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The situation clearly would not do. So a bit over a year ago, the Amiga Developers’ Association was launched as a concerted effort to correct the Amiga’s credibility ills. In its first year, the ADA established itself as a legal organization in all 50 states, thus setting the stage for a long and hopefully glorious future. A new board has recently been established, and its first meeting took place with the help of an AT&T operator and some of its swell con fere n cecal 1 technolog). This year’s ADA board is raring to go. The new chairperson is A1 Hos- pers, the energetic head of Dr, Ts, the music software maker. The 1st vice-chairperson is Melissa Jordan Grey, who, as president of Blue Ribbon Sound Works, has ignored competitive instincts to work alongside AL Our 2nd vice chairperson is Perry Kivolowitz, who, as head of ASDG, launched the acclaimed Art Department series and who happens to have great taste in Italian restaurants. The secretary is Debbie Miller, from New Horizons, of graphics software fame, and our treasurer is Jerry Wolosenko, of Psygnosis, the well-known game extremists. Associate members of the board include Joe Lowery, of AMI Shows, Inc., Bob Wolter of Micro-Pace, and yours truly of Amiga World. I’ll be the first to admit the ADA is a small organization. The membership is tiny, the coffers nearly empty, and it lacks a professional support staff. But size isn’t everything. Focus is. In order to be effective, the ADA has honed its focus into a single goal; to promote the Amiga. And in this, I believe the ADA will be remarkably successful. The timing couldn’t be better. First, the Amiga's ascendancy in multimedia and its penetration into the video fields have given the machine credibility. We’ve got Mac users drooling (more than usual), for goodness’ sake! And the press has clearly taken notice. Second, Commodore’s new American chief, Jim Dionne, has already broadened distribution, added greater support for small dealers, and worked to lower the price and increase the prestige of the A500, which will turbo-charge that side of the market, Jim had the Amiga going gang- busters in Canada, and there is no reason he can’t do it here, especially with all of us behind him, .And with CDTV about to blow, we've got the big boys like Tandy, Microsoft, and Philips on the run. Finally, readers of Amiga publications have done their part. Nearly every day I get copies of magazines that include letters from readers demanding more Amiga coverage. A recent issue of Publish! Ran one such letter and then pledged to cover the Amiga more aggressively. Hey, we’ve got these folks primed! To maintain the pressure, the ADA is already at work on position papers to be sent to the computer press, and is putting together a major membership drive. It also plans to communicate with its members through a regular newsletter. But most of all, it plans to lobby for our system, so that a decade from now we can load Dpaint 12, which will control our Video Microwave on our tried-and- true, 68090-based Amiga 18000.

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Amiga World Vol 07 06 1991 Jun

Document sans nom PRODUCTIVITY TIPS! We're not saying everyone should own a Digi-View Gold... Protozoa, lor example, have very little need.
• Uses 2 to 4090 colors (including halfbrite)
• Digitizes in 21 hits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty and toll-free support line if you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only S199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146 NewIek The Amiga Video Digitizer incorporated Only one product lias captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It’s the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we’ve probably sold more Digi-Views than any other digitizer on any PC in history'. Here’s your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View' Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. Only Digi-View Gold:
• Has exclusive Dynamic IliRes mode for 4090 colors in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 708x480 (full HiRes overscan) Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs of RAM Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. Circle 102 on Reader Service card EXCITING VIDEO PRODUCTIONS IN SIX EASY STEPS! I i 1 SEQUENCE ANIMATION
• AND GRAPHICS Simply drag out segments on ShowMaker's unique time-line interface. The length indicates the duration over which the the animation or graphic will play. ShowMaker automatically loads the files as needed, without interrupting the playback of the current animation. This means long running productions, limited by disk space, not RAM. ShowMaker also features dozens of built-in transitions, including wipes, fades, and dissolves, and is compatible with most ANIM formats. ADD MUSIC Create dynamic soundtracks just as easily. Just drag out segments to the lengths you want on any of the Music or Sound Effect Tracks. ShowMaker supports MIDI output. MIDI files, and SMUS formats. ShowMaker's unique auto-sync feature* ensures that your video always remains synchronized to the music! The Complete Desktop Video Solution C-rr.lp 1S0 on Rparipf Sprviop rarrt ShowMaker gives you control over genlocks, videodisc players, and VCRs. Just tel! ShowMaker when to cut in your video, and it will automatically seek to the correct position and fade in the gen locked signal at exactly the right time.** TOASTER EFFECTS If you have a Video Toaster, you need ShowMaker to bring out its full potential. ShowMaker lets you easily control the Toaster and integrate it's effects into full productions. DRAMSTAR INDUSTRIES PRESENTS OVERLAY TITLING Add titles to your production easily with ShowMaker's built-in video tiller. You can even run titles on lop of Amiga animations and graphics, and overlay the results on video. ShowMaker includes a collection of hish c quality video fonts anil backgrounds.
• PREVIEW AND EDIT Business, Education, Presentation. Whatever your message, bring it to life with ShowMaker. With ShowMaker and your Amiga, it's easy to combine graphics, animation, video, sound, ana even animated titles to make your own video productions. Or live multimedia presentations. So whether you're creating the next Hollywood blockbuster or a sales or training tape, ShowMaker gives you the tools to make it happen. And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3... With ShowMaker you can preview your production at any time during its development. Then quickly and easily adjust, cut, copy, and paste tracks until your show is perfect. ShowMaker will even generate storyboards and cue sheets to help you visualize and fine tune your production. PLAY IT! You're done! Hit the play button and ShowMaker will play back your production in real time, automatically synchronizing the video, animation, soundtrack, and titling. A true multimedia presentation. Record your production to videotape for a first generation Master Tape! ShowMaker is the first program with:
• Intelligent autoloading of animations and graphics*
• Animation playback synchronized to music in frames-per-beat*
• Video titling over Amiga animation and graphics ¦ Synchronized music and animation to external clocks (SMPTE MTC) ShowMaker also features:
• Complete control of genlock functions**
• MIDI command and file support
• Full Arexx support
• Wait-for-click interactivity
• Production looping
• Volume fading
• Story boarding
• Cuesheet generation
• Use ShowMaker with AmigaVision
• Multiple wipes, reveals, and transition effects between animations and still pictures. GOLD DISK
P. O. Box 789, Streetsville Mississauaa. Ontario. Canada L5M 2C2
(416) 602-4000
• Patent pending
• *Additional hardware required This document created entirely in Professional Page 2.1) rLr Lr~ 'rV ¦ i; v cc - * ; * i ’ - ? ;> a . - • - .--I-.--- • .... ... . "I? Why spend $ 3,000 to $ 8,000 for Infinite Window TBC hardware when the new DPS Personal TBC™ card links a Video Toaster® directly to any VCR for only $ 995? That’s right. $ 995. And since a TBC is essential to connect your VCR or Camcorder to your Video Toaster, we’ve made it as easy as it is affordable. Just plug it into your Commodore Amiga® or PC® compatible computer for broadcast quality time base correction. With both NTSC composite and Y C (S-VHS or Hi 8®) video inputs, Genlock and Infinite Window timing correction. There’s nothing else to buy. And no reason to buy anything else. DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. Market Leader In Broadcast Quality Time Base Correctors 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Scarborough, Ontario Canada M1S 3L1
(416) 754-8090 Fax: (416) 754-7046 Video Toaster* is a registered trademark of NewTek Incorporated. Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. PC* is a registered trademark of IBM Corp. Hi 8® is a registered trademark of Sony Corp. DPS Personal TBC “ is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. Circle 65 on Reader Service card. VOLUME 7, NUMBER 6 JUNE 1991 CONTENTS I ENTIRES CDTV: Birth of a Notion? By Doug Barney ...20 With Commodore now rolling out its long-announced Amiga-based CD player, interactive multimedia may finally find a mass audience. Full details and a Buyer’s Guide to CDTV titles in this Amiga World Special Report. ARTICLES ANIM TAMERS By Gene Brawn . . , 30 If your animation files are gobbling up precious disk-storage space and memory at an alarming rate, check out these 15 economical tips for "squeezing” ANIM files into more manageable proportions. Antidote to Chaos By Harv Laser 38 When it comes to inefficiency and waste in organizing system resources, the fault may lie, as Cassius pointed out to Brutus, “not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Take the cure with these productivity-boosting hints, techniques, and handy utilities. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey.. 6 The Amiga Developers’ .Association is gearing up for its second year of operation with a new campaign to put the Amiga squarely on the map and in the forefront of advances in computer technology. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen 46 Joel zeros in on ASDG’s new image- processing program, .Art Dept. Professional, and shows you how to use darkroom-like techniques to enhance your screen images for presentation as finished artwork. Mastering Multimedia By Mitch Wells 48 Applying good, sound design principles from typography and presentation graphics pays off handsomely when creating text screens for your multi- media shows. Amiga CD in the comfort of your living room? Commodore’s new A500-ha$ ed CD system plays CDTV titles (see our Buyer’s Guide), regular audio Cds, and the new CD + Graphics discs. Also this month: Tips, techniques, and programs for greater productivity from your Amiga. VR I MEM'S P I r 8 Overscan ... We’ve rolled our coverage of news (“Headliners”), new products (“What’s New?”), and the Amiga nets (“PD Prospector”) into one new and larger monthly column. If it’s new or if it’s news, you'll find it all in “Overscan” each and every month. 80 AW Shucks! . If we find that we’ve goofed on items in a previous issue, you’ll see the correction right here. 86 Help Key ... AiV's Answer Man is always ready when it comes to solutions to your technical teasers. 88 AW Product Information . Information for contacting developers of products covered in each issue is now presented in one central “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses” list. The Last Word ......96 We’ve deciflcd to give you the final say from now on. “Repartee” gets a new name, as letters from readers take over the back page each month. REVIEWS Professional Page 2.0 (Gold Disk) .. 14 New7 features and a face-lift put Pro Page back on the DTP cutting edge. Imagine (impulse) ......15 A 3-D modeling animation breakthrough from the makers of Turbo Silver. Image Finder (Zardoz) ..76 Database indexer for graphics files. TRANSWRITE (Gold Disk) and QUICKWRITE (New Horizons) 78 Bare-bones word processing from the Transcript and ProWrite camps, respectively. G V M E S Crib Notes By Peter oiafson 58 “Shadow” savers, Lemmings lifelines, and more from the gamesmeister. Lemmings (Psygnosis) ....38 Save those self-destructive rodents! BAT (UBI Soft Electronic Arts) 58 Challenging sci-fi graphics adventure. WOLFPACK (Broderbund) .68 U-Boats and convoys in a WWII simulation. Warlords (strategic studies) 70 Fantasy and strategy combined in a neat war game. Amiga World Catalog AmigaWorld Special Products are now presented in one handy catalog section: AW Videos (including Animation Video II and The Video Toaster), Tool Chest, AW Game Package, Tech Journal, AW Books, and more. Plus free special-incentive bonus with all orders. Pages 64-67. Optional 3.5" IDE AT hard disk up to 340MB capacity (13ms). 2 ? Built-in Autobooting IDE AT hard disk controller. New! Redesigned and Faaaster 50MHZ 88030POWER Now Expandable to 32MB of 32-bit RAM! Our new faster and more expandable A3050 SOMhz accelerator kit will turbo-charge your Amiga 2000s beyond your wildest dreams. Check out these features: V Uses GVP's new custom designed 4MB, SIMM32™ memory modules with 60ns, DRAjMs. V ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! Even with a full-blown 32MB, 50Mhz, A3050 kit installed in the AiOOO's “CPU" slot, ALL ZORRO n expansion slots are left free for unlimited future expansion! V Exciting new 3.5" hard disk "bundles". Choose between the 1” high, 120MB |15msl model or the incredible halfheight 340MB j 13ms) model. Converts an A2000 into the fastest Amiga in the world. There is truly NO competitive product. V 68000 fall-back mode for timing sensitive applications (e.g: some games]. V GVP is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerator products for the Amiga. Of 32-bit wide High Performance memory. 4 50Mhz 68030 CPU and 50Mhz 68882 Floating Point Unit. Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GeFVERT, Senior Editor JANINE L. JACKSON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager LlNDA Barrett LaFLAMME, Editor, The Amiga World Tech Journal Tim Walsh, Technical Editor JOHN Wolfskill, Senior Writer, Technology MARE-ANNE JARVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Contributing Editors HOWARD G. Happ, Art Director Laura JOHNSON, issijfan* Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supervisor Debra A. Davies, Typographer Kenneth Blakeman, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER GuINARD, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages €s? Info Market, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SalUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L, Swanson, Customer Service Representative; Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFlEUR, Business and Operations Manager MARY McCoLE, Video Sales Representative Susan M. Hanshaw, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, Circulation Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager Roger J. Murphy, President Nancy GeNDRON, Assistant to the President PAUL Houle, Vice President Group Publisher JlM McBrian, Vice President Group Publisher Stephen C. Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. Christensen, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Bonnie WELSH-CARROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation & Planning JEFFREY D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Doreen Means, Systems Coordinator Amiga World (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Amiga World is published monthly by IDG Communications, Peterborough. Inc.. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year; $ 46.00, two years: $ 64.00, three years. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). .All rates are one-year only. Second-date postage paid at Peterborough, NH, and at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1991 by IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc. No part of this publication maybe printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher Postmaster: Send address changes to Amiga Hor&i, Subscription Services. PO Box 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-880-1. Nationally distributed by Kahle News Co.. Amiga M rUi makes every effort to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. Amigalibrl l assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Dealers Circle 77 on Reader Service card. Consumers Circle 201 on Reader Service card. Beauty and Functionality Redefined SERIES n A5i HD+ THE NEW IMPACT 71im yourA500*J into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today! GVP’s New SERIES U A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FamstROM™ features as GVP's new Series IIA2000 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight Unique new ''Mini-Slot"™ brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options-the only intelligent alternative to risky "Pass-Through" functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New P'-high internal hard disk drive,* available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today! Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility. External SCSI Port Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached. 1rr-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB. “Mini-Slot”: For future expansion options. GVPs Custom VLSI Chip. GVP’s FaaastROM SCSI Driver. Internal RAM Expansion: Up to 8MB Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool. Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply; Included. Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector ? » ? ? Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details! Ihe Next Generation in Amiga* 500 Add-On Peripherals GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Cede t27 on Reader Service card. Dealers Cirde 245 on Reader Service card. CHIEF CONCERNS Hip, Hip, ADA! WHEN I GOT here a couple of years ago, the lack of respect for the Amiga got me hotter than a yuppie in a ja- cuzzi. Amiga users hadn’t exactly stood still for this type of treatment. In fact, most had done their share of R&R (ranting and raving). Unfortunately, all this energy lacked direction, and your complaints were all too easy to ignore. The situation clearly would not do. So a bit over a year ago, the Amiga Developers’ Association was launched as a concerted effort to correct the Amiga’s credibility ills. In its first year, the ADA established itself as a legal organization in all 50 states, thus setting the stage for a long and hopefully glorious future. A new board has recently been established, and its first meeting took place with the help of an AT&T operator and some of its swell con fere n cecal 1 technolog). This year’s ADA board is raring to go. The new chairperson is A1 Hos- pers, the energetic head of Dr, Ts, the music software maker. The 1st vice-chairperson is Melissa Jordan Grey, who, as president of Blue Ribbon Sound Works, has ignored competitive instincts to work alongside AL Our 2nd vice chairperson is Perry Kivolowitz, who, as head of ASDG, launched the acclaimed Art Department series and who happens to have great taste in Italian restaurants. The secretary is Debbie Miller, from New Horizons, of graphics software fame, and our treasurer is Jerry Wolosenko, of Psygnosis, the well-known game extremists. Associate members of the board include Joe Lowery, of AMI Shows, Inc., Bob Wolter of Micro-Pace, and yours truly of Amiga World. I’ll be the first to admit the ADA is a small organization. The membership is tiny, the coffers nearly empty, and it lacks a professional support staff. But size isn’t everything. Focus is. In order to be effective, the ADA has honed its focus into a single goal; to promote the Amiga. And in this, I believe the ADA will be remarkably successful. The timing couldn’t be better. First, the Amiga's ascendancy in multimedia and its penetration into the video fields have given the machine credibility. We’ve got Mac users drooling (more than usual), for goodness’ sake! And the press has clearly taken notice. Second, Commodore’s new American chief, Jim Dionne, has already broadened distribution, added greater support for small dealers, and worked to lower the price and increase the prestige of the A500, which will turbo-charge that side of the market, Jim had the Amiga going gang- busters in Canada, and there is no reason he can’t do it here, especially with all of us behind him, .And with CDTV about to blow, we've got the big boys like Tandy, Microsoft, and Philips on the run. Finally, readers of Amiga publications have done their part. Nearly every day I get copies of magazines that include letters from readers demanding more Amiga coverage. A recent issue of Publish! Ran one such letter and then pledged to cover the Amiga more aggressively. Hey, we’ve got these folks primed! To maintain the pressure, the ADA is already at work on position papers to be sent to the computer press, and is putting together a major membership drive. It also plans to communicate with its members through a regular newsletter. But most of all, it plans to lobby for our system, so that a decade from now we can load Dpaint 12, which will control our Video Microwave on our tried-and- true, 68090-based Amiga 18000. For those interested in joining ADA, the commitment is fairlv serious. The dues are SI50 per year, and for that amount of cash you don’t get an accelerator board, extra memory, or even a free subscription to Amiga- World. Instead, when you take that leap of faith, you are investing in your market. But dues are not the biggest burden. The ADA asks members to get involved: To help define this technology, round up innovative uses for profiles in mainstream publications, and nicely but relentlessly badger the unenlightened press until it gives the Amiga its due. You don’t have to join the ADA to help in this effort. On your own, you can write, call, or even fax publications that should, but don’t, currently cover the Amiga. After all, aren’t you dying to see Dpaint 12? If you would like to join the ADA, you can get an application and more information by writing: ADA Membership Drive c o Jerry Wolosenko Psygnosis 29 St. Mary’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 .And to all those who have sent off letters on the Amiga’s behalf, many thanks! ¦ The Ultimate All-in-One Amiga 2000Add-on,.. 68030 POWER+ 16MB RA CONTROLLER Replaces up to FOUR “normal” expansion boards! Internal SCSI Hard Drive
(3. 5" available up to 340MB!) Built-in GVP Series II DMA SCSI Controller Surface- yv mounted 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU I A (22 or I >4 33Mhz) Lip SCSI p Connector for external SCSI peripherals Up to 12MB of 32-bit wide, User-installable 1MB (22Mhz) or SIMM32 Memory 4MB (33Mhz) Expansion Surface-mounted 32-bit wide Memory s tTf t f t f ft i ft fi f A2000 +GVP All-in-One Commodore A3000" Commodore A2500 30 COMPARE 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU Maximum CPU clock speed available & shipping TODAY 33Mhz 2SMhz Maximum 32-bit wide FAST memory on 68030 CPU board Direct DMA access to more than 8MB of fast memory DMA SCSI controller built-in ?n 68030 CPU board Number of open Amiga expansion slots with 68030 CPU. SCSI controller and more than 4MB last memory installed PAM upgrades through easy-to-inslall 32-bit wide SIMM memory modules SIMM32 aid GVP are trademarks o1 Great Valley Products. Inc Amiga. A2000 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark ol NewTek Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more inlormation, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Dealers Circle 51 on Reader Service card. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 106 on Reader Service card. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks AmiEXPO New York: Fun, No Games! NEW YORK, N.Y. While green-vested celebrants Indulged In shenanigans along 5th Avenue In honor of St. Patrick's day, a more subdued kind of fun was going on a block away. AmiEXPO, held March 15-17 at the New York Hilton, offered plenty of fun but no games. Although market observers have witnessed the Amiga's upwardly-moblle trend for a long time, many could not quite believe what they saw: For the first time, not one game was to be found among the displays at an Amiga show! The closest thing to a graphics adventure or shoot-’em-up was the announcement of Oxxl Aegis's Interactive game-programming language, Aegis Visionary ($ 99.95), with over 60 commands specific to gaming. (RS 562). What took the place of the game demos that were present at earlier Amiga shows? Videoequipment displays by such companies as JVC (RS 551) and NEC (RS 552J-both of which were, appropriately, near NewTek’s huge Video SBPro 4 Breaks Windows The long-awaited SuperBase Professional 4 (S495; upgrade from SBPro 3, $ 149) has finally stepped onto the showroom floor. This all-new Precision release has a MicroSoft Windows look. That’s no accident, as SBPro 4 can now import and export .DBF (dBASE), .WKS (Lotus 1-2-3), and .XLS (Micro- Soft Excel) files, read dBASE .DBF data directly, and output from existing Toaster exhibit (RS 553). JVC Regional Manager Jim Turner told me that he was there mainly to check out the emerging Toaster-led Amiga video market and to see how JVC products can fit In. ASDG (RS 559), betting on a great fit, is developing support for JVC's yet-to-be-released BR-S605U edit deck (scheduled to retail between $ 2200 and $ 2600) via a module for the Art Department Professional image processor. NEC was nestled in with Active Circuits, which has developed an Amiga interface for NEC's PC-VCR, a frameaccurate unit for creating and editing presentations and applications. Active Circuits (RS 554) also demonstrated a transportable Video Arts Teieprompting System in addition to two new modules for Its RasterUnk (formerly ImageLInk) image-conver- sion software. One is TGAUnk; which allows control of Truevision's Targa and ATVIsta frame Continued on p. 12. DBASE databases without conversion. Precision’s data-management giant has room for a whopping one billion records, and its text fields can handle 4000 characters. Other improvements include logical, real, long, and integer fields, more image formats, and a graphical labels facility. In addition, the program can retrieve and play sound samples as data, so you can incorporate voice mail or voice annotation in database applications. The new Forms Designer probably the flashiest change in the package features optional rules and a snap-to- grid, WYSIWYG layout. The refurbished toolbox provides access to a wide range of object types and attributes. These include check boxes and “radio” buttons that you can attach to data fields or variables, and push buttons for executing command strings written in Super base’s Database Management Language (DML). JJ If, as Motorola claims, its 25-MHz 68040 processor is faster than Intel’s 25-MHz 80486 processor, and if, as GVP claims, its 50-MHz 68030 board for the A2000 runs Faster than a 25- Mhz 68040, then an Amiga equipped with the 50-MHz 030 is faster not only than the fastest IBM PC or PC clone (which use the 25-MHZ 486), but also than the fastest Macintosh (which uses a 42-MHz 68030)! Zowie! On Sale! Concurrent with other changes In West Chester, Pennsylvania, these days. Commodore has slashed suggested retail prices of A2000- and A3000-series computers. Along with the CPUs, expanslon-board prices also felt the knife, A stock A2000 that sold for $ 1895 now sports a $ 1599 price tag. The A2000HD experienced the largest percentage price reduction in CPUs, with a drop from $ 2699 to $ 1999. Other mark- downs Include the A25OO 30 ($ 4699 to $ 3799), A3000-16 50 ($ 3299 to $ 2999), A3000-25 50 ($ 3999 to $ 3499), and the A3000-25 100 ($ 4999 to $ 4699). If you have been holding back from buying Commodore expansion boards, these reductions may change your mind: The A2630 68030 accelerator board that originally sold for $ 1999 is now $ 1799, and the A2058 SMB RAM board populated with two megabytes dropped from $ 649 to $ 349. The MS-DOS-com- patible A2088D XT and A2286 AT Brldgeboards went from $ 699 to $ 499, and $ 1599 to $ 799, respectively. Finally, the A2300 Internal genlock fell from $ 299 to $ 169, the A2091 autoboot hard-drlve controller dropped from $ 399 to $ 199, and the A1680 1200-baud external modem that once sold for $ 99 is now $ 59. JJ For information about the vendors of products mentioned, see “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 88. DESIGN WORKS, THE PERFECT CREATIVE TOOL FOR THE AMIGA MIND Put Design Works To Work For You Unleash The Artist Within Natural Talent Required If you’ve been looking for a fast, easy-to-use, high quality structured drawing program, look no further. Now you can unleash the artist within with DesignWorks, the structured drawing program designed for the Amiga mind. Creativity In The Fast Lane DesignWorks is built for speed. No longer are slow and cumbersome programs needed to achieve professional results. DesignWorks is the ultimate in simplicity, with a responsive interface and design set. The Highest Form Of Self-Expression Is Now The Least Expensive DesignWorks costs far less than you would expect from a structured drawing program with this much speed and flexibility. With a Bezier smoothing algorithm, unlimited numbers of drawing layers, flexible text handling system and user-definable multi-color patterns, you don’t need to be a professional engineer or CAD programmer to achieve quality results. And high resolution printing means you get near-PostScript quality output from your dot matrix printer. Stop by your local Amiga dealer to see DesignWorks in action. Draw Your Ow n Conclusions Fast and intuitive structured drawing Create lines, rectangles, ovab. Polygons, and freehand objects Smoothed (Bezier) curves Optional arrows on lines Duplicate, rotate, flip, and scale objects Text with multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors Import export IFF pictures Automatically align objects relative 10 each other Automatic grid snap Group objects together Variable line thickness Customizable multi-color fill patterns Multiple drawing layers AREXX port Macros, when used with AREXX Magnified and reduced views Drawing up to 100 inches by 100 inches in size Up to 10 drawings open at ihc same time Inch or centimeter rulers Near-PostScript quality printing on dot-matrix printers, full 4096 color priming Complete printer control, including sideways printing Fully customizable Full support for Kickstan 2.0 Requires Kickstart 1.2 or later and 512K of memory Suggested NEW HORIZONS 206 Wild Basin Hoad, Suite 109 Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 Amiga* is a rcgiscml tnailcrrurk uI Coinroodwe Busincv* Mjchlnes Inc Ik-MgnW orkV" i& a Iradcmaek of New Honffitn Software. Inc Ocle 38 on Reader Service card. 4-D Video Draw4D-Pro ($ 349) is Its name; structured drawing and animation is its game. Like its predecessor, Draw4D, Pro Is designed for use in both desktop publishing and video, its emphasis, however, is on video. This latest Adspec Programming offering saves IFF pictures in all modes from two to 4096 colors, in regular, overscan, and severe (ouch!) Overscan. Adspec implemented features from Draw4D but added some enhancements: You can now use any IFF bitmap as a texture to wrap, project, or tile. You can also use any number of lights; assign color, intensity, and sphere of influence to lights; and assign Gouraud shading Independently to any polygon. The program's new eyepath control allows adjustment so that you get a through-the-lens view of the environment. You can then after that environment with the touch of a key. Draw4D-Pro lets you save your rendered views in 16,777,216 colors as IFF-24 files, JJ Choose Your Battleground Whether you are in the mood for one battle or an entire campaign, Typhoon of Steel ($ 59.95) has you covered. A sequel to the World War II adventure, Panzer Strike!, Typhoon of Steel lets you choose between the Pacific, .Asian, and European theaters of war. Your arsenal is packed with just about every ground weapon available at the time from tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery to trucks, mortars, and machine guns. The game provides maps and determines the types of battles and offensive defensive missions. -If A Little Lunacy There are a lot of Lemmings (Psyg- nosis, $ 49.99) in this game and they are incredibly proficient at getting into trouble. These hapless creatures climb, parachute, block, dig, and explode their way through 120 different levels while you keep them from doing away with themselves. The problem is that there are about 100 of them to begin with and more and more keep dropping in. Each level has a time limit, so you must keep your Lemmings busy. . .before it’s too late. -jj OVERHEARD Rumor has it that management at Egghead Software, a national computer chain, is considering clearing its shelves of Apple IIGS software and replacing it with. . .you guessed it, Amiga software. When AmigaWorld contacted Egghead, no comment was offered on the matter. Beginning this month, the UPD Prospector’ takes his pick and shovel upstream to join the news- and-new-products camp. In Online Scan, Telecom Tim will not only mention his top software choices from the online networks, but also broaden his coverage. As before, he unit focus on the three major sources of public-domain softwa re Co mp u Serve, GE n ie, and American People Link. Don’t be surprised, however, to see an occasional spotlight on BIX or some other source. ON-LINE SCAN by Tim Walsh Seemingly every network is either getting ready to jump on the 9600-baud bandwagon or has already done so. Hats off to CompuServe for taking the plunge first and adding 9600- baud modem support to about 30 nodes nationwide. Just type GO PHONES to find out the availability of 9600-baud nodes in your area. CompuServe is also serving up joint conferences between the MIDI Forum and the Amiga Arts Forum on alternate weeks. In addition, to Kelp you reduce online expenses, a new File Finder Amiga (GO AMG) lets you rapidly locate Amiga files via a keyword search. Programmers should note that CompuServe’s AmigaTech area now offers an extensive four-part C Programming Manual by .Anders Bjerin for downloading (CMAN1.LZH through CMAN4.LZH}. Another hot download is Back- talk 1.20 (AmigaUser Library 5, BT12.LZH), a new, full- featured AmigaDOS 2.0-com- patible telecommunications package. People Link’s 9600-baud support is almost sure to be ready by the time you read this. That's not the onlv news that i has the network a-poppin’, however. According to Amiga Chairman Harv Laser, Pi ink is giving away one Firecracker 24 graphics board (generously donated by developer Impulse) every month to a randomly selected patron of the Wednesday night Graphics Forum in the Amiga area. As of this writing, two Forum participants have walked away with the $ 1600 24- bit boards. Between graphics forums, be sure to check out IBEM.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, File 27146) an IBM emulation program for the Amiga, To run it, you will also need the Messy- DOS File System, which goes bv the filename of MSH.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, File 25431). Officials at Genie tell me that everything but the paperwork is ready for getting 9600-baud support to the masses. Once it is in place, 70 nodes will be available for high-speed access. Genie users may also want to peruse two new library areas: Library 18, entitled “Amiga Pictures: Digitized,” and Library 19, called “Amiga Artwork: Drawn Images.” The addition of these libraries allows Genie to categorize and post more creations of Amiga artists. One of the more intriguing and heavily downloaded files recently made available is OSNAP29.LZH (Library 4, File 10670. Written by Pierre Bail- largeon, Osnap 2.9 is far and away the best utility I have seen for lifting or “snapping” text from Shell windows and graphics from your Workbench screen. With a little practice, even Amiga novices can use Osnap to transfer virtually any item from one screen to another. If you want to call any of the networks mentioned above, here are their voice numbers: American People Link: 800 524-0100 CompuServe: 800 848-8199: 614 457-8650 from Ohio Genie: 800 638-9636 Ho w you present your ideas is as important as the idea itself. With a tool like SCALA your ideas will have the advantage they deserve. SCALA provides all the took you need for professional presentations: Backgrounds. Scala includes FIFTY- NINE professionally created backdrop images and textures, such as "Stone", "Marble", "Fabric", etc. THIRTY- NINE specially selected color palettes are included, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching background tapestries, adding character to your presentations. Backgrounds are stored Symbols. Scala includes many useful presentation symbols such as, male, female, arrows, vehicles, etc. Symbols are stored as IFF brushes, allowing custom symbols (or other objects) to be easily created and added. Includes SEVEN- each of which is available Special effects such as tilting, underline, drop shadow, 3D and color can be applied to any individual letter, word or line. The video enthusiast will find several typefaces especially suitable for video titling purposes. Transitions. Scala offers more than SEVENTY special effects transitions for control of transitions between pages of a presentation and how and when text, symbols or objects appear on a page. These transitions allow you to soften or accentuate changes and liven up your presentations. The speed of any transition and display times can be fully controlled. Animiations. Scala is able to load and play back animations at any point within a presentation. Text can be added and super-imposed on an animation while it is being played back Output. Transferring output to different media is no problem with a duo like Scala and the Amiga. Using well- known Amiga tools, presentations can be genlocked, recorded on video tape, printed on polaroids, etc. Scala includes ScalePrint which can print out a complete presentation or just a cue for your speech. PostScript printers are supported. Other Features. Page layout and attributes can be saved and re-used later to ensure a consistent appearance within a presentation. ASCII files can be loaded and formatted onto these pre-defined layouts. Any object or part of a screen can be defined as a "button", allowing "run-time" selectable flow of presentations by the simple click of a mouse button. Mouse buttons act as a "remote control", allowing forward and backward control of the presentation or overriding display times. Bti Eft i sm s-fear Mmicm I'm m E3Minjg~ 1_ np pi iimrn SCALA, * Sophisticated yet Easy-to-use Scala represents a new genera- ' tion in Amiga software due to its excellent user-interface and smooth performance. All Scala's features are accessible through three, clear and easy-to-use menus labeled in plain English. Scala is shipped with a comprehensive manual and EIGHT DISKS! MINIMUM CONFIGURATION. Scala requires Kiekstart V1.3 (or later}, at least 1MB of memory and a hard disk. Separate versions for PAL and NTSC. Your ideas deserve SCALA! Scala and the symbol are registered trademarks of Digital Vision Ltd, Norway. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore- Amiga, Inc. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Inc. GVP is a trademark of Great Vbiley Products, inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Dealers Circle 62 on Reader Service card. TbI. (215) 337"8770 * FAX (215) 337"9922 Consumers Circle 145 on Reader Service card OVERSCAN Mandel Taught Science fiction, the Titanic, the Mandelbrot set, the Amiga, and good reading. . .they’re all here in Arthur C. Clarke’s latest novel, The Ghost from the Grand Banks. Clarke spent hours exploring the Mandelbrot set on his A2000, and this research served as inspiration for much of the book. The Mandelbrot set is based on simple mathematics and extends, via millions of equations, into infinity. While I had seen Mandelbrot plots before reading the book, 1 had no idea how these complex and stunning images (which often look like Paisley designs) were generated. Ghost, however, made the process apparent and interesting- even to a math buffoon like myself. The novel features a race to raise the Titanic, a giant octopus, an interstellar probe, and a grieving mother who searches for her lost daughter in the Mandelbrot set. I’m not saying how this stuff fits together or how the story ends, but I recommend it! DB From p. 8 buffers via CBM's Brldgeboards, and the other is CineUnk, which supports 24-bft output to film at 4000 lines using any of several recorders. Just down the hall, Computer Creations II (RS
577) showed the results of Its 4000- and 8000- line resolution slide-imaging service. A number of video time-base corrector (TBC) manufacturers were boasting that their units “work wtth the Toaster!" Among these was Digital Processing Systems (RS 555), which demonstrated a $ 995 Personal TBC that fits Inside the A2000. Across the way, Showilne Video (RS 556) spread news of its Spectrum series of SVHS composlte digital frame synchronizer TBCs, ranging In price from $ 1295 for a singlechannel model to the $ 2695 dual-channel unit
I. DEN Vldeotronlcs (RS 557) countered with the IVT-7 TBC, featuring SVHS, HI8, composite In and out, and full-frame memory. Key Interest With the help of a genlock and video source, MicroSearch's (RS 558) ChromaKey ($ 395) allows Amiga graphics to show through any part of a video picture that Is colored blue. That's why MicroSearch reps appearing on the Amiga monitor seemed to be doing Impossible stunts, while they were really only standing In front of a blue backdrop. ASDG (RS 559) announced new drivers for Its Art Department Pro: one each for Impulse’s Firecracker 24, Progressive’s FrameCrabber, Black Belt Systems' HAM-E, and MacPaint on the Macintosh platform. In the ASDG booth, we also found a $ 1995 Epson ES-300C 600-dpl flatbed color scanner, as well as the $ 4500 Kodak SV6510 dye-sublimation printer so popular In screen-printing and novelty businesses. Not surprisingly, ASDG has just released drivers (at $ 200 and $ 250, respectively) for both units. ASDG also announced a driver ($ 200) for the $ 4495 Polaroid CI-3000 33-bit digital film recorder. Although the show was heavy on graphics and video, there were a number of Important audio products on display, Including Beta Un- llmlted's (RS 560) 16-blt processor for the A2000 AudloUnk. AudloUnk boasts 16 voices, sampling rates up to 48 Khz, MIDI support, and room for up to 16MB of memory. SunRlze Industries (RS 561) displayed two hlgh-resolutlon sampling boards for the A2000 the AD101616-blt unit, wtth its SMPTE time-code reader and digital I O ports, and the AD1Q12 card, which also has a SMPTE reader. Both boards are packaged with SMPTE- and Arexx-compatible software that lets you record to and edit from hard disk. SunRlze also demonstrated Its fast Audition 4 sound-editing package ($ 99.95), which boasts eight real-time effects. Aegis Oxxl (RS 562) announced its speedy new Aegis SoundMaster elght-blt stereo digitizer. At the opening of the show, the company officially released Its $ 99.95 HAM paint-and- anlmatlon program, SpectraColor. The good news for owners of Mlcrolllusions' Photon Paint is that they can upgrade to SpectraColor for $ 49.95 plus shipping. Oxxl also announced its upcoming TurboText text editor, its ScanMaster 300-dpl 24-bit flatbed color scanner, and Its P-Sfaf statistlcal-analysls package. Onward, Aching Feet! To facilitate all the high-end applications presented at the show, developers of traditional Amiga peripherals offered alt manner of controllers, accelerators, super RAM cards and much more. Many of these companies are taking off In new directions. GVP (RS 563), for example, showed off a color scanner and a 24- bit graphics board (both still In development). The company also held demonstrations of Its first software offering, the impressive Norwegian presentation package, Scala. IVS (RS 578) had the most attention-getting (and loudest) display: The company used Digital Creations’ DCTV (RS 564) to display a near-video quality film clip from hard disk in real time via Its TrumpCard Professional controller. IVS also previewed Its Grand Slam card that combines SMB of RAM and a parallel connector with a SCSI hard card. Digital Creations, incidentally, announced a DCTV software upgrade (scheduled for release around June) to include an '‘undo’’ command. New In the California Access (RS 565) booth was the CA-650 CD-ROM software interface that supports both SCSI CD-ROM drives and Amiga SCSI-direct hard-disk controllers. As for discs, it supports AmrgaDOS, ISO 9660, and Hlgh-Slerra standards and thus allows use of IBM and Mac ISO compact discs In addition to standard audio Cds. California Access also joined the speedy elite with the announcement of Its Boogie Board 33-MHz 68030 accelerator. Across the show floor, CSA (RS 566) showed a preliminary version of Its 68040 accelerator In addition to Its Mega-Memory 19MB RAM board for the A2000. Amidst more hard-disk controllers and RAM cards, the developer of the much-anticipated Colorburst 24-blt RGB graphics card was on hand to answer questions in the MAST (RS
567) booth. ICD (RS 568), meanwhile, drew some wows for its tiny Novla 201 Internal A500 hard drive ($ 695.95), which Incorporates the firm’s AdlDE controller. Spirit Technologies (RS 569) alluded to a forthcoming character generator, and gave details on Its modular Studio A genlock, which allows you to add such things as color splitters or computer control to the basic NTSC ($ 795) or PAL ($ 925) unit. Roctec (RS 570) also displayed an external NTSC PAL genlock the Rocgen. Roctec’s Rocknlght external anti-virus device stirred Interest with Its track-location display and warning system. Among the many devices featured in Supra’s (RS 571) massive display were two new Supra- Modems: the 2400 MNP wtth error-checking, and the 9600-baud unit The new SupraRam 500RX is a low-profile SMB external memory expander wtth a pass-through connector for the A500. Compu- trol (RS 579) engineered Its tiny SMB device with controller option to fit under the hood of the A5Q0 (and A1000 and A2000 as well). From Here to There One booth that generated lots of Interest was that of Black Belt Systems (RS 572). Attendees who made their way Inside were treated not only to glimpses of the Click Fax 9600-baud fax modem, but also saw demos of the HAM-E 24-bit imaging device and Its new software. In support of HAM-E, HoloSoft Technologies (RS 573) Introduced Its HAM-E Workshop software. A handful of European companies exhibited at the show, Including Memory Expansion Systems (RS 574), wtth Its 8MB Cortex external RAM expander for the A500 and AtOOQ. Activa International (RS 575) demonstrated its CAPS XL (Computer Aided Presentation System) multimedia software, which allows multiple users working on different platforms to set up presentations for cable television and in-house video systems. Both companies actively sought US distribution. This show was pretty sophisticated. Any professional or aspiring artists or videographers who felt confused by the array of offerings were welcomed by the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild (RS 576), a nationwide nonprofit organization whose booth seemed forever busy. Those who didn’t get enough should consider attending the next EXPO, to be held in Orlando, Florida, July 26-28. For details, call 914 741-6500. BG Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Janine Jackson, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ wish no more GVP has the solution for you „ Choose GVPS Series II ?SCSI Hard Disk Controller Sll A2000 SCSI “Hard'Disk-Card": Specifically designed for those users who don't need memory expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price. Features: V Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design. V Supports virtually any SCSI device including: CD ROMs, tape drives, Bernoulli drives, removable hard drives... V Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB| standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. V Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. | Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. " 1 RAM Expansion Board, SCSI Hard Drive Controller or SCSI+RAM Hard Disk Card. Realize the potential of configuring your perfect solution without any need for compromise! RAM Expansion Sll A2000-RAM8I2: The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM expansion board for the A2000! Features: V 2MB of factory-installed RAM, expandable to 8 MB, V All memory fully Auto-Configured. V Also supports 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. I Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! V GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an 8MB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! This translates into a lower parts count and also means the highest possible reliability and life expectancy. . 2MS Factorv- M Installed Memory GVP Custom
* ** iWtt ' ; VLSI Chip
* ***** r k Up to 6MB
* **** w** User-Installed
* *** Memory I > SCSI Hard Disk+RAM ( Expansion Sll A2000-SCSI Hard Disk+RAM-Card: State-of-the-Art integration packs GVP's high performance SCSI controller, 8MB FAST RAM expansion and a 3.5" hard drive drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT! Features: V GVP's new custom chip design provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM. Eliminating typical DMA side efrects under heavy graphics load. V Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations for Zero through 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. V Supports virtually any SCSI device. Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition, V Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. ? Factory-Installed 'X S" Uarrl flick fl GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion Seres II, and GVP are trademarks of Great Vfclley Products Inc Amiga and Amiga 2000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Dealers Circle 265 on Reader Service card For more information, Of (Or nearOSt dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Consumers Circle 36 on Reader Service card. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REVIEWS Professional Page 2.0 The features, they are a-changin’. By Irene C. Kobelski IT’S BEEN A few years since Gold Disk introduced Professional Page to Amiga desktop publishers, and the program has changed almost as much as hairstyles since the 1960s. Back in the old days, document output was limited. Then came version 1.3, with its Compugraphic fonts and full support for dot-matrix printers. Professional Page 2.0 (S395; $ 75 for upgrade) is chock-full of new features, making Gold Disk’s ongoing commitment to this high-end desktop publishing package abundantly clear. To appease the ever-growing demands of state-of-the-art desktop publishers, Gold Disk managed not only to pack the program with new features, but also to give the basic functions a new look. The newly implemented Menu Extended Select makes it fast and easy to experiment with different combinations of text attributes. Rather than waiting for one menu command to execute before choosing another, you can now select multiple menu items by simply holding down the right mouse button while making selections with the left. You can also activate names in list requesters by double-clicking on them. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you will appreciate using the space bar to execute a screen refresh. Improvements like these mean that you spend less time thinking about the program and more of your time producing copy. Today’s Design Heading up the list of added features is the long-awaited ability to rotate text and graphics. You can rotate any box to any angle by typing in numeric values or using the mouse. This feature gives the program a serious boost, eliminating the need to manually paste up copy requiring special text or graphics angles. Two new page-display modes make checking a multipage layout a snap. You can now view facing pages of a document or see up to six pages at once in thumbnail representations. You can also view single pages at any of five available screen magnifications, ranging from 25 to 200 percent. Whenever you choose a magnification level too low to see text properly as is the case with the special display modes text will appear greeked (as patterns rather than characters). You can, however, change the threshold at which greeking occurs by selecting the minimum and maximum sizes for greeked text. ' YOUR TURN! Pro Page 2.0 has the potential to once again set industry standards in Amiga desktop publishing. However, unstable printing at 300dpi resolution and poor response from Gold Disk technical services make
2. 0 an unacceptable program for producing “professional” documents on a laser printer. Talk to me when the program works as it should. Jim Twining Nashua, NH The program now makes provisions for automatically inserting dates within a document. Likewise, you can add page numbers with a simple keystroke. Format options for both of these features appear on the Preferences menu. Pro Page 2.0 supports color dithering, which means that it can display over 1000 colors on screen simultaneously. Via the Color Dither Mode menu, you can choose smooth, noninterlace or flicker-free dither. Whether you are working with color or black-and-white graphics, the program is very flexible. You can import 24-bit IFF color pictures, bitmap graphics (in IFF format), HAM pictures, Aegis Draw and Aegis Draw Plus GAD structured drawings, Professional Draw clips, and Encapsulated PostScript Format (EPSF) graphics. Pro Page 2.0 also conies with tools for creating your own structured drawings. With the addition of the Pantone Matching System, you can output color separations or print to a color PostScript printer or slide imager. The Pantone system assures consistency in over 700 industry-standardized colors. When actually preparing your document, it is often necessary to use several different combinations of typographical attributes. A typical magazine page may include headlines, subheads, quote boxes, and body copy, each requiring a different size font or particular line spacing. To simplify an otherwise tedious procedure, Pro Page 2.0 lets you create Style Tags. Let's say that you always set your body copy in 12-point Times with a leading of two points, flush justification, and a tracking of 2. By defining and saving a Style Tag, you can invoke these attributes quickly, without having to select them manually each time. Since each Style Tag is saved with a specific name, it is possible to use multiple tags within a document. For viewing and printing purposes, you can assign different colors to l he text affected by each tag. Paragraph Tags let you define box margins, paragraph spacing, indents, tabs, and interword character spacing For information about the vendors of products reviewed, see “Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 88. Professional Page V2.8 ©1998 Gold Disk inc. : NewsLe1 ter.Final UrtCC * New Laser Times ti mu ii Ip l 1 5} j = j|WWW = WMWWmmW »mm i ii ii ? M i M up a >a 01 '10 ? N 1 (with flush-justified text only). For complete flexibility, Paragraph Tags can be linked to Style Tags or used independently. Best of all, these tags can be modified or deleted as you see Fit. Two Editors for the Price of One Pro Page’s integrated, on-screen text editor has always been useful for making quick changes or corrections, composing short blurbs, or writing headlines. For longer documents, you were better off booting up a separate word processor and importing the results. That was yesterday. Today, the program’s new built-in word processor is at your disposal Unlike the on-screen text editor, the Article Editor is meant to handle bigger jobs. To compose a long document from scratch, you simply run the Article Editor from your Workbench disk. You can save files with or without special Pro Page formatting codes and import them later in the same way you’d handle documents from other word processors. You invoke the Article Editor from the Edit menu when Pro Page is operating. Exploring the Article Editor turns up several features you might not expect. Among them are automatic upper- and lowercase letter conversion, extended cursor-key functions, and the ability to create macros. A quick cursor keystroke combination lets you mark a long range of text without having to use the mouse. You can even save portions of a longer article as a separate File or insert a file on disk into your current article. The Find Replace command lets you locate specific words or phrases within your document. You can con- duct a search from beginning to end, in addition to forward or backward from the current cursor position. You can search for upper lowercase matches or perform wildcard and style-code searches. Finally, when multiple substitutions make using the Find Replace operation impractical, Greeked text makes for quicker layout with Pro Page 2.0. Translation Tables (e.g. “PP” = “Professional Page”) can be used to speed things up. Invoking the Analyze feature brings up a screen displaying the word count of your document, the total number of characters, sentences and paragraphs, a word-length frequency histogram, and a readability index (the average number of words per sentence and the reading level of the text). This is a highly unusual but welcome feature. The Article Editor includes a 90,000-word spelling checker, Trans- Spell, which you must load into memory. You must therefore have more than 2MB of RAM in order to use it while running Pro Page. Like the .Article Editor itself, TransSpell is a stand-alone program. Good Copy? Professional Page 2.0 is a solid, reliable package. Those planning to use it in a professional capacity are strongly advised to invest in a hard drive and at least 2MB of memory. Though it will function on a 1MB .Amiga, this necessarily sacrifices some of its conveniences. For example, you cannot load the hyphenation dictionary nor the TransSpell module while Pro Page is running. You may also get low-memory warnings, particularly when working with multiple bitmap graphics. But Pro Page is still worth the investment, even though its memory is limited. It goes without saying that using a PostScript printer or Linotron with Pro Page will yield the best finished copy, but even a 9-pin dot-matrix • printer can produce impressive results when using Compugraphic fonts. The program manual is well documented and easy to follow, even for first-time users. To get you started, a tutorial video is packaged with the software. Unfortunately, it is not available to users who are simply purchasing the upgrade. If you run into any problems while operating the program, you’ll find the technical-sup- port personnel quite helpful. Imagine The program that asks the question: What if? By Kelly Day A MULTIDIMENSIONAL program such as Imagine ($ 350) from Impulse offers incredible possibilities to a 3-D artist. Imagine is complex. It is also clearly a great program, and it will take years for its full value to be realized. I think there are basically two schools of thought when it comes to 3-D modeling, and it is difficult for one program to encompass both. The first type of designer builds models and animates from a designed set of plans. For instance, industrial designers or architects might want to show their clients precisely what a product will look like and exactly how it will operate in near-actual situations. On the other hand, cartoon artists animators quite often may not have an exact idea of what a design will look like before starting to “sketch” it ? O V out. Instead, they may want to play around with some basic shapes until they find the form or motion they like, without being too particular about the details until later on. As a cartoon animator, I found it difficult to use Turbo Silver (Imagined predecessor) for model building and animation because it was a “by- the-numbers” kind of program more typical of the first approach. Instead of letting me “mouse” around with forms, it required a lot of keyboard input of exact degrees of rotation, lengths of extrusion, and color numbers. The results were flawless but, I think, a little stiff. This did not stop many people, myself included, from creating some interesting images and animations with Turbo even a few “cartoony” ones but it was tricky. Certainly the mapping features of Turbo set it above many other Amiga programs with regard to imaging. I had wished, however, for a program incorporating both texture and picture mapping and a more artist-flexible, model-building and visualizing interface. With Imagine, Impulse has taken all of the things that were so EDITING SWEET. With AmiLink CI controlling your editing suite, there's onfy one more editing device you'll ever need. Just a few mouse clicks and you're editing with AmiLink CI, the new computer-based edit controller from RGB. AmiLink’s intuitive, graphical software interface is a pure pleasure to use. It leaves the artist in you free to create! And perform or open-ended editing, edit point trimming, complete 999-event edit decision list management, and multiple list saves to disk, your pace will be fast and furious. But you remain calm and relaxed because now your computer does the work. So you see, with all this power and simplicity, the only thing left to buy is the easy chair. Call now for info: 1-800-535-7876. AmiLmk is compatible with all 5-pm or control-!. And control-M VCRs. Multiple platforms supported All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies Ami Link puts you right in the middle of the hot desktop video arena. It multitasks with your favorite desktop video software applications, and it controls most traditional devices too (Video Toaster upgrade available soon). It's Ami Link's power that makes editing easy. With features that let you do insert or assemble editing, auto assembly from a list, park RGB COMPUTER & VIDEO Makers of professional computer-based edit controllers for over 3 years good about Turbo and put them into a program that takes many steps in my direction. In addition, Impulse added some very powerful features that were never at my Amiga fingertips before. In a nutshell, Imagine is a six-editor, modular program. The Project editor lets you name and define your 3-D enterprise (picture or animation), including such items as the number of frames, resolution of lest traces, and so forth. With the powerful Forms editor, you can create wonderfully organic, amorphous shapes. The Detail editor allows you to select points by lasso, dragbox, and point-and-click, and it offers a wide array of tools for manipulating shapes. When it comes to moving and shaking your images, the Cycle, Stage, and Action editors are at your fingertips. With the Cycle editor, you can pull out stick-figure representations of objects and their positions, set key frames, and then assign the actual objects to the stick segments all contributing to easier, more realistic character motion. The Stage editor is where you put all your elements together for animation, while the Action editor lets you define the relationships between objects and plot their movements, as well as morph those objects and their attributes in almost any way imaginable. The Best of the Bunch Imagine includes so many great new features that I hardly know where to start, nor can I list them all, so I'll just point out the best. My favorite new tool by far is the Magnetism mode found within the Detail editor. It allows you to create ‘‘organic” shapes by pulling a wireframe around an object as if it were some kind of flexible chicken wire. By setting its parameters, you can adjust exactly how your magnet will influence a model. For those $ 99 moments when Proper Grammar m hH-avo I 1I1UIIV 1 Proper Grammar™ utilizes the Houghton Mifflin CorrecText™ Grammar Correction System, a powerful expert system that uses context-sensitive rules of grammar to analyze writing and to detect and correct errors in syntax, usage, punctuation, spelling, and style. It is the first and only interactive language-aid system on the Amiga that corrects documents by identifying the grammatical function and relationships among wrords. Proper Grammar™ takes the guesswork out of good grammar by detecting 95% of all writing errors, it identifies and corrects embarrassing errors making it a valuable proofreading tool designed to improve writing. Use with your wTord processor. Open, check, edit and save WordPerfect™, ProWrite™. QuickWrite™, Pen Pal™. Excellence!™, TextCraft Plus™, KindWords™. TransWrite™, Scribble!™, and ASCII files. System Requirements: Amiga™ with 1 megabyte RAM, and either a hard drive or 2 (loppy drives. WordPerfect. ProWrite, QuickWrite. Pen Pal. Excellence!. Scribble1. KindW ords, TransWrite. And TextCraft Plus are trademarks ol their respective owners 1(800)247-8330 SoftWood Visa Mastercard Accepted ©1991 SoftWood. Inc. P.O. Box 50118, Phoenix. AZ 85076 For instance, you can adjust whether it will pull out a sharp ridge or a dull bulge, and then set how much of your model’s area will be affected. For the first time, 1 feel I am actually "modeling” an object in 3-D as if it were wet clay, as opposed to chipping away at it like a piece of granite. This feature alone is worth the package. Each editor in Imagine has a "fourth view” in hidden-line perspective that you can rotate independently of your normal work area, or "triview,” so you can see odd angles KP-C500 Small and Powerful The Hitachi KP-C500 Series CCD Color Cameras ensure sharp, clear pictures with high sensitivity and excellent reproductivity without geometricdistortion. TheKP-C500 Series can be used for a wide range of industrial system applications utilizing automatic sensitivity adjustment, realtime auto white balance and ES lens output. In addition, the KP-C500 boasts low light sensitivity to 10LUX which makes it superior in all applications where light levels are a problem. Hitachi Denshi America, Ltd, Headquarters and Eastern Regional Office 150 Crossways Park Drive Woodbury, NY 11797
(516) 921 -7200 FAX: (516) 496-3718 Dallas Office 5910 No. Central Expressway Dallas, TX. 75 206
(214) 891-6381 FAX: (214) 891-6382 when sculpting a form. There are also many helpful shortcuts that facilitate the process of getting your ideas on screen. For example, if you are working on an animated scene, Imagine allows you to preview small sections of your animation. This saves time because you don’t have to sit through an entire preview rendering when you are fine-tuning one small portion (pretty smart!). With the Forms editor, you can create all kinds of "organic” shapes by altering the profiles of a generic sphere. If you wish, you can do things FEATURES:
• 5 different models available
• Built-in 4-speed electronic shutter
• Free from external noise
• Realtime auto white balance
• No geometric distortion
• Long life and high reliability
• Excellent color separation
• 48 dB signal to noise
• Resistance to vibration and shock
• External sync capability
• RGB analog output Western Regional Office 371 Van Ness Way, Suite 120 Torrance, CA 90501
(213) 328-6116 FAX: (213) 328-6252 Midwestern Regional Office 250 East Devon Avenue Itasca, IL 60143
(312) 250-8050 FAX: (312) 250-8054 like pull the walls of your object out to impossibly thin dimensions and then warp them in and out in a sort of sine wave pattern. In the Detail editor, the Slice function lets you punch holes in your model as if you were using a 3-D cookie cutter. In general, Detail gives you more control over image size, depth, color, texture and other attributes than you can. . .well, imagine! Moving from object composition to animation, the equally powerful Cycle editor allows you to animate very complicated objects by manipulating much simpler stick figures made of little squashable diamond shapes. In YOUR TliRM Imagine is very powerful. It really is a great program and easy to use. The manual, however, is very poor. 1 am used to Sculpt, with its in-depth manual; there is just not enough tutorial with Imagine. You have to try it yourself and learn as you go. Pierre Tavemier Rock Hill, South Carolina the rendering and animation areas, Imagine simply can’t be beat. Changing Trains Unlike Sculpt-Animate 4D, Imagine is mainly an object-oriented modeler. That is, the emphasis is on first deciding what you want to build and then figuring out how to build it from smaller, basic objects. This method works fine when you are building a model of something you can see. When creating something entirely new, however, you start by "sketching" the larger elements, such as the main portions of a figure and the size and mass relationships of its parts. Next, you break those larger elements down (in 3-D) and extrude them, scaling and reproportioning them as you go, sticking and unsticking pieces together. This method of adding a dab here and breaking off a hunk there can be done in Imagine, but it feels as though you were going against its grain. For instance, suppose you want to build some weird alien hand. If you forge ahead to make the whole hand one object, the only way to break it down for animation is to copy it over and over, each time deleting pieces until you’re left with one Continued on p. 76. 2, 4, 6, or SMB FAST RAM board for Amiga® 2000 computers Easy to install & Easy to expand Uses 1MB x 1 DIP DRAM chips (120 ns. Or faster) Zero wait states & Hidden refresh Four-layer board reduces noise and V improves reliability" 6MB configuration allows maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large & very fast RAM disks Test mode & software simplify troubleshooting 1 2MB FAST RAM board for the Amiga 500 Increases computer’s memory to 1MB Battery backed-up dock calendar remembers time & date even when your system is turned off Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs Installs easily in A500 internal memory slot Comparable to Commodore A-501 board ON OFF switch available 1 2, 1, 2, 4, or 8MB FAST RAM for Amiga 500 computers Easily plugs onto A5Q0 expansion port Amiga bus pass-through Easy to expand from initial configuration Uses 256K x 4 ZIP DRAM chips (120 ns. Or faster) for 1 2, 1. & 2MB configurations; 1MB x 4 ZIPs for 2, 4. & 8 MB configurations Zero wait states & Hidden refresh Four-layer board reduces noise and * improves reliability Available at your local dealer, or call 1-800-727-8772 Lets you run larger N more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large & very fast RAM disks Test mode & software i simplify trouble- A shooting A Optional external A power supply A ON OFF switch A 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321 USA • FAX: 503-926-9370 • 503-96p075 SupraRAV 500. SupraRAM 500P.X. and SupraRAM 20CQ are Trademarks of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Cfinmodofe- As Commodore's long-awaited interactive
- Win 1
- ..;:ww •; , . V -¦¦¦;. . - • . ¦' • : •- • multimedia system for the home finally hits the market, people are wondering whether this CD-ROM Amiga hybrid is a revolutionary breakthrough or just another fancy flash in the pan. AW’s Editor in Chief ventures a few answers in J J this Special Report. AMIGAWORLD SPECIAL REPORT T V sor does not allow for the fine control possible with a mouse, making intricate menus and drawing out of the question. (Commodore will, however, offer a remote-control mouse later this year see the “Options” sidebar.) In general, the remote device offers fewer choices, and it will take a bit more time to achieve the desired result. But those intimidated by the complexity of a VCR, or scared stiff of computers, will appreciate the total shielding of all computer elements. With the remote, users also gain tremendous freedom. There is simply no cord binding you to your computer. When you sit back in that easy chair, soda in hand, and start moving through screens, the advantages really sink in. Another advantage of CDTV is its ability to play the rare (there are only about 30) but interesting CD + G (Compact Disc Plus Graphics) discs. These Cds include graphics that are played on a television. We’re not exactly talking rock video here, but the images do add flavor to the musical content. Currently available titles include Fleetwood Mac’s “Behind The Mask,” Little Feat’s "Hoy, Hoy” and “Representing. . “Jimi Hendrix Experience: Smash Hits,” Bonnie Raitt’s “Green Light,” and Talking Heads’ “Naked” with a little classical, folk, and jazz thrown in as well. For playing standard Cds, Commodore has added a slick graphical interface. You control the CD by poking buttons on the remote device. Then you see an animated representation of the portion of the CD that is played. In addition to programming the sequence of cuts or skipping through tracks, the interface gives you the ability to preview the first ten seconds of each song, as well as to control the CD + G and CD + MIDI function. By the way, the MIDI func- Continued on p. 28. In order to have enough time to do a full-scale, hands-on review of CDTV for this issue, however, we were forced to use a very late-model prototype and an array of equally late beta software. In addition, we received one final operating-system up- in the middle of writing the article! Hybrid Vigor: Highlights of CDTV While some things have been altered, the basic hardware behind CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) has not changed much from what we described 11 months ago. It is still a CD-ROM player tied into a 7.16 Mhz 68000-based A500. The front panel includes mainly standard CD functions (Play, Pause, Head-Phone Jack, and so forth), plus a port for the Personal RAM card (see the “CDTV Options and Accessories” sidebar). Meanwhile, the back is jammed full of ports and plugs that computer users around the world generally love to see. There are parallel and serial ports, a floppy drive, keyboard and remote mouse joystick ports, audio out, MIDI in and out, and an array of video outputs, including RF, Composite color video, Digital and Analog RGB, and S- Video (supporting PAL and NTSC). Also on the back are a DMA expansion slot and a video slot. The system still comes with one megabyte of RAM, which limits the amount and quality of either animation or video, but keeps the price down to a reasonable level. Although CDTV uses the tried-and-true A500 as its base technology, it is shockingly and purposely unlike any computer ever made. As you can see from the photo on the opening page, the physical device is decidedly uncomputer-like. A key difference is the 28-button hand-held remote device that handles all control functions. Unfortunately, its four-button cur- CDTY Options and Accessories TO MAKE CDTV more useful and more versatile, Commodore plans to introduce a number of special accessories throughout 1991. Perhaps of most interest to current.Amiga owners will be the one scheduled to appear first, which is also the first item on the following list: A690 CD-ROM Drive Already exhibited at CES and carrying a $ 699 suggested retail price tag, the A690 should be shipping not long after you read this. It attaches to the A500's expansion bus and plays any compact disc, including CDTV. Commodore is also supposedly developing interfaces for the A2000 and A3000 so that these systems can run the drive sometime in the future. Video Genlock Card Allows you to combine CDTV visuals with video from a video camera, videotape, or live television. You can switch among video-only, CDTV-plus-video, and CDTV-only genlock modes. There is already a genlock button on the standard CDTV remote control. Remote-Control Mouse A two-button model that provides real mouse control over the CDTV player without wires or cables. Will allow the kind of control not presently available when operating CDTV painting and drawing titles. Trackball Controller Increases speed and control for fast interactive multimedia titles. Has dual joystick connectors and operates by either an infrared remote control or a plug-in cable that is provided. Personal Memory Card Provides an easy way to save information for later use for such CDTV titles as games (save a position), paint programs (save an image), and reference discs (save a text excerpt), In 64K and 256K versions. Game Controller An infrared transmitter “brick” with ports for wired joysticks. Bookshelf Speakers For better sound quality, this pair of stereo speakers comes with built-in audio amplifiers. So What “Titles” Are on “Disc?” RIGHT. REMEMBER, THEY don’t call them programs they’re titles. .And it’s a "c" not a "k” on the end of dis round thing I'm holding between my fingers. Because developers were scrambling to put the finishing touches on many of the titles in time for the CDTV roll-out, I was able to sample only a small number of applications (but quite a larger number of standard Cds all of which played quite nicely). Besides the seven discs reviewed below, there are descriptions in the buyer’s guide of nearly 25 other current titles, plus a list of over 50 additional titles announced for later in 1991. Playing CDTV tides is the opposite of using standard computer software. Most computer software waits for the user to provide data and then helps to sift, manipulate, and form the information. CD-ROM “software” provides the information, which the user can then sift, manipulate, or form. The first disc you’ll play is a freebie. In fact, it's actually the CDTV documentation. Not knowing that at first, I called Commodore’s Gail Wellington to ask about docs. She replied, “Look in the box for The Welcome Disc.” Sure enough, it tells you through images, animation, sound, and words what CDTV is all about and how it works. This is the perfect approach for a living-room computer, because you would probably wind up throwing out the manuals with old copies of Sports Illustrated and Cosmo the next time you cleared off the coffee table. Next on my trial run and one of the best of my tiny bunch was World Vista Atlas ($ 79.95) from Applied Optical Media. Similar to PC Globe for the IBM and Mac, World Vista teaches geography in a visual, interactive manner. Unlike PC Globe, however, which uses conventional computer-stvle pull-down menus, World Vista uses a friendlier, kiosk-style interface. Instead of computer-generated, undetailed maps, it offers actual scanned maps the user can navigate through. More importantly, World Vista adds the richness of sound, which helps teach about different cultures through music and language. The cultural side is topped off with photographic images of the country along with descriptions of what you are seeing. It is obvious that Applied Optical took full advantage of CD-ROM’s half-giga- byte-plus (550MB) mass-storage capacity. In human terms, that means that a single disc can store up to 250,000 typewritten pages! .Also in my personal CDTV starter kit was Xiphias’ American Heritage Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary ($ 69.95), which was not quite as suited to the CDTV remote device as World Vista. For applications such as this, a remote keyboard (promised by Commodore sometime in 1991) would be a welcome addition. The 3000 color illustrations, automated word pronouncer and speller, and “hot-word” reference feature, however, all make good use of the strengths of both CD-ROM and Amiga-graphics technologies. The results are fuller, richer definitions of more than 180,000 words. Fun and Games, Too To keep our hard-charging reporter from getting bored, Commodore sent Airwave Adventure: The Case of the Cautious Condor ($ 49.95) from Tiger Media. This adventure game was designed from the ground up for interactivity and takes excellent advantage of CDTV’s sound capability and storage capacity. You have 30 minutes to solve a murder mystery on board the maiden voyage of a 1937 luxury liner. With countless story possibilities and myriad images, however, it is a game that can be played over and over in many different variations. For the younger set, there is Multimedia Corp.’s A Bun for Barney ($ 49.95) title (and, remember, that’s “bun” not “pun”). Narrated by Tom Baker, who plays Dr. Who on the PBS show of the same name, this is a terrific animated interactive children’s book. Users (ages 3-6) can choose to simply go through the story or to combine the story with games. Choosing the game style, the child can move the pointer to various parts of the screen to make bears pop up, birds flutter, and squirrels appear, or to invoke simple and fun guessing games. The imagery is first-rate, the interactivity excellent, and the sound even better. Back on the reference side, Dr. Wellman: Family Health Adviser ($ 79.95) from Commodore’s own CDTV Publishing unit, is an interactive primer on health. .Although the program lacks the depth of a Gray’s Anatomy or Merck Manual, it is quite easy to push-button your way to a better understanding of medical matters and to better health for you or your child. It includes information on traveling to various countries, exercise, first aid, alternative medicine, and many more health topics. From Xiphias’ Time Table of History series, Science and Innovation ($ 59.95) makes excellent use of the Amiga’s and CDTV’s image handling. One can explore economic trends through simple graphs, read about the Big Bang, reminisce about the 1977 launch of the Commodore PET, put the Babylonians in historical perspective with a timeline, or see the famous photograph of the young Chinese student who stopped a tank on its way to Tiananmen Square. Audio presentations for key events and “hot-word” interactive referencing further enhance the program's appeal. ? DB The titles presented here are currently available or slated to appear by the time this guide is published. A brief list of other titles expected later on in 1991 is also included. Buyer’s Guide to CDTV Titles A list of CDTV developers with addresses and phone numbers is also contained in the guide. In addition, you may contact Commodore = see under “CDTV' Publishing” in the list of CDTV developers) for product and ordering information about any of these titles. Titles are grouped under five major headings: Arts & Leisure, Education, Entertainment, Music, and Reference. ARTS & LEISURE Advanced Military Systems Dominion Software $ 39.95 For the armchair warrior, the newest and most advanced military hardware is featured in over 1500 action photographs accompanied by music and narration. Women in Motion On-Line Entertainment $ 49.95 Photography genius and motion-picture pioneer Eadweard Muybridge's Women in Motion is an encyclopedia of movement based on some of the great historic photos of the 19th century. You can examine each frame of animation, print it, or load it into a paint program. EDUCATION A Bun for Barney Multimedia Corp.
549. 95 Featured in the “Titles Disc " sidebar. Barney Bear Goes to School Free Spirit Software $ 39.95 A two-part learning game that combines colorful, animated graphics and "multitrack" sound. Includes spelling and counting games, color and shape identification, and a coloring book. Ages 2-6. Fun School 3 Database Educational Software
49. 95 Consists of six educational activities that help to develop many skills, including number, shape, and word recognition. Colorful pictures, animations, and sounds. Ages 3-5. LTV English Jerlko S49.95 Helping people to learn English as a second language, LTV provides more than 30 situations and 150 exercises designed to improve oral comprehension for many levels of competence. Teens through adults. It's ispcrtsrt to fnclit? This technique under trained aprTttiob There's na usslilulr for practical bov!n%c t cspriecce. Fty.t asuiitv co thrir bid on fira tnltct. Dtm i :asiJ pilici c-us W plstd «kier thwk'en so h'.x islh bid* arts Give 1 br«Ua. Iej!n| your lips vith A dfin hiadercruff ess be used to serrate sjisslii'5 ssuth frsa voisn la ptvwi idee lux. Dr. Wellman: First-aid remedies and health tips. Mind Run CDTV Publishing $ 39.95 An entertaining interactive set of exercises to test your intellectual aptitudes and to sharpen your capabilities in memory, stress, listening, reflexes, logic, and understanding of machines. Children, teens, and adults. Mud Puddle Discis $ 49.95 In order to escape the mud puddle that is chasing her, Julie Ann must outsmart it. A kinder, gentler approach to inculcating the values of cleanliness and tidiness. Ages 6 and up. My Paint Saddleback Graphics $ 39.95 An easy-to-use. Classroom-tested paint program based entirely upon intuitive symbols. Features include colorful animated symbols for all tools, a “coloring" book of over 100 pictures, sounds, special effects, and more. Ages 3-9. The Paper Bag Princess Discis $ 49.95 A fairy tale with a contemporary twist: The princess is the heroine who saves the prince from the dragon, Being a modern couple, however, they don’t live entirely happily ever after. Ages 6 and up. Scary Poems for Rotten Kids D sc s $ 59.95 Traditional fears of the dark or of monsters are not the only ones faced by today's children. Environmental dangers, war, and the like are also part of the new things that "go bump in the night" as these poems will attest. Ages 8 and up. The Tale of Peter Rabbit Discis $ 59.95 Beatrix Potter's universally loved tale of naughty Peter’s escape from Mr. McGregor's garden has a timeless appeal for all small children and many adults! Ages 5 and up. Thomas’ Snowsult Discis $ 49.95 Getting Thomas to put on his snowsuit was an impossible task for all the adults, but he quickly jumps into the suit when a friend comes to invite him out to play. Ages 5 and up. ENTERTAINMENT AN Dogs Go to Heaven Merit Software S49.95 Transform your TV into an electronic coloring book with 30 coloring-book pictures, spoken words, and songs telling the story of Don Biuth’s roguish German Shepherd, Charlie B. Barkin, The Case of the Cautious Condor Tiger Media $ 49.95 Featured in the “Titles Disc" sidebar. Chess, checkers, and backgammon vs. a human opponent or your CDTV player at several levels of difficulty. Dr. Wellman Family Health Adviser CDTV Publishing $ 79.95 Psycho Killer On-Line Entertainment $ 49.95 An interactive thriller game with real actors and a live locale. Play well...or else! Snoopy: The Case of the Missing Blanket The Edge Interactive Media $ 49.95 Help Detective Snoopy find Linus' missing blanket in this interactive cartoon game. Wrath of the Demon ReadySoft $ 49,95 This 3-D graphics adventure pits you against the Demon to save a princess and her father's realm. Xenon 2: Megablast MlrrorSoft $ 49.95 A remixed, remastered version of the arcade hit Megablast in full "3-D sound." MUSIC Music Maker CDTV Publishing S49.95 Learn to play music in minutes with 17 song tracks and more than 40 instruments. Three different skill levels. REFERENC E The American Heritage Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary Xlphias $ 69.95 Featured in the "Titles Disc " sidebar. Complete Works of Shakespeare Animated Pixels $ 49.95 All the Bard's plays, poems, and sonnets collected on one disc with illustrated scenes from original woodcuts. Reference utilities include an automatic word phrase look-up and a complete concordance. Featured in the "Titles Disc” sidebar. Images and reproduced documents, and audio effects and narration tell the story of the quest for wealth, power, and knowledge. Fred Fish Collection HyperMedla Concepts $ 69.95 The entire 410-floppy-disk Fred Fish library of freely distributable Amiga software on one CD. More than 46,000 separate files. Daathof f»bg| Afghanistan leaded j 1 Watergatei Wa- n Lebanon IjranContra! Beijing Uprising ggggtnsa immbihm ..... ”! " 03Crisis Hostage Crisis in Iran I Collapse of Eastern Bloc The Time Table of History uses pictures, text, and sound and lets you zero In on events with Its timeline feature. The Illustrated Holy Bible Animated Pixels $ 49.95 The complete texts of the Old and New Testaments with full-color illustrations. Includes a slide-show option and search facilities. The New Basics Electronic Cookbook Xlphias
559. 95 1800 entries from the Silver Palate library of recipes with more than 450 full-color photos. Time Table of History: Business, Politics, and Media Xlphias $ 59.95 More than 6000 stories, thousands of quotes, Time Table of History: Science and Innovation Xlphias $ 59.95 Featured in the "Titles Disc" sidebar. World Vista Atlas Applied Optical Media $ 79.95 Featured in the “Titles Disc" sidebar. Future Titles Arts & Leisure Animated Coloring Book (Gold Disk) Dinosaurs for Hire (Wright Enterprises) Gardenfax Series (CDTV Publishing) Guinness CDTV Disc of Records (CDTV) Ninja High School Comix (Wright) Our House (Context Systems) Education A Long Hard Day on the Ranch (Discis) Cinderella (Discis) Fun School: 5-7 (Database Software) Fun School: Over 7's (Database Software) Heather Hits Her First Home Run (Discis) Mickey's 1 2 3's (Walt Disney) Moving Gives Me a Stomachache (Discis) North Polar Expedition (Virgin Mastertronic) The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (Discis) Entertainment Air Traffic Controller (Logic Plus) Angel of the City (Tiger Media)
B. A.T. (UBI Soft) Basketball (Context Systems) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Capstone) Blockbusters (Domark) CDTV Sports Football (CDTV) Cardinal of the Kremlin (Capstone) C D T V Buyer’s Guide, continued Dominion (Dominion Software) Drakkhen (Infogrames) Dungeon Master (FTL Games) Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte MirrorSoft) Future Wars (Interplay Productions) Herewith the Clues (Domark) Horse Racing (Context) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (CDTV) Indoor Sports (Context) Jack Nicklaus Golf (Accolade) Loom (CDTV) Many Roads to Murder (CDTV) Murder, Anyone? (CDTV) Murder off Miami (Domark) Pro Tennis Tour SI (U8I Soft) Secret of Monkey Island (CDTV) Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (Icom Simulations) Sim City (Maxis) Spirit of Excalibur (Virgin) Spy vs. Spy (CDTV) Terminator (Bethesda Software) Trivial Pursuit (Domark) Trump Castle (Capstone) Unreal (UBI Soft) Wayne Gretzky Hockey (Bethesda) Music CDTV Disc Jockey (Sassenrath Research) Musicolor (Virgin) Reference American Vista Atlas (Applied Optical Media) Family Drug and Poison Information (NE Louisiana University) Uving Book Series (Digigraphic) New Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia (CDTV) Time Table of the Arts (Xiphias) CDTV Developers Accolade 550 S. Winchester Blvd. San Jose, CA 95128 408 985-1700 Animated Pixels Albemarle House Osborne Rd. Southsea, Hants. P05 3LB, UK 0705-733588 Applied Optical Media 18 Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern, PA 19355 215 889-9564 Bethesda Software 15235 Shady Grove Rd., Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20850 301 926-8300 Capstone 14160 S.W. 139th Court Miami. FL 33186 CDTV Publishing 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Context Systems The Technology' Center 333 Bay berry Rd. Hatboro, PA 19040 215 675-5000 Database Software Europa House Adlington Piark, Macclesfield, Ches., SK10 4NP, UK 0625-859333 Discis Knowledge Research 45 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 410 Toronto, Ontario MSN 5W9 Canada 416 250-6537 Domark Ferry House 51-57 Lacy Rd. Putney London SW15 1PR. UK 081-780-2222 Dominion Software & Design 3328 Oakshade Court Fairfax, VA 22033 703 318-8270 The Edge Interactive Media 151 S. El Molina Ave., Suite 201 Pasadena, CA 91101 818 577-9375 FTL Games 6160 Lusk Blvd., Suite C-206 San Diego, CA 98121 619 453-5711 Free Spirit Software 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 215 683-5609 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ontario
1. 4 W 5A1 Canada 416 602-4000 800 465-3375 Hypermedia Concepts PO Box 85303 Racine. WI 53408 414 632-3766 Icom Simulations 648 S. Wheeling Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090 708 520-4440 Infogrames 84 Rue de lier Mars 69628 Villeurbranne cedex France Interplay Productions 3710 S. Susan, 100 Santa Ana, CA 92704 714 549-9001 Jeriko 5 Boulcvarde Poissoniere 75002 Paris France Logic Plus 18 Whitesands Grove MGR Park Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., L*K 0782-398840 Maxis 1042 Country Club Drive. Suite C Moraga, CA 94556 415 376-6434 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas. TX 75244 214 385-2353 MirrorSoft Irwin House 118 Southwark St. London SE1 0SW, L’K 071-928-1454 Multimedia Corp. 109X Regent's Park Rd. London Nwl 8UR, UK 071-722-7595 On-Line Entertainment 14 Falcon Way Clippers Quay London El l 9UP. UK Ready Soft 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1 B9 Canada 416 731-4175 Saddleback Graphics 3621 W. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 1 19 Santa Ana, CA 92628 714 540-4062 Sassenrath Research 387 X. State St., Suite 200 Ukiah. CA 95482 707 462-4878 Tiger Media 5801 E. Slauson, Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90040 213 721-8282 Titus Software 28ter Avenue de Versailles 93220 Gagny France UBI Soft 8 10 Rue de Valmy 93100 Montreuil Sous Bois France Virgin Mastertronic 18001 Cowan St., Suites A & B Irvine. CA 92714 714 833-8710 Walt Disney Software 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 818 567-5360 Wright Enterprises Hudson Rd. Temple, NH 03084 603 878-1491 Xiphias 1 lehns 1 Iall 8758 Venice Blvd. Los .Angeles, CA 90034 213 841-2790 Advanced Word Processing Power For The Amiga Computer. ProWrite4. Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. The one that the competition looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors, ProWrite is that leader. ProWrite has the high performance features you need. A 100,000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for ever)' Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing, ProWrite is the target the competition shoots for. Circle 78 on Reader Service card So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports, storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover the power of ProWrite from New' Horizons. PtuU rite B * rrjBMcml trademark, of New Horuucw Software Inc Amiga t» a rcgnlcred trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc From p. 22. Lion is a new addition to the original design, allowing MIDI devices to input to CDTV and vice-versa. Out of the Box. .. and into the Chair There are several options for hooking up CDTV. If you have an existing stereo monitor, you can simply plug in your CDTV audio cords and play away. This makes for a nice, compact desktop unit, although the sound quality cannot match a typical home stereo. Commodore assumes that most of you will hook CDTV up to your TV set, using the supplied RF Modulator, with audio then going through your stereo system. This clearly yields the best sound quality and also puts CDTV where Commodore wants it right in your living room! If you don’t have a stereo in your living room, you can connect CDTV directly to your TV, although the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired at least with the TV I tried. Once you’ve set up your system, you will be in for a treat when it comes to operating it. CDTV defines a whole new style of computer interface one that is more kiosk-like than computer-oriented. Because the unit is meant to be commanded by an individual sitting on a couch using a low-res pointing device, all menus are simple and clear, all fonts are quite large, and all screens are decidedly uncluttered. Basically, you navigate through a series of large boxes pushing “A" to advance, select, or enter, and “B” to go back. Although there is an enter button, it is used only to save information to bookmark memory (about 2K of memory used for such small tasks as saving a place in a game) or to confirm an “A” command. There is also an escape button, but this is used primarily as a help key. In joystick mode, “A” acts as the firebutton. Commodore provided CDTV developers with interface guidelines stricter than any imposed on Amiga software. The goal of these guidelines is not just ease of use, but also uniformity in took and feel. One problem developers must overcome, however, is the slowness of the CD drive. Each program must inform the user when a command has been accepted and is being processed; otherwise, the impatient user will continue to pound away at the remote. Loading and unloading programs is about as simple as it gets. Simply pop the CD in to load or out to unload. CDTV reboots at each exit, and all applications are completely autobooting. Because CDTV is not marketed primarily as a computer, there is a wealth of new terminology to describe common computer functions. For instance, peripherals are “accessories,” boot becomes "start,” cursor becomes "pointer,” icon becomes “symbol,” RAM becomes “memory,” and software as you’ll be reminded many times in the sidebars and buyer’s guide becomes “title” Some terms, such as guru and directory, have been dispensed with altogether. Report Card In terms of overall performance, CDTV garners mixed, but generally excellent, grades. Like any Amiga, the graphics, screen changes, and cursor movements have a nice snap. For those accustomed to speedy hard drives, however, the access time from the CD-ROM will seem a trifle slow. This is a problem with all CD-ROM devices, not just CDTV. As developers “Interactive” is the byword of CDTV with users choosing options from simple, graphical menus and control panels by using the remote controller. Learn a few more preloading and memory-saving tricks, their applications should become more lively. For now at least, many people may find themselves pushing the buttons again and again to make sure they have properly issued their commands, which can sometimes take a few poundings. Applications such as Applied Optical Media’s World Vista Atlas solves this input problem by issuing a solid beep when the key press has succeeded. On the other hand, the combination of simple, bold graphics, near-photographic images, hand-held control, and CD-quality sound is quite remarkable- regardless of speed. CDTV could represent a new, exciting, and very different era for many Amiga users. Hard-core users may not like the sluggishness of the CD drive, the limited RAM. Or the remote-control device. Others, though, will welcome the excellent sound and the innovative style of application. But anyone contemplating shelling out a grand for such a system should get some demos first. Since the proof will be in the applications, let them help you decide. In the meantime, check out the "Titles Disc” sidebar that highlights some of the applications available, plus the buyer’s guide for a complete list of all CDTV titles to date. ¦ l PE RB ASF professional AMIGA fortn ilpuljtn, iippllcntiou di*vpl«pin,,,‘l f * 1 ii 11 «i 11 ti I tint ii bH mo m *i» n H*’ n, * n * HO * " '* The Heavyweight For your most demanding database needs, look no further than Superbase'S Professional 4, the heavyweight database for the Amiga. The result of more than two years intensive scrutiny by some of the worlds largest organizations, this technology won the largest Defense Department PC contract ever awarded and is now available for the Amiga. Superbase Professional 4 isn't merely an upgrade from our best-selling Superbase Professional, its an entirely new package absolutely bulging with new features like Workbench 2.0 look and feel, a visual object-oriented Form Designer, over 100 new DML programming commands and die enormous capacit r to expand to meet your growing needs. From the simple to the complex Now fully cross-compatible with our best-selling PC version, Superbase 4 for Windows, Superbase Professional 4 provides an interface easy enough for novices to learn and use, along with the tools and power to build the most complex database systems you'll ever need. Applications port easily between both environments for added flexibility. The unique VCR-style Control Panel lets you browse through loads of data, and an improved Form Designer gives you the ability to design custom input screens and presentation-quality output forms quickly and easily. Command pushbuttons, a graphical labels facility, expanded Arexx support and direct dBase tile support are just a few of the new features you’ll find in Superbase Professional 4. Heavy numbers Superbase Professional 4 is a heavyweight in the numbers department too. Up to a billion records per file with up to 999 indices, all open and updated dynAMIGAlly. Internal text fields can contain up to 4,000 characters and external text can be of unlimited length. There’s no limit to the number of fields, open files or relational joins. The only limit is your imagination. Add a ton of other features like image and sound support (IFF, PCX, GIF and more), telecommunications, a built-in text editor for mailmerges and other operations. Multi-file queries, a banded report generator and WYSIWYG form design all combine to make Superbase Professional the heavyweight among database programs. Superbase Professional 4 is available nowr at your favorite dealer, or call us for upgrade information. $ 495.00 Superbase Professional 4 SUPERBASE ±! Precision Software 8404 Sterling Street • Irving, TX 75063 Tel: (214) 929-4888 • (800) 562-9909 Fax: (214) 929-1655 Precision Software Supertax a J rcgaccrrd tradrnurk o‘ Prrusion Software. Ltd. AJ] rights roc rd- Pr«a*» lcknowifdgs ill other tridraarfc! Hcrr.n ANIM files can quickly become AN I Mai files huge raging beasts that consume vast Here are 15 handy tips designed to “squeeze ” your animation By Gene Brawn quaritities of valuable system memory, storage space, and loading time. Files and tame them into more manageable proportions. N the pitcher's mound, Charlie Brown leans in for the sign from Linus behind the plate. Shakes him off twice. Goes into his windup and delivers a slow, hanging curve. The opposing batter uncorks a powerful swing and hits a towering grand slam over Snoopy’s head in left. A '*4” drops into place in the first-inning slot on the scoreboard and the Peanuts gang is already behind. Back to the dugout, where, mouth opening wide, Lucy cries, “Oh, Charlie Brown, can't you do anything right!” Background Basics A simple, familiar animation sequence, but animator Schulz may have used up an entire drawing pad or two, from his stock of thousands, to do all the frames in the sequence. While animation on the Amiga can make your job simpler, you still face a monumental resource problem: Even simple animation files eat up huge amounts of disk-storage space, system RAM, and time spent in drawing individual frames. If you have unlimited means, you can just whip out your checkbook and buy megabytes of memory and mass storage. The rest of us, however, must learn to do more with less. The following hints and techniques, ranging from creating the smallest possible ANIM files to organizing your disks intelligently, will help you to get the most from your .Amiga animations. I've organized my fifteen efficiency tips with the first ten directed more towards novices and the last five geared for more seasoned users. Most of the performance problems encountered by Amiga animators are attributable to the ANIM format, which even though it represents a file- compression scheme, still often results in the production of tremendously large, unwieldy files. (See the "Getting Started" sidebar for more particulars on the ANIM format.) Accordingly, many of my tips describe ways to reduce the size of your AN I Ms; a smaller file occupies less disk real estate, loads faster, and uses less of your precious RAM. While some of the more basic techniques may seem obvious or too simple to include, they bear repeating, if only because you will use them so often. Also, for the less experienced animator to fully understand these tricks, it is ? IF YOU ARE a bit fuzzy on the subject of the Amiga's graphic display, here's a quick crash course. Behind your Amiga's display are up to six “hidden” screens, called bitplanes, each duplicating the visible screen in width and height. When you decide on the number of colors for your palette, you are actually telling the software to create a display with one to five bitplanes. (In HAM Hold-and-Modify and Extra_Halfbrite modes, six-bitplane palettes are created with the help of some sophisticated hardware tricks, but we will ignore them for now.) If you create a palette of two colors, the display manager creates a single bitplane. Palettes of four, eight, sixteen, and thirty-two colors result in the creation of two, three, four, and five bitplanes, respectively. In conjunction with this, each bitplane is assigned a value of 1, 2, 4, 6, or 16. Imagine a line drawn from any pixel, extending through all five bitplanes. The display manager examines all the pixels on this line. If a hidden pixel is “on," the software assigns it a value equal to its bitplane number; otherwise its value is 0. The sum of these values represents the palette register used to draw the pixel. For example, if we Indicate the hidden pixels with Ts (on) and 0’s (off), then a pixel drawn with the color in register 19 would be 10011 (reading the planes from right to left). Since bitplane 1=1, bitplane 2 = 2, and bit- plane 5 = 16, the sum of the activated pixels is 19. The important thing to remember is that this Is a register number, not a specific color. Keep this in mind because it is important to understanding the techniques involved in some of the tips presented in the article. WHAT’S an ANIM, Anyway? ANIM is an animatfon- compression file standard developed by Gary Bonham, author of AN I Magic (Oxxl) and the freely distributable player program ShowANIM. It has gone through quite a few versions since its fledgling days when Aegis Development was pushing its acceptance not very sue- ? Necessary to have a basic understanding of the .Amiga’s graphic display (also covered in the “Getting Started” sidebar). By the Numbers: TEN STARTER TIPS The first two-thirds of our “Efficient Fifteen” are designed for less experienced animators, but all ten of them add up to major savings in valuable resources, so feel free to take a refresher course even if you’ve been at the animation game for a while. Otherwise, pick us up in the second part of the course. (For details on how to contact manufacturers of programs mentioned in either part of this article, consult the “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 88.) TIP Use Fewer Colors animation’s resolution in order to reduce its size. Use an image-processing program, such as The Art Department ($ 89.95, ASDG) or Art Department Professional ($ 199.95), to change the resolution of, say, a 320x400 image to 320x200. You will be surprised how effective such a simple adjustment can be. TIP Use Smaller Screens Next, ask yourself if you really need the entire screen for your image. If you are using The Director 2 (SI29.95, Right Answers Group) or DeluxeVideo III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts), you can display less- than-full-size screens and dramatically reduce your storage requirements. If your presentation program does not have this feature, save the undersized screen as a brush and stamp it in place on a blank background screen just before you display the image. TIP There is a direct correlation between the palette and resolution of an animation and its size: More colors and or higher resolution mean much larger files. Bigger animation files load and play back more slowly. For example, a 320 x 200 two-color image consumes 64,000 pixels to display its single bitplane, while a 32-color palette requires a whopping 320,000 pixels (five planes x 64,000). It should be obvious that if you want to save memory, you should use fewer colors. If you are not using all the colors in your animation’s palette, remap the ANIM to use as few colors as possible, filling the lower registers (0-16) first. In other words, if you are using only 14 colors of a 32- color palette, use your paint program to remap the picture as a four-bitplane, 16-color image. This technique is especially useful if you must eliminate a few colors to reduce the size. Many times an animation will survive a reduction of colors virtually unchanged. In similar fashion, you may be able to reduce an Overscan Is Expensive If you decide to use the Amiga's overscan display mode for your ANIM, beware! Overscan files are deceiving. That narrow band you add around the edge of the picture increases the size of the image by more than 30 percent. This usually results in a much larger file than you anticipated and, worse, an animation that does not play very fast. The solution is easy: Use the normal format whenever possible. For example, overscan is unnecessary if your static image is smaller than a full screen and it appears on a solid- color background. If you set the border color (color
0) to the same color as your picture’s background, you will never see the surrounding frame cheap overscan! Use Brushes, Not ANIMS cessfully as an industry standard. The ANIM format is now very widely supported, and word has it that Bonham is working on yet another update. ANIMs are part of the IFF (Interchange File Format) family. When your Amiga stores your animation sequence as an ANIM file, it is compressed so that only the initial scene and the elements that change between frames are saved. This in itself can cut down significantly on the expenditure of valuable system memory and disk-storage space, at the same time allowing for nearly real-time playback of the animation. Unfortunately, ANIM files still contain so much information that they tend to become very large very quickly. Just a few seconds of fairly complex animation will produce an ANIM file larger than the 880K that can fit on a standard floppy disk. This is the reason why more crafty, economical measures, such as the tips contained in the main article, are required to handle ANIM files efficiently. GB Another question to consider is whether the sequence needs to be an ANIM or whether your software can do the job for you, instead. For example, if you need to move a title from left to right across the screen, you could create an ANIM using the nifty Move menu in DeluxePaint III ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts) to automate the progression of the brush over the background. But why not eliminate Dpaint and the ANIM altogether? Instead, you could use D Video Ill’s Path tool to accomplish the same thing in real time. Save the brush and picture files separately, and let your presentation program do the rest. This technique fails miserably (the results will be slow and jerky) if you have too many brushes to move, or if the brush is too large. If that is the case, however, try using smaller or solid-color brushes whenever possible, or, if you can organize it, try staggering the brushes so that no more than two or three appear on the screen at the same time. ? ULTIMATE PC AT AMIGA THE 68000 CPU comes with a high Motorola Manufacturer' s Suggested Retail Price complete v quality ori| 68000 CPU ATE ARRAY rhe Gate Array, the
- Level Emulation AT-BIOS give the iTonce k md Atonce emulator a very high . IT compatibility. Ytonee - rHE 286 EMULATOR Vtbnce is the ultimate PC AT emulator for
- 'our Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 computer. Vtbnce gives your Amiga a complete AT emulation, that includes an AT compatible 3IOS, emulation of the parallel and serial xrts, sound, color graphics and hard disk support, yet while running as a task within VmigaDos! Thanks to the use of a custom nade Gate Array and SMT technology the Vtbnce board is incredibly compact and ;asy to fit. Atbnce plugs directly into the Vmiga s 68000 CPU socket and no soldering is required. Fitting is a 10 minute operation* and full nstallation instructions are included in the lser manual. Each Atbnce is supplied vith a high quality low power Motorola 18000 CPU, saving you time with the nstallation, providing a high degree of 'ealibility and leaving you your original as x spare! Atbnce does not affect the normal peration of your Amiga and is totally ransparent when not in use. Tour dealer will be able to fit Atbnce for a small charge if required. Call CompuServe for product md technical information Vlailbox 100015,330 INCREDIBLE SPECIFICATIONS
• Low Power 16 Bit 80286 CPU 7.2Mhz clock speed
• SMT (Surface Mount Technology) compact circuit board with low power comsumption
• Highly integrated CMOS Gate-Array with embedded Interrupt Controller and Memory Management Unit
• High quality Motorola 68000 CPU
• Easy 10 minute installation - NO SOLDERING
• Atbnce can be used with the Amiga 2000 by the use of a special adapter that plugs into the 86 pin processor slot of the Amiga 2000
• Norton SI rating: 6.1 MIPS Test: 70%
• Full 640KB of DOS memory available on 1 MB Amiga. All memory above 1MB can be used as Extended or Expanded memory
• Atbnce will work with all autoconfigu- rating autobootable Commodore compatible hard disk systems that use an AmigaDos compatible hal'd disk driver. Up to 24,32 MB partitions are available under MSDOS 4.01. MSDOS can be booted directly from your hard disk
• With Atbnce the following video emulations are available: CGA, Hercules*, Olivetti* and Tbshiba3100*. The Amiga 500 Blitter is fully utilized. (* these modes use interlace) Atonce is State-of-the-Art technology. Developed and produced in Germany 80286 CPU , is based on the standard microprocessor. ACCESS TO 1000 s OF MSDOS PROGRAMS
• Atbnce runs unrestricted as a task on the Amiga computer
• Complete integration of the internal 3.5” diskdrive as a 720KB MSDOS drive. External 3.5” and 5,25" disk drives are fully supported
• The Amiga mouse can be used as a serial Microsoft mouse. It can be operate at COM1 as well as COM2
• All MSDOS versions from 3.2 up to 4.01 have been succesfully tested
• Atbnce is delivered complete with a detailed user manual. A 3.5” Amiga diskette is supplied that contains the installation and emulation software and other useful tools. MSDOS is not supplied
• Free software updates to all registered owners! For full product information please contact your local Amiga dealer AT is a trademark of IBM. Commodore and Amiga are trademarks of Commodore. MSDOS and Windows 3.0 are trademarks of Microsoft. Hercules, Motorola. Olivetti and Toshiba are trademarks. Atonce is the registered German trademark of vortex Computersysteme GmbH. Build Your Pictures “On the Fly” For a technique similar to that above for still images, use brushes stamped on a software-generated background to build static images on the fly. This is particularly useful if you have repeating elements throughout your presentation. For example, if a logo is to appear on five different screens, save it once as a brush and stamp it in place before you display the screens. TIP 5 TIP 6 Draw It, Don’t Load It If your favorite application has any tools for drawing to the screen, by all means use them to create simple images such as title screens, company logos, borders, and backgrounds. The Amiga's custom graphics chips can draw these elements faster than you can load them from a file, preserving your precious disk space for more important elements. This tip is particularly appropriate for text screens. It is a waste of memory to save a text screen as a picture file when your presentation software can do the typing for you. TIP 7 Don’t Move the Pixels, Move the Colors Color cycling is one of those obvious, but often overlooked space-saving techniques. Do not neglect color cycling just because it is not “real” animation. Cycling through the colors in the palette is often all you need to achieve the illusion of motion. In addition, because color cycling operates on a single frame, it adds nothing to the file size. (See “Accent on Graphics," May '90, p. 50, for a detailed description of the color-cycling techniques.) TIP 8 Patterns and Dithering: Just Say No! Digitized or dithered animations may be impressive, hut they place severe strains on your system resources. Digitized animations have so many changes per frame that the resulting ANIM may be larger than all the constituent frames added together! If you find yourself faced with this dilemma, remove some or all of the dithering with your paint program, either by smoothing each frame of a digitized, live-action sequence or by using your program’s palette tool to merge and reduce the number of dithered colors in the frames. Watch Your Loops Remember that the program with which you create your ANIM files may automatically append the first two frames to the end of your opus so that the animation will “loop” endlessly upon playback. Looping is a powerful tool in the animator’s repertoire, but you will not need these extra frames if your creation does not repeat, so don’t include them. Dpaint III users should instruct the program to save two fewer frames than the total displayed in the title bar. Other programs usually have a software switch in the file menu to accomplish the same thing. TIP Sounds Like A Plan Use SMUS (Simple Music Score) files whenever possible. These are files created with scoring programs such as Deluxe Music Construction Set ($ 99.95, Electronic Arts) or Music-X ($ 299.95, Micro- Illusions). Although a SMUS score can never equal the dynamic range of a song digitized directly from a CD or a record, it will be much, much smaller. Commodore’s AmigaVision ($ 149.95), The Director 2, and DeluxeVideo III support standard SMUS scores as well as 8SVX sampled (digitized) sounds. While we’re on the subject, remember to reuse digitized samples whenever possible. It amazes me how many different sounds can be created from a 4 single sample by varying the pitch or frequency of the original. For example, I changed a dripping water sound into that of a closing door simply by changing its playback frequency. The High 5: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES If you employ all my basic tricks and still wind up with a bloated, 500-frame .ANIM that takes absolutely forever to load, then you probably need more advanced help. Although the following techniques are quite straightforward, they will be easier to grasp if you already have a basic familiarity with the Amiga’s internal image structures and the ANIM standard. Review the “Getting Started” sidebar if you need to bone up on these. Pack Your Palettes, Pardner “Palette packing - can reduce the size of your ANIM files by at least 20 percent. This somewhat-esoteric technique involves swapping the colors in your ANIM palette and then remapping the sequence to achieve a smaller file. No other changes to your animation are necessary. ? . R ,. R «- ¦ ¦ * Completely synchronize not one, but two independent itcner or ¦ >* video sources for use **' *' "f any switi digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. ¦»' ¦ Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card ¦ Works with any video source, including consumer VCRs and camcorders ¦ S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible ¦ Optional Y C output ¦ Great for use with the Video Toaster” THE KTTCHEN SYNC KOMPLETELY INTEGRATED TIME BASE CORRECTORS HAVING EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO SYNCHRONIZE 2 INDEPENDENT VIDEO SOURCES. When they created the Toaster, they threw in everything but the Kitchen Sync. Broadcast quality RS-I70A composite output Two independent dissolve controls ; Software controllable .
• . - ¦ ;s. . . . F-. . •• • ¦ * ’ •• *. T • • • Compatible with all Amiga0 models S-VHS, ED-BETA, Hi8 compatible Broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A output Built in SC H phase adjustability IS_ ? *' x '¦ r , j . R _ ? 4 . .. ¦ s', ,¦ » * Built in sync generator ¦ Dissolves SuperGen2000 THE FIRST TRUE Y C GENLOCK & OVERLAY CARD FOR THE AMIGA9 2000 SERIES COMPUTERS Dual video outputs ¦ Key output Selectable 3.58MHz notch filter 9v ' . ,
v. -v. ’ £ > » TM a , ;• Zr DIGIT kl.
* 1895 C R EATIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR DEALER OR CALL 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1991 Digital Creations. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. The Kitchen Sync is a trademark of Digital Creations, Inc. Circle 28 on Reader Service card ' ; . If you don’t believe me, try this simple example. Using DeluxePaint III, create a solid 100 x 100-pixel brush with the color in register number 1. Use the Move menu to animate the brush from left to right across the screen. When I tried it, my test ANIM for this sequence totaled 6630 bytes. Now repeat the process but use register number 31 for the brush’s color. This time, my animation consumed 33,150 bytes. Both AN I Ms are identical except for the color register used to draw the brush. Why was the second file five times the size of the first? The answer lies in the bitplanes. When your Amiga saves an ANIM, the first thing it does is to scan the sequence frame by frame, looking for changes between frames. The software calculates the differences for each bitplane. These changes are then stored with the bitplane. If a pixel drawn with color 1 (only bit 1 is “on”) is transformed to color 31 (all five bits are on), then all five bits are needed to describe the new color, and the file is thus larger by fivefold. Therefore, it is to your advantage to place the colors that change the most in the lower registers, preferably those that use just one or two bitplanes. Der. To a clean disk. If you are CLI-literate, simply use the COPY ALL (not DISKCOPY) command to reorganize and optimize your files on a clean disk. How do you accomplish this? First, reduce the number of bitplanes used by your animation by eliminating any colors you are not using. Using the automatic Pack function located in the Color menu of PIXmate ($ 49.95, Progressive Peripherals) is an ideal way to achieve such a reduction. The next step is an exercise in trial and error, at least for now. Many image-processing programs, such as Deluxe Photo- Lab’s Color module, have a “histogram” function that totals the number of pixels used by each color in an image. (PhotoLab used to be available separately, but is now bundled with Electronic Arts’ Dvideo III.) If you use this tool to compare a few typical frames, you will see instantly those colors that vary the most. Next, use your paint program’s palette tool to swap these colors to registers 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 (assuming a 32-color palette), and then remap the ANIM. Any color placed in one of these registers requires only one bit to describe the color. The next best locations are registers 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 17, 18, 20, and 24 all of which use only two bits. If you can put all the changing colors in these registers, your changes will never exceed two bits. A software program that automates this process would be most welcome. . .any takers? Intelligent Disk Mapping Another important, but little-used technique is the art of intelligent disk mapping. Simply put, this involves placing your files on the disk in such a way as to minimize your disk drive’s head-travel time. The closer the next track, the faster the file loads and the shorter the time between segments. This is important, because AmigaDOS has the annoying habit of scattering pieces of a file around the disk, putting the bits and pieces wherever it finds space on the disk. While this uses the available disk space efficiently, the result is often a lot of grinding by the drive while it searches out the pieces of your file. The solution here is simple. Create a final master disk by copying the necessary files one at a time, in script orPreload Big Files Sometimes, even after all the manipulations mentioned above, your file is still too large to load in the amount of time available. There are a couple of easy solutions to this dilemma. Perhaps the easiest is to load the file before the animation begins and hold it in memory until you need it. Many animation programs provide a way to preload animations. Two of these, The Director 2 and AmigaVision, let you begin loading a file and then start playing it back immediately before all the frames are loaded. Slice and Dice Big Files Another quick fix for Director users is to break the file into smaller pieces and to load them when you have any free time during your animation. When you need the sequence, simply play the pieces as a series of contiguous animations to re-create the original. I specify The Director because it is the only presentation software I use that can switch between animations without halting everything momentarily. Economize When You Digitize If you digitize your animation from a live-action video sequence, remember that you do not need to copy every frame of the original. Professional animators use a technique called animating “on twos”
(i. E., every second frame) in order to save time and reduce the number of frames that need to be drawn. You can profit from emulating this technique in your digitizing sessions. In fact, you may be able to extend it even further by animating “on threes” or even “fours” if the sequence does not change very much over time. Be aware that this method is not as useful for scenes with lip-synched sound tracks. It will be difficult to re-create die original timing and nuances of speech without digitizing all the frames. While our efficiency course ends here, keep looking for other ways to economize. These hints and tips are but a small sample of the techniques available to the creative producer. Consider them as a starter set on which to build your own magician’s chest of tricks. The application of a little brainpower and a basic knowledge of the .Amiga’s inner workings will do wonders in dealing with your animation problems. ¦ Gene Brawn is a digital animator, graphics designer, and frequent lecturer, as well as a contributing editor to this magazine. Write to him do .AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Photographs are of attualDCTV screens. A ConvertOCTy images to or ICS on an A Paint, digitize and conversioniSalf A Animate in Min. I Meg. Required DCTV™(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV™creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTV 7 DCTV™also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©I 990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for Circle 29 on Reader Service card Get smart! Let Agent Laser help you fight the forces of C.H.A.O.S. (Criminal Hierarchy Against Organized Systems) with this arsenal of tips for more efficient and productive computing. Oes it seem that a network of nefarious operatives are lurking under the cover of your CPU, conspiring to hold down your productivity level? While it’s tempting to pass the blame, the real culprit is probably a lack of organization. Your Amiga can make you even more productive than it already does. Although becoming organized takes effort, it is considerably easier if you have help. We're not talking about an Agent 99 to bail you out of every bungle. We’re talking about the right combination of software, devices, and methods. In using Amiga products, I have learned many things that keep my own computing life orderly. These tips and resources may help you, too. Even if you do not take every recommendation offered here, I bet you will find at least a few among them that can make a positive difference for you. For details on how to contact the developers of products mentioned in this article, consult the “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list on p. 88. Software labeled FD is freely distributable either public domain (totally free), shareware (the author requests that you pay a fee if you keep using it), or copyrighted (the author requests credit, but no money). These programs are available through networks, BBSs, and the Fred Fish disk collection. Disky Business One thing every Amiga owner should have is at least two disk drives. Because much of Amiga DOS is loaded from disk as needed, a single-floppy system is very limiting. For around $ 100, a second floppy drive can save you time and aggravation, and make you a happier person, ? By Harv Laser Next Generation Digital Audio Tools from SunRize i i I VI Studio 16 Audition 4 Perfect Sound 3'" Turn your Amiga 2000 3000 into a professional digital audio workstation. You can record hours of audio direct to hard disk synchronized with time code. Edita complete video sound track on your Amiga. Add special effects. Fix glitches and filter noise. Supports 16 and 12 hit audio. Studio 16 software is bundled with one of two cards: AD1012 This 12 bit sampler card includes Studio 16 software, audio in out, AD2105 DSP, adjustable low pass filters and a SMPTE time code reader. Sampling rates of up to 100 KHZ are supported. With the signal-to-noise ratio of a professional VTR, the AD1012 is perfect for editing video sound tracks at low cost. AD1016 This 16 bit sampler card includes Studio 16 software, a 56001 DSP, stereo audio in out, 8 times over- sampling digital filters, digital I O for DAT or CD hookup, MIDI in out, and SMPTE in. With the signal-to-noise ratio of a compact disk, the AD1016 puts a modern digital recording studio in your Amiga. This advanced 8 bit sample editor continues where AudioMaster III left off. Record direct to floppy disk. 100% assembler. Real time zoom. Incredibly fast scroll. Freehand edit. Sequenced loops. Real time effects include echoes, high pass filter, low pass filter, band pass filter, stopband filter, mix, fade, flange, VU meter and oscilloscope. Editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, keep, invert, filter, echo, mix, fade, treble adjust, bass adjust, smooth, DC removal, invert, resample, and tune. Feature Audition 4 AudioMaste Sequenced Loops yes yes Easv to Use yes yes HiFi Mode ves yes Record to Floppy ves no Save Executable Sou nds ves no Preview Effects yes no Real Time Fillers ves no Num.Real Time Effects 8 3 Time to do 100K Echo 22 secs 106 secs Program Size M00K
- 207K List Price
599. 95 $ 99,95 Special AudioMaster Upgrade offer! AudioMaster I, 11 and III owners can upgrade to Audition 4 by sending your original AudioMaster disk along with $ 40 + S5S&H to the address below. This best selling 8 bit stereo sampler includes everything you need to start recording any sound right away. Just attach Perfect Sound to your printer port and plug in your own CD player, radio, or microphone. Using the provided software you can record and edit any sound. Advanced recording hardware gives you right and left line inputs, a mi- 5 crophone jack, noise filters, digital gain, and a hardware based sampling clock. List Price $ 99.95. For more information call SunRize at (408) 374-4962. Or fax us at (408) 374-4963. To order see your local dealer. European Representatives: FRANCE CIS (056) 363-441. GERMANY Intelligent Memorv (069) 410071, SWITZERLAND Micro- tron (032) 872429, UNITED KINGDOM HB Marketing (0753) 686000. SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 USA Audition 4, Perfect Sound 3. And Studio 16 are trademarks of SunRize Industries. AudioMaster III is.i tr.idem.irk of Oxxi. Inc. Circle 157 on Reader Service card SVSINFOV1.98 WRITTEN BY NIC WILSON NIC wli MO IS FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE D8d SOUTH Si JOOWJCNfrA v SYSTEM SOFTWARE INSTALLED KICKSTAR1 VERSION 34.5 WORKBENCH VERSION FAST RAN T53F92E8) V34.28 EXEC LIBRARY CHIP RAH (5676) V34.2 INTUITION LIBRARY FAST RAN ($ 202670 V34.3 GRAPHICS LIBRARY FAST RAN ($ 288756) V34.1 DOS LIBRARY FAST RAH ($ 203528) V34.3 | MEMORY AVAILABLE TOTAL FREE CHIP 992958 TOTAL FREE FAST 5669348 TOTAL FREE HEM 6662386 TOTAL MEMORY 9428664 RAM SPEED ysCHIP m | SPEED COMPARISONS A500 STANDARD 3.84 B2D00 EXTRA RAN 2.33 B2000 GVPA300I8.36 A2500 A2620 1.11 A3000 25HHZ 8,49 BH PC XT 12.52 CHIPRAHvs A30D0 3.48 RATING ALRIGHT!! J DRIVES AVAILABLE FLOPPY DRIVES 3 HARO PARTITIONS 6 RAH DRIVES 8 DHO: DRIVER IN FAST | INTERNAL HARDWARE DISPLAY NODE AGNUS TYPE NTSC ECS B372 DENISE TYPE NOM, 8362 CPU TYPE 68828 FPU TYPE 68881 m TYPE 68351 CPU SPEED 14,67 KHZ 2000 500 CLOCK YES AUTOCONFIG BOARDS * rnllVvWiI 1 w iwmwj * AT XT BR1DGEB0ARD NO LEFT BUM OH TO EXIT RIGHT SOTTOH TD RUN MftDi | Syslnfo runs Its diagnostic tests in about three seconds and then displays the results on one screen. For even greater happiness, yon can speed up your floppy drives. A floppy-cli.sk accelerator is software that provides a RAM cache to store things as you load them. Once loaded, the data is read from the RAM cache instead of from the slower mechanical disk drive. (The Amiga DOS ADDBUFFERS command does the same thing, but uses valuable chip RAM.) Face-II ($ 34.95, ASDG) uses fast RAM, it. Has a very effective interface for raising and lowering cache buffers, and it is something I truly miss whenever 1 use an .Amiga without it. It is like a floppy-drive turbocharger. Central Coast’s Quarterback Tools (which, at $ 89.95, provides many utilities) and B.A.D. ($ 49.95, Centaur Software) can speed up your drives by defragmenting the files on your floppy and hard disks (be sure to back up your files before using them). As a disk fills up, the system may not be able to find one contiguous space in which to write a file, and may have to scatter data segments across the disk. Because the drive head must move across the disk to read a fragmented file, access slows. Files on a defragmented disk are more organized, so they load faster. If you do not already have a hard disk, you will want one eventually. A hard disk offers almost in- stantanenus availability of dozens, perhaps hundreds of megabytes of programs and files (drive speeds var y, but any hard drive is far faster than a floppy). It also saves you from digging through stacks of floppies to find what you need. When you buy a hard disk, go for the greatest capacity you can comfortably afford certainly nothing smaller than 40MB. You will soon discover that no matter how big a drive you buy, it is not big enough. You might even want to investigate the new removable-media drives (see “Bottomless Disks," Apr. ’91, p. 20, for a look at the various removable-media technologies). Keep in mind that while every mounted hard-disk partition uses some RAM, drawers do not. Rather than creating many separate partitions, you may want to use a few large ones and put related software into subdirectories. You can add a lot of path commands to your startup sequence, but when you type a command's name at your CLI or Shell prompt, the system searches the SYS:C directory anyway. Thus, putting those often-used command-type utilities in the C directory saves you from building paths to them. Hard-disk owners need hard-disk back-up software. My two favorite hard-disk back-up programs are Quarterback ($ 69.95, Central Coast Software), and ExpressCopy ($ 49.95. ExpressWay Software). Quarterback’s interface makes it very fast and intuitive. ExpressCopy, however, has a flexible Arexx port and a nifty CanDo-created front end (which you can customize using INOVAtronics’ Can Do a S 149.95 authoring program). It also creates standard AmigaDOS-format disks, while Quarterback uses a custom format that only it can read. When trouble comes to your hard or floppy disks, it is not always necessary to reformat and restore from your backup. You can correct some disk errors by using the right utility. Two that you should not be without are DiskSalv (FD by Commodore’s Dave Haynie), and FixDisk (FD by Werner Gunther). FixDisk can attack those fearsome “Key NNNN already set” or “Volume FOO is not validated!" Mes- J sages. DiskSalv is purely command driven, while FixDisk sports a slick user interface. Both programs can also restore deleted files if you have not written to the disk since you deleted them. You should also avoid having your only copy of important tools on the hard drive it might suddenly become unreadable. Take the time to build an “emergency" disk. Start with a stripped-down copy of your original Workbench disk, leaving the L directory's libs and devs intact. Fill it with a copy of your harddisk reconstruction tools, your name-and-address database, and your favorite terminal program, word processor, or whatever tools you frequently use. Keep this disk in a safe place. Having a first-aid kit on one disk will save you a lot of time when you need to find j everything quickly. When you install devices such as hard disks and accelerator boards in your Amiga, you can check on their performance with diagnostic and benchmarking programs. These are handy not only to verify that a new add-on is working correctly, but also for the all- important purpose of bragging to your friends about how fast and powerful your Amiga is. I recommend SI, also called System Information (from the Kram- den Utilities, FD by Pregnant Badger Software); Speed (FD by Argonaut Software); Amiga Intuition 40 June 199 PRESENTING THE MOST trendsetter since excellence!. 1.0 rhe first version of excellence! Set the standards for power, features and ease of use in Amiga WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) word )rocessors. Now, excellence! V2.0 sets the standards igain. Whether you are a novice or novelist; student or professor; homemaker or executive, you’ll enjoy the lew, refined features an innovative pace-setter offers. Excellence! Has a personable and intuitive nterface, allowing you to unlock its power in simple, inderstandable steps. Understandable also flourishes n the thorough reference manual that communicates
- vith you in English, not some dialect of computerese. PRINTING
• 100% Color PostScript support
• 4 types of printer output, special HP support
• Internal printer font support
• Mail Merge
• Preferences printer driver compatible
• Mixed mode printing
• Landscape printing What's new and better? First you'll notice the typing speed. It’s fast! Excellence! Zooms along as fast as you can type.* The Dictionary and Thesaurus are expanded with thousands of new words. Printing is extensively refined and features Mixed-Mode Printing to combine printer fonts with graphics. File and path names are longer allowing you to take advantage of hard drives. Excellence! Now saves User Defined Defaults, so you start a document writing creatively, instead of mechanically changing margins. Now, that’s better! What’s new? Virtual Memory Management permits document lengths limited only by disk space. Technical Specifications- ACCESSORIES
• 140 thousand word Dictionary with legal, medical, technical, scientific, geographical, and biographical supplements
• 1.4 million word Thesaurus (with definitions)
• Spell-as-you-type
• Grammar and Style checker
• Bullet proof Hyphenation
• Glossary with Macro key support
• Macros can be assigned to almost any key
• Math
• Index and Tables of Content generation FORMATTING
• Mouse and keyboard support
• Multiple newspapcr-stylecolumns 1-4)
• Left. Justified. Centered & Flush paragraph
• Left. Justified, Centered & Decimal tabs
• Multiple headers, footers and Footnotes (odd and even headers and footers)
• Global font and style substitutions The Thesaurus displays definitions to help you find the meaning you want. Leading values can be input directly so you can quickly change to double spacing. Alternate characters elegantly insert into text. You’ll find easy-to-use yard Drive Installation and Dictionary Maintenance utilities included for your convenience. These are only a few of the many new features and improvements available in excellence! V2.0. So, we present to you a superb product, for your ever changing needs. From Micro-Systems Software, the leader in Amiga productivity applications. Your favorite software just keeps getting better!
• Page and Ruler settings stored in document
• User defined Page Setup and Print defaults
• Display current date and time in document
• Numbered footnotes OTHER FEATURES
• Typing speed exceeds 170 words per minute
• IFF and ASCII file import
• Free Technical Support for registered users
• Clipboard support
• Not copy protected
• Undo typing
• Hard drive install utility
• Project icon support
• Up to 250 fonts in a single document
• Support for Interlaced windows
• Virtual memory manager
• 2. 4. Or 8 color w indows and color printing
• Long path name support
• Insert any standard character
• Low, medium &. High resolution IFF support
* up lo 175 words per minute Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines • PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. • excellence! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Systems Sottwarc, Inc. Based Benchmarks, or AIBB (FD by LaMonte Koop); and Syslnfo (FD by Nic Wilson). A number of other programs let you view and control various aspects of your Amiga's inner workings. TaskX and ScreenX (both FD by Steve Tibbetl) are two examples. The former lets you control task priority, while the latter tells you the attributes of a screen and lets you grab it as an IFF file. SnoopDOS (FD by Kddy Carroll) lists the libraries, fonts, and so on that a program requires as that program loads. Switcher (FD by Khalid Aldoseri) provides a pop-up window that lets you flip between windows. Finally, ARTM, or Amiga Real-r ime Monitor (FD bv F.J. Mertens and Dietmar Jansen), combines the functions of many of these utilities. Fighting Files With Files The longer you work with a computer, the more files you acquire. This is a simple fact of life. Moving those files around from one disk or drawer to another gets to be a chore. If you do not like to use the CLI or Shell or to write scripts, then you need a directory utility. There are dozens available; each is a graphical, mouse-driven front end for AmigaDOS commands, and most have source and destination windows and many buttons for different functions. Which utility is best usually turns into a religious argument. My favorite, the inexpensive DiskMaster ($ 49.95, Progressive Peripherals &: Software), is full- featured and easy to use. Not only is it great for quickly shuffling files, but it can also show pictures, play sounds, prim text files, unpack compressed downloads, compress files for uploading, and make many otherwise tedious tasks fun. Other excellent directory utilities include D.U.D.E. (S 19.95, Centaur Software), and SID (FD by Timm Martin). Find (FD by John Scheib) is a fast little utility that searches every mounted device on vour svstem for ¦ 4 4 whatever filename you feed it. It also allows wildcards. For locating a particular graphics file from the dozens or hundreds you have collected, check out Image Finder ($ 65, Zardoz Software). This incredible program creates visual indexes made from miniatures of all your screens and brushes, making them easy to locate on a crowded hard disk or in piles offloppies. Image Finder will even pop up and let you "inject" the name of a picture file into your favorite paint program’s requester, just by clic king on a postage- stamped version of that picture. What do you do when you have more files than space. . .when your Workbench boot disk or your hard drive fills up? 1 lardware compression chips are not yet available for the Amiga, but there are two slick programs that can pack down your files while si ill allowing easy access to them. Turbo Imploder (FD by Peter Struijk ancl Albert Brouwer) and Power- Packer (FD by Nico Francois PowerPeak) enable you literally to put BOMB of data onto a 40MB drive. They can compress applications to half their existing sizes, allowing you to run the programs with just a brief hesitation as I hey unpack into memory after loading. Imploder can handle libraries and programs that use overlays, while Power Packer can crunch down programs, pictures, text files, and animations. Names, addresses, and phone numbers are important to everyone. Post-it notes and scraps of paper just do not make for an organized desk. For working most efficiently with name-and-acldress data, you should have a database manager. I have found Micro- ? High quality RGB output fur yuur Amiga FEATURES
• Works with DigiView ¦ Completely blitter-compatible
* NTSC encoder compatible
* S-VHS encoder compatible
• PAL & NTSC compatible
* Uses only RGB port
• FCC Class B. UL Listed
• Works w std Amiga monitors
* Does not use Amiga power |rTM Loads, shows GIF '"exactly “C” source code available free Upgrade from BBS 24 hrs day Color or 256 greys painting 256 color stencils Matte color anti-alias cycle draw Prints via printer device Auto enhance std IFF palettes Writes IFF24, GUT HAM-E SHAM, ARZO, ARZ1, AHAM, 18 bit ScanLab™ UPB8 brushes All of the 12 different HAM-E format image file types Images may be scaled and converted to 24 bit IFF files HAM E PIUS™ 429.05 768 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 768 x 560 Pixel Output (PAL) NEW IMAGE PROFESSIONAL THE MOST IMPORTANT 21 BIT IMAGE PROCESSING Over 100 image processing operations 24 bit IFF input, output and viewing Any number of named image buffers Image sizes to 32767 x 32767 pixels 24 bit blending, clipping and compositing Apply any function using paint-like tools: Freehand, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Polyarc Full 24 bit undo, redo and isolate Displays in 24 bit, 18 bit, 256 color, or 256 greyscale Blended Merge and RubThru in many ways: Color-keyed, minimum, maximum and direct 24 bit warping, shading, rotation, geometric distortions and scaling Extremely intuitive, easy-to-use interface COST WITH EVERY UNIT BLACK BELT SYSTEMS These images are completely unretouched photos taken from a stock 1084s RGB monitor using the basic HAM-E unit. They are pure RGB, not smeary composite. The newHAM-EPlus is an even more potent yet virtually transparent, anti-alias engine which offers near photographic quality images on standard RGB monitors. No other graphics expansion device offers so much performance and costs so little! And all the software to run it is free. Even upgrades! There’s not enough room to cover all the features of this system, so here’s just a few. SYSTEM Paint, render, convert and image processing software 18 24 bit “pure” modes 256 512 color register modes RGB pass through Screen overlav underlav
* *. Screens pull up down & go front back View with any IFF Viewer Animate via ANIM or Page Flipping 24 bit IFF. 24 bit IFF with GLUT chunks 2 to 256 color standard IFF, half bright HAM, DKB and QRT trace RGBS andRGBN Targa™ GIF™ Dynamic HiRes™ HAME 293 95 384 x 480 Pixel Output (NTSC) 384 x 560 Plxei Output (PAL) 1 Custom brushes use blitter RGB, HSV.HSL, CMY palette
* RGB and HSV spreads 1 Extensive Arexx™ support
• 10 Color Cycle Glow ranges Range pong, reverse, stop Smooth zoom, rotate or scale Area, edge, outline fill overfill Dithered 24 bit fill mixing Anti-alias with anv tool or brush llll tiflwiri Mirks will cither aiit) IMAGE COMPATIBILITY PAINT FEATURES DlgfVlcW** Nw Tek; Amlla Commodore Duiinrsi Machines; GIF?* CompuServe; Dynamic HiRe*1" NpvTck; $ cinLabr* A3DQ; Tirga™ True Villon; E**lc Image copyright True Vulon: lOfl-U™ Commodore; AHAM. ARZO. ARZi™ AS DC: HAM-E™ Buck Belt Sjitemi. Fiche Filer (S99) and MicroFiche Filer Plus (SI79, Software Visions) to be ideal. The programs come with truly useful templates that are perfect for home or smail-business use. Both are extremely powerful, yet easy to learn and use. A less expensive alternative geared strictly towards address-book functions is Mail-O-Dex (S49.95, KarmaSoft). It is not as full- featured as the Software Visions products, hut Mail- O-Dex’s attractive price and simplicity may he exactly what you need. If your life, as well as your address book, needs organization, look at NAG Plus ($ 99.95, Gramma Software), This program combines many features. Ii can store all your upcoming appointments and then cue you at the appropriate times with various sounds and visuals. NAG Plus, like many other programs (both FD and commercial) mentioned here, provides an Arexx port. Arexx (included with the 2.0 system software from Commodore, or purchased for §49.95 from William S. Hawses) is a sophisticated programming Record Editor igaZonePro M 11 in rKflH omiii JO. ARC FILE10.ARC LABELS-BUI 4-90,1X1 JTLEMN.ARC UlIICE-CO ROXT tlLEPAGE.LZH LAWBIDWi 6‘90.L2fl nLEREt 3 .ARC LED.AKC 7-90.LZH yam
3. ARC
mimv. 8-90.LZH rwir.zoo HIHWS! 9-90.LZfT iumuiM vfuniwrmi- tn.i'llll' MicroFlche Filer and MFF Plus let you magnify and scroll through any area of a database. Language that facilitates task sharing among programs. It is useful even to nonprogrammers because most Arexx-capable softw are comes with some readymade macros, and hundreds more are available to download. Many such macros are extraordinarily handy and can save you lots of time. “Free” Wheeling There is perhaps no single computer peripheral more useful than a modem. With a modem and a terminal program, you have access to tens of thousands of programs and files you can download into your Amiga. Before being uploaded, most files available for downloading are compressed, or “archived,” thus requiring less time and hence less expense to transfer). For this reason, you should keep a set of programs on hand to deal with the files you download. Your archiving collection should include PKAX for .ARC files, ZOO for .ZOO files, LHARC or LZ for .LZH files, WARP for .WRP files, LHWARP for .LHW files, DiskMasher for .DMS files, and PKAZip for ZIP files. All of these are freely distributable. .As with other command-type utilities, your SY$ :C directory is the ideal place to store them. From there, they can load right up, no matter which disk or directory you are in. Nothing can spoil a downloading session faster than someone in another room picking up an extension phone and killing your connection. Unless you live alone, you might want to consider a second phone line just for your modem. Rates vary, so consult your local phone company. Do not ask for a data-grade line; a regular voice line is fine and costs much less. Most modern apartment buildings are already wired for two or more phone lines, so turning on a second one might just take the installer a few minutes to twist some wires together and add a wall jack. Few of us live in a town with a lot of great Amiga BBSs from which to choose, so serious modem addicts will see some serious long-distance phone bills. If you are spending more than $ 30 a month calling BBSs, you should get a PC Pursuit account from US Sprint Telenet (call 800 736-1130 for sign-up information). This service gives you 30 hours of evening and weekend modem dialing for $ 30 a month, up to 2400 baud. Even better family and handicapped rates exist, if you qualify. Your unique PCPursuil II) number and password can become your magic carpet to bulletin boards and networks all over America. Another valuable resource is the closest .Amiga users' group, which gives you the chance to share tips, tricks and advice with other nearby Amiga owners, Someone two blocks away mav already know the j answer to the problem you have been struggling with for months. Many groups offer new-product demonstrations, hold prize raffles and have huge disk libraries you can copy. Further, local dealers often give discounts to users’ group members, so you can easily recoup your yearly dues. Organizing ourselves is not something most of us do with ease or glee. Putting your Amiga work system in order can actually he fun, though. Certainly the rewards are something to look forward to. Regardless of which programs or methods you use in your own system, you can smile smugly to yourself when you begin to realize the time, equanimity, and even dollar savings that are sure to follow. ¦ Haro Laser is senior chairman sysop of People Link*s Amiga Zone clubs. )'ou can find him on PI ink as CBM*HARV or on Usenet as crash fhrlaser or h r laser- @c rash, cts.com. An external digital dual channel TBC + Frame Synchronizer for under $ 1500? You must be kidding ” “Is it Toaster compatible” 16 This must be a joke” Guess again! Introducing Showline’s expanding Spectrum series of low-cost digital time base correctors + frame synchronizers. Showline Spectrums have great features:
• Full frame synchronizer
• Infinite window TBC
• 1 or 2 channel models
• Composite only or Composite S-VHS models with transcoding ability
• Choose models without with freeze frame +field with adjustable strobe control
• Digital comb filter included in specs
• Digital internal sync generators assures compatibility with ordinary consumer equipment & with ‘house’ sync or industrial-grade gear with advanced sync
• Standard rack mount size Ail Showline Spectrums have great specs: 0-5.5MHz bandwidth; full 8 bit quantization; 4:2:2 transparent processing at 14.318MHz (4Xfsc); S N: >60dB & >54dB including quantization noise.. .plus more. MODEL NUMBER 500C 900C 1000C 500SC 750SC 1000SC NUMBER OFTBCs 1 2 2 1 1 2 COMPOSITE ONLY V0 v0 u0 S-VHS + COMPOSITE + TRANSCODE V0 V0 FREEZE FIELD FRAME + ADJUSTABLE STROBE PROCAMPS V0 iS MIXER INCL. DISSOLVE, CUT, VERTICAL WIPE v0 SUGGESTED RETAIL $ 850 $ 1,450 $ 1,850 $ 1,295 $ 1,895 $ 2,695 For more information call or write: 120 Beacon Street • Boston, MA 02116 • (617) 262-6844 * Fax: (617) 262-7037 TM it = Showline Spectrum, Spectrum 1000SC C, 900C, 750SC & 500SC C are trademarks of Visync Technologies Corp. All other trademarks and brands belong to their respective companies. OH- GRAPHICS 28 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen TO UNDERSTAND WHY creating a screen image is not necessarily the same as completing the finished artwork, consider this analogy from photography: As any photographer will confirm, the image on the negative is only the beginning of the creative operations that lead to the final gallery print. The work that goes on in the darkroom can radically change or subtly polish the finished image. More and more, 1 am finding that this darkroom analogy applies to a category of creative processes I regularly employ with my Amiga artwork. To my delight, a new program. Art Department Professional ($ 199.95, .ASDO) has greatly expanded my options in these “darkroom” operations and significantly enhanced the quality of my results. (The original ASDG image processor, The Art Department, was reviewed in the Sep. ’90 issue, p.
84. Watch for a feature-length review of AD Pro next month in the July issue.) For the purposes of (his column, I will simply describe how I used certain features of the program in the sequence of operations required to finish the painting “Deep Reef’ (opposite). If you do not own AD Pro, you can try many of these techniques in Digi- Paint (NewTck) using a combination of the Merge Screen and Transparency settings. The results will not be quite the same, however, as those of .AD Pro’s 24-bit manipulations. Three-Layered Compositing Knowing the capabilities of AD Pro, 1 planned the painting from the outset as three layers that I would eventually “composite” as transparent overlays. (If you follow this column regularly, you know that the technique of compositing images is one of my current favorites see “Accent on Graphics,” Nov. ’90, p. 66, and Feb. ’91, p. 58, for more on compositing.) The more I explore transparent compositing, the more I realize it is one of the unique capabilities of the computer medium. With AD Pro translating all my images into 24-bit data, I can then perform my manipulations at that depth before rendering the final image in the resolution and format of my choice. The AD Pro results are better than those obtained with any other software I have used to perform similar operations. I painted the first image the fish in Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek) using techniques described in the Jan. ’90 “Accent,” (p. 40). I painted the fish against a solid black background so that by controlling Digi-Painfs transparency and hotspot settings, I could use that black to shade the forms and add a sense of dimension. The second painting, also in Digi- Paint, is a colorful abstract of transparent shapes done with very bright saturated colors. I used saturated colors because 1 planned to overlay this image with the black background of the fish painting, thus knocking the colors way hack. For the third image, I used Digi- View to capture a black-and-white close-up of a stone covered with lichen. 1 wanted to incorporate the texture of the lichen into the painting as detail under the color, anticipating that the gray scale would reduce the intensity of the colors in the other two images. Okay, Load ’Em Up! Setting AD Pro’s Load option to Composite, I loaded the abstract as the fist image. When the requester specifying amount appeared, however, 1 chose to load the image under No Composite wanting it to he the starting point for my layering operations. I then loaded the lichen image, setting the mix to 50%. This caused it to merge with the abstract image so that equal emphasis was given to both. 1 displayed the composite as a 320x400 HAM image to test the result. Liking the textured color, I was now ready to load the fish. I set the mix to 20% to bring the fish only faintly into the image. Also, by specifying black to be a transparent color in the loading image, 1 ensured that only the fish would merge with my textured background, leaving surrounding colors untouched. To specify black as transparent, I entered values of 0,0,0 in the RGB transparency settings. (These settings are for 24-bit color, so they range from 0 to
255. You can specify any color you wish to be transparent.) A new image processor offers darkroom-like control over subtle variations in the color, brightness, detail, and texture of your finished artwork. To create my final layer, I loaded the fish again, but this time at a 30% mix with no transparent color (RGB settings of 1, I, 1). This resulted in bringing greater emphasis to the fish while allowing the black background to subdue the colors of the surrounding abstract texture. Because these composites are calculated at 24 bits and then rendered to HAM, the results are quite clean. Smooth and Subtle Operators There are a number of AD Pro “operators" that you can use to do further work on your image. (The manufacturer promises more of these operators in the future; you can simply add them to the program as they become available.) I used one such recent addition, the “blur" operator, to soften the present image. After that, I considered "Deep Reef' finished to my satisfaction as a screen painting. I knew, however, that it was meant to be not only a screen image, but also a printed picture to accompany this article. This brings up a frequently encountered dilemma: Images always print darker than they appear on screen, even when you keep (as I do) your brightness and contrast monitor settings up at midrange. It is a difficult business adjusting images for print; sometimes it requires an act of faith to take an image you are pleased with and then tweak it into a bright, washed-out version to send off for publication. Yet that is often exactly what is needed to get good results in print. The computer artist must always think of the image in terms of its final output, not just how it looks on the screen. AD Professional, however, offers some very sophisticated options in balancing and adjusting that final image. One of these, the "dynamic- range” operator, analyzes the image and notes the smallest and largest values contained in the color data. It then allows you the opportunity to select a new range of maximum and minimum values and to constrain or expand all the image data to that new range of values. This is a powerful feature once you get the feel of it. My “Deep Reef’ screen image needed to be lighter for the printed version. It had a range of color values from 0 to 238 out of a potential of 0 to 255. 1 entered a new range of 30 to 240 and executed the dynamic- range operation. The result retained all the image detail, proved faithful to the original colors at the high end, and smoothly raised the values of the darkest colors to where I hope they will print well. Using AD Pro, I feel as though I am in my darkroom dodging a print and experimenung with sandwiched negatives. I’m hooked on the creative opportunities this program has opened up for me. Try it. ¦ Joel Hagens credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope for a reply. EXPERIENCED DESIGNERS KNOW that what works well with the printed page usually works with presentation graphics provided you take into account the orientation of the viewer. When working with text screens, neophyte designers tend to either clutter screens with too much information or use type that is big and clunky. You can learn much just by considering tried-and-true standards and observing how they are implemented. Media s T E fj Multi Applied Design Basics By Mitch Wells Take a minute to think about how type is laid out in quality textbooks and magazines. The size of the print assumes that the reader is within one to three feet of the page. Body type is usually 10-12 points in size (a point being ! T» °f an inch) and is generally set in a serif typeface in both upper and lowercase letters. (A serif typeface has small strokes at the ends of the letterforms; the text you are reading right now, and the “Applied Design Basics” heading at the top of this page both use a serif face.) Headlines are usually done in a 36- 48 point font (note that this is three to four times larger than the body type) and are sometimes in bold. They are sometimes in all uppercase characters, (.All uppercase text should be reserved for short text strings such as heads and subheads as it is more difficult to read than mixed cases.) Subheads are usually 18-24 points, bold, and usually in upper- and lowercase letters. Words that are all uppercase generally use serif type faces, which are considered easier to read. Subheads are usually done in sans serif (sans serif faces do not have strokes at the ends of the letterforms; the word “Mastering” in the Mastering MultiMedia logo is an example of a sans serif font). When determining which fonts to use, the place to start is with heads and subheads. In deciding on a size, first consider which resolution you will be working in. Keep in mind that the resolution of a monitor is much less than that of the printed page. Compensate for this by using the highest resolution available whenever possible and by anti-aliasing text (a technique that uses transparent pixels to smooth the jagged edges in computer graphics). Then consider your screen size; will one person at a time view your presentation on a standard 1084 monitor? How about a 20-inc h monitor? Or, will your presentation be projected in a room full of people? You can use the magazine-design standard for headlines as a guide when working with video screens. Headings containing two to three four-letter words typically occupy % to A* the width of a magazine page. This is a good rule of thumb to use for presentations that are to appear on a single 14-inch monitor. Using a larger screen, 72 to 7s of the screen width is adequate. Limit subheads to one-half the width of a standard screen for four four-letter words. Out-of-Body Experiences 1 suggest you avoid anything resembling body text in a presentation screen the type is just too small. If you cannot avoid it, I suggest you use a font no less than half the size of your subhead type and a type style that is appropriate for subheads. T his essentially makes anything set in body text simply a smaller subhead. Also, keep your text as brief as possible and substitute graphics for text whenever possible. Use a screen graph (discussed in “Mastering Multimedia,” May ’91, p.
74) to decide on placement for heads and subheads, and stick to these locations throughout your presentation. This will give it consistency. If you must use both a heading and a subheading on one screen, use some graphic element such as a rule or a line of bullets (evenly spaced dots) to offset the two when space permits. As with the heads and subheads themselves, try to place these graphic elements in a location that can be used consistently. If you plan to use more than one subhead on a screen, insert extra line spacing between them. It is best to use high-contrast colors lor headings and mid-contrast colors for subheads except when setting up a “build.” A build is the process of displaying a text list one line at a time. Say you have a list of three automobile manufacturers Ford, GM, and Chrysler that you would like to introduce individually onto your display screen. Using a build to display them, you would start by placing the word “Ford” in a bold, high-contrast color in the upper middle of the screen. In the next frame, you would add the letters “GM” also in a hold, high-contrast color, just below “Ford.” At the same time, you would reduce Ford to a mid-contrast, nonbold subhead. Fi- ? ARMOUR-GEDDON Post-Holocaust: A power crazed entity desires control of earth. They develop an energy beam and intend to bounce it off a custom-built satellite back to earth . All unprotected life will be wiped out. You select and control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles at once in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines and eventually knock out their beam generator. Build up your arsenaJ by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create your own new weapon systems. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling ‘being-there' realism between two players. Armour-Geddon; Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. Psygnosis and the r Molecule Madness Against the clock, you use your chemical tendencies to build molecules out of atoms provided. And don't be surprised if the very atom you don't need will be the one you're given to use next. . . Pray for a Joker Atom! If you don't look like a mad scientist now, you will by the time you've tackled ATOMINO! Up and Atom I Screen Shots from the Amiga Version mm ooaoGEia PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 r'rr?; 1 U L T I EDI A nally, you would bring in “Chrysler” just as you did GM in the last frame, and place it in the lower middle of the screen. GM, then, would shrink in size and color to match Ford. The build sequence might end with all three words as standard subheads, leading on to the next screen of your presentation. Whether or not you use the build approach, putting a graphic element (like a bullet) before each entry and aligning the elements vertically make the list easy to read. Color Guard Color is probably the most complex element of any presentation, and yet it is the one that is often given the least amount of thought by beginners. Without going into too much detail, here is a list of things to consider when deciding 011 the use of color: Readability The clarity of your presentation must take precedence over the colors you might like to use. It is a fact that combinations of pure high-contrast color such as pure blue on black or full red on blue are hard to read. By all means, avoid such combinations. What works for video production works for presentation graphics. Simply avoid full-power colors that is, colors with fully-saturated red, green, or blue elements (set all the way to 15 in Deluxe Paint's palette). Hierarchies If elements of vour 1 presentation are related hut vary in importance, use a palette that has combinations of colors in varying intensities. For example, in a 16-color palette, you might try using three shades each of red, green, yellow, blue, and grey, in addition to a background color (probably black). This not only allows you to show order-of- importance relationships (you could use all three reds on one screen, for example, to imply hierarchy), but also allows for color builds within text lists (that is, the use of more intense colors for emphasis, as in the build described above). Association When you see red. What do you think of? Fire, danger, financial loss, elements of great importance? Sure, that’s why stop signs and fire engines are red. Too often, beginning screen designers use colors without considering what they might mean to the viewer. If you were doing a presentation to teach kids about recycling, what colors would you use? Probably varying shades of green (associated with grass and trees), blues (associated with sky and water) and yellows (sunlight) for positive elements. You could add browns (burnt wood, buildings) or reds (danger) to emphasize any negative elements. Remember that people everywhere associate color with familiar things regardless of what you may want that color to portray. Audience Upscale audiences tend to like soft pastel colors; audiences of less sophistication react well to primary color elements; kids tend to like anything bright. When considering color, be sure to consider vour audience. Relationship and differentiation Some color combinations make good design sense and others do not. Often, context makes all the difference in the world. Certain colors are near each other on the color wheel (and are therefore called spectral neighbors). Blue and green, red and orange, yellow and green, for example, enhance one another well. These make good side-by-side combinations and imply relationship. Because spectral neighbors do suggest sameness, you should avoid these color combinations when you want to differentiate elements within a presentation. Instead, use strongly contrasting colors (sometimes called triad colors), such as mid-tone red, yellow, and blue; or at least add opposite colors to elements of the objects. When you do use color opposites, however, try to distance them that is, do not let them touch each other. If color opposites must touch, he sure they are not fully saturated. Full-in- tensity color opposites tend to visually “vibrate” when they are adjacent. One of the trickiest color elements to use, but perhaps the most gratifying, is the multicolored background. The best advice that I can give here is to consider how* the relationships of the colors in your background and foreground elements compare to the basics mentioned here. 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* 198“ the Amiga IHItHtMUtfN You can visit our showrooms full of the newest products with friendly, helpful salespeople to show them to you at the following locations: South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. - Lawndale, CA 90280 - Mon-Sat 11-7 PST -Phone: (213) 542-2292 Westside: 318 Wflshre Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Tues-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 PST-Phone: (Z13) 394-7779 ACTION STRATEGY ¦ 175JC
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- • - := ¦ _ ; :¦ ;• Form Design, Application Development and Reiathindl Database Management Software from Precision Software! Vista 1.2 Nomarepofygonsl Now does treesl Requires only 1 yiiLi OFFER VALID MAY 1,1891 - MAY 31,1991 OFFER CODE: P1640111 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS COMPUTERS 4453 Redondo Beach Bind., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-G PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 run kk...... . _ 32.49 ImtfMST HOI*
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• 1st Year Membership Free! Save S40
• Free Buyer Insurance The Direct Advantage MasterCard's Purchase Assurance protects mo si items you buy with yoor card against loss, then. Ttre or accUemai breakage tor a ftU 80 day t from the date of purchase.
• Double Manulacturer’s Warranty! You'D autmnabcaRy receive Direct Advantage MaslerCi rtfs Cxtsnccd Warranty on almost every purchase, thereby doubling the manufacturer's warranty up to a maximum ol one additional year.
• Bonus Points! Now. Every debar you spend lor business or personal usi wtth yoir Direcl Advantage GoU MasterCard, earns points good toward the purchase o! Ever yiiung we sen - one p*my lor every two dollars you spend. It makes no difference where you use your card or what you buy - before you know It, you'll have thousands ol points to redeem on the catalog Item ol your choice!
• Redeem points with a phone call) One quick cad to the Direcl Advantage customer service snd redemption center Is al II lakes to turn your points late immediate savings on everything we set. Where mere, you'd receive a quarterly pant statement to keep you up-to-date on the total points you’ve earned and used, and cardholder exclusive information on specials that we run.
• fkgli Credit Unht Every Direct Advantage Geld MasterCard holder atrtemmteaBY receives a line of craft ol up to $ 15,0001 Are you in the market lor a Video Toaster but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back lor a lull refund! CC-MBG rules: Limited-tlme orier only applies to above listed categories only. Yds oust call Gbswimp Service to obtain i Return AuthorUalfoa number before sending lbs ltem(s) back. Thereof*) must be In original condition and In originsl packaging. No damaged Items wilt bt acceptsd. Rifends issued within 14 days of receipt ol the returned Itemfs). Refund is limited to S3,000 per custnmar. Now and through June 30,1991, when you purchase any accelerators, (loppy drives, memory expansions, hard drive controllers or Newtek's Video Toaster from you are protected by a full 30-day, ked Money Back Guarantee! - I0RDER BY PHONE OR MAIL IN THIS FORM
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V. SALES TAX (CA. *ES CULT) SKPp!>iO TOTAL SHIPPING METHOD; ? UPS Ground n Airborne Express ? DHL -International orders PH Other_ OFFER CODE: PI 640111 METHOD OF PAYMENT: ? Check Money Order Visa ? MasterCard ? American Express HU Discover CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card _Exp. Date_ Signature_ onuta.ni wl IIRBORNE Overnight Shipping via: Credit Cards Accepted PRESS THE GAME PRESERVE Lemmings By Dodson Yaple Lemmings are odoriferous arctic rodents notorious for periodic mass suicide. You'd think that would rule out computer-game stardom. But no Psygnosis craftily transformed the mean-tempered ice-rats into lovable Pillsbury Doughboys with green hair and 78-rpm voices. These little guys are so darn cute you just can't help wanting to save them from self-destruction. That'5 where your problems begin. Lemmings ($ 44.99) looks like an arcade game, but it's more a series of puzzles: Save a specified number of the cuddly creatures within a given time limit, or else repeat the level. You manage the action by bestowing various skills on individual lemmings, enabling them to construct bridges and tunnels that divert their less- gifted buddies to safety. Icons across the bottom of the screen represent the skills at your disposal: climbing, parachuting, traffic control, bridge building, demolition, and three kinds of digging. Select a skill, then click 011 the desired rodent, and that lemming will do as you BAT By Peter Olafson BAT (short for Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters) is a delightfully different To locate developers of the games reviewed, see the manufacturers’ addresses list on p. 88. Dig and climb and jump and live. Command. The others, however, will cheerfully plunge to their doom at every opportunity. When so many of the contrary little vermin have reached room temperature that you can no longer succeed, you have to reset with the apocalyptic Nuke 'Em option and try again. Lemmings’ graphics and sound are polished, but unambitious. What it lacks in flash, however, it makes up for in comfort: Smooth and addictive, it includes a fast restart option, instant access to any level you’ve already seen, and a nifty two- player mode with 20 levels graphic adventure with a science-fiction theme. At first glance, this long- of its own. The program detects and uses extra memory. It recognizes an external drive and minimizes disk-swapping on single-drive systems. The only rough edge is the DOS- based copy protection. To make sure you experience plenty of stress and frustration, Lemmings increasingly restricts your use of the most helpful skills, flie screens get so tough that you think there must be design flaws. Goofy music drones on relentlessly, subtly lowering your intelligence. By level 50, you’re considering suicide yourself. . .and level 51. Awaited game from France’s UBI Soft looks like a computer comic book or ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson DID EVERYBODY GET Shadow of the Beast II ($ 59.99) for Christmas? No sooner do I answer a stack of Beast mail (see the March ’91 Crib Notes), than a fresh supply of questions arrives on this supremely difficult Psygnosis ar- cade-adventure. A number of people are perplexed over what to do with the shard of stone remaining after they used the crane to drop the slab on the spike. Play Wile E. Coyote, that's what. You'll need to push the stone over to the lever to the right, then climb the rope to roughly. . . (well, you figure it out) and jump on the lever. Then get over to the lower elevator in time to be lifted up to Ishram the dragon. No, you can't get back out of the marsh the way you came, and so you shouldn’t visit it until you are prepared to cross the ocean. To do that, you’ll need the horn that summons a sea creature. The horn doesn't come easily. You must have handled the giant by the bridge in just the right way. (Don't fight him. Play hard to get, and coax him onto the bridge.) You'll want to investigate the breach he’s created. There aren't a lot of options down there, but you'll need to be fearless in your jumping and aggressive with the little dragon-like creatures. (Use the old man's weapon. There's also a healing potion somewhere down there if you run into trouble.) If you can’t come up with 36 gold pieces for the snail six chests with six coins each your game is over. A number of people have found only 24, so here's a quick rundown on where to find them. There's one chest In the Keep; one just below the abode of Bar- Joom the dragon; one through the Pygmy Forest, upstairs and to the Continued on p. 72. FOR THE BEST IN CHESS, MAKE THE PERFECT MOVE. Check. And Mates. The Royal Game of Chess will never be the same. Interplay Productions now challenges you to choose from three different chess programs, each offering its own unique blend of stunning animation, spectacular sound, and powerful algorithms designed to test your tactical and strategic thinking. ¦ Checkmate™, winner of the 1990 World Personal Computer Blitz Chess Championship in Lyon, France, is so powerful that Amiga Games Guide called it “easily the strongest-playing chess program yet for a personal computer. ” ¦ Battle Chess™, a SPA award winner for best graphics, brings chess to life by combining a magnificent chess logic system with colorful, humorous, and dramatic three-dimensional animations. Video Games £ Computer Entertainment went so far as to call it “the next step beyond all existing chess programs. ” ¦ Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess™ uses even more animation and sound than the original Battle Chess™ to bring the world's most widely played version of chess to the West. Computer Gaming World called it “a feast for chess lovers which will leave you wanton to play again 15 minutes after each game! ” All of Interplay's chess programs have 2D or 3D graphics, multiple levels of difficulty, and allow a choice of opponents (computer, face-to-face, or modem). If you’re looking for a challenging opponent, want to find a program that'll teach you or your children how to play, or just experience some new twists on strategy and tactics, Interplay has a game for you. Interplay chess programs. Whatever your game, make the perfect move. To order, call 1-800-969-4263. Interplay is a registered trademark of Interplay Productions, Inc. Checkmate™, Battle Chess111, and Battle Chess ™ are trademarks of Interplay Productions, Inc. G A ME P R E S E R V E I'm Waiting. 1-800-447-1230 SIR-TECH
P. O. Box 245, OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK 1 3669 Ad-lib, SoundBlaster sound support: Mouse interface: 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drive and hard drive support: CGA. EGA & Tandy 16-color graphics. For MS-DOS. Amiga & Macintosh. Graphic novel. Each new scene in the domed alien city of Terrapolis doesn’t replace one before it, as in most adventures of this type, but is placed beside it in a new window. Looks can be deceiving, and BAT ($ 49.95) usually isn't that simple. For instance, you might think that these scenes most of them small, but striking were simply static backdrops until an animated, spidery robot wanders across the room, or a rocket takes off, or an elevator heads up the side of a building, or an alien ear twitches. It’s a charming touch, if only window dressing, and it’s only the beginning. You can hardly move your mouse pointer across a screen without it changing shape to show the range of actions available at a given spot: a cartoon bubble or talking head for discussion, a bottle for drinking, an arrow for a way out, and so on. I I hat fidgetiness of environment and a pleasantly high level of interactivity (there’s almost always something to click on) go a long way toward making BAT great fun. There’s also a lovely assortment of little toys to explore. You’ll use telephones, food dispensers, a Simon-like arcade game and a four-function computer (named BOB) installed in your left forearm. Once you've explored the city, there’s a “dungeon” (an even more dangerous underground city) and a three-dimensional environment over Selenia's inhospitable desert, which you'll negotiate in a pilotable air- craft called a DRAG. Variety and acronyms are the spice of BAT. The story is another James Bond variant: You're a secret agent, punching his one vague lead in an attempt to catch a mad scientist who is threatening to destroy the planet unless it's turned over to him in 10 days. You’ll probably need BOB to get to him, and the Bidirectional Organic Bioputer is one of the little pleasures that makes BAT worth investigating. It's one of a scant few games to incorporate programming within the game, and the first I’ve seen to do so successfully. You can use a simple if-then language to create what are essentially complex macros. Now, on the down side, it’s difficult to finagle your way out of some screens, and Amiga-owners trained in left mouse button clicking may be frustrated to find that often this brings up BOB when you least want him. (Mouse placement needs to be quite precise.) Finally, as big and varied as this two-disk world is (and it’s huge), the game sometimes has a confining feeling. Continued on p. 68. CALIFORNIA Street Rod 2, it's not the same old drag ? 25 hot street vehicles to customize and race. ? 4 thrilling race scenarios: Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles ? Over 60 high performance parts to add on. River Aqueduct, Grudge Night and street racing. For more information on Street Rod 2 contact your local dealer or call Electronic Arts Distribution, 1 -800-245-4525 Available for IBM PC, Tandy, compatibles, and Amiga. Circle 116 on Reader Service card Mm g g A MW 6-91 800-558-0003 800-558-0003 ICD AD SPEED All AMIGA Computers $ 219
14. 3 & 7.16 Mhz 100% Compatibility*No-Solder 32K Static RAM Caching Ext. Modem W MNP5 V.42BIS AMIGA 50Q& 2000 AD RAM 540 OK Exp. To 4MB $ 105 $ 519 ICD AD-IDE 40 Meg Internal Hard Drive Package featuring 28MS 42.8 Meg Seagate 351A X 1.5" hard disk drive A500-$ 359 A2000-$ 339 Package includes: AD-IDE, cables, Software and Drive FLICKER FREE ICD VIDEO $ 309 Use standard VGA or multi- syncmonitor & get FF Video on AMIGA 500 1000 2000 ICD Novia 2
1. 5 Hard Disk Drive For the A500 Great Price at 500 XP 20 Meg v 512K .....S369 52 Meg w 512K ....$ 519 52 Meg w 2M8 (256x4) $ 579 52Meg w 2MB (1 Mx4) ..$ 669 105 XPS W 512K ...S769 105XPS w 2 MB (1Mx4) ..S919 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES! SupraModem" 2400 $ 16 SupraModem saoo MODEM CABLE INCLUDED! External $ 95 Supr Ram to 8MB 1MB I 2MB $ 135 I $ 205 Supra RAM 500 1 2MB Exp.’A500 $ 49 SupraRam 2000 2 MB...,V1V....$ 175 4 MB jfflt$ 255 6 MB.WMF..$ 325 8 MB ......$ 405 GREAT PRICES! All Supra Ram products come w faclory installed memory chips, fully warran tied by Supra. Watch for cheap configurations! Ask questions before you buy! Panasonic PRINTERS PRINTERS citizen I7Q NCW WFU WPUJ AS .1111 - KX-P 1123 NEW NEW NEW $ 229.. 200GX-Big Seller .....S169 GSX 140 - Great Price ......$ 289 GSX 145 Wide Carriage ....$ 399 Color Kit 200GX GSX 140 ..$ 49 KX-P 1124 • GREAT PRICE! ......S2A9.. NX 2420 Rainbow-H0T!$ 299 NX 1001 Multifont NEW ....$ 139 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW ...$ 185 NX 2420 ...$ 279 KX-P 1180 5149 KX-P 1624 .$ 369 KX-P 4420 .$ 849 CALL FOR THESE NEW KX-P MODELS
• 1123 - 1124i • 1654 * 4450i • J NEW | - DRIVES • iAZ_ &Seagate amiga 500 2000 hard drive packages DRIVES DRIVE ALONE TRUMPCARD 2000 TRUMPCARD PRO 2000 SUPRA WORD SYNC 2000 AdSCSI 2080 w 0K 0MB Exp. TRUMPCARD 500 TRUMPCARD PRO 500 GVPSerll HC ONIB-Not Exp. GVPSerll HC OMB Exp to 8MB DataFtyer 2000 Data Flyer SOD ST157N-1 49M32BMS $ 239 $ 349 $ 429 $ 329 $ 409 $ 429 $ 479 $ 389 $ 439 $ 329 $ 369 ST 277N-1 6QMB 2BMS $ 289 $ 399 $ 479 $ 379 $ 459
- ---- $ 379 ST 296N ¦3073 2S VS $ 319 $ 429 $ 509 $ 409 $ 479 $ 409 ST1096N $ 349 $ 459 $ 539 $ 449 $ 519 $ 529 $ 589 $ 499 $ 519 $ 449 $ 489 low prices Quantum Drives DRIVES DRIVE ALONE TRUMPCARD 2000 TRUMPCARD PRO 2000 SUPRA WORD SYNC 2000 AdSCSI2080 w 0K SMB Eip. TRUMPCARD 500 TRUMPCARD PRO 500 GVP Hd Card OMB Exp-BMB GVP Serll HC 0MB Eip- 3MB DataFlyer 2000 DataFlyer 500 52LPS $ 269 $ 379 $ 459 $ 369 $ 439 $ 449 $ 509 $ 419 $ 459 $ 369 $ 419 105MB $ 369 $ 479 $ 549 $ 469 $ 539 $ 549 $ 609 $ 529 $ 579 $ 469 $ 529 210MB $ 749 $ 859 $ 909 $ 849 $ 919 $ 909 $ 959 $ 879 $ 929 $ 849 $ 919 Series II A500 HD + Since 1982 - • • X AIV1W 6- 800-558-0003 ompui tbUity 800-558-0003
U. on.iumet jLlecttonlci VIDEO PACKAGE
• PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA*COPYSTAND w LIGHTS*DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0* PRICE INCLUDES 16MM LENS WITH: A500 w 52 Meg ....$ 629 A500 w 80 Meg ....$ 709 A500 w 105 Meg .$ 849 Uses Quantum Drives, come w OK &exp. To 8MB 68030 ACCELERATORS Series ii for 2000 w SCSI Controller 22MHz w 1 MB exp. To 13 & Math Co ..$ 89£ 33MHz W 4MB exp. To 16 & Math Co $ 1679 IDE CONTROLLER 50MHz A3050 W 4MB + Math Cop,...$ 2299 Call for Quantum AT IDE Drive Configurations See Opposite page for Series II Hard Card Packages TRUMPCARD 500 SPECIAL W Seagate Drive W Quantum Drive ST 157N-1 .$ 429 52 LPS .$ 469 ST 177N ....$ 509 105MB......$ 579 ST 1096N ..$ 529 210MB......$ 939 VARIABLE IRIS
- $ 379 VIDEO TOASTER CALL FOR THE LOWEST PRICE! AMIGA EXTRAS DC TV $ 389 Hvy Duty Power Sup .... S95 ECE Midi Interface ... AE Hvy Duty Power Sup .... $ 95 AE High Density 3.5 Drive ST85 Air Drive tnt 3 5’-A300Q .. SS9 AMAXXI1 $ 137 Ami Gen Mini Gen $ 89 185 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Bodega Bay ...$ 299 AT Once - PC Emulator ... $ 259 Chroma Key Switcher $ 329 Color Splitter .....$ 109 FIXED IRIS $ 349 PERSONAL TBC Time Base Corrector $ 779 ECE Midi Interface S48 Firecracker 2*10*2 Meg.... CALL Flicker Ftxer ...S239 Gravis Adv. Joystick $ 31 Gravis Mouse Stick S59 Mega Midget Racer 25MH:S599 Mega Midget Racer 33MH:S669 MIDI Gold A500 ..S55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 .. S59 Perfect Sound .S65 SalaekiaJimm ¦ Si 7. ¦ goldenIMAGE ® HAND SCANNER w MI GRAPH TOUCH-UP For Amiga 500 2000 2500 3000 ijJ L- *f U MASTER 3A-1 'THE ORIGINAL”
3. 5" Micro Floppy External Disk Drive lor Amiga tf* 7 500 1000 2000 A JJ MASTER 3A-ID
3. 5" Micro Floppy Ext Disk Drive w LED Track Display for500 1000& tQQ 2000 AMIGA 500 1000 2000 J35 Replacement Mouse AMIGA500 1 2 Meg Ram 1 Exp, w Clock-Cal $ 49 Optical Mouse Gl 500 $ 49 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION KIT Master3A-1+ 512K RAM Exp. Jrtj- w Clock Cal $ I C.D AMIGA 20001 2MB RAM $ 175! Exp. To 8MB | 36 95 30 95 37 95 31 95 36 95 . 24.95 .31.95 .37.95 36 95 .37.95 24 95 30 95 30 95 32 95
37. 95
25. 95 . 18.95
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28. 95 .66 95 . 42.95 .37.95 . 24.95 .36.95 .31.95
37. 95 22 95 30 95 30 95
36. 95 30 95 ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For fast delivery send cashier's check or money order Personal & company checks allow 14 business days to clear P.O's welcome C.O.D. charges are M.QOJn Continental USA include $ 4 00 tor software orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum $ 5.00. MasterCard & Visa orders please include card *. Expiration date and signature Wl residents please include 5% sales ta* HI. AK. FPO, APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 6% shipping, minimum $ 5,00. All other loreign orders add 15% shipping, mln $ 15.00 All orders shipped outside the Continental U.S A. are shipped hrs! Class insured U S mail, where available. If foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, you will be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty. We do not guarantee comparability & version s Due to our tow prices all sales are final All Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Call (414) 357-8181 to obtain an R.A. * or your return will not be accepted Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Shipping & hand mg are non-refundable. We ship the latest versions available to us, updates must be handled by end user directly with the manufacturer. Not responsible lor typographical errors, tn an effort to be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press time._ CALL US TODAY! INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 Ocommodore MON-FRI 9am-9pm satiiam-5Pm FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE AMIGA £88 Attack Sub ...... .31 95 A10 Tank Killer . 30 95 All In One ..... .43.95 Altered Destiny . . 36.95 Anarchy .... .24 95 Arachnaphobia . 28 95 Armada 25 25 31 95 Awesome ..... .. .36 95 BAT ..... 31 95 Bandit Kings Ancient China 36 95 Bane Cosmic Forge 1MEG . 36.95 Bard’s Tale til .. ..31.95 Barney Bear each ...... 21 95 Battle Chess ..... 28 95 Battle Command ... ..31.95 Battle Isle 31 95 Battle Squadron ... 24 95 Battlestorm .... .30.95 Battlelech ... 1995 Baud Bandit ...... .28.95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge.. . 30.95 Billy the Kid . ..25 95 Black Gold ... ..24.95 Blades of Steel .. . 28.95 Blood Relations 31 95 Blue Angels . 30 95 Blue Ma* ... . 31.95 Buck Rogers 31 95 Budokan 25 95 Captive ..... .. 29.95 Cardinal ol the Kremlin . 30.95 Carmen San Diego Each..... ..30.95 Centurion .... . 31 95 Champions of Krynn .... .,31.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 . .. 24.95 Chessmaster21D0 . 31.95 Chuck Yaeger AFT 2 0 . 25 95 Civil War .... . 37.95 Codename Iceman...... 36 95 Colonel's Bequesl ..... . 36 95 Comic Setter . ..41.95 Comic Art Disks ea .. .. .20.95 Conflict Middle East ... ..37.95 Conquest ot Camelot .... .. 36.95 Continuum ... 30 95 Crackdown ...... .. 17.95 Crime Does Not Pay .... 30 95 Curse Azure Bonds .. 31 95 Das Boot Submarine 31 95 Day of the Viper 30 95 Death Knights ol Krynn __ ... 28.95 Oesignasaurus .. .30.95 RECREATION SOFTWARE ViSA Dick Tracy ...30.95 Dino Wart . 24 95 Distant Sun ...39 95 Dragon's Uir ......30 95 Dragon's Lair IlfTime Warp .... 34.95 Dragon Strike 31 95 Dragon Wars ......30.95 Drakkhen 36 95 Dungeon Master ..24 95 Eagle's Rider .. 30.95 Elvira ..36 95 Empire ..31.95 Eye of she Beholder .. 37 95 M9 Stealth Fighter ...... 36 95 F-2S Retalialor .....31 95 Faces . Tns III . 24 95 Faicon 30.95 Operation Counterstrike ......16 95 Operation Fife Fighter 19 95 Fasi Eddie Pool .. 22 95 Firaand Forget II ..28.95 Flames ol Freedom . 30 95 Flight ol the intruder ......36.95 Flight Simulator II ...30 95 Full Metal Planet 30 95 Genghis Kahn .....36.95 Golden A>e ..17.95 Gunboat ...30 95 Gunship ..34 95 Hardball II 30.95 Harley Davidson 31 95 Harmony ... 28 95 Harpoon .37.95 Battleset 2 or 3 ..20.95 Harpoon Scenario editor 25 95 Heart of China ......36.95 Heroes Quest ..36.95 Holyes Bcok of Games ..21.95 Hoverlorce ....30.95 Hunt for Red October .. 20.95 Immortal .....31.95 Imperium .. 25.95 Indiana Jones-Graphic 20.95 indianapciis 500 ... 31.95 Ishido .34.95 Jack Nickfaus Unlimited 36.95 James Bend :Steaith Affair .. 34.95 Jones in the Fast Lane ....24.95 Keys To Maramonte .31 95 King's Bounty ...... 31.95 King's Quest 1 Enhanced . 24,95 King's Quest 1.2. or 3 ...... 30 95 King's Qlest 4 or 5......36.95 Knight Fcroe ...... 28 95 Legend of Faerghaii 23 95 Leisure Suit Larry 24.95 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 Lemmings ... Loom . Lost Patrol ..... M-l Tank Piatcon ..... Maverick .. Mavis Beacon Typing ...... Mega Fortress . Mega-Traveller 1 ..... Mercenaries ... Mid Winter ... Monday Night Footaall Monopoly .... Monty Python . Nations at War . Night Breed ... Night Dawn .... Night Hunter .... Night Shift ..... Nitro . Nobunga's Ambition ...... Obilus .... Operation Combat .. PGA Tour Golf Pick N Pile Prates! ... Planet ol Lust .. Police Quest 1 ... Police Quest II Pools of Radiance .... Populous ..... Powermonger ... Prince o Persia Pro Tennis Tour 2 ..... Quest for Glory 2 . Quicksilver PinbaH ..... Railroad Tycoon . Raw Copy Red Baron ..... Red Storm Rising Renegade Legion Rise of the Dragon..... Risk ... RoDocop II .... Rcllem ...... Romanced 3 Kingdoms Rules ol Engagement...... Scrabble . Search for the King .. Second Front Secrect ol Monkey Island Sex Vuens Outer Space Sextimates Shadow of the Beast . Shadow ol the Beast II. Sim City Ternan Editor .....14.95 Ski or Die ......31.95 Sarcerian ....36 95 Space Ace ...... 34.95 Space Quest i or 2 ..30.95 Space Quest 3 ......36.95 Spellbound ...24.95 Spirit ol Excalibur 30.95 Spot .. 24.95 Star Control .30 95 Star Fields .....36.95 Star Flight .... 31.95 Stellar 7 ..... 21.95 Stunt Track Racer ..24.95 Stratego .... 30.95 Street Rod II . 25.95 Strike Aces .. 30-95 Strip Poker 2 .24.95 Super Off Road Racing ..... 25 95 Swap ...30 95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28.95 Tennis Cup ... 24,95 Tetris . 21.95 Terrain Envoy ... 2B.95 Test Driven ..30.95 Data Disks ea ....15.95 Test Drive III .CALL Their Finest Hour . 37.95 Theme Park Mystery . 30 95 Third Courier .30 95 Time Machine ......34 95 Treasure Trap ......24 95 Turrican .24.95 Typhoon of Steel ... 37.95 Ultima 5 .36.95 Universe 3 .....31 95 Universal Military Sim 2 36.95 Vette .30 95 VstaPro .. 36 95 Warhead ...3195 Warlord ......30 95 Welltris ....2195 Where m me Carmen each 30 55 Wolf Pak .....34.95 Wonderland ..30.95 World Atlas ...35.95 Wrath of the Demon .CALL Yeager's Adv. Train 2.0 ...25.95 Aziec C Developer V5 0 __ 177 95 Azirec C Pro V5 0 ...... 119 95 Bars & Pipes ....119.95 Bars 4 Pipes Pro ...224 95 Baud 3andt 30 95 Bridge 6.0 . 25.95 Broadcast Titter 2.0 ......224.95 Byte N' Back ......39.95 Can Do ... 84.95 Pro Pack 1 ...24.95 Comic Setter ....41 95 Comic Art Disks ea . 20 95 Cross DOS 2 0 ..... 24 95 Deluxe Music Construction ... 51 95 Deluxe Pa nt lit 94.95 Deluxe Photo Lab 94.95 Deluxe Prmt II ......51-95 Deluxe Productions ...... 123 95 Del Vid3 wOti PhowUtVftmtiQuari.94.95 Oigidroid ......59.95 Digimate 3 ....24,95 Diflipaint 3 0 58 95 Digiview gold .....118.95 Director 2 0 .. 75 95 Disk Labe er ..24 95 Disk Master ..23.95 Dos 2 Dos ....30.95 Dynacadd ... 659 95 Elan Performer 2 0 .37.95 Electric Thesaurus ...23 95 Excellence V2 0 109 95 GFA Basic 3 5 ... 87 95 Gold Disk Office . 166 95 Gold ol the Altec .30.95 Heroes Quest ..36.95 Image Finder . 41.95 Imagine ......194.95 Invision + .174.95 Karalonts ea .. 44 95 Keyboard Control Seq. 3 0 .159 95 Lathee C ....194.95 Macro Pant 78 95 Mavis Beacon Typing 31 95 MegaPamt .... 174 95 Midi Recording Studio 39.95 Movie Setter .41.96 MR Backup ..35.95 Music X .....,169.95 Music Xjr ....87.95 On Line Flatinum .41.95 Page Seller 2 71.95 Page Stream V2 1 ..179.95 Buddu System ...29.95 Business Forms ....24.95 Postscript Font Disks 24 95 Dot Matrix Fonts ..24.95 PC Globe 4 0 ... 36 95 Pelican Press ...... ..... 67 95 Pnasar4 0 . . . 54.95 Pnoton Painf 2 0 .....87.95 Planet of Lust . 24 95 Power Windows 2.5 . ......54.95 Print Master Plus ......24.95 Pro Video Gold .. .... 139.95 Font Packs ... ......59.95 Pro Video Post .... .189 95 Video Fonts 2 . 59 95 Pro Write 3 0 . ......91 95 Prolessional Draw .. 11295 Protessicnal Page 2 0 214 95 Structured Clip Arl .. ......36 95 Templates ...... ......36.95 Project D V2 0 35 95 Proper Grammar .... 57 95 Quarter Back . .....42 95 Quarter Back Tools .. ......52 95 Quick Write...... . , 43 95 Ra w Copy... . 34 95 Roll'em ......86.95 RX Tools 35 95 Scala .269 95 Scene Generator 29 95 Showmaker ...214,95 Soft Clips Vo! 1.2. 3 Of 4 ,-.,..44 95 Spectracclor . ....64.95 Sterling Service BBS . .. ...... 84 95 Superbase 4 . 309 95 Superbase Personal 2..... 87 95 Superbase Pro 3 0 .... ....189 95 Superplan . ... .87.95
T. V. Show V2.0 64.95 Tiger Cub ......59.95 Title Page ..... .....11295 Transwrite ..... ......41.95 Turbo Silver 3 0 1 Meg .... 73 95 TV Text .... 64 95 TV Text Professional .... . 99 95 Ultra Des-gn .... .... 164 95 Vaxme ..... . 24 95 Vette 30.95 Video Effects 3-D , .. ... 11395 Video Tiller VI.5 ...... ......92 95 Video Tools . .....182.95 VideoScape 3D V2.0 .....184.95 VIP Video Interface .. .....104.95 Vista Professional .... 86.95 Viva .....122.95 Voice Recognition .... .... 10995 Works. Platinum . . 112.95 World Atlas . 35.95 Wsheil 28.95 X Copy Professional
• now and save $ 5.00 off the retail price $ 5.00 savings coupon good towards your next TechMedia Video purchase! Await* Volum II The Amiga Primer Anyone with an Amiga whether a new owner or experienced user will find this easy-to-follow video invaluable. Applicable to all Amiga models, The Amiga Primer presents System 2.0 and AmigaVision™ the Amiga Workbench, the CLI, peripherals, and utilities in an entertaining format with vibrant graphics and upbeat music. There’s no easier way to master your Amiga! TMAP 90 minutes Psygnosis Lemmings™ Game Demo Disk FREE! With your order NewTek’s Video Toaster The Video Toaster™ from NewTek is hailed as the world’s first video computer card enabling broadcast-qual- ity production on desktop. Whether you are considering the purchase of a Toaster™ or are just curious about all the excitement, the Video Toaster™ video tape provides in-depth information such as:
• installing the Toaster™ in the Amiga 2000
• adding and testing other essential equipment
• selecting source material and processing speed
• manipulation of many digital video effects including flips, tumbles, mirrors, spins, splits and titles
• producing 3-D animations
• painting on video images See for yourself what the amazing Toaster™ can do! TMVT 45 minutes Hot Rod Your Amiga Learn how to get maximum power from your Amiga. Get valuable advice on how to expand memory internally and externally: select and install hard drives, memory boards and accelerators: back-up software and utilities; RAM and drive space differences; and other useful tips. Hot Rod Your Amiga also covers the revolutionary Video Toaster™ and other high-end peripherals such as DCTV. Soup up your Amiga now! TMHR 45 minutes >2435 Animation Video Volume II In response to the clamor for another Amiga animation videotape, the AmigaWorld editors have created Animation Video Volume II. After sifting through hundreds of contest submissions and viewing countless hours of animation clips, the result is a showcase of scintillating animations, technical brilliance and imaginative plots. You’ll be thoroughly entertained as you absorb new techniques and ideas. Whether you just brought your Amiga home from the store or have created your own animations before, you’ll want to add Animation Volume II to your Amiga video collection! TMAV2 90 minutes $ 24,95- Desktop Video, Volume I Whether for home or studio use, Desktop Video shows you how to utilize your Amiga in conjunc- ' , tion with a video camera to • ; create professional-quality productions with live video and animation techniques. Learn how to select a genlock; build a desktop video system; choose and use a video camera; create scripts, storyboards and titles. Plus tips on editing, adding sound, special effects, and much more. A must for any video enthusiast! TMDV 84minutes Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG Animation Video, Volume I A best-selling video, containing commercially broadcast and award-winning animation art, this video will fascinate, entertain and inspire you as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. Each of the many animations is accompanied by unique music and sound effects, and is prefaced by the artist’s name and a listing of all the animation products used. Experiment and explore the endless possibilities yourself! TMAV 48 minutes
- J i J
i) i J j J AMIGA BOOKS New Edition! An Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Video Toaster is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. The Musical Amiga With detailed insight from some of the best-known Amiga musicians, The Musical Amiga teaches you how to create both simple tunes and complex musical compositions. Sessions on MIDI systems include sequencing, editing and synthesizing. Learn the techniques used in digital sound sampling, sound manipulation and creation of unique sound effects. Accompanied by an entirely Amiga-produced soundtrack, this dynamic video is sure to enlighten you with the remarkable musical potential of your Amiga! TMMA 60 minutes Amiga Graphics Amiga Graphics is all you need to explore the extraordinary graphics capabilities of your sophisticated Amiga. Learn the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs. Get three intensive sessions on fonts, clip art and digitizing, as well as in-depth coverage on the elements of design and style. Amiga Graphics also illustrates interlace functions, when Hold And Modify (HAM) should be used, and covers smearing, washing, tinting and perspective. An invaluable tool for any artist! TMAG 54 minutes >2835 2 55 AmigaWorld Official AmigaDOS 2 Companion by Bob Ryan Harness the power of the new AmigaDOS 2! The Amiga Companion is back in a revised and expanded edition for AmigaDOS 2. It's your expert guide to the new DOS, filled with hundreds of instructions, tips & techniques not found in any other book. Covers:
• The Amiga OS, including Workbench, Shell & Arexx
• The Workbench GUI
• Workbench menus and tools ¦ The 13 Preference Editors
• The Extras 2 disk
• AmigaDOS handling disks, files & devices
• Configuring AmigaDOS
• Manipulating files with Copy, Delete, MakeDir, Rename
• AmigaDOS command scripts and shortcuts
• The Arexx macro language and a fully annotated program to customize
• Plus over 100 screen shots, command references, a valuable glossary, and an error code summary for solving problems more easily! 1-878058-09-6 416 pages S24.95 AmigaWorld Official AmigaVision Handbook by Louis Wallace Express your creativity on the Amiga with this complete guide to the new AmigaVision! The only authoritative guide to the hottest program for your Amiga. Written in an easy- to-follow style and heavily illustrated, with over 150 screen shots, this book provides a step-by-step primer for mastering AmigaVision. Special Features:
• What exactly multimedia is, the art of authoring, the basic menus, common requestors, and program editing information
• Control commands covering: interrupts, database icons, wait icons, audiovisual icons, and module icons
• In-depth editors, tools, and programming information
• Valuable appendices filled with advice on the best hardware and software products for AmigaVision, and a special guide to version 1.7. 1 -878058-15-0 353 pages $ 24.95 Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG AMIGA ECH JOURNAL The AmigaWorld Tool Chest Quality Software at an Affordable Price BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! I V I* , S12.95 $ 12.95 Buy any two AmigaWorld Tool Chest back issues, and get a third one FREE! TECH JOURNAL Your source for advanced technical information Whether you're a programmer or a developer of software or hardware, you simply can’t find a more useful publication than this. Each big, bi-monthiy issue is packed with fresh, authoritative strategies and advice to help you fuel the power of your computing. In every issue of The AmigaWorld Tech Journal you’ll find:. ? Practical hardware and software reviews
* Step-by-step, high-end tutorials on such topics as 3-D graphics algorithms and implementations, handling HAM, C compilers, and more
• Good programming practices to help you make the jump from BASIC to C, or C to assembly, or tie everything together with Arexx
• Tips, news and tools covering commercial software, books and talk on the networks ¦ Programming utilities from PD disks, bulletin board systems and networks PLUS! Each issue comes with a valuable companion disk, including executable code, source code and the required libraries for all our program examples plus the recommended PD utilities, demos of new commerical tools and other helpful surprises. Order your one-year (6 bimonthly issues, plus 6 invaluable disks) Charter subscription to The AmigaWorld Tech Journal for the special price of $ 54.95. That's a saving of $ 35.75 off the single copy price! MONEYBACK GUARANTEE. If at any time you’re not satisfied with The AmigaWorld Tech Journal, you’re entitled to receive a full refund no questions asked. 1 Year (6 issues 6 disks) TJSUB jyzgd js TC11. Fix corrupted disks or recover accidentally deleted files. Sit back and enjoy original animation and sound clips. Enjoy colorfully wacky, shoot-'em-up arcade fun. Create single- or double-image icons, in four to eight colors. Get a rich assortment of HI-RES clip art monsters. ¦ TC12. Save money with a utility program that enables you to format disks that AmigaDOS chokes on. Generate different types of graphs. Cut out an excellent collection of B&W clip art for your desktop publishing or graphic design needs. Generate an incredible assortment of colorful patterns. Add dazzle to your animations with detailed 3-D spaceships. ¦ TC13. Plot your biorhythms. Make drive- head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with Mandelbrots. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus holiday clip art, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. ¦ TC14. A 3-D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3-D ray traced animation. Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and address book. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. ¦ TC15. A best-selling issue! Combine great graphics with digital sounds to get an entertaining Amiga version of the classic connect- the-dots game. Insert a nice assortment of digitized animal sounds into your animations. See an instructive rendering of Cartoon Man in various stages of animation. Test your reflexes with a high-speed arcade game. Make multiple copies of custom labels. ¦ TC16. Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text files to print on both sides of the paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multi- media presentations and a mouse-driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, "The World's Smallest Baseball Arcade Game." ¦ TC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to 100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. ¦ Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG Save your screen to an IFF file. One or two can play “Warrior”, a fun shoot-’em-up adventure game. See how fast your Amiga does solid-polygon animations. Change the colors of your screen. Examine memory at any location in the Amiga. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes ot all 50 slates and 10 Canadian Provinces. ¦ Become An AmigaWorld Tool Chest Subscriber! From graphics to animation, Horn programming to productivity, and from utilities to games, you can do it faster and easier with the Tool Chest. If you want your Amiga creations to he the very best, subscribe to the Tool Chest today. As aToo Chest subscriber, you are entitled to these exclusive privileges: ¦ $ 17.75 oft the single-issue price.
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* Discounts off AmiEXPO admissions. PULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, we’ll send you a refund no questions asked. TCSUB 5 issues 5 9-95" . Design instruments and waveforms lor older programs. P av your Amiga ard like a piano. Change the width, location, i ie, colors and depths ot the window with a singie command. See how a in works with a Turbo Silver animation, s a slick checkbook manager and a tile option and decryption tool. ¦ C23. Create small windows irom CU scripts, nd the tetter, file or program you misplaced n your drive. Piay the strategic game ot Dyno- Nars. WiatheWiaqic lets you find the day ot the week tor any date in this century; provides the mean, standard deviation, skew and kurto- sis tor selected data; finds a polynomial lo a set ol XV data; and solves a set ot algebraic equations. ¦ TC24. Create tabies suitable tor text ard graphics integration. Link a text-based document to other applications with a hypertext program. Automate your Little Black Book. Pius a drawer with lour disk and memory utilities and a colortut solitaire game called Color Logic. ¦ The AmigaWorld Game Package A classic three-disk entertainment package combining great graphics, super sound effects and loads of arcade action... Snakeskin Shootout. Experience the action of a Wild West shootout as you rescue the beautiful Truplie Triplets from the nasty Grumpley Gang. Lunatic. Accept the mission to retrieve a Sacred Ghetto Blaster from the moon and bring it back to an ancient Mayan Pyramid. Deluxe Poker. Practice your hand at AmigaWorld’s version of Video Poker. TinyBall 1.1. Enjoy real ballpark sound and action in “The World's Smallest Baseball Arcade Game". GeoRoll. Geometric shapes add a unique twist to this two-player Triple Yahtzee-like game. ...and more! Not available anywhere else, so order your package today! GD1 13 games S16.95 FREE! Psygnosis Lemmings™ Game Demo Disk with your order INTRODUCING Call Toll-free 1-800-343-0728 The AmigaWorld Catalog - PO Box 802 ? 80 Elm Street - Peterborough, NH 03458 Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 PRESERVE Waukesha, W153188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM Mon.-Sat Dragon Lord ......35.00 DynaCAD ....6B9.Q0 E-Z FM Synthesizer ...36.99 Electric Thesaurus ...31.99 Elvira .35.99 Excellence! ..125.00 F-l 9 Stealth Rghter .38.00 Falcon ......33.89 Falcon Mission Disk f2. Rrefight ......18.50 FlashBack 45.99 HD Express .24.99 Hcm-E ....395.00 Harpoon ...... 43.99 Harpoon BattleSet 2 or 3 .....24.99 HyperBook ,..,64.99 ImageFinder ..45.99 Imagine 195.00 Killing Game Show .28.50 Lattice C SAS C .....199.00 Lemmings 31.99 Lost Patrol 36.99 MR Back-Up ..34.99 Macro Pant (Lake Forest Logic) .... 79.00 Maverick ...... 25.99 Maxi Ren + ....58.99 Monopoly .... 31.99 Overlord ..31.99 PageStream 2.1 .....189.00 PageStream Forms: Business ...24.99 Pelican Press .. 5B.99 PenPal ...... 85.99 Pixel 3D ....52.99 PowerMonger ... 35.99 PowerPacker Professional 19.99 Professional Conversion Pack .75.00 Project D 2.0 ..36.00 Proper Grammar .....69.99 Pro Vector ..175.00 Pro Write 3.0 . 95.99 Puzzle Storybook . 28.99 QuarterBack 43,00 QuarterBack Tools ...53.00 RX Tools .. 34.99 Scala .....289.00 Search for the King .35,99 Shadow of tho Boast II ..35.99 Sim City Graphics: Disk 1 or 2 .... 23.99 Soft Clips: Classic Clip Art ..46.99 ,IL. A10 Tank Killer ..30.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 AmigaVision ..89.00 Animation Studio .* ..... 99.00 Armour-Geddon .... 26.99 Art Department Professional .149.00 AudioMaster 111 ..60.00 Awesome 39.00 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 35.99 Bard s Taie III ..35.99 Bars & Pipes Professional . 215.00 Baud Ben at ..31.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Blue MAX 35.99 Brigade ..29.99 Broadcast Titter II ....229.00 Buck Rogers ..35.99 Byte 'N Back . 41,98 Can Do ...... ...85.00 Carthage 26.99 Chaos Strikes Back .. 24.99 Classic Boctfd Games ....19.98 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 Curse of the Azue Bonds ..35,99 Das Boot 35.99 DigiPdnt 3 ..... 61.99 DigiViewGold 130.00 Director 2.0 ....79.00 Ad IDE 40 109,00 Ad IDE w 400 AT Drive .. 378.00 Ad RAM 540 OK ...... :115.00 AdSpeedw 235.00 Ricker Free Video ...... 315.00 Novta 20i 499.00 Spotlight on Software CD, Inc. Accelerator, Sapphire 68020 ...... 269.00 AlrLlnk . 44.99 Atonce 269.00 Audio Engineer ..... 215.00 Color Splitter . 106.00 DC TV ... 395.00 Dskottes, Sony Bulk 100 Pack 65.00 FiroCracker Botxd .... 1299.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 500 90.00 Floppy Drive, RocTec Slim ..... 89.00 Floppy Drive, UniDrive Enhanced 139.00 HardCard, GVP 42F Series II 0 0 429.00 HardCard, GVP 105Q Series II 0 0 599.00 HardCard, GVP 42F Series II 8 0 .. 475.00 HardCard, GVP 52Q Series II 8 0 519.00 HardCard, GVP 105Q Series II 8 0 629.00 Harddrive, Impacl 500 42F Ser II 585.00 Harddrive, Impacl 50Q 52QSer II 629.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 105Q...... 899.00 tllumiUnk 89.99 Imagine: A Guided Tour Video .... 28.99 KickSfart Board ..... 31.99 Making Music on the Amiga Book 26.00 MegaChip 2000 Board .. 235.00 MIDI Interface, ECE ...... 52.00 MIDI. Phantom SMP1E 179.00 Modem, Courier V.32BIS 14.4 ...... 679.00 Mouse, Beetle Mouse ..42.99 Mouse. Konyo Golden Image ...... 39.99 MouseStick, Adv Gravis 65.00 SpectroCdor .. 58.99 Surface Master ...... 22.99 TransWrite .... 41.99 Universal Military Simdator II ... 35.99 Video Tools 169.99 Vista Professional .. 89.00 Warlords ..... 31.99 Workbench Management System 32.99 Spotlight on Hardware Applied Engineering Datalink 2000 MNP Send FAX .... 179.00 DatoUnk Express MNP 185.00 DataUnk Ejpress MNP Send FAX 205.00 Floppy Drive 880K ...95.00 Roppy Drive, High Density .... 195.00 Power Supply 500. Heavy Duty 88.00 501 Clone, 512K ..... 55 00 Roppy Drive. SupraDrive .. 99.00 Hardcard, 40Q W Word Sync .... 399.00 Hardcard. 105Qw Word Sync ., 619.00 Harddrive,Supra500XP 105 2,,..., 955.00 Harddrive, Supra 500XP 40 2 . 585.00 Harddrive, Supra 500XP 52 2.... .„ 685.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 2 Megs 195.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 4 Megs 285.00 Memory, ScpraRAM 20QC 6 Megs 375.00 Memory, 5upraRAM 500RX 8 1 .... 135.00 Modem, 2400+ (MNP & V.42bis).. 169.00 Modem, 2400 MNP (Levels 2-5) .. 149.00 Modem. 24004+(MNP & V.42bss) 159.00 SCSI Controler. Word Sync ...... 110.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 . 69.00 Personal TBC .. 799.00 Printer, T1 PostScript PS 35 .... 1695.00 Removable Harddrive, Ricoh 799.00 SIMM Modules 1 x 8 80ns 57.00 SCSI Controller, GVP Series II0 0 155.00 SCSI Controller. GVP Series II8 0 210.00 Scanner. MiGraph .. 315.00 Super Agnus Chip ..... 95.00 Syquest 50 MB Removable 407.00 Syquest Cartridges .. 95.00 Toaster Techniques Video . 39.99 Trackball, AmTRAC ... 69.99 Video Master, VlDTek .. 1075.00 Video Toaster ..... 1459.00 Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Make Safe Harbor YqlfR Computer Port Supra Corporation gBBaz mB maBBBBBBaaaBBaaasgB Just like the real thing, only drier. Cow” resupply subs) or the convoy commander (over merchant ships and destroyers) against the computer or a friend (with the computer handling the controls and scoring) in the opposing role, A game rims to one of of four conclusions: a preset lime limit runs out, some portion of the convoy makes it to its destination, or one or the other side is totally destroyed. You’ll need a least one megabyte of RAM and several open evenings to play (with many beers and salami sandwiches for sustenance), hut the game is definitely worth it. The screen is a detailed view of a U-boat or de- WolfPack By David T. McClellan A solid World War 11 U-boat and convoy simulation game, WolfPack ($ 54.95, Broderbund) puts you at the helm over a long and dangerous campaign. You play the wolfpack commander (over several types of U-boats, including “Milk Front p. 60. Communication is not Bal’s strong point. You can ask nonplayer characters three set questions, plus the time, and their answers quickly grow repetitive. (The game could use a parA M E Ttmrrre ? 1000 uhnf: man). Fuel indicators, gunnery and other weapon controls, an order status log, a vessel II) (used for switching between vessels of your command), a hydrophone display, and vessel-specific controls. To enhance the realism. Some of the controls and displays aren't available before given game-years. For example, hedgehog mortal s weren't seen on destroyers until 19 12. When commanding a specific vessel, you can alter its course, speed, and depth (for U-boats); make ready and fire weapons, listen for enemy targets via hydrophone, sonar, or radar (and detect those looking for you); or give orders to the vessel’s captain and ? Strover control room. At hand on both U-boats and destrovers are engine-room x O telegraphs (speed), rudder and compass-heading displays and controls, a depth indicator, a pannable vievvs- creen or periscope, a tactical map (maintained by a yeo- ser.) Combat is essentially a quick-draw. Some of the most enticingly elaborate scenes have disappointingly little interaction. Nevertheless, I think this BAT flies. There’s too much going on here if) ignore. RIO fRPi'O MNGE fERRING f’ =r* THAT UKGEL Z THE TfiUELL f!lfl fFROQ FtflrrCE I EWING MF*. U'AF, CONTROL Uecfl CONTROL Sign Up Now If you re ready for adventure on Gem stone or any of our other twelve exciting muln-player games, sign up for Genie today. Hcres how.
I. Set your modem 3 At the EI =prompt for half duplex (local enter XTX99470,GAMES echo] at 300, 1200 or then press RETURN. 2400 baud. .Dial toll free- 1-600-638-8369. Upon connection enter HHH
T. Have a mafor credit card or your checking' account numfa- readv. For more information in the US. Or Canada call 1-300-633-3636. , Gold of the Realm 5th Gear Blackjack Academy Arkanoid Karate Kid 2 Mystery of the Mummy Rolling Thunder Battle Squadron Beyond Dark Castle Darius Onslaught Silent Service Space Harrier 2 Tiger Road Where Sleeping Gods Lie
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523. 95
523. 95 4* And Inches Air Strike USA All Dogs Co To Heaven Anarchy Apprentice Arkanoid 2 Bard's Tale 2 Biasteroids Blood wych Carrier Command Chronoquest 1 Chronoquest 2 Crackdowwn Fastbreak Ferrari Formula 1 Final Countdown Flintstones Gauntlet 2 Harmony E-Motton Infestation Keef The Thief Kid Gloves King of Chicago Ninja 5plrit P-4 Thunderbolt Photon Paint R-type Rick Dangerous Road Blasters Starglider II Steller Conflict Super Hangon Test Drive The Fools Errand Theme Park Mystery Three Stooges Weird Dreams X-Out Arcade Fever Austerlitz BattJe Squadron Blue Angels Bombuzzel Coilosus Chess X Cyberbowl Dragons Breath Firepower Gunship Ivanhoe Persian Gulf Infemo Simulcra Stunt Car Racer Turrlcan Xenon 2 Back To The Future 2 Castfe Master Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters Wings jumping Jackson Lords of the Rising Sun Shadow Of The Beast Sword Of Sodan Treasure Trap TV Sports Football Ninja Remix Red Storm Rising Chaos Strikes Back It Came from the Desert TV 5ports Basketball
1. 800-888-9273 Orders THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF WHAT WE HAVE! CALL FOR THE LATEST TITLES! 701 GAME PACKS Quattro Sports = includes 4 games): G A ME P R E S E R V E BMX Racing, Italy 90 Soccer, Pro Tennis, Super Ski. All for- 517.95 Heroes = includes 4 games): Running Man, license to Kill, Star Wars, Barbarian 2. All for- $ 18.95 Milestones = includes 4 games): Grand Monster 5lam, Spherical Hard & Heavy, Circus Games. All for- $ 14.95 Quattro Arcade (includes 4 pames): SAS Combat Simulator, Pub Trivia, Nitro Boost Challenge, Pro Powerboat, aII for- $ 17.95 Wheels of Fire (includes 4 games): Turbo Outrun, Chase H.Q., Powerdrift, Hard Drivin'. All hr- 519.95 T-N-T (includes 5 games): Hard Drivrn’, All Points Bulletin, Dragon Spirit, Xybots, Toobin, all for- $ 19.95 Monster Pack (includes 3 games): Shadow of the Beast, Nhro, Infestation. All for. 529.95 Premier Vol. 2 (includes 4 games): Mercenary, Backlash, Eliminator, Custodian. All for- $ 14.95 Arcade (includes 2 games): Xenon 2, Bombuzzle. All for - 516.95 NEW TITLES! Gods $ 35 Super Car 2 $ 35 SWIV $ 35 Super Monaco Grand Prix $ 35 Panzer Kick Boxing $ 35 Advanced Destroyer Simulator $ 35 Brat $ 35 Skull and Crossbones $ 35 Mega Lo Mania S35 Gauntlet 3 $ 37 Nebulus2 $ 35 Railroad Tycoon 540 F*15 Strike Eagle 2 $ 40 EURO MAGS Amiga Format w disk $ 9 Amiga Action w disk 59 Amiga Computing w disk 59
C. U. Amiga w disk $ 9 Ace (no disk) 56 The One (no disk) 56 Raze (no disk) $ 6 Amiga User International (no disk) 56 SHIPPING Visa, MasterCard, American Express: 55 for up to 3 items, Add SI tor each additional item.
C. O.D. (Cash Only) 59 for up to 3 items, Add 51 tor each additional item Outside U.S. - Call! FORE MORE INFO or FAX ORDERS Call (305) 491-0398 Fax (305) 772-0334 Only shift to another vessel in your command. Orders include anchoring, patrolling an area (U-boat or destroyer), shadowing (U-boat shadows a surface vessel), and joining or leading a convoy (destroyer or merchant ship). Both sides have a variety of captains for you to issue these orders to some will follow orders blindly, some will adapt them conservatively to the situation, and some are blood-and-diesel warriors who will break orders to attack a target. Because you can directly control only one vessel of your ileet at a time, you’ll need to tailor your strategy around your captains and what you expect the “other side” to do. Situations can change quickly; game time can go from real time to 64 times faster, but combat is always real-time, and that's fast enough, given all you have to control and avoid. After you learn the controls and displays (handled via the mouse or keyboard), controlling a U-boat or destroyer becomes more natural, and your tactical and strategic mapping displays help you wage the Warlords By Peter Olafson With both good looks and brains, Warlords (S50, Strategic Studies Group) is a princess among strategy games. A fantasy wargame, it pits you against any combination of up to seven friends or grumpy computer opponents (at four difficulty levels) in the conquest of the sprawling land of Illuria. The basic idea is to take as many neutral cities as quickly as you can, and to gear their troop production toward subduing your opponents one at a time. Warlords is not quite a typical wargame, however, as it has war. It’s great to sink enemies and watch your overall strategy come together as your other commanders carry out your orders while you move around. WolfPack’s manual is quite complete. It begins with a brief but interesting history of U-boat warfare from 1939 to 1944, and devotes chapters to overall game play, running U- boats, commanding destroyers and convoys, and designing missions. There are also sections describing the pre-designed set of a dozen missions which take place from the Caribbean to Iceland to Gibraltar, the captains and their personalities, the U-boat and destroyer types and capacities, and weapons and sensor capacities year-by-year. You’ll need to keep the manual handy not only for the quick-reference chart of keyboard commands, but also because the game employs look-up copy protection. I've been playing Wolf- Pack for over a month, and the excitement hasn’t worn off yet. If you like tactical simulation games, put this one on top of your stack. You’ll reach for it often. Some rather adventure-like elements. The heroes (scrappy armies in themselves) may search ruins and temples (little rooftop air-conditioning units) to find treasure, allies, and 14 magical artifacts that are handy in combat. Sages, and sometimes libraries, have useful information, as well. (Mind, this is rather like putting a quarter in a slot machine. You simply order the hero to search and are told the results.) Warlords looks nice and sounds great. The map is large, colorful, and well-designed. The closeups of dif- ? FWQWLYY YMW CAN SACK-WP AMY 6 99 mm m mm st®«®§« J YES ITS TRUE!! SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO . $ 4 SHIPPING a handling MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION, j UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It's hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!! J Menu Driven Control Program couldn’t be simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's it!! Don’t be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler’’ programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! J Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO" MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!! J Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent, j Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*. J At least one External Drive required. Pjl'US MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING ... j DRIVE SPEED CHECKER * now you can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate. J DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy, Hard Drive File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename etc. etc. J Easy to use. _i Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats ail others - it transfers data at MFM TTL level, just like the duplicators. J Syncro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying" Is the present sensation. This device, with It's own custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 70!! J Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mount Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects. PLEASE STATE AMIGA 5007700077500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING Technologie Circle 114 on Reader Servrce card. Ft r> jf r unilr fr S2)| hu Ilf v % 11)1 Iff j Si Sa f i j CALL TOLL FREE’ 1-800-962-0494 -ORDERS ONLY WE WILL DISPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY 8 EFFTCCNTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR SYNCRO EXPRESS HI WITHIN DAYS, NOT WEEKS.OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH. ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hrs. GOAOT TO OOMBT TBGHMOLOQUES UNO., 1855 S. fc.434, SU!TE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0779 ‘ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2ndDAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD'a (ADD $ 2) Vista 1.2 (1 Meg NTSC or PAL) Create real world landscapes addictive fun! No more foreground polygons with Gouraud shading! More realistic looking. New 'Tree" function increases realism. Intuitive controls new, improved manual. Make fly through animations! Why settle for 2-D "wallpaper" landscapes when you can explore real places and over 4 billion imaginary fractal landscapes in 3 dimensional space? List price only $ 59.95! R j More than a thousand real landscape expansions are available now. Call or write for our brochure. Too much to list! Imagine constructing and exploring a perfect scale model of Yosemite or Olympus Mons Mars on your Amiga! Inexpensive upgrade from 1.0 available to registered owners, OkSTFUiT Suns 3-CD n Meg ntsc or pad Award winning Planetarium Program for the Amiga. Recreate the night sky on your computer any place on earth, any time from 10,000 years in the past to 10,000 years in the future. What did the night sky over Baghdad look like the night Desert Storm was launched? What was in the sky the night the Allies crossed the English Channel on D-Day? What did your birthday sky look like in the city where you arrived, or what is in the sky for viewing next week? Distant Suns allows you to click and identify thousands of objects (over 10,000 if you purchase the 2 disk NASA skymap expansion). Information tells the viewer the star type, magnitude, location on the celestial sphere, and distance in Tight years. Draw the constellations, identify the deep sky objects, display over 213 deep sky objects (if you own the Deep Sky Objects expansion disk). Distant Suns contains dozens of other useful and entertaining features. Only $ 69.95 for this amazing and easy to use key to the universe. Vista pro 1.0 (3 Megs NTSC or 35 Megs PAL) The Professional version of Vista T.V. Broadcast Quality! Vistapro is an immediate hit with professionals and serious hobbyists around the world! Produces absolutely stunning high res overscan landscapes in any output mode available on the Amiga. Easy interface and tutorial loaded manual. If you can display 24 bit color, Vistapro is an awesome tool for quickly producing broadcast television quality images and flythough animations. Vistapro is shipped as "standard equipment" with the Impulse Firecracker. Also works with the Toaster, DCTV, HAM-E, and Mimetics frame buffer. Compatible with Imagine, Turbo Silver, and Art Department Professional. More than a thousand landscapes now available as expansions. Upgrades from Vista are available for registered owners. Vistapro is major league fun for power users. List price: $ 149.95. Virtual fyality Laboratories, Inc. 2341 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Phone or FAX: 1-$ 05-545-8515 G A M E P ferent troops griffins to cavalry to light infantry provide even more flavor. The game is full of digitized sound effects, musical flourishes and cues, so you always know what’s going on. Announcing the Spring Summer '91 Virtual Reality Labs Product Line! Even if you don’t, it's simple to keep track. Several status screens show your position relative to those of your opponents. Commands are easily entered from pull-down menus or by clicking on buttons or the map. But be prepared: the computer opponents aren't the usual dopes. Leave a castle vacant, and they'll try to plant their own armies in it. On the other hand, Warlords is rather slow on a 68000-equipped Amiga (it does run under 2.0). If you’re well into a game and using the “observe” option to keep track of your opponents’ moves, you can catch up on your reading between turns. Likewise, the From p. 58. Left, and another up and to the right in this same genera) area; another in the Crystal Caverns; and the last on the route to the Karamoon Oasis. Some folks are getting dumped into the sewers when the goblins raise the drawbridge in the caverns, and that means restarting. You can’t get past the stone door when the bridge is going up, so get on the drawbridge as quickly as possible and kill the fellow who's running the winch. Once that’s settled, take care of the other enemies and have a bash at the door. Getting out of your cell shoufd be simple if you’ve collected the booze from the Oasis. Give it to the guard. Once he conks out, use your mace on the door and do him in for a key. (You should also have found a key on your way in.) Another common problem is finding the old man’s ring. Well, the ring’s not tar away at this point. Just head up and to the left. On your way out. Don’t rush to be first. Stay a bit behind the prisoner you did release the prisoner, right? And the going E S E R V E screen scrolling is on the humpy side, and there’s a distinct pause between the issuing of a command and the computer’s response. While there are lots of features, some could use refinement. The save-anytime option is convenient, but it permits a save-and-then-at- tack technique that pretty much amounts to cheating. The ability to focus production from up to four cities at a fifth city is a handy way to automatically build up forces at a given point, but there’s no “map” mode to show the full production network. You don’t need to lead each army by the hand; if you simply click on the destination, it seems to find the path least costly in movement points. If the destination is more than one turn distant, however, it won’t complete the trip. If Warlords is a princess, I guess this means she still has to have her nails done. Should be a bit easier. Other readers keep getting dumped in an acid pool (up and to the left of the starting point) when they push one of the two switches on the wall. Wrong switch! You can get the right one by saving the man who's being lifted away by a demon, and having a chat with him on that subject.
• I've also had a number of questions on the original Shadow of the Beast ($ 49.95) typically complaints about the short life of the first enhanced weapon you find, if there's a trick here, it’s simply not to waste good weapons on minor monsters, but save them for the colossi. Know where you're going, get there fast, and be sure you have the best weapon available. If you’ve made it to the graveyard, as several readers have, well, you’re almost done. Just head right and beat on the giant’s toe. Feel tree to write by US mail to 12 W. 104th St., Apt. 3E, New York. NY 10025, or via E-mail on Genie to P.OLAFSON or on People Link to Peteroo. Send a SASE if you’d like a personal reply. ¦ IN 1972, AN ELITE AIR CORPS FLEW OVER VIETNAM. FLY WITH THE BRA AND THE BOLD. Feel the adrenaline luck in as you scream down the earner nmway. You’re up! And so is your squadron of F-4’s. Now nothing can stop you except the deadly fire from, those MiG 2l’s, SAMs and anti-aircraft flak. FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER PAPERBACK NOVEL INCLUDED Experience the raw emotion and harrowing danger of intense air combat over North Vietnam in this simulation based on Stephen Coonts’ bestselling novel, Flight of the Intruder. Authenticated by Vietnam pilots who flew in the Linebacker Campaign of 1972, you won’t find any other simulation so like the real thing. Off you go to adventure, danger and excitement. Select from multiple missions or map out your own using the mission creator. Control up to eight air- Zero In on the MiG, before he ieros in on you. Mission accomplished! How back Cl'rlft dur- to Yankee Station to plan your ' „ next attack. Mg OIIC mission (four A-6 Intruder bombers and four F-4 Phantom fighter interceptors.) Switch from the A-6 to F-4 cockpit anytime. Of the target zones. For continuous challenges, choose from 16 variables to determine the level of difficulty. Get Flight of the Intruder™ now and watch for the full-length motion picture coming this summer. Thirty-four different targets provide new challenges ever)' time you take to the sky. Aerial photos provide a preview Copyright £> 1986 Stephen P Coonts. All Rights Reserved. Flight of the Intruder ond Spedrum HoloByte ore trodemorks of Sphere, Inc. Other products ore troderrorks of their respective holders. Spectrum HobByte A Division of Sphere, Inc. 2061 Challenger Dr.. Alameda. CA 94501 (415) 522-0107 Circle 141 on Reader Service card Mail order made easy...Call for a complete listing...Mail order made eas Tired of knowing more about Amiga video than the people you buy n from? The technology is expanding so rapid! It's hard Ur keep up. So we've brought in some video experts to help you make the right selections, Produce perfection. Whether in print, on screen, or in video, your work is a reflection of vou. It must * be creative and it must be perfectly as you visualize it. Make it so. Because the powerful image, presenta tion and video tools you need are available to you. On your Amiga. Awesome modem speed is suddenly a wise choice. With the si e of tiles going up and the price-perforniancc ratio coming down, slow modems just don't make sense. Raw speed is important but don't forget about data compression If you have questions, we'll Ire glad to help. VIDEO HARDWA 16mm Lens w Variable Iris A ini gen CBM2320 Display Enhancer Chroma Kev Switcher * Color Splitter Copy Stand DCTV DPS Personal TBC Firecracker 2400 Flicker Free Video Frame Grabber Ham-E Minigen Panasonic 1500X Camera Panasonic WV1410 Camera RocGen RG300C Genlock SuperGen 2000s Stipergen VideoM aster VideoToaster 3D Professional S319 Amiga Vision S99 Broadcast Tiller II S229 Digipaint v3.0 S62 Amiga Vision Handbk SIS Art Department Pro SI49 Deluxe Paint v3.0 $ 96 Digiview v4.0 $ 135 Director V2.0 SS2 Disney SI 09 DynaCADD $ 689 I fypcrbook $ 64 Imagine S209 Professional Draw 2.0$ 129 Pro Conversion Pack $ 59 Pro Video Gold $ 169 Pro Video Post $ 219 Sea! A $ 329 Sculpt Animate 4D $ 369 TV Text Pro $ 109 Video Tiller v5.0 S99 Video Titling Starter Kit $ 179 Vista Landscit|X“s each $ 50 Vista Pro $ 97 AE DataLink Express ext. MNP & SendFax AM24 Mini Modem Baud Bandit MNP5 Courier 11ST 38.4 Courier 11ST Dual Standard Supra Modem 2400 SupraModem 2400 i SupraModem 2400 Plus M P5 v.42bis Modem Phone Sw itch Box Professional Page 2.0 Powerful. Easy to Use. Desktop Publishing!
* Free Training Video!
* Fuvilcru Dm Nlmx lj JhjH • Rotate Text or Graphics!
* Isui El-ill Word Processor & Spell checker! Hgfd ¦ UkKK'oIuo. On Screen! Telecommunication Software Alalk III Terminal Software $ 63 Baud Bandit Software $ 29 Paragon BBS Sterling Service BBS BAUD BANDIT BUNDLE Get the Hand Bandit 2409 baud modem. Rand Bandit terminal software and a cable, onl i $ 119 Onl y | B ft I WALL’s Choice for iill our in-house DTP needs Floppy Drives Some programs seem designed to encourage disk- sw apping! They tell you to insert disks so many times that you're getting disk-swuppers’ cramp! Who says you can’t get excercise from a computer? But who wants to? You need an external floppy drive. AE 880K 3.5" $ 99 AE Rich Density 3.5" $ 199 Air 3.5" $ 85 Muster 3A-1 3.5" $ 92 Roetec 5.25" $ 149 Roctec Slimline 3.5" $ 94 Floppies are a pain and you’ve had enough. You need the | freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. Wc offer the Ix'st hard drives available with the controllers that make sense for your system. Your selection will arrive ready to run because we pre-test and format it. Hard Drives Fujitsu 042MB 3.5" HR SCSI S289 Maxtor 080MB 3.5” LPSCSI $ 419 Maxtor 213MB 3.5" HH SCSI $ 929 Quantum 052MB 3.5" LP SCSI $ 319 Quantum 105MB 3.5" LP SCSI $ 509 Quantum I05MB 3.5" HH SCSI $ 429 Quantum 210MB 3.5" HH SCSI $ 799 Ricoh 050MB Removable w 1 cart SRI9 Seagate 048MB 3.5" HH SCSI S269 Seagate 084MB 3.5 " HH SCSI $ 389 Seagate 330MB 5.25" IIII SCSI SI .469 Syqucst 044MB Rcntvble w casc&cart $ 679 Syquest 088MB Remvblc w case&cart S1069 Tape backup Units call Optical and large capacity drives call Ijet us put a custom drive* package together for you! Call for details. Drive Packages GVP Series 2 HC8 52MB Quantum $ 529 GVP Series 2 IIC8 80MB Maxtor $ 689 GVP.Series 2 IIC8 I05MB Quantum $ 635 GVP Series 2 HC8 2I3MB Maxtor $ 1,159 GVP Series 2 IIC8 A500 40MB Fujitsu $ 589 GVP Series 2 I ICS A500 52MB Quantum $ 649 GVP Series 2 I ICS A500 80MB Maxtor $ 729 GVP Series 2 HC8 A500 105MB Quantum $ 929 Novia 20i 20MB S319 Supra 500XP 040MB Quantum & 512K $ 539 Supra 500XP 052MB Quantum & 2MB $ 729 Supra 500XP 100MB Quantum & 2MB $ 999 Wordsyne A2000 052MB Quantum $ 459 Wordysnc A2000 105MB Quantum $ 539 SCSI Controller Boards Adide *AT* Drive Interface SI 19 GVP Series 2 HC SI59 GVP Series 2 HC8 $ 209 ICD Advantage $ 145 ICD AdSCSI 2080 SI99 IVS Trutnpcard Pro $ 209 Wordsyne $ 109 Hard frame $ 149 Dataflyer A500 w case $ 157 Dataflver A2000 $ 99 I VS TrumpCard 500 w case S199 Call 1-800-638-5757 for other Drives Package Prices. HARD DRIVES Blistering speed means satisfaction. When you double-click, results happen, right now. We want you to experience this satisfaction. So we help you choose a board matched to your system. And since we've fully test and configure your board, it's ready to go when you receive it.
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P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwaliians are in 10-7 EST) Store hours Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-12Noon Circle 132 on Reader Serv.ce card R E V I E W S From p. 18. Separate part. You then reassemble the entire object at the end. This works, but it takes some time. In another vein, Imagined quad- view is very versatile. By simply clicking on each of the four views, you can instantly make the image expand to fill the screen. The "fourth" view in hidden-line perspective is wonderful. There are, however, a few things about it that are hard to get used to. One minor aggravation is that the orientation of the x, y and z axes is not standard. Geometry classes and 3-D programs almost invariably have x as the horizontal axis, y as the vertical axis and z as the depth axis. Imagine makes z the vertical axis and y the depth axis. You just have to become accustomed to this variation on the norm. With regard to the other three views, Imagine’s tri-view is also a bit difficult to get used to if you’re coming from the Sculpt camp. In general, most 3-D model-editing programs allow you to work in three views in isometric, non-hidden line perspective. It can, however, be quite difficult to work with. As your scene becomes more and more complex, you can easily lose track of where you arc, and quite often the lines 011 the screen can play tricks on you. Sculpt provides both a place marker and a secondary pointer to help keep track of things as you work. It also allows you to work on a limited area without other background or foreground objects getting in your way. With Imagine, however, all of the three views are to infinity, so that the whole object may appear big as life in one view, but be completely out ol the other two views. There are times when seeing to infinity in a view might be valuable if you had a long row of small things to line up. For example but in most cases, a more limited view is preferable. It would be ideal if you could toggle between the two. Imagine does have a Hide Points mode that addresses the problem of confusion of overlapping objects, but you first have to zoom way out and hide everything so that all three of your views will be clear of other points. After editing that small area, if you then want to work on some other confined region that is now hidden, you must reveal all the points, zoom out, and hide everything again. Much as 1 gripe about these few things, Imagine is on the whole the most comprehensive 3-1) program I have yet seen for the Amiga. With many of its difficulties, it is simply a matter of getting used to a new way of doing things. In addition, it's nice to know that Imagine is a living, breath- YOUR TURN! So far, I have found that Imagine is a major improvement over Turbo Silver in the areas of user interface and animation support. It retains Turbo Silver's superb control over surface characteristics and beautiful rendering capabilities. Tie only remaining weakness is the documentation, which is still not as good as it should be For a product of this complexity. Impulse somewhat makes up for this by providing very good telephone support. Overall, 1 am very impressed with Imagine, and I relish every opportunity I have to work and play with it. Fred Petty Florissant, Missouri ing program (unlike Sculpt) and that Impulse is firmly behind the Amiga and will support it with upgrades for some time to come. Imagine is a great new member of my 3-D team, and 1 have a feeling that there is yet a lot more for me to discover here. ImageFinder One picture is worth a thousand instructions. By Michael Hanish ANYONE WHO WORKS with Amiga graphics in any way has probably at one time or another been desperate to find where, among all his storage disks, is that one picture he needs. ImageFinder, a specialized database for indexing and sorting pictures, is designed for just such an occasion. ImageFinder ($ 65), from Zardoz Software, analyzes any Amiga bitmapped graphic file you throw at it, in any resolution or screen format and at any depth from 1 to 24 bit planes even a specified frame of an animation. It will sift through a list of directories and or disks and give you a neatly displayed visual database (index), with a small thumbnail icon for each image. With the database open, you can sort the pictures by any number of criteria, display the full image (using the viewer program provided), and multitask with a paint or image- processing program. Virtually all the parameters of the program’s operation are user configurable. You can load ImageFinder from Workbench or configure it within your startup sequence for execution during the initial boot. It resides politely in the background until you activate it with a hot-key combination. When vou select one of the thumb- j nails on the main, or Browser screen, the image’s “vital statistics” are displayed in tlie parameter boxes at the top of the screen. These include file size and format, depth in bit planes, date created, color-sorting information and comment. (You can append a comment to a graphic file, however, only by using the Amiga DOS Filenote command. I would prefer to do it from within the program.) Getting Around Using one of two configurable hot-key combinations, you can invoke a number of other quick and useful actions directly from ImageFinder’s Browser screen. If you press the Shift key and click on a thumbnail image, ImageFinder displays the corresponding full-size picture as long as it is present within the system. ImageFinder fESwESiBRTTTtf (jrs ai: J | 5 htt: |Ut Ja U 11:1432 Ml ’ >th PET Si u: I twf Your images cannot hide from ImageFinder, includes a last and compact display program called “IView” specifically for this purpose. Other hot-key combinations bring the Browser window to the from or insert the name of the currently selected file into another program’s open requester. Creating an index involves only a few steps. First, set up a scan list of all the directories and or volumes for search and analysis via two simple requesters. Then, give the index a name, path location, and parameters (size of ? Featuring these manufacturers: (along with hundreds of others too numerous to list) Abacus • Accolade • Addison Wesley • Applied Engineering • Artworx • ASDG
• B.E.S.T. • Brodcrbund • California Access • CSA • Data East • Davidson & Assoc. • Digital Creations • Disney • Dr. T’s • Electric Zoo • Electronic Arts • Expansion Systems • Free Spirit • FTL * GVP • Gold Disk • Golden Image • Gravis • ICD • IVS • Magnavox • Mediasenic • Microbotics ¦ Microprose • Migraph • New Horizons * Newtek • Origin Software • OXXI • Passport Designs • Practical Solutions • c Progressive • Psynosis • Pulsar
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• FOB San Diego. CA • We really appreciate your business! Thumbnail, reduction method, number of colors). The scan begins automatically and continues until ImageFinder searches and analyzes all the specified locations or until aborted. You can add to or delete images from an index with the same ease. The time an analysis takes depends on the thumbnail parameters, the size and complexity of the File, and whether or not you have an acceler- ated system. From my hard disk, 1 fed ImageFinder a directory of eleven pictures of mixed format, complexity, and number of colors, and it took 25 minutes to build an index using the stock processor. The same process took about five minutes when the system was in 68030 mode. The program certainly does not feel sluggish in any way; it just benefits greatly from an accelerator. Sorting is a straightforward process. The program sorts for two distinct purposes: to set the order in which the thumbnails are displayed, or to select a smaller group of images from the index. You control the sort through three sort requesters (one each for sort by file information, picture specifications, or color). This, by the way, happens at blinding speed. ImageFinder has an Arexx port and is able to launch commands through a simple selection from a pull-down menu. This makes it quite feasible to use the program as the visual front end for more complex and YOUR TURN! Once in a great while, a program comes along that fulfills its promise and then some. ImageFinder is a most extraordinarily flexible and ingenious program that removes the drudgery and disorder from dealing with picture files. It is visually interesting and fun to use, as well. Barry Voroba Minneapolis, Minn. Less graphically oriented applications, such as catalogs or information services. The program comes on one nonprotected disk, installs easily on a hard disk, and works smoothly under Workbench 2.0. The manual is excellent, explaining the program's setup and functions clearly and thoroughly. It not only tells you what the program can do and how to do it, but it also gives pros and cons for choosing different options. A good index would be very helpful, however. When 1 came across a couple of things in the program that didn’t seem clear in the manual, I got quick and direct help from the company’s technical support. I wholeheartedly recommend ImageFinder to anyone who works with graphics. It not only successfully tracks stored images, but working with it is like using a tool that is so well designed you forget you are holding it. TransWrite QuickWrite For turning a phrase or two. . . By Loren Lovhaug, with Frank Hudson WHERE IS IT written that decent word-processing software has to be expensive or require a computer whose characteristics are measured in megabytes and MIPS? TransWrite ($ 69.95), the latest upgrade of Transcript from Gold Disk, and New Horizons' QuickWrite (S75), modeled after ProWrite, are out to prove that you can get good productivity value for small change. Where’s the Catch? Any savvy consumer would naturally be curious about what features might be omitted in exchange for the low cost of each package. While both contain the basic text-editing features, some of the usual Amiga word-pro- cessing features are missing. Neither of these text-based programs contains graphics options to print bitmapped Amiga screen fonts or to include IFF pictures within documents. Besides the absent graphics options, your choice of fonts is limited to those accessible through Preferences, which means no support for proportional fonts like those found in laser printers. Both programs, however, do a good job of controlling the various pitches of fixed-spaced draft and near-letter-quality modes found in dot-matrix printers. Unfortunately, neither allows complex formatting, such as multiple columns of text, footnotes, or interactive table editing. Because neither TransWrite nor QuickWrite are burdened with lots of bells and whistles, both products run well on modest Amiga systems (512K). They do not require hard disks; in fact, since each comes on a Workbench disk, you can use them on a single-drive Amiga. These products are excellent candidates for multitasking with other applications, especially (by design) with Professional Page (Gold Disk). In addition, because they are text-based rather than graphics- based, it’s quick and easy to enter text, even into the middle of large documents with multiple tasks running on an unexpanded Amiga 500. Parting Company Despite all of their similarities, TransWrite and QuickWrite are two very divergent products. The key differences lie in their interfaces and approaches to formatting documents. TransWrite is a post-for matted word processor. This means that you tell TransWrite how to control the appearance of your document by adding short mnemonic codes that stand for various formatting directives (e.g., LM for left margin or JR for right justification). These formatting directives do not affect the on-screen appearance of the text until you print your document (or review it in Preview mode). What you see on screen as you enter and edit text are simply your paragraphs with the text wrapping to the next line unless you signal the end of a paragraph (by pressing the Return key) or reach the right edge of the window. If you resize the window, the text is then automatically adjusted so that each line wraps at the right edge of the window. TransWrite shows text attributes such as boldface, italics, and underlining on the screen. There is also a non- editable, but fast and accurate, screen Preview mode that quickly lets you see how your document will look when printed. One other nice addition is a scrollable, formatting-codes requester that reminds you of the purpose of each formatting code. I bis allows you to select and insert a code at the beginning of a paragraph by clicking on that directive with the mouse. QuickWrite, on the other hand, employs a more contemporary approach: When you enter text, the program formats it as you type according to the margins and justification settings currently in effect. You can alter settings via conventional ruler gadgets, ? PRODUCTIVITY Pelikan Press ....64 P&gestream 2.1 .169 Pen Pal 85 Pro Write 94 Pro Page 2.0 ...169 Desktop Budget ..44 Advantage ......119 Office ..165 Structured Clip Art 39 Compugraphic Fonts .... 119 Softclips People, Classics .49 Pagesetter 11 .....74 Superbase IV ...299 All in One ....51.95 X-Cad Professional 159 Can Do .... 84 Deluxe Print II 50.95 Showmaker ...CALL Screenmaker..,, CALL WordPerfect ....155 MEMORY EXPANSION ® 1 A'4 Sims ...CALL 256 K X 4 80 Dram . .CALL ] mg x 1 80 Dram... CALL 3000 memory upgrade.CALL GVP Ram 8 CALL Baseboard Ok .S109 1CD AdRam 540 .99 Ram Works 2000 Ok ... 109 Supra 8mb board w 2mbCALL Supra 512k for A500 59 CITIZEN PRINTERS GSX140. 24 pin .. . S289 CSX20O. 9 pin Color Option Available SI 69 GRAPHICS & VIDEO 1 Amigavision ..$ 89 Imagine ..... .$ 189 Animagic ¦ ... ...88 Photon Paint . ...39 Art Department...... ...52 Pixel 30 ..... ...52 Art Department Pro .. ..139 Pro-Video Post .147 Bread & Butter Fonts . CALL Pro-Video Gold...... ..147 Broadcast Titler 11 ..224 Pro Draw 2.0 .. ..129 Cinnamon Ttiast Fonts ...59 Scala . CALL Color Splitter . .105 Scene Generator _ ...28 Disney Animator..... ...97 Sharp JX-100 Scanner. , ,689 Deluxe Paint 3 ...89 Spectra Color . CALL Digimate 3 ... ...23 Turbo Silver .. ...59 Digipaint 3...... ...62 TV, Text Pro . ...98 DigiView Gold 4.0 ..119 TV. Show 2.0 . ...58 Golden Image Handscanner ...265 Video FonLs 2 64 Kara Anim Font 1.2.3 . ...29 Vista Pro .... .. .85
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* 265 ..*50 ..*36 CALL ..*49 Optical Mouse ... Opto Mechanical Mouse..... Amiga RC-2000 8 mg memory bd. For A2000 Amiga RC-500 512K Ram with clock for A500 l~year warranty on all Golden Image Products HARDWARE Flicker Fixer ..... $ 239 Quantum 40.52,105 (Low Prices) .. .CALL ...CALL ..$ 319 Ham-E..... Chroma Key Data Flyer 500 SCSI Interface A-500 .$ 149 Mega Midget Racer 33 MHZ $ 699 SYQUEST 44 mg • Removable Drive ..5441 At Once.....259 DCTV.. ... 5395 AD Speed ....215 BODEGA BAY . . . . CALL Monitors Genlocks NEC Multisync 3D ... .$ 599 SuperGen ... ...$ 609 Seiko CM 1440 ..565 SuperCen 2000s ... ...1349 Seiko CM 1450 . ,. ..689 MagniGen .. . CALL Sony . CALL MiniGen ..- $ 189 Flicker Fixer ..239 Scanlock .. ....769 Flicker Free Video CALL Vsdeomaster ...1039 I MISCELLANEOUS Amax II ..... ..150 Keyboard Skins Amtrack ..... ... 63 50012000 3000... ...17.49 Apro Draw II 459 Mouse Mat . 7 Arexx ...... .28,95 Perfect Sound..... ......69 Audio M as ter3 . ...64 Quarterback...... ...39.95 Bars & Pipes Pro .224 Quarterback Tools. ......52 Cross DOS .. . 25.95 SAS Lattice C 5.1 . 194 ECE Mid 500 2000 ... $ 49 Sound Source ...CALL JSTK Power Play ....9 Soundmaster..... ...CALL Tiger Cub ...... .. .65 Your Family Tree ......43 ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINER- Experience white-knuckle flying thrills. More aircraft, new terrain. Flying Insights1'’ audio tape, on-screen flight $ O w school. FREE CAP! & I EYE OF THE BEHOLDER First graphically based AD&D ’ computer fantasy role-playing saga. 3-D graphics & explosive sound create __ intense face-to-face $ O W combat! Only: I We Carry European Imports & Magazines. Many More Titles in Stock. New Arrivals Daily! CD TV TITLES NOW AVAILABLE ICD THE ICD ADVANTAGE New From CD! AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. HARD DRIVE SPECIALS AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. All Supra Products Available for Your Amiga. Call! AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives. Flicker Free Video Eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. MODEMS Novia 20i 20mb hard drive. Mounts inside A500 SPECIAL! ~ ORDER TOLL-FREE 1-800-477-7706 Walk-in Tiafftc Welcome! AD RAM 540 for A500 $ 99 Terms VISAJMC. Discovei certified checks ami money orders welcome. School & Corporate Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1*2 buiiness days. Returns all items returned must hare HMA t before returning tWectire products exchanged for same item ¦ inly Hardware items will be replaced or repaired All returned items subject to restocking fee. Shipping rem-refundablt Call for complete details. Amiga computers sold to walk-in traffic only Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ tn retail location Software Concepts. Katnnlown Not responsible for typographical errors Call for Chip Prices AMIGA. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. Optical Drives: Removable Media Accelerators: 68030 22 MHZ • 33 MHZ • 50 MHZ Series II Controllers • A500 HD 42 • 52 • 100 mg NOW AVAILABLE: 22-33 MHZ 68030 & SCSI Manta carries the fall line of GVP products! IS YOUR AMIGA SICK? Manta is a Full Amiga Service Center We have the parts to put you back on track:
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(908) 542-1251 A2000 40 MB Supra Drive 52 MB Supra Drive 105 MB Supra Drive ... Word Sync Interface Supra Ram 2000 OK .. . S399 .$ 425 .$ 599 . .S99 .$ 109 2400 Bd External $ 99 $ 165 115 Route 35 Eatontown, NJ 07724 OPEN 7 DAYS Enhance your Amiga Systems with CVP's Outstanding Quality c£ Performance Su. 'Per f>r, DPS- PERSONAL TBC Finally, a Low End TBC Solution...
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• Training Thpes... MANTA's video consultants will tailor a package for your needs Call for best package prices. QuIckWrite helps keep your place In time. Pull-down menus, or keyboard shortcuts. .As with TransWrite, QuickYVrite displays text attributes such as boldface and italics on screen. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way to change text character pitch from inside a QuickWrite document, so you cannot mix pitches within a document. Unlike TransWrite, page breaks are visible while you edit your text, as are headers and footers. Again, these factors make QuickWrite quite a bit easier to learn and use than TransWrite, because all ol your text appears the same on screen as it does on paper. Although T ransWrite is more difficult to learn and use for traditional text formatting and word processing, some advanced and specialized users may prefer it. Despite its spartan appearance, TransWrite has a number of specialty features that make it ideal as a preproduction tool for importing, manipulating, and cleaning up text taken from other sources. For instance, TransWrite’s method for dealing with carriage returns and end-of- line characters (a constant scourge of telecommunications and MS-DOS file exchange) is the best found in any Amiga application. £liH*llr .ml IiuiUiIf R*,l v1 I of p. I mKw, iwilh froi Muvnll TransWrite’s external spell-checking module, which takes advantage of the Amiga's multitasking ability, is not only capable of checking documents on screen (a “real-time," as-you-type option), hut also batch-checks files on tlisk. The program accepts technical or proprietary terms as corrections during a spelling check, although the Your wishes are TransWrite’s commands. Dictionary does not recognize common contractions. TransWrite features mail merge, file encryption and decryption for security purposes, and a complete indexing system. Search-and-replace operations are quick a typical advan tage of post-formatted word processors because the document does not need to be reformatted after each replacement. Another interesting feature, the automatic text-translation facility, lets ? List of Advertisers Rentier 295 Aarrnga Warehouse. 94 287 Memory World. 95 Sen'ice 1 Amazing Computers Southeast, 95 178 Michtron. 95 Number American Liquid Light, 82 95 Micro-Systems Software. Inc., 41 AmigaWorld 89 Montgomery Grant, 83-85 Catalog, 64-67 297 Mr. Hardware. 95 2S5 Black Belt Systems. 43 38 New Horizons Software. 9 132 Briwall. 74-75 78 New Horizons Software, 27 Briwall, 88 102 NewTek. Inc.. Cll 116 California Dreams. 61 119 NewTek. Inc.. CIV 83 Coast to Coast Technologies. 71 187 Precision Inc., 29 313 Commodore. 87 310 Psygnosis. 49 148 Computability. 62-63 191 RGB Computer & Video. 16 253 Computer Basics, 89 243 Roger Coats. 77 199 Creative Computers, 52-57 275 Safe Harbor, 68 398 DevWare, Inc.. 92-93 179 Showline Video, 45 28 Digital Crealions, 35 238 Sideline Software. 70 29 Digital Crealions, 37 66 Sir-Tech Software. Inc . 60 65 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 2 340 SMC Software Publishers, 94 111 Geme Information Services 69 305 Software Hut, 94 150 Gold Disk Inc., 1 261 Software Hut. 95 164 Grapevine Group. Inc., The, 90 226 Software Supoort Int'l, 91
245. 127 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 4 3 SoftWood. Inc., 17
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ICD. Inc.. 51 346 Virtual Realities Laboratory. 72 185 Interplay Productions, 59 304 Visionsoft, 95 292 Joe's First Company, Inc., 88 16 Vortex Computersysteme GmbH. 33 175 Manta, 79 225 Wall Disney Computer Software. Cl 11 336 Memory World, 50 1YI If you have any questions or concerns about advertisers in Amiga World, please contact: Margot L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative, Amiga Wo rid Magazine, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. As a service to its readers, AmigaWorld will periodically publish the names of companies who are having difficulties meeting their customer obligations or w ho have gone out of business. Through our customer service representative, AmigaWorld assists readers with problems they may have with advertisers. However. AmtgnWorld does not assume any liability for advertiser’s claims. Readers arc- advised to contact A rmga War I A before dealing with these companies: Micro Computer Services; Computer Mart. C Ltd. And Ingenuity, Inc. are out of business. This index is provided as an additional service. The publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions.
* T his advertiser prefers to be contacted directly Subscription problems or address changes: Call 1- 800-525-0643 (in CO. 1-303-447-9330) or write to Amiga World. Subscription Dept.. PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and your current address to: Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458, ATTN,: Margot L. Swanson. Customer Service Representative. AW Shucks! Hem: In last month’s article, “The State of 3-D Art," the sidebar on p. 30 featured four screen photos: images rendered by each of the four 3-D packages we covered. Unfortunately, three of the photos were mispo- sitioncd with respect to the captions. The picture in the upper left belongs with the
I. ightWave 31) caption, the upper-right photo was actually rendered by Imagine, and the lower-left image is 3D Professional's output. We apologize for the conf usion. Item: In our May review of Magneto Optical Drives (p. 12), the price of the Ricoh M09200E was erroneously staled to be SI 199. The list price is actually $ 4199. The Software ShopInc. Orders Only Call 1-800-752-0050 D IIV™ KsTTERAjCm E MULTIMEDIA "Give us the chance to meet or beat any advertised price." From commodore Call for pricing. Save on your Amiga Software & Hardware AMIGA 2000 Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum Syquest AMIGA 2000 Memory Expansion Hdrlves 52LPS 105LPS I05MEG. 205MEG. W Cart 2MG. 4MG. 6MG. 8MG. Harddrivc Prices $ 289 $ 499 $ 399 $ 809 $ 569 $ 219 $ 299 $ 379 $ 465 GVPA2000-HCA)SRS E $ 429 $ 629 $ 559 $ 959 $ 739 $ 269 $ 359 $ 449 $ 539 GVPA2000HC8 0SRSE $ 479 $ 679 $ 609 $ 999 $ 783 $ 199 $ 289 $ 379 $ 459 Hardframe 2000 $ 439 $ 629 $ 559 $ 959 $ 729 $ 299 $ 389 $ 489 $ 579 Supra Wordsync $ 389 $ 599 $ 499 $ 929 $ 682 $ 209 $ 299 $ 369 $ 449 AddSCSI 2080- 8+0 $ 449 $ 669 $ 569 $ 989 $ 748 $ 209 $ 289 $ 369 $ 449 A500 SCSI Hdrlves Q52LPS QI05LPS A500 IDE Internal Hardrives Amiga 500 Memory IMG. 2MG. 3MG. 4 MG. GVPA500HD8 0 SRSE $ 669 $ 859 Teac40mg Q52LPSA QI05LPSA Base Board $ 159 $ 205 $ 249 $ 299 Supra-500XP-512K $ 579 $ 799 S329 $ 399 $ 599 A drum 540 $ 159 $ 205 $ 249 $ 299 CAD Home builder choice ...$ 53 Home Buildr library ---------$ 32 Home buildrs Sculpt .$ 79 Home builder cad .$ 129 Intro Cad Plus ..$ 99 Ultra Design . $ 269 X-CaddesigncrPro ...$ 215 X-CadDesignerE ......$ 74 Communication Atalk HI ..$ 65 Baud bandits telecom. .$ 33 BBS pc ....$ 96 Online Platinum ...$ 49 Skyline BBS ......$ 99 Database Desktop budget $ 46 Home Front $ 59 Organize .$ 49 Project Master $ 129 Superbase pera. II .....$ 99 Supetbase Pro. 3.0 ..... $ 219 Superbase4 ...Call DeskTop WordProc. Becker text ..$ 92 City Desk 2.0 .....$ 95 Electronic Thesaurus ...$ 34 Excellence! 2.0 ..$ 115 Gold spell n $ 30 Gold Disk Office .... $ 189 Page setter II .....$ 89 Page stream 2.0 .$ 199 Page Stream fonts 1-15 ......$ 29 Pen Pal . $ 102 Professional Page 2.0 ..,......,.....,.$ 225 Professional Draw $ 125 Pro-page template $ 42 Prowrite v3.0l .$ 105 Structured Clip Art $ 39 Super Clips . $ 22 WordPerfect ..$ 159 Wplibrary ..$ 79 Education Aesop’s fables ...$ 32 All about America ...$ 35 Animal kingdom ......$ 32 Decimal dungeon .....$ 32 Designasaurus ...$ 32 Fraction action .$ 32 Kinderama ...$ 32 Math wizard ......$ 35 Mavis beacon typing .$ 33 Read-a-rama ... $ 32 Read & rhyme $ 32 Tale* from Arabia ...$ 32 WhcrcinEurpe.C.Sdiego ....$ 35 WhereinthcU.S ..$ 35 Where inWorldC.S ...$ 32 Wordmaster $ 32 World Tour Canada .$ 30 Worldtour Mid East .....$ 29 Fonts eg fonts ...$ 129 Inter font .$ 76 Kara fonts color ...... $ 50 Kara fonts Headline 2 . $ 48 Kara fonts subheads ...... $ 48 Kara Anim font 1 .. $ 35 Kara Anim Font 2 ...$ 35 Kara Star Field Font ...... $ 35 Type Fonts .$ 39 Hardware A2320 Video Enh . $ 249 AdlDE Controller . $ 119 AdSpeed ..... $ 249 Ae-daialink 2000 W fax..... $ 224 Ae-datalink Exprs.W fax.... $ 209 AE External Drive $ 109 AE 3.5Extemal Dr.HD...... $ 215 Ae-power Supply . $ 92 Air Drive External $ 89 Amax E Emulator $ 155 A B C D Switchbox .... $ 39 Copy Stand $ 69 Ergo Joystick .... $ 17 Golden Image Mouse . $ 39 Golden Image Optical . $ 69 Modem cable 2000 500..... .$ 15 Monitor Stand .. .$ 32 Printer cable 2000 500 ...... .$ 15 Baud Bandit level 5 ..... .$ 139 Color Splitter .... .$ 120 Ece Midi 1000 .. .$ 52 4-op deluxe .$ 112 Audio Master 3 .$ 65 Audio master II $ 67 3d options ...$ 40 3D Professional $ 346 Amiga Vision $ 99 Animsgic $ 95 Animate 3-D ....$ 99 Animation Studio ....Sill Animotion .$ 65 Animation Titler ....$ 59 Art Dept. Pro .....$ 159 Broadcast Titler V.2.0 .$ 229 Caligari ...$ 159 Can do ....$ 99 CanDo Pro Packl ....$ 29 Deluxe Paint III $ 102 Deluxe print E ..$ 59 Deluxe video HI $ 106 Design 3-D .$ 67 Digi-Paint 3 $ 69 Digi View Gold 4.0 ..$ 131 Imagine ...$ 229 Envision $ 109 Modeler 3d ..$ 64 Movie clips .$ 29 Movie setter $ 65 Page flipper fx ....$ 95 Pagerender 3-D .$ 105 Pixmate .....$ 43 Pro Video Post ...$ 220 Scene Generator $ 29 Spectrocolor ......Call Title Page $ 129 Tv-show 2.0.„„, .$ 64 The Director 2,0 $ 69 Tv Text Prof. .....$ 111 Videoeffects3d $ 121 Videoscape3-d $ 120 Videotitler 3d ....$ 99 Vista Pro .$ 95 Zoetropc ..$ 91 Call for all Amiga line of computers Sound & Music Ece Midi 500 2000 .. 152 Flicker fixer ......$ 299 Future snd. A500 A2000 ...$ 92 Internal 3.5drive A2000 .. $ 89 Migraph Scanner .....$ 349 Mini Gen $ 210 Perfect sound V.3.0 $ 75 Scanlock . $ 789 Sharp JX 100 Scanner . $ 789 Super Gen ..$ 695 Supergen 2000S ......Call Supra 2400bd internal . $ 149 Supra modem 2400bd ......$ 119 USRobotics9600bd.HST ..$ 669 Video Toaster . $ 1499 Languages Utilities A C basic $ 129 A C fortran ...$ 195 Arcxx $ 33 Assem pro $ 65 Benchmark c lib ......$ 62 Bnchmark SrcLevDebug ...$ 62 Benchmark iff library . $ 62 Benchmark C library ...$ 62 Benchmark module 2 ..$ 128 Benchmark simplified . $ 62 Cross Dos 4.0 ....$ 29 Cygnuscd Professional ......$ 65 Data Tax .....$ 52 Disk master 1.4 . $ 33 Disk mechanic ...... ...» $ 59 Dos 2 dos ...$ 35 Lattice Dev.System 5.1 ...... $ 209 Mac 2 Dos ..$ 99 Power windows v2.5 ...$ 58 Project D 2.0 ..... $ 39 Quarterback 4.1 $ 45 QuarterBack tools ...$ 55 Wrk Bench Mgmnt.2.0 ...... $ 31 Monitors NEC 3D multisync .. S699 Sieko Cm 1440 Monitor ....$ 599 Zenithl4'FlatCRT ...$ 625 Printers Citizen 200GX ..$ 210 Citzen GSX140 Color .$ 399 Star nx rainbow .$ 225 Accelerator* GVP3001 28mhz w 2MB......SI319 GVP3033 33mhz w 4MB ......$ 1645 GVP3050 50mhz w 4MB ......$ 2399 MegaMidget Racer 25mhz ......$ 669 MegaMidget Racer 33mhz $ 889 AdSpeed S229 Memory Chips. 256k Each ..$ 3 256X4 Each ..$ 6.50 1X1 Each ..$ 6.50 1X4 Zip Each ......$ 45 1X8 Sim.Mod .....$ 52 256X4 Zip ..$ 7 Ba ck songbook ..$ 27 Bars & Pipes . $ 179 Copyist II 3.0 .$ 179 D-50 ..$ 99 Deluxe music .$ 69 Dr T‘s Keyboard ......$ 160 DrT’sMidi Rec.Studio .$ 47 Dynamic studio ......$ 129 Hyper Chord ....~$ 1Q5 Kcs Level E S225 Matrix 6 ..S97 Mi-32 S97 Music-X ..$ 205 Promidi studio ...$ 129 So nix .$ 51 Tiger Cub .... $ 62 Spreadsheet Advantage . $ 129 Super plan ..$ 97 VlPProfessional $ 65 Terms & TO ORDER BY FAX C 1-508-799-9354 FOR PRODUCTS NOT LISTED CALL: 1-508-756-6452 PLEASE SEND ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: THE SOFTWARE SHOP. INC. 22 FRONT ST. P.O. BOX 22 WORCESTER, MA 01614 PRICES TERMS, AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. POLICIES: 1-We accept Vis and Mastercard 2-Minimum Shipping $ 6.00 3-COD charges $ 5.50 4-Hardware Shipping 5%. 6-Intemational Shipping 15% 7-APO & FPO 10% 8-2ncL day air Available 9-Next day air Available 10-Retums are subject to 15% restocking fee. 11-Product must have RMA to be returned. CALL FOR ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE. REVIEWS you define multiple translation tables for abbreviations for text or formatting controls. In essence, this feature works like a super batch search-and- replace mode, offering a great deal of potential for defining style sheets and shorthand text entry. TransWrite is also the first Amiga word processor besides WordPerfect to handle a common nonAmiga word- processor format. It can import and export MS-DOS WordPerfect 4.2 and
5. 1 files, as well as Amiga WordPerfect
4. 1 files. While the WordPerfect files reside in TransWrite, they show little of the formatting they may have received in WordPerfect. Features that TransWrite does not support, such as table, graphics, and footnotes, are simply not shown at all, which prevents them from being unintentionally modified. There is, however, one serious design flaw to this approach. Although you cannot alter the WordPerfect codes, you can accidentally and unintentionally delete them. To Quick Write’s credit, it has a few unique features of its own. Such as automatically inserting time and date information in a variety of predefined formats. It also has a special page- count feature that allows you to automatically express page numbering in terms of the size of the entire document. For instance, the second page of a document would be expressed as “Page 2 of 10.” In addition, Quick- Write includes a very easy-to-use mail-merge facility. Oddly enough, when it comes to macro support, QuickWrite and TransWrite swap roles somewhat. Quick- Write features a full Arexx port that gives it a great deal of power and potential-provided you take the time to learn how to program .ARexx. Conversely, TransWrite’s macro facility uses a simple record-and-playback scheme to assign key presses and command invocations (either Amiga key combinations or pull-down menu selections) to function keys. The record-and-playback scheme is much simpler, but is far less powerful than the Arexx implementation that QuickWrite utilizes. The Final Word In conclusion, both TransWrite and QuickWrite are low-cost, capable word processors that I can highly recommend, but to two entirely different ' J sets of users. Those looking for a word-processing package that is straightforward, easy to use, and quick to handle traditional text-for- matting chores, ought to choose QuickWrite. There is simply no better program for beginners or people with simple requirements who want to get up and running right away. TransWrite, on the other hand, offers a great deal for telecommunicators, desktop publishers, editors and writers, because of its powerful capability to meet their unique needs. While only people who have had past experience with post-formatted word processors will truly like TransWrite’s approach to document formatting, the package really comes into its own when serving as a writer’s text editor, divorced from the printing tasks that most word processors are expected to handle. ¦ True digital photography for your Amiga computer Through a special arrangement with Quintar™ Co., Liquid Light is now offering the Bell & Howell CDI-IV™ color digital film recorder for use with all Amiga computer models. The CDI-IV offers true color capability for all your Amiga images including IFF and HAM. All you add is the film and the imagination. Whether you need high quality 35mm slides, instant prints, overhead transparencies or even instant slides the CDI-IV has you covered. The CDI-IV is shipped to you complete with a 35mm camera, instant print camera, software and cables. Everything you need to produce stunning images is right in the box. It plugs into the serial port of your computer so you can install it in minutes. The manufacturers suggested retail for this system is $ 3,995, but for a limited time you can purchase the complete CDI-IV at an introductory price of only $ 1,895. Quantities are limited and this price will last for just a short while. So give us a call today, with T T Jrrfaf- the CDI-IV you’ll see your L-ilgflL images in a whole new light. Presentation Graphics Peripherals CDI-IV introductory price only $ 1,895. To order call 213 618-0274 American Liquid Light, Inc., 2341 West 205th Street, Torrance, CA 90501 Tel:213 6184)274, Fax: 213 618-1982 Bell & Howell, Quintar Co. And CDI-IV are registered trademarks of Bell & Howell Quintar Company. NO NONSENSE - NO GIMMICKS - JUST EVERYDAY LOW PRICING. CUSTOMER TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND EXPERIENCED, COURTEOUS SERVICE! AUL YOU’VE GROWN TO EXPECT FROM MONTGOMERY GRANT! WE THANK YOU FUR YOUR SUPPORT! Kkhin 1(800) 759-6565 USA & CANADA CAU ¦ VUU IUU UUUU Order Hours: Mon-Thursr9am-7pm Fri,9om-6:30pm CI.O5ED5ai Sun,9:30-6(ET) AMIGA WORLD 6 91 .S% (718)692-0790 iMftv MONTGOMERY GRANT: MAIL ORDER DEPT. lKtTm
P. O. BOX 58 BROOKLYN, NY, 11230 WmgAPWW FAX 7188923372 TELEX 422132 MGRANT RETAIL OUTLET PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE (Beneath Madison Sq. Garden) NYC, 10001 Store Hrs: MON WED, 9 7 THURS, 9 81 FBI, 9 8 I SAT CLOSED SUN, 9:30 7 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & ORDER STATUS CALL (718) 692-1148 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: MON-THURS 9am Spm FRI 9am-4pm SUN 10am4pm Supra Corporation 500XP HARD DRIVES 512K HAM Expandable to 8MB 512K, 20MB......$ 379 2MB, 20MB $ 439 512K, 40MB......$ 485 2MB, 40MB .$ 559 512K, 52MB......$ 529 2MB, 52MB $ 579 512K, 105MB....$ 749 2MB,105MB......$ 819 SUPRA RAM 2000 3 OR WRITE TO; RETAIL OUTLET Works on ill Amig*« 2000 computer*. Install* easily in any Amiga interne! Expantion slot Made in USA OK ...$ 105 2MB $ 182 4MB .$ 262 6MB ....$ 349 8M8...„ ..$ 429 _ I lie Tim* vn* NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE INVITE CORPORATE AND EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS, DISCOUNTS FOR QUANTITY ORDERS. RUSH, 2nd DAY AND NEXT DAY AIR DELIVERY A VAILABLE ON REQUESTI CUSTOMER TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT SUPRA WORDSYNC SCSI INTERFACE 5109 li goldenIMAGE SUPRA RAM 500 $ 59 GOLDEN IMAGE AMIGA 500 1000 2000 COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT MOUSE ..$ 35 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE ......$ 49 s98 SUPRA 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE MASTER 3A-1 DISK DRIVE .$ 85 MASTER 3A-1D DISK DRIVE ......$ 99 MASTER 5A-1 5.25" DISK DRIVE....$ 149 SUPRA 500RX IRAM Pass through Bus) (oandable to 8MB 1MB
* 128 2MB
* 189 GOLDEN IMAGE HANDSCANNER w Migraph Touch-up Software SUPRAMODEM2400EXTERNALw CABLE,. $ 99 SUPRA MODEM 2400 Zi INTERNAL $ 114 SUPRA MODEM 2400 MNP ...$ 145 SUPRA MODEM 2400 PLUS W MNP5, V.42 bis ...$ 165 SUPRA MODEM 2400 2 PLUS ....$ 159 SUPRA MODEM 9600 PLUS ...$ 549 AMIGA 500 Expansion Kit
• Master 3A-1 Disk Drive
• Golden Image 512K Expansion with Clock, Calendar $ H9 IDEO TO ASTER CALL FOR THE LOWEST, PRICE! IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK WITH COMPUTERS AND VIDEO! BUY IT NOW FOR LESS! PERSONALTBC ...*769 MANY OTHER TIME BASE CORRECTORS (TBC) AVAILABLE Our trained consultants are ready to customize the perfect desktop video computer system for you! TOASTER TUTORIAL TAPES ON SALEH GOSCH PRODUCTIONS cm MEGAMIDGET ECONOMY (A-500, A-2000)
* 539
* 629 MEGAMIDGET RACER$ A7Q 25 Mhz. (A-500, A-2000) NewTek DIGIPA1MT III
* 55.95 Internal Memory lor A-1000 INSIDER II 512K .. S229 1MB .$ 259
1. 5MB $ 289 OK exp. To 1.5MB. MEGA CHIP 2000 Up to 2MB Chip RAM& 8MB Fast RAM lor A-2000 BATT DISK-up to 2MB additional RAM Disk & 9MB RAM available. Stores data even when computer is turned oH MULTISTART tl-switch between Kickstart 1.3 & 2.0 onan A-2000 with the keyboard
* 259
* 239
* 119
* 359
* DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 VIDEO PACKAGE WE CAN RECONFIGURE ANY OF OUR COMPUTER PKGS. TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. CALL FOR DETAILS! Or i ima VISA WlWlGiOIMWlYI GIRIAINITI, RETAIL OUTLET P£NN STATION. MAIN CONCOURSE (Beneath Madison Sq. Garden) NYC. 10001 Stun: Hours: MUN Will, 9 7 TOURS. 9 81FRI, 9 61 SAT CLOSED SUN. 9:30 7 commodore 1084 RGB Monitor $ 279 AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS, ACCESSORIES AIR DRIVE Internal Dnve for A-2000 $ 89 AMIGA 1000 Memory, Parts & Accessories .. .AVAILABLE AMIGA 1000 RF Adaptor .....$ 29 AMIGA 1000 1200 Baud Modem (Voiks)..$ 59 AMIGA 3000 32 Bit Memory .AVAILABLE AMIGA 1.3 ROM (8850) $ 39 AMIGA 1M3 Falter Agnus Chip (8372A)..$ 99 AMIGA 2000 Power Supply $ 169 AMIGA Replacement Parts Available A-MAX Emulator II .....$ 129 EXPANSION BASEBOARD MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-500 USES A-5C1 EXPANSION SLOT) OK ..$ 99 2MB .....$ 179 512K ..$ 119 3MB ....$ 229 1MB ...$ 139 4MB ....$ 269 2MB DA LIGHTER BOARD A VAILABLE DATA FLYER LOW COST SCSI INTERFACE SYSTEMS BODEGA BAY By CALIFORNIA ACCESS Expansion Console - Turn your AMIGA 500 into a A-2000 Compatible lc A-2000. A-500.... ...$ 95 .$ 145 CALL FOR LOW PRICE! PRO0R6 1Ve P€RIPH€RRLy & OFTUIfiR€ FLICKER FIXER ....$ 235 FLICKER FIXER PAL ......$ 269 FLICKER FIXER DEB-2000 .$ 99 FLICKER FIXER GENLOCK OPTION....$ 49 FUJITSU Mac Compatible Drive for A-MAX NEW ......$ 169 A-MAX II PACKAGE A-MAX Emulator II "mgs Fujitsu Mac Compatible Drive for A-MAX MAC ROMS ...... CALL tta FRAME GRABBER Atonce $ 7 CO PC AT Emulator .1: A-2000 Adaptor for A Tonce Available FRAMEGRABBER 256 .$ 499 FRAMEGRABBER PAL $ 619 DOUBLE TALK 500,2000 3000 (A-500,A-2000, A3000 Networking) AMIGA TO MAC COMPATIBLL.S419 QICTAPE External Tape .$ 499 EXP-1000 1MB Upgrade for A-500......$ 99 BAUD BANDIT2400 External Modem.. w Cable $ 99 BAUD BANDIT'2400 w MNP Level 5.'.$ 127 GENLOCKS AMIGEN .. ...$ 95 MNIGEft _4180 MINIGEN PAL .....$ 229 SUPERGEN $ 599 SUPER GEN 2Q00S .... $ 1339 VIDTECH VIDEOMASTEH.. $ 1049 VIDTECH SCANLOCK CALL APPLIED ENGINEERING
1. 52M8 High Density Drive $ 199 APPLIED ENGINEERING Heavy Duty Power Supply lor A-500......$ 87 BOMAC Tower (A-2000) ....$ 239 CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-680
3. 5" DISK DRIVE ......495 COLORBURST ...$ 469 COLOR SPLITTER .....$ 105 DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTVDC-10...4389 FIRECRACKER 24 = 2MB) .$ 1279 MNIGEN ...... MINIGEN PAL $ 168 ...,$ 229 VIDEO BLENDER $ 1139 MICRO ROD BIGFOOT Dual switching Fan cooled 150 Walt power supply lor A-500 Powers 5 hard or I loppy drives Joystick mouse Switch Connect 2 devices to one porl & M QC select with switch £ O ¦ Printer Buffer $ 170 Culs graphics printing time by 70% I&7 LIVE A-2000 .$ 279 SHARP JX-100 Color Scanner w Software & Cables,. ..$ 699 SHARP JX 300 ..$ 1799 STEREO SPEAKERS ..$ 34 $ 99 INCLUDES CABLES & SOFTWARE SlIPR* WORO- SYNC A-2CC0
* 109 HA TRUMP CARD 2000 Effi. 63
4) .13
* 119 RD THUMP CARD 2000 Pro era c 4&8
* 189 DR RAPI0 ACCESS TURBO (A-2000)
* 229 IVI scs GVP Swi«4 11 HC A'iCOO
* 149 : Pi i cor GVP Sencs II Hcl'Q A-2CO0
* 195 ACI 4TRO AdSCSI 2080 A-2000 (exp to 3MB)
* 145 iES s TRUMP CARD A50C (tip B4U&;
* 189 TrlMP CARO 500 Pro Exp B 4MB
* 239 RAPID ACCESS TURBO 500 (A-500) exp. To SMB
* 269 XETEC FASTTRAK A500TAIOOO (exp to 4MB)
* 299 SEAGATE DRIVE DRIVE PRICE ST-157N-1 = 4 9MB .2 SMS) s235
* 319
* 339
* 419
* 459
* 379
* 419
* 399
* 379
* 419
* 469
* 499
* 534 ST-1D96N (80MB 3 S') s347
* 439
* 449
* 529
* 575
* 489
* 525 !
* 509
* 489
* 519
* 579
* 615
* 645 QUANTUM (40MB)
* 245
* 339
* 349
* 419
* 469
* 389
* 425
* 415
* 389
* 425
* 485
* 509
* 539 QUANTUM (52M0iLo* Protle! S265
* 359
* 369
* 439
* 489
* 409
* 445
* 435
* 409
* 445
* 505
* 529
* 559 QUANTUM (105MB)
* 369
* 469
* 479
* 549
* 595
* 515
* 555
* 535
* 509
* 549
* 599
* 635
* 665 QUANTUM (170MB)
* 659
* 759
* 769
* 839
* 879
* 798
* 845
* 879
* 799 $ 839
* 889 5919
* 955 QUANTUM (210M8)
* 739
* 839
* 849
* 899
* 959
* 869
* 899
* 905
* 879 s899
* 949
* 999
* 1035 1 SEAGATE SJM25N-1 (2QMB) ..5189 1 NEW SEAGATF ST-11 aft MftfiMB i fflAP SEAGATE ST-277N-1 ...$ 285 QUANTUM 105MB Low Profile .$ 449 5319 SYQUEST 44MB Removable W CART..S499 SEAGATE ST-296N $ 309 HEWLETTPACKARD HP DESKJET 500 .$ 499.95 HP LASERJET IIP w Toner ......$ 699.95 HP PAINTJET $ 919.95 HP LASERJET III w Tcner....„ .....$ 1599 HP PAINTJET XL w Toner ....$ 1849 PANASONIC KXP-1180 .$ 159.95 KXP-1124......$ 259.95 KXP* 1191 ..$ 234.95 KXP-1624......$ 369.95 KXP-1123 .. $ 239.95 CITIZEN EPSON GSX-140 ....$ 289.95 LX-810 ..$ 189.95 GSX-145 (Wde FX-850...„....S329,95 Carriage) .$ 395.95 LQ-510 $ 279.95 200GX ......„...S169.95 COMMODORE Color Option Kte....CALL MPS-1270r*j«$ 159 95 STAR NX-1001 ._..$ 155.95 NX-2420......$ 279.95 NX-1020 R $ 195,95 NX-2420 R...S299.95 MONITOR SPECIALS NEC MULTISYNC HID ..$ 609 NEC MULTISYNC IIIDS ..... S669 SEIKO 1440 ...$ 549 SEIKO 1450 S669 SEIKO 1445 ....$ 599 SONY 1304 S699 AMIGA WORLD 6 91 NEW! SERIES II A-2000 22MHz. 1 MB Expandable 10 13M3 68682 SCSL ..CALL FOR A*2Q00 33MHz. 4M3 Expandable to 16MB 68682’SCSI ....LOW, LOW PRICES' SCSI HARO DRIVE PKGS. AVAJUBIL.CAU FOR LOW PRICES AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000HD AMIGA 2500 AMIGA 3000 GVP 3033 Kit (33 Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 68882. GVP 3001 Kit (28Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 66882 .... $ 1379 w 68030, 4MB, 68882 .$ 1579 GVP 3050 Kit (50Mhz.) W 68030.4MB Exp. To 32MB, 68682 .....$ 2249 ABOVE KITS W QUANTUM 40MB ...ADD $ 280 ABOVE KITS W QUANTUM 80MB ..„...ADD$ 470 ABOVE KITS w MAXTOR 210MB ....ADD $ 950 GVP A-5Q0 HD 8+0 42MB ..$ 569 GVPA-500 HD 8+0 105MB Quantum $ 829 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 52M3 Quantum S609 RICOH 50M3 Removable w Cart $ 799 GVP A-500 HD8+0 80MBQuantum $ 699 GVPRAMa 2A-2000(2M3=xp.to8M3)..$ 2l9 ICD AD-RAM 2080 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-2000 (0K EXPANDABLE TO 8MB)
* 225 FLICKER FREE VIDEO . 7......$ 305 NBW NQVIA 20I 20MB adide = IDE Controller lor A-2000) $ 109 internal Drive for A-500
* 519 AD-RAM 540 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-500 OK $ 99 (Expandable to 4MB) AdSCSI 2000...$ 129 AdSCSI 2060 exp. To 8MB....S169 PRICES SO LOW WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PRINT THEM
m) COMMODORE CDTV-CflLt Amiga Peripherals & Accessories in Stock! AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE 3:'EX7V.VATCR J39K C;.£ AN WATOR U'K &SNEY AMUAT.QN STUDIO4W H N*OVs SE*TrR It* H PHOYIDEO Cov3 H79 « PRO.iKOPCST II6J X SCULPT 4D Jr .. ..... Uli! SCULPT *0 _ ¦ ¦ TURBO SILVER 3.0...
465. 00] V MOSCAPE 33 S'.IJOC FONTS aRa as wa ROMS $ 39 55 KARAfONTS MEA3JNES J93 9E KARA FONTS hEaOLJNES 7 J39 95 SARA FONTS SUBHEADS 139 95 MASTERSCE FONTS J'35 95 UASTERSijCE XJ FONTS IT 9 95 PaGESTSEaw ROMS XV 95 7lMA 50NTS RACK 159 95 2uUA FONTS it S'tiii-Cn* 13095 GRAPHIC PROGRAMS so paoFESs.cnrc S'iSX 30 P+OftSS:ONA- i3A-| S2I3X BROADCAST TITLE5111 5013 X BROADCAST Till ER 1,3«-l S’33 35 CAU3ARJ CCNSUUEP, HM3! CAEIjARI 0ROADCAS7E Ft CALL DELUXE PANT III $ 35 33 DtGiPAiN’lii 554 95 DG-PAiNt I I IP*,! S:« 95 dirtctor .._.... 1** 03 ELAN PERFORMER $ 9603 ‘RiC'A. PRO $ 50 S3 IMAGINE SI 89.00 MATH V SON &1T5C0 MOCi.SR 3C 1E*95 UT FAJNT 2 C_ . 112 03 PAGERENOES 30 Sit X PrCTON PAM $ 95 X PitEl 3D SX95 PiXVA'E IV 96 PRC VIDEO GCID ___ _ .1*69 $ 5 PROVICEOPOST 1X35 CO PRO MOTION IMJi I SC ALA S268 00 SCULPT ID XI S * 09 CO TV ‘EXT PRO $ 99 50 VI S'A 5M3S DRAWING A|OI$ CRAW 2003 ... SlSSM DICK BtMQERSCAO itrx HOME B'JILDTHS CAD $ 1,9 20 INTRO CAO 1*5 95 INIROCAOPVUS I5S BIMpBlWI ...... .$ 177M A CU PROFESSION A: 1' 53 X XCAODESCWRII $ 4iH COMMUNICATIONS a-a.*. $ «7*6 C*U*E PLATINUM. __ 115 55 63SPC*7 53' a 5KY.:n£B2S 55 - sterling silvirbbs wk SPECIALS PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES 5;' i:
l. 'f 96 IK 55 IX 95 5 X 95 .IM 5!
- _ V2SAW; ' NG; C.rs"
- NgsiLrS* 'NG60.;;' ¦UNO 5 OWE ST IV iC3*s: :i:: AC'CR'SAS S'fr.V juaatwisjON . ... 11*20 V J.’S ti ArECCOMP.ERCiv '.s:* s-hx c*£CC=ao vr; x
* BrST*L __tu 1! Xr s. * 17* 95 Lr S.AE S. ’ .ARA' Mr- .£S.R;S. 1 .a*r« jifyt LOOM JJ’35 LEUUikGS Hi 5! .C DDF'-; 5X55 U-i TAM PLATOON ... 136 95 MAGC.-ASt;*;*.. Si' 95 UANaCMAnSDn $ ''67 ma~a.: va;n£s? $ '*5C VetK'JSv.* $ '.'95
v. SC.: 1*5,' SCA'-avCSO.'- 1.3 67
n. C.;*6*a4 $ X 95 C«R»C >X: |i5.‘ CL;-4,n ij if PC*CNa6‘ s.tc-
p. AN-'CV.-S’ $ .’* if C. C£J.£s’ 53* 96 =C. C£ C. £ s" 136 96 FCCLCFCA2IANCE .. . S3' 55 POWER MONGER S1‘ 55 30wE* -N?*.. S'* if =RO*OOt5A*. S M„ S.Vif RED £'D6m a 5 Nu S,'.'!5 R S% S-'532 Scfi&33.£ X* 5EtVX; 9;ROV $ B40r S.’J 12 S*-A0Cst C' " ”1 5i AS’ S.'l X' SHADOW CFThE BEAST l .11195
S. EM ji-Rv CF !'9 57 SPACE A=€ »3 9! S'AC; J. S.V 95 S'CfG.iX 5X55 S-CrD.rS’ ‘*95 i: ¦ 5; spellbcund . T;i $ : S’ARCOMRDt 1X59 S'AH-VG-' S3' 9* ic* x SUPREMACY ...... . . 1X5: SWCROOFSOOEN 172 15 TEENAGE UUT M NJ A TURTLES 1211} TEST DRIVE II ThE DUEL .... S10t5 !;TRi.S S’9 95 ThilSvNtSl fl 1.19 95 TV SACfiTSaAS- ' 3A.. IX 95 Tv S’’OflT»:i50TBA.. IX 95
L. *;VJ 1 WAR 'N M DdlL E A-8,fct 1 WATfRiOO 1 w : nr .'at asin i W't'.; New'*0'Y ScaRmin i NtSA SCAAV: N S W~(H: NwtMD SCARMiN 1 WINGS I W Nil.'O'* •. •!’ j WB4THCMHECEUON I UTILITY SOFTWARE AM AJGNMLN'K' 3 AO CROSS DOS Ven V DOCTOR AMI ..... DOS TO DOS $ 32.00 SX S5 DUDE £3C CO EXPRESS COPY VERl S _
13. 03 DJ Htiacq $ 29 36 MAC3DCSVfRr r X: X QUARTSS3ACK *2 U . 95 OJAHTER8ACX TOOLS ___ 15$ X RAW COP' $ 3* H SCANS; Rv s jj;o S-.PER3AC*. $ 5' 35 MUSIC SOFTWARE AUWCUASTERUI .... IS* X BARS AND PIPES S' 29 St- HYPER CORD $ X3f MlDlX S' 3 35 MuS C X ..¦ $ 95 X PiXOuND $ 53 35 SOMX . L$ r 95 Tlt.tHt.Utl ..... PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE ADVANTAGE $ 119 23 AMGA APFETI2ER 129 00 ANALYZE 159 95 CAN DO If* 35 D6MAS V $ i'i 20 cxCiuEsci z: S'OSCO
M. caa Aw'rR 5X96 PAGtSfTTfcR .1 143 96 PAGFSTRt AM 21 siesoc PRO PAG* 1 3 S:5**i$ PRO PAGE 22
S. ’.'S 00 PRO WHITE 1 1 crL iiiii r Di iThidi Ssi M 147 44 aLh hulc PLAiniw ...... SUPEHSASEPERSOMA. S3 iX SUPERBASE PROFESStOHAL .$ 19900 i SUPERB ASEIV ......5319.00; VlP PRO S5S95 WORD PERFECT _ .1155 DC WORKS PI AT INL'M 1*3 95 MAGAZINES AM G* AC! I ON $ f 9f AM GACOM‘V’ NG $ 5 95 AM GA rOIVAl }'9N AM ..A Ust H $ 5 6 S29 96 Scs 5= $ 25 96 BLITZ BASIC. N:$ x DEV BA AS5E M5.ES J*3S5 LATTICE C $ l .. US! 00 .AX CEC-. Ji'9X GAMES & ENTERTAINMENT ee*A”ACKSu3 IX 95 a '3 Tank ,,£R 112 95 AWESCMf $ .‘3 35 6A9DSIA.E $ ' 1 35 3A~DS T A.* 1 ?95 JA'WA*.'*-; MO- £' 123 95 3»X.EC*-ESS l . F 95 SAX.* $ 5*95 SJUCa-ACv acac-m- $ *96
3. "Zk3£ G 1!' 95
3. 0CkD.' $ :' 52 3-OCC MONEY i:$ $ : C:NTEa-C.DsO.*3:S S'9X CHACS STRIKES BACIU 171 50 CHECKMA’E $ 36 62 CHESSMASTER 2100 -------- . $ 31 35 OsOWAHS $ 73 i5 OS'AN’ ARViES $ .'9 M DOM Nof S S'*36 D3U8lf DRAGON il 125 50 DRAGON f 0*10: $ 37 36 DRAGONS iah $ X 36 DRAGONS LalR II . .. 1*3 9$ £>!AGONS SIR ' DRAKXHEN _ 13* >5 ...13$ 5$ DUCKS TALE QUEST . 12' 35 DUNGEON MAST; 3 SC* 95 £ AS, wEAVtR BAS1SA.. X’66 f '*COM3A' P.O' S'336 f TJSTEALfH FIG hies S3L5C f PETAL Al03 13* 35 ' A. CCN 523 95 1 • Mmi - A’ALL 122 9' FlRE SWGXT: J29 95 rhe powt R 116 62 1 L Gi T S V.. AI OH 1 530 96 GOLOflUSiM 526 57 g*t-:isky hoCv* 531 95 GRIDIRON * DATA DISK...... sit.se GUNSrliP 13495 HARDBALL 2 . $ 10 95 HARD DriUN .' 111 95 ill nos oi l s' l?f 3A hum * oiiy nocnwiR i’495 iWViMTAl N T* 5VC $ >" 95 $ >i 46 i t| MCI PtOt 5*Y 62 11 aw i nip
S. S95 ill'AM' I'k'M >1 si HI 19 ¦ *5 Order Hours: Mon-Thurs, 9am-7pm Fri, 9am-6:30pm CLOSED Sat Sun,9:30-6(fr) ,S% (7181692 0790 1-800 FOR ORDERS AND INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA MONTGOMERY GRANT: MAIL ORDER DIPT.
P. O. BOX SB BROOKLYN, NY, 11230 FAX 71889233721 TELEX 622132 MGRANT NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS ctiocfc 9anfc Choc*. Money Order*. Applied P O •. Vna. Maimcard Amo*. Cp»ma. Dm* Ckib Cavili Biand*« CO Da 4 Wire Tranilert occoplod fteaso call botore iubmittng P O * Non ctnOhod cnocAl nx**lwwt 2 * *»ek* tor i pSJ; td eva.labl.iy »ut,«c. To change w,moul none* Not rMponnUl to. *pograpn.c eno-A dlAB most have okh ietjin auronaoon number ot retwns wil not be iceepttd Rtm S'. A i . . ... a.«v..v.uWia1%L rkinnm j, h TbilTlQ $ 8000 iff (JlSCCKntM t ShlppHQ O Hi ESTABLISHED
1961) OR WRITE TO: in*Tkjm sfnppng’A nancWng 51200 %. Over WOOO 6S) _ Ml ¦in OOU We cfwc* tor crob-t card Cwfl DCA 200213 Ar-ga i. a regained trademark ol Comm od a a HELP KEY Whether it's palette problems, sidecars or inexpensive graphic devices, Lou comes up with solutions. Palette Pitfalls Q: I've been working on a project in which I rendered a series of images in HAM mode using Sculpt 3D. I converted them all to 32-color mode using Deluxe Photolab, then imported them into Deluxe-Paint III to create an animation. The problem is that they do not all have the same palette! This makes the animation take on the color palette of the last-loaded frame, producing a useless animation. Could I have done anything differently while rendering that would have avoided this problem, or have I just wasted untold hours?
M. Sherbine Ridgecrest, Calif. A: The problem obviously is that Sculpt created each frame with the best possible palette of colors and didn't use the same palette for each frame. Remember that while HAM mode allows a display that uses all 4096 colors at once, it does have its own palette of sixteen unique colors. These sixteen can be placed alongside each other without resorting to the hold-and- modify technique used for the other 4080 colors. During the creation of the image. Sculpt determines which sixteen colors will best serve the needs of the picture, and it creates the sixteen- color palette from that selection. Since you saved each image as a separate file, Sculpt repeated this process for each picture, resulting in images with different palettes. The reason this doesn’t happen when you create an animation directly with Sculpt is because it determines the best palette for all the images and uses that palette for each frame. No, your work isn’t necessarily ruined. There are a couple of approaches to fixing the problem. One is to use The Animation Station (Progressive Peripherals Sc Software), which allows you to combine different animations or images into a single animation, optimizing the palette to one that will work best for all the images. Another is to use an image-processing program like Art Department Professional (.ASDO) By Louis R. Wallace to alter the images so that each has a consistent palette. Ride in a Sidecar? Q: We purchased the Amiga 1000 in 1985 and since that time we have been having an increasingly difficult time finding software for it. We have heard of a “sidecar' that can be used to update the A WOO so it will be more compatible with programs. Would this help us? If so, is it available? The programs we need to use are spreadsheets, graphing and mailing-list software, and even Lotus 123. What can we do?
S. Honeycutt Reno, Nevada A: Whew! It’s been a long time since I have heard of the Amiga Sidecar. This was a Commodore expansion box that was developed around 1986 to fulfill two functions. One was to serve as a RAM expansion box, and the other was to offer some form of IBM compatibility in hardware. The product, as far as 1 know, never shipped in the US, although it did in Canada. 1 don’t believe it is possible to buy one any longer, unless you could find it used. As For software compatibility, the A1000 is capable of running nearly every piece of software available for the Amiga line of computers. Of course, you must have the proper version of the operating system (usually 1.3), but that is available for the A1000 as well as the A500 and A2000. If you want to make your A1000 hardware more compatible with A2000 hardware products, you could add die Reju venator. Most of the kinds of software you mentioned are available for the .Amiga. If you can’t find a dealer near you that carries .Amiga software, take a look at the mail-order companies who advertise here in AmigaWorld. As for Lotus 123, it is an MS-DOS-based software package that is currently not available for the Amiga (although it can be used on .Amiga 500, 2000 or 3000 computers with the proper MS-DOS hardware emulator). Low-Cost Color Q: have been experimenting with animation on my Amiga 500 and have become really impressed. Recently, however, a friend of mine showed me some very nice animations on his Mac II that used 256 colors at once. I've heard that there are several new third-party graphic devices out now (or due soon) for the Amiga, but 1 understand that they all require some very expensive video hardware in order to be used for animations. Is there anyone offering or planning Amiga graphic cards that will allow those of us with smaller wallets to animate in higher resolutions (and more colors)?
J. Willabee Fort Worth, Texas A; There certainly is a very effective solution available. It is DCTV (Digital Creations), a fairly inexpensive (under S500) NTSC display device that allows you to create full-color images and animations using any of 16 million colors. DCTV comes with a powerful paint program as well as digitizing software, so you can scan images in from any still video source, and then edit them with the paint program. The images can be saved as IFF24 (24-bit IFF image files) or in a proprietary DCTV format that results in a much smaller file. Because it can read in and display 24-bit files saved as 1FF24, DCTV is a perfect companion to animation software like Imagine (Impulse), 3DPro (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software) or even the Video Toaster’s LightWave (NewTek). DCTV can also be used to play realtime animations created by combining DCTV images using existing .Amiga software. (To the Amiga, DCTV images are merely high-resolution pictures.) In fact, this DC I V technique was used by I VS at the recent AmigaWorld Expo in New York to play digitized movies from a hard disk. ¦ The Amiga Power U The Most Lopsided Deal Since We Bou ’ Manhattan For $ 24. If You Own A Commodore Computer,, It's Worth Up To %500 ud An Amis rears.
* See chart for qualifying Commodore and Commodore-Amiga CPU'j. Subject to dealer participation.Power Up reward based on aid ii other pro schedule GS-00K-91-AGS-5069. MSRP forAmiga 3000-16 50, MSRP. See authorized dealer for details.Not valid in combination with any other promotional offer. Products available on GSA Toward An Amiga 3000. The Amiga Power Up™ Program rewards Commodore or Amiga owners with up to $ 1,500 to trade up to a powerful Amiga 3000 computer. Without trading in your current Amiga or Commodore CPU. If you have a Commodore VIC 20*64* 128 " or Amiga 500,1000 or 2000 series, save up to: $ 1,500 on the Amiga 3000-25 100 $ 1,250 on the Amiga 3000-25 50 $ 1,150 on the Amiga 3000-16 50 If you own a Commodore VIC 20,64,128, or an Amiga 500,1000 or 2000 series, write the serial number on the cover of the original owner's manual (no photocopies) and take it to your authorized Commodore dealer. You'll get up to $ 1,500 off an Amiga 3000 series computer. The multitasking Amiga 3000 series has it all. 32-bit Motorola 68030 processor. Built- in hard disk control. Interlaced and non-interlaced (31.25 kHz) high resolution video. And four voice two-channel sound. Circle 313 on Reader Service card. In fact, Byte Magazine said "Commodore has produced the most complete multimedia platform you can get in a single box." You also get a one-year limited warranty. Plus the option of on-site Gold Service from CommodoreExpress.** So hurry to your authorized Commodore dealer before June 30th, 1991. Or call 1-800-66-AMIGA. A deal this good only comes along once every 300 yec alifvins 52,999; 25 50, $ 3,499; 25 100,54,699. Expires 6730 91. "Must be activated by the purchaser. Commodore VIC 20,64 and 128 are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics Ltd. Amiga 500,1000,2000 and 3000 series are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. C(§) ~ Commodore® AMIGA Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Activa International Keienbergweg 95 I 101 GE Amsterdam, Holland 011-31-20-97-00-35 Active Circuits 1985 Highway 34 A-4 Wall, NJ 07719 201 974-1616 Adspee Programming 1405 N. Ellsworth Ave. PO Box 13 Salem. OH 44460 216 337-3325 Amiga Video-Graphics Guild 1649 Arcane Simi Valley, CA 93065 805 584-0863 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Beta Unlimited 87 Summit St. Brooklyn. NY 11231 718 852-8646 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow. MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Broderbund Software 17 Paul Drive San Rafael, CA 94903 415 492-3200 800 533-6263 California Access 130A Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 378-0340 Centaur Software PO Box 440 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 213 542-2226 Central Coast Software 424 Vista Ave. Golden, CO 80401 303 526-1030 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr, West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Computer Creations II 602 State St. Cedar Falls. IA 50613 319 277-1486 Computrol 35-28 33rd St. Astoria. NV 1 I 106 718 626-2400 CSA 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 Designing Minds Inc. 3006 North Main Street Logan, Utah 84321 801 752-2501 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Processing Systems 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Scarborough, Ont. MIS 3L1 Canada 416 754-8090 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Electronic Zoo 3431-A Benson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21227 301 646-5031 ExpressWay Software PC) Box 10290 Columbia, MO 65205 314 474-2984 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempe, AZ 85284 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 Gramma Software 17730 15th Ave.N.E., Suite 223 Seattle, WA 98155 206 363-6417 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 HoloSoft Technologies 1637 E. Valley Pkwy., S-I72 Escondido, CA 92027 619 743-0089 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, 11. 61101 815 968-2228 Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of thz AmigaWorld product line and we need your help. We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. ¦ GAMES -ANIMATION - 3D - UTILITIES
- APPLICATIONS - CLIPART ¦ AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS ¦ OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS Send your submissions or contact us for guidelines! Amiga Product Submissions Mare-Anne Jarvela
(603) 924-0100 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 BfliWALL Solid Products and Solid Support PRESENTS... %%JSCITLL A Cinemaware Interactive Movie Battle ruthless villains, woo a beautiful princess, and interact with strange, alien life forms in this incredibly lifelike animation quest. The Kristal's arcade action combines gorgeous graphics, clever traps, and challenging puzzles as you star as Dancis Frake, a swashbuckling space pirate. LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER! $ 15.95 Plus 53.50 postage and handling 1-800-638-5757 Outside U.S.A. (215)683-5661 ? ORDER LINES OPEN 24 HOURS ? (Briwailians are in 10-7 EST) Or clip this ad and mail today BRI691 Briwall Special Game Offer
P. O. Box 1 29 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Books Graphic Arts Education ' Your source for I all your Amiga needs. Entertainment Music Sars and Pipes $ 124 Bar* and Pipes Pro $ 229 Delx Music Const. Set $ 69 Or. T's Copyist DTP $ 209 DrTsKC.SLevelllv3.5 S249 Dr, T'a Tiger Cub_$ 59 Amiga SHOW-OFFS Amiga Mouse Mat Blue of Red Amiga Solar Calculator Amiga Corduroy Cap Amiga T-Shirts 'Onty Amiga make* It PoMtbta'lBlue) Of "Make up your own MlncT(R«f) Amiga Polo Shirt Dark Blue with Wtirfo
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Winchester Blvd. Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 Supra Corp. 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 TTR Development 1120 Gammon Lane Madison, W1 53719 608 277-8071 UBI Soft Distributed by Electronic Arts William S. Hawes PO Box 308 Maynard, MA 01754 Zardoz Software 6114 La Salle Ave., Suite 304 Oakland, CIA 94611 415 339-6280 1 LET S FACE IT-I MAIL ORDER HOUSES ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! || 1 m jmm a aopGKDiafr m uam'jacDaao. 1 CONVENIENCE-FAST SERVICE-RELIABILITY-SUPPORT AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA 0 Z £ 0 SHEREFF SYSTEMS Pro Video Goto 150 *» SIERRA A-10 Tank Killer 30 Biack Cauldron 24 Codename Iceman 36 Codename Iceman Hints 10 Colonel s Bequest 36 Conquest of Cametot 36 Goto Rush 24 Hero s Quest X Hoyle s Book of Games 1 or 2 21 K>rg s Quest 4 36 Leisure Larry 2 or 3 X Manhunier New Yam X Manhunter San FranCJSCO X Mixed Up Mother Goose 20 Police Quest 2 or 3 X SOFT BYTE Lotto P’ogram SOFT LOGIK PageStream v2 1 SOFTWARE VISIONS Microfiche Filer Plus 60 SOFTWOOD Electronic Thesauraus 30 Pen Pat x SPECTRUM H0L0BYTE Faces-Tetns III 24 Fglqon 30 Falcon Missions 1 17 Falcon Missions 11 20 SoMare Roya'e 21 Tetnsl 21 Weifms-Tems 11 21 STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS Buck Rogers 32 Champions ol Krynr 32 Curse of the Azure Bonds 32 Azure Bends hints 13 Dragon Smke 32 Dungeon Mast Asst vi 20 Hus ar 15 Hills'ar Hint Book 8 Overrun X Pool of Rad«ance 32 Pool Hints 13 Second From 32 Storm Across Europe 38 Sword of Aragon 32 Typhoon of Steel X vYargame Construction Set 26 STRATEGIC STUDIES Goto of the Americas 13 Warlords 30 SUBLOGIC Flight Simulator-ll 30 ScenoOisk 7.9or11 20 Scenery Disk Hawaiian 20 Scene Disk W Europe or Japan 20 ABACUS Amiga DOS Toolbox 24 AssemPro 60 BeckerText . 90 DataRetreive 48 TextPro 48 ABACUS BOOKS 3D Graphics Prog In BASIC 17 Amiga DCS Quick Reference 10 Best of Amiga Tncks 4 Tips 24 C for Beginners * 16 C lor Advanced Programmers * 26 DeskTop Video Book 16 Amiga Beginners Book 14 Amiga Prrters In OuT Book 25 Amiga Base In Ou! Book • 19 Amiga Prnters In Out Book 25 Graphcs in Out Book - 24 Prog Guide Book - 24 Adv Proc GtrtJe Book - 24 Dnves In Oul 3ook - 22 ArmgaDOS In Out Book - 16 Maung Music Book 4 Dsk 25 Companion Disk Avail 13 ACADEMY SOFTWARE Typing Tutor 21 ACCESS Heavy Metal 30 Mean Streets 30 ACCOLADE Bar Games 27 Bubble Gnast 10 Elvira 36 Elvira Hints 13 Fast Break 27 fourth 6 'rehes 15 Graphics Studio 10 Hardball u 30 Heat Wave 27 Ishido 33 Jack NclCaus Uriimrted 36 Jack Ntdcaus Gort 30 J Nckiaus Course 1 2of3 16 J hhcklaus Course 4 17 Grand Pnx Circuit 18 Mean 18 27 Shoot Em Up Construction 15 Star Control 30 Stoke Aces 30 Test Dnve I 15 Test Drive II 30 Cali'omia Challenge 16 European Challenge 16 Super Cars i6 Muscle Cars 16 ACTT0NWARE Acttonwais Pnasar Gun 39 Capone 24 Creature 24 Pnson 24 ANTIC Phaser V4 0 54 ARTWORX Bridge 6 0 24 CenterfpJc Squares 20 Lirkword French 18 Lirkwcrd German 18 Lirkword Greek 18 Lirkword Italian IB Lirkword Spanish 18 Puzzle Mana 19 Stnp Poker-ll 24 S Poker Data 1-3 ea i5 ASDG Cygnus Ed Pro 60 8AUDV1LLE Award Maker Data Sports 18 Award Maker Data Educational IB BETHESDA SOFTWARE Damocles 27 Dragon s Lair ll 42 Gndiron t8 Wayne Gretzky Hockey 30 Hockey League Sim 24 BLUE RIBBON BAKERY Bars 4 Pipes 180 BRITANNICA Archapeiigos 21 Desgnasaurus 30 Jigsaw 24 BRODERBUND Carmen USA 30 Carmen Europe 30 Carmen Trre 30 Carmen Work? 30 Ormpiay Horseraong 14 Pnnce ol Persia 2* Kat« S Farm ?4 McGee 24 Pictionary 24 S m City 30 Sim City Graphcs i tx *2 23 BRODERBUND Sim Crty Planners Book 15 Sim Terrain Editor .15 Wings Of Fury 24 Wofpack 33 BYTE BY BYTE. Sculp; 4D Jr 105 CADVISION INT. Xcad Designer II 90 Xcad Professional . 300 CAPC0M Stoder || 37 CENTAUR BAD 30 DUDE 30 My Pam; 30 World Allas 36 CENTRAL COAST DrSk 2 Disk 30 Dos 2 Dos 33 Quarterback 42 Quarterback Tools 54 CINEMAWARE Arcade Fever 26 Bra>n Busier 26 DragoelorcJ . 32 Federation 32 I: Came From the Desert 32 Dosed ll Data Dtsk 15 Lords of The Rising Son . 32 Rocket Ranger Three Stooges 32 Smbad 17 TV Sports Basketball 32 TV Sports Football 32 Wings 32 COMMODORE Amiga Logo 66 Amgaviswri 95 COMPUTE! BOOKS AmgaDOS Reference Guide . . 18 Begmers Guide Amiga . 16 Amiga Programmers Guide 16 Inside Amiga Graphics 16 Elementary Amiga Base 13 Advanced Amga Base '€ ML PrOgrartvTvng Guide- 16 KkSs & the Amiga 13 Amiga Applications 16 151 or 2nd Book of Arrvga 16 C0NSULTR0N Cross Dos v4 24 DATA EAST Batman-Arcade or Movie 27 Chamber of Sci-Mutants 30 Drakkhon 36 Drakkhen Hint* 13 Fu» Meiai Pianei 30 Monday Night Footbal 36 Platoon 15 North 4 South 27 Roboeop i3 Robocop II 28 DAVIDSON Math Blaster Plus 30 DESIGNING MINDS Byte A Back 42 Crossword Construe son 24 Great States II 24 Home Front 60 Middle East World Tour 25 Top Form 54 DiGfTEK Di nowars 24 Ho*e m One M.-rvature Got 24 Ho*c m Ore Data *3 15 Targhan 24 DISNEY Anamatior Studio 108 Duck Tales 27 DR. 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F-16 Correa: Pnot 16 f-29 Retaliator 32 F A-18 Interceptor 15 Flood 26 Goiden Axe 32 Harpoon 38 Harpoon Batneset 2 or 3 21 Hourd of the Shadow 16 Hurt For Red Oct 20 Immortal 32 rmpenum 26 Indianapois 500 32 Lost Patrci 32 Magic F>y 26 Maws Beacon Typing 32 Might 4 Mage II 38 Might 4 Mage H Hints 13 Nghtoreed 26 Night Humer 23 Nuclear War 32 Pick N Pie 27 Populus 32 Powerdrome 16 Powermonger 32 ProiKtyie 26 Pro Tennis Tour 26 Puffy 3 Saga 23 Puzzle Storybook 26 Rhyming Notebook 26 Starlight 32 Slartligh! Hints 13 Sheet Rod 26 Tunnels o‘ Armagedor. 26 Turbo Outrun 32 Unreal 32 Untouchables 26 Veoas Gamthe' 26 Zary Go-1 15 ELECTRONIC ZOO Berlin ’948 24 Black Gold 24 Legend of Faergrum 24 Legend of WiHram Ten 24 Sphenca 17 Tennis Cup 24 Treasure "rap 24 Viking Chfid 24 Xiphos 24 ETHOS Casino Fever 24 Poker Sdnare 21 FREE SPIRIT Amikit Drive Align 30 Barney Bear-Farm 21 Bamey Bear School 21 Barney Bear-Space 21 Dragon scape 10 Doctor Am 30 FTL Dungeon Master I or ll 24 Dungeon Master I Hints 12 Dungeon Master II Herts IQ GOLD DISK Come Sen r 60 ComaeSetiei A 1 Superheroes 21 ComicSefter Art Science Fie 21 Comae Set!" 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Power 19X 32 Captive 29 The Coony 32 Haney Davdson 32 Loopz 33 NATURAL GRAPHICS Scene Generator X NEW HORIZONS Ptowrne 3 1 105 QuickWrite 45 NEWTEK DigiPairit 3 60 Dgnhew GokJ 138 OMNITREND Paladin 2a Paladin Quest Diski IB ORIGIN Autoduei 24 Moebius 33 Ogre 20 Omega 30 Quest ‘or Clues 2 or 3 25 Space Rogue X Times Qf Lire 24 U Tima-Ill 27 Ultima-IV 39 Ultima V 37 WitxJwaker 24 OXXI A-Ta.k III 60 Audiomaster III X SpectraCod’ 61 VidcoScap* 3D 120 VtdeoMtor 96 PARSEC SOFTWARE Operation Spruanc© 30 PELICAN SOFTWARE Pelican Press 61 POLARWARE All Dogs Coloring 20 Al the Zoo 24 Classic Board Games 20 Dinosaurs Are Forever 24 Numbers Count 24 Oppostles Attract 24 Operation Combal 30 PRECIS+ON Superbase Personal-1 48 Superbase Personal-11 X Superbase Pro v3 210 Superplar X PROGRESSIVE 30 Professorial 300 Animation Station 60 Baud Bartot X Dskmasler vi 4 X DR Term Pro 60 DurJaa UtiKws 48 Imro CAD 48 Intro CAD Plus X PlX-Mate 42 Uftra Design 240 PSYGNOSIS Anarchy 24 Awesome 36 Baai 21 Blood Money 24 Captain Fizz 18 Carihage 27 Chronoquest ll 30 infeslalion 24 Killing Game Show 27 Lemmings 31 Matrix Marauders 24 Nitro 27 Obitus 36 Shadow ol the Beast 1 24 Shadow of the Seas! 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LUCASF1LMS Battle hawks indy Jones Crusade Arcade indy Jones Crusaoe Graphics Indy Graphcs Hints Loom Loom Hms Maniac Manscm I Maniac I Hints Nigh! Shrfl Their Finest Hour MAGIC BYTES Domination . . Wail Street . MANX Aztec C Deveioper Aztec C Professional Aztec C SL Debugger MASTERTRONICS Clue Conflict Risk Scrabble Double Dragon II Mage Johnson Basketball Magic MVP Basketba:i NY Wamors Oenorc Rick Dams Soccer Shark Aback Goff Spirit ol Excalibur Sport ol Kings Super OH Road 2 War In Middle Earth MEDiAGENIC Beyond Dark Castle Ghostbusters 11 Rampage MICRODEAL Dovpac v2 Hisott Basic Pro MICRCMLLUSfONS Black Jack Academy Faerytaie Adventure Music X Jr . . Photon Paint v2 MICROLEAUGE WWF Wrestling MICROMASTER Family Tree v2 MICPOPROSE 3D Pool Dr Doom's Revenge Eine Eke Hfit Book py Leroy Land. Sea. 4 Air Pro Soccer Midwinter Mt Paioon 24 100 £ Q £ 0 0 Jet X SUNRIZEIND Perfect Sound 68 SYBEX BOOKS Amiga P-rogrammer 5 Guide 19 Amiga HanctoOC* Vol 1or2 19 TAITO Amiga Acton pack 20 TITUS F 40 Pursuit Sim 27 W-to Streets 27 TONY SEVERA Bard Tale I- Hint Disk 15 Kings Quest 3 Hint Disk Leisure Larry 1 Him Dtsk t5 Shadowgate Him'. D'sk 15 Space dues: I It Hint Disk 15 Zak McK,-acker Hmf Disk 15 UNISON WORLD Printmaster Plus 24 Art Gallery 1 5 2 Combe 24 An Gallery 3 20 Fonts & Bordets 21 VEGA TECHNOLOGIES Amikit Amiga 24 VIRTUAL REALITY Distant Suns 42 Vista X Vista Pro X Vista Data - Mars 48 Vista Data - Calif T 48 WILLIAM S. HAWES AREXX X WSHELl 30 WORDPERFECT CORP. WordPerfect 165 WordPerfect Library 70 o Z £ 0 0 3 £ 0 £ 0 £ 0 42 21 27 27 42 180 78 120 240 210 67 20 20 20 15 20 24 30 30 20 24 24 17 24 0 Z s 13 30 X X 24 48 21 24 X 7 X 27 24 X imagine Turtxs Sjive* INF0C0M Arthur Quest For Excahbur Batlietech Journey Shogun iNNERPRISE Apprentice Battle Squadron James Bond - Stealth Lost Dutchman s Mine Giobutos Persian Gurt Memo Piauge Sword of Sodon T urncar 0 0 0 z 0 z 0 £ 0 WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR COMPUTER - ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOG AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA TOLL FREE LINE FOR USA & CANADA 800-356-1179 Monday - Friday 6AM 5PM Pacific Time NEW. Saturday 7AMQPM PachcTime INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 206-695-1393 Same Hour* As Above NOW ACCEPTING FAX ORDERS 206-695-0059 24-Hours A Day! 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And speahcations are subject to change without notice Al sales are 5nai unless authorized Py management AMIGA COMMODORE AND IBM Please can or wrile (ex our FREE CATALOG Overseas customers pease remfl 3.00 U S funds to help defray shipping costs We Accept VISA, M C, & Discover $ 5.95 ea 1-9 Disks $ 4.95* ea 10*24Disks mmlmm $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks
* Anti-Virus Free on ail orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source, WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentary volume with your next purchase. We always use oniy SONY disks! New Disks FD55:Puzzles • Contains TripleYatz. A multiplayer, multigame yatzee clone. Also BoomSquad. An .info best of PD Pick ( 39,pg 45), Adventure. Logic, and Mosaic: four very good strategy games. FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar, an .info "Best of PD" pick ( 39, pg 45). HueyRaid a wel! Done helicopter arcade game, and Game ¦ a "GameBoy" emulator with a version ol Tetris. WBB7: New Testament - Contains the entire text ol the New Testament in a well thought out user interface 1mb suggested WBSSabc: The Complete Bible - A three disk set. With the entire text of the New Testament and Torah (Old Testament) includes wb87. 1mb suggested. WB89:Education- Fish, not your everyday electric eel. But a fun to experiment with simulated fish aquarium. Also contains a well done math qurzzer, history, relgion, geography and more. WB90: Rippers, Strippers and Beats "For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your favorite games and programs. Music can |hen be played with your favorite PD Music program. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk does require moderate knowledge of the Cll. WB91:AV Educational - Flags of Europe, beautifully presents all of the flags of Europe along with maps and geographic statistics of the countries. Requires AV. Other Great Disks! FD5: Tactical Games - BullRun * a Civil war battle game Metro - you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, Out poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very very habit forming, FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including; Checkers, Clue, Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard ¦ An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour ¦ Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: PACMAN ¦ This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMan87. MazMan and Zonix FD9: Moria This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack. Play time several weeks! FD10: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game, Considered a must-have classic. This is the second release of this game on the Amiga Great Amiga graphic interface. Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty-One.VideoPoker and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer. It teatures mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1 Mb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells, item locaiion, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball - an arkanoid breakout type game, Trtx - a Qix type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games - MechForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 • 40 toot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games - Marb!e_slide, this is a truly commercial quality game. Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability and entertainment, Mutants , a small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakou! A pong arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great ra-iiiJi'ad Disk DD79abcd: Amiga C Programming Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language, Amiga orientated set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples of mosiAmiga programming topics. Four disk set, counts as three. Games. Includes, Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses, MimBlast a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as froger. And Sbreakout the original breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you're the pilot of a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission. SpKiller - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaliator - another great game. FD31: Games! ¦ Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation game, Black Jack Lab - a lull featured set of card games. ChessTel - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a wel! Done text adventure game (like an mfocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32:Flight Simulator - Includes an instrument flight simulator for a DC10. FD33; Arcade Games - Ffreddy a mario brothers type of game. Gerbils a largel praclice game, PipeLine a German inlerpretation of Pipe Dreams. Iron a light cycles version, and welroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious Iwist. FD34: Games - Includes WellTrix a derivative of the addictive game of tetris, and new version of BackGammon. Also included are several new "Schwabie type Hacks", FD35 Omega (v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks or months. FD37a & biTactical Games - Empire (2.2w) This greal game comes highly recommended With a full-featured graphic front end. FD38:Games - Cribbage Master - A great cribbage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers - A computer version ot this classic. Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. FD39a & b:Tobias Star Trek - This is a new, completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions. Very Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 512k memory, a 500, 2000 or Pal. FD40:Arcade ? MiddleEast * a timely arcade game of death and destruction set in Iraq, BackToTheFuturell - a very playable demo version of this soon to be released commercial game, City - a missile command clone FD41 :Games - Includes Capital Gams - a stock market game. Ball a Arknoids type of clone with many great twists, and Desert Shield - a search and destroy conquer theme, FD42:Games - Includes SpaceWar3 - a remake of this original Amiga classic, Trippin - a fascinating board game of intrigue, strategy, and player manipulation. Dominion ¦ an engrossing strategy game of galactic war and conquest, Frog - a frogger type clone, and Mines - a very good strategy board game. FD44: Game - Mechlight is an out of this world role-playing adventure comparable to hack and moria. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new amiga 9000. Most of all, don't lorget to stay ahve... FD45: Arcade - Three good shoot'em ups. Batman - save the city from the Joker, DriveWar - gangsters are moving in on your territory, stop them at all costs. Web - a spidery, buggy affair of eat or be eaten. FD47: Arcade Games - Contains Downhill - a demanding computer slalom ski game, MicroPac - a Workbench mini-pacman game, CrackOut - a break out clone, Jet - a superb aerial dogfight game, AmegaRace • an interesting asteroids type of game, and WindyDay - a unique arcade shoot'em up. FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells object locations, super characters and more. FD50: Submarine Game Sealance, one and a half years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quality, highly 'ecommended. FD51: Games - DesertStorm a fast action arcade game. Amigatraion a well done concentration game. Chute a parachute jumping game. Running a dungeon adventure game similar to Wanderer, and Solix a solitary card game. FD52: Classics Games * PetersGuest a well done Mario brothers type ol game, Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade * On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII flying ace arcade came, and Psycoblast new creation idea game, FD54; FoodFlght - Contains Galactic FoodFight, a wacky spaced out arcade game loaded with shooting ketchup, and hamburger eating monsters, and flying pizzas. WB2: General Interest - contains, Galaxy a program lhat represents the collision of two galaxies, Larn - an adventure action game similar in concept to rogue or hack, but with a much different feel. Try it. You'll like it!, StarChart - a program that lets you display and identify about 600 stars, galaxies and nebulae visible in the Northern hemisphere. WB4:Tefecommurrmication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you cn line quickly and easily. Access (1.42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm v1.34, but with the addition of transfer protocols, Comm (1.34) - Last version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 WB5 - Fonts 1* Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PageStream fonts,and ShowFont - a font cisplay program. WB6: Video Fonts 2 ShowFont(4,0) This program allows you lo quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art - Th s disk is loaded with black and white clip art. Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more. WB9:lcons - Truly a multitude of various types and kinds. Also includes IconM ester. IconLab. Anc others greal utilities to help generate icons. WB10:Virus Killers - The latest and best VirusX(4.0), Kv(2.1), and ZeroVirus(1,3). WB11; Business - C!erk(4.0), finally a lull featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end of month and much much more. WB12; Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everyihing including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk ana file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts ol file manipulation. A real must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do it. Svith PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB14: Video- on this disk are several utilities for the video enthusiast. We have included multiple slates, video titling. Bars and Tone. Gray Scale, Screen fades and swipes. Interlace toggles, and SMPTE Calculators .Also on this disk is a full featured video cataloging program, WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WblS: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a rolodex program, and pennywise a good "Cash Book* accounting for home or office. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors, Includes.TextPlus (v2.2e) a full featured word processor. Dme(v1.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features ,TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB20: General Interest - DiskSalv V1.42 a disk recovery program for all Amiga file systems. FixDisk V1.0 another tile recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have, 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench, Clean V1.01 a program to de-fragment memcry. Tracer - trace any Sart of an image. B22: Fonts 3 - Several more great 'oms. These, like the ether font disks work great with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three cimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user celined function, BezSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP . WB24:Animatlon and Paint - On this disk. DA a complete commercial quality celt orientated animation package. Movie an "ANIM" player lor standard animation, QuickFlix an IFF slide show and cell animation program, Also on this disk are two PD paint programs of good quality. WB25:Educational - On inis disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types, Worlc Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps ot any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity, WB26: Disk Utilities 2 ¦ MrBackup. KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and floppy disk backups, FileMast - a binary file edifor, Labefprinter - Disk label printer with very powerful features, WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. WB29: Graphics and Sound - This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes, MandelMountains - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF's including Dynamic HAM. And Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything. Try this disk, you'll love it! WB33:Circuit Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool, LogicLao - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge of a Cll or Shell for setup, Chatter Box - this one will play any user defined sound after any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...), , Artm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you lull control ot the Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper • help program to make learning the Cll easier, and more! WB35: 3d Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracing programs 3dFonts - Full vector font set tor use with 3d programs, FontMaker - make 3d fonts from any system font. Make3DShape - create 3d shapes from any image, DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d - a demo program of a front end for use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics • On Ihis disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images, Roses • produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar lo a rose, SimGen • display Ihose spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade - a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. Wb37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics • Plotxy is the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesselalor ¦ a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures. WB39: Music * Intuitracker is a German offering of an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. Lets you strip out music from your favorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40: Music - "CD on a disk", 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection, WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. WB43:Business • This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Requires 1.2 MB of memory! WB46:Clip Art • HighRes clip art with the following motifs - embellishments (borders, dodads people, and Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain_ transportation. WB48: Clip Art ¦ HighRes clip art with the following motifs - Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49abc:Animation Sampler - On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of the best animations that have been created over the last three years. Several examples of “Movie* type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (coolroby. Watch, spigot and egg). Also several european style or "Demo" animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akrilight. Copersine, doc, dps2010, impact, and logodemo). These truly show off the creative edge of an Amiga1 WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or 'Demos", including - scientific 451. Subway (a
U. S. entrant, also our favorite), sunride. Thrstdemo, might, waves, and woow. WB51: Animation- On this disk are two excellent movie style animations including ShipRotation - a futuristic space ship orbiting a surrealistic world (one of the best), and RV-3 - a dpaintlll anim ol a rather wacked out airplane. WB53:Graphics- The disk contains C-light - The easiest to use raytracing we have seen to date. This one started out life as a full featured commercial product similar to Sculpt3d. Raytracing programs can generate stunning, realistically shaded objects. Also, sMovie - a full featured video text titler similar to ProVideo, Broadcast Titler. Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54:Printing - This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PrintStudio a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Appfication - Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included, Diary - a diary program like “Dougy Howard M.D", Cal - a calendar program. Magman - a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57:Animation • This disk has several "Demo" style animations. Including. Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB59:Business - contains a great, very lull teatured stock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more. WB61 intermediate Utilities - Includes programs to help to drasticaly decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or ocilloscope. And mare. WB62:Midi Utilities • Several useful midi utilities including, programs lo transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase, display midi info, life sequence player, and a few scores. DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A16, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! 800 879-0759 Support 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 WB63:Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups, Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks. WB66:lcons 2- Lot's of neat icons. Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures. WB68:Music Utilities * several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast, includes. Noisetracker - a great music creation program. Sontx2MOD - converts sonix to .mod files which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtraker, and MED. SpeakerSim • a speaker design tool demo, Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design too! With a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga. WB70:Desk Top Pub - Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts, Mac or IBM format .AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric files. With this program open door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript type!, Calendar - month templates in PS form, Post - a full featured post script file display and print utility. WB71 :C64 Emulation - The A64 Package is a complete, very powerful, Commodore 64 emulator. WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files (.inst) and sample sound files (.ss) for your music programs. WB76: Applications - This disk contains Stichery - a often requested knitting design program. Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility, SSS - this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB78: AV - On this disk are two Amiga Vision programs (bubbler, sync) written by Lou Wallace, chief technical editor of Amiga World. These programs are marvelous examples of how too's with AV. WB79: Home & Business Accounting * Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates Irom the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what time it is in up to 50 global cities. WB80:Graphics - Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images often consisting of highly polished spheres and objects. 3-D Master is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to dale. This is easily better, and more lull featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars. WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database program. Don't let the ease ol use fool you. This is a very full featured database program including full printer control for address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer, Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. WB82:Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations. Including. Coyote, Jugglerll, GhostPool. And Mechanix. Two disk set. Counts as one! WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some ol the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 years. WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs for manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff image processing package. WB86: Amiga Vision - Contains the Centurion Press. An Amiga newspaper by Lou Wallace. DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS - This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples, PopCLI4 - The latest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal. Includes, A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler, Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub-set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1.01) fully K&R. Zcc = 1.0) front end. A68k(l .2) assembler, Blink tinker. DD50; Arexx 2 - a musl have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities lor Arexx development. OD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2.3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well Please send me the following: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3) Account , Signature. Name Address. City. ST Phone ( ) SONY Blank Disks DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 (.89 cents ea) 25 for $ 18.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.00 (.68 cents ea) No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders. Canada and Mexico add S-15 each. Other foreign add S.50 ea. Done periodic table program with source, Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga, Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc(2.3), Lharc(l.O). Lhwarp(1.03). Pkax(1.0), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, Ztp(l.O), Warp(2.04), and Zoo(2.0). Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF files. DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpReI3.0 release including the full user docs, the full Developers guide. ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release
1. 3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities * Msh - like Cross-dos. Copies files to and from MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa, Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers, and Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented language. DD64 Amiga Programmers Manual • The fully comprehensive Amiga programming manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials! DD65 C Tutorials - Several well done tutorials on how to program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers, IFF reads and writes, Sound implementation, Arcade game design and implementation, Double Buffering, and others. A must have for Amiga Programmers. DD66 Programming ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some lor basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers! D069:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga's and share resources, MemMonitor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved, Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. 0071 :C compiler - This disk contains Qice. Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. DD72;VT Emulators - Contains three powerful, lull featured vt emulators, with many advanced features including kermit, xmodem and tektronix protocols. VaxTerm. VLT. And more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN?? Environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler. DD78; Menus & System Enhancements - Several neat programs to aid in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adding WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations. Total disks x $ each $ _ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ _ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ _ CA residents add 7.00% sales tax $ __ Payment Enclosed Forei9n Shipping $ Please charge my Handling $ i.uu Visa Master charge Total Due $ _ Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add $ .25 each, Foreign add S.50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on credit card orders. Exp. Zip. InfoMarket A500 Keyboard ......$ 99.00 A2000 Power Supply 139.00 A500 Repl Drive w s 0 ... 94.95 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB 95.00 Agnus Extractor by Com. 16.95 Dense Chip .....49.00 Quantum 105S H D 449.00 Syqyest 44 MB Removeable ...499.00 Syqyest 44MB Cartridge...88.00 Gary 1C Chip .17.00 80 Meg Drive for GVP Acc ...469.00 ASOCOUEMCflV STATIC ZIPS DRAMS 256«1-60 256*1 -10 256x1 • 256X4 1X1-80 SIMMS Jt.75 Si 60 Si 30 S6 10 S6 20 7MX* 40 *r SO 1X4 40 53 100 15 80 Sns ¦'deal M M A. «l »« Ml Cml quota art 41 prWuOi “4 HOC* jrwl |h*pn Out TO U»« 1 f KuCTUlTB«4 n USUUCT TQ CHAMOK «rTX* T HCT*U ixa-eo $ 47,50 1X3-70 555.95 4X3-30 $ 225 00 goi.drnIMAGE ® Limited lime MASTER 3A-1A $ 79.95 HAND SCANNER QMArpfucn $ 245.00 Aamlga Warehouse 1-800-942-9505 714-283-0A9 9 3 COD
1. 3 ROM Chip .$ 29.00 6520 CIA Chip .16.50 Fatter Agnus Chip 1MB 90.00 A500 Replace Drive 119.00 GVP 40 Meg Impact Plus 599.00 All RAM Chips In Stock Call Paula Chip .... 56.00 A2000 Internal Drive ... _89-00 Quantum 52S H D 389.00 GVP 8 0 Hard Card OK ...239.00 Epyx 50QXJ Joystick 12.00 A500 HD Power Supply ... 94.00 A2000 Kbd from Com 11B.00 Over 600 product* In stock (or Immediate shipping. Please call us. We probably have what you need. We do repairs on Amiga computers with 2-4 day turnaround. A500 $ 125+S H. A2000 S190+S H. Call (or shipping on other Items. IF YOU WANT 2.0: Latest release date for 2.0 operating system is May 1991. II you are on our list, we will be calling you with full details II not. Please give us a call so that we may give you full details and put you on our preorder list. This will assure that you will be one of the first w the country to receive this upgrade V Software Hut, Inc. To order call
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10. 00 Ribbons: Price Each Black Color T-Shirt Call for other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec, are subject to change without notice. RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPUES PO Box 475, Manteno, IL 60950 USA USA (800) 522-6922 or (815) 468-8081 Canada (800) 621-5444 T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbon) Colors: Black. Red. Blue, Green. Brown. Purple. Yellow Minimum orders $ 25.00. Minimum S&H S4.50. SIZZLING SOFTWARE We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software. Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age = 18+) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, Wl 53201 For ALL COMMODORES £ AMIGAS MODEL PP-256 Joystick Mouse Switch CONNECT 2 DEVICES TO ONE PORT S SELECT wrth SWITCH. $ 29.95 AMERICAN MADE $ 149.95 CALL YOUR DEALER OR MICRO R&D NOW! 338-745-1243 FAX 308-745-1246 137 NO 7th ST. LOUP CITY. NEBRASKA 68853
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- 2534 S. Broad St. ® jj Pl or ,or ,n(o_ Philadelphia. PA 19145 call (215)462-2268 ' Ptonse call Iqi compJolo dolors on [hoso ropam and lo gd an authorization numOor Circle 261 On Reader Service Card MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! ' i meg 1 meg 1' i meg 2 meg $ 215 $ 230 $ 229 $ 235 $ 270 $ 309 $ 319 $ 339 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 3.00 S&H Add $ 4.00 COO VISA MC CHECK COD 256 x 1 150n.s...S 1.50 ea. 256x 1 120n.s..... 2.00 ea 1 meg x 1 Bon.s... 5.95 ea. 256 x 4 100n.s..... 5.75 ea. 256 x 4 Bon.s 5.95 ea 256 x 4 Bon.s. zips 6.95 ea. 256 x 4 10On.s. zips 6.50 ea. 64 x 4 100n.s 3.00 ea. Paula Denise 56.50 ea. 1 meg x 8 Smm 80ns49.95 ea ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS ......95.00
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(404) 952-5547 '‘MMiGAm,; THE NATIONS FIRST AMIGA DEALER 1-800-388-2700 mi-; tProtect” " Pretext is a lully integrated word processing package which combines the features of a word processor, text editor, and a command line interpreter all in one easy to use package, Protexl includes features found only in word processing packages costing several hundred dollars more. Some ol these features are:
• Spell checking with word lookup and a user definable dictionary.
• Text pages are auto mat icaily formatled as they are entered and formatled.
- Text pages are shown exactly as they are printed.
• Automate placement of footnotes, headers, footers and page numbering.
• Advanced mail merge facilities.
• The interpreter allows you to perform most desktop functions without leaving Protoxi.
• Macro functions are provided to speed operations of a series of functions. $ 199.95 Circle 287 On Reader Service Card. Circle 61 On Reader Service Card NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF * HAM * Standard IFF The Relational Database for Professional Videographers ¦line Resolution • NO Scanlines ¦ NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call or Wrile lor order lorm. Price list 4 sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(213) 390-3010 CANADIAN MAIL ORDER DANDAM SOFTWARE EST. 1987 EST. 1987 CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE 1-800-265-9576 (519)974-3011 Fax: (519) 974-6643 A 500 HD 40MG i599 95 • SCDNS • AD SPEED S.289 -9S 8308 Wyandoue St. E., Windsor, Ont. CANADA, N8S 1T6 Create, Customize & Print Contracts, Schedules, Packages, Reports, Receipts, Crew Sheets, Editor Sheets, Tape Labels, Directions to Job Track Customers, Appointments, Payments, Taxes, Call Backs. Jobs. Equipment, Video Crews, Music & Graphics Enjoy Easy Operation, Freedom from Paperwork, Total Control, Free Tech Support, Bug-free Guarantee Only $ 399.95 - Includes Superbase 3.02 Superbase 4 Compatible - Call Mr. Hardware 516-234-8110 - P.O. Box 148 C.I., N.Y. 11722
A. M.U.G. BBS 516-234-6046 The Last Word AW’s letters column has changed its name, hut still welcomes your kudos and complaints. Where, Oh Where Is A1000 Support? After reading the first lines of Brute Cohen’s letter (“Repartee,” Mar. ’91), i had to skip to the end to be sure it wasn’t a letter I myself had penned some time ago. The situation for Amiga 1000 owners has gone beyond mere lack of support. The standard response to my search for information about the A1000 is either disbelief that 1 still own one or outright laughter. An article (or two or three) covering A1000 upgrade options would be much appreciated. To Mr. Cohen: You are definitely not alone! Elizabeth Guffey Yarmouth, Maine
2. 0 Compatibility As an A3000 owner since last June, I couldn’t agree more with Doug Barney’s comments on the Amiga 3000 and compatibility issues. I believe your software and hardware reviews should indicate whether the product operates on an A3000 using 2.0. This is especially true for games! It is incredibly frustrating to read a review of a great product and not know if it will run on your machine. Douglas Nakakihara Simi Valley, Calif Get With It, CBM I just called Commodore to find out how to get the new ROM chip for my A3000. Their customer-support recording was rattled off so fast that I had to call back twice to catch the other number to call. When I finally got through to the right number, I was advised that since I bought my computer from Montgomery Grant, I would get no support whatsoever from Commodore. I am apparently supposed to know who is an authorized dealer, who is not, and what the implications are. That stinks! Commodore built it. Commodore should support it!
R. Langley Colorado Springs, Colo. A3000 Contest Open to All
O. K., I give up. I just received the April issue in the mail. The first thing that caught my eye was the banner in tlie upper left-hand corner stating “WIN an AMIGA 3000! See Ad on p. 81“ I feverishly turned to page 81 “That stinks! Commodore built it. Commodore should support it!” and found only a subscription ad for Amiga World Tool Chest. 1 looked lef t, I looked right, I tore through the entire issue and found nothing even mentioning the 3000. So I gave tip. Where was it? Then I went to a local newsstand and did find the ad. Is this contest only available to non-subscribers? If so, why? Your subscribers are the heart of the publication. We are hardcore supporters of the .Amiga and its various products and publications. Any contest of this kind, if it must be limited, should be limited to the serious readers: the subscribers. Jeffrey Caulk Pensacola, Florida Du ring Eebrua ry, Ma rch a rid April, A miga- World ran a contest that newsstand buyers of all three issues could enter to win an Amiga 3000. Unfortunately, the contest banner appeared by error on the cover of April’s subscriber copies, with no further information contained inside the issue. We have received many complaints like Jeffrey Caulk1s from subscribers who are justifiably angry, and we have decided to open the contest to subscribers. You must act fast, however, because the deadline is June 15, 1991. To enter, simply send off a 3' 5-inch postcard with your name and address to: Amiga World Frequent Buyers Sweepstakes, FO Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. Editors The Renaissance Machine After reading Bryant Hayward’s Soapbox essay (“Playing Big Blue’s Game," April 91, j). 112), ! Started thinking about the many times I have seen or heard the Amiga characterized as a game machine, not a business machine. Or a productivity machine, not an educational machine. Or a graphic paint machine, not a desktop-publishing machine. Or whatever. The point is that no matter what you buy an .Amiga to do, it does that task well. So then, why not advertise the Amiga as a serious business computer that also knows how to have fun, that is at once productive and entertaining? After all, variety is the spice of life. Lance Thompson Altoona, Iowa Price of the Tower In last montlYs article on the Tower version of the A3000, we were unable to include the price because Commodore had not yet divulged it. They still haven't. As soon as they do, well let you know. Editors Send your letters to: The Last Word, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters maybe edited for space and clarity. ¦ THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG We'll send you an exciting playable demo disk of the popular Lemmings™ game from Psygnosis absolutely FREE with any purchase from The AmigaWorld Catalog FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE CALL: 1-800-343-0728 (or 1-603-924-0100) ru
- in Circle your selection befow and enclose this form with proper payment. ITEM PRICE ITEM PRICE Mark 1 FREE item for each 2 TMAP $ 24.95 TMAG $ 24.95 purchased from this group TMVT $ 19.95 TJSUB $ 59.95 TC11 $ 12.95 TC21 $ 12.95 TMHR $ 19.95 1-878058-09-6 $ 24.95 TC12 $ 12.95 TC22 $ 12.95 TMAV2 $ 19.95 1-878058-15-0 $ 24.95 TC13 $ 12.95 TC23 $ 12.95 TMDV $ 24.95 TCSUB S59.95 TC14 $ 12.95 TC24 $ 12.95 TMMA TMAV $ 24.95 $ 14.95 GD1 $ 16.95 TC15 TC16 $ 12.95 $ 12.95 TC25 $ 12.95 Product Total $ _ Add $ 3.50 postage handling for each order $ _ (Canada & Mexico $ 5.00, Foreign orders $ 11.50) Canadian orders add 7%GST $ _ Total enclosed $ _ ? Check enclosed [ Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa D American Express ? Discover Card __Exp. Date Signature,_ Name _ Address ffer! City_State_Zip CAT691S Mail order to: THE AMIGA CATALOG
P. O. Box 802 • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 « 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-0100 ® THE AMIGAWORLD CATALOG We'fl send you an exciting playable demo disk of the popular Lemmings™ game from Psygnosis absolutely FREE with any purchase from The AmigaWorld Catalog NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT 73 PETERBOROUGH, NH POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE The AmigaWorld Catalog
P. O. Box 802 Peterborough, NH 03458-9971 To Receive FREE Product Information TEAR CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you. ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks out the perforated card. Please print or type your name and address where indicated. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. READER SERVICE the card with your check, money order or U.S. currency to AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or. You may request billing MAIL June card valid until August 31, 1991. LU O dc LU CO D Wiefi 5 regu'ar monthly sections of Amiga do your find least vaVabe7 (Check 5 only) ? 36 Accent on. Graphics ? 43 Last Licks coverage do you find useful ? 15 Hardware Peripherals ? 16 Home Productivity & Home Finance ? 17 Multimedia ? 18 Muse ? 19 Telecommunications D 20 Video ? 2i Word Processrg DC LU Q E What one type ot article (rot month y secton) do you fnd most vauabe m AmgaHO-ip7 (Check one ony) ? £0 RouhOups and comoaratve renews of specific categories of products ? 5t How to acvce. Tips and techniques, tutorial-type articles. ? 52 Articles exptanirg the technology behind new products arid developments P II you are not a subscriber, please arete 499 on this card G II you wood i'ke a one year subscription to AmgaWortd (12 issues), piease arcie 500 on this card Each subscription rs $ 24 97 Canada and Mexico $ 34 97. Foreign Surface $ 47 97. Ryegr Armarl $ 82 97 (US -unds Drawn on U S Bank) Oroers from outsde d North America must be prepad Please akw 10-12 weeks for detrvery DC ? 23 Back Talk ? 24 Chet Concerns ? 25 Crib Notes ? 26 Game Reviews ? 27 Headaners (News) ? 28 Help Key B Which categor.es ol product m An'galfarW ? 7. Animation ? 8 Business. Accounting Spreadsheets ? 9 Database Mgt ? 10 Education D n Games ? 12 2-D Granrtcs G 13 3-D Graphcs ? 14 Hardware Expansion A Whai kna of Amiga do you own7 ? L Amiga 500 ? - Amiga 2500 ? 2. Amiga 1000 ? 5. Amga 3000 ? 3 Amiga 2000 O 6. None C Which 5 regui«T monthly sections cl ArngaWbrip1 go you find most valuable7 (Check 5 only.I ? 22 Acceni on Graphics ? 29 Last Licks ? 30 Masienng Mullimedia ? 31 PD Prospector ? 32. Pointers ? 33 Repartee (Letters) ? 34 Reviews (General) ? 35 What'S Nev 5 ? Mrs. Company ? Ms. Title_ City State Zip Telephone_ Fax_ U Mr. Name Address ? 37 Back Talk ? 38 Chief Concerns ? 39 Cub Notes ? 40 Game Reviews II 41 Headliners (News) ? 42 Help Key ? 44 Mastering MuTmecaa D 45 PD Prospector ? 46 Pointers ? 47 Repartee (Letters) ? 48 Reviews (Genera!) ? 49 What's New? 1 6 11 16 2l 201 206 211 215 221 401 406 411 416 421 2 7 1? 17 72 202 207 212 217 222 40? 407 412 417 422 3 8 13 10 23 203 206 213 210 223 403 400 413
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P. O. Box 5170 Pittslietd. MA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. READER SERVICE CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 ii 111 il ¦ 11111111 r 11 i i i 111 111111 Ii 11111 AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE Those killer spiders from the hit horror movie "Arachnophobia" are back. And they're just dying to sink their poisonous fangs more helpless victims, wits with these deadly, highly intelligent into a few Match least expect them. Eight levels of difficulty, of anti-spider weaponry. Over 100 locations. Thousands of rooms to explore. Bring the experience to life with Disney's Sound Source* Real music, speech and sound effects. If you're smart enough, quick enough, and able to wipe out a few thousand of the venomous vermin, you might just make it to the final confrontation in the Amazon Jungle. And T W A " R f Jnlinnal Sold in comtxvpacks and separately Works with IBM And compatible computers only The speech and sound
• Optional =* nmducvd under exclusive license hi Walt Disnev Computer Software, Inc. by Electronic SpeechS tems of I layward,'California Arachnophobia is & trademark of 1 lollyw.xxi Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. “Why is Digi-Paint 3 better than DeluxePaint III™ ?” Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold And Modify (HAM) mode, which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 64 colors. Advanced features available in Digi-Paint 3 including Colorizing, Variable Transparency, Shading, Lighten, Darken and Range Painting- are simply not possible in Deluxe Paint III due to its 64 color limitation. AMIGAWORLD warns, “Competitors may want to head back to the drawing board, because Digi-Paint 3 is hard to beat!” Just The Facte What Makes Digi-Paint 3 the Ultimate Paint Program? “What makes Digi-Paint 3 better than other HAM paint programs?” Digi-Paint 3 is the only Amiga paint program written in 100% assembly language. Although challenging to program (taking up to 10 times longer than other computer languages), it’s die only way to achieve the incredible speed found in Digi-Paint 3. AMIGAWORLD calls it “the fastest HAM paint program yet” and AMIGA SENTRY estimates it’s, “6-10 times faster’’ than the nearest contender. Other advanced features found only in Digi-Paint 3 include: antialiased texture mapping, anti-aliased fonts, Arexx support, 1024 x 1024 super bitmaps with auto-scrolling and dithering to 30 bits per pixel (over a billion colors internally, giving you tens of thousands of apparent colors). COMPUTER SHOPPER magazine reports “Digi-Paint 3 is without a doubt the most advanced HAM paint program to date!” “What technical support does NewTek offer?’ Digi-Paint 3 has one other tiling you won’t find in any ordinary paint program: a toll-free help line. If you should have any questions while using Digi-Paint 3, you’re not on your own. Call NeWTek’s technical support team at 1-800-736-7617 Monday through Friday, 8 am -7 pm Central Time. Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146. Circle 119 on Reader Service card “But is Digi-Paint 3 easy to use?” I’ve learned that no matter how powerful a program is, if it’s not friendly it’s not wrorth my time. We designed Digi-Paint 3 with all users in mind-from the beginner just starting out with computers, to the “power user” who demands the most advanced features possible. The spiral-bound manual contains a step-by-step Guided Tour, 11 hands-on tutorials, a color coded reference card, and almost one hundred example photos. Digi-Paint 3’s intuitive user interface was created by Digi-View designer (and NevVTek Founder) Tim Jenison and renowned Amiga artist Jim Sachs. It features innovative “Dashboard” controls which AMIGAWORLD regards as “a joy to use” and “very easy to learn and understand”. INFO MAGAZINE says the new interface “looks great and works logically”. 4 What is the Transfer 24 program included with Digi-Paint 3?” Transfer 24 is a separate program disk included in the Digi-Paint 3 package, allowing you to alter any picture’s brightness, color saturation, contrast, hue and sharpness, almost as easily as adjusting the controls on your television set. Transfer 24 also lets you modify the size, palette, and resolution of any picture. These powerful features, known as “Image Processing”, give you incredible control over your final artwork. You can also save your image in any of the Amiga’s 24 resolution modes (up to 768x480) making it compatible with all Amiga graphics software. AX MAGAZINE notes that “Transfer 24 gives you even more options as to the final appearance of your work”. AMIGAWORLD declares, “Transfer 24 is great for making overall changes.” 1 ing effort in a different medium. The interactive CD- ROM system, which marries CD-ROM and Amiga technologies, just might be the ticket that raises “multimedia" from hyped-up buzzword to living-room byword. It’s taken the wizards from West Chester a while to deliver the goods: AmigaWorld first brought you the news about CDTV in an investigative story that graced the cover of our July 1990 issue (see “Million Dollar Baby” p. 18). Commodore called it “The Baby” then, and while 11 months is a tad longer than the normal human gestation period, the company finally began rolling out CDTV in selected markets just as we were getting this issue ready for press. Throughout the long delivery, Commodore has been diligently refining (read “finishing”) the product. Also during that time, the company lined up scads of developers (see the "Buyers Guide to CDTV Titles” accompanying this article), nailed down distribution through retailers such as Montgomery Ward and Macy’s, set a suggested list price of just under a grand ($ 999), and, finally, polished off the product.

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Amiga World Vol 07 06 1991 Jun

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