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DESIGNWORKS. THE PERFECT CREATIVE TOOL FOR THE AMIGA MIND Unleash The Artist Within bo Natural Talent Required Put Design Works To Work For You If you’ve been looking for a fasi, easy-to-use, high quality structured drawing program, look no further. Now you can unleash the artist within with Design Works, the structured drawing program designed for the Amiga mind. Creativity In The Fast Lane DesignWorks is built for speed. No longer are slow and cumbersome programs needed to achieve professional results. DesignWorks is the ultimate in simplicity, with a responsive interface and design set. The Highest Form Of Self-Expression Is Now The Least Expensive DesignWorks costs far less you would expect from a structured drawing program with this much speed and flexibility. With a Bezier smoothing algorithm, unlimited numbers of drawing layers, flexible text handling system and user-definable multi-color patterns, you don't need to be a professional engineer or CAD programmer to achieve quality results. And high resolution printing means you get near-PostScript quality output from your dot matrix printer. Stop by your local Amiga dealer to see DesignWorks in action. Fast and intuitive structured drawing Create lines, rectangles, ovals, polygons, and freehand objects Smoothed (Bezier) curves Optional arrows on lines Duplicate, rotate, flip, and scale objects Text with multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors Import export IFF pictures Automatically align objects relative to each other Automatic grid snap Group objects together Variable line thickness Customizable multi-color fill patterns Multiple drawing layers AREXXport Macros, when used with AREXX Magnified and reduced views Drawing up to 100 inches by 100 inches in size Up to 10 drawings open at the same lime Inch or centimeter rulers Near-PostScript quality printing on dot-mat rix printers, full 4096 color printing Complete printer control, including sideways printing Fully customizable Full support for Kickstart 2 0 Requires Kickstart 1.2 or later and 512K of memory Suggested retail price: $ 125.00 0 V E R 8 C A N Amiga Shoots the Bird from Poland! Through the efforts of Commodore Electronics Limited, Amiga videographics flew from Warsaw, Poland, to Turkey and the UK in April. The vehicle for this showcase-via-satellite was a championship soccer game between Poland and Turkey. Prior to his overseas jaunt to set up for the event, Miami-resident Joel Tes- sler created animations to complement the action on a PAL-configured A3000. Once in Warsaw, Tessler assisted Amiga specialist Greg Rogala in setting up the Amiga system on the multimillion-dol- lar Telewizja Polska 2 video truck. Now that it’s there, the Amiga will remain a permanent fixture at the Polish Broadcast Corporation in Warsaw. Bration for the winning Polish team followed the broadcast. In an area dominated by other computer systems, the event was also a victory for the Amiga. Bravo, Commodore Electronics Limited, Bravo! In a large hall inside the stadium, Commodore sponsored a show to demonstrate plenty of Amigas and games.

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Amiga World Vol 07 08 1991 Aug

Document sans nom ? High-Speed Modems ?Amiga FAX ? Hitchhiker’s Guide To On-Line Sendees tblication PLUS! (
1. Lightwave 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Animation Create true With every VIDEO TOASTER you get the 6 most powerful graphics products ever created for the Amiga... network quality 3D graphics in 1536 x 960 resolution with 16.8 million colors. AmigaWorld says it “absolutely blows away everything."
2. Overlay Genlock and Luminance Key Overlay Amiga graphics on any live video source. Use the luminance key to overlay live video like the weathermap effect.
3. ToasterPaint 24-bit Hi res Paint System This feature-packed tool is the only PC-based paint system with 24-bit YIQ-encoded broadcast quality video.
4. Two 24-bit Frame Buffers The ONLY video output for the Amiga that is legally broadcastable at the network level.
5. Toaster Character Generator 24-bit 35 nanosecond resolution Twice the resolution of software- only Amiga CG’s and over 4000 times the color.
6. Toaster Real-Time 24-bit Frame Grabber Freeze video instantly from your color video camera, camcorder, laserdisc, or cable TV. And something truly phenomenal... Call now for the Video Toaster Demo Tape & See for yourself I See the incredible results possible with the Video Toaster. Starring NevvTek's own Kiki Stockhammer, and featuring animation by 3D artist and LightWave programmer .Allen Hastings. Like the Toaster itself, this videotape will knock your socks off. $ 4.95 includes shipping and handling. Visa, MC, AmEx or COD orders accepted. Call (800) 843-8934 or
(913) 354-1146.
7. Toaster Digital Video Effects For the first time you can process live video on your desktop just like the networks do. The Toaster lets you warp, spin, zoom, trail, and squeeze any of four live video sources in realtime and in 24-bit color. Your own TV studio. Includes shipping and handling 1-800-843-8934
8. Four-Input Production Switcher Perform unique fade and pattern transitions between any of seven sources. Many of which are impossible even on high-end gear.
9. ChromaFX Dolor Processor Get complete control of the brightness, contrast and color of your video. Give your video an old film sepia tone or high-contrast look.
V. 3eo Toaster, LigMWava 3D Lightwave Modeler. ToasterPaint, ToasterCG, ard ChromaFX are ai; registered trace- marks of New“ek, Inc. Amga is a registered tradema-k ol Com modore • A m iga. Inc Any videotape mput to the Toaster must t>e time base corrected. Toaster compatible time base correctors star, at $ 995 retail Trie Video Toaster reauires an Amiga 2000 computer with hard drive and at oast five megs of PAM 1 NewTek. Inc 1991 z * % The Video Toaster card and software are available at an Amiga dealer near you. _ wT=k TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM! ShowMaker is the first package that turns your Amiga into a complete desktop video solution, providing sequencing of video, animation, and Toaster effects together with mattes * wipes, titling, and multi channel soundtracks. In short, ShowMaker lets you quickly and easily assemble full video productions on your Amiga. VIDEO PRODUCTION MADE EASY Integrate video, animations, music, effects, and more with the ease of the mouse. Show- Maker's unique Time-Line Production Interface gives you simple graphic controls to "layout1' the order and duration of your elements. ShowMaker lets you assemble your whole production. From animations and video to Toaster effects and sound effects. VIDEO CONTROL ShowMaker gives you control over genlocks, videodisc players, and VCRs. Just tell ShowMaker when to cut in your video, and it will automatically search to the correct position and cut or fade in the gen locked signal at exactly the right time,* Video sequencing has never been this easy! TOASTER POWER If you have a Video Toaster, you need ShowMaker. Only with ShowMaker can you sequence a series of Toaster effects directly into your production, making for spectacular video. And ShowMaker makes it easy! AUTOMATIC PRE-LOADING ShowMaker automatically loads your graphic and music_ files and cues up video before it’s needed, without interrupting the playback. This means you can create long running productions. Limited by disk space, not RAM. BUILT-IN TITLING ShowMaker s built-in video tiller gives you dynamic scrolling titles. And with ShowMaker you can run titles over video and animation, even adding special effects like drop shadow and outline! ShowMaker also includes a collection of high quality video fonts and exciting backgrounds. EXCITING TRANSITIONS ShowMaker features dozens ot built-in transitions, including wipes, fades, and dissolves. You can create exciting professional- style transitions with just a click of the mouse. DYNAMIC SOUNDTRACKS Add dynamic stereo soundtracks just as easily. Simply position segments on any of the music or sound effects tracks with the mouse. ShowMaker supports MIDI output, MIDI files, SMUS files, and IFF samples. And ShowMaker’s unique auto-sync feature** ensures that your production always remains synchronized to »¦ the music! EDITING POWER With ShowMaker you can preview and refine your production at any time during its development. Then quickly and easily adjust, cut, copy, and paste tracks until your show is perfect. ShowMaker will even generate storvboards and cue sheets to help you visualize and line tune your production. IT'S A WRAP! Hit the play button and ShowMaker plays back your production in real time, automatically synchronizing the video, animation. Soundtrack. And titling. A true multimedia presentation. Then record your production to videotape for a first generation Master Tape! REACH YOUR AUDIENCE Business, education, presentation or entertainment. Whatever your message, video brings it to life. There is no easier way to combine graphics, animation, video, sound, and titling into exciting and effective productions. ShowMaker turns your Amiga into a video production system. Join the video revolution by seeing your dealer or calling us at 1-416-602-4000. By the way, this entire ad was created with Professional Page
2. 0 Desktop Publishing software. Another high quality Gold Disk product. SEE THE POWER! Drop by your local dealer and ask to see our new ShowMaker demonstration tape ’’Multimedia Muscle", produced entirely with ShowMaker! GOLD DISK
P. O. Box 7S9. Strectsville Mississausa. Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2 (416) 602-4000
• Additional hardware required
* * Patent pending. All product* mentioned arc trademarks of their respective owners Circle 19 on Reader Service Cara ¦1: MVMAKER The Complete Desktop Video Solution The Ultimate All-in-One Amiga 2000 Add-on... 68030 POWER+ 16MB RAM+SCSI CONTROLLER Replaces up to FOUR “normal” expansion boards! Now, a 22 or 33 Mhz 68030 accelerator board, up to 16MB of 32-bit wide BAM and a high-performance SCSI hard disk controller in a single A2000® “CPU slot” expansion board! The case with the A3000! J. Provides ultimate SCSI hard disk performance! V GVP's legendary FaaastROM SCSI driver supports virtually all SCSI devices currently on the market, including hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, Magneto-Optical drives, removable media drives and tape drives. V Switch to 68000 mode by simply clicking on our new "68000 Mode" Icon, or include our special "mode switching" utility in your startup- sequence and select required mode each time system is rebooted, by Surface- v mounted * 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU (22 or 33Mhz) SCSI Connector for external SCSI peripherals Up to 12MB of 32-bit wide, User-installable SIMM32 Memory Expansion All A2000 Expansion Slots Free bolding down mouse buttons. V Provides the ultimate expandability of your A2000 system. Plugs into the "CPU accelerator" slot, thereby leaving ALL FIVE A2000 expansion slots free for future expansion. 1MB (22Mhz) or 4MB (33Mhzj Surface-mounted 32-bit wide Memory Tf tf Tf'fffYtffft rt ffn i tff777777777777j Commodore A3000® Commodore A250030 COMPARE: 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU Maximum CPU clock speed Check out these features: V' The perfect companion for Newtek's Video Toaster.rv V 22Mhz or33Mhz factory installed, surface mounted, 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU. V Up to 16MB of 32-bit wide memory expansion. 4MB minimum factory installed memory on 33Mhz version, 1MB minimum for 22Mhz. GVP's new custom 32-bit wide, 1MB or 4MB, SIMM32ru memory modules offer flexible, easy-to-install memory expansion. 22Mhz model has 1MB factory installed memory, expandable to 13MB. 33Mhz model has 4MB factory installed memory, expandable to 16MB. On-board high-performance "Series II" auto-booting SCSI controller with factory installed FaaastROM SCSI driver and SCSI connectors for attaching both external and internal SCSI peripherals. V Direct DMA access to the full 16MB range of 32-bit wide memory expansion by the on-board SCSI controller. Due to the A2000 bus architecture, this is ONLY possible when SCSI controller is placed directly on the 68030 CPU bus (as is Number of open Amiga expansion slots with 68030 CPU, SCSI controller and more than 4MB fast memory installed RAM upgrades through easy-to-install 32-bit wide SIMM memory modules Maximum 32-bit wide FAST memory on 68030 CPU board Direct DMA access to more than 8MB of fast memory spe available & shipping TODAY DMA SCSI controller built-in on 68030 CPU board Internal SCSI Hard Drive
(3. 5" available up to 340MB!) A2QQ0 +GVP All-in-One skyour dealer for the GVPA2000-CQMB0 22 or 33 Built-in GVP Series II DMA SCSI Controller S1MM32 and GVP are trademarks of Great talley Products. Inc. Amiga, A2000 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NewTek Inc. For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 26 on Reader Service card. Dealers Circle 25 on Reader Service card, VOLUME 7, NUMBER 8 AUGUST 1991
• C-0*N-T-E*N-T-S- FEATURES Riding the Telecomm Range. . I 8 Our feature stories this month invite you to saddle up for a Telecomm Roundup, and we begin here with a brief look at what you’ll need to get outfitted for the journey and where your trail guides will be taking you. Have Modem, Will Travel By John Ryan ...20 Today’s telecomm cowpokes are toting fast and fancy hardware. So let’s take a peek at some new Amiga high-speed modems and fax modem combos, as well as at a supporting cast of terminal software. On-Line Bonanza...via Offbeat Trails By Tim Walsh 29 AIT’s on-line expert takes you on some back-country trails to show you that die networks offer a lot more in the way of services than just the latest PD sliaie- ware uploads. ARTICLES Arexx. .. for Everyone! By Steve Gillmor and Richard Stockton .36 You don't have to be a programming whiz to use Arexx scripts and macros. Here’s a hands-on Arexx lesson guaranteed to put you on the road to more powerful, efficient, and intuitive programming. Hidden Talent By John Foust.....4 3 Bench strength is the key to success in many team sports. While you may appreciate the performance of the everyday "regulars” among your Workbench tools, you’d he surprised at how many good utility players are sitting unused on your "bench." COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey ... 6 d'he editor has a little “history project” up Ins sleeve, and he’s inviting all ofvou to be active participants. VIDEO Suite By Michael Hanish 48 This month, Ilf's brand-new video column focuses on getting your video signals in sync with a time-base corrector (TBC). What is a TBCr When do you need one? Which one should you buy? Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...0 2 Joel reaches hack into murky evolution- aiy waters to outline a complete, step-by- step process for creating a fully finished 1IAM painting in less than three hours. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....8 Everything new under the Amiga sun news, new products, and the latest PIT shareware in one comprehensive column each month. Help Key ...34 Lou Wallace’s Q&A forum hits on some major topics this month, including AmigaYision, Workbench 2.0, and the ECS. AW Product Information 60 Tor information about contacting developers of all products covered in this issue oi'Amiga World, consult our all-in- one “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” List. The Last Word ..... 96 Readers gel the final say each month on .-Ill ’s hack page. REVIEWS DYNACADD (Diteh Int'l) ...14 Powerful CAD features plus easy Amiga PC file conversions. FlickerFree Video icd) and A2320 Display Enhancer (Commodore) .16 Two more solutions to interlace flicker. The Director, Version 2 (Right Answers Group) 80 New features and added convenience for die script-based multimedia authoring language.
CD. X-650 (Xetec) ...B 2 CD-ROM drive plays CD CDTY titles. Pro Video Post (ShereffSystems) .. 86 New wrinkles to the original Amiga character generator. HARMONI (The Disk Company) 87 No-frills, easy-to-use MIDI sequencer. GAMES CRIB Notes By Peter Olafson 68 The gamemeister is always ready to help you escape from treacherous pits, avoid razor-edged pendulums, or solve mind- boggling puzzles. HOVERFORCE (Accolade) ....68 Stop Megacity's nasty drug lords. S tellar 7 (Dynamix) ......70 3-D interplanetary arcade combat. Bard’S Tale III (Electronic Arts). ..71 The ’Thief of Fate is a disappointing port. Medieval Warriors (Merit Software) ... 71 A slice-and-clice medieval extravaganza. Theme Park Mystery (Konami).. 72 Save a haunted amusement park from gremlins. AmigaWorld Special Products For information on AW Special Products, consult our handy Amiga World Catalog, which begins on page 62. The Catalog includes: AW Videos, Tool Chest, AW Game Package, AW Books, and more. Plus: Free special-incentive bonus. Also: Animation Video II (see page 33) and A I F lech Journal (see page 49). A Redesigned and Faaaster mhz 68030 POWER w Expandable to 32MB of 32-bit RAM! Optional 3.5" IDE AT p 4MB to 32MB of 32-bit hard disk up to 34QMB ' wide High Performance capacity 113ms). . Memory. Built-in Autobooting 4 50Mhz 68030 CPU IDE AT hard disk 1 and 50Mhz 68882 controller. Floating Point Unit. Our new faster and more expandable A3050 50Mhz accelerator frit will turbo-charge your Amiga 2000 s beyond your wildest dreams. I ' ! Check out these features: ., _ V Uses GVP's new custom designed 4MB, 32-bit wide, S1MM32” memory modules with state-of-the-art 4MB, 60ns, DRAMs. Y ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! Even with a full-blown 32MB, SOMhz, A30S0 kit installed in the A2000's "CPU" slot, ALL ZORRO H expansion slots are leit free for unlimited future expansion! Y Exciting new 3.5" hard disk "bundles". Choose between the ” high, I2QMB 5ms) model or the incredible halfheight 340MB fl3msl model. V Converts an A2000 into the fastest Amiga in the world. There is truly NO competitive product. Y 68000 fall-back mode for timing sensitive applications le.g: some games). V GVP is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerator products for the Amiga. GVP is a ‘rao&TB.'k o5 Great Valley Pro&ids. Ix. Amiga and A2000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga ix. INC. of Prussia, PA 19406 call today. Dealer inquiries welcome.
1215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Dealers Circle 21 on Reader Serwce card. Consumer* Circle 22 on Reader Service card. Stephen C. Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GeFVERT, Senior Editor JaNINE L. JACKSON, Reidew Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager Linda Barrett Laflamme, Editor, The Amiga World Tech Journal TlM WALSH, Technical Editor JOHN WOLFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology Mare-Anne JARVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, Joel Hagen, David T. McClellan, PKTER OlaFSON, Contributing Editors HOWARD G. Happ, Art Director LAURA Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Desigier Alana Korda, Production Supervisor DFBRA A. Davies, Typographer KENNETH Bl.AKE.MAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGOLDRICK, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER Gui.NARD, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages Info Market, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, I Vest Coast Sales, 1-4 5-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063 WENDIE Haines MARRO, Marketing Director Laura LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator MaRGOT L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative; A dvvrtis ing Assista n t LlSA LaFi.ELR, Business & Operations Manager
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Mexico $ 18.97, Foreign Surface 549.97. Foreign Airmail 584.97 (prepayment is letjtiired on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in L S. funds drawn on L’.S. bank). All Ioieign rates are one-year only Second-class postage paid at Ivtcrborongh. Ml. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 001-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1991 by lech Media Publishing, Int. No part of this publication mav be printed nr otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to AmiguWorld, Subsiription Services, PO Box 58804. Boulder, t X ) 80322-8804. Nationally distributed by Kafilc* News Co., Atniga- B-brl l makes every eflort to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. Awigii World assumes no responsibility for damages due to t-rnirs or omissions. THE NEW IMPACT Turn your A500 H into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today! GVP’s New SERIES II A500‘HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaastROM™ features as GVP's new Series IIA2Q00 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight Unique new "Mini-Slot"™ brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options - the only intelligent my isfe T dt alternative to ris functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequalcd beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New 1 "-high internal hard disk drive; available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today! Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility. External SCSI Port Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached. 1"-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB. “Mini-Slot”: For future expansion options. GVP’s Custom VLSI Chip. GVP’s FaaastROM SCSI Driver. Internal RAM Expansion: Up to 8MB Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool. Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply: Included. Call for Special End-User §Jrade-Up Details! Beauty and Functionality Redefined GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 24 on Reader Service card. Dealers Circle 23 on Reader Service card. CHIEF CONCERNS History made easy. A LOT OF FOLKS in this market are experts in Amiga history. That widespread knowledge has made folks like Jay Miner, Dale Luck, R.J. Mical, and the late Rob Peck into major heroes. They deserve it. They thought hard, worked harder, and came up with a heepum good system. I found out how important these guys were at an AmiEXPO a couple of years ago. Jay Miner was sitting in a booth talking about Ultracard, which he had done some work on. There was a buzz around the booth. People were whispering things like “Hey. There he is. Should I go up to him?” The reverence for the man was quite evident, and those not too timid were asking for autographs. Believe me. The guys that built the original IBM PC in Boca Raton don’t get asked for many autographs. For the most part, people learn about Amiga history through word of mouth, users’ group newsletters, and rare speeches. The stories are kept very much alive through the enthusiasm and the energy of this community. But like old Indian folktales, this history is vulnerable. As years and decades go by, stories are changed and eventually forgotten. Some things deserve oblivion. To me, Jim Bakker, Slim Whitman, Marilyn Quayle, Bryant Gumbel, and Gerald R. Ford don’t seem quite worthy of immortality. But hey, we’re talking about the Amiga here. This is a story that needs to be told, not just because it makes good history, but also because it involves some pretty outrageous and remarkable events. It’s a fun story. So we’re going to do it. Not in some staid and static form like a written history that will get dusty and faded. Forget that. Try video instead. Weil interview1 the pioneers, both those that built the system and those that use it. Weil cover all the technology, from the October 1985 launch of the AI000 to the latest A3000 systems. Then our Toaster-inspired, full- fledged, on-premises video studio (the knucklehead’s bragging again) will kick in to give it the professional touch. I know what you’re thinking. This just wouldn't be a Chief Concerns column if the jerk who writes it didn’t ask for something. Right you are. We know that half of you are so camcorder happy that you’ve got indentations in your shoulders and one eye with a permanent squint. That means that you’ve lugged the thing to users’ groups, .Amiga shows, press conferences, user sites, and other places where socially acceptable video may be shot. What we want is your footage. It doesn’t have to be stable, gussied up, or well-lit. This is a documentary, by gum. Content is the important thing. Now. Being naturally self-centered, you’re asking, “Hey, dirtball! What’s in it for me?” Plenty. We’ll give you enough money to buy over ten cases of Diet Pepsi. Or you could blow it on a couple of moderately priced ties, or even a big bucket of used golf balls. That’s right. You could get 50 smackers if we use your footage, not to mention a modicum of fame and glory. And we don’t care how- you spend it. Heck, we’ll even send your tape back once the history video is done. Once all this stuff is put together on our tape, you’ll be able to see and hear Amiga heroes. So you’ll get the big picture. Then we’ll turn you into an expert on Amiga trivia. You’ll learn why a normal system error got the re mar k- ablv weird name of Guru Meditation j Error. Who came up with Fat Agnus? How about a behind-the-scenes look at the early development of the system, including the shift in positioning from game machine to real computer? And just why were Andy Warhol and Deborah Harry chosen to launch this system? If Alex Trebek ever comes up with an Amiga category, you’ll win hands down. And, finally, we’ll ask the early pioneers, along with a tew newer ones, to predict the future of .Amiga technology and tell us what they'd like to see happen. Our video will take you from Los Gatos to West Chester to New York City, and you won’t even need to hop on a smelly bus, or contemplate death in an undersized airplane seat. Just rest your bones in the Lazy-Boy, eat your Frhos, and hit Play. Now that’s the way to learn history. 's our cqt»»ftND'... . •' , • •.*¦"- « f v- ' a®? !®??' • •. >.*'>- ' '3fl§i3 - * - - " - ' 's’ - - -• - '¦ V- - - -i - ' ¦ If you wish to enhance your Amiga 20009 with MEMORY, a HARD DRIVE, or BOTH wish no more GVP has the solution for you. Choose GVPS Series II RAM Expansion Board, SCSI Hard Drive Controller or SCSI+RAM Hard Disk Card. Realize the potential of configuring your perfect solution without any need for compromise! SCSI Hard Disk Controller Sll A2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card": Specifically designed for those users who don't need memory expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price. Features: V Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design. Y Supports virtually any SCSI device including: CD ROMs, tape drives, Bernoulli drives, removable hard drives... V Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB] standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. V Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File Svstem Partition. I RAM Expansion Sll A2000-RAM8 2: The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM expansion board for the A2000! Features: V 2MB of factory-installed RAM, expandable to 8 MB. V All memory fully Auto-Configured. V Also supports 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. 7s Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. V Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! V GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an 8MB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! This translates into a lower parts count and also means the highest possible reliability and life expectancy. . ¦ 2MB Factory- Installed Memory GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 6MB User-Installed Memory
k. SCSI HardDisk+RAM r Expansion Sll A2000-SCSI Hard Disk+RAM-Card: State-of-the-Art integration packs GVP's high performance SCSI controller, SMB FAST RAM expansion and a 3.5" hard drive drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLO I Features: V GVP's new custom chip design provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. » Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations for Zero througn 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. Supports virtually any SCSI device. V Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. V Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. Factory-Installed
3. 5" Hard Disk Drive GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion
- S . . * - - mmmmr w mm Mt mmmm _=_==-- Series If. And GYP are trademarKs of 6ieat Vmey Products Inc Amiga and Amiga 2000 are registered irademaria of Cwnmodore-Amtja, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Consumers Circle 30 on Reader Service card. Dealers Circle 29 on Reader Service card. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks He Did His Part in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO “Lots of us are out this weekend; I’m just doing my part,” stated Commodore President Jim Dionne when asked why CBM’s top dog was personally demonstrating Commodore Dynamic Total Vision (CDTV) to the public. “It’s a great way to find out what folks think of CDTV” May 3 and 4 found Dionne at Macy’s downtown San Francisco store introducing CDTV to attentive shoppers. A steady stream of people greeted Dionne as he showed off such CDTV software as World Vista Atlas (Applied Optical Media), Music Maker (CDTV Publish- ing), and Time Table of History: Science and Innovation (Xiphias). He also entertained the crowd with 15-frames- per-second CDTV video and Fleetwood Mac’s Behind the Mask CD + G (Compact Disc Plus Graphics) music release. And Software Etc. stores in the Bay area. Commodore’s effort began on May 2 with newspaper ads inviting customers to “experience the possibilities of CDTV.” More appeared on May 3 in most Northern California papers, asking, “What will they think of next?” The ads touted CDTV’s abilities as a multimedia educational tool while pointing out its ability to play standard and 4*G audio Cds. Bob Eller Dionne’s four-hour-per-day stint was only part of Commodore’s Northern California CDTV introduction. Several Commodore managers demonstrated the Amiga-based system at other Macy’s Industry Boosts Amiga and CDTV In COMMODORE’S ABSENCE NEW YORK For those wondering about the state of multimedia, the Big Apple was the place to be May 14-16. That’s when the New York Hilton hosted MultiMedia Expo, at which developers, vendors, and end users gathered to discuss present and future industry issues. The Expo proved to be a gathering of heavyweights. Among the companies participating were IBM, Apple, Sony, Phillips, AT&T, Nynex, C-Cube, GTE, RasterOps, VideoLogic, Microsoft, Autodesk, and Macromind. Although Commodore was nowhere to be found, several companies and individuals showed the Amiga and CDTV. The Vivid Group (RS 101), for instance, demonstrated Mandala, its "virtual-reality authoring software," on an A2000. Meanwhile, AMIGA Business Machines displayed CDTV and an A3000 running the Scala presentation software from GVP (RS 102}. Attendees were able to choose from a variety of seminars, industry panels (billed as SuperSessions), and half-day workshops in addition to the floor exhibits. The SuperSessions, presented mainly by companies working on multimedia products or strategies, turned out to be full of useful information. Representatives discussed where their companies are headed, and, more importantly, what standards and direction the multimedia industry needs, ft Continued on p. 12 Win-Win Competition To discover existing inventions and inspire ideas to meet the needs of disabled children and adults. . .that is the goal of Computing to Assist Persons with Disabilities (CAPD). The program, and its attendant contest, is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and MCI Communications. Awards, including the grand prize of $ 10,000, will number over 100. CAPD seeks ideas, systems and devices, and software to assist those with disabilities related to vision, hearing, language, mental retardation, learning, neuromuscular or neurological disorders, mobility, and more. Judging categories will include professionals, amateurs, and full-time students. Entries must be received by August 23, so send a $ 2 check now for your Entry Information Kit: CAPD, PO Box 1200, Laurel, MD 20723. BG Within Reach If you are not quite ready for the advanced features of Caligari Broadcast, a 16-million color, high-end animation package, check out Octree Software's two new scaled-down versions: Caligari PRO Design ($ 495) and Caligari PRO Animate ($ 1295), Both require an accelerated .Amiga (68020 or
030) and a minimum of 3MB of RAM. PRO Design, a 3-D conceptual-design program, includes the modeling features of Caligari Broadcast (including single-point editing), but not its animation capabilities. PRO Animate provides a full videoproduction environment, with animation capabilities just as in Broadcast 2.0. Animate offers 3-D script preview and gives you control over many industrial VCRs. It uses the standard Amiga graphics display for its final 740x482 ouput. (RS 152.) JJ For Information about the vendors of products mentioned, see “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 60. DESIGNWORKS. THE PERFECT CREATIVE TOOL FOR THE AMIGA MIND Unleash The Artist Within bo Natural Talent Required Put Design Works To Work For You If you’ve been looking for a fasi, easy-to-use, high quality structured drawing program, look no further. Now you can unleash the artist within with Design Works, the structured drawing program designed for the Amiga mind. Creativity In The Fast Lane DesignWorks is built for speed. No longer are slow and cumbersome programs needed to achieve professional results. DesignWorks is the ultimate in simplicity, with a responsive interface and design set. The Highest Form Of Self-Expression Is Now The Least Expensive DesignWorks costs far less you would expect from a structured drawing program with this much speed and flexibility. With a Bezier smoothing algorithm, unlimited numbers of drawing layers, flexible text handling system and user-definable multi-color patterns, you don't need to be a professional engineer or CAD programmer to achieve quality results. And high resolution printing means you get near-PostScript quality output from your dot matrix printer. Stop by your local Amiga dealer to see DesignWorks in action. Fast and intuitive structured drawing Create lines, rectangles, ovals, polygons, and freehand objects Smoothed (Bezier) curves Optional arrows on lines Duplicate, rotate, flip, and scale objects Text with multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors Import export IFF pictures Automatically align objects relative to each other Automatic grid snap Group objects together Variable line thickness Customizable multi-color fill patterns Multiple drawing layers AREXXport Macros, when used with AREXX Magnified and reduced views Drawing up to 100 inches by 100 inches in size Up to 10 drawings open at the same lime Inch or centimeter rulers Near-PostScript quality printing on dot-mat rix printers, full 4096 color printing Complete printer control, including sideways printing Fully customizable Full support for Kickstart 2 0 Requires Kickstart 1.2 or later and 512K of memory Suggested retail price: $ 125.00 0 V E R 8 C A N Amiga Shoots the Bird from Poland! Through the efforts of Commodore Electronics Limited, Amiga videographics flew from Warsaw, Poland, to Turkey and the UK in April. The vehicle for this showcase-via-satellite was a championship soccer game between Poland and Turkey. Prior to his overseas jaunt to set up for the event, Miami-resident Joel Tes- sler created animations to complement the action on a PAL-configured A3000. Once in Warsaw, Tessler assisted Amiga specialist Greg Rogala in setting up the Amiga system on the multimillion-dol- lar Telewizja Polska 2 video truck. Now that it’s there, the Amiga will remain a permanent fixture at the Polish Broadcast Corporation in Warsaw. Bration for the winning Polish team followed the broadcast. In an area dominated by other computer systems, the event was also a victory for the Amiga. Bravo, Commodore Electronics Limited, Bravo! In a large hall inside the stadium, Commodore sponsored a show to demonstrate plenty of Amigas and games. A press conference and a victory cele- For the Gold Soccer fans who can hardly wait for the 1994 World Cup can start gearing up now with World Cup Soccer ($ 44.95). The software simulates the 1990 games, putting you in control of the 24 teams that competed. You begin by choosing a country to represent; then select players and assign positions. "The challenge comes with your ability to discover the weaknesses in your opponent's line-up and pinpoint subtle strategies and tactics," says US Gold, If you are more intrigued by US Gold's name than its soccer title, perhaps you would prefer to search for ancient treasure in the forbidden jungles of Mexico with the company’s action arcade game, Gold of the Aztecs ($ 49.95). Here, you must guide your hero toward Quetzalquotal avoiding cannibals, man-eating plants, false floors, and other nasties on a two-way scrolling screen, while music, graphics, and animation play. (RS 115.) BG Arts and Letters Looking for a wide variety of backgrounds and textures? How about a whopping 1150 hi-res, photo-reaiistic maps and images? Im- agetects provides its massive ImageCELs collection ($ 395) on one CD-ROM disc. With ImageCELs, one size fits all: The disc contains files in 14 formats for Amiga, DOS, Unix, and Mac! (RS 110.) Bringing the thousands of Mac-format PostScript typefaces into Gold Disk's Professional Page in either bitmap or .metric file format is Mlfont 1.1’s forte. For $ 105, you can get lost in a sea of faces and convert Mac and IBM printer fonts into a Pro Page-accessibie format to boot! Contact Mirror Image Productions, (RS 111.) If you want to give your Amiga fonts a more professional look for video, consider adding antialiasing and shadows with Shad- owmaker, from L&V Productions (RS
112) . Shadowmaker ($ 24.99) is a what-you- see-is-what-you-get program with a realtime interface. It promises not only time savings, but also broadcast-quality Color- Fonts output. If you want to use Shadowmaker fonts in applications that do not support the ColorFonts standard, the included On-Top utlility can help. On-Top also lets you control the mapping of face- shadow and antialiasing colors. To sharpen the colors in your fonts and other screen graphics, consider the Video Crisper. Like nonchlorine bleach, the Crisper promises to brighten colors so that reds look redder and blues look bluer without fading. The hardware-software combo ($ 49) is available from The Memory Location (RS 113). BG In thejanuary issue (p. 114), I credited the recessive economy for keeping programmers at home writing an abundance of freely distributable code. Since then, the economy has shown nary a sputter of improvement, yet the quantity of new Amiga files has dwindled. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Whether we place the blame on the economy or the President’s irregular heartbeat, a slowdown at the PD corral is fact. Maybe we are a spoiled lot, but an appeal is in order. To .Amiga users everywhere: Pay your shareware fees. To Amiga programmers: Let's see more programs. Enough said. In spite of the shortage, People Link is keeping the PD shelves stocked. Two must- haves are an all-purpose disk optimizer called OPTI- MIZER.LZH (AmigaZone section 4, file 27907) and Mike Berro's SIND.LZH (AmigaZone section 4, file 27929). SIND.LZH (System Info Display, version 3.03) displays the status of all the operations your .Amiga is performing at any given time. CompuServe is dishing up a variety of appetizing selections, with the tastiest files residing in the AmigaTech area. FRQLIB. LZH (Library 11) is release 3 of Khalid Aldoseri’s file-reques- ter libraries. These automatically replace your current file requesters for Amiga DOS 1.2,
1. 3, and 2.0. In the same library, check out Eddy Carroll's CPUBLT.LZH, which allows you to replace the BltBitMap routine for faster, smoother screen scrolling on accelerated Amigas. Also, be sure to get AIBB3. LZH (Library 4, file 11299) the next time you're on Genie. This is the latest version of LaMonte Koop’s .Amiga Intuition Based Benchmarks, used to test the performance of your Amiga under a wide variety of configurations. A graphic comparison reveals how your Amiga rates against the unadorned A2000, A2500 20, and A3000 25. While you are there, don’t overlook the Pac Man done, PAC9IARC (Library 9, file 11276), one of the most downloaded files in recent memory. For more information on the networks mentioned above, call their voice numbers: American People Link: 800 524-0100 CompuServe: 800 848-8199 614 457-0802 from Ohio Genie: 800 638-9636 it you re ready tor adventure on Cranstone or any of our other twelve exciting multi-player games, sum up for Geme today. Heres how. Oer your modem for h alt duplex (local echo; at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud.
W. At the prompt enter XTX99470, GAMES then press RETURN. Dial to 11 free- 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH T Have a major credit card or your checking account number readv. For more information in the U.S call 1-800-638-9636. OVERSCAN Publish or Perish Radlcaf Eye Software has cut the ribbons on the latest version of AmigaTeX ($ 200), a professional typesetting system that lets you produce printed documents, including such specialties as equations and tables. Heading up the list of new features are AmigaDOS 2.0 compatibility and full PostScript and graphics support. With AmigaTeX, you can now choose from thousands of PostScript Type 3 and hinted Type 1 fonts from outside sources. Then you can scale, slant, and stretch them to any degree. In addition, AmigaTeX automatically renders PostScript fonts for screen display or print. AmigaTeX also accepts scalable graphics from both Amiga and nonAmiga structured- drawing packages. Support is also included for TeX 3.1 and MF 2.7 standards, virtual fonts, and Arexx. Upgrade Update Atonce-Amiga, the 80386 IBM PC AT emulator from Vortex Computer Systems, is now available for the A2000 via a new plug-in adapter. The A2000-ver- sion card promises support for AT-com- patible hard disks, floppies, and internal and external RAM expanders. New software lets the Atonce emulate CGA, Olivetti, Hercules, and Toshiba T3100 monochrome-graphics EGA and VGA cards. Plus, you can now switch between active screens. (RS 153.) A-Sound Elite, the professional version of the A-Sound 2.0 audio sampler from Deltaware Products, sports revamped editing facilities and is fully functional in stereo. It has an Undo command, freehand waveform-display editing, and over 20 special effects such as Echo, Reverb, Disguise, and Comb Filter. In addition, every ASF sample is an executable file with its ow n built-in player program. (RS 154.) If you think you know everything there is to know about the Thinker hv- Industry Boosts, from p. 8. Became obvious that CD-ROM will remain the most important format for multimedia because of its large and cost-effective storage capacity. A number of CDTV and Amiga developers participated in the seminars and workshops. These included Xiphias, Tiger Media, and Gold Disk, as well as Amiga Developers' Association President Al Hospers of Dr. Ts Music Software. CDTV and NewTek's Video Toaster were spoken of in glowing terms and held up as examples of inno- Upgrades are $ 10 for disks and $ 20 for the manual. Printer-driver disk sets are available for $ 75 to $ 100, (RS 151.)
- jj pertext program from Poor Person Software, think again! Version 2.1 ($ 80) supports text in mixed styles and colors and allows you to include color images within a text document. You can now create links to text, pictures, Arexx ports, or applications either in the Workbench or via the CL I. (RS 155.) Magni Systems, maker of the 4004 4004S genlocks in both RAL and NTSC standard formats, has dropped list prices for the units to $ 995. Magni now includes the 4010 Remote Control unit, formerly an optional feature, with each
4004. (RS 156.) Viva II (S199.95) from MichTron can help you create interactive presentations, instructional applications, games, or media databases. You can also combine Viva II with video devices to create stand-alone interactive environments. For an extra S49.95, Video Link provides Viva II with remote control for laser-disc players through either Workbench or Arexx. (RS 156.) -JJ vation at several of the sessions i attended. I overheard several people voice disappointment at not seeing Commodore and NewTek represented on the show floor. (The latter attended the concurrent Video Expo in California.) Could Commodore's presence have scored points for the company in the multimedia industry? 1 think so. Perhaps CBM will attend the next MultiMedia Expo, slated for November 18-20 in San Jose, California. For information concerning that show, call 212 226-4141. LRW Life on the Moon? The self-sufficient city. It’s not yet a reality on Earth can you build it on the moon? Not without handling many problems, and not without Moonbase Lunar Colony Simulator ($ 49.95). As commander of NASA’s mission to colonize the moon, you must assemble such facilities as habitat modules, science labs, liquid-oxygen processing plants, and solar- and fission-power stations. Socio- and econometric models by NASA contractor KDT Industries show you how to build a closed-loop economy and include the effects of natural and man-made disasters, economic depression, and more. To start colonizing, contact Wesson International. And keep your eyes open for the company’s upcoming Tracon II, a multiplayer air-traffic-control simulator. (RS 114.) -BG Get Set for the SAT Remember Cliff Notes, those booklets you relied on to get you through exams in school? Now Cliff Notes has gone digital, teaming up with Study Ware to produce StudyWare for the SAT ($ 49.95). To help you prepare for that almighty college-entrance exam, the software covers 29 SAT topics with 860 questions, four full- length exams, and explanations for correct and incorrect answers. Need hints? No problem. A glossary? Just press a key. How about reports to track your progress? Sure, you can even print them out. And to keep you going even through power failures, Cliff’s SAT Preparation Guide is included. (RS 115.) BG Upcoming Shows: AmiExpo Summer ’91 July 26-28 Stouffer Orlando Resort at Sea World Orlando, FL Call 914 741-6500 for details Image World Chicago, featuring Video Expo and CAMMP show July 29-August 2 Rosemont O'Hare Expo Center Rosemont, 1L Dial 800 800-KIPI for details Overscan is complied by Barbara Gefvert, Janine Jackson, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWortd Editorial, SO Elm St, Peterborough, NH 03456. ¦ gj UPERBASE =* SSIONAL AMIGA form design, application «l ** ve1 ®P m e "J r ‘i»tlo mil (latahiiHC n» n ,,m* n‘ H° if Softxrt*1*- The Heavyweight For your most demanding database needs, look no further than Superbase® Professional 4, the heavyweight database for the Amiga. The result of more than two years intensive scrutiny by some of the worlds largest organizations, this technology won the largest Defense Department PC contract ever awarded and is now available for the Amiga. Superbase Professional 4 isn't merely an upgrade from our best-selling Superbase Professional, its an entirely new package absolutely bulging with new features like Workbench 2.0 look and feel, a visual object-oriented Form Designer, over 1(X) new DML programming commands and the enormous capacity to expand to meet your growing needs. From the simple to the complex Now fully cross-compatible with our best-selling PC version, Superbase 4 for Windows, Superbase Professional 4 provides an interface easy enough for novices to learn and use, along with the tools and power to build the most complex database systems you'll ever need. Applications port easily between both environments for added flexibility. The unique VCR-style Control Panel lets you browse through loads of data, and an improved Form Designer gives you the ability to design custom input screens and presentation-quality output forms quickly and easily. Command pushbuttons, a graphical labels facility; expanded Arexx support and direct dBase file support are just a few of the new features you’ll find in Superbase Professional 4. Heavy numbers Superbase Professional 4 is a heavyweight in the numbers department too. Up to a billion records per file with up to 999 indices, all open and updated dynAMIGAlly. Internal text fields can contain up to 4,000 characters and external text can be of unlimited length. There’s no limit to the number of fields, open files or relational joins. The only limit is your imagination. Add a ton of other features like image and sound support (IFF, PCX, GIF and more), telecommunications, a built-in text editor for mailmerges and other operations. Multi-file queries, a banded report generator and WYSIWYG form design all combine to make Superbase Professional the heavyweight among database programs. Superbase Professional 4 is available now at your favorite dealer, or call us for upgrade information. $ 495.00 Superbase Professional 4 SUPERBASE ij Precision Software 8404 Sterling Street * Irving, TX 75063 Tel: (214) 929-4888 * (800) 562-9909 Fax: (214) 929-1655 Precision Software Supotac :i i rrpitcrni tndnrurk of Prechxxi Software, ltd. .Ml ngim rwn cJ. F'rruwi re Lao* is%n ill ocfce mdeauda b«an. Circle 39 on Reader Serwce card REVIEWS DynaCADD with text errata, are a direct port no conversion from the IRM-version manual.) The reference section begins with two excellent tutorials, one for 2-D drawing and the other for 3-D creations. And DynaCADD's on-line help feature (select any command and press the Help key to get a full explanation) almost makes the traditional manual unnecessary. To make things even easier, each time you pass the cursor over the corresponding icon, DynaCADD displays the name of each command in the upper-left corner of the drawing area, along with a one-line description of that command in the lower-right corner. Right out of the box, DynaCADD’s interface is exemplary. The drawing menu is organized in a vertical hierarchy that’s like the root system of a plant. At the top of the hierarchy, there are 12 main-level drawing commands. Each one branches out to a set of subcommands, which in turn branch out to their own subsets. The bottom-most layer of a command chain brings you to a choice of entity type and location. Once you get your drawing underway, you can alter it by using any of nine modifying controls, icons for which are displayed across the top of the drawing area. Included among these are the zoom effects. Zoom In seems to work as both an infinite as well as a dynamic function. The latter is indispensable in CAD drawing, allowing you, for example, to zoom in at one location to place the beginning of a line, then to zoom in at another location to place the end of the line. Since the Zoom command repeats until interrupted, you must click the right mouse button in order to return to the drawing command in progress. If you want to review the commands used during the current sesAmiga CAD meets a Big Blue success story¦ By Ron Bissett WHILE ITS TRUE that DynaCADD J (S995) from Ditek International just made its Amiga debut, it is no newcomer to professionals using CAD (Computer .Aided Drawing). .Although DynaCADD was Atari-born, the MS- DOS version received high praise from CAD CAM Systems magazine. Of course, PC. Users aren’t accustomed to graphic interfaces in CAD software, and the magazine’s reviewer was amazed that such an “innovative” interface existed. The fact that DynaCADD is available for both the IBM and the .Amiga is e great boon to designers who use both systems. In an architectural-de- sign office such as my own, file exchange is a pressing issue, and a cross-platform program like DynaCADD effectively eliminates time-consuming conversions. Both versions of the program, by the way, were provided for this review. In addition to accommodating two platforms. DynaCADD integrates 2-D and 3-D operational modes. Touring the Plant Installing DynaCADD onto a hard drive is effortless. After installing the dreaded dongle device, just doubleclick on the Install icon and give the program a path. You are now ready for a tour of one of the more logically laid-out CAD programs I have seen. Your tour guide, or manual, is thorough, well organized, and easy to understand. (The only complaint I have is that the screen shots, along sion, you activate the command- history function by clicking on its icon or pressing the Tab key. A list of your commands will appear in a window below the drawing area. If you wish, you can print a copy for reference. File functions are found under the File menu. These include storage and retrieval functions, import and export operations (DXF and DynaCADD’s own DEE format), drawing default parameters, merge-drawings procedures, database clear, restore, and sort (to optimize data storage), memory status, background plotting, and exiting the program. The Set menu controls the system- level dialog box, which lets you draw, load a new part, and change scale or units. In addition, you can adjust parameters for tracking, grids or axes, hatch patterns, and pen indexes and definitions. The Tools menu offers global-editing parameters that let you toggle the grids, axes, graphics, tracking, text, copy, and printer echo. Via the Images menu, you can store up to 16 zoom and scroll definitions for a drawing. Finally, using the GCP menu, which only works in 3-1) mode, you can select up to seven predefined Do views and define up to nine custom geometric coordinate planes. You can activate most of the pulldown menu functions with either your mouse or a keyboard equivalent. You can also create your own key def- j i initions with the Create icon and DEFMACRO subcommand. Dyna- CADD’s menu system, with its excellent range of commands and modifiers, is unmatched by any program 1 have used to this point. A Word with the Editor Considering the ten Compugraphic fonts and predefined hatch patterns For information about the vendors of products reviewed, see “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 60. 14 August 1991 that come with DynaGADD, it is hard to imagine ever needing DynaCADD’s Vector Font Editor. But, for those special projects where only a custom font or hatch will do, the font editor saves hours of frustration. You can keep up to 16 fonts in memory at a time, and you can scale, slant, rotate, and otherwise edit them as desired. The Vector Font Editor comes with all the necessary tools and editing functions you need to modify existing fonts or hatch patterns or to create new ones. Its documentation even includes a suggested reading list for the theory of font creation. Altogether, it is the most comprehensive and easy- to-use program of its type. The fact that such a feature is missing from many other "high-end” CAD programs only serves to further emphasize DynaCAdd’s superiority. Metamorphosis For people who need to work in both, changing from 2-D to 3-D mode is only an icon away. Most of the commands from 2-D also work in 3-D mode. In addition, DynaGADD offers several new and powerful extrusion commands. The program displays up to four separate views at once, although you can edit only one at a time. If you wish, you can extrude objects to form 3-D entities. Another powerful set of commands, Transform Revolve Sweep (similar to the Mold Sweep Spin command in Impulse’s Imagine), allows you to create complex shapes. The 3-D mode also lets you scroll, zoom, and rotate objects. A litmus test for any Amiga CAD program’s usefulness is how readily it exchanges files between platforms. Not only are DynaCADD’s DXF import and export routines flawless, but they are also easy to use. We took DXF files created in AutoDesk’s AutoCAD (versions 9, 10, and 11) and loaded them into DynaCADD’s 2-D drawing screen via Commodore’s XT- ¦I lilllU rilr; DynaCADD 2:DynaCADD Fonts EHGLISH.TNT Char; A = 065 $ A1> Haw! English D a' 'b 41 r° ril IZIk? Ojoj u 4 j>) _rj j j H 4iM sljd M j j »J 1 ' * i 1 I i A ! 5?j ?i Si! ¦ iri I
- - j - **.. : x i v j; J|aJ IX IY. .->i I ( * . | 4 SET |y|
* j , 31 compatible Bridgeboard. The procedure went off without a hitch, thanks to DynaCADD’s integrated translator. Incz Q S Design your own fonts with Dyna* CADD's Font Editor. With many conversion utilities, as with foreign language idioms, some things are lost in the translation, and some entities will not convert. DynaCADD’s DEF (DynaGADD Exchange Format), however, allows the seamless transfer of drawing databases between DynaCADD’s IBM and .Amiga versions. In addition, you can output to PostScript and many plotter and printer devices. With DynaCADD’s interface, dimensioning is a breeze, and the program provides you with all the options and accuracy you could possibly want. The dimensioning formats are based on the .American Society of Mechanical Engineers rules tailor- made for serious document production. (European DIN support is also provided.) The package covers every conceivable condition and offers a wide choice of easy-to-select dimension parameters. For all of DynaCADD’s superb features and organization, however, I do have a few complaints. The first is the dongle. If your startup-sequence loads the Amouse driver for the Bridgeboard, the dongle causes the program to load improperly, bypassing the DynaGADD dialog box and going directly to the drawing screen, so that the pull-down menus are dysfunctional. Even when the Amouse routine failed to initialize, the program’s hatch routine did not perform as expected. I got around this hatching error by removing the “RUN NIL PC Amouse” line from the startup- sequence. My second complaint involves a feature covered in the reference manual but not implemented in the Amiga version. You cannot abort the hatch command by clicking the right mouse button. If your hatch scale is very small in relation to the drawing scale, you are in for a long wait while the hatch renders. Ditek’s technical support is aware of this and plans a fix. .Also, it would be an improvement to be able to define the hatch areas by poly windows or other types of freeform area identification, instead of having to draw entities. The scale command presented an- ? Other problem with regard to my application, because there is no provision for entering scale data. Instead, DynaCADD scales the object by digitizing two screen locations to define a scaling ratio, a method not as accurate and straightforward as technical drawing requires. This routine would be vastly improved if it came with a pop-up calculator for numeric input. It would also be nice to be able to define the central scaling point. R E V I E W S Another feature that needs work is EDITING SWEET. With AmiLink Cl controlling your editing suite, there's only one more editing device you'll ever need. Just a few mouse clicks and you're editing with Ami Link Cl, the new computer-based edit controller from RGB. Ami Link's intuitive, graphical software interface is a pure pleasure to use. It leaves the artist in you free to create! AmiLink puts you right in the middle of the hot desktop video arena. It multitasks with your favorite desktop video software applications, and it controls most traditional devices too (Video Toaster upgrade available soon). COMPUTER MONITORS MAY look like television sets, but their display systems are fundamentally different. J While most computers use higb-reso- lution monitors to display pictures that are 400 or more lines high, television uses a trick called interlacing to achieve the same effect on a low-reso- lution monitor. Of all the popular computers, only the .Amiga was designed to use the video display system Continued on p. 78. Circle 42 on Reader Service card It's AmiLink's power that makes editing easy. With features that let you do insert or assemble editing, auto assembly from a list, park RGB COMPUTER & VIDEO Makers of professional computer-based edit controllers for over 3 years the stretching function. Many programs that let you stretch entities employ routines allowing you to anchor one end while you stretch the other. With DynaCADD, there are two methods. The standard stretch lets you extend the object equally from its origins at the mid-point of lines and at the center of circles, arcs, and so on. In fact, stretching is a lot like scaling, allowing an object to change only in the “x" or in the “y” directions (although angled lines are stretched in and perform or open-ended editing, edit point trimming, complete 999-event edit decision list management, and multiple list saves to disk, your pace will be fast and furious. But you remain calm and relaxed because now your computer does the work. So you see, with all this power and simplicity, the only thing left to buy is the easy chair. Call now for info: 1-800-535-7876. Ami Lmk is compatible with all 5-pm or control-L and controi-M VCRs Multiple platforms supported All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies both directions simultaneously and are even rotated about the origin). An alternate method lets you insert predefined subligurcs that you scale upon insertion. Of course, these must already exist. J There are a few other problems I feel need attention: the contiguous entity requirement for defining areas to be measured; the program’s chain entity selection method; and the lack of an Attributes feature among DynaGADD’s many modifier functions. .Also, Ditek should expand the program’s 3-D capabilities to include automatic hidden-line removal in isometric views, perspective-view generation. And solid-modeling features. For a future .upgrade, Ditek promises a new 3-D module, plus support for Arexx, IFF and 3-D rendering formats. (Editors note: Version 2.0 was due for release shortly after press time. Many new features including 3-D rendering were scheduled.) All that aside, while DynaCADD is not perfect and is a bit expensive, there is simply no other Amiga program that comes close to it in terms of out-of-the-box usability, speed, or level of features. It is indeed a winner. With just a few improvements, DynaCADD could replace the CAD programs presently in use and give architects seamless transition between IBM and Amiga CAD platforms. Flicker Free Video A2320 Display Enhancer Sure cure for those down-on-wur-knees, flickering blues. By Sheldon Leemon Fiiiiiiiiiinii INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW 20MB Drive 1 2MB RAM Micro-Power Drives Extra rugged, 20-105MB capacities Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems No Noisy Fans or Cumbersome External Power Fast, Micro-Power Drive Mechanisms THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL! 1 2 - 8MB FAST Expansion RAM 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM 2, 4, or 8MB RAM On-Board with 1 MB x 4 DRAM With a SupraDrive 500XPIN your computing life will change forever. SCSI Port & Came Switch Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled Easy*to*Access Option Switches Autoboot ON-OFF Switch SCSI ID Selector RAM Test Mode Made in the U.S.A. One Year Warranty You’ll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn’t run before including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You’ spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra's knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty.
* While supplies last SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. A vailable at your local dealer, or call: Supra corporation 1-S00-i|727-8772 503-967-9075, 7101 Supra Drive SW, Albany, OR 97321 USA TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMIGA STYLE Riding the Telecomm Range Whether you’re a full-fledged telecowboy or just fixin’ to have a little fun come Saturday night, join us for this two-part roundup as we circle the wagons around what’s new and different in both Amiga communications equipment and network services. TO GET STARTED on this communications cattle drive, you’re going to need to be outfitted with the right provisions: a good modem, terminal software, an understanding of transmission protocols, maybe some archiving (file-compression) utilities, a familiarity with (and memberships in) some major networks, and a good nose for the local BBS users’-group services in your own area. While our telecommunications scouts in the following two articles can't give you the A-Z basics in every aspect of all the areas above (they would need an entire issue to include everything), they are going to cover some new ground in the communications field that should benefit both novices and more seasoned telecomm hands. John Ryan will take you over to the modem shack for a look at some new equipment (including fax modems) and a quick course in what you need to know about getting hooked up properly on the hardware side. Since on-line Amiga guru Harv Laser did a big piece on communications software not too long ago in AW, we'll present a synopsis comparison chart of his evaluations and a reference to his very comprehensive coverage for further study, (In fact, you will find a box 011 p. 28 listing all recent Amiga World telecommunications- related articles and reviews for background help.) Tim Walsh, Aws regular network reporter, will then take you on an on-line tour of some of the off-the-beaten-track services offered by the networks. While Tim normally keeps you informed about what hot new programs are being put up for downloading, for this piece he'll concentrate on the other interesting offerings available on the nets education, finance, entertainment, leisure, and some downright funky special-interest areas, too. So let’s break camp and get those electronic dogies rollin'! ? TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMIGA STYLE 1 Have Modem, Will Travel By John Ryan IF YOU REMEMBER Paladin the black-clad, black- horsed good bad guy gunslinger with the famous calling card in the early days of TV then you’ll remember how meticulous and professional a cow- person this mean dude really was. He always had good clothes, a lot of smarts, and the best equipment available. Well, if vou want to take your best shot in today’s
* J J telecommunications game, you'll need not only vour c* » J J trusty workhorse Amiga, but also a good-quality modem that can take advantage of the many recent advances in telecommunications technology. Modems are faster these days, they come in internal and external varieties, they have many more sophisticated features, they support an ever- increasing number of “protocols” (more on that later), and some even have built-in fax facilities. If you’ve been contemplating buying a modem but don’t know just what features to look for and how to evaluate their significance, let’s take a look at the big picture. It is a jungle out there in the telecommunications field, make no mistake about it. With so many modems available today and with such a wide range of prices, features, and manufacturer claims as to their abilities it may be difficult for you to sort them out unless you know exactly what to look for. So before you go barreling through your local computer store like a gorilla in a Sam sonite commercial, do some research in advance. Make sure you consider what capabilities you want today and those you may want tomorrow. If you’re going to shell out hard-earned money for a modem, you need to make sure that it’s going to meet your needs well into the future. J There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a cheap 1200-baud modem, only to find out months later that a 2400-baud model would have saved you time and money. (For information about contacting the manufacturers of products mentioned in this article, consult the ‘‘Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” listen p. 60.) Modem Basics A modern, of course, is the hub of any telecommunications system. Obviously, you cannot simply hook a computer into a phone line and dial away. A modem Modulates the binary information emitted by your computer into analog signals that can be sent over ordinary telephone lines. It also receives the incoming signals and DEModulates them into binary bit streams that your Amiga can digest. Modems can either be internal or external. An internal modem is nothing more than a circuit board that plugs into ail open slot under the Amiga chassis (which, unfortunately, rules them out for A500 owners). The rear of the card houses telephone and line inputs and, in addition, usually sports DIP switches with which you can configure the modem without the necessity of pulling your computer apart. External modems, on the other hand, plug directly into your computer’s serial port via a serial cable. If you opt to purchase an external modem, keep in mind that most modem manufacturers do not include the serial cable with their products, so you must purchase it separately. It need not be an .Amiga serial cable, since the Amiga and IBM cables are identical. (Radio Shack is a good place to start: part 26-240, six-foot serial cable with 25-pin female-to-male, SI6.95.) ? The most revolutionary video product since the Toaster! UNRETOUCHED SCREEN SHOTS CenTruR SoflWAM While internal modems are good for clearing some of the clutter from your desk and are generally cheaper than their external counterparts, there are several inherent snags you can run into when using them. First, an internal modem has no indicator lights to inform you of such things as carrier detect, transmit or receive status, high-speed operation, or MNP-protocol activity (more on MNP later). Moreover, an internal modem takes up precious slot space on your motherboard, and, because it is subjected to the heat that builds up inside your computer, its life span is often less than that of a comparable external modem. Lastly, an internal modem is specific to the computer. You cannot unplug the card and slap it into an IBM. If you already own an IBM-compatible, or if you plan on buying one, this is something to consider in favor of external modems. The best modem in the world may seem absolutely useless unless you have a good terminal program to go with it. A Need for Speed? Besides differences in architecture, modems also communicate at different speeds, or baud rates. The term “baud” refers to the telegraphic transmission speed; it is not an acronym for anything, but was coined from the name of the French inventor J. Baudot. “Baud rate” refers to the number of bits per second (bps) at which modems can send or receive information thus baud and bps are often used interchangeably. The most common baud rates today are 1200 and 2400, although some high-speed modems can communicate at 9600, 19,200 or even 38,400 bps! Keep in mind that there is a law governing baud rates that is inexorably etched in stone: The faster the modem, the more expensive the modem. Like death and taxes, this will never change, so choosing the right speed for your needs is paramount. Personally, 1 would recommend against buying a modem rated at less than 2400 baud, especially for .Amiga computers. You will find that the graphics and animation files on most Amiga Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) and commercial networks are huge, often hundreds of kilobytes or more. So while you may pay less for a 1200-baud than for a 2400-baud modem, your savings will soon erode after your first session on a long-distance BBS or a commercial network such as Genie (which charges the same rate currently S6 per hour for either 1200- or 2400-bps access). Most modems, high-speed or otherwise, can generally communicate with anv other modem within a
* i range of 300-2400 bps. In such cases, the operating standard is usually the Hayes, the quasi-official communications standard that is based on the modems manufactured by the leading modem maker in the entire PC field and adopted by the telecommunications industry at large. Just about every PC modem available today is Hayes-compatible, so you need not concern yourself too much with this unless you ' i are buying an older modem from a clearing house or garage sale. Regardless of the speed at which they are rated, almost all modems support transmission speeds that fall below their rating, meaning that a 2400-baud modem can also send and receive information at 1200, 600, or even 300 bps. While 2400 baud has become the de facto standard in the BBS community, many hard-line enthusiasts are moving toward 9600-bps modems such as the US Robotics HST ($ 995). But before you opt to shell out S600-S1200 for a high-speed modem, you had better know one thing: A high-speed modem can connect to another high-speed modem only if they both support the same type of high-speed technology. In other words, an HST can dial up and communicate only with another HST at 9600 bps. There are, however, so-called “Dual-Standard” modems available that can support, say, both the HST and v.32 communications standards, (V.32 is an international designation for a widely accepted highspeed i.e., 9600-baud telecommunications standard, in which the method of transmission is based on error-correction and compression techniques;
v. 42bis, referred to below, is also an accepted error- correction and data-compression protocol.) Here again, however, you are looking at a fairly hefty price tag. Also keep in mind that among the national networks, only CompuServe currently supports 9600- bps transmission, and offers it only in a couple of dozen selected cities. Be that as it may, if you are looking for a modem that fits these criteria, Supra Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Amiga peripherals, has recently released its Supra 9600 v.32 v.42bis modem at a suggested retail price of S699.95. More “Baudy" Than Their Ratings If you have been modem shopping recently, you have probably seen advertisements in which some modem manufacturers claim that their 2400-baud modems can communicate at 9600 bps by using MNP-5 internal protocols or v.42bis compression techniques. This is an interesting proposition and one that could have significance for people who have high-speed transmission needs or who are looking ahead to the future. Let’s look at the technology involved here and, more importantly, see if the claims are true. The simple answer to the latter is, Yes. . .under certain conditions. Modems that support MNP-5 (Microcom Networking Protocol) and v.42bis rely on extensive error-correction and compression techniques that can pass data to other MNP-5 v.42bis modems at rates faster than the actual baud rate of ? Amiga screens shown SERVE AND VOLLEY WITH THE PROS! Orcte 79 On Reader Service Card Besides great graphics, excellent displays and perfect sounds, TIE BREAK TENNIS offers more, a lot more! Realism, thrill, precise ball control and a wide range of techniques are all included.Compete in all mqjor tournaments including: WIMBLEDON, US OPEN, THE DAVIS CUP, FRENCH OPEN, AUSTRALIAN OPEN and THE MASTERS. Select your court surface, racket and computer opponents with individual profiles. Use a variety of techniques: crushing serves, forehand, topspin, slice, lob, “slams,” volley, soft balls and many more! Play singles or doubles alone or with a partner, or compete with up to 16 players (human or computer) in tournaments. You can even keep track of your own rankings and save it all on disk! With its breath-taking animation, amazing realistic speech and sound effects in TV-style, TIE BREAK TENNIS scores an ace every time! Available for the Amiga A500,1000,2000,2500,3000 and other computer formats. Retail price: $ 39.95. Visit your local software retailer or call 1-800-783-8023 to order. Or write to: DigiTek Software • 1916 Twisting Lane * Wesley Chapel, FL 33543. The modem. In the case of an MNP-5 modem such as Applied Engineering's Datalink 2000 (SI89; SI59 without MNP-5), rates of 4800 baud can be achieved as long as the receiving modem on the other end is also MNP-5-equipped. MNP-5 gets part of its horsepower from its two- to-one data-compression techniques. If the receiving modem is not MNP-5-equipped, or if the files you are sending or receiving have already been compressed (through such archiving utilities as .ARC, LHARC, PKAZIP, or ZOO), then you lose any speed advantage, and the modem falls back to 2400-baud throughput. (For more on archiving, or file-compres- sion, utilities, see the “AW Telecomm Sources” box on p. 28 to refer you to the articles “Pack It In” and “The Squeeze Play”) Similarly, with modems such as the Supra 2400 Plus ($ 239.95), which offers both MNP classes 2-5 and v.42bis, you can achieve compression ratios of up to 4:1, which may yield actual transfer rates of 9600 baud. But, again, the system you are calling must be able to recognize the v.42bis protocol, and the hies you are sending or receiving must be in their uncompressed, or raw, state before you can realize the full speed advantage here. Therefore, il you plan to send or receive compressed program files from BBSs and networks, you will probably not realize a big increase in speed from MNP-5 v.42bis modems. If, on the other hand, you work from your home or are connected to a computer elsewhere and regularly send raw data files back and forth, these modems may be just the answer. Just the Fax, Please Okay, so maybe you’ve just decided that a 2400-baud external modem with MNP-5 v.42bis technology is just the ticket for you. Now you're hip as far as the latest telecomm gear goes, right? Well, not exactly. There’s another new wrinkle. If you are using your computer in your business, then you know that fax is as much a part of the business scene as the water cooler and the typing pool were in the old days. And the fax phenomenon is not just limited to business. If you’re a college student, you know that many professors routinely send and receive faxes in communicating with their students. In fact, if you look at all the merchandising literature that your credit-card company bombards you with each month, it seems that personal fax machines of all kinds are featured prominently in just about every catalog and brochure pack. Given this kind of climate, you may be interested to know that modem fax card combinations are becoming increasingly popular in the IBM world, and this popularity has finally begun to trickle down to the Amiga community. Fax modems are really two modems in one: On one side of the house is a 2400- bps full-duplex modem (full duplex indicates it can send and receive information at the same time); on the other side is the fax modem, which can send information in only one direction at a time (simplex). Fax modem combinations make a lot of sense for the harried business person because they eliminate several steps involved in sending a facsimile. Whereas without a fax modem you have to boot up your favorite word processor or layout program, create the document, print it out, and then send it through a mechanical facsimile machine, you can now do all of this without ever leaving the computer. Most fax modems redirect the print function of an Amiga application to send the file through the modem instead of to the printer. Having the fax software in memory allows you to create and send your file from your terminal quickly and easily. If the fax modem supports Arexx, or if it supplies multitasking drivers, you can even send your fax along its way without ever leaving the application that created it! There are actually two types of fax modems available: send-faxes and send-and-receive faxes. You can purchase the Datalink 2000 mentioned earlier with a send-fax option (add $ 39) that will transmit data to any group 3 facsimile machine. (Group 3 is the current top banana as far as fax standards go.) Transmission takes place at the same 4800-bps rate. The Datalink 2000 Send-Fax sports several outstanding features: ID compression, internal phone book, transmittal journal, programmable hot-keys, assignable send times, and multiple distribution lists. The premier fax modem available for the Amiga, however, may be Black Belt Systems’ ClickFax (S449.95), a 2400-baud modem 9600-bps fax. Whereas the Datalink 2000 supports only ID compression, ClickFax supports both ID and 2D compression techniques. ClickFax appears to be a true 9600-bps fax that fully supports the .Amiga Arexx function and can read transmissions from just about any mechanical or fax modem. On the modem side, it supports MNP levels 2-5. (Editor’s Mote: Bemuse we received the ClickFax modem only after this article had been prepared, it was not actually tested along with the other equipment covered here. Keep in mind that the description above is based only on the manufacturer's information. AW will present a full review of ClickFax in a future issue.) Making the Connection There are, of course, several other pieces in the telecommunications puzzle that you need to be familiar with before you can make an informed purchasing decision on your modem: terminal software and, with it, transmission protocols. I would need another article to cover these in depth, so 1 will limit the discussion here to just a few basics. Check out the “AW Telecomm Sources” box on p. 28 for more information, especially Harv Laser’s “Telecommunications Programs” buyer’s guide, which gives a very comprehensive evaluation of leading commercial and PD shareware terminal software. An abbreviated version of Harv’s feature-comparison chart, however, is included with this article. In many cases, the modem you purchase is only as good as the software driving it. To use the modem, you also need a terminal program to control it. “Terminal” is a holdover from the early days of computing when operators sat at “dumb” computer terminals hooked up to a mainframe via telephone or serial cables. A terminal program effectively turns your computer into a dumb terminal and configures it so that it can talk to other remote computers that are also hooked ? ILLI0NS THOUSANDS BANKRUPT A SEMI-REALISTIC WACKY BUSINESS SIMULATION! I lave you ever wanted to head your own company? Are you tired of others making decisions that determine your daily fate? Or do you just want to conquer your friends in a battle of financial wit and skill? Well, want no more, 'cause now there's BIG BUSINESS. Manage advertising budgets, research and develop new products and operate factories. Initiate takeovers, detect and catch corporate spies, start law suits and create worker's unrest in your opponents' companies. You don't have to be a business genius to enjoy this game. With its beautiful graphics and excellent game play, it's fun for everyone! PLUS FREE BONUS GAME: WALLSTREETA realistic stock market simulation complete with indi vidual portfolio database and educational stock market trivia. 1916 Twisting I .ane Wesley Chapel. FL 33543
(813) 973-7733 Available for: Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 2500 and 3000. Retail price: $ 40.05. Visit your local software retailer or call 1-800-783-8023 to order. Circle 79 on Reader Servce card to a modem. While we cannot here cover the field of terminal programs thoroughly, as did Harv Laser’s article, there are indeed a number of excellent packages available, both commercially and in the public domain. Programs such as A-Talk III, Baud Bandit, and Online! Platinum, as well as shareware programs such as JR-Comm and Access 4.42, all offer a variety of features that can make vour telecommunications experience a lot more enjoyable. The best modem in the world may seem absolutely useless unless you have a good terminal program to go with it. Before you upload (send) or download (receive) a file with your modem, you must select a “protocol" through which to do so. A protocol is nothing more than the method by which two systems talk to one another. Some people may think that a protocol affects the speed at which you can communicate, but this is only partially correct. Protocols operate on ? 10 Leading Amiga Terminal Programs Program Manufacturer Author Price Protocols’ Arexx Port? Phone Book Max. Entries ChaV Conferencing Mode? Baud-Rate Range (bps) Macro1 Keys Allowed Clipboard Support? Backscroll Review Buffer? Baud Bandit v 1.52 Progressive Peripherals $ 49.95 X, WX,Y YB, Z, B+ Yes Unlimited Yes 300-38,400 30 Yes Yes A-Talk III v t.3e Oxxi $ 99.95 X, XPR, WX Y, YB, Z, K Yes 60 Yes 300-57,000 20 Yes No Online! Platinum $ 69.95 v 3.03 Micro-Systems X, WX, Y YB, Z, K, B QB, S Yes 40 Yes 300-57,000 20 Yes Yes VTX On-Line v 1.0 MichTron $ 79.95 X, Y, K, B Yes 64 Yes 300-19,200 20 Yes Yes Dr. Term Pro v 2.0 Progressive Peripherals $ 69.95 X, WX, Y K, B No Unlimited Yes 110-38,400 40 No Yes Comm v 1.34 Dan James Free (PD)* X, WX No 44 Yes 300-9,600 20 No No AZComm
S. S. Patel Free (PD)* X,z No 44 Yes 300-19,200 20 No No Access v 1.42 Keith Young $ 25* (Shareware) X, B+, Z No 60 Yes 300-19,200 20 No Yes JR-Comm v 1.01 Jack Radlgan 530* X, WX, Y (Shareware) Z, B+ No 9999 Yes 300-57,000 40 No Yes Handshake v 2.20B Eric Haberfellner S25** X, Y, YB (Shareware) K, XPR Yes 20 No 300-19,200 6 No No Clock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Speed Counter? No No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No
* Available on People Link, Genle, and CompuServe ** Available on People Link and CompuServe NOTES 1 Protocol Abbreviations: X=Xmodem Xmodem-CRC WX=Windowed Xmodem Y=Ymodem YB=Ymodem batch Z=Zmodem K=Kermit B=CompuServe B B+=CompuServe B+ QB=CompuServe Qulck-B XPR=External Protocol Libraries S=Sadle High quality RGB output for your Amiga These images are completely unretouched photos taken from a stock 1084s RGB monitor using the basic HAM-E unit. They are pure RGB, not smeary composite. The new HAM-E Plus is an even more potent yet virtually transparent, anti-alias engine which offers near photographic quality images on standard RGB monitors. No other graphics expansion device offers so much performance and costs so little! And all the software to run it is free. Even upgrades! There's not enough room to cover all the features of this system, so here’s just a few. Lis i SYSTEM Paint, render, convert and image processing software 18 24 bit “pure” modes 256 512 color register modes RGB pass through Screen overlay underlay Screens pull up down & go front back View with any IFF Viewer Animate via ANIM or Page Flipping FEATURES
* Works with DigiView™
* Completely blitter-compatible
* NTSC encoder compatible
* S-VHS encoder compatible
* PAL & NTSC compatible
* Uses only RGB port
* FCC Class B. UL Listed
* Works w std Amiga monitors
* Does not use Amiga power I i Hr...r *
A. - PAINT FEATURES Custom brushes use blitter RGB, HSV, HSL, CMY palette RGB and HSV spreads Extensive Arexx™ support 10 Color Cycle Glow ranges Range pong, reverse, stop Smooth zoom, rotate or scale Area, edge, outline fill overfill Dithered 24 bit fill mixing Anti-alias with any tool or brush Loads, shows GIF "'exactly “C" source code available free Upgrade from BBS 24 hrs day Color or 256 greys painting 256 color stencils Matte color anti-alias cycle draw Prints via printer device Auto enhance std IFF palettes Writes IFF24, GIF;™ HAM-E IMAGE COMPATIBILITY 24 bit IFF 24 bit IFF with CLUT chunks 2 to 256 color standard IFF. Half bright HAM, DKB and QRT trace RGBSandRGBN Targa™ GIF™ Dynamic HiRes™ NAME™ 239.95 384 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 384 x 560 Pixel Output (PAL) SHAM. ARZO, ARZ1, AHAM, 18 bit ScanLab™ UPB8 brushes All of the 12 different HAM-E format image file types Images may be scaled and converted to 24 bit IFF files HAM-E PLUS™ 429.95 768 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 768 x 560 Pixel Output (PAL) [All saftwarmrtsfitk tiller ntt) NEW IMAGE PROFESSIONAL™ Call (406) 367-5509 for more information. 398 Johnson Rd.. Glasgow. MT 59230 SALES: (800)TK-AM1GA International Sales (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX: (406) 367-AFAX DigiView*" New Tek; Amiga™ Commodore Business Machine*: GIF™ CompuServe: Dynamic HIRe»™ NrwTek; Sean Lab™ ASDG:T»rsa™ Truevision: Ea*le image copyri*hi Tnie Vision: 10S4s™ Commodore: AHAM, ARZO. ARZ1 ™ ASDG: HAM-E™ Black Bell System*. Circle 5 on Reader Service card efficiency. The more efficient a protocol is, the faster it can channel data to and from the modem. Regardless of protocol, a 2400-baud modem still operates at 2400 baud, but it may not transmit or receive data as efficiently as it should. A protocol is basically an error-checking method that can be likened to two people talking on the phone. When one person speaks, the other must be able to understand what is being said. If there is a misunderstanding, the listener says, "Wait a second, say that again?” Protocols operate in the same way. One terminal speaks while the other listens. If the listening terminal misses something, it requests the data again until it either gets it right or times out. This is, of course, a very simplified view of how protocols work, but it should get the basic idea across. For Amiga computers, Zmodem is probably the most efficient protocol available, and just about all terminal packages offer it. People Link, a popular national hangout for .Amiga on-liners, does not, however, offer Zmodem transfers. Instead, it uses a variant of the Xmodem protocol called WXModem (Windowed Xmodem) that gets the job done just as effectively. There are others you will run across, including Ymodem and CIS-B (CompuServe). Rest assured that if your particular terminal program sup- AW Telecomm Sources ARTICLES "Pointers” (faxing via terminal software Arexx), Feb.
* 91, p.60 "Telecommunications Programs” (buyer’s guide), Dec. ’90, p. 47 "Pack It In” (archiving utilities), Aug. '90, p. 46 "Net Results” (Amiga networks), May ’89, p. 30 "The Squeeze Play” (archiving utilities), May ’89, p. 41 REVIEWS Sterling Service BBS, Apr. '91. P. 88 DataLink 2000 modern, Jan. ’91, p. 94 TeleTutor 1.4 terminal software, Oct. ‘90, p. 103 Fast FAX fax modem, Jul. ’90, p. 14 Baud Bandit terminal software, Jan. ’90, p. 79 VTX On-Line terminal software, Jan. ’90. P. 79 SupraModem 2400zi, Oct. ’89, p. 86 Online Platinum!, Oct. ’89, p. 102 ports a protocol, then your modem will support it as well. The trick here, though, is to ensure that the system you are dialing into also supports your protocols. .All BBSs and national networks will inform you as to what protocols they accept for file transfer. Null Fills a Void While that essentially wraps up our look at modems and how they fit into the telecommunications picture, let’s finish up with one last scenario where the best modem is no modem at all. "Null modems” provide another way to link computers, but in this case transmission occurs without passing through a modem. A null modem, or, more properly, a null-modern adapter, allows you to hook up two Amigas (or even an .Amiga and, say, an IBM PC) and transfer data directly between them without ever dialing the phone. Of course, the two computers must be sitting next to one another in the same room (or perhaps in different rooms if you have a very long cable). Why would anyone want to do this, you ask? Good question. Here are two good reasons. I used to operate a joint .Amiga IBM BBS and needed to get .Amiga files to my IBM hard drive. 1 found that the easiest way to do this (without a bridge- board) was to connect the two computers via a standard serial cable and null-modern adapter. Then, by running a terminal on each computer, I could send my files to the IBM at very high speed. If you have occasion to do similar file-transfer chores, you will appreciate the fact that a null-modern connection allows you to easily transfer files at speeds of 19,200 to 38,400 bps, depending on the maximum baud rate of your terminal. The other good use for null modems involves game play. Many war games and some flight combat simulators allow for modem play. Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte), for example, allows you to call out on a modem and fly against another Amiga, IBM, or Atari ST that is hooked up to a modem. Carnes that offer modem options often include fast null-modern capabilities, as well. If you like spending an afternoon in furious combat, have a friend bring over his or her computer, place it back-to-back with yours, connect them with a null modem, and go at it! (You can purchase null-modern adapters at Radio Shack: part 2614-96, 25-pin male-female connector, $ 4.95.) For most of you, however, your telecomm needs generally require the real thing, and the modem you choose can make a big difference. Buy the fastest modem you can afford, and ask the manufacturer about its warranties and whether the company offers free technical support an extremely important consideration for the novice who may have a lot of questions while trying to get set up. .And get a good communications package that can take full advantage of your modem's capabilities. With the right modem terminal program combination, the world is as dose as your telephone. ¦ John Ryan is an Amigaphile and freelance uniter who claim to he overworked and underpaid. As a telecommunications aficionado, he is busy attempting to make Biloxi, Mississippi, part of the Global Village. NO ONE WIE1. Dispute that the favorite pastime of most Amiga telecomm cowpokes is settling in at the Ponderosa after a hard day punching dogies to download the latest and greatest PD and shareware. First as the “PD Prospector” and now as the “On-Line Scan” man in Amiga World, I’ve been bringing you my best picks from the Amiga nets every month. On-Line Bonanza... Via Offbeat Trails By Tim Walsh While 111 continue to do that in the future, right now it might be fun and maybe profitable to run through some of the other interesting things you can do on line besides sending and receiving files. Some of the activities offered by the networks are pretty mainstream, while others are more specialized or just plain peculiar. You can attend classes, play the stock market, meet other Amiga users, or go shopping, and you can also join special-interest groups (SICs), pursue esoteric hobbies, or participate in forums on arcane topics. Throughout all of this you can easily spend money faster than you thought was humanly possible. Telecomm Culture With the exception of perhaps BIX and People Link, you could think of telecommunication networks as giant shopping malls that charge admission, let you browse around, and offer reference libraries, goods, and services. Like any shopping mall worthy of its corn dogs, the nets also double as a safe haven for people of unusual habits, hobbies, and interests. This kind of comparison, of course, leads to controversy and the inevitable rumors that the networks, like the big-city malls, are populated with a disproportionate number of social misfits, ne'er-do-wells, and other shiftless souls. Not so! Sure, we Amiga on-line types may not be your average bears, but variety is the spice of life. Vive la difference1 But, also like shopping malls, the networks are meant to appeal to everyone, loo. And that means that using a network does not require you to be a skilled disciple of a complex telecommunications package. Even a rank novice with no computer experience can easily log on to a service and instantly incur enormous on-line expenses just like the rest of us! So, which network among the “Big Four" (BIX, CompuServe, Genie, and People Link see the box accompanying this article for information about contacting them) is the best for you? Tough question. Like the people who use them, individual networks are not easily labeled as being the choice for one particular type of user. However, if you are interested in more than just scanning for Amiga files on line, then two of the best networks are Genie and CompuServe. This is not meant to slight BIX and People Link, which are well worth the price of admission because of the excellent Amiga support each one provides. But when it comes to offering noncomputer-oriented or nontraditional on-line activities, they’re just not in the same league as the two telecommunications giants. Armchair Education While it won’t, guarantee you a part in the next Clint Eastwood flick, CS’s Show-Biz Forum will give you the lowdown on the glitz-and-glitter game. If you are looking for on-line educational opportunities, perhaps the most extensive are to be found on Genie in an area called CALC (Computer .Assisted Learning Center). To access CALC after logging on to Genie, select option 13, Educational Services, and then select option 10 for CALC. The service provides individual tutoring, college-level courses (even a col- lege-degree program!), and a broad range of conti nuing- education offerings. Equipped with a file area, bulletin board, message area, and course-registration area, CALC is like a mini community college that you can access directly from your Amiga. The director of CALC, Margaret Morabito, is no stranger to setting up education centers on networks. Nearly single-handedly, she created the original CALC program on the Quantum Computer Services telecommunications network as a way for people to attend college courses through unconventional channels. Now available on Genie, CALC enjoys a large enrollment and widespread popularity and success. There are also many other specific educational offerings to be found on Genie. Check the menu under Educational Services (option 13). While CompuServe does not have an on-line college per se. It, too, provides a wide range of individual educational offerings. Use the CompuServe TOP menu to select menu choice 9, Hobbies Lifestyles Education, and then choose option 10 from the submenu that appears. You will find numerous further subareas here, including reference databases such as the Academic American Encyclopedia and forums on computer training, education, educational research, and foreign languages. .Also included is Peterson’s College Database (option 12 under Education), an excellent on-line college reference tool. Purely for my own edification, 1 looked up my old alma mater. Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, and found all the relevant facts in the listing to be accurate. (Peterson’s also went on to inform me that the tuition had skyrocketed for the 1990-1991 year to a whopping SI4,495!) Let Your Fingers Do the Earning Because ofthe immediacy of telecommunications, the networks are an ideal source of timely financial in- formation. Both CompuServe and Genie have a strong financial-services line-up. On CompuServe, you will bump into more big business than you would on a stroll along Wall Street. From the CompuServe TOP menu, select menu option 7, Money Matters Markets, for financial news, trading quotes, and other market highlights. Interested in dividends and splits? You’ll find all the information there. How about Dow Jones 8c Company or the Dreyfus Corporation? They’re there. Add to that list more menu options for financial forecasts, financial forums, financial interfaces, surcharge lists, market reports, index lookups, and multiple market management research centers, and I think you begin to get the financial picture. Genie, too, is no slouch when it comes to big money. It offers a Financial Products area brimming with items. Select option 7, Finance Business Services. From this area, you can access such subareas as the Dow Jones News Retrieval, the Quotes Securities Database, the VESTOR 24-Hour Investment Advisor, the Charles Schwab Brokerage Services, the Schwab Investors’ Roundtable, the Air Force Small Business Roundtable, The Wall Street Journal Mall Store, and the Investment ANALYST, to name but a few. Electronic Shopping Sprees While spending your on-line dollars to help you make money on the investment front sounds prudent, you can really throw caution to the winds and indulge your spendthrift fancies with on-line shopping. Both Genie and CompuServe offer “electronic malls” to help you consolidate what used to be a day’s shopping on foot into just a few minutes on line. Genie includes more than 40 stores in its on-line mall, ranging from AT&T to Walter Knoll Florist. To access any one of these, select option 8 from the main menu, Online Shopping Services, and then press 1 to enter the Genie Mall. CompuServe offers even more opportunities, with 98 merchants in its mall. Select option 6 from the TOP menu and then press 1 to enter the Electronic Mall. If you want to spend your cash or credit on cars, books, computers, candy, or whatever, you will probably find a place to do it here. Disregard your blood-sugar level for a spell and visit Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies on CompuServe by typing GO GIM at any prompt. Further reduce the enamel on your sweet tooth by entering a free forum called Godiva Chocolates (type GO GC at any prompt). Admittedly, on-line shopping can get pretty preposterous quite rapidly, even for hard-core shoppers with zany tastes. For instance, would you believe there’s a free area on CompuServe called “The Squishy Wishy Zoo” (GO SW), where you will find “. . .a classic collection of stuffed toys, all guaranteed to be squishy wishy.” (My copy of Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary does list “squishy,” but not “wishy.” I suppose that in the 1990s, neither reason nor correct English will stand in the way of teddy-bear sales.) All in all, 1 would imagine that shopping by computer is not for everyone. You really need to know what you want and then barrel straight ahead without ? T Prima! A Look Inside the Ultimate A500. 1CD proudly presents Prima*. The high performance, low cost hard drive for Amiga® 500 computers. Prima blends a large capacity, low power Quantum ‘‘ hard drive with the AdlDE * host adapter for an unbeatable combination. Prima comes complete with instructions, software, and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. It does require an A500 with switching power supply, 1 megabyte of RAM. And an external floppy drive for setup and installation. What other products would we include in the “Ultimate A500”? Of course a four megabyte AdRAM * 540 and Flicker Free VideoM with a multi-sync monitor. Why settle for less? Prima replaces the internal floppy drive but includes Shuffle Board * to make your external floppy drive DFO:. Prima features auto-booting from FastFileSystem partitions, high speed caching, auto-configuring, and A-MaxII11 support. Formatted capacities of 52 and 105 megabytes are currently available. ICD, Incorporated 1 220 Rock Street Rockford, Illinois 61101 ICD USA (815) 968-2228 Phone (800) 373-7700 Orders (815) 968-6888 FAX Porno, AdlDE. AdRAM, Flicker Free Video, end Shuffle Board are trademarks of ICD. Inc. Other brand and product names are registe'ed trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders Circle 31 on Reader Service card the aid of the physical presence of the desired object and helpful pictures, promos, and salespeople. At least with catalog shopping, you can visualize what a squishy-wishy beary-poo might look like in your kid’s arms. The larger on-line retailers, such as J.C. Penney and Sears, however, do provide references to pages within their beefy catalogs so you can review' items prior to making your purchasing decisions. This is not only helpful, but it also reduces the cost of your on-line time. With smaller merchants, though, the decision process boils down to hugging an imaginary teddy in the dark. On-Line Strokes for Different Folks With Special Interest Groups (SIGs) available on the nets on almost any subject from astronomy to window cleaning, you are bound to make friends and enjoy yourself, no matter what kinds of unusual interests you might have. Some of these specialized on-line activities are difficult to classify because they cover a number of different interests and overlap with some of the broad area headings such as Education, Finance, and the like. To give you an idea of the kinds of things offered on line, here's one example that involves learning more about wines. Unless you live on the farm and eat Mom’s home cooking and drink milk from a nearby cow with every meal, you may occasionally be called upon to make a selection from a wrine list. A great many folks, however, panic when the list is handed to them, and they will rapidly scan for a wane that Orson Welles vehemently refused to sell before its time. Well, if you have a CompuServe account, there is no reason not to be social and rub phonecords with folks in the Bacchus Wine Forum. Simply select option 9 from the TOP menu, Hobbies Lifestyles Education, followed by option 1, Food Wine, and then option 2, the Bacchus Wine Forum. After a few' online sessions, you may still be at a loss w’ith certain obscure wane lists, but at least you wall be able to bluff your way through wane conversations at social functions and discuss body, bouquet, and vintage with the best of them. How about coin or stamp collecting? Join CompuServe’s Coin Stamp Collecting Forum (GO COLLECT). Want to find out w’hat the fruit shippers in Florida are up to? You can join Florida Fruit Shippers (GO FFS) and talk about grapefruit or whatever else the citrus crowd gathers to discuss. From personal experience, 1 have noticed a profound interest in astrology among many long-time Amiga owmers. By typing GO .ASTROLOGY once you have logged on to CompuServe, you can be wiiisked away in hyperspace to the Astrology Calculator. Enter your birthday, followed by the latitude and longitude of your birthplace. In return, you will see displayed on your screen geocentric planet positions, house cusps, ruling planets, and maybe even the price of pork bellies in Chicago at the time of your birth. Stars and starlets alike will no doubt he interested in getting a CompuServe account, too. While it won’t guarantee you a part in the next Clint Eastwood flick, CS’s Show'Biz Forum will give you the lowdown on the glitz-and-glitter game. Access this little gem from the Arts Music Literature area, which is under the Hobbies Lifestyles Education menu. If you are a Genie fan, there are also nearly limitless possibilities for on-line fun and frolic. Let’s examine just one “small” area on Genie called Hobbies 8c Leisure Interests. Select option 12, Leisure Services, from the GE Information Services menu to get you to this area. Once inside, you will Find a large and varied assortment of “roundtables” (GEnie-speak for SIGs) on such subjects as genealogy, photography, scuba diving, science fiction and fantasy. Try the Spaceport option if you are interested in joining a group on space and astronomy. Also under the Leisure menu are such options as Cl NEMAN Entertainment Information, the Holly* wood Hotline, Rainbow' Electronic Reviews, and the Genie Banner Maker, which Genie states is used “to make a text banner to display anyw here ” If you’ve always wanted to display “anywhere” for all the world to see, I guess Banner Maker is for you. There is still plenty more within Leisure. Select Soap Opera Summaries if you are hooked on the dazed-of-our-lives set, or join the roundtable on MIDI WorldMusic, or groups that cater to writers, aviation aficionados, and those interested in radio and electronics. As they eagerly spend their parents’ hard-earned money in the Leisure area, youngsters will find the Rocknet Entertainment New's to be a kind of on-line MTV for the computer-minded. There is also the Pet- Net Roundtable (which, incidentally, offers a great text file consisting of the minutes of a meeting on the question of legalizing ferrets as pets), the Sports Roundtable, and (my personal favorite) the Telejoke RoundTable. ? The Big Four American People Link 165 North Canal St., Suite 950 Chicago, IL 60606 800 524-0100 312 648-0660 BIX One Phoenix Mill Lane Peterborough, NH 03458 800 227-2983 (in NH, 1-924-7681) CompuServe PO Box 20212 5000 Arlington Center Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 North Washington St. Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 A r SUGGESTED f . Ft RETAIL: I m A f
- • 1 ¦ 1 W M now only 1-800-343-0728 FOLLOW-UP TO OUR BEST SELLER! CALL TOLL FREE or mail this coupon. I am eager to become an expert! Please send me the
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1984) still ranks as one of the better books on the then-eccentric practice of exploring and socializing on the computer networks. With the help of Nick Anis, the noted computer columnist John Dvorak lias written a more recent book modestly entitled Ih'orak’s Guide To Desktop Telecommunications (S34.95; Osborne McGraw-Hill; Berkeley, 1990). Dvorak’s book explores on-line opportunities in more depth than the first book, while still managing to keep the discussion in layman’s terms. Although a PC enthusiast, Dvorak does include at least some specific Amiga coverage. The entire book, however, is general enough to appeal to telecomm users of all stripes. While I would not make either of these books required reading before you establish an account on a network, they both do provide insights and ideas on finding novel ways to use networks. Vs with any sport, every bit of advance preparation is beneficial. Let the games begin! ¦ True digital photography for your Amiga computer Through a special arrangement with Quintar™ Co., Liquid Light is now offering the Bell & Howell CDI-IV™ color digital film recorder for use with all Amiga computer models. The CDI-IV offers true color capability for all your Amiga images including IFF and HAM. All you add is the film and the imagination. Whether you need high quality 35mm slides, instant prints, overhead transparencies or even instant slides the CDI-IV has you covered. The CDI-IV is shipped to you complete with a 35mm camera, instant print camera, software and cables. Everything you need to produce stunning images is right in the box. It plugs into the serial port of your computer so you can install it in minutes. The manufacturers suggested retail for this system is $ 3,995, but for a limited time you can purchase the complete CDI-IV at an introductory price of only $ 1,895. Quantities are limited and this price will last for just a short while. S°8 aCalHodiy,wi.h Light the CDI-IV you 11 see your J * &- imaopQ in n whole new lipht Presentation Graphics Peripherals CDI-IV introductory price only $ 1,895. To order call 213 618-0274 American Liquid Light, Inc., 2341 West 205th Street, Torrance, CA 90501 Tel:213 618-0274, Fax; 213 618-1982 Bell Howell, Quintar Co. And CDI-IV are registered trademarks of Bell & Howell Quintar Company. Circle 2 on Reader Service card
V. r- YES IT'S TRUE!! SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. J UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It’s hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months alter the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!! J Menu Driven Control Program couldn't be simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that’s It!! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! J Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO" MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!! J Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent. _i Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*. J At least one External Drive required. 'PA'ZlS MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING ... j DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now you can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate, j DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro 111 now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy, Hard Drive File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename etc. etc. j Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats all others - it transfers data at MFMHTL level, just like the BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... AMIGA ACTION REPLAY GOES EVEN FURTHER BY PROVIDING AN UNBELIEVABLE RANGE OF TOOLS FOR BOTH THE _HACKER AND PROGRAMMER ALIKE « SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one di*k. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of the cartridge * even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus). UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE • NOW MORE POWERFUL Allows you to generate more and ovon infinite lives, fuel, ammo, etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that "impossible” level. Very easy to use. - * IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached" spritos. RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES. VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. • SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved diroctly IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform. SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the Machine Status, Including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status "overlay* shows all the information you could ever need to work on screens. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!! ) MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can extract the complete music in programs , demos.etc. and save them to disk. Saves In format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!! AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay II preference screen you can now sot up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separntely for that extra advantage! • DISKCODER With the new "Diskcodor" option you can now 'tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged' disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security. PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor * displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options. • DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press ol a button • faster than Dos Copy.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. PLUS AN EVEN MORE POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR POWER BY DESIGN j Syncro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying” is the present sensation. This device, with it’s own custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under AMIGA soon1000ni500 2000 30i WHEN ORDERING MURES INCLUDIN ImlJ fWSF Full ler,'Disassembler ¦ Full Screen Editor Load Save block Write siring to memory Jump to specific address " show RAM as text Show frozen picture Ray resident sample Show and odd all CPU registers and flags Calculator Hefp Command Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even Write Only registers Notepad Disk handling * show actual track. Disk Sync pattern, etc. Dynamic breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX. ASCII, Assembler, Decimal Copper assemble disassemble ¦ CALL TOLL FREE- 1-800-962-0494 ONLY COAST TO COAST TECHNOLOGIES INC. 1855 S. R.434, SUITE* 203 LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0779
* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING = 510.00 CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2ndDAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD's = ADD 52) ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hrs. Circle 8 on Reader Service card Arexx...for Arexx is for everyone. . .not just programmers. Rexx has become a sort of mysterious " ¦ , ©MSI Here’s an easy course on how to put the power of Arexx in your hands. Legend among Amiga users. You have probably heard tales of its power and capability. Perhaps you’ve also heard that it’s easy to use. Just maybe, though, you’re not convinced that it’s practical for you. “Yes,” you say “I know that Arexx can automate tasks and let me control programs from within other programs. But I'm no programmer. Isn’t it beyond my abilities to tap Arexx’s power?” Whoa there! Don't jump to that conclusion. We’re going to demonstrate how, given that you can manage to dress without putting your underwear on the outside, you can also create useful scripts and macros with Arexx! Arexx has gotten its “easy-to-use” reputation h orn a number of features, one of which is its memory- management scheme. With other languages, you have to allocate and de-allocate memory the light way, at the right time, in the right order, and with the correct sizes. Arexx handles this automatically, so that you do not have to think about it. It closes all opened files and frees all associated memory when you exit an Arexx program. Another advantage of Arexx is its kind and helpful manner. In many languages, errors and omissions often cause complete failure and offer no clue as to why. Arexx, however, reports errors in reasonably plain English and usually pinpoints the problem to a specific line of code. In fact, you can write Arexx routines to trap all errors, print important information from your program, and even restart the program itself. This powerful error-trapping capability, combined with its equally powerful TRACE error-reporting instruction, makes Arexx a perfect language to fool around with. And that is how you will learn to program in Arexx: by playing with it and either building your own Arexx script or trying to make someone elsc’s do what you want it to. By Steve Gillmor and Richard Stockton One important provision of Arexx is that you can add to the commands it understands by using libraries. A common problem in trying to get other people’s Arexx demos to run is the failure to load a needed library. This can be a confusing issue, because you need to load some libraries specifically, while others load automatically. Before you can use a function from a library, you must be sure Arexx knows the library is available. You need do this only once, preferably in your startup-sequcnce. The following is an .ARexx script that you can put in your startup-sequence to open the most commonly needed libraries for you. You don’t have to worry about wasting RAM, because the libraries will not actually load until they are needed. At this point, do not concern yourself with how it works just know that it does. * setup, rexx * llbs.1 ='rexxsupport.library' * extended functions (dos, etc.) * libs.2 = ’rexxarplib.llbrary’ ? * Intuition, windows, gadgets * ilbs.3 = 'rexxmathllb.library' * sin cos tan and other math functions * DO I = 1 TO 3 CALL ADDLIB(libsJ,0, 30,0) IF - SHOWfL'Jibs.i) THEN SAY libs.l ‘failed to open!’ END EXIT * end of setup.rexx * If you have Arexx installed on your system (that is, if you have purchased the software from William Hawes and are running it with Workbench 1.3, or if you use Workbench 2.0, which includes Arexx), then vou have a rexx: drawer. Use a text editor or word * processor to write this script, save it in .ASCII format, and put it into that drawer. Then go to the CLI and type Ed (or the name of some other text editor you have) followed by sys:s siartup-sequence. When your startup-sequence appears on screen, find the line that reads rexxmast, and, a few lines down, add rx setup. Then when you boot your system, your startup-sequence will know to retrieve this Arexx script, which will automatically ready all the libraries. Note that while we specifically open only three libraries in this example, several more must be present in your libs: drawer (in addition to those normally supplied) in order for these special libraries to load properly. You can find the latest versions of these libraries on BBSs and in public-domain collections everywhere. Check your libs: drawer to make sure it contains the following six libraries: rexxsupport.library rexxarplib.iibrary screenshare.library rexxsysllb.llbrary rexxmathlib.library arp.library For Example. .. The advice we usually give people interested in Arexx is to look at some examples. So, let's type in this simple example and run it (at a CLI prompt, type rx lest 1.rexx DEO:). I* test! .rexx * PARSE ARG drawer . Filellst = SHOWDIR(drawer1’File') SAY fllellst EXIT * end of testl.rexx * Once you have typed this in, you should see a list of the files (not directories) separated by spaces that correspond to the disk in drive zero. How did all this happen? Lets break down testl.rexx. The first two characters of an Arexx script must always be *. These symbols signal to Arexx that what follows is an .ARexx script. However, these symbols also serve as the left comment characters, and .ARexx treats everything between * and * as a comment, regardless of how many lines separate them. A comment is normally used as a descriptive or explanatory note, but these symbols can come in very handy when you need to temporarily disable a line or two of code just “comment it out” Because Arexx uses the first * to identify an exe- cutable script, this line is a logical place to put the script title. And so, test I .rexx is the title of your script or program. Because Arexx ignores blank lines, you can use them freely in your scripts to combat clutter. Now let’s get to the good stuff. The PARSE command is a kind of traffic cop of the Arexx language. In this case, PARSE ARG tells Arexx to expect an argument when the script is run. An argument is information that either you (the programmer) or an Arexx-linked application passes to the script by way of a variable. We will call the first argument (up to, but not including, the first space character) “drawer,” and ignore any other arguments by assigning them all to the character Because you typed dfO: after the name of your Arexx program, the variable “drawer” is now equal to dfD:. Next, we store a list of all the files contained within “drawer” in a variable arbitrarily called "filelist” (It is always a good idea to use descriptive names for variables; when you look back at it a month from now, the name filelist will mean much more to you than “x.”) Then we display that variable using Arexx’s SAY command, which acts like the AmigaDOS command ECHO, sending text to the console. Our resulting Arexx script is a simple program that’s similar to AmigaDOS’s DIR. Its output is not formatted in neat columns like that of DIR. But all the filenames are there, so we can use it to do some useful things. . .as you shall see a little later. A Question of Tracing Perhaps the most important command a new Arexx user can learn is TRACE ?R. The question mark puts the program into interactive mode, which simply means that it pauses after executing each instruction and waits for you to press the Return key before continuing. The R tells Arexx to display the result of each line of your program. (There are, of course, many other options, but ?R will get you started, and you can learn the others as you need them.) Lefs alter our testl.rexx a bit, and insert TRACE ?R near the top so that it reads: * testl.rexx * TRACE ?R PARSE ARG drawer . Fllellst = SHOWDIR = drawer,’Flle’) SAY filelist EXIT * end of testl.rexx * This time when you run it, you will see the tracing results in addition to the list of files. Let’s examine it as TRACE ?R executes it: one line at a time. We’ll use dfO: as the argument. CllorShell> rx testl DFO: Note that the script works whether or not you add the .rexx extension to the program Filename. Here is what the output to your CLI or Shell will look like (the comments are ours): 4 * * PARSE ARG drawer I* the line we are tracing * »> "DFO:”; * the "drawer” argument * .> ” * no more arguments * + > * pauses until you press RETURN * 5 *-* filel SHOWDIRfdrawer Fhe’); * get a list of Files only * »> "DFO:"; * first argument for SHOWDIR() * »> "File" * second argument for SHOWD!R() * »> "Dlsk.lnfo system.lnfo Utllltles.lnfo Shell ShelUnfo.. * result * + > 6 *-* SAY filelist; »> "Dlsk.info system.info Utilities.Info Shell Shell.Info.. Disk.info system.lnfo Utilities.lnfo Shell Shelt.info tools.info .Info *filelist* + > 7 *-* EXIT; So, you take an argument from the CLI and assign it to a variable (drawer). Then when you press RETURN, the next line of the program executes. The SHOWDIR( ) function gives you a list of files or directories, or both, and puts the list into a new variable called filelist. In this case, the second SHOW- D1R( ) argument (File) specifies just files. When you press RETURN again, the result of SHOWDIR( ) now the variable “filelist” prints to the screen. What does all this mean and how can it be useful? It means that you can watch .ARexx do its work, live. If you have a broken Arexx program, you can see where it is going wrong and fix it. You can even change values in the middle somewhere just to see what will happen. Go ahead and experiment! Try running the script again, and in the pause after line 5, type: + > filelist = "l changed It.” Then press RE TURN twice. (Pressing RETURN the first time changes the variable; pressing it again executes the next program statement.) Congratulations! You have just altered the course of Arexx history right in the middle of an operating (well, paused) Amiga program! Can you feel the power coursing through your god-like fingers? “I am a programmer!” I hear you cry, and it’s true: With .ARexx, everyone can be a power programmer! A Case in Point 1 he easiest way to create an Arexx macro is to start with an existing macro that approximates what you want to do. Use die examples that come with Arexx and compatible programs as a place to begin. I hey have already been tested and can save you a lot of set-up work. With that in mind, let's expand the earlier example to do something with the selected directory of files. To start, let’s add a loop to handle each of the filenames in turn. * test2.rexx * TRACE ?R PARSE ARG drawer . Filelist = SHOWDIR(drawer,'File’) IF RIGHT(drawer,1) ~ = ’:* & drawer - =' ' THEN drawer = drawer’ ’ DO 1 = 1 TO WORDS(fllelist) SAY drawer || WORD(fllelist,i) I* show full pathname * END EXIT * end of test2.rexx * When you run this one, you get the full pathname of each file on a separate line. Now “comment out” the TRACE ?R using * and * , save the script, and run it again to see the output more clearly. Thus far, you have made two changes to the script. First, you check the last or right-most character of your drawer variable with RIGHT(drawer,l) to see if it is a colon (that’s the ~ =Y part). The 8c that follows means that another check occurs at the same time; the drawer ~ =' ’ part checks to see whether the drawer is blank which it would be if no argument was entered from the CLI. (The 8c is Arexx’s logical AND operator. It lets you tie multiple conditions together, as in “IF this 8c that 8c those THEN. . If the test results say that conditions are appropriate, the script tacks a slash ( ) onto the end of “drawer,” so that adding a name from the filelist will make this a full, valid path to the file. The second change you made was in replacing the “SAY filelist” with a do-loop. A do-loop executes everything between the DO and the matching END a certain number of times in this case, once for every name in the filelist. The WORDS( ) function counts the total number of words in the filelist when the do-loop starts. The loop begins with the first name in the list and adds one to the count (i) every time through the loop until it runs through all the names. Because all the names are in the same directory, you can use “drawer” for every name. You can find the individual name using WORI)( ), a function that returns a selected word (by word number) in a string in this case, word number i incremented by a count of one for each time through the loop. This script tells Arexx to stick each filename on the end of “drawer” using the double pipe “||” or concatenate operator. (Concatenate is the official techy way lo say “stick these two things together with no spaces in between.” It is usually only necessary to use between two variables, because, as demonstrated two lines before with drawer’ ’, a variable and a quoted string can simply be placed next to one another.) Without the inclusion of the concatenate operator here, the script would create a third variable rather than pasting together the two values. V Amiga World 39 A R E X X FOR EVERYONE Finally, the SAY command displays each filename on a separate line. You can "uncomment” TRACE to watch all of this in action. This For That Now that you have seen how these things work, let’s expand the program to make it more flexible and to allow for more than just a listing. Just as you passed the drawer argument to your Arexx script, you can also pass arguments to functions that are defined within it. You can replace the “SAY drawer..line above with:
• 'CALL myfunc(drawer || WORDffllellsU))" This executes a function called myfunc( ). It gets the same argument that SAY printed, that is, the full individual filename. Once you have made this change, add the following function definition after the EXIT statement: myfunc: PARSE ARG thisfile . SAY thisfile RETURN (0) The label "myfunc:” tells Arexx where the function starts. You can “PARSE ARG thisfile .’ just as if you had gotten the drawer argument earlier from the
CLI. The difference is that this argument comes from inside your do-ioop. You can then display this one filename using the SAY instruction. RETURN tells Arexx where the function ends, and here the 0 serves as a signal that everything went well. It is useful to have a function return some sort of error code so that you know within the script if the function has done its job properly. Because there is little to fail in this function, the do-loop just “CALL”s the function, using the CALL command, which ignores any returned value. CALL is the proper command to use if you are not setting a variable to the returned value of a function. Off With Its Suffix! Now for something more useful. Perhaps you, like me, sometimes get disks of sound samples, with each filename ending in ".snd” to in- dicate the type of file. Because 1 put all my sound samples in clearly marked drawers, and the icons take up more room with the additional characters, 1 would like a script to rename all the .snd files on a disk. Then, the next time I get a new batch of sound samples, I can just run the script on the new disk once, and all samples ending in .snd will be automatically renamed. With that goal in mind, 1 came up with this: * unsnd.rexx * * TRACE ?R * PARSE ARG drawer . Filelist = SHOWDIR = drawer,’Flle’) IF RIGHT(drawer,1) - = & drawer - = " THEN drawer = drawer’ ’ DO 1 = 1 TO WORDS(fllellst) errorcheck = myfunc(drawer WORD = fllelist,i) IF errorcheck>0 THEN EXIT(errorcheck) END EXIT *** FUNCTION *•* * rename .snd files, returns 0 for success, 1 for error * myfunc: PARSE ARG thisfile . IF UPPER(RIGHT(thisfIle,4)) = SND‘ THEN DO namelength = LENGTH (thisfile) * length in characters * newf ile = LEFT (thisfile,namelength 4) I* subtract the '’.snd" * IF RENAME(thlsflle,newfile) = 1 THEN SAY ‘...Renamed’ thisfile ’as’ newfile ELSE DO SAY ’*** Could not rename’ thisfiieT * error checking * RETURN(10) * something went wrong; stop, return a failure * END END ELSE SAY thisfile 'untouched.1 * filename does not end in ".snd" * RETURN(O) I* end of test3.rexx * This time the script does check the return value from myfunc( ) and puts it into the variable “error- check.” Then if this value, and hence errorcheck, does not equal zero (zero meaning all is well), you can have the script stop before it does any damage. Note that this script is not capable of much damage because it acts only on files that end in “.SND”. Now let us look at the function that actually does the work. The first thing the script does after receiving the argument is to check the end of the current file (thisfile) for the presence of the characters .snd. Because these may appear as .SND, or even .sNd, the script converts the four right-most characters of the filename to uppercase and compares them to .SND. Notice how similar this is to English: IF the UPPER- case RIGHT-most four characters of thisfile equal .SND, then DO the do-loop until the END, or ELSE SAY the message that this file was not renamed. Within the do-loop, two new internal functions are introduced: LENGTH( ) and LEFT( ). They do about what you would expect. LENGTH(string) returns the length of the string in characters, and LEFT(string,n) is the other side of RIGHT( ), returning the "n“ LEFT-most characters of string. Arexx’s powerful string-handling functions are yet another reason it is ? POWER COMPUTING THE NEW PC880B POWER DRIVE Our newest drive now has the powerful Blitz Copier built in. PC880 POWER DRIVE
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If there is a problem, you certainly ' do not want it repeated for every filename. When a function returns an error, the script aborts and displays the error number. At that point, you may want to turn TRACE back on so you can see what went wrong. A Perfect Fit You can go on and on tweaking this script until it fits just right. Because Arexx can return words as easily as numbers, you can, for instance, rewrite the main do-Ioop to return the “SAY” message instead of a number. By replacing the my- func: definition with a subroutine of your own, you have a way to do what you want with an entire directory of files by using a simple “rx MyRexxPrg FileDir ” To continue your .ARexx education, try extending one of the examples on the Arexx disk. Take a look at paver.rexx, for example. It opens a screen full of windows and writes some numbers in each. Not much use, huh? Wrong. If you need to display text in a separate window during your script, or need to send text to more than one window at a time, here is a fine example written by the author of Arexx, Bill Hawes. Just extend his example to fit your needs. If you want to set up two independent windows to display two textiles line by line, side by side to compare their differences, you will find much of the code necessary for this project right in paver.rexx. As you can see, it is easy to get started with Arexx. And a simple Arexx script can save a whole lot of your precious time, over and over again. As you experiment, the TRACE command will demystify things for you, and .ARexx itself will become your teacher, showing you how to use it in more and more powerful ways. ¦ In addition to writing about Arexx, Steve Gillmor has done much consulting on the topic. As Director of Software for Impulse, Steve has worked extensively on the company’s Arexx-compatible authoring system. Foundation. Richard Stockton, generally regarded in the industry as one of the leading Arexx programmers in the country, has signed with Ami EXPO to hold Arexx master classes at upcoming shows. Richard is a cofounder of Gramma Software, a publisher of Arexx-compatible programs. 9 6 0 0 BAUD FAX CLICKFAX FULL RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT FAX SYSTEM FOR THE AMIGA Introducing the extinction of the manual FAX. ClickFAX is a feature-packed, full-spectrum FAX system for all Amiga computers. The system includes an external modem, came and complete support software. SUPER FAST CONVENIENT THREE COMPLETE USER INTERFACES ECONOMICAL ClickFAX supports both sending and receiving FAX documents at up to 9600 baud, with 1D or 2D compression-Up to tour times faster than other Amiga FAX modems. The standard telecomm modem capability supports 300,1200 and 2400 baud with MNP level 3,4 and 3 support. You never have to disconnect ClickFAX to get onto BBS systems, networks and other services. ClickFAX can read ASCII text files, IFF graphics tiles and precompressed "fax" tiles created bv itself or the AE "Send FAX." You can utilize all of the system's features from the WorkBench using the mouse, from your CLI or Shell using simple typed commands, or via Arexx from any application, script or macro. All the speed, versatility and convenience of the ClickFAX system, including modem, cable and software, is onlv $ 449.95. For more information, call (406) 367-5509, and we'll FAX you all the specs and an example of the high quality transmission you can enjoy with ClickFAX. FREE DEMONSTRATION BLACK BELT SYSTEMS 39S JOHNSON RD„ GLASGOW, MI 59230 SALES: (SOO)TK-AMIGA INTERNATIONAL SALES (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX: (406) 367-A FAX Amiga’* Commodore Business Machines: ClickFAX ** Black Bell Systems Circle 6 on Reader Service card npH i d D e Nqp TalenT You may not know or remember all the abilities of your Workbench tools. Why not reacquaint yourself and get some of those bench sitters into the game? By John Foust YOU USE THE Amiga's Workbench every day. But how well do you use it? The chances arc that you rely on just a handful of techniques for starting programs, changing gadget values, and moving files. A real Workbench “coach" uses these faculties, plus a few more. Workbench is not complex, but its stats are hidden in the Workbench manual, something many of us have not looked at in a long time. Instead of wading through that manual, lets find out how the more promising tools can help your game, and which ones you should retire. The Menu Roster We’ll begin with a quick remedial course on Workbench’s menus. This will illustrate that although Workbench does hold hidden talent, you can wade through a fair amount of dead w eight before finding it. Although we will speak in terms of Workbench
1. 3, the tools discussed here are also available (sometimes under slightly altered names) on 2.0. The left-most menu, entitled Workbench, offers the familiar Open, Close, Duplicate, Rename, Info, and Discard options. At least half of these are rarely used because the Workbench provides other, more effective methods of accomplishing the same tasks. For example, Open starts tools or projects and opens drawers that you have selected with a single mouse click. This is equivalent to double-clicking an icon; in fact, double-clicking is a far easier way to start icons. Close shuts the window of a selected drawer or disk icon, but it is likewise easier to close a window by clicking the gadget in its upper-left corner. Duplicate copies files that have icons. Single-click the icon, choose Duplicate, and the file is cloned within the same drawer. The new file gets the old File’s name, prefixed with “copy of.” Usually when you copy a file, you wrant to put it on another disk. A better method of doing that is to drag the program icon from die source window to the destination. This makes a copy without adding a prefix to the filename. Rename is one of the few Workbench commands that is more fully featured than its CLI counterpart. Workbench’s Rename allows you not only to change a file's name, but also to change to the same name in a different case. With Workbench, for example, you can change a file named ACCOUNT to Account. In the CLI, this is not possible you are forced to rename the file to a third name, then hack to the name with the case you want. Info, which we'll discuss in detail in relation to other tools, allows you to change a window’s attributes. Discard, which we will also examine later, deletes files from disk. Workbench’s Disk menu offers the items Empty Trash and Initialize. The Workbench’s Trashcan icon is a special drawer, and a good place to hold files that you want eventually to get rid of. Selecting Empty Trash is the easiest way to empty that drawer; it actually deletes the files from the disk. Although using the Trashcan icon and its companion Empty I'rash may seem a more cumbersome process than simply using the Workbench menu’s Discard option, it is often preferable. Why? Because using the Trashcan allows you to recover files you have placed in it until you select Empty Trash, that is. On the other hand, clicking on an icon and then selecting Discard immediately and permanently deletes that file, drawer, or program from disk. Use Discard with care. And when using the Trashcan, don’t forget to empty the trash every once in a while; a disk can fill up quickly with unwanted files that you have forgotten about. Initialize, an indispensable tool, performs disk formatting an operation that must be done at least once to every disk before you can use it. Clicking once on a disk icon and then selecting I nitialize begins the process, But keep in mind that when you initialize a disk, any data on it is destroyed. The right-most Workbench menu, called Special, holds the items Clean Up, Last Error, Redraw, Snapshot, and Version, To rearrange the icons in a drawer in the order Workbench sees fit select Clean Up after clicking once on the drawer icon. This temporary arrangement holds until you reboot. Once you have moved an icon to a new position, you can freeze it in place by choosing Snapshot while that icon is still selected. To permanently reposition multiple icons at one time (all the icons in a drawer, for example), position them as you wish them to appear, NAME Apt8-9i 1 STATUS TYPE Disk SIZE Read Wri te Ntmber of Blocks 1758 Nimber Used 683 Nuwber Free 1155 Bytes per Block 488 DEFAULT TOOL ¦ = H ¦1 TOOL TYPES Get the vttals of any disk, drawer, or file with the Info tool. Click once on each while depressing the Shift key, and then select Snapshot. Last Error and Version display messages in the Workbench title bar when you select them. Last Error shows you the most recent error message that Workbench received (if any), while Version shows which revisions of Workbench and Kickstart you are using, if you have any doubt. Finally, selecting Redraw refreshes a screen that has become visually corrupted. Noteworthy Workbench and the Extras disk hold many useful utility programs accessible by icons. Notepad, a simple word processor, can print text to any printer. If your printer accommodates graphics, Notepad can print in any Amiga screen font as well. Notepad opens a small window on the Workbench screen, which you will probably want to move and resize. If you prefer a full-screen window, you can customize Notepad by adding settings to its Tool Types. To change an icon’s Tool Types, single-click the icon. Then choose Info from the left-most Workbench menu. When the Info window appears, click on the Add gadget at the lower right. A cursor will then appear in the Tool Types string-entry gadget. Here, enter “WINDOW = 000,000,640,200” (the coordinates for the four corners of the screen) and press the Return key. Then click Save at the bottom left. Now, when you start Notepad, it will open a fullscreen window. The four magic numbers you enter into Info’s Tool Types gadget give the left, lop, width, and height of the new window, respectively. You must pad numbers less than 100 with zeroes on the left. Be sure to keep the sum of the left and width indicators to less than 640, as that is the number of pixels running horizontally across the Workbench screen. Similarly, the top and height values must total to less than 200 unless you have selected Interlaced mode in Pref- erences. Then, your limit is 400 pixels. If you exceed any of these limits, Notepad simply opens its small default window. When loading, Notepad normally spends some time searching the Workbench disk for available fonts. If you add “FLAGS = nofonts” to the Tool Types as above, it will not conduct this search until you choose Notepad’s Project Read Fonts menu item. This has a twofold advantage. If you prefer to type in the Topaz font, it saves time because Topaz is available without loading from disk. Also, if you have collected add-on fonts, you can easily swap among them. Using Rename, just change the name of the fonts disk to Fonts. Then, after Notepad is started, insert this disk and choose Project Read Fonts. Notepad will then search the disk instead of reading fonts from Workbench’s Font directory. If you want to regularly use a font other than Topaz, you can set Tool Types to retrieve it automatically. Entering "FONT = emerald.20” into the gadget, for instance, will give you font Emerald at size 20 when Notepad is started. When a cursor appears in a string gadget such as Info’s Tool Types, certain keystrokes can make it easier to change the characters. These tricks are nearly universal; they work in the string-entry gad- gets of most programs, not just those of the Info window. The Cursor Left and Cursor Right keys, for instance, move between the characters. Holding down SHIFT and pressing either of these cursor keys moves the cursor quickly to one end of the string or the other. Holding CTRL and then pressing X erases all characters. In some string gadgets, the CTRL-Q key combination restores the contents of the string gadget to its original state before you began editing. The Info window can also help you determine whether something will fit on a disk. Info works on both disk and file icons. In the upper left, it shows the size of the item in question, in both bytes and blocks. True file size is measured in bytes, but is rounded up to blocks for storage on disks. Floppy- disk blocks hold 488 bytes, and hard-disk blocks hold 512 bytes. When you select a disk icon, the Info window shows both blocks used and blocks free. And More When it comes to viewing a file created in Notepad, the simplest way is to double-click on the file’s icon. Doing this starts the Notepad program and loads that particular text file. If you click just once on the file’s icon and then choose Info, you will see the Notepad program listed in the Default Tool box. That’s how Workbench knows to start Notepad. That may be the simplest way to look through a text file, but the fastest way is via the More program in Workbench’s Utilities drawer. More starts more quickly than Notepad, but only lets you view the text file. You cannot alter the file in More. To change a file’s Default Tool designation to More, bring up the file's Info screen. Once there, click in the Default Tool gadget and delete the word Notepad. Replace it with the string sys:utilities more and press RETURN. Then click on the Save button at the lower-left corner of the screen. The next time you click on the text file, More will display it. When you pick up a collection of files on disk, it is almost second nature to search for a ReadMe file, that is, a file that explains what is stored on it. You can make a user-friendly ReadMe file by combining what you now know about Notepad and Info. Then, when you give a disk of files to a friend, he or she can simply double-click the ReadMe icon to see a display of the instructions you prepared. For this example, let’s assume you have named your disk Reports. Using Notepad, write a short description of the files and then save it with the name Reports:ReadMe. Notepad will create an icon for your ReadMe file and save it to the Reports disk. Note that if the Reports window is already open, the ReadMe icon will not show up until you close and reopen the window. Now change the Default tool from Notepad to More. Next, drag a copy of the More program to this disk. That’s it. You can test it by double-clicking your ReadMe icon. When you do, your instructions will appear in a window. Press RETURN to continue. What if you don’t like the looks of your ReadMe icon? In the Tools drawer of the Extras disk, there is a simple icon-painting program called Icon Ed that you can use to create a new one. Start Icon Ed and select Load Data from its Disk menu. Now enter Reports:ReadMe in the string gadget and then click Load Icon Image. The icon image will appear enlarged in the screen’s editing box. By picking colors from the Color menu on the left, you can change each pixel of the icon image. Draw the icon you want, then select Save Data from the Disk menu. There’s no need to reenter the filename. Just click on Frame And Save and then click in the upper-left corner of the editing box. Move the mouse to the lower right, dragging the corner of the rectangle that appears. Click once again, and the image will be saved. (As with the original ReadMe icon, you must close and reopen the window to see your changes.) If you want to get fancy, you can make your icon image change (as with the lid opening on the Trashcan icon) when it is selected. Using the IconEd program, prepare two images: one for the way you want the icon to appear when selected, and the other for the normal unselected state. Save these with different names, perhaps Reports: Read Me and Reports: Read Me2. Then open the I con Merge program, which is found in the Tools drawer of the Extras disk. This program needs four things: first, an “m" to merge two icons; then the filename of an icon for the unselected image; next, the name of the icon for the selected image; and, finally, a name for the resulting merged icon. If you enter Reports: Read Me for the third name, the file icon will be replaced by a new dual-image icon. Now close and reopen the window to see it. A singleclick on the icon will make the second image appear. Heave Ho! You might think that because Commodore put a file on Workbench, the file is absolutely necessary for the safe operation of your Amiga. Not so! For example, Commodore officials are still searching for someone who has used the Edit program in the C directory. Edit is a text editor that takes cryptic text commands and operates only from the CLI. It also occupies 88 blocks on Workbench. As shipped, Workbench has only 28 blocks free, but if you jettison rarely used files, it can hold more than 700 blocks (340K) of the software you use most. ? Before you remove any files from your Workbench, however, be sure to make a back-up disk and work from the copy. How can you remove Edit from your Workbench disk? Unfortunately, you cannot do it from Workbench itself, because Edit does not have an icon. You need to drop down to the CLI. Open the Shell or CLI by clicking on one of their icons, enter CD C: and press RETURN. Then type DELETE EDIT and again press RETURN. If you own a file-management utility, you can use that to delete files and avoid the CLI altogether. Many programs of this type go by the generic name DirUtiL An example of one such commercial program is Progressive Peripherals’ DiskMaster. In the Workbench C directory, there are other programs that can go out the window'. In alphabedcal order they are: ChangeTask- Pri, DiskDoctor, Eval, Filenote, join. Search, Lock, RemRAD. Sort, Status, Version, and Which. You can also dump Disk- Change without concern unless you use an external 574-inch floppy drive. The others, however, are rarely used. What’s more, they are not accessible from Workbench, but require CLI proficiency. If the day conics w hen you do need them, you have a backup on your master Workbench disk. Other candidates for deletion are extra fonts in the Fonts directory. If you and your applications are content with Topaz, there is little need to take up space with alternatives. Even if you use other fonts, though, it makes more sense to keep dedicated font disks, as explained in the Notepad example. In the Prefs drawer, you might want to remove the extra Printer, Pointer, and Serial icons. These all start the Preferences program, but open different windows, CopyPrefs is not needed on every disk, either. The contents of the Utilities drawer can go if they do not look useful to you. The System drawer also has candidates for the bit bucket: FastMemFirst, Init- Printer, MergeMem. And NoFastMem are of dubious value to most people. If you have deleted everything in a drawer, remove the drawer icon as well. Don’t feel badly about dropping these programs from your lineup. They will enjoy a comfortable retirement on your master Workbench disk, and you will enjoy the space they free up on your working copy. Besides, you can always bring them back for an Old-Timers game. Also, don’t miss Am iga Wo rid 5 next talent-scouting expedition. We will hold it as soon as version 2.0 of the operating system is officially released. Watch for it, because 2.0 has some major players that are sure to improve your standing! ¦ John Foust, president of Syndesis Corporation, deals with Workbench as both a user and a programmer. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC COMPARE OUR PRICES :::::: Eiiiii: pi ipii Ip! Ip; Siiiii: » » « * • - * iiiiiii HOT AMIGA UPGRADES MegaChip 2000” Upgrade your A2000 to 2MB of chip RAM. Includes A3000 2MB Agnus chip .$ 339.00 less substantial rebate. MegAChip 2000 now available for your A500 (rev 6A 7). FREE chip puller with either. Fatter Agnus (8372A) 1M8 w chip puller (a necessity) with instructions . $ 89.95 Multistart II-NEW ROM switch for 3 ROMs for A500 1000 2000 Keyboard Controlled ....$ 87.50 Switch Activated Version .. $ 37.95 150 Watt 'Big Foot'A500 Universal Power Supply with fan. 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• •• Saturday & Sunday Saturday & Sunday ? Friday Only Amiga Graphics with Jim Sachs Amiga Animation with Steve Segal Amiga 3D with Tony Dispoto Amiga Multimedia with Steve Gillmor Amiga Arexx with Richard L. Stockton Sunday Only SHOW HOURS July 26 _ July'TT"" __ _ Friday SiiluriJay 1 PM to 6 PM 10 AM to 6 PM 28 Sunday 0 AM to 5 PM CALL 800-32-AMIGA NOW.'( AmiEXPO is a registered trademark of AmiEXPO. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. AmigaWorld Magazine is a registered trademark of IDG Communications. Inc. VIDEO SEITE Time-Base Correctors Improve your timing and stabilize your system by choosing the right TBC. AS ANY VIDEO Ihastcr (NewTek, $ 1595) user will tell you, if you plan to combine output from multiple VCRs, you must use a time-base corrector (TBC) for each source. While good advice, this spawns some questions: Which lime-base corrector? On what do I base my choice? And, what does a TBC do, anyway? The best wav to an- i i a swer these is in reverse order. What Does a TBC Do? The video signal carries timing information vital for successful picture creation. If these timing and synchronization pulses are damaged or unstable and vou nv to use the signal in j O vour system, the image may lall apart, showing jitter, roll, color change, horizontal shift, or some other noxious artifact. While the problems may not show up on your monitor, they may become apparent in subsequent generations of tapes. A T BC takes the incoming signal (from a VCR, for example), stores part or all of the frame, strips away the sync pulses, inserts stable sync, and passes the whole signal to the next device in the chain (switcher, VTR, digital effects box, and so on). TBCs come in two flavors, line-based (which process only a few lines of video at a time) and full frame-based (which process an entire frame at once). The older style, line- based TBCs are great for broadcast equipment, but have problems with industrial or consumer gear. Full-frame (iufinite-window) TBCs, however, can correct virtually any video signal. By Michael Hanish For two signals to be combined, as in a wipe or dissolve, the signals must be synchronized (genlocked) by establishing a master sync signal and then referencing the other signal to it. All the
o o corresponding parts of each waveform must occur at the same time, lb be useful in a multisource studio, a TBC must have the facility to accept and time itself (genlock) to an external “master’* sync source. This facility is usually found as a “genlock in” (F.XT- SYNC or RLT-IN) port. Other ports may include video in and out, a second video out (for monitoring), black burst (or other synchronizing signal) out, and S-video and component in and out. TBCs often feature a processing amplifier (proe amp) to facilitate color correction, timing and phase adjustments. If the video signals do not “bit” at the same lime, the picture will be degraded because of changes in the phase relationships of the various parts of the waveform. If the color information is out of phase, color frequencies will be shifted, sometimes producing radically different color values. When the vertical synchronization pulses are out of line, tlie picture will roll (lose vertical stability) at the transition or edit point. Discrepancies in the horizontal “timing” information manifest as picture shift. Proc amps generally allow for correction to sub-carrier and horizontal phase, as well as video, chroma, and set-up (black) levels. A bonus on full-frame 1 Bcs is freeze. At the push of a button or switch, the TBC displays a frame of video (or sometimes a specific field) Irani digital memory at the video-out port with no processing time or distortion. Because TBCs freeze each frame of video as it comes in from the source during normal operation, all the freeze function really does is stop die TBC and let you view the current frame. On What Do I Base My Choice? Before you buy a TBC, you need a basis for comparison. We tested several units to see how they ‘ felt” to work with and whether thcv functioned cleanly 4 from a technical point of view in a Video Toaster-based studio. The primary tests were done at Lyndon Pro due- z ¦ tions, a Betacani SP. Broadcast-quality, post-production suite at Vermont’s Lyndon State College. (See p. 60 for product manufacturers’ addresses.) We used Betacani SP source tapes (known for outstanding image quality and mukigenerational integrity) because we could easily verify the impeccably high quality of the signal and establish a reference level of the highest possible quality. .Any changes to the signal would be the result ofintraduc- iug a TBC into the signal path. We patched the Toaster (in a seven- megabyte Amiga 2500HD) into the system before the switcher, fed it taped SMPTE color bars, and timed it into the system. To account for timing delays, we jJilt a delay line on tlie Toaster's program output. .After we verified that the Toaster was in time and in svnc with the system and fc ¥ A source of technical information for the serious Amiga professional. Introducing The Amiga World Tech journal, the new source to turn to for the advanced technical information you crave. JsCT
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P. O. Box 802,80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 TJB91 For faster service, call toll-free 1-800-343-0728 v I D i; o s u f i e was transparently passing the test signal, we ran a Betacam SP master tape through the Toaster, recording the results on both Betacam ancl profes- sional-quality VHS decks. (A TBU is standard equipment 011 Betacam output and was used throughout the tests.) Both the test equipment (a waveform monitor and a vectorscope) and our eyes verified that the Toaster was not a measurable factor in passing the video signal: no degradation and no interruption of any timing or sync signals. System with the same SMPTE color bars; run the same master tape; record the results with a split screen (straight from the VTR and through the TBC Toaster loop) onto both Betacam SP and VHS; and verily the visual impressions with results from the waveform monitor and vectorscope. We tested a range of external, rack- mountable, fan-cooled units from FOR- A, Hotronic, I.Den, Microlime, and Nova, and did not experience any insurmountable riming or sync problems. Some units, however, presented more problems with adjustment and integration than others. All passed the signal with cither no distortion or, as noted, with an acceptable minimum of artifact- ing. Unless otherwise noted, all the units had frame and field freeze, bypass switch, single-channel configuration, and proc amp controls (video, chroma, and set-up level, sub-carrier, horizontal and SC H-phase adjustments). Which Time-Base Corrector? First into the loop were FOR-As FA- 300 ($ 3150) and FA-425 ($ 5300). Although 011 average the most expensive TBCs evaluated, they are also near the Vhv did we relv on our eves? Some- z j j times a group of settings will produce a picture that is scope perfect, hut a slight variation will give a more pleasing visual image. The eye must he the judge (assuming the monitor is calibrated and reliable). To that end, we did splitscreen comparisons between the straight Betacam signal and the one that traveled through the Toaster loop. Even when we zoomed into both pictures using the ADO. There was no signal degradation visible by eye or hv scope. We used the following procedure on all the TBCs: Plug the unit into the system at the Toaster’s Input 1; time and phase the Toaster loop into the Who helps Amiga Pros... For just $ 39 every three months plus $ 3 per connect hour week- nights and weekends or $ 6 per connect hour weekdays you can tap the resources of BIX. ? Get quick answers to tough coding questions ? Interact with other Amiga Developers Download source code, utilities and other programs for the Amiga ? Keep up with the latest Amiga developments Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments ? Chat with other Amiga users in real time Don't miss out! Just have your computer and modem call 800- 225-4129 or 617-861- 9767 and subscribe on-line. It's easy, at the login prompt enter bix and at the Name? Prompt enter bix.amiga. BIX - the online service for people who know Amiga. BIX tas Circle 54 on Reader Service card top of the list in manufacturer's specifications, with 525 lines of resolution, 58 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 4.2 Mhz bandwidth (frequency response). They hide all the proc-amp controls behind a hinged front panel, on the theory that you rarely need them after the initial setup. Each of the main controls has a toggle between unity (or preset) and variable gain, eliminating confusion over the knob position. All other controls are conveniently located and easy to acljust and operate. The FOR-As, the largest and heaviest of the group, were also among the most competent and comfortable to use. They needed no additional delay beyond the baseline we established and produced no pixel defects, even under extreme zoom through the ADO. We all noticed a very slight hit of ringing at the VI IS deck’s output that was not evident at the baseline, but this might not he noticeable in many other systems. All in all, these were the Cadillacs of the hunch, well-built, high-priced units that will last.
I. Den's IVT-7 ($ 2995) and the IVT-9 Plus ($ 5000) have the same manufacturer’s specs as FOR-As models, hut differ in I O options and proc-amp features. The TVT-7 (in addition to the standard list) includes a second composite-video out, Y C in and out (4- and 7-pin), genlock in and black burst out, chroma and luma noise reduction, and a 5.5 Mhz bandwidth. The IVT-9 Plus adds sepia and strobe freeze to the proc-amp controls (which have a preset variable switch) and has component in and out. On both, the proc-amp controls are behind a hinged door, hut they seem more to punish than to aid the user. The knobs and adjustment screws are all too small to get at with fingers or screwdrivers, and it is difficult to tel! From their positions where they arc in the adjustment phase. Control response felt sporadically touchv and overly sensitive. When we i J sent color bars through, they wound up looking noticeably dirtier than when the units were in bypass mode. We could not eliminate the fuzziness ancl chroma buzz with the proc amp, and one of the engineers wondered if the problem might he an artifact of the noisc-reclucti nt process. Basic and reliable, Hotronic's AF 75 ($ 2200) has easily operated controls and a few extra features. Three red LEDs on the front panel accurately indicate the video level, which helps when you adjust the control without scopes. Even better, the hue control V I I) E 0 S U I T E provides for more than 360 degrees of adjustment, whereas most units average 30 degrees of adjustment on the knob, with more coarse adjustments made by a tiny screw or a phase-invert (180 degrees) button. We removed the 72ns delay line at the Toaster's output in the test and easily provided that much correction at the I hie knob. The AF 75 passed the signal cleanly according to both scopes and eye, and all front-panel operations, including field frame freeze, felt solid and positive. Its noise level was about average (similar to the A2000HD’s fan), but ii ran much cooler than the others, possibly because of excellent heat dissipation through the sides. The unit won a warm spot in our hearts, like an old, reliable, rock-solid Dodge Power Wagon. Nova’s entries, the 810 ($ 3490) and 900S ($ 4250), have all the standard features you would expect, but differ widely in performance and signal quality, For extra ports, the 810 has only S- video in. The unit’s controls for input select, freeze, and preset and variable fell less than solid and were hard to use quickly. The output was within the acceptable range, but the chroma output was slightly noisy. On the other hand, the 900S immediately fell like the Jaguar of the group. It has two S-video and two composite inputs and a 4x 1 "hot” switcher, plus program and monitor composite, both 4- and 7-pin Y C (S-video), and component. Front panel options, in addition to the switcher, include a color-bar generator, variable strobe, posterize, mosaic and fade effects, and a three- position LED video level indicator. The proc amp controls, while similar to I hose of the 810, have a more solid and straightforward feeling. Everything we did with the 900S looked and fell great. The TBC was transparent on the scopes and to the eye, the effects were very clean, and the bonus of the switcher and color bars put this unit at the top of all our lists. Nova also has a solid warranty and service policy, no small consideration when a sizable chunk of money is involved. By contrast, the Microtime TX5 ($ 3295) came in at the low end of our collective rating scale. We were disappointed by the lack of presets in the proc-amp section, the unreliable feel of the controls, and the unacceptable level of noise the unit added to the signal. The only internal TBC I tested, Digital Processing Systems' Personal TBC ($ 995), arrived too late to he included in the Lyndon tests. Instead, I i evaluated it in an industrial-grade, closed-drcuit TY facility, and verified ihe results and impressions in two other smaller studios. Installing in an A2000 PC slot, the unit has composite in and out, reference video in, and a configurable input output port. There is no proc amp; phase adjustments are done with a tiny three-position "momentary” switch just above the I O ports. Sliding it to either side changes the phase relationship, which is then stored in non-volatile memory on the card. You do all configuration bv moving jumpers oil the card; the Personal TBC will accept S-video in (but won’t output) if you change these. Several units can also be genlockcd together, providing, for example, four channels of gen locked, time-base corrected video inputs to the Toaster lor under $ 4901). If you don’t mind popping the hood on the Amiga to change configurations, this flexibility is well worth the saving in cost. There is also a freeze feature of a sort: when the video signal is interrupted, the unit displays and stores the last good video frame. In several different evaluation situations, we had no trouble using the Personal TBC once it was installed and configured. It locked to external reference and passed the video signal through clean and with solid sync. It is the Volkswagon Beetle of the group, a solid performer without the bells and whistles. It is also a herald of TBCs to come: Impulse and Digital Creations are both working on low-cost, dual- channel internal units, and Vision Quest is promising a single-channel internal model. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It When deciding which TBC is right for your video system, think about your development and expansion plans before considering the unit’s price per- formance features trade-offs. Make sure you choose the proper one for your current and future equipment requirements. Research the products and always try before you buy. ¦ Michael Hanish uses an Amiga for video, graphics, and music with both his performance group and his adult literacy students. Write to him do Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips The Speed Shop At Memory World CSA MegaMidget Racer 68030 20 mhz .....450.00 68030 25 mhz .....539.00 68030 33 mhz .....599.00 All of the above with MMU RAM & Math Chip Additional 128 x 8 - 70ns Modules S-RAM For MegaMidget Racer $ 41.95 ea. Exclusive at Memory World Wholesale & Retail APO FPO, AK & HI. FOREIGN FAX or Call for Shipping Charges TURBO ACCELERATOR HACK KIT ONLY $ 40.00 68000 16 mhz 32K Buffer Chip for KX-Pl092i, KX-P1524. KX-P1124 KX-P1180, KX-P1191, KX-P1624 KX-P1695 for Panasonic Printers 3 for Only S20.00 w instructions S50.00 Citizen 32K Buffer S35 Memory Board for HP Laser Printer 1 meg - $ 99.00 2 meg - $ 147.00 4 meg $ 209.95 Call for memoiy boards on other brand laser printers. AMIGA 1000 Memory IN 1000 by Spirit Internal 72 meg $ 229.00 XRAM by Spirit External 2 meg $ 309.00 expandable to 8 meg for 500 or 1000 A3000 Memory 1 x 4 -80 $ 28.95 ea. Static Column Zips 1 x 4 DIPS Call SPECIAL PURCHASE 1 x 8 - 100ns SIMMS $ 43.95 ea. 1 x 8 - 80ns $ 46.95 ea. GVP Accelerators tn Stock Accelerator Memory 4 meg S399.0Q 1x8- 80ns Nibble Mode SIMMS StMM 32 Memory Nobody Cheaper GVP A500 52 meg Hard Drive S599.00 GVP A2Sf,«rd- S179.00 Series II Impact - 1 • wM meg $ 278.00 Circle 93 on Reader Service card Amiga World 51 ON GRAPHICS 30 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen J. WHILE MANY “ACCENT” columns focus oil individual techniques for achieving specific effects or results, a number of readers have requested an article detailing the entire step-by-step process of creating a finished painting. To that end, this month 1 will outline the method I used to create the "Ichthyosaur'' illustration accompanying this column. My rendition of this extinct marine reptile, a HAM (Hold- And-Modify) mode painting done with Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), took about three hours to complete. Full Fathom Five My Setting Lies... 1 first set up a 320x400 interlace screen, using Digi-Painfs default palette, and then cleared to dark blue for the basic ocean color. Using the Filled Rectangle tool, I laid in a gray foreground area for a sandy bottom. To accomplish this, I set the Transparency controls to the Horizontal Hotspot at the bottom of the requester. I set the Hotspot Transparency slider to 100% opacity (all the way to the top) and the Edge slider to zero (all the way to the bottom). 1 then dragged out a rectangle the full width of the screen, extending it a quarter of the way up the picture. The sandy bottom stayed crisp in the foreground and faded into the distance higher up the screen. To make the distant view recede into darkness, I switched to the Point Hotspot set near the center of the requester and used Filled Freehand in Darken mode with the same transparency settings. I outlined a Hat- bottomed. Oval area in the painting and let it darken to create an illusion of depth in the scene. To give a light source from the surface oi the water, I set the hotspot at the upper edge of the requester, still using the same transparency settings, and switched to Normal mode using a light-blue color. Starting at the upper-left corner, I came down the left edge of the screen, described a rough oval through the middle of the painting, and wound up at the upper-right corner, where 1 released the button. The result is the apparent bright light source in the upper part of the picture. Returning to Darken mode, I set the Hotspot slider to about 75% opacity and the Edge slider to about 25%. I drew quick seaweed shadows in tlie center screen to give the illusion of dense growth in the middle distance. 1 added rocks using Normal mode with center opacity at 100% and edge opacity at 50% . Reducing the opacity of the edges let the “water” color affect the edges of the rocks, adding to the illusion of depth in the scene. Underwater, things are less distinct in the distance and more affected by the color of the light filtered through the water. With most of these f orms, I experimented extensively with the position of the hotspot. Digi-Paint’s powerful Undo and Repeat features allow endless experimentation with variations in settings. Once you have drawn a shape you like, you can change settings and employ Repeat to automatically redraw with new settings. (See “Accent,” Jan. ’91„ p. 60, for details on working with the Repeat key.) I added shadows to the rocks using Darken mode (see “Accent,” Aug. '90,
p. 58, for more on this technique) and then detailed them using the Unfilled Freehand tool and a small brush. I used Darken to add cracks and small shadows and Lighten to highlight the edges and surfaces that might receive light from the uppcr-screen source. Employing low opacity settings keeps the effects subtle. I used Colorize mode with low opacity settings to add a little light-brown and greenish-blue color to the gray bottom. Using Lighten mode and a small brush, 1 added tracings of refracted light patterns on the bottom and on the rocks to further convey the nature of underwater lighting. Using Filled Freehand in Normal mode, I painted the seaweed shapes in dark greens. Not Your Usual “Fish Story” The painting still needed a focus of Here’s a step-by-step tutorial tor creating a fully finished HAM painting in less than three hours. Interest. An ichthyosaur seemed like a good idea. To paint it, I switched to the spare screen by hitting the j key. I set opacity to maximum for both sliders and used Filled Freehand to trace the outline of my primeval ocean dweller in medium gray. After a few tries, 1 had a satisfactory shape. 1 touched up the contour of the tail by can ing away at the shape with black. In the Brush menu, I selected No Background and cut a brush of the ichthyosaur, removing it from die black background. Switching hack to the undersea screen, 1 stamped Lhe brush in place, taking full advantage of the Control settings. I set the Vertical Hotspot at the far right with maximum opacity at the hotspot and 25% opacity at the edge. T his let the foreshortened shape I had drawn fade into the water toward the tail. Again using Filled Freehand in Normal mode, 1 added dark volume to the back and light tones to the rounded belly. Moving the Point 1 lotspot around allowed me to emphasize various edges and to deline volumes. 1 used Darken with a small brush to add shadow detail and Lighten to trace refracted light patterns on the creature’s back. A final “glaze” of blue at 30% opacity helped unify the colors and make the ichthyo- * saur recede. Brushing in Bubbles I then added the bubbles in the scene by cutting a large rectangular brush from the center of the screen to wrap onto spheres. First, I cut the whole screen as a brush, flipped it horizontally, and laid it down on the spare screen. With this accomplished, 1 cut a large rectangle including the ichthyosaur, some bottom plants, and a little light surface color. From the Brush Swap menu, I selected Copy This Brush to activate theTxMap (Texture Map) mode. UsingTxMap, 1 set the Warp slider to the middle position and selected Filled Ellipse in order to draw the bubbles. The trick in creating bubbles is to set i lie Transparency sliders effectively. The Hotspot slider should he at zero opacity, and the Edge slider should he somewhere between 30% and 100% opacity. The Point Hotspot should he set toward one corner. Sometimes if helps to emphasize the bubble edge by using the Repeat function to lay a precise glaze of 10% -30% white over the bubble shape. You may also wish to add a soft highlight. Experiment with the Warp Hotspot: Moving il will change the position of image elements within the shape. My painting was finished and the results seemed satisfying. 1 think you will find that Digi-Paint’s interface is fast and intuitive, and that HAM mode allows for some very “painterly” techniques once you get the hang of controlling transparency. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. HELP KEY Lou is a lulu when it comes to giving you. The lowdown. By Louis R, Wallace Keeping Count Q: am having a problem with a projes- siona IA m iga I hio a touchscreen-based information system application am creating. My problem involves the use of variables. Regarding )ny program's users, how do I keep a log of the number of times each subject is chosen a)id then store the information so that it can later be reviewed? What I am now doing is to use the Output icon and send a text string to a file each time a subject is chosen. That presents a problem, because there are many subjects. And with extensive use the files would grow considerably. There should be a more elegant way to do this. Is there?
H. Hay ism a Miami Beach. Florida A: Yes. The solution is to make use of AmigaYision’s database feature to store the data. Create a database with a single record that contains fields for each subject you want to keep count of. When the program first starts, it should have a subroutine that will go to the database, open it and read into variables the value of each field. Then, each time a user selects a subject, the variable for that subject is incremented by one, 1 bus keeping a running count of the number of times that subject was selected. For storing the information, you have your choice of two approaches. One is to keep the information in memory until the application is instructed to shut down, updating the database before it finishes. That approach has the benefit of minimal disk access during the user’s operation, but has the drawback of possibly losing the information if tlie system were to be shut down abruptly (as would happen with a power failure). The second approach is to have a database update subroutine that is called every time the user makes the selection. In that way, your database is always up to date, and there is no chance of losing the information. However, depending on how much data you write to the disk, and how fast your disk drive is, there might be some minor delays lor the user while the data is being stored. Finally, in order to generate it report on the usage of your application, you can have an additional subroutine within the main program, or use a second Amiga Vision program external to t lie main program. In either case, you would open the database, read in all the fields in the single record, and, using the Output command, send the information to a disk file, a printer or both as a properly formatted report sheet. Other users of AmigaVision who are having problems figuring out ways of manipulating data would be well advised to study the database commands. In ruanv instances, you can use a data- i base in an unconventional manner to tret even more functionality out of your n j j AmigaVision programs. A Worldwide Yearning For 2.0 Q: bought my Amiga in February with the hope that I would soon be able to use Workbench 2.0 on it. Here it is May, and still I can't find it. Being in Korea (I'm sewing in the military) may be the problem, so could you perhaps direct me to a dealer or service center that handles my part of the world, or at least that can service users with ARC) addresses?
J. Jones ARC) SF 96271 A: Well, at this writing, AmigaDOS and Workbench 2.0 is still available only for users of the A3000. Commodore hasn’t yet committed itself to a firm release date, although the latest rumor lias 2.0 coming out in the third quarter of this year. While I can understand your (and J ' others’) frustration, I must commend Commodore on the firm stand they have taken about not releasing 2.0 prematurely. It's my opinion that it wishes to have the OS both in a high degree of completeness (read: no bugs) and compatible with as much existing software as possible before committing the code to ROM. When it does become available, users will be happy to know that because of the extensive work CRM has done on 2.0, they won’t have to rush out and get a new set of ROM chips every month or so a very expensive proposition. Just How Enhanced Is the ECS? Q : If i go ahead and upgrade my Amiga with the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS), will it give me higher resolutions or more colors?
J. Johnson Canton, Ohio A: There is no increase in the number of colors available in the ECS; the total remains at 4096. The new Denise chip in the ECS does support a new screen mode that is 1280 bits wide, although it has a more limited palette than other screen resolutions, supporting only two to four colors. If vou arc using the 2.0 a o OS (available right now only on the A3000), you can open "virtual” Workbench displays that are larger then the visible screen. You access the offscreen areas by moving the mouse in the direction you want, and the display will automatically scroll to reveal that new portion of the screen. ¦ rp Now even LOWER prices COMPUTERS The Best Service and Prices for yoir Creative Computer The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers Is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this adr then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it! THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS DIRECT ADVANTAGE MASTERCARD TM USE VOUR DIRECT ADVANTAGE GOLD MASTERCARD ANYWHERE AND EARN DOLLARS GOOD ON EVERYTHING WE Sbil
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- 17.95 STM 10241 ORSON. _ 7.49 STAR flATlfiUW fDBSON _ 195 Atnotnoo _ 50,85 cowira sancE wt . 13.95 COPTCAAWSTIWI-5185 aaOfiOB__67.95 OBUETfifiUBUG* 13.95 DESKJET ffflU BUI--1195 DESKJET SSOWi 1195 DESKJET All COUB NT „ 34.35 DESKJET TJHi EQLJ3 1395 DESKJET ffiURfl) 1395 DESKJET fSUVHLDW™ 1196 GODEVNAH MOUSE 3396 MENTOR ST AND A59Q 2795 From Digital Creations Full NTSG Color Display and Digitizer. 25 Mhz ..s488ra CSA New, lower priced Mega- Midget Racers! 33 Mhz ..S568D° Ram Board with 2mb ....s409™ Ram Board with 4mb ....S770°D 68882 - 25 Mhz .s189“" These Economy boards do not have an MMU Hard Drive Specials Controllers Dataflyer 2000 . ......*8900 GUP Series II - Non Ram Cap, ,S1590Q Dataflyer 500 ... ...,s17900 GVP Series II - Up to 8 megs „!199oa Nexus HC 8 0 ....
* 22900 [CD AdSCSI 2000 . ..s129oa flare Drives iCD AdSCSI 2080 . ..S199M Quantum 52mb LPS ...S2G8°° IUS TrumpCard 2000 Prof.... ..st99°0 Quantum 105 LPS .. ...s429°° IVS TrumpCard 500 Prof...... s25900 Quantum 170 ...s678“ Supra WordSync S1Q900 Quantum 210 . ...*748*
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 80260 - Mon Sat 8 6 PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 .Rtf .04* HOT GRAPHICS SOFTWARE 3orcn»*unK ggooimviifui 2195 OHHIf PJUYT ¦ ...... .8155 OcfMHIS... . MJ5 OBF0TT3PIL OCMITTI 6136 2155 ocpff wuTion. _8I* MACfiJ PiAT 8196 pwranpanTB 91JG JO*?IWUTtW- _23S.DC £0121VHUII40J __83J5 ttP-niif*!* _ 3435 ISMBffUXe GLSO IOTB4VC3DTZ9 iiin DESKTOP VIDEO ttTDEPVTVOT s se BffiiflcuTimai 22166 smuxuirni3i?u_ 23SJD OflMLFOSBUaM _ 17100 csfoi I'm scsaia_ Stf DHEHrawoioiJunx _9SJ5 Rvsmnis 17196 acflonnifDOLifnitf. 52JS mnHRiHim . _ 17* wivi nwtpffi can itftf WTKlTODBSl? ..... SUB FWTF 4355 poiwopwjpii_
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- 2SJ6 PoiiB ptaa pbrhoul _17tf awwt .. . .13690 ¦ oni .117* _2ltf nmnii iltf BACKUP UTILITIES ITTTW 60 B4CCT_ 4395 KPYflDTT cm M95 MLFTIB tftf iftniHBin 4016 qCHIBBAa IB I 5795 unarm .. Mtf i-orr pmnmu_«9s PRINTER UtiUTIES Professional Page 2.0 The Ultimate hi Desktop Works win NX prittars. Includes word processor and dictionary. Prints 24-bit Images. 1000 color display. Rotates text and graphics. Comes with free OTP video. Proper Grammar Son(.|ips penpa| S0995 $ 5795 $ | |95
• * & '•*' Buy any Amiga word processor and Proper Grammar at the same time, and save $ 5.00 oft the normal price. Buy all four volumes of SoftClips clip-art for the special price of $ 160.00 a savings of $ 5.00 per volume! Fast Eddie's Pool & Billiards $ 2295 lUrbo Text *64* Keyboard is user re-mappabie. AmigaDos 2.0 Compatible. Open documents limited only by memory. Vista Professional 24 bit output! (Req. 3 meg ran) 3 ) Image Finder $ 4295 PfJHTVK Features btdude: . Ukir 1 *n 1 * raL rsmta Arexx support Animation capabflfty. Tatertaca I overscan. Ooubto buffering. Ml . ...ifc ...-----a| ¦ uTT-Mrtn VtawpOMut. Midi co-pmmor vanlsa. 1 meg rflqmrad Coneu, atlcrtidt, and mart start. 3 Disk set fuS-acrem Imam* ol ktUar ayatem. NTSC or PAL Pins muchnnre... avaBaHe Distant Suns Newl Version 4.0! Visit our Amiga Superstores! South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 11-7 PST -Phone: (213} 542-2292 Westside: 318 Wkshire Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Tues-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 PST-Phone: (213) 394-7779 FIS STR*F lAflf I .28* FASTBtCJPOQ. . 74* Wvffl FORCE .22* NT3ariH.FefiADELfaK.RB5 u tract one fS 65 WI BttfiTT . Iff AM) HA IX
- J2* MEDftU WVHCRS . .28* IKJnUlfllflll MC2SR*OWPltl>9B-48* MtssB rrocn - - ¦ 28* cSnamieittLW>.._. .38* sajifi of rt avei Buas _ _ CALL CT(¥MGfl 17* rJKTMftl 77* iwNianmi) . .32* TTUITIWIT ... _ .... 38* fhWHAT* 34* reatFABimrar- .28* ran 32* rasrm 37* virW fi* mfuojussccsi___ .27* VIDEOTAPES FUGHT SIMULATION Hill* 013___a* BUI MW__34* aWRYElfiaSIIWflT 27* MicasirKOT 11* F-ISITHdlRBfTtt__ _34* MBHTTOWTFi ___13* F-28RITNLUTIR __ 21* I URN_32* m£nMSSWD«t__UK manumnon2_17* KJBiTSMOUrni--»,« K0B1DBII7-1!» Keetasm__tus KHB1W411_1135 K8BTSnnUTBl_37JS StmttH* HUMP!___1935 KflBTOSUAPHi___is* nBRtVCStBBI_ft JS met _Jt.K SPORTS ADULT raw GAMS um&tsm_a* AUCEHWMSUWD___38* EATTU MwiUflD__31* WAR STRATEGY uaa arrtmiH pb BAMXTiKtoreMU a* awunwxmui_a* CAFTXASE ___21* DEATH Moilt Of lOlM___34* tsmMxi__m* mot!* saoja___** cjufwucHiuae_> * IlKiFtM DUVliffi |tJ5 UBOfCUB __1436 UtttAti-H* n tMRll IAJBTU11_)«« nsranifsiiraui_ta* IV SPORTS HMTSAtiM DAM „8* ACTION STRATEGY WMTOT_ WOE***_ URStGra - ...... WWW moo dim mi lacnT- IBWftEDftM__ JWCeTBTIl_ RmHOTIJ_ itttQKin_ ««iun aKwn«ixmm_ cjwase mss»ii«_ nuiKTitfun__ HoruBOOitf Ejwtjvat HonfBoottf Smoraz trauuw DesignWorks
• Fast and intuitive structured drawing.
• Import and export IFF pictures.
• AREXX port.
• Full 4096 color printing.
• Multiple drawing layers.
• Full support tor Kickstart 2.0. GODS "Way Cool" S3895 Death Knights $ 3495 $ 13000 Secret of the Silver Blades Exciting sequel to Curse o( the Azure Bonds $ 0 195 & Pool of Radiance. O4 Free Clue book with purchase. QuickWrite .....*4495 Text only ward (trocessor from tbs makers of Pro Write. Features: Arexx Support, Mafl Morse, Spelt Checker, Import Export Professional Pago ftos. (deal to* aU Amiga configurations. Image Processing's Common Ground Art Department Pro gives you the most powerlul image processing systems ever offered lor the Amiga. Art Department Pro
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- 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) IIKl HI___ MHII «W_ U1S1I 4H4I_ iJimeiiiD
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- HIM UII nil ei . HUM .Hi 541
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- 41 H _MU VIDEO HARDWARE mu in iiiticmn. Mil MPUI irnsnr umiur mini Util IUT1 UHIOMT ACCELERATORS 1 MAI IIIUC IV H ITU . Mum IBM
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- UII Hill mil We carry over 2000 items for the Amiga, including most software titles. Call us for all of your Amiga needs! Ill II .mi msj unt uui ktlU MK Util .
U. n.lUPL IIMtQ Him ptlKi naui Kutui u t ruuMi:inuii_ puuniC priiSMi _ PEIHIUI he_ ItCIMi II fffll W _
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- IB n n COMMODORE ¦ IIITEBI UlUIB mSIAKMI 11* ais HIM Miimi imei rmi n b uiti Einiaii m .. Itl It 111 i MX 1E HKB HI11 V II Aim uiMir nun III C) niiMJiirniimir uu 42112 MM 11 llllll Al 111 Bl CiLTI HI HI II HI . Crrai ami i ra _ miuii ii nmii _ nun mum_ tin uiiii ii mm iiuniiriJLUHgn ran TOOTAPB IBM .a. i untiUUUMIYWI . AM ill niwi 1115 . HH . II.M .1111 .mi .mi 2 IBM
- IUIS _1H 10 MODEMS HIS .MIS AllKI n«l IAAU11M - AklSlHMHIIMHft UHUltll 111 IllltlAl hlk raw i rati inn in t imi twiiii i mu rHFinwui Bum HIM I'm uwi him it. Newtek Video Toaster New From ICD npTlf From Digital UulV cneations Digital Video Etlects! Genlock Frame Grabber! 24-bit Paint and Rendering! 3D Modeling and Animation!
* 129°° AdSCSl 2000 Hard card interface with unmatched spaed and flexibility. Full NTSC Color Display and Digitizer. Best Seller! AdSCSl 2080 .....*189“
* 1399“ Sutfi
• nut AdSpeed .....s20900 Hard Drive Sale Controllers GVP Series 1 ¦ Ken Rem Cap. 'W Dalali!'l!r 20011----------------‘ao" 6VP Series 9 - Up to 8 megs '183“ CaMyer 510 ..‘IJP* ICD AdSCSl 2800 ..*129® ICD AdSCSl 2080 __*198“ Quantum ffin* IPS------------W IVS TrumpCard 2000 Praf. ...*193“ Quantum 1IB IPS-------------W* IVS TrumpCard 500 Prof _'259* Quantum 170---------------W Supra WortfSync .. M08w Quantum ZID .729°® Personal 1BC miimie _ ig*. Y. pujupyj..; i . Jsyyrr ¦ - Time Base Corrector Genlocking for use with the Newtek Video Toasterl For the Incredible Low Price of:
* 779“ Flicker Free Etlnlnttei Interface flicker for computer. Does not Supra corporation SupraRam 2000 2 8mb Board ..*169°° SupraRam 2000 4mb RAM ...249.00 SupraRam 2000 6mb RAM .320.00 SupraRam 2000 8mb RAM.,„ ...399.00 SupraRam 500 512k 59.95 Doe to Industry fluctuation, RAM prices ire subject te change without notice. Great Valley Products Series II for the Amiga 500 . . . ' T ri i f ii rrrrr 52mb s59500 80m b SG45"“ 105mb .,!819M GVP Series II Accelerators New single-board design on 22 & 33 Mhz These new Series II accelerators have a built-in GVP SCSI controller Now holds up to 32 megs of ram!* 22Mhz s845“6 33Mhz..,1578llDS 50Mhz...s2298°“ '50 Mhz board, others hold less Cad for Ml other shipping Inlormation. Educational, corporate sad aweipacepurchaae order* icceoletf. No surcharge lor Viaa MasterCard; 4S lurtftarge lor American Expresi; IS surcharge for Discover.RETURN PWJCT CaU Customer Service at 1213)214 GOOO lor return auttoraiUeo An return* without aotftortzjtwn number IRMA a I will be relaitd. Returned products muet be In original condition and packaging and ntut be sent back within 30 days ol our Invoice date, fit refund*, please. Detective product exchanges S .e*. 9POfluC'ff!DTJKCel, E,dr*!w,sn'!mi profluctl ape 110Br optlon ,Bfl *ut»Kfcf te a ZOS re stocking lee. CONUTHKS Price* and availability ol product are subject to change without tctlce. MAL-ttf DR3EF. • Send money orders or catwer* clitck ler lasteat service. Personal checks ¦ up to 10 day* to dear, include: Name, Address and telephone numner (na P.D. Boses, please). II ordering by credit card Include expiration date and bttlirrq address. Call lor exact srunaina ratn* Circle 13 on Reader Service card _ ( All prices good July 1st through July 31st G18409 7 V CATALOG Order now and save $ 5.00 off the retail price and get a $ 5.00 savings coupon good towards your next TechMedia Video purchase! See page 33 for the NEW Animation Video! Desktop Video, Volume I Animation Video, Volume I A best-selling video, containing commercially and sound effects, and is broadcast and award-winning animation art, this video will fascinate, entertain and inspire you as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. Each of the many animations is accompanied by unique music JWH' s crop mm prefaced by the artist's name and a listing of all the animation products used. Experiment and explore the endless possibilities yourself! TMAV 48 minutes J AMIGA BOOKS New Edition! AmigaWorld Official AmigaVision Handbook by Louis Wallace Express your creativity on the Amiga with this complete guide to the new AmigaVision! The only authoritative guide to the hottest program for your Amiga. Written in an easy-to-follow style and heavily illustrated, with over 150 screen shots, this book provides a step-by-step primer for mastering AmigaVision. Special Features:
• What exactly multimedia is, the art of authoring, the basic menus, common requestors, and program editing information
• Control commands covering: interrupts, database icons, wait icons, audiovisual icons, and module icons
• In-depth editors, tools, and programming information
• Valuable appendices filled with advice on the best hardware and software products for AmigaVision, and a special guide to version 1.7. 1 -878058-15-0 353 pages $ 24.95 Whether for home or studio use, Desktop Video shows you how to utilize your Amiga in conjunction with a video * camera to create profes- • j sional-quality productions with live video and animation techniques. Learn how to select a genlock; build a desktop video system; choose and use a video camera; create scripts, storyboards and titles. Plus tips on editing, adding sound, special effects, and much more. A must for any video enthusiast! TMDV 84 minutes $ 29,95' The Musical Amiga With detailed insight from some of the best-known Amiga musicians, The Musical Amiga teaches you how to create both simple tunes and complex .yj;.v. musical compositions. Sessions on MIDI systems include sequencing, editing and synthesizing. Learn the techniques used in digital sound sampling, sound manipulation and creation of unique sound effects. Accompanied by an entirely Amiga-produced soundtrack, this dynamic video is sure to enlighten you with the remarkable musical potential of your Amiga! TMMA 60 minutes Amiga Graphics Amiga Graphics is all you need to explore the extraordinary graphics capabilities of your sophisticated Amiga. Learn the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs. Get three intensive sessions on fonts, clip art and digitizing, as well as in-depth coverage on the elements of design and style. Amiga Graphics also illustrates interlace functions, when Hold And Modify (HAM) should be used, and covers smearing, washing, tinting and perspective. An invaluable tool for any artist! TMAG 54 minutes AmigaWorld Official AmigaDOS 2 Companion by Bob Ryan Harness the power of the new AmigaDOS 2! The Amiga Companion is back in a revised and expanded edition for AmigaDOS 2. It’s your expert guide to the new DOS, filled with hundreds of instructions, tips & techniques not found in any other book. Covers:
• The Amiga OS, including Workbench, Shell & Arexx
• The Workbench GUI
• Workbench menus and tools
• The 13 Preference Editors
• The Extras 2 disk
• AmigaDOS handling disks, files & devices
• Configuring AmigaDOS
• Manipulating files with Copy, Delete, MakeDir, Rename
• AmigaDOS command scripts and shortcuts
• The Arexx macro language and a fully annotated program to customize
• Plus over 100 screen shots, command references, a valuable glossary, and an error code summary for solving problems more easily! 1-878058-09-6 416 pages $ 24.95 Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 The AmigaWorld Catalog • PO Box 802 • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 CATALOG A classic three-disk entertainment package combining great graphics, super sound effects and loads of arcade action... Snakeskin Shootout. Experience the action of a Wild West shootout as you rescue the beautiful Truplie Triplets from the nasty Grumpley Gang. Lunatic. Accept the mission to retrieve a Sacred Ghetto Blaster from the moon and bring it back to an ancient Mayan Pyramid. Deluxe Poker. Practice your hand at AmigaWorld’s version of Video Poker. TinyBall 1.1. Enjoy real ballpark sound and action in The World’s Smallest Baseball Arcade Game”. GeoRoll. Geometric shapes add a unique twist to this two-player Triple Yahtzee-like game. ...and more! Not available anywhere else, so order your package today! GD1 13 games $ 16,95 page TC24. Create tables suitable for text and graphics integration. Link a text-based document to other applications with a hypertext program. Automate your Little Black Book. Plus a drawer with four disk and memory utilities and a colorful solitaire game called Color Logic. ¦ TC25, Save your screen to an IFF file. One or two can play "Warrior, a fun shoot-'em-up adventure game. See how fast your Amiga does soiid-polygon animations. Change the colors of your screen. Examine memory at any location in the Amiga. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian Provinces. ¦ Wars. MatheMagic lets you find the day of the week for any date in this century; provides the mean, standard deviation, skew and kurtosis for selected data; finds a polynomial to a set of XY data; and solves a set of algebraic equations. ¦ The AmigaWorld Tech Journal 49 for See ad Become An AmigaWorld Tool Chest Subscriber! From graphics to animation, from programming to productivity, and from utilities to games, you can do it faster and easier with the Tool Chest. If you want your Amiga creations to be the very best, subscribe to the Tool Chest today. As a Tool Chest subscriber, you are entitled to these exclusive privileges: ¦ $ 17.75 off the single-issue price. ¦ The lowest possible rates on any AmigaWorld products, including AmigaWorld subscription and renewal discounts. ¦ Discounts off AmiEXPO admissions. FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, we'll send you a refund no questions asked. TCSUB 6 issues Th Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 he AmigaWorld Catalog • PO Box 802 • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG in The AmigaWorld Tool Chest Quality Software at an Affordable Price BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! I I |l I |l I $ 12.95 $ 12.95 $ 12 95.1 Buy any two AmigaWorld Tool Chest back issues, and get a third one FREE! TC13. Plot your biorhythms. Make drive- head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with Mandelbrots. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus holiday clip art, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. ¦ TC14. A 3-D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3-D ray traced animation. Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and address book. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. ¦ TC15, A best-selling issue! Combine great graphics with digital sounds to get an entertaining Amiga version of the classic connect- the-dots game. Insert a nice assortment of digitized animal sounds into your animations. See an instructive rendering of Cartoon Man in various stages of animation. Test your reflexes with a high-speed arcade game. Make multiple copies of custom labels. ¦ TC16. Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text files to print on both sides of the paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multi- media presentations and a mouse-driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, "The World's Smallest Baseball Arcade Game." ¦ TC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to 100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. ¦ TC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depths of the CLI window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Silver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. ¦ TC23. Create small windows from CLI scripts. Find the letter, file or program you misplaced on your drive. Play the strategic game of Dyno- FREE! Psygnosis Lemmings™ Game Demo Disk with your order Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 The AmigaWorfd Catalog • PO Box 802 • 80 Elm Street * Peterborough, NH 03458 CALL TOLL FREE or mail this coupon. VIDEO TOASTER ! O YES! ; i i i i i i i i Acct. Signature Name Address The Video Toaster® from NewTfek is hailed as the world's first video computer card enabling broadcast-quality production on desktop! The VIDEO TOASTER videotape is indispensable for Amiga owners considering the purchase of a Toaster or those curious about all the excitement over this "revolutionary breakthrough in technology." VIDEO TOASTER provides in-depth, comprehensive information on the Toaster's wide array of features and amazing capabilities. Topics covered include installing the Toaster in the Amiga 2000; adding and testing other essential equipment; selecting source material; and manipulation of the many digital video effects, including flips, tumbles, mirrors, spins, splits and titles. This video also illustrates how to generate and then superimpose letters over pictures, how to produce three-dimensional animations and how to paint on video images. See for yourself what the excitement is all about! HOT ROD YOUR AMIGA provides authoritative advice on how to achieve maximum power with your machine, whether you own a series 500, 2000 or 3000 Amiga. HOT ROD YOUR AMIGA teaches you how to expand memory internally and externally. It provides valuable, in-depth information on selecting and installing hard drives, memory boards and accelerators; back-up software and utilities; RAM and drive space differences; and other "hot rodding" tips. It also covers high-end peripherals such as DCTV and the revolutionary Video Toaster®. Don't wait to soup up your Amiga! HOT ROD! ? Video Toaster™ ....$ 24.95 $ 19.95 ? Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 24.96 $ 19.95 ? The Amiga Primer ...$ 29,95 $ 24.95 ? Animation Video, Vol. One ...$ 19 95 $ 14.95 ? Desktop Video, Vol. One S2S 95 $ 24.95 ? Amiga Graphics, Vol. One ....$ 29.95 $ 24.95 ? The Musical Amiga .$ 29,95 $ 24.95 ? Animation Video, Vol. Two,..JJ>29.95 $ 14.95 ? Check Money Order O MasterCard QVISA QamEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video, ? Discover Please include $ 2.95 shipping & handling for one video, $ 5.00 for two or more. Total Amt. $ _ I am eager to become an expert! Please send me the following videos:
524. 9: Exp. Date PRIMER City State Zip_ VD3891 The AMIGA PRIMER video provides step-by-step instructions covering the many features of the Amiga. Whether you're a new owner or an experienced user, this easy-to-follow video will prove invaluable. Packed with over 75 minutes of detailed information, THE AMIGA PRIMER teaches you in an entertaining format with vibrant graphics and upbeat music. 603-924-0100 Gain the full benefits that the Amiga has to offer with this simple, quick and thorough video. The video includes information on all Amiga models, System 2.0 and AmigaVision®. It also covers the Amiga workbench, the CLI, peripherals and utilities. There’s no easier way to master your Amiga! I I PO Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 An IDG Communications Company Available in VHS only. Please lilow 4-6 w«ks for delivery. Foreign Older*: add S'JO for airmail delivery: SIX for two ot rtwie vidctis. Payment must be made in U.S. funds drawn oe U.S. bants. TechMedia Video it I he licensed North American distributor ol AmigaWorld Videos. €> IW. 1990. 1991 by Raxea Vide v USA, All Rights Reserved Amiga is a registered iradcmark of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Video Toaster « a trademark of Newtek, Inc. DCTV is a trademark, of Digital Creations j* Since 19S2 *11 800-558-0003 m.pat bLUty. 800-558-0003 _llonbuma'cjLlacttonlc*_ DISTANT SUNS Version 4.0 $ 61.95 Award Winning Educational Program! AMIGA EXTRAS VIDEO PACKAGE
• DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 • $ 349 $ 319 Presents. . . Grand Slam The Ultimate SCSI Hard Drive Controller
* Expands to 8MB of 16 bit fast RAM
* Contains a second Parallel Printer Port for your audio or video digitizer ? Clocks at 1.97MB per second
* Non-DMA controller: state-of-the-art VLSI technology
* The GRAND SLAMS includes:
- Hard disk drive mounting brackets, all power & interface cabies.
* Software includes:
- SCSI Disk configuration utility, memory test, & I O port configuration. ¦ Downward compatible with Trumpcard & Trumpcard Pro At Once Adaptor 2000 S79 AT Once - PC Emulator S259 Audition .....S59 Air Drive Ini 3.5"-A3000 SS9 AMAXXIi .... S137 Ami Gen Mini Gen S89H85 Big Foot Power Supply S95 Bodega Bay ... Call Chroma Key Switcher S315 Color Splitter ...$ 105 Digiview Gold .$ 115 ECE Midi Interlace $ 48
- irecracker 2400 2 Meg.... CALL VIDEO TOASTER Call For The Lowest Price! CSA Mega Midget Economy 25MHz = No MMU) S489 33MHz = No MMU) S569 CSA Mega Midget Racers 25MHz w 68030 OK Expandable to 8MB $ 599 Mem Card 4MB Exp. 8MB $ 749 Optional 68882 Math Cop S199 Flicker Fixer ... . S235 ... $ 31 Gravis Adv. Joystick PERSONAL TBC Call Gravis Mouse Stick ......S59 HAM E Pius ....$ 389 Hitachi KPC 5010 $ 929 Hitachi KPC 501G Cam ...S1079 ICO AD RAM Exp. To 4MB ...$ 99 tCD Novia 20i ..S479 Internal Drive 2000 ......$ 79 MIDI Gold A500 .$ 55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 $ 59 Perfect Sound ....$ 65 Sateskin 2000 500 $ 17 Video Blender ...Call Video Master ..$ 999 DC TV Call For New Low Price! SH0WMAKER Professional Page 2. For Pricing of the GRAND SLAM & other IVS SCSI Controllers, Trumpcard St Trumpcard Professional - See Hard Disk Drive Grid Below Adxanced Don't Settle For Less! GRAMS Gravis Switch Joystick $ 31 Control all the action & earn higher scores! Gravis MouseStick $ 59 User-defined settings determine character response for vour favorite games, including driving & flignt simulation programs. 3 I CD AD-IDE 40 Meg Internal Hard Drive Package A500-$ 329 • A20Q0-$ 309 Package Includes: AD-IDE, cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware & Shuffleboard FLICKER FREE VIDEO AMIGA 500 1000 2000 $ 299 AD SPEED All AMIGA Computers $ 219 LOWER PRICES! = LOWER PRICES! Panasonic CITIZEN' KX-P 1180......$ 149 KX-P 1624......$ 345 KX-P 1123......$ 209 KX-P 1654......$ 535 KX-P 1124i $ 279 KX-P 4420......S799 NX 1001 Multifont NEW ...$ 139 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW ...$ 185 200GX - Big Seller ....$ 159 GSX 140-Great Price ...S285 GSX 145 Wide Carriage-NEW ...$ 385 KX-P 4450i......Call NX 2420 .... .....$ 279 Color Kit GSX-145 ‘1 'ITCllT' S'' ......$ 65 aft Seagate amiga 500 2000 hard drive packages IRIVES DRIVES DRIVE ALONE TRUMPCARD TRUMPCARD GRAND SLAM 500 GRAND SLAM 2000 SUPRA WORD SYNC 2000 AdSCSI 2080 w OX 8 MB Exp. GVP Serll HC 0MB -Not Exp. GVP Serll HC OMS Exp to SMB Data Fiver Malibu Board 2000 2000 PH0200a 5D0 PR 500 2000 500 ST157N-1 49MB 28MS $ 229 S329 $ 379 $ 399 $ 459 $ 519 $ 459 $ 319 $ 389 $ 369 $ 415 $ 299 $ 359 $ 349 ST 277N-1 60M928MS $ 279 S379 $ 429 .... $ 369 $ 449 $ 349 ST296N £0 MB; 25.MS $ 289 S389 $ 439 $ 379 $ 459 S369 ST 1096N ims- $ 325 S429 S479 $ 509 $ 559 $ 619 $ 559 $ 429 $ 499 $ 469 $ 509 S399 $ 449 New Low Prices On Trumpcard Si Trumpcard Pro Packages! Quantum Drives low prices! DRIVES DRIVE ALONE TRUM ’CARD TRUM PCARD GRAND SLAM 500 GRAND SLAM 2000 SUPRA WORE SYNC 2000
- AdSCSI2DB0 w 0K 8MB E*p. GVP Serll HC OMB-NotEip. GVP Serll HC GMB Exp- 8MB DataFlver Malibu Board 2000 2000 PR02000 500 PR 500 2000 500 52LPS $ 235 $ 339 $ 389 $ 409 $ 469 $ 529 $ 479 $ 329 $ 399 $ 379 $ 419 8309 $ 379 $ 359 1G5LPS $ 389 $ 489 $ 539 $ 559 $ 619 $ 679 $ 629 $ 489 $ 549 $ 529 $ 579 $ 469 $ 529 $ 509 210MB $ 7X5 $ 819 $ 869 $ 899 $ 949 $ 999 $ 949 $ 819 $ 889 $ 849 $ 899 $ 789 S859 $ 849 800-558-0003 ConLpuitfkbillty. Tlonbumet cf-lecttonic* AIYIW 8-91 800-558-0003
• 4 a -*ra l2i» Animation $ 79.95 AMIGA 500 UPGRADE KIT 880K Disk Drive + * - , - 512K RAM Expansion Pro Write
3. 1 $ 84.95 Pen Pal only $ 77.95 Please See Our New Products on Inside of Back Cover From: Electronic arts® goldenIMAGE ® Supra Corporation 68030 ACCELERATORS Series II for 2000 w SCSI Controller 22MHz w 1 MB exp. To 13 & Math Co ..$ 849 33MHz W 4MB exp. To 16 & Math Co $ 1589 IDE CONTROLLER 50MHz A3050 w 4MB + Math Cop....$ 2249 Call lor Quantum AT IDE Drive Configurations See Opposite page for Series II Hard Card Packages_ A500 A5O0 A500 A500 w 42 MB W 52 MB w 80 MB W 105 MB $ 479 $ 579 $ 629 $ 809 Series II A500 HD + OK Expandable to 8MB Summer Super Ssile Oil AMIGA Software & Hardware A10 Tank Killer . 30.95 Abyss .... .24.95 Anarchy ... .24 55 Arachnaphobia .. .. 30.95 Armada 2525 ... .31.95 Amiga Classics Trilogy: = Stargiider II, Carrier Cmnd, Midwinter) . .. 35.95 Armour Geddon ..... .28.95 Awesome ... .36 95 Atomino .... .31.95 BAT .... .31.95 Ball Game .24 95 Bandit Kings Ancient China .36 95 Bane Cosmtc Forge 1 MEG .. 35.95 Bard's Tale III ... .31.95 Barney Bear each . .21.95 Battle Chess ..... . 23 95 Battle Command . .23.95 Battle Isle .31 95 Battle Squadron .24 95 Battlcstorm ..... .30.95 Bill A Ted s Excellent Advtr . ,.24.95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge .. .30 95 Billy the Kid ... .. 23.95 Blood Relations . ..31.95 Blue Max..... . .. 14 95 Bridge 6 0 ..... ...... 25 95 Buck Rogers . .31 95 Budokan .25 95 Captive ..... 29 S5 Cardinal ot The Kremln ..... .30 95 Carmen San Oiego Each ..... .30 95 fVnrijrinn 31 96 Cttamber Sci-Mutant Priestess30 95 Champions ot Kryroi .... ..31.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 ..24 S5 Check Mate ..... .34 95 Chessmaster 2100 ...... .31 95 Chuck Yaeger AFT 2 0 .. .25 95 Civil War 37 95 Codename Iceman ..... 36 95 Colonel's Bequest ... .. 36 95 Conflict: Middle East .... .36 95 Conquest of Camelot .... .36 95 Continuum . .30 95 Crackdown...... .. 17.95 Crime Does Not Pay ..... .. 30.95 Curse Azure Bonds ...... .31 95 Das Bool Submarine .... .31 95 Death Knights ot Kryr.n ..31.95 Dick Tracy... .30 95 Oino Wars 24 95 Distant Sun ..39.95 Dragon's Lair .... .30.95 Dragon's Lair M Time Warp . .34 95 Mavis Beacon Typing .. ...31.95 Dragon Strike .... .31.95 McGee Fun Fair ... 24.95 Dragon Wars . . 30 95 Mean Streets . ... 30.95 Drakkhert . 36 95 Mega Fortress
37. 95 DuckTales ..... . 28 95 Mega-Traveller 1 ....
36. 95 Dungeon Master .. .24 95 Mercenaries . .37.95 Fag es Rider .. 30 95 Mid Winter . .. 24.95 East vs West Berlin , . 24 95 Midevil Warrior ... ... 30.95 ECC Phantoms . ..24 95 Might and Magic II ...... ... 37.95 Elvira 36 95 Mind Link ...23.95 Empire ..31 95 Mixed-Up Mother Goose.... ... 30.95 Escape from Singes Castle.. ..28.95 Monday Nigh! Football .. 36.95 Eye ol the Beholder 37 95 Monopoly . ...30.95 F-15 Strike Eagle 34 95 Nations at War
37. 95 FT 9 Stealth Fighter ..36 95 Night Dawn ... . 18.95 F-29 Retaliator .. .31.95 Night Hunter .... ..23.95 Faces Iris III
24. 95 Night Shift. ...17.95 Falcon ..... .30.95 Nitro . . 28.95 OperationCounterslrike .... . 16.95 Nobunga's Ambition ... ....36.95 Operation Fire Fighter . .. 19.95 Obitus ....36.95 Fa si Eddie Pocl . ..21,95 Operation Combat .... 30.95 Flames of Freedom ..30.95 Pirates . ...28.95 Flight ot the Intruder .
36. 95 PGA Tour Got' . ...31.95 Flight Simulator II ... .30.95 Pick N Pile ... ..25.95 Full Metal Planet ... .30.95 Planet ot Lust .24.95 Germ Crazy ..
24. 95 Police Quest i .. ....30.95 Genghis Kahn .
36. 95 Police Quest II .. .. 36.95 Golden Axe...
17. 95 Pools of Radiance ..... .31.95 Gunboat ..... ..30.95 Populous ... ... 31.95 Hardball II ..30.95 Pcwermonger .. ....31.95 Harpoon .....
37. 95 Data Disk ...... .... 15.95 Battleset 2.3. or 4
20. 95 Pnnce of Persia .... __ .24.95 Scenario Editor .
25. 95 Pro Tennis Tour 2 ...... ...31.95 Heart ol China . 36 95 Proiectyle ..... .. 25.95 Heroes Quest . 36 95 Quest tor Glory 1 or 2 36 95 Hciyes Book of Games . 21 95 Railroad Tycobn .,, . . 36.95 Hovertorce 30 95 Red Baron . 36 95 Hum for Red October . 20 95 Red Storm Rising ...... .34 55 Immortal ....
31. 95 Renegade Legion ... 37.95 Imperium . .25.95 Rise ot the Dragon ...... .... 36.95 Indiana Jones-Graphic 20 95 Risk . .... 24 55 Indianapolis 500 . 31 95 Robocop .... 25-95 Ishido .... 34 95 Robccop il ...28.95 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited ... 36 95 Romance ol 3 Kingdoms
42. 95 Course Disk 5..... 15 95 Rules Ot Engagement .. .37 95 James Bond Stealth Allan 34 95 Scrabble ...... ... 24.95 Jones in the Fasl Lane..... 24 95 Search tor the King ..... ... 36 95 Keys To Maramonte. . .30 95 Second Front . . 31.95 King's Bounty ... 31 95 Secrect of Monkey island ... ....37.95 King’s Quest 1 .. .36 95 Secret ol the Silver Blades ....31.95 King's Quest 2. 3 or 4 . 30 95 Sex Vixens-Outer Space..... ....22.95 King's Quest 4 or 5 .. 36 95 Sexiimates .30 95 Knights In The Sky . .36.95 Shadow ot the Beast ... ....30 95 Legend ot Faerghail 23 95 Shadow of the Beast II . . 36 95 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 36 95 Sin: City . . 30 95 Lemmings . 30 95 Graphic t or 2 ... ...22.95 Loom .. 37 95 Tertian Editor . .... 14.95 Los: Patrol . 31 95 Sim Earth ... . 30.95 M-1 Tank Platoon .....
36. 95 Ski or Die .31.95 Sorcerian .. ...36,95 Space Ace .34.95 Space Quest 2 ...... 30.95 Space Quest 3 or 4 . 36.95 Spellbound ..... 24.95 Star Control ..,..... .... 30.95 Star Right .....31.95 Stellar? .21 95 Stunt Track Racer .. 24 95 Stratego .... 30.95 Street Rod or Street Rod II ... 25 95 Strike Aces ..... 30 95 Strip Poker 2 ...... 24.95 Super Off Road Racing . 25 95 Swap . 30 95 Team Yankee ...... 35 95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Tjrtles 2B 95 Tennis Cup ... 24 95 Tetris 21 95 Terrain Envoy 28.95 Test Drive II ..30 95 Data Disks ea ....15 95 Test Drive III .CALL Their Finest Hour .. 20 95 Third Courier ... 30 95 Time Machine .....34,95 Ultima 4 . 36 95 Ultima 5 36.95 UMS: Nations al War ...... 36 95 Universes .....31.95 Universal Military Sim 2 . . 36 95 Vanne - ...... ... 24.95 Vetto 30 95 Warhead ...... 31.95 Warlord ..... 30 95 Welltris ...21 95 Where in the Carmen each 30 95 Wolf Pan . 34 95 Wonderland 30 95 World Class Soccer ..24.94 Wrath of the Demon 30 95 Xenomorph...... 3'95 Yeager's Adv. Train 2.0 25.95 Zone Warrior ..25.95 PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE A Talk III ... . 59 95 Ami Back Moonlighter..... ......44.95 Anti Virus Device .. ......41 95 Arex* ... ...... 27 59 Art Department Pro . . 129 95 Audio Master 3 .. . 64 95 Aztec C Developer V5 0 ... . 177 95 Aztrec C Pro V5 0 .... .119.95 3AD 4 0 ... 28 95 Bars A Pipes .. .119.95 Bars & Pipes Pro ...204.95 Baud Bandit ..... 28 95 Broadcast Titler 20 ...... 204.95 Byte N’ Back .39 95 Can Do 84.95 Pio Pack I ..24 95 Comic Setter 41 95 Comic Art Disks ea ..2C.95 Copisi Apprentice £5.95 Copyist DPT ..... 194 95 Copyright .. 26.95 Cross DOS 2.0 ....24.95 Deluxe Music Construction .... 61.95 Deluxe Paint III ....BE.95 Deluxe Print II . 51.95 Deluxe Pioductions ..126.95 Del Vid3 w Del Photolab 94.95 Design Works ......72.95 Digidroid 59.95 Digmnate 3 ....24.95 Drgspa nt 3 0 .5E.95 Digiview gold . 114.95 Director 2.0 .. 75.95 Disk Labeler ...24.95 Disk Master ..2E.95 Disney Animation Studio 79 95 Dos 2 Dos .....30.95 Draw 40 .....147.95 Dynacadd . 669.95 Elan Performer 2.0 ..87.95 Electric Thesaurus ...2E.95 Excellence V2 0 104.95 GFA Basic 3 5 87.95 Gold Disk Office .166.95 Gold ot the Aztec 3C.95 Heroes Quest ..... 36.95 image Fmder 41.95 Imagine ......179.95 InviSiOO t .. 174.95 Karafonts ea . 44.95 Keyboard Control Seq. 3.0 .. 159.95 lattice C DEV 5.01 ..... 187 95 Macro Paint ..78.95 Map Master for Lightwave 3D 57.95 Maverick -I-.... . 24.59 Mavis Beacon Typing ......31.95 Mega Paint .174.95 Midi Recording Studio 39.95 Mind Link ... 26.95 Movie Setter .41.95 MR Backup ...35.95 Music X ..,.169.95 Music X Jr ....87.95 On Lira Platinum 39.95 Page Setter 2 67 95 Page Stream V2.1 . 165.95 Buddy System ...29.95 Business Forms 24.95 Postscript Font Disks ..24.95 Dot Main* Fonts . . 24 95 Pelican Press ... ...62.95 Phantom Sympla Intreface . 174.95 Phasar 4 0
54. 95 Photon Pamt 2.0 .. . 87.95
p. x Mate ..37.95 Power Windows 2 5 ... ...54.95 Pro Video Gold * ....
124. 95 Pro Video Post ... . 167.95 Alternate Font Sets . ..
34. 95 Video Fonts II .
57. 95 Bread A Butter Fonts . ...57.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts..... ...57.95 Pro Write 3.1 . 34 95 Professional Draw .... 112 95 Professional Page 2.0 ..
194. 95 Structured Clip An 36 95 Templates .. 36 95 Project D V2.0 .. ...35.95 Proper Grammar ...
57. 95 Quarter Back ...... 39 95 Quarter Back Tools ...... ...49.95 Quick Write ..... 43 95 Raw Copy ...... 34 95 Roll'em .... . 8695 RX Tools
35. 95 Scala .. .Call Scene Generator ... .29 95 Showmaker .. .21495 Son Clips Vol. 1 2.3 or 4 44 95 Spectracoior ..... .. 57 95 Sterling Service BBS..... 34 95 Superbase 4 234 95 Superbase Personal 2 79 95 Superbase Pro 3 0 .... 189 95 Superplan ..... .87 95 TV. ShowV2.0 64 95 Tiger Cub 54 95 Title Page 104 95 Toaster Fonts V. i-5 each ... ...41 95 Transwrite .39 95 Turbo Silver w Terrain . ... 56 95 Turbo Text .... . 57 95 TV Text ..... . 64 95 TV Text Professional ... . 99 95 Uttra Design . . 164.95 Video Effects 3-D .. . 106 95 Video Titler VI.5 ... ... 92.95 Video Tools ...... . 172 95 VideoScape 30 V2.0 .. . 119 95 VIP Video Interface ...... . 104.95 Vista Professional . ...81.95 Voice Recognition .. . 109 95 Word Perlect 144 95 Works, Platinum ... 9995 World Atlas 2.0 . . 2895 Wshell ...... ... 28 95 X Copy Professional...... 47 95 Your Family Tree .. ...39 95 INFORMATION CALL US TODAY! AMIGA Ocommodore FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
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1000. A radar screen depicts the location of enemy vessels in the area. There are also a map display of the city, indicators for weapons selection, a compass, movement direction, shields and resources. Almost as important, a small window on the panel depicts a digitized portrait of your current Alterant opponent, who displays pleasure or disappointment, depending on whether you're attacking him or he's attacking you. .As your move about the city, you must collect evidence to put the drug lords out of business. Each level ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson SOME FOLKS ARE having a dickens of a time getting out of Arborla In Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95). If you have a certain grisly momento from your confrontation with Tslotha Garnath even after you’ve returned to the king and surrendered Garnath’s nasty head then you've come to the heart ot the matter. Its use should be clear once you've Inspected Valarian’s Tomb.
• Bard s Tale and BT II: The Destiny Knight (Electronic Arts, $ 19.95 and $ 59.95, respectively) are also generating their share of mall. The "Name the one of cold, foretold twofold" riddle on the first level of Kylearan's Tower in BT (though answered some months back) continues to get people turned around. (Good grief, doesn’t anyone map anymore?) The answer Is "stone golem." This will trigger a teleport, and you’ll be on your merry way. This is one we've dealt with before, too, but you keep asking. There are two words necessary to spilt the rock In Colosse and enter The Destiny Stone in BT II. If you'd rather do It yourself, go look in The Tombs, (The strange mage is telling the truth.) If not, well, your mother, bless her soul, taught you to say one of the words. No, not "thank you." (That’s two words.) And the other word will give you a chill. I hope this frees me from your pleas.
• A few people are stuck at the mill In Journey (Infocom, $ 49.95), and no wonder, as the puzzle with the pits and that odd machine is about the toughest in the game. One has a pickaxe (you have to ? To locate developers of the games reviewed, see the “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses1’ list on p. 60. Baseboard Ok .$ 109 ICD AdRam 540 .99 PRODUCTIVITY Ram Works 2000 Ok .. 109 Supra 8mb board w 2mbCALL Supra 512k for A500 59 CITIZEN PRINTERS GSX140, 24 pin ... $ 289 GSX200, 9 pin ... $ 169 Color Option Available GRAPHICS & VIDEO Amlgavlslon ....3 89 Animate 88 Art Department ..52 Art Department Pro.....139 Bread & Butter Fonts .. CALL Broadcast Tltler II 234 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 59 Color Splitter ...105 Disney Animator .97 Deluxe Paint 3 ...89 Digimatc 3 ......23 Digipaint 3 ......62 DlglVlew Gold 4.0 119 Kara Anim Font 1.2,3.....29 Image Finder ....40 1 .V 4 Sims ...CALL 256 K X 4 80 Dram ..CALL 1 mg x 1 80 Dram.. .CALL 3000 memorv upgrade.CALL GVP Ram 8 ..CALL Imagine 189 Photon Paint .39 Pixel 30 .52 Pro-Video Post ..147 Pro-Video Gold .147 Showmaker ....219 Scala ..145 Scene Generator .28 Sharp JX-100 Scanner... 659 Spectra Color . CALL Turbo Silver .....59
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• Draining Tapes... MANTA'S video consultants will tailor a package for your needs Call for best package prices. GAME PRESERVE of the quadrant requires you to gather a different amount of evidence. As you glide about and engage the enemy, you’ll discover red canisters of drug evidence and yellow canisters that extend your own life. You’ll also find shops in town Stellar 7 By Peter Olafson Nicely converted from the IBM, Stellar 7 (Dynamix, S34.95) finds you piloting a Raven fighting vehicle across seven three-dimensional planets on a mission to protect Earth from Gir Draxon’s Arcturan Empire. Draxon is a big bloke with a spiked helmet and bad complexion, and he shows his teeth a lot. The Raven is essentially a tank, but what a tank! Aside from its cannon (standard equipment), it can dump mines, hide from enemy radar and detect enemy craft hiding from yours, hop into the air and use an enemy vehicle’s shield to destroy it. At its heart, Stellar 7 is a gorgeous, bells-and-whistles version of Battlezone, and there’s nothing like it around. (You may recognize Stellar 7 as a descendant of Arctic Fox, which Dynamix did for Electronic Arts in 1986.) Combat is carried out in three dimensions in a series of distinctive landscapes dotted with obstacles (cover) and the occasional refueling station. The enemies have blood in their eyes and 11 weapons on land and in the air, some of which are a mystery at the outset. Between planets, if you succeed, you’re treated to a static graphic screen and a splendidly digitized spoken exchange between old Gir (who talks like an LP played at 16 rpm) and his where you can upgrade your assault craft’s weapons, armor, and other systems (you’ll need upgrades when the final showdown with Lord Darkenill nears). If you’re a fan of lightning-fast graphics, great sound effects, and music, chief lieutenant (who speaks in a vaguely Eastern European accent). Morever, the graphics, which appear to use 32 colors, preserve much of the flavor of the IBM original, in other words, it’s a good port. Stellar 7 makes no bones about being an arcade game. The power modules you can collect after destruction of a trio of enemy vehicles are basically power-ups. And at the end of each level, a spacecraft turns up and deposits a Planet Guardian. He’s coming for you, and you can bet he is not bringing Fig Newtons and milk. Speed is the main bugaboo; apparently these seven planets have a lot of mud on them. You can crank the game up a bit by lowering the level of graphic detail, but Stellar 7 still seems rather slow on 68000-based machines. (That’s rather then Hoverforce may be the game for you. The disk is not copy-protected, so it can be backed up. With its mix of fast action, strategy, and pure shoot-’em-up characteristics, Hoverforce is a sure-fire way to get your joystick arm in shape. Odd, as one of the power modules provides much enhanced speed.) It’s smoother on the 3000. 1 suppose I’m disappointed that Dynamix didn’t take the game a step further. Arctic Fox was cru- der-looking, to be sure, but there was terrain to negotiate, weather to ride out, a single huge environment and a nonlinear solution- more staying power. I couldn’t run Stellar 7 from hard disk on my three-megabyte A500 too many partitions but it apparently runs fine once you free up chip RAM. The three disks can be backed up, and disk access isn't excessive, especially if you configure the game to skip the transition scenes. So this is a good one. Let's see if they take it another step. Cast your way in, and then can’t get out). Another has essences = but no way to get at them). The third has the exit. For starters, save the game and cast "Wind” in one of the pits; tt’ll give you a better idea of which rune is connected with which ptt. (For now, don't worry about the one you can’t read.) Now restore the saved game to get back the air essence spent on wind. Otherwise, there’s no need to go down there. The machine Is a teleporter, and the dials set origin and destination. Transport the pickaxe Into the essence pit, and you'll be able to dig for essences. Save the game again, get back to the machine and indulge in a little channel-hopping. See, the dials have six settings, so you know the exit has to be one of the four runes you haven't used. It’s a process of elimination, and you’ll hit it eventually.
• Catching the unicorn in King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (Sierra On-Line, $ 59.95) is another pointed problem. The silly horsle keeps running away. (Hey, is it my breath?) And goodness, the solution’s a bit involved, too. It starts with the diamonds. (You found them in the dwarves' house after cleaning up, remember?) The dwarf in the mine off to the south says you can keep them, and where do you suppose they could be put to best use? Right, that miserable fisherman and his wife. He'll turn over his pole In exchange, and I hope you beat the early bird and caught the worm, for you’ll need bait. Use it at the pier, and you never know what might turn up. Hey, you know how hard It is to get to the beach on a work day, so take a swim. (Save the game first, In case you run Into a shark.) If you go west far enough, you'll find Genesta’s island. There's a lot to see here, but only one thing you really need to get. (It's a ticklish matter.) Head on back and.. .thar she blows! A whale, (Or perhaps it's the shark again, so save the game.) Suddenly, Rosella is making like Pinocchio, Take a look around the whale’s mouth first. There are a couple of items of interest one being the bottle and Continued on p. 75. Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or,price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 Bard’s Tale III: The Thief of Fate Medieval Warriors By Peter Olafson The Amiga conversion of Bard’s Tale III: The Thief of Fate (Electronic Arts, S49.95) is a major disappointment. Gone are the meticulously drawn building facades that graced the first two games of this classic role-playing series from Electronic Arts. In their place are hovels that would look acceptable on a Commodore 64, but are absolutely appalling on the Amiga. (The graphics get worse in the dungeons.) Gone are the wonderful digitized Gregorian chants that graced each healing session. For goodness sake, what happened? Well, the excellent Bard’s Tale and BT II: The Destiny Knight both were designed and converted to Amiga by Interplay Productions, then a development house. They’ve since struck out on their own as a publisher. The Thief of Fate, however, while still designed by Interplay, was converted by EA (which owns the Bard's Tale name). The result is more or less a straight IBM port wath only the most basic of Amiga amenities. The game opens in a refugee camp outside the ruins of Skara Brae, the city freed from the wizard Mangar in the original game. Yes, ruins: Tarjan the Mad God (a peripheral character in the series opener), has blown a fuse and trashed the place, and By Rob Lawrence Leading a swarthy band of King Arthurs, Robin Hoods, and Conans into an all-out bloodsport, you must stab, hack, or chop the life out of every enemy turnabout is fair play. It's a long chase. The game’s huge, the biggest BT yet, on two disks, with 80 dungeon levels of all different sizes (rather than the standard 22x22). There is automapping. There are two new classes of spellcast- ers chronomancers and geomancers and a whole slew of new spells. It runs on all Amigas (including the 3000), and, most notably, it’ll run from hard disk on one-megabvte machines a decided improvement over its predecessors. (There’s also no on- disk copy protection; the game uses a codew heel.) I’d be more impressed with the new- features if this game echoed any of the virtues of its parents. (It’s also the slowest of the series.) To be fair, not all the blame can be placed with EA. For also gone from the game is insular feel of an intact fantasy world. Interplay went overboard and added time travel, with segments in Troy, Rome, Nottingham, Berlin, Stalingrad and Hiroshima. It’s all a bit much, and Thief of Fate never quite seems to settle down. Moreover, the game is nearly three years old, and it’s pretty much the same old hack and slash, with lizards and snakes still carrying gold and armor, and every bloke on the street trying to throw' himself on your swords. It’s time to move on. Soldier you see in Medieval Warriors (Merit Software, $ 49.95), but to do it more efFiciently than your opponent. The battlefield is a ? DynoCAD ....689.00 E-Z FM Synthesizer ...._... 36.99 Electric Thesaurus .31.99 Bvira .35.99 Eye of the Beholder .. 43.99 Fdcon .....33.89 GIF Module ...30.50 Gods .33.99 Gunboat .31.99 Harpoon ..43.99 Harpoon BattleSet 2 or 3 ......24.99 HiSoft BASIC Professlond ...57.99 HyperBook ....64.99 ImageRnder .45.99 Imagine .... 195.00 King's Bounty ... 36.99 Lattice C SAS C ......199.00 Lemmings 31.99 MR Back-Up Professional ....34.99 Map Master .....59.99 Maverick .25.99 Maxi Ran + ...58.99 Medieval Warriors ...31.99 Monopoly ... 31.99 Moonbase ,.,.31.99 PageStream2.1 .....1B9.0G PageStrean Forms: Business 24.99 Pelican Press 58.99 Pixel 3D ....52.99 PowerMonger .....35.99 PowerPacker Professlond 19.99 Pro Video Post 219.00 Pro Vector ...175.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..95.99 QuarterBack .43.00 QuarterBack Tools ..63.00 Quest for Glory II .....36.99 Qwlkforms for PageSheam 25.99 RX Tools ..34.99 Seala .....269.00 Scene Generator .. 31.99 Screen Maker 239.00 Seach for the King .. 35.99 Ami-Back .47.99 AMOS ......59.99 Arexx 31.10 Armoa-Geddon ......26.99 Aft Department Professlond ..149.00 Art Dept Pro Conversion Pock 55.00 AudoMaster III . 60.00 Awesome ..39.00
B. A.D. 4.0 .31.99 Bane of the Cosmic Forge .35.99 BarcfsTde III .35,99 Barney Bear Goes Camping ...22.50 Bars & Pipes Professional .215.00 Bars & Pipes Optiond Disks ......37.99 Baud Bandit ..31.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Brigade Commander .....29.99 CanDo 1.5...... 86.00 Captive ...29.99 Carthage 26.99 Cross DOS 4.0 ...24.99 Curse of the Azure Bonds ..35.99 Das Boot . 35.99 Dig!Pant 3 ...61.99 DigiView Gold 130.00 Director 20 ... 79.00 Doctor AMI .... 31.99 Softwood Company Animd or People Clip Art ..46,99 Classic or Collector's Clip Art 46,99 Electric Thesaaus ....31.99 Pen Pd ....85.99 Proper Gramma ..... 59.99 SPECIAL! Purchase ANY word processor and get Proper Gramma for only 55.00 Spotlight on Software Secret of Monkey Island ...42.99 Spotlight on Hardware Accelerator. GVP SCSI 22 Mhz 899.00 Accelerator, GVP SCSI 33 Mhz... 1635.00 Accelerator. Sapphire 68020 . 265.00 Aml-Tote 2000 .. 69.00 Atonce .269.00 Audio Engineer . 215.00 Color Splitter ...106.00 DC TV ...... 385.00 Firecracker Boad .889.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 500 . 90.00 Floppy Drive, RocTec Slim 89.00 HAM-E Plus .395.00 HadCard, GVP 42F Series II 0 0 ... 429.00 HadCard, GVP 105Q Series II 0 0 599.00 HadCad. GVP 42F Series II 8 0 ... 475.00 HadCard. GVP 52Q Series 118 0.. 519.00 HadCard. GVP 105Q Series II 8 0 629.00 HardDRIVE, Impact 600 42F Ser II . 675.00 Harddrive, Impact 6G0 52Q Ser II 629.00 Mouse. Konyo Golden Image .....39.99 Perfect Sound 3.0 .. 69.00 Personal TBC ..799.00 Printer, T1 PostScript PS 35 ..... 1695.00 Removable Haddrive, Ricoh 799.00 SCSI Controller, GVP Series II0 0 .. 155.00 SCSI Controller, GVP Series II8 0 .. 210.00 SCSI Controller, TrumpCard Pro.... 215.00 Sound Master .129.00 Syquest 44 MB Ext w Word Sync... 585.00 Syquest 44 MB Removable 405.00 Syquest Cartridges . 95.00 Ultimate Guide to Video Toaster.... 39.99 Video Master, VIDTek 1075.00 Video Toaster ...... 1429.00 Hadcad. 40Q W Word Sync 369.00 Hadcad. 105Q w Word Sync .... 579.00 Haddrive. Supra 500XP 40 2 . 539.00 Harddrive. Supra 50QXP 52 2 .589.00 Memory MocUe, 2 MB .229.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 2 Megs. 190.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 4 Megs. 275.00 Memory, SupraRAM 500RX 8 1.....135.00 Memory, ScpraRAM 500RX 8 2.....215.00 Modem, 2400+ (MNP & V.42bis) ... 169.00 Modem, 2400 (MNP Levels 2-5).... 149.00 Modem, 9600 (MNP & V.32) ...499.00 SCSI Controller, 500XP ..199.00 SCSI Controler, Word Sync 110.00 CD, Inc. Ad IDE 40 ... .....109.00 Ad IDE 40 Shuffle Boad .... 32.99 Ad RAM 540 OK . .....115.00 AdSCSI 2080 ..... .....185.00 AdSpeed ... .....235.00 Ricker Free Video ... .....315.00 Prima Kits CALL Stella 7 ....24.99 SuperBack .. 47.90 SuperBase Professlond 4 .....315.00 Iheme Park Mystery ....31,99 Turbo Text ... 59.99 Vista Professlond ...... 89.00 WordPerfect ...159.00 Workbench Management System . 32.99 World Class Soccer .24.99 Harddrive, Impact 600 105Q 859.00 IllumlUnk .89.99 Imagine Companion Book Dtck.... 21.99 MIDI, Phantom SMPTE .. 199.00 Modem. Coaler HST Dud Staid .. 915.00 Modem. Coaler V.32bls 14.4 629.00 Modem. DataUrk 2000 MNP .165.00 Mouse, Beetle Mouse ....42.99 Supra Corporation Roppy Drive, SupraDfive ...99.00
58. 99 W255 N499 Grandview ¦ 204 ¦ Waukesha, WI53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM Mon.-Sat. $ 9.95 5 9.95 5 9.95 $ 12.95 $ 13.95
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523. 95
523. 95 $ 24.95 $ 24.95 all for - 535 $ 35 535 $ 35 $ 35 $ 35 $ 35 $ 35 $ 35 $ 35 $ 37 $ 35 $ 40 $ 40 $ 40 $ 42 Efficient hacking and slashing is the key. Theme Park Mystery 1-800-888-9273 Only THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF WHAT WE HAVEI CALL FOR THE LATEST TITLES! Karate Kid 2 Mystery of the Mummy Battle Squadron Kingdoms of England Silent Service Space Harrier 2 All Dogs Co To Heaven Anarchy Arkanofd 2 Bard's Tale 2 Batman the Movie Blasteroids Blue Angels California Games Carrier Command DanaHus Flintstones Gauntlet 2 Harmony E-Motion Heat Wave Light Corridor North and South Ninja Spirit Persian Gulf Inferno Photon Paint Pirates Projectile R-tvpe Rick Dangerous Sherman M4 Starclider II Steller Conflict The Fools Errand Theme Park Mystery Turrican Weird Dreams Arcade Fever (2 games) Austerlltz Carve Up Collosus Chess X Cyber bowl Dragons Breath Future Basketball Gunship Klaxx Line of Fire Pacland Shockwave 5tunt Car Racer Tournament Golf (Sega) Treasure Trap Xenon 2 Atomic Robo Kid Escape from the Planet ol Robot Monsters Paradroid '90 Wings of Death Battle Command Budakon Flood Golden Axe Jumpine Jackson Lords of the Rising Sun Nightbreed Shadow Of The Beast Star Flight Strider 2 Sword Of Sodan Warhead TV Sports Football Wings of Fury Distant Armies Frontline Legend of Faerghail Midwinter Photon Cell Animator Red 5torm Rising Wings Killing Game Show Chuck Rock Escape from Colditz It Came from the Desert Turrican 2 TV Sports Basketball Cadever Fantavlsion Orders GAME PACKS Quattro Sports (Include* 4 games): BMX Racing, Italy 90 Soccer, Pro Tennis, Super Ski. All for. 517.95 Heroes (Includes 4 games): Running Man, License to Kill, Star Wars, Barbarian 2. All for - $ 18.95 Quattro Arcade (Includes 4 games): SAS Combat Simulator, Pub Trivia, Nitro Boost Challenge, Pro Powerboat. All for. $ 17.95 Wheel* of Ffre (Includes 4 games): Turbo Outrun, Chase H.Q., Powerdrlft, Hard Drlvln', allfor- $ 19.95 T-N-T (includes 5 games): Hard Drivin', All Points Bulletin, Dragon Spirit, Xybots, Toobln. All for- $ 19.95 Monster Pack (Includes 3 games): Shadow of the Beast, Nitro, Infestation. All for. $ 29.95 PowerPack (includes 4 games): TV Sports Football, Bfoodwych, Lombard Road Rally, Xenon 2 EURO MAGS Amiga Shopper (no disk) 55 Amiga Format w disk 59 Amiga Power w disk $ 9 Amiga Action w dlsk $ 9 Amiga Computing w dlsk $ 9 Amiga Games w disk $ 9
C. U. Amiga w disk 59 Ace (no disk) $ 6 Raze (no disk) $ 6 Amiga User Internationa I (no disk) 56 SHIPPING Visa, MasterCard, American Express: 55 for up to 3 items, Add 51 for each additional item,
C. O.D. (Cash Only) 59 for up to 3 items, Add $ 1 for each additional item Shipping Outside U.S. - Calll MORE INFO & FAX ORDERS Call (305) 491-0398 Fax (305) 772-0334 Prices, Availability Subject to Change. NEW TITLES! Gcds Super Car 2 SWIV Super Monaco Grand Prix Panzer Kick Boxing Advanced Destroyer Simulator Brat Champion of the Raj StormDul! Switchblade 2 Gauntlet 3 Nebulus 2 F-15 Strike Eagle 2 Herv's Quest (Gremlin) Railroad Tycoon y Megatraveller
524. 95 G A M E P 22 X 15 grid, with landmarks and obstacles placed according to the scenario you choose (inside a castle, across a river, between two forts, or through a village wrall). Separate movement or attack commands are issued to each of 12 warriors during each player’s turn. The strategy required is much like that used in chess. You must take into consideration the special abilities each wfarrior possesses with his own weapons, and the distance he can move. When I’m out to slice and dice knights, I like to have a nice tool set with which to do it. The game doth fall short here. You can use knives, axes, arrow’s, or a swrord, but no pikestaffs, maces, flamethrowers, grenades, or the like. .Although your warriors are all named differently, they dress and look the same (team uniforms, perhaps?). .Also, movement in battle is very slow. I grew' several gray hairs By Dodson Yaple The best thing about this otherwise unexceptional IBM port is its setting, an abandoned theme park RESERVE waiting for the computer to position its troops. As for the manual, it’s actually too thorough. It covers every point and option in the game at least once, sometimes two or three times. 1, however, had no problem in successfully commanding my army before ever reading a page (except to answrer the copyprotection question). A full megabyte is also required to play, although 1 fail to see w'hy. Despite the drawbacks, there are some conveniences: It installs on a hard drive, plays on a 68030 machine, and you can play through modems and run it from Workbench. It even sports fairly good graphics and decent sound effects. In my opinion, how-ever, Medieval Warriors would have been much better off as a combat sequence for a large-scale interactive adventure. It simply doesn’t have enough variety or complexity to hold its own. That’s in need of some serious ghostbusting. Seems you’ve inherited the joint from your uncle, wrho w'ent ? EESSi OPERATION AMIGASTORM Defending Your Consumer Rights by Providing - Prices Service Best Support GOLD DISK Home Office Advantage 109 Outline Fonts-35 CG Hi Res Fonts 124 Professional Draw 2.0 109 Professional Page 2.0 217 GOLDEN IMAGE 512 RAM Card w Clock & Cal 49
G. I. Hand Scanner PP 239 Opto-Mechanical Mouse 35 1CD AdRAM 2080 8 2MB 225 Ad RAM 540 w Clock @ 1MB 157 AdSCSI 2080 8 2MB w SCSl 289 AdSpeed - All Amigas Novia 40i HD Prima 105i 500 HD IMPULSE Imagine vl.l 195 INNOV1SION Broadcast Titler 2 219 IVS Trumpcard Professional (2000) 209 Trumpcard Professional (500) 259 Meta 4,2mb PP 279 MAGNAVOX RGB Color Monitor 294 500 DataFlyer w SCSl + Chassis 155 GREAT VAIXEY PRODUCTS ASDG Art Department Professional 129 Dual Serial Board (2000) 229 AVATAR Heart of the Dragon p gF- 20 CALIFORNIA ACCESS Bodega Bay pip 319 CA-880 External 3.5" Drive 94 CHINNON
3. 5" internal 3.5" Drive (2000) 85 CSA ECONO MMR, 25 Mhz 497 ECONO M M R, 35 Mhz 597 M M R 25 Mhz (500 2000) 689 MMR33 Mhz (500 2000) 839 DIGITAL CREATIONS DC TV (24 Bit Display) Supergen 2000 Internal DIGITAL PROCESSING Personal TBC (Time Base Corrector) 799 ECE 500 MIDI + 49 1000 MIDI 49 ELECTRONIC ART Deluxe Paint III 83 EXPANSION SYSTEMS 2000 DataFlyer w SCSI 89 500 BaseBoard w Clock @ 1MB 157 150 MB Tape Backup (2000 in bay) 635 3050 Accelerator (50 Mhz 4 MB) pp. 2349 600 MB Read Write Optical Drive 3569 Combo (22 Mhz 1 MB) 899 Combo (33 Mhz 4 MB) 1599 HC Series II + RAM w 80 MB HD 599 HC Series 11 +RAM w No HD 199 HC Series II No HD 155 HC Series II w 80 MB HD 569 Impact 500 Series II w 52 MB HD 629 389 Strategy: To beat the best advertised price in this magazine or Ragin1 Roger will send you a check for $ 5 U.S. Call WEEKLY for the General's Latest Specials! MEGA MICRO 1 MB DRAM Chips, 100 ns (set of 8) 64 1 MB SIMMs 65 256K x 4 DRAM Chips (set of 2) 19 MICROWAY Flicker Fixer (2000) 239 NEWTEK CS-1 Copy Stand & Lights 55 DigiView Gold 4.0 119 Panasonic 1410 Camera- Variable Lens 209 Video Toaster (2000) ppt 1399 Video Bundle 358 OXXI Atalk 3 (Communications) 59 Video Titler 91 PASSPORT Mastertracks Pro 219 MIDI Transport 309 PRECISION SOFTWARE Superbase Professiona v3.0 199 RICKETTS INC. XT 1000 Amiga 2000 Adaptor 8 XT 1000 (IBM KeyBds on Amiga) 35 SAFESKIN 2000 or 3000 Keyboard Skin 16 SOFT LOGIC Pagestream 2.1 167 SUNRIZE Color Splitter 109 SUPRA CORP. 1000 SCSI Interface w Clock 179 2000 SupraDrive 40 MB 399 2000 SupraRAM 2 MB 209 2000 WordSync SCSI Interface 109 2400 Baud External Modem 99 2400 Plus w MNP P§P. 174 2400zi Internal Modem (A2000) 114 500XP105 MB w 512K 799 500XP 52 MB w 512K 549 US ROBOTICS Courier 9600E Modem Pp. 619 VORTEX Atonce 279 WORDPERFECT WordPerfect v4.1 139 1,000‘s of products available! Fill out the Reader Service Card fora FREE Catalog Books Amiga for Beginners Amiga Dos Quk Ref. Guide Amiga Dos Inside S Out Amiga Basic Inside 4 Out Machine Language Graphics Inside 6 Out Amiga C for Beginners Amiga C for Advanced 3D(5aphic Proa in BASIC Desktop Video Power Best of Amiga TricksATips Making Musk on Amiga Amiga Printers Inside tX I Using Arexx Education Arexx J A-Taik III j Baud Bandit f DiskMaster | Project D 2.0 I uarterSacETomE ™ Quarterback 4 QuarterBackTi Gefflotfr for only $ S Barney Bear (ea) Carmen Sanaego (ea Distant Suni4.tr Distant Suns 3.0 Katie's Farm Mah Blaster Plus McGee McGee Fun Fair Talking Animator Talking Coloring Book Productivity Excel ence 2.0 Maxi Ptan FI us 2.0 Page Stream 2.1 Peican Press Pen Pal Professional Page 2.0 Proper Grammar Quick Write Superfiase Personal 2 Super Base Prof. 4 WordPerfect Your source for all your Amiga needs. Xsxfsssm 1MB Required Distant Suns 3.0
• LOW PRIQ CDTV Titles Entertainment Professional Page 2.0 'Our most popular Desk Too Putiisher * Special | ©9 PS TYPE Forte $ 37 Ouftee Font* $ 125 Tamptetee £37 ated Dictionary ant Big'cs Cookbook Table Business I Vista l of the Demon CaJ For New Tides A-tOTank Kiler Armour-Gedden Atcmino Awesome Bane ol Cosmic Forge Centurion Barney.Bear Schod Caseof Cautious Cond Classtc Board Games Fred Fish Collection Days of Thunder Ideati Knight of Krym Dungeon Master 2 b Pi ¦ - - I r .i _ i a Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Eye of the Beholder Falcon Falcon Masons 1 a 2 Flight of tfie Intruder Fiil Metal Plwat Gold of ihe Aztec* Floppy Drives Memory-A500 Memory-A2000 PROWRITE
3. 1
• 100,000 dictionary •Thesaurus
• Selectable fonts Arexx Supper
• Use IFF A HAM Picteresw text Video RCS00 5l2KRAMexp. RC10002MB RAMexL SupraRamSOO SupraRam500RX( 1 MB} BaseBoard OK RAM ADRAM 540 $ 49 AE 880K external $ 229 AE 1.52MB extwnal $ 59 AIR Drive 680K external $ 139 Master 3A-1 external $ 100 Master 3A-1D W Dbffay $ 109 Roctec UtVa Ssm external A2000 internal drive 2000 RAM Board 2M6 2000 RAM Baxd 4M8 2000 RAM Board 6MB 2000 RAM Board 8k6 $ 189 MiniGen $ 289 Super gen $ 389 Super ran 2000S $ 489 Video Master Video Toaster Personal TBC $ 209 $ 649 $ 1449 $ 1029 $ 1399 $ 779 DataFlyer GUNBOAT Input Devices Expansion Systems BASEBOARD Accelerators Being Optical Mouse
G. l. Opto Mech. Mouse Gold Ima, Optical Mouse BatHanae Joysick BossJoysh'ck SlkSik Joystick Tac 50 Joystick Amtrac Trackbal Kraft Trackball Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 Controller only 3S5. W 52 MB Quantum HD I Racer 25Mhz $ 529 $ 216 Video AmigaVislon CbromaKey Deluxe Video III Director 2.0 Pro Video Post P Show V2 Tv Text Pro MEW GVP ALL-IN-ONE ACCELERATORS 22MH2 1MB $ 899 22MHZ 1MB 52Q $ 1149 22MHZ 1MB 105Q $ 1329 33MHz 4MB $ 1679 33MHz 4MB 52Q $ 1949 33MHz 4MB 105Q $ 2129 50MHZ 4MB $ 2298 Hard Drives-A2000 BIG FOOT iSOWatt
h. Power aupply i Amiga 500 Hoverforce Immortal Jack Nicktaus Unlimited KSSrw Game Show Kjngsaounty Lemming* Ml Tan* Platoon Mean Sfeete Moncpdy Overdrive Overlord PGAGdf Pewer Monger Quest for Glory 2 Search for the King Secret ol Monkey I stand Shade* of tie Beast 2 Sim City Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 Ski &fy Terrain Ultima V Woll Pack DataFlyer 2000 GVP HO) Series II GVPHCS*0,Q Series II Supra Wcrdsync Trumpcard Trumpcard Pro 52MB Quantum LPS 105MB Quantum LPS Hard Drives-A50Q BROADCAST TITLER II $ 219 DataFlyer 500 ICD Novia I Internal 20MB GVPA500-HD8*(Y42F GVPA50OHD8 y52Q GVP A50D-HD8-t-0 105Q Supra500XPw 52Q Trumpcard 500 Trumpcard Pro 500 Hardware (misc) AT-Once ATOnce A2000 adapfer Double-Tali Nel work Picker Fixer Ficker Fixer's DEB 2000 Ad Ricker Free Video AE HD A50Q Powersupply Star Printers JanA500ic Printers Midis PvlSTA
1. 2 Only $ 35 Universal Mouse Joystick Switch hoofc mouwA 2 pysfrXfi fc A.rjgo ECE Mid Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold Insider Phantom SMPTE MIDI Midi cable 6ft DataFlyer Budget Hard drive solution for your A500 Controller only $ 149 W 52MU Ouamurri' $ 398 Modems Perfect To u£e with Disney's Animation Studio, f DlgtPaint 3, Deluxe Paint , and more Supramodem 2400 external $ 99 Supramodem 240O* mnp-5 $ 159 Supramodem 2400 plus $ 189 Supramodem 24 Cozi $ 115 A E Da tali nk Express exL $ 169 w MNP-5 $ 199 w SendFAX $ 219 AE DataUnk 2000 int $ 139 w MNPS $ 161 W SendFAX $ 199 Amiga 500 COQ Monitor Stand DAKOTA Graphic Arts SketchMaster 12x12 Tablet $ 429 12x18 Tablet $ 599 VISTA PRO Deluxe Paint III Digi-Paint 3 Digi-View Gold 4.0 Disney Anim. Studio Ham*E Rus Professional Draw 2.0 Spectracdor Turbo Stiver 3.0 Bodega Bay $ 349 w MaJbu $ 399 Disk drive mounting kit S15 Drawing Tablets New From ICD Sketdimstr 12x12 $ 429 Sketdimsir 12x18 $ 599 Summa Graphics II Tablet $ 499 Music Requires 3MB RAM CompJatm Digl-Vlew System $ 395 Indub**: DighView. -1l
4. 0 ijfrA Bars and Rpes Bara and Pipes Pro Defx Music Const Set Dr. Ts Copyist DTP Dr.TsKOSLe llv35 Dr. Tarver Cub IMAGINE Best seller s Digitizers & Scanners AutoDrcid Ccfor Spitter Dig i Dr a d FrameBuffer w capture Hand Scanner w Tauchup JX100 Scanner wGoftware JX300 Scanner w.Software Pan,14lOCam.wtens Stand. N, y 4b; Panason 1410 carfe&r video JW and all cables W Optkxial AutoDrolcj JP The only mmfeta. AutpmiUc5>gifimofliagg Only $ 219 Give Your Ideas a Chance to Sing with this Best-Selling Music Package Audio Digitizers SHPPINd - WTTHN 2 BUShCSS DAYS UPS GROUND c M
- $ 99 5% MIN $ 4 S100 TO S199 4% MIN $ 5 $ 200 TO S499 3% MIN $ S $ 500 - 2% MINS15 DPS 9uo add $ 5.00 to UPS Ground UPS Rad add $ 10.00 to UPS Ground APO.FPO,CANADA, add S10 to Ground PR. Hf, ALASKA add $ 10 to Blue or Red MASTERCARD. VISA. DISCOVER no surcharge AMERICAN EXPRESS 3% Surcharge Defectives replaced with same hem 15% Restocking fee for non-defective returns Prices subject to change without notice To Order, Call 1-800-262-0533 Amiga SHOW-OFFS RC500 RAM AMIGA 500 512K RAM Expansion $ 49 MASTER 3A1 880K External Disk drive $ 79 Master 3A-1D Drive w LED Display $ 99 ? (
(412) 962-0533 No One Knows Amiga Belter Authorized Commodore Dealer Since 1980 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermitage, PA Western Pennsylvania’s source for C* Commodore* A ] T A B Computers xXlrv xl Accessories Authorized Amiga dealer for A500 A2000 A2500 A3000 CDTV Earn AMIGAMAN CASH tot Amiga Show-Offs. GOLDEN ] [MAGE Specials IMS ® w RC1000 RAM for Amiga 500 External 2- 4 MB RAM Expander w 2MB RAM $ 199 Now Cordless Mouse $ 69 Cordless Trackball $ 81 Brush Mouse call Complete Amiga systems for Home, Education, Video, and Graphic Arts Complete Video Toaster Systems available Stop In or call for an appointment. On site demonstrations, installation and training available. Leasing and on-site service. Computer sales are limitedTo walk-in sales and professional installations within our market area. No mail orders (Computer 'ffasicsmc 512K RAM & 880K Drive w Clock Calendar Bat. Master 3A1 External (IjHOfl ONLY Cp | CD mtGA 50t> EXPANSION SET HAND SCANNER W TOUCHUP SOFTWARE F0RA500, A20O0, A3OO0 $ 245 mad and committed suicide. Now it's your turn. The first stop on your tour in Theme Park Mystery (Konami, $ 49.95) is Yesterdayland, where you amass the resources needed to check out the rest of the place. No lurking fiends here, just a few antiquated amusement-park machines and a boarding platform for the park’s monorail. You’re broke, of course, but some sucker left a few precious tokens in one of the coin-return slots, and that’s all you need to run up a quick bankroll. Be sure to spend some of it on Zoltan, the mechanical fortuneteller; he dispenses tickets, hints, and other items you can’t live without. Now that you’re armed and dangerous, it’s time to hop on the dreaded Monorail of Fear. You have to visit three other theme- world arcade sequences to capture the eight gremlins that are haunting the park. In Dragon land, you run around a dungeon (grabbing things while avoiding enemies). In Dreamland, you run around a surreal chessboard (grabbing things while avoiding enemies). In Futureland, vou zoom From j). 70, the other the uvula. If you did the right thing at Genesta’s, you're all set you just have to find the right place to use it. When you do, the whale will, well, spit you up and you'll notice a subtle change In setting. You’re still at sea, but there’s an unfamiliar island off to the north. This is not one of the game's better puzzles. You’d never know it, but the bridle's here one of the two Items you need to nail the unicorn and it's rather difficult to find. Check out the ruined rowboat, and be persistent. By the way, your catch from the pier Is getting a bit ripe, isn’t it? Maybe the pelican is less discriminating, and he'd do a swap. (If you’ve scared him off, exit the screen and then return.) Around on a rollercoaster (grabbing things while avoiding enemies). It's all-too-familiar stuff, though there are a few interesting aspects, such as some old adversaries from Donkey Kong putting in an appearance. The biggest problem is the interface, a needlessly-confused jumble that requires constant midaction shifting between joystick, mouse, and keyboard. Rheme Park Mystery might have been a good game on the Amiga, but Konami opted for a quick- buck conversion that disregards the Amiga’s substantial advantages. As a result, the game exemplifies just about every weakness you might expect from a port: ordinary graphics, slow joystick response, coarse animation, crummy sound effects, and no music. Even as you enjoy the game’s several imaginative touches, you’re exasperated by the way it systematically shortchanges you. Unusu- ally aggressive copy-pro- tection both disk- and keyword-based, and difficult to use is the final straw. Unless you already own all the top Amiga originals, look elsewhere. Getting the other item to nab the unicorn Is much simpler. Indeed, you may already have It by now. East and south of the spot where you started the game, you'll find an Olympic swimming pool. Hang around, and sooner or later Cupid will show up to take a bath. Approach him for his autograph, and he'll panic and leave his bow and arrows behind. Your having them wilt make the horse friendly enough to approach. If you’re stuck in a game, or simply want to spend 29 cents frivolously, I can be reached by US mall at 12
W. 104th St., Apt 3E, New York, N.Y. 10025, and via electronic mail as
P. OLAFSON on Genie and Peteroo on American People Link. Send a SASE If you can’t wait for an answer in print ¦ GRAPHICS MODEMS 3D Professional S179 Amiga Vision $ 89 Broadcast Tiller II S229 Digi paint v3.0 S59 I MAKES DESKTOP VIDEO A REALITY! Synchronize Video and Sound to the Beat! Control External Devices like the Video Toaster, LaserDisc, VCRs, Writcahle Optical Disks. MIDI! Create Productions of Virtual! Unlimited Length! Edit Productions in Real Time on Your AMIGA! Save Finished Production to Video Tape! Courier HST The best and fastest modem on the marker Why settle for second best when you can get a Courier! Courier HST 38.4
v. 42bis - $ 589 Courier HST Dual Standard -- $ 849 ONLY CONTROL YOUR VIDEO TOASTER! 16mm Lens w Variable Iris Ami gen CBM2320 Display Enhancer Chroma Key Switcher Color Splitter DCTV DPS Personal TBC Firecracker 2400 Flicker Free Video Frame Grabber llam-E Kitchen Sync Minigen Panasonic WV1410 Camera RocGen RG300C Genlock Showline TBC’s (as low as) Sony 1304 Monitor SuperGen 2000s Supergen Video Blender VideoToastcr Tired of knowing more about Amiga video than the people you buy it from? The technology is expanding rapidly it’s hard lo keep up. So we’ve brought in some video experts to help you make the right selections. Amiga Vision Handbk SIS Art Department Pro SI45 Deluxe Paint v3.0 SK9 Digi view v4.0 SI 22 Deluxe Video III $ 89 Director V2.0 $ 79 Disney S99 Hyperbook S64 Imagine SI 99 Professional Draw 2.OS 119 Pro Conversion Pack S59 Pro Video Post S2I9 Scab S239 Screen Maker 36 S239 Sculpt Animate 4D $ 359 Spectra Color $ 59 TV Text Pro S99 Video Tiller v5j0 $ 99 Vista $ 59 Vista Pro $ 89 Produce perfection. Whether in print, on screen, or in video, your work is a reflection of you. It must *• be creative and it must be perfectly as you visualize it. Make it so. Because the powerful image, presenta lion and video tools you need are available to you. On your Amiga. AE DataLink Express ext. MNP & SendFax AM24 Mini Modem Baud Bandit MNP5 Courier HST 38.4 Courier 11ST Dual Standard SupraModcm 2400 SupraModem 2400zi Supra Modem 2400 Plus MNP5 v.42bis Baud Bandit Bundle Telecommunication Software Atalk 111 Terminal Software S63 Baud Bandit Software Paragon BBS Sterling Service BBS Awesome modem speed is suddenly a wise choice. With the size of files going up and the pricc-perlbrmancc ratio coming down, slow modems just don't make sense, Raw speed is important but don’t forget about data compression If you have questions. Wc‘11 be glad to help. Call the new. Improved Briwall BBS al (215) 683-7499. 300 1200 2400 baud, 24-hours, with a full catalog ami ordering online! Floppy Drives Some programs seem designed to encourage disk- swapping! They tell you to insert disks so many times that you’re getting disk-swappers’ cramp! Who says you can’t get excercise from a computer? But who wants to? HARD DRIVES A500 1000 3.5*‘ini $ 69 AE High Density 3.5" $ 199 Air 3.5" $ 85 A MAX Computable 3.5" S189 Master 3A-1D 3.5" $ 97 Chinon A2000 int. 3.5" S82 Roctec 5.25" $ 149 Roctec Slimline 3.5" S94 Blistering speed means satisfaction When you double-click, results happen, right now. Let us help you experience this satisfaction. New from Microbotics True 68030 accelerators for your A500 2000 at an affordable price! GVP Combo 2 2 Mhz w IMB $ 8X9 GVP Combo 33Mhz w 4MB $ 1.689 GVP3050 50Mhz w 4MB $ 2,399 MegaMidget Econ. 25.Mhz $ 499 MegaMidget Econ. 33Mhz S599 AdSpeed $ 219 IVS GrandSlam 'The Ultimate Multifunction Curd Asupcr Fast SCSI w full SCSI Share Network and Autoboot A Room for up to SMB of Fast RAM STM’s AprinterFace Parallel Printer Port (tree’s up parallel port) A Autoboot ROM’s, Tcutils, Mounting Brackets, all cables and a case for the A5Q0 version A 2000 - $ 235 Inlro Pricing A500 - $ 299 VXL30 25MHz $ 349 RAM board $ call A Upgradeable to 50MHz A Asynchronous 68030 design A Auto-config DMA Memory A Easilv software switchable lo your 68000 Call for memory and math ajprocexser deals! ? Floppies are a pain and you’ve had enough. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. We offer the best hard drives available with the controllers that make sense for your system. Your selection will arrive ready to run because we pre-test and format it. SCSI Hard Drives Maxtor 080MB LP S399 Maxtor 213MB HH $ 719 Quantum 052MB LP $ 269 Quantum 105MB LP $ 469 Quantum 210MB HH $ 769 Ricoh 050MB w case&carl $ 779 Seagate 048MB HH $ 249 Seagate 084MB HH $ 379 Syquest 044 MB Remvble $ 429 Syquest 044MB w case&cart $ 629 AT Hard Drives* Maxtor 080MB LP $ 339 Maxtor 213MB Mil $ 729 Quantum 052MB LP $ 299 Quantum 080MB HH $ 379 Quantum 210MB HH $ 799 Western Digital 040MB LP $ 239 ?Pair with GVP 50MHZ Acc. $ 2299 Ad IDE AT Controller $ 99 AdlDE 40kit (Prima) $ 139 SCSI Controllers Data flyer $ 85 GrandSlam $ 239 GVP Series 2 HC $ 159 GVP Series 2 HC8 $ 199 IVS Trunipcard S125 Malibu Stall Nexus $ 249 A500 Drive Packages GVP 40MB Fujitsu $ 569 GVP 52MB Quantum $ 599 GVP 80MB Maxtor $ 689 GVP 105MB Quantum $ 839 A500 SCSI Packages (add any SCSI hard drive) DataFlyer500 $ 159 IVSTrumpcard S189 I VS GrandSlam S319 Xetec Fasttrack $ 239 Bodega Bay Bodega Bay, Malibu SCSI and Quantum 52MB LP Call for ‘ Beat ihc Blues' Special Price SOFTWARE MEMORY Microsystems Summer Specials Unbelievable prices! Excellence S99 The Works Plat. $ 99 Online Platinum $ 39 Scribble Platinum $ 49 BBS-PC $ 49 Input Devices You can scan it in. Roll it in. Draw it in. Or push it in. If it sends the data to your Amiga we call it an input device. Don’t know what these products do? Call us. We'll be glad to explain. Cando Maxi Plan Plus Office PHASAR v4.0 Pelican Press Pen Pal Prof. Page v2.0 Proper Grammar Prowrite v3.0 SuperPtan Superbase V4.0 Wordperfect Anitrac Trackball AproDraw 12x12 Beetle Mouse Boing Optical Mouse G1 Hand Scanner Golden Image Mouse G! Optical Mouse Gravis Joystick M4 Mouse RocTec Mouse Sharp Color Scanners Sharp JX100 Scanner w Scanlab SketchMaster 12x12 The heavyweight champion among desktop publishing programs. Summer Blues Price ~ $ 179 aim!_um_zmb_mJi_smb G VP RAMS 2 n a S205 S309 S499 SupraS $ 105 S209 S299 S489 A 500 0MB_Zm_4ME_SMB Baseboard $ 109 $ 205 S299 n a Supra 500RX $ 139 $ 209 S389 S529 50!-style 5I2K RAM expansion as low as $ 49 A3000_4MB of Sialic Column 74Ps Si29 Microbotics 8-up! A2000 Memory Boards Populate your A2000 now with the lowest prices ever! 2 MB SI 79 4MB-S249 6MB-S319 8MB-S379 You realize that y ou cart really use more memory , but you're not sure of ? Y our options. When y ou call Briwall. We help you choose a memory board for your system. On many boards, we even install the chips and test the board to assure that everything works when you get it. Call for details. Call for other memory prices' ¦DRAM prices are subject to change Productivity Doctor Ami.. S24 $ 89 Janus V2.0 $ 27 $ 69 Lattice S AS C v5. L S199 SI69 Maverick V2.0 $ 2S S59 Power Windows 2.5 S55 $ 59 Project D 2.0 $ 36 $ 89 Quarterback v4.0 S43 $ 195 Quarterback Tools $ 53 $ 62 RX Tools $ 39 $ 99 WMS $ 32 SK9 Music Gold insider midi $ 59 Pagestream v2.1 5>Lr AudioMaster III S59 Utilities Bars & Pipes Pro $ 229 Ami...Alignment $ 25 DrTKCSV3.5 S249 AmiBack $ 49 Dr T Tiger Cub $ 59 ArexxV’1.0 $ 29 Deluxe Music S65 AC BASIC $ 129 ECE MIDI External S49 Blitz BASIC $ 79 Perfect Sound 3.0 $ 65 CrossDOS v4.0 $ 26 Phantom (SMPTE) $ 229 Diskmaster $ 33 Sound Master S129 Call for Entertainment software. Books and titles not listed! Even choosing the software you need is difficult these days. Memory requirements, and version changes can confuse ? Your purchase decision. We help you son out the issues, and can help you get your software installed w hen your order arrives. Just call ourTechline if you have any problems. Circle 7 on Reader Service card unnin i¦ ¦ i i i i i i i . . . Beat the Summer Blues with our Sizzling Summer Sale Da zling performance from your Amiga 1000 is available with any of these exciting expansion products. You can add memory, storage, speed, or all three. Installation isn't always easy but we're ready to help you get your purchase up and running. Just call ourTechLine. A1000 Starboard Owners Last chance for great prices on Starboard accessories! SCSI Module S65 Upper D«ck-S32 (sorry, no Starboard 2 s available) All A1000 owners CBM 1300 Genloacks for just S69 Add a clock with Mousetime for S27 Quantities itinned Atlspccd Fastrak SCSI + Case Insider II (OK) Insider 11 (1.5 MB) Keyboard Kwikstart A1000 MegaMidget Racer 25mhz MegaMidget Racer 33mhz. Mini megs 2 MB Rcjuvcnaior I OOOw Agnus You want your good ideas to look good on paper too. So you need a printer that shows them off. Bui print resolution, available printer drivers, and the software you’re using all affect which one is best for you. 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Panasonic 1410 camera w variablc iris lens, copystand and all cables Complete Package $ 379 A500 BigFoot I50w$ 92 AE Power Supply Kxhv $ X5 AmiTote 500 2000 S65 Extec Hard drive Case $ X5 ATOnce A500 S279 ATOnce w 2000 adapt. $ 349 Bodega Bay S399 Boniac Tower A2000 S269 CBM Speakers S39 CBM520Vid Adaptor S45 Copy Stand 564 Disks-quality 3.5" 25pk S19 Shuffle Board S29 lnkum HP500 color kit S34 Safeskins 519 Switchbox a b c d S29 ABYSS I lot strategy arcade game. Save the rubber bunnies from Harry Bow’s nasties!
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P. O. Box 129 58 Noble St. Our freight charges are fair! Kutztown, PA 19530 ----- Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store hours:Monday - Friday 9AM-8PM. Saturday 9AM-2PM From p. 16. Instead of the one typically used for computers. While this makes the Amiga a leader in desktop video, what’s good for video can really be hard on the eves. Because interlacing doubles the display’s vertical resolution, ii causes the image to vibrate, or flicker. Typically, you don’t notice this flicker on your
• J TV, because, unlike computer images, television pictures do not use a lot of thin lines and sharply contrasting colors. When you display this kind of image in the Amiga’s hi-res interlaced modes, however, the result is that all- too-familiar flicker. .Although home remedies like wearing cheap sunglasses or turning down the contrast on the monitor can help, the only real solution to flicker is a device that converts interlaced into noninterlaced signals in conjunction with a high-resolution monitor. The only such device previously available was the MicroWay flicker Fixer, an A2000-series-compatible plug-in board. Now, two more boards are ready to give MicroWay a run for its money; the A2320 Display Enhancer ($ 299) from Commodore for the A2000, and Flicker Free Video ($ 499.95) from ICD for any Amiga. The A2320 The Commodore A2320 is essentially J a stand-alone version of the display enhancer used in the A3000. Installation is relatively simple: You pop the case off your A2000, plug the board into the video slot, and put the case back on. The manual includes complete, step-by-step instructions, including excellent diagrams. Display Enhancers’ Features A2320 FFV flickerFixer Scan-doubles non-interlaced inodes? Yes No No PAL compatible? Yes Yes No ECS Productivity-mode compatible? Yes Yes No Clean edges? No Yes Yes Uses Video slot? Yes No Yes (1) Uses Denise socket? No Yes Yes (1) Bypass switch? Yes No No Genlock interference? Some No No (2) Notes
(1) Standard flickerFixer uses video slot. Optional Denise Extender Board (around S99) can be used instead to connect to Denise socket.
(2) Genlock compatibility requires either DEB or an optional compatibility board. Once installed, the card adds a 15- pin monitor jack to the back of your computer, along with a toggle switch that you can use to bypass the enhanced display. The manual states that the card must be hooked up to a multiscan monitor and not a VGA- only monitor, but either works well with the enhanced display enabled. The VGA-only display, however, won’t work properly when the bypass switch is turned on. Unless you need this bypass switch for some rather obscure superhi-res-mode operations (available under Workbench 2.0 with an ECS Denise chip), you probably will be content with a VGA-only monitor. (If you do decide to buy a multiscan monitor, make sure that its horizontal scan frequency covers the 15.75-31.5 Khz range. Many of the newer VGA multiscan monitors cover only the 30- 50 Khz range, which makes them no better for use with an A2320 than a VGA-only monitor that scans at a fixed horizontal rate of 31 Khz.) Once you install the board and attach the monitor, you need only adjust the fine-tuning control, using the tool provided. If you are using Workbench 2.0, you must boot from the A2320 test disk. You will immediately notice a difference in the display. For one thing, the black lines between the horizontal scan lines disappear. Even in noninterlaced mode, the pixels seem more square and distinct. In interlaced mode, the biggest change, of course, is no flicker. Another big difference is the screen’s black border. This is not only normal, but actually desirable, because the display quality of VGA-style monitors lessens considerably at the edges. IBM and Apple users are already used to the border, but it drives many Amiga owners to distraction. They find it especially irksome because it reveals some Denise chip quirks. With the standard A2000 Denise chip in use, the border’s right edge wavers slightly from line to line, creating a “zippered” effect. There is also a single wavering scan line at the top of the screen. Installing an ECS Denise chip eliminates the wavering line on the right, but not the one at the top. To get rid of the border (and both wavering lines), you must stretch the display to where it normally doesn’t (and shouldn’t) go. While most monitors provide a vertical-size adjustment for this purpose, very few provide horizontal-size adjustments that stretch the screen enough to get rid of side borders. If you really despise black borders, buy a Commodore 1950 monitor or one with a horizontal-size switch. The ragged-right display edge is visible because the A2320 displays in overscan only as far as the standard Denise chip allows. The bordered A2320 display makes it easier to take advantage of an overscan display by using either the public-domain program MoreRows or the built-in overscan support in WB 2.0. Keep in mind, however, that the larger the display area, the slower the CPU times become with a stock A2000. Another way to get a larger screen with the A2320 is to use the PAL format available with Workbench 2.0, although PAL's slower refresh rate generates some flicker of its own. Aside from some ragged edges, the A2320 generally works quite well. One test unit, however, exhibited a problem that affects many A2320 boards in current use. It displayed almost no difference in contrast between gray levels of 7 and 8. To test for this problem, run a paint pro- gram and set one color to all 7s and another to all 8s. Then draw a box with one color on a background of the other. If you can barely see the box, your A2320 has the wrong values for resistor packs rp301-rp303. Replace them with 33-ohm series resistors. (Editors note: This problem is covered under Commodore’s one-year warranty.) Flicker Free Video ICD’s deinterlacer board takes a somewhat different tack from either the A2320 or flicker Fixer. Flicker Free Video (FFV) plugs directly into the Denise socket. While this makes installation somewhat more difficult, it also makes FFV the more flexible board. It is the only deinterlacer board compatible with stock A500s or AlOOOs. In addition, because it does not use the video slot, you can use it with an internal genlock or Video Toaster (NewTek) right out of the box. You need to buy a Denise Extender Board (DEB) to use the flicker- Fixer with an internal genlock or the Toaster, and you have no options at all with the A2320. .Although FFV coexists with videoslot boards, check compatibility with other motherboard-resident products you own. For example, the current MegaChip A2000 board overlaps the space where you plug in the FFV board. Nor can you install FFV in an A500 with CSA’s MegaMidget Racer. In general, if you have any board that plugs into the 68000 socket or anywhere else on the motherboard, first check to see if both will fit. Installing FFV in an A2000 requires you to remove the cover and the power supply cage to reach the Denise chip. Then remove the chip from its socket, plug it into the FFV board, and plug the board into the chip socket on the motherboard. A500 installation is a bit simpler; you only have to remove the cover and shielding. The A1000 installation, however, is the most complex of all, as it requires clipping wires and soldering connections. If you don’t feel up to performing this surgery, you can have ICD do it for you for $ 40 plus shipping. Once it is installed, you plug in a ribbon cable that attaches to the 9-pin monitor jack. On the A2000, this jack mounts on a bracket. For A500s and AlOOOs, however, you must either let the cable dangle out of the back of the box or hack the case to create a suitable mounting receptacle. R|l«T’C MUSIC 100 Crescent Rd. 617-455-1454 voice A-rA A ® SOFTWARE Needham, MA 02194 617-455-1460 fax Like the A2320, FFV automatically adjusts when you switch to RAL mode. Unlike the A2320, however, FFV’s circuitry does not prevent motion blurring in noninterlaced display mode. Because FFV does not have a bypass switch, it can output video only at VGA scan rates. If you need to switch to Amiga scan rates (to see a superhi-res screen properly, for example), you must install a switchbox to toggle your multiscan monitor between the FFV 9- pin jack and the Amiga 23-pinjack. The original review sample worked ? FFV’s installation instructions are fairly thorough, but they need more diagrams of inside and outside views and a better look at the Denise chip’s orientation. Once installed, the FFV board needs no adjustment. .Although the display has the same black border around it as that of the A2320, there are no ragged edges. You can set FFV's jumpers to indicate whether you are using a standard or ECS Denise, allowing it to display clean edges on all sides, regardless of which Denise chip you use. Master Tracks Pro, Music-X, DMCS, and Soundscape owners. Your Upgrade has arrived! Just because the company that made your music software program has discontinued your program, stopped development, changed their focus, or maybe you just want more power, all is not lost. Dr.T’s, the largest and most reliable Amiga music software company, is offering an upgrade path for your older program to help you get back on the cutting edge. We'll help you make more music! If you're an owner of any one of the four programs listed above, we'll upgrade you to KCS V3.5 with Level II for $ 195 ($ 225 if you own DMCS). This is a $ 400 value! 3.5 gives you 48 track drum machine style loop recording; realtime graphic note, controller, and tempo editing; automated MIDI mixing; standard notation and printing; and algorithmic composition. Just send us your master program disk or front page of your manual, and a check for either $ 195 or $ 225. UPS ground shipping in Continental US is included. Credit cards orders add $ 4. Properly for only a few minutes at a time before the picture began to waver and finally break up completely. ICD technical support said that a faulty component from one of its suppliers caused the problem, and they arranged for an exchange. The new board worked flawlessly. Head to Head Because these boards are designed to convert video-compatible display into computer display, you cannot use them directly with video. These cards will interest only video users who want to clear up 3-D modeling displays or perform nonvideo tasks with the same machine. In these cases, genlock compatibility is a serious concern. While FFV can live with internal and external genlocks, the A2320 will not work with internal genlocks, and may not get along well with some external ones. According to the manual, the A2320 display is undisturbed by SuperGen genlocks, but this applies only to those manufactured within the ASI Antpex Systems, Inc. (Not affiliated with Ampex Corp.) 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NORCROSS, GA 30093 commodop* AMIGA. MEMORY CHIP 256K x 4 DIPP ...S6.95 1 mg x 4-80 (Static for A3000) .....S32.95 1 mg x 4-70 (Static for A3000) .....$ 39.95 NEW FATTER AGNUS .$ 109.95 Amiga Mouse ... $ 49.95 Mouse (lifetime warranty from manufacturer) ...569.95 Keyboard for A500 ... $ 110.00 Keyboard for A1000 .$ 130.00 Keyboard for A2Q00 .$ 120.00 Keyboard Adapter for CDTV $ 19.95 Power Supply A500 ..$ 109.95 Power Supply A2000 ..... $ 139.95 Power Supply A3000 $ 199.95 SUPRA 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG A2000. $ 210,00 1 2 MG w clock for A500 ..$ 69.00 50 MG Hardcard for A2000 $ 449.00 105 MG Hard Card for A2000 ...$ 699.00 GVP A3001 33 MHZ w 4 MG $ 1650.00 Amiga Vision .... $ 69.95 (Orders Only) (800) 962-4489 Fax (404) 263-7852 (Information & Prices) (404) 263-9190 Circle 96 on Reader Service card. Last year (serial numbers starting with a 3). Digital Creations will modify older SuperGens for a fee of about S45. The lesson is to make sure your genlock works with the A2320 before you buy it. While older models of the flicker Fixer require a genlock-compat- ibility option to function correctly when connected to genlocks, this feature will soon become standard equipment. The Denise Extender Board that frees up the video slot also provides genlock compatibility. Which display enhancer is the right one for you? The major variables are price, method of installation, and features. The A2320 is the least expensive board, but unless you use it with a monitor such as the Commodore 1950, be prepared to put up with a wavering border at the right and lop edges (and watch for the gray-level defect). Video users will probably want to pick one of the other boards. Micro Way's flickerFixer is a bit more expensive than the A2320, but is the only board that either installs in the video slot or plugs into the Denise socket. The only real drawback to the flickerFixer is that it will not properly display PAL or ECS productivity- mode screens. While Flicker Free Video is the most expensive board, it is the only one that is easy to install in A500 and A1000 models. If you need to keep the A2000 video slot free, you’ll find * that the Flicker Free Video board is less expensive than the flickerFixer DEB combination, and it provides full support for PAL and ECS productivity modes. Unlike the others, it needs no fine adjustment, though its display seems a bit less crisp. The Director Follow the script! By Steve Pietrowicz THE LONG-AWAITED Director upgrade has finally arrived, and it looks as though the Right Answers Group has done it again. The new and improved version of this amazing piece of software, The Director version 2 ($ 129.95; $ 70 upgrade) is not only chock-full of new features, but is also easier to use. For those unacquainted with The Director, it is a scripting language that you can use to create presenta- dons and stand-alone applications. It even controls animations. While the language itself is similar to BASIC, it is much more powerful. It provides built-in commands so that you don’t have to write code for the program to load pictures or sounds. In addition, The Director compiles scripts into “films" that you can view with its Projector utility. The projector program is freely distributable, so you can share your creations with anyone. Editors for All The original version of The Director came without an editor, so you had to make do with your own. When writing scripts, 1 found myself constantly flipping back and forth between my text editor and the script compiler. It was a bit awkward, even with a separate CLI window. Version 2’s new script editor, Dedit, changes all that. Now you can call up and run utilities and scripts from within the editor by using pull-down menus. When finished, you automatically return to Dedit. It’s a snap to use and eminently convenient. To illustrate Dedifs convenience, let’s say that you want to find a series J of pictures on your disk and build a short viewing script. In previous versions of The Director, you had to keep track of where your pictures were located before accessing an editor. With Dedit, all you have to do is 7 J select “View IFF" and then choose available pictures with a file requester. After selecting and displaying a picture, you return to Dedit, where the program displays at the bottom of the screen the picture size and the number of colors. In addition, The Director now puts the name of the picture last viewed into the paste buffer. From there, all you have to do List of Advertisers 17 1110 18 13 10 20
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ICD. Inc.. 31 Manta. 69 Memory World, 51 Memon World, 93 Montgomery Grant. 83-85 Moonlighter Software. 81 New Horizons Software. 9 NewTek, Inc., 1 New’lek, Inc., C.II NewTek. Inc.. CIV Power Computing, 41 Precision. Inc., 13 12 KGB Computer & Video. 16 13 Roger Coats, 73 44 Safe Harbor. 71 45 Sideline Software, 72 90 SMC Software Publishers, 95 88 Software Hut. 93 89 Software Hut. 95 47 Software Support Int l. 92
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Their correct phone number is 416 340-9290. Item: Also in the July issue, the price listed in the review of Terrain (p. 18) is incorrect. It actually is $ 49.95. AmigttWorhl is a publication of lntiTmitioii.il Data Group, the world's largest publisher of‘computer-related information. International Data Group publishes over 130 computer publications in 49 countries. ( her 25 million people read International Data Group’s publications each month. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form of manuscripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. AmiguWbrltl assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with eat li submission. Payment for the use of anv unsolicited material will be made upon publication. All contributions anil editorial correspondence (typed and double-spaced, please) should be directed in AmiguWbrltl Editorial, 80 Elm St.. hzterbomugli. NH 03458; telephone: 603-924-0100. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Olliccs, AmigaMbrhl, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NII 03138; telephone: 800-14 1-4403. Subscription problems or address changes: Call 1-800-325-01)43 (in t'.O, 1-303-447-9330) or write lo.lwigr - Wortd, Subscription Dept., PO Box 58801, Boulder. T'.O 80332-8801. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and vour cut rent address to: AmigaWorld. 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458, ATTN.: Margot E. Swanson. Customer Service Representative. The next Generation of Backup program Ami-Back isa comprehensive hard drive backup utility with a number of powerful features that make it the most professional program of its ttpe on the market. Eleganl user interface for easy operation. Allows multiple configurations for many of backup and reslore options. Backs up to floppies, hd floppies*, harddrives, and SCSI tape drives. Performs backups to a single AmigaDOS file or device. Performs complete, incremental (date or archive bit), and selective backups. Allows up to 100 file exclusion conditions during backup. Allows you to replace defective media without interrupting backups. Allows control of protections bits and file datesfamps during restores. Allows you to Write-Over. Skip-Over, or Rename files during restores. Can compare backed-up data to system data if data loss is suspected. User-configurable scheduler (no script files!) Allows unattended backups. Log file keeps track of background scheduler operations. Background backups may be performed manually. Support for registered users provided by phone, support BBS, Genie. Or BIX. Works with AmigaDOS 1.3 or greater (AmigaDOS 2 0-only version included). Performs complete or selective restores. Ami-Back is extremely fast.. ’ Commodore standard Applied Engineering's Ami-Back is not copy protected L HD floppy does NOT work with some versions r of Kickslart 2.0 at this time Don T wait until it's too fate... order your copy of Ami-Back today! Moonlighter Software Development, Inc. For a limited lime, send in your 3208-C E. Colonial Dr.. Ste. 204 _ previous backup program Orlando, Florida 32803 Joriginal disk and order Ami-Back Voice: 407-628-3005 L PfgwpHW at the special price of $ 49.95. Fax:407-282-3719 suggested list price: S79.95 AMI-BACK is a registered trademark of Moonlighter Software Development. Inc Amiga and AmigaDOS are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. is paste the buffer into the script where you want it, and you’re on your way. You can also access Dedit’s simple edidng features, such as cut and paste, search for text, and undo last command, through pull-down menus. If you are more advanced and prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, you can access most of these functions with a subset of commands based on the Unix editor “vi ” To Good Avail The Director version 2 includes three other utilities: Blit, Button, and Polygon, all of which you can access through menus in Dedit. All three utilities take some of the “dirty work” out of writing scripts. Version 2’s Blit utility is an improvement over its predecessor’s. It allows you to clip parts of one picture and place them into another. How the dips appear depends on what method you choose. You can make them appear suddenly, wipe onto the screen, or show up pixel by pixel in a way that’s similar to the transporter special effects on Star Trek. .After using the Blit Utility, all the commands you specified are put into Dedit’s paste buffer so you can insert them into your script. As the name implies, the Button utility lets you specify commands that create areas on screen that will perform certain tasks when activated. This is similar to the concept of “gadgets” in AmigaDOS. You can create buttons of any shape, size, or color, and then return to Dedit to assign them tasks. The polygon-creation utility is quite powerful. With it, you can scale objects and then rotate and move them, edit points, and change centers of origin. You can even automatically change one polygon into another by using an animation method called “morphing.” Perhaps the most useful function of this utility is that it allows you to employ a polygon as a motion path for other objects. If you want to make an object zig-zag across the screen, all you need to do is generate that pattern within the Polygon utility and save it. When you include it in your program and add a few extra commands, you can make an object follow each point on that polygon. It’s a very effective way to move objects on the screen. Conan the Librarian Enhancing its editing functions, Dedit lets you select libraries, or subroutines, that you can use to add new features to your scripts. These libraries include date-and-time and sine and cosine functions, special wipes, and functions to combine IFF pictures with ANIM files. You can even create your own libraries with help from the manual's guidelines. The Director’s already powerful scripting language has been expanded and improved. Now there are commands to control IFF sound more effectively, to play and manipulate SMUS files, and to control and play ANIM files. Those are just some of the many features included in the upgrade. Arexx programmers can also take advantage of The Director’s Arexx commands to hook up with other Arexx programs. The package comes with numerous examples on disk to get you started. Even the seven-section manual is substantially better than in the last release. It includes many examples and a special introductory tutorial. I just can’t say enough about The Director version 2. I am completely overwhelmed at the amount of new material in this upgrade, and I’m delighted at how much the Right .Answers Group has improved its product. If you’re thinking of doing any sort of presentation, you should seriously consider The Director version 2. CDX-650 Compact disc technology for the masses. By Lou Wallace THERE CAN NO longer be any doubt, CD-ROM technology is here to stay and with good reason. With their vast storage potential (over 600MB), compact ROM discs are the perfect medium for distributing large amounts of information. When compared to floppy or even hard-disk storage, CD-ROM is actually the most cost-effective storage medium available. With the advent of Cdx-650 drives from Xetec, Amiga owners need wait no longer for this technology. You can choose between the internal (CDx- 6501, $ 599) and the external (CDx- 650E, $ 699) versions. Because these units adhere to the industry-standard ISO-9660 format, they promise data compatibility with discs on other platforms, as well. Knee Bone Connected To the. .. The Cdx-650 drive connects to your Amiga via a SCSI interface. The easy- to-use installation software configures the drive for a variety of controllers, including those from Supra, GVP, IVS, ICD, CBM (including the A3000), Microbotics, Pre’spect, and, of course, Xetec. The installation software automatically adds a mountlist entry for you, which simplifies a somewhat technical installation procedure. For purposes of this review, I used the external CD-ROM on an A3000 with both the 1.3 and 2.0 operating systems and got good performance results in each case. When you buy a Cdx-650, Xetec throws in with each drive a free CD disc called Fish 8c More, a collection of public-domain software that includes the first 370 Fred Fish discs and a collection of other programs, graphics, animations, and utilities. Once you connect the drive, you can immediately begin accessing the huge volume (over 500MB) of information on the supplied disc. You can load many of these items directly from the
* j Workbench by clicking on their icons, while others require CLI access. While CD-ROM drives offer the benefit of large capacity, they have two drawbacks. One is the fact that they are read only, which means you cannot store or write information to the drive. Secondly, although they are much faster than floppy drives, they are slower than conventional Amiga hard-disk drives, so loading data from them takes longer. Typically, data transfer from the CD-ROM to the computer occurs at a rate of 170K per second. A positive aspect of the CD-ROM technology is price. .Although you might expect that a disc with the same capacity as 650 floppies would be costly, they are relatively inexpensive to produce. Consequently, in many cases, CD packages are no more expensive than the software would be on disk. For example, Xetec Continued on p. 86. OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL (718)692-1790 Order Hr*. Mon-Tlur*: 8 7 Frfc 9-6 CLOSED Sat OPHV Sum 9:30-fi(ET) FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA CALL t (800) 758-6505 NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS CUSTOMER TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AMIGA WORLD 8 91 RETAIL OUTLET: ST™0N,tftnni (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, 10001 Store Hr*. Mon-Tlwrs: 9-7 M MICLOSED Sat I OPStf Sum 9:30 6(EI) FDR CUSTOMER SERVICE & ORDER STATUS CALL (718)092-1148 CUSTOMER SERVICE HR8. Mon-Thurs: 9-5 Fri: 9-4 Sun: KHKET) New!! SERIES II ACCELERATORS GVP A-2000 COMBO 22MHU1MB (60030,68882, SCSI, 1 MB Expandable to 13MB) .CALL GVP A-2000 CQMBO 33MHZ. 4MB (68030,68882,SCSI, 4MB Expandable to 16MB) CALL SCSI HARD DRIVE PKGS. AVAJLABLE-CALL FOR LOW PRICES! Atonce PC AT Emulator $ 249 A-2000 ADAPTOR FOR Atonce IN STOCK!
* 159 *99 TRUMPCARD 500 PRO. $ 229 n* GRANDSLAM 500....S279 W A GRANDSLAM 2000..S229 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 42F ..4559 GVPA-500 HD 8+0 52Q ...$ 589 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 50M ..$ 659 GVP8 2 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-2000(2MB EXPANDABLE TO 6MB) 2MB $ 175 6MB $ 349 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 105Q $ 819 4MB ...$ 269 6MB ...$ 429 SEE OUR HARD DRIVE PRICING FOR GREAT PACKAGE DEALS1 GVP 3050 Kit (50 Mhz.) W 68030,4MB Expendable to 32MB, 68882 ... $ 2249 Same w Quantum 40MB ADD $ 280 Same w Quantum BOMB ..ADD $ 470 Same w Maxtor210MB ...ADD $ 950 RICOH 50MB Removable w Cart $ 759 AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000 HD AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2500 AMIGA 3000 COMMODORE 1084 RGB t COLOR * MONITOR COMMODORE % 1950 SCO MULTISCAN VV MONITOR AMIGA 3000 MODORE CDTV CALL IDEO inttmMl khmory forA-1000 OK txp. To 1.5MB Ht'Onbosrd Clock $ 629 $ 79 $ 235 $ 325 $ 105 $ 79 33MHz. I (A-500, A-2000) PRODUC! IONS KICKSTART I! Insial Kjcksiari 2.0 4 1 3 ROMS inyour A-1COC 4 switch w h« Kejtx»rd MEGACHIP 2000 Gtt 2MB of Chip Ram lot the A-2000 ash the A-3000 MEGACHIP 2000 & AMIGA 2000 SUPER AGNUS (Less 550 for tMB Fahw Agnus Chip) SECUREKEY Access socuity ccmiid (or the A-2000 4 A-3000 MULT!START II Switch be hi een Kjckiiarl 2.0 4 1.3 he keyboarfl A-soo 4 A-200Q DKR Software 512K- 1UR $ 719 15MR_
* 19.95 FOR OUR NEW! NEW TEK VIDEO TOASTBt BOX -ALL-IN-ONE VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM! CALL!! MEGAMIDGET RACER 25MHz. (A-500, A-2000) math co-processor & 32 bit memory boards available $ 489 $ 559 TURN PACE FOR MORE AMIGA VALUES!! AMIGA WORLD 091 DUFORMATKUvfnuiSA *| (800) 759~6565 AI ID CANADA CALL ivwu a UU UUVU OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL (718) 692-1790 Order Hrs. Ihon-Thurs: 9-7 Fri: 9 6 CLOSED Sat OPEN Sun: 9:30 6(ET) ppTAii i iti r-r. PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE i mi l iLtl. (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, 10001 Store Hre. Mon-Tfitir*: 9-7 Fri: 9-6 CLOSED Sat OPEN Sun: 9:30-6(ET) FAX 7186923372 TELEX 422132 MIGRANT 1 1. Supra ABIDE w SEAGATE 43MB 1.5" HARD DRIVE For A-SOO .$ 339 For A-2000 ...$ 31 9 SUPRA RAM 500 547 SUPRA RAM 500RX 1MB 2MB AD-SPEED ACCELERATOR FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS (14.3 Mhz.)
* 128 *189 SUPRA RAM 2000 OK--$ 105 FLICKER FREE VIDEO
* 279 ADIDE 40(3.5' KIT) .$ 89 ADIDE 44 (2.5* KIT) .$ 99 AD-RAM 2060 Memory Expansion for A-2000 .$ 115 AdSCSl 2000 .... $ 119 AdSCSl 2080 Expandable to 8MB ...$ 164 500XP HARD DRIVE KITS Expandable to 8MB 512K, 20MB...., .....$ 379 512K, 52MB ......$ 475 512K, BOMB ...$ 559 512K, 105MB .$ 655 2MB, 20MB .$ 459 2MB, 52MB .$ 499 2MB, 52MB, (1 Mbx4)....$ 555 2MB, BOMB .$ 639 2MB, 105MB ...$ 715 2MB, 105MB (!MBx4)...$ 725 N0VIA 20120MB Internal Drive for A-500 NOVIA 40i N0VIA 60i s479 ...$ 625 ICD AD-RAM 540 0K.._. ..$ 96 ICD AD-RAM 540 1MB.....
• INIIIIHIHIUm} 1 25 ICD AD-RAM 540 2MB..... $ 149 ICD AD-RAM 540 3MB.... ...... $ 179 fCD AD-RAM 5404MB..... .$ 209 ntewii PRIMA 521 ... ..$ 429 PRIMA 1051 . 2MB.-----------------.$ 169 4MB. $ 235 6MB .....$ 309 SMB-------------------------$ 369 SUPRA MODEMS 2400B External w ceble .$ 99 2400 ZJ Iniemal ....$ m 2400 MNP $ 145 2400 PLUS w MNPSV, 42 bis ......$ 165 2400 Zi PLUS $ 159 9600 PLUS ....$ 549 SUPRA WORDSYNC CONTROUER...,$ 99 SUPRA 3.5 EXTERNAL DRIVE $ 90 AMIGA 500 8 AMIGA 2000 COMPATIBLE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI CONTROLLERS Microsearch INCLUDES CABLES & 1 SOFTWARE I AdSCSl 2090 A-2000 (axp b 8MB) CALJF ACCESS MALIBU BOARD 2CD0 GVP Seri w II HC A-2000 GVP Series II HC&0 A-2000 RAPID ACCESS TURBO (A-2000) flip 10 elJB s229 I SUPRA WORDSYNC A-2000 TRUMP CARD BOCO Exp. To
* MB IffSs DATA FIVER ASCO RAPID ACCESS TURBO 500 (A-500) up. 10 BMB s269 TRUMP CARD A500 w XETEC Fast Irak A500 (exp. To 8MB) s219 SUPRA CHASSIS A-1000 DRIVE DRIVE PRICE S159 s109 s149 S195 $ 99 599 M35 S12S S159 52 9 9 SEAGATE ST-157N-1 (49M9.2&MS) s215 s369 s319 s349 s389 s439 s289 $ 299 s345 S319 s479 s365 s429 s515 SEAGATE ST.1GQ6N ISOMS 3 5*1 s325 s479 s429 s469 s509 SSS4 s409 5409 s459 s439 s589 s469 s539 s624 QUANTUM (52MB,Low Profile) s235 s395 5339 53 7S s415 s459 s329 s315 s379 s349 54 99 s379 5469 $ 529 QUANTUM (105MB, Low Profile) s379 5525 s475 s519 SS69
* 619 s479 s469 s509 s489 s639 sS29 S59S s669 QUANTUM (170MB) s6 T 9 5829 s715 s758 s805 s839 s709 s709 s739 s739 s879 s769 5835 s915 QUANTUM (210MB) s699 s859 s809 s829 s879 s939 s805 $ 809 5815 s849 s975 s839 : j s929
* 1009 CHROMAKEY Put Live Video in front of Computer .Graphics! S315 The Amiga Desktop Video Workbook $ 29.95 Material Texture Library, Volume 1.....$ 39.95 Color Splitter .....$ 109.00 Auto Link ..$ 44.95 MICRO R&D BASEBOARD EXPANSION MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-SOO (USES A-SOI EXPANSION SLOT) OK $ 99 SYSTEMS 512K .....$ 119 1MB .$ 135 2MB $ 175 3MB .$ 229 4MB ......$ 259 DATA FLYER HEAVY DUTY POWER SUPPLY FOR AMIGA 500
* 79 PRINT BUFFER $ 170 V Cuts Graphic Piinling Time By 70% * iv« rrvirchandlae mu»t htve prior return Author ration number or retume will not oe accepted. Boo ampuuiy « Certified ct iubmitting of defect iv* me dlecounted to 3% add 10% coeL We check Zri mnikhioSn o ihandll n q Orelem over $ 3000 are dlicounted to 2% shippings. Handling. Canadian order pfeaee call for snipping rates APO FPO order* piease ahioofnci 1 handl?na minimum $ 15. (Over $ i 200-8%, Over $ 3000-6%). All APO.FPO orders are shipped first claas priority air. Second dByi Next day Air available at extra check for credit cakJ thelL OCA e00233. A_mifla Is a reglAtered t rede mark oLCommodore Am.aa.inc, AMIGA WORLD 8 91 MEW ORIZONS rW- Pro Write 3 r "The tool Amiga 1 users are using or scriptwriting ' $ 22 50
* 5250 EC® SPACE QUEST T SPE3!BAU_ SPELLBOUND------- *23*0 SPOT ___$ 7410 51AR CONTROL. _...*30» STAR FLIGHT ___*34® STELLAR 7---$ 21* STREET TOO I $ 77,95 STRKE ACES___ *31 00 $ T7S» POKER 1-*24® SLPiR CAPS. -*14® SUPREMACY--- S31 S3 5WTY __*31» SWCflD OF ARACCN -334M SWOflD OF SCCEN *1*® TEENAGE AAJTANT MNJA TURTLES----*74® TEHMS CUP *24® TEST DRTYEII: THE t*J€l *33 U TETRIS - ------*70.® THEME PAW MYSTERY _J®*0 TrEAL BY FBE---$ 37® TIM4ELS Cf ARMEGHXICN---*2SS TURRCAN ..... *31-50 ULTMA IY $ 34 45 ULTMA Y $ 36 » UNTOUCHABLES---------*37® YACTE. $ 31 50 WAR N UOQLE EAPTH_J3llO WAR LORDS *24® WORD DREAMS C4» WELL IRIS- ---$ 72*0 WHERE NEJRCPC tl CAR1B4-. RXU1TE -------*33 » PRO MQTTCH -$ 54® PROVECIOfl __..*171.00 SCAIA-. ......*717.00 SCBtE GENERATOR $ 32.95 SCREEN UAXER E35IO SCULPT 30 XI. __$ 10950 LORO CF THE fCSKG SUN__ LOST PAT HOI___ »1 TANK PLATOCW----$ 36 ® MACK J BASKET BALI__,$ 31 M MAMAC UAM30N---$ 17.50 MARsa MADNESS___$ 14® MEAN STREETS-*31® MEDIEVAL WARRIORS-*29® MEGA TRAVELLER I__$ 34® uc a__$ 44.* MCNTY PYTHON'S CIRCUS.$ 29.® MOONS'HL RACERS__$ 31® MUSCLE CARS----$ 14®
N. V. WARRIORS *31® KTRO ___$ 26.® NOULNGAS AJMflinON--136® Oflinjl-------------$ 33® STEALTH__S3B.K WOLF $ 14® __$ 41® PRO-
* 9495 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.0 ..$ 169 GOLD DISK OFF1CE.....S159 HYPERBOOK ...$ 69 PAGESETTER II ...... 69 TRANSWRITE ...539 PRO DRAW 2.0 $ 119 m .131.95 GFIOIRCH *RTH JMJO DATA D6K-H4JC GUNBOAT___$ 30 J€
- C195 QUHSHP-----O*-®
- *4® .$ 31.®
- *3t.® .JJl® WHERE 14 THE USA IS CAR6B4--- WHERE N THE WORLD IS CAW®* DCELi-ENCE FLOW _ $ 54® MAX3PLAA PLUS- *7® MC BO LAWYER ......*J7*5 PAGESETTER L___$ MDO PAGES TREAU 11___11(4® PaiCAH PHE9B.. _*»» . *34.00 W*C$ CF FURY___$ 25*0 WOLF PACK-----$ 33® WORLD CLASS SOCCER,-$ 24*0 WRATH CF THE DEMON.-*?.® „R6 15
- ,*77.® tmo DUCK TALES QUEST. DL*Xa» MASTER I aVIFUL ___ *H.W 044 RE--------------*30.® EYE Of THE 9B«U)ER_*47OT AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES PROCRf JCTV6 P6RIPH6RF1L &VOFTUIF1R6 FUCKER FIXER DEB-2000 $ 99 FUCKER FIXER GENLOCK OPTION $ 49 HAME ......$ 295 HAM E PLUS ...$ 379 LIVE! A-2000 ...$ 279 PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA ...$ 179 SHARP JX-100 Color scanner w Software & Caoles $ 645 SHARP JX 300 ...$ 1799 STEREO SPEAKERS ..$ 32 SYQUEST 44MB Removable w Carlndge ....$ 489 COLOR SPUTTER $ 105 DAKOTA SKETCHMASTER 12x12 .....$ 369 DAKOTA SKETCHMASTER 12x18 .....$ 569 FUCKER FIXER ..$ 239 FLICKERFIXER (PAL) ......$ 269 A-2000 POWER SUPPLY ......$ 145 AMIGA 1000 Memory, Pans & Accessories AVAILABLE AMIGA 1000 RF Adaptor ...$ 29 AMIGA3000 32 Bit Memory ....AVAILABLE AMIGA 1.3 ROM (8850) ...$ 39 AMIGA 1MB Falter Agnus Chip (8372A) .....$ 93 AMIGA Replacement Parts Available A-MAXEmulaiorli $ 129 APPLIED ENGINEERING 1,52MB High Density Drive ... Si 99 BOMAC Tower (A-2000) $ 239 CHINON INTERNAL DRIVE for A-2000....S79 COLORBURST .$ 469 r |KI»J ( rl VOTTVP 4 * ¦ GENLOCKS MINIGEN . .$ 184 MINIGEN PAL $ 229 SUPERGEN $ 599 SUPER GEN 2000S ... ......$ 1339 VIDTECH VIDEOMASTER $ 1049 VIDTECH SCANLOCK .CALL FRAMEGRABBER 5 419 NEW 68040 3000 EXCELLERATOR BOARD $ 1495 NEW 68040 2000 EXCELLERATOR BOARD (Exp. To 32MB RAM) $ 1695 FRAMEGRABBER 256 $ 499 FRAMEGRABBER PAL ...$ 619 MINIGEN ...$ 184 MINIGEN PAL ......$ 229 QiCTAPE Eternal Tape $ 499 VIDEO $ 11?Q BLENDER VIDEO PACKAGE PANASONIC PV-1410 VIDEO CAMERA COMPLETE w l5mm. LENS COPYSTAND w llGHTS DIGIVIEW GOLD 4 0 W FIXED LENS .$ 309 w VARlABLE LENS .339 GOLDEN IMAGE GOLDEN IMAGE AMIGA 500 100072000 Compaiib'e Replacement Mouse ..$ 35 GOLDEN IMAGE Optical Mouse ...$ 49 MASTER 3A-1 DISK DRIVE ...$ 79 GOLDEN IMAGE Hndscanner .....$ 239 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION KIT
• GOLDENIMAGE 512K w LOCK CALENDAR XETEC CQX-650E $ 649 s119 EeffiQl rnniim oc ni *369 SUPERGEN._.$ 599 SUPERGEN 2000S $ 1339 KITCHEN SYNC .....CALL CORDLESS TRACKBALL & MOUSE EXTERNAL RAM for A-500 .CALL ASDG HEWLETT PACKARD HP DESKJET 500 $ 499.95 HP LASERJET IIP w Toner .$ 899.95 HP LASERJET IIIP w Toner ....$ 1099 COMMODORE PRINTER CANON BUBBLEJET BJ-300 $ 599 BUBBLEJET BJ-330 $ 689 PANASONIC KXP1180 .$ 159.95 KXP-1191 .$ 234.95 KXP1123 .$ 234.95 KXP-11241 ......$ 299.95 KXP-1624 . $ 369.95 spec ls NX-1001 ..$ 155.95 NX-1020 R ......$ 195 95 NX-2420 .$ 275 95 NX-2420 R ......$ 289.95 CITIZEN GSX-140 ......$ 284 GSX 145 (Wide Carriage) $ 374 200 GX ..$ 159 COLOR OPTION KITS CALL MONITORS NEC MULTISYNC HID ..$ 599 NEC MULTISYNC IIIDS $ 669 SEIKO 1440 .$ 529 SEIK01445 .$ 599 SEIK01450 ...3669 SONY1304 ..$ 699 ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL $ 129 Image Processing'; Common Ground!! EPSON ES-300 C DRIVER FORADPRO Indudes Stand alone scan-to disk driver and ADRo module. No special board needed!
* 129 Epson ES-300 C Full Page Color Scanner w ADPro Driver & Cables .....$ 1699 From p. 82. Sells another CD-ROM disc (Fish & More, Volume II), containing Fred Fish disks 371 through 470, for S49.95. This price is much less than it would cost in floppy-disk form. Bonus Points If you were limited to using Xetec's CD-ROM drive exclusively for running the Fish collection, you might not get too excited unless you are a users-group librarian, a BBS operator, or an avid PD software collector. What generates a little excitement is that the Cdx-650 runs some CDTV titles right out of the box! Obviously, I wasn't able to test all the CDTV discs available, but many I did try worked (although some would run only under the YVB 1.3). These included The Case of the Cautious Condor (Tiger Media). World Vista (Applied Optical Media), .American Heritage Dictionary (Xiphias), The Time Table of Science Sc Invention (Xiphias), and even Commodore’s official CDTV Welcome Disc. Xetec claims that several other titles will run, including Time Table of Business, Politics and Media and The Electronic Cookbook (both from Xiphias), and Merit Software’s All Dogs Go To Heaven and Classic Board Games. CDTV compatibility means this drive has several interesting things going for it. For one, if you already have an Amiga equipped with a SCSI controller, it’s a bit cheaper than a stand-alone CDTV. Second, you can use the mouse and kevboard instead i of the CDTV controller, which makes running the programs much easier. In many instances where your Amiga is using a 68020 or 68030 accelerator, the software runs faster and better than on a stock CDTV, which uses the A500’s 68000 processor. You can use Xetec’s CD-ROM drive to play standard audio Cds, but you must connect it to a stereo (using the rear audio connector) or a pair of headphones (front audio connector). In order to play audio Cds, you need to run the supplied utility program called CD Remote, which looks and acts like a standard CD audio panel. When playing music, the CD-ROM works in the background while the Amiga (and you) can do other useful things. Unlike CDTV, however, the Xetec drive does not support CD + G, so you cannot access the graphics found on some audio Cds. After using the Xetec drive for several weeks, I found it to he a useful addition to my Amiga hardware repertoire. The Fish 8c More collection alone is worth the price of the drive. Being able to take advantage of at least sonic CDTV applications is a bonus, and it means there will he a steady stream of software compatible with the drive. .All in all, I was very impressed, and 1 recommend it to those wanting a CD-ROM for their .Amiga system. Pro Video Post You can’t tie your horse to it, but it gets the job done. By Gene Brawn BEHIND THE FANCY effects, quick cutting, and talking heads that make up modern television, an unassuming workhorse quietly ties it all together. The electronic character generator, or CG, is the keystone of television production. From the early days of the Vidifont to today’s Chyron, these little * keyboards were nothing more than a sophisticated (and expensive) personal computer. It was only a matter of time before something off the shelf (and cheaper) could do the job. That cheaper something was the Amiga, and the first software to do the job was Pro Video CGI. This seminal software put the low- end video jockey in the driver’s seat. Anyone with CG experience could uncrate his new Amiga, fire up Pro Video, and in no time create text screens rivaling those of their Chy- ron-blessed competitors. The honeymoon was short-lived, however, because users soon wanted new-fangled Digital Video Effects (DVEs). Shereff Systems, developer of Pro Video CGI, took the hint, so now here we are again, a few years and a couple of upgrades later. Pro Video Post (PVP), with a list price of $ 349,95, does DVEs. While Pro Video Post multitasks, the software I tested (v6.01.90) requires 880K of chip RAM, which ef- fectivelv takes over the machine. According to Shereff Systems, PVP requires a minimum of 1MB of chip RAM and 2MB of fast RAM. If you have a hard drive, you will want to install the program there, but heaven help the novice who tries. .Although the manual provides adequate directions, you must add some ASSIGN statements to your startup sequence to tell the program where things are. This is too involved for the typical video-production person; Shereff should have included a point-and- click install program to handle this chore. Family Resemblance In operation. Pro Video Post is essentially unchanged from previous versions. PVP still saves project details such as page formatting, transitions, and timing as “jobs," and ties sequencing to “banks" of 100 pages each. Edit and Page modes remain too, with formatting and transition changes made in the former, and sequencing initiated in the latter. Similar to its elder brethren, Pro Video Post sports a keyboard-only interface (although a mouse click controls page sequencing). Screen resolution is Amiga-standard hi-res overscan (720 x 480) for pictures and custom backgrounds, with a “safe area” of 640 x 400 for text. Proprietary fonts follow suit from earlier versions (i.e., Pro Video Post does not support standard Amiga-bitmapped typefaces). The package includes 16 fonts in four generic styles: a plain Sans Serif, a traditional Roman, a blocky Modern, and an angular Clean. Although the assortment of fonts is varied, I would prefer at least twice as many styles. In fact, I would like to see a tool to convert Amiga fonts to PVP fonts. You can combine any size, style, or color of type, with solid or drop shadows, and outlined in any palette color. You can underline and italicize* but not make bold, entire lines of text. You can also tighten up the letter spacing on a line with the kerning feature. In addition, PVP provides two- or four-color multicolored text, and you can fill it in with any of 14 supplied patterns. Some Bells, One Or Two Whistles I really liked Pro Video Post’s new digital effects, although the 82 combinations of wipes, flips, peels, spins, and zooms do not bring anything new to the genre. There are no "live” DVEs; PVP must render each effect before displaying it, effectively relegating DVEs to the post-production process (hence the program’s title). Although you cannot save effects to disk, rendering times are blissfully short if you use an accelerated machine. (I used a Mega-Midget Racer from CSA, and I strongly recommend an accelerator if time is important to you.) Most transitions execute smoothly, but a few line effects did "jiggle” the top of the page. Creating DVEs with this software is a real experience. Every action in the creation process occasions either a tone or voice signal. This is great for casual users, but could annoy anyone who would rather not wait for the voice to finish its spiel before continuing. If I could only understand what it was saying. .. You will need a good genlock to convert PVP’s RGB output to NTSC or PAL video formats. This version supports both Digital Creation’s SuperGen and the Magni genlocks with built-in keyboard commands. Unfortunately, you can only invoke genlock functions manually. A GPI (General Purpose Interface) trigger, however, permits your studio’s edit controller to regulate PVP’s page sequencing. Initially, 1 had hopeci to use PVP’s timed page-sequencing feature to augment my Video Toaster’s CG software, but this proved impossible. The Toaster’s Genlock mode worked fine until I tried one of PVP’s line-based video effects. Mv video then lost sync j » until I reset it. Backgrounds and Pictures You can use your own hi-res IFF ILBM pictures as backgrounds, provided that they are four bit planes or fewer and no larger than 708x484 1 use Pro Video Post’s digital effects to manipulate screens, and it does quite well. The only drawback is that you can’t incorporate external fonts, and the program doesn’t give you a big selection. REVIEWS Harold Beauchamp Bay City, Michigan pixels. Otherwise, the package provides alternative background options such as the Quick Background with checkerboard, line and oblique patterns, and a line background mode for more localized effects. Although PVP does not accommodate the ANIM format, you can employ color cycling to achieve a kind of "pseudo-animation” of both background pictures and text. 1 found the picture manipulation tool splendid for resizing, squashing, or stretching an IFF image in order to make room for text. Modifying a palette, however, is a real chore. First, you must be able to think in terms of RGB color as opposed to the more intuitive HSV (Hue Saturation Value), and then use the 1 and D keys to increase or decrease each red, green, or blue value. Fortunately, the menu displays each color as you change it. I would prefer an Amiga-style requester with sliders. My biggest gripe, though, is with the interface it could be so much better. There are too many commands and keystrokes to remember, even with the help of a handy printed template. More efficient would be a combination of keystrokes for the most frequently used functions, balanced with a selection of menus for the more esoteric commands. Another problem is jumpy menus that become tiring to look at during a long session at the keyboard. In addition, because PVP’s keystroke buffer is so large, you cannot hold down a key for any length of time. (If you do, you will overshoot for sure, since the system can't keep up.) Overall, however and in spite of these problems with the interface ! Found Pro Video Post to be a solid program that did what it promised. Harmoni If you hum a few bars. . . By Steve Quinzi TO THOSE OF you still mulling over which sequencer to buy, we have another horse in the running. Harmoni (S99.95), a new program from The Disk Company, is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, pattern-oriented sequencer. Harmoni records music in sections (sequences) that you chain together in order to form songs. It is totally al- pha-numericallv based, with no graphics display of any kind. Thanks to extensive implementation of keyboard shortcuts and innovative use of the mouse, Harmoni’s general operation is most efficient. Like the SoundQuest’s programs, Harmoni employs the click-ancl-drag method of changing clata values (upward to increase, downward to decrease). While 1 like this method a lot, it would be better if fields with wide numerical ranges could be scaled differently than those with smaller ranges. Changing a value from 127 to 1, for example, entails lifting the mouse from the pad several times. Two-Part Harmoni Harmoni is neatly divided into two sections: the Sequence mode ancl the Song mode. The Sequence mode is where you actually record your tracks (up to 24 per sequence). The majority of the Sequence mode screen is filled with the track window, which displays each track’s number and name, device (module that plays this part), MIDI channel, and start and end times. Here you will find a field called History that keeps track of editing done to each track. For example, if a track has been quantized, a "Q” will appear in that track’s historv field. You will also find fields to transpose, mute, or solo a track in Sequence mode. At the lower-right corner of the screen is the transport control box. The first thing you may notice is that there is no record or play button on the box. Instead, between the fast-fbr- warcl and rewind buttons is a Run ? Button. To record a track, click on Run and start playing Harmoni is always recording. If you want to hear what you’ve just recorded, select the track number and then click the Keep button. If you just hit Run again, the track that you just recorded will be overwritten. Punch-in recording operates in much the same way as Run. To punch into a track, first set the in and out registers, click Punch, and then follow the same procedure. This took some getting used to. It works fine, but I can see no advantage to this system over the more traditional record play design. The rest of the transport control box is pretty straightforward. A Count-in button defaults to a four- beat count and toggles a one-measure count before the sequence starts to run; a Loop button will run the sequence in a continuous loop; and a counter tells you the position in the sequence. You can move through the sequence with either the fast-forward and rewind buttons, or with the scroll bar across the top. To the left of the counter is a small button you use to switch between internal, external (Harmoni sends and receives MIDI song pointer) and “key" sync. Key sync simply makes the sequencer wait for a MIDI key stroke to start. The last function on the transport control box, the Metronome, is located to the left. You can toggle it by clicking on its button with the left mouse button. Clicking it with the right mouse button opens a window of Metronome options. At the lower- left corner of the screen are four auto-locate registers (A, B, C, &: I)) that you can set and recall with either the mouse or the function keys. There are two more registers that do not show up on screen; you can only access them from the function keys. The punch-in out fields also double as auto-locate registers and provide the program with a total often auto- locate points. Harmoni allows you to customize your recording setup by saving some of the more common settings as environments. Clicking on the Environment button opens a window that, among other things, allows you to map each sound source to a specific MIDI channel. Then, you can click on any track's device field and drag up or down to scroll through any devices you have on line. Other environment options include the ability to turn off the safety nets (the requesters that ask “Are you sure?" Every time you clo a potentially destructive operation) and to choose whether or not to have an undo buffer. If you wish, you can tailor environments for different situations and save them for later use. Edit the Track, Jack Within the Sequence-mode screen, there are two menus of edit functions. Track menu selections act upon the entire track as opposed to the selections from the Region menu, which act only upon specified sections of the track (the punch-in out registers do triple duty here by setting the beginning and end of the region to be edited). The buttons arranged along the right side of the screen offer other edit options. There is quite a bit of redundancy here, but it in no way detracts from the program, although the space could have been devoted to some different features. In summary, the editing capabilities let you copy, append, and merge tracks. If the tracks were set to different MIDI channels before you merged them, you can later reverse the process. Harmoni provides two duration options: You can set all notes within a track or range to a selected value, and you can erase all notes shorter than a specified value. The velocity editing is versatile. You can increase or decrease by percentage or by a given amount, set all values equal, or create crescendos and decrescendos by scaling the velocity levels to change over a given area. In contrast, the quantization is not so versatile. You have two choices on or oil. There is no quantization by percentage or sensitivity. T here are three special effects features that come with Harmoni. The Arpeggiator produces each tone in a chord in succession rather than simultaneously; Invert Pitch inverts a track’s pitches against a center point; and Reverse Direction plays tracks backwards. The Cut, Copy, and Paste commands are located in the Region menu. For copying and pasting within a sequence, they do not act globally, but affect only one track at a time. I find it particularily annoying that the Paste command is the insert type without an option for "paste over." If you need to copy a “chunk" of music to a different location, you have to use the Copy-by-Region command from the Sequence menu. This copies all of the tracks within a selected range to a different sequence. The Sequence menu also includes commands to copy tracks to different sequences either individually or in groups, and an Adjust-Length command to elongate or shorten a sequence. What a Drag! To access the Event Editor, first select a track, then dick on a control button located to the right of the screen. .An Event-list window opens, displaying all of the data on that particular track alphanuinerically. You can easily change any value pertaining to note- ons, pitches, durations, or velocity by grabbing and dragging. You can add or delete individual events while you can cut, copy, and paste ranges of events. While there is a merge paste option called ripple, there is still no destructive paste. .After recording a few sequences (up to 54), it’s time to go to Song mode to piece a song. Click on the song sequence switch at the upper-right corner of the screen, and you will see a sequence list with 54 locations. Click on any location and drag to scroll through the recorded sequences. When you find the sequence you want, release the mouse button, and move on to the next. Each location has a field that you can set to transpose a field or repeat a sequence up to eight times. Harmoni’s Insert and Delete commands come in pretty handy here. The Song mode both loads and saves your tunes. You can load more than one song at a time, provided the total number of sequences does not exceed 52. Just click on a location and load the one you want. Though Harmoni saves songs in its own format, it saves individual sequences in either IFF-SMUS or Standard-MIDI File Type 1 format. Harmoni supports a file type called System Exclusive. To do this, you send a bulk dump from any MIDI device (which does not require a handshake) to Harmoni and save it as a sys ex file. Though it lacks the sophistication of some of the other Amiga sequencers in its class, Harmoni certainly presents an alternative. Its no-frills, pattern-oriented sequencing makes it a viable contender in the entry-level arena. The program is capable, fun to use, and the well-written manual makes Harmoni very easy to learn. ¦ The Software Shop, Inc. Orders Only Call 1-800-752-0050 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD & VISA. Amiga 1000 $ 259.00 "Give us the chance to meet or beat any advertised price." Amiga 2000 Hdrives Quantum 52LPS Quantum 105LPS Quantum 105MEG Quantum 205MEG Syquest W CART. AMIGA 2000 Memory Expansion Accelerator. GVP Combo 22mhz w lMB ..$ 889 2MG 4MG 6MG 8MG Harddrive Prices S289 $ 469 S399 S749 S569 8 UP A2000 S179 S249 $ 319 S379 GVP3033 33mhz w 4MB-------.51689 rzuptrwrt srwniiT £2399 GVP A2000-HC 0SRS II S429 S599 5559 S919 $ 739 ADD SCSI 2080 $ 249 S299 $ 419 $ 499 V r JUJU . Si II t u IV WffJTlJL* .-¦¦** * * Mcg&Midgel Racer 25mhz,------------$ 499 GVP A2QOO-HC8 OSRS 11 $ 479 $ 649 $ 609 $ 979 S783 ADRAM A2080 $ 169 S225 $ 299 $ 399 McgaMidget Racer 33mhz .S599 Hardframe 2000 $ 439 S599 $ 559 $ 919 S729 GVP A20Q0-HC8SRSII $ 299 $ 389 S489 5579 AdSpeed ----------------------------------------S229 Memory Chips Supra Wordsync $ 389 $ 599 $ 499 $ 929 S682 RAM WORKS 2000 5189 $ 239 S309 S349 AddSCSI 2080- 8+0 $ 449 $ 669 $ 569 $ 989 $ 748 SUPRARAM A2000 $ 189 $ 239 $ 299 $ 289 256K Each ...$ 2.50 A500 SCSI Hdrives Q52LPS Q105LPS A500 IDE Internal Harddrives Amiga 500 Memory IMG 2MG 3MG 4MG 256x4 fcacn------------------------ lxl Each ..$ 6 GVP A500 HD8 0 SRS 11 $ 669 $ 859 Teac 40 MG Q52LPSA Q105LPSA Base Board 5145 $ 179 $ 225 $ 279 1x4 Zip Each----- -------------------$ 33 1 vfl Qim MnH £49 Supra 500XP-512K $ 579 $ 799 $ 329 $ 399 $ 599 AdRAM 540 $ 145 $ 179 $ 225 $ 279
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P.O. BOX 22 WORCESTER, MA 01614 PRICES TERMS. AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. POLICIES: 1-We accept Vis and Mastercard 2-Minimum Shipping $ 6.00 3-COD charges $ 5.50 4-Hardware Shipping 5%. 6-International Shipping 15% 7-APO A FPO 10% 3-2nd. Day air Available 9-Next day air Available 10-Retums are subject to 15% restocking fee. 11 -Product must haveRMA to be returned. CALL FOR ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE. $ 5.95 ea 1-9 Disks $ 4.95* ea 10-24Disks $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks
* Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source. WB genera! Interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentary volume with your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks! Rztiilur-id DisJs WBSSabc; The Complete Bible - A three disk set, with the entire text of the New Testament and Old Testament. Great search utilities. New Disks FD57: Arcade Games Includes 2 true commercial quality games. MegaBall ts the successor to Ball: features 5 full musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attach is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds--each distinctly different, FD58: GAMES! Includes Steinschiag: a great Tetris clone from Germany with music. Scombat: simulate battle between up to 40 players & monsters Imperium Romanum: Battle up to 4 players for control of the Mediterranean in this Risk-esque game. FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon Ml is an almost exact clone ol the commercial game of the sane name...a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists of words & automatically generate crossword puzzles for any Epson compatable printer. WB92: Animation Utilities Includes CyroUtils: utilities for splitting, combining, and creating animations from IFF picture files. Also includes two animations to view or manipulate DD79abcd; Amiga C Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language. Amiga orientated set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples of every topic on Amiga programming. Four disk set, counls as three. Other Great Disks! FD5: Tactical Games • BullRun - a Civil war battle game. Metro - you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very very habit forming. FD6: GAMES! * This disk is chock full of games including: Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk. RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar • Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: PACMAN * This disk contains several pacman type qames including: PacMan87, MszMan and Zonix FD9: Moria •. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack Play time several weeks' FD10: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic. This is the second release of this game on the Amiga. Great Amiga graphic interface. Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty-One.VideoPoker and more. FD12A+D12B: Star Trek, The Game ¦ This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1 Mb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes. Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball - an arkanoid breakout type game. Tnx • a Qix type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel ol Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - MechForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can t begin to give you the feel ot piloting a 3C • 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games • Marble„slide, this is a truly commercial quality game. Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams, excellent playability and entertainment. Mutants . A small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakoul a pong arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses, MiniBlast a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as froger, and Sbreakout the original WmB breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you're the pilot of a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiller - try and penetrate enemy lines with tnrs game, and Retaliator - another grea: game. FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control • a good ATC simulation game. Black Jack Lab ¦ a full featured set ol card games. ChessTel * play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an mfocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32:Flight Simulalor - Includes an instrument fliaht simulator foraQCiO. FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a mano brothers type of game, Gerbils a target practice game. PipeLine a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Tran a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD34: Games - Includes WellTrix a derivative ol the addictive game of tetris, and new version of BackGam-non. Also included are several new "Schwabie type Hacks". FD35 Omega (v 1.3) • A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks or months. FD37a & b:Tactical Games - Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended. With a full-featured graphic front end. FD38:Games - Cnbbage Master - A great cribbage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz * a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. FD39a & brTobias Star Trek - This is a new, completely different version of Star Trek than that found on Fdt2, This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions. Very Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 512k memory, a 500, 2000 or Pai. FD40:Arcade - MiddleEasf - a timely arcade game of death and destruction set in Iraq. BackToTheFulureli - a very playable demo version ol this soon to be released commercial game. City • a missile command clone. FD41:Games - Includes Capital Gains ¦ a stock market game. Ball a Arknoids type oJ clone with many great twists, and Desert Shield - a search and destroy conquer theme. FD42:Games - includes SpaceWar3 - a remake of this original Amiga classic, Trippin - a fascinating board game of intrigue, strategy, and player manipulation. Dominion - an engrossing strategy game of galact c war and conquest, Frog - a frogger type clone, and Mines - a very good strategy board game, FD44: Game - Mechfight is an out of this world role-playing adventure comparable to hack and moria. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new amiga 9000. Most of all, don't forget to stay alive.,, FD47: Arcade Games - Contains DownHill - a demanding computer slalom ski game. MicroPac - a Workbench mini-pacman game. CrackOut - a break out clone, Jet • a superb aerial dogfight game. AmegaRace - an interesting asteroids type of game, and WmdyDay • a unique arcade shoot'em up. FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD5D: Submarine Game - Sealance. One and a half years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended FD52: Classics Games - PetersGuest a well done Mario brothers type of game, Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade - On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII flying ace arcade game, and Psycobfast new creation idea game. FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar, HueyRaid a well done helicopter arcade game, and PowerPong a great expanded pong game. WB2: General Interest - contains. Galaxy a program that represents the collision of two galaxies. Larn - an adventure action game similar in concept to rogue or hack, but with a much different feel. Try it. You’ll like it1, StarChart - a program that lets you display and identify about 600 stars, galaxies and nebulae visible in the Northern hemisphere. WB4:Telecommumnication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to aet you on line quickly and easily, Access (1.42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm v1.34, but with the addition of transfer protocols, Comm (1.34) - Last version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 10CL102 220 WB5 - Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PageStream lonts.and ShowFont * a font display program. WB6: Video Fonts 2 - ShowFont(4.0) This program allows you to auickfy and painlessly view all 255 characters in a typical font. Large AmrgaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded with black and white clip art. Art includes, trees, watches, tools, US and State maps and more. WB9:lcons - Truly a multitude of various types and kinds. Also includes IconMrester. IconLab. And others great utilities to help generate icons. WblO;Virus Killers - The latest and best VirusX(4.0). Kv(2.1). and ZeroVirus(1 3). WB11: Business - Clerk(4.0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end of month and much much more. WB12: Disk Utilities • This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing, and ail sorts of file manipulation. Areal must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don’t do it. Wtth PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB14: Video- on this disk are several utilities for the video enthusiast We have included multiple slates, video titling. Bars and Tone, Gray Scale, Screen fades and swipes Interlace toggles, and SMPTE Calculators .Also on this disk is a full featured video cataloging program. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a proiectiime management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a rolodex program, and pennywise a good "Cash Book" accounting for home or office. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors. Includes,TextPlus (v2.2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(v1.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. WB20: General Interest • DiskSalv V1.42 a disk recovery program for all Amiga file systems, FixDisk V1.Q another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have, 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench, Clean V1.01 a program to de-fragment memory. Tracer - trace any part of an image. WB22: Fonts 3 • Several more great fonts. These, like the other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting • Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined function. BezSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP . WB24:Animation and Paint - On this disk, DA a complete commercial quality cell orientated animation package Movie an "ANIM" player tor standard animation. OuickFltx an IFF slide show and cell animation program. Also on this disk are two PD paint programs of good quality. WB25:Educational - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and floppy disk backups, FileMast - a binary rile editor, Labelprinter - Disk label printer with very powerful features. WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ol beautiful women. WB29: Graphics and Sound - This cisk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning grapnics Includes. MandeiMountains - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF's including Dynanrc HAM, and Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anytnmg Try this disk, you'll love it! WB33:Circiiit Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast, Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool, LogicLab • circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26} a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics, WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge of a CLI or Shell for setup, Chatter Box - this one will play any user defined sound after any event (ie disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...), . Artm * The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerful program, Helper - help prog'am to make learning the CLI easier, and more! WB35: 3d Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modelmg raytracmg prog'ams 3dFonts - Full vector font set for use with 3d programs. FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3DShape • create 3d shapes from any image, DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d * a demo program of a front end tor use with DKB Render, WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images, Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose, WB36 cont SimGen - display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade - a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. Wb37: Educational • Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics * Plotxy is the most powerful full leatured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library1 Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured Tesselator ¦ a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures. WB39: Music - Intuitracker is a German offering ol an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. Lets you strip out music from your favorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40t Music - "CD on a disk". 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. WB41; Music * MED an incredibly well done, lull featured music editor. Create your own slunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. WB43:Business • This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Requires 1.2 MB ol memory1 WB46:Clip Art - HighRes clip art with Ihe following motifs - embellishments (borders, dodads people, and transportation. WB48: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with the following motifs - Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49abc:Animation Sampler ¦ On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some ol the best animations that have been created over the last three years. Several examples of "Movie" type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (coolroby, watch, spigot and egg). Also several european style or ’’Demo" animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (aknhght, copersme. Doc. Dp52010. Impact, and logodemo) These truly show oft the creative edge of an Amiga! Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ???? , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain_ WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or "Demos", including - scientific 451, subway (a
U. S. entrant, also our favorite), sunride, thrstdemo, might, waves, and woow. WB51: Animation- On this disk are two excellent movie style animations including ShipRotalion - a futuristic space ship orbiting a surrealistic world (one of the best), and RV-3 - a dpaintlll amm ot a rather wacked out airplane. WB53:Graphics- The disk contains C-light - The easiest to use raytracing we have seen to date. This one started out life as a full featured commercial product similar to Sculpt3d. Raytracing programs can generate stunning, realistically shaded objects. Also. Smovie - a full featured video text titler similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Titler. Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54:Printing - This disk contains several routines to help with the chore ol printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PrintSludio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Application * Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks. RoadRoute • find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary * a ciary program like "Dougy Howard M.D*. Cal * a calendar program, Magman * a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publicat ons. WB57:Anlmation - This disk has several "Demo" style animations, Including. Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB59:Business - contains a great, very full featured stock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an aopointment calendar, and more. ] Payment Enclosed ] Please charge my ] Visa j Master charge WB61 intermediate Utilities - Includes programs to help to drasticaiy decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or ocilloscope. And more WB62:Midi Utilities - Several useful midi utilities including programs to transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with bmebase, display midi info, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63:Disk Utilities 3 - S everal highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your ha'd drive, performing file backups, Binary eciting, fast formatting, file recovery,"disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks. WB66:Jcons 2- Lois ol neat icons. Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modily and manipulate icons and inlo structures. WB68:Music Utilities - several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes, Noiselracker - a great music creation program. Scmx2MOD - converts sonix to .mod files which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtraker, and DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A17, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! 800 879-0759 Support 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 MED, SpeakerSim • a speaker design tool demo, Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga. WB70:Desk Top Pub - Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts, Mac or IBM format .AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage .metric files. With this program open door to the libraries ol Adobe and PostScript type!. Calendar - month templates in PS form. Post - a 'ull leatured post script file display and print utility. WB71 :C64 Emulation - The A64 Package is a complete, very powerful. Commodore 64 emulator. WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files (.Inst) and sample sound files ( ss) tor your music programs. WB76: AppJications - This disk contains Stichery - a often requested knitting design program. Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS - this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today * a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB78: AV - On this disk are two Amiga Vision programs (bubbler, sync) written by Lou Wallace, chief technical editor of Amiga World. These programs are marvelous examples of how loo's with AV. WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from Ihe keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Woridtime - lind oul what time it is m up“:o 50 global cities, WB8Q:Graphics - Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images often consisting ol highly polished spheres and objects. 3-D Master is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen lo date, This is easily better, and more lull featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database program. Don't let the ease of use fool you, this is a very full featured database program including full printer control lor address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes. TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer, Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. WB82:Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations. Including, Coyole, Jugglerll, GhoslPool, and Mechanix. Two disk sel, counts as one! WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga qenerated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 years. WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs for manipulaling 24 Bil color images (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff Image processing package. WB86: Amiga Vision - Contains the Centurion Press. An Amiga newspaper by Lou Wallace WBS0: Rippers, Strippers and Beats - For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your favorite games and programs. Music can then be played with your favorite Pd Music program. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk can require moderate knowledge of the CLI. DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS • This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples. PopCLI4 - The latest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal. Includes. A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub-sei compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1.01) fully K&R, zcc(l.O) front end, A68k( 1.2) assembler. Blink linker. DD50: Arexx 2 a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2.3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression • This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file compression programs and aids lor Ihe Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc(2.3), Please send me the following: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3) Account _ Signature Name Address. City. ST. Zip. Phone ( SONY Blank Disks DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 (.89 cents ea) 25 for $ 18.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.00 (.68 cents ea) Mo sloping charge cn USA D'ank cisk orders. Canada and Me* co acd S.l 5 each. Other foreign add S 50 ea. Lharc(1.0). LhwarpO.03), Pkax(1.0), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, Zip(l.O), Warp(2.04), and Zoo(2.0). Also (FFcrunch an excellent compression tor IFF files DD55: ARP - On this disk you will lind the complete ArpRel3.0 release including the full user docs, the full Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release
1. 3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - like Cross-dos. Copies files lo and from MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC • convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full leatured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers, and Xscheme • an interpreted object oriented language, DD64 Amiga Programmers Manual - The fully comprehensive Amiga programming manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials! DD65 C Tutorials - Several well done tutorials on how to program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers, IFF reads and writes, Sound implementation, Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering, and others. A must have for Amiga Programmers. DD66 Programming ToolBox * Many programs to help in your development eflorts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible sphtemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers1 DD69:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga's and share resources, MemMomtor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - pul menus on your workbench screen, and more DD71 :C compiler - This disk contains Dice, Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. DD72;VT Emulators - Contains three powerful, full featured vt emulators, with many advanced features including kermit. Xmodem and tektronix protocols. VaxTerm, VLT, and more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN77 environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler. DD78: Menus & System Enhancements - Several neat programs to aid in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adding WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations. Guarantee We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Total disks x $ _each $ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ . Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ [ CA residents add 7.00% sales tax $ Foreign Shipping $ Handling $ 2.00 Total Due $ _ Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add S.25 each, Foreign add S.50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on credit card orders. Exp. LET'S FACE IT-MAIL ORDER HOUSES ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! CONVENIENCE-FAST SERVICE-RELIABILITY-SUPPORT AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA ABACUS Amiga DOS Toolbox AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA INNOVATRONICS Can Do Power Windows v2.S INN0 VISION B oadcast T'tler v2 KARA GRAPHICS Anirnforts I. II cr III Headlines I Headfcn s ii SubHeads KARMASOFT Power Pmbaii K0EI Bandit Kings China Genghis Khar Noburagas Amtnton ftomanc* o! The 3 Kingdoms K0NAMI Back to the Future ll Biades ot Steel Castievana Double Dibble Super Cortra Teenage Mutant Turtles Theme Park Mystery LAKE FOREST LOGIC Disk Mechanic Macro Paint LATTICE Lattice C Development Comp Lattice C Pius Pus Lame* Ted Ut*Des LIVE STUDIOS Futrut* Cmssic Collections Thunder strike LUCASFILMS Batikrnjwks Irdy Jones Crusade Arcade indy Jones C’usade Graphics Irdy Graphics Hints loom Loom Hints Maniac Mansion I Maniac I Hints Nighi Shift Secret 01 Monkey Island The>r Fines! Hour Zak McKracken MAGIC BYTES Domination MANX A tec C Developer Artec C Professional Artec C SL Debugger mastertronics Cue Conflid MonopO'y Risk Scrabble Doubt* Dragon II Mag it Johnson Basketban Magic MVP BaskefDan NY Warriors 0»enord R«:k DaviS Soccer Shark Attack Golf Spirit o! Encaiitxjr Sport ot Kings Super Oft Road 2 War In Middle Earth MEDIAGENIC Beyond Dark Caste Gnostousters II Rampage MICRODEAL Devpac v2 Htscrtl Bast Pro MICR0ILLUSJ0NS Biac* Jack Academy Faerytae Anverture Mus * Jr Photon Paint v2 MICR0LEAUGE wwr Wrestling MICROMASTER
F. irrvly Tree v2 MO0PR0SE 3D Poor Amairng Sprderman Elite EUTO Hint Book by Leroy Land Sea A An Pro Soccer MegatMvriiet Midwinter M' Platoon Pro Soccer Red Sto*m Rising Si lent Service Sluni Trjck Racer Universal Military Sim 11 Weird Dreams MICRO STYLE StfTWd 24 60 90 AS -8 S o s o £ Ci £ CD £ 5 £ o £ o £ Q £ O TO 24 f 6 26 '6 14 25 19 25 24 24 24 22 16 21 3i 30 30 27 36 13 27 15 31 to 30 27 3- 33 36 16 17 18 31 27 25 37 15 30 30 30 16 15 16 16 25 25 39 24 24 54 24 20 IB 10 IB IB IB 19 24 15 60 27 42 iS 30 24 180 2i 30 24 30 30 30 30 14 24 24 24 25 24 30 23 15 15 24 33 43 o s q 2 q 2 O 2 g 2 O 2 t q 2 o a £ £ a £ O £ o £ o O g 2 o AssemPrc BecKerTen DataReweive TertPto ABACUS BOOKS 3D Graphics Ftog In BASIC AmigjDOS Cxick flelerence Best of Amiga Tncks A T ips C lor Beginners * C for Advanced Programmers Desktop Video Book Amga Beginners Book Amiga Primers In Out Book Amiga Base In Out Book - Amiga Prmlers In. Oul Book Graphics In Out Boon - Prog Guide Bock - Adv Prog Guide Book • Drives In'Out Book * AmigaDOS In Oul Book ¦ Making Music Book s Dsk 25 • Comparer Disk Avail ACADEMY SOFTWARE Typing Tutor ACCESS Crime Wave Heavy Metai Mean Streets . ACCOLADE Bar Games Elvira Elvira Hints Fasi Break . Fourth A Inches Goto ol the AfteCs Graphcs Studo Hardball II Heat Wave Hovprtoce isrwJo Jack Neklaus UrJirrxted J Nokiaus Course 1. 2 cr 3 J Ncfciaus Course 4 or 5 Grand Pnn Crcurt Gunboat Mean 18 Rotor Search tor the King Shoo! Em Up Construction Star Control Strike Aces Test Dtive II California Challenge European Challenge Super Cars Muscle Cars VaikM: World Class Soccer ACT10NWARE Actionw.ne Pliasar Gun Creature Prison A WOC Phasar V4 0 ARTWORX Bridge 6 0 Centerfold Squares Link word French Lmkword German Linkwo'd Greek Lirkword Haliar Link word Spanish Pu«k* Mania Slnp Poker'II S Poker Data 1 3 ea ASOG Cygnus Ed Pro BETHESDA SOFTWARE Damoces Dragon s Latr II . Gndiron Wayne Gretzky Hockey Hockey League Srm BLUE RIBBON BAKERY
B. irs S Pipes BRUANNICA Archapekgos Dcsrgnasaurjs Jigsaw BROOERBUND Carmen USA Carmen Europe Carmen Time Carmen Wor d Omni pa | Hprseracing Prince of Pc-SO Katies Farm McGee McGee Jt tfv Fun Fa r POOnary Srm Crty Sim City Graphics 1 Or 2 Sim City Planners Book S«m Terrain Editor Wings cf Fi*> Wed pack Sim City Pocuius Bur-d c BYTE BY BYTE. Scuipi 4D Jr ¦05 CADVIST0N INT. Xcad Oes ner II 90 xcad Pro'essonai 300 CAPC0H Stndet M 37 CENTAUR BAD 30 DUDE 30 My F’aint 30 World Atlas 36 CENTRAL COAST Disk 2 Disk 30 Dos 2 Dos 33 Quarterback 42 Quarterback Tools 54 C1NEMAWARE Arcade Fewer 26 Brain Blaster 26 Dragoniord 32 Federation 3? 11 Came From the Desert 32 Lords of The Rising Sun 32 TV Sports Fcotbal 32 W*ngs 32 COMMODORE Amiga Logo . . 66 Arrng3wision 95 COMPUTE! BOOKS AnvgaDOS Reference Gu«3e te Begmners Guide Amiga Amga Programmers Gu«do 16 16 inside Amiga Graphics 16 Elementary Amiga Basic 13 Advanced Amiga Basic 16 ML Programming Guide 16 Kids & toe Armga 13 Amiga Applications 16 :st Or 2nd Bock of Amiga to C0NSULTR0N Cross Dos v4 24 DATA EAST Batman-Arcade or Move 27 Chamber o! So-Muiams 30 Drakkhen 36 Drakkhen Hints 13 Full Metal Pare: 30 Monday Nignt Footba 36 Platoon 15 North A South 27 Robocop II 28 DAVIDSON Mato Blaster Pius 30 DESIGNING MINDS Byte A Back 42 Crossword Constructor 24 Great States II 24 Home Froni 60 Middle Easl World Tour 25 Top Form 54 DKSfTEK Dinowars 24 Hoe >ft One Miniature Go’ 24 Ho e m One Data *3 15 Targhan 24 DISCOVERY Hytwis 13 DISNEY Anamation Studc
• 08 Duck Tales 27 DR. T SOFTWARE Copyist DTP 195 KGS Level II v3 5 240 Tigor Cub 60 EAGLE TREE Butcher 24 DiStart Arm.es 27 ELAN DESIGNS Elan Pertormer 90 ELECTRONIC ARTS 68B Attack Sub 32 683 Attack Sub Hints t? Altered Beast 32 Aquanaut 26 Bards Tale i or II 16 Baras Tale III 33 Bards f or 3 Hrrs 10 BAT 32 Block Out 26 Blue Man 33 Breach II 33 Budokan 26 Centurian 33 Chessmaster 2100 32 Chuck Yeagef AFT 11 27 Crackdown 18 Cnbbdge King Gm King 26 Das Bool 33 Delure Paint-Ill 95 Delure Music Construction 63 Dekire Pnnt II 51 Ddure Video ill Photo Lab 95 Empire 32 F-16 Combat Pile! 15 F-29 Retaliator 32 ELECTRONIC ARTS F A 18 Interceptor 15 Flood 26 Golden Axe 58 Harpoon 33 Harpoon Bawesei 2 or 3 2i Harpoon Sceneno Editor 27 Hound of the Shadow 16 Hunt For Red Oct 20 Immortal 32 Imporium 26 Indi.trtapO'is 500 32 Lost Patrol 32 King s Bounty 33 Magic Fly 26 Mavii Beacon Typing 32 Might 6 Mage II 38 Might J Mag II Hints 13 Nightbreed 26 Nighl Hunter 23 Nuclear War 32 PGA Tour Got* 33 Pick N Pile 27 Popu us 32 Powe'drome 16 Powermonger 32 Prpjacryle 26 Pro Tenms Tour I 26 Pro Tennis Tour II 33 Putty s Saga 23 Rhyming Notebook 26 Ski or Die 33 Startkgm 32 Starlight Hints T 3 Street Rad I 18 Street Rod II 27 Turbo Outrun 32 Unreal 32 Untouchables 26 Zany Golt ' 5 ELECTRONIC ZOO Bet in tgae 24 Back Gokj 24 Khaiaar 25 Legend of Faerghaii 24 Legend of Wiliam Tea 24 Spheric af 17 Tennis Cup 24 Treasure Trap 24 Viking Child 24 XiphOS 24 ETHOS Cas*no Fever 24 Poker Soil tare 2t FREE SPIRIT Am>kii Drive A ign 30 Barney Bear-Camping ?i Barney Bear-Farm 21 Barney Bear Schoo 21 Bamey Bear Space 2t Oragcmscape 10 Doctor Arm 30 Ftl Dungeon Master I o II 24 Dungeon Master I Hints 12 Dungeon Master II Hints 13 GAMESTAR Championship BASICerba 13 GOLD DISK CommSerter 50 ComicSerter An Super heroes 21 ConncSetter Art Science Fic 21 CormcSetter Art Funny Figures 21 Desktop Budget 42 Gold Spell-11 27 LaserScrtpt 27 McmeSeiier 42 TheOPice 1B0 Pages* tier 11 7B Professional Draw 120 Professional Page v2 240 IMPULSE Imagine 210 Turbo Sriver 6’ IHF0C0M Arthur Ouesl For EitcaKxjr 20 Batieiecn 20 Journey 20 Leather Goddess 13 Music Studio 13 Shogun 15 INNERPRtSE Apprentice 20 Bathe Squadron 24 James Bond ¦ Stealth 30 Lost Dutchman s M.re 30 Globulus 20 Persian Gu!1 Interno 24 Piauge 24 Sword 0‘ Sodon Tumcan 24 Turrican II 31 INTERPLAY Bame Chess 30 Checkmate 33 Dragon Wars 30 Dragon Wars Hints 13 Future Wars 30 Necromancer 27 Neuromancer Hints 13 90 Analyze 60 54 Excellence 120 ScnDbie' Platinum 49 190 The Works ¦ Platinum MINDSCAPE 178 30 Arcade Megabits v2 32 48 Balance ot Power 1990 32 42 11 Captive 29 42 The Colony 32 Harley Davidson 32 24 Loop? NATURAL GRAPHICS 33 36 ¦50 Scene Gene'a tar 30 JO 36 NEW HORIZONS 42 Prcwnte 3 I 105 QudKWnte 45 25 NEWTEK 15 Dig-Paint 3 60 15 15 15 D givtcw Goki 138 OMNITREND 27 Paladin 24 31 Paiadm Quest Disk t 18 54 ORIGIN Autoduei 24 84 Moetxus 33 Ogre 20 215 Omega 30 250 Ou«i lor Clues 2 or 3 25 16 Times O* Lore 24 Ut'ma-lll 27 30 Urtirn,* IV 39 24 Ulimu V 37 WindWillker 24 20 OXXI 18 20 13 38 A-Tak 111 60 Audwmasfer II 60 Fast EdOe s Pool 22 12 SoectraCoicr 61 16 TutooTert 61 12 Video Sc ape 3D 120 26 Videotiller 96 39 38 f6 PARSEC SOFTWARE Operation Somance PEUCAN SOFTWARE 30 21 Pelican Press 61 P0URWARE 180 120 All Dogs Coloring At the Zoo 20 24 60 Classic Board Games 20 Dinosaurs Are Forever 24 24 Medieval Warners 31 Moorbase 3i f6 Numbers Court 24 31 Opposites A nr act 24 24 Operation Combat 30 24
* 11 Sesame Shoe; Color Deux* 25 .• 4 30 PRECISION 16 Superbase Pe onal-li 90 30 Superbase Pro v3 2:0 31 Superbase Pro v*4 325 30 Superplar 90 24 PROGRESSIVE 31 16 24 30 3D Professional 300 Animation Sta'ion 60 Baud Bandit 30 Diskmasipr yt 4 30 15 DH Term Pro 60 Dunlap umiies 48 24 ¦ r Intro CAD 48 ¦ j Inlra CAD PUS 90 PIX Mate 42 bO Ultra Design 240 96 PSYGN0SIS 13 Anarchy 24 Armour Geddon 31 30 Cvto Awesome 36 W (VI Baa 21 yQ Stood Money 24 24 Captain Fiji 18 Carthage 27 Cnionoqunst II 30 48 Irteslalxxi 24 Killing Game Snow 27 21 lemmmgs 31 Matrn Marauders 24 21 " 4 Nrtro 27 Oblus 36 t 36 27 Shadow of She Beast I 24 Shadow ot ihe Beast It 36 Spe ibound 24 J 1 24 Stryx 21 36 READYS0FT 27 A Mjr II 150 33 64 Enulator lllbOO 2000! 48 !5 Dragons t an 38 24 Dragons Lan Time Warp 36 37 Space Ace 36 13 Wrath ol the Demon SHEREFF SYSTEMS 30 30 Pro Video Gold 150 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA MICRO SYSTEMS AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA SIERRA A-10 Tank Killer 30 Black CaoWron 24 Codoname Iceman 36 Cocename Iceman Hints 10 Colonel s Bequest 36 Conquest Of CameJct 36 God Rush 24 Hero s Quest 36 Hoyles Bookol Games 1 or? 21 Kings Quest 4 36 Leisure Larry 2 Or 3 36 Man hunter N*w York 30 Manhunlcr San Francisco 30 Aared Up Motner Goose 20 PoAce Quest 2 or 3 36 Quest for Gtory II 37 Stenar 7 23 SOFT BYTE L0110 Program 24 SOFTLOGIK Page Stream v2 1 ISO QwTk'ofms 25 SOFTWARE VISIONS M*crcfche Filer Plus 60 SOFTWOOD Electronic Thcsauraus 30 Pen Pal 90 Proper Grammar 61 SPECTRUM H0L0BYTE Faces-Tetns III 24 Falcon 30 Falcon Missions I t? Facon Missions II 20 Soiitare Royal* 21 Tetris I 2T Welltns-Telns II 21 STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS Bo;k Rogers 32 Chamoons of Krynn 32 Curse of the Azure Bonds 32 Azure Bends Hints 13 Dragon Strike 32 Dungeon Mas! Ass! Vi 13 Eye o' Beholder 39 Beholder Hnis 13 Hi I star 15 hi. S*3' Hint Book e Pool oi Radiance 32 Pool Hints 13 Renegade Legion 39 Second Front 3? Storm Across Europe 38 Sword of Aragon 32 Typhoon of Steer 38 Wargame Construction Set 26 STRATEGIC STUDIES GOKJ O* toe Americas 13 Wano«ds 30 SUBLOGIC Flight Simulator'll 30 SceneDisk 7 9 or 11 20 Scenery Disk Hawaiian 20 Scene Disk W Europe or Japan 20 .*! 30 SUNR12E (NO. Pe-riKI Sound 68 SYBEX BOOKS Amiga Programmer s Guide 19 Amiga Handbook Vor 1 or 2 19 TAIT0 Amiga Action Pack 20 1TTUS Wild Streets 27 TONY SEVERA Bard Tale 1 Hmt 0 sk 15 Kings Quest 3 Hmt Disk 15 Leisure Larry I H»m Disk 16 Snaoowgate Hmt Dsk 16 Space Quest l H Hmt Disk 15 2ak McKracken Hmt DiSk 15 UNISON WORLD Printmaster Pius 24 Art Gallery 1 A 2 Combo 24 Art Gallery 3 20 Fonts A Borders 21 VEGA TECHNOLOGIES Armkit Am«ja 24 VIRTUAL REALITY Distant Suns 42 Vista 37 VrSla PfO 90 Vista Data • Calif 1 48 Vista Data Canyon Set i 49 Vista Data Canyon Sel 2 49 Vista Data Mars 48 Vista Data West US 49 V>sta Dafa Wyoming 49 WILLIAM S. HAWES AREXX 30 WSHELL 30 WORDPERFECT C0RP WordPerfect '65 WordPerfect Library 78 WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR COMPUTER ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOG AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA_ AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA If You Prefer, You May Mail Your Order To: Software Support International 2700 NE Andresen Road, Suite A-10, Vancouver, WA 98661 SOFTWARE v - v: AMIGA COMMODORE AND IBM Pleasu call or wnte lor our FREE CATALOG Overseas customers please remit 3 00 U S Funds to help deFiay shipping costs We Accept VISA, M C, & Discover TOLL FREE LINE FOR USA & CANADA 800-356*1179 Monday ¦ Friday 6AM 5PM Pacilic Time NEW. Saturday 7AM 3PM Pael-C Time INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 206-695-1393 Same Hour* As Above NOW ACCEPTING FAX ORDERS 206-6950059 24-Hours A Day' TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE 206-695-9648 Monday - Friday SAM 5PM Pacific Time METHODS OF PAYMENTS - We acctto' money -rd*r> cert.ivM checks V.sa MC and Discover Previous customers may also pay by COD or persona check All mows MUST be DJ-d in US turds SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES - USA 48 States! F PO. APO US P«*SS_ swns Please ,«10 S-1 00 per order US shipping is usually by UPS ground h asl bl b 2nd Day An is avai able I US 40 States on y i by adding S3 00 pet pound Ust ib I and «1 CO per add tonal pound ieach software item averages i 'b) Alaska & Hawa-i Shcpmg is usually by UPS 2nd Day Air P easeaddSS 50pe-nrde- Canada Sortwam 55 00 for toe first piece & St.00 ‘or each addthonal c>ece 0 snpmer! Canadian Hardware OterwiigM orders S Fcregri Countries 5AH vanes per (xcer pease cat or wnte Circle 47 on Reader Service card. COD CHARGES- - COD available to previous customers oni, m
* ¦ 50 US states Please add 53 75 m .iddi'.or to your S Ah charges OTHER POLICIES ¦ Washington Stale residents musl add 7 6*vto their order tor state sales tai Detective items are replaced at no charge but must be returned to us postpaid wiihm 30 days of invoice date Ail in stock orders are processed wiihm 24 hours US (48 State! $ ortware orders over 5i00 will be shipped 2nd Day At a: no additional charge above toe normal S4 00 SAH ‘ce All prices, policies and specrhcabons are subject to change without notice At sales are hrai un-ess authorized by management rw% v w ww t 1 The Last Word Kudos, complaints, com ments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Unix Is Good, But Hail, AmigaDOS! Robert Freeman argues (“Repartee," May *91) that the only reasonable J ' J choice in operating systems for the Amiga is Unix. While the arrival of one ol the most complete implementations of Unix SVR4 makes possible a new professional market for the Amiga, I hope it will never replace AmigaDOS, which is one of the cleanest and most efficient multitasking operating systems in the industry. In addition to the professional look and feel of 2.0, Commodore now also provides high-quality networking solutions for communicating with a wide variety of platforms. Unix for the Amiga deserves coverage, for it has become the most popular operating system in the industry. But Unix is a difficult system to learn, and it requires copious amounts of hard drive and memory. Hopefully, people will always examine new and exciting technology rather than simply accepting the “standard.” The Amiga offers the best of both worlds. Chris P. Demiris Suit Like City, I Hah Prince of Computers In Persia I am proud owner of an Amiga 500 since 1987,..and now waiting eagerly for a Video Toaster. Von may not believe, but here in Iran, Amiga is the favorite computer. Hardware and software support for this computer are very low here, but people love to work with it. And now many use it seriously 4 i for applications like video productions and advertising. Recently, most of the TV ads have been made by Amiga. Also, I have seen other situations in which Amigas play important roles and duties: for example, in industrial areas like Polyacryl Corp. factory in Iran, and in hotels that use Amiga for their reception and other applications. Here some people are working on programming Amiga for serious word processing in Persian language (Farsi), which is written from right to left, and now there are a few packages available. Shame on me which I have written this letter by typewriter instead of my Amiga. Sony, my Amiga is very busy; my kids are playing “Prince of Persia” on iL just now! Reza Molavi Iran Toaster’s Amiga Cover-Up At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention, I saw NewTek demonstrating the Video Toaster to a crowd of amazed onlookers, claiming “lie seemed almost paranoid Lhat I might spill the beans.. . And 1 did!” that a complete system including the Ibaster, a “cpu,” and all the software needed to set up and use the “All-in-one Studio in a Box” could be purchased directly from NewTek...and for only $ 3995. A careful examination of the press kit failed to find the word “Amiga” anywhere. In fact, NewTek went so far as to cover up the .Amiga logo with a label reading “Video Toaster." Pretending to be a common Amiga- illiterate broadcaster, I went up to a NewTek representative and inquired about the mysterious “cpu.” He told me that it was NewTek’s custom computer. Designed for use with the Video Toaster. (It’s actually a stock A2000 with a GVP 4-meg memory card and a hard drive.) Well, when 1 revealed that I was a loyal AMIGAid, the rep’s tone quickly changed. He seemed almost paranoid that 1 might spill the beans to the rest of the convention attendees. And spill the beans I did! The beans in question include the fact that loaster- Paint will not run effectively with their proposed 5-meg system, not to mention that LightWave 3D needs at least an ‘030 and a 08882 a far cry Irom the stock 08000. I demanded to know how they could deceive people by offering a “complete package” that will not do what they claim it will. The representatives reply was “Well, most of the people who are gonna buy the Ibaster probably aren’t gonna use those programs.” Justin Gunn Beverly Hills, Calif. Editor's note: Front speaking in fit NewTek officials, I gathered that creating a new identity for the Toaster was the only way to get access to Mac and PC-oriented distribution channels. If this, and Commodore's CDTV result in more sales of A migas, then I'm all for it. Doug Barney Hey, Jesse! How ’Bout Givin’ AW a Medal? 1 want to talk about censorship. In the ad on page 00 of your June issue, AmigaWorld censored the top half of a woman's body. I'm not saying this ad is in good taste, but I've also seen it an nature! In video-game magazines (lead mostly by males under 20). I find it foolish oi Amiga World not also to censor the ad on the opposite page with the woman waving her panties. Why not? Carlos Camacho Norwich, Conn. Send your letters to: The Last Word, AmigaWorld Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity, fl The InfoMarket I nio Market AMIGAWORLD's InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as
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(800) 323-6511 (813)977-3940 (813)977-6511 FREE SHIPPING! Circle 97 On Reader Service Card. Authorized Amiga Service Center IF YOU WANT 2.0: Latest release date for 2.0 operating system Es July 1.1991. If you are on our list, we win be calling you with fun details. It not, please g'rve lb a call so that wb may give you full details and put you on our preorder Itsl. This will assure that you win be one of the first in the country to receive this upgrade. 1 3 ROM Chip .* 29.00 A500 Keyboard S 99.00 0520 CIA Chip .16.50 A2000 Power Supply 139.00 Fatter Agnus Chip 1MB.....90.00 A500 Repl DRIVE w sft-.~-94.9S A50C Replace Drive 119.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB ...95.00 GVP 40 Meg Agnus Extractor by Com ...16.95 Impact Plus 599.00 Denise Chip .35.00 All RAM Chips in Stock ......Call Quantum 105S H.D ..449.00 Paula Chip 36.00 Syqyest 44MB A2000 Internal Drive 99.00 Removeable 499.00 Quantum 52S H D ... 389.00 Syqyest 44MB Cartridge...00.00 GVP 0 0 Hard Card OK . 239.00 Gary 1C Chip ...17.00 Epyx 500XJ Joystick ..12.00 00 Meg Drive tor A500 HD Power Supply ... 94.00 GVP Acc .....469.00 A2000 Kbd from Com.....105.00 Over 600 products In stock for Immediate shipping. Please call us. We probably have what you need. We do repairs on Amiga computers with 2-4 day turnaround. A500 $ 125+S H A2000 5190+S H. Call tor shipping on other Items. Fw Software Hut, Inc. To order call V 2534 S. Broad St. m B0°) mb-0079 ® Philadelphia, PA 19145
• Hearn col lor com 0*0 to dataTs on repair* and to get an a-jthodiation n urn Oar. Circle 89 On Reader Service Card. NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Rf!!3
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6. 00 96 192 368 256 X 1-80
1. 75 112 192 384 1 x 4-80 SC ZIP
29. 95 120 240 472
* ICD AdRAM 540 95 185 279 - 1CD AdRAM 2080 119 199 279 429 IVS META 4 239 329 1 GVP II 8 SCSI HC 209 299 389 559 AdSCSI 2080 179 269 359 529 TRUMP PRO A500 49M ....469 AdtDE TEAC 43M......349 DL EXPRESS MNP FAX.....205 AdSPEED ..219 A2Q00 INT. FLOPPY .....85 A500 LNT FLOPPY......99 SUPRAMODEM 2400 ...99 SUPRA 500RX 1M.....135 BIGFOOT A500 POWER 85 KXP 1180 ......159 STAR NX 2420R .309 KXP 1124 .249 ORDERS 800-735-2633 Visa mc cod Information: 408-626*2633 Fax 408-626-0532 Call for Current Quantity Pricing. VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Caimel, CA 93922 A2000 COMBO BOARD 68030 68882 22 MHZ 1 MEG MEMORY 80 MEG HD $ 1299.96 Order Only Line BBS Tech Support
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* 6-Button Cursor Optional Includes Wiz Tablet. Pen. Cable. Power Supply & Tri Media Driver & Control Software _ __ . 60 E. Himz Rd. TRIMEDIA Incorporated Wheeling. IL 60090 (708| 520-0730 W **4 >« mm t* Ca&fV h: M j ‘m-fvwmX . CwGer**i rv Angi n ¦ *5 Tkhr«i rt C r Aamjga Warehouse j --- ¦ ¦-------i. _ - * -L . _ 1rihe Memory Specialist H__V MEW DF.AMS 25811 - 80 SI 75 255X1 - 10 $ 1 eo 253*1 - 15 SI.30 256 X* ¦ 80 $ 5 95 1X1-80 S5 9S SIMMS 1X9-80 $ 47.50 1X9-70 $ 55.95 4X9 ¦ 80 $ 220 00 Li» . .. I0RY
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9. 1m w* at r« •i CH.1 IQMIM1 piucru*fowi mCHMJKT TOOuffdA wrrwuji *QtKt QR3 Sa&uirj Ktft&jan ii 95 »¦«» ii tzrt H » i iis-*g« Hen MuOStM '1 Suit* Whm pvl H tma iruil u«gAcupK»o
- .11 "-v h.mi 1313 30 5-tCVri Km lK» ut rW t-TVXJ JM?5 6XPANS30N SYSTEMS DMA3LYEB 500 I'liK DUAIIYEB KAO MS M WstlO»BO »11 H « SUPRA Mmft*
V. 'immft lllrl 00 . Golden! MA5TEBJA-1* 177 S5 MMT6H 1A IS U1K MAHC so» rfn w W71C»L OOOSE QiKK MJM mouse «i oa acxo MICRONS VMXOCK W» 1 YE AR W; ON ALL PI IMAGE® rtiwJ RC&ucti HC-IOQQ W4) wcutos TC4l IQ5 LH£ BRUSH WOU5I f'iH induce* 'jtLjtt t»-i‘ i V5J 13 RRANTY RO DUCTS Hard Drives Ovirwv Ifrflt V* 1M4 I*1J Ov«rnu"i Sja bi Ihl l?M bailor K bi Ufi IMI TOR SOFTY A RE GOTO THE REST. FOR KARDTARE CaiX Tilt BE5TTT Aamiga Warehouse GR0ERS CtVLV 800-942-9505 TECH SUPPORT 714-283-0499 ii G3S|cod| Circle 87 On Reader Service Card Circle 98 On Reader Service Card AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to cam some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 Special Offer on Amiga 1000 Computers Amiga 1000 Computer .$ 349.95 Amiga 1084 Monitor .....$ 199,95 1010 Disk Drive .$ 69.95 Through a special purchase with Commodore Business Machines, we have a number of A1000 computers, 1010 drives and 1084 monitors in stock. They are refurbished by Commodore and are in like new shape with all cables, manuals, warranty card, etc. They come with a full 90 day warranty. Please order early as quantities are limited. We also carry the following products for the A1000: Insider II w OK (1.5MB Cap) .$ 199.00 Each 512K RAM for Insider II . .30.00 Kwik Start II ...... 79.95 Rejuvenator ..... 389.00 Software Hut, Inc. -wr °fder ca!l
Z. _" jJft. A (800) 848-0079 2534 S Broad St |n or for |nf0 Philadelphia. PA 19145 9 call (215)462-2258 ¦ cad fey anc*&e Oeuci on mh 'Ktn md to set an airfwxaDon nixntwr The Complete Software Package for Special Event Videographers Create, Customize & Print Contracts, Schedules, Reports, Receipts, Packages, Crew Sheets, Editor Sheets, Directions to Job, Video Tape Labels Track Customer Data, Appointments, Payments, Sales Tax, Call Backs, Equipment, Jobs, Video Crews, Music & Graphics Libraries Enjoy Easy Operation, Freedom from Paperwork, Better Control, Free Tech Support, Bug-free Guarantee Only $ 399.95 - Includes Superbase Pro 3 Superbase 4 Compatible - Demo Available Call or Write Mr. Hardware at 516-234-8110 59 Storey Ave. Central Islip, N.Y. 11722 or Call A.M.U.G. BBS at 516-234-6046 “1 NATIONAL DISKETTES SONY 3.5* DSDD .51 GENERIC 3.5* DSDD .39 (MIN. 100) 800-345-8619 OR 415-490-4163 CALLJOR BES -RICIIW 0« |j NEW UPGRADE FOR AMIGA 500* OWNERS (Stay Current with Latest A3000 Technology) MegAChip by "DKB" is now available for the A500. STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. Utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 in your A500 (or A2000). Utilize 2M8 of chip RAM for graphics, multitasking, sound, etc. (Uses Amiga 3000 8372B 2MB Agnus chip.) $ 339.00 less substantial rebate if applicable. Includes FREE chip puller a MUSTI * Works In any revision: 6A 7. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St., Suffern, NY 10901 we Ship WorWwWQ 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Fax:914-357-6243 Programs Plus & Video are proud to annouce thai we are the official distributors and support facility for REAL 31) in Canada and the United States. We also offer Ray’s Tracing Place HRS 1200-38400 Baud, Real 3D Support Conference, 350 Meg U D section, NorthAmeriNet Echoed Conferences, Animators Guild, On line Mail Order Service, and many other features. If you are serious about animation, give us a call! Sec you at the Florida and California AmiExpos. Voice 519-436-0988-BBS 519-436-0140-'FAX 519-351-1334 Looking for Something DJEFEfiEN ff Tired of the Same Old Stuff? Well, Look no Further!! Amiga Zine is a new disk-based magazine. The first issue is filled with articles on: $ 2 PD. UK Games & Magazines. Game Design and Programming among others! Also on the disk, there will be comic strips, music files and an IFF picture gallery! Also, 1 out of every 50 orders will win a prize. It can be 25 blank disks, the latest software, UK magazines, or anything else dealing with the Amiga! What can you lose? Order today! And It’s all for $ 4.00 Postage Paid! Write a Check or Money Order to: Martin Robaszewskl And send it to: Amiga Zine ? PO Box 761 ? Pine Brook, NJ 07058 + AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT + % Stop sending out your Amiga A500 A2000 lor repairs II Is now possible to save a lot ol Bmo and money by repairing your own Amiga computer. Air ctilps provided In the kli are direct sockoi plug ins and do noi require soldering. Each ktt Includes all one needs 10 “siart up* or revive a broken computer. Originally 'blister" packaged for government pxs worldwide and now available to the general public. Total cosi savings lar exceeds purchasing chips on an Individual basis. 28 different symptoms (faulty parts) with tfiefr remedies are layed out In the Amiga Diagnostlcan book, which is supplied as part of this emergency startup kit. DIA-t4 Kn CONTAINS: Buster Chip (UB00), 8520A CIA Chip, 8362 1 2 Bright Denise. 8370 Agnus Chip. 5719 Gary Chip. PLCC Chip Puller. Basic Schematic. Amiga Diagnostician Booklet and Special Test Diskette witn the following tests: Keyboard, Hi Res, 1 2 Bn, Double Buttered Animation & Mouse Tests A *195.50 value lor „ .$ 99.50 M -W* THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 Chestnut St.. Suffern. NY 10901 we Ship Worldwide 1 -BOO-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Fax: 914 357 6243 SIZZLING SOFTWARE We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software. Over 250 Disks in Slock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age (21+) to: CLEARUGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, Wl 53201 COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER Ribbons: Price Each
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P. O. Box 802 ¦ 80 Elm Street ¦ Peterborough, NH 03458 ® 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-0100 ® We'll send you an exciting playable demo disk of the popular Lemmings™ game from Psygnosis absolutely FREE with any purchase from The AmigaWorld A V ? Fold here and tape to seal-do not staple ? THE AM W* W vS , L r>. ¦- IMMEDIATE SERVICE CALL: 1 -800-343-0728 (or 1-603-924-0100) BUSINESS REPLY MAIL NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT 73 PETERBOROUGH, NH POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE The AmigaWorld Catalog
P. O. Box 802 Peterborough, NH 03458-9971 Hurry! Limited Time Offer! Info Want to Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This Issue? DIRECT TO YOU AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD Gtv_ Here's How. ? Print vour name J and address where indicated. ? Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. ? Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. ? Tear out and mail the card. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your subscription. NO OBLIGATION. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge.
1. What kind of Amiga do you own?
3. As of the June 1091 issue, we combined coverage of News, New Products and PD into one longer monthly column called "Overscan," Do you like the new column?
V. Yes w. No x. No opinion
4. As of the July 1991 issue, we introduced a new monthly Video column. Do you think it is a good idea?
Y. Yes .. No I. No opinion
5. What type of article (not monthly section) do you find most valuable in AmigaWorld? (Check only one.) Roundups and comparative reviews of specific categories of products. 1 low-to advice, tips and techniques, tutorial-type articles. 4 Articles explaining the technology behind new products and developments.
A. Amiga ?0Q d. Amiga 2500
b. Amiga 1000 e. Amiga 5000
c. Amiga 2000 f. Don't own an Amiga
2. Which categories of product coverage do you find useful r AmigaWorld?
G. Animation
h. Business, accounting, spreadsheets
i. Database management
j. Education
k. Games
1. 2-D graphics
m. 3-D graphics
n. Hardware expansion
o. Hardware peripherals
p. Home productivity and finance
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r. Music
s. Telecommunications
t. Video
u. Word Processing ? If you would like a one year subscription to AmigaWorld (12 issues) please check here. The cost is $ 24.97. Canada and Mexico $ 34.97, Foreign surface is $ 47.97. Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (must be US funds drawn in a US bank). AmigaWorld Name Address City_ READER SERVICE CARD
1. What kind of Amiga do you own?
3. As of the June 1991 issue, we combined coverage of News, New Products and PD into one longer monthly column called "Overscan." Do you like the new column?
V. Yes w. No x. No opinion
4. As of the July 1991 issue, we introduced a new monthly Video column. Do you think it is a good idea?
Y. Yes 1 No 1. No opinion
5. What type of article (not monthly section) do you find most valuable in AmigaWorld? (Check only one.) Z Roundups and comparative reviews of specific categories of products. I How-to advice, tips and techniques, tutorial-type articles. I Articles explaining the technology behind new products and developments.
A. Amiga 500 d. Amiga 2500
b. Amiga 1000 e. Amiga 3000
c. Amiga 2000 f. Don't own an Amiga
2. Which categories of product coverage do you find useful in AmigaWorld?
G. I Animation
h. Business, accounting, spreadsheets
i. Database management
j. Education
k. Games
I. 2-D graphics
m. 3-D graphics
n. Hardware expansion
o. Hardware peripherals
p. Home productivity and finance
q. Multimedia
r. I Music
s. Telecommunications t, I Video
u. I Word Processing ? If you would like a one year subscription to AmigaWorld (12 issues) please check here. The cost is $ 24.97. Canada and Mexico $ 34.97, Foreign surface is $ 47.97. Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (must be US funds drawn in a US bank). Phone = ) Zip State August Issue Card Valid Until October 31, 1991 4RS88 1 26 51 76 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 6 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 ** 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 8 33 58 83 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 60 85 110 135 160 185 11 36 61 86 111 136 161 186 12 37 62 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 15 41 66 91 116 141 165 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 13 43 68 93 113 143 168 193 13 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 96 121 146 171 195 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 Phone( ) State Zip August Issue Card Valid Until October 31,1991 4RS88 1 26 51 76 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 6 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 7 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 8 33 58 83 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 50 85 110 135 160 185 11 36 51 86 111 136 161 186 12 37 52 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 16 41 66 91 116 141 166 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 18 43 68 93 118 143 168 193 19 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 96 121 146 171 196 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 DIRECT TO YOU ] Want to Know More About Products i Or Services
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• not pictured In early 1982 a group of brilliant computer designers in Los (iatos, California set out to create a new kind of computer. Their dream was to build a machine that would contain the visual power that other computers lacked. So they designed breakthrough graphic coprocessors, powerful sprites, and then built it all around NTSC video timing. The nickname for the machine was Lorraine, and its mascot was a red and white bouncing ball. Thanks, Jay In October of 1985 Jay Miner -and his team of pioneers brought a stunning new creative tool to the world. The Amiga was a shining beacon of the future to a special breed of hackers, artists, and visionaries. One group of these hackers was drawn together from around the country to form XewTek in Topeka. Kansas. They shared a common desire to expand on the technological marvel called the Amiga. They saw the Amiga as more than a computer, it was the beginning of a revolution. The Super Amiga What if the Amiga had more resolution, more colors, more power, more speed; in short, more of everything that makes the Amiga great? It wouldn’t be like a computer anymore, It would be us powerful its expensive network-level video equipment. But it would mean designing four complex VLSI chips, it would mean writing 350,000 lines of assembly language software. Ultimately it would mean inventing whole new technologies. Just the kind of insane challenge that hackers can’t resist. Perhaps more than anything, the fact that "it couldn't be done" is what drove "Team Toaster" to do the impossible. 1,1.,.. •> *• • u In early 1987, Team Toaster moved away from the rest of XewTek to a secret location codenamed "Alcatraz." No office hours, no phone calls, no interruptions. They worked 70 hour weeks. They invented bizarre tricks to drive the 68000, copper, and blitter to new levels of performance. They evolved strange hardware hacks to emulate expensive parts. They concocted their own cinnamon candy. Building the Video Toaster became a more ambitious project N=wT=k INCORPORATED 1-800-843-8934 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. 1 Some terminal programs allow you to load a separate group of macros for each number In the phone book. The figures shown here indicate how many macro keys can be active at the same time through the use of various combinations of the function keys.

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Amiga World Vol 07 08 1991 Aug

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