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World of . Commodore AMIGA HEW YORK CITY • APRIL 24-26,1992 Consumers Circle 170 on Reader Service card ? 0 to 8MB of onboard, 40ns, non-multiplexed, DRAM. Fully auto-configured, user-installable SIMM modules lets you expand your A3000 to 24MB! DRAM controller design fully supports the 68040 CPU's burst memory access mode. ? Full DMA |Direct Memory Access) to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral (e.g: the A3000's built- in hard disk controller). Asynchronous design allows the 68040 to run at clock speeds independent of the A3000 motherboard speed. Allows easy upgrade to 33Mhz 68040 (over 25.3 MIPS!) When available from Motorola. Hardware support for allowing V2.0 Kickstart ROM to be copied into and mirrored by the high performance onboard DRAM. Its like caching the entire operating system! Software switchable 68030 "fallback" mode for full backward compatibility with the A3000's native 68030 CPU. ? Incorporates GVP's proven quality, experience and leadership in Amiga accelerator products. TRY A RAM DISK PERFORMANCE TEST AND SE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE G-FORCE 040 OUT PERFORMS THE COMPETITION Ask your dealer to run any "RAM disk" performance test and see the G-FORCE 040's amazing powers in action. So now that you know the facts, order your G-FORCE 040 today. After all, the only reason why you need an '040 accelerator is SPEED'. A3000 "CPU slot" connector GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770* FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Force 040 is a registered trademark of Groat Valley Products Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amlga. Inc. © 1991 Great Valley Products Inc FEATURES Amiga Output as Art By Joel Hagen ....28 How you translate your computer images into finished artwork can he the crucial difference between mundane reproductions and gallery-quality works. Here are several creative techniques to help make your physical output suitable for exhibition. Dusting for “Prints” By Dave Johnson ..33 Don't let your search for the right printer wind up in the “unsolved mysteries’* file. Use this guide to take the investigative legwork out of finding what different kinds of printer technologies have to offer in terms of capability, performance, and value. DTP-ing with the Enemy? By Eyo Sama ...37 Relax: Neither you nor Julia Roberts will suffer murder or mayhem by engaging in a little cross-platform cooperation in the area of DTP. Learn to incorporate the best elements of Amigas, Macs and Pcs, and you may just wind up with a competitive, full-service publishing operation. ARTICLES A Brand-New Bench: Part II By Sheldon Leemon ...42 New features of the 2.0 operating system are making some applications programs more powerful, flexible, and easy to use as you will see in Part 11 of our series on “Getting the Most from Workbench 2.0.” COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 Using a computer to monitor Wall St. trading from a cell may not be good rehab for Michael Milken, but the editor shows that some “insiders” arc putting Amigas to constructive use all the same.

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Amiga World Vol 08 05 1992 May

Document sans nom AMIGA ART May 1992 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 1.95 5 Techniques For Gallery-Quality Results PRINTERS Essential Buying Ti PUBLISHING Multi-F*fatfo DTP x Hidden Power In Workbench 2.0' “Trekking” w Dpai Post-Productio® For Video Special Imagine 2.0 vs. R An IDG Communications Publication Supra Quality, Supra Prices, W Introducing three great newfax data modems from NEW: SupraFax Software! Auto manual FAX transmission Easy-to-use phonebook entries Convert faxes to from IFF files ¦ Custom cover sheets Fax printer driver Group broadcast ¦ and more! - E Supra the2 00 bps Suprat'AX- uleni ™ Plus, the9600 bps SupraPAX- ' V.32, & the 14,400 bps SupraFAXModem I '.32bis! Ml three modems feature V.42his& 1 MSP (2-5. 1.0) data compression & error V correc ion. Plus they work with nearly all tw I)0J}tI ir telecommunications programs, including Baud Band it ™, JRComm, A - Talk ™, cv my jt others. With telecom SupraFAXModem V.32bis $ 399,95 Refail
14. 400 S R FAX
14. 400 DATA SupraFAXModem V.32 $ 299.95 Retail 9600 S R FAX 9600 DATA SupraFAXModem Plus $ 199.95 Retail 9600 S R FAX 2400 DATA Stand-alone prices shown: add $ 80 lo include SupraFax software. “Owe, Dr'"- - -,
- “ T
- ..
* * y ft* ¦ software & your . • Amm : >-v- SupraTAXModem. You can access computers close to home & around the world where you'll find Sc ereiythingfrom airline schedules & stock quotes to technical help & free software. * Computer-based faxes are just as easy. All SupraFAXModems are compatible with Group 3fix machines & Class 1 & 2fax commands. Just add our versa tile new Supra Pax software (or the program of your choice)! J : Supra Corporation 1-800-727-8772 * SUPRA CORPORATION • 7101 Supra Drive 5W, Albany, Oregon 97321 • 1 -800-727-8772 * 503-967-2410 * 503-967-2401 Fax SUPRA GmbH • Rodderweg 8, 5040 Bruhl, Germany • (49) 02232 22002 • 02232 22003 Fax Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers Gold Disk products are available cl mas! AMIGA dealers. Ihe following dealers hose qualified as Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers and carry a complete range of Gold Disk products. See one today! Alaska: Best Electronics, Anchorage
(907) 278-2378 Alabama: Alabama Computers. Huntsville (203) 837-9324 California! Century Computer System*. I at I lilbfj 1310) 697-6977: Computer Guild, Mission Viejo (714)951-1355: Computer Showcase. San Francisco
(416) 563-1953; Creative Computers. Lawndale (310) 542-2292; Creative Computers, Santa Monica (310) 394- 7779: Datitphilc. Watsonville (408) 724- 3322: HT Electronics. Sunnyvale (408) 737-0900: KJ Computers. Granada Hills (818i 366-9120; Transnational Electronics, Anaheim (714) 630-8711; Winners Circle, Berkeley (414) 845- 4814 Florida: Amazing Computers, Tampa (813) 977-6511; Commodore Country. Pinellas Park (813) 576-5242; Computer Lane, Pembroke Pines (305) 435-1118: Computers Plus. Jacksonville
(904) 268-2359: Computers Pius. Daytona Beach (904) 252-6442: Creative Equipment. Miami (305) 266- 2800: Eagle Computers. Melbourne (4071 253-1805: New Age Electronics, lurgo (813) 530-4561 Georgia; Ampcx Systems. Inc.. Norcross (404) 263-9190: B E J Enterprises, Roswell (40-1) 998- 8251 Illinois; intuitive Computers. Normal (309) 452-7434; Micro Ed Enterprises. Chicago (312) 245-0066 Indiana; CPC Inc. Indianapolis. (317) 577-36“" Kentucky: Expert Services, Florence (606)371-9690 Mary land: Buried Treasure. Rockville (301) 770- 6778: Professional Micro Sen iccs. Baltimore (301) 366-0010; Software Advantage. Rockville (301) 424-3024 MichigantCompuier Link. Carden City
(313) 522 6005: Slipped Dnk. Madison Heights (313) 546-3475 Nebraska: Double E Computers. Omaha (402) 334-7870 New Hampshire: Digital Connections, Dos-er (603) 742-2233 New Jersey: Golden Hedge. Cherry Hill
(609) 354-1500 New Yorlc Amagination. New York (212) 727- 3290: Microworks. Buffalo (716) 873- 1856 North Carolina: SBS. Durham (9191 469-3391 Oregon: Clackamas Computers, Clackamas (503) 650-0701 South Carolina: Computer Port, Spartanburg (803) 574-9679 Tcias: Compuref-Eije. Corpus Christ; (512) 882-2275; Metropolitan Computers, Dallas (214) 702-9119: Microscafch. Houston (713) 988-2818: The Edge Computers & Video. Dallas (2l4) 392- 7447, The Edge Computers & Video II. Irving (214) 570-1300: The Station. Austin (512) 459-5440 Washington: Nvbblcs Byres. Tacoma (206) 4“5- 5938, Omni International Trading. Ncattle (206) 620-2925 C4A£4Q4- Albcrta: A Plus Computers. Edmonton.
(403) 448-0632; Computer Works. Edmonton (403) 424-0011; Desktop Comput ing. Red Dccr (403) 342-4444: Software Superman, Edmonton (403) 425-0691: The Computer Shop of Calgary (403) 243-4356 British Columbia: Conti Computers, Vancouver (601) 734-0606: M.L.C. Computers, Kelowna (604) 861-5520; Nu-Tck Computers, Vancouver (604) 435-61 13 Manitoba; Adventure Software, Winnepcg (204) 942-4752 Ontario: Computer Variables, Richmond Hill (416) 771-6807; Comspcc, Toronto (416) 633-5605; Electronics 2001. Willowdale (416) 223- 8400; Lcppcrt Business Systems, Hamilton (416) 522-9029: Lynx Technical Services, Orleans (613) 830- 8396; Lynx Technical Services, Ottawa
(613) 237-4701; Neutron Computers, Kitchener (519) 742-9821; Oby s Amiga Computing. Sudbury (705) 673-8520; Software Zone. Brampton (416) 791 6500; Thornhill Computers. Thornhill
(416) 886-2494; Wrarhbornc Software, London (519) 457-3714 Quebec Software House, Montreal (514) 374- 3614; Soft Wares. Montreal (514) 737- 5865 Saskatchewan: Memory Lane Computers, Saskatoon (306) 242-4000 CREATES YOUR PAGES FOR v " mnl- Ui tan. ! - MO.Q09 eUM 123 227 IW MUJ 7J4 154 3*0 $ *> • 3*7*11 !«.'« ta-W k"P 73* i l Ui 227 331 Hj
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* Total Programmability: Using over 300 Arexx commands you can take complete control of Professional Page 'Genies require Arexx. Arexx comes with Workbench 2.0 or con be purchased separately, "Jusl send in yowt doled soles receipt with your registration card. "‘Hat link requires Professional Draw 3.0 (available soon). Professional Page is a registered irodemark of Gold Disk Inc. All other products mentioned ore trademarks of meir respective owners. Specfkotkms ore suoiecl lo change without notice. HINK ALL ’040 ACCELERATORS ARE THE SAME? As a high power Amiga® 3000 3000T user you need a 68040 accelerator board for one reason... and one reason only... SPEED! THINK AGAIN! And once you know what makes one 68040 accelerator better than another, the only board you'll want is the G-FORCE 040 from GVP. WATCH OUT FOR SLOW DRAM BOTTLENECKS Yes, all 68040 CPU's are created equal but this doesn't mean that all accelerator allow your A3000 to make the ;of the 68040 CPU's incredible performance. The A3000 was designed to work with low-cost, 80ns DRAM (memory) technology. As a result, anytime the '040 CPU accesses the A3000 motherboard, memory lots of CPU wait-states are introduced and all the reasons you bought your accelerator literally come to a screeching halt! Not true for the G-FORCE 040... SOLUTION: THE G-FORCE 040 s FAST, 40ns, ON BOARD DRAM To eliminate this memory access bottleneck, we designed a special 1MB, 32-bit wide, non-multiplexed, SIMM module using 40ns DRAMs (yes, forty nanoseconds!), This revolutionary memory module allows the G-FORCE 040 to be populated with up to 8MB of state-of-the- art, high performance, on-board DRAM. Think of this as a giant SMB cache which lets the '040 CPU race along at the top performance speeds you paid for. SHOP SMART: COMPARE THESE G-FORCE 040 SPECS TO ANY OTHffl TJ40 ACCEERAT0R 68040 CPU running at 28Mhz providing 22 MIPS and 3.75 MFLOPS! NOTE: The 68040 incorporates a CPU, MMU. FPU and separate 4KB data and instruction caches on a single chip. World of . Commodore AMIGA HEW YORK CITY • APRIL 24-26,1992 Consumers Circle 170 on Reader Service card ? 0 to 8MB of onboard, 40ns, non-multiplexed, DRAM. Fully auto-configured, user-installable SIMM modules lets you expand your A3000 to 24MB! DRAM controller design fully supports the 68040 CPU's burst memory access mode. ? Full DMA |Direct Memory Access) to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral (e.g: the A3000's built- in hard disk controller). Asynchronous design allows the 68040 to run at clock speeds independent of the A3000 motherboard speed. Allows easy upgrade to 33Mhz 68040 (over 25.3 MIPS!) When available from Motorola. Hardware support for allowing V2.0 Kickstart ROM to be copied into and mirrored by the high performance onboard DRAM. Its like caching the entire operating system! Software switchable 68030 "fallback" mode for full backward compatibility with the A3000's native 68030 CPU. ? Incorporates GVP's proven quality, experience and leadership in Amiga accelerator products. TRY A RAM DISK PERFORMANCE TEST AND SE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE G-FORCE 040 OUT PERFORMS THE COMPETITION Ask your dealer to run any "RAM disk" performance test and see the G-FORCE 040's amazing powers in action. So now that you know the facts, order your G-FORCE 040 today. After all, the only reason why you need an '040 accelerator is SPEED'. A3000 "CPU slot" connector GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770* FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Force 040 is a registered trademark of Groat Valley Products Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amlga. Inc. © 1991 Great Valley Products Inc FEATURES Amiga Output as Art By Joel Hagen ....28 How you translate your computer images into finished artwork can he the crucial difference between mundane reproductions and gallery-quality works. Here are several creative techniques to help make your physical output suitable for exhibition. Dusting for “Prints” By Dave Johnson ..33 Don't let your search for the right printer wind up in the “unsolved mysteries’* file. Use this guide to take the investigative legwork out of finding what different kinds of printer technologies have to offer in terms of capability, performance, and value. DTP-ing with the Enemy? By Eyo Sama ...37 Relax: Neither you nor Julia Roberts will suffer murder or mayhem by engaging in a little cross-platform cooperation in the area of DTP. Learn to incorporate the best elements of Amigas, Macs and Pcs, and you may just wind up with a competitive, full-service publishing operation. ARTICLES A Brand-New Bench: Part II By Sheldon Leemon ...42 New features of the 2.0 operating system are making some applications programs more powerful, flexible, and easy to use as you will see in Part 11 of our series on “Getting the Most from Workbench 2.0.” COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 Using a computer to monitor Wall St. trading from a cell may not be good rehab for Michael Milken, but the editor shows that some “insiders” arc putting Amigas to constructive use all the same. Accent on Graphics 4 8 By Joel Hagen Joel takes you “trekking” in outer space this month with some paint-program tricks for whipping up animated star- fields and spinning asteroids faster than you can say “Starship Enterprise.” Getting what you do on your computer out oj your computer in quality fashion is paramount. That’s why our features this month stress techniques for obtaining top-notch output. Tips on buying printers, and practical advice on setting up desktop-publishing operations. Whether you’re preparing artwork for exhibition or producing a job for a client, you’ll find our 'Amiga Output" special will help you get the best results possible. CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 5, MAY 1992 VIDEO Suite By Mark Swain 50 One of the simpler and less expensive ways to achieve a crispy luminance clip in your video post-production work is to create a “traveling matte." DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 News, new products, and more from all over the Amiga community. Help Key ...80 Memberships are free and service is available here at Lou's “Triple A” where you get Advice, Assistance, and Action whenever your .Amiga hits the breakdown lane. AW Product Information 84 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue o ' Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses" list. 112 The Last Word .. The readers write back. REVIEWS Imagine (impulse) and Real3D Professional Turbo 1.41 (Activa Programs Plus Video) 18 Major facelifts for two multipurpose 3-D graphics packages pay off with highly successful results. DSS8: Digital Sound Studio (GVP) .20 High-quality audio digitizer sample- editor combo with some sequencing capability thrown in. MegaChip 2000 500, Multi- Start II, and SecureKey (DKB Software) ..74 Three nifty boards that offer sensible solutions to increasing chip RAM, providing multiple Kickstart ROMs, and ensuring data security, respectively. MEDIASHOW (Gold Disk) ...75 Low-cost multimedia system for video production work. Voyager (Carina) ...76 “The Dynamic Sky Simulator” makes your Amiga a mini-planetarium. Notebook (Black Belt) .....90 Free-form text graphics idea organizer. (i A M E S Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 56 Slick tricks from the top tipster in the gaming game. RED BARON (Dynamix Sierra).....0 6 Highly realistic, authentically detailed flight simulator from the Great War... Birds OF Prey (Electronic Arts) 56 ...But ifWWI biplanes are too slow for you, try this Fast-paced Cold War model. Battle Isle (UBI Soft Electronic Arts) and FlRETEAM 2200 (Sim Systems RAW Entertainment) ..58 Two sci-fi war games, one winner. THUNDERHAWK (Virgin Games) 60 Hi-tech helicopter hi jinks with arcade, strategy, and role-playing elements. Corporation (Virgin Games) 62 Challenging role-playing adventure. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY ED JUDICE AMIGA ILLUSTRATION BY CELESTE LAZAROU WALSH Amiga World 3 THE FINAL WORD IN RAM EXPANSION FOR THE The best things come in small packages! The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM Expansion board for the A2000. Once again GVP proves to be the technology leader. 2 MB of ' 2 s factory installed memory. SIMM sockets for up to 6MB user installed memory modules. (Shown here fully populated) GVP’sVLSI custom chip allows dramatic decrease in number of parts required. Features: V 2MB of factory installed RAM, expandable to 8MB. All memory is fully Auto-Configured. V Also supports a 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. V Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! V GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an 8MB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! Lower parts count also means highest possible reliability and life expectancy. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief Daniel Sullivan, Executi ve Editor SWAIN PRATT, Managing Editor BARBARA GeFVERT, Senior Editor LOUIS R. W allace. Senior Editor. Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David X McClellan, PETER OlAFSOX, Contributing Editors Howard G. Harp, Art Director
L. AURA Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Debra A, Davies, Production Supervisor Ai.ana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldriC.K, Advertising Director BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative, Partial pages & Info Market, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator
M. ARGOT L. Swanson, Customer Sendee Representative; A dvertising Assist an t Giorgio SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West ( 41cist Sales 5 33 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame. CA 91010 1-415-375-7018: FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director
L. AURA Livingston, Marketing Coordinator LlSA JaILLET, Desktop Publishing Manager DEBORAH M. Walsh, Circulation Manager TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President SUSAN M. HANSHAW, Director of Operations LlSA La Fleur, Business id1 Operations Manager Mary McCole, President's Assistant KENNETH BLAKEMAN, Associate Publisher. Ancillary Products LYNN LaGASSE, Video Products Manager CHRIS Conroy, Technical Director, Video Products TlM Walsh, Ancillary Products Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales id Collections AinigaWhrld (ISSN 0883-239(1) is an independent journal not connected tdth Commodore: Business Machines, Inc. Avit iAVi.rhl is published monthly l> lechMcdia Publishing. Inc.. an IDG Company, 80 Elm St., iVuilxittutgh. Ml 03458. U.S. subset iption rate is $ 29.07. one sear; $ 4(j.00, two sears; $ (V-I.OO, three years. Canada S38.97 (I S fimdsl. One vear only Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Sihface $ 19.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (picpay ment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All foreign rates are one-year onlv. Second-class postage paid at lUtctborough. N H. and at additional mailing offices. Phone: (>03-92-1-C) 100. Entire contents copyright 1992 In lech Media Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication may lie printed or oi Itemise leproduc cd without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to.-JiiMgullbrW. Subscription Serviies, PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-830-1. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co., .-Imigit- Wbrld makes every eflbit to assure the accuracy nl aiiiclrs, listings and tmuiis published m the magazine. AMIGA World assumes no responsibility fm damages due to errors or omissions. Amiga is a registered fracemark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Dealers Circle 21 on Reader Service card Consumers Circle 22 on Reader Service card OW ADD 286 “PC AT” COMPATIBILITY TO YOUR A500 IN A “SNAP” WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARRANTY ON YOUR 4500 GVP's SERIES II A500-HD8+ NOW FEATURES AN OPTIONAL, PLUG-IN, 1GMHZ PC286 EMULATOR MODULE! Not only have we added a PC286 emulator option to our best selling A500 hard drive subsystem but our Series II™ A500-HD8+ units are now equipped exclusively with Quantum™ hard drives offering the fastest access times and data transfer rates, unique disk caching and the highest reliability (MTBF| rating in the industry. Coupled with our world acclaimed DMA SCSI controller, everything from loading software to saving files is so much faster that you finally have the time to enjoy the fun and productivity that you bought your A500 for in the first place. THE MAGIC BEHIND GVP's SERIES IIA500-HD8+ HARD DRIVE MUSCLE Check out these unequalled features: ? Choice of factory-installed 50,120 or 240MB Quantum SCSI hard drives. Provides storage space of 56, 130 or 260 floppy disks! Game Switch for disabling the hard drive allowing compatibility with those few badly behaved games which don't like hard drives! A2000™ Hard Drive Perfonnance. The A500HD8+ uses the same Custom DMA VLSI Chip and FAAASTROM technologies as our top-selling, high performance, Series IIIV A2000 SCSI controllers. ? Up to SMB of User-Installable Internal FAST RAM expansion (SIMMs!. ? External SCSI port for connecting additional SCSI Peripherals such as Tape Drives, CD- ROM drives, etc. ? Unique Internal "Mini-Slot" Expansion Connector and Fan for Cool, Reliable Operation. ? Includes Dedicated Power Supply ensuring that your A500 power supply is not overloaded (a MUST for adherence to Commodore specs!. PLUS, now we offer something NO OTHER HARD DRIVE SUBSYSTEM can, an optional plug-in 16Mhz 286 "PC" Emulator! THE MAGIC OF THE GVP PC28G EMULATOR OPBMS MICROSOFT WINDOWS AND MORE. Our new GVP PC2S6 emulator module is the first A500 peripheral specifically designed to be plugged into our unique internal "Mini-Slot". Unlike other 286 PC emulators, this one fits right inside your A500HD8-1- housing! So installation is a snap and there's no need to open and dismantle your A500TV and run the risk of VOIDING YOUR Computer's WARRANTY. In fact your warranty worries are over, because the A500-HD8+ as well as the optional GVP PC286 emulator module are now warranted for 2 FULL YEARS!! The GVP PC286 "Mini-Slot" module features:
• Runs MS-DOS |V3.2 or up), Microsoft Windows™ and literally thousands of PC applications. NOTE: MS-DOS Operating system is NOT Included.
• 16Mhz 80286 CPU. Up to 15 times faster than IBM's original PC!
• Complete Hercules™, CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video emulations. MS-DOS applications can use the A500's™ built-in parallel and serial pons transparently.
• Use the A500's floppy drive(s) to read write MS-DOS floppies.
• Let's your A500 nin MS-DOS and Aruja « a regawea traaemani o( Commooofe-Amg*. Inc C 1991 O'** Valley PrcxJuca Itc. AmigaDOS Applications Concurrently!!
• 512KB of Onboard Memory (RAM] for exclusive use by MS-DOS. Transparent access to the A500's memory for MS-DOS applications requiring more than 512KB of memory!
• Socket for optional 80C2S7 (CMOS) Floating Point Unit. PLUS, your Series IIA500-HD8+ matches your Amiga™ 500's good looks line-for-line and curve-for-curve. So... Be Smart, before you buy anyone else's A500™ hard drive or RAM expansion system, ask the question: "Does It Have a Mini-Slot"? Why settle for anything less? GVP PC286 MODULE GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amigas on the Inside CHIEF CONCERNS A personal computer can create a degree of freedom even within prison walls. SOME WHO ARE sentenced to a long stretch in prison have a bleak outlook. Life on the inside is lull of drudgery, fear, and anger. And when they get out, it’s usually more of the same. Others, however, learn new skills, write books, act anything to prepare themselves for a productive return to society. Brad Perrott is currently serving a life sentence at the Warkworth Institution in Campbellford, Ontario. He hopes to be released in 1994, at the age of 47. If he does get out, Perrott He blew $ 900 on his computer, giving up the chance to get a color TV, stereo, or fancy clothes lie has never regretted it. Shouldn’t have to Hip burgers at the local Big Boy; instead, he will become involved in making video, thanks to countless hours spent using the Amiga. When Perrott bought his A500 in 1988, inmates were allowed to purchase only SI 000 worth of personal property. He blew S900 on his computer, giving up the chance to get a color TV, stereo, or fancy clothes. He has never regretted it. After Perron’s first major software purchase Byte by Byte's Sculpt .Animate 3-D he was off and ray tracing. He also picked up Electronic Arts’ Dpaint II, and, with the help of his pal Wayne Boden, started broadcasting a schedule of the videos to be shown throughout the prison. They began by creating six screens, but after various other prison groups wanted in, their work outgrew the paltry' memory of the standard A500. An extra 512K took care of that problem, at least for a while. Now the system is punched up with a CAT 42MB Series II hard drive, an extra 2MB of RAM, and an accelerator. And Brad and Wayne have moved up to scripting with Right Answers’ The Director. The current Director application they have built presents a requester that allows the user to select a title animation or a title screen. It then automatically reads a list of videos from ASCII and displays it on the chosen screen. The Director also reads in advertisements from an info.data lile and places them within a screen that’s created from Dpaint III or New- Tek’s Digi-Paint 3. All this now runs in hi-res overscan, thanks to Perrotds one-megabyte Falter Agnus chip. This work got Perrott more interested in video, and S99 later he became the owner of a Minietics’ AmiGen, which he now uses to enhance videos that are shot by various prison groups. Perrott says that one of his biggest challenges is interesting the 25 or so other Warkworth A500 owners in advanced uses of the .Amiga. But an assortment of top-notch games keeps this group fairly well occupied, he reports. Warkworth prison officials recently upped the amount of money inmates can spend on personal possessions, so Perrott is thinking ahead. On his agenda are the 2.0 operating system and a digitizer. Perron's greatest Amiga dream, though, is to own a system that includes a NewTek Video Toaster. Perrott is now trying to convince officials to scrap plans for an expensive PC-based video system, and instead to let him do a more complete job with a couple of A3000s. Sounds like a good idea to me. Time To Program FOUR OR FIAT years back, 1 corresponded a bit with a David Duhaime, a prisoner at the Washington State Reformatory, and I’d guess he’s still there. This guy was obsessed with programming, but, making only $ 26.40 per month, he lacked the money for a decent software library. I sent him every Microsoft language I had at the time. To me, they took up shelf space. To him, it was like a gift from God. At the time, Duhaime claimed that Washington State Reformatory was the only house of correction in the US that allowed inmates to own a PC. Like many near-sighted corporations, the prison had strict standards as to what could be used. Unfortunately, it had to be an IBM compatible, and no modems were allowed. Pm not sure if thcv allow Amigas yet. Personal computers, even IBM compatibles, have the power to change lives. There is no certainty about it, but in the case of prisoners, it is a chance for a new start. Each one can decide what he wants the computer to do. Some may become financial wizards, or programmers, or designers. And these skills, rather than prison garb or a regrettable past, form the identity of the person at the keyboard. An Amiga computer system is especially well suited for rehabilitation. It is cheap and powerful, and can easily tap into creative powers. It can reward hours of effort with a beautiful animation, a stunning graphic, or a multimedia mindblower that makes you proud. The Amiga may not be able to save the whales or patch the hole in the ozone, but it might make a difference in one man’s life. ¦ ' " A 7 ¦% -' r». - > i- £ ,-v ¦> 'or40MHz’080. 32-Bit RAM EXPANSION... DMA SCSI CONTROLLER... HARD-DISK-CARD & MORE... Our new G-Force 030 Combo board for the A2000 is truly in a class of its own and has no equal. It's equivalent to four expansion boards in a single slot! With its '030 Central Processor and 68882 Floating Point Processor (both running at a clock speed of up to 50Mhz), 4 to 16MB RAM and on-board DMA SCSI Controller, the G-Force 030 Combo gives you more performance and control for the money than any other single board out there. G-FORCE 030 COMBO THE MUST HAVE A2000 ADD-ON Give your Amiga a massive memory boost... Moke your Amiga faster than a speeding bullet... Use your Amiga with virtually every and any SCSI device on the market from CD-ROM drives, to Magneto- Optical and tape-based storage devices... Get all the storage capacity and performance of the latest SCSI hard drives with our optional hard drive mounting bracket you can even turn it into a 240MB Quantum Hard-Disk-Card... Save lots of time working with desktop publishing, animation, ray tracing and modeling programs... Speed up all your New Tek Video Toaster™ applications. A perfect match... Plus, the G-Force 030 Combo plugs into your AZOOO's CPU slot, leaving all your normal expansions slots open and free for other uses! It's no wonder we say the G-FORCE 030 Combo is the Must Have Add-on for your A2000. IT'S A COMPLETE SYSTBVI ON A SINGLE BOARD Just look what you get from this workhorse, powerhouse:
• 50Mhz 68030 or 40Mhz 68EC030 CPU. Whichever one you choose your A2000 will out-perform even the latest A3000 systems.
• 50Mhz or 40Mhz 68882 FPU, math processor.
• 4MB of high performance, 60ns, 32- bit wide RAM expansion. User upgradeable to 16MB with easy-to-install 4MB SIMM modules.
• High Performance, Auto-booting, DMA SCSI controller which can DMA directly to from the full 16MB range of 32-bit wide RAM just like the A3000!
• SCSI connectors for connecting both internal and external SCSI peripherals.
• Hardware support for mapping the A2000 Kickstart ROM into the highspeed 32-bit wide on-board RAM. It's like caching the entire operating system!
• Icon-based, Software Switchable, 68000 Fallback mode.
• Converts to Hard-Disk-Card with Optional Hard Drive Mounting bracket.
• • • AND FOR THE MUST HAVE OF ALL HARD DISK CARDS... IT'S A COMPl£TE SY ON A SINGLE BOARD COMBO Our optional "Hard-Disk-Card' Conversion Kit turns your G-Force 030 Combo board into a Hard-Disk-Card the drive mounts directly on the Combo board itself even saving you a peripheral bay! For real price performance ask your dealer about our factory installed 120MB or 240MB Quantum hard drive bundles - look for our seal! Not only do you get a great price but with our new two-year warranty, you will get the piece of mind you deserve. >t
- Sr-Sr- mi "mm V
• rnarm mmmm rnrnrnSmi iimm '¦ ¦¦ * i ..- -- GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Force OGOisa registered trademark o' Great Valley Products Inc. Amiga Is a registered trademark o( Comroodore-Amiga. Inc. All olher trademarks are ttie property oi their respective owners. © 1991 Great Valley Products Inc. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks AmiEXPO Long Beach: High Seas, Low Attendance LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA Hie rains that flooded Southern California ceased in time for die opening of AmiEXPO, held February 14-16 on board the Queen Maty, which is now permanently docked in Long Beach. Unfortunately, the rain returned with a vengeance on Saturday, keeping many would-be attendees nestled in their homes. Disappointing also was the low vendor turnout, apparently the result of a glut of Amiga shows and conflict between competing show groups unable to agree on a coordinated show schedule. Among the missing were Commodore, GYP, Progressive Peripherals, Impulse, and myriad others. NewTek had a very small presence as part of the Bread Box Toaster magazine (RS 120) booth. Image-processing kingpin ASDG was there, though, with an especially unique “exhibit.” The firm curtained itself off from the crowd and conducted a three- day focus-group session, questioning customers about what should be added to Art Department Professional. I did get a quick demo of ASDG’s new program, About Faces The good news: AmigaDOS 2.0 supports Intellifont scalable typefaces. The bad news: Only three fonts are included. The best news: Agfa Corporation now offers 15 scalable font packages for the Amiga, plus many more individual volumes (four typefaces each, $ 99}. The word-processing and desktop-publishing series is composed of Styles Unlimited (25 typefaces, $ 199), Laser Type (35 faces, $ 199), Office Communications, Bulletins Newsletters, Presentations, and Publications Packs (12 faces and $ 159 each), and Amiga Starter and Amiga Companion Packs (four faces and $ 69 each). For projects that need an artistic flair, check out the five- volume decorative series (six typefaces and $ 129 per volume) or the Amiga Decorative Fred, a terrific system for batch processing frames. Fred allows you to easily add Toaster-style effects to single-frame recorded animations. ASDG is also working on motion blurring for digital video. (RS 121.) Greater Access I unfortunately missed the hottest product of the show. INO VA tronics Hew in the UK-based designer of its HiQ A500 Tower, who set up the product late in the show. According to INOVAtronics, the HiQ’s video slot can run 68040 accelerators and NewTek’s Video Toaster. This §699 product could be a boon to A500 owners eager to use the latest and greatest A2000 peripherals. INOVAtronics also popped out CanDo
1. 6. Which adds game-port support, proportional sliders, and more Arexx functionality. (RS 122.) Digital Processing Systems drew raves (I sure gave it one) with its new DPS Personal V-Scope. For $ 955, it gives you a waveform monitor and vectorscope on one card. With a standard composite Starter Pack (four faces, $ 69). Video Unlimited ($ 199) includes 25 typefaces optimized for video work. With a total of 250 designs in Agfa's Intellifont library, you won't run out of choices quickly. (RS 110.) CG Times Italic CG Times Bold CG Triumvirate Bold CG Triumvirate Condensed Put a good lace on it with the Amiga Starter Pack. Video monitor, you can have a full-screen waveform or vectorscope, or view them both on a single screen. (RS 123.) Gold Disk, which reported brisk business, highlighted Professional Page 3.0. which should be shipping by the time this issue hits the stands. The new version automates many layout tasks and supports Adobe Type 1 fonts. (RS 124.) If you have a Commodore A2630 ac- cel era tor, CSA promises to double your speed with the $ 699 Rocket Launcher. This product replaces the standard 25- MI Iz ’030 with a 50-MHz version. The firm also showed a new generation of its popular MegaMidget Racer. (RS 125.) Supra pulled in crowds with its range of fax modems, priced from $ 199.95 to $ 399.95. (RS 126.) Bugs and All Rimik displayed its Beetle Mouse, a $ 49.95, 320-dpi replacement mouse. The two-button device looks a bit buglike, comes in a variety of bold colors, and includes an extra long cord. Remix Continued oil p. 14. The PC Connection For more Bridgeboard speed, consider the 80386 20-MHz Bridgeboard Enhancer ($ 449) from ATOP. The Bridgeboard Enhancer is a small module that replaces the 80286 chip of the A2286 AT Bridgeboard without cutting or soldering. It works with an 80287 math chip and promises a Norton processor speed of near 20.7. (RS 1 12.) For better Bridgeboard relations, check out the Ambassador ($ 79.95) from Consultron. Based on the company’s CrossDOS software, the Ambassador allows you to access Amiga-connected floppy drives as MS-DOS drives and boasts it will provide faster access to data Continued on p. 14. To contact the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 84. Quarterback 5.0 - © 1932 Central Coast Software ? I Quarterback : -K - - - ¦ • * ? Systen2.0 ejC Zl RddBuffers Drrc Zl Rss i gn Zl Rve iI Zl B i ndDr i vers Zl Break D
Z) ConC I i p Zl Copy D cpu 3 Date Z] Delete
Z) Dir Zl D iskGhange Zl D iskBoctor Q Ded Dedit 3 Eva i
Z) Execute Zl F i lenote Zl IconK Zl Info 3 Insta i f D Iprefs Feb 11, 1992 at 55:02 RM * Backup in progress. Abort SDF8: Writing 1; tfet otedl OBF2: Ready EIDF3: Ready ZisZ.'-S" ?:;.THR' !9£Sf J; TO;-?a Wmg|MMK Conpleted: : ¦>!* Files: 25 Bytes: 178,560 559 4,599,613 ZmSSS8&fmiiSmS!S&
• The fastest backup and archiving program on the Amiga! ?
• Supports up to four floppy drives for backup and restore
• New integrated streaming tape support
• New “compression” option for backups
• Optional password protection, with encryption, for data security
• Full tape control for retension, erase and rewinding
• New “interrogator; ” retrieves device information from SCSI devices
• Capable of complete, subdirectory-only, or selected-files backup and restore
• Improved wild card and pattern matching, for fast and easy selective archiving
• Restores all date and time stamps, file notes, and protection bits on files and directories
• Supports both hard and soft links
• Full macro and AREXX support
• Full Workbench 2.0 compatibility
• Improved user interface, with Workbench 2.0 style “3-D” appearance
• Many more features! Thousands of people rely on Quarterback for their backup and archival needs. Now, with Quarterback 5.0, there is even more reason to do so. Greater speed, even more features, and proven reliability. And a new “3-D” user interface puts these powerful capabilities at your finger tips. With features like these, it is no wonder that Quarterback is the best selling backup program for the Amiga. Would you trust your data with anything less? Central Coast Software .4 Division Of New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 • FAX (512) 328-1925 Quarterback is a trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc. A Who’s Who Helper Tired of hunting through a mess of tiny note papers looking for that phone number you had just a minute ago? The Contact (Consultron, $ 59.95) address and phone database can help you tidy up. Called by a configurable hot-key, Contact lets you create, edit, and access multiple Phonebooks. Need an address for a letter? Call it up in Contact, tell the program to type it into your text window, finish your letter, Programmer's Toolbox Want an easier way to define structures in C? IntuiGen 1.0 [ . Miller & Associates, $ 34.95) generates definitions for NcwScrecn, XewW’indow, Menu. Menu- Ilem, IntuiText. And Gadget (Boolean, string, and proportional) structures. The WY'SIWY’G interface’s load-and-save features let you alter code later. (RS 101.) And then configure Contact to print a label for the envelope. Contact can store up to two telephone numbers for each address and can dial either one if you have an autodial modem. Contact's Arexx interface lets you customize the program even further. As a bonus, CalcKey, a hot-key-accessible calculator, is also included for standard, scientific, and programming math. (RS 107.) Composed of 11 command-line utilities, Qutna Software's QVCS (Quma Version Control System) automatically tracks your source and binary files through development, saving the differences between various revisions in a single (lie. The lock-file protection lets you use multitasking QVCS ($ 99) on netCurves Ahead Technical Tools offers 3-D modelers a new twist and enhanced convenience with Lissa ($ 35), a l.issajous curve generator for Imagine and Turbo Silver. Lissa generates Lissajous path objects that you can, for example, use as flight paths or as backbones of extruded objects. You control these paths via a window on Workbench or an Arexx script. (RS 104.) Worked systems, and for multi-developer projects, QVCS coordinates accesses and updates to shared modules. Need to backtrack? The program retrieves previous file versions and supports journaling. Other handy features include an editable message file that defines the Continued on p. 14. Occasionally* a piece of Amiga software worthy of becoming folk- ballacl material appears in the public domain. These programs are usually small vet remarkable ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh 4 utilities that make life easier in one way or another. Such is the case with MultiDOS, a 34K program by Kjell Didriksen that qualifies as the handiest Amiga MS-DOS converter of all time. An earlier Amiga-to-MS-DOS conversion program, CrossDOS ($ 39.95, Consultron), first appeared several years ago. It won the respect of many, including me. CrossDOS alone elevated me from ordinary computer geek to “nice-guy” status in the eyes of Amiga World Sales and Marketing staffers who often need Amiga files converted to MS-DOS format. I knew the practicality and pitfalls associated with conversion programs, and CrossDOS allowed me to perfect the art of making PC files Amiga-compatible and vice-versa. 1 learned to overcome quirks in its behavior, I downloaded software updates as they appeared infrequently on the nets, and I convinced myself that the program was all 1 would ever need for MS-DOS conversion. But MultiDOS, the PD alternative to CrossDOS, puls the commercial program to shame. With MulitDOS, there’s no secret sleight-of-hand tricks to learn, no semi-secret updates to download, and virtually no documentation needed in order to use the program. You simply decompress the software by using the Arc utility and copy one file to vour 1: directory, another to 4 4 ' devs:, and a couple more to your System director)'. Then you’re in business. Unlike early versions of Cross- DOS that sputtered to a halt under AmigaDOS 2.04, you can turn MultiDOS on and off with the CLI Shell commands PC- MountAll and PCKillAll, respectively. Furthermore, you can format low-densiiv MS-DOS disks J on any Amiga floppy device with the command PCFormat. (You can safelv shorten the commands 4 by renaming them or by adding a line such as Alias PC PCMount- All to your Shell-Startup.) After several months of heavy use, I have yet to see MultiDOS crash, and it remains bulletproof to the operating system under just about any conditions. Even if vou do not have access to a PC-compatible, I recommend this file for future reference. Genie users can look up file number 13661 in library 33, and you can find it in the CompuServe AmigaTech library 11 as filename MLDOS1.LHA. On Portal, the program is file number 90 in the Amiga area “File Libraries Mi sc Stuff.” You can also find MultiDOS on BIX under the name MULTIDOS- .LZH in the Amiga.listings area. A Bid for BIX Speaking of BIX, Byte magazine’s telecommunication arm was recently acquired by General Videotext Corporation. To
• learn more about this sale, I posed some questions to BIX. The responses I received were surprisingly upbeat. According to BIX’s Amiga Editor, Joanne Dow, you can expect to see better organization and new helpline operators. Sometime in the near future, BIX will probably move to a new location, which could mean increased access capability from Tymnet. In turn, BIX would be able to handle as many as 500 users at a time, rather than die current capacity of 140. The move could result in a 24-hour interruption of service, but all except the most infrequent users should have plenty of warning, as BIX will try to notify subscribers well in advance of any clown time. Dow also noted that BIX will remain the BYTE Information Exchange, with heavy BYTE participation. So, fellow BIX users, set your minds at ease. In these dismal economic times, positive business news is in short supply. That emphasizes Dow’s upbeat prognosis: "I am excited by the prospects for BIX and BIX s future, including significant growth. It appears this has the distinct possibility of being a singularly good thing for BIX.” BIX One Phoenix Mill Lane Peterborough. NH 03458 800 227-2983 CompuServe PO Box 20212 Columbus, Oi l 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 N. Washington St. Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 c OU’LL BUY IMPACT VISION24 FOR ONE VIDEO NEED AND FIND YOU NEED IT FOB EVERYTHING VIDEO Introducing the IMPACT VISION 24 from GVP The All-In-One Video Peripheral for the A3000 and A2000 press a (configurable) “hot key" to activate any feature. At GVP, we wanted to make a major impact on the use of the A3000 2000 by professional video enthusiasts. With the Impact Vision-24 we have! For more information on how the hipact Vision 24 can have a major impact on your video productions, call us at 215-337-8770. Imp" GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337*8770 • FAX (215) 337*9922
• Control Panel. Provides full software control over all Impact Vision-24's numerous features. Use your mouse or simply ? Bealtime Framegrabber Diglttzer. Freeze, grab and store (in standard 4096 or 16 million color IFF format] any frame from a "live'' incoming RGB video source. Optional “RGB splitter'" required to grab incoming composite or S-VHS video. ? Hteker-flimlnator. Duplicates and enhances the A3000's display enhancer circuitry. It even de-interlaces live external video! A must for any A2000 owner. Ask about our A2000 “genlock slot trade-up“ program (in case your genlock slot is already used by something less exciting! ? Simultaneous Component Video (RGB) Out, Composite Video Out and S-VHS Video Out. Now, anything you can see on your Amiga monitor can be recorded on video tape, ? Separate Composite and Component Video (RGB+Sync) Genlocks. RGB genlock operates in the digital domain, for digitally perfect production studio quality mixing: no color bleeding, no ghosting, no artifacts ...! ? 15IVB Frame Buffer. Display 24-bit, 16 million color images on your Amiga monitor. On a multi-sync monitor, you can even display 16 million color images in non-interlaced mode! If you’re into video, IMPACT VISION-24 is truly a dream come true for your A3000 or A2Q00. It is the first multi- function peripheral specifically designed for the A3000’s video expansion slot With the optional A200D genlock slot adaptor kit, it also perfectly complements and enhances the A2000. Check out these features, all packed on a single Amiga 8 expansion board! Including animations, ray-traced 24-bit images and more! ? Pfcture-ln-Picture (PIP) Display. Freeze, resize, rescale and or reposition live incoming RGB video just like any workbench window at the double click of a mouse or the pressing of a “hot key". With a multisync all this can even be in rock steady de-interlaced mode. Unique “reverse-PlP“ feature, even allows you to place a fully functional Amiga workbench (or other application) screen as a SCALE-ABLE (shrunk down!) And re-positionable window over full-screen live video. ? To make sure you can take full and immediate advantage of every feature of your new Impact Vision 24 video-station, we even include the following software with every unit:
• Ca garT4V24. An exclusive version of the leading broadcast quality, 3-D modelling and rendering program. Use your imagination to model 3D, 16 million color, scenes. Use your digitized video images as textures to wrap around any object! The mind is the limit! SCALA -Tltlng. Easy -to-leam, video titling package complete with lots of special fonts and exciting special transition effects. Turn your Amiga into a character generator. Island Unrest ft's 1995, and you're in charge of an American tank platoon. Can you rid Yama Yama's five islands of the North-Korean- backed, disaffected Soviet communists? The sequel to Team Yankee, Pacific Islands [Empire } Ready Soft, S49.95) tests your strategic prowess through more than 30 battles, each with multiple objectives. Only after all five strategically important islands are liberated can you call yourself a winner. (RS 108.) Inside Sync Is there no more room for another black box in your video studio? Very well, just plug your time-base corrector into one of your Amiga’s slots instead. Compatible with composite and S-YHS systems, the TBCard (I,Den, §995) promises a broadcast-quality signal, in- finite-window time-base correction and Graphics To Go Have you a need for ready-made graphics and special effects for wedding videos? An- imattes: Wedding Series (39.95, Electric Crayon Studios) is a point-and-click collection of self-running graphic routines offered Encore, Encore! They’re back! The Lost Treasures of j Infocom, a collection of 20 favorite bygone text and graphic adventures, is now available from Activision Studios. For about SI00, you’ll receive all five Zorks, the mysteries Ballyhoo, Deadline, Moonmist, Suspect, and Witness; synchronization from any video source, and a bandwidth of 5.5 Mhz. For an additional si55, you can purchase theTB- Card TR-7 combination. The TR-7 is a remote box that gives you control of proc-amp functions, Field and frame freezes, and svstem-timing controls. (RS 111.) On three disks. You can use the routines straight out of the package or customize them in an IFF paint program, utilizing the included modification tutorial as a guide. (RS 105.) The science fiction games Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, Star- cross, Stationfall, and Suspended; the fantasies Enchanter, Sorcerer, and Spell- breaker; Infidel, in which you must find the great lost pyramid of Egypt, and die creepy Lurking Horror. (RS 106.) SIMply Learning Suppose you were given the choice of learning addition by drill or by playing a game such as cribbage? That's an easy choice and studies show that students learn and understand much more when they are having fun. In her article "Simulations and Adventure Games in Computer Assisted Language Learning" (Simulation & Gaming, Dec. 1990), Macey Taylor reports on a wide variety of games usage in both direct instruction and teacher training. She found that "...students in communicative classes have tended to progress more rapidly, scoring higher on our level tests...than their counterparts in more traditional courses." Taylor uses Sim City (among other programs), and cites the wealth of educational possibilities it allows. These include site research, map making, planning and budget making (using spreadsheet and database programs), and writing. In fact, teachers at all levels, from elementary school to college, from vocational schools to literacy and English as a Second Language instruction, are applying this concept with Amigas. With the help of simulations like Sim City (Maxix) and Balance of Power (Software Toolworks), students learn not only city planning and international relations, but also language and writing skills, math, traditional sciences and social studies. These and other simulations offer a wealth of possibilities for instruction and practice. Scott Horan, teacher and proprietor of Mr. Horan's Computer Lab, a large Amiga establishment in Louisville, Kentucky, uses and installs Amiga educational systems around the South. In addition to simulations, he recommends Lemmings, especially in CDTV format, as "a great problem-solving game for classrooms." "It's a microwortd for higher-order thinking skills," he explains. "CDTV decentralizes the classroom. If the teacher is going to be the guide on the side instead of a sage on 0VERHEARD Commodore wants to pay you $ 500! If you purchase an Amiga 3000-25 50 or 3000- 25 1000 before April 30, Commodore will give you a S500 rebate. You may either apply it to your purchase immediately or receive a check from Commodore. For full details, call 800 66-AMIGA. The stage, CDTV is the perfect tool." Many commercial and public-domain games and simulations can be customized using one of the multimedia authoring languages such as AmigaVision, CanDo, or The Director. The tools are readily available; it's up to teachers to use them to spark the creativity and imagination that students at all levels bring to the learning experience. Michael Hanish Video Flippers NORTH MANITOU ISLAND, Michigan In the tradition of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, scientists from Michigan-based Great Lakes Visual Research (GLVR) took the plunge off the coast of Lake Michigan’s North Manitou Island. Using a Sony video camera housed in a specially-made casing, these fresh-water explorers surveyed and recorded a visit to the sunken Alva Bradley, lost nearly 100 years ago. According to GLVR’s Harley Seeley, who coordinated the expedition, an A2000 equipped with a GVP accelerator Continued on j). 14. &OUND ZONE With the most powerful comprehensive 8-bit Digital Sound Package to ever orchestrate an Amiga Digital Sound Studio The Affordable Answer to Your ?IQITaU SOUND STUDIO to Audio Dreams Record, Edit, Compose... With a high-quality stereo sound sampler, A fast, powerful, easy-to-use sound editor, And a self-contained 4-track sequencer: for all the sound effects and music you could ever imagine. ? Record sound samples from any source, including voices, noise, and pre-recorded instruments, to create your own instruments and effects. ? Edit sounds quickly in real time. Add effects like reverb and echo, run sounds backward, alter wave forms, cut and paste sound segments, create loops, eliminate pops and scratches. ? Compose easily using the DSS 4-track sequencer and your Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Draw from up to 31 instruments at a time, in up to four octaves with 8 different variable effects. Mix and modify sounds in real time as you compose, through direct interface with the sound editor. DSS Stretches the outer limits of 8-bit sound
• Create your own 4-track, self-playing musical compositions.
• Make soundtracks for home video, animation or visual presentations complete with voice-over, sound effects and music.
• Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation.
• Analyze graphic equalization of real-time sound.
• Remove "pops'1' from old phonograph reeordings.
• Create custom instruments and sound effects by collecting and or modifying pre-recorded instruments, voice, or sounds from any source, and use them in your own compositions.
• Save your sound and music to disk or send it out via modem for replay on any Amiga. Check out these unparalleled features V AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible; written in assembly language. V Multi-tasking operation. V 68020 and 68030 compatible, v Comprehensive tutorial manual helps even beginners get started right away. V Intuition-based graphic interface makes operation easy. V MIDI-in capability. V Direct interface between sequencer and editor. V Hold 31 sound samples in memory at once all shown on screen so they are easy to manipulate. V Effects and processing capabilities include echo, mix, filter, re-sample, sound data inversion, playing sounds backwards, loops, fade-in fade-out and more. V Manipulate sound samples in real time, as you listen. Create sampled instruments with 1, 3 and 5 octaves,
* HIFI recording for highest quality playback. V Controls for faster slower playback and filtering high frequencies during playback. V Load and save samples, songs and instruments in multiple formats. V Multiple effects for each note. V Stereo and monophonic operation. Also convert mono to stereo or separate stereo. V Auto-playing music modules. V Real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. V Real-time reverberation. V Graphic editing of wave forms through easy-to-use functions, including zoom in out and precision controls for position, frequency and amplitude. V Draw sound waves freehand using the mouse. V Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. V Maximum recording speed of 51,000 samples second in stereo. V Savable Preference settings. V Saves in IFF, SONIX or RAW formats. V Compatible with SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and SoundFX modules. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 El P FX Ami EXPO, from p. 8. Is also planning a series of Amiga CD- ROM products, including a public-do- main software collection, clip art, and a picture disc. Each disc is expected to sell for $ 79,95. (RS 127.) Going back to the future, the Genie telecommunications service is planning to introduce an on-line interactive Amiga “magazine” that will eventually include sound, graphics, and animation. (RS 128,) Mach Universe entered the 3-D object fray with the $ 49,95 Rig Rig, a tractor- trailer object set that’s compatible with LightWave 3D. The truck can be easily animated, with headlights, blinkers, rear view mirror, and 18 moving wheels, (RS 129.) Besides wowing us with its Resolver graphics board, Digital Micronics of- PC Connection, from p. 8. From the Bridgeboard if you use Consul- tron-stvle PC virtual hard-drive partitions. In addition, with the Ambassador you can access Bridgeboard-created virtual partitions and most real MS-DOS hard-drive partitions connected to the Amiga. (RS 113.) A Bridgeboard alternative for the A500, Atonce-Plus (Vortex MicroPace. $ 448) features a 16-MHz CMOS 80286 processor and 512K of RAM, plus a socket for an optional 80C287-12 math coprocessor. Tested under MS-DOS versions 3.2 to 5.0 and DR-DOS 5.0 and 6.0, the board runs unrestrictedly in Protect- ed mode (Windows 3.0 and Lotus 123 are supported, however) and offers 64OK of memorv for DOS functions. J In machines with one meg or more of RAM, Atonce Plus lets you either install additional program memory or a RAM disk. For its display, the board emulates 16-color CCA mode, one EGA VGA monochrome graphics mode, and the Hercules, Olivetti, and Toshiba T3100 graphics cards. While you can use the Amiga’s serial port as COM1 or COM2 Video Flippers, from p. 12. And a Video Toaster (NewTek) made the underwater imaging easy and effective. Normally, it takes a lot of work, both in the field and in post-production possibly up to two years to establish records like these. With the Amiga setup, Seeley said, image acquisition can be done rapidly and with good resolution. The system allowed Seeley to accomplish both his goals: charting underwater preserves and furthering the fered a 20MB, 3.5-inch floppy drive. Yes, floppy! The firm claims an average access time of 65MB per second, which equals the performance of many hard drives sold only a few years ago. Prices range from $ 549 for an internal unit to $ 749 for an A500 version that includes a SCSI controller, (RS 130.) In the Can, a European titling-and-ef- fects product, has crossed the Atlantic and is selling for S99 from Visual FX. (RS 131.) Finally, promotor AmiEXPO (RS
132) announced its move into the desktop-video market with its first such show, Desktop Video ’92, scheduled for May 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport. It has also scheduled another AmiEXPO for October 2-4 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Doug Barney with the card, the parallel port maps to LPT1. Sound and a real-time clock round out the features list. (RS 114.) For PC-XT emulation without hardware, Consultron‘s CrossPC is the answer. This software emulator is bundled with an upgrade of CrossDOS in Cross- DOS version 5.0 Plus. Requiring one megabyte of RAM and version 3.0 or higher of MS-DOS, CrossPC emulates CCA or monochrome video modes and can access standard Amiga floppy drives, an MS-DOS partition on an Amiga hard disk, and the Amiga’s parallel, serial, and mouse ports. The other half of the team, CrossDOS 5.0 now supports 1..44MB high-densitv disks and the 20MB MS- DOS floptical disk format. Associated utilities, error-recovery techniques, and the user interface were revamped, as well. For example, the format and disk-copy commands now operate on both MS-DOS and AmigaDOS disks. .As a new product, CrossDOS version 5.0 Plus is available for S59.95: as an upgrade, the cost is S20 and an original CrossDOS disk. Consultron also sells MS-DOS 5.0 for $ 90. (RS 115.) Concept of a rapid-deployment, mobile system that is consumer-oriented and ( inexpensive. “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use this system,” Seeley ex-
• J plained. “(Its) major advantage is that the available software allows you to adjust the contrast and change the scale (of images).” Avocational archaeologists will be interested to know that the entire setup costs less than 510,000. Rich Broida Add More Than Four Users of Commodore's A2630 accelerator can now have more 32-bit room to maneuver in, thanks to the DKB 2632 (DKB Software). The DKB 2632 is a 32-bit mem- ory-expansion board that installs on the A2630. While it comes populated with four ($ 699.95) or eight megabytes, you can expand the board up to 112 megabytes in increments of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 megs using JEDEC-standard 32-bit-wide SIMM modules. Because this RAM uses 32-bit address space instead of autoconfig space, you can install it and still use an AT Bridgeboard with more than six megs of fast RAM. The DKB 2632 is also 2.0-compatible and is backed by a one-year warranty. (RS 109.) Toolbox, from p. 10. Message strings used by QVCS utilities, a file-compare utility for binary and ASCII files, accidental-deleiion protection, and the ability to automatically expand key words. (RS 102.) If debugging your SAS C code is a big: ger concern than cataloging it, consider MuItiTrace 1.0 (AltoFirma Software, $ 89), a multitasking debugger housed in a link library. With it, you may open separate trace windows for each program or task running, pause and step through individual tasks, and change a program’s or task’s execution speed. MuItiTrace supplies feedback on these tasks in several ways: It displays messages and variables in trace windows with printf syntax, displays hex dumps of memory or string data, and lets you restrict trace reporting to specific function- call levels. The included MakeTrace utility creates header files and generates C- fimction prototypes. (RS 103.) ¦ Only GVP Factory Installed A2000 HG8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 SCSI Hard Disk+RAM Boards have a track record this good over20,000 satisfied Amiga® users and now a 2-Year Warranty! Don't waste your valuable time or money building a SCSI+RAM Controller from parts... Because of our unprecedented pricing structure you can now get GVP's, brand name, factory installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 at a very competitive price. K GVP’S A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
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a. . «w Zt~ *agi.. .t > . ' Jkat =; yu ¦ - , ¦ . V ... 36 L If > ft ¦ .... ¦ ass, : tm-- si. *
- A ¦** ~Z *“ • "*-*V vmil ft T'rt, sa 4 The TBCard TR-7 combination offers a hardware alternative to software control, allowing you to stay in your primary desktop video software and have full control of the TBCard Time Base Corrector. D-BSET CORPORATION
I. DEN Videotronics Corporation 9620 Chesapeake Drive ¦ San Diego, CA 92123 Eastern Regional Office (203) 827-8900 1-800-3 74-1DEN System Timing Proc Amp Freeze TBCard plugs into any desktop video system Amiga or PC based Convenient hardware control on your desktop freeze, video level, chroma level, setup, hue and system timing Component processing that provides high resolution Circle 195 on Reader Service card Experience The Tbwer Of FnflMrite" 3.2 (Racing Attire Optional) printing as well. Options include multiple fonts and sizes in PostScript or high-quality dot-matrix printing and options for 8, 64 or 4096 colors in your graphics. Test Drive The Best- Selling Amiga" Word Processor. Feel the power at your fingertips. ProWrite 5.2 has all the features you need to speed through your documents in record time. Unique functionality, direct PostScript81 capability and a long list of features are the driving forces behind ProWrite’s ability to outperform other word processing programs. Features such as jaggie-free printing, improved picture handling, timed saves and automatic backups. Maneuver through documents with multiple columns, snaking and side-by-side text and manual text wraps around graphics. Cruise effortlessly with ProWrite’s 100,000-word spell checker that can check as you type, and the reserve power of a 300,000-word thesaurus. ProWrite 3.2 means high performance in Register To Win An Odyssey-The CDTV Personal Workstation! Race to your nearest Amiga dealer to test drive ProWrite 3-2 today. You'll qualify to win the exciting Odyssey, a CDTV Personal Workstation complete with CDTV unit, keyboard, external floppy drive, mouse, stereo color monitor; modem and printer, with a CD-ROM containing ProWrite 3-2, Design Works™ 1.0, Plow™ 3-0. ProFonts™ I and extensive public domain software. SALESPERSON NEW HORIZONS First in Personal Productivity and Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 ProWrite is a registered trademark anti Flow. DesignWorks and PtoFohls are trademarks of New Horizons Software, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems. Inc. Imagine 2.0 Impulse Real3D Professional Turbo 1.4.1 Activa International Programs Plus & Video A pair of professionals. By Steven Blaize SOPHISTICATED COMPUTER ART and animation are becoming more popular with the release of movies such as Terminator 2 and music videos like Michael Jackson’s “Black or White,” As the awareness and demand rises, so do the expectations. This trend is very apparent in the Amiga market, where the quality levels expected and techniques used by artists are growing daily. New versions of two 3-D programs have definitely kept pace with this demand for higher quality and more techniques. Imagine 2.0 ($ 450, Impulse) and RealS D Professional Turbo
1. 4.1 ($ 499, Activa International Programs Plus & Video) are two top contenders in the 3-D arena. Because both these fine programs are updates of earlier versions, I will concentrate on highlighting the new additions and significant functions of each, rather than cataloging every feature. Mature Productivity: Imagine 2.0 Released at the end of last year, Imagine 2.0 is a maturing 3-D graphics package. Thanks to its reasonable cost, excellent functionality, and top-notch renderings, Imagine (originally the follow-up to the popular Turbo Silver) has built a large following. You won’t be disappointed by version 2.0, with its additional features, new manual, and easier ways to be productive within your 3-D world. Imagine is one program divided into seven editor areas. New in 2.0, the Preferences Editor lets you directly edit and customize your preferences. With it, you can add to the bottom of the other editors user-customized gadgets (buttons) that control frequently used functions. This speeds up productivity. With the Forms Editor, you create organic or symmetrical objects, while with the Detail Editor, you build new objects, modify Forms objects, and assign all surface characteristics to objects. The Stage Editor lets you set object and camera placement, lighting, and viewing perspective. In the Action Editor, you specify movements, global parameters, and, if you are animating, key cels and special effects over time. A potential time-saver, die Cycle Editor lets you create repeating or hierarchical movements for objects. The classic example is walking: If you create the Cycle movement for one full step, you can then repeat this cycle in the Action Editor over an assigned time period. Finally, the Project Editor generates animations and controls rendering selections, such as resolution and format. In the Forms Editor, you begin with a sphere that is cut into slices, the shapes of which you then alter to create your object. The 2.0 addition of key slices was critical in making this editor useful. Instead of shaping every single slice, you can specify one or more key slices, alter their shapes, and let Imagine provide smooth interpolation between them. Consider an automobile body with a ridge that runs only from the front door to die back fender: If you cut the body into cross-sections from front to back, the first section (grill area) would be a rectangle, and the section that starts at To locate the vendors of products reviewed, see the "ManufacturersVDistributors' Addresses" list on p. 84. The door would be a rectangle with ridges on either side. Designate this section a key slice, and Imagine will produce a smooth ridge down the length of the car. Want to check the results? The Forms, Detail, Cycle, and Stage Editors now have Quick Render options that let you render directly in the editors without having to set up all of the staging and lights another welcome productivity enhancement. The Detail Editor’s improvements will make many people happy. Now, when you convert an IFF file to an object, you are asked whether or not you want faces on the object. You can also type in text using standard .Amiga fonts and have it converted to a 3-D object. This alone will save a great deal of time, although the conversion is not as powerful and flexible as that offered by dedicated programs such as Pixel 3D 2.0 (Axiom Software). In the past, getting brush (IFF picture) wraps and texture wraps in exactly the right place was possible, but difficult. Now, Imagine automatically gives you a default position and texture parameters. You can still customize these, but you will at least be assured of a good starting point. Version 2.0 offers several new textures to wrap, as well. Checks2, Pastella, and Waves bring the number of textures to 14. Another important attribute-en- hancement addition is Fog Length. Now, any object can have fog properties (in any of the 16,7 million colors), and global fog has been added to the Action Editor. Spline paths have also been included for object extrusions, and Conform to Path has been added. Also new to the Detail Editor is the ability to define subobjects a group of faces within an object. Now you can selectively apply any of the Brush or Texture Maps (four each) to just a subobject, making decals very easy to produce. You can also use subobjects to selectively control Phong shading. Objects in Imagine are composed of triangles, ancl the program uses Phong shading to help smooth the surfaces of rounded areas. Prior to 2.0, achieving sharp edges on one part of the object and smooth ones on another was almost impossible. Now you can define the points that will not have Phong shading, while the rest of the object is smoothed out. New to Imagine 1.1’s Detail Editor was Quick Draw, which changes the objects in your display to simple bounding boxes. This is very helpful when you have complex objects, because Imagine can update your display much more quickly if it draws only a bounding box in place of a point-lilled object. In version 2.0, Quick Draw was added to the Stage Editor, as well. Now you can load your complex objects, and then turn on Quick Draw for faster manipulations. Your Perspective View is always updated with the proper display. In 2.0, the Action Editor is basically the same as in earlier versions, with the addition of a Sort function from the menu for your objects and a second F X action line. F X, one of my favorite features in this program, now includes Boing, Explode, Fireworks, Flash, Grow, Ripple, Rotate, and Tumble. You can even apply two different effects on an object at the same time. You can also have a global backdrop picture, as I did with the clouds in Figure l. The Cycle Editor is relatively unchanged, as is the Projects Editor. From the latter, however, you can now output directly to DCTV format. The last area to cover is the documentation. The reputation for producing inadequate manuals has always haunted Impulse. The company has developed outstanding products, but has accompanied them with lackluster documentation. The manual for Imagine 2.0 is definitely a complete rewrite. It takes a different and unusual approach, in that you arc expected to read it from start to finish. It reads like a stoiy about creating with Imagine. The sparse index located before the single tutorial and other appendices do not really direct you to specific subjects, however, but rather send you to pages where the phrases are mentioned. The misspellings and comments such as “Ask Zack For More Here” indicate that the manual was a little rushed. However, the program is more thoroughly covered than in previous versions. Should you need it, technical support is available free of charge. Powerful Flexibility: Real3D Professional Turbo 1.4.1 Real3D Professional Turbo, while not the new kid on the block, is one of the newest professional-level 3-D programs for tiie Amiga. Version 1.4.1 makes it a definite contender for your consideration. Real3D takes a very different approach with its interface and object creation, but, once mastered, the techniques produce outstanding results, with options not always found in other 3-D programs. The program lias three basic working areas: the Editor, Wire, and Solid. The Editor is your object-creation and staging area for a specific frame. The Wire area lets you move about your space and record animation movements for your objects. Finally, the Solid (or Render) area controls the quality, format, and resolution of your rendered images. When I looked at the first release of this program, I was impressed with both the speed and quality of the renderings, but found object creation and animation seriously hampered. Version
1. 4.1 has improved both immensely. It employs a hierarchical structure for object creation. For example, a chair is made of the legs, the seat, and the back. In turn, it is part of the dining- table set, which is part of the room, and so on. By selecting any group level, you can alter it and all of its related parts. A unique feature is the ability to identify a cost with a specific object. At any time, you can see the cumulative cost at any stage in the construction of your object. When it first appeared, RealSD provided object creation only by means of a few primitives and tools to modify them. Now the program provides a wealth of primitives, along with excellent tools such as Lathe, Polygon, Polyhedron, and Conical Tube. An unusual one is the Pixel tool, which replaces pixels in an IFF picture with a specified ? Kent Kalnasy Seattle, Washington object. For example, if you drew a title in a paint program, you could replace each pixel with a sphere and build a title composed of balloons. Another tool, Pixel2, creates a mesh over an IFF picture to generate a topographical landscape, with increasing brightness of color indicating increasing elevation. This type of object creation is fine for some things; however, many of us want point editing to design custom objects. Version 1.4.1 gives us that, too. Real3D also has some of the most powerful Boolean operators in any 3-D program. You can use these to cut away sections of objects, using any object as the tool for cutting or adding. Best of all, you can use the tool to apply its attributes to the new object. With a gold cylinder, for instance, you could drill a gold hole through a wooden ball and even animate the process. The problem with this method of creation is that the two objects are still completely displayed in the Editor and the wireframe view. This can become veiy confusing with complex objects. A new feature helps: You can now have Rea 13D “rethink” to provide you with a better wireframe representation. You also have the ability to attach and modify a different wireframe to the object if it will assist your work. The free-form modeling is very' powerful, offering 24 ways to bend, join, and twist objects. Tools and primitives are available from menus, keyboard commands, and icons (see Figure
2) . Lights and refractive properties in Real 3D react exactly as they do in the universe; for example, you can create an actual glass lens. Real3D also permits you to create custom materials libraries for controlling the surface properties of your objects. A very useful feature is the ability to select objects based on color, properties, or name. These can then be altered in one global change. The program now supports 24-bit brush maps, which is very important to many of us. The Solid (render) screen provides many methods for rendering your image, and it gives you controls for automatic lighting, shadow inclusion, refractive depth, and so on. The full ray-traced output takes about the same length of time to render as in oilier programs, but the results are outstanding. You can output your work as an Amiga, 24-bit IFF, or Targa image. Real 3D also supports some full-color display boards, with libraries (such as DCTV) that will be added through the public domain; current libraries include the Harlequin and VD2001 boards. Animation is still a little awkward in Real3D 1.4.1, The program does support key frames, and it allows movement along a spline path. Adding acceleration and deceleration of objects, however, takes a bit of work. In addition, the method used for key frames is to “Expose” a frame to certain positions. If you want to change an object in that frame, you must first “De-Expose” it. The manual is well written; the information, however, is sparse, and a lot about the program is presumed to be intuitive. For example, adding primitives requires different steps to define the starting points, diameters, ancl so on, but these are never explained. Furthermore, the reference section is far from a thorough explanation of each of the commands. Overall, though, I feel the manual provides coverage that’s adequate to get you started. While it was developed by The Netherlands’ Activa International, Real3D Professional Turbo is supported by Programs Plus Sc Video in North America via telephone or BBS, if you need technical help. The Best Fit for the Job If you are a 3-D artist, von should consider adding one or both of these programs to your toolbox. Neither is a clear winner over the other, as each offers features the other does not. White Imagine excels at point editing and is a much better animator, Real3D offers unique Boolean functions, more output options, and somewhat better- looking output quality. Both Imagine
2. 0 and Real3D Professional Turbo
1. 4.1 are very well suited to produce professional results, so you can’t very well go wrong. DSS8: Digital Sound Studio Great Valley Products Edit sounds or capture your own. By Steve Quinzi A COMBINATION SOFTWARE and hardware package, DSS8: Digital Sound Studio (Great Valley Products, §125) utilizes the Amiga’s internal audio capabilities to provide an environment for stereo sampling, sample editing, and sequencing Amiga-specific sounds. When DSS hoots, it opens with a system-information screen that displays details about your current system, such as the version of DSS that you’re running, the microprocessor that you have, and the amount of available chip and fast RAM. Click twice, and this screen becomes the DSS samples list, although you can summon the system information display at any time by selecting Info from the Project menu. Try a Sample The samples list consists of 31 slots into which samples can be loaded. Obviously, the number of samples you can actually have at one time is limited by the amount of available RAM. To the left of each sample in the list is a small box indicating if the sample is stereo, less than 128K, ancl currently residing in chip or fast RAM (more about this later). Arrows at the bottom of the screen let you move up and down the sample list. To work with a sample, you must first select it with a mouse click. The box at the base of the screen displays the name of the selected sample, its current frequency (in bytes per second), ? Version 1.3’s new screen display is easy to read! Jt Is un; err. Men to find a software company that Is as Inient upon improving and supporting their products ae jour company seems to be. From vd-.al 3 understand, since the day Hnal Copy started selling there were few. Tf any, problem* with 11. Now the! You have Improved the screen dispJ ay, yen have overcome the onl y ob|eaicn to your program that I had- M _ Now my print outs lock as good os any I have seen created cn ,;! Any computa-! My cnly complaint is that Final Copy was not available before. Amiga users have been waiting for a program ¦¦SbMA like this for a lcr.g tlrr.e.
o be a winner you’ve got to be a whole lot better than the rest. Find Copy Final Copy is the first and only word processor for the Amiga that gives high-quality printing on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported printer. It comes with a 116,000 word spelling detector and corrector, 470.000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, 35 outline typefaces, multiple newspaper style columns, IFF graphic support including 24 bit ILBMs, real-time text flow around graphics, 12 bit-plane color printing, typographic controls, Arexx port, and true WYSIWYG PostScript printing. As one of our customers said, “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see Final Copy has the best printing of any Amiga word processor.” Comparison Chart Outline Fonts Included Crop Graphics Load Simple HAM graphic Thesaurus Synonyms Speller Words Snaking Columns Graphic Text Flow Automatic Hyphenation Final Copy 1.3 35 Yes
3. 5 sec. 470,000 116,000 1-6 Yes Yes Pro Write 3.2® 0 No 1 in in 20 sec 300,000 100,000 1-5 No No Comparison Chart Price Frame Graphics 24 Bit ILBM Support Thes. With Definitions Page Views Print 1 pg. Document Arexx Use Amiga Clipboard Final Copy 1.3 $ 99.95 Yes Yes Yes 25-400% f 53 sec. Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® $ 174.95 No No No No 2 min 5 sec Yes No
* 99® VISA & 1 MASTERCARD | 1-800-247-8314 I SoftWood, Inc. AMIGA COMPANION PACK $ 69 CG Times Italic CG Times Bold CG Triumvirate Bold and its original frequency. The multifunction slider at the left can vary either the sound's volume or frequency. To hear the current sample, just click the speaker icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. DSS offers some interesting features for changing samples from mono to stereo and vice versa: Create Stereo combines two mono samples to form a single stereo sample, while Divide Stereo separates the right and left channels of a stereo sample to individual mono samCG Triumvirate Condensed Antique Olive Bold Antique Olive compact ITC Benguiat Book ITC Benguiat Bold CG Bodoui Bonk CC Bo 11 on i Bold CG Poster Bodoni Clarendon Book Condensed ples. Convert to Stereo contrives stereo by duplicating a mono sample and assigning the two samples to left and right channels of a stereo sample (this is actually not stereo but “multi-mono”). Convert to Mono sums the two sides of a stereo sample to mono. Unril now, Amiga® users were stuck with the typefaces unique to their applications. But now, with AmigaDos1M Release 2, all your software will use Agfa’s high quality Intellifont® scalable fonts so you can use your fonts in any size you want. We’ve made it easy to get started by creating more than a dozen Amiga font packs from the Agfa Compugraphic library of more than 250 typefaces. Prices start at just $ 69. For more information, see your software dealer, or call 1-800-424-TYPE. Intellifont a registered trademark of Miles, Inc, AGFA and the Agfa Rhombus are registered trademarks of Agfa-Gevaen, AG. Amiga is a registered trademark and AmignDOS is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. All other trademarks are the property their respective owners. AGFA 1NTELLIFONT IS NOW PART OF AMIGADOS RELEASE 2 Double click on any sample, and you enter DSS’s Sample Edit mode, where the waveform is displayed graphically. 11 the sample is stereo, both waveforms appear. The Edit menu offers the usual cut, copy, and paste, while the Swap AMIGA DECORATIVE STARTER PACK $ 69 AMIGA STARTER PACK $ 69 Uncial CG Trump Mediaeval CG Omega Futura Bold II Branding Iren Shannon Extrabold lAllf _-V.-£rri VIDEO UNLIMITED $ 199 Futura Book Futura Bald Garamond Antiqua Garamond Kursiv Garamond Halbfctt Microstyle Bold Agfa fJadianne Medium Agfa fJadianne %old Stymie Medium Stymie Bold Letraset Aachen Medium Peic,NOi DEMibold Branding Iron tLottirgaofl R@t!7u a Letraset University Deman Jduiiny Ttoftf (9li) English Channels command produces some nice stereo “ping-pong” effects. Most ol the editing features require that you define a range before using them. The obvious way to do this is by highlighting the desired area of the waveform with the mouse, but you can also use the position markers. These are moved with an array of buttons called the position-adjustment arrows (resembling a tape recorder’s transport control), which let you place the markers with precision. However, you still must use the mouse to highlight the area between the markers. Another way to define a range is by- selecting Auto Range from the Edit menu; from there, you can highlight either the entire waveform or just the on-screen part. The box next to the speaker icon now makes sense; it oilers three options for playback the entire sample, whatever is on the screen, or the selected range. A readout to the left of this box gives the size of each option. Flic Process menu’s functions are also designed to work within a specified range. The first option here, Backward, plays the selected range in reverse. Inverse changes every amplitude value within a range to its inverse (for example, 1 becomes -1). The waveform sounds the same, though it is now 180 degrees out of phase from the original; if you play the two waveforms together, they cancel each other out. Set to Zero sets all amplitude values within the specified range to zero, which is useful for inserting periods of silence into a waveform. Ramp Volume creates percentage changes in amplitude from the beginning to the end of a range. For example, setting the start value to 100% and the end value to zero produces a fade- out. You can use Ramp Volume to produce uniform level changes, as well, by setting the start and end values the same (a value above 100% increases the overall level, below 100% decreases it). Echo repeats a range to create an echo effect; you can control the echo rate, rate of decay, and the number of echoes (limited by the length of the sample). With the Mix feature, you can merge a range with whatever is currently in the RAM buffer, and you can resample a range to a different (presumably lower) sample rate to conserve memory. Clicking the loop button in the control panel at the right of the screen activates the loop mode. To specify the section you wish to repeat, place the ? Welcome to the Future. Soft-Logik would like to congratulate Gold Disk on adding features to Pro Page
3. 0. Of course, it still doesn’t compare to PageStream 2.2, the Experts’ Choice. Congratulations, Gold Disk, on adding improved typographic precision and an Undo option to Professional Page 3.0. Of course, PageStream has had Undo since version 1.0 and its type scaling is srill 12.5 rimes more precise. The five new AGFA Compugraphic fonts included in ProPage 3.0 bring your total to 7, still short of the 10 we give our users. We’re sure ProPage users will appreciate the new ProWrite and Excellence text import hirers; PageStream users have been enjoying them for years. And the tiling feature you ve added in 3.0 will allow vour users to make those banners and posters PageStream users have been pasting on walls everywhere. The most impressive feature in 3.0 has to be the links to ProDraw and Article Editor. Your “hotlinking” feature is a closed and proprietary system. Our HotLinks is a standard protocol which any company can support. Of course, this isn’t really a fair comparison, because ProPage’s links cannot match HotLinks automatic data transfer, real-time multiple edition updating, and edition management utilities. Cool Programs for a Hot Computer Soft-Logik Publishing is proud to announce HotLinks Editions. HotLinks Editions combines BME, PageLincr and HotLinks into an affordable package. BME is a bitmap editor for touching up pictures and photographs. PageLiner is a feature-laden text processor with spell checking and formatting tags. HotLinks is the new Amiga standard for data exchange. Multitasking is Cool, but HotLinks is Hot HotLinks takes Amiga multitasking into the future. An open standard available to all companies, it allows you to exchange text, graphics and other data between applications in real-time. Imagine having all copies of your cor- EageLmer porate logo updated automatically in your PageStream document when you make changes in BME. PageStream doesn’t even have to be loaded. The next time you load a document containing a copy of the logo, HotLinks will update it automatically. This might be the future, but it’s available now. PageStream 2.2 is just $ 299.95. HotLinks Editions is $ 99.95. If you would like your ocher software to be HotLinks compatible, just ask its publishers. We’l! Help them include HotLinks in their next release. PageStream 2.2 and HotLinks Editions are v publishing solution. HotLinHs » HotLinks Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation We give you the tools to dream. 800-829-8608 PageStream, BME and PageLiner are registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation. The HotLinks name is reserved for use on the Amiga for software compatible with the HotLinks standard set by Soft-Logik Publishing. Compugraphic is a registered trademark of AGFA Compugraphic. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Professional Page, Professional Draw and Article Editor are registered trademarks of Gold Disk Inc. loop markers with the mouse, and then fine-tune them with the position- adjustmciu arrows. One readout below the lower-lef t corner of the waveform display gives the loop marker’s position (expressed in time or by address), while another indicates the instantaneous amplitude at each position (useful for searching for points of zero crossing). If you need to tweak a waveform, switch to maximum magnification and activate Draw mode. Here you can use the mouse to make repairs. There are three drawing options: free drawing (hold down the left mouse button), straight-line drawing (hold down both buttons), and value entry (use the two arrows by the amplitude readout to enter a precise amplitude value at ever}' position). COULD DREAM IT WOULD DREAM IN VISTAPRO2.0. FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALITY LANDSCAPE ARTISTRY V1STAPRO 2.0 IS UNPARALLELED. Circle 58 on Reader Service card. You can capture fresh samples, as well. First, plug the supplied audio digitizer into the parallel port (after turning off the Amiga), and then click the Sampler button to activate sample VISTAPRO 2.0 FEATURES Roads and buildings! Most complete final image control of any landscape simulator,
• Most advanced color pallette
• Virtual trees, stars, rivers, lakes, snow
• Basic animator, Direct 24-bit output
• Parts of Mars, Yosemite, Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake, fractal scapes, and more! VISTAPRO 2.0 INCLUDES SPECIAL COUPONS FOR MAKEPATH AND TERRAFORM MAKE PATH Advanced Animation Utility which allows complex animation with Vistapro2.0! TFRRAFORM Landscape Editor which allows users to modify an existing Vistapro 2.0 landscape or create new ones! S25 tACH WITH COUPONS capture mode. (The DSS digitizer is a well-made, attractive black box with two RCA audio-input jacks, each one equipped with an attenuator knob and an overload light.) The first screen to open lets you set various parameters. Here, you select the input (right, left, or stereo), choose one of three scales of oscilloscope displays or the spectral analyzer (an animated bar graph showing frequency ranges) to monitor incoming signals, set the sample length, rate, period, and root note, and you’re ready to record. Click the monitor button, and the incoming waveform is displayed according to your choice. You can also adjust the display’s resolution to take advantage of the power of accelerated Amigas. Once the digitizer levels are properly set, click the record button to digitize the waveform. While the program offers a real-time reverb Function that can be encoded upon the sample 011 input, I don’t see the point in it. In my opinion, reverb is much more useful as an after-the-fact processing function. Make Tracks The sequencer portion of DSS, the Tracker, works exclusively with .Amiga sounds, specifically those that are loaded into the DSS samples list. For the Tracker to use a sound, it must he mono, less than 128K (256K if it contains a loop)* and resident in chip RAM. The Edit menu’s Transfer to Chip command moves sounds for you, but you need to keep track of your available RAM, The Tracker’s four tracks correspond to the .Amiga’s four audio channels. Above each is an on olf switch, or you can use two switches in the control panel at the right of the screen to toggle the left and right audio outputs independently (the outer tracks are assigned to the left side and the inner to the right). Two small readouts with adjustment arrows can set the volume of each individual sound, as well as that of the entire mix. To enter data into the Tracker, highlight the track onto which you want to record, select the appropriate sound, ancl type notes from the Amiga’s QWERTY keyboard. A small keyboard icon on the left toggles the range of the keyboard from the upper two octaves to the lower two octaves to accommodate a four-octave range. You can also enter notes from a MIDI keyboard the program’s only MIDI aspect, by the way. This setup was apparently designed for moderate- ? ¦ The world’s besr modeler us- ing virtual reality technology for direct real time manipulation of 3D objects in full perspective ¦ Single Point Editor, full hierarchies, Primitives, Extruder, Mirror, Slice and Sweep tools ¦ Photorealistic full color Tenderer with texture mapping, environment mapping, shadows, transparency, Gouraud, Phong, Metal and Environmental shaders ¦ Four levels of antialiasing, with separate antialiasing of textures, unlimited number of lights, including Global, Local and Directional lights ¦ 20 to 50 times faster than ray tracing programs ¦ Full color output to HAM, HAME and DCTV frame buffers M Interactive spline based animation with real time preview ¦ Fully compatible with Videoscape, LightWave and Sculpt 4D object formats H Runs on all Amiga models (2Mb memory required) ¦ Support for 68030 040 accelerators ¦ Full implementation of Caligari Broadcast 2.0 technology. Virtually OCTREE SOFTWARE 311 W 43 St. Suite 901 New York. NY 10036 Tel. 2 1 2. 2 6 2 3 1 1 6 Fax 212.2624081 The products mentioned above are registered trademarks of the following companies: Caligari2 Octree Software, inc.; Amiga Commodon Business Machines; DCTV Digical Creations; HAM-E Black Belt Systems, Inc.; Videoscape Aegis; LighrWave Newtek; Sculpt 4D Byte by Byte Circle 82 on Reader Service card AMIGA NOW FLYING OVER LATIN AMERICA C ommodore International has awarded Creative Equipment International, "CEI", rights to distribute all Amigas to Latin American and Caribbean countries. CEI has established an initial dealer network and is now signing up additional dealers in this lucrative market. Other products included in this network are GVP, SUPRA. PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS, RGB and others. Many PAL versions of video boards and genlocks are available through the CEI dealer network. Interested computer and video dealers in these countries can call Creative Equipment International at the number below. V VA AMIGAf Falamos portugues Se habla espanol 6864 West Flagler Street * Miami, Florida 33144
(305) 266-2800 FAX (305) 261 -2544 ly slow (step time) note entry, evidenced by the fact that rapid noodling from a MIDI keyboard will produce some crazy, blit not permanent, results. The Tracker takes the building-block approach to song construction: You have a maximum of 128 “blocks” to work with, each consisting of 64 events. There is no provision for measures or time signatures; in fact, there is little reference to musical fundamentals at all. If this disturbs you, you could make up a chart mapping event numbers to measure and beat numbers. Given an eighth-note subdivision for example, a block would be eight measures in length (at 4 4 time), and the downbeats would fall on event numbers 1,9, 17, and so on, while in a sixteenth-note subdivision, a block would be four measures in length, with downbeats on event numbers 1.17, 33, and 49. Of course, you have to adjust the tempo accordingly. Not surprisingly, the Tracker has a very nonstandard means of setting tempo a scale from 1 to 15, with 15 being the slowest. You assemble blocks into a song by arranging a sequence of positions, assigning a block to each position. For example, assigning block 1 to positions I and 2, and block 2 to position 3 would result in block 1 playing twice, followed by block 2. If you need a block that is shorter than 64 events, there is a provision to jump out of a block at any point. As far as global editing goes, you can cut, copy, and paste either tracks or blocks. Microscopic editing is limited to using the delete key to erase individual notes, while the Fill Track command places single notes at specified intervals in a track. Two transpose functions, called Note Up and Note Down, move a track, a block, or the entire song up or down a half step. The Tracker also offers a few “effects" such as Pitch up, Pitch Down, and Shazam (a rapid up-and-clown pitch change). These are applied to individual notes with the degree of effectiveness expressed in hex. When a song is complete, you can save it as a song (solely note data), a module (both notes and instruments), or a run module (a stand-alone module that plays, without DSS, from an icon or the CLI). You can also save your instrument setup independently from the song. While the sample editor can save sounds in either IFF, Sonix, or Raw format, the Tracker is limited to IFF. Applause, but Not a Standing Ovation With respect to its strength as a program, DSS gets high marks. It is smooth, easy to use, and intelligently laid out. The sampler and sample editor portions get the job done nicely, and I got some excellent results using GVP’s audio digitizer. The Tracker, however, is a different story. I would have been impressed by it seven or eight years ago, but today, with so many good music products on the Amiga market, it’s hard to believe that a commercial program includes such a primitive sequencer. If basic musical parameters and MIDI implementation are not important to you, the Tracker should suit you fine; otherwise use DSS for sampling and get a real sequencer. (Editor's note: Just before press time, GVP informed us that it has upgraded DSSS. Software sliders have replaced the digitizer's gain adjustment knobs, but the package has acquired a low-pass filter, and you can now make a software choice between line and microphone impedance.) Continued on p. 74. Beamed down tothe planet Ixion from the Legion Ship, Cisskei,aspiringCapta in Ku-Kabul nastofacethedangersandtests specifically placed on th is planet in order to prove hi mself worthy of Leadership. Failing anyofthetestswillendhiscareerasa Legion-Command Officer... permanently! To give him afighlingchance, Ku-Kabul is fitted with twin laser cannonsand refuelabfe jet boosters. Usinghrainsand brawn he mustfind, collect and useobjectstosolve the many perplexing puzzlesanddefeatthehordesor mighty enemies that infest this deadly arena. 3-layerparallax scrolling,arcade-speed action and powerful FX combine with total-gameplay addiction tobringyou the experience that isOrk! Areyou Orkenough? Screen Shots from the Amiga version. I&V Pit your magical powers against an equal but opposite mystical force. Use your sorceiy and fighting skills to battle through six graphically - excellent levels, each infested with hordes of beautifully-animated conjured-up creatures. Pick up potions and spells to help your valiant struggle to find the secret of Cosmic Strength. Experience four layers of incredibly-smooth parallax scrolling, animated backdrops, a massive play area, hundreds of on-screen colours, unbelievable gameplay and an exorbitant sound track all expertly mixed together and skilfully cast to bring you a spellbinding brew of computer gaming action. Experience Agony with no pain! Screen Shots from the Amiga version, PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Circle 62 on Reader Service card. Paying careful attention to the physical output of your Amiga images through creative photography, printing, and mixed- media techniques can reward you handsomely with results that are gallery-quality and suitable for exhibition. By Joel Hagen One of die most frustrating challenges facing the computer artist is that of translating electronic images into some form suitable for exhibition. While I feel that both the computer and video are strong new media to create and exhibit artwork, for the purpose of this discussion let us dispense with electronic media and focus on “hard” display for exhibition purposes. Unfortunately, ordinary printer output has a mechanical quality to it, typically lacking the richness that characterizes the “feel” of traditional media, the “quality of surface” that viewers perceive at a conscious or unconscious level. For computer art to succeed in a competitive gallery setting, that quality’ must somehow be brought to the physical image that is framed and hung. This article will discuss a variety of methods toward that end. Let me say at the outset that I have no idea whether or not some of the printing procedures I will discuss here violate manufacturers’ recommendations. Before trying any of these ideas, you might be well advised to check on such matters for yourself. Three main output problems confront the computer artist. The first is die quality and appearance of die material. Does the ink and paper, For example, have a physical character that is as interesting as that of traditional media? The second is scale. How can die artist break the constraints of 872X1 1 printouts? The third problem is quality of image translation. How effectively can the original colors, nuances, and resolution of the computer image be translated into a “hard” mediums (To locate vendors oj the products mentioned, see the list on p. 84.) Photography Because the computer image is composed of dots of colored light, photography can be one of the most accurate means of reproducing that image. You can get fairly good results by shooting the screen with a 35mm camera. Use a long lens, if possible, to eliminate distortion. Shoot exposures of a quarter-second or more to reduce the effect of video scan. For better results, send your disk to an image service for slides or prints of your artwork. Photographic prints can be blown up to any practical size, and they have an established history and legitimacy as a medium. For photographic prints of Amiga images, the best solution is probably the Polaroid Cl3000 film recorder (S4495), which uses Art Department Professional as its interface (AD Pro 2, $ 299; CI3000 Driver, $ 200; ASDG). This device cables directly to the parallel port ? Of your Amiga. A variety of camera backs can be attached to it for capturing slides, negatives, Polaroid prints, and so on. The CI3000 is capable of imaging on 35mm film at a resolution of up to 2048x1366 in a color space of 16 million colors. Images are produced on film by digitally controlling a light beam through an internal CRT. The film is exposed through red, green, and blue filters. The AD Pro interface includes controls for calibration, exposure, and color balance. Even if your Amiga is not equipped to display large 24-bit images, they can be rendered by a variety of software or created by compositing in AD Pro's 24-bit color space. These images can be directly exposed to film in the CI3000 with excellent results. Large photographic prints made from 2048x1366 24- bit images are exhibition quality. Multiple-Pass Printing The most widely available method of getting a computer image onto hard media is via a printer. There are high-end color printers such as the Iris that can do a remarkable job of duplicating high-resolution 24-bit screen images onto poster-size glossy paper at about $ 60 per print. While these printers arc beyond die reach of most artists as far as experimentation goes, they also have, to my mind, the limitation of being too slick. The print looks like a commercial poster. Such results can be rather sterile in the realm of fine art. For color prints, I prefer the look and feel of ink-jet output. Creatively handled, an HP Paintjet ($ 1395, Hewlett- Packard) can produce a more interesting surface, in my opinion, than printers costing ten times as much. Most of the trick in imparting a good look to the inkjet surface is to do multiple passes (see Figure 1 for an example). The ink becomes dense and fills in any faint lines left by the print head. To print multiple-pass images, make a mark in the tractor-feed margin with which you can later reregister the paper. Use the “set top of form” button and print the image once; then roll it back to the mark and print it a second time. You will see a beautiful velvet quality emerge that is lacking in a single pass. Black, violet, red, yellow, teal blue, and all the “peacock” colors render well in this technique. A favorite trick of mine is to do a couple of passes as described, and then use a yellow extraction of the image as a final pass to warm the print up. Similarly, you can experiment with using more than one screen image to build up a hard print. Try laying down a base of vivid color and then overlaying a darker, more detailed image. Earthy colors emerge that are impossible to achieve in a single-step print. If you find the image getting too dark after multiple passes, lighten it first in AD Pro, PIXmate ($ 69.95, Progressive Peripherals), or some other image-processing software. I find that AD Pro gives me the most powerful control over preprint image adjustment. Experiment with brightness, contrast, and gamma adjustment to produce a light version of your image. Save this and build up a hard print in the Paintjet, layer by layer. Perhaps the most important concept in working with a printer is to think of the machine itself as your artistic tool. If you focus your thinking on the screen, you are likely to fall short of a quality hard image. The printer is the tool laying down the ink, so think of it as your brush. Use the screen only to adjust the image toward an effective printout. That screen image may ultimately bear little resemblance to the final print. Prior to committing to a full printout, print a test strip, adjust the screen image, and then print another test. Figure 2 shows such a series of image tests from a Paintjet. There is no need to waste an entire sheet of paper and a lot of ink for a test; simply repeat a representative strip until you arrive at a pleasing result. Before starting any print, run a diagnostic on the printer to ensure the best quality. With the HP Paintjet, turn the printer off, hold down the form-feed button, turn the printer on, and then release the button. The printer will produce a black bar followed by yellow, cyan, and magenta bars as shown in Figure 3. If these bars are perfectly solid, a good print will result. Often, as in Figure 3, certain jets will be dogged, leaving a white line in the print. Beneath the solid color bars in the diagnostic are rows of black and colored lines. Failed jets show up clearly here because each line represents one jet. In Figure 3, for example, one black and one cyan jet are not printing. The eff ect of this fail- ure is seen as white lines in the image strip above the diagnostic. Follow the printer guidelines to reprime and clean each cartridge. PostScript Laser Options If you have access to a laser printer, PostScript printing is a powerful opportunity. I have used 300*dpi PostScript images straight out of the Amiga for the illustrations to the Dr. Bones series of paperback science-fic- tion books. Higher-resolution I.inotronic printouts are even better. Even so, for exhibition purposes, straight laser output is a bit sterile. What I enjoy doing, however, is layering a PostScript printout over a built-up Paintjet print (see Figure 4 for an example). The warm, solid “graphite black” of laser ink is a smooth complement to the velvet colors of the Paintjet. I use AD Pro, PageStream (v2.2, $ 299.95, Soft-Logik), Professional Page (v2.1, $ 395, Gold Disk), or Saxon Publisher (vl .2, $ 395, Saxon Industries) as my interfaces to PostScript printing. These programs allow you to size and position a PostScript image on the page so that it matches the position of the underlying image. Don’t rely on a sheet-fed printer, however, to give you registration as tight as you would expect from tractor feed. I like the laser printer's ability to create halftones via PostScript. For my work, 1 use a Silentwriter 2 Model 90 PostScript laser printer ($ 2495, NEC Technologies). If I layer a halftone of an image over a Paintjet color Field, the underlying colors show through the dot patterns, creating subtle effects and details. The dot patterns of the color print and the halftone can, however, interfere with each other to cause a “moire” effect. This is sometimes interesting, but can be objectionable. Experimenting with ordered and F-S dithering in Printer Preferences at the color stage can affect the moire interference. Also, AD Pro 2 has a new Saver feature called Prefprinter that can enhance the output of a printer like the Paintjet. Printing via Prefprinter not only produces better ink coverage and more subtle dithering, but allows effective printout of 24-bit color images. The dithering from a 24-bit Prefprinter image is so right and diffuse that I can overlay a PostScript halftone with no moire effect. XXXXX00 653842
* $ %& . GABCDErCHIJKLI-JHOPQRSTUVWXYS r- $ oprnl0 r*6Q4*0cns22Sj f?~ l • • gq J £)* + ,-. €ABCDBFCH:jkLMKC?QR3TUVWXVZE,|5 * MtnZati J r+-~. Vn2 Figure 3. Before starting to print your image, run a diagnostic test on the Paintjet to ensure that all jets are functioning properly. You can also try Prefprinter to lay black over a color image. Experiment with the Density settings to get the best results from your printer. Floyd dithering at density 1 has fairly large dots, widely and diffusely spaced. Density 4 or 5 produces small clots in a tight pattern. On my laser printer in HP emulation mode, I get fine results from density 4 with the Gamma raised to 36. Gamma adjustment can make or break a high-density Prefprinter image. I get better grayscale fidelity with i he laser in Prefprinter density 4, Gamma 36, than with a PostScript printout. With desktop-publishing software, you can take advantage of the high resolution of object-oriented shapes and drawings. You can create these directly in the publishing software or in a drawing package. Diagonal or curved lines print without “jaggies” at the resolution of the printer. This has a much better look than does a printed bitmap line with its blocky pixels. Interesting combinations can thus be created by building up a color field with an I IP PaintJet and then overlaying linework with a laser printer driven by a program like PageStream, Professional Page, or Saxon Publisher. In fact, publishing software can do a fine job of printing object-oriented lines and shapes with inkjet or even dot-matrix printers. Different papers can produce more interesting print. I find that gray charcoal paper looks very good with laser ink. Printing Multiple-Pagf. Images The ideas discussed thus far are pretty much limited to single-page prints. It is possible, however, to print an .Amiga image at virtually any size by spreading that image over multiple pages. ADPro’s Prefprinter and Deluxe PhotoLab’s Posters program arc good tools with which to explore this process. (PhotoLab is no longer sold separately but is available as part of Electronic Arts DeluxeVideo III, $ 149.95.) I am very impressed with Prefprinter’s interface and controls. You can experiment with size, style, print density, and other factors with ease. Each printed image section must be trimmed and the group mounted to another surface for display. Unfortunately, the display looks like a lot of sheets of typewriter paper glued together. The multiple-page technique, however, really comes into its own for exhibition when the scale of the finished mosaic is quite large. A cleanly mounted ten-foot ? Image is impressive, no matter what the material limitations. A few large mosaics can set a mood, or act to pull viewers through an exhibition hall. Al) Pro version
2. 1.0 adds eight new dithering methods to Pro! Printer for some interesting options. There are two new halftone dithers that optimize color mixing, pins four line dithers and a “brick” dither. These are particularly suited to doing very large mosaics. For greater image clarity, try using one of AD Pro’s sharpening convolu- tiotis on the image prior to printing the mosaic. You may find that Piefprinterwith Floyd dither at density 1 is a good choice for medium-scale mosaics of 10 to 20 sheets. For very laige mosaics, Half tone A or B at a low density may give the best results. It is possible to create more polished works using the same technique by emphasizing rather than concealing the individual mosaic elements. For example, if each tile is carefully trimmed, then affixed to an interesting surface with attention paid to leaving visible gaps, the arrangement and value composition ol the tiles and gaps takes on an esthetic significance beyond that of the image alone. In a 1991 collaboration with British artist Arthur Gilbert, we reduced an image of Cosmonaut Gagarin to three gray levels and then printed it as a 99-sheet mosaic. The printout, using Posters with its “smoothing” option, took about 30 hours on my Kpson dot-matrix printer. Those 99 sheets were sent to 99 astronomical artists all over the world. Kach artist used his or her repeated signature as texture to completely fill the gray areas of their chunk of the image. Each artist then mailed the finished sheet to the .All Artist’s Union in Moscow so that the huge installation could he assembled at the opening of the exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of Gagarin’s space flight. In this case, the concept outweighed the limitations of the material. Additionally, the personalization of each tile by the artists took the finished piece beyond the realm ol a simple printout. Mixed-Media Experiments The signatures of the artists on the Gagarin mosaic brings us to my favorite realm as a computer artist, that of mixed media. To an extent, we have touched on the idea in discussing laser ink over color, but the Amiga artist can explore even greater opportunities bv adding paint, graphite, and collage to the output of the computer printer. Two of my paintings in the Gagarin exhibition began life on the Amiga. Wanting to create stark, documentary paintings to contrast with the more expres- sionistic Soviet styles. I began with two scenes from our early space program. I reworked images of Alan Shepard and John Glenn in DeluxePaint (DPaint IV. SI 79.95. Electronic Arts), simplifying composition, using fiery colors, and breaking up forms into solid shapes. When the painting was finished, the images were printed as multiple pages on an HP PaintJet. The test strip already mentioned (Figure 2) shows some of the color experiments that were tried on the Glenn image prior to final output. The printouts were planned to lit masonite panels cut to the maximum size allowed by the airlines that took us into the former Soviet Union. White glue diluted in water was brushed over the entire surface of the untem- percd masonite. Each trimmed strip of Paintjet tractor paper was dipped in water, then carefully positioned. Failure to wet the prints first causes them to buckle on contact with the glue. Wet paper is also easy to slide around for accurate positioning. Diluted acrylic gel medium was brushed over the entire surface. When each panel dried, the paper had shrunk slightly, leaving small gaps between the strips. These gaps were filled with patching plaster. When dry, the entire surface was sanded and sponged flat. One more coat of gel medium sealed and smoothed the surface. When that was dry, each panel was painted in acrylics, using the Faint jet mosaic as a sketch. A final coat of matte varnish completed the paintings, figure 5 shows the finished paintings hanging at the show’s premiere in Yalta. To experiment with enhancing a printout, try attacking it with your favorite medium such as pencil, conte, or ink. A good first project might he touching up a color print with a soft pencil. You can enhance the subtlety of shading, antialias lines, and add new elements to the image. The touch of the human hand immediately elevates the perception of the piece. Another technique I like is collage. Use the computer and printer to create image elements that are cut, torn, and reassembled to create a final image. I use spray mount on torn pieces of printout to mount them on illustration board. I like to go into this with oils or acrylics to pull together a composition such as the Mercury collage that is the opening illustration of this article. The wonderful thing about mixed media is that it O fully integrates the computer and printer into the studio. The artist must then maintain enough common sense to know when to use a S2500 computer and when to use a 25-cent pencil. Having the mental llex- ibility to mix these tools freely can produce some powerful work. ¦ Joel Hagen is the author of AW’.s Accent on Graphics’’ column and a contributing editor to the magazine. His credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial. SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Dusting for Prints Need some dues on how to track down the right printer to suit your needs? Our hands-on guide reveals the different kinds of printers available the up-front and hidden costs involved, and the performance
• you can expect. SEARCHING FOR THE r ight printer can be mysterious business. Finding evidence is not so hard, but can you be sure you have the whole story? A friend testifies that the model fie bought is the perfect solution but are his needs the same as yours? Some prints you’ve examined point to a particular model but can you get acceptable quality for substantially less money? Or will you give up options you need by spending less? As if the situation were not complicated enough, much of what you knew about printers three years ago is now obsolete. Thai’s because today you can afford printers that you could then only dream about. Let's do a little sleuthing to define By Dave Johnson ILLUSTRATED BY KATHERINE MAHONEY the cost and performance differences and determine your best bet. For information on Fingering the right printer driver to work with your chosen output device, r NOTES EROM THE LITTER BOX illinium ,,l EDITORIAL by Newt This month like to talk about a prc that my older cousins 1 been having. I’m talki
- minium _ . . *** EDITORIAL by Newt This month like to talk about a prc that my older cousins . Been having. I’m talki t *_ii_ The same PageStream file output using a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIP ($ 1295 retail) at 300 dpi (top), an HP DeskJet ($ 995) at 300 dpi (bottom), and a Star NX-1000 color dot-matrix ($ 379) at 240 x 72 (opposite page), see the sidebar “Paper Drive.” (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 84.) Very Fine Print Perhaps the biggest news of last year was the plunge in black-and-white laser printer prices to a floor of S700. (Color laser printers are still very expensive, starting at about $ 6000.) The main advantage of a laser printer is its 300-dpi (dots per inch) output, an essential feature for professional appearance of copy. Another benefit is its deep, rich, black output much darker and more uniform than you can get with either ink-jet or dot-matrix printers. A laser is both quick and quiet (you can print while listening to Pink Floyd's “Wish You Were Here” and never hear it running). The slowest lasers start at four ppm (pages per minute) in letter-quality mode and lake only a few minutes to print a graphics-laden sheet. A laser printer uses most of that time to build a picture ol the page in its own memory, however, and thus can kick out additional copies nearly instantaneously. Because a laser (sometimes called a page printer) must build the entire page in memory before printing any of it, the printer needs enough RAM of its own. That means about l .5MB to generate a page of graphics such as a full sheet of DeluxePaint graphics or a PageStream document. Although most laser printers come with only 512K, that is changing; you can now find bargain machines with 1.5 or 2MB standard. Be sure you know what you are buying and that you consider the cost of necessary additional memory. Don’t be frightened by list prices for RAM, though; while it may list for $ 400 per megabyte, street prices are closer to SI00. All laser printers use some sort of page-description language to control output. While most lower-price lasers use aversion of Hewlett-Packard’s Printer Control Language (PCI.), a more flexible control method is Adobe Systems' PostScript. (For details on the precision PostScript allows, see the “Why PostScript?” sidebar to the article “Power to the People,” Sep. ’91,
p. 23.) Many Amiga programs, PageStream and Professional Page included, make it easy to avoid PostScript, as they output excellent quality to non Post- Script printers. (Sec the sidebar “Amiga Software and Lasers,” Sep. ’91, p. 26.) If the software you use supports PostScript and you want to use it, you should expect to spend a few hundred dollars more for your printer. (A software-based PostScript interpreter allows you to print PostScript- defined output to an ordinary printer, but it is slow and memory-intensive.) If you think you will eventually need PostScript, but not right away, you might consider a laser (such as Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet IIP or LaserJet III) that is upgradable to PostScript via an expansion cartridge. Then, you can wait to purchase the expansion cartridges, which are available from the printer’s manufacturer or a third-party developer such as Pacific Page. The additional memory that you installed for printing graphics will be essential for driving that PostScript cartridge, as well. Resist the temptation to buy the cheapest laser you can find without testing it. Some (such as Okidata's OL-400-series machines) generate unsightly banding when printing graphics, although they are perfectly good for other tasks. You can encounter significant 34 May 1992 * quality differences in sending die same file to different printers. The Jet Set If you want laser-like output but do not want to pay laser prices, a black-and-white ink-jet printer may be just what you need. For $ 500 or less, the ink-jet produces wonderful output as high as 360 dpi. Unlike the laser printer’s toner cartridge, which renders pages by allowing the laser to “burn” the ink off the roller and onto die paper, ink-jet printers feed from a vial of ink that fires at the paper through several dozen liny nozzles. The ink is designed to diy almost instantly on contact with paper, though some primers rely on special clay-based paper to aid ink adhesion. It is a good idea to find out what kind of paper works best with the ink-jet you are considering before you buy. Some paper stock is costly. Paper type is also important for obtaining the highest quality of output. Printers (and inks) designed for clay paper will invariably generate blurred hardcopy on ordinary paper, so use the best paper you can afford if you want to get sharp, laser-like output. Printing time is one more consideration for ink-jets: 15 to 30 minutes or more per page is average. And because ink-jets are not “page printers,” every copy takes the same amount of time to print. Ink jets are pleasantly quiet, however. As long as you can lind color cartridges for the black- and-white ink-jet you choose, you can use a color-sep- aration process (as most desktop-publishing software allows) to print in full color by making numerous passes on the same page with inks of different colors. It is a time-consuming process that’s susceptible to pa- per-alignment errors, but the results are often breathtaking. You can get color cartridges for various ink-jets from such companies as InkMat, Jet Technology, and Sof twi i re Sen sat ions. For more convenient but still affordable color output, ink-jets are still your best choice. Hewlett-Packard's PaintJet ($ 995) is the best-known of these low-cost color printers. It can offer very rich color saturation (depending on exactly what you are printing) with all the traditional characteristics of its black-and-white counterparts. Color priming involves some special considerations because, while “printing” to your Amiga’s monitor is a subtractive process, printing to paper is additive. On screen, a pixel with red, green, and blue elements all pegged at 15 appeal's white. Now imagine mixing equal quantities of those colors on paper. Quite the opposite ol while, no? That incongruity often makes ii tricky for a printer to accurately render on paper what you see on the screen. Because of’ the special problems involved in color printing, 1 recommend you try a color printer before you buy or at least purchase it from a store with a reasonable return policy. Do not settle for the demo prints that the sales people arc all too happy to show you in the store. T hose demos are optimized to show off the machine's best color-rendition abilities, and they rarely involve the colorful and detailed graphics the Amiga can output. Many ol the sales people who demonstrate these printers think cight-color exploded pie charts are pretty amazing, and they may have no concept of how you plan to use the machine. Until recently, ifyott wanted a color ink-jet, you were pretty much limited to 180 dpi. While that resolution may be acceptable, it forced many people who were weighing color at 180 dpi versus black and white at 300 dpi to stay away from ink-jets. With the recent introduction of the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 500 Color, 300-dpi color now retails for $ 995. This is a primer to be reckoned with, but it is not perfect. Instead of four colors, the DeskJet Color uses three, which results in less-than-ideal color accuracy in some images. Because there is no black ink when printing in the color mode, the printer uses all of the other inks to reproduce black tones. This means that black does not saturate well, and the DeskJet goes through ink even more quickly than other ink-jets. Although Commodore has not yet released a driver for this printer, Creative Focus sells one called Super_DJC. Dots the Way It Is The “Old Faithfuls” of the industry, dot-matrix printers have been around forever and are best sellers because of their versatility, low price tags, and negligible maintenance costs. T hese days, the battle lines are drawn firmly between the 9- and 24-pin varieties. The ? Paper Drive The issue of printer drivers is often a source of confusion* It’s an important topic, too, because without a driver you cannot send output from your computer to a printer. It is a good idea to settle on a driver before actually purchasing a printer, and finding the right one is not as complicated as it may seem. : C E N T 0 N 0 U T P 9-pin type is probably the cheapest printer you can buy (starling at approximately $ 159 lor black-and- white and SI 90 for color), but you pay in terms of limited resolution. Though 9-pin printers can provide densities up to about 249 dpi. There are two serious limitations to driving dot-matrix at resolutions that high* First, there occurs a phenomenon called banding: very noticeable stripes of ink appear across the page. Also, the image can become very muddy and indistinct, particularly when printing in color. Happily, dot-matrix printers generally support enough densities so that you can find a useful one lor every type of printing task. With 24-pin printers, you can usually print in high resolution (around 500 dpi) without resorting to multiple passes- at a still-reasonable cost (S200 and up). The result is pages that are reasonably free of smearing and banding. Both 9- and 24-pin printers come in color and black- and-white versions. If you do have a color printer, you can conserve the somewhat more expensive color ribbons by buying black ribbons to use for black-and- white-only tasks. Your Workbench Extras disk contains drivers for nearly every popular printer* These are named for easy identification. For example, the driver labeled HPDeskJet is optimized to work with Hewlett-Packard’s line of DeskJet printers. Beware, though: if you choose a printer that has just come out on the market, an older driver may not get top performance out of it or even be able to run it. HP’s new DeskJet 500 Color printer is an example. Although, as mentioned in the article, Commodore has not yet released a driver for the color DeskJet, Creative Focus sells one called Super_DJC. There are several other such developers including Glass Canvas Productions, ACDA, Micro Programs, and Tychon Technologies that sell custom drivers. You can also find drivers on BBSs and networks, as well as in the Fred Fish collection of public-domain software. (Add any driver to the Printers drawer in your Devs directory.) If you do not find a custom- built driver for a printer you want, be sure to check your printer's manual for a list of emulation modes. Many manuals list alternatives in the order in which they work best. As a last resort, you can use the Generic printer driver that’s found on the Extras disk, although it will probably not be able to output styles (such as bold and italics) or graphics. DJ li T : 2 1> R INTERS Printing speed is one of the most hotly advertised features of dot-matrix printers. The fastest can kick out about 200 characters per second (cps) in draft mode and around 75 in neai-lelter-quality (NI.Q) mode. The slowest ones drag along at about 25 cps. Dot-matrix printers have been around for so long that ii is hard to find a truly bad one. Because they are so inherently noisy, however, keep an car out for those that have good sound insulation. Dot-matrix are the only printers that come in wide-carriage configurations for handling special printing tasks like large spreadsheets. While a wide-carriage unit might make life easier for you, there’s no sense paying extra for such a feature il you never need to print wide stock. Hidden Costs When you shop for a printer, remember that the three- digit figure on your charge card is not the end of it. Maintenance costs tend to add up, particularly if you print in volume. Laser printers require replacement toner cartridges, which cost between $ 50 and $ 150 dollars and are usually good for a few thousand copies. Ink-jet cartridges run about S30 or less, but they are good for only a few hundred sheets. Dot-matrix printers require only ribbons, which cost less than S10 and provide acceptable saturation for a hundred pages or so. (Once a ribbon is too worn to use for official correspondence, it can have a long and fruitful life printing draft and in-house copies.) Do not underestimate the long-term cost of special paper, either. Clay-based stock for some ink-jets is rather costly, and using plain paper diminishes the quality of your output. Laser paper is more expensive than ordinary stock, but it comes in many grades, and you can experiment on your own to find a happy medium. Using poor grades of paper in a laser can seriously shorten its lifespan, so choose carefully. Some laser paper has a decidedly evil finish, ecologically speaking. If you are so inclined, there are several sources for recycled laser stock, including Earth Care Paper, which will be happy to send you samples. Though paper capacity is not a concern for dot-matrix printers, which run with tractor-feed paper or print one loose sheet at a time, keep in mind that both laser and ink-jet printers vary widely in the size of the paper tray. You may not need 250-sheet capacity now, but think ahead to be sure that a 50-sheet tray won’t drive you insane later on. Many printers are designed to optionally accommodate one or more large- capacitv trays. Also, while most printers accept envelopes one at a time, some can handle multiple envelopes. And if you wish to produce overhead transparencies, make sure the printer is capable of producing them. 1 his is not a given by any means, particularly with color printers. A printer is a long-term investment. If a laser is what you really need, do not settle for an ink-jet. If a dotmatrix is sufficient for your needs, think seriously about buying a 24-pin machine instead of a 9-pin. Whatever your output goals, buy the best printer you can afford and keep the future in mind. ¦ Dave Johnson authored the hook The Desktop Studio: Multimedia with the Amiga, in addition to several reviews and articles for Amiga magazines. DTP-ins WITH THE ENEMY Providing competitive, full-service desktop publishing to your clients requires cross-platform cooperation. Here’s how to incorporate Amiga, Mac, and PC formats into one DTP setup. S Amiga users, we want to do everything on our machines just because others try to tell us we can’t. Unfortunately, Amiga desktop publishers find themselves in a world dominated by Macs and Pcs. Although 1 will always brandish my Amiga sword, I think it may be time to use a different strategy to further the Amiga crusade. A muhiplatform desktop-publishing setup allows selective use of the best features of the Amiga, the Macintosh, and the PC. The Macintosh leads the field with its excellent 24-bit image enhancement and painting packages. Other strengths of the Mac are its well-featured illustration programs and its multitude of printer-control and calibration utilities. (Macintosh utilities can calibrate the density and color ac- J curacy of imagesetters, as well as manage memory and hard-disk-resident printer fonts.) Because the PC is so widely used for word processing, most text files you receive from clients are apt to be in MS-DOS format. Also, Windows 3.0 has greatly increased the ease of use over DOS- based systems, and there are notv some excellent BY EYO SAMA Il.I.t'S I RATED BY BARTON STABLER AmigaWorld 37 C C E N T 0 X OUTPUT: 3 - D T P 24-bit painting programs (such as .Aldus’ PhotoStyler) that are good alternatives to Mac-based software costing twice as much. The Amiga, on the other hand, is perfect for jobs requiring 3-D ray-traced imagery, fast layout and design work, and the integrating of data from multiple platforms into one project. So, given the different strengths and varying capabilities of the three platforms, how can you incorporate the best elements of each into your DTP setup? I will start by outlining what you can do with a limited budget and take you through to an explanation of how you can set up the ultimate networked desktop-publishing operation. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 84.) Fitting In While good desktop-publishing software enables .Amiga users to produce professional-quality typesetting and color-separated design and output, the Amiga is relatively unknown in the DTP world. Therefore, most output bureaus that supply printing, scanning, and image setting do not offer those services directly to Amiga users. How can you cope in this environment? First, make even7 effort to introduce your local ser- vice bureau to the Amiga. Show them the machine’s capabilities and how, through networking and other methods, they can integrate it into their present setup. Perhaps you can demonstrate that many in the area require die sendee, or that the bureau’s purchase of an Amiga is a prerequisite for obtaining your business. If you cannot get direct Amiga sendees, then you must be able to read and write the formats these sendee centers do support. There are several programs that enable the Amiga to read and write both PC- and Mac- format disks. Consult ron's CrossDOS ($ 39.95), for instance. Allows your Amiga to read 720K and 5.25-inch 360K MS-DOS disks. ReadySofi's Amax II ($ 249.95), plus a Mac disk drive and Macintosh ROMs, not only lets you read and write 800K Macintosh-format disks, but also lets you run some Macintosh software. Unfortunately. Amax II does not work in color, so ¦ you cannot benefit from the displays of 8- or 24-bit software. Central Coast New Horizons’ Mac-2-Dos ($ 349.95, including a Mac-compatible floppy drive) simply lets you read write 800K Mac floppies. (See “Royal Opportunities,” Sep. ’91, p. 40, and “Forging the PC Link,” Dec. ’91. P. 51, for more information on these packages.) The program I often use to read and write MS-DOS disks is Kjell H. Didriksen’s MultiDOS. Unlike Cross- DOS, MultiDOS allows you to access MS-DOS disks with the same drive names you use for your Amiga disks. Whether you have an Amiga or MS-DOS disk in any drive, any programs you use on your Amiga will automatically recognise the disk. Incredibly, this commercial-quality program is in the public domain. You can find it in the Fred Fish library as well as on BBSs. Unfortunately, because Commodore has not added higher-capacity floppy-disk drives to all Amigas, there seems generally to be no way to take advantage of the
1. 44MB floppies that are standard on both the Mac THE ULTIMATE SETUP Mission: To set up a desktop system that would be capable of handling entire publishing projects (from the design stage through sending the files to print) and accepting designs, images, and text files from clients using various computer systems. Thanks to networking- and to excellent new Amiga networking software 1 accomplished this mission. At the core of the system I devised were three Amiga 3000s, three IBM PS 2s, a Macintosh Ilci, a Mac SE, and a 33-MHz 386 PC- compatible file server running Novell Netware in dedicated mode. Attached to the file server was a 600MB SCSI hard drive, accessible by all the computers on the network. Because Novell Netware does not allow partitions larger than 256MBs, I divided the drive into three partitions. On the A500Os, all running Oxxi's ACS, the partitions show up as three drive icons on the Workbench screen. The Mac SE hosted a 9600-baud modem. Which we employed to receive clients’ PostScript, image, and text files, whether Amiga, Mac, or PC based. When stored on the network hard drive, these files were accessible from all the computers. I attached a Sharp JX-450 300-dpi 24-bit color scanner to an A3000 running ASDGs Art Department Professional ($ 299) to handle most of the scanning. To the file server, I attached a 300-dpi QMS PostScript laser printer (used primarily for proofing), and a 2400-dpi Compugraphic 9800 imagesetter (used to produce final films and high-rcsolution paper work). Ml the computers on the network can simultaneously send files to be printed on either printer. The way the Netware queues work is very useful for scheduling print jobs of different priorities. You can set up Novell's Netware to have several printing queues; files sent to be printed are spooled to the file server s hard disk and output to the appropriate printers in the order received. You can even have multiple queues serving one printer. We have express and slow queues; files in the slow queue are sent to the laser printer only if the express queue is empty. Netware has several safety and security options that protect your data, including full control over file and directory access and support for disk mirroring and duplexing. With the help of an uninterruptible power supply, the file server can, upon detecting any power loss, automatically log off users and safely power down the network. Ready, Set Setting up the Novell Netware file server was an adventure; Novell’s software comes on more than 30 disks, and the manuals are encyclopedic. The first chore was to get the 386 PC to run without any interrupt, DMA, or memory conflicts. Unlike the advanced bus design of the Amiga, PC boards do not auto-conflgure; you must configure them separately by juggling several jumpers. We had to install a SCSI controller in addition to Arcnet, Ethernet, I O, and VGA cards. Thankfully, setting up the PC client software was easy. And PC. (With CrossDOS and a high-density Commodore floppy now shipping with the A3000 you can read 1.44 MB PC disks.) Both Multi DOS and CrossDOS, however, claim to be able to read and write to MS-DOS-formatted hard-disk drives. (I have not tried this feature, but it surely is intriguing.) This brings me to the best method of integrating Amigas, Macs, and Pcs: networking. Net Gain Just a year ago, networking was a foreign concept to most Amiga users. Although it is still in its infancy for the Amiga, we now have a few options for constructing networks. By the time you read this, Oxxis Amiga Client Software (ACS) for Novell Netware (starting at $ 199) should be available. Novell Netware, one of the most widely used networking systems on the PC, is the only one I know of that allows networking between Amiga, PC, Macintosh, NeXT, and Unix systems. To use ACS, you must connect your Amiga via an Arcnet or Ethernet card to a PC running the Novell server software. Oxxi’s software allows your Amiga to print to any device that is attached to the file server (the PC), which automatically spools printing requests from any computer on the network. Any fixed or removable hard disk attached to the file server appears on the Amiga Workbench as if it were a local drive, and it is accessible through all Amiga software. Such drives also appear on the Macintosh desktop and on other computers attached to the network. Commodore recently released it NFS (Network File System) Client Software ($ 199), which allows you to add Amigas equipped with Ethernet cards to a network served by a Unix NFS file server. (NFS is the networking system used by Sun Microsystems’ computers and many other Unix-based systems.) According to Commodore, it is possible to use the NFS software to attach Amigas to a PC server running Novell Netware 386 with an NFS module, although I suspect that an NFS server must also be involved. Progressive Peripherals' DoubleTalk ($ 450-$ 500) AppleTalk board allows Amigas to network between each other using the peer-to-peer networking software provided. It also lets the Amigas link into an existing AppleTalk network, enabling them to share files with Macs and print to the AppleTalk ports of laser printers connected to the network. While AppleTalk is slow compared to Ethernet- or even Arcnet-hased systems, it is also much less costly, because you do not need a separate file server to run die DoubleTalk network. Net Sets In the sidebar “The Ultimate Setup,” I describe the optimum system for a desktop-publishing venture. Although I think it is the ideal solution for working efficiently to handle whatever your client gives you, the setup is also quite expensive. If you do not have the budget to install and maintain such a system or if you want to begin on a smaller scale then you can use just parts of the system. ? The installation of the Macintosh Netware software was also simple. One annoying limitation of the Macintosh, however, is its inability to run both AppleTalk and EtherTalk at the same time. This meant that we could not bridge the network between Netware and AppleTalk unless we installed an AppleTalk card on the file server, which would increase the server’s work load. The Amiga client software is not only easy to set up, but also offers the most elegant and complete interface of the three systems. Oxxi’s very thorough ACS includes most of the utilities you need to manage and control the network. These have the same functionality as the PC-version utilities, but the ease of use of .Amiga software. You can set directory and file restrictions for individuals, groups, or all users, and you can even restrict access times. You can view and modify the printing queues and use the included hard-disk backup program to back up the network drive including both the resource and data forks of Macintosh files. (I often use this feature to transfer resource forks from the Mac to the Amiga; it lets me avoid first having to convert the Mac files to macbinary format.) A message facility lets Amiga users send messages to other network users. Access to the network drive from the Amiga is very fast, even using Arcnet cards. In fact, I found it faster than some Amiga peer-to-peer networks operating with Ethernet. How It Works To demonstrate how the system works, I will describe the execution of a typical project creating a full-color brochure for a client. We received the WordPerfect-format text by modem on the Mac SE, which automatically saved it to the network drive. We edited and formatted the text on one of the PS 2 machines using WordPerfect. We scanned the color pictures into an Amiga 3000 and saved them to the network drive in either TIFF or TGA format. From there, we loaded the pictures into die Macintosh Ilci (equipped with a 24-bit graphics card) running Adobes PhotoShop. We used PhotoShop to modify and color-correct the images and to do photo montage and other special effects (which I would like to be able to do on the Amiga!). We saved the finished images to the network drive, and from there loaded them into Gold Disk’s Professional Page on an A3000. .After color separating the images on the Amiga, we sent them to the printing queue serving the imagesetter. Meanwhile, we downloaded extra Adobe Type 1 fonts (which the brochure required) to the imagesetter using the Macintosh. Finally, we shipped the imagesetter-produced film to the printer. With the network, we were able to use components created on any of the three machines with layout and illustration software on any of the other machines. For example, we converted fonts and Adobe Illustrator files from the Mac for use on the Amiga, and we typeset .Amiga-generated text with PageMaker running Windows 3.0 on the Pcs. ES ? If, for example, you do not have an in-house imagesetter, you can save your huge, color-separated PostScript files to removable hard disks and send them to an output service. Another option is to compress your files with such public-dornain utilities as ARC, ZIP. And LHARC. Some of which have counterparts on the Mac and PC. You may be surprised how large a compression factor you can obtain with PostScript files. Faster than compressing is hacking up files with something like QuarterBack ($ 69.95, Central Coast New Horizons) and restoring them to the hard disk of your service bureau’s Amiga. If you have Amigas, Macs, and Pcs, but cannot afford a network, you can connect the computers via serial cables and use terminal software to transfer files. Set the machines to the highest baud rate available and use a protocol such as Zmodem to transfer the files. With Zmodem, you do not have to bother naming the files at your destination, hut keep in mind when sending PC files that the file-naming conventions of that system demand a name ol not more than eight characters, plus a three-character extension. Serial connection is a slow transfer method and should be used only if you cannot fit the compressed files onto a floppy disk (which happens often if you deal with color separations and 24-bit images). Using one DoubleTalk card, an Amiga, a Macintosh, and an AppleTalk laser printer, you can set up the beginnings of a larger system. This setup lets you use the Amiga for layout and design work, and for creating 24- bit ray-traced images that you can then transfer to the Mac, taking advantage of its 24-bit image-editing facilities and printer control. You can construct a similar system with an Amiga ancl a PC. You could attach a high-capacity removable drive to each machine and use MultiDOS or CrosslX)S to read and write files directly from your .Amiga applications onto MS-DOS-formatted cartridges. By using Aldus Photo- Styler on the PC for your 24-bit editing needs, and Professional Page, PageStream, or Saxon Publisher on the Amiga, you’d have a fairly capable system. If possible, try to purchase a color scanner that you can use on your Amiga, Mac, or PC, depending on your software preferences. With the Mac and PC, you can edit the files immediately after you scan them. With the Amiga, on the other hand, you have the advantage of scanning much faster than on the other systems. If you need to scan numerous pictures without major editing, the Amiga will save you time. Then, you can transfer to other machines any files r * that need editing. As you can see, it is possible to successfully integrate the Amiga into an environment involving other computer platforms. It’s not a question of “fight or switch”; it’s simply a matter of joining forces to best serve the customer...and to make things easier for yourself. ¦ Eyo Sama was editor and publisher of the former AMIGA l imes, a full-color magazine created entirely on the Amiga. He currently works as a consultant, author, and developer. And the Winner Is. The SAS C Development System Selected as the best professional productivity software at the 1991 North .American Amiga Developers’ Conference, no other C compiler delivers more powerful or efficient programs for the Amiga® than the SAS C Development System from SAS Institute Inc. one of the world's largest independent software companies. The SAS C Development System offers a host of impressive features for Release 5.10:
• "A workbench environment
• "Release 2.0 support
• •improved code generation
• "Additional library functions
• “Point-and-dick program to set project options ‘Automated utility to set j up new projects ‘Source-level debugger 'Integrated editor ‘Global optimizer. Run with the SAS C Development System! A'ou'll come out a winner too. To order or for more information, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 5042. M SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive ® Cary, NC 27513 Circle 40 on Reader Service card. ACCELERATOR FOR THE AMIGA 2000 FAST SCSI-2 DMA HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER
* 28MHz or 33MHz 68040 ACCELERATOR + 64MB HIGH-SPEED 32-bit RAM EXPANSION = THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 2000 POWER PERIPHERAL! V V FAST SCSI-2 DMA HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER for synchronous data transfer speeds of up to 10 megabytes per second with fast SCSI-2 drives...up to 10 times the speed of many Amiga hard drive 'controllers! Autobooting with full DMA access to Zeus's onboard 32-bit RAM. Zeus supports installation, partitioning and formatting of nearly a|l__ SCSI and SCSI-2 hard drives. Use the easy . “automatic’ mode, or set up FFS, old file system, or custom system configurations.
- -Synchronous AND Asynchronous SCSI-2 drives, and standard SCSI drives on the same SCSI chain! Optimization and full control of the 0401s unique cache modes and high-speed floating-point software library. 28MHZ 68040 CPU with builtth floating point processor for lightning-fast acceleration. Zeus is over 23 times the speed of a standard Amiga 2000, and 3 to five times the speed of 25MHz Amiga .3000 systems!. Easily upgradeable to 33MHz CPU when available from Motorola. FULL 1-YEAR WARRANTY backed by PP&S’s commitment to service and customer satisfaction. NO MORE WAITING for hard drive loads and saves - Zeus reads and writes data with super-fast “RAM disk" speed! 64MB HIGHSPEED 32-bit RAM expansion using- standard 1MBx8 or 4MBx8 80ns, 60ns, or 40ns fast page or static column SIMM modules (faster performance with faster RAM). Add RAM easily for contiguous configurations of 4, 8,12,16,20, 24, ’2 32, 36,40,4s; 52 or 64MB V IMPROVED PERFORMANCE with many standard SCSI hard drives. Supports “Rigid Disk Block” standard - just move your existing drive over and yoi reupand running - no reformatting necessary! Zeus supports full DMA from standard SCSI drives. FOR 3-D, "TOASTER", ANIMATION, VIDEOr DESKTOP PUBLISHING and countless other applications, Zeus gets the job done in a fraction of the time. Zeus is the ultimate productivity workhorse! Zeus. From Progressive Peripherals & Software, world leader in the fastest, most reliable Amiga accelerator technology. FAST and COMPATIBLE with AmigaDOS 1.3, AmigaDOS 2.0, the Video Toaster & Lightwave, ImagineTPageStfeam,'Professional Page. ASDG’s ADPro, genlocks, video peripherals, and a wide variety of other Amiga hardware & software products. Attention Progressive 040 2000 Accelerator Users: Call for upgrade information. All trademarks acknowledged. T oducl specifications sub,Kt to change w fci: no: ce Progressive Peripherals & Software ¦ 464 Kalamath St. • Denver, CO 80204 • Phone (303) 825-4144 • Fax (303) 893 A Brand-New GETTING THE MOST FROM WORKBENCH 2.0-PART II THE VISIBLE DIFFERENCES between Kickstart 2,0 and 1.3 are like the very large tip of an even more gigantic iceberg: While just a cursory look reveals that much has changed, even greater, more significant differences lie hidden beneath the surface. These hidden changes in 2.0 take the form of new programming tools and operating-system routines that give programmers more flexibility than ever in creating powerful and easy-to-use programs. And while the visible changes in the operating environment are easy to spot, the effect of the new programming tools is apparent only when they result in new features in applications software. More than simply enhancing Workbench operations alone, new 2.0 features will also make many applications programs more powerful, flexible and easy to use. Until recently, 2.0 was available only on the A3000, so few commercial programs have added such “2.0-onIy” features. Now that 2.0 is an option for all Amigas, and will soon become standard equipment, more and more programs will be adding these advanced features. Let’s take a look, then, at what the new programming features mean to the current 2.0 owner, and also what we can expect in the near future. (To locate vendors of the products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 84.) Emphasis on “Applications” Among the more widely-used programming enhancements to 2.0 are the calls that provide applications with access to the Workbench and its icons. These calls let programs create new objects known as Applcons, AppWindows, and App- Menus. Applcons are icons that appear in the Workbench window. Although they look like normal icons, they don’t necessarily act like them. The program that creates an Applcon is notified whenever the user double-clicks on the icon or drags another ? By Sheldon Leemon ILLUSTRATED BY KENNETH McMII.LAN Amiga World 43 icon on top of it; it is then up to the program to decide what to do next. Version 3.2 of Pro Write = SI 75, New Horizons), for example, opens an Applcon that’s called “ProWrite Deposit.” When you double-click on this icon, it brings the ProWrite screen or window to the front and activates it. When you drop the icon for a text lile on it, however, it loads that text file into ProWrite. ResetWB oj ToolHanager; HotKeyrcomniancl help Active Tools: IS Shell SuperDuper Quarterback NevZap QED Print Files Graph icDuaip Hew Tool ev Tool Hotkeysj Dock H v| ProUJrite Deposit Figure 1. Stephan Becker’s Tool Manager lets you take advantage of
2. 0's new “App” features. AppMenu support atlows you to add your own applications to the Workbench Tools menu. Applcon support allows you to put your own icons on the Workbench window. From the screen above, you can print a file or show a graphic by dragging its icon to the appropriate Workbench icon. The dock window at the bot- tom of the screen (which lets you launch a program by clicking on its icon) is also an AppWindow, so you can toad a data file into a program by diagging Its icon to the picture of the program. The third way in which a program can make its mark on the Workbench is through the use of AppMenus. This new facility allows a program to insert one or more menu items on the Workbench Tools menu. AppMenus have spawned a large number of freely-distributable tool-menu managers, including AddTools, ToolsX, and Tool- Menu, all of which allow you to list your favorite programs as menu items and to start them right from the Workbench menu. My favorite, though, is Stefan Becker’s Tool- Manager (Fred Fish 551), which uses all three of the “App” features (see Figure 1). Its configuration window uses an App Window, so you can add programs to the menu bar simply by dragging their icons onto the list. It also lets you create an Applcon for any program. This means, for instance, that you can make an Applcon out of the Print- Files program and print any text by dragging its icon over the picture of the printer. Using Recolor, you can change the colors of mul- tiple icons by shift-selecting them and choosing a menu item, instead of di agging them all to the AppWindow. When you run ProWrite 3.2, for example, ii adds an item to the menu bar that lets you Hip directly to the ProWrite screen. Going Public One new 2.0 feature that you will probably hear a lot more about in the future is the “public screen.” Kick- start 1.3 allows for only two types of screens, the Workbench screen and custom screens. Many different programs can open their windows on the Workbench screen at the same time, but they all have to accept die graphics mode, resolution, and number of colors of that screen. Custom screens let the program choose the mode, resolution, and number of colors but only one program can open its windows on that screen. Kickstari 2.0 introduces a new type of screen, the public screen, that extends the usefulness of custom screens beyond such limitations. You can use public screens like custom screens that allow other applications to open “visitor” windows on them. Visitor windows might include such utilities as color-palette ad- V ORKBENCII 2.0 P A R T I 1 justers, magnifier windows, clipboard managers, or any one of a dozen other “parasite" programs. You can also use public screens to create multiple Workbench screens. By setting a special “Shanghai" (lag, you can force Workbench applications to open instead on your public screen (hence the term "shanghai," as in “force or trick into captivity"). Not many applications use public screens as yet, ProWrite 3.2 does open a public screen named “ProWrite," and you can also get the program to open on a named public screen by adding a ToolType to the program icon. The best way to experiment with public screens is to pick up a copy of Steve Tibbett’s Public- ScreenX program (Fred Fish 483). It allows you to open new public screens of varying modes and resolutions, and then to “shanghai" Workbench applications to those screens (see Figure 2). Kickstart 2.0 also provides some new shared program libraries that make it easier for developers to follow the recommended Amiga style guidelines. Although these libraries may not result in many new hanced for die 2.0 release. The console device is now font-independent. This means you can employ just about any font with applications that use a console window for text display, such as the Shell and the system text editors. New console windows wait for a click on the close gadget, which makes them much more useful for displaying the output of CLI-oniy programs that you can now run from the new Workbench, The clipboard device, which was designed so you could exchange IFF text and graphics data between applications, has been enhanced to be more suitable for that purpose. Console windows now use the clipboard for copy-and-paste operations, which makes it possible to copy text from a Shell window into an Ed edit window (see Figure 4, top) or into the window of any other application such as Final Copy (S99.95, Softwood) or the freely distributable TurboText and YLT that uses the clipboard for cut-and-paste procedures. I hope other programs will follow suit, thus helping to expand the clipboard into an exchange medium that supports dynamic updating. Applications-program features, they should make some of the standard features more common and their implementation more uniform. For example, the ASL library makes it easier to use the standard file and font requesters. The result is that nearly all of the Workbench programs including the Preference editors, IconF.dit. the More Utility, and even Ed, the CLI text editor present file requesters that allow the user it) select the file to save or load. Some programs, such as ProWrite 3.2, even allow you to substitute the standard ASL file requester for their own. Another new shared library, the Gad'Idols library, makes it simple to create sophisticated gadgets and menus that respond appropriately when the user changes the default system font to something other than Topaz
8. Art Department Professional 2 (S299, ASDG) uses these tools to create a chooser window that allows 2.0 users to select multiple-choice options from a list, rather than toggling through them one at a time (see Figure 3). Devices for Your Desires Some of the familiar AmigaDOS devices have been en- Figure 3. When you run ASDG’s Art Department Professional 2 from Kickstart 2.0, the program presents you with a chooser window instead of making you toggle through multiple-choice options. Another AmigaDOS device receiving a facelift in
2. 0 is the narrator feature, which you use to produce synthesized speech. The new narrator speech model is more complex than the old one, providing many more controls that allow you to produce more interesting and natural-sounding speech. These include an enthusiasm control that makes the voice sound more or less "excited,” a perturb control that can make the voice “shaky,” and an articulation control that lets you adjust the speech from sharp and deliberate to slurred. Other controls allow you to make the speech sound t broader or more nasal, or even to change the way vowels are pronounced in order to create regional accents. The only program that currently allows you to experiment with these narrative improvements, however, is the freely-distributable SpeechToy2 by Chris Demiris (see Figure 4, bottom). ? The Compugraphic outline-font technology' introduced in Workbench 2.0 mainly provides support for screen fonts, but the technology will certainly produce software that provides smooth-looking text of almost any si e. Pro Write 3.2 is the first program to use the Compugraphic system-font support for printing, but others are sure to follow suit particularly as Commodore enhances its programming support. Another font change users will be happv to see is that the system now recognizes Col- orFonts, such as the popular Kara Fonts (Kara Computer Graphics), which provide tex- tured or metallic-looking characters. DeluxePaint IV ($ 179.95, Electronic Arts) users will no longei have to run the ColorFonts support program in order to make use of these fonts. Hardware Helpers Finally, 2.0 provides software support for a wide variety of optional hardware. Programs can open custom screens in Productivity or SuperHires modes on machines that have F.CS (Enhanced Chip Set) Agnus and Denise chips. So far. Pro Write 3.2 is the only piece of productivity software to take advantage of this option. On the video side which is what SuperHires was designed for Broadcast Titler 2 (S389.95, InnoVision Technology) is the first program we are aware of to support that mode’s 1472x480 display. The ECS chip set also offers new genlock modes that allow you to replace color registers other than zero with video, but so far we have not seen any software developed to control this new capability. Even Sheldon Leemon, a well -respected authority on virtually evety aspect of the Amiga. Is currently writing a booh on Workbench
2. 0 for Compute! Books. When he is not writing for computer magazines, you can find him working at Slipped Disk, a Michigan-based Amiga dealer. If you do not have the ECS Denise chip, the ECS Agnus allows you to switch from NTSC (the US display standard) to PAL (the European standard) under software control; most 1084 or multiscan monitors can he adjusted to display either format correctly. It is possible to control the Workbench screen from the Screen Mode Preference editor, but it is up to the individual applications to control their custom screens. AD Pro 2 will open a PAL screen if you request that display mode, and the freely-dis- tributable AmigaToPAL and AmigaToNTSC programs by Nico Francois (Fred Fish 575) will “trick” any application into opening its custom screen in the desired mode. This makes it much easier to use European software in the US, and vice versa. Kickstart 2.0 also provides support for the 68040 processor, the fastest chip in the Motorola 68000 family. As this processor becomes more common, 2.0 will help Amiga users to run their programs faster than ever before. Much More To Come While we have already begun to see the appearance of software with features that would not be possible without 2.0’s programming support, there are many new, powerful functions that are still untapped. For example, Intuition now provides support for Menu Help, a feature by which the user can receive an explanation of a program option by holding down the Help key while selecting the menu item for that option. While there are not many programs using Menu Help yet, it is likely to become a widespread feature in the future. Another relatively unexplored attribute is 2.0’s support for scrolling screens that are larger than the display. Such screens would let desktop-publishing applications update a whole page at a time, rather than building a small part of the display based on which portion is currently showing. This feature requires a lot of chip memory, but makes it quite easy to build and display large bitmaps such as those required for a fax program. A further “hidden” capability of 2.0 is support f or cooperative record locking, which prevents two users from changing the same portion of a database simultaneously. This should inspire the first true networking applications for the Amiga. So. Although 2.0 has been a long time coming for most of us, it will still be some time before its full impact is felt. Only in the weeks and months ahead will Amiga users really discover all of the ways in which it can improve both our operating environment and our applications. ¦ It’s the new DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ card. The world’s first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video. A perfect companion for your Video T oast erf our PERSONAL V-SCOPE lets you superimpose a digitally synthesized waveform monitor and vectorscope on any video signal. So now you can precisely measure video levels and test for true colors. We even include PERSONAL ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦Ml ¦¦¦¦SSSIS all, it shows your true colors just for a little green. Only 8995. DIGITAL TSG Software with more than 30 industry stan- ¦ dard test signals for display with your Video Toaster. Buffered video output. Dedicated full-time output and superimpose output. Hardware rasterizer with electronically generated graticule scales. And more. All compatible with AMIGA® and IBM PC? Use the DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE bv itself or combine with our PERSONAL TBC II card for a fully integrated video processing, manipulating and monitoring system. Best of PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your beat 55 Nugget Avenue. Unit 10 • Scarborough, Ontario MIS L31 Canada • (416) 754-8090 Fax: (416) 754-7046 11 Spiral Drive • Florence, Kentucky 41042 • (606)371-5533 Fax: (606) 371-3729 Video Toaster ’ is a registered trademark of NewTck Incorporated. PC1 is a registered trademark of IBM Corp. AMIGA* is a registered trademark of Cnmmodore-Amiga. Inc. DPS PERSONAL -SCOPE is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. DPS PERSONAL TBC * is a registered trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. Circle 171 on Reader Service card. ON GRAPHICS 39 i 5s3 i t V - il 18'« aS A1 ; B& ft I-1 It I Aj I“ j§ fi £ 1 A continuing series of lips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen THE ANIMATED STAR FI ELDS we see as the “Enterprise” plies the spaccways may not he astronomically plausible, but they sure look great. This month’s “Accent” outlines some easy tricks to get you up to warp 7 without busting your asteroid. 1Iit 88 Seeing Stars To try the animated starfield, work in DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) in a 32-color mode. Set up a palette with a smooth sequence comprising all 16 gray levels from black to white. Establish that as range 1. II you are using Dpaint IV, make sure that the range begins on the first position of the Range bar and that each successive position is filled with the next gray value in the sequence as shown in the illustration accompanying this column. On screen, set up the black sky which can be anything from a lull overscan black screen to a black window in an imaginary control panel. Next, select the straiglu-linc tool with the right mouse button. This brings lip the Spacing requester. If you are new to D Paint, this is one of the most underused features of the program, and ihe starfield is a great first exercise in which to tiy il out. The Spacing requester has four options: N Total, Every Nth Dot, Airbrush, and Continuous. The last of these is the default selection, and it simply draws in a continuous unbroken line with the current brush. Remember that the Spacing requester affects all the line tools except dotted and freehand. Your settings will apply to straight or curved lines, unfilled circles, rectangles, ellipses, and polygons. Of the other options, Airbrush draws the line with the current brush, using the airbrush at its current spray diameter. Every Nth Dot draws a line by • placing one copy of the current brush at regular intervals along the path of the line. You define the interval by entering a number in the requester. N 1 oral places a defined number of copies of the brush along the path of the line. If you enter 8 and draw a line, eight brushes will be evenly spaced along that line no matter how long or short it is. For this exercise, sclcci N Total and enter 16, the number of colors from our range. As a test, select white from the range as a foreground color and draw a straight tine with a single-pixel brush. You should see a line of 16 dots. Now select Cycle from the Mode menu, and draw a straight line again. This time you should see a sequence of evenly spaced dots ranging from black to white as shown in the illustration. Undo or erase the test lines and select Frames Set front the Anim menu. For reasons that will become apparent, I find it most effective to create a number of frames greater than N Total that has no divisor in common with N Iota!. Try 26 frames. On frame 1, position the singlepixel brush roughly in the center of the sky, hold down the Animpainting key, drag a line to the edge of the sky, and release the mouse button. You should see stars painted one by one on 16 successive frames, black in the "distant” center and growing bright at the edge. If the stars start white and grow darker, return to the Range tool and reverse the range. Hit the 4 key to loop the animation, and you will see a convincing animation of a star zooming out of the distance past your screen. Now build up multiple stars by repeating the line from the center toward different points at the edge of the screen. Do not return to frame 1 for each line; simply begin on any frame you end up on. Because you made the frame count an odd number greater than N Total, each star begins moving on a different frame, adding to the Create your own “Star Trek” special effects with these simple Dpaint animation techniques. Natural feel of the animation. Alter making ten or twenty star paths, hit the 4 key to see the result. The feeling of motion is quite convincing, enhanced by the growing brilliance of the stars as they near the viewing plane. And Now for a Different Spin... This animation can stand alone or provide a backdrop for other objects, titles, or animbrushes. It serves as a great background for a ray-traced spacecraft or rotating planet. One of my favorite things to add to a starfield is an asteroid with compound rotation. The illustration shows the stages involved in creating such an object. For more detail on making a spinning planet, consult my planet-building article (“Around the World in 80 Frames,” Oct. '91, p. 39) or read the tutorial on page 177 of the Dpaint IV manual. This project is a more complex extension of that idea. Briefly, create a map of the surface of the asteroid that is two squares wide, 100x200, 80x160, or whatever. To paint craters, I use the airbrush in Shade mode, with a range like the one shown in the illustration. Set up 25 blank frames to match the frame count of the starfield animation. Use the Move requester to move the map across the screen an x-axis distance equal to the map width. Repeat that move with the map following itself to make a smooth, seamless scroll. Using Animbrush Pickup, grab exactly half of the area of the moving map one square. To create the compound tumbling effect, clear the animation frames and draw a rough-con toured, filled-free- hand asteroid shape in a solid color, like the red shape in the illustration. Pick it up as a brush and, with the Move requester, rotate it 360 degrees on the z-axis over 25 frames. Now set the Fill Type to Wrap and select Anim- brush Use. Mold down the Animpaint- ing key and execute an Anim-Fill on the rotating shape with the map anim- brush. Note that Anim-Fills are possible onlv with Dpaint version 3.21 or J higher. Play the loop to see the asteroid in motion. The illustration shows three successive frames out of 25. The eye is fooled by the detail of the rotating map into seeing a rough, solid object rotating on its y-axis. Unless your shape was extremely irregular, the z-axis rotation is no longer noticeable. Plant this asteroid in your starfield for an interesting effect, or use the Move requester to add a motion path guaranteed to make any Trekker duck! ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer.; Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope for a reply. Crispy Clips with Traveling Mattes VIDEO With all the 24-hit advancements of the past year, who’d have thought that a simple black-and-white graphic would be your ticket to high-end video effects? SUITE By Mark Swain ONE OF THE tricks to using computer imagery in video post-production is mastering the crispy luminance clip. This means to cleanly paste a com [niter graphic (title, image, animation) over another video source. Yes, a genlock accomplishes this task, but not with a luminance key. Genlocks simply remove color register zero and replace it with another video source, thus limiting a genlock to the Amiga’s basic resolutions and color palettes. When you use 24-bit graphics or single-framed (24-bit) animations over live video, they become video sources, not computer sources. In cases like this, the basic Amiga genlock will not work; you need a luminance keying device, which removes either the brightest or the darkest part of a video source. So, with a graphic containing white text on a jM The cleanly composited space and space-sta- tion scene created from Fig* ures 1, 2, and 3. Black background, you could replace the black or white with another video source. The problem in luminance keying arises when the graphic to be keyed has both light and dark properties. For example, take a 3-D ball that is lit with a spotlight on the upper-right side. The rendered 3-D ball would contain a very bright spot on the upper right, but be very dark on the lower left, making it nearly impossible to achieve the crispy edge or luminance dip that you need for the production. The solution is to use a traveling matte. Also known as alpha channels, key-holes, stencils, and matte fills, traveling mattes serve one very useful purpose crispy luminance keys. A traveling matte works by using a black- and-white silhouette of the computer imagery to cut a hole in the background video source. You fill the hole with the detailed version of the graph
ic. The final result is a cleanly composited image that gives the ovcrlayed graphic crisp edges. Crispy Matte Creations The First step in creating the traveling- matte effect is to generate the graphics to be overlaved. You can use a 2-D or 4 3-D graphics package, but always keep the background plate in mind. When placing your images, determine what works best with the background video. Animations that need to match live- action background movements can be troublesome. Consider, for example, the combination of a live-action background of a distant purple planet and a few stars (created by panning a camera over a painting or photograph) and a 3-D space station that orbits the mysterious planet. The background pans from the right, leaving the planet in the screen’s lower-left corner, and the space-station animation should match this motion as closely as possible. To accomplish this, grab two or three frames of the background at different stages of the live footage to use as a reference in the animation package. If you use the reference frames as backgrounds for key-frame positions of the animation, you can easily place the space-station object in the proper perspective and location. Once you set the key frames, surfaces, and lights, and save the scene, remove the backgrounds and render the space station on solid black. Finally, single-frame the animation to videotape. You can create a traveling matte for a 3-D environment by simply modifying ? Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. ¦ i pppeiiyi¦ i s are of actual DCTV screens- tll.t : f Ill. L:M, .1 StfH . C- PO Ir.OLOH Ctrl' ft'KM laltUf LCMVOj wytl j Lotoj Savej] lcmI St»r*i i lt>«»l SAVtj A Paint digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.9' Sophisticated true color video paint digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package. A Ccpture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras; video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCTV" images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV" is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Create beautiful full color video images with al popular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 'Min. I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended DIGITAL C R EATION5 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 1992 Digital Creation*. Amiga it a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied lor. Cirde 16 on Reader Service card. Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution of television. Your Finished 3-D scene. First, remove all texture maps or surface details that you added to the original animation. Then change each of the surface colors to white (255 in each of the RGB sliders). The matte should contain only black and white, so you must turn olT the object’s shading. Of the three basic ways to do this, choose the one that works best for your 3-D animation program: Method 7: Remove all lights from the scene. In UghtWave (NcwTek), change the first light's intensity to zero. Next, increase Ambient light to 100 percent. Method 2: Remove all lights, as above. Turn on LightWave’s Luminous function or Imagined (Impulse) Bright function for all surfaces. The Luminous and Bright functions cause the object always to be the surface color, white. Method 3 Change the Diffuse value for all surfaces to zero percent. Then turn on the Luminous or the Bright function as described above. Finally, make sure the animation will be rendering on a black background. With the changes complete, test-render a few frames to make sure you get a crisp black-and-white traveling matte. Now, render it, save all frames, and single-frame the traveling matte to tape. Edit Points With your three video-tape sources in hand, head to the editing room to assemble them into a composited animation. To accomplish a traveling matte in which all three video sources are live or moving (as in our example), you need a video-tape recorder for each source, another to record the final composite, and a switcher. Your first step is to connect the VTRs and switcher. Start with source A, the background, on the program bus. To cut the hole in the background source, input source B, the traveling matte, to the external keying portion of the switcher. Feed the final source, the detailed 3-D animation, into the matte-fill section of the switcher. Editing all of these sources is fairly easy. Using a computerized editor that controls all four VTRs, you do little more than synchronize the traveling matte, the animation, and the background. The alignment of the matte and the animation must be frame- accurate, however, or you'll flub the effect. In the final result, the traveling matte cuts a hole in the background that the detailed animation then fills. This example, with four VTRs, is, of course, an extreme case. One way to cut down on the amount of equipment is to use a D2 recorder or a digital disk recorder (DDR). D2 recorders have the ability to record and play at the same time: You could play the background on the D2 and record the final composited video over the original background. The obvious problem with this method is that you erase the master background video source. DDRs arc similar beasts: You could record the background to side A of the disc and the final composited video to side B. This method has the advantage of not erasing anything in the process. A third way to cut down the number of high-ticket items required is to make one or two of the sources still. For example, you could freeze the background on a still store or time-base corrector and composite it with an animated traveling matte. Or, the matte could be a still logo over a live background. Another ultra high-end method is to composite with a DDR and a Video Toaster (NewTek). DDRs are very expensive ($ 30-180K), but if one is within your reach, this is a nifty compositing idea. The recorder accepts both videosource and alpha-channel (traveling matte) input. The Toaster can output two signals program and preview. Thus, if the program bus outputs an animation frame, and the preview bus outputs the matte, then you can composite the computer imagery very cleanly with a background video source on the DDR. This method also eliminates the need to single-frame both the animation and the traveling matte before compositing. The process composites and single-frames all of the imagery in a single pass no VTRs and no editing. The process is very manual, however. You must load each frame of the animation and the traveling matte, and operate the recorder manually. The only way to automate this process is to save all of the frames (animation and matte) in LightWave as framestores and to sequentially load them into the Toaster’s switcher, using a clever Arexx script. The script should allow you to load the next frames into the correct busses by pressing a key, leaving only the DDR on manual operation. Crispy Toaster Clips The Video Toaster is the perfect device for demonstrating the eff ects of a simple traveling matte. First, create l he image and the matte in LightWave. Start by entering LightWave with a click of the 3- D button in the Toaster’s switcher. Next, select the Object menu and load the urn from the phonebook. The default positions of the object and camera are fine, but you should adjust the light. Move it to the urn's far left or right, creating a dramatic effect, with one side of the urn lit and the other dim. Next, select the Camera menu and turn off Overscan, switch on Letterbox, and select the Antialias rendering mode. If you wish, you can alter the surface characteristics of the urn before rendering. The final step in LightWave is to dick the render button and wait. When the urn is finished, return to the Scene menu and click Enter Switcher. ? I v . * 520“LS sc™” and 1 ¦k use both programs a t once! ¦ rr . SuperJAM conies com ; &dYwlth everything yoU ¦- i 1 i i I ggspssd Sgfws ; ncdtetS,?.*®' :- to«a«SS;oe"Ur'mddn"”a - : L “nnd olrs,”'"di,'d"al ' and love. Fis you “d 3 animation tfdeotmd i or e i i PresenUtions pSmfi'media i 11 ss&s *“¦ “M 511 :: musical mentor. SuperJAMI LU --- rs Turbo- .. .....Create rhythmic and melodic patterns easily. L bc n e 51 ~ BTJC- WS ctiw £}. 3 onH ¦ :j> ?¦|Y1 ¦ 0 7:11 I ¦:) 13 : lifJll Integrate S i n [l Super]AM! NPBcmnpwnnjnill seamlessly into L BARSSPIPES EEMBi m- Professional's ffiiSISaiEEE screen BS| t II j I II i THE BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS LTD v L .. X- The world of music « V youts for a loneSaf and ™S,C SK£ “s to write ; talented al’ty l iied number of . Muslc ifL- "--.sssiftsas-t nSss -snsiE: chords. ThVtbt! MuSiC or not. You
• whether you read music Can "dctSnf Sles at “-Sksss1- A rKamusicannstmment L with Super]AMfs new Tuto entnafSdware required! Plus. ! Wont and odi. J-3 I mnsicaUnsttumnn a and GO FROM MUSICAL MESS toPjzernight Success L1» * » ; musiw T:c,tnPTlAMrsW°'
• effects using Superjawi.* : Sound editor. LfyouownanyMlDRorm ¦ JAM' directly into BARSHtre 1 .... i
* »• I V :...... j sionais aWic novices and profcs- j ' mouserkPeyb yboard . • indudin rwfc7 1ange‘! E musi«l styles, ; and jazz ¦ pop. Dance, dassical. Samba f : • One-touch chord playi™ ; SSSSS?- -.-. ! . : Cat's anddi £]- 1 jbd'ms. Tempo fvnr»c *” S tuics. Instrument i every'sonT5 aVaii;,b!e j ; * fiStaS and recordin£ ' * Ful!-fcatiired birtCreai!l0n >and ffilitinS I J J'’d -ime.tecordiir"16 : . *drecording : • ifiSSSSS y-fi **. I : riSo“SS™ : B PiPBspR0FESS,n I.On with : ; Afiew compatible : sasr““«>wAta. I “ssesm'“ £ eMa meg of memory ' ¦! U'U : 'Amiga500.1000.2000.2500.3000 o mM : memory andp rcomputeCs ; wntis .»£££fcd £“ MiD'te™- specifications subieY,Y not «quirad. AH
* TurboSound Technou ?nSe- s«per|AMr : Hintt* fiibiton SoundvJorkI Ud h °f 5ee, fcear and touch your music. A a In the switcher, select DV1 on both the preview and program busses and save the new image as a framestore. To create the black-and-white matte version of the image in LightWave, you simply tweak the lights and the surface characteristics. First, return to Light- Wave from the switcher and enter the Surface menu. The matte image should have no shading, so change the diffuse value to zero percent. Next, change all surfaces to white. You should select the Luminous button for each of the named surfaces. Finally. 4 ' click the Render button to create the matte image. Return to the switcher and save the matte as a framestore. To use the matte effect, load the image of the urn to DV1 and the matte image to DV2. Instead of using live video for this project (which takes too much time), enter the Preferences menu and select Video Snow as the background generator. Return to the switcher and select bank D of the effects grid. The Toaster effect that makes the traveling matte possible is the Art Card crouton (the keyhole icon). This effect accepts three video sources, the background plate on the program bus, the source image on the overlay bus, and the traveling matte on the preview bus. To set up the project, select the Art Card effect, set the preview bus to DV2, the program bus to BKG (Background or Live Video if you wish), and Overlay to DVL Next, click on the scissors icon to select luminance keying for black. Finally, set the clip level under the scissors icon. The best level that I obtained was between 30 and 45 (depends on image luminance). Once tweaked to perfection, die urn is cleanly clipped over the video-snow backgr ound. More Marvelous Mattes You can use crispy Toaster clips for a number of other sensational special effects. One of the most obvious matte effects is to generate black-and-white text with the character generator or LightWave, and then fill it with a videosource or graphic texture. You could also try painting the matte in Toaster- Paint or other 24-hit paint programs. For example, suppose that in your next feature video, a scene calls for the back window of your home to overlook an oceanside vista but you live in the Midwest. No problem for the Toaster matte: First lock down the camera and frame the window scene. Freeze-frame the scene and save it as a framestore. Load the window scene into 'Ibaster- Paint and paint the glass parts of the window a solid white. Next, remove everything in die scene but the freshly painted glass. The final result in Toasl- erPaint should be a black-and-white matte, with the white parts in the exact positions of the glass panes of the window in the live-action scene. Return to the switcher and set up the Art Card effect as described above, with the window matte on the preview bus. The final step is to find video footage of an ocean vista and set the clip. Your property value just skyrocketed ! ¦ Mark Swain is a California-based freelance writer who does video post-production and computer animation. Write to him c!o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. With the DeluxePaint IV Video Guide, you will be taken through many of Dpaint’s features including the new Menu Structure, Metamorphosis, HAM color mode. The new Gradients and Cycle * requesters, the advanced Palette Mixer and much, much more! Many examples are shown in any easy to follow, step-by-step fashion. Whether you arc a new user, or a seasoned professional, you will he easily shown how to best utilize Dpaint IV’s features and tools to fulfill your specific graphic and animation needs. Two different 60 minute VHS videos to choose from! Exclusive AmigaWorld Offer! ORDER NOW! 1-800-824-5499 or 410-543-1989 Only $ 24.95 each Or complete set for $ 39.95 For shipping and handling, please add $ 2.95 for one video or add $ 3.95 for both. CA residents add 7.25% tax. Canadian orders add 7% GST. Please mail to: TechMedia Video PO Box 2151 ? Salisbury, MD 21802 DeluxePaint is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts DeluxePaint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV are products of Saddleback Graphics. 6E2DP Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV will show you many tips and tricks For combining Dpaint’s different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. You will be shown how you can create effects such as 3D text, drop shadows, textures, color cycle animation, professional titling techniques and much more. The various examples demonstrated will be helpful guides for anyone creating video graphics, multimedia presentations, or just wanting to learn more about Dpaint IV. It lakes m Art Departmei ll'itfi Connections Sure, talent and good looks help, but in the real world, you've got to have connections. This is true whether you want to star in pictures or just manipulate them. Using Art Department Professional (ADPro) you can connect to just about any type of color input or output device such as video digitizers (PP&S and GVP), color scanners (Sharp, EPSON and others), film recorders (Polaroid and LaserGraphics), display boards (Impulse, GVP, Digital Creations, DMI and many others) and all sorts of color and gray scale printers. No matter which device you're controlling, ADPro's advanced image processing Arexx programmability and powerful format conversion capabilities help you get the best results possible. So, you provide the talent and good looks and let Art Department Professional provide the connections. The following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: Art Department Professional: ASDC Incorporated. Arexx: Wishful Thinking Development Corporation. Circle 4 on Reader Service card. THE GAME PRESERVE sTza® ** _ ' ;" Red Baron By Rob Hays Could you do better against Baron von Richthofen than Snoopy did? Red Baron (.Dynatnix Sierra, $ 59.95) is your chance to test your aerial skills against not only the Red Baron, but also some of the finest pilots on both sides of World War I. From navigation (no satellite positioning system), to coordinated tactics (no radios), to doglighting (no missiles), this war is up close and personal. Your choices are many and varied in this game. You can dogfight against a famous ace, fly single missions, or begin a career. Aircraft choices are limited to types that were available at the time, and choosing a historic mission places you in the aircraft that was originally used. If you play the career game, you arc assigned to a squadron and stationed in the same towns at the times the historical squadron was there. You can adjust flight-skill and combat levels, as well as such aspects as the reliability of the guns. In addition to modelling the physical and aerodynamic characteristics Birds of Prey By Peter Olafson Electronic Arts' long-awaited flight simulator, Birds of Prey ($ 49.95) won't knock you out right away. My guess of the aircraft, the tactics of the historical aces are also included. In real life, von Richthofen would not do a loop in combat, and you won’t see him do one here. The manual is packed with information on the aircraft, as well as historical background on the war and its participants. In addition, you receive area maps and a quick reference card. There are some stiff requirements if you intend to climb into the cockpit: dual floppies or a hard disk (the is that it’ll take a few days. It’s set in a mythic surf- and-turf environment pitting a Side A, supplied with installation program is the best I’ve seen), one megabyte of memory, and Kick- start 1.2 or higher (there are no problems running under
2. 04). True fast RAM (memory attached to the expansion bus) and a CPU speed of 14 Mhz or higher are also recommended, for the game is too sluggish to be enjoyable on a standard 7-MHz system. If you enjoy flight simulators and have an accelerated Amiga, it will be a long time before you tire of Red Baron. US and European planes, against a Side B that Hies Soviet craft. After picking your side and airbase, you Crib Notes By Peter Olafson Maybe it's the moon. Maybe it's spring. (Nah, it's still February as I write this.) Maybe it's the fact that, a few issues back, f pretended to know something about The Immortal ($ 49.95). But, all of a sudden. I'm getting all this mail about Electronic Arts' isometric action adventure, which was released about two years ago. We're short on space this month, so I'm going tackle a few hot spots in the game, and then move on to some mail-related matters. We'll be back to our usual lack* of-format next month.
• Lots of folks are stranded on Level 4 in each case by a ring of one kind or another. This "level" actually has several sublevels, and one of the rings you need is on the top and largest sublevel, in a place you'd probably rather avoid. Using the flying carpet, follow the corridor with the firepits to its end. Here you'll find a piece of clothing, and within it a tiny ring. Now, through the door, back to the bend in the hall, across another firepit room on the rug (hut do be direct, as the rug has a limited life), and have a nap in the room you'll find in the corridor off the other side. You'll need to descend the lad* der, defeat the trolls at the bottom, and then descend again to find Ana, the ring's owner. In exchange, she'll give you a ring and a clue to the other problem people are having on this level: Clockwise three rings around the triangle. Hey, this looks like Level 2 all over again. Naturally, people think the three rings in their inventory are the three intended. Well, they're right. A of! Rings are circles, and you're expected to walk clockwise around the triangle three times. Welcome to Level 5. ? To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the ''Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 84. 111 K AMIGA A500 500+ FOR 2000 1500 VERSION $ 119.99 EEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES
• SAVE THE ENTII1E PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos • reloads independently of the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram • even t Meg Chip Mom (Fatter Agnus). SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - tek now with BEEP trainer. Even better than before • allows you to generate more or n even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible"1 level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached" sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. BURST NIBBLER. Now this super disk copier program is built into Action SP I -AJgp?' Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key ¦ no more waiting. V • SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform. PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE • Useful lor removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through tho tricky parts! MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS * like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc,
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RnrdDisk, Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit tho picture plus unique on screen status "overlay* shows all tho information you could ever need to work on screens. No other product comos close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!!
• MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos,cic. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage! IMPROVED RAM EXPANSION SUPPORT. Now many moro external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Rcplny III commands.
• DISKCODER With the new 'Dlskcoder* option you can now tag your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. ‘Tagged* disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security. SET MAP* rlf*S allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options. IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT ¦ including compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you hnvo a selection of DOS commands available at all times ¦ DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. fk FILE requestor - if you enter a command without a filename, then a tile ¦ requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all times. PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS - including Mom Watch Points and Trace.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able lo boot from your external drive. PLUS A MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR WITH EVEN MORE POWER!! EVEN MORE FEATURES INCLUDING SO COLUMN DISPLAY AND 2 WAY SCROLLING:-
• Full MG8000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load Save block • Write String lo memory • Jump lo specilic address • Show Ram as tr?xi • Show frozen piclure • Play resident sample • Show and call all CPU reglsiers and Hag • Calculator • Help command • Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Ediior allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even wnle only registers • Notepad • Disk ™i lh?"fC!uaHrack-DlskSynC pallcmelc Sarnie Breakpoint handling • Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler. Decimal • Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN ITS FROZEN" STATE WITH ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT - INVALUABLE FOR THE DE-BUGGER OR JUST THE INQUISITIVE' 1 -800-962-0494
- ORDERS ONLY 580 CAPE COD LANE SUITE 3B, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32714. CUSTOMER SERVICES FAX (407) 788 7015 ¦ADD S4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING = SlO.OO CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2n JDAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD s (ADD S2) ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WTTHiN 48hf». B15B3S39 3!T35!ESTBT?T315!?RT3?El!?X7!1!1IS7SC!TrnSTRWTTIRH i CALL TOLL FREE- must choose among 12 mission types at four difficulty levels. And, naturally, you pick a plane. Most flight simulators have only a handful of craft to select from. Birds of Prey has 27 Allied and 13 Soviet choices, including the 747 passenger liner, the CM30 prop-driven transport. The F-l 1 1 swing-wing iighter-bomber, and the experimental X-29. You can take a B-52H strategic bomber aloft, launch the X- 15 rocket plane that’s under its wing, and then fly that test-plane-as-missile into near space. Unfortunately, all these planes have the same cockpit, but they perform with notable differences in flight, and that’s the important thing. (The specs are laid out in detail, both in the program and in the last 66 pages of the excellent 188- page manual.) So how does it lly? Well, 1 suspect that, at the higher detail levels, BOP would benefit from being played on a faster machine. But the frame rate is acceptable on an unaccelerated A500, and your Hawk ML 66 the British trainer that serves as the default craft begins lo zip a bit once that setting is reduced. That's no great loss, either, as the designers Jez “StarGlider” Sail’s Argonaut Software haven’t gone out of their way to incorporate much surface detail. (There are, however, some lovely dithered skies and sunrises!) And BOP’s invigorating Battle Isle; Fireteam 2200 By Neil Randall The only similarity between Battle Isle (Ulil Soft Electronic Arts. $ 49.95) and Fireteam 2000 (Sim Systems RAW, $ 49.95) is that they’re both science-fiction war games. In operation, quality, sense of speed doesn’t rely simply on frame rate. Consider the fly-by feature used when on autopilot your plane approaching the screen like a bat out of hell, to the accompaniment of the most thunderous engine sounds I’ve ever heard in a Bight simulator. In addition, Disk 1 of BOP has an astonishing introductory animation, whose speed and smoothness recall the demo for Psygnosis’s forthcoming Cl) IV title, Planet- side. Disk 2, however, is also bootable, so you can run the program without the intro. Nice touch! The plane controls and information screens are also slick. The results of each key press are clearly reported on screen. The program also has its share of oddities and rough patches. If you switch to side view when climbing, and enjoyment, they’re completely dissimilar. The enjoyment, unfortunately, derives from only one. First off, let me get a gripe out of the way. Battle Isle is much too similar for com- the plane appears to be descending. BOP’s save- and-load pilot screen is slow. The hard-disk installation script doesn’t work as advertised. (Electronic Arts has indicated that Argonaut plans to produce a bug-fix revision.) Actually, I don’t share the most frequent complaint I’ve heard that the computer- controlled rivals aren’t aggressive enough. For me an experienced but noi-very- good Amiga pilot they were just tough enough. Besides, this is more of a flying game than a fighting game, and I loved zipping from one modest battle to the next. Even al ter four years of work. BOP is not the ultimate Amiga llighi simulator. Sorry; that is still to come. So forget what you’ve heard, and start over. Give Birds of Prey a chance. It’s fast and it’s fun. I think you’ll like it. Fort to a game called Military Madness, a 1989 Tur- boGrafx-16 game from I Iudson Soft. With that said. I must also insist that Battle Isle is an extremely strong game. It ? Back in the February issue, I told you how to get around the dragon at the bottom of the dungeon a nasty customer but not the old wizard Mordamir who follows him. (And he's much worse, as you've probably guessed by now.) I know, I know, you set out to save Mordamir. But hey, life goes on, people change and you look at things a little differently eight levels down when your old master steals your protection against the dragon and stands across the chasm sending lightning bolts at you. Don't lose your cool. Like your encounter with the dragon, this requires timing and the right equipment. Your statue spells can handle the lightning, and when Mordy switches tactics to Sonic Blast, use Sonic Protection. He'll then come back to lightning again, and you should be left with one statue to fend off the spectre he sends against you almost done now. You don't need to attack him. Just invoke the Magnetic Hands spell to remove his defense (the amulet), and let the dragon do his worst.
• I Get Mail Dept.; By the way, thanks to everyone who wrote to let me know about the story branch in The Secret of Monkey Island (Lu- casfi m, S59.95) that grows when you sink your ship with the native sculpture. No. It doesn't really affect anything, and, yes, it's worth trying for the fun of it. Dan Collier, of Lake Wales, Florida, also filled me in on another scene I hadn't come across. It's apparently triggered if you steal the vase from the governor's mansion before completing the other two missions assigned by the Three Im- portont-Looking Pirates. Dan indicates that if you get the meat from the kitchen at the Scumm Bar and the petal from the maze and then go directly to the mansion, the Gov and Guybrush have "quite a love scene" when Guy comes out of the water. Sheesh. Sounds like an Obsession commercial. Where that's saved-game file? Thanks, Dan! By the way, you've probably noticed that I'm not dealing much with specific reader questions in print anymore (or even promising to answer 'em). I occasionally get mail like some people get firewood "oh, just stack it up behind the house. Mr. Postman" and ('.ontinnt'd on ). 67. HILL STREET BLUES is the most honored series in the history of television with the stunning accomplishment of 26 Emmy Awards and numerous other international awards. Now you can finally play the computer game in this re-created computer simulated city of Hill Street. Computer Miv. I I lur I llfiiwn . Vim Ii.ivr limml ijmlly ol Armed I loMu-iy. Digitized Pictures and Sounds From The TV Series Fantastic 256 Color VGA 3-D Graphics Intelligent City System Complete With Traffic Lights, Subways, Trains, And Over 300 Different Vehicles Over 400 Male and Female Pedestrians With Individual Characteristics. Some Nice, Some Nasty. You take on the role of "Captain Frank Furillo” and by deploying the police officers under your control, you solve and control the crime rate. With help from nine of the most famous characters from the TV series, you can interact with up to nine crime incidents simultaneously, ranging from muggers to bank robbers, drug pushers and murderers. So "REMEMBER, LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!" DigiTek Software 1916 Twisting Lane Wesley Chapel, Florida
(813) 973-7733 Amiga screens shown. Pictures of the actual TV series have been used with permission from MTM Production. Available for A500, A1000, A2000, A2500. A3000 and other computer formats. Retail Price: $ 39.95. Visit your software retailer or call toll-free 1-800-783-8023 to order. Completely dispenses with the unwieldy interfaces too often found on computer war games, offering instead a slick, joystick-only system of movement and combat, and even such niceties as repairs, information gathering, and strategic viewing. Those who regularly play SSI-style war games will find Battle Isle lacking some options, but in the end, these options aren’t really missed at all. In Battle Isle, you are in control of one force while your opponent or the computer controls the other. Your goal in each mission is either to destroy all enemy forces or and this is more fun to capture the opposing headquarters building. You play through a series of 32 missions, and you have to win each one in turn to progress to the next. Apparently there are two bonus missions as well, but I’m stuck in mission 22 and have yet to see them. UBI Soft promises add-on missions as well. The strength of the system of missions is that it effortlessly succeeds in introducing you to an ever-increasing complexity. Each mission takes place on a unique map, and most of them include a type of unit that you have neither con- Test your tactics in Battle Isle. Trolled nor opposed heretofore. .As you move through a mission, you gradually learn how to fight with the new elements of your land, air, and naval forces, until, in the final missions, you must concern yourself with all of them at once. The game itself is entirely joystick-controlled. Each map is divided into hexagons, and the joystick moves the cursor from one hexagon to another. When the cursor is on a hexagon containing an enemy piece, you can find out what it is, but not much more. When it’s on one of your own units, you can perform one of several actions. By holding down the firebutton and moving the joystick up, down, left, and right, the cursor icon changes to signify each possibility. When you finally have * the icon you need, release the button to perform the action. One final strength of the game is that each stage of Battle Isle plays quickly and equally well against the computer or a human opponent. This is a superb late- night strategy game, with a very worthwhile system. You’ll want to install this one on your hard disk. Everything Battle Isle does right, Fireteam 2200 seems to do wrong. First of all, the main battle display offers some of the worst graphics to appear on an Amiga game. Not only are they unattractive, they’re also counter-productive. Figuring out where your units are is tough enough; trying to decipher which way they’re facing and what kind of terrain they’re in is next to impossible. 'fhe game’s interface isn’t much better. Its keyboard- only control is both unwelcome and downright difficult to use, and it takes an inordinate amount of time to learn how to perform crucial actions. Moreover, the computer updates the battlefield every six seconds, and during the updates (which themselves take a few seconds), you will find yourself hitting the keyboard futilelv. What is good is the game’s premise and wealth of detail. Only the most dedicated gamers (who have one megabyte of RAM) are going to bother playing this thing for long, however, and then only if financial restraints mean they can buy no new games for a long while. Fireteam 2200 would be marginally acceptable on an old IBM-PC; on an .Amiga, it’s not worth the effort it takes to load it. Thunderhawk By Jeff James You take the controls of a high-tech helicopter gun- ship for some frantic target- busting action in Thunderhawk (Virgin Games, $ 49.99). You’re not just any average helicopter jockey, however; you’re an agent for MERLIN, a secret military' organization commissioned bv the United Nations. Your job is to fly to world hot spots and bring the irksome troublemakers to justice in this engaging mixture of arcacle, role-playing, and strategic elements. You start in the common room. From this location you can fly a flight simulator, view your combat awards, save and load games, or be briefed on your forthcoming mission. The war room supplies the strategic element: You have six theaters of war to choose from, including the Middle East, Southeast .Asia, and Central America. In the briefing room you’re warned about the threats that you may meet in the combat area, usually consisting of SAMs, MIGs, and antiaircraft fire. Complete with a flickering black-and-white film of the target area and a curmudgeonly commanding ollicer, the briefings are a nice realistic touch. Next, you select your weaponry, then take off from your airbase, which is usually near the target. In the air, Thunderhawk is a marvel. The frame rate is easily one of the fastest I’ve seen on the Amiga, with the landscape smoothly gliding under your craft. Granted, most of the landscape is rather bare (usually only a few hills, buildings, and such), but it’s still a joy to fly over it. Controls are simple: All the Hying, target, and weapon selection is done with the mouse, while the ? THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO BE CHALLENGING.
- tV)iS 5*2 Wqris+O HP 'P T (vjneK O'A. If you think you’re good at games, then let’s have some real fun. When you’re online with Genie® Multi-Player Games, you’re playing real people, in real time. Some of the best players around the world. ? Splash a bandit in Air Warrior®, and you’ve just taken out eight other guys, who’ll be back gunning for you. Blast a MechWarrior® in MultiPlayer BattleTech™, and who knows? Could be that jerk from the coast. Could be a mercenary who’s looking for a few good friends. ? With Genie, the possibilities are endless, the people are terrific, and even the prices are competitive. So put some new life into your joystick, and sign on. We’ll see just how good you are. ? Sign up now: I. Set your modem for half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud.
2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH 3. At the U - prompt, enter XTX99313, Amiga92 then press RETURN 4. Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready, a For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Genie. Multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS postscript type 1 n A Kwowumiji type I 70 fonts 69.95 For PageStream 1.8 to 2.2 and Professional Page 1.2 to 3.0 ProStream Plus fonts by Allied Studios IbOLILlNilllCIH Arctic ngfack Chancery CrllleE Playbill iSootCity Borzoi fimnct lu(sepliour(| POST CRYPT Upsilon 60 display headline fonts - 10 dingbat fonts Send check or money order - Call for COD Specify ProPage or PageStream versions - Add $ 3.00 for shipping. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For sample printout of all fonts, send $ 3.00 uu., 1035 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA, 94110 One Way Media Telephone415824-8774 toggling of night vision and your electronic counter measures (ECM) equipment (chaff, jammers, flares) is controlled by a handful of keys. Thundcrhawk has managed to cut back on the overwhelming multitude of keyboard commands that you usually Find in many simulators, and this makes for a lean and quick playing experience. After you’ve pummeled your target into oblivion and limped back to base, you’re given the rundown on how well your mission went. Then you’re back to the briefing room for your next mission, filled with more challenges and danger. This format roughly continues until you’ve accomplished the missions in all six theaters, earning awards and promotions in the process. I had 110 end of trouble getting this game to work on my A3000. I could only load it when running Kickstart
1. 3. And even then it was prone to strange behavior, such as an unresponsive mouse and scrambled game screens. It did work fine on other Amiga models running AmigaDOS 1.3, although it did seem to have problems with the new Ami- Corporation By Jeff James A magnificent mixture of a Dungeon-Master-style interface with a futuristic, hi-tech game world, Corporation = Virgin Games, $ 49.99) offers a challenging diversion from the hackneyed role-playing norm of ogres and hit-points. In the hard-edged world of the 21st Century, the malevolent Universal Cybernetics Corporation (UCG) gaDOS 2.04 ROMs found in A500s and A2000s. Hard-drive installation isn’t supported, and the disks are copy protected with disk-based and manual- oriented schemes. The requester for saving and loading games is another sore spot, seeming rather cumbersome and awkward to use. Finally, the lengthy opening animation cannot be bypassed every time you reboot Thundcrhawk. You must sit through it. If it sounds as though I have mixed feelings towards Thundcrhawk, I do. The fast frame rate, simple controls, and well-done briefing sequences are a joy to experience, and the sound is exceptionally well done. Unfortunately, it seems that Thundcrhawk was rushed across the Atlantic (it was programmed by Core Design of the U.K.) without thorough testing on North American Amiga hardware. If you have a fairly uncomplicated setup (no A3000, no AmigaDOS 2.0, no hard disk), Thundcrhawk could be a blast. As matters stand, it shows a great deal of promise that is unfortunately frustrated by a cum-
• bersome implementation. Has begun illegal genetic experiments to create the ultimate killing machine. As a Zodiac agent, you must enter the 16-level headquarters of the UCC and return with evidence to prove the research is taking place. Before embarking on your mission, you select a character from the two robots and four humans (two male and two female) available. You can outfit yourself with an impressive array of equipment: five handguns, four
* m 1 . I V
• v.y- ¦ B B l w ¦ m ¦ . ' • 1 M r 9 'W*- ‘ 1
* * 'j _
- '¦ "£* .... For local distri Tel: (44) 506 nun* Take 2 is compatible with any Amiga. Supports 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and Ham colour modes. Load and Save IFF images or D. Paint Anims. Uses traditional animators Dope sheet layout. Up to 4 levels of animation and 4 channels of sound. Playback at 24 or 25 frames per second. (Real Time). Further manipulate your image within any popular art package. Add “Vidi-Amiga” or The “Complete Colour Solution” to digitise your drawings or images directly from within Take 2. This will allow you to draw with a pencil, its easier than a mouse. EQQQDO APPLICATIONS
• Traditional animation.
• Storyboards
• Product presentations.
• Home line tester.
• Cartoon Productions, both visual and sound. Take 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2. These Images have been drawn with a pencil, digitised then coloured using D. Paint 3. CONTENTS
• Comprehensive and easy to follow manual.
• Disks
• Sample sounds and animations.
• Animators Peg Bar (to hold your paper into position while drawing or digitising). Example line drawn animations for you to get started with. PAL OR NTSC VERSIONS AVAILABLE ROHBO PRODUCTIONS BAIRD ROAD LIVINGSTON SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ (0506) AMIGA (ALL MODELS Reader rCte on Scenery Animator is a 3-D landscape rendering and animation program. You can fly through real-world landscapes from US Geological Surveys (Yosemite and the Grand Canyon included), or explore imaginary fractal landscapes like the one shown above. "...I highly recommend this piece of software. Scenery Animator is a versatile, powerful, and extremely satisfying program that will bring you many hours of enjoyment." Amiga World, December 1991 Circle 179 on Reader Service card Attention Foreign Computer Stores Magazine Dealers You have a large technical audience that speaks English and is in need of the kind of microcomputer information that TechMedia provides. Provide your audience with the magazines they need and make money at the same time. For details on selling Amiga World and RUN contact: Linda Greenblatt World Wide Media 115 East 23rd St. New York, NY 10010
(212) 420-0588 Telex: 798269
* Realistic 3-D trees, clouds, lakes, oceans, and snow
* Infinite fractal landscapes GAME PRESERVE
* Automatic camera banking
* Gradient sky shading
* Built-in animation system
* 24-bit color and DCTV support
* Requires 2 megabytes See it at your local dealer today! Natural Graphics
P. O. Box 196.1. Rix:kliii CA 95677 Phone (9l6» 624*1436 armor types, grenades, power packs, bombs, lock- picks. A backpack computer, a jet pack, and a plethora of other hi-tech gacigetry. Corporation’s approach to movement is ingenious; instead of clicking on separate buttons to move your character, a combined movement square allows quick and direct movement. Click in the center of the square to stop, at the top to go forward, at the bottom to go backwards, and at the sides to slide sideways. The farther you click from the center of the square, the faster you move. A central view screen showing the action is flanked by two humanoid outlines that display your character’s health and your equipment's status. At the bottom of the screen are the controls to click for object manipulation and movement. Graphics are well done, especially the fluid, animated movement of your adversaries. Monsters don’t simply appear or lurch toward you in the jerky gait of a looping animation. Using a method called “bitmap scaling,” beasties that move toward From p. 58. There's a very wide range to the questions therein. Questions about games released when the Amiga had 64K and a cassette drive = just kidding). Questions about things I've already answered twice. So, I've decided to focus on a current game or two in the hope of helping as many folks as possible at one time. If there's something you'd like to see covered in this fashion, write and say so. If I can. I'll do it. (I've had a few votes for The Immortal and The Jetsons already.) If I can't...well, I can always use more firewood (grin). You gradually become larger and more distinct, eventually filling your screen with hostility. All sorts of background sound effects add to the spooky atmosphere. Gameplay is decidedly arduous; within moments of my arrival at UCC head- quarters, i was beset by a horde of energy-spitting robotic spiders. In addition to the bcstiarv of robotic and artificial life forms that impede your progress, security cameras, pressure plates, infra-red warning devices, and dozens of other futuristic traps and pitfalls are waiting for you. For help, you can access such devices as computer terminals, elevator controls, and security access panels. Corporation requires only 512K of RAM to operate, and although it isn’t harddisk installable, games can he saved to disk. The excellent introductory animation J refused lo work on an A3000, but the game itself ran Fine. With its crisp presentation, challenging gameplay, and intuitive interface, Corporation is a role-playing experience not to he missed. I’ve also been getting the occasional letter from folks who are evidently playing illegal copies of games. = They’re asking questions that either concern copy protection or that indicate they don't have the docs.) Naughty, naughty. Coincidentally, all these questions have exactly the same answer: Put the pirated disk in d!0:( select it with the mouse and choose "initialize" from the Workbench menu. Your computer will solve the problem for you. If you're having trouble with a game "I can't get the dice into that little slot" you can write to me at: 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940 or send electronic mail to Peteroo on Genie and Portal and 74160,3053 on CompuServe. ¦ Introducing the NEW 3-PART SERIES... From the editors of Amiga World Magazine conies the most definitive series on animation... and % how to do it yourself! Now. In three easy-to-follow videos. You will leant the history of animation; software and hardware available for animators and techniques offered by the leaders in the field of animation. How to Animate, Part I covers the various types of software available and their applications such as Deluxe Paint IV. Lightwave and Imagine.You will leant about the many features of 2D and 3D software and some tools that make those programs unique. Patl I will describe animation utility software; describe what they are and why you should buy them. You will also see artists’ renditions using the leading animation software 4b* packages. TechMedia Video is pleased to make this exclusive offer BUT HURRY, available for a limited so order now! X i want HOW TO ANIMATE. PART I. I understand is offered for only S29.95 plus S'1 95 shipping & handling. : Hurry while supplies last! MasterCard For shipping & handling please add S2.95. Canadian orders add 7% GST. California orders add 7.259c tax. Make check or money order pay able to: TechMedia Video. PO Box 2151, Salisbury. MD 21802. 6E2HA Available in VHS. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. TechMedia is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorld Videos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. TECHMiiiia V 1 1) PO Box 2151. Salisbury, D 2 ISO'* 410-543-1989 Also see your local Amiga Dealer for these videos. ¥ , r: AND COWIBOIiEfcS AT DRIVES & CONTR 46 BE 48 41 BBS L8 C1T7U_ tut Hbunnmnmi.
- 118H2 SCSI CONTROLLERS ifVWllff 7®flKa
- Mfi lYf JctlMHaiUMM ’KM Art MUM 1H SCI 231® nnwrciniznensf
- 151® HiimpcHBXSNmr 179® FLOPPY DRIVES «nwFErawmiwn ___ _ worn ROTT PRM 9465 !BOnin9wrBiC3 , .8965 HARD DRIVES testa M41I»340Jt$ Iffl ...... .119966 MAXTOR 535 CCS 36 IB _ .1341(0 ®4XTOIE»BU,llCaa-- - 23368 5WWTW 1EHB IPIHM IB - Hi ®WTWl28IWlrt$ C®W™---
- 39969 QtUWTW 216MB SCII KARS OTTE _ Uii C8M PRODUCTS COMMODORE SOFTWARE 46K4UB_5335 IMA ms. TCPf KHIW0S6 sanfse, COMMODORE REPLACEMENT PARTS ilHOETBaiRDMT__9188 42800 KT80 IflO---123.38 43009 FWSI wmr. 4500 aim Kfucaien COMMODORE ACCESSORIES tiiiraospam *«»pi. __«i 41111 BGHlRflPFf 36*1® _t31M 41886 1200 B4® N89EAI -_ 45.85 42232 Bln-OBHL BID--28151 4288415BBSC4B0---- 42100 The Art Department Profession! Art Department Pro gives you the most' powerful image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-Bit printing 5159°° 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 Improved support for Amiga Dos 2.04 Palette and range requester enhancements Stil! Easy to use!
• Full-screen metamorphosis
• Scalable fonts
• Optimized HAM painting modes PROGREjC WE PERIPHERAL. S-yOFTUJARE CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ELECTRONIC ARTS-' CANADA: 1 -800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, Cfl 80260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 310-214-0932 ‘Z23 Dsn. Aacu. M
- 4l.fi ' * ' 'r fj, isun m our m sinura _ _J4J6 VtBBCBMf 7165 ff I ra® C4ITr®€E mm OauillUtzfSBtR l« Kbun cajnnBen PlinJFTBJttlCJWTlWaFWII. _25J5 PMTJET CUH CM1 .7365 I8VT13SA. TtKTiwHmsne INPUT HARDWARE MJOflFrWMa_2S1I anaaunjiimz rnicmuniinu HV OlJln'HC TmtfT 31 tl X 00330_ LASERJET PRINTER CARTRIDGES nSTTBUCASTPE_289 JO .78188 . BSJG .771® fiESBf EltBBSi B3S . 35.00 REMOVABLE MEDIA !HBHHTSU£4S6S8E_33118 tw msat E8MB am_43m
m. mvngppiTmum_111® JTWT UflfMSf -88J9 ITVEXT C43TFKE E2W_ITS JO BMSSULBSJUa pwTwusrn .mx A FOR Gvrs ACCELERATORS SEE OUR GVP FULL PAGE AD BRA MBS! Ucffl HUB EftH. THU aEuwoHwsms-sea® .7BJS EMULATORS iwiimutm HunourvnjTBi- jTmBflJNUscaiuiTK) POWER 5UPUES BEF66T 2)fl PIH11UPPIT_87.86 fitPWBISIPP11 ii mi.i ... OSJ5 .438.90 .11100
- 28166 SCANNERS DIGITIZERS ran BMC CURB QMS 256 OUT_118100 OHO lEAiEl, HUBI HUE_22100 3ES4S3£EIR»!fflE .27100 .S6S CHIPS (VARIOUS) 08382-25 HIH COPMC -_16160 0882 33 Mint C0PR6C.__28160 mnmsAND PfittltmSDWHJES PRINTERS OTTEBl 290S18 PH--Jfc® .1SSJ0 ruKPisPfPomcvr-p PttnC4BBL2WtJET0*_
- 411® .13 mPJHMSCJMI- .401® AUDIO MUSIC UMMMDUMPlBt 45007060 iraaw ?J_ PRINTER ACCESSORIES KHJET M &EMM HUM IK PWTXT COT P4PB-1766 BMIOlFAnBI 1MBCSMB372. Kmtnpnnr zuoiaoNieMitov. DCUTMT1.3B0M. .ES.M .15180
- fc® WEBS0113924 PH. Mm 500__ .231® wmntwmwM_ ECEVUIIIOU- ESIIB PUB UOAUflOl 43000. Moo ¦42800 PMOIJET Fm CBITS . 140J5
- 22JS .3960 ,4965 15558 URMT HP WITH EP TOW P4HTJETPMUUaPWn« „ P3PI410LI1S P98TOTPIP8HTBL_ .11060
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- 49J5 .086 MODEMS SSPKl 24® B41D UOCGU_ SBW24®14»PtR _ Hfi 17 J5 EMU HR 5017000. NHGOUJVftDBl_ .8165 Pjttirmi-FWPIRil MdNnOttAND umm& accessowes MULTISYNC MONITORS taoii40imn!TK___eiim .Mfi
- 13560
- 15665 . ISSS.CS FflKCI SBW1145®. .42000___OK PHWTOU mu HT0* = E__239® EXPANSION PORTS MWC 101*01 _289.® WMH00Q4 24002)71® SOW NR 3600 VJ2BS PAL SPECIFIC HARDWARE naffwuauiTimnFiL_ Epson ES 300C Scanner 600 DPI, 24-Bit full page color scanner .....s93900 With ASDG Driver Bundle .. 07Sna DeluxePaint IV NEW! The King of Paint and Animation Ver 41 I A2000 28mhz
* 1695 00 '040 Mercury A3000 with FREE Imagine 2.0 $ 214900 PpoRAM G4mb expansion card for A30Q0 with 0k ...S3G9°° And you thought Tut was ancient art! Ultra Design 9 New Version A Great CAD Package at a GREAT price ..*88“ l I ; Prices Effective April 1,1992
- r- ' a fj
- *vi Overnight International Shippin Including Canada as low as $ 1 Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! Best International freight service and low, lew rates via: I iR BORNE EXPRESS SOFTWARE ART BfffflTHBf! _62.95 ACT HeiffTMHT PROM_17160 ART OTTO! ToffBSM PU 57.25 ACT R?1IBJOR TEA AS96_3195 ART 9E?1 LMEHTFiai_3116 HUSBUST31 nOHSSMU.__14190 PWMtl -4195 RAITBtUVC ---11100 SOFTWARE tUXPUII PUB IfiBSNH 2.0 PBOtSaOML UL£ JktfPUBI--- IH9C l.mFRtt IfOH) FRAMEGRABBER HARDWARE MEMORY EXPANSION RAM CHIPS MOST RAM CHIP SIZES AVAIL AT ECONOMICAL PRICES (CALL) A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS BUEBflAFS A50G 04 MB B3.I SUPBARAM 50012 MES_47J HMC9M58£fl25BSS!PN._49 f*WBME8BFALISB 4i mnarsnPAL-~it wasBficriaaptt_i» wftum aomvARi ACCOUNTING ftmoc woei---------1 home raarr 2.0__s DATABASES GENLOCKS 30 PBOfUSOWl WORD PROCESSING Dicaie«yw«ioN2------~ VIDEO UTILITIES PHBTW TRANSPORT COM_ PMLHCTKH_ SDPBSey 20001 __u SVPffSat 601901-1 EDITING HARDWARE EtD 20001 -1 ECS 5000_IS 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE MHTKmra_sis BBAGCHT 38 FRITS'1USK_B4.S5 E80WU3T 8 FsfiS - UBTWM_B4J5 CAUUFB2-289-BO BfsmnKSAn----use HM3.0 A500 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS BRURAM 5S6RX TIE_1 SVPfUMM 5HW ZMB_1! DESKTOP VIDEO PR8SSRFT--- PS3HT5TT 32 ¦ - . WKKTOTTWHJPStttB® TRAMWTF---- DESKTOP PUBLISHING 9934BUST TTTIB1B A20Q0 RAM BOARDS SUPRARAM2B002MMN_1 SSPIUftAM 2309 4M9 RAM_2 tSPRARAM 2906 BU BAM-1 SVRARIM 290B BUB RAM_3 VIDEO SoiimONS (SOFTWARE AND HAKDWARfl) IMAGE PROCESSING WHO NKAT IffHER WMH WOSOFOTfCT__ IflW P9RST U&ARl. PRBF. PAH TTMPIATTS pmnisnui page 3.0 atoms? Iq n SHOW LB ,__ 51 nrTBfi pftOFSflttU-_ * wraewna_it; RxomiBB_a VIDEO ENHANCEMENT HARDWARE CfsawnT 3ii HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE asomnniK INTEGRATED BUSINESS SOFTWARE MSI 983*83 MtST-» HOME PRODUCTIVITY CTQBsanar.RB.2_s PBWUl KCTRUWR_} IK9Bta»_ 1 IKOrOMTBtS- PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO HARDWARE AND MHU PU1SB . I -----.... fUMOR PSHSWIAL ___ SPREADSHEET ADVANT1EE atom KM roi on Dfstaa, vitTAHCMn DRAW 40 PB8FQQ0IMI. Mmmtm TOPFOBM------ ewtek Limited to stock on hand Special Peripheral* AdSpeed™ _ *179E Ea! Akcril pcrtnaKt M »j etnhn'jr ta R‘i pin nrgt Prlma TQ5I™ . IDS tragi taternttlr la year 500,1000 or ZOOO I54900 Flicker Free Video1 M JZ Ellsitrataa InlsrliC! IllCker tor In, Amiga ccmjcter Novla Zoi™ .*Z3BM Iha Sbialleal Sard drive and InlorTaca In the world lor yaur Amiga 500. Till laternally. .. l88” »239» ..*89" AdRAM 560 W2mb AdSCSI 2000 .. High Speed SCSI Hard Card This easy-to-follow, comprehensive VHS tutorial will tell you all you need to know about DCTV. Shuffle BoardIVf >29“ Reroute* OFD: t ue exieritf tlappy eauoactar. Boat Irom an eatarsai tloppy. Far an Amiga 500 er 1000. Prima 52i™ ------- *379“ Non mount 52 mtgi and a 3,5 lech IDE drive inernaJiy la your Amiga 500,1000 er 2000, Prices Effective April 1,1992 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 310-214-0000
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90360 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 310-214-0932 COMPUTERS EDUCATIONAL Bttcre»s&eBT6ses« 79J5 UHTSfUHOUWflC .,-71185 iWII3fMK«FW»
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- 4196 eaoftMMrown _ IS® DTP PAGESTREAM FONTS PIEOTKUtFIRTNai_«® p*eanw»piWMa-as PtfiFJT iMNPffSinTafWII_64® FiaSMA«JT«THtFfl(fT!_64® fKEPSJWDBSWUWTS__179® pASSTKUAt CUIDC F6NTS .171® D K B MegAChip 2000 500 $ 21900 w o Agnus $ 29900 wlfti Agnus DKB 2632 Ram Expansion Now expend your Amiga up to 112 Multistart II ,$ 5995 megs of 32 Bit memory if you own Provides for Amiga 500's & 2000’s to the CBM A2632 Accelerator board, operate under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0! With 4megs .$ 599°° Wii w Modems Supra 2400 Baud Modem 89.95 Supra 2400 MNP Plus 135.00 Supra 2400Z! Pfus 179.00 Supra FAX Modem $ 309°° SupraRam 2000 2 8mb Board $ 17900 The Kitchen Sync
* 1599°° Two Complete TBCs on one card Works with any video source S-VHS and tfl-8 compatible Optional Y C output Great for use vuith the Video Toaster This new 9600bps modem has SupraRam 2000 dmb RAM ....240.00 MNP5 and V.42bh>, V.32bis error correction and data compression. SupraRam RX 1MB ..135.00 SupraRam RX 2MB .199.00 SupraRam 500 512k ...47.00 Due to industry Fluctuation, (JAM prices are subject lo change without notice 7K SupraRam 2000 6mb RAM ....299.00 SupraRam 2000 3mb RAM ....379.00 Digital Graphics Library SCREEN- HATES Our ‘Ukdrfing
* . * *- * . -
* Ibis.is oae.Qt.tbe + v* ¦ m w "***¦ 100 Background Images 2-4-Bit IFF 40 HAM Images $ 6295 $ 4495 Prices Effective April 1,1992 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. -V SOFTWARE PMFFmyni
45. ® ’if*} arisen si ssiamwfra
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- 24S CfBiaCHRAUafK . 17190 GENERAL MUSIC SOFTWARE bit ppft nsftssbku _ 70.95 mu ins macfi amsa hofb -
- 23.K Hltf ___ ..51-55 1 CLCWIVIIYIUI'ffWrn 1 SOFTWARE XTUVI UMO neisMiTffi ma.
- 123.00 TB80TRT ¦ - .$ 185 MtflfrAmeftfnoMt ... 70S TBUIKFBRHAE&M .175.03 MM :.4:: «• -• v SIBHBflTDI __ 5195 UTIIITIE : y GAMES PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO RflDUIOT ... _U£6 U IMWH ... a Lwti i 17.es , PROGRAMMING sonv APF U 1ILI1 Itv HXHffflPT If 11 SOFTWARE WBDUOtrHKOH ___ .. mao WTTRNJU IHNDIBT ..f ..
- 22-95 RX THHS lUtCXX EXTBtam SET .80S ARCADE GAMES 30 PwtUWUI. PU __ .138.00 a’iMfPfjUBBW ....
38. 95 MULTI MOM KI1. -. . ... 3235 uWf 1 Y * 1. 17985 MuooRSfDoan-------
- 23.96 DtClPAifl % PAL...-------------------
- .68.85 not ronis utilities HUHC BOX A . 37.15 l£FflRTBJUL IK Cfi
• ril-V i- • ' i j. . . I.* wimtoFA.-. HJIMf « I nil .318.00 Ml M mituMerrmTBi- ™_7196 Hots mi .,»« KFSTM4 77 0CTT..I DJOEG tOOl---------- ,7196 OF.WSUWfMBW .. .HR Bum 1,1 hi-- „ . WTOMI ...... . 209.00 58J5 BM1DS(D?TMZEU.0 ISSHiB ten 75J5 MLHF03TMU - Mtt ..., .. 32.3S
- SIS ...... _ ... JB8BIX SREITUB BK 04.98 KTTJIWBTWML mm nfHTTiiiit aant n ¦
- HL95 MJ sfuemiwawcm .4195 WTJl PE0FQS9ML 2.0 PAL
- MS BUHIIttf GPSf 38S DLTSOPTBTeTP .toes uks fcsirfr 45S on scan nunw in htt c in ¦ cmK fl 1 Rn wa fit
- 45.35 £ fir xuopmasaupuTKBn_
- .98.00 oswtfrai ..... a* RtiRnmEini_ .228 J0 WS39FM .....¦ ...... 41,95 BUSTlXlLHlnlTt flHle vuLI..... NMNtlGOOBTWBFK._ MiEPf *i omn TIBR .IBS MS ruiKfc B.IW BIHI--------------- Cffit
- lUff UTILITY MISC. GENERAt UTILITY SOFTWARE liBn saausTffli 4?S c « I a . 124.35 Jtzneciaimainnia_ .IMS tMVTII M K D9CTI»«M. Its man ns ITTTC rFKJffSflffUi .moo uoumaLonEsroiioTBi THTIKIll Tiff 11 1U1 f 11K FqftB
• u ue ms n on _&S TOW ___... __
55. 95 fj.wnu ......
- as 10 K 1 nuKT 41 K 7815 KNJF BTUTfl_ _4IS nm . SIS CUMWW1 , tits TAPES GENERAL i rtniiiK iditj nn «« K Hiervm . 42J6 fUCI ------ US nuvtttrmfti.... _ .utn CAMK) PJ1 YfffSXM... MS m nr MfkHS V> Vi iiuiitft S7 flfi KTPfflEPSB
- ass nuMTuxni t ..
- 14S CiWRffl IMRiJE HS AMIGA WORLD VIDEO UCFil MJIMI M AC MiriftL wit fll K lucfiei . -30 96 «WTRCWII_ .....
- 14S BsflfT OfWU 3 7B96 Mott BWMtt mi ___ H95 raJCM rrlSI . , -------- ----- men jy n n IS R UITTHTt 3 0 its IICE) COB ... _
- 7155 HS7IBUKPMF. .104.00 Ustt MSNW TOW ------------------ r MS MOKTT FmOn RTK Ctdfl fUHTLRF ... 24 JS SflPHMU V? G Cffl® nuni- ..... 33S THU KOI ST DOW __ .
- SIS Ukiinnona w AC Wtui I'm IU mMI ...... 1 1 ¦¦I..I keRoyerwm ? N BtiW M Vi fJASIBSACS . 40.85 EDITOR LIBRARIANS WfflrtBII 5186 HM1TB1 ns. 1.. ___ .1135 MlUur = ttvSm _ mnmv nr kivt ¦ 4J QC BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE OOMTBSAK 703(8 ..
- SIS rwrwi 4 BtOTw. Souro ottot
- MS JFSBTBPKKlSfflim . 114.00 AUUffgRunfii mUvu w RmI 1 ...... nfiivnM nr Itf RFICI ..34.00 % K SAMPLING. SOLUTIONS MTHOFCIIB« ..... .19100 MftMTOI V9UWE ME . .IBS tPiff iff UIUM .10109 UTTBtt++
- SIS MKAmnorato IFICEKEI _ ...38.65 HP PaintJet .725.00 HP DeskJet C (Color) .....759.00 HP DeskJet 500 ......429.00 LaserJet np+ 899.00 QMS-PS 410 ..1899,00 Imagine plus Imagine: A Guided Tour video $ n mmht! Sfr' ssssser Pro musical environment. BarsSPipes Add-On Series Interna] Sounds Kit.. ,.,932®s Multi-Media Kit . ... S32M Pro Studio Kit .. ...*34** Music Box A or B..... ,..s32*s Rules for Tools . ... 932” Creativity Kit .... ... s3435 Triple Ploy Plus .*165™ MIDI interface with 3 separately nddrassnbla MIDI-nuts Coming Soon... SyncPro ..... SMPTE Time Cade Reeder Generator Toatorial Kit I>¦Ilf BarsSPipes Professional tutorial software Only G20900... ...for Bars & Pipes Pro SuperJAM! .989" Tho no»y way to wrlto music. Make your Amiga ploy up to 16 internal sounds simultaneously!
• Real time response in full perspective
• Photo realistic Rendering -
• User friendly
• HAM, HAM-E & DCTV Support
• Free Videotape included! =>: T hi Media jn corparatecl 7 1 2" x 7 1 2" Wiz Drawing Tablet s239°° W I z Prices Effective April 1,1992
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 • Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 310-214-0932
* f jkMAfjaau .. ''¦V P®«Bas Z2J5 flffi SF UK OKI «T sen _ i*
- .34* J SS* purm a* psi&gieaakwwn if* nwromwa ' . If* JtlUTUBff , 26* IwfiHM V.4ITDI EFCf 13* iMtiunmiTiu UK MM lium MTBH __ 11* ¦iBim . _ __KM MB* IUITB1WR ST1KS MX
- 11* ¦oiMiiau _ 29 * IPSOTUUT31U?J*
- 12* aiBU v wwwra or rarvn FUGHT SIMULATORS jMIUMBia-It* tsssss-cm
- U* aaarucBmiiTnKaaBn Z7* FISITIKEAfill_HR niwaiiFUT_it* ROLE PLAYINGS iwormciaacnttr-a* SurtTItflTKffFflt OFT1K_ ntflfI*«8UM a* ntKTBK&Tffi . . .. UK FHTTXf UtaTWE. . Ft* F1IITEXU1FVTBI MBS 7* FlIRH UJS nKimiraia----------- ... a* raftnannnsi IS AS nft Of Tnt rrfftfl Cil P» IWMft Mfl 9 11 K BSFOFTtf OMEM . .. _ a* tM sWHniC- ibibk 1U9 21SE mua of TkimofMi_ _44* FIERI (HUT* 1 __ .3141 ROOT OF I* flLVffl EUR! . AuannrnBnsn surra i- Tie .12* CWStftiKIKS COM P U T E R S Jl! Rucflmn ft* 8MB* Wl 15 35 STHIfB _ _ .22.25 UTSMI TTTM . ACTION STRATEGY UTTirOHS »1« ADULT GAMES umum .15* OfWUT! . .. . IftecfHTiiMn KK arum us ___ . IBBKflnufflYI .BA Ill Fwt ftlTMfl. .... 5* MIJSKttl 1*15 139H S9T UM3TI .29* Muaisnan ffkfllTWCS 24* rBFPDEHl sajerreunesir MCBTSOB rvnDiri7 _
- ti* SKOTGUPKSfZ .16* rams ans
- --a* STWaUTU . IBS* lUflMTIS. WAR STRATEGY UTOECaSftW-US UBKNLFTSBBU. IMHURTfl wmirurtamor IMT7UXETS3 nvBnranuicsncT i Kami ana motor asmasaFKi- mnissT v-a* HDBH.RW9QR_ now__ iHf A • TM reative PIXEL 3D 2.0 NEW low cost, high speed hard disk controller RAM expansion for the Amiga 500 r The most powerful 3D PIXTX 3D utility for the computer!
2. 0 HilOLi Convert bitmaps to 3D objects, get rid of redundant points and convert from one format to another1. Beetle Mouse $ 3495 Infcxmalion Graphics
• Over 45 Chart Types
• Grayscale PostScript
• Color PostScript
• 2D & 3D Charts
• IFF Backdrops
• IFF Chart Objects
• Automatic Legends
• Automatic Tables
• Combine Chart Types ProWrite 3.2 C haru Now the all-time bestselling word processor supports Postscript output
• Audio Video Scnplwritlng. ¦ Arexx support.
• 100.000 word Spell Checker.
• Thesaurus with 300.000 word cross reference.
• Supports columns.
• Wraps texl around graphics.
• Mail Merge ft-, Use a standard IBM AT keyboard on your Amiga _ INOVAtronWs IDEO UI RECTOR I Hid OR Directory Opus ....$ 3695 CanDo
v. l .6.... $ 8995 Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga!
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes!
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! Interactive audio-visual authoring software lets non- programmers buiid custom applications. The New Wave Directory Utility opens files, launches applications, plays anims & sounds and has a host of other file-related features. Directory Prices Effective April 1r1992 FUUff BFT®HT1W0 ChrtliP _
• •¦¦••••¦¦¦"¦¦I !¦¦¦¦« 4185 .35 Men-iccfluv _ pro kictt; rtmuw m .....44.85 muffle __33.96 IcfflStf WKJTUtTEI . 17 TXMVBUWf 54 nnneiTimMiMxi 12 GRAPHIC ADVENTURE utf smeettAM... SI anu the nran isyemK_ 38 Munrrew .. „ JJJ5 mrafim... SIS HBFATin _ ___ 39 HfftCMKTCfltpV BSSTWinuni ... 35 saRaFt TKKnG __ 31 S£S! Of WffTr BLUB „ 38.95 Bct CA1TIE UtttON? UK-
- 94 BUT ipsxr I ___ ___tSH jMBitomnr 19 K nniFFZuint . Trta ithbihi _ . .74 P : £ 1 &» liffi racifWDtuamuMi Ml VMS* , : ft Wmn nfsewi ... . .as fBIGEME If EXCILBUl. .UK j*a«Kjasa«a8„ Jia m&uaemm. .14
- 9 SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT S™ S 84 34 IMS BU« JACK JtEAflfflY ___14 OTOS3.3__ i_,25.55 .21 .41 .11 .21 .22 .21 .84 .21 JACK MctUOS 9HJM. Srf 4 SO. 38 S OASSCHHOHH] - KEYBSAB ItMPUITlJ FOR twits & TbiiT® $ wns®t nan dhitt ffJ 98 ffSAikSfTtioain ... 94 ¦JtitcjtR nun 34 AOTIKQ MiTAflY SYVTBUB .. WtflB Fffl AWMMlWftlW (Ml PH TOW Efflf .31 (mhcju tmTAS ncnoNurr _ 49 ihiPiiT PM IEV45TKJR 2 ..... . ,,, ___34.85 EuimwctoKBw* 43 tNrul AW -tjiUKIta nfi rjiTi ritstu nirxui cm PBV.f90T9AU.lfA. „ . 22 43 "UAMIS lAlalnL IIUMMU. ......
* Wvi StFHCAMIHTHWIMIAatt -, TnmnFinrw ... 14 3149 NYPAM THE USE EUSHRSI PflUTES_ a ir - ¦ 44 BU.IU KWH iMWP 1LU WU"H . SNUG gpftCAt Mtt fVQ SO PI a MIMIIUittlhfflMIMlK munoiTBUttna 18 TBETULE KECE K NWATMI - .... 44 mmfiisFffinftfMKF ccri c&tsftmm Nlttl*HOT TUBS - H0RUWTA
- ---.64 53J6 1S leecTCttEsaTBinaoL 27 ensmtirpt
- M RS CAE OF TKWSK SU H 34 BBT HBB HUBBUB AunnnroiHia. , 35 SOBAVU. __ Catl cut ottk cwmw cm . Cum tibm«t ravci I'm. .Ml Workbench Management System $ 3295 ‘Top, MR Backup Professional $ 3295 TTR 20mb Floptical Drive 25mftz, with free upgrade to 28mhz Accepts wide variety of memory configurations Lowest cost '040 board for Amiga 2000 Brigade Commander s2985 Internal s49900 While supplies last! Teacher's Toolkit $ 3495 I ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ n.l.MMIM ... ¦ NEW Professional Page 3.0 VERSI0N! The Latest Upgrade for the Professionals Choice in DTP ProNet Pro Board «28995 Sffifos Fantastic Voyage The Computer Game “Incredible!” "?????" 5 Stars
- .Into Magazine $ 3495 World Atlas 3 Disks ot info on over 170 countries + 255 maps. For a limited time only, buy ProNet and get ProBoard Free For Innovative schematic capture end PCB layout, A complete solution from schematic to PCB. Page & Function Genies give total ease of use Irregular text wrap Adobe type 1 font support Mail merge and hot link to spreadsheet 7 New Compugraphic Fonts New Undo feature Draw 4D Pro MyPaint The best children's paint program for the Amiga. $ 2995 Pixound Musical Graphics Player “Incredible!" 5 Stars
* .info Magazine
B. A.D Ver.4.0 Best selling disk optimizer for all Amigas. Speeds floppy and hard drives by up to 5 times! $ 2995 MindLink The hottest, newest, super-powerful modem package. Finally! Professional, Use -Friend 3D rendering & animation far the Amiga! Renders any Amiga mode plus 24-Bit. Easy texture mapping! Great Manual. Direct DCTV support! Output 3D Pdraw Clips! Video and Publishing! Unlimited Ughls that animate Parallel Spaces to work in Double buttered real-time editor Phong Gouraud Facef Built-in Font Editor Unlimited points per polygon I FF IFF24 Anim Clip output Prices Effective April 1,1992
* * 'J. F- ,, The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, well beat it!** T i _ - Commodore Amiga 500DS Amiga 2000 Comes with: 3.5" Floppy Drive, Mouse, Joystick, bundled with the following software packages: Kindwords, FusionPaint, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, F40 Pursuit, and F A-18 Amiga 3000 Interceptor. SPECIAL PRICE $ 399 Commodore FREE 1200 Baud Modem with this system purchase Creative Computers has the largest and best equipped fully Authorized Amiga service center. Authorized Sales and Service _ ORDER BY PHONE
1. Cali lit* mosl current prices and stripping rates,
2. Mail this arder lortn lo: CREATIVE CBMPHTCBS at 4453 ReiM Batch Blvd., Lawndale, SA 9I28B
2. Credit card arders only shipped ti bitliBff address. Name _ Address City _ Country_ Day Phone ( ) Night Phone ( ) nr"" “" ‘‘8 . 7. - - - r: 1 B 25*o SALES TAX CA. RE S.ONLY) SHIPPING TOTAL SHIPPING METHOD: (Calf for rates) _UPS Ground [_J Airborne Express OFFER CODE: P2540111 0 Check Money Order P] Visa Q MasterCard American Express |_| Discover Method of Payment CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: The Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program (CC-MBG) When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GUP Hardware from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questions- Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the market for a GUP Impact Uision but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! ; pj i |! Ej -j )*r. | a 1-
- ¦©v'W rf' ¦u' CC Mflfi rain Haiti* tins ollir citertf 5 318? And mlr irottM ta t»» Mail UHM tiutaru* suit, You null CM CailauM- Itrmct to Htilo I Return MTUrtrition nomaor aiior* siiuting tin It(Wi) Mel. Rtio mailil null be laerttUal condition and la orifUMl picligng No dimiced itaoi nut at icctpieJ. Rctuidi Uiued within 14 difi a! Retefel at tr,e returned llenti). Ralimd li billed la 33.000 mr nileaer. CTITWIIEITH.Nr KIMMflHUll M? RntMa II 1« -tu* MI ui tr ur iatf uwt wmim isscititiai ctrwn n k iiji:! Pan rein intr.il m ururgi 1st tiuilHurCrt lS iirtuni i» Umrn litrtsi. Is irairia tv c.mir Clin tai bear terrei it lllll ?H Ml*tr rran arMr.ta. U rtarw KltteH aatrtiSn raottr = HUM rS to ¦I’nrt Irrwl pr*(«li wit M ¦ myn cMitw m poum ui an: It :in ti:t nkaBUTitir I'm ti it:: Si rttitei bum Ir'rtir rslstl n:Mrtri km Nr at nrldm ik pan ii-t-oj:tr iittitjt: era MH mscca i-t n tr nrsst ia isSsk! :i i Its rt cEtui In CmftTiMl Men w im»»n r rate rt a»Ki ti ti«r ¦ titec Mu ui h mtl lm ran ran v uawn cted Itr tan! Ir ret fruM ttetl j atm din near Ikkm iw WrtH rt trujlm wter t m M tew him) If rnni tr tnte til s?bi riwrlH (rt ud inn itlmi M te ttm iiihi ntn ¦tlMIJtUi TI: m HOJH f*IDU Ir Crate. 'PI in unieia rtP 141 W *te? Tram Biwrrallte. Hr TOI rt UtiirCin kmci [h hii III p ui i nan* itefican t* mr infi cel J-wirt net p«m tni pv cn*i on tmitt mtj urn mm ¦rninui paaiHKD Hn ini mm cmbi niw mmim unr traiteM ua n I'm imci 11 ii» i«t umiunu ni in mtaitnrtrtMHKn ¦*m ouu’l! |i Mi d|*ui a * atttuian Uitrtiu i, u aratrcn team imiji umaaaa u ut ¦¦ ri F" m » naittr rm air an Exp. Date Credit Card , Signature_ liRDORNE EXPRESS Overnight Shipping via: Even Newer, Lower _ Prices! * New G-Force 030 Combo Accelerators G-Force 040: 28Mhz 68040 accelerator for the Amiga 3000 with 2megs $ 209y00 G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 ..*1189°°
- 68030 running at 40mhz
- 68882 running at 40mhz
- 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
- Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
- Hard Drive mountable
- All on one board G-Force ‘030 50 4 ..*1569°°
- 68030 running at 50mhz
- 68882 running at 50mhz
- 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
- Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
- Hard Drive mountable
- All on one board SIMM32-1 MB 60 SIMM32-4MB 60 Combo Accelerator Hard Drive bundles (The best selling GVP accelerator with a large Quantum Hard Drive factory installed. Save a bund el Also includes a GVP Series II SCSI controller on board.) G-Force 030-Combo 25 1 no drive w 68882 math co-proc. .. *685™ G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 120Q w 68882 math co-proc......$ 1529°° G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 240Q w 68882 math co-proc -2129™ DSS-8 ....s95°° Record, edit, compose... with a high-quality, stereo sound sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track sequencer Scala 2000 NTSC Titling s249“
* 149™ Scala 500 NTSC Titling .. NEW IBM AT compatibility option iNs> Hard Cards Series If A2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card: A2000-HC8+0 52Q-LPS (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) ....637900 A200G-HC8+0 120Q-LPS (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) .....*519°° A2000 - HC8+0 240Q (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) .....5839°° GVP OPTICAL REMOVABLE MEDIA GVP WT-150 Tape Drive *639“ SQ555 SyQuest 40mb Removable with cartridge and HC8 Controller .*599“ SQ800 SyQuest 80mb Removable with cartridge and HC8 Controller . *719°° Impact Vision 24 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + Genlock + Framegrabber + Flicker- Eliminator + PIP + Video Titler + 3D Modelling System. A3000-IV24 ......*1879°° A2000-IV24 Adapter ..$ 49°° A500 HD+ The Series A500 HD8+ uses the same technologies of it's powerful A2000 cousins and additional features Jike: Exclusive Game Switch, Fast RAM Expansion up to 8MB, External SCSI Port, Free dedicated universal power supply! New PC286 Module (Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit)s399°° A500-HD+ 52Q S499® (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) .... A500-HD+ 120Q (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) ..
* .. A5Q0-H D+ 24GQ
- ;y * S ... $ 899°° (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) .. Prices Effective April 1,1992 MegaChip 2000 500 Multi Start II SecureKey DKB Software Add flexibility and security to your system. By Michael Hanish LONG LI T THE entrepreneurial spirit! DKB Software has recognized three needs of Amiga users and filled them with effective, simple, and inexpensive hardware solutions. Solution 1: MegaChip 2000 500 Until the release of the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS), the maximum amount of chip RAM (the section of memory used for graphics and sound processing) available to Amiga 2000 and 500 owners was 512K. With the ECS Agnus installed, A2000s and A500s can access one megabyte of chip RAM, but they still lag behind the A3000, which, with its special circuitry and ECS Agnus, can access two megs of chip RAM and manipulate more and larger graphics and sound files. The MegaChip 2000 500 ($ 299,95) evens the score. A daughterboard that plugs into your A2000’s or A500’s Agnus socket, the MegaChip 2000 500 gives you up to two megs of chip RAM. The board comes populated with one meg of memory, but you must supply the A3000 two- meg ECS Agnus chip to drive it. Installing MegaChip is most definitely not for the faint of heart. (Being somewhat of a hardware wimp, I enlisted the help of an authorized service person. Plus, opening the case yourself voids your warranty.) Believe the manual when it says removing the original Agnus f rom your motherboard witnout the proper chip-pulling tool is next to impossible. It is all too easy to destroy the socket by trying to pry the chip out. Not having the correct tool, we removed the chip by stripping the machine down to the motherboard, removing it, and gently pushing the chip out from below. This works, but is not recommended. Details of the rest of the installation vary according to die model and configuration of your Agnus. Follow the steps that are thoroughly described and clearly illustrated in the manual, then double-check your work before reassembling the machine. When you reboot your upgraded Amiga, open a Shell and type AVAIL. If you were successful, die amount of available chip RAM listed should be slightly over the two-meg mark. YOUR In operation, MegaChip is completely transparent, except that it gives you more space to perform graphic- and audio-intensive operations. With it, you can have up to ten megs of RAM instead of the previous limit of nine. The MegaChip board was recently redesigned into a smaller size, both for easier installation and greater compatibility with a wider variety of add-on boards and configurations. It works flawlessly under Workbench 1.3 and
2. 0. Without doubt, this is one of the MegaChip gives your A2000 A500 two megs of Chip RAM. Best and simplest hardware improvements you can make to your system’s it performance. Solution 2: MultiStart II While many users want the power and flexibility of the 2.0 operating system, they also need 1.3 to run favorite older programs or games that break under
2. 0. MultiStart II ($ 59.95, without ROMs) lets you install and use both 1.3 and 2.0 in A2000s and A500s. Your choice of the default ROM for hooting is determined by a simple jumper placement or by which ROM you insert in which socket. Installation requires removing the old ROM from the motherboard, inserting it and the new ROM in Multi- Start II, and working the daughterboard into the motherboard’s socket. All the options and other installation details are thoroughly covered in the manual. Be careful, however, of two problem spots: First, the pins on the MultiStart II board seem fragile, so seesaw them carefully into the ROM TURN: Installation of the MultiStart II card on my A500’s Rev 6a motherboard was a bit more demanding than I anticipated. The original MS board I received worked on a Rev 5 or lower. The DKB service tech was very helpful, and the new board arrived promptly. Unfortunately, the installation manual was not updated, and no addendum was included. After following the original instructions and receiving a blank, fiizzy screen at boot-up, 1 eventually discovered that the board had to be configured for A2000 operation, not set for the A5O0. I have had no problems, since. The board works great. Jeff Crystal Houghton Ijike, Michigan socket. Second, the installation, as with MegaChip, involves attaching a clip to a particular pin on the Gary chip. In the version 1 used, the clip’s wire is about two inches too short to make a neat run attachment; it’s a tight fit in an A20Q0, but it reaches. DKB says it has lengthened the wire by about an inch on the newer models. Make sure to check all your work before reassem- bling the machine. To run with the option of using either operating system, you must modify your hard-disk layout and startup-sequence. (The manual clearly covers both alterations.) Basically, die default system stavs » ¦* where it is on Workbench, and the second svstem resides in a drawer. The new j startup-sequence checks to see which ROM is active, makes the proper assignments, and executes the appropriate startup-sequence. Changing systems is as simple as holding down the Control and Amiga keys for five to six seconds. I have never had a problem running MultiStart II, and I recommend it highly if you need to access both operating systems. Solution 3: SecureKey Need to lock up your data? SecureKey ($ 124.95), a card for the A2000 or A3000, lets you boot only after you enter a password. The board slides simply into one of the 100-pin slots, an easy and well-documented installation. When you power up the computer, you are confronted with a screen asking for the password. The first time you boot, you enter 4 your new password, verify it, and proceed. After that, on each power up or warm boot, you have three tries to get it right, after which you are denied access. To try again, reboot. You can change the password at any time; just enter the old one, and then its replacement. One word of caution: Make sure you have a record of the password in case you forget. There is no way to recover it from the card, but registered owners can get a new key from DKB. This board, like DKB’s others, works flawlessly and transparently. All three boards are simple and elegant hardware solutions to system needs, doing exactly what they promise. DKB’s technical support will be there for you if you have any problems, but you probably won’t. I highly recommend these three products. MediaShow Gold Disk Put it all on the line. By Greg Morris IF YOU LONG to do multimedia stints but face budget restrictions, Media Show (SI29.95) from Gold Disk is worth a look. With this scaled-down version ofShowMaker (Gold Disk), you can combine pictures, animations, music, and sound effects for complete video productions without complex and expensive equipment. As in its full-featured brother, MediaShow’s heart is the scene window, which displays a timeline containing the video, title, music, and sound- effects tracks. The timeline, in conjunction with other event-parameter windows, lets you not only coordinate events, but also specify effects, fonts, and other options. For example, to display some previously digitized video or Amiga-generated graphics, you add a video event to the timeline: Simply click on the track labeled “Video” and drag the mouse pointer to the point in time where you want your video event to end. Once you release the mouse button, a requester appears asking you to select the file for this event either a picture or animation file, as there is no support for incoming live video. Next, a video-event window displays information such as the resolution of the picture, how much memory it uses, and a reduced version of the image. Additional video-event options include several wiping effects, and, for animations, the speed of playback. If you want to overlay titles on top of video events, simply add a title track into the scene window in the same manner as the video track. You can select type style and size, as well as what effect, color, and motion to apply to the text. Once you make your selections, you can enter several lines of text directly into the title-event window. The Preview option lets you see how your current selection will look when the entire production is played. If you don’t like what you see, it is very easy to modify it and try again. The Sound of Music In addition to pictures and titles, you can add music files (IFF SMUS) to the timeline in the music track. When you select this track, the music-event window appears, allowing you to specify the tempos, looping options, and locations of die instruments used. Unfortunately, you must specify where the instrument files are located even- time you add new music, even if the instruments are always in the same place. It would be nice to have some kind of default option for locating instrument files. You can add sound files to any one of the four specific outputs found in the scene window. There are tracks labeled LI, L2, Rl, and R2 for the two left and right audio channels, respectively. Once you have made all your selections, click on the Play button and experience either your entire production or just a portion of it. During the testing of this feature, however, the image movement was a little jerky at times in some of the display updates on my three-megabyte, unaccelerated .Amiga 2000 (no disk access was involved, either). This problem could be solved with an accelerated machine, a solution I support for professional use. Another drawback for professionals is the inability of the program to control video recorders, which is a strength of the more expensive Show- Maker. You can, however, record your presentation to videotape by using a standard genlock. Editing a production is very easy to do. You can highlight events and copy, delete, or shift them in time, much as you would perform cut-and-paste operations in a word processor. There are three ways of editing: You can move one event in time and not affect any other events; move a particular event on a track so that all the other events are adjusted accordingly in time; or move all tracks as a group. Additionally, if the mouse pointer is not specific enough, you can adjust starting and ending times more accurately through special gadgets on the scene window. Even though entering information on the scene window was easy, the response to my mouse selections was a bit sluggish 011 my unaccelerated machine, especially when I was dragging the mouse pointer along the timeline while adding or editing an event. There is also a delay before a production begins while the program preloads several picture and sound files into memory. Even performing a minor change to the production causes the program to load everything into memory again, even the files that you did not update. This adds a lot of time when you’re trying to make adjustments. What’s more, there is no undo option, so once you make a change, there is no turning back. There were a couple of other unusual things that I noticed with version
1. 11 of MediaShow. [ust after loading a saved production, I saw that on the Edit menu the selected edit-mode option doesn’t always match the event window’s edil-mode box. Once you load your production, however, selecting a different edit mode (through either the menu or event window) keeps the two synchronized. Don’t Believe Everything You Read .As far as the user manual is concerned, the on-disk ReadMe file explains that several changes were made in the software since the manual was printed. There is some resulting confusion, because most of the pictures in the manual showing the scene and event windows do not match what you see on the screen. I hope future manuals will more accurately reflect what you see on the screen. Other than these outdated pictures, the manual does a good job of explaining how to install and use the program. It takes you step by step through creating a production, and it is augmented by on-disk tutorials. As an added bonus, Gold Disk includes two separate programs called Paint and Music. These provide you with the basic tools needed to create picture and sound files for use in the MediaShow program. These programs do not contain the elaborate features offered in other well-known drawing and music programs, but they work if you have no alternatives. MediaShow is a very easy-to-use program for creating sequenced video productions for display on your .Amiga. The learning curve is minimal, and you will he very quickly on your way. ? However, because of the lack of smoothness in some of the video displays and the sluggish response during timeline manipulation, the program doesn’t live up to its full potential on a stock Amiga. For home productions and other small projects, hv all means consider MediaShow; but for professional use, I would look elsewhere. Voyager, the Dynamic Sky Simulator Carina Software A good tool to complement your telescope. Mine had to go to Baja Mexico to see stars as clearly as Voyager shows them. It’s like having a planetarium on your Amiga. You can gaze at the stars and planets as they would appear from an)- location on the Earth or in space, and you can go forward or backward in time to see how the universe changes over millennia. You can even look at the Big Dipper from such a remote point in time or space that it doesn’t By Gene Hamm IF YOU’VE EVER wanted to view an eclipse without going blind or watch the stars all night without freezing to death, then Voyager, the Dynamic Sky Simulator (SI24.95, Carina Software) is the program for you. A friend of Where Do You Go for Help When You're the Expert? BIX - the Online Service for People Who Know Amiga!
• Get quick answers to tough coding questions
• Interact with other Amiga developers
• Download source code, utilities, and other programs for the Amiga
• Keep up with the latest Amiga developments
• Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments
• Chat with other Amiga users in real time You can become a BIX subscriber today for only $ 13 per month! Choose from 2 affordable usage plans, and enjoy local access from over 600 locations throughout the continental U.S. Join BIX Today! DIX Is a service of General Videotex Corporation 1030 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02 138 1-800-695-4775 G17-35-1-4137
1. Via modem, dial 1-800-225-4129
2. At the “login:” prompt, enter “bix"
3. At the “Name?" Prompt, enter “bix.amiga" Questions? Call 1-800-695-4775 look like the Big Dipper any more. For serious astronomers, three optional Sky Data disks are chock full of additional stars if those on the Voyager disk aren’t enough. When you load the program, you see a sky full of stars, each one about a pixel in diameter so small that they could he 11 yspecks on your monitor. Center the cursor on any one and click the mouse button to call tip a display box that has more information on that little flyspeck than you probably want to know. Interested in another star? Horizontal and vertical scroll bars and zoom control buttons allow you to move freely about the sky. You can bypass the zoom buttons by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a box around any section of sky vou want to j see at closer range. If you want to see the stars from your backyard, you can custom design the horizon to imitate your immediate surroundings. For realism, you can make the ground opaque, or, to see through the Earth, you can make it transparent. You can lix on one star and track it all night, or fix oti the horizon and watch the skv rotate around vou. Con- j trol buttons turn on displays of planets, stars, deep sky objects (galaxies and so on), outlines of constellations, and grid lines. These can be viewed separately or all at once. The more that is displayed, the more your machine slows down, but the speed at which pictures are shown is still remarkably f ast. If you f ind an i> especially interesting screen, you can print it, and in doing so you can save wear and tear on your ribbon or toner cartridge by reversing the colors to output black stars on a white sky. It’s All How You Look At It You have a choice of four view modes for seeing the whole known universe at once. The Star Adas view shows it in the form of a flat map, while the Local view adapts the Star Atlas view to display the universe as it would appear from your local position on Earth. In the Full view, the universe resembles a mural that scrolls horizontally in an endless loop, as if it were going past your car window. The Celestial Sphere view is a Fish-eye 180-degree display of one-half of the sky, and this is the most cosmically mind-blowing panorama in the Voyager program. I’m sure the programmers intended you to feel as though you were inside a dome, but because concave and convex are perceived subjectively, I led I am outside Continued on p. 88. PREMIER PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH goldenIMAGE ® L E I PIANO TEACHING SVBTEM State-of-the-art electronic keyboard, Amiga software and artificial intelligence music technology work together to create the perfect teaching program - for anyone who has ever wanted to learn to play the piano. FEATURES:
• over 128 sampled instruments, sounds and effects
• full size velocity sensitive keys for true musical expression
• leant real music notation, proper fingering techniques, how to read and play rhythm properly, and pedaling
• customized lessons to meet your individual musical needs
• over 50 songs, with a w ide variety of music styles
• lessons are fun. Including arcade quality video games, historical facts and computer accompaniment.
• built-in stereo speakers, foot pedal, stereo earphones and connection to your home stereo stystem.
• fully MIDI compatible, w ith MIDI in and out jacks
• keyboard can be used without Amiga for performance. Amiga Replacement Mouse 1 Seller!
• Opto Mechanical $ 32 RAM Expansion 4 MB RAM for Amiga 500 Attractive Case Simply Plugs into Side Expansion Port. Comes with 2 MB already installed! The Best Memory for your A500,
* pass-through to further expand
• can be daisy-chained
• populates with 1x9 simms. Only Hand Scanner with Deluxe Paint UI
• Migraph Touch-up Software
• 100 200 300 400 dpi selectable modes
• 64 halftone levels $ 195 Too Low to Advertise! Covert Action InhnrltvMr Irwnlfo Cm lit,
• i kiwncim World Championship formula one Thrilling game of undercover racing at its most intense with crime fighting from Sid Meier. Microprose s new World Circuit: Grand In Covert Action break codes, Prix Racing. Authentic performance, unravel plots before they multiple camera angles, and stunning unfold. James Bond who? Crashes. Amiga now. IBM coming soon. Available for Amiga and IBM. Amiga SupraModem v.32.bis Package Includes [ SupraFAX Software, ' A-Talk III Telecom Software, and Amiga Modem Cable Stand Alone Modem
• no software or cable • $ 309
• H,000 9600 7200 4800 2400 1200 300 bps data
• Up to 57.600 bps throughput with another V.42 bis
• Send Receive to class 1, 2, and 3 fax machines
• LED Display gives 25 status reports
• Activity log & customizable fax cover pages $ 165
• Full font and color support ¦2D & 3D graphs
• PostScript outrut
• Full Arexx support Gold Disk VideoDirector
• Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes!
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's Gold Disk Professional Calc
• The f irst Truly Professional Spreadsheet for the Amiga! SAME PACKAGE AS ABOVE but with these features:
• 2400 1200 300 bps data
• 9600 bps class 1 & 2 send receive fax
• MNP 2-5 & CCITT V.42bis error correction data compression for up to 9600 bps throughput with another V.42bis modem
• compatible with Group 3 fax machines
• activity log & customizable fax cover pages
• Bell 103 212A & CCITT V.21 V.22 V.22bis V,23 V.42 V.42bis
• 100% compatible with industry-standard ‘AT' commands & result codes extended error correction data compression "AT commands & result codes Supra Corporation Amiga Supra Modem 2400 Plus CornputrflbUitu See Following Pages for More Exciting Products & Prices! AMW 5-92 800-558-0003 €on.iume* Jecttonlc a 800-558-0C AMIGA 500 UPGRADE KIT ¦i $ 109 price includes 16mm lens with Variable Iris: $ 385 INCLUDES;
• Panasonic 1410 Camera • Copystand with Lights * Digi«View MediaStation • 880K Disk Drive + 512K RAM Expansion NEW LOW PRICE!
• • • • • AMIGA AD Speed (all Amiga Computers)... $ 164 Air Drive Int 3.5"*A3000 .. ..$ 89 AMAXX II ... $ 137 Amiga RF Modulator ...... ..S29 Amiga 1680 Modem .... ..$ 39 BCD Internal SFC-A2000 . $ 749 Big Foot Power Supply . ..S95 Bodega Bay . $ 279 Chroma Key Switcher .. $ 315 Colorburst ... $ 659 Color Splitter . $ 105 Data Flyer RAM Card OK .. ..$ 89 Digiview Media Station $ 152 Digital Sound Studio .... ..$ 85 DMI Floptical Disk Drive ... ..Call ECE Midi Interlace ..$ 48 Flicker Fixer ... $ 235 Flicker Free Video 500 1000 2000 . $ 235 Firecracker . $ 825 Internal Drive 2000 ...... ..$ 69 K-Starl Selector .... ..$ 35 Light-24 ..... ..Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus ... $ 299 MIDI Gold A5C0 Insider A2000..... .. $ 55 559 Mini Gen .. $ 185 Miracle Keyboard .. CALL Multistart II ..S54 Personal SFC (Nucleus) ... S339 Perfect Sound ...... ..$ 65 Prefessional Video Chassis ..... $ 242 Roctec Internal 500 Drive ...... ...$ 79 extras..... Sharp JX100 Scanner ...$ 489 Taco Single Frame Animator Cntrlr.....S1.739 Video Blender ..S939 Vidi Complete Color Solution ...$ 235 GOLDEN IMAGE: Jin Mouse .S23 Replacement Mouse ..S32 Optical Mouse .S45 Cordless Mouse w Deluxe Paint II......S69 Cordless TrackBall w Deluxe Paint II ..S79 1 2 MB RAM Expansion for A500 S36 Atonce-Plus 16MHz PC AT-Emulator for Amiga 500, A2000 $ 285 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS: Free Delivery in Contiguous 48 States! 68040 Board for A2000, OK ..S1.579 4MB 8MB ..S1.719 S1.849 16MB 32MB .....S2.299 S2.999 Microbotics VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor S289 25MHz w 68882 Math Coprocessor. ....$ 449 4QMHZ No Math Coprocessor $ 449 40MHz w 68882 Math Coprocessor.....S629 52 MB 120 MB $ 489 $ 639 Impact Series II for A2000 SCSI Hard Disk + RAM Expansion Hi-Speed IDE Hard Drive Packages for the A500 52 IDE Quantum A500 105 IDE Quantum A500 130 IDE Maxtor A500 Internal ICD-AD IDE 40 Kit S349 S459 S489 Int. ICD-AD IDE 40 w AD Speed S529 S639 $ 679 Trumpcard 500 AT External 0K expandable to 8 MB S439 S569 $ 579 Includes: cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware 240LPS 120LPS S509 $ 819 SEE HARD DRIVE GRID BELOW FOR ADDITION OPTIONS Digital Sound Studio $ 85 PC Snap-In Module AT Emulator for GVP A500 HD+ Series $ 319 NEW LOW PRICE! G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16IMB
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3. 5" Floppy Ext. Disk Drive tor the 500 1000 2000 $ 79 Complete Video Toaster Work Stations CcailQ for specific configurations! WL-m Cor§3 or cm trion SupraDrive 5G0XP 52MB with 1MB 2MB RAM ... .... $ 465 5545 120MB with 1 2MB 2MB RAM..... ....$ 579 5665 240MB drive W 2MB RAM ..... ......$ 909 SupraRAM 500RX 1MB 2MB 8MB ...$ 125 S185 S395 SupraRAM 2000 2 4 6 8 MB ....S165 $ 225 S285 S349 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock ...... S3 9 SupraModem 2400 External ...$ 79 SupraModem 2400 Plus MNP5 & V.42bis External . ......S129 SupraModem 2400 zi Plus MNP5 & V.42bis Internal . ......S149 Power PC Board Run MS DOS Software on your A500 .....S269 C= Commodore* AMIGA 500 STARTER KIT INCLUDES:
• Amiga 5CX) Personal Computer
• Amiga Mouse * Joystick
• Amiga Power Adaptor
• 9 Disks: • Workbench ] -3. • Workbench
1. 3 Extras. *KindWords (3 Disks). -Fusion- Pamt, -Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.
• FdO Pursuit. * F A-18 Interceptor
• Manuals: the Comprehensive Software Instuctions & Amiga Owner's Guide Call for Low, Low Price! SYQUEST Drive Package 44MB 88MB for 2000 for 2000 Int. Ext. Int. Ext. S415 515 S579 679 Package includes: SyQuest drive, 1 media cartridge, Amiback utilities, & cable. External models include case. 4-0 Boxing w Tru-Motion .. A-1QTank Killer V.1.5 Upgd Aces o( the Pacific .31.95 Civil War ..... .37 95
• « • PFCPFATION • • • Pnnlc nl (Tarknacc 37 QK Slpllar 7 71 Q5 .35.95 .41.95 Cohort 30 96 n----1. Na Ar a.ji ii__a Ac r c Conan ‘he Cimmerian .. .30 95 Hardball II ...... ..30.95 Light Quest ..31.95 ropuious . World Eddor .. J 1 so 15 95 auineiieei ... Strin Poker 3 . 413.33 .30.95 Action Stations .30 95 Conflict: Korea .. 37 95 Harpoon .. ..37.95 Links .. ..36.95 Pnniilnuc 11 17 95 Purvor Qnarrv Invadnrc 7A Q5 Adventures of Willie Beamish 36.95 Conflict: Middle East ... . 35 95 Battleset 2 or 3 .. .. 20 95 Lost Patrol .. 31.95 Pmvprmnnner si 31 95 ""MMwig iiihmiii fertiVJ Swap 30.95 Taloc Hanir Prnnh Qhrarlm* Tl7 Aijonv . 30.95 Cover! Action ... ..36.95 Battleset 4 . .25.95 M-1 Tank Platoon . .... .36.95 Dab Hick WWI Friitinn
* * V 1 Vv 15 Q5 J J American Gladiators ...
30. 95 Cruise for a Corpse ..... ..34.95 Scenario Editcr .. .25,95 Madden Footbal ... ..31.95 L'fltP L*l3N YY¥f 1 LUIUUH Prehistoric ,, 1 J-SJ 30 95 Team Suzuki ,24.95 Armour Geddon ... .30.95 Crusaders Dark Savant ..41.95 Harpoon Challenger Pak.... .. 57.95 Manager s Challenge ... ..30 95 Prince o' Persia. . 24 95 Team Yankee .36.95 ATAC ...... . 30.95 Curse'Azure Bonds ...... ..31.95 Heart nt China 3fi 95 Mantis:Experimental Fighter Matrix Cubed .... 36 95 Prnnher'v rrf thP hartrrw Ifi Q5 Teenage Ninja Turtles: Arc . Tprrain t-nvnv .30.95 28 95 Awesome . . 36.95 Cybercon III ..... ..36.95 Holves Rook ol Games 1 nr 221.95
- 31.95 r IU|UIIGU Ul IIIU Jl IuUUii ... Guam fn* Glorv 1 or 7 dU SJ 36 95 Atomino ... .31.95 Daemonsgate ... .41.95
• t ------ - ¦ ----- - - ¦ Home Alone .... .. 24.95 Mavis Beacon Typing .. ..31.95 IU kJIUIV 1 UJ C ...... Railrnart Tvrnnn .. uu JJ 36 95 ¦ c>lam uiiivY .... Thpir Finn l Hnur . 4U. JJ 20 95 0-17 Flying Fortress .... .41.95 Das Boot Submarine ...
- 31 95 Hoverforce ...... ..30.95 Mega Fortress ..
37. 95 Realms 3095 Thuntferhawk ¦ Aui J J 30 95 Back To the Future II or III ,24.95 Death Knights ol Krynn...... .31,95 Immortal .. ..31.95 Mega-Traveller 1 .. . 36 95 Red Baron 36 95 Thundotstnke . I W V 4 .30.95 Ball Game .... 24 95 DeluxePaint IV ..
107. 95 Indv Jones 4: Fate at Atlantis 37.95 Mercenaries ..... .37,95 Rprl Rtnrm Rteinn Id Q5 Tilt .24.95 Barbarian II ..... . 30.95 Disney Animation Studio.... .. 74.95 Indianapolis 500 .. Jack Nlcklpus Unlimited ... .31.95 Merchant Colony .. .35.95 Rise ol tne Dragon .36 95 Prthirl Hrmrl f'ftnn 1 min Tom Landrv Football 30 95 Bard s Tale 111 ___ . 31.95 Dragon Wars .... ..30.95 .36.95 Medieval Warrior .. . 30.95 Tmron II UU. WW 41 95 Battle Chess II .. .30.95 Dune .. ..30.95 Course Disk 41-45 ... ..15.95 Mig-29 .... . 30.95 Robococ II 28 95 Traders . ¦ 1 . JJ . 30.95 Battle isle . .31.95 Dungecn Master ... .24.95 Greatest 18 Holes .... ....19.9 Might & Magic III . . 37.95 Robosocrt 36 95 Twilioht 2000 . 36.95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge Birds of Prey .... .30.95 ECO Phantoms . . 24.95 Designers Clip Art Vol. 1 James Rnnd : Stealth Affair ..17.95 Millenium .. .. 24.95 Rnmanrp 9 Kimilnn': II 4? 95 Ultima 5 36 95 .31.95 Ecoquest ... . 30.95 34 95 Mixed -Up Mother Goose .. .30 95 RiiIpc nl! Fnnsnpmpn? 17 95 I llfrma A
• w w. JJ 41 9K Black Crypt .31.95 Elf ... .31.95 .1 Cnnners s Pm Tpnnis Tntir.31 95 Maw fipats 26 95 Secret o‘ Monkey isl. 1 or II Secret ol the Silver Blades Shadow of the Beast II or II Snrrprpr jj
- 37 95 ..31.95
36. 95 31 95 umijid o ..... 1W.itinn'; Jit War 4 1 1 Blitzkrieg ... .30.95 Elvira lor II ..36.95M1.95 Jones in the Fast Lane..... .24.95 Veuer Fnrfinn Rtnrv ?- AmariaPi 9.6 IIM II- Phnpt Frtitnr . JO-jJ in Blue Max ... .31.95 Eye of the Beholder 1 or II
37. 95 Keys To Maramon ..... ,31.95 Vobunga's Ambition ,, .36 95 ¦J o II. Riai'ci LuikUP .... I Annflnrp ril F*ralihiir Bo Jackson Baseball ... .30.95 F-15 St'ike Eagle II ......
36. 95 KGB _ 30 95 Vova 9 ... .22 95 VcliyCIILC Ul L.AUall'JU! .. Vnlilied , JU. JJ 24 95 Bridge 6.0 ...... .24,95 F-19 Stealth Fighter ..... .36.95 Killing Cloud .... .30.95 Dh No! Lemmings Operation Combat .30.95 Wliauvlf wJILaQI -1 a Shultle .. 1 .JJ 36 95 fMllllICU Warhead . L.'t.JJ .31 95 Cadaver ..... .24.95 Falcon
30. 95 King s Quest 2 or 3 ... ..30.95 . 30.95 Silent Sprvinp II 16 95 Wartnrd 3C1 95 Carmen San Diego Each..... .30.95 Fantastic Voyage .. .27.95 King's Quest 4 or 5 ... ..36.95 Ork . . 30.95 Sim Ant .. JO JJ .. 35 95 Wheel of Fortune wA anna .. Where in the ...Carmen each Whitp Dpath . JJ JkJ , 30 95 30 95 30 95 Carmen San Dreao - America 36.95 Fighter Dual ......
30. 95 Knights ol Ihe Crystallion . .36.95 Out of this World ,36.95 Sim fitv 30 95 Castles ..36.95 Final Conflict ....
36. 95 Knights in the Sky .... .36.95 Overlord .. . 30.95 % lill Whj a. a. .... ...... ....** a. Sim Fartn 41 95 Castles of Dr. Brain .... ..30.95 Flames of Freedom 30 95 Koshan Conspiracy ... .31.95 3GA Tour Goll .. .31.95 JHPI Lurt l .. SlAsninn 1 >c> .. “ 1 .v J 30 95 IVIIIIC Uculll ...... Wirta Wortrl ol Rorinn
4. JV 2J 10 95 Celtic Legends ..31.95 Flight of the Intruder ..35.95 Leander ..... .30.95 Goll Tourn Course Disk . 17.S5
• -riaUpllty Uuy-J LIC Cnai'o 1 KRG Q5 iviuc iiui'u ui (jUAiiiy .. Wild Wheels ...... Willip Rp?mi h . JV.jJ .31.95 3S 95 Centurion . ..31.95 Flight Simulator II ..30.95 Leisure Suit Larrv I ..... 3695 3aper Boy 2 .25.95 UjiUUir • WVU - ...- ... VV .Wrf Qnara Are II- rtnrf c rtovonriD Champions of Krynn .. ..31.95 Gateway Savage Frontier.... .31.95 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 .... 36 95 3ertect General .36.95 "W. .IW.I-IIa Snace Quest 2 .. 30.95 ¦ ¦iiizc ucbii iidii .. Wolf Pak . JV.jJ . 34 95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 ..24.95 Godfather ... .30.95 Leisure Suit Lany 5 ....
36. 95 WWH Edition .. .22.95 W U U. V V V> W Uwl b ia. .. r Snace Quest 3 or 4 . 36 95 ¦ ¦Vail 1 Un I .... a... IllI.. World Circuit 36 95 Chessmaster 2100 ..... 31 95 Greens .36.95 Lemmings ..... 30 95 Pit-Fighier .30.95 Uwmww Ii UuUI V 1 t .....i Snarpavmrkeri 30 95 ¦ IU V* * ' 1 ‘ . • > *¦ 1.4 ..¦1111.44 Worlds at War 30 95 Chuck Yaeger AFT 2 0 .25.95 GuySpv ....
30. 95 On No! More Lem add-on .21.95 Police Quest 2 or 3 ... .36.95 Snoprlha 1 7 74 Q5 '¦Ml 'UJ Ol Vaanor c Artt Train 7 fl 78 QR A Talk ill... ..59 95 Deluxe Photo Lab . ... 94 95
• • • PRODUCTIVITY • * • Raw Copy
- 34.35 Title Page 104 95 Advantage. The ..... Ann Back Moonlighter ..... 124 95 44 95 Deluxe Print II Delnxri Frnriuriinns ... 51 95 178 96 Lattice C DEV 5 01 . 187 95 Phantom SMPTE Interface
209. 95 Rea! 3D Beginner ... Real 3Q Professional
112. 95 789 95 Toaster Fonts V I-5 each Toaster Software V.2 0 .. Tranxwritfl 4195
305. 95 44 95 AMOS 57 95 Deluxe Video III w Del Photolab 107.95 Map Master for Lightwave 3D 57 95 Phasar . .49 95 I 1 L-ll 1 iJ L 1 U l c J J1 U 1 1 J1 |,,, Rnll'pm 86 95 AMOS Compiler .... .34 95 Digimate 3 ..... .. 24 95 Materia! Textures Library Vol 2 ..30 95 Pix Mate .. . 37 95 RX Toots ... UV. JJ ..35.95 Turbo Silver wjTpirain . . Tl, J J . 56 95 AMOS 3D .44 95 DigiView Media Station ....
147. 95 Wr Math Blaster Plus . Maverick ...30 95
24. 95 Pix Sound 2 5 . Dival *ir .. 52 95 74 G . San Serif Video Fonts . 59.95 1 Ul UU Wl II HI 111 1 HI 1 I3IM i Turbo Text ..... ..57,95 Arexx . An Department Pro 2,1 ..... 27 Sd 14795 Director 2 0 ___ Directory Opus ..... .. 75.95 .36.95 Mavis Beacon Typing
131. 95 rUei oU . Power Windows 2.5 .
- a fA.SD .. 54.95 Saxon Publisher .... Saxon Sr-hot Pro
209. 95 74 95
T. V Show V2 0 .... TV Text .. 64.95 64 95 Artistic Clips VoM .,28.95 Disk Master 2 .,39.95 MedraShow .... ..82.95 Presentation Master .. 177 95 Scala ... » J J ......Call TV Text Professional .. un. J j ,. 99.95 Audio Master 4 ..... .57.95 Disk Mechanic . .
54. 95 Mega Paint
174. 95 Pro Page Templates ... ..35.95 Srjtpmjker V 2 n 78 Q5 1 ¦ 1 Ij r 1 1 1 U 1 L. J J 1 M 1 IGI ¦ a 4. .1 • a*. ¦¦¦ Types Decorative. Designer Publisher. Videographer. Each Virfpn 7-fl Audition 4 ... .57 95 Disney Animation Studio . .74.95 Movie Setter . ..44 95 Pro Textures ... ..35.95 Qf’flnp = iPFPrstflf 79 95 . 35.95 Aztec C Developer V.5 0 ..
157. 95 Distant Suns Version 4 0 . ..54.95 Data Disk ... ..22.95 Pro Video CGII 11295 vvvl'v J5I C'flLVl .... Rrnnpra AirTTiatnr 57 95 A trec C Pro V 5 0 ......
104. 95 Dos 2 Dos ... .,30,95 MR Backup Professional ..... .34.95 Pro Video Gold ...... 97 95 wVrfLlldV A 111 110IUI .I...I...I...I...I.. Screen Maker - 36 Disk Pkg pfppn M.ibpr wnupfi! F Ftn ., J r . JJ
219. 95
269. 95 . 27 95 59 95 VlUC-U 1.11 UL 1J J U , ...¦.•¦*¦..4. VirlAO Titlflf VI S I QU J J BAD 4.0 .28 95 Draw 4D Professional
184. 95 Music X
169. 95 Pro Video Post 154 95 VIUCU IUICI Yl J ¦4IIII.IIRIIIIIIII.I4I 5fJ 172 95 137 95 11995 ifU QS Bars 8 Pipes 109 95 Dynacadd
669. 95 Music X Jr ..... . 87.95 Alternate Font Sets .. 34 95 vvi wl ii'Ckei oyifucbi uiiy ..... Screen Maker Starter Kil ... pfil 1 Vi tp i Ffint-Q rlULU 1 Uul ji .1 .. ViHAAriiriortnp Bars 4 Pipes Pro .
194. 95 Excellence V2.0 ... 104 95 Object Disk 1 .... ..77.95 Video Fonts II ...... .57 95 V IucULillt.lu.lUJ . L..,r..,M, Baud Bandit . .28 95 Final Copy ...56.95 On Line Platinum .. .,39 95 Bread & Butter Fonts ...... .. 57.95 «ci11 t wiu&u • u11>j iiHMioif 5 h nwm ,ii(Pf 239 95 .44.95 114 95 YIUCUjWpC JL Vi V .. VIP Virfpn Inlprfsrfl Bis Ctios Vol. 1 4 2 ... .30.95 Font Pack 1 Broadcast Tiller in; 95 Outline Font Pack ... 124 95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts ....
57. 95 wilVIilllanCI ..... Soft Clips Vol. 1,2. 3 or 4 . Sound Master vir iiucu iniciidUQ Uicirtnant 1 Ui J J1 Broadcast 30 Fonls lor Imaaine 84,95 Font Enhancer Broadcast Titler 107 95 Page Renderer 3.0 ... ..94 95 Fro Write 3.2 ...
87. 95 V lalUl lal Y HL.Mt.MMHIIHHiMIIIHr.l ¦ i Df 64 95 Broadcast Titter 2.0 ... 194 55 Fractal Pro 2.0 . 9“ .95 Page Setter 2 ......
- 82.95 professional Calc -.....
184. 95 ... W|pf*j Prrtfisccinml O fl Caligari 2 ....._ .
279. 95 GFA Base 3.5 .. .. 87.95 Page Stream V 2.2 ___ 15995 Professional Draw .
124. 95 auCLU OxjU'U* ... ..r- . A, - t . I Sterlica S r ic-3 BBS .. •jf .“j 84 viikj rruie55iondi v. .u ..... Viva .. J .jJ Can Do . .. 79.95 Gold Disk Office
124. 95 ..59 95 Buddy System ....
- 29 95 Professional Page 3.0 184 95 wlvl *¦* y W«-¦ i 1 v» UU J .. ‘ tnirtoroH f'lin Art
- - . - J T9 PR Works. Platinum ... World Atlas 2 0 i fi.(k ,j j 99 95 . 36.95 Pro Pack 5 24 95 Hyper Bcok .... Classic Font Set .. 11495 Structured Clip An, .. . 36.95
- Jil ULLC1 S. J wllp r’l I .. Super JAM! ... .84.95 Comic Art Disks each
• *» __ «s. .. ..22.95 Image Finder .... ..41,95 Designer Font Set 114 95 CQ QC. Templates ..... .63.95 Superbase 4 ...
244. 95 W Shell 2 0 ... .54 95 Comic Setter ..... Copyright .. 44 95 23 95 Image Master imagine 72 0 NEW .. 11295 244 95 ricra alEUcT r 01115 . Starter Fonts ... Pelican Press Pen Pal ...... 59 95 62 95 85 95 Project D V2.0 . Froper Grammar . . ...... .. 35.95 57 95 T-Rexx Pro ..... Texture City Pro 15, Set 1 or 2 ..72.95 86 95 X Copy Professional .. X Copy v2 9 . 47 95 .34 95 Cross DOS 2 0 ...... Decorative Video Fonls .... 24 95 59 95 tnvision • . Kara Headline Fonts 1 174 95 ..41.95 ProVector ...... Quarter Back ....
187. 95 39 95 Texture Ciry Pro 40.24 04 Texture City Pro 40. Syquest . Texture City Pro 40, DCTV Tiger Cub ......
157. 95 267 95 107 95 ..74 95 Your Family Tree .39 95 ¦ * nr Deluxe Music Constructim Rt 95 If Personal Write ...... 30 95 Cuartar Sack Toote 57 98 = .UCilU C ..... 11 IVUIUnb 1 » >1 k J 1 b* Uul IJI UbllU 1 Deluxe Pamt IV .
• r V * - 1Q7.95 rMii-CJ ! R UIHS £. . Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 ...
- - -C JJ 51 95 Personal Fonts Maker .62 95 W Ul ¦ u* 1 WiaVi r» 1 f J aO CuiCkPay 2 0 ...... J' .37.95 Call for More Titles! | ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For fast delivery send cashier s check or money order. Personal & company checks allow 14 business days to clear P.O.1* welcome C.O.D, charges are S5.00. In Ccntineniat U S A include $ 5.00 for scllware orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum $ 5.00 MasierCa'd 4 Visa orders please include card *. Expiration date and signature. Wl residents please include 5% sales tax. HI. AK. FRO, APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 6% shipping, minimum $ 6.00. All other foreign orders add 15% shipping, min $ 15.01 All orders shipped outside the Continental U SA are shipped first class insured U.S. mail, where available II foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount you will be charged tne additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty. We do not guarantee comparability & version s Due to our low prices all sales are final All Defective returns must have a return authorization number. Call (414) 357-8181 to obtain an R A t or your return will not be accepted. Mrnmm 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HQUBS-CST M0N-FR] 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE Prices and availably subject to change without notice. Shipping 4 handling are non-refundable. We ship the latest versions available to us. Updates must te handled by end user directly with the manufacturer. No! Responsible tor typographical errors In an effort to be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press time HELP KEY On Lou’s agenda this month are accelerator, coprocessor, and digitizer choices, plus a 2.0 AmigaBasic problem. By Louis R. Wallace Thrifty Digitizing Q: I want to digitize video. I'm not rich, and I uw thinking about NewTek’s Digi- View Gold or Digital Creations' DCTl = but I really have nothing to refer to as far as the ins and outs of digitizing hardware and software are concerned. I want to do general stuff such as making digital pictures of my family and scenery, with the ability to save and print out the pictures. It would also be nice if I could overlay pictures, that is, digitize a background and overlay someone's face in the picture. Could you give me some advice? Can I do both with a low- budget system ?
R. Fleming US MCA A: Actually, both digitizers (DCTV and Digi-View) will work. Digi-View, when combined with Digi-Paint, allows you to digitize images and then edit and composite them in the Digi-Paint HAM paint program. DCTY also lets you digitize images, and it conies with an even better paint program, called DCTY Paint, as well as other utilities. In addition, DCTV has several significant advantages over Digi-View. The most important is that it can output a high-quality composite video signal that gives you more colors and higher resolution then the normal Amiga display. .And you can use it to play animations in real time that take advantage of the additional colors and resolution. Both are good, hut if I were forced to choose between the two, 1 would pick DCTV, AmigaBasic 2.0 Incompatibility Q: I have installed AmigaDOS 2.04 on my A2000. It is equipped with the GVP 68030 accelerator card, a hard disk and several megs of RAM. I have tried to use Amiga- Basic, but with even simple commands like INPUT, the screen blinks black when the program is run, and then nothing else happens. Is there a problem with the G VP 68030 card and Amiga Basic? Or is there something wrong with my computer? J, Watson LaVeme, Calif A: The answer is elementary, my dear Watson. It is neither your GVP accelerator nor your computer. The culprit is AmigaBasic itself AmigaBasic does not, repeat, does not, work properly under AmigaDOS 2.0. There are a number of other problems and bugs besides the one you report, and CATS (Commodore Applications and Technical Support) confirms that AmigaBasic is not AmigaDOS 2.0-compatible. Furthermore, at this time there are no plans for Microsoft to upgrade the language to be 2,0-compliant. There are, however, other Basic-like languages available that can fill the void left by AmigaBasic. Examples are AMOS, HiSoft Basic, AmigaVision and The Director. HiSoft is quite Amiga- Basic-compatible, and both AMOS and The Director could be used to recreate even better versions of just about any AmigaBasic program. And if you already know Basic, you will find that learning to write programs with AmigaVision is quite easy. Speeding It Up Q: am considering the purchase of a 68020 accelerator for my stock Amiga
2000. What would be the best coprocessor to go with it: a 68881 or 68882? The use will be to speed up 3-D rendering somewhat. Are there any resulting hardware or software conflicts -with this upgrade?
T. Mitchell Cupertino, Calif A: There are always some compatibility problems when using accelerators. Games are the biggest culprit, as they often use “illegal” tricks and techniques to wring ever)' bit of performance out of the machine, and they frequently have copy-protection schemes that break down on processors other then the 68000. However, Commodore has long had programming guidelines available that, if followed, usually allow software to work properly on any processor. Luckily, most companies have followed those rules, so the vast majority of software works just fine on accelerated machines. However, I must advise you to skip the 68020 card unless you are getting an exceptionally good deal on the hardware. When compared to the performance of today's 68030 and 68040 technolog), the 68020 is not very cost effective. There are very goocl buys available on 25-MHz 68030 cards for the A2000, as well as on 40- and 50- Mhz 68030 cards. And there are now several high-performance 68040 hoards for the A2000 that are even faster. As an added incentive, these 68030 and 68040 cards allow you to exceed die A2000’s original nine-megabyte memory limitation, a very important factor for 3-D designers and animators. As for which math coprocessor to gel, I’d definitely go for the 68882. It is significantly faster than the 68881, resulting in faster 3-D renderings. Update For those 3-D animators interested in checking out the Studio BBS mentioned in the Feb. ’92 I lelp Key, be advised that the telephone number was changed in early March. The new number is 817 557-2111. ¦ HE ONLY mSmm. IBMhz 286IBM PC AT EMULATOR THAT WITH BOTH THE A500AND THEA2i If you want your Amiga 500,500+ or 2000 to be able to run software programs that were originally written for the IBM PC, GVP and Vortex have the perfect solution the Atonce-Plus PC AT emulator board. But before you buy any emulator here are a few key facts you should know ... ? FACT: Atonce-PLUS is the only PC emulator board with a powerful 16-bit 80286 CPU running at the blazing clockspeed of 16Mhz. ? FACT: Atonce-PLUS has a Norton Speed Index of 16, so you know it's amazingly fast at loading, manipulating and storing data. ? FACT: Atbnce-PLUS comes with its own 512KB of RAM and allows the Amiga's memory to be (transparently] allocated to MS-DOS applications requiring more than 512KB of memory. Amiga FAST RAM can even be used as extended memory! ? FACT: Atonce-PLUS can take full advantage of the 80286 CPU's protected mode and allows MS Windows to run in "standard" mode. This is not possible with other emulators using 8-bit wide bus CPU's. FACT: Atonce-PLUS operates under AmigaDOS, so you can run AmigaDOS and MS-DOS applications concurrently! FACT: Atonce-PLUS supports Hercules, CGA, EG A VGA (mono chrome), AT&T 6300 (640x400) and T3100 video emulations. FACT: Atonce-PLUS makes 1000's of new software programs available to Amiga 500, 500+ and 2000 users. FACT: Atonce-PLUS allows MS-DOS applications to use the Amiga's harddisk, floppy disks, serial port, parallel port, mouse, sound and Real-time Clock. It even emulates a PC's CMOS RAM for system Setup parameters! FACT: Atonce-PLUS allows the Amiga's built-in floppy drives to be used to read and write MS-DOS compatible floppy disks. FACT: Atonce-PLUS has a socket for installing an optional 80C287 math processor (FPU) for even faster number crunching. FACT: Atonce-PLUS is compatible with MS-DOS V3.2 or later. Also com patible with latest versions of DR- DOS. NOTE: Atonce-PLUS requires the MS-DOS or DR-DOS operating system, which is not included. H W WITH THE VORTEX Atonce-PLUS , YOUR AMIGA CAN RUN MS WINDOWS ™ AND VIRTUALLY ANYTHING AN IBM PC CAN... AND DO IT AT 16Mhz! Now that you know the FACTS about PC emulator boards, you know that Atonce- PLUS is your most logical choice. For more information on Atonce-PLUS now distributed exclusively by GVP contact your local GVP dealer. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Akuct'-PluS is the registered German trademark o! Toier Computersysteme Gmbh Amgi is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc A'l other trademarks are the property of Ihear respedve owner* t 1992 Great toy Products He GO = 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) ?KB MegAChip W 2000 500 S21 900 Megs Of Chip F XlulhSr.iri II Sp4 qoo 2 Megs of Chip RAM far M the A20QD flnd Aso° without Agnus Doubles your Graphics SonODD memory for Desktop Outl Video, 3D Rendering & with Agnus Animation, Multimedia or Desktop Publishing Epson MultiStart II ? KB 363S Now expand your Amiga up to 112 megs of 32-Bit memory if you own the CBM A2G32 Accelerator board. With 4 megs .....s599co Provides for Amiga 500’s & 2000’s to operate under Workbench 1.3 6 2.0! ¦ s ES-30QC The most powerful 3D object utility for the Amiga computer!
* 69°° PIXEL c FireCracker 24 ninj Convert bitmaps to 3D objects, get rid of redundant points and convert from one format to another!
• ¦¦‘r • V S X V - , x ¦¦curg:-y
• * s Wv . - x r‘
• High-resolution
• 16.8 Million Colors 2 Meg H Version S79000 The Kitchen Sync ...$ 1595 (April only)
• Two Complete TBCls on one cord •Works with any video source *5-VH5 and Hi-8 compatible
• Optional Y C output -Great for use witti the Video Toaster"1 The Art Department Professional Ver. 2.0 Art Department Pro gives you the most powerful image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-Bit printing $ 17900 HP PaintJet ...689.00 HP DeskJet C (Color) 759.00 HP DeskJet 500 ..429.00 LaserJet IIP .799.00 QMS-PS 410 ......1889.00 -J 600 DPI. 24-Bit page color scanngffj With PIXEL 3D 2.0 ®6495 24-Bit graphics display card Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 Ukt} SupraRam 2000 2 8mb Board Newtek Video Toaster UM 517900 ' WpraRam 2000 4mb RAM 245.00 SupraRam 2000 6mb RAM 309,00 SupraRam 2000 8mb RAM 379.00 SupraRam 500 512k .... , .47.00 SupraRam RX 1MB ...139,00 SupraRam RX 2MB ...199.00 Due to industry fluctuation, RAM prices are subject to change without notice r-: ¦ . ?-}?> imagine, plus Imagine: A Guided Tour video The World’s Second Largest Distributor of Amigd Products BAD. B.A.D. Ver.4.0 QgL Centaur Software Inc. A . Fantastic Voyage HS-pi World fl lllifastiC The Computer Game 5$ ” a nuns oi m "?****" 6 Stira HiiRbii Rillii, OVOT 170 COU
- .Inlo Magazine - . Ncc t i* ' Best-aelUng disk optimizer v for all Amiga*. Speed* 1 4 floppy end hard drives by SL
* 29- £- Hard Cards wm World Atlas 3 Disks of Inlo on over 170 countries + 255 maps ,
- s3z49 , :b; "V.r ' Boing! Mouse Beit-sdling optical mouse for the Amiga wtlh Free
D. U.D.L soltware (a S39.B5 value). 87995 Seiies IIA2000 SCSI Hard Disk ond RAM Cord: Siote-oMhe-Art integration pocks GVP's high-performance SCSI conlroller, 0MB Fasl RAM expansion ond a 3.5' hard drive inlo a single A20D0 Expansion Slot! A2000-HC8+0 52Q-LPS (Quantum 52Mb) ..*39900 A2000-HC8+0 120Q-LPS (Quantum 105Mb) .*525°° Up to 8 megs RAM expansion a parallel port and a high speed SCSI ’ controller! 1 A500 HD+ Impact Vision 24 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + Genlock + Framegrabber + Flicker-Eliminator + PIP + Video Titler + 3D Modelling System. Th© Series. A500 HD8+ uses the same technologies or It's powerful A2000 cousins ond additional leatuies like: Exclusive Gome Switch. Fast RAM Expansion up to 8MB, External SCSI Pori, Fiee dedicated universal power supply! Ask about our Amiga 500 DS Computer GVP Hord drive bundles. Iim.fur.iivr vir*rn r.vr.m" A500-HD* 52Q (Quantum 52Mb) A3000-1V24 „ s 189900 A2000-IV24 Adapter ......*49°° l499" A500-HD+ 120Q (Quantum 120Mb) A500'HO '240Q (Quantum 240Mb) '899M Accelerators AdSpeed™ ...5189° &ii! Over a! P«1ofmanco ot any 0CC6tt*arCf n rls pnce targo Flicker Free Video™ *269°° Fbrrvnatoj Intortace flicker far ony Amiga compuroe Novia 20i™ ....s239°° Thu imaDost hard drive cvxl iniorToco m |ho world for your Amiga 400 fill rrlornalty (International orders call: (3 0) 370-9550 OFFER CODE: G2-M09MG C*> tar i! Otkar Sfatpptng talanuUoa. Educational, corporate wid aernsparo purr hat* .mmf.,) tjr, inirrlmrtf Itr ak. Twrhinn. I.. 11™ 11 nnft,.,.,,..1,„ . Grnnnrv. Please. DeiBCmffl praihici exchanges oitf. We mahe no guarantees lor product performance. Exchanges with liuJlko products are il wit op Cion and subtact lo a 20% rcslockinq lee Cofffimo*-* Prices and avattabtirtv of nrnduri *rp siihbri tn china* without Sg*X!l nml 0rt8 , “r clwck ,or ,utut Pbr?onar amda - ®P to 10 days to dear. Include: Name, Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes. 0m). H ordering by credit card include expiration date and billing address. AdlDE™ 40 Kit ...S149CIC SmakHf Amiga hord orvo intorfoco mo* for IDF CAI) drfvfjs IDE AA lor your 2 5 Inch hard drive... :119' AdRAM 540 w 0k..... Ad RAM 560 w2mb AdSCSl 2000 ...... High Speed SCSI Hard Card Shuffle Board™ ...s299b Reroutes DFO To run mtfornal lloppy connector Boot from an Bitornai nocpy for on Amiga MO or ICOO Combo 22 1 .*659™ G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 .*1189“
- 68030 running at 40mh2
- 68882 running al 40mhz
- 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
- Onboard Seiies II SCSI Controller
• Hard drive mountable
• All on one boord G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 .*1569°°
- 68030 running at 50mhz
• 68882 running at 50mhz
- 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.)
- Onboard Series II SCSI Conlroller
- Hard drive mounlable
- All on one board SIMM32-1 mb 60 Call SIMM32-4mb 60 Call (The best selling GVP accelerator with a large Quantum Hard Drive factory installed. Save a bundle! Also includes aGVP Series 91 SCSI controller on board.) G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 S2Q 1399® G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 120Q ... M529® G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 240Q ... G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 52Q . 1769” G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 I20Q ...
* 1B89» G-Force 030-Combo 50 4 240Q !2129® AC DA Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses 220 Belle Meade Ave. Netauket, NY 11733 516 689-7722 Activa International Keienbergwcg 95 1101 GE Amsterdam, Holland 011 -31 -20-97-00-35 Distributed by Programs Plus 8c Video Agfa 90 Industrial Way Wilmington, MA 01887 508 657-5328 Alto Firm a Software 36M Ridge Rd. Greenbeli, Ml) 20770 301 345-2357 Ami EXPO 465 Columbus Ave.. Suite 285 Valhalla. NY 10565 800 32-AMIGA 914 741-6500 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 ATOP I 1914 Girdled Rd. Painesville, ()H 44077 216 352-8471 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Bread Box Magazine 21611 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014 408 252-0508 Carina Software 830 Williams St. San Leandro. CA 94577 510 352-7332 Central Coast Software A Division of New Horizons 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Consultron 11280 Parkview Plymouth, MI 48170 313 459-7271 Creative Focus PO Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-4082 Digital FX 3145 Geary Blvd., Suite 528 San Francisco, CA 94118 415 664-5566 DKB Software 832 First St. Milford, Ml 48042 313 685-2383 Dynamix 99 W. 10th St., Suite 224 Eugene. OR 97401 503 343-0772 Earth Care Paper PO Box 7070 Madison, WI 53707 608 277-2900 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Empire Distributed by ReadvSoft j j Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempe, AZ 85284 Glass Canvas Productions PO Box 6171 Boston, MA 02114 617 367-3229 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Hewlett-Packard 19310 Pnmeridge Ave. Cupertino, CA 95014 800 752-0900 Inkman 8976 Foothill Blvd., B-7 Suite 311 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 714 948-2243 InnoVision Technology 1933 Davis St. San Leandro. ('A 94577 415 638-8432
J. Miller 8c Associates PO Box 17 Imbler, OR 97841 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 1010 Marina Del Rev. CA 90291 213 578-9177 Mach Universe 2421 E. Ball Rd., B100 Anaheim, CA 92806 714 563-9542 NEC Technologies 1255 Michael Drive Wood Dale, II. 60191 800 562-5200 New Horizons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd.. Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 Okidata 532 Fellowship Rd. Mount Laurel, N| 08054 800 654-3282 609 235-2600 Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Pacific Data Products 9125 Relico Rd. San Diego, CA 92121 619 552-0880 Polaroid 784 Mermaid Drive Cambridge, MA 02139 800 225-1618 Programs Plus 8c Video 544 Queen St. Chatham, Ont. Canada N7M 2)6 519 436-0988 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 161 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Quma Software 20 Warren Manor Court Cockeysville, MI) 21030 4 10 666-5922 RAW Entertainment 3027 Marina Bay Drive Suite 110 League City, TX 77573 713 538-3399 ReadySoft 30 Wertheini Court, Unit 2 Richmond 11 ill, ()nt. Canada I .4B 1B9 416 731-4175 Rimik Enterprises 836 Osborne St. Vista, CA 92084 619 630-1217 Saxon Industries 14 Kockcrcss Gardens Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2G 5A8 613 228-8043 Sim Systems Distributed by RAW Entertainment Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Towne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 SoftWood PO Box 50178 Phoenix, AZ 85076 602 431-9151 Technical Tools 2 S 461 Cherice Drive Warrenvilie, IL 60555 708 393-6350 UBI Soft Distributed by Electronic Art Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave., Suite C Irvine, CA92714 714 833-8710 ¦ Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Kirk, MN 55444 612 425-0557 ORDERS ONLY: 1-800-888-9273 INFORMATION: 1-305-491-0398 840 Northwest 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FI 33309 1-800-888-9273 Orders Bringing The World’s Best Amiga Software To Your Door 1943
14. 95 KccfThe Thief
18. 95 3 Stooges
14. 95 Khalaan
14. 95 Alpha Waves
16. 95 Kid Gloves
14. 95 Altered Beast
14. 95 Killing Cloud
19. 95 Amazing Spiderman
16. 95 King Of Chicago
14. 95 Arkonoid 1
6. 50 King's Bounty
16. 95 Arkonoid 2
14. 95 King’s Quest IV (Sierra)
21. 95 Atomic Robo Kid
9. 95 Kjaxx
16. 95 Austerlitz
14. 95 The Krystal
19. 95 Baal
13. 95 Kult
14. 95 Badlands
16. 95 Legend Of Faragahl
19. 95 Ballgame
16. 95 Line Of Fire
16. 95 BalJistyx
14. 95 lords of the Rising Sun
18. 95 Barbarian 2
14. 95 Lost Dutchman Mine
6. 50 Bat
16. 95 Magic Fly
18. 95 Batman The Movie
14. 95 Match Pairs
17. 95 Battlcsquadron
6. 50 Menace
16. 95 Beast Busters
24. 95 Midnight Resistance
16. 95 Bionic Commando
14. 95 Might & Magic 2
21. 95 Blade Warrior
18. 95 Monty Python
17. 95 Blasteroids
14. 95
M. U.D.S.
16. 95 Blockout
14. 95 NAM 1965-1975
16. 95 Bloodmoney
14. 95 Neuromancer
16. 95 Bloodwych
14. 95 New Zealand Story
16. 95 Bloodwych Data Disk
12. 95 Night Hunter
16. 95 Brat
16. 95 Night Shift
16. 95 Brigade Commander
16. 95 Ninja Spirits
14. 95 Bubble Bobble
16. 95 Nitro
16. 95 Budakon
18. 95 North & South
14. 95 Cabal
16. 95 Oil Impcrium
9. 95 Cadaver
24. 95 Operation Harrier
16. 95 California Games
16. 95 Operation Snowstrike
16. 95 Captive
18. 95 Pacmania
16. 95 Carrier Command
14. 95 Paperboy
16. 95 Championship Run
16. 95 Persian Gulf Inferno
6. 50 Collosus Chess X
16. 95 Piciionary
14. 95 Commando
14. 95 Pirates!
14. 95 Conflict In Europe
14. 95 Populous
18. 95 Conquest of Cam clot (Sierra)
21. 95 Populous Data Disk
9. 95 Corporation
18. 95 Pro Tennis Tour
16. 95 Crackdown
16. 95 Projectile
18. 95 Crime wave
17. 95 Puffy's Saga
12. 95 Crystal Of Abborea
17. 95 QIX
12. 95 Cyberbowl
16. 95 R-Typc 2
24. 95 Days Of Thunder
16. 95 Rainbow Island
16. 95 Demons Tomb 9-95 Red Lightning (SSI)
18. 95 Disc Tron
16. 95 Red Storm Rising 19-95 Double Dragon 2
16. 95 Resolution 101 Hoverforcc
14. 95 Dragon Breed
14. 95 ROTOX
16. 95 Dragon Force (Interstell)
16. 95 Satan
14. 95 Dragon’s Flame (SSI)
18. 95 Savage
6. 50 Dragon Wars
18. 95 Shadow Of The Beast
18. 95 E-SWAT
16. 95 Sherman M4
14. 95 F-16 Combat Pilot
16. 95 Shogun
16. 95 Fast Break
14. 95 Shoot Em' Up Constr. Kit 19-95 Ferrari Formula 1
14. 95 Sir Fred
14. 95 Fire & Brimstone
14. 95 Ski Or Die
16. 95 First Samurai
24. 95 Sky Chase
14. 95 Flight Of The Intruder
24. 95 Shufflcpuck Cafe
14. 95 Flood
18. 95 Silkworm
14. 95 Forgotton Worlds
14. 95 Space Quest 3 (Sierra)
21. 95 Future Basketball
16. 95 Speedball 2
24. 95 Future Wars
18. 95 Star Command (SSI)
18. 95 Gauntlet 2
14. 95 Starflight
18. 95 Games Summer Edition
14. 95 Starglidcr 2
16. 95 Germ Crazy
16. 95 Street Fighter
16. 95 Ghouls and Ghosts
16. 95 Street Rod
12. 95 Globulus
6. 50 Strider ¦ *
16. 95 Guns hip
16. 95 Stryx
16. 95 Hard Driving 2
17. 95 Stunt Car Racer
16. 95 Harley Davidson
16. 95 Summer Olympiad
14. 95 Heroe's Of The Lance
14. 95 Super Hangon
14. 95 Hoyles Book Of Games 2
21. 95 Switchblade
16. 95 Hunt For Red October (Arcade) 17.93 Sword Of Sodan 9-95 Impossible iMission 2 Infestation
14. 95 Swords Of Twilight
14. 95
16. 95
T. V. Sports Basketball 18-95 International Ice Hockey
17. 95
T. V. Sports Football
18. 95 Iron Lord
16. 95 1110 Immortal
18. 95 1l Came From The Desert
18. 95 The Third Courier
16. 95 It Came From The Desert 2
16. 95 Blunder jaws M95 Ivanhoe
16. 95 Thunders trike
14. 95 Jack Nicholas Greatest 18
14. 95 Toobin'
14. 95 James Bond: Stealth Affair
18. 95 Tournament Golf
16. 95 James Pond
16. 95 Tu rbo 995 Journey
16. 95 Turrican 1
6. 50 Jupiter Master Drive
14. 95 Turrican 2
21. 95 Tunnels Of Armageddon
14. 95 Typhoon Of Steel
16. 95 Typhoon Thompson
14. 95 Unreal
16. 95 Vaxxine
16. 95 Vegas Gambler
14. 95 Viking Child
16. 95 Voodoo Knightmare
17. 95 Wargame Construction Set
16. 95 Waterloo
14. 95 Weird Dreams
14. 95 Wclkris
9. 95 White Death
21. 95 Wings
18. 95 Wings Of Death
17. 95 Wings Of Fury
18. 95 Wolfpack
18. 95 World Class Leaderboard
14. 95 Xcnophobe
12. 95 Xybots 16-95 Zoctropc 19-95 4-D Sports Driving $ 42 Space Gun $ 37 Utopia $ 40 Magic Pockets $ 37 Abandoned Places $ 40 Silent Service 2 $ 35 Robocod $ 37 Hunter $ 40 The Simpsons $ 37 Heindall S45 Chaos Engine $ 37 Indy Heat $ 37 Knightmare $ 40 Lotus Turbo 2 $ 37 Final Fight $ 40 Dcutcros $ 40 Pitflghter $ 37 Smash Tv S37 Double Dragon 3 $ 37
W. W.F. Wrestling $ 37 Harlequin $ 37 A320 Airbus $ 45 Epic S40 Microprose Racing $ 42 Sim earth $ 42 Video Kid $ 37 Price, Availability Subject To Change SHIPPING CHARGES: MasterCard Visa UPS ground: $ 5 for up to 3 pieces.
C. O.D. (cash only) U.P.S. ground: $ 10 for up to 3 pieces. Add $ 1.00 For Each Piece Above 3 NEXT DAY AND SECOND DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE! NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ROM INCOMPATIBILITY. Shipping Note: Compilations Count As 1 Piece Amiga Ten Star You get all TEN for $ 19.95: Clever and Smart•Eskimo Games Power Sticks • Spin World • Sky Blaster Vampire’s Empire • Crystal Hammer NEW COMPILATIONS!! Winning Team: $ 29.95 Includes: Klax, Vindicators, A.P.B., Cyberbowl, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters. Air-Sea Supremacy: $ 49.95 Includes: Gunship, Silent Service, Wings, P-47 Thunderbolt, Carrier Command. High Energy: $ 24*95 Includes: North and South, Teenage Queen, Hostages, Fire & Forget, Tin Tin On the Moon. $ 34.95 Amiga Classics: Includes: Carrier Command, Slarglidcr 2, Midwinter. Power Pack; $ 24*95 Includes: T.V. Sports Football, Xenon 2, Bloodwych, Lombard Road Ralley. MAX PACK: $ 44.95 Includes; S.W.I.V., Night Shift, Turrican 2, St. Dragon. TOP LEAGUE: $ 49-95 Includes: Speedball 2, F-l6 Falcon, Rick Dangerous 2, Midwinter, T.V. Sports Football. EUROMAGS Amiga Format Amiga Action Amiga Power
C. U. Amiga Amiga User Amiga Comp. Amiga Games Zero W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 W Disk $ 10.00 MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free • l-800-477'7706 H4NTk Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! Graphics and Video Department Fonts Video Toaster Let MANTA upgrade your Amiga system to take full advantage of New Teks Video Toaster... * GVP Accelerator Boards 22-50 MHZ ¦ Memory Upgrades • Hard Drive Packages • Removable Media • T.B.C. * Training Tapes... MANTAs video consultants will tailor a package lor your needs Call For Best Package Prices Font Enhancer...... ...$ 99 Font Pack ...... In ter font . .....75 Kara Fonls ..... Pro Video 1-5 . Video Cl ipse ..
2. 0 Toaster Upgrade • tn stock Features: Dozens of new transitions ¦ Improved luminance keying New chroma effects • 3000 x 1900 resolution in lightwave Mapmaster for Lightwave 59 Pixel 3D 2.0 ..$ 67 Fro Conversion Pah 50 Pro-Video Gold 129.95 Pro-Video Post ......169 Real 3D ...CALL Scene Generator ....28 Scenery Animator ...55 Showmaker ...219 Spectra Color.. ...64 TiUcrll ......219 Turbo Silver ......,.,.,.59
T. V. Show 2.0 ..58
T. V, Text Pro 98 Video Ciipse 49 Video Director .139.95. Vista Pro .....85 Videos & Abacus Desktop Video Book.S 17 Amiga for Beginners.... 15 Amiga World Toaster Tape....20 Amiga DOS 2.0Companion..20 Amigavisicn Handbook 20 Animation Video *2 .....,.20 C for Advanced ..29 Books C Tor Beginners S I 4 Desktop Video 2nd Edition ..19 Desklop Video Work Book ....29 Dos In and Out 1.3 2.0.....17 Lightwave 30 Video ...35 Toaster Microwave .....32 Ultimate Guide to Video Toaster.. 4 External CD ROM Package * $ 599 Chinon Drive * CD ROM FS Software * SCSI Coble CD Caddy • Fred Fish CO ROM Disk - Power Supply Kitchen Sync • $ CALL Dual channel SVHS VHS in & out backlit LCD external display unit, internal card.__ Hard Drives IDE AT 120 ..CALL Quantum 52 LPS SCSI ..CALI. Quantum 105 LPS SCSI .CALL Quantum 2 10 SCSI-......CALL Maxtor 2 13 Mb ......CALL Syquest 44 Mb Drive.S31 9 Syquest 88 Mb Drive...435 Low Prices On Cartridges IDE AT 52 ...CALL IDF. AT !05 .CALL Monitors Commodore 1084$ ..CALL Nec Multisync 3FGX CALL Seiko CM 1440 ..S499 Seiko CM 1450 ..S649 Citizen Printers CSX 200 9 pin New CSX 130 &. 140+ Z4 pin Coi’or Option Available ¦ CALL Genlocks MlniCen ..S 185 SuperGen $ 599 5upcrGen 2CX)Os SI 299 Vidcomaster ......$ 999 Memory ICD ix4 SIMMS Call 256 k x 4 80ns DRAM .Call IMG x 1 80ns DRAM ...Call 3000 Memory Upgrade...Call GVP SIMM32 Memory for . Accelerators ....Cali The ICD Advantage AdSCSI 2000 liard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in Its price range. Flicker Free Video Eliminates interlace llicher for any Amiga computer. AdRAM 540 Add up to 4 meg of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 AdRAM 2080 H meg internally in your 2000 2500. PC Power Board ..CALL 52 MB 1 mg .....CALL 120 MB 2 mg ..CALL 240 MB 2 mg ....919 Supra 2400 Zi Plus $ 149 • 2400 Bd External $ 79 Supra Wordsync....$ 99 Supra FAX Modem V32....$ 239 Supra RAM 500 RX 1 M B S119 21 10 «..iiiiiiiiiiiiHiii 17*9 8 MB, .399 ’ Limited Quantities Add up to 8 mg RAM • Printer face parallel port Grandslam .....A500 * $ 299 ......A2000 * $ 239 Trumpcard .....A500 * $ 179 ......A2000 • $ 89 Trumpcard Pro .....A500 * $ 245 ......A2000 * $ 159 Trumpcard 500AT $ 229 ? FAST IDE Interface
• 8 Meg Expansion
* An affordable upgrade solution New From ICD AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For ll>E (AT) drives. IDE 44 for your 2.5 inch hard drives. IDE 40 for your 3.5 inch hard drive. Novia 20i The small hard drive and interface in the world Tor your Amiga 500. Fits internally. [Novia 60i How you can have the Movia with a 60 meg 2.5 inch hard drive. Prima 52i How mount a 3.5 inch IDE drive internally In your Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000. Prima !05i 105 megs internally in your 500, I 000 or 2000. Shuffle Board Reroutes DFO: to the external floppy connector. Bool from an external floppy. Far an Amiga 500 or 1000. Deluxe Paint IV $ 104 Paint and animate in HAN using 4096 colors HEW Animation Features INEW Faint Tools PLUS All the power of Deluxe Paint 111
- I AdSpeed $ 169 J J Flicker Free Video $ 23995 Multifunction Card SCSI Controller Cull For Other Prices DPS Personal TBC II • $ 789 Internal Time Base Corrector Software controllable procamp Finally a Lou End TBC Solution... • Fits Inside an Amiga - Proc-Amp Control • Full ilTSC and SVJtS • full Frame Storage • Fully compatible with all VCRs & ilcwTeks Video Toaster • Genlocks to any stable video source. CALL! _ Coming Soon Personal V-Scopd _ DM I Resolver CALL DCTV .$ 379.95 Firecracker 24 2 Mg .$ 759 Int. Floppy A500 2000 -CALL Ham-E Plus .....CALL Kitchen Sync ..CALL Personal 5PC ..$ 349 JX-I00 Scanner $ 549 Sketchmaster 12x12 .CALL 5kctchmaster 12x18.,.589 Video Blender CALL VXL-30 ......$ 299.95 VXL-40 ......$ 469.95 VXL Math Co ...CALL Supra RAM 2000 2 MB .S169* 4 MB ,,...235 6 MB .....299 8 MB .....369 Power PC Board Call Amigavision ..$ 89 Art Department 2.0.... 149.95 Calllgary 2 ...239.95 Color Splitter...., ...99,95 Disney Animator ...89,95 Digimatc 3 ......23 Diglpalnt 3 .... 62 Dlgivlew Gold 4.0 ....I 19 Director 2.0 ....73 Draw 40 Pro .179 Flicker Free Video 239.95 Foundation ..... 135 Image Finder ,,....40 Image Master ..CALL Imagine .149 Imagine Ciuided Tour 35 Imagine 2.0.., 229 Toaster Fonts Bread Butter Fonts ,$ 55 Cinnamon Toast Fonls 55 Masterpiece Fonts ....I 29 Kara Font I fif2 59 Video l outs 2 64 Graphics & Video Hardware $ 129 BCD - 2000A Coll for best price Amiga Video Animation ConTroller AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE CENTER EXPANSION SYSTEMS THE BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE. Is Your Amiga Sick? MANTA is a Full Amiga Service Center DataFlyer High performance low cost A500 w chassis SCSI ...$ 139.00 A500 w chassis IDE ..3129.00 A500 IDE & SCSI ...S 179.00 A2000 SCSI ..S85.00 A2000 IDE .....$ 75.00 A1000 SCSI $ 159.00 DataFlyer RAM Enhance your Amiga Systems with GVP's Outstanding Quality St Performance Manta carries the full line of GVP products! Optical Drives • Removable Media • Digital Sound Studio New G-Force 030 in stock 25 mhz • 40 mhz • 50 mhz Series H Controllers • A500 HD • 52mg • 120 mg Impact Vision 24 Graphics Board • A500 AT Bridge Board G-Force 040 Accelerator for A3000 • IBM Emulator
2. 0 operating system call for price & availabilty We have the parts to put you back on track:
• Power Supplies
* Patter Agnus
• Rom Chips
• Keyboards
• Drives 8 MB A2000 RAM card also fits in DF500 chassis. $ 89 oK memory ....$ 95.00 BaseBoard 4MB internal memory for A500 with clock. QK memory .$ 95.00 C* Commodore* AMIGA
• Amiga 500 CPU
• 3.5" 880K internal floppy
• Mouse, Joystick, and power supply
• 9 Disks of software including F A-18 Interceptor, Fusion Point, KindWords and tots more! Call for the lowest prices on all Amiga 500's!
M. S.S. Works $ 79.95 Excellence $ 99.95 BBS PC $ 29.95 Scribble $ 39.95 On Line $ 29.95 Micro R&D oo Big Foot Power 200 Watt • A5Q0 replacement Quarterback 5.0 Supports Tape Backup DOS 2.0 Compatihle Data Compression CALL Specials TM Art Dept 2.0 . ..$ 149.95 DCTV ..$ 379.95 External Floppy 3 5 l year warranty ... ....$ 74.95 Fagestream 2.2 ..$ 164.95 imagine 2.0 ....$ 224.95 Superbase IV...... ..$ 169.95 Digital Graphics Library $ 4995 Call for Pricing on CDTV and Accessories Hand Scanner vrtft louchio. Bgfi rssouSon.. $ 209 Optical Mouse .....$ 49 Opto Mechanical Mouse $ 36 Amiga RC-500 S12X SAM dm (v A5CQ $ 36 1 Vonr warranty on a1tnog* producq Games. Reference. Music. Education. And a whole fot more. Introducing the next generation in home electronics. Cordless Mouse $ 69 Cordless Trockboll $ 79 Cordless Trackball & Mouse RC1000 4 Mb Ram Board for A5Q0 with 2Mb $ 169.00 GOLDEN image: CDTV New Item TM Commodore * Titles Available Advanced Military Classic Board Games Fred Fish Coflection Electronic Encyclopedia Electronic Cookbook Lemmings Snoopy; The Case of the Missing Blanket World Vista Atlas Wrath of the Demon Many Mote Available Call For Complete Listing SCEHEN-MAttra 100 Background Images in 24-bii IFF Top 40 HAM $ 5995 Wbirll-Vrfect ‘or the Amiga -: ; y
* * W. . ’. . ' '.W. . ' *j 48095 gjKJ Uirni'ii QiiuMet l-ull Icuiurcti Word Iyikc sot I LS.oo Word Spell Checker Footnotes. Mailmerge nfid MORE! Cm'jcui'iwwXi 25 Slill Images in 24-hir IFF in HAM formal 95 S44« Amax II .. $ 129.95 Amax. ROMS ..CALL Amiga Action Replay .....99 Amtrack .....65 Apro Draw 459 Arexx ....28.95 At Once Plus ..289.95 AudioMaster 4 ...64 Audition .....62 Bars & Pipes Pro .214 Cross DOS ...25.95 Distant Suns 4.0 55 ECT Mid 500 2000 49 JSTK Power Play ..9 keyboard Skin ..17.49 Miracle Piano ......359 Mouse Mat ...7 Perfect Sound ..64.95 Quarterback .39.95 Quarterback Tools .52 SAS Latlice C 5.1 189 Soundmaster .CALL Stereo Speakers CALI. Super Jam ...77.95
W. Shell 2.0 ..49.95 Progressive Q40 Peripherals $ CALL Expandable to 32 Megs
* Running at 28 MHZ
• Perfect for Graphics and Video Toaster Workstations 2000 3000 Versions Available Mercury 040 3000 $ CALL Video Blender Call for NEW low price Miscellaneous MegAChip 2000 500 • $ 209 Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatibie with Video Toaster! Call for 2mq Agnus Price MuItiStart II * $ 59 Install 2.0 and 1,3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS with the keyboard. Cali for 2.0 operating system Insider nAlOOO*0K$ 179 Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for HAM prices KwiKStart II • $ 79 Puts Kickstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most harddrives. SecureKey • $ 95 System Security for the Amiga 2000 or 3000. Keep your system safe from unauthorized use with this hardware security device. 1 Productivity 1 t All in One .. $ 51.95 Pelikan Press . $ 64 Buddy System DOS.. ..35 Buddy System fagestream.....35 Can Do ..84 Pro Calc .. Pro Paqe 2.2 .. Pro Write 3,2 .
(74. 95 ......169 90 Compugraphic Fonts Cross DOS 5.0 Pius.. Cygnus Ed Pro .. 1 19 Project D 2.0 . 39 ....CALL 61 Proper Grammar... Screenmaker . 57 ....CALL Defuxe Paint IV .
104. 95 Shnwniaker ... 70Q Deluxe Print tl .. Design Works ... Desktop Budget ..50.95 75 49 Softclips People, Classics.49 Structured Clip Art 39 SuDerbase IV ...169.95 Diskmasler 2 .... 37 r--- -- - - Wordperfect .. ..89.95 Final Copy... ...CALL X-Cad 3D Virtual Reality
229. 95 ...CALL HAG Plus 4.1 .... 62 Paqestream ...... 169 Vista Pro 2.0 .. ...CALL ORDER TOLL FREE , I5 Route 35
(908) 542-3654 1 *ft(>0*477*770fi Eatontown. NJ In ru Call * -r * m m m v u 07724
(908) 542-1251 TECH SUPPORT CALL OPEN 7 DAYS 1-908-542-8767 Ivafft in Traffic. Welcome
• Terms VISA MASTEKCAKD, Discover, certified checks and money orders welcome. School & Corporate Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1-2 Business days. • Returns: all items returned must have KMA £ before returning. Defective products exchanged for same item only. Hardware items will be replaced or repaired. All returned items subject to a restocking fee. Shipping non-refundable. Call for complete details. • Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ in retail location - Software Concepts, Eatontown. Mol resi>onsibie for typographical errors. Customer Service and product information call (908) 542-8767.
* "Beat any price- guaranty may not apply to certain items. IttSlL fsTtllj jjJil 5u i £j US IWUJtb AviijJu-biJ s European Imports & Magazines International Orders Welcome Call for Complete Software & Hardware Listing R Fi V I E S From p. 76. The universe, looking at the celestial sphere lloating in a sea ol blackness, it's a humbling experience to see the universe looking so finite and fragile.
- YOUR TURN: For perspectives closer to home, tiy the Solar Neighborhood display and Planet Gallery. The first shows the sun While not as visually striking as Distant Suns (Virtual Realities Laboratories), Voyager makes up the difference with outstanding accuracy and professional features. Especially useful is the ability to measure angular separation. Here at the Abrams Planetarium, 1 use Voyager to plot accurate maps and Distant Suns to create beautiful star fields for video. Doug Murphy East Lansing, Michigan an international call, so you don't wake someone up and get sworn at in a foreign language.) When you activate the year cycle, the moving shadow drifts downward and then back up, so you can graphically see why they say the nights are six months long ai the poles. For more information on our nighttime neighbor, consult the moon map, j with its 60 nearest stars. Clicking on the big arrow buttons rotates the stars left, right, up, and down around the sun. If you activate the Trail buttons before you dick on the arrows, the stars leave a visible path behind them as they move. The Planet Gallery views individual planets up dose, although the only detailed planet is the Earth (after all. We've explored ii the most). Click the Time buttons to animate a planet forward or backward in time. Viewing Saturn in ibis manner, for example, reveals the wobble in its l ings. The Day-Night map displays the Earth laid out Mat with the light and dark areas appearing as a horizontally stretched yin-yang symbol. Activating the day cycle animates the shadow j across the map through the course of 24 hours. (Check this before you make leading talents in the field. Ouh $ 19.95 ORDER SO W! T-H(Ht-S24-5499 or mail to: TechMedia v i dT o PO Box 2151. Salisbury, MD 21802 SMCMXC Minmur linages. Inc. A COMPUTER ANIMATION ODYSSEY MIRAMAR A compelling look at the creation of the universe by the world’s top computer animation artists, with music composed by James Reynolds. Forty minutes of visually powerful imagery from over 300 of the ggji H8“ 6E2ME which shows all the moon's craters. Just click oil a crater to see its name or number, longitude, latitude, and diameter. If simply viewing the moon at 80- times magnification isn't close enough, then von can look back the Earth from the point of view of the moon. You can even see the moon’s shadow pass over the Earth. For a more wonder-filled and less scientific view of the sky, you can superimpose mythological sky figures, such as Orion and the Big Bear (Big Dipper) on their appropriate constellations. The 12 zodiac figures are included, as well. For those with an astrological bent, Conjunction Search finds dates when planets line up, as well as the times of eclipses and full moons, which could be useful in making personalized star charts. (An enterprising astrologer could make a lot ol money using Voyager.) Usually I prefer to create my own explorations rather than watch demos, but Voyager has several great ones Hailey’s Comet, several nice eclipses, a few satellites, and sunset in Hawaii that you can customize. The Hawaii demo shows the sky growing dark as the sun goes down in the west, then lets you turn around and watch the sun j rise again in the east. Cosmic Rifts Although I recommend Voyager as a u o fine educational tool for school or home study, it could be better. Taking a lesson from Broderbuncfs Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?, O 7 which includes a world atlas, the Voyager manual should include at least a glossary of astronomical terms for those of us who thought a Messier Object was simply worse than a messy object. The Image Sampler disk is full of incredibly beautiful digitized astronomical photographs, approaching the picture quality of the National Geographic. The manual recommends that you view diem in DeluxePaini, but this is an ordeal, because every time you load a picture, you must change the screen size. All the pictures should be the same size, or at least grouped by sizes in separate drawers. (One remedy is to use another viewing program.) I have saved the biggest annoyance for last: When you try to save a screen as an IFF file, it saves the requester on top of the screen so much for loading a sequence into DcluxePaint III and creating an ANIM. The people at Carina Software’s friendly help line told me they had received several ? TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3 CST Ad JDE 40 ....98.00 AdFlicker Free Video 249.00 AdRAM 540 91.00 AdSpeed ...179.00 AirLink 45.99 Brush Mouse ...112.00 DSS Sound Digitizer (GVP) .95 00 Floppy Drive, Internal 2000.89.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 500...89.00 done it $ 415 $ 515 $ 579 $ 685 Package includes drive, cartridge, manual.and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable; external models include case For a complete product listing, information or support, call
(414) 548-8125. A-Sound Elite ....75.99 Air Bus 45.99 Ambassador ......47.99 Amy’s Fun 2 3 ...31.99 Arexx ..31.10 Artistic Clips ......32.99 Battle Isle ...33.99 Birds of Prey .....33.99 Black Crypt .33.99 Buddy System Dpaint IV 31.99 Caligari 2 ..253.99 Can Do 1.6 .85.00 Castles 35.99 Charts and Graphs ..59.00 Cross DOS 5.0+ 37.00 Fighter Duel 31.99 Fun School Titles ..32.99 Gateway Savage Frontier 31.99 Harpoon BattleSet 4 .....23.99 High Speed Pascal .....114.99 Imagine 2.0 .....256.99 Keys to Maramon ..33.99 Lattice 5.0 189.00 Lost Treasures ..45.99 Macro68 (Puzzle Factory) .135.00 Matrix Cubed .....33.99 MediaShow 75.99 MediaStation ...149.99 MicroLeague Baseball 31.99 Mig 29 .. 31.99 Might & Magic 111 ..39.99 Miracle Song Collection 36.99 Notebook ...27.99 Our WeddinglFF HAM....54.00 43.00 Books Best of AmigTfips ..25 00 Amiga Companion 2.0. ...20.99 Amiga Graphics lnside 0ut.,..27.95 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed.....22.00 Desktop Video Power .....28.95 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 .....22.95 Hardware Ref Manual .....24.00 Includes & Autodocs ......35.95 interface Style Guide ......20.99 ROM Kernal: Devices 25.99 Using Arexx on the Amiga ....27.99
* Call us tor Euro magazines, too! Software Resource (Puzzle Factory) 135.00 Romance Three Kingdoms II .42.99 Screen-Maker IFF HAM .59.00 49.00 Secret Monkey Island II 39.99 Sim Ant ......37.99 Space Quest IV ..37.99 Superbase Prof 4 227.99 Texture City Pro 60 ....175.99 Third Reich 25.99 Toaster 2.0 Software 305.00 Ultima VI ....41,99 Vista Pro 2.0 ......59.99 Wild Wheels 33.99 Hardware 68030 Accelerators from GVP! 25MHZ 1MB ..669.00 40MHZ 40 4MB ......1169.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 12QQ .,,1499.00 40MHz 40 4MB 240Q ...1719.00 50MHZ 50 4MB ......1529.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 240Q ...2059.00 SIMM 32 4MB Expansion289.00 C1 Commodore ... ... We carry ALL (PilTlI available ¦ CDTV titles! FtflllMCIM VUIJSWtBA CDTV Prof Bundle 195.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack 14.99 CDTV Genlock .155.00 CDTV Trackball ...95.00 CD Rom File System ......36.99 Space Wars CDTV ..25.99 Fred Fish 1.4 ......45.00 Town With No Name CDTV...33.99 NASA’s 25th Year CDTV 19.99 I N C L U D E S ¦ 3.5"lnternal Floppy Drive ¦ 512K RAM ¦ 94-Key Keyboard and Mouse ¦ RF Modulator ¦ TextCraft Plus Word Processor ¦ Where World is Carmen San Diego? ¦ Tetris ¦ Free issue of AmigaWorld Magazine Call for Pricing!!!! Out of this World ...36.99 Paper Boy 2 ......26.99 Phasar 4.0 ...55.99 Power Packer Pro 4.0 .21.99 Professional Calc 168.99 Professional Page 169.00 ProFills 2.0 .32.99 Red Baron ..35.99 C(Ji}
- Commodore AMIGA 500C PACKAGE music ithout ever picking up an THF I instrument! Blue ribbon $ n I,,, Qfl SOUNDWORKS 7*9’ ltd| W Also from Blue Ribbon Soundworks: Bars & Pipes Prof ..... 208.00 v Internal Sound Kit 239.00 w Pro Studio & Creativity 270,00 MultiMedia Kit 32.00 Music Box A or 5 ..32.00 Patchmeister ...59.00 Coming SOON! Tootorial Kit Triple Play Plus MIDI Floppy Drive. Supra Ext 95.00 Genlock. RocGen Plus 345.00 Harddrive. 120Q Bare 399.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 52Q .509.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 120Q .665.00 Harddrive. 500XP 52Q 1 ...489,00 Harddrive. 50GXP 52Q 2 ...565.00 Harddrive. 500XP 120Q 2.675.00 Impact Vision 3000 ..1849.00 KB Talker ....53.00 SupraFAXModem 9600 BAUD
V. 32A .42 V.42b! Send Receive FAX capability SupraFAXModem 14.4 BAUD
V. 32bis V.42bis Send Receive FAX capability $ 305 With Software 359 Supra Corporation Blue Ribbon's lin! Write K-Start Selector .33.99 MegaChip 500 2000 ...225.00 MIDI Interface ...40.00 Modem, Supra 2400 ....85.00 Modem, Supra 2400+ 130.00 MultiStart II Board (DKB)....59.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 .69.00 Personal V-Scope .....789.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 SCSI Controller Supra 500XP..199.00 SCSI Controller Supra 2000.110.00 Scanner. Alfa Scan Plus ...299.98 SupraRAM 2000 2 .....169.00 SupraRAM 2000 4 .....225.00 SupraRAM 2000 6 .....285.00 SupraRAM 2000 8 .....349.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 1 125,00 SupraRAM 500 RX 2 189.00 SupraRAM 500 512K 39.00 Video Director .139.00 Video Toaster 2.0 .....2025.00 WIZ Tablet 229 00 Syquest Drive Packages Int Ext complaints about the save-screen function, and they sent me an updated version with the bug fixed in exchange for my original disk. Despite these shortcomings, Voyager should prove satisfying to children, nonastronomers, novices, and serious astronomy buffs for vears to come. 4 J Install it on vour hard drive and go O exploring. Notebook Black belt Systems High school meets high tech. By Dave Johnson “ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY paperwork for the Amiga ’ proclaims the packaging. While vague, it is as apt a description as any of Black Belt Systems' Notebook ($ 39.95). In somewhat more concrete terms, 1 describe Notebook as a free-form idea organizer that allows you to combine text, Iff graphics, and structured drawing doodles in a package that mimics the concept of a lined, three- hole notebook. Notebook opens on a high-resolu- tion, interlaced screen. The right side contains a variety of control icons, while the rest of the screen displays the actual workspace an authentic-look- ing version of the notebook you probably used in high school. Digital Doodling To begin a new notebook, simply click on the icon that adds pages to the " YOUR TURN: At a street price of $ 25, Notebook is great. I like the fact that you can draw and write on a page. Most of my thinking is done by drawing flow charts. Tom Miller Casper, Wyoming Organize your thoughts, IFF files, and structured graphics in Notebook, initially empty document. You can control the appearance of each page and add or delete sheets at any time. Do you need lined, graph-ruled, or blank pages? With or without binder holes or a vertical rule? Grid snap may be enabled even when the paper is not in ‘graph” mode. Notebook accepts text in two ways. You can begin typing anywhere on the page or import ASCII text onto the ? 1-800-824-5499 Call now: VOL. I: $ 19.95 VOL. II: $ 24.95 Act now on this limited offer from TechMedia Video and see the most innovative creations using Sculpt-Animate 4-D. Lightwave Also available from your 3-D, Turbo Silver. Imagine. Deluxe Paint III AND MORE! A local Amiga dealer. Dazzling collection of exciting and inspiring animations you won t want to miss! CALL TODAY! 6E2AV for the best in animation! VOL. I & II SET V!SA I ONLY $ 34.95! Available in VHS. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery TechMedia is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorld Videos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc TECHMEDIA VIDEO PO Box 2151, Salisbury. MD 21802 410-543-1989 500 ReasonsTo An Amiga 3000 done wo Commodore 00 JO m. TOO Do «* VayToThc Order Of Kun.dred aad rive Tor A check for live hundred bucks. That’s what you can get direct from Commodore when you buy an Amiga® 3000- 25 50, or 3000-25 100 before April 30th. O Or. You can even use your S500 immediately right in the store toward the purchase of your Amiga. J o Amiga 3000 senes computers set the standard for multimedia platforms, with true 32-bit architecture for demanding video and graphics applications. The A3000-25 100 features a 100M hard drive and 5M RAM. The A3000-25 50 has a 50M hard drive and 2M RAM. All Amiga 3000's feature four-voice, two- channel sound, thousands of displayable colors, AmigaVisiori,v (which lets you control graphics and video simultaneously), on-site sendee* and convenient leasing terms. For more information, call 1-800-66- AMIGA. Or see your participating authorized Commodore-Amiga dealer before April 30th. (Terms may vary in Canada. Call 1-800-661-AMIGA.) C: Commodore AMIGA C 1W2 Commodore Business Machines. Ik Commodore and the Commodore logo ire registered trademarks o: Commodore Electronics Ltd Amtp b a rrgzstertd trademark o( Commodore-Amiga. Inc Not vabd vuih my other promotional offers ’Available on systems purchased ir. The L’i through an authorued Commodore-Amip dealer Orders Only USA & Canada 258-0533 9 - 9 M - E (West Const customers call up to 6PM PST). 10- 5 Sat Open SUNDAYS 12-5PM 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 Customer Service (412)962-0533 (100’s of lilies available) GSFIIGS Catl *Qr more ,i,los) Leisure Suit Larry 5 Lemmings Lemmings, Oh No! More. . Lord of me Rings Wig 29 Super Fulcrum Murder Ork Out ol This World Perfect General Perfect General Data Disk PGA Golf Pools of Darkness Populous II PowerMonger Power Monger WWI data Railroad Tycoon Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island II Silent Service II Sim Oily Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 Sim Cily Terrain Space Quest IV Speedball 2 Strip Poker III Crime City $ 41 Cruise for a Corpse S41 Deuteros S40 Double Dragon 3 S39 Final Fight S40 Gauntlet 3 $ 40 Gods $ 38 Heimdall $ 44 Life and Death $ 37 Pit Fighter Call Realms $ 43 Robocod: James Pond 2 S39 Robocop 3 $ 41 Smash TV S39 Terminator 2 $ 43 The Simpsons S39 Utopia $ 40 Wolf Child $ 39 Lots of New Titles CA LL Art & Animation Art Department Pro 2.1 $ 164 Deluxe Paint IV $ 119 Disney Anim. Studio 579 Draw 4D Pro $ 199 Imagine 2.0 Pixel 3-D 2.0 $ 75 Prof. Draw 2.0 $ 125 Spectracolor $ 62 Turbo Silver 3.0 $ 59 Vista Pro 2.0 S59 Databases Microfiche Filer $ 62 Microfiche Filer PLUS $ 112 SuperBase Personal 2 $ 94 SuperBase Prof. 4 S249 Music Bars and Pipes $ 99 Bars and Pipes Pro $ 219 Delx Music Const. Set S69 Super Jam $ 89 Multimedia Kit S Music Box A $ 38 Music Box B $ 38 Spreadsheets Advantage $ 125 Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 $ 62 Professional Calc $ 189 Tele-Communications A-Talk III S37 Baud Bandit $ 30 Amiga Primer Animalion 101 DCTV: A Guided Tour Deluxe IV Video Tape Desktop Video Volume «1 Desktop Video Volume 2 Imagine: A Guided Tour Pro Techniques w Dpaint Toaster Microwave The Newtek Video R i: V 1 K w s page. If text flows beyond the current page, Notebook adds pages as necessary until all of the text has been rendered. Notebook lets you type with any nonproportional system lout, so you aren't restricted to basic topaz or a single typeface. If, perchance, you write something that is particularly important, consider highlighting it. Notebook oilers four marker colors for highlighting text and other objects. To spice up your pages, you can import graphics of any standard Amiga IFF format into your notebook. The program converts the image to a dithered, four-shade grayscale and renders it on the page in a box you draw with the mouse. The conversion and scaling is fair ly snappy, and the filial result usually looks surprisingly good. What use would a notebook be il vou couldn’t draw in it? I A full complement of drawing tools allows you to add rectangles. Circles, lines, freehand shapes, and the like. You can leave them unfilled, or you can fill them with anv of 36 dithered colors. One ol the nicest aspects of Notebook is that all of these components are treated as structured objects. Thus, yon may later move, resize, or change the color of anything you draw, as well as combine it into a group with other objects. In addition, you can move objects in front of or behind others. Tabbing Around Now that you've stored some data in vour notebook, you
* > probably want to be able to find it quickly and easily. Notebook carries the analogy of its paper cousin to the logical extreme: For easy access, you can mark pages by placing paperclips amwhere on them. You can then add or delete these at any time, and you can skip directly to clipped pages at a single click. In addition, you can add labeled and color- coded tabs to page margins. Clicking on a tab takes you instantly to that page. Overall, Black Belt has put as much thought into navigation as into actual page creation. Putting a Notebook on Paper Of course, there may come a time when you want to break a notebook out of its digital confines: that is. Print it. Notebook iets you print notebooks by the page, section, or entire document. Output is scaled up so that each notebook page becomes 8 Vaxl 1 inches, rather than the size of the smaller, on-screen replica. L'nfortunately, output is Notebook’s Achilles heel. Despite the fact that drawing elements are structured objects, they do not render at your printer’s highest resolution. Rather, they look like bigger and jaggier versions of what you see on the screen. Text, too, gets the short end of the resolution stick. On the other hand, Notebook prints aren't quite what you'd pass out at a board meeting; Notebook is a personal idea processor, and the printouts are meant to be personal as well. Regrettably, the output quality probably ensures that they’ll stay that way. What is the bottom line for Notebook? It is an innovative product that just about everyone who owns a computer can lind at least six good uses for. It is the sort of program that causes you to say, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” Thanks to its speed, fluid interface, and a plethora of other little conveniences, you'll find yourself using it often. Remember that Notebook always runs on an interlaced screen, so a display enhancer is just about essential. That and the print quality not withstanding, my advice is to buy this one; you can't go wrong. ¦ Agony Call Battle Isle $ 37 Birds ol Prey 537 Black Crypt Call Bo Jackson Baseball S31 Castles $ 37 Celtic Legends Call Drag. Lair 2 (Time Warp) $ 37 Dungeon Master 2 S25 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark$ 37 Elvira 2: Jaws of Cerberus S47 Eye ol the Beholder $ 39 Eye of the Beholder 2 Call Falcon $ 31 Falcon Mission 1 or 2 S19 Fantastic Voyage 531 Fighter Duel (Corsair Vs Zero)$ 31 Gateway Savage Frontier S34 God Fatnor $ 31 Greens - (Microprose Goif)S37 Guy Spy Call Heart of China S37 Kings Quest V S37 Knighls of Ihe Sky S37 Leander $ 31 SHIPPING - WITHIN 2 BUSlNESS DAYS UPS GROUND (continental U3}
• $ 99 7% MIN $ 5 $ 100 TO $ 199 5°0 MIN $ 7 S200 TO $ 499 4% MIN $ 10 S500TOS799 35c MIN $ 20 $ 803- 2.5°o MIN 524 2nd Day add $ 6 to UPS Ground Next Day acd $ 11 to UPS Ground AP0.FP0 add $ 11 Ground CANADA add $ 11 !o Ground PR. HI, AK add 510 to Blue Red No surcharge lor MASTERCARD. VISA and DISCOVER. 3:-. Surcharge for AMERICAN EXP. Prces sjbject to mange without nctce Amiga lor Beginners $ 13 Amiga Dos Quk Ref Guide S8 Amiga Dos Inside & Out S19 Amiga Basic Inside & Out $ 19 Machine Language $ 15 Graphics Inside & Out $ 26 Amiga C for Beginners S15 Amiga C for Advanced $ 26 Desktop Video Power $ 23 Best ol ArmgaTncks&Tips S23 Using Arexx S26 Imagine Companion S24 ROM Kernel:Aui0dxs3rd Ed,S34 ROM Kemel.De ices 3rd Ed. S26 ROM KernGl:Ha’dware3rd Ed $ 26 Visionary Handbook $ 22 Books American Vista S64 Barney Bear School $ 27 Barney Bear Goes Campinq S27 Battle Storm $ 33 Case of Cautious Condor S33 CD Remix S37 Classic Board Games $ 33 Defender of the Crown S33 Falcon $ 52 Fred Fish Collection $ 47 Gretzky Hockey $ 37 Guinness Disc of Records S39 Illustrated Dictionary S47 Illustrated Holy Bible KJV $ 37 Illustrated Shakespeare S37 Lemmings S33 Mind Run $ 34 Murder Makes Strange $ 33 My Paint $ 33 Power Pinball $ 29 Sim City S39 Snoopy S33 Spiril of Excalibur S37 Team Yankee $ 33 Time Table Business $ 39 Time Table Science $ 39 Ultimate Basketball $ 33 Wrath of the Demon $ 33 Xenon II $ 39 CDTV Keyboard, Infra-red Mouse* Disk Drive $ 199 Trackball Contrllr $ 99 Returns accepted tor 10 days after data cl purchase. Call ler RA? Before returning Defectives replaced with same item. 1£% Restocking fee for items returned and not exchanged for same. International Orders (no: APO. FPQ.) Send copy or FAX of front & back of Cnarge Card w signature. Cali or FAX for shipping quote. Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 EUROREAN.MAgAZJ.NES AMIGA Format w Disks S10 AMIGA Action w Disks $ 10
C. U AMIGA w Disks 510 AMIGA Power w Disks $ 10 1 for AMIGA w Disks $ 10 PROWRITE32 $ 89 Adventures in Math $ 25 Algebra $ 31 Algebra II $ 31 Barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 Barney Bear in School $ 22 Barney Bear in Space 522 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San Diego Time S31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 31 Carmen San Diego World S31 Crossword Const Kit 525 Dinosaur Discovery Kit $ 25 Discovery Math Spelling $ 25 Distant Suns 3.0 $ 35 Distant Suns 4.0 $ 55 Katie's Farm $ 25 Math Talk $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 Mavis Beacon Typing $ 34 McGee Fun Fair $ 25 My Paint 2.0 S31 Puzzle Storybook $ 25
2. 04 ROM AMIGA 500 2000 includes books and Skn workbench disk Talking Coloring Book $ 19 Teachers' Toolkit $ 35 Trigonometry $ 31 World Atlas $ 37 FINAL COPY $ 59 Rhyming Notebook 525 Speller Bee $ 25 Talking Animator S41 Education Express your love for your Amiga ALL NEW
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• Low Prices' T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps and Mugs orders Only USA & Canada 1 -800-258-0533 9am - 9pm M-F. 10am- 5pm SAT Open SUNDAY 12- 5pma Video Toaster Enhancement Options Video Toaster S20W Persona! TBC II 5849 Personal V-Scope CAM. Personal SEC $ 379 BCD 200QA VAC 5849 DQ-TACO 51879 AmiLinkC T (cuts only) 5995 AmiUnkC 1 (AB Roll) 51595 AmiLink Toaster Soflw are 5150 Kitchen Svnc Si599 Toaster Fonts 1st Pr Toaslcd Fonts SI59 Cinnamon I or li 562 Bread & Butter $ 69 Kara Toasjcr 1 or 11 562 Masterpiece 589 Video Pouts 2 562 Screen Maker 562 Our Wedding $ 56 Complete Video Toaster Workstations BASIC WORKSTATION $ 4195
M. W 52MB HD. 7MB RAM, &VIDF.0 TOASTER FNPRCNCFD WORKSTATION $ 4895 WI 52V1B HD 25MHZ. 7MB RAM & VIDEO TOASTER DELUXE WORKSTATION $ 5595 WI 120MB I ID. 4DMHZ, 9.V1B RAM & VIDEO TOASTER WtmKST.ATIOS.S Ful.l.V VSSFMUIT O NI) t r.STKO New RACK MOUNT version Available - CALL I My AMIGA With ev&Ti ordcr Complete Digi-View Medi System S38f}l Includes: I "T Digi-View Gold 4.( Digi-Pamt a Elan Performer n Copy Stand. A Panasonic 1410 camera! Video swrtch V and all cables. V, - Qnty complete), Dgi-V»ew MedastaDC 1410 Camera wtens Copy Stand Cabfe S.-.-tchSet Call for pricing The ICD Advantage AdSpeed $ 189 1 68000 at 14,3 Mhz. Best Overall performance of any accelerator in I its price range. Flicker Free Video $ 259 Eliminates interlace flicker for any Arnica Computer. Use with VGA or Multisync Monitors AdRAM 540 $ 95 Add up to 4 nieg of RAM internal-1 |y in your Arnica 5(X) Multi-Start II Novia 401 , , . $ 3.79 40MB internal hard drive & inter face for your Amiga 500. AdII)E40 for 3.5" hard drives $ 99 Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made for IDE(AT) drives Ad IDE Kits .(Prima) $ L Now mount a 3.5 inch IDE hart drive internally in your Amiga
500. Includes IDE 40, Shuffle Board and mountings for hard drive. Shu me Board $ 29 Reroutes dfl): to the external flo( py connector. Boot from externa nonpv drive. MicroBotics A2000 Harddrive ¦ TB Controllers Grand Slain $ 239 add up to 8MB RAM & buill-ir pnnter port TRUMPCARD PRO $ 159 The fastest SCSI Controller for the Amiga TRUMPCARD A2000 $ 89 Data Flyer 2000 Budget hard drive solution for your A2QQ0 Controller only S85 W 52 MB Quantum HDS319 W 120MB Quantum HD$ 479 DataFlyer RAM For DataFlyer2000 OK S99. 2MB $ 194, 4MB S289 Via W ir SERIES N with up to SMB RAM 7 52MB HU $ 399 W 120MB HU $ 549 W7240MB HU $ 849 Hard drives Factory Installed Now with 2YR Factory Warranty 68030 Acceleration for A500, A2000 25MHz $ 329 with 68882 $ 459 40MHz $ 479 with 68882 $ 649 Compatible withl.3 & 2.04 ROMS VXL RAM-32 2MB CALL VXL RAM-32 8MB CALL 57 V 1 Name J il in AMIGA EXPANSION SYSTEMS Accelerators G-Force 30 - NEW 68030All in one board u iih SCSI interface 25MHz 25 !Mli S (m 40MH 74D 4MH $ 11 $ 19 W 52MB Drive $ 1399 w 120MB Drive SI499 50MH 50 4MB $ 1579 W 52MB Drive $ 1779 w l20MB Drive SI879 HmttnJiiNe wltiMB of 32-bit RAM 4MB 32Bit extra RAM $ 299 as low as .. EXTERNAL V$ 80K DRIVE Ltow«,$ 78 SA vfr.on pufcnase FULLY AM COMPATfE
A. l.R. Drive - $ 89 Alpha Data - $ 89 Roctec Ultraslim - $ 95 AMIGA501 CLONE $ 36 512K RAM Expander 512K RAM w.'Clock, Calendar, Bat SupraRAM RX External RAM Expand your A500 up to SMB Pass- - through design 1 MET up EXPANSION SYSTEMS W 512K - ST20, w 1 MB - $ 145 W 2MB - $ 195, W 4MB - $ 275 EXPANSION SYSTEMS DataFlyer I®® Hard drive Budget solution for your Amiqa500 .Controller onlyC 00 W 52MB Quantum S385 NJCW 120MB Quantum $ 535 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RAM « Clock Caleedar Bai _ & 880K Drive HiQ A500 Tower TURN YOUR AMIGA 500 INTO A POWERFUL AMIGA TOWER. 3 A2P00 Slots, 2 PC Slots, Accelerator Slot. Video Slot, Key lock Security, Speed LED, Keyboard Case w cord. 250V po ersuppy, 10 drive bays, speaker, meta! Cabinet. Toaster Compatible, All the power of the A2000 and More Grand Slam 500 Expand up to 8 MF1 Ram TRUMPCARD PRQ !?QQ The fastest SCSI controller $ 245 S179 A500 HARD DRIVES P EXPAND UP TO 8MB $ W 52MB Quantum $ 4991 W 105MB Quantum $ 699 GVP PC286 IBM Card $ 379 It Midi S ECE Midi $ 49 Midt Gold 500 $ 56 Midi Gold Insider S65 Midi Connector w cables $ 59 Phantom SMPTE MIDI S229 Midi cable 6ft $ 8 Miracle Keyboard S349 Audio Audiomaster 4 Audition 4 Digital Sound Studio Perfect Sound 3.1 SoundMaster Studio 16 AD1012 Video Chroma Key S329 Alter ImageGenlock $ 199 DCTV $ 399 MiniGen SI 99 RocGen Plus |359 Supergen Genlock $ 649 Video Blender Call Video Master $ 999 Misc. Big Foot 200W powersup. $ 69 Flicker Fixer $ 249 A2000 Internal Drive S89 AMAX 2 PLUS $ 399 Power PC Board Call J My AMIGA Weiv Improved COLORS “ * MOUSE - BUTTONS C vr Red • Black yj Ye low - Black Black - Black Blue - Black Biack - Veiiow Red ¦ White * Blue Other colors on special order Circle 12 on Reader Service card. Joysticks, Mouses & Trackballs Slik Stik Joystick $ 7 Boss Joystick $ 15 Tac 50 Joystick $ 17 Bat Handle Joystick S25 Jin Mouse S25 Opto-Mechica! Mouse S35 Optical Mouse S55 Boing Optical Mouse S94 Gl Cordless Mouse $ 75 Gl Cordless Trackball S85 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Kraft Trackball $ 59 Mouse Switch (manual) S29 Mouse Switch (automate) call Supra Modems 2400 External 2400Plus External 240QP!us 2 Internal FAX Modem$ 14400 FAX Modem 9600 FAXModem 2400 FAX Modem Software Zoom Modems 2400 Ext. S7‘ 2400yV MNP5 & v.42 be Sri 9600 v.32 bis S3! Cable $ 10 ($ 5 w modem) GREAT VALUE SOFTWARE FROM EUROPE! LOWER prices for the world’s best PD and Shareware - from just S3,50 disk! Fastest shipping ’**Only latest versions Free technical assistance! Huge library "Quality catalog * Evening hotline "Experienced AMI people! ABOUT THE DESCRIPTIONS When orierirw. Pleas* rclw only to our promm nurto wtwii fcnmedutety lolawseachttte. Please note tnat some programs are composed ol multiple disks.Tbe number cl disks Is shorn m parentheses after the description it it eiceeds one disk. Remember this when oftotng* Any spedal memory reoujrefneris are afec shown In parentheses, cxl (2 Mol needs 2 fegsHAkPtoeoo not cat our 800 lumber for luflgdescrybons. Please orfetne catalog. 600 BUSINESS LETTERS A147 Contracts, letters, allsorts included in text form for import to your word processor! A-GENJE A073 Good genealogy program - trace your family history, keep track of where your roots really are 1Mb ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS A001 2 disks of great adventure solutions! A must-have for adventure nair- pullers (2) AIR WARRIOR A002 Flight simulation program - fun! ALGORYTHMS A199 MIDI program for synthetic music creation - give your creativity a boost and enhance your MIDI ALL NEW STAR TREK A003 Tobias Richters great new version of this classic - ail the rage in the UK now (2) AM1BASE A075 One of the best Amiga databases AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL A153 A superb database system AMIGASH A072 Brand new bank management program
- easy to use and a great way to put your Amiga to useful work; AMOK At86 Your robot is trapped in a strange world (1Mb) AMOS ASTEROIDS A185 Four versions on this disk of the arcade game, guaranteed to give endless zapping fun AMOS BINGO CRACK THE CODE A183 2 popular games on this disk - bingo lovers will want to stay home - plus extras AMOS MULTIPAINT At84 Another good AMOS paint program AMOS PAINT At65 Nice paint package with 2-64 colors AMOSAGRAM A190 An anagram solving game - great fun! ANALYTICALC A076 Definitive spreadsheet type utility
(2) ANIMATED POINTER PACK AQ74 Disk full of cute animated pointers - this one will keep you busy for hours trying them out ANTEP & SLOT CARS A004 Graphic role-playing and car game - great fun with appeal for all your family members ANTI LEMMINGS A156 Power animation - fantastic (2) (2Mb) APIDYA A005 Good demo of great new game - recommended for stunning enjoyment and graphic finery! ARCADIA At 63 A nice version of the ’breakout’ game ART OF MED A202 Disk full of more MED music scores AS1 LABEL EufiDSDrT PRINTERS A077 All the best label programs on one disk ASSASSINS AUDIO MAGIC A203 THE PROFESSIONALS’ CHOICE FOR SUPPLY OF THE WORLD’S FINEST P.D. AND SHAREWARE. CHECK OUT OUR PRICES:- 1-9 disks - $ 5,50 ea. 10-19 disks-$ 4,50ea 19+ disks-$ 3.50 ea
* Special Offer! We will ship 5 top quality 3.5" blanks, pre-formatted for the Amiga, with every 10 titles! Collection of soundtrackers and rippers - great hacking AT THE MOVIES A157 Anim from Schwartz featuring Amy squirrel (1.5Mb) AT1C ATAC A006 British Spectrum game conversion AUTOMATED LIGHT A158 Great battlestar galactica type animation - must get (4) (3Mb) BALLOONACY A170 Good version of the classic ’bomberi game BEATRIX POTTER A152 Beautiful dip art converted from the PC - extremely popular in the UK BIORHYTHMS & STARCHART A078 Check biorhythms and chart the stars! A better program of its type - check it out BLACKBELT At 81 Chop the blocks in this martial arts game BLACKJACK A007 A good version of the dassic card game BLACKJACK TRAINER A192 A good tutor for this ever popular game - improve your odds for the real table play! BOING A193 Get Herbert back home to his village! BUCK ROGERS A008 Great shoot-em-up from the C64 days - an interesting, fun and absorbing proggy, this one! BUSINESS CARD MAKER A079 Make your own with this useful utility, and save time and money at the printers BUSY BEE A154 Cute anim of a freaky bee - looks almost wooden! High in the UK animation charts just now(1Mb) BUZZED A159 Great animation of wasp crashing into things - you'll need the extra memory though, but GREAT! (3) (3Mb) C-LIGHT RAY TRACER A080 Commercial ray tracing package is now PD - a fascinating graphics utility - great results CASSETTE LABELER A188 Great utility for tape collections CASTLE OF DOOM A009 Easy graphic adventure - good for beginners and cunningly addictive for the veteran hacker CHEMESTHET1CS A081 Chemistry program for molecule display - the marvels of mother nature unfolded before you! CHET SOLACE UTILS AQ82 26 utilities on this disk CHINESE CHECKERS A010 Computer version of the boardgame classic - always great for family fun CLIPART A083 8 disks of some of the best clip art around - you will NOT be disappointed with this set (8) COLOSSUS & WORLD Aol 1 Two great adventures from Software Distillery - highly recommended to you adventurers COUNTACH A084 3 disks of various and useful clip art
(3) CROSSFIRE A169 Good kids’ game - keep them occupied for ages. What a great remedy for Nintendo boredom! CROSSWORD COMPILER A012 A quality puzzle creator and editor - if you like crosswords this will give you pleasure! CURSER BASIC COMPILER A085 Speed up those BASIC programs, and free yoursetf from interpreter constraints DARKSTAFF A013 Spectrum-emulated text adventure game DARKSTAR UTILITIES A086 Another disk full of utilities for ail * you won’t want to be without this disk in your collection DART ANIMATION A155 Dart passing through an egg animation - you have to see it to believe it Very over- easy! DATABASE MASTER A178 Good database for extra memory, and has sophisticated features you’d expect to find (1Mb) DATING GAME A160 Schwartz dassic animation (2)
(3. 5Mb) DBW A087 A good ray tracing program complete with some nice pictures - shows the graphics power of Ami! I DEMOUSHER UTILITIES A088 168 useful utilities - something for all! DEMOLITION MISSION A176 Another good version of the dassic bomber game * very playable DESKBENCH A089 Nice alternative workbench, icons etc. This is a really neat program! (3) DESKTOP PUBLISHER A090 From Germany now in English translation - a MUST HAVEf DIRECT ACTION A091 A useful utility for editing animation sequences, loads of features DOPE INTROMAKER A092 Make you own intros with this utility DRAGON’S CAVE A014 Nice dungeon type game with good graphics - you may spend hours! DUNGEON DELVER A179 Roam around mazes, collect keys etc, (2) DYNAMITE DICK A168 Intriguing little game done in AMOS-good DYNAMITE FONTS I A093 Excellent fonts for use in Dpaint etc. Add these to your collection now! DYNAMITE FONTS II A094 Very popular fonts disk - stacks of IFF fonts * a veritable treasure trove tor you artists EDUCATION SET A095 5 disks packed with good educational programs, with something to interest everyone in the family (5) ENSIGNIA MAZE A017 This game allows 4 simultaneous views of maze, and gives a good insight into 3D creations ETERNAL ROME & DOMINOES A016 Two good and stimulating games, get this if you're interested in history! PRE-FORMATTED 3.5" DISKS Despite the current chronic disk shortage, w© haws over 30,000 blanks in our warehouse. Some . , „ a premium on blank disks and ’ customers by charging inflated prices. Not us. We will sell you MUST order a minimum ot 2 PD disks. 10 - 89c 25 - 76c 50 -76c 100 - fee EXILE FONTS A096 More excellent IFF fonts for Dpaint etc FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE A172 Very good genealogy program, keep track of your ancestors and origins (1Mb) FIASHBIER A018 Boulderdash type game with 200+ levels FLEXIBASE DATABASE A097 An excellent, easy to use database system with flexible layout options and features FONTS & RAM MANAGER A098 Lots of fonts plus a software RAM switch - a very useful utility for A500 users FONTS & SURFACES A099 Lots of useful fonts, brushes etc. for Dpaint, plus rich textures and backdrops for you to use FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED A162 Great forms designer program - must have - GREAT for both home and office FRANTIC FREDDIE A019 Classic platform game with good music * we just couldn’t stop playing this frustrator FRUIT MACHINE A196 Good simulation of this gambler’s favorite, you can have the fun without losing the dough! GALACTIC FOOD FIGHT A020 Fight your way through ice cream & fruit! A popular game in Europe at the moment GENESIS DEMO A100 Superb fractal generator - very good GRAPHICS CONVERTERS A149 Convert graphics, format PC disks etc. An absolute essential for transferring art formats GRAPHICS UTILITIES A102 Useful, graphics oriented programs which will assist you in the manipulation of your art GROWTH A021 Really good game in which you aim for the brain! Stimulate your own brain cells with this nifty escapade! HACK A022 Good text adventure in the Infocom tradition HAMLAB A103 Convert VGA PC pictures to Amiga HAM with this utility - opens up a true wealth of precreated artwork HANGMAN A194 Good, fun version with word editor HARD DRIVE UTILS A104 A must have for hard drive owners HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA A023 Loads of questions in this good trivia game - so you think you know your entertainers huh?! HOLY GRAIL A024 One of the best text adventures around HYPER BALL A195 Latest version of woodenball, an excellent game that will keep you burning the midnight oil and some.... ICONMANIA A105 Loads of programs for icon creation with many icons! Great for hackers, or enhancing your system ICONS A106 This disk is just crammed full of varied & useful icons - redesign the way your workbench looks arxj fggjg IFF SAMPLES A204 Great samples from the Kawai K1 digital synthesizer, ready for play on your Amiga - breathtaking! IMPLODER A107 A very good crunching program - very efficient in terms of time and file size. Great for telecomms INTERFERON PRO A108 Create protection bootblocks against viruses - we may see Michelangelo on the Ami soon - prepare! JAMCRACKER A205 4 channel chip music sequencer - handles samples also. Get this one with A204 above JAZZBENCH A109 An alternative workbench preferred by many, another disk that will change the way your Ami looks JETMAN A025 A British classic conversion of Jetpac JR-COMM 1.2 A110 The definitive modem software - must have! This is the one that we use and is VERY powerful KARATE WORM A198 Very nice platform game, jumping over worms etc! Keep the kids (or yourself) amused for hours! KAWAI K1 A210 Editor librarian for MIDI users with K1 KAWAI K4 A211 Editor librarian for MIDI users with K4 KILLER CARS A026 A good car game with filled vector graphics, fun and intriguing to see this clever graphics style KING JAMES BIBLE A111 Old and New Testament and text reader. In ASCII format so you may import to your files (4) LAMER GAME A027 Similar to Operation Wolf, shoot- em-up LANGUAGES DISK A112 Forth, Modula 2, X-Lisp and Logo LARN A028 Another well-respected text adventure jreat shareware wordprocessor FISH ’n’ CHIPS! A142 Easy to use spreadsheet Super Denise Fatter Agnus Super Agnus
2. 04 Upgrade Static Zips FPU Math Co's A500 +512Kb Others - Call! Our price for the Fish collection is just S2.50 per disk - or we can supply your choice of 20 disks on one of the new 'flopticals' for just $ 79.95, We have rare European collections available; please request our catalog which contains full details of all the Ami disks worth collecting! Kv: le and animals, Holidays, flags, flowers e hool, Signs, Titles, Logos, Headings, Teddy oar TH $ 3 DEFINITIVE CATALOG! YES, WE CHARGE FOR IT - WHEN YOU GET IT YOU LL SEE WHY. QUALITY PRINTED CATALOG INCLUDES OUR OWN LISTING. TBAG, AMOS, FAUG, SMAUG, SCOPE, AGATRON. APDC. PANORAMA. AMICUS, SLIP. TCUG. LARSON ANIMS, SCHEME 17. DEJA VU etc.. game LASERZONE A030 Good old C64 classic arcade game LAST HOPE A148 Priceless when you've just erased a valuable file! We define this one as an essential addition! LEAPING LARRY A031 Platform game done in AMOS LEARN & PLAY A029 Great fun for the kids on two disks (2) LETTRIX A032 Good puzzle game with a fun Tetris flavour LORE OF CONQUEST A033 Space trading game, dungeons & dragons style, with an addictive theme - enjoy! M-CAD A113 Computer aided design - good quality (1Mb) MACVIEW, DRAW, ROTATE A114 Three good graphics programs - unusual, but useful for designers, etc.! MARBLE SLIDE A034 Puzzle game in which you build up slides, and frustrate yourself in the process. Fun though MASTER OF THE TOWN A035 Shoot the signposts in this one, and sharpen up your wits and grease your keyboard.... MED 3,2 A200 Latest verson of this superb music sequencer - great! A real must-have tor budding Ami musicians MED MUSIC DISK A201 Some nice MED music on this disk MESSY-SID A115 Easy to use PC-AMIGA Hie transfer urogram, very high in the UK popularity charts, this one VIIDI DISK A206 Lots of useful utilities for MIDI VIIDNIGHT THIEF A067 A great text adventure for hackers MISSILE COMMAND A177 Good version of the ever popular classic arcade, a hit on the UK BBC micro when it appeared MISSION X A070 Shoot-em-up type arcade game with excellent graphics - well, we think you’ll like it anyway MOBED All6 A good bob and sprite editor for programmers MYSTIX HARDWARE MODS A117 Documents disk for hardware modifications * interesting and curious contents NAPOLEONIC WAR SIMULATOR A036 A good strategy game with a requirement for a good, strategical battle plan NCOMM A118 Latest version of this excellent comms program NESTOR CARD GAME A037 A novel treat for card freaks NETHACK A038 A very popular D&D style game (2) NO MAN'S LAND A039 High-tech war games in shoot- em-up style - requires nimble fingers and less of the strategy! NOIStTRACKER A207 Music sequencer with loads of functions - if you're into music on the Ami then try this out NORTH C’ A119 The complete ’C' compiler by Steve Hawtin - another major seller across the pond - excellent value (2) NU GAME A040 Shoot-em-up game with good graphics
- quite difficult and certain to tngger your ludest profanities PAIR IT A167 Match the cards to make a pair - easy card game for the easily amused, or just to pass time! (1Mb) PC EMULATOR A120 Needs MSDOS to run, gives CGA graphics output. An interesting disk for experimentation... PENDLE EUROPA MEGAUTILITIES A121 A superb collection of 200+ utils, hotfoot from the darkest depths of Europe PETER'S QUEST A041 Rescue the maiden in this fun platform game, but don’t give up too easily. Persevere for a good end! PIXIE KINGDOM A180 Anolher dungeon style game of quality and frustrating design - can you beat the enemies? (2) POM POM GUNNER A042 Latest version of this Beachead clone, popular now both here and in Europe - get it and enjoy! PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR A122 Design your own drivers PROPERTY MARKET AG43 Become a millionaire before you retire at 65! Donald Trump uses it for his decision-making QBASE A123 Good database system, easy to use, with full searching facilities - great for both beginners and old hands QUICKBENCH A124 Another alternative workbench system, very dever! We love evaluating these - as much fun as games R-DRAW A182 Another well laid out drawing package RAINBOW WARRIOR A164 Paint with coppers and save them out! We don't mean British policemen, PROGRAMMERS WANTED! We are UHGEMTLY looking lot highest quality software tor our new Ami commercial publishing company. We pay very and continuing royalty payments, and seek lo publish both in the US and Europe. Please send us (or ask us for a) non-disclosure agreement so that we may evaluate your work conftdentlally.ir.W Li; .'.IL ' ¦ :: '¦> COPE 114 A128 Structured clip art for Ppaoe, Pstream etc. SCOPE 115 A129 More structured and useful dip art SCUM HATERS A048 Shoot-em-up done in SEUCK by Brazzle Atkins - the title does far justice to the plot1 SEALANCE A049 A submarine strategy game - quite sophisticated - good SERENE II A051 Follow up to SERENE SHOOT UP below SERENE SHOOT UP A050 Another quality game for fire button freaks! SEVEN TILES A047 Superb futuresports speedball type game SHAPES A187 Very intriguing, mind- boggling puzzle game SIMON & SPACE MATHS A173 Two good educational programs here - recommended SIMPSONS GAME A052 A vertical scroll game done in SEUCK SNAKE IN THE GRASS A197 Collect mushrooms and toadstools! SOMETHING FOR NOTHING A13Q Full of video utils, fonts etc., although you'll have to pay us the cost of the disk! (2) SOZOBAN C' A131 Another popular 'C' programming environment, great for learning this powerful language UTOR A175 Good la ST-80 BEAST SAMPLES A208 Pan flute sounds from Beast, Beast II. Some of the best Psygnosis sounds rrpfltpH in STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION A053 Strategy game in Hires, needs 1Mb, but well worth the extra memory! STAR TREK THE SHOOT-EM-UP A054 The classic done in SEUCK, and a pleasant change from Trekkie 'simulations’ STORY LAND A071 Two very good kids’ games, great fun SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE A066 Nice new car racing game SUPER WORKBENCH A134 Yet another alternative workbench! Fascinating how programmers spend their time! SUPERKILLERS A133 Kills 190 viruses stone dead TAROTII A150 Read the cards - great version (2) TENNIS A055 An excellent tennis game, needs 1Mb TEXT ENGINE A151 Another good quality word processor TEXTPLUS A135 One of the best word processors, indudes spell check and numerous extra faclities for the experienced THE EVIL DEAD A056 Blast the ghoulies in this crazy ime ‘HE INSIDERS' CLUB A058 Good stock market game - see how far you get! Gives you an insight into the markets... THE JAR A057 Very nice littlejump and ran game THE WOODEN BALL A171 Great shareware game, get programmers will know! RAPHAEL S REVENGE A044 Mutant Turtle game done in SEUCK - give the kids a Turtle treat with this shoot- em-up! RAZOR A125 Graphics rippers, virus killers, disksalv, powerpacker - tor the more experienced Amiga user, this one RETURN TO EARTH A045 Space trading game in classic UK Elite’ vein - another popular game in the UK on the BBC REVERSI + SNAKES & LADDERS A166 Two well- known and popular games for kids of all ages - snakes=chutes in the US RIM DATABASE A126 Comprehensive relational database - powerful, with the ability to cross-reference data files RINGS OF ZON A046 Absorbing adventure and strategy ame - what more can we say about good adventures? OBOCOP A015 A shoot-em-up (language may offend) ROT A127 A simple but very popular 3D drawing ckage E SPANISH TUTOR A175 program ST EMULATOR At32 Run Atari ST software on your Amiga - needs 2 drives - very useful if you have access to ST nmrrcl language learning VISICALC SPREADSHEET ;y based on VC WAR OF THE FOUR A191 A good shareware graphical adventure game - hours of amusement here WASTELANDS A069 Superb new 3D vector game - you MUST gel this one! Absolutely superb! WATERMINES A059 Good Boulderdash style game WET BEAVER GAMES A060 Version of the old Pong game WINDOWSBENCH A143 A Windows3 Workbench2 lookalike, very nice! Spruce up your Ami (2) WIZARD'S DOMAIN A189 Nicely done graphical adventure game WIZZY'S QUEST A062 Great arcade game from Germany WONDERSOFT GAMES A061 Golf, Congi. Missile, Trillon, Windmill etc. Gotta gettit! WORDWRITE WORDPROCESSOR A145 Comprehensive, with spelling checker, and all the fullblown features of some commercials WORKBENCH HACKS A144 Loads of amusing fun with these hacks! This is another definitive mustmave disk - funny stuff YAMAHA DX7 VOICE FILER A209 Librarian program YELP' A063 Nice little painter type game with surprises! ZEUS A064 A very intnquina block puz2le game ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR A146 For the Sinclair (Timex) with sound! The Spectrum was the UK's most )ular at one time RED SECTOR DEMO MAKER B001 Ever wanted to lave the means to create your own power demos? Try his one! (1Mb) VIEGA CUP ART I B002 This 10 disk set contains pictures for Dpaint, ready to load Pagesetter art, over 30 screens of IFF alphabets. Animals, Anatomy, Buildin Cartoon Music, Bears. Vintage cars, bikes (10) MEGA CLIP ART II B003 This set of 9 disks includes Occasions, Transport, Signs, Electrical, Architecture, Fruit, Vegetables, Kitchen, Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Babies, Anatomy, People, 52 different Alphabets. Arrows, Borders, Stars, Humor, Cars, Sports Trade. Art Deco, Headings (9) FONTS GALORE I B004 Cosmopolitan; Rangers, Peignet, Avant Guard, Aldous, Celtic etc. Beautiful stuff in this set FONTS GALORE II B005 Fancy; Hollywood, Park Avenue, Broadway. Camelot. Courier. HAM..... FONTS GALORE III B006 Publishers: Helvetica, Akashi, Andover, Bookman, Boxie, Times..... FONTS GALORE IV B007 Vanous: Unusual, Videofonts, Large & small fonts, utlities and more..... FONTS GALORE V B008 Ripped: Fonts, logos from demos! Incorporate them into your own works! Some great fonts - get this if you’re into Toasters and video etc J (2) UEDIT A137 Another gr ULTIMATE CARD GAMES A068 Cribbage, Hearts, Bluemoon, Patience and Solitaire should be enough to keep you busy ULTIMATE ICON DISK A13Q Iconmeister, Iconlab, Iconmaster, icons etc. Everything you need for icon creation ULTRAPAINT A139 A nice paint package or IFF pictures VECTOR DESIGNER A140 A comprehensive bul difficult to use program! Persevere and discover structured drawings VIDEO APPLICATIONS A141 Assorted programs for genlock & video applications - must this one! Another favourite with our English cousins just now (1Mb) TILE TRIAL A174 Solve the sliding puzzle within the time limit! TOMCAT A065 Good quality vertical scroll arcade game TREASURE SEARCH A161 Find the buried treasure in this fun game- another good program on our recommended list TV GRAPHICS A136 Superb Dpaint backdrops and have this (2) tLC ORDERING DETAILS: Post your order, or call our toll-free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We accei card, check drawn on US bank payable to EUROSOFT, money order, cash or wire to our account _ indicated. SHIPPING: We ship by UPS ground no later than day after order received, FREE withiri please. Canada please add 55. Special same-day overnight rush orders OK, but please add $ 25 next day, S15 second day air handling surcharge. Rest of the world by fastest air courier add S4Q. We specialise in serving our "alien" friends in other countries! All orders to: EUROSOFT (AW5), 3003 SW 153rd Drive, Suite 211, Beaverton, OR 97006, USA. Dealer pricing availablel ORDERS ONLY: 800-GET-EURO FAX: 503-644-9779 SUPPORT: 503-690-1980 We accept payment bv credit it (call.) COD is OK. Prices as lin USA. No PO box numbers UST OF ADVERTISERS
23. 24 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5
25. 26 Great Valley Products, Inc., 7
27. 28 Great Valley Products, Inc., 11 29, 30 Great Valley Products, Inc., 13 155, 156 Great Valley Products, Inc., 15 A New 1 jght Video, 107 A&M Computer Repair, 109 AGFA, 22 Amigaman, 92-93 AmigaWorld D Paint IV. 54 How to Animate, 65 Mind's Eye, 88 Animation I & II, 90 Animation 111 Contest, 97 3-D Objects, 106 96 Ampex Systems, Inc., 108 A ASDG, 55 85 Bare Bones Software, 109 54 BIX, 76 72 Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, Ltd., 53 182 Brain Technologies, 107 184 Brain Technologies, 108 7 Brtwall, 110-111 196 Clearlight Software, 109 178 Coast to Coast Technologies, 57 9 Commodore Business Machines, 91 193 Commodore International Ltd., 98 10 Computability. 77-79 13 Creative Computers. 66-73 8 Creative Equipment, 26 83 Desirable Productions, 108 14 DcvWate, Inc., 104-105 16 Digital Creations, 51 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 47 73 Digitek Soltware, 59 61 DigiVision, 108 185 Electronic Services, lnt’l, 108 60 Eurosott, 94-95 166 Foxy Tec, 108 18 Genie Information Services, 61 13 Go AMIGA, 82-83 154 Gold Disk. Inc., 1 20 Grapevine Group, Inc., llie, 102-103 67 Graphic Impressions, 108 169, 170 Great Valley Products, Inc., 2
21. 22 Great Valiev Products, Inc., 4 Reader A1 Service 190 Number 51 12 * 194 Ilammond Photographic Services, 108 31 llolz Computer Supply, 107 195 l.DEN Videotronics Corp., 16 75 INOVAtronics, Inc., CIII 47 J&G Computer Service, 109
* Kasara Microsystems, 108 34 Manta, 86-87 167 MegagcM, 108 93 Memory World. 99 99 Micro R&D, 109 183 MicroMiga, 109 35 Montgomery Grant, 100-101 179 Natural Graphics, 65 65 New Horizons Software, 9 38 New Horizons Software, 17 37 NewTek, Inc., CIV 82 Octree Software, 25 159 One Way Media, 64 150 Progressive Peripherals, 41 62 Pysgnosis, 27 188 Ramco Computer Supplies, 108 172 Redmond Cable, 64 43 Rombo, 63 44 Safe Harbor, 89 40 SAS Institute, 40 164 Seven Seas Software, 108 45 Sideline Software. 85 90 SMC Software Publishers, 107 46 SoftLogik Corp., 23 88 Software Hut, 107 48 Softwood, Inc., 21
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Student's DP-Guide; PERU’s PC World; PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA’S China C.omputerworld, PC World China, IDG HIGH TECH, Newproductworld; PHII.LIPPINE'S C.omputerworld, PC World; POLAND’S Computenvorld fbland; ROMANIA’S Infoclub; RUSSIA’S CADWorld, Computenvorld, Networks, PC World: SPAIN’S AmigaWorld, CIMWorld, Communica- ciones World, Computenvorld Espana, Macworld, PC World Auloedicion, PC World Espana, Publish; SWE- DEN’s AJJarsekonomi Management, Attack, CAD CAM World, CAP, ComputerSweden, Datalngenjoren, Data & Telekommunikalion, Digital Varbleu, Ijzkala Natverk IAN, Lotus, Macworld, Maxi Data, Mikrodatom, Sven- ska PC World, Unix. Windows; SWIT FRLANlVs Com- puteru'orld Schweiz, Macworld Schweiz; TAIWAN’S Com- puterworld Taiwan, PC World Taiwan; THAILAND'S Thai Computenvorld, TURKEY’S Computenvorld, PC World; UNITED KINGDOM’S Lotus, Macworld: UNI TED STATES’ AmigaWorld, CIO, Computer Buyer’s World, Computenvorld, Digital News, Electronic Nans, Federal Computer Week. Go me Pro, IDG Books, in Cider .1+, InfaWarld, Lotus, Macworld. MPC World, Network World, NeXTWORLD, PC Comes, PC Utter, PC World, Portable Office, Publish!, RUN. Sun World; VENEZUELA’S Computenvorld Venezuela, MicroComputcr- world Venezuela: YUGOSLAVIA’S Moj Mikro. ANIMATORS! Win the Ultimate A3000 System!! Now, in its third year, the Amiga World Animation contest tests the boundaries and imaginations of some of the best animators! We're looking for 2D and 3D animations that will roll your socks down! State-of-the-art style and technique is the theme this year. All you have to do is submit your most awesome animation. If you're our grand prize winner you win a fully loaded Amiga 3000. Even if you don't win the grand prize, we may include it on The Amiga World Animation Video Volume III (along with the best of all the other submissions). If we use your animation on the tape we'll give you $ 100! How can you lose? First Prize The Ultimate Amiga 3000 System - $ 12,500 Value Amiga 3000 with 100-MB Hard Drive ($ 4150) and Amiga 1950 Multisync Monitor ($ 695) from Commodore; G-Force 040 Accelerator ($ 2799) and lmpactVision-24 Video Graphics Board($ 2199) from Great Valley Products; The Personal Single Frame Animation Controller ($ 425) from Nucleus Electronics; Caligari Broadcast 2.1 3-D Rendering Software ($ 1995) from Octree Software; VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath ($ 25) and Terraform ($ 25), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. The International Package - $ 4700 Value Harlequin 2000 32-Bit Frame Buffer from The Amiga Centre Scotland ($ 2100); TVPaint from TecSoft, France ($ 1500); V-Lab digitizer from MacroSystem, Germany ($ 450) Will Vinton's 3-D Animation from Cineplay ($ 499); VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath (S25) and Terraform ($ 25), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. $ 1100 Value DCTV from Digital Creations ($ 495); 3-D Pro 2.0 from Progressive Peripherals ($ 399); VistaPro 2.0 ($ 99.95), MakePath (S25) and Terraform ($ 25), from Virtual Reality Labs; Animation Station ($ 49.95) from Progressive Peripherals. Also: Prizes for the next 10 winning animators: Best 25 Public Domain Video Graphics disks from Devware ($ 99); Diskmaster graphics utility from Progressive Peripherals ($ 49.95); Professional 3-D Object Library from AmigaWorld ($ 89.95). Disk-based animations should be easily installable and playable on a hard drive, and should include the appropriate player software. Animations can also be submitted on a professional videotape format such as 3 4", Hi-8 or S-VHS. Tape submissions must include a VHS copy, plus enough material on disk to be proof that the animations are Amiga generated. Submissions should also include full details on what hardware and software products were used to create them. Your animation must be three minutes or less. Please include your name, address and phone number. The animations submitted must be your original work, and by submitting them, you are granting Amiga- World permission to use and distribute the work with our videotape. Deadline for submissions is October 15, 1992. Tim Walsh, c o Animation Video Contest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 You’d never know the amazing things this black box can do just by looking at it Not only does CDTV® play your audio Cds but it can bring words, music and pictures to life on your television. CDTV simply connects to your TV and stereo and through its ingenious marriage of computer; audio and video technologies lets you play with a new generation of interactive Cds. CDTV is based on the Amiga® and if you buy the CDTV P system before June 30th it comes with AmigaDos® a keyboard, floppy drive, mouse, Grolier’s Electronic Encyclopedia™ Lemmings™ Appetizer pack and a savings of up to $ 848.00* just pick up a CDTV Multimedia Player and you'll have a full Imb Amiga 500 with the potential to be a home video editing system, a home reference library a children's learning tool, a music studio and a language learning lab. All within reach of your sofa. For the name of the closest autho rized Am iga dealer o r for you r free CDTV Welcome Tour video tape call 1-800-66-AMIGA, in Canada, call I-800-661-AMIGA. Look into CDTV Multimedia. You’ll be amazed at what you see. Qz Commodore® (ClITV J INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA CDTV is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd Amiga and AmigaDos are registered trademarks ol Commodore Amiga, I nc Electronic Encyclopedia is a trademark ol Grolier Electronic Publishing Inc Lemmings is a trademark of Psygnosrs £ 1992 Commodore Business Machines. Inc * 3asea on MSPP actual dealer prices may vary. DRAM BLOWOUT We Beat Any Advertised Price NOBODY CHEAPER 256x1 - 120 .....$ 1.19 lxl - 80 ..4.49 256x4 - 80 ..4.49 256x4 Zips - 10 .5.50 1x8 - 80 70 Simm 34.99 37.99 4x8 - 80 70 ..129.00 139.00 1x4-80 Dips ..19.95 256x4 - 80 Static Zips .. $ 6.99 Citizen Print Buffer .....25.00 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip ..19.95 GVP Simm32 4 meg ..239.95 Nibble Mode Simms . 299.95 1x4-80 Page Zips ...... 19.95 1x4-80 STATIC COLUMN ZIPS $ 17.95 70ns 60ns $ 19.95 $ 24.95 EXTRA SPECIALS ! ! $ 34.95 68881RC20 68882RC20 68882RC25 68882RC33
69. 00 Call for PLCC PRICING FOR X'XL
99. 00
150. 00 Oscillators $ 10.00 or 3 lor S20.00 68882RC50 $ 199.95 LASER PRINTER MEMORY II PI I, I ID, IIP, III, IIID, IIIP Board with 2 Meg $ 119.95 4 meg $ 179.00 DESKJET 256K upgrade $ 79.95 Similar savings on Panasonic, QMS, STAR, NEC, TI, OKI and others COMMODORE CHIPS CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or 2 for $ 19.95 I meg AGNUS w pullcr & instructions $ 49.95 Super Denise $ 37.95 2 meg AGNUS w puller & instructions $ 69.95
1. 3 ROM IN STOCK $ 29.95
* * * AMIGA 1000 1.5 meg upgrade with clock $ 219.95 * * * U NEED SPEED??? CSA's Mega Midget Racer Look at these Deals!!!
1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU (20 20) .$ 399.00 TESTED AND CLOCKED AT 25 MHZ This is a great entry level accelerator and can be user upgraded to our 38 Special.
2) MMR 33 33 for $ 599.00 Need more speed? This is it. A sensational board at a sensational price.
3) 38 SPECIAL 38 50 ...$ 799.00 For the speed demon or true professional. No finger tapping while waiting for screens. Allows SERIOUS productivity. 2 MEG $ 299.95 4 MEG $ 499.00 8 MEG $ 650.00 32 Bit 512K SRAM-70ns or a 50 Mhz coprocessor for $ 135 or both for $ 250.00 w MMR purchase. All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only... You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD MEMORY WORLD 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza I, Suite 213 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD Bensalem, PA 19020 (LUJPy VISA MC CHECK COD Attn: Amiga Dept. Other chips speeds available CALL EUSCUBEEElBSn 000 Z fl OR CALL: (718) 9GS-9077 MON-THURS. 9:30*7 FRI. 9-6:30 CLOSED SAT., OPEN SUN., 9:30-6 (ET) 800-759-6565 FOR ORDERS ONLY IN U.S.A. & CANADA
• 1: ¦ ICD AMIGA PARTS 8 CHIPS 0372 FATTER AGNES ..$ 6? B372B SUPER AGNES .$ 89 8373 SUPER DENISE ......$ 49 8520A CAI .... $ 13
1. 3 ROM CHIP. ...... $ 35 I 20ROMCHIP .....CALL AMGA 500 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY $ 79 AMIGA 500 ORIGINAL POWER SUPPLY... . $ 59 AMIGA 2000 KEYBOARD ......$ 99 AMIGA 2000 MOTHER BOARD ..CALL AMIGA 2000 POWER SUPPLY ....$ 229 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE f A-500 ..$ 75 WE CARRY A FULL UNE OF AMIGA CHIPS, & PARTS' CALL FOR PRICING $ 89 ICD AD-RAM 540-OK A-500 RAM EXPANSION FITS IN A-501 SLOT ICD AD-RAM 540-1 MB .....$ 135 ICDAD-RAM 540-2MB ......$ 175 ICD AD-RAM 540-3MB .....$ 219 ICDAD-RAM 540-4M8 .....S259 AD SPEED ACCELLERATOR for all AMIGA computers AwiELLERATUK 169 fled Ad RAM 2080 ADIDE 40 $ 79 ADIDE 40 KIT ....$ 119 ADIDE 44 ...,.$ 99 A-2000 RAM EXPANSION (EXPANDABLE TO SMB RAM TOTAL) ADJDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVE PKGS. FOR A-500 QUANTUM 52MB LPS AdSCSI 2080 EXPANDABLE TO SMB S | AQ ...$ 99 .$ 162 .$ 227 $ 292 $ 356 OK... 2MB. 4MB. 6MB. 8MB. QUANTUM 105MB LPS s399
* 229 Packages indude ADIDE, shuffleboard, Software, Cades and Mourning Hardware AMIGA 500 G AMIGA 2000 COMPATIBLE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES 68040 AC SELLER ATOB WTBUCTrvt «c systems ITRUMP CARD 500 AT...$ 195 with 052 AT ....S425 with Q105 AT ..$ 545 GRANDSLAM 500 .... S269 GRAN0SLAM 2000 S209 TRUMP CARD 500 PRO .....$ 205 TRUM P CARD 2000 PRO ...$ 125 TRUMPCARD 500 .$ 149 SEE OUR HARD DRIVE GRID FOR ADDITIONAL IVS SAVINGSl INCLUDES CABLES AND SOFTWARE SCSI CONTROLLERS j DRIVE DATA FLYER A-2000 (e*p to SMB)
* 79 Rapid Access Turbo A-2000 = a*p to 6MB)
* 239 DATA FLYER A-500 |eip to 8MB'
* 139 Rapid Access TURBO 500 ie*p. TcBMB)
* 299 ETEC A-1W0 C-ASSI5 1
* 209 : SEAGATE ST-157N-1 (49MB.28MS;
* 289
* 439
* 339
* 489
* 409 | QUANTUM (52MB.LowProile)
* 325
* 479
* 375
* 539
* 439 | QUANTUM (105MB. Low Prolle)
* 439
* 599
* 489
* 659
* 565 j QUANTUM 1 (120MB Low ProSie)
* 499
* 655
* 545
* 715
* 625 | QUANTUM 1 (240MB Lw Prolle)
* 829
* 979
* 879
* 1049
* 959 MAXTOR (80MB HD)
* 389
* 539
* 439
* 595
* 509 MAXTOR (120MB HD|
* 459
* 615
* 519
* 675
* 585 MAXTOR (213MBHD)
* 685
* 839
* 739
* 899
* 169 EPSON ES-300C $ 1>C DRIVER for ADPRO tm + Includes Stand Alone Scan to Disk Driver & Adpro Module. No special board needed!! GVP COM BO 25 1 MB RAM .$ 729 GVP COMBO 40 4MB RAM $ 1229 GVP A-500 HARD DRIVE 520 .$ 569 GVP A-500 HARD DRIVE 120Q .$ 715 GVP A-2000 HC8 0 $ 189 GVP A-2000 HCB 0-120Q ....$ 619 GVPDDS-8 ..$ 95 GVP HcdVII CONTROl LER ...$ 109 GVP IMPACTVISION 24 ....$ 1929 GVP G-FORCE 040 W 2MB RAM ...£2199 A-500 EXPANSION KIT INSIDER II IllWIWkll ¦ ¦ F A1000 -- .-$ 729
3. 5’ 880K External Drive 512K RAM Expansion with Clock Calendar 512K. IMS- $ 89 4249 1 .SMB- AMIGA COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES 8 SOFTWARE 1 X4ZIPPSFQRA-3000 .....$ 19.95 256K X 4 Z1PPS FOR A-3000 $ 5.95 256K X 4 2PPS FOR SUPRA 500 RX $ 5.95 68882 25 Mhz. MATHCO-PROCESSOR$ 129 58882 33 Mhz. MATH CO-PROCESSOR$ 149 A-1000 RF MODULATOR .$ 19 AIR 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE ....$ 69 AMIGA COMPATIBLE MOUSE ..$ 25 AMTRAK TRACKBALL ..$ 59 ART DEPT. PRO Vera. 2 .$ 169 ATONCE EMULATOR .$ 239 ATONCE PLUS15MH2 AT EMUl ATOR . .$ 329 ATONCE PLUS 16MHz AT EMULATOR w DOS SOFTWARE $ 369 BARS & PIPES PRO ...$ 229 BEETLE MOUSE.. - ...... - 527 BJGFOOT POWERSUPPLY .. ...$ 85 BOMAC TOWER ....$ 209 200 WATT POWER SUPPLY lor BOMAC TOWER $ 75 DCTV ...S429 DELUXE PAINT IV ...$ 135 D1GIV1EW GOLD 4.0 $ 130 DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION ..$ 155 FIXED LENSfor PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA ...$ 16 FUCKER FIXER .S229
G. I. OPTO MECHANICAL MOUSE .....$ 32 Heavy Duty Power Supply for A-500 .$ 69 IMAGINE 5149 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR .....S29 IMAGINES IMAGINE:a Guided Tour......$ 159 IMAGINE 2.0 ..... $ 255 KITCHEN SYNC- $ 1729 LEMMINGS ... $ 31 MAC COMPATIBLE DRIVE lor AMAXII...S99 MEGACHIP500 2000 w SUPFR AGNES CHIP .....S325 MEGA MIDGET RACER 25MHz .....$ 449 MEGA MIDGET RACER 33 Mhz. W;MATH CO PROCESSOR.....$ 609 MICROBOTICS 25MHz. ACCELLERATOR wrMATH CO .....$ 470 MICROBOTICS 40 Mhz. ACCELLERATOR w MATH CO .....$ 659 MINIGEN .. $ 189 MIRACLE KEYBOARD .$ 399 MULT1START II ..... $ 59 NEC 3DS-FGX ....$ 719 NUCLEUS Single Frame Controller......$ 399 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS 68040-2000 W 4MB RAM ..$ 1879 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS MERCURY 68040-3000 with 4MB RAM $ 2235 PROWRITE3.2 ...Si 06 RAPID ACCESS
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVE SS9 ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK ..$ 369 ROCTEC ROCHARD AT H.D $ 275 SAFESKIN A-500.A-2OD0, A-3000 ....$ 15 SHOWMAKER ...$ 189 STAR80COLTHERMALPHINTLR ..$ 39 SUPERGEN .$ 649 SUPERJAM ...$ 90 SUPRA3.5" EXTERNALDRIVE $ 99 SYQUEST 44MB Internal HD with Cartridge ......$ 415 SYQUEST 38MB Internal HD with Cartridge $ 615 Ext.ChaasialorSyqueat Hard Drive......$ 80 VIDEO BLENDER ..$ 949 XETEC A-500 HARD DRIVE .$ 199 GRAVIS CLEAR JOYSTICK $ 36 GRAVIS JOYSTICK .....$ 32 GRAViS MOUSESTICK ...$ 54 MAXYOKEJOYSTICK $ 79 SPEEDK1NG SOOjx $ 16 WRITE TO: RETAIL OUTLET PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE, N.Y.C., 10001 (Beneath Madison Square Carden) OPEN: MON-THURS.. 9:30 7 FRI., 9-6 CLOSED SAT. OPEN SUN., 10AM-6 PM(ET) Fax: 718-965-0664 Telex 422132MGRANT nj AND ORDER STATUS CALL:
(718) 965-9285 Customer Service Hrs. Mon-Thurs., 10AM-4PM Friday.10AM-3PM WE SPECIALIZE IN OVERSEAS ORDERS MONTGOMERY GRANT MAIL ORDER DEPT. 33 34,h STREET DEPT. A BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11232 NO SURCHARGE fOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS AMIGA 3000 AMIGA 2000 RINT IRE PRICE8 NOT PERMI (Mexpansion Supra corporation SUPRA RAM 512K Expansion ..$ 38 SUPRA RAM500RX-1MB .....$ 135 SUPRA RAM500RX-2MB .....$ 195 SUPRA RAM 2000 OK ...$ 125 (AiOOO RAM EXPANSION EXPANDABLE T03U3 TOTAL} 6MB .$ 319 8MB .$ 379 SUPRA2400BExl.Mcdemw Cable... SUPRA 2400B PLUS Ext. Modem w Cable .. .$ 149 SUPRA2400 Zj PLUS MODEM .S135 SUPRAFAX MODEM V-32 ..$ 265 SUPR AFAX MODEM V-32 BIS $ 335 SUPRA 9600 BAUD MODEM ...$ 439 $ 89 SUPRA SOOXP HARD DRIVE KITS 52MB HD, 1 MB RAM.. 52MB HD. 2MB RAM 80MB HD.512KRAM 120MBHD. 512KRAM 120MB HD. 2MB RAM.. 240MB HD, 2M3 RAM.. SUPRA 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE ....$ 99 POWER PC BOARD. $ 299 | MONITOR SPECIALS COMMODORE 1004 RGB COLOR MONITOR SZ99 COMMODORE 1950 MULTISCAN MONITOR SURGE PROTECTOR BASEBOARD ¦sooB A-500 RAM EXPANSION FITS IN A-501 SLOT OK. S89 2MB SI69 1MB SI 29 3MB...S209 4MB .$ 249 DATAFLYER Low Cost Interfaces (expandable to 8MB) A-2000 IDE....S69 I A-500 IDE..S129 A-2000SCSI..S79 IA-S00SCSI..S1 39 A-1OOO VERSIONS AVAILABLE NE&SCSl lDE COMBO BOARDS AVAILABLE...CALL FOR PRICE! ITEMS LIMITED - WHILE y SUPPLY LASTS ONLY! FTWARB CLOSEOUTS CALL FOR OUR COMPLET SOFTWARE CATALOG DARKMAN .$ 19.95 JINKS .$ 4.95 STREET ROD'IC .. ABYSS 514.95 AEGIS DESTINY ......$ 19.95 ALTERED DESTINY .$ 29.95 AMIGA APPETIZER ...55.00 AMIKIT ....$ 19.95 AMOS 3D $ 29.95 ANALYZE ...... 49.95 ARKANOIDS .....$ 19.95 ARTURA ...$ 9.95 ATF-II $ 24.95 BARD'S TALE I .$ 9.95 BARNEY BEAR-CAMPING .$ 15.95 BARNEY BEAR SCHOOL ...$ 15.95 BAT ....$ 29.95 BATMAN $ 14.95 BIG BUSINESS ..$ 22.95 BLACK JACK ACADEMY ....$ 9.95 BLOCKOUT $ 19.95 BYTE'N BACK ..$ 19.95 CHAMBER SCI-FI MUTANT PRIESTESS $ 19.95 CHRONOOUESTI ......$ 9.95 CRIME WAVE $ 17.95 DAILY DBL. HORSE RACING....$ 21.95 DELUXE MUSIC CONS $ 59.95 DELUXE VIDEO III ...$ 82.95 DIGIMATE III .....$ 14.95 DIGIPAINT III .....$ 74.95 DIGIWORKS ill ..$ 65.95 DISTANT SUNS $ 31.95 DR.AMI ...$ 22.95 DRAW 4-D PRO .....$ 169.95 EASY FM $ 24.95 ELF ...$ 24.95 EXPRESS COPY ......$ 21.95 EXPRESS PAINT .....$ 39.95 F-15 STRIKE EAGLE II $ 29.95 FINAL COPY .....$ 49.95 GREAT STATES II ....$ 14.95 GREENS (Golf simulation) $ 29.95 HARD NOVA .....$ 24.95 HARPOON ... $ 29.95 HARPOON SCENARIO Eoin...$ 19.95 HARPOON BATTLESET2 __S14.95 HOCKEY LEAGUE Sfmulatlon.$ 19.95 HUEY $ 19.95 IMMORTAL ......S24.95 : ....$ 19.95 KIKSTARTII $ 9.95 STRIKE FLEET ......$ 19.95 KINDERAMA ....$ 13.95 SYNTHIA II $ 49.95 KING’S BOUNTY .....$ 26.95 SYNTHIA PRO ......$ 179.95 KING'S QUEST II .....$ 23.95 TEENAGE MUTANT MAXIPLAN PLUS ....$ 49.95 NINJA TURTLE ...$ 19.95 MEMORY CHALLENGE .....$ 18,95 TENNIS CUP ...$ 18.95 NITRO ....$ 18.95 TEXT CRAFT ...$ 19.95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR ......$ 19.95 TIE BREAKTENNIS ...$ 17.95 PEN PAL ...$ 67.95 TRANSWRITE .$ 29.95 PERSIAN GULFINFERNO $ 19.95 TURRICAN ......$ 16.95 POPULOUS ......$ 24.95 TV SHOW ..$ 39.95 PROPER GRAMMAR ..$ 49.95 TV TEXT $ 54.95 QUESTRON II ...$ 27.95 TV TEXT PRO ..$ 69.95 RAILROAD TYCOON ..$ 29.95 VISTA ....$ 26.95 RX TOOLS .$ 27.95 VISTA PRO 2.0 .$ 67.95 SCRIBBLE .$ 34.95 WELLTRIS ..$ 14.95 SECRET OF SILVER BLADES.526.95 WINGS OF FURY ...$ 19.95 SEVERED HEADS ....$ 9.95 WORLD TOUR GEOGRAPHY.$ 14.95 SEX OLYMPICS .....$ 11.95 X-CADPRO ...S11 9.001 X-COPY $ 34.95 ZONE WARRIOR ....$ 19.95 ZUMA FONT PAK I ......$ 44.95 ZUMA FONT PAK II ..$ 44.95 SEX VIXENS FROM SPACE....$ 17.95 SHADOW OF SORCERER $ 19.95 SILENT SERVICE II .$ 29.95 SONIX .... $ 39.95 TO. Dinars &x>. CODs & YYJra Transfers accepted. Roase ca« before. SttoTfung PC’s Non-wrsfod crocks rrou regxnate to rvtwgrapn: arcr* Rann of detectva nwchantfta must have pnor raum amhowicn nurrtw 6seournd;io’*' " - - - ----- tMeriwer USOO are i or cea ns ret w «cc*p«J Gi'iaian orders fieass car to stepping rates 2nd day and nan M avilaaa df 3%
• 81 . Orders over S30CO are dscoirtod to 2% «Hppng & handtartg $ 3000 6%). AS APOfPO orders are stepped Erst dass priority ak. Un nu
• Wff'CAM Rwtso add 5%-shpcmg « handling (ijinimjtii 56) ApdrPO orders d«$ o add 10% dijwxj 8 handing. Oirtmum $ 15. [Over We tro* tar, ere* wrCs twh. OCA *300233 foga * a registered tradenwh of Corwodora Ariiga. Me CsfB&d dig*;,Check , Mxwy Otters, Approved P Os. Vrsa. Faaslwcard, Arnei (.
* w ?-» cr asrarce Rioes and avaiiaoiry sutject to cr-anga wthout resce . Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP
• NORTH AMERICA S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS • Inc. STU = System Test Utility) by Custom Services Inc. Terrific complete diagnostic trouble-shooting software. STU is a fast, powerful package that will verily floppy and hard disk drive operations, test memory boards, etc ..S29.95 Amiga Diagnostician. Diagnose up to 2B common problems. Comes with diagnostic software and booklet. Save a lot of money by locating faulty chips yourself. This is the next best thing to an expenssive service manual or your local Amiga repair center S14.95 The Fina! Test. This diagnostic diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock. RAM test (both chip 8 fast) by Global Upgrades. Inc. An absolute must (Included free with 8372 Agnus) ......S13.95
2. 0 OPERATING SYSTEM New operating system just released (NTSC PAL), Complete 7 lb. Box contains 1200 page manual, 4 diskettes and ROM. This upgrade is an absolute must for everybody. (Buy the 2.0 from us and get the new ECS Super Denise chip for $ 38.95.) ......$ 87.50
2. 0 ROM CHIP ONLY Forlhosemulti-Amiga users who do not require the full operating manual and diskettes this is for you $ 47.95 Printhead Problems? Don'tthrow out your old worn printhead. Forafraction of the cost ol a new one, we will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specs for you and give you a year warranty, which you don't get when you buy a new unit SAVE UP TO 70%. 5 day turnaround (400 types remanufactured). For example: Okidata 80 90 100 heads are S64.95; Epson (9 pin) EX FX LX are $ 69.95 AMIGA PC (MOTHER) BOARD Now for the first time, and only atGrapevme, purchase a new A500 or A2000 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty. PAL lormat is also available. A500 A2000 PC BOARD PURCHASE
* A5QQ PCS contains all chips .$ 189.95
* A20QQ PCB includes the 1.3 ROM, 8372A 1 meg Agnus and Super Denise chip 8373 $ 529.95 A500 A2000 BOARD EXCHANGE PROGRAM Stop paying expensive repair costs. Send us your broken motherboard for an exchange price lhat can't be beat. Also ask about our exchange upgrade packages. All boards received are subject to inspection. NO dealers.
• A500 PCB Exchange (populated & tested).. $ 124.95
• A2000 PCB Exchange (populated & tested, includes "Final Test" diagnostic diskette) .... $ 274.95 LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE-Now utilize productivity and scan mode, etc. Super hi-res mode (1280 x 200 pixels). An absolute must with 2.0. Comes with Super Denise installation diskette with full diagnostics ..$ 42.95 2 MEG SUPER FAT AGNUS (8372B)-This is the high technology chip used with DKB's MegAChip. (Gives 2 megs of chip RAM.) Quantity limited $ 74.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS ChlP (8372A)-Comes with FREE Rockwell Agnuschippullerfa necessity). "Final Test" diskette (12 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step instructions .....$ 59.95 (We if beat any competitor’s price on this chip and stitl give you the diagnostics and puller.)_ Serving the Commodore Amiga community for 12 years AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own computer in a simple manner. Our kit includes all you need. AIJ chips provided in the kit are direct socket piug-ins and do not require soldering. Originally "blister" packaged lor government Pxs worldwide and now available to the general public. Total cost savings tar exceeds purchasing chips on an individual basis. 28 different symptoms (faulty parts) with their remedies are layed out. KIT CONTAINS: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362 half Bright Denise. 8370 Agnus Chip, 5719 Gary Chip. PLCC Chip Puller, Fuse. Basic Schematic, Amiga Diagnostician Booklet and Special Test Diskette with the following tests: Keyboard, Hi Res, half Bright. Double Buffered Animation, Mouse & Agnus Tests. (12 diagnostic tests in all). A S210.20 value for......$ 99.50 (Above kit with 8373 Super Denise ......S109.95) McCOY (PLCC) Agnus chip puller. Commodore price $ 29 95. Our price $ 14.95 REJUVENATOR II A10Q0 Upgrade. Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM. Surpasses A2000 specs. Contains 2MB Agnus, 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 1.3 ROM and "Final Test" diagnostic software. No soldering $ 599.95 AMIGA A500 KEYBOARD: Unit is new. Exact replacement with 90 day warranty $ 59.95 8520 CIA CHIP - The most problematic Chip in the Amiga computer. Controls 12 major functions $ 11.95 ..2 for $ 10.95 each GVP-G-Force 030 Combo 40 4. Comes with 68030. 68882. SCSI controller and 4 megs installed. Very limited quantity $ 1079.95 GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 for above $ 219.95 GVP-SIMM 32-1 Mb 60 (for above) S84.95 MONTHLY SPECIALS MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS MEMORY EXPANSION AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS Fatter Agnus (1 and 2 Meg} ...See above 8362 Denise ’4 Bright ...$ 23.95 8364 Paula ..$ 23.95 8373 New Super Denise $ 42.95
8375. .$ 59.95 5719 Gary chip ....$ 12.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions ......$ 11.95 1 3 Kickstan ROM .$ 27.95 2 0 ROM only NTSC PAL (does not include kit) .. $ 47.95 2 0 Enhancer ROM Kit AS213 Includes 4 tioppy disks. 1.000 page operaiton manual & ROM iNTSC PAL) .....$ 87.50 2 0 ROM Upgrade Kit 0AS214 for A3000 only ......$ 45.50 2 0 A2620 A2630 ROM Upgrade Kit .... $ 34.95 A2DOO Keyboard ..$ 89.95 AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES 200 Watt ,*Sig Foot" A500 Universal Switching Power Supply with fan and external cabling for hard disks, etc. An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e.g. Prima) .$ 83.95 A200QP S(3d patty manul) 200 watt fan Simple plug-in.. $ 109,95 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 $ 21.95 Printer Port Adapter (runs any CBM printer lo PC) .....$ 29.95 Video Crisper. Makes your Amiga display sharp vivid colors. No soldering. Really works! ...... $ 44.95 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit). Memory & hard disk diagnostic program. Scans all system expansion memory. Locates defective chips & bad memory location .. $ 29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package .$ 28.50 1x1 80 . $ 4.69 1x1 100 ......$ 4.69 4164 20 pull ...$ -29 27128 27256 Eprom $ 3.85 256*1 (guaranteed pull) .. $ 1.00 256x4 100 all ICD. GVP. Etc . $ 5.25 256x4 80 .....$ 5.20 1x8 80 SIMM ......$ 38.95 68000 SERIES 4x8 80 SIMM .....$ 147.95 HP User Memory (ll IID, IIP, & HPIII) 2 Megs 4 Megs $ 137.95 $ 197.95 A2630 Expansion Board (DKB 2632). Allows you !o expand up to 112 megabyles $ 639.95 Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) ..$ 227.95 Phoenix A1000 Upgrade See ad on facing page GVP-SIMM 32-4Mb 60 (for Combo 40) $ 219.95 GVP-SIMM 32-1 Mb 60 (for Combo 40) .$ 84.95 Math Co's 68881 12 Mhz ..$ 36.50 16 Mhz $ 62.50 20 Mhz $ 45.95 25 Mhz $ 99.95 68882 20 Mhz $ 79.95 25 Mhz $ 208.95 33 Mhz $ 249.95 50 Mhz $ 347.95 CPUs 68000 8 Mhz DIP pkg ... $ 14.95 16 Mhz DIP pkg .$ 27.95 68010 8 10 Mhz DIP ...$ 15.95 68020 16 Mhz ....$ 69.95 20 Mhz ....$ 94.95 33 Mhz ...$ 194.95 68030 25 Mhz...$ 249.95 33 Mhz ...*269.95 50 Mhz .....$ 287.50 DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000” With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM (or A500 2000 Sizable Rebate on I Meg Agnus Always In Stock! Now Available tor Ihe Amiga 500 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM If you use your Amiga for Desktop Video, 3D Rendering & Animation, Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need Ihe MegAChip 2000. Fully compatible with Woikbench 2 0. The ECS Denise chip. GVP's and Commodores 68030 accelerators Why upgrade lo 1 meg o! RAM when you can have the same high lech 2 meg chip RAMas the A30007 Includes FREE Rockwell chip puller (a necessity), Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) and 2 meg Agnus .... .$ 299.99 * Buy the MegAChip Irom us and we’ll give you Ihe new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) tor $ 34.95 The DKB 2632” Memory Expander for A2630 Accelerator This unique board was designed lor the Amiga A2500 030 or A2630 accelerator card owner that currently has a powerful system but is limited by iheamounl ol 32Bil RAM lhat can be installed. Any one lhai uses Ihis Amiga system lor video graphics, animation, rendering, publishing, or audio digitizing will benefit from the ability lo install additional 32Bit Fast RAM 4 Megs ol 32Bit RAM installed on board and expandable to 112 megabyles .....$ 592.50 Insider II” 1.6 Megs m Your A1000 Allows A10OQ owners lo add up 101 5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams. Includes battery backed clock calendar. Simple installation, No soldering required Compatible with the KwikStart II and most processor accelerators $ 176.50 With 1.5 meg $ 237.95 KwikStart II” Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows A1000 owners to install 1,3 and 2 0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade lo the latest operating system and still be compatible with software thal requires Kickstart 1,3 ...$ 59.95 MultiStart II” Switch between ROMs Allows A500 2000 owners lo install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. Can also install a third ROM. A sizable percentage of present software will be incompatible with Ihe new 2.0. This simple device allows you lo be compatible with aII your software No external wires or switches required. BONUS: Buy the MultiStart from us and get the 1.3 ROM for $ 24.95 $ 62.95 SEND FOR OUR FREE 36 PAGE CATALOG gg'rxr Order Line Only Sbm 1-800-292-7445 9-6 est Mon.-Fri 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Customer Service Line: (9U) 368-4242 international Order Line: (914) 357-2424 Fax: (914) 357-6243 We Ship Worldwide We have a to ntic catalog with hard-to-lmd Amiga items. Amiga in iegii,tise 3 aadomart ol Cornrnodofx tkainew Machine! Corp '• - 5 i v}:?-
* . ¦ iv-- mm S 8 5 0 DISTRIBUTORS in fhe U.S., Canada and Australia: The Grapevine Group 3 Chestnut St.. Suffern. New York 10901 (USA) 800-292-7445 (914) 357-2424 * Fax: (914) 357-6243 Box 467, Bushel! Park SK, Canada SOH ONO _ Voice or Fax (306) 691 -0520 ALL COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE IT Tech 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 Cusaxiter Service (914) 368-4242 trtefrabonal Ortfer Lne. (914) 357-2*24 Fax (914) 357-5243 Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 AM UPS ClW jn IQ Attpvt Phoenix Microtechnoiogies South Australia Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP loc. CM THE ICD Ivil ADVANTAGE AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility ...S97.50 AdSCSI 2080. Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM ......S164.50 Each meg of memory add ... $ 38.95 AdSpeed. Best overalt performance of any accelerator in its price range .. $ 177.95 Flicker Free Video. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer ..... $ 244.50 AdRAM 510. Just released for the new A500 PLUS. Take your Amiga 500 PLUS up to 2MB of fast RAM. Includes RAM and battery .....$ 77.50 AdRAM 510+ for A500 PLUS (no ram) .$ 43.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg $ 127.95 with 2 meg . $ 162.95 Each additional meg of memory add ..$ 38.95 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 ...$ 97.50 Each meg of memory add .....$ 35.00 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) ....$ 117.50 IDE 40 (for 3.5" hard drive) (includes controller & cable) $ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuffle Board) ..$ 134.50 Novia 20i. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A500. Fits internally .....$ 239.95 Novia 40i ...... $ 369.95 Novia 60i $ 587.50 Novia 85i ...... $ 714.00 Prima 52i. 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500, 1000, 2000....$ 358.95 Prima 105i ..... $ 542.00 Shuffle Board. Reroutes DFO: to the external floppy connector. Boot from an external floppy for A500 1000 .. $ 27.95 SPRING SPECIALS Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard or mouse. Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer. Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced electronic switch available Instructions included $ 44.50 © EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you may need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520A Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are: centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. (None of the above? See our Amiga Diagnostician.) The 8520A is a simple plug in. No soldering, 8520A $ 11.95 (2 for $ 10.95 each) McCOY (PLCC) AGNUS CHIP PULLER This is an exact copy of the Burndy chip extractor that Commodore sells for $ 29.95. It is essential for removing the Agnus chip Our Price .....$ 14,95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode for flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhi-res mode for ultrasharp video titling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A3000.) Comes with Super Denise installation diskette with full diagnostics. This chip is an absolute must wilh the 2.0 and is the latest of the Enhanced Chip Set ..$ 42.95 A1000 UPGRADE by Phoenix Microtechnoiogies Within minutes transform your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga and eliminate compatibility problems forever! Introducing the Phoenix AlOOO replacement motherboard. Features:
• 2Mb RAM on board configured as 2Mb chip RAM. Uses the same 8372B 2 meg Agnus chip as the Amiga 3000
• SCSI controller on board supports Rigid Disk Block system
• Mounting kit for hard drive included
• Can be utilized as a complete stand-alone computer
• Multiple switch-selectable Kickstart ROMs (V1.3 supplied. Fully 2.0 compatible)
• Select external drive as DF0
• A2000 video slot and expansion slot
• 8373 new ECS Super Denise upgrade available for a fewr dollars more
• 8Mb internal Phoenix RAM expansion (optional)
• Easy solderless installation
• 68881 68882 math co-processor socket
• Use your original A1000 peripherals
• Send for complete literature and specifications For SI 2 we will send you the complete installation instruction booklet, refundable with purchase
• 12 month warranty O N L Y $ 4.95* ea. 10-24 Disks $ 5.95 ea. 1-9 Disks $ 3.95* ea. 25+ Disks . . Exclusively serving the Amiga since 1985 ‘Anti-Virus free on all orders of 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library Guarantee We beiieve so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and entertainment. VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software, ALL of our software is virus free! New Disks V07: SiarTrek Objects - Contains tne USS Reliant. NCC-t70tD = the Enterprise from Star Trek TNG) and a Fe'engi Marauder ship As an added bonus, contains a fully detailed Porsche 911 and Apache Attack Helicopter. V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vector objects in Imagine format. These are perfect for use with V05 or your favorite 3D modelling program, includes Amiga 3000 space station 6 many more' V05: Modelling Vertex allows you to create 3-D objects without using the abstract X Y arid Z views. Loads, saves and converts between Sculot- 3D-AD Turbo Silver. Imagine. LightWave. GEO and Wavetronl formats MagicTween will meiamorphasze any two pictures by automatically animate the "in-between' frames VQ4: Video & Anim Video DD will catalog ail 0( your videotapes Sate is a sharp graphic of a slate lor your productions, CyroUtiis splits, makes and gives mfo about ANIMs RTAP ets you play large ANIMs on small memory machines. V03: Image Utils - let VideoToo sOnTao let you tap into the video power of your Amrga for fades, color and greybars as well as a pletnora of other mde- spensabie video functions. TiHeGen will do professional crawling titles, JPEG converts JPEG ->24-bit IFF with amazing compression IrrageLab performs special effects on IFFs. V02: Stillstore - Used to create the "over the shoulder' graphic inserts aia the 11:00 news. Vol: Graphics Pjcbase will let you view and track ALL of your IFF pictures over all of those floppies' Freopaint is a Deluxe Paint workalike Agraph is a powerful utdity to produce snazzy graphs FD77: Arcade Series Galaga'92 is a Pone of the arcade game o! The same name with several gameplay enhancemen:s-wi:h smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's better than tne origionall Pharaohs Curse is a done of the orgional C64 dassic. Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version of the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or be conquered! Galaga requires 1meg chip memo- ry Fat Agnus, FD76: Catacomb is a lull graphic adventure game with beautiful graphics and a very slick icon mouse driven interface. FD75: Arcade Series • Descender is a clone of the classic arcade game "Tempest": complete with vectorized graphics Tanx is the classic battle of trajectories and media between two tanks incredibly well done' Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too |Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory-Fat Agnus) FD74: Arcade Series - RmgWar is an ‘Outer Limits' clone with vectorized graphics MotherLade is a ‘Lode Runner' done with 50 levels' In BiitzTanks. They're coming at you from all directions!! Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive1 FD73: Arcade Series • Intruder Alert1 is a MULTl-level Berserk" done. Features smootn gameplay. Great graphics & digitized sound t x. FD72: Sword of the Warlock - This is a demo version of a great public domain graphic dungeon adventure game. The adventure spans three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tale' feel to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2 Requires 1 meg of RAM and 2 floooy drives or HD FD71ASB: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge ¦ So you think you know The Next Generation, huh Complete with fantastic sampled sounds and cig t zed images, this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal1 VERY thorough and complete* Counts as 2 disks FD70: SpaceGames - Contains AMIGA ds >finatly' an Asteroids game that takes advantage of the Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmostruction the object of the game is tor each Cosmostrucrion team to acquire tne most points while construction energy ducts between the space station and planetoids. FD59: MindGames - Had enough of shoot-em up games'5 Relax and let these 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist. FD68: Potpourri ¦ Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation o! The Roman Empire including military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors Lord of Hosts is a board stralegy game for 2 players. In Moonshine, you've got to get the hooter across the state line a great rolling, scrolling driving game' Featured Disk QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatable with WB2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 ¦ including hardware FD67: Arcade - includes Llamatron a well done Robotron clone Hate is a "terrific" commercial grade Zaxton clone with muit pie levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling a tO1 FD64: Games Wizzy's Quest ¦ a 'great' 50 level game with great graphics. Cubus - a 3-dimensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esque game: 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty. Requires Fat Agnus |i Meg of Chip) FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War l| gunner simulation Requires 1 megabyte ot memory. Wbl 12: Productivity Business - Stock Analysis allows automated downloading o! Stock data with full analysis capabilities Irequires modem) SubStore will allow you to log magazines and articles with full search scan-print capabilities Wbl 11: Cellular Automa Straight from the pages of the January 1990 ssue of Scientific American, this electronic model will allow you to simulate cellular circuits Wbl 10: Electronic Baby Book - Immortalize your children on your Amiga! Tracks everything aoout your newborn first steps, words, tooth, birthdays. X-mas, friends, etc even space ‘or a digitized photo' WB109: VorseWise - Display, search and output The New Testament to text files or your printer, WB108: OctaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities trom 4 channels to an oar popping 8 channels! AH tne renound editing capabilities o! MED plus L more channels! II you thought your Amiga sounded good before. You aint heard nuthin yet1 WB107A&B: Educational - Drawmap -s a program that generates reoresen- ta'.ions such as hemspher.cai views, and orbital v ews o* the Earth s surface, complete with national bour,caries Screens can be printed or savec to disk as standard IFF files. Full user-configurable online help facility 68020- version included 2 disk set, counts as 11 WB106: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodialer notepad to-do list.appointment scheduler home inventory database and phone number dialer. WB105A&B: Workbench 2.0 Extras ft2 See the top right of page 2 for more mfo on these priceless utilities to make Workbench 2 0 fly' WB104: GrabBag Q&A Trivia (requires AnvgaVision) is a trivia game for i 2 players add your own questions to customize the difficulty level1 Syslnfo is great tor telling you how fast slow your computer is. What boards are installed, chipsets, etc. AmiGazer will plot stars in the heaven from any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constellat-on identification WB1Q3; Music - Contains 12 'great* Sour.atracker MED music MODules complete with programmabie'shuffie player a bit audio never sourced so not* Two disk set counts as two. DD84; Proteus BBS - This disk contains the lull-blown version of the Proteus BBS software. Totally configurable & ultimately powerful. Requires a hard-drrve. Arexx and at least a meg ol memory. DD83: IBM - Not one, but TWC IBM emulators that will allow the running o* MS-DOS software with Amiga programs!1! Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 720K IBM compatable drives ? D82: Unix Contains a working demo of Mm -aUnn workalike Mini* is system call compatable with V7 of Unix. Fun Disks FD5: Tactical Games BuiiRun - a Civil war battle game, Metro you play the role ot a city planner. Build wisely and your system win be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster ana financial ruin. Very very habit forming FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including. Checkers, Ciue. Gold - A new side the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour • Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combnl-Tanks and asteroids, FD7: Pacman This disk contains several pacman type games including: PacManB7, MazMan and Zonix FD9: Morla This has great graohic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack. Play time several weeks! FD10: HackLite A dungeon adventure game Conside-ed a must have das sic This is the second release of this game on the Amiga Great graphic interface Play time several weeks1 F011: Las Vegas and Card Games Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written lor any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty-One,VideoPoker and more FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is by far me best Star Trek game ever written for any computer, it features mouse control, good graphics. Digitized sound effects and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks. Req. Ima and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games contains multiplayer Monopoly Dominoes. Paranocs. And others. FD14; Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spe'ls. Item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball an arkaro-d breakout type game. Tnx - a On type c ore Fdt7: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for ihi younger members including geography, math, science. And word games, als- includes Wnee' of Fortune. FD2Q; Tactical Games MechForee;3 72), A game that simulates comba between two or more ciant. Robot-l ke machines. Simple worcs can't begin b give you the feel cf piloting a 30 ¦ 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shakirti colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games - Marble slide is a commercial quality game simiia to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability ana entertammerv Mutants a smalf version ot the same arcade game SuperBreakout is . Pong. Arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some great games. Include: Raceorama a great racing car game with ten diHerent courses. M mBiast helicopter gunship type clone. Shark >n tne same class as frcger an. Sbreakout the original breakout with more FD29: Shoot'em up's WWII • you re tne pilot of a WWII pane flying throug enemy territory, you've just Oeen spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiHer try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and RetaUator - another grea game. FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation game, 3'ac Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games, ChessTel - play chess with you friond >n distant and remote places with this game and a modem, la&yrnth •. Well done text adventure game (like an inlocom game), and Mousetrap a 3' maze game FD32: Flight Simulator An instrument flight simulator for a DCU FD33: Arcade Games Ffreddy a mano brothers type of game, Gorb Is a ta get practice game. PipeLine a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Tron . !>ght cycles vers on. And wetro ds a wonderful vers on of asteroids with a hilar ious twist FD35: Omega (v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon ana outdoors adver.tur game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and mona This version is consider ably faster and cede- that all previous versions. Play time several weeks c months. FD37A&B:Tactical Games - Empire (2.2w) This greaf game comos highl recommended With a full-graphic front end FD38: Games - Cnbbage Master A great cribbaga game and tutor. Spade a well done card came, ChmeseCheckers - A computer version ol this das sic. Puzz - a si de piece puzzle game and construction set FD39A&B: Star Trek. The New Generation This is a. completely differer version of Siar Trek than Thai found on FD12 This one was created by thi German author Too as Now Wifh English instructions Excel lent I’1 Counts a two disks. Reou-res 5i2k FD44: Game - Mechfight is an out of this wo'*d role playing adventure ccrr parable to hack and mona The set! Ng interplanetary co or es and spac- stations in your quest to explore the world, take time cut to liberate bad guy of their most valuable possessions, engage n a mortal combat or two again: robots and alien life forms, pick up a new Amiga 5000. Most of all, don't forge to stay alive... FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to knov about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, ircludmg full maps, spels. Objec locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game - Sea'ance. One and a half years m tne making, fhi is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly tec ommended FD52: Classics Games - PetersQuest a wen done Mano brotne*s type c game. Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank com marcer game FD53: Great Arcade ¦ On this disk is a wonderful implementation cf me eve popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII Ilyin1 ace arcade game, and Psycobiast new creation idea game FD56: Arcade Includes SpaceWar. HueyRaid is a well done hehcopte arcade game PowerPong's a great expanded pong game. FD57; Arcade Games - Includes 2 fruly commercial quality game: MegaBaii. An Arkanoid ish game, features 5 musical scores, mull pio level and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadeile tnp through sever: different worlds each distinctly different. FD58: GAMES! - Includes Stemschiag. A great Tetris clone trcm German with music Scomoat. Simulate battle between up to 40 players & monster? Imperium Romanum Battle up to 4 players for control of the Med terranea m this Risk-esque game. FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon III is an almost exact clone ot the commei cial game of the same name...a gteat shootemup. Crossword will take lists c words S automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compa able printer FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installs tions. Interferon: a great Dr. Mario done. Enigma: is it a gameor a puzzle FD61: Games - Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Kl de; an intei esting piece of eye candy Extreme Violence. 2 player kill or bekr led garni YATC. A Tetris done with Artrficai intelligence Genesis, create realistic 3 fractal worlds. Workbench Disks WB4;Telecommumnieatlon This disk contains several excellent pd com munication programs designed to get you cn line quickly and easily. Acces
(1. 42) ¦ A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vt .34. out with th addition of transfer protocols. Comm (1 34) - Las: version of one of the be: public domain communications programs ever made on the Amig: Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 i00'i 02 22 WB5; Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are fiv PageStream fonss.and ShowFoni - a fonl display program WB6: Fonls 2 - ShowFont(4 0) This program allows you to quickly an pamiessiy view all 256 characters in a typical font Large AmigaDos syste' fonts (many uo to 5€pts). WB7: Clip Art • This disk is loaded with b'ack and wh.ie clip art. A includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and mon- WB9: Icons Truly a multitude ot various types and kinds Also include iconMiester. IconLao. And others great utilities to nelp generate icon: WB50: Virus Killers - The latest and best VirusX 4.0), Kv|2 1). An ZeroVirus III. Wbl 1: Business - C!erk(4.0), finally a full featured business accounting P| program for the small to medium company Includes receivables, payable: end ot month and uch more WB12: Disk Utilities This great disk is oaded with wonderful utilities ft everything including makng disk labels, disk cataloging, dis* optimizing, dis and file recovery archive and organizing and all sorts ol f ie manipulation must nave1 WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 different drivers, and these don't do it. With PrtDrvGen you can make your own. W815: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database project time management program and financial analysis (stocks Wbl 6: Business - This d sk contains an inventory manager, a loan anaiys: program, a great calendar scheduler, a rclodex program, and pennywise good "Cash Book" accounting tor home or office. WB18: Word Text Processors Thrs disk contains the oest editor' tndudes.TextPlus (v2 2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(vl ,35) a gre programmers editor with strong macro features,TexED(v2.8) an enhance Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. Please send me the following disks: Enter disk ID (Example: DD17, FD12, WB10)
3. 00 CC , Exp ] Payment enclosed Please charge my: j Visa ] Mastercard Discover Mnmn AHHrA« ritv c>T 7ip Phone ( ) ( I DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-AW26, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 Fax (619) 679-2887 VB34: Utilities ¦ Several well done utilities some will require moderate nowiedge ot a Clt or Shell tor setup. Chatter Bo* - this one will play any iser defmed sound after any event lie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk emoval...). . Artm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control ot the vmiga OS very powerful program Helper - help program to make learning he CH easier, and more1 VB35: 3D Graphics • This disk contains several neat preg’ams to use with our 3d modeling raytracirg programs 3dFonis ¦ Full vecto* font set lor use with 3d programs, FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font. 1ake3DShapt* - create 3d shapes from any image. DumptoiFF ¦ create 3d immations preserves pallet, and World3d a demo program o! A front end or uSe wth DKBRender VB36: Graphics On this disk are several programs to create stunning iraphical images including Mpath ¦ creates swirling galaxy images. Roses - iroduce an unlimited number o* variations ot images that a symmetrically limilar to a rose. SimGen ¦ display those spectacular images as part of your vorkberck screen, and RaySnade - a very good raytracmg program, create our own beautiful 3d graphic models with mis one1 VB37: Educational Educational games and puzzles that cover math, jeograohy. Spelling, and books Ages 6 - 15 VB38: Plotting and Graphics Piotxy is the most powerful lu I featured dotting package Used by many colleges and universities A welcome add- 'On to our library1 Highly recommended Plans ¦ a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program very full featured Tesselator a program
f. at helps generates lantashc looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures VB39: Music - intuitracker is a German offering of an exquisitely well done irogram that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. E!S you Strip out music from ydLr favorite games or others and include them i your muse library. VB40: Music * "CD an a disk". SO m.nutes of modern muse on this well p e- ented ccllection. Reauires 2 drives or HD. VB41: Music • MED an incredibly well done, fun featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to SoundTracker but better Very powerful easy to use program Version 3 20. Xhieh is compataoiG with VVB2.04. VB43: Business This disk contains AnalytiCalC - probably the most pow- iriui spreadsheet program on the Amiga A lull featured spreadsheet with nany features expected in a commercial package. Requ res 1 2 MB of mem- iry1 VB46: Clip Art • High Res clip art with tne following motifs ¦ embellishments Dorders. Dodads ....). people, and transportation VB47: Clip Art - HighReS Clip art with (he following motifs - hair, drafting, ummer. Animals and macfood. VB48: Clip Art - HtghRes clip ah with the following mot is Holidays, music, iedical, and misc. V849ABC:Animalion Sampler - On th s three disk sampler set (counts as wo disksi are some of the best animations that have been created over tne ist three years. Several examples of 'Movie' type animations some with pectacular raytraced reality (coolroby, watch spigot and egg) Also several 'uropean style or "Demo' animation w.tn incredible graphics and outstanding 'lectromc music (akriiight. Copersine. Doc. Dps2Q!0. Impact, and logodemo). Hese truly show off the creative edge ot an Amiga* VB50: Animation ¦ Seven ot the best european style animations or Demos', including - scientific 45t. Subway (a U.S. entrant, also our favorite), unnde. Thrstdemo. Tnight. Waves, and woow. VB53: Graphics Raytracmg programs generate absolutely stunning realise looking planes, rockets, buildings.... and surreal images often consisting .f highly polished spheres and objects. C-Light is the mosi powerful EASY- 0 USE ot it s kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more lull matured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds ot doing Also, sMovie - a lull featured video text tiller similar to ProVideo, iroadcast Titler Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more. VB54: Printing This disk contains several routines tc help with the chore 1 printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer lor the PD1 PrmtStudlo a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility wilh a very comfortable graphic iterface and many advanced features. Lila - with ease, prml ASCII files to a 'ostScrip: printer, and many more. VB55: Application - XcopyW • a full featured disk coper, make backups of opy protected disks RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to notner. Hignway description included Diary - a diary program like "Dougy toward M.D", Cai - a calendar program. Magman - a database tailored to lamtain records on articles and publications. VB57: Animation - This disk has several ‘Demo’ style animations, icluding. Blitter, Lolly, SunS, vertigo, vortex, arid xennioiph VB59: Business ¦ contains a great, very lull featured stock market techm- al analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more VB20: General Interest DiskSalv Vt .*82 a disk recovery program lor all mig.i Me systoms, FixDisk V1.0 another li!e recovery program with teaturos hskSalv doesn't have, 3DLook gives a 30 appearance to your WorkBench, ;it>an VI,01 a program lo de-lragment memory. Tracer • trace any part o! In image VB22: Fonts 3 Several more great fonts These, like the other font asks vork great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. VB23: Graphics and Plotting • Plot (20b) a three dimensional ma'hemat :al function plotter. Can plot any user defined function. BezSurf2 • produce iwesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe Can also map iff mage files onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D lackages. And Vscreen • makes a virtual screen anywhere, great lor DTP1 VB25:Educatlonal On this disk are two programs tnat can generate maps it differing types, World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate letailed maps ot any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a groat lemonstration o! Albert Einstein General Theory ol Relativity VB26; Disk Utilities 2 MrBackup. KwickBackup ¦ two wo:! Done utilities to io harddisk and floppy disk backups, FileMast - a binary tile editor. .abe!pnn:er - Disk label printer with very powerful features. VB27: Nogel * 25 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. VB29: Graphics and Sound This disk has several different Mandelbrot ype programs for generating stunning graphics Induces, MandelMountams a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from iser input. Mandelbrot and Tmandei • two fast mardeibrot generators, also Rostra ¦ the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF's including dynamic HAM, and Sound • a great IFF sound player, will play anything Try his d sk1 VB33:Circult Board Design - several tornfic routines tor the electronic mlhusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool. LogicLab • circuit ogic tester, and Mead (1 25) a well done new release ot this PD CAD pro iram. Now comes with predrawn common circuit components tor insertion nto schematics KAO 3'2" Blank Diskettes DSDD 10 for S8.20 (.82 cents ea) 25 for $ 17.25 (.69 cents ea) 50 for $ 31.50 (.63 cents ea) 100 for $ 61.00 (.61 cents ea) WB61: Intermediate Utilities Includes programs to help to drasticaly decrease llicker m interlace and ni-res modes (antillick), an Atan st emula tor. An eprom programmer, turn your amiga mto an eight channel digital data analyzer or ooUoscope. And more WB62: Midi Utilities Several uselul midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase display midi info, Me sequence player, and a lew scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended p’ograms to ad in removing duplicate files from, your hard drive, performing tile backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and farced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt d sks. VVB66: Icons 2 Lots of neat icons. Also, several wonderful prog-ams that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and into structures WB68: Music Utilities several good utilities for tne Amiga music enthusiast Includes, Noisetrackor ¦ a great music creaiion program Somx2MOD - converts sonix to mod ties which then can be used by noisetracker, soundtrak- er. And MED. Speaker&m - a speaker design tool demo, Wondersound is an add uve harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength ana phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over SO mmutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga. WB7Q: Desk Top Pub Atcp ¦ transfer Macintosh screen fonts. Mac or IBM format AFM metric f les, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric files With this program, open The dOOr to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript fonts' Calendar - month templates in PageStream torm. Post - a full featured postscript file display and print utility WB75: Music over 100 instruments tiles f.mst) and sample sound files ( ss) tor your music prog'ams WB76: Applications This disk contains Stichery ¦ a often requested knitting design program. Lotto • a rattier comp ete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS • this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Tocay • a personal calendar. Tamt - fortune teller, and Grammar ¦ grammar checker WB79; Home & Business Accounting • includes Ckoacc! • the most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCDCaic - tnis wen done calculator has a very large display arc operates from the keyDoaro O' mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log Grammar - a grammar checker, and Woridtime • find out what time it is in up to 50 global cities. WB8l: Great Applications OataEasy a very easy to use. Database pro- gram Don t let tne ease of use fool you. This is a very full featured database P'ogram including fu I printer control for address labels and mail me'ge applications Also includes. TypeTu! A good typ rg tutor. RLC a tull featured label pnnter. Banner, a multi font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a prog-am. Highly recommended WB82: Animations • Four full length wel done 'movie' style animations Including Coyote. Juggierll. GhostPoof. And Mechamx 2 disks, counts as t WB83: Computer Art ¦ this disk has some o* the best Amiga generated computer ad mat we have collected in tre past 5 years WB85: Graphics ¦ Contains several programs for manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff Image processing package WB86: AmigaVision Contains the Ceniuron Press. An Am-ga newspaper oy Lou Wallace WBS8ABC: Tho Complete Bible - A three disk set. With the entire text ot the New Testament and Od Testament-Kmg James version Great search print utilities. Three disk set counts as tnree WB90: Rippers, Strippers and Beats For tne Am ga mus e enthusiast, tn.s disk contains many programs designed stnp music from your favorite games and programs. Music can then be p ayed with your favorite Pd Music program Also contains Drums a very nice arum machine This a sk requires some knowiecge ol tie CLI WB93: Workbench Extras «2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should nave shipped with the Amiga. VirusX4.o. Snap. FixOsk (recover corrupt de etud files). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard) Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accei. Macro, clock utility). GOMF (a guru- bustenand PrintStudo WB95; Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - This is definitely commercial grade we ve seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the oesi Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation WB96: Dupers ¦ Contains Xcopylll & Nib whicn wii backup copy-orotected programs. FreeCooy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out fas; Am gaDOS copies. WB98: Business - Includes 33asell a nice powerful database; Bi’Caic a personal or mortgage loan daldulator with amortization capabilities. Loop a flowchart maker. Formmaker ¦ design professidnal forms on your Eoson LQ 2500 compatible printer. WB99: Lifestyles Includes Agene lamily tree program thai tracks up to 600 people marriages etc. Landscape i$ a CAD program to create gardens landscapes Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment, WbtOO: CaligariPRODemo - Can t afford $ 3,000-. To see if the granddaddy ol 3D rendering software is for you-* No built-in save function, requires 5BG2Q* . WB101: Chemesthetics - is a program thai d spiays molecules as a calotte model This kind of display contains a certain esthetic attitude, even extremely poisonous molecules like nicotine and dioxine look quite nice WB1Q2: Telecommunications ¦ Contains the programs Ncomm 2 0 and VT100-29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, full VT10Q emulation Ncomm s script language is so powerful it comes with a scr pt file that creates a full-featured BBS system Dev Disks DD45: AREXX Programs - This disk contains several useful are** programs and examples. PopCLI4 - The latest ol a must have utility. R WbiOSA&B: Workbench 2.0 Extras ’""! I'lliis set contain* the programs that should have been included with WB2.0.I I These powerful utilities take lull advantage ot the many new capabilities! | that arc available in Workbench 2.0. I Tool Mmmjier - a wonderful utility to add programs to your TOOL menu.j | ere ate u collection of icons bn the workbench to easily launch froquemlyj I used programs...and much, much morel A true must have utility ll'-Alt ofl lour Amiga* rely heavily on this utility. J Virus Checker ¦ Full vims protection can be y ours by -.imply dropping this j I icon in your WftSfartup drawee I Icon - Enhances Workbench’s "Show ALT' to dispiay over 40 distinct icons j I for different types of files- (text. IFFs. Source codes, libraries, sound saril-l I pies, eld | J Font Editor - Create, cdii bitmap fonts with fall color support'j I Screen Wankers - als fractals and spliners! No more boring black screen. | j Colorful. Interesting and highly hypnotic effects! | I Requester Enhancers • no more stale Please Insert Volume1' requesters--! I these are animated requesters for all of the system's requesters.! JcPUBMl speed-, up test Ut-.pl.iy > Tor owners of ftXTt2lH- CPU’sj I Safe Reboot - adds a safe way to reboot your computer.,.can greatly reduce j (disk validation errors! Two disk set, counts as two. DD47; Pascal This dsk conta ns everything reeded :o program in Pascal Includes A68k (1.2) 68000 assemb er. Blink linking software and PCQ (1 0) a modest Pascal sub-set compiler DD49: C Compiler contains zc(1.0i) fully K&R. Zcc(IQ) front end. A68k(1.2) assembler, Blink linker. DD50: Arexx u2 - a must have set ct tutorials on Aret* and several useful examples and utilities lor Aflexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis ¦ Asp ee (2 3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis DD52: Scientific ¦ Includes Elements - an incredibly wen done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 6GCk of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. D054: Compression - This disk is loaded with all of tne best file compression programs and aids for the An ga. Many of the programs can be useo by the new user. Includes Arc, Lharc, Lhwarp. Pkax, PcwerPacker a must have by all. Zip. Warp, and Zoo. Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression tor IFF files DD55: ARP On this disk you will find the complete ArpRe’3.0 release including the full user docs the full Developers guide ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1-3 ARP makes many improvements to ArmgaDOS and makes your system eas er to use from the CLI D057: Advanced Utilities • Msh - like Cross-dos. Copies files to and from MS-DOS. Pal NTSC - convert any pal orogram to NTSC and v ce versa. Also seve-al utilities that improve your staftup-sequence. Plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a fu I featured Amiga Basic compiler, soas c and flex: - several wonderful routines to he'o in basic programed, arc Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented language. DD66: Programming ToolBox Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an inaedib’e spritenaker toolbox, to greaty aid compiling, convert Dpa nt brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful |ime savers' DD69:Advanced Utilities SeiNet anc ParNet ¦ Connect two Amiga's and share resources MemMomtor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and mare DD71ASB:C Compiler ¦ This dsk contains DICE. Matthew Dillons full fea- tureo. Powerful C compiler and environment system, 2 Disks, counts as 2. DD72: VT Emulators - Contains three powerful full featured VT emulators, with many advanced features irduding Kerrmt. Xmodem and Tektronix protocols VaxTerm, VLT. And more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a lull featurec FORTRAN?? Environmental development system Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler DD78; Menus & System Enhancements Several neat programs to a d in launching programs from special icons (Next comouter style), adding WorkBench menus and more Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, oad and many other important utilizations DD79ABCD: Amiga C Tutorial • This is the most comprehensive C language. Amiga orientated set of tutorials available Includes full wcrking examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons Included are full discuss cr.s and examples of every topic on Amiga programming. 4 d-s* set. Counts as 3. DD80: Vfont System - A torn rendering system that extends the Amiga so that it wi I be able to use vectorized outline fonts Fast rendering, rotating, and sizing For use in your own programs! DD81: Arexx Tutorial Includes several sample Arexx scripts anc sample programs Also includes AP:g; a libraiy that gives you access to Intuition from within Arexx scripts Dealer inquiries and submissions welcome. Total disks @ S ea. - S_ Disk based catalog (52.50) = S_ Anti-Virus (S19.95) = S. Kao Blank Disks ft = $ _ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = $ _ Foreign Shipping = $ _ Handling = 5 Total Due = $ It’s Here! Release 2.04 of AmigaDOS for the A500 A2000!!! Includes ROMs, disks and full documentation. Requires installation. $ 95.00 Following day shipping in most case*. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add S.25 each, Foreign add S.50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds only. A minimum of 520.00 required on all credit card orders. TOOL CHEST $ 4.95 10+ Disks The AmigaWorld ToolChest is a line of quality, low-cost software that brings many uniquely powerful programs to your Amiga. By purchasing our software you receive unmatched versatility, usability, and best of all, you support the independent Amiga-Developer. 39%!! I The AmigaWorld Toolchest - 11335 Carme! Mtn. Rd 1304-T3, San Diego, CA 92128 Pfease rush me the following:-* (Use disk ID code i.e. TC22) [ ] Payment Enclosed Please charge my; [ ] Visa [ j MasterCard Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within the USA. Canada add $ 25 per disk. Foreign add
5. 50 per disk for dir mail delivery. Payment in US funds only. _Exp:_ iCC : i i ]Name: i Address:. ! City:_ i ___ Signature:. St: Zip:. TC33: Measure “TTTHFan incredibly useful utility Ihal will convert any type ol measurement to anoiher. DiskLabeler is a database designed for sioring and printing 3." Disk labels. Jewels is a Tetris-esque game of action and strategy. Switch is a lun board- game. Glxchpper will allow you to grab any screen and save it as an IFF picture. Softball Manager is a database for storing stats for sottdall any number of leagues may be tracked. WBExec allows you to execute CLI commands from within the Workbench. Several Clipart images are also included. TC32: Computer Coloring Book is a delightful program lor children of all ages comes with 15 pages ol pictures to color again and again. Lisimaker lets you make. Edit, combine and print lists of words great for those spelling tests! Moresmooth1 scrolls text files smoothly on |he screen and allows easy printing. Pocket Billiards lets you choose from several of the most popular pool games with realistic action Texture allows you to create, manipulate and save (in standard IFF format) realistic fractal textured surfaces. Plague is a monster maze game. Also includes Screen Fader, Snowbench, and FiipBench. TC31: Calendar Publisher is a professional-caiiber calendar maker thal is customizable. CrossCircuit is a 1 or 2 player action logic game that calls for fas! Reflexes and thinking. APR is a much-needed printer utility. Enza Delivery Man is a maze game where you deliver pies in your neighborhood Multiplayer is a single program lhat will let you see IFF picturesbrushes or playback IFF sound samples. Also includes RAMgauge. 3-D vector objects and Hi-Res IFF brushes of maps and flags of European countries. TC26: Word Search Maker lets you create word-search puzzles. TimeCalc is uselul for anyone who has to calculate hours and minutes (great for adding up limes of CD’s to make tapes!) Drughusters is a fun game where you get rid of cigarettes, booze, pills and needles. Wordlmder lets you search binary or text files for a particular word or siring (good for getting hints in your adventure games!). KevClick will add a small audible click to your keys and MouseClick will do the same lor the mouse buttons. Seawar is a game between the Allied Navy and the Empire Fleet. Plus Early American 3-D vector objects, digitized sound effects, and a directory program. TC25: ScreenTolFF captures your screen to an IFF file. PopCoiors lets you change the colors of your Workbench screen. Warner is a fun shoot'em-up adventure game for one or two players. Kaleidoscope is a line drawing program Blockbusters is a game where you get rid of blocks by pushing matching blocks into them. Armdemo will show-off your Amigas ability to do solid-poly- gon animations. Microscope lets you examine memory at any location. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, nine digitized sounds and two small disk utilities and printer utility. TC24: TableMaker is a tool for effortlessly building numerical tables. Kooties is a fun game where you have lo assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. HyperText lets you put links in a text file to other text, graphics, sound, animation. Arexx and other applications. Ihe Ulile Biacis Book is a wonderfully useful telephone and address book. Color Logic is a MasterMind-type game. Also includes several disk and memory utilities and some animal sound eflects to top it off TC23: Wherels lets you quickly and painlessly find a misplaced TSP9: Utilities 1 IconMeister an Icon editor with a complete set of editing painting tools. TJFormat a disk formatting program that will format disks that AmigaDOS wont. ChartMaster a graphing tool that allows you to generate and save different graphs in IFF format. Graph3D lets you visualize complex data in 3-D and save the results. StructGen lets you create gadgets, text, bitmaps and window structures and the program will automagically write the “C" source code for you. LabelMaker is a very easy to use. Full featured label printer. DoublePrint fascilitates printing of text files on both sides of paper. TSPB: Clipart Black & White and colorful clipart for a variety of needs including desktop publishing video. People, holiday related, school items, scrolls, food, monsters, fish, lobsters, symbols and lots more. TSP7: 3D Vector Objects 2 Books, Early American telephone, barrels, gun. Spaceships, lamps, trombone, bugle, skateboard, Lego-Rover, remote control, glider and airplane. All objects in Sculpt format. TSP6; 3D Vector Objects 1 Lamp, mirror, bed, chair, fire hydrant, lamp post, street lamp, street sign, traffic light, cannon, cannon supplies, rose, fork, spoon, knife and plate. All objects in Sculpt format. TSP5: Games 3 CrossCircuit is a one or two-player action logic game that requires fast reflexes. File on your drive. Select created?window Irom which you can run your favorite programs. MatheMagic lets you find the day of the week for any date in the century, also lets you enter statistical data to be analyzed, graphs data, and solves linear algebraic equations. Pointer List Maker lets you create your own pointers or import pointers from other programs and save them in a disk file Dvno-Wars requires more strategy and thought than your regular checker board game Also includes Ml Monster and Trilion games. 3-D objects, six sound effects and an animation of a pretzel. TC22; Amiga Checkbook is a last checkbook manager with check printing ability, budget analysis, and a report writer. AmiCrypt is a file encryption decryption tool to password-protect any file.,.a must lor security VvaveSyn lets you design musical instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. It also lets you play your keyboard like a piano. Cinco is a game where you try to get live X's in a row before your opponent does. AlterCLI lets you change attributes ol your CLI window (width, title, depth, height, location, colors) with a single command very useful lor scripts. Also includes an animation by renowned Amiga-artist Lou Markoya, as well as 3-D objects. TC21: Circe is a ‘risk-style" game where you battle Ihe computer to take over the planet. Batch man allows you to execute CLI programs. Batch files and Arexx scripts by simply clicking an a gadget. Colors prints color test sheets and assigns RGB values to printer and screen output....absolutely invaluable to achieve the best color printing results. Easyfile is a powerful database for home or a small business. Sprite Editor lets you easily create animated sprites. Plus 3-D fruit objects and five sampled sounds. TC16: Cvberscace generates complex 3-D vector objects of terrain and saves your objects in Sculpt or Turbo-Silver format. Math plotter graphs mathematical equations in both 2-D and 3-D. Double Print prints your text files on both sides of the paper. Metamorph. A graphic adventure game, Tinyball the worlds smallest baseball arcade game and 6 digitized sound effects. TC15: Labelmaker is a very easy to use label program. SurroundCvcles, a high-speed arcade game. Dot2Dol. An adaptation of the classical connecl-the-dot game. A tutorial on anima- WordSearch will allow you to generate your own word- search puzzles. In DruqBusters you rid the streets of cigarettes, alcohol, pills and needles. In Cinco you try to get five X’s in a row before your opponent. Colortooic is an excellent MasterMind type game. TSP4: Games 2 Dvno-Wars a strategic checker-style game. Kooties assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. BlockBuster is a colorful, well done Tetris-type game. Warrior is a fun shoot'em-up adventure game. MicroMan is a graphic maze game played with a joystick. Battle the computer's armies to take over the planet in Circe. TSP3: Games 1 Crystal Caverns is a clone of the arcade game colorful, complex graphic adventure game. Dot2Dot is an adaptation of the classic 2-player connect* the-dot game. PiZ2aPeliveryMan has you running through the streets to get those pies to your customers. TinvBaU is the world's smallest baseball game. Surround-Cycles is a high-speed arcade game, based on the light cycle races from the Disney movie Tron. TSP2: Sounds Animal sounds, musical instruments and many, many more 43 sound samples in all! TSP1: Maps of USA, Canada and Europe Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 US States, 10 Canadian Provinces and countries in Europe. Each map has a 3D extrusion effect with cast shadow. '*¦ Receive 6 bi-monthly double-disk issues for just $ 54.95! Save $ 34.45 off single-issue price!* Convenient Automatic Home Delivery a* Lowest possible prices! Receive your disks weeks before others do! Programs you simply just can't get anywhere else Full Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money;
- no questions asked. ’Based on single-disk pricing including handling. Canadian subscriptions add $ 5.00 shipping, all other Foreign add $ 10.00 shipping. Tion techniques by Amiga-artist extrordinaire Brad Schenck complete with one of his animations. Also includes a collection of clipart and more animal sounds. TC14: AMIGAFile is a database and address book. Graph 3-D lets you visualize complex data in a 3-D manner and save the results. Spectrogram analyzes and displays digitized sounds. Pteronadonaball an animation by Lou Markoya Also includes 3-D Tic Tac Toe. 3-D objects, food clip-art, and sampled sounds. TC13: SlrucGen lets you creaie gadget, text, bitmap, and window structures and writes the C source code for you. LueCycles plots your biorhythms. Create spectacular images with Mandelbrots. Look, a CLI utility that helps you find files on your disk quickly and easily. Plus 3-D objects, holiday clip-art. An Amiga Flight animation, drive head cleaning utility, and technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information on disk. TC12: TJFormat formats disks that AmigaDOS normally wont. ChartMaster is a powerful graphing tool. MoreCandv generates an assortment of colorful graphic patterns and allows you to save them to disk. Shark, a game where you have to eat all the little perch you can catch to stay alive. Plus B&W clip-art for desktop publishing, spaceship 3-D vector objects, an animation, and Speakeasy (C source code for the programmer who wants to add speech to C programs). TC11: DiskSalvage will fix corrupted disks and recover deleted files. IconMeister is an advanced Icon edilor. AlienDgel is a last, shoot'em-up game. Crystal Caverns is a colorful, graphic adventure game like the arcade game. Also includes an animation, sound samples, 3D dinner table objects, and Hi-Res monster clip art. $ l-
5. 95 Disks 8AV t Orderline (800) 677-0416 Technical Support (619) 486-9538 NOTE: All "TC" disks count as TWO disks Total disks © S each $ _ Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) $ _
- CA Residents add 7.75% Tax $ _ _Canadian orders add 7% GST $ _ Handling S Foreign Shipping $ _ Total enclosed $
3. 00 InfoMarket
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150. 00 -- 150 290 AdRAM 540
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169. 00 244 319 469 DalaFlyer500SCSI ... .139 MultiStart II 65 DalaFlyer 1000 SCSI ...159 DalaFlyer 2000 SCSI ... 85 DalaFlyer 500 Q40 ...,329 BifcFoot A500 ... 89 Super Denise ,,,,,,,,,, 45 Super Agnus (2 MB) 85 C-Net AMIGA 2.0 BBS Software
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7. 50
7. 50 15 00 Brother M1109 5.50 6.50 Citizen GSX 140 4.00 5.00 Citizen GSX 140 4C * 12.50 Okidata 192 5.00 7.50 Panasonic 1124 5.00 7.50 Seikosha SP1600 4.50 6.00 Star NX1000 3.50 4.50 Star NX 1000 4C 6.25 Star NX1020 4C 6.50 12.50
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6. 75
10. 00
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(206) 385-1956 "Math and Scientific Visualization Software" ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF HAM • Standard IFF
• Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines - NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color Call or Write tor ordor form, puce usi A sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
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* 2000 Line Resolution Maintains RGB Quality & Anti-aliasing
* No Mosaic Pixel Appearance
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29. 95 Slingshot A-2000 Slot For The A-500 .
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2. 1 uhlishing! Addison-Wesley ROM Kcmal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware, Includes, and Intuition Style Guide Get all 5 for $ 99! ,$ 179 Megachip Expanding your Amiga just isn't complete until you’ve expanded your graphics capacity to 2MB of chip RAM! You need Megachip to get it into your 500 or 2(XX) (sorry 1000's). Megachip 2000 or 500 complete with the 2MB Agnus - $ 309 Kwikstart Multistart You want to get that 2.04 ROM, but...what about the stuff that doesn't work? Or you want your 1000 to autoboot off the harddrive. DK.B offers the solution. An casy-io-install hoard that allows you to switch easily between 1.3 and 2.0. Kwikxtart A1000 - $ 69 MuJtLstart A2000 or A500 (v5) - $ 69 Call for prices on 1.3 and 2.0 RUM packages Insider II TheAJOOO is not forgotten! Upto 1.5MB of internal fast RAM with a battery-backed clock & calendar. Insider II w L5MB - $ 259 EXPANSION S Y S T E M s Common question-What hard drive system can I. an average consumer afford ? Solution! Dataflyer v 52MB Quantum (no we don't recommend a 20MB drive) And no...you are noi giving up quality for price. See article in February' 1992 Amiga World. Dataflver w 52MB Quantum hard drive A500 - $ 399 A1000 - $ 479 A2000-S349 Add S189 for memory board w 2MB Dataflyer A1000 memory packages as low as $ 289! All Dataflyer SCSI and Memory hoards are A2000 compatible. Talk about upgradeability! N $ 169! Mega-Midget Racer Tlie upgradable alternative from CSA If you're going to invest in an accelerator, w hy lock yourself into a non-upgradab!e ’solution".’ The Mega-Midget gives you the option to upgrade with: A20-33MH . 68030 using the same board A20-50MII . 68881 2 using the ¦•ame board Aup to 8MB of 32-bit RAM (w hile maintaining ali 9MB of your existing system RAM!) Aup to 2MB of fast, static 32-bit RAM (for the ROM Rental, and super-fast screen updates.) Mega-Midget Racer runs in the A500, A2000.inU A1000 (call on the A1000), and is compatible with the Toaster. DTP programs, ray-1 racing packages, and all other 68030-compatible soft ware. Prices starting at $ 399 Many other configurations available. Cali for detail* BOOKS & TAPES AmigaDOS Inside and Oul w disk $ 19 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd edition $ 22 Amiga Primer VHS $ 21 Animation Video Vol. 1 VHS $ 19 Desktop Video Power S22 Imagine Companion S24 Hot Rod Your Amiga VHS $ 20 Imagine Guided Tour VHS $ 26 Using Arexx $ 27 Video Toaster VHS $ 20 SYQUEST Removeable-media Hard Drives. Perfect for backups, animations and DTP 44MB 5.25" Internal $ 349 88MB 5.25” Internal $ 469 External -- We'll add a case, SCSI cable, and setup for just $ 129 ] Please specify lire SCSI controller you own Cartridges Call for prices! Professional Page Powerful, Easy to Use, Desktop r Innovative solutions to your needs The Best Quality at the Best Price Bfil WALL's Choice for our in-house DTP needs!
1. Technical expertise to help you make the right decision. Buying the right product isn't easy. We don’t just take your order; we work with you to match your needs with the right products. With over 6 years of experience in this business, we have the technical expertise to make solid recommendations.
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3. Satisfaction guarantee. Buying mail order can be intimidating but ‘ we make it easy and safe, we guarantee that if your purchase doesn't run on your system, we’ll help you work with the manufacturer until you are satisfied. Our personal services help you pick the right product and get it running on your system quickly. Don’t get caught in the ’Delivery Charge’ trap! If you comparison shop, always ask for the 'delivered price' of the item you want to order. You'll find our prices are real, and our shipping charges are fair. There is so much we want to tell you, and so little room in this ad. Just call us! Get our Catalog-On-A-Disk, packed full of info. Free with every order! Se habla Espanol! VIDEO TOASTER PACKAGES We build them from the ground up, lest them, and install the software io suit your needs. Fully warranted. Sample roaster Systems Starter Package S4,199 030 25MHz Basic Package $ 4,799 030 25MHz Enhanced Package $ 4,999 030 40MHz Pro Package $ 5,659 030 40Mhz Enhanced Pro Pack $ 6,099 040 28MHz. Basic Package $ 5,999 040 28MHz Super Pro Pack $ 9,799 Newtek * GVP * IVS * CSA
* CBM * Progressive Peripherals!
* DPS * Svquest * Quantum Let us help you put it till together Coll for Twister Package literature ROCTEC GREAT PRODUCTS AT LOW PRICES! Ultralite Slimline Drive $ 94 This drive is absolutely gorgeous!! Ultralite (24 ounces). Uliraslim (7 8" high), ultra-quiet, with pass-thru. Comes in either Amiga hiege or black (real classy.) RocHard Why limit yourself to a single drive format? Tlie Rod lard allows you to connect to 2 IDE (*AT*) hard drives to your A500, and with the SCSI option, up to 7 SCSI hard drives as well! There's also room for SMB of expansion RAM. A game switch, and a quiet fan cooling unit. RocHard AT drive system $ 259 RocHard SCSI option $ 45 call for dm e nnd mersxw> configuration* 1-800-766-5757 USA and CANADA) Outside USA: (215) 683-5661 Tech Supp Customer Service (215)683-5433 R ort (215) 683-5699 AX 215) 683-8567
- J Any Visa and MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge J Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. J Software shipping charges are $ 5.00 per total order via UPS ground to anywhere in the continental USA J All orders over $ 300 are insured at customer’s expense. J We prosecute credit card fraud to the fullest extent of the law! J All returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything! Federal Express® Charges for all orders under 20 pounds 2nd Day Delivery $ 13 Next Day Delivery $ 17 DHL Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Rates as low as $ 15 to Canada! BRIWALL School and corporate purchase orders are welcome. We specialize in overseas orders!
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store hours '.Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM ¦ to * THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Russia Calling US The development of market economy in Russia needs help ol western civilization. And the most efficient help would be economic collaboration in high technologies. I would be most grateful should you publish the following invitation to joint hi-tech project. I represent a Russian firm, Delta Popolam. Its personnel is highly qualified in software design, system engineering, and videoproduction. The firm has a broad experience in marketing of hi-tech goods and serv ices in Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union. One of the projects in work is development of Russian version of the program DeluxePaint III. We are planning to organize in Moscow an Amiga demonstration center a videoproduction house with accent on 3-D graphics and animation. The company is also interested in distribution of Amiga computers, peripherals and software. For these purposes, we are searching for a foreign partner for a joint venture. The partner could make a contribution in the form of equipment. The primary output could be just above $ 30,000 to $ 40,000. Problems connected with repatriation of profits are solvable. More details on this project are available upon request. Any advice will be also gratefully accepted. Guennady Matveyev Delta Popolam Tverskaya Ul., 15-126 10300V Moscow, Russia The Last Word On WordPerfect I am very tired of hearing how disappointed everyone is that WordPerfect will not be updated for the Amiga. I have had the misfortune of having to use WordPerfect (v. 5.1) on the PC and, to a lesser extent, on the Amiga, and I can tell you the loss is insignificant. The program is exceptionally difficult to learn on the PC just ask anyone who has tried. Moreover, the graphics support is either nonexistent or pathetic in both cases. My suggestion is to forget WordPerfect and get something like ProWrite for the Amiga.
G. U, Graham III
I. nap City, Nebraska The Dealer Advantage Recently, I almost became a “computer widower” when my Amiga 2000 was struck by lightning, leaving it, as I haven't had this much fun with a computer since I had my Commodore 64. Well as my printer and possibly my Sony 20-inch, virtually useless. What made it worse was that my unit had a Bridgeboard, a hard drive, and three megs of RAM. I sent the unit to my authorized Amiga dealer, the Vidcom Center in Texarkana. Moms Allen, the owner, confirmed the damage, blit: pointed out a fact that made my day, namely, that my homeowners insurance would probably cover the cost. He was absolutely right. Mr. Allen provided me with a new system and even customized it to match the old system. My point is that, although you may save a few bucks by going through a mail-order company, it can never service your needs or equipment the way an authorized dealer can. Stephen Franklin Dossier City, Louisiana AmigaMatii 1 very much enjoyed reading “The Scientific Amiga" in your December issue, especially the piece about the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and its use of the Amiga version of Maple V, the computer algebra system from Waterloo Maple Software. The Mathematics Department here at die State University of New York at Albany was a primary beta tester for that version, and we have been using Maple in our Amiga classroom for nearly two years. Our setup is rather unusual in that we use a specially designed Computer Classroom (utilizing A2000hds and A2500s), with the entire course meeting there. Students simultaneously interact (in real time) with their computer, with the instructor at the blackboard. With the instructors computer, and with fellow students. It is a remarkably exciting environment for learning, and it has changed the way we teach mathematics. We offer a full range of classes, from elementary calculus for non-math majors to upper-division courses in algebra and analysis. Herbert I. Brown Mathematics Dept., SUNY, Albany, New York Happy Switch I have recently purchased an Amiga 500 system after ten years of owning MS-DOS machines. I was really getting tired of playing catch-up with the MS- DOS community, continually having to add ro mv system to meet new software requirements. I Finally learned that the 386-SX lfi-MHz system is the new entry-level PC system. That was itl Now j 1 have my A500, and I haven’t had this much fun with a computer since I had my Commodore (>4! IBM PC owners should have the kind of support from other users that I have seen in mv area j for the Amiga. Marc Chiarello (konomoutoe, Wiscousin YOVREA PRETTYGflH PROGRAMMER AIREADY. ¦ Object Oriented. Program Construction for Regular Ordinary People. Hile vou weren’t watching, we turned vou and the rest of the world’s Amiga users into programmers. With CanDo’s intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country have been creating stand-alone utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts of games. Experienced programmers (many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in CanDo for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there's little left to do when thev get through. W C-- We set rave letters every dav. Give us a call. We'll read you some. Better yet, just say the word and we'll send you a nice low cost sample of the whole CanDo package. BUT YOU PROBABLY don't I KNOWITYCT WithCanDo YouCanDo Just About Anything jtCi j ren* ui.-*uo uftn: Wbhfelr, J art fx t ck U mnau jc»a nA aJ rt r, t-M?"
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- •vtAi- irtj toli-Ltiaf, 1'tta 'iAtt Mnst Um&r. IjitfTuil o'.i - VISA INOVAtronhs, Int. .vjov Greenville Avenue Suite 2MB Dallas. Texas 752M 211 .140-iWl TAX: 214.140 X514 Trademarks: Amiga: Commodore-inc. IN OVA ironies. Can Do; fnovatnmics, Inc. Grce 75 on Reader Service card Give us your address and $ 10 and we’ll send two disks and a CanDo manual by return mail. You’ll have created a program before David Letterman goes off. Get a fresh look at what your Amiga is capable of. 'Thty CanDo Inter and we'll give yon your sawhuck hack. TEST DRIVE CANDO 1.5 FOR JUST 10 BUCKS. New Video Toaster System 2.0 - New Effects, Ray Tracing, and even better Character Generator. Video ToasterSystem 2.0: 9 essential tools you need if you're using your Amiga for video or graphics. 4 Input Production Switcher Digital Video Effects 35ns Character Generator 33 5EJ nffiffiEJnHBEa nnriFir-Fir ra i onFjnnixin EEEBS!F£3HnB~n ooEioracsc ¦Wf *1 j_JEimJC2E2E mw* •»_ n t gjmrarrrr. N::ti (tmiip a. ... Toaster System 2.0 includes organic switcher transitions like tire, smoke, clouds, pouring liquid and breaking glass. Powerful positionable effects for over-the-shoulder insets, soft-edge wipes and wild KikiFX’ like you've never imagined. 24-bit Broadcast Paint Real-time digital video effects on live video at 60 fps. From flip, spin and tumble all the way to amazing perspective warping effects and even incredible sphere and cube mapping in real-time. 3D Animation' 16 million color 35ns broadcast text with over 100 high-quality, anti-aliased type-faces. System 2.0 also features faster loading of pages, amestores for backgrounds, improved keying and text file import. Dual Frame Buffers ToasterPaint is the only true broadcast-quality NTSC paint system for the Amiga. System
2. 0 brings new features including improved auto-scrolling and direct import of images from the Toaster s frame grabber. Luminance Key Lightwave 3D 2.0 offers over 150 new features including blazing rendering speed, multiple morph targets, 3008 x 1920 resolution and true ray-tracing! 2.0 makes modeling a joy with new tools like bend, twist, taper, skin and magnet. Color Processing Hold two high-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect YIQ-encoded RS-170A network quality. System 2.0 brings you enhanced hue matching, even faster loading, and framestore file compression to save disk space. Still Store Frame Grabber Much more than just simple weatherman over a map, Toaster “ keying lets you do luminance fade transitions, or combine two live sources using a third source as a key and even key-based digital trails. Control of color effects from the switcher and 20 new default effects make ChromaFX faster and more powerful. Now combine effects and color cycle with new organic svntcher transitions for incredible new possibles. Freeze flawless broadcast resolution images instantly from any color camera, laserdisc or even cable TV with better color reproduction, faster loading, and powerful new field and frame saving options. Free Toaster Video Tape We can't show you the power and quality of the new Video Toaster in a machine ad. So we've decided to prove it with a free VHS tape about the Toaster produced entirely with the Toaster. This award-winning demo-within-a-demo starring NewTek's Kiki Stockhammer is aptly titled “REVOLUTION” Call today to find out about the most successful Amiga product of all time Call 800*765*3406 Toaster 1.0 users call your dealer or 800-843-8934 to upgrade today. N=wF=k INCORPORATED Outside North America call 612-882-1662 lor your free demo tape. Demo also available on S-VHS, Hi8.3 4*. Mil, Belacarn 1*. LaserOisc and D2 at nom nal cost Next-Gay delivery available Price and specifications subject lo change Amiga is a registers j trademark ol Commodore Arrnga Inc. Video Toaster, Lightwave 3D. ChromaFX and ToasierPaint are trademarks ol NewTek, Inc © NewTek. Inc

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Amiga World Vol 08 05 1992 May

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