (32) 2 657 5803 Fax: Belgium (32) 2 657 5652 paint program for Targa and Vista boards, can conveniently access the program directly through Caligari. (I wish this feature were extended to Light 24, DCTV Paint, ImageMaster, MacroPaint 24, and other upcoming 24-bit paint programs.) Caligari Broadcast also interfaces directly with the VLAN and BCD single-frame controllers for rendering animations directly to tape. You can also render your files to disk as Rendition format files. On the down side, Caligari Broadcast operates only on accelerated and floating-point chip-equipped machines and comes with a hardware dongle (this has got to go; professional software has not had hardware copy protection in years). A Common View All versions of Caligari have three main areas: Object Design, Scene Composition, and Renderer. As the name implies, Object Design is where you design your 3-D objects. Caligari works with such primitives as spheres, half spheres, cubes, cylinders, bullets, and so on. It is also able to load Video- Scape, LightWave, and Sculpt 3D object formats, and it can save in Video- Scape and LightWave formats). The extruder and lathe permit defined depth and degrees of sweep, respectively. While these tools are adequate, they do not include such options as extrusion along a path or rotation during extrusion. Point editing carries the ball with flair here, offering the best interactive modeling available. Most 3-D programs provide you with orthogonal views (front, top, and side) and possibly a perspective view, but rarely are you able to edit in the perspective view. Caligari not only allows you to move about your space, but also to select points, edges, faces, or parts of an object and move them. Thus, to perform an extrusion with rotation, you could extrude, select the back set of points and edges, sweep them into another section, and perform any scaling or rotation as required. Simultaneous multiple extrusions are also possible. Caligari does not include Boolean operations (using one object to cut away another), but you can subdivide and separate objects. You can cut holes in objects in this way, but it may take more design time. While you can enter exact values for point and object positions or use a definable grid, Caligari is Continued on p. 62. ¦ The world’s best modeler using virtual reality technology for direct real time manipulation of 3D objects in full perspective ¦ Single Point Editor, full hierarchies, Primitives, Extruder, Mirror, Slice and Sweep tools H Photorealistic full color renderer with texture mapping, environment mapping, shadows, transparency, Gouraud, Phong, Metal and Environmental shaders ¦ Four levels of antialiasing, with separate antialiasing of textures, unlimited number of lights, including Global, Local and Directional lights ¦ 20 to 50 times faster than ray tracing programs ¦ Full color output to HAM, HAME and DCTV frame buffers ¦ Interactive spline based animation with real time preview ¦ Fully compatible with Videoscape, LightWave and Sculpt 4D object formats ¦ Runs on all Amiga models (2Mb memory required) OCTREE SOFTWARE 311 W 43 St. Suite 901 New York, NY 1 003 6 Tel. 2 1 2. 2 6 2 3 1 1 6 Fax 212.2624081 ¦ Support for 68030 040 accelerators M Full implementation of Caligari Broadcast 2.0 technology. The products mentioned above are registered trademarks of the following companies: Caligari 2 Octree Software, Inc.; Amiga Commodore Business Machines; DCTV Digital Creations; HAM'E Black Belt Systems, Inc.; Videoscape Aegis; LightWave Newtek; Sculpt 4D Byte by Byte. Circle 82 on Reader Service card. While CDTV may not yet be universally popular, Commodore is waving the CD-ROM flag in front of A500 owners who might now just sit up and take notice. In the past, although Amiga users may have looked upon CDTV as an intriguing multimedia CD-ROM system, most of them probably already had one or more Amigas and didn’t need to buy another computer. Recognizing this fact, Commodore has come up with what appears to be an economical solution in the form of its new A570 CDTV Adapter, which will enable A500 owners to add CDTV compatibility to their existing machines by plugging the A570 into the A500's expansion port. With the release of new CD-ROM- oriented, peripherals, Commodore will enable both Amiga 500 and CDTV owners to perform a little “quick-change” artistry on their equipment. The A570 CDTV Adapter (right) enables you to add CDTV CD-ROM capability to your A500, while new CDTV peripherals (above) can turn your CDTV into a On the other side of the CD-ROM battle lines, the company is also releasing an assortment of Amiga peripherals keyboard, floppy-disk drive, mouse, plus some extras to enable CDTV owners to use the player as an .Amiga 500 (see “ ‘Computing’ With CDTV” further on in this article for more on that development). The A570 is in essence an A500 expansion chassis. .And while its main function is to add a CDTV-com- patible CD-ROM drive to the A500, it can also be used for other types of upgrades: as a RAM expander, as a SCSI hard-disk adapter, and as a standard audio CD player. To use the A570, you need an A500 with at least one megabyte of chip RAM. While you may be able to use some CDTV software on a system equipped with less RAM, the number of titles that will run properly with 512K will be small. .All CDTVs have exactly 1MB of RAM, all chip, and most CDTV developers usually take full advantage of it. Installing the A570 is easy. With the power off on all devices, simply remove the cover of the expansion port on the left side of your A500 and gently slide the A570 into place. Connect your .Amiga audio cables from the CPU into the audio-in jacks of the A570, then run new audio cables from the A570 to your au- dio system, and reconnect your power cords. To run CDTV software, merely insert a CDTV7 CD- ROM disc into the supplied disc caddy (a small case used to hold the disc while inside the player) and ? EDITOR’S NOTE: Just as this issue was about to go to press, Amiga World learned that Commodore officials were expressing some doubts about the scheduled release of the A570 this summer and about its suggested retail price of $ 499.99. AW will bring you further details in the August issue. Fully functional Amiga 500. By Lou Wallace and Doug Barney tmmzk ¦ , v.-Jr, T .V jV qT. K*Mfer£ A V-'H'iVv'AV. 'H.-. fcT. 2 'J •* > ,-7, 1 '* ViiX1tT* “r I- The headphone jack and volume control on the A570's front panel let you listen to audio Cds while working at your computer. The route to A570 expansion is through the rear panel to the left of r i' J r !,¦ Cp 1 ‘ L*- T i t [T . ¦1T- - , *-*. R% : * v '* f the audio jacks. Slide the caddy into the A570. Depending on how the software was written, you then either reboot your machine or start the program from Workbench by clicking on its icon. (While most current CDTV titles must be booted by a soft reset, many of the newer titles under development will allow program startup via an icon.) The A570 does not contain all the standard operational devices of a CDTV. For example, you do not get an infrared remote controller with it. Nor is there any option for the credit-card-like RAM cards (PIM cards) you can install inside a CDTV player. In most cases, however, you don’t need these. The remote control is made unnecessary because all A500 owners have both a mouse and a keyboard that emulate all the CDTV remote functions and, in many cases, work better than the standard remote control. Those applications that need a PIM card when used with CDTV can use the standard floppy drive for storing information. Because the A570 is designed to fully implement a CDTV (in terms of its software operation), special care had to be taken to emulate all aspects of the CDTV operation. This goes well beyond such considerations as the controller and PIM cards, as it includes software compatibility for such CDTV-specific features as
CDXL. Because CDXL is the software magic that allows sophisticated CDTV applications to play animations and digitized video directly from CD-ROM, this was an important developmental factor and represents no mean achievement. (For more on CDXL, see the sidebar “CDTV: Technolog)’ on the Brink ') For software that is meant to be accessed via Workbench (or the Shell CLI), the A570 CD-ROM has the drive definition of CDO;, You can copy files from CDO: to either floppies or hard disks (since the CD is a readonly device, you cannot write data to it). Because the A570 is so easily accessed as a standard drive, you can look forward to using a variety of CD-ROM discs that contain very large (more than 600MB!) Amounts of data. There are already CD-ROM sources for the Fred Fish disk collection of freely distributable software, and I expect many more resource Cds to become available. Imagine the possibilities those 600+ megabytes of storage represent for clip art, fonts, 24-bit texture maps, and 3-D models for animators. As an added bonus, you can use a variety of existing CD-ROMs that are available to MS-DOS and Mac users. (See “Plunging Into CD-ROM," Mar. '92, p. 49, for a survey of CD- ROM titles and sources available to Amiga users.) Expansion Possibilities and Caveats As mentioned previously, the A570 offers expansion possibilities beyond just the built-in CD-ROM drive. The prototype I examined allowed for 2MB of RAM to be added within the A570 itself. The A570 also provides for hard-disk expansion. While space within the case is somewhat limited, you can install a small, 2.5- inch hard drive similar to those found in laptop or notebook computers. (I was surprised, however, to discover that the interface is SCSI rather than the expected IDE format used by laptops.) Like the CDTV player itself, you can use the A570 as a standard audio CD player. .And also like that unit, the A570 includes a built-in, software-based graphic audiocontrol screen. The front panel of the A570 has a headphone jack and a volume control (for use with the headphones), so you can enjoy your favorite music while still Technology on the Brink CDTV: WHILE MUCH OF the focus of the CD-ROM wars has been on hardware, the real significance of this technology ties in the applications that it opens up to users. And although there are a great many CDTV titles already shipping, some of these could easily be referred to as "shovelware," a term applied to software that was quickly ported to CDTV While ported software can be quite enjoyable in its own right, it usually does not take advantage of special CDTV features such as CDXL. (Editor's Note: For a roundup of many of the earlier CDTV titles, see the buyer's guide accompanying "CDTV: Birth of a Notion." Jun. '91, p. 20.) We are now seeing, however, the arrival of a second generation of titles that do capitalize on the full potential of CDTV. One example is Icom Simulations' Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (see illustration). This is a full-blown adventure detective game that features high-quality digitized video, a fully synced audio track, and an elegant and effective user interface. As Sherlock Holmes, you choose one of three different cases that are on the disk, and, along with Dr. Watson and the Baker Street boys, you proceed to find the solution to the mystery and bring the perpetrator to justice. You can find clues in the game's "newspaper ' in any of the many places you can visit, and from a wide assortment of people or organizations you can choose to interrogate. These discussion sequences are actually digitized video, created with well-dec- orated sets and real actors, many of whom appear to be be extremely good at their trade! The overall effect is excellent. The ability to play full-mo- tron video (even quarter screen) and sound from a CD-ROM in real time is quite an accomplishment, especially since it is being done on a 1MB Amiga 500 (which is, of course, the power within the CDTV). This success is partially due to the overall graphic power of the Amiga itself, but much of it also stems from the programming genius behind CDXL the proprietary software used to transfer any kind of data from the CD-ROM into the computer at speeds faster than one would expect from the hardware specifications. The creator of CDXL, as well as a lot of other CDTV code, is Carl Sassanrath, one of the Amiga pioneers and author of the Exec the heart of multitasking in the Amiga OS. For developers, using CDXL, as well as other CDTV features, has been made easier through the creation of a new generation of software tools. CBM's CATS (Commodore Applications Technical Support) department, working both internally and with third parties, has developed an entirely new range of tools to facilitate CDTV application generation. Besides CDXL and the CDTV Toolkit (distributed by CATS), the group has helped to develop a new module for ASDG's Art Department Professional that allows the creation of CDXL sequences from within AD Pro. Look for some exciting and technologically impressive new CDTV titles to begin appearing over the next several months. This is just the "dawn's early light" of what could be a star-spangled revolution in applications development. LW making full use of your Amiga. As is the case with CDTV, the A570 also plays CD + G audio discs. There is one major drawback, however, to using the A570 with the A500. For 500 owners who have already added an external expansion chassis but want the A570’s CD-ROM capability, there is no easy solution. The A570 does not offer a pass-through connector, which is not surprising, as Commodore specifically designed the A500 so that only one expansion device could be added to its bus. There is only one remedy for this dilemma: If you want to add the A570, you will have to remove your existing expansion chassis (and hopefully sell it to another A500 owner). Another possible source of incompatibility may affect users who have added internal accelerators. Commodore reports that the A570 should work in such cases, but be aware that some CDTV titles may not support advanced processors such as the 68030 or 68040. Despite such potential problems, it appears that a workable CD-ROM solution is finally available to the .Amiga consumer. Is it worth it? I think the answer is a strong yes. With a planned release price of $ 500, the A570 compares fairly well with external CD-ROM drives for the MS-DOS and Mac markets, and it offers the additional option of RAM and hard-disk expansion. More importantly, it will open the floodgates for the type of multimedia applications that require the huge storage that CD-ROM can provide. Lou Wallace ? 'COMPUTING7 WITH CDTV DURING THE FIRST year or so after Commodore began shipping it, the company look great pains to position CDTV as an interactive home-electronics device, not an Amiga computer. The arrival of Philip’s CD-I, with no computer capabilities, has helped to change all that. Commodore now proudly extols CDTV’s Amiga virtues as an advantage over CD-I. I tend to agree. Nowhere is this strategy more clear than with the new CDTV P (“P” for “Professional”), a special version of CDTV that includes a keyboard, infrared mouse, floppy drive, Workbench 1.3, and Gold Disk's Appetizer a selection of paint, music, and word-processing titles on one disk. T he complete package is available now at a special promotional price of $ 849. Setting Up Shop We received the additional items in the form of a Pro Pack upgrade kit (due to retail at $ 249.99, but available now at a special promotional price of S 199.99) for our own CDTV unit. The keyboard is identical to j the fine unit that comes with the A3000, except that it is jet black (in the CDTV' style) and has a different, six-pin plug configuration. (An adapter is in development, but is not yet available commercially.) Like most keyboards, it plugs quite easily into the back of the system. The disk drive, also black, uses a standard floppy connector. Unfortunately, the drive has no pass-through connector. Unacceptably limiting the system to a single floppy. I did, however, scare up a low-profile drive with a pass-through from California Access and quickly set up a dual-floppy system. Activating the infrared mouse, as you might expect, is a breeze. Simply load the batteries and dick die On button on the left side. Setting up the whole system took all of about ten minutes, including the installation of an optional 64K personal memory card. (The 64K Flash Memory Card sells for SI29.99, while a 256K version is available for $ 349.99.) I also plugged in a 1084S monitor we had lying around and used it for both RGB output and stereo sound. This is a nice, simple approach, and the system performed quite well. Running CDTV as an A500 Once I had plugged in all the components, I flipped on the power, and up came the familiar CDTV animated logo. That wasn’t what I wanted, so I rebooted with Workbench 1.3 (Kickstart is included in ROM as on the A500). The screen turned the familiar basic blue, and Workbench struggled to life. I popped in the Appetizer, went into the music program, and fiddled about. Everything worked fine. 'Elie system comes with 1 MB of chip RAM, which was adequate for many of the simpler programs I ran. Because it has no fast RAM, however, some of the games I tried that use fast RAM were a bit flaky. Most, however, worked just fine. I also ran into an unexpected gum when exiting Appetizer, but TIT’S Lou Wallace, who has a similar setup at home, reports that his system is as stable as they come. You can also make use of the upgrade kit when you are running CDTY applications. In particular, 1 found the mouse to be a lot snappier than the CDTY remote's four-arrow cursor system, and,fortunately, many CDTY’ applications fully support mouse input. Remember, though, that you must keep the mouse in front of the unit in order for the infrared to work properly. When you are operating it as a computer, this is generally where the keyboard sits, which forced me to move the keyboard somewhat off to the left. As an alternative input device. Commodore also supplies an optional trackball for S 129.99. Reversing the situation, you can also use CDTV features for Amiga applications. For example, CDTV's remote acts like a mouse, allowing you to play some games or run simple applications from your couch. The remote's number pad works for numeric input, but unfortunately has no keyboard for letters. J * One small fly in the CDTV P ointment is that the integration of CDTV and Workbench is not fully complete. For instance, when you run Workbench, CDTV applications post the usual icons, and when you double-click on them, drawers appear. In some cases, however, when you try to open a drawer, the system freezes. As a result, you cannot boot these CDTY' applications from Workbench. Of course, since CDTV applications load (and unload) so effortlessly, there is no real reason to launch from Workbench. According to Commodore, however, the company is encouraging developers to support the Amiga operational style in designing future CDTV7 applications. What’s the Verdict? Overall, CDTV P is a bit of a mixed bag. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the remote could act as a mouse and to discover other pluses, such as being able to use the standard floppy connector and having RGB video, serial, and parallel ports. I could not understand, however, why the keyboard connector was nonstandard and why it failed to have the standard mouse and joystick ports that would allow many of us with spare parts to upgrade at little or no cost. Although not as expandable as an A500, you can provide CDTV P with some added oomph. For instance, it has an expansion slot into which you can put a SCSI interface card (which is presently in development at Commodore), or you can add a hard card with a 2.5-inch hard drive. In addition, to increase your chip RAM to 2MB, you can add DKB’s MegAChip 2000 500 ($ 299.95). Acceleration products are also in development, including a 68040 plug-in from Progressive Peripherals! Many common items plug right in with no fuss, such as MIDI keyboards, printers, modems, and genlocks. (Progressive’s miniGEN S229.95 works fine, while Commodore is offering a special genlock for the unit at S249.99.) If you are already considering CDTV, the Professional version or the Pro Pack upgrade kit isn’t a bad way to go. You end up with a basic A500 for just a few extra bucks, and you qualify for Commodore’s excellent Express warranty service. I would, however, strongly recommend plugging the black floppy drive into another one that has a pass-through connection in order to get two floppies. Doug Barney m US01 t§K584£32-32CL :: ® KOSEA 9150 1MCMX>15£ 22UHC Low-Power Consumptioi CMOS Technolog These Incredible Features are Standard with the Progressive 040 500: -A- -X- ’ 28MHz 68040 CPU with built-in floating point processor... * Installs Internally in Mnutes No Soldering, No Jumpers] Up to 40 Times the Speed of a Standard Amiga™ 500! T - tihlR Au n. .N,. nXr nnn XwnhnXi ' (4 °f Hl9 Speed 32-bit RAM- • Autoccrrfigures aH Amiga** 500 internal external 16-hit RAM. ‘AmigaDQS™ 1 . Compatible! The Amiga™ 500 and the Progressive 040 500... The World's Lowest-Priced High Performance 3-D Modeling & Rendering Station! R-rsoftyvare-swiichable between AmigaDQS'* 't&antf ~ AmigaDOS™ 2.0.
* 68000 "Fallback" Mode fofFuIl Compatibility.with Other Optional 040 500 Features:
• Designed for Upgradeabiljty to 33 Mhz CPU
• Expandable to 8 MB of HigfvSpeed ow-Cost 32-bit ,ZlBflAMA X A A Game Software. • Complete 68040 Utility Software and 68040 Floating-Point , Libraryx v_V_ _X_ _ _
• Optional Relocation of ROM to 32-bit RAM for System Wide Speed Boost, From Progressive Peripherals & Software, the World Leader iri fast, reliable 68040 Amiga™ Accelerator Technology V Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. • Denver, CO 80204 USA Phone (303) 825-4144 • Fax (303) 893-6938 All trademarks acknowledged. Product specif cations subject to change without notice! Why start from scratch
* >_ -VJ : Jt'* when you can get a jump on your
* ' Mr -T productions with “instant art?” Clip • backgrounds, and animationi can save you time and aggravation. Let’s take a look at the best available in eight categories. BY GEOFFREY WHEN I DRAW a rabbit, people think it’s a horse. Nevertheless, the work I do often requires illustration. Even if you can draw a respectable horse, have a digitizer to create backgrounds, and can adeptly produce realistic 3-D models, you may not have the time to do so or the inclination. Given the legions of clip-art available for every purpose, creating original art is sometimes a poor use of time. Today, clip art comes in all types of formats, from bitmapped black-and-white to 24-bit 3-D. Some packages even let you easily generate your own original backgrounds from simple repeating patterns to highly realistic scenery. Best of all, when you use a generator or a clip-art package, you know you are clear of copyright infringement. So that you could get an overview of the expansive array available, I looked at all the packages I could get my hands on more than 70 in all (though I’m sure I missed some). Although many applications programs (such as Gold Disk’s ShowMaker and Oxxi’s Presentation Master) come with great amounts of clip art, I have limited this discussion to stand-alone clip-art collections, figuring that you are not likely to buy an application just for its clips. Also, while you may find a couple of packages here that provide fonts along with clips, I avoided those that contain primarily fonts. The field of fonts is at least as extensive as that of clip art, so we’ll leave fonts for another issue. In evaluating the packages, I placed each in one of nine categories. Then I considered its overall usefulness and the quality of its art, and gave it a rating of one to five. To keep the list to a manageable size, I excluded collections that rated lower than three stars. Some two-star packages were not necessarily bad, but I felt that others in the same category were better. If possible, it’s a good idea to make your own judgments by viewing clips at your local dealer before buying. While this approach necessarily involves my personal judgment, I balanced my calls by seeking opinions from other qualified users. These listings should give you a good foundation for looking at clip art, and the descriptions offer criteria for evaluating future releases. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers7Distributors’ Addresses” list on page 100.) . -Tv. 'jf ¦ BLACK-AND-WHITE CLIP ART Pic Magic ($ 99.95) Joe's First Company Pic Magic is a set of ten disks, each of which focuses on a subject such as food, sports, transportation, people, plants, animals, and places. There are over 20 illustrations on each disk. .All are superbitmaps, which means they will remain good looking when you scale them down for printing. There is a lot of variety, and the ai t work is well drawn. A printed guide would help greatly, though. Classic Clip-Art; People Clip-Art ($ 79.95 each) Softwood tb til
* •" These two volumes contain hundreds of well-drawn illustrations by DUBL- CliCK Software. Originally released on the Macintosh, these highly respected collections contain an excellent variety of art. Most of the individual images are saved as brushes, and because they are smaller than the images in Pic Magic, more of them fit on a disk. Even consid- ? A tniga World ering the slight trade-off in print quality, this product is top-of-the-line. The package includes an excellent hardcopy image directory. Floor Plan Library ($ 89.95 and $ 129.95) Madrigal sic** While its use is limited to floor-plan Black and White , I Clip Art design, the Floor Plan Library gives you all the basics, from Fireplaces and stairs to complete rooms. In addition to over 200 parts and an interior-design kit with furniture, there is a well-organized printed guide to help vou Find what you need. IFF and DXF Draw 2000 formats available. COLOR CLIP ART Video Libraries ($ 39.95 each) Multimedia Graphics Libraries (S49.95 each) Digital Designs Group Here are several collections, some designed for video, others for multimedia. Besides great clip art obviously created with attention to detail you get many useful extras. For instance, the background images come with “magic palettes,” which you can load either from the Palette Menu in DeluxePaint IV or directly with a picture in Deluxe Paint III. The latter option lets you alter only the palette and not the current picture. Some backgrounds are designed especially for use with Dpainf s Shade function to create drop shadows. A hot-key- activated presentation program lets you cut or fade to an image, keeps images in memory for instant access, and allows an endless number of key combinations to trigger changes. I looked at Video Backgrounds A and B, each of which provide four disks of useful, well-designed, 704x480 text backgrounds, most with two or three colors left for text. Packages A and B offer a combined total of over 200 magic palettes, which are designed to be video- color safe. The four-disk Worldwide Maps collection gives you over 185 various-style maps of countries and US states, plus a weather-map kit. A follow-up set, More Worldwide Maps, provides 213 images, including globe and embossed maps. Earth and Planets offers both fantasy and digitized imagery for a total of 63 animations, drawings, and pictures, while Galaxies and Other Worlds includes 60 images of galaxies, many of them digitized. Lunar Construction Kit ($ 24.95) Silver Fox Software I NO Vatro n ics This two-disk set contains nicely drawn lo-res clip art, all sharing the same palette, for creating lunar landscapes and space scenes. There are asteroids, craters, mountains, planets, spacecraft, interiors (including doors and control panels), and ANIM brushes of flame trails and explosions. I had a lot of fun playing with this set. Automotive Construction Set ($ 59.95 and $ 229.95) Madrigal Need wheels? Here is a four-disk set of over 45 makes of domestic and foreign cars, along with trucks and tanks, engine parts, seats, tires, and roofs. All die images are drawn to scale, and you can use them as is or as models for illustration. They are well suited for publishing because of their fine detail. IFF and DXF Draw 2000 versions available. General Volume I; Animals Volume III ($ 29.95 each) Software Designs
* *** Software Designs has tried to vary the color palettes of these hi-res clips as little as possible so that you can easily combine images. Many clips in the General volume are small, and thus better suited for printing and multimedia than for video. You gel a good variety amongst the 200 images in Birthday, Amiga, Holidays, Food, Money, Music, OfFice, Symbols, Sports, Signs, and Weather categories. The Animals volume has 80 pictures that are fine for video. Both volumes come with printed image catalogs. Comic Art ($ 34.95 each set) Gold Disk In three collections Science Fiction, Super Heroes, and Funny Figures Gold Disk captures comic-book style with well-drawn lo-res images that have the right feel. Fach two-disk set includes many parts, such as arms, torsos, and legs, to let you create a variety of character poses. Also included are props and backgrounds, all with compatible color palettes that make it easy to compose a scene. (But...where are the women super heroes?) This group includes several collections of digitized imagery. Both Scenery Backgrounds ($ 39.95, 29 images plus brushes) and Nature Backgrounds ($ 39.95, 31 images) are four-disk sets of hi-res, 11- to 14-color overscan scenics. The Scenery set ($ 39.95) includes buildings, harbors, and boats, while the Nature collection ($ 39.95) offers mountains, flowers, sunrises, and sc> on. Birds in Nature ($ 49.95) includes 30 images of various birds in overscan 352x480 HAM, while Birds Up Close ($ 39.95) gives you 22 interlaced and 20 hi-res birds in overscan. The image quality is amazing, considering the number of colors used. Some have a painted rather than photorealistic feel, but they look clean and sharp. If you need this type of imagery, this is your best source. Space Visions ($ 90) Virtual Reality Laboratories This is a 25-disk collection of 640x400 hi-res images of everything from galaxies to skylab. There are 246 images, covering almost anything you might need that lias to do with space. Autumn Colors ($ 39.95) Images of Japan ($ 34.95) GlassCanvas Autumn Colors offers 23 digitized leaves in interlaced HAM using the same base palette. The images are good-looking and provide lots of variety. The Images of Japan set was digitized from 35mm slides. There are manv dis- tinctly Japanese scenes amongst the 15, including (lowers, pagodas, and a Buddha, all of which look good in 320x400 interlaced HAM. (Images of Hawaii, a collection in 320x200 noninterlaced HAM by the same company, is not nearly as good.) The sets include nice slideshow presentations of the images. Vermont Seasons (S39.95 per season) Eyeful Tower Communications While these images are in non-interlaced HAM format, they hold up pretty well, and have a soft, almost painted look. The display is about as good as this resolution allows. The 36 images in each set comprise a nice variety of scenes barns, woods, wildflowers, and streams. Pixel Perfect 24 ($ 399.95) Digital Designs Group The Pixel Perfect collection was not quite finalized when I inspected it, but I saw enough of the 150-odd images to be very impressed. A good 24-bit image has a lot of color depth, looks crisp and sharp, and has high contrast and clean definition. It also exhibits smooth gradations without color banding. These images have all that, and thev constitute a O 7 t 24 Bit It Rev up your resolution with AirStream’s 24-bit clips. Very good selection of useful imagery (including both scenics and video backdrops for overlaying text). The inherently large 24-bit files are compressed with JPEG, which is directly supported by programs such as .Art Department Professional 2.0 (ASDG) and Image Master (Black Belt Systems). Compressed with JPEG’s lowest level, the images show virtually no color distortion. A | PEG decompressor is scheduled for inclusion in the package, and Digital Designs promises to ship the collection image-processed for video use. The set is also available in uncompressed form on Sy quest. Backgrounds ($ 50) A irstream Graphics This ten-disk collection contains good-looking, well-composed valley, cliff, delta, desert, tree, swamp, mountain, seashore, forest and stream images. Instead of JPEG, Airstream uses an awkward CLI-based decompression scheme requiring you to decompress non DOS disks into an LHARC file, which you then decompress into the image. Too bad you’ll wind up using JPEG on the files anyway in order to fit them on disk. Our Wedding ($ 69.95 or $ 89.95) Digital Graphics Library This is worth a look for wedding videos. Many of the 25 images are veiy nice, although the fine detail of some embossed images does not hold up well in video. Available in HAM and IFF24 formats. Texture City Pro 60 (S299.95) Texture City This is a collection of 60 clean, sharp, real-world images. (Different versions give you more or fewer.) You can use them either for video backgrounds or for wrapping 3-D objects to impart a realistic look. You get a few scenics, but a greater variety of textures, including textiles, animal skins and furs, sand, and foliage. The images come in HAM, DCTV, and 24-bit formats. I evaluated the latter version, which I found to be video-color safe and in full Toaster-2.0 resolution. The 24-bit images are JPEG compressed, and that version includes a decompressor. The set is available on floppy disk or on CD-ROM, which supplies a full 100 images, each in Taiga, IFF-24, TIFF, and PCX formats, ImageCatalog ($ 99) Robert Young A nice selection of 736x480 24-bit textures (29 in all), including marble, stone, and wood. While the images show slight fuzziness a typical artifact of [PEG compression the problem is minor. The set is available in GIF and TIFF formats, as well as in IFF-24. Material Texture Library ($ 49.95 per volume) MicroSearch For HAM images, these three volumes Stone, Wood, and Tiles are impressive. Tiles images are 480x480; the rest measure 736x482. Each collection ? Provides five disks of four selections each, including Workbench 2.0-compatible, 16-shade gray-scale icons for all. The manual provides a guide to the images. Map Master ($ 90.95 and $ 69.95) Surface Master (Price not available) Computer Imagery to which a cupid Hies. Inside, the prince proposes to the princess and they kiss while fireworks fly in the background. You can use the ANIM either as a whole or in pieces. Among the shorter offerings are a cur- Map Master is a collection of 14 hi-res, scanned, gray-scale images of organic elements such as cells, bubbles, bumps and thorns. It comes in versions for LightWave and Imagine. Included is a very useful Director-based program that lets you see renderings of how the various textures look as bump maps on spheres when you use different settings. Surface Master is similar, but it attempts to teach you Imagine's surface capabilities and includes many preset surface settings you can work with. Pro Textures (S69.95) Merlin's Software Amazing Computers Brick, flagstone, marble, clouds, water, rock, and gold are all included in this package in both HAM and 736x480 24-bit format. These textures are designed to wrap seamlessly around objects, with opposite edges matching up. The images are useful, but look somewhat washed out. This collection is sophisticated and stylish, in classy subdued hues that are i video safe. Designed to be keyed over video, it includes clinking glasses that splash into color 0, bells, love birds, an opening book, a glass heart, and several others on a three-disk set. Running the animations from the included Director scripts can trigger wipes and dissolves from the keyboard. A very J J useful and well-constructed collection. Fairy Tale Wedding Opening ($ 149.99) FireWorks Construction Kit ($ 49.99) InSync Digital Corporation The 12-disk Fairy laic Wedding set includes one animation spanning six disks. An animated marquee segues to a movie theatre where the curtain rises on a castle This collection includes Toaster, large Amiga, and clip-art fonts, in addition to i - mmW tain rising to color 0, a champagne toast, and segments for ‘'Best of Luck" and “Sweet 16.” All the animation is nicelv J done and very usable, although the Director scripts designed to make starting and stopping easier do not operate under Workbench 2.0. The Fireworks Construction Kit provides 36 animhrushes, with sparkles, sprays, bursts, rocket trails, super clusters, and heart clusters, as well as one liill-disk animation of fireworks blasts. Starfields ($ 59.95) Kara Computer Graphics The Starfields collection comprises front, side, and oblique views of animated starfields, in both 2-and 16-color versions. Also included in the package are anim- bmshes of a satellite, a spinning asteroid, a rotating Earth with clouds, and a flying comet. If you can resist the temptation to use starfields in every video, this is great. Video Clipse ($ 99.95) Graphically Speaking Animation Clip Art 3-D Objects ($ 129.95) Impulse Impulse’s superlative collection of 17 detailed, 3-D digitized objects for Imag- 16-color texture backgrounds and animations. In the latter group arc a star- held, a count clown, rippling water in full-screen format, biush-size sparkles, a filmstrip, and a spinning globe. Beware, though; some of the animbrush palettes are not video safe. This collection of 145 full-color Pro- Draw Clips comes with a full-color poster showing all of the clips. It also includes a utility to scale and convert dips into bitmaps for use in paint programs. Categories include symbols, travel, food, music, signs, events, maps, and business. Artistic Clips 1 ($ 44.95) Artistic Software * Mi M: With only 46 clips, your choices are somewhat limited in this color collection, but most of the images are well drawn. Of special interest are the jets, helicopter, and submarine. Super Clips 1 and 2 (price not available) Ki ng Pu blish i ng Each of these collections has a little over 50 gray-scale images. .Although IFF- forniat representations are provided, there is no printed guide which you need to see what the images actually look like. The art is fairly well drawn, but there should be a wider range of images. Volume 1 covers domestic, plants, borders, transport, and symbols categories. Volume 2 is more business oriented, with credit cards, dots, equipment, industrial images, and “attention getters.” 5§s jfs rjs 3$ > Welcome to the Future. Soft-Logik would like to congratulate Gold Disk on adding features to Pro Page
3. 0. Of course, it still doesn’t compare to PageStream 2.2, the Experts’ Choice. Congratulations, Gold Disk, on adding improved typographic precision and an Undo option to Professional Page 3.0. Of course, PageStream has had Undo since version 1.0 and its type scaling is still 12.5 times more precise. The five new AGFA Compugraphic fonts included in ProPage 3.0 bring your total to 7, still short of the 10 we give our users. Were sure ProPage users will appreciate the new ProWrite and Excellence text import filters; PageStream users have been enjoying them for years. And the tiling feature you’ve added in 3.0 will allow your users to make those banners and posters PageStream users have been pasting on walls everywhere. The most impressive feature in 3.0 has to be the links to Pro Draw and Article Editor. Your “hotlinking” feature is a closed and proprietary system. Our HotLinks is a standard protocol which any company can support. Of course, this isn't really a fair comparison, because ProPages links cannot match HotLinks’ automatic data transfer, real-time multiple edition updating, and edition management utilities. L~. R CRISIS: 1992 DEFORESTATIOwSi
• vO • r'* l 5f *§*¦”'• a; . Rt« rtiirf Qt*r.» w -ls : t jAri c ccaril i: e»*m. I«tw* t '**t i.an : >:* Cool Programs for a Hot Computer Soft-Logik Publishing is proud to announce HotLinks Editions. HotLinks Editions combines RME, PageLiner and HotLinks into an affordable package. BME is a bitmap editor for touching up pictures and photographs. PageLiner is a feature-laden text processor with spell checking and formatting tags. HotLinks is the new Amiga standard for data exchange. Multitasking is Cool, but HotLinks is Hot HotLinks takes Amiga multitasking into the future. An open standard available to all companies, it allows you to exchange text, graphics and other data between applications in real-time. Imagine having all copies of your corporate logo updated automatically in your PageStream document when you make changes in BME. PageStream doesn’t even have to be loaded. The next time you load a document containing a copy of the logo, HotLinks will update it automatically. This might be the future, but it's available now. PageStream 2.2 is just $ 299.95. HotLinks Editions is $ 99.95. If you would like your other software to be HotLinks compatible, just ask its publishers. Well help them include HotLinks in their next release. Nswor-s _13 5 Old Pwd How M nc f PageStream 2.2 and HotLinks Editions are the publishing solution. HotLlnHs » foil.inks tools to dream. 800-829-8608 Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation ¦ We give you the PageStream. BME and PageLiner are registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation. The HotLinks name is reserved for use on the Amiga for software compatible with the IlotLinks standard set by Soft-Logik Publishing. Compugraphic is a registered trademark of AGFA Compugraphic. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Professional Page. Professional Draw and Article Editor are registered trademarks of Gold Disk Inc. Circle 46 on Reader Service card. : L ! P A R T ine is the first in a proposed series of sets. This one includes cars, trucks, jets, an Apache helicopter, the U.S.S. Nimitz, a dinosaur, a man, and more. Because some objects are grouped, you can manipulate them for example, you can open the door on the car. The package includes a browser to let you preview the images. Gious objects, a camcorder, gems, and other objects are included. Complete instructions are on the disk. CycleMan ($ 59.95) Timothy Wilson This outstanding, highly detailed model of the male figure is designed for use with Imagine. Ii includes motion cycles for very realistic walking and running, and allows you tremendous control over the figure you can even make him blink or bend a linger. A manual explains the capabilities. MotionMan, a version with motion scripts for LightYVave 3D, should be 3D tm
- Clip Art Impulse’s collection takes you into another dimension. Available from Anti Gravity Workshop (310 393-6650) by the time you read this. The Big Rig ($ 19.95) Mach Universe Productions This LightWavc object is an accurately scaled model of a tractor rig, complete with cab, trailer, wheels, running lights, and mirrors. You can load the assembly t in pieces or in total, ready ro animate, flic set includes suggested motion paths and texture maps, plus complete on-disk instructions. BisClips ($ 49.95) Animatics Nearly 100 objects make up this Lightwave collection. Several are set up for morphing, and many have movable parts. These objects are designed, however, for use in backgrounds where a less realistic look is in order. They are not scaled and are less detailed than others in this category. While the collection emphasizes reliVista Pro 2.0 ($ 99.95) Virtual Reality Laboratories Vista and other '‘generators” make it easv for anyone without artistic ability to J 4 produce great-looking custom backgrounds. Vista Pro and Scenery Animator are similar and terrific. Both of these programs create still images and animations in IFF, DCTV, or 24-bit format. These can be imaginary landscapes generated by fractals, or realistic depictions of actual landscapes based on DEM data files. (You can purchase dozens of DEM files of the Grand Canyon, California, the surface of Mars, and more.) You have complete control of lighting, and can add snow, rivers, lakes, trees, and so on. Vista Pro alone, however, has the ability to save landscapes as objects for use in 3-D software, and to generate stars, buildings, and roads. Scenery Animator 2.0 ($ 99.95) Natural Graphics v v Unlike Vista Pro, Scenery Animator lets you animate its clouds and provides trees that look better at close range. Like Vista, it can churn out stunning stills and animations. ProFills ($ 49.95) JEK Graphics jJs Pro Fills screen generator creates backgrounds in any resolution with a choice of ten textures and over 50 patterns in hi-res and interlace using vour choice O 4 of 30 RGB or 30 composite (video color- safe) palettes. It is fast, compatible with Colorfonts, and multi tasks well. It gives vciy professional results. VidGen 2.0 (SI49.95) Microft Much improved over the original, this updated background generator creates repeating patterns from brushes, with adjustable spacing and color. It can quickly and easily impart an embossed look, add drop shadows, or produce shaded backdrops. Best of all, it can scroll continuously in any direction, even diagonally. Fractal Pro 5,1 ($ 149.95) CellPro ($ 89.95) ScapeMaker ($ 39.95) MegageM Although their interfaces are a little awkward, these are great programs, offering some amazing capabilities. Fractal Pro produces fractal images based on Mandelbrot, Julia, and six other mathematical sets. It produces images in interlaced MAM and in 24-bit format, and can render directly to Impulse’s Fire- cracker24. You can create animated pans, zooms, tweens from one image to another, and Julia-set cascades between two Mandelbrot sets. Unlike version 4.0, Fractal Pro 5.0 and 5.1 require an accelerator with a floating-point processor. CellPro generates images and animations based on cellular automata (CA), best known through John Conway’s Life program. CellPro provides many different types of CA and ways to manipulate them. You can use an IFF picture as a seed, and create an animation of it changing and swirling into new patterns. You can also generate remarkably complex still images. ScapeMaker can transform any IFF image into a DEM landscape for import into Vista Pro or Scenery Animator. It determines height by either color value or palette order, and lets you control ratios. It can also merge an existing landscape with your IFF image, allowing you, for example, to easily extrude your name from a mountain. ¦ Geo Jrev “I'm not an artist" Williams uses clip art of all types in his work. He is Executive Producer o GBC Communication and director and newsletter editor for the Amiga I ideo- G rap hies Guild. Write to him c o Amiga- World Editorial 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03-158. 36 July 1602 “Big 3” Upgrades Part II: Processing Power The Accelerator Equation Popping in an accelerator board to speed up your machine does not always equate to a better, more powerful system. Part II of our “essential upgrades ” series will show you how to factor in compatibility, other expansion, and price performance, and then determine the best accelerator solution. F you've tried using the scalable outline fonts of the new Workbench 2.0, or have “flown” a complicated jet simulator lately, you may have noticed that your computer does not seem as peppy as it used to. You aren’t imagining things, but it’s not a case of your Amiga slowing down. The sluggishness results from today’s more complex applications. So while your Amiga can do more than ever before, it may not be doing it as fast as you would like. If you want to restore the roar to your Amiga, a number of products can take your computer from a little faster to clean out of sight. But like the Good Book says, the race is not always to the swift. And choosing the right accelerator involves more than just buying the one with the fastest clock speed. You must consider what kind of programs you run, how much of a speed increase you really need (and can afford), and what other expansion devices you have or plan to add to your system. In order to get the most bang for your buck, however, you first have to understand a little about what determines how fast your computer performs. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers Distributors' Addresses"' list on page 100.) Speed Analysis The part that docs most of the work in your computer is the microprocessing unit (MPU), or processor for short. Speeding up your computer, however, is not as simple as getting a faster processor. For one thing, most processors are not plug-compatible with each other. For another, a computer is a system, so you can’t just change one part and expect it to keep working. To substitute a new processor, you have to find a way to make it look like the old processor to the rest of the system. That means an accelerator board has to be a complete computer system in itself, one that is faster internally, but communicates ? By Sheldon Leemon with external system components at the old speed. A good accelerator board will also find ways to minimize the number of slow communication operations it must perform, and to allow the faster processor to operate at top speed as often as possible. That means storing more data internally or hooking up faster memory directly to the faster processor. The simplest way to speed up a system is to run the processor at a higher clock speed. A 68000 running at a speed of 14.28 millions of cycles per second, or megahertz (MHz), will execute each instruction in about half die lime it takes one running at the standard Amiga rate of 7.14 Mhz. This is the basic principle behind ICD's AdSpeed ($ 209.96) board (and another clock- doubling board that Supra Corp. plans to release in the near future). Simply doubling the clock speed will not make the entire computer system run twice as fast, however, because executing instructions is only one part of what the processor does. The other part of its task is to communicate with the rest of the system. This communication function is often the more important, because the processor must fetch its instructions from memory before it can execute them. To make that job go faster, ? The Accelerator Buyer’s Checklist ill Si ACCELERATING YOUR AMIGA can raise some complex technical questions. Here arc some points to consider when you embark on the purchase of an accelerator. How easy is the accelerator to install? Most of them simply plug into convenient expansion slots on the A2000 or A3000, but A500 accelerators often plug into the 68000 socket, which requires some disassembly of the computer. ? How compatible is it with hairi-ware I have or plan to get? Accelerators that plug into the processor socket (which is where they must be installed on the A500) can physically conflict with other boards that connect to the motherboard such as the Atonce IBM emulator (Vortex), some memory boards, Flicker-Free Video (ICD), Kickstart switcher boards, and so forth (although some manufacturers supply extension legs to raise their boards up and over other expanders). Using the A2000 processor slot rules out other boards that go into that slot, such as the A2000 version of the Action Replay card (Coast to Coast Technologies), Atonce, or the Power PC Board (Supra). It is a good idea to verify that an accelerator will work with your hard drive, memory expander, or bridgeboard emulator before purchasing it. One good way to do this is to have the dealer from whom you buy the board install and test it with all your equipment. I Is the software I run compatible with an accelerator? Most productivity titles, particularly those that have been written or revised since the introduction of the Amiga 3000, work Fine with accelerators. If you use a lot of older software that has not been updated for a long time, or games on copy-protected disks, you may have problems. Make sure that what you need to work will work before you buy the accelerator. Can I switch back to the original processor for compatibility? You can easily disable most accelerators via either software or a hardware switch. In most cases, however, you lose the use of any RAM or hard drive connected to the accelerator. With copy-protected games, this is no problem, because generally you cannot install them on a hard drive. ? What are the memory‘expansion capabilities of the accelerator? How much memory can I add, in what increments must I add it, and what chips do I use? An accelerator board should let you add at least SMB of 32-bit RAM, If the board supports both one- and four-megabit RAMs, always use the four-megabit parts if you can’t mix and match densities. Some accelerators use exotic fast- RAM chips that cost a lot of money. .Although fast-RAM chips that support burst mode can improve the performance of some boards, a 10-percent speed increase generally is not worth a 100-percent premium on the price. Unless you arc willing to pay top dollar for that last extra ounce of speed, look for boards that use standard, easy-to- find chips or SIMM modules. (For more on RAM chips, see the sidebar “Memory Chip Buyers Guide” in Part I of this series, “RAM For All Seasons," June ’92, p. 31.) Other memory issues to consider' include whether the memory autoconfig- ures and whether the board gives you a choice of configuring the memory in the normal 68000 memory' space or above it. Autoconfiguration is a nice extra, but it is not really necessary. Likewise, a choice of where to configure the memory provides the most flexibility, but boards that always configure memory above the normal space arc* fine. ? Can I upgrade the speed of the accelerator later on? Some boards allow you to increase your speed simply by adding a faster processor and a new crystal. Even if you cannot upgrade the board, some companies may offer trade-in discounts. I Do I want a floating-point math chip (FPU)? Only a few programs mainly in the 3-D, CAD, and spreadsheet fields benefit from a math chip. If you do not use that kind of software very often, you may want to save some money by buying an accelerator without an FPU. If you do get an FPU, you may want to look at the less expensive 68881 rather than the 68882. Theoretically, the ’882 can calculate twice as fast as an ’881 if instructions are properly optimized to make use of the chip. In practice, however, the speed increase is often consider ably less when compared with the difference in price. ? Do I need an MMU (memory-management unit)? Under Amiga DOS, an MMU is used only to map the Kickstart ROM image to 32-bit RAM, and to help programmers debug their software. The speed increase from a fast Kickstart is nice, but not earth-shaking, and many people will find that it is not worth the price of an MMU. Also, some accelerators provide ways of adding 32- bit Kickstart images without using 32- bit RAM or an MMU. By choosing a board with the EC (Economy) version of the 68030, you will not be losing much, and you may save enough money to make an accelerator an affordable proposition. $ L G THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO RE CHALLENGING. If you think you’re good at games, then let’s have some real fun. When you’re online with Genie® Multi-Player Games, you’re playing real people, in real time. Some of the best players around the world. ? Splash a bandit in Air Warrior®, and you've just taken out eight other guys, who’ll be back gunning for you. Blast a MechWarrior® in MultiPlayer BattleTech™, and who knows? Could be that jerk from the coast. Could be a mercenary who’s looking for a few good friends. ? With Genie, the possibilities are endless, the people are terrific, and even the prices are competitive. So put some new life into your joystick, and sign on. We’ll see just how good you are. ? Sign up now; I. Set your modem for half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud.
2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH 3. At the U = prompt, enter XTX993I3, Amiga92 then press RETURN 4. Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready. ? For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Genie. Multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS ICD acids 32K of cache memory to the AdSpeed. Cache memory is closely connected to the processor and can he accessed hy it more quickly than normal system memory. The combination of a faster processor speed and an instruction cache makes it possible for the AdSpeecl board to increase the running speed of your programs front one-and-one-half to two times normal. The AdSpeed installs in the computer’s 68000 processor socket. Plugging in the board is not as hard as taking apart your computer to get to the socket and then putting it hack together again. You can use the hoard on all 68000 Amiga models (A500, A1000, and A2000), hut not with CDTV at this time. Because AdSpeed is rather small, you should not have problems installing it next to other piggyback boards such as Kickstart switch boards, display enhancers, and chip RAM expanders but you will probably not be able to stack it with other boards that also plug into the processor socket (such as Vortex's Atonce IBM-einulator) without some jury-rigging. The AdSpeed board is highly compatible with existing software. Since it still uses the 68000 processor. You can switch it hack to 7 Mhz, through either supplied software or a hardware switch, to ensure absolute compatibility. Another approach to speeding up your computer is to replace the 68000 with a board containing an advanced processor in the Motorola family. These include the 68020. 68030, and 68040 chips. (An earlier processor, the 68010, does not provide a noticeable speed increase over the 68000.) The least expensive of these is the 68020. TTR s Sapphire ($ 249.95), and CS l’s Midget Racer ($ 199) are two examples of 68020 accelerator boards. (Commodore's once-popular A2620 board is no longer in production.) Both operate at the standard 7.14 Mhz speed and depend on the advanced design of the 68020 itself for whatever speed increase they can provide. Without a higher clock speed, or 32-bit memory connected directly to the 68020 processor, however. Sapphire and Midget Racer run your programs only about twice as fast as normal. They are also slightly less compatible than the AdSpeed because they replace the 68000 processor entirely, thus preventing you from switching hack to it short of physically pulling out the hoard and replacing the chip. The main advantage of these boards over 68000 accelerators is that they provide an interface for the 68881 or 68882 math coprocessor chips. These chips allow programs that perform complex computations (floating-point math) to run many times faster. The catch is that only a handful of commercial programs make use of these chips. 3-D graphics programs like Imagine (Impulse), LightWave 3D (NewTek), and Caligari (Octree), scenery generators, CAD programs, and spreadsheets are about the only ones that use floatingpoint math. For all other programs, such as word processors, paint programs, desktop-publishing software, and video-tilling packages, the addition of a math chip will make no difference whatsoever. If you want to make your word processor run faster, you are much better off with the less-expensive AdSpeed. The Big Boost: 68030s The next rung up the ladder represents a significant boost in both speed and power. The 68039 adds several features that make it faster than the 68020. First, it has a data cache in addition to an instruction cache for faster access to all kinds of information. These boards also run at much higher clock speeds up to 50 Mhz. Most importantly, they all provide for adding fast, 32- bit memory that is connected directly to the advanced processor. Adding 32-bit memory makes as big an impact on speed as having a faster and more powerful processor. (See Part I of this series, “RAM For All Seasons,” June ’92, p. 31, for more on 32-bit RAM.) For example, adding a 25-MHz 68030 accelerator board to a system that has 16-bit fast RAM, but no 32- hit memory, will generally make programs run two to three times faster than their normal speed. The same hoard with 32-hit memory, however, will make programs run eight to ten times faster. And those boards whose memory supports hurst mode (a special access mode that transfers information from memory more quickly) will be 10 to 15 percent faster still. Another feature of the 68030 that can potentially boost performance is a built-in memory management unit (MMU). On the Amiga, the main benefit of an MML* is to allow the use of a Kickstart image that is copied to 32-hit RAM. Although this takes up some of your 32-hit memory (256K for Kickstart 1.3, 512K for
2. 0), it provides faster access to die often-used Kickstart instructions, thus speeding up operations hy ten percent or more. Other uses for the MMU include running the optional Unix operating system (available from Commodore) and improving the performance of Ready- Soll’s A-Max, the Macintosh emulator for the Amiga. While all full-fledged 68030 chips contain an MMU, Motorola also offers a less expensive version of the chip, the EC030, which does not include the MMU. If you do not plan to devote any 32-bit RAM to remapping Kickstart. You can save some money hy buying a hoard that uses the EC (economy) version of the chip. The current lineup of 68030s includes accelerator boards from four developers: CSA, Micro Hot ics, GVP, and Commodore. CS Ts MegaMidget Racer (MMR) ($ 450) andMicroBotics’ VXL*30 ($ 399) plug into the 68000 processor socket. This means that you can install them directly in the Amiga 500 and A2000. (You can also install them in the A1000, hut because of a space ? Centaur Development is about to introduce the most significant Amiga hardware since the Amiga itself. Seeing is Believing For complete details, don't miss the August issue of AmigaWorld. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development" 4451-B Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Phone: (310)542-2226 Fax:(310)542-9998 new south wales, australia problem inside the case, you must fu st make some necessary modifications namely, replacing your internal
3. 5-inch drive with a half-height version.) You may purchase either ol these boards in a variety of configurations, ranging from a simple 20- or 25- Mhz 68030 without a math chip, MMU, or 32-bit memoiy. To a full-blown 40- or 50-MHz system with up to eight megabytes of 32-bit last RAM. The modular design of these accelerators allows you to buy a basic board for under S400 and then to add a faster processor, math chip, or 32-bit memory when you can afford them, flte MMR makes provision for adding 512K of fast 32-hit static RAM to the basic board, but for large- scale RAM expansion of cither board, you need to add a separate plug-in RAM board (as of this writing, the VXL RAM board was not yet available). Both boards let you switch back to the 68000 processor via software control to achieve compatibility with programs that balk at advanced processors. With the VXL, the accelerator memoiy is still accessible when you switch back to 68000 inode, but with the MMR it is not. MicroBotics also states that the VXL board will Although the 68040 has been available for less tha n a year, there are already almost as many
- ...... : . . '
ll. Jmrrv - -• % * . .. . : *.; •;. . - - - , accelerators using the 68040 as the 68030, with more on the way. Provide a place to plug in an alternate system ROM, allowing you to install Kickstan 2.0 on the RAM board and then to switch between it and 1.3 under software or hardware control. GVP's A530 Turbo 30-40 ($ 999 and up) represents a new A500 accelerator solution. The A530 is an external unit that plugs into the expansion port on the left side of the A500. It is housed in a case that looks like GYP's A500 hard drive, which is only natural because the A530 includes a 52-, 120-, or 240MB hard drive along with the 40-MHz 68030 accelerator. Although the exact configuration was not available at press time, the unit will oiler some 32-bit fast RAM (it holds up to 8MB), and an optional math chip. The remaining 68030 accelerators were designed to simply plug into the the processor slot of the Amiga
2000. Among these are other, earlier GVP accelerators including the Impact A2000-030 882 28 and the Series II models (no longer in production) and Commodore's A2630 ($ 1795). CVP's third-generation board, the G-Force 030 Combo ($ 749 and up), comes in 25-, 40-, and 50-MHz models, each of which has a floating-point math chip and a SCSI hard-clrive interface that lets you mount the drive directly to the card. Tying the hard drive interface directly to the accelerator enhances the drive’s performance, providing an overall improvement in system operation. The 25- and 40-MHz boards use an EC030 chip, and the 50-MHz model employs a standard 68000. While the 25-MHz unit comes with one megabyte of RAM (expandable to 13MB), the other two models use a standard 68030 and come with four MB of 32-hit RANI, expandable to 16MB. .All three boards allow you to switch back to 68000 mode under software or hardware control, but you lose the 32-bit RAM and hard drive when 4 you do so. Commodore’s A2630, the accelerator shipped with the Amiga 2500, provides a 25-MHz 68030, a 25-MHz 68882, and 4MB of 32-bit RAM. Amiga 2500 owners looking for more speed or more memoiy should watch for a couple of new products. CS 4 is now shipping its Rocket Launcher ($ 699), an “accelerator accelerator” that replaces the A2630’s 68030 and 68882 chips with versions that run at 50 Mhz. DKB is offering its 2632 RAM card ($ 699.95 with 4MB), a plug-in memoiy card that offers up to 112 megabytes of fast-access 32-bit RAM expansion to the A2630. Faster Than Fast: 68040s The Motorola 68040 is currently the king of the mountain when it comes to advanced processors for the Amiga. Although the 68040 has been available for less than a year, there are already almost as many accelerators using the 68040 as the 68030, with more on the way. The 68040 betters the 68030 in a number of ways. It takes fewer clock cycles per instruction, which means that a 25-MHz 68040 executes more instructions in a given period of time than a 25-MHz 68030. Its large 4 K instruction and data caches greatly increase the “hit rate” (the Frequency with which the processor finds needed data or instructions that are already within the »¦ cache). The data cache can operate in copyback mode, which saves time on write as well as read operations. Also, some of the functions of the math chip are built into the 68040 (although it must emulate others in software, which offsets some of the speed gains). As a result of all of the improvements, a 25-MHz 68040 board will execute programs two to three times as quickly as a 25- Mhz 68030 and up to 25 times as fast as a stock Amiga 500 or A2000! Unfortunately, some of the improvements in the 68040 lead to greater compatibility problems than with previous processors. Many programs (including the program loader in Kickstarl 1.3) do not work when the data cache’s copyback mode is turned on. Having Kick- start 2.0 is almost a necessity to ensure an acceptable level of compatibility when using a 68040. Also, some hard-drive interfaces (notably DMA drives like Commodore’s 2090A and 2091) exhibit problems when operating with 68040 boards. Many boards skirt this problem by offering their own built-in SCSI controllers. Most allow you to revert to the 68000 processor via hardware and or software switching to ach ieve cc>mpatibi li ty. 68040 accelerators for the A2000 are currently available from three manufacturers. Progressive Peripherals has the 040 2000 ($ 2260 base) and the Zeus ($ 2895 base); RCS offers its Fusion Forty ($ 1499); and CSA ¦ 42 July 1002 ANIMATORS! Win the Ultimate A3000 System!! Now, in its third year, the AmigaWor d Animation contest tests the boundaries and imaginations of some of the best animators! We're looking for 2D and 3D animations that will roll your socks down! State-of-the-art style and technique is the theme this year. All you have to do is submit your most awesome animation. If you're our grand prize winner you win a fully loaded Amiga 3000. Even if you don't win the grand prize, we may include it on The AmigaWorld Animation Video Volume III (along with the best of all the other submissions). If we use your animation on the tape we'll give you $ 100! How can you lose? The Ultimate Amiga 3000 System - $ 12,500 Value Amiga 3000 with 100-MB Hard Drive ($ 4150) and Amiga 1950 Multisync Monitor ($ 695) from Commodore; G-Force 040 Accelerator ($ 2799) and lmpactVision-24 Video Graphics Board($ 2199) from Great Valley Products; The Personal Single Frame Animation Controller ($ 425) from Nucleus Electronics; Caligari Broadcast 2.1 3-D Rendering Software (S1995) from Octree Software; VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath ($ 25) and Terraform (825), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. 2nd Prize ¦POMi The International Package - $ 4700 Value Harlequin 2000 32-Bit Frame Buffer from The Amiga Centre Scotland ($ 2100); TVPaint from TeeSoft, France ($ 1500); V-Lab digitizer from MacroSystem, Germany ($ 450) Will Vinton’s 3-D Animation from Cineplay ($ 499); VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath ($ 25) and Terraform ($ 25), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. $ 1100 Value DCTV from Digital Creations ($ 495); 3-D Pro 2.0 from Progressive Peripherals ($ 399); VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath ($ 25) and Terraform ($ 25), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. Also: Prizes for the next 10 winning animators: Best 25 Public Domain Video Graphics disks from Devware ($ 99); Diskmaster graphics utility from Progressive Peripherals ($ 49.95); Professional 3-D Object Library from AmigaWorld ($ 89.95). Disk-based animations should be easily installable and playable on a hard drive, and should include the appropriate player software. Animations can also be submitted on a professional videotape format such as 3 4", Hi-8 or S-VHS. Tape submissions must include a VHS copy, plus enough material on disk to be proof that the animations are Amiga generated. Submissions should also include full details on what hardware and software products were used to create them. Your animation must be three minutes or less. Please include your name, address and phone number. The animations submitted must be your original work, and by submitting them, you are granting AmigaWorld permission to use and distribute the work with our videotape. Tim Walsh, c o Animation Video Contest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 Deadline for submissions is October 15,1992. Serves up the 40 4 Magnum ($ 3995). All of these boards are easy to install you simply plug them into die processor slot. They come with a little more software than comparable 68040 hoards for the A3000. Examples of such software include programs to add die expansion memory, to move certain system pointers to 32-bit memory, to manipulate the caches, and to add the software floating-point support. The 68040 accelerators all offer large-scale 32-bit memory expansion to at least 32MB. Note, however, that the Magnum requires 16MB SIMMs for maximum expansion (see “RAM For All Seasons,” previously cited, for more on SIMMs). The Magnum includes a megabyte of very high-speed static RAM, which dramatically improves memory-access speeds in certain cases. The Progressive boards run a 25-MHz 68040 at 28 Mhz, as do newer versions of the Fusion Forty (although this practice of “over clocking" is frowned on by many engineers). The Magnum runs the chip at its rated speed of 25 Mhz. Both die Zeus and Magnum boards include a high-speed SCSI-2 drive interface that can transfer data at speeds of up to 10MB per second. The Magnum also allows two serial ports (one is included) and a parallel port. Two other 68040 accelerators for the Amiga 2000 should be available soon. GVP is readying a G-Force 040 Combo board (around $ 2500) for the A2000, similar to its line of 68030 accelerators, but also including 32-bit RAM expansion and a built-in SCSI controller. Supra plans to market a 68040 i’or the A2000, as well. Adding a 68040 accelerator to an Amiga 3000 is even easier than adding one to the A2000, because the A3000 already is a 32-bit machine (it comes with a 68030 chip as its standard processor). Progressive and GVP make accelerators that plug into the 200-pin accelerator socket of the A3000 and run a 25-MHz 68040 chip at 28 Mhz. Progressive Peripherals offers both the low-cost 040 3000 (SI795 base), which uses the 32-bit RAM already installed in the A3000, and the Mercury ($ 2599.95 base), which provides for up to 32MB of fast- access 32-bit RAM on board. GVP counters with its G-Force 040 ($ 2149 with 2MB), which allows you to add up to 8MB of highspeed, 40ns RAM to your A3000’s existing 32-bit RAM. Both the Mercury and the G-Force can be switched via software to 68030 mode on a 25-MHz A3000, although the Progressive board will not run in ’030 mode on a 16-MHz machine, The Mercury, however, still allows you to use its RAM when you switch back to the 68030, while the GVP board does not. On the lower end. Progressive Peripherals even has announced a 68040 accelerator for the Amiga 500! This board (SI295) plugs into the 68000 processor socket, includes 4MB of 32-bit RAM, and can switch back via software to 68000 mode. It also features onboard 2.04 Kickstart ROMs and the ability to switch be- tween 2.0 and 1.3. Speed vs. Need While this article has examined a number of factors to consider in adding extra processing power to your system, the final component of the “accelerator equation” comes down to this: How much speed do you need versus how much money can you afford? Currently, accelerators fall into three distinct categories. The fast 68000s almost double the speed of a stock Amiga, and they cost less than $ 200 (please note that prices mentioned in this section of the article are not necessarily manufacturers’ suggested retail prices, but “street prices” i.e., the price you are more likely to pay when shopping for these items). That speed is good enough to smooth out jerky animations or to pep up a game that has been dragging. The next step up in both speed and price is to 68030 accelerators (the 68020 boards are almost as expensive as the ’030s and only as fast as an accelerated 68000). A 68030 with 32-bit RAM is almost ten times as fast as a stock system. You can buy an EC030 board with some 32-bit memory for under $ 800. In fact, with CAT’s low- * er-end Series II board, you also get a hard-drive controller and a 68882 for that price. If the jump from $ 200 to $ 800 is too big for you to swallow' in one bite, you can purchase modular systems for under $ 400, such as the MegaMidget Racer and the VXL*30, that let you buy the processor now and add the memory later. The basic 68030 system (25-MHz processor and 32- bit RAM, but not necessarily an MMU or FPL') is the one that gives you the greatest performance boost for the lowest price. This level of performance is adequate for all but the most demanding 3-D rendering jobs. Adding high-speed RAM and a 50-MHz ’030 to this mix will give you some incremental increase in speed, but you may pay twice as much for a system that is only about one-and-one-half times as fast as the basic 25- Mhz 68030. If you are that willing to pay for extremely high speed, you may be better off looking to the 68040 accelerators. All of these boards run at blazing speeds, but those that have a built-in hard-drive interface also speed up drive transfers, which makes a noticeable improvement in system performance. Accelerator prices have dropped dramatically in the last year or so, putting high-speed performance within the reach of most Amiga owners. Watch out, though; speed can be addictive. Once you have tried it, you may never want to go back. ¦ Sheldon Lee man is a well-respected authority on virtually even aspect oj the Amiga. I Vhen he is not writing books or magazine articles, you can find him working at Slipped Disk, a Michigan-based Amiga dealership. Write to him clo Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Is your directory utility dull, weak, and generally unpleasant? Do Something About It! You start out with this... then you use this... 0 ALL 1 HONE PARENT ROOT 1 BYTE DELETE UIB CLONE 1 COPY RENttiE NOVE 1 EDIT RUN ENCRYPT PLAY 1 SHOW READ HEX READl ADD ICON ASSIGN PRINT ARC LISTI ARC BOD COHNENT DflTESTflMPl PROTECT HUNT SEARCH Gadget nane mim Function faakedir Stack size RfM I Priority |8 Close delay E _| Text colour n BG colour 1? Il (I Shortcut key m Qualifier |T” U| Executable J jOutput uindow jRun asynchronausty J Recursive (firs jOutput to file JCD source Jreload each file jHorkbench to front JCD destination Jftuto iconify Jdirectory Opus to front J Do ail files Jno filenane quote Next bank | Swap | Bank nenu | Okay Cancel 1 it* ir n MilIJJM Sl| III '¦« twiif w i.p * ." _i - jaRd * 1 _1 JlfldSiJ iUSJlSJE &U.. AW MU7131 ! 1MttW T0THL;3t*4t2> default configuration gadget config screen and you get this... or maybe this... HL. J i:mi ar>t°* J I* anno. F'dv ItottTf' P*u lit roc b tr«jir»Mriluvi Inqv frvdULI' Inuttal J»Vfl«es. Stuff Hoauii 7 rtuste SSPSTinfo nClock.inf o
* aneed _ fr rri ** c« he* Hut If tcrLai tors ""I- CinDfi.Info C«3.*nfo |r»t ifry ..5 i rfctofyOpui.tnfo cel lencel lisftb krSnfo IrmanOal lerv .Info Hus It.info qb. Info 7 xiu.i Hi Hi jfj irmrrr 1 HeesT
- ¦ £- _1 r> JUJU JO ili i nmrr m Mtrnftiming HAKEDIR 1 ¦ Jiwiiia*
- h. Twr I iirm | connFNi 1 ¦mi=1 H PROTECT ' n ™ H- t i ik9«L_ RE«nnr i 1 ¦ 'iniaea him PI flY Mml 1 fd t r 1 I 1 SHOW HF HD r i "RIHT 1 I'UBI Hrt HDD Cl674272 f!2934466 I:352876* r-)2 Another Man's OPUS One Man's OPUS But only if you have this: directory "The extent to which OPUS is configurable is astounding. Everything, down to the action that OPUS will take when you double-click on a file, is configurable...Five Stars (highest rating)"
- .info Magazine OPUS: it’s not just incredibly convenient, it’s you. NEWSFLASH: OPUS has just been named one of the "Top Ten Toaster Accessories!" By BreadBox, the Video Toaster magazine. Version 3.41 INOVAtronics Be More Productive. Only $ 59.95. To order, call now! 1-800-875-8499 VISA MC AmEx Circle 168 on Reader Service card. INOVAtronics. Inc.*Suite 209B. 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, USA 75231 -2499*Phone 214-340-4991*FAX214-340-8514 D-reao'y Opus copyright 1992 Jonathan Potter, putfished and eftttutrvety dothbuttid ty tnovaironcs. Inc. CanDo copyright 1S92 Inc-.atrwncs. tnc Example configuration shown All product nam©$ shown are copynghttKi to ¦ and trademarks cf ¦ the-r respective owners where apc .aOie t't ftTK.V6T.AMV
- rr** i8H is* ? * 146 23* 23% 23* - * 2% 2% - % .60 16 44 RYL RYR 171 3 lit iu. Investment Software IF YOU HAVE been wishing that there was a way your Amiga could help in the management of your investments, we have unearthed (after more than a little digging) at least four packages that will fill the bill. Even if you are only a “paper investor” without a dime invested in the market you may find these programs of interest, too. All four packages are dedicated to stock-market and mutual-fund technical analysis. In simplest terms, this means taking a set of proven mathematical principles and applying them to any given stock, mutual fund, or market indicators. Each of these principles, or tools, is designed to take the information that the market itself generates (highs, lows, volumes, closing prices, averages, and so on) and “massage” it to come up with a reasonable projection of what the market is doing now and where it is going next. Some market players use just one tool or indicator. More sophisticated Investors apply a whole series of these formulas to the market as a whole, and to their own investments in particular. In short, a good technical-analysis program should provide through its various tools the information and evaluations that will help you decide when to get into the market...and when to get out. In that way, it will help you maximize your profits while minimizing your risks. All of these packages are essentially chart-and-graph generators. They take the basic data, apply a mathematical formula, and generate a chart. One of the keys to using them successfully lies in interpreting those charts so as to understand the signals they give and the trends they predict. (To locate the vendors of products men- tloned, see the uManufacturers’ Distribu• tors’ Addresses” list on page 100.) MICROTRADER MicroActive: SI 95 Perhaps the most flexible package, MicroTrader offers a wide range of analysis tools. Like The Securities Analyst, it provides up to four simultaneous chart comparisons. It also has the only communications module that allows user access and scripting. Unlike The Stock Analyst and Investor's Advantage, it gives you a wide range of data services from which to get your historical, daily, or weekly data: CompuServe, Dow Jones, Genie, and numerous private services. A complete formatting editor lets you put the information in a form that MicroTrader can use. Also available (at extra cost) is a module that provides for real-time, completely automated data monitoring. With this module, you can program your computer to tap into real-time services at any interval throughout the day and get instant information. Selected stocks up to 600 of them can be tracked constantly, providing you with target prices, alarm settings, and automatic updates of the bid, ask, and last trade for each security. Alas, as good as it is, MicroTrader has one serious flaw. Its graph and screen displays rank at the bottom of the pack. For some reason, the Amiga version uses only four colors; in a program that can chart some 12 different interpretations of the same data on a four-way split screen, this is entirely unsatisfactory. It makes the graphs unnecessarily difficult to read and to interpret. An IBM version of the same program provides 16 colors in either VGA or EGA modes. THE STOCK ANALYST Aggressive Communications; $ 25 MicroTrader provides a wide range of analysis tools, but is hindered by its four-color display. 11 Price (mdty Channel Index (c) Direction Hovenent (d) DM1 PosHe? Direction (D) Lane's Stochastics (s) Linear Regression (1)
M. R.C.B. Line (n) [Moving Averages (M) [Parabolic line Price (p) Price Rite-of-Change (P) [Relative Strength (r) Wilder's R.S.I. (R) Killian's *R (u> the Stock Analyst. J F fl Btt Jjfi SON CJ F
- WEEKLY VOLltlE UBH'S) 42% 27 Pnwa m - 107 76 .ProcJfomb PG 200 62 44V. ProgrsGp PGR 56 26% 23%PN9raCpd 5 at - 24% 23% m - % 27V* 27 27V. + V. 35% 35V. 35% - % 28 27% 27% - % 57% 57% 57% 288 31 2015 34 Oili Joined i to ?gp £.5 tY ttr-2 - The surprise package of the lot, The Stock Analyst was formerly a commercial offering, but is now a shareware release. It stacks up extremely well against the other three programs. It provides every technical tool found in the commercial packages, plus a few you wont And in any of the others. While it does not offer split-screen comparisons like MicroTrader and The Securities Analyst, it does provide a far greater range of analysis tools than the others. It also includes Auto Loader, an integrated communications program that offers automated data retrieval. Auto Loader is set up for use with a data service (called Dial Data) that can provide almost any type of financial information you require, including securities, options, market indicators, statistics, and commodity futures. The only negative here is that the communications program is dedicated to the Dial Data format and cannot be changed by the user. The costs, however, are extremely reasonable (a deposit, no set-up fee, a S15-pcr- Sa 2944 102% 101 m r + V 2% Stock pricfis m 36b Heinz iZL mtSL iUmJ 6b 16 Mmfy ft 33b Hercules V* 361b Henley 44bHedettPk » WV4 Hexed mHiotoo TbH&extA 2 mm%k tomcolr WhtooTrf SysUnTtt ) ' H tm > BY GARY LUDWICK m me '*0 HHL I r f 361 m hot m .78 25 HF H 625 5.7
* 236 92 35 92 B 11310.4 „ 236 69 13
• 6 19 10 17 ¦A you will probably ever need. Warner charges a moderate $ 30 set-up fee and a charge per quote downloaded, which is very competitive with The Stock Analyst’s Dial Data. Varying degrees by CompuServe, Genie, Dow-Jones, and others might be suitable for those who require only an occasional piece of information or analysis. For those actively managing a portfolio, or for those who would just like to get their feet wet by way of practice, I recommend the shareware program The Stock Analyst. At $ 25, it’s more than a bargain: It’s a steal. You can even find a full version of the current release of the package in the General Application li- Gary Ludwick is president of The Creative Department, a Charlotte, NC-based advertising agency that uses Amigas extensively. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. 19 H ¦*355, £ Like all the programs in this survey except for Micro- Trader, The Securities .Analyst is written in a form of compiled BASIC. Apparently the oldest program of the group (it comes on a Workbench 1.2 disk!), it is also the most bare-boned in terms of features and frills. While it provides many of the technical-analysis tools found in the other packages, it does not provide for any form of automated data entry. You must enter all market data manually, one figure at a time. It will take an extremely dedicated individual to stick with this program week after week when there are better, easier methods available. The program does, however, have one worthwhile feature shared only with MicroTrader: the ability to create four on-screen graphs of a single stock simultaneously. Being able to see a single stock or indicator measured against four different criteria at the same time can be a valuable feature. Investor’s Advantage does a very competent job of automated downloading through its integrated communications program. It also offers a selective but useful choice of analysis tools. It does everything well... but exceedingly slowly, too. Every change you make in tools or analysis requires seemingly endless module loading. In short, it is a very good program with great graphs, excellent manual, and a smooth-running automated downloader, but it could benefit greatly from a reprogramming. Like The Stock Analyst, its communications program is also dedicated and not user-changeable. Investor’s Advantage is linked to Warner Data Service, which provides every type of current or historical data In terms off the kinds of technical analysis it provides, this type of software certainly offers the easiest and most convenient route to analyzing your finances. There are, however, a number of financial databases that will allow you to acquire all kinds of financial information on line. Some will even provide on-line technical analysis. Over the medium-to-long haul, however, this could turn out to be an expensive proposition. These services provided in
u. t- month minimum, and charges per downloaded quote), and the totally automated downloading process is completely free of trouble. The Stock Analyst is comprehensive in all regards. The manual is surprisingly large and detailed, and it offers a superb education in the use and interpretation of each of the tools provided. Roundup INVESTOR’S ADVANTAGE 2.0 Software Advantage Consulting Corp.; $ 399.95 THE SECURITIES ANALYST Briivall; $ 59.95 THE BOTTOM LINE INVESTMENT SOFTWARE features Stock Investor's Micro Securities Analyst Advantage Trader Analyst Analysis Tools: Advance Decline Line X X CBOE Put Call Vol. Ratio X X Chaikin Oscillator X X Commodity Channel Index X Directional Movement Indicator X Lane's Stochastics X X Linear Regression X X Moving Averages X X X X 1 Centered Moving Averages X X On Balance Volume X X Parabolic Time Price System X Positive b Negative Volume Index X Price Earning Analysis X Price Rate of Change (Performance) X X X X Price & Volume Trend X X Relative Strength X X X X Sine Wave Cycle Analysis X Trend Lines Trading Bands X X X X Trailing Stops X Volume Accumulation Distribution X X Wilders Relative Strength Index X X Williams Percentage R X Program Features: Split Screen Comparison Displays X X Automated Download Capability X X X Dedicated Communications Program X X Programmable Comm. Program X Data Format Editor X Printed Reports Charts X X X X Daily Barometer Feature X Weekly Barometer Feature X Spreadsheet Data Export X Real Time Tracking Trading • Graph Zoom Magnify X
* Optional at extra cost
- All,
- 2u 2tb105 „
• H+ ® 33600 1451 I 41 ? Cyberspace Techniques A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen 1 ONCE SPENT time iti the ancient Mayan city of Palenquc. The visual impact of those massive stone structures rising out of the encroaching jungle was unforgettable. Having done many sketches and paintings based on those memories over the years, Fve always wanted to try painting a “cyberscape” of jungle ruins with my Amiga. With the tools available now, there are several ways one could effectively tackle such a project. For this month’s column, I chose to paint aerial views of the terrain in two parts with DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts), combine them in ScapeMaker (.MegageM)f and render the image in VistaPro 2.0 (Virtual Reality Laboratories). Natural Graphics' Scenery Animator will also work fine for the VistaPro part of the process. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Mu h u factu rers Vdist ribu tors ’ A dd resses " list on p. 100.) To try this approach, use Page Size in Dpainl to work on a lo-res 320x258 screen. Use Shade mode, a 32-color range, and a large brush with the dotted-line tool. (For further details of this painting process, refer to “Landscaping in Cyberspace,” Feb. '92, p. 41; Accent 9, Nov. ’89, p. 74; or “Around the World in 80 Frames,” Oct. ’91, p. 39). ScapeMaker can treat each successive palette position as a higher elevation. The color is irrelevant. As you paint in Shade mode, one button raises elevations, and the other lowers them. When the map is complete, use the Filled-rectangle tool and a high-cleva- tion color to paint building foundations into the landscape. Save the image. Next, erase everything but the rectangular building foundations and O O change these to mid-elevation palette colors. Then add new rectangles on the foundations to represent building features as shown in the inset to the accompanying illustration. Think of higher palette positions being higher towers or walls. Be sure the background color surrounding your buildings is color zero and save this under a new filename. Double Expose and Prepare to Render Run ScapeMaker and open the first image, the landscape with foundations. Under controls, select Color Number. Set Scale to 3, select a full Scape Area 258x258 pixels and Grab Scape. Smooth the grabbed scape at level 4. Next, from the Control menu, select Double Expose. Open the second image the buildings. Set the full Scape Area and Grab Scape. Save the scape file without further smoothing, and you are ready to render in VistaPro (or Scenery' Animator). Load the scape file in VistaPro and set Vscale to 3 to exaggerate the vertical elevations. In Cmap, adjust any default colors to natural settings. Around Palenquc at certain times of the year, smoke from slash-and-burn fires creates a peculiar orange sky late in the day. To simulate this sky behind d my jungle ruins, I set Sky, Horizon, Haze, and Sky Haze to shades of orange. Position camera and target and try a rendering at level 8 or 4 to test the settings prior to doing a high- resohuion pass. At Polygon level i, the character of «¦ o the buildings should be similar to what you see in the illustration. Specifically, the buildings should tower over a low, rolling terrain, standing out in sharp relief. This is the direct result of the double exposure in which the elevations of the second image were added to those of the first. That additive method necessitated the Hat foundations in the first image. Without that surface preparation, the roofs of the finished buildings would follow the irregular contours of the underlying terrain rather than being Hat. Had T painted the buildings on the original map instead of using Scape- Makers’s Double Expose, they would not have towered over the surrounding landscape. A further virtue of double exposure is that I could smooth the Combining painting and landscape-rendering techniques can lead to some fascinating “cyberspacing” adventures. First landscape while leaving the second image of sharp buildings unsnioothed, thus preserving sharp edges. These capabilities combine to allow the cyberscape artist to create radically different kinds of terrain in the same landscape file. For instance, 1 have used double exposure to put steep dill's and fjords in otherwise low, hilly landscapes, thus simulating the look of northern Scotland. I find that fractal- generated landscapes do not yield this variety in the same scape. Keep in mind that double exposure in ScapeMaker can be repeated again and again with different images to build up very complex maps. Gyberscaping Extras While double exposure remains a feature unique to ScapeMaker, VistaPro 2 has added a Property menu that includes many powerful options for the cyberscape artist. View>Alt converts any loaded image into an elevation map that you can render as a landscape. Alt>lFF saves an elevation map as an IFF image you can modify in O i , D Paint. I IT >.Alt loads that modified map back into VistaPro for rendering. Col>IFF is a powerful feature that lets you save Vista Pro’s internal codes for each landscape polygon as an IFF image. In Dpaint, then, you can use specific menu colors to recode the polygons. The landscape contours are not changed, but you can force VistaPro to render areas as snow, trees, water, and so on. Of particular interest here is that you can use colors 28-31 ro code areas of the landscape to contain buildings. Just paint with those colors where y ou want buildings to appear in the finished rendering. IFF>Col loads the altered color map back over your landscape for rendering. Convincing clusters of blocks will then appear in the finished image. The scale of these buildings is much smaller than that of the towers created through my manual method, but it is veiy appropriate in comparison with the scales normally assumed in a landscape file. My jungle-ruins image would not be complete without a jungle. Both Scenery .Animator 2 and VistaPro 2 offer some amazing tree-rendering options. Buttons on VistaPro’s control panel designating Palms, Oaks, Pines, and Cactus enable you to make such trees appear in the landscape ar different elevations. These fractal forms add wonderful character to the finished picture. A versatile Cloud feature lets you control the weather behind the landscape. To further enhance the natural appearance of the picture, play with VistaPro’s Haze colors and Density. In my jungle ruins, I used Haze settings to make the distant landscape fade into the smoky summer air. I rendered this illustration in Extra_ Halfbrite, preferring the somewhat abstract look of the crisp color patches. As an optional added touch, rendering directly to DCTV (Digital Creations) format produces particularly powerful skies and subtle shading in the distant haze. Finally, for everything from scratch-built landscapes to subtle touch-ups, keep TerraForm (Virtual Reality) handy. This program has a great interface for modifying elevation maps and should he part of your cyberscape toolkit. ¦ Joel Hagen s credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope for a reply. VIDEO Out With Dropout! You’ve tried scrubbing. You’ve tried soaking. But you still come up with streaky video. Now you ran do away with dropout by using a Video Toaster. SUITE By Paulo de Andrade IT APPEARS SUDDENLY and without warning. Before you realize what's happening, it can take over your tape like crabgrass in a garden, sometimes seeming to render your best shots useless. It is the videomaker’s nemesis. It is the dreaded dropout. Video dropout usually shows up on tape as thin white streaks, and sometimes as thin blocks of lines. It often appears when you least expect it, and seeing it can cause you to panic. You know the lines were not there when you recorded the tape. What are these streaks and where on earth did they come from? Know Thine Enemy Videotape, like a floppy disk or any other magnetic media, consists ol a plastic base “painted” with magnetic material. This thin magnetic layer, containing millions of microscopic particles, stores the electronic information that forms images. When a tape is blank, you see only “noise” because the magnetic particles are randomly arranged and con- tain no information that makes sense to a videotape recorder (VTR). When you record onto that tape, the video heads create magnetic pulses that rearrange the particles according to the video information. As you play back the tape, the heads of the tape player read the information, translate it, and display it on the screen as video imagery. If anv of the magnetic material is O damaged, some of the information that makes up the image will he affected. When that missing information pertains to the formation of a scan line, then you get blank pixels that is, you get dropout. Dropout can result from dust settling between the tape and the heads, from such tape-manufacture defects as lack of oxide, or from flaking of the mag- O O netic layer. In any case, you lose part of the image, albeit sometimes a very small part. Dropout can vary considerably, depending on the videotape format you use. As a rule, the narrower the tape, the more pronounced the dropout will he. I lie reason is simple. Data is packed more densely on a narrow tape than on a wider one, so when a fragment of the oxide layer falls off, it takes away more information on a narrow tape. The old two-inch broadcast videotape format was very stable regarding dropout. A missing magnetic bit did not make much of a difference, because it contained a relatively small amount of information. Dropout trouble became more pronounced with the advent of’the Vi-inch formal. Nowadays, most video formats (VMS, S-VI IS, Beta- cain. Mil) use V-’-inch tape, which packs video information very densely. Therefore, the risk of dropout is higher today. ? Going, going... With half of the dropout ...Gone! In the finished picture, dropout gone, the job is almost done. Is completely eliminated. When recorded to tape, this frame matched the others perfectly. Mm BKPI If! AMIGA A500 500+ FOR 2000 1500 VERSION $ 119.99 EEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE AMIGA N EW I JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES
• SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos ¦ reloads independently of the cartridge ¦ even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus). SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before • allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use. 9 IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached" sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. BURST NIBOLEA. Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key • no more waiting. SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform. PAL or NTSC MOOES SELECTABLE • Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with nowor Agnus chips). 9 SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to hefp you through the tricky parts! MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS - like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc. 9 RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off. 9 FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc. 9 POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status “overlay" shows all the information you could ever need to work on screens. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!! ¦ MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen you can now set up autnfire from O to 100° Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage! IMPROVED RAM EXPANSION SUPPORT, L Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands, 0fr • diskcodea With the new “Diskcodcr" option you can now 'tag' your disks with a unique codo that will prevent tho disk from being loadod by anyone else. Tagged" disks will only rolond when you enter tho code. Very useful for security. SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options. IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT¦ including compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR - if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
• disk copy Disk Copy at the press of a button * faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench ¦ available at all times. PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS- including Mem Watch Points and Trace. 9 BOOT SELECTOR Either OFO or DF1 can bo selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to bo able to boot from your externa! Drive. PLUS A MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR WITH EVEN MORE POWER!! EVEN MORE FEATURES INCLUDING 80 COLUMN DISPLAY AND 2 WAY SCROLLING:-
• Full M6S000 AssemblefiDlsassembler 9 Full screen editor Load.'Save block 9 Write String lo memory • Jump lo specific address 9 Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture 9 Play resident sample 9 Show and edit all CPU registers and 1lag 9 Calculator 9 Help command 9 Full search leature 9 Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to see and modliy all chip registers - even write only registers 9 Notepad 9 Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. 9 Dynamic Breakpoint handling 9 Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler. Decimal 9 Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN ITS "FROZEN" STATE WITH ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT - INVALUABLE FOR THE DE-BUGGER OR JUST THE INQUISITIVE! PLEASE MAKE CHECKS MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO "COAST TO COAST CALL TOLL FREE- gP=HIiBJl a»E!U B -ORDERS ONLY 580 CAPE COD LANE SUITE 3B, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32714. CUSTOMER SERVICES FAX (407) 788 7015
• ADD 54.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING (510.00 CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2nd DAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD S (ADD 52) ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hrs. ¦ ¦ , N Mdeo-equipment manufacturers created the Dropout Compensator (DOC) to battle the problem. DOC is a circuit that senses the signal loss from the magnetic layer and substitutes information from the previous scan line. That is why, when dropouts are severe, they appear as thin blocks of lines. Unfortunately, DOCs can help only to a certain degree, and good DOCs come only with very expensive machines. Tactful Tactics I have experienced dropout throughout my professional career. My most recent encounter was a few months ago. While overseas, I shot some footage using a tape format different from the one 1 usually use, because I did not have my equipment with me. When 1 got back and transferred the tapes, I found an alarming degree of dropout. In cases like this, dropout becomes a major problem. Because reshooting would have been so costly as to render my project economically unviable, I needed to find another solution. The Amiga was able to provide that solution. After some searching, I found a way to banish dropout hy using NewTek’s Video Toaster and the Toaster Paint software that comes with it. (This method might also work with other products, such as Great Valley Products’ Impact Vision 24 and its Macro Paint program, but I do not have that system and therefore could not verify it.) To achieve the effect, you need two VTRs in addition to a Toaster one of them frame-accurate and the other with a steady pause or freeze frame. You need not remove all the dropout on your original tapes only that on the frames that appear in your edited master. When a streak or block shows up as you run the master, simply find the corresponding frame on your original tape and grab it with the Toaster’s Freeze feature. Then save it as a Toaster Framestore. Now jog back one frame on your original tape and capture that one as well. Load this frame into Toaster Paint and highlight Swap on the Picture menu. Selecting Copy This Picture will duplicate the image onto the spare screen. Now load the first frame vou saved. As you scroll around the screen, you will find your dropout. Select Rub Thru from the Mode menu, choose Freehand Draw mode, and pick a brush size as tall as the dropout itself. Using this brush, simply “paint” over the dropout, file information from the previous frame will replace the dropout's lack of information, and the resulting frame is likely to look almost perfect. If the result of the rub-through was not good enough, you can use other tools to perfect it. First, try setting Transparency to the borders of the brush to make the effect more subtle. You can also select Blur from the Mode menu and use the brush to blend any unnatural edges that may have shown up. When you have finished perfecting the results, render your screen to the framebuffer hy pressing the F10 key and record it on the edited master, replacing only the frame that showed dropout. Then plav the tape hack and note with satisfaction that the dropout has disappeared. Smoothing Moves The implementation that I have described above works best when the difference between frames is small. You are not defenseless, however, against dropout in the middle of a camera movement where there is a great difference between frames. In such a case, grab only the frame containing the dropout. What you are going to do next is very similar to what a DOC does. ¥ When you get to the dropout area in Toaster Paint, measure it. Ii it is two scan lines tall, for example, cut a brush of the scan line below it and paste it to the lower line of the dropout. (Make sure to align the brush horizontally so that it matches the information on the line below.) Now cut a brush of the line above the dropout and paste it onto the remaining blank line. Using Blur mode, blend the new lines with the old ones so that the transition between them is smooth. Now render vour result to the framebuffer and record to the edited master, as in the previous example. As before, when yon play the tape hack, you should find that the dropout is missing or at least is not noticeable. Both these approaches can also help when a VTR’s DOC does not completely clear the dropout and leaves a small block of lines. For this purpose, you should modify the second method just slightly: Instead of cutting brushes, simply use the Blur feature to attenuate the DOC s correction effect. Strike a Match If you experience a big difference in color phase (hue) between the original images and the processed frames, it might be because some Video Toasters occasionally do not adjust themselves so as to match the characteristics of the system. (Toaster 2.0 does a much better job of this than the original version, however.) 4b correct this, first try running the Auto Hue program that conies with the Toaster. If that does not help, check for large differences between both framebuffers. According to NewTek, the discrepancy should fie less than 3 degrees (a vectorscope measures the differences accurately). If the difference is greater, call NewTek. If you try the above fixes and the difference in phase is still bothersome, vou will have to manually match the 4 4 characteristics of the image by using the controls on your time-base correc- tor (TBC) or processing amplifier (ProcAmp). Although it is not difficult to eliminate dropout using the Amiga, it is better to avoid it in the first place. Preventive measures may be a little bit time-consuming, hut they are well worth the effort if they help preserve your valuable images especially the ones that are impossible to reshoot. First of all, it helps to store your tapes in a cool, thy, dust-free location. More importantly, however, you should use only high-quality tape. The best manufacturers spend a great deal of effort, time and money im- proving their products so that you encounter dropout and other problems less frequently. Until they reach perfection, tL is comforting to know that you can use your trusty Amiga to eradicate evil dropout when it takes root in your tape. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is the president of Kin e- ina Graphics, a broadcast-quality production company that uses Amigas in its work. His experience includes eight years of network television and six years of computer animation. Write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03158. Ore of attual DCTV screens otemze mro process coiorf OPTS SOURCE PftlHTj Jto,„ com- .pioiTirc
i. r toe LohO|rr,,t*f = QURLITV SJIS’El Jst«rHi SPEED quit I J1 J8F3 HrtKC ShOfp! SWAP p«aF 3*? 01 m . IP 1 LAST BESET Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. ¦MW! .;r XI tj ?j& p Q«gf & O 200 SOX SOLO Riftrmh SiT,.€ » wtr ppwp '_eiuk PiCTtlff Loftp.i SBI‘Ei j .VBRMSHJLStfflLl JF*fyL i.CjPfeJDtHJLMfltBEJ Olio Stencil Pal.ttt Loftp| SFA»E j LQBOl SHI-Ej ' J Wpj Swg| A Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.*' A Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras; video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCTVT images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV™ is a complete system, right out of the box! Sophisticated true color video paint digitizing and image processing software are all combined Into one easy to use package. A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Create beautiful full color video images with all popular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 ’Min, I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended [ : 1 ; Animate video qualify DCTV images in red time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution or television. Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 199? Digital Citations. Amiga it a registered trademark of Commodore Business Marhincs. Patents applied for. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. K
2. Ft HuflU Convert bitmaps to 3D object, set rid of redundant points and convert from one format to another! ..$ 69.95 The CSA Rocket Launcher attaches to your A2E30 card to giue you a 50mhz 6803 D ...S64B0D CSA Cut your rendering time in half! PROGRESSIVE P€RIPH€RRLy fi, ’OFTUJRR€
• Real time response in fuB perspective
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* 289® with Agnus MultiStart II Multistart II s4495 Provides for Amiga 500’s & 2000’s to operate under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0! I hr of H .rVUim li Ml Mkk llr-1 ¦-trnpalibifclv *>f MorUtfarb lJ DKB 2632 Ram Expansion Now expand your Amiga up to 112 megs of 32 Bit memory if you own the CBM A2632 Accelerator board With 4megs s549°° Prices Effective June 1,1992 : ;V;Y'V *'>. %•• ‘v; 800-872-8882 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 310-214-0000 ORDER STATUS .. .... S'; ative” Mon-Sat i-G PST FAX: 310-214-0932 COMPUTERS HOME PRODUCTIVITY NAS PLUS 3.1 64.95 NOTEBOOK 26.95 OFFICE GOLD DISK ___159.00 TOP FORM _52.95 WHO WHAT WHIRL WHEN 51.95 .789.00 .489.00 .799-00 PROf. PAGE STRUCTURED CUP ART38.9S PROFESSIONAL PAGE 3.0 .....178.00 SAXONSCRIPT PROFESSIONAL 74.85 SPREADSHEET ADVANTAGE-----------------119.00 MAXIPLAN PLUS VERSION 2.0 _99.85 PROFESSIONAL CALC __IB9.QQ SUPERPLAN __ 84.95 DATABASES FAMILY THE VERSION 2 . 46.95 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 .. 48.85 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL 4 .... 249.00 WORD PROCESSING EXCELLENCE VERSION 2 __ 99.95 ROW 3.0 57.85 FffiAL COPY ___59.95 PROPER GRAMMAR ..... 57.95 PROSCRIPT-------------------- 32.95 PROWRITE 3.2-------- . __64.95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO .....34.95 WHERE IN TIME B CARMEN SANDiGO __34.65 WORLD ATLAS 2.5 ___32.85 ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SCHOOL BARNEY BEAR GOES CAMPING . BARNEY BEAR GOES FARM BARNEY BEAR MET SANTA __ BARNEY BEAR TO SPACE __ REAOAHAMA ... 19.B5 SPELLAfAR! .. 23.85 LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION AUDIO GAUfflY SPANBH 54.85 AtlOlO GALLERY JAPANESE ___74.85 AUDIO GALLERY FRENCH __52.85 AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE __74.95 AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN .54.95 AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN _78.95 JAPANESE I ..... 27.95 LWKW0RD FRENCH ... 19.95 LINKWORD GERMAN-------------------19.95 UNKWORO riALIAN-------------10.85 UKWOIIO RUSSIAN __I9.BS LWHWOSU SPANISH _19.85 GENERAL FONTS ALL A6EA FONTS AVAILABLE ___CALL KARA AMMFONTS1 ...29.95 KARA AMMFONTS 2 .. 29.95 KARA AMMFONTS 3 __ 28.85 KARA AMMFONTS 4...... S5.9S KARA FONTS HEADLINES ,...44.95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES? 39.85 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3 .46,85 KARA FONTS STARF1E10S 34.85 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS 39.95 MASJERPICE FONTS 159.95 PROF. FONT LIBRARY ...46.95 606 AMIGA FONT8 ___ 1B.B5 DTP PAGESTREAM FONTS PAGESTBEAM FORI PACK I 4S.B5 PAGESTHEAM PLUS PACK 48.95 PAGESTREAM NEWSLETTER FONTS B4.B5 PAGESTREAM STARTER FONTS ._. 64.BS PAGESTREAM DESIGNER FONTS . 128.00 PAGESTREAM CLASSIC FONTS 129.00 PRO STREAM FONTS 42.85 DTP PROFESSIONAL PAGE FONTS PROF. PAGEOUTUNE CG 128.00 GOLD DISK DECORATOR --------- 34.85 COLO DISK DESIGNER 34.85 PfflSMALTBCTWI Baffi GOIHECIOBI _ SdfTY DWTAL VW0 PR0CFSSEH 289.00 VxffOOBBQI 888.00 EDUCATIONAL HfiDffl TOASTER 2.B. .CAlt SOFTWARE BUSINESS SOFTWARE .2046 .20.95 .20.95 .20.85 .20.95 .25.85 .19,85 .32.95 ,13.95 ,25.95 .32.95 .18.95 .25.85 . 13.85 ,13.85 GENERAL EDUCATIONAL BIBLEREADER STUDY . 44.85 CROSSWORD CONST SET Zt95 DISTANT SUNS VERSION 4.1 _48.95 MAPLE V __ CALL HNKt MATMJLB--------------34.95 MATH VISION------------119.00 ACCOUNTING BEST BUSHES* MfiMT 182.00 DESKTOP BUDGET 40.B5 HOME FHJffl 2.0 ___54.B5 MDMLAWTBl 37.95 PHAHH4.0----------59.95 SanGE HDUSTHT ACCTNG 159.00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING XATIES FARM XNOERAMA _ LAND Of THE UNICORN __ LETTERS FOB YOU----------- MATH A MAGICIAN . MATH BLASTER PIUS MATH AM AT ION 49.85 MAVIS BEACON TYPNG _34.85 PBJCAN PRESS... _..... 64,85 WHOLE IN EUROPE I CABMEN SAN 0IEB0 __34.95 WHERE R THE U.S.A. IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO 34.35 The Kitchen Sync s159900 Two Complete TEC's on one card Works with any video source S-iflB and H-8 compatible Optional Y C output Great for use with the Video Toaster Modems Supra 2400 Baud Modem.....79.95 Supra 2400 MNP Plus 115.00 Supra 2400Z! Plus 119.00 Supra FAX Modem 9600 .$ 25900 SupraRam 2000 2 8mb Board $ 1 7900 SupraRam 2000 4mb RAM ....240.00 SupraRam 2000 6mb RAM ....299.00 SupraRam 2000 8mb RAM ....379.00 This new 9600bps modem has MNP5,
V. 42bis and V.32 error correction and data compression. SupraRam RX 1MB .....135.00 SupraRam RX ®IEaB 2MB .199.00 SupraRam 500 . 512k ...47.00 Due to industry fluctuation. RAM prices are subject to change without notice AdSpeod ,v *170* Ettl siirtl partaninci d mj acakrator B IT* rti r»*t. Flicker Fres Video1'1 .. *248M Eunitaiii lilifflct litcxtr nr air Amiga cemginr. AdlDE : 40 KH., ___‘148“ Smallest Amga hard drlva Intarlici reads, Far IDF = All drim. Ad HAM 540 w Ok .. *09“ AdRAM 560 wZmh ......,Z38M .•37B80 PrlnmSfl™ ... Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. _32.35 PROFESSIONAL DRAW _128.00 .-..183.00 BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE SAW COPT 1,3K hhm.1, ¦« i 38.85 X-C0PT PROFESSIONAL .....45.35 TELECOMMUNICATIONS MJNDUNH TELECOM _
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23. B5
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2. 1-Bit IFF....*62 '
- 0 H .:7. . ... This is on© of the 25 STILL IMAGES Prices Effective June 1,1992 Circle 13 on Reader Service card
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94. 96
45. 95
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39. 95
39. 95 RISE Of THE DRAGON----------39 95 ROMANCE Of THE 3 KINGDOMS 1-44.95 SECRET Of THE SILVBI BLADES ..... 34.95 ULTWA V WARRIORS Of DE8T*fY . 35.95 ULTIMA Vt THE FALSE PROPHET .-44.95 FLIGHT SIMULATORS A-1Q TANK K11ER 1.5----------39.85 KMGHTS Of THE SKY------39.85 MIG 29: ACCOLADE _38.95 PRO BIGHT: TORNADO SIM. PAL... 44.95 RED BARON ___ 39.95 STARRJGHT CLUE BOOK STARflJGHT I - SCENERY DISK STARTER___37.95 THUNDERHAWK __34.95 GRAPHIC ADVENTURE AUCE IN WONDERLAND 38.95 WRATH OF THE DOWN VENGEANCE OF EXCAUBUR .. AIRBUS 320 PAL CALL The Lost Treasures of Infocom Out of this World Outline fonts, 470,000 word Thesaurus, 16,000 word dictionary, Multipie columns, IFF graphic support, PostScript support, Work Bench 2.0 and Automatic hyphenation. $ 3995 $ 4595 Centaur Software Impulse, Inc. Firecracker 24 Fantastic Vo The Computer Game “Incrediblel" "?????" 5 Stars
• .Into Magazine $ 3495 s r? ? ProNet PruBoand $ 28995 $ 2&P95 For a limited time diilys buy ProNet and get ProBoard Free v S. X . 2 Meg Version World Atlas High-resolution *16.8 Million Colors
• 24-Bit graphics display card
• Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 3 Disks of Info on over 170 countries + 255 maps. M For Innovative schematic capture and PCB layout. A complete solution from schematic to PCB. T- My Paint
B. A.D Ver.4.0 The best children's paint program for the Amiga. Optimizer for all Amlgas. Speeds floppy and hard drives by up to 5 times! To Imagine pius Imagine: A Guided Tour video $ 2995 Pixound imagine - $ 2995 MindLink The hottest, newest super-powerful modem package. $ 2896 $ 7995 T Musical Graphics Player “Incrediblel" 5 Stars
- .Into Magazlna Includes free object disk ‘ J n and you can upgrade i--J to 2.0 for $ T(Su! $ 5695 Prices Effective June 1,1992 5 A G-Force 040: 28Mhz 68040 lerator for e Amiga with New G-Force 030 Combo Accelerators G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 ,.si i89°° Combo Accelerator
- 68030 running at dOmhz H d Drj bundtes
- 68882 running Ot40mhz
- 4mb Of 32-Bit RAM (16mb ITIOX.) Quantum Hard Drive factory installed. Save a
- Onboard Series II SCSI Controller bundle! Also includes a Gvpsenesiiscsi controller on board.)
- Hard Drive mountable G-Force 030-Combo 25 1
- All on one board no drive w 6&882 ma*h co-proc. .,s678°° G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 G-Force ‘03050 4 ..51558°° 120Qw 68882 math co-proc......s1518°°
- 68030 running at 50mhz , _ . G-Force 030-Combo 50 4
- 68882 running at 50mhz 240Q w 6e882 math co-proc......=2048™
- 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.) DSS_8 s84oo
- Onboard Series II SCSI Controller Record, edit, compose... with
- Hard Drive mountable Q high-quality, stereo sound
- All on one board sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track SIMM32-1 MB 60 .....Call sequencer. SIMM32-4MB 60 .....Call Scala 2000 NTSC Titling .. Scala 500 NTSC Titling ......sm?00 Hard Cards Series IIA2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card: A2000-HC8+0 52Q-LPS (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) *379°° A2000-HC8+0 120Q-LPS (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) .....*508°° A2000-HC8+0 240Q (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) .....*81800 GVP OPTICAL REMOVABLE MEDIA GVP WT-150 Tape Drive >63900 55 SyQuest 40mb Removable with cartridge d HC8 Controller ...5599°° SQ800 SyQuest 80mb Removable with cartridge and HC8 Controller ...*719“ Impact Vision 24 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + Genlock + Framegrabber + Flicker- Eliminator + PIP + Video Titler + 3D Modelling System and now includes a Video Transcoder Unit! A3000-IV24 ......$ 1879°° A2000-IV24 Adapter ..54900 A500 HD+ The Series A500 HD8+ uses the same technologies of it's powerful A2000 cousins and additional features like: Exclusive Game Switch, Fast RAM Expansion up to 8MB, External SCSI Port, Free dedicated universal power supply! New PC286 Module (Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit)s31900 A500-HD+ 52Q (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) ....S4880Q A500-HD+ 120Q (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) ..s63800 A500-HD+ 240Q (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) ..589900 The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Chech out the prices in this adf then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it!** Commodore Amiga 500DS Comes uvith: 3.5" Floppy Drive, Mouse, Joystick, bundled with the fallowing software packages: Kindwords, FusionPaint, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, F40 Pursuit, and F A-18 Interceptor. SPECIAL PRICE $ 299 Commodore ::with purchase of Amiga Monitor Creative Computers has the largest and best equipped fully Authorized Amiqa service center. The Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program ECC-MBGl When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GUP Hardware from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questinns- Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the market fur a GUP Impact Uision but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! JNTT PRICE MAIL IN THIS FORM
1. Can fir Hwsl cirrntt prices &ml sMu rates. L Mail ibis ertu ram tr CBEATIYI COMPUTES! Tt 4453 Btfffids leach mi., Lmtfile. U 88218
3. Credit card orders eity shfppetl to Whtog addrtis. Address Country_ Day Phone ( ) Night Phone ( ) v|
8. 25: « SALES TAX (CA RES ONLY) warn SHIPP NG TOTAL OFFER CODE: P274Q1MG Visa n MasterCard Discover Method Ol Payment Exp. Date Knit nin: uittii-uai inn upfti in|| m mi ii,ntt n ut mu mm tiitnriti tmr. In till tm biiwir ttriiti ti ibtili i litin liQirlulln iMtir liliri milii lit Itiaiil Ink. Ri> main nil |, it iri,ln> cumin m li i.'iini! ,i:it|ii|. It liauti JIMI an It luiftil lUttli lnttl irUM It tin •! Riitlii tl Ut riliritl litalil. Iilut ti Daiut ti 11.111 ptr cimatr tt fiimi it lrti|it Ill'in lEinst t» u:l :i||i’i ci I 1111(1111! ¦•it II i.i. li 7 |t HI. Til lir U Mir it'n ii liViuln Eliciacii'. Urii'ilt ul icitun ri'Etui nun i::u:il li ir:ni|i lar I tv loinlirt. Tl irarn ft* limn lurtn: 11 intii'p T li.ni' tiltti it:nr till tiniir Inn n jllll III llll hr *ri»i nlriatii U 'ii’ii Mil! Ii.li’.rti nrlr flUlf tH li tisij linn nitifi in: u a rW nit ;n ut iKlii'ii nl ml It nr last ill II iijs il ip nici in li rttoa uni Irfrr.n mint ntliini nil Vi tin n iinnim Nr nitti irVntti iitiuiii n MU rilcB n it n* inn in ntir ti i rn n rtum at mi m Man m tiimnr, a tnM u nton i unit tin tmr II'. -I lirtl ini «nj hum ii tut i*t mu ’** run n*i tt Imin Mtn n it II nn tt tlv atm Int. Utfin hi Ektfuti uni1 tu H but him n wmi u inn c«i wan ni riiiM in ni mu, Mrm tu m inn nm 'rn rtur iil mi I'm nmiu uni >» tnni in. Wi I nn* tu m k» mi mil inn unr llll In till in liirii'i irrm in an: lu ii ii>' i i|n| iiri;i,i >i in* mm ttfl trttt in nn. Bun ip i Tin mu ml nntr run iclin tnuj. Irtiimu. Um mini nun it, him unit i ill hi rut iiui nil Jim. Mu tmn iiiiiiiiti: inui iiuuiiH. Lunuu mi turn 7)1: liwiil MlII-Mil "III!! Mm ill II. In Inlln li U antltfht irriM.iil i| id i it nr j it linn u:t|i imiiicihi ii ua a* tu nit in in -«wi*ir urn imi un ai itiir intn •iinnnr prtca. ?PING METHOD: (Call for rates) Ground I I Airborne Express Check ? Money Order American Express Credit Card Signature
4. - s * R L V I i; w s From p. 22. Really designed to let you “eve” your objects and scenes. Object and subobject dependency are handled very smoothly. You simply “glue" objects together. In this way, you can glue the finger to the forearm, the forearm to the upper arm, and the upper arm to the body. The easiest way of doing this is dynamic picking; simply click on an object to choose and glue it. You can then rotate the upper arm, and all the subobjects will stay glued and move with the proper parts. This method of hierarchical grouping is easy and does not require you to define the hierarchy in a separate requester or mode. The last part of object design is to assign the primary color to the faces for a quick render. Color space can be defined as Red, Green, and Blue (RGB); Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta (CYM); or even Hue, Saturation, and Value (HSV). HSV is commonly used in video, RGB with computer monitors, and CYM for print. In Rendercr, Caligari lets you use HSV sliders to define your color (any one of 16.7 million) but indicates the changes via RGB values one of the oddest methods I have seen. I enter my desired RGB values directly j • in gadgets. With either method, a 16- color palette shows you a rough approximation of the total results. The Scene Composition area is another strength of this program. The interaction is very similar to LightWave. Your viewing position is your camera. You can quickly create animation sequences by altering your position, your objects, or your lights. To lighten the object-creation load, you have Key Framing capability: simply move, scale, and rotate your objects, position, or lights, and Caligari generates the inbe- tweens, either linearly or on a spline curve. Script-based animation control allows you to fine-tune sequences. In the Scene Composition area, you can also assign an object’s specific attributes, such as transparency, specularity, texture maps and so on. To conserve memory, you can add multiple copies of an object or assign different attributes, and Caligari will require memory' for only one object. You will not, however, be able to manipulate the subobjects into different orientations. Taking Shape In the Renderers area, you have two choices QuickRender and Broadcast. There are five types of shaders available: Flat, Gouraud, Phong, Metal, and Environment. You can also control lights as Infinite, Local, or Spot. The lights and shaders do not work in OuickRcnder. Which is really a lest mode; they can he assigned only through Broadcast. The variety provides a more than adequate ability to produce high-quality images for animations. Caligari is not a ray-tracer and therefore cannot create real-world reflections and refractions. Through careful use of environmental maps and shadow volumes, however, you can obtain convincing results. Speed results on my 28- Mhz 68030 were comparable to the rendering times of competing programs, and Octree’s method definitely produces faster results on subsequent renderings of the same scene, because it saves information about lighting and attributes during the first rendering calculation. In Broadcast, you can select from multiple sizes and antialiasing levels prior to your final renderings. Overall, I am pleased to see the improvements in Caligari, hut I am disappointed about several things. First, the documentation is inadequate and generally too technical, and Cali- gari2 lacks an index. The program does ship with an hour-long video, hut it, unfortunately, is more of a commercial than a tutorial, telling you what the program can do, hut not how to do it. I am also amazed that, while Caligari will use either Iarga or Rendition files for texture maps, you cannot use IFF images for this purpose (although this is promised for an upgrade). In Cali- gari2, a step has been made, hut I think a few more are needed to keep up with the fast-paced competition. On the high end, Caligari Broadcast
2. 1 is an extremely professional 3-D design and animation package, comparably priced with professional PC and Mac 3-D packages sans dongle! The output quality and speed of rendering are notable. Phoenix A1000 Replacement Motherboard Phoenix Microtechnologies The Grapevine Group A second wind for your A1000. By Sheldon Leemon LIKE THE MYTHICAL bird that is reborn from its ashes, the Phoenix hoard (Phoenix Microtechnologies The Grapevine Group, $ 850) breathes new life into an Amiga 1000 by replacing its entire motherboard. All you salvage from the A1000 is the case, power supply, floppy drive, keyboard, mouse, and five chips (two CIAs, Denise, Paula, and the 68000 processor). If your computer contains certain brands of floppy drives or 68000 chips, even those must he traded in. The computer you end up with has many more features than your original A1000. Most noticeably, instead of a puny 512K of chip RAM, you have a full two megabytes (the two-meg Agnus chip and memory comes standard with the board). Another major plus is that the hoard has a built-in SCSI hard- clrive controller. With the provided mounting hardware (and a little modification of’the metal shield), you can mount a lialf-heiglit 3.5-inch SCSI hard drive inside the A1000. Or, if you prefer, you can replace the internal floppy with a full-height hard drive and use the built-in option of making an external floppy respond as if it were the internal drive. While the original A1000 had no internal expansion slots, the Phoenix hoard has both a video slot and an A2000-style slot, in addition to the AlOOO’s external expansion connector. It even adds a couple of proprietary expansion connections, such as a socket for Phoenix’s own memory board and a Ivont-panel connector, which Phoenix hints may be used for future products. The hoard conies with Kickstart 1.3, but allows vou to add 2.0 ROMs and z alternate between them bv means of an j included hardware switch. It also has a batten -hacked hardware clock calendar and a slot for a math coprocessor chip that the 68000 can access as a peripheral device. Transplant Surgery Installing the Phoenix board is not much more difficult than installing any internal A1000 device. Once past the case, shielding, hard drive, and 29 ? HOT Product HOT Deal Summer is here, but will you enjoy it? If you re a videographer, animator or work with still images, ASDGs Art Department" Professional will maximize your productivity giving you time to maximize your tan. ADPro, the number one selling Amiga " image processing product, is expressly designed to meet the rigors of moving pictures. Coupled with it’s animation editor sequencer, ADPro automatically slices through massive format conversions, digital compositions, image enhancements and special effects. And, we'll send a 510 rebate to every North American customer who's registration card we receive between June 1st and August 31 st, 1992. G25 Stewart street So get ADPro and get ten bucks back, or this'll be 3 another summer that passes you by. 608 273-6585 Art Department is a registered trademark of ASDG Incorporated. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Dealers: Contact ASDG for the ADPro dealer demo kit. Screws, you can remove the mother- 7 4 board, pull oil'the custom chips and processor, insert those chips in die Phoenix board, and drop in the new motherboard. After a pause for testing (and perhaps reading the text of the Desiderata, which is engraved in full on the motherboard), you're ready to put the case back together. The whole process took me about an hour, including a careful reading of die directions. Indeed, you may want to read the manual more than once before you begin. Even though it warns that the machine takes a long time to boot if no hard drive is attached, booting took so long that I thought the computer wasn't working. After carefully searching the manual, I found that removing jumper L35 (or holding down the left mouse button on power-up) disables the hard-drive auto-boot feature and speeds up the boot process. .Although the manual is fairly comprehensive, it fails to explain the exact function of every jumper on the board. As there are over 50, this is a significant oversight that hampers troubleshooting. The Grapevine Group says that a new revision of the manual will include this information. When I installed a 40MB Quantum hard drive with the internal SCSI connector and power cable, it booted right away and performed without problems, albeit a little slowly. According to Disk- Speed 4, the maximum transfer rate was only about 100,000 bytes per second, definitely at the low end of the scale for this drive. Adding a Kickstart
2. 0 ROM and the hardware switch allowed me to alternate between 1.3 and 2.0, again with no problems. The next tests were not so trouble- free. When I tried installing a four-meg Supra RAM card or a two-rneg Micron memory board in the A2000-style expansion slot, the machine would not boot. After a call to technical support (and a day’s delay while they consulted the Australian designer), I was informed that expansion boards should be plugged in so that the rear bracket faces the front of the computer, which is not mentioned in the current manual (but will be added, Grapevine promises, to the next version). Although I was assured that other RAM boards such as Commodore’s 2080 and MicroBotics’ 8-Up had been used successfully with the Phoenix motherboard, all attempts to get my boards working failed, despite the earnest efforts of Grapevine Group’s technical support. We finally concluded that I had damaged the motherboard by inserting the cards the wrong way. I was able, however, to add fast RAM with a MicroBotics Starboard attached to the external expansion port. One Size Fits All? Even when it does function perfectly, the usefulness of the Phoenix’s A2000 expansion slot is limited. For one thing, the motherboard already has a SCSI hard drive controller and provides a connector lor an optional, proprietary eiglu-meg RAM board. For another, with an A20()0-style card standing up in the connector, the top cover and front panel do not fit on the computer. The card stands about two inches taller than rest of the A1000 and protrudes a good inch or so over the front. 1 had better luck using a MicroWav flicker Fixer in the video slot. Not only did this board work the first time, but Phoenix even makes an L-shaped adapter that allows you to install the board horizontally a neat fit in the original case. Because I did not have enough memory, or a version of the motherboard with the proper modifications, I could not try NewT’ek's Video Toaster in the video slot, but there is no reason why it should not work. Here again, however, the size of the A1000 is way too small for the board, which sticks out both at the back and front of the computer. 1 did not try adding a math coprocessor, either. Because the 68000 has no built-in interface for this chip, it can be added only as a peripheral device through a software library. No major commercial program uses this type of software interface, so unless you plan to write your own software, the coprocessor won’t do a thing lor you. The Phoenix motherboard is a remarkable achievement, but not one that I can recommend to all A1000 owners. Its nonstandard design and foreign origin may make it hard to service, and the S850 price is veiy dose to the cost of a new A2000 or even an A500 with a hard drive. While the Phoenix offers two megabytes of chip RAM and a built-in SCSI controller (features that the A2000 cannot match), the A2000 has an accelerator slot. The layout of the Phoenix board makes it difficult if not impossible to add an accelerator that is any larger than ICD’s AdSpeed board. In addition, to make lull use of the board's expansion slots, you must leave the top off of the computer. Still, for A1000 owners who need two megabytes of chip RAM, a dock calendar, a hard drive, and the ability to switch between Kickstart ROM versions (or burn iheir own custom EPROMs), the Phoenix motherboard is probably the most economical wav to obtain these features. It allows die-hard A1000 owners to retain at least the facade of iheir favorite computer, if not the electronics. Contact 1.2 Desktop Utilities Consultron Replace your Rolodex, Bv Micheal J. Savoie A TIME SAVER for busy executives as well as programmers. Contact 1.2 (Desktop Utilities Consultron. $ 59.95) is a versatile database disguised as a simple name-addrcss-and-plione record keeper. The noncopy-protectcd program is simple to install and intuitive to work with. When not in use. Contact hides in memory, taking up all of I0K plus the size of the data lile. A hot key recalls Contact from the nether regions of vour hardware; the Close gadget returns it. When finished, you can re- 7 move it from memory with a menu option. More than a record keeper, Contact lets you quickly integrate vour records with other projects. Click the Type button to insert the contents of the currently selected record into your word processor’s document very handy for business letters. Bv saving , j n my macros in a database file, I also use this feature to insert commonly used subroutines and macros into programs I'm writing. Contact even prints the current record s address on a mailing label at the much of a key combination. A phone call is faster than a letter, and Contact can automatically dial for you. Click the button beside the desired phone number, and Contact instructs your modem to call (on pulse or dial lines). When you hear the ring, simply pick up vour phone (provided it is connected to the modem). Line’s busy? Contact automatically redials after a user-specified interval, or you can try again instantly by clicking the Redial gadget. No modem? Switch Contact's Dial Mode setting to Audio, place your phone’s receiver near your system’s speaker, and dick on the phone number’s gadget (but dialing yourself is easier). Contact’s Arexx commands allow you ro use and automate Contact's features without even bringing the program on screen. The disk contains a few examples of using the Arexx commands, ancl the manual calls for Arexx programmers to send in scripts that use Contact’s features for addition to the next version of the program. Don’t jump to write an auto-save routine for the database, however, for Contact already saves any changes to your data file at user-specified intervals. A Number Cruncher, Too! Accompanying Contact is CalcKey 1.3, an easy-to-use calculator with nifty features and hexadecimal, octal, binary, and decimal modes. As with Contact, installing CalcKey is simple, and hot keys and menus call up the program, return it to RAM, and purge it from memory. The calculator is laid out similarly to that of Workbench (hut offers more functions) and sports intelligently planned keyboard equivalents for all operations. CalcKey even inserts results in an application when you press the Tab key. You probably won’t need them, but your support options are limited if you do. Desktop Utilities offers a technical support line and a bulletin board in its native Australia expensive from the US. At the time of this review, the US distributor, Consultron, provided only an hour of support per day, but it promises to leave the phone lines open longer soon. This intuitive pair of programs will save you time and keystrokes. I recommend Contact and CalcKey for the home and office. Hard Disk Organizer v3.04 Display Systems International Workbench Management System v3.0 TTR Development Help for the “organiza tionally jj By Jeff James I AM CHRONICALLY disorganized, as my mismatched socks and the jumbled contents of my Amiga’s hard drive readily attest. Thankfully, Hard Disk Organizer v3.04 (Display Systems International, §44,95) and Workbench Management System v3,0 (TTR Development. $ 59.95) promise at least to get my hard drive in shape. With either of these programs, I can simply click on a colored button or two to find and load my favorite applications, rather than plow through layer upon layer of drawers and icons. With a Click or Script Before you can begin clicking ancl launching, you must configure the programs. For Hard Disk Organizer (HDO), which loads on a custom Workbench screen, simply click on an empty button to call the button editor, where you change the billion’s color and name and attach to it scripts containing up to eight AmigaDOS commands on a total of eight script lines. Scripts can configure buttons to launch applications, format disks, edit your startup- sequence, compile programs, and manage tricky assign statements. Opening in a resizable Workbench window, Workbench Managment System (WMS) also relies on a button editor for configuration. Unlike HDO, WMS’s Continued on p. 68. A ( lire ForThe Colorblind Toaster. Waveform Monitor Vectorscope It’s the NEW DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ card. The world’s first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video. And best of all, it shows your true colors for a little green. Just $ 995. DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best In the U.S. Gall 606-371-5533 In Canada Gall 416-754-8090 DPS PERSONALV-SCOPE" is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems, Inc. ¦i $ 109 NEW LOW PRICE! Price includes 16mm lens willi Variable Iris: $ 385 AMIGA 500 UPGRADE KIT 880K Disk Drive + 512K RAM Expansion M It R A C L, E !¦ I * N n TLACIIIHfl K V H T C U State-of-the-art electronic keyboard, Amiga software and artificial intelligence music technology work together to create the perfect teaching programI Price Too Low To Advertise - CALL! 9) INCLUDES:
• Panasonic 1410 Camera •
• Copystand with Lights •
• Digi*View MediaStation • Video Package AD Speed (all Amiga Computers). ....$ 164 Air Drive Int 3 5"-A3000 . ......$ 89 AMAXX II .. ,,,.$ 137 Amiga RF Modulalor ... ......S29 Amiga 1680 Modem ... ......$ 39 BCD Internal SFC - A2000 ...... ....$ 749 Big Foot Power Supply ... ......$ 95 Bodega Bay ....$ 279 Chroma Key Plus (New) .. ....$ 339 Colorburst . ....$ 659 Color Splitter ....$ 105 Data Flyer RAM Card OK . ......S89 Digiview Media Station ... ....$ 152 Digital Sound Studio ... ......$ 85 DM I Floptical Disk Drive . ......Call ECE Midi Interface ...... ......$ 48 Flicker Fixer .. ....$ 235 Flicker Free Video 500 1000 2000 ...,$ 235 Firecracker ....$ 825 Internal Drive 2000 ..... ......$ 69 K-Start Selector ... ......$ 35 Light-24 .... ......Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus .. ....$ 299 MID! Gold A500 ... ......$ 55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ......$ 59 Mini Gen ... ....$ 185 Miracle Keyboard ....CALL Multistart tl ... ......$ 54 Persona! SFC (Nucleus) .. ....$ 339 Perfect Sound .$ 65 Professional Video Chassis $ 242 Roctec Internal 500 Drive .$ 79 Sharp JX100 Scanner .....$ 489 Taco Single Frame Animator Cntrl. $ 1,739 Video Blender ...S939 Vidi Complete Color Solution $ 235 GOLDEN IMAGE: Jin Mouse ...$ 23 Replacement Mouse .$ 32 Optical Mouse ...$ 45 Cordless Mouse with Deluxe Paint II ......$ 69 Cordless TrackBall with Deluxe Paint II ...$ 79 1 2 MB RAM Expansion for A500S36 Microbotics VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor.$ 289 25MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor ...$ 449 40MHZ No Math Coprocessor .$ 449 40MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor $ 629 52 MB $ 489 120 MB $ 639 Impact Se A2000 SCSI RAM Exj 120LPS $ 509 SEE HARD DRIVE FOR ADDITION ries II for Hard Disk + oansion 240LPS $ 819 : GRID BELOW AL OPTIONS Digital Sound Studio $ 85 Hi-Speed IDE Hard Drive Packages for the A500 52 IDE Quantum A50Q 105 IDE Quantum A500 120 IDE Maxtor A500 Internal JCD-AD IDE 40 Kit S349 $ 459 $ 489 Int. ICD-AD IDE 40 w AD Speed S529 $ 639 $ 679 Trumpcard 500 AT External 0K expandable to 8 MB $ 439 S569 S589 Includes: cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware AMIGA EXTRAS Vortex Atonce-Plus GVP PC Snap-In Module AT Emulator for GVP A500 HD+ Series $ 319 NEW LOW PRICE! G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
• • FREE DELIVERY • - (in the 48 Contiguous States) 25MHZ w Math Coprocessor + 1MB S679 40MHz w Math Coprocessor + 4MB ..,$ 1,189 40MHz, 120MB w Math Co + 4MB $ 1.519 40MHz, 240MB w Math Co + 4MB $ 1,749 50MHz w Math Coprocessor + 4MB ... $ 1,559 SOMHz, 240MB HD w MathCo+4MB...$ 2,049 16MHz PC AT-Emulator for Amiga 500, A2000 $ 295 CALLF VIDEO TOASTER PERSONAL TBC II DC TV KITCHEN SYNC DPS 230 EXTERNAL TBC Rackmountable PERSONAL VSCOPE Panasonic §ihmr CITIZEN KX-P 1123 ...$ 199 KX-P 2124 w Color Kit ..$ 359 KX-P 2180 ...$ 169 KX-P 1624 $ 337 KX-P 2180 w Color Kit.. $ 219 KX-P 2624 ...$ 359 KX-P 2123 .$ 2395 KX-P 4410 ...$ 645 KX-P 2123 w Color Kit.. $ 289 KX-P 4430 ...$ 899 KX-P 1124i ..$ 275 KX-P 4450t ...$ 1,239 KX-P 2124 ...$ 315 KX-P 4455 $ 1,769 NX 1001 Multifont NEW ..$ 135 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW ..$ 179 NX 2420 Rainbow $ 285 NX 2430 Black ......$ 235 Star Jet 48 .....$ 285 Laser Printer 4 .....$ 799 Laser Printer 4 Star Script... S1,159 200GX with Color Kit ....$ 159 $ 199 200GX-15 with Color Kit $ 295 $ 359 GSX-130 with Color Kit $ 239 $ 279 GSX-140 PLUS .$ 295 GSX-140 PLUS with Color Kit $ 339 GSX-145 Wide 24 pin ...$ 365 GSX-145 Wide 24 Pin with Color Kit .$ 425 AMIGA 500 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES Mapgor® Quantum DRIVES DRIVE ALONE as advertised TRUMPCARD TRUM ’CARD GRAND SLAM 500 OK Exp to SMB GRAND SLAM 2000 OK Exp to 8MB SUPRA W0RD- SYNC 2000 GVPHCB series II OK-SMB DATA FLYER 2000 PRD2000 500 PR 500 2000 500 Quantum 52LPS $ 205 $ 285 $ 345 $ 379 $ 439 $ 509 $ 445 $ 305 $ 369 $ 289 $ 349 Quantum 105 LPS $ 335 $ 419 $ 479 $ 515 $ 579 $ 649 $ 585 $ 435 $ 489 $ 425 $ 485 Quantum 240 LPS $ 655 $ 749 $ 809 $ 845 $ 909 $ 979 $ 915 $ 755 $ 799 $ 755 $ 815 Maxtor 7120 SCSI $ 349 $ 439 $ 499 $ 535 $ 599 $ 669 $ 605 $ 449 $ 515 $ 445 $ 505 Maxtor 7213 SCSI $ 519 $ 599 $ 659 $ 685 $ 749 $ 819 $ 755 $ 629 $ 695 $ 599 $ 739 800-558-0003 800-558-0003 Complete C= Commodore AMIGA Call for r 500 low, STARTER KIT CALL! Lor specific configurations! Video Toaster Work Stations Supra Corparafion & Supra FaxModem V.32 bis Includes; SupraFax software, A-Talk III Telecom software, & Amiga Modem Cable . $ 335 Stand Alone Modem, no software or cable .... $ 309 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus Includes same items as the above, call for specific features .S165 SupraDrive 500XP 52MB with 1MB 2M8 RAM ...S465 S545 120MB with 1 2MB 2MB RAM .....S579 S665 240MB drive W 2MB RAM .....$ 909 SupraRAM 500RX 1 MB 2MB SMB ..$ 125 $ 185 $ 395 SupraRAM 2000 2 4 6 8 MB $ 165 $ 225 $ 285 $ 349 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock ..S39 SupraModem 24D0 External $ 72 SupraModem 2400 Plus Ext. 2400 zl Plus Int. MNP5&V.42 bis $ 119 $ 129 Power PC Board Run MS DOS Software on your A500 ..$ 269 For Hard Drive Packge Featuring the SUPRA WORD SYNC CONTROLLER, see Grid on Opposite Page. GOLDENi: RAM Expansion 4 MB RAM for A500 comes with 2 MB installed $ 165 MAGE® Master 3A-1 BACK IN STOCK!
3. 5" Floppy Ext. Disk Drive for the 500 1000 2000 $ 79 1RT4WJ Hand Scanner with
• Mfgraph Touch-up Software
* 64 halftone levels $ 169 PowerPen
* pen shaped mouse ¦ ideal for drawing, and illustrating $ 69 SYQUEST Drive Package 44MB 88MB for 2000 for 2000 Int. Ext. Int. Ext. $ 409 509 $ 569 669 Package includes: SyQuest drive, 1 media cartridge, Amiback utilities, & cable. External models include case. A-10 Tank Killer V1 5 Upgrade . Ftror rtf »ha Piritir TQ QC Cruise for a Corpse .... 1 t i i H A rrt rt V th A ill C* ¦ ¦ “V Oft AC | • RECREATION • Oh No! More Lemm, add-on . P -I rtrt O'C S eeping Gods Lie ... rtrt rtr nieS ul tile rdCIILL Action Stations , .... jy. Jj ... 29.95 uusaoers ot ins uaiK jdVdni...... Curse of the Azure Bonds ..... ... jy ya ...15.95 Hoyles Book ot Games 3 .
29. 95 Ork .... Out ol this World .. ..29 95 ..46.95 Sorcenan ..... Space Quest 3 or 4 . 36.95
34. 95 Adventures ot Willie Beamish .... Agony ....
34. 95 .....29.95 Dark Queen ot Krynn . Death Knights of Krynn .. ... 31 95 ...31.95 Indy Jones 4: Fate of Atlantis International Sports Challenge Jack Nicklaus Unlimited ,37.95
30. 95
34. 95 .31.95 .34.95 .34,95 PGA Tour Goll ...... Golf Tournament Course disk Pacific Islands .... Paper Boy 2 .. .. .. .. .. ..31.95 .. 17.95 ..30.95 ,,25.95 Spacewrecked . Star Control II
29. 95 Call s Air Support
29. 95 DeluxePaint IV (while they last)... ...97.95
* ’VV* * Wmli 1 1 11 ilMltMIIMI.MIMIMMNI.IMii Starflioht! Or II BIB, l UI 1 .31.95 21 95
29. 95 .29.95 r r American Gladiators
30. 95 Demomak ...30.95 Keys To Maramon ....., ..... Stellar 7 Aqua-Ventura .... .....29.95 Disney Animation Studio ...... ...74.95 King s Quest 4 or 5 Knights in the Sky .. Perfect General .. 34.95 Strateoo ATAC ..... .....30,95 Dog Eat Dog ... 30.95 WWII Edition ... ..22.95 VI ¦ V* IvtfV ¦illlilxililllllilrtaiiinniiilliMlllin Strip Poker 3 B*17 Flying Fortress
41. 95 Dragon Wars ...... ... 29.95 Koshan Conspiracy. .31.95 WWII Scenario Disk.... .. 19.95 Super Space Invaders ....
24. 95 Ball Game .. .....24.95 Dune .. ...29.95 Land, Air, Sea Compl 2 ..... .34.95 Pit-Finhter ..21.95 Tales of Magic: Prophecy Shadow... Team Suzuki
37. 95
24. 95
29. 95
29. 95 Bane Cosmic Forge iMeg ...
34. 95 ECO Phantoms ... ...24.95 Leander ..... .29.95 f 1 . Police Quest 2 or 3 ..34.95 Barbarian II
29. 95 Ecoques! .. ... 34.95 Leisure Suit Larry 1 Enhanced . .34.95 Pools of Darkness ..37.95 Team Yankee Bamey Bear each ....
21. 95 Elvira Jl - Jaws ol Cerberus ... ...39.95 Leisure Suit Larry 5 .34.95 Populous ... ..31.95 Teenage MutHinja Turles: Arcade .... Terrain Envoy Battle Chess IJ .. .....29.95 Eye ot the Beholder 1 or II ..... ...37.95 Lemmings .28.95 Populous II . ,.37 95
28. 95 Battle Isle ... ......31.95 F-15 Strike Eagle II .... ...34.95 Lin hi Quest
31. 95 .29.95 Powermonger ...... 31 95 Their Finest Hour
20. 95
29. 95
29. 95
34. 95
39. 95
31. 95
39. 95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge ......29.95 Falcon ...29.95 Links . Prehistoric ...
• ¦Ml - V V
- .29 95 Thunderhawk Birds of Prey ...... ......31.95 Fantastic Voyage . ... 29.95
* • '¦** UIIIIIIIUMIII l • ¦ ¦ 14. A » ¦ » •» *i- lllil ¦¦ »»•*- i f Lord of the Rings 1 or 2 .. . 34,95 Prince ol Persia .. ..24 95 Thunderstnke Black Crypt ......31.95 Fighter Dual . ...29.95 Madden Footbal .31,95 .29.95 .34,95 Prophecy of the Shadow 37 95 Time Warp Blitzkrieg .
29. 95 Final Conflict ...34.95 Manager s Challenge Quest for Glory 1 or 2 .34 95 Tracon II .. Blue Max
31. 95 Flames of Freedom .... ...29.95 Mantis . Railroad Tycoon .... . ¦ ¦ w ’ ‘VM ..3495 Treasure of the Savaae Frontier Bo Jackson Baseball . 2995 Flight of the intruder .. ...34.95 Matnx Cubed .31.95 Red Baron . ,.34 95 ¦ J VUV M 1 V V* 1 p ¦V VH " VU V ¦ ¦ VI •Mv* Ultima 6... Carmen San Diego Each ...... .....30,95 Four Crystals ot Trazere . ...31.95 Mavis Beacon Typing ... 31 95 Red Zone ... ..29 95 UMS If: Nations at War ..
36. 95 Carmen San Diego * America .....36 95 Gateway to the Savage Frontier... ...31.95 Mega Fortress.
37. 95 Rise ot the Dragon . ..34 95 UMSII: Planet Editor .
34. 95 Castles ....
34. 95 Global Effect ... ...31.95 Mission Disk 1
25. 95 . 37.95 Robin Hood: Conquest Long Bow.. Robocop 3D .. ..36 95 ..31.95 Vikino Field ol Conouest
36. 95
24. 95 Castle ot Dr. Brain .... .....29.95 Godfather .. ...29.95 Mercenaries .. »i iviu vi wwpi uvji Voltied . Celtic Legends ... .....31 95 Guy Spy ... ...30.95 Merchant Colony ,. . 34.95 Robosporl ... 34 95 V artord
29. 95 Champions ot Krynn . .....31.95 Hardball II ...29.95 Medieval Warrior . 30.95
30. 95
37. 95 34 95 Romance of 3 Kinadoms 1 or 2 . 39 95 .37.95 .37.95 Wild Wheels
31. 95
34. 95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 .....24 95 Hard Nova ...31.95 "'VU1 V * f W M ¦ * ¦ VI 1 Kmililiiiitihirrinlrii Mig-29 ¦ • 1 1 1 vv v ¦ v ¦ v¦ *-? T * t p Rules of Engagement ...
* 1 **V IIMVWPw i • • ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ i ¦ ii ¦ ¦ ¦ p » «+¦ ¦¦ • i i ¦ Willie Beamish Chessmaster 2100 ... .....31.95 Harpoon .. ...37.95 Might & Magic III ..... Secret of Monkey Island I or II...... Where in the.. Carmen each ......
29. 95 2995 34 95
34. 95 Civil War . .....37,95 Battleset H ...25.95 Mike Qitka Football Secret of the Silver Blades .... , ,15.95 Wide World ot Boxing Conan the Cimmerian ... ..... 29 95 Harpoon Challenger Pak ... 54.95 Millenium 24 95 Shadow of the Beast II or III 34 95 Wonderland , Conflict: Korea ... .....37 95 Harpoon Design. Series Battleset Heart of China .... ...31.95 Monty F’ython
• *-B~ - %» V*
32. 95
25. 95 22 95 34 95 Shadow Sorcerer .. ..31,95 World Circuit .. Conflict: Middle East . .....34.95 ...36.95 Navy Seals Shuttle .34,95 .,34,95 Worlds at War 29 95
25. 95 Covert Action ..... .....36.95 Heimdall .. ...24.95 Nova 9 Sim Ant I 1 k l IUJ ki L IIUI Yeaoer’s Adv Train 2 0 Crackdown... 17 95 Hoi ...24.95 Dhitns Sim Citv 29 95 41 95
* V Vy V * V f ft, ¦ ¦ M M 1 la. - r « b b b p»» llltitiff Crime Does Not Pay ...
30. 95 Home Alone ... 29 95 VullVg ¦itHHililHlbN.iHMi.lilllliMi.liMlili Oh No! More Lemmings ..
29. 95 Sim Earth ... Call for More Titles! 3D Professional .... ...282 95 Deluxe Print II . ......51 95 1 * PRODUCTIVITY • Pro Video Post .. ..154 95 T-Rexx Pro .. 72 95 A Talk III .. ..... 59 95 Design Works . 72.95 Math Blaster Plus ...... . 30 95 Alternate Font Sets ...... ...34 95 Take 2 .....
112. 95 Advantage, The .. Ami Back Moonlighter ... ...124 95 .....44 95 Desk Top Budget .... Director 2.0 44.95 75.95 Maverick .. Movie Setter .... ... 24 95 ...44 95 rjn nr. Video Fonts 11 .. Pro Write 3 2 .. ...57 95 ...87 95 Texture City Pro 40, Syquest Tiger Cub ,.. ...
267. 95 ..74 95 AMOS .... .....57.95 Directory Opus 36.95 Professional Calc ..... ,.184 95 Title Page .
104. 95 AMOS Compiler ...... .....34 95 Disk Labeler 24.95 J3I3 UISK ... z ys Protessional Draw .... ..124.95 Toast Master .. .. 84.95 AMOS 3D ..... ..... 44 95 Disk Master 2 39.95 oy Migrapn .. On Line Platinum . . ...39 95 Q 4 QC Professional Page 3 0 ... ..179 95 Toasted Fonts V.1 *5 each...., .. 41.95 Arexx ..... .....27 95 Disney Animation Studio .. 74 95 Structured Clip Art . ..35 95 Transwrite . .. 44.95 Art Department Pro 2.1 ...147 95 Distant Suns Version 4 0 .. 54 95 rage nenueier j.u ..... Sana O ... Sj flo qc; Project D V2.0 ...35 95 Turbo Text . ..57.95 Art Department Pro Conv Kit Audio Master 4 ..... 49 95 Dos 2 Dos
30. 95 rage oeuer i Page Stream V 2.2 . 159 95 rift nc Proper Grammar ...... .... 57.95
T. V. Show V2 0 .64.95 57 95 Draw 4D Professional .. .. 184 95 ProTextures .. .35 95 TV Text ..... .. 64.95 Audition 4 ... ......57 95 Dynacadd V.2 0 ...... ..669 95 Buddy System ... .... ___yo 114 QC ProVector .. 187.95 TV Text Professional .. .. 99.95 Aztec C Developer V.5.0 ... .... 157 95 Excellence V2.0 ...
104. 95 Classic Font Set . Designer Font Set ..... .11495 cq nc Quarter Back . ....49.95 Type: Decorative, Designer Publisher. Vkfeographai, each ... Aztec C Pro V.5.0 .. .,..104 95 Final Copy ... ......56 95 Quarter Back Tools ... ..,,5795 .,35.95 BAD 4.0 .. 29 95 Font Pack 1 Broadcast Titler .... .... 107.95 Newsieuer roms .i.....03.30 co oc Raw Copy ..... .... 34,95 Video Effects 3-D
106. 95 Bars A Pipes Pro .. ...194 95 Font Enhancer Broadcast Titler ... 107.95 aianer roms ... . Pelican Presi ... 03 30 62 95 Real 3D Beginner .... ..112.95 Video Titter VI .5 .. ..92.95 Internal Sound Kit .. .....36 95 Gold Disk Oil ice ..... .... 154 95 ? Nrt Oil qc. Nc Real 3D Protessional . ..269 95 Vdeo Tools
172. 95 Baud Bandit 28 95 Hot Links .. 62 95 ren rai .... ...03 30 RX Tools ..... .,35 95 VdeoDirector ...... 137 95 Broadcast 3D Fonts for Imagine .....84 95 Hyper Book ......
59. 95 rersonai virniij Personal Fonts Maker ......
r. OU 30 ...62 95 riftQ nc Saxon Script Pro .. ... 74.95 VdeoScape 3D V2.0 ... 11995 Broadcast Fonts 3D
67. 95 Image Finder _ .
41. 95 Scala Call V:P Video Interface ..
104. 95 Broadcast Titler 2 0 ...... ...194 95 Image Master ......
132. 95 rnafiiom oMrit imenace Phasar ...... .aiuyyo ...49 95 17 QC Scene Generator ...... ...2995 Virtual Reality Studio .. ..57.95 Caligari 2 ... 279 95 Imagine V2 0 NEW ...... .....244.95 Scenery Animator ..... .... 57.95 Vsionary ... .57.95 Can Do . .....79 95 Internal Sounds Kit .. 36 95 rix Maie ... Pix Sound 2.5 .. Pixel 3D .... ...52 95 ...74 95 CJ QC Screen Maker Syquest Cartridge .. 269.95 V sta Professional V.2 0 .... .. 57.95 Comic Art Disks each ..... .....22 95 Kara Headline Fonts 1 . 41.95 Showmaker .. ..239,95 Works, Platinum .. 99.95 Comic Setter .....44 95 Kara Headline Fonts 2 ...
36. 95 Soft Clips Vol 1.2.3 or 4..... „ 44 95 World Attas 2 0 .. .. 36 95 Copyright 28 95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 51.95 Power Windows 2.5 .. Presentation Master .. 177 95 TC QC Sound Master ..134-95 W Shell 2.0 . ..54 95 Cross DOS 2 0 __ 24 95 Lattice C DEV 5 01 . ..... 167 95 Spectracolor ...57.95 X Copy Professional .. .47.95 Deluxe Music Construction . .....61 95 Macro Paint
77. 95 r ID 1 SxiUicj +_, 11 0 QC Super jAMt .... ,. 84 95 Your Family Tree . ..39 95 Deluxe Paint 4.1 ...... .....97 95 Map Master tor Lightwave 3D .. 57.95 rro video wjii .. ..... Pro Video Gold .1 fc-30 ..97 95 Superbase 4 . ..244 95 Zoelrope .... .. 44 95 ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For fast delivery send cashier's check or money order. Personal & company checks allow 14 business days lo clear P.O.'s welcome C.O.D. charges are S5.00.ln Continental U.S.A. include $ 5.00 lor soltware orders 5% shipping lor hardware, minimum $ 5.00. MasterCard & Visa orders please include card , expiration date and signature Wl residents please include 5% sales tax. HI. AK, FPO, APO.Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 6% shipping, minimum $ 5.00. All other foreign orders add 15% shipping, min $ 15.00 All orders shipped outside the Continental US A are shipped first dass insured U.S. mail, where available. If foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, you will be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty We do not guarantee comparability & version s Due to our low prices all sales are final. All Defective returns must have a return authorization number. Call 1414} 357-8181 to obtain an RA t or your return wiB not be accepted. Pnces and availability subject to change without notice. Shipping & handling are non-refundable. We ship the latest versions available to us, updates must be handled by end user direclty with the manulacturer. Not responsible tor typographical errors In an effort to be complete, some new products may noi be available from ihe manufacturer at press time INFORMATION 414-357-81B1 FAX 414-357-7B14
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HQURS-CST M0N-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE The most definitive video series on video! Now you can learn from the experts at Videomaker magazine! Learn all about:
• Bringing a documentary to life
• Professional lighting
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• and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Only $ 19.95* 1 -800-824-5499 Order now! Or mail to: PO. Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 California and Maryland residents add appropriate tax
* Plus $ 2.95 5&H; $ 5 cwo or more. Watch for Volume II! VIDEO From p. 65. Button configuration is a point-and-click operation. Invoked by pressing Ctrl-Fl, WMS's button editor opens a file requester with which you find and specify the program WMS should load when you subsequently click the selected button. In addition, WMS also lets you attach AmigaDOS scripts to buttons. Although HDO only supports a maximum of 36 programmable buttons per screen, you can chain several copies of HDO together for a nearly unlimited number of buttons. Because WMS opens in a resizable window, you can stretch it to display more buttons. Unlike HDO, WMS lets you alter button size, which makes possible more than 384 buttons at once on an interlaced, hi-res screen. A pair of arrows can be used to scroll up and down the button list, which may contain a maximum of 65,535 buttons. WMS also offers hot keys and pulldown menus as alternate methods for loading programs. Beyond the Buttons While it may seem at first glance that these programs are butting heads for the same batch of customers, a number of additional and unique features make them appeal to separate audiences. HDO offers a screen saver and two levels of password protection ideal for keeping unauthorized users out of your files. WMS ships with a small directory browser, a text editor, an appointment calendar, a push-button file compression decompression utility, a phone-1 ist manager, and a handy program that lists AmigaDOS error messages and other information. Both these noncopy-protected programs can be installed on a hard drive, operate solidly on a wide variety of Amigas (including an A3000 running AmigaDOS 2.04), need less than 512K of RAM, and can be started via the Workbench, CLI, or automatically by editing your startup-sequence. Installing HDO is a snap; a doubleclick on (be installation icon quickly copies the necessary files and prepares the program for use. Should you need assistance, HDO’s tiny manual is filled with screenshots and helpful examples. WMS installation didn’t go quite as easily for me, but TTR assured me that an improved installation program lias Aegis Visionary Oxxi Program your own games. By Peter Olafson REMEMBER THIS OLD Saturday Night Live routine? Two Not-Ready-for- Prime-Time players are seen in a kitchen, struggling over an aerosol can and quarreling. "It’s a floor wax!” cries one. "It’s a dessert topping!” yells the other. In steps Chevy Chase, who declares, “Relax, kids. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping!” That's kind of the way I feel about Aegis Visionary ($ 99.95) a new adventure-game authoring language from Oxxi that makes the gritty, down- on-your-knees work of game writing taste sweeter. This descendant of Text Adventure Construction Language (TAGI.) Is designed to make writing text, text and graphic, pure graphic, or animated adventures easier, leaving the designer more freedom to dream and plot. It succeeds. Good name, Visionary. Visionary is something of a bridge between dedicated Amiga game programming languages and dedicated game-builders. That is, it’s a programming language, all right similar to BASIC, with a special shorthand, command set, learning curve and source been added to newer versions of WMS. While both these programs would be ideal for someone wanting an organized, push-button interface for programs on a hard disk, I hesitate to recommend either to novice users. HDO requires at least a basic understanding of how to create script files and assign statements. While configuring buttons is easier in WMS, the poor manual can make the program hard for inexperienced Amiga users. If the thoughts of tinkering with script files in HDO or slogging through WMS’ poor docs don’t frighten you, both programs have something to offer. Hard Disk Organizer’s extensive password-protection and screen- blanking features make it ideal for use on Amigas employed in public places such as schools and businesses. Workbench Management System, on the other hand, is more flexible and customizable, and its six mini-utilities make it the best dollar value. Coclc but with an English-based vocabulary that a nonprogrammer can grasp. Write Yourself into a Dungeon While you can enter code with just about any text editor, Oxxi has also released an exquisite writing tool as an upgrade to registered users the Visionary Interactive Editor (VIE). It offers direct access to Visionary's core 4 programs (which otherwise are invoked via the CL.I); push-button, on-line docs; a raft of useful options for trolling around inside your game; and seven templates that save typing and also serve as reminders of how the code is structured. Visionary itself is a set of eight linked subprograms. The language is built around 70 powerful commands that cut through the extra code you'd have to write if you were creating an adventure from scratch. The two-pass compiler optimizes your game code into an executable version; the debugger allows you to test your game to find mistakes without your having to play it; and the linker turns the game into a finished standalone product that can run without Visionary. The remaining four programs are graphic utilities that perform functions such as graphic and sound encryption, loading and closing intro screens, and determining coordinates lor clickable areas in a mouse-driven game. Where Do You Go for Help When You’re the Expert? BIX - the Online Service for People Who Know Amiga!
• Get quick answers to tough coding questions
• Interact with other Amiga developers
• Download source code, utilities, and other programs for the Amiga
• Keep up with the latest Amiga developments
• Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments
• Chat with other Amiga users in real time You can become a BIX subscriber today for only $ 13 per month! Choose from 2 affordable usage plans, and enjoy local access from over 600 locations throughout the continental U.S. With Visionary, someone with a storv 4 4 and a passing knowledge of programming could probably sit down and beat out a simple text adventure in a day or two. But the program isn't designed to be a sii-down-and-whack-ii-oui adventure maker. Visionary offers an enormous game environment, permitting adventures of up to 65,000 rooms. There are small cities that don’t have that many rooms available (and especially not at the holidays). Each room and each of the 65,000 permitted objects (including nonplayer characters) can be assigned 32 attributes. Visionary also permits 128,000 variables, 65,000 subroutines, 65,000 action blocks, and around 4.3 billion characters of text. Join BIX Today!
1. Via modem, dial 1-800-225-4129
2. At the “login:" prompt, enter “bix”
3. At the “Name?" Prompt, enter “bix.amiga” Questions? Call 1-800-695-4775 This remarkable program supports (among other things) use of HAM and IEF graphics, the Blitter, either ANIM format or algorithmic animations, MED and MIDI music, and sampled sounds and speech. (It also runs under AmigaDOS 2.0 and can be installed on a hard disk.) In other words, Visionary can see you through to a finished game of commercial quality. Don’t Stumble in the Dark If you don't have programming experience, you’ll f ind help in John Olsen’s The I hitman Programmer's Handbook ($ 29.95). If s a superb how-to manual easy-going, personal, pleasant, and patient in tone, thorough to a fault, and while focused on adventure writing with Visionary full of thoughtful advice on adventure writing in general. It's essen-
o o dal reading. .As a bonus, the Handbook is accompanied by a disk containing Olsen’s crisp and to-the-point texl-and- graphics adventure. I f I have a complaint about Visionary, it’s that there’s a bit too much “grunt" work involved for a wrhe-your- own-advcnture program. For instance, it's awkward to have to issue a call- print command for each line of text printed to the screen, and a graphic interface would really be handy to set up the display for games in which you need to split the screen. But it’s not such a loud complaint, as I look forward to a planned “library” disk of programs. DIX Is a service of General Videotex Corporation 1030 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 1 -800-695-4775 617-354-4137 For me, Visionary offers a lighted doorway into a vast imaginary world I d always figured would be closed off. Video Escort Freelance Escort Mr. Hardware Secretaries you dont have to pay, By Michael Hanish THE HARDEST AND least inspiring part of being a free-lancer, if you’re like me, is organizing all your paperwork. Video Escort and Freelance Escort (Mr. Hardware, $ 299.95 and $ 99.95) are specialized database applications for Superbase Professional (Oxxi, $ 495) that cut down on this drudge work. With both, you can generate and track contracts, appointments, contact lists, maintenance schedules, billing, and more. To save you more time, data entered in one form is automatically sent to other applicable forms. Continued on p. 72. 80&BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Newtek Video Toaster Personal TBC II Imagine 2.0 Bj The Amiga’s best modeler B gets more powerful! S3 Dozens of new features re- B establish this as the best ¦ modeler available for the Amiga computer! The Kitchen Sync ..$ 1595
• Two Complete TBC'* on one card • Works with any video source *S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible -Optional Y C output •Great for use with the Video Toaster' 600 DPI, 24HBtt full page color scanner.. *1199°° With ASDG Driver Bundle ....*1299°° DIGITAL MAGE PROCESSING ART DEPARTMENT .52.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO. V 2.0 ...159.00 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK 52.95 ART DEPT LOADER TGA ASDG ..36.95 ART DEPT LOADER TIFF
5. 0 X ... 36.95 DCTV .....399.00 IMAGEMASTER Impact Vision 24 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + Genlock + Framegrabber + Flicker-Eliminator + PIP + Video Titler + 3D Modelling System. A3QQCMV24 A2000-IV24 Adapter..... PROFESSIONAL 149.00 PIXMATE .40.95 RASTER LINK .119.00 3D RENDERING & ANIMATION SOFTWARE ANIMATION STATION .39.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - IMAGINE 84.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE ..84.95 CALIGARI 2 .....289.00 CALIGARI BROADCAST CALL DES DISK, DINOSAUR 19.95 DES DISK, ARCHITECTURAL ..19.95 DES DISK, SPACE ...19.95 DES DISK, FUTURE .19.95 DES DISK, HUMAN ..19.95 DES DISK, INTERIOR ..19.95 DES DISK, MICROBOT 19,95 DES DISK, WOODLAND 19.95 DES DISK, NEW YORK CITY ..,.19.95 DES DISK, VINTAGE CRAFT ....19.95 DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL .... 199.00 IMAGINE 1.1W FREE VIDEO 89.95 IMAGINE 2.0 ....289.00 PIXEL 3D 2.0 .....69.95 REAL 3D V1.4 ..299.00 SCAPEMAKER ..29.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR .62.95 SCULPT ANIMATE 4-D .....299.00 TREXX PROFESSIONAL ....79.95 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2 ..62.95 3D PROFESSIONAL CALL VIDEO UtflJTlES DIRECTOR II ......42.95 DIRECTORY OPUS ..36.95 PHOTON TRANSPORT CONT 195.95 PRO MOTION ....58.95 Firecracker 24 2 Meg Version DCTV High-resotution $ 70(
16. 8 Million Colors ** * 24-Bit graphics display card Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 Circle 13 on Reader Service card Includes:
• 25MHz '030
• Toaster 2.0
• 52mb HD
• 7mb RAM
• 14" monitor
• Zeus 28MHz ‘040 W SCSI-11
• Toaster 2.0
• 120mb SCSI HD
• Internal Syquest 88mb drive w
• 17mb 32-bit RAM
• 14" RGB Composite monitor
• 2 Personal TBC II (or at your request Kitchen Sync) Ail systems are assembled and tested by factory authorized technicians. Entry Level Wbrkstation Includes:
• Toaster 2.0
• 52mb HD
* 7mb RAM
* 14" monitor PageStream 2.2 AMIGA Accelerators Combo 22 1 'J659™ 32-Bit Memory Expansion for the Amiga 2500 “ Files can be saved as IFF then converted into 3D format using Pixel 3D or Imagine 2.0 thus giving you access to Postscript fonts as 3D objects. $ 189 G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 .Hi 89™ ¦66060 lunmng ol 40mh* ¦66662 running cl Aorr.nv
• 4mb ol 32 E:1 PAM (I6mb mux )
- Onboard Scries Ji SCSI Controller
- Hard drive mounluble All on one board G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 .'1569™ 66020 tunning al 50mh 68662 tunning al 50mtu dmb ol 32Bit SAM (IZmbma*) Onboard Series li SCSI Controller Hard dnvc- mountable*
- Alt on one bo aid SIMM32-1 mb 60 SIMM32-4mb 60 Call Call (Ihc- bed selling GVP accelerator with a large Quantum Hard Drive factoiy installed Save a bundle1 Also includes a GV P Series 11 SC SI c ant i oil* • i on boord ) G-Force Q30 Combo 40 d
520. ..... UVV 152V I 59 I ?6V : 1889 '*• 2129 G-Farce 030-Combo 40 d I20Q ... G-Force 030 Combo 40 d 2d0Q . G-Force 030 Combo £0 d 52G . G-Force Q30-Cornbo 50 d I20Q ... G-Force 030 Combo 50 d 240Q ... . DKB I BS32 W tv to*.»on Now expand your Amiga up to 112 megs of 32-Bit memory if you own the CBM A2630 Accelerator board. With 4 megs .....*599°° TOASTMASTER 89.95 TREXX .....79.95 VIDEO TOOLS .179.00 DESKTOP VIDEO AMIGA VISION ..99.00 BROADCAST TITLER II 229.00 CANDO 1.6 .89.95 DIRECTOR 2.0 ...74.95 OUR WEDDING - 24BIT 55.95 OUR WEODING - HAM .44.95 PRO VIDEO POST ..199.95 PRO VIDEO CG II ...129.00 SCALA ..249.00 SCREEN MAKER 24 BIT 62.95 TV SHOW 2.0 .....58.95 TV*TEXT PROFESSIONAL .99.95 VIDEO DIRECTOR .169.00 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D ..112.00 VIDEOTITLER 3D .....89.95 VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE CHROMA KEY .315.00 COLOR SPLITTER .109.00 DMI RESOLVER BOARDS .CALL FLICKER FIXER .....249.00 FRAMEGRABBER HARDWARE FRAMEGRABBER .419.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GRAY .499.00 PERSONAL TBC ....499.00 PERSONAL TBC II ...799.00 SONY XV-D300 289.00 GENLOCKS ALTERIMAGE GENLOCK .179.00 MINIGEN GENLOCK ..189.00 ROCGEN PLUS ......369.00 SUPERGEN 2Q00S ...1350.00 SUPERGEN GENLOCK ....629.00 EDITING HARDWARE BCD 2000A ......799.00 BCD 5000 1995.00 MEDIAPHILE SYSTEMS ....CALL NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER ...369.00 PERSONAL TBC TIME BASE CORRECTOR II ..799.00 HOT INTEGRATED HARDWARE DCTV .....399.00 PERSONAL VECTRASCOPE ..789.00 VIDEO BLENDER ...699.00 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 ..CALL PAL SPECIFIC FLICKER FIXER PAL .300.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL ...499.00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL VERS 449.00 PRO VIDEO POST PAL ....199.95 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D PAL .139.95 QFFER CODE.G27ii0aMG Call lor all otter shipping taforutfHL Ftacatlnal, corporate andaanupac*parcPaia ordan accepted.No eorcuaw m« MaatarCard;4%Mrctar*iiar lactaitipw 1 Marctarnlar &*“****¦- RETURN P 01 ICY: Call Cuttunr Service at (310) 214*0000 lor retain authorization. U ratnroi without autterfcatlini Hator IRMM) wifl to rafwto. Rami protects must to ta ortgtaU cowman aid FWItoiatoWttt to ta«t tad wlthla 30 day a o I oor Invoice data. Na ralundx, plan a. Detective product exchanges only. We make »¦ guarantiee lor prodect perfenam. EicJuunex wttt nilka protects ara at oar option aai ntfact IB a 20%m-etacM- t .cot' i ions: PHCM and avallabinty of product ara nhfact to cHasgt without nottca. Iuil-in UHBtnS: land ¦may ardare or cutter* ctock lap leetaei terirtte, Paraaaal ctadti • ap to 10 day* to claer. Taciedi; ifaat, Atoroaa aad talapfeam aaator (to P.O. Boxes, pleita). II orterloi by credit card Incites expiration data aid billing addraaa. Cal lor exact aWpptaa rot*a. Circle 13 on Reader Service card R K V I l: w s From p. 69. Requiring Superbase 3 and one megabyte to run, Video Escort is designed for free-lance video producers, trull*:* Eh:-! E-Ew H ! -- 3 !H1 If brbtft fnifafap. Fi*S *‘«srti faC tri'f ballot CiStJWf * 'lUilltl IliHUi'.-iiii! Ffd t i.ti Tsui Din I hwi it ButbiM Hi »n;i T».s I Fnil »ri;« ( Svtl [ Kilt Tit'sBjr: JcS tut WftKtlttT I* 1 MU j Filun i litUUOdDKl »IF|ir at* i SO MuXE HUH ’tarn 11. I'm EG- ?'!• [KIM E P If il 1 - 3 H Freelance Escort organizes your client files and business. Particularly special-event videograph- ers. For set up, enter your company’s name, address, equipment, staff, and packages offered (production deals). Six customizable packages are available for four basic types of events (with one "Other” category' for the unclassiliable). Each package and option carries both a description and a price tag, as well as an equipment and crew list. The program also provides a form for logging all customers’ names, addresses, interests, contacts, and order status. A separate file is maintained for each client, which makes it easy to keep track of the progress of negotiations and production. When you book a job, Video Escort tracks the payments made and prints a con tract agreement with all the terms. Efficiency Expert When production time rolls around, the program helps organize the shoot. An integrated form keeps track of crew assignments, equipment lisis, and maintenance schedules. For the big picture, you can check to see how your stall and equipment are scheduled over all your booked projects. As each production ends, the program will print a final statement for the client. It can also print tape labels and keep a running total of entered data, including tax information. Functioning similarly with Superbase 3 or 4, Freelance Escort is configured for a wide range of free-lance assignments. Company information and price schedules are entered at tiie beginning and can then be applied to each job’s billing and record-keeping Forms. Jobs are defined individually by type and then tracked by date, client, payment, tax amount, and appointment. Because it’s less job-specific, Freelance Escort does not provide Video Escort’s level of detailed scheduling and maintenance reports. Tally and vertically flip your character, move or shift it in any direction, shrink or enlarge the editing box, and determine which characters are “on" and Both these noncopy-protected programs function stably and smoothly. Used regularly, they can be a considerable help in keeping a free-lance enterprise on track. Just remember: they can’t track what you don’t enter! Personal Fonts Maker Cloanto Centaur Software Try your hand at type design. By Daryell Sipper NO LONGER ARE you stuck with only prepackaged fonts; you can design your own screen and printer fonts with Personal Fonts Maker (Cloanto Cen- taur Software. $ 99.95). With Personal Fonts Maker (PFM), you can modify an enure font or individual characters, as well as create your t own characters or remap their locations. For example, because you can create and import brushes, you could scan a typeface (or a logo), import the brush, and convert it to a font. You can also use AmigaDOS 2.0 outline fonts as a basis for your bitmap fonts. You can even steal ideas from an existing font; PFM allows you to work with two fonts at once and copy characters from one to the other. You can use different character sets with your font defini- tions, and several, such as the IBM PC- 8 set, are included with PFM, When finished, save the font in standard bitmapped formal or in PFM’s proprietary format. J You can also create downloadable printer fonts and download font descriptions directly to your printer. If you should have compatibility problems with your printer, PFM includes a program called the Printer Driver Modifier. No Lead Needed The main work screen consists of the character-editing box, control gadgets, menus, and such information as the font you’re working in, the type width in pixels, the default character, the ASCII character number, and spacing and kerning parameters, lb select a character, change the character number or use the quick selection mode, which displays alt characters of the font and lets you click on the one you want. Gadgets let you erase the character bitmap from the editing box, horizon"off" within the font set. The dynamic view button opens a window in which you can type text to test the font’s onscreen appearance. Undo gets you out of trouble. The Attributes menu lets you change a font’s characteristics, such as italics, underlining, or shadowing, while the Preferences menu helps you specify your user interface, screen colors, the language you're using, and program defaults. PFM offers short cuts, as well. You can use the macro programming language and macro recorder in both the screen- and printer-font environments. Store up to 26 macros in memory at one time, or define your set-up file for automatic loading on start-up. If macros aren’t enough, PFM comes with a Font Format Description Language. The 320-page manual has much information in it (including hard-drive inst all alion details), blit good luck to you in trying to find anything. It lacks an index and clear, instructional tutorials. To further clarify the basics, von « can contact Centaur’s technical support, but highly technical dilemmas require a fax to Cloanto in Italy. Fbe program never crashed on me (it runs in 512K, but one megabyte of RAM is recommended), and on the surface it appears to be powerful. Yet, I did not find Personal Fonts Maker easy or intuitive to use, and I never managed to master its power. I tried making a new screen font without success, and the 350-dpi fonts I downloaded to my laser printer looked pathetic ancl unprofessional. For my desktop-publishing business, 1 much prefer Type I PostScript and outline fonts to the bitmap fonts PFM produces. Perhaps videographers will find this program of some use. For me, however, Personal ? Get Animated! Learn From the Experts Now you can learn all about the latest in animation software! With HOW To ANIMATE, PART 1, you’ll discover the amazing software programs available to help you animate just like the Pros! 60 min. $ 29.95. Order your copy today! Awtmhtm Also Available Animation I The original Amiga- World Animation Video. 48 minutes that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. Each animation is prefaced by the artist’s name and the animation products used. Experiment and explore the possibilities yourself. $ 19.95 AWTMAV1 triguing, fun-filled look at the history of the Amiga computer. Meet the people, view the products and visit the places that helped to make the Commodore Amiga and Amiga user unique in the history of computing and animation. $ 19.95 Animation ii AmigaWorld editors do it again! 90 minutes of exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Sculpt-Animate 4D, 3D, TurboSilver, Imagine and DeluxePaint III. You’ll be thoroughly entertained as you absorb new animation techniques and ideas. S24.95 AWTMAV2 The Mind’s Eye A compelling look at the creation of the universe utilizing the talents of the world’s top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. 40 minutes of powerful imagery from over 300 of the leading talents in the field. S19.95 AWTMME DeluxePaint IV Video Guide In easy to follow, step by step fashion you’ll explore many of Dpaint's features to fulfill your graphics and animation needs. Includes the new Menu Structure, Metamorphosis, HAM color mode, the new Gradients and Cycle requesters, the advanced pallette mixer and much more! $ 24.95 awtmdpi Advanced Techniques With DeluxePaint IV Learn tips and tricks for combining Dpaint's different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animation, professional titling technique and more. $ 24.95 AWTMDP2 Call toll free 1-800-824-5499 or see your local Amiga dealer for these videos. For Customer Service or Foreign Orders please call 410-546-0180 between 8 AM - 6 PM EDT. Add $ 2.95 per video for shipping and handling. Canadian orders add 7% GST. California & Maryland orders add appropriate tax. Make check or money order payable to: Tech Media Video, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Available in VHS. Some titles available in PAL Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. TechMedia is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorld Videos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore*Amiga Inc. DeluxePaint IV is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts. DeluxePaint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint )V are products of Saddleback Graphics. The Mind's Eye is a registered trademark of Miramar. TechMedia v i d iL > Fonts Maker does not live up to its potential. RaceTrace 1.32 RGB Software From bitmaps to vectors. By Eyo Sama ANIMATORS AND ILLUSTRATORS have always desired the ability to convert bitmapped images to vector-based drawings. RaceTrace 1.32 (RGB Soft- ivare Activa International, SI34) attempts to fulfill this need. To convert a bitmapped image into vectors that are editable in RaceTrace, you can trace all of an IFF image or any portion of it, then all its colors or just a selection of them. Unfortunately, these are the only controls you have over the tracing process, and this adversely affects the program’s usefulness. Specifically, you have no control over what the program should consider a straight line. When I traced the word Amiga, lines that were exactly horizontal or vertical were correctly converted to lines with two end points, but diagonal lines were made up of numerous points. Unlike most other Amiga tracing programs, RaceTrace follows the path of jagged edges instead of determining if a two-point line could be used to represent the same data. On the plus side, RaceTrace does perform the tracing quite rapidly, and you can manually remove the unwanted control points with RaceTrace’s editing tools; but this is cumbersome, I had hoped the Lines Areas tool would also remove unwanted control points, but, while it removes points based on a user-defined threshold, it does not check to see if they arc part of a real curve or corner or just control points that can be averaged to a line. Once RaceTrace converts a bitmap into vector-based control points, you can move, insert, and delete the points that make up each created polygon. The undo feature is very useful here, as is the zoom. A pseudo-curve tool lets you select a line segment and shape it into a curve of multiple line segments. Although RaceTrace is able to save files in the Professional Draw clip format, its use is limited because of these line-segment-based curves. Smooth Bezier curves would be much more appropriate for this vector-based format and for PostScript, because you would have fewer control points. Nice Save Race Trace allows you to save created polygons in a multitude of other file formats. It saves polygons in Sculpt, Imagine, HPGL (for plotters), Digi- Vorks-3D, proprietary RaceTrace formats, and as Real-3 D objects or polyhedrons. It also has two utility programs for adding faces to the polygons. In addition, the program can use color as depth information when saving to Sculpt files. The Sculpt and Imagine savers and utilities work well, though there are too many control points in die polygons if you do not first edit them manually. I found RaceTrace fairly quick to learn and work with, thanks to the clean interface design and simple operation. The interface’s toolbar is tiny and difficult to use, however, when you’re working with high-resolution images. Thankfully, there are keyboard short-cuts for all the editing tools. As to system requirements, the program will run under one megabyte of RAM, but more is better. It has no trouble adapting to AmigaDOS 2.0 or accelerators, and you can easily install it on a hard disk. With a little bit more polish, RaceTrace will really shine. BACKTALK CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGA WORLD REVIEWS Improvements Overlooked Itie first half of Eyo Sama’s article “The Painter’s Guide to Structured Drawing” (Feb. ’92, p. 35) is excellent, but we feel that the second half may be misleading. It appears from reading Mr. Sama’s comments that he may have been reviewing the old (2.0) version of Stylus’s ProVector. In particular, the current version of ProVector
(2. 1) includes a dramatically improved WYSIWYG Bezier drawing option and numerous other improvements to the interface. Furthermore, not a single feature new to 2.1 was mentioned. ProVector 2.1 has been shipping since October of 1991, and upgrades are available to alt registered users. Simultaneously, the article discusses both features and a version number of Professional Draw (Gold Disk) that are not available at this time (to the best of our knowledge). If Mr. Sama was privy to information or software that was not yet released, that should have been clearly spelled out for your readers, rather than praising one program as superior because of features that are not yet available, and at the same time criticizing an outdated version of ProVector when the new features are now available. We also feel the article could have been more even-handed. Why does Mr. Sama close the discussions of ProVector and Design Works (New Horizons) with negative comments, yet make no criticism of Pro Draw? While we could easily list a number of drawbacks of Pro Draw, it is not in that spirit that we write this letter or do business. We take great offense to Mr. Sama’s criticism of Pro Vector’s “nonstandard” drawing tools and interface and of a “weak” Bezier drawing tool. Mr. Sama’s definition of “standard” is “as far as other structured-drawing software is concerned.” A blanket criticism of “nonstandard interface” in this context is misleading and inherently antiprogress. We researched available stmctured- drawing programs on many platforms before developing ProVector. We found that most complaints from artists related to the “clunky” method of drawing curves and the intolerably slow speed of all structured-drawing programs. We believe that the ProVector 2.1 interface and speed are major improvements over similar Amiga, MS-DOS and Mac programs. Many people who earn their living illustrating on computers have told us they agree. When a program features a different interface, isn’t it just possible that it is an improvement? Chuck Baldwin Vice President, Marketing; Stylus, Inc. Jan. '10, 1992 For the record, Eyo Sama did have ProVector 2. J available at the time. Editors ¦ MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free • 1-800-477-7706 LMNTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! Commodore9
* Amiga 500 CPU
* 3.5" 88GK internal floppy
* Mouse, Joystick, and power supply
* 9 Disks of software including F A-18 Interceptor, Fusion Point, KindWords and Jots more! Call for the lowest prices on all Amiga 500's! Enteriajnmem! Software Available European Imports & Magazines Call for Couplete Softwahe S Hardware Listing Hard Drives International Orders Welcome
459. 99 ...CALL ..CALL ... CALL 09 . ,739 CALL ...CALL 259 229 CALL ...CAU. ...CAU. ...CAU. Calikvary 2 ... Color Splitter ..... Disney Animator Director 2.0 .... Draw 4D Pro .... Image Finder . ...240.95 „„„,.,.90-95
- ---89.95
- ---- 73 179 ..40 .59 VXL 30 40 MIIZ ...... VXL Math Co - Sketch m»l«. Bhrxard Big Foot Pwr ..... DeskJet SOOC. Bread Board., . AT Bridge Board .... 209I 52MG..„ ...... 2091 40MG .. Quartern 52. 105.120.240 . Wwtoi Commodore 10643 Commodore I960 .... flEC 3F0X ... Memory Cldp, 1x4 Stmms. ..... 25Cx4 0 Dram __ _ ... DOS 2,0 . Super Denise I MG x I B0 Kanos Gvr Sirtwn 32.,, .. 3000 1x4 Static column ..... 1x0 Simms..., ..... ClAs.... ** TTT-> »-t ri »- ¦ I 5y quest 44 MBIfTT CART ....., SB MB WT CAKr.. ... ..... nopurxl 20 MB HIT .. CD rom inr IV S Grarwuarn A500 S2MQ GrandsLm A2000 52MG ___ Trumpcard Pra A50Q 52 MG ... Trumpcard Pro A200Q 52 MG . Tmmpcard A500 52 HO -------- Trumpcard 41000 32 MG Irumpcard 500 AT. Olhet 5ire Hard Dr1»« ... CALL
- ....67
- ......50 .....129.93 .....169 .... CALL 20 55 59 .50 9« .....139.05 .59 Mark s Mam I Pixel 3D 2,0...... ... Pro Conversion Pak..... Pro-Video Gold ..... Pro-video Post .... Real 3D ..... Scene Generator ... Scenery Animator Turbo Silver ..
T. V, Show 2.0 ......
T. V, Texi Fro . Video Director ..... Vista Pro 2.0 . ..CALL . .CALL ..CALL . .CALL ...CALL .CALL ...CALL ...CALL
- CALL HARDWARE Supra Cotjt A500XT Hard Drives 52MB, 1MB RAM . *449 I 20 MB, 2 MB HAM ..... 649 240 MB. 2 MB RAM CALL Supra Rant 500 KX 1 MR ...119 2 MB ..279 Modrar 2400 BO External Cattle ...75 2400 nXISj’Cablc ___ I 19 Tax Modem V32. 259 PC Power Board ..259 Hue tlndxarr DCTV... 379 nrccrackcr 24 2 IMG ..749 Personal 5PC ...... . 349 progrexdve 040 2000., ... 1349 Progressive 040 500 CAU Zeus 040 2000 5C5I CAU. VXL 30 25MttZ,. ..„. „„,„„„299-95
- 369 499 .-..539 399 .499 ..439 425 339 365 279 ..CALL CALL Mini Gen __ 183 S upcrqen ... 599 Alter Inage CALL Sopeigrn 20003 ....----- 1299 ,TM GOLDEN IMAGE Cordless Trackball & Mouse Cordless Mouse s69 Cordless Trackball *79 Special master 3ai floppy s74.99 Amiga RC-500l:2k ram dockiWA500. ...*36 Hand Scanner v,mioxjch43.Nfih r«cwwn.. *179.99 Opticai Mouse ....’49 Opto Mechanical Mouse ...s36 RC-2000 4 MB Oort teod ter A50Q wtti TVS ..... 149 1 Yea wartr*t an of GOOen Xnage prceLck In NJ Call:
(908) 542* 1251 FAX: (908) 542*3654 ORDER TOLL FREE 1-800-477-7706 TECH SUPPORT CALL • 1-908-542-8767 Walk in Traffic Welcome The ICD Advantage AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Flicker Free Video Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. AdRAM 540 Add up to 4 meg of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 AdRAM 2080 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500. 8 MB A2000 RAM card also fits in DF500 chassis. OK memory ....$ 95.00 BaseBoard 4MB internal memory for A500 with clock. OK memory ... $ 95,00 High performance low cost A500 w chassis SCSI ...$ 139.00 A500 w chassis IDE .....$ 129.00 A500 IDE & SCSI ...$ 179.00 A2G00 SCSI ..$ 85.00 A2000 IDE .....$ 75.00 A1000 SCSI $ 159.00 ICD DataFlyer RAM DataFlyer THE BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE. SYSTEMS EXPANSION Accelerators Cj Force Combo 25 1 ......SG59 G Force Combo 40 4......1 1 79 G Force Combo 50 4 ......1499 Q Force 3000 040 28 2 ......1899 52MB. 120MB. 240MB packages available 1 MR Q«rHrM f f | 1 Miscellaneous A200Q Ram Board Ram-8 Ok .$ 90 Ram-8 2MG .....149 Digital Sound Studio .....83 At Once Plus ...319 4 MB Simm CALL Impact Vision 24 .Call A2000 IICS + 0 52Q......$ 379 A2000 IICS + 0 120Q......508 A2000 HC8 + 0 240Q......829 A500 HD A500 HD 52 MG ......489 120 MG ....629 New From ICD AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives. IDE 44 for your 2.5 inch hard drives. IDE 40 for your 3.5 inch hard drive. Novia 201 The small hard drive and interface in the world for your Amiga 500. Fits internally. Novia 60i How you can have the Movia with a 60 meg 2.5 inch hard drive. Prima 521 How mount a 3.5 inch IDE drive internally in your Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000. Prima 105i 105 megs internally in your 500, 1000 or 2000. Shuffle Board Reroutes DFO: to the external floppy connector. Boot from an external floppy. For an Amiga 500 or 1000, PRODUCTIVITY Buddy System Amiga DOS 2.0.....*35 Buddv SysLem Pageurcam. ......,35 Cross DOS 5.6 Ftui..'.V.'.V.V.V.V.V.CALL Cyunus Ed Fro .61 Deluxe Print II ...50.95 Design Works ..75 Diskmasier 2 ...37 Final Copy- ..CALC Image Master ..112.95 ItAO Plus 4.1 ...62 Pageslrcam ...169 Pcilhan Press ...64 Pro Page 2.2 ..169 Pro Write 3.2 ...59 Proper Grammar .....57 Screen maker ......CALL Vista Pro 2.0 ...59 MISCELLANEOUS Amax II Plus,. ..... ...CALL Am ax ROMS . CALL Amiga Action Replay A500 .99 Am track ..63 Arexx .. 20.95 AudloMaster 4 . .....64 Bars &¦ Pipes ,.,,190 Distant Suns 4.0 ....55 ECT Htd 500 2000..... 49 Keyboard Swn ...17.49 Miracle HartO ..... 359 Palchmeislcr .CALL Perfect Sound.... 64.95 Quarterback TooH .....32 SAS.OalLtccC 5.1 .189 Soundmasier CALL 3*iper Jam.7 7.93
W. Shell 2.0 ..49.93 graphics « viur.o Art Department 2.0 ..* 149.95 Broadcast Tiller II 219 LOWEST PRICES MegAChip 2000 500 • $ 209 Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatlbfe with Video Toaster! Call for 2mg Agnus Price MultiStart D • $ 52 Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2,0 and 1.3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system Insider 11 A1OOO*0K$ 159 Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for RAM prices KwiKStart II • $ 69 Puts Kiekstart 2.0 and 1.3 In your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 32 Bit Expansion 112 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. Art Dept 2.0.....$ 149.95 Cross Dos 5.0......34.99 DCTV ...379.95 Deluxe Paint IV ....99.99 hot Links ......55.00 Imagine 2.0 Vista Pro Combo 249.99 Pagestream 2.2.. 164.99 Quarterback 5.0 ..43.99 Superbase IV 169.95 Ami Link Packages ....CALL BCD 2000 ......CALL Kitchen Sync 1599 Personal V Scope ......CALL TBC 2 >,.789 Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ...289 Video Toaster 2.0 .....CALL Workstations ..CALL 115 Route 35 Eatontown, rU 07724 OPEN 7 DAYS Video Toaster Specials AdSpeed $ 16995 Flicker Free Video $ 239*« rt mmm Call For Other Prices
• Terms VISA MASTERCARD, Discover, certffied checks and money orders welcome. School fir Corporate Purchase accepted. Most Hems shipped 1-2 Business days. * Returns: all Items returned must have RMA t before returning. Defective products exchanged for same Item only. Hardware Items will be replaced or repaired. AJI returned Items subject to a restocking fee. Shipping non-refundab!e. Call for complete details. * Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ in retail location - Software Concepts, Eatontown. Fiot responsible for typographical errors. Customer Service and product Information call (908) 542-8767.
* 'Beat any price’ guaranty may not apply to certain items. SALES & SERVICE CENTER AUTHORIZED HELP KEY Exploring the AmigaBasic-AmigaDOS compatibility question, plus what an A500 owner needs for animation. AmigaBasic Update: In a previous column, I mentioned that Amiga Basic was incompatible with AmigaDOS 2.0. I got several responses from readers (thanks lo all of you for writing!) Who stated that Amiga Basic worked just fine on their 2.04- equipped computers. So I did a bit more checking and came up with some basic information that I will pass on. It does appear that you can use AmigaBasic with AmigaDOS 2.04. It isn’t a perfect match, however. Because of all the ways in which you can configure your Workbench 2.0 system, you might find that the AmigaBasic screen is messed up a bit. The prime culprit is fonts, especially those that are larger than the default Topaz, used in 1.3. If you are experiencing menu and requester difficulties with AmigaBasic aticl AmigaDOS 2.04, try resetting your fonts to Topaz from Workbench’s Font Preference tool. There are probably some other 2.04 quirks that can show up when you're using AmigaBasic and Workbench 2.04, but the fix seems to be to make vour Workbench as much like
1. 3 as possible. (Like castor oil, this isn’t pleasant medicine, but it does the job.) What caused the confusion about AmigaBasic and Workbench 2.04 was the fact that when 2.0 was first released, it was released on the A3000. And there are definite problems with this combination. It seems that what AmigaBasic really doesn't like is advanced processors such as the 68020, 68030 or 68040. Nor does it work well with 32-hit memoiy. Checking with a CBM AmigaBasic guru, I was told that a partial fix is available lo make AmigaBasic work with advanced processors. If you arc up to using a program like Filezap (available on BBSs, networks, or Fred Fish types of disk collections), you can By Louis R. Wallace change the offending bytes. The problem bytes are at hex address F384, which currently reads 20327900. Change this (using Filezap or some other binary file editor) to 20327800. (These values are, of course, in hexadecimal notation.) This change will let AmigaBasic work on 32-bit processors. However, if you have any 32-bit memoiy in your system (which is all of the nonchip memoiy on an A3000) you will still have problems. For this, the only fix is to use a utility program like NoFastMem to turn off the offending memoiy. AmigaBasic will then run but many people will naturally consider this a crippling maneuver and won’t be willing to do it. There arc still options for Basic programmers. AMOS, an advanced Basic language, is available (with a compiler option), while multimedia programming languages such as AmigaVision, Can Do and Foundation will often work in place of more traditional languages. .And new versions of existing Basics are under way. HiSoft has announced plans for a new version of its popular Basic compiler, and True Basic is currently updating its Basic to make it AmigaDOS 2.0-compatible. Both of these should he available later this year. * What Do I Need? Q: I am the owner of a circa-1987 Amiga 500 with three megabytes of RAM and a 40MB GVP Impact Series II hard drive. While I now use it primarily for writing and entertainment, my wife and I want to start exploring areas such as art and animation. With every issue of AmigaWorld, feel myself getting left farther behind, and in dess I win the lottery, I wont he able to afford a new A3000 with all the hells and whistles. Given the constraints of a limited budget, is it worthwhile for me to purchase an accelerator and the enhanced chip set (EC'S) ? If I do this, wilt I also need to buy
I) KB's Megachip 2000? Will I need a new monitor? Should I get Workbench 2.0? And would I need the ECS for Workbench 2.0 ?
T. Sayles Mundelein, Illinois A: In general, if you want to create and play animations, you will immediately want an accelerator. For 3-D animations, it’s generally an essential godsend, hut even other animation software, including 2-D, will benefit from the extra speed by being able to play animations at a faster frame rate. II your graphics work is very chip-RAM intensive, you will quickly find DKB’s Megachip an essential component. Even with lots of fast RAM, users with only 512K of chip RAM often find themselves running out of memory. Should you get Workbench 2.0? The answer is ves with one caveat: You j mentioned that you use vour Amiga for entertainment, so be warned that some games don’t work well with the 2.0 upgrade. Do you need ECS in order to use Workbench 2.0? The answer is no, but there are some features of 2.0 that require the ECS. Many users, however, are contentedly using 2.0 with the older chip set. And finally the monitor. If you want to run display modes like Productivity (640x480, four-color) or plan on getting ICD’s A500 video deinterlacer, then you should consider a multisync monitor. But if you don’t want to run interlaced displays (or don’t mind the flicker), then you really don’t have to have a new monitor. It just depends on what you want to do. ¦ Need some help or advice about Amiga matters? Send your questions and problems to Help Keyt c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. We will spend the time you need to make an informed decision 160 BROADWAY g»nT A hTW? ORDERS: USA & CANADA NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 1 tU 9 till Jej (800) 537-4441 BETWEEN LIBERTY ST & MAIDEN LANE OPEN 9-6. FRI 9-2:30. SUN 10-4 INFO: (212) 608-1391 349-2555 FAX: (212) 962-4635 “Your- Video Toast ei C=Commodore AMIGA Headquarters” AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICEC Commodorr DEALER PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS VIDEO BLENDER Broadcast Quality Genlock Keying & More $ 888.95 EPSON ES 300 C Full Color 24 Bit Scanner 600 DPI w ASDG Driver $ 1188.95 GVP 040 POWER! For A3000 $ 1999.95 TTR FUSION 40 23X Fasler than A2000 $ 1449,95 FIRECRACKER 24 2 Meg, 24 Bit Graphics Hi Res, Works on 2500 Free Imagine 2.0 $ 829.00 X DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer wI 24 Bit Paint Millions of Colors $ 384.95 r- - GVP-lmpactvision 24 16 7 Million Colors Flicker Eltminaior Genlock Pip 3 0 Modeler Framegrabber Video Titler A2000 Adapter . >49.95_$ 1869.00 . A3000 Call for Custom Configurations A2000 Call For Consultation A3000 TOWER IN STOCK ALL CONFIGURATIONS! SOFTWARE We will help you with anything from upgrading your A-2000 to designing a computer 3D power system. The Bottom Line is Price & Service SOFTWARE NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 $ 2049.95 1st PnzeToaster Fonts. .39.95 Masterpiece Fonts.... 158.50 Kara Fonts Subheads 38.50 Kara Fonts Starhelds...34.50 Kara Fonts Headlines 2 . 39.50 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 . 45.95 Kara Ammlonts = 1 -3).... 29,50 Cinnamon Toast Fonts Vol I & II 64.50 Disney Animation Studio. .78.00 The Director V 2.0.....72.50 Fractal Pro ......49.95 Map Master (Imagine).. 44.00 Scenery Animitor 57.50 Scenery Animator Disk ... 18,50 Video Scape 3D .....117.00 Vistapro ..84.95 Qpalnl 4.1 ...... 106.95 Digipaint 3 ......52.50 Diskmaster II ....39.95 Directory Opus 37.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 207.95 Art Department 51.00 Art Department Pro .. 135.00 Art Dept. Pro 2.0..... 169.00 Pixmatic .. 39.00 Caligan 2 ......239.00 Draw 4D Pro ....CALL Imagine 2 0 275.00 Pixel 3D 2.0 .....57.00 Real 3D V-1-4 .319.00 Sculpt Ammate-4D... 299.00 3D Professional 195.00 Broadcast Titler 1..... 225.00 Pro Video Post 197.00 Screenmaker LOWEST Vidcotitler 3D 08.00 Lemmings 29.95 Oh No! More Lemmings.. 29.95 Tetris 21.00 Pro Page 3.0 ..165.00 Pro Rite 3.2 .....98.00 PERIPHERALS DRIVES Amigavision Newest Version 93.75 A10 Speakers (stereo) .....32.50 A2320 Disp Enhancer (A2000)..224.95 Mega Midget RAM 2 MB 273.00 Mega Midget 33 Mhz 68030... 654.95 Mega Midget 25 Mhz 68030... 589.00 Video Director .158.95 All Computer Saleskins ....CALL Optical Mouse 4B.95 Phantom Midi Controller 218.95 Microbotics 8up! Dip.2meg 169.95 Flicker Free Video . 234.95 ICO All Products Available CALL Fusion Forty 040 25 .... 1449.00 Prog PeripheralsA200028 Mhz040. .1568.00 ProRAM 64 MB Exp Card 3000 QK... 358.00 Mercury A3000 lmagine 2.0 Bundle. .2099.00 DKB-Megachip 2000 500 219.95 Multistart Jl .....62.50 KB 2632 RAM Exp 112 4 Meg. .588.00 IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL Vh" Internal Floppy . 3W A3000 Internal 3V2" Rociite Drive .. 3V2" Ext Air Drive .. Maxtor LXT 213 SCSi..... 3V2 Roctec Internal Floppy 3V2 Roctec Super Slim Ext .67.95 .84.95
68. 95 .79.95
689. 95 .79.50 .84.95 Supra 500XP 52MB HD w 512k...... 529.95 Syquest 44 Meg Int Rmvbl .339.95 SyQuest 44 Meg Cartridge .78.95 Syquest 88 Meg Int Drive ..437.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge 109.00 Syquest Cleaning Kit 24.55 Ext. Box w Power Supply ..118.00 Quant. 52MB SCSi LPS HD 229.95 Quant. 105M8 SCSi LPS HD......375.00 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ..729.95 A500 HD& 240Q 8BB.00 Datallyer SCSi Controller ..83.00 Grandslam 2000 ...Z3B.D0 Trumpcard A2000 .. 157.00 We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! A500 BONUS PACK Commodore Express 24 Hr. Service PRINTERS TBC's & GENLOCKS MONITORS Epson LO 200 Printer ....199.95 Epson LQ 570 . 259.95 Epson LQ 870 . 424.95 Canon 8J-300 419.95 Panasonic 1124) 274.95 Panasonic 1624 ... 324.95 Panasonic KXP 4410 ..... 629.95 Panasonic KXP 445Qi .... 999.95 DPS Personal TBC II..769.95 DPS TBC 230 1559.00 DPS Personal Vscope. ,849.00 Kitchen Sync(2 Chan).. 1539.00 PrimeImageTBC 50. .2399.95 Prime 1 mage TBC 25... 1699.95 Spectrum 500C 759.95 The Personal SFC ... 308.50 Progressive Per Mimgen,. 184.95 Supergen 2000S Genlock.. 1369.95 Instructional Videos. Books. .CALL Loop Tec!), CT1458.. CULL Commodore 1084S.. LOWEST Commodore 1960 CALL Pan. CT-13B2Y 269.00
579. 00
999. 95
319. 00
369. 95
729. 95 Sony CPD 1304S Sony CPD 1604S Panasync 1381i.. Nee MS 2A . Nec MS4FG..... HP Desk Jet 500 C 719.95 HP LaserJet 111 .. 1469.95 Tristate is a full service dealer lor pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing HGVP Authorized Dealer A500 HD8+0 52Q-11 488.95 A500 HD8+0 120Q-11 ..... 637.95 A500 HD8+0 240Q-11 ..... 898.95 A500-PC 286 512 ... 299.95 AT Once + PC emulator 299.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 169.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 52Q-11.. 384.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 120Q-11 .. CALL A2000 HC8-K)MB 240Q*11.. 819.95 A2000 RAM 8 0 CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB)......CALL S11 030 HD Disk Mt Kit 42.95 COD * accapled Qvarnlghi shipping available. 15 day money back guarantee. All merchandise brand new. Factory trash. Custom contiturallona our specialty .CPE S G-Force Accelerators Combo 030-25 1 0 .. 679.95 Combo 030-40 4 ... 1149.95 Combo 030-40 4 120 1489.95 Combo 030-40 4 240 1699.95 G Force 030-50 4 .. 1549.95 Combo 030-50 4 120......1849.95 Combo 030-50 4 240 ..... 2049.95 Sim32-1 MB 60 .CALL Sim32-4MB 60 .CALL AmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters A B Roll System CALL Cuts Only System .....CALL Toaster Control Module CALL TOSHIBA TSC-100 Industrial Hi8 CALL CANON LX-100 .....CALL Canon A1 Digital Kit CALL PANASONIC AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Parted lor Tmiter AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7650 AG F7QQ Time Code Reader Card STOCK CALL FOR SYSTEM DISCOUNTS INDUSTRIAL AG-1960 .. 949.95 AG-450 SVHSwI case .... 1249.95 AG-4602Chip SVHSw case..CALL AG-185U ....CALL AG-A96 ... 329.95 AG-190U ...STOCK WV200 CLE .CALL AG-7400 Port. SVHS ..CALL AG-1730 .SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind. VCR..... 259.95 .95 10-19 Disks TOOL CHEST The AmigaWortd TootChest is a line of quality, low-cost software that brings many uniquely powerful programs to your Amiga. By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of all, you support the independent Amiga developer. The 'TC series disks are our potpourri series of disks that are available in our money-saving and convenient subscription offer. The "TSP" series contains some of the programs from the TC series, but grouped together by theme for your convenience. Keep your eyes on our new "RK* series-these exciting programs are the hottest shareware programs available for the Amiga except that these are MOT the crippled, demo versions...these are the real thing with all the features and full documentation! 20+ Disks TSP41: Sealance Go on patrol in your nuclear Trident submarine and clear I he seas of the vermen that pollute it. A complete simulation with all tactical weapons and defensive systems. TSP40AB: Star Trek Trivia Test your knowledge of "The Next Generatiorf-identify scenes, sounds, characters and much more! Two disk set. Counts as two. TSP39: Catacomb An incredibly well done graphic adventure game. Discover the secrets & treasures ol the uder ground maze and try to stay alive1 TSP38: Virus Utilities VirusX. KillVirus. Virus-Memorv Killer, VK360 and ZeroViruslll will let you sleep at night knowing your Amiga is 1000% virus-free. TSP37: CheckBook Accountant This program has full budgeting transaction recording capabilities. This program turns the chore of balancing your checkbook into a 2 minute treat! TSP36: Animation Two beautiful animations. Spigot and Watch. Bolh of these were created with 3D animation programs and are truly beautiful and smooth. TSP35: HackLite This is a dungeon-adventure game of the highest magnitude...an absolutely huge world to explore that will task even the most hardened dungeon explorer for weeks on end! TSP34: MechForce Any number ol players can control up to 24 giant robots with lasers, missiles, jump-jets to gel you airborne to do battle in teams against each other or against the compuier...bigWy addicting! TSP33ABCD: Complete Guide to Programming the Amiga in "C" Thts four disk set features tutorials, sample programs and inside tips to the speoa programming needs of the Amiga. Four disks counts as three TSP32: Classic Arcade Games Defender and Missile Command-need we say more? Descender is a clone of Ihe classic Tempest. TSP31: DataBases Contains all flavors ol databases. 3asell is a highly Amiga-tized database. DalaEasv is another powerful database. MaoMan is specially designed to heip you reference articles in magazines. TSP3D: Educational This includes WorldDataBase. D-awMap -which draws detailed maps ol countries. OrdGame. Metric Converter. 5p£il2-an ingenious spelling challenger, FastFacts -everything you always wanted to know about our Solar System. TSP29ABC: King James Bible The complete text of the biole is included on this 3 disk set (counts as 3} with printing and searching capabilities. TSP28: Bitmapped Fonts This disk contains 67 fonts for the Amiga, all under 25 poinis in size...a font lor every occasion! TSP27: Octa-MED This remarkable program doubles Ihe sound capabilities ol your Amiga from z channels ol audio to 8! Almost completely identical to MED. This is a truly remarkable program. TSP26: Directory Utilities Contains all of the best public domain and shareware file arid disk utilities available for Ihe Amiga, including IjtilMaster. FileMan. M2DU. Sid and DirMaster. TSP25: SpaceGamcs Contains MoonBase a very graphically detailed lunar-lander game. SoaceWar-a two player (either in person or over Ihe modem) space battle. Nebulfl is a 3D world you must deiend..definitely commercial quafiiy. TSP24: Printing Utilities This disk contains a very nice Banner maker that will use any AimgaDOS font with full- color printing. RobsLabelCreator will allow easy creating of labels for your diskettes. PrinlStudio allows easy priming of text graphic images with total control over page numbering tilling, etc TSP23AB: Tobias Star Trek A graphic space adventure where you're the captain of your own slarship Travel through the universe, stop the Romulans and Kiingons and complete your missions. Two disks, counts as two. Interferon, featured on - TSP13 TSP22: 3D Objects This disk contains 18 different vector- objecls for use with Sculpt and Imagine. Some of the objects include: tram engine, synthesizer keyboard. Amiga 3000, space station. TSP21: Disk Duplicators This disk contains all the best utilities to backup diskettes. Included are XcodvIII and NIB which will backup copy-protect programs. Also includes SuperDuper which is an incredibly fast AMIGADOS copier. Freecopy will remove copy protection from many popular commercial programs. TSP20: Board Games Includes Checkers. Dominoes. OiufL Jeopard and Monopoly Throw away your dice and let your Amiga take care ol the details...hours and hours of family fun! TSP19: PacMan Classics Contains Mazemao. Zomx and PacMan87-all great implementations of the angional arcade classic. TSP18: MS-DOS Emulation Contains PCTask and iBeM, two shareware IBM MS Dos emulators for your Amiga. Also included are utilities to allow Amiga dnves to read'write 720K format MS-DOS disks-MuHidos and MSU. T5P17: Printer Drivers Tms disk contains over 70 printer drivers lor many popular printers TSP16: Telecommunication This disk contains two first- class modem programs. Ncomm and Access. This disk is for the beginner or expert telecommunicator, featuring all the popular communication protocols, including X. Y and Z- Modem. Ncomm has very advanced script capabilities for performing automated log-ins. Downloads and uploads. Hi-Res Clip Art-TSP12 TSP15: MED This disk contains the premier music package. MED (Musical Edilor). It will allow you to use digitized sound samples as your instruments and use them in your own songs. Its tremendous editing power makes MED more of a musical word-processcr. An extremely well-done program. Many commercial software companies use this package to create soundtracks for their entertainment programs. TSP14; Plotters This disk contains several ol the best mathematical plotting programs available for Iho Amiga. Includes ArnipaPlot -a 3 dimensional mathematical function plotter (pictured!. Aoiot2 0. And PlotXY TSP13: Tetris Games This disk contains 6 flavors of the classic game ‘Tetris." Some have artificial intelligence, oth ers a variety of play-styles skill Jevelsmumber of players. TSP12; ClipArt This disk contains several excellent bitmapped images for use in Desktop Publishing or similar programs. TSP11: Operation Desert Storm: This is a complete Hyperbook-type application that will take you through a auid ed lour of ihe recent conflict in The Gulf. TSP10: Fractals Scenery (pictured) will create realistic frac tal landscapes. Genesis allows the creation of various landscapes with user-definable levels of complexity. Also included are various Mandelbrot generators, including Tmandei. Mande! Mountains and FracGen. TSP9: Utilities 1 TconMeister an Icon editor with a complete set ol ediling'painting tools. TJFormal a disk formatting program that will format disks lhat AmigaDOS wont. ChartMasler a graphing tool that allows you to generate and save different graphs in IFF frymat. Graoh3D lets you visualize complex data in 3-D and save the results. StCuCtGen lets you create gadgets, text, bitmaps and window structures and the program will automagically write the
• JC' source code ;or you. LabelMaker is a very easy to use. Full featured label pnnter. DoublgPrmt fascililates priming of text files on both sides of paper. TSP8: Cliparl Black & White and colorful clipart for a variety ol needs including desktop publishing,,video. People, holiday related, school iiems, scrolls, food, monsters, fish, lobsters, symbols and lots more. MED - Musical Editor on TSP15 TSP7: 3D Vector Objects 2 Books, Early American telephone, barrels, gun. Spaceships, lamps, trombone, bugle, skateboard. Lego-Rover. Remote control, glider and airplane. All objects in Sculpt format TSP6: 3D Vector Objects T lamp, mirror, bed. Chair, fire hydrant, lamp post, street lamp, street sign, traffic light, cannon cannon supplies, rose, fork, spoon, knife and piate. All objects in Sculpt lormat. TSP5: Games 3 CrossCircuit is a one or two-player action logic game that requires fast reflexes. WordSearch will allow you to generate your own word-search puzzles. In DruoBusters you rid the streets ol cigarettes, alcohol, pills and needles. In Ci.ncp you try to get five X s in a row before your opponent. Coforl.oqic is an excellent MasterMind type game. TSP4: Games 2 Dvno-Wars a strategic checker-styte game. Kooties assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. BlockBuster is a colorful, well done Telris-type game. Warrior is a fun shoot em-up adventure game. MicroMan is a graphic maze game played with a joystick Battle the computer's armies to lake over the planet in Circe. TSP3: Games 1 Crystal Qflvprps is an adventure game with randomly generated worlds-you'tl never irash the same world twice' Dot2Dot is an adaptation of the classic 2-player connect-the-dot game. PizzaDelivervMan has you running through the streets to get those pies to your customers. TinvBail is the world's smallest baseball game. Surround- Cvcles is a high-speed arcade game, based on the light cycle races from the Disney movie Tron, TSP2: Sounds Animal sounds, musical instruments and many, many more 43 sound samples in all1 TSP1: Maps of USA. Canada and Europe Hi-Res IFF Scenery Maker on TSP10 off single-issue home . 3*00 i i i i i i i Visa j MasterCard j Discover Check Money Order j Expiration Date:_ i Signature:_ iName:_ [ Address:_ [City:_ [ Phone: (_ I ...g : fl > i ¦ I | (Technical Support (619) 486-9538| |Orderline (800) 677-0416 i m TC33AB: Measures l 0 is an incredibly useful utility that will convert any type of measurement to another. DiskLabeier is a database designed for storing and printing 3." Disk labels. Jewels is a Tetns-esque game of action and strategy. Switch is a fun board-game. Gfxclioper will allow you to grab any screen and save it as an IFF picture. Softball Manager is a database tor storing stats for softball any number of leagues may be tracked. WBExec allows you to execute CLI commands from within the Workbench. Several Clipart images are also included. TC32AB: Computer Coloring Book is a delightful program tor children o! All ages comes with 15 pages of pictures to color again and again. Mstmaker lets you make, edit, combine and print lists of words great for those spelling tests! Moresmooth1 scrolls text files smoothly on the screen and allows easy printing. Pocket Billiards lets you choose from several of the most popular pool games with realistic action. Texture allows you to create, manipulate and save fin standard IFF format) realistic fractal textured surfaces. Plague is a monster maze game. Also includes Screen Fader. Snowbench. And FlipBench. TC31AB: Calendar Publisher is a professionai-caliber calendar maker that is customizable. CrossCircuit is a 1 or 2 player action logic game that calls for fast rellexes and thinking. APR is a much-needed printer utility. Pizza Delivery Man is a maze game where you deliver pies in your neighborhood. Multiplayer is a single program that will let you see IFF pic- tures'brushes or playback IFF sound samples. Also includes RAMgauge. 3-D vector objects and Hi Res IFF brushes of maps and Hags of European countries. TC26AB: Word SfiSIPil Maker lets you creale word-search puzzles, TimeCalc is useful lor anyone who has to calculate hours and minutes (great for adding up times of CD s lo make tapes!) Drugbusterg is a fun game where you get rid of cigarettes, booze, pills and needles. Wordfinder lets you search binary or text files for a particular word or string (good for getting hints in your adventure games!). KevClick will add a small audible click to your keys and MouseClick will do the same for the mouse buttons. Sea war is a game between the Allied Navy and the Empire Fleet. Plus Early American 3-D vector objects, digitized sound effects, and a directory program. TC25AB; ScreenTolFF captures your screen to an IFF file PooColors lets you change the colors of your Workbench screen. Warrior is a fun shoot'em-up adventure game for one or two players. Kaleidoscope is a line drawing program. Blockbusters is a game where you get rid of blocks by pushing matching blocks into them. Amidemp will show-off your Amigas ability to do soltd-polygon animations. Microscope brushes of all 50 US Stales. 10 Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe. Each map has a 3D extrusion effect with cast shadow. Special Edition Toolchest RK1: MegaBall - This disk contains the full-release version of MegaBall, complete with the level editor to create your own challenging worlds to conquer. This game is quite similar to Arkanoid and allows two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price, $ 14.95. RK2: Machlil - This remarkable utility will allow you to record any mouse click or keypress and play it back as a macro at any time. Inside any program. Also provides memory info clock, alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-to-menu, sunmouse and window cycling. Special RK price $ 14.95. TC34A8: Optimizer will permanently speedup your hard- drive or tioppy disks. LCD Calc is a nice full screen calculator. B Base 11 is a useful database program. FixDlsk will correct many problems with disks. BiaCaic is a loan analyser. Interferon is a Teiris-lype game. Nebula is a 3D space game. PicBase will allow you to track all the IFF images you have. Hate is a great Zaxxon done. Address book. Color LfiSiC is a MasterMmd type game Also includes several disk and memory utilities ana some animal sound effects to top it off. TC23AB: Wherels lets you quickly and painlessly find a misplaced file on your drive. Select creates a window from which you can run your favorite programs. MatheMaglc lets you find the day of the week for any date in the century, also lets you enter statistical data :o be analyzed, graphs data, and solves linear algebraic equations. Pointer List Maker Jets you create your own pointers or import pointers from olhor programs and save them in a disk I1E0. Dyno-Warg requires more strategy and thought than your regular checker board game. Also includes Ml Monster and Trilion games. 3-D objects, six sound effects and an animation of a pretzel TC22AB: Amiga Checkbook Is a fast checkbook manager with check printing ability, budget analysis, and a report writer. AmiQrypI is a file encryption decryption tool to password- protect any tile...a must for security. WaveSvn lets you design musical instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. It also lets you play your keyboard like a piano. Cmco is a game where you try to get five X's in a row before your opponent does. AlterCLl lets you change attributes of your CLI window (width, title, depth, height, location, colors) with a single command-very useful for scripts. Also includes an animation by renowned Amiga artist Lou Markoya. As well as 3-D objects. TC21AB: Circe is a risk-style' game where you battle the lets you examine memory at any location. Also includes Hi- Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, nine digitized sounds and two small disk utilities and printer utility. TC24AB: TableMaker is a tool for effortlessly building numerical tables. Kooties is a fun game where you have to assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. HyperText lets you put links in a text file to other text, graphics, sound, animation, Arexx and other applications. The Lillie Black Book is a wonderfully useful telephone and Lowest possible prices! «*• others do! Get from big software '«*¦ Full Money-Back If you're not fied, we'll refund y
- no questions a: ’Based on singfe-disk prici Canadian subscriptions add $ 5 Foreign add $ 10.00 shipping ¦ . • .- ¦ - computer to take over the planet. Batchm.an allows you to execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts by simply clicking on a gadget. Colors prints color test sheets and assigns RGB values to printer and screen output....absolutely invaluable to achieve the best colof printing results. Easyfile is a powerful database for home or a small business. Sprite Editor lets you easily create animated sprites. Plus 3-D fruit objects and five sampled sounds. TC16AB: Cvberscape generates complex 3-D vector ob|ects of terrain and saves your objects in Sculpt or Turbo- Silver format. Mfllhplotler graphs mathematical equations in both 2-D and 3-D. Double Print prints your text files on both sides of the paper. Metamorph, a graphic adventure game. Tinvball the worlds smallest baseball arcade game and 6 digitized sound effects. TC15AB: Labelmaker is a very easy to use label program. SurroundCycles. A high-speed arcade game. PqtgPQt. An adaptation of the classical connect-the-dot game. A tutorial on animalion techniques by Amiga-artist extrordmaire 3rad Schenck complete with one of his animations. Also includes a collection of clip-art and more animal sounds. TC14AB: AmiooFile is a database and address book. Qrpph 3-D lets you visualize complex data in a 3-D manner and save the results. Spectrogram analyzes and displays digitized sounds. Pteronadonaball an animation by Lou Markoya. Also includes &Q lie Ifi£ Tqs, 3-D objects, food clip-art, and sampled sounds. TC13AB: SfrycGen lets you create gadget, text, bitmap, and window structures and writes the C source code for you.
L. ifeCvcles plots your biorhythms. Create spectacular images with Mandelbrots. Look, a CLI utility that helps you find files on your disk quickly and easily. Plus 3-D objects, holiday clip-art. An Amiga Flight animation, drive head cleaning utility, and technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information on disk TC12: TJFormat formats disks that AmigaDOS normally wont. ChartMaster is a powerful graphing tool. M.Qr_e.C.3£Ldy generates an assortment ol colorlut graphic patterns and allows you to save them to disk. Shark, a game where you have to eat all the little perch you can catch to stay alive. Plus B&W clip-art. Spaceship 3-D vector objects, an animation, and Speakeasy (C source code lor the programmer to add speech to C programs). TC11: DiskSalvaae will fix corrupted disks and recover deleted files. IconMeister is an advanced Icon editor. AlienDuel is a fast, shoot'em-up game. Crystal Caverns is a colorful, graphic adventure game like Iho arcade game. Also includes an animation, sound samples, 3D dinner table objects, and Hi-Res monster clip-art. 11335 Carmel Mtn. Rd 1304-T5 San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks (Use product ID code--i.e. TC22) _ _ _ OTE: All "TC" disks count as TWO disks Total disks © $ each ....$ _ Total for special "RK" series disks $ _ Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) ...$ _ CA Residents add 7.75% Tax $ _ Hand ling $ Foreign Shipping .... Total enclosed „ . Rkk. Day. No shipping charges pithin' I th* USA. Canada add S25 per disk, I Foreign add 5 7-0 per disk for air mail delivery'. Payment in US funds only. Si ! I I I I ! ICC : Orders Only USA & Canadr 1 -800-258-053 SA VE ON THIS SPECIAL AMIGA 500 PACKAGE INCLUDES: FreeBumpeEStickex 5 12K RAP , e SjYli AMIGA 880K 3.5 I __' Mouse With every Joystick KindWords Paint Program F-40 Pursuit BONUS: Phasar 3.0 Ports of Call Who, What, Where & When Where in the World is Carmen San Dieso Hole in One Miniature Mastertype HiQ A500 ower AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RA wCootCa oaat W 52MB HD $ 389 MB HD 529
D. ll.lFtyo RAM OK-$ 99. 2MB S194. 4MB S2E9 5 Jp SERIES II A"5D0 HARD DRIVES __ EXPAND UP TO 8MB RAMM ry=55=V W 52MB Quantum Commodore AMIGA ® Grand Slam 500 Expand up lo 8 MB Ham 5299 S245 SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (continental US) I SO TO $ 99 7%M1N $ 5 $ 100 TO $ 199 5%MIN $ 7 $ 200 TO $ 499 4%MIN $ 10 $ 500 TO $ 799 3% MlN $ 20 $ 800 - 2.5%MIN $ 24 2nd Day(Blue) add $ 6 to UPS Ground Next Dayf Red) add $ 11 to UPS Ground APO.FPO add $ 11 to Ground CANADA add S11lo Ground PR. HI. AK add $ 10 to Blue1 Red No surcharge for MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER. 3% surcharge lorAMERiCAN EXP. Prices subject to change without notice. Returns accepted tor 10 days after date of purchase. Call for RA* before returning Defectives replaced with same item. 15% Restocking fee for items returned and not exchanged for same. Internalional Orders (not APO. Send copy or FAX of front & of Charge Card w signature. Games CDTV (Call for more titles) American Vista $ 64 Barney Bear School S27 Barney Bear Goes Camping $ 27 Batilo Storm 533 Case of Cautious Condor 533 CD Remix 537 Classic Board Games 533 Defender of the Crown $ 33 Falcon 552 Fred Fish Collection 547 Gretzky Hockey 537 Guinness Disc of Records $ 39 Illustrated Dictionary 547 Illustrated Holy Bible KJV 537 Illustrated Shakespeare £37 Lemmings $ 33 Mind Run 534 Murder Makes Strange .....$ 33 My Paint £33 Power Pinball S29 Sim City $ 39 Snoopy £33 Spint o! Excalibur $ 37 Team Yankee £33 Time Table Business $ 39 Time Table Science $ 39 Ultimate Baskotball £33 Wrath of the Demon $ 33 Xenon II $ 39 , 3 |E.SH.Q.nEST.SA |S lf JS $ 41 $ 40 $ 39 S40 S40 $ 33 $ 44 $ 37 Call $ 43 $ 39 $ 41 §39 Leisure Suit Larry 5 S37 Lemmings $ 31 Lemmings, Oh No! More... S22 Lnks $ 38 Lord o' the Rings $ 34 Mig 29 Super Fulcrum $ 31 Murder S28 Ork $ 31 Out o' This Workj $ 37 Perfect General $ 37 Perfect General Data Dsk $ 22 PGA Golf S34 Pinball dreams S29 Pools of Darkness $ 39 Populous II $ 41 PowerMonger S34 Power Monger WW! Data dsk S22 Railroad Tycoon S37 Secret of Monkey Island $ 39 Secret of Monkey Island II $ 39 Silent Service ll $ 37 Sim City $ 31 Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 $ 23 Sim City Terrain $ 12 Space Quest IV $ 37 Speecbali 2 $ 25 Strip Poker HI $ 31 Wayne Gretzky 2 $ 34 Woe World of Boxing $ 31 Willie Beamish $ 37 World Circuit Grand Pnx $ 37 Cnme City Cruise for a Corpse Deuteros Double Dragon 3 Final Fight Gauntlet 3 Gods Heimdall Life and Death Pit Fighter Realms Robocod: James Pond 2 Robocop3 Smash i V Terminator 2 The Simpsons Utopia Wolf Child W W F Wrestling PAL Booter $ 39 $ 40 $ 39 $ 40 S3 FPO.) Back Call or FAX for”shipping quote ‘aX My IGA CDTV Keyboard Infra-red Mouse A Disk Iiris S199 Trackball Contrltr $ 93 Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd, Hermitage, PA 16148 A-10 Enhanced Tank Killer $ 37 Agony $ 31 Battle Isle $ 37 Birds ol Prey $ 37 Black Crypt $ 371 Castles $ 37 Celtic Legends Call Drag. Lair 2 (Time Warp) $ 37 Dungeon Master 2 $ 25 Elvira: Mistress o' the Dark $ 37 Elvira 2: Jaws of Cerberus $ 47 Eye of the Beholder $ 39 Eye of the Beholder 2 $ 431 Fi 5 Strike Eagle II $ 37 Fl9 Stealth Fighter $ 37 Falcon $ 31 Falcon Mission 1 or 2 S19 Fantastic Voyage $ 31 Fighter Duel (Corsair Vs Zero) S31 Flight of the Intruder $ 37 Gateway Savage Frontier $ 34 God Father $ 31 Greers - (Microprose Golf) $ 37 Guy Spy Call Heart of China $ 37 Hockey League Simulator $ 25
H. O.t. $ 25 Jack NiCklaus Un united $ 37 Killing Game Show 528 Kings Quest V $ 37 Knights ot the Sky $ 37 Leander $ 31 Alvha Data EXTERNAL 880K DRIVE Alpha Data 512K RAM Expander For A5Q0 9am - 9pm M-F, 10am- 5pm SAT Open SUNDAY 12 - 5pm Data Flyer py Hard drive controller Budget solution for your Amiga500 GontrQllergnly EXPANSION SYSTEMS Adventures In Math £25 Algebra 531 Algebra i! S3i Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure New Barney Bear Camping £22 Barney Bear at the Form 522 Barney Bear in School £22 Barney Bear in Space £22 Bible Scboiar S94 Bible Reader (Internal V.) S52 Bible ReaoerfKmg James} £3t Calculus £31 Carmen San Diego Time S3! Carmen San Diego USA 531 Carmen San Diego World 531 Crossword Const. Kit $ 25 Dinosaur Discovery Kit S25 Discovery Math'Spolling S25 Distent Suns 3.0 535 Distant Suns 4.0 S55 Kate's Farm £25 Matks Math Lab S31 Math Talk 525 Math Blaster Pius S3t Mavis Beacon Typing 534 McGee Fun Fair 525 f4y Paint 2.0 $ 31 Puzzle Storybook $ 25 Rhyming Notebook $ 25 Speller Bee £25 Talking Animator £41 Taking Coloring Book S19 Teachers' Toolkit S35 Trigonometry 531 World Atlas $ 37 SupraRAM RX External RAM Expand your A500 to the MAX. Passthrough design 1MB up to 2M 2MB up to 8MB Education No One will beat my Summer , Specials.. JGUARANTEED! The 1CD Advantage Adgmfid 68000 at 14.3 Mhz. Best Overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. ¦S]mflic-bi>urd Reroutes tlfO: to the external floj py connector. Boot from externa: floppy drive. EimANCED WORKSTATION $ 4895 W 52MB HD 25.MHZ. SMB RAM VIDEO TOASTER & MONITOR DELUXE WORKSTATION $ 5595 W 120MB HD. 40MIIZ. 9MB RAM. VIDEO TOASTER. MONITOR WORKSTATIONS FULLY ASSEMBLED AND TES1 El> New RACK MOUNT version Available * CALL AdIDE40 for 3.5“ hard drives Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made for IDE(AT) drives Complete Digi-View System Mediastation C Includes: Digi-Vlew Gold 4.0 Djgi-PainI Elan Performer Copy Stand Panasonic 1410 camera video switch * and all cables. USA & Canada 1 -800-258-0533 Video Toaster $ 2099 Enhancement Options Personal TBC II SH49 Personal V-Scopc CALL Personal SEC 5379 BCD 2000A VAC 5849 DQ-TACO 51899 AmiLink C I (cuts only) 5995 AmiLink C I (AB Rolf) S1595 AmLLink Toasier Software 5150 Kitchen Sync SI599 Toaster Fonts I si Pr .Tousted Fonts S159 Cinnamon I or It 562 Bread & Butter 569 Kara Toaster I or 11 562 Masterpiece S89 Video Fonts 2 562 Screen Maker 562 Our Wedding 556 ¦L’omplete I Video Toaster 3 Workstations M BASIC =1 WORKSTATION =*¦ $ 4195 52MB HD, 7MB RAM. VIDLt
- - vv TOASTER & MONITOR 9-9 M - F (West Coast customers call up to 6PM PST), 10- 5 Sal. 24 Hour Pax line (412) 962-0279, Customer Service (412) 962-0533 Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga ComputerAJsc’yith VGA or Jijp'tcfc Multisync Monitors ~X Npvia $ 01 . _ 60MB intenial hard drive & interface « for your Amiga 500. W Built in AdSpecd $ 669 AdlDE Kits lPrima) Now mount a 3.5 inch IDE hard- dri ve internally in vour Amiga
500. Includes IDE 4fL Shuffle Board and mountings Piima,52 Above with 52HD IDE S399V Hard Drive New Improved Beetle Mice I yMy AMIGA
- ¦iti~i~iTn~nifjitr Slicker with ci'eru order AdEAM .7,40 Add up to 4 meg o: RAM internally in your Amiga 500 Express your love for your Amiga K’-Shirts, Caps Ttol Mugs COLORS MOUSE - BUTTONS Red-Black Yellow - Black Black-Black Blue - Black Black - Yellow Rad - White - Blue Other colors on special order Mug T-shirts Med Cap Digi-Vlew Mediastation 1410 Camera w tons Copy Stand MicroBotics A2000 Harddrive Controllers Grand Slam add up to 8MB RAM & built-in prinler port TRUMPCARD PRO $ 159 The fastest SCSI Controller for the Amiga TRUMPCARD A200Q SB9 EXPANSION SYSTEMS DataFlyer2000 Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 SCSI w . Y , ControlleryWo only Shh C W 52 MB Quantum HDS319 W 120MB Quantum HOS479 DataFlyer RAM For DataFlyer2uOO OK S99. 2MB S189. 4MB S279 W 52MB HI) £ Expand up to SMB RAM W 120MB HI) $ 54 W 240MB HD $ 84 68030 Acceleration for A500, A2000 25MHz $ 329 i with 68882 S459 3 40MHz $ 479 with 68802 S649 Compatible with 1,3 8 2 04 ROMS VXL RAM-32 2MB $ 319 VXL RAM-32 8MB Call Productivity Software Hardware Art & Animation Art Department Pro 21 $ 164 Deluxe Pami IV V4.1 $ 122 Disney Anim. Studio S79 Draw 4D Pro $ 199 Imagine 2.0 $ 259 Pixel 3-D 2.0 $ 75 Prof. Draw 2.0 $ 125 Spectracolor $ 62 Turbo Silver 3.0 $ 59 Vista Pro 2.0 $ 59 Databases Microfiche Filer $ 62 Microfiche Filer PLUS S112 SuperBase Personal 2 $ 94 S ope tease Prof. 4 S249 Music Bars and Pipes $ 99 Bars and Pipes Pro $ 219 DeJx Music Const. Set S69 Super Jam $ 89 Multimedia Kit $ 38 Music Box A $ 38 Music Box B $ 38 Tele-Communications A-TaJk III $ 37 Baud Bandit $ 30 Spreadsheets Advantage $ 125 Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 562 Professional Calc $ 189 Utilities Arexx $ 31 Cross DOS $ 25 Directory Opus $ 37 DiskMaster II $ 44 Labeldex! $ 47 Project D 2.0 $ 37 RX Tools $ 35 Quarter BackS.0 Call Quarter Back Tools $ 53 SASMfc C $ 199 Visionary $ 62 Workbench Management $ 35 Video & Presentation AmigaVision $ 89 Broadcast Titter II $ 229 Can Do 1.6 S85 Pro ViCOO CG Call Pro Video Post $ 209 Scala $ 275 Showmaker $ 229 TV Text Professional $ 99 Video Director $ 169 Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Final Copy $ 59 Page Stream 2.2 $ 169 Petfcan Press $ 62 ProWrite 3.2 $ 56 professional Page 3,0 $ 179 Proper Grammar $ 59 EUROPEAN MAGAZINES AMIGA Format w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Action w Disks S10
C. U. AMIGA w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Power w Disks $ 10 1 lor AMIGA w Disks $ 10 VIDEO TOASTER Video Tapes Joysticks. Mouses & Trackballs Slik Stik Joystick S7 Boss Joystick $ 15 Tac 50 Joystick $ 17 Bat Handle Joystick $ 25 Jin Mouse $ 25 Oplo-Mechica! Mouse $ 35 Optical Mouse $ 55 Boing Optical Mouse S94 Gl Cordless Mouse $ 75 G! Cordless Trackball $ 85 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Kraft Trackball $ 59 Mouse Switch (manual) $ 29 Mouse Switch (automatic) CALL Supra Modems 2400 External $ 39 2400PLsExtorrd $ 139 240CPLE Z) rtBTal $ 169 FAX Modem 14400 $ 309 FAX Modem 9G00 $ 2*9 FAX MadBm Sofk%sro Cal Zoom Modems 2400 Ext 575 2400 W kWS & v.42 be S145 9600 v.32 bis S399 Cable $ 10 ($ 5 w modem) FINAL COPY PROF. PAGE
3. 0 PROWRITE AMIGA 500 2000 includes books and work- V" bench disk I yMy AMIGA Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus By Rob Lawrence Five times larger than the original game, Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus (Accolade, $ 59.95) spans seven disks with new graphics, animation, music, and (of course) loads of gore. In Elvira II, you must search for the Mistress in a haunted house, a graveyard and its underlying catacombs, and a huge cave network infested with giant. Raid-proof insects. Her captor is the monstrous, three- headed, demonic hound Cerberus, who has taken over the movie studio and released his minions. Fail to rescue her, and Elvira becomes dog chow. Really just gimmicks that I feel use up valuable screen space. Although Elvira II plays from floppies on a one-meg system, I strongly recommend a hard drive. The box claims you need 1.5 megs to play from a hard drive, hut Elvira runs if you boot your one-meg system and go directly to the CLI, without Workbench in memory. Now for my biggest com- Every control is accessed through the mouse, including movement, combat commands, spell mixing and casting, and object manipulations. Icons are used in just about ever)' possible place. A new hit-point allocation system shows damage sustained by the sections of your anat- J J omy, and a motion detector scans your surroundings for enemies; both, however, are Sim Ant: The Electronic: Ant Colony By John Ryan An insect Sim City, Sim Ant: The Electronic Colony you of any preconceptions you may have had about the insect world and, indeed, brings your thinking down to the level of the ant. Plunked down in the backyard of a suburban home, (Maxis Software. $ 59.95) is a system simulation that is not only educational, but utterly enjoyable in ways that may surprise you. Sim Ant strips plaint: speed. Even from a hard drive, play can languish miserably because of processing time. Animations are slowed considerably, and the travel rate in the labyrinth sections is about one-sixth that of Dungeon Master or a similar game. Even the mouse response is noticeably delayed. Still, it’s 4 4 fun to play and incredibly tough; Elvira II will challenge you for a long time. You must nurture and ex- panel a burgeoning ant community. Along the way you’ll have to contend with spiders, ant lions, marauding red ants, rain, lawn mowers, pesticides, and, of course, ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson Last time, we pried The Jaws of Cerberus (Accolade, $ 59.95) from around that bit o'computer-game crumpet named Elvira. This time, well give him root canal. When we left off our exploration of Studio 2's haunted house, we'd just found the hidden altar off one of the bedrooms. Now to explore the rest of the second floor. The bedroom next door is dead empty and, at first glance, so's the one next to it. Trouble is. You don't get a second glance. Success in this sequence relies on having good armor, high courage, and the foresight to pick up the tuning fork (and the pillow under it) before you vamoose. Now you're ready for the attic, reached by the entrance at the far end of the hall and inhabited by a very unpleasant creature. Combat isn't an option, but using the tuning fork in timely fashion will shatter the skylight over his coffin and allow daylight to do the job for you. With the ladder from the storage room (first door on the left downstairs), the skylight also provides access to the roof. If you've already nabbed the copper rod from the boiler room below the studio offices using a fireball spell on the ice jam between the boilers will do it you can set this up on the chimney, where it'll make a nice lightning rod. (If not, it can wait.) This should make you think of the cellar and Mr. Monster again. You've probably already swept the left- hand room clear of any useful portables. (If not, you can come back later; the test tubes and brain will prove especially handy.) To make more progress there, you'll need to visit the costume department back at the studio offices. You should now be strong enough to take on ? To locate the vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 100. TO ORDER Call soo-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3 CST ..89.00 175 00 ..99.99 . 95.00 ..89.00 ..95.00 ¦HUBWmA 2 Celebrate America with the US Flag Beetle Mouse. Many assorted color combinations are also available. For a complete product listing, information or support, call
(414) 548-8125. 2120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L, WAUKESHA, Wl 53186 Software 4D Boxing ..33.99 Abandoned Places .33.99 Agony ..31.99 Air Bus ......45.99 Amy's Fun 2 3 Adventure....31.99 Animattes: Wedding .....33.00 Bountiful Golf Course ...17.99 Caligari 2 ..253.99 Can Do 1.6 ..85.00 Castle of Dr. Brain .32.99 Charts and Graphs 59.00 Conflict Korea ..36.99 Cross DOS 5.0+ ...37.00 Cruise fora Corpse ......34.99 Draw4D Pro ...199.00 Elvira II 42.99 Eye Beholder II ..39.99 GP FAX 75.00 Guy Spy ...... 31.99 High Speed Pascal .....114.99 HotLinks .....62.99 Hoyle's Book Games III 24.99 Imagine 2.0 ....256.99 John Madden Football ..33.99 Links 37.99 Lockpick ....36.99 Lost Treasures .45.99 Macro68 (Puzzle Factory) .135.00 Matrix Cubed .33.99 MegaFortress ....39.99 Might & Magic lit .39.99 Notebook ..27.99 Out of this World ..36.99 Paper Boy 2 .....26.99 Amiga Companion 2.0 ...20.99 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed. ...22.00 Desktop Video Power 28.95 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 ....22.95 Hardware Ref Manual 24.00 Includes & Autodocs 35.95 Interface Style Guide 20.99 ROM Kernal: Devices 25.99 Understanding Imagine 2.0 ....28.00 Using Arexx on the Amiga ...27.99 1 year cf Formal, delivered ...S160 1 Yr of Amiga Computing S150 SuperBase Prof 4 ... Super Jam ...
185. 00 ......87.99 Toaster 2.0 Software.... ToastMaster
315. 00 ......89.99 Ultima VI ..... Vikings . Virtual Reality Studio Vista Pro 2.0..
41. 99
37. 99
57. 99 ......59.99 Wild Wheels ......33.99 World Circuit ... ......36.99 1 Easy ¦ AMOS New!! From EuroPress $ 41.99 Hardware 68030 Accelerators from GVP! 25MHZ 1MB 52Q ... 889.00 4OMHZ 40 4MB 1169.00 40MHZ 4Q 4MB 120Q ...1499.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 240Q ...1719.00 50MHz 50 4MB ......1529.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120Q ...1849.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 240Q ...2059.00 PatchMeister 59.00 Personal Fonts Maker... 59.00 PowerPacker Pro ..21.99 Protessional Calc 168.99 Professional Page 3.0 169.00 ProFills 2.0 ..32.99 ProStream Plus Fonts .38.00 QuarterBack 5.0 46.00 Resource = Puzzle Factory) 135.00 Secret Monkey Island II......39.99 Sim Ant ......37.99 C- Commodore® AMIGA I N C L U D E S ¦ 3.5"lnternal Floppy Drive ¦ 1 MB RAM. RF Modulator ¦ 94-Key Keyboard and Mouse ¦ Appetizer Software ¦ Amiga Basis ¦ DOS 1.3 ¦ Ergo Joystick ¦ Safe Harbor PD Disk Cali for Pricing!!!! Cr Commodore ... _ r -. We carry [PIITII ALL available N*1**1 ¦ CDTV titles! V WTTHACTTVE MULTIMEDIA CDTV Prof Bundle 195.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack ...14.99 CDTV Trackball ..95.00 CD Rom File System .....36.99 Defender of the Crown ..31.99 Guinness Disc of Records ....37.99 NASA's 25th Year ..19.99 Remix ..37.99 Sim City ......48.99 Genlock, CBM 2300 ..135.00 Genlock, Alterlmage 189.00 Harddrive, 1200 Bare 399.00 Harddrive, 240Q Bare 709.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 52Q...495.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 1200.665.00 Harddrive, 500XP 52Q 1 .. 489.00 Harddrive, 500XP 120Q 2.675.00 Joystick, Epyx Speedking.... 15.00 Joystick, Ergo ...20.00 AMAXII + 345.00 Ad IDE 40 ...93 00 AdFlicker Free Video ...239.00 AdRAM 540 ... AdSpeed .. AMAS Version 2 . Floppy Drive, Int 2010...... Floppy Drive, Internal 500 Floppy Drive, Supra Ext... ¦ SupraFAXModem 9600 BAUD
V. 32 V.42A .42bi Send Receive FAX capability ¦ SupraFAXModem 14.4 BAUD
V. 32bisA .42bis Send Receive FAX capability $ 305 With Software $ 359 *1 Supra Corporation KB Talker 500 ...84.00 K-Start Selector .33.99 Miracle Keyboard 369.00 Modem, Supra 2400 ....85.00 Mouse Switcher 29.00 MultiStart II Board (DKB),,..59.00 Power PC Board ..275.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 SCSI Controller, Gr Slam 2000.239.00 SCSI Controller GVP 8 0...199.00 SCSI Controller Supra 500XP ..199.00 SCSI Controller Supra 2000..110.00 Scanner, Epson 300 .. 925.00 Sony XVD 300 .299.00 SupraRAM 2000 2 ....169.00 SupraRAM 2000 4 .....225.00 SupraRAM 2000 6 .....285.00 SupraRAM 2000 8 .....349.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 1 ..125.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 2 ..189.00 SupraRAM 500 512K ...39.00 Video Director .139.00 Video Toaster 2.0 ....2025.00 O DCTV ....379.00 © Final Copy ......59.99 © Amiga DOS 2.04 ...85.00 0 Art Department Pro 2.0 ...154.99 0 Cross DOS 4.0 ...-24.99 © Directory Opus ...36.99 0 DSS Sound Digitizer 95.00 0 Deluxe Paint IV ..109.00 0 Black Crypt 33.99 ©SupraFAXModem 14.4 .305,00 44MB (2000) S399 $ 499 88MB (2000) S559 $ 659 Package includes drive, cartridge, manual,and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable; external models include case & molded cable. We support what we sell!! Syquest Drive Packages Int Ext thoughtlessly-placed human footsteps. You'll also have to monitor the health and wellbeing of the colony, its behavior, and the caste (the type of ants the colony produces) of your bug nation. Above all, you must lead your workers to food, your queens to fertile new territory, and your soldiers to r J battle, Sim Ait's layout is a lot like Sim City’s. A map encompasses much of the screen, along with an icon bar that can be clicked on to move around the colony or the world beyond it. To monitor your progress, you can call up additional maps, graphs, and charts. Your ants carry on with their lives while you decide what i to do. Sim Ant offers three levels of play, plus a tutorial. Besides the quick-start game, the full game is a contest between you and the red ants to see who can infest both the yard in which you live and the house beyond. Experimental Play allows you to get down to the brass tacks of colony life build mazes, add food or ants, or experiment with a variety of 4-D Boxing By Joe DiCara As its title implies, 4-D Boxing (DSIiElectronic Arts, S49.95) brings an added dimension to gaming. The designers, DSI, call it Tru- Motion. To create the effect, DSI digitized the movements of real boxers, used them as the framework for the motion path and timing, and overlayed the computer animation. The result is amazing. The game begins with a set-up screen for determining the mode of play (human versus human or versus the computer) and selecting your opponent (one of 12 boxers who vary in rank and gender). While you can other elements without the hassle of competition. The graphics of Sim Ant are as good as or better than Sim City’s. In fact, vou can i play the noncopy-protected, hard-drive-installable game in either lo-res (one megabyte required) or hi-res (two- meg) modes. The manual, which is the best I’ve ever seen, recommends at least a 16-MHz accelerator for the hi-res mode. Without one, the graphics are a bit cum- immediately choose to have a match with the Champ, all you will accomplish by that bersomc and slow, even switching from map to map in lo-res. Even so, I was extremelv surprised bv the j I quality of both graphics modes, and the sound effects are just superb. A few sessions with Sim Ant can change your whole perspective on the ant world. You find yourself really caring what happens to them and loathing those careless, tennis-shoed humans in the house. Is quickly getting your block knocked olT. Instead, it’s wise to visit ? The witch. She has a weak spot her left temple and her head explodes nicely if bashed enough there. Yuck. Still in the dark? The switch is on the wall behind you. The wizard outfit and the lab coat will both prove useful, and you'll note that one of the other costumes has a sword attached to it. Grab that as well. Across the hall, use the makeup kit to put together a disguise that makes you look like the picture of the lab technician found in the bedroom upstairs. Be sure to get every detail right; if even an eyebrow is out of place, it won't work. = You'll also need a wizard disguise a bit later in the game, so do that as well.} There's nothing much you can do with the monster right now, but the doctor across the way is another story if you're wearing the lab get- up. Be nice to him, and offer to help. He doesn't need you, but your offer will take the edge off his temper, and he'll make up a poison for you (provided you have the formula from your riflings in the library). Use the poison on the meat from the meat locker, and then deposit the meat in the fish tank in the study. Exit one piranha. You can now retrieve the key from the tank bottom, and if you've been a nosey bloke, you already know there's a safe behind the picture of the duck. This must be the peace pipe that the Indian down in the studio basement mentioned, right? Strike one! Ah, progress! You love it, right? We're done here until the endgame, and you can move on to the game's real challenge: The Catacombs of Studio 3. The bat that dive-bombs you on the way in can really take the stuffing out of you if you hang around trying to whack it, so don't. Get on into the church. The clergyman at the back is history (for the time being, anyway), but don't neglect the holy water in the font, and let's have a little spell- making party while we're at it, okay? When you're ready, tug the pulpit out of the way and descend into the crypt. Make short work of the two whatever-they-ares in here (after all, they're chained up), move the slab aside and start climbing. Don't worry about the fist coming out of the wall; as far as I can tell, it's just window dressing. Each of the six levels is 20 by 20, with good distances between gates and the levers that open them, so Continued on >. 92.
* 12 5
* 3.5* 880K External Drive
• 512K RAM Expansion A-2000 IDE....589 A-500 IDE..5149 SOFTWARE CLOSEOUTS (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ONLY) ......14.95 1i}5 .*11.95
* 6,95
* 1.95
* 44.95 EXPRESS COPY,. ___ ___*1415 F-15 STRIKE EAGLE II .... S3 95 GREAT STATES II ... ___*915 GREENS ... ......*12,95 HARD NOVA..... ...... ....,11295 HARPOON .... ci«m HARPOON BATTLE SET II......
- ..-J315 HARPOON SCENARIO EDITOR. __*4.95 IMMORTAL ....*1215 INI __ *9 95 KIKSTART If . . ..*2.95 KING S BOUNTY .... ___*1195 KING S QUEST II ... ..,*1415 L-DEBUG .. ..... *7 95 MACRO PAINT ...*39.95 SEX OLYMPICS . . ... *5 95 SEX VIXENS SPACE. __ *315 SHADOW OF TIC SORCERER ......*4.95 SHOWUakER -...... *iia SILENT SERVICE, ..,,*195 SILENT SERVICE II,,...... *)S5 STRIKE FLEET., w *11.95 MASTERING CLI...
• 215 MEMORY CHALLENGER.. ..... *9 95 WTRO ---------------- $ 8.95 OFFS HoflE WARRIOR.,. ......-S9.95 ONLNE H.ATJNUM .... ...SI 135 PERSIAN GULF INFERNO, .....*12.95 PCAGOLFTOUH ...... *1*95 PRO FOOTBALL (FACTS) .. *4.95 PRO PACE .... *9195 OUJSTRONI ..*915 SECRET Of THESlLVEF. BLADES , . , *7.95 SEVERED MEADS _ .*915 TIE BREAK..,.., TRANS WHETE.... TV SHOW ... TV TEXT .... TV TEXT PRO. , WELLTRIS ..
* 11.95 ,.,*1915 NewTek VIDEO TOASTER TOASTER WORKSTATIONS DATAFLYER Low Cost Interfaces (expandable to SMB) N£&XS DE COMBO BOARDS AVAILABLE,..CALL FOR PRICE! 3995 Includes: computer, 52MB HD, HD Controller. 7MB RAM, Video Toaster, Color RGB Monitor SEX OLYMPICS A-1OOO VERSIONS AVAILABLE A-2000 IDE....S79 A-500 SCSI..51 39 STARTING AS LOW AS JO 256K X 4 ZIPPS FOR A-3G0G ..$ 2,95 256K X 4 ZIPPS FOR SUPRA 500 RX ......$ 2.95 68882 25 Mhz. MATH CO-PROCESSOR .$ 119 68882 33 Mhz. MATO CO-PROCESSOR .S139 A-590 ORIGINAL POWER SUPPLY ...S59 A-500 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY .....$ 79 A-1000 RF MODULATOR ..$ 19 ADI0E 44 $ 79 ADSPEED ...$ 149 AMIGA 2000 KEYBOARD .$ 99 AMIGA COMPATIBLE MOUSE ...$ 19 ATONCE PLUS 16 Mhz AT EMULATOR ....$ 399 ATONCE PLUS 16 Mhz. EMULATOR w DOS SOFTWARE ...S429 BIGFOOT POWER SUPPLY ....S75 BLACK RIBBON FOR GSX-140 .....$ 7.95 CHIP PULLER .$ 3.95 COLOR RIBBON FOR GSX-140 ...$ 19.95 COLOR RIBBON FOR GSX-145 ...$ 19.95 CSA2M9 RAM BOARD (lor Mega Midge! Racer) ....$ 299 CSA 8MB RAM BOARD (for Mega Midget Racer) ......$ 699 DCTV .$ 429 FIXED LENS for PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA $ 12 FLICKER FIXER ....$ 239 FLICKER FREE VIDEO ...$ 229
* 155 EPSON ES-300 C DRIVER torADPRO Ext. Chassis for Syquest Hard Drive. Includes Stand Alone Scan lo Disk Driver & Adpro Module, No spodal boa d neededl! HARD DRIVES SEAGATE 49MB ... ......$ 249 QUANTUM 52S ..... ......$ 259 QUANTUM 120S ... $ 419 CONTROLLERS DATA FLYER 500 $ 139 DATA FLYER 2000 SCSI ..$ 79 GVP A-2000 HC8A) ...... $ 199 SUPRA 500XP .... $ 189 SUPRA WORD SYNC 2000 ..... ..$ 89 TRUMPCARD 500 ...... $ 149 TRUMPCARD 2000 ...... ..$ 69 DATAFLYER 1000..- ...... $ 159 SUPERPLAH *1915 SYNTHiA II __ *11.95 SYNTHIA PRO - .. *99 HAM YANKEE. *1415 HRWNATOR II __*19.95 I AMIGA PAR 18732B SUPER A 8373 SUPER Deh 1 8520A CIA ...
12. 0 ROM TS & CHIPS 3NES ......S89 JISE .$ 49 CALL *9.95 19 95 ...*3495 .....*29.95 Ml ..*4.95 WINGS OF FURY ...- .. S7.95 WORLD TOOR II-A RCA ___ *195 WORLD TOUR IFAUSTRAUA ...*915 WORLDTOURI CANADA _*915 WORLD WAR I HA DOLE EAST *9.95 X-COPY .. .,*14.15 X-COPY PRO.,., __ $ 1915 ZONE WARRIOR ..,., *415
* 269 *399 HARD DRIVES & CONTROLLERS COMMODORE 1950 MULTISCAN MONITOR ZUMA FONT PACK L ZUMAFONTPACKI..... Cerified check; Bank check, Money Ciders, approved P.O.*. Visa, Mastercard. Amex. Optima, Diner's Club, C.O.D s amd Wire Transfers accepted Please cdl before submittrq P O s Non-caUT 2m £ n«ce rli0] fw tWtaPhic *fWS Re n defecSve merchandise must have prior return r2S T be accepted Please add a h shjPPPgJ bandlr (minimon $ 6). Orders over Si 50C are discounted to 3% shipping $ handing Orders over $ 3000 are discounted lo altpaasa ,0% * hani«na. Minimum $ 1$ (Over $ 1200-8%, ewer $ 3000-6%} Ail APO FPO orders ate: dass priority ar. 2nd day and next day air delivery available aiext a eosi. We check la credit card theli DCAa&00233 * - Amiga .s a registered tademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc Grde 35 on Reader Service card. Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP INC.
• NEW PRODUCT • ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Finally, a complete Amiga diagnostic analyzer that’s sophisticated yet easy and quick to use. This new diagnostic tool will give the user: status of all data transmissions signals, the ability to test integrity of any disk drive, check all ports (one at a time), check buffer chips, alignment & joystick mouse. Also performs diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. The user is automatically told what errors are found and the chip(s) responsible. Works on all Amigas worldwide $ 99.95 DIAGNOSTICS The Final TesL This diagnostic diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock. RAM test (both chip & fast) ft bright, HAM, blitter, sprites, double buff animation, mouse, disk read write, DF1 DFO ..$ 15.95 Amiga Diagnostician. Diagnose up to 28 common problems. Comes with diagnostic software and booklet. Save a lot of money by locating faulty chips yourself. This is the next best thing to an expensive service manual or your local Amiga repair center $ 17.95
2. 04 OPERATING SYSTEM New operating system |ust released (NTSC PAL). Complete 7 lb. Box contains 1200 page manual, 4 diskettes and ROM. This upgrade is an absolute must for everybody. (Buy the 2.0 from us and get the new ECS Super Denise chip for $ 31.50,) .$ 87.50 2 MEG SUPER FAT AGNUS (8375) High technology chip used in the A5Q0 Plus A600 just introduced in Europe. (Gives 2 MB of chip RAM)... $ 59.95 LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE-Now utilize productivity and scan mode, etc. Super hi-res mode (1280 x 200 pixels). An absolute must with 2.0. Comes with Super Denise diagnostic and installation software programs ..$ 35.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8372A) Comes with FREE Rockwell Agnus chippuller (a necessity). 'Final Test” diskette (18 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step instructions .....$ 49.95 (We'll beat any competitor’s price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and puller.) AMIGA PC (MOTHER) BOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a new A500 or A2000 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty. PAL format is also available.
* A500 PCB. Brand new, just released from Commodore. Build your own computer. Excellent for hobbyists or as a great back-up unit. Contains all custom chips including 1.2 ROM and 8370 Agnus. This is a special limited time offer .$ 99.95
* A20Q0 PCB includes the 1.3 ROM, 8372A 1 meg Agnus and Super Denise chip 8373 ...$ 529.95 ? EMERGENCYSTARTUP KIT* (Revised April 1992) Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs, Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362,8370,8364. Chip Puller, Fuse. Schematic, Diagnostician Booklet and The Final Test Diskette. A $ 224.00 value for ..$ 99.50 (Above kit with 8373 Super Denise .....$ 109,95) MONTHLY SPECIALS
• A500 240 volt power supply (U.K. Eur.).$ 82.50
• A2000110 volt power supply (200 watt fan).$ 142.50
• A2000110 220VAC power supply (U.S. U.K.).$ 199.95
• A3000 110 volt power supply .....$ 169.95
• A3000 240 volt power supply (U KVEur.)...$ 169.95
• A500 internal floppy drive .$ 67.50
• Amiga A590 20 Mb hard drive $ 239.50
• Amiga A2090 hard drive controller $ 129.50
• A2058 8 Mb Amiga RAM board $ 349.95
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga RAM board $ 179.95
• A501 Amiga 512K moduie RAM (CBM).$ 29.95
• A2088 XT Amiga add on board kit $ 191.50
• A500 keyboard (312502-01). Made by Commodore Exact replacement $ 59.95
• British A500 keyboard (312502-12) .$ 59.95
• A2000 keyboard ...$ 89.95
• A2000 PCB (late rev.). Does not contain custom chips (tested & guaranteed) ..$ 350.00
• 1403 (14”} VGA CBM B W monitor. Just refurbished by Commodore. 90 day warranty.... $ 46.95
• 2.04 ROM Chip only. For those multi-Amiga users who do not need the full operating manual and diskettes, this is lor you. We now sell the latest version of the 2.04 ROM chip at a fantastic price. Schools, businesses and multi- Amiga users should be pleased because ol the big savings ....$ 39.95
• 8520 CIA CHIP ....$ 10.50 (2 or more $ 9.00 each)
• 1.3 Kickstart ROM .$ 24.95
• Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 15.95
• Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 22.50
• GVP G Force Combo 4 Megs. Comes with 68030 68882, SCSI controller and 4 megs: 33MHz Combo 4 meg ..$ 999.00 40 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1079.00 50 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1439.00
• GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 for above $ 219.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS MEMORY EXPANSION 8362 Denise ft Bright S23.95 8364 Paula ..$ 23.95 8373 New Super Denise $ 35.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) .$ 59.95 5719 Gary chip ....,...... $ 12.95 8520A CIA chip. Controls 12 major functions ......$ 10.50
1. 3 Kickstart ROM $ 24.95
2. 04 ROM only NTSC PAL (does nol include kit) ..$ 39.95
2. 04 Enhancer ROM Kit AS213 Includes 4 floppy disks, 1,000 page operation manual A ROM (NTSC PAL) .....$ 87.50
2. 04 ROM Upgrade Kit AS314 (or A3000 only .....$ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 A2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ....$ 34.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes most keyboard problems.$ 9.95 GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 ...$ 219.95 8371 ft meg Agnus (PAL only) ....$ 14.95 REJUVENATOR 11 A1000 UPGRADE Second version allows 2MB ol chip RAM. Surpasses A2000 specs. Contains 2MB Agnus, 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 1.3 ROM and "Final Test" diagnostic software. No soldering ... $ 599.95 Printer Pod Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC) $ 29.95 IBM 5ft" Alignment System (Free Spirit) .$ 29.95 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory A hard disk diagnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory. Locates defective chips A bad memory location. . ..$ 29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package .... $ 28.50 PHOENIX BOARD AlOOO upgrade just released from Australia Withing minutes transform your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches the specs of the A3DOO. Eliminate compatability problems The Phoenix is a complete replacement motherboard. FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM; SCSI controller built in; true A2000 video and expansion sfot easy soldertess installation; uses ail original A1000 peripherals (Send lor specs) ... $ 850.00 WE ARE NORTH AMERICA S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS. DKB PRODUCTS 1x4 80 SC Zip for A300U (Amiga approved brand) ..,,,,.$ 19.95 1x1 80 $ 4.69 1x1 100.,,,,..... $ 4.69 4164 20 puli ...$ .29 256x1 100 (guaranteed used chips) . $ 1.00 256x4 100 all ICD, GVP, etc....*,., ...... $ 4.95 256x4 80 .. $ 4.95 1x8 80 SIMM ......$ 38.95 4x8 80 SIMM . $ 127.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip $ 15.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ....$ 22,50 Flickef Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) ..$ 227.95 GVP-SIMM 32-4Mb 60 .See Monthly Specials AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES A500 45 watt (heary duty) ..... $ 67.50 200 Watt “Big Foot” A5QQ Universal Switching Power Supply with fan and external cabling for hard disks, etc. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e.g. Prima) $ 83.95 A2000 110 volt P S (200 watts fan) .....$ 142.50 MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM lor A500 2000 Sizat'e Rebate on 1 Meg Agnus Always In Slock! Now Available for the Amiga 500 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. II you use your Amiga for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need the MegAChip 2000. Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0. the ECS Denise chip. GVP’sand Commodore's 68030accelerators. Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A30007 Includes FREE Rockwell chip puller (a necessity). Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) and 2 meg Agnus..,,.,,..,..... $ 299.99 MegAChip 2000 without 2 meg Agnus ...$ 228.50 Buy the MegAChip 1rom ui and we’ll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) tor $ 31.50 The DKB 2632™ Memory Expander tor A2630 Accelerator This unique board was designed Tor the Amiga A2500 030 or A263Q accelerator card owner that currently has a powerful system but is limited by the amount of 32Bit RAM that can be installed. Any one that uses this Amiga system for video graphics, animation, rendering, publishing, or audio digitizing will benefit from the ability to install additional 3?8it Fast RAM. 4 Megs of 32Bit RAM installed on board and expandable to 112 megabytes $ 592.50 Insider II™ l.S Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation. No soldering required. Compatible with the KwikStarl li and most processor accelerators .$ 176.50 With 1.5 meg ...... $ 237.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Affows A100Q owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 ...... $ 59.95 MultiStart tl™ Swhch between ROMs Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstari 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM. A sizable percentage ol present software will be incompatible with the new 2.0, This simple device allows you to be compatible wilh all your software. No external wires or switches required BONUS: Buy the MultiStart from us and get the 1.3 ROM for $ 22.95 .... $ 53,95 ALL COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 UJTL 15% restocking charye 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Customer Setvice Line: (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 Ail wtmnt mo iopo4 torlCP 0*8 ntfton imwcm compyuw and ft tomfy uwd tv pwpott Amiga m ragtrtwd tradgmart CgmcDon Bgumi M*trw>« Co>p Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP Inc. THE ICD 1 1 ADVANTAGE AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility . $ 97.50 AdSCSI 2080. Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM ... $ 164.50 Each meg of memory add .... $ 38.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range .....$ 174.95 Ricker Free Video. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer $ 244.50 AdRAM 510. Just released for the new A500 PLUS. Take your Amiga 500 PLUS up to 2MB of fast RAM. Includes RAM and battery .....$ 77.50 AdRAM 510+ for A500 PLUS (no ram) $ 43.95 AdRAM 540, Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg .....$ 127.95 with 2 meg ...,.$ 162.95 Each additional meg of memory add ..$ 38.95 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 ...$ 97.50 Each meg of memory add .....$ 35.00 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) ..... $ 117.50 IDE 40 (for 3.5" hard drive) (includes controller & cable) ......$ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuffle Board) ..$ 134.50 Novia 60I. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A50Q. Fits internally ... $ 574.95 Novia 85i .. $ 714.00 Prima 52i, 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500,1000,2000....$ 358,95 Prima lOSi .....$ 542.00 Shuffle Board. Reroutes DFO: to the external floppy connector. Boot from an external floppy for A50Q 10Q0 ......$ 27.95 SPRING SPECIALS switch SEP*- Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows lor compatibility ol ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or Seven Good Games in Small Packages
2. 0 ROM from your keyboard ormouse Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included ...$ 38.50 BONUS: Buy the Switch-ltt from us and get the 2.04 ROM Kit for $ 84.00, the 2.04 ROM only for $ 36.95 and or the 1.3 ROM lor $ 22.95. EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you may need a replacement ol the most problematic (1C) chip in your Amiga, the 8520A. Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are: centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED, drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. (None of the above? See our Amiga Diagnostician.) The 8520A is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costsand down time. 40% or all broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s. No soldering ..... $ 10.50 (2 for $ 9.00 each) McCOY (PLCC) AGNUS CHIP PULLER This is an exact copy of the Burndy chip extractor that Commodore sells for $ 29.95 to its authorized service centers. It is essential for removing the Agnus chip. Our price for this top professional tool .$ 14.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode lor flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhi-res mode lor ultrasharp video tilling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A3000.) Comes with Super Denise diagnostic and installation software programs. This chip is an absolute must with the 2.0 and is the latest of the Enhanced Chip Set (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) $ 35.95 the gym for conditioning, training or creating a customized boxer. In the gym, your boxer’s strengths and abilities can be modified by adjusting two sets of interacting sliders. Once in the ring, your viewport is framed by boxer- status indicators, round information, and a bar graph that helps determine when boxers are within punching range. There are ten selectable perspectives for viewing the action, which itself scores straight 10s. Contests are furious toe- to-toe slugfests. As punches connect, carefully synchronized sounds let you almost feel the impact. You’ll wince and duck as punches are thrown and landed. Tm- Motion is no gimmick! Punching control might seem a bit sluggish, but the real problem is that you’re trying to punch faster than humanly possible. Remember, the boxers’ actions are modeled after human motions. The effect diminishes on accelerated .Amigas, but not totally. By Peter Olafson You’ve probably seen a number of those modest little games on the fringes of your dealer’s shelves. Whether it’s the hand-drawn cover or the photocopied disk labels or the absence of a box, there’s always something mildly out-of-kilter about their appearance when placed beside the latest confections from Electron iccolacle or Micro Prognosis. And not really knowing what they are, you don’t feelyou are justified in taking a chance on them. I decided to take a look at a few of these typically small- company and homespun games to see if we were all missing anything. I utmost cases, the answer is a decided “yes,” and in some cases. So that tin accelerated systems don't get slapped with further speed penalties, the program senses your computer’s capability and adjusts the on-screen detail accordingly. On A3000s and A2500s, you see a fighter made of more polygons, color, and animated facial expressions. On stock machines, the boxer’s head is simply a single-colored sphere, and all background detail is eliminated. The simplified detail results in action that lias almost the same movement and feel as those you can experience on faster machines. For copy protection, you’re asked to look up a fighter (bund in the manual, then type in his name. Apparently the IBM version of tiiis game has a few more boxers available, because in the Amiga version some guys can’t he found. Expect a few failures before the game loads. It’s worth the extra tries. 4-D Boxing is a challenging and exciting game the new heavyweight champ of boxing simulations. We’re missing a great deal. Severed Heads Let’s start with Severed Heads (Sir-Rah Software, $ 39.95). That got your attention, right? Mine, too. In this text-and-graphics adventure, the year is 2255 and man is still alive, but young women are getting dismembered right and left. You’re an undercover agent masquerading as a surgeon at the off- world BioTech Laboratories a cryogenic research outfit and charged with solving a series of grisly murders and stopping the spread of an illegal drug. The game’s rather good. The story has a stark, claustrophobic tone and the Continued on p. 90. P R E S E R V E LIST OF ADVERTISERS Sl'WiCf Nti in hr) 190 A&M Computer Repair, 98 Header 1 (heat Valley Products, Inc., 11 4 AS DC. 63 Snviee 1 (heat Valley Products, Inc., 13 12 Amigamim, 80-81 Nti inf in 1 (.real Valley Products, Inc.. 15 97 Asimvvare [imovatinns. 102 194 I lammoud Photographic Serv ices. 99 X .VmigaWorld 56 Ilollywate Entertainment. 22 Videumaker. 68 155 Hawk Clips. 99 Get .Animated, 73 168 I ()VAtitalics. Inc., 45 Razza ideo. 96 75 INOVAttonics. Inc.. CIII AW Back Issues, 98 173 )8l(: Computer Service. 98 85 Bare Bones Software, 98 47 |NG Computer Service, 99 54 BIX. 69 98 Kai masolt. 98 7 Brivvall. 101, 103 v Kasai a Microsystems, 98 Ki2 Centaur Software, 41 34 Manta, 75 158 CEV Design, 99 98 Memory World. 93 178 Coast to Coast Technologies, 51 99 Micro R&D. 97 10 Computability, 66-67 188 Mil ro.Miga, 99 18 Caeative Computers, 54 61 55 Moutgoinerv Gnmt, 85 14 Dev Ware. Inc.. 94-95 63 New 1 forizotts Software. 9 * 1 )cvWare Toiilchest, 78-79 87 New lek. Inc., CIV 16 Digital Creations, 53 82 ()t tree Software, 23 76 Digital Expressions, 99 150 Piogressive Peripherals, 29 11 Digital Multimedia, 22 152 ReadvSoft. Inc., 19 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 65 44 Sale 11 arbor, 83 185 Electronic Services. I tit ’1. 99 40 SAS lostimte, 92 166 Foxy Tec. 98 45 Sideline Software, 91 18 Genie Information Services, 39 81 Smansolt. 89 198 Gladstone Productions. 97
91) SMC Software Publishers, 97 18 Go AMIGA. 70-71 46 Soltl.ngik tiorp., 35 154 Gold Disk, Int., 1 88 Soltware Hot. 97 20 Grapevine Group, Inc,, 1 lie. 86-87 18 Softwood, Inc., 21 156 Grapevine Group, Inc.. The. 99 57 Simrizc Industries, 43 67 Graphic Impressions. 99 * Supra Corporation. CII 1 Cheat Valley Products, Inc., 2 71 Tri-State Computer. 77 1 (heat Valley Products, Inc.. 4 38 Virtual Reality Gihoralory. 20 1 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 5 K6 Visionsoli, 99 1 Great alley Products, Inc., 7 176 .tpperware. 97 This index i> provided as ail additional service. 'Hit* publisher does no! Assume liabiliiv lor errors or omissions.
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Ediworld, PC World Express; I IANADA's Direct Aeresss, (Badri ale Computer-world, IiifoC.anudn, Network World Cunttdtr, Cl 1ILEN Computeni'orld, Infommtira: (J( U UMBIA s Cr mpuler- world Columbia; CZECtlOSLt tVAKIA's Cnmpulrrwnrtd Czechoslovakia, PC. World Czn hnslavnkiir, DENMARK’S CAD CAM WOULD, Communieotnirts World, Computer-world Ifoununk. Computer,mrld Eoen , Cirmfnitrmwrld f 'dilannrlse, IAS lli»ri , 1.011 S Worltl, Macintosh Pmluhtkaudog, Macworld Danmark. PC. World Dan mark. PC World Produhtguide; Windows World: ECUADOR'S PC World: EC ATI 's PC World Middle East , El N LANDN Mikm PC. CwUrcerkko. Tietoviikko: FRANCE'S Computer Direct, Distnbutique, ('•( 11. DPS MAC. InfuPC. Uingtuiges & Systems. Le Guide tin Alonde Inpmnnliqur. Is Ala tide hifomntique. Li ferrous & Reseaiix International: ('-FRMANY's Compuieneothr. (jmputenvochc Extra, (kunprtlmmhe Pious. Cotnputeru'oehe Eat nerr. Edr aspekte. Hrfonuatum Management. Hilus Welt. Alum i ll. Xetzurlt. PC Welt. PC Iiache. Publish!, [’nit. Cm.x Well: GREET.EN, Inpnroild. PC Games. PC World Greece: IH’N- (lARY's Compulerwoild SZ.P, Alik nn Hag Magana. PC World: | N- DL-Vs Computers csr Cnmiiiunirutnms J.SKAEI ,N Compuler.eodd Israel. PC. World Israel: ITALY'S Cornpnterumdd Italia, Aliicii'orld llalin. Networking Italia. PC World Italia: JAPAN’S Computer- world Japan. Manourld apan. San Win Id fajoin: KENT'A's East Apican Computer News: KOREAN Computeneorld Korea, Mae- world Karra. PC. World Karra: MEXICO'S Compu Ediaou. Com pit Ahnittpictura. Computmlon I'iinta dr Uentu. Compulerwoild .Mexico. Mar World. Alitndo I nix, PCJournal, Windows: THE NETHERLANDS' Computer! 'Ii>tuid. Computerworld Netherlands, LtN Magazine. Mar World Magazine: NEW ZEALAND'S Computer Listings. Computerworld New Zealand. New Zealand PC IliuW: NIGERIA'S PC. World Africa: NORWAY'S Compute world S tage. C wtirhl, IDG Duett Response, Ijilttsu tulti Singe, Mam oibl Singe, Selwarltl, PC. World I.I: pi css, PC. World Norge, PC Wahl's Product Guide. Publish! I linld, Student Gulden, ClitX World, Iiin- tlowsworld: PERU'S PC Hi nidi PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC: Ol 14 11 NAN China C.oinpiiteiworld, PC World China, Elcrtnmus International. IDG HIGH TECH, Nrupmluetworid, 41 IE PI 111 IP- PINE's Computeru orld, PC. World; PC JLANDN Computerworld hdaitd, Kamputer, ROMANI AN Infotlub Magazine: RUSSIAN Com put era 'orld- AI want1. Networks, PC World: SPAIN’S Amiga- World. Autoedieiou. CIMWorld, Commit nicanoties World. Computer-world Fspan 1. Alarwmld Esparto. PC World Espatta. Publish!: SWEDEN V ffar ekonnrw Abmagemrut..Ulaek. CID CAM Win d. CoinputerS'weden. Daltdngenjtnen. Digital ihriden. Ijikiila Nat- verk I.AN. Lotus World. MAC&PC, Mant'urld. Maxi Data. Mikrodatom. PC World, Publishing & Design (CAP). Cmx Oppna System.Windows: SWITZERLAND'S Computeneorld Schweiz. Macworld Schweiz, PC 11 inlMalion:' 1A1 WAN's Computerwm Id larjxtn. PC World Bnwan: Pi IAI LAN DN Thai Computenrorfd; I URKEY'S Compitterwortd Monitor, Ataavortd Turkiw, PC Warhl Turkrye: THE I'M I ED KINGDOM'S Lotus AlttgaZine, Alnc- wirrlil: THE UN 11 EDSr.VI'E-S'.-lwitgfdliir * , Cable in the Class- roam, CIO. Computer Busing Wot Id, I dmpttlerwarld. Digital Nc.es. DOS Kesnuice Guide, electronic Sews, Eedrrol Computer Week. Gtinwl'w, IDG Hooks, mCulrr A +, InfoWurld, ! Erf us, Ataewoeld. Momentum, MPC World, Network World, NeXTWORLD, PC Games, PC Letter, PC W'ailtl, Publish!, HUN, Sun World. SllALPro; ENEZL EI.AN Computerworld Ienczuela, .Micro- Ciunputerwarld Venezuela: YUGOSI-WI.Vs Aloj Alikin. Uu (see below) -c PROPER GRAMMAR The only Grammar Corrector on the Amiga! Don't be embarassed by bad writing or silly mistakes again. Detect and correct grammar errors in all or your writing. FmalCopy produces the highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 35 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any
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SoftFc act's These typefaces are outline fonts that can be sized from 4 points (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no jaggies and will print using the full capabilities of your printer. Recognized and useful. SoftFaces’ professional quality typefaces give your documents the creative flair they deserve. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy. Widelv SoftFaccs from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Best Clip-Art on the Amiga! 944m is is each Quality Typefaces for Final Copy FREE 800 LINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You will be given our Exclusive 800 Toll-Free Technical Support Phone Number to call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the software in the US and Canada. EXPRESS SHIPPING: Next-day shipping to most cities in the continental U.S. only S3.00, Hawaii and Alaska S13.00. Free 2nd day shipping anywhere in continental U.S. ORDER BY PHONE: Phone our Order Line with your Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date. M-F, 8-5 P.M. MST WARRANTY: 30 day version protection: If a new version of the program is released within 30 days of purchase, you will receive the new version at no charge regardless of normal upgrade fee. 30 day exchange on all products - no questions asked. SmartSoft, Inc., P.O. Box 51840, Phoenix, AZ 85076 Circle 81 on Reader Service card G A M E P K E S E R V E From ;. 87. Graphics lots of them, with some interlaced and digitized are consistently unusual, artful, or atmospheric, and work well with the text. The impression they make lasts beyond the game itself. At its best, playing Severed Heads feels like being caught in some strange, cyclical dream. I'd have voted for more music ancl sound effects throughout (though the intro is just nifty), and the prose can be rather colorless compared to the writing in Info- com games, fd also like to run some segments through a spelling, punctuation, and grammar checker. But the game does generate a distinct “feel” (an achievement in itself), and the puzzles I encountered were logical. Somebody evidently kept his head about him while designing this one. BeBop ’N Drop You may already have seen BeBop ’N Drop s baby pictures. The original incarnation of this Tetris variant was the shareware game, Obsess- O-Matic This commercial edition (Palomax, $ 34.95) takes the falling-pieces theme about as far as it can go: pieces with common themes (playing cards, vehicles) in odd configurations and with special talents; nonlinear play fields; a two- player mode; and even scrambled-picture puzzles to solve on the side. If you’re a Tetris lover, this is probably a must. Then again, if you’re a serious Tetris lover, get a life, eh? There are already about a dozen Tetris-stvle games in O the public domain alone, and enough is enough. Boppin’ Boppin’ (KarmaSoft, $ 39.95), is a more interesting (not to mention weird) variation on a similar theme with a good deal of platform-game influence mixed in. Seems as though all the video-game monsters have vanished from their games, and the In Boppin’, you free monsters instead of slaying them. 150 levels are inventive and increasingly difficult. (An editor and a mess of extra tiles help you build your own.) I also liked the comments from the designers available via menu; it lent Boppin’ a personal touch you rarely see in major-label releases. I’m not at all sure I approve of the little triangle- head shooting himself in the mouth with a pistol when he finally fails not exactly the game heroes including “the generic elf” and a Mario lookalike have enlisted a couple of little sunglasses- wcaring triangle heads named Yeet and Boik to free the monsters from the clutches of, uh, Hunnybunz. (Hey, I just review ’em.) These two have to cart around blocks of various designs via a system of elevators and platforms and toss them into formations of the same design to make the whole formation disappear. This is utterly delightful stuff. The graphics are sterling. The sounds and animation first-rate, the intro is very professional, and the z right message, y’knowr but otherwise, this is top-notch. Thromulus: The Enemy Within Thromulus: The Enemy Within (TTR Development, m m m m:r !¦ A A » : k f. msr :« mm Paul Stalter Goes Shopping Score:00008293 Retries:00 Level:005 TimelCMO Match the tiles to make them disappear in 4*Get*lt. $ 44,95) is barking up the same addictive tree. A Go Othello Rcversi variant, Thromulus is a great liule game. It’s a battle between two rival organisms in the bloodstream of a hapless lab assistant. Each piece you place turns each adjacent enemy piece to its own color in a rather neat bit of animation and complicating the issue are white blood cells (which kill all adjacent enemy cells), viruses (which reverse the position of all adjacent cells), and platelets (obstacles). It’s fun to plot strategy and win, but it’s fun even to lose or just watch. 4-Get-It My favorite of this whole bunch, 4-Get-It (TTR, $ 44.95) is as vigorously playable as anything I’ve laid hands on lately. The concept is very straightforward: Manipulate tiles so that matching ones wind up side-by-side. (They then vanish.) Clear the plavfield without stranding any tiles, and move on to the next. It’s a simple little game at heart, but 4-Get-It uses the Amiga’s special gifts to their fullest extent. (Watch the effortless way it pulls the title logo back up the screen in mirror-image, or the lightning-quick and lovely screens in which the play- fields are unfolded.) And they’ve got a sense of humor about themselves too: they are not beyond putting A1 Bundy and Amy the Squirrel in the high-score table or introducing stupid text at the bottom of the screen by saying “Look! Stupid text at the bottom of the screen!” I laughed all the way to level
20. TTR is on to something wonderful here, and I hope we see more from them. Under Pressure Actually, 1 have to wonder whether TTR belongs in here at all, as thev’ve also z picked up domestic distribution of some new Electronic Zoo titles a rather big- companyish thing to do. ? 840 Northwest 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FI 33309 1 -800-888-9273 Orders BRINGING THE WORLD S BEST AMIGA SOFTWARE TO YOUR DOOR ORDERS ONLY: 1-800-888-9273 INFORMATION: 1-305-491-0398 1943 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 3 Stooges 4-D Sports Boxing 4’D Sports Driving Advanced Destroyer Simulator Alpha Waves Altered Beast Amazing Spiderman Amnios (Psygnosis) Arkonoid 2 Atomic Robo Kid Baal Backgammon Royal Ball game Balliscyx Barbarian 2 (Palace) Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) Bat Batman The Movie Battlesquadron Beast Busters Bionic Commando Blasteroids Blockout Bloodmoncy Blood wych Bloodwych Data Disk Brat Brigade Commander Bubble Bobble Budakon Cabal Cadaver California Games Captive Cardiax Carrier Command Carthage (Psygnosis) Championship Run Chips Challenge Collosus Chess X Conflict In Europe Conquest of Camelot (Sierra) Crackdown Craps Academy Crystal Of Abborea Cyberball Dark Spyre Days Of Thunder Demons Tomb Disc Tron Double Dragon 2 Dragon Breed Dragon Force (Interstcll) Dragons of Flame (SSO Dragon Wars (Interplay) E-SWAT F-16 Combat Pilot Fast Break Fire & Brimstone First Samurai Flight Of The Intruder Hints tones Flood Forgotten Worlds Future Basketball Future Wars (Interplay) Gauntlet 2 Games Summer Edition Games Winter Edition Germ Crazy Ghouls and Ghosts Gold of the Aztecs Gold Runner 2 Golden Axe Grand Prix Circuit Hard Driving 2 Heroes Of The Lance Hollywood Poker Hunt For Red October (Arcade) Impossible Mission 2 Infestation Second day air: add S3 to regular shipping charges. Next day air & Overseas Shipping: Call. Canadians: add S3 to regular shipping fees. Shipping Note: Compilations Count As 1 Piece International Ice Hockey Iron Lord It Came From The Desert
14. 95 It Came From The Desert 2
16. 95
14. 95 I vanhoe
16. 95
14. 95 Jack Nicholas Greatest 18
14. 95
21. 95 James Bond: Stealth Affair
18. 95
21. 95 James Pond
16. 95
16. 95 Jupiter Master Drive
14. 95
16. 95 Keef The Thief
18. 95
14. 95 Khalaan
19. 95
16. 95 Kid Gloves
14. 95
21. 95 King Of Chicago
14. 95
14. 95 King’s Bounty
16. 95
9. 95 King's Quest IV (Sierra)
21. 95
13. 95 Klaxx
16. 95
17. 55 The Krystal
19. 95
16. 95 Leatherneck
12. 95
14. 95 Legend Of Faragahl
19. 95
14. 95 Line Of Fire
16. 95
21. 95 Lords of the Rising Sun
18. 95
16. 95 Lotus Turbo Challenge
16. 95
14. 95 Magic Fly
18. 95
6. 50 Match Pairs
17. 95
24. 95 Menace
16. 95
14. 95 Midnight Resistance
16. 95
14. 95 Midwinter
14. 95
14. 95 Monty Python
17. 95
14. 95 Moonshine Racers
17. 95
14. 95
M. U.D.S.
16. 95
12. 95 NAM 1965-1975
16. 95
12. 95 Ncu romancer
16. 95
16. 95 New Zealand Story
16. 95
16. 95 Night Hunter
16. 95
18. 95 Night Shift
16. 95
16. 95 Ninja Spirits
14. 95
24. 95 Nitro
16. 95
16. 95 North & South
14. 95
18. 95 Operation Harrier
16. 95
14. 95 Operation Snowstrike
16. 95
14. 95 Operation Thunderbolt
18. 95 19-95 Pacmania
16. 95
16. 95 Paperboy
16. 95
17. 95 Persian Gulf Infcmo
6. 50
16. 95 Pliasar Home Accounting
21. 95
14. 95 Pictionary
14. 95
21. 95 Populous
18. 95
16. 95 Populous World Editor
16. 95
16. 95 Pro Tennis Tour
16. 95
17. 95 Projectile Puffy’s Saga
18. 95 16-95
12. 95
14. 95 QIX
12. 95
16. 95 Red lightning (551)
18. 95 9-95 Red Storm Rising
19. 95
16. 95 Resolution 101 Hoverforcc
14. 95
16. 95 Rick Dangerous
14. 95
14. 95 ROTOX
16. 95
16. 95
R. V.F. Honda
14. 95
18. 95 Satan
14. 95
18. 95 Savage
6. 50
16. 95 Shadow Of The Beast
18. 95
16. 95 Shadow Warrior
16. 95
14. 95 Shogun
16. 95
14. 95 Shoot Em’ Up Constr. Kit 19-95
24. 95 Sir Fred
14. 95
24. 95 Ski Or Die
16. 95
16. 95 Sky Chase
14. 95
18. 95 Shufflepuck Cafe
14. 95
14. 95 Silkworm
14. 95
16. 95 Space Quest 3 (Sierra)
21. 95
18. 95 Star Command (SSI)
18. 95
14. 95 Starflighc
18. 95
14. 95 Starglider 2
16. 95
14. 95 Stormball
18. 95
16. 95 Street Fighter
16. 95
16. 95 Street Rod
12. 95
17. 95 Stridcr
16. 95
12. 95 Stryx
16. 95
18. 95 Stunt Car Racer
16. 95 18-95 Super Off-Road Racing
16. 95
17. 95 Switchblade
16. 95
14. 95 Sword Of Sodan
9. 95
16. 95 Swords Of TwiEght
14. 95
17. 95
T. V. Sports Basketball
18. 95
14. 95
T. V, Sports Football
18. 95
16. 95 The Immortal
18. 95
17. 95 The Krystal 19-95
16. 95 The Third Courier
16. 95
18. 95 Thunder Jaws
14. 95 Thunders trike
14. 95 Toobin’
14. 95 Tournament Golf
16. 95 Treasure Trap
16. 95 Turbo
6. 50 Turrican 1
6. 50 Turrican 2
21. 95 Tunnels Of Armageddon
14. 95 Typhoon Thompson
14. 95 Under Pressure
14. 95 Unreal
16. 95 Vaxxine
16. 95 Viking Child
16. 95 Voodoo Knightmare
14. 95 Wargame Construction Set
16. 95 Waterloo
14. 95 Wclltris
9. 95 White Death
21. 95 Wings
18. 95 Wings Of Fury
18. 95 Wolfpack
18. 95 World Class Lcaderboard
14. 95 Xybots
16. 95 Zoetrope _ * _ . I
19. 95
* m m Special Forces $ 45 Utopia $ 40 Magic Pockets $ 37 Silent Service 2 $ 35 Robocod $ 37 The Simpsons $ 37 Heindall $ 45 Chaos Engine $ 37 Indy Heat $ 37 Knightmare $ 40 Lotus Turbo 2 $ 37 Final Fight $ 40 Deuteros $ 40 Smash TV $ 37 Shadowlands $ 45
W. W.F. Wrestling $ 37 Harlequin $ 37 A320 Airbus $ 45 Epic $ 40 Microprose Racing $ 42 Si inearth $ 42 Cover Girl Strip Poker $ 37 Project X $ 37 Space Crusade $ 40 Pinball Dreams $ 37 Varoom $ 37 Steel Empire $ 45 legend $ 45 Storm Master $ 40 mmanm Amiga Ten Star You get all TEN for $ 19.95 No refunds or exchanges. U.S. products warrantecd through manufacturer. Overseas products warrantecd by Sideline Software. Check availability and compatibility before buying! Software performance not guaranteed. SHIPPING CHARGES: MasterCard Visa UPS ground: $ 5 for up to 3 pieces.
C. O.D. (cash only) U.P.S. ground: $ 10 for up to 3 pieces. Clever and Smarl • Eskimo Games Power Sticks • Spin World • Sky Blaster Vampire's Empire * Crystal Hammer Final Mission • Triple X • Little Dragon Winning Team: $ 29.95 Includes: Klax, Vindicators, A.P.B., Cyberbowl, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters. Air-Sea Supremacy; $ 49-95 Includes: Gunship, Silent Service, Wings, P-47 Thunderbolt, Carrier Command. High Energy; $ 24.95 Includes: North and South, Teenage Queen, Hostages, Fire & Forget, Tin Tin On the Moon. TNT; $ 24.95 Includes: Toobin, Xybots, All Points Bulletin, Hard Driving, Dragon Spirit Power Pack; $ 24.95 Includes: T.V. Sports Football, Xenon 2, Bloodwych, Lombard Road Ralley. Max Pack; $ 44.95 Includes: S.W.I.V., Night Shift, Turrican 2, St. Dragon. Top League; $ 49*95 Includes: Speedball 2, F-l6 Falcon, Rick Dangerous 2, Midwinter, T.V. Sports Football. EURO MAGS $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 5.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 W Disk W Disk W Disk No Disk W Disk W Disk W Disk W Disk W Disk Amiga Format Amiga Action Amiga Power Amiga Shopper
C. U. Amiga Amiga User Amiga Comp. Amiga Games Zero GAME PRESERVE The first. Under Pressure ($ 44.95), is a huge, sprite- scrolling shoot-’em-up of the type made popular by Psygnosis. You’re guiding a sort of combination of the Imperial Walker from The Empire Strikes Back and the ED209 police droid from RoboCop through ... well, I don't exactly know what. The docs say only that “The pressure is building up and you don’t have a moment to lose.” So much for atmosphere. At least the graphEmm ft. 84. Mapping will definitely help. Keep an eye out for trip wires and pressure plates, and click on them to disable them before crossing. Most of the niches and rooms are boobytrapped this is an Elvira game, after all so save your game before tackling each and try to figure out the solution from the reics, animations, and sound are excellent. A sticker on the cover notes that the game designers also created Psygnosis’s Shadow of the Beast, but that’s more telling than they may know: As in Shadow, you’ll die a dozen deaths for each segment’s worth of progress. Under Pressure is supremely difficult. Chaos in Andromeda Finally, also from Europe and the only role-playing sults. (For instance, the Resist Fire spell should be used with fireball traps, the Breathe Underwater spell for poison gas, and Mindlock with traps that kill your magic.) The Excalibur of Elvira II is the dagger found in an niche on the southwestern portion of Level Two. It increases your power points with each use, zap it with Freezing Blade game in the bunch is Chaos in Andromeda (Online Entertainment Mich- troiis $ 39.95). It’s a real charmer on many scores. You’ve been summoned from the future to bring a kidnapped political figure scientist back from the planet Koranis 12 or “neutralize” him. The perspective is the look-down type typical of RPGs, but you’ll love the N-gauge scale everything’s tiny and the detail in the cutaway views and Bless spells, and you'll be almost unstoppable. (The one in the north-central portion of Level 6 isn't bad, either.) Check out the recipe for Freezing Blade, and you'll see it requires some advance preparation in the walk-in freezer. That does it for this outing. Next time: The last of Elvira and the bewhen you enter a building. Managing this miniature world may take some getting used to, but the real trick here is mastering the complex story line. The interface isn’t an obstacle; it’s slick and easy to use, and it almost feels as though you’re wearing it. Most agreeably, there’s lots of talking to people, and rather less of blowing them away. This is a regular treat. You’d never guess it from the cover. Ginning of Out of This World by numbers. Meanwhile, if you're having trouble with an adventure or role-playing game, you can reach me by US mail at 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940, or via electronic mail on Genie and Portal at PE- TEROO, on CompuServe at 74160- 3053, and via Usenet at Peteroo(g> cup.portal.com. ¦ And the Winner Is The SAS C Development System Selected as the best professional productivity software at the 1991 North American Amiga Developers' Conference, no other C compiler delivers more powerful or efficient programs for the Amiga* than the SAS C Development System from SAS Institute Inc. one of die world's largest independent software companies. The SAS C Development System offers a host of impressive features for Release 5.10: ?A workbench environment ?•Release 2.0 support ?Improved code generation ?Additional library functions ?Point-and-click program to set project options ‘Automated utility to set up new projects ‘Source-level debugger 'Integrated editor ‘Global optimizer. Run with the SAS C Development System! You'll come out a v. inner too. To order or for more information, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 5042. M SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive ® Cary. NC 27513 DRAM BLOWOUT We Beat Any Advertised Price NOBODY CHEAPER SIMMS ZIPS DIPS 1x8-80 ..... .$ 33.99 A3000 STATIC COLUMN ZIPS - lxl - 100 . $ 3.49 1x8-70 ..... ...35.99 $ 16.95 EACH lxl-80 ...
3. 99 4x8 - 80 ..... .114.99 1x4-70 SCZ ..... $ 18.95 lxl - 70 ...
4. 50 4x8 - 70 ..... .124.99 1x4-60 SCZ ..... ...22.95 256x4 - 80 ...
3. 99 GVP SIM32 PAGE ZIPS 1x4 - 80 ...
19. 95 4 MB ... .219.99 1x4-80 ...... ...17.95 256x1 - 120 .
1. 00 GVP NIBBLE MODE SIMMS 256x4 - 80 ..
1. 3 ROM 26.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 EA. OR TWO FOR 19.95 2 MB AGNUS W PULLER & INSTR. 69.95
2. 04 ROM ONLY 49.95
2. 04 KIT FOR A3000 CALL A1000 1.5MG UPGRADE W.CLOCK DKB 199.95 Memory World has always brought you the finest in SPEED & Quality, so allow us to introduce to you, Interactive Video Systems. Trumpcard 500AT rated BEST BUY on the Amiga 500. (AW Feb. ’92 issue) Holds up to 8 Megs of SIMMS and a fast AT IDE drive! I v s Ultimate Amiga Peripheral. Trumpcard Pro includes SCSI-SHARE Nenvorking & the World’s fastest SCSI Controller! This unit works great with any accelerator! COMING SOON! IVS “VECTOR” 68030 Accelerator CSA'S MEGA MIDGET RACER $ 299.95 Board with 68030 & 68881 Amiga 500 Controllers: IVS Grand Slam 500 .....$ 299 IVS Trumpcard Pro 500 ..245 IVS Trumpcard Classic 500..,, 175 IVS Trumpcard 500AT IDE ...225 As always, all IVS products include TC Utils. 2.0! ALL products are 100% compatible under WB 2.0 & w removable media! Amiga 2000 SCSI Controllers: IVS Grand Slam ....$ 239 IVS Trumpcard Professional .....149 IVS Trumpcard Classic ....85 Grand Slam &: Trumpcard Professional arc the World's Fastest SCSI Controllers for the Amiga computer. Both controllers have returned disk speed transfer rates in excess of 2.1 Mbytes per second. Grand Slam includes SCSI- SHARE Nenvorking, Primer - face Parallel Port Sc sockets for up to 8 SIMM Modules for RAM Expansion! This makes Grand Slam the
1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 25 MHZ $ 349.99 Excellent entry level accelerator can be upgraded by user.
2) MMR MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 36 MHZ .$ 499.99 Need more speed? This is it. Great board Great price.
3) MMR 38 Special for the speed demon or true professional ...$ 649.99 38 MHZ CPU & 50 MHZ FPU 68882 allows SERIOUS productivity. All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only. ..You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD. CSA UPGRADES 32 Bit 512K SRAM allows copying of 1.3 or 2.0 ROM into 32 bit memory: 100ns $ 99.00 70ns $ 125.00 2 MEG Board $ 269.95 4 MEG Board $ 499.95 8 MEG Board $ 629.95 EXTRA SPECIALS 68882RC 33 $ 129.95 68882RC 50 $ 149,95 68882FN 20 (PLCC) $ 99.95 MEMORY WORLD 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. W 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD VISA I MC CHECK I COD Other chips speeds available CALL $ 6.95 ea. 1-9 Disks | “Special** Order 15 disks and pick any 4 disks of your choice! Remember, these are Pi ¦ - _r- _ _ ¦ _ I «| Qql blank disks, but rather UDIIC Domain Llbfciry disks packed with programs!
* Anti-Virus is always free on
- all orders of 15 or more disks- Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our -a$ 20vaiuei product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs no "one program per disk' here...compare this to our competitors-please! Almost all of our software is made and written in the USA for easy compatability with American machines. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software, ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! Featured Disk DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial • This is the most comprehen sive C language-Amiga oriented-set ot tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples on every topic on Amiga programming. 4 disk set. Counts as 3. New Disks V09: 24-Bll - Contains Rend?4 which allows you to proof Toaster-generated 24-bit animations Also contains utils to convert iFF's to IBM VGA Windows readable format Also contains latest release ol JPEG file compressor VOS: CompuGraphic Fonts - Contains 2 clipart-style fonts and 4 actual typefaces tor use with WB2.G4 and it's Fountain utility. Great ‘or desktop publishing and or video pro;ects. V07: StarTrek Objects - Contains the USS Reliant. NCC-"7QiD (the Enterprise from Star Trek:TNG} and a Fe-engi Marauder ship Also contains a tuiiy detailed Porsche 911 and Apache Attack He I ccpter Imagine formal V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vector objects in lmag-ne formal These are perfect for use with V05 or your lavorite 3D modelling program Includes Amiga 3000. Space station & many more! VOS: Modelling • Vertex allows you to create 3-D obiects without using the abstract X, Y and Z views. Loads Sculpt-3D'4D. Turbo Silver. Imagine. Lightwave, GEO and Wavefront formats. MagicTween will metamorphasizo any two pictures by automatically animate the -in-between' frames. V04: Video & Anim - Video DB will catalog all of your videotapes Slate is a Sharp graphic of a slaie for your productions. CyroUtifS splits, makes and gives into about AnlMs RTAP lets you play large ANIMs on small memory machines V03: Image Utils - let VideoToclsOnTap let you tap into ihe video power of your Amiga for fades, color and greybars as well as a plethora of ether inde- spensable video functions. TitleGen will do professional crawling titles JPEG converts JPEG ->24-bi| IFF with amazing compression ImageLab performs special effects on iFFs. V02: Stillstore - Used to create the “over the shoulder' graphic inserts aia the 11:00 news. V01: Graphics - Picbase wiiJ let you view and track ALL of your IFF pictures over all o! Thoso fopp*sl Freepant is a Deiu*e-Pamt workaiike Agraph is a powerful utility to produce snazzy graphs. FD80: Technoban If you Ike logic puzzles, this d.sk is for you! Dreaie your own puzzles with The built-in editor of play tne many pre-made ones. Requ res Fat Agnus (' MB of Chip memory). FD79: Addams Family Quiz - They're delightfully creepy arc spooky and now they're in your Amiga! Classic digitized graphics and sound samples make thrs a real crowd-pieaser Wait till you 'talk with Cousin Itt1* FD78: Potpourri - Lothian is a great Ultima-type adventure game with grea! Graphics. Rocky is a remake of the classic Boulderdash. FD77: Arcade Series - Gaiaga'92 is a dene of the arcade game o! The same name w-th several gamepiay entiancements-with smooooth. Sharp graph cs, it s better than the ongonai! Pharaohs Curse >s a done of me or gionai C64 classic Diplomacy ts a beautifully computerized version of the Avalon Hill board game--conquer or be conquered! Gaiaga requires 68020* FD76: Catacomb ¦ is a full graphic adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon, mouse driven interface. FD7S: Arcade Series - Descender is a clone of the classic arcade game
• Tempest': complete with vectonzed graphics. Tartx is the classic barJe of trajectories and inertia between two tanks increCiDfy well done1 Search :s a maze game unlike any other induced is a level editor too. (Tan:* requires 1 meg chip memory=Fat Agnus) FD74: Arcade Series - RingWar is an "Outer Limits' clone with vectonzed graphics Mofherlode is a "Lode Runner" done with 50 levels! In Bl tzTanks, they're coming a! You from all directions!! Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive* FD73: Arcade Series - intruder Alert1 is a MULTI level ‘Borsork’ clone Features smooth gamepiay, great graphics & digilized sound l x. FD72: Sword of the Warlock - This is a demo version of a great pubiic domain graphic dungeon adventure game The adventure spans three diskettes and allcws two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tate' feel to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2. Requires f meg of RAM and 2 floppy drives Or HD. FD71A&B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you Think you know The Next Generation, huh? Complete wilh fartastic sampled sounds and digitized images, this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal1 VERY thorough and complete! Counts as 2 disks. FD70: SpaceGames - Contains AMIGArds, >finally! An Asteroids game that takes advantage of the Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahtcs. In Cosmostruction the object ol the game is tor each Cosmcsiruction team to acquiro the most points while construction onorgy ducts between the space station and planetoids FD69: MindGames - Had enough of shoot-em up games? Relax and let these 21 games exerase your mind instead of your wrist. FD68: Potpourri Eternal Romo is a strategic simulation of the Roman Empire including military, diplomatic, political, economic and social lactors. Lord of Hosts is a board strategy game for 2 players. In Moonshine, you've got to get the hootch across the state line a groat rolling, scrolling driving gamo! FD67: Arcade - Includes Llamatron a woll dono Robotron' cfono. Hate is a ‘terrific* commercial grade Zaxxon clone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling...a TO! FD64: Games - Wizzy's Quest • a 'great* 50 levoi game with groat graphics. Cuous - a 3-dimensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape m this Tetns-esque game. 5 screens and 3 levels of diff eulty Requires Fat Agnus (1 Meg of Chip) Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatable with WB2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64‘s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port ol your Amiga for total emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 • including hardware. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation Requires t megabyte ol memory. WB116: Databases • This i$ what you've been waiting lor' Contains 5 uniquely specialized diabase programs tor tracking Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Articles, Comic Books and Trad ng Cards! WB115: Term - If you have AmgaDOS 2 04 and a modem, then this is THE program for you Term totally conforms fo the User interlace Style Guide lor 2 04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular Me-transfer protocols Ihrough XPR libraries We wsh all programs were written to this caliber WB114: Fonts 4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks tor a directory utility when this one will do it ail plus much more' A truly professionai-caliber program Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. Sid 2 will undoubtedly astound you WB112: Productivity Business Stock Analysis allows automated downloading ol stock data with full analysis capabilities (requires modem). SubStore will allow you to log magazines and articles with lull search.scan print capabilities. WB111: Cellular Automa • Straight from tne pages of the January 1990 issue of Scientific American, this electronic mode! Will allow you to simulate cellular circuits. WB110: Electronic Baby Book - immortal,ze your children on your Amiga1 Tracks everything about your newborn first steps, words, tooth, pirtncays. X-mas. Friends, etc even space for a digitized photo1 WB109: VerseWlse Display, search and output The New Testament to text files or your printer DD84: Proteus BBS - This disk contains the full blown version of the Proteus BBS software Totally configurable & ultimately powerful Requires a hard drive, Arexx and al least a meg of memory DD83: IBM - Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that will allow the running of MS-DOS software with Amiga programs”! Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy dnves info 720K IBM compatable drives DD82: Unix - Contains a working demo of Manx ¦ a Unix workaiike Mmrx is system call compatable with V7 ot Unix. Fun Disks FD5: Tactical Games - BuilRui - a Civil war battle game. Metro you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead lo disaster and financial rum Very very habit forming FD6: GAMES! ¦ This disk is chock full ol games including; Checkers. Clue, Gold - A new slide ihe pieces puzzle, Jeopard • An enhanced version ot Risk, RushHour - Surpnsmgly addicting, and SpacoWar * Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pacman • This disk contains several pacman type games including, PacMan87. MazMan and Zonix FD9: Morla -. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Larn and Hack. Play time several weeksl FD10: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic. This is the second release ol this game on the Amiga Great graphic Interlace. Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games Las Vogas Craps • Tho best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computor. Contains extensive HELP features, Also Thirty-One.VideoPokor and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • Th.s is by far the best Star Trek game ever written fcr any computer It features mouse control, gocd graphics. Digitized sound effects and great gamepiay Counts as 2 disks. Rec. 1 Mb and two dnves (or hoy FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes. Paranods. And others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maos, spe 's. Hem location, and hints and more, also on this dsk. Hba i - an arkanoidbreakout type game. Tnx - a Qix type clone. FD17; Educational Games This disk includes several games 4or the younger memoers including geography, math, science, and word games, also indudes Wneel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games - MectiForce = 3-72). A game tnat simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines Simple words can't begin to gwe you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your overy whim. FD26:Arcade Games • Marble slide is a commercial quality game similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams, excellent playability and enterta nment. Mutants a small version of the same arcade game. SuperBreakout is a Pong’Arkancids type game. FD27: Arcade Games - Th s disk is loaded with some great games. Incudes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten diffe-ent courses. MiniBlast a helicopter gunship type clone, Shark in the same class as frcger. And Sbreakout the onginal breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up s ¦ WWII - you're the pilot ot a WWII plane fly ng through enemy territory, you’ve just been spotted, good luck cn you mission. SpKiller * try and penetrato enemy lines with this game, and Retaliator - another great gamo FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control ¦ a good ATC simulation. Black Jack Lab • a full featured set ol card games. ChessTel ¦ play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), ana MouseTrap • a 3d maze game FD32: Flight Simulator • An instrument flight simulator for a DC10. FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a Mario Brothers type of game. Gerbils a target practice game. PipeLme a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Tron a light cycles version, and Wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD35: Omega (v 1.3) - A rew outstanding cungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and mona. This version is considerably lastor and better that all previous vorsions Play time several weeks or months FD37A4B:Tnctlcal Games Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended With a full-graphic Iron! End. FD38: Gomos - Cnbbago Master - A great cribbage game and tutor. Spades
- a well dono card came. ChmeseCheckeis - A computer version of ‘his classic, Puzz ¦ a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. FD39A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation - This is a, completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the Gorman author Tobias. Now with English instructions. Excellent”' Counts as two disks. Requires 512k FD44: Gamo • Mechtight is an out ol this world role-playing adventure comparable lo hack and moria. The selling, interplanetary colonies and space stations In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys ol their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new Amiga 9000 Most of all. Don't torget to stay alive... FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an overyihtng you wanted to know about cheat set lor Chaos Strikes Back, including tull maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game - Seaiance. One and a half years in the making, this is an outstanding suomanne tactical game Commercial quality, highly recommended FD52: Classics Games ¦ PetersQuest a well done Mano brothers type of game. Jymbc a two player missile command done, and Vstank a tank commander game FD53: Great Arcade On this d sk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender Also contain Air Race a WWII flying ace arcado gamo. And PsycoWast new creation idea game. FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar. HueyRaid is a well done hel copter arcado game Powe’Pong's a great expanded pong game FD57: Arcade Gamos - Includes 2 tru y commercial quality games MegaBall, an Arkanoid ish game, features 5 musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gamepiay. Gravity Attack is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds each distinctly different FD58: GAMES! - Includes Steinschlag; a grea! Tetris done from Germany with music. Scombat: simulate battle between up to 40 players 8 monsters. Impenum Romanum Battle up lo 4 players lor control ot the Mediterranean, in this Risk esque game. FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon III is an almost exact done ot the commer- oai game of the same name a great shootemup Crossword will take lists ot words & automaticaly generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compat- abio printer F060: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations Interferon; a great Dr Mano done Enigma: is it a gameor a puzzle9 FD61: Games Solitaire: great graph.es. p'ays two versions Kloe; an interesting piece of eye cancy Extrome Violence. 2 player kill or bekilled game. YATC. A Tetris done with Artifical Intelqence. Genesis; create realistic 3c fractal worlds. Workbench Disks WB4:Telecommumnicatlon - This dsk contains several excellent od communication programs desgncd to got you on l.no Quickly and easily, Access
(1. 42) A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vl.34. but with the additon of sovera! Transfer protocols, Comm (1.34) Latest vers on of one ot the best public domain communications programs ever made on tne Amiga. Handshake (2 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100.102 220 WB5: Fonts 1* Several lonts (35) lor the Amiga, also included are live PageStream fonts and SnowFont - a font Cisplay program. WB6: Fonts 2 • ShowFont(4 0) This program allows you lo quickly arc painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical lont Large Am gaDos system fonts (many up to 56otS) WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded with black and white clip art Art indudes. Trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more WB9; Icons - Truly a multitude ot various types and kinds A'so nciudes iconMiester. TcorLab. And others great utilities to help generate icons WB10: Virus Killers ¦ The latest and best V.rusX(4 0). Kv(2 t), and ZeroVirus III WB11: Business Q!erk(4 0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program tor the small to medium company Includes recoivab'es payables, end ot month and uc*i more WB12; Disk Utilities - This great disk is leaded with wonderful utilities for everything induding making d $ k labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and hie recovery archive and organizing, and ail sorts of hie manipulation. A must havel WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do it, with PnDrvGen you can maxe your own. WB15: Business • This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a projecMime management program and financial analysis istocks). WB16: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a rolcdex program, and pennywise a good 'Cash Book" accounting tor home or office WB18; Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors '’Vftf „
- .A _ ft ri I I . J (.89 cents ea) (.82 cents ea) (.74 cents ea) (.69 cents ea) @$ ea. = S. ! Enter disk ID (Example: DD79, FD57, WB105) (Catalog disk comes with a coupon for j free disk with your next order) i Anti-Virus (S19.95) = S_
- KAO Blank Disks _= S_ i CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = 5_ Foreign Shipping = S_ Handling = S Total Due = S i I
3. 00 ,E p CC ] Payment enclosed Please charge my. ] Visa ] Mastercard ] Discover Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA. Canada add 9.25 each. Foreign add S 50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds only A minimum of $ 20.00 required on alt credit card orders. I Signature Name
* Address ST. .Zip I Citv. | Phone (. DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-AW28, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 enthusiast, Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26} a well dene new re'ease of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insert on Inio schematics WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, seme wilt require moderate knowledge of a CLI or Shell for setup. Chatter Box • this one will play any user defined sound after any event (ie disk insert, mouse click, d $ k removal...), , Artm ¦ Tho Amiga real lime monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerlul program. Helper - help program to make learn ng trie CLI easier, and morel WB35: 3D Graphics ¦ This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracmg programs 3dFonts • Full vector tont set tor use with 3d programs. FonfMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3DShape - create 3d shapes from any image. DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and Worid3d - a demo program of a front end for use with DKBRender WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunnng graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images, Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen - display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShado - a very good rayiracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this onol WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB30: Plotting and Graphics - Pbtxy is the most powerful full featured potting package Used by many coi'eges and universties A welcome addition to our library1 Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well bore Computer Aced Drafting program, very full featured. Tesseaior - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures. WB40: Music - “CD on a disk”. 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection, Requires 2 drives or HD. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar lo SoundTrackor bui better, Very powerful easy lo use program. Version 3.20, which is compatable with WB2.04. WB43: Business - This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most pow ©rful spreadsheet program on the Amiga A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Requires 1.2 MB of memory1 WB46: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with the followng motifs - embellishments [borders, dodads ....). people, and transportation WB47: Clip Art • HighRes clip art with the following motils * hair, drafting, summer, animals and macfood. WB48: Clip Art - HighRes dip art with the following molifs • Holidays, music, medical, and misc, WB49ABC:Animallon Sampler - On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of the best animations that have been created ever the last three years. Sovera examples of "Mqvie* type animations some with spectacular rayfracod reality (coolroby, watch, spigot and egg). Also several ejropean style or "Demo" animation with incredibe graphics and outstanding electronic music = akriitght. Copersme. Doc. Dps2Qi0. Impact, and logodemo). These truly show oft tho creative edge of an Amiga' WB50: Animation - Seven of the best europoan style animations or "Demos", including ¦ scientific 451. Subway (a U.S. entrant, also our favor te). Sunnde, thrstdemo, might, waves, and woow. WB53: Graphics ¦ Raytracmg programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockefs. Build ngs..., and surreal images often consisting of highly polished spheres and objects. C-Light is me most powerlul EASY-TO- USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more full ‘ea- tured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars. Also, sMovie * a full featured video text titfer similar to ProVideo, Broadcast Titler Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more. . V B54: Printing This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing. Includes Goth c ¦ Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PiintSfudio a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Ula - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more WB55: Application - Xcopylll - a lull featured disk copier, make backups oi copy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like ‘Dougy Howard M.D Cai - a calendar program, Magman - a catabase tailored to maintain records on articles and publications, WB57: Animation - This disk has several "Demo' style animations. Including. Blitter. Lolly, Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB61: Intermediate Utilities - includes programs to help to drastlcaly decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data Includes.TextPlus (v2 2o) a lull featured word processor, Dme(v1 35) a great programmers editor with strong macro featuros.TcxED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spoil checker. WB20: General Intorost ¦ DiskSalv VI.42 a disk rocovory program for all Amiga file systems. FixDtsk V1.0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have, 3DLook gives a 3D appea'ance to your WorkBench, Clean V1.01 a program to de-fragment memory. Tracer - trace any part of an image. WB22: Fonts 3 Severa more great fonts. These, like the other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting * Plot (2Cb} a three dimensional mathematical function plotter Can pot any user defined function, BezSurf2 ¦ produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen ¦ makes a virtual screen anywhere, great lor DTP1 WB25:Edueallonal ¦ On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types, World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global cooromates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Emstem General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwckBackup ¦ two well ccne utilities to do harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast - a binary fife editor, La&eiprinter - Disk label printer with very powerful features, WB27: Nagel • 26 Patnck Imagei pictures of beautiful women. W829: Graphics and Sound - This disk has several different Mandelb'Ol type programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes, MandelMountains - a realistic terrain generalo', Fracgon - generated recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel • two fast mandulbrot generators, also Mostra ¦ the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFFs including Dynamic HAM. And Sound ¦ a great IFF sound pfsyer, will play anything Try this disk! W333:Circuit Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders, Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, other foreign add S.50 each. KAO 3, :" Blank Diskettes DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 25 for $ 20.50 50 for $ 37.00 100 for $ 69.00 analyzer or ocincscope, and more WB62: Midi Utilities Suvural useful midi utilities including, programs lo translor to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase, display midi into, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommenced programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt dsks WB66: Icons 2 Lot’s of neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and man.-pu'ate icons and rnfo structures WB6B:Music Utilities several good ufiities for ih© Amiga music enthusiast Includes. Noisetrackpr - a great music creation program. SomxSMOD • converts sonix to mod files which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtrak- er, and MED, SpeakerSim ¦ a speaker design tool demo, Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic sfength and Dhaso angle controls WB69: Music - This d sk has over 90 minutes of classical and modem electronic muSd for you Amiga WB70: Desk Top Pub - Atop - transfer Macintosh screen fonts Mac cr IBM format .AFM memo files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage .metric files. With this program, open the door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript fools1 Calendar - month templates in PageStream form Post • a full featured postscript file display and print utility. WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files (,inst) and sample sound files = SS) lor your music p-ograms WB76: Applications - This disk coniains Stchery ¦ a often requested knitting design program. Lotto • a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS ¦ this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a personal calendar. Tarot ¦ fortune teller, and Grammar • grammar cnecker. WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes CkDacct ¦ the most complete checkbook accounting program gong. LCDCalc • this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from me keyboard or mouse, Mileage master ¦ monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log, Grammar - a grammar checker, and Wcridtime - find out whal time it is in up to 50 global cities WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program. Don't lei the ease of use fool you, this is a very full featured database program indudirg full pnnter control tor address labels and mail merge applications Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer, Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program Highly recommended WB82; Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations. Including, Coyote, Juggierll, GboslPooL and Mechanix, 2 disks, counts as 1. WB83: Compuier Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 years WB85: Graphics • Contains several programs tor manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice iff Image processing package. WB86: Centurian Press - An electronic newspaper - requires AmrgaVrsion. WB88ABC: The Complete Bible • A three disk set. With the entre text of the New Testament and Old Tostament-Kmg James version Great search print utilities. Three disk set. Counts as three WB90: Rippers. Strippers and Beats For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your favorite games and programs. Music can then bo played with your lavorito Pd Music program. Also contains Drums, a vary nice drum machine. This disk requires some knowledge of the CLI WB93: Workbench Extras M2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore Should have Shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4 0. Snap. FixDiSk (recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard). Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse acce1 . Macro, dock utility). GOMF (a gurubusier)and PrintStudio. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - This is definitely commercial grade; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation WB96; Dupers - Contains XcopyM & Nib which will backup copy protected programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out last AmigaDOS copies. WB98: Business ¦ Includes Bbasell a nice, powerlul database; BizCalc a personal or motgage loan calculator with amortization capabilities. Loop a flowchart maker, Fcrmmaker - design professional forms on your Epson LQ 2500 compatible printer WB99: Lifestyles - Includes Agere family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages etc. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardensJandscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment. WB101: Chemesthotics • Is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model, This kind of display contains a certain esthetic attitude, oven extremely poisonous molecules like nicotine and dioxine look quite nice WB102: Telecommunications ¦ Contains the programs Ncomm 2.0 and VT1Q0-29B Zmodem protocols, XPR protocol support, lull VT100 emulation Ncomm's script language ts so powertu! Ri comes with a script file that creates a full-featured BBS system WB103: Music - Contains 12 "great" Soundtracker.MED music MODuies . Complete with programmable shuffle player,.,8 bit audio never sounded so hot! Two disk set counts as two. WB104: GrabBag Q&A Trivia (requi-es AmigaVision) is a tnvia game tor 1 2 players...add your own questions to customize the difficulty 'evel! Sysinfo is great for telling you how fastslow your computer is. What boards are installed, chipsets etc. AmiGazer will pfot stars in the heaven horn any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constellation identification. WB106: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodiaier notepad, to do list appointment scheduler, home inventory database and phone number oialor. WB107A&B: Educational Drawmap is a program that generates representations such as hemispherical views, and orbital views of the Earth's surface. [Please send me the following disks: DD45: AREXX Programs This disk contains severa useful arexx programs and examples. PopCLl4 - The fates! Of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal Includes. A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub-set comoiler, DD49: C Compiler - contains ZC(1.01) fully KSR, zcc(1.0) front end. A60H(1 2) assembler, Blink I nker, DD50: Arexx 2 - a must have sel of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities lor Arexx development DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2 3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting • over 600k ol Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression * This disk is loaded with all o‘ the Dost file compression programs and aids for tne Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc. Lharc, Lhwarp, Pkax. PowerPacker a must have Dy all. Zip, Warp, and Zoo. Also IFFcrunch an excelled compression for IFF tiles. DD55: ARP On this disk you will find the complete A-pRei3 0 release including me full user docs, the lull Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from tho CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - like Cross-dos, copies files lo and from MS-DOS, Pal-NTSC ¦ convert any pal program lo NTSC and vjco versa, Also several utilities that improve your starlup-sequence. Plus 25 more programs DD62: Basic and Xschome - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasc and ftext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programed, and Xscheme - an interpreted object onented language DD66: Programming ToolBox ¦ Many programs lo help m your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes lo C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers! DD69:Advanced Utilities • SerNet and ParNei - Connect two Amiga's and share resources. MemMonilor ¦ Similar to Wfrag bul greatly improved. Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more DD71A&B;C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon's full featured. Powerful C compiler and environment system 2 Disks, counts as 2. DD72: VT Emulators ¦ Contains three powerful full featured VT emulators, with many advanced features including Kermit. Xmodem and Tektronix protocols. VaxTerm, VLT, and more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN77 environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler. DD78: Menus & System Enhancements - Several neat programs to ad in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adding WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations DDSt: Arexx Tutorial ¦ Includes several sample Arexx scripts and sample prog'ams Also includes Apig. A library that gives you access to Intuition from within Arexx senpts. , WB105A&B: Workbench 2.0 Extras 2 , iThis set contains the programs that should have been included with WB2.0.I I These powerful utilities take lull advantage of the many new capabilities i | that arc available in Workbench 2.0, J [Tool Manager - a wonderful utility u> add programs to your TOOL mcmi.j (create a collection of icons on the workbench to easily launch frequently! I used programs...and much more! A true must have utility!!!-- % . Of ourl I Amigas rely on this utility. (Sec the review- in Amiga World-May1*)!)! J Virus Checker - Full virus protection can be y ours by simply dropping this j I icon in your WBStartup drawer. J I Degrader - gives you tools to try to make non-2.0 happy programs wtrrk!| I Icon - Enhances Workbench's “Show All"* to display over 40 distinct icons! I for different types of files (text. IFFs. Source codes, libraries, etc)* |Font Editor - Create edit bitmap fonts with full color support!* [Screen Blanker* * nfa fractals and splitter; ami swumttng been! No morcj I boring black screen. Colorful, interesting and highly hypnotic cffccrs!| I Requester Enhancers - no more state "Please Insert Volume" rcqucsiers-l I these are animated requesters for all of the system's requesters.! JCPUBIIt * speeds up lest displays for owners of &8020+ CPU's* I SafcReboot - adds a safe way to reboot your computer...con greatly reduce j [disk validation errors! ( It's Here! Release 2.04 of AmigaDOS for the A500 A2000!!! Includes ROMs, disks and full documentation. Requires installation, $ 95.00 Two disk set. Counts as two. Dev Disks Total disks comp ete with national boundaries. Screens can be printed or saved to disk as standard IFF files Full user-configurable online help facility. 68020+ version included- 2 disk set. Counts as 1' WbtOS: OctaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels lo an ear popping 8 channels1 AH the renound editing capabilities of MED plus 4 more channels' If you thought your Amiga sounded good before you aim heard nulhin' yet1 Circle No. 14 on Reader Service Card mm These are the educational videos for your Amiga computer. You will agree they've got what it takes for prime time. Get the latest information, graphics, interviews with experts, music, the hottest products and software ail at an affordable price. Don't be caught with video reruns of manufacturer’s manuals. Get the videos that eveiyone is raving about the most exciting and advanced videos in the Amiga market today. W,-- The Amiga Primer Get the facts on getting started; SetaMVorkbench, Shell, CLI, expansion, Amiga Vision. Includes AmigaDOS 2.0 and AnugaVTsion, A must for every Amiga owner. NEW 1992 EDITION The Peripheral Guide for every Amiga Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 19.95 Go shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today! Learn about accelerators, RAM, Amiga Graphics, Volume I $ 19.95 NEW LOW PRICE Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. The best tape available for getting started includes interviews with experts. Features Deluxe Paint IV, NewTek, Kara fonts apd others. NEW UPDATED EDITION! NEW LOW PRICE! The Informative Guide to Music and MIDI The Magic of Music and MIDI $ 19.95 ' ! S * , v *' v v - t • . . - > y * ¦ New edition brings you the most up-to-date and MIDI data, including using the Amiga as a music v generator or MIDI device! Features SuperJAM!, Bars & Pipes Professional, Dr. Ts, Sonix, Deluxe Music, AudioMaster and others. V ' '• SV* 'V U* wwmmm $ 24.95 overview J the Video Toaster (Version 2) and shows how the Toaster can be used in the real world. Includes comparisons with broadcast equipment and hot Lightwave animations. Desktop Video, Volume I $ 24.95 The best source for getting started with DTV. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Atyard winning director Terry Sanders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques for top results, titfirig and more. ED Desktop Video, Volume $ 24.95 Get the inside line on DTV with this nefcr video. Includes direct comparisons of tape formats, including Hi8 and BetaCam, Lightwave, Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering. Features Deluxe Paint IV, Video Toaster, DCTV and others. > *Vv‘v . Yv. ¦' ' • .’vv ' x Desktop Video, Master’s Edition $ 24.95 TECHMEDIA NEW The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects. Become a master today! Includes background music, sound effects, and graphic backdrops, . • o' ' 1-800-824-5499 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM E.D.T. ' For customer service, Canadian and foreign orders Please call 410-546-0180 (California residents add appropriate sales tax) In a world of re-runs, these videos are ready for prime time $ 24.95 Copyright © 1989,1990,1991,1992 by Raxza Video USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Video Toaster Is a trademark of NewTek. Inc. TechMedia is a licensed distributor of Rasa Video products. ¦ '¦ ‘ , InfoMarket Best Applications 2tl very useful software: MeSsvS D 2.(1 (like CrossDos, hut muihbetter--tr.in-ier IBM filths usingSIDl.06). CpSfcn iV ViJtvnirr (the best music movie organizer). CvktMwA Lwmi my 2,1) (gre.il!). Banner Printer, VirusXs.O, Database, and more!! "Easy to use, pretty graphics!!" Pay only.... gj- g-
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Speedball Street Cat Sweet Sports Bskboll Summer Challenge Games Winter EtL Tarvok The Warrior Total Eclipse Tower Toppter Tracers Turbo Racing Warlock Weird Drcams Wings ofDeaih William Tell Yolanda Free Tech Journal Binder with the Purchase of 2 or More. Tech Journal Back Issues - an $ 8.95 Value! While Supplies Last. For Credit Card Orders Call 1-800-824-5499 or 410-543-1989 Mail order form with check or money order to: AmigaWorld Back Issues, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Write your issue selections on the lines below. Please use product codes. AmigaWorld Issues___ Tech Journal Issues _ ? Yes! I want my FREE binder with the purchase of two or more Tech Journal issues. I want_back issues of AmigaWorld x $ 3.95 I want_back issues of Tech Journal x $ 15.95 CA & MD orders add appropriate tax Canadian orders add 7% GST Postage and Handling $ 1.00 for single issue $ 2.95 for 2 or more issues Canadian orders, add $ 3.00. Foreign orders, add $ 4.00 more for surface shipping. Total Enclosed S. $ _ $ . Name_ Address City, State, Zip Code_ Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Checks or money orders payable in US lunds. 2G2BI May 1992. Amiga Output as Art. Finding the right printer. Creating a cross-platform DTP operation. Part II • Getting the Most from Workbench 2.0. Reviews on newest versions of Imagine and Real 3-D 1.41. AW9205 April 1992. Music and Sound, Anatomy ot a MIDI Studio. Reviews on sound sampling software. First part of series on getting most from Workbench 2.0. AW9204 March 1992. Multimedia. Comparisons of 9 authoring programs. Step-by-step guide for producing multi- media presentations. Director 2 tutorial. Plunging into CD-ROM. AW9203 February 1992. Features on Graphics. Tutorial on Dpaint IV. Overview on image-making. Structured Drawing, 2-D Painting and Landsape Generators. Tax Prep with the Amiga. AW9202 January 1992. 8 '040 Accelerators for the Amiga. AW Experts' Choice Awards, Productivity Tips on telecommunications, database management, maximizing printer output. AW9201 December 1991. Video. Creating low-cost video effects. Guide to A500 Video products. Using DCTV to create low-cost 24-bit animations. Reviving Your At GOO. Using PC-generated data and programs on your Amiga. The Scientific Amiga. War games roundup. AW9112 November 1991. Top 20 Games of 1991. Spot-light on 10 game-construction kits. The Amiga Troubleshooter's Guide. Dressing Up Arexx. Tips on creating smooth transitions with AmigaVison. AW9111 October 1991 Animation. Pointers and advice from 4 Amiga animators. Learn secrets of 2-D morphing. Step- by-step guide to using Imagine. Planet-building tutorial. Making the leap from 2-D to 3-D Graphics. AW9110 September 1991 5 Low-End Post-Script Laser Printers. Quality Separations with 3 Top DTP Programs. Converting Amiga-generated graphics to PC or Mac. Avoiding "Catastrophic* Data Loss. AW9109 August 1991. Telecommunications. Getting out-fttted. Look at modems, fax modems, and terminal software. Look at what networks offer, Arexx...For Everyone. Using Workbench Utilities. AW9108 July 1991. Annual Review Issue. Coverage of hottest hardware and software products. Debut of new monthly column. "Video Suite.’ AW9107 June 1991. Special Feature on CDTV with comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to CD titles. Tips and techniques features on animation and optimizing your system's resources. AW9106 Video and Animation Special Issue 1992. Articles on Video Basics and Videography Techniques, Tips and Tutorials lor better animating, Video Animation Buyer’s Guides, Product Reviews and Roundups. A must-have for any Amiga animator or video enthusiast. AWSP May 1991. Leading-edge Amiga graphics and the newest 3-D animation programs. "Special Report' on the A3000 Tower. Beginner's Guide to Music. Conclusion to A50Q upgrade series. AW9105 April 1991. Power Hardware special. Part 3 ol A50Q Upgrade Series. AW9104 March 1991. Tips and Techniques on using 7 Amiga 3-D programs. Part 2 of A50G Upgrade Series • 4 Hard Drives. AW9103 February 1991. Multimedia Special. Part I of A50G Upgrade Series. AW9102 January 1991. 2-D Graphics Special: Buyer's Guide 10 Amiga Paint Progtams. Tutorials on image-processing portraits, slide-making, painting and 2-D to 3-D graphics conversion. AW9101 AmigaWorld Tcc ) Journal Back Issues With Disks All disks indude source code and executables for articles. April 1992. The Amiga Custom Chip Set Easy Font and File Requestors. Object-Oriented Display Refreshing. Programming Motion: Animation Elements. Much More. On Disk: Animation Routines, Requestors and Gadgets, Revision Control System: A source code manager. AWTC22 February 1992, Amiga NTSC and PAL Genlock Interfacing. A Tight Rt: JPEG Compression. Biitter Optimization. MIDI Programming Demystified. A Developer s Guide to PostScript - Part I. On Disk: Tons of Tools for Programmers, JPEG Compression Routines. AWTC21 December 1991. 68030 to 68040 Differences. Clean Up Your Programs. Efficient Assembly Programs. Custom Interfaces With Arexx. Hard Drives: How Fast Are They Realty? On Disk: Loads of Libraries. Custom Printer Drivers. AWTC15 October 1991. The Complete Guide for the Blitlering Idiot. Exlending Arexx. Global Parlor Tricks. Multitasking in Amiga Basic. Designing a User Interface. Arcade Elements. On Disk: A68K version 2.71: a full- featured assembler, BLINK version 6.7, The linker to use. AWTC14 August 1991. Arexx Arcana: Hosts and Quotes. Inside SCSI. The Basics of Ray Tradng. An Introduction lo Boopsi. Postscript Primer. On Disk: 2.0 indude files, Post: a PostScript interpreter. AWTC13 June 1991, An Introduction to the Zorro III Bus. Building a 3*0 Object Viewer. Improved Genlock handling. The NTSC RS- 170A Standaid. On Disk: 1.3 indude files. Enforcer: an MMU protection toot. AWTC12 April 1991 Premiere Issue. Menus for a New Generation, Control Your Channels. Recyde Your Sprites. The Fast Floppy System. In Search of...The Perfect Joystick Routine. On Disk: DICE: Dillon's Integrated C Environment, PowerWindows 2.5c demo. AWTC11 Allow 4-6 weeks far dtU wry Circle 173 On Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 914-735-0960 Now Ihe only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. COMPETITIVE prices on NEW or used CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST ! SAVE MONEY I REDUCE COSTS W 3E AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new. Uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the .Amiga, and would like to cam sonic extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest AuthoT Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. 11835 Carmel Ml. Rd. 1304 San Diego, CA 92128 Hundred's of previews of old and new games! Now you can test drive many programs cheaply before actually buying the final product! We also have an incredible amount of adult software and music modules! A 2-disk adult sampler is available for $ 7.00 (must sign stating you are over 18). All shipping is free. Write for a FREE catalog today! Foxy Tec * PO Box 2266 • Gresham, OR 97030 The Computer Service and Repair Video AMIGA Edition This video represents six years of first hand experience repairing the Amiga Computer . Covering everything from basic theory of operation to our special tricks and tips section this video is sure to save you many hours of unproductive diagnostic time. For both the user who would like to understand inner workings of this amazing computer to the experienced technician this video can save you time and money._ COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 includes parts labor We service the entire Amiga product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. 1 I0-9M-Th All titles arc new and fully guaranteed. Call for free ” iVnT*i lO F-Sat brochure of many other blowouts plus cur extensive line of Tcdi Support: (304)J29-W0l E. S.T. current releases and used Amiga titles. We accept Visa. Pfl TC 2 S f fWQf American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and COD orders. Circle 85 On Reader Service Card. A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 • (914)562-7271 24 Hour Turnaround * Dealers Call For FREE Catalog 1-800-344-4102 Send your check or money order for S39*95 +¦ S5.00 Shipping & handling to J & C Repair PO Box 70 Rockton PA 15856 Arkanoid Batman The Movie Battleship BattfcTedi Blood Money Carthage Datastorm Dr. Ptummk's Howe Fiendish Freddy Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Blowouts $ 11.97 or 5 I $ 49,97 Blowouts InfoMarket VIS IONS OFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 UNIT 2MB 4 MB SMB $ 17.50 _ 140 280 20 00 -- 160 312
20. 00 80 160 320
22. 00 88 176 344
5. 50 88 176 344
4. 75 76 152 304
4. 75 76 152 304
35. 00 70 140 270
135. 00 135 270
95. 00 162 239 _ 9500 162 239 - 172 239 --
92. 00 159 226 354
539. 00 606 673 801 MEMORY 1 X 4*80 SC ZIP 1 X 4-70 SC ZIP I x 4-80 PAGE DIP I x 4-80 PAGE ZIP 256 x 4-70. 80 ZIP 1 x 1-70, 80 256 x 4-70, 80 I x 8-70. 80 SIMM 4 x 8-70. 80 SIMM ADRAM 540 Bascfioaid IVS Mem 4 DaiaFlvcr RAM GVP A2000 QI20 DataRycr 500 SCSI ...139 GVP Combo 030 25 1.....679 DataRyer 1000 SCSI 159 BigFool A500 .89 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI 85 Super Denise ...42 DataRyer AIOOORAM 2M.. 249 GVP PC286..... 339 C-Nct AMIGA 2.0 BBS Software
* Totally configurable • Multi-user (21 nodes)
* 1.3 & 2.0 configurable Network & AREXX support ORDERS ONLY: 800-735-2633 Visa MC INFO & TECH: 408-899-2040 Fax: 408-626-0532 BBS: 408-625*6580 Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. New! Video Music Box The easiest way to create background music for Amiga multimedia... Everything you need in one program! 1 Over 75 pre-arranged music pattern templates and 50 chord progressions allow you to quickly compose background music In many common styles.
* Save compositions In cither standard MIDI or IFF SMUS music file format.
* Editors and special tools for adding new parts that follow the chord progression, creating and saving new chord progressions and new patterns, plus more. So... Call or write now for free product brochure or send $ 5 for demo disk. Price S109 + S6 S&H Checks Of M.O. only. Wl reta*r»j p eai* odd 51 ia*i fa Digital Expressions (414) 733-6863 W6400 Firelane 8, MenashaWI 54952 Circle 76 On Reader Service Card Clip Art c«fs High Quality Clip Art. High Resolution Iff Bit Mapped Graphics. Can Be Imported Into A Variety of Amiga Desktop & Graphics Programs, HOLIDAY CLIP ART VOLUME 1 S39.05 Is a three disk collection of over 400 clips tor oil major holidays. HUMAN PARTS S29.95 Is a collection cl over 140 dips of exquisitely illustrated portions of the human torm. DELIGHTS Si&flS Is a collection of over 100 dips of miscelaneous illustrative dips consisting of people, animals, dance, and much, much morel Utah Residents Include G% Sales tax. To Order Send Check or Money Order to Hawk Clips P.O. Box 403 SL George, Ut 84771 -0403 Please indude S5 00 Shipmg A Handing for the frst package and $ 2 00 tor each additional package For more Information call (801] 634-1172 Circle 155 On Reader Service Card
• 90 day wtmmy ou all Uai . * Low Flat Rue Pneei. 1 roo-733-AWIIGA VtfUU poBoxl898 Spring Valley. CA 91977 Customer Service: 1619)I BSS3 12,»0bp,(81B.|70.9732 Call for Pricing or FREE Catalog _ „ J & C Repair HI) 2 BOX
lv) : Rockton PA. 15856 Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. ¦¦¦nill hardware and utes Fish Lowest rrices.; .. - ¦ ¦ ¦ i V Ptoarcssivc Peripherals * GV? .¦D4!LUEfiiffi8Mfl! Supra i togrcs . Microbotics 1CD . 1VS . MicroProsc ?££*• hoctec- - Spccmun Holobytc • CSA Ta.w i _siiiiinilLjBHB Circle 483 On Reader Service Card. No charges far Commodore In-Wtmoiy Service A2000 $ 95.00* • Co4 39.95* • 1541 45,00* .C128 $ 75.00* Send Computer or drive c willi your name, address , phone number and a discriplion of the problem Phone (814)583 - 5996 FAX (814)583-5995 Amiga Repair Services hour Turnaround
* 10 yean i
- p*n« replaced .* Fadtay Trained Service I Wc will return Your Sy 3-Amjg Semce. Specialties Wed Set Plus -$ 70. CeV Design Dpaint Anims-$ 28.00 61 Clewlev Road || Video Visions series Software: ft WED SET- $ 39. 3 Output Servic 3 X-Pander Bui Over 17 Volum WEDDING BITl 95,+24 Bit, Anim options :es :Slides 4-8K, Prints, Anims, 24 Bit-DTP It Chassis -.expand A1000 A500 - $ LOW esto Choose :Full Sets of Vidqo Tools 5 24-Million color anims DCTV format -Cai Circle 158 On Reader Service Card. ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF HAM • Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call or Write lor order form, price list A sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 Circle 194 On Reader Service Card ELECTRONIC SERVICES MESSS INTERNATIONAL ACCELERATE YOUR AMIGA TODAY WITH A CSA MEGA MIDGET RACER CLOCKED AT 25 Mhz wiih math chip $ 375.00 Technical Support Line 1 -8Q0-729“4361 Visa MC C0D ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Finally, a complete Amiga diagnostic analyzer that's sophisticated yet easy and quick to use. This new diagnostic tool will give the user: status of all data transmissions signals, the ability to test integrity of any disk drive, check all ports (one at a time), check buffer chips, alignment & joystick mouse. Also performs diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. The user is automatically told what errors are found and the chip(s) responsible. Works on all Amigas worldwide $ 99.95 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. NEW PRODUCT! 3 Chestnut St.. Suffern, NY 10901 mm Order Line: 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Customer Service: 914-368-4242 We Snip Woridwde Fax: 914-357-6243 Hours: 9 - 6 E.T. M - F Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD's InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 1(10.000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription ofTer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your InfoMarket page display ad, call Heather Guinard at 1-800- 441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. AMIGA Files to Slides or Negatives IFF, IFF24, Lightwave, HAM, Toaster, Ham-E, Sculpt, ProVideo, DCTV, Imagine, etc. 2000 Line Resolution Maintains RGB Quality b Anti-aliasing No Mosaic Pixel Appearance
16. 7 Million Colors b Overscan 48 Hour In-house Turn Around for Slides For pricing &¦ samples call: 1-71 5-856-5527 Or write: mJ?PRESsior js Graphic Impressions POB 254 Wausaukee, Wl 54177 Manufacturers ’ Distributors ’ Addres ses Accolade 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. San fose. CA95I29 408 985-1700 Aggressive Communications 2112 Covered Wagon Plano, TX 75074 AirSiream Graphics PO Box 291090 San Antonio. TX 78229 512 430-1354 Amazing Computers 1411 E. Fletcher Avc., Suite 1450 Tampa, FI. 33612 813 977-6511 Ameristar Technologies 47 Whittier Ave. Medford. NY 11763 516 698-0834 Amiga Centre Scotland Harlequin House, Walkerbum Bsebleshire F.l 143 6A7. Scotland 44-0-31-557-4242 Animatics PO Box 158 Oakhurst. NJ 07755 908 493-3630 Artistic Software 55 Sclwyn Place Kanata, Ont. Canada K2K I PI 613 591-6039 Avalon Hill 4517 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD 21214 410 254-9200 Briwall PO Box 129, 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 215 383-5433 California Access 130A Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 378-0340 Capstone I ntraCorp 14540 SW 136 St., Suite 204 Miami, FL 33186 305 252-9040 800 468-7226 Centaur Software PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Central Coast Software A division of New Horizons 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 Coast to Coast Technologies 1855 W.S.R. 434. 208 Longwood, FL 32750 407 767-0779 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Computer Imagery 49 Walnut Ave. Shelton, CT 06484 (No telephone listed) Consuhron 11280 Parkview Plymouth, Ml 48170 313 459-7271 Cottage Software 3-3820 Regina Ave. Regina. Sa.sk. Canada S4S OH 7 CSA 7564 Trade St, San Diego. CA 92121 619 566-3911 Designing Minds 3006 North Main St. Logan, Utah 84321 801 752-2501 Desktop Utilities PO Box 3053 Manuka. ACT 2603 Australia 61-6-2395568 Distributed by Consultron Diaquest 1440 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley. CA 94702 415 526-7167 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Designs Group PO Box 593 Whiteville, NC 28472 919 642-6295 Digital Graphics Library 1382 Third Ave., Suite 333 New York, NY 10021 212 978-8508 Digital Processing Systems 55 Nugget Avc., Ltnk 10 Scarborough, Ont. M IS 3L1 Canada 416 754-8090 Digital Vision A S Distributed by Great Valley Products Ditek International 2800 John St., Unit 15 Markham, Ont. Canada L3R 0E2 416 479-1990 DKB Software 832 First St. Milford, Ml 48042 313 685-2383 DPS See Digital Processing Systems DuBois Animation 1012 N. Chart rand Ave., Suite F Edmond, OK 73034 405 348-4670 Electric Crayon Studios 3624 N. 64th St. Milwaukee, WI 5321(5 414 444-9981 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 EyefulTower Communications * 15 Rocky dale Bristol, VT 05443 802 453-4293 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempe, AZ 85284 GlassCanvas Productions PO Box 6171 Boston, MA 02114 617 367-3229 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-1000 800 GOLD DSK Grafx Computing 6680 Wiltsie Rd. Panama, NY 14767 716 782-2468 Graphically Speaking 2574 PGA Blvd., Suite 107 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 407 626-3447 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Hollyware Entertainment 13464 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rev, CA 90291 310 822-9200 HyperMedia Concepts 5200 Washington Ave.. Suite 226 Racine, WI 53406 4 14 632-3766 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford. IE 61101 815 968-2228 800 373-7700 Icoin Simulations 648 S. Wheeling Rd. Wheeling, 1L 60090 708 520-1440
I. DEN Videotronics 9620 Chesapeake Dr.. Suite 204 San Diego. CA92123 800 874-I DEN Impulse 84 16 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 612 425-0557 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave.. Suite 209B Dallas. 'IX 75231 214 340-4991 InSync Digital PO Box 309 Oceanside. NY 11572 516 678-9624 JEK Graphics 12103 S. Brookhurst, Suite E-125 Garden Grove. CA 92642 714 530-7603 joe’s First Company 208 Glenayr Rd. Toronto. Ont. Canada M5P 3C3 800 387-8967 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 1010 Marina Del Rev, C.A 90291 213 578-9177 ‘ Karin aSoft PO Box 1034 Golden, CO 80402 303 490-2939 King Publishing 5300 Grccnvillage Rd. Chambersburg, PA 17201 717 261-0512 Mach Universe Productions 625 The City Drive, 4th Floor Orange, CA 92668 714 563-9542 Madrigal Designs PO Box 2292 Santa Rosa, CA 95405 707 539-5675 Maxis Software Two Theatre Square, Suite 230 Orinda, CA 94563 510 254-9700 MegageM 1903 Adna Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-1104 Merlin’s Software Distributed by Amazing Computers MichTron 3201 Drummond Plaza Newark, DE 19711 302 454-7946 MicroActive 7831 Bodinier Anjou, Que. Canada H1K 1C2 514 354-1110 ? For Videographers, Personnet Directors, Advertising Managers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and Small Business Owners, BfliWALL can help you make your presehtatibifs & training videos cost effective! Basic Toaster Workstation 25MHz Toaster Workstation 68040 Pro Toaster W S W 52MB HD, 7MB RAM TOASTER, 14" MONITOR W 52MB HD, 10MB RAM, TOASTER, 14" MONITOR The Video Toaster gives you Broadcast Quality Productions, 4 input Sw itchers. Digital Video Effects, Lightw ave M) Animation, Character Generator, Paint, Frame-Grabber Frame Store, Chroma FX effects and more, all in the very versatile AMIGA! FREE TOASTER TUTORIAL VIDEO with Toaster Workstation purchase! Send for Briwall's FREE CA TA LOG-ON-A-DISK! Peripherals to save time & increase your video production! DISPLAY Panasonic CT1382Y 13".... CBM 1084S 14" . CBM 1960 Multiscan . DiamondScan AUM 1391A.. Relsys RE-1420 SuperVGA OiamondScan 20* .. Sony, NEC .. TBC’s DPS Personal TBC .. DPS Personal TBC 230. Kitchen SyncDual TBC I DEN TBC .. SFC’s SFC Personal ... BCD2000A .. SPEED GVP Combo 25MHz w l MB...... GVP Combo 40MHz w 4MB...... GVP Combo 50MHz w 4MB..... Alterlmage .. RocgenPIus . VideoMaster...... SuperGcn 2000s Perfect Video..... Rockey . Chromakev Plus Progressive 68040 ..... MMR 38 Special , Zeus ... Mercury 68040 A3000 .. SuperFasi 32-bit Memory available for all of ihe above OTHER Dcrv Firecracker SOFTWARE DMI Resolver .. Flicker Free Video ...... AmigaVision CanDo vl.6... Scapemaker.. Director v2.0. Scala ...... Broadcast Tiller II. VidGen 2.0 ..... Video Director...... Pro Video Post...... TV TextPro .... ArtD Pro . Caligari v2.0 .. Calisari Broadcast 3D Pm v2.0 .... Rambramll Video Blender . GVP IV24 . Selectra Vueport .. DPS Personal Vscope Polaroid Digital Palette..... Panasonic WJ-AVE5 . Sketch master Draw Tablet JX100 Color Scanner . Sony CVD-1000 Vdeck ... Epson 1:S 300C Scanner... Trexx Pro ...79 Draw 4D Pro ....199 VistaPro v2.0.„ ...62 FracialPro v5.0 ...99 VidToasier2.0 Software 329 Imagine v2.0 ....279 Real 3D Turbo Pro ......299 Turbo Silver ..69 Pixel 3D ......79 Deluxe Paint v4 109 Scenery Animator ...59 ImageMaster Pro ..145 Fonts. Clips, Video Tapes, Books, Textures, Objects. STORAGE 240MBQuantum,., $ 699 340MB Maxtor .....1099 535MB Maxtor .....1429 676MB Maxtor .....1499
1. 2GIG Maxtor external ,,.2189 44MB Syquest removable ..349 88MB Syquest removable ..469 20MB Floptical 499 640MB Richo Optical ext 2399 I GIG Maxtor Tahiti Opt Ext...3499 Xetec CDROM Drive ..529 Wangtek 250MB Tape Drive.,.,629 Wangtek 525MB Tape Drive,. 1289 DAT 2GIG Tape Drive 1879 External Solutions available for all of the above Briwall’s Toll-Free HOTLINE! 1 -800 766-5757 (US & Canada) OUTSIDE USA: (215) 683-5661 TECH SUPPORT: (215) 683-5699 CUSTOMER SERVICE: (215)683-5433 FAX (215)683-8567 Order lines are open 24 hours (Sriwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St. kutztown. PA 19530 Any Visa & MasterCard Accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight & value. Software shipping charges are $ 6.00 per total order via UPS ground to anywhere in the continental USA. All orders over $ 300 are insured at customer’s expense. AH returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything. All returned items are subject to a restocking FEE. Ad prices subject to change without notice. FEDERAL EXPRESS Charges for all orders under 20 pounds: 2nd day Delivery -$ 13, Next Day Delivery * $ 17. DHL Canadian & Overseas customers shipped DHL. Call for rates. Manufacturers5 Distributors’ Addresses, cont MicroBotics 1251 American Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 Micro ft Software PO Box 1072 Exion, PA 19341 215 MICROFT Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park West, Suite C Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1885 MicroSearch 9896 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074 713 988-2818 Migraph 200 333 St. S., 220 Federal Way, WA 98003 206 838-4677 Mindcraft Distributed by Electronic Arts Mr. Hardware PO Box 148 Central Islip, NY 11722 516 234-8110 Natural Graphics PO Box 1963 Rocklin, CA 95677 916 624-1436 AsimCDFS CDRom FiieSystem for the Commodore Amiga1-- Combining your Amiga1’’ with a CDRom drive & AsimCDFS opens up a world filled with GtgaBytes of fonts, professional clipart, sound samples and CDTV games!
• Access to the 3 major CDRom formats - ISO9660, HighSierra and Macintosh HFS
• Play most CDTV 11 games and applications
• Includes FishMarket, a CDRom disc containing FredFish disks 1 thru 637 (550MegaBytes of PD software! A $ 79 value in itself!)
• Includes AsimTunes, an Intuition""-based AudioCD controller providing standard Play, Stop and Pause commands wilh Arexx support
• WorkBench"1 1.3 and 2.0 compatible
• Uses Chinon, Panasonic, NEC and other CDRoms
• Plus a multitude of other features... Suggested Retail Price of $ 79.00 For more information, call us at: Asimware Innovations 101 Country Club Drive Hamilton. Ontario. L8K 5W4 Telephone: (416)578-4916 New Horizons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Octree Software 31I W. 43rd St., Suite 904 New York, NY 10036 212 262-3116 On-Line Entertainment 642a Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, London ElO 6AP, England 011 4481-558-3914 Distributed by MichTron Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Palomax 424 Moreboro Rd. Hatboro, PA 19040 215 672-6815 Panasonic Communications Two Panasonic Why Secaucus, NJ 07094 201 348-7000 800 447-4700 Parallax Publishing 471 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific (hove, CA 93950 408 646-1032 Phoenix Microtechnologies 18 Hampton Rd. Keswich South Australia 5035 011-618-293-8752 Distributed by The Grapevine Group Poor Person Software 3721 Starr King Circle Palo Alto, CA 94306 4 15 493-7234 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalarnath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Prolific 6905 Oslo Circle, Suite B3 Buena Park, CA 90621 714 522-5655 RCS Management 120 McGill St. Montreal, Que. Canada 112Y 2E5 514 288-7825 RGB Computer & Video 4152 Blue Heron Blvd. W. Suite 118 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 407 844-3348 800 535-7876 Robert Young PO Box 167 Whittier. CA 90608 213 698-6660 Seven Seas Software PO Box 1451 Port 'lownsend, WA 98368 206 385-1956 Silver Fox Software Distributed by INOVAtronics Sir-Rah Software Box 390 Rupert, WV 25984 304 779-9591 Software Advantage Consulting 38442 Gail St. Ml. Clemens, Ml 48043 313 463-4995 800 729-2431 Software Designs PO Box 25 Lemont. IL 60439 803 951-6366 Software Plus 5254 Merrick Rd, Massapcqua. NY 11758 516 795-1400 Software Toolworks (50 Lcveroni Court Novato. CA 94949 415 883-3000 SoftWood PO Box 50178 Phoenix, AZ 8507(5 602 431-9151 Solid Gold Software 118 Parkway Drive, Arlington Park Huntington, WV 25705 304 525-1697 Sony Corp. of America One Sony Drive Park Ridge, NJ 07656 201 930-1000 Strategic Studies Group 8348 Montecello Drive Pensacola, FL 32514 904 494-9373 Supra 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany, OR 97321 503 967-2400 800 727-8772 Technical Tools 2 S 461 Cherice Drive Warrenville, IL 60555 708 393-6350 Texture City 3215 Overland Ave., 6167 Los Angeles, CA 90034 213 836-9224 The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks 1293 Briardale Lane N.E. Atlanta, GA 30306 404 377-1514 The Grapevine Group 3 Chestnut St. Suffem, NY 10901 914 357-2424 800 292-7445 Timothy Wilson PO Box 4691 Crestline, CA 92325 714 338-1786 TTR Development 6701 Seybold Rd. Madison, Wl 53719 608 277-8071 Unili Graphics 143 Lorraine Ave. Pittsburg, CA 94565 510 439-1580 United Media 4771 E. Hunter Anaheim. CA 92807 714 777-4510 Virtual Reality Laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Vortex Computer Systems Distributed by American Software, Micro-Pace, or Talon Technologies ¦ Mci i I o rcie r The Total Solution A500 MEMORY Roctce 501 512K ...$ 39 Baseboard .99 Supra RAM RX v 2MB .....199 SPEED MMR 6SEC030 25MU .....399 Adsnccd ...1*9 MMR 68030 882 25MHz ..479 SCSI GVP Series II ..Call Dataflyci ...149 Rocliard .299 I VS Tmmpcard ......179 I VS Grandslam 299 Pair a SCSI controller with any SCSI device for u complete Floptical, Syquest 4*1. Syquest 88. (See A1000 MEMORY Insider 2 .. $ 189 Deliver RAM w 2MB ....289 Duialljcr RAM w 8MB .....499 SPEED MMR68ECII50 25MH ..399 MMR 6SEC030 33MH?...... . 499 Adspced . 189 SCSI
D. itullvcr ... 199 Kmrack 269 A2000 MEMORY SC ZIP’s 4MB SC ZIP’s 8MB Pn>RAM w 4 MB ...... $ 219 389 . .529 SPEED G Force 68040 v 2MB...... ......2099 Prog 68040 ...... ......1529 Mercury 6804O ... 2059 Floppy ..... ...92 8-up! W 2MB ..SI79 Datallvcr w 2MB ....189 GYP RAM v 2MB .189 SPEED Combo 25MHz 4M 1MB 699 Combo 40 Hz w 4MB 1199 Combo 50 Hz w 4 B .....1549 Pros 68040 w 4 MB ... SCSI GVP Series II ...179 Data flyer 79 I VS Truinp.catd Pro ...149 I VS Gr.mds.lam .239 solution; Qiiuntum 52MB. Quantum 120MB, Quantum 240.M1I, previous page for morel C;ill lor pricing. Gold Disk T 7 n 1 vipmj j nm'TruK ii Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder. VCR and an Amiga A3000 MEMORY Quickly & easily catalog & edit the best moments from your videotapes! : Includes lurdw are to control roost camcorders A VCR's! EXTRAS CBM1300 Genlock ...69 Rejuvenator w 1 MB Agnus......419 Rejuvcnalor u 2MB Agnus 469 Phoenix Board, .....850 Kwikstarl II .69 Keyboard .99 tive Solutions to your needs! Megachip
n. vpiiuding your Amiga just isn't complete until you've expanded your graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! You fitted Megachip to get it into your 599 or 2900. (sorry I OOB’n). Megadtip 2000 or 500 eompdeU’ w 2i lli Agnus - $ 309 fvvvikstarl Multi.slad You want to get that 2.U4 ROM. But...what about the stuff thaL doesn’t work? Or you want your 1000 to autolmoi.off the hardware. DKJ3 offers the solution. An easy -to-install hoard that allows you to switch easily between 1.3 ami 2.0. Kwikstart A1000-$ 69 Multistart A2000 or A500 (v5)-$ 59 Call for prises oci 1.3 and 2.0 ROM pucliagpa EXPANSION SYSTEMS The Best Quality al the Best Prices! Common question-- What hard-drive system can I, an average consumer afford? Diiiaflycr w 52 MB Quanmni (no. . C don’t recommend a 20MB drive) And no...you are not giving up quality for price. Sec article in February 1992 Amiga Wnihl. Dalaflver W 52MB Quantum Hard Drive A500 - $ 399 A1000- $ 479 A2000- $ 349 Daiaflycr A KMHI memory packages as low as S289! || I totallycrSCSI and Menvin boards arc A2000 Compatible Tull ntnmr r if upghtdAihilin' - Addison-Weslev ROM Rental manuals (2.04} Libraries. Devices. Hardware. Includes, & Intuition Style Guide Gel ALL 5 for $ 99! Professional Page 3.0 Die blest upgrade for the Professional's choice! Page and Function Genies Lriw total case of use Irregular text wrap Adobe type I font support 7 Compugraphic Fonts Mail-merge and hot link lo sprcjdihtv: o,. R$ 179 flffiU fJ Choice t«’r our m-hnuv DTP needs’ PRODUCTIVITY ProWrite v3.2 .$ 99 Final Copy .. 62 SuperBase Pro v4.0 Call ProCaIc, .I 79 MaxiPlan Plus v2.0 ...89 Phasar v2.0 .59 KFS Accountant .....195 Security Analvsi ....39 Recipe FAX ' .....32 Mei'a-Midget Racer The upgradable alternative from CS t It you are going lo invest in an accelerator, why lock your sell into a lion-upgradable ’solution'? The Mega- Midget gives you the option to upgrade with:
* 2l)-33Mh 68030 using the same board
- 20-50M1D 68881 2 Lisinst the same board
* Up to 8M B of 32-bit R AM (while ntainiaining all 9MB of your existing RAM! I
* Up lo 2MB of fast, static 32- hit R AM I for the ROM Kem.il. and super-last screen updates!) Mega-Midget K.wcrs runs in llie A500. A2(KH1, AUHHI, (call fnrihc AlOOtl), and is compatible wjlh Ihc Toaster, l)Ti’ programs, tay-lrucing packages, and all other fdttlJO- compatible soil ware Prices starting at $ 399 Many oihcf contlguraiioiis available. Call lor details. ROCTEC GREAT PRODUCTS AT LOW PRICES! L'ltralite Slimline Drive $ 94 'flits drive is absolutely gorgeous! L'ltralite (24 ounces}, llltraslim (7 fC high}, ultra- quiet. With pass-thru. Conics in either Amiga bcicc or black (real dassv). RocHard Why limit yoursclt to a single drive format ? The RocHard allows you to connect to 2 IDE (* AT“) hard drives to your A5(H), and with the SCSI option, up to 7 SCSI hard drives as well! There's also room for 8MB of expansion RAM. A game switch, and a quiet fan cooling unit. RocHard Atdrive system .....$ 259 RocHard SCSI option ....45 Cull Inr drive & memory eunfigurulions UTILITIES S AS C v5,1... V 199 A50.00 Inix..., ......995 Amos., ....62 Arexx v 1. 15 32 Mem scope .62 Cross-Dos v5,D Cross.PQ ..-59 . Maverick ...29 Qu art erbac k ..45 Anti back 49 Am, Alij«,»nC.U. ... Quai rerhack lools .-r.>3 Opus ...... ,.,...79 WMS. V3:0 ......,,59 Aialk 3 ,'i . ::3( EXTRAS Biefoot 200WP S ......89 ATOnee Plus ....309 GVPPC 286 Module ...349 Multistart .. 59 69 Mcgnclvip w 2MB Agnus 309 Replacement Floppy .85 Keyboard 89 GRAPHICS DTP He I icun Pres8 .... $ 62 Pugesireum 2.2 ...... 1 79 ProPage v 3.(1 179 Fou ndulio'iv .....169 ProDraw v2.() ..12 9 Mtgraph OCR 275 MUSIC Super Jam ....$ 89 GVP DSS ... ..,.99 Perfect Sound vgJ ....69 Bars & Pipes Pro ..229 Patehmeister ..59 AD 1012 w Studio 16 ....529 BOOKS & TAPES .unigaDOS Inside & Out W Disk..,$ 19 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd edition 22 Amiga Pininbj' VHS .2 I Animation Video Vol I VHS 19 Desktop Video Power ......22 Imagine Companion .....24 Hot Rod Your Amigu VHS 20 Imagine Guided Tour VIIS 26 Using Arexx ....27 Video Toaster VHS ......20 PRINTERS HP DeskJet 500C ...S759 Citizen 200GX 179 Citizen 140+GX ......329 Canon BJI0RX ..339 NEC Silcntwritcr 95 ......1699 EXTRAS Bomae Tower .. 269 Flicker Fixer .. ..259 Megachtp w 2MB Agnus 309 Keyboard ..... 99 Internal Floppy .85 286 AT Bridgcboard ..429 ATOnee Plus . 309 r MISC STUFF Bonig Optical Mouse 589 Gl Mouse ......36 Champ Mouse .35 Gravis Joystick ....39 25 Pack 3.5" DSDD Disks... 20 Roc tec Slimline Floppy 94 Mouse Joystick Switcher..,.29 CBM 1.3 2.0 ROMS Call MAC ROMS & Drive 429 Gf Htindscanner .....229 SuperDcnise. 8520 s. SIMM's. DRAM. Ete. Call _ EDUCATION Any Barney Bear $ 20 Any Carmen Sun Diego ...33 Distanl Suns..,.,, ...... 59 Mavis Beacon Typing ......33 World Atlas ....38 Malhvision ....129 Study Ware SAT .....33 FLOPTICALS Floptical drives offer a storage solution that is both compact and affordable. The 3.5-inch halfheight SCSI drive uses 20MB floptical disks. Call for new low pricing! 1-800 766-5757 If you don't see it just call! Write for our Free Catalog-On-A-Disk. -I ¦ EE2 ¦ - '¦MM See previous Briwallpage for more THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. But Use the Interface Standard! After reading about and later using Workbench 2.04, I was pleased to see that Commodore had improved the Amiga's interface. My satisfaction soon turned to frustration, however, when I saw both commercial and public domain programs claiming to use the "2.0, 3-D interface" but having different radio buttons, text gadgets, no use of the standard file requester, and many other departures from the “Amiga User Interface Style Guide.” Commodore made the effort to provide developers with a better way to put their applications together, and yet I’ve seen only a few programs that even come close to following these standards. Come on, programmers and developers! The Amiga's interface standards must be used to be of any benefit. If die j Amiga is to survive in today’s highly competitive computer market, its solt- ware must reflect the quality of its hardware. That's why Commodore over- 4 hauled the Workbench in the first place. Gregory Donner Elkhart, Indiana Insufficient Audio For Pros I probably speak for many Amiga owners who'cl like to use their machines in high-end audio applications in their recording studios and as a complement to their video productions. Here are my concerns:
1. “Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, no [hi-res digitizers] have been released." This comment on page 28 of Bob Lindstrom’s article “Sampling the Future of Sound" (Apr. ’92) says a lot. I’ve read about and have had Sunrize’s promo stuff for almost a year. Can’t use what doesn’t exist! 2, Iwelve-bit audio is absolutely insufficient for professional use in multitracking, mastering, etc. Using Amigagenerated sounds is also useless. Why is there such a dichotomy between what’s available for Amiga video and audio, when the two are so obviously related? Paul Santo Brya nti •ille, A la ssach uselts A Nod to Good Service After reading February's “Chief Concerns," I decided to test out New Horizons. I had purchased ProWrite
3. 2 and, along with my warranty card, 1 sent a letter about a problem I encountered. Within a few weeks, I received a personal reply and a slight upgrade. I he only real problem I had with the Is there any other company that so consistently shoots itself in the foot? Program is being worked out. In the letter I got, there were also hints to the effect that they were working on a newer, faster version. This, I believe, is the kind of serv ice that was spoken of in the editorial column.
D. Troutman Ma rysvil e, Penmylva ? Ia Wake-Up Call Commodore’s raising of the price of the Amiga 2000 to $ 2000 hammers another nail into the coffin holding its US market share. Is there any other company that so consistently shoots itself in the foot in showing its lack of marketing savw bv its actions or inactions? O j Six years ago, Commodore had a golden opportunity to increase its market share, but missed the boat. My letters to CBM remain unanswered. Even a form letter would have been nice. I have given up. I love the Amiga, but my respect for and commitment to Commodore are no longer warranted. This isn’t a hate letter for Commodore. It's a wake-up call to a company that needs one desperately. Gordon Johnson G ra n d Rapuls, M ich iga n MIDI Setup Help I am a new Amiga user interested in starting a MIDI setup, but I know next to nothing about MIDI hardware. Therefore, Steve Quinzi’s article ".Anatomy of a MIDI Studio" (Apr. ’92, p. 37) was in addition to the technical information presented especially helpful to me in that a page near the end was devoted to listing typical hardware setups. As a new user, I needed to be given examples of what hardware combinations I might buy. Keep up the good work! Joe Thomas Balhton Spa. New York A Revolutionary Animation Compressor? I have heard of something quite revolutionary: a new kind of compression technique called MPEG, which, from descriptions, sounds like the animation equivalent of JPEG. If MPEG does indeed compress animation data as well as it does image data, we could be seeing animations being played back in RAM that are ten times longer than at present. To my knowledge, MPEG is not yet available on any computer platform, but wouldn’t it be nice if it came to the Amiga shortly after its release? Marc R. Hoffman McCook, Nebraska Multi-Media 24-bit Video! S- Faslmns Casuals Business After J Formals h'mulx Multi-layer Composite Screens On Your Amiga’s Monitor Avideo24 is a top-quality 24-bit graphic display and creation system for the Amiga, but what makes Avideo unique is its built-in Multi-Media capabilities. The key is Avideo’s ability to superimpose an Amiga screen over your 24-bit graphic display. With Avideo, you can have an Amiga screen in front, Avideo 24-bit imagery behind, and genlocked live video behind it all, using the colors of the Amiga screen to key transparency. Add to this picture perfect RGB output and a state-of-the-art 24-bit paint program and you’ll see why Avideo is the answer! "As a general purpose 24-bit card, Avideo literally blows the competition out of the water" - Amiga Computing
• Over 16 million colors in overscan HIRES (752 x 566)
• Shows 12-bit double buffered anims, up to 25 frames sec.
• Installs inside your Amiga - leaves video slot free
• Supports any software that generates ILBM’s (up to 24 bits): ADPro, LightWave 3D, Imagine, Pixel 3D, Dpaint IV, etc.
• Arexx controllable: great for use with CanDo, AmigaVision INOVAtronics Be More Productive. INOVAtronics, Inc.'Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, USA 75231-2499 'Phone 214-340-4991'FAX214-340-8514 Avideo, Avitk.'o24, and Avideol2 copyright Afchos S A INOVAtronics is a trademark ol Inovalronics, Inc TVPamt copyright TECSOFT All other products mentioned are trademarks and copyrights ol their respective owners. I Tracy Hn Amiga Application Screen TV Paint: 24-bit Pro Paint Package Avideo24 and TVPaint: $ 999.95! Avideol2 (12-bit) and AVPaint: $ 499.95! Call Now To Order by VISA, MC, AmEx: 1-800-875-8499 Special thanks to top Dallas model Tracy Hngeman VIDEO TOASTER 9 essential tools yon need if you're using your Amiga for video or graphics. Perform cuts, fades and wipes between 4 video inputs and 3 internal sources. Nouf includes amazing neu' transitions such as fire, liquid and breaking glass. Lrnninance Key More than just simple weatherman over a map. Toaster keying does luminance fade transitions and even key- based digital trails. 35ns Character Generator Scroll, crawl and key professioncd-quality titles over live video ami still images or warp, fusel, and spin titles with digital effects. . 24-Wt Broadcast Paint Create 16 million color images with powerful tools for drawing, tinting, blending, colorizing and warping images. Color Processing Re-color live video or alter brightness and contrast. Effects include sepia-toning, co or-negatives, day-for-night, chrome and more. 3D Animation Light Wave 3D is a complete animation system that creates high-resolution 24-bit color images with incredible speed and qualit)1. Digital Video Effects Real-lime digital video effects on lire video. From flip spin and tumble to high-end warping effects. Still Store Frame Grabber Freeze flawless broadcast _ resolution images instantly and recall them as sources Jar the switcher and digital Dual Frame Buffers Hold two high-resolution 16 mil ion color video frames in perfect broadcast quality. Complete systems starting at S4595. Outside North America call 612-882-3662 Demo also available on S- VHS. Hi8.3 4". Mil. Betacam, 1“. Lase-Disc and D2 at nominal cost Next-day delivery available Price and specifications subieet to change. Video Toaster. Lightwave 3D and ToasterPaint are trademarks of NewTek, Inc © NewTek, tnc 1992 The Video Toaster is the world's first all- in-one broadcast- quality video production studio. It's giving every one from desktop producers to network producers the power of a high- end production studio on a desktop. You’ve seen the T •- award-winning Toaster used on network television,- now you can add the same level of quality and excitement to your videos. Find out why everyone from Time and USA Today to Business Week and Rolling Stone is raving about the Toaster, call for your free Video Toaster tape today. Free Toaster Video Tape Call 800-765-3406 1 Market letibd I Ttchical :r.alvsis Relative strath kverBecgkt 8«rS«!4 Howfttw Rate «f Ckuft Bn Nance fdtra Linear tesressioa Liw Trtftis .11 lllllrll. I, i.lli-j I i : ; 'M I II i Ini ! I
* ¦i

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