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The Super Amiga What if the Amiga had more resolution, more colors, more power, more speed; in short, more of everything that makes the Amiga great? It wouldn't be like a computer anymore. It would be as powerful as expensive network-level video equipment. But it would mean designing four complex VLSI chips, it would mean writing 350,000 hues of assembly language software. Ultimately it would mean inventing whole new technologies. Just the kind of insane challenge that hackers can’t resist. Perhaps more than anything, the fact that “it couldn't be done” is what drove “Team Toaster" to do the impossible. "Ml Never Ship” In early 1987, Team Toaster moved away from the rest of NevvTek to a secret location codenamed “Alcatraz.” No office hours, no phone calls, no interruptions. They worked 7() hour weeks. They invented bizarre tricks to drive the 68000, copper, and blitter to new levels of performance. They evolved strange hardware hacks to emulate expensive parts. They concocted their own cinnamon candy. Building the Video Toaster became a more ambitious project N=wT=k INCORPORATED 1-800-843-8934 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A VDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM! ShowMaker’is the first package that turns your Amiga into a complete desktop video solution, providing sequencing of video, animation, and Toaster effects together with mattes] wipes, titling, and multi channel soundtracks. In short, Show Maker lets you quickly and easily assemble full video productions on your Amiga. I Add dynamic stereo sound- r; tracks just as easily. Simply VIDEO PRODUCTION MADE EASY Integrate video, animations, music, effects, and more with the ease of the mouse. Shovv- Maker’s unique Time-Line Production Interface eives you sim pie graphic controls to "layout" the order and duration of your elements. ShowMaker lets you assemble your whole n j production, from animations and video to Toaster effects and sound effects. VIDEO CONTROL ShowMaker gives you control over genlocks, videodisc players.

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Amiga World Vol 07 09 1991 Sep

Document sans nom THE NAME OF THE GAME IS September 1991
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 1.95 UK £2.80 An IDG Communications Publication PostScript Power: 5 Low-Cost Lasers Color Separations 3 DTP Solutions Graphics Export: Amiga To Mac PC
- ON- APHICS Maybe became it was the July issue. Joel might have been thinking of blue skies, sunny shores, Fourth of July cookouts, and other simple summertime diversions. Maybe he even picked up a beachball, tossed U in the air, watched U bounce playfully a few times, and suddenly it came la him . . Into perspective space as the Z-axis.For the ball to the top of the screen to s to the bottom, enter a di of about 160 in low reso in high resolution. Click on Preview to le of your settings. You she ball or a box represcntir drop frame by frame to the botLom of the screen (left-most) of the three b in the central part of the ing illustration is a rcprt this path. If your ball gc of down, change the disi negative rather than a p her. Whether down is a negative Y value depem "Originar setting in Pr . . ALL YOU HAVE lo do is press a key on your Amiga and a ball on the monitor bounces toward you, then rebounds off the screen. It's as simple as that! And creating this sequence will not only be a good introduction to the use of DeluxePaint Hi's (Electronic Arts) Move requester, but it will also provide a great way to show off the Amiga's (and your own) animation capabilities. Once you have gone through the sequence a few times in HD Crash Recovery "Accent" on Mars Mass-Storage Media Ultimate1 Flight Simulation A500 Expansion ChromaKey Effects f in Draw When all :red, exit the Move the 6 key to play tk
- pong" mode, back it iljc speed with llv tursor Right keys. * n, press tl»c space 1 i will notice in lire - 15 programmers & engineers, 4 custom chips, 350,000 lines of code and 5325 cinnamon cats later... than the Amiga itself. Every night, every weekend, every' holiday, the world went about its business, and the lights at Traz kept burning. It didn’t matter what anyone else said, Team Toaster was racing after a very personal dream. "We Have irast” In October 1990 the Video Toaster® shipped. The world noticed. Everyone from USA Todav « * and The New York Times, to Business Week and Rolling Stone, is calling the Toaster the hottest video product ever. It hits become the most successful Amiga product of all time. In fact, the Toaster is so hot that it’s bringing the Amiga to new markets. The Video Toaster stand-alone system (an Amiga 2000111) with factory-installed Toaster) was the hit of Comdex, the world’s largest IBM PC show, and was even acknowledged as the hit of MacWorld Expo by MacWeek Magazine. The Video Toaster is giving our dealers the opportunity to win over the corporate, educational, and pro video users that the Amiga needs for success in the nineties. When the Amiga shipped in October 1985 it held the promise of video on a desktop. The shipment of die Video Toaster fulfills that promise. And by the way, the lights are still on at ’Traz. Team Toaster: Hardware: Tim Jenison, Brad Carvey, Gan- Krohc* Charles Stcinkuchler. Software: Tim Jenison, Stuart Furguson, Steve Hartford, Allen Hastings, Daniel Kaye. Sieve Kell, Jamie Purdon. Steve Speier, Peter Tjeerdsma, Ken Turcottc. Documentation: Robert Blackwell, Nick Lavroff* Brent Malnack, Steve Peterson* Tony Stutterheim. Software Design: Paul Montgomery, Mark Randall, Kiki Stockhammer.
* nol pictured In early 1982 a group of brilliant computer designers in Los Gatos, California set out to create a new kind of computer. Their dream was to build a machine that would contain the visual power that other computers lacked. So they designed breakthrough graphic coprocessors, powerful sprites, and then built it all around NTSC video timing. The nickname for die machine was Lorraine, and its mascot was a red and white bouncing ball. Thanks, Jay In October of 1985 Jay Miner and his team of pioneers brought a stunning new creative tool to the world. The Amiga was a shining beacon of the future to a special breed of hackers, artists, and visionaries. One group of these hackers was drawn together from around the country to form NevvTek in Topeka, Kansas. They shared a common desire to expand on the technological marvel called the Amiga. They saw die Amiga as more than a computer, it was the beginning of a revolution. The Super Amiga What if the Amiga had more resolution, more colors, more power, more speed; in short, more of everything that makes the Amiga great? It wouldn't be like a computer anymore. It would be as powerful as expensive network-level video equipment. But it would mean designing four complex VLSI chips, it would mean writing 350,000 hues of assembly language software. Ultimately it would mean inventing whole new technologies. Just the kind of insane challenge that hackers can’t resist. Perhaps more than anything, the fact that “it couldn't be done” is what drove “Team Toaster" to do the impossible. "Ml Never Ship” In early 1987, Team Toaster moved away from the rest of NevvTek to a secret location codenamed “Alcatraz.” No office hours, no phone calls, no interruptions. They worked 7() hour weeks. They invented bizarre tricks to drive the 68000, copper, and blitter to new levels of performance. They evolved strange hardware hacks to emulate expensive parts. They concocted their own cinnamon candy. Building the Video Toaster became a more ambitious project N=wT=k INCORPORATED 1-800-843-8934 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A VDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM! ShowMaker’is the first package that turns your Amiga into a complete desktop video solution, providing sequencing of video, animation, and Toaster effects together with mattes] wipes, titling, and multi channel soundtracks. In short, Show Maker lets you quickly and easily assemble full video productions on your Amiga. I Add dynamic stereo sound- r; tracks just as easily. Simply VIDEO PRODUCTION MADE EASY Integrate video, animations, music, effects, and more with the ease of the mouse. Shovv- Maker’s unique Time-Line Production Interface eives you sim pie graphic controls to "layout" the order and duration of your elements. ShowMaker lets you assemble your whole n j production, from animations and video to Toaster effects and sound effects. VIDEO CONTROL ShowMaker gives you control over genlocks, videodisc players. And VCRs. Just tell ShowMaker when to cut in your video, and it will automatically search to the correct position and cut or fade in the eenlocked c signal at exactly the right time.* Video sequencing has never been this easy! TOASTER POWER If you have a Video Toaster, you need ShowMaker. Only with ShowMaker can you sequence a series of Toaster eHeeVj1 L _ - • ¦¦ - u'erMl and music files and cues up video before it's needed, without interrupting the playback. This means you can create long running productions, limited by disk space, not RAM. BUILT-IN TITLING ShowMaker's built-in video titler gives you dynamic scrolling titles. And with ShowMaker you can run titles over video and animation, even adding special effects like drop shadow and outline! ShowMaker also includes a collection of high quality video fonts and exciting backgrounds. Effects directly into your production. Making for spectacular video. And ShowMaker makes it easy! AUTOMATIC PRE-LOADING ShowMaker automatically loads your graphic position segments on any of the music or sound effects tracks with the mouse, ShowMaker supports MIDI output. MIDI files. SMUS tiles, and IFF samples. And ShowMaker's unique auto-sync feature** ensures that your production always remains synchronized to mt the music! EDITING POWER With ShowMaker you can preview and refine your production at any time during its development. Then quickly and easily adjust, cut, copy, and paste tracks until your show is perfect. ShowMaker will even generate storyboards and cue sheets to help you visualize and fine time your production. EXCITING TRANSITIONS ShowMaker features dozens of built-in transitions, including wipes, fades, and dissolves. You can create exciting professional- style transitions with just a click of the mouse. DYNAMIC SOUNDTRACKS IT'S A WRAP! Hit the play button and ShowMaker plays back your production in real time, automatically synchronizing the video, animation, soundtrack. And titling. A true multimedia presentation. Then record your production to videotape for a first generation Master Tape! REACH YOUR AUDIENCE Business, education, presentation or entertainment. Whatever your message, video brings it to life. There is no easier way to combine graphics, animation, video, sound, and titling into exciting and effective productions. ShowMaker turns your Amiga into a video production system. Join the video revolution hv seeing your dealer or calling us at 1-416-602-4000, By the way. This entire ad was created with Professional Page
2. 0 desktop publishing software, another high quality Gold Disk product. SEE THE POWER! Drop by your local dealer and ask to see our new ShowMaker demonstration tape "Multimedia Muscle", produced entirely with ShowMaker! GOLD DISK
P. p. 789. Slreclsville Mississauga. Ontario. Canada L5M 2C2 (416) 602-KKK) 'Additional hardware required
* *Paleill pending. Slum Maker and Professional Page are trademarks of Gold Disk Int. Ail oilier pnxlucis mentioned ate trademarks i«| their respective owners Circle 19 on Reader Service Card ‘i:>y:MAKER The Complete Desktop Video Solution The Ultimate All-in-One Amiga 2000 Add-on.,. 68030 POWER+ 16MB RAM+SCSI CONTROLLER Replaces up to FOUR “normal” expansion boards! All A2000 Expansion Slots Free Now, a 22 or 33 Mhz 68030 accelerator board, up to 16MB of 32-bit wide RAM and a high-performance SCSI hard disk controller in a single A2000" “CPU slot” expansion board! Check out these features: SCSI Connector for external SCSI peripherals Built-in GVP Series II DMA SCSI Controller Internal SCSI Hard Drive
(3. 5" available up to 340MB!}, Up to 12MB of 32-bit wide, User-installable SIMM32 Memory Expansion V The perfect companion for NewTek's Video Toaster.,v v7 22Mhz or 33Mhz factory installed, surface mounted, 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU. V Up to 16MB of 32-bit wide memory expansion. 4MB minimum factory installed memory on 33Mhz version, lMB minimum tor22Mhz. V GVP's new custom 32-bit wide, 1MB or 4MB, SIMM32 u memory modules offer flexible, easy-to-in stall memory expansion. 22Mhz model has 1MB factory installed memory, expandable to 13MB. 33Mhz model has 4MB factory installed memory, expandable to 16MB. V On-board high-performance “Series IT' auto-booting SCSI controller with factory installed FaaastROM SCSI driver and SCSI connectors for attaching both external and internal SCSI peripherals. Surface-mounted 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU (22 or 33Mhz)
* Direct DMA access to the full 16MB range of 32-bit wide memory expansion by the on-board SCSI controller. Due to the A2000 bus architecture, this is ONLY possible when SCSI controller is placed directly on the 68030 CPU bus (as is the case with the A300Q!). Provides ultimate SCSI hard disk performance! V GVP's legendary FaaastROM SCSI driver supports virtually all SCSI devices currently on the market, including hard tiisk drives, CD-ROM drives, Magneto-Optical drives, removable media drives 1MB (22Mhz) or 4MB (33Mhz) Surface-mounted 32-bit wide Memory, and tape drives. V Switch to 68000 mode by simply clicking on our new “68000 Mode" Icon, or include our special “mode switching" utility in your startup- sequence and select required mode each time system is rebooted, by holding down mouse buttons. V Provides the ultimate expandability of your A2000 system. Plugs into the “CPU accelerator" slot, thereby leaving ALL FIVE A2000 expansion slots free for future expansion. Optional “Hard-Disk-Card” Conversion Kit Converts the “All-in-One” board into a “Hard-Disk-Card” as well! Drive mounts on the back of the board, saving even more space! Ask your dealer for the GVP A2Q00-C0MB0 22 OR 33 bundled with a Hard Drive Kit SIMM32 and GVP are trademarks ot Great Viltev Products. Inc. Amiga, A2000 and A300Q are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NewTek Inc. CIS France GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Europaro * 14, Avenue Gustave Hertz * 33600
T. (33) 56-383-441 - F. (33) 56-382-846 Pessac SDL United Kingdom Urtfl 10, Ruxley Comer Ind EsL Edgington Way, SkJcup • Kent DA 14555
T. (44) 81-300-3399 • F. (44) 81-3006765 Power Peripherals - Australia Meriin-Austria Dorfstrasse 5 - A06074 Rhin * Innsbruck
T. (43) 522-388-96 • F. (43) 522-388-97 1st Floor. 257 Hawthorne Rd. CaulfleM Worth 3161 - Victoria
T. (61) 3-532-8553 ¦ F. (61) 3-532-8556 DIM West Germany Dreiherrenstein 6A • 6200 Wiesbaden-Auringen
T. (49) 61-27-4065 67 • F. (49) 61-27-66276 Datacom APS - Denmark Wrterfenget 23 • Hatting - 8900 Worsens
T. (45) 75-65-37-88 * F. (45) 65-37 6 Pixel Soft-Spain
C) Oral, Franca * 7 Entlo F-G * 3400 Patencia T (34) 88-751180 ¦ F. (34) 88-751191 Bmadline 0Y- Finland Vanha Porvoontie 295 - 01260 Vantaa
T. (358) 087-479*00 * F. (358) 087-449-44 Non-Stop SPA -Italy Riale di Venditae Adrrtn. 40057 Cadriano di Granaroto • Via B. Booed, 11 Botogn
T. (39) 51-765299 - F. (39) 51-765252 Datacorp- Canada 431 Hampton Court Rd. DoHard desOrmeaux • Quebec H9G 1L1 T, 514-624-4700«F. 514-620-7136 Microtron Computerprodukte Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 2, Postfach 69 - CH-2542 Pieter ten
T. (41) 32-87-2429 * F. (41) 32-87-24-82 Consumers Circle 30 on Reader Service card.
• S' FEATURES Power to the People: PostScript Laser Printers By Lauren Lovhaug, with Front: Hudson 2 0 Willi street prices as low as $ 1500, many Amiga users can now afford I lie professional quality of PostScript printers for personal use. Here's the lowdown on live leading low-end models. “Separating” the DTP Pack By Eyo Santa ....29 Quality color separations are now a legitimate claim of the tut rent generation of Amiga desktop-publishing packages. A leading authority in Amiga D I P evaluates the performance of the three top programs in the Held. Royal Opportunities By Gene Brazen 40 The superiority of graphics c reated on the Amiga can translate to lucrative opportunities for output on other platlorms. Here's a practical economics” course in what you need and how to do it when it comes to converting Amiga-generated graphics for use on Mat s and P( Is, ARTICLES Operation Phoenix By Sheldon Leemon ...4 A No pun intended, hut this truly is a “crash" course in how to avoid catastrophic data loss both through sound prevention methods and ellective harddisk recovery procedures if you do experience a crash. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney ... 6 I he editor just received the results of a couple of reader surveys and wants to pass on a few comments ahoul what some of you have been saying. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...54 Join Joel for some fascinating interplanetary exploration as he shows you how to create a Mars simulation using some nilty landscape-generaliug software. Get ting good output jor what you ovate on your Amiga text, graph its, video, animations, or whatever is the all-important, yet tricky final step m the process. Our ‘Amiga Output"special this month attacks the problem on several fronts, from taw-cost Ibst Script laser printers, through desktop publishing and color separations to image-pmeessing-and-conivrsinn among different systems, So, let's gel it on and get it out! VlDEO Suite By Geoffrey Williams.. . 56 This month our new video column shows you where l > line] high-quality fonts that work on the Video Toaster and how to use them most effectively in your video-tilling projects. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....55 Amiga News and New Products, now in a handy, all-in-one column. Plus helpful “on-line" remarks about BIX, our neighboring network. Help Key ...62 Lou adds his input to our “Amiga output" theme this month with some timely advice on printer drivers and printer compatibility. AW Product Information ... 100 lb contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue of 'Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors1' Addresses" list. The Last Word 112 At the rear, it's readers to die fore every month on .11 P’s final page. REVIEWS Removable Media Drives .. 14 If the “No Vacancy” sign is on at the I lard-Drive Hotel, tty one of these four mass-storage solutions to data overload. BODEGA Bay (California Access) . ... 16 An overview of the “big box" in the A500 expansion game. Proper Grammar (Softwood) 80 If you need more than a spelling program for your writing, take a look at this new grammar style checker. RaSTERLiNK (Active Circuits) 86 The all-new version of hnagel.ink supports a wide variety of formats for 24-bit image-conversion routines. CHROMAKEY (MicroSearch) .90 Lay video over your computer -generated graphics for a host of neat layering effects. Hyperbook (Gold Disk) ...98 An all-purpose applications generator that serves a number of presentation needs, GAMES Crib Notes By peter Olafson 73 Pro gaming tips from the master on the intricate ins-and-outs of the latest Amiga games. ARMOUR-GEDDON (Psygnosis)......73 State-of-the-art flight simulation. Eye of the Beholder (Strategic Simulations Electronic Arts) . .. 74 Dungeon role-playing with rich 32-color screens. Gold of the Aztecs (us Gold)... 7 4 Action adventure with great graphics and sound. Pick ’n Pile (UBI Soft Electronic Arts) .75 Sometimes challenging strategy offering. New! Redesigned and Faaaster 50MHZ 68030POWER Now Expandable to 32MB of 32-bit RAM! Optional 3.5" IDE AT 3 4MB to 32MB of 32-bit hard disk up to 340MB r wide High Performance capacity (13ms). Memory. Z Built-in Autobooting 4 50Mhz 68030 CPU IDE AT hard disk r and 50Mhz 68882 controller. Floating Point Unit. Our new faster and more expandable A3050 SOMhz accelerator kit will turbo-charge your Amiga 2000“ beyond your wildest dreams, Check out these features: V Uses GVP's new custom designed 4MB, 32-bit wide, SIMM32'* memory modules with state-of-the-art 4MB, 60ns, DRAMs.
- 2: V ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! Even with a full-blown 32MB, SOMhz, A3050 kit installed in the A2000's “CPU0 slot, ALL ZORRO n expansion slots are left free for unlimited future expansion! V Exciting new 3.5" hard disk “bundles". Choose between the 1" high, 120MB (15ms) model or the incredible halfheight 340MB (13ms) model, v7 Converts an A2000 into the fastest Amiga in the world. There is truly NO competitive product. 68000 fall-back mode for timing sensitive applications (e.g: some games). V GVP is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerator products for the Amiga. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Dealers Circle 21 on Reader Service card. Consumers Circle 22 on Reader Service card. Stephen C. Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-Chief DANIEL SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor BARBARA GETTER'!', Senior Editor JANINE L. JACKSON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor. Technology; Special Products Manager LlNDA Barrett LaKLAMMK, Editor, The Amiga World Tech Journal TiM Walsh, Technical Editor John WolFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology MARE-ANNE JARVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, Peter OlAFSON, Contributing Editors Howard G. Hath, Art Director LAURA Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supervisor Debra A. Davies, Typographer Daniel Huston, Editorial intern Kf.NNETH Blakf.MAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MlCHAF.L McGoi.DRICK, Sales Representative BARBARA Iiov, Sales Representative HEATHER GuINARD, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages if InfoMarkct, 1-S00-44I-4403, 1-603-924-0100 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City. CA 94063 Wen DIE HAINES MARKO, Marketing Director Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator MARGOT L. Swanson, Customer Sendee Representative,; Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleUK. Business & Operations Manager Mary MeC.Oi.e. Video Sales Representative SUSAN M. FI ANSI I AW, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, Circulation Manager Lynn LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager Roger J. Murphy, President NANCY GeNDRON, Assistant to the President PAUL BoULE, I ice President Croup Publisher JlM McBrian, Vice President Group Publisher STEPHEN C. 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Second-class postage paid at lYlerhoioiigh. N11, and at additional mailing ol- tices. Phone; 003-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1991 b led i Media Publishing, Inc. No part of this publit at ion mat he piinird or otherwise ivpiodnced without written pel mission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send addiess changes to. Subscription Services, PO Box 58804, Boulder. CO 89:122-8894- Nationalb distributed bv Kabk* News Co.. Amiga- World makes even- ellbrt to assure the acmruo ol ankles. Listings and dunks published in the maga ine. -bihgdlTr fW assumes no responsibility for damages due to enors oi omissions. GVP’S New Series II A5Q0HD8+ Puts A2000 Power and Punch into mmm'sjfour An By now you know that every Amiga 500 comes with that special built-in program called "Wait”. Wait while your A500 1 loads software. Wait while you(save [J files. Wait while you change disks. C It doesn't have to be that wav! W GVP’S Series II A500HD8+ V 7i Takes Off the “WAfT” f GVP’s Scries II A500HDS+ 40105MB Hard Drives work like the world's fastest g runners to take the "Wait" off and to get your Amiga 500 racing along at data transfer speeds f of up to 52 times faster than floppy disk drives. But getting rid of the "Wait" is just the beginning... GVP’s Series IIA500HD8+ lUms Floppy Fat into HARD DRMN’ Muscle Because the Series II A500HDS+ uses the same custom VLSI and FAAASTROM,w technologies of it's J powerful cousins-Series IIA2000SCSI + RAM- 1 you get more than an amazingly fast hard drive. You get the storage space of 45 to 136 floppy disks, depending upon the model you choose. You also get Series Ips: v' Exclusive Game (Hard Disk disable) Switch for Full Games Compatibility v' A2000 DMA Data Transfer Speeds. F V FAST RAM expansion with up f f iVff to 8MB of SIMM-Based Internal U RAM Expansion V "Mi ni-Slot" Access to All A500 Expansion Bus Signals for future expansion. V External SCSI Port for adding up to 7 SCSI Devices V Internal Fan for Cool, Reliable Operation important A500HD8+ Body-Builders p Game Switch , Hard Disk j y Drive i- Ik External k A.i SCSI Port . ItYJ Free Power Simply “Mini-Stot": for future expansion Internal RAM Expansion: up to 8MB V External Mounting to Maintain Your Original 1 Commodore Factory Warranty v' FREE Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply. Insures full compliance with Commodore's A500 power limitation, j v' One-Year GVP Factory Warranty. M GVP’s Series II A500HD8+ Keeps Your Amiga 500’s Sleek Good Looks GVP knows that no fitness plan is complete unless is keeps your system looking great. That's why gfjd your Series II A500HD8 -F matches your Amiga 500's good looks line-for-linc, curve-for-curve. So get a GVP Series II A500HD8 + hard drive for your Amiga 500. Lose the "Wait" and Gain the Muscle
- ‘ij1 n1 . Seriesft, FMASTOuMand Wd rue iradsmsri®trtfreaiProtectstoe. “ -y -------- ¦¦ S Aw*ga. A50CandA2ti00arettgtet«edtra J«oa GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer ktquiries welcome. „ M (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Dealers Circte 27 on Reader Service card. ' 7 Consumers Ctrde.28 on Reader Service CHIEF CONCERNS Gelling what you want. EVERY YEAR OUR advertising tic- partmem willingly coughs up a bunch of clough to survey our readers. Since their job is to sell, they are mostly hot on nuts and bolts stuff tike what you own, what you plan to buy, and how much money you have. At about the same time, the editorial stall'antes up for another survey. Since we’re not allowed to sell anything, we only need to know what you love or hate about the magazine. And believe me, we hear plenty! Between the two survevs, we end up with a decent idea of what Amiga users want from lw >r -
o ¦“ World and from developers. In one part of the sales survey, people were asked to describe things they want developed. Some of their requests were kooky, others quite broad, many highly specific, and a few I just couldn’t understand. As you might expect, lots of readers wanted to have more of the staples: 2-
I) . 3-D, music, multimedia, and video software. This stuff is surta like women and booze to a Kennedy. Some results were less expected, such as despairing wails about the huge void in the area oi scientific software. Other desires are as follows, in no particular order (with lame editorial comments in parentheses):
• Jeopardy. (Then we can all feel stupider than Alex Trcbek.)
• Script-writing software. (So more of us can suffer the late of rejection.)
• Diagnostic software. (My 500’s fallen, and it can t get up.)
• A port of Microsoft Windows 3.0. (Guaranteed to slow down the fastest Amiga.)
• Software to help in writing stories. ( Just keep it away from annoying over- achievers like Stephen King and james Michencr, okay?)
• Space technology software. (Did Arthur C. Clarke get a survey?)
• Sewing and knitting patterns on disk. (A darn good idea.)
• Genealogical programs. (Able to track Shirley Maclaine’s previous lives?)
• Telephone tone-activated interlace for remote programming of a VCR. (You’ll never miss Bryant Gumbel again.)
• Multimedia word processing. (Slaps you upside for grammatical errors.)
• Home finance. (Can I really allbrd this home-financc software?) There were a number of gripes, one of the biggest being the quality of our productivity software. One user put it this wav: "How about a package that contains a word processor database' spreadsheet that a 'normal' person could use?" In fact, the two products users wanted ported the most were Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3. And overall, the most requested applications were Business and financial. We also learned what you think of us. For instance, only 2.89? Throw Amiga- World away after reading, and the article found most useful or interesting in the past 12 months was "Welcome to a New Generation” (June 3)0). Which broke the story of the A3000. We're not sure what percent threw this one away. Although we seem to provide a good mix of applications coverage, and are about as technical as the majority would like, we re not perfect. According to readers, a few areas that need more attention are: the A1000. How other people use the Amiga, education, and news. Sorry game haters, hut entertainment still tops people’s shopping lists. Maybe that’s win one person said, "1 was meaning to get serious with my Amiga, blit I'm having so much fun that 1 put that idea on hold.” Strike Me, Mate! Words are strange creatures. When spoken, they have emphasis and inflection. Written words, however, are inert, completely subject to interpretation, and as a result are quite often misconstrued. Thar is why editors must take extra care to craft words so the real message is conveyed. «» I wo recent items had a couple ol readers ready to, as they say in .Australia. Strike me pink. The first was the description of a bomb t hat was scut over Iraq, dedicated to yours truly. This was mentioned in the context ol lots of “interesting” things that happen as a result of this job. But as with any war, there is also great human roll that includes inno- n cents and participants alike. Thanks to reader Marthe Arends for highlighting the latter point. We also ran a letter, published verbatim, from Jurv Vladimirov of Moscow, At first, we considered correcting the grammar and spelling, but the more we looked at it. The more the sense of its speaking from another culture came through in the use. Or misuse, ol the language. Thai was the intent. I he interpretation from at least one reader was that we were poking fun at jury I ley, pal, we’re big Ians of anyone who writes us especially all the way from Moscow, in our language. R 1M»SH is 0ur cotnWAH0'... If you wish to enhance your Amiga 2000 with MEMORY, a HARD DRIVE, or BOTH no more GVP has the solution for you. L Choose GVP’s Series II RAM Expansion Board, SCSI Hard Drive Controller or SCSI+RAM Hard Disk Card. Realize the potential of configuring your perfect solution without any need for compromise! H RAM Expansion Sll A2000-RAMB 2: The smallest and most compact SMB RAM expansion board for the A2000! SCSI Hard Disk Controller 'I A2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card”: Specifically designed for those users who don't need memory expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price. Features: Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design. Supports virtually any SCSI device including: CD ROMs, tape drives, Bernoulli drives, removable hard drives... Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB) standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. Factory-Installed
3. 5" Hard Disk Drive ? GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB r FAST RAM Expansion Features: 2MB of factory-installed RAM, expandable to 8 MB. All memory fully Auto-Configured. Also supports 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an 8MB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! This translates into a lower parts count and also means the highest possible reliability and life expectancy. K I 2MB Factory- Installed Memory GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 6MB User-Installed Memory SCSI Hard Disk+RAM r Expansion Sll A2000-SCSI Hard Disk+RAM-Card: State-of-the-Art integration packs GVP's high performance SCSI controller, SMB FAST RAM expansion and a 3.5" hard drive drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT! Features: GVP's new custom chip design provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations for Zero through 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. Supports virtually any SCSI device. Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. Seres If. And GVP ate trademarks ol Great Valley Products Inc. Amiga and Amiga 2000 are registered trademarks of Cornmodare-Amiga. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome, consume™ circle so 0n r service cam Dealers Circle 29 on Reader Service card. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Summer CES: Hot on the Outside, Cool Within ('.II IGAGO Air-conditioned McCormick Place was a comfy retreat from steamy city heat as it hosted the 1991 Summer Consumer Electronics Show in June. Commodore commanded a powerful presence, Inil not in the computer area. Rather, CBM (RS I 17) set up in the home entertainmeiu audio video area, amid such electronic giants as Toshiba, Sharp, and Panasonic. Hourly presentations and a roving camera crew from CNN lent a serious, business-like atmosphere to the Commodore arena. The A690 plug-into-the-side-of-your- A500 CD-ROM drive displayed soon-to- be released CDTV titles. Apparently, most CD1Y developers had some form of representation in the crowded Commodore booth, where they demonstrated their respective titles in various stages of development. Among the most impressive of these were The Guinness CDTV Disc of Records from Commodore’s own CDTV Publishing. (RS I 18.) Specialty computer-and-software bundles were also on display. The Amiga 500 Deluxe Pack ($ 099), the “premium home system,” proved to he a one-meg A500 packaged with an adapter that lets you use your television as a monitor. The J package also includes seven rather timeworn programs: The Disk Company’s KindWords 2.0 word processor, Maxi- Plan Plus spreadsheet, I nloFile database manager, and Fusion Paint graphics program, plus Deluxe Music Construction Set (Electronic Arts) and two games Pons ol Call ( I he Disk Company) and any Golf (Electronic Arts). For those wishing less standard equipment, CBM offers the A500 Discovery Pack ($ 599), this lime a one-half-meg machine that is accompanied by the TV adapter, KindWords 2.0, and Ports of Call, but with the elderly Electronic ? Art for the Artist’s Sake The 19th-century artist George Inness was known tor landscapes. So is Scape- Maker, new from MegageM. The software ($ 29.95) converts any IFF image to a landscape (DEM, or Digital Elevation Map) file for 3-D rendering in Virtual Reality’s Vista and Vista Professional programs. ScapeMaker accepts all resolutions, in both NTSC and PAL standards. (RS 107.) Unlike Inness, award-winning Amiga artist Louis Markoya is known for pixelized 3-D scenes. But that’s not all Lou has to his credit. Now comes his first software offering, Map Master from Computer Imagery, in versions for use with NewTek's Lightwave 3D and Impulse’s Imagine. The menu-driven Map Master (priced at $ 99.95 and $ 69.95, respectively) promises immediate access to all the image-mapping capabilities of your 3-D Tenderer with little or no learning time required. The manual offers hints on how and where to use your program's various image- mapping features, and it describes the 14 hi-res textures that are provided on two Map Master disks. (RS 108.) If it’s IFF-24 backgrounds you want, Screen-Maker ($ 395. Digital Graphics Library) fits the bill. Available in both NTSC and PAL formats, Screen-Maker works with any 24-bit video board for the Amiga. These ready-made backgrounds consist of various textures and images fashioned into frames, panels, and so on, and can be modified for your own particular needs. (RS 109.) While Microft's VidGen 2.0 ($ 149.95) is different than Screen-Maker, it also fits the background bill. You supply a graphic or select one of those provided with the program, and VidGen almost instantly generates a screen full of cloned images. You can change spacing, contrast, color, depth, and so on; add highlighting, embossing, and titling effects; scroll your background in any of eight directions; and more. VidGen supports the overscan resolutions of such programs as DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts), the Pro Video products from Shereff Systems, and Broadcast Titler (InnoVision Technology). (RS 110.) Need some text to put over your backgrounds? Broadcast Fonts 3D is available in three volumes, each of which is $ 49.95 and provides three fonts. Crafted to support Phong shading for the best possible results, the fonts are supplied in Imagine s TDDD format, but developer Unili Graphics will convert them to other formats if you so request. (RS 111.) For animated titles, try Blackboard ($ 35, Blue Shadow Productions). Designed for use with DeluxePaint III in any resolution, Blackboard fonts are appropriate not only for animations but also for single frames. (For use in animations, you should have 1.5 or 2MB of RAM.) As with Broadcast Fonts 3D. These are provided in upper- and lowercase with numbers and symbols, all of which you can manipulate individually. (RS 112.) BG For information about the vendors of products, see “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 100. Advanced Word For The Amiga Computer. Mg Power ProWrite". Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. The one that the y competition looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors. ProWrite is that leader. ProWrite has the high performance features you need. A 100.000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for every Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to y follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high jx'rformance, an intuitive environment, and easy7 to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing. ProWrite is the target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports, storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the lop. Discover the power of ProWrite from New Horizons. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software. Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin, Texas 787T6 (512) 328-6650 ProU rite b i rrgiHcrcd Imtcnurk uf Nr » ll uirona Software. Inc AmiftJ i t ffjtwcdit iiJiioiufL of ( Amijo. Inc 0 V i; R S C A Arts' DcluxcPaint II (ves, you read that right) and BroclerbuncTs Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego? .substituted for the other software. CBM also announced the Amiga 2000HD Professional a one-meg A2000 with a 50MB autoboot hard card ($ 1999). Hie hard disk is installed with these applications: TransWrite, Advantage, Gold File, PageSetter II, Metli- aShow, Paint 2000, and Music 2000 (all from Gold Disk), and Consukron’s CrossDOS. Players’ Club Although Commodore was not represented in the more traditional (loppy- based entertainment displays in McCormick North, third-party game developers were there showcasing their electronic wares as in past years. MS- DOS is seemingly the platform of choice for new game releases, but some manufacturers found enough space in their booths for Amiga demonstrations. Some also promised CD-based releases. Kona mi had more new Amiga game ti-
o n ties than any other Amiga developer on the lloor. The company released Bill Elliot’s NASCAR Challenge ($ 49.95), an action-packed car-racing game, and announced several others. By October, von VERHEARD Recent weeks have brought a spate of company changes in the Amiga market. Dike Forest Logic’s product line has been acquired by Great Valley Products. If you should need tech support for the Disk Mechanic, ADAPT, or Macro Paint, phone GVP at 215 3117-8770 or dial the GVP BBS at 215 337-5815. Hologramophone Research has granted Centaur Software exclusive worldwide rights to its music products. Owners of the Pixound musical graphics package and the Hyperchord sequencer can upgrade to new versions through Centaur. Can expect to see Back to the Future Part
III. Speedball 2, and Team Suzuki (each $ 39.95), Riders of Rohan, Space- wrecked, and Killing Cloud (each $ 49.95), plus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-The ArcadeGame (no price set). (RS I 19.) Electronic Arts and its affiliates were also ripe with soon-to-be-released titles, all at $ 49.95. Amiga gamers can look lor-
M. A.S.T. has also struck a deal with Centaur, which is now the exclusive North American distributor for M.A.S.T.’s Color- burst 24-bit video board. Centaur will provide tech support for Colorburst users and stock other popular M.A.S.T. products, including memory boards, hard-disk controllers and multipurpose cards, and floppy drives. Whatever products or- information Centaur cannot provide, M.A.S.T. will. New Horizons has gobbled up Central Coast Software (famous for such disk-utility programs as MAC-2-DOS, DOS-2-DOS, Quarterback, and Quarterback Idols) and formed a new utility division. Precision Software, makers ol the Superbase Professional and Superbase Personal database managers, has been acquired by PC supplier Software Publishing, which was apparently interested in Superbase for Microsoft Windows. Ward to Black Crypt, which Electronic Arts expects to he its most significant summer release. This Dungeons-and- Dragons-type adventure employs thcAmiga’s Extra_I lalfBrite and (id-color modes. Birds of Prey, a llight simulator, is rumored to offer over 40 aircraft and should be out by the time you read this. Affiliate UBI Soft promised Pro Tennis Tour II and Battle ? Little more than a stone’s throw from Amiga Worlds Peterborough, New Hampshire offices are those of Byte magazine and its telecommunications arm, BIX the Byte Information Exchange. Although I am sometimes scolded for it, I have never covered BIX in this column as thoroughly as the other networks. The reason is that Amiga users typically get BIX accounts only after they've had accounts on Genie, CompuServe, or American People Link. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh BIX, the focus of this month’s installment, is one of the most technically-oriented telecommunication networks for Amiga users. Unlike other nets, it lets you chat, argue, debate, and be subjected to praise or criticism by some of the most prominent Amiga developers and CATS (Commodore Applications and Technical Support) staffers. While other networks also offer access to technical people, BIX gets the nod for the number and rapid response times of its techies. Recently, asked Joanne Dow, Amiga enthusiast extraordinaire and editor of BIX’s Amiga Exchange, what really sets BIX apart from other networks for Amiga users. “Amiga activity is disproportionately large because of the Commodore presence and the high signal-to-noise ratio for technical questions," she stated. BIX, she explained, is the most cost-effective telecommunications solution, considering the time and money lost searching through “noise" when getting on to one of the big networks. I know all too well how such “noise" hampers the search process, and I decided to put Joanne's claim to the test. Suppose you need a printer driver for your new printer. How long does it take to get on line and to the drivers? I clocked the process starting when the software autodialed and ending when I was in the Amiga area looking for a driver at 2400 baud during prime-time hours. With Genie, the procedure took one minute, 44 seconds; CompuServe required one minute, 29 seconds; and Plink took a scant 43 seconds. BIX required 57 seconds. Although BIX was not as fast as Plink, it was significantly faster than Genie and CompuServe. I do agree with Joanne's statement that of all the networks available to Amiga users, BIX is the most technical- even more so than USENET. If you have a problem getting hardware or software to work, Joanne says the answers you need are either already there or readily obtainable. She has had several users comment that after days of trolling for answers on USENET or other commercial services, they turned in desperation to BIX and received accurate answers inside of a few hours. Another great feature of BIX is its database of Amiga “howto" reference material. In the Amiga conference area, you can find countless remedies for common maladies, and even Joanne’s own discussions of how to configure two 80-track
5. 25-inch CP M-type drives as standard 3.5-inch AmigaDOS drives. The listings and download area offers roughly 1800 freely distributable Amiga files, and, finally, AmigaWorid and The AmigaWorld Tech Journal share highly visible areas within BIX’s Amiga Exchange area. This all adds up to a good source for technical information and a good way to let us know what you think of the AmigaWorld publications. For more information on BIX, call the service’s voice lines at 800 227-2983 or 603 924-9281. INTRODUCING 1 EXCITING NEW 20MB Drive 1 2MB RAM Micro-Power Drives Extra rugged, 20-105MB capacities Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems No Noisy Fans or Cumbersome External Power Fast, Micro-Power Drive Mechanisms 1 2 - SMB FAST THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL! 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM 2, 4, or 8MB RAM On-Board with 1MB x 4 DRAM With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever. SCSI Port & Game Switch Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled Autoboof ON-OFF Switch SCSI ID Selector RAM Test Mode Made in the U.S.A. One Year Warranty Easy-to-Access ~ Option Switches - o You'll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn't run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You’ll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra’s knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty.
* While supplies last SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Available at your local dealer, or call: Supra Corporation 1-800 727-8772 503-967-9075, 7101 Supra Drive SW, Albany. OR 97321 USA
o i; r s ; a Isle for the third quarter. (RS 120.) At the nearby Interplay booth, i learned about the imminent release of Battle Chess II ($ 49.95), which will lie followed by Lord of the Rings, Volume I ($ 54.95), and then by Castles (S59.95) in October. Also, the original Battle Chess is slated for CDTV format (S59.95), (RS 121.) Psygnosis showed the popular game Lemmings, now in CDTV format ($ 49.99). Psygnosis also promised a hefty number of floppy releases at $ 49,99 each: Agony, with its parallax-scrolling screens; Atominos. With 60,000 levels; and Aquaventura, an interplanetary game scheduled for September that promises to be the company’s hottest release of the year. Leander ($ 49.99), an animated adventure game, is scheduled for third-quarter release, as are Barbarian II ($ 44.99) and the eagerly-awaited Shadow of the Beast III ($ 59.99). Finally, Psygnosis demonstrated Fractal Engine, the only nongame title I saw on the show floor. Due in mid '92, it is a landscape generator that produces impressive scenes for use in all manner of graphics applications. (RS 122.) ReadySoft has announced a Dragon's Lair-formar game called Guy Spy. And a sequel to Space Ace dubbed Space Ace II: Borf’s Revenge. (RS 123.) Capstone Entertainment announced The Cardinal of the Kremlin ($ 49.95), a strategy game based on Tom Clancy’s 0 0 novel of the same name, and a bundle called Big Deal ($ 59.95), which includes Trump Castle I, Chess Master 2000, and Ging King Crihbage. Capstone also promised Trump Castle II ($ 49.95) for gambling aficionados. (RS 124.) Accolade was on hand to announce the third-quarter release of Jack Nicklaus’ Golf in Cl) 1Y format ($ 59.95). On floppy, the company will release Jack Nick- laus’ Course Designers Clip Art Volume I ($ 24.95), Altered Destiny ($ 59.95), a role-playing graphic adventure, and Stratego (849.95). a computerized version of the classic hoard game. For the fourth quarter, Accolacle also promised Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus ($ 59.95), wherein you must rescue the ever-charming Elvira from all manner of mayhem. (RS 125.) US Gold announced its upcoming 3-D graphics wonder. Cybercon III ($ 49.95), as well as Murder! ($ 44.95), a mystery game with over three million crimes to solve. Knights of the Crystallion ($ 59.95), with ray-traced HAM graphics, and The Godfather (price not yet available), based on the movie, are promised for third-quarter release. (RS 126.) Dynamix showed Heart of China ($ 59.95), a beautifully detailed adventure game set in 1930’s China. Look for Rise of the Dragon ($ 59.95), another interactive adventure (this one based on genetic mutations) in August. Dynamix also mentioned Red Baron ($ 59.95), a VVYVI flight simulator. (RS 127.) Although Chicago seemed hot as ever on CES weekend, the Amiga games market did not. Some companies, such as Origin Systems, are dropping the Amiga altogether and concentrating solely on the PC. Let's hope that by next year both the economy and Amiga games development will have warmed up. TW News Print “To overcome the slowness of HP compatibility, we used a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) processor. That gives 8ppm (page-per-minute) performance to a 4ppm engine," said Star Micronics' marketing director Gary Bailer of the company’s just-re- leased LaserPrinter 4 StarScript printer. Star promotes the S1995 biack-and-white unit as the industry's lowest priced RISC- based PostScript printer. Compatible with the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIP, the LaserPrinter 4 accepts IIP font cartridges. Its 50-sheet paper tray accommodates a variety of paper sizes, including labels, envelopes, and post cards, and you can add a larger paper tray as well. Along with the Intel i960 RISC microprocessor, the printer houses two megabytes of RAM (you can add four more), and it provides parallel, serial, and AppleTalk connectors, plus 35 outline fonts. (RS 101,) And Color! Color PostScript output is now more affordable, too. Thanks to some other arrivals. NEC s new Colormate PS Model 40, for instance, lists for $ 6995. Featuring 4MB of RAM and 17 Adobe typefaces, the unit accepts letter and A4 size sheets. An upgrade kit ($ 2000) provides an extra 4MB of RAM and 18 fonts on two daughterboards, as well as accepting legal-size pages, to let graphic artists, designers, and engineers produce sophisticated graphics. (RS 102.) Another 300-dpi, thermal-transfer color PostScript printer with a $ 6995 price tag is OVERHEARD Kolff Computer Systems (KCS), the Dutch company thai manufactures the Power PC Board, notified us that it never received the registration forms of American buvers front its former distributor, the i now-defunct Pulsar. KCS requests that Power PC owners send their name, address, and the Phoenix Bios serial number (noted on the hoard’s blue sticker) to Supra Corp., 7101 Supra Dr. S.W., Albany, OR 97321, Attn. Fecit Support. Supra, the new North American distributor for the board, will be ready to provide support as of September 1, and thereafter can supply you with updates. A software revision that KCS is currently working oil promises support for most Amiga hard- dri ve interfaces. The ColorScript 100 Model 10p, from QMS. Like the NEC Model 40, it comes with 4MB of RAM, runs on a 68020 processor, and provides four connectors: parallel, serial, AppleTalk, and a SCSI interface for downloading type and graphics from hard disk. More PostScript typefaces are standard, however 35 in all. The 10p prints on 872x11 paper and transparency. Depending on the type of color you want, you can use either of two ink rolls: one for brighter, more saturated colors, and another for Pantone colors. Says Neil Armentrout of QMS. “Our newest color PostScript printer (the 10p) is at the right price performance point for business-pre- sentation users, while our higher-end products will continue to serve desktop publishers and graphic artists." Included among those “higher-end" printers is the price-reduced ColorScript 100 Model 30i (now $ 10,995), which provides 8MB of RAM and accepts 11517 sheets. (RS 103.) BG Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Janine Jackson, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorid Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ SupraRAM 2000
• 2, 4, 6t or 8MB FAST RAM board for Amiga® 2000 computers
• Easy to install & Easy to expand
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• 6MB configuration allows maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard
• Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs
• Allows creation of large & very fast RAM disks
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• 1 2MB FAST RAM board for the Amiga 500
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• ON OFF switch available Available at your local dealer, or call: 1-800-727-8772 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321 I SA • FAX: 503-926-9370 * SupraRAM 500 SupraRAM 500RX, and SupraRAM 2000 are trademarks of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered tracemark of Made in the
U. S.A. REVIEWS GVP-Ricoh IVS Infinit 40 Nexus HardPack 44 SupraDrive Removable Removable Media Drives about the same according to my experience. T he differences among the Take the data and run. By Morton A, Kevelson WHILE THE TERM removable media may make journalists a bit nervous, what removable media means to Amiga users is a lot of storage space for those prize-winning animations, highly sensitive scientific data, or as many games as an enthusiast can safely enjoy. Hard-dtsk, or fixed-media. Drives provide copious amounts of fast, online storage at a reasonable cost. Sooner or later, however, even the largest hard drives fill up. In the past, your options were somewhat limited: You could delete some of your precious programs or data, upgrade to a larger hard drive, or add a second hard drive to your system. Any of these options are temporary solutions at best, for if you have filled one hard drive, you will probably fill the second just as quickly. By now, you have probably heard of removable-media drives especially if you read “Bottomless Disks” (Amiga- World, Apr. ‘91, p. 20). These devices combine the portable aspect of floppy disks with the hi git-capacity storage associated with hard drives. At this time, the most affordable systems (and the subject of this review) are those based on the Syquest and Ricoh drives. All of the performance tests and operating comments on the four drives discussed here are based on version 1,3.2 of the Amiga’s operating system. I formatted all of the cartridges using the FastFileSvstem. Taken on their own merits, the Syquest and Ricoh drives both perform For information about the vendors of products reviewed, see the “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 100. Drives reviewed here lie in how the elements of the entire system Amiga, controller, and drive work together. The results of testing these setups appear in the accompanying chart on page 16. What’s in a Name? When working with removable-media devices, the distinction between the physical device name and the volume, or logical, name becomes very important. T he operating system defines physical device names such as dID: for a floppy drive, or RAM: for the Amiga’s memory-storage device. By contrast. You specify the physical device name for hard and removable-media drives during the formatting process.
F. acli partition must have its own unique physical device name, which you can change only by rewriting its momitlist entry or by altering the rigid- disk blocks created by the host » adapter’s installation software. Volume names appear on the Workbench screen with accompanying icons when you insert disks in a floppy drive or when harcl-drive partitions are present. You can easily change volume names with the Workbench Rename menu option or the CITs Relabel command. When specifying an Amiga- DOS path, the physical device name, for example DF0:c dir, and the volume name, such as Workbench:c dii; are frequently interchangeable. If the disk in question is not in the drive when von issue a command, your command will most likely fail. With removable-media drives, the distinction between the physical device and the volume name is important, because version 1.3 of the Amiga’s operating system cannot distinguish removable media from floppy-disk drives. When powering up, you should make sure there is a cartridge in the drive even if your Amiga does not boot from it. When working with removable media. Keep in mind that booting may take a little longer than with a fixed drive, because the system has to spin uj). In addition, be sure to keep an eye on die drive’s indicating light when ejecting or inserting cartridges. A blinking or steady red light means that the drive is not ready, whereas a steady green light is your signal to proceed. HardPack 44 T he Syquest-based HardPack 44 ($ 599) is the upper half of Subsystem SCSI from Advanced Storage Systems. Sidewinder 250, the lower half of the system, is an Archive 250MB stream- ing-tape drive. This review concentrates only on the Syquest part of the system. The system is housed in a 7x5' .-x 16-inch fan-cooled enclosure that includes a built-in power supply. The power connector, on off switch, and a pair of Centronics-type 50-pin SCSI connectors are all located on the back panel. You must open the case in order to change the SCSI device numbers of either unit. The front panel has its own power LED beside the indicating lights on the Syquest and the Archive. A round, six- foot SCSI cable, with a DB25 connector at the computer end and a 50-pin connector at the other end. Comes with the system. I tested HardPack 44 with the Nexus SCSI host adapter for the A2000 from Advanced Storage Systems. The Nexus SCSI file-svstem software automatically i * senses when the Syquest cartridge is removed. Formatting and setting up a Syquest cartridge is the same as for any other SCSI hard drive connected to the SCSI bus. While each Syquest cartridge should have a unique volume name, tile physical device name and the partition layout should be the same For all cartridges used with Syquest and Nexus host adapters- Infinit 40 The Sycjuest based Infinit 40 ($ 899.95) is one of Interactive Video Systems' entries in the reinovable-media sweepstakes. I VS offers and supports removable media systems based on both the Ricoh and Syquest drives. The unit I tested conies in a sturdy 10x3x11-inch metal, fan-cooled enclosure with a built-in power supply. The power connector, on ofl switch, and two Centronics-type 50-pin SCSI connectors with retaining catches are all on the back panel. An eight-position DIP switch makes it easy to change the SCSI device number without opening the case. The front panel has its own power LED in addition to the indicating lights on the Syquest drive. Subbing for the absent Infinit 40, an Advanced Storage Systems' hardcard leans on the HardPack 44, while the GVP Ricoh rests against the SuperDrive Removable. I tested the unit with IYS’s Trump- card Professional. (Note that there are two sets of DiskSpeed test results for the Tnunpcard Professional. One represents the results from the default settings only, and the other is with the read write cache turned on and with maximum cache size.) Due to the Trumpcard’s rapid SCSI-bus transfer rates, IYS recommends you use a 50- conductor flat-ribbon cable to connect its SCSI peripherals. By separating each signal line with a ground line, the 50-conductor llat-ribbon SCSI bus can provide the necessary isolation and transmission characteristics. Formatting and setting up a Syquest cartridge is the same as for any other SCSI hard drive connected to the SCSI bus. The Tnunpcard’s file-system software automatically senses changes in the Syquest cartridge. Its unique system also automatically assigns physical device names during boot-up. This lets the Trum pcard recognize Syquest cartridges without the same partition arrangement. When you install a cartridge with a new partition, the Trumpcard reserves the original physical device name and automatically assigns it to the replacement cartridge. When you remove a cartridge that was in the drive when you powered up, the Workbench icon is replaced with DI Ix:BAD. The icon reverts to normal when you replace the original cartridge. Like with floppy disks, when you insert and remove subsequent cartridges, their icons appear and disappear. The Trumpcard's dynamic allocation of physical device names makes it the most flexible SCSI host adapter for removable-media use. Ricoh GVP From Great Valley Products, I received a raw Ricoh RI15500 removable media drive ($ 809) to install in the A20()0’s j' i-inch drive hay, and I tested the unit with a CA P Impact Series II SCSI host adapter. I he CAT SCSI file system also supports other removable-media devices. Such as the Syquest, Iomega, and Bernoulli drives. The system automati- cally detects the cartridge’s removal and changes its Workbench icon to “BAD.*’ When you put a new disk in, it automatically recognizes it and shows you a new icon. You can use the Gvp- Mount utility to mount any cartridges not inserted at hoot time. SupraDrive 44R The Supradrive 44R Syquest drive (S719.95) conies in a 7x3x14-inch metal enclosure with a built-in. Ian- tooled power supplv. The front panel includes both a power LED and a drive-busy LED in addition to the indicating lights on the drive itself. 4 lie power switch is located on the hack panel, which also features a single DB25 SCSI connector and a permanently attached two-foot cable, terminating in a DB25 connector, for connecting to the computer’s host adapter. The back panel also has a thumb-wheel switch that makes it easy to change the SCSI device number without opening the package. I tested the system with Supra’s WordSync SCSI host adapter. Supra’s SCSI file system limits removable-media disk formatting to a single partition. According to Supra, this arrangement reduces the risk ol losing data. You must install the SupraDiskChange utility to recognize disk changes. SupraDiskChange can run from the startup-sequence or after you boot the system. When you eject the cartridge, its icon shows up as Dhx:BUSY. The Choice The primary distinguishing characteristics among these prepackaged removable-media systems is in the SCSI host adapters. In fact, you can hook up any of these units to any Amiga host adapter that supports the specific removable-media drive in question. If von already own a host adapter, then you should add a compatible removable drive. If you are starting out f rom square 1. Consider a unified system the advan- tage being that most developers will ? Removable Media Speed Tests To put our removable media subjects through the wringer, I used the venerable MKSoft DiskSpeed 3.1. With Workbench 1.3 and its assorted files installed, I ran the first set of tests to find out how many kilobytes each system could create, read, and write in one second when using a 256K buffer. The results appear in Table 1: The figure to the left of the slash represents results with only Workbench 1.3 running. The number to the right shows what happens in a multitasking environment. These are the results I got when I activated CPU (Central Processing Unit) stress an option that repeatedly copies strings during disk activity and introduced DMA (Direct Memory Access) contention, which simultaneously transfers information on the data bus. Table 2 shows how many files the system could create, open and close, scan, delete, and seek read in one second. As in Table 1, the first number indicates the results without DMA and CPU contention. The second figure shows you what happens with these extra demands. In Table 3, the “real-world” tests, the first column indicates how long each system took to autoboot from a cold start with a generic Workbench 1.3 start- up-sequence. The second column shows how long it took to build a new index on Table 1 Removable Drive Create Read Write GVP Ricoh 226 177 367 359 368 283 IVS Infinit 40 233 222 442 425 406 380 IVS w read write cache 295 277 453 433 434 413 Nexus HardPack 44 268 266 506 483 326 333 SupraDrive Removable 232 238 430 425 427 417 Table 2 Removable Drive Create Open Close Dir Scan Delete Seek Read GVP Ricoh 6 4 13 10 51 26 8 6 193 78 IVS Infinit 40 9 8 33 25 128 91 10 8 189 125 IVS w read write cache 27 20 55 38 161 102 22 18 195 125 Nexus HardPack 8 7 17 15 115 81 55 47 178 117 SupraDrive 9 9 27 25 133 95 15 15 194 130 Table 3 Removable Drive Cofd Boot New Index GVP Ricoh 52.7 52.7 IVS Infinit 40 43.0 48.0 IVS w read write cache Nexus HardPack 43.2 48.4 SupraDrive 58.0 43.8 one field within a large database file using Superbase Professional 3.01 (Precision Software). Format the supplied media. II you can manage die investment, removable media is a viable replacement for vour overflowing hard disk. Bodega Bay Sitting in the dock of the bay. Bv Sheldon Leemon * AS EVERY A500 owner can lell you. The A2000 is just an A500 wiili expansion slots. In theory, that means all you have to do to upgrade your A500 lo A2000 capabilities is lo add an expansion box with slots. I'ufortunatelv, the slot boxes we’ve seen in the past have fallen far short of ideal. Some were bulky cubes dial, when plugged in. Turned your demure I 00 A500 into a hulking, oddh shaped contrapiion with two external power supplies. Manv had no Bridgehoard slots for IBM compatibility. Others caiue from small companies that could not afford to properly promote or support them. And most were only marginally compatible with existing A2000 expansion cards, working reliably with a select few cards, and not ai all with others. Watching the Tide Drift Away In light of the problems associated with previous expansion boxes, it's gratifying to report that California Access has avoided all of ilie pitfalls mentioned above in designing the Bodega Bay (S429.95), die newest entry into the A500 expansion-box market. While you may not agree that trying to turn an A500 into an A2000 is a worthwhile project, you certainly cannot fault California Access Ibr its execution of the concept. If the Bodega Bay isn’t the perfect A500 expansion box, at least it is die best one we've seen so far. Mechanically, die Bodega Bay is a large metal box that sits behind, and overhangs, the AoOO. Although it appears to rest on the A5Q0 case, its freestanding structure does not exert pressure on the computer. The lop and sides of the case are metal, while the faceplate is plastic -just like the A2000. On my test unit, several of the face- J plate's screw posts snapped during shipping, and the plastic cover for the expansion connector had broken off. When 1 called the manufacturer, California Access offered me a replacement faceplate, and told me that die company has changed the [jacking material to better protect the plastic parts. Installation is simply a matter of sliding vour A500 under the box until
o «¦ you can plug the edgc-card connector on its ’Toot" into your AoOO’s expansion port. Once installed, the box leaves the l ight side of the computer exposed, providing easy access to the disk drive. It overhangs the hack of the computer by several inches, however, making it difficult to connect cables to the rear ports. For this reason, you ? 16 Si fftntihrr IWIJ aaooGEia CIRCLE 62 ON READER SERVICE CARD nOQOGZlQ r I*PL EEHHI box the Bodega Bay comes in is larger than the A2000 box). While this gives it a somewhat bulky appearance, there really isn’t much that California Access could do about it. Given the size of Cl should attach your monitor, modem, printer, mouse, and joystick cables before you install the Bodega Bay. One cable you won’t have to worry about is the one leading to your external power supply. The Bodega Bay includes a hefty (200 watt) internal supply and cable that plugs directly into the A500 power connector, allowing you to dispense with the standard power brick. A Bodega Bay A500 combination is a couple of inches larger than an Amiga A2000 in each dimension (even the Amiga expansion cards, and the necessity of leaving the A500 keyboard exposed. Once attached, the Bodega Bay provides you with lour Amiga 100-pin expansion slots, stacked horizontally along the left side of the box, A3000- style. The top three slots also contain in-line IBM AT-sivIe expansion connec
• • zv- . - .-ty - - We’re making waves Real3D is a revolutionary 3D modelling, ray-tracing and animation package. Version 1.4 is now available. Includes sophisticated solid modelling, 24 bit rendering, superior material handling, fog effects, and several mapping methods. D R E A L 3 marketed internationally hy Activa International B.V.
P. O. Box 23260, 1100 DT Amsterdam The Netherlands support for North America by Programs Plus & Video 544 Queen Street, Chatham, Ontario N7M 2J6, Canada
(519) 436-0988 BBS(519) 436-0140 Real3D is a product of realsoft ky, Finland Real 3D is Real 3D’s tors, making them suitable for use as Bridgeboard slots. On the opposite side lie the power supply and drive bays. Accessible from the front of the box is a full-height, 5' t-inch drive bay that you can use for single, full-height devices such as large hard drives and optical disks, or for two half-height 57-i-inch devices like hard drives, tape- backup systems, CD-ROMs, or 3Vi-incli iloppy drives for Bridgeboard use. With an adapter plate, you can also install 3! 2-inch hard or floppy drives in ibis bay. In addition to the external bays, the Bodega Bay provides room for a single internal TA-inch drive, although the cramped space makes the installation process a bit tricky (the company told me that it is reworking later versions of the box to allow easier access). The Bodega Bay even provides an extra LED on the front of the case for monitoring internal drive activity. Position Is Everything Although the Bodega Bay provides ample room for additional drives, there are two considerations to keep in mind. First, the horizontal orientation of the slots makes it inadvisable to use a hard drive mounted on a SCSI controller card. Such an arrangement not only causes the drive to block access to one or more expansion slots, but it leaves the drive mounted upside-down, which may damage it. If you own a hardcard, however, it’s a relatively easy task to detach the drive from the card, and move it to the internal bay. I he second consideration is that you cannot mount bare 3'A-inch floppy drives in the internal bays as additional AmigaDOS floppies. You can add more floppies to the A500 only by plugging them into the external Iloppy port, and for that, you need a small interface circuit board as well as the bare drive. You can, however, install a dismantled California Access external floppy drive inside the Bodega Bay. The chassis provides holes for mounting the drive’s pass-through jack and on-off switch. California Access advises against trying to install the drive without its upcoming optional mounting kit. Without it, it is possible to plug the interface board in the wrong way and destroy the drive mechanism. Califor- Conthuted on p. 80. IH photographs are of actual DCTV screens* Acqpfure q videofrgme in 10 seconds from a images. Convert DCTyT imqjei to or
A. Point digitize and conversion software rograms A Animate in fu Mia. I Meg. Required DCTV™(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTVTMcreates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTVT* DCTV"*also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Circle 15 on Reader « I'l l()T(K.RAI g to the $ 1500-$ 2000 range, PostScript have finally become affordable enough for personal use. Let's compa re five of the leading low-end models. PostScript Laser Printers By Loren Lovhaug, with Frank Hudson L fT
* v7 1
* *. .
* * I asquerading as a high-powered business lype wilh deep pockets, I strode confidently into a ritzy downtown computer store and requested audience with a PostScript laser printer. Alter an amazing demonstration, 1 thanked the salesperson and told her I would think about it. And think about it I did. I thought about the gorgeous pages it produced. 1 thought about its lightning speed. 1 thought about the bank I would have to rob to get one. That was five years ago. When even low-end PostScript lasers sold Cor nearly $ 7000. Today’s victims of laser lust can get the object of their desires without resorting to criminal activity. Over the past year laser printer prices have fallen dramatically, and sophisticated PostScript models can now be had for under $ 2000. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular and widely distributed sub-$ 2000 black- and-white PostScript printers. (For prices and specifications on each, checkout the “Features Presentation” chart below.) Let's also examine ihe issues surrounding them, paying special attention to how well they work with lhe Amiga. The printers we chose for this article come from reputable manufacturers who have well-defined service networks. Beyond this fact and their popularity, these five have several other similarities. All come with the latest versions of Adobe Systems’ PostScript page-description language and the Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language (PCL). (See the sidebar “Why PostScript?") Lat h also includes at least 35 resident PostScript typefaces and comes with a minimum of 1.5MB RAM. Except for the Apple Personal LaserWriter, you can connect any of these printers via parallel, serial, or AppleTalk ports (the LaserWriter omits a parallel option). Making a parallel or serial connection requires only an appropriate cable. To make an AppleTalk connection, you need an Amiga 2000 or 3000 and an AppleTalk interface card such as Progressive Peripherals* Double Ialk or DigiFex’s Interact. Ihe two mosi unexpected similarities among the printers are their output quality and their diminutive size. Unlike dot-matrix printers, which dilfer greatly in the quality of L A s f: H I1 their output, these are virtually the same in terms of output; any variance was imperceptible even with a magniiying glass. All deliver crisp, dark, flawless blacks, consistent grays, and curves as smooth as 300 dots per inch allow. Perhaps more surprising are the bodies of the printers ihemselves. Laser printers have traditionally been heavy and bulky, requiring substantially more desk space than their dot-matrix cousins, hut not these beauties. Lach one is light and compact. To find the differences in the printers, we looked at how easy each is to set up and use with the Amiga. We also considered the speed at which it churned out text, how well and how quickly it processed complex projects, and the difference made by a speedy microprocessor or engine. Finally, because laser printers arc more expensive lo operate than other printers, we considered the cost per printed page. For the results of our investigations, read on and see the “PostScript Blit !” test results. (For details on how to contact the developers of products mentioned in this artie e, consult the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 100.) Without its paper tray, QMS s PS-410 is slightly larger than the unit with the smallest footprint, Texas Instruments* microLaser PS-35. Measuring only 7.5 inches in height, however, the PS- 410 is only about half as high as the microLaser, so it is a better “bookshelf” printer. With the 50-page paper tray unfolded (a rather skimpy capacity compared to the other printers), the unit measures 25x 13 inches. The PS-410’s initial setup is the easiest of any of the printers. You merely open the iront ol the machine, drop in the all-in-one drum toner cartridge, latch the front back up, and drop down the hinged panel that serves as the paper tray. It’s all neat and quick. The 410 is the only printer in the group to feature a 68020 processor. Although the 16 Mhz ’020 oilers advantages for such calculation-intensive work as printing structured graphics, even that calculation speed could not overcome the 410’s slower lour-page-per minute engine. (Three ol the other printers arc rated at six pages per minute or better.) Another aspect that sets the PS-410 apart is ils extensive offering of typefaces; it provides 45 PostScript faces instead of the standard 35. Of these, we were unable to access Helvetica condensed or Garamontl from any Amiga applications. Unlike the other printers, the PS-410 has no buttons R I I F, R S l j ¦' vL_ -;‘Ci * -'.S'. *' ' t J A} or LCD screen for switching between page-description languages or setting port preferences. Instead, the 110 employs a proprietary software technology called FSP that controls every aspect of the printer s operation. The best part of this scheme is that all three of the 410's connectors serial, parallel, and AppleTalk are available at all times. This means that you can hook up as many as three computers to it, each via a different port, and these computers can all send data m the printer simultaneously; ESP automaticallv queues up print requests. Switching between PCL and PostScript modes is also automatic; the printer indentifies which page-description language is needed from the incoming data string. ESP’s no-button approach is one of the ll()‘s strongest points, but it poses a few problems for the Amiga. While QMS supplies a menu-driven utility program, PSExecutive, so that the Mac or MS-DOS user can toggle Wait and Sample Page settings, there is no Amiga version of the utility. It should be noted, however, that PSExecutive is merely a convenience for sending the printer commands written in machine-independent PostScript code. Thanks to Consultron’s CrossDOS file-formal conversion utility, we were able to set these parameters. We read the PostScript commands from the 3.5-inch MS- DOS version of the utility and copied them directly to the PAR: device through the (TI. CrossDOS became even more important when it came time to perform our text test, as the printer did not properly auto-sense PostScript data from Micro-Systems Software's excellence! Word processor, lb complete the test, we locked the printer into PostScript mode using the PostScript command from the MS-DOS disk. All other software we tested sw itc hed automatically between PCL and PostScript without drama. The ESP system works well and makes perfect sense for Mac and P( 1 systems. Although QMS does not provide Amiga software, it has promise if you want to share a printer with other computers providing you are willing to take on the conversion challenge. In this field of small and smaller primers. Okidata s OL840 is still in the big-and-tall section. It measures 17x23 inches will) its paper trav, and stands
8. 5 inches tall. Its solid construction, heavier base, and second paper-tray option make it the most durable printer we tested.
1. S E R P R I T E R S Getting Started Why PostScript? KNOWING THAT EVEN the least expensive PostScript printers cost twice as much as low-end standard lasers, you might be wondering what’s so great about the PostScript option. Today there are two kinds of laser printers on the market, grouped according to which page-description language they use. A page-description language such as PostScript is the set of conventions that tell a laser printer’s hardware how to render and position text and graphics on a printed page. Like the Amiga's Preferences system, the idea behind page-description languages is to give applications developers a standard method for accessing a printer's capabilities while minimizing the user's need to understand printcr- conrrol intricacies. The least expensive laser printers generally use a version of Hewlett Packard’s page-description language, called Printer Control Language (PCL). Such printers are said to be HP or PCL compatible. Today, PCL-based printers come equipped with a minimum of 512K of RAM and two fonts, although many HP-compatible printers arc sold with more memory and a linger complement of built-in fonts. Most PCL printers use a microprocessor in the same class as the A500’s 7.16 Mhz 68000. The other popular printer-control language is Adobe Systems’ PostScript. Modern PostScript laser printers usually have at least 1.5MB of RAM and 17 fully scalable typefaces. When it comes to computing power, PostScript printers generally use faster microprocessors than their PCL counterparts. Because PostScript printers have more under the hood than do PCL units, they cost more to produce. Further, because PostScript is a more complex and powerful language than PCL. It begs for more memory and processing muscle. PCL supports only two scalable graphics primitives namely, horizontal and vertical rule that von can color effectively only in 5% intervals from white to black. This means that the sole way to print a complex image with PCL is to send its bitmapped representation to the printer, a slow and disappointing process. On the other hand, PostScript includes a rich array of graphics primitives, including bezier curves, arcs, and lines, all of which you can rotate and scale. In addition, PostScript includes an advanced, pattern-based flood-fill facility that can shade even irregularly shaped objects in .1% increments. PostScript also surpasses PCL in the way it handles text. To appreciate PostScript’s superiority in this area, it is important to understand the difference between two terms that are often confused: typeface and font. A typeface is a particular design or style of letters, numbers, and symbols, while a font is the actual set of letters, numbers, and symbols for a typeface in a specific size. For example, the Amiga's default typeface, Topaz, is available in three sizes, each of which is a font. One Topaz font features characters eight pixels high, whereas the other two are nine and 11 pixels in height. Similarly, a PCL printer provides fonts that are- specific sizes of particular typef aces. Unlike PCL. PostScript is actually typeface-based and can build virtually any size font from typeface-out line information stored within the printer. T his means that PostScript printers can produce an almost infinite number of fonts for each typeface the only limits are your printer’s RAM and its print resolution. While the distinction between font and typeface may seem trivial at first, it is crucial. Many advertisers use the word font instead of typeface when describing the number of typefaces resident in a PostScript printer. Therefore, uninformed buyers may wrongly con- J D dude that a PCL-based laser printer with 30 resident fonts has more text flexibility than a PostScript laser printer with 17 typefaces advertised as having 17 resident fonts. Besides the fact that PostScript printers are superior for graphics and text handling, some practical considerations make them a better choice than PCL printers for Amiga owners. First, PostScript is a device-independent standard. The same PostScript output you send to a PostScript laser can also be sent to a professional imagesetter, such as the one that prints this magazine at 2540 dots per inch. This makes a PostScript printer a fine proofing device, even if you arc going to output your pages to film via an imagesetter. Finally, although Amiga laser-print- er support is somewhat weak and Preferences does not include a PostScript driver (see the sidebar “Amiga Software and Lasers”), Amiga software supports PostScript better than PCL. A particularly admirable feature is the 840’s ability to accept additional PostScript fonts on credit-card sized ROM boards. Unfortunately, however we were unable to get any Amiga applications to recognize these fonts. The OL840 is die only one of this bunch that is tech- nically not a laser printer. Its imaging process actually uses an array of LF1) panels. We could find no difference, however, in density of blacks and sharpness of output. T he OL840 s set-up process is a little more complex than average. The drum and toner units are separate, and the toner cartridge spilled a few smudges during installation. Control of the port., the page-description languages, and the miscellaneous settings is handled by an array of soft-touch buttons on the printer’s front panel. As with most ol the other printers, an LCD panel indicates printer status and set-up choices. As the only eight-page-per-minute printer in this test, the 840 inns multiple-copy prints and other such tasks more quickly. Our tests show that there is more to a printer’s speed than its engine’s page-per-minute rating. Still, if you intend to use your PostScript printer as a make-shift ? E copie of documents, Small pphits aside, the NKC turned in niighiy line .jf jf a pqiTofmaftce figures and conics at an attractive price. Texas Instruments microLaser PS-35 photocopier Iq mil the 01.840 might t NEC SlLENTWRITER 2 MODEL 90 In terms of si e, NEC's Silentwriter 2 Model 90 sits in the middle of this pack. Its irregular shape (measuring 18x25x8) makes it look somewhat like a cozy cabin with a large deck, the deck being its paper tray. The tray’s ungainly length results from its ability to hold legal-si e paper; most printers require you to buy an additional tray for 14-inch pages. The tray, surprisingly, is the trickiest part of the Silent- writer’s otherwise easy setup. The combined toner drum cartridge drops in under die printer's hood, but adding the tray is a matter of finding two elusive metal pins that lit into a pair of plastic hooks. Although the assembled unit looks fragile, it has stood up well under extended use. A small LCD window and some miniature burtons control such tiser-configuration settings as hardware port, page-desmption language, and wait preferences. If you plan to switch often between PCI, and PostScript, you mav quite possibly be annoyed that there is no constantly visible indication of which mode is selected, a nicety that Okidata’s 01.840 includes and the QMS' PS-410 does not need. Texas Instruments' microLaser PS-35 is the smallest (13x1-1 x 11) ol the live printers, but involves the most difficult set-up procedure. It employs a threefpiecc consumable system, including separate toner and developer units and OPC drum (which fuses the toner). The complexity of three separate units, combined with the printer's small si e and vertical orientation, means spending a few more minutes under the hood initially. Both the developer and the OPC drum have extremely long lilc spans, however, so once they are installed, you can forget about them for a long time. This three-piece arrangement is somewhat deceptive. It makes the PS-35 appear to challenge the Oki- data 840 as tluf costliest printer to operate, as the features Presentation chart shows. Considering that both your initial developer unit and OPC drum arc supplied with rfie printer, however, the PS-35 is considerably cheaper to operate than the others for the lirst 25,000 p gcs or so. I he PS-35 has a few unique features. Like Okidata. Texas Instruments sells cretlit-card size cartridges to Features Presentation Printer Base Prices: List Retail Ranges Memory: Base Max Processor Engine Speed Consumables ftem Copies Price Consumable Cost copy (c) Tray Capacity QMS PS-410 $ 2795 51850-S2150 2MB 6MB 68020 16 Mhz Cannon LX 4ppm OPC Drum 3500 S99
2. 8 50 sheets Okidata OL840 $ 2995 $ 1850-S2050 2MB 4MB 68000 12 Mhz Okidata 8ppm Toner 2500 S33 OPC Drum 15000 S289
3. 2 200 sheets NEC Silentwriter 2 Mode! 90 S2499 S1500-S1700 2MB 4MB 68000 16 Mhz Minolta 6ppm OPC Drum 8000 5240
3. 0 250 sheets Tl microLaser PS-35 S2849 S1500-S1700
1. 5MB 4.5MB 68000 12 Mhz Sharp 6ppm Toner 3000 S69 Developer 25000 S130 OPC Drum 40000 S160
3. 2 250 sheets Apple Personal LaserWriter NT S2599 S1850-2300 2 MB 8 MB 68000 Cannon LX 4ppm OPC Drum 35Q0 S99
2. 8 250 sheets The DM I Resoiver™ graphics co-processor board offers a new dimension in Amiga display capability. Shown above is an unretouched 8-bit display, illustrating the 1280x1024 resolution color work environment provided by the Resolver, The DMI Resolver boosts the display and graphics processing capabilities of all Amiga A2000 and A3000 series computers, under both AmigaDOS and UNIX operating systems. Not to be confused with a frame buffer or grabber, the Resolver is a lightning fast 60MHz graphics co-processor. Whatever your application - desktop publishing, presentation graphics, animation, 3D modeling, ray tracing, rendering, CAD - let the Resolver move you into a new realm of resolution and workstation quality display. DMI Resolver
• 1280x1024 Resolution
• 8-bit Color Graphics
• 16-million Color Palette 60MHz Processor Programmable Resolution Digital Micronics, Inc. 5674 El Camino Real, Suite P Carlsbad, CA 92008 Tel: (619) 431-8301 • FAX: (619) 931-8516 Calf for more information and the dealer nearest you. Resolver is a trademark of Digital Micronics. Inc. Amiga. A200Q, and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T L A S E R P R I X T E R S Amiga Software and Lasers DESPITE I HE AMIGA'S prowess as a graphics computer, it lags behind other systems in its support for high-quality printing using either PCL- or PostScript-based laser printers. What are the problem areas of Amiga laser-printer support? Laser printers often come with a complement of high- quality resident typefaces. Because Preferences handles text in terms of pitch (characters per inch, measured horizontally), the HP Laser Preferences driver and most Amiga software cannot easily or accurately use most of the fonts resident in PCL printers except for the monospaced Courier fonts. This may be adequate if you wish to use laser printers as big, fast, quiet typewriters. Most laser-printer owners, however, want proportional typefaces even for routine business letters. Only one nondesktop-publishing product gives you passable access to and control over resident PCL proportional fonts WordPerfect, from WordPerfect Corporation. However, this program s use of character-based measurement rather than absolute measurement makes its support somewhat laborious. Text control for PostScript lasers on the Amiga is somewhat better than for PCL printers. Because Commodore does not supply a PostScript printer driver, this superiority is wholly at- tibutable to third-party software. You can find limited support for resident PostScript proportional typefaces in WordPerfect and excellence! (Micro- Systems Software). ProWritc (New Horizons) needs an add-on program, ProScript (also from New Horizons). W hile these programs allow you to do basic word-processing output using PostScript, none provide optimal PostScript support; nor do they let you scale typefaces to other sizes, which makes it impossible to print in any but specific sizes of a given tyrpeface. WordPerfect, for instance, includes a separate printer driver for each of the typefaces most commonly found in Post-Script printers. Unfortunately, however, this scheme does not allow you to mix different typefaces in the same document. Although each of these WordPerfect drivers lets you access up to eight sizes of the designated typeface, WordPerfect does not automatically adjust line leading and margins to accommodate your proportional fonts. This means you must calculate the appropriate leading and margin settings, and tell WordPerfect to adjust them in terms of lines per inch and characters per inch for each font change. The developers of both ProScript and excellence! Provide a limited number of Amiga screen fonts and font metric information for specific typeface sizes. (If you own Professional Page from Gold Disk, you can use its font metric screen-font information to add more resident font support.) Using this approach, both of these products provide a fairly good on-screen approximation of what your printed page will look like. Although you are limited to only a few sizes for each typeface, you can freely mix typefaces within a document. In addition, they save you from the tedious chore of calculating leading and margins. Both ProScript and excellence! Also provide a limited capability to print IFF graphics. ProScript, however, proved unable to print multiple-col- umn documents, and it choked on other forms of complex formatting. While excellence! Did not exhibit problems with text formatting, we did notice one disturbing anomaly. In the name of “truly accurate on-screen display,” excellence! Appears to stretch the character widths of every PostScript font so that it matches the -1:3 ratio of the Amiga’s screen display. What if you need additional typefaces? The leasT expensive way to add them to a printer is to use “downloadable fonts.” These are fonts that reside on your disk drive and are transferred to the printer’s memory when needed for a print job. Though both the PCL and PostScript worlds are well supplied with downloadable fonts from a variety of sources (including public domain), Amiga support for downloadable PCL fonts is virtually nonexistent. The PostScript situation is just slightly better; only one Amiga desktop-publishing package, PageStream (Soft-Logik), fluently accesses a wide variety of downloadable PostScript fonts, thus allowing for literally hundreds of typefaces. Thankfully, PageStream, Saxon Publisher (Saxon Industries), and Professional Page all provide first-rate support for the PostScript language. They allow the Amiga to easily manage the features of PostScript printers, so you get precise control and layout flexibility. Structured-drawing programs like Professional Draw (Gold Disk) and Pro- Vector (Taliesin) equally support both types of laser printers, but for those who use art created on other systems, a variation of the PostScript printer- control language, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), is much more useful. EPS graphics import nicely into Amiga desktop-publishing programs. Because they use PostScript instructions to draw, EPS graphics print correctly only on PostScript printers. Also, EPS graphics print faster than structured-graphics output to PCL printers. Expand the number of PostScript typefaces available for the microLaser. Although we were not able to obtain a card for testing, we doubt that current Amiga applications can recognize them; TI employs the same technology for its cards as does Okidata. Another twist is that 11 offers this same machine in two other configurations. The microLaser is a PCL- onlv printer that sells for less than S1000; the microLaser PS-17 is a 1 7-PostScript-typcface version that sells for about $ 200 less than the PS-35. You can upgrade either of these lesser models to the level of the PS-35, although the combined cost of the upgrade hoards will increase the final price of your printer to slightly more than the price of the PS-35. Although the PS-35 comes with a printed manual, TI provides a complete on-line help system that you can dump from the printer’s ROM. Controlling the help system and eveiy other aspect of the PS-35 are the obligatory front-panel buttons and LCD display. The PS-35 performed well in our Text Test and Light Publishing Test, but it failed our Torture Lest probably because it comes equipped with only 1.5MB of memory as opposed to the 2MB of the other printers. Given that the elements of tnir 'lorture Test are derived from real-world projects, we recommend that you consider adding memory if you buy the PS-35. ? Ion of m 2.2 Amiga World called PageStream 2 the.‘Amiga desktop publishing king of the hill.” Amiga User International named it the “heavyweight champion.” But we weren’t satisfied. We wanted to create the most advanced publishing system for any computer, so we added a new interface, HotLinks, and a host of new features to create PageStream 2.2, HotLinks lets text, graphics and publishing applications talk to each other in real time, on one computer and across networks. So, instead of spending time importing text and graphics. You can spend more time being creative. PageStream
2. 2: The evolution of publishing is complete; Sort-Logik Publishing Corporation PAGESTREAM 2.2 HOTLINKS BME PAGELINER • WE GIVE YOU THE TOOLS TO DREAM Cowing Soon. 'H00-X29-860fi, Circle 46 oo Reader Service card. WE RAN ATI. Three tests on a 25 Mhz The Text Test is a 1.5-page excel- A3000 vitli 6MB of RAM and a hard Icnce! 2.0 (Micro-Systems Software) disk, finies are reported in minutes document containing text in a mixture and seconds. Of resident PostScript typefaces. Finally, For the desktop-publishing Torture the Light Publishing Lest was done Lest, we used a four-page document with Professional Page 2.0 (Gold Disk), produced with PngcStream 2.1 (Soft- using Gold Disk’s sample New Laser Logik). The document combines limes document, a two-page file with scanned IFF images, Adobe lype I soft resident PostScript typefaces and Pro typefaces, EPS (Encapsulated Post- Draw structured graphics. Script) graphics, PageStream and Pro For each Lest, we recorded the rime Draw (Gold Disk) structured drawings, it took for the application to finish pro- and gray-scale objects. Cessing the print job (these times are listed under the Application Free column:) arid also how long it took for the printer actually to generate the pages (the Page Out column). Alter each test, we turned off the printer to c lear its i * memory before proceeding. Except for tests on the Apple Personal LaserWriter NT, we ran our trials from within the applications,with the printers connected to the A3000 via the parallel port. Tests on Apple’s Personal I LaserWriter N 1 were performed using die Amiga’s serial port at 9600 baud. Torture Test Application Free Application Free Light Publishing Test Application Free Page Out QMS PS-410 Okidata OL840 NEC Silentwriter 2 Model 90 Apple Personal LaserWriter NT Another nagging aspect ol die Personal LaserWriter is the way in which you change emulation modes. On the rear of die printer is a push-wheel with seven numbered settings. There is no indication on the printer as to which setting does what, and there is no LCD panel to convev this and other status information. You are forced to consult the printer’s manual in order to switch emulation modes. The last strike against the LaserWriter N I is its easy- to-mstall but terribly slow fom-page-per-mmule engine the same one that drags down the QMS. Add to this the fact that its advertised price is consistently higher than the others, and it is not hard to understand Co our dismissal of this machine. There are really four winners in this contest. I lie one you pick will depend on several criteria, not I lie least of which is price. Be sure to shop around, because prices differ greatly. Be sure also to watch for new developments in the printer industry; at press time we got word of a PostScript laser printer from Star Micronics that carries a sub-S2000 retail price. That probably translates to a street price of SI 300 or less. (See this issue's ‘’Overscan" for more details on the new arrival.) Apple Personal LaserWriter NT f the five printers we tested. Apple's Personal LaserWriter NT is the only one we cannot rcc- ommend to Amiga owners, primarily because it does not offer parallel communications ability, the standard method by which printers interface to the Amiga. Unless you happen to have an AppleTalk card, this means that your only choice for connecting the LaserWriter NT to your Amiga is via its serial port (or a multiserial card) at 9600 baud. This method of con- Chicken Little was right...the sky is falling! ¦ l,oyen Lovhaughas taught and written about computers sinn 19S-f, and has been a sysop (or several commercial BBSs. Nection to the NT is considerably slower than the par- Frank Hudson, who writes and edits on the Amiga, icorks allel connector we used to test the other printers. With Loren for Voyager Mindtools in Minneapolis. A M I G A I PUT-2 OUT SEPARATING THE DTP PACK Step up to the bur and see how three leading Amiga desktop-publishing programs handle your order when it comes to color separations. While "Amiga" may not be the first word that leaps to everyone’s mind when you mention the term “desktop publishing,” there is a loyal following (which is steadily growing) of Amiga DTP enthusiasts using a solid core of programs to produce a wide variety of publications, As a long-time DTP practitioner, 1 do acknowledge that there are a number of handicaps to publishing on the Amiga, but there are just as many reasons why I prefer using the Amiga over any other machine. Beyond the basics of layout, font support, and other DTP features, key considerations are the color-scpa- ration capabilities of your program and the quality of the ensuing output. In evaluating how successfully miga DTP programs perform this function, I will first present an overview of the color-separation process and then examine the methods each program employs to get the job done. If you wish to desktop publish on your Amiga, there are three programs from which to choose. Professional Page from Gold Disk (latest release
2. 0, $ 395) was the first serious publishing package for the Amiga, and it has been a solid program since its inception almost four years ago. Although its early versions had many problems, Soft-Logik Publishings PageStream (latest release 2.1, $ 299.95) has grown through a long series of updates and revisions to a point where its present features and capabilities have earned it a significant position in the market. Saxoji Industries' Saxon Publisher (latest release 1.1, $ 360; note that a new, 1.2 release is expected by the time this appears see the “Editor's Note” at the end of this article for details) is the new kid on the block, and although its unorthodox interface is difficult to master, it is capable of some stunning color separation results. It is not my intention here to tell you which of these programs is the finest Amiga DTP package; instead, I will try i By Eyo Sama to show you how to obtain the best color-separation results with the program that you have. Color-separation results, of course, must be weighed against other features and capabilities of DTP programs and the three packages examined here are distinctly different when it conies to these areas, too. Therefore, in my conclusion I will try to put such results in the larger perspective of the overall strengths and weaknesses of each individual program. (To contact the developers of these and other products mentioned. Consult the “Manufacturers Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 100.) Color Separation Basics On computer screens, color is represented as levels of red, green, and blue (RGB). Full amounts of all three colors will give you white, while zero levels for all three will produce black. This is called the additive color model. On paper, however, the subtractive (or reflective) color model applies, which is directly opposite to the additive model. With printed output on paper, color is represented by the amounts of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink (GMY) present. Unlike the RGB scheme, lull amounts of the three inks will give you black (at least in theory), while no ink, of course, leaves you with a blank white page. With either model, however, equal amounts of the three colors involved will give you var- n ious levels of gray. Golor separation on a computer is the process of converting text and images defined in the RGB color model into the CMY colors used for offset printing. The cyan, magenta, and yellow components of a page of text and images are usually printed separately, each onto its own piece of negative film. In theory, 100% of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink should produce pure black; in practice, though, it does not. Because of impurities, mainly in the magenta and cyan inks, the result is a muddy brown instead of black. Magenta ink is usually contaminated with about 50% yellow, while cyan ink is contaminated with about 30% magenta. Grays, which (again in theory) are composed of equal amounts of the three inks, can also be slightly off because of these impurities. Tw o processes are used to counteract this phenomenon: under color removal (UCR), which is used to generate a fourth (black) film, and color correction, which makes adjustments for impurities in the inks. W it 1 i under color removal, black ink can be used wherever all three other inks are found. For example, if you have a filled circle composed of 20% cyan, 40% magenta, and 60% yellow, there is 20% of ink common to all three; therefore, you can remove this same amount from each ink. The 20% gray that was removed is then added to the black film. The resulting separation consists of 0% cyan, 20% magenta, 40% yellow, and 20% black. There are several additional benefits involved in this process: Black ink is less expensive than other ink (and less ink is used, too); there is also less total ink coverage during printing (and, therefore, less chance of smearing); and it is possible to achieve higher contrast in scanned images. In practice, you do not remove the full amount of color, because this can lead to trapping and registration problems. (Registration is the alignment of each of the four pieces of film with respect to each other.) Misaligned film can cause a thin white line to appear where there is a transition between two colors. Typically, you remove only 50% of the underlying color. With 50% UCR in the example above, the resulting separation is composed of 10% cyan, 30% magenta, 50% yellow; and 10% black. Another related process, called gray component replacement (OCR), allows you to vary the amount of the black that is replaced. Again using the example above, 100% GCR produces 20% gray on the black film, while 75% GCR produces 15% black. Using color correction, it is possible to offset the impurities of the inks by removing amounts equal to the impurity. Because magenta is contaminated with yellow; you would thus reduce the amount of yellow ink: similarly, as cyan is tainted with magenta, you would also reduce the amount of magenta ink proportionately. Of the three programs under consideration, only Professional Page allows you to manipulate the UCR GCR settings beyond the program-specified default settings (which are 50% for UCR and 100% for GCR). In Pro Page's case, being able to decrease the GCR setting partially compensates for what I see as a problem with that program's color separations, namely, that they often result in images that seem “washed out” because the colors are not bright enough. Reducing GCR, unfortunately, also causes darker colors and blacks to appear less solid. It is best to vary the settings according to the type of images you are separating. For structured graphics, you can even opt to switch off the UCR GCR process altogether, which proves to be quite useful in some applications, because it then allows you to specify the black percentage directly. Professional Page does automatically color-correct for ink impurities, but here you cannot modify the default settings. You can switch the feature off, however, by typing Alt-Shift-C. Although PageStream does not allow you to alter any of these settings beyond the defaults, it still manages to produce fairly good separations. Colors, however, arc not terribly accurate and, as with Professional Page, they tend to appear somewhat washed out. A similar situation exists with Saxon Publisher. You cannot modify its UCR GCRdefaull settings. It is my experience, however, that with Saxon’s patent-pending color-separation system, APEX, you really do not need to. Instead, the program allows you to modify the level of impurities in the inks used by your printer. You can also modify the cyan saturation level and thus compensate For the low saturation of some batches of cyan ink. Be careful with this setting, however, for too low' a value ? When an image is color-separated, it is broken down into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black each on its own piece of film. Listen. You wont believe your ears. Harmoni: Compose the NEXT HIT ON THE CHARTS! Create musical sequences. EDIT THEM, AND COMBINE THEM INTO SONGS. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN BAND, RECORDING NGINEER, AND PRODUCER ALL AT ONCE. Midi Connector; Plug into high RFORMANCE. LINK YOUR MIDI instruments and AMIGA TOGETHER WITH THIS MULTI-PORT MIDI INTERFACE. HOOK UP A Midi keyboard, Midi drumset, Midi sax, and jam with your friends. ROCK & ROLL with your Amiga! ? Look. YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES. AlterImage Video F X: Edit your video footage into a home movie masterpiece. Create impressive titles, special effects, and SCROLLING CREDITS with the power of Amiga desktop video. AlterImage Genlock: Introduce your Amiga to your video camera AND VCR THROUGH THIS SOFTWARE CONTROLLABLE GENLOCK. ADD SLICK TITLES AND GRAPHICS TO YOUR HOME VIDEO FOOTAGE BY HOOKING UP ALL OF YOUR VIDEO GEAR THROUGH THIS POWERFUL VIDEO CONNECTOR. GO HOLLYWOOD with your Amiga! The Disc Company i1040 Santa Monica BhJ. Suite 300 lass Angeles. CA 90025 21j.478.6767 fax n i,477 B6S8 The Disc Company - Europe
60. Rue Marcel Dassault Boulogne. France 92100 9- 0.99.95 fax 47.61.17 -4& © 1991 I he Disc Company. AlterImage (icnlock, AlterImage Video F X, MIDI Connector. Disc Company. All other trademarks are the property «if their respective owners. Cirde 57 on Reader Service card will give you output that looks too blue. If you can work within this context, you will find that Saxon Publisher separations have bright, well-saturated colors and good contrast. It’s a Match!...Or Is It? Whether you attempt to specify color on your desktop system as different levels of red. Green, and blue (RGB), rwioNC m Cv iwroHi: R»n*x PwroNt: 2B0 cv PAHI0HE 201 CV PANtOHL 282 CV p wroHr 2uj cv PANI0HI 284 CV PANTONE 2BS CV UUKQEBHHHH VEWMSEXm R n 0 Qcuitw ? No IKR fiCR One el Pro Page is the only program that supports the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color-definition system. Or as levels of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK), your basic problem in either case is that you hardly ever manage to get in print what you see on your screen. That is why there are a number of color- definition systems to help you. One of the more popular is the Pantone Matching Svstem (PMS). The PMS library consists of more than
71) 0 numbered color inks commonly used in the printing industry. The Pantone Color Formula (hade (Pantone Inc.) contains sample patches of all the Pantone colors, cm both coated and tmcoated paper stock. 1 his book is invaluable to any serious desktop publisher, because it allows you to better predict the colors that will appear on your linal product. You will also find that just about every client who wants specific colors for his or her project will request them as numbers from the Pan tone book. You can obtain the Pant one guide from most art supply stores or directly from Pantone. You can use the Pantone colors in one of two ways: Speedy the colors as being mechanical (where the printer uses the actual Pantone inks you request), or ust' a CMYK process-color equivalent to estimate the color of the actual Pantone ink. When producing a mechanical (spot-color) separation, you specify text and structured graphics as being of a specific color, previously delined as being mechanical, or a percentage shade thereof. When this separation is output to film, the colors are not translated into CMYK equivalents; instead, each mechanical color (and its shades) is printed on its own individual film. The printer then uses the specified Pantone ink to print each film to paper on an offset printing press. I he benefit of using this method is that you are assured that the colors that appear on your final product are the same as those you selected from your Pantone book. On the other hand, this method requires that you creat e a separate piece of film for each mechanical color used on your page layout, which can become rather expensive w hen you need more than four colors. Also, scanned color photographs and other bitmapped images cannot be mechanically color separated because each image may consist of anywhere from several dozen to several million colors. The other way of color separating Pantone colors is to define them as being “process colors,” i.e., as levels ol CMYK. The advantage here is that von can use as many Pantone (or other) colors as you wish including those from scanned images all of which can be separated onto just four pieces of film. On die surface, it would seem that there is no reason to separate in any other way, but, unfortunately, the process-color (CM K) equivalents of Pantone inks do not all match the actual inks. The following example will explain the reason for this. Printers create the color Pantone 374 by mixing three parts Pantone yellow ink, one part Pantone green, and twelve parts Pantone white. The process- color equivalent of Pantone 374, how ever, is 23% cyan, 0% magenta, 59.9% yellow, and 09c black. A circle of color printed with the actual Pantone 374 ink consists of 100% coverage of that one ink, while printing it in four-color process will produce a halftone pattern com- There are two things, however, that you can do to improve your final product. First, you can print a mixture of process and mechanical. For example, if you still have a copy ofthc 1986 Nov. Dec. issue of Amiga World, you will notice that the customary color splash under the word "World” is in silver. That particular cover was printed as a five-color separation, consisting of the four process inks. CMYK, plus the fifth color, silver ink. Using a fifth or even sixth color in this manner allows vou O j to add colors to vour layout that otherwise would be J j difficult or even impossible to estimate using the four process colors. The other way to improve your final product is to use The Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide (Pantone Inc.), w hich shows the same color patches found in the Formula Guide, but which also includes next to each of the Pantone patches another patch displaying its process- color equivalent. This gives you a much better idea of what to expect when vou specify colors selected from The Pantone Color Formula Guide or from within your publishing software. Professional Page 2.0 is the only one of our three
o programs that directly supports the Pantone Matching System, and it is also the only one to adequately display color on the Amiga screen. You can display on screen any color defined by you or that is part of the built-in Pantone Librar ‘. The color-dithering routines Professional Page uses give vou the appearance of thousands of on-screen colors. To print a Pantone color as its process equivalent, simply switch oil the “mechanical” button for that specific color w ithin the Professional Page Color requester. Personally, I would like Professional Page to display the actual color as well as its dithered version when 1 use the Color requester, because it is sometimes difficult to visualize w hat the color really looks like. When vou do use mechanical colors, Professional Page allows ? Valuable utility programs can save you time, money and, in the case of catastrophic errors like hard drive failure, possibly months of work. Quarterback Tools - Recover Lost Files Fast and easy. Reformats all types of disks - either new or old filing systems - new or old Workbench versions. Also optimizes the speed and reliability of both hard and floppy disks. Eliminates file fragmentation. Consolidates disk space. Finds and fixes corrupted directories. Quarterback - The Fastest Way To Back-Up Backing-up has never been easier. Or faster. Back-up to, or restore SAVE IT. MOVE IT GET IT BACK. Back-Up.. .Transfer.. .Retrieve Quickly And Easily With Central Coast’s Software For The Amiga from: floppy disks, streaming tape (AmigaDOS- compatible), Inner- Connection's Bernoulli drive, or ANT AmigaDOS- compatible device. Mac-2-Dos & Dos-2-Dos - A Moving Experience It’s easy. Transfer MS-DOS and ATARI ST text and data files to-and-from AmigaDOS using the Amiga’s own disk drive with Dos-2-Dos; and Macintosh files to-and- from your Amiga with Mac-2-Dos. Conversion options for Mac- 2-Dos include ACSII, No Conversion, MacBinary, PostScript, and MacPaint to-and- from IFF file format. Central Coast Software A Division Of New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 * Fax (512) 328-1925 Quarterback Tools. Quarterback. Dos-2-Dos and Mac-2-Dos are all trademarks of yetc Horizons Software. Inc. Circle 36 on Reader Service card you to define tints (or shades) of these colors merely by specifying a percentage alter the color name (for instance, Pantone 374 CV 50%). I he lints are then placed onto the same piece of film as the defined mechanical color. Unfortunately, there is no direct way of doing this with the other two programs. PageStream does not directly support the Pantone system, but it does allow you to define colors in several ways, ranging from RGB and CMYK to the YIQ (Yield, Intensity, Quadriture) scheme used in video systems. For on-screen color representation. PageStream tries to match the actual colors you define to the colors used in its palette. This system is cumbersome and error prone, and the graphics you load into the program rarely appear the way they were meant to look. 1 hope that in a future release Soft- Logik opts for on-screen color dithering. Saxon Publisher does dither its on-screen colors, but the algorithms it uses seem to create on-screen “moire” (interference) patterns that arc sometimes disturbing. Still, this is a better system than matching a limited color palette to your actual colors as PageStream does. Put It Over...Then Put It Out When you are designing a page containing images (or Saxon Publisher’s APEX color-separation system allows you to modify the levels of impurities in the inks used by the printer. I nirmrm PageStream’s strengths include its intuitive interface and abil* ity to perform mechanical separations on bitmapped images. Other elements) that spread all the way to the edge of the page, you must take into account that when a printer puts your job on press, or when he or she cuts your product to the desired size, you will be guaranteed an accuracy of only ± ' »inch. For example, if you are designing an 8.5 x 11 (lver that will have a red background from edge to edge when printed, and you define your page size to be exactly 8.5 x 11, the chances are that you will see the white of your paper appearing on at least one of your page borders. To avoid this, you must “bleed” the page, which in the example above means you must add ' » inch or more to all your borders by defining a page size of, say,
9. 0x11.5. You then spread any graphic elements or background to the size of the enlarged page. The new page size adds a quarter of an inch to both dimensions of your page, so that even the worst of printers will have a hard time messing up this aspect of your job. PageStream offers the most elegant method of handling bleed pages. Using the Set Page Dimensions requester, you can define the bleed size, which appears as a gray area around your page. You can now bleed graphics, text, and other objects off the page so that they do not disappear during printing or trimming. T his feature is very well implemented in PageStream and makes designing and visualizing bleed pages much easier than with the other two programs. Color separating your page layout to film requires the sendees of an imagesetter, and all three programs under consideration can print to such devices. There is simply not enough space in this article to convey the many tips, tricks, and tribulations involved in operating an imagesetter, so I will limit the discussion to just a few important considerations. To ensure that your imagesetter produces good color separations, you should use a densitometer for calibration. A densitometer measures the density of your film, and some also measure halftones, thus allowing you to make sure that the 50% gray von selected in your soft- O 1 ware is actually reproduced as 50% by your imagesetter. At present, Professional Page 2.0 is the only program of the three that prints calibration bars along the sides of the color separations it produces. These not only help you calibrate your imagesetter, but they also help printers calibrate their presses for your job. Whether you have your own imagesetter or simply use the sendees of an output bureau, you must set the right output specifications within your program to print correctly to various imagesetters or other output devices. The halftone dots on each of the four pieces of film of a color separation are printed at an angle different from that set for each of the other three. This is done to ensure that no disturbing interference patterns (the inoirc patterns mentioned earlier) are created between the halftone dots of one film and those of another. Angles of 105 degrees for cyan, 75 for magenta, 90 for yellow, and 45 for black are commonly used in traditional color separations for any particular line-den- sity setting. Think of the line density of a color separation, measured in lines-per-ineh (Ipi), as a kind of equivalent to the resolution on a computer screen. Although die Compugraphic 9800 imagesetter has a rated resolution of 2400 dots per inch, that is not the resolution at which your scanned images will actually print. Those 2400 dots can he only on or off; i.e., they are either black or white. Imagesetters use a grid of ? THE ULTIMATE PC AT EMULATOR Atonce is based on the standard 16 Bit 80286 AT microprocessor. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Each Atonce comes complete with a high quality original Motorola 68000 CPU. 80286 CPU AND MOTOROLA 68000 CPU GATE ARRAY » • I* '.'Tr The Atonce Gate Array, the Atonce Chip-Level Emulation and the Atonce AT-BIOS give the emulator a very high degree of AT compatibility. T THE INCREDIBLE SPECIFICATIONS OF ATONCE ' « - • - . «_ - f •- 4 . - * Atonce is the ultimate PC AT emulator for your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 computer. It is developed and produced in Germany by vortex Computersysteme GmbH. Atonce gives your Amiga a complete AT emulation, that includes an AT compatible BIOS, emulation of the parallel and serial ports, sound, RTC and CMOS RAM. Atonce supports Commodore compatible hard disks, internal external floppy drives as well as internal external RAM expansions. Full 640 KB of DOS memory are available. All memory above 1 MB can be used as Extended Expanded Memory. The "Protected Mode" is fully integrated. Atonce emulates the following video adapters: EGA- VGA-monochrome-graphics (as far as this is possible with an Amiga), CGA, Hercules, Olivetti and Toshiba 3100. While running as a task within AmigaDOS, Atonce does not affect the normal operation of your Amiga and is totally transparent when not in use. Atonce runs with the 7.2 Mhz clock speed of the Amiga. The Norton SI rating is 6.1. Each Atonce is supplied with a high quality low power Motorola 68000 CPU, saving you time with the installation and providing a high degree of reliability. Thanks to the use of a custom made Gate Array and SMT technology the Atonce board is incredibly compact and easy to fit. In the Amiga 500 Atonce plugs directly into the socket of the 68000 CPU. In the Amiga 2000 it is plugged onto the extra adapter which is fitted in one of the Amiga slots. No soldering is required, Fitting is a 10 minute operation and full installation instructions are included in the user manual. A 3.5" Amiga floppy disk is supplied that contains the installation and emulation software and other useful tools. DOS and the adapter are not parts of the delivery. For further information or updates, please contact your local Amiga dealer or call CompuServe Mailbox 100015,330. All company names and trademarks are registered and copyrighted. Atonce is the registered German trademark of vortex Computersysteme GmbH. Circle 52 on Reader Service card C 0 L OK s i; p a K a I I 0 s several of these clots to represent one gray halftone clot. Therefore, in order to display up to 25(3 grays, the imagesetter requires al least a I6x Hi dot grid pattern, in which the individual dots are either on or oil'depending on die gray required. With all the dots switched on, you obtain a black halftone dot; with only half of them on, you get a 50f7 gray dot. While the eJfective resolution at which scanned images arc printed is then only about 150 halftone dots (150 Ipi), this also is generally about the maximum line density ol most oifset printing presses. For reasons that I will not go into in this article, the traditional angle and line-density (frequency) settings do not work out as well on digital systems' -such as imagesetters as they do on other output devices. To obtain the least amount of moire patterning, therefore, the following angle frequency settings are recommended for the two most popular imagesetters, the Gompu- graphic 9800 and the Linotronic 330R: Using an imagesetter and priming on an offset press is not, of course, the only way of obtaining color output with vour Amiga publishing program. There are now Program Document Size Output Time Full Screen Refresh Time RAM Postscript File Size Professional Page 32K 24 mins. 4 secs.
1. 37MB 8MB PageStream 2986K 14 mins. 66 secs.
3. 80MB 8MB Saxon Publisher 3K 12 mins. 6 secs. * 8MB
* Saxon Publisher uses onc-hall >l youi system RAM each time it inns. COMPUGRAPHIC CG 9800* At 1200 dpi 133 lpi Color Angle Frequency Cyan
18. 43
126. 50 Magenta
71. 57
126. 50 Yellow
0. 0
133. 33 Black
45. 0
141. 42 At 2400 dpi 160 lpi Color Angle Frequency Cyan
18. 43
151. 789 Magenta
71. 57
151. 789 Yellow
0. 0
160. 0 Black
45. 0
169. 706 LINOTRONIC L 330R** At 1200 dpi 133 lpi Color Angle Frequency Cyan
18. 43
133. 858 Magenta
71. 57
133. 858 Yellow
0. 0
127. 0 Black
45. 0
119. 657 At 2400 dpi 160 lpi Color Angle Frequency Cyan
29. 74
157. 53 Magenta
66. 80
166. 75 Yellow
0. 0
158. 75 Black
45. 0
163. 27 (intiipttKt. Iphii (:(- 98(H) with the Km it, ild KIP.
* * I .innlrnnk
l. MOR with R11’ 30. Several color PostScript laser printers on the market, the most popular being those from QMS and NEC. (Relatively low-cost just under $ 7000 models from both of these companies appeared only a few weeks before this article went to press: QMS' ColorScript 100 Model 10 ; and NEC’s Colormare PS Model 10 80, both of which are described in more detail in this month’s “Overscan,”
p. *8.) These printers are good tools for preliminary proofing of your designs before you go to press or before you get better-qualily (and more expensive) proofs such as color keys or chromaiius. Although you can obtain fairly good quality with text and structured graphics by using these printers, scanned images tend ro look quite shabby at the 60 Ipi frequency to which you are limited, both Professional Page and PageStrcam but not Saxon Publisher are able to print in color to these kinds of laser printers. To achieve moire-free output from color laser printers, you must also use nonstandard angles and line densities obtainable from the printer manufacturers or from PostScript s developer, Adobe Systems. I took the original photograph (reproduced on the opening page of this article) that is the basis for the test separations about 14 years ago at a farm fair in Norwich, England. The slide was scanned on a Scitex drum scanner. I transferred the resulting TIKE file from the Macintosh to the Amiga with Progressive Pe- n ij ripherafs DoubleTalk networking card and then converted it to a 24-bit IFF file using ASDG’s Art Department Professional. I created the graduated background with AD Pro's Background load module and then saved it as an IFT2 I file, 1 he apple at the lower-left coiner was originally an Adobe Illustrator '88 file that I converted to Gold Disk’s Professional Draw Clip format. Unfortunately, Saxon Publisher does not support this format, so I had to convert it to an Encapsulated PostScript file, which, as you can see, Saxon was not able to print properly. I am told that an upcoming release will fix this bug. Ironically, Soli-l.ogik's PageStream is the only program that printed the Professional Draw Cdip properly. The table at the bottom of this page shows some vital statistics for each of the three separations. Hi case you are wondering how I got the real-life shadow effect, here is how to do it: Use a gray box to create your shadow and overlay ii on the background you want. When you are ready to color separate, separate only the black film. Then, before you separate the CMY, delete the gray sfiadow box. Now when the page is printed, the areas under ihe box will still he there, but they will be darker because the gray will be printed over them. Try it. The sample separations clearly show that Saxon Publisher produces the besl-quality color separations, and it does so in the least amount of time. Saying that. ? Prima! A Look Inside the Ultimate A500. ¦¦¦ ' Quantum hard drive P . . Shuffle Board Flicker Free Video . - 4 AdlDE AdRAM 540 - r . ICD proudly presents Prima.". the high performance, low cost hard drive for Amiga® 500 computers. Prima blends a large capacity, low power Quantum™ hard drive with the Ad IDE™ host adapter for an unbeatable combination. Prima replaces the internal floppy drive but includes Shuffle Board " to make your external floppy drive DFO:. Prima features auto-booting from FastFileSystem partitions, high speed caching, auto-configuring, and A-Maxll “ support. Formatted capacities of 52 and 105 megabytes are currently available. Prima comes complete with instructions, software, and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. It does require an A500 with switching power supply, 1 megabyte of RAM, and an external floppy drive for setup and installation. What other products would we include in the “Ultimate A500”? Of course a four megabyte AdRAM" 540 and Flicker Free Video™ with a multi-sync monitor. Why settle for less? ICD, Incorporated 1 220 Rock Street Rockford, Illinois 61101 USA (815) 968-2228 Phone (800) 373-7700 Orders (815) 968-6888 FAX ICD Primo, AdlDE. AdRAM. Flicker Free Video, end Shuffle Board ore trodemaiki o( ICD. Inc Other brand end produc* raTte . (!> ¦ ¦*;i i’«»ed ircxJeevrl Tademarki of their respective holders Circle 31 on Reader Service card C 0 LOR S E P A R A T 1 0 S Saxon Publi er 1.1 of course, does not mean that Saxon is necessarily the best desktop-publishing solution for the Amiga, because there are many more factors involved in successful publishing. Saxon Publisher users are stuck with a nonstandard and difficult-to-master interface, a limited selection of fonts (it uses its own format), no Pantone color support, no grouping tools, and no support for loading Professional Draw structured clip art. Yet, with its high-quality patent- pending APEX color-separation system and its versatility in modifying separation settings, it is definitely a necessary program for any desktop publisher who wants the best color- separated images from his or her Amiga. As stated, Saxon generates the fastest color separations, which is another important advantage for professional publishers dealing with clients who ahvavs seem to want ev- j cry thing “yesterday.” A big drawback here, however, and one I hope the next version will remedy, is that the program allocates one-half of the Amiga’s memory every time it runs. The strong points of PageStream arc its multitude of import and export modules, its abundance of typo- graphic and graphic functions and macros, its ease of use and intuitive interface, and its ability to perform a mechanical separation on a bitmapped image. PageStream will load just about any type of text, image, or graphics format be it Amiga, Mac, or PC. PageStream 2.1 On the downside, it takes forever to perform screen refreshes, offers poor- quality screen representation of bitmapped images, and provides inadequate control over the color-separation process. Another major problem, as far as high-end color work is concerned, is the way PageStream saves files and uses memory: It saves scanned images along with the file, making them unmanageably large, and it keeps them in memory while you work on your file. A fellow desktop publisher was unable to use PageStream lor a project he was working on because he needed to import three 8MB scanned images and a host of structured graphics. The resulting file would have been about 27MB in size when saved to disk, requiring an Amiga with about 32MB of memory. If you intend to create simple one- or two-color jobs, such as flyers, newsletters, and the like, then Page- Stream may be the perfect program lb]- you; but if you intend to create full-color ads, magazines, and other image-intensive jobs, you may find this program is sometimes unstiited to the task. Professional Page is a solid, well-designed program with a number of useful and attractive features. Unfortunately, it does lack several important functions that arc available in the oilier two programs. It needs to oiler support for a much wider variety of import and export formats, as well as for a number of popular Amiga word processors. (For example, it does not support excellence!, ProYVrite, or Pen Pal, but it does support others that are no longer generally available.) Its built-in article editor does allow you to edit text easily within your layout, which makes it useful but not very powerful when compared with top Amiga word processors such as ProYVrite 3.1. Professional Page 2.0 I he program also does not provide for such simple yet important tasks as being able to save your Preferences, separation specs, or Compugraphic font settings. On the upside, though, Professional Page is the only program that directly supports the Pantone Matching System a must for professional publishers. When it comes to mechanical separations, it also has the upper hand because, unlike the other two programs, it is able to produce shades of mechanical colors. Of the three programs, Pro Page provides the most accurate and attractive screen representations, displaying images in four shades of gray and automatically dithering colors so it appears that thousands of colors are available. It is a solid program and well suited for image-intensive color work. Although it desperately needs more features and better separation algorithms, it is still another necessary tool for color publishers. As you cati see, each ol these programs has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, so until their three manufacturers get together and create a program called ‘'Professional SaxonStreani,” I am afraid the best advice I can oiler Amiga desktop publishers is to get all three programs and to use each for what it does best. If you cannot afford to do that, then choose the program whose strengths, as outlined in this article, coincide most closely with your needs. Rumor (unsubstantiated at press lime) has it that upgraded and improved versions of all three programs are currently being developed, and I for one am very eager to find out what each one has to oiler next. Editor's Note: Information received just its this article went to press indicated that Saxon Publisher 1.2 slated for release on July 15 will offer a number of significant enhancements over version 1.1, and will include SaxonScript Professional, a PostScript interpreter. 1.2 reportedly will support a much larger number of louts than the limited repertoire available under 1.1. Of particular relevance to the subjects discussed in this article, 1.2 supposedly will oiler more accurate on-screen color displays through a new PostScript color-screen preview feature that will make it possible for users to identify moire patterns. Yersion t .2 will also provide color-printing capability to PostScript laser printers for more accurate color proofs. The suggested retail price for 1.2 is $ 395. ¦ Eyo Santa is former publisher of AMIGA Fimcs, a full-color magazine that was ivas created entirely on the Amiga. He currently does consulting work for publishing houses and is writing a hook and developing software. He would like to thank Rick Rock of Compu-Art for making his ('.ompugruphic 9800 imagesetter available for the tests done for this article. Write to hint c a Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. AMIGA PUT-3 OUT “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king, ” goes an old saying, but don't become a victim of single-system focus just because the Amiga is the best graphics machine on the market. The confusing -yes, blinding welter of formats and peculiarities in PC Mac graphics is indeed a liability for the Big Two. Yet considering the huge installed base within their realms, it would be shortsighted to ignore the sheer economic opportunity out therefor converting Amiga-generated graphics to output on these other platforms. * Opportunities _L _L CONVERTING AMIGA GRAPHICS FOR PC MAC OUTPUT hrouehout history, many conn- tries have established their influence more throuerh trade and commerce than o sheer military might which means countries are more dependent on each other than “superpower” proponents might admit. In today’s world, for instance, therc is an 'international" flavor to almost everything. No country can remain self-sufficient and insular and expect to survive. Every country has its trading partners, and all depend on international markets for tlte sale of at least some of their iroods and services. The same holds true in the world ol computers. Text, images, and other data created on one computer system are often destined for final output on another, and the volume of traffic among different platforms continues to grow. With major "trading partners” such as the IBM PC (and clones)and the Macintosh sporting huge installed bases, Amiga graphics producers, especially, enjoy an enormous "international market" for their creations. The problem facing such Amiga users is how to transform their creations images, animations, and the like for eventual output on other platforms. A great deal of progress, however, has been made on the import export front. With the right hardware and file disk-conversion facilities, plus some expertise in image-processing techniques, Amiga users can overcome many “trade barriers” ancl reap a handsome prolit. (For details on how to contort the developers of produets covered in this article, consult the “A hi n ufact it rers ' Distributors ’ Add resses " list on p. 100.) Tools of Trade Setting up your trade routes is a tale of two choices: shipping your files via disk or sending l Item electronically. If your pictorial cargo is intended lor a PC, you can create the disk with Consult ron's CrossDOS ($ 39.95) and any Amiga floppy or harddisk drive. Commodores Bridgeboards (A2088D for PC XT, $ 499; A2286D for PC AT, S799) also do the job, but are much more costly than the software solution. Nevertheless, if vou do a lot of By Gene Brawn ? Work intended for the PC, you can use this com- puter-on-a-card to create and preview low-resolu- don images or to transfer extra-large files to another PC via a portable hard drive. Your trek to the Apple market will not he as easy as your journey to the PC. Establishing trade relations wilh the Macintosh presents a unique problem. The Mac uses special floppy drives designed for that machine only, which means that in addition to software, you will need a Mac drive to configure your cargo. The choices you have here, Ready Soft's Amax II (S249.95) and New Horizons' Mac-2-DOS ($ 349.95, including Mac-compatible disk drive; $ 99.95, software only), are hardware software solutions that use the external floppy-disk port to communicate with vour Arnica. Amax II transforms O your computer into a Mac and would be the ideal Mac processing solution if it supported color but it doesn’t. Mac-2-DOS simply adds the Mac drive to the Amiga's device list so you can read and write to it just like any other Amiga unit, but in Macintosh format. None of the Macintosh emulators adapters I used supported a hard-disk-to-hard-disk transfer between Amiga and Mac drives. Although Amax II can use your Amiga hard drive to store its files, it does nor recognize your Amiga data, while Mac-2- DOS supports only floppy drives. This means that if the lile is too large for a lloppy disk, you will have to use a network, a direct-cablc connection, or a modem for transfer (these methods work effectively with MS-DOS systems, too). If you are lucky enough to have your Amiga on a network with the target machine, simply send a properly formatted file to the other unit. A direct connection, via serial cable, is the cheapest, fastest way to move your cargo to any other machine. IfV both units are running communications software, the hookup* while not always painless, is worth the trouble. Sharing an electronic mailbox with the target computer is a viable, if costly, alternative to the clirect-con- ncction solution. Uploading, then downloading, a one- megabyte picture gets expensive fast, and it takes forever (don’t even think about doing this with animation files!). If nothing else works, and you are really desperate to get your file on a Iloppy disk, give one of the public- domain compression programs ARC, ZOO, and PAR, or their newer, more powerful cousins, LPLARC and PKAZIP a shot at squeezing a little more data onto your disk. Remember, the target machine must have a version of the same protocol in order to decompress the file. Another way to skin a Iloppy is to use the raw RGB format (commonly called “Sculpt” on the Amiga) to divide the file in thirds, and then move it across and reassemble it. If none of the above methods works for you, sacrifice a little quality and use fewer colors, say 256, which will result in liles about one-third the size of those produced with 24-bit color. Also, while we arc still on the subject of transferring files, here is something to keep in mind when you are working on the opposite sitlc* ol the equation with the other guys’ file formats: Beware of TIFF liles, which become huge very quickly; instead, use GIF or PCX files, for these are much smaller (see the next section for more on file formats). Speaking the Lingo When it comes to graphics-file formats, we Amigans are undoubtedly spoiled. While the rest of the computet- graphics world struggles with dozens of display formats, we have the IFF standard. If, however, we are to convert our versatile IFF files to IBM’s PCX and Taiga formats, Mac's TIFF, or the ubiquitous GIF from CompuServe, we need very powerful sof tware, indeed. Two packages, ASDG's Art Department Professional ($ 240) with Professional Conversion Pack ($ 90 extra) and Active Circuits' RasterLink ($ 199.95), certainly meet this qualification. The list of foreign formats that these two applica tions read and write is impressive: File Format An Pro Raster Link TIFF GIF PCX Taiga pier Raw RGB MacPaint DPIIE Rendition PostScript Sun Caligari Broadcast ACS Harlequin Both applications also handle the major Amiga bitmapped formats, and both are easy to use. Simply point and click to select the filenames and formats to use for the conversion; the software does the rest. Animators, especially, will appreciate the batch-processing functions offered by each program. Testing the major file-forniat connversion combinations with both programs, I was able to obtain excellent results with the TIFF, RGB, PCX, and GIF formats. I was particularly impressed with AD Pro’s GIF conversion; it actually looked better than the original! Both programs, however, do a great job with AD Pro getting the nod for ‘most comprehensive” because of its extensive collection of image-processing tools (which we will look at later on). Keep in mind that most MS-DOS applications look for an extension to the filename that identifies its format. For example, some paint programs will not read the common PCX format without a “.PCX” added to the end of the filename. (Surprisingly, though, AD Pro did not automatically append the appropriate extensions to my converted liles 1 had to add them myself.) Similarly, the Macintosh uses a system of “headers’* attached to each file that carry the name of the program that created the file and its official formal. If this data does not match what the Mac application is expecting, it will not recognize the file. More detailed information on these Mac designations is available in the AM ax II and Mac-2-DOS manuals. If you do encounter a particularly recalcitrant file, use one of the Mac’s numerous disk utilities to change the header. For the budget-minded, the Amiga Videographics Guild and Dev Ware offer collections of public-domain and shareware file converters at reasonable tariffs. If you are really pinching pennies, it is possible in some cases to get away without converting the file at all. The PC versions of Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint (Enhanced, $ 165.95; and Animate, $ 164.95) accept ILBM (Interleaved Bitmap) files up to 64 colors (with the .LBM extension), while such Macintosh mainstays as Studio 8 ($ 295, Electronic Arts) and PhotoShop (S895. Adobe Systems) will read IFF liles. None of these applications, however, supports IIAM or recognizes ANIM files. With the latter, you must save each frame as a separate image and reassemble the sequence on the other side in the animation format of the platform you are working on a painful process. ?
A. M. A.S. is a full feature 8-BIT STEREO audio digitiser complete with a full implementation MIDI interface, all built into the same stylish wedge shaped hardware unit which fully complements the computer, no messy extras are required. The digitiser accepts mono or stereo inputs via its line input sockets and is provided with an extra microphone input socket for direct vocal signal input. The MIDI sockets comprise of MIDI IN, OUT Ck THRU. Hardware versions exist for rhe A1000 and A500 2000 formats. THE SOFTWARE The ultimate graphics mouse user interface. Left right or stereo. Sampling rates of up to 28kl I:. Dual real time oscilloscopes (1 for each channel). Real time spectrum analyser. Auto record trigger on input level. Up to 8 ‘BANKS’ on 2 Meg machines (200-250k req per hank). L'p to 10 stereo samples per bank. Load Ck Save samples in RAW or IFF data formats. Filter ON OFF for computers inbuilt filter where applicable. THE MIDI SUPPORT Selectable MIDI channel. OMNI POLYPHONIC operation (with up to 4 voice POLY). MIDI controlled sample frequency shift. Each sample in a hank can be assigned to a MIDI note value. Samples can be ‘MAPPED’ across MIDI channel range. Samples may be played from AMIGA keyboard (MONO only). Plays samples from currently selected sample ‘BANK’. Single BANK load save operation. All editing facilities work in stereo or mono. Editing includes:- CUT, PASTE. INSERT. DELETE, COPY, OVERLAY, (MIX). REVERSE, FADE IN OUT, VOLUME, UP DOWN, SAMPLE SHRINK STRETCH, FILTER, STEREO “BOUNCE", CHANNEL SWAP. Hardware compatible with many other MIDI software packages already available lor the AMIGA, no other extras are required.
I) AMAS software showing spectrum analizer. 199 $ 95 Michilrori 3201 DRUMMOND PLAZA NEWARK. DE 19711
(302) 454-7946 DEALER,DISTRIBUTOR INQUIRIES INVITED SEND FOR CATALOGS Processing and Previewing Your Cargo In crossing over to another platform, the Iasi thing you want to have happen is for ihe oilier guy’s software to stretch and squeeze your work beyond all recognition. The area most likely to cause trouble is aspect ratio, because your Amiga’s pixels are not the same size as those of the other two systems: The Mac’s pixels are square and the PC’s, while rectangular, are shorter than the Amiga’s. Although your 640X400 image fills the screen in both cases, the other systems pack more pixels vertically, so that your perfect picture looks as if someone had stepped on it (see Figure 1 for an example of this on the Mac). Fortunately, there is an easy fix, but you need an image processor to pull it off, I used AD Pro’s Scale tool to stretch my 640X400 IFF image vertically to 640X z O 480 for display on both the Mac and the PC (and clones). Before enlarging it, 1 used the program's superior dithering routines to break up the image, thus minimizing any handing effects when the picture is stretched and the pixels enlarged. Although the tall, skinny images might look odd on your Amiga (see Figure 2 for a Mac example), they look fine on the other machines (see Figure 8, again for a Mac example). As long as your artwork uses a palette of 256 or fewer colors, you can use a stock .Amiga (4096 colors no frame hulfer) for the job. Because, however, many Amiga graphics packages can understand and manipulate 16-million-color, 24-hit images, you'll he working blind unless you modify your computer to display them. Simulating the color Targa and PC displays or the Macintosh’s “standard” 16-hit image on an Amiga requires a frame buffer. Whether it uses your I V set or your RGB monitor to display its graphic output, a f rame buffer replaces your Amiga’s normal video wiih its own, high-resolution image. O n A new generation of Amiga imaging devices is avail-
o o o o able to do this job, including two low-end external boxes: HAM-E ($ 299.95, Black Belt Systems), which, although not actually a 16- or 24-hit frame buffer, displays most 24-hit files adequately; and DCTV ($ 495, Digital Creations), which offers full 24-bit support and sports an economical NTSC output. On the higher end, Firecracker 24 ($ 995, Impulse) is a 24-bit video card offering full-blown RGB display output. All of these devices include a paint program and some image-processing features. In making choices here, do keep in mind that while using your IV monitor for display is an economical solution, the I A' display is really only an approximation of the final RGB image. NTSC screens are not as sharp as RGB the colors may he shifted from the RGB original and they cannot reproduce all the colors in a 24- bit display. The latter, however, is not a serious handicap, because in the real world, you will rarely use all 16 million colors in anv image. J o When working with RGB files, though, one thing you should definitely consider as a must is an accelerator card. RGB liles can reach enormous sizes, which means very long processing times. A faster computer will make your export endeavors much more productive. Accelerator cards sporting 68020, 68030, or 68040 processors are available from CSA, Commodore. GVP, Progressive Peripherals, RCS, Supra, and 1I R. With recent news about possible cooperation between Apple and IBM. And other stirrings in the direction of open systems, the prospects for even greater ‘‘free trade” are growing. While smaller than the two superpowers, Commodore with iis Amiga llagship Hying superior graphics and video should seek in establish its inlluenec in the market more firmly and cash in on the wealth of opportunity that awaits...and so should you! ¦ (iene Brawn is a digital animat or, graphics designer and frequent lecturer, as well as a contributing editor to this magazine. Write to him e o Amiga World Editorial I)ept., SO him St., Peterborough, Nil 03-45$ . Like that mythical Egyptian bird, we’ll have yon up ami lying out of the ashes of even the most fiery hard-disk crash. There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling you get when you turn on your computer and see a requester that says “Not a DOS disk in Unit 0.” Suddenly, you realize that all the information you had stored on that disk may he gone forever. When the device in question is a hard disk, the feeling is especially devastating...that is, unless you have prepared yourself ahead of time. We will start Operation Phoenix by looking at how you can insulate yourself from catastrophic data loss. We will also examine the causes of hard-disk problems and discuss how to salvage your data when a crash does happen. Finally, we will review the basics of hard-disk recovery' principles that will enable you to respond calmly should you ever experience a crash. Back Up and Away Your best line of defense in preparation for hard-disk disaster is to keep duplicate copies of your information somewhere else. Although this “somewhere else" can be almost any media, the least expensive and most common back-up media are multiple floppy disks. Floppy backup can be very time consuming, particularly if you have a large hard disk. To By Sheldon Leemon A migo I Vorld 45 ILLUSTRATED BY DOUG PAULIN minimize the time and trouble, you should use software specifically designed for hard-drive backup (as opposed to that designed for general file copying), (for addresses oj product developers or distributors, see the list on p. 100.) There are several good commercial back-up programs available. Including Quarterback ($ 69.95, Central Coast Software) and SuperBack (S79.95, The Disc Company). There are also a number of freely distributable back-up programs, including Matt Dillon’s Backup and Mark Rinfrets MRBackup. I lere are some desirable features you should look for when shopping for back-up-to-floppy software:
• Selective, backup. It is usually more convenient to back up selected files and directories, rather than copy all the files on a partition each time. Most software allows you to mark the desired files and directories by clicking on them in a file requester. Some programs let you select files based on their date of creation. Also, some programs use archive hits (flags that the program sets when it makes the backup), which usually allow you to perform incremental backups. This means that instead of copying the whole disk every time you back up, you can do a full backup the first time and subse- ? I ¦ ¦ A C 0 P i; R A T I quentlv save only new or altered files. Incremental backups take less time than full backups; but they require more disks and make the restoration process slower and more complex.
• File compression. Some backup programs compress files as thev save. This reduces the number of disks re1 quired, but makes both the backup and restoration processes slower. File compression can also make it more difficult to salvage your data if an error occurs, for it may be impossible to decompress a file that becomes scrambled.
• Special dish formats. Special disk formats allow some programs to pack more data onto the disk (thus using fewer disks) and to write files faster. Because Amiga- DOS cannot read these formats, however, you cannot restore a file from the back-up set without having a copy of the back-up program handy.
• Write verification. Many programs allow you either to verify that the software has copied the file correctly (by reading the file after it is written and comparing it to the original), or to turn off the verification option for (aster writes.
• Multiple devices. Some back-up programs support only one internal drive, while others let you back up to multiple floppies or to such devices as tape drives or removable-media drives.
• Error recovery. If an error turns up that makes it difficult for your back-up program to read one or more files, the program should he able to skip the unreadable files and restore the ones it can read. Flight Maintenance Schedule With good software, you can back up about a megabyte of data per minute. T his means that a full backup of a large hard drive can take half an hour, an hour, or even longer, during which time you must swap floppy disks even couple of minutes. At that rate, frequent backups can cancel out some of the speed and convenience benefits of hard drives. The question arises, then, as to how often it is necessary to back up your drive. The short answer is that you should always have a copy of any data that would take more than a few minutes to re-create. (That holds true even when you are using only floppy disks or other storage media.) For example, while I was writing this article. I saved it to hard disk every few minutes or so, but subsequent to every fourth or fifth save, I also copied it to a floppy. Keeping a back-up floppy in your drive at all times is a good habit to establish. It stops your drive from making that annoying clicking sound, and one lloppv is generally sufficient to store all of the important files that you can create in a month or more. Ii you copy each new file to a floppy disk, you need not back up vour hard drive more than once every two or three months. Besides using good software, another thing that can save you time and trouble when backing up to floppy disks is hard-drive partitioning. Although some people like to store all their information in one large pool, I prefer to divide my disk into sections- even though
- f'4srjT each partition requires memory for buffer space. For one thing, partitioning is a partial safeguard against disk errors. An error that appears in one partition will probably not affect the data in the others, making ii less likely that you will lose all your information in one fell swoop. For another, partitions are a help in sorting your files into two basic groups: those that require frequent backups and those that do not, A partition containing programs and files that other people have created (e.g., commercial applications such as word processors ) does not change very often, except that you may add or delete files from time to time. You do not need to make backups of these files if you already have backups in the form of the original program disks. 1 he only really irreplaceable files are those that are the products of your own work. Keeping your data files separate f rom program files is a little more work (particularly because some file requesters default to the directory from which the program is run), but the time it saves in backups makes it worthwhile. If you want, you can keep track of the files in your program partition by occasionally saving a complete directory to floppy (using the CI.I command DIR >dfO:Partition Contents dhO: ALL), so that you can more easily reconstruct its contents. Alternate Carriers Although the floppy-disk method is the least expensive way to back up your hard drive, it is not the most convenient. Streaming-tape drives are generally considered the best back-up media. These cost hundreds of dollars, but they allow you to effortlessly back up an entire volume in just a few minutes using inexpensive tape cartridges. Affordable tape systems are just starting to become available for the Amiga. Great Valley Products and Advanced Storage Systems both have tape-drive and backup-software systems, while Progressive Peripherals has announced a system that interfaces through the lloppv port and should work with any Amiga hard drive. Several programmers are developing software for SCSI tape-backup systems as well. Programs such as MrBackup Professional (S54.95, TTR Development) promise to let you connect a SCSI streaming-tape drive to any SCSI controller and make backups using the SCSI-direcl command set. There arc even a few freely redistributable programs for use with tape systems, including BTNTape on Fred Fish disk 392.' Other convenient back-up options include removable- media drives such as the Syquest, Bernoulli, and Ricoh cartridge drives or even an extra hard disk. Although these options arc* even pricier, von may find them appropriate if you have certain needs. (See “Bottomless Disks," April ’91, p. 20, lor a discussion of mass-storage devices.) Regardless of which media you use. Saving a copy ol the mounting information for all ol your drives is another measure you can take to stave oil catastrophic loss. On systems that use one of the older drive controllers (such as the Commodore 2090A), this information is contained in the devs:moundist file and is used to mount each drive partition. Newer drive controllers store pertinent information (including the name ol each partition, the starting and ending cylinder numbers of the partitions, the number
o j of surfaces or drive heads, the number of sectors per ? Solitaire Try your hand at everyone’s favorite card game. Choose which version of solitaire and cardback designs you want, then see if you can beat the deck! Solitaire is a game you will play for a long time, with excellent graphics and stimulating sounds as a bonus. Trampoline Some types of games are classics and Trampoline fits the description in every sense of the word. Similar to popular arcade classics like Breakout and Arkanotd, Trampoline is a multilevel game of action. You use a trampoline to help the “little tramp” bounce and break the balloons with his umbrella, some of which are stuffed with monev! The trick is J to catch the coins without dropping our hero! GeoRoll This unique two-player dice game uses dice with geometric patterns instead of numbers. The idea is to roll the best hand, trying for a full house, three, four or five of a kind, as well as a variety of other combinations. Good graphics and solid game play! Get 3 jam-packed disks. That's less than $ 1.55 per game! Snakeskin Saloon Following in the tradition of great shoot-em-ups like Capone comes this high speed game of action and rescue. Your job as sheriff is to save the ladies from the clutches of the desperados who are hiding in the saloon! Shoot your 44 Magnum fast and tine, while looking out for the dynamite! From its detailed graphics to digitized sound, Snakeskin Saloon is guaraniecd to make your day! Poker For those who want the thrill of Vegas without the fear of going broke, Deluxe Fokcr is the game you have been looking for. Using a point and click interface, you can play draw poker all night long, and if you do go broke, who cares! Lunatic Forget strategy - Lunatic is pure arcade action! It requires a steady hand on the joystick as you right gravity and maneuver your spacecraft between the hills and valleys of an alien terrain. Once you manage to find the proper landing site, you still must avoid the zombies, mummies and sharks as you attempt to recover the sacred Ghetto Blaster! Also includes:
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U. S. surface S2.50; Canada Mexico surface $ 3.50; Canada Mexico Air $ 4.50; Other Foreign Surface $ 4; Other Foreign .Air $ 10. ? Check money order enclosed O Charge my! ? MasterCard ? American Express ? Visa ? Discover Card _Exp__ Signature. Track, and the total number ol cylinders on the hard * drive itself) in special blocks known as Rigid Disk Blocks (RDBs). Although AmigaDOS cannot read this information, the drive-setup programs that come with most hard-drive controllers can, and they can copy it to a mount list lile on a floppy disk. If your hard-drive preparation software does not let you save this data to disk, copy it down manually and keep it handy so that you can create a moimtlisr entry if need be. Should the RDB information become corrupt, your hard drive will no longer boot automatically, but you may be able to access the data by using the AmigaDOS MOUNT’ command to manually mount each partition after hooting from a Workbench floppy. If there was a mountlist entry for a partition called dhO:, for example, you would use the command MOUNT dhO:. If you can mount your partitions manually, you may be able to restore the drive completely just by using the controller’s set-up software to write out the RDB again. The important thing to remember is that the partition information that you write out to the RDB must he the same as the original information, or else you will he unable to read your drive. Where Does It Hurt? Although Murphy’s Law proponents may claim that failing to back up important data is the surest method of getting your hard drive to fail, there are actually more substantive causes for hard-drive problems. These fall into three classes: hardware problems, media problems, and disk-structure problems. Hardware problems are easy to spot because they usually prevent the drive from functioning at all. Typical hardware problems include bad components on either the controller board or the drive, a faulty cable between the two, or bad power-supply connections that prevent the drive from getting power. In the worst possible scenario, a faulty hard-drive controller can completely prevent your computer from hooting up, so that the screen simply stays black, white, or some other color when you turn the computer on. If this happens, make certain that the controller board is seated properly in its slot and that the SCSI cable is plugged in correctly. Some hardware problems that prevent the drive from hooting still allow the computer to lie started from a floppy disk. If your system displays a Workbench prompt when you turn it on, run the drive-setup software that comes with the hard disk. Most such software allows you to query the drive. If the set-up software is able to identify the type of drive, then the hardware is probably functioning correctly. If the software cannot find the controller or driver software, the chances are that the problem is with the hoard. Ifyou have other SCSI devices mounted and die set-up software cannot find any of them, the problem is likely to fie with the drive. Sometimes von can iden- ¦ i tify a problem with the drive itself by noticing its failure to make the usual start-up noises (generally a whirring sound that gets faster as the drive conies up to speed, followed by the little chirp that the drive head makes when it moves). Once you have traced the problem to either die controller or the drive, and have tried unsuccessfully to remedy it via the above methods, there’s not much you can do but return the faulty component to the manufacturer for repair. (You should first call for a return authorization, though.) The two other types of problems, media and disk- structure problems, are less likely to require the services of Mr, Goodwrench, but are no less hazardous to your data. Media problems on hard drives present the same symptom as media problems on floppy drives; that is, the familiar “Volume Life's Work has a read write error” pops up when you try to read from or write to a particular file. What this means is that the filing system is unable to read or write data on one or more of the disk blocks that are associated with that file. Media errors mav indicate an actual physical defect in the magnetic surface oil which your information is stored, such as a scratch or particle ol dirt. Often, however, the problem is due to magnetic damage- a defect in magnetic signals stored on the media, such as those that show where a data block begins and ends. A media defect in a data file is relatively easy to live with because the problem arises onlv when you tn to access that Tile. You may he able to use a directory utility to change the file’s name to something invisible (composed entirely of space characters), restore another copy of the file from your back-up set (or use a disk- recoveiy program to salvage as much of the file as possible), and continue to use the 99.999c of the disk’s storage space that is not affected. Alternatively, you can use one of the programs that test vour disk for unreadable blocks and marks them r as "out of service,” such as Quarterback Tools ($ 89.95, Central Coast Software), Dr. Ami.. ($ 49.95, Free Spirit Software), or ReadRlocks, which comes with Micro- botics' HardFrame controller. You can also use these programs on a preventive basis to map out had blocks before they become part of a data file. Unfortunately, media defects often strike in places more vital than the data area of a file. T hey cati also affect the directory structure that holds the names of files, the data table that shows which disk blocks are associated with which filenames, or the root block, which contains essential information about the entire structure of the disk. In these cases, you may get a message such as “Error validating disk MyStuff disk is unreadable,” or “Not a DOS disk in Unit 9.” This kind of error will probably render the entire partition unusable until you reformat it (using your drive-setup software or the AmigaDOS FORMAT command). Sometimes, you may even have to perform a low-level format operation, which will destroy all ol the data on all of your partitions. If you have current back-up copies, reformatting may he an inconvenience, but it will not result in any permanent loss of data. If you do not have current backups, however, you might like to try salvaging some of the data from the damaged partition. There are several programs available that attempt to read as much data as possible from a damaged disk, and then to copy that data to another hard-drive partition or to a series of floppy disks. In the commercial category. Quarterback Tools provides a convenient means of recovering data. Two freely redistributable programs. Dave Ilaynie’s Disk- salv and Werner Guenther’s FixDisk, are also highly effective at copying data from damaged volumes. An A source of technical information for the serious Amiga professional. Introducing The AmigaWorld Tech Journal, the new source to turn to for the advanced technical information you crave. FigjGRAPHICS Hati i v 11, Whether you’re a programmer or a developer of software or hardware, you simply can’t find a more useful publication than this. Each big, bimonthly issue is packed with fresh, authoritative strategies to help you fuel the power of your computing. Trying to get better results Irom your BASIC compiler? 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P. O. Box 802,80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 TJ991 For faster service, call toll-free 1-800-343-0728 0 P F; R T i 0 P II 0 B I interesting side effect of these programs* data-recovery features is that they can recover files that you delete by mistake as long as you perform your rescue operation before writing again to the disk. The final type of drive problem is an error in the logical disk structure. This occurs when Amiga DOS is able to read the structure data from a disk block hut cannot make sense ol it. For example, the error message “key 1111111 h as a checksum error” indicates that the data is invalid, while the message "kev 1 1 I I I 1 I already set" O ; means that two files claim to own the same data block. Sometimes, this kind of error prevents the disk from being validated, which means that while you may be able to read data from the disk, you cannot write to it. When such an error occurs, you can either try to lix it in place or relormai the drive and restore your backup information to it. Von can try to lix the disk structure in place using such commercial programs as those included in Quarterback Tools and Dr. Ami... freely redistributable utilities such as Fix Disk, or the Workbench’s program DiskDoc tor. The danger of using them is that if a disk error occurs while these programs are writing vital disk-structure information, the problem may worsen. That is whv vou should make sure that you have a J j back-up copy ol the disk's contents before you tiy to use them. If you do not have a good copy of the disks contents, you should at least try using a disk-recovciy program (such as Disksalv, FixDisk, or that of Quarterback Tools) to copy the salvageable data before trying the fix. Every Good Bird Does Fly.*.Again When you see your system spiraling into a nosedive, don’t panic. Using the basics oi Operation Phoenix, you will soon be off and flying again. 11 ere, in summary, are the principles to keep in mind:
• II the drive does not work at all, check the hardware connections. Make sure the controller is plugged in correctly, the logic cable between the drive and controller is secure, and the drive is getting power.
• II the system can read the drive but gets errors, you can usually restore proper functioning by reformatting the drive or the bad partition. (Because reformatting means losing all of your data, you should always keep a duplicate set of files on floppy particularly the files you created yourself.)
• 11 disaster strikes and you do not have a backup, a disk-recoveiy program will often allow you to salvage much of the disk’s contents. ¦ Sheldon Lsemon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and co-author of The AmigaDOS Reference Guide. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, i rH 03458. DISTANT SUNS DISPLAY l-ULL SCREEN IMAGES SET VIEWPOINT OFF EARTH COMETS & ASTEROIDS ANIMATIONS AREXX SUPPORT LUNAR AND SOLAR ECLIPSES MANY EXPANSIONS AMIGADOS 2.0 AVAILABLE
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1. 2 of Vista was just released at $ 59.95. For a complete review of both programs, see “Landscape Generators” in tlie "Reviews” section of the July *91 issue, p. 15.) VistaPro makes shaded, three-dimensional pictures of landscapes. It can create billions of imaginary fractal landscapes, hut it can also create pictures of real places, using data based on DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data files from the US Geological Survey. The USGS provides DEM files for most of the surface of the earth and for many of the other planets and moons of our solar system. Virtual Reality includes a wide variety of DEM landscape files as part of the Vista and VistaPro packages, ranging from Yosemitc valley to Olympus Mons on Mars. Additional sets of landscape disks are also available, including the one I used for this project: the six- disk Valles Marineris set ($ 80), covering the length of Mars’ most amazing canyon. You can employ the procedures and techniques outlined here for virtually any kind of simulated exploration of any area for which DEM files are available. Creatine a Mars Simulation Through an intuitive and sophisticated interface, VistaPro lets you set a camera and target anywhere on the map of the landscape you have loaded. You can adjust lighting, altitude, haze, lens settings, and so on, and then render a full-color shaded image. A’ou can render images in any standard .Amiga resolution, including HAM, overscan, and IFF24. You can even create a path through a landscape and then produce an animation with the frames VistaPro can automatically generate for all the points on that path. Very Grand Canyons Viking images indicate that water once flowed over the surface of Mars, carving canyons and even forming lakes. There are compelling visual suggestions of lake sedimentation in photos of the Ophir, Candor, and Melas Chas- ma regions near the middle of Valles Marineris. For the illustration accompanying this column, I chose from disk 2 of the Valles Marineris set the Vista DEM file “VMl.scape,” which is an overv iew of that region. Other files from the set cover the area in greater detail, but for this project. I was looking for an aerial view that would show the whole region. I wanted tf) experiment with ways of re-creating what the canyons might have looked like with lakes of different depths. After loading the DF.M landscape, I froze the X positions of camera and target by clicking on the X button in the Control panel. This kept me centered over the vallev. I moved the cam- J era slightly south and the target slightly north to give some perspective to the view. The height of the camera above the landscape its Z position defaults to 30 meters, but I wanted a higher viewing angle, so I entered a value of 0000 meters in the camera s Z gadget. From the menu, I selected nonover- scan, lo-res interlace as a rendering resolution. Bringing up the Palette controls, I set sky color to black so as to isolate the landscape, and I made a gray-blue water color for the lakes I planned. Lift off for a little interplanetar) exploration with this simulation tutorial using VistaPro. T he DEM hies of Valles Marineris have a vertical exaggeration of 3.5 applied to all the data. This enhances certain features for study, but it also gives a misleading appearance to the landscapes. Vista Pro’s controls let you scale the data hack to normal values. To make my view look as realistic as possible, I entered a value of 0.29 the reciprocal of 3.5 in the Scale gadget, thus eliminating vertical exaggeration. Switching to the Light controls, 1 set light direction from the east and returned to the main Control panel. To check the results of my settings, I did a quick test rendering by using the coarsest setting for the Poly buttons on the Control panel. The Poly options are 1,2,4, and 8, with «S (using 2048 polygons to render a landscape) being the coarsest. This provides the fastest rendering time, but the lowest detail. After test rendering at 8 (or sometimes 4), I always do final renderings at level I (which uses 131,072 polygons) to achieve the finest detail. Satisfied with my test, I added water. VistaPro oilers some interesting options to accomplish this. Gadgets allow you to create lakes or rivers by clicking directly on the map. The X, Y, and Z coordinates of the cursor are always displayed lor reference, and a lake will fill an area bounded by the Z elevation at the map point you specify with the mouse. I chose, instead, to raise the sea level. The Sea gadget showed an elevation of 1 11 meters as the lowest point on the landscape. Wanting to see what the valley would look like Hooded to a Digi-Vtew and DeluxePaint III. Depth of 100 meters, 1 entered a value ol 211 in the Sea gadget. After new contours were recalculated, the map window showed interesting bodies of water scattered through the lower elevations of the three chasms. I did the final rendering at Poly level 1 and saved the result. Loading that o palette into Digi-View (NewTck), I froze it and digitized the inset of Valles Marineris (lower-left corner ol the illustration) from a Viking photo. I assembled the finished illustration in DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts) for use as part of an interactive Mars presentation 1 would later do with I he Director, Version 2 (Right Answers Group). I found it fascinating to llood that vast valley to different depths and compare the results with Viking images, searching for layering. Some other interesting options also came to Marineris on Mars is shown flooded with it may Have been part of the early history with VistaPro, with additional help from mind: For added effect, I could generate a pair of images, offsetting the camera slightly. Merging the pair, I could then view it as a stereo image with X-Specs 3D (Haitex Resources). I could also save the image as a hi-res IFF24 file, load it into DC IV (Digital Creations), and view it in full NTSC color. 1 he possibilities for what you can do with the results of your explorations are many and marvelous! ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software dextehpmenl. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. VIDEO SUITE Toasting Fonts to Perfection Third-party developers are now easing your access to Video Toaster fonts that will say it for you with style. By Geoffrey Williams THE COMBINATION ()!¦ the NewTek Video Toaster’s digital effects and iis capacity for 24-bit character generation makes it possible for you to create some pretty eye-popping titling. All you need are the right fonts and a sense of design. You can create Toaster fonts by using Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint III in lores mode lo make large versions of each letter. The letters are turned into a standard Amiga font file, and then the Toaster font utility converts the file into a Toaster lout. I his utility (which does convert Color Touts, despite what the documentation says) reduces the letters to one-fourth of their original size. It is unfortunate that, once converted. Fonts can be displayed only in the Toaster’s NTSC output, (or not only does the conversion perform additional processing, but there is loss of detail in NTSC, causing the fonts to look dramatically different from the way you originally designed them. This makes creating Toaster fonts much more difficult than designing standard .Amiga fonts. You face a lot of trial and error and redesigning along the way to get the look you want. Just be glad that third-party developers have spent countless hours doing the work for you. (For developers’ addresses, see list on p. I Of}.) Ready-Made Choices Some oft.be most respected fonts in the Amiga communily are those created by KARA FONTS - TOASTER FONTS t i . ¦» tj . 'SCI 4'V ift T 't'*‘ ..... i. • *' . IvQFQQOUtexfFtKte KataCOLDser if Kara’s metallic Toaster fonts.
* s3* S i*' * V* *s> CINLIME CINNEWS GIMRANON Shereffs Cinnamon Toast fonts, set 2. Kara Blohm o[ Kara Computer Graphics. Kara Fonts have set a high standard for ColoiTdnis, and two recently released loaster Touts sets ($ 99.95 each) will not disappoinl you. Set I contains Chrome Serif Gold Serif Gold Extrude, and Indated, while set 2 boasts Marble, Brass, Granite, and Wood. These fonts are dimensional and beautifully designed, and they come with upper- and lowercase in two sizes. I’ve always liked Classic Concepts' font sets, and it has taken a unique approach to marketing Toaster fonts. All ol its new sets include both Toaster- font and standard bitmapped versions. Most of the fonts include the full upper- and lowercase character set and come in two to five sizes each. These arc well designed* and Classic Concepts oilers the largest variety of Color- Fonts. It also has the best documentation around, with lots of information on fonts and basic typography. You can choose from a number of Classic Concept packages. The A*Video Professional Font System ($ 249.95) contains 13 typefaces in varying sizes, for a total of 39 fonts. All except one are ColorFonts. The weather and sports fonts contain piciograms, enabling you easily to add graphics to your screens. Video and Headline Fonts Take 3 ($ 129.95) includes eight typefaces; all except one are ColorFonts. There are 21 fonts in varying sizes. CalliVideo Fonts ($ 239.95) is a selection of script and calligraphic faces for adding Hair and llourish. You gel 12 typefaces (three monochrome) in several sizes, with 41 fonts in all. Classic Concepts is the only company I know of that is concentrating on foreign language fonts, and its Euro- Fonts ($ 149.95 each) offers font sets ? E High quality RGB tutpui for your Amiga
• Works with DigiView :u ¦ Completely blitter-compatible
• NTSC encoder compatible
• S-VHS encoder compatible
• PAL & NTSC compatible
• Uses only RGB port
• FCC Class B. UL Listed
• Works w std Amiga monitors
• Does not use Amiga power Custom brushes use blitter RGB, HSV,HSL,CMY palette RGB and HSVspreads Extensive Arexx M support 10 Color Cycle Glow ranges Range pong, reverse, stop Smooth zoom, rotate or scale Area, edge, outline fill overfill Dithered 24 bit fill mixing Anti-alias with any too! Or brush SHAM, ARZO, ARZ1, AHAM. 18 bit ScanLab™ UPB8 brushes All of the 12 different HAM-E format image file types Images may be scaled and converted to 24 bit IFF files These images are completely unretouched photos taken from a stock 1084s RGB monitor using the basic 11AM-E unit. They are pure RGB, not smeary composite. The new HAM-EPlus is an even more potent yet virtually transparent, anti-alias engine which offers near photographic quality images on standard RGB monitors. No other graphics expansion device offers so much performance and costs so little! And all the software to run it is free. Even upgrades! There's not enough room to cover all the features of this system, so here’s just a few. HAM-f™ 299.95 HAM-E PLUS™ 429.95 384 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 768 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 384 x 560 Pixel Output (PAL) 768 x 560 Pixel Output (PAL) [All iBltiiarevirkiiitl tiller iiltl
• Paint, render, convert and image processing software
• 18 24 bit “pure” modes
• 256 512 color register modes
• RGB pass through
• Screen overlay underlay
• Screens pull up down & go front back
• View with any IFF Viewer
• Animate via ANIM or Page Flipping THE MOST IMPORTANT 24 HIT IMAGE PROCESSING GRAPHIC SOFTWARE EVER CREATED FOR THE AMIGA 24 bit IFF, 24 bit IFF with GLUT chunks 2 to 256 color standard IFF; half bright IIAM, DKB and QRT trace RGBS and RGI3N Targa,M GIF- Dynamic HiRes'" Loads, shows GIF '“exactly “C" source code available free Upgrade from BBS 24 hrs dav Color or 256 greys painting 256 color stencils Matte color anti-alias cycle draw Prints via printer device Auto enhance std IFF palettes Writes IFF24, GIE’M HAM-E NEW IMAGE PROFESSIONAL™ IMAGE COMPATIBILITY SYSTEM FEATURES PAINT FEATURES Over 100 image processing operations 24 bit IFF input, output and viewing Any number of named image buffers Image sizes to 32767 x 32767 pixels 24 bit blending, clipping and compositing Apply any funct ion using paint-like tools: Freehand, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Polyarc Full 24 bit undo, redound isolate Displays in 24 bit, 18 bit, 256 color, or 256 greyscale Blended Merge and RuhThru in many ways: Color-keyed, minimum, maximum and direct 24 bit warping, shading, rotation, geometric distortions and scaling Extremely intuitive, easy-to-use interface ‘ALL SOFTWARE INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST WITH EVERY UNIT Call (406) 367-5509 for more information. 398 Johnson Rd.. Glasgow. MT 59230 SALES: (8001 TK-AMIGA International Sales (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX: (406) 367-AFAX DlgiVlfNew Tek: Amiga- Commodore Bu.inei* Machine*; GIF'- CompuServe: Dynamic HIRea" Sr-Teli: ScanLab'* AS DC; Ttr(1 • True Vi.ian Eagle image copyright True Vision; 1094*'* Commodore: AHAM. ARZO, ARZ J’* ASDG: HAM-E" Black Belt Syitetns. For Cyrillic, Spanish French, German, and Scandinavian languages. Keep in mind that yon get hoth luastcr and Amiga formats for all of these. One of the first companies to enter the Amiga CXI market was Shereff Systems, and it now has two sets ol color Toaster fonts ($ 99.95 each). Cinnamon Toast Fonts 1 contains Contrast, Engraved, Hammer, Jewel, and Scout. Set 2 contains Cinnamon, Glory, Gold, Lime, News, and Stone. Eacli font comes in two sizes, but in uppercase only. While some ol these are novelty fonts, they are still general enough to find a wide variety of uses. Shereff also has a set of monochrome fonts based on the fonts available for its character generators. The Bread 8c Butter set ($ 99.95) includes 17 fonts, each in four sizes, for a total of 68. T hese were designed with antialiasing, so they are very clean (al- O 4 though all of the Toaster fonts Eve seen so far look very smooth). A nice bonus with this package is a font converter that maintains the size of the Amiga font, rather than reducing it to one-fourth the size as does the Toaster utility. It will not work on ColorFonts, though. The most extensive collection of monochrome Toaster fonts conies from Allied Studios. There are lives sets of 1st Prize Toasted Fonts ($ 69.95 a set), each having from seven to nine fonts, most of them in six sizes. With 39 typefaces and 228 fonts across the five sets, you have a lot of options. According to the documentation, these were created from high precision outline fonts, turned into bitmaps, and then converted to Toaster format. T hey look good, u and give you a lot of the standard classic typefaces. T he issue of using outline louts is significant. Many other platforms are moving to scaleable outline fonts for video work. While I have heard that there is no major revision to the Toaster CG expected in version 2.0 (which will disappoint those who have been grumbling about its deficiencies in that area), I think it is important for New- Tek to consider adding scalable font technology in the following upgrade. Scalable font technology is the way of the future, and is fast becoming the standard on other computers. Needing a different font for each size takes up far too much room (the ten font sets I looked at took up over 30 megabytes), and you are limited to whatever sizes the developer happens to provide. Now there is a way to get into scalable font technology with the Toaster. Gold Dish offers its complete collection of Compugraphic fonts with a special utility that will create bitmap versions in anv sizes vou desire. You can then 4 J convert them to Toaster format. While not as elegant as having this capability built into the Toaster, it does work. Design Basics Once you have some great fonts, the next step is to use them effectively. As you lay out a screen of text, keep in mind that the viewer will not be nearly as dose to the screen as you are. Think how far you sit from your television when you watch it. Very small text is J not readable, and it is used on fY only for detailed exclusions in those “only $ 19.95" commercials to ensure no one actually reads them. W hen you design a screen of text, use the minimum number of words to get your message across. The fewer words on the screen, the larger you will be able to make the text and the easier it will he to read. As an incentive to stay brief, imagine that each word costs you $ 20. Rewrite your text to use five fewer words, and you save yourself SI 00. (Sure, its only imaginary, but think of all the things you can imagine buying with it.) Choosing the right typestyle is important, but it is also a highly subjective art. Here are a few general rules to get you started: Rule 1 : Too manv clilferent styles i j make a screen look busy and difficult to read. Generally, you should use no more than three styles per screen (but this does not preclude using variations of the same type family, such as Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Narrow, and so on). Rule 2: Sans Serif fonts, highly decorative fonts, and all-caps fonts should he used onlv for headlines and small z areas of text. All-caps is one of the most difficult styles to read. Serif typefaces (they have a little flourish at the end of each stroke) are considered much more legible. Rule 3: The typestyle should enhance the message. If it does not, you are better off with a more traditionally styled face. A soft and beautiful font should not he used for a message that implies action, just as that gorgeous Ice font would be a poor choice for a Valentine’s Day message. Appropriateness is very important. After you've chosen the font, you also need to choose the color (although you cannot change the color of color Toaster fonts). Although red seems like a great choice, true red does not work very well in NTSC, as it has a tendency to bleed. Light yellow, white, and light blue are much better for text. Some color combinations do not work very well together in NTSC, so it’s a good idea to make written notes on the background and text-color combinations that you know look well on tape. Most Toaster fonts arc not well kerned, often requiring some adjustment of the spacing between letter pairs. The look you want is of uniform spacing between all letter pairs. Unfortunately, a hug in the Toaster CXI keeps you from kerning color fonts as tightly as you might like, because when you cross a font’s boundary, the color information in that part is lost. Cheat Sheets One of the first things 1 do when I get a new font is to grab a copy of the ITC type catalog (available at art supply stores) and determine to which traditional fonts my Amiga fonts correspond. Because only font names may be copyrighted, most computer fonts are similar to standard fonts in the ITC catalog. The lowercase g is one of the best letters to compare, as it is usually the most distinctive. 1 find that knowing the proper names of fonts makes it easier to organize them and helps me avoid useless duplication. Another good habit is to compile a catalog with printed versions of your fonts and notes thereon. A real time saver is to load each font into the Toaster and type it on the screen to see how many characters will comfortably fit on a line in each size. Marking these numbers in your catalog and referring to them before you start laying out your headlines will save a lot of trial and error in trying to make things fit, T he first rule when laying out type on the screen is that it should help to convey your message. 1 he Toaster CG is a powerful tool, hut remember that although it can make pretty pictures, its true function is to produce readable text that effectively communicates your message. ¦ o Geoffrey Williams is executive, producer for Creative Easiness Communication and head of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Write to him cfo AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. "It is indeed a winner" "There is simply no other Amiga program that comes close to it in terms of out-of-the-box useability, speed, or level of features." AMIGA WORLD August 1991 Professional Computer Aided Design and Drafting for the Amiga DynaCADD is a 2D and 3D general purpose design and drafting software package for electrical, mechanical, architectural and civil applications. Fully interactive 2D and 3D capabilities to both North American and European standards. 16 decimal places precision. Math coprocessor support. Pull down menus, mouse, keyboard, function keys and user definable macro keys. Online context sensitive documentation. On screen command help line. Extremely user friendly icon based interface that sets the program apart from all competitors.
• Multiple 3D views
• Hidden Line Removal
• Dimensioning
• Line Weights I Styles
• Resident View Control
• Grid and Axis
• Sectioning I Hatching
• Entity Types Base entity types include: POINTS, LINES, CIRCLES, ARCS, FILLETS, ELLIPSES, ELLIPTICAL ARCS, TEXT, SOLID, 3D FACES, B-SPLINES and BEZIER CURVES. Multiple entities in BOXES, POLYGONS, POLYFIGURES, SUBFIGURES, SECTIONING and HATCHING. Entities can be either 2D or 3D. Entities in 3D can be transformed to 20.
• Fifteen 2D dynamic Entity Insertions
• Location and Entity Snap
• Entity Selection and Drawing Information
• Entity Transformations
• Up to 256 Layers
• Background Plotting Printing
• MAKEPLOT Program
• Printer Support Epson and compatible printers, both 9 and 24 pin. Laser printers, HP LaserJet series, PostScript compatible and Encapsulated PostScript. The suggested retail price of DynaCADD, on all platforms, is US S 995.00. Germany CRP: (07531) 56265 England Expressworks: (0252) 726 255 Denmark Nikita: 75 65 37 88 Sweden Bremberg: 503 40330 Finland Komentokeskus: 881 227 741 Italy Studio: (02) 26 14 38 33 Spain MAD: (91) 250 9040 Korea Union Systems: (02) 533 6213 7 Singapore 2000+: 65 265 3300 "Installing DynaCADD onto a hard drive is effortless". ."One of the more logically laid-out CAD programs I have seen" "The manual is thorough, well organizedr and easy to understand "DynaCADD's menu system, with its excellent range of commands and modifiers, is unmatched by any program I have used to this point" AMIGA WORLD August 1991 "The best CAD program for the Amiga currently available" AMIGA Markt&Teclmik May 1991 DynaCADD received the highest rating for application software ever awarded11.2 out of 12, by the German AMIGA Markt&Technik publication.
• Plotter Support Pen plotters, including Houston Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, lOline, Calcomp, HPGL and DMPL compatible devices. Output to the serial or parallel port or to a disk file.
• Text Fonts AGFA COMPUGRAPHIC fonts are included. Character kerning, proportional or constant (mono) character spacing. Left, right or center text justification. Character width, height, slant, rotation, pen styles, weights, color and layer can be set.
• File Transfer HPGL, DMPL and Calcomp (Out), PostScript®, Encapsulated PostScript® (Out), Xerox Ventura IMG Files (Out) GEM® META Files (Out), IFF ILBM, Sculpt 30. VideoScape, Lightwave and Imagine (Out) and DXF 2D 3D (In Out).
• Vector Font Editor A designer's tool to create and edit high resolution vector fonts. Editing aids include: Bezier curves, B-splines, Unlimited number of vector cut and paste buffers, Rotate, stretch, mirroring horizontally or vertically, move, copy, distort any character or vector. Each font can contain from 1 to 255 characters.
• 100's of additional features © DynaCADD9 Version 2.0 AMIGA®Systems Requirements: All Amiga systems with a minimum of 1 Mbyte RAM, OS 1.3 or later. A 68020 30 with at least 2 Mbytes of RAM, a math co-processor and a hard drive is recommended. DynaCADD® is also available for the MS DOS 80286,386,486. PS 2 and 100% compatibles and the Atari ST TT. Features may vary between platforms. DynaCADD DEMO versions are available. DynaCADD® is a registered trademark of Ditek International. Other computers or software names are the trademarks or tradenames of their respective holders. Specifications are subject to change without notice. ©1991 Ditek International Ditek International 2651 John Street, Unit 3 Markham Ontario, L3R 2W5 Canada Tel (416) 479 1990 Fax (416) 479 1882 Genie: ISD CompuServe: 76004,2246 r R ..... mG -CY- r r r CO LG R URST 24 48 BIT GRAPHICS ENGINE The only true 24-Bit video display for all Amigas
• Each and every pixel can be any of
16. 8 Million Colors
• Pure, Broadcast Quality RGB Output
• Realtime Image Processing
• Includes 24-Bit Paint Program
• Connects thru Monitor Port to All Amigas
• Compatible with all Amiga Monitors
• High Resolution 768 x 480 pixels (580 PAL)
• Includes 1.5 MB display RAM
• Realtime Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
• Complex Color Cycling and Video Effects
• All at an Affordable Price FLASH SCSI CONTROLLER 8-or 16-Bit NON-DMA SCSI Controller for the Amiga 2000 Series The Fastest Controller Available! Expandable to 16-Bit NON-DMA Uses Zorro II or III slot. 1 MB ZIP Sockets for user- installable RAM up to 8 MB Supports Commodore's Rigid Disk Block Structure 8-Bit = 450k sec transfer rate 16-Bit = >950K sec transfer rate * BLITZ BASIC The Amiga's fastest BASIC Enhanced Unidrive The Ultimate Drive for your Amiga: No clicking! Low Profile Design Floppy drive port pass-thru Digital LED track display Virus Protection switch On Off switch The ease of BASIC with the speed of Assembly code - Compiled and ecutable output - Full support for Blits, Sprites, F Screens (including HAM), Sampled Sounds, Double-buffered animation and much more! Hardware write-protect switch Make your disks (ly with B.A.D.! Speed disk access time by up to 500% Works with floppies AND hard drives Support tor Virtual Memory and multiple partitions The Musical Graphics Player Transforms Amiga graphics into music. Load any graphic Image (or create one using Pixound's dynamic built-in screen generators), then hear it translated Into a rich variety of harmonies and melodies using the Amiga's voices, a MIDI keyboard, or both. You've never seen or heard anything like PIXOUND before. Incredible Workbench and CLI performance AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible Works with the Fast File System The MOST popular Amiga utility ever :- 2J>r;OWJTOSk AT.-y somuia The highest quality, most-accurate mouse for the Amiga. Solid, rugged, sturdy construction, supersmooth action and a TWO-YEAR warranty. Don't settle for cheap imitators. This is the finest mouse available. The hottest, newest, super- powerful modem package X Modem, Y-Modsa and Z-Modem protocols, integrated scripting language - create your own modem utilities Text Dicking ¦ Just click on a word on the screen to transmit it to another computer! Password protection Built-in, programmable timer Fully multitasking and Workbench 2.0 compatible dctv Everybody loves My Paint. Designed for kids but fun for everyone. Includes an animated-icon interface, drawing tools, special effects, multiple palettes, digitized sound effects, 28 pictures to color in and much more! Additional Coloring Book disks available. CDTV Version also avaiable DCTV: A Guided Tour This easy-tiHoiow, comprehensive VHS tutor* ivfl teach you everything you need to know about DCTV! Topics include: ¦ • . -
• Installation.
• Using the Video Digitizer.
• Usmg DCTV with the Video Toaster.
• Using DCTV as a 24-ftt animation display board. Also reticles an interview with DCTV's desi er! Imagine: A Guided Tour This extensive vtieo tutorial includes segments on object taadng and creation, surface attributes, &rtng techniques, texture mapping, anmaocn, 12 and 24-brt comparisons and more. A must-have it you're serious about unleashing your imagination with Imagine. Get detailed information on over 170 countries and afl 50 states. Four disks fid of maps and facts. DrustIII ___ The best-selling Amiga video ever. Explore cel animation, 3D perspective, special effects, shortcuts and more. Learn how to get the most out of Oeluie Paint 111 Irom artist Jell Bruette and Dpaint's creator, Dan Silva. Iur Software
o Beach Blvd. Lawndale, Cfl 90260 142-2226 - FAX: 213-542-9998 HELP KEY Lou unravels the mysteries of printer drivers and how to add MS-DOS compatibility to your system. By Louis R. Wallace Drive That Printer! Q: have a one-megabyte A500, and I'm planning to buy a printer. Xat wanting to run into the problem of getting a printer that isn't supported or quickly becomes discontinued, I looked around at my school and found that the Oh data Microhne 320 is used everywhere. Can I use this IBM- sfyle printer, and. If so, do I need a special cable? Or, do I need a printer that is specially designed for use with the Amiga?
B. Taylor Decatur. Illinois Q: I own an Amiga 500 with Workbench
1. 3, and 1 have a Panasonic KX-P1180 dot-matrix printer. My problem is that 1 can't get the jo inter to output in styles such as the hold, italic or underline that I use in my word processor. Thinking I needed a new printer driver, opened the Preferences tool and found only two printer drivers. Custom and generic. Where does one get other jointer drivers for the Amiga? R, Keith Monroe, North Carolina A: One of the most common misconceptions besetting new Amiga users is that they must 1>iiy printers made specifically for the Amiga. Not so! 1 he Amiga is capable ol using just about any printer that can be used on an IBM or compatible. With the A500. A2000 and A3000 computers, you just need a standard printer cable. The A1000, however, does require a special cable. It will not work with a standard printer cable, and even hooking one up to the A1000 can damage your computer or printer. Ask vour dealer or Commodore for details about the special cable. Whichever computer you have, you also need a printer driver that is specific to your printer, I hese drivers must be located in the Workbench DEVS PRINTERS drawer on your system disk. I lowever. Because of space limitations on a standard Workbench disk as it comes from Commodore, the driver you need may not be there. If such is the case, you can find additional drivers on the EXTRAS disk that came with your computer or AmigaDOS Enhancer package. These printer drivers are in the DEVS PRINTERS drawer on the Extras 1.3 (or Extras 2.0) disk, lb use one of them, just copy it from the Extras disk to your Workbench. You do this from the CLI with a command such as the Following: copy “Extras 1.3:devs»'printersEpsonCr to sys;devs printers This copies the HpsonQ printer driver from the Extras disk to your system or Workbench disk. You then need to load the Preferences program and select the new printer driver. Then save the new Preferences to disk by clicking on the Save option. From this point on, any attempt to print will use the newly selected printer driver. Below is a list of the drivers you'll find on the 1.3 version of the Extras disk. If your printer is not listed, you can try some of the others. It's always a 4 J good bet to check one ol the Epson drivers, as many printers will work in Epson mode. In addition, there are a great many printer drivers in the public domain. You can find these in users’ group libraries, local or national BBSs, commercial telecommunication networks or even at your local dealer. While these are not olhcial Commodore Amiga printer drivers, in many cases thev will work well. Extra’s 1.3 Printer Drivers Alphacotn Alphapro 101 Brother HR-15XL CaICotnp (-ok>rMaster CalComp ColorMaster2 Canon PJ-1080A CBM MPS 1000 Diablo 630 Diablo C-150 Diablo Advantage D25 EpsonQ EpsonX (CBM MPS-1250) EpsonXOkl IIP DeskJet HP Laser)et HP Paint jet HP Think jet Howtek Pixclmaster ImagewrilerJI Nee Pin writer Okidata 92 Okidata 2931 Okimate 20 Quadrant Quadjet Qume LetterPro 20 Toshiba P351C Toshiba P351SX Xerox 4020 Bridging the Gap To MS-DOS Q: Pm a new Amiga owner, and I'm extraordinarily jdeased with this wonderful machine. The only problem I have is that in school we use a lot of MS-DOS-based machines. I would like to be able to bring my work home and finish it, but of course I can't run MS-DOS software on an Amiga. I know it’s possible to add an emulator to do so, but I don't know what is available. Can you help?
W. Berry San Francisco, California A: 1 here are a number of different ways to add MS-DOS compatibility to your Amiga system, with the approach you take somewhat dependent on the model of Amiga you have. Commodore makes two different MS-DOS emulator cards, called Bridgeboards, for the A2000, A2500 and A3000 computers. One of the cards (the A2088D, $ 499) is an XT- compatible: the other (the A2286, S799) is an Al". Both run in a window on the Amiga and emulate the PC’s C(»A display mode. A500s and A2000s can make use of the Albnce (S398), an AT card that is inserted between the 68000 CPU and the CPU socket. Another A500 PC hardware emulator is the Power PC ($ 525) board (originally distributed by Pulsar), but this product is now somewhat hard to find. ¦ SUGGESTED RETAIL: now only $ 19.95 ea. SA VE15 w - .. . Tgat . FOLLOW-UP TO OUR BEST SELLER! 1-800-343-0728 CALL TOLL FREE or mail this coupon. AMIGA ANIMATION VOLUME TWO! Selected from hundreds of incredible works. In response to the clamor for another videotape featuring Amiga animations, the Editorial Staff of Amiga World has created ANIMATION VIDEO, VOLUME TWO. Amiga World sponsored another contest soliciting entries from talented Amiga animators. The Editors sifted through hundreds of submissions and countless hours of animation clips to select the very best in animated art. The result is a videotape with scintillating animations, showcasing the efforts and talents of Amiga enthusiasts. ANIMATION VIDEO, VOLUME ONE was a best-selling video, containing commercially broadcast and award-winning work. The second volume is even more exciting, due to such innovative animation programs as Sculpt-Animate 4D, LightWave 3D, Turbo Silver, Imagine and Deluxe Paint III. The animations on this video will impress you with technical brilliance and delight you with imaginative plots. You'll be thoroughly entertained as you absorb new animation techniques and ideas. Whether you just brought your Amiga home from the store or you have created your own animation art before, you'll want to add ANIMATION VIDEO, VOLUME TWO to your Amiga video collection! "W T '¦ 1 ¦ I am eager to become an Y rH J expert! Please send me the A 1. Following videos: ? Animation Video, Vol. Two...$ 24.9 $ 19.95 ? Animation Video, Vol. One...$ 19.95 $ 14.95 ? Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 24.p $ 19.95 ? NewTek’s Video Toaster" $ 2495 $ 19.95 ? Desktop Video, Vol. One 529005 $ 24.95 ? Amiga Graphics, Vol. One ...S2m.% $ 24.95 ? The Musical Amiga $ 29.95 $ 24.95 ? The Amiga Primer ...$ 29.95 $ 24.95 ? Check Money Order Q MasterCard Q VISA ? AmEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video. Q Discover Please include 52.95 shipping & handling for one video, $ 5.00 for Iwo or more. Total Aral. $ _ Acct. __Exp. Date_ Signature__ Name__ Address City State Zip__ TechMedia AVID991 VIDE O PO Box 802,80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 An IDG Communications Company 603-924-0100 Aniljbk ia VHS oel> Pkim »lc-» i-A for delivery Fcrrijn c-eden idd J730 for jvnul delivery SIS far rms or ®.ve v»fc« P»jnac(u imi he made d US. Fundi dn.n m US h»ik» IrctiV.fdu Video n tbe I erased Nona American dninbuw of Asugj World Yidcm C IW. IWO, 1W1 by Raua Video USA Ail Rtjhii Rocr» rd Anijj n a rtgiuerrd tridemirk of Commodore Ewuacu Macbioct, lac All ocher prafatf umev used bcrrm ire irtdcsarii of sheir mptcxne holderv TechMedia video presents THE MIND'S EYE ( A COMPUTER ANIMATION ODDYSSEY MIRAMAR® A compelling look at the creation of the universe utilizing the talents of the world's top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. Forty minutes of visually powerful imagery from over 300 of the leading talents in the field. The definitive video for computer animation enthusiasts! 1-800-343-0728 Please send ?YES! Copies of THE MIND'S EYE Only $ 19.95 Exp. Date Acct. V -V CALL TOLL FREE or mail this coupon* P Check Money Order P MasterCard P VISA P AmEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video. P Discover Please include S3.00 shipping & handling for each video ordered. Total Amt. $ _ TechMedia Signature Name_ Address City State Zip VIDEO
P. O. Box 802. 80 Elm Street. Peterborough, NH 03458 603-924-0100 An IDG Communications Company Available in VHS only Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery Foreign Orders, add $ 7 50 for airmail dolivey: $ 1S for two or more videos Payment must be made in U S funds drawn on U S banks. Cmcmxc Miramar images, inc MD991 Photo courtesy of Hewlett Packa d m Go ahead and pull out oun tspecial 8-page tean-out Ad! I Si ative COMPUTERS mm r The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Announcing the Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program (CCMBG) Now and through Aug. 31r 1991, when you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or Newtek's Video Toaster from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you In the market for a Video Toaster hut don't know If it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy It from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! CC-MBG rules: Limited time offer only applies to above listed categories only. You must call Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization number belore sending the itemls) back. The Item(s) must be in original condition and in original packaging. No damaged items will be accepted. Refunds Issued within 14 days o! Receipt ot the returned item(s). Relund Is limited to S3,000 per customer. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it! THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS DIRECT ADVANTAGE MASTERCARD USE YOUR DIRECT ADVANTA6E 6DLD MASTERCARD ANYWHERE AND EARN DOLLARS GOOD ON EVERYTHING WE SELL! « 1st Year Membership Free! Save S40
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I. Mail this order form lo: CREATIVE COMPUTERS at; 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 One of our friendly customer service representatives. Creative Summer Sale Name Address City _ State Zip Country Day Phone = Night Phone ( ) QTY. PRODUCT NAME UniT PRICE TOTAL 1 i | I i B 25% SALES TAX (CA. RES ONLY) ShiPPI TOTAL OUR POLICIES wtimiieann XtfiJdioworttnccitbb11u.t»7mirjT CdlHriitawttiwminmfHf tirinwX.ar a wrTwrorttroarVerTicmUd arTtiry tar ton Antfttxe liprtti, is wtiurjt rnr itcmr, RFM1 Ml Iff CtJI Castosttf Unite it (fll) M4 ODOB rnr mftrn ¦ilaruttw AH retain Wumrt isltartatlw wrtwr (IMAt) Hi M ratond. Rttmm! Prafluctt Btsittn ffijlnU caodltxa tad Meta * and omi c-e itni Uci wlir.l« SQ Siyi if iir tewta Shi ft rttoU. Piece 3flectin pntfotl ouuosh arfi We ttfiti m jBimtte nr rtauti pert*n*tt Uatapa wn wflu prttds tn « w mm wt saw t» i tts itstatt* He. CMVnVd: Prices ad mdattt] ii (nut m otjei u c&agt nUnui kqo. AIM-II Mftfll Sad mi orten ar ankers ctecH tor total ante. Psrsaal acts tp it I! By*« aw. IndaH: km. Wdrrtt ad taeptaa ranter (no P.O. Bsxis, please). II ordsmtg By trail e&ra locluli eipira’M (tit end IdlBag ifldrm Csl t:r uni sfcjpplag rttn. ¦nunnui mi no mmu pub Hr tato, fm, am - Mum w* tot ah mr cmhcc »¦- **r tin. Hr visa a* McnsrCirt irdtn r» ntsi F U ir biI i apM Hbtucsf) el ytr craft on ¦ Ne ud fctek Piem bm yamn on hmv mdr ktm cnk|. ITIBHinmi r Mfti Irlrtftttt tmm I'm Ml rsit, run ISTC 7tt*S. MedUgtaa nn n-117t;fraK* 11-15*-103; ImntalftA IK)-m-71l;Mtnr1*dMC OS 34ZE ¦'-PB1C1 CUAAAilHl It Dntf. Applies lo Berdundlse edvwtited by at luilarUri dtUtn ntni nerdtuUse to tils. Wi win pn yen ocr “otiivefM" ppti l»wsr dan Uw pitar Swler'i “tefflriraf" price SHIPPING METHOD: (Call for rates) UPS Ground [_J Airborne Express DHL -International orders Other. « U TAL |__ OFFER CODE: P1940111 METHOD OF I I Check I Money Order I j Visa ? MasterCard PAYMENT: ? American Express _J Discover CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card Signature Exp. Date _ Credit Cards Accepted T5T S HJ Overnight Shipping via: IIRBORNE EXPRESS - wsmm
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAK: 213-214-0932 MONITORS NEC MUITISYNC 30 NEC MUITISYNC IIA SEIKO 1440 MULTISYNC 638.00 SONY 1304 MULTISYNC ___778.00 PRINTERS CITIZEN CSX 140 24 PIN „ CITIZEN GSK200 8 PIN LASERJET III PRINTER QMS PS 410 LASER __2485.00 STAR NX1000 U PRINTER----------169.00 STAR NX1020 RAINBOW _2T8.00 VIDEO HARDWARE ,123.00
53. 95
43. 95 „ 43.95 ... 53.35 .59.35 ,..99.00 CALL .111.00 .759.00 .249,00
87. 95 ._ 135.00
1995. 00 ...... 109.00 _B5.00
119. 00
134. 00 .....1395.00
37. 95 . 105.00 .169.00
449. 00 ..89.00 .155.00 .185.00 .119.00 .549.00 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 PAL __ EPSON ES 3000 SCANNER .... FLICK. FIX TO GENLOCK MIDI GOLD INSIDER----------------84.85 PERFECT SOUND 500,2000 __89.85 SOUNOMASTER-- 139,00 COMMODORE AID STEREO SPEAKERS 33.85 A206D ARCNET LAN ___T38.00
- .399.00 LENS 1BMM NO IRIS ..... 18.95 LENS 1BMM W 1RIS ... HiMHuii 53.95 LIVE! 1000 ___
249. 00 LIVE! 2000 ...348.00 UVEI 500 ...... .....308.00 MAGNI4004 _ ___1049.00 MACNI 4D04S ..... ...1049.00 MINISEN GENLOCK ..... ......183.00 MINIGEN PAL GENLOCK __239.00 NER1KI GENLOCK ...... 1793.00 NUCLEAS PERSONAE 8FC 399,00 PANASONIC WV1410 ....-.183.00 PANASONIC WV1500K _319.00 PERSONAL 1BC __CALL SHARP JX300 SCANNER _2095.00 SHARP JX450 SCANNER .....5195.00 SUPERGEN 2000S 1350.00 A MAX II MAC EMULATOR-------135.00 ACCESSORIES AUTOLI'JK ......44.95 OANX DISKETTE EQX 14 96 BIGFOOT 150 POWER SUP ....
- -.97.95 U nun IflOIIL 1 1 k hfv ifl aaatraaiaraataaaa** DISKETTES 50 PACK 44 00 CMI MULTIPORT BOARD --- 195,00 SONY DISK 10 PACK
90. 00 SONY DISK 5.25“ 10 PK ..... _7.95 DAKOTA SKETCH MASTER 419.00 SONY DISK 5.25“ DSHO ....
- 11.95 SKFTCH MASTER. 12X18 819.00 kiiny nisK nswi 9 pack 9 95 DOUBLE TALK A7000 .... ...... 399.00 SONY DISK DSHD 10 PACK .... 19.95 DUAL SERIAL BOARB .... 289,00 WOODEN DISKBOX 2 DRAWER
- B5.00 GOLDEN IMG. KANO SCAN...... __289.00 IC AGNUS: FATTERITMB) __ ___99,00 SUPERSEN GENLOCK ...... 649.00 IC AGNUS: SUPER FAT .. 99.00 TCRG 102 ,..,....649.00 IVS GRAND SLAM 2000 .....GAIL VIDEO MASKS GENLOCK .... .. 995.00 mCK$ T»IK 1 T WA...... .
- -----29.85 MEGACHIP 2000 259,00 VID1ECH SCANIOCK _ ... 789.00 OMNIKEY ULTRA ......
- ---------97.B5 MISC. HARDWARE Digital Vtteo Effects! Genlock - Frame frabber I 24-bit Paint and Rendering! 30 Modeing ami Animation! Epson Scanner s1199°° 600 DPI, 24 Bit full page color scanner ES-300C Wffli ASDG Driver Buntfles1299°° Firecracker 24 High-resolutitin
16. 7 Million colors 24-Bit graphics display card Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 s8950£l Z Meg Version Roctec AMTRAC Uses only 1 3 the desk space of a mouse High Resolution (or precision input Requires no cleaning Drag lock feature A professional trackball for all Amigas New, reiaUe tWve for the Amiga. $ 0495 Super slm, less than 1-inch Ugh, low power consumption. -OI- Drive pass-thru. 5JJj4 Best International freight service and low, tow natBS via: k Creative Summer Sale 11 nm i min nwH .69.85 .G9.85 .69.85 MONITOR STAND AEOO ... .27.05 BROADCAST TIT LER II ___ .....22B.00 VIDEO FFFECTS 30 ___ , 119.00 PERFECT BOUND ADAPTOR ..... . 10.85 BROADCAST TITLER II PAL _23B.00 VIDEO EFFECTS 30 PAL __ .130 95 K-SPECS 80 ,i,a,i.r,84.85 CINEUNK FDR IMAGUNK .....T 75.00 VIDEO PACE __.... 83,95 HOT GRAPHICS SOFTWARE CREDIT TEXT SCROLLER 23.05 VIDEO TOOLS ___
179. 00 ... B9.95 ,. 83.95 Ilkll 1 in 1 UUIIULkl.ll DELUXE VID PHDTD LAB BNDL . INVISION PIUS ..... __90.85 _179.00 VIDEO III LER 30 __ VIDGEN 1.0 _ 3D TEXT ANIMATOR ... ANIMAGIC BUDDY SYS DPAINI III ...... DELUXE PAINT 111 ___ MCI PjfhT 7 ..29.95 .87.95 .29.85 , 09.05 C« DC NeflfXI VIDEO TOOLS ON TAP 52.95 PERFORMER IELAN)...... __87.95 PHOTON TRANSPORT CQNT .185.95 PHOTON VIDEO EDLP ___288.00 pufWiTF an flg 3D RENDERING 30 PROFESSIONAL ...... 30 PROFESSIONAL PAL....., .. DIGITAL LANDSCAPE . ,199.00 , IBB,00 ...73 85 LIU rnini I UIGIPAINI 3 PAL ___ ... ., 04.93 .58.95 PRO VIDEO PLUS PAL 198.B5 IMAGINE ... USD is terra 130 00 4 C DC DIGIMATE HI __ ___ niviucv iinu¦ tinu .23.85 70 0 PRO VIDEO POST .... PRO VIDEO POST PA1 ___199.00 199.00 MAP MASTER _ PRO TEXTURES ___ ,.45.95 ... 38.95 no m n n ¦ hit
- 7a.aa sr.ii a 940 no SURFACE MASTER
- 25.05 MAChO PAINT ...... PmflTflU PHUT 9 n
- 81.95 QQ 05 SCREEN MAKER ... ...... LlS.UJ _238.00 IMAGINE BUDDY SYSTEM ......
- 28.95 rnu Iuii rnifiI z.u vriri dt iLuiJiTC i n
299. 00 .. 89.85 uii.iVUL.i v niniriavi.- SCREDI MAKER STARTER SET ___34,95 INTERCHANGE TSLV MODE--
- 18.95 &PEC1RAC0LQR 64 05 SHOWMAKER __ _215.00 MAP MatTIR FOR LIGHTWAVE B4.95 tiioda eiiucn o n ¦ U1.UJ AQ nr» TC11 [Nkr rna lyiGFllftK 175 on MATHVISION
119. 00 rUnBU allVrn 3.U vintncriDE in vv n , 69.DU
119. 00 ¦ unuim run i.t.aulli.tr . TV GRAPHICS ...... 1 f y .UU 29.95 MODELER 30 ___
- 04.85 VlvLUavAPC tfU IC.0 iu»i.iinmaMMi DESKTOP VIDEO TV GRAPHICS 2 29.95 PIXEL 30 AUFOTRACING---
14. 95 COVER UPS A1B50 MON . ... B.95 FRGO STICK .m.n..,,,.
17. 9B COVER UPS A2000 CPU
- 64.95 COVER UPS A3000 A195Q .....
19. 85 SLK S1IK JOYSTICK__ 7.95 SAFE8KIN 1 A1000 __
17. 95 TAC-2 JOYSTICK _ 10.95 SAFESKIN 1 AZOOO 17,95 WICO 3-WAY JOYSTICK __ 27 95 SAFESKIN 1A3000 .....
19. 95 MCE WINNER JOYSTICK __ .. _ ,..14.85 TOOMER JOYSTICK .. .. _ .... 47.95 AT35? MOUSE------------ B3.B5 BEETLE MOUSE!VAW COLORS}__
39. 95 DATA SWITCH 4 WAY ___ 22.95 MOUSE MATS .
0. 95 DESKJET BLK CARTRIDGE...... ..16.95 AMJIOTE AZOOO AMITOTI A500 _ AMJTOTT A1084 DESKJET FULL COLOR KIT .. . 34.95 DESKJET REFILL BLACK __13 DESKJET REFILL BLUE ....13 DESKJET REFILL BROWN __13 DESKJET REFILL COLD -.....13 DESKJET REFILL RED ..... _13 13 09 25 n ,17 .85 .85 ,05 .95 .85 .95 .00 .85 .85 86 .85 49 85 DESKJET REFILL YELLOW _ DESKJET STAND ORGANIZER.. PAINTJET BLM CARTRIDGE..... PAINTJET COLOR CARTRIDGE PAINTJET CUT PAPER PAINTJET Z FOLD PAPER ... 17 STAR NX2410 RIBBON ___7 STAR RAINBOW RIBBON __8 M1SC ACCESSORIES CLEANING KIT SMALL ..... ....5.95 CLEANING KIT LARGE ...... .12.85 COMPUTER SERVICE KIT . ___18.B5 COPY CAMERA STAND _ _59.B5 DIGI DROID ... ..G7.B5 The ICO Advantage GVP Series II Accelerators New single-board design on 22 & 33 Mhz These new Series II accelerators have a built-in GVP SCSI controller Now holds up to 32 megs of ram!* 22Mhz ...*84500 33Mhz .*1585°" 50Mhz .*2298°“
* 50 Mhz board, others hold less AdSpeed™ SZ09°° Beit overil pertvmHce at *nj acMlrator la ti l pnet range. Flicker Free Video1V! ..SZ95°° [Ualiitai interlace flicker ler any Amiga computer. No via 20I,y ......*549°° Ike saalMil Hard drive and Interlace la tie world Tsr you- Amiga 500. Flto Internally. Novla 60iEM ...Call Now yn can luii u« Novla will a 60 mig 2.5 ince aard irlii. Prima 521™ Call Prima 1051™ Call 105 mogi Internally la jour 500, 1000 or 2000. AdlDE’N1 S99M Smlloit Anlgi hard drive Inlerlico miie. For IDF (AT) drlvei. IDE 44 for yoor 2.5 Inch hard drlvi-------’119" Shuttle Board’M ...Call Prima Quantum hard drive Shuffle Board ASIDE Centaur Hardware Minimegs Affordable 2 MB External RAM lor 500 and 1000 Full AUTOCONHG A! 000 .’259“ A500 ...’249“ Flash SCSI Supercharger cflU Fastest 8- or TB-Bit NON-DMA Going! Mouse Best-selling optical mouse for the Amiga with Free
D. U.D.E. software (a $ 33.95 value). 57995 Enhanced Unidrive $ 12495 25 Mhz ...... M08 QQ Mh? SccoGO UU I VIIIC. ...... UUU Ram Board with 2mb ....s408&0 Ram Board with 4mb ...*77900 68882 * 25 Mhz ..* ..s189oa These Economy boards do not have an MMU Great Valley Products 40mb...... Series II for the Amiga 500 .....*477°° 52mb *577“ 80mb ...*628“ 105mb ..*808“ ¦ ¦*> ’J -•%
729. 00 ..29.95
124. 00 ..69.95 ..50.95 ..26.95
- 72.35
- 46.95
- 94.95
199. 00
89. 95 ..89.95
31. 85 COLOR CLIP ART VOL 1-3 (EA). 17.85 CLIP ART 1-8 (EACH) .
12. B5 ECUPS PROFESSIONAL . .... 80.B5 ECUPS PROFESSIONAL II ..... 64.65 MAP PICS ¦ US ___ .... 34.05 MAP PICS * WORLD _ 37.95 PRO FILLS 17.95 PRDF. PASE STRUCTURED ... SOFTCLIPS" 1-4 (EA) ..-38.85 44,85 U VI 1 UklT If • 1 1 Ik’’ H*MI M1111!*1 II1 ANY TWO SQFTCL1P8
85. 00 ALL FOUR SOFTCLIPS _ ..... .180.00 SUPER CUPS 1-3 (EACH! ....
- 180.00 OB. I** KCS 3.0-------------
- 159.00 DR. I** KCS LEVEL II
- 224.00 OR. I'S KCS LEVEL II 3.5 __
- 229.00 DR. I'S KCS,COPYIST ___ 219.00 DR. T*S MI-32 ED LIBRARIAN .. _87.95 MASTER TRACKS PRO
259. 00 MUSIC K .. . .....-99.35 SONIA .. ......51.95 SOUND HUES* MIDIQUEST------------148.00 SOUNDTRAK VOL 1 _... .. 14,85 SOUNOTRAX VOL 2 ...
14. 95 TIGER CUB ..... ......58.95 TRAA MIDI STUDIO __ ...... 58.95 SAMPLER EDITOR SOFTWARE AUOIOMASTER AUDITION ___ 1 TTTj 0 ! B J Controllers GVP Series II - Mon Ram Cap. .s158“ GVP Series II - Up to 8 megs ..s19900
• Paint, render, convert and image processing software
• 18 24-Bit "pure" modes
• 256 512 color register modes
• RGB pass through
• Screen overlay underlay
• Screens p ll up down & go Iront back
• View with any IFF Viewer
• Animate via AN1M or Page Flipping ECU AdSCSI 2000 ...*129“ ICQ AdSCSI 2Q80 ...*199M IVS TrumpCard 2000 Prof......s199°° IVS TrumpCard 500 Prof .*259® Supra WortfSync ..s109“" Datallyer 2000 s89“ Datallyer 500 s179® Nexus HE 8 0 .s229’“ Bare Drives Quantum 52mb IPS ..s233m Quantum 105 UPS ....*377™ Quantum 170 SG18“ Quantum 210 Hard Drive Specials vTC_CL' L'-CL Replacement case for A50D with ZOO watt power supply, 4 AZO0Q slois, 2 5.25" ilrive bays and a 3.5" hard drive mourning area DeskJet 500 ...4G9.00 LaserJet III ...1499-00 LaserJet IIP ....799,00 PaintJet ...949.00 PaintJet XL ...2049.00 SoundMaster High Speed Digital Audio Sampler, Includes AudioMaster 3. S13900 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (213) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE UNES Creative Summer Sale Australia 0014-800-126-712; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0287; France 19-0590-1089; Italy 1078-74080; Japan 0031 -11 -1351; Netherlands 00-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 048-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. UTILITY SOFTWARE MISC. UTILITIES AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM .,23,95
B. A.D. DISK OPTIMIZER V4.D ..28.95 CROSS DOS ...... .25.95 CYGNUSEO PROF. Fla. 2 58.95 DISK LABELER ..22.95 DISK MECHANIC, THE ..... 52.95 DI5NMASTER DOCTOR AMI .... .29 95 ,.,.28.95 DOS TO DOS .. ....32.4B FACC II ..
- ..21.95 MAC 2 DOS ...... _80.95 MASTERING CLI ___ __25.95 POWER PACKER PROFESSIONAL. 17.95 SCANNERY . .
195. 00 VO REC ONE ..... ..117.00 W SHELL ... ....31.95 WORKBENCH 1.3 ...... 19.95 BACKUP UTILITIES BYTE 'N' BACK BACKUP ....40.95 COPYRIGHT _ CALL FIISHRACH ..34 95 MR. BACKUP PROFESSIONAL_ .32.95 PROJECT 0 ..-.....
35. 95 CUARrERBACK „...
52. 95 RAW COPY 1.3-------------------34.95 i-rripv punFFKsmsi as ns PRINTER UTILITIES DJ HELPER , 28.95 PALE!IE PRINTER 10 95 SUPER DJ V2.0 . 15 95 TELECOMMUNICATIONS AEALK III . 54.95 GAUD BANDIT ..
29. 95 ESS PC .
81. 95 ONLINE PLATINUM ..... .39,95 MINOIINK TelECOMM--------------29.95 PARAGON DBS V2.08 .89.95 STERLING SERVICE BBS 34.95 SKYLINE BBS VI .2 ___ 37,95 PROGRAMMING AC BASIC ¦anHHi-ssa ¦¦¦¦¦ rnomw 129.95 AC FORTRAN 71....„ .. 399 30 AC FORTRAN------------------
195. 00 ADAPT GBOXO . ... 69.95 AMIGA LOGO _„_ ..58.95 AREXX .. ..29.95 AZTEC C COMPILER ...
195. 00 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL .....__
129. 00 BENCHMARK MODULA-2 124,00 BENCHMARK SOURCE Lvl..... .. B3.85 CAPE 8BK ASSEM 2.B ..52.95 INOVATOOLS 1 ..... ..51.85 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL ..
134. 00 LATTICE C SAS'C ___
189. 00 LATTICE C++ ...B9.S0 POWER WINDOWS 2,5 .„ . 52.95 SOURCE IEVEE DEBUGGER .....
192. 00 DESKTOP 0UDGET ... .40.95 EASY LEDGERS ...
192. 00 PHASAR 4.0 __ ..59.35 DATABASE OB MAN V
174. 00 EXCELLENCE VERSION 2 __109.00 MlCROflCHE EtlEH PIUS--117.00 E LUII .... OfflCE GOLD DISK .... .. j .jj
159. 00 SCRIBBLE PLATINUM . .,87.9b TRANSWRITE----------------------- ..39.95 WORD PERFECT ___
159. 00 WORD PERFECT LIBRARY _ ..78.95 WORKS P! 1TINUM . .99.95 MISC. PRODUCTIVITY All IN ONE .. 54.95 E7 GflADf ___- ..35.95 M1CRDLAWYER-------------------- ..37.95 TOP FORM------------------------- .. 52.95 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN _ ..51.95 SPREADSHEETS ADVANTAGE SPREADSHEET
20. 95 CHICKEN 1ITT1F , ...
17. 95 DISCOVERY (VARIOUS TITLES) _ 11.49 DISCOVERY W MATH-------------- ... 23.95 DISCOVERY WWEUIW ...23.95 KATIES EARM __ KINOEFAMA ...... ...25.85 ...29.85 LETTERS FOR YOU ___ ... 13.95 MATCH IT ___ ...25.95 MATH DOCTOR ___23.95 ProWrite Tte al-time best sefing word processor for the Amiga!
• Audio Video Scrtptwrtttog.
• AraxxsapparL
• 100,000 word Spel Checker.
• Thesaurus with 300,000 word cross reference.
• Support* commits.
• Wraps text around graphics.
• MaB Merge DesignWorks
• Fast and intuitive structured drawing.
• Import and export IFF pictures.
• AREXX port.
• Full 409G color printing.
• Multiple drawing layers.
• Full support for Kickstart 2.0. Distant Suns 4.0! Features include: Atokm support. Animation capability. Interlace overscan. Double buffering. Off-earth viewpoints. Math co-processor version. Comets, asteroids, and more stars. Full-screen Images of solar system. Plus much more.,. SCREEN-MAKER Starter Set 12 Deep Colon 24- Brt IFF Images Plus 1 meg required 3 Disk set NTSC op Pal available Eye of the Beholder Future Classics Collection 5 Games; Dtsktnan, Tankbattle, Blockaianche, Lost'N Maze and Diet Riot 28.95 Broadcast Titler II The best video titling program gets even better. Full mouse support a o0flftnn hundreds of effects! *22uU[} r Rill i'AiJuJ 1H3HBS8 OFFER VALID August 1,1981 - August 31, 1991 OFFER CODE; PI940111 m CUSTOMER SERVICE OR
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1*800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 COMPUTERS Tj -. . A ¦ MATH MAGICIAN ......_ . .....25.85 DEIPSKY OBJECTS .. IB 95 FUN SCHOOL 3 .....
35. 85 MONTY PYTHON'S CIRCUS .. ...32,48 M 9 STEALTH FIGHTER . .,34.85 CURSE OF THE AZURE BONDS _ ...34.95 MATH WIZARD .....29.85 DISTANT SUNS V4.0 ...
57. 95 ILLUSTRATED HOLY BIE1E .... 34 95 NITPO .. ...28.95 F-IB INTERCEPTOR .... .. 13.85 DRAGON WARS .....
- 32.95 MCGEE ..._ _ ___ .....25.85 INTE1LJTYPE ..9.95 IlLUSTR WORKS OF SHAK1SPFARF 34 95 NY WARRIORS ... ...32.49 F 29 RETAUATOR ...... ..28.85 ORAKHHEN ...
- 36,95 mother GOOSE ..... .....19.95 JAPANESE 1 ......
28. 95 LEMMINGS ..
14. 95 FALCON ... ..32.85 DUNGEON MASTER ....
- 23.95 MY PAINT 2.0 . .....29.95 liNKWQRQ (VAR LANGUAGES) MATH-AMATiON ...
18. 95 MY PAINT ...
29. 95 PICK 'N PILE ...... _27.95 FALCON MISSION DISK . .. 15.95 CHAOS STRIKES BACK ___ _ 23.95 MT PAINT DATA DISK *T-------- MT PAINT DATA DISK *2 _ ~~.19.85 .....19.85
44. 95 POWERDROME .. _13.95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ...32.4B NUMBERS COUNT ... .... 13.85 PRE CALCULUS „ . ...-
25. 95 SCENERY DISK 9_
- 1695
- 30,95 OPPOSITES ATTRACT ___ __13.85 WHERE IN EUROPE CARMEN__ .29.95 nmir nnmmnr SHADOW OF THE BEAST _
25. 95 SCENERY DISK 11
- 34,95 SptLlAFAFII ___ 23.85 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN ... __ WHEREIN THE U.S.A . .29.95 . 28.95 uMivic aurmHnc SHADOW OF THE OEASTII __34.95 SCENERY DISK STARTER.....-. ,.,37.95 IT CAME FROM DESERT 2 __ ...13.85 n ¦ i ARCADE GAMES SHOOT 'EM UP CONSTRUC ... ... 13.95 SCENERY DISK W.EUROPE ___ SCENERY DISK, JAPAN ...18.85 ... 18.95 MIGHT 4 MAGIC II ..
40. 86 tmAIYllYlMn bunUUU WHERE IN THE WORLD _ .29.95 ¦8 m ac SPACE ACE ___ ___33.95 NEUROMANCER __ ... 29.85 ADULT WORLD ATLAS 2.0 _ .._ .32 49 AWESOMt W T-SHIRT .* n i tii a ai Tiir i a mrir 34,85 mm ar SPEEDBALL 2 __ _32.95 THEIR FINEST HOUR . 24.95 QBITUS W'T SHIRT ___ ... 34.95 MirtoB 1 1 41 SC CD TTTLES BATMAN THE MOVIE ------------- . Hi«n p nTAiiii , 29.95 SPOT • THE 7UP CAME__ ....25.95 WINGS . .....
- .34.85 nLBUMin 1 011 MU HIM Wl M ... ¦ BI.HM ALGEBRA PLUS VOLUME 1 ___31.95 ALGEBRA PIUS V0LUME11 ___29,85 ARITHMETIC ... .28.85 BIBLEREADER STUDY _31.85 BATTLE STORM--------------- DiTTiE cntunonu
29. 95
14. 95
34. 95
34. 95
32. 95 SWORD Of SODAN----------- ___15 95 ROLE PLAYING
- 32.48
32. B5
- 35.85
* 3fl QK CALCULUS .. - . DISTANT SUNS V3.0------- 31.85
32. 95 A-13 TANK KELLER _ BLUE MAX ... 32.95 __34.85 BARD'S TALE Ul THIEF OF FATE ... CAPTIVE___ _
- 34.95
13. 35 ,32.95 CHUCK YEAGER S ADV FIT _27.85 F-IB COMBAT PILOT _13.85 CHAMBER OF SCIMUTANT ...... CHAMPIONS OF KRVNN _.... ... 29.95 ...34,95 On>lL Ul InC Vutnlllr lUriDC*** WRATH OF THE DEMON ...... 40-39 ... 29.B5 8XYMAP LVL 1 STAR CATLOG ... 15.B5 Centaur Software Inc.
• SvBdimnizs Video and Sound to the Baal!
• Csiilffil Extend Devices M the Ms Toaster, UserOisc, VCRs.Wriia&leQplrai Disks, MIDI!
• Create Profluclians ol Virtually ilnllmited Length!
• fdil Praductiees in Real Time on Your AMIGA!
• Save MM Praduclifins to Video Tape! I J Transforms your Amiga graphic* into music, gtmnrts MU actinias World Atlas 2.0 4 disks of info on ow A Powerful New T eteconmmnications
B. A.D. Ver.4.0 jW 0 V: ivl Best-nJBng Ask opttrtzer tor il Aarigai. Speeds floppy and hr* ittra by up to S dm! ™*28® IA T L 3
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• Unripe bnffartd reahffine edttor
• Ptaog Souraod Facet
* Bialt-fa Fwit EfStnr C3ll
* Unflrattud points pm* poly
- FT ¥F24 Al*n C!Hl output XCAD Professional Full-featured, professional 2-B design and drafting tool suitable for engineers, draftsmen, and designers. Image Finder $ 4295 SCALA $ 04900 mnr-R While Supplies Last
- ...111 . 11¦ iiiii imw 11 nirnrniM t--- i“~'r “irr SAS Lattice C 5. Audition Advanced digital sound editing. Mon tortures than AuSoMa* ter 3. 100% Assembly language. Hid OumUdlll UUUI|HGUS t, programming language for tfic Si99.no Visit our Amiga Superstores! South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 11-7 PST -Phone: (213) 542-2292 l Vestside: 318 Wbsht'e Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Tues-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 PST-Phone: (213) 394-7779 TFRHAIN FDITOH 13.05 NORTH AND SOUTH . ......28.85 BATTLE COMMAND .... ..34 95 VAKINE .- . ...25.95 ANCIENT CITIES . .....23.95 POWIRMONGER.... . . 33 85 CARDINAL OF THE KRFMLIN 32 85 VIDEOTAPES FUTURE CITIES .. RISK ......26.95 CRIME DOES NOT PAY ... 32 95 STAR CONTROL . ....29.85 ROMANCE OF 3 KINGDOMS .. . .44.85 CONFLICT MIDDLE EAST 98 BS AMIGA HARD DRIVES VIDEO . .....30.95 S1ELLAR7 23 95 SILENT SERVICE 13 95 CYBFRCON
32. 4B ...31.95 .32.85 . 32.4B .12.85
29. BS
19. 95
29. 95
21. B5 .21.85 .21.85
33. 95 .19.95 .26.95 .26.95 ..32.95 .24.95 .23.95
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* 89“
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• Not valid in combination with any other promotional offer. Power Up program applies to CPUs only; monitors pictured must be purchased separately. Power Up reward based on MSRP. MSRP for Amiga 3000-16 50,52,999; A3000-25 50,53,499; A3000-25 100, S4.699. Expires 8 31 91. Commodore VIC 20, 64 and 12S are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics. Ltd. Amiga 500,1OQ0,2000 and 3000 series are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. THE GAME PRESERVE Armour-Geddon By Rob Lawrence It's daybreak, and Irom the base lower, 1 watch a small speck slowly grow as it approaches through the lightening sky one of my bombers returning from last night’s raid on the enemy power line. It’s leaking fuel from extensive flak damage, so I ease her down onto the blacktop and quickly taxi onto the lift and down into the compound for repair. Launching a chopper for covet; I then bring my lighter out onto the runway and take off. Intelligence recoil photos have informed me of an abandoned airstrip about seventy miles northeast a possible location of the nuclear radiation shielding. I set the waypoint beacon and send the fighter screaming oil toward the horizon to find it alone. You'll need superior flight skills and strategies in order to achieve real success in this battle. Switching back to my hovercraft. I see that it has almost readied the island. Activity here is heavy, so I arm missiles. A rocket from a pursuing chopper slams into mv side. Turning O sharply, 1 lock on and return lire. I he bird goes clown in Names, hut my shields are critical. Two more hits from a land battery are enough to do me in. Back at the base, my engineers have completed another heavy tank, which I arm with lasers, shells, and a cloaket; I then drive out tinder the base teleporter and transport myself out to telepod 4 (airdropped earlier from a bomber). No sooner am 1 clear of To locate developers of the games reviewed, see the “Manufacturers Distributors” list on p. 100. The pod, than rocket fire explodes around me. Mv cloaker is a gas guz- J u n .lei; but I need it now. With tlie device engaged, ! Sit back and watch the bewildered fighters circle and fly away. Setting course for the enemy airfield, I activate my cannon and prepare for one massive onslaught... These are just a few of the white-knuckled experiences I've been through in Psyg- uosis's latest masterpiece, Armour-Geddon (S4 4.99). If it sounds harder than hell, well, that’s an understatement. If it sounds incredibly - thrilling, read on. In short. Armour-Geddon is simply the most breathtaking, mind-blowing 4-1) simulation vet released for the j Amiga. From the outsland- O ing graphics to the hypersonic animation, from the exploding stereo sound to the seat-of-the-panls controllability, everything in this ¦ j O game is 100$ pure Amiga! I needn’t bother with petty details of the plot (trust me, it’s exciting and believable enough), but the play area is over 6400 square miles, and you are given six different vehicle types to pilot (all simultaneously, if you want). I he sophisticated instrument and HUI) displays are very accurate (IR night vision is especially neat), blit you can control from almost any external view, including satellite. 1 here’s also an option for two comrades to play via serial link. 1 could go on for days describing the interesting little details; you’d have to break my arm to get me to criticize this one. OK, so it’s not hard-drive installable, the manual isn't exactly a novel, and the copy protec- ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson SOME FOLKS ARE hooked on the puzzle involved in getting into the Captain's Den in Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Sir-Tech, S59.95). This actually isn’t as tough as it seems, as there are a couple of ways to go about it There are two steps involved getting the password to the front door and the key giving access to that rather odd fellow in the cage at den center. The word can be had either from Queequeg either by trade or by bashing it out of him. (As you may still need him to serve as your local weaponsmith and druggist. I d suggest the former.) He wants a particular bit of information not the actual item and you’ll need both the journal in which the reference is buried and a way to decipher it. If you've explored the dungeon thoroughly, this shouldn't be a problem. (For a tittle nonessential tun, go check out the item yourself later.) You’ll have quite a fight on your hands once you're in there, and when it's done, you're going to need a key. That can be had in another trade. If you’ve explored the castle towers, then you’ve probably come across a lovelorn bloke named L’Montes moaning about his ‘‘beloved," and it won't take you long to realize that like most of the folks around here she's not exactly human. (She isn't even alive.) Do you suppose you could help him out? Perhaps if you checked put the castle cellar... Another nasty Bane riddle is the correct procedure to lower the drawbridge over the chasm. (Getting the panel open is child's play if you took Queequeg up on his "special.") The only thing tough about this puzzle is the stilted language. You need to simplify the instructions into a series of logical statements, such as "A comes before ? P R E S E K V E G V M E would be stupid to neglect the development of a sequel. Don't pass this one up. Geddon a 10.5 and the nomination for the best game of the Year. Lnv gnosis O j n tion is harder to crack than Fort Knox. There! I said it. Overall, 1 give Armour- 7 Ll Eye of the Beholder Gold of the Aztecs By John Ryan Take a 400-year-old Span- ruins with traps and pitfalls ana [ones proud, then add ish map. Throw in .Aztec that would have made Incli- gorgeous graphics and ? By Peter Olafson If imitation is the sinceresl form of flattery, then the bovs at FTL must be blush- j ing the color of purple worms, for Eye of the Beholder (Strategic Simulations Inc., $ 49.95) is the sincerest form of Dungeon Master I've seen yet. Indeed, in some respects, it goes ii one better. EOB. The first release in the publisher’s new Legend series, is a mouse-driven, WYSIWYG, dungeon role- playing game in three dimensions. If you want to pick up a dagger, you click on it. The dagger becomes the cursor and then you click on the section of a character’s inventory where you want it to go. If you want to experiment with an odd-looking section of wall in a deadend corridor, vou simply click on that, and so on. Familiar stuff, to be sure, but it’s the next best thing to being there. Your party of four has been commissioned to rid Waterdeep, a Forgotten Realms city, of something nasty. You start in the sewers which promptly cave in behind you. From there, it’s all downhill until you meet the unseemly horror lurking at the bottom. It’s a great-loo king game, DM and Chaos Strikes Back used only 16-color screens. EOB uses 32 die de facto standard for Amiga games these days and the results are decidedly impressive. Each of the 12 levels is rendered in its own delightfully mordant palette, and the living glow provided by the extra 16 colors catapults EOB into a new dimension of realism. The corridors are inhabited by the usual range of monsters (though they don’t seem as thick on the ground as in some other games), and they’ve been done up in the same eye-catching style and even given distinctive movement sounds. (The giant leeches sort of slurp along, so vou can hear them u' J coming before they appear.) Overall, the game struck me as a kinder, gentler DM. Indeed, EOB would be a good starter game for adventurers who’ve found DM too daunting. For instance, you no longer need to worry about light (or food, after a point), and there’s an onscreen compass. The game also installs on hard disk, and the manual-based protection is mild. On the other hand, while beauty is certainly in Eve of j the Beholder, there’s also some room for improvement. One saved-game position isn't enough. Character interaction and occasional text passages for atmosphere are nice additions, but loo limited. Also, as in Dungeon Master, you can light in onlv one direc- lion at a time, so the troops in the rear have to stand there and take their lumps if they’re cornered. (If you allow the party to be attacked from more than one direction, it’s only fair to permit it to defend itself in the same way.) And I sometimes wished the game were a little less safe and more deeply felt. None ol the problems change the fact that this is a beautiful and intensely playable game. (Inward, and downward. Just he sure to watch your hack.
B. " The first instruction involves the safety, and you have to use it twice. I’ve also heard from some folks stuck in the mines and the pyramid, and no wonder. These mazes make careful mapping imperative, as you'll frequently need to go up a level (or two) to go down (and vice- versa), Label each stairway with the same designation on each of the levels it connects, and you'll find getting around is much easier. Finally, freeing the wizard from the crystal on the mine's bottom level requires one particular implement, and it's well hidden. Not the pick. (Too bulky.) Check out Level 2 of the mine not too far from the dwarf's forge.
• “Tricky" Level 26 in Lemmings (Psygnosis, S44.99) is a sticking point for many people. The little guys pour out at top speed; you have to save all of them, and you can t use a blocker. The only way I've found to lick it so far is to immediately turn the first half-dozen or so into bridge builders. Together, they will create a thick abutment that will sometimes serve in lieu of a blocker to turn their brother lemmings around, at which time you can breath a deep sigh and set to digging the tunnel to the exit. (If you find that lemmings scaling the bridge are themselves turning around and marching into the flames, try to stagger the point at which each builder starts his bridge. That should make the slope easier to climb.)
• A few folks are in the dark on how to deal with their "shadow" on Level 12 on Broderbund s Prince of Persia (S39.95). Remember that your shadow always does what you do. So if you were to put away your sword, it wouldn't be able to hurt you. You take it from there. Level 3 s treacherous jumps are also proving a pain for some people. Once you've mounted the central pillar, you'll need to head right. I know, I know. It looks as though there's nothing there. Hey. Would Crib Notes send your poor little character to its death? (Ehhhh. Could be. Doc!) There's a platform, all right, and also a trigger that will open the gate some distance to the left. Once you've hit the trigger, there’s absolutely no time to spare. Run as fast as your tittle animated ? Sound. What do you have? J You have Gold of the Aztecs (US Gold, $ 49.95), an action game of impressive sophisti cation and breadth. As the bored and penniless Bret Conrad, a retired special Forces veteran, you've been recruited to enter die tomb ol Quetzalcoatl and recover the Fabulous riches that supposedly lie somewhere within. There are a Few problems, of course. The tomb is filled with snakes, hostile natives, traps, and just about evcty conceivable obstacle you can think oF. Finding die gold, it seems, becomes secondary to surviving in this game. And surviv- n n ing is not an easy task. After being unceremoniously dumped into the jungle, you must slowly work your way through over 80 screens Full of danger, lb begin with, you have at your disposal a gun and machete to help deal with some oF the foes you'll run into. All action is controlled by either die joystick or (heaven help you) the keyboard. Your character can jump, climb, somersault, duck, pickup items, pull levers, shoot, or engage in close-quarters combat. In Fact, there are over 32 joystick combinations available to help control Mr. Conrad. Needless to say, things can get conlusing at least until you've had a lot oF practice with t Fie joystick. In the beginning vou ll line! Vour- O i» j self jumping when you meant to duck, or somersaulting at the worst moment usually into some j lonn ol deadly trap. The unwieldy joystick operation is one of mv two biggest > uu complaints with this game. If there was ever an action game lhat deseived the graphics and sound award of die year, it is Gold of the A tees. Like many European releases, it is a true pleasure to look at. As you control your on-scrcen character against the scrolling backdrop of die tomb and surrounding jungle, animation abounds everywhere. Well- defined adversaries move about in fluid movement, lifelike and superbly drawn. In fact, the author states that there are 7.090 Frames of animation and 600K oF music and sound effects. It shows. Rich in color and digitized sound, Gold of the Aztecs offers a lot to see and hear. Rest assured, however, that you'll not have much time to indulge in Frivolous sight-seeing. There’s no way around dying many horrible O ; deaths. Getting through the manv screens this game n oilers means timing and practice, and, admittedly, it can get Frustrating. While you do have several lives to work with, your hero dies, with the First strike From an arrow, poison dart or other weapon. Instead, I would prefer to see damage slowly assessed for each hit. Chanted, software piracy is a problem these days, but the precautions against it border on paranoia. First of all, the game does not install on your hard drive (even though the IBM version does). Second, there is on- disk copy protection and a code wheel that is vciy difficult to read. Lastly, the program asks vou to enter a code not once, not mice, but three limes! Even after you're in the game, you'll be asked to input codes periodically. I realize that much of Europe is still using cassette- based software, but I am growing weary of European releases that do not support Amiga hard drives, yet insist on using off-disk and on- disk copy protection in tandem. Superb graphics and sound aside. Gold of the Aztecs’ playability leaves much to be desired, and the excessive on-disk and ofi- disk protection, coupled with the unwieldy joystick operation, earns it two thumbs down From this reviewer. After dying 50 J O times within the first three screens, 1 was readv to move on to kinder and gentler software. Legs can cany you, and take the final jump at the last second and at full speed. (Keep the fire button down, as you’ll need to grab the ledge.) With any luck, you've timed it so the gate is slightly ajar, and you’ll be able to pull yourself up and through. Phew. I’m sweaty just from writing that
• Things You Might Have Overlooked Dept.: You can make Indy's life easier in the graphic adventure version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Lucasfilm, $ 49.95) if you spend some time checking out the stacks in the library before plunging into the catacombs. In addition to Mein Kampf the obvious selection there’s a book on biplanes (black) and on catacombs (yellow). (If you come across any others, give a holler.) And some odds and ends: You don't have to fight the guards in the castle. You should be able to avoid them or bluff your way past each one. (OK. You need to give Biff the Nazi a love tap, but that's hardly a fight.) There's no way to prevent the biplane from crashing. And once you take to the road, you can get past the border guards provided you show the pass signed by Hitler. (The pass is in Vogel's office at the castle; the signature should come on your visit to Berlin.) Success in the third Grail trail relies on finding the right spot on the far side of the chasm. Hunt around. Sooner or later it'll click. Next time: The two big problems with Elvira! (ahem). If you need help with an adventure game no more CLI or utility questions, please! You can reach me by US mail at 12 West 104th St., New York, NY 10025, and via electronic mail as
P. OLAFSON on Genie and Peteroo on People Link. Pick ’n Pile By David Randall Opening lip the game box of Pick ’n Pile (UBI Soft, ($ 39.95) is shocking, as there is almost nothing inside. O I here’s a disk, a small manual and the ever-present question and warranty cards; what's missing? The size of the box seems a waste of material, bin as gameware packaging has become standardized, what can you do? ? G A ME P R E S E R V E Announcing: Voyager the Dynamic Sky Simulator Pluto and the Outer Planets from 50 A.U. VOYAGER brings a dynamic universe to your Amiga, re-creating the sky for almost any time and any location. It is an incredible learning tool for astronomers of all ages and all levels. Fast enough to animate the motions of the planets on screen and accurate enough to show eclipses. Let VOYAGER open your imagination to the wonders of the universe. Requires 1 Meg Amiga. $ 124.95 Contact Carina Software, 830 Williams Street, San Leandro, CA 94577. (415) 352-7332. Ask about our special introductory offer. The next Generation of QocHup program Ami-Back is a comprehensive hard drive backup utility with a number of powerful features that make it the mostprolessionalprogram ot its t ipe on the market.
• Ami-Back is the fastest hard disk backup program for the Amiga! Fa Am,-Back performs Image backups to any partition-this is great for users with Amax or Unix partitions! Fa Ami-Back supports multiple-device backups. Now you can backup any or all of your partitions at once! Fa Ami-Back supports Hard and Soft links under AmigaDOS 2.0!
• Backs up to floppies, hd floppies', harddnves, and SCSI tape drives. No special software required for SCSI tape drive support! This makes Ami-Back 80%-90% faster than its competition on most controllers!
• Performs backups to a single AmigaDOS file or device.
• Performs complete, incremental (date or archive bit), & selective backups.
• Allows up to 100 file & directory exclusion conditions during backup.
• Allows you to replace defective media without interrupting backups.
• Allows control of protections bits and file datestamps during restores.
• Allows you to Write-Over, Skip-Over, or Rename files during restores.
• Can compare backed-up data to system data if data loss is suspected. J
• User-configurable scheduler (no script files!) Allows unattended backups. ¦ Scheduler now supports multiple backup configurations1
• Support for registered users provided by phone, support BBS. Genie, or BIX.
• Works with AmigaDOS 1.3 or greater (AmigaDOS 2,0-onty version included).
• Performs complete or selective restores.
• And many more features! '& These are features new to version 1.04. 1 Commodore standard. Applied Engineering s HD (loppy does NOT work with some versions ot Kickstart 2.0 at this time Don t wait until It's too late... order your copy oi Ami-Back today! Moonlighter Saltware Development. Inc. 1 For a limited lime, send in your 3208-C E Colonial Dr.. S:e. 204 _ PW*!P> previous backup program Orlando, Florida 32803 "f original disk and order Arn -Back Voice 407-628-3005 L a' the special price of 549.95 Fa 407-628-4525 suggested I st price: $ 79.95 AMI-BACK is a registered trademark of Moonlighter Software Development. Inc. Amiga and AmigaDOS are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Circle 92 on Reader Service card The instruction manual is short, to the point, and like most manuals neglects to tell you how to start the game. There are some vague instructions, but creativity is needed to get things rolling. Next is the menu, which is like the manual in obscurity; eventually you discover you must choose the one- or two-player option last, as this selection starts the game. Alter you’ve chosen the easy or difficult option, you decide on keyboard, mouse or joystick operation. Using the mouse is much faster than the other two, so I recommend it. The game itself seems infantile at first: piling up objects of the same kind to make them disappear. “Now, which of these things is not like the other?” kept playing in my head. But playing Pick 'n Pile is not as easy as it first seems. Strategy and planning arc needed to make sure no similar objects are left over when time runs out or you lose one ol your original three lives. The objects in the first few levels consist of balls of three different colors, square blocks, and assorted bonus “things” that add to or multiply your points when the column disappears. II a column worth over a thousand points is “ofTed,” a diamond appears at the bottom of the screen, its color depending on the column’s worth. When die bottom of the screen becomes full of diamonds, your score is greatly increased. Neat, eh? Flie higher levels have you dealing with bombs, flowers, flames and vicious death heads, which are kinda cute but quite bothersome. I made it to a hundred and something thousand in a little over 20 screens, and to think that the difficult mode starts at 50 makes me quiver with fear and loathing. Pick n Pile is a little game requiring strategy, planning and concentration, and it provides some fun, but your favorite it will not likely be. ¦ NEW PRODUCT FOR THE AMIGA.. . HARDWARE * SOFTWARE PACKAGE MEM SYBIL Priced At B . * Simple to install, no soldering required
• Whole disk compressor can save an entire disk as AmigaDOS files, retaining the copy protection. Files can be transferred to from any media such as Ffoppys, Modems, HardDrives, Tape Back Up Units, etc., files can be decompressed to their original form when necessary.
• Increase floppy storage to 1.12 Megabytes of data using a standard DSDD disk. That's a 21% increase in storage.
• MuIti-DOS transfer program allows IBM, MAC, ATARI, and AMIGA files to be transferred to any DOS format.
• Super Card AMI style backup system - copy using one or more drive. Unit compensates for all drive speed incompatibilities. Multiple copies can be produced at the same time.
• Order your SYBIL today tor this multi talented hardware, software package. SUPER CARD AMI II Back Up System This hardware sollware combination requires no soldering. The hardware unit installs in between the computer and the drive porl (or internally if you have an Amiga 2000 w 2 internal drives). Our software is like no other, most titles are set up in easy to use copier tiles. When you want to back up a title just look it up in the alphabetical list and it can be backed up in as little as 60 seconds. Super Card AMI II is always shipped with the latest software, currently version 2.5. This software is also available separately lor $ 9.95. SPECIFY WHICH AMIGA YOU HAVE WHEN ORDERING!! A500 1000 2000 2500 3000 w External Drive A2000 2500 3000 W two Internal drives. 69 ‘SUPER CARD AM III WORKS ON NTSC (60 HERTZ) AND PAL (50 HERTZ) SYSTEMS. CANADA ORDERS ONLY!!! Now ordering products is easy. And Fast Delivery. We have set up a distributor just lor you. Please place your orders by dialing. (519) 272-1528 Of mail order to: P.O. Box 311, Sratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 6T3. For technical assistance dial (503) 647-9022 Thursday & Friday 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time!!! UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON,
P. O.Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ALL PRICES IN U.S. FUNDS. Add S5.00 Shipping and Handling - Add $ 4,00 COD Add $ 3 00 lo all foreign shipments VISA and MasterCard are accepted ORDERS TAKEN 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 FAX LINE (503) 648-8992 SUPER-CARD UTILITY PACKAGE Copier Construction Set - Create copier files for Super- Card AMI II vl.O software. Disk Analyzer - Display format and structure information of tracks. This will help determine which mode you should use with Super-Card AMI II. Drive Alignment Checker - Checks drive alignment of ALL drives. Drive Speed Checker - Checks drive speeds of ALL drives. MFM Editor - Read & Write MFM data. Works in conjunction with Copier £ >A95 Construction Set to help create copier files. - KICKSTART BOARD When using KICKSTART 1.4 (WB 2.0), approximately 37% ol the existing software will not work. Some programs still require KtCKSTART 1.2 to work. This board takes care of the problem. Simply remove your existing KICKSTART ROM and plug our board into the KICKSTART ROMs on our board, so you can have 1.2,
1. 3, & 1.4 all of the flick of a switch! _ Works with ALL Amiga computer and $ Q95 accessories such as processor accelerators. - BOOT DRIVE BOARD Ever wanted to boot from your DF1 drive before? What are you going to do if your DFO drive dies? Tired of that annoying "click" caused by unused drives? Eventually, that clicking will wear out your drive! The BOOT DRIVE BOARD installs INSIDE your Amiga computer (all models supported), and allows the disabling of you DF1 drive. It also allows you to “swap" the use of - your DFO and DF1 drives without removing them! You can boot your system on your DF1 drive. - Circle 51 on Reader Service card. Here it is - The information you've all been waiting for - THE AMIGAWORLD FREQUENT BUYER'S SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS! The following people have won prizes in our recent random drawing held for the AmigaWorld Frequent Buyers Sweepstakes. Winners will be notified directly. GRAND PRIZE: An AMIGA 3000 system donated by GO AMIGA Franz J. Heymann - Lakehurst, NJ 2nd PLACE PRIZES: All donated by Applied Engineering High Density Disk Drive Ronald McNabb - APO, NY DataLink 2000 Modem with send Fax P Terry Phnog - Vancouver, Canada Ramworks 2000 Memory card with 1 meg Steven J. Molnar, Jr - Camp Verde, AZ RUNNER UP PRIZES: Set of Amiga books donated by Abacus Andy Kohalmi - Winnipeg, Canada 20 Game Titles donated by Star Games Digitek Wang Ming Chich - McAllen, TX Mamie Dahroug - Sarasota, FL Carol Humpf - Albuquerque, NM Leland Whiflock - Chico, CA Ronald Cadman - Chesapeake, VA Gordon Bowie - Greenbrier, AR Markka Heinanen - Manistee, Ml Robert Fillmore * Ohawa, Canada Cary Myeres - Anchorage, AK Williom Simpson - Birmingham, UK Martin Allred - Sheffield, AL Andre Page - Sepulveda, CA Steve Gruzebeck - Minn., MN
S. Borfhwick - Calgary, Canada Ron Holland - East Boston, MA Kevin Coffey - Tacoma, WA Lee Kimball - Clovis, NM Timothy Cunnius - West Lawn, PA Randall Rost - Tacoma, WA James Rose - Grant, Ml On-line 3.0 donated by MSS Scoff Timberlake - Tampa, FL Scott Walrofh - Norwich, NY Tom Baker - Moose Jaw, Canada Roland Bergeron - St. Hubert, Canada George Bastos - Montreal, Canada Robert Cheng - Scarborough, Canada Excellence 2.0 donated by MSS Steve Crawley - Chandler, TX Works 2.0 donated by MSS Richard Erickson - Apple Valley, MN Prowrite 3.1 donated by New Horizons Chad Glaser * Chatfield, MN Robert Womble - Hurst, TX Mike Barcus - Moundsville, W. VA Mason Petty - FPO Miami, FL Larry Leonhardt - Scottsdale, AZ Chris Burkhart - Riverside, CA
B. Armstrong - Orangeville, Canada Jil Kerkour - San Francisco, CA Jacques DuFour - Inverness, Canada Ken Bauer - Victoria, Canada Power Pinball donated by Karmasoft Mike Heron - Burlington, Canada David Neighbors - West Monroe, LA Diana Rovse - Lakeside, CA Since 1982 'C.ontputrfthiLitg
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• • RECREATION • • AID Tank Killer ....30.95 Abyss ... 24.95 Anarchy 24.95 Arachnaphobla . 30.95 Armada 25 25 ..... 31.95 Amiga Cissies Trilogy (Slarghder |i. Carrier Crnnd, Midwinter) ... 36.95 Armour Geddon .....- .....2S.95 Awesome ___ . __ 36 95 Atomino ......31.95 BAT ...... 31.95 Bail Game .. 24 95 Bar.e Cosmic Forgo IVEG 36 95 Bard's Tale III 31.95 Battle Chess 28 95 Battle Isle .....31.95 Battle Squadron ...... 24.95 Battlestorm ....30.95 Bill & Tea $ Excellent Afl lr 24 95 Bin Elliot Nasc3t Chai enge .... 30.95 Billy the Kid ..23.95 Birds cl Prey .....31.95 Blood Relations ... 31.95 Slue Vox ..14.95 Captive . .. 29.95 Carmen Sail Dicgo Each 30.95 Centurion ...... 31.95 Champions ol Krynn 31.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 .... 24.95 Che$ smasier2i00 31.95 Chuck Yaeqer AFT 2 0 ... 25.95 Civil War ..... .. . 37 95 Clue 1*1.95 Ccdenarne: Iceman .....36 95 Colonel's Bequest 36 95 Conan the Cimmerian ....20 95 Conflict: Middle East 36 95 Conquest ol Camelot .. 26 95 Continuum .. 20 95 Corporation .20 95 Crime Does Mot Pay . 20 95 Curse Ajure Bonds ......31.95 Das Soot Submarine .... 31 95 Death Knights of Krynn ......31.95 Dick Tracy ... 20.95 Distant Sun V.4 0 .... 63 95 Dragon's Lair . 20 95 Dragon's Lair I I Time Warp 24 95 Dragon Wars . 20 95 Drakhen ...... 26 95 DuckTales . 28 95 Dungeon Master 24 95 Eag'e's Rider .. 20 95 East vs West Bertrn 24 95 ECO Phantoms ....24.95 Elvira . 26 95 Empire .... .. 3195 Escape Irom Singes Castle . 28 95 Eye of the Beholder . 37 95 F-15 Strike Eagcl IF .... 36 95 F-39 Stealth Fighter...... 36 95 F-29 Relaiialor ....31 95 Faces.-.Tris HI ..... 24 95 Falcon ...30 95 Operation Counterstrike ......16.95 Operation Fire Fighter ......19 95 Fast Eddie Pool ....21.95 Flames ol Freedom ..30 95 Flight of the Intruder 36 95 Flight Simulator II 30.95 Full Metal Planet .30.95 Galactic Empire ..... 24 95 Gateway to the Savage Frnli 31 95 Germ Crazy .. 24 95 Genghis Kahn ... 36 95 Golden Axe .17.95 Gold ol the Artec 30.95 Gunboat 30 95 Hails of Montezuma .. 30 95 Hardball II .....30.95 Harpoon .... 37 95 3attlese:2. 3, or 4 . 20 95 Scenario Editor ...... 25 95 Harpoon Challenger Pak 57 95 Heart of China 36 95 Heroes Quest 36 95 HoJyes Book o! Games 1 or 2 2195 H overt orce ...... . 30 95 Hunt for Red October ......20.95 Immortal ......31 95 imperium ...... , ... 25 95 Indiana Jones-Graphic .. 20 95 indy Jones 4 Fate ol Atlantis 37 95 Indianapolis 500 .., 31 95 Jack Nicklaus Uritmnled . 36,95 Course Disk *1- f5 ...15.95 James Bond Stealth Affair.... 34.95 Jones in the Fast lane ..24.95 Keys To Maramonte 30.95 King's Quest 1 Enhanced......36.95 King s Guest 2 or 3 ....30.95 King's Quest 4 or 5 ......36.95 Knights In The Sky 36 95 Legend of Faerghail ...23.95 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 36.95 Lemmings ....30 95 Lost Patrol ....31.95 M-1 Tank Platoon ......36.95 Magnetic Scrolls ..36 95 Mavis Beacon Typing 3T .95 McGee Fun Fair ..24.95 Mega Fortress 37 95 Mega-Travel I ei i , .... 36 95 Mercenaries . 37 95 Medieval Warn or .30.95 Megafortress Mission D.$ k 223 95 Might and Magic II 37.95 Mind Lmk .... 23 95 Mixed-Up Mother Goose ... 30 95 Monday Might Football .....36 95 Monopoly ..30.95 Nations at War ..... 37 95 Night Shift .....17.95 Nitro ... 23 95 Nobunga’s Ambition ,36 95 Obitus 36.95 Operation Combat .....30.95 Overlord .. 30.95 PGA Tour Golf ..31.95 Paperboy 2 .. 25.95 Pick 'n Pile 25 95 Planet ol Lust ......24 95 Police Quest f ...... 30 95 Police Quest II ... 36.95 Pools of Darkness 37.95 Pools of Radiance 3195 Populous. . 3195 Powermonger ......31.95 Data Disk: WWI ... 20 95 Prince ot Persia 24.95 Pro Tcnn s Tour 2 31.95 Quest for Glory tor 2 .36.95 Railroad Tycoon ..36.95 Red Baron ... 36 95 Red Storm Rising 34 95 Renegade Legion .37.95 Rise of the Dragon .36 95 R=sk .24.95 Roboccp II ....28.95 Romance ot 3 Kingdoms .42.95 Rules of Engagement ...37.95 Scrabble Deluxe ...30.95 Search ter the King ...36 95 Second Front .31.95 Secret ol Monkey Island .37.95 Secret o! Monkey Island 2 37.95 Secret ol the Silver Blades 31.95 Sex Vixens-Outer Space ..22.95 Sexiimates ...30.95 Shadow ot the Beast ft ....36.95 Shadow Sorcerer .31.95 Shuttle 36.95 Sim City .30.95 Graphic 1 or 2 ...22.95 Terrain Editor .14.95 Sim Earth ....30.95 Ski or Die ......31.95 Sorccnan .....36.95 Space Ace .....34.95 Space Quasi 2 ......30.95 Space Quest 3 014 ..36 95 Spellbound ....24.95 Star Cankol .. 30 95 Star Flight 1 Of 2 ..31 95 Stellar 7 2195 Stunt Track Racer 24 95 Siratego . 30 95 Sheet Rod or Street Rod II 25 95 Strike Aces ... 30 95 Strip Poker 2 24 95 Super OH Road Racing ......14 95 Swap ..30 95 Team Yankee 36.95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28 95 Terrain Envoy ..... 28 95 Test Drive II .. 30 95 Data Disks ea ....15 95 Test Drive III .. CALL Their Finest Hour .. 20 95 Third Courier __30 95 ThunderHawk ...... 30 95 Time Machine .. 34 95 Tracon II ......41.95 Ultima 5 .36.95 UM5: Nations at War ..... 36 95 Umverse3 ...... 31.95 Universal Military Sim 2 36.95 Vaxine , 24 95 Vengeance of Excafibur ......30 95 Vette ...30 95 Warhead ... 31.95 Warlord ..30 95 Weiltris ..21.95 Wolf Pak 34.95 Wonderland .36.95 World Class Soccer .. 24 95 Wrath of the Demon 30.95 Xenomcrph ...31.95 Yeager’s Adv. Train 2.0 25 95 Zone Warrior .25.95
• • Comic An Disks ea .....23.95 Copyright ......23 95 Cross DOS 2.0 ..... 24 95 Deluxe Music Construction 61 95 DeluxePamt IV ...... 112 95 Deluxe Print II 51 95 Deluxe Productions 123 95 Del Vni3 w Del Photolab 94 95 Design Works ..... 72 95 DigidfOid ... 59 95 Digimate 3 .... 24 95 Digipsint 3.0 ...... 53 95 Digiview Gold 1 t J 95 Director 2 0 .. 75 95 Disk Labeler ...... 24.95 Disk Master .. 28 95 Disney Animation Studio......73 95 Dos 2 Dos 30.95 Draw 40 147.95 Elan Ferformer 2.0 .87.95 A Talk 111 59.95 Adventures in Math ... 24,95 Ami Back Moonlighter. .. 44 95 Amos 53.95 Amos Compiler .. . .. .44.95 Anti Virus Device 4195 Arei* .... 27.95 Art Department Pro ..... 129 95 Audio Master 3 64 95 Aztec C Developer V5.0 177.95 Aztrec C Pro V5.Q ..119.95 BAD 4 0 28 95 Bars & Pipes ......119.95 Bars 6 Pipes Pro . 204.95 Baud Bandd ... 28.95 Broadcast Tiller 2 0 204.95 Byte N Back ....39.95 Can Do . 84.95 ProPack 1 24.95 Connc Setter .....41.95 Excellence V2.0 . 104 95 GFA3asic3.5 ...... 87.95 Gold Disk Ofhce .165.95 Imago Finder .... 4155 Imagine 179 95 In vision • 174.95 Karatonts ea 44 95 lattice C 5 01 187 95 Macro Paml ...... 73 95 Map Master for Lightwave 3D57.95 Map Master for Imagine .... 41.95 Maverick .....24.95 Mavis Beacon Typing 31.95 Mega Paint .174.95 Mmd Link .... 23 95 Movie Setter ...... 4195 Music X ... 169 95 On Lme Platinum ..39.95 Page Stream V2.1 ..... 165 95 Pelican Press . 62 95 Phasar 4.0 ...... 54 95 Photon Paint 2.0...... .. 87.95 Pix Male .....37.95 Power Windows 2 5 54 95 Pro Video Gold 124 95 Pro Video Post ......167.95 Pro Write 3.1 84 95 Professional Draw 112.95 Professional Page 2.0 .164.95 Structured CflpAn ...36 95 Templates ..36.95 Project D V2.0 .....35 95 Proper Grammar 57 95 Quarter Back . 39 95 Quartet Back Tools .. 49 95 Quick Wrile .. 43 95 Raw Copy 34 95 Roll'em .86.95 RX Tools ..... 35 95 Sca!3 Call Scene Generator ..29.95 Scenery Animator 57.95 Showmaker ... 199.95 Soft Clips Vol 1 2. 3 or 4 ......44 95 Spectr3:obr .57.95 Sterling Service BBS 84.95 Superbase4 284.95 Superbase Personal 2 .79.95 SuperbasePra3 0 189.95 Superplan ...87.95
T. V Show V2 0 ....64.95 Tiger Cub ...... 54.95 Title Page ....104.95 Toaster Fonts V. 1 -5 each 41.95 Transwrite ....39 95 Turbo Silver w Terrain .. 56 95 Turbo Text ....57.95 TV Text . 64 95 TV Text Prolessional 99 95 Ultra Design 164.95 Video Ehects 3-D ..106.95 Video Titler V1.5 ..92 95 Video Tools 172 95 VidecScape 3DV2.0 .....119 95 VIP Video Interface .104 95 Vista Prolessional 81 95 Voice Recognition 109 95 Word Perlect .. 144 95 Works. Platinum .99.95 World Atlas 2.0 ....28 95 Wshell ...28.95 X Copy Professional 47.95 Your Family Tree ,39.95 DELUXE -1 AINT IV-I ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For last delivery send cashier's check or money order Personal & company checks allow 14 business days ta clear P O. s welcome C.O.D. charges are $ 4,00Jn Continental U SA. Include $ 4.00 for software orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum S5.Q0. MasterCard & Visa orders please include card t. expiration date and signature Wl residents please include 5% sales lax. HI. AK, FRO, APO.Puerto Rico 3nd Canadian orders, please add 6!s shipping minimum $ 6.00.All other foreign orders add 15% shipping, mrn $ 15.00 All orders shipped outside the Continental U S A ate shipped first class insured U S mail, where availab e If foreign shipping charges exceed me minimum amount, you will be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty. We do not guarantee comparability $ version s Due to our lew prices all sales are final All Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Call = 414) 357-8181 to obtain an R A * or your return will not be accepted Pnces and availability subject to change withoLt notice Shipping & handling are non-refundab!e. V e ship the latest versions available to us, updates must be handled by end user directly with :he manufacturer. Not responsible for typographical errors. In an effort to be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press time INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 HOURS-CST MON-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm CALL US TODAY! AMIGA Ocommodore’ FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE r i: v i i; v s From p. 18. Ilia Access mounting kits will work only with ils own external drives; if you have a drive from another manufacture); you're on your own (though you can still use it externally, of course). The real test of an expansion box is how compatible it is with existing A2000 cards, California Access claims that I he Bodega Bav uses a hollered O * bus that closely emulates the design ol the Amiga A2000’s own expansion bus. My own experience in using various hard drive ancl RAM-expnnsion products in lhe Bodega Bay supports (his claim. I had success with hard-drive controllers from CAT, Supra, Commodore, Microbotics, and Nexus, and with RAM hoards from Supra, Commodore, and Microbotics. Kven the old Micron memory board which failed to operate properly in several previous boxes seems to work fine in the Bodega Bav. N j The only popular A2OO0 boards l hat don’t seem to work properly are (lie ICD RAM and hard-drive controller hoards, but IC’D reportedly has devised a simple lix for the problem. Adding a Bodega Bay will not give your A500 all of the expansion capabilities of an A2000. It does not include a co-processor slot, so you can’t add A2000-style accelerator boards (though vou can still use accelerators like the j CSA MegaMidget Racer, that plug into the processor socket). Nor does it have a video slot, so you can't plug in internal genlock hoards, display enhancers, or a Video Toaster. A Toaster-compatible slot is slated for late in the year. J There is room, however, to add a flickerFixer card, using Micro Way's Denise Enhancer Board modification, and if you choose to use I CD’s Flicker Free Video card, there is a space on the chassis Ibr mounting the monitor connector. There are also cui-outs for joystick and mouse extension ports on the side, if you feel like home-brewing the required cables. Is the Bodega Bay the answer to all of your expansion needs? That depends on just how much expansion you plan on doing. If you yearn for a hard drive and more memory, but not much else, vou may hud that a combination i v hard drive memory expansion product designed specifically Ibr the A500 is more compact anti less expensive. If you plan on adding devices such as a multiserial card for a multiline BBS, a huge full-heighl hard drive or optical disk, or a number of disk drives of vary ing size and format, the Bodega , n 3 ti Bay definitely has what it takes. Proper Grammar So you, too, can love having written. By Daryell Sipper DESPITE ALL THE modern communication methods, writing is still a necessary, though overlooked, skill. Everybody needs to write even hardcore Amigaplriles but not everyone writes well or even enjoys it. Because computers are supposed to make our lives more manageable, we should use them in the writing process. While on-line spelling checkers and thcsauruses help, they can go only so far. Writing tools such as grammar and sty le checkers already exist (and have 9 6 0 0 FAST FAX BAUD CLICKFAX FULL RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT FAX SYSTEM FOR THE AMIGA Introducing the extinction of the manual FAX. CiickFAX is a feature-packed, full-spectrum FAX system for all Amiga computers. The system includes an external modem, came and complete support software. SUPER FAST CONVENIENT THREE COMPLETE USER INTERFACES ECONOMICAL CiickFAX supports both sending and receiving FAX documents at up to 9600 baud, with ID or 2D compression-Up to four times faster than other Amiga FAX modems. The standard telecomm modem capability supports 300,1200 and 2400 baud with MNP level 3,4 and 5 support. You never have to disconnect CiickFAX to get onto BBS systems, networks and other services. CiickFAX can read ASCII text files, IFF graphics files and precompressed ".fax" files created by itself or the AE "Send FAX." You can utilize all of the system's features from the WorkBench using the mouse, from your CLI or Shell using simple typed commands, or via Arexx from any application, script or macro. All the speed, versatility and convenience of the CiickFAX system, including modem, cable and software, is on I v $ 449.95. For more information, call (406) 367-5509, and we'll FAX you all the specs and an example of the high quality transmission you can enjoy with CiickFAX. FREE DEMONSTRATION BLACK BELT SYSTEMS m JOHNSON RD.. GLASGOW, MT 59230 SALES: (SOO)TK-AMIGA INTERNATIONAL SALES (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX: 1406) 367-AFAX Amiga** Commodore Business Machines: CiickFAX ' Black Bel: Systems R E V I E YV s lor some time} on other platforms. Now Soft Wood a company that has always kept a watchful eye out for the productivity business potential ol the Amiga offers similar advantages to Amiga users with Proper Grammar ($ 99.95). English 101 Proper Grammar (PG) is a grammar- checking program that also checks for spelling errors. Beyond that, however, it also looks for cognitive, typographical, and editing errors. PG multitasks, provides an Arexx port, supports the Clipboard device and is system 2.0 compatible. Like its companion program, The Electric Thesaurus (see AmigaWorhl, May '91, p. 97), PG is based on Houghton Mifllin's Computer-Aided Proofreading software line. PG is one of the friendliest programs I have ever used. Ii has an intuitive interface and is easy to install on a hard drive. I he well-organized manual is an effortless read. What's more, Softwood provides excellent technical support. With PG installed on mv hard drive, 1 loaded the program and investigated its pull-down menus and basic inter- |S . T - - - ¦ , r • - - • -it -i BmamnSBilD fi M Drcxr*' :l ¦ t33} W. SifS II 5vr i:s
- ftt*a-
• oi3 nr. -- lew O
• KhlISp IIK .try* M Comp** M i taiw III
- i,v,.«;':ji . 41 in | d U tl ’jcTXMt *3*1 CtfOtC't 1 l_ ----
- -- =>?«-. J£*KW UK : RfKfcRwarsj 133“CT73*'•}* ¦'*’ ; P* .r.eirzciar y* Hi S3T«5n*05iv3*. Is* .... fs'i'Sjr - ?.3j- s e- n I i» : "1, J -r: t ¦ - - ¦ i . Ij, j s. | 1 Pi-JsP -jO.V- *-**.-¦*• -¦ =1 tT* S:.1!!'. 1 [¦."•.Or-'-'V'iS-.’Vv.rjji J-.- rf 1
- r:- ~y.l . L r:-.'. : s- 3 H by,-ast*5ir Miwn»)W.wrwr,.- ¦fi.W trtoawanwil kiww lnf«r jjmm PG will help you monitor your verbiage. Face. I was amazed at how easy it was to learn. This is one of those rare programs that you can use without opening the manual. After I loaded several text files I had written, PG found a few things it didn’t like. Some of the "mistakes” I agreed with, hut others 1 didn’t. After all, PG has no idea of what mv intent is no grammar-checking program does. Obviously, you do not have to do what PG tells you to do, but an understanding of the English language will help vou to make better decisions. There is much to like in PG, especially its ability to explain grammar rules. You can ask the program to show you why something is incorrect. This is useful for the beginning writer. O O Several document statistics are available to help vou evaluate your writing. Information about word, sentence, and paragraph usage is displayed, as well as some facts about uoun-verb usage. Standard readability indexes are given, such as Gunning’s Fog index or the Flesch-Kincaid score. I hese are handy numbers, because some assignments require writing to specific reading levels using one or more of these indexes. I also like being able to ignore any grammar rule 1 choose. For example, if I wanted to start sentences in this review with “Ancl” or “But” to achieve a conversational stvle, all I would have to do is turn off the relevant rule before checking this piece. PC’s spell-checking feature is solid, it recognizes 135,000 words, including contractions. You can even add some words of vour own, if vou wish. The program provides such basic Continued on p. 84. ? ? Introduces Crash instance. Ql's called the Commodore Extended Service Contract. And it could save you hundreds of dollars in the remote chance that your Amiga goes down. That's because most repairs not covered by warranty typically cost more than a one-year service plan. Extended Service for your Amiga 2000“series or 3000 series machine is fast and easy, We offer next day on-site service for CPE’s.* And next day exchange for monitors, keyboards and other accessories.* We use only original manufacturer parts. And there’s a toll-free 24-hour Help Desk for trouble shooting problems. For more information about our Extended Service plans, sec vour authorized Commodore dealer or call 1-800-66-AMIGA. ¦ If rail is !i i rr.n| before Ipm Iih .il limr anil it pair pai N air available Warranty limited In oi lgitial pure hasef f Inh approved Commodore products eligible fnr (.overage Software mil 11atied Hardware imml Ik- t ertilted in In- in gnod working order it (onirat L is pun based after original one-yeai warranty ©lb'll Commodore and the Commodore logo are i egMeft'iJ trademarks ol i iimmodme lllei ironies I,id Arnica is a registered trademark of t jjitmuxloir-Amiga. I tie C- Commodore ? J AMIGA 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) CLEANING KIT LARGE „ 12,95 COMPUTER SERVICE XU ----------19-96 COPY'CAMIRA SI AND ...58.95 DIG! DROID ..... 67.95 MQNIIQR SI AND A500 ..... 27.95 A MAX II MAC IMU1AI0R .
- .135.00 PERFECT SOUND ADAPTOR .... 10.95 AUI3LINK ... ___44.05 v spits an 94 95 BIGFOOT 150 POWER SUP---- CVI MULIIPUHt BOARD __ 97.05
- .619 00 OELUKI PAIN! Ill . . 99.85 OOLTSLE TALK A2D00 ... ...399 00 DIG) PKINl 3 ...... 54.95 DUAL SERIAL BOARD - .. 269 00 OLGIPKINI 3 P4L ....
58. 85 f ALTER AG SWITCH A500 . . .71 85 OIGIMAIi 111 .. ......- ... 23.85 FATTER AGNUS IwllCH R
79. 95 GOLDIN IMG. HAND SCAN----- ___2B9 00 MACRO PKINl .... . 31 95 1C AGNUS: FATlEHUMfll . . . . .99.00 PhOION PAINI 2 0 _ ___ .99.95 1C AGNUS: SUPER 1 AT .....39.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4 0 .299.00 IVS GRAND SLAM 7000 ..... CALI SCULPT ANIMATE 4 0 JH ___ 88.95 KICKS I AR T 1 3 ROM 39 00 SPECIRKCOLOR ... £4.35 MEGACHIP 2000 _ ..259.00 IUR60 SILVER 3 0 ___ _ . 38.00 OMAIKEY ULTRA . .. .... .132 00 VIDEQSCAPL 3D V2.0 ... .. 119.03 PROFESSIONAL SCANIAB ___
1119. 00
20. Es 20 95 ? ISIETIIS DISK ACCI1SORIII SANA DISKE LIE BOV --------14.95 BISIE1TES. 50 PACK . 14 00 SONY DISK ID PACK ------- 12 96 SONY COLOR DISKS 10 PACK 13.95 SONY DISK 5.25" 10 PV ..--------7 95 SONY DISK 5.25" DSHD II 95 SONY DISK DSHD 5 PACK------------,..8.85 SONY DISK DSHD 10 PACK---10 8b WORDEN DISK BOX 2 DRAWER 45.00 WOODEN PISKBOX 3 DRAWER 55.00 WOODIN DISK BOX 4 DRAWER 66 30 DUST COVERS COVER UPS I10R4 MON----------S.S5 COVER UPS A1950 MON .....6 96
5. 95
2. 99
25. 9b
29. 9b
75. 9b 18 86 28 95
19. 96
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73. 95 .239.00 34.35 .209.00 .175.00 . 29.85
- 29.95
- 59.85
- 99.95 26 95 75 65
19. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95 0US1 COVER LASERJET III- OUSI COVER LASEHJE1 IIP SAIESKIN I LI 00 0 ---- S1TFSXIN A7000 --- SAFESKIN A3000 SAFE SKIM A50Q mi ..... 1 7.95 A1352 MOUSE 88 95 BEE lit MOUSE! VAR COLORS) 38 95 B01NG QPIICAL MOUSE ... __ CALI GOLDEN IMAGE MOOSI -------- .....30 as MOUSE MATS ___G 95 JOYSTICKS BOSS JOYSIICK ___ .. 14.95 [RED SUCK ___- ..... 17.95 50OXJ SPEEOKING ..
25. 95 ,116.08 139 95
93. 95
178. 00 „. 193.00 73.95
- 177.00 ... 45.95 ...... 38.95 25.95 SURFACE VASTER .. IMAGINE BUDDY SYSTEM „----- IN1ERCHANGE ... INIERCHANGE JSLV MODI CHAVIS CLEAR JOYSTICK -35.95 GHAVIS MOUSE STICK 64.95 GRAVIS SWITCH JOTSICK---------32.49 UGH I GUN, PHASAR---------*2.46 Mail YOKE JOYSIICK-----------79.95 P0RTERP1 AYERS JOYSIICK . 14 95 Sill SI IK JOYSTICK 7.95 TAC2 JOYSTICK------------10.95
29. 96
32. 85
49. 85
25. 95 .32.05 .32.95 .43 65 .48 95 35 95 .34 9b . 34 9b 36 9b .29 95 .44.95 .44.95 .64.95 .34 35 37.S5
58. 95
73. 85
- 48.95 48.95
- 48.85 46.95 48.35 48.95 48.95 VICO 3 WAY JOYSIICK. 22.95 19.95 18 95 14.95 47.95 PRINT IB ACCESSORIES DATA SWITCH 2 WAV ? AtA SWUCH 4 WAY DESKJET BLX CARIRI0C1 ------ DESKJEI FULL COLOR Hll DESKJET HifILL S1ACK ---
13. 95 27 95 16 95 34 95 13 95
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32. 95
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32. 05 13 95
12. 13 Ect MJOI IUOU . ECE MIDI PLUS...... .-49.9b 49-95 MIDI GOLO 800 .. ...... .59.95 MIDI GD10 INSIDIR . _ 64.85 PERMCI SOUND 500 2000 __ _ E 9.55 lOUNDMAtlER. ..... ...... .
33. 95 A2060 ARCNIT IAN..
139. 00 A20S5 EIHERNlt LAN- ___-
289. 00 A2091 AUEOBOOl CN1RIR ...
149. 00 A22 32 MULTI IE RINA AD .....
299. 00 A230D INI GENlOCX2aOO _ . 2 39.00 42320 DISPtAY ENHAWCER .
239. 00 A520 COMP AOAPI(H ___ _41.95 A2000 DRIVE RIPEACMNI ... 99.35 FLOPPY DRIVES Al HIGH DENSITY DRIVE - ___ .134.00 ROCEIC 5.25“ FLOPPY ------------ .159.00 ROCTLC SLIM EKI. 3.5“ . ... 94.85 MEMORY EXPANSION ADHAM 505 1NT 5I2K ... 50,95 ADHAM 540 0 4 MEG INI .98 00 ADRAM 5600 2 MEG A540 __ .....CALL BASE BOARD AbOO Q:4M0 ...... .111.ao MINIMEGS AT HOC 7MB _ .759.00 MINIMIGS AbOO 2MB .249.00 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MiG .....
59. 95 IUPRARAU 500RX IWI -
124. 09 IUPRAIAM 50BRX 2 US- , IBS.DO MODEMS BAUD BANOir MODEM .. .. .. - .105-00 BAUD BANDlt MODEM 15 ___
169. 00 GAIAKT APOLLO SGUO _ .... ..... 449,00 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM
09. 00 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MNP _ .155 00 S'JPKA 2400 BOMNP +
165. 00 SUPRA 2400 INI MOOEM __
113. 00 SUPRA eenn i . 403-00 MONITORS NEC MULTISYNC 30 ..
833. 00 H[r uyirisvNr m .650.00 SIIKO 1440 MuirilYNC
573. 00 SONY 1304 MULTISYNC ___.... -
328. 00 CI1 IIIN USX200 9 PIN .. 185 00 IASERJEI III PRINIiR .. ......CALL QMS PS 410 LASER .
2495. 00 SIAR NK1000 II PRINTER-------- ..1B9.0Q S1 AR NX1070 RAINBOW ..... ..216.00 VH3E0 HARDWARE AMIGIN CFNIOCK 97 95 A3DG EPSON DRIVER 120 00 pen snnn 1985 00 COLOR SplllIER , ,-___ ..109.00 Of NISI EKIENCER BUS .. . 85 00 DIGI VIEW GOLD V4.0 ... .11800 DIGIVIEW GOLO 4.0 Pll . ._ _
134. 00 EPSON (J 3Q0C SCAhNER ......
1395. 00 FLICK. FIK EO GENLOCK .... .37.85 FUCKER FIXER .....¦ ......
443. 00 FRAMEGRAB PAL VERS - - 659 00 FRAMEGRAB'256 GRAY .. ... 629-00 FRAMEGRAB 25GG PAL __ .659.00 KAMI PLUS .....
377. 10 LINS 16MM NO IRIS . ... . . 18.95 LENI 16MM W IRIS
53. 85 1IVEI 1000
248. 00 LIVE) 2000 ... 349 00 LIVE) 600
309. 00 ¦.ur.Ni dn04
1049. 00 MAENI 4004K .... 1049.00 Ml NIG IN GENtOCR ___
180. 00 MlNlGEN PAL GENLOCK „ . , ...239,00 NIRLKI GENlOCK 1 09 00 NUCLEAS PIRSONAL IFC ------- ...389.00 PANASONIC WV14T0 ...... ...189.00 PANASONIC WV1600X ------------ .-319.00 PERSONAL IBC CALI SHARP JX300 SCANNER ...... .2095,00 SHARP JX460 SCANNER--------
5105. 00 SUPERGEN 2000S ....- ...
1350. 00 SUPERGEN GENLOCK __ 643.00 tCRC 1 02 .. _ 649.00 VIDEO MASTER GENlOCK--------
29. 95 VlQlECH SCIhlOCK ...
- ---£ J, ? J .89.95 INVISION PLUS ..... .... 179.00 NERIKI VIDEO TOOLS ON TAP .„... 62.95 PI RFOHMER IIIANI .. ......8?.9b PHOTON TRANSPORI CUNT .....
195. 85 PHOTON VIQI0 1ULP 233.00 FIXMAIE ... ......40.95 PRO VIDEO PLUG PAL ....199.95 PRO VIDEO POST 199.00 PRO VIDEO POSI PAL ... ... 199.DO ICKIX .... .... 249.00 SCREEN MAREK .. .223.00 ON SYQUESI C1RIRI0GE
29. 95
D. SK LABELER 22 95 DISK MECHANIC, THE---------52.95 DISK FO DISK ...25.35 D1SKMASTER29 35 DOCIOH AMI __28.95 DOS 10 DOS --------------32 49 F1CC II---------21.96 MAC 7 DOS ,, - in as MASIlRINC CLI 26.95 POWIA PACKER PROIFSSlONAl _17 95 SCANNERY----------- 596.00 VO REC ONI ___117.00 W SHILL 31.95 WORKBENCH 1,3 19.95 BACKUP UTILITIES 8YIE N BACK BACKUP----- 40.95 COPYRIGHT CALL FLASHBACK _34.98 MR BACKUP FROffSSIONAl 32.95 PROJICI 0 ___ 35,96 QUARTERBACK ___40.85 QUARTIREACH TOOLS 62.96 HAW COPY 1,3 . 34.96 X COPY PROFESSIONAL .. 45.35 POINTER UTILITIES DJ HELPER .... 29.95 PALETIE PRINTER , 19.85 SUPER OJ V2.0---- ---15.05 TELECOMMUNICATIONS A I Alt III 84 9 5 BAUD RANOII _29-35 EBB PC 81 95 ONLINE PLATINUM---33.95 MINDHM 1EIEC0MU-27.00 PARAGON BBS V2.08 ...99 35 S I SKIING SERVICE BBS _84.95 SKYLINE BBS VI.2 97.95 PROGRAMMING AC BASIC __ 129.95 AC I OR IRAN 77 -- 393 00 AC I OUTRAN n 1B5 00 AOAPI sao K 0 __69.95 AMIGA LOGO _ .53.35 AREKI ___ -29.95 AZItC C COMPILER 135.00 A7EEC C PROFESSIONAL _123.00 BENCHMARK MODULI 2 124.00 BENCHM ARK SOOfiCE Lvt..... 93 95 CAPF BRA ASSEM 2.6------------52.95 INOVAIOOIS I «--- ..51.86 Jl OB 1H PROFESSIONAL 134.00 lAEIICl C SAS C ___ 189.00 I AX 11CC C + + ..89.00 POWER WINDOWS 2.6 ...... 52.85 SOURCE 1IVE1 DEBUGGER-----------48.85 PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE AUTHORING SOFTWARE AMIGA VISION __ ,99.00 AMDS I HI CRLAIOR „___64 95 AMOI I HI COMPUIH .....46.95 CahOO _80 95 CANOO PAL VERSION _86 95 CANOQ IN1R0PAK __23 85 CANOO PROPAK 1 __23.95 director V2 o ___74.95 HYPER BOOK-- -84.35 HYPER HELPERS 35.95 ACCOUNTING BUT BUSINESS MGMt--------192.00 OISKIOP BU06ET ___40-95 IASY LI ? Cl RS---- 192.00 PHASAR 4 0___ ___ 69.96 DATABASE 09 MAN V-------------174.00 MICROFICHE FILER PIUS-------------117.00 SOPIRBASE PERSONAL 2 ----------37.85 SUPIHBASE PROF 3.0 __., 188.00 SUPIHRASL 4 -----------------------328.00 WORD PROCESSING IIICIHIC THESAURUS ------- 29.95 FKCillENCl VERSION 2 ------------103.00 FLOW . ... ... ...57.95 OFFICI GOLO DISK .....159 00 SCRIBBLL PLATINUM---------.87.88 IRUISWII1L _ -----39.95 WORD PERFECT __159.00 WORD PEREEC1 LIBRARY ___76.95 WORAS PLATINUM ....--------------33.95 MISC. PRODUCTIVITY AIL IN ONE .. 54.95 ALGISRA 1 ...
31. 95 ALGI8RA PLUS VOLUME 1 ALGEBRA PIUS VOLUMLIl ArllHMf IlC __31 95 _ 29 9b 29 85 BlBLFRFAOtH SIUUY ___ _11.65 CIIC'JIUS .. .....-31,95 DISTANT SUNS V3.0 .- .40.95 DISTANT SUNS Y3 0 PAL------
- ----42 95 YALE BRIGHT STAR CATALOG 12.95 SKYMAP IVL 1 SIAR CAIL06 ......15.95 DEEPSKY OBJECTS IB 95 DISTANT SUNS VI.0 ___57.95 INTElllTYPf ...9 95 JAPAN! Si 1 ...... .25.05 EINKYVORO (VAR IANGUAGISI ...
- ----13.85 MATH AMAIJQN .. .49.95 MAVIS BEACON IYPING ...... .34.95 PRF CALCULUS .. __31.95 TRIGONOMETRY ......31.95 WHERE IN 1UODPI CARMEN _ _23.95 WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN ___29.35 WHERE IN THE U S A. __79.95 WHERE IN iHt WORLD .....-28.95 WORLD ATLAS 2 0------------- _32.49 fl GHAOI __ 35.98 MICHUIAWYER 37.86 TOP FORM 82.98 LVHOWKAE WHFRI WHIN .....61 95 SPREADSHEETS ADVANTAGE SPRIADSHIll 119.00 MAXIPLAN PLUS 69.05 SUPtRPLAN __ 94.96 1EMPLICITY ANALYZE _ 20.85 1EMPLICLIY VAKIPl AM 20.86 UMPllCITY SUPERPIAN „ . 20-95 TEMPILCIIY VIP PROI .---- 20.95 VIP PROFESSIONAL _68.96 CIRCUIT DESIGN PRO BOARD Nil PACKACl 289.00 PRO BOARD PIRSONAL-----------99.85 PBO Nil PIRSONAL--------__.99.B5 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE CLASSIC BDARG GAMES -- ELECTRONIC C0DK6Q0X __ FRED FISH ColLECItON I FUN SCHOOL 3 III US IflAlEO HJLY 11911------- ILItlSIR WORKS 01 SHAKISPEAR1 LEMMINGS------------------ MY PAINT ----------------- TIMETABLE SCIENCE ... TIMETABLE BUS. & POLITICS _ WORLD VIS IA . WRATH OF THE OEMON GAME SOFTWARE ARCADE GAMES AWESOME Wl I'SHIR I * BAFMAN I HI MQVIl BAXTLI S10RM - BAITII SQUADRON ...... DRAGONS LAIR II SINGES Csll. ..... DRAGONS L AIR II IlMt WARP---------- HOVER FORCE ----- KILLING GAMS SHOW -. LEMMINGS MARBLE MADNESS MEAN STREETS _ CHICKEN 111 HE .... 17.9b QISCOVIRV (VARIOUS TITIFS) 11.49 DISCOVER! W MATH 23 8b OISCOVIHY W,SPILLING -23.95 KATIES I ARM _------------ 2b.8b KINDIRAMA .... 29.9b LEIIERS IOR YOU-.----------------„-----13 95 MATCH IT 26 96 MAEH DOClOfl ..... 23.95 MATH MAGICIAN------------ CD TITLES AOVANCED MILITARY SYSTLMS___ ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY ... BARNEY BEAR GOES TO SCHOOL CASE OF THE CONDOR- MAIH WIZARD .... MCGEE MOTHER GODS! MY PAINE 2 0 MY P AIN I UAIA DISK H „ MY PAINT DAI A DISK «2 _ NUMBERS COUNT-- PRESCHOOL ADVENTURES IN MAIH-...... BARNEY BEAR 8ARNEY BEAR GEES FARM BARNEY BLAH TO SPACt _ NURSERY RHYMES SIORY DPPOSIIiS ATTRACT___ SPELIAF AHI ...... GRAMMAR SCHOIIl ADULT Call for all Other ibippBa UralOoJL Educational. Conwrale and aerttgate purchase orders Accepted. No sarctary lor VwibteltfCirt; 4S surcharge lor American Exprwi: IS icrcbary tar Wvciwer.RfniWMIUCV: CiB Cutlomer Service it (213) 214- COQG lor reiurn aulhonuusn AB returns rtiUion antlwruatujn itutartMUDunU be reJused. Returned products most be in anginal Candida* and packaging ir.d rauil be sent back with* 30 days cl wir inwosce date No reloads, please. Mom product exchanges onh We make rc suartntees !ar pridncl cerlorinarice tachangas win anlfce producis ire at oar aptian and subject la a 20S rs-stockms lee.COMMTKW£ Prices ar.d avail ability of product we subject to change without notice. HU-11 Ofi.EflS end money orders or caahiers check for lastest service Personal checks up to 10 days to clear. Include: Name. Address and lelepiiane number (no P.O. Boxes, please). II ordering by crtdii card include eipirarton dale and Lulling aadress. Call lor exicl stuppuig rates. Hot Summer Sole! SCEVEBV QISK * 9 .. 19.85 SECRET Of MONKEY ISLAND .. . .. 33 85 SUPfR CARS 14 95 WAR'SIIIATTGY BANDII KINGS 01 CHINA------------- SCENERY OISR * 1T ___ . SCENERY OISK SIARIIK .. 19.35 37.95 SPIRIT 01 (XCAllBUR ULTIMA IV------------------ 32.48
- 38 96 . 29 85 WORLD CLASS SOCCER .- . AcllOfi STKATFGY ...27.85 cent union ...... DAS BOOT EMPIRE 34 95 34 9b 34 95 ART OF CO SB 95 GENGHIS KHAN .. 33 95 ROLE PLAYING SPORTS RiiTi f rmu 31 AS GUNBOAI .. 32 95 b a r . 34.95 GRETZKY HOCREY 32 49 BRIQCE 6 0 7& 3b HARPOON ...... 41 95 BARD'S 1AIE _ 13.95 HARD DRIVIN' __- ___..
31. 95 CHECKMATE ... .. 35.35 8A1ILISI1 *2------------------ 20 95 BARD'S TALE II 13 95 HARO ORIVIN' 2 32 95 ClUE MASIfR OlIfCTltfl 75.95 27 3b HA III1SEI *3..-.....- 20 95 BARD'S I AIE III IHIEI Of f AIE _. Capiih
- 34.95
- 29 9b
- 36.95 JAM NICKLAUS COURSE 2...... .... 14 95 POPULOUS DATA DISK *1 .
18. 95 UNIIERSAl MILITARY SIM II __ 34 95 E Yf Of IHE BEHOLDER . ... 38.95 JACK NICKLAUS COURSE 3 14 95 siMcirv WARLORDS- ......- ... 29 9b HERO S QUEST II IRIAl BY fIRE .. IMMOKIAL __ ..38.95 JACK NICKLAUS COURSE 4__ 14 95 TERRAIN EDIIOS 13 95 WOLE PACK . ..... . 3b 95 .30 95 JAM NICKLAUS COURSE 5 - . ... 14.95 ANCIENT Cl I IE S 73 95 ADULT II CAME FROM DESERI .... .. 34.95 PRO TINNIS TOUS 2
- U 95 PROf FOOTBALL SIM 22 95 SIAR CGNIRQI 73 9b CENI1RI3IO SQUARES...... . 19 9b MiCHI G MAGIC II 40 95 TENNIS CUP as Ilf 11 IR 7 7t ah IIMUf fAIAiE ... 20 95 Uf UROMINCIR
79. 95 IESIORIVE II. . _ ... .32 49 TETRIS .... IB 95 IIMMI FAIAIE DATA DISKSIEAI 13 95 OBI 1 US W t IHIRI .. .. 34 .95 CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE .....
- 14 95
- 14 95
14. 85 FACES IRIS III 24 95 LEISURE SUM LARRY II ..... 3b 9b POOI tl RADIANCE .. 34 95 EUROPEAN CHALLENGE WELLIRlS 24 95 LEISURE SUM 1 ARR til . - . 35 9b search ran she king ...
- 36 85 MUSCLE CARS...... SEX OLYMPICS . 24 9b CARDINAL 01 IHE K Ft i ML IN .. CRIME DOES NOT PAT ....-- CONELICI MIDDLE EAS1 ..... CylERCQN __ DEAIH KNIGMIS 01 KHYNN f 15 SIRIIE (AGLI II ... IASI EOOli S POOL _ JAMES BONO IRE SIIAUH AffAIR 35.85 RILLING CLOUD-----------29.95 KING'S BOUNIY----- LIFE AND DEATH __ MEDIEVAL WAARIOES - MECAIRAIEUER I _ MIG 21 1DLCRUM PAL VERS RAILROAD ITCOON___ MOMir PYIHON S CIRCUS _32.48 NIIRO,. „ 28 96 Nr WARRIORS 32 48 PERSIAN GUI I InfERNO---------------14 95 PICK N Pllt - ___27.85 PIONIIR PIACUi ---------------------10 00 POWEROROME ---------------13 95 POWER PINBALL 23 95 PRINCE Of PERSIA 25.85 SHADOW 01 III! 81 AST ..._.25 95 SHADOW Of THE BIAS I II 34 95 SHOO! 'EM UP CONSIRUC ,™. 13 95 SPACE ACE .33.85 IPHCBAU 2.... 32 95 SP01 THE UP CAME __25 95 SWORD 01 SODAN __15 85 IIINAGI MU I AN I NINJAS ..... 79 85 IURRICAN II----------------------32 95 ' FLIGHT SIMUIATKJN A ID TANK Mllim . 32 95 BLUE MAR .....34.85 CHUCK YEACER S AOV ftl___ 27 95 I IS CDM8AI PI101 13.95 MS SIIAUH IICH1II __ .34 85 1 IB INKRCIPTOR----------13 95 I 28 RE IA1IAI0R ...... 29 95 IAICON-------------32.85 IA1CCN MISSION DISK . . .15 95 IAICON MISSION DISK 2 ..... 17 85 IIICHI IIMUU10R II ___ 82 49 SCENERT OISR 1 __18.95 SI RIP POKIR DATA OISKS(IA) . 1 ?.9b SIHIP POKIR II ..... 25.85 Ntw GAMFS ARMADA 25-25------------ Call ARMOUR GIOOON 29.95 ALICE IN WONDERLAND --------39.95 AIOMINO ___32.95 BATTLE COMMAND _ ...... 34.35
32. 95 32 95
38. 95
36. 95
34. 55 ___39.95
24. 95
32. 55 .32.35
29. 95 .38.95
45. 95
39. 95
34. 95 .32.95
27. 95 .37.95 38 85 .. 34.35
- 29.95 .37.95 _25.95 SECRET 01 IRE SILVER BUSES SIORM BALL _ SIRIEI HOD II ___ SWIV (SILKWORM 2| TEAM YANKEE __ HRMINAIOR----- 1REME PARK MTSJiRl _ IOKJ------- HA1INE ¦ „ ... , nPTif From Digital Uul V Creations p* Full NTSC Color Display and Digitizer. 530700 Best Seller! New From ICD Newtek Video Toaster Digital Video Eflects! Genlock Frame Grabber! 24-bit Paint and Rendering! 3D Modeling and Animation! AdSCSi 2000 .....s12900 Hard cird 1818 ft I I iRtBPlBCe with J f 1 » nnnaiched m III speed aad Humility. AdSCSI 2080 .....*18900 HirJ arm Wmrlace vnui «s la 8 teii ol IASI RAM. AdSpeed .....*203°° i s1399°° Sill enerill p«rler maice ol sir Kttleralcr in It'i pnen rjn?» AdlDE...... Hard Drive Sale BsiBBSSsSBnB: DPS Personal TDC A New Internal Infinite Window Time Base Corrector with Genlocking tor use with the Newtek Video Toaster! Controllers EVP Series II • Non Ban Cap. *159” GVP Series II - Up to 8 megs W ICD AdSCSi 2000 ..*128" ICD AdSCSi 2080~ .. W IVS TrumpCard 2000 Prol. ,..*199°* IVS TrumpCard 500 Prol l259°! Supra WordSync '108* Datallyer 2000 ......*88" Datatlyer 500 ..... M7941 Bare Drives Quantum 52mb IPS OT Quantum 105 IPS .*377“ Quantum 170 .‘618* Quantum 210 __ *698“ Flicker Free Video S27700 For the incredible Low Price of: 8779°° Supra Corporation SupraRam 2000 “53B5. 2 8mb Board ..S1G800 saoam SupraRam 2000 4mti RAM ..233.00 SupraRam 2000 Gmb RAM ..305.00 SupraRam 2000 8mb RAM ..36G.00 SupraRam 500 512k ...59.95 Due to Industry fluctuation, RAM prices are subject to change without notice. Great Valley Products Series II lor the Amiga 500 40mb ... 547700 52mb ... .S577DD 80mb ... .sG28tt0 105mb . .s808uo GVP Series II Accelerators New single-board design on 22 & 33 Mhz These new Series II accelerators have a built-in GVP SCSI controller [ iow holds up to 32 megs of ram!* 22Mhz s845“° 33Mhz..s1579005 50MI1Z ...S2298D0 50 Mhz board, others hold less ( All prices good August 1st through August 31st G1940917 R l; V I E w s From j). (SI. Text-editing features as cm, paste, and copy. In addition, die program retrieves and saves corrected text in many Amiga word-processing formats. Although you won’t see any formatting on screen, PG remembers it. This feature provides word-processing file conversion as ail added bonus. It’s not perfect, but it works. The manual, whose tutorial is a breeze, goes beyond telling you how to use PG; it also includes usage information and a glossary lor those mifamiliai with grammatical terms. There's even an appendix covering the Houghton Mifflin Grammar Correction System. That’s a friendly manual. Bring in the Clouds PC is a solid introduction ol this type of program into the Amiga market. It’s also one ol the most stable programs I’ve ever used. There are, however, a few disappointments. PG is not a stvle checker. In professional writing, different publications require different styles. 1 his holds true for other kinds ol writing, too. Resumes require a different style from internal oil Ice memos. Many companies dictate their own in-house writing styles. If you know how to update your startup sequence (by renaming some files), you can customize PG for limited stvle checking, but l et like to see this
* O feature incorporated into a future upgrade. Writing styles vary too widely for Softwood to ignore this feature. In addition ro its lack of style-checking ability, PG does not question the use of some commonly confused words, such as principle principal or hearI here. While the manual acknowledges diis shortcoming, a grammar-checking O o o program should identify these usage problem areas, for they represent a weakness in a lot of writing. If nothing
o n else. PG should remind you to check your dictionary. PG sometimes has difficulty with sentence fragments. This is one ol my own weaknesses because my basic writing style tends to be conversational, so I often find myself writing in fragments. 1 tried many examples of sentence fragments, and PG demonstrated only mixed success in finding them. ; u I think PG’s claim that it cor rects 9y ( of your writing errors is a little high, but what percentage would constitute success in this case? While claims such as these probably contribute to the skepticism many language experts have toward these programs, PG will catch most of the common errors you may make and serve as a handy proofreading companion in many instances. Although grammar-checking programs in general are far from perfect, T believe they have value, for very few ol us have extensive backgrounds in l n- glisli. In a world dominated bv audio n w and video communications, not enough attention is paid to writing skills, and the written word is often relegated to the status of endangered species. Regardless of how language scholars feel, programs such as Proper (dammar are worth an investment even if von use them onlv for rooting out j o typos, punctuation errors, and misused words, lvvcn more useful is the Fact that they can help you improve vour writing In identifying manv common mistakes. N i This is wh I recommend them. ? ' A MAN’S BEST FRIEND v IS HIS DOG AN AMIGA’S BEST FRIEND IS THE ‘BACKUP BUDDY TM J MAVERICK for the AMIGA Five Years Of Experience On A Single Disk When we started making Commodore backup products we started making history Our Maverick (or the Commodore has become the single most successful archival utility system ever created tor the C64 Cl28 computers We pioneered innovations that made Maverick the ONLY logical choice (or the serious user History is repealing itself Our new Maverick lor the Amiga is a ground breaking product1 It is unlike anything you ve ever seen lor the Amiga before You use it without tumbling lor pull-down menus or searching through overlapping windows The Maverick Amiga screen is a clean modern control panel designed to allow you lo intuitively operate the system as if it were a physical piece of hi-tech equipment Options abound These include features like ? Hypercopy High speed effortless error Iree data duplication ? Parameters Our own custom routines backed by 5 years of experience
* Over Ride 1 A new tool that makes a program useable on a hard dnve by COMPLETELY do-protecting it'
* Inspector Our MFM track editor featuring whole track or data block modification capability macros lor automation and best ot ail ¦ Backup Buddy compatible' ? Backup Buddy support to allow easy reliable backups of some of the thoughest to duplicate titles on the market
* Over 100 new parameters keep you up to date with todays software releases There s more For a minimal fee registered Maverick owners can upgrade then system to the newest version including new parameters every 90 days' Maverick Amiga was actually designed with lulure expansion capabilities Puiit right m Ang experienced users can even create and store their own custom copiers accessible nght from the main control panel |ust as if they were Puilt into Maverick from the tactory' When you re ready to spend your hard earned money for an Amiga backup utility keep this in mind There are lots of copiers on the market, but there s only one complete archival utility system Maverick MAVERICK AMIGA V3 _ SOQ95 ONLY Ow+ssh Available from your local dealer or contact us directly: Ready to add another drive to your system? We've got some good news for you: for nearly the same price as an ordinary drive, you can buy the brand new Maverick Amiga Backup Buddy drive! The Backup Buddy drive (sold ONLY to registered Maverick Amiga owners) is a superb Golden Image drive that we've worked our special magic on We ve added our own custom engineered speed control circuitry to create a unique new tool. Used alone, the Backup Buddy is as fast, reliable, and compatible as any other Amiga external disk drive. But. Used with the Maverick Amiga, the Backup Buddy becomes the newest weapon in the Archival Utility System arsenal, easily letting you backup titles that could NEVER be reliably duplicate before now1 The Backup Buddy is another demonstration of our commitment to the Maverick tradition Always be the best THE Backup Buddy’ DISK DRIVE $ 1 A Q95 ONLY Ihr?7+s&H Available Only From Software Support International to registered Maverick Amiga owners. SOFTWARE SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL 2700 N.E. ANDRESEN ROAD • SUITE A-10 * VANCOUVER. WASHINGTON 98661 Write or call us for more information or our current catalog listing 1000’s of items for your computer 1-800-356-1179
N. J.’s Premier Amiga Dealer! ¦ MANTA- Pngrstrram 2 0 ..... $ 169 IVIikan Press...... .... 64 Pen Pal.. .... 85 Pacesetter JI 74 Iyn Write .... .. .94 Superbase IV ..... ...289 fYo Page 2,0 .. 169 All in One .. . .51.95 Desktop lludgrl...... 14 X"( ltd lYolrssiona! 19=1 Advantage ... 119 Can Do .... .... 84 Office ....., 109 Drluxr Print fl . . 50.95 Structured Clip Arl ... 39 Showmakrr . ....214 Compugraphic Fonts . . . 119 Screen maker . CALL Softi lips People. Classic s 49 Wordpcrfcrl . ...155 ¦ AUTHORIZED AMIGA SALES & SERVICE CENTER Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! MEMORY EXPAN5ION Baseboard Ok .$ 109
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17. 49 Apru Draw II 459 Mouse Mat 7 Arexx .... . .28.95 Perfect Sound 69 Audi()M&ter3 t>4 Quarterback .39.95 Bars & Pipes Pro .224 Quarterback Tools 52 Cross DOS . . .25.95 SAS Lattice C 5.1 .... 194 ECF. Mid 500 2(KKI $ 49 Sound Source CALL JSTK Power Play.. 9 Soundmaster...... . .CALL Tiger Cub .... 65 Your l-'amilv Tree . 43 1 .V 4 Sims ...CALI, 256 K X 4 80 Dram ..CALL 1 mg x 1 80 Dram.. .CALL 3000 memory upgrade .CALL GYP Ram 8'. CALL CITIZEN PRINTERS GSX140, 24 pin.. S289 CSX200, 9 pin .. SI69 Color Option Available goldenIMAGE® Master 3A-1 ......$ 79.00
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• Word Processor
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• Business Graphics .Powerful business programs that ore os easy Jo use as they are to buy. ’¦ AMIGA World ONLY $ 109 Awesome $ 36 Finest Hour...... $ 20 Nam ..... . . S 38 Bards Tale III..... . 31 F-19 Stealth..... . . . 37 PGA Tour Goil. ... ... 31 Blue Max . 31 Flight of Intruder. . ...37 Railroad Tycoon .. .CALL Ceiiturlan CALI. Gun Boat 31 Search for King .., ...37 Das Boot . . 31 Killing Cloud..... CALL Shadowol Beast 2. ... 37 Dragons' Lair 2 40 Lemmings . .31 S|»erd Hal; 2...... CALL Dungeon Master 2 . . CALL Life A Death...... CALL Wings ... , 31 Falcon ... 31 Mon Night Football ...36 Wrath of Demon .. ...31 EUROPEAN TITLES AVAILABLE CD TITLES AVAILABLE ENTERTAINMENT ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINER ' Experience white-knucklc living thrills. More aircraft, new terrain. Flying Insights"1 audio tape. , _ on-screen flight $ 07 school. FREE CAP! F ICD THE ICD ADVANTAGE New From ICD! AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. HARD DRIVE SPECIALS AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. All Supra Products Available for Your Amiga. Call! AdSpeed Fiest overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. A2000 40 MB Supra Drive CALL 52 MB Supra Drive .369 105 MB Supra Drive 549 Word Sync Interface ..99 Supra RAM 2000 OK 109 MODEMS- AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (ATI drives. Flicker Free Video Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. Novia 20i 20mb hard drive. Mounts inside A500 SPECIAL! ORDER TOLL-FREE 1-800-477-7706 Walk-in Traffic Welcome! AD RAM 540 for A500 $ 99 Terms: VISAlMC Discover, certified checks slid money orders »vJcinnc School & Corporate Purchase accepted. Most item', shipped 1-2 business days. Returns all items returned must have RMA * before returning. Detective products exchanged tor seme item only Hardware items will tv replaced or repaired- All returned Items subject to restocking fee. Shipping non-retundabie. Call tor complete details Amiga computers sold to walk-in traffic only -Vi prices subject to change without notice. Prices may Jitter 111 retail location Software Concepts, Eatontown Not responsible for typographical errors Call for Chip Prices AMIGA. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC Optical Drives: Removable Media Accelerators: 68030 22 MHZ • 33 MHZ • 50 MHZ Series II Controllers • A500 HD 42 • 52 • 100 mg NOW AVAILABLE: 22-33 MHZ 68030 & SCSI Manta carries the full line of GVP products! IS YOUR AMIGA SICK? Manta is a Full Amiga Service Center We have the parts to put you back on track;
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- DPS PERSONAL TBC Finally, a Low End TBC Solution. , .
• Fits inside an Amiga • Full NTSC and SYHS • Full Frame Storage • Fullv compatible with all VCRs & NewTek's Video Toaster
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• Training Tapes... MAM. Ys video consultants will tailor a package for your needs Call for best package prices. K E V I E Y S RasterLink A facelift and a new identity. By Mitch Wells MORE AND MORE, graphic-conver- sion programs for the Amiga are offering support for 24-bit graphics. Creating animations in 24-bit planes, however, is a horse of a different color. While Black Belt’s HAM-E allows for compressed RAM animations of images limited to 18 hits of color, they run extremely slowly. Both ASDO's Art Department Professional and HAM-E can automatically record frame-by- frame animation to video tape via Arexx and Microlllusion’s Transport Controller software (plus a capable controller and ! R), hut to automate the process requires a knowledge of Arexx. Beside all that, ADPro will not display 24-bit images. Complicating matters even further, neither ADPro nor HAM-E seem to like large bitmaps. Because ADPro loads the entire image into free RAM (and considering that the program itself Who helps Amiga Pros For just $ 39 every three months plus $ 3 per connect hour week- nights and weekends or $ 6 per connect hour weekdays you can tap the resources of BIX. ? Get quick answers to tough coding questions S Interact with other Amiga Developers ? Download source code, utilities and other programs for the Amiga ? Keep up with the latest Amiga developments Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments ? Chat with other Amiga users in real time BIX - the online service for people who know Amiga. 800-227-2983 or 603-924-7681 takes a lot of RAM), 1 can’t load a 24- bit image larger than a single screen into a 7MB machine. As for 300-DfI black-and-white scans, forget it. Because ADPro tries to convert the image to 8-bit gray scale and hold it in RAM
o J before any conversion can occur, I can edit only very small scans at a time. Image Pro loads large bitmaps, but whenever it does, the program slows down to a crawl. The Cavalry Thankfully, RasterLink (Active Circuits, $ 199,95) solves these problems and oilers features not found in other image-con version packages: direct support for the Truevision Targa Vista family of 16 24 32-bit boards, the ACS Harlequin, film recorders, and the new Targa+ series of frame buffers. The latest version of the program formerly known as linageLink, RasterLink is an irnage-conversion package that reads and writes the following file formats right out of the box: Caligari D n Broadcast (.bin files), till’, Digivtew 21- hit, IFF (all formats except AHAM and ARKS), Macintosh PICT, PC X (an IBM Don’t miss out! Just have your computer and modem call 800- 225-4129 or 617-861- 9767 and subscribe on-line. It's easy, at the login prompt enter bix and at the Name? Prompt enter bix.amiga. BIX ¦A finli format), Byte-by-Byle Sculpt RGB, Sun Rasterfile, TIFF, Truevision Targa Isles, and Impulse RGB IN. RasterLink can read images directly from a Targa Vista board (installed in an A2000 via the Bridgeboard) and save them in any of the supported file formats; and it displays files directly to the ACS f larle- quin. Impulse Firecracker 24 or Truevision Targa Vista boards. Via supplied Arexx scripts or Raster- Link’s batch commands, the program can create a 24-bit file directly from Sculpt-Animate (while it’s rendering) and cither save the file in the format you desire or display it directly on the Harlequin, Firecracker 24, or larga Vista boards. The supplied scripts or hatch commands can even trigger the on Transport Controller to record f rames to rape. RasterLink also works with Caligari Broadcast directly; or it loads, displays (on the appropriate hardware), and records a series of saved images from disk. This effectively turns the Amiga into a totally hands-free broadcast rendering machine. Obviously. RasterLink converts between anv of the aforementioned file formats. It not only converts the file formats themselves, however, but also allows vou to choose the number of j destination colors and whether or not to enable the program's dithering capabilities. In addition, you can dynAMIGAlly re-size the image with no limits placed on input or destination size. This is possible because RasterLink reads these images in chunks from disk instead ol trying to cram the image into memory as with Al)fro or Image fro. RasterLink is easy to use. Simply choose the input and output destina- Continned on p. 90. Hold On! How Low Can We Go??? I -800-888-9273 840 N.VV. 57Th Court Ft. Lauderdale Fla. 33309-Need Info? Call (305)-491-0398 Fax (305)-772-0334 Shipping Charges. Mastercard, Visa, American Express U.P.S Ground $ 5.00 For Up To 3 Pieces.
C. O.D. (Cash Only) U.P.S. Ground $ 9.00 For Up To 3 Pieces. Next Day And Second Day Air Available! We Ship All Over The World Please Call For charges. Prices And Availability Are Subject To Change! 3D International Pool
13. 95 Gremlins 2
16. 95 Spellbound
14. 95 3 Stooges
14. 95 Gunship
16. 95 Spindizzy Worlds
17. 95 Airstike U.S.A.
17. 95 Harmony E-Motion 14,95 Sta rf light
18. 95 All Dogs Co To Heaven
14. 95 Hollywood Poker Pro
9. 95 Starglider 2
14. 95 Anarchy
14. 95 Hotrod
9. 95 Strider 2
18. 95 Arcade Fever (2 Games)
16. 95 It Came From The Desert
23. 95 Stunt Car Racer
16. 95 Archipelagos
9. 95 James Pond
16. 95 Super Hangon
14. 95 Arkonoid 2
14. 95 Journey 16,95 Super Off Road
16. 95 Atomic Robokid
16. 95 Karate Kid 2
9. 95 Super Ice Hockey
14. 95 Austerlitz
14. 95 Keef The Thief
14. 95 Sword Of Sodan
14. 95 Awesome
28. 95 Killing Game Show
21. 95 Swords Of Twilight
14. 95 Baal
9. 95 Kingdoms Of England
12. 95
T. V. Basketball
23. 95 Badlands
16. 95 Klaxx
14. 95
T. V. Sports Football
18. 95 Ballistyx Bards lale 2
14. 95 Kult
14. 95 Test Drive
14. 95
14. 95 Legend Of Faragahl
19. 95 Theme Park Mystery
16. 95 Bargames
14. 95 Lignt Corridor
14. 95 Thunderstrike
14. 95 Batman The Movie
14. 95 Line Of Fire
16. 95 Time Machine
18. 95 Battle Command
18. 95 Loom
19. 95 Tournament Golf
16. 95 Battle Tech 14,95 Lords Of The Rising Sun
18. 95 Treasure Trap
16. 95 Betrayel 18,95 Lost Dutchmans Mine 9-95 Turrican
9. 95 Blasteroids
14. 95 Master Blazer
16. 95 Turrican 2
23. 95 Bloodwych
9. 95 Mean Streets
16. 95 Ultimate Ride
16. 95 Budakon
18. 95 Midwinter
19. 95 Viz
16. 95 Cadaver
24. 95 Mighty Bomb Jack
16. 95 Warhead
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14. 95 Monty Python
M. U.D.S.
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9. 95
16. 95 Waterloo
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14. 95 Carthage
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16. 95 White Death
17. 95 Carve-Up
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16. 95 Windwaiker
14. 95 Chips Challenge
17. 95 Nightbreed
16. 95 Wings Of Death
16. 95 Chronoquest 2
14. 95 Nightshift
16. 95 Wings Of Fury
16. 95 Chuck Rock
23. 95 Ninja Spirits
14. 95 Xenon 2
14. 95 Collosus Chess X
16. 95 North & South
14. 95 Zak Mckracken & Both Conflict In Europe Conquerer Corporation
14. 95
N. Y. Warrior Overlander P-47 Thunderbolt
16. 95 Indy Jones Advent.
21. 95
16. 95
19. 95
13. 95
14. 95 New Stuff!! Crackdown
14. 95 Pacland
16. 95 Cyberbowl
16. 95 Pacmania
16. 95 Gods
35. 00 Danarius
14. 95 Paradroid 90
14. 95 Speedball 2 Metel Mutants
35. 00 Deathbringer
14. 95 Photon Video
19. 95
35. 00 Dig Dug
9. 95 Pirates!
16. 95 Gauntlet 3
35. 00 Distant Armies Dragonbreed Dragons Breath Dragon Flight Dynasty Wars
19. 95
14. 95
16. 95
16. 95 Photon Paint 1.0 Plotting Projectile R-Type Rea Storm Rising
14. 95
16. 95
18. 95
14. 95 Navy Seals
R. B.I. Baseball 2 Cadaver Payoff
35. 00
42. 00
23. 00
14. 95
19. 95 Life & Deatn
35. 00 E-Swat
17. 95 Resolution 101
14. 95 Switchblade 2
35. 00 Escape From Colditz
23. 95 Rick Dangerous
14. 95 Super Monaco Gp
35. 00 Escape Robot Monsters
17. 95
R. V.F Honda
12. 95 Thunderjaws
35. 00 F A 18 Interceptor
14. 95 Satan
14. 95 Flight Of Intruder Darkman
42. 00 Fantavision
19. 95 Savage!
12. 95
35. 00 Ferrari Formula 1 Firepower
14. 95
16. 95 Shadow Of The Beast Sherman M4
18. 95
14. 95 ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ P Cruise For Corpse t A a 1 * _ A _ . A v v * V V
40. 00 A rt A A Flintstones
14. 95 Shockwave
16. 95 Midwinter 2
42. 00 Flood
18. 95 Shogun
16. 95 Hero's Quest (UK)
35. 00 Frontline
19. 95 Silent Service
13. 95 Railroad Tycoon
35. 00 Future Basketball
16. 95 Silkworm
14. 95 F-15 Strike Eagle 2
35. 00 Gauntlet 2
14. 95 Sly Spy
16. 95 Champion Of Raj
35. 00 Gold Of The Aztecs
17. 95 Space Harrier 2
13. 95 Final Fight 2
35. 00 Golden Axe
18. 95 Spy Who Loved Me
16. 95 Shadow Dancer
35. 00 COMPILATIONS!! Wheels Of Fire Includes: Turbo Outrun Hard Driving Chase H.Q.-Powerdrift All For-$ 1 9.95 T-N-T Includes:: Dragon Spirif-Toobm
A. P.B.-Hard Driving-Xybots All For~$ 1 9.95 Heroes Includes: Star Wars-Barbarian 2 Running Man-License To Kill All For $ 1 8.95 Monster Pack Includes: Shadow Of The Beast Nitro-lnfestation All For-$ 34.95 Amiea Classics Includes: Carrier Command Starglider 2-Midwinter All For $ 34,95 Power Pack Includes:
T. V. Sporls Football Xenon 2-Bloodwych Lombard Road Ralley All For~$ 24.95 Amiga Format W Disk 10.00 Amiga Action W Disk 10.00 Amiga Power W Disk 10.00
C. U. Amiga W Disk 10.00 Amiga User W Disk 10.00 Amiga Comp. W Disk 10.00 Amiga Games W Disk 10.00 Ace 6.00 Tired of know ins more about Amiga video than the people you bu it front? The technology is expanding so rapidly it ’s hard to keep up. So we’ve brought in some video experts it* help you make the rieht selections. Produce perfection. Whether in print, on screen, or in video, your work is a reflection of you It must be creative and it must Iv perfectly as you visualize it. Make it so. Because the powerful image, presentation and video tools you need are available to vou. On vour Arnica. Awesome modem speed is suddenly a wise choice. With the size of Files going up and the price-performance ratio coming down, slow modems just don't make sense. Raw speed is important but don't lorget about data compression If you have questions, we'll be glad to help. 13’: e 16mm Lens w Variable Ins Amiaen Titlina Kit CBM2320 Display Enhancer Chroma Key Sw itcher Colorburst Color Splitter DCTV DPS Personal TBC Firecracker 2-400 Flicker Free Video Frame Grabber Ham-F Hitachi KPC50LB Kitchen Sync Minigen Panasonic WV1410 Camera Show line TEC's (as low as) Sony 1304 Monitor SuperGen 2000s Supergen VideoToaster S4S Seal I S249 5329 Scall S105 5389 S779 S929 S309 5459 $ 2X9 S1019 Scall S189 S179 S799 S6S9 SI 399 5649
51. 419 3D Professional Amiga Vision Broadcast Tiller M S229 Digipainl v3.() 559 SI 79 S89 Art Department Pro Deluxe Paint III Dtgiview v4.0 Deluxe Video 111 Director V2.0 Disney 11 y per book Imagine Professional Draw 2.05119 Pro Conversion Pack 559 Pro Video Post 5219 Sctila 5239 Scenerv Generator 562 Screen Maker 36 5239 Sculpt Animate 4D 5359 S|>eclia Color 559 TV Text Pro 599 Video Tiller v5.0 599 Vista 539 Vista Pro 589 SI 45 SS9 SI 22 589 579 579 564 5199 AF DataLink Express ext. MNP A: SendFax AM24 Mini Modem 5239 579 5139 5629 5939 598 SI 19 5175 5129 Baud Bandit MNP5 Courier HST 38.4 Courier HST Dual Slaiulard Supra Modem 2400 Supra Modem 2400 i SupraModem 2400 Plus MNP5 v.42bis Baud Bandit Bundle BHOWOTU jg,jj * i hm *' LJ ¦ IlilglH • MAKES DESKTOP VIDEO A REALITY! Ynchfcm e Video and Jound to the Beal! Zonirol Exiemal Device* ike the Video Toaster. .aserUise, t'Rs. Wnieahle Jpiical Di*k*. MIDI! ’reale Productions ol vuiuaHy Unlimited Fcngih!
• kin Productions in Real line on Your AMIGA!
* Save Finished Production to ONL Y ypCLrCZJ Video Tape! CONTROL YO UR VIDEO TOASTER! I eIecom m u n icat ion Sof t wa re Aialk III Terminal Software Baud Bandit Software Paragon BBS Sterling Service BBS Courier HST The best and fastest modem on ihe market Why settle for second best when vou can eel a Conner! ('all the new. Imprnu-ri Briwall BBS at (2151 083-7499. 39(1 I 2(1(1 24(10 hand. 24-hmit s. with a lull catalog mill ordering online! T Courier HST 38.4
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• hippies arc a pain anil you've had enough. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. We offer the best hard drives available with the controllers that make sense lor your system. Your selection will arrive ready to run because we pre test and formal it. SCSI Controllers Datallyer 585 Grim (IS lam 5239 GVP Scries 2 IIC 5159 GVP Series 2 1 ICS SI 99 IVS Trumpeai d 5125 Malibu 5139 Nexus S239 HARD" DRIVES A500 1000 3.5"int 569 Air 3.5" 5X5 Master3A-ID 3.5" 597 Roctcc 5.25" SI49 AE High Density 3.5" A MAX Compatahle 3.: Chinon A2000 int. 3.5" Roclec Slimline 3.5” SI 99 51 89 582 SCSI Hard Drives Maxtor 080MB LP Maxtor 213MB III1 Quantum 052MB Quantum 105MB Quantum 210MB IIII Ricoh 050MB w case&eart Seagate 04SMB IIII Seagate084MB IIII Syquest 044MB Remvble Syquest 044 MB w case&earl 5379 5699 5269 5469 5769 5779 5249 5379 5429 5629 A500 Drive Packages GVP 52MB Quantum S599 GVP 105MB Quantum 5809 Blistering speed means satisfaction. When you doublc-click. Refills happen, right now. Let us help you experience this satisfaction. A500 SCSI Packages (add any SCSI hard drive) DataFlyer 500 5159 I VS I rumpcard 5189 IVS GrandSlam S319 Xetec Fasti rack 5239 Fusion-Fortv RCS Management's Motorola MC68040 accelerator board for the Amiga. With a clock speed of 25MHz the Fusion-Forty boasts incredible processing power of 18-25 MIPS and 3.5-X.fl MFLOPS AT Hard Drives* Maxtor 080MB l.P 5339 Maxtor 213MB HH 5699 Quantum 052MB LP 5269 Quantum 080MB HH 5379 Quantum 210MB IIII 5799
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• TTTTT Alfadata Gi f nl Quality -- (rival Prii e Optical Mouse S65 Trackball (2 butlon) S59 Trackball (3 button I 568 You realize that you can really use more memory but you're not sure of ? Your options. When you call Briwall. We help you choose a memory board for your system. On many boards, we even install the chips and test the board to assure that everything works when vou eel it. Call for details. Even choosing the software you need is difficult these days. Memory requirements, and version changes can confuse ? Your purchase decision. We help you son out the issues, and can help jou gel your software installed w hen your order arrives. Just call our Techline if you have any problems. SOFTWARE MEMORY Microsystems & Summer Specials Unbelievable prices! Productivity Best Business v3.11 5129 Cando 1.5 Maxi Plan Plus Office PHASAR v4,0 PagcSlrcam 2.1 Input Devices You can scan it in, roll ii in, draw it in. Or push it in. If it sends the data to vour .Amina we call it an input device. Don't know what these products do? Call us. We’ll Ih: glad to explain. Doctor Ami.. Janus V2.(i Lattice S AS C v5.1 Maverick V2.0 Power Windows 2.5 Project D v2.() Quarterback v4.0 Quarterback fools RX Tools WMS Music Gold Insider MIDI 559 AudioMasier III Bars & Pipes Pro Dr T KCS V3.5 Dr T Tiger Cub Deluxe Music
F. CF! MIDI External Perfect Sound 3.0 Phantom (SMPTE) Sound Master 524 527 5199 52X 555 536 543 553 539 532 A200ft 0MB 2MB 4MB XMB GVP RAM8 2 n a 5199 S299 5479 Supra 8 5109 5209 5269 5399 A500 0MB 2MB 4MB XMB Baseboard 5109 S205 5299 n a Supra 500RX SI 39 5209 5389 5599 50 'Style 5 2K RAM expansion as low as sS49 A 3000 1MB 4MB XMB Static Column ZIP s Call for other memory prices "UR M piiLCv jic Mihivvt !•» duiiev Excellence The Works Plat. Online Platinum Scribble Platinum BBS-PC 599 599 539 549 549 Peli lean ness
p. . N Pal Anitrue Trackball AproDraw I2 I2 Beetle Mouse Boing Optical Mouse G1 Hand Scanner Golden Image Mouse Gl Optical Mouse Gravis Joystick Gravis Mousestick Roc Tec Mouse Sharp Color Scanners Sharp J X1 (K) Scanner w Scanlah SketchMaster I2 2 S6K 5489 542 5X9 5269 539 S65 535 569 $ 39 call Proper (irammer Prow.ite v3,(l SupcrPlan Superbase V4.0 WordPerfect Abvss Hot strategy arcade game. Save the rubber bunnies form Ilarrv Bow's nasties!
* Rave Reviews * Briwall Price - $ 24 559 5229 5249 559 565 549 565 5229 5129 Utilities Ami...Alignment A mi Back Arexx V I .(I AC BASIC Blitz BASIC Cross DOS v 4.0 Microboiics 8-up! A2(KM) Memory Boards Populate your A2000 now with the lowest prices ever! 2MB-S179 4MB $ 249 6MB-S319 8 MB $ 379 Call for Entertainment software. Books and titles not listed! Circle 7 on Reader Service card Beat the Summer Blues with our Sizzling Summer Sale BM WALL You want your ideas lo look good on paper, so you need a printer that shows them off. Bui printer drivers print resolution, and your software all affect which one is best for you. Tell us your needs and we'll he happy to help. Solid Products and Solid Support CBM 1270 InkJet S239 Canon PJ ] 080a Color Ink Jet S499 Citizen GX140 (24 pin 1 S319 Citizen GX 145 = wide) S399 Citizen GX2(X>(9 pin) $ 189 IIP DeskJet 500 $ 519 HP Laser 2P $ 969 Okidata Laser 4IX) $ 689 Sharp JX730 Color Ink Jet $ 1699 Star XR 1520 (wide. 420cps!) $ 529 Star XRI020 (420cps!) $ 399 We earn a full line nf inks and ribbons Dazzling performance from your Amiga 10(H) is available with any ol ? These exciting expansion pnxlucts. You can add memory, sforage, speed, or all three. Installation isn't always easy hut we're ready to help you gel your purchase up ami running. Just call ourTecliLine. AMIGA 1000 Ads peed $ 219 $ 289 $ 199 $ 289 $ 1 19 $ 75 $ 88 $ 499 $ 599 Scull $ 419 Fusiruk SCSI + Case Insider II (OK) Insider II (1.5MB) Keyboard Kwikstart I A1000 Kwikstart II A1000 MegaMidgei Racer 25mh MegaMidgci Racer 33mhz Mininiegs 2 B Rejuvenaior I OOOw Agnus BRIW'AU.'s Choice for alt our in-house DTP needs.' Expanding and enhancing your system is part of the fun of owning a computer When you're ready to try something new. Give us a call. We'll let you know what is available and help you choose the right product to enhance your system. A5fK) Big Root 15(>w $ 92 Fexlee I lard drive Case $ 85 ATOncc A500 $ 279 A'l'Once w 2(XXI adapt. $ 349 Bodega Bay $ 299 Bomac Tower A2000 $ 269 CBM Speakers $ 39 CBM520 Vid Adaptor $ -15 Copy Stand $ 64 Disks-qualily 3,5" 25pk $ 19 Shuffle Board $ 29 Inkum IIP500 color kit $ 34 Saleskins $ 19 Switchbox u b c d $ 29 Covers. Skins. Cables. Disks call The Personal SFC The affordable single frame solution Software hardware Single Frame Controller suponing ail Amiga display devices and frame-accurate industrial VTR's ? Covicnicnl tape "siriping" ? Mmiultiic b&w animated purview ? Supports Video Toaster. Firecracker Dcly HAM-E. Colortiunl ? Time-lapse and stop motion videograpliy functions ? Easy niuiiiple frame, loop and hi-directional segment recording ? Requires no card slot Digiview Bundle Digiview Gold 4,0. Panasonic 1410 camera w variable iris lens, eopystand and all cables Complete Package $ 379 Scenery Generator "Natural Graphics" New. Powerful, 3D landscape animation software. Briwall Price « $ 62 Requires 68(120 or AftO.Ulancl 2MB. Why buy mail order from Briwall?
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- 4
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P. O. Box 129 58 Noble St. Our freight charges are fair! Kutztown, PA 19530 -- Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store hours .Monday - Friday 9AM-8PM, Saturday 9AM- 12PM Circle 7 on Header Service card R i: V 1 E w s From p. 86. Lion flic formats (or choose the direct hardware device), and RasterLink greets you with a series of file requesters. Click on the color huuon to select the number of colors in your destination file, whether you want the image dithered (which you would if you're converting to a file format of fewer colors than your input file), or whether you want to save a compressed image in the case of Targa files. O O The program offers a scale button for dynAMIGAlly re-sizing your image. Simply type in your destination size in pixels and decide whether you want to maintain the pixel aspect ratio of the incoming image. Or. Leave scaling alone if you want the same size out as in. If you have a number ol images to convert from disk at one time, choose the Mist button and instruct the program to record frames to video or to beep after even* converted frame. RasterLink lets you designate the number of characters your filenames have attached to them as frame numbers, and where in each filename this number extension occurs. 11 you are working with batch commands, you must call up the file requester, hold down the left shift key, and then select the files in am* order. RasterLink con- verts them after it sorts the order of the files and automatically appends an order number to the destination filename you select. Then just choose Start...that's all there is to it. The Acid Test In my office, we have lull-page scanners that work within the IBM environment. To use scans from these on the Amiga, I simply save the scans in TIFF format. Then using CrossDOS (Central Coast Software), I read that file into RasterLink, which converts the image to IFF for use with Professional Page (Gold Disk), PageStream (Soft-Logik), DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts), or any number of other Amiga programs. No matter how big the file is, RasterLink works. Employing a Taiga hoard and AT&T's Tempra software, another use we've found for RasterLink is hand- painting color or (5-bit gray-scale scans made with ASDG’s Sharp JX-100 scanner and Scan Lab 100. These 18-hit files are much larger than the Taiga hoard can display, but Tempra can load and save them in chunks to display on the Taiga hoard. Of course, any time I render using Sculpt-Animate 41) (Byte- bv-Byte), 1 do so directly to a Taiga hoard and record directly to tape using RasterLink, the supplied Arexx scripts, and Transport Controller. RasterLink runs flawlessly. Unlike ImageLink, it does everything promised. 1 have converted images to and from Macintosh PICT, TIFF, PCX, GIF, Sculpt-Animate RGB, RGBN...everything worked perfectly. The manual is easy to read and has many tips on image conversion, not to mention a complete listing of all its Arexx commands. 'Fhis noncopy-protected program is a must for anyone trying to output professional work from Sculpt-Animate 4D or working with a color or black-and- white lull-page scanner. And if you have Caligari Broadcast or any Impulse 3D rendering product, I heartily recommend this software as the conversion tool needed for compatibility with other Amiga-based software hardware solutions. ChromaKey Tangled up in blue. By Geoffrey Williams HAVE YOU EVER wanted to wander the endless plains of Mars? Stand in the dungeons of Dungeon Master? Do the weather? Now you can, with Micro- Search's ChromaKey box ($ 395). ChromaKeying is just the opposite of genlocking. Instead of laying graphics over video, you can lay video over computer-generated images. This is the same process used by countless weathermen. With ChromaKey, if a subject stands in front of a blue background. Anything blue becomes invisible and on will see Amiga graphics, such as the exotic locales mentioned above, in its place. Anything that is not blue (you), will appear oil top of the graphics. In the Spotlight ChromaKey plugs directly into your computer’s RGB port. This means that you cannot use ChromaKey' with Toaster- or DCTA-generated images. Nor does ChromaKey let you use other video sources as a background; you can only use Amiga-generated images. In addition, ChromaKey requires an external genlock. To install, you plug The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips The Speed Shop At Memory World CSA Memory Nobody Cheaper! 68030 20 mhz .....450.00 68030 25 mhz .....539.00 68030 33 mhz .....599.00 All of the above with MMU RAM & Math Chip Additional Unbelievable package deals. 128 x 8 - 70ns Modules S-RAM For MegaMidget Racer $ 41.95 ea. Exclusive at Memory World Wholesale & Retail APO FPO, AK& HI, FOREIGN FAX or Call for Shipping Charges TURBO ACCELERATOR HACK KIT ONLY $ 40.00 68000 16 mhz 32K Buffer Chip for KX-P1092i, KX-P1524. KX-P1124 KX-P1180. KX-P1191, KX-P1624 KX-P1695 for Panasonic Printers 3 for Only $ 20,00 w instructions S50 Citizen 32K Buffer S35. Memory Board lor HP Laser Printer 1 meg - $ 89.00 2 meg - St39.00 4 meg $ 205.00 Call for memory boards on other brand laser printers. AMIGA 1000 Memory IN 1000 by Spirit Internal T 2 meg $ 225.00 XRAM by Spirit External 2 meg $ 299.00 expandable to 8 meg for 500 or 1000 A3000 Memory 1 x 4 -80 $ 25.99 ea. Static Column Zips 1 x 4 DIPS Call 1x4 Page ZIPS Call 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 4.00 S H Add $ 4.00 COD Visa MC Check COD SPECIAL PURCHASE 1 x 8 - 100ns SIMMS S43.95 ea. 1x8- 80ns $ 46.50 ea, 1x8- 70ns $ 50.50 ea. S575.00
5169. 00
5263. 00 your video source into the Chroma Key box and then connect the Chroma Key video-out to your genlock’s video-in. Then the magic happens. By moving the slider up or down, von can control the amount of live video that appears over the graphics. All the way up is all graphics; all the way down is all video. Ampex Systems, Inc. I (Not affiliated with Ampex Corp.) I 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. I NORCROSS, GA 3(X)93 1 Ac oommodorv I AMIGA. MEMORY CH1E I 256K x 4 DIPP ...$ 6.95 I 1 mg x 4-80 (Static for A3000) ......$ 32.95 I 1 mg x 4-70 (Static for A3000) .....$ 39.95 1 NEW FATTER AGNUS .$ 109.95 1 Amiga Mouse ...$ 49.95 1 Mouse (lifetime warranty from 1 manufacturer) ...$ 69.95 1 Keyboard for A500 ...$ 110.00 1 I Keyboard for A1000 .$ 130.00 1 I Keyboard for A2000 .SI20.00 | I Keyboard Adapter for CDTV $ 19.95 I Power Supply A500 ..$ 109.95 I Power Supply A2000 S139.95 I Power Supply A3000 S 199.95 SUPRA I 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG A2000. $ 210.00 I 1 2 MG w clock for A500 ..$ 69.00 I 50 MG Hardcard for A2000 $ 449.00 I 105 MG Hard Card for A2000 ...S699.00 I GVP A3001 33 MHZ w 4 MG $ 1650.00 I Amiga Vision ....$ 69.95 I (Orders Only) (800) 962-4489 I Fax (404) 263-7852 I (Information & Prices) (404) 263-9190 By finding the best middle ground, you can make adjustments to get the cleanest possible image. I here is also a switch to disable the Chroma Key effect, so that you can use your genlock normally, and an invert switch that causes everything that is not blue to become transparent. As is typical for lower-cost chromakey devices, you do get some blue fringing around the live video. This can be reduced by careful adjustment of the sliders and by proper use of lighting. Using computer graphics with a lot of blue in them will make the (ringing less apparent. Lighting is a critical factor for ChromaKeying. 1 did use halogen lights as recommended in the manual, but I found them much too bright. Hot spots ol light on the subject I was keying caused distortion in the video signal and at times scrambled the picture. The best lighting approach is to aim your lights ai large pieces of white poster'board. Light bounced off the postcrboard gives you a wash of diffused, less harsh illumination, and it eliminates hot spots. You also need to reflect the light at an angle to avoid casting shadows on the blue background. A separate wash of lights on this background is also necessary. Once you have the proper lighting, you will get fairly good results. I used the Omicron Omnigen genlock in tests, as it produces very clean keying. I also tested ChromaKey with a Supergen, which also worked fine. With only the Omnigen connected, the video signal is right on the rnoncv. After adding the CliromaKev, there is some signal degradation that shows up clearlv on a waveform monitor. On the Ball Using a second Amiga, a second genlock and the old Sproing demo, I was able to have two Workbench screens with little boitig balls Hying all over them. On one computer using the ChromaKey box, I appeared keyed over the balls. I he second computer provided a normal genlocked signal. Displaying the balls on top of the ' video. The final result showed me standing in a Hurry of flying balls going both in front of mv image and n j o behind it. If you have a second Amiga and genlock, you can have a lot fun with lavering effects. O Products like Cyberscape, Vidi-Mice (both from Tensor Productions), and Mandalla (Vivid Group) make use of A- Squared's LIVE! Digitizer to let your video image interact with graphics on screen, although you can see only a single-color digitized image of yourself. 1 thought it would be very nice to use ChromaKey to add my full-color video image to these programs. To proceed, I connected the incoming video signal to my internal LIVE! Board, which was then connected to the ChromaKey box. 1 used Electronic Arts’
* • DeluxePaini 111 to create and display several buttons, and Vidi-Mice to assign those button areas to specific function keys. When mv ChronvaKcyed video iin- age touched the areas those buttons were in, the computer thought that a function key was being pressed. With the hot keys front the public-domain program, Maclt 111, I was able to assign those function keys to play sounds, show pictures, or do just about anything 1 wanted (even trigger an Arexx script to interact with another program). With very little effort, 1 had turned an ordinary paint program into a powerful interactive multimedia program that mv video image controlled. Pretty slick stull. Circle 96 on Reader Service card READY! Video Clipse'VGSI Amigam graphic enhancements for the Video Professional 1
• 20 BIG super-clean bitmap fonts I Jli-Res - from 100 to 160 points talU! I Amiga™ & Toaster formats included I
• 3 clip-art fonts (key assigned graphics)] special occasion commercial multi-use
• IFF backgrounds & brush patterns Static: marble, wood, granite, sky... Anims: starfield, countdown, globe... I 407 626-3447 2574 PGA Blvd., Suite 107 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
• Learn by Using at YOUR pace! 2
• Hypermedia interface r««ptopaintinj
• Realtime Visual Demonstrations
• Speech Narration & Captioning
• Insightful, Enjoyable & Effective Dpaint lit™, PageStream™, M Imagine™, AmigaDOS™ 2.0... ‘sold separately by their respective companies iH $ 49.95 A" (I At Your Local Amiga™ Dealer n HelpDisk, Inc. (407)694-1756 I 6671W. Indianlown Rd. Jupiter, FL 3345B' Reality ChromaKey is fussy. L does not like dramatic changes in the balance between live video and graphics, for example, when I walked into a scene, 1 got some video distortion, and when 1 moved further away front the camera, the image was less clean, and the slider needed to be readjusted. You need to stay in the picture and stay on pretty much the same plane. Even with the few minor limitations it possesses, it is an amazing little box, and the price cannot be beat. Continued on j). 98 OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL (718) 692-0790 Order Hrs. Mon-Thurs: 9-7 Fri:9-5 CLO$ ED Sal OPEN $ un:9:30-6(ET) FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA CALL 1 (800) 750-6565 AMIGA WORLD 9'9T OR MONTGOMERY GRANT: MAIL ORDER DEPT. RETA,L 0UTLET:PENN STATION eS?>VH lh® iFriSqUare write qjth ctbcct ncoT a nnnni i vm wv 11910 OPEN. Mon*ThufS 9.30*7- Fri O.3Q-5.CL0SE0 Sat-OPEN Sun 9.30-7(ET) to 33 34TH STREET DEPT. A, BROOKLYN, NY 11232 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & OROER STATUS CALL: (718) 692-1 148 WE INVITE CORPORATE AND EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS. £=*3 CUSTOMER SERVICE HRS:. Mon-Thurs:9-5 Fri:9-4 Sun: 10-4 ( DISCOUNTS FOR QUANTITY ORDERS. R i • W FAX 7186923372 TELEX 4221 32MCRANT HbbH: NEXT DAY & SECOND DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST • NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS • CUSTOMER TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT DKB Software cm MEGAMIDGET RACER (A-500, A-200) 25MHz 33MHZ $ 599 5679 50MHz 5849 MEGAMIDGET ECONOMY (A-500, A-2000) 25MHz 33MHz 5489 5559 Malh Co-processor & 32 bit memory' beards available New!! SERIES II ACCELERATORS GVP A-2000 COMBO 22MHz (68030,68882, SCSI, 1 MB Expandable to 13MB) CALL GVP A-2000 COMBO 33MHz (68030,68882, SCSI, 4MB Expandable to 16MB) CALL SCSI HARD DRIVE PKGS. AVAILABLE CALL FOR LOW PRICESI s69 559 219 GVP 3050 Kit (50MHz) w 68030,4MB Expandable to 32MB, 68682 . HD CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE ¦ CALL GVP A-500 HD B+0 52Q .....$ 554 GVP A-500 HD 6+0 105Q ....$ 799 SEIKOSHA LT-20 A AMIGA 500 & AMIGA 2000 COMPATIBLE ¦II HARD DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI CONTROLLERS CABLES & SOFTWARE AdSCSI 2060 A-2000 (Sip. T) SMS) CAUF. ACCESS MALIBU BOARD 2000 GRAND SLAM 2000 GVP Series II HC A-2000 GVP Series il Hceo A-2000 RAPID ACCESS TURBO (A-2000) aip Q SMB $ 229 SUPFIA WORD- SVNC A-20C0 TRUMP CARD 2000 Eip lo 4UB TRUMP CARD 2000 Pro exo. Id 4MB DATA FLYER A-500 (8ip Ci SMB) $ 125 RAPID ACCESS TURBO 500 (A-500) op lo 8MB $ 269 TRUMP CARD A5C0 (exp to 4MB) XETEC FASTTRACK A 500 A 1 COO (exp. To fiMB) DRIVE DRIVE PRICE $ 169 $ 119 $ 229 $ 139 $ 189 $ 109 $ 109 $ 149 $ 174 $ 299 SEAGATE ST-157N-1 49MB28MS) $ 215 $ 369 $ 329 $ 449 $ 349 $ 389 $ 439 $ 289 $ 309 $ 369 $ 319 $ 479 $ 379 $ 515 SEAGATE ST-1Q96N IBOMB.3.5') $ 325 $ 479 $ 429 $ 549 $ 449 $ 489 $ 554 $ 409 $ 419 $ 459 $ 439 $ 589 $ 479 $ 624 QUANTUM (52MB,Lew Profile) $ 235 $ 395 $ 339
- * 1 *- $ 469 $ 369 $ 409 $ 459 $ 329 $ 329 $ 379 $ 349 $ 499 $ 399 $ 529 QUANTUM (105MB. Lew Profile) $ 379 $ 539 $ 489 $ 619 $ 509 s559 $ 619 $ 479 $ 479 $ 519 $ 489
* 639 $ 549 $ 669 QUANTUM (170MB) $ 619 $ 809 $ 699
- -- $ 849 $ 749 $ 799 $ 829 $ 699 $ 699 $ 729 $ 739
* 879 $ 759 $ 915 QUANTUM (210MB) $ 699 $ 869 $ 809 $ 929 $ 829 $ 879 $ 939 $ 805 $ 809 $ 849 $ 849 s975 $ 869 $ 1009 SL-90 PLUS
* 299 SP-2415
* 299 SK-3005 PLUS V *399 SP-2000 PLUS
* 229 FLICKERFIXER (PAL) $ 269 GENLOCK OPTION $ 39 GO DEB 2003 ....$ 89 BODEGA BAY By CALIFORNIA ACCESS Expansion Console - Turn your Amiga 5CG into a A-2000 Compatible CALL FOR LOW PRICE! Ttcua! CALIFORNIA ACCESS & MALIBU BOARD BUNDLE CfiLL MICRO RcfD BIGFOOT 150 W Power Supply for I A-500 Pcwws5Hard&5 Roppy Drives 4 a! Same1 tme can power an XP or Trumpcard tOA w prop* v X M EGA VGA GRAPHICS SUPPORT adaptor w Atonce PC AT EMULATOR
* 249 A-2000 ADAPTOR FOR Atonce AVAILA8LE AMIGA COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES AND PERIPHERALS AmiGA 1000 RF Adaptor .....$ 29 AMIGA 1.3 ROM (6350) ......$ 39 AMIGA 1MB Fatler Agnus Chip (8372A) ......$ 99 A-MAX Emulator II ..$ 129 APPLIED ENGINEERING
1. 52MB High Density Drive ...$ 199 BOMAC Tower (A-2000) ....$ 239 CHINON Inlerna! Drive A-2000 ...$ 79 COLORBURST .$ 679 COLOR SPUTTER .. $ 105 DAKOTA Sketchmaster 12 x 12 .....$ 369 DAKOTA Sketchmaster 12 x 18 .....$ 569 HAME .$ 295 HAM E Plus .....$ 379 GENLOCKS Minigen ...$ 184 Supergen .$ 599 Minigen Pal .....$ 229 Supargen 20CGS ......$ 1339 Rocgen $ 249 Vidteeh Videomaster $ 1049 Magnl4Q04S ...$ 1029 GOLDEN IMAGE AMIGA 500 1000 2000 Compatible Replacement Mouse .....$ 35 GOLDEN IMAGE Oplical Mouse ..$ 49 Master 3A-1 Disk Drive .. .,..$ 79 Golden Image Handscanner $ 239 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION KJT
• MASTER 3 A-1 DRIVE GOLDEN IMAGE 5I2K w CLOCK CALENDAR Cord less Trackball & Mouse & External RAM lor A-500 ...CALL MICROBOTICS 25MHz Accelerator PANASONIC 1410 Camera ....$ 179 ROCTEC ROCKNIGHT Virus Protoctor .....$ 45 ROCTEC 3.5* External Drive ....$ 39 ROCTEC 5.25“ External Drive $ 149 Sharp JX-100 Color Scanner w Sottwaro & Cables ....$ 645 SHARP JX-450 ...$ 4999 Stereo Speakers .....$ 32 SYQUEST 44MB Removable w Cariridge ......$ 399 IsiSSSS! SUPERGEN ..$ 599 ih.iiiui SUPERGEN 2000S ..$ 1339 DCTV *369 ) KITCHEN SYNC CALL PRINTER SPECIALS HEWLETT PACKARD PANASONIC DeiKiET S00 ..... $ 499.95 KXP 3180 5159.95 LA5EUE7MPw Iflft*r....$ J99.95 fiffclltt $ 734 95 lASEUnill-------------$ 1599 ap.,,241 $ 29995 hmhCZZIsmIj COMMODORE vxpuu 558? Cn Mi’S-1270 INKJET $ 139.95 W?I6S4 R crri7FN STAR CSX-I30..52S? GSK140-S275 NX-100L.S149 NX-2420.. S279 GSX 145 (wide ccrrcigi] S385 W-I020LSW NX-2420LS299 G5X140 PLUS $ 379.00 CANON Meet $ 159.00 iU93LEJET 3J-3C3 _5499.95 COLOIt ORION KITS (ALL BU33HJET BJ 330 ..$ 679.95 MONITOR SPECIALS NECMULTISYNCIIID S5B9 SEIK0I44Q ...$ 509 NEC MULTISYNC IIIDS...S609 SEIKO 1445 ...S579 j SONY 1304 S649 SEIKO 1450 ...$ 629 Kv Supra SUPRA -m RAM 500 *4 SUPRA RAM 500RX 1MB...*128 2MB. ..*189 500XP HARD DRIVE KITS Expandable to 8MB 512K, 20MB ...$ 349 512K, 52MB ...$ 475 5I2K, 80MB ...$ 559 512Kf 105MB .$ 655 2MB, 20MB .....$ 459 2MB, 52MB .....$ 499 2MB, 52MB, (1 Mbx4)..,...$ 555 2MB, 80MB .....$ 639 2MB, 105MB ...$ 715 2MB, 105MB (1MBX4)......$ 725 SUPRA RAM 2000 OK. FclTH>«aMMMMNtaaMM|M aaaaaaaaai 4MB ..... 8MB ..... SUPRA MODEMS 2400B External w cable ......$ 99 2400 Zi Internal ..$ 114 2400 MNP .....$ 145 2400 PLUS W MNP5V. 42 bis $ 165 2400 Zi PLUS .$ 159 9600 PLUS ....$ 549 SUPRA WORDSYNC CONTROLLER $ 99 SUPRA 3.5 EXTERNAL DRIVE I AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000 HD AMIGA 3000 AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2500, AMIGA 3000 COMMODORE CDTV Weto! CfiLL ODORt GBCOtOR mInvtor COMWOOO '95mon»tor. ADIDE w SEAGATE 43MB 1.5" HARD DRIVE For A-500 .....$ 349 For A-2000 ...$ 329 INCLUDES ALL CABLES, MOUNTING KIT & SOFTWARE ADIDE 40 ....$ 99 ADIDE 44 ..$ 119 AD-RAM 2080 Memory Expansion for A-2000 ..$ 129 AdSCSi 2000 .$ 139 AdSCSi 20B0 Expandable to SMB ..$ 169 FUCKER FREE VIDEO BEETLE MOUSE NOVIA 20! 20MB Internal Drive for A-500 s459 NOVIA 40i .$ 699 NOVIA 60i .$ 899 ICD AD-RAM 540 OK ICD AD-RAM5401MB $ 135 ICD AD-RAM54Q2MB .....$ 179 ICD AD-RAM54Q3MB .....$ 219 ICD AD-RAM 5404MB .....$ 249 PRIMA 52I .....$ 429 PRIMA 1051 ..$ 599 IfQfim 7CQ cccc OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL (718) 692-0790 tOUlf J i UU"DUOU Order Hrs. Mon-Thurs: 9-7 Fri:9-5 CLOSED Sat OPEN Sun:9:30-5(ET) FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA CALL AMIGA WORLD 9 91 MnKiTrnMCRvrnftMT- Mail Orncri nFPT RETAIL OUTLET: PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE, NYC, 10001 (Beneath Madison Square Garden) WRITE 0PEN: Mon-Thurs 9:30-7 Fri 8:30-5 CLOSED Sat OPEN Sun 9:30-7(ET) to 33 34TH STREET DEPT. A, BROOKLYN, NY 11232 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & ORDER STATUS CALL: (718) 692-1 148 ¦ CUSTOMER SERVICE HRS:. Mon-Thurs:9-5 Fri:9-4 Sun: lO jET) 8 FAX 7186923372 TELEX 422132MCRANT WE INVITE CORPORATE AND EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS, c=j _¦ CUSTOMER SERVICE HRS:. Thur 9-5 Fri:94 Sun: 104IET) DISCOUNTS FOR QUANTITY ORDERS. FAX 7186923372 TELEX 422132MGRANT ¦¦¦ NEXT DAY & SECOND DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST • NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS « CUSTOMER TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT PROGRf riVI PERIPHERAL ' S’ 'OFTUJARE FRAMECRABBER
* 419 A E IV 68 040 3 OQO EXCELLERATOR BOARD 31495 UEVl68040 2000 EXCELLERATOR BOARD (Exp. To 32MB RAM)..$ 1695 DISKMASTER II .....$ 49.95 3D PROFESSIONAL 2.0 ......$ 239 FRAMECRABBER 256 ..$ 499 FRAMEGRABBER PAL .$ 619 MINIGEN ...$ 184 QICTAPE Eternal Tape .$ 499 "video blender
* 1139 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-500 (USES A-501 EXPANSION SLOT) OK, ..$ 99 2MB $ 169 512K, .. $ 119 3MB .$ 219 1MB .$ 129 4MB ......$ 249 data flyer LOW COST SCSI INTERFACE A-20G0 .. $ 85 A-500 .....$ 125 EXP. SYSTEMS RAM BOARD 8 O...CALL EXPANSION BASEBOARD S Y S T E S HEAVY DUTY POWER SUPPLY FOR AMIGA 500
* 205 BARS & PIPES ...$ 115.00 MULTIMEDIA KIT $ 34.00 MUSIC BOX A ......$ 34.00 MUSIC BOX B ......$ 34.00 INTERNAL SOUND KITS $ 34.00 RULES FOR TOOLS $ 34.00 THI Bl Lt RIIUW)N SCX IN [WORKS * , Lll) 'M£ES 0 4 f*« - CDTV TITLES ADV MILITARYSYSTEMS...$ 27.95 ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN . .$ 32 95 AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY ......$ 49 95 CASE Of THE CONDOR......$ 32 95 CLASSIC BOARDGAMES...430.95 FRED FISH COLLECTION....54 5.95 LEMMINGS. $ 3455 MY FAINT .....$ 32.95 TIMETABLE SCIENCE 542.95 WORLD VISTA „ ......$ 62 95 WRATH OF THE DEMON $ 30.95 COMMUNICATIONS A-TALK a ...... $ 59.50 BBS PC 43--------- -..$ 89.00 MINQLINK. ___ ..$ 28.00 ONLINE PLATINUM _$ 40.50 PARAGON BBS ...$ 99.00 SXYLIHE BBS .$ 97.95 STERLING SILVER BBS. $ 8150 DRAWING CAD AEGIS DRAW 2000 $ 165 00 DECKBUILDERSCAD $ 49.95 DRAW 44) ...$ 147 00 DYNA-CAD0 .$ 699 00 HOMEBUILDERS CAD $ 123 00 INTRO CAD ....S36.95 INTRO CAD PLUS ...SW.95 PHODRAW 2 0 . $ 105 00 X-CAO DESIGNER II.. $ 70 00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL ..$ 129 95 X-SHEL1 ... $ 115.00 EDUCATION AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS ADVENTURES IN MATH $ 21 95 BARNEY BEAR CAMP -,.,$ l9 95 BARNEY BEAR FARM S19 95 BARNEY BEAR SCHOOL S19 95 BARNEY BEARSPACE $ 19 95 DISCOVERY 2.0...... ..S25 95 DISCOVERY
2. 0 EDUCATIONAL $ 44 95 HOW TO ADDITION S19.95 HOWTC SUBTRACTION .$ 19.95 INTRODUCING MAPS -..$ 37.95 FONTS 1r PRIZE TOASTER FONTS... .$ 40.50 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL 2 $ 59.95 IHTERFONTS . $ 67.95 KARA ANIUAFONTS S29.9S KARAFONTS HEADLINES I ...$ 43.95 HEADLINES II ..S39.95 SUBHEADS ...$ 39.95 MASTERPIECE 3D FONTS...S63.95 MASTERPIECE FONTS $ 139,95 MASTERPIECE TOASTER. .S97.9S PAGESTREAM FONTS $ 25.95 PROFOHTS I .....$ 19.95 PROFONTS 2 $ 19.95 ULTRA DESIGN ,. .$ 139.00 ZUMA FOOT PACK I .$ 54.95 ZUMA FOOT PACK II .$ 54.95 GRAPHICS PROGRAMS 3D PROFESSIONAL $ 198.00 30 PROFESSIONAL 2.0.,..$ 239.95 ART DEPARTMENT S51.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO...SI29.00 AUTOSCRIPT ,.. .....$ 79.95 BROADCASTTfTLERII ..$ 21100 CALlGARl CONSUMER - .5154 9 5 CELL PRO ....-, $ 51 95 C0MICSE7TER II - .541.00 CREDrTTEXTSCROLLER $ 25 95 DELUXE PAINT 111 ...-....$ 92.50 DELUXE PAINT IV $ 119.95 DELUXE VIDEO III .S104.95 DIGIPAINT III ... .$ 62.00 DIGIWORKS 30 ..S83 50 DIRECTOR.THE ..$ U50 DISTANT SUNS V4 0 ....$ 5695 ELAN PERFORMER $ 89.95 FRACTAL PRO ...$ 51.95 HAM IT UP . ...523 00 IMAGINE . $ 1 79.00 INVISION PLUS ......-$ 1B0 00 MACROPAINT ...STB .00 MATH VISION $ 105.00 MEGAPAINT ...-$ 169 00 MODELER 3D ......S&4.95 MY PAINT 2.0 .$ 29.50 PAGEREN0ER3D ...$ 92.50 WOTON PAINT 2 0 .S85.95 PIXEL 3D $ 50 00 PIXMATE .....$ 40.50 PHO MOTION $ 62.95 PRO PAGE OUTLINE CG . .$ 127 00 PROVECTOR ...SI 77.00 SCALA _-S263.GC SCENE GENERATOR ..$ 29.95 SCREEN MAKER ..$ 239.00 SCREEN MAKER SAMPLER .....56J.95 SCULPT 3D XL .Sm 00 SOFT CLIPS ...$ 44 95 5PECTRACOLOH -$ 60 50 THE MULTI MEDIA KIT......-.534 00 TITLE PAGE .....$ 109 00 TVGRAWICS ..$ 27.95 TV SHOW VERSION 2 ....$ 56 95 TVTEXT PRO $ 95 00 VIDEO EFFECTS 3-0 ...$ 105 00 VIDEO TJTLER3-D ...$ 33 95 VIDEO TOOLS .$ 130 00 VISTA 1.2 ...... $ 34.50 VISTA PRO ...... S81JJQ XOR 5199 00 MUSIC SOFTWARE AUDIOMA5TER III ...$ 60.50 AUDfTlON $ 62.95 BARS AND PIPES .$ 115.00 BARS AHD PIPES PRO $ 205.00 DELUXE MUSC CONSTRUCTION .$ 63.95 DR. T COPYIST APPR ....S73.9S OR.TCOPYISTDTP $ 185 00 DR. T KCS COPYIST ....$ 209 00 DR.TSKCS3.0 ...$ 157.00 DR rS KCS LEVEL II ...$ 215 00 EASY FM $ 37.95 HYPERCORD .....593.95 INTERNAL SOJND KITS......S34 00 MASTERTRAXPRO .....S219 00 MlOIX ...SI 79 0 0 MUSIC BOX ....$ 34 00 MUSIC X JR .$ 92 35 FHANTOM MiDI .S199.00 PIXOUNQ . -.560 95 SONtX __...... $ 49.50 SOUNDOUEST’ MIOIQUEST ..Si 39 00 SYNTHIA IL ......$ 74 95 SYNTHIA PRO .$ 236 00 TIGER CUB .$ 62.95 TRAX MIDI STUDIO ...... 556.00 PRODUCTIVITY ACCOUNTANT ..$ 134 95 ADVANTAGE ....$ 139 03 AMIGA APPETIZER ......$ 19.95 AMOS _ ....$ 57.95 ANALYZE .....S62.95 CAN DO ...... $ 83 50 CAN DO(PAL) ......$ 99.50 DBVANV ......$ 174.00 DESKTOP BUDGET ......$ 40.50 EASY LEDGER ..$ 189.00 EXCELLENCE 2.0 .$ 104.95 FLCW ....$ 56.00 GOLD DISK OFFICE .....$ 172 00 MAXIPLAN PLUS _ $ 60.SO PAGESETTER ll $ 63 0 0 PAGESTREAM 2,1 ..174 00 PEL1KAN PRESS 558 50 PENPAL... __581 00 FHASAR 4.0 554 50 POWERWORKSVER.2... 5122 55 PRINTMASTER PLUS ...S25 95 PRO PAGE 2.0 ..$ 163 00 PRO WRITE 3.1 ....$ 91 00 PROPER GRAMMAR.....$ 59 95 PROSCRIPT .... 537 00 OUCKWRITE . 543 35 OwlKFORMS PAGESTREAM ... $ 25 95 SAXON PUBLISHER, $ 21900 SCRIBBLE PLATINUM 558 50 SECRETARY _$ 31 95 SUPERBASE IV .5299 00 SUBERBASE PERSONAL 2.579.95 SUPERBASE PRO $ 108 00 SUPER PLAN ......$ 89.95 TEACHERS TOOL KfT ...$ 35.95 TRANSWRITE . $ 39 00 TUHBQTEXT ___$ 62.95 VIP PRO ......__ ....561.95 WORDPERFECT.. $ 160 00 W0RK5 PLATINUM S99 95 PROGRAMMING A C BASIC * ......$ 125 00 AC FORTRAN ...$ 109 00 AMIGAVISKON ......$ 74-50 ARREX .....- .$ 29.95 AZTEC C PRO ....$ 119.00 AZTEC COMPILER DEVVS.0A .$ 175.00 BLTTZ BASIC-, -$ 99.95 DEV PACK ASSEMBLER $ 63 9 5 LATTICE Cf* .....$ 105.00 LATTICE C 5.1 ..$ 192 00 UTILITY SOFTWARE AMI ALIGNMLNT KIT ....529 0 0 BAD V4 .....530 50 BYTE N BACK-,. .. S29 9 5 CAN DO INTRO PAK ... $ 23 00 CAN DO PRO PAK1 $ 23 50 COPYRIGHT ...$ 34.95 CROSS DOS VERSION IV. S23 95 DOCTOR AMI ......$ 28 55 D U 0 E $ 32 00 005 2 DOS ......530 95 ORIVEAHGNMENTKTT $ 2795 DUNLAP UTILITIES ....$ 45 00 EXPRESS COPY V1 5- .S32 CO FLASHBACK $ 42 55 HYPERHELPERS $ 37 55 PROJECT D ... $ 31 55 QUARTERBACK 4 2 ...._.....$ 38 CO QUARTERBACK TOOLS $ 45 50 RAWCOPY ...-S34 95 RULESFOR TOOLS $ 34 00 SCANNERY .... $ 189 00 SUPERBACK ...$ 51 45 VO REC ONE ...$ 109 00 W SHELL ....$ 27 95 X-CQPY PRO $ 45 00 VIDEO SOFTWARE 3D TEXT ANIMATOR ....$ 29 95 ALTER IMAGE FX ......5129 95 ANIMAGIC .$ 86.50 CELL ANIMATOR ...S89.35 DiGIMATE III 523 50 DlGlVieW GOLD 4 Q ..$ 119 00 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO . 579 95 MOVIESETTEH ..$ 41 95 PRO VIDEO GOLD ......5131.00 PRO VIDEO GOLD (PAL)... 5139.00 PRO VIDEO POST 5139 DO PHO VIDEO POST (PAL)... $ 199 90 SCULPT 4D $ 319 00 SCULPT 4D JR .$ 92 95 SHOWMAKER ...$ 297 00 TURBO SILVER 3 0 .....$ 58 30 TURBO SILVER «TERRAIN $ 109 95 VIDEOSCAPE 30 $ 120 00 j GOLD DISK
* 210 THE OTHER "GUYS ADVENTURES * Ng „ IN MATH f s2195 ‘ id ZUMA TV SHOW ver. 2
- 1. See disclaimer at bottom ol this page lor shipping information. I 2. Mail this order lorm lo: Montgomery Grant at: 33 34fH Street, Dept A, Brooklyn, NY 11232 I I I ADVANCED s t n n 4 r. e systems NEXUS 8 0 HD CONTROLLER DELUXE PAINT IV W9” CENTURIAN DEFENDER OF ROME STAR FLIGHT II
* 34 Name_ Address City- Country Zip State 3 SIXTY MEGA I FORTRESS FLIGHT OF THE DOG $ 4050 PGA Tour Gdf .$ 34 50 Pro Tennis Tour II ....$ 34 50 Pcwor Mongor . $ 34.50 Power Monger Clue Book S9.95 Secret of Monkey Island ......* $ 40 50 Billy die Kid , .....$ 28 95 Balde Command .....$ 27.95 ADS Ddeaffi Knights cfKrynn..* , ...$ 34 50 AD& D Secret olttieSiiver Blades . $ 34.00 AD&DEyeoltheBehclder .....$ 40 50 Bade Set 2 ......$ 20 50 Battle Set 3 ......$ 20.50 Battle Set 4,., ...$ 23.95 Scenario Editor ......$ 26.50 Armada 2525 ......, $ 34.50 Renegade Legion-lnterceptor , ..$ 40.50 Zone Warrior .....,*....,.... $ 26.95 [] Day Phone ( ) I Night Phone ( ) QTY. PRODUCT NAME UNIT PRICE TOTAL I | SHIPPING METHOD: | OuPS Ground LjQther. 1 METHOD OF PAYMENT! __ Ocheck HHMonoy OrdernVisadiMasterCard LjAmerican Express [H Diner's Club B CREDIT CARO USERS ONLY: Carteblanche | Credit Card Exp. Date_ Signature __ SALES T AX (NY Residents only, SHIPPING TOTAL FLASHBACK VISTA PRO 24 Bit Color Trees $ 81 6aa attack sub,,.**,, A-IO TANK KILLER ABYSS ___ ACTION STATIONS ** ADVO. FLT.TRAIHER2.Q AFRIKA KOFI PS AlTLHEDDESTlNY . AMERICAN DREAMS* ARACHNOPHOBIA ..... ARCADE FEVER .,**...... ARMADA 2S25 . ARMOR-GEDDON ...... ATF-II ..... ATOMINO . AWESOME ...„-, BACK TO THE FUTURE II... BANOrr KINGS OF CHINA BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE. __ BARDS TALE ill ___ BAT _ BATMAN "THE MOVIE"..... BATTLE CHESS BATTLE CHESS II BATTLE COMMAND BATTLE HAWKS .... BATTLE SET 2* ...... BATTLE SET 3 BATTLE SET 4 BG BUSINESS___ .537 95 ..530.95 ..S2500 531 95 .529.00 531 50 .537.95 .531 95 .527.95 52900 ..534 50 .52 3 00 . 530 95 .531 95 .536SO .525 50 . S36SQ ...537.00 ...535 50 ..535.95 ..529.95 ...530.95 ...531.95 ...527.95 .53755 .52330 .520 50 523 95 ...52 8 9 5 ...523 9 5 ...S24.Q0 .537.95 ...S2B.95 .52 5 50 ,$ 2B 95 .529 95 CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE 514.00 CAPTIVE ......-....528.95 CARDINALOFKREMUH 531.95 CENTERFOLD 5QUAHES....S19.50 CENTURIAN...* „ ....S36.95 CENTURIAN DFEND ROME. .....534.00 CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN S36.95 CHA05 STRIKES BACK 523 50 CHARGEOFTHEUGKT-.....531 95 CHECKMATE,- 53450 CHESSMASTER2100 532 95 CODE SAME ICEMAN 536 50 COUGAR FORCE .....529 55 CRACKDOWN __437.95 CRIME DOES NOT PAY 531 95 CRIME WAVE ... -..,532.95 CYBERCON II .531.95 DARK CENTURY 429.00 DAS BOOT ..J534.00 DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN __434.50 DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH 525.95 DICKTRACY _530.50 DINOWARS - ___523.95 DISTANT ARMIES,- 429.50 DOUBLE ORAGONII 525i0 DRAGON FORCE .....532.95 ORAGON LORD 535.50 DRAGON STRIKE ......531.95 ORAGON WARS ..531.50 DRAGON'S LAIR ......532.95 DRAGON-SLAIRIL... 534.50 DRAGONS LAIRTIMFWARP 413 00 DRAKKHEN -537.95 TENNIS CUP*, _ TERMINATOR TEST DRIVE ILTHE DU EL„,S30.95 TETRIS ......521.50 THEME PARK MYSTERY $ 31.50 THUNDEASTRIKE *.$ 31.95 TIE BREAK TENNIS $ 22.95 TRIAL BY FIRE ....$ 37.00 TUNNELS OF ARMEGEDON $ 29.00 TURRICAN* .. $ 21.50 TV SPORTS BASKETBALL.S31.95 TV SPORTS FOOT BALL $ 31.95 ULTIMA IV ....$ 36.50 ULTIMA V ...$ 36 50 UNIVERSAL MILIARY SIM. II ..$ 34.95 UNREAL .... $ 2950 UNTOUCHABLES ...525.50 VAXINE **,$ 25.50 WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH $ 31.50 WAR LORDS 529.00 WARLOCK ...51995 WARZONE - ,*.523.50 WEB OF TERROR ...525 95 WEIRD DREAMS .525 50 WELLTRS. 522.95 WHERE IN EUROPE tS CARMEN ....531 95 WHER IN THE* USA IS CARMEN 531 95 WORLD IS CARMEN,, 530.95 WHO! WHAT! WHEN! WHERE! .....556.95 WHGG _-53STC WINGSOFFURY .....525.50 WIPE OUT . $ 25,95 WOLF PACK $ 34.00 WORLD CLASS SOCCER,,$ 25.50 WRATH OF THE DEMON 528.95 ZONE WARRIOR .526.95 $ 24.00
523. 95 ,534.00 .531.95 .S31.9 5 .525.95 .531.50 .525.50 .536.50 .530 9 5 .530.95 .S3C.95 .536.95 .541.95 .525.50 .536.50 .536.50 .523.95
537. 95 $ 31.95 $ 31.95 $ 3550 $ 3595 $ 31.95 .S30-S5 .515.00 .SI 4.95
531. 95 $ 2900
- $ 44.95 $ 29 95 .$ 31 55 $ 32.95 ..$ 14.50 ,$ 32.00 .526.95 ,536.50 .534.00 .S3155 .53355 .514.50 .544.50 ,534.50 ,530.50 .525.50 .,$ 25.50 ,53155 ,$ 3335 ,531.95 .535.50 ,S23.00 ,534.50
* 62 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 s119 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 SOFTWAR.CALL SoftWood PROPER SOFT CRAMMER CLIPS $ 5795 S4495 Buy Any Amiga Word Processor & Proper Grammar together & save $ 5 oft our already discounted price. Buy All Four Volumes ol Soft Clips Clip Art for the Incredible price of 3160 for All four. ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL w Digifek Software Imago Processing's Common Goundl 129 EPSON ES-300 C DRIVER FOR ADPRO Indudes Stand-alone scan-to disk driver and SI 7 Q ADPiomodue No K»:iai beard rescedl 1 EPSON ES-200 C Full Page Oder Sc an nerw AD Pro Driver i Cities $ 1449 BIG BUSINESS $ 2895 TIE BREAK TENNIS $ 22.95 Corn find check Bank Check Money Ordors Approved P.0.3. Vise, Mastercard, Amo*. Optima, Diners Club.Carte-Blancho, COD's 4 Wire Transfers accepted Ploaso Len.imd cheat, ounK unec* Money uroe chHe7ka must wall 2-4 weeks for clearance Prices and avail ability aub|oct lo rnango without notice No rosponaiblo wiuiii «> uu.tn.Jvti merchandise musi haveprior return authorization number or returns will not be accnpiod Ploase add 5 u shipping i Oiau . OvarSl 200am discounted to 3% shfoping & h a ndlln fl Orders over 530CX3 are * Hah Apt0 pplng rato» APO FPO orders please add SQ% shipolna & handling, minimum 515. [Over $ 1200-8%, Over $ 300 0-6%], A.t API fori ty air. Second day & Next day Air available ate* nc. Can beloro submitting P.O.i Non-cortJ1lDd for typographic error* handling (minimum 53). Orders pioaw call for ih are shipped first class p of Commodore Amiga,ii Canat FPO ordera WAS Over 5 i hatidllng, minimum 515. (Over 51200-0%.---- . A coat We check lor crodll card ihefL DCAa60O233. Amiga Is a registered tradomprk iniiga World is a publication ol International Data Group. The world's largest publisher ol computer-related information. International Data Group publishes over 130 computer publications in 19 countries. Over 23 million people read International Data Group's publiialions eat h month. Intern,uion- al Data Group’s publications include; ARGEN I IN.Vs Canipufencor d . Rgentiua: ASIAN .-Idnti C.omputeneorld: AI S- I Ral.LYs Computeneor d . Ustralia, PC. Iihrld, Macworld, Al S- I RIVs Compuheelt Oestenrich: BRAZIL’S DataXeies, PC Mundo: CANADA'S Cow pul? I Data: CHUT.'s In formal ieu, Com* pittacion Personal: COLUMBIAN C.omputeneorld Columbia: DENMARK'S ClDCAM WORLD. C.omputeneorld Danmark. PC. World, Manenrld, t nix World: KINLANDN Mikro PC, Ewto- viikko: 1-R VNCE's Ij Mantle lnfornuilii[ue. Dislribulitjue. Nfo- PC. Eeleeoms Infcrnational; III N( iARY's C.omputeneorld S P. Mihm'ilag: INDIA'S Computers Cr Communications: ISRAELS's People CT Computers: ITALY'S Computcneorld Italia, PC World Italia: Jal’AN’s Computcneorld Japan. Infoivorl i, Publish: 1x0- RE.Vs lli-I'trh In formation Comfniter,eorfd: MEXK '.t )'s Compute enenrld Mexico. PC. Journal', I I IE N E I III'.RLANDS (.output- eneorld Xetherlnuds. PC. World., miga lnrld: NTAN ZK.Vl.AN I) >
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C) 3 Michinm. 43 3 AmigaWorld Exj»o, 106 107 a « Montgomery Gram. 92-95 9b Ampex Svstems, Inc., 91 92 Moonlighter Software. 76 -I ASDCL 52-53 36 New Hori ous Soliware, 33 3 1 BIN. 86 61 New I loi i ous Soltware. 9 3 Black Belt Systems. 57 38 New lek. Inc.. CII b Black Belt S stems. 80 37 New lek. Inc.. CIV 7 Briwall. 88-89 62 Pvsgnosis. 17 77 ( ai ina Software. 76 13 Roger ( Mat s. 99 S3 Geiiiaui Software. 60-61 1 1 Safe Harbor. 103 S Goasi lo Coast Eeclmologies. 51 43 Sideline Soliware. 87 9 Commodore Business Machines. 81 90 SMC Software Publishers, 111 10 Computalhliiv, 78-79 4 b Softl.ogik ( nrp.. 27 12 Computer Basics. 100-101 89 Soltware Hut. 109 13 Creaiive Computers. 65-72 MM Soliware 1 lul. 1 1 1 14 Dev Ware. Inc.. 104 105 17 Soltware Support lul l. 8-1 13 Digital (Acations. 19 * Supra ( an p., 11 b4 Digital Micionics. 25 * Supra (.or))., 13 bl Dilek International. 59 37 The Disc Co.. 31 60 Empire Graphics. 111 30 t he Software Shop. 97 i 00 Eau hrother Nr Soepermann. 111 87 TriMcdia Incorporated. Ill 13 (iii AMIGA. 82-83 31 L lilities L ulimilcd, 77 19 (.old 1 )isk. 1 nc.. 1 3S X inual Realitv Lihoratoev, 50 20 Grapevine Group, the. 102 Mb isionsi ill. 109
29. 30 Cheat Yallrv Products, Inc.. 2 32 Vortex Computerxvsietue ( hnbH AW Shucks! Item: Our recent roundup of hard-drive interfaces (“Between a Slot and a Hard Place...” July, p. 22) contained one error. We reported that the SupraDrive with WordSvnc does not support the Rigid Disk Block standard, bin that the company was working to provide such support. In fact. Supra A software was RDB compatible all along, and the software update, which should be out by the time you read this, gives enhanced support. Since then, Supra lias announced that the new version will also improve formatting. Item: Also in our July issue, we listed American Software as the disributor of Mandarin Software's AMOS (see “Making a RUN lor the Roses," p. 33). We have since learned that Micro Pace also distributes the product. Manuscripts: ( ontnbulions m the form ol manuscripts avi11i drawings and oi photographs air welcome .Hid will !» considered for possible public a- t ion..-Imiga II arid assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to am material. I’lcase enclose a sell- O •> addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Pavment lor the use of any unsoliriled material will be made upon publication. All com Irilniiions and editorial correspondence (l ped and double-spaced, please) should be directed to Amiga World Editorial. Ml) Elm St.. Peterborough. NH 113138; telephone: 603-924-01 OIL Advertising Inquiries should lie directed to Advertising Offices. .T hgw I Ihr t . St) Elm St.. Ittei borough. N11 03-1.38; telephone: 800-1-11-1103. Subscription problems or address changes: Call 1 -Ml 10-323- 0013 (in (A). 1-303-117-9330) or write In.lw gm 11 arid, Subscription Dept., 13) Box 3880-1. Boulder. F A > 80332-880 1. Problems with advertisers: Send a description ol the problem and yom current address to:. Miga Wald, 80 Elm St.. Peterborough. NH 03438. ATI N.: Margot L. Swanson. Customer Service Represeiilalive. FYI I his index is provided ;is an additional sen ice, Elie pnblisliei does not assume liability lot errors or omissions.
* I his advertiser prefers to be contacted direct I v. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS Vli .l(hi-TI!MIlir I' Mlhjco I>> tin- . }¦[¦!¦i%,it III tllr hlhli-iln.1 ,iini t Ms’f;ll ’ :! IVMTvrvthr riyli! Lo U'Iiih- .hIm-iTi-iii without ih >¦ ii r. Die .nilcni’.iiii: lii.it iii ihaT |i.i turn is p.-vt .nut nr dc-'lillli.sl In twiiiyU!'.' I% I In- |iin|H'tli ol Iriii’hlti i W. .mil net tli.il ul llir .whnlwt: llir .ifKi-ilist i li.i% |imt li.iiiii tin npht nl H'|>u«iui III III III Il‘li"n III if, 1 .nil, .11111 (lins III.I 11 IVI ill! I l lll in H pHxIiiM- lhr ,nl ill .iti% nllin |iiilitii .ilinn. milinui |]i*.- c ,|jic-oh-cI lxiitlm i • %i i nii il ill Inugtj lloi t NilwiUMi % .iiid ni lhi.'it .Irlrlli u-% ,1%'iinii- ilu- if%|iiiii'.iliili|v Ini ilu* i niiilnuiii ij| ihc % >ritcnl' n| ilu- ,nl%c'i li'lnrj primed lieirin .ititi iigrtr Tn inilrninili I he I’ulilidtei ul -fiijj-v. II i.r ii fur .iin i Liinix .mil nr expeiiM**. Iucin ml ilu-uliom tin ,% i lln’ti i> imt H-%|>f>ti*il)lt I'm i li.ium'v in .ii mm k .it ici tin- Hum .Klicxiivitii' dcjdlim -. Nm .i,miiiu u-‘.pnii%i!iilii’. I'm tttt'%-
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P.O. BOX 22 WORCESTER, MA 01614 PRICES TERMS, AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. POLICIES: 1-We accept Vis and Mastercard 2-Minimum Shipping $ 6.00 3-COD charges $ 5.50 4-Hardware Shipping 5%. 6-International Shipping 15% 7-APO&FPO 10% 8-2nd. Day air Available 9-Next day air Available 10-Retums are subject to 15% restocking fee. 11 -Product must have RMA to be returned, CALL FOR ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE. K i; v i i; w s From j).9F Hyperbook Takes com position to a new level. By Bill Frazier DEFINING GOLD DISK s I lyperbook is somewhat ol'a challenge. Is u a data- o base, a word processor, or a presentation program? Hyperbook (§99.95), a free-lorm applications generator, incorporates all these functions and more. What you lincl when you open the Hyperbook’s box is two none npv-pro- tected disks, a documentation manual, and a book ol suggested applications. The indexed documcntaiion is well organized and easy to understand, and n i it includes a thive-part tutorial. A Leg Up To load Hyperbook, click on the program icon or ac tivate it from the CLI. It lias all the typically familiar pulldown menus, with some keyboard shortcuts, and even makes use ol llie Help key, a rarity m Amiga programs. There are live types ol objects you mav place on your screen: notes, buttons, drawings, pictures, and lists. You can assign each object one ol seven dillcreni actions, or none at all. When you click on an object, ! Lyperbook can display pictures or text files, proceed to another page, hide or show objects, execute DOS commands, or execute Arcxx scripts. In a nutshell, whai it can do for you is up lo you and your imagination. N W ith Hyperbook’s Note Editor, you can add text to your application. While the Note Editor is not a complete word processor, I found it to be versatile and quite adequate. You can select tout type, si e, color, style, justification, and margins with I ext Control. With Spacing Control, you can adjust baselines O J ¦1 for super-or subscript louts. Ibis function also oilers control over the spacing between lines of text and between letters. I ben you can select background, border, and drop-shadow colors to highlight voiir messages. O n 4 c? Keep in Touch lb make voiir presentations more interesting and easier lo use. Vou can D * create on-screen buttons that launch Setting up an interactive screen is easy. Specific actions. ]usi as 111 adding notes. Hyperbook provides editing tools to help you fashion buttons. The Drawing Editor provides a means of designing your own drawings directly on the Hyperbook page, I his feature oilers a variety of brush sizes and colors, options to color and till shapes, and the ability to draw most standard objects such as circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles, lines, and polygons. II vou are not happy with your artwork at lirsi, yon can resize, rearrange, and delete until you are. The drawing editor will not replace your favorite paint program, but it does make il easy to add simple geometric shapes to your presentations. Adding I EE pictures is probably the most challenging task in Hyperbook. The program accepts clips from pictures created in bi-res, low-res, Interlace. And even HAM mode, but the manual advises against using HAM pictures as clip sources because I lyperbook does not tec hnically support HAM mode. In practice, it was difficult to make all but the simplest clips display properly. To get good results, first change your 11 perbook-page color map to t losely match the palette of the picture you wish to display. Since only one color map is available on a page, it becomes difficult or impossible to show multiple clips on a single page unless their colors match. 1 did achieve good results with all Iff resolutions whenever I used Hyperbook's Show Picture function. Finally, 1 h pcrbook allows you to add lines of text, or lists, to your applications. Each line represents an individual item within the list. You can assign a specific action to every item you add. For example, il you create a lisl to act as a mini-database within an application, the program will rearrange the contents just like a database when you click on the sort gadget. II you wish, you can create various sort keys with Arcxx to define specific tasks such as rearranging a list of names in ascending alphabetical order, lor example. Get with the Program For the programmer. Ilypetbook s Arcxx support and the Hvpcrbook Macro Language (HML) are available. 11 ML adds about 190 Hvpcrbook functions to Arcxx for use within the program. I be manual covers HML lunc- tions, and the samples disk includes a sample hyperbook called AREXX.bb, as well as several well-commented HML macros and programs. These sample macros are valuable training aids in understanding and using I EMI. Within a hyperbook application. Hyperbook is a solid, well-behaved multitasker. During tests, it ran simultaneously with a paint program, word processor, text editor, and two other tasks launched from niv startup- sequence. While 1 never saw the guru during testing, there were some error messages missing. II your application tries to read a text file or show a picture file from a disk no longer in a drive, the Hvpcrbook screen will Hash, but does not display an error message such as "File Not Found.” flie program offers two print options in the menu: print page and print text. The print-pagc option initiates a graphic screen dump of the currently displayed page. The prinl-lcxl option allows you to print the text of all notes, buttons and lists, either on the current page oi on all pages within your application. Neither option allows you lo print all the text in a sr_ Eject, such as the data in an address book. You could write an Arcxx to get around the problem, but the task may be be- vnnd the capabilities ol the casual user. The minimum requirements lor 1 Ivperbook are I MB *>t RAM and a disk drive. The program runs easily with the 1MB of RAM, but extensive multitasking is then difficult, and Hying to run il with just one drive would quickly become a disk-swapping nightmare. I would recommend two disk drives at a minimum. A hard drive is desirable to gain lull benefit bom the program, with instant access to Arcxx macro libraries, as well as picture and clip libraries. 1 lyperbook is the type ol program that a novice with a 1 MB Amiga and two disk drives can immediately use, vet it has sufficient versatility and complexity to interest ilie advanced Amiga programmer as well. ¦ NEWTEK Video Toaster 2000) PP 1399 OXXI Atalk 3 (Communications) 59 RICKETTS INC. XT 1000 Amiga 2000 Adaptor 8 XT 1000 (IBM KeyBds on Amiga) 35 SOFT LOGIC Pagestream 2.1 167 by STRATEGIC STUDIES Warlords $ 30 Ahuge, eight player strategy game of empires, castles, armies, heroes, monsters and dragons. Only one empire will prevail in a ruthless struggle for supreme power. EXPANSION SYSTEMS 2000 DataFlver vv SCSI 89 500 BaseBoard w Ctock @ 1MB 157 500 DataFlyer w SCSI + Chassis 155 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 3050 Accelerator 50 Mhz 4 MB) PP 2349 Combo (22 Mhz 1MB) 899 Combo (33 Mhz 4 MB) 1599 HC Series II + RAM w No HD 199 HC Series II w No HU 155 Impact 500 Series II w 52MB HD 629 GOLD DISK Home Office Advantage 109 Outline Fonts-35 CG Hi Res Fonts 124 GOLDEN IMAGE 512 RAM Card w Clock& Cal 49
G. I. Hand Scanner 239 Opto-Mechanical Mouse 35 Id) AdRAM 2080 8 2MB 205 AdRAM 540 w Clock @ 1MB 157 AdSCSI 2080 8 2MB w SCSI 273 AdSpeed - All Aniigas pp 233 Novia 4()i HI) 710 Prima 105i 500 HD P§ 723 IMPULSE Imagine v 1.1 195 IVS Meta 4.2 MB PP 279 Trumpcard Professional (2000) 209 MAGNAVOX RGB Color Monitor 294 MEGA MICRO 1 MB DRAM Chips, 100 ns(set of 8) 64 1MB SIMMs 65 256K x 4 DRAM Chips (set of 2) 19 NEWTEK CS-1 Copy Stand & Lights 55 Digi View Gold 4.0 119 Panasonic 1410 Camera- Variable Lens 209 SUNRIZE Color Splitter SUPRA CORP. 1000 SC SI Interface w Clock 179 2000 SupraDrive 40 MB 364 2000 Supra RAM 2 MB 209 2000 WordSync SCSI Interface 109 2400 Baud External Modem 99 2400 Plus w M N P5 & v42bis 174 500XP105 MB w 512K 690 500XP 52 MB w 512K 499 9600 Baud w MNP5 & v.42bis 519 US ROBOTICS Courier HST' 9600E Modem P§ VORTEX Atonce (IBM AT Emulator) WORDPERFECT WordPerfect v4.1 Professional Draw 2.0 Professional Page 2,0 109 217 1,000's of products available! Fill out the Reader Service Card lor a FREE Catalog OPERATION AMIGASTORM Strategy: To beat the best advertised price in this magazine or Ragin' Roger will send you a check for $ 5 U.S. Video Bundle Call WEEKLY for the General’s Latest Specials! LY.YtYiY AIR A2010 Int. 3.5 Drive(Amiga 2000) 91 A3010 Int. 3.5 Drive = Amiga 3000) 103 A5010 Int. 3.5 Drive (Amiga 500) 81 ASDG Art Department Professional 129 AVATAR Heart of the Dragon PP 20 CALIFORNIA ACCESS Bodega Bay 339 CAM) External 3.5" Drive 94 CSA ECONO M M R, 25 Mhz 497 ECONO M M R, 35 Mhz 597 MMR25MHz (500 2000) 689 M M R 33 Mhz (500 2000) 839 Midget Racer 68020 7 Mhz (500 2000) 270 Math Co-Processor for Midget Racer 89 DIGITAL CREATIONS Supergen 2000 Internal 1339 DIGITAL PROCESSING Personal TBC (Tune Base Corrector) 799 ECE 1000 MIDI 49 500 MIDI - 49 ELECTRONIC .ART Deluxe Paint III 83 HOW TO ORDER: Orders only: 1-800-438-2883 FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% ($ 15 min. Restocking fee on refunded items only) Price quotes & technical support: 1-619-274-1253 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday Committed to Value Since 1985
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(412) 962-0 No One Knows Amig Authorized Commodo Since 1980 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermits Circle 12 on Reader Service card. 100 Se il ember 1991 UAL W CL JL C =- Distant v4.0 £31 $ 62 $ 30 £31 £37 $ 57 1MB Required Distant Suns 3.0 si2Kroq. $ 35 Your source for all your Amiaa needs.
• FAST SERVIC LOW PRIQBS HARDWARE £37 $ T25 $ 37 DataFlver Memory-A500 | Hard Drives-A500| Memory-A2000 I Accelerators $ 49 $ 199 $ 59 $ 139 $ 229 $ 109 St 49 $ 499 $ 999 $ 339 $ 589 Racer 25 Mhz £89 $ 99 $ 73 $ 209 $ 275 $ 249 $ 229 £62 $ 99 Input Devices Boin Gold Mech. Mouse ica! Mouse $ 85 $ 265 $ 149 $ 189 $ 109 $ 129 £199 $ 269 $ 449 $ 199 $ 249 $ 59 $ 25 $ 15 $ 17 $ 69 $ 59 $ 48 $ 109 $ 62 $ 389 $ 67 $ 599 $ 265 $ 699 $ 2939 $ 279 $ 99 Call $ 249 $ 99 $ 309 C l Call $ 329 |209 $ 1449 Cal $ 1029 $ 1399 $ 799 $ 429 $ 599 $ 499 Amiga 500 Expansion Set $ 219 $ 69 $ 94 £218 £249 £87 $ 38 $ 38 $ 203 512K RAM w clock calendar bat 880KExternal Drive 100% Amlg* Compatible As Low as $ 125 BARS&PlPES with Disney'* Animation Studio, 'aint 3, Deluxe Paint III, and more DAKOTA SketchMaster 12x12 Tablet $ 429 12x18 Tablet $ 599 Only $ 219 Give Your Ideas & Chance to Sing with this Best-Selling Music Package Original BARS & PIPES only $ 124 camera. Auto Droid, video switch and all cables. 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RC10002M9RAMexl SupraRamSOQ SupraRam 500RX (1-2MB Supra Ram 500RX(2-8MB ADRAM 540 DigiDroid FrameBuffer w capture Hand Scanner w Touchup JX100 Scanner w,Software JX300 Scanner w.Softwae Digitizers & Scanners Floppy Drives Panasonic 1410 Video Camera $ 179 Autoload Cota Splitter Coj Stand Drawing Tablets Sketchmstr 12x12 Skelchmstr 12x18 Summa Graphics I TaWet Budget Hard drive solution for your A500 Controller only 5149 W 52MB Quantum $ 398 ECE Midi $ 49 Midi Gold 500 $ 56 Midi Gold Insider $ 65 Midi Connector wI cable* $ 59 Phantom SMPTE MIDI $ 229 Midi cade 6ft $ 8 Audio Engineer $ 229 Aud cm aster 3 $ 62 Audition 4 $ 64 Perled Sound 500 3.1 $ 69 SoundMasier $ 139 DataFlyer 500 iCD Nc*ia I Internal 20MB Novia 60t Grand 9am 500 GVP A500-HD6+0 52Q GVP A500-HD8 +0 105O Supra500XP w 520 Trumpcard 500 Trumpcaid Pro 500 Supramodem 2400 external $ 99 Supramodem 2400w mnp-5 $ 159 Supramodem 2400 plus $ 189 Supramodem 9600 plus $ 569 DataFlyer Audio Digitizers Modems Midis I®©® Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 Controller only $ 85 W 52 MB Quantum HD $ 334 Goliath A500 Power Supply 135 Watts Bi2 gl ri owerfu 69 2000 RAM Bead 2MB $ 189 2000 RAM Board 4MB $ 289 2000 RAM Board 6M0 £389 2000 RAM Board 8MB $ 489 AI-Once AT-Once A2000 adapter Dcubte-Tak Network Ricker fixer Ricker Fixer’s DEB 2000 Ad flicker flee Video Star Printers Panasonic Printers Bodega Bay $ 349 wA4albu$ 399 Disk drive mounting kit Si5 DataFlyer 2000 Grand Sian 2000 GVP HC Q Series II GVPHC8+QX) Series II Supra Wordsync Trumpcard Trumpcard Pro 52MB Quantum LPS 105MB Quantim IPS Amiga 500 $ 29 Monitor Stand Hard Drives-A2000 Hardware (misc) Chroma Key MoGen Super gen Video CD-ROM ext Drive A500 A2000 w H.D.rhCfic Runs CDTV Discs vj)byt) Video Video Master Video Toaster Person TBC 1st Prize Toasted Fonts arc ihe Video Art Dircclar’s first choice for scroll d crawl pages in the Video Toaster® Character Generator. Each of five seta offer* a range of mix’n'match alphabets in the mo it often needed sizes. 39 premium type face* for any video job customer requirement! $ 47 ea. All 5 sets $ 220 call for complete listing Adventures in Mali S25 Ajgebra $ 31 Barney Bear (ea) $ 22 Carmen Sanciego (ea) $ 31 Dinosaur Discwory Kit $ 25 Distant Sons 4.0 $ 59 Distant Suns 3.0 $ 35 first Letters and Words $ 25 Katie's Farm £25 Kid Tak $ 25 MahTalk $ 25 MafiTaJk Fractions $ 25 Malh Blaster Plus $ 31 McGee $ 25 McGee Fun Fair $ 25 Puzzle Storybock $ 25 Rhyming Notebook $ 25 Speler Bee $ 25 Talking Animator £41 Talking Coloring Bock £19 GVP ALL-IN-ONE ACCELERATORS 22MHz 1 MB £969 22MHz 1MB52Q $ 1138 22MHZ 1MBA05Q £1318 33MKz 4MB $ 1599 33MRz 4MB 52Q $ 1068 33 Mhz 4 MBA 050 $ 2048 50MHz 4MB $ 2289 Optical Mouse ptoMecf iS ling. 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Studio £79 Ham-E Hus $ 389 Professional Draw 2.0 $ 125 Spectra ccfcr $ 62 Turbo Star 3.0 $ 59 Railroad Tycoon Search far the King Secret of Morkey kfand Secret ol the Stver Bbde* Shadow of tie Beast 2 Sim City Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 Sim City Terrain Team Yankee Ultima V Wonderland Well Pack A-10 Tank Killer $ 31 Armour-Gedden $ 28 Atomino £31 Awesome $ 37 Bane d Came Fcrge £37 CenLirbn $ 34 Dealh Knight of Krynn $ 34 ipes Pi Delx Music Const Sel Dr. T’s Copyist Acer antic® Dr. T's Copyist DTP Dr.TsKCS.LertUlv35 Dr. Ts Tiger Cub Internal Sound Kit Music Box A XOR IMAGINE Bestseller $ 189 Entertainment Graphic Arts Music Excellence 2.0 £125 Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 $ 62 Page S7 earn 2.1 $ 169 Pelican Press $ 62 Pen Pal $ 86 Professional Page 2.0 £169 Proper Gramma £62 Quick Write £45 RX Tods $ 35 Super Base Personal 2 $ 94 SuperBase Prof. 4 $ 329 Wad Perled $ 169 Workbench Management $ 35 PvlSTA
1. 2 Only $ 35 Requires 1MB RAM PROWRITE
3. 1
• 100.000 dictionary •Thesaurus
• Selectable lonts •Arexx Suppor
• Use IFF 4 HAM Pictures w text VISTA PRO 24 BIT COLOR $ 85 Requires 3MB RAM BROADCAST TITLERII $ 219 Professional le 2.0 Amiga Vi sion Defaxe Video II! Director 2.0 Pro Video Post Scala Saeen Maker Showmaker TV Show V2 TV Text Pro Productivity PS TYPE Font* CxiSne Fans Template* $ 89 Video ’Our most popular DeskTop Publisher A Special $ 1 69 QuarterBack Combo OuarlerBack £ QuarterBack Tods Get Both lor only $ 88 Arexx A-Talk III Baud Bandit Disk Master Project D 2.0 Utility 9 - 8 M - F (West Coast customer'; call up to 5PM PST), 10- 5 Sat ¦ WTTH U 2 0U6J ttSS O AYS UPS GROUND
- £99 5% MIN $ 4 S100TOS199 4% MIN S5 $ 200 TO $ 499 3% MIN S8 $ 500 - 2% MIN $ 15 UPS Sue add £5.00 to UPS Ground UPS Fied add £10.00 to UPS Ground i-800-2 -0533 Orders only IN CANADA 1(800) 258-0533 Orders only 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 Customer Service (412) 9624)533 APO.FPO.CANADA, add $ 10 to Ground PR, HI, ALASKA add S10to Blue or Red MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER no surcharge AMERICAN EXPRESS 3% Surcharge Defectives replaced with same Hem 15% Restocking fee for non-defective returns Prices subject to change without notice THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC COMPARE OUR PRICES TM AMIGA Fatter Agnus (8372A) See below 8362 Denise Half Bright ..26.50 8373 New Super Denise *54.50 8364 Paula chip ....26.50 5719 Gary chip .....14.50 8520A CIA chip ....15.50
1. 3 ROM Kickstart 24.95
2. 0 ROM Kickstart ....call A500 Keyboard ...109.50 A2000 Keyboard .114.95 Rockwell Agnus chip puller 8.95 Kwikstart (A1000 1.3 ROM)....58.00 Kwikstart II (1.3 or 2.0) Switchable in your A1000....78.00 A500 45 watt (heavy duty) .67.50 A1000 Replacement P S ...127.00 A2Q00 Replacement P S ...210.00 Amiga Diagnostician: Book: Software Schematic .....14.95 Service Manuals .Call SAMS Computerfacts ..Call Dr. Ami (software) .29.35 AMI Alignment System ....28.50 Low cost remanufactured printheads .....Call Our 12th Year!
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v. icrc.1 11 Hours: 9-5 EST Rejuvenator A1000 Upgrade board w everything, incl. Diagnostic software package ($ 30 value) ....$ 479.00 512K RAM Module (A501) .49.50 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 ..32.50 1x1 100NS .6.50 256x4 120 all tCD.GVP .....5.50 1x8 80 SIMM .47.95 HP Laser Memory Board 1 Meg ..97.50 2 Megs .....147.95 4 Megs .....229.95 A500 Products AdRAM 540 0K ....96.85 Each aditional Meg of RAM....36.00 AdRAM 560D .....178.00 A2000 Products AdRAM 2080 0K 114.50 Each additional Meg of RAM..36.00 AdSCSI 2000 127.50 AdSCSI 2080 0K ...185.50 Each aditional Meg of RAM....47.95 AdSpeed 204.00 Flicker Free Video ..279.50 FlickerFixer ..229.95 £|V. Printer Port (runs any CBM printer to PC) .....34.95 Video Interlace Prof. (converts Amiga RGB to composite output, etc.) 99.95 Digital Graphics Library 1382 Third Ave. Suite 333 New York, NY 10021 212 978-8308 Dynamix 99 W. lOih, Suite 224 Eugene, OR 97401 503 343-0772 EasvScript! 10006 Covintgton Dr. Huntsville, Al. 35803 205 881-6297 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, GA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempe, AZ 85284 Free Spirit Software 1*0 Box 128, 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 215 683-5609 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, C )nt. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD DISK Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Haitex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston. SC 29413 803 881-7518 Hologramophone Research 638 Summit Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105 612 228-9142 Impulse 6870 Shingle Greek Parkway, Suite 112 Minneapolis, MN 55430 612 566-0221 Interactive Video Systems 7245 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite E Garden Grove, (iA 92641 714 890-7040 Intercore Development 7 Dover Hill Dr. Nesconset, NY 11767 516 361-6998 Interplay Productions 1061 N. Kraemer Place Suite B Anaheim, CA 92806 714 666-2911 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 1010 Marina Del Rev, GA 90291 213 578-9177 Konami 90(1 Deerfield Pkwy. Buffalo Grove, 11.60089 708 215-5100 Lake Forest Logic 28101 E, Ballard RcL Lake Forest. IL60015 708 816-6666
M. A.S.T. 1395 Greg St. Sparks, NV 89431 702 359-0444 MegageM 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 9315-1 805 349-1104 Microft Software P() Box 1072 Exton, PA 19341 215 MICRO FT MicroSearch 9896 Southwest Freeway I Iousion, TX 77074 713 988-2818 Mr. Hardware PO Box 148 Central Islip, NY 1 1722 516 234-8110 NEC Technologies 1414 Massachusetts Ave. Boxboro, MA 017019 508 264-8000 800 632-4636 Nerve Ware 171 E. 99l1i Si. 20 New York, NY 10029 212 369-1733 New’ Horizons Software 206 Wild Basin RcL Suite 109 Austin, INC 78746 512 328-6650 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Ibpeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Prices subject to change Wo ship worldwide Okidata 532 Fellowship kd. Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 800 654-3282 609 235-2(500 Pantone Inc. 55 Knickerbocker Kd. Moonachie, NJ 07074 201 935-5500 Precision Software 8404 Sterling St., Suite A Irving, IX 75063 214 929-4888 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 164 Kalamatli St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Psygnosis Ltd. 29 St. Man ’s Court Brookline,'MA 02146 617 731-3553 QMS One Magnum Pass Mobile, AL 36618 205 633-4300 800 523-2696 RCS Management 120 McGill Si. Montreal, Que. Canada II2Y 2F.5 514 288-7825 ReadySoft 30 Vveriheini Court, Unit 2 Riclunond 11 iII, ()m. Canada LIB IB9 416 731-4175 Right Answers Group PO Box 3699 Ibnance, (5A 90510 213 325-1311 Saxon Industries 14 Rockcress Gardens Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2( 5 5A8 613 228-8013 SherefT Systems 15075 S.W. Koll Pkwv. Suite G Beaverton. OR 97006 503 626-2022 Soft-Logik 11131 South low tic Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Software Publishing 1901 Landings Dr. Mountain View, CA 94043 415 962-8910 SoftWood PO Box 50178 Phoenix, AX 85076 602 431-9151 Star Micronics America 420 Lexington Ave. Suite 2702 New York, NY 10170 212 986-6770 Strategic Simulations 675 Almanor Ave., Suite 201 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 408 737-6800 Supra 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 Tab Books 13311 Monterrey Ave. Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294 800 822-8138 Texas Instruments PO Box 2909 Austin, TX 78769 800 527-3500 512 250-6679 The Disk Company 11040 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90025 213 478-6767 TTR Development 6701 Sevbold Rd. Madison, WI 53719 608 277-8071 UBI Soft Distributed by Electronic Arts Unili Graphics 143 I .on aine Ave. Pittsburg, CA 94565 415 439-1580 US Gold Distributed by Accolade Virtual Reality Laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 ¦ Spotlight on Software Action Stations ..31.99 Ami-Back .47.99 AMOS ......59.99 AMOS Compiler + 1,3 Upgrade......36.99 Armour-Geddon ......31.99 Art Department Professional ..149.00 Art Dept Pro Conversion Pack .55.00 AudoMaster III ..60.00 B A.D. 4.0 .31.99 Bane of the Cosmic Forge .35.99 Bane Cosmic Forge Survival Kit 13.00 Barney Bear Goes Camping ...22.50 Bars & Pipes Professional .216.00 Bars & Pipes Optional Disks ......37.99 Battle Chess II ...31.99 Baud Bandit ...... 31.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Bread & Butter Fonts 59.99 Brigade Commander .....29.99 CanDo 1.5 .....55.00 Cinnamon Toast Fonts ....59.99 Cross DOS 4.0 ...24.99 Das Boot ..35.99 Design Works 75.00 Discovery Math SpelOng 2.0 ....45.00 Distant Suns 4.0 .59.99 Doctor AMI ...31.99 Softwood, Inc. Animal or People Clip Art ..46.99 Classic or Collector's Clip Art 46.99 Electric Thesaurus ....31.99 Pen Pal ....85.99 Proper Grammar .....59.99 Back to School Special! Purchase ANY word processor and get Proper Gramma- for orty ..55.00 E-Z FM Synthesizer ..36.99 Elvira ..... 35.99 Eye of the Beholder 43.99 F-15 Strike Eagle II ....35.99 Flight of the Intruder 35.99 Gods ....33.99 Gunboat .31.99 Halls ol Montezuma 31.99 Harpoon ..43.99 HISoft BASIC Professional ...57.99 HyperBook ....64.99 ImageFlnder .....45.99 Imagine 195.00 Interface Design Kit 36.99 King's Quest V ...... 35.99 Lattice C SAS C .....199.00 Lemmings .. 31.99 Lunar Construction Set ..19.99 MR Back-Up Professional ..34.99 Map Master ... 59.99 Maverick .25.99 Maxi Ran +...... 58.99 Modievai Warriors ...31.99 Moonbase ....31.99 PageStream 2.1 . 185.00 PageStream forms: Business 24.99 Pelican Press .58.99 Pick N Pile .....28.99 Pixel 3D ....51.99 PowerMonger ...35.99 PowerPocker Professional ..19.99 Pro Vector ..... 175.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..... 95.99 QuarterBack 43.00 QuarterBack Tools ..63.00 Qwikforms for PageStream 25.99 Railroad Tycoon ......35.99 RX Tools ...34.99 Scala .....269.00 Scenery Animator ...59.99 Screen Maker .239.00 Secret of the Silver Blades 35.99 Secret of Monkey Island ...42.99 ShowMaker .229.00 Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 SpectraCdor 58.99 Speedball II ...31.99 SuperBack .....47.90 Teacher's Toolkit .....29.99 Team Yankee ...35.99 Vista Professional ....89.00 Wonderland .35.99 Workbench Management System . 32.99 World Class Soccer .24.99 CD, Inc. Ad IDE 40 ... Ad IDE 40 Shuffle Board ....
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* Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We have been the official Public Domain Library of all of the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source. WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentary volume with your next purchase. We have always used only SONY blank disks! New Disks FD63: Quizzsho1 an interactive multimedia quiz game show program thattests your knowledge of Dpaintlll The questions can be changed so you mayquiz on whatever topic you'd like. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunnersimulation Requires 1 meg ol chip memory FD61: Games Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Klide: aninteresting piece of eyecandy. Extreme Violence 2 player kill or bekilled game. VATC: A Tetris clone with Artitical Intelligence Genesis create realistic 3d fractal worlds. FD60: Games In Nebula, race over a 3d world to desiroy enemyinstallations. Interferon; a great Dr Mario clone. Enigma: is it a gameor a puzzle7 FD59; Game Potpourri Xenon III is an almosl exaci clone ol the commercral game ol the same name a great shootemup Crossword will take lists of words & automatically generate crossword puzzles for any Epson compatabfe printer FD58: GAMES! Includes Sleinschlag; a greal Telris clone Iron; Germany with music. Scombat: simulate batlle between up lo 40 players & monsters Imperium Romanum: Batlle up lo 4 players for control of the Mediterranean in this Risk-esque game. FD57; Arcade Games Includes 2 true commercial quality games. MegaBali is the successor to Bali; features 5 full musical scores, multiple leveis and addicting gameplay Gravity Attack is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds--each distinctly different. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2,0 This program is definitely commercialgrade; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation. WB94: Desert Storm This disk contains an interactive hypermediapreseniation about the conflict in the Persian Gull Very nicely done with colorful maps graphics. WB93: Workbench Extras 2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodoreshould have shipped wilh the Amiga; VrrusX4 0. Snap FixDisk (recovercorrupt deleted hies). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard), Machlll (screenblanker, hotkey, mouse accel . Macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubusterjand PnntStudio. Other Great Disks! FD5: Tactical Games BullRun - a Civil war batlle game Metro
- you play the role ol a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum Very very habit lormmg FD6: GAMES! • This disk is chock full ol games including; Checkers. Clue, Gold ¦ A new slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version ol Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: PACMAN ¦ This disk contains several pacrnan type games including; PacMan87. MazMan and Zonix. FD9: Moria •. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells. Similar to Lam and Hack. Play time several weeks' FD1Q: HackLite ¦ A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic This is the second release of this game on the Amiga Great Amiga graphic interface Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written lor any computer. Conlains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One.VideoPoker and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer it features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and greal gameplay Counts as 2 disks. Req 1 Mb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly, Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this rsiiiur d Disk DD79abcd: Amiga C Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language. Amiga orientated set ol tutorials available Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples of every topic on Amiga programming Four disk set, counts as three disk. Hball - an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix - a Qix lype clone FD17: Educational Games - Thts disk includes several games lor the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games ¦ MechForce(3 72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant. RoboMike machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel ol piloting a 30 - 40 loot tall, tire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games Marble slide, this is a truly commercial quality game Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability and entertainment. Mutants . A small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakout a pong arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes, Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses, MimBlasI a helicopter gunship lype clone. Shark in the same class as Iroger. And Sbreakout Ihe original breakout wilh more FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you’re the pilot ol a WWII plane Hying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted good luck on you mission. SpKiller - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retailor ¦ another great game FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation game Black Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games. ChessTel - play chess wilh your friend in dislant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an inlocom game), and MouseTrap ¦ a 3d maze game F032:Flight Simulator Includes an instrument llighi simulator for a DC 10 FD33: Arcade Games - Flreddy a mario brothers type of game. Gerbils a target practice game, Pipeline a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Tron a light cycles version, and weiroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD34: Games - Includes WellTrjx a derivative of the addictive game ol tetris, and new version of BackGammon Also included are several new "Schwabie type Hacks" FD35 Omega (v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and belter that all previous versions. Play time several weeks or months FD37a & brlactical Games Empire (2.2w) This greal game comes Highly recommended. With a full-featured graphic front end. FD38:Games - Cribbage Master A great cribbage game and tuior, Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic, Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction sol FD39a & b: Star Trek, The New Generation • This is a, completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias Now with English instructions. Very Excellent!!1 Counts as two disks Requires 512k memory. FD42:Games Includes SpaceWar3 - a remake of this original Amiga classic, Trippm - a fascinating board game of intrigue, strategy, and player manipulation. Dominion - an engrossing strategy game ol galactic war and conquest, Frog ¦ a frogger type clone, and Mines • a very good strategy board game FD44: Game - Mechlight is an out of this world role-playing adventure comparable lo hack and moria. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien hie forms, pick up a new amiga 9000, Most of all. Don'l forget to slay alive... FD47: Arcade Games Contains DownHill a demanding computer slalom ski game. MicroPac - a Workbench mini- pacman game. Crackuut - a break out clone Jet - a superb aerial doglight game. AmegaRace - an interesting asteroids type of game, and WmdyDay - a unique arcade shoot'em up FD49:Chaos Cheats ¦ This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance. One and a hall years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quality, highly recommended. FD52: Classics Games PetersQuesl a well done Mario brothers type ol game. Jymbc a iwo player missile command clone, and Vstank a lank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade - On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII fly ng ace arcade V B15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project lime management program and tmanciai analysis (stocks) V 816: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a rolodex program, and pennywise a good "Cash Book” accounting for home or office WB18: Word Text Processors ¦ This disk contains the best editors. Includes.TextPlus (v2.2e) a full featured word processor. Dme(vl 35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2.8) an enhanced Emacs lype editor, and a spell checker WB20: General Interest - DiskSalv V1.42 a disk recovery program for all Amiga file systems. FixDisk V1.0 anolher file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have, 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench. Clean
VI. 01 a program to de-fragment memory, Tracer - trace any pan of an image. WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great lonts. These, like Ihe other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot = 20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined (unction. BezSurl2 - produce awesome pictures ol objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map ill image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great (or DTP WG325:Educational On this disk are two programs (hat can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory ol Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 • MrBackup. KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and lloppy disk backups, FileMast - a binary lile editor. Labelprmter - Disk label printer with very powerful features WB27; Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ot beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs lor generating stunning graphics. Includes. MandelMountams - a realistic terrain generator. Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mosira - the best IFF display program to date, will d splay ALL IFF's including Dynamic HAM. Ana Sound a great IFF sound player, will play anything Try this disk' WB33:Circuit Board Design several terrific routines lor the e-ectronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26} a well done new release ol this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components” for insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge ol a CLI or Shell lor setup. Chatter Box ¦ this one will play any user detined sound after any event (le. D sk insert, mouse click, disk removal...). . Artm - The Amiga real lime monitor gives you lull control o4 Ihe Amiga OS very powerful program. Helper help program to make learning the CLI easier, and more' WB35: 3d Graphics - This disk contains several neat p-ograms to use with your 3d modehng raytracing programs 3dFonts - Full vector font set for use with 3d programs, FontMaker - make 3d fonts trom any system font, Make3DShape • create 3d shapes from any image, DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d * a demo program ol a front end lor use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images. Roses - produce an unlimited number ol variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. S mGen - display those spectacular images as part ol your qame. And Psycoblast new creation idea game FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar, HueyRaid a well done helicopter arcade game, and PowerPong a great expanded pong game. WB4:Telecommumnication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily. Access (1 42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm v1 34. But with the addition of transfer protocols, Comm (1 34) - Las! Version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102220 WB5 - Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are live PageStream fonts.and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6: Video Fonts 2 ¦ ShowFont(4.0) This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pls). WB7: Clip Art This disk is loaded wilh black and white clip art. Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more WB9:lcons - Truly a multitude ot various types and kinds Also includes IconMiester. IconLab. Ano others great utilities lo help generate icons V Bl0:Virus Killers - The latest and best VirusXl4.0|. Kv(2-1). And ZeroVirusD 3) WB11: Business - Clerk 4 0). Finally a full featured business accounting PD program lor ihe small lo medium company Includes receivables, payables, end ol month and uch more WB12: Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk ano file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts of hie manipulation. A must have' WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator • over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do it. With PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB14: Video- on this disk are several utilities for the video enthusiast. We have included multiple slates, video tilling. Bars and Tone Gray Scale, Screen fades and swipes, Inierlace toggles, and SMPTE Calculators Also on this disk is a lull featured video cataloging program WB36 cont. SimGen • display ihose spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade - a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. Wb37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books Ages 6 • 15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy 15 the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities A welcome addition to our library' Highly recommended. Plans ¦ a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very lull featured. Tesselator * a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures. WB39: Music - Intuitracker is a German oflering of an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. Lets you strip out music from your favorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40: Music • 'CD on a disk", 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. W841: Music • MED an incredibly well done, lull featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. WB43:Business - This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Requires 1 2 MS of memory' WB46:C!ip Art • HighRes clip art with the following motifs - embellishments (borders, dodads ... ). People, and transportation. WB48: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with the following motifs • Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49abc:Animation Sampler • On this three disk samoler set (counts as two disks) are some of the Pest animations that have been created over the last three years Several examples of "Movie" type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (coolroby. Watch, spigot and egg). Also several european style or "Demo" animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (aknhght. Copersme. Doc, dps20l0. Impact, and logodemo). These truly show off the creative edge of an Amiga1 SONY Blank Disks DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 (.89 cents ea) 25 for $ 18.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.00 (.68 cents ea) No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders. Canada and Me*ico ado S 15 each. Other toreign add $ 50 ea WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or "Demos", including • scientific 451, subway (a
U. S. entrant, also our favorite), sunnde, thrstdemo. Tnight, waves, and woow, WB51: Animation- On this disk are two excellent movie style animations including ShipRotation - a futuristic space ship orbiting a surrealistic world (one of the best), and RV-3 - a dpaintlll anim ol a rather wacked out airplane. WB53:Graphics The disk contains C-light - The easiest to use raytracing we have seen to date. This one started out life as a lull featured commercial product similar to Sculpt3d Raytracing programs can generate stunning, realistically shaded objects. Also, sMovie - a lull featured video text titler similar to ProVideo Broadcast Titter Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54:Printing • This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing. Includes Gothic * Finally a Banner printer for the PD' PrmtStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features. Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Applicalion - Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like "Dougy Howard M D". Cal - a calendar program. Magman - a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. W857;Animation - This disk has several "Demo" style animations, Including, Blitter, Lolly. Sun5, vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB59:Business - contains a great, very lull leatured stock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more. Exp. WB61 intermediate Utilities - tncludes programs to helo to drasticaly decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your armga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or ocilloscope, and more WB62;Midi Utilities ¦ Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transler to and Irom several music programs to midi, a midi, sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi into, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63:Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DiSK DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A18, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! 800 879-0759 Support 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 VALIDATION of corrupt disks W866:lcons 2 Lot's ot neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures. WB68:Music Utilities - several good utilities lor the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes, Noisetracker - a great music creation program. Sonix2MOD - converts sonix to mod files which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtraker. And MED. SpeakerSim - a speaker design tool demo, Wondersouno is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69; Music - This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga WB70:Desk Top Pub - Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts, Mac or IBM format .AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric fries. With this program open door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript type!, Calendar - month templates in PS form. Post - a full featured post script file display and print utility. WB71 ;C64 Emulation - The A64 Package is a complete, very powerful. Commodore 64 emulator WB75: Music ¦ over 100 instruments files (.inst) and sample sound files ( ss) for your music programs. WB76: Applications - This disk contains Suchery - 5 often requested knitting design program, Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility, SSS • this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games, Today - a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB78: AV - On this disk are two Amiga Vision programs (bubbler, synci written by Lou Wal:ace, chief technical editor of Amiga World These programs are marvelous examples of how too s with AV WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct * the most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar • a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what time it is in up to 50 global cities WB80;Graphtcs - Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images often consisting of highly polished spheres and objects. 3-D Master is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars. WB81: Great Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don't let the ease ol use fool you this is a very full leatured database program including full printer control tor address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes. TypeTut a good typing tutor, RLC a lull featured label printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. WB82:Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations. Including. Coyote, Jugglerll, GhostPool. And Mechanix. Two disk set, counts as one1 WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 yeats WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs for manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff Image processing package. WB86: Amiga Vision - Contains the Centurion Press. An Amiga newspaper by Lou Wallace. WB88abc: The Complete BibJe - A three disk set. With the entire text ot the New Testament and Old Testament. Great search utilities WB90: Rippers, Strippers and Beats - For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music Irom your favorite games and programs. Music can then be played with your favorite Pd Music program. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk can require moderate knowledge of the Cli. DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS - This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples, PopCLIJ - The latest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal Includes. A68k (1 2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCO (1.0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1.01) lully K&R zcc(1.0) front end. A68k(l .2) assembler, Blink linker. R Please send me the following: Enter disk id (Ex, DD17, FD5, WB3) Foreign Shipping $ _ Handling $ 2.00 Total Due $ Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add S.25 each, Foreign add S.50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds. A minimum of 520.00 required on credit card orders. Account Signature. Name Address City. ST Zip. Phone ( ). Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ???? , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain_ DD50: Arexx 2 - a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2 3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis, DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc(2.3), Lharc(1.0). Lhwarp(1.03), Pkax(l.O), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, Zip(l.O), Warp(2 04). And Zoo(2 0). Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF files. DD55; ARP - On this disk you will find ihe complete ArpRelS.O release including the full user docs, the full Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release
13. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - like Cross-dos. Copies files to and Irom MS-DOS, Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa, Also several utilities that improve your startup sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62; Basic and Xscheme - Cursor • a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and f1ext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programed, and Xscheme - an interpreted object orientec language. DD64 Amiga Programmers Manual - The fully comprehensive Amiga programming manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials1 DD65 C Tutorials - Several well done tutorials on how to program the Amiga Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes, Sound implementation. Arcade game design and implementation, Double Buffering, and others. A must have for Amiga Programmers. DD66 Programming TooiBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager and many more wonderful time savers! DD69:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga's and share resources. MemMomtor ¦ Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD71 :C compiler - This disk contains Dice, Matthew Dilion's full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. DD72:VT Emulators - Contains three powerful full featured vt emulators, with many advanced features including kermit, xmodem and tektromx protocols. VaxTerm. VLT. And more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN77 environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler DD78; Menus & System Enhancements - Several neat programs to aid in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adcing WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation Guarantee We believe so strongly in our product that we otter a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. _ Total disks x$ _ each $ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ . Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ Sony Blank Disks $ _ CA residents add 7.00% sales tax $ _ THE AMIGA EVENT 2.0 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA AmiEXPO brings the AmigarM Event to Oakland Convention Center, October 4-6, 1991! Don't miss: State of the Art Video, Graphics, and 3D Software Hardware to Expand your Amiga to the Max Bargains on the Hottest Software and Hardware Amiga Classes, Seminars and Keynote Events & World Premieres of Major Amiga Products KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS WOW ’EM! Each meeting clay a special presentation will highlight the best in Amiga technology: Friday, 5:00 PM THE AMIGA VIDEO MACHINE Special MuhiMedia Event AMIGA WORLD PREMIERE Saturday, 12:00 Noon THE CDTV EXPERIENCE The Future of Horne Entertainment AMIGA WORLD PREMIERE Sunday, 12:00 Noon THE ART OF THE AMIGA Next Generation Graphics Today AMIGA WORLD PREMIERE The Parc Oakland Hotel is the official AmiEXPO headquarters hotel, and is located at 1001 Broadway, adjacent to the Oakland Convention Center. Rooms are available for a special AmiEXPO discount rate: SI05 Single or $ 125 Double. To make a reservation, call the Parc Oakland directly at 415-451-4000. HOTEL DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 18, 1991. American Airlines, the official carrier for AmiEXPO is pleased to offer a 5% discount off any fare to Bay Area airports. Call American at (800) 433-1790 and give them Star File 07Z14K. .... TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE Advance registration will save you $ 5 off the on-site fee - and time in line. Call us at 1 800-32- A MIC j with a Visa or MasterCard or return the coupon with a personal check or money order made out to AmiEXPO. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 12. 1991 SINGLE DAY TICKET $ 15.00 MULTI-DAY TICKET $ 20.00 These prices already reflect the $ 5 discount. Prices are $ 5 more at the door. No refunds or cancellations after the pre-registration deadline. Your registration to AmiEXPO includes admission to the Exhibition, Keynote Sessions, Amiga Seminars, and the AmiEXPO Artists Theatre. This Preliminary Program is subject to change. FREE AMIGA SEMINARS AmiEXPO Seminars and Panels are all included FREE with your admission to the Exhibits. Each day, experience the best and the latest that Amiga developers and users have to offer. FRIDAY 1:00 AMIGA MUSIC VIDEOS 2:30 GRAPHICS OF THE 1991 ART & VIDEO AWARDS 3:00 INSIDE WORKBENCH 2.0 5:00 SPECIAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION SATURDAY 11:00 VIDEOS OF THE 1991 ART & VI DEO AWARDS 12:00 SPECIAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 1:30 AMIGA MULTIMEDIA 3:00 GRAPHICS OF THE 1991 ART & VIDEO AWARDS 4:00 EXTENDED GRAPHIC DISPLAYS SUNDAY 12:00 SPECIAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 1:30 VIDEO PRODUCTION FUNDAMENTALS 3:00 VIDEOS OF THE 1991 ART & VIDEO AWARDS 4:00 NEXT GENERATION AMIGA GRAPHICS SHOW HOURS October 4 Friday 1 PM to 6 PM October 5 Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM October 6 Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM . PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation of your registration. No tickets will be mailed to you. When arriving at show site, go to Advance Registration lo claim your tickets. If you are registering more than one person, please use a separate coupon for each person. AmiEXPO is a registered trademark of AmiEXPO. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. AmigaWorld Magazine is a registered trademark of IDG Communications, Inc. OCTOBER 4-6 RELEASE I NOVICE CLASSES MAKE IT EASY AmiEXPO offers two Novice Classes for those beginning with the Amiga and computing in general. Each class is 3 hours long, costs $ 30 per person and is limited to 40students. BASIC AMIGA CONCEPT’S 10-1, Fri.& Sun.; 2-5, Sat.
• Introduction to All Amiga Models • All Peripheral Expansion
• Workbench 2.0 Coverage • Beginning CLI Sponsored By AMIGA WORLD UNDERSTANDING THE CLI 2-5. Fri. & Sun.: 10- L Sat.
• Unleash your Amiga’s Power * Most Essential CLI Commands
• Exploring Public Domain • The World of Telecommunications MASTER CLASSES - MEET THE EXPERTS To efficiently get the most out of your Amiga, you need an expert, Amiga Master Classes are designed to provide information on important professional topics. There are six different topic areas, divided into Introductory
(I) and Advanced (II). Each class runs 3 hours, costs $ 60 per person and is limited to 40 students. AMIGA VIDEO Instructor: Oran J. Sands HI VIDEO I 10-1, Friday and Saturday
• Basic Video & Amiga Relationship • Video Hardware
• S-Video vs NTSC • Video Software Overview VIDEO II 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Continuation of Video I • Optimizing Video Output
• Video Toaster * Pro Video Post • Genlock Comparison AMIGA GRAPHICS Instructor: Jim Sachs GRAPHICS I 10-1, Friday and Saturday
• Basic Graphic Concepts * Anti-aliasing * HAM Painting
• Palette Selection • Brush Painting • Stencils GRAPHICS 11 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Advanced Graphic Displays • Image Processing
• Animation Planning * Beyond Bitmaps • Going to Print AMIGA ANIMATION Instructor: Steve Segal. ANIMATION I 10-1, Saturday and Sunday
• 2D Character Animation • Digitized Animation
• Story boarding ¦ Character Design * Recording The Work ANIMATION 11 2-5. Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Animation * Character Modelling •
• Texture & Bump Mapping • Solid Modeling • Ray Tracing AMIGA 3D Instructor: Tony Dispoto 3D I 10-1, Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Concepts • Modeling • Rendering Engines • Lighting
• Scuplt-Animate 4D * Turbo Silver * Imagine 3D II 2-5, Saturday and Sunday
• Continuation of 3D I * 24 Bit Rendering • Use of Paths
• Optical Disk Recording • 3D Animation * AMIGA AREXX Instructor: R. L. Stockton AREXX I 10-1, Sunday
• Basic Language Structure * Libraries
• Host Addresses * String Handling AREXX 11 2-5, Sunday
• Commercial Applications • Non-Amiga Rexx
• Arexx in WB 2.0 * Graphical User Interfaces AMIGA MULTIMEDIA Instructor: Steve Gillmor MULTIMEDIA I 10-1, Friday
* Multimedia Defined * Choosing Your Tools
• Hypertext and Hypermedia • Analysis of Student Projects MULTIMEDIA II 2-5, Friday
* Commercial Applications * Arexx in Multimedia
• Multimedia Design • CDTV and CD-Rom Development Now Here: AmiEXPO SUMMER VIDEO • COVERING EXHIBITS, SEMINARS, & CLASSES A FULL HOUR OF THE LATEST AMIGA INFO • ONLY $ 20 (+ $ 1.50 S&H) • ORDER BELOW! The AmigaWorld Buy 2 TC14. A 3-D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3-D ray traced animation. Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and address book. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. TC16. Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text files to print on both sides of the paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multimedia presentations and a mouse-driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, The World’s Smallest Baseball Arcade Game." TC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Girce. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to 100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. Get 1 TC26, Generate word search puzzles. Join the war between the Allied Navy and the Empire Fleet. Search binary and or text files for a particular word or string. Get rid of cigarettes, alcohol, pills and needles with DrugBusters. Plus, fun machine sounds, and Early American vector objects. TC23. Create small windows from CLI scripts. Find the letter, file or program you misplaced on your drive. Play the strategic game of Dyno- Wars. MatheMagic lets you find the day of the week for any date in this century; provides the mean, standard deviation, skew and kurtosis for selected data; finds a polynomial to a set of XY data; and solves a set of algebraic equations. TC25. Save your screen to an IFF file. One or two can play “Warrior”, a fun shoot-’em-up adventure game. See how fast your Amiga does solid-poiygon animations. Change the colors of your screen. Examine memory at any location in the Amiga. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian Provinces. ¦¦ TC31. Personalize and print calendars to organize your schedule. Display your total memory available. See how fast you can deliver pizzas. Perform basic formatting of text files. TC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depths of the CL! Window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Silver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. ORDER FORM m Circle your selection below and enclose this form with proper payment. Buy two items at $ 12.95 each and select an additional one FREE! TC14 TC23 Product total $ TC16 TC25 Add $ 3.50 postage handling for each order (Canada & Mexico $ 5.00, Foreign orders $ 11.50) $ TC21 TC26 Canadian orders add 7% GST $ TC22 TC31 (GST reg. 126038405} Total enclosed $ Check I money order enclosed Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa NAME ? Amex ? Discover ADDRESS EXP. DATE CARD* SIGNATURE CITY STATE MAIL ORDER TO: Tool Chest Back Issues TCBI991
P. O. Box 802 * 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-0100 ZIP InfoMarlcet ZING 256 x 1 150n s $ 1.19 ea. 256 x 1 120n.s 1.39 ea. 1 meg x 1 80n.s.....5.75 ea, 1 meg x 1 100n.s...5.25 ea. 256 x 4 Bon.s ..5.75 ea, 256 x 4 70n.s ..5.95 ea. 256 x 4 Son.s. zips,.6.50 ea, 256 x 4 100n.s. zips .6.00 ea. 64 x 4 100n.s ..3.00 ea. Paula I Denise 26.50 ea. 1 meg x8Simm80ns46 50 ea 1 x4 DIPS in stock .....CALL 1 x 4 Page ZIPS .CALL FATTER AGNUS 95.00
1. 3 Klckstart ROM....29.95 For Amiga 3000 1 X 4 Static Zips ...25 99 256 x 4 0On s Static Zips 7.00 APO FPO, AK fi HI. Foreign Call lor shipping charges 4 meg - $ 278.00 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add *4.00 S&H Add $ 4.00 COD VISA I MCI CHECK COD Other chip speeds avail. CALL OPEN 4 00 pm to 10 00 pm EST S&H S4 00 ALL ORDERS SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS 1ST CLASS’ BASICFooTbail is here1 BASICFooTball is a fully animated 11 on n loolball strategy game, written ENTIRELY in AmgaBasic' BASIC PROGRAMMERS: BASICFooTball is not compiled1 View BASICFooTbatl's code and learn techniques that can increase memory for Basic 400N1 Unlock the powerful animation, and sound routines that can be used in almost any game you wish to create BASICFooTball even comes with a manual that explains in detail all code used in this fantastic software package FOOTBALL FANS: Stop watching TV SPORTS and play the computer game that lets YOU be the HEAD COACH on the GRIDIRON1 In BASICFooTball you can play against a Irienc or a computer coach that really challenges ihe skill of the footoali gamer BASICFooTball at Si9 99 is economical in times of skyrocketing software prices Plus all orders received on or oefore 31 AUG 91 will receive a pack ol (5) 3 5‘ disks w labels ABSOLUTELY FREE1 So order loday1 TO ORDER CALL (604) 591-7275 or WRITE MahoneySdlT
P. O BOX 2962 Newport News, VA 23609 ,TTCUTlnll BASIC PROGRAMMERS ATTENTION: & FOOTBALL FANS Internal Amiga Drives $ 79.96 External Amiga Drive & 512K Ram Card $ 129.96 Order Only Line BBS Tech Support
(800) 323-6511 (813)977-3940 (813)977-6511 FREE SHIPPING! ROCTEC SPECIAL ; f s z: r* OA rlLOd 1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa, FL. 33612 CPUs 68000 16 Mhz ...$ 35.00 68010 8 10 Mhz ..19.95 68020 16 Mhz .....75.00 20 Mhz ....99.00 33 Mhz ..199.00 68030 25 Mhz 279 00 33 Mhz ..345.00 50 Mhz ..375.00 Math Co's 68881 12 Mhz .....69.00 16 Mhz .....75.00 20 Mhz ....50.00 25 Mhz ..125.00 68882 20 Mhz Speaal.99.99 68882 25 Mhz ...225.00 33 Mhz ...275.00 50 Mhz ...350.00 All Crystals 10.00 ea. SPIRIT BOARDS IN 1000 17, meg-$ 225.00 XRAM 500 1000 • 2 meg - $ 299,00 GVP A200Q RAMB 2 meg - $ 169.00 MEMORY WORLD Street Rd. & Bristol Pike MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! Circle 94 On Reader Service Card. Circle 78 On Reader Service Card Circle 97 On Reader Service Card Authorized Amiga Service Center
2. 0 Operating System and E.C.S. arriving this month. Super Denise B373 Chip $ 79.95 Workbench 2.0 Call Kickstan 2.0 Call SUPRA M' tfo** 14TC0 M0RK n Smwii 1 11 00 1227 M IWS00 2400 USX BwUWn 24»P»aSi7S.K aaaaBBBB DRAMS
256. 1 255X1
255. 1 255X4 1X1-SO SIMMS A3000 MEMORY STATIC ZIPS W CikI IX* eo 528-95 255X4 ao SSS9 w; W _L 31A" YOUR a=ST qco"i
* bci$ SLBj!C? TC CHJLHSt ¦nTKJu- »C!« 51 75 si eo 51 00 55 05 55 SS 80 ’ I '.5 SC 1XS so 5*7 50 4X9 60 5220 00 DKR Software in* 2MB OF CM W POLlEH IK&tQEH II «. ¦ • .'£-«* 12(9 91 41 SCO M6BMA4. MEMORY 8HU SWITCH BETWEEN YOUR ROMS Over 600 products In stock for Immediate shipping. Please call us. We probably have whet you need. We do repairs on Amiga computers with 2-4 day turnaround. A500 $ 125*S H, A2000 S190+S H. Call for shipping on other Items. KvilCKSTAFIT II 410CO ROM BHD WfO*0 * K9S1 o MULllSTAAT H 45X2000 HCU Bno vioncu $ r**i MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB SMB 1 x 8-80 SIMM $ 45 50 91 180 356 4 x 8-80 SIMM 199,00 199 396 256 x 4-80 5,50 88 176 349 1 x 1-80
5. 50 88 176 349 256 X 1-80
1. 75 112 192 384 1x4-80 SC ZIP
27. 50 110 220 432 1CD AdRAM $ 40 89 175 255 _ I CD AdRAM 2080 119 199 279 429 IVS META 4 _ 229 319 GVP II 8 SCSI HC 199 289 379 549 AdSCSI 2080 179 269 359 529 TRUMP PRO A50W9M ....459 AdlDEyTEAC 43M......339 DL EXPRESS MNP FAX.....205 AdSPEED ..209 A2000 rNT. FLOPPY .....85 A500INT FLOPPY __99 SUPRAMODEM 2400 ...99 SUPRA 500RX I'm.....135 B1GFOOT A500 POWER 85 K XP 1180 ......159 STAR NX 242UR 309 KXP 1124 .249 ORDERS 800-735-2633 Visa MC Info & Prices: 408-626-2633 Fax 408-626-0532 Call for Current Quantity Pricing. VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 - Carmel, CA 93922
1. 3 ROM Chip 5 29.00 0520 CIA Chip .16.50 Fatter Agnus Chip 1M B 90.00 A500 Replace Drive 119.00 All RAM Chips in Stock Call Paula Chip .36-00 A2000 Internal Drive 99.00 Quantum 52S H.D 309.00 Epyx 500XJ Joystick 12.00 A500 HD Power Supply ., 94.00 A2000 Kbd from Com 105.00 A500 Keyboard S 95.00 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 A200Q PS. W s 0 .119.00 Software Hut, Inc. 2534 S. Broad St. Philadelphia. PA 19145 Big Foot PS. A500 .....109.00 A500 Repl. Drive w s o 94.95 DKB 2 Meg Chip RAM Board ...... .. 249.95 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB . 95.00 Agnus Extractor Dy Com .16 95 Denise Chip .....35.00 Quantum 10SS H D 449.00 SyQyesi 44M0 Removeabio ...389.00 Syquest 44MB Cartridge . 04.00 Cary iCCNp ..., 17.00 00 Meg Drive for GVP ACC ......469.00 nsr (BOO) 648-0079 mto. In PA or for info. « call (215)462-2268 Fax (215) 339-5336 To order call NEW MWLYfcW R4U SCO TOTC .'-?gi $ 129 05 B4SLBCAR3
* 2000,43000 196 '5 DCYC-UMAYI . IDSr IB'S tSYOufl BEST Ivvl SJUI MT TO PROTECT YOUR 4 MG* Hard Quir.tun 105s Ip Qiumum 52s Ip Connor 40 Ip* Misioi SO Ip? Drives lfcm S435 19ms 5275 24ms $ 219 17ms SJ65 A1000 Hard Drive Kit
* COMPLETE 12MEG SYSTEM HURRY LIMITED SUPPLY $ 4*9 «¦ _ “ " - V Aamiga Warehouse ORDERS DULY 800-942-9505 TECH SUPPORT 714-283-0499 COD | AM EX Aamjga Warehouse Tttoe (Memory Sp cialiSl EXPANSION SYSTEWS 0*TA>l»lH SCO 11*100 04T4HYIHSC0 ..4»r*e SM4 05 2*T*‘LYtH 2000 Ui M MEMORY Circle 98 On Reader Service Card. Circle 86 On Reader Service Card Circle 69 On Reader Service Card NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF * HAM * Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color Call or Wrilo for order loem, price list & sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 93230 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(213) 390-3010 ATTENTION PAGESTREAM USERS! Now you can have pcrlccllv shaded objects for your PageStream
2. 1 documents using SHADES • HH) levels of shading • Any color gradient to white using screens ¦ Scale. Stretch, and Rotate • Over 25 different styles and shapes * Use as background or foreground objects* Resolution independent* No more jaggies • No more 16 level greys • No More I leudachcs! Now Only $ 24.95 CAM. I-HtMI-9ft7-(ikFX (47.39) Or Send Check or Moncv Order To: SOURCE GRAPHICS: 56 S. Sable FF207. Aurora. CO 8IXH2 Colorado Residents: add V Sales Tax Call in (303) 344-2244 TM NEW UPGRADE FOR AMIGA 500* OWNERS (Stay Current with Latest A3000 Technology) MegAChip by "DKB" is now available for the A50O. STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. Utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 in your ABOO (or A2000). Utilize 2MB of chip RAM for graphics, multitasking, sound, etc. (Uses Amiga 3000 8372B 2MB Agnus chip.) $ 332.00 less substantial rebate if applicable. Includes FREE Rockwell chip puller a MUST! »np THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St., Suffern, NY 10901 we Ship Worldwide 1 -800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Hours: 9-5 est Fax: 914*357-6243 1ME1EEEH ELECTRONIC SERVICES ;»»»£*« INTERNATIONAL CSA Accelerators * Disk Drives ¦ Joysticks * Memory Expansion Printers ¦ Software • Upgrade Chips ¦ Customized Systems COMPLETE AMIGA WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Bodega Bay * Commodore * C.S.A. • Gold Disk * G.V.P. • I.C.D, Konix * Motorola ¦ NewTek • Quantum • Spirit * Supra * Syquest Technical Support Line 1-800-729-4361 Visa MC I COD TANGENT COMPUTER SYSTEMS InfoMarket Amiga Public Domain Software Distributor ONLY $ 2.00 PER DISK! We have over 700 PD disks. Titles include Fred Fish, Amicus,
T. B.A.G., S.M.A.U.G., T.C.U.G., and more. Efficient same-day service. Call or write for a Free Brochure and Disk Catalog. TCS * P.O. BOX 4534 • San Dimas, CA 91773-8534 • (714)592-5924 Cj SIZZLING SOFTWARE ir" ~ We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software. Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send S10, Signed Statement of Age (21+) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, Wl 53201 COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER Colors: Black, Red. Blue, Green, Brown. Purple, Yellow Ribbons: Price Each Black Color T-Shirt Brother M11Q9
4. 95
5. 95 700 Citizen GSX !40
4. 00
5. 00 7 50 Citizen GSX 140 4C « ? * Okidata 192
5. 00
7. 50 Panasonic 1124
5. 00
7. 50 Seikosha SP1600
4. 50
6. 00 7,50 Star NX 1000
3. 50 4 50 675 Star NX 1000 4C
6. 25
10. 00 T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbon) Colors: Black, Red, Blue. Green. Brown. Puiple. Yellow Minimum orders $ 25 00. Minimum S&H $ 4.50. Call for other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec are subject to change without notice. RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475. Manteno, IL 60950 USA USA (800) 522-6922 or (815) 468-8081 Canada (800) 621-5444 + AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT + % Stop sending out your Amiga A500 A2COO lor repairs. II is now possible 10 save a lot ol time and money by re pairing your own Amga computer AH mips provided In the Kit a'e direct socket plug Ins and do not require sol dertng Each Wl incudes ad one needs to ‘start up" or revive a broken computer Originally "busier' packaged lor government Pxs woddv do and now available lo me general pubflc Tota! Cosl savings far exceeds purchasing chips on an indvxjual basis 28 different sympioms = lauity pals} with ttwlr remedies are layed out In me Amiga Diagnostician book. W tiicn Is supplied as part of Bus emergency startup wi DIA-14 KIT CONTAINS: 0'jsler Chip (U300) 052OA CIA Chip, E362 1 2 Bright Derise. 8370 Agnus Chip. 5719 Gary Chip. PLCC Chip Puller. Basic Schematic. Amiga Diagnosnoan Booklet ana Special Tesi Diskette witti the following tests: Key board, Hi Res. 1 2 Brt.. Double Buffeierl Animation. Mouse & Agnus tests A $ 195.50 value lor S99.50 m _ THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. W -iil 3 Chostnul St.. Sufforn. NY 10901 We Snip Worldwide 1 BOO 292 7445 or 914-357 2424 Hours: 9-5 EST Fax; 914 357-6243 " MORE MEMORY FOR LESS r $ 25.99 each $ 26.95 ea. Now Thai You've Got That Amiga. Learn How To Use It! $ 29.95 Each (Plus S2.75 Tape S&H) MasterCard, VISA, Check. COD Call For Our Product Guioe $ 50.00 each NEW for Amiga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 1 meg x 4 32 Pcs FPU Math Co-processor 68881 20 Mhz 68882 20 Mhz $ 99.00 8087-3 for bndgeboards $ 50.00 MEMORY WORLD Street Rd. & Bristol Pike - Plaza II. Suite 134 - Bensalem. PA 19020 Ann: Amiga Dept. 32K Buffer Chip Only Panasonic Printer $ 20.00
1124. 1524, 1624, 1180. 1191 w instructions 32K avail, for Citizen Printer $ 35.00 Memory Board HP Lasei Printer (Specify Model) 1 meg $ 89.00, 2 meg $ 139.00, 4 meg $ 205.00 215-244-7930 Fax 215-244-7932 Add $ 4 00 SAH Add $ 7 CO 2nd Day Add $ 4 00 COD VISA MC Check COD Tape 1 - Mastering Workbench & CLI Tape 2 - DeskTop Publishing with PageStream Tape 3 - The Power ol AmigaVision Tape 4 - Advanced DTP with PageStream 2.0 Tape 5 - The Workbench 2.0 Video Guide Orders: 1-800-234-0678 Horizon Video Productions. Inc, 6076-A Franconia Road Inquiries: (703)971 0001 Alexandria. VA 22310 A-ga sra V.o'-wci- a-* •¦*:*t-jns o* c?- occ-? A .gj i-c at •j.iv.i.o'’ i a t-aoanra'H c: C;: I- *: Pjs*Sve.ar s a ol Sol Le • I'.s e -g Ccf£crj!-an___ The Amiga Digest Video Series LIGHTWAVE 3D ANIMATIONS to video tape Quality Service - Affordable Price September DISCOUNTS - Call for Details! A NEW LIGHT VIDEO (704) 299-4341 PO BOX 18311 Asheville, NC 28814 Own a Bridgeboard ? You’re not alone anymore! Subscribe to CROSSINGS, the newsletter devoled to Amiga PC compatibility. Published monthly since December 1989. SUS40 U.S. Canada. SUS50 overseas air mail. (212) 369 8131 for more info.
- New! On-disk Bridgeboard orientation tutorial (requires AmigaVision) $ US 19.95 + S2.00 S&H check or money order. (NY state residents include applicable sales tax.) Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Deland Editorial Services, Ste 26E, 345 E. 93 St., New York NY 10128 USE ANY PC AT COMPATIBLE KEYBOARD WITH YOUR AMIGA TM aaagga OPTIONS y** ANY ¦"-Sy ANY AMIGA' FLEXIBILTY (pc at- compatible) - aiooo. Asoco. A3Q0o AFFORDABILITY N keyeoard ___ - -V i A5G0 =KB-Talker=s NO SOFTWARE RECUIRED ¦ TRANSPARENT TOYRtt‘SE -A~TC?fAND IBM PC KEYMAPS SELECTABLE ON 7H-FLY GAME. REBOOT. AND BRIDGEBOARD COMPATIBLE: PASS-THRU CAPABILITY FOR A2000 KEYBOARDS. £1: KEYBRD EXTENSION CORD d KEYCAP LABELS. OPTIONAL ADAPTER INTERFACE CABLE KIT FOR AqOQ USERS_ Co-Tronics Engineering, p o Box sue. Glendale, az 85312 5us, (314) 429-2644 Adult Graphics, Vol. 1 THE ULTIMATE AMIGA GRAPHICS DEMO Public domain collection of attractive adult graphics. 1 disk: $ 10; 3 disks: $ 25; 10 disks: $ 39; 15 disks: $ 44. Shipping and handling is INCLUDED! State that you are over 18. Send Check or Money Order to: Data Foundations • Dept. 100B, PO Box 9324, Akron, OH 44305 COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) S75.00 includes parts labor 1-800-344-4102 24 Hour Turnaround A&M Computer Repair 20 Guernsey Dr., New Windsor, New York 12550
(914) 562-7271 Dealers Call For FREE Catalog AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs If you've written something special for the Amiga, and would like to cam some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you'll be the next Tool Chest Start AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Muga Jnc 80 Him St., Peterborough, NH 03458 InfoMarket FREE - 6 DISKS - FREE FULL OF AMIGA® HITS TRY US! Get 6 3.5" disks full of our bestselling software. Animation Business - Games - Education - Utilities
- Finance. Or order our 50+ image collection of clip art or our special !s package - all FREE! PAY ONLY $ 5.00 SHIPPING HANDLING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SINCE 1985 CREDIT CARDS ONLY ‘ ORDER TODAY SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS 619 931-8111 Circle 90 On Reader Service Card EXPRESS 0AZING 1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa, FL. 33612 SHARP SPECIAL JX-100 (4X6) SCANNER $ 649.96 NEW JX-SOOCfAGE) SCANNER $ 1999.96 Re-Conditioned AMIGA * IBM * MAC Order Only Line BBS Tech Support
(800) 323-6511 (813)977-3940 (813)977-6511 FREE SHIPPING! Circle 76 On Reader Service Card Special Offer on Amiga 1000 Computers Amiga 1IKM) Computer ....$ 349.95 Amiga 1084 Monitor .....$ 199.95 1010 Disk Drive .$ 69.95 Through a special purchase with Commodore Business Machines, we have a number of A1000 computers, 1010 drives and 1084 monitors in stock. They are refurbished by Commodore and are in like new shape with all cables, manuals, warranty card, etc. They come with a full 90 day warranty. Please order early as quantities are limited. We also carry the following products for the A1000: Insider II w OK (1.5MB Cap) .$ 199.00 Each 512K RAM for Insider II ..30.00 Kwik Stan II .... 79.95 Special With the purchase of an Amiga lOOO, you may buy a 10T0 Disk Drive and 1680 Modem tor S59.95. C „ . A*. To order call
- Software Hut, Inc. L&- (goo) 848-0079 2534 S. Broad St. -5- In PA or tor Info. Philadelphia, PA 19145 SHSIH'H!! Fax (215) 339-S336 88 On Reader Service Card The InfoMarket AMIGAWORIJ)'s InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. Amiga Wo rid is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as
B. Daiton and Walden Books. To reserve your 1 12 or 1 9 page display ad call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA, COMTflOyrRUCTIOfl a ypaca gama of hfl and ytratag In this addictive game you and your opponent take turns constructing energy ducts through space. Avoid mine fields, use warp gates and hinder the enemy as you both race towards completion!
* play against a friend or the computer
* hard drive installable, I Meg memory
* randomly drawn space fields
* A3000 version included $ 29.95 he XatOX HA$ Xk& U This is the only animated Tarot program for the Amiga. Learn how to read the cards yourself or have the computer tell your fortune for you!_$ 24.95 Please mall check or money order to: EMDIQE CQAPH1C& JSXSS* W I z lor the Amiga® Computer S299.00 A Full-Featured Digitizing Tablet Is Now Within Reach!
* 7.5” x 7.5” Active Area
- lOOO Lines Per Inrh Resolution ? 5 Year CalComp I lardware Warranty
• OS Release 2 Compatible ¦ .All Amiga© Models (uses serial port) ¦ G-Button Cursor Optional Includes Wiz Tablet. Pen. Cable. Power Supply & TriMedia Driver & Control Software GO E. Hint Rci. Wheeling, IL 60090
(708) 520 0730 TrlMEaiA incorporated "CMCarC ta & **y *>*r1 pf CiCa-t kic »S I ‘rtrsvtrma •* Ccrr- fq-ff. Jt.-igi 1ft Circle 87 On Reader Service Card. Circle 60 On Reader Service Card VISA “I I I I I TM 800-345-8619 CALL FOR BEST PRICING OH ALL DISKETTES isssr * EXCLUSIVE * AMIGA A5GQ PC (MOTHER) BOARD (Limited Quantity)
• Assemble your own (full) Amiga computer • Each board is populated (all chips), tested & ready to go. Also sold unpopulated. • Keep as a spare (cost of the chips alone far exceed the cost of this board). * All other parts (power supply, drive, etc.) are availabfe from us. * Fantastic savings over purchasing a new unit. * Overseas? We will convert it to PAL foirnat for you. CALL FOR PRICING INFORMATION THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St., Suffern. NY 10901 We Snip Worldwide 1 -800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Hours 9-5 EST Fax 914-357-6243 SONY 3.5" DSDD .51 GENERIC 3.5* DSDD .39 (MIN. 100) OR 415-490-4163 I I NATIONAL DISKETTES Talking Picture Dictionaries SPANISH * GERMAN * CHINESE * JAPANESE ' Ail Words ana Phrases Fu ly Digitized Speecn For the ' Se en-DisH Set W Manual. Ori'line Dictionary, Ou 2 es m ... J
* 25 30 Topics such as Weather. Numt>»rs. FockJ. Etc, Mmiya Romance Languages: S89.95 Oriental Languages: $ 129,95 R irRrntharc Inf* liuw‘puili Unfiusr»bcnnrdtrina.Ttcp r ail Ul UlllGIZf, IIH*. Horror.-liable Sm J si fm dcmr, di.k 5054 S. 22nd St. ireh rii.mii-puuipuhiiij*! Arlinnton A rnpurch.in •cnilitm.k ormi'ncy nrdct rtrnngion, vm ztcuo ,mires iruu *t Add I'm
(703) 820 1954 -n».n AUDIO GALLERY fSpSfl Frym: English: Ch;r,!«: The Last Word Kudos, complaints, comments. Concerns, and contributions from our readers. Shame on You! At first. I thought the magazine I received in the mail today was a belated April Fool's joke, but 1 slowly realized that this JH fV-looking book was actually AtnigalVorld'. As a long-time Amiga W orld subscriber. I 'm very disappointed in the changes. And to add insult to injury, there’s not even a peep from die editorial stall’about "streamlining operations to serve you better,” or what not. Casey Perry (dil urn bus, Ohio Peep: lev, Casey, we did combine three columns (Headliners. Ithat's New?, and PD Prospector) info one (Overscan). This cleared the wax for I ideo Suite, and left more e how room for oar bread and butter, which is articles and reviews. Editors On the Other Hand... I want to let you know dial I very much approve of the changes that have been made in AMIGA World over die past vear or so. I would also like lo add my voice to that of others who have requested more in-depth technical coverage in Amiga World. I'm sure there are technical articles that could be adapted from the Tech journal for republication in AW. Dan Young liramploti, Ontario Of Elephants And CDTV A few thoughts prompted by your | mie issue... Klwood Smith’s illustration ol the elephant jumping out ol die computer is brilliant. Eiwoocl Smith is brilliant. Keep him. Give him a raise. W hile I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm IbrCiyiY. Let’s not dirow out intelligent criticism of available lilies. World Vista Atlas, for instance, has some oddities. Check out die music of Switzerland. The lexl describes yoilel- ing. 1 he audio doesn't voclel! And die if . Indian music, described as employing a wide variety of instruments, especially percussion, lias 110 percussion. As for its images, have a look at the Hr T pictures ofSouth Alrica. Lalk about avoiding die issues! I be lew people shown are black and very, very happy. No bint of white rule or shanty towns or apartheid no hint of South African If South Africa is too hot to handle, then show no images at all. Social structure whatsoever. Instead, a pot of molten ore, a few views of big industry, and some “happy natives." Come on; if South Africa is too hot to handle, then show no images at all. Nevertheless, 1 do think Cl>TV is a hot item, and I look loi ward to some good technical articles on bow to create and master CD IA titles. Niclt Didkovsky New York. N.Y. Lets Grow Up, Boys! Iti this day and age, many people are rethinking their way ol life. Many others, however, are still deeply rooted in tradition, accepting without thinking the values and practices that underlie, for instance, using the attraction of the female sex to sell products to men. ¦Vi xxiring in Amiga World's June issue are two examples ol such advertising p radices. On page 60 we have a strong, dnn- gcioiis-lookiiig woman bearing a “ecu- m n ii sored" sign. I bis may be intended lor the sake ol modesty, but it is ironic that opposite, on page 01, another woman is pictured dangling her panties in a ven' immodest fashion. I assume she conies with the car. Right? Now turn it around and imagine an ad lor washing machines with a photo ol the Mavlag repair man dangling his undershorts in the air to attract the attention of all those hungry home- makers. I mav have hit upon a revolutionary new concept in advertising. I low about it. Fellows? It is hardly acceptable to sell home appliances using a sexual bias, nor is it acceptable to use sex in selling sol’r- ware. In 1991, machismo should definitely be out, and sincerity in. CA. Price I'ind nx. Ohio Have Lap, Must Travel 1 would like to take the capabilities of mv Amiga with me when traveling, but , O cV it is extremely difficult to pat k up mv A2000 and earn it around. W hen is Commodore going lo get with the technolog)' and produce a laptop? Boosting the A1000 111 response to Elizabeth (.ullev s letter (’’ 1 lie Last Word." June '9 I) and other cries ol frustration over A1000 performance, I can say I've been there too. But there’s hope. Through a deal ollered at the New York Amiga show in
• i M av ‘9(1, Spirit leclmologv upgraded mv unit to 2MB of RAM and performed a PAL modification (graphics trafficking) fora reasonable price. Try them. Haven't heard Irom the guru but once or twice since then. Parry L. Cohen New York, NA. YOUHEfl pretiygM PROGRAMMER ALREADY. ¦ BUTYOU PRORAMI Object Oriented Program Construction for Regular Ordinary People. Hile you weren't watching, we turned you and the rest of the world’s Amiga users into programmers. With CanDo’s intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country have been creating stand-alone utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts of games. Experienced programmers (many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in CanDo for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there’s little left to do when they get"through. We get rave letters every day. Give us a call. We'll read you some. Belter yet, just say the word and we'll send you a nice low cost sample of the whole CanDo package. KNOWITYET. TEST DRIVE CANDO 1.5 FOR JUST 10 BUCKS. With CanDo YouCanDo Just About Anything Krtwi lo.NN(rJ*n M fu t tiiYj f, Imntai j* *"i> ii rtiHkmp ' W* C*u pt3» nov
V. ite, ml itnr :«tc TDK xnr. Hje-vx INOVAtronits, Int. H4W (Irccnville A venue Sun,- JWII Dallas. Texas 75231 214 340-tWI TAX: 214 340 X514 Trademarks: Ami a: Ct mmotlore-Amiga, hie. I NOVA ironies, CanDo: Inovatronics, Inc. Circle 75 on Reader Service card * Give us your address and $ 10"and well send two disks and a CanDo manual by return mail. You'll have created a program before David Lctterman goes off. Get a fresh look at what your Amiga is capable of.
* liuy CanDo laier and we'111>ive you your saw buck hack. With every VIDEO TOASTER you get the 6 most powerful graphics products _ m ¦ Mi ¦ ever created for the Amiga. HH X o H. X Q O CQ and something truly phenomenal your uwn TV studio. Ofoup-:t‘ Switcher Perform unique fade and pattern transitions between any of seven sources. Many of which are impossible even on high-end gear. OchromaFX Color Processor Get complete control of the brightness, contrast and color of your video. Give your video an old film sepia tone or high-contrast look. Call nuw for the Video Toaster Demo Tape & See for yourself I Video Toaster. LightWavo 3D, LightWave Modeler, ToasterPainl. ToasterCG, and ChrpmaFX are all registered trademarks of NewTek. Tnc Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore* Amiga, Inc. Any videotape input to the Toaster must be time base corrected Toasie' compatible time base correctors start at 5995 retail The Video Toaster requires an Amiga 2000 computer with hard drive and at least five megs of RAM. ©Newtek, Inc. 1991 $ M5 O Lightwave 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Animation Create true network quality 3D graphics in 1536 x 960 resolution with 16.8 million colors. AmigaWorld says it "absolutely blows away everything." G Overlay Genlock and Luminance Key Overlay Amiga graphics on any live video source. Use the luminance key to overlay live video like the weathermap effect. Gtoaster Digital Video Effects For the first time you can process live video on your desktop just like the networks do. The Toaster lets you warp, spin, zoom, trail, and squeeze any of four live video sources in realtime and in 24-bit color. GtoasterPaint 24-bit Hires Paint System This feature-packed tool is the only PC-based paint system with 24-bit YIQ-encoded broadcast quality video. Otwo 24-bit Frame Buffers The ONLY video output for the Amiga that is legally broadcastable at the network level. See the incredible results possible with the Video Toaster. Starring NewTek’s own Kiki Stockhammer, and featuring animation by 3D artist and LightWave programmer Allen Hastings. Like the Toaster itself, this videotape will knock your socks off. $ 4.95 includes shipping and handling. Visa, MC, AmEx or COD orders accepted. Call (800) 843-8934 or
(913) 354-1146. Includes shipping and handling 1-800-843-8834 Gtoaster Character Generator 24-bit 35 nanosecond resolution Twice the resolution of software- only .Amiga CG's and over 4000 times the color. Otoaster Real-Time 24-bit Frame Grabber Freeze video instandy from your color video camera, camcorder, laserdisc, or cable TV. DC Vic*eo Toaster oluflU card “d software ” ¦ w are available at an Amiga dealer near you. N=wT=k INCORPORATED ¦ ¦ 1 Make everything more user friendly. (As long as it keeps its hands to itself.)
• Games specific to Amiga. (Here, exploitation is a good thing.)
• Built-in 24-bit graphics. (Very cool idea, but which one?)
• PRODIGY access. (So we can also waste money buying stupid products by modem.)
• Model railroad simulator, plus a layout planner and database. (It'll sell by the dozen.)
• Guru-free operating systems. (Right alter Andrew Dice Clay marries Gloria Sleincm.) 2 x B - Bons Nibble Mode SIMMS SIMM 32 Memory Nobody Cheaper GVP A500 52 meg Hard Drive GVP A2000 Memory Brd. Series II Impact w 2 meg w 4 meg

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Amiga World Vol 07 09 1991 Sep

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