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he Secret of NIMH, .An American Tail, The Rescuers Down Under, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He also worked on the original arcade games Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace and did all the animation for the Roger Rabbit Amiga game. He was Director of Animation on a portion of Hanna-Barbera’s recent projects at Universal Studios, Florida, and is currently working in Hollyivood at Baer Animation. Write to him c o Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. AMIGA GRAPHICS: THE NEW WAVE-2 the Rainbow .Skies are true blue. New 24-bit imaging devices now offer Amiga graphics an astonishing 16.7 million colors! By Mitch Wells J3 17* iT mil recently, if your video-production house wanted to create graphics with more colors than the Amiga’s native 4096, you had to either rent time on a dedicated high-end animation system or buy one. Those days are over. With the advent of software that can create up to 16.7 million colors and hardware that handles it properly, the Amiga finally fulfills its destiny as the high-end graphics workstation it was always touted to be. A number of 24-bit and “near 24-bit” imaging devices have arrived on the market recently. Because their prices and functions differ so markedly, let's take a look at these various boards and boxes, with an eye toward the effects of these differences. (For details on how to contact the developers of products discussed in this article, see the “Manufacturers' Addresses” list on p. 108.) The First Frame Mimetics’ FrameBuffer ($ 549.95), the first 24-bit board available for the Amiga, occupies a standard 100-pin A2000 slot. It uses professional BNC connectors for composite video in and out. Sculpt-Animate 4D (Centaur Software), 3D Professional (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software), Mega Paint (Pseudo Vision), and Caligari Broadcast all provide FrameBuffer support. The board itself comes with software that not only captures a video frame and saves it to IFF or 24-bit RGB, but also converts IFF pictures (including HAM) to its own 24-bit format for display (don’t expect more colors than you started with, though). Unfortunately, FrameBuffer s video output quality is the worst of all the boards I tested. The colors are weak, the board gives off RF “ghosts” that record onto tape, and video capture is tediously slow. The Next Sequence A new generation of barrier-breaking hardware for the Amiga lets you attain or approach die standard of output quality established by Truevision’s Targa boards for IBM Pcs but at a lesser cost. (See the sidebar below for more on Targas.) This generation includes Impulse’s Firecracker 24 (S1600), which, tike the FrameBuffer, is a 24-bit video card that occupies a standard A2000 slot. While the FrameBuffer provides composite video in out only, however, Firecracker offers an RGB output with an RGB-through port, so the Amiga’s own display is overlaid on top of the Firecracker's output, and both are displayed on an Amiga monitor. The Firecracker’s output is the best of all the .Amiga devices certainly on a par with the Targa boards.

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Amiga World Vol 07 05 1991 May

Document sans nom Rockin’, Sockin
U. S.A. S3.95 Canada S4.95 GraphicsJ 24-Bit Breakthrough KS Million Colors! State of the Art 3-D Animation Programs Beginner’s Guide To Amiga Music Tllie Ultimate A500 PLUS!
• Superbase Tips Titling Tricks • Multimedia Reviews & Games Todd Rundgren In his “Change Myself” video created on the Video Toaster see p. 40. May 1991 An IDG Communications Publication :
- lust The Facts What Makes Digi-Paint 3 the Ultimate Paint Program? “Finding the best paint program for your Amiga can be confusing. But once you the facts it 's simple." Laura Longfellow Sales Manager Newtek Inc. “Why is Digi-Paint 3 better than DeluxePaint III™?” Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold And Modify (HAM) mode, which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison. Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 64 colors. Advanced features available in Digi-Paint 3-including Colorizing, Variable Transparency, Shading, Lighten, Darken and Range Painting are simply not possible in Deluxe Paint III due to its 64 color limitation. AM1GAWORLD warns. “Competitors may want to head back to the drawing board, because Digi-Paint 3 is hard to beat!" “What makes Digi-Paint 3 better than other HAM paint programs?” Digi-Paint 3 is the only Amiga paint program written in 100% assembly language. Although challenging to program (taking up to 10 times longer than other computer languages), it’s the only way to achieve the incredible speed found in Digi-Paint 3. AMIGAWORLD calls it “the fastest HAM paint program yet" and AMIGA SENTRY estimates it’s, “6-10 times faster" than the nearest contender. Other advanced features found only in Digi-Paint 3 include: antialiased texture mapping, anti-aliased fonts, Arexx support, 1024 x 1024 super bitmaps with auto-scrolling and dithering to 30 bits per pixel (over a billion colors internally, giving you tens of thousands of apparent colors). COMPUTER SHOPPER magazine reports “Digi-Paint 3 is without a doubt the most advanced HAM paint program to date!" “But is Digi-Paint 3 easy to use?” I’ve learned that no matter how powerful a program is, if it’s not friendly it's not worth my time. We designed Digi-Paint 3 with all users in mind-from the beginner just starting out with computers, to the “power user" who demands the most advanced features possible. The spiral-bound manual contains a step-by-step Guided Tour, 11 hands-on tutorials, a color coded reference card, and almost one hundred example photos. Digi-Paint 3's intuitive user interface was created by Digi-View designer (and NewTek Founder) Tim Jenison and renowned Amiga artist Jim Sachs. It features innovative “Dashboard" controls which AMIGAWORLD regards as “a joy to use" and “very easy to learn and understand". INFO MAGAZINE says the new interface “looks great and works logically". “What is the Transfer 24 program included with Digi-Paint 3?” Transfer 24 is a separate program disk included in the Digi-Paint 3 package, allowing you to alter any picture’s brightness, color saturation, contrast, hue and sharpness, almost as easily as adjusting the controls on your television set. Transfer 24 also lets you modify the size, palette, and resolution of any picture. These powerful features, known as “Image Processing", give you incredible control over your final artwork. You can also save your image in any of the Amiga’s 24 resolution modes (up to 768x480) making it compatible with all Amiga graphics software. AX MAGAZINE notes that “Transfer 24 gives you even more options as to the final appearance of your work". AMIGAWORLD declares, “Transfer 24 is great for making overall changes" “What technical support does NewTek otter?” 3 has one other thing you won’t find in any ordinary' paint program: help line. If you should have any questions while using Digi-Paint 3, you’re not on your own. Call NewTek’s technical support team at 1-800-736-7617 Monday through Friday, 8 am -7 pm Central Time. Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your dealer or call or 1-913-354-1146. Incorporated NewTek Six easy steps to a professional page More professionals use Professional Page than any other desktop publishing program on the Amiga. When you have a deadline to meet, do what the professionals do ¦ use Professional Page. With Professional Page, top quality results are just six easy steps away...
1. CREATE YOUR TEXT_ Import your text from your favorite word processor, or use Professional Page's built-in, high speed Article Editor, to quickly create, spell check, and edit your message in record time!
2. DESIGN A LAYOUT_ Use Professional Page's easy-to-use and powerful frame layout mode to quickly set up a striking design. Move and rotate text and graphic boxes to create visual appeal. And with our advanced frame interface you won't lose your layout if you change your text or graphics.
3. ADD A TOUCH OF STYLE_ Set the tone for your page using industry standard AGFA Compugraphic fonts for high quality jaggie-free output on screen and paper. Gold Disk supports you with the most complete Type library on the Amiga, nearly 200 industry standard fonts. You can also use Professional Page's expert Style and Paragraph Tags to virtually automate setting up the perfect format for your page. With this powerful "What if?" Tool, you can fine tune your document's style in no time.
4. ACCENTUATE WITH COLOR Color adds sparkle to your page, and on the Amiga, ONLY Professional Page has the industry standard PANTONE®* COLOR SYSTEM built right in. With other programs you have to buy expensive books to use Pantone. Only Professional Page gives you rock solid industry standard color with just a click of your mouse. And you can display over 1000 colors on screen at once, thanks to color dithering!
5. ADD IMPACT WITH GRAPHICS Jazz up your pages with IFF bitmaps of up to
16. 7 million colors. And for really high-res, use the structured drawing program. Professional Draw. With Professional Draw, you get advanced shape and color blending as well as text along curves. Just the kind of power you need to stand out from the crowd. And Professional Draw images can be scaled as large 4, V- as you want without any loss in resolution! Don't settle for less than the best. Pr«j«i i f *v tt~d Ltmp l«t fli! D'm
6. OUTPUT AT HIGH RESOLUTION Output full color separations to imagesetters, or print to any preferences printer such as paintjets and 9 pin dot matrix. Professional Page and our AGFA Compugraphic fonts give you jaggie-free pages at the highest resolution of your printer. Professional Page gives you unequaled dot matrix output now, and all the power you need for the future. If you want to create professional pages, you need Professional Page. Professional Page has always stayed at the cutting edge of technology. Here are just some of our firsts: First on any platform with color separation First with AGFA Compugraphic Outline fonts First with PANTONE Matching System First with a free tutorial video And. Here is what professionals are saying about Professional Page: Professional Page has the tools to compete with the heavyweights outside the Amiga market. Eyo Sama, Editor in Chief, AMIGA Times Professional Page 2.0 provides me with the tools to be as creative as can he. Paul Shecter, Graphic Designer Art Director. It handles color professionally, unlike any other product... Rick Rock, Commercial Image Professional Page 2.0puts the Amiga squarely at the forefront of color desktop publishing Mike Gritten, PerfecType Service Bureau Professional Page 2.0 gives me the ability to correctly handle virtually every aspect, layout through plate ready film. Steve Leonard, Steve Leonard Graphics Constant refinements keep us on top, and always will. That is Gold Disk’s commitment to you. GOLD DISK For more information, see your dealer, or call 1-416-602-4000.
* * Purchase Professional Page 2.0 between March 1, and April 30. 1991 to receive a free Professional Draw. You must send in proof of purchase with registration card before May 15, 1991. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Offer good in North America only. Phis document produced entirely with Professional Page 2.0. Professional Page is Amiga DOS 2 compatible. Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc.
* Panloiu Inc.'s check-standard trademark fur color. Circle 150 on Reader Service Card The Ultimate All-in-One Amiga 2000 Add-on... 68030 POWER+ 16MB RAM+SCSI CONTROLLER Replaces up to FOUR “normal” expansion boards! Internal SCSI Hard Drive
(3. 5" availabfe up to 340MB!) Built-in GVP Series II DMA SCSI Controller Surface- va mounted v 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU I , (22 or I 14 33Mhz) Um ; SCSI Connector for external SCSI peripherals WP Up to 12MB of 32-bit wide, User-installable 1 MB (22Mhz) or SIMM32 Memory 4MB (33Mhz) Expansion Surface-mounted 32-blt wide Memory rfi fTrff fiff ftYi Tff~ tff fri if ff fftt Uf A2000 +GVP All-in-One Commodore A250030 Commodore A3000* COMPARE Maximum CPU dock speed available & shipping TODAY Maximum 32-bit wide FAST memory on 68030 CPU board 33Mhz Direct DMA access to more than 8MB of fast memory DMA SCSI controller built-in on 68030 CPU board_ Number of open Amiga expansion slots with 68030 CPU, SCSI controller and more than 4MB fast memory installed RAM upgrades through easy-to-install 32-bi! Wide SIMM memory modules SIMM32 and GVP are trademarks ol Great valley Products. Inc Amiga. A2Q00 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NewTek Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC, 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or lor nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 * FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 106 on Reader Service card Dealers Circle 51 on Reader Service card VOLUME 7, NUMBER 5 MAY 1991
* C * 0 * N * T * E * l * T * S * FEATURES The ‘State’ of 3-D ‘Art’ By Eric Daniels ..26 Four new and very different 3-D graphics programs are each seeking 10 redefine the “state of the art" in 3-D animation. Veteran Amiga animator Eric Daniels evaluates the contenders. Way Over the Rainbow By Mitch Wells ..3d Breaking the old 4096-color barrier, new 24-bit imaging devices handling up to
16. 7 million colors are creating a rainbow of possibilities in Amiga graphics, ARTICLES Talkin’ Electronic Music Blues By Michael Hanish .... 18 For everything from samplers to sequencers, follow this beginners guide to learn the concepts and terms you’ll need to master to make music with your Amiga. AW Special Report-A3OO0T: Tower of Powe B Waiiace.. 42 With more slots than ah?asino and more bays thaii aAvarehoiise, the A3000 “rower" lhodefis the last word in expandability and a power user’s dream. Tame the Data Beast By Loren Lovhaug .. , . 48 Superbase Professional’s relational functions let you manipulate data in far more sophisticated and useful ways. The “Ami 500” Epilogue: The “Ultimate” A500 By Tim Walsh ...33 Winding up our series on upgrading your Amiga, we unveil a super A500 hoi rod that’s the ultimate in performance and versatility. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey 6 Taking a cue from South Pacific, the editor thinks the whole Amiga community is getting “as corny as Kansas in August” over Topeka-based NewTek's Toaster. Pointers By jim Fiore .....62 Here's a nifty library you can use to customize the screen-color settings for almost any program. Just Announced! The new A3000T is a ‘Tower of Power" built to handle mega-expansion possibilities. Story and photos begin on page 42. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...70 In Part 2 of Freehand Lettering, learn how to adapt existing fonts to create distinctly individual titles, plus how to add special animated effects to your results. Mastering Multimedia By Mitch Wells ..74 The key to structuring a good multimedia presentation is to incorporate simple but effective graphics into your program's important transitional screens. DEPARTMENTS Repartee ....8 Practice the 3 R’s: Read, React, Respond! Headliners . 10 Arnigas hit the video bullseye at Info* COMM. . .plus more Amiga news. WHAT’S NEW? ... 100 “May was full of promises, but didn't keep 'em quick enough for some" in Carousel, but she delivers the goods here with this month’s new Amiga products. The PD Prospector ....103 Tim’s not hedging his bets this month. Here's his top-choice recommendation on each of the three leading .Amiga nets. Help Key .. 104 Ready-Aim-Fire! Lou’s ready to respond. Last Licks . 112 Deep Throat pumps the food critics on GVP’s voraciousness, Sony’s baloney, and Apple's new taste for toast(ers). REVIEWS Optical Drives: XY600RW (XYSiS), Ricoh M09200E (GVP), and Magnum 650 (Active Circuits) 12 Mass-storage solutions to data crunch. Pro Vector (Taliesin) ......14 Super-fast structured-drawing program. EZ-FM (The Other Guys) ....90 DX-7 synthesizer-like sounds for less. Video Tools (Eschaion) ....91 16 multipurpose video utilities. MACRO Paint (Lake Forest Logic) 93 Hi-res 24-bit paint program. BABY! (Micro-Systerns Software) and Electric Thesaurus (Softwood>... 97 Hmmm. . . “thesauruses’’ or “thesauri?” Back Talk ..98 Developers and reviewers slug it out! GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson .80 Another master class in Amiga gaming. THUNDERSTRIKE (Live Studios) and MAGIC Fly (Electronic Arts) ..80 3-D simulators with differing appeal. Chaos Strikes Back ftl> 82 Dungeon Master's challenging sequel. Game Collections .....82 Four game packs with excellent value. DRAGON’S Lair II rReadySo t)......84 Dirk rescues Daphne in “Time Warp " Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (SSI Electronic Arts) 85 Beat back the Martian RAM empire. AW Product Information Information for contacting developers of products covered in each issue will now be presented in one central “Manufacturers' Addresses" list. See page 108. New! Redesigned and Faaaster 50MHZ 88030POWER Now Expandable to 32MB of 32-bit RAM! Optional 3.5" IDE AT hard disk up to 340MB capacity (13ms). 4MB to 32MB of 32-bit wide High Performance memory. M Built-in Autobooting IDE AT hard disk controller. M SOMhz 68030 QPU and SOMhz 68882 Floating Point Unit. Our new faster and more expandable A3050 SOMhz accelerator kit will turbo-charge your Amiga 2000s beyond your wildest dreams. Check out these features: Uses GVP's new custom designed 4MB, 32-bit wide, SIMM32™ memory modules with state-of-the-art 4MB, 60ns, DRAMs. ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! Even with a full-blown 32MB, SOMhz, A3050 kit installed in the AlOOO's “CPU'" slot, ALL ZORRO II expansion slots are left free for unlimited future expansion! Exciting new 3.5" hard disk "bundles". Choose between the 1" high, 120MB (15ms) model or the incredible halfheight 340MB 113ms) model. Converts an A2000 into the fastest Amiga in the world. There is truly NO competitive product. V 68000 fall-back mode for timing sensitive applications (e.g: some games). GVP is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerator products for the Amiga, Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GEFVERT, Senior Editor JANINE L. JACKSON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager LlNDA Barrett Lajflamme, Editor, The AmigaWorld Tech Journal TlM WALSH, Technical Editor JOHN WOLFSKILL, Senior Writer, Technology Mare-ANNE Jar vela. Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Asm an Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALANA KORDA, Production Supervisor Debra A. Davies, Typographer KENNETH Blakeman, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrjCK, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER GuINARD, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages &? InfoMarket, I-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SalUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063 WENDIE Haines Marro, Marketing Director Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator MARGOT L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative; Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleur. Business and Operations Manager MARY McCole, Video Sales Representative SUSAN M. Hanshaw, Circulation Director, I-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER, Circulation Manager Lynn Lagasse, Manufacturing Manager ?> Roger J. Murphy, President JAMES M. Barry, Vice President Group Publisher PAUL Boule, Vice President Group Publisher JlM McBriaN, Vice President Group Publisher Stephen C. Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. Christensen, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations BONNIE WeLSH-CaRROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation & Planning JEFFREY D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections DOREEN Means, Systems Coordinator AmigaWorld (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWorld is published monthly by IDC Communicationv'Bsterborough, Inc., 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ ‘29.97, one year; $ 46.00, two years; $ 64.00. three yean. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ 49 97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in C.s. funds drawn on U.S. bank). .'Ml rates arc one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peter borough, NH, and at additional mailing offices. Phone; 603-924-0100. Entire contents copyright 1991 by IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc. No part of this publication may be punted or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes u>AmigaWorld, Subscription Services, 1X1 Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed by Kahlc News Co., AmigaWorld makes every effort to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. Ami nHhrbl assumes no responsibility for damages due to error s or omissions. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Dealers Circle 245 on Reader Service card Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service card. Beauty and Functionality Redefined THE NEW IMPACT The Next Generation in Amiga* 500 Add-On Peripherals Him yourA500* into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today! GVP’s New SERIES II A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga 500. Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaaStROM™ features as GVP's new Series IIA2000 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight Unique new "Mini-Slot",M brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options the only intelligent alternative to rislcy "Pass-Through functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool rJ.v? :
- V- and robust power supply ensunng your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New l"-high internal hard disk drive; available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today!
- ¦ Take a Look under the Hood ? Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility. External SCSI Port Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached. T'-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB. “Mini-SlDt”: For future expansion options, GVP’s Custom VLSI Chip. Afefc- '¦Vi*:- - v. GVP’s FaaastROM SCSI Driver. Internal RAM Expansion: Up to 8MB internal Fan: Keeps you running cool. Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply: Included. Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector ¦ , - Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details! Educational pricing program now available. Series II, FAASTROM and GVP are trademarks of Great Valtey Products, Inc Amiga and A5QQ are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc CREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 CHIEF CONCERNS The gifted bad boys of video put on good shows in many ways. THE FIRST AM I-EXPO keynote speech I ever heard was in Chicago in the summer of 1989. The room was packed, and there was a certain rock concert-like tension. Soon the lights dimmed, and from out in the hall you could hear the whine of a small gasoline engine getting closer. Suddenly the doors swung open, and a man in a business suit with a motorized fan on his back entered the room on roller skates and zoomed to the podium. After the laughter, applause and engine noise died down, NewTek founder Tim Jenison launched into an hour-long speech with video and animation accompaniment. This set a standard for Amiga speeches that I have never seen matched. At that time, NewTek, with a few cool Amiga products, was simply a fun company that would show up at Ami-Expos to demo its unshipped special-effects card. But even though these were pre- Toaster days, NewTek had already defined a certain outlandish style that had a particular appeal. Late last year, though, the Toaster shipped, and neither NewTek nor the Amiga market will ever be the same. It may be that most Amiga owners will never buy a Toaster. But everyone will be touched by this device. The .Amiga has not only gained its long-sought credibility, but it has regained the excitement of early years. Unlike multimedia, a concept that is still somewhat vague, video is understandable to everyone. That makes the J Toaster and the Amiga an easy sell. To keep it that easy, there needs to be an even greater wealth of third-party products that support Amiga video. This is clearly happening. Everyone from Impulse to GVP to Digital Creations to Gold Disk to Progressive is creating hot new video products. Just as the Mac role in desktop publishing is protected by fonts, monitors, and a broad array of titles, .Amiga’s role in video will be guaranteed by these products. There also needs to be an array of Toaster-specific products. NewTek has talked about opening the Toaster up to third parties, and has even contemplated a Toaster developers’ conference. But whether by design or overwork on the part of NewTek, some developers who would like to develop Toaster products aren’t getting the information they need and they’re grumbling. To protect the long-term future of the Toaster against incursion, NewTek must aggressively feed third parties with critical information. NewTek is now also facing the challenges that have broken many a company. They must manage their growth and accelerate technical development. They must also maintain the corporate culture that made them successful in the first place. What Culture? I’ve only been to NewTek once. It was during the making of the Penn & Teller Toaster video, which was shot on an empty floor of an old office building in downtown Topeka. Before spending the day pestering those actually doing the work, I toured the old NewTek main office, located in one of the shabbier sections of Topeka. It seemed pretty normal. 1 found a receptionist, offices, and phones. There was also a huge open area with a surround- sound video system and piles of laser discs, and a room off that with a great selection of old arcade video games. .As I poked through the various offices, I noticed quite a few pairs of roller skates, and heard of the NewTek beefs with local law enforcement over the right to skate in the street. (I tried it in Peterborough, but the chief of police here also disapproved.) Eventually, 1 was taken to the Main Street office where the developers worked and, in some cases, lived. But instead of a nice NewTek sign, there was a huge black- and-white sign proclaiming that this was “Nuclear Waste Disposal Systems,” a company where “Your family’s safety is all but assured.” Behind the huge glass front hung a protective yellow suit with a strategically placed tear, flashing lights, a few old pieces of electronic gear, and a bunch of nuclear warning signs. A small bulletin by the door, however, reassured passersby that “6 days have passed since the last major accident.” 1 stood there and watched the Topekans pass by, some registering curiosity, some disinterest, and others disdain. That's gone now. NewTek has moved into plush new office space on the rich side of town. This is just one example of the change the Toaster has wrought. Because of all the publicity, everyone is going to be gunning for the Toaster, from Apple to third parties to traditional video companies who are downsizing and cost- reducing their professional equipment. Not only must NewTek’s technical development proceed at a furious pace, but the bad boys of video must continue to push marketing to the outer limits. I hope thev continue the forays into enemy terri- j j tory, as they did by exhibiting at Mac- World, again and again. 1 expect NewTek to keep the pedal to the metal, but when you drive at those speeds, you’ve got to be real careful. ¦ Choose GVPS Series II RAM Expansion Board, SCSI Hard Drive Controller or SCSI+RAM r Hard Disk Card. Realize the potential of configuring your perfect solution without any need for compromise! BOTH SCSI Hard Disk Controller Sll A2000 SCSI "Hard-Disk-Card": Specifically designed for those users who don't need memory expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price* Features: Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design. Supports virtually any SCSI device including: CD ROMs, tape drives, Bernoulli drives, removable hard drives... Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB) standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. RAM Expansion Sll A2000-RAM8I2: The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM expansion board for tne A2000! Features: 2MB of factory-installed RAM, expandable to 8MB, All memory fully Auto-Configured. Also supports 6MB configuration for maximum memory utilization for Commodore's A2088 2286 "bridgeboard" users. Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! GVP's state-of-the-art VLSI technology has reduced an 8MB RAM expansion board to a "half-card"! This translates into a lower parts count and also means the highest possible reliability and life expectancy. 2MB Factory- Installed Memory GVP Custom VLSI Chip I SCSI Hard Disk+RAM ” Expansion Sll A2000-SCSI Hard Disk+RAM-Card: State-of-the-Art integration packs GVP's high performance SCSI controller, 8MB FAST RAM expansion and a 3.5" hard drive drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT! Features: GVP's new custom chip design provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. Easy-to-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations for Zero through 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. Supports virtually any SCSI device. Allows direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition. Simplest and easiest SCSI installation in the industry. Factory-installed
3. 5" Hard Disk Drive GVP Custom VLSI Chip Ik Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion Up to 6MB User-Installed Memory Series II, and GVP are tfademarts of Great VbBey Products he Amiga and Amiga 2000 are registered trademarks of Comrrodore-Amiga, he. ¦ ! ' ' '' ------ ¦
- -zz - INI GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more Information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service Card Consumers Cirde 62 on Reader Service Card Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga Wo rid readers. Trim the Fat! Recently, Amiga World said that it would like to raise the quality of the magazine along with the number of subscribers, I assume. As an experiment, why don't you place one selected article from the Tech Journal into Amiga-World? This type of information is exactly what’s missing from your magazine. If you have to cut something, I suggest you trim down the size of your product- review section it's enough to put someone to sleep. Some of these reviews could be greatly abbreviated. (I hope you are not concerned with preserving staff jobs in this area...). Ricky Gcrontis Kent, Washington To Err Is Human Regarding Doug Barney’s March issue Chief Concerns only my .Amiga is perfect. It never makes errors. I do. Amiga- World does. Since AW contains so much each month, I don’t know how it makes so few errors. I am glad to know you’ll have a stronger police force. Tom O'Brien lj)s Angeles, California Won t Work with Workbench Woes Some Amiga software developers are placing the future of all Amiga computers in a perilous position. I specifically refer to the inability of some software to “behave” properly in the Workbench environment. I was initially attracted to the Amiga because of the ability of Workbench to provide a uniform method for initiating various applications. Indeed, one of the Amiga’s major attractions is the Workbench environment. I recently purchased two highly rated software games. I was sorely disappointed w'hen I found that neither would work from Workbench. Although one ran from my hard disk, I needed to perform a keyboard sequence first. At least, I was able to back up this game. I could not load the second program to my hard disk, nor could I back up the original disks for my own protection. I had purchased a piece of commercial software that would not execute within the Workbench environment, could not be loaded to a hard disk, and could not be copied in case my original disk became corrupted. This approach to software development is gravely archaic. Consumers of commercial software should be able to archive personal copies for back-up purposes. In addition, consumers should be able to load any software to hard disk for the sake of convenience. Finally, and of paramount importance, is that all .Amiga software should adhere to the Workbench environment. If any of those above-mentioned conditions cannot be met, then the developer should clearly so state. Omission of those facts from easy discovery by the consumer borders on dishonesty. Eugene Kosaka Walnut, California In the Name Of Science Upon reading some very interesting comments in various computer magazines about Amiga’s capabilities including a story about the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) Computer Science Department choosing the “new” Amiga and UNIX I bought an issue of Amiga World. I can readily understand why the Amiga is not considered a “serious” computer. If I had flipped through your December issue without knowing about the VPI decision and the UNIX port, that’s exactly the impression I would have received. Computers generally perceived as “non- serious” are unlikely to attract development (or ports) of serious applications. A major topic in many computer circles is “open systems ” I saw no reference to that topic in the single issue I have seen. Apparently, Amiga has its own proprietary system, and except for the new UNIX port, it does not readily communicate with anyone else. At one stage, that may have been acceptable; it is not so now. It seems to me that the prime order of business for CBM and Amiga software suppliers should be to convert quickly to an open operating system. I would opt for UNIX; there may be other reasonable choices, but I doubt it. Robert D. Freeman Stillwater, Oklahoma We Shall Overcome It has been my observation that some software companies treat Amiga users as second- class consumers. I purchase and enjoy a lot of game software, mostly military and flight simulations. It is extremely frustrating to discover that IBM users can install certain games in their hard drives but Amiga users cannot. Are we willing to settle for less for our money? I don’t think so. I hope my fellow Amiga users will do as I do promptly return the item if it lacks this important feature. Write to these offenders! Demand equality! Our Amiga dollar should buy just as much as anyone else’s. Support and praise the companies that do offer us what we want and need, and don’t buy products from those who are all too eager to take our money but won’t change their double standard. George Ribeiro Vallejo, California ¦ Advanced Word Pi Amiga Computer Power For The ProWrite® Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. The one that the competition looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors, ProWrite is that leader. ProWrite has the high performance features you need. A 100.000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for every Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing. ProWrite Is the target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports. Storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover die power of ProWrite from New Horizons. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin. Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 ProV rite u a registered trademark of Vew Horizon* Software. Inc Amiga r. a registered trademark of Commodotc Amiga. Inc. NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY “(Commodore) is likely to be one of the big success stories of the early 1990s. [Its stock is] a strong buy.” Mark Stahlman, Analyst, Alex. Brown & Sons. Commodore Exhibits at InfoCOMM; Forges Another Link to Multimedia Community ORLANDO, FLORIDA Multi- media is more than just a buzzword. At least that's what the scores of video, audio, computer, and multimedia companies exhibiting at InfoCOMM tried to impress upon attendees. Commodore made its first-ever InfoCOMM appearance at the February event, which annually attracts a variety of multimedia producers, buyers, and end-users. This year's show drew the biggest crowd yet, and CBM greeted the multitudes by- demonstrating the full line of Amiga computers as well as selected CDTV applicauons. Judging from the display. Commodore seems to be the most complete multimedia-oriented computer line on the market. Not to be outdone, Apple and IBM also showed off some interesting products. IBM displayed its full-motion video cards and DVI systems, while SuperMac demonstrated a $ 25,000 Macintosh system capable of playing 24-bit digital video from an optical drive. More importantly, Phillips had a full complement of CD-I delivery systems, showing an impressive range of applications. Of course, each of these systems cost more than twice as much as Commodore’s CDTV'. The video contingent, which is heavily represented at InfoCOMM, included Sony. Sony’s large booth was filled with a wide variety of video cameras and videotape recorders (VTRs), and one of the most popular systems demonstrated was the new 9700 Hi-8 editing deck. Perfect for industrial desktop-video applications, the Sony 9700 is becoming a hot item in the video industry in general, and among Amiga Video Toaster users in particular. Panasonic displayed its new 7750 SVHS VTR, a professional- level unit with built-in time code, a time-base corrector, and singleframe recording capabilities. Panasonic seemed extremely enthusiastic about the use of this $ 6000 deck with NewTck’s Video Toaster, and from what I could see, the two appeared to make a good match. NEC made a big deal of its new PC-VCR, an SVHS VTR that is controllable via computer and contains some sort of time code to make it nearly frame-accurate. Rumor has it that a PC-VCR driver is under development for AmigaVision, so this unit may well become a popular accessory for Commodore’s multimedia authoring system. RGB Systems spotlighted a new version of its Ami Link video editing system. The latest and greatest supports the Video Toaster, allowing you to trigger digital- video effects from within the Ami- Link environment. Finally, the ubiquitous NewTek demonstrated the ever-popular Video Toaster in its usual oversized booth. If I had to pick one product as the hit of the show, the crowds at the NewTek display would lead me to choose, you guessed it, the Toaster. LRW ORLANDO, FLORIDA At Universal Studio’s Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, visitors to the Jetsons’ Computer Paint Station can "finger paint" images of Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstonc, and six other popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters. Working in this whimsical, free-form structure amidst robots, flying cars, and Hashing lights, many electronic artists may not realize that a group of popular Commodore characters five one-megabyte A500s work behind the scenes of the exhibit to provide interactivity. Amigas Take Jetsons for a Ride Each Amiga in the Paint Station is hooked up to a vertically positioned, 19-inch touch-screen monitor. Here, visitors can choose a character to color simply by pointing to it on the screen. In a Hat counter before each monitor, a glass plate covers a rear-lit transparency representing daubs on an artist’s palette. While some of these "daubs" are plain colors, others are fanciful plaids or polka dots, .As with the character outlines, participants can make area-fill choices just by touching. Transforming line drawings into colored cels the building blocks of animation gives visitors insight into animation techniques. Art Sc Technology of Burbank, California, was responsible for the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of the interactive exhibit. The company contracted Saddleback Graphics, makers of the kids’ graphics program, My Paint, to do the programming. Hal Laffertv, a Saddleback develop- ment-team member, says that the programmers gave the application some smarts. “Some of the characters have two hands,” he points out. “If you color one hand, the other automatically fills with the same color.” Laffertv and his col- leagues said that they enjoyed working with the .Amiga because of the machine’s video display and powerful graphics tools. Because the exhibit was engineered to have a 20-year life and to run 12-16 hours a day, 365 days a year, Art & Technology required a rugged and reliable workstation. “Using stock Amigas allows spare parts to be replaced quickly and easily.. .minimizing downtime,” explained Tim Doggett, an electronics designer with Art 8c Technology. He added that a sixth A500 is kept on hand as a spare, in case one of the first-string players goes down. Intrepidness was not the A500’s only selling point, however. “It is powerful enough to handle the software requirements, it can connect directly to standard video monitors, and it is readily and inexpensively available," said Doggett. By all accounts, the Amigas and the exhibit as a whole are a resounding Yabba Dabba Doo success! Carol S. Holzherg Enemy I: Illiteracy FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA IMSATT, developer of Commodore’s AmigaVision multimedia authoring system, has created an interactive program to Teach basic literacy skills to adult learners. In developing the Skill- Works software, the programmers tried to reproduce the qualities of the ideal teacher. As a result, the program allows self-pacing, flexibility, and ongoing feedback, including positive reinforcement. A full system, comprising the courseware package, an Amiga 3000, AmigaVision, and a videodisc player, costs $ 13,000. This setup, with its full-motion video, sound, and graphics, is designed to engage adult learners and aid in their retention of course material. I MSATT is marketing the system to corporations, the military, prisons, labor unions, and communities that operate literacy programs. BG How you present your ideas is as important as the idea itself. With a tool like SCALA your ideas will have the advantage they deserve. SCALA provides all the tools you need for professional presentations: Backgrounds. Scala includes fifty- nine professionally created backdrop images and textures, such as "Stone”, "Marble", "Fabric", etc. THIRTY- NINE specially selected color palettes are included, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching background tapestries, adding character to your presentations. Backgrounds are stored Special effects such as tilting, underline, drop shadow, 3D and color can be applied to any individualletter, word or line. The video enthusiast will find several typefaces especially suitable for video titling purposes. Transitions. Scaia offers more than SEVENTY special effects transitions for control of transitions between pages of a presentation and how and when text, symbols or objects appear on a page. These transitions allow you to soften or accentuate changes and liven up your presentations. The speed of any transition and display times can be fully controlled. Other Features. Page layout and attributes can be saved and re-used later to ensure a consistent appearance within a presentation. ASCII files can be loaded and formatted onto these pre-defined layouts. Any object or part of a screen can be defined as a "button", allowing "run-time" selectable flow of presentations by the simple click of a mouse button. Mouse buttons act as a "remote control", allowing forward and backward control of the presentation or overriding display times.
P. Tsfli'rq' cntMfanhiinesa in IFF picture format jHAM also supported), allowing custom backgrounds to be easily created and added. Symbols. Scala includes many useful presentation symbols such as, male, female, arrows, vehicles, etc. Symbols are stored as IFF brushes, allowing custom symbols (or other objects) to be easily created and added. Typography. Scala includes seventeen fonts, each of which is available in many different sizes and weights. Animiations, Scala is able to load and play back animations at any point within a presentation. Text can be added and super-imposed on an animation while it is being played back. Output. Transferring output to different media is no problem with a duo like Scala and the Amiga. Using well- known Amiga tools, presentations can be genlocked, recorded on video tape, printed on polaroids, etc. Scala includes ScalePrint which can print out a complete presentation or just a cue for your speech. PostScript printers are supported. Imnnea f&mcti Easy-to-use x-.K’ - Scala represents a new genera- ’SS y tion in Amiga software due to its excellent user-interface and smooth performance. All Scala's features are accessible through three, clear and easy-to-use menus labeled in plain English. Scala is shipped with a comprehensive manual and EIGHT DISKS! MINIMUM CONFIGURATION. Seala requires Kickstart
VI. 3 (or later), at least 1MB of memory and a hard disk. Separate versions for PAL and NTSC. Your ideas deserve SCALA! ' “ '" 1,1 1'"i TryV"_' -'«wbhb Scala and the! Symbol are registered trademarks ot Digital .....¦¦¦¦¦>«¦¦»¦ ¦ -¦.. 'uL' - I I Vision Ltd. Norway. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore- " 1 1 .....""‘""."V"......¦ ii.'. T. Amiga, Inc. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Inc. GVP is ..... ¦¦.¦¦I ¦¦fiS "1 55' " "¦¦¦¦¦ fj| a trademark ol Great telley Products, Inc. m ir i ¦-! Ri i n ¦ i n ¦ * * ¦. Fc ¦ ¦SSS GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 145 on Reader Service card Dealers Circle 62 on Reader Service card REVIEWS Magneto Optical Drives: XY600RW Ricoh M09200E Magnum 650 The big O. By Lou Wallace OF ALL DATA-STORAGE options available, the one packing the most powerful punch is the erasable writable optical (also called magneto-optical) disk. Based on laser technology, these data warehouses can store anywhere from 550 to 600MB of data. The optical disk is coated with a special magnetic material that can be altered only when heated by a laser. This technology significantly increases the disk’s integrity, so that you can safely store data for years without sustaining damage from magnetic fields. To learn what an Amiga owner might expect from these compact goliaths, I looked closely at three SCSI-based erasable optical drives. I checked them not only for performance, but also, and more importantly, for reliability. To that end, I used each one as a secondary drive (the primary drive was a conventional Quantum hard disk) on a day-to-day basis. While I used the drives as secondary storage, they can easily act as the system-boot drive, exactly like a hard disk. The XY600RW The XYXIS Corporation’s erasable XY600RW drive ($ 3995), based on the opdcal-drive engine manufactured by Ricoh, holds up to 560MB of storage on its double-sided cartridges (280 megs per For Information on vendors of products mentioned, see the “Manufacturers’ Addresses” list on p. 108. Side). Its average access time is 61 milliseconds. As with any drive, optical or otherwise, you need a controller. Following XYXIS’ recommendation, we used the Commodore A2091. The XY600RW’s installation is relatively simple if you are already using the A2091: Simply connect the drive unit to the A2091 with the SCSI cable provided and use the program Commodore supplies to install the card. With the A2091 HDToolbox software, all you need do is enter the necessary parameters supplied in the XYXIS manual. The software wTrites all the necessary operating informadon to the drive (using CBM’s rigid-hardblock approach instead With the XYXIS erasable optical drive, I did not notice any difference in speed from typical hard drives. The cost per megabyte worked out for me and got better after I bought my second cartridge. Jay CrasweU Jordan, Minnesota of the time-consuming mountlist method). Then format the drive which takes quite a wrhile and reset your computer. One thing that you should consider is the SCSI-terminator resistor packs. These packs indicate the first and last drive in the SCSI chain. Depending upon your internal hard drive, you might have to change its termination. As it turned out, no change in termination was necessary with my system, which includes a Quantum 105MB SCSI-drive, If you own another type of internal hard disk, however, you might need to add or remove some of the terminator resistor packs. (Note: this holds true for all three drives.) Once you have your system set up, a standard drive icon appears on your Workbench screen. The XY600RW works well with the Shell CLI, Workbench, and various disk utilities such as DiskMaster (Progressive Peripherals). Except for operating a bit more slowly, the drive performed no differently than any other hard disk but it’s a lot bigger. The drive came in handy for storing some very large digitized animations, wFhich were, in some cases, larger than 25MB in length. While some of the larger animations were obviously too big to play directly from memory, I was able to play them back albeit slowly using the disk anim player functions of Digi- Mate (Mindware). What kind of speed performance can you expect from an optical drive? Using one of the standard PD hard-disk performance programs, DiskPerf 3, read values were 210K per second and write values were 60K (performance may vary with real-world applications). As you can see in the comparison chart (see Figure
1) , the read time is acceptable for daily use, although the write time does lag behind typical hard disks. After several months of use, the XYXIS optical drive proved to be quite reliable. Not only did it stand up well in ordinary day-to-day use, but it also withstood the demanding reads and writes that were required for creating and manipulating large animations. The Ricoh M09200E Great Valley Products (GVP) also offers a Ricoh drive that uses double-sided cartridges in this case with 300MB per side (286MB when formatted). The Ricoh M09200E (Sll99) has an access time of 66.7 milliseconds, which is quite acceptable for this type of drive. 1 installed this drive on my A2500, equipped with a GVP Series II controller that was already handling a 40MB Quantum hard disk and a 40MB Syquest removable drive. Using GVP’s Faaast- Prep software, setting up and configuring the drive was straightforward. Again, 1 had no problem with the SCSI-termi- nator resistor packs. As a test of the GVP optical drive, I used the Video Toaster (JsJewTek) to create a 125-frame animation. Then, I saved each frame to the drive. After several davs of computation and rendering, I ended YOUR TURN! We use our Magnum 650 in conjunction with video research and development. It is pretty much transparent to the user and, more importantly for us, it’s great for security because the cartridges are removable. EM. Phoenix, Arizona up with 125 1FF24 images that took up over 100MB of disk space. Then, using Arexx and ADPro, I converted these 125 frames into a second set of 125, this time in the Amiga’s overscan HAM display mode. These images took another 12MB of disk space. Finally, using a PD program called BuildAnim, I created a 6MB Anim file from those 125 HAM images. The total disk space used in the project was nearly 120MB. The drive performed flawlessly during the test. The Magnum 650 Active Circuits' optical contribution is based on a Sony drive. The Magnum 650 ($ 4995) is a 650MB, cartridge-based system, which, when formatted, gives you a total of 297MB per side. The drive’s access time is approximately 105 milliseconds. The Active Circuits erasable optical drive connects to the external SCSI port of your hard-disk controller or your A3000 SCSI port. The installation process is straightforward: Simply connect the SCSI cable and use the HDToolbox software (in the case of the A2091 or A3000) to set up the drive parameters and rigid bootblocks. The only problem I encountered with installation was due to some variation in the Western Digital chips in the A3000 hard-disk controller, which caused the Magnum 650 to lock up occasionally when the drive was accessed. Active Circuits’ technical support suggested changing the drive parameters to indicate that the drive did not support reselection. 1 made the change and the problem went away. Again, using DiskPerf 3 performance software, I tested the Sony drive for disk I O speed. It reported results of 180K per second for reads and 140K for writes. Again, keep in mind that these Drive Read K sec Write K sec Floppy 16 11 Quantum HD 572 419 XYX1S 210 60 Magnum 180 140 M09200E 291 110 Note: All tests were done on a 68030 machine operating at 25 MH2. Results are merely output from very simple tests; depending on what you are doing in a real-world situation, you might well get faster or slower performance. I employed the Magnum 650 on a day-to-day basis as a secondary disk »» drive for the A3000. Used from both the Shell and Workbench under the new 2.0 operating system, it performed very well over a period of several months. During my brief time as a user of erasable optical drives, two facts stand out. First, installation seems to be fairly simple, or at least no more difficult than any other external hard disk or mass storage device. Second, optical-drive technology is almost transparent to the user, because it acts and feels like any other type of drive. Overall, it is simply a very large and somewhat slow storage device. So can I recommend an erasable optical drive to you? The answer is a definite yes, as long as your needs far exceed conventional hard disks. .And the best part is that although you can expect to pay a lot up front for the optical drive, as you add more cartridges, the cost per megabyte just keeps decreasing. Pro Vector No brag, just fast. By Mitch Wells AT LONG LAST, the Amiga is gaining recognition as a desktop publishing solution, thanks to programs such as Pro Page and Pro Draw (Gold Disk), Page- Stream (Soft-Logik), The .Ai t Department (ASDG), and Saxon Publisher (Saxon Industries). These programs help to showcase the Amiga’s power with such functions as 24-bit color separations, be- zier curves, high-resolution output, and PostScript support. One newcomer to this high-powered line-up, ProVector ($ 299.95, Taliesin), offers structured drawing that helps to place the .Amiga even more firmly in professional publishing circles. Unlike bit-map paint programs such as DeluxePaint III, structured-drawing packages like ProVector depend on your printer’s capabilities when it comes to output. Bitmaps are usually output at the same resolution at which they were created anywhere between 35-75 dots per inch. (The least expensive nine-pin, dot-matrix printers available today can print at least 180 dots per inch.) Therefore, because ProVector takes maximum advantage of your printer’s capabilities, the better your printer, the better your output. Another advantage of structured-draw- ing programs is that they let you alter images simply by editing defined objects rather than erasing and redrawing pixels. This makes it easier to modify structured drawings. Breakneck Speed Pro Vector's most striking feature is its speed. In order to take advantage of your system’s configuration, ProVector ProVector's power can really take you places. Comes in three flavors: standard 68000, floating point for 68000s with a math coprocessor (optional), and a 68020 030 version with integer math. Noncopy-pro- tected ProVector conies with easy-to-follow instructions for hard-drive installation. Compared with Professional Draw, the most prominent Amiga struc- tured-drawing program, ProVector is possibly twice as fast during screen redraws on a standard .Amiga. On an Amiga with an 020 030 board using the 020 integer version, the difference in speed is even more dramatic. ProVector includes many of the drawing tools you would expect to find in a structured-drawing program: freehand draw, ellipses, boxes, polygons, a selectable grid, snap to grid, magnification, and the like. ProVector lets you import any IFF image and turn it into a structured drawing by tracing over it. As with other drawing packages, control points define curved lines or how lines interconnect. By editing these control points, you can move or change curve slopes. You can outline objects with a definable line pattern, fill them with color or a pattern, or leave them unfilled. In addition, ProVector offers a multitude of dithering patterns to simulate colors on the screen. You can define fills with the pattern editor, or you can use existing artwork, highlight the objects you want, and then have ProVector create a structured fill pattern. Two drawing tools unique to ProVector are smooth polygon and straight curve. With smooth polygon, you can create polygons of any shape by using only straight lines, and then have ProVector render the polygons as curved shapes, interpolating curves between designated control points. I found this function, along with the program’s ability to define arcs with the ellipse tool, to be an adequate replacement for the bezier curve function in Pro Draw’s pen tool. When you draw curves with the straight-curve tool, ProVector renders a half-circle, based on four points it expects you to define. I found this tool a bit cumbersome, however, when matching curves within imported IFF images. Text Insertion For inputting notes or other written material, double-click the text tool to select font type and size. The latest version of ProVector (at press time) includes only stroke or line fonts. Taliesin promises it will send all registered owners outline serif and sans serif fonts when finished. In addition, the company’s policy is to make available to all registered owners a utility to convert PageStream fonts into ProVector fonts. Once text is placed on the page, you can manipulate it like an object, and you can also still edit it (e.g., if you spell a word wrong, you can fix it without recreating it). ProVector’s object-manipulation tools are pretty much the norm: click-and- drag “lasso selection,” group and un- group objects, front-to-back and back-to- front, clone, rotate, and stretch. The delete function, aptly named "Kill,” sports a novel skull-and-crossbones icon. T hese drawing and object-manipulation tools are in a movable window running along the side of the screen. When you doubleclick the rotate and stretch tools, a requester pops up in which you can manually input numerical information. One thing 1 found annoying, however, is that none of the tools remain selected ? 2, 4, 6, or 8MB FAST RAM board for Amiga® 2000 computers Easy to install & Easy to expand Uses 1MB x 1 DIF DRAM chips (120 ns, or faster) Zero wait states & Hidden refresh Four-layer board reduces noise and H improves reliability 6MB configuration allows maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large & very fast RAM disks ' Test mode ik software simplify troubleshooting 1 2.MB FAST RAM board for the Amiga 500 Increases computer's memory to 1MB Battery' backed-up clock calendar remembers time & date even when your system is turned off Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs Installs easily in A500 internal memory slot Comparable to Commodore A-501 board ON OFF swatch available 1 2, U 2, 4, or 8MB FAST RAM for Amiga 500 computers Lets you run larger & more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large & very fast RAM disks Test mode & software i simplify trouble- A shooting M Optional external M power supply M ON OFF switch M Easily plugs onto A500 expansion port Amiga bus pass-through Easy to expand from initial configuration Uses 256K x 4 ZIP DRAM chips (120 ns. Or faster) for 1 2,1, & 2MB configurations; 1MB x 4 ZIPs for 2, 4, & 8 MB configurations Zero wait states & Hidden refresh Four-layer board reduces noise and improves reliability Available at your local dealer, or call 1-800-727-8772 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321 USA • FAX: 503*926-9370 • 503-96 9075 SupraRAM 500. SupraRAM 50QRX. And SupraRAM 2000 are trademarks of Supra Corporation Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-AMIGA, inc. once you have used them with the exception of the selection tool itself. This means that if, for instance, you want to move an object more than once, you must go back and select the move tool again each time. Editing control points is simply a matter of double-clicking the right mouse button over a point. Another pop-up requester appears with a menu of options that allow you to relocate, add, or delete points, as well as to create corner points from curve points. Unfortunately, it appears that the only way to adjust the slope of a curve is to move its control point (which changes the size of the object as well) or to redraw the curve. Arexx and Layers Two other features worth mentioning are ProVector’s Arexx implementation r YOUR TURN! Pro Vector and Saxon Publisher provide a very powerful combination. Saxon imports ProVector’s files perfectly. The program is really of professional caliber. Mark Needham Louisville, Kentucky This Is Your Amiga on HAM... This Is Your Amiga on MACRO PAINT... ...any Questions? 4096 COLORS IN HI-RES! ONLY MACRO PAINT makes it possible! On any Amiga, it manipulates and displays all standard IFF images. Aid MACRO PAINT saves to 24bit RGB and Dynamic Hi-Res. All without any add-on hardware. A v bi-directional AREXX port links you to your presentation graphics or scanning software, and lets you add your own drawing tools. Contact Lake Forest Logic, Inc. today at 28101 Ballard Rti, Lake Forest, IL 60045 • (708 ) 816-6666 or lax: (708)680-0832 Mal RO I’M NT RSQ17IK1 S l)Nl MH-M.VI I MINIMUM Ml MOUY.UVO in IIIIU1- MkiAHY 11 V i l- RIX O.MMINDl p and the layers function. Through Arexx scripts, you can either share information between Pro Vector and another program or create your own custom tools and macros. You can program the RX button (the Arexx tool) in Pro Vector's tool bar to perform specific rotations, shear an object to a designated degree, create new objects, or do anything to make repetitous functions less time-consuming. The program comes with a number of useful demo scripts, ProVector’s layers function is also unique to Amiga drawing programs. With it, you can define objects in identified layers so you can lock, unlock, or hide them. In addition, you can change the order of these layers much as in a CAD program. Pro Vector has other features almost too numerous to mention: the ability to join subpolygons to make complex objects with cut-outs, PostScript and EPS support, HPGL support, partial and full plots to specified printers, variable magnification, and magnetization of objects. Overall, ProVector, which requires 1MB of RAM, is a fine addition to the Amiga lineup of desktop-publishing structured- drawing programs. On the down side, limited text support, limited fonts (as of this writing), cumbersome object selection manipulation, the lack of curve-slope adjustment, and no auto-tracing of bitmaps are all flaws I hope Taliesin will address in upcoming releases. The company does promise that subsequent releases of both PageStream and Saxon Publisher will directly support ProVector’s file format. This support would undoubtedly make ProVector the structured-drawing program of choice for professional Amiga desktop publishers. Continued on p. 90. Up to 9600 bps, error-free ? Throughput when communicating with another V.42bis modem Up to 4800 bps throughput with MNP 5 f Compatible with MNP classes 2-5 t Supports Bell 103 212A & CCITT V.21 V.22 V.22bis V.42bis Asynchronous operation at 300, 1200, and 2400 bps ? Automatic adjustment to optimal protocol & rate y 100% "AT" command compatible Works with virtually any computer ? Compatible with all popular telecommunications software Autoanswer Autodial (tone or pulse) Two modular phone jacks ? Adjustable-velume speaker ? Made in the U.S.A. 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, Oregon 97321 USA PHONE: 503-967-9075 • FAX: 503-926-9370 5 year warranty ORDERS 1-8 The SupraModem 2400 Plus adds MNP classes 2-5 and CCITT V.42bis to the popular SupraModem 2400, providing high-speed, error-free communications. MNP 5 lets you communicate with any MNP 5 modem with throughput up to 4800 bps 2 times faster than regular2400 bps modems. CCITT V.42bis, the international standard for error correction and data compression, gives up to 9600 bps error-free throughput a 4 times speed improvement over regular 2400 bps modems. All this means you can get more done with less time spent on line, so all your costs are less! With the SupraModem 2400 Plus, you can simply set your terminal to 9600 bps and then forget about rate and protocols. The SupraModem auto-matically determines what kind of modem is at tire other end of the phone line V.42bis, MNP, 2400,1200, or 300 bps and then adjusts its rate and protocol for optimal communication with the other modem. Fast error-free communication has never been so affordable. Contact your local dealer or Supra Corporation to find out more today! Also Available: SupraModem 2400 Plus internal SI99.95, Supra- Modem 2400 MNP external $ 199-95, SupraModem 2400MNP Talkin’ Electronic Music Blues By Michael Hanish i A- Kow probably won’t, see Dave Van Ronk abandon his Martin D-12 for a MIDI sequencer, but if you want to use your Amiga to croon a tune or play back a sound track, you’ll need to learn the lingo. Come here; doctor, Come here quick; This samplin’ synthesizing sequencin* talk S’about to make me sick! Digital refrain S’runnm all ’round my brain. YOU PROBABLY ARE aware that the Amiga is capable of all sorts of amazing musical things. Yet, somewhere between "hie formats” and “sample rates” you may find that the terminology involved in making music electronically has become one big jumble and, suddenly, music is the farthest thing from your mind. You could take a walk in the woods to clear out your brain, or you could stick with us for a bit while we demystify the jargon. We will, by necessity, be covering a lot of ground at “presto tempo.” To make things easier, we have included a few helpful references. Take a look at the “Electronic Music Glossary” for capsule definitions of terms that appear in boldface in the text. For related information and reviews of specific Amiga music products, check out the “Amiga World Music” reference box. For information about contacting the manufacturers of products mentioned in the article, consult the May "Manufacturers’ Addresses” list on
p. 108. Sound by the Numbers When we talk about sound, we are talking about a physical phenomenon. Changes in air pressure, moving like waves in water, make the eardrum vibrate in sympathy. After a few more sympathetic vibrations along the way, we hear a sound. There are no little beasties inside your Amiga, flapping their wings to make sound waves. Instead, through the sampling process, the computer “listens” to a sound and “records” it turning it into digital information or a series of bytes it can store. This stored data described purely by numbers in this state is then converted to analog form, through which it can be turned into sound again. Specifically, sound is produced on the Amiga by four digital oscillators on the Paula chip. Each of these can play back one digital waveform, convert it into an analog waveform, and send it out through one of the four (two right and two left) .Amiga audio channels to your monitor or amplifier. (If you haven't already done so, try hooking up your Amiga to a stereo and give a listen.) Besides sampling sounds from the outside world, the Amiga can also create, or synthesize, sounds directly on its own again, a digital process whereby synthesized waveforms are stored as a file by the computer. ? M U S I € Betwen sampling and synthesizing, it would appear that there are few limitations on the kinds of sounds that can be created or recorded and then played back on the Amiga. This is not exactly the case, however. Although the Amiga provides some fairly sophisticated means for recording and playing “sounds,” remember that each of the four oscillators can play only one sound at a time. To play a simple four-note chord requires all four Amiga voices, and each time a new note is triggered, one of the previous notes is cut off. Imagine a drum kit consisting of a bass drum, snare, tomtom, and cymbal. Playing a drum part would take up all four oscillators, leaving none avail- Hixing Panel 7 89 tlllllljlll I 9123'456 Clips Fron ill cd elf Alio a ;¦ c ct e t A 5 Vsnap aOn D-OffH s-|>jS(,|a a_a 11-House -BA Q H I -llix i ~ ==HH C-X-GM OFH aOff- You are editing type: Table With Synthla II you can create or modify a whole range of Instruments. R ? ?I’wls 0 E-S 1 m E m HI IE1 CounterPoint }¦ Hft ggjEMiWgfgi UU 11 1 1 I 1 a ffiE I 14 4 :2 13 14 ;5 |6 V B I. U E S able for bass, electric kazoo, or any other instrument in the band. Another very important limitation of Amiga sound is that the hardware that converts the digital information into an analog waveform resolves to only eight bits. The more bits a system uses, the larger the size of the samples it can take (thus allowing for a higher sampling rate, which in turn leads to a more accurate, higher-quality reproduction of the sound). There are a number of other hardware limitations on the Amiga’s sound- and music-making capabilities, but these are a little too complex for this article. Suffice it to say that the Amiga is highly functional for reproducing sound effects, speech, sound requirements for arcade games, and the like, and, left only to its own built-in circuitry, it can produce simple but enjoyable music. Later on, however, we will see how MIDI can help us enhance the Amiga’s musical accomplishments in more sophisticated and satisfying ways. How About a Few Samples? For now, let’s see what we can do with the Amiga in the way of sound and music without the assistance of MIDI. You will most likely find yourself using Amiga sound in two basic ways: as a sample for playback (like a sound effect) or as an instrument that you can create and control to make music. Playback samples can be quite large in memory and on disk: they are, in effect, short recordings that can be edited and played back. One way of solving the drum- kit problem above is by sampling the whole kit playing at once and then simply playing the sample back over and over through one channel. Instruments are a refined and special class of samples. Because an instrument is most often meant to play pitched music (see pitch in the glossary), more attention must be paid to its envelope, intonation (relative pitch), and range. Instruments are often multisampled to emulate the fact that the timbre of acoustic instruments changes in relation to how high or low in pitch they are. Looping is another key feature of instrument samples; it is a convenient way to conserve memory while simulating the “sustain” portion of the sound of an acoustic instrument. Computers store sampled or synthesized sounds as digital information in special sound files. When the Amiga samples a sound, it stores the sound data in a standard file format, 8SVX, which is part of the IFF (Interchange File Format) and which allows for looping and multisampling. All developers of Amiga music and sound programs are well aware of the IFF- 8SVX format, but while it offers a standard around which they can design software, like all common denominators, it doesn’t answer every need, and it sets rather rigid and not always very musical limits 011 the ways you can arrange and loop samples. Programs that can be used to create and or modify instruments (but not to digitize), such as Sonix ($ 79.95, Oxxi) and Synthia II ($ 124.95, The Other USI C Guys), have their own optimized formats for more detailed and life-like sounds. Using the IFF-8SVX standard as the interchange format, you can work on samples in these and other programs, exploiting their particular strengths. Each program has its own filename extension, which must be used to enable the program to load and use the sample as an instrument. All programs on the market deal, in one way or another, with the IFF standard. For specific iile-compatibility guidelines, consult the individual program manuals. Getting realistic sounds from samples is a tricky business, involving much tweaking and fine adjustment. My favorite for instrument creation and special Electronic Music Glossary B L I E S effects is Synthia II, as it offers many different kinds of synthesis and a wide range of effects. I often start making an instrument there, and then port it into AudioMaster 111 ($ 99.95, Oxxi), a very capable sample editor, for fine tuning and “resampling.” For the best quality of sound, use the highest sample rate possible. Doing so, unfortunately, uses up more memory; resampling, in effect, rerecords the sound at a lower rate, saving memory and retaining fidelity. Sound Takes You can get sounds into your Amiga in two ways: buy them or digitize them yourself. Most composition programs come with a selection of ready-to-use in- Acoustic A sound made by purely physical (as opposed to digital) methods. We can hear only acoustic sounds. Analog Waveform An electronic waveform that resembles the sound it creates. Ml sound waves are analog phenomena continuously changing physical occurrences that can be measured, modified, or otherwise manipulated. Controller A hardware device, such as a keyboard or drum pad, that is used for sending musical “commands” to a synthesizer. Digital Described by numbers only; not actually existing in the physical realm. Envelope The characteristics or shape of a sound, roughly consisting of attack, decay, sustain, and release. Frequency The number of complete sound waves per second produced by the sounding object. Frequency is expressed in kilohertz (KHz); a wave vibrating at one Khz is completing 1000 complete wave cycles per second. IFF-8SVX Interchange File Format for one-shot sampled sounds. IFF-SMUS Pronounced “smuse,” SMUS stands for Simple Music Score and is thus an Interchange File Format for musical scores. Line-level The strength of an audio signal sent directly to an amplifier and speakers. Looping Repeating a small sect ion of a sample to simulate the sustain portion of a sound’s envelope. Microphone In this case, an audio signal that generally needs preamplification before it can be sent to an amplifier and speakers. MIDI Stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A set of protocols for synthesizers to communicate with each other and with computers. Mono Short for “monaural,” literally “one ear,” it usually refers to sound emanating from a single source. Multisample Different sounds in each octave ol an instrument file; used to reproduce changes in timbre as pitch gets higher. Oscillator Something that vibrates, usually electronically, to produce a sound. Pitch The frequency (see above) of sound waves translates into pitch. The higher the frequency of a wave, the higher the pitch of the sound you hear. A computer can transpose the pitch of a sound so the sound can be played as a musical instrument. Sample A slice of sound recorded digitally, using numbers to describe the sound. Sampling The process by which a computer “listens” to a sound and turns it into a series of bytes it can store. Sampling Rate The rate at which the computer listens to and takes a piece of a sound. The higher the rate, the better the resolution of the sound the better it “sounds.” Score A musical notation showing all the parts of an ensemble simultaneously. Sequencer A program allowing you to record MIDI data (notes, controllers, and so forth) in either real time or step time and then to manipulate that data in order to realize a musical performance that utilizes MIDI-controllable instruments. Stereo A sound emanating from two sources in an attempt to simulate how people actually hear. Synthesize To create a sound using purely electronic (as opposed to acoustic) methods. Timbre The tone color or quality of a sound. Waveform The shape of a sound, in the sense of a graph showing changes in signal strength over time. MUSIC struments, the best being those From the Internal Sounds Kit (S59.95) add-on module to Bars and Pipes ($ 249.95, Blue Ribbon SoundWorks) and "M” ($ 199), from the famed KCS sequencer people, Dr. T’s Music Software. There are also a number of separate collections available from such companies as Eyeful- Tower and WaveTable, each of which is a good source AmigaWorld Music Below are titles of articles on Amiga music and reviews of Amiga music products that were published in previous issues of A miga World. Articles “Sound Design,” Mastering Multimedia, Mar. ’91, p. 72. “MIDI Sequencers,” Dec. ’90, p. 43. “Patchwork” (editor librarians), Mar. ’90, p. 26. “Now Hear This” (sampling tips), Mar. ’90, p. 20. “Sizzling Sounds" (sound samplers audio digitizers), Oct, '89, p. 48. “The ‘Sound’ of Music” (Amiga sound MIDI music), May '89, p. 16. “76 Trombones. . .” (MIDI), Jun. ’88, p. 30. “Amiga Jamboree" (buyer’s guide), Jun. ’88, p. 44. Reviews “AudioMaster III,” Mar. *91, p. 13. “Trax,” Feb. ’91, p. 20. “Music-X Jr. ” Feb. ’91, p. 20. “Synthia II,” Dec. ’90, p. 122. “MIDI Quest,” Nov. ’90, p. 98. “Tiger Cub,” Oct. ’90, p. 14. “A-Sound 2.0," Oct. ’90, p. 100. “Master Sound,” Aug. ’90, p. 80. “KCS 3.0 Level II,” Jul. ’90, p. 80. “Performance ” May '90, p. 72. “Synthia Professional,” Apr. ’90, p. 14. "Bars and Pipes,” Apr. ’90, p. 84. “MIDI Sample Wrench,” Mar. '90, p. 80. “Master Tracks Pro 3.0,” Jan. ’90, p. 62. “Music-X” Nov. ’89, p. 18. “The Copyist Professional,” May ’89,
p. 14. "M,” Apr. ’89, p. 12. “MIDI Magic,” Mar. '89, p. 14. “MIDI Recording Studio,” Feb. ’89,
p. 16. “Dynamic Studio,” Jan. '89, p. 20. BLUE S for more esoteric sounds both acoustic-like and synthetic. For the do-it-yourselfers, there is a large selection of audio digitizers (sound samplers) on the market, all of which are reasonably priced. They are all hardware software combinations; the hardware usually plugs into the parallel port, although some models still send data into the computer through the joystick port. Avoid the latter, as their sample rates and sound quality are quite low. To determine which is best for your system, ask the following questions, among others, when evaluating the hardware and software: What purposes will the samples be used for? (Lower rates are okay if game sounds are the only purpose.) How well constructed is the hardware and how well does it connect to the input port? (A flimsy connection can destroy the sampler as well as the input port.) What are the audio inputs on the hardware (microphone, line- level audio, type of plug, and so forth)? How does the software feel and fare for controlling the sampler and editing samples? Can input volume be adjusted conveniently? Does it sample in mono or stereo, and is this important for your purposes? Can you afford AudioMaster III (certainly the best all-around sample editor on the market)? While you can play back one-shot sound effects in a relatively simply fashion, combining instruments into a score requires a composition program. These can also be thought of as sequencers, because they store, arrange, and transmit triggering information to the sound-producing device. Consider them in terms of this compound metaphor: Sequencers are a mixed marriage of word processor and tape recorder. Music is a language like English, except for two things: First, notes, chords, melodies, and rhythms not words are used to convey information and ideas; second, the spelling and syntax in music are more consistent and easier to master. You can manually enter and edit musical information one step at a time, or you can have it entered in a flow of information from a controller (keyboard, wind, and so forth) via MIDI (more about MIDI in a moment). The software can display this information in conventional musical notation (notes and staves), graphically, or as an event list (a text listing pitch, duration, and other parameters at each moment in musical time) or as a combination of all three. For example, Deluxe Music Construction Set (S99.95, Electronic Arts) displays only in traditional notation; Music-X ($ 299.95, Microlllusions) allows note entry and editing in either the list system or a graphical representation of pitch versus time; the soon-to-be- released Bars and Pipes Professional (S379, $ 99 upgrade fee to owners of the existing version, Blue Ribbon SoundWorks) reportedly will give the user the choice of all three forms. Many sequencers take the tape-recorder metaphor one step further by providing the user with familiar TEXT: Use any PostScript Type 1, PageStream or Compugraphic font! PageStream creates jaggie-free type on the screen and on paper. Even dot matrix printer users can take advantage of the wide variety of PostScript Type 1 fonts with PageStream! GRAPHICS: PageStream can import 24 bit IFF, TIFF and GIF pictures and ProDraw, DR2D and Aegis structured drawings. PageStream’s drawing tools are so extensive you may never need a drawing program. PageStream COLOR: Create millions of colors with standard CMYK definitions. You can even define Pantone colors with a Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide (sold separately from Pantone, Inc.). PageStream is the professional choice for direct spot and process color separations. Only PageStream can deliver hinted PostScript fonts on your Amiga today. Plus, you can use any Compugraphic Intel!(font or PageStream outline font. This unsurpassed variety of type options will not limit your creative freedom. Version 2.1 is available now Most desktop publishers import only a few picture types. PageStream can import almost even' major graphic format for the Amiga, Mac, PC or Atari, as well as text. Whether you need ProDraw clips, MacPaint pictures, PostScript illustrations or 16 million color IFF files PageStream handles them with ease. For PageStream Soft-Logik does not deny this power to dot matrix users like some programs. PageStream is the only program that supports virtually every printer, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. If we don't have a driver for your printer, we'll make one for you. At Soft-Logik we believe in customer service. In Canada call I-416-668-1468 Soft-Logik Canada Feature
1. 1 PageStream 2.1 PostScript Font Compatible No No Yes even to dot matrix printers! Compugraphic Font Compatible Yes No Yes Professional Draw Import Edit Yes No No No YeS YeS edit ProDraw dips in PageStreami Outline Fonts on Screen YeS only Compugraphic fonts No Yes Draw Bezier Curves No Yes YeS dm Bezier curves and Bezier polygons Price $ 395.00 $ 425.00 S299.95 Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation We give you the tools to dream. PagcSircam ix .1 registered trademark of Sofl-Lngik Publishing Corporation. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. AMIGA DOS Release compallbfo playback and recording controls. When evaluating composition programs for purchase, take a long, hard look at the interface, including notation display, playback controls, and the overall layout. This is your work area, and you have to feel comfortable in it to do your best work. The IFF standard also provides for a common- denominator track-file format called SMUS (pronounced “smuse”). IFF-SMUS is accepted, sometimes with a little negotiation, by all Amiga composition and multimedia presentation programs. To understand why there needs to be a common denominator, and why it is rarely sufficient, consider all the details the system must he told in order for it to play a piece of music: For each note to sound, there must be specific instructions about what voice is to sound, what pitch it is to be, when it is to start and stop, and how loud it is to be. In addition to this basic information, if there is any hope of making the music sound life-like, the system must also receive instructions about any dynamic changes (volume, pitch, intensity, etc.) that the note makes over time. The MIDI Solution Needless to say, this is a lot of information for the system to keep track of and to send to four oscillators that can play only one note’s worth of information at a time. Suppose there were a way to send all the note on off, timing, control and articulation information to a sound-producing source outside the computer? The Amiga could then concentrate simply on keeping track of all the data for control, and the user would not be limited to playing only four notes at a time. There would need to be some standard through which computers could communicate with synthesizers, as well as a method to send all the necessary data fast enough. That's where MIDI conies in. The development of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface standards about ten years ago proved to be the solution to most of these problems. On the hardware side, MIDI data is passed between the Amiga and a MIDI-equipped synthesizer sound module through an interface attached to the Amiga’s serial port. Data can be transmitted in both directions: The computer sends all the control information necessary to play the piece of music and receives such data when the sequencing software is in record mode. Included in the MIDI specifications are provisions for 16 discrete address channels (think of them as telephone lines, where each synthesizer has its own phone number); 128 different kinds of controller messages (including note on off, pitch bend, velocity, program change, and so forth); timing and synchronization information; and a standardized sequence file format. To keep the data stream as compact as possible and flowing as fast as possible, not all the controller information needs to be sent all the time, but only when something changes. While the MIDI-sequence file format provides a way to move sequences among different composition programs, it is not a perfect solution to the .Amiga musician’s dilemma. Although it provides for much more articulation and performance detail than the SMUS format, it is still a lowest common denominator and not nearly as detailed as each program’s own native format. Nonetheless, it goes a long way towards turning the Amiga into a serious music-making system. One of the great advantages of MIDI is that it provides a way to use sounds of much higher quality than the Amiga itself is capable of producing. By controlling external sound sources, the Amiga’s processing time is freed up to multitask more effectively, perhaps simultaneously playing an animation. And the cost of these external modules has dropped in recent years, while their sound quality has improved dramatically. As you might expect, there is no standardization of the way voices are arranged in synthesizers. They are always given numbers, but voice 27 on one synth might be a flute, while the same number on another might be the sound of a helicopter landing. This fact decreases the portability of your music if it is produced externally. Many people use composing programs to prepare pieces for live performance. By working out numerous compositional details in advance, you can significantly reduce both rehearsal and copying time. When a composer writes a piece, the program produces a master copy, or score, showing all the parts simultaneously. The conductor also uses the score to direct and control the piece in performance; the players see just their own parts. Programs such as Deluxe Music Construction Set, The Copyist Professional (S275, Dr.T’s), and Bars and Pipes Professional allow for score printing and for parts to be extracted and printed. You can also edit display and design with most of these programs. Printing quality will depend both on the printer’s resolution and how well each program handles the notation graphics. Whether you are delving into music and sound on the Amiga for the first time or trying to get deeper into it, try to think of the often confusing array of electronic-music terminology as it relates to the whole system and specifically to what you are trying to accomplish. The terms are meant only to describe the thing itself, so by understanding, for example, why the computer must talk with the synthesizer, you will understand the basic concepts of MIDI. Remember: It's the music you make that is important, not the words you use to describe it. ¦ 4 Michael I la nisi i uses an Amiga for video, graphics, and music with both his performance group and his adult literacy students. He unites frequently for Amiga World on multi- media subjects. Write to him c o Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ARMOUR-GEDDON Earth is being threatened by a powerful weapon whose beam is aimed at an Accentuation Satellite, in readiness to fry humankind. The whole planet is depending on you to keep it cool. UCI Gf) T r-1QQQ0- KG
V. DCU 7 HAH in i 11 .'0 ur it?a iaeoniia>3L»w J PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Select and simultaneously control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines; This may give you time to find and eventually knock out the Beam Weapon. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create weapon systems for your vehicles to use. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling 'being-there' realism between two players. Armour-Geddon: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga Version SEEING IS BELIEVING Circle 310 on Reader Service card AMIGA GRAPHICS: THE NEW WAVE-1 Four new 3-D graphics programs broadsided the Amiga market recently. Every one of them is revolutionary, each is very different from the others, and all are so “state-of-the-art” that 3-D graphics will never be the same again. The ‘State’ Of ‘Art’ By Eric Daniels our new Amiga 3-D graphics programs have hit the market over the past few months, all claiming to be professional, state-of-the-art 3-D animation packages. Getting Started Each has good reason to make that claim. The problem with comparing them for this review, however, is that the “art” that each claims to be the "state” of is made up of a lot of different components. (Read the “Getting Started” sidebar to get a feel for how 3-D animators like myself approach the whole discipline, how they organize projects into different phases, and why they recognize by necessity that different programs excel in certain aspects of the job but not in others.) The 3-D Animator at Work keep in our minds a three-dimensional image of our scene, as though it were in a real space with real lights and cameras. Unlike normal filmmaking, though, there is no team of experts on hand to take care of details; we have to function as everyone from director to stagehand. This is a blessing as well as a curse: We do have complete control over the scene. That control, however, comes at the cost of having to concentrate on so many details at once that it is often easy to forget something important (such as the main Ideal). To avoid overwhelming yourself, it helps to organize your project into three main phases: modeling, choreography, and rendering. These phases are all separate thought processes for the computer as well as for SOMEDAY WE WILL be able to put on our interactive 3-D headsets and gloves, walk around in our own “artificial-reality" movie studios, and shout into our voice-recognition microphones: “Lighting! Move that arc lamp back over there a bit more so I can see a glint off her right cheek. . .Construction! This set looks puny scale it up about so much, . .Camera! 1 want a slightly more somber mood could you truck in here a bit slower this time?. . . Effects! Crank up those smoke machines and give me more of a blue haze in here. . .Actors! Gather 'round I want to discuss your motivations for this scene. . Except for the fantasy set and all the shouting, this is essentially what 3-D animators do when they animate a scene. We The differences among these four programs, therefore, are significant. Which one you buy will depend on what sorts of things you intend to do with it. Each seems to be geared to a different segment of the marketplace, and each was conceived, or evolved, in a different way. Although different from its predecessors, Imagine ($ 350, Impulse) began life as Silver, became Turbo Silver, and still lives today as Turbo Silver 3.0 SV. 3D Professional ($ 499.95, Progressive Peripherals) started out as an in-house 3-D tool years ago. Light- Wave 3D (bundled with the Video Toaster, $ 1595, NewTek) is sort of a descendant of Oxxi’s (formerly Aegis’) VideoScape 3-D and Modeler 3-D. Animation Journeyman ($ 500, Hash Enterprises) is the latest in that company’s long-running series of animation products dating back to Animation:Apprentice. ? You so in many 3-D packages these functions are separated into different modules, if not entirely separate programs.
1. Modeling In this phase, you create the objects from which you will assemble your scenes. Most oblect-creation programs are polygon-based, which is another way of saying that everything has little facets on it. It is also in the modeling program that you normally assign textures to the object. Without decent object editing and texture capabilities, your objects run the risk of looking too simple, too "computery.” (For details on how to contact the developers of products mentioned in this article, consult the May “Manufacturers’ Addresses” list on p. 108.) Imagine If, like a still-life photographer, your main goal is to create pretty pictures of great-looking objects, then a strong modeler and renderer will be most important to you. These are Imagine’s strong points; it has some of the most powerful and intuitive (but poorly documented!) Texture-mapping capabilities I’ve ever
2. Choreography Here is where you place all the building blocks (camera, lights, props, actors, and so forth) in their proper positions. You must also tell your objects actors exactly how and when to move. This is the phase that most resembles directing a movie. Without good choreography, your animations may be stiff, confusing, underlit, or just plain unexciting. With good choreography, however, unappealing objects rendered poorly can still be made entertaining. A good choreographer should also allow for the possibility of importing motion data created elsewhere.
3. Rendering This involves the time-consuming mathematical simulation of something that in reality happens in a 24th of a second, automatically, whenever a camera’s shutter is open: An astronomical number of photons cascade out of all the light sources and bounce a zillion times in a million ways with only a tiny fraction of them ultimately passing through the lens of the camera and hitting the film. No mathematical model yet devised can simulate this process with complete precision, but hundreds of shortcuts have been developed some faster than others, some more realistic than others. Ray tracing is just one of them. If there were a well-established Amiga standard for 3-D object and motion descriptions (similar to the IFF standard for 2-D images), programs could be designed to specialize in, and excel at, one particular phase. There have been a few attempts at standardized 3-D formats on the Amiga, but due to the different way each program "sees” the world, objects can translate to other programs only to a limited extent. Byte by Byte’s Sculpt programs, for instance, must have three-sided facets, whereas 3D Professional can render facets with more than three sides, but only if all faces are constructed in a counter-clockwise fashion! These “rules” are not as arbitrary as they may seem: Each program is simply trying to take its own special shortcut to speed up rendering. One unique program, Interchange ($ 49.95, Syndesis) tries valiantly to serve as ambassador to all the 3-D programs it can convert many object formats into other formats but it does so with only varying success.
- ED seen in any program even expensive high-end professional systems. You can assign up to four different images to represent the color, filtering, reflection, and bumpiness of an object, and you can attach any of several built-in textures, such as brick, wood, marble, and so forth. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a convincing creation of just about anything with the tools in this program. The main modeler, called the Detail Editor, is very powerful. It includes all of the standard features you might expect, plus special grouping capabilities, unique magnet tools, powerful Boolean and mold functions, and useful keyboard equivalents for many of the most often-used commands. It is in the Detail Editor that you assign the attributes to each object, including the interactive alignment of your image maps! Every time you move, rotate, or scale something, you have the choice of "eyeballing” it or punching in the numbers you know to be correct. One possible cause of confusion in using the Detail Editor or any of the other Imagine modules is the difference between “pick” and “select.” If an object is “picked ” it is not necessarily “selected,” and vice- versa. “Select” is simply a method of highlighting objects, one at a time, until you find the one you want to "pick.” At that point choose "pick select" from the menu. Got it? Imagine contains an excellent Forms Editor, which allows you to create wonderfully organic shapes quite easily. By manipulating the front and side silhouettes of what starts out as a generic sphere, as well as the top view of a slice of that sphere, you can create almost any amorphous shape you can imagine and many that you can’t! The choreographer of this program, called the Stage Editor, is Imagine’s weakest spot. It looks good and feels solid, and it does everything it sets out to do, but at times it’s a bit unfriendly. You must manually type in many things, such as the colors of the background, in places where a set of sliders would serve much better. There is also no provision for importing external motion data. Imagine does provide another choreography-type editor, called the Cycle Editor, which enables you to create character motions much more easily. You can sculpt an entire skeleton, assign an object’s Filename to each bone, and then animate the skeleton’s movement key frame by key frame. Later, you can bring this moving skeleton into the Stage Editor and walk the character around. The Cycle Editor is a unique tool that opens up many possibilides, and it is great fun to use. I magine’s renderer (controlled from within the Project Editor) can output 24-bit images in just about any size and aspect ratio your heart could desire. Although there’s not much control over the ray-tracing algorithm used, the images do come out looking superb. Some of the most stunning animations and images in current circulation have already come from this fine new' program. 3D Professional If you are a programmer creating industrial or educational animations, you may be interested in 3D Professional. It moves simple objects around intuitively, allows for complete script control (with or writh- out Arexx), and incorporates very extensive programmer’s data, including fragments of sample code. Rut despite the inclusion of an excellent manual, a useful VHS tutorial video, and an easy-to-Iearn interface, there are some limitations: It has a weak object editor (no point-by-point manipulation possible); the objects are confined to a cube into which the camera cannot enter(l); the built-in textures cannot move with the objects; and there is no image-mapping. (Editor’s note: Shortly before going to press, we teamed that a 2.0 version of 3D Pro will be released shortly. Progressive plans many new features and revisions, including image- , attribute- , and bump-mapping; the linking of textures and objects; and improved editing and rendering facilities.) The weakness of the object editor is compensated for, however, by the fact that 3D Professional can load objects created in Sculpt, VideoScape (GEO), AutoDesk’s AutoGADD, Micro Magic’s Forms in Flight 1, Turbo Silver, and Mimetics’ 3-Demon. It’s almost like having Interchange (sec the "Getting Started” sidebar) thrown in for free. Once you have your objects, though, 3D Pro’s interface is a beginner’s dream: Everything is rendered as a shaded solid, even in the six orthographic viewrs! To move something, you simply use the mouse to drag it where you w-ant it to be. There’s a DeluxePaint-style (Electronic Arts) collection of tool icons on the right side of the screen, which makes your initial navigation easy. The attribute requester is huge, with some presets available as a crutch, such as glass, chalk, stone, and porcelain. The algorithmic textures are mostly the typical ones, but there are a few surprises, such as “snowy” and "terrain.” Another surprise is that the program allows you to create fractal trees and landscapes directly, and it provides you with plenty of control over the parameters of these complex objects. 3D Pro does not handle object motion through a separate program. Instead, this is built right into the main program, wdiich some will Find comforting. Its simplicity is also reassuring; for example, you can define hierarchies by simply dragging a line from one object to another. You can also create a preview of your animation from any of the six orthographic windows or from the camera window-. 3D Pro can, by itself, render fairly nice nonray- traced images. If you want to join the ray-trace rat race, however, Progressive’s stand-alone Tracer program is a free update for 3D Pro owners. Tracer offers the most configurable renderer I've ever seen, providing you with complete control over every conceivable bounce a light ray could take. I think of it more as a “ray-tracer construction kit.” You have control over how many rays are traced per pixel, how many times these rays can reproduce, wrhether they are randomly distributed throughout the pixel, how many bounces each ray can take, and so forth. In addition, it allows you to model soft shadows, global haze, depth-of-field, and many other effects. You can then set up batch files to render multiple images in multiple formats, so you can let those rays trace all night long. You can save the resulting 24-bit images in Pro, IFF, or raw- formats. You can also run Tracer as a module that the main program controls. It acts simply as another option when you choose a rendering method from writhin 3D Professional. All in all, 1 found 3D Professional to be a very solid program with fewer crashes than the other three. It breaks no startling new ground (except for the direct fractal creation) and, in fact, seems to be a bit behind the times in many respects. It is, however, easy to learn and to use, gives nice results, has good technical support, and is difficult to crash. For many professionals, that’s all that matters. Incidentally* I feel this program deserves the award for best packaging. It comes in an enormous box a green-marblecl monolith with embossed gold lettering-designed to convince you (or your friends) ? Prepare to Render! I DEVISED THIS setup for comparing the four packages as a simple way to get a feel for each program’s rendering capabilities and speeds. To make the test as fair as possible, I avoided using certain unique features that would give any one single program an especially unfair advantage over the others. I wanted to see how each program handled simple things, such as reflection, transparency, and multiple light sources. I tried to keep everything about the tests identical from one program to another, but as this was not entirely possible, please take these images and rendering times as relative indications, not as scientific fact. The test consists of a small checkerboard, with a chrome ball sitting on a white chalk cube, next to a green glass cylinder. The key light is white, the fill light blue, and I have added a yellow rim light. The output image is a 736x480 IFF24 picture, rendered on my 8MB Amiga 2000 with an assist from Brad Schenck’s A2620 accelerator card from Commodore. ? & - .... .
- ED that you're getting your money’s worth. I’d suggest leaving it out on your coffee table. LightWave 3D LightWave 3D, which is bundled with the NewTek Video Toaster, is easily the most professional-looking 3-D program for the Amiga. Its user interface is elegant, powerful, and incredibly easy to master. The overall layout and control logic shines through in the no-nonsense, gray, 3-D-styIe buttons, which are logically and attractively grouped. Every time I come back to this program, I almost sigh with relief. It just feels like home. At the left side of the screen, there is a column of buttons that allow you to pop in and out of the various control panels: Scene, Objects, Surfaces, Images, Lights, Camera, Backdrop, and Record. In addition, there are buttons for entering the choreographer screen (called Layout) and for rendering your completed scene. These latter control panels fill the right side of the screen, and each has an assortment of logically grouped string gadgets, buttons, and sliders. You rarely have to consult the manual. My favorite part of the program by far is the Layout screen, in which you can compose your scenes so intuitively that I find myself coming back to it again and again, just for the fun of it. To move an object, simply select it in a multiple-choice requester (which makes it the current object) and then drag your mouse around. The object is temporarily replaced by a bounding box that slides around in real time. While many programs do this kind of thing, none allows you to do it wFhile “looking through the camera.” It is the next best thing to being able to shout at your stagehands. LightWave comes with some very useful extras. For example, Phonebook is a great collection of starter objects (over 100!), including a spaceship, an office Figure 3. UghtWave 3D*s Layout screen. Full of furniture, and an entire alphabet. These are endless fun to play with. The software’s modeler component, LightWave Modeler, is also one of these auxiliary programs. It is professional-looking and provides all the standard modeler features, such as extrude and lathe, but it also offers some unusual ones. These include layers, which enables you to see objects for reference, but not to modify them; fit, which automatically resizes the zoom and pan of the orthographic windows to snugly fit the object in the database (a real timesa ver); and a constantly oscillating preview’ window, which makes even impossible tangles of lines understandable, if a bit hypnotizing. LightWave’s renderer is not a ray-tracer, but it is an excellent alternative. It provides or fakes most of the specialties of ray tracing, such as shadows and reflections (but not refraction). You can exercise a fair amount of control over the renderer, although it renders to nothing but the Toaster and it supports no Amiga-viewFable modes. To make an animation viewable on an Amiga, you would have to save your images as separate RGB files (wdiich are huge); next, using a program such as The Art Department (ASDG), you would need to convert each one dowFn to HAM and then compress them into an animation. LightWave can give you a line-drawing preview animation, but, once again, it wron’t save it. You would have to use a screen-grabber utility to grab each frame of the preview animation and then assemble them all with a utility such as MakeAnim. A major disadvantage to LightWave is that in order to run the program, you must enter it through the Video Toaster’s “switcher” program, wFhich will not run unless you have a Toaster (making the Toaster, in a way, the world’s largest dongle). Apart from that, the start-up time for the switcher is about a minute and a half, so any crashes that might occur become extremely unwelcome. Fortunately, crashes were few and far between, and usually avoidable, but do make sure you have plenty of memory and do not try to use any image you have not yet loaded. If it w ere not for its dependence on the Toaster and its lack of a true ray-tracing option, I would call this program a clear winner in just about all categories. Animation :J ourneyman This program is so different, it almost requires a class in computer-graphics theory just to talk about it. Journeyman tries to address some of the most common problems in digital graphics with some very unusual solutions. Here is some quick (and oversimplified) background information to help you understand this odd program. All polygon-based modelers have the same built- in problem: curves. To create a curved edge or surface, you must guess how' close the camera will be during rendering. If you guess wrong in one direc- ? UPERBASp pKOFESSIONAL AMIGA _ r°rm applleiulon i,Dvc,oi»,n‘,"‘ rt,ll»ll(nm| (IikiiHhhc. M « n 11 * Ht> dd ssss The Heavyweight For your most demanding database needs, look no further than Superbase® Professional 4, the heavyweight database for the Amiga. The result of more than two years intensive scrutiny by some of the worlds largest organizations, this technology won the largest Defense Department PC contract ever awarded and is now available for the Amiga. Superbase Professional 4 isn’t merely an upgrade from our best-selling Superbase (Professional, its an entirely new package absolutely bulging with new features like Workbench 2.0 look and feel, a visual object-oriented Form Designer, over 100 new DML programming commands and die enormous capacity to expand to meet your growing needs. From the simple to the complex Now fully cross-compatible with our best-selling PC version, Superbase 4 for Windows, Superbase Professional 4 provides an interface easy enough for novices to learn and use, along with the tools and power to build the most complex database systems you’ll ever need. Applications port easily between both environments for added flexibility. The unique VCR-style Control Panel lets you browse through loads of data, and an improved Form Designer gives you the ability to design custom input screens and presentation-quality output forms quickly and easily. Command pushbuttons, a graphical labels facility, expanded Arexx support and direct dBase file support are just a few of the new features you’ll find in Superbase Professional 4. Heavy numbers Superbase Professional 4 is a heavyweight in the numbers department too. Up to a billion records per file with up to 999 indices, all open and updated dynAMIGAlly. Internal text fields can contain up to 4,000 characters and external text can be of unlimited length. There’s no limit to the number of fields, open files or relational joins. The only limit is your imagination. Add a ton of other features like image support (IFF, PCX, TIFF, IMG, EPS and more), telecommunications, a built- in text editor for mailmerges and other operations. Multifile queries, a banded report generator and WYSIWYG form design all combine to make Superbase Professional 4 the heavyweight among database programs. Superbase Professional 4 is available now at your favorite dealer, or call us for upgrade information. $ 495.00 Superbase Professional 4 SUPERBASE ±1 Precision Software 8404 Sterling Street • Irving, TX 75063 Tel: (214) 929-4888 * (800) 562-9909 Fax: (214) 929-1655 Precision Software Supervise r. i ;centered ffjJcrmrk uf Pmruun St r»iTt. LiJ AH ti ha wnrJ Pmtwun other oxkourki herein get 1 free! 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U. S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. TCBI591 PO box 802 • Peterborough, NH 03458 L tion, you will be stuck with rendering countless unneeded facets; if you miss in the other, you will not have enough facets for proper rendering and all the Phong shading in the world won’t help you compensate. The problem lies in the fact that a faceted surface can only approximate a curved one. If these curves are represented by mathematical equations instead of facets, however, you can put your camera anywhere and be assured that your curves will render perfectly. High-end software in professional systems, such as Wavefront, usually provides the capability for creating and modifying (but not directly rendering) “surface patches,” which are just such equations. Once you get used to it, modeling with surface patches is a great way to quickly create complex curved shapes, such as car fenders and saddles, which defy ordinary modeling techniques. If your complex surfaces are part of a character, then your control points can be used to bend the surfaces like rubber during the course of an animation. This is nearly impossible to do in a polygon-based animation system. “Spline-patching,” then, is the design philosophy behind Animation: Journeyman. In addition to patch- based modeling, Journeyman also uses spline-based choreography, which means that all motions are represented not only by their start and end points, but also by a smoothed spline that passes through however many control points you desire. In fact, just about everything in Journeyman is controlled this way, even down to the color of the lamps. You can even control the “ease” of an object: You can speed up, slow down, or even momentarily reverse the motion of the object as it travels its path, without modifying the path itself. Journeyman also sports image-mapping, built-in textures, and much more, and all features are accessed through a user interface second only to LightWave in beauty and function. Figure 4. Animation:Journeyman's Director module. Don’t expect, however, to just walk right in and use this program without putting in a lot of learning time. Any program this ambitious is necessarily obtuse, and even Journeyman terminology can be a bit frightening at first. To paraphrase from the manual: A “ Vignette’* is the completed rendering of a "Choreography," which is composed of one or more "Characters," which are hierarchical constructions of "Figures,” which are hierarchical constructions of "Segments ” which are composed of “Splines,” which are constructed from “Curves,” which are defined by "Control Points.” In addition, a “Figure” can have a "Script" assigned to it, which is a series of “Actions" (the generic “Skeleton” motion of any “Figure” in a “Class”) or "Morphs,” which are a combination of “Muscles” and "Spines” (not "Splines”). .. And if that’s not enough, you must save each ofthese types of things, usually in its own directory, by typing in a lengthy pathname. A simple animation in the tutorial ends up existing in more than a dozen files and in about as many subdirectories some of which are five-deep! If you forget exactly which type of object is which, you can crash the program by trying to load the wrong one. On the plus side, all object and choreography files are saved as ASCII iiles, so the more analytical animator s can decipher them and perhaps write their own programs to create or modify them. This program is quite obviously a labor of love, and at first glance, it would seem almost to be set up primarily for its creator’s own use. But although you can count on a lot of initial head-scratching, this might be just the program for you if you do want to experiment with some state-of-the-art techniques. If it were possible, with scissors and paste, to construct my own 3-D program from these four packages, I would start with the LightWave layout and interface, splice in the surface patches from Journeyman, and then add the texture- and image-mapping from Imagine. 1 would also stick in Journeyman’s rnotion- spline graphs and then glue that to the t enderer from 3D Professional. I would have the whole thing run via script mode, as in 31) Pro, and finally, 1 would add portions of Walt Disney’s brain to help me come up with ideas. ¦ Eric Daniels has been in traditional animation for 13 yean. He has worked on many feature fihns, including Lord of the Rings, The Secret of NIMH, .An American Tail, The Rescuers Down Under, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He also worked on the original arcade games Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace and did all the animation for the Roger Rabbit Amiga game. He was Director of Animation on a portion of Hanna-Barbera’s recent projects at Universal Studios, Florida, and is currently working in Hollyivood at Baer Animation. Write to him c o Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. AMIGA GRAPHICS: THE NEW WAVE-2 the Rainbow .Skies are true blue. New 24-bit imaging devices now offer Amiga graphics an astonishing 16.7 million colors! By Mitch Wells J3 17* iT mil recently, if your video-production house wanted to create graphics with more colors than the Amiga’s native 4096, you had to either rent time on a dedicated high-end animation system or buy one. Those days are over. With the advent of software that can create up to 16.7 million colors and hardware that handles it properly, the Amiga finally fulfills its destiny as the high-end graphics workstation it was always touted to be. A number of 24-bit and “near 24-bit” imaging devices have arrived on the market recently. Because their prices and functions differ so markedly, let's take a look at these various boards and boxes, with an eye toward the effects of these differences. (For details on how to contact the developers of products discussed in this article, see the “Manufacturers' Addresses” list on p. 108.) The First Frame Mimetics’ FrameBuffer ($ 549.95), the first 24-bit board available for the Amiga, occupies a standard 100-pin A2000 slot. It uses professional BNC connectors for composite video in and out. Sculpt-Animate 4D (Centaur Software), 3D Professional (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software), Mega Paint (Pseudo Vision), and Caligari Broadcast all provide FrameBuffer support. The board itself comes with software that not only captures a video frame and saves it to IFF or 24-bit RGB, but also converts IFF pictures (including HAM) to its own 24-bit format for display (don’t expect more colors than you started with, though). Unfortunately, FrameBuffer s video output quality is the worst of all the boards I tested. The colors are weak, the board gives off RF “ghosts” that record onto tape, and video capture is tediously slow. The Next Sequence A new generation of barrier-breaking hardware for the Amiga lets you attain or approach die standard of output quality established by Truevision’s Targa boards for IBM Pcs but at a lesser cost. (See the sidebar below for more on Targas.) This generation includes Impulse’s Firecracker 24 (S1600), which, tike the FrameBuffer, is a 24-bit video card that occupies a standard A2000 slot. While the FrameBuffer provides composite video in out only, however, Firecracker offers an RGB output with an RGB-through port, so the Amiga’s own display is overlaid on top of the Firecracker's output, and both are displayed on an Amiga monitor. The Firecracker’s output is the best of all the .Amiga devices certainly on a par with the Targa boards. Be warned, though: If you want to record the Firecracker’s output to tape, you will need an RGB NTSC composite encoder decoder. Also, there is no mention of frame grabbing in the Firecracker manual, and there is currently no software support for that function. Firecracker’s software, as with FrameBuffer’s, is spartan at best. It allows you to turn the board off and on and to convert RGBN (Impulse’s own 24-bit format) and IFF (including 24-bit IFF) files for display on the Firecracker. Impulse claims that a 24-bit paint program is forthcoming, but no release date has been mentioned. NewTek’s Video Toaster (SI599) is an all-in-one production switcher, digital video-effects (DVE) generator, frame grabber, and character generator. It also provides twin frame buffers that allow you to hold and alternately display two complete 24-bit images. The Toaster has NTSC composite inputs and outputs that also support S-Video, and it installs in the A2000's video slot. The Toaster allows for realtime painting of true 24-bit images, but they are visible only in 12-bit format. Still, the Toaster's output is vibrant, and being able to use its DVEs with two 24-bit images makes animating fun! The Toaster comes with some fine software. The 2-D graphics program, ToasterPaint, allows you to paint an oversized HAM image on the Amiga screen and then send it out to the Toaster for display. This makes for a workable solution to the real-time 24-bit painting limitation. The Toaster also comes with a fine 3-D rendering and animation program, Light- Wave 3D. If you can convert image files to IFF 24, the Toaster will display them, but only two at a time, precluding automated frame recording to videotape with all programs but LightWave. On the other end of the price spectrum are HAM- E ($ 299, Black Belt Systems) and DCTV ($ 495, Digital Creations). Both are impressive units, especially considering their prices. Because these are external boxes that connect between the Amiga’s RGB port and the monitor, you can use them with any Amiga model. HAM-E is not a 16- or 24-bit frame buffer. It displays either 262,000 4- colors at once, or 256 colors from a palette of 16 million with real-time painting. Still, it can display most 24-bit files adequately. Rather than overlaying the Amiga’s output on its own, as does Firecracker, HAM-E combines the two to produce its unique output. As with Firecracker, you need an RGB NTSC or PAL composite encoder decoder to output HAM-E pictures to videotape. On a per-dollar basis, the HAM-E software is equally as impressive as the hardware. Not only does it include conversion utilities to display IFF 24 files and 45 other formats, but it also comes with a real- ? Targa the Standard TRUEVISION’S TARGA boards for IBMs and Bridgeboard-equipped Amiga 2000s are the de facto standard against which other low-end frame buffers are usually judged. That’s probably because Targa arrived on the market first. Each board in the new Targa + series, which includes 16-, 24-, and 32-bit versions, comes with an RGB-to-NTSC encoder decoder, RGB input output, and Y-C input output for SVHS, Hi-Band 8mm, and Umatic SP tape formats. (For a look at the differences between numbers of bits, see the sidebar “Real Color.”) Simply plug in a camera, and the board can capture a video frame. Also, Targa + comes with a demo version of Truevision’s TIPS paint software, which, in combination with the other features, makes it the best equipped of all the boards I looked at. Targa + is also the most expensive; the 16-bit board is priced at $ 1795, excluding the cost of the Commodore AT ($ 699.95) or XT ($ 1495) Bridgeboard required to run it. Fortunately, there is an abundance of Amiga software that supports Targa boards. Caligari Broadcast (Octree Software) outputs directly to Targa (via the Bridgeboard). ImageLink 2.0 (Active Circuits) can convert most Amiga file formats, 24-bit or otherwise, to the Targa format and then send the file to the board. The Art Department (ASDG) supports Targa via a separate loader module. Finally, Truevision’s own TIPS software runs (albeit a bit slowly) on a 512K XT Bridgeboard. As for video-output quality, Targa-series boards are among the best available, tied for first place with the Firecracker 24. N MW Next Generation Digital Audio Tools from SunRize Studio 16,M Turn your Amiga 2000 3000 into a professional digital audio workstation. You can record hours of audio direct to hard disk synchronized with time code. Edita complete video sound track on your Amiga. Add special effects. Fix glitches and filter noise. Supports 16 and 12 bit audio. Studio 16 software is bundled with one of two cards: AD1012 This 12 bit sampler card includes Studio 16 software, audio in out, AD2105 DSP, adjustable low pass filters and a SMPTE time code reader. Sampling rates of up to 100 KHZ are supported. With the signal-to-noise ratio of a professional VTR, the AD 1012 is perfect for editing video sound tracks at low cost. AD1016 This 16 bit sampler card includes Studio 16 software, a 56001 DSP, stereo audio in out, 8 times over- sampling digital filters, digital I O for DAT or CD hookup, MIDI in out, and SMI Ein. With the signal-to-noise ratio of a compact disk, the AD1016 puts a modern digital recording studio in your Amiga. I M Audition 4 This advanced 8 bit sample editor continues where AudioMaster 111 left off. Record direct to floppy disk. 100% assembler. Real time zoom. Incredibly fast scroll. Freehand edit. Sequenced loops. Real time effects include echoes, high pass filter, low pass filter, band pass filter, stop band filter, mix, fade, flange, VU meter and oscilloscope. Editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, keep, invert, filter, echo, mix, fade, treble adjust, bass adjust, smooth, DC removal, invert, relsample, and tune. Fealure Audition 4 AudioMastc Sequenced Loops yes yes EasvtoUse yes yes HiFi Mode yes yes Record to Floppy ves no Save Executable Sounds ves no Preview Effects yes no Real Time Filters ves no Num.Real Time Effects 8 3 Time todolOOK Echo 22 secs 106 secs Program Size
- 1O0K
- 207K List Price $ 99.95 $ 99.95 Special AudioMaster Upgrade offer! AudioMaster I, II and 111 owners can upgrade lo Audition 4 bv sending your original AudioMaster disk along with $ 40 + S5S&FI to the ad dress below. Perfect Sound 3 pi This best selling 8 bit stereo sampler includes everything you need to start recording any sound right away. Just attach Perfect Sound to your printer port and plug in your own CD player, radio, or microphone. Using the provided software you can record and edit any sound. Advanced recording hardware gives you right and left line level rifJit inputs, a microphone jack, noise filters, digital gain, and a hardware based sampling clock. List Price $ 99.95. For more information call SunRize at (408) 374-4962. Or fax us at (408) 374-4963. To order see your local dealer. European Representatives: FRANCE CIS (056) 363-441. GERMANY Intelligent Memory (069) 410071, SWITZERLAND Micro- tron (032) 872429, UNITED KINGDOM HB Marketing (0753) 686000. SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 USA Audition 4, Perlcd Sound 3. And Studio lh are trademarks of SunRi e Industries. AudioMaster 111 6a trademark of Owi, Inc. time paint program that, among either things, offers color cycling (which makes HAM-E the only board of the bunch to offer that feature). The documentation provides plenty of hints and tips for writing C and Arexx scripts for use with HAM-E. HAM-E’s video output is noticeably weaker than that of the Firecracker or Targa boards, but is far superior to the FrameBuffer’s, and, for the price, is more than adequate. Both DCTV and HAM-E offer real-time animation (using conventional Amiga frame-compression techniques) in addition to real-time painting. HAM-E also provides advanced animation commands for linear, circular and orbital paths. Both can save their images in an IFF-compatible format for use with such animation programs as DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts) and Animation Station (Progressive Peripherals). They save images as high-resolution IFF pictures, with information unique to either HAM-E or DCTV in the upper-left corner of the image. Any Amiga animation program can make animations from these files as long as it does not change the picture size when compressing. Finally, although it costs SI00 more than HAM-E, DCTV’s price value is just as impressive. This is where the products' similarities end, however. DCTV allows you to paint or animate in a full 24- bit (16.7 million) color scheme. Its paint program has Real Color IF YOU TRY to sell a Fortune 500 company on your video studio by saying “My Amiga offers 32 colors," you might as well not bother. HAM mode’s 4096 colors are much closer to what professionals expect, but HAM is hampered by color artifact- ing (using three pixels as a transition between two colors) and a lack of resolution (352 x 480 in overscan). What your potential client wants is “real" color. To computer animators, a real color device is one that can produce close to as many colors as NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) broadcast video can use nearly two million. In technical terms, that translates to a picture with at least 21 bitplanes of color, although 16 bits with dithering are adequate for nonbroadcast applications. “Bits of color" refers to how many colors a single pixel within an image can be. Because bits are simply on off switches, one bitplane results in two colors, perhaps black and white. Two bitplanes translates to four colors, three to eight colors, four to 16 colors, and so on. Five bitplanes (32 colors) are all the Amiga can handle (except in HAM and Extra_ Halfbrite modes, which are software and hardware modilications of four and five bitplanes). While 16- and 24-bit devices provide over 32,000 and 16.7 million colors respectively, eight-bitplane devices usually produce 256 shades of gray (helpful in desktop publishing and analytical work), rather than 256 colors. Unlike standard Amiga graphics, 24- bit graphics share no one common format. The most widely used in the Amiga community is Sculpt-Animate 4D’s 24-bit Sculpt RGB format. Developed by Mi- metics for the FrameBuffer and first adopted by Sculpt, this format consists of three separate files, one each for red, green, and blue data. The next most frequently used is the new Super IFF 24-bit format, developed by ASDG for its Scan- Lab hardware software combination. Third in standard usage is NewTek’s 21- bit RAW format, which consists of a single file that has 21 bits of color information (over two million colors) and is closest to NTSC video in number of colors. Rounding out the list of formats are Impulse’s 12- and 24-bit RGBN, TARGA, and Cal- igari’s .6rn files. Devices that employ extra bitplanes are most commonly frame buffers and frame- capture units. Frame buffers can display a single frame for video, graphics, or animation in a great number of colors. A frame-capture device, or frame grabber, is simply a digitizer that can hold in its memory a complete frame of color or black-and-white video. For example, NewTek’s Digi-View Gold cannot capture or hold a complete frame of video at one time. You can output to these devices with paint and rendering programs. A paint program (such as DeluxePaint III or Truevision’s TIPS) lets you manipulate the colors on the screen in real time by using a keyboard, mouse, or drawing tablet. A rendering program (such as Sculpt- Animate 4D) does not allow real-time manipulation of colors like a brush on a canvas, but rather works with objects. The artist designs objects, places them in two-or three-dimensional space, perhaps sets up lighting schemes, and then instructs the program to color the objects and give them textures. Unlike the Amiga, a frame buffer is capable of displaying only one frame of video. To animate frame-buffer images, you need a single-frame controller in order to link the frame-buffer-equipped Amiga and a capable videotape recorder (VTR) or film recorder. The controller triggers a VTR to record the video frame displayed on the frame buffer onto a single frame of videotape, and then prepares for the next frame. With the help of Photon Video Transport Controller (Microillusions), programs such as Sculpt-Animate 4D, Caligari Broadcast, ImageLink, and 3D Professional can all send an image to the frame buffer and then trigger the VTR automatically, ? MW m L M | 00 03 '.04 I in IfiTIWaTaTCTaWaWl _ ; iiiiiiiiiiiiiiibiiiD
- h *rinin«nrnrnincnnB«H :¦ ¦ccrnnrrrrrnrnnccncl nrrnrrrrrnrnrnrnrnnB ccocmiicrncpccccc p To try before you buy, send us a check or money order for $ 15. In turn, we'll send you a fully-featured demo disk, plus a coupon worth $ 15 off your purchase of Bars&Pipes Professional. THE BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS LTD 1293 Briardale Lane NE Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 377-1514 Fax(404)377-2277 Bars&Pipes Professional will open your eyes to a new vision of music software. Its expandable design and innovative architecture increase the creativity and productivity of the modern composer. Recording: bars&pipes Professional provides an unlimited number of tracks and notes. Its sequencer boasts the features you'd expect, plus you can actually see your music as it plays. With its PipeLine metaphor, Bars&Pipes Professionai. Presents unlimited methods of non-destructively editing your music, in real time! EMBELLISHING: Bars&Pipes PROFESSIONAL’S Tools enhance your music as you compose, playback or edit. These modules perform standard, musical and technical tasks to save time and give you the creative edge. And with Create a Tool, you can invent custom designed MacroTools to suit your every musical whim. EDITING: Bars&pipes Professional furnishes a wide range of editing options including an event list, piano roll and real music notation that you can see, hear and change. With a stroke of the mouse, you can adjust MIDI events graphically or numerically. PRINTING: BARS&PIPES PROFESSIONAI. Can print your music at any time during the composing process. No separate program or file conversion necessary. Printing options include concert score, transposed score and individual parts, with lyrics, chord symbols, measure numbers, labeled sections, page numbers, author, title and a wide selection of automatic transpositions. ARRANGING: Bars&Pipes professional's Graphical Song Construction window enables you to see an overview of your composition, label it and reorganize it. And with its Graphical Tempo Mapping window, you can easily add realistic tempo change curves. MIXING: Bars&Pipes Professional's automated mixing feature, MixMaestro, includes real-time control of volume, panning and other MIDI controllers. As your music plays, you can move the various sliders and knobs to adjust the balance of your arrangement, then save your mix to disk. MixMaestro automatically sends control change data to your tracks. • SYNCING; Bars&Pipes professional sends and receives MIDI clocks and System Exclusive data, reads SMPTE and MIDI File Format, and includes Arexx support. With its Time-line Scoring window, you can arrange your soundtrack, then coordinate your music with video, film, tape and multi-media applications. ENHANCING: Aside from the variety of Tools and Accessories included with Bars&Pipes Professional, we've created five Bars&Pipes add-on Series packages containing many, many more: MusicBox A, MusicBox B, Internal Sounds Kit, Multi-Media Kit, and Rules for Tools. And from our Bars&Pipes MusicWare Collection, you can select from over 300 professionally arranged music files in Bars&Pipes format. BdrsAPipeT PtofcMior.il. RorsAPipc* Add On Scttw, ftaiviPipo MuMtWUfc, Ctcjic A Tool anil UiiU*c$ tro arr tMdcrruiks of The Him- Ribbon SoundWotl.*, Ud BarvlPipo ProfcMKXul Copjughl 1990 91 All rights rcxmcd Circle 68 on Reader Service card fewer features than [lie most recent versions of HAM- E’s, but is perhaps easier to learn because it is more like other Amiga paint programs. DCTV’s resolution is a full 736x480, while HAM-E’s is about the same as overscanned HAM (348x480). Also, DCTV lets you digitize a single, full-color frame of still video from a camera or still source in about ten seconds. DCTV has no RGB outputs (although the manual alludes to a future RGB converter). Instead, it offers NTSC line video (with an RCA jack), with no provision for S-video formats. DCTV’s line-video output is clean, colorful, and certainly comparable to that of the Video Toaster. DCTV is probably not the last of the new hardware wave. Still on the horizon is M.A.S.T.’s Colorburst, a unit promising 24-bit display, support for real-time painting, and image conversion to its own display format. Also yet to come are a 24-bit frame buffer from GVP and a 32-bit unit from Amiga Centre Scotland. The Finished Picture For the aspiring professional with plenty of money, I heartily recommend a full-blown, 24-bit animation system consisting of an Amiga 2500 with the A2086 Bridgeboard, a Targa+ 16 32 card (S1995), Truevision’s TIPS 32 software, Caligari Broadcast, and Sculpt-Animate 4D. If the Targa setup is out of range, I suggest the Video Toaster and its own LightWave software, or the Firecracker 24 with either Sculpt- Animate 4D or Imagine (Impulse). When you add in a single-frame controller and a capable video recorder, 24-bit animation is still a big investment, but the professional, near-broadcast results are worth it. If you own a frame buffer of any sort, you should also own ImageLink. Both a conversion and a control program, I magelink converts among picture formats, mainly from one 24-bit type to another or from 24- bit to Amiga-displayable IFF'. It also links software and hardware (such as Sculpt-Animate and a Targa board), thus making almost any system more useful. ¦ Mitch Wells is president of A FR International, a videographics production company. Write to him cfo Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. AMIGA PROFILE THOSE WHO WATCH rock videos on TV or pay attention to the cover of Amiga World should now be familiar with Todd Rundgren. Those who really know the exploits of this music star (whose many hits include “Can We Still Be Friends” and “Real Man”) probably also know that he is a tried and true fan of Apple’s Macintosh. He even has a company, Utopia Grok ware, that develops Macintosh software. Behind the Portrait Fortunately for us, the Macintosh does not run NewTek’s Video Toaster or its LightWave 3D software. And this rockin' combination was just the ticket for Rundgren’s latest video, for his song “Change Myself.” Rundgren first glimpsed the Toaster at Siggraph, and not long after had ten of these gems installed in two five-high stacks of A2500s. He added another ten 300MB hard drives, and dug right into heavy 3-D rendering. According to Lisa Osta, an author for the fan newsletter Utopia Times, who visited Todd’s studio, Rundgren created 7200 frames, equal to some ten gigabytes of information, all of which was output to write-only optical disks. Most musicians simply wrrite or play the songs, and let experts handle the video side. Not Rundgren. He worked for months, painstakingly creating and rendering these complex animations. He also worked as he learned the system, and even received special software upgrades on demand from LightWave author Alan Hastings. The result is a mind-boggling video that you’d swear took millions to produce. Instead, the investment was a mere $ 65,000 in computer equipment that can be used again and again. Although Rundgren is clearly enthralled with the Toaster, our sources report that he still has a solid allegiance to the Mac, believing that the Amiga architecture still has some serious quirks. But hey, at least we’re halfway there. Doug Barney £
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- --- rn: ,v. Event Ktvf StttiM Cfiatrt] Vriul.iu Vf ley Modi Nix Cluwtlf _ II t Event Control Event 1 Nix Loxa Local Color Audio Level Extmul Task N
* j » r, iflifiion LUMA-KEYING Ctliy Cii in:! Ihiut MJAHttr - Mlntffl llrtr ¦ f frl» 1.1 ¦ MlrtTmn JJ? I'm Curml ftwi Nl flW hlitt tHt FrM l I j I J I 7 I t 11 “ 0Y« f nil* in mat in , Ctlff tO[|4 U1- tlh !F CjHM Cttifil CinJM ititU luii '4MIC. CUSTOM SCRIPTING CONTROL SOFTWARE CUSTOM WIPE PAINT SOFTWARE CH. A CH.8 POWER AUDIO ATTENUATION LED HUE SATURATION CONTRAST POWER SWITCH CH. A CH.B AUDIO IN AirEtn
• .r t v. _U GRN RED VIDEO VIDEO PASS IN BLACK KEY B RGB IN OUT AUDIO OUT SERIAL PORT POWER ViDEOOUT IN 1 0 BURST IN SLAVEABLE RGB Works with Amiga 500, 2000, and 3000 series computers (1 MB memory required). Suggested retail only $ 1295.00 NTSC and PAL versions available. See your local Amiga dealer for a fuli demonstration of the VIDEO BLENDER. (Amiga 3000 screen contains contol panel software.) All software is full multi-tasking manual and serial cable included. Optional RGB slaveable video peripherals available soon. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Progressive Peripherals Software, Inc. 464 Kalamath St., Denver Colorado 80204 Tel: (303) 825-4144 Fax: (303) 893-6938 circle 161 on Header service card of Power! Power users should find the “Tower" version of the Amiga 3000 a dream machine for its sheer expandability in almost any direction imaginable. By Lou Wallace TWELVE MONTHS AGO we gave you a “published-on-the-day-of-its- announcement” exclusive story on Commodore’s next-generation line of Amiga computers: the Amiga 3000 (Jun. ’90, p. 18). We told you then that the company planned to use this new platform as the launching pad for new developments in Amiga technology. And we said to stay tuned for sequels in the not-too-distant future. It’s time now to deliver the first installment on that promise. As this issue went to press, Commodore’s announcement of the next wave of A3000 technology is just about to take place. Behind the scenes, work has been under way on the A3000T the “Tower” version of the Amiga 3000 for a number of months. AmigaWorld has been working with a Tower for several weeks now so that we could provide you with some hands-on impressions of the new system as soon as the official announcement became public. So join us now for this AW Special Report. (Editors note: As this issue was going to press, Commodore had not set the A300QTs price. We will include it in the June issue.) The A3000: Generous. . .but Not Easily Expandable One of the things that amazed students of the Amiga 3000 upon first glance was that it crammed all of its high-power features into a streamlined, small-footprint case. The A3000 motherboard packs a 25 Mhz Continued on p. 46. AmigaWorld PHOTOGRAPHED BY ED JUDICE On Off Switch Power Light Drive Light Key Switch
3. 5-lnch Bay Power Supply Optional Tape Drive Drives Stock 100MB Drive Front Accessible 5,25-Inch Bays Front Bay Rear 5.25-Inch Bay Video Slot Bridgeboard Slots Speaker Amiga 100-Pln Slots
• Space for additional externally accessible hard drives or devices: one 3.5-inch drive. One 5.25-inch half-height, mounted horizontally. Two 5.25-inch half-height, mounted vertically.
• Space for internally accessible devices: up to two full-height devices, or up to four half-height devices.
• Expansion slots: fast slot for 68040 accelerator. Video slot for internal video devices. Five Zorro 111 slots. Four Bridgeboard PC slots. A3000T Specifications
• Motorola 25 Mhz 68030 CPU.
• Motorola 25 Mhz 68882 math coprocessor.
• Video Display Enhancer.
• DMA SCSI disk controller.
• 280-watt power supply.
• 4MB of 32-bit RAM (expandable to 16MB on motherboard).
• 1MB chip RAM (expandable to 2MB on motherboard).
• 100MB hard drive.
• One 3.5-inch 880K floppy drive. V- jp Display and capture full color j"-! Digitiie and ? Animate in DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV "creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTV1T DCTV "also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Patents applied for Circle 29 on Reader Service card From p. 33. 68030 processor, a 68882 math coprocessor, a full 32-bit bus, the new enhanced chip set (ECS), and enough RAM-chip sockets to hold an impressive 18 megabytes of system memory. In addition, it provides a built-in SCSI DMA hard-disk controller, a display y Jpening up the A3000T is like walking into the lobby of a Vegas casino. Enhancer that cuts down interlace flicker, and 40- 100MB (depending on configuration) of hard-disk storage capacity. While such a compact little dynamo packs an enormous wallop as far as some users are concerned, the small-form advantage of the A3000 may indeed prove a liability for other, more power-oriented Amiga users. In order to keep the box small, CBM engineers reduced the number of available slots (in comparison with the A2000), limiting the total to four expansion slots, one video slot, and one CPU slot. As a further hindrance to expandability, the video slot is in-line with one of the 100-pin expansion slots, and another expansion slot is dedicated to Bridge- board applications. While there is obviously a great deal you can do with an A3000, there is still a real i limit to the number of internal cards you can use effectively with the current system. In addition, the A3000 comes with room for only three 3.5-inch drives, so there is no place to put 5.25- inch PC drives for the Briclgeboard, much less to install large-capacity 5.25-inch fixed drives or stream- ing-tape drives. Users simply must add all such peripherals to the A3000 externally which seems to defeat the purpose of a high-end system designed for power use. Up, Up, and Away! Like Manhattan property owners, Commodore engineers have long held a solution to A3000 expansion: vertical development. The A3000T is a full-height “Tower” version of the Amiga 3000. (For those unfamiliar with the term, a Tower is a large computer case that appears to be set on its end; you normally place it on the floor, not on your desk.) Inside, you will find ample room for all the expansion devices you will probably ever need, along with a 280-watt power supply built to handle them. For openers, the A3000T supports a wide variety of drive bays. Two 3.5-inch bays located in the front allow for two floppy drives or one floppy and one
3. 5-inch hard drive. Above these is a horizontal 5.25- inch half-height bay where you can install any halfheight SCSI device. (In our system, this bay is occupied by a streaming-tape drive.) Just below the 3.5- inch bays, you will find a pair of bays for two vertically mounted, half-height 5.25-inch devices, although you can adapt this space to mount one full-height 5.25- inch drive. Inside, behind these drives, there is space for two more 5.25-inch half-height drives or another full- height drive. All in all, this means that it is possible to install in the A3000T up to seven devices, all mounted internally. If that won’t do, you can always use one of the expansion slots to add a hardcard! . Speaking of slots, opening up the A3000T is like walking into the lobby of a Vegas casino. The system provides the standard CPU and video slots found in the A3000, as well as five Zorro III slots and four Bridgeboard slots. Not all are available, however, for every expansion strategy. For instance, the video slot is in-line with the first Zorro III slot, while two of the PC slots are in-line with other Zorro III slots. This means that if you are using all four PC Bridgeboard slots, you will have only three .Amiga slots available. That may, of course, be an unlikely scenario, but even if you use three PC slots, that still leaves four Amiga slots; if you don’t use any Bridgeboard slots, that leaves all five Amiga slots open, with two PC slots untouched. The expansion possibilities, as you can see, are hardly limited. Tower Teasers While expansion slots and bays are the major attraction, the A3000T sports a few other features worthy of note. It includes its own built-in speaker, which will handle most ordinary sound requirements (although you wall probably want to add stereo speakers if you are building the kind of power system the Tower was designed for). In addition, the A3000T provides a new high-resolution two-button mouse a welcome departure from the original Amiga mouse. To help make the long journey from the floor to your desktop. Commodore supplies an extra-long mouse cable. (The manufacturer also provides an extender cable that allows the standard monitor cable to reach the Tower case.) On the outside of the case, you find power and hard-disk lights, an on off swatch, and a key switch. With the latter, you can lock the mouse and keyboard to prevent unauthorized users from accessing them in your absence. Also, turning this switch all the way to the right will perform a warm reset of the machine. In summary, the A3000T is a power user’s delight. It contains all the new features of the A3000, plus more room for expansion than the A2000 and A3000 combined. Already I’m planning what to put in mine. Let’s see now. . .a 68040 card here, a CD-ROM there, a tape drive, a 700-meg full-height drive, maybe even a Firecracker 24 graphics card in this slot and a 32- meg memory board in another, and. . .what will I put in all those other spots? ¦ WHAT TO GET WHEN YOU'VE OUTGROWN THE AMIGA 500 BODEGA BAY. MODULAR EXPANSION CONSOLE Finally, you can take advantage of the assortment of A2000 cards available without giving up your A500. With the Bodega Bay you can expand your Amiga 500 with four A2000 compatible 100-pin slots, There are three overlapping IBM® XT AT slots as well that allow you to use a Bridge Board. In order to run all those new add-ons, we've included an internal high wattage power supply. And, we've incorporated space for three internal disk drives. So don't worry, you can't outgrow your A500 because now you've got the powder to make it growr with your needs. Contact your local dealer for more details or call (408) 378-0340. Di.sk drives, monitor, and computer not included. California Access I30A Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 Fax: (408)378-0397 CALIFORNIA ACCESS '01991 Logical Design Works, Inc. All rights reserved. California Access and Bodega Bay art- trademarks of Logical Design Works, Inc All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the properties of their respective holders. Circle 4 on Reader ,Service card the Data Beast! Instead of working around them, make your records work for you with these Superbase relational database techniques. DO THE WORDS "relational database management” conjure up visions of Gunther Gebel-Williams with an MIS degree whipping back lion-sized manuals that roar such dataspeak as "structured queries,” "indexed field links ” and "validation formulas?” They needn’t. With Superbase Professional’s ($ 349.95) Query and Validation requesters as your whips, you too can tame the relational beast and make data jump to your commands. [Note: Most, if not all, of these concepts will work with Superbase Personal 2, (S 149.95) as well,] Fear still gnawing at you? Let’s examine why you should step in the cage at all. Although you can solve simple information-man- agement problems via a "flat-file” (single-file) approach, this method is very inefficient and quite limiting for more robust problems. The classic metaphor for the flat-iile approach is a file of index cards in which you record each unique piece of data on a separate card. For example, the company's index-file box for product information would have a single card devoted to each product, containing such details as production costs, sales price, and so on. A computerized version of this database speeds your access to individual product records and lets you sort products by type or cost. Flat files fall short on such complicated questions as, "How many Twigglets did we sell in September 1990?” or “How much income did the company generate selling Zingbolts in 1990?” While the example product database does contain the company’s profit on one Zingbolt, to answer die questions, you need data on overall product sales, which would be stored in an orders database. ? By Loren Lovhaug A source of technical information for the serious" Amiga professional. M. Introducing The AmigaWorld Tbch Journal, the new source to turn to for the advanced technical information you crave. Whether you're a programmer or a developer of software or hardware, you simply can't find a more useful publication than this. Each big, bimonthly issue is packed with fresh, authoritative strategies and advice to help you fuel the power of your computing. Better results from compiler? Looking for good Public Domain programming tools on the networks and bulletin boards? Like to keep current on Commodore's new standards? Want to dig deeper into your operating system and even write your own libraries? Then The AmigaWorld Tech Journal is for you! Our authors are programmers themselves, seasoned professionals who rank among the Amiga community's foremost experts. You'll benefit from their knowledge and insight on C, BASIC, Assembly, Modula-2, Arexx and the operating system in addition to advanced video, MIDI, speech and lots more. Sure, other programming publications may include some technical information, but none devote every single page to heavyweight techniques, hard-core tutorials, invaluable reviews, listings and utilities as we do. Every issue includes a valuable companion disk! And only The AmigaWorld Tech Journal boasts of a technical advisory board comprised of industry peers. Indeed, our articles undergo a scrupulous editing and screening process. So you can rest assured our contents are not only accurate, but completely up-to-date as well. 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• Practical hardware and software reviews, including detailed comparisons, benchmark results and specs
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P. O. Box 80*2,80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 For faster service, call toll-free 1-800-343-0728. QUH‘V fields orders :us toner II ten juanti ty total.Sale Ordered ;us toner nilupn-l.***'; 1(D): tli Tv bduttt lit-n snack i t CZH (Order el Cancel Figure 1. The Item field links records In these two databases. Snacks and fasteners. Figure l shows example fields from that company's products and orders database files. Here, the Item field serves as the link between the files. Now let’s take advantage of it to answer the burning question, “How much income did the company generate from its snack division and its fastener division in 1990?” Get Cracking Before Superbase can provide an answer, you must formulate the question in terms it can understand. To do so, use the Query Definition requester (see Figure 2), which you access from the Process menu’s The dilemma points out the significance of relational database management, the techniques of which let you access information stored in a second file based on the data in the original tile. To do this, you must establish a common link between the files in question, such as one or more fields that contain the same data in both files. As an illustration, consider a company that makes Superb E31£m»rrl'AV r : HO) : slw'tu'rirr*. Intlt-sed on C ui t totr-i' Cits l:k % let* Pittl* Dtchief ot*to Chips Shapeil Like Floppy Disks arch 12 199t I 1* | Position M ? IF 1 1 Length I_I t AS 1 Heading I * I rri rm imwi r i Value Figure 2, The Query Definition requester tells Superbase what to display and how to format It. Edit Query option. Pose your question in the requester’s four text gadgets: Fields, Report, Filter, and Order. You can supply information to these text gadgets by typing them in or by clicking on the gadget name and then selecting the appropriate choices in the resulting requesters (see Figure 3). Fields tells Superbase which fields you wish to display as part of the answer and how they should look. For example, you can supply Superbase with the specific position (using the @ symbol) at which lo display the information, or you can limit the number of displayed characters in a specific field (using the &; symbol). Report tells Superbase how you would like your question answered. For example, should the answer be expressed in terms of the sum of specific fields or a count of how many fields match a specific criteria? Filter, the most important setting, dictates the criteria and the relational link(s) Superbase will use to determine whether it should consider or ignore each record. I fere, you define the parameters for the question’s answer. For example, you can tell Superbase to calculate the answer based only on a subset of the database, such as those products that sold more than 10,000 units, or sales in the cities of Houston and Minneapolis. Finally, Order specifies the order in which records are presented. For instance, you could display information sorted by date or by city. You can also specify multiple-sort criteria, as well as ascending or descending order. In the Query Definition requester in Figure 2, the Fields gadget asks Superbase to display the Customer, Item, and Ordered fields for records that meet the criteria specified in the Filter gadget. The .orders ? 50 A fzy 1991 S»f W CAM ANY FQ:R7QM yyr $ 6999 m$ k i»t Akiiik m mwrnm A YES IT’S TRUE1! SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. _j UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It's hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!! J Menu Driven Control Program couldn't be simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's it!! Don’t be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! A Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO" MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!! _i Can be switched OUT when not in use • totally transparent, j Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*, j At least one External Drive required. ?>A'ZtS MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING ... j DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now you can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate. A DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy. Hard Drive File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename etc. etc. _i Easy to use. _i Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That’s where Syncro Express beats all others - It transfers data at MFM TTL level, just like the duplicators. J Syncro Express is designed in Europe where “Digital Image Copying" is the present sensation. This device, with it’s own custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 7011 j Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mount Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects. PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500 77000 77500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING Wjll sJ>i WM& 'AtiVMiaL's (JJlfl CALL TOLL FREE* 1-800-962-0494 -ORDERS ONLY WE WILL DISPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY 8 EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR SYNCRO EXPRESS III WITHIN DAYS, NOT WEEKS.OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUOHTO DESPATCH. ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN OOAST TO O0A8T TEOHMOl008EB UMO., 1855 S. R.434, SUITE 208, LONG WOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0779
* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2ndDAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD'S (ADD $ 2) e c h n o I o g Circle 114 on Reader Servce card. Extension tells Superbase to look in the orders database. Report directs the program to display the sum of the “TotaL_Sale'* field in the orders file (SUM (Total Sales.orders)) and to group them as snacks or fasteners according to the Type field in the products database (GROUP Type.Products). Most importantly. Filter tells Superbase that the common link between the orders and products files is the Item field in each (Item. Orders= Item. Products), and that the program should consider only records with the year 1990 in the Ordered field (YF.AR(Ordered)= 1990). Finally, Orders instructs Superbase to display the records sorted by the Type field in the Products database. To pose the query, click on Okay. Figure 4 shows the results. Although, for brevity’s sake, this query worked on onlv a little over two dozen records, it could work on similar products and orders files of thousands of records each. Generating a useful query for your own data may take practice, but the example is a good pattern to study. (Consult the “Using Query” section in the products database). In addition, we want Superbase to automatically suggest the proper product name if the operator makes a typing error. Figure 5. The File Definition requester lets you assign field attributes. To set up a validation formula, you must click the Validated attribute in the File Definition requester when you first set up your database (see Figure 5). (You can edit an existing field’s definition to make it validated, but be careful when using attributes in combination: the External, Required, Read Only, Calculation, and Constant attributes affect Validated’s File definition Field nano Attributes Foi'nat TXT IXD .ustoner 11 ten luantlty fotal_Sale lOrdened TXT VAL REQ IXD HUH HUH CLC RDO DAT oExternal 0 Text Ontineric Odatr Tine r i e I d 1 ..... 1 Arid ¦ Pdelote O Required O Read only Figure 4. Superbase displays the results of Figure 2's query. Of the Superbase manual for a complete list of command options.) Now that you have cowed “structured queries” and “indexed field links” into submission, you are readv to take on “validation formulas.” 4 Limited Entry Area When a customer places an order with our company over the telephone, the operator usually types in the customer’s name and order information manually. Relational techniques and Superbase’s ability to perform calculations on fields during data entry, how ever, can speed up the process by taking advantage of the information in the products database. Validation formulas let you limit the kind of data entered into a particular field. For the Item field in the orders database, we want a formula that limits entries to those products the company sells (the items performance.) Clicking on Validated’s button brings up the Validation Formula requester for the current field (see Figure 6). To accomplish our task, Superbase must first check data entered in the Item Field of the orders file against the contents of the Item field in the products file. Superbase’s LOOKUP command attempts to “look up” an indexed field’s contents within a set of specified records. In effect, it asks and answers such questions as, “Does the item in field 1 of file A exist in field 3 of file B?” In the same command, you can specify the manner in which Superbase proceeds upon receiving a positive or negative answer. The LOOKUP command serves as the method for defining the common link between database files, just as did the filter option of the Query facility in the previous example. For the example problem, LOOKUP’S syntax is: LOOKUP(item.orders,item. product) This statement will suffice, assuming LOOKUP always finds a match. Rather than being overly optimistic, you should make a provision for handling mistyped ? B%n ?e (h0» l * F' 882° -osed'0 iiw as opPoS' «?S& pfl, u ca *eSMiJ B«s ' s'rJh&.i*h S;" t C 6 . TiOTVS*
* %£>¦ . C0 cUJuor an it re oul , H3A2Ij1 nr canfl ,712, 515 5‘J472 2„75 5,4,2 product names. LOOKUP'S ELSE clause does the trick. If LOOKUP fails to find a match, the best course is for Superbase to display an Intuition-style requester (complete with scroll gadgets), so that the operator can select an item that does exist in the products file. The REQUEST function lets you call up and use Superbase's built-in requesters. Because the REQUEST function is thoroughly documented in the Superbase supplement book and ReadMe file, I will not repeat the specifics of its syntax. Combining LOOKUP and REQUEST via ELSE gives you the following field-validation formula for the example. (Type it into the text gadget as a single line.) LOOKUP(item.orders,ttem.products) ELSE REQUEST "Select the Item with the mouse", "in the window below”,20,.Item.orders ltem.products The command also has two useful side-efleets. If you enter the first few letters of a valid product name, the REQUEST function displays in the Intuition requester window the valid items that start with those letters, making Superbase a quasi spell checker. Even better, if you select Required as well as Validated when defining the Item field’s attributes, Superbase will not allow you to enter a null value in the field. The Intuition requester appears automatically if you press RETURN while in the empty field. Now the operator can simply press RETURN, then select the requested product from the requester. If you were to get ambitious, you could even instruct Superbase to calculate the order price based on the Quantity and Retail Price fields. With these two techniques, you are well on your way to conquering Superbase’s relational capabilities. Do not let your guard down, however; Superbase has plenty of other functions waiting to pounce, such as relational forms-processing and relational transaction-processing facilities. If you shield yourself with your new understanding of file links, even these will be no match for you. ¦ Loren Lovhaug is a frequent contributor to Amiga and C-64 128 publications. He is also a sysop on both Quantum Link and Genie. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Superbase Professional American Software Distributors 502 E. Anthony Drive Urbana, IL 61801 217 384-2050 True digital photography for your Amiga computer Through a special arrangement with Quintar™ Co., Liquid Light is now offering the Bell & Howell CDI-IV™ color digital film recorder for use with all Amiga computer models. The CDI-IV offers true color capability for all your Amiga images including IFF and HAM. All you add is the film and the imagination. Whether you need high quality 35mm slides, instant prints, overhead transparencies or even instant slides the CDI-IV has you covered. The CDI-IV is shipped to you complete with a 35mm camera, instant print camera, software and cables. Everything you need to produce stunning images is right in the box. It plugs into the serial port of your computer so you can install it in minutes. The manufacturers suggested retail for this system is $ 3,995, but for a limited time you can purchase the complete CDI-IV at an introductory price of only $ 1,895. Quantities are limited and this price will last for just a short while. Liquid Light So give us a call today, with the CDI-IV you'll see your images in a whole new light. Presentation Graphics Peripherals CDI-IV introductory price only $ 1,895. To order call 213 618-0274 American Liquid Light, Inc., 2341 West 205th Street, Torrance, CA 90501 Tel:213 618-0274, Fax: 213 618-1982 Bell (e Howell, Quintar Co. And CDI-IV are registered trademarks of Bell & Howell Quintar Company. The “Ami 500” EPILOGUE The “Ultimate” A500 It s four for the price of three here in the finale of our series on upgrading the A300. Now. . .we build excitement! By Tim Walsh The sport of hot-rodding, which so entranced us in our youth, involved buying lots of things to make our jalopies look and sound fast. (If they actually went fast, all the better!) Nowadays, few of us are tempted to lay out cash for the sake of attracting attention from teenagers and law-enforcement officials. As an Amiga owner looking to get more performance from your system, however, you may find that a few traces of high-octane vapors still haunt your spirit. To satisfy the dragster in all of us, I have assembled the “Ultimate” Amiga 500 hot rod. My goal was to build the fastest and most versatile dream machine possible using an A500 as the cornerstone. Practicality was also a consideration, although not a priority. I sought the most sensible, rather than the most expensive, combination of products. (For details on how to contact the developers or distributors of products mentioned in this article, consult the “Manufacturers' Addresses ' list on p. 108.) Hold It There! A key component that allows A2000- and A3000- compatible cards to work with the low-budget Amiga, Bodega Bay (S429, California Access) plays an important role in the making of the Ultimate A500. Thanks to Bodega Bay’s mass, the Ultimate A500 is THE AMI 500 EPILOGUE bulkier than the A2000 and fairly dwarfs the A3000. It connects to the computers expansion bus and gives you four expansion slots, a 200-watt power supply, a much-needed cooling fan, and ample room for hard disks and internal floppy drives. About the only A2000 products the unit cannot accommodate are those that require either the accelerator or video slot on the A2000 (neither of these is available on the Bodega Bay or any other A500 expander). That rules out the use of A2000 accelerators and components such as NewTek’s Video Toaster and Micro Way's flicker Fixer. In true hot-rodder fashion, I wanted to stuff the box with all manner of go-fast components. Chief among these was a hard-disk controller. This was a top priority because a hard drive is essential for any high-performance system, and Bodega Bay precludes the addition of a traditional A500 hard disk. With Bodega Bay in place, I had my choice of more than a dozen controllers now being made for the A2000. Although others may be faster, I chose Advanced Storage Systems’ Nexus controller because the company sells an array of mass-storage devices to complement it. As a result, my configuration included Advanced Storage's HardPack44 Syquest-car- tridge drive (S799) lor large-capacity removable storage, and the SideWinder 250 ($ 749) streaming- tape drive for fast and convenient hard-disk backups. Both these units fit nicely into Advanced's Sub- System SCSI ($ 229), an external box that fits beside the monitor on top of the Bodega Bay. The Sub- System houses one full-height or two half-height SCSI devices and provides a pass-through connector so you can hook up yet more devices (maybe even an optical drive, although this, with its $ 5000 or so price tag, was beyond the bounds of this setup). The Nexus controller that runs these devices is actually a hardcard with 4MB of RAM ($ 979). It fits into just one of the four Bodega Bay slots, but because of the 40MB hard disk secured to its side, it wastes two additional slots. With this setup, 1 could not install any internal device wider than a RAM card in the fourth slot, so 1 settled on a multiple-serial card. While 1 have not hooked up any peripherals to the machine via this card, it paves the way for tremendous expandability. With it, 1 could add a PostScript laser printer and a scanner, plus an external modem and use them all simultaneously. Incidentally, we learned at press time that Advanced Storage is replacing the board we used with an 8MB RAM-capacity hoard = $ 299 without RAM) that hosts a 52MB Quantum disk (S399). Please note that in choosing to use the Nexus setup, I disregarded California Access' warning against installing hardcards. Because the Bodega Bay's slots are horizontal, as opposed to the vertical configuration found in the A2000, hard disks mounted to controllers are forced to operate upside down. Despite its inverted placement, the Nexus hardcard worked flawlessly. 1 never lost a byte of data during daily use, in spite of frequent jostling of the computer. If you are going to ignore California Access’ advice and install a hardcard in the Boclega Bay, I recommend performing a low-level format with the hard disk in that position before using the drive. Doing so will minimize vour chances of disaster down the road. J Outside the Box Having spent a few months sifting through most of the A500 peripherals available, it was a breeze deciding which ones to add. The first item on my must- have list was CSA's Mega-Midget Racer (MM R), which nestles just above the A500's motherboard. The unit 1 installed, assembled expressly for this project, housed a 33 Mhz 68030 chip, a 50 Mhz 68882 coprocessor, 8MB of 32-bit fast RAM, and 512K of 70- nanosecond static RAM ($ 3794). This little powerhouse delivers an astounding performance increase. As with all good things, Mega-Midget Racer has a down side: It precludes the use of some other dandy products. For example, attempting to install ICD’s new Flicker Free Video ($ 499.95), which banishes hi-res flicker, was impossible because the display- enhancer board raises the height of the Amiga’s Denise chip by a quarter of an inch or so. MMR is also incompatible with Vortex’s multitasking ATOnce board ($ 299, distributed by Talon Technologies), which would have given my machine MS-DOS 80286 capabilities. Pulsar’s Power PC board ($ 525), a PC- XT emulator that fits into the expansion slot on the underside of the A500, pinch hit for ATOnce. Without Flicker Free Video, 1 had no need for the multisync monitor I had hoped to add, so I stuck with Commodore’s latest revision of its 1084 monitor, the 1084S-D1 ($ 399). One leftover from my A500’s stock configuration was the Commodore A101I external floppy drive ($ 199). I thought the Ultimate A500 needed at least one extra disk drive, and 1 would have preferred to install two in the Bodega Bay’s drive bay. Although California Access advertisements show the Bodega Bay set up in this configuration, the unit is not currently available with the drives inserted, and you cannot purchase them separately for this type of installation. How Does It Perform? With any device that claims to he the "ultimate,” performance is the biggest consideration. So how does the Ultimate A500 perform? First of all, this machine h fasti 1 used the FastROM functions of Dave Haynie's public-domain program, SetCPU, to copy Kickstart into the Mega-Midget Racer’s 32-hit Fast RAM, letting it operate at 34.09 Mhz. This allowed the Ultimate A500 to operate 1.13 times faster than a 25 Mhz A3000, and 6.81 times as fast as a stock A500! It performed floating-point calculations at a rate identical to the 25 Mhz A3000. And Bodega Bay California Access Expansion chassis I Provides four 100-pin slots for A2000-style cards. Hiding within the Bodega Bay are: Multiple-serial card, which allows access to the many serial devices on the market. Nexus SCSI interface (Advanced Storage Systems), which accom- I modates up to 8MB RAM and a
3. 5-inch hard drive. Nexus plays host to the SubSystem SCSI. Mega-Midget Racer CSA Accelerator RAM expander Attaches to the motherboard; provides a 33-MHz 68030 chip, a 50- Mhz 68882 coprocessor, 512K of 70-nanosecond static RAM, and up to SMB of 32-bit fast RAM. Available in many configurations. Power PC board Pulsar IBM PC XT emulator Installs in the trap-door slot under the machine and allows access to IBM software. A1011 drive Commodore External 3.5-inch floppy drive SubSystem SCSI Advanced Storage Systems Expansion chassis Holds one full-herght or two halfheight SCSI devices. Inside the SubSystem SCSI are: HardPack 44 (Advanced Storage Systems), a Syquest-compatibte re- movable-cartridge drive. Sidewinder 250 (Advanced Storage Systems), a 250MB streaming- tape backup system that also comes in 500MB and 1.3-gigabyte configurations. Churned out integer calculations even faster. In theory, though, the 50-MHz 68882 should perform math functions 50 percent faster than a stock 25-MHz A3000. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, though. It’s the feel of the machine that really matters. Major applications load in about a second, 3-D objects render with incredible speed, and multitasking barely affects system performance. Rut speed is only part of performance. Just as important, the Ultimate A500 is flexible. Its Syquest drive allows unlimited mass storage potential through a media that’s portable. The tape-backup system gives you the most efficient means of copying hard-drive contents. The total of 13 megabytes of RAM is nothing if not flexible (well, expensive, maybe). So is the multiple- serial card, which allows you concurrent access to any of the scores of products including scanners, audio digitizers, printers, plotters, film recorders, MIDI music devices, laser-disc players and more that require serial connection. Thanks to the Pulsar Power PC board, my Ultimate A500 can also run MS-DOS software, providing a low-cost alternative to investing in the more expensive Commodore Bridgeboards. Resurrection The A500 chosen as host for the experiment was not a fresh, out-of-the-box A500, but rather a New York City taxi variety. Devoid of its RF shielding and most of the screws that once held it together, it was subject to unaccountable guru errors, plagued by a Caps Lock key that glowed at intermittent intervals, and had been the victim of several dozen disassemblies and hastv reassemblies. J The addition of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, however, breathed new life into its motherboard. Attribute it to the Bodega Bay’s 200-watt power supply and its mega-cooling fan, or the aura of the Mega-Midget Racer, but something chased the evil spirits away. Thus revived, the A500 sure played a mean pinball. Gone were the Gurus and the ominous flickering of the Caps Lock key. And the computer never once so much as hiccupped when connected to the Bodega Bay. In assembling the Ultimate A500, I had to make some compromises. Although third-party developers have found ingenious solutions to many of the A500’s structural limitations, it became clear that the machine is still not as easy to expand as an A2000. Is building the Ultimate A500 a better choice than spending the money for an A2000 or A3000? It’s a tough call. If you already have a good deal of money tied up in your A500 and you long to make it the biggest, baddest hombre in town, go for it. But if you’re about to buy a stock A500 to turn into the King Kong hot rod of Amigas, I’d think again. ¦ M High quality RGB output for your Amiga These images are completely unretouched photos taken from a stock 1084s RGB monitor. They arc pure RGB. Not smeary composite. No other graphics expansion device offers so much performance and costs so little! And all the software to run it is free. Even upgrades! There's not enough room to cover all the great features of this system, so here are just a few. System Features:
• Paint, render, cvt ip s w
• 18.24 bit "pure" modes
• 256 512 color register modes
• RGB pass through
• Screen overlay underlay
• Screens pull up down & go front back
• View with any IFF Viewer
• Animate via ANIM or Page Flipping
• Works with DigiViewIM
• Completely blitter-compatible
• NTSC encoder compatible
• S-VHS encoder compatible
• PAL & NTSC compatible
• Uses only RGB port
• FCC Class B. UL Listed
• Works w std Amiga monitors
• Does not use Amiga power BLACK ELT SYSTEMS Call (406) 367-5509 for more information. 398 Johnson Rd.. Glasgow. MT 59230 SALES: (800) TK-AMIGA International Sales (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX: (406) 367-AFAX UlglVlew" NrwTrk; Amiga" Com mod or c Uuslncs, Machines: GIF'* CompuServe: Dynamic IIIHet1- NcwTek: ScanLab" ASDG; Tarfia" Trur VI, Ion; Eagle Image copyright True Vision: I OH I," Commodore; All AM, AHZO. ARZ I " ASUC: HAM-E" Ulack licit System, Paint Features:
• Custom brushes use blitter
• RGB. HSV. HSL.CMY palette
• RGB and HSV spreads
• Extensive Arexx™ support
• 10 Color Cycle Glow ranges
• Range pong, reverse, stop
• Smooth zoom, rotate or scale
• Area. Edge, outline fill overfill
• Dithered 24 bit fill mixing
• Anti-alias with any tool or brush
• Loads, shows GIF™ exacUy
• “C“ source code available free
• Upgrade from BBS 24 hrs day
• Color or 256 greys painting
• 256 color stencils
• Matte color anti-alias cycle draw
• Prints via printer device
• Auto enhance std IFF palettes
• Writes 1FF24. GIF™ IIAM-E Image Compatibility:
• 24 bit IFF. 24 bit IFF with GLUT chunks: 2 to 256 color standard IFF. Half bright. HAM. DKB and QRT trace: RGBS and RGBN: Targa™; GIFT*1; Dynamic HiRes.™ SHAM, ARZO. ARZ1. AHAM, 18 bit ScanLab™: UPBS brushes; All of the 12 different HAM-E format image lile types.
• Images may be scaled and converted to 24 bit IFF flies.
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• Easy plug-in compatibility with all Amiga computers. Special: Now with a Frff D.U.D.E. (A $ 39.95 Value). Both the mouse and the Directory Utility Dos Enhancer work on the Amiga 3000 and System 2.0 r_J 11 u h p u'ju oh. Uii yj- • Jin Sachs Artwork Print full color on your HP DeskJet printer! Inkmun Full Color Kit ......$ 34.95 Ports Of Call * With any purchase, $ 11.95 Math Vision 8119“ mm My Paint 2.0 The best children's paint package for the Amiga Deluxe Video III Interactive Presentation amd Animation software $ 4095 800-BE-AMIGA:THE AMIGA SOURCE SOFTWARE SPOTLIGHT
10. 00 troaio)ic ...... Gold ol the Realm-------------- _J.UU ... 10.00 Final Assault . ......5.D0 Scramble Spirits . ..... 5,00 Sale 1 Net ..... . 15.00 Death Svrerd .. ...10 00 SuperMtn .... ..... 5.00 Golden Patti .. _5.00 ... 10.00 SpeeaSafl ..... ... 10.00 Becker rest ... ... 15.00 fiMMa ......5.00 OelCon 5 ..... 5.00 HellRalier ..... ......5.00 Kings ol Medussa .. ......5.00 Tulin on the Moon ... ... 10.00 Ilgw RrtsiJ _ 5.00 SpmWurW ..... 500 Extensor . .....5.00 1 ludicrous .... ... 10.00 triples ... ......5.00 Kenny DslgHsh Soccer Match . ... 10.00 Up Sir dam ..... 5 00 Menace .. ...1000 |:n:iuv hm SPECIALS Tetra Quesl . ... _5.00 Purple Saturn Day . Lancelot .... _5.00 5.00 SjlflE!in .....>• ninmniikni fiilfl Eaai .5.QU AixfioMaster 1 ...... ___15.00 Chranq Quest __, to.on Impossible Mission 1... Qoarti . .....5.00 __... 5,00 Steeping Cods lie . .5.00 Insanity Fight .. ......5.00 Andromeda Mrssmn . 5.0Q Barbarian 1 . .....10 oo Cl*vfr R Smart .... 5 DO Chroma Patot.. . .15.00 Cosmic Pirate . 10.00 Bocmeraid .....10.00 Footman ..... .. 10.00 World Games _10.00 Space Harrier ..5.00
I. C.E. Calculalor ... ...... 20.00 Vortex ...... .....5.00 ate Help Book ___ Story So. Far. Volume 1 .... .... 5.00 Vindicators . 10.00 Wanderer (3d game) ..
10. 00 AtrBall _10.00 Wbextras ..5.00 Caldregons Domain..... ......10.00 Battle lenktBarOadoss .... .. 15.00 As tare th . .....5.00 HyperOume 5.QG Computer Hits Vol. 2 ... ......10.00 Stdmon .. .. 15.00 Latnca Compiler Ceraearaon pry tart ...... 10.00 Spitting Image ___ ___ 10.00 Dark Side .. .... „ ...5.00 Arunks Tomb ...... . 1000 ...15.00 Steflar-X ...... ... _ 5.00 Realm at the TroEs.. . _ ... 5.00 Chinese Karate _ .500
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10. 00 .5,00 Mission Elevator . .... 5 00 Evl Garden .500 Melscomce Toolkit. 15.00 Operation Neptune...... .5.00 Dlrcux Attractions ... .... 5 00 ...... 10.00 Metacomco Shell .... 15.00 Return to Genesis ...... 5.00 Manias.... .... 5 00 Praon.... .... 5J30 Prospector - ...
10. 00 The Deep _ ......10.00 Jm Btads ...... .... 5.00 Op ticks ...
15. 00 PageSener .... ...20.00 Butcher ttaD ... ......1000 4Crum __ . __ .... &00 Zyr.aps ..... 5 an Publishers Choice... __25.00 Graphics SnuWn ......20 00 Encore ...... .. 1000 Action Service to «1 Photon Past! 1.0 Total [citpse ... . .10.00 ITTX-Onhne .. 10 00 Wi*in cr s m Cold Runner 0 . 10.00 Paimie RM*r ...... 5,00 Stellar Crusade ...... ...
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P. O.W ... ..5.00 Night Dawn ... ......5.00 Emetic Skimmer ... .... 5.00 After the Wsr ___5JM Aegis Images __ 15.00 Captain fOi ... .500 Crash Garrett ...... .... 5 OO Amiga Karate _10.00 Skyfox B ... ..5.00 Sorcerer Lord ..... .5.00 Roll out .. .. 10 00 Space School Staiator Hostage .. lime A Manic .. HKM ... ......5.00 Master Nln|a . .... 5.00 _10.00 Spelling bnproirmeil tutor 10.00 Marauder 1 ___15,00 Jaws .,10 00 Mighty Nerd ..... ... 10.00 XCAD Professional X-CAD Professional is a full- featured, professional 2-D design and drafting tool suitable for Unleash the power of Imagine using our easy-to-follow 90 minute tutoral.
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- BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Full Color Control By Jim Fiore AN OLD SAVING in the programming field is, “The only truly customizable piece of software is the one you have source code for” As true as this may be, giving users the flexibility to alter their work environment is a good idea. A prime candidate for user customization is the main screen’s color settings. How many times have you looked at a new program, only to develop an instant headache because of a hideous color scheme? The interesting part is that you are bound to meet someone who will say “Wow, I really like the screen colors in that program." Obviously, this is one place where you cannot please everyone. Faced with this problem, I decided that a color-palette requester was needed. With it, the user could toss out the default settings and use his own. Once the color palette requester was Finished, my friend and co-worker, JefFGlatt, turned the code into a standard library so that several different applications could use it, thus saving on system resources. With this library, you can add a fully functional color- palette control to your programs in minutes. Small and Powerful You can find the library (color.library) and its associated documentation and examples on Fred Fish disk 257 or on BIX (ColorLib.LZH). The code required in your application in order to make use of X Spete$ i» V2.8 X ll 1988, 1999 dissidents ColorTool 3 1989 dissidents ? * m m Rie Gll[ B12 [ Default Cancel ±3 Save ! Unde Copy ! Spread the library is minimal, and the color.library itself was written in optimized assembly language to make it quite small (about 6.6K bytes). Also, because it uses no uninitialized data, it consumes no extra memory once it is loaded. The library can be called from any language assembly, C, or BASIC. 'Fhe color library manages the ColorTool window, which contains an array of controls (see screen shot, below). It will fit within any standard Intuition screen. Along the top are a number of color boxes. Because this application program (SpeakerSim) is four bit- planes deep, there are 16 boxes. The color library automatically determines the right number of boxes for your application, based on the screen depth, so you don’t have to worry about it. Up to 32 different colors may be displayed (ColorTool was designed for standard, non HAM screens). The user picks the color to adjust by clicking on its box with the mouse, then sets the color with the slide controls for Red, Green, and Blue content. The RGB values are displayed in the numeric readout to the left of the sliders. For folks who prefer HSV (Hue, Saturation, and Value) sliders, clicking on the readout area transforms the sliders into the HSV type (clicking again brings back the RGB set). In addition to the standard Save and Cancel buttons, the user can click on Default, Copy, Undo, and Spread function controls. These create smooth washes of color, quickly done or move colors, and remove mistakes. Anvone who has ever used an Amiga paint program should have no problem with ColorTool. Paste It In For programmers, ColorTool is simplicity itself. The only function in the library is DoColor( ). Because the function is designed to modify the colors of a screen, you must open a screen before calling it. DoColor( ) opens the ColorTool window, handles all The user’s view of the ColorTool library. ONLY AMIGA 2000 VERSION $ 119.99 SHIPPING a HANDLING S4.00 NOW YOU CAN FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM AND MAKE A BACKUP AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! RY AND REGISTERS INTACT HOW TO GET YOUR Am!eA ACTlOQ HgPLA V CALL TOLL FREE I - ORDERS ON 1 • 800 - 962 - 0494 WE WILL PROCESS YOUR ORDER QUICKLY 4 EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR AMIGA ACTION REPLAY WITHIN OAYS. HOT WEEKS OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH. ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 43Hrs COAST TO COAST TEChpOLOCiES ipc.r 1855 W S.R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0938 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD‘s (ADD S2)
• ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS T E R S P 0 I of the user interaction (making changes to your screen’s colors), and returns control to your program when the user selects Save or Cancel. DoColor( ) returns a 0 if the user selects Save, or a 1 if he selects Cancel. (If Cancel is selected, your screen’s colors will already have been restored.) There are also a few errors that DoColor( ) returns as negative numbers, indicating that the ColorTool could not be presented to the user. Your program passes two arguments to DoColor( ): the address of the screen whose colors you wish the ColorTool to adjust and the address of a default colorMap. The colorMap is a table of up to 32 16-bit words representing the colors of the screen. When the user clicks on the Default button, the routine loads in these colors. If you pass a NULL (0), then the program uses the screen’s initial colors instead. You could use this for an applications preset (or recommended) color setting that is invoked by the Default button. You could also let the user save a color table within a configuration file. Later, this table could become the one that gets passed into DoColor( ) for the Default button. Here is the library function summary: result = DoColor( defauttTable, screen ) dO aO a1 where: long result; unsigned short defaultTable[ ]; struct Screen *screen; Below are the possible returns from DoColor( ). Q=user selected Save, 1 = user selected Cancel. The following returns indicate errors: 4 = library In use, another application is displaying it. 3 = passed a null screen address. Ouch! Programmer’s fault
- 2 = screen has no depth (planes). Please don’t do this to me.
- 1=color window can’t open (probably out of memory). Buy some morel Although many applications can have the library open and can use it, in the interests of conserving memory, no two applications can simultaneously display the ColorTool. This is hardly a problem for the vast majority of applications. Take a look below at the example interface code for an application program. This function would be called after the user selects a Set Colors menu item or gadget. Note that the function opens and closes the library rather than having the main program do so at its start or finish. In this way, the library is never loaded if the user likes the default colors. This also allows the program to expunge the library if the system is short on memory. Of course, you’ll want to replace puts( ) with some form of requester or titlebar message for programs not run from the CLL Assumed globals in the application program: struct Screen *your„screen; unsigned short your color_table[ ] = = whatever you set It to}; struct ColorBase *ColorBase = 0L; void HandleColorf) long error_l; if( ! (ColorBase = (struct ColorBase*) OpenLibrary(,,color.llbrary", QL)) ) = puts( "Can't open coJor.Mbrary" ); return; } error l = DoColor( &your_color_table[0], your_screen ); il( error_l 0 ) = lf( error_l = = -1 } puts( "Not enough memory for this operation” ); else = If( error I = = -4 ) pLfts( "color.library in use" ); else puts = ‘‘color.library error” ); I } CloseLIbrary = ColorBase ); ColorBase = 0L; } As a final comment, please note that the ColorTool library is copyright 1989 by dissidents software. You may use and distribute the library with any software (commercial or otherwise), provided that you do not alter the ColorTool library in any way. There are no pagan fees, Trump-esque licenses, or other forms of rabid capitalist trickery involved, 1 hope it helps you and your programs. ¦ Jim Fiore is co-aulhor of SpeakerSim and MIDI Sample Wrench from dissidents and has unit ten various articles on computer and music related topics for several publications. Contact him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, or on BIX (jfiore). AMIGA power tools! Harness the power of the new Amiga DOS 2! AmigaWorld Official AmigaDOS 2 Companion Olticial AU 0HS 2 CMMign by Bob Ryan The Amiga Companion is back in a revised and expanded edition for AmigaDOS 2. It’s your expert guide to the new DOS, filled with hundreds of instructions, tips & techniques not found in any other book. The previous edition helped over 10,000 users become Amiga experts. Express your creativity on the Amiga - with this complete guide to the new AmigaVision! AmigaWorld Official AmigaVision Handbook by Louis Wallace Hot off the presses! The only authoritative guide to the hottest program for your Amiga. Heavily illustrated, with over 150 screen shots, providing a step-by-step primer for mastering AmigaVision. INSIDE THIS BOOK The Amiga OS, including Workbench, Shell & Arexx The Workbench GUI Detailed information on Workbench menus The 13 Preference Editors Workbench tools - system programs and Commodities Exchange The Extras 2 disk AmigaDOS - handling disks, files & devices via the shell Configuring AmigaDOS Manipulating files with Copy, Delete, MakeDir, Rename AmigaDOS command scripts & short cuts The Arexx macro language A fully annotated Arexx program to customize Complete index for easy lookups & instant access Over 100 screen shots! Plus: command references, a valuable glossary, and an error code summary for solving problems more easily! 416 pages, $ 24.95 Author Bob Ryan is an Amiga expert, formerly of Amiga World - he is currently at Byte magazine where he is Technical Editor. Available at select bookstores and software stores nationwide. Order direct for fast delivery. Order Now! CallS(800) 28BOOKS! That’s (800) 282-6657. Or use the coupon below and order today! Exclusive Offer for AmigalVorid Readers: Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you don't get at least a dozen helpful tips and ideas from these books, simply return either within 10 days, for a complete refund! I--------------1 YES! Send me the AmigaWorld books today! Copies of AmigaWorld Official AmigaDOS Companion, $ 24.95 copies of AmigaWorld Official AmigaVision Handbook. $ 24.95 Add $ 3.00 shipping & handling on first book. Shipping & handling on the second book is FREE! Name_ _ ___ Address City __ State Zip ? Check or Money Order enclosed (payable to IDG Books) ? Visa HmasterCard I American Express Acct Expires_ Signature_ Foreign Orders: Payment in U.S. funds. Add S8.00 each book for Air Mail. Domestic Orders: Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. IDG Books Worldwide Orders IDG Communications 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 SPECIAL FEATURES
• Section One covers the basics. Written in an easy-to-follow style, it features: What Exactly Multimedia is, the Art of Authoring, the Basic Menus, Common Requestors, & Program Editing Information
• Section Two has detailed chapters forming a command reference to Control Commands covering: Interrupts, Database Icons, Wait Icons, Audio Visual Icons, and Module Icons
• Section Three is dedicated to Editors, Tools, & Programming, and goes in-depth with:
- Complex Program Structures
- Video Disk Controller
- Expression Editor
- Database Editor
- Object Editor
• Valuable Appendices are filled with advice on hardware & software products best for AmigaVison, and a Special Guide to Version 1.7!
• Complete index for easy lookups and easy access. 352 pages, $ 24.95 Author Hiuis Wallace is Senior Editor, Technology, o( AmigaWorld magazine. He has specialized in Amiga technology since the first machines appeared, and writes for North American and European magazines.
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 sequencer.
• Built-in edNor Librarian.
• Sophisticated graphic editing capabilities. NEW LOW PRICE Professional Page 2.0 The Ultimate in Desktop Publishing
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• FREE DTP video. SPECIAL SAVINGS Buy ProT*-wiujn«l P* je l J now lor i154 and upgrade FHEE lo Ywimn 20 lav'nfl an eau* Jwi Buy now end goi n FREE Pro Orawtll Vista Professional $ 8795 Requires 3 megs A unique 24 fait landscape generator. Vista 1.2 City_State_Zip. No more polygons! Now does trees! Country_ Day Phone ( )_Night Phone . UNIT PRICE TOTAL PRODUCT NAME I---- NEW LOW PRICE $ 3795 Requires only 1meg SHIPPING METHOD: Q UPS Ground ? Airborne Express ? DHL -International orders ? Other _ OFFER CODE: P1540111 METHOD OF PAYMENT: ? Check ? Money Order ? Visa ? MasterCard ? American Express I 1 Discover CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card _Exp. Date_ Signature__ Imagine: A Guided Tour Unleash the power of Imagine using our oasy-lo-lolfow tutorial. This comprehensive _ 90-mlnute VHS tape teatures: y siprcts ol ot»oc! R«ne jt«, '•jni 'ig, (("Xtenivj ar J annvuw
- CrvTp.v-.w™ t»«ioon .wd24 W'r'vfcflnjs
- Ttftyw i -ATfii-i wjjy* ry : r> try -x SAS LATTICE C £75% S*LES lCA. RE5 ONLY! Shipping toui The standard complete C programming language for the Amiga. $ 19900 WWOTLUJI. - Bowssmmic fcU k OFFER VALID APR.1,1991 - APR.30,1991 OFFER CODE: P1540111 VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. DSCUIFUIT HI MATH ™ DOCOVlfiT H SPHUW UIU !VN__ uauw__ irTTTRI FOB TOT- IUICHII Sculpt-Animate 4D AmTrac tuiMMAimnu III HI DOCIM _ ¦UtllUflOtt _ iuih miwa_ Mcai MM tttt t*M MM The most sophisticated and powerlul 3D animation and ray- tracing software available on the Amiga! Yet it’s the easiest to use. Uses only 1 3 the desk space of a mouse High resolution for precision input Requires no cleaning Drag Lock Feature tanotuos_ mt pjurrr id_ MF PAM QAM OB* «1 . Wr pam aim us* -2 _ littBHBCftfn------- wifsm mints STCfif. DPPBSmS ATTBAEI _~_ - JPHISOWB . U* 73 35 .13* . 19.B5 . 13.83 .19-95 .12® .73® MM IS® 1196 IWUARHUI CV3MKD ova** BDLCMTFWC. FED STEM I3SK. F3SX . .40® .40* .72* .75® . 32.43 ttVAA 13-25 E* a* .75* I* [45 KtMH ESS 47 tOKRY DCS* 111 3QMKI DESK STUT11 SCI WIT DO wiixan scjuhi do, jahaji siwias Ihrtl (WIST HOW WTTCS COMTES 111 IK AmfiA eowvTii txi m uu 1 CSMNTES A* PVB EK> J CEHMTE* AMCA ATTiJC J DwnTESKfimnD J Dtniop mo auffl i J DESK FOP mo awn 2 J MSI I OP mo BWH 3 ? Kstrrop mo kamJ SRACOBS 9 FLAM Q*J BFJWHN FWT BOW nrcm master cwiT PtPBHH MstB APT SOW F13 STTA1 T>JH FAESTTIUIC_ BtKIV AC 19 Ml ECO. I Mlttfl I AMO aiHHR IsffiB 9 !M IIACS fa STSU 09 BOB 1 Km AIVCA W jin 'jtatoa ana _ urn n* nuf aim „ lira mi' ¦ i*i» IBSJFJ I AWT SI9IT---- liHHSUI WiTBS*__ MARK UJSC ON AMCA . MANIAC MATSCRI HHTBK . KvfK IB AMCA___ mr mi iaacc aiRi _ wRraaoiin HBWCmitTIB - HBBI CUD! WKI , OMIT FDR ami I I . 14*
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• A£HTEfifTD _ 9TS0 . It I HU 9FEU1 BOOR ,. .. ,. MAGAZINES AMA2HC COWUH GUBC_ AMA2TC DMTIK__ AHC1 ACIDl HACAJTC __ AANCI COWUTVC - ttCIRSniKBO - AMGA Ftmut OBI HAG- JuiKA Pin VAC AM _ AMG4 Pin WITH DOR_ AA9GI WQU SP1QA1 _ AAKAUSFR nTTHUTUUl - IT II .27* 7S* DRAGONS UblSffirSCASTli __ 34® no 1 ui i due si-cud___77.® futuse a uses atcM 22.49 ennn ue__ tiM .a* .3* .WHHA&A’S 1MBIDN POJCE [MSI 2 PRRCI DFPtfSU UlTWAT_ 1PTDOOUEJS .5* .3035 ,33® 1395 HKC3IMIT_ U54MWEJ_ MW®[ wjrn « WAJVJDK5_ .75* ,33* .77® . 75® . 75J5 .»* ~6* .8* .8* 37 96 . 13* .37.49 _ ia.« _ 14* 75-95 _.M® _13.® _.3X® lllli*01 MutJWI WlJIS 79 95 1FVFTAS AUDI I SCF3 VHTAC ICCFT I 151 - HOF Pid .14* _ 4* MOWfS PIAGU - P1AEU nuoowa in a is I SUDOW 9 III BUI I - SHO011M II’ RMIHK . SP*CI ACI .5® .158 HRAtH 9 lid DEMON AMIGA BOOKS 938 ATT* SUB SUBVNAl ___ 93EKU ASSfMOl IAN0 »s* srs pfioa an APT Vtl!! STS PTOG m AMU * BWWC n> - AAKA 2D EUPtRCS_ AMCA BASE tU SB*_ AHCA Wcnt OUT- AMCA C ABV PSJC DOR - unucaatfRsca_ AhWA c for un PROS ------- AMU C FOR B3GIMRS .___ 79® aMPUIIIKlCAM GnMrallR UMNG MHI GRU IIUUUTI----- Pill t M4C4M H C9 _ JUMP9S9 _
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2095. 00
5195. 00 CALL „ 043.00 ..849.00
1049. 00 ... 29.05 .789.00
1149. 00
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Does not use video slot. $ 329.00 New, reliable drive tor the Amiga Super-slim, less than 1-inch high Low power consumption Drive Pass-thru $ 9495 52MB in stock Call GRAPHICS 27 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen WHEN YOU ARE using your paint program to create titles in high-resolution interlace, you may have difficulty finding suitable font styles that are large enough for your needs. In Part 1 of this two-part installment of “Accent,” we used line and fill tools to create a title. Another alternative is to enlarge an existing font and use it as a guide for freehand lettering. We'll try this technique here in Part 2 to create a title, and also attempt a special animation trick to add a sweeping glint of light across it. (In the following examples, I will refer to the painting and animation tools in Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint III.) Bigger and Better Makeovers The "S” shown in the small box at the top of the accompanying illustration represents the largest point size I could find in that font style. To try my example, type out the word "STORY," pick it up as a brush, and, using the + key, enlarge it as shown at the upper left. Stamp it down and then choose a contrasting color for a round brush large enough to cover the lines of the letters. Think of the title only as a guide as you trace over the strokes of each letter using smooth, steady movements. Use the u key (undo) whenever you make a mistake, and try the stroke again. If you have enough RAM, use Fix Background from the Effects menu to preserve the original word as a template, even if you have to erase back to it at some point. Once you have completed the lettering to your satisfaction, erase any stray background pixels from the original word by using Stencil under the Effects menu. Using the right mouse button, lock the color you used for your final lettering and then Make Stencil. Select a different color as background and clear the screen to that color. Stencil preserves the letters of your title. If there are other things on the screen that you must preserve, you may use a large brush and selectively paint over the lettering with the background color to “erase" everything but the locked lettering of your title. When you have finished, select Free Stencil under the Effects menu to free up valuable memory. You will probably want to take the freehand title a step or two further to give it a polished look. The second "STORY” title from the top shows the completed freehand trace of the original blow-up of the word. In the third version from the top, I picked up the entire title as a brush, selected the Color mode (F2), and used the unfilled-circle tool to trace a small circle with the word. This produced a nice, fat version of the title. I then selected yellow and returned to the freehand-line tool to stamp the title down offset to the upper left. This gives a fat outline effect. For the fourth version of the “STORY" title, I used the o key to add a singlepixel outline to the entire title after 1 picked it up as a brush. 1 added the drop shadow using Color mode to stamp a “shadow" of the title in a shade darker than the background. Outline and shadow effects make irregularities in the freehand lettering seem deliberate. They also flesh out the composition of the title, visually drawing the tetters together. I drew the larger "STORY” title at the lower right freehand, with no guidelines. 1 used the fat, diagonal brush shown in the box on the right, choosing to let elements of some letters overlap and disappear. I then outlined the finished word using the unfilled-circle-tool method described above. Freehand lettering techniques can add size and body to existing fonts, and yield some stylish animated effects as well. Shine It Up. . .and Put A “Move” on It! You probably recognize the “STORY” version at the lower right as part of the complete “COMIC STORY" title shown in the illustration to last month’s column except that we have neglected to mention one missing ingredient. The finished “STORY” contains an animated effect, in which a smooth glint of light sweeps across it. To create the effect, I used Dpaint Ill’s animation tools with a gradient filled bar. To follow my example, set up the palette to include the red- orange used in the "STORY” title and a sequential Range of colors from that color to a bright yellowish-white. Drag out a large round brush and use the straight-line too! To create a diagonal bar as shown at the upper right. Bring up the Fill requester by selecting Fill with the right mouse button. Select the contour gradient fill, and set the Dither slider at about the halfway point. Return to the screen and fill the diagonal bar as shown. Pick up the bar as a brush and flip it in the “x” and "y” axes by pressing the x and y keys. Stamp the flipped brush next to itself to produce the gradient bar shown at the far upper right. Keep this bar on the spare screen. Compose the title screen to include the word "STORY,” which will display the animated effect. Go to Frames Set under the Anim menu and establish a number of frames for your animated title perhaps ten frames for your first try. Using the Stencil tool, first select the red of the story letters, and then select Invert and Make Stencil. This red is now the only color that can receive paint. From the spare screen, pick up the gradient bar as a brush and return to frame 1 of the title-animation sequence. Select the straight-line tool with the right mouse button to bring up the Spacing requester. Select N Total and set it to equal the number of frames of your animation. Make sure Fast FB is deactivated in the Prefs menu. Hold down the left Amiga key, Dpaint’s “Animpainting” key, and drag a straight line from the left edge of the word to the right edge. A representation of what this will look like is shown in the box at the lower left. When you are satisfied with the alignment, release the mouse button, and the bar will advance across the word frame by frame. The Stencil limits the area affected by the brush to the contour of the letters in the title. Because the outer edges of the gradient brush are the same color as the letters, the effect of a sweeping glint of light is smooth and even. Once you understand the basics, you will be able to produce dozens of variations on this effect. In doing so, you can lend distinct style and dramatic effect to a wide variety of your titling projects. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. JQ Since 1982 B B AMW 5" 800-558-0003 800-558-0003 Zlon6umat jLlecttonia _ 500 XP 500XP20 Meg W 512K......$ 419 500XP 20 Meg w 2Meg $ 489 500XP 52 Meg W 512K $ 539 500 XP 52 Meg w 2Meg ....$ 669 105XPS W 512K ..S789 105 XPS w 2 Meg $ 919 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES! SupraMoaem 2400 External AMIGA 500& 2000 MODEM CABLE INCLUDED! SCALA $ 284,95 External $ 99 Series II A500 HD + A500 w 52 Meg ..$ 629 A500 w 80 Meg ..$ 719 A500 w 105 Meg $ 859 Uses Quantum Drives, come w OK &exp. To 8MB 68030 ACCELERATORS for 2000 Series 28MHz A3001 w 4MB + Math Cop. ¦ $ 1349 33MHz A3033 w 4MB + Math Cop. - $ 1549 50MHz A3050 W 4MB + Math Cop, - $ 2299 Call tor Quantum AT PE Drive Configurations VIDEO PACKAGE
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31. 95 Del Music Construction.. . 61 95 Pen Pal __ Soft Clips 1.2,3 or 4 ... 84 95 ... 44.95 INFORMATION CALL US TODAY! AMIGA Ocommodore* 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HOUHS-CST MGN-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE ORDERING INFO: Specify system. For fast delivery' send cashier's check cr money order. Personal 8 company checks allow 14 business days to clear. P.O.'s welcome C.O.D. charges are $ 4.C0Jn Continental U S A include S4 00 lor software orders 5% shipping for hardware minimum SS 00 MasterCard A Visa orders please include card * expiration date ana signature Wl residents please include 5% sales tax HI, AK, FPO, APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 6% shipping, minimum $ 6 00. AH other foreign orders add 15% shipping, min S15.QQ AH orders shipped outside the Continental U S A are shipped first class insured U.S. mail, where available I! Loreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, ycu will be charged tne additional amount All goods are new and include factory warranty We do not guarantee compatatuiity & version s Due to Our low prices ail sales are final All Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Call (414) 357-8181 to cbtam an R A.t or your return will not be accepted Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Shipping S, handling are non-retundabla We ship the latest versions available to us. Updates must be handled by end user directly with the manufacturer Net responsible for typographical errors. In an effort to be complete, some new products may not be available from the manufacturer at press time. Media Multi Design says “Graphics” WHATEVER TYPE OF multimedia program you create, you want to make sure that your end result is understandable, graphically pleasing, and above all, professional. Once you have established the basic flow of your program and have determined who your audience is, the next step is to design its presentation. You know you should keep things simple, but it’s sometimes tempting not to. Too often, interactive designers are tempted to get elaborate when they discover all that a program like Deluxe- Paint III can do. You might see a great animation or a fly-by logo or video titling sequence done on the Amiga, and say to yourself. “That’s what I want!” But unless you integrate it properly, the user of your program is likely to respond to such a display by saying, “Wow, that’s cool. . .what next?” If he does, you have probably failed in achieving the elegant design you are after. Worse yet, it’s easy to try digging yourself out of such situations with text screens that explain each step of your presentation. Too much text results in a cumbersome, uninteresting design. Function, Not Form Here’s a notion that can aid you in gaining simplicity: form follows Function. By Mitch Wells The easiest solution to a klunky, textladen presentation is to go back to your program design and extract all the essential parts. Begin by designing the skeleton of your program, using only those elements that help you achieve the function of your design. After firming up your design flow, look for ways to accomplish your purpose with as few screens as possible. Certainly these screens should look good, but if you start with only the necessary elements and then follow some basic guidelines, your presentation has a better chance of being understood without excessive explanation. Embellishing your program with stylistic art should come after vou have achieved functional- ity with the simplest of screens. Text screens are a necessary evil, but you should consider them as just that. Keep text terse and to the point, and use simple graphics in place of words whenever possible. Again and again, throughout the process of crafting your program’s flow and design, consider your audience especially when incorporating text and graphics. Do not expect children, or even adults, to read much text, or to read text that is too colorful. Young children tend to like large, simple, colorful graphics and large, simple text. School-age children and teenagers also like colorful graphics, but they lose interest in images that are too big these tend to appear childish. Adults, both young and old, are drawn in by graphic objects that are lifelike. Fortunately, these are the easiest to create: you simply need a digitizer or scanner to bring photographic images into the Amiga. Then, you can use a paint program to clean them up or cut out extraneous clutter. When you use text in addressing older audiences, it is imperative to treat the letters as simple, elegant, graphic objects. Adults are singularly turned off by text that looks “computerish" or “stair- stepped.” Using high-resolution screens with simple colors or perhaps antialiased text is helpful. You may be surprised by how often and how easily you can replace text with graphics. One scenario in which you can do so is the ever-popular “For More Information” screen. Rather than asking the user to choose between categories by picking A, B, or C, you would do better to place graphic elements representing the categories as “hit boxes.” Then the user can select the graphic representing his area of interest by using a mouse or a touch-screen overlay. Usually, graphics can say more about the choice of op- ? Draw Your Own Conclusions We think you'll find that ProVector is an indispensable tool for any Amiga,m artist. ProVector is a fast, intutive object-oriented drawing program for all Commodore-Amiga models. ProVector is a true professional illustration tool which creates device-independent drawings, allowing output at the maximum resolution of your printer, plotter, film recorder, or other compatible device. ProVector offers a complete array of easy-to-use tools to provide a suprisingly natural feel to creating professional quality illustrations. In fact, the illustration to the left was created entirely in ProVector, then imported into Saxon Publisher'151 to create this ad. ProVector allows you to master colorful illustrations, too. Our unique dithering system allows on-screen representations of 256 colors from a pallette of 16 million, even in hi-res interlace mode! Color output takes advantage of both your printer's resolution and color capabilities, too! At last, you can reach beyond the boundaries of "jaggy1’ screen resolution to produce "Computer Art That Dosen't Look Like Computer Art"... (unless you want it to!), with ProVector!
• Extremely friendly user interface.
• Flexible free hand drawing tool.
• Easy to use Bezier Curve tools. J
• Flow text to any path.
• Completely User Configurable.
• Undo up to 255 steps, (limited only by available memory).
• Create up to 256 separate layers that can be named, locked, hidden, edited and rearranged.
• Multiple project windows with cut, copy & paste functions.
• Create true hollow objects (transparent holes).
• Editable Fill patterns.
• Runs on any Commodore Amiga model with 1 meg. Or more of RAM. (AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0 compatible) Copyright 1990 1991, Taliesin, Inc. ProVector is a trademark of Taliesin, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc.. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. Arexx is a trademark of Wishful Thinking, Inc, Saxon Publisher is a registered trademark of Saxon Industries. PageStream is a registered trademark of Soft-Logik Corporation. MP-GL is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard, Inc.
• Magnetize objects for precise alignment of joints.
• Import ProVector drawings directly into Saxon Publisher1"11.1 & PageStream"51 2.1.
• Export drawings for use with many other Amiga graphics and publishing programs in ProVector (IFF-DR2D), Encapsulated PostScript"1' (EPS) or IFF-ILBM formats (includes ability to produce super bit maps).
• Supports any Preferences printer.
• Includes custom HP-GLtm driver for plotters and other compatible devices.
• Fully multi-tasking, Arexx"11 compatible, includes several useful Arexx macros.
• Complete on-line help.
• 256 on-screen dithered colors, palette of 16 million.
• Import any IFF-ILBM image for tracing, including HAM.
• User definable Grid Size with Grid-Snap option.
• Special effects include smoothing of straight-line objects into curved objects.
• User selectable measurement system (Inches, Pica, Centimeters).
• Extreme magnification for detail work.
• Keyboard shortcuts for most operations.
• Not copy protected, install on any hard drive. Taliesin, Inc.
P. O. Box 1671 - Ft. Collins, CO 80522
(303) 484-7321 tions with little or no explanation than any amount of text that fits on a screen. Having lots of empty space on a screen can help focus attention on the graphics that do appear, further eliminating the need for explanation. A graphic of almost any object that is familiar to your audience fares better than a word. A picture of George Washington’s familiar mug, for example, is much more effective than even the most beautiful text rendiuon of his name. Using a cow to represent dairy products, or a guitar for musical categories are also good choices. Two caveats here: Be sure to use graphics that are unambiguous. You do not want the person using your program to become the least bit confused by what he or she sees on the screen. Also, a screen with more than four choices can clutter the design. Ask yourself: "Do I need 12 choices?" You might consider using the four-category maximum as a personal guideline when designing program flow. Drawing It Out Before starting up a paint program, sea- MULTIMEDIA soned artists usually sketch their screen- design ideas on paper. These small, quick thumbnail sketches can help you achieve consistency within the framework of your designs. If you arc designing a program for a corporation, university, or school, you might want to use your client’s logo as a graphic element to add uniformity, and thumbnails can help you decide where this will work best. Thumbnails can also help you see where a need for elements such as rules might exist. (A rule is some simple graphic, usually a single or double line, that serves either to separate elements on a single screen or to set off a design.) Another tried-and-true method for designing graphics and program flow is the storyboard. This is simply a sheet of paper containing several rectangles that represent the computer screen, and space below or beside them to make notes about sound, intent, flow, and so on. When key screens are drawn in and numbered in sequence, you can see how sections of your program will look and work. 1 use storyboards for everything, and rely on a modified storyboard a screen graph to ensure consistency when designing interactive presentations. A screen graph is a full-page blowup of the storyboard screen, overlaid with a grid. The grid helps in deciding on text justification (whether it should be centered, flush right or flush left). It also aids in the placement of recurring graphics, so you are sure to use the same locations on the grid for the client’s logo, design elements such as rules, and so on, throughout the presentation. Finally, a screen graph can certainly be of help to you in the proper use of blank space, so that you do not inadvertently clutter your presentation. You might consider establishing various rules of thumb for such things; I, for example, use a specific number of blank grid boxes per screen. Doing this will hold you to effective design, regardless of the temptations! ¦ Mitch Wells is president of AFR International. A video-graphics production company. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Expanded Sales Tax Capabilities The Best Accounting System For The Amiga Just Got Better ! Best Business Management v3.0 » » Now Available « « User-Defined Multiple Taxation Levels (Supports Canada's Goods & Services Tax!) Print to Screen or Export To Disk! All Print Options in the Program Can Be Directed to Either The Monitor Or To Disk! Keyboard Alternatives to the Mouse Now Available For All Menu Selections! Program Includes:
• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Inventory Management
• Services Management 1 • The Dick Labeler ENABLE .» rr*m Software Technology, inc. PROTECT .> • the disk LABELER • Km Sy, the disk labeler Create customized labels for 3.5" disks! Use fonts and features of your printer to create personalized disk labels for all of your disks. Also maintains catalog of all labeled disks! LuJlv 2.0 Compatibly • • 1 • I fe.,,,. 3 Now Available $ 39,95
- ------J ... .... - ------ • . Now Only $ 19995 "II1 "Ml "ii | ¦ i mil Also Available for MS DOS and Atari ST NES, Inc.’s MIDI INTERFACE
• External Power Supply Included Only $ 9095
• One MIDI In, Four MIDI Outs and a MIDI Through Port
• Connects to all Commodore Amiga Computers INC. Software Technology, Inc.
P. O. Box 22066 - Portland, OR 97222
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P. O. Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough. NH 03458 603-924-0100 An IDG Communications Company Available in VHS only Pleas© allow 4 6 weeks lor delivery. Foreign Orders, add £7.50 for airmail delvery; S16 ior two or mo'e videos. Payment must be made in U S funds drawn on U.S banks. TechMedia Video is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorlc Videos. - 1989. 1990. 1991 Razza Video USA All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Mail order made easy...Call for a complete listing...Mail order made easy Tired of knowing more about Amiga video than the people you buy it from? The technology is expanding so rapidly it's hard to keep up. So we've brought in some video experts to help you make the right selections. And since it's pretested, your purchase arrives ready to run. GRAPHICS Produce perfection. Whether in print, on screen, or in video, your work is a reflection of you. It must be creative and it must be perfectly as you visualize it. Make it so. Because the powerful image, presentation and video tools you need are available to you. On your Amiga. Awesome modem speed is suddenly a wise choice. With the size of files going up and the price-performance ratio coming down, slow modems jus don’t make sense. Raw speed is important but don't forget about data compression If you have questions, we'll be glad to help. 16mm Lens w Variable Iris Amigcn CBM2320 Display Enhancer Chroma Key Switcher Color Splitter Copy Stand DCTV $ 109 $ 63 5399 5809 $ 1,359 $ 329 $ 535 $ 199 5309 5189 Scall Seal I S669 $ 1.119
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Accelerators $ 519 Floppy Drives Some programs seem designed to encourage disk- swapping! They tell you to insert disks so many times that you're getting disk-swappcrs* cramp! Who says you can’t get cxccrcisc from a computer? But who wants to? You need an external floppy drive. $ 99 AE High Density 3.5 S85 Roctcc 5.25" AE880K3.5" Air 3.5" Roctec 880 3.5 589 Roctec Slimline 3.5" Floppies are a pain and you've had enough. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. We offer the best hard drives available with the controllers that make sense for your system. Your selection will arrive ready to run because we pre-test and format it. 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If it sends the daia to your Amiga w e call it an input device. Don't know what these products do? Call us. We'll be glad to explain. S29 Scall $ 62 $ 129 SI 99 S29 536 542 553 Music 564 564 call Scall 562 549 $ 99 565 5189 550 Doctor Ami.. Janus Libs. V2.1 LOGO Lattice C ++ Lattice C v5.1 Maverick Copier Project D v2.0 Quarterback v4.0 Quarterback Tools Amtrac Trackball AproDraw 12x12 Beetle Mouse Boing Optical Mouse GI Hand Scanner Golden Image Mouse GI Optical Mouse Gravis Joystick M4 Mouse Sharp Color Scanners Sharp JX100 Scanner w Scanlab SketchMaster 12x12 A2000 Gold Insider MIDI AudioMaster 111 Bars & Pipes Dr T KCS Level II V3.5 DrT Tiger Cub ECE MIDI External Future Sound Perfect Sound Phantom (SMPTE) Sonix Call for BOOKS and other software Productivity Bible Reader KJV S32 DBMANV SI 89 Excellence V2.0 SI29 Label dex S49 Office Si 89 PHASAR v4.0 S58 Pagestream v2.1 $ 189 Pen Pal $ 95 Professional Page v2.0 $ 239 Prow rite v3.0 $ 109 Saxon Publisher $ 229 SuperPlan S95 Superba--e Professional V3.0 S219 Wordperfeet $ 149 Utilities Ami...Alignment S29 Arexx V1.0 S32 BAD Disk Optimizer S30 Blitz BASIC S105 Cross DOS v4.0 $ 26 Diskmaster $ 32 Even choosing the software you need is difficult these days. Memory requirements, and version changes can confuse your ? Purchase decision. We help you sort out the issues, and can help you get your software installed when your order arrives. Just call our Techlinc if you have any problems. A 21)00 (IMB 2MB 4MB 8MB 8-up! SI 19 S2I5 S309 S499 SupraS SI 05 S209 $ 299 $ 489 MOO_0MJ3_IMB_4MB_8MB Baseboard SI (8) $ 205 5299 n a Supra 500RX SI39 5225 5399 5569 Star Scall 50 -style 512K RAM expansion as low as 549 AMI 4MBoiSK»tKCp|y.im l6 $ m GVP RAM8 2 A2000 Expansion Board 2MB $ 205 4 MB $ 309 8MIV-S499 ¦?Uses eiLsy-to-inslaJi SIMM's to upgrade to 4, 6. Or 8MB
• ?State-of-the-art technology, half-size board with lower part count and increased reliability ¦?Supports 6MB configuration for Bridgeboard users. ¦?GVP Quality You realize that you can really use more memory, but you’re not sure of ? Your options. When you call Briwall, we help you choose a memory board for your system, we install the chips, and then we test the board on your Amiga model to assure that everything works when you gel it. DRAV1 prices are subject to change Hail order made easy . . . Call for a complete listing . . . Mail order made easy You wani your good ideas to look good on paper loo. So you need a printer that shows them off. Bui print resolution, available printer drivers, and I he software you’re using all affect which one is best for you. Fell us your needs and well be happy to help. Rsi W ALL Solid Products and Solid Support Canon PJ1080a Color Ink Jet 5519 Citizen GXI40 (24 pin) S329 Citizen GX2(X)(9pin) SI89 Kodak Dieonix Color Ink Jet SI.119 Laser Printers call Okidata Laser 4(H) S689 Star NX2420 Rainbow (24 pin) $ 369 Call for pricing and availability of ribbons, ink. Etc. Dazzling performance from your Amiga 1000 is available with any of these exciting expansion products. You can add memory, storage, speed, or all three. Installation isn't always easy but we’re ready to help you get your purchase up and running. Just call our Teehl.ine. AMIGA MegaMidget Racer 25mhz MegaMidget Racer 33mhz Keyboard Kwikstnrt A1000 $ 669 $ 889 call $ 88 $ 299 $ (>49 $ 419 SI 99 $ 299 Fastrak SCSI I lost Adapter + Case SupraDrive AI (KM) 40MB Quantum Rcjuvcnator I (KKIw Agnus Insider II (OK) Insider II (1.5MB) Expanding and enhancing your system is part of the fun of owning a computer. When you're ready to try something new. Give us a call. We’ll lei you know what is available and help you choose the right product to enhance your system. A500 BigFoot $ 92 AE Power Supply $ 89 AmiTote $ 65 ATOnce A500 $ 299 Bodega Bay call Bomac Tower A2000 $ 239 CBM2232 $ 319 CBM520 Vid Adaptor $ 45 Disks 3.5". 25pack $ 19 Multistart II S85 Stereo Speakers $ 36 Switchbox a b c d S29 Covers. Skins, Cables, Disks Amiga World Video Library Keep on top of what your Amiga can do Amiga Music S26 Getting Started With Your Amiga S26 Animation Video Vol. 1 $ 16 Desktop Video $ 26 Amiga Graphics Vol. 1 $ 26 No additional freieht charges on these videos GREAT PRODUCTS AT LOW PRICES! ROCTEC RocGen -- External genlock for the Amiga 500 2000 with fade control SeaII RocTec 512K RAM expander for A500 $ 49 RocTec Mouse for the Amiga $ 39 RocTec 3.5" ultra-slim 880K external floppy drive with low power consumption $ 99 RocTec 5.25" 360 720K external drive $ 149 RocKnight - Anti-virus protection with total write and system-track protect for all external drives, plus track display $ 45 Video Bundle Specials A great start to a professional video package! DCTV and An Department Prof. Just $ 439 Digiview Gold 4.0, Panasonic 1410 camera w variable iris lens, copystand and all cables Complete Package $ 399 NewTek’s Video Toaster and DPS Personal TBC (internal. NTSC & SVHS, fully compatible), buy together and save - $ 2239 Why buy mail order from Briwall?
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P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 10-7 EST) Store hours:Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM- 12Noon THE GAME PRESERVE A ThunderStrike; Magic Fly Crib Notes By Peter Olafson SEVERAL FOLKS HAVE cyberpunked out on Neuromancer (Interplay, $ 44.95). Usually, they're looking for Comlinks 5.0 and 6.0 and they want into cyberspace. Well, as you might figure, one comlink pretty much leads to another. Comlink 4.0 can be found on SEA, 5.0 on the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority, and 6.0 on Tozoku Imports. (For the SEA code see Modern Bob on the Panther Moderns system. If you don’t have the Eastern Seaboard code, pay a visit to the Gentleman Loser.) Don't be in a hurry to enter cyberspace until you have
6. 0 along with a potent array of support software and skills and a solid cyberdeck (like the Ninja). When it’s time, use the c-space jack at the Cheap Hotel. For Tom Barker of Kirkwood, Pennsylvania: To pull off the money transfer from Bank Gemeinschaft, you’ll first need to use Cryptology 3.0 to decode the Level 2 password found on the Gentleman Loser, and you should also have a chat with Lupus Yonderboy at Larry Moe’s,
• Christopher Michaels of Staten Island, New York Is having a monstrous time finishing Uninvited (Mlndscape, $ 49.95), and he's not alone. (Either in the haunted house or in his game problems.) Chris, the zombies In the garden maze can't be handied in packs; make tracks if you come across a gang of them. (You may want to check later to see if they’re still lurking about.) You can deal with a solitary zombie, however, using the amulet. You may have noticed that the hole in the locked door in the Magisterium has a distinctive shape. If you’ve been »> By Rob Lawrence If you’ve seen one 3-D simulator, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Here are two games that fall under the same heading, but suit totally different tastes: ThunderStrike = Live Studios, $ 39.95) for the arcade junkie and Magic Fly (Electronic Arts, S39.95) for the explorer who loves being lost for hours on end. ThunderStrike is a futuristic flight simulation in which you compete as a gladiator pilot for television ratings in an arena of high-tech fighter drones out to cancel your show. Lose I he viewers’ interest, or take too many hits, and you're through. As you seek out enemy drone generators and their mechanical offspring, saboteur droids attempt to knock out your installations. You can choose from five different aircraft to pilot, and maneuverability upgrades are available based on your performance. This helps get you off to a good start, but the game is tough. Not only are you on TV, you control your plane from it. You have a good view from the rear, but the camera doesn’t always pan quickly enough on turns. In Magic Fly, your main objective is to fly into the tunnel network of an enemy planetoid base, find and detonate its nuclear stockpile, and escape in one piece. According to the Navigating the tunnels In Magic Fly Is only half the job. Manual, there are over 30 different types of enemy craft to blast with your hefty array of weapons. A mapping computer is provided to help you navigate through the vast three-dimensional labyrinth, and other systems aid you in repairing damage and regulating energy consumption. ThunderStrike has some peculiar features that set it aside from other simulators of its style, such as the hilly landscapes, a high-speed conveyor track to pull you around the arena (if you can land on it), and various pods to collect, such as turbo or power shot. .Although the difficulty increases, a small child could learn to fly ThunderStrike. Magic Fly, on the other hand, isn't quite as simple to grasp. If the Fly were the Enterprise, your role would be Kirk, Spock, and Scotty all at once. Over time, you can adapt to its controls, but you may feel overwhelmed at first. The musical score in ThunderStrike is too short, but the sound effects are good. Its graphics aren’t too had either, but I smell an IBM port. Overall, Magic Fly’s graphics are excellent: They have a unique futuristic appearance. Its animation can reallv move when in wire-frame mode. Fly has no sound track, but you’ll be too busy listening for the alarms and tones to notice. I highly recommend Magic ? To locate developers of the games reviewed, see the “Manufacturers’ Addresses” list on p. 108. 3 Exciting y New Videos Packed With Inside Info And Hot Tim VIDEO TOASTER HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! CALL TOLL FREE or mail this coupon. The Video Toaster® from NewTfek is hailed as the world's first video computer card enabling broadcast-quality production on desktop! The VIDEO TOASTER videotape is indispensable for Amiga owners considering the purchase of a Toaster or those curious about all the excitement over this "revolutionary breakthrough in technology." VIDEO TOASTER provides in-depth, comprehensive information on the Toaster's wide array of features and amazing capabilities. Topics covered include installing the Toaster in the Amiga 2000; adding and testing other essential equipment; selecting source material; and manipulation of the many digital video effects, including flips, tumbles, mirrors, spins, splits and titles. This video also illustrates how to generate and then superimpose letters over pictures, how to produce three-dimensional animations and how to paint on video images. See for yourself what the excitement is all about! HOT ROD! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I HOT ROD YOUR AMIGA provides authoritative advice on how to achieve maximum power with your machine, whether you own a series 500, 2000 or 3000 Amiga. HOT ROD YOUR AMIGA teaches you how to expand memory internally and externally. It provides valuable, in-depth information on selecting and installing hard drives, memory boards and accelerators; back-up software and utilities; RAM and drive space differences; and other "hot rodding" tips. It also covers high-end peripherals such as DCTV and the revolutionary Video Toaster®. Don’t wait to soup up your Amiga! PRIMER The AMIGA PRIMER video provides step-by-step instructions covering the many features of the Amiga. Whether you're a new owner or an experienced user, this easy-to-follow video will prove invaluable. Packed with over 75 minutes of detailed information, THE AMIGA PRIMER teaches you in an entertaining format with vibrant graphics and upbeat music. Gain the full benefits that the Amiga has to offer with this simple, quick and thorough video. The video includes information on all Amiga models, System 2.0 and Amiga Vision®. It also covers the Amiga workbench, the CLI, peripherals and utilities. There's no easier way to master your Amiga! J | X TT~} I I am eager to become an Amiga g J V N f expert! Please send me the
- L JLU kJ • following videos: O Video Toaster ...}s24.9 $ 19.95 LJ Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 24.95 $ 19.95 LJ The Amiga Primer. $ 29A)5 $ 24.95 LJ Animation Video, Vol. I...$ 19r95 $ 14.95
o Desktop Video, Vol. 1 $ 2$ !05 $ 24.95 LJ Amiga Graphics, Vol. 1...$ 29.9(5 $ 24.95 LJ The Musical Amiga |29.9 $ 24.95 Dlease include $ 2.95 shipping & handling for one video, $ 5.00 for two or more. ? Check Money Order G MasterCard GVISA CamEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video O Discover Total Amt._ _Exp.Date_ Acct. Signature. Name_ Address City State Zip. AW5913 TechMedia VIDEO
P. O. Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 603*924-0100 An IDG Communications Company Available In VHS only. Please allow 4-6 weeks 'or delivery. Foreign Orders, add $ 7.50 lor airmail delivery; SI8 for two or more videos. Payment must be made in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks. TechMedia Video Is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorld Videos. Cl989. 1990, 1991 Razza Video USA All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark oI Commodore Business Machines. Video Toaster Is a registered trademark o NewTek. By Peter Olafson You couldn’t improve much on Dungeon Master, and so perhaps it's not surprising that FTL’s sequel, Chaos Strikes Back ($ 39.95), is basically more of the same only much harder. There are no easy kills, no basic puzzles, and no letup. Fly to the Christopher Colum- the action-craving armchair other is bound to bring you bus-type and ThunderStrike to Fighter jock. Either one or the endless hours of fun. On the surface, Chaos doesn’t look or play very differently than its parent. The perspective is still first-person. The mouse-based interface and the screen layout are as elegant as ever, and many of those vivid graphic tiles and lovely monsters have come over intact. A vengeful Lord Chaos has hidden four pieces of unstable corbum ore in pathways within a new dungeon each path geared to the gifts of one of the four standard party members. You must find the nuggets and throw them into the Ful Ya pit or say good-bye to the neighboring community of Viborg. Even though Dungeon Master couldn't be much improved, you could pack it Arcade Action; Future Classics Collection; Classic Board Games; Super Games Pak By Peter Olafson I’m a suspicious consumer. I tend to shy away from two-for- the-price-of-one packs (except for peanut butter). When I started testing four game bundles, I figured I was going to be up to my keyboard in clones and poor-selling reissues, and that, with luck, I might find a couple of diamore densely with all kinds of trouble. Chaos does so in a nasty ten-level maze of puzzles, traps and powerful, aggressive creatures. The dungeon is an massive interactive puzzle; it seems to mutate and adapt with your every step, and to pause only when you do. It may not have quite the hothouse atmosphere of DM it’s more an exercise in brain teasers but it more than makes up in cunning. The new game is also more flexible, offering a utility disk with a character portrait editor, a hint oracle, and an animated introduction. The editor gives your game a personal touch. You can rename characters without penalty, and give them a total makeover (in 16 colors) if you don’t like their looks. (My party has been redesigned to accommodate my wife, friends, and dog.) The hint oracle is another nice addition. The hints are sometimes couched in riddles, and they’re not available from within the game itself. Monds in the rough. As it turned out, there were far more gems than rough spots. Arcade Action The best of the bunch is .Arcade Action (Spotlight Cinema- ware, $ 39.95). This bundle of Onslaught and Stormlord both arcaders originally reThe oracle analyzes saved games, so you’re more likely to call on it only when you need it. (For the weak-willed and completists, there’s also a comprehensive “Adventurer’s Handbook.”) I should note that Chaos Strikes Back isn’t for everybody- Despite what it says on the package, it doesn’t strictly require Dungeon Master to play. (You can create a new party, and even Fight a bit, in a new Hall of Champions.) But Chaos was conceived as a DM scenario, rather than as a stand-alone adventure; hence DM experience goes a long way. It may even be essential, as is one megabyte of memory. The documentation is skimpy no spells list, for instance and even the relatively advanced new characters may have trouble holding their own. I recommend this one without hesitation, however, for experienced DM players. For those who haven't played DM, it’s as good a reason as any to get started. Leased in Europe by Hewson is the second in Cinemaware’s re-release series of top-hole English games, and it’s a real bargain. Each game is graphically distinctive and each has some extra oomph in the play department. Aptly named, Onslaught is a relentless arcade wargame. Through the maze thoroughly, you have just the thing to fill it. You can’t catch the little demon who has the key. What you can do Is waylay hjm with a snack which happens to be inside a safe. (Just the place for a snack.) You've pretty much been handed the combination. Remember the message up in the main bedroom about a key, and the numbered cards In the study? Chaos Strikes Back That light fixture in the bathroom may look grlppable, but you can't grip what you can't reach, and there’s nothing at hand to stand on. If only you coutd float up to it .. The ghost in the bedroom off the kitchen has a nasty disposition, but a timid spirit. If you've made effective use of the Spider Cider on the veranda and have kept the evidence, you'll spook him good. And you don't actually need to do anything to the giant spider except stay out of its way. The hole under the altar in the chapel is a death trap, pure and simple. When you run Into the spider again, after going through the trapdoor in the lab, you'll have some maneuvering room.
• One of the first questions I received involved the correct use of the Macaw’s recipe in Guild of Thieves (Rain- bird). If you handled It right (pay attention to the diary here for one particular Ingredient), you should wind up with an "anticube.“ it’s needed as a counterweight in the endgame puzzle. That's inside the bank, by the way.
• Another Rainbird oldie: Joseph Buchanan of Indian Hilts, Colo., writes that he's stuck behind the viaduct in Knight Ore (Rainbird). Joe, the viaduct separates the first two parts of the game, and to get across, you’ll need more rope than you've got: the hermit's beit, the goat's tether, the hunter’s lasso, the cord in the chest, Rapunzel’s hair (f) and the reins from the Green Knight’s horse. What could you connect that rope to in order to throw it over the viaduct? Have you visited the innkeeper?
• The storage room in the dwarvish realm in Journey (Infocom, $ 49.95) isn’t that tough to enter. Have Praxix read the runes at the gate, and then Continued on p. 86. You’re a Fanatic (a one-man army trying to control the war-torn land of Gargore) and, honestly, you should have stayed in bed. This one is blisteringly fast, with so much happening on the screen that you’ll probably ignore many of the features just struggling to survive. The object is to fight your way to the far right of the horizontally-scrolling play- field and capture the enemy flag. But there’s also a strategic map to negotiate, a boss level against temple guardians, 16 cults and types of troops, In Tankbattle, shoot whatever you can’t run over. 14 army types, ten talismans (which help you through difficult terrain), seven weapons, six scrolls, a hint oracle, and a game editor. Storm lord is closer to typical difficult English arcade adventure. (You’re trying to rescue the Realme of the Faeries from Badh the “rotting crone.” Yech.) What separates it are large, smoothly moving sprites and lovely fantasy artwork from the eagle that serves as teleport between level segments to the very naked faeries that populate the game. Future Classics Collection What sets Future Classics Collection (Live Studios, $ 39.95) apart is its small scale. All five of its games are delightful miniatures, and together they’re just great. Rlock- alanche may be another Block- outyTetris clone, but it has an angled-down perspective that’s unique in this sort of game. Tankbattle has some nice graphic touches and adds new animated obstacles and enemies to the old tank-battle game. (Bushes look squashed when you run over them.) Lost ’n Maze won't worry the dungeon masters at FTL, but it’s a very smooth-scrolling and supremely difficult treasure-finding maze game; I’d forgotten that something so simple could be so much fun. Diet Riot is a Pacman variant, but with a clever twist for these weight-conscious times. (The fast food chasing your cute little guy doesn’t kill him. It makes him fat, which he can work off if you get him to a weight room.) My favorite is Diskman, a gnawingly difficult puzzle maze game. You control a little fellow roaming a maze in search of the disks to open the exit door, the keys to open the door to the disks, the bombs to blow through the walls to the keys, and so on. I dare you* W255 N499 Grandview ¦ 204 ¦ Waukesha, Wl 53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM Mon,~Sat. Spotlight on Software A10 Tank Killer ..30.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 AmlgaVislon ..89.00 Animation Studo ...... 99.00 Armour-Geddon ...... 26.99 Art Department Profession .149.00 AucloMaster Ql ..60.00 Awesome 39.00 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 35.99 Bars & Pipes 165.00 BaudBcndt ..31.99 Bfrtz BASIC ....106.00 Blue MAX 35.99 Brigade ....29.99 Broadcast Tltler II ...229.00 Buck Rogers ..35.99 Byte 'N Back ..41.98 CanDo ....85.00 Carthage 26.99 Chaos Strikes Back .2499 Classic Board Games ....19.98 Cross DOS 40 2499 Curse of the Azure Bonds ..35.99 Digl Paint 3 .....61.99 t ,,,w* Ad IDE Ad IDE w 40Q AT Drive - 388,00 AdSpeed . ¦'¦•I' a.. H.H-¦..,.« • • FbckOf Free 325.00 No via 201: ......675,00 DigiViewGold ...130.00 DinoWars 24.99 Disk Labeler (Mcke custom labels) 24.99 Distant Sins ..42.99 Drogon Lord ..35.00 Dragon Wars .... 31.99 DynaCAD ....689.00 E-Z FM Synthesizer ...36.99 Electric Thesaurus .. 31.99 Bvlra .35.99 Excellence 1 ..125.00 F-19 Stealth Fighter 38.00 Fdcon .....33.89 Fdcon Mission Disk 2 Rrefight 18.50 RashBack 45.99 Hcm-E ....395.00 Harpoon 43.99 Harpoon BattleSet 2 or 3 .....24.99 HyperBook ....64.99 bnogeRnder ..45.99 Imagine .195.00 Wiling Game Show .28.50 Lattice C SAS C .....199.00 Lemmings .. 31.99 MR Back-Up ..3499 Macro Paint (Lake Forest Logic) .... 79.00 Maverick 25.99 Monday Mght Football .. 35.99 Overlord ..31.99 PageStream2.1 .....189,00 PageStream Forms: Business ...24.99 PenPd ...... 85.99 Pixel 3D ....52.99 PowerMonger 35.99 PowerPacker Professlond 19.99 Professional Conversion Pack .75.00 Project D 2.0 ..36.00 Proper Grammar ..... 59.99 Pro Vector ..175.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..95.99 QuarterBack 43.00 Quarter Back Tools ...53.00 Seda ......289.00 Shadow of the Beast II . 35.99 Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 Sim City Graphic*: Disk 1 or 2 ..23.99 Soft Clips: Classic Clip Art 46.99 TransWriie ......41.99 Video Tool* 169.99 Vista Professlond ... 89.00 Warlords 31.99 Workbench Management System 32.99 Applied Engineering DatoUnk2000 MNP Send FAX.- >79.00 DataUnk Express MNP Send FAX 205.00 floppy Ddvo 880K 95.00 Floppy Wye, H*gH Density ; : >95.00 Power Supply 600, Heavy Duty...:., 88.00 RanWorks 500 (GREAT 501 Clone) 65.00 sssffi Spoflight on Hardware Accelerator, Sapphire 68020 ...... 269.00 AjrtJnk ....
44. 99 Atcoce 279.00 Audo Engineer ... 215.00 Color Splitter .. 106.00 DCTV .. 395,00 Diskettes, Sony Bulk 100 Pack 65.00 Firecracker Board .... 1299.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 500 90.00 HardCard, GVP 42F Series II0 0.. 435.00 HcrdCard, GVP 105Q Series II0 0 725.00 HardCard. GVP 42F Series II8 0.. 475.00 HardCard. GVP 52Q Series II8 0 519.00 HardCard. GVP 105Q Series II 8 0 749.00 Harddrive, Impact 600 42F Ser II 585.00 Harddrive, Impact 600 62Q Ser II 535.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 105Q...... 899.00 IllumlUnk 89.99 KlckStart Board .... 31.99 Making Music on the Amiga Book 26.00 MegaChip 2000 Board .. 235.00 MIDI Interface, ECE ...... 52.00 MIDI. Phantom SMPTE 179.00 Modem, Courier V.32BIS 14.4...... 679.00 Mouse. Kooyo Golden image ...... 39.99 Supra Corporation 501 Clone, 512K 5500 Roppy Drive, SupraDrive ......99.00 Hddcard, 40Q W Word Sync.... 399.00 Hcidccfd* 106Q w Word Synd w 619.00 HardDRIVE. Supra 500XP 105 2 .... 965.00 Hcxddrive. Supra 500XP4Q 2 58500 Harddrive, Supra S00XP 52 2 ...... 685,00 Memory. SupraRAM 2000 2 Megs; 195.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 4 Megs 285.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 6 Megs 375.00 Memory. SupraRAM 5Q0RX 8 i.... 135.00 Modem. 2400+ (MNP & V.42bls) 169.00 Modem, 2400 MNP (Levels 2>6) T 149.00 Modern, 24004+ (MNP 8t V.42bls>: 159.00 SCSI Controler, Word Sync 110.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 ...69.00 Personal TBC .. 799.00 Printer, T1 PostScript PS 35 ..... 1695.00 Removable Harddrive, Ricoh...... 799.00 SIMM Module* 1 x 8 60ns 67.00 SCSI Controller, GVP Series II0 0 155.00 SCSI Controller, GVP Series II8 0 210.00 Scanner, MIGraph ......315.00 Super Agnus Cnp .95.00 Toaster Techniques Video 39.99 Trackbdl, AmTRAC ......69.99 Video Master, VIDTek .. 1075.00 Video Toaster ..... 1479.00 Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Make Sate Harbor YOUR Computer Port real world landscapes addictive fun! No more foreground polygons with Gouraud shading! More realistic looking. New 'Tree" function increases realism. Intuitive controls new, improved manual. Make fly through animations! Why settle for 2-D "wallpaper" landscapes when you can explore real places and over 4 billion imaginary fractal landscapes in 3 dimensional space? List price only $ 59.95! More than a thousand real landscape expansions are available now. Call or write for our brochure. Too much to list! Imagine constructing and exploring a perfect scale model of Yosemite or Olympus Mons Mars on your Amiga! Inexpensive upgrade from 1.0 available to registered owners. SjkSTFKlT Suns 3-0 (1 Meg NTSC or PAL) Award winning Planetarium Program for the Amiga. Recreate the night sky on your computer any place on earth, any time from 10,000 years in the past to 10,000 years in the future. What did the night sky over Baghdad look like the night Desert Storm was launched? What was in the sky the night the Allies crossed the English Channel on D-Day? What did your birthday sky look like in the city where you arrived, or what is in the sky for viewing next week? Distant Suns allows you to click and identify thousands of objects (over 10,000 if you purchase the 2 disk NASA skymap expansion). Information tells the viewer the star type, magnitude, location on the celestial sphere, and distance in light years. Draw the constellations, identify the deep sky objects, display over 213 deep sky objects (if you own the Deep Sky Objects expansion disk). Distant Suns contains dozens of other useful and entertaining features. Only $ 69.95 for this amazing and easy to use key to the universe. Vista pro 1.0 (3 Megs NTSC or 35 Megs PAL) The Professional version of Vista T.V. Broadcast Quality! Vistapro is an immediate hit with professionals and serious hobbyists around the world! Produces absolutely stunning high res overscan landscapes in any output mode available on the Amiga. Easy interface ana tutorial loaded manual. If you can display 24 bit color, Vistapro is an awesome tool for quickly producing broadcast television quality images and flytnough animations. Vistapro is shipped as "standard equipment" with the Impulse Firecracker. Also works with the Toaster, DCTV, HAM-E, and Mimetics frame buffer. Compatible with Imagine, Turbo Silver, and Art Department Professional, More than a thousand landscapes now available as expansions. Upgrades from Vista are available for registered owners. Vistapro is major league fun for power users. List price: $ 149.95. Virtual‘Kgafity La6oratories, Inc. 2341 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Phone or FAX: 1-S05-545-8515 to stop playing once you start. Classic Board Games Even Classic Board Games (Merit Software, $ 29.95) was a modest surprise. It offers respectable versions of chess, checkers, and backgammon for play against an aggressive computer opponent or a friend (via modem). The three-dimensional graphics are decent (the sound is rather nominal). Also, the lines are numbered in the manual to help out with the simple copyprotection. Super Games Pak The largest single game in the bunch was Deathbots from Super Games Pak (ODYSSEY Software, $ 39.99), It’s a two- disk maze shoot-'em-up (a third disk holds an animated intro) in the style of Berzerk. The graphics are strong, and there’s digitized sound at every turn. But there’s also a significant gaffe. While it presents the maze from an angled-down perspective, the player's character and the robots are seen in cross-section, and the combination signifiDragon’s Lair II: Time Warp By John Ryan In Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (ReadySoft, S59.95), Princess Daphne has been kidnapped by Mordroc, a corrupt wizard who w ill force her into marriage unless Dirk the Daring can rescue her. Dirk must travel back into time and defeat Mordroc before the wizard can place an evil wedding ring on Daphne’s finger, thus trapping her forever in a time warp. As with the first installment, your control over Dirk’s actions is limited to quickly indicating whether Dirk will fight or move in a certain direction. Indeed, cantly trims the strategic options available to the player. The robots you’re gunning down are so big and plentiful that there’s almost no way to avoid or trick them (which was the real fun of Berzerk), and the game becomes an exercise in bulling your way through tons of sprites not much fun at all. Super Games Pak also contains Jailbreak and Byte Man, which are over-the-top versions of Breakout and Pacman. Jailbreak has 100 levels and a powerful editor to build your own. Byte Man could use an editor. The first few of the 32 levels struck me as rather similar. The problem is that these two don’t offer anything much different from the games that inspired them. Those mold- covered originals have already been cloned to death, and I’m not sure there’s a need for more. It’s sort of a shame, too, as the energy and enthusiasm that went into the pair is evident right down to the pregame and between-level screens. Perhaps next time ODYSSEY should put it all into one great game. The entire game is nothing more than a long series of animations punctuated by a few* precisely timed joystick movements. More often than not, success boils dow n to practicing each scene over and over until your reactions are automatic. While Dragon’s Lair II continues its predecessor’s tradition of marvelous cartoon-like characters and fluid animation, it unfortunately also contains many of that game's drawbacks. First and foremost, Dragon’s Lair II uses on-disk copyprotection, which pre- Top Selling Graphic Arts hours to become familiar with the moves and timing needed to successfully pass through vents you from installing the game on a hard drive. The game resides on six floppy Deluxe Paint II Digl-Paim 3 Dlgl-View Gold 4.0 Disney Anlm. Studio Imagine Professional Draw 2,0 Spectra co lor Turbo Silver 3.0 VtetaPro Memory-A2000 2000 RAM Board OK 2000 RAM Board 2MB 2000 RAM Board 4MB 2000 RAM Board 6MB 2000 RAM Board 8MB $ 145
• 109 : 159 : 209 Can Hard Drives-A2000 GVP HC 0 Series It contrilr GVPHCa+0 0 Series IJ cntrfli Supra Wordsync controlier 42MB Fujitsu Hard Drives 52MB GuantumHard Drives 80MB SeagaleHard Drives 105MB QuantumHard Dri each of the 46 sequences. Save the game often to avoid having to restart from the beginning. Relying more on memorization than tactical skill or joystick prowess, Dragon's Lair II reinforces the old axiom that great graphics and sound alone do not make a good game. Pro jnst Set Dr. T's Cooyist DTP Dr.Ts KC5; Lewi II v3S Dr. T* Tiger Cub
- VI • Utility Arexx A-Talk III Baud Bandit DiskMaster Project D 2.0 QuarterBack QuanerSack Tools $ 649 51349 1149 51399 $ 849 gorg Spaceport in a violent scenario that is almost exclusively combat-oriented. Party- to-party combat is a major component of the game, and Buck Rogers’ combat simulator requires you to make many choices and decisions. In addition to controlling your own characters during the fight, you can try to direct friendly forces via the Leadership skill. The game makes over two dozen weapons available and factors weapon ranges and rates of fire into combat. The game’s movement window is usually a simple 3-D perspective view. While you ? $ 125 $ 62 $ 165 $ 86 $ 214 $ 94 199 150 AmlgaVteion Broadcast Titter 2 ChromaKey Deluxe Vioeo III Director 2.0 Pro Video Post Shcwmaker TV Show V2 TVText Pro SB $ 15 19 115 26 ?15 26 15 15 ?23 ?26 26 23 9AM-8PM Monday - Friday. 10AM - 5PM Saturday EST 1-800-262-0533 Orders only 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 Canada, A PO, FPO Orders & Customer Service (412) 962-0533 Computer Basics, Inc, 1490 N, Htrmkmg* Rd., HtrmMogi, PA 16148 No One Knows Amiga Better - Authorized Commodore Dealer Since 1980 By Graham Kinsey In Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (SSI, $ 49.95), you lead a group of new NEO (New Earth Organization) recruits in defense of Earth against the attacks of the Martian-based RAM empire. At the start, you can use the predesigned party or create your own. For the latter, you choose character attributes and divide your skill points among the 50 4- skills. Some skills have prerequisites; for example, use of the Navigation skill requires that the character first have devoted points to Astronomy and Mathematics. With the party ready, your adventure starts at the Chica- disks, and its flow is often interrupted by disk loads between scenes. In addition, while the animation and sound effects are certainly captivating, this aspect becomes secondary after you have to renavigate the same scene over and over. With only three lives, it will take you Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday AutoDroid £48 Color Splitter $ 109 Copy Stand $ 62 Dtgi Droid $ 67 Frame Grabber $ 599 Hand Scanner w Touchup $ 269 JX100 Scanner w Software $ 729 JX300 Scanner w Sof1ware$ 2999 Pan,1410 Cam.w lens $ 199 DC TV $ 399 Audio Engineer $ 229 Audiomaster 3 $ 62 Perfeci Sound 500 3.1 $ 69 SoundMaster $ 139 ICD Novla I Internal20MB GVP A500-HD8 +0 42F GVP A500-HD8 +0 52Q GVP A500-HD8 +0 105Q , SupraDrive 20MB-A500XP! SupraDrive 40MB-A500XP! SupraDrive S2MB-A500XPU SupraDrive1Q5MB-A500XP$ 9l9 AE 880K external $ 99 AE 1.52MB external $ 199 CA880K external $ 115 Master 3A-1 external $ 84 Master 3A-1D W Dfeplay $ 109 Roctec Ulra Sim external $ 99 A2000 internal drive $ 89 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RAM Exp. W Clock & 880K External Driva lowest price $ 129 AE Ram Works 500 RC500 512K RAM exp. SupraRam500 SupraRam500RX(1 MB) BaseBoard OK RAM 1MB 2MB ICD ADRAM ECE Midi $ 49 Midi Gold 500 $ 56 Midi Gold Inskter 565 Phantom SMPTE MIDI $ 179 Bodega Bay Amiga 500 Expansion cabinet New $ 319 Big Foot Amiga 500 PowerSu ky Digitizers & Scanners MiniGen Supergen Supergen 200OS Video Master Video Toaster Personal TBC Drawing Tablets Hard Drives-A500 Memory-A500 Floppy Drives Midi's 150 Watt Video Dakota Sketchmstr 12x12 $ 384 Dakota Sketchmstr 12x18 $ 599 Summa Grphcs IITablet $ 499 Amiga Mouse Mat $ 9 Blue or Red Amiga Solar Calculator $ 13 Amiga Corduroy Cap $ 8 Amiga T-Shirts $ 9 ‘Only Amte* mat** I Potibli' a Kiki up your own Mind* Amiga Polo Shirt $ 19 Dark Buo win Wvte Cm be purchased with AnVgaman SSS Call lor Detail Comptmt* Automatic Digi-Vlew S $ 449 tedudes: Digl-VIe plus: Copy Stand. Panason* 1410 camera w ters, Autodroid, video switch, and al cables. Supramodem 2400 external $ 99 Supramodem 2400w mnp $ 159 Supramodem 2400 plus $ 189 Supramodem 2400zf $ 115 AE DataLink Express ext $ 169 AE DataLink Exp. SendFAX $ 219 AE DataUnk 2000 Int $ 139 AE DataLink 2000 lntw FAX$ 199 GVPA366i-4M&£> $ 1449 GVP A3033-4MB 0 $ 1629 GVP A3050-4MB 0 $ 2299 Mega Midget Racer 25Mhz $ 899 AdSpoed $ 229 AT-Once $ 299 Flicker Fixer $ 269 Flicker Fixer's DEB 2000 $ 99 Ad Flicker Free Video $ 329 AE HD A500 Powersuppfy $ 89 Mouse Master Switch BatHandte Joystick Boss Joystick Slk Stk Joystick Tac 50 Joystick Amtrac Trackball Kraft Trackball Boina Optical Mouse Gokflmg.OptoMech. Mouse Gold Img. Optical Mouse Amiga SHOW-OFFS Hardware (misc) Input Devices Accelerators Modems A-10 Tank Killer Armour-Gedden Awesome Bane of Cosmic Forge Blue Max Da* Boot Days of Thunder Dragn's Lair 2 (Time Warp) Duck Tales Dungeon Master 2 Emra: Mistress of the Dark F-29 Retaliator Falcon Falcon Mbn 2: Op. Fire. Full Metal Planet Gold of the Aztecs Gunboat Immortal Killing Game Show Lemmings M1 Tank Platoon Overdrive Overlord Populous PowerMonger Power Pinball Search for the King Secret of Monkey Wand Shadow of the Beast 2 Sim City Sim City Terrain Sword of So dan Teenage Mut, NinjaTurttas Tetris Tumean Ultima V Wings Wolf Pack Amiga for Beginners Amiga System Prog. Guide Advanced Svstm Proa GukJe Amiga Dos Quick Ref. Guide Amiga Dos Inside 4 Out Amiga Basic Inside 6 Out Machine Language Graphics Inside & Out Amiga C for Beginners Amiga C for Advanced 3DGraphic Prog. In BASIC Desktop Video GukJe Best of Amiga Tricks 6 Tips Making Music on die Amiga Excellence 2.0 Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 Page Stream 2.1 Pen Pal Prof. Page 2.0 Prowrite 3.1 Quick Write SuperBase Personal 2 SuperSase Prof. WordPerfect Barney Bear lea) Carmen Sanoiego (ea) Distant Suns Katie's Farm Math Blaster Plus McGee Taking Animator Taking Coloring Book Amiga'Prlnters Inside 4 Out Amiga Drives I nskte 4 Out Entertainment Productivity Bara and Pit Bars and Pi Delx Music Education $ 89 $ 229 $ 349 $ 99 $ 73 )9 247 Books Music Video $ 69
* 249 $ 59 $ 31 62 30 31 37 4 m 124 don’t need to type in commands, you are often forced to respond to multiple-choice questions. You'll find plenty of details as the game progresses, but many scenes are supplied in the manuals in log-book entries. During play, the computer will refer you to a specific log entry in the manual. (If you really feel like more reading, tackle the included full-length Buck Rogers novel, First Power Play.) While many facets of the game are complex, the presentation is shallow. (Too bad for a game that requires one megabyte of RAM.) The graphics are mediocre at best. The sound effects are not bad, but the musical scores are awful. You can install the game on a hard drive, as it uses only manual copv-protection. While it runs fine with my A2630 accelerator, the A3000 gives it trouble. 1 found no problems with the game itself, but 1 was not excited. I wouldn’t rush out to buy Buck Rogers, but I would give it a long look if I could find it discounted. ¦ SCRERFiiriG PR5T fi SfiliLL ASTEROID* YOUR SERSORS ALERT YOU TO A PIRRTE CRUISER LURKIR6 in THE ASTEROID5 S SHRDOLd- BEFORE YOU CRFf REACT, THE SHIP FIRES! Press Bunon or RETURn to cominuE What are we going to do, Buck? From p. 82. Simply say the first word, “Lorem.**
• Omar Slddlque of Baltimore, Maryland, is looking for the Earth system and Mars in particular in StarfHght (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95). The system's at 215-86, and you should visit Mars, Earth, and Venus. The latter two are good colony candidates, while Mars and Earth both have useful devices. (Set down at the North Pole of Mars.) As far as other things to do, it looks as though you have what It takes to get friendly with the Veloxi.
• Rob Sasso of Wayne, N.J., writes of trouble purifying the 16th archipelago in Archipelagoes (Brrtannica, $ 39.95). I haven’t played the game as much as you have, Rob, but here's a detour (read: cheat) until I get to your level. After finishing the first two Island chains, hit the return key to pick another, type in 8421 and hit RETURN two more times. Now you have a world of choices. If you are hopelessly lost In a game, or just feeling slightly befuddled, you can reach me by US mail at 12 West 104th St., Apt. 3E, New York, N.Y. 10025, or via E-mail on Genie as
P. OLAFSON and on People Link as Peteroo. Send a SASE it you'd like a personal reply. ¦ A MAN’S BEST FRIEND IS HIS DOG AN AMIGA’S BEST FRIEND IS THE ‘BACKUP BUDDY TM J L MAVERICK V2 for the AMIGA Five Years Of Experience On A Single Disk When we started making Commodore backup products, we started making history Our Maverick for the Commodore has become the single most successful archival utility system ever created for the C64 C128 computers Wc pioneered innovations that made Maverick the ONLY logical choice for the serious user History is repeating itself Our new Maverick for the Amiga is a ground breaking product' It is unlike anything you've ever seen lor the Amiga before You use it without fumbling for pull-down menus or searching through overlapping windows The Maverick Amiga screen is a clean, modern control panel designed to allow you to intuitively operate the system as if it were a physical piece of hi-tech equipmert Options abound These include features like
* ¦ Hypercopy High speed, effortless, error tree data duplication
* Parameters Our own custom routines backed by 5 years of experience
* OverRide ' A new tool that makes a program useable on a hard drive by COMPLETELY de-protectmg .t'
* Inspector: Our MFM track editor featuring whole (rack or data block modification capability macros for automation and best ol all - Backup Buddy compatible'
* ‘Backup Buddy' support to allow easy, reliable backups of some of the thoughest to dupicate titles on the market
* More parameters keep you up to date with today s last paced software releases There's more For a minimal lee, regislered Maverick owners can upgrade Iheir system to Ihe newest version including new expansion modules and additional new parameters, every 90 days' Maverick Amiga was actually designed with future expansion capabilities built right in. And experienced users can oven create and store their own custom copiers, accessible right from the mam control parel. Just as if they were built into Maverick from the factory1 When you re ready to spend your hard earned money lor an Amiga backup utility, keep this in mind There are lots ot copters on the market, but there s only one complete archival utility system Maverick MAVERICK AMIGA V2 $ OQ95 ONLY OSJ.s&h Available from your local dealer or contact us directly: Ready to add another drive to your system? We ve got some good news for you: for nearly the same price as an ordinary drive, you can buy the brand new Maverick Amiga Backup Buddy’ drive! The Backup Buddy' drive (sold ONLY to registered Maverick Amiga owners) is a superb Konyo drive that we've worked our special magic on. We've added our own custom engineered speed control circuitry to create a unique new tool. Used alone, the Backup Buddy' is as fast, reliable, and compatible as any other Amiga external disk drive. But, used with the Maverick Amiga, the ‘Backup Buddy' becomes the newest weapon in the Archival Utility System arsenal, easily letting you backup titles that could NEVER be reliably duplicate before now' The Backup Buddy' is another demonstration of our commitment to the Maverick tradition: Always be the best. THE Backup Buddy' DISK DRIVE ONLY 4Q9s&h Available Only From Software Support International to registered Maverick Amiga owners. SOFTWARE SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL 2700 N.E. ANDRESEN ROAD • SUITE A-10 • VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON 98661 Write or call us for more information or our current catalog listing 1000’s of items for your computer 1-800-356-1179 BfliWALL Solid Products and Solid Support H he Wrist at PRESENTS A Cinemaware Interactive Movie Battle ruthless villains, woo a beautiful princess, and interact with strange, alien life forms in this incredibly lifelike animation quest. The Kristal's arcade action combines gorgeous graphics, clever traps, and challenging puzzles as you star as Dancis Frake, a swashbuckling space pirate. Jo NAME ADDRESS CITY ZIP Mastercard exp LIIVHTED SPECIAL OFFER! $ 15.95 Plus S3.50 postage and handling Be one of the first 50 to order from this ad and receive an additional bonus game! Order today! 1-800-636-5757 Outside U.S.A. (216) 683*5661 ? Order lines open 24 hours ? (Briwallians are in 10-7 EST) Or clip this coupon and mail today Briwall Special Game Offer
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 _ Check money order enclosed Charge my: ? Visa signature acct STATE Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team I I B I I • I • i I • I I I i t I I ¦ I « I I « I I We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the Amiga World product line and we need your help. We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame.
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3. 5" DISK DRIVE ......$ 95 COLOR SPLITTER .$ 109 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive lor A-MAX ....$ 169 DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTV DC-10 $ 399 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.C $ 124 FIRECRACKER 24(2MB) ..$ 1279 INSIDER II BODEGA BAY By CALIFORNIA ACCESS Expansion Console - Turn your AMIGA 500 into a A-2000 Compatible CALL APPLIED ENGINEERING 1,52MB High Density Drive $ 189 APPLIED ENGINEERING Power Supply for A-500 ......$ 87 BROADCAST TITLERII ....$ 219 ryt OK Expandable to1.5MB 512K ...$ 229 1MB $ 259
1. 5MB ..$ 289 AMIGA BOO EXPANSION KIT 512K RAM W ClocK (11Q 8080K Externa! Drive I I dr Atonce PC AT Emulator L 07 A’2Q00 Adaptor for A Tonce Available AMIGA 2000 Power Supply $ 169 AMIGA Replacement Parts Available A-MAX Emulator II ..$ 139 Internal Memory for A-1000 LATTICE 05.1 .$ 229 MASTER 3A-1 Disk Drive ....$ 79 MASTER 3A-1D Disk Drive $ 109 MASTER 5A-1 5.25 Disk Vve..$ 199 MEGA-MIDGET RACER (25Mhz) ..$ 639 MEGA-MIDGET RACER (33MHz) $ 739 MINIMEGA-1QC0 2MB External Memory .....$ 269 PAGESTREAM 2.1 .$ 179 PANASONIC 1410 w Lens .$ 199 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.0......$ 209 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D $ 329 SHARP JX-100 Collor Scanner w Software & Cables .$ 699 SHARP JX 300 $ 1799 WORD PERFECT (AMIGA).....$ 155 FUCKER FIXER .....$ 239 FUCKER FIXER DEB-2000 ..$ 99 FUCKER FIXER GENLOCK OPTION $ 49 GOLDEN IMAGE HANDSCANNER w MIGRAPH TOUCHUP ...$ 249 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTO MECHANICAL MOUSE ......$ 39 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE ...$ 59 IMAGINE ..$ 189 TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM VIDEO TITLING PACKAGE Genlock Video Titling Software Video Fonts GENLOCKS AMIGEN,.$ 99 MINIGEN.$ 188 MINIGEN PAL ..$ 229 SUPERGEN $ 599 SUPER GEN 2000S .....$ 1339 VIDTECHVIDEOMASTER.$ 1049 VIDTECH SCANLOCK .CALL XETEC CD ROM CDX-650E EXTERNAL ..$ 553 CDX-6501 INTERNAL $ 589 VIDEO ANIMATION PACKAGE Genlock Animation Software Animation Fonts
* 269 OUR TRAINED CONSULTANTS ARE READY TO CUSTOMIZE THE PERFECT DESKTOP VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR YOU! OK ..$ 99 2MB ....$ 199 512K ..$ 129 3MB ....$ 269 1MB ...$ 149 4MB ....$ 329 2MB DAUGHTER BOARD AVAILABLE DATA FLYER LOW COST SCSI INTERFACE A-2000 ......$ 89 A-500 ... $ 149 FLICKER FREE VIDEO ...$ 305 ADIDE (IDE Controller Card lor A-2000) ..$ 115 wav NOVI A 20i 20MB Internal Drive for A-500 AD-SPEEDACCELLERATOR FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS (14.3 Mhz)
* 225 AD-RAM 540 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-500 OK $ 99 (Expandable to4MB) AdSCSI 2000 5129 AdSCSI 2080 5189 AD-RAM 2080 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-2000 (0K EXPANDABLE TO 8MB) $ 519 AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000HD AMIGA 2500 30 AMIGA 3000 PRICES SO LOW WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PRINT THEM AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES INSTOCK From p. 16. EZ-FM High fidelity, low learning curve. By Steve Quinzi AS MOST OF us know by now, sounds produced by means of hardware can often be replicated by software. This is where EZ-FM ($ 59.95, The Other Guys) comes in with it, you can create Yamaha DX7 synthesizer-like FM sounds on your Amiga. In addition, if you also have Svnthia Pro (The Other Guys), you can also transfer the sounds to a sampler for higher-fidelity playback. FM synthesis is the method of sound production utilized by the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Briefly, FM (Frequency Modulation) is a synthesis technique that produces complex waveforms by modulating one sine wave, called a carrier, with another that’s called a modulator. An envelope generator controls the modulator's rate of effect over the carrier. Yamaha implements this technique by offering six sound generators (operators) that you can assign as either modulators or carriers in any of 32 possible routing configurations (algorithms). Since you can set the modulators to frequencies within the audio range, the waveforms produced are rich in harmonics. Add to this the fact that there are six envelope- controlled operators acting upon one another dynAMIGAlly, and you have a perfect method for creating complex and exotic waveforms. Give Us a Sine! When I first heard about EZ-FM, I assumed that it would be a stand-alone version of Svnthia Pro’s FM page. EZ- FM, however, turns out to be far more extensive than the single carrier modulator configuration available on Synthia Pro. In fact, EZ-FM closely emulates the synthesis architecture of the DX7, offering six operators and 32 possible algorithms. Anyone accustomed to programming a DX7 will feel right at home with this program. EZ-FM’s straightforward layout resides on a single screen with numbered control boxes occupying the entire left side. Each box represents one of EZ-FM’s six operators. By clicking on the Waveform gadget located at the far left of each box, you can select one of eight available waveforms (an improvement over DX7’s operators, which are limited to sine waves). You can control static amplitude levels for each operator with a slider located in the screen’s center. To the right, the Envelope gadget opens a window where you can graphically design the operator’s envelope shape. Once you arrive at the shape you fetjlftS Lcai Sfttiegs Seal !o letter Bo HackyHwi EZ-FM's array of scopes for fine-tuning. Want, click the Update button, and the new shape appears in the Envelope gadget. EZ-FM’s envelope generators are the traditional four-stage ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) type, which, although easy to work with, are, in my opinion, unnecessarily limiting; 1 think the program would benefit greatly if it had more comprehensive envelope generators. The method of setting an operator’s frequency took some getting used to. While the DX7 uses a ratio system, EZ- FM defines specific frequencies. There are two sliders, one to set the octave and another to set the “offset.” The offset control divides the octave into 2084 discrete frequency values, ranging from from .0000 to .9995. A table in the manual converts frequency values to note names, but if you want to get the same frequency ratios as the DX7, you have to do a little homework. As the DX7 uses the overtone series as a basis for setting the frequencies of its operators, you can make up a table that converts the overtone series pitches (related to the desired root pitch) to the corresponding octave and offset settings on EZ-FM. This will now be your starting point. To the right of center screen is an .Algorithm gadget that displays the currently selected algorithm. Click here to change to any of the other 32 that are available (exactly the same as the DX7), Use the slider below to control the amount of feedback (feedback routes the output of an operator or group of operators back into its input). The values here range from 0 to 16, a finer gradation than that available on the DX7. The only way to get a sound into EZ- FM (other than creating one on the spot) is to load a setting file. This is analogous to loading the parameters of a synthesizer patch. After loading such a file, click on the Do gadget, and the program calculates a sample based on various control settings. EZ-FM then displays the results in the Waveform window. Clicking on this window will open the larger Wave Examiner window, which provides zoom and position sliders plus a very nice feature that animates a single wave cycle just like an oscilloscope. With the sample-size slider, you can alter the overall waveform length, which proportionally changes all envelopes to match. The maximum sample length is 64K. EZ-FM allows you to play your sample from the Amiga keyboard. The program includes a sustain switch that will hold the sound to its full duration even if you release the key quickly. Unfortunately, there is no MIDI control. For the Record Once you are ready to save a sound, the Save Options gadget offers several choices. You can save the parameters of the sound as a setting file for use with EZ-FM later on, or you can save the waveform as a sample in one of three formats: the one- or three-octave standard IFF, Audio-IFF eight-bit, or Audio- IFF 16-bit. You also have the option of including a setting file with any of these. If you select the stable LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) option, any operator designated as an LFO will not be transposed up the octave in a multioctave file. Although EZ-FM does not include certain parameters, such as global LFOs and pitch envelopes, this is not a great problem, as you can load sounds created in EZ-FM into Synthia Pro to take advantage of its numerous effects generators. Synthia Pro’s pitch shifter, for 90 May 1991 r My first impression of EZ-FM is that it is easy to learn. I don’t like having to wait for waveform computations; I find that annoying. Mitch Esformes Boca Raton, Florida example, can serve as either a pitch envelope or an LFO to modulate frequency, while its AM-modulation generator can act as an LFO to modulate amplitude. The only problem with using Synthia to complete your FM sounds is that EZ-FM and Synthia Pro do not multitask with one another. This is quite cumbersome; a switch to disable the audio device so that you could at least go from one program to the other without shutting down would help matters considerably. EZ-FM is a must-have for anyone who is really into FM synthesis. It is also an excellent way to learn about this technique and about synthesis in general. The sounds are unmistakably FM, sort of like having a DX7 (without the performance features) in your Amiga. I would really like to see MIDI control and multitasking with Synthia Pro on future updates, but I realize that given EZ-FM’s current price, my wish list may be unrealistic. In any event, the program is a worthwhile addition to any Amiga music system. Video Tools Video-O-Matic. By Geoff Williams YOU NEED VIDEO utilities? There’s a package that has not just one or two, or even ten. ... Friends, Video Tools ($ 299.95, Eschalon Development) has 16 different handy utilities for video production. You also get 14 fonts, four ColorFonts, and 37 brushes. Now, you might not buy any of them if you were offered only one at a time, but there are enough elements in this package to warrant a serious look. Video Tools (VT) offers several titling utilities for putting text on the screen, all with nearly identical interfaces for ease of use. You can save a text file created in one module and load it into another with its colors, fonts, and other parameters intact. They all let you load a font, set styles with bold, italic, drop shadow, outline, and anti-aliasing, specify the justification (right, left, center), and modify the colors. Once you set these attributes, HOW DO YOU HANDLE A TIGER Cub? You can save them with the text file. The text files are originally created as .ASCII files in any word processor. VT’s scrolling credits-display module, Creditor, lets you roll your acknowledgments just the way credits are run at the end of television shows. The variable- speed scrolling is not nearly as smooth as with Broadcast Titler (InnoVison Technology) or Pro Video Post (Shereff Systems), but it is acceptable in some “The bottom line is that TIGER Cub blows away all competition in its class. ” Jim Pierson-Perry Electronic Musician Realtime editing Scoring & printing 12 track recording Realtime Recording, Graphic Editing, Quick Scoring. Fully Interactive. Conductor Track. One Step Editing, Object Oriented. Loop Recording, Step Time Recorder. Smart Instru ment Setups, 384 PPQ Resolution, Real Time Mute, Solo, and Group Dr.T’s 100 Crescent Rd. Needham, MA 02194
(617) 455-1454 voice 455-1460 fax VERY CAREFULLY cases. With anti-aliasing on, however, the text looks blurry as it scrolls. Unfortunately, with Creditor, you must set all your text in a single font size and color. This falls short of professional quality, which should be able to set different lines of text in different colors and sizes. This failing is found in all of the titling modules. Moving Right Along VT’s Scroller module moves text along in a single line across the bottom of the screen. This function works well unless you set the scroll speed beyond the halfway mark, when, for some reason, the text tears and becomes blurry. By creating a text file and numbering sections of the text, you can call them up at random by number and scroll them on the screen so that a speaker can easily read them aloud. This is one of the least effective of the tools in the collection, however, as it does not do what a real Tele- prompter should. For example, you cannot highlight text with different colors to separate instructions from the text to be read, nor can you separate the text for two narrators. Also, most teleprompters in studio situations have the monitor reflected in an angled piece of glass, but this requires a mirror image on the screen so that the text is readable when reflected. VT’s utility does not do this. (Editors note: Eschalon Development reports that it will include reversed text display in the products next reins ion. Upgrade release information was unavailable at press time.) When I first tried to use Tele- Prompter, I found what I believe to be a bug. After about 250 characters, Tele- Prompter dropped the rest of the text in a paragraph. While the manual does not say so, you can solve this problem by putting in hard returns after the end of each line. In Video Tools’ defense, though, I should point out that none of the teleprompters for the .Amiga offer color highlighting, and only one offers mirrored text. There is a better teleprompter for the C-64 than for the Amiga, which badly needs one that is of professional quality. Subtitles is the best of the titling programs in that it works well without any compromises or limitations. Click the mouse and the next subtitle appears instantly on the screen, neatly formatted. • The anti-aliasing in this module is very effective in making the text look smooth. VT's collection of utilities for creating multimedia presentations includes Ascension, the player program (which is not freely distributable). It has no interface of its own, so you must get to it via a script icon. You can create scripts for it in a word processor or use Ascension Maker, with its point-and-click interface. Ascension does not rival TV*Show 2.0 (Zuma Group) or Deluxe Video 111 (Electronic Arts), but if you do not have a multimedia program, it does handle the basics of showing pictures. It also plays animations and sounds very readily and lets you run .ARexx and DOS com- mands. I do like the selection of 40 transitions, which are nice and smooth. .Also included is VT Presenter, which offers all of the Ascension options, but can be called and controlled through Arexx. VT’s Generators are utilities for producing a variety of images and graphics on screen. Each generator lets you set normal or video resolution in NTSC and PAL. Of all the tools in this collection, these are the best; they alone are worth the price of the package. Video Slate is a simple slate that lets you type in five titles of ten characters each, followed by a description of up to 23 characters (although you can type in
28) . You can optionally display the time and date. This module would be more exciting if it had some extra features, such as a countdown, as has the PD Slate program, or a hot-key to bring the slate to the front and increment the scene number each time. Test Patterns For gene . Ing test-signal images by means of which you can align your monitor and your video signal, use Pattern. Its utilities are Stability, Linearity, Focus, Convergence, and Convergence 2. These are good to have, especially as there are expensive stand-alone boxes in the video world that do this sort of thing. VT’s Safe Area Generator is another feature that would cost a pretty penny if you bought it as a piece of video hardware. This utility produces markers on all current screens, so that you can identify what areas will be off the screen on a regular TV, You can easily adjust the position and color, and it works with DeluxePaint or any other multitasking program. Using color bars is an important skill to have when you’re working with video. With VT’s Colorbars, you can display standard bars as well as Straight, Grayscale, and Luminance. You can also generate a 1-KHz tone with adjustable volume, add a short message to the bars and display the time and date. I used VT’s Background Generator for a recent video project, and it saved me quite a bit of time. This utility lets you generate a background by stamping down a brush in a tiled or wallpaper pattern with adjustable spacing. If you need to experiment before getting the right look with this effect, you will find using VT is faster that doing it in Dpaint
III. You can also make the brush overlap itself, which you can do only by hand in Dpaint. The perfect companion to this utility would be Joe Kagerer's Pro Fills, which gives you a collection of brushes to use for generating some very nice backgrounds. 1 found highly useful the Background Generator’s ability to produce an extrusion effect on the brush to create an embossed look. You can set both the light direction and the extrusion depth. The same thing is possible in DeluxePaint III, but VT is faster and easier. By lending a dithered pattern to some angles, it can also add a third shadow color for areas that would be at an angle to the light. Again, this would be a chore to do in Dpaint. But Wait; There’S More I did not expect much from the fonts included in this collection, but they are actually quite good. You get four Color- fonts and 13 regular fonts, all in sizes large enough for video use. The Color- fonts are usable and attractively de- signed. The monochrome fonts offer a good selection of basic types, including variations of Helvetica and Times. VT provides nine color brushes for doing fills with the Background Generator. Some of them are useful, but they are not exciting. There are 28 monochrome brushes to use for embossed ef- YOURTURN! Video Tools works fine for us. We also use Title Page (Eschalon), and VT really makes it more complete. I never did like not being able to control the background with Title Page. Eschalon's customer service is definitely the best, and really patient, too. Scott Cutlip West Palm Beach, Florida fects. The idea of including brushes of different objects is excellent, but in this case poorly executed. More thought should have gone into what images are needed for video. Most of the images included are not useful, and many are too finely detailed for video work. VT also offers a collection of utilities to let you show text, display pictures, load the IFF.library (required by Ascension), and reassign fonts. There is also a Font Manager. Although there is room for improvement, the bottom line is that I can definitely use several of VT’s utilities for my video work, and to me that makes it a good investment. Macro Paint A really big paint box. By Phil Fitzpatrick IF YOU HAVE longed for a way to create great full-color images at high-resolu- tion sizes, Macro Paint (SI39.95, Lake Forest Logic) can load any IFF image, including dynamic hi-res and 24-bit pictures. Macro Paint remaps the image palette line by line, thereby increasing the number of available colors. The result of this rather intriguing approach is high-resolution graphics with a simulated 4096-color display mode. The current version (1.05) is capable of producing some striking effects, but in many areas it misses its mark. Macro Paint's authors obviously paid considerable attention to producing a comprehensive software package to cover drawing, painting, and image processing; it even includes an .ARexx interface. The program is not copy-protected, and it readily installs on either floppy or hard disk, even without the utilities provided to make the process easier. It also supports four Arexx gadgets and custom ToolTypes that you can edit to specify your default Preferences. RAM: Food for Thought Getting Macro Paint off the ground is as easy as double-clicking the Macro Paint icon from Workbench. This opens a requester for fine-tuning the program’s configuration settings to your liking. I was able to find my way around Macro Paint’s screen, which, like Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), opens a Toolstrip, or gadget menu, across the bottom. There are also pull-down menus, clearly marked tools, a palette, and four Arexx macro gadgets that you can easily locate without consulting the manual. The Toolstrip provides the standard array of drawing tools: lines, circles, rectangles, and ellipses, plus airbrush, flood fill, and a brush-type selector. A gradient fill tool, however, is not provided. The Toolstrip includes pairs of halftone and stencil gadgets and tools for adding text, cutting and pasting, and performing such region operations as grid and magnify. The menus expand the functions of the gadget tools and add some extra features such as image processing of their own. The manual indicates that Macro Paint operates under 1MB of RAM, but it recommends at least 2MB. On computers with 3MB or more, the program runs in all its modes and multitasks nicely, but keep track of what’s running in the background. 1 was able to run the program on both an A1000 and A500, but only in the 640x200 mode. Ventures into brush operations popped up insufficient-mem- ory warnings, which, with few exceptions, ended in a visit from the guru. As a drawing program, Macro Paint ? AMIGA UPGRADES MEGACHIP 2000 UPGRADES R E V I K W This is the Amiga upgrade Commodore never wanted to see reach the general public: Now utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 by actually putting the new 2MB AGNUS chip into your A2000 (same chip used in A3000). Take advantage of doubling your “RAM" to custom chips. Utilize to the fullest Amiga multitasking, graphics and sound capabilities. Excellent for displaying advanced animations or graphics. Upgrades your A2000 to the latest technology. Simple plug-in board, no soldering. Includes free AGNUS chip puller (very important). We will buy back your 1MB AGNUS. 1 year warranty. $ 338,QQ before rebate.
* ENHANCED CHIP SET * 1 MB FATTER AGNUS (8372A) upgrade for A500 A2000. Utilize 1 MB of “Chip RAM.1’ Comes with new Commodore step-by-step instructions and free PLCC AGNUS chip puller. $ 99.50
* AMIGA 1000 REJUVENATQR BOARD * Tap the ultimate power of your A1000. Upgrade to the power of the A2000 and beyond. $ 489.00 complete (PAL or NTSC) (2MB AGNUS BD available soon.) Now includes “STU,” a $ 30 complete diagnostic software package at NO CHARGE. ¦ A500 UNIVERSAL “BIG FOOT1 POWER SUPPLY ¦ Your original Amiga 500 power supply is really a tiny 35 watt supply. By adding anything more than the 512K plug-in board overtaxes the capacity of the “supply." To avoid problems, consider our fastest selling Amiga upgrade: The “Big Foot" 150 watt dual-switchable, fan- cooled supply drives 5 hard drives or floppies. An absolute must for people using additional memory or “ADDONS.” Worldwide voltage input 105-240 VAC (50- 60HZ) $ 94.85
* AMIGA ROM SWITCH * With 2.0 Kickstart released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. That leaves you swapping your ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. KICKBOARD...A simple- to-install board that replaces your ROM. Now you can select any one of 3 ROMs. $ 39.95 (Same as above, but keyboard controlled $ 87.50.)
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• 512K Upgrade Plug-in Board (A501) w clock calendar, battery and disable switch (value S64.50),
• External 3'ha Floppy Disk Drive by Golden Image, top-quality, fantastic seller w 880 KB storage capacity. Includes 1 year warranty, (value $ 89.95).
• Professional Diagnostic Series 3'h" Test Diskette by Global Upgrades (value $ 12.95). Total Package Price: $ 139.95
* REPLACEMENT UPGRADE - CHIPS & PARTS 8372 (2MB AGNUS) ....$ 129.95 A500 Service Manual 34.95 8520A CIA .....17.95 A500 Keyboard 109 50 8364 PAU LA ..37.95 A2000 Hvy Dty P S 147.00 8362 DENISE T a Brt 39.95 A2000 Keyboard 114.95
1. 3 ROM .29.95 A2000 Service Manual 44.50 1 x4 MG 80 Zip (A3000)...42.50 Keyboard for A1000 129.95 A50O P S 45 watts 67.50 Amiga Diagnostician Bk...l4.95
• NEW SPRING '91 CATALOG • 36 page FREE catalog containing parts, upgrades, memories, power supplies, diagnostics and other items not found anywhere else. (Dealers, use your letterhead.) Prices Subject to Change. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET SUFFERN, NY 10901 1-800-292-7445 • 914-357-2424 FAX 914-357-6243 We Ship Worldwide Above does not include UPS Reg. TM ot C6M offers the standard fare. The two halftone tools furnished are actually fixed tints, created by coloring alternate pixels (which limits their use). In the absence of a ready-made tool, it is possible to simulate gradient fills using .ARexx, but the airbrush tool attempts to fill a square block, and any significant amount of “spray” makes the square edges obvious. You can overcome this problem, but not without aggravation. Don’t Forget To Brush Macro Paint's brush and region image- processing applications are by far its most interesting features. Evidently, a major effort was spent on developing the cut-and-paste portions of Macro Paint; though not flawless, they are the most useful tools. Both region and brush operations can coexist and are fundamentally similar. Both permit vertical horizontal image flipping; red green blue color masking; conversion from color to black-and-white monochromes; tinting and increasing the lightness or darkness of the image; and positive negative conversion by color complementing. Who helps Amiga Pros... ? Get quick answers to tough coding questions Interact with other Amiga Developers Download source code, utilities and other programs for the Amiga ? Keep up with the latest Amiga developments ? Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments S Chat with other Amiga users in real time BIX - the online service for people who know Amiga. 800-227-2983 or 603-924-7681 With sufficient memory, you can cut some fairly large brushes, but a screen- size brush is too much to ask. Once it’s cut, you can flip your brush vertically or horizontally, rotate it in 90-degree increments, and paste it normally. Or, you can take advantage of a number of available effects. For example, you could blend your brush into a background based on an adjustable tint percentage (1-100%). Additive and subtractive modes produce effects similar to invert- For just $ 39 every three months plus $ 3 per connect hour week- nights and weekends or $ 6 per connect hour weekdays you can tap the resources of BIX. Donl miss out! Just have your computer and modem call 800- 225-4129 or 617-861- 9767 and subscribe on-line. It's easy, at the login prompt enter bix and at the Name? Prompt enter blx.amiga. BIX m mg or complementing colors. Brushes are displayed to the screen only as square outlines of their areas regardless of the shape cut out. Unfortunately, this eliminates any chance of precise positioning. .Although Macro Paint’s claim to support a virtual display limited only by available memory is true, 640x400 is the maximum practical size for two reasons. First, because the Toolstrip can’t be repositioned and doesn’t compensate for overscan, your color palette is off screen and out of reach in this mode. Second, if you toggle the Toolstrip off in overscan mode, the image splits in half, swaps halves, and distorts. Macro Paint can load any IFF image any size and scale from lo-res 320x200 pictures to 640x400 hi-res. Although it does an excellent job of scaling 320 x 400 HAM up to 640x400 (it can also upscale 320 x 200 images), the program's ability to scale images from lo-res to hi-res works correctly only if the number of vertical lines is equal (i.e., 320x200 to 640x200). Importing 320x200 images as brushes without scaling them up, however, enhances them significantly, opening up some very interesting possibilities for lo-res digitized pictures. Presumably, Macro Paint’s Load Region selection on the Project menu loads images into a currently defined region, but it totally ignored the region I specified. For example, creating a vertical rectangular region in the middle of the screen and then loading an image might result in filling a horizontal area at the edge of the screen on a good day, or nothing at all on a bad one. Once you are ready to print, you need to choose whether or not to load your page into RAM. If you choose not to do so, thereby saving memory, Macro Paint proceeds by sending information to your printer in strips. Don’t plan to go for coffee while your picture is printing, however, because you will need to respond to a requester after each strip is printed. On the other hand, if you choose to print from RAM, there’s no turning back once printing is underway. I never saw the Cancel Print requester promised in the manual. You can modify printer Preferences from within Macro Paint, but whenever I tried changing the settings, my computer Continued on p. 97. HARDWARE Flicker Fixer ... Quantum 40,52,105 (Low Prices) . $ 239 . CALL Data Flyer 500 SCSI Interface A-500 ... $ 149 Mega Midget Racer 25-33 MHZ .. CALL SYQUEST 44 mg * Removable Drive . $ 449 At Once .....CALL AD Speed ....CALL DC TV $ 399 Firecracker 24 Bundle .CALL BODEGA BAY . .CALL Monitors MEMORY EXPANSION Baseboard Ok ..$ 109 ICD AdRam 540 ... 99 Ram Works 2000 Ok ....109 Supra 8mb board w 2mb . CALL Supra 512k for A500 ..59 1 A'4 Sims CALL 256 K A'4 SO Dram ...CALL 1 mg x 1 80 Dram ... CALL 3000 memory upgrade ..CALL Citizen Printers GSX140, 24 pin CSX200, 9 pin $ 289 $ 169 Color Option Available GRAPHICS & VIDEO NEC Multisync 3D .... $ 609 Sony .CALL Seiko CM 1440 . 575 Flicker Fixer ..$ 239 Seiko CM 1450 . 699 Flicker Free Video.... CALL Genlocks SuperGen .... $ 619 MiniGen . $ 199 SuperGen 2000s......1395 Nerikt .CALL MagniGen ....CALL Vidtech ......CALL Amigavision ....$ 89 Animagic ......88 Art Department ..55 Art Department Plus 149 Bread £ Butter Fonts CALL Broadcast Titler II. 225 Color Splitter ...105 Disney Animator .99 Deluxe Paint 3 ...99 Digipaint 3. ....62 DigiView Cold 4.0......129 Golden Image Handscanner .265 Imagine ......$ 199 Photon Paint ....39 Pro-Video Post ..147 Pro-Video Gold .147 Pro Draw 2.0 ...129 Scala .CALL Sharp JX-100 Scanner... 699 Spectra Color .CALL Ttirbo Silver with 'terrain Editor ..69 TV. Tbxt Pro ...105 TV. Show 2.0 ....60 Video Fonts 2 ...64 Video Tools on "tep .. .CALL MUSIC FLOPPY DRIVES DESKTOP WORD PROC. Amax II ......$ 150 Applied Engineering California Access .99 AE 3.5 880k .$ 99 Master 3A ......80 AE 3.5 HD Drive.....199 goldenIMAGE ® Master 3A-1 o oo W5-
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* This advertiser prefers to be contacted directly This index is provided as an additional service. The publisher docs not assume liability for errors or omissions. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS All advertising n subject 10 the approval of the Publisher and AmigaWorld reserves ihc right lo refuse advertising without notice dTte advertising herein lli.it has been typeset and.‘or designed by AmigaWorld is die property of AmigaWorld. And not dial ul tlic advertiser, I be advertiser has purchased die right of reproduction in AmigaWorld only, anil does not have ibe right to reproduce the ad in any Other publication, without the expressed wnicrn consent of AmigaWorld Advertisers and or their agencies assume ihe responsibility for the condition of Use contents of the advertising printed herein and agree to indemnify' the Publisher of AmigaWorld for any claims and or expenses incurred therefrom. AmigaWorltl is not responsible for changes to artwork after the given advertising deadlines, nor assumes tesponsibilitv for mistakes, rnispt mis, m typographical errors, and will not issue credits of any kind for such errors AmigaWorld advises advcnisers that statements regarding shipping and handling charges, w arranties and or money-hack guarantees should be included W ithin all forms of advertising in Amigawortd The opinions expressed in the articles and advertising appearing herein arc those of tire authors and or advcnisers and are not necessarily those of AmigaWorld From p. 94. Crashed. The r esults from the LaserJet, DeskJet, PaintJet, and Canon PJ1080-A printers and drivers 1 used to test Macro Paint varied from prints the size of postage stamps to those that were simply out of proportion. Any attempts to force larger or proportional images from within Preferences did print, but the program crashed afterward. A Rosier Future? The largest disappointment was Macro Paint’s Arexx interface. The capability to execute Arexx macros from menus and gadgets worked extremely well and certainly deserves applause for innovation. Lake Forest Logic claims over 80 available commands designed to reinforce and augment the program’s normal functions. As documented in the manual, however, some commands that receive or pass screen coordinates and color information to and from the program operate backwards. My experience revealed that at least half a dozen commands could not be coaxed, teased, or threatened into working. This obviously limits the use of Arexx. Lake Forest Logic may have hurried this version out the door, but the company seems to have every intention of supporting the product. Not only does it provide phone and fax help lines, but it also offers free upgrades to registered users by way of its BBS. Baby! Electric Thesaurus Expressive delivery. By Loren Lovhaug ON THE GOLF course, choosing the right club can mean the difference between the green and the pond. To a writer, choosing the right word is equally important in order to effectively convey ideas. While authors do not enjoy the luxury of consulting a caddy when making these decisions, they often turn to the next best thing: a thesaurus. Typically, electronic versions of this valuable tool accompany word processors; taking a different tack, however, Micro-Systems Software (MSS) and Softwood Inc. offer their thesauri as stand-alone products. What is the benefit of a stand-alone thesaurus? By taking advantage of the Amiga’s multitasking ability, these programs let you explore uses outside the realm of typical word processing. For example, while composing on-line dissertations, I have often dearly wished for convenient access to an electronic thesaurus. In the same vein, I know many desktop publishers who would trade their left arms for such access while performing a final edit from within a page- layout program. Both MSS' Baby! (S29.95) and Softwood's Electronic Thesaurus (ET) ($ 49.95) offer this potential. These programs share many features in addition to stand-alone operation. For example, both can be run from either Workbench or their own custom screens. Both provide synonyms and meanings identified as parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and so on). Also, both packages have similar user interfaces. In order to look up a word, you simply type it into a text gadget and press the Return key or click on a button. Once it locates your word, either program immediately presents information pertaining to that word. In addition, both programs let you select words in the display window for automatic lookup, thereby alleviating a great deal of typing when you are on a roll. Finally, both can automatically look up any word you paste to the Amiga DOS clipboard device and return alternative word choices to the clipboard. S:; Word Up! With all the features they have in com- mon, the products have significant differences. To create ET, Softwood licensed Houghton Mifflin’s Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, with over 500,000 word entries, while Baby! Evolved from the Merriam-Webster 'Thesaurus. The Webster reference touts a massive 1.4 million words in its library. J Despite their dissimilar heritage, I did not find significant differences between their selection of meanings or synonyms on a case-by-case basis. In addition to synonyms, however, Baby! Offers antonyms and related, comparative, and contrasting words. Due to its more extensive database, commodore AMIGA TM MEMORY CHIP 256K x 4-80 DIP $ 7.00 $ 9.50
510. 00 $ 69.00
* $ 37.95 $ 99.95 $ 49.00 $ 199.00 $ 299.00 SI 19.00 $ 139.95 $ 99.95 $ 249.95 $ 349.00 $ 29.95 $ 109.00
* $ 210.00 $ 349.00 $ 549.00 $ 699.00 $ 699.00 $ 599.00 $ 899.00 $ 1699.00 $ 99.00 S95.95
575. 00 last. 256K x 4*80 ZIPP 256K x 4-80 (Static for A3000) I MG x 8-80 SIMM 1 MG x 4-80 (Static for A3000) NEW FATTER AGNUS Amiga Mouse External Hi Density 1.52 MG Dr.
1. 5 MG Insider Board for A1000 Keyboard for A1000 A2000 Power Supply Power Supply A500 (Heavy Duty) 4 MG Base Board (for A50O w 2 MG) 4 MG Base Board (for A500 w 4 MG) Amiga Janus 2.0 A500 International Drive SUPRA 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG 4 MG Expandable to 8 MG 40 MG Hardcard 40 MG HD (A500 w 512K) GVP 40 MG HD for A500 40 MG Hard Card 100 MG Hard Card A3001 4 0 28 Mhz D-Paint III Illumilink (INFARED) Amiga Vision Special sale this month while supplies ASI Ampex Systems, Inc. (Not affiliated with Ampcx Corp.) 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NORCROSS. GA 30093 (Orders Only) (800) 962-4489 • Fax (404) 263-7852 (Information & Prices) (404) 263-9190 Circle 352 on Reader Service card. MOVING? Subscription Problem? Iiiiiiiii Get help with your subscription by calling iiHijH: our new toll free number: pii! 1-800-365-1364 ||p In Colorado: 1-447- 9330 piL between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST m Monday-Friday =*:; If possible, please have ip;;! Your mailing label in jHjji =1*1 front of you as well as *?!!iii;ii your cancelled check or ijiiiilij:: credit card statement if you are having problems Hjiiiijiij with payment. 3i:i
• -t • + * * ? • * ¦ If moving, please give Sgilili;! Both your old address and M e. ¦ ¦ I k I k I I new address. AmigaWorld Ullllli
P. O. Box 58804 -;"; Boulder, CO 80322-8804 M!}&;; Hiiiliiiii Baby! Eats up about 1.8 megabytes of storage when fully installed, whereas ET gets by with only a tad over 390K. Obviously, ibis precludes using Baby! From floppy disk, but you can load either program into RAM, providing you have sufficient memory. Baby! Is more comprehensive than ET and offers information much in the same way as a dictionary, providing not only syllable breaks but also word derivations. Moreover, Baby! Includes an automatic phonetic search-and-suggestion facility, which means that if it cannot locate the word you typed in, it automatically suggests phonetically similar words. This capability obviously is a great boon, especially when your spelling is less than perfect. In spite of Babyl’s additional capabilities, ET outshines Baby! In one area by the inclusion of an Arexx feature. Because Softwood built a complete Arexx interface into ET, you can automatically pass synonyms, definitions, and usage information among different applications. In addition, you can control and access practically every Baby! Function from other applications via Arexx. For instance, for utilization with my Arexx- compatible text editor, I constructed a macro that automatically instructs ET to look up any word immediately following the text-editor cursor and to place that word’s definition at the cursor position. This kind of inter-program communication and control is far more sophisticated than the simple one-word-in, one- word-out clipboard support provided by Baby!. With more than 75 popular Amiga applications now supporting .ARexx including .AmigaVision (Commodore), Prowrite (New Horizons), and ATALK III (Oxxi) plus Arexx’s inclusion in AmigaDOS 2.0, there are numer- 1 YOUR TURN! I use Electric Thesaurus (with Pro Page) for a couple of newsletters I do. When I need a $ 10 word, 1 just pick up something from ET it’s great!. Joe Benedetto Glendale, Arizona ous opportunities for inter-program use of ET. Which package should you buy? It’s a tough call. Both Baby! And ET are quality packages. Both are well documented, easy to use, and apparently bug free. Baby! Costs less than ET, its linguistic database is larger, and it provides an extremely useful phonetic-suggestion facility. On the other hand, ET is smaller, so it can be used from floppy disk and in systems with limited memory. Moreover, its fully implemented .ARexx port opens up an immense amount of potential for use as a core resource for word games and educational applications. BACKTALK CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS Wet Paint This letter is a rebuttal and protest of the treatment of our program, Chroma Paint, mentioned in your article “A Case in Paint,” by Gene Brawn (see Jan. ’91, p. 26). Numerous product features were omitted from the chart accompanying the article. Chroma Paint’s ANIM capabilities were completely ignored. Many features and capabilities were not mentioned. For example, there was no reference to auto configure pix, which sets the display to the new picture’s resolution. Chroma Paint supports any screen resolution that is displayable, as well as superbitmap. It includes the following tools: pattern spray, continuous and filled freehand, outlined and filled circle, shape fill, and keep aspect ratio. It also has the following brush tools: freehand, smooth, half, and double. Drawing Modes included are replace, OR, XOR, and mix. Further, swap is missing from the palette chart, and the number of color cycle ranges is six, not one. Animation capabilities not mentioned include method, page flip, ANIM, save range of frames, playback, append, step forwards reverse, frames, insert, delete, range, copy, and swap. File formats omitted are ANIM and load save at x y. Wendy Emstrom Designing Minds While did miss the fill function (although it is in a rather odd place), some of the functions outlined above are two-tool functions, whereby a combination of functions produces these effects. Other paint programs have these capabilities, but they were not mentioned, either. There is no circle function per se; you must make a circle from an ellipse. As for the animation capabilities, these were available only with a separate module. Space and time constraints compelled a decision to cover main programs only. Deluxe Photo- Lab and DigiPaint modules were omitted, as well. Gene Brawn Yakkity yak. . . Do talk back! Send your comments on reviews to Back Talk, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ Let's talk more about deals you can't refuse... 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P. O. Box 171466 San Diego, CA 92197 Circle 248 on Reader Service card. WHAT’S NEW? Take the high road to productivity with the latest Amiga products. Compiled by John Wolfskill Digital First with Personal TBC for Video Toaster Leading the expected parade of add-on products for New- Tek's Video Toaster is the Personal TBC ($ 995) for the Amiga 2000 2500. Billed as the world’s first video time- base corrector with full-frame correction for under SI,000, the Personal TBC allows you to use the Toaster with any consumer VCR or camcorder. In addition to composite video input, the card features component (Y C) input for S-VHS and Hi-8 type video equipment. The Personal TBC offers broadcast-quality, RS- 170A video output and infi- nite-window (full-frame), video-signal timing correction. Each card occupies one of the A2000 s PC slots. Up to four Personal TBCs can operate inside your Amiga at once. (Digital Processing Systems, 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10, Scarbor ough, Ont., Canada MIS 3LI, 416 754-7046.) RS 502. GVP Ships Series II RAM Board Art Department Professional Ships Great Valley Products recently unveiled the Series II RAM card($ 249) for all Amiga 2000 2500 owners. The 8MB card comes standard with 2MB of auto- con fig memory on board. It also supports a 6MB configuration for A2000 owners who want to get the most from Commodore’s A2088 2286 bridge- board. The Series II RAM board is available through GVP dealers. (Great Valley Products, 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406, 215 337-
8770. ) RS&504. ASDG recently pulled the wraps from its long-awaited Art Department Professional ($ 240) image-processing and manipulation system. The full- featured program is a superset of The Art Department. ADP supports compositing of graphic elements into 24-bit
(16. 7-million-color) images, provides Arexx control, and lets you perform hundreds of image-processing operations. Loader and saver modules allow you to convert from a variety of Amiga and non- AND THEN SOME BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS has now slashed the price of its best-selling Bars & Pipes music software for all Amigas. The package, which previously sold for $ 299, now sells for $ 199. According to the company, the price reduction gives all entry-level users and hobbyists the opportunity to explore Bars & Pipes' object-oriented approach to music composition. The price reduction is concurrent with the release of Bars & Pipes Professional ($ 379). Registered Bars & Pipes users can upgrade to the new package for $ 99. (Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, 1293 Briardale NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, 404 377-1514.) RS 505. Amiga image file formats. You can also control image-processing hardw-are devices such as Microlllusion’s Transport Controller. ADP’s palette control features include editing, lock-in, and the ability to load and save palette combinations. Other features include 208 Amiga rendering video modes, six dithering methods, and more. Current TAD users can upgrade to the new package for $ 150. (.ASDG, 925 Stewart St., Madison, WI 53713, 608 273-6585.) RS 503. For AmigaVision users who want to add sound effects to their multimedia projects, Commodore offers Amiga Clips, Volume 1; Sound Effects ($ 29.95). You can also use the two- floppy-disk set of 50 different digitized sound files as audio feedback for key presses or mouse clicks. Sound categories include animals, autos, bells and whistles, clocks, drinks, humans, phones, voice, and weather. The sound files are compatible with a!! Amiga programs that support the 8SVX sound for- ? The Software Shop, Inc. Software & Hardware Special 1-800-752-0050 "Give Us the Opportunity to BEAT any advertised price" GVP-A2000 ACCEL, A2000 HARDCARDS NEW A500 DRIVES & A100QHARDRIVES& MEM & HARDCARDS Harcframe 2000 S 159 MEMORY. MEMORY A3001-68030-882 28MHZ+4MB S1469 Quantum 40mg w HF2QQO 469 AD-IDE Controller A500 $ 118 Quantum 40mg w Supra $ 659 A3001-68030-B82 33MHZ+4MB 1679 Quantum 80mg w HF2000 589 AD-IDE-A500 w 40mg Teac 459 Quantum 80mg w Supra 849 A3001-68030-B82 50MHZ+4MB 2559 Quantum 105mg W HF2000 599 AD-IOE-A50Q 80mg Maxtor 649 Quantum 105mg w Supra 899 GVP-A2000-HC 6+0 SRSlI 233 Quantum 170mg w HF2000 949 Supra 500XP-20mg W 512K 559 Starboard II 512K 230 GVP-A2000-HC B+2MG SRSII 328 209mg Conner w HF2000 999 Supra 500XP-2Qmg w 2mg 649 Starboard II Img 289 GVP-A2000-HC 8+4MG SRSII 430 Wordsync Supra Controller 129 Supra 500XP-40mg W 512K 669 Starboard II 2mg 389 GVP-A2000-HC 8+6MG SRSII 532 Quantum 50mg w wordsync 429 Supra 500XP-40mg w 2mg 759 Starboard OK 211 GVP-A2000-HC 8+8MG SRSII 633 Quantum 80mg w wordsync 589 Quantum 50mg w GVP 659 HARDDRIVES GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-40MG 529 Quantum I05mg w wordsync 599 Quantum 80mg w GVP 849 Quantum drive 40mg 11ms acc. 295 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-80MG 679 Quantum I70mg w wordsync 899 Quantum 105mg w GVP 899 Quantum drive Bomg 11ms acc. 455 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-105MG 689 209mg Connor w wordsync 999 Adram 540 A500 W 512K 149 Quantum drive I05mg 469 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-170MG 1029 ICO Advantage Controller 139 Adram 540 A500 w 1 mg 169 Quantum drive 170mg 11ms 799 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-209MG 1099 Quantum 50mg w lCD Adv. 429 Adram 540 A500 w 2mg 219 209mg Coner 15ms 369 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-40MG 469 Quantum 80mg w ICD Adv. 589 Adram 540 A500 w 4mg 329 SYQUEST 44mg w cartridge 555 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-80MG 666 Quantum 105mg w ICD Adv. 599 BaseBoard 512K 149 Syquest Media 44mg 89 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-105MG 629 Quantum I700mg w ICD Adv. 899 BaseBoard 1mg 169 A2000 MEMORY CARDS GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-170MG 969 BaseBoard 2mg A500 219 Supraram A2000 2mg 211 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-209MG 1089 BaseBoard 4mg A500 329 Supraram A2000 4mg 289 GVP-A2000-HC 0 175 Supraram A2000 6mg S379 Supraram A2000 Bmg 439 8UP 2mg A2000 215 8UP 4mg A2000 295 SUP 6mg A2000 375 8UP 8mg A2000 459 AdRAM A2030 2mg 195 AdRAM A20B0 4mg 275 AdRAM A2030 6mg 355 AdRAM A2030 8mg 435 RamWorks 2000 2mg 189 RamWorks 2000 4mg 269 RamWorks 2000 6mg 349 RamWorks 2000 Bmg 429 CHIPS Dram 1mg x 1 80 1 Oons 9 Dram 1mg Zip 10 10 Dram 256 x 4 180 1 Oons 9 Sim Module 80 1 Oons 75 Scram 4 x 1 70 80ns Zip 75 ACCESSORIES 6 outfet AC Surge ......1 6 A B C 0 Switchbox ..39 A1000 Safe skin 22 A2000 Safe skin ... 22 A3000 Safe skin 22 A500 Safe skin .. 22 Amtrac Trackball .7 9 Boing optical mouse.....109 Copy Stand 69 Ece Mid; 1000 .. 52 Ece Midi 500 2000 ......52 Ergo Joystick .....17 Gravis Joystick ..3 7 Modem cable A1000......1 5 ModemcableA20Q0 500l5 Mouse pad ..... 9 Printer cable 2000 5001 ...5 Printer cable A1000 ..1 5 Video Int. A500 a .6 5 CAD Draw 2000 ..1 83 Home builder cad ...129 Home builder choice 53 Home Buildr library .....79 Intro cad ......51 Intro Cad Plus ...99 Pro-Board ..399 Pro-Net 399 Ultra Design ......269 X-CAD Designer II ..97 X-CAD Designer Pro ...215 COMMUNICATION Online 4 4 Aialk III ..5 5 Online Platinum ...5 7 BBS pc 96 Skyline BBS com ..99 DATABASE Data retrieve ....51 Dbman V ...189 Super oase ..5 2 Superbase pars. II ...... 99 Superbase Pro. 3.0 ...219 DESKTOP PUBLISHING WORDPROCESSOR Gold spell I! .30 Pro-page template ..4 2 Pro-draw clip art ..42 Transcript ....47 Text pro .50 Publisher plus .....69 Who-What-When 69 Wp library ....79 Page setter II ......89 Becker text .9 2 Pen Pal 102 Prowrite v3.0 ......99 Professional Draw 129 Publishers Choice ..69 City Desk 2.0 ....135 Word Perfect ....149 The Works Platinum ....164 Professional Page 2.0 .229 Excellence! 2.0 .i y Gold Disk Office 189 Professional page 1.3... 199 Pane stream 2.0 199 EDUCATION Adventure of smbad 32 Aesop's fables.. ..3 2 Ail about America .....35 Animal kingdom ..32 At the Zoo ...2 7 Decimal dungeon .....32 Dinosaur Discov. Kit 2 9 Discovery game math.... 2 5 Discovery game spell.....25 Fraction action .32 Intellitype ....35 Kid talk ...35 Kinderama ..32 Learning curve .52 Letters "For You 2 8 Master type 2 5 Math Odyssey ...33 Math talk .....3 5 Math talk fraction ......3 5 Math wizard 35 Mavis beacon typmg 33 Numbers Count ...2 8 Project Master ...129 Puzzle Story book 25 Read & rhyme ..3 2 Read-a-rama ...32 Rhyming note book ..3 0 Spell bound 25 Speller bee .35 Tales from Arabia ...... 32 Talking Animator .34 Where in tie U.S ..3 5 Where in World C.S ...3 2 Where inEurpe.C.Sdiego 3 5 Word master r .....3 2 World Atlas ..39 World Odyssey .3 3 Your family tree 3 2 FONTS Calligrapher ......8 5 Fancy 3d fonts ..5 2 Font set 1 2 2 Headline Fonts .5 4 Headlines 2 .47 Inter font ......76 Kara Anim font 1 ... 35 Kara Anim Font 2 .35 Kara fonts color ....50 Kara fonts Headline 2......48 Kara fonts subheads .48 News letter fonts ..29 Page Stream fonts 1-15..29 Profonts I Prof ....23 Profonts II decorative 2 3 Studio font ...2 9 Subheads ....47 GRAPHICS & VIDEO DCTV 439 3- Demon .....73 3d options ...3 5 3D Professional ..299 Animagic .....95 Animate” 3-D ......99 Animation editor .39 Animation effects 32 Animation Flipper 32 Animation multiplane......58 Animation stand ..32 Animation Station 69 Animation Studio 111 Animation Titler 59 Animation w images 89 Animator apprentices .. 185 Animotion ....65 Architectural Design ......23 Art Department ...59 Broadcast Titler II .229 C light 3d editor ...3 9 Caligan ... 1 59 Can do ..99 Chroma pamt ...48 Comicsetter ..... 65 Credit text scroller .....29 Deluxe Paint III ......102 Deluxe photo lab 102 Deluxe print I! ....59 Deluxe video III .106 Design 3-D ...6 7 Designasaurus ..32 Digi paint 3 ..69 Digi view Gold 4.0 . 131 Digimate III ..2 8 Digiworks 3d ......89 Director Tape .38 Director's Toolkit ..2 6 Elan Performer ..41 Express paint III .8 9 Fantavislon ..4 2 Future design 3-d 2 3 Human design 3-d .....2 3 Int. Design sculot3d ...2 3 Interchange ......32 Invision .109 Lights Camera Action.....4 9 Microbot design 3-d .2 3 Modeler 3d ..64 Movie clips ...29 Movie setter .65 Page flipper fx 9 5 Paaerenfler 3-D 105 Photon Pamt 2.0 . 97 Prxmafe . 43 Print master plus ...3 3 Pro video plus set 1 .....83 Pro video plus set li ....8 3 Pro Video Post ...220 ProVideo Gold ..163 Scene Generator ......29 Sculpt 3-d . 64 Sculpt Amm. 4D .....399 Sculpt-Animate 4-D Jr. .,,.95 Super Clips ..... 22 The Art Dept .....-5 9 The Director ...... 46 Turbo silver 3.0 119 Turbo Silver Module ..2 0 Tv Text Prof ......111 Tv-show 2.0 6 4 Tv-text ..,.64 Video effects 3d ......121 Video scape 3-d ......120 Video titler ..9 5 Vista ....69 ZoetroDe ... 89 HARDWARE A3OOO Internal Drive .....99 ADFIicker Free Video ..349 ADSpeed A500 Accel ..249 AE 3.5 External Dr. HD .....215 AE External Drive .109 AE Datalink 2000 MNP5 ....175 AE Datalink Exp. MNP5 269 Air Drive External ......99 Amax II Emulator ..149 Amigen ......153 Asia 3.5 External Drv......11 5 Baud Bandit level 5 .155 Color Splitter ...120 Desktop budget . 46 Easy! A1000 349 Easy! A2000 .379 Easy! A500 .34 5 Flicker fixer 425 Flicker Free Viceo .359 Framebuffer Wcapture549 Future sound ...129 Internal 3.5drive A2000.. 89 Mac 3.5 Drive ..229 Mac Rom Chip ...149 Midi Gold (500) ... 60 Migraph Scanner .....34 9 Mini Gen ....210 Perfect sound V.3.0 ...7 5 Power Supply A500 . 1 09 Scanlock ....789 Sharp JX 100 Scanner .,,789 Super Gen ...... 695 Supergen 2000S .....1679 Supra 2400Pd internal...149 US Robotics 96CObd HST669 WV1410 Cam.W lens ..-199 LANGUAGE UTILITIES AC basic ....,....129 AC fortran ...... 1S5 Adapt ... 79 Arexx 3 3 Assem pro ...6 5 Aztec C developer .195 Aztec C professional 129
C. B. Tree 65 Cape 68k ....59 Cross Dos 4.0 .....29 Cygnusec Pro'essional ...65 Devpac Vrs.2 ....66 Disk 2 disk .....3 3 Disk master 1.4 ..33 Disk mechanic ..59 Dissasembler ......4 5 Dos 2 dos .... 35 Hisoft Basic pro ...11 8 Inovatools 1 ..5 4 Lattice Dev.System 5.4 225 Mac 2 Dos ...9 9 Momentum Mail ....2 2 Nag Pius Schedule Assist.5 2 Pixel script .104 Power windows v2.5 .58 Pro script ......32 Project D 3 2 Quarterback 4.1 ...45 Raw copy 1.3 ....39 Source level debugger-65 Super Card A2000 .....79 True basic 65
V. I.P .....32
W. shell ...3 3 X-copy II . ..2 9 MONITORS NEC 3D multisync 699 Panasonic C1381 Hl Res499 Sieko cm'430 monitor..699 Sony multi-scan Momtor535 Taxan 1000 20' Ultrasync 2899 Zenith 14’ Flat CRT 720 PRINTERS 1 l24PanasonicPrinter ...349 AlpsA!legro24P!N 425 Citizen200GX .. 210 CitzenGSX140PRT Color399 Hppamt jet .....1029 NECLCB90laserPS 3395 Starnxrainbow 259 SOUND & MUSIC 4-opdeiuxe .97 Audiomaster .....37 Audiomasterll ...67 Backsongocok .2 7 Bars&Pipes ...... 179 Copyistll .....179 D-50 ....99 Deluxemusic ......63 Drdrums 28 Drkeys .28 DrT'sKeyboard ...160 DrT'sMidiRee Studio 47 Dxheaver .....9 7 Dynamicdrums .52 Dynamicstudio ...129 FuturesoundA500 A200092 KcsLevelll .. 225 Matrix 6 ...9 7 M i d i M a g i c ....9 7 Mt-32 .... 97 Music*X ..205 Musicstudent .....38 Promidistudio - 1 29 Prosounddesigner 125 Somx 5 1 SoundOasiS .69 SoundQuestTexture 99 Soundsampfer ..78 SoundTrackVol ..135 Studiomagic ......65 Synthia ...59 Synthia Pro .199 Texture ...9 7 TigerCub ......6 2 Unlities2(mimatics) 4 3 SPREADSHEET Advantage .....129 Analyze’2.0 .95 Easy Ledger ....189 Financial plus ..189 Haicalc ..32 Maxiplan500 ......9 5 Maxiplan plus ...126 Money Mentor .6 5 Nimous record keeper ..,9 5 Phaser , .,..,65 Service Industry Acc'ting225 Superplan ....97 VI Pprofessional .6 5 W H ATS E W ? Mat. (Commodore Business Machines, 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester, PA 19380, 215 431-9100.) RS 506. Now you can literally place yourself inside your videos with ChromaKey Switcher (S395). The hardware add-on allows you to achieve sophisticated video-mixing effects or place live video over Amiga graphics (the opposite effect of a genlock). It requires an external genlock encoder. (MicroSearch, 9896 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074, 713 988-2818.) RS 507. Help has arrived for budding Page- Stream 2.1 users. Help Disk now offers The Buddy System for PageStream ($ 49.95). You activate this on-line tutorial when you press a key, enabling you to see and hear help information instead of the intended PageStream program function. Help includes an audio narration or a more detailed audio-video demonstration that helps you over the rough spots like a live instructor. The Buddy System for DeluxePaint III ($ 49.95) is also available. (Help Disk, 6671 West Indiantown Road, Suite 56360, Jupiter, FL 33458, 407 694-1756.) RS 508. Speaking of PageStream 2.1, Soft- Logik now offers desktop publishers a new line of add-on fonts. You can use the PageStream Plus Pack ($ 75) fonts along with those already available with the program. Font styles include Helvetica, Helvetica Narrow. Avant Garde, Chancery, Times, Bookman, Palantino, Schoolbook, and more. Font Pack 1 ($ 75) comes with a variety of font styles, including Spokane, Thames. Elegance, Roman Bookface, Westside, Circus, and many more. A disk containing only the Postscript printer version of the fonts is available for $ 39.95. (Soft-Logik. 11131 South Towne Square. Suite F, St. Louis. MO 63123, 314 894-8608.) RS 509. Mindware International recently announced updates to three products. Dl- gimate III Version 1.1 (S39.95) extends its animation capabilities to work with NewTek's DigiPaint 3 paint program. Also new is a dynamic video cross-fade effect you can use with HAM images. 3D Animator Text Version 1.2 ($ 49.95) sports an accelerated version of the program, and Mindware throws in an extra font set free of charge. A major revamp of Credit Text Scroller Version 2.2 ($ 49.95) includes scrolling text displays, and a text "crawl” feature that provides news-inter- rupt style displays, subtitling, and more. (Mindware International, 110 Dunlop St. W, Box 22158, Barrie, Ont., Canada L4M 5R3, 705 737-5998.) RS 510. Want to learn the fine points of DeluxePaint III and other graphics-related Amiga products? Then take a look at Michael Brown's two-hour video-tape tutorial VidZeen Volume 1 ($ 14). This gem is filled with tips, tricks and hints that reveal the secrets the pros use to create dazzling graphics and special effects using DeluxePaint III. (MB2 Products, 6023 Kilgore Ave., Muncie, IN 47304, 800 752-
5078. ) RS 511. As long as you've got your VCR fired up, here's another video worth a look. DTV.101 (S49.95) is an instructional tape that guides your first desktop video project from concept to completed program using a step-by-step approach. Subjects include system planning, computer-soft- ware and video-equipment selection, system configuration, electronic editing, and more. (BullsEye Publishing Co., Buffalo Theater Bldg., Spring St.. Jasper, AR 72641, 501 365-3055.) RS 512. So what's a toaster without some bread and butter? If you’re a Toaster owner in search of fonts to feed its character generator, you’ll find them available from Shereff Systems. Bread & Butter ($ 119,95) is a new font package designed specifically for NewTek's Video Toaster. The package comes on three disks and includes 17 anti-aliased font styles available in 26, 38, 50, and 66 scan-line sizes. If you don’t own a Toaster, try VIDEO FONTS II ($ 119.95), a package of anti-aliased Amiga fonts for programs that accept the ColorText font structure. The set provides 17 font styles in four sizes. (Shereff Systems, 15075 SW Koll Parkway, Suite G, Beaverton, OR 97006, 503 626-2022.) RS 513. . . .Pi.us Games Galorf. Wotfpack ($ 54.95) is a realistic simulation of World War I) naval warfare. As the skipper of an allied escort ship, you match wits with cunning German U-boat commanders. If you get too good at blasting subs, you can switch roles and become a U-boat commander. The simulation comes with 12 built-in scenarios, plus a construction set you can use to create original games. (Broderbund Software, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafaei. CA 94903, 800 521-6263.) RS 514. The Death Adder is tyrannizing the people of Yuria. Too bad only a few of your heroes have the moxie to stop this ruthless tyrant. You must choose which hero to send into the path of the dreaded Death Adder. This guy plays hardball with razor sharp swords and curtains of fire. The desktop version of the arcade game Golden Axe ($ 49.95) is now available for all Amigas. (Electronic Arts, 1810 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404, 800 245-4525.) RS 515. Pre-release critics say Overlord ($ 49.95 ) is the first computer game to take science fiction seriously. It's a strategy simulation of galactic proportions, with a scenario that allows you to set up and develop an entire universe. Elements include terraforming, population manipulation, and war stategy. (Virgin Master- tronic, 18001 Cowan, Suite A, Irvine, CA 92717, 714 833-8710.) RS 516. Jack Nlcklaus Presents The Great Courses of the US Open ($ 21.95) is the fourth in a series of add-on course disks for the Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course Design and Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf game titles. The disk contains three popular
U. S. Open courses, including Pebble Beach, Oakmont, and Baltusrol. (Accolade, 550 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA 95128. 800 245-7744.) RS 517. Magic Canyon Theme Park was a popular tourist attraction that now stands deserted. No customers. No staff. There’s something strange going on there. In Theme Park ($ 49.95), it's your job to solve the mystery as you carom through four theme-park lands collecting tokens and clues. Ride the Monorail of Fear, play the slot machines in Drag- onland, or take a spin on the hair-raising rollercrepper. (Konami, 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, 708 215-5100.) RS 518. M The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips MEMORY FOR LESS SPECIAL PURCHASE 1 x 8 - 80ns SIMMS $ 49.95 ea. 128 x 8 Modules For MegaMidget Racer $ 34.95 ea. Exclusive at Memory World Wholesale & Retail APO 1 FPO, AK & HI, FOREIGN FAX or Call for Shipping Charges TURBO ACCELERATOR HACK KIT ONLY $ 40.00 68000 16 mhz 32K Buffer Chip for KX-P1092i. KX-P1524, KX-P1124 KX-P1180, KX-P1191. KX-P1624 KX-P1695 3 for Panasonic Printers for Only S20.00 w mstructions S50.00 Memory Board HP Laser Board 1 meg-$ 115.00 2 meg-$ 165.00 4 meg S248.00 All Laser Memory Available 32K Buffer Chip for Citizen Printers $ 35.00 ea. Spirit in 1000 1 'h meg $ 229.00 A3000 Memory 1 x 4 -80 $ 39.95 each Static column Zips 66000 16 Mhz .....$ 35.00 68010 8 10 Mhz ...35.00 68020 16 Mhz . 75.00 20 Mhz ......99.00 68030 25 Mhz ... 279 00 33 Mhz ... 345.00 50 Mhz .....375.00 , Math Co'a 68881 12 Mhz ......69.00 16 Mhz 75 00 68882 25 Mhz ... 225 00 33 Mhz .. 275.00 50 Mhz .. 375 00 All Crystals 10.00 ea. D-RAM 256 x 1 150ns ..1 50 ea 256 x 1 120ns ..2 00 ea 1 meg x 1 80ns ......5.95 ea 256 x 4 100ns ...5.75 ea 256 x 4 80ns .....5 95 ea 256 x 4 80ns zips .....6.95 ea. 256 x 4 100ns zips ..6 50 ea. 64 x 4 100ns .....3 00 ea 1 x 4 Dips .59.95 ea. ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS .... 95.00
1. 3 KiCXStart ROM ..29,95 1 meg x 8 Simm 80ns ..49.95 1 meg x 8 Simm 120ns .47 95 For Amiga 3000 1x4 Static Zips . 37.95 256 x 4 80ns Static Zips . 7 50 PD PROSPECTOR This month, an in-depth look at one top download from each of the networks. THE CompuServe DFC5.LZH (AmigaUser. Library 9). The opening line of the documentation for DFC5 summarizes this program well: ”. . .a new, exciting, general-purpose disk copier and formatter” An upgrade to the revered disk utility, DFC4, the deceptively small
(11. 5K) DFC5 written by Tom Rokicki and Sebastiano Vigna is a must-have for serious Amiga users. And what sets this public-domain program apart from, say, using the Workbench or the Shell for disk formatting or DFC5, by Tom Roklckl and Sabastlano Vlgna. Copying? First, it's noticeably faster, and, more important, it offers a switchahle 880K RAM buffer, which also mandates the use of at least one meg of RAM. Provisions also include multi-pass, as opposed to singlepass, copies, should you use DFC5 on a 512K Amiga. Bells and whistles include such things as an FFS (Fast File System) option for formatting, a Talk option for chanting the program status, and Verify and Date options that can be toggled on and off "on the fly” The small size of the program makes it unobtrusive, it multitasks flawlessly, and it offers AmigaDOS 2.0 support. The authors’ generosity in releasing such high quality software to the public domain should be commended. Thanks, guys! Compiled by Tim Walsh Genie AMIDOCK.LZH (Library 4, File 10424). AmiDock version 1.2.4 is a 63000-byte file by Gary Knight that's well worth both the download time and the $ 25.00 shareware fee. The beauty of AmiDock is that by carefully adjusting your Workbench’s palette, you can create a near-replica of the NeXT computer's operating system’s interface, both in appearance and functionality. Beyond inciting envy in NeXT users, .AmiDock allows you to replace disk icons on vour Workbench screen with buttons J to launch any program with just a single press of the mouse button. The "dock” of buttons can be arranged in a horizontal or vertical format, beginning in the upper- right corner of the screen. These buttons can be scrolled and moved as a group, and multiple groups are easily placed around the screen. Priority is given to these buttons, so that they’ll "overlay” other windows as the topmost layer of the screen. The buttons used by AmiDock are IFF brushes, so editing them using the paint program of your choice is no problem. Also available is DOCKBRUSHESLLZH (Library 14, File 10474), which adds predefined brushes to your Dock. DOCK- GRID.LZH (Library 4, File 10425) adds more icons for use with a hi-res dock. People Link SHADOWMAKER15.LZH (AmigaZone Section 9, File 26885). Version 1.5 of the popular SHADOWMAKER program is a working demo of the commercial program ($ 19.99). It rapidly creates user-defined drop shadows for font files, and it also supports ColorFonts. Created for all .Amiga enthusiasts by Stephen Lebans at L 8c V Productions, SHADOWMAKER is easy to learn to use. Once the program is activated, a file requester appears, with the listed default di- ! 1 ±FiJ Mj asa I rectory being the font drawer on your Workbench. Load in a font file, and the letter S appears with a default shadow. Using the screen buttons, you can adjust the direction of the light source for shadows, select from three types of shadows, and adjust each shadow’s depth. The effects range from subtle to wildly dynamic. When you’re satisfied with the appearance, activating the Save option assigns these attributes to each character in the font. Because it’s a demo program and not the real thing, this version of SHADOWMAKER supports fonts only up to 39 points in size. Obviously, L & V Productions have a useful product to tout, and this demo proves that good software really needn’t be expensive. ¦ IFF and Arexx HELP KEY Don 't despair and pull out your hair, for Lou always has an idea to share. Q: I need programming information on the IFF standards for the Amiga, but haven’t been able to find any reliable source. Also, keep reading about software that offers Arexx interface support, but I can’t find a programmer's explanation of Arexx.
M. Neil Littleton, Colorado A: You should get the Amiga ROM Kernal Reference Manual: Includes AutoDocs ($ 32.95, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Route 128, Reading, MA 01867, 617 944-
3700) . Part of a series of technical publications for Amiga programmers, this volume contains a wealth of information, including a description of the IFF standards. Others in the series are the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (S24.95) and the Amiga ROM Kernal Reference Manual: Libraries id Devices (S34.95). As for Arexx, this is a commercial program ($ 49.95) available for users of the 1.3 OS by ordering directly from its author, William Hawes, PO Box 308, Maynard, MA 01754. Arexx is built into version 2.0 of the operating system. Chipped Away Q: I have an A500 with two disk drives, and about a year ago I had the A501 5I2K memory card installed to bring my total memory to one megabyte. Several months ago I had a service center install the Super Agnus chip to increase the amount of chip memory. Since I had it installed, the memory free message at the top of Workbench shows about 960,000 bytes of free memory, which is what I expect with a megabyte. When I load a program and use its memory-info options flike the About option in Dpaint), it tells me I have no fast memory available and varying amounts (depending on By Louis R. Wallace the program) of chip memory! Then Dpaint won’t let me animate any longer (because it thinks I don’t have any fast RAM), and even low-memory programs like Utility Master tell me I have lots of chip memory but no fast memory. All this suggests to me that the service center did something wrong when they installed the Super Agnus chip. They tell me they installed it correctly, but the fact is that now I have no fast FLAM and am out good money! Can you tell me what's wrong?
B. Horton Hattiesbu rg, Mississippi A: From your description, it sounds as though everything is working just as it should. Think about what happened when you upgraded with the Super Agnus chip. This upgrade lets the Amiga access more then 512K of chip memory, increasing it another 512K, for a total of one megabyte. When this occurs, the memory on your A501 card, which had been treated by the computer as fast memory, becomes chip memory. Because that’s all the extra memory you have on your system, the net effect is that you rea Hy no longer have any fast memory. You will have to add more memory to the A500 to gain true fast memory. So the software you are using is correctly reporting the amount of chip and fast memory present in your system. This lack of fast memory is why Dpaint III won’t let you animate. Once you add
* i more memory to your computer, this feature will be available again. Rays on the Bay Q: I have a one-meg A500 and two drives. I am thinking of upgrading my system with a Bodega Bay and four megabytes of memory to do some in-depth ray tracing and animation. I understand that ray tracing is a complex process that can require many hours of computer lime, and my concern is that this might severely reduce the amount of time that my wife can use the system for writing. Could we effectively multitask the ray-tracing program with a word processor such as Pro Write a nd still get acceptable performance? Or will this require us to add a CPU and math coprocessor upgrade?
T. Ramsey Nova Scotia, Canada A: You are right: The first thing you need to get for ray tracing is more memory. As far as I can tell, the Bodega Bay is a good upgrade path for the A500. More memory will allow you to create and ray trace more complex scenes. It also allows you more flexibility for multitasking. You have hit the nail on the head with your concern about ray tracing requiring long periods of computer time; it certainly does. It’s also a very CPU-intensive process, and you’ll find that multitasking a ray-tracing program and a word processor on an A500 will have a serious impact on how well the word processor performs. If you do plan on doing both, you really should consider getting an accelerator, which will vastly improve the computer’s performance in just about every multitasking situation. My .Amiga is accelerated, and I often word process (and telecommunicate) effectively while ray tracing in the background. If you do plan on using one of the 3-D rav-tracing packages with a graphic word processor such as ProWrite, you must also consider chip RAM. When multitasking several graphic-intensive applications, it is very easy to run out of chip RAM on such machines as the A500, which currently has only 512K of memory for its custom chips. This can occur in spite of having multiple megabytes of memory. ¦ © _C0 © • o ra cr XI CO to c rai o © X .tr ra c 1 c o o 3 © t III CO c -J UJ ra X 1- h 3 CO CO © X O LU raj » o T3 o C X ra X CD CO Q O Cl 13 H X © 3 'l_ o ¦Q 0) t_ 3 0 O K X to C“ T3 JZ © ¦c CD CD CO C C Ix u X CO U T3 a O Ol c C tf} . ¦ o © c k_ c © to JZ ra c © JZ ., s o CO ¦O © ID h_ ra P E TJ © "5 © c c o o in -O © X >, «f CO _ a. d = to 5 2 TS CL 3 t,E g -
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0) 9 o c X Cl O CD o- D j: © u © CO O o C . Ra o X X © (J 5 c in c o to 3 3 z o © CD ra O s ra E k. Q} © w 3 o © © 3 CL . - ra3 "D l. F Q. c _ ¦o L_ c E ra CO ra o cn £ c c k_ o © L- © c 3 O rai © o X © . . O © k- 3 ra X X 3 o . O X « * to c o h- *- i c E to c ra © JC o 'c S to © 3 3 3 k Q. CO o CO CL CO . © CO © X X k_ »- ra X to X £ ra 3 g © CO X c © X © ra © 3 ra WB41; Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. New Disks FD53: Great Arcade - On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII flying ace arcade game, and Psycoblast new creation idea game. FD54: FoocfFight - Contains Galactic FoodFight. A wacky spaced out arcade game loaded with shooting ketchup, and hamburger eating monsters, and flying pizzas. WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 years. WB84: General Enjoyment - A fun filled disk that contains, l-Ching the ancient Chinese art of fortune telling, FastLife an extremely fast life implementation, and several ’'Schwabie" type hacks that are loads of fun to watch. A very delightful disk, recommended. WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs for manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff Image processing package, WB86: Amiga Vision - Contains the Centurion Press, An Amiga newspaper by Lou Wallace. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN77 environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler DD78: Menus & System Enhancements - Several neat programs to aid in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adding WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations, Other Gread Disks! FD5: Tactical Games - BullRun - a Civil war battle game, Metro - you play the role of a city planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very very habit forming. FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including; Checkers, Clue, Gold • A new slide tne pieces puzzle, Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: PACMAN - This disk contains several pacman type games including: PacMsn87, MazMan and Zonix. FD9: Moria -. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Larn and Hack Play time several weeks! FD1Q: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must-have classic. This is the second release of this game on the Amiga. Great Amiga graphic interface. Play lime several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features, Also Thirty-One.VideoPoker and more.- FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks. Req. 1 Mb and two drives (or hd), FD13; Board Games * contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes. Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games • DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball - an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix - a Qix type clone. FD16: Strategy Games - Includes Diplomacy and Empros. Both great conquer and rule multiplayer games similar in concept to Simcity and Populace. Also includes blackbox. Hearts, and others. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - MechForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD22: Arcade Games - This disk has MoonBase - The best lunar lander game we have seen in a long time, very challenging Also BoingGame - a maze type, donkey kong type game. FD24:Strategy Games and Others - Includes Dicey, a yatzee type clone. MM a master mind type clone. Flipper an othello type cione. China an great implementation of Shangi. CircutWars a challenging game based on electronics, and Etrain a computer based model train set construction set for the enthusiast. FD26:Arcade Games - Marbie„slide, this is a truly commercial quality game. Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playablitly and entertainment. Mutants , a small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakout a pong arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games * This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses. MiniBiast a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as froger. And Sbreakout the original breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII - you're the pilot of a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiller - try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaliator - another great game. FD31: Games! • Air Traffic Control - a good ATC simulation game. Black Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games, ChessTel - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32:Flight Simufator - Includes an instrument flight simulator for a DC10. FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a mario brothers type of game. Gerbiis a target practice game, PipeLine a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Tron a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD34: Games - Includes WellTrix a derivative of the addictive game of tetris, and new version of BackGammon. Also includec are several new "Schwabie type Hacks". FD35 Omega (v 1.3} - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vain as hack rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks or months. FD36:Games * Including Euchre- a wonderful card game, HeadGame - a sort'of headless (ha) shoot'em up, Simpson - a shoot'em up loosely based on the tv show, Streets&AHeys • a good solitary card game, taxman - an math educational game. FD37a & b:Tactical Games - Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended. With a full-featured graphic front end. FD38:Games - Cribbage Master - A great cribbage game and tutor. Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. FD39a & b:Tobias Star Trek - This is a new. Completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias, Now with English instructions. Very Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 512k memory, a 500. 2000 or Pal. FD40:Arcade • MiddleEast - a timely arcade game of death and destruction set in Iraq, BackToTheFuturell - a very playable demo version of this soon to be released commercial game. City - a missile command clone. FD41 :Games - Includes Capital Gains - a stock market game, Ball a Arknoids type of clone with many great twists, and Desert Shield - a shoot'em up with a destroy and conquer theme. FD42:Games - Includes SpaceWar3 - a remake of this original Amiga classic. Trippin - a fascinating board game of intrigue, strategy, and player manipulation, Dominion - an engrossing strategy game of galactic war and conquest, Frog - a frogger type clone, and Mines - a very challenging strategy board game. FD44: Game - Mechfight is an out of this world role-playing adventure comparable to hack and moria. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate bad guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new amiga 9000. Most of all, don't forget to stay alive... FD45: Arcade - Three good shoot'em ups Batman - save the city from the Joker, DriveWar - ganosters are moving in on your territory, stop them at all costs, Web - a spidery, buggy affair of eat or be eaten. FD46: Adventure Game and Trek Trivia - Contains a well done graphic adventure game, loaded with lots of interesting puzzles and challenges, similar in concept to Larn and hack. Also contains Trek Trivia, an outstanding, and very challenging set of StarTrek trivia questions. FD47: Arcade Games - Contains DownHili - a demanding computer slalom ski game. MicroPac - a Workbench mmi-pacman game. CrackOut - a break out clone. Jet - a superb aerial dogfight game. AmegaRace - an interesting asteroids type of game, and WindyDay - a unique arcade shoot'em up. FD48: Puzzles - Contains CWP - a very well done full featured cross word puzzle game and generator. Concentration - like the card game. Hollywood trivia - a very large set of trivia questions on topics including StarTrek tng, HitchHiker's Guide. Indian Jones. StarsWars. MASH, and more. FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more, FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance, one and a hall years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial qualify, highly recommended, $ 5.95 ea $ 4.95* ea 1-9 Disks 10-24Disks ralMptj $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks FD51: Games - DesertStorm a fast action arcade game, Amigatraion a well done concentration game, Chute a parachute jumping game, Running a dungeon adventure game similar to wanderer, and Solix a solitary card game,
* Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! FD52: Classics Games - PetersQuest a well done Mario brothers lype of game. Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank commander game. Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source, WB general interest * most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentry volume with your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks! WB2: General Interest - contains, Galaxy a program that represents the collision of two galaxies. Larn - an adventure action game similar in concept to rogue or hack, but with a much different feel. Try it. You'll like it!, StarChart - a program that lets you display and identify about 600 stars, galaxies and nebulae visible in the Northern hemisphere. WB4:TeIecommumnication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily, Access (1.42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vl .34, but with the addition of transfer protocols, Comm (t 34) - Last version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga, Handshake
(2. 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 WB5 - Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PageStream fonts.and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6: Video Fonts 2 - ShowFont(4.0) This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmigaDcs system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art • This disk is loaded with black and white clip art, Art includes, trees, watches, tools, US and State maps, and more. WB9;lcons - Truly a multitude of various types and kinds. Also includes IconMiester. IconLab, and others great utilities to help generate icons. WB10:Virus Killers - The latest and best VirusX(4.0). Kv(2.1). and ZeroVirus(1 .3). WB11: Business - Clerk(4.0), finally a full featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end of month and much much more, WB12; Disk Utifities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts off file minrpulation. A real must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don’t do it, with PrtDrvGen you can make your own. Wbl4: Video- on this disk are several utilities for the video enthusiast. We have included multiple slates, video titling. Bars and Tone, Gray Scale. Screen fades and swipes, Interlace toggles, and SMPTE Calculators .Also on this disk is a full featured video cataloging program. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a proiectTime management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business • This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendarschedular. A rolodex program, and pennywise a good "Cash Book'' accounting for home or office. WB17: Genera! Utilities - Includes several interesting programs, DiskX - Great disk sector editor. Snap - Cut and paste text between different windows. , also on this disk - calendar .generator, diet program, workbench scrolling text, and a scale convertor. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors, Includes.TextPlus (v2.2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(v1.35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features,TexED(v2.8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. WB2G: General Interest - DiskSalv V1.42 a disk recovery program for all Amiga lile systems. FixDisk V1.0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have. 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench, Clean VI .01 a program to de-fragment memory. Tracer - trace any part of an image, WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great fonts. These, like the other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined function, BezSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP . WB24:Animation and Paint - On this disk, DA a complete commercial quality cell orientated animation packaoe Movie an "ANIM" player for standard animation. QuickFlix an IFF slide show and cell animation program. Also on this disk are two PD paint programs of good quality. WB25;Educational • On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types, World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. " WB2G: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast - a binary file editor. Labelprimer - Disk label printer with very powerful features. WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. WB29; Graphics and Sound - This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes. MandelMountains - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - ?enerated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and mandel - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL iFF's including Dynamic HAM. And Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything. Try this disk, you'll love It! WB33:Circuit Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBiool • a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now conies with predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities ¦ Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge of a CLI or Shell for setup. Chatter Box - this one will play any user defined sound after any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...). I once saw a person have this orogram play MR. Spoc's saying Illogical Illogical" when a non-dos disk v as inserted. Artm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control of the Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper - help program to make learning the CLI easier. PopMenus • for those of you with mouse accelerator programs, this one brings the pull down menus to the mouse, setfont * a working version that changes the system font to user specified font, and many morer WB35: 3d Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracing programs 3dFonts - Full vector font set for use with 3d programs. FontMaker * make 3d fonts from any system font. Make3DShape • create 3d shapes from any image, DumptofFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d - a demo program of a front end for use with DKBRender WB36: Graphics ¦ On this disk are several procrams to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images, Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SirnGen * display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade • a very good raytracmg program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. Wb37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library' Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesselator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecshertype pictures WB39: Music - Intuitracker is an German offer cl an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. Lets you strip out music frcm your favorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40: Music - "CD on a disk", SO minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. WB43:Business - This disk contains AnalytiCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Requires 1.2 MB of memory! WB46;Cllp Art - HighRes clip art with the following motifs • Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ???? , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain_ embellishments (borders, dodads ....), people, and transportation. WB48: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with the following motifs • Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49abc:Animation Sampler - On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of the best animations that have been created over the last three years. Several examples of "Movie" type animations some with spectacular raytraced reality (coolroby. Watch, spigot and egg). Also several ejropean style or "Demo” animation with incredible graphics ana outstanding electronic music (akrilight. Copersme, doc, dps2010. Impact, and logodemo). These truly show off the creative edge of an Amiga! WB5Q: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or "Demos”, including - scientific 451. Subway (a U.S. entrant, also our favorite), sunride, thrstdemo. Might, waves, and woow. WB51: Animation- On this disk are two excellent movie style animations including ShipRotation • a futuristic space ship orbiting a surrealistic world (one of the best), and RV-3 - a dpaintlll anim of a rather wacked out airplane. WB53:Graphics- The disk contains C-light • The easiest to use raytracing we have seen to date. This one started out life as a fuli featured commercial product similar to Scu!pt3d. Raytracing programs can generate stunning, realistically shaded objects. Also, sMovie - a full featured video text titter similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Titler. Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and rnore.,. WB54:Printing - This disk contains several routines to help with the chore o' printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PrintStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Application - Xcopytl! - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city Jo another, highway description included, Diary - a diary program like "Dougy Howard M.D", Caf - a calendar program, Magman - a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57:Animation - This disk has several “Demo" style animations, Including, Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph, WB59:Business - contains a great, very full teatured stock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more. WB61 intermediate Utilities - Includes programs to help to drasticly decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-si emulator, an epromm programer. Turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or ociiloscope. And more WB62:Midi Utilities ¦ Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and frcm several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi info, file sequence player, and a few scores. Phone ( ). WB63:Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups, Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks. DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A15, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! 800 879-0759 Support 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 WB66;lcons 2- Lot's of neat icons, Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and into structures. WB68:Music Utilities - several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes. Noisetracker - a great music creation program. Sonix2MOD - converts sonix to .mod files which then can be used by noisetracker, soundtraker, and MED. SpeakerSim - a speaker design tool demo. Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over SO minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga. WB7Q:Desk Top Pub - Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts, Mac or IBM format .AFM metric files, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric files, With this program open door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScript type!, Calendar - month templates in PS form, Post
- a full featured post script file display and print utility. WB71:C64 Emulation - The A64 Package is a complete, very powerful!, Commocore 64 emulator. WB73: KeyBoard Utilities and more Dmouse one of the most useful type programs available, contains an all in one. Mouse excellarator. Screen blanker, Shell evoker, Function key defines, and more, KeyMacro - set up macro definition for any keystroke combination, KeyMapED - remaps the key board display to any user definable character. Also Ntsc-Pal - converts any european (pal) or US (ntsc) to your standard. Pbar - window pull Gown bar paint program, and Tpjr - a full featured video titler, WB74: 3000 Utilities • several programs for the Amiga 3000 user. Machlll - our favorite mouse, hotkey, screen blanker. AutoCLI and autopoint all in one program. Iconize - a 16 color icon editor. Blanker - starfield screen blanker. NoClick • stop drive clicking, ReMaplcon - covert 1.3 icons to 2.0. and more, WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files (.inst) and sample sound files ( ss) for your music programs, WB76: Applications - This disk contains Stickery - a often requested knitting design program. Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS - this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a personal calendar. Tarot - fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB77: AV Demo - a well done Amiga Vision Demo program. WB7B: AV - On this disk are two Amiga Vision programs (bubbler, sync) written by Lou Wallace, chief technical editor of Amiga World. These programs are marvelous examples of how too s with AV. WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime • find out what time it is in up to 50 global cities. WBBQ:Graphics • Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings.,., and surreal images often cons stmg of highly polish spheres and objects. 3-D Master is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dollars. WB81: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database program Don't let the easy of use fool you. This is a very lull featured database program including full printer control for address labels anc mail merge applications. Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor, RLC a full featured label printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended WB82:Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations. Including, Coyote. JugglerlI, GhostPool. And Mechanix. Two disk set, counts as one* DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS - This d sk contains several useful arexx programs and examples, PopCLI4 • The latest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to p'ogram in Pascal Includes A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler, Blink linking software and PCG (1.0) a modest Pascal sub-set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc( 1.01) fully K&R. Zcc(1 .0) front end, A68k(1.2) assembler, Blink linker. DD50: Arexx 2 - a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2.3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs DD54: Compression • This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc(2.3). Please send me the following: I Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3) Account Signature. Name_ Address_ City ST SONY Blank Disks DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 (.89 cents ea) 25 for $ 18.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.00 (.68 cents ea) No shipping charge on USA blank d sk orders. Canada and Mexico add S 15 each, Other foreign add $ 50 ea Lharcil O), Lhwarp(1.03), Pkax(I.O), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all. Zip(l 0), Warpj2.04}, and Zoo£2.Q) Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF files. DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3.0 release including the full user docs, the lull Developers guide, and Conman (1.4). ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - like Cross-dos. Copies files to and Irom MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa, Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers. And Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented language, DD63: Tests - With the soon to be released new version of workbench and the Amiga 3000. We though that releasing all of the classic speed tests and system checks would be in order. Includes but not limited to. CPU Speed. Sieve. Salvage, Speed. STU - a lull featured system diagnostic tool, Memory integrity test. Disk integrity test, and a couple of graphic tests. DD64 Amiga Programers Manual - The fully comprehensive Amiga programing manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials! DD65 C Tutorials - Several well oone tutorials on how to program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. FFF reads and writes. Sound implementation. Arcade game design and implementation, Double Buffering, and others. A must have for Amiga Programmers, DD66 Programing ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers! DD69:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga's and share resources. MemMonitor * Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved. Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD71;C compiler - This dtsk contains Dice, Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. DD72-.VT Emulators - Contains three powerful, full featured vt emulators, with many advanced features including kermit, xmodem and tektromx protocols. VaxTerm, VLT, and more, DD74: Arexx examplesutilities 3 • several working examples and programs to aid the arexx user and programer. DD75: Intermediate Utilities • ConMan (v1.3e) this very popular shell and cli replacement now also work on an A3000's, BinTape, MWTape - two scsi tape archivers. Password - system wide password protection, Woodward - displays any attempt to open any file or libraries (great for finding out why a program exits early), A'so CliAnywhere. DosError. Eco. Executer. Gstart. Jmenu. Journalab, LockDevice, MadBlanker, and PS. _ each $ _ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ _ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ . CA residents add 7.00% sales tax $ _ Foreign Shipping $ Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge .Exp_ Total disks x $ Total Due $ Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add $ .25 each, Foreign add $ .50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on credit card orders. Zip. Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Active Circuits 1985 Highway 34, A-4 Wall, Nj 07719 201 974-1616 Advanced Storage Systems 14540 E. Beltwood Pkwy. Dallas, TX 75244 214 702-9191 800 878-0010 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Auto Desk 2320 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 415 332-2344 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Blue Ribbon SoundWorks 1293 Briardale NE Adanta, GA 30306 404 377-1514 Byte by Byte Arboretum Plaza 11 9442 Capitol of Texas Hwy, N. Suite 150 Austin, TX 78759 512 343-4357 California Access 130A Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 378-0340 Centaur Software PO Box 440 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 213 542-2226 Cinemaware Corporation 4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Westlake Village, GA 91362 805 495-6515 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester. PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 CSA 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Dr. T’s Music Software 100 Crescent Rd. Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Eschalon Development 110-2 Renaissance Sq. New Westminster, B.C. Canada V3M 6K3 604 520-1543 EyefulTower Communications 15 Rockydale Bristol, VT 05443 802 453-4293 FTL Games 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206 San Diego, CA 92121 619 453-5711 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Hash Enterprises 2800 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661 206 573-9427 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, IL 61101 815 968-2228 Impulse 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy., ! 12 Minneapolis, MN 55430 612 566-0221 Lake Forest Logic 28101 E. Ballard Rd. Lake Forest, IL 60045 708 816-6666 Live Studios 30151 Branding Iron Rd. San Juan Capistrano, GA 92675 714 661-8337 Merit Software Inc. 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas, TX 75244 214 385-2353 Microlllusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 Micro Magic Distributed by Centaur Software Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach, FL 33414 407 790-0770 Mimetics PO Box 1560 Cupertino, Q 95015 408 741-0117 Mindware International 110 Dunlop St. West, Box 22158 Barrie, Ontario Canada L4M 5R3 705 737-5998 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Octree Software 311 W. 43rd St. Suite 904 New York, NY 10036 212 262-3116 ODYSSEY Software PO Box 367
N. Eastham, MA 02651 508 240-2317 800 323-9421 Oxxi 1339 East 28th St. Long Beach, GA 90806 213 427-1227 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Pseudo Vision 9319 E. Main St. Spokane, WA 99206 509 926-6623 Pulsar 410 Maple Ave. Westbury, NY 11590 516 997-6903 ReadySoft 30 Wertheim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B 1B9 416 731-4175 Soft-Logik 11131 South Towne Sq., Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 SoftWood PO Box 50178 Phoenix, AZ 85076 602 431-9151 Strategic Simulations distributed by Electronic Arts Syndesis N9353 Benson Rd. Brooklyn, WI 53521 608 455-1422 Taliesin PO Box 1671 Ft. Collins, CO 80522 303 484-7321 Talon Technologies 243 N. Hwy. 101, Suite 11 Solana Beach, GA 92075 619 792-6511 The Other Guys 55 N. Main, Suite 30ID PO Box H Logan, UT 84321 801 753-7620 Truevision 7340 Shadeland Station Indianapolis, IN 46256 317 841-0332 800 858-TRUE TTR Development 1120 Gammon Lane Madison, WI 53719 608 277-8071 WaveTable Technologies 1647 Willow Pass Rd., Suite 267 Concord, CA 94520 415 687-3156 XYXIS Corporation 14631 Martin Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 612 949-2388 InfoMarket MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! A2Q00 Koyboard from Com $ 118.00 A500 Koyboard .....99,00 A2000 Power Supply ....139.0Q A500RepI Drive w sJo ...110.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB 95.00 Agnus Extractor by Com 16.95 Denise Chip. 49.00 Quantum 105S Hard Drive... 499.00 Syqyest 44 MB Removeable. 499.00 Syqyest 44MB Cartridge 88.00 Gary 1C Chip ......17.00 80 Meg Drive tor GVP Acc .. 469,00 shipping. Please call ' .• meg $ 215 5235 1 meg $ 230 $ 270 Software Hut, fnc. 2534 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19145 Circle 287 on Reader Service card. 256 x 1 150n.s .S 1.50 ea. 256 x 1 120n.s .. 2.00 ea. 1 meg x 1 80n.s 5.95 ea. 256x4 100n.s .. 5.75 ea. 256 x 4 80n.s .... 5.95 ea. 256 x 4 80ns. Zips ... 6.95 ea. 256 x 4 100n.s. zips. 6.50 ea. 64 x 4 100n s .... 3.00 ea. Paula Denise ...56.50 ea. 1 meg x 8 Simm 80ns 49.95 ea. ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS ....95.00
1. 3 KickstartROM .29.95 SPIRIT BOARDS OK IN 1000 $ 199 SIN 500 S199 X-RAM 5CO 10QO S219 MEMORY WORLD Street Rd & Bristol Pike .Jl Plaza II. Suilo 134 Bemnloin, PA 19020 Attn Amiga Dopl For Amiga 3000 1 x 4 Static Zips .37.95 256 x 4 80n s Static Zips ...... 7.50 CPUs 68000 16 Mhz ......$ 35.00 68010 8 10 Mhz ...35.00 68020 16 Mhz ..75.00 20 Mhz 109.00 33 Mhz 199.00 68030 25 Mhz 289 00 50 Mhz 375.00 Math Co's 68881 12 Mhz . 69 00 16 Mhz ..75.00 68882 25 Mhz 225.00 33 Mhz 275.00 50 Mhz 375 00 All Crystals 10.00 ea. $ 319 $ 339 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 3.00 S&H Add $ 4.00 COD VISA MC CHECK COD APO FPQ. AK 8 HI. Foreign Call for stvppmg charges 17» meg $ 229 $ 309 2 meg JX-100 Scanner $ 649.95 New Units with ScanLab Software & Full Warranty Similar savings on JX-300 & JX-450 scanners . Order Only Line BBS Tech Support
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* PteaM call lor eompioio Ootfl.li on mow repdjfi ana to a01 on Auihornaiion numbcx Authorized Amiga Service Center Circle 261 on Reader Service card. TgT To order call
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41. 20 it io K20
* 2*50 JOVSriC>VUOV5£ 24CC DAUO MODEM *« 50 Kwkautan A'OCC ¦dr »¦«.¦«•
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37. 50 180 300 560 I CD Ad RAM 540 109 199 295 - [CD Ad RAM 2080 119 199 279 429 RAM WORKS 2000 109 189 269 429 IVS META 4 259 349 GVPSKSII A2000 HC 229 325 417 597 AdSCSI 2080 ST49MB 449 545 637 817 Adi I)!- A200040MM Hi AC......179 ICD AdJDE A2000. .119 Dl.I.XPRESS MNP PAX .205 IC’D AdSCSI 2080 . .|99 AE HIT 1 5'" DRIVE ......1K9 AdSPEED .... .229 TRUMP 500 PRO ST49MB......499 AdRA.M 560D 2MB .179 SUPRA500XP 40M 512K .539 SUPRA 2400 MODEM......99 ORDERS 800-735-2633 Visa MC COD Information: 408-626-2633 Fax 408-626-0532 Call for Current Competitive and Quantity Pricing VISION SO FT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 258X4-80 *6 95 1X4-89 *37 50 DigiFex Accelerator Accelerator including I2mhz Co Processor only SI24.95 These won't last long call now! GOLDENlMA GE ICD Expansion Systems DigiFeX ¦KHKfTTm CO TO HE urr.FOi KU&fUI cumu SUTT 1-800-942-9505 714-283-0499 Visa Mastcrcard accepted or Cod. 1-800-942-9505 Aamijga Warehouse Tire Memory Specialist HARD DRIVES CATATvtER 500 LSWK WITH 1*1 M£3 DWVE DA TARVER »0O*uaM MaftDCAAD NttH 1*1 ura DRIVE COM3* 1|MS *4MU 1*!Mf3 1-J 112 QUANTUM 19MS 12*4 50 40ME3J HI QUANTUM 19US **84 00 134 ME 3 3 1 2 MEMORY r«rncvabi» C»1 Info Market CANADIAN MAIL ORDER NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION DANDAM SOFTWARE 1987 CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE 1987 1-800-265-9576 (519) 974-3011 Fax: (519) 974-6613 A500 HD 40MG $ 599 ?5 • $ CDNS • AD SPEED $ 289 9-$ 8408 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, Ont. CANADA, N8S 1T6 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT * 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines ? NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color Call of Write lor order lorm, price list & sample: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(213) 390-3010 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 Thinker 2.1 Hypertext Outliner and Text Processor $ 80.00 ATTENTION introCAD introCAD Plus Users! Create Organizational. Logic. Genealogy or Hardware flowcharts effortlessly. Introducing mrroPARTS FLOWCHART SYMBOLS. A 2-disk set conlaining 245 parts, most drawn to scale of the F1PS-24 template. Available for immediate shipment at a special introductory price of $ 23.(XI, shipping included. Sug. Mail $ 26.95, 5cnd Check or Money Order to: BBS message database * Desk Organizer Customer database - Basic Word Processor Online documentation * Software Design Tool Computer Aided Education - Study Guides "Us flexibility far exceeds any other program I've used on any computer Robert Klimaszcwski, Amazing V5.1 10, 3721 Starr King Circle
(415) 493-7234_ Multimedia without programming. Hypertext links to Applications, Arexx Ports, Text, and Pictures. Free format Multimedia database. All interaction via Text Editing. Arexx Client and Server interface. Poor Person Software, Dept _Paio Alto, CA 94306 Allow 2-3 wks. (or delivery. SHARK BYTE Software PO Box 652 Kaneohe, HI 96744-0652 Also, available late ihis summer, iniro- PARTS ELECTRONICS SYMBOLS! The most extensive electronics library available for the Amiga! Infraiuctory price good through A fay 31. 1WI Dealer Distributor Inquiries Invited! Ekboard Jfotgoit dmttputers Sc jSoftfoarc 10695 Devils Head Mtn. Rd. Littleton, Co. 80127 Add $ 1.50 S&H, U.S. currency European orders taken at: Odenwaldblick 54 6200 WiesBaden-Naurod, Germany Dealer Inquiries Invited. (303) 443-8112 The Saddam Hussein Game Animated Font, Handwriting Style for use with DeluxePaint III $ 35.00 ? Blue Shadow Productions 36 Mud Street Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8J 1R5
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U. S.A. $ 36 6mo. $ 65 YR. CANADA $ 40 6mo. S73 YR. OTHER $ 44 6mo. $ 81 YR. INFORMATION 916-944-4282 U.S.A. & CANADA ORDERS ONLY 800-634-2952 VISA MasterCard. Include Phone . No C.O.D. Money Orders U.S.S Payable To: SIGNS ETC. BY P. KNOX, BOX 628, CARMICHAEL CA 95609, U.S.A. "1 NATIONAL DISKETTES SONY 3.5“ DSDD .51 GENERIC 3.5“ DSDD .39 (MIN. 100) 800-345-8619 OR 415-490-4163 The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD’S InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your 1 12 or 1 9 page display ad call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. CALL FOR BEST PR] Cl US OH ALL DISKETTES J InfoMarket AMIGA MIDI PROGRAMS ?MT-32 Mixer and Utilities V2.0 $ 49.95
* Now with Patch Editor. Edit Banks, Drumsets and Timbres.
* Control each volume, pan, reverb and system setups w o hardware.
* The from panel MT-32 should have had- Ergonomic Interface.
* Works well with SoundSeapes and with Real World mods.
* Can read data from MT-32. Includes Split Later Util., 64 Timbres. ?MIDI Math VI.I Algorithmic Composer $ 49.95
• Transforms Mathcmatic and Scientific equations inlo Music.
• Controls Pitch. Velocity and Timing independently for each (rack.
• Edit Rhythm Partems, Accent Notes and Touch up results graphically.
• Supports 68881. IFF Internal Instruments. Outputs MIDI files!
• 50+ functions include log, trig, logical, boolean, rand, stat, Mandel.
• Equations never sounded this good. Create clips for larger projects! ?SoundScape* MIDI file Converter $ 14.95 Don’t let new standards leave you stranded! Converts both ways. ?LXP-I or LXP-5 Patch Editors $ 39.95 ea. With (fuick Dump Loaders!, examples, not C. I’rot., Simple to use. Free Shipping (USA) (COD add S4.00) Dealer Inquiries Invited Custom & Contract Programming Available Order from: Borotec, Inc. PO Box 17149 Euclid. OH 44117
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(404) 952-5547 Public Domain like you’ve nmr seem,, The 10 Best of Public Domain Special Offers from Premier Software ? Game Master Collection Over 70 of the best PD games 7 disk set $ 25.00 ? More Games 6 of the top ten PD games from AmigaWorld article. Single disk $ 6.00 ? Electric Word The Bible Complete King James Bible on 3 disks $ 15.00 ? Top Ten Games AmigaWorld's 1990 best games 6 disk set S20.00 ? Color Cycling The best color cycling animated pictures Single disk $ 6,00 ? Video Fonts Over 20 video fonts B W and color 2 disk set SI0.00 ? Mandlemania A good collection of MandleBrot programs. 2 disk set $ 10.00 ? Video and Graphic Tools 6 disk set $ 25.00 ? Dungeon Master II Help, hints and maps for DM II. Single disk $ 6.00 ? Fred Fish Catalog! Single disk $ 6.00 Pkasc add S3.00 per order S ll. Send S3 for dink caialog of over 125 available disks. Mind’s Eye Video Tape S19.95+S3.00 S H. P ARE PO Box 3782 • Redwood City, CA 94064
(415) 593-1207 Circle 165 on Reader Service card. Circle 272 on Reader Service card. Circle 61 on Reader Setvice card. Weird and Unusual Sounds from EMPEROR HABIES DOMAIN Real Instruments, Orchestra & Band Hits, Unusual Percussion, Weird Synth & Sound FX, Vocal & FX, Animals, Machines & MORE! Use with: Animations, MIDI & Other Music Software, Game Programming, Multimedia Presentations (Amiga Vision, Can Do, etc.) Created by a Professional Amiga Sound Designer & Developer. Special Offer! Demo Assortment of 30 IFF Samples Only $ 15.00 Order Before May 31st & Receive an Extra 5 Sounds. Send Check or US Money Order to: Fool your fnends • Scare your neighbors • Impress your mom * Confuse you petsi Sound Ground Recording Studio 2 1 272 Miller Ave., Portsmouth. NH USA 03801 MISSED THE LA. SIGGRAPH AMIGA MEETING...? ...IT’S NOW ON VIDEO!! 8 hour Amiga marathon professionally edited to a brilliant 2 hour video, jam-packcd with up- close demonstrations and discussions of: VIDEO TOASTER, CDTV, DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO, IMAGINE, DCIV and UNIX. Greal visuals! Interviews with hot artists and developers including: BRUMMBAER, STEVE SEGAL. REICHART VON WOLFSHIELD, BRAD SCHENCK, VICTOR OSAKA and more! On VHS. It's like being there!! Now only $ 19.95 plus 54.00 S H. Send Check or Money Order to: Sweet Pea Productions • PO Box 912 • Topanga, CA 90290 Or call toll-free (800) 455-3915 with your Visa MC number ready. I LEARN LIGHTWAVE 1 Tutorial video provides instructional help and 60 minute reference section on surfaces. Includes Disk. Send $ 39.95 -F $ 4.00 S & H to: 3 Leaf Productions 500 Lake Marina Drive Suite 214 - New Orleans, LA • 70124
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(713) 548-8016 For a Free Catalog Mission Control Computers 3535 Bellaire Blvd., Ste. 19 Houston, TX 77025 Now On Video!! TODD RUNDGREN SPEAKS Your chance to hear ihe wild inside story of how Todd Rundgren made his sensational new Amiga-based MTV video. See Rundgren's comprehensive, witty’, hard-hitting story’ of his personal discoveries and dis- pair, triumph and crashes using the latest in Amiga hardware and software. Lcam for yourself his surprising technical breakthroughs and inside secrets! If you are into Amiga animation or graphics, you need this tape! A full 60 minules, professionally produced al L.A. SIGGRAPH meeting. Delivered to you on VHS. Don i miss this crucial report! Now only $ 19.95 plus S4.IX) S H. Send Check or Money Order to: Sweet Pea Productions * PO Box 912 * Topanga, CA 90290 Or call toll-free (800) 455-3915 with your Visa MC number ready. MORE MEMORY FOR LESS NEW for Amiga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 1 meg x 4 32 Pcs. $ 35.00 ea. $ 37.95 each FPU Math Co-processor 68881 20 Mhz $ 50.00 each Make the most of your advertising investment! Reserve your space in the AmigaWorld InfoMarket today! Call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403. Memory Board HP Laser Printer 1 meg $ 115. 2 meg S165, 4 meg $ 249_ 215-244-7930 Fax 215-244-7932 Add S3.00 S&M Add $ 6.00 2nd Day Add S4.CO COD 32K Buffer Chip 0fllV Panasonic Printer $ 20.00 1124, 1524, 1624. 1180. 1191 w instructions EAR TO THE WALL Great Volumes of Products. Great Valley Products is getting a mite prolific lately, now that it is marketing European products such as SCALA presentation softw are as well as its own product development. Also on tap are the $ 1995 Professional Video Adapter (PVA), a 24-bit board that comes bundled with Caligary and has a genlock, digitizer, frame grabber, frame buffer, and de-interlacer. .Also cooking at GVP is a voice-mail product, a high-density floppy drive, and, of course, cheaper, better, and faster accelerators. And while we're on the subject, the GVPers claim that their 50MHz 030 card is faster than a standard 040. When we get them both in, maybe we’ll put them to the test. Now we’re talking. In the PC world, database users are beginning to connect to a new breed of multiuser databases that are based on the SQL data-access and manipulation language. .Amiga users may get the same capability in rumored but unreleased versions of Superbase. Diamond in the rough? Our spies report that Howard Diamond, former education chief at Commodore, has left, with his responsibilities absorbed by Unix Manager Paul Calkin. Sony balony? We’ve heard some thoroughly unsubstantiated talk about Sony’s angling to buy Commodore. This is plenty doubtful, but the recent Info- Comrn show saw Sony reps buzzing around the .Amiga like flies on a buffalo. Who knows what this portends, butsomi- tking is bound to happen. Party crasher. Verbum Magazine, which used to be a Mac-oriented mag for electronic artist types, held its annua! Party at the recent Macworld Expo. In addition to thousands of guests, the increasingly credible Amiga crashed the gates and dominated the field. In addition to Man- dala and the Toaster running non-stop, German Amiga artist Brumbaer displayed his digital wares. Verbum Editor Mike Gosney reports that “The Mac people were in awe." Egg and toast on their faces. At Apple’s yearly R&D shindig last January', the firm pulled out all the stops with a wild and wooly display of video wizardry. Think wre're scared? Not quite, since our spies spotted the carefully obscured A2500 with a Toaster that was doing the video honors. SOAP BOX MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT HAS grown from a notion in the 80s to a reality in the 90s. Companies across the nation are creating authoring systems and interactive software to accommodate this burgeoning field. .Although developers large and small have placed a great deal of emphasis on the creation of graphics, animation, and video applications for multimedia, one area music has been blatantly ignored. It seems that despite the pervasion of music and sound in everyday life, few in computer science have awakened to the realization that music in multimedia is an effective and necessary aspect of communication in this modern age. The very name ‘‘multimedia'' implies exactly that: many mediums, including graphics, animation, narration, video, and yes, music. The reason for this lack of awareness is two-fold. First of all, most computer scientists lack expertise in the areas of music theor)r and MIDI technology. As a result, many music applications look more like graduate dissertations than user-friendly software. Many add insult to injury by refusing to acknowledge the centuries of music history, theory and method. Music is a potent form of communication, and music software must allow the user to add inflection and emotion. Imagine a word processor that didn't permit you to use punctuation! Second, listening is in many cases a passive activity. .As such, we're not always aw’are of music’s persuasive nature; but try- watching a film or television program with no sound, and you’ll quickly appreciate the continuity and fluidity that music provides. Why, even silent movies played to the live performance of a piano player! Eyes can be closed, blocking out the light, but ears simply can’t be turned off, so we take our hearing for granted. The opportunity to develop an intelligent composition system is wide open. My company has seized this chance and has profited from it greatly, both financially and intellectually. In designing Bars&Pipes and, more recently, Bars&Pipes Professional, we've brought music composition out of the darkness and into the realm of multimedia in a number of ways. We've included Arexx support so that Bars&Pipes can be coordinated with other .Amiga applications. We’ve designed the Bars&Pipes MIDI Player, a stand-alone program (used in Atlanta's presentation seeking the 1996 Olympics). We’ve also published Cue Card, a hit list Tool; accommodated 80 MIDI channels to enable live recording and synchronization; and supported Geodesic Publications' lllumiLink, which enables Bars&Pipes to coordinate external hardware. As the cost of MIDI technology decreases, and our culture’s interest in computer-aided presentation grows, more people will rely on computers to provide musical capabilities that were formerly the exclusive possession of an experienced group of composers and performers. As a musician, this scares me. .As president of a music technology company, this excites me no end. Melissa Jordan Grey The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks ifljjjo'Those killer spiders from tire hit horror movie "Arachnophobia" are ac ' they're just dying to sink their poisonous fangs into a few j more helpless victims. Match wits with these deadly highly intelligent creatures, f I 11 They're hiding, waiting to . Pounce when you least expect them. Eight levels of difficulty. J A variety ant*’sP er weaPonr) ¦ er locations. Tliousands of rooms to explore. J Bring the experience to life with Disnev’s Sound Sourced Real music, speech and sound effects. If vou're smart enough, quick enough, and able to wipe out a HHHKl|Tj|| few thousand of the venomous vermin, you might just make it ’ to the final confrontation in the Amazon Jungle. And . ; '' even the score, once and for all. •.. -- •¦ ‘Optional. S.ild in combo-pachs and .separately Works with IBM and compatible computers only The speech and sound trchnolugv in this product was produced under exclusive license to Wait Disney Computer Software, Inc by Electronic Speech Systems oiHavw.ml. California Arachnophobia is a trademark of 1 lollvwood Pictures and Amblin Fntertainment. Snev Circle 255 on Reader Service card Protom; lor example, hove very little eeetl. Only one product Ikls captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world; Digi-View Gold. It's the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we've probably sold more Digi-Views than any other digitizer on any PC in history. Here’s your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture. And in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity: Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. Only $ 199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146 Only Digi-View Gold :
• Has exclusive Dynamic Hikes mode for 4096 colors in iiilics
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full Hikes overscan) Requires standard gender changer tor use with Amiga 1000 Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs of RAM. Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek. Inc. The Amiga Video Digitizer i n Circle 102 on Reader Service card. CORPORATED
• Uses 2 to 40% colors (including I mlfh rite)
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality' images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously J
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty' and toll-free support line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold.

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Amiga World Vol 07 05 1991 May

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