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The new state of the Amiga. MOST OF YOU have probably heard the news that there is yet another head honcho of Commodore’s U.S. operation. Having served for some two years, Harry Copperman has been moved over to a nebulous multimedia position with Commodore International, and James Dionne, former head of Commodore Canada, has taken the U.S. reins as general manager. I liked Copperman. He was bold and brash and did a good job. He was also a bit fatalistic, especially when he said that if he left he was going to turn the lights ofT. Apparently Copperman felt that he, and he alone, had the last chance to make the Amiga really happen in the US, and either his aggressive plans would work swimmingly or we'd all drown. We’ve called West Chester a few times since Dionne took over, however, and they told us that all the lights were still on. There are, however, a lot fewer employees. Just as the firm announced its new chief, it began to lay off ten to fifteen percent of its US work force. For many of these people, the employment prospects unfortunately aren’t that bright. I’d hate to see some of these folks slaving away at the West Chester Burger King, but there just are not a lot of hot computer companies down that way. Layoffs in the computer industry, especially if followed by more layoffs, often herald the obsolescence of technology and the essential demise of the firm in question. This has led some to worry about the future of the Amiga in the US. They fear that this great computer might go the way of the Osborne, the Timex Sinclair, and the Coleco Adam. But, unlike these has-beens, the Amiga does not deserve to die. There are no cheaper, better systems kicking sand in its face, and Commodore as a company has far from given up. The moves do, in my opinion, signal a major shift in Amiga strategy. For better than two years, Copperman and crew tried to do strategic battle with IBM and Apple, pushing things like the A3000, Unix, and Amiga Vision. They tried valiantly to fight these heavies on their own turf. But when you fight the big boys their way, you shouldn't be surprised when they don’t bruise. According to the people I’ve spoken with (including the man himself), Dionne’s chief strength is his ability to sell a lot of machines. Commodore, I believe, is going to do things its way, the old way, the simple way that got 11 million C-64s sold. It is going to let price and broad distribution do the job that millions in TV advertising dollars failed to do sell tons and tons of machines. I believe it will work, and that in time we will see an increasing number of new users, mainly of the A500, The only real barrier is the state of the economy and its effect on consumer spending, but everyone (except maybe liquor stores) is susceptible to that. The result of this thrust should be a healthy overall increase in inexpensive machines, which means more software going out the door, particularly games and low-end productivity stuff. It also means a long life ahead for the Amiga.

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Amiga World Vol 07 04 1991 Apr

Document sans nom JJJJJ , April 1991
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ARTICLES The "Ami 500” Part 3: Boosting Performance By Sheldon Leemon ...38 It’s time to speed up operations here on lap 3 of our A500 upgrade series: We’ve road-tested five accelerator cards to boost your processing power, plus a couple of add-on boards to run PC software. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .... 6 The editor’s been busy monitoring activity in West Chester, Pa., and he feels that shake-ups at Commodore may spell some changes throughout the Amiga market. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...50 Joel has some creative freehand-titling tips for animation and video projects where commercial fonts simply won’t do. Pointers y Robert D 4sto ..52 Creating nifty menu options for applications doesn't require proficiency in higher- level programming languages. With a little “Intuition,” BASIC will do just fine. “Bottomless Disks " p. 20 Super-fast mass-storage removable media (above) are just one part of our “Amiga Power Hardware User" special coverage this month. And the total package means just one thing: That radar gun our trooper is holding on the front cover is definitely not going to slow down your favorite computer! Mastering Multimedia By Geoffrey Williams ..60 When you’re creating multimedia presentations, learn to anticipate the “got- chas” and you can avoid these nasty little weird glitches altogether. DEPARTMENTS Repartee ....8 Getting it off your chest for 29 cents still beats 75-dollar-an-hour therapy sessions. Headliners . 10 CDTV and a slew of new games unveiled at CES. A3000UX debuts in Dallas. Plus a lot more Amiga news. Whats New? ...102 No slowdown on the assembly line of Amiga new products. The PD Prospector ...106 Productivity picks head the Prospector's tips in this month’s tour of the Amiga nets. Help Key ...... 108 He's no singing rhinestone cowboy, but Lou’s always on the line to handle trouble from Woods Hole to Wichita and clear out to Walla Walla. REVIEWS Quarterback Tools (Central Coast) . 14 A promising new disk utility joins CCS' already powerful backfield. The Phantom (Dr. T's) ....15 Seamless, invisible synchronization via this nifty MIDI and SMPTE interface. Home Office Advantage (Gold Disk) ..... 18 Spreadsheet for home small-business use. OMNlKEY (Norlhgate) ......78 A keyboard-replacement corps recruit. The Puzzle Story Book and The Dinosaur Discovery Kit (First Byte) .....80 Creative fun for Amiga preschoolers. Sterling Service BBS (Free Spirit) ....88 Mixed messages on this D-I-Y BBS. BackTalk ..92 Some antagonists use powder and ball, others consonant and vowel; the results, though, can be just as deadly. GAMES CRIB Notes By Peter Otafson .66 Life-saving tips for .Amiga gamesters poised on the brink of electronic oblivion. Star Control (Accolade) ..66 Superb arcade strategy for space warriors. Wrath of the Demon (ReadySoft) . 68 Demon-bashing arcade adventure. Carthage (Psygnosis) ......68 Maybe the only strategy arcade game on the market set during the Punic Wars. Full Metal Planet (Draconian Data East) .. 70 Strategv war computerized board game. UNREAL (UBI Soft Electronic Arts) 72 2-D 3-D combo arcade extravaganza. 112 Stephen Robbins, Publisher AMIGA WITH DISK! This issue of AmigaWorld is available with a companion Tool Chest disk full of useful utilities, powerful programs and entertaining games. DON’T MISS OUT! If you received this issue without the disk, call and order your copy today! SAVE MONEY NOW AND LATER! Get the lowest price ever on valuable software from Amiga experts today and receive a special savings certificate off your future Tool Chest subscription! Cali TOU. FREE TODAY 1-800-343-0728 On New Hampshire, call 603-924-0100) Each disk is only $ 10.95, which includes postage and handling. Special note to Tool Chest subscribers: This di.sk will be delivered to you as part of your subscription. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ? 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Having served for some two years, Harry Copperman has been moved over to a nebulous multimedia position with Commodore International, and James Dionne, former head of Commodore Canada, has taken the U.S. reins as general manager. I liked Copperman. He was bold and brash and did a good job. He was also a bit fatalistic, especially when he said that if he left he was going to turn the lights ofT. Apparently Copperman felt that he, and he alone, had the last chance to make the Amiga really happen in the US, and either his aggressive plans would work swimmingly or we'd all drown. We’ve called West Chester a few times since Dionne took over, however, and they told us that all the lights were still on. There are, however, a lot fewer employees. Just as the firm announced its new chief, it began to lay off ten to fifteen percent of its US work force. For many of these people, the employment prospects unfortunately aren’t that bright. I’d hate to see some of these folks slaving away at the West Chester Burger King, but there just are not a lot of hot computer companies down that way. Layoffs in the computer industry, especially if followed by more layoffs, often herald the obsolescence of technology and the essential demise of the firm in question. This has led some to worry about the future of the Amiga in the US. They fear that this great computer might go the way of the Osborne, the Timex Sinclair, and the Coleco Adam. But, unlike these has-beens, the Amiga does not deserve to die. There are no cheaper, better systems kicking sand in its face, and Commodore as a company has far from given up. The moves do, in my opinion, signal a major shift in Amiga strategy. For better than two years, Copperman and crew tried to do strategic battle with IBM and Apple, pushing things like the A3000, Unix, and Amiga Vision. They tried valiantly to fight these heavies on their own turf. But when you fight the big boys their way, you shouldn't be surprised when they don’t bruise. According to the people I’ve spoken with (including the man himself), Dionne’s chief strength is his ability to sell a lot of machines. Commodore, I believe, is going to do things its way, the old way, the simple way that got 11 million C-64s sold. It is going to let price and broad distribution do the job that millions in TV advertising dollars failed to do sell tons and tons of machines. I believe it will work, and that in time we will see an increasing number of new users, mainly of the A500, The only real barrier is the state of the economy and its effect on consumer spending, but everyone (except maybe liquor stores) is susceptible to that. The result of this thrust should be a healthy overall increase in inexpensive machines, which means more software going out the door, particularly games and low-end productivity stuff. It also means a long life ahead for the Amiga. I can hear the groans from here; 1 know that most of you reading this column aren't greatly thrilled with this prospect. You’ve earned your stripes and are probably looking for more serious products, and all this low-end baloney has about as much appeal as finding Roseanne Barr in your bathtub. But Commodore is not going to give up on the high-end. Despite the probable scarcity of marketing dollars, the company will still have at the high-end verticals, such as 3-D graphics and multimedia, and third parties will keep cranking out great products. The biggest and easiest opportunity, however, lies in desktop video, and the key to this market is a little device affectionately known as the Toaster. The Amiga will continue to make it big in video because of the Toaster, and a whole herd of smart Amiga vendors will succeed in video because of it. Despite stiff competition and company scale-backs, the Amiga continues to grow. For one thing, the rest of the world is finally discovering the types of things the Amiga does, and is therefore becoming interested in the machine. Also, Amiga users have gotten off their duffs and made noise, which has worked to get us some incredible press. And finally, NewTek has done a magnificent job in getting attention for its Toaster, which makes us all look good. Of course, you'd have to be an idiot to argue that downsizing the U.S. operation is, in all respects, a good thing. To some extent, it’s bound to hurt the firm’s ability to market, support, and boost the Amiga, especially in the broad high-end market. But battling in that high-end arena is kind of like standing up to Saddam Hussein with a peashooter. Even if you get him right in the eye, it isn’t going to hurt much. I still think the Amiga will do great in narrow vertical markets such as video, serious graphics, animation, and real multimedia, but it will probably not do as well in the huge corporate markets that often use computers in vertical ways. But then again, if we all get peashooters, and aim real well. . . ¦ 2000 with DRIVE, or BOTH . ‘ '-v - • Ju %| || If you wish to no more solution for you. B SCSI Hard Disk Controller „ Choose GMPS Ser es II :> 1 RAM Expansion Board, Z? SCSI Hard Drive Controller or SCSI+RAM Hard Disk Card. Realize the potential of configuring your perfect solution without any nee for compromise! SIIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card": Specifically designed for those users who don't need memory expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a budget price. Features: need Sll A2000-RAMBI2: The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM expansion tni Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design. 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3. 5" Hard Disk Drive ? GVP Custom VLSI Chip Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion _ Series II and GVP are trademarks ol Great ftfley Products Inc. Amiga and Amiga 2000 are registered trademarks ol Commodcre-Amiga, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Dealers Cirde 145 on Reader Service Card for mOTO information, 0T for neafOSt deafer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Consumers Cirde 62 on Reader Service Card Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Betwixt Unix And Amiga While I believe the Amiga needs to be capable of running Unix to thrive in the marketplace, there are a number of reasons why I’m not entirely enthusiastic about Unix. First of all, I’m skeptical about dominant standards of any description. Secondly, while Unix is undoubtedly a step up for PC users, it is at best a sideways step for Amiga users. I am afraid that Unix will be identified with “real applications,” while AmigaDOS will be associated only with games and home use. What a waste! The Amiga’s system software is suitable for any application more so than Unix, It is smaller, real-time, equally functional and equally if not more scalable. Not everything has to bloat the kernel the wav Unix does. In con- trast, AmigaDOS is an example of micro-kernel technology at its best. Any Amiga user harboring a Unix-induced inferiority complex should lose it. Unix System v.4 is just getting around to real-time extensions, and the micro-kernel approach is still just talk. AmigaExec and its system of libraries and devices was designed at least a decade after Unix and it shows: It is compact, simple, fast, and functional. CBM should offer Unix merely for the sake of a full product line. The native Amiga operating system should be its main effort. T he company should participate in Posix committees (a group responsible for devising and maintaining standards) so that the definition of a Posix-com- pliant operating system applies to AmigaDOS and so that a PosixDos.library for AmigaDOS would require minimal development effort. For maximum exposure, all A3000 Uxs should ship with Workbench as well as Unix. In addition, Commodore should develop libraries and devices allowing Unix applications to run under AmigaDOS. John Malone Brantford, Ont., Canada Amiga Takes a Hit I hope all Amiga users who read the January 1991 Consumer Report article entitled, “The Return of the Home Computer” arc as outraged as I am. This article, in a magazine I had considered until now to be most reputable, completely ignores the A500 while it touts the attributes of the costly, boring, monochrome Macintosh Classic, the closed-boxed, outdated CPU and operating system of the IBM PS 1, and the broken- windows look and feel of the Tandy IRM-clone, 1000RL. It is one thing for IBM and Mac publications that depend on advertising dollars to ignore the Amiga, but when a widely respected publication such as Consumer Reports does so, we must unite and be heard. Bob Albert Watkins Glen, N.Y. Substance! Lately, 1 have become very concerned about the content of Amiga World. It seems that every other issue is based either on graphics or games. While I agree that the Amiga is the best platform in these areas, the Amiga excels in other areas as well. While you have featured several reviews of personal productivity tools, the descriptions lack a certain depth. It makes me winder just how long a typical reviewer works with a program before writing. About the most I ever get out of a review is that the program in question exists and purports to be useful for a certain function. Both you and your largest competitor have started spin-off’ magazines that you say are for those who want more depth. I believe that most readers aren’t looking for more technical articles. This is not more depth. We want you to include more information in the articles you write instead of just glossing over the surface. For example, does a word processor do footnotes? If so, does it automatically make room for them at the bottom of the page? Does a CAD package feature hierarchical grouping? Does the hierarchy remain intact if the group is saved to disk? Everyone talked about how PageStream (Soft- Logik) would rotate text. What they didn’t mention was that if you then re-size that text, it gets twisted out of shape and you have to go back and repair it. It’s quite a mess if you have lots of text. I wonder if the new versions of PageStream and Professional Draw have the same problem. I am willing to bet it will never be mentioned in a review. Considering that most software stores do not allow customers to return software, a good, in-depth review is the only means we have for making an informed decision. Unless I start seeing what I have spent my money for, I will have to let my subscription run out. Grant Robertson Kansas City, Mo. By the Way I read with great interest your article in the February 1991 issue about alternate interface devices. As an avid flight-simu- lator fan, I was surprised you omitted the GRAVIS Mouse- Stick. Which lets you simulate a mouse with a joystick-like device, performing much more like a real control column than a regular joystick. .Ail serious Flight Simulator II pilots should consider it. Andre Hollander Jamaica, N.Y. ¦ How Does The Competition Measure Up Against ProWrite? Advanced Word ig Power For The Amiga Computer. They Come Up Short. ProWritePerformance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In tills highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. The one that the competition Looks up to. In the world of Amiga word processors, ProWrite is that leader. ProWrite has the high performance features you need. A 100,000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above die competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for every Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing, Pro- Write is the target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports, storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover the power of ProWrite from New Horizons. New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 ProWrite is a registered trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc Amiga U a registered trademark of Commodorc-Amiga. Inc. CRM adds new Customer Support Center to Commodore Express, the customer-ser- vice program operated by Federal Express. NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY Advanced Technology Ups the Ante at CES LAS VEGAS A welcome surprise unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) injanuary was a new Amiga peripheral the A690 CD-ROM drive. This $ 699 unit attaches to the A50Q’s expansion bus and runs compact discs including CDTV software. According to Commodore, owners of A2000 and A3000 series computers will not be left out, as an interface is being developed for these systems. Less of a surprise was the fact that Commodore’s booth featured CDTV (the CD-based Amiga), which, according to the company, is scheduled to ship early this year. About 20 CDTV systems showed off a wide variety of software, much of which appeared to be ready for shipment. Among the CDTV titles demonstrated was Music Maker, from Music Sales, a package designed to let every member of the family create compositions. Xiphias showed off its American Heritage Encyclopedic Dictionary, with over 180,000 entries, 3000 color illustrations, a word pronouncer, and a spelling checker. Particularly addressing itself to science and technolog)7 historians, Xiphias offered the Time Table of Science and Innovation, complete with color graphics and animations. Also in the reference section was Applied Optical Media, with its impressive World Vista Atlas, a multimedia application that includes full-color maps of various countries, high-quality photographs, and music, language, and sound samples specific to their different cultures. Anyone who has attended CES knows that games dominate the softw are offerings, and CDTV was certainly not immune. Most impressive among the CD-based games were Airwave Adventure The Case of the Cautious Condor, by Tiger Media, and Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, from Icom Simulation, an adventure including real-time video and audio sequences. Mirrorsoft pleased arcade fans with Xenon II, a fast-paced shoot-’em-up with a digital soundtrack. Psygnosis, a company knowm for game innovation, demonstrated some new software tech- nolog)-: From a PC-based CD- ROM, you could fly around in a fractal landscape in real time! Because of the mass of data required for graphics and animations, Psygnosis stated that this technology will be used only on CD-ROM systems, and that we should see it begin to appear on CDTV in about a year. Although Commodore’s focus was on CDTV, other exhibitors kept us w-ell aw7are that the Amiga is second only to MS-DOS as the platform of choice for games. Psygnosis, for example, showed its new Lemmings game, wrhich promises to be a success. .Among scores of other new entertainment titles was Bill Elliot’s NASCAR Challenge by Konami. This autoracing game uses a graphic technique called bitmap scaling to maintain die quality of a car’s image as it approaches or recedes from your point of view7. In addition, an instant-replay option lets you watch the action from multiple viewpoints using VCR- like controls. Interplay presented Castles, a role-playing simulation that challenges you to design and build castles while defending them from attacks. My guess is that Casdes will be quite popular. From Lucas- Film Games came The Secret of Monkey Island, a hilarious graphic adventure. MeanwTile, UbiSoft served up Pro Tennis Tour 2, an excellent new7 version of its tennis-simulauon game. Finally, NewTek packed a large booth at CES with enthusiastic crowds that were properly impressed with the Video Toasters video effects and 3-D animations. LRW Unix: The Latest Frontier DALLAS Going where no Amiga has gone before, the A3000UX showed up at Dallas’s Uniforum Showr (January 22-24) for its formal launch. The show attracted over 20,000 attendees and nearly 400 exhibitors. Commodore’s first-ever Uniforum booth was not prominently placed, but people had no trouble finding it. The many CBM staffers kept busy answering questions and showing off the Unix-version A3000 in two models. Several networked Amigas ran Unix with X-Windows and Sun Micro- Systems’ Open Look interface (which is standard equipment on A3000UX machines). One computer showed live video wrhile another demonstrated robotics. NewTek's Video Toaster ran on one machine, and another sported an external SCSI tape drive capable of storing 150MB of data. (I heard it whispered that the drive will be available for all Amigas early this year and that AmigaDOS
2. 0 will provide a driver for it.) Two Amigas wFere fitted with the University of Low7ell graphics board recently dubbed the Commodore A2410 card which works with either AmigaDOS or Unix. Because it must go through the MMU under Unix, the card is said to run 14 times faster on AmigaDOS, wrhich uses DMA. While the card was not for sale at the show7, it was promised within a few- weeks. The lower-priced A3000UX model ($ 4999), with its 1MB of chip memory, 4MB of fast memory, and 100MB hard disk, requires the A2410 card for color. It is intended for educational or home use. The professional model ($ 6999) comes with 1MB of chip RAM, 8MB of fast RAM, a 200MB hard disk, and an Ethernet networking card. Both machines can be expanded to 2MB of chip and 16MB of fast RAM. Both also promise strong support. Purchasers will be able to call Commodore toll-free, reaching a trained technician who will try to wrork out any problems. Should he fail, an engineer will take the case, and if this is not successful, Commodore will dispatch a technician to make on-site repairs. Commodore was not the only exhibitor with Amigas in its booth. Sun MicroSystems showed an A3000UX in its Open Look booth, and another w'as on display in the Unix International exhibit. .Amdahl Computers made the most impressive use of the machine, however. Each of 24 monitors in a 6x4 setup showed part of a large, dynamic display that was generated by an Amdahl computer. Behind each monitor was a three-gun video projector, and managing it all was a genlock- equipped A2000. The editors of Unix Today the show’s own new-spaper selected the new launch as one of the four most exciting exhibits. "[Commodore’s] Amiga 3000UX machines were doing impressive multimedia demos, mixing Unix Open Look sessions with live video and videodisc images and sound,” the paper reported. It also complimented the A2410 graphics card and the Amiga’s many ports. Betty Clay BLACKSBURG, V1RG1NIA- Students wishing to enter Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University not only need to be bright, they also need to buy a computer. For many disciplines, an IBM or a Mac is the “in” machine. But for computer-science aces, an Amiga 3000 is required. The school is pioneering not just with Amigas, but also with .AT&T’s Unix version V.4, an operating system so new it isn’t even finished. Virginia Tech made the startling leap from Macintosh (which had been the computer-science mainstay since 1985) after a rigorous assessment process. A task force contacted 17 computer vendors and pressed them to meet a long list of specifications. .Among other requirements, the system had to run at a minimum speed of one MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second), leave 1MB of RAM available after loading the system software, be expandable to 4MB, and have a bitmap resolution of 640x480. Desirable options included a floating-point coprocessor, expandability to 8MB of RAM, a SCSI port, sound generation, a mouse, and greater than one MIP performance. The main software requirement was the ability to run a standard version of Unix. Finally, it had to be affordable. Amiga Unix Ticking at Tech According to Dr. James D. Arthur, chairman of the selection committee, many vendors met the specs but fell short either in price, the right to copy manuals, or maintenance offered. Commodore, however, mcl or exceeded all criteria, beating out Sun, Digital, NeXT, and Apple. As a result, you can now see new computer-science students popping down to the campus bookstore to pick up their .Amiga systems each consisting of a 25 Mhz A3000 with a 100MB hard drive, color monitor, and 4MB of RAM for less than $ 4000. Despite some initial skepticism, students are now successfully running a late beta version of AT&T’s hottest Unix, and much software has already been ported over. Most students keep their Amigas in their dorm rooms and connect to the campus host computer through standard RS-232 ports and phone lines. Some faculty computers, as well as those in the labs, use the speedier Ethernet, a networking scheme common in Unix systems. Opportunities Travel MIAMI Commodore started 1991 with a vertical-inarket promotional tour called "Opportun- Although Unix is the only environment used for instruction at Virginia Tech, AmigaDOS is the obvious choice for productivity. Arthur is looking forward to new developments such as the blazing Motorola 68040 chip and the hires Commodore A2410 (University of Lowell) graphics board. The computer-science department's move to Amiga has the campus buzzing a bit, and other departments are starting to ask questions, Arthur reports. Who knows. . .maybe a few- Mac and IBM stalwarts will take the plunge! After all, the school’s 500 computer-science students are just a small fraction of the 22,000-student total.
- DB ities in Videographics.” The effort took CBM reps from Miami (Jan.
17) to Dallas (Jan. 22) and then on to Seattle (Jan. 24). At each stop, the representatives offered three- hour afternoon and evening seminars to video professionals who had responded to invitations. We attended the Miami show, which began with a technical description of the Amiga’s video capabilities and a discussion of how the Amiga can benefit existing studios. A custom AmigaVision program and a laser-disc player were used to display slides, animations, and slick prerecorded video. The seminar then turned to a DeluxePaint 111 (Electronic Arts) tutorial that focused on creating It’s Show Time! The Amiga's 1991 tour includes appearances at these upcoming shows: World of Amiga April 5-7 Passenger Ship Terminal, Pier 90 New York, N.Y. Call 416 595-5906 for more information MAXIT Computer Show April 21 Clarion Hotel Lansing, Mich. Call 517 487-6180 (voice-mail box 629) and manipulating custom logos in animations. With the help of an overhead projector and live video feed, NewTek’s Video Toaster impressed attendees with a series of wipes and titling displays. At the end of the session, Commodore answered questions and distributed copies of the “Amiga Video Video," a tape that explains how the Amiga can be used in 2-D and 3-D graphics, script writing, character generation, teleprompting, and editing. The large-screen presentation had the audience ooohing and ahhhing, and Commodore’s effort was encouraging. Even more encouraging, however, was the attendees’ excited talk about the Amiga. Steve Pietrowicz and Joel Tessler NCGA ’91 * April 22-25 McCormick Place North Chicago, 111. Call 703 698-9600 for details AmigaWorld Expo April 25-28 Berlin Convention Center Berlin, Germany Call 914 595-5906 in the US
* The National Computer Graphics Association is looking for volunteers to work at the show in return for benefits ranging in value from $ 30-$ 700. Mass Appeal What was Montgomery Ward’s top-selling CPU during the month of December '90? You guessed it the Amiga! The department-store chain, which welcomed the Amiga 500C (Consumer) into its outlets last October, is pleased with the result. Commodore is, too, as it affirms the company’s decision to increase mass-markct distribution. Operation Desert Amiga JEDDAH,SAUDI ARABI Ahhhh. . .good news from the Middle East. Based on the realization that multimedia would be central to future computing, Dar al Fikr (house of thought) school installed 42 Amigas in 1987. Founded to offer Saudi students an education of the highest caliber, CBM’s 1991 retail strategy includes plans to offer better-value computer software bundles to existing retailers such as Ward, and also to introduce more basic, low-cost A500 packages to discount stores. Also, Commodore is not limiting its retail push to "consumer” channels. Dealer outlets are now being offered price reductions of ten Dar al Fikr is one of the first schools in the world to have taught desktop video and animation as part of its main computer curriculum. Now with over 65 Amigas, the school uses the machines to teach programming and database and spreadsheet management. Ahmed Balfakih, head of Dar al Fikr’s percent or more on Amiga computers and peripherals. In addition, Commodore will offer dealers courses and seminars in AmigaVision, networking, and Unix. To bolster its sales efforts, CBM plans to improve its warranty and service programs on all .Amiga products.
- BG computer department, says that the Amiga allows the staff to "teach all. . .subjects independently and as part of each other in a recursive manner.” It seems that the school is well on its way to achieving its goal of producing intelligent and creative students!
- BG Who’s Who, You? AIKEN, S.C. Users groups, unite! Lonnie Allen, Amiga aficionado and "groupie,” is attempting to compile a comprehensive guide of Amiga users groups in the US and abroad. He plans to update and publish the list quarterly for a fee of $ 2 or less per issue, so that fellow users will have an easier time finding support. Put your group on the map and on the list by contacting Lonnie at 191 Old Wagner Rd., Aiken, SC 29801, 803 642-7173. Headliners is compiled by Barbara Gefvert. Send your news bits to Headliners, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St, Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ PRESENTING SCALA Finally a Professional Presentation Software Package for the Amiga! The way your ideas are perceived, can be greatly affected by the way they are presented. Whether you are a salesperson or a computer artist, an architect or a teacher, your ideas deserve Scala. Animation. Simple and to the point, an animation can be one of the most powerful presentation tool you can use. Scala loads and plays back animations with great ease and speed, and text can be added in a simple manner. Scala's main menu. From this menu you cotitrol the sequence of pages, their transitions a)id display time. Presentatio?is can be loaded and saved and new pages created. Scala provides an easy to use interface where every selection is made through 'screen-buttons' labeled in plain language. The presentation system includes 8 disks. In addition to the main program, 5 consists of background art and 2 holds the fonts. Scala's file requester. All background pictures and animations can be loaded from this menu. User defined buttons will direct you in selecti?tg images of different themes. Backgrounds. A proper tapestry adds character to your presentation. The right choice of colors enhances the impact of great announcements. Scala includes a wide range of backdrop images, among which you will certainly find one to suit your statements. Also included is a set of 30+ palettes compatible with all the backgrounds. Typography. A typeface adds voice to a text, the size adds volume. Supplied with Scala comes a line of classical, time proven and readable typefaces to suit any voice. The video enthusiast will find several faces specially suitable for video titling purposes. Effects include tilt, underline, drop shadow, 3D, etc. Output. Transferring presentations to different media is no problem with a duo like Scala and the Amiga. Video recording and genlocking, slides, polaroids, prints. The ScalaPrint program helps you make hardcopies of your work. Print out a cue for your speech, the complete presentation or just a reminder. Even PostScript is supported. Transitions. They soften or accentuate changes. They divide scenes of a play. In your presentation, they can help to illustrate a point. More than 70 are at your disposal for use on screens, objects and on lines of text. Other features. The layout of a screen can be saved. This can be used to ensure a consistent appearance every time. ASCII files can be loaded and formatted onto these pre-defined layouts, while maintaining the original attributes. How you present is as essential as what you present. With a tool like Scala, we think this will remain true fora long time to come. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 CLARK AVENUE • KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 Tel: 215*337-8770 * Fax: 215-337-9922 Scala represents the new generation of professional Amiga software due to it's excellent user interface and smooth performance. Scala is designed in close cooperation with a number of users like you. They include people working in sales organisations, graphic studios, advertising agencies, computer art, video studios, national broadcasting. Home video, etc. Scala and the ! Symbol are registered trademarks of Digital Vision A S. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Computers. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Inc. IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT Now Available with 50Mhz 68030 Acceleration Create the fastest Amiga in the World with an A2000 and our A3001 Kit. Na create you A2000 + GVP A30G1 CBM A30Q0!M All A2Q00 Expansion Slots Free! A3001 Upgrade Kit Installed 50 Mhz 28-50Mhz Choose the IMPACTr“ A3001 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the spkd and power of leading-edge technology into your Amiga Enhance your productivity and more powerful results when vo choose these key features: Factory installed68030 CPU running at 28,33 or 50 Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28, 33 or 50 Mhz. 2, 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide, high performance DRAM, 50 Mhz version can be expanded up to 20MB of 32-bit wide memory, using our new 60ns, 4MByte SIMM modules. Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller. High performance 40MB, 80MB or 200MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of less than 15ms (19ms on write| and 64KB read- ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional. Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility. ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40, 80 or 200MB Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! Allows user to start with low-cost A2000 Amiga system and grow all the way to SOMhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything._ n you compare, the choice is unbeatable for price anc Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and SMB Fast memory installed._ Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor Clock Speed._ RAM Upgrades through easy-to-install SIMM memory modules. Hard Disk Controller on 68030 Processor Board. 8rand name vendor with solid reputation Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today. COMPARE: 68030 CPU Up to 8MB of 32-Bit Wide DRAM Hard Disk Drive Interface 68030 BOOT Eproms allowing easy switching between 68030 and 68000 mode with mouse buttons (Optional > Autoboot EPROMS for Hard Disk 40MB, 80MB or 200MB Hard Disk Drive 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interface 68030 CPU running at 28,33 or SOMhz 68882 FPU running at 28,33 or Smbl CBM A2500 30 are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. and A30Q0 are registereo trademarks of re-Amiga. Inc. IMPACT and GVP Amiga, A2QC0 anc Commodore - Am ic UNIX isa reqisleri registered trademark of AT&T, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 REVIEWS Quarterback Tools When the bell tolls for your data. By Morton A. Kevelson AFTER ENJOYING MANY years of dependable service from Quarterback, Central Coast Software’s hard-drive back-up utility program, I looked forward with anticipation to the release of the program’s next phase. If you fail to back up your files in time, and your unsaved data is in peril, Quarterback Tools’ file-recovery capabilities can help you quell disaster. Yet Quarterback Tools does not need to make an eleventh hour appearance to prove its worth. You can use the product’s management tools to optimize disk usage for a kind of holistic approach to healthy computing. And so, Quarterback Tools’ bi-level approach serves you not only when all is well with your disk drives, but also when it detects a potential problem with data on your hard or floppy disk. The Diagnosis Quarterback 'fools’ series of screens each with secondary functions accessed j through pull-down menus guide you through either level of the program. First, the program provides you with a list of currently validated volumes. Since AmigaDOS does not always recognize corrupted volumes, you can select an option from Quarterback Tool’s menu that lists all available floppy-drive and mounted hard-drive partition locations. If you select a valid volume, the program presents its Main Menu screen. If the volume you choose is corrupted, Quarterback Tools automatically shifts into its second level of operation and presents its Bad Volume Menu. The program’s memory-usage option lets you trade off execution speed for memory. For example, the ’’All” selection provides the fastest results but leaves little or no memory for other tasks. Because some disk problems can cause AmigaDOS to react unpredictably even crashing the system you should disable .AmigaDOS via its own menu before processing a corrupted disk. If you are a typical Amiga user, you constantly add, delete, and modify your hard- and floppy-disk files. The results are fragmented files, disorganized volumes, and an unwelcome increase in file- access and loading time. This slow-down results from excessive read write head movement in locating file information on various tracks. (Have you ever noticed the floppy drive’s grinding noise or the hard disk’s rattle as a program loads?) By comparison, a well-organized file will load in a single burst, with only an occasional click or bump noticeable as the head switches tracks. By reorganizing the contents, Quarterback Tools improves disk performance, often with dramatic results. First, initiate a complete scan of the disk. If the program encounters defective files or blocks, it repairs or isolates them before reorganization. Obviously, the time it takes to reorder is commensurate with the disk type and the number of files involved. It took about five minutes to sort a floppy with about 50 files. On the other hand, it took about 30 minutes to handle a 10MB hard-drive partition containing 767 files in 93 drawers. .As always, you should back up your hard disk before undertaking this project, for if the system goes down in the middle of reorganization, your data may well be corrupted. A real plus is Quarterback Tools’ ability to let you reorgranize floppy disks even if they are completely filled. For a hard disk, the program requires the leeway of nearly one percent of volume capacity in order to proceed. Sleight of Hand One of Quarterback Tools' most important features is the ability to actually recover deleted or damaged files. The success of these operations depends on a number of factors. When AmigaDOS deletes a file, it does not erase the data. It merely marks the file’s directory entry and its associated disk blocks as available for use. Thus, complete recovery ol deleted files is always possible, but only before new information is written to the disk. The nature of the defect determines how much data recovery is possible. Many file errors do not affect the actual data on the disk, but result from corruption of the header data associated with one or more disk blocks. In such cases, you can most likely recover all of the data. Even if some data is completely corrupted, Quarterback Tools will attempt to recover as much of the file as possible. The program can also format a disk without obliterating its contents if you replace Amiga DOS’s format command with that of Quarterback Fools. Formatting disks in this way is quicker, because the program rewrites only the root and bitmap blocks. When doing a “safe format," it actually preserves these original blocks in a small file so that it can reverse the process very quickly. The program can also perform a complete format which would erase the contents of the disk. Quarterback Tools can format partially defective disks and effectively repair damaged volumes by allocating sectors so that AmigaDOS cannot store files in them. When repairing a volume, it scans Click on file nm to select fot* restore. Click on drawer nane to exanine contents. Files selected! Active: 8 of 21 Deleted! 1 of 1 (Drawer) (Drawer) (Drawer) IS 13-DEC-9B 11:4
- 9B ll!4
- 9B 9!
- 87 9:1
- 98 9!8
- 98 ll!4
- 98 9!
- 98 11:3
- 99 18:2
- 98 28:8 13-DEC 19-OCI B-DEC 19-ttI 13-DEC 19-*CI 13-DEC 16-AUG 9-NOV 382 818 8,848 3,856 19,228 372 88,584 6,172 2,132 Zero In on corruption with Quarterback Tools, Restore files to current volume ¦Catalog for! OBI; cron icons UTILITIES .info Disk.info Disk.info icons.info Hore QBSHAP release-notes Release-ftotes. Info TOOLS tools.info Trouble.Forh Copy files to different volune the entire disk first and then locates and reports each error and its severity to either a disk file or a printer. Even if the volume cannot be restored, Quarterback Tools may still be able to recover some files and copy them to another volume. 3001 BjUBMBg You may never need the services of Quarterback Tools, but if you do, it can easily pay for itself on the first occasion especially if you own a hard drive. Why take chances? F : Quarterback Tools Central Coast Software 424 Vista Avenue Golden, CO 80401 303 526-1030 $ 89.95 No special requirements KAIH MENU Volune selected: OBI Display voluiie statistics. Go to Volune Reorganization Menu. Restore deleted lost files and drawers. Go to Voluxe Repair Menu. ForHat volune, Unfornat voluw. ¦ Select a different uolime. It Even the most complex projects begin with a single menu selection. The Phantom This phantom is ready for the opera. By Mitch Wells IF YOU’RE TALKING multimedia, the chances are that you will be dealing with synchronization in some form or another. If you’re talking MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) on the audio end, then your sync problems will probably be quite tricky. Although there is unfortunately no absolute standard in this business, SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) time code is as close as you are likely to come. And to use SMPTE, you need a SMPTE reader generator. Enter Dr. T’s The Phantom, a MIDI and SMPTE interface. The Phantom SMIrFE reader writer connects to the serial port of your A500, A2000, A2500, or A3000. The unit’s built- in MIDI interface sports a single MIDI in, two MIDI outs, and a serial pass-thru. What’s more, you will not need a MIDI merger, because The Phantom communicates SMPTE information with your Amiga through the serial port, rather than tying up a MIDI port, as do most SMPTE MTC interfaces. This means that your Amiga’s MIDI ports are free to receive information from your keyboard while The Phantom is reading SMPTE. BY DEFINITION MIDI musicians typically define synchronization as the process of recording one audio track either on a multitrack recorder or video-tape recorder with a computer-generated tone. Your Amiga reads this tone as a series of numbers. In order to translate these numbers into MIDI pulses, song-pointer events, or some other signal that a sequencing program can use as a reference, you need a device called a “reader” The goal of this setup is to synchronize the sequencing program and the audio or video tape so that every time a section of tape is played back, the sequencer plays the exact section or sound at just the right tempo for that section of tape. While running The Phantom through its paces, I recorded SMPTE in a number of different formats, both to video and audio tape. Recording SMPTE is easy: Simply connect the ‘ 4-inch phone jack marked SMPTE OUT to the audio input of either a video or audio tape recorder; then connect the audio ouput of the recorder to the ‘ .,-inch jack labeled SMPTE IN on The Phantom. Not only did the interface work flawlessly, but my SMPTE-reading video editor had no problem understanding the code it generated. Conversely, The Phantom read the code my editor generated without a hitch. It is definitely a fine SMPTE reader writer. While The Phantom has a great deal Continued on p. IS. ‘Premiere Issue WI MVUE FOR SER 0 S NTOEO USERS 9% * ‘ - ,N'Hh DESKTOP MDEO SVSTEW CAMCORDER RIMER'S OVJ OE'. Pro & Consumer Face-0
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It seems clearly designed for the Amiga’s most popular sequencer, the KCS (also, not surprisingly, from Dr. Ts). If you have KCS 3.0 or above (including Level II), using The Phantom is just a matter of setting your SMPTE starting time (using The Phantom's own software) and then setting a tempo in track, open, or song mode. Simply put your tape with the SMPTE track in play, and the sequencer will “chase” it. The Phantom’s timing was impeccable when I tried it out with KCS. The Phantom currently does not work with other leading .Amiga sequencers, including Music-X (Microlllusions), Bars&Pipes (Blue Ribbon Soundworks), and Master Tracks Pro 3.0 (Passport Designs). While Microlllusions is not sure about supporting The Phantom in future releases of Music-X, Blue Ribbon plans a Phantom module for its next upgrade of Bars&Pipes. Passport has its own MIDI and SMPTE interface, MIDI Transport, which works exclusively with Master Tracks Pro. The Phantom also comes with enough software accessories so that programmers will have no trouble writing their own applications. When it comes to hardware devices, they either work or they do not. The Phantom works perfectly. In addition, it is my opinion that because KCS 3.0 Level II is arguably the best sequencing package on any computer (it is certainly the most complex), the Phantom could start an exodus of Macintosh and Atari ST owners to the Amiga for its superiority in MIDI music composition, animation, and video production. The Phantom Dr. T's Music Software 100 Crescent Rd. Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 $ 299 No special requirements Home Office Advantage A spreadsheet with a banner yet unfurled. By Randy Greenwald CRITICS OF THE Amiga usually come around sooner or later to mentioning the lack of work-a-day business programs in the marketplace, especially spreadsheets. Cold Disk is the most recent to step forward to answer the challenge, and although the company dearly has set its sights on success, it seems to have missed the mark with Home Office Advantage. From a broad perspective, Advantage deserves praise for its flexibility. For example, the program lets you choose between three screen types Workbench, its own medium resolution, or interlace in four, eight, or sixteen colors. This flexibility, evident throughout the program, lets you establish a working environment appropriate for the job at hand. A spreadsheet program is by nature a tabula rasa it does nothing for you until you design and construct a working speadsheet that will do your particular job. Advantage provides a comfortable and efficient Amiga interface for this purpose. Every necessary action is available through pull-down menus, logical keyboard equivalents, and point-and- click tools to select and manipulate individual cells and large ranges. The heart of any spreadsheet is its ability to manipulate data using mathematical formulae. Advantage provides ample functions for sophisticated financial, mathematical, or scientific applications. If you still cannot find the function you need, you may create, name, and save one of your own. Pouring the Mold Once Advantage is designed, its macro capability helps you develop your own shortcuts. This feature works somewhat like a tape recorder; it records and replays keystrokes or mouse actions. For example, you could create a macro for moving from one part of your spreadsheet to another by striking a single key, where otherwise you would have to enter a whole series of commands. For more complex routines, the program also offers Arexx support. If you wish, you can attach short text notes to a cell from within Advantage, or longer ones if you have Gold Disk’s word ItfrftMf lud?tU5V Heajifl? Cm Is Rut (w narjijn Eltcmeily 1MI S2S.II Instruct jis Track home spending trends with Advantage. Processor, Transcript, running in the background. (But be careful not to access Transcript while it is “sleeping” in its tiny resized window my computer crashed every time I did this.) Advantage lets you tailor the format and color of your data so that the end result is not only attractive but easy to read. You can configure and manipulate portions of your spreadsheet to sort, search, and compare ranges and cells as if they were the records and fields of a database. With a little advance planning, you can use this capability both to save time and to perform a variety of sophisticated manipulations on your data. True to Gold Disk’s claim, Advantage’s graphics capabilities do shine. Not only do you have a choice of several different kinds of graphs for displaying data, but you can also produce each one quickly and efficiently. The program supports a Continued on p. 78. 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You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra's knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty. THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL! Available at your local dealer, or call: Supra torporation SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra C miga is a registered trademark of Commodor 1-800 503-967-9075, 1133 Commercia 727-8772 Way, Albany, OR 97321, USA poration. S-Amiga, Inc. POWER HARDWARE USER gOTTOMLESQ DISKS If your datastorage needs are beyond ordinary hard disks, try large-capacity removable media instead. By Lou Wallace REMEMBER WHEN ALL the data you needed fitted on a floppy? As your interests and abilities grew, so did your data needs, until finally you turned to a hard disk for greater capacity. Who’d have guessed then that you would now be feeling cramped by your hard disk? Surely the answer to your woes must be a “bottomless disk." The wave of high-capacity removable-media systems that has recently come to the Amiga virtually defines the bottomless-disk concept. Fast, convenient, and portable, this media combines advantages of both floppy and hard disks. As with floppies, your storage capacity is limited only by the number of disks or cartridges you have; when one becomes full, you simply remove it from the drive and insert another. Removable mass media has two big advantages over floppy disks, however. First, a mass-storage disk or cartridge has a capacity greater than or equal to a standard hard disk. .Also, working with these systems is significantly faster than reading and writing to floppies. The fact that there are several technologies being used for removable media can lead to confusion when you need to decide between them. There are Bernoulli drives, Syquest and Ricoh drives, CD-ROM drives, and magneto-optical drives. Real differences exist between them, in terms of both performance and cost. Let's take a look at the various technologies, their storage capacities, requirements for use on the Amiga, and the suppliers of the drives and compatible controllers. Proper Control As with a hard drive, you need a controller to operate your removable mass-media drive. You may be able to use the controller you already have, but keep in mind that the one you use must be designed for use with removable media not only hard disks. The situation is analogous to the use of floppy disks; the controller needs to be able to detect when disks are removed and inserted, because if it does not, you can easily damage or destroy information on the new disk when performing a write operation. Many controllers can automatically detect a disk change. If you have a controller that does not offer this option, you might be able to use it by issuing the AmigaDOS DISK- CHANGE command each time you swap disks. In some cases, you must reboot your system in order to safely access the new cartridge. If you are uncertain as to whether your controller supports removable media, I suggest you ask the controller's manufacturer. Alternatively, ask the manufacturer of the removable-media system you are considering. Some drives work only with controllers from the same company. Owners of the Commodore A2091 controller will be interested to know that it does not support automatic disk-change detection under AmigaDOS 1.3, but does so under 2.0. No matter which form of removable storage you choose, you should be aware that none are as speedy as today’s hard disks, which can turn in read times of nearly a megabyte per second and write times of up to 500K. Some removables come close, however; the fastest can read approximately 500K and write about 400K per second. While the slowest removable- media drives operate at less than half that speed, these nevertheless improve upon floppy access speed by a factor of ten or more. These read and write times are only approximations, as speed is greatly influenced by system setup. Not only is your computer's processor a factor, (68020- and 68030-based machines naturally outperform those running on a standard 68000 processor), but the controller you use also affects results (some controllers transfer data to the computer faster than others). Bernoulli The Amiga's first removable mass-media system was the Bernoulli drive. This drive's design is based upon a discovery in aerodynamics by the 18th-century Swiss physicist for whom it was named. As a Bernoulli drive spins, air flows over the surface of the media, and the area under the drive heads experiences a decrease in air pressure. Because of the aerodynamic lift the air flow provides, the local decrease in pressure, and the flexible nature of the disk, the drive heads are brought into very close proximity with the magnetic media, and are thus able to read and write information. The media itself is pliant, about the size of a 5V4- inch floppy disk, and is housed in a flexible case. It ? Laser Assembly Magnet Disk A typical optical drive uses a laser beam to write data to, and read data from, a disk coated with a special magnetic material that when heated retains the magnetic polarity of an adjacent magnet. ARMOUR-GEDDON Earth is being threatened by a powerful weapon whose beam is aimed at an Accentuation Satellite, in readiness to fry humankind. The whole planet Is depending on you to keep it cool. V i>r.v
v. h ui TOTAL1 PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Select and simultaneously control up to six diverse hl-tech vehicles in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines; This may give you time to find and eventually knock out the Beam Weapon. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create weapon systems for your vehicles to use. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling 'being-there' realism between two players. Armour-Geddon: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga Version SEEING IS BELIEVING Circle 310 on Reader Service card is available in 20- and 44-megabyte capacities. The Bernoulli drives, manufactured by Iomega, can run only one or the other. While the older 20MB systems were known to be somewhat slow, tlie newer 44MB models are an improvement. Still, the Bernoulli drive is not extremely fast. Depending on which drive configuration you use, your controller, and the speed of your computer, it can read between 150K and 350K and write in the range of 100K to 250K per second. Both Comspec and Great Valley Products (GVP) supply SCSI controllers to support Bernoulli drives. GVP does not sell the drives itself, and while Comspec does, it recommends US customers buy the drive mechanism domestically because of the charges added by US and Canadian Customs. Probably the best source is Iomega itself, which charges approximately SI500-2000, depending on the drive. Bernoulli disks arc somewhat expensive in comparison with other mass-media devices. Each 20MB disk costs around S90, while 44MB cartridges run about SI40. SYQUEST The most popular removable media for the Amiga is Syquest. This 44-megabyte cartridge is about the same size as the Bernoulli. It is inflexible, however, and therefore more durable. Inside the rigid plastic case is a thick metal platter coated with magnetic media. Not only does the platter spin at a very high speed like a hard disk, but the internal features of the cartridge are similar to those of a hard disk in almost every way. Because it incorporates hard-disk technolog)’, the Syquest drive more closely approaches hard-disk speed than does the Bernoulli. You can expect speeds in the range of 350-550K per second for reading data, and 250-450K for writing. Syquest cartridges are also priced lower than Bernoullis; they run between S70 and $ 100 apiece. Several companies, including GVP, Supra, Comspec, and Advanced Storage Systems, offer controllers that directly support Syquest drives. Of these, Supra and Advanced Storage Systems also sell the Syquest along with their controllers. The Supra 44R system retails for S849.95, while the HardPack 44 (Advanced) is S799 with one cartridge, Ricoh The new kid on the removable block is the Ricoh cartridge, which, like the Syquest media, consists of a rigid, magnetic-coated platter enclosed within a plastic case. The biggest difference between it and the Syquest is that the Ricoh seems better designed. Not only does it provide superior dust protection, but it is impossible to insert backwards into the drive (which can occur with a Syquest if you force it). Also, the Ricoh cartridge holds 50MB of data, although it costs somewhat more than the Syquest about $ 140. Some companies claim that Ricoh drives are more reliable than Syquest. GVP is the first Amiga hardware company to offer the Ricoh system ($ 869), and has officially switched from selling Syquest to Ricoh drives because of the reliability factor. Because this drive has only just appeared in the Amiga market, it will be some time before realistic reliability comparisons can be made. The GVP Ricoh drive I tested performed at about the same level as a Syquest drive. Running in an A2500 30 with a GVP Series II controller, data reads came in around 400K per second, while writes were around 300K. CD-ROM CD-ROM, or Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, differs from other forms of removable mass media in that you cannot write information to the disc, but merely read from it. The media itself is actually no different than the music CD, and the technology used to access the data is the same as that employed by- stereo CD players. Data-read speeds are not fast compared with hard disks or other removable media, being in the range of 170-200K per second, depending on your system and controller. What CD-ROM lacks in speed, however, it makes up for in capacity. CD-ROMs can store vast amounts of information about 650 megabytes (the equivalent of over 700 floppies) per disc. The technology is so new to the Amiga, though, that at this writing, the only disc available for AmigaDOS is a collection ofpublic-domain software (over 350 Fred Fish floppies) plus other PD software and graphics. (If purchased on floppy, this collection alone would cost more than the CD-ROM drive itself!) This disc comes as part of the package when you purchase a CD-ROM drive from Xetec, which is so far the only supplier of CD-ROM for the Amiga. Xetec has released this SCSI-based system in two configurations: an external model (the Cdx-650E, $ 699) and an internal drive (the Cdx-6501, $ 599). These work with Xctcc’s own FastTrak controller, and according to Xetec, also with thcTrumpcard Professional (IVS), A2091 (Commodore) and Series II (GVP) controllers. We can look forward to more CD-ROM drives and discs in the future. At the ’91 winter Consumer Electronics Show, Commodore announced its own CD- ROM drive the A690 ($ 699) which promises to run CDTV applications on the Amiga. Magneto Optical For the serious power user, the most impressive of all removable media is the erasable writable optical (properly called magneto-optical) disk, which can store anywhere from 560-700 megabytes of data. The magneto-optical disk is coated with a special magnetic material that can be altered only when heated by a laser. For this reason, data integrity is extraordinarily high; data can be safely stored for ? Why spend $ 3,000 to $ 8,000 for Infinite Window TBC hardware when the new DPS Personal TBC™ card links a Video Toaster® directly to any VCR for only And since a TBC is essential to connect your VCR or Camcorder to your Video Toaster, we’ve made it as easy as it is affordable. Just plug it into your Commodore Amiga® or PC® compatible computer for broadcast quality time base correction. With both NTSC composite and Y C (S-VHS or Hi 8®) video inputs, Genlock and Infinite Window timing correction. 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Scarborough, Ontario Canada M1S 3L1
(416) 754-8090 Fax:(416) 754-7046 L ' , is V-- Active Circuits 1985 Highway 34, Suite A-4 Wall, NJ 07719 201 974-1616 years without being affected by magnetic fields. Although these drives contain a magnetic mechanism similar to that found in conventional magnetic drives, it is the laser that is essential for reading and writing information. Writing to the disk involves heating the spot via laser beam where the magnetic disk head is located. When the disk material reaches a certain temperature, the magnet changes the surface material's polarity to one of two forms, depending on the status of the bit being written. Remember, a bit is either a zero or a one on or off so if the polarity is one format, the bit is interpreted as a zero; if it is the other format, it is interpreted as a one. Reading data, tike writing, is also performed with a Advanced Storage Systems 14540 E. Beltwood Pkwy. Dallas, TX 75244 214 702-9191 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Rd. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Comspec Communications 74 Wingold Ave. Toronto, Ont. Canada M6B 1P5 416 785-3553 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Iomega Corp. 1821 West 4000 South Roy, Utah 84067 801 778-3345 Supra Corp. 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 Syquest 47071 Bayside Pkwy. Freemont, CA 94538 415 226-4000 Xetec 2804 .Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 800 445-0611 XYXIS 14631 Martin Drive Eden Prarie, MN 55344 612 949-2388 laser beam. This process does not use the heating capability of the laser, however; instead, it uses the reflection of the laser light off the disk’s polarized surface. The drive detects the polarity of the reflected light and thus determines whether the bits are on or off. Although erasable optical disks offer huge storage capacity, the disks are double sided, and only one side is available at a time. Each side holds half the total disk capacity, and to access the opposite side, you must eject the cartridge, turn it over, and reinsert it in the drive. In most cases this is not much of an inconvenience, but there are some applications when it must be considered. While optical drives use light to store information, don’t expect them to read it back at the speed of light. In fact, they read at about the same rate as early Amiga hard-disk systems around 200K per second. And as you might expect, writing is quite a bit slower than reading, sometimes only about one- third of the read speed. Keep in mind, however, that optical disks are valuable because of their storage capacity, not for their data-transfer rates. Manufacturers’ Addresses A final consideration is cost. Because magneto-optical is a relatively new technology and not a mass- market item, the drives tend to be very expensive. You can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $ 5000 for an erasable optical drive with one 560MB cartridge. That comes out to about $ 8.93 per megabyte for the initial system, which is fairly expensive when compared to normal fixed hard disks. .As you add cartridges, however, the per-megabyte price decreases. At about $ 125 for each 560MB disk, you can add four cartridges to get a total of 2800MB (2.8 gigabytes) of space at a cost of $ 1.96 per megabyte, which is substantially less than the per-megabyte cost of a conventional hard disk. Several companies offer magneto-optical drives for sale. Among them are XYXIS and GVP, both of which offer drives based on an engine produced by Ricoh (retailing for $ 4995 and $ 4399, respectively), and Active Circuits, which uses the Sony drive for its system ($ 4995). (Editors note: Watch for reviews of all three drives in the ‘'Reviews'* section of next month's Amiga World.) No Limits .Among the scores of advantages removable mass media offers Amiga users is a convenient means of harddisk backup. Except for CD-ROM, you can use any of these media as back-up storage, even if you prefer to actually do most of your work on a faster hard disk. Above all, though, removable mass media allows endless storage capacity. Because of the ease with which you can change disks or cartridges, it becomes easy and quite feasible to separate your disks by function, keeping one each for graphics, animation, sound, productivity, and so on. And each additional disk, with its accompanying increase in your overall storage potential, costs relatively little when compared to adding another hard disk. ¦ POWER State of Disunion? HARDWARE USER While we aren’t talking civil war yet, the compatibility question involving the Amiga 3000, its 2.0 operating system, and third-party hardware a?id software must be addressed in order to guarantee present unity and future development within the Amiga community. FOURSCORE AND SEVEN days ago (give or take a few weeks), Dr. Steven Mussey having grown frustrated with a 286 PC clone running Autodesk Animator-decided to buy an Amiga 3000 (including AmigaDOS 2.0). At the same time, the internal-med- icine specialist and sometimes animator picked up a full complement of Amiga software. Over the next few weeks, a hopeful Mussey cracked open DeluxePaint III, DeluxeVideo II , Sculpt-Ani- mate 4D, and the Disney Animation Studio. His joyous mood, though, quickly turned sour. Most of the programs either crashed or failed to perform significant functions. Bewildered, Mussey began to call the software vendors, only to hear conflicting stories about why his software would not work. While Mussey was stilt thrilled with the power of his A3000, he had spent a significant amount of money on software he felt he could not fully utilize. A House Divided. .. Or Just a Little out of Sync? There are explanadons for Mussey’s problems. For one thing, Commodore hardware engineers finished the A3000 before software designers finished the new operating system. In order to ship both together, Commodore added to the system what is in our opinion a late beta version of AmigaDOS 2.0, and the company has been upgrading ever since. By the time ? You read this, the OS should be frozen and available in ROM. At the outset, however, Commodore sought to maximize compatibility by including with the A3000 a copy of AmigaDOS 1.3 that could be accessed upon startup to run the bulk of applications. Unfortunately for Dr. Mussey, the A3G00 that he bought came with a very early version of 2.0, and his problem was compounded by the fact that most of his software had not been updated to ensure compatibility with the new operating system. Happily, he now has a new version of 2.0, so that some of his programs, such as the Disney Studio, are working fine. But Mussey is not out of the woods yet. He is still waiting for a few more software updates in order to create his “ideal multimedia machine,” Our good Doctor is not unlike others who have bought Amiga 3000s, only to discover that some applications just will not run under v2.0. New users like Mussey, however, justifiably expect to buy a system and then be able to acquire software and hardware they are sure will be compatible with it. It should be a simple matter. Although the compatibility problem is now somewhat diminished, it was not at all simple in the earliest days of A3000 availability. The situation is even murkier for owners of previous Amiga systems. Those who upgrade face the even greater task of determining which of their old products will work in the new environment. Sometimes they have to trade some compatibility for more functionality. In a nutshell, this describes precisely the present predicament of the new Amiga 3000 and
2. 0. While most things run fine, your favorite software program may not. Enlisting Recruits for the Cause While the rest of this article will probe some of the issues involved in the A3000 v2.0 compatibility question, we also want to offer some practical information that readers can put to good use now before any ultimate answer is found. The sidebar “Fit For Duty” presents a list of Amiga programs that should work with v2.0 of AmigaDOS, plus hardware items that should run on the A3000 with v2.0 installed. Although the list is impressive, it is by no means comprehensive. We are simply reporting what we know at the moment based on confirmations of com- Fit for Dllty! V2.0 A3000 Compatibility Results BASED ON CONTACT between Commodore and Amiga developers, software on the following list has been certified by the suppliers as compatible with v2.0 of AmigaDOS. Hardware found here has been certified as able to run on the Amiga 3000 with v2.0 installed. Neither AmigaWorld nor Commodore, however, can guarantee the complete accuracy of every claim to compatibility made here. ASDG ScanLab 100 The Art Department Active Circuits ImageLink CineLink Advanced Creations The Engineer's Tool Box Applied Engineering AE 3.5 Disk Drive DataLink Express DataLink 2000 RamWorks 2000 RamWorks 500 Avatar Consulting Heart of the Dragon Black Belt Systems Softpane LED Display RLOI-t HAM-E Board Master Broderbund Carmen Time Carmen World Carmen USA Carmen Europe Brown-Wagh Publishing Bgraphics Easy Ledgers Pen Pal Service Industry Accounting Consultron CrossDOS v4.0 Creative Focus DJ Helper Diemer Development C-ZAR Dr. Ts Tiger Cub KCS Copyist Level II Elan Design Elan Performer 2.0 Electronic Arts DeluxePaint III Express-Way Software Express Copy v1.5 Felsina Software A-Talk III, Rel. 1.3 Fractal Flight Focal Point Software Retail Management System Free Spirit Software Doctor Ami. . Ami Alignment GfxBase X Window System Gold Disk ShowMaker Professional Page 2.0 Professional Draw 2.0 Advantage 1.1 Glass Canvas Productions Art Libraries Enhanced Xerox 4020 Printer Driver Enhanced Sharp JX-730 Printer Driver Gramma Software CAL Calendar Maker Fred Speed Dialer NAG Plus HC Software Australia Record Manager: Information Base INOVAtronics CanDo innoVision Broadcast Titler 2 patibility supplied to Commodore Amiga third-party developers. Secessionist Pressures Four major factors contribute to A3000 compatibility difficulties: the 68030 processor, AmigaDOS 2.0, the Zorro III bus, and the compact, streamlined form of the new system itself. Unlike some systems that use accelerator boards, you cannot toggle down the A3000 from 68030 to 68000 mode. Many games and some applications have copy-protection schemes that rely on the exact timing of the 68000, and they simply will not run on the A3000, whether under vl.3 or v2.0. Many people expected the new version oi the operating system to be merely a modification of vl.3 (most thought it would be called 1.4). They were wrong: v2.0 is more revolutionary than evolutionary. While 2.0 contains a wealth of new features and capabilities, the extensiveness of the revamp has kept many existing Amiga programs from running under it. Minor software incompatibility can surface in a variety of ways. Some users may simply be bothered by the new default colors in Preferences, in which case they can change them. Others may run into problems trying to use the A3000's new display modes. While each new version of 2*0 received at Amiga- World over the past several months seems to work better than the previous one, there are still problems. We hope that the definitive version Commodore is now about to release will clear up a lot of the confusion here. In many respects, hardware incompatibility poses a greater problem. For one tiling, hardware costs more, so when it doesn’t work, the user suffers greater losses. Hardware is also more difficult to upgrade. While it is relatively simple to obtain a new program-disk update, it is not so easy to get a new board or peripheral incorporating the proper modifications. Two major system factors affecting hardware compatibility are the new Zorro III bus and the “small- form” design of the entire new system. The latter means that some boards simply may not fit: things that do not fit essentially do not work. The former J refers to the new expansion bus (the part of the computer that shuttles data between the processors and peripheral devices). The A3000 s Zorro 111 is a ? Interactive Video I VS Trumpcard Disk Utilities JMH Software The Talking Coloring Book The Talking Animator KFS Software The Accountant Lake Forest Logic Macro Paint Adapt Disk Mechanic 3.0 Magni Systems NTSC 4004 Genlock PAL 4005 Genlock MicroSearch City Desk 2.01 Micro-Systems Software excellence! V2.Q Migraph Hand Scanner & Touch-Up Natural Graphics Scene Generator NewTek Digi-Paint 3 New Horizons ProWrite v3,0 Oxxi Tax Break Palomax Max 125 Hard Disk Adapter Passport Design Master Tracks Pro Trax Progressive Peripherals & Software Hardware: Video Blender Video Canvas QIC Tape DoubleTalk MiniGEN Progen FrameGrabber FrameGrabber 256 Baud Bandit 2400 External Modem Baud Bandit MNP Level 5 2400 External Modem Baud Bandit 9600 External Modem Baud Bandit 9600 Internal Modem Software: 3-D Professional UltraDesign IntroCAD Plus IntroCAD Animation Station Baud Bandit FrameGrabber v2.Q PIXmate DiskMaster MicroLawyer Math-Amation Radical Eye Amiga TEX Right Answers Group The Director SAS Institute SAS C Seven Seas Software Math Vision Saxon Industries Saxon Publisher vl.00 Shereff Systems Pro Video Post Pro Video Gold Slide City TV Graphics Softwood Pen Pal Syndesis TSSnet interFont Interchange Taliesin ProVector The Other Guys Synthia Pro 2.40 Synthia II 2.40 The Puzzle Factory Resource Vega Technology Amikit 2.0 Virtual Reality Laboratories Distant Suns Vista Vista II Zuma Group TV*SHOW 2 TV*TEXT Professional Full 32-bit bus, so it is tremendously faster than the 16-bit Zorro II found in A2000-series machines. Commodore engineers worked feverishly to ensure that Zorro III would run Zorro II cards. The Zorro III, however, does not include the earlier bus hardware, but instead implements the Zorro II specification. Boards designed around the specification generally present no problems, but those based upon the actual workings of the Zorro II may run into snags. Report from the Front A sampling of Amiga vendors indicates varying degrees of success in coping with hardware compatibility problems. Some, like Progressive Peripherals, seem to have achieved almost uniform compatibility. Others still have a lot of work to do. For example, RCS Management, which along with GVP distributes an Amiga Ethernet networking card, reports hardware conflicts. Due to bus contention, large files clog up the system. MicroBotics has encountered a mixed bag of results, and it believes the A3O0O is “mysterious” in the way it works, or doesn't work, with certain hardware. For instance, while its Adept memory board works fine, its Hard Frame experiences a variety of difficulties. Many companies shipping brand-new hardware products enjoy an advantage here, of course. For example, boards such as the Firecracker 24 from Impulse were designed with the A3000 specifically in mind, so they fit and work well with the new system. On the other hand, when NewTek recently released its wildly popular Video Toaster, it was the A2000 with all its extra space inside that the company chose to develop for, not the A3000. The Toaster does not fit into the A3000, nor would it work if it did. Using a few tricks, NewTek itself has devised some A3000 work-arounds, but the company needs to revamp the board in order to achieve full compatibility. Binding up the Nation’s Wounds Reviewing the situation as a whole, it is clear that in order to provide all the advances found in the A3000, Commodore had to sacrifice some degree of compatibility with products in the overall Amiga market. It is now necessary (and the signs seem encouraging) that the computer manufacturer and the development community work this situation out before any serious divisions occur. Their success in doing so will have a major impact on the A3000 and v2.0. Users of Amiga machines expect Amiga products to run on them; that is only natural. Until remaining compatibility problems are resolved, however, users need to take extra care to ensure that their favorite programs, expansion boards, and peripherals will run on the A3000 and v2.0 before they themselves leap. ¦ Paint Features: These images are completely tmretouched photos taken from a stock 1084s RGB monitor. They are pure RGB, not smeary composite. No other graphics expansion device offers so much performance and costs so little! And all the software to run it is free. Even upgrades! There’s not enough room to cover all the great features of this system, so here are just a few. System Features:
• Paint, render, cvt ip s w
• 18 24 bit "pure" modes
• 256 512 color register modes
• RGB pass through
• Screen overlay underlay
• Screens pull up down & go front back
• View with any IFF Viewer
• Animate via ANIM or Page Flipping
• Works with DigiView™
• Completely blitter-compatible
• NTSC encoder compatible
• S-VHS encoder compatible
• PAL & NTSC compatible
• Uses only RGB port
• FCC Class B. UL Listed
• Works w std Amiga monitors
• Docs not use Amiga power
• Custom brushes use blitter
• RGB. HSV, HSL. CMY palette
• RGB and HSV spreads
• Extensive Arexx™ support
• 10 Color Cycle Glow ranges
• Range pong, reverse, stop
• Smooth zoom, rotate or scale
• Area. Edge, outline flll overflll
• Dithered 24 bit All mixing
• Anti-alias with any tool or brush
• Loads, shows GIF™ exactly
• “C" source code available free
• Upgrade from BBS 24 hrs day
• Color or 256 greys painting
• 256 color stencils
• Matte color anti-alias cycle draw
• Prints via printer device
• Auto enhance std IFF palettes
• Writes IFF24. GIF™ HAM-E Call (406) 367-5509 for more information. 398 Johnson Rd.. Glasgow. MT 59230 SALES: (800) TK-AMIGA International Sales (406) 367-5513 BBS: (406) 367-ABBS FAX; (406) 367-AFAX New Tfk: Ami**” Commodore Business Machines; GIF™ CompuScrrr: Dynamic Hlltti” NewTek: ScsnLkb” A5PG: Tar**” True Vision Eaflt iiD.£r coprrifbl True Vision; I D8*s” Comnodorr; AHAM, ARZO. ARZI” ASDG. HAM-E” Black Bell Srilrm. Image Compatibility:
• 24 bit IFF. 24 bit IFF with CLUT chunks; 2 to 256 color standard IFF. Half bright. HAM. DKB and QRT t race: RGBS and RGBN: Targa™; GIF™; Dynamic HiRes.™ SHAM. ARZO, ARZI. AHAM, 18 bit ScanLab™; UPB8 brushes; duality I mjifjtm All of the 12 different HAM-E format image tile types. Images may be scaled and convened to 24 bit IFF Hies
• Image processing software supplied provides edge enhancement. Blur, various con volutions, and much more. POWER HARDWARE USER Showdown At the 040 Corral As Motorola finally ships its 68040 chip, Amiga hardware developers square off to load these super silver bullets into accelerator cards that can deliver 20 MIPS of processing firepower. By Doug Barney SOME AMIGA POWER users thought they had died and gone to heaven when the M68030 opened fire from inside the Amiga 3000 last April. If you missed their glorious ascension, however, don’t worry: Some new spots are opening up soon on Boot Hill from which you can start the next journey on high. Motorola, manufacturer of the 68000-series microchips, is unleashing the even more powerful 68040. And .Amiga hardware developers are gearing up to bring us mainframe-type mega-power on a plug-in card, (See the sidebar “Praise the Manufacturer. . And Pass That Ammunition!” for more on their plans.) But let’s back up a few cattle drives, pardner, and return to Austin, Texas, in the fall of 1977. Motorola engineers gathered there on a mission to design a microprocessor to succeed the firm’s eight-bit 6800 chip. Some pushed the idea of a 16-bit chip, double the bandwidth of its predecessor. The more ambitious argued for a chip with a 32-bit internal architecture. The go-getters won, and in July of 1979 the Motorola 68000, which powers the majority of Amigas today, was introduced. Faster, more robust versions of the chip, including the 68010 and the 68020, have given the power- hungry a boost, but the big leap for Amiga users came in the form of the 68030. While the A3000’s 68030 central processor runs 75% faster than a 68020, Motorola’s 68040 (which was just beginning to ship as this article went to press) will blaze into town at some ? 20 MIPS (millions of instructions per second). That, according to Motorola, is more than 50 times faster than the original 0.35 MIPS 68000 that still powers tens of thousands of Amiga 500s, 1000s, and 2000s. Silicon Overkill or Not? So who needs all this power, anyway? .After all, the processing power of even those early Amigas keeps things chugging along nicely, while 020- and 030- accelerated models would seem to pack enough punch to satisfy the more speed-conscious. The quick answer to that question is that the majority won’t need this type of speed. Yet, think of Amiga animators and also of 3-D artists who do lots of complex modeling and rendering. What about videophiles with their own mega-memory requirements? How about power users with heavy multitasking demands? Unix users? Maybe it isn’t such an insignificant minority that is ready to take advantage of the extra horsepower provided by the 040. Maybe there really are a fair number of applications that require power and speed in the 20- MI Ps range. And there will certainly be even more such applications in the not-too-distant future. At a sustained 20 MIPS, the 68040 exceeds standard Intel processors such as the 80486 and even rivals some of the new RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) processors such as SPARC from Sun Microsystems, according to Motorola. Even though some of the RISC processors may be faster, they have fewer built-in instructions and therefore cannot be as backward-compatible with huge families of existing software for example, all the many products written for the 68000-series. Still, by reducing the set of instructions, or com- ? Praise the And Pass Manufacturer.. . That Ammunition IN A COMPUTER INDUSTRY littered with vaporware, no one should have been surprised that Motorola would preannounce its 68040. And that is exactly what the company did on January 22, 1990, when it publicly unveiled its next-gen- eration chip. In the many months that followed, a variety of vendors have been discussing, announcing, and even showing accelerator cards based on the 040. In fact, heavy hardware hitters like GVP, Supra, Progressive, RCS, and Commodore are all set to jump into the game. Problems at Motorola, however, delayed the release of the chip, leaving these products in limbo for months. Fortunately, Motorola has now begun shipping small quantities, so 040 accelerator boards should be hitting the streets by the rime you read this. Progressive has already announced its first 040, expecting to offer a board for the A3000 for less than S1000. GVP is also hot on the chip and plans to ship 040 products beginning this spring. The firm claims that its boards will optimize the speed of the 040 through the use of fast memory and a few other tricks. Supra has already given a sneak preview of a prototype, and expects its A3000 board to sell for around $ 995. The company reports that an A2000 board is also in the works, but gives no rime frame or price range as of this writing. RCS Management has already advertised an 040 board designed for the A2000. The firm is developing a board with 4MB (expandable to 32MB) of RAM that will sell for about $ 3000. The firm is hoping to ship sometime in early 1991. Given its history, one should expect Commodore to launch a pure 68040 machine, perhaps one that truly optimizes the power of the 040. Because the company has a policy of announcing products only shortly before availability, talk of an 040 machine is only speculation. We should, however, see at least a CBM 68040 accelerator card very soon. How Fast? How Much? Because the A3000 already comes with 32-bit memory, users can expect to at least triple their A3000 performance for less than $ 1000. Owners of less robust Amigas will need to add faster memory, which will increase the total investment. Performance gains for these systems, however, should be even more dramatic. .Although generally viewed as a bargain, the 040 is substantially more expensive than the 68000, which now sells for about five dollars a pop. The new chip will cost vendors $ 595 each in lots of 1000. But because they have to pay in advance for orders of 1000 and then wait for arrival, vendors may well order in smaller quantities, paying a higher unit price just to get their hands on the still- rare chips. But just give it a few years, and maybe the 68040s also will cost five dollars. Until then, the slow production ramp-up should keep the 040 at a premium for some rime. ? DB WHAT 10 GET WHEN YOU'VE OUTGROWN THE AMIGA 500 BODEGA BAY.. MODULAR EXPANSION CONSOLE Finally, you can take advantage of the assortment of A2000 cards available without giving up your A500. With the Bodega Bay you can expand your Amiga 500 with four A2000 compatible 100-pin slots. There are three overlapping IBM® XT AT slots as well that allow you to use a Bridge Board. In order to run all those new add-ons, we've included an internal high wattage power supply. And, we've incorporated space for three internal disk drives. So don't worry, you can't outgrow your A500 because now you've got the power to make it grow with your needs. Contact your local dealer for more details or call (408) 378-0340. Disk drives, monitor, and computer not included. California Access BOA Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 Fax: (408)378-0397 CALIFORNIA ACCESS ' £1WI Logical Design Works. Inc. All rights reserved. California Access and Bodega Bay are trademarks of Logical Design Works. Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the properties of their respective holders Circle 4 on Reader Service card mands, that particular computer programs must issue to the processor, chip developers can take advantage of high-speed fabrication technologies to produce very fast computers. Motorola, itself, also makes RISC chips, yet the company claims that benchmarks showing the superiority of RISC are skewed. It claims that MIPS do not accurately measure the chip’s performance under complex situations, which, of course, is where CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) chips like the 68000s shine. For the time being, the 040 provides only a speed advantage over the 030, which runs at 12 MIPS in its top-performance, 50-Mhz version. It offers no further memory gain beyond what the Amiga 3000, with its Zorro III bus, achieved in breaking the 9MB- RAM-expansion barrier by virtue of its full 32-bit addressing. The 040, however, offers additional advantages all under one roof with its built-in IEEE 754-compatible floating-point unit (FPU) running at
3. 5 M FLO PS (millions of floating-point instructions per second) that handles complex math operations at high speeds. To put it in perspective, the 68040 provides roughly the same performance as a multimillion-dollar IBM 3090 mainframe. While it will lake new system software and new memory architecture to tap some of the unique features of the 040 as well as its speedy predecessors like the 030 we’re still talking about a significant leap forward in terms of power and performance. Not Just Some Chip off an Old Block How' did the 68040 get that fast? Motorola used a variety of new, and sometimes esoteric approaches to chip design, including caching, piping, and the combining of what used to be separate coprocessors. In terms of executing instructions, the 040 departs somewhat from the norm. Instructions are usually converted into lower-level microinstructions and then executed. The 040 hard-w ires many of these instructions so they can execute directly. Even though we may be talking of saving only submilliseconds here, with millions of instructions this approach can still speed things up a lot. Motorola pulled out all the stops in terms of cramming as much as it possibly could into the newr chip. It includes an integer unit, floating-point unit, two cache-memory units, two memory-management units, and a bus interface. The integer unit is the core of the processor, handling simple arithmetic functions dealing only with whole numbers. These basic functions are speeded up through the use of “pipelining,” or the overlapping of several instructions. At the risk of over-sim- plification, let’s say that processors often require six steps in order to complete a single instruction. While the 030 can handle three such steps simultaneously, the 040 can handle all six at once. In fact, the 040 can perform 14 different operations simultaneously. The term floating point refers to the more complex arithmetic operations where the decimal point varies (hence the catchy name). Floating-point math operations are particularly effective for handling Amiga- style applicadons such as graphics, and especially such computation-intensive functions as ray tracing. Most systems employ a separate math coprocessor to handle floating-point operations. This adds both extra expense for the user (with some models you have to buy and install it yourself) and uncertainty for the developer as to whether or not to design applications requiring floating-point operations if only some users have systems containing such a coprocessor. Motorola’s 040 contains an on-board math unit that is tightly integrated into the overall design of the chip, allowing the floating-point and integer units to work simultaneously. Because the floatingpoint unit is compatible with the Motorola 68881 and 68882 math chips found in existing Amiga systems, older software that takes advantage of math units should run fine on the 040. The 040 also benefits from greater caching, through which the system determines which information is most frequently used, and then caches it so as to be readily available for the user. The 040’s two caches, at four kilobytes each one for instructions, another for data are larger than previous caches. Cache operations, too, are speeded up by the use of a new' bus-interface unit, which provides accelerated communication between main memory and cache memory. The 040 also includes a second memory- management unit (MMU) not found in previous 68000s that assists the chip in finding information not stored in a cache. The MMUs also improve operations that involve multiprocessing and virtual memory (treating hard and floppy disks as RAM) a big plus in handling large operating systems like Unix. In fact, the 040 can directly address up to four gigabytes of RAM (or, to be more exact, 4,294,967,296 bytes). You could do a pretty decent animation in that kind of space! The 040 also promises to reduce bus contention, a situation that occurs when multiple tasks or devices are attempting to access the bus at the same time. This is particularly good news for devices that use Direct Memory Access (DMA) to communicate directly with memory without tying up the central pro- ? CAN WE TALK? The DoubleTalk Network System orovides two types of network solutions; Link Amigas with AppleTalk™ compatible computers, or use the exclusive DoubleTalk ™ protocol for high-speed. Amiga-only network. ¦ Up to 32 Amigas™ may be networked, or an unlimited number of Macintoshes™. ¦ Provides Bridge support capability. ¦ No dedicated server system is required. ¦ Multi-tasking design. AppleTalk™ Compatible Network System for Amiga™ Personal Computers. Comes with Network Manager, the state- The DoubleTalk network system comes complete of-the-art in network management software. With a plug-in network card, extra serial port, ¦ Add or change passwords at two security levels. PhoneNet connector, NetWork Manager software, ¦ Can share large RAM disks and special peripherals. Utilities and manual. Available for Amiga 500, ¦ Supports network-distributive software, such as 2000,3000. 3-D Professional, to take advantage of the processing power of several networked Amigas™. Includes the NetMail system, for sending and reading network mail Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd. Apple, Apple Macintosh, and AppleTalk are trademarks of Apple Computers, Inc. Complete Tape Backup System For All Amiga Models And Hard Disk Drives. ¦ Plugs into the floppy disk drive port of the Amiga. ¦ Convenient, portable unit can be moved around easily, from Amiga to Amiga. Solves the EQUATION! ¦ 60 megabytes (over 65 floppy disks) of hard drive data can be backed up on a single tape cartridge. Connects To Floppy Drive Port ¦ Multiple cartridges may be used to backup hard drives of 1 gigabyte or more! ¦ Uses the popular PC-compatible QIC-40 tape format. ¦ QicTape will transfer data back and forth between Amigas and PC-Compatible systems equipped with compatible backup drives. Includes powerful backup restore software program: ¦ Full Control of complete, partial or special types of selective hard drive backups. ¦ Several types of backup options: archive bit read set, time date-stamping, directory, The QicTape backup system includes: subdirectory exclusion and pattern matching. Virtually pays for itself in savings on diskettes! Fast, easy back ups. Low price. No more disk swapping! Eliminate the worry of bad disks! Tape Drive, 40 megabyte tape cartridge, thoroughly * Multi-tasking back up scheduler allows scheduling in m : if 1 .. run ig j illustrated manual, backup scheduling software of automatic back ups: Once-a-day, week or as I and a full one year warranty, circle 161 on Reader Service card. Often as desired. Progressive Peripherals & Software ¦ 464 Kalamath St.* Denver, CO S0204 ¦ (303) 825-4144 FAX: (303) 893-6938 P 0 W E K II A K I) VV A RE USER cessor for long periods of time. By doing many tasks simultaneously, the 040 reduces the load on the bus, making it available to other system components and allowing the system to take fuller advantage of devices using DMA. For now, unquestionably, the 68040 offers greater speed. There is potentially a lot more than that to the 040, however, but in order to take full advantage of some of its new features, vendors must create system software specific to the 040, as well as some necessary follow-on chips. While this may not happen in the very near future, some .Amiga users will be watching developments with a keen eye. ¦ Manufacturers’ Addresses Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 RCS Management 2075 University, Suite 1712 Montreal. Que. Canada H3A 201 514 288-7825 Supra Corp. 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 True digital photography for your Amiga computer Through a special arrangement with Quintar™ Co., Liquid Light is now offering the Bell & Howell CDI-IV™ color digital film recorder for use with all Amiga computer models. The CDI-IV offers true color capability for all your Amiga images including IFF and HAM. All you add is the film and the imagination. Whether you need high quality 35mm slides, instant prints, overhead transparencies or even instant slides the CDI-IV has you covered. The CDI-IV is shipped to you complete with a 35mm camera, instant print camera, software and cables. Everything you need to produce stunning images is right in the box. It plugs into the serial port of your computer so you can install it in minutes. The manufacturers suggested retail for this system is $ 3,995, but for a limited time you can purchase the complete CDI-IV at an introductory price of only $ 1,895. Quantities are limited and this price will last for just a short while. Liquid Light images in a whole new light. Presentation Graph,cs Peripherals CDI-IV introductory price only $ 1,895. To order call 213 618-0274 American Liquid Light, Inc., 2341 West 205th Street, Torrance, CA 90501 Tel;2l3 618-0274, Fax: 213 618-1982 Bell & Howell, Quintar Co. And CDI-IV are registered trademarks of Bell & Howell Quintar Company. April 1991 Circle 32 on Reader Service card. KCS and Level II version 3.5 is the only music sequencing package giving you real-time graphic editing plus standard musical notation and MIDI mixing. Coupled with the Phantom SMPTE-MIDI interface, you have an unprecedented audio and video production toolbox. If you're creative, you deserve KCS! DR. T'S PRODUCTS Sequencers LEVEL II 3.5 KCS 3.5 TIGER Cub MRS Editors Librarians CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ'apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-l KAWAIK-5 KORG M-l LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND 0-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-OR = UNIVERSAL EDITOR} Composition Scoring COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP [ Sit I SB’S i Tiftl Scare Single re1k ICMMCt til I urn p5 } REU plwwt 2 14 frttus: » SUM: J| li ick 3 i Statin 15 Purs 1 m 2? Svflts 34 Hirnjittl lit 4 Sick l§ E Eisj 23 Scratch Nil 41 Bi$ Bass 5 Saire 1 1? Fid I 23 Oh yea! Nil 41 Xlead CMKr Mater 4 Snare 2 18 horchits IW II Thwit 42 2 Iinhale mi 11 leaves II 43 >CL8SE I H-lats 21 (EC 12 > STS IKS 4 Ijlole 3 tens mi 21 hi: IS Vulir. 1 (5141: II 21 Vthes 14 Villa 1 t PmxNm 11 23 tours IS Cello 1 12 Pat 1 12 24 ICTl « 11 I El i *~l i I KX «-: '-At Pte Hi£E KESSWES KCS Play Record Score Transcription
• versun 1.5 by 3imd Sihir E3 Min Graphic Editing Ml* SIC* SOFTWARE Hardware PHANTOM MIDI-SMPTE INTERFACE M0DEL-A MIDI INTERFACE Phantom MIDI-SYMPTE Interface (617) 455’1454 FAX = 61 455‘1460 Circle 35 on Reader Service card The “Ami 500” A THREE-PART GUIDE TO UPGRADING YOUR A500 Part 3: Boosting Performance To finish strong, you need to move like gangbusters and use all resources available. This third pit stop gives you a boost in acceleration and access to a vast array oj IBM applications. By Sheldon Leemon ike a stripped-down economy sedan, the stock Amiga 500 offers few luxury options. Commodore kept the cost down by minimizing the number of expansion ports. If you don’t mind tinkering “under the hood,” however, you can turn your A500 into a stunt machine enabling it to perform in ways that its designers never contemplated. Despite the fact that the A500 does not have a coprocessor slot like the A2000, there are several boards that allow you to replace the stock 68000 processor with one that delivers higher performance. Similarly, two new emulators allow you to run IBM- compatible software on your A500, even without benefit of a Bridgeboard slot. Let’s look first at how you can get more processing power out of your machine to speed your tasks and achieve greater efficiency. Then we'll see how well the IBM race is run on the Amiga. Pedal to the Metal Accelerators Installing any of the five A500 accelerator boards involves the same basic procedure. First, you remove the computer’s plastic cover and metal shielding, then you gently pry the 68000 processor out of its socket, plug in the accelerator, and replace the covers. .Although the mechanics of installation are similar for all boards, the methods they use to improve the computer’s performance are not. Two of the hoards, the DigiFeX Processor Accelerator ($ 199) and the ICD AdSpeed board ($ 349), run the original 68000 processor at a higher clock speed in order to make it work faster. The other boards take another approach, actually replacing the not make their appearance on schedule, and thus were not ready for inclusion here in Part 3. We did, however; manage to get our hands on several of the more important items just as this article went to press. So stay tuned next month for our “ultimate Amiga 500” feature as promised. 68000 with an advanced processor. TIR's Sapphire ($ 399) and USA's Midget Racer ($ 399) add a 68020 chip; CSA’s Mega-Midget Racer ($ 599 and up), hig brother to the Midget Racer, supplies a 68030 processor. (For a review of Processor Accelerator, see Jan. ’89, p. 18; for a review of Mega-Midget Racer, see Jan. ’91, p. 16.) 'The Processor Accelerator uses a high-speed 68000 processor which it runs at 14.32 MI Iz twice the usual speed of 7.16 MI Iz. This does not mean, however, th.it the hoard makes all software run twice as fast. Much of the processor’s time is taken up reading or writing to memory, and accelerators generally do not speed up these activities at all (unless they supply their own V memory). As a result, this least expensive of accelerator boards also offers the most modest performance improvement. Most of the programs I used to test the board showed only a 10-20% speed increase with the DigiFeX board installed. While this can make a significant difference in such computation-intensive applications as 3-D rendering, the difference is less apparent in more common applications. Although the Processor Accelerator has a socket for a 68881 math coprocessor, you need a software library to take advantage of it, because the 68000 makes no provision for interfacing to this chip. Very few commercial programs use such a library to access floating-point math functions, however, so this option is of limited use. While users of early versions of the Processor Accelerator noted incompatibilities with other expansion devices, the current board has solved most of these problems. The only trouble I had was with the Commodore A590 hard drive, which did not work at all when the accelerator board was installed. (DigiFeX technical support states that a board modification is necessary when the Processor Accelerator is used with DMA devices like the A590.) As far as software compatibility is concerned, the board defaults to operating at the normal 7.16 Mhz, and does not switch to the higher speed until you run a program that activates it. This should provide complete software compatibility. I CD’s new AdSpeed board also derives its speed from a souped-up 68000 processor. Using surface- mount technology-, this slim-line board is not much larger than the 68000 processor chip that it replaces. Unlike the Processor Accelerator, AdSpeed comes with 32K of fast static RAM, which reduces the time required to read and write to fast RAM (external expansion memory). So if' you have any fast RAM installed in your system, you should see a performance boost in the range of 65% to 100%. In fact, AdSpeed performs in most tests as well as or better than accelerators that use a 68020 processor. For purposes of compatibility, AdSpeed comes with a program that allows you to operate its chip at either 14 Ml Iz or the normal 7.16 Mhz. This should make it fully compatible with all software except for a few badly written programs that modify their own code and tlius do not work with any caching schemes. Of all the A500 accelerators, AdSpeed is the only one that makes no provision for the addition of a 68881 floating-point math coprocessor. For many users, however, a floating-point chip option is an unnecessary frill. The number of Amiga programs that take advantage of this chip is extremely small, and is limited almost exclusively to CAD, 3-D rendering, and spreadsheet applications. Its moderate price makes it a good bet for those looking for an economical hut noticeable performance boost. Although TI R’s Sapphire hoard is brand new and USA's Midget Racer is over two years old, the two are quite similar in function and in price. Both replace the 68000 with a 68020 processor, which they run at the standard clock rate of 7.16 Mhz. ('FI R advertises that the Sapphire uses a part that is rated for 12 Mhz operation a somewhat misleading claim that suggests the hoard actually operates at that speed.) This results in a performance increase of 50% to 90% with most programs. Both also come with a 68881 math coprocessor chip, which provides a considerable performance boost for the few programs that make use of it. Neither hoard provides the option of switching back to the original 68000 processor. This means that with either one installed, you cannot run the small number of programs (mainly copy-protected games) that are incompatible with an advanced processor. The major difference between these hoards is that the Midget Racer provides an option to clock the math chip independently of the processor. T his means that you can operate the 68881 or 68882 chip at much higher speeds than 7.16 Mhz for even greater speed gains in 3-1) rendering, CLAD, and other applications. Another difference is in their physical dimensions. When I installed the Sapphire hoard in an A500, 1 was surprised to find that it extends so close to the front of the computer that I could not replace the cover. IT R technical support admits the problem exists with certain versions of the A500 motherboard, and states that an adapter hoard is automatically being sent to registered Sapphire owners. Just as with the Processor Accelerator, some users report problems running the Midget Racer with DMA hard drives like the Commodore A590, hut USA claims that a lix for this problem will he available by the time you read this. I do not know of any hardware compatibility problems with the Sapphire hoard; it worked fine in my tests with the A590. When it comes to sheer performance, the top accelerator for the A500 is USA’s Mega-Midget Racer (MMR). Although it is more expensive than the others (list prices start at $ 599 for a version with a modified 68030 without an MMU or math chip), the MMR not only uses the powerful 68030 processor, hut runs at a much higher dock rate than the standard 7.16 Mhz (you can get models that run anywhere from 20 to ? TEXT: Use any PostScript Type 1, PageStream or Compugraphic font! PageStream creates jaggie-free type on the screen and on paper. Even dot matrix printer users can take advantage of the wide variety of PostScript Type 1 fonts with PageStream! GRAPHICS: PageStream can import 24 bit IFF, TIFF and GIF pictures and ProDraw, DR2D and Aegis structured drawings. PageStrearrTs drawing tools are so extensive you may never need a drawing program. COLOR: Create millions of colors with standard CMYK definitions. You can even define Pantone colors with a Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide (sold separately from Pantone, Inc.). PageStream is the professional choice for direct spot and process color separations. Only PageStream can deliver hinted PostScript fonts on your Amiga today. Plus, you can use any Compugraphic InteUifont or PageStream outline font. This unsurpassed variety of type options will not limit your creative freedom. Available now for your Amiga. Ask your dealer for PageStream Most desktop publishers import only a few picture types. PageStream can import almost every major graphic format for the Amiga, Mac, PC or Atari, as well as text. Whether you need ProDraw clips, MacPaint pictures, PostScript illustrations or 16 million color IFF files PageStream handles them with ease. Soft-Logik does not deny this power to dot matrix users like some programs. PageStream is the only program that supports virtually every printer, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. If we don't have a driver for your printer, we'll make one for you. At Soft-Logik we believe in customer service. Soft-Logik Canada No Yes Yes No .UZ G.UXXS Release Yes only Compugraphic touts No S395.00 compaiiblo PostScript Font Compatible Compugraphic Font Compatible Professional Draw Import Edit Outline Fonts on Screen Draw Bezier Curves Price Yes even to dot matrix prirters! Yes •::;i Yes Yes edit ProDraw dips m PageStream! Yes YeS draw Bezier curves and Bezier polygons $ 299.95 Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation We give you the tools to dream. Pagc.Slream K a registered trademark of Soft-I.ogik Publishing Corporation All other products am trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Circle 211 on Reader Service caTd 33 Mhz). Even without the 32-bil RAM option, the most basic version of this board is almost twice as fast as any of the other accelerators, and three to four times as fast as a stock A500. Add the optional 32-bit memory board, and your A500 runs as fast as, or faster than, an Amiga 3000! Hardware compatibility with the Mega-Midget Racer is excellent. In accelerated mode, software compatibility is about what you would expect for a fast 68030, although some older applications and copy-protected games will not run. Mega-Midget does allow you to plug in your 68000 chip, however, and a program included in the package lets you switch to 6.3000 mode so that you can run any software at the standard speed. Which accelerator you choose depends on how much money you can spend and what type of programs you want to run. The average user who wants the most bang for his buck will Find that AdSpeed provides a tempting combination of low price, noticeable acceleration, and good compatibility, delivered by a company with a solid track record for support. The small group of users who need a floating-point math chip without spending a fortune will want to get one of the 68020 boards. Although the Sapphire and Midget Racer are very similar, Midget Racer holds the edge because it allows you to clock the math chip at speeds higher than the standard 7.16 Mhz, and because it is backed by a company that has been in the Amiga accelerator market longer than anyone else. If money is no object, 1 recommend the Mega-Midget Racer. If price is an impediment, however, you may have to stick with the DigiFeX Processor Accelerator, which gives you a small performance boost for a small price. The Roads More Travelled PC Boards Both the Vortex Atonce ($ 400, distributed in this country by Talon Technologies) and the KCS Power PC ($ 499, distributed by Pulsar) perform the nearimpossible: They let you add an Intel processor to your A500 and in doing so give you a surprising level of PC compatibility. Because the A500 does not have any Bridgeboard slots, neither board lets you run PC programs that require plug-in hardware such as networking cards and MIDI adapters. On the other hand, both of them allow access to the serial port and sound capabilities without requiring additional hardware something that even the Commodore Bridge- heard cannot do. First on the scene was Power PC, a board that plugs into the trap-door expansion port on the bottom of your machine. No larger than an A501 512K memory card, this little board is loaded. It includes a megabyte of memory, an Intel-compatible V30 processor, a Phoenix BIOS ROM, and a battery-backed clock calendar. When running in Amiga mode, tlie Power PC acts like any cither Amiga RAM expander, adding 512K of memory and a clock calendar that automatically sets the time and date for AinigaDOS. You can use the additional 512K as an Amiga RAM disk by running the included software. The manual warns, however, that the RAM disk may not work properly with a DMA hard drive like the A590. When you use the special start-up disk, the other half of the Power PC board’s dual identity makes itself known. This disk triggers the PC emulator, which takes over the entire machine, turning it into a PC XI-compatible computer that runs ai the normal Amiga dock speed of 7.16 Mhz. It prompts you to insert an MS-DOS boot disk (MS-DOS version 4.01 is included), and while the emulator is on, your (loppy drives recognize only IBM-formal disks. The emulator supports most of the AoOO’s expansion ports, allowing you to use the parallel port as
I. PT1-LPT4, and the serial port as COM] or COM2 (though the maximum effective speed of the latter is limited to about 4800 bits per second). You can use up to four floppy drives as devices A through D, and assign any drive to any device. Power PC now offers no hard-disk support a serious omission in view of the number of PC applications that require a hard drive. Pulsar states, however, that work is currently under way to support the Commodore A590 and Supra hard drives. Power PC emulates the IBM graphics adapters in software, using the Amiga display hardware. Although it currently allows only CCA color and monochrome graphics, Pulsar claims to be working on support for EGA and VGA. It also plays IBM sound (such as it is) through the Amiga’s sound hardware. (Some effects designed to vibrate the IBM speaker at a high rate of speed do not sound very well, however.) The emulator even supports use of the Amiga mouse as a Mouse Systems input device if you install the proper IBM driver software. While the default memory configuration is 704K, there is an option to go to the more standard 640K limit if the extra memory causes compatibility problems. There is currently no way to use the extra memory on this board or on Amiga expansion RAM as extended or expanded memory on the PC. Although I did not have time for exhaustive compatibility tests (there are about four billion PC programs out there!), the Power PC ran a random sampling of benchmark programs, applications, and games without any difficulties. It even ran some copyprotected games, which are the programs most likely to pose compatibility problems. The only programs you may not be able to run are those that require an 80286 or 80386 processor. The speed of the emulator is about what you would expect from a 7.16 Mhz V30 machine. Most benchmark programs (except the wildly inflated Norton SI) showed operations to he about twice the speed of a normal 4.77 Mhz PC (or XT Bridgeboard). ? CD-ROM System Xetec brings the cutting edge of optical technology to the Amiga with the CD.v-650 SCSI drive systems. Now, unlimited access to vast amounts of information is possible with removable, non-volatile CD-ROM discs having capacities to 650 meg (750 floppies). Reads industry standard ISO 9660 High Sierra discs (same format used in Commodore’s new CDTV® ). FastTrak Systems Factory-installed software. All FastTrak and FastCard drive systems are now shipped with user-specified portions of the Fred Fish library installed at no charge. Please contact Xetec for additional details. Drive systems for the A-2000 i FastCard Plus (driveless) ..$ 150.00 $ FastCard Plus Q52, 0 RAM.....$ 525.00 « FastCard Plus Q80, 0 RAM.....$ 699.00 I FastCard Plus Q105, 0 RAM...$ 750.00 M I Meg SIMM module $ 65.00 4 Meg SIMM module call Mini FastCard (driveless) ..$ 75.00 Audio compact discs. In addition, the Cdx systems include the ability to play conventional digital audio Cds with supplied software through stereo line- out or headphone jacks. Take your pick. The external model, CD,v-650E. Features a rugged, compact enclosure with built-in power supply, and dual SCSI connectors for daisy- chaining. Economical internal model also available. Free software. Currently available >. From Xetec is our Fish & More™ Vol. 1 CD-ROM which includes the Fred Fish library (up to 370) and additional PD software totalling over 500 megabytes of data. Fish & More is included free with the purchase of any Cdx system (a $ 2000 value if purchased on floppies!). Cdx-6501 internal system .$ 599.00 for the A-2000 2500 Cdx-650E external system......$ 699.00 for all models Amiga and CDTV are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Drive systems for the A-500 1000 FastTrak jr 20 meg .$ 500.00 1 FastTrak Quantum 52 meg......$ 625.00
• FastTrak Quantum 80 meg......$ 795.00
• FastTrak Quantum 105 meg.....$ 850.00
• FastTrak driveless ...$ 250.00 Add-ons
• FastRam with 2 meg $ 205.00
• FastRam with 4 meg $ 335.00 FastTrak. FastCard, and FastRam arc trademarks of Xctec. Inc. NEW PRODUCT MO.r-600 Re-writable Ricoh 600 meg Magneto-Optical Drive. Complete system includes enclosure, power supply, fan and one cartridge. Factory direct only .$ 3600.00 Extra cartridge ...$ 229.00 Technical assistance. Through our phone support and 24 hour BBS 1 friendly service when you need it. Order information! For orders only 1-800-445-0611 For information .(913) 827-0685 FAX ....(913) 827-6023 BBS .....(913) 827-1974 Mastercard. Visa. American Express, money orders, and C.O.D. welcome. Excellence in Electronics 2804 Arnold Road Salina, Ks. 67401 Deafer inquiries welcome M Reduced Pricing Citdo 90 on Reader Service card .Although the graphics update seems a bit slow by .Amiga standards, it is considerably faster than that of the XT Bridgeboard, and tests show it to be faster than the average XT CGA card as well. For $ 499, the Power PC provides a simple and complete solution for those seeking PC compatibility. Everything you need is provided (the package even includes a copy of Consultron’s CrossDOS for transferring files between Amiga and IBM format disks), and the system can be up and running in less than five minutes. All you have to do is plug the board into the memory port, copy the special boot disk, and boot from that disk. Using a copy is especially important with the Power PC disk, because it contains a special nonstandard boot block, and the emulator will not operate if this boot block is destroyed (as could easily be done by a virus-protection program that mistakes the nonstandard block for a virus). The only other possible installation chores you may have to perform are changing the emulator configuration (adding more floppy drives than the default one, for instance), and installing the included MS-DOS on a floppy. (For a full review of Power PC, see Dec. ’90, p. 12.) Running With the Competition While Power PC caused quite a,sensation, the subsequent release of the Vortex Atonce board provoked an even stronger response from Amiga owners. That’s because Atonce provides an AT-compatible processor, hard drive and extended memory support, along with simultaneous operation of the Amiga side all for about $ 100 less than the XT-compatible Power PC. Despite its apparent advantages, however, there are some users who will still be better oil with the Power PC. Installation of the Atonce board is somewhat more complicated than the Power PC, because the board plugs into the 68000 microprocessor socket. This means that you must disassemble the computer as you would when installing an accelerator board. Atonce is a tiny board that contains little more than a 68000 processor, an 80286, and a gate-array chip. Because the 68000 is soldered onto the Atonce board, there is no way to piggyback an accelerator board onto it. If you install Atonce, you probably will not be able to add any other peripheral that plugs into the 68000 socket. In most cases, you will also need an adapter for the Gary chip socket. Once you have installed the hardware, you can start the emulator using a program on the supplied Amiga boot disk. This program reboots the Amiga side and installs the Atonce system software. Both sides boot at once, which makes things kind of awkward if you have only one disk drive. It means you must wait until the Amiga side finishes booting before you can insert the MS-DOS boot disk (which is not included with this emulator). When the hoot process is over, you have a dualmode computer that runs AmigaDOS from a 7.16 Mhz Motorola 68000 processor and MS-DOS from a 7 Mhz 80286. Both sides share the floppy drives, which means that one side will always think there is a bad disk in tfie drive a situation that could cause you to mistake a disk of the opposite format for an unformatted one. Once you have installed the PC emulator, it's there until you turn the computer off. The program patches the Amiga operating system so that when you reset using the Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga key combination, the emulator resets as well. As with Power PC, the Afonce emulator supports the use of the Amiga’s parallel port as LTPl, and the serial port as COM! Or COM2. The difference here is that because .Amiga mode runs simultaneously, you must designate the ports to be used either by the PC or the .Amiga. Unlike Commodore's Bridgeboard, Atonce provides no program to reassign a port to the other mode after you have started. Thus, if you opt to use both the serial and parallel ports on the PC side, they will be unavailable to you from the .Amiga side until you turn the computer off. You can select any of four floppy drives to be used as devices A or B, but only two can be used with the PC side. Unlike Power PC, Atonce offers extremely flexible hard-drive support. You can set aside one or more complete partitions for use by the PC (which gives faster access), create one or more virtual drives that reside as large files on an Amiga partition (which is more convenient than repartitioning your drive), or do both at the same time. Atonce claims to support any Amiga hard drive; 1 had no problem installing PC partitions on either a GVP Impact hard drive or the Commodore A590. As with Power PC, Atonce uses the Amiga display hardware to emulate IBM-style graphics adapters. In addition to CGA color and monochrome graphics, the board supports a CGA superset used by the Olivetti and Toshiba 3100 that offers 640 x 400 graphics in two colors. The board also uses the Amiga sound hardware to emulate IBM-style sound. The emulation software supports use of the Amiga mouse as a Microsoft mouse, if the proper IBM driver software (not included in the package) is installed. The default memory configuration is 512K for DOS (on a one-megabyte Amiga), but in this regard, Atonce requires more careful consideration than Power PC. With both sides running at once, memory must be split between the two operating systems. In a one-megabyte system with two floppies, I had only about 145K left on the Amiga side after installing 512K on the PC side. With 1.5 megabytes and a hard drive, I got 640K on the PC side and still had about 512K left over for the Amiga. If you want enough memory to run PC programs requiring 640K and Amiga programs needing a megabyte, vou will need at least 2MB of RAM. While this may not he good news if you have only 512K, those who have a lot of expansion RAM will be glad to know ? ROCTEC ROCTEC ELECTRONICS INC 170 Knowles Drive, Suite 202 Los Gatos, CA 95030
U. S.A. Tel: 408 3791713 Fax: 408 379 1897 Dissolve Control Auto Video Pass-Through External Internal Power Selection RS-370A Composite Output Compact & Sturdy Metal Casing For more information or the nearest dealer, please call us now
3. 5" 880 KB Compact Floppy
• Daisy Chain Function
• ON OFF Switch
• No Clicking
5. 25" 360 880 KB Switchable Floppy
3. 5" 880 KB Ultra-Slim Floppy
• 0.75" Super Slim Mechanism
• Low Power
• Extremely Quiet
• 40 80 Track Switchable
• Compatible with PC-1 Track Zero Write-Inhibit Track Location Display Disk Write Protect Function Virus Prevention 512KB RAM for A500 Computer Real Time Clock & Calendar External ON OFF Switch
1. 8 MB RAM Expansion Available offered U* sell in U.S.A. until certification from RX' te awarded Amiga is a registered trademark of Cumn that they can install some of the excess as expanded or extended memory on the PC side (though this memory does not support the LIM 4.0 standard without the use of a PC LIM-emulator program). Unfortunately, using Atonce with some types of expansion memory can be somewhat tricky. 'I'he board refused to work at all with the memory installed in the GVP hard drive until I specified an obscure memory mode sett i ng (MEMMOD E = 7). Beca11sc t he explanation of this setting in the manual is extremely confusing (as can be expected of instructions that are poorly translated from German), I had to use trial and error before finding the right one. I found that while Atonce is faster than Power PC, it seems to offer less in t he way of compatibility. This is so probably because it uses Vortex's own operating- system emulation software instead of the well-known Phoenix BIOS that Power PC uses. When I tested it with the same random sampling of benchmark program!, applications, and games as I did with the Power PC, most ol the games failed, and one of the benchmark programs caused both sides to crash. Standard applications should run on Atonce without any problem, but you'd do well to check any applications you count on running before you buy it. Because it uses an 80286 processor, Atonce runs programs that require at least an AT. Benchmark programs show the speed of the emulator to be comparable to the original 6 Mhz .AT, about three times faster than the IBM XT, and about 50% faster than the 7.16-MHz Power PC (although Pulsar states that an 11-MHz version of this board should be available soon). The speed of the graphics update was somewhat slower than that of the Power PC, which stands to reason, given the multitasking nature of this system. Depending on how much memory you have, you may find the Amiga side somewhat bogged down as well. Making a Choice When trying to choose between these boards, take a look at your system setup and the kinds of software you want to run. Power PC provides good value for the person who owns a 512K Amiga with one or two floppy drives. For about $ 500, it includes 512K of Amiga memory expansion, a dock calendar, a PC emulator, MS-DOS, a file-lransfer program, and an MS-DOS tutorial. Its ease ol installation and set-up will be appreciated by the novice, while its compatible Phoenix BIOS should allay the fears of the skeptical. Atonce, on the other hand, has a lot to oiler the user who has extra memory and a hard drive and is not afraid to pop the covers off the machine. At $ 400, Atonce is not necessarily cheaper than Power PC, as it includes neither MS-DOS (which is essential to its use and costs about $ 100) nor the 512K memory expansion module (a near-necessity and also around $ 100) that Pulsar supplies. The fact that the Atonce hoard multi tasks with .Amiga software is attractive, but remember that in order to have useful amounts of memory for both sides, you need at least one and a half megabytes. Its support for expanded memory and a hard drive may be the clincher if you have a full-blown system. .Although Power PC support for these peripherals is promised, only Atonce offers them at this time. A final factor to consider is that if you move up to the A20Q0, you can take Atonce with you, while Power PC works only with an A5G0. Beyond the Finish Line Although the Amiga 500 was not designed for much expansion beyond additional memory or a hard drive, resourceful developers have found ways to bring its capabilities up to those of the A2000. We have seen accelerators that do not require a coprocessor slot and PC emulators that do not require a Bridgeboard slot and who knows what will next come down the pike? It just goes to show you that inside every stripped-down sedan is a sports car just waiting to get out! ¦ Sheldon Leemon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and co-author of The AmigaDOS Reference Guide. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr, West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 CSA 7564 Trade St. San Diego, GA 92121 619 566-3911 DigiFeX 610 Main St. Oregon City, OR 97045 503 656-8818 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford, IL 61101 815 968-2228 Pulsar 410 Maple Ave. Westbury, NY 11580 516 997-6903 Supra 1133 Commercial Way .Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 Talon Technologies 243 N. Hwy. 101 Suite 11 Solatia Beach, GA 92075 619 792-6511 TTR Development 1120 Gammon Lane Madison, WI 53719 608 277-8071 m iVZOi The smallest hard drive and interface in the world is now available for your Amiga 500 computer! This rugged little sweetheart mounts completely inside your computer allowing 20 megabytes of high speed storage that takes absolutely no desk space. The advanced features include autobooting from FastFileSystem partitions, high speed caching, auto-configuring, and A-Max II support. Novia 20i comes with complete instructions and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. Available today at Amiga dealers everywhere. Novia is a trademark of ICD, Incorporated, Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc, A-Max II is a trademark of Ready5oft.
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Box 802 • Peterborough, NH 03458 1 Or call: 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-0100 OH GRAPHICS 26 Freehand Lettering Part 1: Word Shapes A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen FINDING THE RIGHT font for titling an animation or video project can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes nothing in your archive seems to quite fit the spirit of your production. This is especially true when you work in hi-res interlace for the benefit of increased image sharpness. You simply may not be able to find display fonts large enough or with the right characters for your task. I often see beginners blowing up smaller fonts and accepting the resulting blocky pixels. In this two-part installment of “Accent," I will suggest some simple alternatives that use freehand lettering. You need not be a trained calligrapher to create attractive lettering on the Amiga. Many of the tools in popular paint packages can help you achieve the clean look and style you want, i will refer to tools in DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts), but most of the techniques apply to any paint package. The accompanying illustration shows two examples of lettering styles, each of which demonstrates a different freehand technique. We will take the “COMIC” example in this month’s column and use “STORY” as the basis for Part 2. I created the image in high-res interlace, 640 by 400 pixels in 16 colors, on an .Amiga 1000. Using a more recent model containing the new enhanced chip set (ECS) would have made some operations easier, because the ECS Agnus with 1MB of chip RAM lets you cut and paste larger areas of a hi-res screen. I chose an A1000 with the older Agnus, however, in order to show that despite the hi-res limitations of 512K-chip RAM, the technique will still work with a few extra moves on the A1000 and older A500 and A2000 machines. Not-So-Perfect Letters I wanted the word “COMIC” to have some of the feel of the old Disney “Comics and Stories” lettering fat, angular letters with no serifs (the short cross-lines that finish off the upper and lower strokes of letters in certain type faces). I also wanted the letters of the word to overlap at odd angles, creating a whole shape rather than remaining isolated characters. To follow my example, make a light blue in your palette for the letters and a darker blue for the shadows each letter will cast on its neighbor. Create a light- brown background color and a darker brown for shadows cast on that background. Color zero in the palette is black, and color one is a medium value tan or grey. These two menu colors do not flicker much and are easy on the eyes. Make each letter separately as an outline; then fill them and assemble the word. Set Fast FB in Prefs and use the curved-line tool to make the “C.” The tool is not suited to make the curve of the "C” in a single stroke, for it tends to produce a kind of skewed parabola, while wfe want the head and foot of the “C” to curve in a little. Using a singlepixel black brush, lay the bottom curve of the “C” first. Begin the second curve from the top of that line to complete the outside of the letter. Use the u key (undo) as you experiment with curves undl you get a shape you like. Use the straight-line tool to draw the edges at the head and foot of the letter, and then finish the inner contours with the curved-line tool. The “O” is simply two concentric ellipses. For the “M,” use the unfilled- polygon tool to make the outline. Again, use the undo key to experiment freely until you like the shape. (My third "M” finally suited me.) Remember to be selective in the angles you choose for straight lines. To see w'hat I mean, drag out a When ready-made fonts just won t do, try these fteehand titling techniques instead. Single-pixel straight line and slowly move it to different angles. Watch the nature of the stair-step “jaggies” at the various angles. At some angles, they are quite obnoxious, while at others they arc hardly noticeable. Try to use angles that produce the least “jaggy” lines. Use the unfilled-polygon tool to make the letter “I.” Avoid even, parallel lines in making each letter. Asymmetry in the creation of individual letters is part of the character of this style. I did, however, reuse the first “C” at the end to lend a kind of verisimilitude to the look of die entire word. Shaping the Whole Fill each letter with light blue and begin assembling the word one letter at a time. If chip RAM is an issue, cut each brush as close to the object as possible. If you get a low-memory message, close Workbench, delete the spare screen, and free Stencil. Stamp the “C” down at the far right of the screen, then pick up the “I” as a brush. Using the Stencil tool, lock all colors except the light blue of the letter. Selecting dark blue as a foreground color, press F2 for Color mode. The letter “I” is now a solid dark-blue “shadow.” To position it, toggle Stencil off with the key (above the Tab key) and experiment until you like the placement. Toggle Stencil back on without moving the brush and then stamp the shadow. Because all other colors are locked, the shadow covers only the light blue of the letter “C.” This is the kind of operation that makes one appreciate the power of the keyboard commands. Toggle Stencil off again and press FI for Matte mode to return the brush to its original appearance. Stamp it down so that it is offset up and to the left of the shadow. Repeat these procedures for the remaining letters. Note that you must Remake Stencil after placing each new letter to include it in the stencil. .As a final touch, “drop-shadow” the entire word. If you have one megabyte of chip RAM, you can simply pick up the entire word as a brush and use Color mode (F2) to stamp the shadow in dark brown. Pressing FI returns the original image, which you then offset to the upper-left of the screen. The process becomes a little trickier if you have only 512K of chip RAM. You will need to pick up a hi-res brush of this size in two chunks or you will get an out-of-memory message. Use the right mouse button to pick up the left half, removing it from the background. Press F2 to position it as a shadow' on the spare screen. If you see only a rectangle representing the brush, simply stamp it down and use the undo key until you are satisfied with the positioning. Press FI and offset the original image chunk. Finally, pick up the remaining Half and match it to the edges of the first chunk, follow ing the same procedures. Next month I will discuss other approaches to freehand lettering, focusing on the animated "sweeping-glint” effect used on the word “STORY” in this title. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Menu Structures By Robert D’Asto COLOR VARIATIONS, KEYBOARD shortcuts, different highlighting methods and other menu options are common to many Amiga applications, yet they are seemingly out of reach for any programmer not adept at C, assembly, or the other “serious” languages. Actually, these menu options can be programmed with BASIC once you understand the data blocks used by Intuition in creating menu displays. These data blocks, known as structures, are the keys to getting the most from your system for menus and many other areas. To many first-time programmers, the term structure may be new, because most forms of BASIC do not directly support this data type. It is, however, a simple concept to understand and use. Similar to arrays, structures are organized sequences of data. The key difference is that a structure may contain data of different types. For example, you could create a structure by setting aside a six-byte area of memory and specifying that the first two bytes are to contain an integer value and the last four bytes a long integer value. Later on, you could change the two values, but not the amount of memory that each occupies nor the order in which they appear in memory. A structure can be of any length and can contain any combination of one-, two-, or four-byte fields. The two- and four-byte fields, however, must begin on even-numbered addresses. You can include an unused "pad” byte in a structure to accomplish this. A structure may also contain one or more other structures, called substructures. To see how structures are set up, take a look at the following samples. Intuition defines and maintains menus via several structures. Each of the three key structures is defined below by the name of each field, its size in bytes, and a brief description. The first is appropriately called the Menu structure and contains: Field Size Description NextMenu 4 The address of the next menu structure LeftEdge 2 Position of left side of containing “box” TopEdge 2 Position of top side Width 2 Width of box Height 2 Height of box Flags 2 A value of 1 enables this menu; zero disables MenuName 4 Address of text to display as menu's title Firstitem 4 Address of the top Item in this menu JazzX 2 For system use only JazzY 2 For system use only BeatX 2 For system use only BeatY 2 For system use only Each menu is defined by its own structure in RAM. If a display has more than one, all of the Menu structures are linked via their first fields (NextMenu). The display’s left-most menu is considered the first; its NextMenu field contains the address of the structure for the next menu to the right. That menu's structure points to the next, and so on until the rightmost menu. The NextMenu field in this final menu’s structure contains a NULL value. The next four fields of a Menu structure specify the position and dimensions of the “box" that enclose the menu’s title. The numbers they contain are pixel values relative to the screen’s title bar. The MenuName field is the address of the IntuiText structure, while the Firstltem field contains the address of the Menu- Item structure. You can disregard the last four fields. The IntuiText structure to which MenuName points defines the text to be displayed as the menu’s title. IntuiText is made up of: Field Size Description FrontPen 1 Foreground color of text BackPen 1 Background color of text DrawMode 1 Graphics drawing mode for rendering the text Pad Next field is two bytes long so insert a pad LeftEdge 2 Same as In Menu TopEdge 2 Same as in Menu ItextFont 4 Points to structure describing text font (Text 4 Pointer to the character string + CHR$ (0) NextText 4 Pointer to another IntuiText struct or NULL The first three fields specify the colors and drawing mode the system should use to render the text. The color values are the same as those used with the Color ? G? TsPTv = & 5U • TyUCoDfti ft' * . V." w; ' ™ ¦ "•* ¦’ •& 'Iv - sV i' ¦ DCTV "(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's chip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV'Wcreates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTV .W DCTV valso works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. DIGITAI i- _ C R EATIONS 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied for. Grc'e 29 on Reacer Serv ce card T E R S P 0 I statement in BASIC. The value in the DrawMode field is usually zero, signaling the JAM1 drawing mode, which draws the foreground color onto the background. The LjeftEdge and TopEdge are, again, positioning offsets for the text in the select box. The ItextFont field points to another structure, TextAttr, which lets you define a font to use. Don’t worry about it; leaving this field as NULL gives you the default system font. The Itext field is a pointer to the actual text string in RAM, which must have CHRS(O) as its last character. You can use the last field to point to another IntuiText structure, but leave it empty (NULL) for use with menus. Lastly, the Menultem structure describes the top item in the menu. Each item in each menu must have a Menultem structure to define it: Reid Size Description Nextltem 4 Address of next item in this menu LeftEdge 2 Same as in Menu structure TopEdge 2 Same as in Menu structure Width 2 Same as in Menu structure Height 2 Same as in Menu structure Rags 2 A value corresponding to various options Exclude 4 Coded value for excluding other items ItemRII 4 Pointer to IntuiText struct for this item SelectRli 4 Points to image, if any Command 1 Character to use for keyboard shortcut Pad 1 Next field is four bytes Subitem 4 Pointer to subitem Menultem structure NextSelect 2 Used for drag-selecting several items If a menu has multiple items, each successive Menultem structure holds the address of the next in the Next Item field. In the last item’s structure, Nextltem would be NULL. Similar to those in the Menu structure, the next four fields describe the position and dimensions of the item’s select box. The Flags field specifies which of several options the system uses with the item (more on this later). The Exclude field is used to “uncheck” other, previously checked items within the same menu when the item is selected (as in a list of fonts in a desktop publishing-program menu or a list of protocols in a terminal-program menu). Each bit of this value represents a menu item. For example, if the first bit is set (Exclude =1) the first item’s checkmark will be erased when the user selects this new item. The ItemFill field contains the address of the IntuiText structure for the item. If you place pointers to an Image structure in the ItemFill and SelectFill fields, the system will display graphics instead of text for the item. The single-byte Command field holds the ASCII value of a character the user can press as a keyboard shortcut instead of selecting the item. If your menu item needs suboptions, you can also attach one or more subitems by defining Menultem structures for each and putting the address of the first subitem’s structure in the main Menultem structure's Subitem field. The system maintains the last field, NextSelect. If the user drag-selects more than one item from the menu, The system looks here to find the next item the user selected. The Menultem structure’s Flags field is the key to several menu options that Intuition provides. In the Flags field, each bit of the field corresponds to a particular option. If a particular bit is set (is equal to
1) , the option is enabled; if it is not (is equal to 0), the option is disabled. You can set the desired bits by adding the appropriate values together and placing the result in the Flags field. The following values, shown in hex notation, will enable the options given when placed in the Flags field: Value Option &H0001 Check Item if selected &HOG02 This item is to display text &H0004 This item has a keyboard shortcut &H0008 Toggle the check of this item (on off) &H0010 Enable this item &H0Q40 Highlight the item by complement &H0080 Highlight by boxing &H00C0 No highlight &H0100 If first option above In use then check this item Add these values together to combine options for a menu item. For example: &H0002 + &H0010 + &HQ080 = &H0092 Placing &H0092 in the Flags field produces an item that displays text, is enabled (not ghosted), and will be highlighted with a box drawn around it when the mouse pointer passes over it. While only a small slice of the number of structures available, these three are good examples of the power and flexibility that structures can give your programs. In BASIC, you need not worry about creating them, however; in these three cases, the interpreter does the work for you via Menu statements. Once the menus are set up, you can customize them by locating and changing the appropriate structure fields. You can obtain the starting address of the first Menu structure with PEEKL(WINDOW(7)+28), as Intuition uses this memory position to store the address. From this point, you can locate any of the structures’ fields via offsets (adding bytes to an address) or by fetching pointers contained within structures with PEEKL statements. The Intuition library also provides a routine called ItemAddress, which simplifies finding Menultem structures. For more information on using structures, consult the A mi go ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices ($ 34.95, Addison-Wesley, Route 128, Reading, MA 01867, 617 944-3700). ¦ Robert Dasto is a programmer, writer, and composer who contributes regularly to Amiga magazines. Write to him clo AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458.
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• Genlock
• Color Effects
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132. 00 rjf KK.IFT mm rovrn 7995 AE SS0K DISK DRIVE ___109.00 SiFFSKIN lHTflO 1795 AUTOUNK 44 55 1795 BlGfOOT 150 POWER SUP 9735 SAFESKJN A3000 1795 CMS SYQUEST 45MB HO _ __ 699.00 SAFESKM1A500 .... .....
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- 373S .27100 .30000 .56100 FKAMEGRASBEfl PAL VERS 66900 FRAUEGRABBER 2S6 GRAY _ 629 00 FRAMEGRABBER 2S6G PAL _ 559 00 KAM-E SYSTEM_32900 LENS 1614M NQ iftlS_1995 LENS ItUM WARS _5355 LIVE! 1000__ 249 00 EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES Idata Flyer LIVE! 2000. LAE! 500 _ BASEBOARD Memory expansion for the Amiga 500
• Up to 4 MegaBytes (6MB w daughterboard)
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- 124.00 ..... 58,00
• million colors -
• 24-bit graphics display card
• Works on the Amiga 2000, and 2500
• 2 Meg Version .... Atonce The Ultimata PC AT Emulaior for your Amiga Uhr»«*np c1 tffugn ¦ Ea*y tO minute Ih*un*tkjn - HO SOLDtltWG ¦ FULL B40KB OF DOS MEMORY OH 1 MO Amiga, Works with all autoeoriflgura autobooilng Conunodctr OOWBWfc3 Iwd *1w Systems
• Emulate* CGA. Hercules and ocher vkteo cants -' _ - ¦ Can ba uaad with a A2000 l*'L' 3 spadal adapter s309°° * Q Media Avoiding the “Gotchas” “THE GOBBLE-UNS’LL GIT you ef you don’t watch out,” cautioned James Whitcomb Riley, and every producer of multimedia presentations would do well to heed his warning. Multimedia production is riddled with “gotchas,” many of which I have discovered by falling prey to them myself. By knowing where they are and taking steps to avoid them, you can save yourself aggravation and become more efficient, too. You can start hedging gotchas even before you begin to assemble your presentation by sketching out the events on a storyboard. Doing so helps you clarify the sequences in your mind and see potential problems you might otherwise miss. You can create a storyboard by designing a sheet of paper with several boxes on it, leaving room below the boxes for notes. In the squares, roughly sketch the key images in the order they should appear. Just below each, note what type of image it is, the resolution, the length of time it is to appear on screen, what sound effect or music sequence is to accompany it, and any transition information. [I created a storyboard template using Gold Disk’s Professional Page ($ 395), and I use multiple photocopies of it to plan my presentations.] The result is a comic-book By Geoffrey Williams style layout of the show. For interactive presentations, in which the viewer controls the sequence of events, you should arrange your storyboard as a flowchart. To design a flowchart, use a box for each significant event, and connect the boxes with lines to show the various paths that the viewer can follow. Flowcharting is absolutely essential for interactive presentations, which are significantly more complex than linear shows. Without a clear “road map” of the presentation, you’ll have a heck of a time figuring out what is going on if things do not happen the way you want them to. In implementing your plan, you will find that your scheme quickly falls apart when the “Not enough memory” requester appears. Multimedia presentations are inherently memory-hungry, so if you want to be free to create, max out your RAM. (Fortunately, memory prices are now lower than they have been for a long time.) Five megabytes is the minimum for multimedia production; my memory board is packed full and 1 would not give up a byte. To make certain that memory is avail- able when you need it, dump preloaded images from memory immediately after they are displayed. (If you clo not, they will just stay there hogging space.) As you are editing and rearranging sequences, take care that you do not inadvertently move the unload command a point before the image’s display command. To The Graphics’ll Git You There are several gotchas to be aware of when creating graphics for your presentation. Ideally, if you do wipes between pictures, all the images should share the same color palette and resolution. Realistically, however, the pictures you use will probably differ in these respects. Images using different palettes yield very weird color shifts during a wipe, which is probably not at all what you want. The way out of this gotcha is to load each picture into an image-processing program such as PIXmate ($ 69.95, Progressive Peripherals) or The Art Department ($ 89.95, ASDG) and save them in HAM format (even hi-res images translate remarkably well). With one picture loaded, you can match its palette with an on-disk reference image to which you want to standardize. Once all of your pictures have the same palette, you can do glitch-free wipes between them. You can also use an image processor to bring the resolution of each image up to the level of the highest resolution of any in the series. (Reducing the resolution also reduces detail.) Increasing the resolution of a HAM image does not in- i
- PAJJ J J J yd ''IjJJJjy* It can be any Amiga graphic, text or animation. The image can be hand drawn, scanned, computer rendered or digitized. Any screen image shown on any Amiga model will work. The MicroSearch ChromaKey accepts any composite video signal, including home camcorders and VCRs. Blue backgrounds and objects in the scene will disappear when sent through the ChromaKey. Video input to ChromaKey Amiga graphic screen All blue objects and backgrounds in the original video J signal are now transparent, allowing the Amiga screen to show through from behind. The computer graphic forms a backdrop for the live video. Fmml ': MB-' B Chromakey output video frame An Amiga computer equipped with a genlock can put Amiga graphics over video. Now by adding a MicroSearch ChromaKey, you can put parts of that video IN FRONT of the Amiga graphics. Many Hollywood and television special-effects are based on the same principle as the MicroSearch ChromaKey. Anything in the live video scene that is the color blue is made transparent by the ChromaKey, letting the Amiga’s graphics show through from behind. Any Amiga graphic or animation becomes a backdrop in the video, allowing actors to appear to be in exotic locations, or to seemingly interact with a computer generated "virtual reality". Portions of an actor can be made invisible by wearing the color blue over the parts that are to disappear. These effects were once only possible from a professional television studio or special effects house, but now MicroSearch brings it to the desktop with the ChromaKey for the Amiga. MicroSearch ChromaKey $ 395.00 Demonstration tape available Requires an Amiga computer and external genlock to operate. ADPU 9896 S.W. Freeway, Houston TX ' 77074 , W (713) 988-281 9 - FAX; (713) 995-4994 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc M U L T ! M E I) [ A volve any other changes, but with regular IFF pictures, resolution increase necessitates a reduction in the number of display colors. Thankfully, The Art Department can restore some of those missing colors through color dithering. Another gotcha involving graphics compatibility can arise when you need to add buttons to an image display. Because the buttons and the graphic must share the same palette if they are to appear on the same screen, design your buttons first with the colors you want, and then design your graphics with those button colors added to the palette. This approach is much better than having to either redesign the graphic or compromise on the look of the buttons. Here’s one to watch for when trying to align graphics with video images. Let’s say that while genlocked over a laser-disc image, you have drawn some graphics in DeluxePaint III (S149, Electronic Arts), taking great care to line them up with the video. You then save the graphics files and play them from your multi- media program, but find that they no longer align with the video. The problem is that you had DeluxePaint’s overscan option on and its menu bar active while drawing, when in fact you can see the proper positioning of graphics in overscan mode only with the menu bar turned off. For a demonstration of how the menu bar affects the position of an object on the screen, draw a shape on the screen and toggle the bar on and off using the F10 key. You will see the shape jump up and down by almost an inch. When preparing a presentation that employs laser discs, pay attention to the frame numbers on the video disc to avoid another gotcha time delays between sequences. Jumping around from frames at the beginning of the disk to frames at the end can take a noticeable amount of time, because the laser must move a considerable distance to find the cues. When you cannot avoid uncomfortable delays, you can cover them with short animations. .An animation that plays while a video or still is being sought makes the presentation seem smoother. Even using a simple animated title screen repeatedly is better than leaving the viewer of your presentation to stare at a static screen and wonder what is happening. An’ the Animations, Too! The area of animation is laden with potential gotchas in large part because of the inherent size of animation files. Animations not only consume great amounts of disk space and memory, but they also require a lot of time to load and often do not run as fast as you expect. You can reduce the size of an animation and thus the disk space, memory, and time required to handle it in a number of ways. Before you even begin to create your animation, set up a color palette on the first frame and load the picture into an image processor where you can optimize the palette. When you then save the picture, it will be smaller and so will the animation you create using the optimized palette. The order in which colors appear in the palette can also affect the number of bytes an image takes up. Using your first frame again, rearrange the positions of the colors in the palette, use the remap option, and then save the image. Try this several times, rearranging the palette in various ways, and the chances are that one of the versions you save will be significantly smaller than the others. (You can also downsize an animation by re- ducing the number of colors used or bv employing a lower screen resolution.) Sometimes you load an animation into your multimedia-authoring program only to find that it plays back more slowly and spasmodically than it does in the program you used to create it. DeluxePaint III, for example, has a faster animation player than any multi- media package I have tested. Use this rule of thumb: If your sequence seems the slightest bit jerky when played through your animation program, remedy the situation there. Even if the problem seems acceptable in your animation program, it will look worse when played through your multimedia software. To remedy slow play-back problems, it helps to understand a little about how animation compression works on the Amiga. The ANIM format stores only the differences between frames, and each pixel that changes means more work and longer processing time for your computer. Thus, when there are a lot of changes between frames, it takes longer for the frames to display (especially in hires). As a result, your animation can slow down to a crawl. If you design your animations carefully, however, trying to minimize the number of things that move between frames, you are less likely to encounter such trouble. Another method for increasing the speed of hi-res animations may surprise you. It involves loading your hi-res file into a HAM animation program for automatic conversion to HAM format. The best tool for this job is Oxxi Aegis’s SpectraColor (yet to be released at this writing) which, unlike Photon Paint (SI49, Microillusions), does not require you to load in your hi-res animation frame by frame. .Although this method lowers the resolution of the images, there is almost no noticeable loss of image quality (and because there are only 16 colors, there is absolutely no HAM fringing). I have seen speed increases of almost three times over the original. In designing hi-res animations, I recommend you avoid using uncompressed mode. While uncompressed animations play much faster in DeluxePaint, they play at the slower compressed speed when you save them and try to play them from another program. This can cut your speed by almost half in some cases, reducing your animation to a pathetic crawl. More playback trouble can creep in when you create an animation on an accelerated machine and then use an unaccelerated machine for the actual presentation. A 68030 processor will speed up your animations significantly, although none will go faster than the set maximum of 30 frames per second; it is only with animations that normally play slower than the maximum rate that the difference becomes a problem. If you create the animation on an accelerated machine, be sure to play your multimedia show on one that's identically accelerated. An’ That’S Not All! You know you loaded sound effects, and you know they are intact because you tested them. You know your computers sound channels work because you are playing a musical score. Still, your sound effect will not play. What’s the trouble? It ? ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 is probably sound-channel contention. When you want to use SMUS music files [such as those created in Deluxe Music Construction Set ($ 99.95, Electronic * .Arts)] along with sound effects, use only Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 GOLD-DSK Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 two channels for the music. Otherwise, you hear no sound effects, for there’s no channel available for them to play through. Keep this in mind when planning audio feedback for a button click, Microlllusions Manufacturers’ Addresses PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 as well. There will be no feedback if there are no audio channels available. If, like me, you use several authoring programs, you probably tend to forget which programs do what. To avoid got- chas that can arise from such confusion, keep a list of your software’s limitations and refer to it while planning your presentation. Finding out that you cannot do something after you have already started creating a presentation can put you into the middle of a tangled mess. (For a list of the different multimedia program’s capabilities, see Mastering Multimedia, Nov. ’90, p. 68.) With a little forethought and planning, you can duck some of the nasty surprises you might otherwise encounter while creating a multimedia program. Watch out for those gotchas because it’s much more fun to spend your time creating than solving problems. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is Executive Producer for Creative Business Communication and head of the Amiga Video-Graphics Guild. Write to him cjo AmigaWorld Editorial, SO Elm Si., Peterborough, A77 0345S. Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the AmigaWorld product line and we need your help. We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. ¦ GAMES ¦ ANIMATION ¦ 3D ¦ UTILITIES ¦ CLIP ART ¦ AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS ¦ OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS Send your submissions Amiga Product Submissions or contact us for Mare-Anne Jarvela
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T. V. Sports Football The Plague Theme Park Mystery ThunderStrike Time Machine Treasure Trap Xenomorph Ninja Remix Reef Storm Rising Battle Master Corporation It Came From the Desert Torvak the Warrior Amiga Action w disk Amiga Computing w disk Amiga Format w disk CU Amiga w disk The One w disk Ace (no disk) Amiga User Int'l (no disk} Raze (no disk) MORE DEALS! UK Magazines Star Control By John Ryan Earth’s future looks very dim: The Ui-Quaii Hierarchy, an ancient and potent race of warriors, has set its greedy sights on Earth’s section of the galaxy. If they get their way, they will enslave human beings and every other race. As commander of seven fleets captained by the seven races of the Alliance, you must stop the L'r-Quans. You can try to do so in two inodes: Melee or Full Game. A pure arcade sequence, Melee mode pits one of your seven ships against an opposing Ur-Quan ship in open space. Each craft has its own strengths, weaknesses, and secret weapons, it is up to you to match your ship's advantages against the Ur-Quan’s vulnerabilities. Your goal is to destroy all seven of the enemy’s ships. Be careful; you must not only navigate toward your enemy and score a hit, but also adjust to the magnetic forces of celestial bodies in the area. Monitor the ships’ positions in the main overhead view and keep an eye on the diminishing fuel supply and the crew’s health on the right side of the screen. Kill all your enemy’s crew members, and you destroy the ship. 9DBRB ¦ Full Game mode is geared toward tactics and strategy. The broad goal of each of the nine scenarios usually entails dominating a section of the galaxy. You send ships to explore and colonize planets, Ready to shoot down a ship like this? Build mines and new ships, and fortify your colonies against attack. Exploring the system takes time, for you are limited as to the distance you can move a ship in each turn. You and the computer (or another person in two-player mode) take turns moving, exploring, and colonizing. Fights that erupt when two opposing units occupy the same star system are resolved in Melee mode. (You chart the developing colonies, mines, ships, and space stations on the 3-D galaxy display.) You win when you complete a scenario’s objective. Star Control is an absolute joy full of splendid graphics, fluid animation, superb sounds, and options. Each of the 14 star ships is nicely rendered, complete with spot animation of the captain and crew. I look your .Amiga up to a stereo for a plethora of sound effects, from the roar of laser fire to the bass rumble of ships exploding in space. For variety, you can control either the Hierarchy or the Alliance, play as a cyborg (which 1 highly recommend: you control the tactical moves and the computer handles your ships in Melee mode), or create your own scenarios in the edit- ing facility. Star Control is pleasing to look at and can be immensely enjoyable for weeks. Its documentation is thorough, yet concise, and the game even installs painlessly on your hard drive and runs under 2.0. What more can a true gamer ask for? (S49.95, Accolade, 550
S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA 95128, 408 985-1700. One megabyte required.) ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson
• A NUMBER OF people complain they're boxed-in in PowerMonger (Electronic Arts, S49.95), notably in the territories in the upper-right and lower-left corners of the initial selection screen. No wonder; these two segments call for a decided change of tactics from usual village pillaging. In the upper-right land, you’re overmatched from the start by aggressive bowmen from a neighboring island. Fight, and you’re breakfast. Hang around, and you're lunch. Time to wage guerilla war. Conquer the village - to the south, if only to get your hands on their supply of food and manpower. (If you don't, your enemy will.) Equip the three boats you'll find around the town. Run. (Do not. However, de-rank your army.) Head for the big island with your two men. Find stray sheep to supplement your diet, and as many boats as you can carry, and you'll find that somehow your stranded army is migrating to you in dribs and drabs. You’re still outgunned. Hit the village in the southwest corner of the island, and use It to build weapons just in case you happen to encounter the enemy army (which will be hunting you). Once you're satisfied, move northeast to take the main town. That will enable you to build a catapult. At this point, you’ve won the arms race; you can handle the details from there. The trouble in the lower-left land isn'f so much enemy aggression as that there's no easy mark nearby that you can exploit without interruption. The island is wholly occupied by Blue Suits, the towns are closely spaced, and they come to each other’s defense with dispatch. You take a town only to be attacked without pause. ? For 400 years no-one has dared to take up the toughest challenge man has ever known
- to find Quetzacotl's GOLD OF THE AZJECSi'No-one has dared, that is uritiUoday. Bret Conrad, ex Special Forces Commander (and all round great guy) is bored. His combat training has made mortal danger a way of life, and since he was forced into retirement for being a liability to himself and his men, he's been looking for a death defying mission that he can really get his teeth into. This time the odds are really stacked against him -.and you in one of the biggest, most fascinating adventure games ever devised! ' GOLD IS THE PASSION DEATH IS THE PROBABIL ppl 3 manyears of development.
• 7,000 frames of animation. P 140 hero actions. 18,000 individual pieces of graphics. 600K of music and sound
• 8 megabytes of code and data. Over 80 screens of non-stop action and devious puzzles.
U. S. GOLD LTD. 550 South Winchester Poulevard, Suite 200, San Jos6 CA 95128. Teh (408) 246 6607 Scietmhnic areunlyinlendrd to be illustrative ol Ihc gamy playand nol the scrcm graphic*which vary considerably hrlwxrn dilfrrrnl formal* in quality and appearance and art >ubjrcr lo the computer* specification*. To OrdejfcJHIgg ¦ See your local retailer or call 1-800-245-7744 AVAILABLE ON CBM AMIGA, ATARI ST & IBM PC Thfc Gord of Ihe Artec* (e) 199ft, 1991 Kinctica Software. All rights reserved. Manufactured add distributed under licence by U.S. GOLD llMITED,..Unit* W, Holford Way. Hblford Bimiinghain, B67AX, England. Copyright subsists on this program. Unauthorised broadcasting, diffusion,. Public performance, copying or re-recording, hiring, leasing, renting and selling under any exchange or re* purchase scheme in any manner strictly prohibited.
I. i . I .. i j Cttcfe 76 on Puaclor Served card. GAME REVIEWS By Peter Olafson Wrath of the Demon is a tour- de-force arcade adventure. Your basic kingdom-obliterating demon has intercepted a messenger carrying the king’s orders to destroy the creature. You’re a stranger in town, just passing by, and you find the note and get the call. Graphically, Demon is a knockout. The fast parallax scrolling (up to 15 levels) lends the game a sense of speed and depth, and screens glow with lush colors. The Warner Brothers cartoon crew would be proud of the seamless animation. A dragon, once defeated, turns into a tiny version of himself and scampers off the screen. When your character is killed while on foot, he looks out at the computer audience in disbelief before he goes down. (When he dies while on horseback, he weaves!) Best of all, Demon lets you avoid waiting and fussing with the system. You can get back into the action quickly after your character dies. The animated intro can be cut short. To avoid cutting play short, you can save ten games at the text breaks between segments. The four-disk game supports a second floppy, though not a Carthage By John Ryan As the Third Punic War draw's to a close, the fate of history is in your hands. The year is 146
B. C., and you, as Diogenes, must help save the city of Carthage from advancing Roman armies. With the "gift of hard disk. While I lack an accelerator, the game promises to work with one. Why anyone would wrant to play this one faster, however, I don’t know. The opening sequence on horseback will prove rigorous even for experienced arcade-game players. You have to jump the horse over obstacles in your path, punch bat-like creatures, and scoop up and use flasks with everything zipping at dizzying speeds. Around level 4, just when you’re getting tired of punching and hacking (albeit varied punching and hacking), the game matures to include sight,” Diogenes can view all the cities, ships, and advancing Roman legions around Carthage. What you see are beautiful fractal maps of the topographical features, cities, and armies, puzzles and exploration. If I have a complaint, it’s that the monster graphics are a rather mixed bunch sinister, goofy, nondescript which may be why Demon isn’t as atmospheric as Psygnosis’ creepy Shadow- of the Beast II. 1 also wrish the player’s energy-level meter was more in the natural line-of-sight. Quibbles aside, Wrath of the Demon is decidedly easier to get into than Beast, and the gameplay is fine. I think you’ll like it. ($ 49.95, Ready Soft, 30 Wert- heim Court, Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B9, 416 731-4175. Joystick required.) Into w'hich you can zoom on 16 levels. You control the action by pointing and clicking. Your job is to quickly build armies and fortify the various cities against attack. The first step is to personally deliver gold to a city. ? Watch troop movements and find a town that isn't going to be visited soon. (Arrange to arrive once the homeboys are out of sight.) I used the northernmost town, so as to have my back to the sea. Make bows for as long as you can. Eventually the enemy will show up tons of them but you’ll be ready to mow them down. Then you can capture the island at your leisure. Wrath of the Demon
• Questions are turning up on Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess (Draconian, S59.95). For John E. Link of Beimont, Mass.: To revive the mummy, feed it the food not the liquid- found off the left passage of the underwater tunnel you discovered after your encounter with Deilos. (You'll need to use zone scans to find both the passage and the food.) The Starry Wall can be opened by fiddling with the stars or by the monkey who was trailing Sci-Fi. You must place the monkey in Ihe tunnel and the figurine in an alcove, however, before you can move on. For BK*Trooper (who sent E-mail): Did you talk to your pal Gauss before going into the chamber and getting sacrificed? He has some good advice.
• We've had a clue on this one before, but it may have been too subtle. I've never heard of anyone successfully punching out Biff the Nazi, the hulking castle guard in the graphic-adventure version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Lucasfilm, $ 49.95), but you can get him good and drunk. He’s a big guy, however, so you’ll need something more capacious than the stein. Also, a couple of you are beating your heads over what to do with the musical skulls and the reluctant door in the Venetian catacombs. It’s easy to forget that you have a pseudo-hint book In your inventory. Look at the Grail diary, and you’ll see that the skulls correspond to notes. ® A couple of people are looking for the code In the Map Room in Battle- tech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception (Infocom, $ 49.95). Believe it or not the answer’s in your manual. Check out the shaded area on page 14. Continued on p. 74. No PC Graphics Here. As everybody knows, many Amiga games aren't really Amiga games at all. They're PC games in disguise. But now Accolade introduces three awesome games that definitely are "Made in Amiga." That means enhanced 32-color Amiga graphics. Great Amiga sounds. Hot Amiga music. And dazzling Amiga animation. If you're looking for 100% pure Amiga adventure. Accolade has three graphic examples. “Riotously entertaining." The Denver Post “Graphically stunning. ” Omni “Elvira rules!" Questbusters r H How About a FREE Demo? To order visit your retailer or call: 1-800-245-7744 For hints on all of the games, call 900-990-HINT using a touch tone phone. Fill out this coupon, and mail it to Accolade, c o Penny Parker, 550 S. Winchester Blvd. -200, San Jose. CA 95128. We'll show you what Amiga graphics and sounds should be. NAME AGE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP PHONE NUMBER Elwomoge e IW0 1W1 Q-.een -B’ PioOucwj Eva crw Vahess cf me Dart c:e the fiaaernaro c' *3' *re Charge tor zr'b recorSec nrrs era rps a ti. ‘or mo first nvijte. *Cc 'or eoch ccr-cmo: rwe How many games have you purchased for your Amiga computer? Note: Demo is available for the Amiga only. SAE 3 91 J L Software Art & Graphics aglne Professional Draw 2.0 Spectracolor Turbo Silver 3.0 Vista Pro !' KNOWLEDGEABLE, OPERATORS t FAST SERVICE
• LOW PRJCI trs ar-f- rdwa re Memory-A500 | | Memory-A2000 34 $ 31 $ 19 $ 31 $ 34 $ 28 $ 31 537 $ 31 $ 34 $ 34 $ 25 Call S37 $ 31 S12 Complete Automat Digi-View $ 449 Includes: Dig I-Vie wy S22 S25 $ 37 $ 35 Music Bars and Pipes Bars and Pipes Pro Debt Music Const Set Dr. T's Copyist DTP Dr.TsKC.S.Levoni Dr. T's Tiger Cub plus: Copy Star Pani 1410 camel w lens, switch, and all cables. Utility $ 209 5649 Call $ 1489 $ 875 $ 48 $ 109 2 17 1599 9 $ 591 $ 26? $ 49 $ 56 $ 65 $ 169 Being Optical Mouse OptoMech. Mouse $ 94 $ 37 Optical Mouse $ 59 Mouse Master Switch $ 29 BaiHandte Joystick $ 25 Boss Joystick $ 15 Slk Stk Joystick $ 7 Tac 50 Joykick S17 Amtrac Trackball $ 71 Kraft Trackball $ 59 The morning commute turns nasty. Ram Worcs 500 S69 Golden Image RC500 512K RAM exp $ 49 Supra 500(512Kw clock) $ 62 500RX(1MB) $ 145 BeeeBoard OK RAM $ 109 1MB $ 146 2MB $ 216 ICD ADR AM Call Applied Engineering 880 external $ 99
1. 52MB external $ 199 Golden Image Master 3A-1 Floppy Drive $ 84 Master 3A-lDRcpgy Drive S129 B80K Ext 3.5 floppy $ 89 Chinon A2000 internal drive $ 89 GVP A500-HDB +0 40F Call A500-H08 +0 52Q S669 A500-HD8 +0 100Q Call Supra 20MB-A500XP $ 469 40MB-A500XP $ 559 105MB-A500XP $ 919 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RAM Exp. W Clock & 880K External Drive lowest price $ 129 JX100 Scanner w Software$ 749 JX300 Scanner w Software$ 2999 Pan,1410 Cam.w tens $ 199 DCTV $ 429 AutoDroid Color Splitter Copy Siand DigiDroid Frame Grabber Hand Scanner w Touchup Bodega Bay Amiga 50uExpansion cabinet Digitizers & Scanners Min Gen Supergen Supergen 2000S Video Toaster Internal TBC Hard drives-A500 Floppy Drives Audio Video Midi ECE Midi Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold Insider Phantom SMPTE MIDI Supra Supramodem 2400 external S99 Supramodem 2400w mnp $ 159 Supramodem 2400zi $ 115 Supramodem 2400zi plus Call Applied Engineering DataLink Express ext. $ 169 DataLink Exp. SendFAX $ 219 DataLink 2000 int S139 DataLink 2000 IntsendFAX S199 GVP HC 0 Series II controller S159 HC8+O 0 Series II cntrllr $ 219 Supra Wordsync controller $ 119 Hard Drive* 40MB Fujitsu $ 349 52MB Quantum $ 379 BOMB Seagate S449 105MB Quantum $ 669 GVP A2000 Accelerator* A3001-4MBO $ 1399 A3033-4MBA) $ 1599 A3050-4MBA) $ 2449 A500 Accelerator Mega Midget Racer 25Mhz $ 699 AdSpeed $ 229 2000 RAM Board 2MB Si 99 2000 RAM Board 4MB $ 289 2000 RAM Board 6MB $ 379 2000 RAM Board 8M0 $ 469 Your sourca for all your Amfaa needs. Call if you cjdn't see It 'and receive a REE catalog Hard drives-A2000 Input Devices Accelerators Modems A-10 Tank Killer $ 31 Armour-Gedden S28 Awesome $ 37 Bane of Cosmic Forge$ 37 BAT. S34 Centurion Call Days of Thunder $ 34 Dragon's Lair 2 (Time Warp) $ 37 Drakkhen $ 37 Duck Tales $ 28 Dungeon Master 2 $ 25 Emira: Mistress of the Da ik $ 37 F-29 Retallator Falcon Falcon Misn 2: Op. Fire. Full Metal Planet Immortal Killing Game Show Data Tax $ 49 Excellence 2.0 $ 125 Maxi Plan Plus 2 0 $ 62 Page Stream 2.1 $ 185 Pen Pal $ 86 Prof. Page 2.0 $ 229 Prowrite 3.1 $ 89 Quick Write $ 46 SuperBase Personal $ 50 SuperBase Prof. $ 199 WordPerfect $ 156 Lemmings M1 TankPlatoon Overlord Populous PowerMonger Power Pinball Secret of Monkey Isl Shadow of the Beast 2 Sim City Sim City Terrain Teenage Mut. Ninja Turtles Tetris Turncan Ultima V Wings AmlgaVtsion Broadcast Titler 2 &229 Deluxe Video III $ 99 Pro Video Post $ 209 Sbowmaker $ 247 TV Show V2 $ 62 TV Text Pro $ 99 Barney Sear (all) $ 22 Carmen Sandiego (all) $ 31 Distant Suns $ 44 Katie's Farm $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 McGee $ 25 Taking Animator $ 41 Taking Coloring Book $ 19 Entertainment Productivity Education $ 196 S125 $ 62 $ 62 S94 Video $ 55 Deluxe Paint III $ 92 DignPaint 3 S62 Digi-View Gold 4,0 Si 29 Disney Anim. Studio $ 99 $ 171 S229 S69 5209 $ 219 $ 56 After you drag the helmeted icon of Diogenes to a city, the scene switches from the fractal map to a third-person perspective of a charioteer racing madly down the road. You must steer the charioteer clear of obstacles, for hitting one will slightly damage the chariot and cost you a portion of your gold. You'll also face Roman charioteers who try to force you from the road. During these encounters, the scene switches to an overhead view of the two chariots. You must whip your adversary or drive your wheel spikes through his spokes to run him off the road. If vour chariot is disabled, you have to thumb back to your original starting point. Once you reach the selected city, you must build an army. You can form archer, calvary, and foot-soldier battalions, and, depending on the city, buy elephants and catapults. You may leave your new army to defend the city or march it out to meet Roman legions. When two opposing armies meet on the map, they clash in a battle. You grab and drag individual battalions to issue orders. Winning the game takes a careful mix of strategy and joystick prowess. The game sports gorgeous visuals and moody, cinematic background music, but suffers from horrendous documentation. The instructions are presented piecemeal; you'll just have to experiment. I enjoyed the strategic element of Carthage, but racing the chariot continually around the map soon became a tedious chore. It’s too bad that the chariot arcade sequence is such an integral part of the game; Carthage would be fantastic without it and with good documentation. ($ 44.99, Psygnosis, 29 Si. Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146, 617 731-
3553. Joystick required.) Audiomaster 3 562 Perfect Sound 500 3.1 $ 69 Amiga S1IOW-OM S I Drawing Tablets Amiga Mouse Mat 59 Blue or Rod Amiga Solar Calculator $ 13 Amga Corduroy Cap $ 8 Blue on While Amiga T-Shirts $ 9 "Only Amiga make* R Pot tble" or "Mata up your own M IrxT Amiga Polo Shirt $ 19 Dart Blue with Vaiilc Can be purchased wifi Amaaman MS CaH lor Details Dakota Sketchmstr 12x12 $ 399 Flicker Fixer's DEB 2000 $ 99 Dakota Sketch mstr 12x18 $ 629 HD A500 Powersupply $ 89 Summa Grphcs II Tablet $ 499 Big Fool Powersupply $ 99 9AM - 8PM Monday - Friday, 10AM - 5PM Saturday EST 1-800-262-0533 Orders only 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 Canada, APO, FPO Orders & Customer Service (412) 962-0533 Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermitage, PA 16148 No One Knows Amiga Better - Authorized Commodore Dealer Since 1980 Full Metal Planet By Peter Olafson I'm not usually a fan of computerized board games. Computer opponents are rarely as wily and never as impetuous as human ones, and I miss the fun of moving pieces, ban- ? Diamonds Soar into Continuum for a new and different journey. Explore a vast geomet ric labyrinth of shapes and colors in search of the 16 crystals and 16 cubes needed to complete your quest. At the helm of your Mobile, cruise through 12 maze regions and 256 unique rooms where the laws of gravity and physics need not apply. Navigate through force-fields and counter-forces that'll knock you off a platform or straight up in the air. A few wrong turns and you could end up back where i you were several rooms ago W A
- wherever that was. So W' J| plot your course wisely m and track all your moves. M Enjoy your trip mm without the pressure of a time clock - M j Continuum is not a X|| mMA race. It's an explora- m tion. And with so m many decisions to m I make and routes m I to take, your m I strategy for m I each new jou r- ||, j m I ney shapes a I new adven- ture ever}' lime you . Play. Continuum. A New Dimension of Gaming Dat;i East USA, Inc., 1850 Lillie Orchard Street. Sim Jose. CA 95125.
1408) 286-7074. CONTINUUM: TM 1990 Data East USA. Inc. Game program © 1990 In fog ranter SA. Untied Slates and Canadian copyright Data Euai USA. Inc. M an u fact red by Data East USA. Inc. under license from fnfogrames. 2MB X-RAM SPECIAL! Only $ 348 $ 50.00 OFF- Reg. $ 398.00 SPIRIT’S 8MB "TravelirT RAM” for A1000 & A500 External for A1000 A500 -- Migrates to A2000 X-RAM is enclosed in an Amiga matching metal chassis that attaches to the side bus expansion port. To use it in an A2000 simply remove it from the chassis and plug it into the A2000 100- pin expansion bus. _ SPIRIT RAM MEMORIES for AMIGA... Spirit manufactures and sells RAM for the A500, from 512K Internal up to 8MB External... for the A1000. From 1.5MB internal to an 8MB external... and an 8MB memory board for the A2000. Call or write SPIRIT for information and pricing. IN-MATE ONLY $ 399 OK SPIRIT’S SCSI Interface & Expandable 8MB RAM Installs INSIDE A500 and A2000 SCSI features: Autoboot & FFS partitions Up to 6 devices & tape backup. RAM features: Expand to 1, 2, 4 or 8MB Autoconfig. PLUS features: Includes CMOS 68000 processor, socket for 68881 Math Coprocessor and software support disk. Dling the money, and rolling the dice. So, I was delighted to find that Full Metal Planet is much more like a computer game that folds in the middle. FMP is a multiplayer strategy and war game of interplanetary ore mining and destruction the sort of board game that begs to be on a computer. The premise is simply to put your three-spoked ship down in an ore-heavy and enemy- free section of the rectangular playfield, grab the most rocks, produce or capture the most equipment, and take ofT21 or 25 turns later. Winning is harder than it sounds. You compete against up to three human or computer enemies in timed turns, on a variety of terrain (which changes with tides) and using a range of military, transportation, and production equipment, each with special abilities and limitations. (Your weapons also include diplomacy.) If you enjoy such games as Interstefs Empire, take a look at Full Metal Planet. The game’s learning curve, however, isn’t exactly compact. While everything in the 64- page manual is easy to find and clearly explained, you’ll appreciate having the Amiga as the game’s policeman. The computer plays a lively and aggressive game;, watch it play itself a couple of times for strategy hints. (In a couple of games, I barely got my pieces sorted out before a pair of enemy tanks rolled over and starting blowing them up. Thanks a lot.) The game mechanics are pretty easy to master, though. You’ll pick up the icon-based command system quickly, and the game map scrolls as though on wheels. Full Metal Planet has a nice range of sound effects (unfortunately including an inappropriate arcade-ish score at the outset), but I can’t say it’s the prettiest game I've ever seen. It uses a dark, almost morbid palette and has a rugged but appealing hewn-from-stone look. I’m glad FMP allows you to design your own company icon. I made a very nice sword, which almost made up for not handling the pieces. ($ 49.95, Draconian, distributed by Data East, 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125, 408 286-7074. No special requirements.) BASIC SYSTEM "STUDIO A "... an Amiga Genlock Encoder Keyer Switcher Built to Professional Specs ... and Inexpensive! With "Plug-In" Field Upgrades.
• NTSC or PAL versions
• Stylish desktop chassis
• Internally powered
• Works with all Amigas MODULAR UPGRADES
• Plug-In S-VHS (Y-C)
• R-G-B Key Sync outputs ... with R-G-B splitter
• Plug-in computer control ORDER AND INFORMATION: 800-433-7572 VISA MASTERCARD 8 AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted, SHIPPING AND HANDLING EXTRA. COD: add S4.00. All products shipped UPS 2nd day unless otherwise requested. All prices U S dollars. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Prices of products containing RAM memory may vary due to fluxuations in the DRAM market. Amiga is a Registered Trademark of Commodore'Amiga. Inc X-RAM. IN MATE and STUDIO A are Trademarks of Spirit Technology Corp. Unreal By Peter Oiafson UBI Soft’s entry in the battle of the arcade extravaganzas has a neat hook. Unreal is actually a 2-1) game and a 3-D game rolled into one package. Each is quite artful. The first, taking up five of eight levels, finds the usual hero on dragonback in a Space Harrier-like 3-D setting, while the second has him on foot in an ornate horizontal scroller and puzzler in the style of Psygnosis’ Shadow of the Beast. The hybrid works; each game might have become a bit humdrum on its own, and the presence of the other gives each a boost. The 3-D sequence is dense, with large, detailed blitter objects whizzing toward you (and sometimes moving across the screen). There are migrating dinosaurs, bawling bears, lunging sea serpents, stone and vine archways, and, on one of the final levels, a castle rotating ever closer. This is the best version of this type of game I’ve seen yet. The side-scroller stands up ? Adventure Arcade Rob banks, sj al compromising documents and information from the 200 fo&ltons throuohout the aty. Fly the stolen Eagle fighter at lightning Flay the godfather, the -femme fala'e- or the killer ¦ . . Blackmail and fight the big guys. With the random technique used and the citys 200 locations, each game played is different. • . Locate space stations by establishing, their coordinates. Able to repair your ship, consult the map and talk with aliens to collect clues for you1 quest. Avoid the enemy that will constantly follow you in the hope of destroying the threat that you represepK Or does Jt? This is the official mobster game endorsed by the mafia.You don’t control the town yet? This won’t last long!Maybe becoming mayor of the city would solve your problem. But what about using mobsters to bribe, Fly your Eagle fighter through space at lightning speeds avoiding collision with, asteroids and mines. Increase, your fuel supply by striking the different crystals and -modules” floating m space. Find the different space stations where you will be Shoot'em up Destroy squadrons to tetn&Je the vital 'shield pods'. Smooth and fast animations at more than 50 images per second. 8 directional-fast scrolling, first tme ever m a shoot’em up MESSAGE RECEIVED ON ALL EMERGENCY CHANNELS r «On behalf of the Empire of Worlds High Council. I bring you greetings! There is currently a state of emergency on all frontier worlds. The Kalomanan enemies led by their state of the art command vessels, the starships -BATTLESTORM**. Are taking over this galaxy. There is little time left to act and counter attack the Kalomanan invaders, but the Empire is already defenseless. ...nevertheless we hold hope, as the ancient prophecy has'foretold..." «FROM THE ASHES OF CONQUEST SHALL RISE A WARRIOR. AND THE STORM WILL BE BLOWN AWAY." X, = Puzzle Game B33E3U5 ¦TiTTI 1% "Fill Choose your environment of squares, triangles or hexagons Detailed planning and a defined strategy required. Each game demands a new logic and approach 20432 CORtSCO STREET, CHATSWORTH CA 91311.
(816) 709- 3693. ' V THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY PUZZLE A sophisticated puzzle game based on squares, triangles and hexagons. Swap them at will. The goat is lVA i 13 t0 e!iminate each shape by bringing two identical forms side by side. ==- K The level of difficulty becomes more complex as you move from an environment of squares through to I hexagons.This game requires a lot of Strategy in order to avoid forming islands or isolated groups. As you advance, scorepoints and time factors become crucial for managing the gameplay.You will encounter more than 300 levels of play, millions of layouts and billions of combinationsThe game sports tWOmiOdes: practice and Competition. Circle 17 on Reader Serv:ce card. Ctitul IWO. IrUjStfMW CO'DOKjNV' O»r>0Mtf(M«rvvd- CnrnflOomNol Pflv. = Wi'floilorm. MiArjncJIKo 1 '»J1 logo Q»«'4yi5Jw'®(|Tr = j:temo*iOl T *14 SoHwOW Corporctfon SvufTP So'twaro CofDCWon urvtff 'wm V«crs*dt All fifijt lewfVm fho iighl to m 'f« £ww1> c t cit tnv ¦"» CktrtwffhoUl ootico Mad* Ifl lionet Spotlight on Software A10 Tank Killer ..30.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 AmigaVisJon 89.00 Animation Studo .....99.00 Apprentice ....19.99 Armou-Geddon .....26.99 Art Deportment Professional .149.00 AudoMaster III ..60.00 Awesome 39.00 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 35.99 Bars & Pipes 165.00 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Brigade ....29.99 Broadcast Titler II ...229.00 Buddy System for Page Stream ......31.99 Byte ‘N Back ..41.98 Captive ..29.99 Carthage 26.99 Chaos Strikes Back ...24.99 Chessmoster 2100 ... 36.99 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 Curse of the Azure Bonds ..35.99 Data Tax ..45.00 DigiPdnt 3 ....61.99 WIDE AdSCSI 2080 189.00 AdRAM.54o cfcwmmmmmftsM ACRAMS40 22900 lit' •» '»>m Cvr rriii u fptnvw rn-i rrr i 249.00 ¦ tufroiku - 325.00 DigiViewGold ..130.00 DinoWars 24.99 Disk Labeler (Mcke custom labels) 24.99 Distant Sms ..42.99 Dragon Lord ..35.00 Dragon Wars 31.99 Duck Tales ....26.99 Bectric Thesaurus ...31.99 Bvira .... ....35.99 Excellence! ..125.00 F-l 9 Stealth Fighter ..38.00 Fdcon ......33.89 Fdcon Mission Disk 42 Firefight 18.50 RashBack . 45.99 Fdl Metd Planet ... 31.99 Harpoon ...... 43.99 Harpoon BattleSet 2 ....24.99 HyperBook . 64.99 ImageRnder ..45.99 Imagine 195.00 Kora Fonts: ANIM 3 .33.B9 Killing Game Show .28.50 Lattice CSAS C .....199.00 Lemmings ..31.99 M2 Back-Up ..34.99 Macro Pdnt (Lake Forest Logc) .... 79.00 Maverick 25.99 Monday Nght Football ..35.99 Cbitus (w T-Shirt) ..36.00 Overlord .. 31.99 PageStream 2.1 .....189.00
P. H.A.SAR. 4.0 60.00 Pixel 3D ....52.99 PowerMonger ..35.99 Power Pinbdl 23.99 Professional Conversion Pock .75.00 Pro Vector ..175.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..95.99 QuarterBack 43.00 QuarterBack Tools 53.00 Seda ......305.00 Shadow of the Beast II ..35.99 Sim City Pfenning Commission 11.99 Spirit of Excdibur ...... 31.99 W255 HI499 Grandview ¦ 204 ¦ Waukesha, Wl 5318819 AM to 5 PM Mon.-Sat. Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 StarRelds .. 35,99 Survival Kit for Dungeon Master .... 15.00 TransWrite .... 41.99 Video Titler 3D 89.00 Vista Professiond ... 89.00 Warlords 31.99 Workbench Management System 26.99 Applied Engineering DataUnk 2000 MNP Ser.d FAX.... 179.00 DataUnk Express MNP Send FAX 205.00 Roppy Drivo 880K . 95.00 floppy Drive. High Density ... 195.00 Power Supply 600. Heavy Duty8400 RcmWorks 500 (GREAT 501 Clone) 65.00 Spotlight on Hardware Accelerator, Sapphire 68020 ...... 269.00 Amiga Companion (New Ecfitionl) 19.99 Atonce 279.00 AutoUnk (Auto Digitizing Cable) .. 44.00 Color Splitter .. 106.00 DC TV .. 395.00 Diskettes, Sony Bulk 100 Pack 65.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 600 90.00 Roppy Drive, CAA-880 . 99.00 HardCard, GVP 42F Series II0 0.. 439.00 HardCard, GVP 105Q Series II0 0 729.00 HardCard, GVP 42F Series II 8 0.. 479.00 HardCard, GVP 52Q Series II 8 0 539.00 HardCard, GVP 1G5Q Series II 8 0 779.00 Harddrlve, Impact 600 42F Ser II 615.00 Harddrlve, Impact 500 52QSer II 669.00 Harddrlve, Impact 500 105Q...... 909.00 Making Music on the Amiga Book 26.00 MegaChip 2000 Board .. 235.00 Memory Board, BaseBoard OK .... 115.00 Memory Board, GVP 8 2 ... 205.00 MIDI Interlace, ECE ...... 52.00 Modem, Courier V.32BIS 14.4 ...... 679.00 Modem. USR Dud Standard 940.00 Mouse. Konyo Golden Image ...... 45.00 Mouse, Naksha . 36.99 Supra Corporation 501 Clone. 512K ...... 58.00 Roppy Drive. SupraDrlve Cdl Hardcard, 40Q W Word Sync .... 399.00 Hcrdcard. 105Q w Word Sync .. 709.00 HardDRIVE, Supra S00XP 105 2 .... 999.00 Harddrlve, Supra 500XP 40 2 615.00 Harddrive, Supra 500XP 52 2 735.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 2 Megs 229.00 Memory. Supra RAM 2000 4 Megs 339.00 Memory. SupraRAM 2000 6 Megs 449.00 Memory. SuixaRAM 500RX 8 1.... 135.00 Modem. 2400+ (MNP & V.42bis) 169.00 Modem, 2403 MNP (Levels 2-5) .. 149.00 Modem, 24004+ (MNP & V.4?bis> 159.00 SCSI Controler, Word Sync 115.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 69.00 Phantom SMPTE Interface ..... 175.00 Printer, Ti PostScript PS 35 ..... 1899.00 Printer, HP PdntJet ...... 999.00 Removable Harddrlve, Ricoh...... 799.00 SIMM Module* 1 x 8 80ns 67.00 SCSI Controller. GVP Series II0 0 155.00 SCSI Controller. GVP Series II8 0 210.00 Scanner, MiGraph ...... 315.00 Super Agnus Cnp .95.00 Trackbdl, AmTRAC ...... 69.99 Video Master, VIDTek .. 1075.00 Video Toaster ..... 1479.00 Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Make Sate Harbor YofJR Computer Port very well. The pace here is far more leisurely, the mood even more spectral and dream-like, and the graphics like something out of a book by fantasist Lord Dunsany. It’s one of the prettiest games around. Did I mention that Unreal is hard as hell? Thank heavens for the save and continue options, although they permit you to resume play only in a scoreless “training mode.” Unlike its competition, Unreal is dedicated to letting you eventually see it all. My biggest problem was getting the game to run. Electronic Arts, which handles From p. 68. Another common Battletech lament Is about the reluctance of people to talk. Their reticence may mean that you have a spy in your party, which Is quite possible after you've visited the jail in the city northeast of Star- port. (Place the bum in a vulnerable position, and he’s likely to be killed off in combat.) Rather than hanging around inside buildings waiting to "talk to others,” wait outside until you see someone enter; then follow them In and try again. (This produces more responses, but few actual recruits.)
• Dale McElhany is stationed in Wonju, South Korea, but his Amiga is worlds away in The Jetsons: The Legend of Robotopia (Microtltuslons, $ 49.95). He and his friends have explored all they technical support and distribution for UBI Soft, indicates that Unreal won’t run on some early 500s and 2000s. Maybe Unreal should have been called Unready, as there’s apparently another idiosyncrasy. The manual asks you to reboot if colored bands appear during loading. Unreal is definitely worth investigating, but look before you leap to be sure it’s comfortable with your configuration. ($ 49.95, UBI Soft, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. Joystick required.) ¦ can on foot, and are wondering how to see the rest of the planet. Sounds to me as though they need the grav belt, which unfortunately Is back on Earth at Travel Concepts.
• Finally, a clue on D&ja Vu (Mlnd- scape, $ 49.95) for Terry W. Moore (who also sent E-mail): You can find the key to Ace's office at 520 S. Ked- zle. You'll need to shoot both to get It and to use It. If you need help with a game, or Just feel like asking goofy questions, you can reach me by US mall at 12
W. 104th St., Apt. 3E, New York, NY 10025, or via E-mail on Genie as
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25. 95 24 95
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36. 95 30 95
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37. 95
21. 95 30 95
31. 95 2495 34 95 30 95
35. 95 CALL
31. 95
25. 95
58. 95
118. 95
75. 95 .24.95 24 95
23. 95 .....54.95 .84.95
112. 95 . 214.95 ...36.05 ... 36.05 ...CALL ...42.05 ,,,52 95 ...43.95 ...34 95 ...86 95 244 05 ...29.95 .214 95 „.,CALL .. 84 95 ...46 05 ,87 95 .189.95 ...87 95 ...64 95 ...89,05 ...50.05 11295 ..41.95 ..31.95 .73 95 .64 95 .09 95 164 95 ..57.95 .2495 ..30 95
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112. 95 .35.95 .28.05 .28 95 .34 95 .47 95 .44 95 RECREATION SOFTWARE eSS Attack Sub .....31.95 A10 Tank Klier .30.05 Air Strike USA _25.95 Alln0ne_ 43.95 Altered Destiny 36,05 Anarchy .24.95 Arachnaphobla 28.95 Arcade Smash HI* ___31.95 Awesome 38.95 BAT...... 31.95 Back To the Future H 24.95 Bird! KhQs Ane Chha36.95 Bane Cosmic Forge tmb35.95 Binfs Tile III ...31.95 Bimey Beer etch 21,95 BitSe Chess 28.95 BettJ* Command ...31.95 Battle Squadron 24.96 BanJestorm . 30.95 Battefech ___19.95 Baud Bandl 28.95 Bit Blot Nascar Chil ...„30 95 81V the KkJ 25.95 BtKk Bold ......24 95 Btodes * Steef 28 95 Bbod Rotations 31.95 Blue Angeb . 30,95 Blue Mix .. 31.95 Brain Blaster 25.95 Buck Rogers ,31.95 Buttokan 25.95 Captive ___ 29.95 CanJnat ol the Kremifn... 30.95 Carmen San Dlego Each. 30.95 CnnYScf-Mut Prtestess . 30.95 Ctumpbra c4 Ktym 31.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 224.95 Check Mate .....34 95 Chess master 2100 ..31.05 Chuck Yeeger AFT 2.0 ...,25,05 CMI War _ 37.95 Codename: Iceman ,„„M. 36.95 CotoneTs Bequest 35.95 Comic Setter 41.95 Comic Arl Dbks u 20.95 Conquest of Cametoi...... 35.95 Cortlnum ......30.95 CractaJown ...31.05 CribbagrVOIn King 25.05 Crtne Does Hal Pay 30.95 Curstt'Aiura Bonds .... 31.95 Das Boot Submarirw .... ..31.95 Jack Nlcklaus Unlimited
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- 30.95 Krtctot Force ... .28 95 0too Wars ... .24.95 Land, Air. Sea Con i...... 36 95 Distort Sui .... .39.95 Legend of Faerghal ..23.95 Dragnn'i L«lr .. .30.95 Leisure Suft Lany .. ..24.95 Dragon's Lair ll Tm Warp 34.95 Leisure Suft Larry 2 or 3.36 95 Dragon Lord ... .31.95 Lemmings ... .. 30 95 Dragon Btrtka .. .31.95 Ufe and Death ..31 95 Dragon Ware-------..... .30.95 Loom .... 37 95 Drikkheri ..... .36.95 Loop2 .. .,31 95 DimgeonMistar .. .24.95 Lords erf the Rising Sun. .31.95 Eagle's Rkfer ... .30.95 Losl Patrol .. .31.95 East vs West Berth ___ .24.95 M-1 Tank Platoon .36 95 Elvira ... .36 05 Maverick 24 95 Empire .. .31.05 Mavb Beacon Typing .... .31.95 EscaprV8tng« Castle .... .28.05 Mega Fortress . .37.95 Eya ol th* BatttMer-----31.95 Mega-Triveiter 1 .36.95 F-I08t*alth Rghter .38.95 Mid Winter ...... .24.95 F-29 Retalhtor .31.95 Might and Magic II .37.95 Faoes.-.Trh III ...... .24.95 Monday Nlgft Football .. .30.95 faton .30.95 Monopoly .... 24 95 Operation Gountms bike 18.95 Morty Python .. .32.95 Operalton Fire Fighter.. .19.05 Nations at War .37 95 Federation .31-95 New York Warriors 1 Mg 30.95 Rre and Forget II ... .28.95 Night Breed .25 95 Rames of Freeetom .30 05 NlgH Dawn .. 18 95 Right ol the Intruder...... .30.95 Vtart Hmtof
23. 95 Right 8lmuUtor II _ .30.95 Nnrt Shift ......25,05 Ful Metal Planet ... ,30.95 Niro ..... .28.95 Genghis Kahn .36.95 Nobunga’s Ambition...... .36.95 Golden Are .. .31.95 NuckurWar .31,05 Guiboat .30.05 Obitus .36 05 Girrship . .34.05 Opera don Combat .. 3Q95 Hardball II __ .30.95 Om Run _ .37.95 Harley Davidson _
31. 95 PSA Tour Gof . ,31.05 Harmony .....
28. 95 Pick N Pile .... 25 95 Harpoon ...... .37.95 Pirates 1 ......
28. 95 Bitttesel 2 or 3 ......
20. 95 Pbrwi ol Lust ... 2495 Harpoon Scenario Edlor 25 95 Police Quesl 1 .. 30 95 Heart of China 36 95 Police Quest fl 36 95 Heroes Quest .
36. 95 Poofs of Radiance 31 95 Hbsfir ...
31. 95 Pcpubm 31 95 Hotyes Book of Games ...
21. 95 Pcwermongef _..... 31 95 Hunt tor Rsd October.....
20. 05 Data Disk T4 95 Immortal ......
31. 95 Prince ol Persia ..... 24 95 Impertum
25. 95 Pro Termb Totx 2 .... 31 05 Indiana Jonoft-Grephb....
20. 95 Pmfoctyle ..... 25 95 Indiana potto 500 _
31. 95 Dues! Tor Glory 2 .... 36 95 Ishkto ....
34. 95 Quicks Ivor Ptnbal 24 95 11 Came from the Desert.
31. 95 Railroad Tycoon------- 36 95 Data Disks ___15.95 Red Baron
36. 95 Red Storm Rising ......34.95 Rbe of the Dragsn ..35.95 Rbfc 24.95 Robocop ......28.95 Rocket Ranger 3 8toogw 31.95 Roffefn 86.95 Romance c* 3 Kingdoms 42.95 Rules of Engagement .....37.95 Sands ol Fire 31.95 Scrabble „ ......24.95 Search lor the King .,36.95 Second Fronl 31.95 Secrecl ot Monkey Island 37.95 8*x Virens-Outer Space ,22,e5 Sextlmales 30.05 8hadow or the Beast .....30 95 Shadow of the Beast fl ...35.95 Sim City .30.95 Graphic I or 2 .....21,95 Temtan Editor .... 14.95 Sid or Die 31.95 Soroertan ... 36.95 Space Ace 34.95 Space Quest 1 or 2 ..30.95 Space Quest 3 ..38.95 Spellbound 24.95 Spirt of Ere a II bur 30.95 Spot 24 95 Star Control .... 30.95 StorReWs 36 95 Star Flight ..... 31,95 Stelar 7 .....21.05 Storm Across Europe.....37.95 Stunt Track Racer ....24.05 Stratego 30.95 Street Pod II 25.95 Strike Aces ___30.95 Strip Poker 2 __ 24.95 Super Ofl Road Racing ... 25.95 Swap 30.95
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T. V. 8howV20 ..... Tiger ..... Tiger Cub . Tllb Page ...... Transwrlle ... Turbo Or* Run .. Turbo sltver 3 0 1 Meg TV Text .. TV Text Professional...... U»ra Design _ UlracardPlus .. Vaxlne Vetto ...... VkJoo Effects 3-D .... Vwco Tlfler VI.5 ..... Video Toob VwcoScape 30 V2.0 ..... VIP Video Inlertaw .. Vbta .. Vbli Professional .... Vtva ... Voice Recognition ... Weird Dreams .... Works, Platlnijn __ World Abas World Cbss Leaderboard Wshol ...... X Copy V2 9 .. X Copy Professional Zoeirope.... IF YOU DON'T SEE IT CALL! INFORMATION CALL US TODAY! 'AMIGA 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Mltwaukaa, Wl 53217 MoSSSpm Ocommodore SAT 11im-5pm FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE ORDERINQ1HFO: Specify arxtere. For Iasi delhrery send cashbr's check or money order. Persomt & company checks allow 14 business days b dear. P.O.'s wetoomo. C.OJ). charge! Are t4jOT. Fn Continental U.8 A. Inciude $ 4.00 for soflware orders 5Y* shipping for hardware, mtelmum $ 5 00, MasterCard 4 Visa orders please Include card *, expiration dite and signature Wl residents please Include 5 i sates lax. HI, AK. FPO. APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add QV, shipping, nlRtmem $ 6.00. A* other foreign onfere add 18% ahlgping, mln SISjOO Alt orders shipped outside the Conthental U 8 A. are shipped first ctoss Instred U S rrall, where ivallabte. H foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, you wil be charged the addkkvul amount Ajl goods are new and Iretode factory warranty. We da not | guarantee compalaWHy 4 version s. Due to our low prices all sales ire final Al Oetetllrt retara mini law a retain aathorfnfoniimikar. Call (414) 357-81SI to obtain an RA t or your reium will not be accepted Prices and ava lab Iky sub|eet to chan wthrxx notice. Shipping 4 handing are non-refundable. We ship the latest vwslons avaitobte to us, itedates musl be handled by end user directly with the maniiacturer. Not responsible lor typographical errors. In an priori to be comptoto. Some new products may not be avallabb fro ml he manufacturer at press time The Advantage manual covers all aspects of the program, but it is not very thorough. There’s not enough detail on how to use the chart options, For instance. A nice Readme file on the update disk, however, tells you about the new options. Version 1.1 consists mainly of bug fixes and is more stable than the original version, which crashed quite a bit. The 1.0 rounding error, which rounded figures to at least the whole dollar, has been fixed, as have the printing bugs, including the one in the sideways-printing utility. The Lotus and MaxiPlan import features are nice options, and they work better in the updated version. Gold Disk has added a number of options to the Lotus import feature, too. The ability to preserve macros when loading an Advantage file is great, and so is the Arexx and math coprocessor support. Paul Tisl Cedar Rapids, Iowa variety of formats for saving your graphs, such as GAD, Professional Draw, and IFF, which leaves you free to manipulate them using your favorite software. All of this makes for an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and potentially powerful product. Advantage Ebbs To its credit, Advantage is not copy-protected. Unfortunately, neither is it “sloppy-protected ” The version used for this review, 1.1, is quirky, has a number of uncomfortable habits, and comes with a manual that is not only incomplete but often confusing. For example, suppose you begin to print a spreadsheet and discover that you selected the wrong portion to print. The only way to abort is to turn off your printer (the method recommended by Gold Disk tech support). Admittedly, it works, but there is certainly room for improvement here. In addition, Gold Disk should make some mention of its suggested solution either in the documentation or with an on-screen message. T he next scenario illustrates another problem: Suppose you have set up a database for handling financial Figures. There is no way to precon figure a cell to display whole dollar amounts with a two- place fixed decimal. Consequently, entering $ 4.89, $ 5.00 and $ 4.50 will appear something like this:
4. 89 5
4. 5 You can select the fixed decimal option only after you’ve entered the data, getting a display with decimal points aligned, like this:
4. 89
5. 00
4. 50 The same difficulty exists for all formatting options I tested scientific notations, percentages, dollars and pounds, and numerical dates. The program is structured this way, 1 am told, to prevent empty cells from taking up memory. Gold Disk should offer an option, however, so that those having plenty of memory could avoid spending a part of each data-entry period reformatting all the recently entered data. Advantage’s file system is especially annoying. Suppose you load a file called “My Spreadsheet" from a disk called "My Disk:” in dfD:. Unless you type the disk’s full name into the file requester (instead of using available buttons), Advantage will remember your file as “dfO:My_ Spreadsheet instead of the preferred “My Disk:My Spreadsheet” Consequently, if you place any other disk in that drive (if, for example, you print a range and the system demands your Workbench disk) and then attempt to save your work, Advantage will save it to whatever disk happens to be in dfD: at the time. This is not only annoying, but also unnecessary. Other Gold Disk products have file requesters that read and remember the volume’s name, so why is Advantage different? Manual Labor And then there is the manual. Though it provides a decent tutorial, it is difficult to use lor reference purposes since it lacks a reference fist of keyboard shortcuts condensed on one page. Advantage comes with 136 built-in functions, but what good are they if not clearly explained, with examples for each? The manual is so confusing that at one point even Gold Disk’s technical- rOVR TURN! It’s not a bad spreadsheet. 1 like its MaxiPlan import feature, though I think it’s rather narrow-minded not to have an export feature. It also features Lotus 123 compatibility. Neither feature is 100 percent compatible, however. The feature that annoys me the most is sorting. The user should be able to mark a range of cells with the mouse or keyboard, select “sort” from a menu, select “by row” or “by column" in a submenu and answer a requester to determine which rows or columns to use as sort criteria. With Advantage, you must select a cell as an "offset,” including a row or column within the sort range to reference this offset. You must change the contents of the offset cell to change the sorting order of the range. In addition, all of this extra information is printed, even though it has nothing to do with the information being presented. Daryell Sipper Greeti Bay, Wisconsin support person had trouble understanding the intent. Advantage has a great deal of potential, and I believe that Gold Disk is committed to working with the product so that it will achieve that potential. I can only recommend it, however, to those willing to work within the constraints of a flawed product. We have learned to expect better of Gold Disk. Home Office Advantage Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 800 465-3375 SI 99.95 No special requirements. OmniKey “Variety’s the very spice of life” By Loren Lovhaug LIKE ALL MECHANICAL devices, your Amiga’s mouse, disk drive, and keyboard ? Vvwomv'if' K%W mm CAS 1AOM0* AST 6 Y9 9 »ISK is AjMVNft m SbffiMtMII J YES IT’S TRUE!! SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE‘SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING", THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO . S-l SHIPPING 4 HANDLING MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. J UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It's hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!! J Menu Driven Control Program couldn't be simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's it!! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! _i Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO" MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!! J Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent, -i Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*, j At least one External Drive required. MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING ... J DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now you can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate. J DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy, Hard Drive File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename etc. etc.
- i Easy to use. _i Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever the programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats all others - it transfers data at MFM TTL level, just like the duplicators. J Syncro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying” Is the present sensation. This device, with it's own custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 70!! J Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mount Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects. U J % a ‘M s PLEASE STATE AMIGA 5007100077500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING 1855 S. R.434, SUITE ff208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHN1CAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0779 Technologre Circle 114 on Reader Service card ADD $ 4,00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING (£10.00 CANADA MEXICO) ALL GOODS SHIPPED ZndDAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD'S (ADD £2) REVIEWS have parts that will eventually wear out. While sources for replacement mice and disk drives abound, until recently Commodore alone sold replacement keyboards for the Amiga. Thanks to Northgate Computers, a manufacturer of MS-DOS-compatible computers and keyboards, an alternative is now available. Many MS-DOS users hold Northgate replacement keyboards in high regard. So what makes Northgate’s OmniKey replacement keyboard so special? The answer is in the keyboard’s design. Northgate keyboards employ mechanical key switches: When you push down on a key, you bring two conductive materials together, which, in turn, signals a key press. Mechanical switches are reliable and generally last longer than those based on other keyboard-switch technologies. They have a positive feel, because a real spring returns the key to its original position, and you notice a distinct difference between a key’s depressed and non-depressed state. In addition, each time you press a key, you can hear a reassuring click. In contrast, Commodore opted for rubber-dome switches, which are cheaper and easier to produce. When you press a Commodore key, a raised rubber dome beneath the key collapses and bridges an open circuit by pressing down a conductive spot between two contacts. Keyboards that utilize this design tend to be “mushier” than those using mechanical switches, both because their rubber domes provide less resistance than metal springs and because the key travels a shorter distance in making contact. Rubber-dome switches also tend to wear out faster than their spring- based counterparts. Another OmniKey advantage is its weight; it is substantially heavier than the Commodore model, and is therefore less likely to slide around on your desk when you type. In addition, OmniKey’s generous 84-inch keyboard makes for easy positioning anywhere on your desk. There is also a reset button on the back of the keyboard that will issue a soft reboot (the same as pressing the Control-Amiga- Amiga sequence). All of these factors have combined to make Northgate keyboards very popular. Capping It Off But is it a good Amiga Keyboard? From the moment you take OmniKey out of the box, it is clear that Amiga support was an afterthought. You must first configure OmniKey in order to use it with your Amiga, which entails setting the keyboard’s DIP switches. In addition, you must replace several of OmniKey’s keycaps with Amiga-specific caps, such as the right and left Amiga keys. Fortunately, the process of setting the DIP switches is clearly outlined in the documentation booklet. OmniKey’s manual adequately describes the keycap removal process and Northgate provides a special tool for this purpose. The manual’s keycap layout diagram helps you place each .Amiga key. Although OmniKey functions using standard Amiga keymaps, there are eight unsupported keys present. With the proper keymap utility support, you could customize these keys for macros or other tasks. Adding this feature alone would make the Northgate keyboard far outshine Commodore’s. (Editors note: Northgate claims this is possible, but requires good programming skills.) My final concern with OmniKey is its keyboard layout. Admittedly, I had already used a Northgate MS-DOS keyboard before my experience with the Amiga setup. In order to temper my own familiarity, I tested OmniKey’s layout on a group of “fresh” Amiga owners to solicit their reactions. Almost universally, the test subjects disliked OmniKey’s placement of function keys on the left side instead of at the top, where they are located on standard Amiga keyboards. In addition, a good number of them did not like Northgate’s placement of the Delete key to the right and far below the Backspace key. They did, however, prefer OmniKey’s superior responsiveness over that of Commodore’s keyboard. One of the subjects an Amiga WordPerfect user liked OmniKey’s keycap color coding because it resembled WordPerfect’s keyboard template (testimony as to that programs’s popularity in the MS-DOS world). When I asked them if they felt they could get used to the OmniKey layout, all of them said yes a feeling I share, given my own familiarity with the layout. So what is the final verdict? If your Amiga keyboard fails, you should definitely consider the Northgate OmniKey. The product not only delivers a superior feel, but is also priced at under S100 substantially less than a Commodore replacement (currently priced at $ 140). If you use an MS-DOS machine at work, or even at home, you may also want to consider purchasing an OmniKey for your Amiga, as it more closely matches conventional MS-DOS keyboard layouts, thus alleviating confusion when you move back and forth between machines. Editor’s note: At press time, we learned that Northgate is planning to release a redesigned model of OmniKey with increased emphasis on Amiga functions and an improved key arrangement. The company expects to ship it during the second quarter of 1991. OmniKey Keyboard Northgate Computer Systems PO Box 59080 Minneapolis, MN 55459 800 526-2446 $ 99 No special requirements The Puzzle Story Book The Dinosaur Discovery Kit Propitious play for petite pupils. By Tim Walsh TRUANCY DOES NOT explain the Amiga’s absence from pre-school and early elementary classrooms, but the lack of suitable software does. Among the first to establish inroads into the early classroom scene, First Byte brings us The Dinosaur Discovery Kit and The Puzzle Story Book for young students taking their first computing steps. It is easy for kids to fall prey to shoot- em-ups with no redeeming educational value these amusements are bright, glitzy, and fun. While kids will have at it on a non-stop basis, their parents dream of programs that leave their youngsters with something beyond finely honed joystick reflexes. Seeking to perpetuate children’s familiarity and seemingly natural attraction to dinosaurs, First Byte chose the right vehicle for learning: Programs based on di- ? Brought to you by the same professional editors who publish AmigaWorld. Whatever your skill level may be or whatever model of Amiga you own you 11 be thrilled with how Tool Chest can help make breakthrough computing inexpensive, easy and fun. TOOL .very dual-disk issue of Tool Chest is loaded with variety of entertaining games, elaborate animation, exquisite 3D, useful utilities, original clip art, and wild sound effects to help you maximize the value of your Amiga computer.
• MatheMagic. This four-part program lets you find the day of the week for any date in this century; enter statistical data to define the mean, standard deviation, skew and kurtosis; set a polynomial to a set of XY data; and solve a set of linear algebraic equations.
• DPPretzel. A creative animation using Dpaint.
• Random Pointer. Added to your Startup Sequence, will load a pointer and Workbench colors from your disk file. Rom graphics to animation, from programming to productivity, you can do it faster and _ easier with the Tool Chest. If you want the work you are on your Amiga to be the very best, subscribe to Tool Chest today. I l want to savepSsubs«iber n V ! Receive my fPe ssUes) subscription tor only $ 59,9 . Cbest Send me the following AmigaWor Editionfs) for only $ 14.95 eac . Volume 2, Issue 3 (see abo ) Address -
• Pointer List Maker. Lets you create your own points or import pointers from other programs and saves them in a file for later use.
• Dyno-Wars. An imaginative Check Board-like game.
• Wherels. A valuable utility that lets you find misplaced files on your drive.
• Mr. Monster. A Mr. Potato Head type of game. * Special Sound Effects. I • 3-D Objects.
• More ... Don't miss out on this great issue! Order Now! A,.- 5,*“- Z’P 1 Check Money order enclosed Charge mv: , MasterCard American Express Visa iscovu _ Exp. Date Account -- ----- Signature Foreign orders, add $ 2.50 for air mail delivery. Foreign subscriptions are
594. 95 postpaid. Payment required in U.S. Funds drawn on U.S.bank. Note that some animations require 1MB of memory. J AmigaWorld Tool Chest • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03158 Or Call 800-343-0728 for immediate service - nosaurs rank right up there with Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson for catching youngsters’ interest. Bringing in the Experts Product reviews of this nature require special handling, so upon assignment. I wasted no time in pressing my young re view assistants, five-year-old Timothy and his elder sister Elizabeth, into service. .After weeks of use, there were no signs of disenchantment, only minor bickering over who had used the Amiga the longest. .•After a brief Friday evening introduction, The Puzzle Story Book and The Dinosaur Discovery Kit edged out the next morning’s cartoons an entertainment with a record spanning countless consecutive weeks. This is a definite first for software in our household. The Puzzle Story Book consists of four programs. In this interesting exercise, children compose stories by piecing together components enhanced with refined and tuned speech not digitized voices and simple, but ample animation. This program gives credence to the old cliche "makes learning fun." Almost- seven-year-old Elizabeth, a seasoned re- viewer of computerized coloring books, went immediately to work with minimal guidance and mastered the program during her first session. The Puzzle Story Book offers three playing options: Picture, Puzzle, and Story. With Picture, the program prompts your child with both visual stimulation and the Amiga’s voice to select from nine background scenes. Next Your bronto can don purple accessories. Comes a choice of either a person or an animal to place in a predefined location on the background. The program instructs the user to pick a building and "something that moves" to complete the scene. You can either print or save this masterpiece to disk. Puzzle divides the created picture into pieces for reassembly. The program’s options give children a choice between reconstructing these images in either Easy Continued on p. 86. Is toast without jam? Pro Video Post adds real jam. Now that you can toast with your Amiga. • Real-Time title generation 1 • Real-Time display acquisition ipK| • 100-2,600 on-line titles OfF • Over 100 transitional effects “P PLUS DVE’s
• Only 120K per 100 titles
• Anti-Aliased fonts %WS& * Multi-Colored fonts £Hfp • Fast & Easy user interface H • Multiple font attributes on a line Pro Video Post character generator software will ease your video-titling efforts and move you into the ’90s 15075 SW KOLL PARKWAY SUITE G BEAVERTON.OR 9700(i
(503) 026-2022 Pro Video Post is a trademark of Shereff Systems. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc In 1987, we brought interactive animation to the Amiga. Since that time, while our customers have been creating prize winning animations, interactive multi-media presentations, and video applications, we have been making The Director better. Mail order made easy...Call for a complete listing...Mail order made easy VIDEO HARDWA Tired of knowing more about Amiga video than ihe people you r ;. > buy it from'.’ The technology is expanding so rapidly ii’s hard lo keep up. So we've brought in some video experts to help you make the right selections. And since it’s pretested, your purchase arrives ready to run. Produce perfection. Whether in print, on screen, or in video, your work is a ? Reflection of you. It must be creative and it must be perfectly as you visualize it. Make it so. Because the powerful image, presentation and video tools you need are available to you. On your Amiga. Awesome modem speed is suddenly a wise choice. With the size of files ?going up and the pricc-performance ratio coming down, slow modems jus don't make sense. Raw speed is important but don't forget about data compression If you have questions, we'll be glad to help. 16mm Lens w Variable Iris $ 48 Amigcn S99 CBM2320 Display Enhancer* $ 269 Chroma Key Switcher call Color Splitter $ 109 Copy Stand S63 DC fv $ 399 DPS Personal TBC $ 849 Firecracker 2400 S 1,359 Flicker Free Video $ 329 Frame Grabber $ 539 Minigen $ 199 Panasonic 1500,x camera $ 309 Panasonic WV1410 Camera $ 189 SuperCien 2000s S 1.529 Supergen $ 669 Time Based Correctors call VideoMaster $ 1,119 VideoToastci $ 1,449 3D Professional $ 319 Amiga Vision $ 99 Art Department Pro $ 149 Broadcast Tiller II $ 229 Deluxe Paint v3.0 $ 96 Digipaint v3 0 $ 62 Digiview v4.0 SI 35 Disney $ 109 DynaCADD $ 689 Imagine $ 209 Pro Video Gold SI 69 Pro Video Post S219 Sea la $ 329 Sculpt Am mate 4D $ 369 TV Text Pro $ 109 Video Tiller v5.0 S99 Video Titling Starter Kit SI 79 Vista S64 Vista Landscapes *each* $ 50 Vista Pro $ 97 AE DataLink Express ext. MNP& SendFax $ 209 $ 79 $ 12d $ 629 $ 939 $ 9$ $ 119 $ 175 SI 25 AM24 Mini Modern Baud Bandit MNP5 Courier HST 38,4 Courier HST Dual Standard SupraModem 24(K) SupraModem 2400 i SupraModem 24(H) Plus MNP5 v.42bis Modem Phone Switch Box Telecoinm 11 nication Software Atalk III Terminal Software $ 63 Baud Bandit Software $ 29 Paragon BBS $ 107 Sterling Service BBS S89 Cull the new. Improved Briwall BBS at 215) 683*7499. 300 1200 2400 hand. 24-hmirs. «itli a full catalog and ordering inI Floppies are a pain and you've had enough. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. We offer the best hard drives available with the controllers that make sense lor your system. Your selection will arrive reads to run because we pre-test and format it. Blistering speed means satisfaction. When you double-click, results happen, right now. We want you to experience this satisfaction. So we help you choose a board matched to your system. And since we've fully lest and configur your board, it’s ready to go when you receive it. Drive Packages ACCELORATO GVP Series 2 HCX 100MB Quantum GVP Series 2 HC8 2I3MB Maxtor GVP Series 2 HC8 50MB Quantum GVP Series 2 HC8 A500 100MB Quantum GVP Series 2 HC8 A50040MB Quantum GVP Scries 2 HC8 A51K) 52MB Quantum Supra 500XP 040MB Quantum & 512K Supra 500XP 050MB Quantum & 2MB Supra 500XP 100MB Quantum & 2MB Wordsync A2(HK> 052MB Quantum Wordvsnc A2000 I0QMB Quantum $ 779 $ 1,129 $ 566 $ 939 $ 599 $ 669 $ 539 $ 729 $ 1,049 $ 459 $ 669 GVP3001 28mhz w 2MB S1.319 GVP3033 33nihz w 4MB S1,679 GVP3050 50mhz w 4MB S2.399 lca.ll for pricing with hard drives) MegaMidgel Racer 25mhz S669 MegaMidget Racer 33mhz $ 889 AdSpeetl S239 Hard Drives Fujitsu IK0MB 3.5" IIII SCSI Maxtor 0S0MB 3.5" 14* SCSI Maxtor 213MB 3.5" HH SCSI Quantum 052MB 3.5" LP SCSI Quantum 105MB 3.5" LPSCSI Quantum 210MB 3.5" HH SCSI Richo 050MB Removable w 1 cart Seas’ate 048MB 3.5" HH SCSI Seagate 084MB 3.5" HH SCSI Seagate 330MB 5.25" HH SCSI Syquest 044 MB Remvble w case&cart Tape backup Units Optical and AT drives S759 $ 539 $ 929 $ 369 S599 S949 SS19 $ 269 $ 409 $ 1.469 S679 call call SCSI Controller Hoards Adide *AT* Drive Interface GVP Series 2 HC GVP Series 2 1 ICS ICD Advantage I VS Trumpeard Pro Wordsvnc r Hard frame Dataflyer I VS TrumpCard 500 $ 119 $ 159 $ 219 $ 145 $ 209 SI 09 $ 149 $ 99 SI 99 Floppy Drives Some programs seem designed to encourage disk- swapping! They tell you to insert disks so many times that vou're getting disk-swappers’ cramp! Who says you can t get excercise from a computer? But who wants to? You need an external floppy drive. AE High Density 3.5" Roctcc 5.25" Roctec Slimline 3.5" $ 199 $ 165 $ 99 $ 99 $ 85 $ 89 AE 880K 3.5" Air 3.5" Roctec 880 3.5" Let us put together a custom package for you! Call 1-800-638-5757 for other Drives Package Prices. You realize that vou can reallv use
• " * more memory, but you're not sure of ? Your options. When you call Briwall. We help you choose a memory board for your system, we install the chips, and then we lest the board on your Amiga model to assure that every thing works w hen you get it. Support the Environment! Recycle Even choosing the software you need is difficult these days. Memory requirements, and version changes can confuse your ? Purchase decision. We help you son out the issues, and can help you get your software installed when your order arrives. Just call our Tcchlinc if you have any problems. SOFTWARE Input Devices You can scan it in, roll it in, draw it in. Or push it in. If it sends the data to your Amiga we call it an input device. Don't know what these products do? Call us. We'll be glad to explain. Amtrac Trackball $ 68 AproDraw 12x12 $ 489 Beetle Mouse S42 Boing Optical Mouse S95 GI Hand Scanner $ 289 Golden Image Mouse $ 36 GI Optical Mouse $ 65 Gravis Joystick $ 35 M4 Mouse $ 39 Sharp Color Scanners call Sharp JX100 Scanner w Scanlab S749 SketchMastcr 12x12 $ 389 Byte N Back $ 41 CrossDOS v4.0 $ 26 Doctor Ami.. S29 LOCiO $ 62 Lattice C ++ $ 129 Lattice C v5.I SI 99 Maverick Copier S29 Project D v2.0 $ 32 Quarterback v4.0 $ 42 Supercard Ami 11 $ 79 Quarterback Tools $ 53 Music Audio Engineer call AudioMaster 111 $ (>4 Bars & Pipes $ 189 Bars &. Pipes Pro call Dr T Tiger Cub $ 64 Perfect Sound $ 65 Sonix 550 Productivity 8-up! SI 19 (call for price up to SMB > AERam 500 $ 65 Baseboard SI 09 (call for price up to 4MB) Supra 500RX w l MB $ 129 Microbolics StarK A500 call SupraRam 2000 $ 105 (call lor price up to 8MB) SupraRam 500 558 $ 49 SI 89 $ 189 $ 58 $ 189 $ 95 $ 239 $ 1(19 $ 95 $ 219 $ 149 $ 34 Data Tax v5.0 DBMANV Office PH ASA R v4.() Pagestream v2.1 PenPal Professional Page 2.0 Prow rite v3.0 SuperPlan Superbase Professional Wordperfect Your Familv Tree DRAM prices are on the rise again, so call for current Calt us for information on the new Commodore CDTV, and CDTV application discs. Utilities $ 29 $ 30 Ami...Alignment BAD Disk Optimizer Mail order made easy . . . Call for a complete listing . . . Mail order made easy BfliWALL You want your good ideas to look good on paper too, so you need a ? Printer that shows them off. But prim resolution, available printer drivers, and the software you’re using all affect which one is best for you. Tell us your needs and we'll be happy to help. Solid Products and Solid Support Why buy mail order from Briwall? AmigaWorld Video Library Keep on top of what your Amiga can do $ 519 S3 29 $ 189 SI.119 call $ 689 S3 69 Canon PJ 1080a Color Ink Jet Citizen GXI40 (24 pin) Citizen GX200 (9 pin) Kodak Dieonix Color Ink Jet Laser Printers Okidatu Laser 400 Star NX2420 Rainbow (24 pin) Amiga Music S26 Getting Started With Your Amiga $ 26 Animation Video Vol. 1 " $ 16 Desktop Video $ 26 Amiga Graphics Vol. 1 $ 26
1. Technical expertise to help you make the right decision. Buying the right product isn’t easy. The broad selection makes it tough enough but newer versions, compatibility problems, and functionality issues make it even tougher. Now you have one more place to go for good advice. Call for pricing and availability of ribbons, ink. Etc. No additional freight charges on these videos PGA TOUR® Golf Dazzling performance from your Amiga 1000 is available with any of these exciting expansion products. You can add mcmorv. Storatie. V speed, or all three. Installation isn't always easy but we re ready to help you get your purchase up and running. Just call ourTechLine.
2. Pretested products to help ensure that your purchase works. Yo :nase of any hard driv iv product incl program, will be pre-tested on the Tee off against 60 top PGA TOUR pros in full- scale tournaments. Enjoy TV style coverage, including panoramic fly-by shots of every hole, and instant replay. Briwall Price $ 34 our purchase of any hard drive or memory board, or any product included in this Amiga model you're using to eliminate fri Toaster and TBC A great start to a professional video package! S669 S8S9 call $ 88 S299 $ 649 $ 419 $ 199 5MB) MegaMidgei Racer 25mhz. MegaMidget Racer 33mhz Keyboard Kwikstart A1000 Fastruk SCSI Most Adapter + Case SupraDrive A1000 40MB Quantum Rejuvenator lOOOw Agnus Insider II (call for pricing up to 1 the frustration of receiving defective products. When you get it, it works. NewTek's Video Toaster, just $ 1449 The DPS Personal TBC (internal, NTSC & SVHS, fully compatible), just $ 849
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4. Warranties and guarantee. Buying mail order can be intimidating but we make it easy and safe. We guarantee that if your purchase doesn’t run on your system, well exchange it or give you your money back. And we double the manufacturer’s warranty period up to two full years on the products mentioned. We also offer an extended warranty so call for details. Great Multi-Svnc Monitors Non-Interlaced monitors from Optiquest Uptime 2m t)i>iiuuvM3om) ATOncc A500 Bodega Bay Bomac lower A2000 CBM 520 Video Adaptor Mullistart II AE 100Watt Power Supply Stereo Speakers Switchbox a b c d Covers, Skins, Cables, Disks $ 299 call $ 239 $ 45 SS5 S89 $ 36 $ 29 Screen Size Dot Pitch Max. Res Screen Type Briwall Price 15" .28mm 1024 X 768 Flat Sq. Toshiba $ 629 14" .25 mm 1024 X 768 Sonv Trinitron '$ 629 Call for pricing on other monitors ea 1-800-638-5757 Support (215) 683-5699 FAX (215) 683-8567 Outside USA: (215) 683-5661 Customer Service (215)683-5433 Tech ? Any Visa and MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge J Your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped Awesome $ 38 Shadow of the Beast 2 $ 38 Bard's Tale III S34 Sim City $ 33 Battle Chess 2 $ 33 Ski or Die $ 34 Chessmaster 2100 534 Sword of Sodan II $ 23 Das Boot S34 Wings $ 34 Dungeon Master 2 $ 26 Wizardry 6 $ 39 FI9 Stealth Fighter $ 38 F29 Retalialor $ 34 Harpoon $ 39 Educational Software Faces S27 Barney Bear Goes Camping $ 21 Janies Bond: Stealth Allair S36 Barney Bear Goes to School $ 21 Killing Game Show S30 Barney Bear Goes to Space $ 21 Kings Que-a 5 $ 39 Barney Bear Goes to the Farm $ 21 Lemmings $ 32 Distant Suns $ 45 Les Manley S39 Katies Farm $ 26 Lost Patrol $ 33 Linkword Languages *cach* $ 19 Overlord $ 33 Maihamalioii $ 50 Persian Gulf Inferno $ 19 Math Blaster Plus $ 33 Power Pinball $ 27 McGee S26 Powennonger $ 34 Mypuint $ 33 Pro Football Simulation 3.0 $ 30 World Atlas 2.0 $ 38 Secret of Monkey Island S41 Where in lime is C. Sandiego S33 SHIPPING ? All orders received before 3PM will normally be shipped within 2 business days ? Software shipping charges are $ 4.50 per order via UPS ground to anywhere in continental USA ? Hardware shipping charges are $ 4.50 handling plus actual shipping and insurance charges ? All UPS shipments are sent signature required ? 2nd Day Delivery via Federal Express® is available for $ 12, Next Day Delivery only $ 15. (any order up to 20 pounds.) BRIWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 10-7 EST) Store hours;Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-12Noon From p. 82. Or Hard mode. It seems to be an effective way to build their memory skills, since my children found it difficult at first to remember the correct order of the pieces. After a few sessions, it posed no challenge to either youngster. In Story mode, your little yarn weaver can either produce a new picture or choose from a library of previously created artwork. A typical picture can look something like the one Elizabeth created: a haunted-house landscape complete with monster, tugboat, and assorted items decorating the lawn. This is the only part of the entire disk where the keyboard comes into play. Since she is only a first-grader, Elizabeth recited her tale while I transcribed. She could then type the words in the area provided on screen. Lake most children, she eagerly spouted a saga of epic proportions, providing the pictures with some rather colorful stories. Children can compose stories on the right-hand side of the screen and display their pictures to the left, A "boom box” radio icon lets your .Amiga recite the story aloud. As with the other options, you can print the screen story and all. Upon returning to previously constructed pictures, the only frame of reference available besides recalling the accompanying story is an icon. Consequently, the act of constructing the story one of the program's strengths helps to develop memory. We Dig Dinos, Dad The Dinosaur Discovery Kit is a computerized coloring book. As with the Picture Story Book, it also offers three playing options: Coloring Book, Dinosaur Match, and Story Maker. As its name implies, Coloring book allows children to color dinosaurs with a 12-color palette of crayons and the flood-fill method found in standard Amiga paint programs. Distinguishing The Dinosaur Discovery Kit from other coloring programs, the computer not only says the dinosaur’s name, but also the name of the areas designated for coloring, such as "Water", "Dinosaur in the water”, and so on. If the boom-box icon is activated, the text on the screen speaks repetitively. With Dinosaur Match, a memory-im- provement program, the user flips over a series of cards on screen. Next, he tries to match colored drawings of dinosaurs, their shadows, or "Zug the Megasaurus," using either small- or large-sized cards that appear on screen. The young com- puterist can then utilize icons to indicate whether or not he wants to play alone, with another player, or with Zug himself. You can choose Zug’s intelligence level from a selection of three lightbulbs unlit, dull, or bright yellow. Neither Timothy nor Elizabeth had any trouble mastering this game. Story Maker allows your fledgling computer enthusiast to create stories by filling in the blanks of on-screen passages, rather than through original compositions, To begin, there is a choice between Dinosaur Land, Zug’s Party, or Stuck. Stuck is the most interesting: It starts with a line, such as “Once upon a time, a brontosaurus was stuck in a big ”, and then fills in the blank, not by typing, but by selecting a small icon depicting a swamp or mudhole. Hitting an arrow takes him to the next ? Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the AmigaWorld product line and we need your help. We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. ¦ GAMES ¦ ANIMATION ¦ 3D ¦ UTILITIES ¦ CLIP ART ¦ AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS ¦ OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS Send your submissions Amiga Product Submissions or contact us for Mare-Anne Jarvela . (603) 924-0100 gui e ines. £]m Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 AMIGA 2000 VERSION $ 119.99 SHIPPING & HANDLING $ 4.00 NOW YOU CAN FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM AND MAKE A BACKUP AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! HOW TO GET YOUR A 17)1 7A ACTlOQ 7 EPLA Y... CALL TOLL FREE ¦tHil.MH Wi !!- ORDERS ONLY 1 - 800 - 962 - 0494 WE WILL PROCESS YOUR CRDER QUICKLY A EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR AMIGA ACTION REPLAY WITHIN DAYS. NOT WEEKS. OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH. ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN ASHrs. COAST TO COAST TcChflOLOCiES- !(1C., 1855 W S.R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOP, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUST0MER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0938 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD'S (ADD $ 2)
* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) WE $ HIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS AMIGA UPGRADES 1 AMIGA 2QQ0 UPGRADE 5 ‘ MegaChip 2000 this is the Amiga upgrade Commodore never wanted to see reach the general public: Now utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 by actually putting into your A2000 the new 2MB AGNUS chip (same chip used in A3000). Take advantage of doubling your "RAM" to custom chips. Utilize to the fullest Amiga multitasking, graphics and sound capabilities. Excellent for displaying advanced animations or graphics. Upgrades your A2000 to the latest technology. Simple plug-in board, no soldering. Includes free AGNUS chip puller (very important). We will buy back your 1MB AGNUS. 1 year warranty. S338.0Q before rebate.
* ENHANCED CHIP SET * 1 MB FATTER AGNUS (8372A) upgrade for A50Q A2000. Utilize 1 MB of "Chip RAM." Comes with new Commodore step-by-step instructions and free AGNUS chip puller. $ 99.50
- AMIGA 1000 REJUVENATOR BOARD * Tap the ultimate power of your A100Q. Upgrade to the power of the A2000 and beyond. $ 479.00 complete (PAL or NTSC)
* A500 "BIG FOOT1' POWER SUPPLY • Your original Amiga 500 power suoolv is really a tiny “35 watt" supply. By adding anything more than the 512K plug-in board overtaxes the capacity of the “supply." To avoid problems, consider our fastest selling Amiga upgrades: A500 Heavy Duty “Switching" @ $ 69.95 or the "Big Foot" 150 watt dual-switchable, fan- cooled supply. The “Big Foot" drives 5 hard drives or floppies. An absolute must for people using additional memory or “ADD-ONS." $ 94.85
2. 0 Workbench is released, but it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. That leaves the computer owner swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. KICK- BOARD. . .A simple-to-install board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer. You can select any one of 3 ROMs. $ 37.95 (Same as above, but keyboard controlled $ 94.50.)
* LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS * Don’t throw out your old worn printhead. For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specifications for you. Save up to 70%! Year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done.)
* INSIDER II 1.5 MB FOR A1000 * Simple plug-in board battery clock calendar simple, fast and compatible. No soldering 1 year warranty. $ 199.95 (0K) $ 30.50 per 1 2 meg.
* REPLACEMENT UPGRADE * CHIPS & PARTS 8372 (2MB AGNUS) $ 119.95 68882 25 MHZ $ 225.00 8520A CIA .....17.95 68882 16 MHZ ..129.00 8364 PAULA ..29.95 256 x 4 80 DIP .7.45 8362 DENISE 112 Brt 29.95 1 MG x 1 100 ...7.45 5719 GARY .....17.25 A5Q0 P S 45 watts ....69.95
1. 3 ROM .29.95 A500 P S 150 watts ..94.50
2. 0 ROM .CALL A500 Service Manual 34.50 1 x 4 MG 80 Zip (A3000)...47.50 A500 Keyboard 109.50 60000 16 MHZ ...35.00 A2000 Hvy Dty P S 147.00 68010 8 MHZ .35 00 A2000 Keyboard 114,95 68020 16 MHZ ...75.00 A2Q00 Service Manual 48.50 68030 25 MHZ .289.00 Keyboard for A1000 .129.95 68881 20 MHZ ...79.00 Amiga Diagnostician Bk...14.95 screen. By speaking the name of the dinosaur and tlie activity that is occurring, the computer makes the situation .stimulating as well as fun. The Determination One of the best features of both these educational programs is a little “H” icon in the upper-left corner of the introductory screen. By clicking on this icon, an adult helper can customize the program to the child’s liking and adjust the speed at which the program talks. You can also enter the children’s names so that the computer gives them a personalized greeting in both sound and on-screen text. Neither Puzzle Storybook nor The Dinosaur Discovery Kit are copy-protected, and they install easily on a hard disk. For flawless performance, I recommend running both on stock Amigas. All said, these two programs represent a step forward in providing .Amiga software for kids. I wonder whether the Amiga might be more warmly received in elementary classrooms if some other companies took a few months to develop similar educational software. The Puzzle Story Book The Dinosaur Discovery Kit First Byte 3100 S. Harbor Blvd. Suite 150 Santa Ana, CA 92704 714 432-1740 $ 39.95 each No special requirements Sterling Service BBS Elbow grease shines this service. By Loren Lovhaug and Frank Hudson EARLY IN THE program manual for Sterling Service BBS, Free Spirit Software poses the question: “What sort of bulletin board is this?” The company’s answer to this rhetorical question is, “Sterling Service is an attempt to meet the needs of the budget-conscious as well as the professional user, combining power and ease-of-use at both ends of the phone line (italics mine).” While this statement may be true from the user’s standpoint, it does not begin to describe the system accurately from the sysop’s (system operator) perspective. In terms of installation, maintenance, and available features, Sterling Service does not compare favorably with other .Amiga BBS programs as a communications host package. Disregarding for the moment sysop objections to the package, Sterling Service is a pleasant, well-ordered system from the BBS user’s perspective. The online menus and help facilities are adequate. You can operate the BBS’s message editor either in typical line-editor fashion or in a full-screen editor mode, with terminal packages supporting full YT-100 emulation. Sterling Service also provides a useful feature for attaching files to E-mail messages, making it convenient for program-data or private-ap- plication direct transfers. There are also provisions for suboperator support, so you can delegate certain responsibilities to remote users. Sticking to the Script From the system operator’s perspective, however, Sterling Service takes more effort to configure and maintain than other Amiga bulletin-board programs, such as Skyline or BBS PC. At first glance, the package’s initial installation process appears to be as simple as invoking its AmigaDOS installation script. Although it worked with all flavors of AmigaDOS we tried including ARP and AmigaDOS 2.0 we found the script to be incomplete and somewhat limiting. For instance, there is no provision for installing the program on harddisk partitions other than dhO;. You can, of course, get around this by manually altering the script-* if you are willing to put in the effort and know your way around AmigaDOS scripts. The rest of the installation process is unusually indirect. By following the instructions provided in the documentation and script, you construct your BBS partly on your hard drive and partly on a floppy disk that you then copy onto the hard drive. Even after the script is complete, you must manually transfer several programs into your C directory. You then do much of the final shaping of your BBS by using Create, a separate program included in the package. Create makes ample use of colorful ? Circle 164 on Reader Service card. 88 April 1991 $ 4.95* ea 10-24 Disks $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks
* Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source. WB general interest * most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentry volume with your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks! $ 8.90 $ 18.90 $ 34.90 $ 68.00 for for for for 10 25 50 100 Please senefme th¥ToHowing: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3} Exp. $ $ ' % $ ST Zip. DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A14, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! 800 879-0759 Support & Questions 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 ma WB12: Disk Utilities 1- Tins great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery, archiving and organizing, and ail sorts of file and directory manipulation, incudes SID, greatly reduces CU use. New Disks FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance, one and a hall years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quality, highly recommended FD51: Games - DesertStorm a last action arcade game, Amigatraion a well bone concentration game. Chute a parachute jumping game. Running a dungeon adventure game similar to wanderer, and Soli* a solitary card game. FD52: Classics Games ¦ PetersOues: a well done Mario brothers type of came. Jyrrbc a two player missile command done and Vstank tank commander game. WB80:Graphlcs - Raytracmg programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings. .. and surreal mages often consisting or tvghly polish spheres and objects 3-D Master is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily betfer, and more lull featured, than s m:iar commercia1 programs costing in the hundreds ot dollars WB81: Great Applications • DataEasy a very easy to use, database program Don't let the easy of use fool you, this is a very full featured database program including full printer control for address labels and mail merge appicatons Also includes, TypeTu: a good typing tutor, RLC a full featurec label printer, 3anner. A multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting m a program. Highly recommended. WB82:Animations - Four lull length well done 'movie' style animations Including Coyote. Juggierll. GhostPooi. And Mechanix. Two oisk set. Counts as one1 DD76:Advanced Utilities This disk contains two of the most powerful utilities on the Amiga. Dmouse and Machlll. These program are what is referred to genercalfy as mouse enhancers Features include popping up a ch, screen blankers. Mouse accelerator, definable keyboard macros and hot ana function key definitions. Demo play backs, and much much more. Contains many more excellent programs. Other Great Disks FD5: Tactical Games BullRun a Civil war battle game. Metro - you play the role of a city planner Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum. Very very habit forming FD6: GAMES! • This disk is chock full of games including. Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: PACMAN This d sk contains several pacman type games including: PacMan87. MazMan and Zon t FD9: Moria This has great graphic controls, multiple spalls, similar to Larn and Hack. Play time several weeks' FD10: HackLlle ¦ A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic This is the second release of this game on the Amga Great Amga graphic interface Pay time several weeks1 FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is oy fa> the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay Counts as 2 disks. Req 1 Mb and two dnves (or fid). FD13: Board Games contains multiplayer Monopoly, Dominoes. Paranoids, and ctners. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk, Hball - an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix - a Q>x type clone. FD16: Strategy Games - includes Diplomacy and Empros, both great conquer and rule multiplayer games similar m concept to Simcily and Populace Also includes D ackbox. Hearts, and others FD17: Educational Games • This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel ot Fortune. FD2Q: Tactical Games MecnForce(3.72); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to g-ve you tne feel of piloting a 30 ¦ 40 foot tall, tire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whin FD29: Shoot'em up's Wwfl - you're the pilot ol a Wwfl plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good tuck on you mission, SpKilier ¦ try and penetrate enemy lines with nis qame, and Retaiiator - another great game FD32:Flight Simulator - Includes an instrument flight simulator tor a DciO F033: Arcade Games ¦ Ffreddy a mano brothers type of game, Gerbils a target practice game. Pipebne a German mterpretat-on of Pipe Dreams Tron a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful verson of asteroids with a hilarious twist F037a & b:Tactlcai Games Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended Now with a full-featured graphic front end FD38:Games Cnbbage Master ¦ A great cnbbage game and tutor, Spades • a well oone card came, ChineseCheckers - A computer version ot this classic, Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game ana construction set FD39a & b:Tobias Star Trek Tn s is a new. Completely cifferent version o! Star Trek than that found cn FD12 This one was created by the German author Tobias, Now with English instructions. Very Excellent!'! Counts as 'wo disks. Requires 512k memory, a 500, 2000 or Pal FD40:Arcade - MiddieEast - a timely arcade game of death and destruction set in Iraq, WblS: Business ¦ This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a Qecttime management program ard financial analysis (stocks). 16: Business This d sk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendanschedufar. A roiodex program, and Kennywise a good "Cash Book' accounting for home or office B18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors Includes,TextPius (v2,2e) a full featured word processor. Dme(vt .35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features,TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB2Q: General Interest - DiskSalv V1 42 a disk recovery program lor all Amiga file systems. FixDisk Vi.Q another file recovery p'ogram with features DiskSafv doesn’t have, SDLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench. Clean Vi Ol a program to de fragment memory. Tracer - trace any pad of an image WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined function BezSur!2 - produce awesome pictures ot objects one cou’d turn on a lathe Can also map iff image tiles onto any surface that it can draw New compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen ¦ makes a virtual screen anywhere, great tor DTP . WB25:Educatlonal - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's cata base to aenerate detailed maps of any entered user global coord nates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26; Disk Utilities 2 MrBackup, KwickBackup ¦ two well done utilities to help with harddisk and floppy disk backups, FiieMast - a binary file editor. Labe'printer - Disk label printer with veiy powerful features WB27: Nagel 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB29; Graphics and Sound • This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics includes, MandelMountains - a realistic terrain generator. Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fas! Mandefbrot generators, also Mostra - the best IFF display program to date, wi:i display ALL IFF s including Dynamic HAM, and Sound ¦ a g'eat IFF sound player, will play anything. Try this disk, you'll love it' WB33:Circuit Board Design several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast, Including PCBtooi - a circuit board design tool, LogicLab ¦ circuit logic tester, and Mead (t 26) a wen done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit comoonents for insertion into schematics WB36: Graphics On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath - creates swirling galaxy images. BackToTheFuturell - a very playable demo verson of this soon to be released commercial game. City a missile command done FD42:Games ¦ Includes SpaceWa ¦ a remake ot this oogmal Amiga classic, Trippm a fascinating board game ol intrigue, strategy, and player manipulation. Dominion - an engrossing strategy game of galactic war and conquest. Frog • a frogger type done, and Mines • a very challenging strategy board game. FD44: Game Mechfight is an out of this world role playing adventure comparaDie to hack and moria The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest to explore the world, take time out to liberate baa guys of their most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien life forms, pick up a new amiga 9300 Most of aft. Don't forget to stay alive FD49:Chaos Cheats ¦ This disk contains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Slakes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. W&4:Telecommurnnlcatlon • This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily, Access (t 42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vl 34. But with the addition ot transfer protocols, Comm (i 34} - Last version ot one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga, Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102.220 WB5 - Fonts 1 - Several fonts (35) lor tne Amiga, also included are five PageStream ‘onts.and ShowFont - a tont display program WB7: Clip Art This disk is loaded wilh black and white clip art. Art mcludes. Trees, watches, tools. US and State maps and more WB10:Virus Killers • The latest and best VifusX(4.0), Kv(2.1). and ZeroVirus(1 3) Wbt3: Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do 4. With PrtDrvGen you can make your own. W814: Video on this disk are several utilities for the video enthusiast. We nave included multiple slates, video titling, Bars and Tone. Gray Scale, Screen fades and swipes, Interlace toggles, and SMPTE Calculators Also on this disk rs a full featured video catalogmg program. Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge Account Signature. Name Address City Phone ( )_ . B39: Music - Intuifracker is an German offer of an exquisdely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls Lets you strip out music from your favorite games or others and include them in your music library WB40: Music ¦ 'CD on a disk". 90 minutes of modem music on this well presented dollection. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to SoundTracker but better Very powerful, easy to use program. WB43:Buslness - This disk contains AnalytiCalc - prooabiy the most powerful spreadsheet program on (he Amiga. A lull featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. WB53:Graphics- The disk contains C-lighl • The easiest to usu raytracing we have seen to date This one started out life as a full featured commercial product similar to Scuipt3d Raytracing programs can generate stunning, realistically shaded objects Also. Smovie a full featured video text tiller similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Tiller Great video scrolling, wipes, special effects, and more WB54:Prlntlng This disk contains several routines to help with the chore of printing. Includes Golhic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD: PrintStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII fifes to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Appllcatlon Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks RoadRoute • find the quickest route from one city tc another, highway description included. D ary - a diary program like "Dougy Howard M,D", Cal ¦ a calendar program, Magman a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications WB71 :C64 Emulation ¦ The A64 Package is a complete, very powerful!. Commodore 64 emulator DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program m Pascal. Includes, A68k (1 2) 68000 assemDier. Blink linking software and PCQ (i .0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1.0l) fully K&R, zcc(i.Q) front end, A68k(1.2) assembler, Bi.nk linker DD51: Circuit Analysis ¦ Aspice (2 3) A full toatured program tor electric circuit analysis DD52; Scientific - Includes Elements ¦ an incredibly well done periodic table program with source, Scientific plotting over 600k ol Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs 0054; Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file comp-ession programs and aids for the Amiga Many of fhe programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc = 2.3). Lharc(l 0). Lhwarpp,03), Pkax(I.O), PowerPacker = 2 3a) a must have by all. Zip(i.O). Warp(2.Q4). and Zoo(2.0). Also fFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF tiles DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3 0 release mclud ng the full user docs, the full Developers guide, and Conman (1,4) ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Proiect (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements Jo AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CU. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh • like Cross-dos, copies files to and from MS-DOS. Pai-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and ftext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers. And Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented language DD65 C Tutorials - Several well Cone tutorials on how to program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes. Sound implementation. Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering, and others A must have for Amiga Programmers. DD71:C compiler - This disk contains Dice, Matthew Dillon's lull featured, powerful C compiler and environment system Roses ¦ produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen - display those spectacular images as pad of your worroenek screen, and RayShade a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics. WB3S: Plotting and Graphics Piotxy is the most powerful lull featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities A welcome addition to our library1 High y recommended Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured Tesseia'or ¦ a program that helps generates fantastic (coking, recursive M C Ecsher Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ? INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain SONY Blank Disks: DSDD3 5' Following (fay snipping in m js1 casos No shipping CharOM ¦« Ihin USA Canada add s 25 *acn Fcrsgnadd $ 50 pei d'sX fpf ax mail delivery Payment in US lands A minimum of 520 00 required on credit cord orders. Each S (.89 cents ea) (.76 cents ea) (.70 cents ea) (.68 cents ea) type oictures WB Total disks x S_ Disked based catalog (add $ 2,50) $ ’ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders, Canada and Mexico add $ .15 each, Other foreign add $ .50 ea.. Sony Blank Disks CA residents add 7.00% sales tax Foreign Shipping Total Due "AAMIGA CENTER Formerly The 64 Store CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-388-2700 10 AM to 6 PM Mon - Sat Call For Latest Games COMIC SETTER CUP ART 9.95 PRO PAGE CUP ART . .
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220. 00 DELUXE PAINT III ... . 93.75 PROMOTION .
62. 50 DELUXE PHOTOIA0 . . 93.75 PROSCRIPT ..
31. 25 DESIGN 30 . . 49.00 PROWRITE 3.0 11000 DIGI DROID . . 55.00 QUARTERBACK 4.0 ...
56. 25 DIGI-PA1NT 3.0...... . 62.50 OUSAR SOUND......
37. 50 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 . .
137. 00 RULES FOR TOOLS ...
285. 00 DISTANT SUNS..... . 43.75 SCANLOCK ..
885. 00 DOS 2 DOS . . 34.25 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D .
395. 00 DR T-* (all software) .. CALL SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR
92. 50 DRAGON WARS ... . 3125 SHADOW OF BEAST 2 . 37 50 DUNGEON MASTER 2 . 24.95 STAR CONTROL .....
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OF KRYNN 34.50 COMIC SETTER 49 00 FALCON MISSION DISK 2 18.75 GO 1 ..31.25 GOLD DISK TYPE .....37.50 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK . . 79.00 HARPOON .... 40 50 HARPOON BATTLE SET 22 50 HARPOON SCENARIO ED 29.95 HOME BUILDERS CAD 124.95 ILLUMILINK ... 9500 IMAGINE .... 218.75 INDY 500 ..... 34.50 INTERCHANGE 31.25 INTERFONT ... 74 95 KARA ANIM FONTS 31.25 KARA FONT HEADUNE . 43.75 KINGS QUEST V CALL LOOM ...... 41.50 LOST PATROL . 34.50 M (MUSIC COMPOSING) 124.50 M-1 TANK PLATOON . . . 37.50 MAC-2-DOS ... 93.75 MEDIA PHILE KIT 45.00 MICROFICHE FILER + , 115.00 MIGRAPH SCANNER .. 375.00 MODELER 3D ..65.00 MOVIE SETTER 49,00 MUSIC SOX A Of B 45.00 MUSIC X .... 187.50 NIGHT HUNTER 23.65 NITRO .25.00 OFFICE ..... 20500 ONLINE PLATINUM .... 43,75 PAGE FUPPER PLUS FX 86.75 PAGE RENDER 99.00 PAGESTREAM 2 0 187.50 PAGESTREAM FONTS . . 25.00 PERFECT SOUND 74.95 PHASAR 4.0 ... 56 25 PHOTON PAINT II .....93.75 PIXEL SCRIPT .99.00 POOL OF RADIANCE ... 34,50 POWER MONGER 34.50 PRO PAGE 2.0 250.00 THE ACCOUNTANT ... 187.50 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 24.95 THE IMMORTAL 34.50 THE KILLING GAME SHO 31.25 TIGER CUB ...75.00 TRANS WRITE .43.75 TRUE BASIC ..49,95 TURBO SILVER 99.00 ULTIMA V .....37.50 ULTRA DESIGN 225.00 VIDEO TOASTER CALL VIDEOSCAPE 30 ..... 125.00 WINGS ..... 34.50 WIZARDRY ...37.50 WOLF PACK .. 34 50 WORD PERFECT 161.00 WRATH OF DEMON 31.25 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE 27.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM 56.00 X CAD PROFESSIONAL 343.00 J gadgets, which implies an intuitive and goof-proof configuration process. Most of the configuration work, however, is done by entering string commands in the window provided. For the most part, you are not shielded in any way from making unwise or unworkable choices. Further obscuring the whole process, Create provides no visual dues as to what choices have already been made or what values have already been set or altered. Once your internal settings are complete, Created end product is a configuration file for the BBS that you must name “defaults" in order for Sterling Service to find it (unless you want to modify another script). Neither the manual nor the Create program reveal that you must give your configuration file this name. The most serious flaw with the installation process involves what appears to be a bug in the program. It prevented the system from accepting public messages in any of the pubiic-message bases once we had configured the program. Despite numerous attempts, we were unable as sysops or users to leave a public message in any of the pubiic-message areas we had defined. Oddly enough, we did not experience this difficulty with the freely distributable demo version that came with the package. Obviously, without a fix to this problem, Sterling Service is significantly crippled. Despite its seemingly intuitive appearance, Create practically requires you to keep the program’s 105-page manual constantly at hand. This is also the case when it comes to the BBS's day-to-day maintenance. You handle most sysop control operations by manipulating a series of one- letter menus or, even worse, by setting eight-place binary ones and zeros. A Veritable Fortress Sterling Service also requires you to spend a considerable amount of administrative effort coping with the program’s antiquated interface and its complex system for setting user levels. Most BBS packages allow the sysop to modify the system and assign different levels of access for various sets of users. These programs also allow sysops to perform routine file maintenance while preventing others (such as new callers) from accessing reserved features. Sterling Service’s system of six "color locks" and 18 other user-level attributes monumental undertaking. Perhaps some of the configuration and maintenance hassles associated with Sterling Service would be forgivable if the package offered an extraordinary amount of flexibility and sophistication. It would certainly sweeten the pot if the program had professional features such as extensive terminal-emulation choices, call-back security options, and complete transfer-protocol support (.ASCII text, XMODEM, XMODEM CRC, and ZMODEM are the only modes that are supported). ? These buttons open up your BBS world. Makes it excessively complex without appreciably aiding any reasonable security needs a sysop might have. The need to set all 24 of these access levels for each new user by hand with eight-place binary toggles serves only to increase the possibility of error. In addition, there is no apparent method for globally altering these attributes for whole groups of users. Redesigning your BBS once it has attracted a number of users would lie a After running Sterling Service for five days, I did have problems with the bulletin area. It was easy to set up, but had very little flexibility. When 1 did have problems with the documenation, I found Free Spirit's technical support BBS to be good. What irritated me was having to download upgrades. .After the third one, 1 switched to another program. Sterling Service seems to have been released before it was ready. Lorraine Crawford Lewisberry, Pen nsxtvania r your turni Use QUARTERBACK to save your Data. Use QUARTERBACK TOOLS to save your A I ** Have you ever deleted the wrong file (or worse yet ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Have you seen this awful message: “Error validating DHO”? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS, the fastest and easiest way to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
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• Searching the entire disk tor errors and marking bad areas “out of service.”
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5599. 00 100 MG HardCard $ 899.00 A3(X)1 4 0 28 Mhz $ 1699.00 D-Paint III S99.95 Illumilink (INFARED) $ 95.95 commodore AMIGA. Circle 205 on Reader Service card ASI Ampex Systems, Inc. (Not affiliated with Ampcx Ccrp > 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NORCROSS. C.A 30093 (Orders Onlv) (800) 962-4489 • Fax (4i)4) 263-7852 (Information & Prices) (404) 263-9190 Beta Boggle Upon request, we sent your offices in October 1990 a pre-release beta version of our new high-resolution, 4096-color paint-program, Macro Paint. We were not pleased with Macro Paint’s mention (see “A Case in Paint,” Jan. *91, p. 26). While the author congratulated us on a “programming tour de force,” he criticized the program not only for lacking important features but also for appearing more like a demonstration version than a commercial product. He was, in fact, entirely correct, because the pre-release beta version lacked many of the features later incorporated into the release version. In addition, the article included several incorrect statements: Macro Paint is not a 24-bit paint program; it is a 4096-color (12-bit) program. It is, however, capable of importing 24-bit files for use when manipulating scanned or digitized images. Several of the program’s features were omitted from the summary charts accompanying the article, and at least one non-existent feature was attributed to the program. No mention was made of Macro Paint’s powerful Arexx command set despite the fact that the product’s very name implies the In the final analysis, Sterling Service’s positive features including its acceptable nature from the user’s perspective are still far out-weighed by its sysop-oriented defects. It is disappointing that it does not deliver the goods, as promised, What attracted me to Sterling Service was the ease of setting it up. We received immediate feedback to all our problems from the technical support BBS. We will download the new Create program from the BBS to get our board running, as it is temporarily down. Bob Smyer Chicago, Illinois existence of some kind of macro facility. Macro Paint’s unique image-pro- cessing functions were similarly overlooked. Because the program sent to AmigaWorld was unfinished and was not accompanied by complete documentation, we can understand how these inaccuracies crept into the article. It is unfortunate, however, that no mention was made that Macro Paint was being reviewed in an unfinished state. We hope to see you publish a thorough review of the program in the near future. Erik C. Qiiackenbush Lake Forest Logic Editors note; It is a long-standing policy of AmigaWorld not to review beta software. Had we known the program was unfinished, we never would have published this information. Due to a miscom- munication, we believed we were in possession of the final version of the program. “at both ends of the phone line.” Editor's note; At press time, we were informed that Free Spirit Software has released an upgrade to Sterling Sendee. According to free Spirit, version 1.2 addresses the problem associated with leaving public messages. It also includes a new install program and an improved requester for a hard-drive installation path. To address other concents, the company added a default filename for Create's configuration file and requesters to help with color locks and security flags. Sterling Service BBS Free Spirit Software 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 215 683-5609 SI 49.95 Requires 1MB Yakkity yak. . .do talk back! Send your comments on reviews to Back Talk, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. 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• Genlocks to any stable video source. Call! Monitors NEC Multisync 3D .... $ 609 Sony .CALL Seiko CM 1440 . 575 Flicker Fixer ..$ 239 Seiko CM 1450 .699 Flicker Free Video.... CALL AudioMasler3 CALL FCE Mid 500 2000.....$ 49 .Audio Engineer-.....CALL Perfect Sound ...69 Bars & Pipes Pro.....CALL Sound Source CALL Tiger Cub .....$ 65 Soundmastcr CALL All Supra Products Available for Your Amiga. Call! Genlocks ..$ 619 MiniCen ......$ 199 ..1395 Neriki CALL .CALL Vidtech ......CALL DESKTOP WORD PROC. Supra HARDWARE MUSIC DPS Pagestream 2.1 .$ 169 Professional Page 2.0.. CALL Pen Pal .95 Pro Write 3.0 ..$ 109 RETAIL Penn Station, Main Concourse STORE OUTLET: (Beneath Madison Square Garden) HOURS' _Hew York City. NY 10001 _ 24 HOUR FAX : 718-692-3372 TELEX: 422I32MGRANT HO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS. RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST! Mon-Wed 9:00am-7pm Thurs 9-8 F0R CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL: Fri 9-4:30 CLOSED Saturday (718) 692-1148 Sunday, 9:30am-7pm Mon-Thurs,9:00AM-5PM
* 109 28Mhz. 63030 Accelleralor lor A-2000 ...$ 64Q GVP 3001 Kit (28 Mhz) w 68030, 2MB 68882 ..$ 1239 3001 Kit (28Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 68882 ..$ 1379 GVP 3033 Kit (33 Mhz.)w 68Q3Q, 4MB, 68882 ...$ 1579 GVP 3050 Kit (50Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 66882 ....$ 2399 ABOVE KfTS w QUANTUM 40MB ....ADD $ 300 ABOVE KfTS w QUANTUM 80MB ....ADD $ 500 ABOVE KfTS w MAXTOR 210MB ....ADD $ 950 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 42MB ......$ 599 A-500 HD 8+0 52MB Quantum .$ 669 A-500 HD 8+0 105MB Quantum ...$ 899 RSCOH 50MB Removable w Cart ,,...$ 799 ¦4i Supra 500XP HARD DRIVES 512K RAM Expandable to 8MB 512K.20MB $ 415 512K, 40MB $ 495 512K. 52MB .....$ 569 512K, 105MB .....$ 829 2MB, 20MB ..$ 479 2MB, 40MB .$ 559 2MB, 52MB .$ 639 2M8,105MB $ 879 2I4B THRU SUB VERSIONS AVAILABLE S 2K Expandable lo 8MB....CALL SUPRA RAM 2000 Works on til Amiga® 2000 computers . Installs easily in any Amiga Internal expansion slot Mads in USA
(X. ...$ 108 4MB ..$ 265 8MB $ 419 M $ 185 6MB .$ 339 IS-IQB-IM
• tfMgraph Touch-up
* 109 TRUMP CARD 2X0 Eif to 4MB
* 129 GVP Salas II HC A-2000
* 159 GVP Series 11 HC&O A-2000
* 215 AdSCSI 2080 A-2000 (Bp. To SMB
* 179 TRUMP CARD 3X0 ftofessionai exp.I04M9
* 204 TRUMP CARD A500
(l. P U4M9)
* 215 TRUMP CARD 500 Pioteescnal Etp. IP4M3
* 269 XETEC FAST TRAK A500 A1000 (Bp. To 4MB)
* 299 ST-138N-1 (30MB. 28MS) s239
* 335
* 345
* 398
* 454 5409
* 419
* 419
* 469
* 535 ST-157N-1 (49MB28MS)
* 249
* 339
* 355
* 408
* 464
* 419
* 429
* 439
* 499
* 545 ST-296N (80MB)
* 309
* 409
* 419
* 468
* 524
* 488
* 499 - - ST-1O90N (00 MB .3 5*)
* 349
* 449
* 464
* 508
* 564
* 528
* 539
* 539
* 589
* 645 QUANTUM (40 MB)
* 279
* 375
* 389
* 438
* 494
* 449
* 459
* 459
* 519
* 575 QUANTUM (80MB)
* 429
* 519
* 529
* 588
* 644
* 599
* 609
* 618
* 669
* 725 QUANTUM (105MB)
* 449
* 535
* 549
* 608
* 664
* 609
* 619
* 619
* 679
* 745 QUANTUM (170MB)
* 749
* 855
* 875
* 908
* 964
* 928
* 939
* 939
* 969
* 1045 QUANTUM 210MB
* 819
* 919
* 929
* 978
* 1029
* 998
* 995
* 995
* 1029
* 199 880K FLOPPY DRIVE $ 95 DATALINK 2000 W MNP5 $ 155 RAM WORKS 2000 OK (Exp. To 8MB) $ 105 RAM WORKS 500 ...$ 105 POWER SUPPLY FOR A-500 ...$ 87 1 * = » 1 rff ! U i » DIGtPAINT III ....§55 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 ..$ 124 N wTk SUPRA MODEM 2400 EXTERNAL w CABLE .$ 99 SUPRA MODEM 2400 Zi INTERNAL ......$ 114 SUPRA MODEM 2400 MNP $ 155 SUPRA MODEM 2400i MNP......$ 119 SUPRA MODEM 2400 PLUS $ 179 SUPRA MODEM 2400 PLUS....S155 SUPRA MODEM 2400 Zi MONITOR BLOWOUT! PLUS ..$ 159 SUPRA MODEM 9600 PLUS $ 579 NEC MULTISYNC HID MONITOR ...$ 629 SONY 1304 MULTISYNC $ 699 SEIK01440 MULTISYNC $ 559 Cetl&ed check, bank check. Money orders. Approved P.O.'s. Visa, Mastercard , Diner's Club. Am-Ex, Optim a. Car t Blanche. C.OD's 4 wire tanslers accepted neasecaWbelcresutmittng
P. O.'t. No additional surcharge tor a edit card orders Non-certiled checks mustwail 2-4 weeks for dear; lordearance. Pnces and availability subject lo change without notice. Nottespcn .crreUrnfiwllnoibe accepted A ease add 5% Shipov a £ handling imin. $ 6). Orde tcrdeiSDteasecaJlfcrshloanqrates) Second Day 4 Nest Day Ajavadatiewimaitia typographical ertors. Return o1 detective merchancisemusthave prior reijm authorization number tf2&*9d5rf g 4 handing istefeti trademark oI Commodate-Amiga Inc )*edscountedto3%Bhcpfig4h dlra Odetsmer$ 3000atediscountedlo3%(Canadiancrde(spteasecaJllofshiooingra!es) Second Day 4 APO fPO cxdrwplease add 10% sh ng 4 handhng (nor $ 1200-6%. Over $ 3000-6%). All APO FPO orders ate shipped tf« Pass priority ar All orders can detail DC.A. 800233. Amiqattif ORDER HOURS: Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm Fri 9am-4:30pm . Sun 9:30-6 Closed Saturday (ET) 1084 FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA CALL TOLL FREE I I OR WRITE TO: MONTGOMERY GRANT MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT P.O.BOX 58 BROOKLYN, N.Y., 11230 OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL FRAME GRABBE
* 519 FLICKER FIXER ...$ 269 FLICKER FIXER DEB-2000 ....$ 99 LATTICE C5.1 ......$ 219 MEGA-MIDGET RACER (25Mhz).$ 649 MEGA-MIDGET RACER (33MHz)$ 759 PANASONIC 1410 W Lens $ 199 PANASONIC WV-1500X $ 319 BODEGA BAY By CALIFORNIA ACCESS Expansion Console - Turn your AMIGA 500 into a A-2000 Compatible .CALL MICROBOTICS Memory Upgrades for A-2000 Bup OK $ 129 8up w 6MB.$ 399 8up w 2MB.$ 219 8up w 8MB..$ 479 8up w 4MB.$ 319 AMIGA 2000 Power Supply ....$ 169 AMIGA Replacement Parts Available A-MAX Emulator II .....$ 139 ,$ 299 Atonce PC AT Emulator. REJUVENATOR 1000 offers AGNUS, Denise, 2.0 ROM capabilities for your AMIGA-1000 (as in the A-2000). Also includes SalYO Video Port and Clock. EXPANSION SYSTEMS BASEBOARD SHARPJX 100 Color Scanner w Software & Cables $ 719 SHARP JX 300 $ 1689 WORD PERFECT (AMIGA) $ 155 OK .$ 99 2MB .....$ 199 512K ...$ 129 3MB .....$ 269 1MB .....$ 149 4MB ....$ 329 2MB DAUGHTER BOARD AVAILABLE DATA FLYER SCSI INTERFACE
* 359 512K... 1MB....
1. 5MB. TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM VIDEO TITLING PACKAGE Genlock Video Tilling Software Video Fonts . ,n HEWLETT PACKARD HP DESKJET 500 .$ 529.95 HP LASEFUET IIP w Toner., ..$ 969.95 HP PAINTJET .... $ 929.95 HP LASERJET III w Toner ....$ 1639 HP PAINTJET XL w Toner ...$ 1849 VIDEO ANIMATION PACKAGE Genlock _ Animation Software Animation Fonts Frcm OUR TRAINfD CONSULTANTS ARC RCADY TO cusromc m ?mia dcsxtop VIDtO COMPUm SYSUM FOR YOU! PANASONIC KXP-1180 .....$ 149.95 KXP-1191 .....$ 244 95 KXP-1124 .....$ 279 95 KXP-1624 .....$ 349.95 BROTHER HR-5 80 Col. Thermal Prlntr.i39 ICD AD-RAM 2000 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-2000 (OK EXPANDABLE TO SMS)
* 125 AD-SPEED ACCELLERATOR FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS (14.3 Mhz) SmJL FUCKER FREE VIDEO .$ 319 AD-RAM 540 MEMORY EXPANSION FOR A-5QQ OK .....$ 105 (Expandable to 4MB) AdSCSI 2000 ..... $ 129 AdSCSI 2080 ...... $ 179 AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES AIR DRIVE Internal Drive lor A-2000 ..$ 89 AMIGA 1000 Memory, Parts & Accessories ...AVAILABLE AMIGA 3000 32 Bit Memory AVAILABLE AMIGA Appetizer Software (Word Process, Music, Paint, Game, Tutorial Program) $ 39 AMIGAVISION Software ...$ 85 AMIGA 1.3 ROM (8850) .$ 39 AMIGA 1MB Fatter Agnus Chip (8372A) ......$ 94 AMIGA 2MB Super AGNUS(8372B).$ 99 NX-1001 .... $ 149.95 NX-1020 RAINBOW .....$ 194.95 NX-2420 ..$ 289,95 NX-2420 RAINBOW .....$ 329.95 EPSON LX-810 .....$ 189.95 FX-850 ... $ 329.95 LQ-510 ....$ 279,95 CITIZEN GSX-140 .$ 284.95 200GX ... $ 169.95 Color Option Kits ...CALL CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-680
3. 5H DISK DRIVE .$ 95 COLOR SPUTTER $ 119 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive lor A-MAX $ 169 DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTV DC-10 ...$ 419 FIRECRACKER 24 2MB) ....$ 1279 GENLOCKS AMIGEN.J99 M1NIGEN.,.$ 195 SUPERGEN ..$ 599 SUPER GEN 2000S .$ 1339 VIDTECH VIDEOMASTER CALL VIDTECH SCANLOCK ..CALL 'Pointer Specials 718-692-0790 Memory tor A-1000 OK Expandable to1,5MB .$ 229 ......$ 259 ...$ 289 1 INSIDER II AMIGA 500 AMIGA 2000 AMIGA 2000HD AMIGA 2500 30 AMIGA 3000 PRICES SO LOW WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PRINT THEM AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES IN STOCK AmigaWorld is a publication of International Data Group, the world's largest publisher of computer- related information. International Data Group publishes over 130 computer publications in more than 40 countries. Nineteen million people read one or more of International Data Group's publi* cations each month. International Data Group's publications include: .ARGENTINA’S Computerworld Argentina; ASIA's Asian Computerworld; AUSTRALIA'S Computerworld Australia, PC World, Macworld; AUSTRIA'S Computerwelt Oesterreich; BRAZIL’S Data News, PC Mundo; CANADA’S Computer Data', CHILE’S Informatica, Computation Personal; COLUMBIA'S Computerworld Columbia; DENMARK’S CAD CAM WORLD, Computerworld Danmark, PC World, Macworld, Unix World; FINLAND’S Mikro PC, Tietoviikko’, FRANCE’S Le Monde Informatique, Dis- tnbutique. Info PC, Telecoms International; HUNGARY’S Computerworld SZT, Mikrovilag] INDIA’S Computers Csf Communications-, ISRAEL’S People & Computers; ITALY'S Computerworld Italia, PC World Italia-, JAPAN’S Computerworld Japan, Infoworld, Publish', KOREA’S Hi-Tech Information Computerworld] MEXICO’S Computerumrld Mexico, PC Journal, THE NETHERLANDS' Computerworld Netherlands, PC World, Amiga World', NEW ZEALAND’S Computer- world New Zealand, PC World New Zealand; NIGERIA’S PC World Africa; NORWAY’S Computerworld Norge, PC World Norge CAD CAM, Macworld Norge', PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA’S China Computerworld, China Computemmld Monthly; POLAND’S Computers', SPAIN’S CIM World; Communicationes World, Computerworld Espana, PC World, AmigaWorld] SWEDEN'S ComputerSweden, Mikrodatom, PC Ny- hethema, PC World, Macworld; SWITZERLAND’S Computerworld Schweiz; TAIWAN’S Computerworld Taiwan, PC World; UNITED KINGDOM’S Graduate Computerworld, PC Business World, ICL Today, Lotus UK, Macworld U.K.] UNITED STATES’ Amiga World, CIO, Computerworld, Digital News, Federal Computer Week, GamePro, inCider, Info World, International Custom Publishing, MacWorld, Network World, PC Games, PC World, Portable Computing, PC Resource, Publish!, RUN, SunTech Journal; USSR’s World USSR, Manager, PC Express, Network] VENEZUELA’S Computerworld Venezuela, Ahero Computerworld; WEST’ GERMANY’S Computerwoche, Information Management, PC Woche, PC Well, Amiga Welt, Alacwelt. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form of manuscripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. AmigaWorld assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Payment for the use ol' any unsolicited material will be made upon publication. .All contributions and editorial correspondence (typed and double-spaced, please) should be directed to lmtgtf- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 603-924-0100. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices, A miga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 800-441-4403. Subscription problems or address changes: Call 1-800-525-0643 (in CO, 1-303-447-9330) or write to AmigaWorld, Subscription Dept., PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-
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P. O.Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ORDERS TAKEN 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 FAX LINE (503) 648-8992 Super Card AMI II A MUST FOR ALL AMIGA OWNERS Now is the time to own the most powerful backup system that ever will be made. We have searched for a program that this software, hardware package can not backup, and it is yet to be found. Over 10,000 units sold!!! Please join our search. NEVER BEFORE 100% BACKUP. .....NO W ONLY
• Easy to use, mouse driven software.
• Most software backed up in 60 seconds!
• Transparent when not in use.
• Fits any Amiga, even the 3000! (Please specify when ordering).
• Backup any 3.5" disk (IBM, ATARI, MAC, AMIGA).
• No soldering required!
• Cross-country BBS support system (Call for nearest you).
• Backup your original - the day you buy it!
• Super Card AMI II works on NTSC (60 Hertz) and PAL (50 Hertz) systems.
• Tested world wide to be the ‘one and only’ 100% backup system. Don't wait, one original lost can cost more than this backup system! We have a full stock on hand and your system can be on its way to you fast! Remember, specify the Amiga you have when ordering. A500 1000 2000 2500 3000 using one or more external drives, or A20Q0 250Q 30QQ with two internal drives. AMI-II SOFTWARE UP-DATE Now Available 1.0 Software
• Copier files that allow 60 second backup for most programs.
• Easy to use instructions. $ 095
• Save those programs onto the copier files lor future use.
• Join our automatic up-date list, and never miss another up-date. AMI SUPER TRACKER
M. A.S.T. UNIDRIVE For those of you on a budget. Now is the time to order this great looking, reliable and quiet drive. We at Utilities Unlimited can offer this drive for only. Have you ever wanted to know where problem tracks are located? Now, with super tracker AMI you can tell! This beautiful digital track display simply plugs into the last drive in your Amiga system (all Amiga computers will work). The head location (track) side (top or botton head) and where write protect position are all displayed. NOW ENHANCED UNIDRIVE The only Amiga external floppy drive in the world that includes Digital Track Display, Hardware Write Protect Switch and Hardware Virus Protection System. Alt this for only... Add $ 4.00 Shipping and Handling - Add $ 3.50
P. O. BOX 311, STRATFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA N5A 6T3. FOR ANY TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE DIAL (503) 647-9022 THURSDAY & FRIDAY 10:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. PACIFIC TIME!!! SUPER-CARD UTILITY PACKAGE Copier Construction Set - Create copier files for Super-Card AMI II vl.O software. Disk Anaylzer * Display format and structure information of tracks This will help determine which mode you should use with Super-Card AMI It. Drive Speed Checker - Checks drive speeds of ALL drives. Drive Alignment Checker - Checks drive alignment of ALL drives. MFM Editor - Read & Write MFM data. Works in conjunction with Copier Construction Set to help create copier files. KICK BOARD When Workbench 2.0 is released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. Nearly all commercial games will not run under the new Kickstart ROM. That leaves the consumer swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. This is a terrible inconvience to the consumer. Introducing, KICK-BOARD A simple to ins*al1 board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer Remove your old Kickstart ROM from it’s socket and place it in our board. Now, plug the KICK- BOARD'S ribbon cable into the empty ROM socket. That’s it! You can add two additional ROMs to the KICK-BOARO besides your original. Giving you the total of three possible ROMs to use in your Amiga. By simply moving the switch provided to one °* the three positions, you can select one of the available ROMs. No more compatibility problems! By using a ribbon cable assemble, we have insured that this product will work with all processor accelerators, which generally cover the ROM socket completely. Introductory Price BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR Tired of that annoying “Clicking" that your drive makes when there is no disk inserted? Have you ever wanted to boot from one of your external drives? Did you know that some commercial programs (generally European games) actually require your external drives to be disconnected from your Amiga!! Introducing, BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR.... A simple to install board that fixes all of the above mentioned problems for good!! This unit installs between your CIA chip and your internal drive. Once installed, the “Clicking" ( which will eventually wear out your drive) will be a thing of the past. What happens if your internal drive malfunctions? You are stuck without your computer! Not if you have this unit installed! Simply select which external you want to boot from and you again have a usable system. The external drive you select and your internal (DFO) drive actually “Swap* locations, allowing the normal usage of all drives. No more removing your external drives for those programs that require that there be only one drive online. Simply flip the switch, and presto! All external drives are disabled! This product wilt pay for itself without question! Now with Anti-Virus AmigaWorld Expo brings you the Amiga, the world's first computer! At AmigaWorld Expo you'll find: k State of the Art Graphics. Animation, 3D and Business Software k Hardware to Expand your Amiga to its Limits k k Magazines, Value-Added Resellers, and Tutorial Videos to Assist You k Bargains on the Hottest Amiga Software and Hardware k k Amiga Classes, Seminars and Keynote Speakers Giving You Access To the Most Complete Amiga Information Available k EXHIBIT HOURS Friday, March 15 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM Saturday, March 16 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday, March 17 tr 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM AmigaWorld Expo gives you access to Amiga leaders, will speak on a major topic of importance and interest. Saturday, 9:00 PM TIM JENISON President NewTek. Inc. Friday, 5:00 PM STEPHEN ROBBINS Publisher AmigaWorld Magazine each and everyone. Each meeting day. A celebrated Amiga leader Sunday, 12:00 Noon KAILISH AMBWANI President Gold Disk. Inc. FREE AmigaWorld Expo Seminars and Panels are all included and the latest that Amiga developers and users have to offer. With your admission to the Exhibits. Each day, experience the best 3:30-5:00 1:30-3:00 3:30 - 5:00 1:00 - 2:30 I 1:00 - 12:30 4:00 - 5:30 1:30 - 3:00 FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY AMIGA VIDEO OVERVIEW AMIGA MULTIMEDIA PANEL AMIGA TO VIDEO SEMINAR AMIGA MUSIC VIDEO SEMINAR AMIGA CONNECTIVITY PANEL INSIDE WORKBENCH 2.0 SEMINAR NEXT GENERATION AMIGA GRAPHICS AmigaWorld Expo will also announce the Winners of the 3rd Annual Art and Video Contest in our on-going Amiga Artists Theatre. To enter - and have a chance at prizes from NewTek. Inc., Gold Disk, Digital Creations, Supra Corporation, ASDG. Impulse. The Zuma Group. Dakota Corporation. Active Ciruits, Inc., AmigaWorld Magazine, and More! - call us at 1-800-32-AMIGA for the Official Rules and Regulations. ART CONTEST DEADLINE IS MARCH 1ST. When you Pre-Register to AmigaWorld Expo, you can both money and time. Advance registration will save you $ 5 off the on-site fee - and time in line. Call us at 1-800-32-AM1GA with a Visa or MasterCard or return the coupon with a personal check or money order made out to AmigaWorld Expo. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1. 1991. ONE DAY - S15 TWO DAYS - $ 20.00 THREE DAYS - $ 25.00 These prices already reflect the S5 discount. Prices are $ 5 more at the door. No refunds or cancellations after the pre-registration deadline. Your registration to AmigaWorld Expo includes admission to the Exhibition, Keynote Sessions. Amiga Seminars, and the AmigaWorld Expo Artists Theatre. Other events may be available for free or a small admission charge. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation of your registration. No tickets will be mailed to you. When arriving at show site, go to Advance Registration to claim your tickets. If you are registering more than one person, please use a separate coupon for each person. AmigaWorld Expo is a registered trademark of AmiEXPO, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. AmigaWorld Magazine is a registered trademark of IDG Communications. Inc. Circle 72 on Reader Service card Where the World New York Hilton and Towers at Rockefeller Center Push your Amiga to its limits. Witii classes for both those IflPlMttl 10 the Amiga and the aspiring Master, AmigaWorld Expo gives you the creative edge. AmigaWorld Expo offers two Novice Classes for those beginning with the Amiga and computing in general. Each class is 3 hours long, costs S30 per person and is limited to 50 students. BASIC AMIGA CONCEPTS 10-1, Fri. and Sun.: 2-5, Sat.
• Introduction to All Amiga Models * All Peripheral Expansion
* Full Workbench Coverage • Beginning CLI UNDERSTANDING THE CLI 2-5, Fri. and Sum: 10-1. Sat.
• Unleash your Amiga’s Power • Most Essential CLI Commands
• Exploring Public Domain * The World of Telecommunications Tto efficiently get the most out of your Amiga, you need an important professional topics. There are six different topic areas, divided into person and is limited to 40 students. . Amiga Master Gases are designed to provide information on Introductory (I) and Advanced (II). Each class runs 3 hours, costs $ 60 per THE AMIGA IN VIDEO Instructor: Oran J. Sands 111 VIDEO I 10- L Friday and Saturday
• Basic Video and Amiga Relationship * Video Hardware
• S-Video vs NTSC • Video Software Overview VIDEO II 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Continuation of Video I • Optimizing Video Output
• Video Toaster • Pro Video Post • Genlock Comparison AMIGA ANIMATION STATION Instructor: Steve Segal ANIMATION I 10 1, Saturday and Sunday
• 2D Character Animation • Digitized Animation
• Storyboarding • Character Design • Recording Your Work ANIMATION II 2-5, Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Animation • Character Modelling • Frame Requirements
• Texture & Bump Mapping • Solid Modeling • Ray Tracing PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES Instructor: Curt Kass PRESENTATION 1 10-1, Friday
• Professional Art and Design Applications
• Presenting for Education • Presentable Hardcopy PRESENTATION II 2-5, Friday
• Finished Artwork Production * Pre-press Approval Proofs
• Package Design Mock-ups • Product Design and Presentation AMIGA GRAPHICS Instructor: Bradley Schenck GRAPHICS I 10-1, Friday and Saturday
• Basic Graphic Concepts • Anti-aliasing • HAM Painting
• Palette Selection • Brush Painting • Stencils GRAPHICS II 2-5, Friday and Saturday
• Advanced Graphic Displays • Image Processing
• Animation Planning • Beyond Bitmaps • Going to Print AMIGA 3D Instructor: Tony Dispolo 3D I 10-1, Saturday and Sunday
• 3D Concepts * Modeling * Rendering Engines • Lighting
• Scuplt-Animate 4D • Turbo Silver * Imagine 3D II 2-5, Saturday and Sunday
• Continuation of 3D 1 * 24 Bit Rendering * Use of Paths
• Optical Disk Recording * 3D Animation ¦ AMIGA MULTIMEDIA Instructor: Steve Gillmor MULTIMEDIA I 10-1, Sunday
• Multimedia Defined * Hardware Options and Requirements
• AmigaVision • Foundation • CanDo • Hypermedia MULTIMEDIA II 2-5, Sunday
* Commercial Applications • Arexx Connectivity
* Multimedia Design • CDTV and CD-Rom Development m gg hotel and travel arrangements. HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS: The New York Hilton & Towers is the show site and headquarters hotel and is located at 1335 Avenue of the Americas between 53rd and 54th Streets. Rooms are available for a special Amiga World Expo discount rate: $ 155 Single or Double. To make a AmigaWorld Expo is pleased to offer all attendees these reservation, call the Hilton directly at 212-586-7000. HOTEL DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 20. 1990. AIRLINES: American Airlines, the official carrier for AmigaWorld Expo is pleased to offer a 5% discount off any fare to New York City. To qualify, just call American at (800) 433-1790 and give them this ID number. Star File 07Z14K. AmigaWorld Expo * 465 Columbus Avenue, Suite 285 -Valhalla, NY 10595 Circle 72 on Reader Service card WORLD OF THE SECOND ANNUAL MM IN NEW YORK CITY ? STARRING ? THE AMAZING AMIGA ? FEATURING * AMIGA HARDWARE • AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA ACCESSORIES • SEMINARS • BARGAINS Pier 90, New York Passenger Ship Terminal, New York NY APRIL 5-7, 1991 Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm ZIP. STATE Order payable to CITY Mane Check or Money o™ 120> Amherst, NT T4226 3380 Sherman Orwe, E The PRE-REGISTRATION (Deadline March 15): $ 10 per single day, $ 25 for all 3 days REGISTRATION AT THE SHOW: $ 15 per single day, $ 30 for all 3 days Admission includes exhibits and seminars. World of Amiga in New York City is restricted to persons 12 years of age and older. Sponsored by Commodore Business Machines. Produced by The Hunter Group. For more information call (416) 595-5906 or fax (416) 595-5093. WORLD OF AMIGA IN NEW YORK CITY cqISTRATION _ _ save EM™c*y. »¦“ SJSK?- H “ST,or a"3 days o$ 2° COMPANY l«appv«a adobe55 I I Hunter Group Thousands of Apple & Amiga Products In Stock and Ready to Ship Call today for a FREE Catalog can't refuse gonna You need to buy something for your system right? So you're gonna check out all the other MOBs (Mail Order Businesses) and see what they gotta say. Then you give me a call. W-v If I can't beat the other MOBs best advertised price in this magazine, I'm gonna send you a check for $ 3.* How can you refuse? HOW TO ORDER: Orders onlv: 1-800-438-2883 FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% ($ 15 min. Restocking fee on refunded items only) 1-619-274-1253 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday
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* We really appreciate your business! WHAT’S NEW? Another truckload of fresh-baked Amiga products. Is this a harbinger of Spring t Compiled by John Wolfskill ICD Debuts IDE Hard-Disk High Octane 3-D Cad Controller Ditek International now offers DYNACADD (S995), a design and drafting package for engineers, architects, and other CAD power users. The program, which boasts mainframe CAD capabilities, can revise, design, and detail both 2-D and 3-D drawings. It supports all popular pen plotters, dotmatrix, laser, and Postscript printers for printed output. Among DYNACADD’s many features are automatic singlepass dimensioning (American and European standards) and ICD claims the world’s smallest and fastest hard-disk drive controller for the Amiga. The AdlDE ($ 159.95) disk controller gives Amiga 500, 1000, and 2000 owners access to the compact 2.5- and 3.5-inch hard drives commonly available for laptop and desktop Pcs. IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) drives are different from SCSI drives in that the disk-controller electronics are mounted directly on the hard drive, rather than on a separate expansion card. AdlDE supports full auto- booting under Kickstart 1.3 and higher, and it is compatible with external expansion devices such as SCSI cards, memory boards, and so on. The controller works with a full 16-bit data path and includes proprietary caching algorithms that speed up disk- to-memory data transfers. ICD also offers an enhancement to its AdSCSI 2000 SCSI controller package. This lets Amiga 2000 and 2500 owners connect internal or external SCSI hard drives to their svs- J terns. You can buy both the AdSCSI 2000 host adapter and a larger and faster 52MB Quantum LPS-series drive for the same price as the original 40MB Quantum Model 40S hardcard package. (ICD, 1220 Rock St., Rockford, IL 61101, 815 968-2228.) RS 502. The ability to manipulate AGEA Compugraphic desktop-publishing fonts. A vector-based, fom-editor utility allows you to create new characters or fonts and to edit existing ones. A UNIX version is also in the works (slated for second- quarter 1991 release). The program is available in English, French, and German language versions. (Ditek International, 2651 John St., Unit 3 Markham, Ont., Canada L3R 2W5, 416 479-1990.) RS 503. RGB First with Toaster Controller RGB now offers AmiLink VT ($ 250), an add-on software module for its Amiga-basccI video-tape editor. The new software is the first to give NewTek’s Video Toaster edit control. Ami Link VT controls the Video Toaster interface by sending Arexx commands that select video transitions and other special effects. The resuliing information can be stored as part of an Ami Link EDL (Edit Decision List) file for future use. You can also access Video Toaster character-gener- ator and framestore files from within AmiLink. (RGB Computer & Video Creations, 3944 Florida Blvd., Suite 4, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, 407 622-0138.) RS 504. AND THEN SOME plications using a mouse instead of a programming language. The program features built-in Arexx support to expand its capabilities when you're ready. With Hyperbook, you can create personalized appointment calendars, address books, interactive greeting cards, audio visual appointment lists, business presentations, and custom teaching "books." Hyperbook also lets you generate text, graphics, and IFF pictures ? FOLLOWING THE MAINSTREAM of the software development community, Gold Disk recently released Hyperbook ($ 99.95). a free-form application program generator for all Amigas. The program simplifies the process of creating, developing, and using personal and business applications, as well as presentations and interactive learning "books." Hyperbook's easy-to-use interface allows you to develop complex apThe Software Shop, Inc. Software & Hardware Special 1-800-752-0050 "Give Us the Opportunity to BEAT any advertised price" GVP-A2000 ACCEL, A2000 HARD CARDS NEW A500 DRIVES & A1000HARDRIVES& MEM&HARDCARDS Hardframe 2000 S 159 MEMORY MEMORY A3001-68030-882 28MHZ+4MB $ 1469 Quantum 40mg w HF2000 469 AD-IDE Controller A5O0 $ 118 Quantum 40mg w Supra $ 659 A3001 -68030-882 33MHZ+4MB 1679 Quantum 80mg w HF2000 589 AD4DE-A500 w 40mg Teac 459 Quantum 80mg w Supra 849 A3001-68030-B82 50MHZ+4MB 2559 Quantum I05mg w HF2000 599 AD-IDE-A500 80mg Maxtor 649 Quantum 105mg w Supra 899 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0 SRSII 233 Quantum I70mg w HF2000 949 Supra 500XP-20mg W 512K 559 Starboard II 512K 230 GVP-A2000-HC 8+2MG SRSII 328 209mg Conner w HF2000 999 Supra 500XP-20mg w 2mg 649 Starboard 111 mg 289 GVP-A2000-HC 8+4MG SRSII 430 Wordsync Supra Controller 129 Supra 500XP-40mg W 512K 669 Starboard II 2mg 389 GVP - A2000- H C 8+6M G SRSII 532 Quantum 50mg w wordsync 429 Supra 500XP-40mg w 2mg 759 Starboard OK 211 GVP-A2000-HC 8+8MG SRSII 633 Quantum 8Gmg w wordsync 589 Quantum 50mg w GVP 659 HARDDRIVES GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-40MG 529 Quantum 105mg w wordsync 599 Quantum 80mg w GVP 849 Quantum drive 40mg 11ms acc. 295 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-80MG 679 Quantum 170mg w wordsync 899 Quantum 105mg w GVP 899 Quantum drive 80mg 11ms acc. 455 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-105MG 689 209mg Conner w wordsync 999 Adram 540 A500 W 512K 149 Quantum drive 105mg 469 GVP-A2000-HC B+0+Q-170MG 1029 ICD Advantage Controller 139 Ad ram 540 A500 w 1mg 169 Quantum drive 17Qmg 11ms 799 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+Q-209MG 1099 Quantum 50mg w ICD Adv. 429 Adram 540 A500 w 2mg 219 209mg Coner 15ms 369 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-4QMG 469 Quantum Bomg w ICD Adv. 589 Adram 540 A500 w 4mg 329 SYQUEST 44mg w cartridge 555 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-BOMG 666 Quantum 105mg w ICD Adv. 599 BaseBoard 512K 149 Syquest Media 44mg 89 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-105MG 629 Quantum 1700mg w ICD Adv. 899 Base Board 1mg 169 A2000 MEMORY CARDS GVP-A2000-HC-SRS1I+Q-170MG 969 BaseBoard 2mg A500 219 Supraram A2000 2mg 211 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII+Q-209MG 1089 BaseBoard 4mg A500 329 Supraram A2000 4mg 289 GVP-A2000-HC 0 175 Supraram A2000 6mg $ 379 Supraram A2000 8mg 439 8UP 2m g A2000 215 8UP 4mg A20OO 295 SUP 6mg A2000 375 8UP 6mg A2000 459 AdRAM A2080 2mg 195 AdRAM A208O 4mg 275 AdRAM A2080 6mg 355 AdRAM A2080 8mg 435 RamWorks 2000 2mg 189 RamWorks 2000 4mg 269 RamWorks 2000 6mg 349 RamWorks 2000 Bmg 429 CHIPS Dram 1mg x 1 80 1 Oons 9 Dram 1mg Zip 10 10 Dram 256x4 180 1 Oons 9 Sim Module 80 1 Oons 75 Scram 4x 1 70 80ns Zip 75 ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge ......1 6 A B C'D Switchbox 39 A1000 Safe skin 22 A2000 Safe skin ... 22 A3000 Safe skin ... 22 A500 Safe skin .. 22 Amirac Trackball .7 9 Boing optical mouse 109 Copy Stand 69 Ece Midi 1000 ...52 Ece Midi 500 2000 .....5 2 Ergo Joystick .....17 Gravis Joystick ..3 7 Modem cable A100Q......15 ModemcableA2000 500l5 Mouse pad ..9 Printer cable 200075001 ...5 Printer cable A1000 .. 1 5 Video int. A500 a .65 CAD Draw 2000 .1 83 Home builder cad ...129 Home builder choice......53 Home Buildr library .....79 Intro cad ......51 Intro Cad Plus ...99 Pro-Board .399 Pro-Net 399 Ultra Design .....269 X-CAD Designer II ..97 X-CAD Designer Pro ...215 COMMUNICATION Online., ...4 4 Atalk 111 ..65 Online Platinum., ..6 7 BBS pc,™ ...9 6 Skyline BBS com ..9 9 DATABASE Data retrieve ....51 Dbman V ...189 Super base ..52 Superbase pers II ...... 99 Superbase Pro. 3.0 .219 DESKTOP PUBLISHING WORDPROCESSOR Gold spell II ...30 Pro-page template ..42 Pro-draw clip art ..4 2 Transcript ..47 Text p'O ... 50 Publisher plus .....69 Who-What-When 69 Wp library ....79 Page setter II .....89 Becker text .9 2 Pen Pal 102 Prowrite v3.0 ......99 Professional Draw .,..129 Publishers Choice ..69 City Desk 2.0 ....135 Word Perfect ....149 The Works Platinum .....164 Professional Page 2.0 .229 Excellence! 2.0 .179 Gold Disk Ofhce 189 Professional page 1.3 ...199 Page stream 2 0 199 EDUCATION Adventure of sinbad 32 Aesop's fables ..32 All about America .....35 Animal kingdom ..32 At the Zoo ...2 7 Decimal dungeon .....32 Dinosaur Discov, kit ...29 Discovery game math....2 5 Discovery game spell.....2 5 Fraction action .3 2 Iniellilype 3 5 Kid talk ..... 3 5 Kinderama ..3 2 Learning curve .5 2 Letters For You ..2 8 Master type 2 5 Math Odyssey ...3 3 Math talk., ...3 5 Math talk fraction ......3 5 Math wizard 3 5 Mavis beacon typing......33 Numbers Count ...2 8 Project Master ...129 Puzzle Story book 29 Read & rhyme ..32 Read-a-rama ....32 Rhyming note book ..30 Spell bound 2 5 Speller bee .35 Tales from Arabia ...... 32 Talking Animator .34 Where in the U.S ...35 Where in World C.S ...3 2 Where inEurpe.C.Sdiego35 Wordmaster ......32 World Allas ..39 World Odyssey .33 Your family tree 32 FONTS Calligrapher ......85 Fancy 3d fonts ..52 Font set I 22 Headline Fonts .54 Headlines 2 .47 Inter font ......76 Kara Anim font 1 ..3 5 Kara Anim Font 2 .35 Kara fonts color ...50 Kara fonts Headline 2......48 Kara fonts subheads .48 News letter fonts ..29 Page Stream fonts 1-15 ..29 Profonts I Prof ....23 Profonts II decorative 23 Studio font ...29 Subheads ....47 GRAPHfCS & VIDEO DCTV 439 3-Demon .....73 3d options ...35 3D Professional ..299 Animagic 95 Animate 3-D, .....99 Animation editor .39 Animation effects ......32 Animation Flipper 32 Animation multiplane......58 Animation stand ..3 2 Animation Station ......6 9 Animation Studio ......111 Animation Titler 5 9 Animation w images 8 9 Animator apprentices .. 185 A ni motion ....65 Architectural Design ......23 Art Department ...59 Broadcast Titter II .229 C light 3d editor ...39 Caligari 159 Can do ..9 9 Chroma paint ...48 Comicsetter ..... 65 Credit text scroller .....2 9 Deluxe Paint III ...102 Deluxe photo lab ....102 Deluxe print II ....5 9 Deluxe video III ..106 Design 3-D ...67 Designasaurus ..32 Digi paml 3 ..69 Digi View Gold 4.0 . 131 Digimate ill ..28 Digiworks 3d ..8 9 Director Tape ..3 8 Director's Toolkit ..2 6 Elan Perfo*mer ..4 1 Express paint III .....8 9 Fantavision ..42 Future design 3-d 23 Human design 3-d .....23 Int. Design sculpt3d 2 3 Interchange ......32 Invision 1 09 Lights Camera Action 4 9 Microbot design 3-d .23 Modeler 3d .64 Movie clips ..29 Movie setter , ......65 Page flipper fx ..95 Pagerender 3-D 105 Photon Paint 2.0 . 97 Pixmate .43 Print master plus ...33 Pro video plus set 1 .....83 Pro video plus set ll ....83 Pro Video Post ...220 ProVideo Gold 163 Scene Generator 2 9 Sculpt 3-d ... 64 Sculpt Anim 4D .399 Sculpt-Animate 4-D Jr 95 Super Clips . 22 The Art Dept ......5 9 The Director 46 Turbo silver 3.0 119 Turbo Silver Module ..20 Tv Text Prof ....111 Tv-show 2.0 .64 Tv-text 64 Video effects 3d ......121 Video scape 3-d ......120 Video titler 95 Vista ....69 Zoetrope .... 89 HARDWARE A3OOO Internal Drive .....99 ADFIicker Free Video ..349 ADSpeed A500 Accel ..249 AE 3.5 External Dr. HD......215 AE External Drive .109 AE Datalink 2000 MNP5 ....175 AE Datalink Exp. MNP5.....269 Air Drrve External ...99 Amax It Emulator ..149 Amigen 153 Asia 3.5 External Drv......11 5 Baud Bandit level 5 .155 Color Splitter ...120 Desktop budget . 46 Easy! A1000 ......349 Easyl A2000 379 Easyl A500 ..345 Flicker fixer 425 Flicker Free Video ...359 Framebuffer W capture549 Future sound ...129 Internal 3.5drive A2000.. 89 Mac 3.5 Drive .229 Mac Rom Chip 149 Midi Gold (500) ... 60 Migraph Scanner .....349 Mini Gen ....210 Perfect sound V.3.0 ..75 Power Supply A500 .1 09 Scanlock ...789 Sharp JX 100 Scanner ...789 Super Gen . 695 Supergen 20C0S .....1679 Supra 24Q0bd internal... 149 US Robotics 9500bd HST669 WV1410 Cam.W lens.... 199 LANGUAGE UTILITIES A C basic ....129 A C fortran ......195 Adapt .79 Arexx ..33 Assem pro ...65 Aztec C developer .195 Aztec C professional.....129
C. B. Tree 65 Cape 68k ....59 Cross Dos 4,0 .....2 9 Cygnused Professional ...65 Devpac Vrs.2 .6 6 Disk 2 disk .....3 3 Disk master 1.4 ..33 Disk mechanic ..59 Dissasembler .....45 Dos 2 dos .... 35 Hisoft Basic pro ...11 8 Inovatoois 1 ....5 4 Lattice Dev.System 5.4.225 Mac 2 Dos ...99 Momentum Mail ..22 Nag Plus Schedule Assist.52 Pixel script .104 Power windows v2.5 .58 Pro script 32 Project D ......3 2 Quarterback 4.1 ..4 5 Raw copy 1.3 ....3 9 Source level debugger..65 Super Card A2000 .....7 9 True basic ....6 5
V. I.P .....32
W. shell ..3 3 X-copy II 29 MONITORS NEC 3D multisync .....699 Panasonic C1381 Hl Res499 Sieko cm1430 monitor..699 Sony multi-scan Monitors35 Taxan 1000 20' Ultrasync 2899 Zenith 14' Flat CRT 720 PRINTERS 1 l24PanasonicPrinter ...349 AlpsAllegro24PIN 425 C(tizen200GX ... 210 CitzenGSXI 40PRT.Color399 Hppaint jet 1029 NECLC890laserFS 3395 Starnxrainbow 259 SOUND & MUSIC 4-opdeluxe .97 Audiomaster ...37 Audiomasierll ...67 Backsongbook 2 7 BarsS.Pipes ..179 Copy istll .....179 D-50 99 Deluxemusic 69 Drdrums 28 Drkeys 28 DrT'sKeyboard ...160 DrT'sMidiRec.Studio 47 D x h e a v e r ..... 9 7 Dynamicdrums .52 Dy namicstudio ...129 FuluresoundA500 A2000 9 2 KcsLevelll ..... 225 Mairix6 ...97 M i d 1M a g 1 c 9 7 MI-32 ..97 Music-X 205 Musics tudent., ...38 Promidistudio ..129 Prosounadesigner ...125 Sonix ....51 SoundOasis ..69 SoundGuestTexture 99 Soundsampler ..78 SoundTrackVol ..135 Studiomagic ......65 S nthia ...5 9 SynthiaPro .195 Texture ...97 TigerCub ......62 U‘ilities2(mimatics) .....43 SPREADSHEET Advantage .....129 Analyzed.0 .95 Easy Ledger ....189 Financial plus ..189 Haicalc ..32 Maxiplan500 ......95 Maxiplanplus..... .126 Money Mentor ....6 5 Nimbus record keeper ...95 Phaser 65 Service Industry Ace'1ing225 Superplan ....97 VIPProfessional .65 W II A T ' S IV E ? That you can place on scrollable "pages" linked together to form a book. Any item on a page can be assigned to a button that launches an action. For you relatively new Amigaphiles who found an A500 under the Christmas tree, Gold Disk offers All-In-One ($ 79.95), a spiffy six-pak of applications that includes an easy-to-use word processor, a full-featured painting program, a music-notation program, and a trio of strategy games. The package comes with a video-tape tutorial that helps you set up your system and learn more about your A500. (Gold Disk, 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5, Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4W 5A1, 416 602-4000.) RS 505. MegageM recently gave Fractal Pro ($ 99.95) a major facelift. Version 4.0 of the fractal art-and-animation system provides six new animation modes, including screen panning in eight directions. It aiso has the ability to create both tweened fractal sequences and spectacular Julia Set Cascade sequences between any two Mandelbrot or Cube Mandelbrot set images. Also new is the ability to generate Digital Elevation Map (DEM) files of fractal images for 3-D scene rendering with Virtual Reality's Vista software packages. (MegageM, 1903 Adria, Santa Maria, CA 93454. 805 349-1104.) RS 506. Got the workbench blues? Then maybe you should check out Workbench Management System 2.0 ($ 49.95). The package comes with eight built-in productivity aids: text editor, calendar, phone book, archiving utility, complete Amiga DOS help system, and more. WMS 2.0 allows you to create onscreen "buttons” assign them to application programs or script files, and then launch the programs with a mouse click. The package is AmigaDOS 2.0- compatible. Allows up to 16 workbench colors, and supports both overscan and hi-res screen modes. (TTR Development, 1120 Gammon Lane, Madison, Wl 53719, 608 277-8071.) RS 507. Softwood has recently added the Softclips ($ 79.95 per volume) collection to their line of Amiga software. Softclips is a multivolume collection of high-res- oiution, bit-mapped clip-art, created by professional artists. The images can be imported directly into word processors and desktop-publishing programs such as Professional Page, PageStream, Pro- Write, and so on. You can send the output to almost any printer. For starters, the company currently offers Classic Clip-Art Volume 1, with over 1000 traditional symbols, including borders, maps, tools, etc. People Clip-Art Volume 2 provides 490 images of people in a variety of occupations, situations, and sporting activities. (Softwood, PO Box 51209, Phoenix, A2 85076, 800 247-
8314. ) RS 508 Move over Quincy Jones! New Sound Music provides budding MIDI musicians an easy way to conquer the basics of jazz improvisation with Jazz through MIDI ($ 39.95). The instructional package comes with 50 jazz patterns and solos for beginning, intermediate, and advanced MIDI musicians. Basic instruction is offered for a variety of jazz styles, including bebop, modal, blues, and fusion. The easy-to-read manual comes with tips on chord voicing, scales, substitutions, turnarounds, samples of walking bass lines, and an index of popular jazz chord progressions. This bargain-priced package looks like a great way for any musician to learn the rudiments of jazz. (New Sound Music, PO Box 37363, Oak Park, Ml 48237, 313 355-3643.) FlS 570. If you’ve tossed your 8-bit audio sampler on the same shelf with your worn- out sneakers, it may be time to have a look at the Xpander-Studlo ($ 370 Singapore: $ 180 US). Its manufacturer claims that this audio processor can turn 8-bit audio samples into pure CD gold. It restores the high-order harmonics and dynamic range traditionally lost by 8-bit sound samplers during the recording process. Xpander-Studio gives 8-bit audio samples the wide dynamic range and clarity normally associated with a CD recording. (Siliconation, 351-B Jafan Besar, Reliance Bldg,, Singapore, 0820, 011 65 295-0200.) RS 512. . . .Plus Games Galore WARLORDS ($ 50) is a monster eight- player strategy game that thinks like a strategy gamer. Warlords are mean, smart dudes that attack where you're the weakest, then immediately defend the area you attack, The challenge of the conquest can be untertaken by land, sea, or air. (Strategic Studies Group, 1747 Orleans Court, Walnut Creek. CA 94598, 415 933-4327.) RS&514. If you've ever been bitten by a spider, it's payback time! Walt Disney Computer Software has combined both arcade and stategy-game action in this spinoff of the recent hit movie. Arachnophobla (S49.95) plays on the dread most people have of spiders. Your challenge is to wipe out a deadly hoard of South American spiders by using flamethrowers, bug-bombs and insecticides. RS&515. Also new from Disney is a game title adapted from the comics, and (more recently) the silver screen. Dick Tracy ($ 49.95) brings back the days of yesteryear, when you could tell the good guys from the bad guys. The strategy game is a unique blend of 1940's radio theater and comic-book graphics. Dozens of randomly generated crimes challenge you to race to a crime scene, sift the area for precious clues, and then interrogate suspects. (Walt Disney Computer Software, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521, 818 567-5340.) RS&516. You won’t need to fire up the Delorean to take Mart McFly and Doc back and forth through time in Back to the Future, Part II (S49.95). This combination arcade and logic game features authentic re-creations of scenes from the recent film including Jennifer's House of Fate and the Chase of a Lifetime, which depicts a new chapter in the ongoing story. (Konami. 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, 708 215-5100.) RS 517. Night Shift ($ 39.95) is an arcade-style simulation of a whimsical toy factory. To keep pace with the increasing demand for Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys, this Rube Goldbergesque toy factory (Industrial Might and Logic) employs you as a night-shift worker. Besides being able to produce megamounds of toys, you must contend with equipment failures, lawyers, lemmings, and a surly boss. (LucasArts Entertainment Co., PO Box 10307, San Raphael, CA 94912, 415 721-3300.) RS 578. ¦ SPECIAL PURCHASE 1 x 8 - 80ns SIMMS $ 49.95 ea. 128 x 8 Modules For MegaMidget Racer $ 29.95 ea. Exclusive at Memory World MEMORY WORLD 2476 CROYDEN COURT BENSALEM, PA 19020 ATTN: AMIGA DEPT Wholesale & Retail APO FRO, AK & HI, FOREIGN FAX or Call for Shipping Charges The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips TURBO ACCELERATOR HACK KIT ONLY $ 40.00 68000 16 mhz 8-UP BOARDS XTEC 2 meg $ 339.00 Baseboard 2 meg $ 239.00 32K Buffer Chip for KX-P1092i. KX-P1524. KX-P1124 KX-P1180. KX-P1191. KX-P1624 Supra 2 meg $ 219.00 Spirit in 1000 Vk meg $ 229.00 KX-P1695 3 for Panasonic Printers for Only S20.00 w mstructions S50.00 A3000 Memory Memory Board HP Laser Board 1 meg-$ 115.00 2 meg-$ 165.00 4 meg $ 248.00 All Laser Memory Available 1 x 4 -80 S39.95 each 1 x 4 -70 $ 44.95 each Static column Zips 215-741-6225 FAX 215-741-6229 Add $ 3.00 S H Add $ 4.00 COD Visa MC Check COD MEMORY FOR LESS CPU* 68000 16 Mhz $ 35 00 68010 8.10 Mhz . 35 00 68020 16 Mhz .. .... 75 00 20 Mhz .....99.00 68030 25 Mhz ...... .279 00 33 Mhz 345 00 S3 Mhz .... 375 00 Math Co s 66081 12 Mhz .....69.00 16 Mhz . .75.00 68882 25 Mhz .... 225 00 33 Mhz ...... ....275.00 50 Mhz ..375.00 All Crystals 10 00 ea D-RAM 256 x 1 150ns .. ..2 00 ea 256 x 1 120ns .. 256 x 1 80ns ..... 1 meg x 1 80ns .... .6 50 ea 256 x 4 100ns .6.25 eo 256 x 4 60ns .. ..6.50 ea 256 x 4 80ns zios , , ... ...8.00 ea 256 x 4 100ns zips .....7 50 ea 64 x 4 100ns .. .3 00 ea 1 x 4 D ps ...... ......59.95 ea. ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS ... ....95 03 i h Kirttstarr ROM ...... 1 man v H 4L,mm flfTni; 49 96 1 meg x 8 Simm 120ns ......47 95 For Amiga 3000 - 1 x4 Static Zips ......4995 256 x 4 80ns Static Zips ... 9 50 Project D; BackupToo1 - Copyright i987j 1991 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc. tm Prujsri: I): Varsiuu' 2,J Uz>uju '"diylinud niiryry*1 7ajJ3iuJJ -LJ UsIjijj sat1 rila Iljwilap J2:JU TRACK POSITION SELECTOR START AT CYL: 90 HEAD: 8 HEAD I (* Both BACKUP CONTROL SELECTOR j CHOOSE BACKUP NODE: (* Standard AnigaDOS JVERIFY JflnigaDOS Multicopy JINDEXSYNC JflutoMflGIC Paraneter vj AUDIO BEEP Jhanual Paraneter BEGIN J Head 8 J Head 1 STOP AT CYL: 79 HEAD: 1 1 DISK BACKUP ERROR LIST C DRIVE CONFIGURATION SELECTOR source:(* Dffl: J Ft JDF2: JDF3: target: Jdfoi Jofi (* DF2: JDF3: ESI H H 0 Ben Fuller Project D: OnniTool - Copyright 1987,1991 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc. r I QnniTool v2*0 Copyright 0 1991 Fuller Conputer Systews Select Options - Then Click On Begin To Start The Best Amiga Disk Copier Just Got Better. TRACK STATUS DISPLAY I 2 2 ;• 5 •: 7 b -J BEGIN COPY MODE F* Standard J Advanced JHULTKOPY AUDIO BEEP DRIVE CONFIGURATION SELECTOR SOURCE: (• DF0: J JDF2: J TARGET: JDF0: J P DF2: J Project D: EditorTool - Copyright 1987,1991 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc. £ CHANGE HOPE| flnigaDGS Tracks IT" DEVICE I NB.2,x: Cscsudevice 1) STATUS: INFO TRACK POSITION SELECTOR START RT CYL:60 HERD:8 HERD 11 * Both STOP RT CYL: 79 HEAD: 1 Jhead 8 I r J Head 1 TRK:90038 SEC:888 8LK:882520 [8880883 | rfTna i a]T) M> t Mm[K OFFSET - B:60§ 34:888 L:f88 (86880) nI EditorTooI: ftSCII Hindoy iif t: nr HUM 88080002 88008800 60688080 88 80888553 08008008 00881262 68 SEARCH ¦ ¦¦SlIIMtlllMMIIIIIIIIMlMllI ¦ I II ¦ ¦¦ ¦¦¦ I I ¦ I I ¦ ¦ ¦•! ¦ lltl I !¦¦¦¦Jl Head 8 = I fill ¦BD 16162116 08888080 80008880 00088080 68 COPY Project D: CatalogTool - Copyright 1987,1991 Fuller Conputer Systens, Inc. g Size READ Disk ID Filenane i i CatalogTool - Manual Record Entry_ Catalog Files 08888086 80088888 8088128F 08 888812AC 88868886 88888888 61 86808080 8008f2D6 00080600 01 806889EA 00060008 06800686 09 WRITE F- JUMP Disk ID I M t II I i I II I M i 4 I I M I i I I » I I I I • i * I I I k I I * I I f « I I I I ¦ * I I • BACK ComenlMBB Date 08800088 88081204 00880330 68 06800008 88008008 88806688 88 888065E2 08801275 88B8039C0B ,SpstM2.0 File Size ASCII Say Hello to Project D 2.0 ADD RECORD I FIND CATAL0G REMOVE CATALOGS! CREATE CRTRLOG DELETE CATALOG MERGE CRTALOGS PURGE CATALOGS OPEN CATALOGS PROCESS ENTRIES CLEAR RECORD CANCEL HANUALENTRYl AUTO ENTRY | AUTO SELECT | SORT ENTRIES | |}| SELECT ENTRY[ Available at fine Amiga dealers everywhere. AMIGADOS. Released FULLER COMPUTER SYSTEMS, INC. compatible1 THE U T 1 L 1 T Y C 0 M P A N ' Y Orders: (800> 874-DISK Tech Support: (602) 497-6070 FAX: (602) 497-6071 PD PROSPECTOR Productivity picks and top downloads from the networks. THE Compiled by Tim Walsh Save yourself time, trouble, and needless toil by checking out this the major telecommunications networks. File numbers and library collection of productivity-oriented files and other top picks from locations are listed for quick reference. People Link ULTRAF-4.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, File 26172). UltraF-4 formats up to four disks simultaneously. Shareware (S9.95), with some features disabled. VERBATIM.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4. File 26044). Verbatim 1.0, a collection of writing-analysis utilities that measures word and sentence length, along with pat- tern-match and frequency tables. LCDCALC.LZH (AmigaZone Section 4, File 25974). A beautifully detailed LCD- type calculator. WTIME.LZH (AmigaZone Section 13, File 25847). International clock program for 60 locations worldwide. Plink’s Amiga Chairman Harv Laser recommends downloading Nic Sullivan’s SYS1NFO.LZH (APro Section 5, file 2624) to obtain one of the best system diagnostic tools available. CompuServe CMAN13.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 11). An update to Bill Hawes’ popular Con- Man, now offering 2.0 compatibility. IMAGE-.LZH (AmigaArts, Library 14). An image editor that saves sprites, bobs, and other images in BASIC, C, assembler, or Modula2 for use in your own programs. MEMLOO.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 11). Better known as MemLook2, this program makes a graphic display of memory, using a small title-bar window. SASLIB.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 5). .Amiga libraries tutorial. Explains shared libraries and how they work. Includes an example library. CompuServe's world-renowned Amiga enthusiast and ski-buff, Betty Clay, recommends Downhill Challenge (DWMHIL. LZH, AmigaArts Library 2). The winding, tree-strewn slalom is a dream. Genie BADGER.LZH (Library 4, File 10154). Place Badger in your startup-sequence to remind you when events and appointments come due. It offers 1.3 and 2.0 compatibility. UEDIT26C.LZH (Library 3, File l0101). Fully-equipped version of Rick Stiles' programmable text editor, Uedit. Shareware ($ 45 to S60), and well worth it. PUBSCREENUTILS.LZH (Library 4, File 10096). Two handy, easy-to-use Public Screen utilities for AinigaDOS 2.0. ANOTE101.LZH (Library 3, File 10094) AmyNote version 1.01, an effective note- keeping utility. Includes documentation and source code. Want to experiment with Arexx? Download READREXX.LZH (Library 4, File 10188), install the files in your Rexx director)', and get started immediately. Prospector’s Perch: Amiga areas on the networks the financial factor. THE OBJECTIVE OF this column is to relay timely, useful information to our readers by listing the best in freely distributable Amiga files available on the major networks. I've taken a direct hit or two lately with a tew readers complaining that the “true" cost of obtaining files via telecommunications is never revealed In this column. Computerists living in large metropolitan areas find telecommunications inexpensive and therefore cost-effective. The costs are low because no long-distance charges are Incurred when calling their local node numbers to log on to the nets. Likewise, there may be one or more Amiga BBS’s within their local areas, so minimal costs, if any, are incurred. I observe the pecuniary side of the equation every day, because I work in Peterborough, New Hampshire, a town that is also home to other big- name computer publications. However. There's only one local Tymnet number in town. Accessing networks other than CompuServe, BIX, and QuantumLink involves making a longdistance call. Adding to the long-distance phone companies’ delight, there's but a handful of local BBSs, few of which stock Amiga files. Taking these factors into consideration, trying to telecommunicate on a large scale tends to be expensive. Despite the costs incurred in making long-distance calls and paying for “plus" and prime-time connect charges, I find that downloading files is well worth the price of admission. Judging from conversations with many AmigaWorld readers, I find that most share my views on this subject. To those who find telecommunicating too expensive, I can only say that I can't think of any less expensive hobby that’s as rewarding or as much fun. If you're interested in establishing an account on any of the above networks, here are the voice numbers to call to get under way: American People Link: 800 524-0100 CompuServe: 800 848-8199 614 457-8650 from Ohio Genie: 800 638-9636 Next month: Choice picks from the bountiful table of public domain. ¦ AWTC11. Fix corrupted disks or recover accidently deleted files. Sit back and enjoy original animation and sound clips. Enjoy colorfully wacky, shoot 'em up Arcade fun. Create single or double image icons, in four to eight colors. Get a rich assortment of HI-RES clipart monsters. AWTC12. Save money with a utility program which enables you to format disks that AmigaDOS chokes on. Generate different types of graphs. Cut out an excellent collection of B&W clip art for your desktop publishing or graphic design needs. Generate an incredible assortment of colorful patterns. Add dazzle to your animations with detailed 3-D spaceships. AWTC13. Plot your biorythms. Make drive head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with mandelbrots. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations a sailboat, hot air balloon, windmill, and a lighthouse. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus holiday clipart, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. AWTC14. A 3D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3D ray traced animation.Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and addressbook. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. AWTC15. A best selling issue! Combine great graphics with digital sounds to get an entertaining Amiga version of the classical connecMhe-dot game. Insert a nice assortment of digitized animal sounds into your animations. See an instructive rendering of Cartoon Man in various stages of animation. Test your reflexes with a high-speed arcade game. Make multiple copies of custom labels. AWTC16. Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text fields to print on both sides of paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multimedia presentations and a mouse driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, ‘The World’s Smallest Baseball Arcade Game." AWTC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. AWTC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depth of the CLI window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Silver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. Want to buy two Tool Chest Back Issues for $ 29.90 and receive a THIRD ONE FREE! I save $ 14.95, 0YES; My check money order is enclosed Charge My: MasterCard C VISA Am Exp. D Discover My selections are: Name Card Address Exp. Date City_ State Zip. J I am only interested in one issue at this time. Please send me the following issue for $ 14.95: Foreign orders add $ 2.50 for delivery. Payment required in
U. S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. TCBI491 Signature HELP KEY Lou leads you down the upgrade path. By Louis R. Wallace Deluxe Improvements Q: In general. Deluxe Paint III works well with my A3000 and Amiga OS 2.0. Lately, however, a few glitches have appeared that manifest themselves only under 2.0 and not under version 1.3 of the operating system. How can I increase the compatibility?
K. Shears Los Angeles, Calif. A: At the January '91 Winter CES show, representatives from Electronic Arts informed me that the company just completed updated versions of DeluxePaint 111 and DeluxeVideo III that are fully compatible with Amiga OS 2.0. According to Electronic Arts, these are now available to users. For information on getting the updates, call Electronic Arts at 415 571-7171. Barred from the Bar Q: have a simple, but perplexing problem. I have been trying to find the vertical bar character used in scripts and programming, but no matter how hard I search the keyboard, can I find it! Is it just a capital I or a lowercase I? Also, is there an easy way to change the sleep pointer? I would like to add my own image instead of the default image.
J. Reagan APO San Francisco, Calif A: That character does puzzle a lot of people! No, it isn't a capital 1 or a lowercase 1; it's a unique character. Look at the k y just to the left of the Backspace key. The unshifted character is a back- slash ( ), and the shifted character is the vertical bar (|). As for changing the sleep pointer, there is no direct way for the user to al- ter it. I’m sure you could find a programming hack if you searched enough. Most of the programs that alter the pointer, however, affect the regular pointer only and not its "busy” image. Not So Super Agnus Q: I bought a Super Agnus for my A500 from a mail-order company for SI00. I installed it myself and my software confirmed that I had one megabyte of chip RAM. When I loaded Page Stream, however, it crashed when I accessed a pull-down menu. I tried Butcher, and it crashed when I attempted to load a graphic file. I tried Wings, a game that recommends a Super Agnus, and while it did run, it displayed colors and patterns that did not belong on the screen. Thinking I had damaged my A500 while installing the chip, I took it to a dealer, who checked my machine and said the installation seemed fine. Then he informed me of Commodore's official policy concerning Super Agnus and the A500:
1. Commodore does not support the installation of Super Agnus in the A500. Installing it will void your warranty, even if performed by a Commodore dealer.
2. The Super Agnus chip will not work in all A 500s.
3. Commodore does not put the Super Agnus in all new A500s. According to my dealer, only about 50% of the A 500s in which he has installed Super Agnus have worked. In my case it did not, so I was forced to put the old Agnus back in. Of course, I'm out SI00 for what is (for me anyway) a useless chip. Does Commodore support one megabyte of chip RAM on the A500 or not?
G. jPankow Lake Havasu City, Ariz. A: Your dealer is correct in stating that Commodore will void the warranty of an A500 that has had the Super Agnus installed, even if the installation is performed by an authorized service center. J I am not sure why, but if it doesn't work in all machines, that would certainly explain it. Personally, I find the extra chip memory so useful, perhaps even essential for many applications, that it is worth the cost of an attempt at installation. This is especially true if your A500 is already past warranty. If it isn’t, you must decide if the loss of coverage is worth the extra chip RAM. On a related note, I have heard that Commodore will soon start shipping all A500s, A2000s, and A3000s with version
2. 0 of the OS in ROM. Because 2.0 and the ECS (Enhanced Chip Set) are part of the same upgrade, CBM must have made some provisions for one megabyte of chip RAM for newer A500 machines. Incidentally, to see if your one-megabyte A500 is already set up for use with the Super Agnus, open a Shell window and type AVAIL. This will show you the amount of chip and fast RAM available on your system. If your chip RAM is more then 512K, you have the Super Agnus installed. The Fabulous ’50 Q: Can I use the Commodore 1950 multisync monitor as an NTSC display?
A. Saxena Glen Oaks, N. Y. A: Certainly. Packed into each 1950 is an adapter that converts the monitor cable connector from VGA style to the RGB connector used by such monitors as the 1084S. You can then hook the monitor to the RGB port. If you do this on the A3000, however, you will no longer have access to the display enhancer’s flicker- free video signal that comes out of the A3000’s VGA port. ¦ mi M IPG*
• )( uT a !?! M id m m m L i TTT] J r nnTTT IJJl AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA 5 SHEREFF SYSTEMS Pro Video God SIERRA A-TQ Tank Kilter Biack Cauldron Ccdename iceman Codename Iceman Hints Colonel s Bequest Conquest of Canned Gold Push Hero s Quest Hoyle s Book or Games 1 or 2 King s Quest 4 Leisure Su4 Larry 2 Leisure Suit Larry 3 Manhunter New York Manhunter San Francisco Mmed Up Mother Goose Police Ques: 2 Space Quest 3 SOFT BYTE LOHO Program SOFT LOGIK P-ageStream v2 1 SOFTWARE VISIONS Microfiche Filer Plus SOFTWOOD E ecironic Thesauraus Pen Pal SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE Faces-Telns III Falcon Falcon Missions t Falcon Missions li Somare Roya!e Telf is i Welltns Tctns It STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS Buck Rogers Champions of Krynn Curse of me Azure Bonds Azure Bonds Hinis Dragon Sinke Dungeon Masi Asst vt Hilislgr HilisMr Mini Book Overrun Poo ol Radiance Poo Hints Second From Storm Across Europe Sworp o4 Ar.igor T yphoon of Steel War game Construction Set STRATEGIC STUDIES Wadotds SUBLOGIC Flight Srmulaior H SceneOisk 7 9ori t Scenery Disk Hawaiian INNERPRISE Baltic Squadron James Bond - Steam Lost Dutchman s Mine G'OOu us Persian Gull Interne Paugc T umcan INTERPLAY Battle Chess Checkmate Dragon Wars Dragon Wars Hints Future Wars Neuroma ncer Neuromancer Hints 1NN0VATR0NICS Can Do Power WmdOwS v2 5 INN0VISI0N Broadcast Tiller v2 KARA GRAPHICS Ammlonls I II or III Headlines I Headlines II Subheads KARMAS0FT Power Pinbat1 K0EI Bandit Kings China Genghis Khan Nobonagas Ambition Romance o the 3 Kingdoms K0NAMI Back 10 ihe Future II Blades of Sieoi Castles ama Double Onbbie Super Conira toenaae Mutant Turtles LAKE FOREST LOGIC Disk Mechanic Macro Pam! LATTICE Lattice C Dove Opmeni Comp Lattice C-P'us Plus LIVE STUDIOS Fulrue Classic Collections Thundeistrike LUC ASFILMS BalhehawkS Indy Jones Crusade Arcade Indy Jones Crusade Graphics Indy Graphics Hirts Loom Loom Hints Mar:rat Mansion I Maniac l Hints Night Shift Then Finest Hour MAGIC BYTES Domination Wall Street MANX Aztec C Deveopc Aztec C Professional Aziec C SI Debugger MASTERTRONICS Clue Risk Scrabble DouWe Dragon II Mag*: Johnson Basketbi NY Warriors Rick Dams Soccer Shark Aback Gob spirt! Of E»cak0ul Super OH Road 2 War In Middle Eanh MEDIAGENIC Beyond Dark Caste Ghost&usters II Rampage MICRODEAL Devpac v2 Hrsod Basic Pro M1CR0ILLUSI0NS Biack jack Academy Faerytak? Advent u*e Music X jr Pncton Parni *2 MICR0LEAUGE WWF Wrest ing MICROMASTER F am>ry Tree v2 MICROPROSE 3D Pool Dr Doom s Revenge Ektt* Elrte Hint Book by Leroy Lard Sea A An fe&l 50 27 24 36 33 15 24 24 32 i? 32 26 -6 16 10 32 26 26 32 26 95 63 51 95 16 15 15 32 16 32 15 26 32 38 16 20 32 26 32 32 26 32 38 13 26 23 32 32 16 32 26 26 23 26 26 32 13 26 26 32 32 26 26 15 24 30 30 20 24 24 24 2- so 90 48 40 21 30 2i 30 20 15 39 2i 24 24 54 24 20 IB te 16 16 IB T9 24 15 60 '5 27 42 18 30 150 30 2' 30 24 30 30 30 30 27 30 24 3nu" epock Cafe 24 Kabes Farm 24 McGee 24 PrClKShany 24 Simi Dty 30 Sim City Planners Book 15 Sim Terrain Ed'lor 15 Wings of Fury 24 Wo! Pack 33 BYTE BY BYTE. Sculpt 40 Jr 105 CADVJSION INT. Xcad Ces ner II 90 Xcad Professional 300 CAPCOM Sirwder II 37 CENTAUR BAD 30 DUDE 30 My Paint 30 Word Allas 36 CENTRAL COAST Disk 2 Dsx 30 Dos 2 DOS 33 Quarterback 42 Quarterback Tools 54 CINEMAWARE Arcade Fever 26 Brain Blaster 26 Defender o! The Crown 30 Oragomord 12 Federation 32 It Came From the Dosed 32 Desert n Data Disk 15 King ol Chicago 17 Lords of The Htsrng Sun 32 Rocket Ranger Three Stoc-qes 32
S. 0.1 17 Sinbad 17 TV Spors Basketball 32 TV Spors Football 32 Wmgs 32 COMMODORE Amiga Logo 66 Amiga mSion 95 COMPUTE! BOOKS Amiga DOS Reference Guide 18 Eegmners Guide Amiga 16 Amiga Programmers Gude 16 Inside Amiga Graphics 16 Elementary Amiga Basic 3 Advanced Amiga Bas>c 16
f. 11 Programming Guide 16 Kids & me Amiga 13 Amiga Ape ications 16 1ST or 2nd Book of Amiga 16 CONSULTRON Cross Dos v4 24 DATA EAST 3ad Dudes 13 Batman-Aicaoe or Movie 27 Cnamber oi So-Mutants 30 Dravkhen 35 ?rakkberi Hims 13 Fun Meta1 Pianet 30 Monday Nig*’! Footba i 36 Platoon 15 North 4 South 27 Robot op 13 DATA MAX DataTai 45 DAVIDSON Math Blaster Pius 30 DESIGNING MINDS Byte 4 Back 42 Crossword ConSHuCtipn 24 Great Stales II 24 Home From 60 Middle Easi Wortd Tcxir 25 Top Form 54 OlGITEK Dinowars 24 Hole in One Miniature Got 24 Hole in One Data *3 15 T argnar 24 DISNEY Anamaiicn StudkJ
• 08 Duck Tales 27 DR. T SOFTWARE Copyist DTP 195 KCS Level If v3 225 Tiger Cub 60 EAGLE TREE Butcner 24 Distant Armies 27 ELAN DESIGNS E'dn Penormer 90 Courage krg Gm King ml’lll ComicSener Ad Funny Figures 2i D 30 24 36 '0 36 36 24 36 21 36 36 36 30 30 20 36 36 £ W?*Wi $ &&§&£ 17 10 16 26 16 14 25 13 25 24 24 24 22 16 25 13 30 30 3'J 30 13 30 27 13 g £ 60 120 48 60 178 HR HR Deluxe Pam! Deluxe Music Construction Detune Pun II Deluxe Video III PhctoLab Eari Weaver Baseball Weaver Ccmm Disk Weaver e9 Stats Empire F-16 Combat Pilot F-29 Ret aii at or F A 18 tnterceptdr Flood Golden Aie Harpoon Hound ol the Shadow Hurt For Red Oct Immortal Imperium Indianapolis 500 Lost Patrol Magic Fly Mavis Beacon Typing Might 8. Magic 11 Might A Magic II Hints N-ghTbreed Nigbi Huntet Nuclear War Popdus Powerdrorne Power monger Pro.ectyie Pro Tenms Tout Pulfy s Saga Puzzie Sio’ybook Rhyming Notebook Start light Startiight Hints Street Rod Tunnels o1 Aimagedon Turbo Oonun Unreal Ureouchabes Vegas Gambler Zany Golf ELECTRONIC ZOO Berlin !94fi B ack God Legend ol Faerghai Legend ol Wn iam 1 p ¦ Sphenca Tennis Cup Treasure Trap Viking CfiiO X ip has ETHOS Casmo Fever PcAor Sokiare FREE SPIRIT Amikit Drive Align Barney Bear-Farm Barney Bear -School Barney Bear-Space Dragons cape Ooctot Am FTL Dungeon Master I Dungeon Master I Hinis Dungeon Master II GOLD DISK ComicSeher Comic Setter Arl Superheroes ComicSener An Science F«c 90 54 g £ 32 32 29 32 32 180 30 46 42 42 O 30 i BO 106 45 60 24 60 138 g s 36 36 36 ¦12 24 t0 10 36 13 27 15 10 10 30 27 27 33 36 30 tG 16 27 15 30 30 15 30 16 16 16 16 20 . I 25 15 15 T5 15 27 24 33 20 30 25 25 25 30 24 27 39 37 24 g £ 32 32 32 43 32 20 16 g £ 54 04 215 260 g £ 38 32 ’ "i 32 38 32 38 26 .10 24 60 60 t20 96 20 18 20 13 38 12 16 12 26 36 O £ c 30 24 24 24 24 17 24 24 24 24 2-1 20 24 24 24 30 30 30 20 20 Scene Di£k W Europe or Japan 20 21 24 30 Jet SUNRIZE IND Perfect Sound SYBEX BOOKS Armga Programmer 5 Guide Amiga Handbook Vqi 10'2 TAITO Amiga Ac’ion Pack TITUS F-40 Pursuit Sim Fite A Forget II Highway Patrol II Wild Sheets TONY SEVERA Bard Ta e t Hint Dak Kings Quest 3 Him D >k Leisure Larry I Hint D:£* Shadowgale Hint Dib1 Space Quest 1 H Hint D$ k Zak McKracken Hrnt Dt>* UNISON WORLD Pnrtmaster P‘us An Gallery 1 & 2 Combo An Gallery 3 Fonts & Eorders VEGA TECHNOLOGIES Amik-t Amiga VIRTUAL REALITY Distant Suns Vista VrSta Pro Vista Data Mazs Vista Data Cali* 1 WILLIAM S. HAWES AHEXX WSHELL WORDPERFECT CORP Wordpertect WordPerfect Library 46 90 210 90 56 ID £ 180 120 60 24 21 19 19 300 60 30 30 60 40 48 90 36 42 240 30 2i 21 21 10 30 24 24 24 24 30 30 30 24 3' 24 30 20 g £ 27 27 27 27 24 12 24 o fcV*VV.V* V.V 60 21 21 24 36 2i 24 18 27 30 24 27 24 27 36 24 36 24 21 15 24 15 5 42 21 27 27 42 160 76 120 160 Desktop Budget Font Set I Gold Spei'-II Laser Scnpl Movie Sen er The Ohice Pagesene- t! Professional Daw Pio'essora Page IMPULSE Imagine Turbo Silver INF0C0M Arthur Quest For F ir.vibur Baiterecn Journey Shogun INNERPRISE Apprentice 60 96 13 30 90 90 210 60 ?i 46 20 20 20 15 150 48 36 36 36 30 21 24 30 7 36 20 WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR COMPUTER - ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOG AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA TOLL FREE LINE FOR USA & CANADA If You Prefer, You May Mail Your Order To: Software Support International 2700 NE Andresen Road, Suite A-10, Vancouver, WA 98661 sopiujnnt 800-356-1179 Monday • Friday 6AM 5PM Pacific Time NEW. Saturday 7AM 3PM Pacfic Time ¦mm METHODS OF PAYMENTS ¦ We accept money orders certified checks. Visa U C and Discover Previous customersmayaisopaybyCCDorperson.il check Aumenies MUST be paid in US funds AMIGA COMMODORE AND IBM Please call or write for our FREE CATALOG Overseas customers please remit 3 00 U S funds to help defray shipping costs INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 206-695-1393 Same Hours As Above liwk We Accept VISA, M C, & Discover SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES - USA (48 states). FPO. APO US Possessions Please add 5-1 00 per order US shipping is usually by UPS ground Fast UPS 2nd Day Air is available (US 48 states only) by adding S3 00 per pound (1st :b ) and St 00 per additional pound (eacb software item averages 1 lb ) Alaska 4 Hawaii Shipping is usually by UPS 2nd Day Air Please add 58 50 per order Canada Software- 54 00 for the first prece 4 Si 00 for each additional piece per shipment Canadian Hardware Overweight orders 5 Foreign Countries SSH varies per order please call of Circle 226 on Reader Service card. NOW ACCEPTING FAX ORDERS 206-695-0059 24-Hours A Day1 TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE 206-695-9640 Monday - Friday 9AM 5PM Pacific Time Companion Disk Ava ! 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'Where When' BrtTANNtCA Arch ape iigC'S Designasacrus JiQSaw BROOERBUND Carmeo USA Carmen Europe Carmen Time Carmen Word Joan 0* Arc Omm P.ay 3asketbafl Prrce of Persia ABACUS Amiga COS TootOQ* AssemP'o Becke-rieit DataRePerve TexlPro ABACUS BOOKS 3D Graphics Prog In BASIC AmgaDOS Ouick Reference C loi Beginners C fcr Advanied Programmers Desktop Vdeo Book Am qa Beg -mers Book Amiga Printers In Out Book. Amiga BaSKt In Out Book Amiga Primers In Out Bcc- Graphics in Out Book Prog Guide Book. Adv Prog Gjide Bco« Drives In Ou‘ Soak ArragaDOS In Out Book Making MuS*C Book & Dsk ELECTRONIC ARTS 6SB Attack Sub 683 Attack Sub Kris Altered Beast Aguanaut Bards Tale I Bads Tale n Bards I or I Mints B A r Block Out BixJokan Chessmaster 2100 MICROPROSE Pro Soccer Midwinter Mi Piaioon Red Siorm R,s.-ng Silent Service Stunt Track Racer Weed Dreams MICRO STYLE Smvjlcrj MICROSYSTEMS Analyze Excellence Organize Scnpbie1 Plannum The Works - Platinum MINDSCAPE Arcade Megabits v2 Balance ol Power ' 990 Captive The Colony Har'ey DavxJson NATURAL GRAPHICS Scene Generator NEW HORIZONS Prowrite 3 ‘ Quick Write NEWTEK DrgiPamt 3 Digiview Gold OMNITREND Paladin Paladin Quest Disk ’ ORIGIN Auioduc Moubius Ogre Omega Quest loi Clues ' Quest for Clues II Quest for Clues W Space Rogue Times 01 Lorn Uuima III Ultima-IV U'tima V Windwa kir OXXI A Talk HI AutJiomaslor III VideoScape 3D vmeomker PARSEC SOFTWARE Operation Spruance POLARWARE At P>e Zoo Classic Board Games Dinosaurs Are Forever Numbers Count Opposites Attract Operation Comtyal PRECISION Supetsast* Peisonal-t Superpase Peisonal-n Superbase Pro v3 Superpan PROGRESSIVE 3D Peo’essionai Animation StaiiOn Baud Bandit Diskmastor vt 4 DR 1 erm Pro Dun ap Utilities Intro CAD Inlro CAD Pius Micro Law er PIX-Male U tra Design PSYGNOSIS Ana'chy Awesome Baa1 BkXXl Morey Captain Fiii Cadhage Chronoquest II infestation Kilkng Game Show Matru Marauders Nilro OtktuS Shadow of the Beast I Shadow o* the Beast II Spe bound Stryi READYSOFT A Mji 11 64 Emulator-l1t5QO 20001 Dragons lair Dragons Lair-Time W,trp Space Ace Wrath of me Demon OTHER POLICIES - Washington State residents must add 7 6a» to their order for stale sales ta* Defective items are replaced at no charge, but must be returned to us postpaid within 30 days of invoice dale An in stock orders are processed withn 24 hours US (40 state) software orders over Si00 will be Shipped 2nd Day Air at no additional charge above the normal 34 00 SSH fee Ail prices policies, and specifications are subiect to change without notice All sales are final unless authorized by management InfoMarket We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software. Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age (18+) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, Wi 53201 SIZZLING SOFTWARE MATHASAURS Digitized sounds, great graphics, addition, subtraction, enemies, babysaurus and a reason. Put it all together, and what do you get? Mathasaurs." An action, adventure game for children. Ages 3 and up. Only $ 19.95 Frank Michaels 416-434-4247 Orders processed same day CanCor Add S3 oo S H 14 Garrard Rd. Whitby, Ontario L1N3K3 CANADIAN MAIL ORDER DAINDAM SOFTWARE I5T. 1987 EST. 1987 CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE 1-800-265-9576 (519)974-3011 Fax:(519)974-6643 A500 HD 40MG $ 599 95 • SC DNS • AD SPEED $ 289 95 8408 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, Ont. CANADA, N8S 1T6 ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF ¦ HAM * Standard IFF NEW!!
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(213) 390-3010 MORE MEMORY FOR LESS NEW for Amiga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 1 meg x 4 only $ 39.95 each 256 x 4 Sons. $ 8.50 ea. 32K Buffer Chip Only Panasonic Printer $ 20.00
1124. 1524, 1624, 1180, 1191 w inslructions FPU Math Co-processor nn 68881 20 Mhz $ 0U.UU each Memory Board HP Laser Printer 1 meg $ 115, 2 meg $ 165. 4 meg $ 249 MEMORY WORLD 215-741-6225 2476 Croyden Court Fax 215-741-6229 Bensalem, PA 19020 raUflW Add S3 00 S&H Add $ 6.00 2nd Day Add 54 00 COD Ann: Amiga Dept. 'W' VISA MC Check COD
3. 5" FLOPPY DISK DRIVE SPECIAL! External for all Amigas fS° ONLY $ 99 DRIVE Shipping & handling extra. Low profile, 36" cable, pass-thru, on off switch. Use major credit cards or COD. Price in US dollc ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-433-757 Internal for A2000 i?R° ONLY $ 89 DRIVE Shipping & handling extra. Direct replacement or 2nd drive, w dust door and mounting kit. Irs 2 SPIRIT
- TlCHVXOGY NEWTEK TOASTER MADE EASY Step-by-Step-Video on setup and operating. $ 39.95 + $ 5.00 S H. Calf or write: GOSCH_ _(8181 842-5987 PRODUCTIONS FAX (81B) 843-7120 1010 N. Lima St. • Burbank, CA 91505 BIGFOOT. DUAL SWITCHING, FAN COOLED 150 WATT POWER SUPPLY For AMIGA 600. WILL POWER 5 HARD OR FLOPPY DRIVES' $ 129.95 Fcr Joystick Mouse Switch CONNECT 2 DEVICES TO ONE PORT & SELECT with SWITCH. $ 29.95 AMERICAN MADE MODEL PP-256 PRINTER BUFFER FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS FAS TER PRINTING OUTPUTI CUTS GRAPHICS PRINTING TIME BY 70% $ 149.95 CALL YOUR DEALER OR MICRO R&D NOW! 308-745-1243 FAX 308-745-1246 137 NO 7th ST.. 10UP CITY. NEBRASKA 68853 READY ROBOT CLUB MONTHLY DISK MAGAZINE FOR FAMILIES WITH KIDS 5-12. AN EDUCATIONAL FUN PACKAGEl Demo $ 5. Any 1-Drive Amiga. Points Click. Speech. Games. Illustrated Stories. Science. Coloring Book. To Do. Space News. Music. Morel No Shareware or PD.
U. S.A. $ 36 6mo. $ 65 YR, CANADA $ 40 6mo. $ 73 YR. OTHER $ 44 6mo. $ 81 YR. INFORMATION 916-944-4282 U.S.A. & CANADA ORDERS ONLY 800-634-2952 VISA MasterCard. Include Phone . No C.O.D. Money Orders U.S.$ Payable To: SIGNS ETC. BY D. KNOX, BOX 628, CARMICHAEL CA 95609, U.S.A. ckboard Animated Font, Handwriting Style for use with DeluxePaint III $ 35.00 Blue Shadow Productions 36 Mud Street Hamilton, Ontario. Canada L8J 1R5
(416) 574-3517 Canadians add 7% GST Ont. Residents add GST plus 7% PST NATIONAL DISKETTES SONY 3.5“ DSDD .51 GENERIC 3.5“ DSDD .39 (MIN. 100) 800-345-8619 OR 415-490-4163 The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD’S InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your 1 12 or 1 9 page display ad call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER Colors: Black. RecJ. Blue. Green, Brown, Purple. Yellow Ribbons: Price Each Black Color T-Shirt Ribbons Brother M1109 S4.95 S5.95 $ 7.00 Citizen 200 GSX 140
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10. 00 T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbons) Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow 200 shts assorted 91 2x11 S10.90 pk Color Paper Bright Pack: Pastel Pack: Color Certificate Paper: Color Banner Paper: 91 2x11 S7.90 pk 100 sheets $ 9.95 pk 45 ft roll $ 8.95 roll Min. orders: $ 25.00. Minimum S&H: S4.50. Call for other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec, are subject to change w out notice. RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475, Manteno, IL 60950 U.S.A. USA 800-522*6922 or B15-468-8081 (Canada) 800-621-5444 Books and Quick References for Graphics MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! SPIRIT BOARDS 0K ' j meg 1 meg 17a meg 2 meg IN 1000 $ 199 $ 215 S230 $ 229 SIN 500 $ 199 S235 $ 270 $ 309 $ 319 X-RAM 500 1000 $ 219 $ 339 215-741-6225 FAX 215-741-6229 Add S3.00 S&H Add $ 4.00 COD VISA MC CHECK COD
• Vidia Guide to Professional Page 6.95
• Vidia Guide to PageStream 6.95
* Amiga Graphics Reference Card 2.95
* Amiga Programmer’s Quick Reference 7.95 Circle reader service ft for free catalog. Vidia. P.O Bo* 1180. Manhattan Beach CA 90266. ©1991 by Vidia. 256 x 1 150n.s .$ 1.50 ea 256 x 1 120n.s .. 1,75 ea 1 meg x 1 80n.s 6,50 ea, 256x4 100n.s .. 6,25 ea. 256 x 4 Bon.s 6.50 ea. 256 x 4 Bon.s. zips... 8,00 ea. 256 x 4 tOOn.s. zips. 7.50 ea. 64 x 4 100n s ..... 3,00 ea. Paula Denise ...56.50 ea. 1 meg x 8 Slmm 80ns49.95 ea. ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS ....95.00
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10. 00 ea. APO FPO. AK & HI. Foreign Call for shipping charges Circle 287 on Reader Service card. Circle 395 on Reader Service card. Circle 267 on Reader Service card. Aamiga Warehouse 714-283-0498 800-942-9205 Visa MC COD Fax 408-626-0532 A2000 Keyboard from Com.su8.00 A500 Keyboard ....99.00 A2000 Power Supply 139.00 A500 Repl. Drive wI s o 110.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB 95.00 Agnus Extractor by Com ...16.95 Dense Chip 49.00 Quantum 105S Hard Drive....499.00 Syqyest 44MB RemoveaWe..499.00 Syqyost 44MB Cartridge 68.00 Gary 1C Chip .17-00 80 Meg Drive for GVP Acc...469.00 o 'p. Software Hut, Inc. 2534 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19145
• FREE • 6 DISKS FULL OF SOFTWARE TRY US! Get 6 3,5” disks full of our best selling NO VIRUS software for AMIGA8 COMPUTERS. Animation - Business - Games Education - Utilities - Finance PAY ONLY S5.00 SHIPPINGHANDL1NG SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SINCE 1985 SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS CREDIT CARDS ONLY * CALL TODAY 619-931-8111 CI-RAM for A500 & A2000 CI-RAM fits under the 68000 CPU CI-RAM uses 0 wait states, hidden refresh CI-RAM uses no ports or expansion slots Cl-RAM conies with 2, 4 6, or 8 Megabytes of Fast RAM CI-RAM is upgradable to 4, 6, or 8Megs CI-RAM utilizes a VLSI RAM controller CI-RAM with 2Meg is only 199.95 SST* For wore information and latest prices please call: s rTcoMPUTROL 1 | INDUSTRIES «£« Dealer inquiries invited MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB 8MB 1 x 8-80 SIMM S55.00 110 210 400 256 x 4-80
6. 50 104 200 384 1M x 1-80
6. 50 104 200 384 256 X 1-80
1. 75 112 192 384 256 x 4-80 SC ZIP
9. 50 152 296 576 1M x 4-80 SC ZIP
45. 00 180 360 680 ICD AdRAM 540 109 199 299 ICD AdRAM 2080 119 199 279 429 RAMWORKS 2000 109 189 269 429 IVS META 4 259 349 GVP IIHC 229 329 429 609 AdSCSI 2080 40M HD 449 549 649 829 A£ HD 3.5” DRIVE .189 ICD AdlDE .. .119 DL EXPRESS MNP FAX .209 AdlDE TEAC 40MB 399 SI JPR A 3400 MODEM .. .105 AdSPEED .... .*>79 TRUMP 500 PRO 40 M HD.....499 FLICK FREEV ... .329 SUPRA500XP 40M 512K .599 AdRAM S60D 2MB .189 "...AN EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PATTERNS, TEXTURES AND PALETTES FOR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS." Jim Pu.ni. EflitOf.PiJDtisner TneAmga V'freo Jnisnn' June 1990 Add variety to your Amiga video titling and desktop presentations with Pro Fills patterns, textures and palettes. Over 100 high resolution and interlace resolution IFF brushes for use with fill tools and tile functions In any IFF compatible program. Thirty custom 16 color palettes Included, designed with color ranges for instant drop shadows and highlights. All palettes are color font compatible. Available at fine Amiga dealers everywhere. To Order send $ 29.95 plus S1.50 handling to: 12103 S. Brookhurst, Ste. E-125 Garden Grove, CA 92642-3065 Phone (714) 530-7603 EXPAND! EXPAND! EXPAND! ORDERS 800-735-2633 Information: 408-626-2633 VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 HAND SCANNER RC500 (A501 CLONE) MASTER 3A-1D 2-8 MB BOARD (A2000) OPTICAL MOUSE OPTO-MECHANICAL WE WILL BEAT A.VY PRICE ON I ANY OK THESE PRODUCTS. MW ImtOIH t IS KKI I 1 IUVI)W! VI 1 MIR I’UK | * MEMORYL DRAMS 64x4 - 80 ....S2.50 256x1 -80 100....1.48 256x4 - 00 6.10 256x4 ¦ Page Zip 5.75 1x1 -B0 6.20 SIMMS 1x8-80 $ 49.95 4x8 - 80.,...... 229 95 1x8 - 70 ..... 59.95 GVP SIMMS TOO! IP GRADES f A3000 static zips 1*4 80 70......$ 41.95 256*4 00 . 6 75 Why purchase from a large company where YOU are jusi a number? Buy your AMIGA hardware from guys that own AMIGA‘a anil know how to use Ihem. ¦FOR SOFTWARE. GO TO ThE REST FOR HARDWARE. CALL ThE BESTW INTERNATIONAL ORDERS SAME DAY SHIPPING UPS - RED, BLUE, GROUND COD ACCEPTED ALONG WITH IF YOU WANT 2.0: Latest release date tor 2.0 operating system is Apni 1, 1991. If you are on our list, we will be calling you with full details. If not, please give us a call so that we may give you full details and put you on our preorder list, This will assure that you will be one of the first in the country to receive this upgrade. To order call
(800) 848-0079 In PA or for Information call (215)462-2268 ¦ Peaso call for cwnpl*ta details on ihno repairs end to gel an authorization ngmoar Over 600 products In stock for Immediate shipping. Plaase call ua. We probably have what you need. We do repairs on Amiga computers with 2-4 day turnaround. A500 S125+S H. A2QOO S190+S H. Call for shipping on other Items.
1. 3 ROM Chip ....S 29.00 8520 CIA Chip ..16.50 Farter Agnus Chip 1MB ....90,00 A50Q Replacement Drive......140.00 GVP 40 Meg impact Pius......599.00 All RAM Chips in Stock ......Call Paula Chip .....56.00 A2000 Internal Drive .89.00 Quantum 52S Hard Drive......389.00 GVP 8 0 Hard Card OK......, 239.00 GVP 3001 28 mHZ Bundle .1449.00 A500 HD Power Supply ...94.00 1 -800-942-9505 Circle 295 on Reader Service card. Authorized Amiga Service Center goldenIMAGE MASTER 3A-I Disk Drive $ 79.95 'Ui* In ficw there is t cure for MSDOS" 15448 FELDSPAR DR., CHINO HILLS, CA 91709 714-283-0499 800-942-9505 EAR TO THE WALL r These guys never stop. Early this year, Amiga World staffers streaked out to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see CDTV unveiled again, and survey the competition. But the best stuff' was not on the floor: In a private suite off the beaten Vegas track, Psygnosis sneak-previewed its computer game of the future. Although the demo was a Fujitsu FM Towns CD-ROM machine, Psygnosis plans to move it over to CDTV. With this futuristic flight simulator, you rush through 3-D fractal landscapes in a 3-D ship. Psygnosis reportedly will not ship in less than a year. Grade. The only issue, really, is tweaking system software so your computer will know that both chips are on board something we hear is bound to happen. And we thought the unadorned A3000 was fast! The '040s are coming! Initiates of sub- millisecond technology need wait no longer: Motorola is shipping its 68040 chip. Although the supply is small so far, Motorola is doling out a few to smaller, third-party developers. Toast-of-the-month club. At a recent Mac World expo, NewTek stole the thunder from Mac video companies and clogged the aisles with Amiga demos (even Apple Chairman John Sculley was spotted slinking through the booth). Adding fuel to the fire, a local TV station called the Toaster the hit of MacWorld, 68030 and '040 joined at the hip. Some seem satisfied with the 20MIPS performance of upcoming 68040 accelerator boards. Others, it seems, are greedy, wanting to retain full use of the A3000‘s 68030, even after installing an 040 upSO A P BOX EDITOR'S XOTE: Each month in this new department, we will present an opinion piece an essay, really that we hope will provide food for thought for members of the Amiga community. Essays will come from a variety of different members of that community: AW editors and readers, Amiga users and developers, or even a spokesperson from Commodore on occasion. We welcome feedback from all quarters; perhaps some of the responses may become the basis for future ”Soap Box" essays. If you would like to reply to any opinions expressed here, please write to Jan Jackson, “Soap Box," Amiga'World, Elm St., Peterborough, XII 03458. Playing Big Blue’s Game Lately, Amiga game enthusiasts have directed a lot of criticism toward Commodore for actively pursuing productivity markets. These critics feel that it was entertainment that created the Amiga market and that CBM is abandoning this faction by concentrating on professional markets. Not only is this attitude narrow-minded, but it is also short-sighted. While games represent a good percentage of Amiga software sales, it is the computer’s practical potential that creates sales, not its entertainment value. Very few people have $ 1000 to $ 5000 to spend on a game machine that’s Nintendo’s market. Lack of sales. Second, Commodore needs money for research and development. Without technological advancement, the .Amiga line will stagnate. While the A3000 is one of the most advanced computers available, it will become outdated as new technology replaces it. Is that new technology going to come from Commodore or from another company with big bucks from sales in professional markets? There is a reason that IBM compatible is the primary game computer in the l‘S today (the Amiga is a very close second, despite an installed base of only a fraction of what IBM enjoys). The literally millions of installed IB Ms make for a huge game market and all this on a "boring business computer." While we know the Amiga is still the best computer for almost any application, its advantages are no longer as obvious. Other computers are beginning to catch up. Game enthusiasts should realize that a strong position in professional markets, coupled with the technological advantages of the Amiga, would virtually guarantee its becoming number one in game sales. The Amiga needs quality business and productivity software to survive and to overcome the lack of widespread recognition by the business community. This means not only quality software, but also good documentation and the support of existing users and developers. I xrt’s all work together to ensure the future success of our favorite computer. Bryant Hayward While it is true that arcade games are sometimes built around Amiga hardware, the Amiga is not a game machine. It is designed to be a productivity tool, hence the multitasking OS, expansion capabilities, and so on. In Commodore's most recent Amiga advertising campaign, the question is asked: “What happens when your kid’s brain outgrows Nintendo?” Most games are merely stimulants and do not encourage thought or “genuine” achievement. While the Amiga is good for games, it really excels at allowing an individual to be creative and productive at the same time. In spite of these facts, it seems that some people would rather leave all productivity software to the makers of other platforms (IBM, Mac, eLc.) And use the Amiga solely as a game machine. This would be detrimental to the Amiga for several reasons. First, since very few people can afford hundreds of dollars for a game machine, the Amiga would soon die from and San Francisco DJ and Toaster freak Alex Bennett filled the airwaves with a Toaster diatribe. Our video spies heard of a plan to bundle die Newtek Video Toaster with a fully configured Amiga. The end result may not necessarily look like an Amiga, but could have a whole new identity, which may be just the ticket for fickle video and consumer electronics markets. Name Dropper. Guess what computer made a splash on a couple of morning pseudo-news shows. On Good Morning America, PC Magazine’s Editor Bill Machrone discussed home computers and pointed to an A500 as the best value. Later, the Today Show featured an Amiga hooked up to image processing. Unfortunately, they neglected to mention the name of the computer. At least Bryant was impressed. AWEADY. DON'T KNOW IT YET. Object Oriented. Program Construction for Regular Ordinary People. Hile you weren’t watching, we turned you and the rest of the world’s Amiga users into programmers. With Can Do's intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country have been creating stand-alone utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts ot games. Experienced programmers (many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in CanDo for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there’s little left to do when they gel through. We get rave letters every day. Give us a call. We'll read you some. Better yet, just say the word and well send you a nice low cost sample of the whole CanDo package. WithCanDo You Can Do Just About Anything 4 Utdtl id'** *v x>Ufr:i* J li Krrj F* himnan* pw in*r U i s t K~rf MfitsCt (mar iW>W« haufltii >-m h t.o’ Vcii-V xfte ikhc no. Vjk mk Nvrrtrr. IsJiilirrtt Ma kUSBU toduim VISA MoO Ccro Jlv v INOVAtronits, ln . WW (inum itlf A vrfitic Suite Diiltas, t'cui 7S-M 2U3J0JWI ! A X 214 14 ! Huli'ttutrks: Aniigu; CiHiiiibithire-Ainif’ti. Inc. i 0 'Atnntu s Can Do: hnnntnriiics, Inc Give us your address and $ 10 and well send two disks and a Can Do manual bv return mail. You'll have created a program before David Lellernian goes off. Get a fresh look at what your Amiga is capable of. Buy Can Do later and we'll give van your sawhnck hack. TEST DRIVE CANDO 1.5 FOR JUST 10 BUCKS. ¦lust The Facts: What Makes Digi-Paint 3 the Ultimate Paint Program? "Finding the best paint program for your Amiga can be confusing, but once you the facts it's simple. ” “What technical support does NewTek offer?” 3 has one other thing you won’t find in any ordinary paint program: help line. If you should have any questions while using Digi-Paint 3, you’re not on your own. Call NewTek’s technical support team at 1-800-736-7617 Monday through Friday, 8 am -7 pm Central Time. WT=k Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your dealer or call or 1-913-354-1146. INCORPORATED Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold And Modify (HAM) mode, which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 64 colors. Advanced features available in Digi-Paint 3-including Colorizing, Variable Transparency, Shading, Lighten, Darken and Range Painting- are simply not possible in Deluxe Paint III due to its 64 color limitation. AMIGAWORLD warns, “Competitors may want to head hack to the drawing board, because Digi-Paint 3 is hard to beat!” “What makes Digi-Paint 3 better than other HAM paint programs?” Digi-Paint 3 is the only Amiga paint program written in 100% assembly language. Although challenging to program (taking up to 10 times longer than other computer languages), it s the only way to achieve the incredible speed found in Digi-Paint 3. AMIGAWORLD calls it “the fastest HAM paint program yet” and AMIGA SENTRY estimates it’s, “6-10 times faster” than the nearest contender. Other advanced features found only in Digi-Paint 3 include: antialiased texture mapping, anti-aliased fonts, Arexx support, 1024 x 1024 super bitmaps with auto-scrolling and dithering to 30 bits per pixel (over a billion colors internally, giving you tens of thousands of apparent colors). COMPUTER SHOPPER magazine reports “Digi-Paint 3 is without a doubt the most advanced HAM paint program to date!” “Why is Digi-Paint 3 better than DeluxePaint III™?” “But is Digi-Paint 3 easy to use?” I’ve learned that no matter how powerful a program is, if it’s not friendly it’s not worth my time. We designed Digi-Paint 3 with all users-in mind-from the beginner just starting out with computers, to the “power user” who demands the most advanced features possible. The spiral-bound manual contains a step-by-step Guided Tour, 11 hands-on tutorials, a color coded reference card, and almost one hundred example photos. Digi-Paint 3’s intuitive user interface was created by Digi-View designer (and NewTek Founder) Tim Jenison and renowned Amiga artist Jim Sachs. It features innovative “Dashboard” controls which AMIGAWORLD regards as “a joy to use” and “very easy to learn and understand”. INFO MAGAZINE says the new interface “looks great and works logically”. “What is the Transfer 24 program included with Digi-Paint 3?” Transfer 24 is a separate program disk included in the Digi-Paint 3 package, allow ing you to alter any picture’s brightness, color saturation, contrast, hue and sharpness, almost as easily as adjusting the controls on your television set. Transfer 24 also lets you modify the size, palette, and resolution of any picture. These powerful features, known as “Image Processing”, give you incredible control over your final artwork. You can also save your image in any of the Amiga’s 24 resolution modes (up to 768x480) making it compatible with all Amiga graphics software. AX MAGAZINE notes that “Transfer 24 gives you even more options as to the final appearance of your work”. AMIGAWORLD declares, “Transfer 24 is great for making overall changes.” 1 Editors Note: At the beginning of this series me stated that at the end of Part 3 we would assemble the “ultimate” A 500 uhot-rod” a fully expanded system comprising recommended components for high-power use. As often happens in the development arena, a number of these products did 2 14 SuperFme Pitch Trinitron
• Resolution up lo 1024 x 768 -
• ,25mm dot pitch 3
• Anti glare silica coating
• Works on all Amigas
• Includes a FREE cabfe for the A3QOO 4 RS-170A or locks to low cost VCR
• Decode comp to Y-C or Y-C to comp
• Full Amiga functions with power off 5 Important Catalog Announcement • We have a new, FREE 36 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga, Commodore and IBM. This Free catalog contains: Low- Cost Chips. Upgrades, Diagnostics. Tutorial Video Tapes, Interfaces, IBM Upgrades, Cables, Heavy Duty Power Supplies and other super products you won t find anywhere else. (Dealers, use your letterhead.) Prices Subject to Change. THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. cjSJl
* **' 3 CHESTNUT STREET SUFFERN, NY 10901 1-800-292-7445 • 914-357-2424 Sssmj Abovo does not FAX 914-357-6243 include ups We Ship Worldwide Re9 ™ Ql CBM

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Amiga World Vol 07 04 1991 Apr

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