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Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2000 Amiga system and grow all the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y N N Brand name vendor with solid reputation. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. Y N N IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga, A2OC0 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore*Amiga. Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or tor nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 lealcrs Cirde 36 on Reader Service Card Consumers Cirde 265 on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga Wo rid readers. Service with a Stamp The latest problem 1 have encountered with Commodore and the Amiga is the company’s lack of mail-order support. 1 prefer to purchase Amiga hardware by mail because my local Amiga dealer gives me nothing for my extra dollars. The dealer’s stall knows very little about the Amiga and offers no extras, such as a loaner system during repair sessions or a software trial period. For repairs, the dealer sends the Amigas to another location. Does Commodore, with its policy of no mail-order sales, expect me to purchase my next Amiga at Sears or Toys- R-Us? If so, will their sales personnel be able to answer technical questions? Will they have repair centers at the store? I have no incentive to spend extra money when 1 will receive no more service. In fact, many mail-order operations now offer excellent service agreements, technical- help hotlines, and other benefits. 1 cannot fathom why Commodore wants to pull the plug on mail-order business. If the rationale is to build a dealer network, then the company will fail for two reasons; CBM does not encourage dealers to learn about the Amiga, and it assumes that mail-order business undermines dealers. Consumers who do not feel comfortable purchasing computers via mail need knowledgeable dealers who are capable of helping them analyze their needs and who can demonstrate solutions. As a customer, I want the right to purchace computers from whomever 1 please mail-order dealers or local retailers. Gavin McMillan Dim jut, FL Breaking Up Is Hard To Do I just cannot believe Amiga- World is going to split into two magazines. I understand all the excitement over the new Tech journal, but AmigaWorldfs technical information is what prompted me to subscribe in the first place. Instead of introducing another magazine, just add on. 'Fake a look at some of the larger publications such as PC World, BYTK, Computer Shoppers, PC Magazine, and many others that offer three to five hundred pages of features. 1 follow BY FE Magazine’s Amiga hardware coverage because they dig deeply, amply covering chips, techniques, and processes.

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Amiga World Vol 07 01 1991 Jan

Document sans nom January 1991
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDG Communications Publication W D O L GRAPHICS 13 Paint Programs Slide Making Tips; Super Print Quality From Screen Images Image Processing: Pro Techniques For Amateurs Add 3D Punch To Your 2D Images Plus!
• Multimedia Music
• C Window Gadgets
• Reviews & Games A Graphic Demonstration Deluxe Paint III Dini-Pnint *1 has 32 colors* and costs $ 149.95. gjves you 4096 colors and costs $ 99.95, Get the picture? Wl=K Which one of the artistic tools pictured here would a child choose? The answer is obvious, the more colors the better. The choice is just as easy when it comes to Amiga paint programs. Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold-And-Modify (HAM) mode which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 32 colors*. What does this mean to your Amiga art? Simply put, the program with more colors makes the better pictures. But that’s just one of the reasons Digi-Paint 3 is the ultimate paint program. Other advanced features found in Digi-Paint 3:
• 14 drawing modes including colorizing, range painting, and texture mapping
• Powerful tools including: magnify, rotate, cut-and-paste, and variable transparency Digi-Paint 3 is a trademark ol NewTek, Inc. C R AYOLA chevrarI and s®rP tD sn5afrraBdemark registered trademarks ot Binney & Smith Inc.. used with permission. DeluxePamt in ol Electronic Arts. ‘In some modes an additional 32 hall-intensity shades are available.
• Anti-aliased fonts give sharp edges and a crisp television look
• Paint on canvases up to 1024 x 1024 with auto-scrolling
• Supports all Amiga display modes and resolutions
• Compatible with the Amiga 3000 and WorkBench 2.0 AmigaWorld magazine recently compared the leading paint programs in a head-to-head showdown. A clear winner emerged: “Digi-Paint 3 is the one to beat for speed, versatility and professional applications.’’ After six pages of detailed evaluations they concluded with, “If you are really serious about owning only one paint program, we would have to recommend Digi-Paint 3 ” Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934 or 913-354-1146. INCLUDES TUTORIAL VIDEO Gold Disk has a publishing program that gives you more creative control over your desktop documents: Professional Page"' 2.0. Designed for the serious Amiga user who is concerned with sophisticated typography, color design and separation, and production control, this powerful publishing package gives you professional results. GgfiFJL mm Byf !iw 2.H if, ft* wrf i
• M (mrji Irw HUMtJ I * 4 • II ; assured of exgraphic control, iiQiritiiii It ci w t«n. M. Jri m *r«4 if «nr| !|triL fti&al mii>w t,,i rn«,.iiH I b, rtiiiif iwAiIMIii.1 htfmimi f‘i‘ I.I iNni .hi mu »»* fuitfti. Ut.Jm Hill tiwi imi I* M In imhi. U um tm hijijm, lum IM> H Miull utiin m4*i, Fiiiih tilar Hktm, iiLm litMria, tm ll» H «MH II.IH MIMtil )kt> 1 Mtfc nel Mr* t Nhhi Wtai I fwuliit [
2. 1 Mr ll lift it !U,0tl.M n3 ',U 11111 El.ltr I U L» it I irriJll 'Ml liM* fir (at «4ifilf. Int :ik|. Mi I,ill tkriilM 1 Quick text design changes are accomplished with Professional Page's style tagging. An unlimited number of style tags can be defined to specify any or all type and paragraph attributes. Put a new angle on text, bitmaps and structured graphics with Profess ona Page. Rotate them at any angle, either numerically or with the mouse, and add pizzazz to your documents. Customize text with greater control over letter and word spacing. And AGFA Compu- graphic fonts, allowing for smooth, jaggie-free output at any point size to any printer. A built-in word pro- jkW1M cessor provides for quick text writing and editing and includes a 90,000 word spell checker. Professional Page 2.0 The serious desktop publishing tool. TO CREATE a succesful brochure, newsletter or similar document, you need a serious desktop publishing tool well equipped to handle the process from tO production tO ¦Id Disk’s age 2.0 in your i istlidii* ImI *>] t. Ue4J, U. friia.t.». !* will. LiU't ft«l u jri m-rii ii i maximum output resolution to any printer and 4-color separation capabilities. S ? ? SQ X I trt is li - % ? O n V 1 Preview multiple pages on screen simultaneously. Now you can review up to six document pages at a time, easily checking your graphic design and text positions for an overall look. Automatic page numbering is easy with Professional Page 2.0. Insert the current page number at any point and it is automatically updated when the page number is changed. Adding a splash of color is easy with the built-in PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.®* With a click you can select from up to
65. 000 user-defined colors, and color dithering can display over
1. 000 colors at once. Import and print 24 bit color files, including color separations directly from Professional Page-without the need for extra utilities. For producing simple flyers and brochures to full four color ads and magazines, Professional Page is the desktop publishing program of choice. In fact it is used by more magazines than any other package. And to get you producing professional documents quickly, we have included a free tutorial video tape in every package. To find out why Professional Page 2.0 is the expert’s choice, see your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-GOLD- DSK. If you take desktop publishing seriously, weTe the ones to work with. Professional Page is the best, and the best just got better. ADVANCING THE ART OF DESKTOP PUBLISHING This document produced entirely with Professional Page 2.0 Gold Disk
P. O. Box 789, Sireeisville Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2 416 602-4000 Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc.
* Pantone. Inc's check-standard trademark for color. GOLD DISK Ask vour dealer how you can win a SonvK Discman)U. Circle 150 on Reader Service card Sullivan Bluth Presents CONTENTS A CASE IN Paint By Gene Brawn 26 Feature-by-feature comparisons of 13 Amiga paint programs with buyer’s- guide information and expert recommendations for beginners, experienced amateurs, and professionals alike. Amiga PROFILE By Barbara Gefvert .. 40 A quick stop to chat with Amiga artist Sandra Filippucci, whose photograph was featured in last month’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Business.” The Portrait “Process” By Joel Hagen ...41 This hands-on tutorial in portrait painting will teach you methods of image processing that can dramatically enhance the results of almost any kind of project. Slide into Print By Bradley W. Schenck .47 Want hetter-quality printed output from your Amiga graphics? These techniques for making slides from your screen images may he just the ticket. COMIN1 AT You By Brian Williams. ... 53 Give your 2-D graphics a 3-D look with these simple tips on perspective, balance, shading, and color. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney 6 The editor reviews the changes made to AmigaWorld in 1990 and hopes you'll keep your suggestions coining in ’91. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...60 “Repeat-key” functions in programs such as Digi-Paint 3 open up a slew of possibilities for HAM painting experiments. POINTERS By David T. McClellan 62 Add custom gadgets to windows with these easy C programming techniques. Mastering Multimedia By Jamie Krutz ..76 Getting the hang of MIDI and SMPTE time code is the key to keeping your music and video productions in sync. "A Case in Paint” p. 26 As the magnifying glass suggests, the focus this month is on Amiga 2-D graphics. We*ve scrutinized the subject from evny angle and presented the evidence tn a 30-page special "Features” section. We hope you 'll firing in a favorable verdict. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 In December ice the postman cotneth. . . Headliners 10 A host of recent trade shows with lots of new products and new technology lops this month’s Amiga news coverage. Whats New? ... 108 dll'Senior Writer John Wolfskill takes over New Products starting this month. The PD Prospector By Tim Walsh .. 114 New downloads from the Amiga nets. Help Key .. 116
I. ike the old woman who lived in a shoe, Lou has so many problems except lie does know what to do. Index to 1990 AmigaWorld Articles and Reviews ..122 From Animation to Zot ro III, if we covered it in ‘90, you’ll find it here. Last Licks . 136 flic end has a brand-new beginning in '91. REVIEWS DRAW4D (Adspec) .. 14 A unique structured-drawiitg animation tool. Mega-Midget Racer (csa) ......16 A flexible, one-size-fits-all 68030 accelerator board. A2232 Multi Serial-Port Board (Commodore) ...... 20 Effective solution to the single-serial-port dilemma. EASYL (Anakin), SKETCHMASTER (Dakota), and APRODRAW 2.0 (R&DL Productions) . , 23 Three digital-graphics tablets for Amiga rodentaphobes. DataLink 2000 (Applied Engineering) .94 Multifaceted modem power for A2000 A3000 users. FLO Floor Plan Construction SET (Gramma) 100 Low-cost interior-design software for home or office planning. GAMES CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson 86 New Year’s resolutions from Aws garnes- meistcr. Prince of Persia (Broderbund) 86 Swashbuckling graphics adventure with superb graphics and sound. Midwinter (Microprose) ...88 A 3-D rolcplaying war game set in the New Ice Age. Brainblaster Action Pak (Electronic Arts)...... 88 Two fast-paced games lor the price of one. LOOM (Lucasfilm Electronic Arts) .... 90 Bobbin? The Weavers? Warring craft guilds? Nice idea.. .but it ain’t Clifford Odets. DAMOCLES (Novagen f Bethesda) .....90 Well-done, worthy sequel lo Mercenary: Escape from Targ. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY ED JUDICE COVER ILLUSTRATION: ORIGINAL AMIGA ART BY RICK PARKS Great Prices! Superb Service! For information or price listing: 414-548-8125 Pursuitable BBS: 414-548-8140 Shadow of the Beast II ..35.99 SpellBound ..24.99 Tetris .23.25 Turrican ..24.99 Vista .59.00 Where in Time Carmen Sandiego? 32.99 Wings ......36.69 Spotlight on Software AlOTcnk Killer ..28.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 AmigaVision ..89.00 Progressive Peripherals Modem, Baud Bandf MNP ...125.00 W Baud Bandit Software 155.00 FrameGrcbber 535.00 W 2.0 Software .. 585.00 QicTape . 495.00 3-D Professional . 295.00 Anarchy ..26.00 Animation Studio .....99.00 Armour-Geddon .....26.99 Ait Department 53.50 AudioMaster til ..60.00 Awesome 39.00 Bar Games ....25.99 Barney Bear Meets Santa Claus 22.00
w. w.v.va wavava4£ Barney Boar Goes to Space .....22.00 Spotlight on Hardware Accelerator, Sapphire 6Q020 ...... 299.00 Atonce 279.00 AutoUnk (Auto Digitizing Cable) .. 44.00 Bodega Bay .. 325.00 Camera, Panasonic WV1410...... 189.00 Color Splitter .. 106,00 DeskTop Video (VidooTapo) ... 19.98 Diskettes, Sony Bulk 100 Pack . 65.00 flickerFixer .. 299.00 Floppy Drive, Intemd 2000 ..... 90.00 Floppy Drive, AE High Density...... 195.00 Genlock, AmiGen . 99.00 Genlock, SuperGen 2000S . 1399.00 Harddrive, 40Q .... 345.00 Harddrive. 105Q ... 595.00 Harddrive, 1096N 3.5* 399.00 Harddrive, Series II 500 40 MB...... 599.00 Harddrive, Series 11500 100 MB .... 975.00 Making Music on the Amiga Book 26.00 Memory Board. Base Board OK .... 115.00 MIDI Interface. ECE ...... 52.00 Modem, DataLInk 2000 MNP ...... 165.00 Modem, DataLink Express MNP .. 189.00 Send FAX Option 35.00 Mouse. Konyo Golden Image . 45.00 Mouse, Konyo Optical .. 69.00 Bars & Pipes 165.00 Bars fit Pipes Multi-Media Kit .....37.99 Bars fit Pipes Music Box A or B ...37.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Broadcast Titier .....229.00 Byte 'N Back ..41.93 Carthage ... 26.99 Chaos Strikes Back .24.99 CheckMate ..32.99 Christmas Clip Art ...19.99 Classic Board Games ....19.99 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 ICD, Inc. AdtlAM2080 2 Mogs . 2D9.00 AdRAM 540 OK ..... 115.00 ;AdRAM 540 2 Megs .. 220.00 AdSCSI 2000 ...... 129,00 AdSpeed... ...... . 249.00 Ricker Free Video ..... 319.00 Curse of the Azure Bonds ..35.99 Day of the Viper .....30.50 Deluxe Paint III 105.00 DigiPaint 3 ....61.99 DigView Gold .....130.00 DinoWars ...24.99 Disk Labeler (Make custom labels) 24.99 Supra Corporation Floppy Drive. SupraDrive .99.00 Hordcard, 40Q V Word Sync .... 445.00 Hardcard. 1G5Q w Word Sync .. 689.00 Harddrive, Supra 500XP 105 2...... 929.00 Harddrive. Supra 50QXP 40 2 . 689.00 Memory, SuproRAM 2000 2 Megs 209.00 Memory, SupraRAM 2000 4 Megs 289.00 Modem. Supra 2400 With Cable.. 109.00 Modem, Supra 2400 MNP I.... 149.00 Module (2Meg) for 500 Harddrive 229.00 SCSI Controler. Word Sync ... 119.00 Dstant Suns ..42.99 Dcckkhen ..... 35.99 Duck Tales ....26.99 Electric Thesaurus ...31.99 Excellence! ..125.00 F-19 Stealth Rghter .38.00 Falcon ......33.89 Falcon Mission Disk 2 Firelight ......18.50 Gold Disk Type Fonts (Each) .....36.99 Harpoon ..43,99 Heart of the Dragon ......31.10 Immortal ..35.00 Indianapolis 500 34.99 Ishido .... 33.00 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf ...34.99 Perfect Sound 3.0 ... 69.00 Phantom SMPTE Interface 179.00 Power Supply 500 AE Heavy Duty 86.00 Power Supply 500 Big Foot 150W 106.00 Printer, Tl PostScript PS 35 ..... 1899.00 Printer. Tl PostScript PS 17 ..... 1749.00 Printer. HP PaintJet ...... 999.00 Removable Harddrive. Ricoh 799.00 Scanner. Konyo Golden Imago .. 289.00 Tower Case. Bomac .. 245.00 Trackball. ArnTRAC ...... 69.99 Video Toaster ..... 1495.00 We wish you a safe and happy holiday season! Judy, Laurie, Dale, Dennis, Mary Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Make Safe Harbor YOUR Computer Port Kara Fonts: ANIM 3 .33.89 Wiling Game Show ... 28.50 Ml Tank Platoon .....35.00 Macro Paint (Lcfco Forest Logic) .... 79.00 Maverick ..25.99 McGee and Katy's Farm 24.99 Monday Night Football ..35.99 Music X Junior .... 89.99 Nitro .28.00 Obitus (w T-Shirt) .....36.00 PageStream 2.0 .....167.00 PageSteam Forms: Business .....24.99
P. H.A.S.A.R. 4.0 60.C0 Pictionary 25.00 Pixel 3D ....52.99 Power Pinball 23.99 Prince of Persia 25.00 Printers Inside & Cut Book w Disk .. 28.00 Pro Write 3.0 ..95.99 QucrterBack 43.00 Quarter Back Tools ...53.00 Shadow of fhe Beast I ....24.00 N489 Grandview ¦ 204 ¦ Waukesha, W153188 ¦ 9 AM Stephen Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor n-Chief. Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor Barbara GEFVERT, Senior Editor JANINE L, Jack SON, Review Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology; Special Products Manager Linda Barrett LafLAMME, Editor, The AmigaWorlcf Tech Journal Tim Walsh, Technical Editor JOHN Wolfs KILL, Senior Writer, Technology MaRE-AnNE JARVELA, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPF, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supendsor Debra A. Davies, Typographer KENNETH Blake.MAN. National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HE.ATHFR Paquette, Advertising Sales Representative, Partial pages & InfoMarket, 1-800-441-4403, 1-603-924-0100 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales, 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94065 WENDIE Haines MaRRO, Marketing Director LaURA Livingston, Marketing Coordinator MARGOT L. Swanson, Customer Sendee Representative; Advertising Assistant LlSA La Fleur Business and Operations Administrator MaRV McCoLE, Publisher's Assistant SUSAN M, HANSHAW, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER Circulation Manager LYNN LagASSE. Manufacturing Manager i* RocERj. Murphy, President JAMES M. Barry, Vice President Group Publisher PAUL BoULE, Vice President Group Publisher JlM McBrIAN, Vice President Group Publisher STEPHEN C. Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations BONNIE WELSH-CaRROLL, Director of Corporate Circulation & Planning JEFFREY D. DeTrAY, Director of Technology Research LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Waij»H, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Doreen Means, Systems Coordinator Aw gu War hi (ISSN 0883-2390) is ;in independent journal riot connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Amiga It br d is published monthly by IlKi CommuniattiowVhnerborough, Inc.. 80 Elm St.. Ivietlxtrough. NH 03438. U.S. subscription rate is 529.97. one year; S46.00, two years;
564. 00. Three sears. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one sear only. Mexico 538.97, Foreign Surface
519. 97. Foreign Airmail 584.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid ai Ivter'borough. N'J I. and at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-0100. Enure ( (intents copyright 1990 by I I)C. Communications Peterborough. Inc. No part of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to Amiga World. Subscription Services, PO Box 38804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed by KabJe News (!o. Amiga World makes every effort to assure the accuracy of articles. Listings and ( in nits published in the magazine. Amiga World assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions Circle 275 on Reade- Service card 4 January 1991 Turn your A500 into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today! GVP’s New SERIES II A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga 500. Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaastROM * features as GVP's new Series IIA2000 SCSI-RAM Products. Foresight Unique new "Mini-Slot"™ brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options-the only intelligent alternative to risky "Pass-Through" functionality. Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability! Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to SMB using easv-to-mstall SIMM memory modules. Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals. State-of-the-Art New T-high internal hard disk drive; available from 40MB through 100MB. Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500. Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today! Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details!
- - - _ - : -»-T him t it r Take a Look under the Hood Game Switch: Enables RAM while V enabling fill 1 game compatibility. External SCSI Pori: Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached. T'-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB. "Mini-Slot”: For future expansion options. GVP’s Custom VLSI Chip.
- J.' ¦ - ¦ .J&S ? GVP’s FaaastROM SCSI Driver. Internal RAM Expansion: Up to SMB Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool. Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply; Included. Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector - .iSV.
- -.W. Educational pricing program now available. Series II. FAAS1R0M and GVP are trademarks ol Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga and A500 are registered trademarks ol Commodore Amiga. Inc
- ¦ • -- • GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC, 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service Card Dealers Cirde 245 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS We’re nothing if not flexible just tell us what you want. Amiga World has changed; so what else do you want? In July of 1989 I went to Ami-Expo in Chicago. It was my first Amiga show ever. In fact, 1 hadn’t even formally joined AmigaWorld at the time. During the job-interview process, however, 1 not only wrote up a resume but developed a plan to change Amiga World as well. I’m not sure how, but 1 was offered the job, so it was off to Chicago, a city even windier than these editorials. Some of you may remember being corralled and badgered as I sought to discover whether our proposed changes would indeed be positive. About 50 people were cornered and peppered with the same set of questions, AmigaWorld has always hit a nerve with readers, so there was plenty ol feedback about the current mag and what people wanted changed. Some said nice things, and some said nasty things. At least the new ideas seemed decent to people. After I got back to rustic Peterborough, my phone started to ring. Vendors, readers, and sundry others wanted to welcome me aboard. This was a great opportunity to ask the very same set of questions. Most of these folks also agreed that changes made sense. That was part one. Then this now larger list of ideas had to get past my staff. Being journalists, they were naturally skeptical and full of questions, hut through this often boisterous process came refinement, plus a slew of brilliant ideas from staffers. That was step two. These steps were the easy part. Then we had to do it. This was actual work. Many of the changes first appeared in the January ’90 issue, and more followed in subsequent months. We purposely chose not to make a stink about the changes, and piles of letters later it is clear that they have gone over pretty well. We still have plenty of critics, but now a larger percentage consists of our competitors. Here’s a quick synopsis before we resume the usual Chief Concerns diatribe: The editorial was designed to serve as a staunch (read obnoxious) advocate of Amiga technology. Many were taken aback (read insulted, offended) by the initial strong tone of the editorials. But since ihen, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Reviews now include shaded boxes containing your comments about the product, and in most months we add a readcr-response section to the reviews, where vendors and users can praise, disparage, or correct our reviews. We have instituted a more aggressive system of fact-checking. Although we are still refining it, many would-be errors have been corrected. We developed a column on programming (Pointers), and another on multimedia techniques (Mastering Multimedia). The focus of Game Preserve, aside from reviews, has shifted from a discussion ol game themes to a tip-oriented column. One of our more problematical departments, Last Licks, was originally developed to include a monthly cartoon, a rumors section, and a humor piece. But nobody laughed at our humor, and there were mixed reviews of the cartoons, so the cartoons and humor get the heave-ho, the rumors (Ear to the Wall) stay, and opinion pieces by AW editors and readers, or Amiga users and developers debut with this issue (see Soap Box on page 136). Notepad never seemed to hit its stride, so we dumped it for a news section (Headliners). Then we added PD coverage (PD Prospector) to help people learn about cheap and free software. Finally, we decided to go after exclusive coverage of important new products tike the A3000, CD TV, and the Disney Animation Studio. When I go to Amiga shows, 1 still look for feedback from readers. And they give it! “You did this wrong. You screwed that up again. And by the way, thanks for the great magazine.” It seems that the majority of readers are taking to the new AmigaWorld, Unfortunately, some think it is all due to one person, the Editor-in-Chief. While I’d like to take all the credit (and have probably tried to), it must be shared. One of the primary forces was you, the reader, who told us time and time again what you wanted to see in Amiga World. Through letters, phone calls, computer netwoi ks, and personal encounters, you continue to prod us to change. It isn't always fun to hear the criticism (okay, so some of us kind of like it), but it is always helpful. Most important is the entire editorial staff of AmigaWorld, who shot down my worst ideas and helped develop better ones. That is where our Multimedia, Pointers, Headliners* and PC Prospector columns came from, and that is where the vast majority of feature articles originate. And the stall are the people who spared you more humor pieces in Last Licks. So why am 1 wasting your time bragging about our magazine? It sounds trite, but it's true: you told us what to do. That is why it has worked. Even though we have made these changes, we are far from done. St) call us (snoop in this issue for the toll-free number), write us, corral us at shows, and badger us for a while. Maybe we’ll change! ¦ Create the fastest Amiga in the World with an A2000 and our A3001 Kit wm . [ H- hrfrf rJJ ar |- ¦ __Jhhssh Choose the IMPACT " A3001 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the speed and power of leading-edge technology into your Amiga ™. Enhance your productivity and create more powerful results when you choose these key features:
• Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz.
• Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28 Mhz.
• 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide high performance 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAM; allows full support and advantage to be taken of the 68030's BURST Mode.
• Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller with data transfer rates well over 700KB sec.
• High performance 40MB, BOMB or 200MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of less than 15ms (19ms on write) and 64KB read- ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional.
• Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility.
• ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! .vr - i All A2000 Expansion Slots Free! A3001 Upgrade Kit Installed rrr 1 Autoboot EPROMS for Hard Oisk 40MB, 80MB or 200MB Hard Oisk Drive 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interface 68030 CPU wit!) 28,33 or 50Mhz Oscillator 68882 FPU running at 28, 33 or 50Mtiz When you compare, the choice GVP is unbeatable for price am C0MPARE: A2000 + GVP A3001 CBM A2500 30 CBM A3000™ 68030 CPU Y Y Y Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today. 50 Mhz 25Mhz 25Mhz Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor Clock Speed. 28-50Mhz 25Mhz 25Mhz Hard Disk Controller on 68030 Processor Board. Y N Y Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2000 Amiga system and grow all the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y N N Brand name vendor with solid reputation. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. Y N N IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. Amiga, A2OC0 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore*Amiga. Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. Inc GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or tor nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 lealcrs Cirde 36 on Reader Service Card Consumers Cirde 265 on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga Wo rid readers. Service with a Stamp The latest problem 1 have encountered with Commodore and the Amiga is the company’s lack of mail-order support. 1 prefer to purchase Amiga hardware by mail because my local Amiga dealer gives me nothing for my extra dollars. The dealer’s stall knows very little about the Amiga and offers no extras, such as a loaner system during repair sessions or a software trial period. For repairs, the dealer sends the Amigas to another location. Does Commodore, with its policy of no mail-order sales, expect me to purchase my next Amiga at Sears or Toys- R-Us? If so, will their sales personnel be able to answer technical questions? Will they have repair centers at the store? I have no incentive to spend extra money when 1 will receive no more service. In fact, many mail-order operations now offer excellent service agreements, technical- help hotlines, and other benefits. 1 cannot fathom why Commodore wants to pull the plug on mail-order business. If the rationale is to build a dealer network, then the company will fail for two reasons; CBM does not encourage dealers to learn about the Amiga, and it assumes that mail-order business undermines dealers. Consumers who do not feel comfortable purchasing computers via mail need knowledgeable dealers who are capable of helping them analyze their needs and who can demonstrate solutions. As a customer, I want the right to purchace computers from whomever 1 please mail-order dealers or local retailers. Gavin McMillan Dim jut, FL Breaking Up Is Hard To Do I just cannot believe Amiga- World is going to split into two magazines. I understand all the excitement over the new Tech journal, but AmigaWorldfs technical information is what prompted me to subscribe in the first place. Instead of introducing another magazine, just add on. 'Fake a look at some of the larger publications such as PC World, BYTK, Computer Shoppers, PC Magazine, and many others that offer three to five hundred pages of features. 1 follow BY FE Magazine’s Amiga hardware coverage because they dig deeply, amply covering chips, techniques, and processes. Your hardware articles serve only to prompt me to start looking for the appropriate BYTE issue containing the information 1 need. I won Id like to see A m iga- World use a backhoe to dig into the machine more deeply and add to the current magazine. Don't break your magazine in half and fight for advertising. Why split apart into two humdrum magazines instead improving what you have? Richard D. Harrold Fern dale, Ca Ufa rn in Amiga World is not "splitting up" into tu'o magazines; we are adding a new one of a vety different nature. Amiga World magazine will continue with the same coverage and emphases as before. With File lech Journal, we are simply responding to the urgent reef nests oj a specialized and heretofore largely neglected audience of programmers and technically minded Amiga users seeking advanced programming and other technical information on a scale and at a level that Amiga World has never had sufficient space to include. The Tech Journal will be accompanied by a disk of code relating to The Journal's tutorials and articles, as well as relevant public-domain programs. As for the advertising scramble, The Journal will appeal mainly to vendors who do not advertise in Amiga World, and Amiga World cannot grow to include the new coverage because the ad pages aren't there to justify additional editorial. Users who don't want both will have to make a choice. Editors Get Tough The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article entitled “Apple Peels Prices of Its New Models." The article described Apple’s plan to release three new Macs: a low-end, a midrange, and a high-end model at reportedly very low prices. New models will be simultaneously released in 121 coun- j tries and heralded by a three- month, S25-million advertising campaign called “Industrial Revolution.’’ I have no idea how these computers will compare to the Amiga in terms of price or performance, but I am once again frustrated by the limited marketing efforts of Commodore, and worried about the Amiga’s survival. I’ve spent the last two months trying to convince the PC-ingrained company where I work to purchase an A3000. Our MIS crew is reluctant to break away from the Big Blue standard, and my solitary voice doesn’t carry much weight. My point is that word-of- mouth advertising is not enough in today’s fiercely competitive global computer market. Commodore must undertake aggressive advertising outside Amiga-specific publications. We already know what a wonderful machine it is; tell the rest of the world! Mark J. Sherbine Ridgecrest. California Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ How Does The Competition Advanced Word P g Power For The Amiga Computer. ProWrite Performance That Stands Out In A Crowd. In this highly competitive world, there is always a leader. An innovator. The one that the competition looks up to. In die world of Amiga word processors. ProWrite is that leader. Pro Write has the high performance features you need. A 100,000 word spelling checker that can check as you type. A thesaurus with over 300,000 cross references. Multiple columns with both snaking and parallel text flow. Multiple fonts and graphics. Powerful macros. Exceptional speed. With all this and more, ProWrite stands head and shoulders above the competition. Which is why ProWrite is the best selling Amiga word processor. And the best choice for every Amiga owner. Because it is always better to lead than to follow. Look To The Leader In Amiga Word Processing. Like all of our products, ProWrite combines high performance, an intuitive environment, and easy to use commands. When it comes to powerful yet practical word processing, Pro- Write is the target the competition shoots for. So whatever your word processing needs, from A V scripts, to novels, business reports. Storyboards, or letters to Aunt Agnus, go straight to the top. Discover the power of ProWrite from New Horizons. New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 Pro® rile is a registered trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc Circle 38 on Reader Service card. Headliners NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY AmiEXPO California draws record crowd of 12,418, making ii the largest Amiga show ever held. ANAH KIM, CA 11icongruousiy ensconced in the child's paradise of Disneyland Hotel, AmiEXPO California (held October 5-7) was a pro's show all the way. Gone was the t-shirted, slapped-together feel of earlier shows; this was replaced by professional-looking booths, presentations, and, most importantly, products. So Long, Mickey Mouse Progressive Peripherals & Software demonstrated its readiness to help you do more work faster with 040-DC, its 68040 accelerator. While slightly jury-rigged with a special cooling lower, the board was running and was the only one of its kind on the show floor. The company’s 10-meg Video- Master 32 (a 32-bit, TI34020-based dual-frame buffer promising 24-bit painting and digitizing capabilities) had much stifTer competition. Five such boards tried to out-demo each other: Besides VideoMaster, there were Impulse’s Firecracker 24,
M. A.S.T.'s Colorburst, Digital Creations’ DCTV (this time accompanied by its 24-bit paint and animation software), and Black Belt System's HAM-E. (Meet you at the same time next year to see who wins the 24-bit wars!) To further improve your display, ICD showed Flicker Free Video, an impressively small card that stills interlace flicker on alt Amiga models with standard or multisync monitors. Need to key those graphics over video? Progressive and VidTech have one solution each: The former introduced its new Video Blender board and MixMaster software, while the latter paraded its S-VHS-compatible Video- Master card. Both promise some special-efTects capabilities. A newcomer to the video circuit, Spirit Technology, provided a third choice with its remote-controllable genlock encoder. While usually not as flashy as the video boards, the hard-drive controllers put on quite a show. The ability to play full-screen digitized video from disk in real time seemed to be the one audition requirement, and the GVP, ICD, and I VS hoards all made the cut. For sheer capacity, GVP took top honors with its 600MB optical drive and 50MB removable-me- dia drive, both based on Ricoh technology. .As with hardware, the software on hand was heavily graphics oriented. Two new paint and animation programs were unveiled: the 64-color Graphics Workshop (HoloSoft Technologies) and the I IAM-mode SpectraCoIor (Oxxi). While showing Foundation (a revamped UltraCard) at one end of its booth, Impulse sold copies of its 3-14 modeler, Imagine, at the other. Also for the 3-D crowd. Progressive introduced 3D Professional's ray-tracing module. Those in need of object-oriented software were drawn to New H orizon’s Graphics Designer and a near-release version of Professional Page 2.0 (Gold Disk). Surrounded by the colorful banners, miniatures, and newsletters it creates, Pelican Press (Pelican Software) drew equally large flocks of admirers. A few aisles away, Right Answers Group proved the long wait for The Director Version 2,0 was worthwhile. To help you find and organize all your new graphics, Zardoz Software offered ImageFinder, an innovative indexing program that shows you miniatures of your images instead of just their file names. Without doubt, the most attention-grabbing, nongraphics program was AudioMaster III, which Oxxi demonstrated continuously at ear-splitting levels. Also of merit were Vista 2.0, Virtual Reality’s terrain generator, and Rx_Tools, an Intuition interface for Arexx from TTR Development. If the promise of this AmiEXPO is borne out. You could soon be using an 040-, 24-bit-based Amiga with a gigabyte of memory and an optical drive (if your checkbook can handle it). Stay tuned for the next EXPO (March 15-17 in New York City), but note the name change. In a marriage of AMI S h o ws a n d A m i gaWorl d 1D G Communications, AmiEXPO became Amiga World EXPO. LBL and LRW Chicago Blues ROSEMONT, I L Chicago, known to music lovers as the home of blues, was the site of October’s World of Amiga, a show whose modest attendance made some exhibitors blue. A conflict between concurrent Amiga shows was blamed for the low turnout of' both developers and attendees. Exaggerating the sparse attendance was the vastness of the Rosemont Convention Center, where the event took place. A tangible demonstration of the fact that Amiga developers were torn between the World of Amiga and AmiEXPO California was Commodore’s own booth. This massive modular structure with impressive displays of graphics, multimedia, music, GAD, and the A3000 appeared to have been split in half to accommodate both shows. Gold Disk made the grade as well as the event by displaying several new products. Company representatives demonstrated the long-awaited Professional Page
2. 0 layout program, lavishing its newest features on the faithful. Text and graphics rotation, style and paragraph tagging, a new Pantone Matching color-repro- duction system, and 24-bit color support head the features list. The company’s desktop-video production and presentation system, ShowMaker, gathered a group of its own admirers, as did Gold Disk Office, a combination spreadsheet, word-processing, business- graphics, database, and desktop- publishing package. Xetec introduced an industry- first CD-ROM drive, the Cdx-650 SCSI. Xetec’s baby reads standard I SI 9660 High Sierra discs as well as conventional compact discs through stereo line-out or headphones. With each of its Cdx- 650s, Xetec throws in a CD containing over 400MB of software that features the entire Fred Fish collection. GVP’s Series II Impact RAM* expanding SCSI hard-disk controllers gave observers a run for their money, (dose attention was paid to the company’s 600MB Magneto-Optical removable drive, which allows you to overwrite cartridges again and again.
I. akc Forest Logic drew passers- by with images displayed and printed using its new high-resolu- tion paint program, Macro Paint. The package converts 24-bit scanned or digitized IFF pictures into its own 12-bil, hi-res format. Amiga-market newcomer TER Development made its first indus- try-show appearance at a booth loaded with new products, ranging from its Sapphire 68020 accelerator to Memory Challenge, a memory-retention game designed for young children. Also appearing on TTR’s roster was Brigade, a tactical war-simulation game, and MRBackup Professional, a hard-drive back-up program with tapc-drive capabilities.
- jj SAN DIEGO, CA Summer of’90 was hot, and so was multimedia. At least three trade shows, all centered around the theme, occupied this peripatetic producer's agenda. First was the late-August SALT conference in Washington,
DC. Commodore made a full assault at this, North America’s oldest interactive media show and conference. The company introduced AmigaVision to a virtual who’s who of the interactive multimedia industry, and unveiled its v ideo-cl i sc- based, point - of-sa le Amiga. Several interactive producers showed their latest Amiga applications. According to lucky attendees, private showings of CD TV compared favorably to the demonstration programs running in the Phillips CD-I (Compact-Disc Interactive) booth next door. Did I detect some tension from the Phillips representatives? Multimedia’s Short, Hot Summer A quick jump to the West Coast took me to the L.A. Cvber Arts J Expo. Sept. 6-9. The brainchild of Mix Magazine editor Dominic Milano, the conference proved to be as provocative as its name. Intended to foster symbiotic interaction between musicians, computer programmers and artists, the gathering, against all odds, worked. Alas, the Amigas (all three of them) were all but lost among the Macs, keyboards and Pcs. Virtual reality dominated the flashy displays, with MAC, CD-I (no tension here) and PC-based multimedia extravaganzas running a close second. Very Vivid's Mandalla reappeared after a bout with vertical-marketing fever. Although the Very Vivid booth was often unmanned, it was almost never unoccupied, with a constant stream of visitors “playing” the interactive musical application. A week and a half later (whew), the “suits" made a comeback at Presentations 90. Although many more Amigas were in evidence at this show than at the previous two, their numbers were still a fraction of the rival platforms; Apple and IBM dominated the Long Beach, California, show and convention. Still. Commodore reprised its Washington dog-and-pony show with a different cast and, once again, wowed thejaded interactive crowd with AmigaVision. Take note, formerly smug Amiga owners! The competition is closing the multimedia gap. Although the Amiga retains a formidable price advantage, IBM’s M-Motion, Action Media boards, and other DVI (Digital Video Interface) products clearly illustrate the importance IBM (and Apple) are placing on this untested technology. One thing was clear: The Amiga needs to make a better showing at industry events if it hopes to succeed in the multimedia marketplace. GeJie Brawn ARCAfA CA Each summer, the 19 branches of the California State University system pool their efforts and their budgets to allow students to perfect their artistic skills. The result is Summer Arts, the largest interdisciplinary arts program in the Western US. The program site is California State University at Humboldt, on the Northern California redwood coast, and for six weeks the campus is alive with artistic activity, from dance to filmmaking to computer animation. This year, ten Amigas ran in one room ofthc computer lab, and half again as many Mac II’s ran in another, Although much of the instructional focus centered on the Macintosh, students were amazed to see how easily 2-D animation can be done on the Amiga. The Mac display, resolution, and color were impressive, but the Amiga's ease of use, sophisticated animation software, short production time, and real-time playback quickly earned a solid group of enthusiasts. Some students painted animations frame by frame in traditional style, but realized dramatically reduced production times using Lite Amiga. Pencil tests, coloring, and layering of images are all strengths of the computer medium, and the talented students were quick to capitalize on these advantages. Next summer’s classes are scheduled to include beginning, intermediate, and advanced sessions. For further information, contact CSU Summer Arts, The California State University, Office of the Chancellor, 400 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802, Joel Hagen 2000-and-l: An Amiga and a Sci-Fi Author Zooming Through Trees with the Greatest of Ease AmigaWorld editor-in-chiej Doug Barney recently received a letter from British sciencejiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Dr. Clarke, who now resides in Sri Lanka, is author of 2001: A Space Odyssey (among scores of other hooks), the originator of communications satellites, and owner of an Amiga 2000. Let's zoom into the middle of the letter, where Dr. Clarke explains what he has been doing with his Amiga. . . ... I use [my Amiga] largely to explore the Mandlebrot Set, which 1 became obsessed with around 1985, and which is one of the themes of my latest novel, The Ghost from the Grand Banks. I’ve spent many happy hours with MandFXP from Cygnus Software and saved quite a few subsets that I’d discovered. When passing through the UK in July 1988,1 had the privilege of making a television programme with Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, “God, the Universe and Everything Else,” and I showed Stephen some "Black Holes" that I'd discovered exploring the Set at tremendous magnifications expanding it to the size ofthc orbit of Mars. When this programme finally goes on the air, it will show the Amiga to millions of people. ... 1 still have fantasies of getting enough time to do some serious programming on the Amiga, and whether 1 need it or not, I suppose 1 won’t be able to resist the CD version when it’s available. Meanwhile, my best wishes to all your other Amiganauts out there in Cotnputerland. C jcX- C CJ2jl Arthur C. Clarke Headliners is compiled by Barbara Gefvert. Send your news bits to Headliners, AmigaWorld Editorial 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. OBITUS You're in the depths of your own worst nightmare . . . But this time there's no waking up. Lost and alone in a dangerous and alien world you must discover where you are, how you got there . . . And how you’re going to get out! In a frantic search of the unfamiliar land you explore aMAZEing forests, mines and underground complexes collecting objects and interacting with indigenous creatures. Re-emerging into daylight you race along perfect parallax action scenes, dispatching enemies as you battle ever deeper into the unknown. Impelling RPG with more than a dash of hackin’- slash. ARMOUR-GEDDON Post-Holocaust: A power crazed entity desires control of earth. They develop an energy beam and intend to bounce it off a custom-built satellite back to earth . All unprotected life will be wiped out. You select and control up to six diverse hi-tech vehicles at once in a race against time to seek and destroy enemy power lines and eventually knock out their beam generator. Build up your arsenal by collecting enemy resources to help develop and create your own new weapon systems. Featuring a sophisticated head-to-head serial link enabling ‘being-there’ realism between two players. Armour-Geddon: Strategy and simulation synthesized to perfection. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. - KtimclT a rrn CXTCRNrfL
- ECITT Q K-.H RLTiriK CXTCRNrfL 2 PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Circle 310 on Reader Service card vutrm -n, mu 1 ' I and f A } i >r'.
- IT Commodore Amiga, Commodore CDTV, Atari ST PC Compatibles PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Circle 310 on Reader Service card REVIEWS Dra v4D A class by iiselj By Geoffrey Williams ALTHOUGH CATEGORIZED BY its manual as a multidimensional struc- tured-drawing and animation program, Draw4D is neither a replacement for Gold Disk's Professional Diaw struc- tured-drawing program nor a competitor in the latest generation of 3-D animation software. It sits somewhere in between, offering unique capabilities. Draw4D’s primary users will probably be desktop publishers who need to make three-dimensional drawings. Those interested primarily in 3-D as such will turn to such heavy hitters as Imagine (Impulse), Animatiomjourneyman (Hash Enterprises), or Light Wave 3D (New- Tek). As an adjunct to Professional Draw and Gold Disk’s layout program, Professional Page, Draw4D offers some interesting capabilities. When you boot Draw4D, you see two lines in the horizontal plane rotating li om the center of a vertical line. These color-coded lines represent the X (red), Y (white), and Z (black) axes, around which you draw your object. You can stop the rotation with the spacebar and begin drawing, or you can choose an X, Y, or Z view by clicking on one of the boxes in the upper-right corner ol the toolbox. Once you have drawn an object, you can rotate it in real time along any of the axes using the numbei keypad. In fact, you can rotate it along all three axes at the same time. This makes it very easy to change your chawing view or the angle of the object. Rotation is very smooth on an A3000, and even reasonably last on an unaccelerated A1000. If you are new to 3-D, this method is probably easier to understand than the tri-view approach employed by other 3-D software. It enables you to rotate and see the object as if it actually were a three-dimensional solid. Unlike Professional Draw, Draw4D is based on polygons rather than bezier curves. In a polygon-based system, a circle is made up of a series of short straight lines connected at wide angles. The more lines, the more smooth and round the circle appeal s. While common in 3-D programs, this approach is a serious limitation for structured drawing software. Draw4D was not, however, designed to stand 011 its own. To take full advantage of it in desktop publishing, you need Professional Draw for shading, touching up, and adding detail to an object. Draw4D is not an illustrator’s tool, but a tool for creating three-dimensional objects. To the Point Everything in Draw4D is point-based. (f _ YOUR IVR A! V I have only had Draw4D for a couple of weeks, but I’ve gone through the whole manual and found it not as friendly as some other software manuals. It is set up like a textbook, so it’s hard to follow; you really have to dig in to get through it. The program, oil the other hand, is very powerful and does a good job of object creation. It gives you control over all the points in a polygon. It’s pretty stable. Too; 1 haven’t seen a guru once. As far as things I wish it offered, I would list texture mapping, IFF-brush mapping, and Arexx support. George Lunger Lisbon, Oil For example, a triangle has three points. To change the triangle’s shape, you grab one of the points and move it. Add one point to transform it into a rectangle, or multiple points to change it into a circle. To join two objects, you attach them by their points, not by the lines that make up the objects. White you can draw objects freehand, the several built-in primitives let you automatically make squares, cubes, triangles, pyramids, arcs, and spheres. You create objects from a series of polygons, and can manipulate them either individually or in groups in a variety of ways. You can done, stretch, mirror, and slant them by setting the proper parameters and clicking on the appropriate icon 011 the toolbar. The tools that transform simple two- dimensional shapes into three dimensions are very powerful. Extrusion is easy, and you can adjust the size of one end of the extrusion to change a square into a pyramid or a circle into a pointed spike. The Sweep tool works like a lathe, transforming a circle, for example, into a sphere or a donut, depending upon where you set the center. A favorite feature of mine is Pipe Extrude: First, you draw a basic path, such as the curve in Figure 1, for the extrusion to follow. You then create a template shape for the extrusion, as in the pentagon in the upper-left corner. The program extrudes the pentagon shape along the curve s path, creating the teacup handle in Figure 2. This is a very powerful tool that is easy to use, and it greatly simplifies the creation of complex objects. Draw4D lets nonartists create drawings that would be beyond their abilities otherwise. Making a drawing of a pen, for example, is easier for me in Draw4D than it is in Pro Draw. I would create a circle, extrude ii into a cylinder, taper one end, extrude a smaller cylinder for the top button, draw an outline of the pocket clip, and extrude that. Draw4D handles the most difficult parts, which deal with perspective and curves. Tweaking Text Draw4D has very good text support. Two fonts are included, and also the ability to create your own font sets. Your fonts do not have to be letters of the alphabet; they could be architectural objects or any set of symbols you might want to assign to the keyboard. In addition, the company promises to release new fonts in the near future. You can use all of the polygon tools on text, including Pipe Extrude. Creating extruded text and slanting it in perspective is a snap. Once extruded, the entire character set can be saved as a 3-D font. You can create a lot of very impressive text effects this way, and I think this is one of the program’s best features. Once you have created an object, you can enter Render mode and create a solid view in your choice of resolutions, including HAM mode. Unfortunately, this is one of the weakest parts of the program. You can set the direction and intensity of two light sources, but Draw4D does not do ray tracing, so you cannot make objects cast shadows or reflect other objects. For gray-stale desktop-publishing reproduction, the quality is fine, but for professional video work, the results are unacceptable. HAM mode works pretty well, but the dithering routines for nonHAM images are not very good and do not approach the excellent dithering in Pro Draw. Even at their best, the images look cartoonish and far below the standards set by the best 3-D programs. Obviously, a lot of work went into the program’s animation features. Animation is easy: You can transform any polygon into a path that any other polygon or object will follow. Most of die tools that you can use on a polygon you can also use on a path. You can link paths and easily set speeds and acceleration or deceleration rates along the path. Very complex movements can be created fairly easily. There are both Wireframe and Quick preview' inodes, so that even on an A1000 you can get a good idea of what your animation will look like before you render it. Clips in 3-D The program's real strength is its ability to save three-dimensional objects as Professional Draw clips. You can create whole sets of objects and then, when you need them, you can angle them into position on your current project and save them out as clips. This is something you just cannot do in a 2-D program, and it gives you a wide range of flexibility in using the objects you create. There have been many times when I needed perspective on a piece of clip art and had to redraw the entire image to make it look l ight. With this capability, you can position and take a snapshot of the "real thing.” Draw4D also saves in its own format, but it does not save in formats compatible with any other programs. This makes it a dead end as a 3-D development tool, because many people like to model in one program and render in another. It is also unfortunate because Draw4D is a very nice modeler. While there is no standard 3-D file format, if Draw4D supported just one of the major 3-D formats, you could use its objects with other programs by way of a translation utility. I was also disappointed to find that Draw4D cannot load in anything but its own format not even a Pro Draw clip. 1 had been looking forward to digitizing an object, using Pro Draw’s autotrace feature oil it, and then popping it into Draw4D to extrude it into three dimen- ? Sions. .Alas, this is not possible. Increased compatibility with other programs is very important for the future success of Draw4D. All in all, I like the program, but it has Haws and limitations and does overreach itself a bit. .As a tool for creating 3-D drawings for desktop publishing, it is easy to use and does the job quite handily. As a 3-D animation tool, it has powerful capabilities but is limited by the quality of its output and an inability to export objects into other 3-D programs. You can create complex animated movements, but the objects themselves lack realism and detail. Animation capabilities may be all tiiat you need, but I would not buy it for this alone. For desktop publishers, however especially nonartists like me who wind up having to draw anyway -it is definitely worth J i 4 consideration. Draw4D Adspec Programming PO Box 13 Salem, OH 44460 216 337-3325 S249 Ajo special requirements. Mega-Midget Racer Power to the masses By Sheldon Leemon UNTIL THE RELEASE of Mega-Midget Racer (MMR), A500 and A1000 owners could only imagine the exhilaration of running programs eight to ten times faster than on their stock machines. With these users as well as A2000 owners in mind, CSA, first in bringing Amiga accelerator boards to market in years past, introduces the one-size-fits-al I 68030 accelerator. Following on the heels of the company’s low-cosi 68020 accelerator, Midget Racer, MMR represents its next step in bringing increased processing power to the Amiga. In a word, the Mega-Midget Racer’s design adds up to flexibility. You can install the board easily by plugging it into the 68000-processor socket of any A500 or A2000. A little more work, however, is required for an A1000 installation because the hoard overlaps the disk-drive area. A1000 owners can either convert the internal drive to an external floppy or pay CSA an additional fee to modify the diskdrive cage with a new ' -height model. MMR’s CPU and 32-bit RAM each come on separate plug-together modules, which makes for a wide variety of configurations (and prices). While a bare board lists for only $ 675, the 33-MHz model with a 33-MHz 68882 math co- ZY0VR 11KV! TT' I just added the memory expansion board to MMR, so I have not really had a chance to test it, but in 16-bit memory, it is the nicest of the accelerators. After trying the board with several major programs, my only problems have been with games. It doesn’t seem to make any sense that they will not work in 32-bit memory, but there’s real 68000 on board, so I can switch back for games. Karl Kugel Chatsivorth, CA processor, 8MB of 32-bit dynamic RAM, and 512K of 32-bit static RAM will set you back $ 3892. Our lest model, a 25MHz 68030 and 68882 with 2MB of dynamic RAM (DRAM) and 512K of static RAM (SRAM), lists at about $ 2000. The basic Mega-Midget is a rather small board (4x5 inches) socketed for a 68030 processor (required) and 68882 coprocessor (optional), four static RAM modules, and your 68000 processor. To install it, remove the 68000, plug it into the MMR, and then plug the assembly back into the 68000 socket. The hardest part of the process is opening up your computer to get to the 68000, but dear instructions are provided. A500 owners need a Torx screwdriver to open the case and remove the metal shielding. A2000 owners must remove the metal cage that holds the disk drive and power supplv. Installation should take no more than ten minutes, even if you've never taken your computer apart before. Calculating Decisions You can add two options to the main board itself. To install a 68882 math coprocessor, simply plug the chip into the waiting socket. As with most accelerator boards, the MMR allows you to run your math chip at the same speed as the 68030 processor, or at a higher speed by adding a faster crystal. Your decision on whether or not to add a math chip should depend upon the type of programs you typically run. The vast majority of Amiga programs do not use high- precision floating-point math, so they will not run any faster with a math chip. The only programs that use such chips are spreadsheets, CAD, and 3-D rendering programs. Adding a 68882 will do nothing for most paint, presentation- graphics, or video-titling programs. You can also add up to 512K of 32-bit static RAM to the main board by using the four sockets provided. Static RAM is faster and much more expensive than dynamic RAM. (The list price on the full 512K is $ 399 as compared to about $ 40 for comparable DRAMS.) You can use static RAM as fast 32-bit memory, which, as we will see later, makes a big difference in the performance of this system. Wit 11 a utility provided, you can move the code for Kickstart 1.3 into 256K of this memory. Running Kickstart out of 32-bit memory accelerates all programs that use the Amiga interface because such programs rely heavily on code within the Kickstart ROM. Considering its high price lag, many people may conclude that SRAM is not cost effective, especially as you can achieve similar results more cheaply with an optional DRAM board. SRAM prices are falling, however, and if the cost becomes comparable, MMR is ready. .Also, CSA maintains that the same four sockets used for SRAM can be used for Kickstart ROMs (or EPROMS) il it can license Kickstart 2.0. If this happens, it will provide an inexpensive solution for 32-bit access to Kickstart as well as an opportunity to upgrade to version 2.0. If you prefer, you can add less-expensive dynamic RAM to MMR with a Mega- Memory expansion board. Mega-Memory plugs into the end of the MMR and about doubles its size. The socketed board accepts either one or two megabytes of DRAM 256X4 DIP chips, or four or eight megabytes of DRAM lmx4 DIPs. CSA also plans another, smaller version of the the board that will use ZIP-packagc RAM chips and will not he ('.out in tied on p. 20 Legends tell of a time wfiten fear ruled the land. A time wh Pno man, woman or child was safe from the spread of evil. A time when a fierce Demon sent his evil minions to roam through the land and make the Kingdom his own. That time is upon us once again.. You have been summoned by the King to defend the realm, rescue the Princess, and rid the Kingdom of the evil Demon before all is lost. Your quest will lead you through caves, swamps, temples and castles before reaching your ultimate challenge.. .the Demon himself. Wrath of the Demon combines spectacular graphics, animation, sound andjdayability, featuring: v
• 3 MegafJytes of graphics data
• 600 screens of action
• 1,400 frames of animation
• over 100 monsters, some larger than half the screen
• more than 100 colors on screen
• smooth 60 frames per second, 15- level parallax scrolling for realistic 3D effect ReadySoft Incorporated, 30 Wertheim Crt, *2 Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada L4B1B9 Tel: (416) 731-4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867 © 1990 ReadySoft Incorporated, Wrath of the Demon is a trademark of ReadySoft Incorporated Circle 87 on Reader Service card SupraDrive™ Floppy Quiet, reliable floppy disk drive works with all Amiga" computers. 1 MB unformatted capacity. Pass-through port for connecting additional drives. ¦ ¦¦.....m "®'Ah'Uiaftt 0 'i; m mi SupraDrive!M Removable SOOXP CompJeto Marti OfU AM System tot the Amiga 500 Syquest™ removable cartridge drive for the A500 or 2000. Great for primary & back-up storage. Comes complete with SCSI interface, or as add-on drive. Makes Your Amiga Even Better SupraModem 2400 100% Hayes™-compatible 300, 1200, 2400 baud modem for virtually all computers. Compatible with all popular telecommunications software. SupraDrive 500XP J- v.¦ •’-v. ... . ' -v . Fl - "• •- i-S?.*. %"Y> 5f>' ¦ VV • .. W* *£¦ ‘v
- *•'«£ .7- ’•*’ : Worldwide Distributors Micro-power hard drive, SCSI interface, & RAM fortheA500. Easily expands from 1 2 to 8MB RAM. Includes Amiga bus pass-through, SCSI port, software. SupraRAM 500RX 1 2, 1, 2, 4, or 8MB of FAST RAM for the Amiga 500. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. Amiga bus pass-through. SupraDrive™ WordSync™ Easy-to-install, autobooting hard disk card for the Amiga 2000. Uses high- performance Quantum™ hard disk & includes SCSI port, utility software. SupraRAM™ 2000 2, 4, 6, & 8MB of FAST RAM for the A2000 & 3000. Easy to expand. Zero wait states & hidden refresh. FouMayer board improves reliability. Canada Beamscope 35 Ironside Crescent Scarborough, Ontario M1X1G5 Tel: 416-291-0000 Fax: 416-291-5721
• ¦•-V • Finland Westcom Systems Oy Kirkkokatu 8, Fourth Floor SF-48100 Kotka Tel: 358-52-184-655 Fax: 358-52-184-007 Norway Atlantis Distribution Parallellen 12 8012 Bodoe Tel: 47-816-3040 Fax: 47-816-3041 Spain ABC Analog, S.A. Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 31 28015 Madrid Tel: 34-91248-8213 Fax: 34-1542-5059 Sweden AlfaSoft AB Magasingsgatan 9 S-216 13 Malmo Tel: 46-40-164150 Fax: 46-40-163915 SupraModem™ 2400 Plus SupraModem 2400 with MNP5 & V.42bis error correction & data compression protocols. Allows transmissions up to 9600 bps. SupraModem™ 2400zi Internal half-card modem for the Amiga 2000 & 3000. Installs easily in any Amiga bus slot. Supports multiple modems on one computer. West Germany European Software Distributors Rodderweg 8 5040 Bruehl Tel: 49-2223222-001 Fax: 49-2223222-003 United States For more product information, or the name of a dealer near you, please call Supra Corporation: 1-800-727-8772 or 503-967-9075 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 USA FAX: 503-926-9370 Supra, SupraDrive. SupraRAM. WordSync, & SupraModem are trademarks oi Supra Corp. Amiga is a registerec trademark of Commodore-Amiga. SyQuest is a trademark of SyQuest Technologies. Quantum is a trademark of Quantum Corp. Hayes is a trademark ot Hayes Microcomputer Products. From p. 16 upgradable. This scaled-down version will not overhang the A2000 video slot as the current board does. The company plans a liberal trade-in policy that will allow you to choose another RAM board or increase memory. Both RAM boards have special circuitry that enables them to tailor performance to (be speed ol the RAM chips used (from 100 to 60 ns), so you should get better performance with faster RAM. Although you do not need 32-bit memory to run MMR, the board will not perform anywhere near its peak level without it, because the processor can execute instructions only as quickly as it can fetch them (and their associated data) from memory. When the 68030 talks to the 16-bit bus, it must slow down to normal Amiga speed, largely negating the power advantage. A Mega-Midget Racer running without 32-bit memory performs about three times faster than a normal Amiga (or roughly the speed of a Commodore 68020 accelerator board with 32-bit memory), but that’s still only about a third as fast as it will go with 32- bit memory attached. With 32-bit RAM, you can gain even more speed by moving Kickstart into this RAM with Dave Haynie’s I’D program, SetCPU. Unlike most other accelerators, MMR's memory does not auto-configure meaning your Amiga will not recognize extra static or dynamic RAM until you add a configuration program to your startup- sequence. On the oilier band, because MMR adds memory at addresses outside the normal range of Amiga auto-config space, any memory you add via the MMR will not count towards the 9-MB auto-config ceiling. This means you can add 8MB of MMR RAM on top of the normal 9MIi of system memory. J Hard Facts Using a set of tests 1 devised for a previous review of the Commodore 2630, GVP Impact accelerator, and Hurricane 2800 (see Jul. 1989, p.38), the MMR configuration used (25MHz processor and coprocessor, 2MB of DRAM, 512K of SRAM) ran at about the same speed as most other 25MHz 68030 configurations (including the A30Q0), and within about 10 percent or so of the 28MHz GVP board. Consequently, the MMR should be considered roughly comparable to other accelerators in its class. While 32-bit memory provided a big boost in speed, the MMR’s performance without it was similar to that of the old 68020-based A2500 20 with 32-bit RAM. Software compatibility was similar to these other boards, with no noticeable problems except for certain copy-protected games. The MMR board lets you switch back to 68000 mode via software if you run into any compatibility problems. About the only problem I encountered while testing the board was with A-Max II. The Macintosh emulator, which functioned somewhat erratically. But A-Max 11 owners have had problems with other accelerators, too, according to CSA. The fault is with A-Max II, not MMR. 1 was quite favorably impressed with USA's Mega-Midget Racer board. It is neat and well-designed, using a number of custom parts and surface-mount technology (a fairly sophisticated design approach). It is flexible enough to allow users to tailor the system to suit their needs (and pocketbook) and also to transfer to another system when it’s time to upgrade. CSA is a well-established company, and 1 have always found the technical support staff to be knowledgeable and helpful. Most of all, I was impressed with the sight of a mere A500 running as fast as an A3000 or a Macintosh I lei. Going back is tough indeed. Mega-Midget Racer CSA 7564 Trade St., San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 S675 Xo special requirements A2232 Multi Serial- Port Board Seven ports in which to dock when the serial storm descends By Lou Wallace IF YOU USE a wide variety of hardware, one troublesome problem you are sure to encounter is the need to access two devices that require the Amiga’s single serial port. For example, you may want to hook up both an external modem and a laser-disc player, both of which join at the serial port. Maybe your printer uses the serial port, too, or perhaps you want to interface with other computers to create your own mini-network. You might also want to set up a multiline BBS, but with only one serial port you are limited to a single line. In all of these cases, the best solution is a multiple serial-port card. There are a couple of such cards on the market that provide two serial ports, but Commodore’s own answer is the A2232, a seven-port serial card for the A2000 and A3000 series of computers (there is no A500 or A1000 card). Because the Amiga's standard serial port is still available when the board is installed, the device gives you a total of eight serial ports. (If you wish, you can add multiple A2232 cards; each board will add another seven ports.) In order to lit seven ports on a single card, Commodore configured them as small, round, mini-DIN ports and tucked seven mini-DIN-to-DB25 serial cables in the package. To attach a standard serial device to the board, you need only use one of the cables. Installation of the hardware is very simple; just open the computer and insert the card into any of the available 100-pin slots. Before performing the actual installation, however, you should first determine whether the devices you wish to connect require any modification. The A2232 uses pins 2 and 3 to transmit and receive data, respectively. If your serial device requires the opposite setup, and if the cable you are using cannot perform the switch, you can swap the pins using the jumpers that the A2232 provides for each port. While most devices do work in the A2232’s default configuration, it will save you some trouble if you check before installing the board in the computer. On Disk Once you have inserted the board and reassembled vour machine, vou need to install the accompanying software. The two most important items to be added to your system are a serial.device driver (for the SYS:DEVS directory), and a new Preferences program. The new serial, device supports more than one serial peripheral, while the Preferences software has an option for designating which of ? Liiiitinmim mm INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged ¦ Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems ¦ Optional Dedicated External Power Fast, Micro-Power Drive Mechanisms THE ULTIMATE AMIGA -500 PERIPHERAL! 1 2 - SMB FAST Expansion RAM ¦ 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM ¦ 2, 4, or 8MB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever. SCSI Port & ¦ Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled Easy-to-Access Option Switches rn Autoboot ON-OFF Switch ¦ SCSI ID Selector ¦ RAM Test Mode You’ll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn't run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You’ll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra’s knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty. SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. : = 1 Available at your local dealer, or call: II Supra Corporation 1 »nn Wot mvo 1 -(100-17 & T*q f 72 503-967-9075, 1133 Commercial Way. Albany, OR 97321. USA the eight serial ports is to be the default. The A2232 sets up the standard Amiga serial port as port 1, and numbers the ports it provides as 2-8. By using the nevv Preferences to select any one of the eight as the default, software can work with whichever port you want it to use, not just the standard Amiga port. Among the other supplied software are a copy of Commodore’s AmigaTerm (a telecommunications program that supports multiple serial devices) and some examples of mountlists. Also included are new versions of the AmigaDOS MOUNT command, the Aux-Hancller, and the Port-Handier, which are necessary in using the A2232 (the Aux-Han- dler is used when adding multiple terminals to one Amiga). The supplied Install program copies the new versions of software to your system disk, but unfortunately it does not actually add any mountlist entries for 4 you. For those with experience in editing a mountlist, this should not be a problem. And even novices should not find the procedure too difficult if they follow the examples that are supplied. Give ’Em the Hook Once I had the board and software installed in my A2000, 1 added a modem to one port, a Sony LDP 1200 laser-disc player to a second, and a null modem connected with a different computer to a third. Using AmigaTerm, 1 accessed the modem while AmigaVision (Commodore’s authoring language) controlled the laser-disc player. Meanwhile, I used the null modem to send and receive data to and from the other computer. According to the documentation, the A2232’s serial ports support speeds from 50-19,200 baud. Because of some oddities in the A2232, however, it is technically possible (although the documentation does not mention it) to reach a baud rate of 115,200. I did not try this speed myself, but AmigaTerm does support it, and, supposedly, any other software that requests the 115.2K baud speed can get it from the A2232. There are no supported speeds between 19.2K and the “magic” 115.2K baud rates. The A2232 solved a nagging problem I'd had in using AmigaVision to control DigiView (NewTek's video digitizer) via Arexx (the inter-process control protocol included in AmigaDOS 2.0 and available separately from William Hawes). 1 wanted AmigaVision to sequentially change frames on the laser disc and then send a command to DigiView (which joins the Amiga through the parallel port) to digitize the image, so that 1 could automate the creation of a digitized animation. T he problem was that as soon as DigiView digitized a frame, AmigaVision lost control of the serial port and the laser-disc player. I solved the problem by using one of the A2232 ports instead of the serial port. For me, the A2232 was a useful solution to a problem. If your needs are such that multiple serial ports running up to 19.2K baud will be of help, then you should look into the A2232. A2232 Multi Serial-Port Board Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 436-4200 S3 99 Ay> special requirements. About tc rrtevnat 9o 110 Power we' k '9° 2000 lay Wfllibu Board and Carolina Card orntrodamorki ol log*col 0 n wo ki. TtgifWod trodomorki arc Ihe properties ol thoir rmpoctrvo holders California Access. Bodega ° Inc All Olher Irodemorks Of Circle 4 on Reader Service card. R K V I E W S Easyl 1.3 SketchMaster AproDR-AW 2.4 If you’ve got a headache from hying to draw with a mouse, take three tablets and. . . By Gene Brawn A FEW YEARS ago, when I First tried a drawing tablet, I found it awkward to use. Its cursor was erratic and unable to keep pace with my drawing. Thankfully, competition has forced vendors to produce more intuitive, responsive software, and the Amiga now sports three makes of digital graphics tablets (Anakin’s Easyl
1. 3, Dakota s SketchMaster, and R 8c Dls AproDraw 2.0), with a fourth (from Centaur Software) in the wings. These easy-to-use input devices are attracting tt aditional artists who are more comfortable using an electronic pen and pad than a mouse. Animators love them. Using a graphics tablet as an animation table, the artist employs a stylus to trace the animation into the computer cel by cel. Special scaling software, provided with any tablet worth its electrons, allows engineers and draftsman to adjust the screen's scale to match that of a mechanical drawing. Using a puck to enter data point by point from a blueprint directly into a 3-D modeler couldn’t be easier. A less obvious application is using a tablet to input database information from standard, pre-printed forms: Simply place the completed form on the pad and point to the items to enter (check boxes work best). Two For Three These three tablets use two disparate input technologies. With the Easyl, you can use any blunt object to apply pressure to the pad’s surface and thus position the cursor. Two buttons on the Easyfs frame allow you to emulate mouse-button clicks. Both AproDraw and newcomer SketchMaster, on the other hand, provide a plug-in electronic stylus, which you hold in contact with or slightly above the surface of the tablet to direct the cursor. To simulate a right mouse-button click, press the button on the stylus barrel; to simulate a left mouse-button click, gently push the stylus tip against the pad. Both of the latter systems also include a puck as an alternate input device. Similar to a mouse without a roller ball, each puck has three buttons and a crosshair. Easyl 1.3 The grandcladdy of Amiga digitizing tablets is Easy] 1.3.''The pad sports an active -
- x ot V10se AL I FORM I A ACCE5 TWAINS .O S 90 Los Gatos, 9503Q Fax (40B) 378-0397 drawing area of 8.5 x 1 1,5 inches and mates to the expansion port of the A500 and A1000 via a custom controller box with a pass-through connector. The A2000 controller is supplied on a card. Just plug it in and run the software driver, and you are in business. Power is provided courtesy of your Amiga, so if you have a fully-loaded computer, beware of the possibility of overloading your system's power supply. Anakin has gone to great lengths to respond to users' needs; the product is much improved over earlier versions. “Lefties” will appreciate software options that orient the pad’s mouse-control but- SkeLch Master is really good, and while its capabilities are similar to Apro- Draw's, it is less expensive. Dakota seems to lie a consumer-friendly company, interested in promoting software applications. It works perfectly with Digi-Paint. One problem I found with Deluxe- Video 111 is that although it works while you are creating a storyboard, it is not compatible with the play option. 1 understand, though, that Dakota is working to fix this bug. Sketch Master's driver is quick and small, and although it does not have a power supply, I found that it worked fine on a stock A2000, on an A20G0 with a (58030 processor, and on a fully- loaded A500. The plastic overlay is nice, and both the hardware and soil- ware are easy to install. The package includes drivers for DOS, so you can use it with 115 M compatibles. Also, the tablet's connector is nine-pin IBM style, with a 25-pin, Amiga-standard converter. Ray Adams Tucson, AZ tons to their frame of reference. Excellent scaling and set-up utilities are also included, as is a paint program (although I’m not sure why they bothered, considering all the paint software available). The Easyl is light and rests comfortably on my lap. Its input approach allows you to draw directly into your Amiga while preserving the tactile drag and visual feedback of graphite on paper. Because the tablet uses pressure technol- ogy, no connected stylus or puck is needed (or supplied). Just place a sheet of paper onto the pad and draw; the pencil’s pressure moves the pointer. I thought I would prefer the barrel- switched stylus supplied with most tablets, but after working with Easyl for some time, I’m not so sure there is something seductive about pencil against paper. Sketch Master The newest company on the scene, Dakota, supplies its SketchMaster tablet, manufactured by GTCO, in two sizes: 12 x 12 inches and 12 x 18 inches. Standard equipment includes scaling software, a stylus, a puck, and an external power supply. A nice touch is the plastic overlay that holds and protects paper documents. Apparently, the tablet gets extra power from the serial port, because it works with the A1000 only if you add a resistor to the power pin on the serial cable. You need to know your way around a soldering iron to make the modification. To book up the hardware, plug in the power supply and connect it to the pad; then connect a second cable, which extends from the tablet, to the serial port. You set the system-configuration options, including the size of the active drawing area, from the Workbench icons or from the Info requester. That's the good stuff; here’s the bad: A bug in the stylus software causes the cursor to go crazy in the lower third of hires screens. Also, the stylus tip is simply too big for fine tracing work. Neither was 1 comfortable with the stylus for heavy point-and-click work. When 1 turned to my mouse for relief, 1 discovered that it did not work when the stylus was plugged in. If you need mouse functions while you use the pad, you will have to use the puck. Although scaling software comes with the SketchMaster, it is not up to the level ol the other two packages. Unfortunately. Based on the unit 1 tested, 1 cannot recommend SketchMaster. AproDraw 2.0 R 8c 1)1. Productions sells the Sumtna- Sketcli II line of pads in three sizes: 9x6 inches, 12 inches square, and 18 x 12 inches. Because the unit employs an external power supply, you can use a “plain Jane” gender changer to connect (he hardware to an AlOOO’s serial port. Complete with AproDraw, R & DL s proprietary driver, the package includes configuration and scaling software, as well as a stylus and a puck. Another Amiga veteran, R & DL has obviously invested a lot of time to improve its software. The comprehensive scaling program, with its simple point- and-click interface, makes resizing easy. The cursor is very stable (after an occasional hiccup), and an old problem with DeluxePaint’s (Electronic Arts) overscan mode was finally fixed. (Easyl and AproDraw also accommodate overscan.) Hooking up the tablet would be easier if the manual had diagrams, especially one ?y - _;=CT): YO TURN! I As director of the Mountain Valley Arts Council, 1 use AproDraw 2.2 and an Amiga in working with kids in grades Four through six. Using the scaling and configuration software, 1 offset the top edge of the 12x12 pad so that the active working area is confined to the lower two-thirds. By doing that, we can hang the keyboard off the edge of the tablet and use both it and the pad in controlling DehixePaint. When selecting D Runt's shape-drawing commands, input from the tablet is slow and tends to overshoot. For such things, the mouse is faster and more effective. We find, however, that using the pen is easier than the mouse for freehand drawing. AproDraw is very intuitive; in fact, nothing else does as good a job. We used a pressure-sensitive pad, the Easyl, for a while, but found that kids were forever leaning on it, causing the cursor to move to the spot they were touching. With version 2.2 of the software, R & DL cleaned up a lot of lings. There are still incompatibilities with some software, though 1 think because AproDraw works at the system’s exec level. I was using the Q-Mouse program to blank the pointer, for example, and found that once the pointer disappeared from the screen, it wouldn't come back without a mouse present. John Dandurand Guntersville, AL that shows that the power cord plugs into the serial-port connector. I had a heck of a time with this. The stylus supplied with this pad is much better than that offered for Sketch- Continued on p. 94 The Malibu Board SCSI Controller and Catalinav Ram expansion daughterboard.
• A mounted hard disk and up to 8MB in a single A2000 slot
• Comprehensive installation software
• Ram in 2, A, and 8MB combinations on the Catalina Card
• Malibu Board $ 229.95
• Catalina Card S99.95 Circle 41 on Reader Service card. C 1990 logicol Design Works. Inc. All rights reserved Prices subjed to change without notice The Bodega Bay “ modular expansion console.
• 4 Amiga 2000 slots
• 3 PC XT AT slots (overlap with Amiga slots)
• 3 drive bays
• A 200W power supply with fan » Full A2000 compatibility*
• $ 349.95 introductory price
* Video and co-processor upgrade options coming soon. Contact your local dealer for more details or call (408) 378-0340 Your Access To The Future 4 Cruc- We’ll play Holmes to your Watson as Detective Brawn scrutinizes this Baker’s dozen of Amiga paint programs. Whether you need blue carbuncles, orange pips, silver blazes, or just a simple study in scarlet it’s an elementary deduction that you’ll find one member of this speckled band that can deliver a solution. By Gene Brawn NO I SURPRISINGLY, I I IK Amiga boasts no fewer than 13 2-1) paint programs, plus a few more if you take into account those included in software bundled with other equipment, such as Toaster Paint. Granted, the Amiga is an artist’s dream machine, but is that reason enough to justify the creation of so many applications? Perhaps not, but il a program is highly successful, then others will copy it. In addition, if there is a chink in the leader’s armor, an entrepreneur will surely exploit it. A good case in point is DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts). Although it dominates the 2-1) paint marketplace, it is bv no means the complete package. Dpaint lacks important HAM capabilities, its text handling leaves me cold, and novices are often intimidated by its power. Enter Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek) to fill the HAM gap. Express Paint (Oxxi) to address the text problems, and, recently, My Paint (Centaur) as a candidate for the preschool Picasso not yet ready for a powerful paint package. T his multiplicity of paint programs for the Amiga is a blessing in disguise. Because no one program ? Does it all, I routinely use three or four to complete my average project. .Amiga artists are fortunate to have such high-quality, inexpensive graphics software so readily available. Take advantage of this abundance and use the right tool for the job, which is what the 12 comparison charts that follow are designed to help you do. But First a Word from the Author Before we get to those comparisons, 1 have to admit I have rnv own favorites for a variety of different j circumstances. Based on personal experience, here are my proven winners in several categories. Best Niche Program It's My Paint, hands down. 1 had a great time playing with this colorful, noisy program. Designed for kids up to eight years old, My Paint features an animated, iconic toolbox that is as much fun to look at as it is to use. Although the program allows for only 12 colors, that is enough to satisfy the bold, primary-color requirements of the unsophisticated young artist. Programs up to 64 Colors DeluxePaint 111 remains the standard, despite stiff competition from Express Paint and newcomer The Graphics Workshop (Holosoft). I)Paint’s responsive, if not spartan, interface sets the standard by which 2-D paint programs are measured. Fast, functional. And powerful, it is the professional’s choice. Not Much for the Novice I regret that I cannot recommend any of the programs designed for beginners. Images (Oxxi) is creaky with age; The Graphics Studio (Accolade) is too limited and too Mac-like for the Amiga environment; and Spritz (Oxxi) is so similar to the same company’s Express Paint that 1 wonder why it exists at all. Instead, I advise that even for this category you stick with DeluxePaim 111. With a little effort, you will find it works on nearly any level, and it is blessed with a great manual. 24-Bit Color Both Mega Paint (Pseudo Vision) and Macro Paint (Lake Forest Logic) have internal palettes of 16 million colors, but each displays its results differently. Macro Paint’s ability to work in NewTek’s Dynamic HiRes mode is a programming tour deforce. Regrettably, the software’s functionality is severely limited by a small set of basic tools. Mega Paint, too, is crippled by an even more limited toolbox and an innovative, but ultimately disappointing gray-scale interface. In fairness, these applications are designed for frame buffers and 16-million color displays, and this makes it difficult to compare them with more traditional paint programs. Unfortunately, however, both programs seem more like demonstration versions than About the Charts Amiga 2-D paint applications can be grouped into five categories, all based in one way or another on color count: “Novice” (which includes the “Kids” designation for My Paint and by which we mean programs with 32 colors or fewer), Extra_Halfbrite (64 colors: 32 plus an additional 32 in Halfbrite mode), HAM (4096), and 24-bit RGB (16 million); the “All" (resolutions) category is the sole province of Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts). It is included here solely to emphasize the need for more applications in this neglected area. Although I tried to provide as much information about these programs as I could, not every function of every program appears in the lists. Some tools I judged to be frivolous, others too obscure. Chart Symbols:
• = Function or feature available c = Limit of chip RAM r = Limit of all RAM Table 1. Amiga Paint Programs PROGRAM CLASS PUBLISHER PRICE MINIMUM MEMORY My Paint Kids Centaur $ 49.95 512K The Graphics Studio Novice Accolade $ 49.95 512K Images Novice Oxxi Aegis $ 99.95 512K Spritz Novice Oxxi $ 79.95 512K Chroma Paint 64 Designing Minds S 39.95 512K DeluxePaint 111 64 Electronic Arts $ 149.95 1MB Express Paint 64 Oxxi S139.95 512K The Graphics Workshop 64 HoloSoft Technologies S100.00 1MB Digl-Paint 3 HAM NewTek S 99.95 512K Photon Paint 2.0 HAM Mlcrolllusions $ 149.95 1MB Deluxe PhotoLab All Electronic Arts * 1MB Macro Paint RGB Lake Forest Logic $ 139.95 1MB Mega Paint RGB Pseudo Vision $ 249.00 2MB
* No longer sold separately, but bundled with DeluxeVldeo 111 for S149.95. finished applications. 1 cannot recommend either. The HAM Wars A tough choice here, blit 1 go with Digi-Paint 3, despite its studied ignorance of fill and perspective tools. I he elegance of its smoothing and shading routines, coupled with a logical and responsive interlace, make it a pleasure to use. With all due respect for its power and the novelty of its 3-D texture map- Continued on p. 3d Table 2. Display Management My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Menus On Off • • • • • • • • • • • • Status Display file name • • • • cursor x y • • • • • • • • • • memory status • • • mode • • • • • • frame number • • • x y z degrees • • • Clear Screen • • • • • • • • • • • • • Change Resolutions • • • • • • • • Auto Configure Pix1 • • • • • • • Center Display2 • • • • Center Cursor3 • • • Fast Feedback • • • Spare merge • file • • • copy • • • • • • • number 1 1 r r 10 1 1 r r 1 Notes: 1 Auto Configure Pix: Sets the display to the new picture’s resolution. 2 Center Display: Displays the center of the Image, regardless of resolution. 3 Center Cursor: Centers the image beneath the cursor. Table 3. Display Formats My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Lo-res • • • • • • • • • • • Hl-res • • • • • • • • • • Interlace • • • • • • • • • • • Extra_Halfbrite • • • • • • HAM • • • • 24-bit RGB • • Dyna-res A-res • Overscan max horizontal (pix) 704 704 758 672 384 352 r r max vertical (pix) 440 480 440 440 480 480 r r SuperBltmap max horizontal (pix) 8192 r r 1024 1024 1024 r r max vertical (pix) c r r 1024 1024 1024 r r PAL • • • • • • • Table 4. Tools PROGRAMS My Paint Graphics Studio Images Sprite Chroma Paint Dpaint Express Paint Graphics Workshop Digi* Paint Photon Paint Deluxe PhotoLab Macro Paint Mega Paint Airbrush • • • • • • • • • • • size nozzle • • • • ¦ • • • • • adjust density • • • • • pattern spray • • shape round • • • • • • • • • • rectangle • • • • • custom • • Freehand dotted • • • • • • • • • • continuous • • • • • • • ¦ • • • • filled • • • • • • • • • Line rubber band • • • • • • • • • • • • radiant • • Curve 3-point • • • • • • • • • • 4-point • • • • arc • • wedge • Rectangle outline • • • • • • • • • • • • filled • • • ¦ • • • • • • • • Circle outline • • • • • • • • • • • filled • • • • • • • • center • • • • • • • • • • • corner • • Oval outline • • • • • • • • • • ¦ • filled • • • • • • • • • • center • • • • • • • • • • • corner • • • Polygon outline • • • • • • • • • filled • • • • • • • • Fill boundary' • • • color5 • • • • • • • • • • brush • • • • • • solid • • • • • • • pattern • • • • • • gradient • • • • • horizontal • • • • • • vertical • • • • • shape • • highlight • • • dither • • • • • • • text • perspective • • • • Abort Operation • • • • • ¦ • • • My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digt- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Right Button Draw • • • Keep Aspect Ratio • • • • • NOTES: 1 Fill boundary: Filf all colors until the selected color is reached. 2 Fill color: Fill all contiguous pixels of the selected color. Table 5. Brush Tools My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Types copy • • • • • • • • • • • cut-out • • ¦ • • • • rectangle • • • • • • • • • • • freehand • • • • • • • polygon • • • • built-in • • * • • • • • • • • • patterns • • • • matte • • • • • • • • • ASCII • Resize freehand • • ¦ • • • • • • • keep aspect ratio • • • • smooth • • • • half • * • • double • • • • Rotate fixed • • • • • • • • freehand ¦ • • ¦ • • • slant shear • • flip x y • • • • • • • • • • • • Multiple Brushes1 r r r 2 Reposition Handle • • • • Remap Colors • • • ¦ • Transparency • • • • • • • • • • • • Wrap 2-D • • • • • 3-Dz • Bend • • Twist • Spacing • • Restore Brush • • • • • • Shadows • • Perspective • • • • NOTES: 1 Multiple Brushes: Includes ANIMbrushes. 2 Wrap 3-D: Built-in 3-D objects. Table 6, Drawing Modes My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Color • • • • • • • • • • • • • Replace ¦ • • • Smear • • • • Smooth • • • • • • • Antialias • • • • • • • Blend • • • • • • • Cycle Draw • • • • • • Boolean AND Colorize • • • • • tint luminance • • • • • • SUB ADD (shade) • • • • • • ¦ • • MAX MIN • • • OR • • • XOR • • • mix • • • • Pantograph • • • Monochrome • • • • Pattern • • edit • Draw Thru’ • • • Notes: 1 Draw Thru: Add the area from the spare screen beneath the brush to the current picture. HAM Redux WAITING IN THE wings is Aegis Oxxi's SpectraColor. As a direct descendant of Microillusion’s Photon Paint, it appears to be a thorough overhaul of that venerable paint program, adding such new features as ANIMbrushes, tweening, and brush paths across animation cels. Nevertheless, the Photon family resemblance was unmistakable in the prerelease version 1 saw. ANIMbrushes are certainly the most welcome new feature to be found in SpectraColor. With this tool, artists can create composite animations using both background and brush cels. .Although you cannot use the new tweening feature to automate authentic key-frame animation (the first and last frames must be from the same brush), all of the brush effects arc active across all of the AN- Imbrush’s frames making it indeed a powerful new tool. On-screen definition of brush paths is another useful innovation. Simply click the tool’s icon and draw your path directly on the screen. It apppears that a great deal of programming effort went into the new, improved animation mode; and ANIM playback control is much better. Unfortunately, ANIM creation and manipulation need further work. AN I Ms are still assembled manually, fiame-by-tedious- framc. Although the animation playback speed of uncompressed frames is impressive, 1 would like a compressed (ANIM) mode, too. In addition, perhaps the programmers might throw in realtime speed control before the final release. Ultimately, SpectraColor is going to he more powerful than its predecessor, Photon Paint; the fact that it is building on the solid foundation of the earlier program is certainly an advantage. ?
- GB GVP Announces a Technological Breakthrough,, SERIES II THE NEXT GENERATION I in SCSI and RAM Controllers for the A2000 GVP's New SERIES IIA2000 SCSI and RAM Expansion Controllers provide the ultimate hard disk and RAM expansion solution for the A2000. Choose from two new models: Hard-Disk+RAM-Card Space (no components) for direct mounting of 3.5" Hard Disk Drive GVP Custom VLSI Chip GVP's New FaaastROM SCSI driver and Installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP's original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY $ 49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs. New Series II48MB Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity ;48MB formatted) and major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details. A Up to 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion The Series IIA2000 “Hard-Disk + RAM-Card” State-of-the-Art integration packs a high performance SCSI controller, SMB FAST RAM Expansion and a 3.5" hard disk drive INTO A SINGLE A2000 EXPANSION SLOT!! Saves BOTH a valuable expansion slot and a peripheral bay! Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's innovative new custom chip design, which provides DMA performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics load. Easy-to-in stall SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory configurations from ZERO through SMB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM configuration for BridgeBoard users. NEW FAAASTROM"1 SCSI Driver offers optimum performance and includes such features as: V Supports virtually any SCSI device including, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives, IOMEGA Bernoulli drives, etc. v' Fully implements SCSI Disconnect Reconnect protocol, allowing overlapping SCSI commands to be executed. Hard-Disk-Card v Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (RDB) standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard. V Removable media drive support. Automatically senses cartridge changes and informs AmigaDOS, ensuring safe and reliable use of removable media SCSI drives. V Allows Direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition.
• New INTUITION COMPATIBLE SCSI installation and "tuning" utility included. Major features include: V ICON and gadget based INTUITION interface. V Bad Block Remapping of hard drives. V Auto or manual hard drive partitioning and AmigaDOS formatting. V Read and modify existing RDB parameters on hard disk. V Simplest and Easiest SCSI installation in the industry.
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- Hard-Disk + RAM-Card." Which includes
• he 8MB FAST RAM expansion capability. I populated with ZERO RAM. “Let's Standardize” Educational pricing program now available. Series If. FAAASTROM and GVP are trademarks of Great felley Products Inr Amiga and A2000 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc ‘ GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 ... ¦. :>g-. - : Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Senrice Card Dealers Cirde 145 on Reader Service Card i o c i s o 2 - i) (; r a p n i : s - i Table 7. Palette My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Max Colors 12 32 32 64 64 64 64 64 4096 4096 4096 16m 16m Multiple Palettes 8 6 • • 5 Copy • • • • • • • • • • • • Swap • • • • • • • Spread rgb1 • • •
• • • • • • • • • hsv2 • • • Adjust Color rgb1 • • • • • • • • • • • • hsv2 • • • • • • • Color Cycle • • • ¦ • • • • number of ranges 1 32 4 6 1 6 6 6 Efx Range • • • Use brush • • • Restore Last Palette • • • Pick From Screen • • • • • • • • • • Match Remap • • • • • • Default Set • • • • • • • Undo Changes • • • • • • • • NOTES: 1 rgb: red, green, and blue. 2 hsv: hue, saturation, and value. Table 8. Print Options My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Use Preferences • • • • • • Aspect Ratio • • • • Color • • • • PostScript • Page • • • Brush • • • • From p. 29 ping, I must confess I have never been comfortable with the other major contender, Photon Paint 2.0 (MicroIIlusions). The poor implementation of animation features and the absence of ANIMbrush tools frustrate this ambitious effort. A new version of the program, however, to be called SpectraCoIor, is being ramped up by another group. Oxxi Acgis, for release in I99l. (See the sidebar “HAM Redux” for a look at a prerelease version.) Best New Program I was impressed by the care and consideration lavished on The Graphics Workshop. Patterned (Inti tinned on p. AO - I
o ¦ ¦ : . . : -. Ill UJHA1 VOU SEND IS UJHAT THEV GET tiiw ¦ ..... i * SONY Check the fax You’ll choose a DataLink™ Data
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P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 5001 U S SKA:.t&a-A fcz .*¦'« * 1 ter xxxtidtnhi* *»•>.«A .tmmisintstjrstt uwpr Hwrttfte Table 9. Animation My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Oigi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Method page flip • • • ANIM • • Set Rate • • • interactive 9 • • Save Range of Frames m • Playback step fwd rvs ¦ • • goto frame • • reverse • • • ping-pong1 9 • play range 9 • ANIMbrushes 9 Frames append 9 • • Insert • delete • • • range • • new • • range • • copy • • • swap • • merge • • Set Brush Path • • NOTES: 1 Playback ping-pong: Play forward, then backward. May repeat. Table 10. File Formats. My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint IFF ILBM • • • • • • • • • • • • • ANIM • • • AntMbrush • • brush • ¦ • • • • • • • • RGB * • Icon Files • • PostScript * Alien Formats • Palettes • • • • Load Save at X Y • ATOR FOR YOUR AMIGA ULTIMATE PC AT MOTOROLA 68000 CPU Each Atonce comes complete with a high quality original Motorola 68000 CPU. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price GATE ARRAY 1 The Atonce Gate Array, the Atonce Chip-Level Emulation and Atonce AT-RIOS give the emulator a very high degree of AT compatibility* Atonce - THE 286 EMULATOR Atbnee is the ultimate PC AT emulator for your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 computer. Atbnee gives your Amiga a complete AT emulation, that includes an AT compatible BIOS, emulation of the parallel and serial ports, sound, color graphics and hard disk support yet while running as a task within AmigaDos! Thanks to the use of a custom made Gate Array and SMT technology the Atbnee board is incredibly compact and easy to fit. Atbnee plugs directly into the Amiga's 68000 CPU socket and no soldering is required. Fitting is a 10 minute operation* and full installation instructions are included in the user manual. Each Atbnee is supplied with a high quality low power Motorola 68000 CPU, saving you time with the installation, providing a high degree of reafibility and leaving you your original as a spare! Atbnee does not affect the normal operation of your Amiga and is totally transparent when not in use. INCREDIBLE SPECIFICATIONS
• Low Power 16 Bit 80286 CPU 7.2Mhz clock speed
• SMT (Surface Mount Technology) compact circuit board with low power comsumption
• Highly integrated CMOS Gate-Array • with embedded Interrupt Controller and Memory Management Unit
• High quality Motorola 68000 CPU % Easy 10 minute installation - NO SOLDERING
• Atbnee can be used with the Amiga 2000 by the use of a special adapter that plugs into the 86 pin processor slot of the Amiga 2000
• Norton SI rating: 6.1 MIPS Test: 70%
• Full 640KB of DOS memory available on 1 MB Amiga. All memory above 1MB can be used as Extended or Expanded memory
• Atbnee will work with all autoconfigu- rating autobootable Commodore compatible haz’d disk systems that use an AmigaDos compatible hard disk driver. Up to 24,32 MB partitions are available under MSDOS 4.01. MSDOS can be booted directly from your hard disk
• With Atbnee the following video emulations are available: CGA, Hercules*, Olivetti* and Tbshiba310Q*. The Amiga 80286 CPU Atonce is based on the standard AT microprocessor. ACCESS TO 1000 s OF MSDOS PROGRAMS
o Atbnee runs unrestricted as a task on the Amiga computer
• Complete integration ofthe internal 3.5" disk drive as a 720KB MSDOS drive. External 3.5” and 5.25" disk drives are fully supported
• The Amiga mouse can be used as a serial Microsoft mouse. It can be operate at COM1 as well as COM2
• The parallel interface can be used as LPT1 under MSDOS
• Atbnee supports all AT sound facilities, the AT real time clock and CMOS RAM
• All MSDOS versions from 3.2 up to 4,01 have been succesfully tested
• Atbnee is delivered complete with a detailed user manual. A 3.5" Amiga diskette is supplied that contains the installation and emulation software and other useful tools. MSDOS is not supplied
* Your dealer will be able to fit Atbnee for a small charge if required. Call CompuServe for product and technical information Mailbox 100016,2545 500 Blitter is fully utilized. (* these modes use interlace) Atonce is State-of-the-Art technology. Developed and produced in Germany
• Free software updates to all registered owners! For full product information please contact your local Amiga dealer is a trademark of IBM. Commodore and Amiga are trademarks of Commodore. MSDOS and Windows 3.0 are trademarks of Microsoft. Hercules, Motorola, OliveuUnd shiba re demarts. Bnce is the registered German trademark of vortex Computersyateme GmbH. Table 11. Effects PROGRAMS My Paint Graphics Studio Images Spritz Chroma Paint Dpaint Express Paint Graphics Workshop Digi- Paint Photon Paint Deluxe PhotoLab Macro Paint Mega Paint Mirror Symmetry • • • • • • • Outline • • • • • Trim • Stencil color • • • • • area rectangle • • • • freehand • • background • • • foreground • Magnify levels 3 1 2 1 22 1 3 1 23 50 1 1 resize window • • • • visible main screen • • • • • • • • scroll • • • • • • • all tools functional • • • • • Grid1 • • • • • • • Flip Screen x y • • Undo Levels 1 1 1 r t r 1 1 1 1 1 Keep Aspect Ratio • • • • Repeat Last Action • • • Repeat Last Menu • • Mosaic • • • Tiles • • • • • Arexx Interface • • NOTES: 1 Grid: invisible Table 12. Text Handling My Graphics Chroma Express Graphics Digi- Photon Deluxe Macro Mega PROGRAMS Paint Studio Images Spritz Paint Dpaint Paint Workshop Paint Paint PhotoLab Paint Paint Method on-screen • • • • • type & place • • • • • • from file • Any Directory • • • • • Smoothing • Shadows • Edit • • • • • • • • • • Formatting • ColorFonts • • • • • ssSsSss® sC°'® Mva>ded Q 00ff" °0« «* B - ;- *&*&* f Shade* lilliB jfwft 1 S SsK y&S ‘•-ass- ' s-stfJ si na» halns yo“ ' mes**•rf »w
- SatfS&s&s*8, ss&S&Zr -** beV00 OrTiDai;* 0 cOmm,if VOUr . ,p n fn IK * rjdainst th Pei fors. T -•' ja>- tis£ - : ot co ysg r, G£- fcSS? '-gSrifeSA ¦SS, ~ psss&S-'Ss&s, deadly LJ* »hila baln„n3 spell, “• • ffiRj?". Festal PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court Brookline, M A 02146 Telephone: (617)731-3553 Circle 311 on Reader Service card. Te e'ep From j). 34 closely on DeluxePaint, the software accoinnioclates cel animation and as many as ten ANIMbrushes, all moving on the same screen. Simply set the paths of the brushes with Dpaint-like Move requesters and then select Render to see the results. An improved palette tool and a comprehensive set of color-trans- formation functions round out this powerful package. I will use it for many of my future projects. ¦ Gene Brau n is a digital animator, graphics designer and frequent lecturer, as well as a contributing editor to AmigaWorld. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses Accolade 550 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 200 San Jose, CA 85128 408 985-1700 Centaur 4451-B Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 213 542-2226 Designing Minds 3006 N. Main Logan, UT 84321 801 752-2500 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 HoloSoft Technologies 1637 E. Valley Parkway. Suite 172 Escondido, CA 92027 619 747-0663 Lake Forest Logic 28101 Ballard Rd., Unit E Lake Forest, 1L 60045 708 816-6666 Microlllusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Pseudo Vision 9319 E. Main St. Spokane, WA 99206 509 926-6623 AMIGA PROFILE Behind the Portrait READERS OF LAST month's issue may have been wondering who the "Artist" was in the opening of our ’’Portrait” article (see “A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Business,” p. 54, Dec. *90). Well, here's another chance (inset) which may cause some of of you to recognize award-winning Amiga artist Sandra Filippucci. We certainly didn't have to sweet-talk Sandra on the virtues of the Amiga in order to get her to pose for the photo. She's sold on it and has been for live years. Even when she struggled with it at first, she was always excited by the Amiga and driven by its possibilities. When Commodore "discovered" her, the company jumped m with product support and technical assistance. She now does the majority of her artwork on the Amiga. Currently, she is segueing Irom illustration work to large- scale archival corporate installations, for which she produces works in sizes up to 10 x 14 feet. Among Sandra's most recent accomplishments is the fact that an international jury of experts placed her entry among the 15 best works in theconiputer-graph- ics category (which had 738 entries from 24 countries) in the Prix Ars Flectronica *90 competition in
I. inz, Austria. Sandra’s success keeps her busy; her calendar is booked up sometimes a year in advance. She is now, for example, gearing up for a one-person show at the Museum of American Illustration in New York City that will run October 2- November 1, 1991. Commodore is underwriting the cost for the poster to promote this exhibit. It's no wonder; not only is all her hardcopy work produced with an A2500 30, but an Amiga will be set uf) at the show to run animations that Sandra is creating now. Between now and then, she will lie showing her work at California's first and so far only coniputer- graphics gallery, the Verbum Gallery in San Diego. That show runs January 1-March 8. 1991, Although Sandra uses the ProWrite word-processing program for business communications, she like the intended reader of the "Portrait” article hadn’t really considered using her Amiga for the business side of her creative enterprise. While she may be lucky enough to have outside assistance in looking alter her far-llung financial interests, Sandra is beginning to see how her Amiga can help her out directly. In fact, she plans to start doing her taxes on the Amiga when she can find a lew spare moments! Barbara Gefvert The Portrait “Process” Image processing is a powerful tool that can add significantly to your repertoire of graphics techniques as this portrait tutorial will show. By Joel Hagen ALTHOUGH MANY AMIGA users have a keen interest in computer graphics, some lack the rendering skills to paint satisfying images. For artists and nonartists alike, experimenting with image processing can yield dramatic color portraits even from black- and-white digitized photographs. Your results can stand alone, or you can use them as starting points for further work within any paint program. The primary tool for all operations described in this article is PIXmate (S49.95, Progressive Peripherals). 1 am surprised by the number of Amiga artists who own PIXmate but use it only for converting HAM images to 32-color mode or for resizing an image. While most are aware of its image-processing and color options, few have really explored them as tools in their artwork. Image processing is an outgrowth of imaging methods developed in the fields of space exploration and medicine, where enhancement of certain details aids in the interpretation of data. A variety of computational operations is performed on an image, pixel by pixel, based on the value of the individual pixel and its neighbors and on the constraints of the particular algorithm used. Typical operations might enhance edges, boost contrast, increase sharpness, or blur or merge images. The computer artist can effectively employ all of these operations based on esthetic decisions alone. Thousands of combinations of processes are possible with a program like PIXmate. For our purposes here, I will concentrate on a few concepts that may be used as foundations for further experimentation. Keeping It Simple I began the series of image-processed portraits shown here with a 320 x 200 digitized black-and-white photograph of a friend, Jaida (Figure I), who is a San Francisco Bay Area writer and traveler. Because of the focus of this article, I determined to rely as much as possible on the image processor alone to alter, color, and finish the portraits. My loose goals were to produce color portraits that departed significantly from the look of the original photo and brought out ? Something of the personality of the subject. I chose to seek processing sequences that approximated computationally some oi l he creative choices I might have made with paint. (i K V 11 I C S - 2 r o ; i s o 2 - i) To ensure that all of PI Xmate’s operations worked effectively, 1 first soi led the palette, low to high, under the Color menu. To increase detail at subsequent stages, I reformatted the image to 320x400, the maximum nonoverscan HAM resolution. I intended much ofmv final work to be in HAM for the sake oi achieving increased subtleties ot color variation. 1 began by breaking up the highly dithered photo into more simplified value shapes. With die c key, I copied the image to a spare screen, allowing me lo make the original image available tor comparison with anv processed versions that I might later have on niv current screen. Using the I kcv, ! Was able ; O subsequently to flip back and forth between screens. With the i key. I then brought up the image-processing tools. During the earlv stages, I left the logic controls set to NOP (no operation). My first move was to soften the image using AVG, the averaging-pixel process. PIXmate focuses on a three-by-three matrix around each pixel and totals the values of those nine pixels. Dividing hv nine yields an average value that replaces the value of the center pixel, file process is then repeated for every pixel throughout the entire image. The result is a softened version of the original, with the dithering reduced or eliminated. I wanted the image to be even more broken up into large value shapes, so I selected MF2, a median filtei-pixel process. In this operation, the program samples a five-bv-five matrix and replaces the value of the center pixel with the median value of the 25 pixels. The effect is similar to averaging, but tends to preserve detail better. When the operation was finished, I closed the Image tool box by pressing the Return key in order to view the results. With the u key (the Undo function), I could toggle back and forth between the averaged image and the average-plus-median version. In addition. With the f key I was able to toggle back and forth between either version and the original on the spare screen. (PIXmate's Undo is one of the most useful I have seen 1 can even save an image between undos.) I now had three potential versions of the image instantly available at a keystroke. I liked the look of the picture broken up into simple value shapes (Figure 2, left). To color it, I avoided the built-in “pseudo” color option in the menu which offers little opportunity for variation and is more suited to technical, not creative, work and instead brought up the palette control with the p key. I raised the Blue slider on the darkest hue a few notches to give it some color. Moving up four or five colors, I altered the RGB sliders of the gray value to produce another color. To preserve the approximate value of the color position, leave one slider in place as a marker, move one of the remaining sliders up a notch or two and I he other down a notch or two. In this fashion, you can create a color every four or five positions up the palette and then use Spread to create the intermediates between each set of extremes. The resulting 16-color image (Figure 2, right) is an example of a quick process producing a finished portrait. It will also load into any paint program for further work. Operation Merger For my next experiment, I used the menu’s Merge RGB to HAM feature with three separate images to produce a final color composite. For the first, I performed a simple red extraction of the original photo and saved it (Figure 3, left). All extraction choices arc available under the Color menu. For the second image, I used the gray-scale, average median version of the previous portrait, with some of the dark values cut out. I accomplished this with the image-processing tools by using THR, the threshold-pixel process, with Threshold set at 8. Performing a green extraction of this image. 1 took it into Deluxe*Paint ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts) for touch- up. Removing the eye detail and filling some areas before the final save as a 16-color image (Figure 3, center).For the remaining blue image. I again took the average median gray version, but performed an EDG matrix operation on it. This is a Sobel edge- detection process that leaves only outlines of shapes. I used the * kernal, which leaves the strongest outlines, responding to linearities in any direction. The process leaves light lines on a dark background. To reverse this, I set the Logic operation, LOR (exclu- sive-or), and clicked the Logic gadget. Doing this causes a modified exclusive-or operation to produce a negative image. By performing a blue extraction ? ROCTEC ROCTEC ELECTRONICS INC 170 Knowles Drive, Suite 202 Los Gatos, CA 95030
U. S. A. Tel: 408 379 1713 Fax: 408 379 1897 Dissolve Control Auto Video Pass-Through External Internal Power Selection RS-170A Composite Output Compact & Sturdy Metal Casing For more information or the nearest dealer, please call us now no nve r::: .
3. 5" 880 KB Compact Floppy
• Daisy Chain Function
• ON OFF Switch
• No Clicking
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* 0.75" Super Slim Mechanism
* Low Power
* Extremely Quiet
• 40 80 Track Switchable
* Compatible with PC-1 Track Zero Write-Inhibit Track Location Display Disk Write Protect Function Virus Prevention 512KB RAM for A500 Computer Real Time Clock & Calendar External ON OFF Switch
1. 8 MB RAM Expansion Available KcxGvn ,»mf K«x Knight .in' not offered to s ll in U.S A urn Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore. Inc i o t: i s ox 2-D (; r p u i c s - 2 of this, 1 got the final image dark outlines on blue (Figure 3, right) for my merge. Alter loading the red image, I selected Merge RGB to HAM from the menu and was prompted to load the next two images. PIXmate then produced the composite image shown in Figure 4. T he light eyes in the portrait worked pretty much as I had anticipated. Had 1 not removed the eyes from the green plane with the paint program, they would have appeared quite dark in the final merge. I like the look of this portrait. The outlines add a strong graphic element to the composition. 1 also feel that the light eyes convey something of Jaida’s character. In a portrait, that should certainly he part ofthc goal. On to New Experiments The outlines intrigued me so much that I could not avoid a quick side experiment to turn it into a “paint- by-number” piece. I used FOR and the Logic gadget to negate the HAM image, thus producing vibrant colors. 1 reduced that image to 32 colors and saved it. Wanting black outlines to finish the image, I took the blue-line image 1 already had, selected Ij P (the Laplace operation, which emphasizes edges), and used the * kernal to emphasize the dark lines. I then proceeded to set Threshold to 4 and performed a binary operation, BIN. Which produced a high-con- Hast, two-color (black-on-white) image of lines. Using Dpaint, I loaded the 32-color portrait to one screen and the lines to the other. I then brought back the color with Restore Palette. I picked up the lines as a full-screen brush, pressed the j key to flip to the other screen, and placed them on the image. While I found the result to he fun and colorful, it was a little difficult to recognize the person, and I decided to scrap that image from the series of illustrations presented here. I returned to the previous picture for ideas on how to bring more character to the portrait. I liked the way the simplified green plane emphasized the light direction on the subject, so 1 decided to play that for a more dramatic effect. Returning to the gray average-plus-median image, 1 made a slight adjustment to the threshold slider and again used the binary operation, BIN. T he result was a clean, bright shape of the highlights against a black background. This became my green image. The red image was more complex. Using the method described earlier. I created a merged composite by combining one plane of the processed photo with two planes of a HAM abstract painting 1 had already completed (and which, in fact, is the illustration accompanying this month’s “Accent on Graphics” see p. 60 for more on how it was created). I ? Amiga mw ¦ Know with books from Abacus Amfera C f Vt e[ Mmiccd Prague H 0a System wnrnwi'sGuMe Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out Amiga Machine Language Amiga Desktop Weo Guhte Zip. System Programmer's Guide - comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga. Includes EXEC structure, I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking. IFF format, trackdisk. Console & Narrator devices, serial printer and para lei devices, more. 442 op ISBN 1-55755-034-4 Suggested retail pnce $ 34.95 Disk Drives Inside and Out * most comprehensive took yet-all you need to know about Amiga disk drives. 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See your local bookseller or Subtotal, Total Order Toll Free in US & Canada 1 -800-451 -4319 reduced die resulting composite from HAM to 32 colors and did a red extraction. The blue image was simply an extraction of the original photo for detail. 1 then merged all three images into one HAM image for tiie final portrait in the series (see the illustration on the opening page of the article). I like the abstract elements composited with the photographic detail. The serendipity of some of the light lines crossing the face was a fortunate surprise. The high-contrasi green plane worked as 1 imagined, creating a strong sense of light and again conveying character appropriate to the subject and her martial-arts background. And That s Only the Beginning! My experiments represent only a very few of the many directions you can take with the image pro- Manufacturers’ Addresses NewTek Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Drive San Mateo. CA 94404 415 571-7171 Microlllusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Grenada Hills, CA 91344 818 785-7345 215 East 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 cessor in working on a portrait. I find that photographs with a strongly defined light direction work best. Clearly defined areas of light and shadow create drama when they are emphasized. As a painter, 1 find it revealing to explore the kind of image simplification outlined in the beginning of this article. The shapes of shadow and highlight areas on a face or figure are easier to see when they are averaged or emphasized by a median-filter operation. The process may prove instructive to anyone exploring portraiture and life drawing. The shape of light and shadow can be further emphasized by reducing the number of colors to eight, four, or two values. Then you can decide which value levels convey significant information to the eye and which can be eliminated or simplified. In compositing red, green, and blue images, DeluxePaint is the handiest tool for manual touch- up and image alteration, as the images need to be non HAM for merging. Also, the program lends itself to simplified color schemes and to high-resolution output at 640 X400 pixels. For other kinds of “painterly’' effects such as transparency, subtle ranges of color, image “rub-through,” and warping I have found Digi-Paint 3 ($ 99.95, NewTek) to be a powerful and easy-to-use program. I also use Photon Paint (S149, Microlllusions) and Deluxe PhotoLab (now being bundled with Deluxe Video 111, $ 149.95, Electronic Arts). Each program has its strengths, and when they are used in concert, it is difficult to imagine an effect that cannot be achieved. If hardcopy, not a screen image, is the final goal of your portrait work, there are a couple of tricks that may help you. Large photographic prints of the screen are very effective final formats for portraits. If you shoot the photo of the screen yourself, you should experiment with unfocusing the lens a bit to infuse a slight blur into the pixels. Always work with an interlaced image for increased detail and to avoid black scan lines. If you want a color printout, the HP PaintJet does a good job for a reasonable price. Otherwise, I recommend the “Posters" program within Deluxe PhotoLab for basic printout. Using Posters, you can produce large, tiled images. Posters even has an excellent smoothing option for eliminating the blown- up-pixel look from the final tiled print. Although using this feature means it will take a long time to process the image, the results are often well worth the wait. While image-processing may not actually make you a better painter per se, it certainly can help you produce better paintings and portraits, ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. He is also Amiga- Work 1 “Accent on Graphics' columnist. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a SASE * for reply. Slide into Print Making slides from your screen images and then color-separating them may well be the key to achieving better-quality printed output. By Bradley W. Schenck WITH ALL THE exciting developments in Amiga video production, it's easy to forget that there’s more to life and to computer graphics than NTSC video. As seductive as rotating reflective teapots and living logos are, you need not look far to see that the world still turns on paper. Magazines, newspapers, and advertising brochures have not given way to a paperless society. As an artist first and a computer artist second, you want your work to be viewed and shared by as wide an audience as possible. In many cases, you can apply the same tools used lit the I .in.I of dreamt. Skull-bound. 1 am an rye only: voiceless to call out nr speak, a wanderer. Without c;us to hcur music, without btealh for weeping. UiHlcepmiE. Without solace, without even madness In the I .mil of dreams, skull-bordered. AdanrtJ dance* across a gulf from w hich music rt>cs (1 cannot hear ill In the manner of dreams ihc abj sc is as narrow a.i huipvinngs hut too wide 10 rej.ii m cr: and besides, 1 am handles' An eye only, watching a dancer dancing to music she only can lie.tr. Drarri to me than any music: closer tlun thought, yet nor to be touched, A daneci’s dancing, in the drat, is a mystery It is tin: way of l au(y. To t>e beautiful. In ihe land of dreams, skull-shadowed. I am an eye bootless to dance to air. Otic s music, deaf and alone, but after ail: I Irasc an esc. Watchful wanderer, under the ridge of my bony brow In the land of dreams, skull-deep, I can sec. May you be spared the fullilmc-nl of dreams I k'ipite all this1 in the land of dreams a danc er is dancing and fairer is the dance ilurt any seen waking. It is something, Jltrr all, to see bcauly, to touch dreams, even to lose tiiem. To be at least an ey e in ilie land of dreams, in die skull's hallow. It is something to know dial the music is there. Copyright 1090, by BraJlty II'. Schenck in real-time animation and video work to the print medium. Printing can make full use of 24-bit color and very high resolution, and. As a bonus, images for print do not suffer the degradation inherent in conversion to video. Also, because printed images are not limited to screen size as are video and Amiga- displayed pictures, you can create very large bitmapped graphics to achieve higher resolution in the final output. I take my work to print through slides made by a film recorder. A slide can reproduce computer art in very high resolutions, and from it, you can send the work virtually anywhere. As an example, 1 will show you how 1 combined a large, ray-traced bitmapped image with structured graphics and text. Hammond Photographic Services prepared a slide of this work using Professional Page ($ 395, Gold Disk) through color PostScript at 4000 lines of resolution. From there, I had traditional color separations made for process printing. (The opening illustration for this article is produced from this slide.) Although traditional color separation is more expensive to produce, 1 rely on it because digital color separation does not measure up. Still, you can use the techniques outlined here to produce digital separations for very affordable process color printing. How To Get the Big Picture 1 created a very large image for this project using Turbo Silver SV (SI99.95, Impulse). Silver limits its output to standard Amiga screen sizes, including overscan, so I chose a bi-res overscanned format (704 x 480) in 24-bit color for rendering. I could have ? Rendered the image in 12-bit color (Professional Page
1. 3 does not support the IFF 24-bit image format), but 1 found dial my processed image benefit ted from its 24-bit origins. Also, while you can use this process for 2-D graphics, very large screen sizes (with which we can take greatest advantage ol the high-resolution film recorders) are best suited to 3-D applications. Generating a large image is easier than painting on such a large stale. (i R A P II ICS ;j I’ 0 c I S 0 2-1) I conceived this image as an illustration lor a poem that describes the artistic experience as a son of waking dream state that is more vital and inherently true than the works it inspires. I wanted the picture to echo the dream imagery in the text and evoke a sensation of its symbolic power. I worked from a thumbnail sketch of my idea, using Silver’s Object Editor to build the elements of the scene. I used several of Silver's volumetric textures and a number of IFF image wraps to achieve the rich, mythic atmosphere. Because I wanted the final image to have a vertical aspect (that is, a height greater than its width), I rotated Silver’s camera by 90 degrees. This meant that the image would be rendered sideways (see the Angle Y value in the Camera Settings panel in Figure
1) . Had 1 been clever enough to rotate the camera in the opposite direction, I could have avoided flipping the image once I had rotated it. While working on the picture, I rendered it in interlaced HAM so I would he able to see the entire image on screen. Having laid out the scene to my liking, I rendered the final tests in high resolution with 24-hit color. I used The Art Department (S89.95, ASDG) to translate these 708x480 images to HAM sc reens that were so large (roughly four normal 11AM screens in size*) that I had to scroll around to view them. At this magnitude, any HAM fringing or other effects are about half as visible as they ordinarily are. You must envision the picture reduced to single-screen size to appreciate how much crisper it is than a normal HAM image. Just imagine a high-resolution 11AM screen (genuine HAM. Not the rather limited Dynamic Hikes or Ares) with overscan: The pixels are the same size as normal hi-res pixels, but many more colors are present. This particular image took about 1 1hours to ray trace on my seven-megabyte, 68030-based system, and it ate up almost all the memory in the process. ( I have not often run out of memory at seven megabytes, but I figured out long ago that if I were not running out of RAM, I wasn’t trying hard enough.) Spin, Squash, Stretch, and Scale Once the rendering was complete, I loaded the 24- bit, Impulse-format file into The Art Department (TAD). Before i did, however, I set TAD’s Orientation button to Landscape, so that the ray-traced picture automatically rotated 270 degrees (or 90 degrees) as it loaded. I then used TAD’s horizontal and vertical Flip buttons to complete a + 90-degree rotation. (As mentioned before, 1 could have avoided flipping the image by rotating Silver’s camera by 90 degrees instead of 4-90.) At this point, TAD was handling the 24-bit, ray- traced image in a size of 480x708 pixels. That’s because my overscanned original was 708 X480 pixels before being rotated. If Amiga pixels were square, rotating the image this way would not change its aspect ratio. Its pixels are rectangular, however, so rotating a picture gives it a squashed appearance. A square pixel has an aspect ratio of 1:1, that is, it is exactly as wide as it is tall. Amiga pixels, in both lo- and hi-res, have an aspect ratio of 1:1.10, meaning A source of technical information for the serious Amiga professional. Introducing The AmigaWorld 'fbch Journal, the new source to turn to for the advanced technical information you crave. Whether you're a programmer or a developer of software or hardware, you simply can't find a more useful publication than this. Each big, bimonthly issue is packed with fresh, authoritative strategies and advice to help you fuel the power of your computing. Trying to get better results from your BASIC compiler? Looking for good Public Domain programming tools on the networks and bulletin boards? Like to keep current on Commodore's new standards? Want to dig deeper into your operating system and even write your own libraries? Then The AmigaWorld Tech Journal is for you! Our authors are programmers themselves, seasoned professionals who rank among the Amiga community's foremost experts. You'll benefit from their Knowledge and insight on C, BASIC, Assembly, Modula-2, Arexx and the operating system in addition to advanced video, MIDI, speech and lots more. Sure, other programming publications may include some technical information, but none devote every single page to heavyweight techniques, hard-core tutorials, invaluable reviews, listings and utilities as we do. Every issue includes a valuable companion disk! And only The AmigaWorld Tech Journal boasts of a technical advisory board comprised of industry peers, indeed, our articles undergo a scrupulous editing and screening process. So you can rest assured our contents are not only accurate, but completely up-to-date as well. Plus! Each issue comes with a valuable companion disk, including executable code, source code The AmigaWorld TECH JOURNAL and the required libraries for all our program examples plus the recommended PD utilities, demos of new commercial tools and other helpful surprises. These disks will save you the time, money and hassle of downloading PD utilities, typing in exhaustive listings, tracking down errors or making phone calls to on-line networks. In every issue of The AmigaWorld Tech Journal you'll find...
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P. O. Box 802,80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 For faster service, call toll-free 1-800-343-0728. That they are 1.16 times as tall as they are wide. In order to "unsquash" the picture, 1 needed to restore the 1:1.16 aspect ratio in my new image. Because the image had been rotated, 1 had to rescale its width to 135 percent of its size (that's multiplying it by 1.16 twice; multiplying it by 1.16 just once would give it the aspect ratio of square pixels rather than our rectangular ones). TAD’s scaling requester let me set the picture’s width to the exact size I needed, and the result was a lovv-reso- lution screen 643 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall. I might have had TAD translate that to a lo-res HAM image, hut 1 wasn't through yet. Although TAD was dealing with the 24-hit data I had originally created, the display was in HAM, so some subtle shades in the image data did not show up on screen. I'hink of the image at this stage as a HAM picture, each pixel representing one pixel of a 24-hit image ancl using as close a match to the broader palette as HAM can provide. 1 rescaled the image one more time, making it twice as tall as it had been, and requesting an interlaced HAM image instead of a low-resolution one, 1 also ? Many Bits Make Better Pics WHILE I WORKED on the experiments that led to this article, several important products were released or on the verge of release. Because they support the I FF 24- bit color format, you will be able to use them in combination with one another. Advances in 3-D rendering software include Impulse’s Imagine, Hash Enterprises' Animationijourncyman, and NewTek's LightWave 3D. Among new 24-bit and “near” 24-bit display hardware are Firecracker (Impulse), DCTV (Digital Creations), and the legendary Video Toaster (NewTek). Each of these display systems has different strengths and weaknesses. Firecracker is a true 24-bit RGB display, with which you can bypass NTSC video altogether. Such an RGB display is the best option for taking 24-bit graphics to print, because it enables you to see the entire image without a conversion to video. The Firecracker itself is now shipping (its software supports 24-hit IFF), and Impulse promises a true 24-bit paint program (Light) to accompany Firecracker free of charge. DCTV, an NTSC-only device, offers a very inexpensive display that is video. It cannot display your 24-bit graphics as accurately as the Firecracker, but its video images are very good. DCTV’s display resolutions are similar to standard Amiga displays, but in about four million colors. Its real strength is that it can animate in real time at about the same speed as normal high-resolution, eight-color .Amiga graphics. Digital Creations is also promising a paint program for DCTV, which will operate in NTSC but load and save IFF 24-bit files. The Video Toaster, which is shipping in small quantities, also offers an NTSC display, and Toaster Paint, its accompanying paint program, supports the 24-bit IFF formal. (For details, see “Amiga Video: Done to a T’,M Oct. ’90, p. 20.) 1 Each of these products is significant for the type of project I his article addresses. .As an example, Imagine allows you to render in any resolution you choose, so you can * i use it to create images that take full advantage of the film recorder’s resolution. Paint software supporting 24 bits lets you retouch these images without converting to HAM mode, while 24-bit or "near” 24-bit NTSC displays give you a good idea of what your image actually looks like. It is possible to manipulate a 24-bit image without such a display, but only by working blindly. The best alternative without such a display is to work in HAM up until the final rendering, but with this method von cannot retouch 4 your work. ASDG's The Art Department Professional, still in beta form at the time of writing, offers more image-processing alternatives, batch processing, and multiple save formats, and it promises direct access to the display systems mentioned above. Finally, the just-released Professional Page 2.0 supports the 24-bit IFF picture format. T his means that you can now use 24-bit files directly within Pro Page. Put all that together, and it adds up to this: The process outlined in this article will soon maybe even by the time you
* 4 t read this be possible in every detail using 24 bits. Forget HAM’s 4096 colors altogether. With these new products, you’ll he able to render 24-bit graphics in any resolution, touch them up with 24-bit paint software, and then proceed to output them in their full 16.7 million colors. ? BWS V' •; ¦ P I' • v. mmmTHE Video slot
• -t-. *, , ¦ •• -A .“J f A Bro«d««M ¦' .‘-"v :'-V •'' -'¦ZJMV*'
* . I-V- . •• t •- V-'v;- - tA Safar * ®l aw.jr. : I ;.VV »V*y DIGITAI ' " " "___. IflH EATIONS C R EATIONS 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 2B65 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines. Cirde 29 on Reader Service card. O ©19B9 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines. Selected Floyd-Steinberg dithering from I AD s Dithering Modes panel. FAD provided me with a new HAM conversion of the 24-bit image, which now had pixels half the size of the original 24-bit pixels and simulated through dithering the subtleties of color not available in the first HAM image. The resulting 643 x 1536-pixel HAM screen was the best approximation of the 24-bit image 1 could get. I performed some final retouching of the image in Deluxe PhotoLab (now bundled with Deluxe Video III, S 149.95, Electronic Arts), which allows you to work on very large bitmaps. (Other HAM paint programs do this also, but 1 prefer PhotoLab for detail work, as opposed to broader, more painterly effects. Slip-Sliding Away The Professional Page document that would become my slide had to conform to certain specifications in order for I Iammond Photographic Services to handle it. It had to he sized at 107ax7 inches; any structured text or graphic, in color, could he used just as in a printed document. Using Pro Page 1.3 and Gold Disks Compu- graphic-fonts expansion disk, 1 imported my text from a word processor and formatted it in the Palacio font, which is equivalent to Postscript's Palatum. 1 duplicated the text box of the poem and changed its color to black. By dropping this cloned version of the text box behind the original, I created a drop shadow for the text. The signature logo is a Professional Draw 2.0 (S295, Gold Disk) dip. I used a plain color backdrop and added the bitmapped HAM image and a double outline around it in color. Figure 3 shows a close-up of part ol the document in Pro Page. You might notice, in Figure 3, that the image looks a bit compressed horizontally. That's because Professional Page treats the screen as though the pixels were square, which is much easier for its calculations. As of version 1.3, however, Pro Page automatically scales bitmapped graphics correctly as they are brought in, so the squashing is an illusion. After making some adjustments and printing some proofs in gray scale on my Hewlett-Packard Deskjet printer, I produced the final version of the slide and mailed it to Hammond Photographic Services to be output on the film recorder. The Rest of the Story When the mailman returns your finished slide from the service bureau, von may feel that von are at the ¦ j end of the road. In fact, you are really only at the beginning. A 35mm slide or negative is a ticket to any form or size of reproduction for the image be it an illustration, print, poster, T-shirt design, or what- have-you. Not only is the image now alive in the real world, but it is also sharper and better than the images you are used to seeing on your monitor. Moreover, it is an image that anyone, anywhere, can view. We concentrate so much on tlie evolution of our imaging tools that it is easy to overlook the basic need of artists: to communicate. Not just with one another, or with people who have similar systems, but to the wide world beyond. The true usefulness of our tools can be measured not by how much we can do with z them, but by the degree to which they make us better able to bring the works of our imagination out into that world. ¦ Bradley Schench is a freelance graphic artist who has won the Badge Killer Demo contest twice in a row. His 1989 winning entry. The Sentinel, was created in Turbo Silver. Write to Brad do AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. A7 03458 Manufacturers’ Addresses ASDG Inc. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 5A1 416 602-4000 Hammond Photographic 11280 Washington Place Culver City, CA 90230 213 390-3010 Hash Enterprises 2800 E. Evergreen Vancouver, WA 98661 206 573-9427 Impulse Inc. 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy., 1 12 Minneapolis, MN 55430 612 566-0221 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Cornin’ at You Create 2-D artwork with a 3-D look without colored glasses or modeling programs. By Brian Williams WANT TO REPLACE your listless sketches with pictures that jump off the page at you? Lacking stereography's advantage of two discrete images, two- dimensional pictures, such as the engine below, must rely on subtle psychological tricks to fool the brain into perceiving depth. Don’t reach for a copy of Freud or Jung; perspective, balance, shading, and color are the mind benders in art. Before firing up DeluxePaini III (S 149.95, Electronic Arts) or whatever your favorite paint program is, consider your subject carefully. I wanted my example image to project mass, dimension, and detail. After entertaining several ideas, I settled on a railway train. A popular icon in American culture, the train is recognized for mass and volume. By incorporating it in the picture, I could draw on viewers’ personal memories to reinforce the picture's message. Next, 1 had to decide on the train’s representation: Should it be rendered in an abstract, realistic, or stylized form? How should 1 depict it? Should it be a close-up detail or a wide view? Ultimately, 1 chose the front of an old steam engine ripping through a flat picture plane. The angle was dramatic, and the classic engine full of colorful detail. Figure 1 shows the initial sketch. 1 used Dpaint’s line tool to determine each element’s size. There are three areas of interest: the engine, the background pattern, and the text box in the lower-right corner to balance the large engine, which is oriented vertically to the left side of the screen. Notice that the latter does not intersect any of the picture’s edges. Doing so would enhance the flatness of the image and undermine the three-dimensional effect. I also reserved enough room under the track so that no shadows would hit a screen edge. Because 1 was designing the picture for the printed page, I chose absolute white (the lightest shade in the palette) for the background. If you are under no constraints, you can use other depth-enhancement techniques. A black background, for instance, would allow the train to project better than the light background. If the border of the picture were not fixed, you could run the track off the image a little way onto the printed page. ? A background pattern provides tactile visual detail that, because the pattern is clearly oriented in a plane, defines the background as two-dimensional. A completely blank background does not. Ik* careful in your choice: Do not make the pattern so prominent that it inhibits the relief of the main image. I decided to repeat an elevation of the engine in a gray that's dark enough to be seen but light enough not to he distracting. Such a shade leaves no question in the view- er's mind as to the* main focus of the piece. If you use a more complex background, try blurring it to subdue its impact. PERSPECTIVE: VANISHING VISIONS In addition to helpful guidelines, perspective possesses exact rules, unlike most disciplines in art. The most important is that the farther away you wish objects to appear, die smaller they must he. This principle has several offshoots. Regularly spaced objects (such as telephone poles) must be drawn closer together as well as smaller as they recede into the distance; and sets of lines that are in reality parallel (yet not in the plane of the drawing) converge to points on a horizontal line in the distance. This line is called the horizon line and represents the physical horizon in the real world. 1 drew the engine using a subset of standard two-point perspective called one- point perspective. Under this rule, all receding parallel lines converge to a single point, known as the vanishing point, on the horizon, and vertical and horizontal lines are drawn actually parallel (the vanishing points in such cases being "at infinity”). If you need help, Deluxe Paint III has a useful perspective tool for plotting brushes in three dimensions. To re-create the track, for example, draw an overhead view of a section of track in full detail, including the spikes and wood grain of the ties. Grab the image as a brush, and rotate it into position along the x and y axes using the perspective keypad controls. Enter activates perspective mode; 1, 2, and 3 control movement on the z axis, 4, 5, and 6 on the y axis, and 7, 8, and 9 on the x axis. The decimal resets the center, and the minus gives you a perspective fill. 0 resets all the axes. The drawback is that after the computer plots the rotated view, you must add the rail and tie thicknesses manually. Because of these time-consuming touch- ups, I opted instead to draw the track for the example by hand. As 1 can draw fairly quickly, the perspective plot would not save much time. Figure 2 shows the perspective layout for the train. Note the green cross that marks the vanishing point. Here, all receding lines converge: rails, tic ends, and running boards on the engine. The strictly two-dimensional background contrasts with the perspective train. The flat, gray engine in the upper-right corner of the screen has enough detail to serve its purpose. Later, when final layout is ready, I will repeat this image across the screen. Balance: Leveling the See-saw Figure 3 shows the outline drawing filled with colors. At this stage, you should move the basic shapes and adjust the colors to create a visually balanced image for the final layout. While detail may not be present at this point, the visual weights of the colored areas will not change significantly, so you can position the various elements to avoid the characteristic lopsided feel of improperly balanced images. Here, the text in the lower-right corner helps to balance the engine, both horizontally and vertically. I find layout is a pleasure on the computer because I can reposition elements on screen with great ease and accuracy. Because your main elements (in my case the engine. And text) will balance differently on a blank background than on a pattern, you must repeat the background pattern before repositioning the main objects. ? Paint's pattern-fill feature makes this easy. For example, grab the small gray engine as a brush and lill it into the blank area. You will have to experiment a hit to make the rows overlap vertically. It's even more difficult to ensure that each screen edge cuts through a row or column. Keep trying! Unlike the “three dimensional” engine that must not hit an edge, the “two-dimensional” background needs to touch the edges to appear flat. SHADING: A MATTER OF DEGREES An artist's best tool for achieving depth is good shading. Emulating the excesses and nuances of natural lighting in an image provides the brain with the most important visual-depth clues. Some people do not posses binocular vision; while their brains receive signals from two eyes, they do not process images as being three-dimensional. Such people can still live perfectly normal lives (minus the thrill of an occasional ViewMaster reel) because light and shadow, combined with relative size and parallax, provide depth to two-dimensional images. In addition, most of that light and shadow is only gray-scale. Much of the world around us is made of mostly gray tones. Beiges, steel blues, and pale greens are not as saturated as film processors would lead you to believe. Human vision reflects this in the eye's retina. Rods, the cells that see only grays, outnumber cones, which see color. If anything in a picture has to be right, it is the shading. Figure 4 shows the fully shaded image, minus the rips in the paper. The lighting is a fairly standard three-point scheme, simulating three lights: direct illumination from overhead left, ambient light on the right shadow side, and a backlight directly above the engine. The old adage “shoot with the light behind you," conceived to prevent amateur color photographers from becoming discouraged, does not produce the most flattering results. The picture is a dark area; the train, on a light background, is basically black on white. Of the two extreme contrast possibilities, black on white and vice- versa, most people perceive white projecting forward on black more strongly than black on white. If a white background is a design constraint, as it is here, you can work around it. Depth cues from lighting in this image come from the careful use of shadows in and around the engine and ripped pieces of paper. On the computer, you can add with great precision subtle highlights and shadows that would take a photographer hours to achieve. (See “Illusions of Depth,"
p. 50, Jul. '90 for further advice.) In general, the train gets darker as it recedes into the distance, eventually disappearing into the darkness. Note, however, the sudden drop off on the cab and on the ties below it. This represents more or less direct light “coming though" the ripped hole. The material each section represents also determines how you handle light and shadow. The boiler and stack are black, hut I rendered them in grays to show highlights of detail. The cast-iron boiler has a rough surface, which I handled differently from the polished metal stack. The brass details and the glass in the headlamp and cab window are all reflective surfaces. While the example picture does not have too many > 'is' a axi s Figure 3, With the visual weights of the elements set, balance them on your background pattern. Ir RS Figure 4. Add the highlights and shadows to provide the final touches. Harsh shadows, you should consider your shadows carefully. Heavy, long shadows on any background can form a visual element that affects the balance of the image. Plan for shadows from the outset and use ? Paint’s shaded-drawing mode for the best effect. First, draw the background in a set of sequential registers, such as a gray scale. Then grab the area ? You want your shadow to occupy as a brush, select the shade option, and stamp the shadow down with die left mouse button to darken die area. T his will, of course, produce a perfectly uniform shadow with hard edges. Creating diffuse edges and natural light- falloff requires old-fashioned hard work. Full-spec- trum programs, such as Photon Paint 2.0 (Micro- Illusions, S149)* have special tools to create feathered shadows. For a variation, you could use aerial perspective to enhance depth. Aerial perspective refers to the natural tendency for objects to fade increasingly as they move away from the camera plane, usually as a result of atmospheric haze. Colors become less saturated, and contrast diminishes. An extreme example is a foggy morning on which visibility is reduced to only a few yards. While aerial perspective does not apply to the train picture because of the precarious contrast on the left side of the boiler, it is useful for illustrating such images as mountains in the distance. Color: Off Is On Color theory is almost as important as shading for adding visual depth and weight to pictures. With color, however, what you do not do counts. The object you draw, in this example an engine, is made of variously colored parts. Do not draw them with the correct colors. A mirror is not silver, nor a pond dark brown, nor a tire black. All objects, no matter what their colors, reflect the environment around them. When placed in light and shadow, a given color will take on a range of values. As colors get brighter, they generally desaturate. As they get darker, they may take on a whole new color. Yellows tend toward orange in shadow, for example. To complicate matters, background colors shift the perception of a foreground color. Red on blue feels a lot more "red” than red on orange. The same holds true for background intensity. A red that appears bright on a black background looks very dark on white. You can correct for this phenomenon and use color to enhance depth. The most common way is to contrast an easy-to-see color on a background color that is opposite it on the color wheel. (See "Color Roulette,” ]). 38, Sep. '90, for a handy way to test combinations.) Yellow is a good example, because its spectral wavelength is in the range most people find easiest to see. Opposite it on the color wheel is violet. (Now you know why so many jewelers display yellow gold on dark blue velvet.) T he white paper background for the engine does not permit this sort of color contrast, so I use another trick: Essentially all the detail and colors are located on the engine, not in the background. They get brighter the further out they come. The engine is a very “clean” drawing. The important details are all present, in the right places and properly colored and shaded. No unnecessary details confuse the viewer. T here are a lot of details, however, that the viewer does not see but would miss if they were absent subtle shadows and relections, forced contrasts surrounding text to make it more visible, concentrated colors, and plenty o! Anti-aliased lines (to remove the "jaggies” on highly contrasting diagonals). Details like these let the image project forward. They give it depth and mass and make it jump out from the two-dimensional page, ¦ Brian Williams is a computer illustrator for multimedia productions, educational projects, and games. He also lectures frequently on art and animation techniques. Write to him clo AmigaWorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03d58. Electronic Arts Manufacturers’ Addresses 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 MicroIIlusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 785-7345 BACKUP SOLUTION!! "It's fast, easy to use and very, very efficient." AMIGA FORMAT NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN AROUND 50 SECONDS!!
• .UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! It's hard to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including bTockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!!
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Full M60OOO Assembler Disassembler Full Screen Editor Load9ave block Write string to memory Calculator Help Command Jump to specific address Show RAM as text Show frozen pie lure Ploy resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and Hags search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and Modify aH chip registers - even Write Onty registers Notepad Disk handling - show actual Irack, Disk Sync pattern, etc. Dynamic breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX, ASCH, Assembler, Deejjg 1 - 800 - 962 - 0494 COAST TO COAST TECHpOLOCicS' ipe 1855 W S.R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTQMER SERVICE (407) 767 • 0938 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD * ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING [ l.yr VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS VISA ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO} or COD'S (ADD $ 2) IHI .I WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS ACCENT ON GRAPHICS 23 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks lor creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen A "REPEAI'-KEY” function can be a very useful feature in a paint package, especially as so many paint-program operations are becoming increasingly adjustable. The concept is simple (a repeat key merely repeats your last operation to the screen), yet not every program includes this feature in its repertoire. One program, Digi-Paint 3 ($ 99.95, NewTek), however, does make excellent use of the repeat kev, and this month we'll explore the use of this powerful feature in the course of creating an abstract painting. Controlled Transparency Is The Key Specifically, Digi-Paint 3 effectively incorporates the repeat-key concept into the philosophy of HAM painting. To me, the key element in HAM painting is not that you have 4096 colors with which to paint; rather, it is that you can make use of controlled transparency. This is possible because the lull range of colors is accessible. Utilizing controllable transparency, the computer artist can achieve effects analogous to watercolor washes, drybrush, and oil glazes. By combining "undo" and "repeat " you have the power to experiment endlessly with drastic or subtle adjustments to those (and other) effects. In this respect, the computer artist has the advantage over an artist using ‘‘traditional" media where an experiment is a real commitment. I lere experiments can be undone. A repeat key essentially allows the artist to change history to set up a new effect and have il otherwise occur in precisely the manner as the previous action. Li offers a solution to that problem artists so frequently encounter in the middle of a work; "If only 1 could have another chance. If only 1 could go back and dt) il again, knowing what I know now." Digi-Paint's interface contains both an Undo button and a Repeat button. The keyboard shortcut for Undo is u, while for Repeat it is F5. The Escape key toggles the interface area on and off. If you learn no other keystroke shortcuts in J Digi-Paint, learn these. To begin, remain in the normal mode with a black background for painting, and make some basic adjustments to Tools and Controls. In Tools, set Dither to either random or ordered. I usually use random, hut ordered can give a texture effect similar to canvas or charcoal paper. Turn Fill on and select rectangles for the first stages. Choose the singlepixel brush. In Controls, select Point Hotspot above the red ball. Set the left transparency slider three-quarters of the way up so the hotspot area of a shape is nearly, hut not completely, opaque. Set the right slider all the way down to zero for totally transparent edges. Moving the hotspot in the ball box now determines which part of a shape will have the most saturated color. Begin with the hotspot all the way in the upper-left corner. Select yellow from the palette and press ESC. Drag a rectangle across the full screen. As it fills, you sec* 1 J that there is intense yellow at the upper left and nearly pure black remaining at the lower right. Press ESC to toggle the menu on (or click the right mouse button to accomplish the same thing). Select red from the palette, pull the hotspot to the upper-right corner of the box, toggle the interface off with ESC and press F5. This repeats your last operation of a f ull-screen filled rectangle, but with a new color and a new hotspot. Intense red at the upper light feathers into the yellows. 'Fry blue with a lower- z J right hotspot and green with a lower-left one. The screen becomes a subtly shaded Making use of the repeat key in programs such as Digi-Paint 3 can add interesting effects to your HAM painting experiments. J sped rum. Experiment with other colors and hotspot settings, drawing smaller rectangles here and there. When a shape works, keep it and draw another. If it is unappealing, undo it, set a new hotspot, try a new color, and press F5 to see the new version in the same location. Keeping the hotspot near the center will produce soft-edged shapes. The accompanying illustration began in this manner with corner colors of reds, browns, and yellows. Abstract Experiments Now that you have the hang of using the keyboard with one hand while you use the mouse to paint, select filled Freehand from the Tools interface. Again set the hotspot at the extreme upper left. Choose a bright color and draw a quick stroke on the screen. The starting and terminating points ol the stroke will be automatically connected to form a shape. Now experiment with Undo to toggle the new shape on and off. Reset the hotspot or go into the lull palette for a new color, and then hit F5. With complex freehand shapes, the value of a repeat key becomes apparent. File shape you have drawn may be perfect, but the edge might be too hard. Undo it. Adjust controls and color, and then repeat. To increase the effect of an operation, repeat it with no changes. One reason I seldom use full opacity in my controls is that I prefer to gradually ’'glaze*' an area up. You can repeat an operation over the same shape as many times as vou wish for cumulative effect. 4 In addition, you can combine multiple effects in exactly the same shape or area. To try this, set the hotspot at the upper left, select yellow and draw a complex, rounded shape. Now select blue, set the hotspot to lower right and press F5. The shape becomes nicely modeled with an even blend of color. Warm color delineates the top edge and cool color the bottom edge, with a suggestion of light direction from the upper left. This is a very powerful feature that incorporates the accuracy of the computer with the kind of serendipity one comes to expect from traditional media. The repeat key allows you to experiment with controlled accidents. 1 finished my simple abstract by selecting the Darken mode from the menu and “carving” a few deep shadows into the piece. I set up crisp edges in the Darken mode with the hotspot control and used these edges to define a few of the brightly colored shapes in the image. All the modes and tools respond to the transparency controls, providing endless combinations and effects. If you are new to HAM painting, you can get off to a fast start with this simple technique that employs only a few effective tools and tricks. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, C 1 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Adding Gadgets in C By David T, McClellan INTUITION PROVIDES STANDARD gadgets, such as the close, front-to-back, and resizing gadgets at the corners of a program's window, but you can easily add your own gadgets inside a window or to its border. With simple C data structures and a few calls, your program can tell Intuition what your gadget looks like, where it’s placed in relation to the window borders, and what its gadget ID is. Then, when the user of your program clicks the mouse on that gadget, Intuition sends your program GADGETDOWN or GADGETUP events, including the ID of the clicked gadget. To demonstrate this, I’ll walk you through the code behind a Quick-Zoom gadget, similar to one in the Macintosh and Amiga OS 2.0. It sits in the window’s top-border drag bar and looks like a square button with a smaller square inset in its top left corner. When clicked, it zooms the window out to its maximum size or back to its previous smaller size and position. The gadget works faster than seizing and dragging the standard sizing gadget, and its underlying routines illustrate how to put a gadget in the top border (drag bar) of a window. First, you must define your gadget's image and structural information. The lollowing routines do so for our Quick-Zoom gadget. Define HEIGHT 100 * Initial, min, max height and width * define WIDTH 300 define MINWIDTH100 define MINHEIGHT 50 define MAXWIDTH640 define MAXHEIGHT 150 * Gadget id, image info * define GID_ZOOM1 define GAD_HEIGHT 12 define GAD_WIDTH 16 USHORT chip Zoom_Pict[GAD_HEIGHT] = = 0x0000, 0X3FFC, 0x318C, 0x318C, 0x318C, Gx3F8C, 0x3000, 0x300C, 0x3Q0C, 0x300C, 0x3FFC, 0x0000>; struct Image Zoom_lmage = =
0. 0. GAD WIDTH, GAD_HEIGHT, 1, Zoom„Pict, 0x1,0x0,NULL}; struct Gadget Zoom_Gadget = = * Gadget for Zoom * NULL, * Next *
- 80,0, GAD_WIDTH,GAO_HEIGHT, * Left, Top, Width, Height * GADGHCOMP GRELRIGHT | GADGIMAGE, * Flags * TOPBORDER | RELVERIFY, * Activation * BOOLGADGET, * GadgetType * (APTR) &Zoom Image, * GadgetRender * NULL,NULL,0L,(APTR) NULL, * Various don’t cares * GID-ZOOM, * GadgetID * NULL * UserData * }; Note the keyword chip in Zoom_Piet. This is a Lattice C addition, which puts the image in chip RAM, necessary for rendering. If you are using Aztec C, you will need to copy the imagery manually into an allocated chunk of chip memory. To hold the previous window position size, we define struct WinSizeStorage, of which we'll attach an instance to our opened window’s UserData pointer: struct WinSizeStorage = SHORT left, top; * Old left, top * SHORT width, height; * Old width, height * }; Now, to install the gadget up in the drag bar, we use the ROM Kernel call AddGadget( ) after we open the window. The reason for this order is that system gadgets end up first on the system list at Open- Vindow( ) lime, with user gadgets attached after them. If we did not specify AddGadgetf ) first, a click on the Quick-Zoom gadget would be interpreted as a click on the dragbar. By using AddGadget( ) on an already open window, we can put Quick-Zoom first on the list, ahead of the dragbar, so that clicking it will result in the GADGETUP message we need. Because Quick-Zoom does not cover the entire drag bar, the remainder can still be used to move the window. Now let's look at the relevant initialization code: struct NewWindow newwin; struct Window *win; The art of driving. Introducing the ultimate driving machine, the AE HD (high density) Drive, Applied Engineering's new high density 3.5 drive (above, at right). The first and only high density drive for the Amiga, it runs circles around the competition. The FCC certified design supports both standard 880K and 1.52 MEG 3.5" disks. The new AE standard device controls both the high density mode and built-in electronic disk ejection. For running the new Amiga UNIX, the AE standard 1.52 MEG format is a virtual must.
1. 5 2 MEG capacity means you can stop playing diskette roulette. Simply store your large 2-disk application programs on one, high density disk and forget about fumbling for “sets” of disks. And storing files just became twice as easy too, because you’ll only need half the number of disks. We also added performance features like an exclusive 2-way LED indicator that displays green for reading, red for writing. And a smooth, quiet electronic disk ejection to replace the clunky “punch” of other drive’s ejectors. Since our electronic ejection is tied to the write enable function, you can no longer accidently trash a disk by inadvertently pushing the eject button while the drive is writing. Our ejector waits until the drive completes the write and then auto-ejects the disk. Beauty AND brains. Aesthetically, the AE HD Drive is every bit as handsome as it is intelligent. We designed a high-impact ABS plastic case to protect the top quality SONY mechanism inside. For driving on a budget, we've designed a quick, quiet 880K standard 3-5” drive as well (above, at left). Incorporating a reliably quiet and trouble-free design, the AE 880K Drive™ sports a tough aluminum case, custom molded cable and an on off disable switch. Both drives are compatible with all Amiga computers and feature complete daisy-chain capacity (from AE to another drive or vice-versa), MS-DOS compatibility pass through connectors, FCC certified designs and full one-year warranties. AE High Density 3.5 Drive $ 249 AE880K Drive $ 119 For ten years. AE has forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed by the best warranties and the best technical support in the business. Order today! To order or for more information. See your dealer or call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm. 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 8 V4% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside USA. Dealer inquiries invited. Applied Engineerings The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 ,4 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA @1990. AE Research. Inc. All rights reserml Prices subject to change without notice Hrand and product names are registered trademarks of their respect ite holders struct WinSizeStorage *wss; * Insert program-specific initialization code here * newwin.lDCMPFlags = CLOSEWiNDOW| NEWSIZE GADGETUP; newwin.FirstGadget = NULL; win = (struct Window *) OpenWindow(&newwin); wss = (struct WinSizeStorage *) AltocMem( sizeof(struct WinSizeStorage), 0); win->UserData = (BYTE *) wss; * Add to front * AddGadget (win, &Zoom_Gadget, 0); * & draw * RefreshGadgets(&Zoom_Gadget, win, NULL); The above tells Intuition we want Gadget messages on release of the mouse button (GADGETUP), gives us a previous-size storage area attached to the window. And adds the gadget in liont of the system gadgets. Now for the actual resizing code: * Messages from Intuition * switch (message->Class) = case GADGETUP: msggad - (struct Gadget *) (message->IAddress); switch (msggad->GadgetlD) = case GID__ZOOM: wss = (struct WinSizeStorage *) win->UserData; if ((win >Width ! = MAXWIDTH) || (win >Height ! = MAXHEIGHT)) = * Not at max size. Save old size,pos * * Move leftyup, then grow * wss - >left = win - >LeftEdge; wss >top = win ->TopEdge; wss >width = win - >Width; wss >height = win - >Height; MoveWindow (win,
- (win >LeftEdge),
- (win - >TopEdge)); SizeWindow (win, MAXWIDTH - win - >Width, MAXHEIGHT - win - >Height); } else = * Shrinking - resize first * SizeWindow (win, wss >width win >Width, wss >height win >Height); MoveWindow (win, wss >left - win->LeftEdge, wss->top - win->TopEdge); } * Now repaint the window if necessary * break; } break; This section of code is inside a standard message loop. To enter it, the program checks the Intuition message to determine if it is GADGETUP. Upon confirmation, the first thing the program does is retrieve a pointer to the size storage area, and then look at the current size ol the window. II it is not at its maximum size, the program resizes it up to the maximum after storing its current size and position. If the window is at its maximum, however, the program sizes it down to the previous smaller dimensions. Finally, the program does any necessary repainting, and it’s done. ¦ David T. McClellan is a contributing editor to Amiga- World. Write to him at 104 Chevron Circle, Can, NC 27511. Exciting NEW product of 1991 Just imported from the 1990 AmiEXPO in Cologne, Germany The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips STORM BRINGER ACCELERATOR BOARD by Intelligent Memory
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* Auto Configurable
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50. 00 68B82 25 Mhz .... 225 00 33 Mhz ...... . 275 00 All Crystals 256 x 1 150ns .. D-RAM
10. 00 ea 2 00 ea 256 x 1 120ns .2.50 oa 256 x 1 80ns 3 00 ea 1 meq x 1 80ns 7 00 ea 256 x 4 100ns ..... 7 00 ea 256 x 4 80ns 7 50 ea 256 x A 80ns zips .. 8 00 oa 256 x 4 100ns zips . 7 50 ea. 64 x 4 100ns 3 00 ea 1 x 4 D ps .. ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS.....
59. 95 ea. 95 00
1. 3 Kickslart ROM . 29 95 1 meg x 8 S>mm 80ns 58 00 1 mca x 8 Simm 120ns . . 50 00 For Amiga 3000 1 x4 Sialic Z ps .. 256 x 4 80ns Static Zips ... .....49 95 ..... 950 CO AHEAD AND PULL OUR SPECIAL 8-PACE TEAR-OUT AD! I'm ANNOUNCING ANOTHER CREATIVE COMPUTERS FIRST: COMPUTERS THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS DIRECT ADVANTACE C= Commodore reative AMIGA ( DEALER
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149. 00 LENS 16MU NO IRIS w 18.95 AE RAM WORK 5 2X02.8
369. 03 MODEMS LENS 16MM W1RIS __ __53.95 MAX-SKETCH TABLET ___ .CALL QUANTUM 40MB HARD DRV ... .338 00 AE DATAUNK 2000 MNP5__ _ 169.00 UVEI530 _
259. 60 QUANTUM SCAT DRIVE .699.03 AE DATALINK EXP MNP-5..... ..... 19900 LIVE! 1000 .... 249.00 PROSES _
179. 00 LIVE? 2000 __ .... 349.00 QUANTUM 165M8 HRD DRV ... .569.00 AE DATALKEXPMNP FAX... __ 239.00 MlNlGEN GENLOCK ___...
319. 00 SUPRA DRIVE 30MB KUO ___ .569.00 GALAXY APOLLO 9600 MODEM. 549 00 PANASONIC WV1413 _ .... 169.00 SUPRA WORD SYNC SCSI .109.00 GALAXY PIONEER MODEM .. .... 249.00 PANASONIC WV1500X ...... . 319.00 AUDIO HARDWARE SUPR ADRIVE20XP 2MB __.. .636 60 SUPR* 2400 BAUD MODEM.. _99.95 PR0GEN GENLOCK ..... .... 369.00 A10 STEREO SPEAKERS _ 33.95 SUPRA0RIYE40M3 1603 __ .729.00 SUPRA 2400 INT. MODEM ... ... 119.00 SHARP JX100 SCANNER___ ___75S.C0 AMA5 MIDI SAWP A1D00 ___
124. 60 SUPRADRlVE 105XP2M3 _
- .84.95 SUPR ADRIVE 5WXP 20MB CHDDitnDWC :MVQ i UIQ .546.00 era YI NEC MULTISYNC 3D _ III II III .... 699.00 SPIRIT INTERL0XIGL1 .. CM 10CO-PCII ¦Wl lO .... 550.00 CM1 UlD11 (EXT) ___ EC' UiD11006 ., 56.95 .49.95 ourKHUhlrt SUPRADRlVE 50OXP185Q _
- WO.U0 .959.00 NEC MULTISYNC IIA ___ SEIK01440 MULTISYNC _ 650.00 ..... 599.00 aurcRGzN 200CJS ___ SUPERGEN GENLOCK ... 135Q.OQ
649. 00 EC' UlDI PLUS .49.55 SUPRADRlVE A1000 SCSI .185.63 SONY 1301 MULTISYNC 74900 TCRG102 ..,.719.00 MIDI GOLD 500 __
38. 95 CITIZEN GSX200 9 PIN
139. 60 ADRAM 523 _- _
* Most reliable drive for the Amig
* Slimline, attractive design
• Drive Pass-thru
• Low power consumption GVP SYQUEST 44MB HOD .....599.00 GVP SYOUEST CARTRIDGE . 90.00 GVP WT-150 TAPE DRIVE 639.00 GVP XC CASE W SYQUEST .... 1149 00 GVP XC CASE W WT-150 ..969 00 GVP XC CASE NO DRIVE 179.00 SUPRA A5Q0 SUPRA 500XP 20MB 512K ..... 528-00 SUPRA 50OXP 4 0 MB 512 K 628,00 SUPRA 500XP 20I.1B 2MB .. 558.00 SUPRA 500XP 40MB 2MB ..656.00 A2000 SUPRA WORDSYNC 40Q ....428.00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 60Q ..588 00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 1050 648.00 SUPRA 44R EXT W SCSI ._ ......979.00 SUPRA A4R EXT NO SCSI .609.00 SUPRA 44RI NT W SCSI ..... 809.00 IVS TRUMP CARD SCSI A20OQ ... 127.00 TRUMPCARD A2000 PROP. . ......209.00 TRUMP CARD SCSI A500 . 219.00 TRUMPCARD A500 PROF 279.00 MOUNTING BRACKET. HDD ......19.00 TRUMPCARD META 4 0 .. 159.00 TRUMPCARD META 500 44) ... 249.00 BARE DRIVES (USE WITH ANY CONTROLLER) QUANTUM 40MB HARD DRV ..324.00 QUANTUM 52MB SLIMLINE ....399 00 QUANTUM 80MB HARD DRV .. 498.00 QUANTUM 105MB HRD DRV 537.00 QUANTUM 170MB SCSI HD .. 839.00 QUANTUM 210MB HARD DRV ..979.00 "FLICKER FREE VIDEO" HARDWARE FUCKER ELIMINATOR FOR ALL AMIGAS ..$ 359 ADRAM 540 0 4 MEG INI ___119.00 ADRAM5600 2 MEG A540 ___23400 EXP-80CC- A500 2 MEG _479.00 MIN MEGS A5002HB 319.00 MINIMEGS A10002.MB __298.00 STARBOARD 2 A1Q0C0K 199 00 STARBOARD 2 UPPR DECK 39.95 SUPR ARAM 5001 2 MEG __61.95 SUPRARAU 2030 2MB RAM __21900 SUPRARAU 26094MB RAM 33503 SUPRARAU 2000 6MS RAM __445.60 SUPRARAU 2000 6MB RAM _555.03 SUPRARAU A500 2U8 RAM 239.03 TRUMPCARD META 0 4 _159.03 OTHER MISC. HARDWARE A MAX II MAC EMULATOR __ 14903 A-MAXII PACKAGE 469.00 AUINET 506 ETHERNET 459.00 Cui MULTIPORT BOARD __195.00 INTERACT A50D _224.03 Operates as an 880K drive or 1.52 Meg drive and has an electronic eject button. 500 Heavy Duty Power Supply ..S89.95 A new lightning fast SCSI host adaptor for the Amiga
1. 52mb! Computers. 4 Megabyte Memory Board for the Amiga 500 by Expansion Systems
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- - 16.W CABLE DSUD9FI0------- .. .19 93 CABLE D23P09P RCA541 ™1900 CABLE D23MD23F 2...... . .1900 CABLE D23U023F 3 .... . .1900 CABLE D23MU23F 4------- . 1903 CABLE D25PiD25F 2 . 19.93 CABLE D2$ F(D2SF 3 .... ___
18. 00 CABLE D2SFTO5M 2FT----...... 19 M CABLE D25MU23M 2FT _ 29 95 CABLE D25M025F 3 _ ......1900 CABLE D25UD25F 8 ..... .....14 00 CABLE D25UD25M 2FT___ ___1900 CABLE D2544 D25M ]' 1900 CABLE D2SU025UI . .... 14.00 CABLE EH SCS16 . _ . .... 29.03 CABLE FUCX FIX NEC 2 1500 CABLE FUCK FIXMITSU _. . .. 1893 CABLE FUCK PI NEC 2A .. ... 2493 CABLE PUCK FX NEC 30 ... 2293 CABLE FUCK FX TO VGA...... .... 24.® CABLE FUCK SONY 1X2 ..
19. 00 CABLE A5M NULL 25 .. - - 29 GO CABLE ASX FARAL 8' .... ion CABLE A5X PARAL15 24 CO CA3LEA5XPARAL25 .... 29 CO CABLE A5X2X0 MODEM__
19. 00 CABLE A1000 PARAL 1CT __ 2300 CABLE A20QQ FLOPPY DR 1895 CABLE A2X0KEYBRD EX 9 95 CABLE AUGA13813450 IS CO CABLE AuiOA 1®*S ___19 03 CABLE AMIGA SONY1302_1900 for the A200CY2500 Cdx-650e external system-----------------$ (0,~’s CD-ROk forth* Bodega Bay
• 4 A20G0 slots, and 3 ol those are also IBM compatible
• Internal 200 wait power supply
• Works with any A2000 card
• Two 5.25 drive bays and a 3.5" hard drive mounting area NewTek £i'= L . - - . . . DIG I VIEW GOLD V4.0 ...... DIG I PAINT 3 ..... PANASONIC WVM10 PANASONIC WV1500X .... COPY CAMERA STAND .... SUPER BUNDLE DIGIVJEW ....399.00 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0, WV1410 CAMERA. COPY STAND, LENS, CABLE DIGITAL CREATIONS ON The Ultimate PC AT Emulator for your Amii 14" SuperFine Pilch Trinitron .ra-*i Resolution up to 1024 x 768 .25mm dot pitch Anti glare silica coating Works on all Amigas Includes a FREE cable for the A3000 SUPERGEN 2000S.S1350 SUPERGEN 2000SC ....CALL SUPERGEN GENLOCK .....649.00 Call for Prices
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25. 95 1495 5095 2295 3195 3195 5195 1995 1795 5595 3395 4095 2995
29. 95
18. 95
19. 95 1995 Threr Finest Hour - The Battle ol Britain ..,.39.95 UTILITY SOFTWARE MISC. UTILITIES ami alignment system ......29.55 AM-GA DOS TOOLBOX __38.95 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER ...... 29.95 CROSS DOS _ 2595 DSK MANAGER MAC .76 95 DSK MECHANIC THE .... 52 95 DISK TO DSK __29 95 DiSKMASTER _ 29 95 OR T SM-1EDUB .._ DR TS MATRIX-6 .. DR T SHT-32EDUB ___ MIDIVU ------------------- SOUND QUESTiVIDIQUES"
87. 95 ,....87.95 87,95 23 55 .... 143 95 MISC. MUSIC BARS AND PIPES __ 16900 EARS AND PIPE5 MULTl JI.95 BARS AND PIPES AIUS A __34 95 eARS AND PIPES MUSS 3195 BARS AND PIPES SOUNDS _ 3495 OR T a BACH SQNGBOCK 1795 DR TS COPYIST APPR 75 95 DR T S COPYIST DTP__190 00 DR TS DR DRUWS _17.95 DR TS OR. KEYS ___17,9$ DRTSKCS __159.96 DR T SKCS LEVEL II ___224.00 DR T$ kCSCCPYI$ T 219.00 DR TS MIDI REC STD 40.95 DYNAMIC STUOIO __136,00 DOCTOR Avj DOS TO COS- . 2555 3249 H 95 . 27.95 .2195 . 50.95 20 95
- ------195 00
- .. 5395 MASTER TRACKSPHO . ..2S9.95 MUSIC X .... .11900 PIXOUND .. ... 59 55 PRO MCI STUDIO .. 12100 fROSOUND GOLD ...... .77 55 SOMIX ..... 51 SOUNDTRAX YOL1
11. 45 SOUNDTRAXVOL2 . ..... 1145 STUDIO UAGIC- .. __ 19.45 SYHTH An .. . 73 45 SYNTHA PROFESSIONAL 239 CO TIGER CUB ...... .....56.55 TRAX MIDI STUDIO 5155 Explore the Universe! $ 40.95 A unique new Virtual Reality landscape explorer $ 58.95 __12.95
12. 95
29. 95 . 45.95 4595 £995
44. 95 .39.95 3995
37. 95
159. 95 ... 29.95 .. 10.00
- 14.00 .. 1)00 .10.00 .25.9$
55. 95
22. 95
22. 95
129. 00 3195
23. 95
45. 45
59. 95
2) 95 2395
- 2295 2295 22 95 KARA AN5MFONTS 3. 29 95 KARA FONTS STARFIElDS W95 MEGA PAINT (24 BIT) __179.00 MODELER 3D ___ 44 95 MY PAINT 2.0 __ 2995 MY PAINT DATA DISK *1 IS 95 MY PAINT DATA DISK *2 _1995 PAGE RENDER 3D ..93.95 PHOTON PAINT 2.0 _ 9995 PIXMATE _40.95 PURE COLOR ... ---------1695 SCULPT 3DXL . 10900 TUFBO SILVERTERRAIH _ 8995 VISTA __ $ 4.95 VISTA PAL _>695 5UFER DJV2.0 „ 1595 TELECOMMUNICATIONS ATALKHI __ 64 95 3AUDBANDIT __ „ _.-..2995 BBS FC _91.95 New Horizon's new word processor takes on all challengers with features like: MISC. GRAPHICS ACAD TRANSLATOR ...„ 13995 ANALYTIC ART „ J6S5 ART DEPARTMENT___5295 AUTOSCRIPT H 95 ZUUA FONTS 1-4 PACK ZUKA FONTS VOL 5 ZUVA FONTS VOL. ! ZUVA FONTS VOL. 2 _ ZIAIA FONTS VOL 3 .... ZUUA FONTS VOL. 4 _. CELLPRO ___ 13 T3 . 52 95 CREDIT TEXT BCROUER CALI DELUXE VIDEO ID .59.55 DfolWCRKS 3D ...... . . 54 95 DIRECTOR THE .11.95 D RECTORS TOOLKIT ..... 2395 DOUG S MATH AQUARIUM
19. 95 DOUGS COLOR COMMANDER .. ... 19.95 FRACTAL PRO __ .., 50.95 FRAMEGRAEEER V2 SFTWR .. ..56.95 IMAGE LINK ...
- 1195 INVASION PLUS ...... 193 W MAP PtCS-US... - . 1495 WOVlECUPS GENERAL 1 2245 PERFORMER lELAN)
• 100.000 word Spelling
• Thesaurus w 300,000 word cross references
• Import any HAM or IFF image
• Adjustable defaults lor ALL program settings!
• Multiple fonts, sizes, styles ¦ Arexx Support
- r r- PROTLIOTION ___ 5895 flESEP ......------------------- 5195 ROLL EM TELEPROMPTER ..B7.95 SCENE GENERATOR _2995 SUPER BUNDLE DCWTS 44900 SUPER BUNDLLDIGIViEW __ 399.00 TERRAIN FOR TURBOSlLV . 1995 TITLE PAGE __117 DO TV GRAPHICS 29 95 TVSHQW _ 53 95 TVTEXT PROFESSIONAL 99 95 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D 119)2 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D PAL_123-95 VIDEO PAGE __9395 V IDG END __43 9a DRAWING CAD AEGIS DRAW 20M 163)3 DECK8UILDER3CAD _ 5995 FLO FLOORPLAft CNSTRCT 29.95 H0ME3JILCERS SCULPT..... 69.95 HOMEBUILDERS .CHOICE 50.95 HOMEBUILDERS JJB.1 25.95 HOMEBUILDERS PRINT 72-95 INTROCAD 46.95 INTR0CAD PLUS . 86.95 PROFESSIONAL DRAW 2 0 .. 129 00 ULTRA DESIGN __CALL XCAD DESIGNER __ 8995 XCAD DESIGNER PAL ___8955 XCAD PROFESSIONAL 259 50 XCAD PROFESSIONAL PAL 299 50 X5HEU----_T24 95 MUSIC SOFTWARE MUSIC EDITOFVLIBRARIAN DR T$ 4-OP EDU3 6795 DR I S CZ CARTRIDGE ......6’95 DP.’SCZRSDEH __67.95 DRTSIWOEDIIB 90 95 DR rSMWEOLffl ___67 95 DR. TS DX7 EOU9 9095 DR. rSE-WU PROTEUS _9)9: DRTSESQ-APADEI ----------- 67 95 DR.T'S KAWAIX-1 __67.95 DR.TSKAWAlK-5.. ----.9095 DR. rs LEXICON .. 9-395 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.0 The Best in Desktop Publishing New Lower Price! $ 159 BUY PROFESSIONAL PAG£ 1,3 NOW AND GET A FREE UPGRADE TO VERSION 2.0 The computer industry's best-selling word processor - for the Amiga H159 WordPerfect Where in Time is Carmen San Diego 36.95 ONLINE PLATINUM .... 35 95 SKYLINE BBS VI2 97 95 PROGRAMMING AC BASIC ___129.95 AC FORTRAN 7? 16900 AC FORTRAN ___195 00 ADAPT 4&JX0 6995 AMIGA LOGO „_5395 AMIGA VISION _99)0 AREXX 29,45 AZTEC C COMPILER 195 00 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL___ 124 00 BENCHMARK C UERARY 62 95 BENCHMARK IFF U0RARY _62.95 BENCHMARK MODULA-2 124 DO BENCHMARK SIMPLE LI0R 53 95 BENCHMARK SOURCE LVL .. 9395 CAPE56KASSEH25 __ 5295 DEVPAC AMIGA ASSEMBLR 6495 HIS0FT BASIC PROFESSN __1W0C INOVATOOLSI __ 5195 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL __124.00 LATTICE CSAS'C 15900 LATTICE C** ___ 23900 LINT .... .... 6495 METASCOPE DEBUGGER __5995 otg dsu -Disassembler___4395 POWER WINDOWS 2i _ £245 SOURCE LEVEL DEBUGGER _ 46 95 NEW PROGRAMMING UTILITIES 8UTZ BASIC ___139.00 BYTE N BACK BACKUP „_4095 CANDO PROPAK1___2345 Cl.NEL'NK for IHAGLINK__175.00 INTERACT A2000 SOFTY* fi___?J 95 UINDLM TELECOM 2595 QUARTERBACK TOOLS ___5295 STERLING SERVICE BBS 84 9 5 TGALNK FOR IMAGEUNK ......175.00 Incredibly powerful ray- tracing at an incredibly low price $ 69 Turbo Silver 3.0 Falcon Mission II 17,95 Indianapolis 34.95 VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. DISCOVERY BATH 1 . IMS ..... 11.49 1149 11-49 11.49 1143 11,49
11. 49 23,35
23. 95
- ----9.95 29 95 35 95 2595 29 55 2595
32. 49
23. 95 259=
31. 95 , -27.95 ___ 19.55 19* 27 55 29 55
29. 95
16. 95 18.95
16. 95
23. 95 25* -2795
18. 95 17*
18. 55
19. 55 DE5JGNER DBASE Euii The best video titling program gets better. Full mouse support & hundreds of effects! DESIGNER DBASE ROME 1___25 55 MICROFICHE FILER PLUS ___-.11695 NljTRiFAX ___37.55 FECPEFAX 21.95 SPELLING IMPROVEMENT THREE BEARS STORYBOOK UNCLE D CONSNDTRATION UNCLE DS DATA DISK 1 .... EUPERBASEPERSONAL 2. SUPERBASE PROF 10___ 37.95 ... 199 00 PRESCHOOL EAHNEY SEAR GOES FARM .... BARNEY BEAR MET SANTA BARNEY SEAR TO SCHOOL __ BARMY BEAR TO SPACE __ KATIES FARM__ K30TA.LK __ WORD PROCESSING 3ABY,WRITER S TOOL ___17.55 CYGNUSED FROF- BEL 2 53-95 EXCELLENCE VERSON 2. ......12900 FLOY) 5795 PAGE SETTER II _64* ... 29.55 .. 29.95 .. 20.95 ...2095 .25 95 27 65 .. 13 95 .25 95 .. 13.95 .13.95 LETTERS FOR YOU .... _ MCGEE ___ TEENAGE MUTANT N WAS.. _29.95 W0WNTEA.....- ___31* TRJANGO... mu,.....10.00 NORTH AND SOUTH _ ___29.95 TJNNELS OF ARMAGEDDON TlfRPJCAN 27* OMEGA ... 31* .23* OPERATION SPRUANCE.. ..
- 29.55 UNREAL - .. 34* PERSIAN GULF INFERNO . ... .... 24* JENOFHOBE
- 12* CHAMBER OF SC'HUTANT, __31* STRIP POKER DATA 3----- ..... 12.95 CHRONO QUE5TII 29* TETRlS ...... ...... 15.56 CONOUE=ER 3145 THRO COURIER ___ ... 32 49 CREATURE .23* TYPHOON THOMPSON _ ___22.95 DARK CENTURY __ «~2MJ WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH _ ___3195 DAY OP THE YipsR 3145 WELLTRIS ¦ . ..20* DR DOOM'S REVENGE .. .25* WHERE IN EUROPE CARMN. ___32 49 DRAGON FORCE ___ 34* WHERE IN THE L.S.A .... ......32.43 DRAGONS BREATH__ _34* WHERE IN THE WORLD 3245 DRAGONS OF FLAME___ 27* WILD STREETS __29* EUTE , - 29* W1HDWALKER . _ 25.95 EMPIRE .
94. 55 ......52 35 PROWRITE 3.0. TOP FORM ANDROMEDA MISSION .5 35 23* ARCADE ACTON PACK 12 95 ARTURA ___25* ASTAROTH 32.45 BAAL ..... 14.55 BATTLE SQUADRON ..... -.15.5= BEYOND DARK CASTLE . 21* BLOOD MONEY ...... .....25.95 BRAINBLASTER ACTION..... ..... 27* BUBBLE BOBBLE . 13* BUBBLE GHOST
- 27* CAPONE ......23* CAPTAIN FIZZ . .IS* CLOWN-0-MANlA 77 M CONFLICT.EUROPE ..... 31* cosmic pirate . . ..... 25* CRYSTAL HAMMER ... . .... 5* DATASTOSM .. _25* DOUBLE DRAGON ___ 13* DOUBLE DRAGON II 25* 0RAGONSLAIR .. ......34* DRAGONS LAIR 9 43* DUCKTALES GUEST GOLD 2T* EVIL GARDEN ... .9* FIENDISH FREDDY'S __ 3243 FLOOD ... ... .27* FUTURE CLASSICS COLCH. ...-32.49 GHOST BUSTERS 11 ...... 25* GHQULSWGHDSTS - .. 3249 Monty Python's Flying Circus ..32.49 Cadaver ...32.49 Ml Tank Platoon ...33.95 Might and Mage II. 40.95 FLIGHT SIMULATION BATTLE HAWKS 34 95 FEMME FATALE DATA 3 13* FEMME FATALE DATA 4___1195 FEMME FATALE DATA 5__13* FIREPOWER 14.95 HiLLSFAR ___33* HOSTAGE ___29 85 BLUE ANGELS FIT SIM- 32.49 F-lfi COMBAT PILOT--------13 35 F29RETAUATDR_ 3249 FALCON __29.95 ¦ ¦ ¦' SyQuest 44MB Removable external hard disk drive complete with cartridge. Without controller S699 For A500 vv Trumpcard 500 ...S899 For A2000 or A3000 w Advantage ...S738 FALCON MISSON DISK . 15* FtGHTEfl BOMBER 37* FIGHTER BOMBER M&SN-----18* flight simulator i ___32 .45 GUNSHF 35* HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY __13* INTERCEPTOR ___13* KENNEDY APPROACH 32.43 .20* _27 95 „ 1395 Powerful image- conversion including 24bit file compatibility. Great for use with the JX100 color hand scanner THE 9 ART DEPARTMENT LEGEND WILLIAM TELL 25* LEISURE SUIT HWTDtSK 12* LEISURE SurTlARR M 38* LEISURE SUIT LARRY 2595 LEISURE SUIT LARRY I - ___33* LORDS 0 THE RSNG SUN__33-95 UARHUNTER 2 SAN FRAN _32 49 MANIAC HANSON 30* P0WEPDR0UE .27* SCENERY DISK 19 ___19 * SCENERY OSK17----19* SCENERY OSK 111 ___19* SCENERY DSK STARTER---------37* SCENERY DtSK WEUflOPE 19* $ 52.95
• Visualization of Math functions and data
• Optimized Mandelbrot Julia set functions
• Sound functions
• Recursive Formulas Math Vision $ 119.00 CIRCUIT DESIGN BOARD MASTER .. 6495 PRO BOARD___- __ 295 00 PRC BOARD-NET PACKAGE 2S900 PRO NET .....----------.28900 DINOSAURS AF.E FOREVER 25.55 DlSC0VERv GEOGRAPHY..... . 1143 DISCOVERY HISTORY ___ 1145 DISCOVERY LANG. 1 .. 11.49 GRAND MONSTER SLAU__ ~ 25* HERDS QUEST ... ... 38* IX API WARR0R5 ... 23* INDIANA JONESACTION-- _27* INDIANA JONES TEMPLE _ _ 25* LICENCE TO KILL .. ¦ ... 22* MAFSLE MADNESS ...... .1395 MATRIX MARAUDERS---------- ... 22* MENACE . . ..15* MSSON ELEVATOR S* NEVERMlfS ...... . .22* NY WARRIORS ... -3149 OPERATION WOLF . . .. .14i5 PO.V .... .. 23 95 PIONEER PLAGUE ----------10J» PIPE DREAM - . .17* PI AfilJF ... 23 * projectyle . ...27* PJFFYS SAGA .¦ 23* OiX ..1395 R 41,150 51 ..... • . 13* ROCKFORD . ..... 1155 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 25* SHOOT EM UP CONSTRUC ... 13* shuffl-puckcafe ... _25* SKYFOX11. .... ...... 1995 SPACE ACE ...... ...33* 5PHERCAL. - 25* STRYX - . .. 22* STUNT TRACK RACER ... . ....** TARGHAJi _ . 23* HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, IRON LORO _ IT CAME FROM DESEPT 2 IT CAME FROM DESERT 34* JOAN OP ARC ___29 * KLAX ---25.* TECHNOCOP .14.95 Powerful features like seguence looping make it a unique and ¦ $ 64.95 The newest audio editing software from Oxxi Aegis. Versatile product. ... AudioMaster III Call for prices Wo carry a largo number of tutorial video*. From specific programs to general graphic tapes. They re a great complement to your Amiga Software. U S ORDERS ONLY* CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ORDER STATUS 1 NEW MM 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 HOURS Canada: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM Sat 8-6 PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 32-43
14. 95 TURBO SILVER VIDEO _... 20.95 ULTIMATE VIDEO FRQD1 ......32.49
32. 43 395
23. 95
19. 95
19. 95 .15.95 .11.95 2995 _ 1.95 3249 Tunnels of Armageddon 34.95 29 95 , 155 _. 10.95 15 95 29.95 20.55 .1955 10 95 ...-.28 85 1185 1695 . 9 95 .....995 1655 .9.95
20. 95 1495 14 55 1685 1565 1485 1995 1295
16. 95
9. 95 995
12. 95 .... 145 4 95 995 9.95 9.95 1995 9.95
- .19 95 .... 12 95
12. 95 ..... 9.49 9.55 „ 1595 .... 9.95 _ 15 95 115$ ... 19.95 ... 2195
- 2195 ...21.55
9. 95 ...10.95 Pro Tennis Tour ....27.95
25. 95 34 95 ... 3249 ... 1495
- 25 95 ....37.95
- U55
• »¦ 6.95
- .1.95
- 4.93
- 4 95 ... 6.95
- 6.85
- 3.55 OMNI PLAY BASKETBALL PRO SOCCER __ PRO TENV$ TOUR PROF FOOTBALL SIM ..... Music X UPS Ground Fedex 2-day QTY. PRODUCT NAME UNIT PRICE TOTAL E SALES TAT iCA pes cmri Si" rr TOTAL WIN A DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTV! (A $ 399 VALUE) Register to win a Digital Creations DCTV by filling out this entry order form and mailing it to us. One person will be picked at random to win from forms received by December 31st, 1990! (No purchase necessary.) HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM:
1. Call for shipping rates.
2. Mail this order form to CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 SCENERY DSK, JAPAN
- .1995 heart of the dragon .. I*. IE CTATi'VJ - 29.95 SPACE QUFST II! VI STRIKE ACES ... 31*9 WvCvl 1“ Hnnritim Crir* nilCCT IlihtNT THEIR FINEST HOUR .... .3995 JETSONS jr.KLi ujcsi iiinim ...» STARGUDERII 27 95 WINGS __ ...3415 KfllSTAl 34 9S TOTAL ECLIPSE 1995 LOST DUTCHMAN MrNE _ ___ 29.95 WEIRD DREAM5 .... .... .25.95 GRAPHIC ADVENTURES MAN HUNTER ¦ NEW YORK 3149 BRIDE OF THE ROBOT ... ... 25.95 POLICE QUEST. ... ... 31.95 ROLE-PLAYING GAMES CASTLE MASTER __
- 32 49 Ccr VIVFkQ CDAU Cdlhp 91 OX sian'C TUI P n « CODE NAME ICEMAN . 38 95 OCA rnVM 5'*VC SPACE QUEST __ »v 3) ......31.95 c AnU o I Ait---- BARD STALE HINT DISK. 1J 7J _1396 COLONELS BEQUEST _ 3895 SPACE QufST 111 HINT
- -- in v GOLD RUSH .. .25 95 METHOD OF PAYMENT: i i | i mm I | Check |_| Money Order |_| Visa |_J MasterCard ? American Express Discover CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card Signature l~l YES! I'd like to join the Creative Computers VIP Club. ? I am ordering $ 600 or more in product for a FREE VIP membership. ?i would like to order the following products: ENTRY ENROLLMENT ORDER FORM I Federal Express I] Other_ Country_ Phone ( ). Name_ Address. City. State. Zip_ CC0191AW RfCX DAVIS'S SOCCER ___31.55 SHARK ATTACK GOLF __25.55 SPEEOBAU --27 9S STREET ROD TENNIS CUP. TESTDRlVE II TURBO ___ TURBO OUTRUN 34.95 TV SPORTS BASKETBALL 34 85 TV SPORTS FOOTBALL _ 34 95 TV SPORTS FOOTBALL 89 _ 9-95 WINTER GAME ___14 95 STRATEGY ART OF GO _3595 BALANCE OF POWER:l»3 ...„ 14 95 BATTLE CHESS _31.95 BUCK GOLD 25.95 BUCK JACK ACADEMY 14.55 8‘JTZXR£G (1 MEG LW __35.95 BRIDGE 6.0 .. 2555
- -------------- 25 95 32 4:
- --35 95
- - 25 95 2995 CRAPS ACADEMY . ..14.95 CR BbiGE king Gin knG DISTANT ARMIES __27.95 2«p5 DOMINOES _16 95 FIRE-BRIGADE .. GENGHiS KHAN _ .. .,.29 85 3685 GETTYSBURG TURN FQINT GLOBAL COMMANDER ..... HARMONY ...... __1095 .., 1000 29 95 HOYLE BOOK OF GAMES 2 . 22 95 HOYLE BOOK OF GAMES- _22.95 IMPER JM -----
- Jt LajrrSr-y rlfT*JOS >jv.- iftrnfcn A i..-: i,-jjutof&o: w Wi alhv.->;ftiW'*)t'ceui>ry ijjcUy-
a. -.jsj w.tUi 'c. Rsa ?cm .‘nc->xtur icj’oe.r>. I'm Vt W8«* prtrvc* aU j-act rseorxxrps uk b i 271 f cxM*'« CtKro . Herircrutrasmrrfi>y'iws'f.wrtcu-4-;»tva '•'( tt-stg -I 5*-.:«v- s ct::-jr.rcjy.tcaar ui-rt:wc Csi b rjcrn ran VIVWl ¦a.rs£»oe*Mr-3 B rCnfii ;! ! A O-UntnrsariiOE U ajwt rrevmfXr. -3&rc tz>Czzs*z*i--'-Ki ;h-rrt ip ene 'K6*tw »jt.j Au®>t»72 iiwvi»7s; OUAKUflJH US & ( »ss ajrthiwa t> i'l y j' seicto! Rn ;.« e -Vs «ri gn® ysu ou' 'deSvereff
- *;r j-.i- lie We .JeaVs 'cc..iew>3 pxg CUSTOMER SERVICE for tech support call 213-542-2292 Irom 11 a m. lo 7 p.m. PST. '•SHiPPi'lG No surcharge lor Visa MasterCard; 4S surcharge for American Express: 1 si surcharge lor Discover. Call for all other shipping inlormalion. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. AMGA PLUS WITH DISK 14.55 AUGA WORLD _3 95 AUIGAZINE ___ 595 BYTE 3 50 COMPUTE! MAGAZINE ... ----2 95 COMPUTER GAVlNG WOPLD 3 50 JUMPOISK--------------995 THE ONE MAGAZINE ___ 6.95 VIDEOTAPES AMIGA HARD DRIVES VlD _3995 AMGA VIDEO MAGAZINE ..14 95 DELUXE PAINT 3 VIDEO ___1555 DESKTOP VIDEO GRAPH 1___ 3095 DESKTOP VIDEO GRAPH 2 .... 30 93 DESKTOP VIDEO GRAPH 3 .-3095 DIRECTOR TUTORIAL 29.95 MUSICAL AMIGA VIDEO 2395 Tons Of utilities to improve your floppies or hard drive. $ 5295 Quarterback Tools OUR POLICIES Murder! 34.95 A-10-Tank Killer ..,.34.95 Pioneer Plague 14.95 VISA ANNOUNCING THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS LOW PRICE GUARANTEE Creative Computers, the service and low-price leader, has just reduced aii of its prices even more. Check out the prices in this ad, then compare them to the competition’s. If you find a lower price anywhere, we’ll beat it!** with even facilities and a ANNOUNCINGTHE CREATIVE COMPUTERS EXCLUSIVE MONEY BACKGUARANTEE PROGRAM (CC-MBG) Now and through December 31st, 1990, when you purchaseany accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives, or hard drive controllers from Creative Computers, you are protected with a full 30- Day, No-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee!
• The Best Service
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• The Largest Selection (One of the halls in the warehouse) CREATIVE COMPUTERS' STORES (Store's Support At Mail Order Prices™) Are you waiting to buy a hard drive this Christmas but don't want to be stuck with a lemon? Are you tired of waiting for your Amiga to compute but don’t know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! CC-MBG Rules: Limited-time offer only applies to above listed categories. You must call customer service to obtain a Return Authorization number before sending item back. Item must be in original condition and in original packaging. No damaged items will be accepted. Refunds j issued within 14 days of receipt of the y returned item. Y ¦ South Bay: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260. (213) 542-2292 ¦ Westside: 318 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401. (213) 301-9074 | Ventura: 2112 E. Thompson Dr. Ventura, CA 93001. (805) 652-0325 Frank Khulusi Our South Bay Superstore in Southern California Creative Circle 199 on Reader Service card y i i
• Directly reconfigure from tablet setup area
• Buzzer on offsetting increases cursor button feeling and allown easy verification of table configuration setting
• EEPROM memory allows storage of user default configuration
• Auto configuring hardware interlace
• 100(1 Dots per inch resolution
• Emulates a variety of drawing tablets
• 255 MAPS ADDED IN 2.0
• NOW WITH A BUILT-IN EDITOR BYTE BY BYTE DISTRIBUTED BY CENTAUR SOFTWARE SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR ...S89.95 Create, render and animate solid object with the same easy-to-use interlace as 4D (no ray tracing). SCULPT ANIMATE 4D S350 The most sophisticated and powerful 3D animation and ray-tracing software available on ANY PERSONAL COMPUTER! ITS THE EASIEST TO USE! MINDLINK
• PLUS MANY MORE FEATURES! NO ROOM TO LIST! Personal OF- Personal QT LU Q- 2 -i .- *-¦ - ' --*11 1 S.
a. aaaaaaaaaaia* THIS IS THE BEST-SELLING OPTICAL MOUSE FOR THE AMIGA Optical technology eliminates friction and momentum for super precise handling No-moving-part construction for increased reliability Middie button makes it compatible with A2024 software, Xwindows and UNIX Easy plug-in compatibility with ALL Amiga computers £07- 7-.£ .-..-I V- £ ;£V£- 2.1 Graphics SpectraColor, the first 4096 color paint program with animation... SpectraColor features all of the professional- level tools you've come to expect, plus much more! Now you can create top-quality animations using the rich colors and textures of the Amiga's powerful HAM mode! Offering fully automated animation features based on a point-and-click interface, SpectraColor doesn't require you to guess at coordinate positions. Just draw the path of the animation on the screen, choose and effect (wrap, bend, rotate, and stretch are just a few of the possibilities), and click "Render." Even use HAM ANIM Brushes to add another layer of impressive results! And, the number of frames is limited only by your available memory. SpectroTut C 1990 L. Morkoya Developed by BazboSoft, the creators of Photon Paint, SpectraColor is the ultimate refinement of pure artistry on the Amiga, destined to become the new Amiga HAM standard. SpectraColor's remarkable new color manager ends the task of wandering endlessly over tiny areas of color hoping you find the one you need. Now, use the HAM Magnification window to see colors as larger blocks, allowing for quick and precise color selection. Exciting and advanced new tools such as airbrush, pixelization, pantograph, stencil, transparent and shadow effects make SpectraColor the HAM artist's dream come to life! (Above) Kate by Cheryl Austin. Created with SpectraColor. (Lett) SpectraColor's Innovative new Color Manager. Aegis SpectraColor and SpectraRunners Logo are trademarks of Oxxi, Inc WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 90309, LONG BEACH, CA 90809-0309 USA Telephone: (213) 427-1227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 Circle 8 on Reader Service card SOLID PRODUCTS and SOLID SUPPORT from GENERAL BUSINESS Advantage (The) 12V Analyze 2.0 60 B Graphics 126 Cits Desk V2.0 129 DBMANV 209 Excellence V2.(l t IMIJi 150 Family Tree (Your) 35 Flow 65 Kimlwords 69 Microlaw ver 39 N AG Plus V3.I 52 )ffict‘* ISO
P. H.A.S.A.R. V4.0 59 Pageseiter 11 84 Page Stream V2.0 192 Page Stream Fonts ea 27 Pen Pal 99 Professional Draw 2.it 139 Professional Page 1 3 189 Professional Page 2.6 call Proscript for Prowrite 32 Prowrite V3.0 114 Publisher Plus 64 Saxon Publisher 279 Scribble ¦ Platinum Edition 72 Security Analyst 48 Service Industry Accounting 252 Siiperbasc Personal 53 Superbasc Personal 2 99 Supcrb-Lse Professional V'3.0 225 Supcrplnn 99 Top Form 59 Word Perfect v4.1.11 149 Works - Platinum Edition 140 BOOKS Advanced Amiga Basic SI5 Amiga Basic ]nsule&Out+ 20 Amiga C for Beginners* 15 Amiga C for Advanced Progs* 25 Amiga Companion 2nd Edition 15 Amiga DOS Inside «V Out* 17 Amiga DOS Quick Ret Manual 8 Amiga Desktop Video Guide 17 Amiga Graphics Inside and Out* 27 Amig.i Hardware Reference Review IS Amiga Machine Language* 17 migu Printers; InsitJeNOul 28 Amiga Programmer's Handbook 2 20 Amiga System Prog's Guide* 27 Amiga Tips Jc Tricks* 17 Amiga for Beginners 15 Best ol Amiga 1 ipsK tricks 24 C Primer Plus 21 Dungeon Master 1 lint Book It Making Music on the Amiga 2K ROM Kernel RoLExoc.Lib&Devs 2S ROM Kemal RefJncludcs&AuioDow 27 ENTERTAINMENT 6SS Attack Sub $ 34 ABC Monday Night Football 39 AD&D - Champions of Kry no 35 ).)&|) - Curse of the Azure Bonds 34 ADJC 1) ¦ Dragon Strike 34 AlDvl) - Pool of Radiance 35 Altered Beast 34 Anarchy 27 Bandit Kings of Ancient China 39 Bar James 3(1 Battle Squadron 24 Black Gold 27 Blades of Steel 311 Blue Angels 30 Bride of the Robot 26 Bridge 6.0 27 Buck Rogers* 34 Check Mate 36 t odetiame: Iceman 39 ( ’oloruTs Bequest 39 Dragon's Lair II Singe's Castle 46 Dragon Lord 34 Dragon scape 27 Dragon Wars 34 Drakkhen 39 Dungeon Master 26 Dungeon Master 2* 27 Earl Weaver Baseball 35 Earl Weaver Stats '89 Disk 14 F-29 Relaliator* 34 Falcon 33 Flood 27 Future Wars 33 Genghis Khan 39 t ihost Busters II 27 EDUCATION Algebra Plus $ 33 Algebra Plus A oil 33 Barney Bear Goes to School 23 Bamev Bear Goes to the Farm 23 Harney Bear Goes in .Space 23 Discover Alphabet 13 Distant Sans (Galileo 3) 46 Katie's Farm 27 Math Blaster Plus 33 Mavis Beacon Ty ping 34 McGee 27 Mixed Cp Mother Goose 20 My Paint 33 My Paint Data Disk 1 17 My Paint Data Disk 2 17 Rhyming Notebook 29 Talking Story Book 20 Where Europe is Carmen S.m Diego 33 W here in i iine is Carmen KnnDiegi 33 Where in USA is Carmen SanDiego 33 Where in World is Carmen SanDiego 30 World Atlas 2.0 39 ENTERTAINMENT BRIWALL SUPPORTS OUR SOLDIERS STATIONED IN THE MIDDLE-EAST This year, during ihc holiday season we're donating $ .50 to the USO for each order we process through the end of December. This money is to be used for the the soldiers serving as pan of Operation Desert Shield, and will hopefully add some joy to their holidays away from home. We want them to know- that we support them. Hardball II 33 Harpoon 41 1 leal Wave: Offshore Racing 30 I lero's Quest 39 Highway Patrol 2 30 Hoyles Games 2 23 lee Hockey: Wayne Gretzky 35 Immortal 33 1 mpcrium 27 Indianapolis 5011 34 IshiihnWay of the Stones 36 It Came From the Desert 33 It Came From the Desert II 14 Jack Niehlaus* Unlimited Golf 39 Kings Quest 4 39 Leisure Suit Larry 3 39 Loom 41 Ml lank Platoon 39 Matrix Marauders 27 Midwinter 27 Might & Magic 2 4! Mutant Priestess 30 Neti romancer 31 Nnhimga’s Ambition* 39 Operation Spnunce 33 Overrun 4i PkTiimary 27 Pirates! 30 Planet of Lost 24 Police Quest 2 39 Populus 34 Power Pinball 27 PowermongiT* 34 Pro Football Simulation 23 Project}1 Ic 27 Red Storm Rising 36 Rings of Medusa 33 Second Front 34 Scxlimaies 33 Sex Vixens from Space 25 Shadow of the Beast 27 Shadow of the Beast 2 39 Shark Attack 26 Sim City 30 Sim City Terrain Editor 15 Spherical 17 Storm Across Europe 41 Streed Rod 27 St l ike Aces 33 Tennis Cup 27 Test Drive 2: 17k- Duel 33 Test Drive 2:European Chalenge 13 The Colony 33 1 he Killing Game Show 311 The Plague 27 Their Finest HounBattlc Britain 41 Tunnels of Armageddon 27 Ultima IV 39 Unreal 34 Wei iris 23 Wings 34 ings of Fury 27 GRAPHICS VIDEO 3D Professional 320 3D Professional Video 19 AniMagic 91 Animation Soundtrack 88 Art Department 59 Art Department Prof.* 129 Autodroid 50 AutoScript 84 Broadcast Tiller 193 Broadcast Tiller II 249 Color Splitter Auto Cable 45 Credit Text Scroller 27 Deluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Print 2 54 Deluxe Video 3 99 Digimate 3 27 Digipaint 3 69 Digivicw v4.0 (for 500 2000) 139 Digiworks 3D 84 Director 49 Director - Toolkit 29 Disnev Animation Studio 119 Draw 2000 169
F. clips 65 Genesis* 97 Graphics Starter Kit 65 Home Builder's CAD 135 Imagine* 224 Interchange 33 Interchange T.Silver module 20 Intro CAD Plus 108 Invision Plus 219 Kara Fonts call Masterpiece 31) Fonts 65 Media Line Dsktp & Video Package 24 Outline Fonts 129 Palette Printer 27 Performer 23) 97 Pixmate 45 PrintMaslcr Plus 33 Pro.Motiun 65 Pro Video Post 224 Scene Generator 33 Sculpt Animate 4D 389 Sculpt 3DXE 116 Slum maker* 275 Thinker 52 Turbo Silver v Terrain 139 TV Text Professional 109 Ultra Design 255 Video Scape 3D 2.0 129 A ideo Tilling Starter Kit 199 Vista 65 UTILITIES LANG. SOUND MUSIC A Talk ill S65 Adapt 68030 Assembler 120 Amax 11 - Mac Emulator 159 Ami,.. Alignment 39 Amiga Vision 109 Amiga Workbench 1.3 24 AmiExpress BBS 17(1 Arcxx VI 0 35 Aztec C Prof Pak V5 w Zeditor 129
B. A.D. Disk Optimizer 32 Baud Bandit 33 Butcher 2.0 25 Can Do 89 CrossDOS V4.0 27 DiskMaster 1.4 33 DOS-2-DOS 39 Diskmaster 33 Doctor Ami.. 33 FACCII 25 Irnagelink 2.11 129 tinagel.ink IG A Module 219 Janus Libraries V2.0 27 Lattice C++ 259 Lattice V5.I0 Dev Pacakage 205 LOGO 75 MacroPaint 140 Paragon BBS 107 Project D v 1.1 33 Quarterback V4.0 49 Qtiatcrbaek fools 59 Skyline BBS 109 Super Card Ami 11 79 Super Explode 39 I ItraC'ard Plus 65 X Copy 33 Audio Master III S65 Bars & Pipes 192 BarsiXPipes Multimedia Kit 39 Deluxe Music Construction 65 Dr T Keyboard C. S. Level II 225 Dr T Keyboard C. Seq. V3.I) 177 Dr T's Tiger Cub 65 Alusie-X Jr. 97 Music Mouse 52 Perfect Sound A500 V3.0 65 Phantom 161 Sonix 52 Synthiu II 81 1-800-638-5757 Outside USA: (215) 683-5433 Tech Support (215) 683-5699 Customer Service (215)683-5433 FAX (215) 683-8567 J Visa and MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge J Your credit card is not charged until your order is snipped ? Personal checks (no holding) and money orders accepted ? COD orders for established customers only. Add $ 4 SHIPPING ? All orders received before 3PM will normally be shipped within 2 business days ? Software shipping charges are $ 4.50 per order via UPS ground to anywhere in continental USA _l Hardware shipping charges are $ 4.50 handling plus actual shipping and insurance charges J All UPS shipments are sent signature required
- J 2nd Day Delivery via Federal Express is available for $ 12, Next Day Delivery only S15. (any order up to 20 pounds.) BRIWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Monday - Friday GAM-6PM Saturday 9AM- 12Noon HARPOON from Three-Sixty You play the role of NATO Task Force Commander in this uargame simulation of NATO vs. the USSR. Select from many command, tactics, weapons and scenarios choices, with a database of more thn 100 NATO and Soviet weapons systems al your disposal. Britt till Price S41 For a limited time, get Buttle Set w2. U illi In additional _sviii.uii" I-BI t when uni Ihi II,h|X‘ph. D AS BOOT: (icrman U-Boat Simulation from Three-Sixty Das Boot combines sound, music and historical perspective with state-of-the-art graphics to create an intense and action packed simulation. You must handle live different positions to guard against surface action from aircraft, subs, ships and shore-based installations. Briwall Price S34 BARNEY BEAU MEETS SANTA CLAUS Santa cumcs down the chimney ami Barney Bear is still awake! So Santa invites Bamcy on a ride to the North Pole and visit Santa's Toy Factor, lliis. Fun learning program for children ages 2-6 includes a scrambled word game, a missing letter game and a complete fill-in-the-colore painting program. Brits:ilI Brice >23 MEGA FORTRESS: Might of* the Old Dog from Three-Sixty Based on the best selling novel 'night of the Old dog", MegaFortrcss simulates the mission flown by a modified B-52 against the Russian laser facility on the Kamchakta peninsula. You must fly the plane at up to 500 MPH while controlling all five major positions w ithin the aircraft. Britt nil Price S4I Enchanted Realms The Premier Adventure Game Magazine for the Amiga [Enchanted Realms covers everything from arcade adventures to fantasy role-playing games, exclusively for ilw Amiga. Each issue features'news, reviews and lips on adventure games, plus a disk with mirti- adventure games, editors, and game demos. I'.Mic t‘> ’ is non ready h i ontletuig. Briwall Price Sid STERLING SERVICE BBS The Friendly Amiga Bulletin Board Service Now even beginners can set up a bulletin board system. Sterling Service uses Amiga graphics, logical pull-down menus, and intelligent requestors to create an elegant interface that makes setting up and operating your own BBS a breeze. Briwall Price Sl>7 Your MAIL ORDER SPECIALISTS - BJIiWALL Supra Corporation A mien 2iiiin Hard Driu Parkae** Tliesc packages come complete with controller and hard dmc, are fomiatled and ready u» use. Supra Wurdsync u 40 H )u;mlum III) $ 52') Supra Hnrdsyiicw |0()MJl()uaiUtmi III) $ 827 Vmi a HI1MI and 5011 ilpi iDriw Pack.mis 1 hese packages come complete with controller, case, power silppU. Are lonnalled and reads 10 use. A HMK) A 5 00 44MB S t|uesi Supra Drive Pke SI020 $ 969 HI5M B Qtuumim Supra Drive Pkg $ 989 $ 929 Mniua 500X1' Hard hrhe Puckuees * HAM 20MB wtilt 5I2K $ 575 with 2MB $ 665 4UMB with 5I2K $ 699 with 2MB $ 785 Over 5 Years in Business GVP- ACCEI.ERAT )R ItOARI)S! A3001 - 6K030-882 2SMHz + 4 IB $ 1499 A3001 with 40MB Quantum SIS1)') A3tK)l with SOMB Quamtim $ 2140 $ 2699 A3033 • 68030-882 33VIII + 4MB $ = Al l. A3050 - 68030-882 50MMz + 4MB $ 245(1 A50(1 SERIES II HARD DRIVE SYSTEMS + RAM $ CAU. Wciany a CO MPI 1 II !iih-i*d VP prndmis! Please tall lor olhei products anil pi ires. Satisfaction Guaranteed These package prices are complete, and include all additional hardware required. Briwall Memory Packages HOARDS OK 2MB 4VI1I
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Drive $ 599 Draw Tablet - Fasvl 500 S359 Dual Serial Port Board $ 219 Draw Tablet - Skelchmastcr 12x12 $ 399 EthcrNcl A20G5* $ 290 Fast Fax $ 599 Inks call Joysticks call KwiksiartAKMKt $ 105 MoiiseTmte - A 1000 Clock $ 33 Multiport Board CM I $ 179 tuItistnrl II $ 89 Paper call PC Iwrhoard $ 499 Power supph • AE A500 1OOW $ 89 RejuvenaiorAlOOOlbare) $ 350 Ribbons call ST506 RLL to SCSI Adaptor $ 165 Serial 'art! - 7 ports $ 339 Shell fierier for CSX-141) $ 144 Surer Protector $ 118 Serial Card * 7 purls $ 339 Tape streamer 250MB backup $ 587 NewTek's Video Toaster The Video Toaster brings sophis- licated digiial video effects into lhe hands of every Amiga 200(1 owner. The Toaster includes: ?A Genlock unit ?Two 24-hit video framebuffers ?A 24-bit video digitizer ?2MB of RAM ? 128 Digital Video Effects (DVE's) ?A Giroma effecLs image processor ?A Chroma key effeeis processor ?A 35ns character gcneruior ?Tostct I’ainl. A 24-hti paim package ?I ightWave 31). A 31) modeling, rendering and animation package If ri wall Price - $ 1449! Q Media MIDI and SMPTE Compadbility DANCING IS FUN. But timing is everything. MIDI and SMPTE time code are standards for music and video production that keep your multimedia production dancing in time. Why Use MIDI? MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a scheme that allows computers to record musical performances and play them back through electronic musical instruments. One obvious use for MIDI is to drive external sound modules, such as stand-alone synthesizers and samplers. You can even then combine their output with the Amiga's four 8-hit internal voices for music and sound effects. A single MIDI sound module can support as many as 32 voices, with each voice being a different type of sound. Because the Amiga’s custom sound chips keep sounds in chip RAM, using MIDI for sounds can also save chip RAM for graphics use. Emu, Yamaha, Casio, Ensoniq, Roland, and Korg all build suitable sound modules, with and without keyboards, that sell from about $ 300 to S4O0O. 1 prefer sound modules that support velocity and aftertouch data for musical expressiveness and MIDI volume control, so that I can have the relative level of the sounds controlled from the computer. In addition, I recommend looking for multilim- bra! Capabilities, which allow one sound module to provide many instruments at By Jamie Krutz the same lime, each listening to its own MIDI channel and each playing an individual line of music. MIDI can do more than control music. With the proper MIDI-controlled equipment, you can use MIDI to run a lighting system and to control tape decks and other equipment, making your Amiga the control center of a complex multimedia production. You can also send MIDI into your Amiga from an external box to control some multimedia programs. You can trigger animations or still graphics from another computer, a MIDI keyboard, MIDI wind controller, MIDI violin, MIDI drum pad, MIDI tap shoes, or whatever. To use MIDI on your Amiga, you need a MIDI interface box that plugs into your serial port. If your multimedia project needs more than 16 MIDI channels, or if you need a free serial port for a laser disc, tape machine control, or a time code reader, you can add additional serial ports via a card. I he Serial Solution (Checkpoint Technologies, $ 199) supports MIDI correctly with no modifications. Bars & Pipes (Blue Ribbon Sound Works, $ 299) or Music X (Microillusions, $ 299.95) are the first Amiga sequencers to support multiple MIDI ports. How To Use MIDI There are two ways multimedia software supports MIDI: directly front within the program, and via Arexx interaction with another program that supports MIDI directly. For direct support, .AmigaVision (Commodore, bundled with the Amiga or $ 149 separately) and DeluxeVideo III = Electronic Arts, $ 149.95) let you play MIDI modules using music saved as SMUS files although AmigaVision supports only four MIDI channels. You need to create the SMUS files using a sequencing or notation program that supports the SMUS format. Interactor (Very Vivid, $ 129) can send individual notes and other MIDI messages from the optional MIDI Expansion Module ($ .30). Showmaker (Gold Disk, $ 395) promises the ability to play standard MIDI files, which is what all multimedia programs should support. Most sequencing software on any computer will save and load standard MIDI files. The Director (Right Answers Group, $ 129.95) with its Director Toolkit ($ 39.95) can be triggered by MIDI note on note off messages. PageFlipper Plus FX 2.0 (Mindware International, $ 299) promises two-way MIDI support. For indirect MIDI support, Bars and Pipes can be controlled through Arexx, or it can control other programs. It can play MIDI sequences under Arexx control, and its optional Multimedia Kit ($ 59.95) includes a Bars & Pipes Arexx MIDI player that takes less of your Amiga’s resources to run than does the full ¦ PRESENTING THE MOST DASHING trendsetter since excellence!. 1.0 The first version of excellence! Set the standards for power, features and ease of use in Amiga WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) word processors. Now, excellence! V2.0 sets the standards again. Whether you are a novice or novelist; student or professor; homemaker or executive, you’ll enjoy the new, refined features an innovative pace-setter offers. Excellence! Has a personable and intuitive interface, allowing you to unlock its power in simple, understandable steps. Understandable also flourishes in the thorough reference manual that communicates with you in English, not some dialect of computerese. Printing
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* up to 175 words per minute Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines • PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. • excellence! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Systems Software, Inc. program. The Cue Card Tool lets you turn MIDI notes into Arexx messages and simulate keystrokes that allow MIDI to control multimedia programs. This opens a gateway to MIDI from Arexx programs like Can Do (INOVAtronics, SI49.95) or Elan Performer 2.0 (Elan Design, SI49). I Sync Therefore I Am SMELL stands for "Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers," a standard-setting organization. SMPTE time code is the industry-standard way of labeling each consecutive frame ol a video or film with a unique number showing hours, minutes, seconds, and frames. A second number, the "user bits" number, is commonly employed to show the tape number or date, but you may not need it. Of the four types of time code (30 frames per second for NTSC video, 30 for drop frame, 25 for PAL video, and 24 for film), you'll probably use drop frame. Drop frame is the same as 30 fps SMPTE time code, except that it makes up for for differences between the frame rate of color NTSC video and real time by periodically skipping numbers, keeping the time-code numbers in line with real elapsed time much as a leap year brings our calendar in line with cosmic reality. SMPTE time code is useful in many situations. If you are using more than one computer in your presentation one for music and one or more for graphics and perhaps genloc king over video from a disk or tape machine, you can run one master SMPTE time-code track from a time-code generator or a tape- machine audio track and have everything stay exactly together. If you are using a taped soundtrack, put SMPTE on an audio track to svnc everything. 4 J O If you are editing a video and need to lay an animation onto your tape at an exact location, your graphics program can know when to play the animation by listening to SMPTE. If you are creating music and sound effects for a video, you can lock your sequencer to a videotape, and then write music and create sound effects that will play back in perfect sync with the video. So far, no animation play-back program spits out time code as it plays, so you can’t do the same trick directly for writing music for an amnia- O tion. You might be able to use Arexx and Microillusion’s TCRG 102 ($ 799.95) to play back an animation while playing hack time code, perhaps from CanDo or .AmigaVision. SMPTE Hardware To use SMPTE time code, you need a SMPTE reader generator. There are three available for the Amiga. The Phan- ? Manufacturers’ Addresses Blue Ribbon SoundWorks 1293 Briardale Atlanta, GA 30306 404 377-1514 Checkpoint Technologies PO Box 2035 Manassas, VA 22110 703 330-5353 Commodore 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Dr. T’s Music Software 100 Crescent Rd., Suite 1B Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 Elan Design PO Box 31725 San Francisco, CA 94 131 415 359-7212 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-717! Future Video 28 Argonaut Laguna Hills, CA 92656 714 770-4416 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4W 5A1 800 GGLD-DSK 416 602-4000 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, I X 75231 214 340-4991 MicroIIlusions PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 818 785-7345 Mindware International 110 Dunlop St. W., Box 22158 Barrie, Ont., Canada L4M 5R3 705 737-5998 PassPort Designs 625 Miramotues St., 103 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 415 726-0280 ' RGB Video Creations 3944 Florida Blvd., Suite 102 Palm Beach Gardens, EL 33410 407 622-0138 Right Answers Group Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 Very Vivid POB 127, Station B Toronto, Ont., Canada M5T 2T3 416 686-7850 Searching for a camcorder that will help you make terrific videos?... Shopping for a quality CD player that won't bust your budget?... Trying to create great graphics with your computer?... Looking to upgrade your VCR system?... It's all herein ON! WIN A $ 5000 HOME THEAT VIDEO, AUDIO & COMPUTERS ON! Explores emerging trends and exciting breakthroughs. You'll find out what's hot and what's not-thc products you'll enjoy for years and those that are merely passing tads. I ULTIMATE HOME VIDEO
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• The Know-How to put it all together The new standard in wordprocessing 509 a New Horizons i i, .. Call for current availability Free Send-Fax! Buy a DataLink Modem and join the fax generation for free! External s229." Internal5177." AmigaVision Join the Multimedia Revolution 69! 00 Applied Engineering After $ 25 rebate directly from Commodore*Offer good through 12 31 90 Limited Supply - While They Last AutiioMaster III Supra Corporation Higher Sampling Rate Easier Editing New Interface Compressed Data Supports all Samplers 2400 Baud Modem with Cable $ 107 M Special Prices on Wort Sync’s and 500XP Drives! $ 791 00 800-BEAMIGA: THE AMIGA SOURCE SOFTWARE SPOTLIGHT! GRAPHICS AutOScnp! 95 Award Maker Pius 34 Award Maker Sports Disk 20 B Graphics 126 Butcher 2 0 25 Comic Setter ....69 Corm: Setter Data Disks 25 Design 3D ......69 Dig-Droid 74 Dig i-Mate 111. .... 31 Digi-Paint 3 0 .58 Digi-Vrew Gold 4 0 124 Eiar, Performer 2 0 99 Font'Works 67 Frame Grabber SW 74 Image Link. .124
• imagine ...239 Interchange .40 Interchange Obiect 15 InterFont ..82 N**fMegaPaint (24 Bit!)......164 Modeler 3D 59 Paintfun 28 PageReader 3D 108 Photon Paint II ...99 N-1 Pixel 3D. . 92 Pixmate ...54 Print Master Plus 33 RESEP ....56 Scanlab ..Call Sculpt 3D-XL ... 130 Sculpt-Animate 4D 399 Sculpt-Ammate 4D Jr. Call Turbo Silver Terrain Disk 22 Turtw Silver .. 109 Turbo Silver Conversion 15 Turbo Sliver Video . 30 Vtd Gen.. 99 Videoscape 3D 2 0 .122 ¦••’VideoScape Promotion 56
• Wrap Session......59 VIDEO Abacus Desktop Vid Book 18 Animagic ...... 66 nm'Anirnation Station . 59 Broadcast Tiller 499 Calignn Consumer......185 Credit Texit Scroller...... 30 Oigi-Works 3D 90 Director ...... 45 Director Toolkit ..... 28 Director Video Tutorial... 31 ¦••(Disney Animation Studio it4 Easy f itler ......34 :antavi$ ion ...39 Lights Camera Action 58 Movie Setter ...... 68 Movie Setter Data Disks 24 PageFlipper F X 101 Photon Vid Ce! Animator 108 Photon Video EDLP . Call Photon VitJ Transporter 215 Pro Video Gold. 199 Pro Video Gold Fonts |eai 77 Pro Video Post. 219 Scene Generator ..... 29
• ShowMaker .'Call Super Prompt ...... .399 ¦•.(3-D Text Animator 36 Title Page. . 129 TV Graphics . 36 TV'Show ...74 TV Te*t Protessionai ti2 Video Eliects 3D 142 Video Tiller vl I ..99 Vista .....74 Zoetrope .92 CAD 3D Professional ......299 A Cad ..146 ¦»•(Deck BuildersCAD . ..58 Draw 2000 ..149 Home Builder's Cad . ... .139 Home Builder's Choice 55 Home Builder's Library . 34 Home Builder's Print.. ..79 [ntroCAD .63 IfttroCAP Plus __ 94 Professional Draw 2 0 .134 Structured Clip Art . 33 Ultra Design .229 X Shell Pro 139 x-Cad Designer 112 X-Cad Designer Pro 339 ART & FONTS '600 Amiga Fonts . ....37 Airships ..32 Aircraft Pics ...36 Aloha Fonts (each)......15 m««'Amioa SciFi 52 AmiZoo .... 34 Architectural Design . . 24 Bud Pics 25 China PiCS ...... 27 Clip Art Disks 1-8 (each) 15 Desktop Artist 23 E-ClipS ..74 EPS Cl p Art ...26 For Arts Sake .. ... .. 16 Future Design. .24
• GEN Animations. .37 Gold Disk Type »•• Decorative ...44 Designer .. 44 »••' Publisher 44
• - Video 44 Heraldic Pics ..... 27 Human Design . 24 Kara Anim Fonts l 32 Kara Anim Fonts 2 32 Kara Anim Fonts 3 34 Kara Headlines 1 or 2 53
* (• Kara Star fields .. 39 Maps Pics ..... 44 Maps Pics USA 39 Masterpiece Fonts... 149 Media Line Fonts 26 Microbot Design......24 PiC-Magic 65 PmelSctipt Fonts 1 ..54 PixelScript fonts 2. 3 or 4. 4 7 PnelScnp! Ornaments 47 PostScript Sampler ....-7 Planets .29 Pro Font Library ......54 Pro Pjk Outline Fonts 129 Quick Art ..... 27 Sex Fonts 26 Starships 2050. . . 30 Space Design ......29 Story Book Capitals ..36 Studio Fonts.... ... 32 Subheads .55 Hi*' SuperChps (3 vols - each) .24 ¦•¦(SuperSharpAnimFonts ... 46
• Vermont Seasons ......29 n-.'Woodlands..... .....23
• World Symbol Library......34 Zuma Fouls ....25 BUSINESS Advantage ......129 BGCalc 106 Budgeteer .34 Critic's Choice 178 Desktop Budget.. .....48 EasyLedaet .....199 Gcd Disk Office ......184 Home Accounts. S3 Investor's Advantage ...79 Money Mentor .Call Nimbus i 3 (Hew Version) 99 PHASAR 4.0 , . , 61 Protect Master ......130 Publisher’s Choice 139 Real One ...106 Securities Analyst .56 Service Industry Accounting ...274 Take Slock ......34 Ta* Break (T969) ....57
n. -'Templicily .29 The Accountant 139 The Works! Platinum 199 ¦••¦Time Waste Management ...56 w»->Top Form II ......62 WordPerfect library ..93 WORD PROCESSING AND DTP ¦•-(Baby (Thesaurus). . .22 CygnusEd ......67 Excellence!? 0(1 MB) 159 Kind Words 2 0 ..74 Micro Text ...25 Page Setter II ...79 PageSiream ....129 PageStream Fonts (sachi .27 PageSiream Fonts (Mag Images) 23
• PageSiream Forms .23 Pen Pas ...99 Pro Templates ..33 Professional Page 1 3 . Call ProScnpl ...33 ProText .139 ProWnte 3 0 . .39 Scanner 174 ScribDle! P annum ......93 UltraForms for Pageslream 56 UllraForms for ProPage 56 WordPerlect .179 COMMUNICATION A-Talk III (Hew Version) 70 Baud Bandit ..35 BBS-PC .....106 Online' Pia'muni 66 Skyline .... 99 Tele Tutor .21 GAMES 3D Pool . .27 4th & Inches......30 x 'ATO Tank Killer 36 After The Wat 36 Anborne Ranger __36 Ahen Leg on ..... 36 All Dogs'Go To Heaven 35 All Time Favorites .....42 AMC ......35
* *¦1 Amazing Spider Mai ...27 Atcj Karate 24 A *4(5$ K Anarchy 29 A 'd cmeoa Miss o- 23 APS 3’ Aguave-iue 29 ArchipeMgos 29 Atena 15 A*t Jt Chess 24 Am ct Go 42 Astern ..36 Asharath .32
• r-Akm-ic RobC K d J4 A-.I: Arctic Adventure 27 Auto Duel 23 ¦•>' Awesome. 39 Baa! 20
• «¦*' Back to the Future II 35 Bad Company 35 Bad Dudes. 3T Balanced Power 31 BaRislix ...22 BarCit Kmcs of Ardent China ...... 44 xt* Bar Games 32 Barbarian II . 29 Barbarian 27 Bard's Tale II ..... 43 Batman the Movie 31 Batman 34 Battle Chess 34 Battle Squadron . . 29 3attle Tech .34 Battleship 29
• Beam 23 Bermuda Project 31 Beyond Dark Castle . 4i Bionic Commando . 28 Black Cauldron . 29 Black Jack Academy . 29 Black Shadow 25 Black Tiger . 26
x. « Blades ot Steel . 32 Bkukrteg Ardennes 42 Blood Money ....28 Blood Wych Data Disk... 18 Blood Wych ... .36 Bhie Angel 69 ..28 Blue Angels .....36 Bobo .. 24 Bomg the Game .31 Bomb Busters .23 Bombuzal ... 29 Breach 2...... 34 Breach Scenario . 19 Breach ...... 29 Bride of the Robot .....31 Bridge 5 0 - ...27 Bubble Ghost... 29 Buffalo Bill 36 25 29 28 21 33 26 24 27 24 37 31 34 29 21 28 42 43 36 . 27 . 27 . 36 . 31 36 . 21 . 37 . 36 . 36 36 i Calculator California Games Capone..... Captam Fizr Camer Command Casmo fever . Centerfold Squares Chariots oi Wrath Cnaron 5 .. '-Checkmate ....
* • Chinese Karate..... ChronoGues! . CucuS Attractions (Classic Board Games Clown-QMania .... ¦ » Cade Name Iceman Colonel s Bequest..... Colorado . Colossus Chess...... Combat Course ..... Conflict Europe...... Corporate Raiders . T Corporation M* Cosmic Bouncer. ..... Cosmic Pirate Cosmo Ranger . Courtroom ...... Crackdown . Craps Academy ... 26 Crash Garrett 27 Crazy Cars ...27 Crossbow. William Tell 31 Crossword Creator 35 Crystal Guest Cyber Complex . 36 25 29 24 31 24 36 32 27 36 21 36 Cycles .. Daily Dbi Horse Racing Da modes..... Danger Freak Darius ... Dark Century DaiaStcnn .... Day cf the Viper Deep Space . Defenders ol the Earth . Denaris. Detonator 28 DevOnairfi ......34 N-rDinoWflfS ... . 29 Distant Armies .. 31 Dive Bomber 37 Double Dragon II 31 32 31
- 12 31 36 47 ,! Double Dnbble Dr Doom's Revenge (Dragon Flight Dragon Spirit...... .'Dragon Wars.. Dragon's Lair II ...... Dragon's Lair ... 33 Dragonscape 31 Drakkhen 41 i(Duck Tails . 32 Dungeon Master Ed to* 24 Dungeon Master Hint Disk 15 Dungeon Master 29 Dungeon Quest 34 Dynasty Wars 36 Dyter 07 29 Eliminator 28 Emerald Mine 182 Pak 37
X. - Emperor ot tne Mutes 37 European Scenery 20 Evil Garden Exolpn 16 28 29
- I? 36 31 29 20 34 21 30 ..17 .26 18 35 44 35 26 27 33 36 35 31 32 Eye ot Horns . ¦-'Fig Stealth Fighter F29 Retaliator F40 Pursuit..... Faery Ta(e Falcon Scenery Falcon ......
x. .'Falcon Mission Disk •2 Fast Break.... . Femme Fatale Data Femme Fatale Feud Fiendish Freddy Fighter Bomber ¦ ¦.'Fighter Bomber Mission Disk Final Mission Fue A Forget Fire Brgade
• •.-'First Contact Fust Person Pinball Fisn . . Fight Simulator 2 Flunbo s Quest 36 Fool's Errand 37 Formula One .21 Four In One 22 Fright Night .. 23 Frost Byte 21 Mr-'Full Metal Planet ___36 Gaiacbc Invasion ..... 19 Ganymed .22 Garfield's W.nter Tale .-35 Garfield . 35 Gee Bee Air Rally .....23 Gemini Wing . 29 Genius ..29 Ghouls A Ghosts ..29
x. .'G!obulu s ..21 n*-( Gold ot the Aztecs .39 Grand Prix Circuit .....30 Grand Prix Master .....34 Guerrilla War ....31 Gun ship ...37 Hardball 2 ..-36 Heart of the Draoon ......35 Heat Wave 33 He 11 Raiser .35 Hero’s Quest ......42 Heroes of the Lance ....29 High Steel ..28 Hi way Patio .32
xi. (Hockey League Simulator.. 31 Hole In One Courses 15 Hole In One ..25 Hollywood Poker ...25 Holmes ....37 Hometown USA 29 HoneyMooners 29 ¦-'Ho! Rod .36 Hoyles Book ot Games.. 28 Human Killing Machine 28 Hyperforce ......35 i ludicrous --------- 25 Indiana Jones (Doom) 28 Infestation .....29 Insanity Fight ..29 International Soccer 28 Iron Trackers ...31
* -!|Shido ... 42 J NicklausCouse Disk 2. ...18 J Nicklaus Golf 37
M. *fJ Nicklaus Unlimited . 43 Japan Scenery ..20 Jaws .. 29 Jelsons ... . 29 Jet .35 Jigsaw Puzzlemama ....25 Jinks ......21 Karate Kid H ...28 Kennedy Approach ......30 Kid Gloves .36 ¦••(Killing Game Show 33 King Arthur 37 King’s Quest IV 4i Kingdoms of England.- . . -32 Klax...... 29 Knight Force . 31 Kursk Campaign .... 43 Lancaster ......31 Lancelot ..29 x-dar.d Air 5 Sea----------------------39 Last Due! ...* ..28 Last Inca ......28 Las! Ninja II ......36 Leathernecks 29 legend of Cjel .....36 Legend ....29
XI. (Legend of Faerghail. 29 ¦••(Legend of Sir Fred ......36 xi«( Legend of the Lost ...... 36 Leisure Sun Larry III 44 Licence to Kill ..29 Lsesure Sint Larry II ....34 Lombard Rally ..29 Lost Dutchman Mine ....35
* i.'M1 Tank Platoon .43 Magic Candle ....39 Magic Johnson Hoops (1MB) ...... 23 Major Motion 27 Malta Storm ..... 43 Maniuinter 2 - New York , 35 Matrix Marauder ..... 29 Mean 18 27 Menace ..24 Metropolis ...... 31 Microleague Wrestling. . 29 Midwinter.. .36 Millenium 2 2 .37 Mind Roll ..22 Mission ConBat ...35 ¦ ( Monty Python ...... 36 Moscow Campaign 43 MTB Barbarossa . 45 MTB Central Germany... . 45 x f Murder ...43 xr.'fieurcmancer .32 Mew York Warriors 35 flight Hunter 29 Might Da wn 25 Nmja Mission ...18 «••:Nilro .. 32 ¦-'No Excuses ... .. 15 «.»'Nobunjqa s Ambition 43 North & South 34 Qbliteralor ......30 OH Shore Warrior .....29 Mt-i Olympus ....32 Omega 35 Omm Play Basketball......37 Omm Play Horseracing . 36 Operation Combat 29 Operation Overlord ....55 »« Operation Spruance . . 35 Operation Wolf ...... 28 PacLand .....29 Persian Gulf Inferno .29 Personal Nightmare 29 Phantasm .24 Phaser Gur 45 Phobia .... 37 ¦i-1 Photon Storm . 31 Pictionary ...35 ¦-Plague 29 Planet of Lust ..29 Platoon 31 Pocket Rockets .....29 Poco Man .....31 Poker SoMaire 24 Police Quest li 42 Populous Worlds Disk 21 Power Struggle 29 ¦•* Pnnce of Persi3 29 Prison 23 Fro Football Simulator 27 Pyramax..... 31 Pursuit to Earth ..29 Qu ......27 Quartz ..... 36 Cues: For Time Buds 36 Que5iron II 35 Raider ..24 Ram bo III ......27 Rampage . 27 Reaim of the Trolls ..... 37 Realm ol the Warlock......25 Red Heal ......39 Red SlOrm Rising......43 Renegade .... 28 Hennaisance ..27 Resolution 101 .36 Revenge of Delender . 27 Rick Dangerous 37 Road Raider 27 Robo-Cop ... 35 Rock Challenge......27 Rocket Ranger 33 Roger Rabbit 31 Roll Out ..... 27 Roller Coaster Rumble 30 Romance cl 3 Kingdoms . 46 Rommel at El-Aiameinr. 43 Rommel a! Gazaia 43 ¦-'Rotor 29 RVFHonda 31 Scary Mutants ..... 27 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 18 Scenery Di$ k 9 20
x. .'Scenery Starter ..... 44 Sea Haven Towers . _,25 Seconds Out Boxing ....21 Sex Vixens From Space. ..29 Shadow ot the Beast .29
x. .1 Shadow ol the Beast II 42 Snerman M-4 ..36 SnuUlepuck Cafe 29 Side Arms .29 Side Show ..31 Sidewinder 21 Sidmon ...49 Silent Service ...24 Silicon Dreams 25 Sim City Terrain Editor 17 SimCity ___, , 31 Sky Chase .. 28 Sky Fighter ....19 Slipstream ...17 Snake Pit .....24 Snoopy ... 36 Soccer Match 27 Soldier 2900 36 Soldier ot Light .. 36 Solitaire Royale 22 Sorcerer Lord 28 Space Ace. 39 Space Cutter . 20 Space Harrier 2 36 Space Harrier .....36 Space Racer 21 Space Ranger 18 ¦-'Space Rogue 36 Space School Simulator. 24 Space Station 16 ¦••(Spellbound ..27 Spherical 29 Spin World ......25 Spitting Image ...29 Spy vs. Spy 2 18 Star Rav ....31 Sleliar Crusade ...41 Slock Market Game 19 Street Fighter .29 Slrider, ...29
x. •'Strike Aces ... 36 Stnp Poker Data leach) 15 Smp Poker II 28 Stryx ... 23 Stunt Car Racer ..... 34 Sub Battle .. 34 ¦-'Super Game Pack 28 Super Scramble .....29 ¦•¦! Supremacy 36 Synapse . 24 T A C L 74 Tank Attack.....22 Tarohan ..36 Techno Cops 34 Teenage Mutant Nm>i Turiles ...... 31 Tele Epic ...27 Teiegames ..26 Telewar n 27 Telewar 29 Tennis Cup ..31 xniTerran Envoy ..31 Test Drive II Data (each) 15 Test Drive tl . 30 Tetris . .. . 25 Theme Park Mystery . . ,36 T-rd Coi.net 35 f,-rt*e Stooges 31 T"uJ Ricge 34
x. .(T"uider Strike 35 T me & Magik 31 T lan 31 To the Rhine 35 Tom A Jerry 2 25 TomA-erry 23 ¦-'Torvak 36 Transputer 24 ¦ •-'Treasure Trap 29 Triad.. ..... .36 TripleX 29 Trivia Pursuit......29
x. .(Turncan ... 29 Typhoon Thompson 23 Ultima III.....29 Ultima IV .. 39 Under Sea Commando ......34 Universe Hi .35 Vampire's Empire 17
• Vette Can Vigilante 29 ¦••'Viking Child .. . . 29 ¦ Vmdex ..... 24 Virus .. 21 Vortex ...29 Vulcan 29 War In Middle Earth . . 35 Warhead .36 Warlock .. 23 Wayne Gretzky Hockey 34 ¦ (Web ot Terra . 32 WeiKris ... 29 Where Sleep ng Gods Lie 36 White Death ..39 ¦••'Wild Streets .. .33 Wings ot Fury ..27 WmdWalker .....31 World Class Course Disk. .15 World Class Leader Brd......29 World ol Flight ..109 World Snooker Billiards 22 World Trophy Soccer ..28 Xenon II ...39 XenoplioOe .....36 ¦••(Yolanda .....28 Zany Golf ...... 19 Zero Gravity .21 Zoom .. 20 EDUCATION Adv. Of Snoao 35 Aesoo s Fable (Unicom) 33 Aesop's Fable (Hilton) ..... 19 xi-’AlgeOrain ......66 All About America - .42 ¦•a American Idomatic Engiish27 Animal Kingdom ..35 Arabian Nights .35 At The Zoo.. ....31 Barney Bear ....Call Barney Bear 2 ...28 ¦•• Barney Bear Meets Santa...22 Cardiac Arrest .49 Chicken Little 19 CLAS 99 ConSoirndtraiion 30 Deluxe Help ..... Call Designasaums .34 Dinosaurs Are Forever .29 Discovery Data Disks .35 Discovery Math 25 Discovery Spell 25 Distant Suns .....51 Easy Grade ..47 First Letters and Words......29 First Shapes .....29 Fraction Act on .33 Inlellilype 19 Jigsaw ...29 x- Kabes Farm ...31 Kinderama ...... 33 Learning Curve __ 55 Linkwoid Languages 24 Little Red Hen .19 Logic Master ...35 Magical Myths .....36 Match It ....29 ¦-(Math Blaster Plus 36 Math Wizard . 35 Matbamaboi ...59 ¦-r McGee .....29 Nuiii Fax ....43 Opposites Atiraci ......31 Read A Rhyme .33 Read-A-Rama ...33 Recipe Fax 28 Talking Storybook (each) ...24 Three Bears ......22 Three LililePigs 19 Trip (w Atlas) ...35 Ugly Duckling ..22 Where in Europe 35 Where In The USA . 35 Where In The World 30 ¦-(Where rn Time .36 Word Master . 35 M77IM$ E DB Man V .....199 OataRetneve ....59 DataRelueve Prol ... 189 Mail Shot Pus 73 Mailodex 35 Micro Base 25 Microfiche Filer Plus 115 Nag Plus . 54 Superbase Personal II 99 Superbase Prof 3 ...229 Who What Where When .. 67 PROGRAMMING A C Basic (vl 3) .134 A'C Fortran ..199 Addison Wesley Manuals .Call Amiga Machine Lang......24 Arexx .36 AssemPro 72 Aztec C-Dev (New Veil) 199 Benchmark C Library ...71 Benchmark IFF Library 71 Benchmark Modula-2.....-134 Benchmark Simplified 71 ¦••'Bhtz Base .... 119 Cx* 279 C 5 0 199 CAPE 6SK 65 DevPac Amga . ... 57 DSM D sassembler 44 HiSoft Basic ...115 IncvaTools (New Version) .57 J-Forth .....145 L Debug ...76 Magellan (New Version). 129 Modula 2 179 Module 2 Debupgef 83 Power Windows 2.5 63 Source Level Debugger .82 W-She II 36 MUSfC AMAS 135 ¦••'Amiga Smgs 12 Audio Master 2 0 63 Bars A Pipes. 199 Bars A Pipes Music Box 45 Bars A Pipes Internals Sound Kit ... 45 Bars A Fipes Rules tor Tools ......45 Copyist Pro 149 Dr T Patch Editors Call Drum Studio ....35 Dynamic Drums ..59 Dynamic Studio ..144 Fat Sounds . .46 Fun Keys ..... 23 KCS . 177 x-fKCS level 2 Version 3.0 .Call M .. 149 MaslerSound .54 Master Tracks Pro . 259 MIDI Quest .....179 MIDI Recording Studio 49 MidiMagrc . 93 Music Mouse ..49 Music X 165
x. . Performance . . 129 Pro Sound Designer 109 Quasar Sound 37 Somx 49 Sound Oasis 72 Sound Trax 1 or 2 15 Soundquest Patch Editors 100 Studio Magic ....75 Synthia 2 .. 89 Synth ia Professional 280 Texture .....102 ¦•• Trax ..77 ¦•• Wave ..189 UTILITIES AMAX ...129 x-'AMAX 2 ... 149 Ami Alignment 37
xi. 'AmigaDOS HyperHelp 29 Amiga DOS Toolbox 40 Amiga Tricks A Tips......17 AmiKit .... 29 BAD ..... 34 CAL (Calendar Maker)1. 36 Can Dp! .....99
x. .'CanDo ProPak 1 27 Climate ...25 Color Commander .....21 Cross DOS 4 0......29 Disk 2 Disk (New Versioni 37 ¦••'Disk Labeler .23 Disk Mechanic ..60 D SkMasler 40 Dos 2 Dos 37 Doug's Library Disk 11 Doug's Library *2 19 Doug's Math Aquarium 59 Dunlap Utilities 55 Express Copy 31 EZ Backup .....36 Fat Tracks ..39 ¦••'family Tree 2 (New Ver) 49 FRED (Phome Dialer) ..36 Home Inv Manager ......27 Lottery Protessiona! ..31 Mac To Dos ......92 ¦•¦'MasteringCLI (New Ver) 31 Wf-' Math Vision ....119 h*'*' Maverick Copier ...31 Microlawyer . , . 42 Momentum Check 25 Norgen Geneology ......71 Palette Printer 25 PixelScripl 104 Proiect D (New Version) . 37 Quarterback ....45
* »•'Quarterback Tods ......55 Raw Copy (Latest!) ..37 ¦••'Reaper ... 36 SuperBack. . 54 Tarot Master 2i Thinker .4$ Total Control Diel 74 Virus Infection Protection 32 Vims Protection Toolkit 39 Vo Rec One . 129 ¦•.'X Copy Professional 54 Our objective is to carry every product for the Amiga - and sell them al the best prices. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible 011 all product prices. II you find a lower pnce, please give us a ca t it is no longer close to possible lor us to list all the products we carry If you don i see it listed, please call ¦•> Products are new and in slack.
• Products had not been released al press time. T Products have been marked down in price. Al! Other products are normally in stock (plus 100s more)! Mm mum ¥ headquarters! Specials! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS New Products: Ricoh 50MB Removable s839.00 2MB RAM Board for A2000 s199.°° FaaasTROMS (Upgrade for Speed) s39.00 Classics 68030,28MHz w '882 + 4MB: >1,429." 68030,33MHz w '882 + 4MB: > J.629." 68030,50MHz w '882 4MB: >2,469.'" Ive will not be imiersoU on GVP products! Series II Controllers Now In Stock ELECTRONIC ARTS or write for our VicleoMaker brochure. Free T-Shirt with Buck Rogers! 688 Attack Sub ....$ 35 Action Fighter ..31 Afterburner .36 Afr Combat USA .....31 Alien Syndrome .....31 Altered Beast ...35 Aquanaut ......29 Balance of Power 1990.36 Battle Command ....36 Battlehawks 1942 ....35 Billy The Kid 31 Blockout 29 Blood Relations ......36 Blue Max .....36 Brain Blaster ...31 Buck Rogers ...36 Budokan ......29 Champions of Krynn 35 Colony ...36 Crackdown ....36 Cribbage King Gin King. 29 Curse of the Azure Bonds35 Cyber Medix 31 Dark Castle ..33 Days of Thunder ....36 Death Bringer ..29 Deluxe Music ..63 Deluxe Paint III ......99 Deluxe Photolab .....99 Deluxe Print II .55 Deluxe Video III ......99 Dinosaur Discovery Kit .29 DRAGON Force ......35 Dragon Lord 36 Dragons of Flame ...29 DragonStrike ...35 Empire .35 Earl Weaver 1988 Stats ...15 1989 Stats ...15 Basbeball .35 Commisioner's Disk... 15 F 16 Combat ...35 F A 18 Interceptor ..35 F-29 Retaliator 36 Federation ...35 Ferrari Formula 1 ...35 Flood ....31 Fool's Errand ...36 Golden Axe ..36 Harley Davidson .....36 Harpoon ......43 Harpoon Data Sets .22 Hills far .35 Hound of Shadow ..29 Hunt For Red October...22 Immortal .....36 Imperlum ....29 Indiana Jones Action Game 29 Graphic Adventure.....35 Indianapolis 500 ....36 Iron Lord .....29 It Came From The Desert ......35 It Came II -Antheads ...16 Keef The Thief .35 Kid Talk .29 Kristal ..35 Life and Death ..35 Loom ..43 Loopz ...29 Lords of the Rising Sun 35 Lost Patrol ..36 Magic Fly ....31 Maniac Mansion .....33 Math Talk ....29 Math Talk Fractions 29 Mavis Beacon ..35 Might & Magic II ....43 Myth ....36 Night Breed .31 Night Shift ....31 Nuclear War 35 Pipe Dream .29 Pool Of Radiance ...35 Populous .....34 Powerdrome ...35 Power Monger 35 Pro Tennis Tour .....29 Puffy' S Saga 23 Puzzle Gallery II .....36 Puzzle Storybook ...29 Rhyming Notebook 29 Rocket Ranger Stooges 36 Sands of Fire ...36 Second Front ..35 Shinobi 36 Space Harrier ..36 Speed ball ....29 Speller Bee ..29 Startlight .....35 Street Rod ...31 Superbike Simulator.....35 Sword of Aragon ....29 Swords of Twilight .35 Their Finest Hour ...43 Thunder B’ade .36 Tunnels of Armageddon29 Turbo Out Run 35 TV Sports Football .35 TV Sports Hoops ....35 Unreal ..35 Untouchables ..31 Vegas Gambler 29 Waterloo .....42 Wings ..35 Yeager AFT 2.0 31 Zak McKracken ......33 Titles in Green are New. Titles in Red have not been released but are expected in
1990. Titles in Black are available nowf .....- - -» Curse of the Azuri Bonds $ ot Twice as deadly as Pool of Radiance! 3 r PowerMonger From the creators of Populous J (J i" liE£33l
* ¦‘tbFJ 91 y r m " 9% 1 Dungeon Master II: Chaos Strikes Back In Time For 00 | The Holidays! Cnvtm Best Value SCSI Interface for the Amiga 2000! £XPANSIPN Auto Boot Auto Install Optlonal 4 8MB Memory Compatible with removable media DataFlyer (No Drive) *85!° 40MB $ 409“° 105MB*709!° DataFlyer We Know Video! Call free WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! BEST SERVICE AND BEST PRICE! ¦HI A. R. E> W 800-BE-AMIGA ORDERS ONLY: (BOO 232 B442) CUSTOMER SERVICE: ANAKIM Earyl foy iiis: . I'eU; ..„ Yt'i APPLIED ENGINEERING Kt.iRamv.orks 2M3 ......209 Ki.iHgh Density Roppy ..199 no'A5D0 Power Supply 95 No'DatdLirft 2009 W MNP5 & Fax 177 KoiOatalink Express W.MNP5 S Fax 229 Ail AC PiOJuClS tl0 IllStCCk APPLIED VISIONS FcJtureSoimd A599'20G0.....95 ASDG K*.'JX-100 Scanner w SW .. 747 Mutfi Part S rsai Card Call No'Scanlab ...Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS t CA-880 3.5" Drive ..104 Bodega Bay - ... Can CITIZEN »t.!24-Pin Co or Printer Call COMMODORE no!A2320 Video Adapter .Call hi*!A2630 Accelerator, . Call Super 2MB Agnus ...109 4J.L C fit PrOduCiS S>cepi CPU 5 Are fltoiv AsjrUW? By 4 fad DIGITAL CREATIONS
k. -iDC-TV ...394 v SuperGen ..599
• SuperGenSC ....Call v StfperGen 2000S 1.499 Siif~r3in Pt ’ces Gcod Trough 12 3' 90 0KB SOFTWARE
n. .!Ba:Djsk(OK) .209 KwiMegaChip 2000 .254
* i«iQwil(Start . ....Call ECE MIDI Icr A500 A10D9 A2000 A3000 .... 58 EXPANSION SYSTEMS BasaBoard OK .....119 BassBcard 512K ...151 BassBoanJ 4MB 375
- i-'EaseBoard XRAM Board v,v5l2K 129 Kt-'DataFlyer SCSI ... E3 FUTURE VIDEO
k. -'EDL I GOO Soltv.are 269 m«!Prg Pljs Edit Controller 539 K*-!ProTC Edit Controller ......1.179
ii. ISMPTE Edit Control System.. 1.799 frame Accurate Carting H'dft Yew Anhga - We Cm Show You Hci.' GO AMIGA! Disk Head Cleaner .....15 30 Disk Case 10 ImageWriter ll Cable ___ Call Pan.tsf Cable ..... 20 Modem Cable ..... 20 Mouse Pad .~.TQ Sony Cables .Call Flickerfixer Cables ...Call Custom Cables ...Call GOLDEN HAWK TECHNOLOGY ¦..‘MIDI Gold 590 ...65 ¦..'MIDI Gold Insider .72 GOLDEN IMAGE
* mJ400 DPI Hand Scanner 279 Nakstia Mouse ...49 GRAVIS Mc-ussSlick 69 SwtehStick .....37 The best joystick' GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68039 Accelerators lor A2000 ? 28MHz, '882.4MB 1.439 ? 33MHz. '882.4MB 1.629 ? 5QMH2. '£82.4MB ......2.469
261. 1Hz (by itself) .....£54 Hard Drives to 290MB Avaiiabe! A200Q Series Hhard Cards t HCS-0 4QQ ... 549 HC8+W80Q .... .749 HC3tO;iOOQ 799 Series II- No Ram Version. .. 174 «w?A20W 2MB RAM Board 199 A500 Series 11: if' HD8+G 20MB ..549 HD6*0'52M8 ..... 749
* .«' HDStOMOSMB 959 Streaming Tape ... Call Ricoh 50MB Removable 839 FAAASTROMS- ..39 AT ROMS ..39 200MB Maxtor AT Drive 1 199 teen the *1GVP Dealer 3 Yeats *1.1 Haw1 Guaranteed Bast Ftice on GVP! HAITEX X-Spets 3D 97 Call lor product availability HEWLETT-PACKARD Deskjet 500 . Call PaintJet .....Call LaserJet Series Hi .....Call Deskjet printer driver available' ICD INCORPORATED Xi-'AdRAM 520 |0K|. .119 xi-’AdRAM 520 (4MB) ..375 AcRAM 55012MB) 259 AdRAM 2030 .....139 Advantage HD Controller 139 Kf-'Flicker Free Video 369 INKWELL Light Pen .....99 lvs„ Memory Boards ... Call Trump Card 500 ... Call Trump Card 2000 -..Call
n. .'Trump Card Professional 219 Sourcer Power Supply Call MAXIMUM ¦.¦’Yoke for Flight Simulator .78 MICRGS0TICS Starboard IIIA10C0I OK.....239 8 Up |A2000i OK ....Call Hard Frame icr A2MD No Drrve . ... 199 With 40MB Quantum ......579 With BOMB Quantum ..779 W 105MB Quantum ..829 Gst Ready fo Hot Nev.’ Products from Mcrobows Tit? MICROWAY
n. *'Demse Extender Board ..Can t Flcker Fuer . 374 Genlock Upgrade ...49 PAL version available! MICRODEAL MIDI Interface ...... 31 MICRQSPEEQ Amtrack Trackball Ca'i MIGRAPH it»*iHand Scanner ...Call MITSUBISHI DiamondScan Monitors ... Call Great for video! NEC Multisync Monitors Call Y etu e dll we tight cables' NERIKI Nenki Desktcp Can ¦t.'tleriki Desktcp Y-C .. 1399 xi-Elenki Imagemaster ..... Cali NEWTEK DigiVie.v Gold ....124 Video Toaster Taking Orders' Go AmiQO is Toaster Headquarters1 See Or,’ TfJiter Specjfs n This A..V PANASONIC
K. -IWV1500 Camera .. Can VVVT410 CameraLens 239 Variable Iris Lens 79 BtgtViev-' Bundle ¦ $ 379 PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL VIDEO ¦'•'AG-1950 1 039 Ni-rAG-7400. 2.299 ¦'.IAG-450 .... 1.699 We.ve. vjtwMtt for.Vi Panasonic Vuleo Products1 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Cordless Mouse ...99 Mouse Master ...31 A R E- PREFERRED TECHNOLOGIES t- !le»u$ Ham D sk Coniro-'rer. 239
• 24 Bit Frame Grabber 599 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber ... Call H'-iMtniGeti ..... .209 Pro Gen Genlock ... 349 QUANTUM Pro Drn e 40$ ... __.359 ProDrive 80S .... 549 ProDrive 105S ... .599 RD 4 L PRODUCTIONS KmtA Pro Draw II ...1 In Slock’ SafESKIH Clear Keyboard Covers . ...19 Specify Amiga mc-del - A3Q0Q in stock SHARP x««4JX-100 Scanner w SW. 747 JX-300 Scanner .Call JX-450 Scanner ......Cad SONY 1302 MuttiScan .... Call SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY QK Spirit Board 7A1000 .Call OK Spirit Board! A50Q _ Call
1. 5MB Spirit Board for A500 ......429 STAR MICRONIC5 ? NX1000 Rainbow ... 239 NX1000 Black ..... 190 Ribbons available’ SUHRIZE INDUSTRIES Perfect Sound .. .59 Color Splitter ..... Call SURFSIDE ? Master 3A 3 5" ... 105 SUPRA ? 2490 Modem 107 240021 Internal (A2900)..... .....125 A200Q OK RAM Board . ,..119 ? A200Q 2MB RAM Board .199 A2QQ0 Wordsync Controller fJo Drive . 129 Wild 40MB Quantum Umli *01 * 13 C,:Artvt> 459
* QQ nun 10 »‘S2 ottfiji'v With 80MB Quantum 649 Wi 105MB Quantum 699 External 44MB Removable (mcf controller) ..... .....1,039 Hard DRIVEs for A1000: 40MB ...... 789 SCSI Interface (A1000)...... 209 Hard Drives for A509" XP20 with 512K . 629 N'.' XP4Q with 512K . .729 Hr.1 XP20 wild 2MB 779 Mr.* XP40 with 2MB ....879 44MB Removable
1. 169 2MB RAM (Of A5QQ (Okt Style) 275 512KRAM txp. (A50Q) 68 We mill not be undersold on Supra1 WIC0 Trackball .. ...39 VIDTECH Scantock ..... 79S Scanlcck Power ..... ...69 Ki-iyrieoMaster ..... ..Can VISUAL AURALS Mindligbt? . .178 We stand behind Ihe hardware we sell with lull warranties and intelligent, informed support. We all own and use Amigas. And we can help make sure you get the tight equipment. ¦.. Products are new and in stock.
• Products had nol been released at press time. ? Products have been marked down in price. SHIPPING INFO: Software Shipping rates are 53.00 per item using UPS Ground service (max. 59 00) or S4.50 per item using UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max 513 50). Next Day shipping via Airborne Express is available at a very low rate * often less expensive than UPS 2nd Day. Please call for complete details. Alaska. Hawaii. APO Mail, foreign shipping extra. Call for hardware rates and other shipping info. RETURN & REFUND POLICY: All returns must have an RMA- Call Customer Service to request one. Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Some returns may be subject to a restocking fee Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with all original packaging Exchanges lor same product only. OTHER POLICIES: We don't charge your card until the product ships. Purchase order customers must have credit application on lile. No surcharge for VISA and MasterCard. When ordering with credit card please include expiration date and name of bank1 Solve the MongerMystery-Wm a Prize! 415-364-9714 FACSIMILE (FAX): 415-365-2073 Send Mail Orders to: GO AMIGA 26S2D Middlefield Rd, Redwood City. CA 94063 (Money Order, Cashier s Check, or Qualified P.O. only. CA residents add sales tax.) DigiViewU.O Dig!Pain! 3 With Dynamic The Ultimate Paint Hi-Hes! Program! Don’t forget, Go AMIGA will meet or beat any legitimate deal on any Amiga product. You can have it all: Best Products Best Prices. Best Service... and Best Value! Attention Shoppers! AMIGA is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Amiga. Delivery subject to product availability • Prices subject to change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card. Example: Commodore A2630 w 4MB: *1,399.°° Prince of Persia By John Ryan SET AGAINST THE backdrop of an Arabian castle, Prince of Persia is a superb graphic and sound feast. Too bad its controls are only half-baked. Prince of Persia aptly harnesses the excitement and action of the old, black-and- white swashbuckling movies. Within the hour, you, as the prince, must rescue the princess from a locked tower and impending forced marriage. The author studied hours of old film footage to pattern the animation as realistically as possible, and it shows. The running, leaping, and fighting is fluid and realistic. As you w climb your way up through the levels to your waiting princess, you must contend with spike traps, false floors, sword- wielding guards, and tricky puzzles. You’ll need dexterity, good hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Throughout the castle, watch for the spring-loaded floor stones; they can lift gates and doors in the dungeon, fall away completely and toss you to your death, or unleash such nasty surprises as deadly spikes. The trick here is experimentation, quick thinking, and timing. You will succeed only after you have learned how to effectively duck, climb, and jump. Which leads me to my complaint about Prince of Persia: The joystick operation is perhaps the poorest of any action game I have played. To jump, you must press the joystick diagonally, not the most natural position. Needless to say. My character died a thousand untimely deaths until 1 finally became used to the unwieldy operation. Likewise, you should expect to lose more than a few lives in sword play, for if you accidentally press the joystick down, your man will promptly put his sword away, and the attacking guard shows no mercv. J .As much as I dislike the controls. I love the graphics, animation, and sound. The pathways, stone towers, gates, and other accoutrements are richly rendered in a quasi- three-dimensional perspective. And the first time you climb a tall tower or see the stone collapse beneath your feet, your heart is sure to beat just a little faster. You may even let out a small yelp when a skeleton unexpectedly pops up and engages you in a wild sword fight (r la the old Sinbad movies). The digitized sound effects are equally impressive, ranging from screams (as you fall from a ledge), to running footsteps. Crashing stones, lifting gates, and more. In fact, if it were not for the poor joystick control, I'd nominate Prince of Persia as the action game of the year. (S39.95, Broderbund Software Inc., 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903. 800 527- 6263, 415 492-3200. Joystick required.) ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson SHOULD OLD ACQUAINTANCE be forgot, you probably just need to restore your last-saved game. I'm feeling as contrite as a 25th-level fighter who beats up on an innocent character. So, here are my New Year's resolutions ... for game resolutions.
• I will print no hint before its time. Last year. I heard from SSI that Pool of Radiance (Strategic Simulations Inc., S49.95) was planned for April, so I tore through an early version to have hints ready for that issue. Problem was, Pool of Radiance didn’t come out until September. Ahem, now that it is out. Some more advice: The city clerk, early on, will send you off to the graveyard. Clear the tombstone-filled area around the entry, but put the rest off and do it in increments. It is far more difficult an assignment than anything you have tackled so far.
• will try to keep my promises. I meant to get around to a walkthrough of the second castle in Drakkhen (Draconian, $ 59.95), but something always seemed to come up like getting killed in the first castle. At last, here it is: We’ll pick things up at the ‘bat room." The bats are pretty wimpy, but there’s some kind of life-drainer at work here. Keep your party closely packed before you enter the room, and don’t go into combat mode. You can’t afford the delay. You can take care of the bats in the next room. (And look around for reading matter in the next couple of rooms.) Here's trouble: It’s the first fireplace room, and you’re asked to look at the THIS GAME IS I I'm atEr Xciting adventure! Xceptionaf graphics! Xcellent sound!* • Konami“ and Image Works™ bring the xhilarating big screen xperience of Back to the Future'll™ to your home computer and the entire family As Marty McFly, you must trek through time to retrieve the sports almanac or else your yet-to-be youngsters will be doomed to a frightful future. Each of the five time warped levels recreates key scenes from the hit movie in authentic detail. You'll have to keep your son out of the slammer. Race through dangerous Hill Valley and recoveryour DeLorean. And that's just the beginning. We've packed your mission with unrelenting oafs and obstacles including Biff, Griff and their gang of muscle-bound melon heads. But don't rely on your martial arts moves alone. I ~ Because during the frenzied flight through time, strategy comes into play as you try to rescue Jennifer and attempt to solve the baffling high school dance puzzle. So grab a tub of hot buttered popcorn and take the @ . Fun of the film to its xtreme. Get Back to the Future 11 today! Free inside every package! Genuine Back to the Future II sports cap like the one Marty wore in the movie! Available on Amiga) MS DOS and compatibles, Tandy” and l CVMHM Commodore* 64 128. LfiVaHSuuDU SSL Supports Ad Ubf Roland1*" and Tand Sound Boards. CS_~ KONAMI c 1989UCSS Amblin. C 1990 Mirrorsoft All Rights Reserved Image Works Is a trademark ol Mirrorsoft Ltd. . _ KONA Mr is a registered trademark ol Konami Industry Co., Ltd. C 1990 Konami Inc Alt Rights Reserved. Konami (708) 215-5111 ? 0KK 5 Cirdle 25 on Reader Service gard V » + *** « Midwinter By Peter Olafson A 3-D, ROLE-PLAYING war- game, Midwinter has an easy sweep, deceptive depth, and a vastness that can only have been drawn From real life. You are Captain John Stark, and, as leader of the FVPF on the vast, frozen Midwinter Isle, you suddenly Find yourself the brains behind a guerrilla campaign against the invading General Masters. A new Ice Age was set off by a giant meteor's collision with Earth, and Midwinter has become extremely valuable real estate. You play much of the game in the first-person mode in a light-sourced, three-dimensional environment. Ski down a hillside at 45 mph with snow hissing in your ears. (Watch those missiles.) Find a garage and Fire up a snow buggy. (Watch that slope. Snow buggies can lip over, y’know.) Ride a gondola lift up the mountain. At the mountain- top, ride a hang flyer down to Brainblaster Action Par By Rob Lawrence WHEN I SEE something labeled “two in one,” I’m immediately suspicious of a rip-off. The two-in-one Brainblaster Action Pak, however, gave me a surprise: double my money's worth! Brainblaster is composed of two complete games: Bombuzal, a perplexing series of arcade-type puzzles on a single disk, and Xenon 2. A fantastic, double-disk space blastfest. Both were designed with brilliance, and either is good enough to be sold alone. Bombuzal puts you in a race against the clock to detonate a your next stop. Watch those downdrafts. Midwinter is one of a handful of computer games that are absolutely involving; you feel like a character in it. As a place to explore, Midwinter is great fun. As a full- fledged game, it's nothing short of staggering. 32 people with 14 qualities and skills must be woven together to perform sabotage and sniper duty, to cross the ice to persuade others to join in the fun, and finally to raid the enemy stronghold. Make sure that vou stay sensitive to the web of interpersonal relationships and plan carefully; the gang aren’t all friends. The icon-based menu screens make planning easy. Even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll know where you are. Of course, en- 4 7 emy ground forces and bombers are having at you almost from the word go, so don't multitude of bombs on increasingly difficult levels of tiles. The creature you control resembles Mr. Potato Head, and is just about as agile. Once you activate a bomb, it explodes when you step to the next tile and detonates any other bombs nearby. Because bigger bombs have bigger bangs, you must be careful not to get caught within the blast radius. Aside from bombs, you must also evade or destroy mines and a few odd-looking droids. Some oi the floor tiles are icy, stand around with ice on your face while you decide. (Thankfully, there’s an option to turn off enemy troops while you're learning the game.) Now, Midwinters heart may be warm as toast, but its extremities are somewhat chilly. You can’t install it on your hard disk or make a backup. For copy protection, it uses the new and intimidating practice of identifying individuals among a throng of mostly similar faces. Finally, the manual is poorly organized and contains at the outset far too much scientific or pseudo-scientific rationalization of the scenario. Do yourself a favor, however, and take the time to maneuver around these obstructions. Midwinter is a genuine Amiga classic. You won’t be sorry. ($ 39.95, Microprose, 180 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 771-1 151. No special requirements.) Causing you to spin uncontrollably, and others dissolve when you move off them, so you must constantly think ahead. With 120 levels of car- toon-qualily graphics (2-1) or 3-D view), Bombuzal will prove a challenge to even the most quick-witted. Xenon 2 can be summed up in three words: fast, furious, fabulous! It's a good old shoot-'em-up stretched to the limit and cram-packed with action. As a Galaxian Megablaster pilot, you must find and destroy five time bombs ? Ashes. Would you walk out in the middle of a busy street if I told you to? You’ll trigger a string of very aggressive fire elementals. Steer clear. For maximum control, bring your party through one member at a time and stay out of combat mode. The second fireplace, however, does something quite different and quite useful (though you won’t know it straight off). Listen for a clue, a knock sound. If you’re finding only dead ends afterward, you didn't trigger it. How nice! A fountain. . .in a dark basement room. Before you go and examine it too closely, be sure everybody has a torch (or a light spell). You teleport into a room of water elementals. Suggestion: Keep your cool, and stay out of combat mode as long as you can, as the elementals may not attack at all. Go straight for the armor and weapons on the wall and then get out. Don’t miss the prisoner in the next room. You’re going to have to fight the elementals eventually, but it’s better to have your party intact when you do. The room off the bottom of the screen isn’t completely safe, but it's close. You have one more room to tackle. I suggest a solo visit. Just remember that lightning is bad for you, and that it’s better to have your opponent come to you.
• I will try to get hints out faster. Debbie Dempsey of Kent, Washington, wrote me back in June for help going underground in The Jetsons (Micro- Illusions, 539.95), and only now have I found her an answer. You have the right idea about the use of the crystal key, Deb, but you have to use it on the five panels in a certain order. Not a nice puzzle, and you have to do it again later, too. The first three panels for this door are yellow, purple, and green. That information should make it a bit easier. Patrick Atkinson of Paso Robles. California, is stuck in the mall in the same game and trying to figure out how to buy the mini submarine on George's salary. As I recall, it's a red herring. Do visit Travel Concepts, however, for a couple of useful items. You can pick up a dress and tux at the mail, too. It won't win you the ? F If you ever wondered just how smart you were when you bought your Amiga, get Amigds isiori! AmsraVision Authoring Systen 0j Learning to Dance ' Opening Husic Animtion 7 mm Remember your original reasons lor getting an Amiga? Of course you do. Silly question. Well, fast-forward now to April 24th, 1990, the day Commodore introduced AmigaVision. AmipaVunon to an authoring eyotem for a mere $ 149 that allow the Amiga to live up to he full potential. The easy-to-learn, easy-to use iconsvou see up on the screen and on this page call up music, animation, text, video in whatever order or even simultaneously and create, well, any type of presentation or courseware. Call 1-800-66-AMIGA soon to find the location of your closest Amiga dealer. For you, its another confirmation of what you knew before most people: namely how smart Amiga is and how shrewd its owners were when they bought one, Amiga*.The computer for the creative mind. C'Commodore' € 1990 Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics. Ltd. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. AmigaVision and The Computer lor the Creative Mind are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. dBase 111 is a trademark ot Ashton-Tate. Inc. Also, AmigaVision takes lull advantage oi Arexx, your Amiga's lile format standards and its multitasking capabilities. As you might imagine, you don’t have to be a programmar to turn your abstract ideas into reality. All you have to be is you. Can it extend the use of application software you already own? Is there multitasking interaction with other programs? Is it dBase III™ database compatible? Yes...yes...yes, to all these queries, For business people, it can create presentations that persuade. For people in education and training, it can help create interactive instructional programs. For anyone, anywhere, it can liberate the way they communicate, whether they are delivering information or entertainment. Deployed on a planet by the evil Xenites. There are five huge, twin-segment levels (each with a massive guardian creature at the end) to complete before the finale. Countless types of crazed life forms and machines see to it that you get a good fight along the way. Dead creatures often leave behind cash bubbles that you can collect to purchase extra shield power and instruments of destruction. The more dough you have, the more awesome your arsenal of firepower can be. The graphics, animation, and sound effects are a definite 10, and the outstanding bass sound track, composed from tidbits of digitized rap, jams along with the game. The tri-layered, vertically scrolling background gives it depth, Loom By Graham Kinsey IN LOOM, YOU are Bobbin, an orphaned child of a reclusive guild clan named the Weavers. The Weavers use cloth and music to weave magic that is unrivaled. With no substantial help, you must unite the realm’s warring craft guilds against the growing forces of chaos and defeat Lord Chaos yourself! How Bobbin and the Weavers cast spells is the most interesting part of Loom. To cast a spell, you must sing four musical notes that cause a Weavers' staff to create powerDamocles By Peter Olafson CONSIDERING HOW MANY adventures are available for the Amiga, Lin amazed so few and the shaded details are remarkable. Aside from a high- score table you can’t save, I have no complaints. I’m surprised that this duo wasn’t labeled with an addiction warning; from the moful magic. Because Bobbin is an outcast of the clan, it is forbidden to teach him the notes for the various spells, and he must learn them on his own. Loom is totally mouse-controlled: Simply click on an object or person to find out more information. While people spew forth lots of details while telling nice stories (over which you have no control), I found most of it to be useless drivel. On a much sadder note, presentation is quite inadequate. The graphics are very have real atmosphere. Too many games give the overriding sense of. . .well, of sitment I booted them up, 1 was hooked. Brainblaster Action Pak is a steal! ($ 39.95, Cine- maware, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. Joystick required.) Poor, with dithering that sticks out like a billboard. The animation is bad, even on a 68030-based Amiga. The sound effects are equally mediocre, although I did like the prelude story that comes on an audio cassette (a CD version is available for S10). To top it off, 1 was able to finish the game in merely eight hours; only novices need apply. (S59.95, Lucasfifm, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404. 415 571-7171. No special requirements.) (MS ting at your Amiga playing a computer game. Standing out from the rest is Damocles, a ? Game, but your family will approve.
• will play Dungeon Master (FTL, $ 39.95) through again. Lately, requests for help in DM (and Interplay's Future Wars) are outpacing everything else. For Instance. Timothy Bell, of Round Rock, Texas, is stuck at an obstinate door on Level 8. For starters, Tim, leave the switch alone. It's a trick: It dumps a chest (which you can get much more easily by other means) into a pit. Instead, go right; you'll eventually come upon some stairs leading up. Use them, and then use a trap door to come back down. Now you're on the other side of the door, and you can open it and take the chest. For Jet Dinsmore of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania: The three rooms after the "riddle room” on Level 5 aren't too tough. In the first, there's a switch controlling a teleporter. Teleport an item to shut the trap; then open the door and throw the switch again to get your property back. In the second and third, kill off the monsters, check the walls for switches and hit them in the right order to open a secret door concealing the keys. As for your other question, Jef. I'll tackle it next time.
• Two last things: I have a new address: 12 W. 104th St., Apt. 3E, New York, NY 10025. (You can still reach me by E-mail on Genie as P.Olafson and on P Link as Peteroo.) If you need your game hint fast, like yesterday, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your letter. Next time, hints on everything under the sun. And perhaps on a few things that have never seen the sun. (Ghoulish laughter recedes.) COMPANIES MENTIONED: Draconian, distributed by Data East, 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125, 408 286-7074. FTL Games. 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206, San Diego, CA 92121, 619 453-5711 Microlllusions, 17408 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344, 800 255- 5217, 818 360-3715. Strategic Simulations, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. ¦ ThunderStfme the gam of the futurad*?how. In the year 2238 TV networks and defense industries control the earth. Whoever has the highest ratings rules the world. The ultimate TV phenomenon is the military Olympics where gladiators compete and attack enemy vessels in deadly low flying combat. Choose to pilot a variety of sleek fighters and zoom along a tracklock or hug the undulating contours of the ground in a futuristic world. Your exploits are tracked by a camera following right on your craft's tail catching all the action in spectacular 3-D vector graphics, the fastest ever seen! Redefining fun ... and Games 30151 Branding
c. under license
- 8337 for Visa , CA 92675. S|
d. , London. Y Soar in a future world with sleek, smooth state-of-the-art graphics and fast, fast action I Strap yourself into a variety of swift Defender Class fighters. Breathtaking cohtoured landscapes in the latest most advanced 3-D vector graphics design. Ten new levels in each of five different Olympic arenas tests your reflexes and skills. You must achieve a high TV rating in the military Olympics with hit rates, great defense and exciting play! Available on IBM and Compatibles, AMIGA and ATARI ST. Adl.tb SOUND C, A ME P R E S E R V E Order Desk Only: 1-S00-265-9576 CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE 519-974-3011 FAX 519-974-6643 Mp m WE DON’T CLAIM ¦ U.a> TO HAVE SUPRA 2400 EXTERNAL MICROBOTICS 512K”11” s59 (V IftrM 1c BfjJ CorveHun 101011 ours QUO HMD DRIVE POKES Dfiw Irump tt’.K Jt»l« Injmi Ifufflj Sups Or*, JOOfi ri7000 FC500 500 500 500HP
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1. 11 in: tx IX 14: 174 Michigan Rnidi'ili-IHiiM Add 4H Bain Til! Na Surcharga For J CVIS*'DISCOVER lr >«•, I: ms U1II I.. 1 . I» , * 4411)
* ¦ to ¦ *¦ r -r» -Rrf ¦ xp orV- bCbSb It ¦ INI nn Mtf •j ¦riuw. OKI UTOIDAr DEALEA iNOuinitS INVITED SPECIALIZING IN APPLE, IBM AND AMIGA ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE CANADIAN MAILORDER "SERVING CANADIANS COAST TO COAST' Authorized Dealer: APPLIED ENGINEERING * VTECH LASER COMPUTERS SUPRA • PANASONIC * AMIGA - COMMODORE* STAR MICRON ICS * GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS ORDER NOW AND SAVE ON THE G.S.T. (SALE PRICING EXPIRES DEC. 31 19901 Supra Drive 500XP 40mg 512k SS99 SupraDrive 500XP 20mg 512k S749 Supra Modem 2400 w cable $ 125 Wordsync Interface with 46mg Drive 28ms $ 599 Applied Engineering L5mg Ex. Drive S259 Data! Ink Modem w Send-Fax $ 299 DANDAM SOFTWARE, INC. 41940 I99C1 71X94, IU74 In 174 Hot 1 Un U.l 174 Dn» F® fcu£ga (n DaCwtXf U
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* *rt ! HTKH9 ini, Cann HI (*> Piar irwn IX 9* SWI I'K* UW P*alel 111? ¦ClUIUIl MtaWB* 194 Hi 4*Tnc*s .... Am Cjpi 1 * I'm M* C* I'm fatMAU w«u nm-iid irmlVnrl; Pn Foiti 1 a 7 Pti Ufa 3 3 M7 H! I? 17 F Cjfl jm 40040 v Ztf *« in ktS”* I ."ifeUula tm
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r. rrec F-3 J 0 IvOH PH* '•jnym, 7 0 "»«* ( ii v ‘¦ ••-..,1 * 'Jbn Dn r lu (m 944 li» 4ivjU 'AHmntM! Time Mm TKTrrnwr SOWG SHOWN Q-ifXji 93 0-kU.d B0 105 nr )5«
l. ’l It! In 7000 )M (?l IU 199 (19 i;* 554 U1 9M IH )M 959 545 I* FCIOOO PlSI 549 M fu 519 131 1 1 8J RfllSC ?fusor.c 1910 9 C 115 175 PRO GEN ...SMB FUCKER FIXER.....MBS
• Super Gen 60S
• Super Gen 2000 Sceoa15| ! >J ¦ iMstp Call Vnqpv I'm PANASONJC Mgr 9(91 S rra m Pjc«w* WV1410 Ciivu 15-ra ips OMCX MiX-S* M Dtgrvw Cow 9 0 Capv St9nd C»(
* 399 DELIVERED! Ti tm 8408 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8S 1T6 Gwadifln Owned and Operated Member of the Windsor B.RB- DANDAM SOFTWARE On5crs 0"ty M F 10 Sit 10 6 800-433-7756 «« 313-254-8710 GuCarw Scmct t? 5PM EST« f) 313-ZW-8712 mu ir mow for success is healthy, and there’s a premium for a solution that isn’t destructive. (Hear, hear!) Mercenary was large in scope but quite basic in appearance. The Damocles universe is even larger (nine planets and 19 moons) and features solid-fil! Graphics, sizable cities, and more detail than you can shake a joystick at. You could furnish a mansion with the furniture you'll * find in Damocles. Even better, all ibis good stuff loads into memory at J once, even on a 512K machine, so die only disk access necessary is for saving and restoring. Commands, only a key-press away, are easy to remember, and the planes and spaceships with their basic controls are a joy to fly. Don’t gawk at the scenery grand-scale, three-dimensional adventure that’s about the loneliest game in town. It has a quietly creepy atmosphere, which is fully appropriate to the plot. In Paul Woakes’ follow up to his earlier Mercenary: Escape From Targ, the inhabitants of Eris have evacuated to make room for a comet, and you still a mercenary are enlisted to stop it. The bounty but my television static sounds better than that spaceship engine. The more than two-minute intro is fun to watch the first couple of times, hut it repeats every time you boot up. I wish 1 could go straight to the game, instead. The frame rate is good, but still a notch or two below the seamless movement of which the Amiga is capable. The 3-D system is delightful for its depth and consistency, but it occasionally reveals small objects beside buildings before the buildings themselves appear. All in all, I think we’ll survive, even if Eris doesn’t. Like its namesake, Damocles shines. ($ 44.95, Novagen, distributed in the US by Bethesda Sofl- works, 15235 Shady Grove Rd., Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850, 301 926-8300. Joystick required.) ¦ too long. Damocles is looming ever closer. Keep your exploring quite pointed if you mean to lake care of the comet. Despite the occasional house-to- house search, the game doesn’t lead you astray. Its puzzles and surprises (both pleasant and unpleasant) are welt laid out. A couple of caveats. The sound is only so-so; there isn’t much of it, as you’d expect, The Destiny of a Nation is inlhur Hands Sixteenth Century Japan was controlled by feudal lords. Each ruled a single fief, each wanted to become Shogun and rule the entire nation. One man, Oda Nobunaga, came close but failed. He paid the penalty for failure, death. Take Nobunaga's place and unite Japan, On the battlefield, attack and retreat. Use the terrain to your best advantage. During times of peace, build your economy, keep your peasants happy and your soldiers loyal or risk revolt. Negotiate with other lords, or perhaps you would rather just send Ninja. Seize all the advantages you can. You'll need them! FEATURES:
• Fully multi-tasking • Complete mouse support
• Tivo Scenarios * Five levels of difficulty
• Not copy protected • One to Eight players
• Detailed historical • Easy to use reference card notes, manual and included poster included Bandit Kings of Ancient China - The evil minister Gao Qiu has usurped the command from the throne. The righteous followers of the emperor have been exiled as outlaws. Join these heroic rebels in your mission to overthrow a wicked empire, and restore the might to the throne. Available for NIZS. PC and Amiga. Question:
1) Genghis (Chon's greatol claim to fume was?
(o) a quick temper (b) the hit single 1 (eel for you!' (c) o bad smell (d) carving out on empire stretching from Chino to Europe in the 12th century
2) What famous gang defected the evil minister Goo Qki ond restored peoce to the Song Empire?
(a) Hole in the Wal Gong (hi Bond'd Kings of Ancient China (c> Gong of four
3) What was the epic describing the power struggle at the end of China's second Kan Dynasty coBed?
(o) Romance of the Three Kingdoms (b) I Cting Ic) GodriBo
4) Who terrorized ond obosl succeeded in unifying Jopon in the 16th Century?
(a) Cawobunga (b) Habunaga Oda (c) Godiillo
5) Whet type of gome does KOEI moke? Fc) simulation (b) historical (cl edwotiwd (d) entertaining = «) oil of the above If) none of the obove
6) KOEI, We_the past, you moke the_I* (FI bid* Modal Genghis Khan - Become the greatest warrior the world has known. Through battles and allegiances, forge the mighty Mongol Horde. With armies at your command, the empires of the world are tempting targets. Fight bravely to achieve the ultimate goal of world conquest. Available for NES, PC and Amiga. Haw To Eaten On ? 3x5 piece of paper, print your ncme, address, rip, oge ond the answers la the six questions bsted above. Answers to the questions may be found within the ads, on octud gome boxes or from someone who is familiar with the game. All entries must be postmarked no loler than February 15,1991. Send entries hr KOEI CORPORATION. 1350 Bayshare Highway, Suite 540 Burfagaw, CA 94010 Every month (November 1990-Februory 1991) 40 winners will be randomly drawn horn ol entries having the correct omwers. These winners will receive a KQEI Gome Player's T-shirl (approx. Retail value SI 2). After ol entries are received (postmarked no later then February 15150 more prizes wSI be awarded to winners randomly drawn from ofl entries having the coned answers. These winners will receive a KOEI Game, choke of tide (approx. Retd vok* 565). One grand prize winner wil be chosen ond awarded Sony's Handfom (approx. Retail value SI ,000). Odds of winning depend on number of vaild entries received. Judges decision ts final. Hot responsible far lost, late or mtsdireded, incomplete or illegible entries. Winners wil be notified by md. Tolol approximate retail value of cfi prims 55,000. Sweepstakes open to U.S. residents except employees ond families ol K0E1 Corporation, ltd. Al prizes will be awarded, limit one prize per household family. No substitutions or cash equivalents. Texes, if ony ore the responsibility of winners. 5*eepstokes void where prohibited, taxed «restricted. Winners ogree to the use of their names and likenesses far priority ond advertising puiposes without additional compensation or permission. (For winners 1st, send a SASE to some address. Available after March 1,1991.) Romance of the Three Kingdoms - As a Warlord of the 2nd centuiy China, you must restore a shattered Empire. Gather the bravest warriors of the land to build up your armies. Use strength and strategy to destroy your enemies and claim the power to govern all of China. Available for NES, PC and Amiga. Quickest and most convenient way to find the KOEI products you want. If you can't find the KOEI product you are looking for, call us at (415) 348-0500 (9am I to 5pm PST) to charge on Visa MC. Continental U.S. shipping only. IBM & Amiga arr rrglslcrrd trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. & Commodore Amiga Inc KOEI CORPORATION One Bay Plaza, Suite 540 1350 Bayshore Hwy. Burlingame. CA 94010 [415) 348-0500 Circle 105 on Reader Service card. „• AMIGA UPGRADES • „ AMIGA AMIQX ' * MEGACHIP 2Q0Q UPGRADE Now utilize the power of the Amiga 3000 by actually putting into your A2000 the new 2MB AGNUS chip (same chip used in A3000). Take advantage of doubling your "RAM" to custom chips. Utilize to the fullest Amiga multitasking, graphics and sound capabilities. Excellent for displaying advanced animations or graphics. Upgrades your A2000 to the latest technology. Simple plug-in board, no soldering. Includes free AGNUS chip puller (very important), We will buy back your 1MB AGNUS. 1 year warranty, S339.00 before rebate. ENHANCED CHIP SET 1 MB FATTER AGNUS (8372A) upgrade for A500 A2000. Utilize 1 MB of "Chip RAM1' and notice a big difference in graphic display and run the latest software. Comes with new Commodore step-by-step instructions and free AGNUS chip puller. $ 99.50 AMIGA 1000 REJUVENATOR BOARD Tap the ultimate power of your A1000. Utilize the new enhanced chip set (ECS), FATTER AGNUS (8372A),
2. 0 ROM, additional 1 MB RAM, clock battery backup, video slot. Solderless installation (replace daughterboard). 100% compatibility. $ 479.00 complete A5Q1-512K RAM UPGRADE 512K upgrade plug-in board for the trap door on the bottom of your A500. Utilizes lithium battery and clock. S69.95 (with all RAM) A5QQ "BIG FOOT" POWER SUPPLY The ultimate Amiga 500 switching power supply. Fan cooled 150 watts. Built-in connectors to handle 5 additional hard or floppy disk drives. No power supply can come close to this 150 watt unit. $ 109.95 KICK-BOARD ASSEMBLY When Workbench 2.0 is released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. That leaves the computer owner swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. KICK- BOARD. . .A simple-to-install board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer. Remove your old Kickstart ROM from it's socket and place it in our board. You can add two additional ROMs to the KICK- BOARD besides your original. By simply moving the switch provided, you can select one of the available ROMs. No more compatibility problems! Will work with all processor accelerators. Introductory price S39.95 INSIDER II
(1. 5 MB FOR THE A1000) Simple plug-in board battery clock calendar simple, fast and compatible. No soldering 1 year warranty. $ 199.95 REPLACEMENT UPGRADE CHIPS & PARTS 8520A ...$ 17.95 256 X 4 80 .7.45 8564 PAULA ..29.95 1 MG X 1 100 ...7.45 8562 DENISE & 1 2 Brt ...29 95 A2000 Hvy Dty P S .147.00 5719 GARY ....17.25 A50Q Hvy Dty U800 BUSTER ...13.50 = 150 wans) .109.95
2. 0 ROM .CALL A2000 Keyboard .....114.95
1. 3 ROM .29.95 A500 Keyboard 109.50 1 X 4 MG 80 (A3000) 54.95 Keyboard lor A1000 129.95 68010 10 .15.95 A500 Service Manual 29.00 Important Catalog Announcement We have a new. FREE 27 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga, Commodore and IBM. This Free catalog contains: Low- Cost Chips, Upgrades, Diagnostics. Tutorial Video Tapes. Interfaces. IBM Upgrades. Cables, Heavy Duty Power Supplies and other super products you won't find anywhere else. (Dealers, use your letterhead ) Prices Subject to Change THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET SUFFERN, NY 10901 1-800-292-7445 * 914-357-2424 FAX 914-357-6243 We Ship Worldwide From p. 24 Master. It features a thin, pointed tip that is easy to position on a line. Doubleclicking with the stylus button is, however, a pain. In order to effect this common Amiga action, I had to hold the pen nearly perpendicular to the tablet. It was very awkward. Things To Think About If you are an artist new to graphical interfaces, I think you will like Easyl best of all. It offers an easy transition from paper to electronic drawing. Experienced mouse users, though, may find it slow. For them, I would recommend R&DL’s AproDraw package because of its more responsive software, even though 1 do not like its stylus. In fact, 1 found none of the systems suitable in a point-and-click environment. It takes too long to get anywhere. You can speed things up by placing a paper or plastic template on the pad to let you access, say, the DeluxePaint toolbox. (You can even make one by printing a screen dump ol the right size.) Still, a tablet will not replace your mouse. Therefore, 1 suggest you check to be sure that any new units support simultaneous use of the mouse. Easyl 1.3 Anakin Research 100 Westmore Dr., Unit 11C Rexdale, Ont. Canada MOV 5C3 416 744-4240 S349 No special requirements. SketchMaster Dakota Corp. 55 I leritage Ave. Portsmouth, NH 03801 603 427-0100 S449 12 x 12 $ 699 12x18 No special requirements. AproDraw 2.0 R & DL Productions 40 Liss Rd. Wappingers Falls, NT' 12590 914 298-8968 S499 9x6 S599 12x12 $ 999 18 x 12 No special requirements. DataLink 2000 Chairman of the modem-features board By Sheldon Leemon THE DATALINK 2000 modem from Applied Engineering is not the first internal modem for the Amiga 2000 3000 series of computers, but it can claim a number of other important firsts. It's the only Amiga modem thus far to provide auto- configuring driver software on ROM. The first to offer an MNP level-5 option, and the first with a facsimile-transmission option. Translated into plain English, that means it’s convenient, flexible, and expandable. The DataLink (DL2000) modem comes on a half-length plug-in card for the A2000 or A3000. A cable connects the card to a mounting bracket that holds two modular phone jacks one that connects to the phone-line wall jack; the other for an optional phone connection. Hardware installation is as easy as removing the computer’s cover, plugging in the card, and screwing in the bracket. An integral speaker allows you to hear the modem dialing, but there are no software equivalents for the status lights found on many external modems. The device driver that allows Amiga software to talk to the modem as if it were a serial port is contained on a ROM chip on the card. If your computer has Kickstart version 1.3 or higher (this includes most 2000 and all 3000 systems), the DataLink software automatically adds this driver to your system at power-up time. If, on the other hand, you own one of the few 2000 systems that has a Kickstart 1.2 ROM, you must remove the driver ROM chip from the modem card and install the included disk-based software driver in the DEVS; directory of your boot disk. J With the driver software already in- stalled, your only remaining setup task is to tell your communications program the device name (dI2000.device) and unit number to use. Most commercial terminal programs such as A-Talk 111 (Oxxi), Baud Bandit (Progressive Peripherals), and Online! Professional (Micro-Systems Software) have menu options or icon ? CD-ROM System new Rewritable Optical _ drive systems for the Amiga® Xetec brings the cutting edge of optical technology to the Amiga with the
CD. R-650 SCSI drive systems. Now, unlimited access to vast amounts of information is possible with removable, non-volatile CD-ROM discs having capacities to 650 meg (750 floppies). Reads industry standard ISO 9660 High Sierra discs (same format used in Commodore's new CDTV® ). FastTrak Systems Factory-installed software. All FastTrak and FastCard drive systems are now shipped with user-specified portions of the Fred Fish library installed at no charge. Please contact Xetec for additional details. Drive systems for the A-2000 FastCard Plus (bare) $ 175.00 FastCard Plus Q40 0 RAM......$ 550.00 FastCard Plus Q80 0 RAM......$ 810.00 FastCard Plus Q105 0 RAM....$ 899.00 I Meg SIMM module $ 75.00 4 Meg SIMM module call Mini FastCard (bare) .$ 75.00 Audio compact discs. In addition, the Cdx systems include the ability to play conventional digital audio Cds with supplied software through stereo line- out or headphone jacks. Take your pick. The external model, Cdx-650E, features a rugged, compact enclosure with built-in power supply, and dual SCSI connectors for daisy- chaining. Economical internal model also available. LiniiiiuiiiniuiiiiiiiuiuiiuiiuiitHiuiiil NEW PRODUCT Mox-600 Rewritable Ricoh 600 meg Magneto-Optical Drive. Complete system includes enclosure, power supply, fan and one cartridge. Factory direct only .$ 3600.00 Extra cartridge ...$ 229.00 Free software. Currently available M from Xetec is our Fish & More™ Vol. I CD-ROM which includes fig the Fred Fish library (up to 370) and additional PD software totalling over 500 megabytes of data. Fish & More is included free with the purchase of any Cdx system (a $ 2000 value if purchased on floppies!). Cdjc-6501 internal system .$ 599.00 for the A-2000 2500 3000 Cdjc-650E external system......$ 699,(K) for all models Amiga and CDTV are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Drive systems for the A-500 1000 FastTrak jr 20 meg ......,.$ 500.00 FastTrak Quantum 40 meg......$ 650.00 FastTrak Quantum 80 meg......$ 895.00 FastTrak Quantum 105 meg.....$ 985.00 Add-ons FastRam with 2 meg $ 225.00 FastRam with 4 meg $ 375.00 FastTrak, FastCard. And FastRam arc trademarks of Xetec. Inc. Circte 90 on Reader Service card. Technical assistance. Through our phone support and 24 hour BBS friendly service when you need it. Order information! I For orders only---------1-800-445-0611 For information .(913) 827-0685 FAX ....(913) 827-6023 BBS .....(913) 827-1974 Mastercard, Visa, American Express, money orders, and C.O.D, welcome. Excellence in Electronics 2804 Arnold Road Salina, Ks. 67401 Dealer inquiries welcome ToolTypes that allow you to specify a device and unit number other than the standard unit 0 of serial.device. Using such programs, you can operate up to five internal DataLink modems at once, using unit numbers 1 to 5. Many older commercial and shareware programs do not make provisions for alternate serial devices, but you can use some of these programs with a single DataLink; just use the included AESet-
- i -i m* i f. SOFTWARE Needham. MA 0219' Phantom The SMPTE Synchronizer and MIDI interface for Amiga 500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 computers Modem program to change the serial, dev ice name in the program code to dl2000.device (a version of the shareware program AZComm that includes this change is provided). However, some of the older terminal programs that have not been revised lately may not work with the DL2000. I Want My MNP Once you have set your terminal softFeatures include
• Offset with BIT accuracy
• Serial Thru
• 24, 25, 30, 30 drop frame
• Dropout protection
• Load save configurations
• Easy installation
• FCC Approved I V a vTi K WITH i ' r L TM ware properly, the DL2000 acts as any Hayes-compatible 2400-baud modem. For $ 30 more, however, you can add a level-5 implementation of the Microcom Networking Protocol (MNP-5 for short) in the form of a chip that plugs into the board. When you use the board to communicate with a remote system that also has MNP-5 capabilities, this option provides both error-correction and data- compression features. Error correction means that telephone-line noise or other interference will not result in a string of weird-looking characters, because data is checked at both ends for accuracy before anything is printed on the screen. Data compression means that information is "squeezed” before it is transmitted (so that fewer characters need to be sent over the phone lines), and then decompressed at the other end. This is the hardware equivalent of using a file- compression program like LHArc or PKZip to reduce the size of a file. Depending on the nature of the material sent, data compression can almost double the speed at which data is transmitted. There are some things to keep in mind, though, when using MNP. First, if the modem you are communicating with is not equipped with MNP, your MNP settings may actually impede connection to the remote system or interfere with protocol transfers. For example, with certain MNP settings enabled, I could not receive files from the PeopleLink information service using the Telenet packet-switching network and the WXModem transfer protocol. Few commercial information services use MNP modems, but many local bulletin boards do (the Courier HST modems that are popular with system operators include MNP). Of the systems that have MNP, not all support level 5, which means that they provide error correction, but not data compression. Also, MNP-5 will not produce large speed increases when transferring files that have already been compressed by some other method, such as by an archiving program. Because most program files that you can download have already been compressed, the bottom line is that MNP-5 is useful mainly for speeding up text transmission and screening out spurious char- ? JSECftET I t " : r; - ~ ,, 1 1 1 rom guts morlq _-.r..- - Interplanetary ore excavation fleet commanders are a different breed. They've mastered military strategy. They're expert battle tacticians. But most of ail they're cut-throat intergalactic capitalists looking for a quick buck. And no place offers bigger rewards than FULL METAL PLANET Rich with precious ore and teeming with danger. At your disposal is a state-of- the-art excavating armada: Attack boats, barges, tanks, transporter crabs, and the unique "Weather Hen." But you can bet your equally well equipped competitors will try to turn your mighty fleet into scrap metal the first chance they get.
• Intense strategy and military-simulation
• 1 to 4 players - human or computer
• Easy-to-use icon interface « Ripping graphics and digitized sound
• Complete game-scenario control ©1990 Infogrames. United States and Canadian Copyright Data East USA, Inc Made in the U5A, Now available at your local software retailer for the Amiga and IBM PC and compatibles. Or contact Data East USA, Inc., 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, JA 95125. (408) 28,6-7074 fin S. ' 4 :. ; r . Orde 233 on Fead Serflev c ra I , ¦_T, _ acters. It is a nice option to have, but you will generally want to turn it off when using systems that do not support it. Another option, due to be available for the DL2000 bv the time you read this, is Send-Fax. According to Applied, this $ 39 hardware software option will allow DataLink to send (but not receive) fax messages to any level-3 fax machine at a speed of 4800 bps (baud per second). The software includes a Preferences-level driver that lets you “print” a document to the fax modem from a word processor, as well as software for transmitting text and graphics directly from the screen. It is also slated to include a phone book for storing fax numbers and a distribution list for automatically sending the same message to a number of fax machines. Although the fax option will restrict you to sending at 4800 bps initially, Applied Engineering plans to offer two upgrades: a 9600 bps rate and message reception. Hold the Line In operation, the DL2000 performed with few problems other than the inevi- ' fcCTjr YOUR TURN! DataLink 2000 was easy to install, and the instructions are good. Applied put a program on the disk that I can run with my favorite telecommunications program, Access, so that Access will look internally instead of to the serial port. I think that option is really great, and it works just fine. I’ve never seen a manual for a modem that’s as good as this one. There's stuff in it that I'll probably never use, but I’m glad to know it’s there. I have the MNP-5 option, but I haven’t used it because I’m on CompuServe, which doesn’t support it. I’ve already ordered the fax option, too. I’m pretty satisfied. . .you can’t beat the five-year warranty! Kathy Kolb Williamsport, PA table confusion of trying to match software settings to the modem hardware (though the speaker did not work on one of the two units Applied Engineering sent for review). The modem driver software did not exhibit any of the problems I experienced previously with the Supra 2400zi internal modem when uploading to CompuServe fiom Online! Professional, using the Quick B protocol. On the other hand, Online! Pro’s redial option did not work with that program’s default initialization string; when I changed the string, it worked fine. I also found some quirks in trying to use commercial packet-switching networks with all of the MNP options turned on. When 1 changed the modem settings back to the Hayes standard, these problems vanished. Although the Applied Engineering technical-support people were friendly and helpful, I still had to figure out most of my settings by trial and error. (The fact that the manual lists a wrong number for technical support didn’t help.) As with most manuals for modems, Data- Link’s contains a complete description of the modem’s command set, but little in the way of practical explanation. For example, it describes the features of MNP without telling you which boards are most likely to support it, which transfer ? Continue the Winning Tradition With the SAS C' Development System for AmigaDOS" Ever since the Amiga’ was introduced, the Lattice’ C Compiler has been the compiler of choice. Now SAS C picks up where Lattice C left off. SAS Institute adds the experience and expertise of one of the world's largest independent software companies to the solid foundation built by Lattice, Inc. Lattice C’s proven track record provides the compiler with the following features: ? SAS C Compiler ? Macro Assembler ? Global Optimizer ? LSE Screen Editor ? Blink Overlay Linker ? Code Profiler ? Extensive Libraries ? Make Utility ? Source Level Debugger ? Programmer Utilities. SAS C surges ahead witli a host of new features for the SAS C Development System for AmigaDOS, Release 5.10: ? Workbench environment for all users ? Additional library functions ? Release 2.0 support for the ? Point-and-click program to set power programmer default options ? Improved code generation ? Automated utility to set up new projects. Be the leader of the pack! Run w ith the SAS C Development System for AmigaDOS. For a free brochure or to order Release 5.10 of the product, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 5042. MILLIONS THOUSANDS BANKRUPT A SEMI-REALISTIC WACKY BUSINESS SIMULATION! Have you ever wanted to head your own company? Are you tired of others making decisions that determine your daily fate? Or do you just want to conquer your friends in a battle of financial wit and skill? Well, want no more, 'cause now there's BIG BUSINESS. Manage advertising budgets, research and develop new products and operate factories. Initiate takeovers, detect and catch corporate spies, start law suits and create worker's unrest in your opponents' companies. Amiga screens shown You don't have to be a business genius to enjoy this game. With its beautiful graphics and excellent game play, it's fun for everyone! PLUS FREE BONUS GAME: WALLSTREET A realistic stock market simulation complete with indi vidual portfolio database and educational stock market trivia. KVK) North Date Mabry Executive Center, Suite Tampa, FL 33614 (SI 3) 933-8023 Available for: Amiga 500, 1000,2000,2500 and 3000. Retail price: 549.95. Visit your local software retailer or call 1-800-783-8023 to order. Circle 214 on Reader Service card. K i; v i i; w s CENTER Fornrrly The 64 Store CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-388-2700 10 AM to 6 PM Mon - Sat ] 2000 INTERNAL DRIVE
99. 00 MICROBOTICS 8 UP ..
115. 00 3D PROFESSIONAL .,.
65. 00
A. M.A.S ......
140. 00 MOVIE SETTER......
49. 00 A-10 TANK KILLER---- , 31.25 MUSIC BOX A or B----
45. 00 A-MAXII ....
156. 50 MUSIC X ....
187. 50 A-TALK 3 .... . 62.50 NIGHT HUNTER......
23. 65 ADAPT ...... . 7500 NITRO ......
25. 00 ADVANTAGE 1.1 .....
125. 00 OFFICE .....
43. 75 AREXX REF MANUAL . . 31.25 PAGE RENDER ......
86. 75 AUTO SCRIPT . 50.00 PAGESTREAM 2.0
187. 50 AWESOME ... . 37.50 PAGESTREAM FONTS .
25. 00 BARS 6 PIPES
244. 00 PHASAR 4.0 ..
93. 75 CAN DOI .... . 93.75 PIXEL SCRIPT
99. 00 CHAMP. OF KRYNN .. . . 34.50 POOL OF RAOIANCE . .
34. 50 COMIC SETTER ...... . 49 00 PRO VIDEO GOLD
37. 50 Call For Latest Games 50 PRO PAGE CUP ART . , . 37.50 CURSE AZURE BONDS . 34 CUTTING EDGE DRIVE 200 CZAR 115 DBMANV .... 107. DELUXE PAINT III .....93. DELUXE PHOTOLAB ... 93. DESIGN 3D ... 49. D1GI MATE III ..30. DIG I DROID ...55. DIGI-PAINT 3.0 .62. DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 ... 137. DISNEY ANIMATOR ... 115. DISTANT SUNS 43. DOS 2 DOS ...34 DR. T't (oil software).. CALL DRAGON WARS .... CALL
E. C.E. MIDI ...56. ELAN PERFORMER 37. EURO GAMES CALL F-19 STEALTH . 37 FACT 11 ......21. FALCON MISSION DISK 2 IB 95 PRO VIDEO POST 220.00 00 PRO PAGE 2.0 CALL 50 PROMOTION ..62.50 75 PROSCRIPT .....31.25 75 PROWRITE 3.0 110.00 00 QUANTAM 60 MB DRIVE 725.00 00 OUANTAM 40 MB DRIVE 488.00 00 QUARTERBACK TOOLS . 56.25 .50 OUARTERBACK 4.0 43.75 .00 OUSAR SOUND 37.50 00 RULES FOR TOOLS 45.00 .75 SAXON PUBLISHER . ,. 265.00 25 SCANLOCK .. 865.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 . 395.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR 92 50 75 SHADOW OP THE BLAST 2 37 50 50 SUPERBASE PRO . . . .236.25 SUPERGEN .CALL 50 SUPERPLAN ..93.75 95 SUPRA 2400 MODEM . . 123.75 75 SUPRA 40 MB A2000 .. 560.00 1 Over 2500 items in stock SUPRA 2 MB A2000 ... 275.00 SUPRA RAM 500 512K . . 79.00 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 24.95 FORMS IN FUGHT II ,. . 79.00 FRAME GRABBER 579.95 GO 1 ..3125 GOLD DISK TYPE .....37.50 GRAPHIC STARTER KIT 49.95 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK , . 79.00 GVP A3001 W 4 MB .. 1750.00 GVP A500 40 O DR ... 699.00 HARPOON .... 40.50 HOME BUILDERS CAD 124.95 ILLUMIUNK ... 95.00 INDY 500 ..... 34.50 INTERCHANGE 31.25 INTERFONT .. 74.95 KARA ANIM FONTS 31.25 KARA FONT HEADUNE . 43.75 LOOM 43.75 M (MUSIC COMPOSING) 124.50 M*1 TANK PLATOON . . . 37.50 MAC-2-DOS ... 93.75 MEDIA PHILE KIT...... 45.00 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE KU.1NG GAME SHOW 31.25 THE IMMORTAL 37.50 THE ACCOUNTANT ... 187.50 TIGER CUB .. 75.00 TITLE PAGE .125.00 TOP FORM ...65.00 TRUE BASIC ..... 49.95 TURBO SILVER 3.0 ... 124.95 ULTRA CARD ..31.25 ULTRA DESIGN ..... 225 00 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D . .. 124.95 VIDEOSCAPE 3D 125.00 WINGS ..... 34.55 WORD PERFECT 161.00 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE 27.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM 58.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL 343.00 Commodore’s First Authorized Amiga Dealer in the USA !!! The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 protocols to use with it, and what kinds of problems you might run into when using the MNP settings. Neither did I see any speedy replies to the questions posed by Amiga owners 011 the Applied Engineering BBS. Still, I would rate Applied Engineering's support as about average in a field that is admittedly complex. The fact that the Data Link 2000 comes with a live- year warranty demonstrates a strong commitment to standing behind the product. .And the fact that Applied Engineering has developed an Amiga-specific modem (and potentially a lax product as well) speaks well ol their new-found commitment to the Amiga. DataLink 2000 Applied Engineering PO Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 214 241-6060 SI 59 No special requirements. FLO Floor Plan Construction Set Putting your house in order By Gary V, Fields FLO FLOOR PLAN Construction Set can help you resolve trying difficulties such as whether or not there will be enough room for both your desk and pool table in your new den, or where your office or home furniture should go so you can easily direct the movers. Using the program’s simple clip-and-paste feature, FLO helps you arrange furniture electronically with two screen displays, one for design surfaces (in hi-res, black-and- white images) and another for images to be clipped. You select features such as clip, paste, rotate, erase, print, and load IFF from a row of icons. Other more complex operations, such as ’’clip from the design screen’ are available from the pull-down menus. Most features, but not all, can be selected from the keyboard, as well. The two-disk set holds several rooms including bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, rec room, and utility each packed with dillerent furnishings (desk, tables, typewriters, table saws, sinks, doors, windows, walls, potted plants, and so forth). So, regardless of what you plan to build or furnish, constructing an accurate facsimile is relatively simple and painless with FLO. THEAAMIGA Because of the program’s name and packaging, 1 assumed FLO was a bargain-priced, architectural CAD (computer-aided design) program. Instead, it is a specialized paint program utilizing hi-res bitmap images, not traditional structured CAD drawings and it has onlv a limited number of features. .Any- one looking for the power of a professional drafting program will be disappointed with FLO, as it will not let you design a true-to-scale blueprint. Getting over my initial disappointment, however, 1 must confess that the program does very well what it was designed to do: plan and design home and office interiors. It probably would be most effective when used in conjunction with your favorite full-scale paint program. Although FLO itself operates much like a conventional paint program, it has too few features to be compared with the more powerful (and more expensive) ones. It saves standard IFF files and will load those created by other paint programs, providing they were created on a hi-res screen with two colors and include ’’.FCSpic" as an extension to their filenames. When I tried to load a standard DeluxePaint III image using four colors, the program responded with a fullblown guru alert. Roomful of Features What I liked best about FLO was its datai It’s that time again Tax Preparation and Planning Tool ram caia naa fiona i Fom IB-1B SCHEDULES A G B 19BS Schedule A - itemized W4ical l.i Prifsci lion mulicinci jmJ Antal to feu rat 51 to so to this fai? Yes Ye Taws Iittml To Dtductihl* how wrtfut intnrst r»id t» ItnawUl IhSliWt b Intact HI* how i»rliase_L tf&ti ia_UrilVi _ IB Dtductibl* point*..-¦ il Ctferenbl* mvoitwot ietp 12* -ri, v.rr, i p*i4 = £ b Z r. :. 3 : or tin* 12 • 13 Total in an a>i Carnal
* Scrollable on screen lookalike forms and schedules
* Line by Line Data Entry Prompts
* On Screen IRS Instructions
* Prints Government Approved Lookalike Tax Forms on Plain Printer Paper.
* Prints Scanned images of Form 1040
* Automatically Calculates Deductions and Refunds 1 Itemizes and creates overflow forms
* Override any cell to test "what-it" tax strategies
* Add Notes to expand information cells
* Pop up Calculator with cut & paste
* Load and save multiple tax returns
* Work with 2 tax returns at the same time
175. 0 includes
* Form 1040 and 1040a, Schedules A, B, C, D, D1, E, F, R, SE, 2106, 2441, 3903, 8606, 4562, 8615, 4868
* Plus ELECTRONIC Filing support built in! No Extra modules to buy or learn. Why Wait? Get your refund in 2 to 3 weeks! Single Hamed filing joint return Harried filing separate Spouse C WSHP hesidpotia! H sen 51 to jo to Electiw Caffaifl lew ywr ssetiss kb( 51 City, state, P.Q. box and TIP code Please print » type. ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦ Only $ 75 Annual Updates $ 29 C A CSC (plus $ 5 for shipping and handling) See your Amiga dealer or call 1-800-387-1942 Circle 34 on Reader Service card J Datamax Research corp 269 Portage Road, Box 1147 Lewiston NY 14092 (416)250-7424 Tax Break users - we have changed our name to dataTAX. Call 416-250-7424 or write to order your update. Canadian Version also available $ 59 (cdn) Updates $ 29. Includes T1. Schedules 1-7,T1C,RRSP,T4,T5,Business Income.Child Care,Rental,MinTax CapGains and morel AH provinces and plus Quebec provincial forms. Add 4$ shipping and handling and 7% GST. DataTAX is also available for PC and compatible computers. DataTAX is a trademark of Datamax Research territories R E V I E W S ALF-DE-MFM or RLL rYOUR TURN! The cheapest and fastest way to connect a harddisk to the Amiga 500 or 1000. ¦ No power supply required for the Amiga 1000 ¦ 420 K Byte Datatransfer Rate Ask about our other products! Pre' spect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670, Station H Montreal. Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954*1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 ft commodore AMIGA MEMORY CHIP 256K x 4-80 DIP S8.00 256K x 4-80 ZIPP S9.50 256K x 4-80 (Static for A3000) SI 0.00 1 MG x 8-80 SIMM
579. 1X) I MG x 4-80 (Static for A3000)
* $ 44.95 NEW FATTER AGNUS $ 99.95 Amiga Mouse S49.1X) External Hi Density 1.52 MG Dr. $ 199.00
1. 5 MG Insider Board for A1000 $ 299.00 Keyboard for A1000 $ 139.95 A2000 Power Supply $ 139.95 Power Supply A5(XI (Heavy Duty) S99.95 4 MG Base Board (for A5(X) w 2 MG) $ 249.95 4 MG Base Board (for A5(X) w 4 MG) $ 349.(XI Amiga Janus 2.0 $ 29,95 SUPRA 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG
* $ 210.00 4 MG Expandable to 8 MG $ 349.00 40 MG Hardcard $ 549.00 40 MG HD (A5(X) W 512K) $ 699.00 GVP 40 MG HD for A500 S699.00 40 MG Hard Card $ 599.(M) 100 MG Hard Card $ 899.(K) A3001 4 0 28 Mhz SI 899.00 GOLD DISK Prof. Page $ 39.95 Prof. Draw $ 39.95 Design 3D
539. 95 Moviesetter $ 39.95 Special sale this month white supplies last. AFI Ampex Systems, Inc. (Not affiliated with Ampex Corp.) 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NORCROSS. GA 30093 (Orders Only) (8(XI) 962-4489 • Fax (404) 263-7852 (Information & Prices) (404) 263-9190 FLO is not very sophisticated, but it’s great for the price. We used it when we built an addition on the house, and it was really nice for setting up. The program was great for getting things to scale; then we could print the results and take it to the builders. The first version had some problems, but Gramma Software replaced my disk right away. They were really nice. Steve Latham Gadsden, AL images: walls, office, bedrooms, shops, and provisions for features accommodating the handicapped. They are all well done and the rooms come in both full and ’ .* scale. If you own a standard paint program, you may want to use FLO to clip, paste, and save your data images as IFF screens, and then load them into the paint program to design your floor plans. One clearly superior feature is that, unlike some paint programs, FLO rotates clips without distorting their proportions. The program, however, is neither fast nor flexible. For example, there is no simple way to construct other home or office furnishings, and you can rotate the ones included only in 90-degree increments. .Also, there is no text mode, so adding notes to your design is impossible (although you cmi clip and paste the text labels found in the room screens). Unfortunately, it is easy to outpace the program while inputting mouse or key commands. T his speed disadvantage is compounded by the fact that commands TAKE YOIJR TURN! We want to knowr what you like and don’t like about your new Amiga hardware and software. Some products we are looking at for upcoming issues are: 3D Text Animator (Mindware) ABCgames (Parth Galen) AdSCSI 2000 with Q40S (ICO) Advantage (Gold Disk) A-Max II (ReadySoft) Elan Performer 2.0 (Elan Design) Home Front (Designing Minds) are held in the computer’s buffer and executed in sequence. This can result in the program executing repetitive commands or appearing to lock up simply because you may click on an icon several times in trying to get it to activate without realizing that the program w'as still processing the first chore. It is true that command buffers can sometimes be helpful, but I have found that to be the exception rather than the rule. I’d prefer FLO to do a key buffer dump after each operation to avoid repetitive errors. Wish List FLO is far from the perfect planning or designing tool. Its lack of four important features prevent me from recommending it without reservation, A text mode, a magnify mode, a snap-to-grid option, and an input buffer dump would make a lot of difference. With that said, let’s remember that the program retails for $ 80. Professional paint and GAD programs can cost many times that amount. In my opinion, the clip data alone is worth the asking price, even if you only convert them for use with another paint program. FLO Floor Plan Construction Set is a planning tool and nothing more. As long as you buy it to use only for that purpose, and not for painting or drafting, you should be happy with your investment. FLO Floor Plan Construction Set Gramma Software 17730 15th Ave. NE, Suite 223 Seattle, WA 98155 206 363-6417 S79.95 No special requirements MicroTrader 4.0 (MicroActive) Office (Gold Disk) Sterling Service BBS (Free Spirit) Fop Form (Designing Minds) VidControl (Integral Systems) To comment on these, write us (Your Turn, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458) or call (800 441-4403, ext. 156) by Dec. 19, 1990. Write or call at any time concerning other new' releases. ¦ PageStream® Reality at its Best! You’ve just come up with a great idea! Now all you need is PageStream, the desktop publishing program that will make those great ideas a reality! Bring your words and graphics together to express yourself like never before. Jot down your ideas, transfer them into PageStream, mix and match type styles, add pictures, save documents and print them out. Get stunning results every time. With PageStream you can create anything from simple business cards to sensational brochures. Select from a wide variety of text handling features; change lettering styles, sizes and shapes. Add impact and attention to your page layouts. Place previously created graphics into your layouts or design your own illustrations with PageStreanTs drawing capabilities. Pre-define unique page characteristics such as line spacing, paragraph formatting and character spacing. This gives you a uniform text appearance throughout your multiple page documents. Print to a wide assortment of printers. PageStream supports dotmatrix, inkjet, laser, non-PostScript and PostScript printers. Enhance your ideas with a touch of color. PageStream provides you with a wide spectrum of colors and in addition you can modify these colors to meet your exact needs. In short, we take the hassle out of presenting your ideas clearly. PageStream is reality at its best! This entire ad was created using PageStream. See your local dealer for a demonstration today, or call Soft-Logik for more details: 1-800-829-8608 Fax: 314-894-3280 Soft-Logik Canada: 416-668-1468 Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.
P. O. Box 290070 St. Louis, MO 63129 get 1 free! Buy Any Two AmigaWorld Tool Chest Back Issues, And Get A Third One Free! Holiday clipart, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. AWTC12. Save money with a utility program which enables you to format disks that AmigaDOS chokes on. Generate different types of graphs. Cut out an excellent collection of B&W clip art for your desktop publishing or graphic design needs. Generate an incredible assortment of colorful patterns. Add dazzle to your animations with detailed 3-D spaceships. AWTC13. Plot your biorythms. Make drive head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with mandelbrots. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations a sailboat, hot air balloon, windmill, and a lighthouse. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus AWTC11. Fix corrupted disks or recover accidently deleted files. Sit back and enjoy original animation and sound clips. Enjoy colorfully wacky, shoot 'em up Arcade fun. Create single or double image icons, in four to eight colors. Get a rich assortment of HI-RES clipart monsters. AWTC15. A best selling issue! Combine great graphics with digital sounds to get an entertaining Amiga version of the classical connect-the-dot game. Insert a nice assortment of digitized animal sounds into your animations. See an instructive rendering of Cartoon Man in various stages of animation. Test your reflexes with a high-speed arcade game. Make multiple copies of custom labels. AWTC14. A 3D graphics special issue, containing vector objects. TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3D ray traced animation.Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and addressbook. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. AWTC16. Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text fields to print on both sides of AWTC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depth of the CLI window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Silver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. AWTC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. Paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multimedia presentations and a mouse driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, ‘The World’s Smallest Baseball Arcade Game.” want to buy two Tool Chest Back Issues for $ 29.90 and receive a THIRD ONE FREE! I save $ 14.95. glYESi My selections are: _ My check money order is enclosed Charge My: MasterCard ? VISA fl Am Exp. ? Discover Name Card Address Exp. Date State City Zip I am only interested in one issue at this time. Please send me the following issue for $ 14.95: _ Foreign orders add S2.50 for delivery. Payment required in
U. S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1MB of memory. TCBI191 Signature, The Pathway To w IV . Your Imagination - STEP INTO THE WORLD OF AMIGA Tj’or i computer as extraordinary as the ' L,_ Uy]r JT Amigayou need a magazine that can O Save 37% ? YES! I want to discover the full potential of this powerful machine. And save 37% off the cover price. Enter my one year subscription to AMIGA World for the low price of $ 29.97. If I’m not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund no questions asked. ? Payment Enclosed ? Bill Me Name__ Address_ City_ State_Zip Canada & Mexico $ :tfl.97, Foreign Surface $ -10.97, Foreign Airmail $ 04.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Hank|, Prepayment is required un foreign orders. All rales are 1 year only. Please allow 6-0 weeks for delivery. AmigaWorld 4WAN4 PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc match its excellence, AmigaWorld. Amiga World is the only magazine which V&i provides you with ideas and information to f r* get maximum performance from the Amiga’s tremendous power and versatility. $ Each issue gives you valuable insights to boost your vv productivity and enhance your creativity. Whether you choose the Amiga as a serious business l pol for its speed and multitasking capabilities. . .or for WwBp its superb graphics, drawing, color (over 4,000 colors), and animation. . .or for its state-of-the-art music and speech. . .or for its scientific and CAD abilities, Amiga World chn help you achieve superior results. With its timely news features, product announcements and reviews, useful operating tips and stunning graphics, Amiga World is as dynamic as the market it covers. Don’t wait! Become a subscriber and save nearly 37% off the cover price. Return the chupon, or for immediate service, call toll-free 1-800-258-5473. In U.S.A. “You silly Sleuth I've had Barney with me from the beginning. He will be the first dog to test my evil & patented Holobyte Acceleratormachine. Ha-Ha-Ha, no one can stop v tHV } J me now-NOT EVEN YOU!” X 1 W 1
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P. O. BOX 171466 SAN DIEGO, CA 92197 FORA COMPLETE PRICE LIST OF OUR PRODUCTS, FILL OUT THE AVATAR ccowi c Heart of the Dragon $ 29 SERVICE CARD IN BRODERBUND JHIS Pictionary MAGAZINE Prince ot Persia Wings ot Fury $ 23 Simcity Where in Europe is Carmen SD Where in the USA is Carmen SD Where in the World is Carmen SD $ 28 Have you noticed the "other guys" are suddenly reducing their prices ASK YOURSELF WHY??? It's because we, the new kid on the AMIGA block*, will ALWAYS give you the lowest price on EVERY ..PRODUCT WE SELL and hack it up > with our unsurpassed customer service. CENTRAL COAST DOS-DOS (Read & Write IBM Disks!) $ 31 Quarterback tBackup Utility) $ 39 MAC-DOS S84 iilue Angels Hardball II Jai k Nit hol.is (Jolt Strike Aces The Duel: Test Drive II The CyclesT The Third Courier $ 29 CALIFORNIA DREAMS Block Out Vegas Gambler Tunnels ot Armageddon $ 25 (Additional Titles in Stock) ACCOLADE Ishido S3 T SOFTWARE Bar Games Heat Wave: Onshore Boat Racing Day of the Viper $ 27 FTL Dungeon Master $ 24 GOLD DISK Professional Page 1.3 $ 157 Professional Draw 2.0 $ 109 Professional Page Templates $ 34 Pro Page Pro Draw Clip Art $ 34 Gold Disk Outline Fonts: Video Series Publisher Series Decorative Series Designer Series $ 34 BANX by TS MICROTECH Store disks with style. Lockable, stackable, durable modular unit with 75 disk capacity. Special Introductory price $ 12 fqCHt F.BJ.4 DATA EAST Batman North & South $ 27 Drakkhen Chamber ot Sci-Mulant Princess S34 KOEI Bandit Kings of Ancient China Genghis Kahn Romance of the Three Kingdoms S34 MICROPOSE Pirates $ 27 F-19 $ 34 Red Storm Rising $ 31 MICROSYSTEMS Excellence (Version 2) $ 1 NEW HORIZONS ProWrite 1.0 $ 93 COMMODORE Amiga vision S84 DR. T’S Tiger's Club $ 57 INOVATRONICS Can Do! $ 84 SOFTWARE OXXl Atalk 3 (Communications) $ 59 ANIMagic (Animation Editor! $ 59 Audiomasler II $ 59 Modeler ID $ 59 Sonix $ 47 Video I itler $ 91 SIERRA ON-LINE A-10 rank Killer Hero's Quest King's Quest IV Leisure Suit Larry III Police Quest II Code Name Iceman Colonel's Request $ 34 PSYGNOSIS Killing Game Show $ 27 Shadow of the Beast $ 29 Shadow of the Beast II $ 34 SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE Tetris We II Iris S22 QigiDroid $ 57 DigiPaint t $ 55 DigiView Gold 4.0 $ 119 PROGRESSIVE Baud Bandit Diskmaster IntroCAD Plus UltaDesign 3D Professional WALT DISNEY SOFTWARE The Animation Studio $ 99 SOFTWARE WORDPERFECT CORP. WordPerfect v4.l $ 139 CS-I Copy Stand & Lights $ 55 NEWTEK READY 50FT Space Ace $ 34 Panasonii 141(1 Camera Fixed Lens $ 185 Variable Lens $ 209 ' 688 Attack Sub AutKD: Champions of Krynn NOT AD&D: Pool of Radiance LISTED Fool's Errand It Came From the Desert PLEASE Lords of the Rising Sun Nuclear War Populous FOR Star Flight TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Football CATALOG Unreal Wings $ 31 Cribbage King Gin King Gettysburg: The Turning Point Harpoon Loom Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain Waterloo $ 37 FREE DevWare "Disk of the Month" with all orders over $ 100 ELECTRONIC ARTS tAddition.il Titles in Stock! It Came I ram the Desert II F A-18 Interceptor Keel The Thiel $ 15 Deluxe Print II $ 51 Deluxe Music Construction Set $ 61 Deluxe Paint III Deluxe Photo Lab Deluxe Video III $ 93 I Hint for Red October $ 20 WE ACCEPT: VISA and MasterCard * Bank Wires * School Pun base Orders • Certified Chec k*- * Money Orders • NO PI RSONAI or COMPANY ( I IECKS
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• FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all ICD products KONYO• Master 3A1D i.5 External Drive $ 129 Golden Image I land Scanner $ 269 MICROSPEED AmTrac Tracbalt S(>4 MICROWAY Flicker Fixer $ 367 MIGRAPH Migraph Hand Scanner $ 319 NEXO Super Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker $ 119 PASSPORT Mastertrac ks Pro $ 219 Passport Midi Interlac e $ 119 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS ( on Hess Mouse $ 114 PROGRESSIVE Baud Bandit 2400 Modem $ 99 Baud Bandit 2400 MNP Modem $ 139 Minigen $ 1117 READY SOFT AMAX II (Macintosh Emulator) $ 139 HARDWARE SHARP jX-100 Scanner w Cable X Software $ 719 SUNRIZE Color Splitter $ 109 Perfect Sound $ 64 TS MICROTECH Banx $ 12 US ROBOTICS Courier 2400 External Modem S319 Courier 11ST 9600 Baud External Modem $ 619 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A2000 Accelerator (68G30 28Mhz) $ 699 A2000 Accelerator (68030 28Mhz+68882) $ 869 A2000 Accelerator 4 Meg A3001 Accelerator (6803 0 28Mb z+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 1449 A3 301 Accelerator (68030 33Mhz+68H82) 4 Meg Ram $ 1649 A3050 Accelerator (68030 50Mhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 2349 Hard Card 2 Controller Only $ 159 40 Meg Quantum HD $ 489 50 Meg Removable Media Drive $ 859 80 Meg HD S569 100 Meg HD $ 829 Hard Card 2 + RAM Controller Only $ 199 40 Meg HD S543 80 Meg HD $ 619 100 Meg HD $ 879 EXCELLENCE (VERSION 2) by Microsystems The hottest wordprocessing program available! $ 119 (1 Meg RAM required) Impact A500 40 Meg HD $ 589 52 Meg HD $ 699 100 Meg HD $ 949 Impact XC Ext Case w Power Supply $ 199 50 Meg Removable Media Drive $ 919 1 50 Meg Tape Backup $ 799 JOYSTICKS EpxySOOXI $ 12 Gravis Mousestik $ 59 Gravis Sw itcbstick $ 29 Quickjoy $ 24 MAGNAVOX RGB Color Monitor Model No. I CM 135 $ 279 SUPRA CORP. Amiga 3.5 External Drive $ 99 SCSI Interlace w Clock (Amiga 1000) $ 179 Supra 2400 Baud External Modem $ 99 Supra 2400 Plus (External Modem w MNP) $ 149 Supra 2400 1 Internal Modem (Amiga 2000) $ 119 AMIGA SupraDrive 500 XP 20 Meg $ 539 500 XP 40 Meg $ 649 500 44 Meg Rmvble $ 919 1000 40 Meg $ 649 1000 44 Meg Rmvble $ 999 1000 80 Meg $ 869 2000 40 Meg $ 454 200(1 44 Meg Rmvble $ 799 2000 80 Meg $ 659 2000 105 Meg $ 703 AMIGA Supra Ram 500 512 K w clock $ 64 SUPRA CORP. $ 119 $ 209 $ 299 $ 389 $ 479 2000 OK 2000 2 Meg 2000 4 Meg 2000 6 Meg 2000 8 Meg WordSvnc SCSI Interlace (Amiga 2000) $ 109 ¦FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all SUPRA products APPLIED ENGINEERING fimemaster 500 $ 39 I leavy Duty Power Supply (A500) $ 79 Amiga 3.5 HD Floppy Drive $ 189 Ram Works 2000 $ 109 $ 157 $ 205 $ 301 $ 397 $ 493 OK 1 Meg 2 Meg 4 Meg 6 Meg 8 Meg DATALINK 2000 (Internal 2400 Baud) $ 124 2000 (w MNP5) $ 149 Express (External 2400 Baud) SI 57 Express (w MNP5) S1B9 DISKETTES SONY: J 0-Pat k Boxed $ 12 10-Pack Bulk $ 9 50-Pack Bulk $ 42 100-Park Bulk $ 79 Be an F.B.1.* Special Agent at Anytime! We are now open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for orders. And there are no modems or online services required! So now you can be a special agent on the Find Barney Immediately case by placing your order at anytime. Oats
1. 619-274-1253 8am - 5pm PST Monday-Friday Committed to value since 1985 WHAT’S NEW? Ring in the New Year with the latest in Amiga hardware and software products Compiled by John Wolfskill Lnj (Mail.fCi ¦BWtoc. Author! Author! True 24-Bit Color: That’s Not Ham DOES THE RIGHT Answers Group have the answer? The Director Version 2 (S 129.95) conies with enough new features and enhancements to 1111 a Greyhound bus. The anima- Operations niation, polygon rotation, morphing, and more. In the sound department, there’s a new SMUS module with stereo sound and the ability to play back large SAVE IFF mm Til AGS VI IAI THE people at M.A.S.T are saying these days. Fhe company recently unveiled Colorburst ($ 495), a pass-through hardware device that attaches to the RGB video port of any Amiga to provide 24-bit color graphics in 16 million colors. You can combine Amiga graphics with Co- lorbursl’s output on the same screen and set each pixel to a different and independent color. Colorburst supports overscan, interlace, and noninterlaced screens, and it provides NTSC’ and PAL broad- cast-cjiiality video output to drive your favorite genlocker. Palette-mapped displays also allow software to adjust white balance, do palette fades, and perform other special video effects. (M.A.S.T., 1395 Gregg St., Sparks, XV 84931, 702 359-0444.) RS 505. Desktop Video To Go tion and multimedia presentation package now operates from its own script editor with pulldown menus, and it provides customizable function keys as well as a built-in IFF V file viewer. New animation features include automatic double buffering, background ANIM and IFF file loading, palette crossfacies, sprite ani- Polygon Type New with Director 2 is a polygon utility. Sound samples in Fast RAM. The Director's scripting language also has undergone a face-lift. Director Version 2 allows vou to use 1 6-character filenames, sports seven new commands, and provides full Arexx support. An upgrade for Director 1 users is available for $ 60, plus $ 10 postage and handling. (The Right Answers Group, Box 3699, Torrance. CA 90510, 213 325-
1311. ) RS 50-1. VIDEOMASTER VM-2 (S I 295) provides Amiga video professionals with a genlock, video switcher, and special effects generator in a single box. The external unit combines Amiga graphics with an external video source (Composite, S-VHS, Hi-8 , or Ed Beta) and comes with an automatic RGB splitter. The compact unit’s special-elicits generator produces horizontal, vertical, circle. And inverted wipes, which can he automatically timed, or controlled manually. YideoMaslet generates its AND THEN SOME GOLD DISK NOW offers upgrades for three of its most popular software packages. A significant improvement to Professional Page 2.0 ($ 395) is the Pantone Matching System (PMS) that provides industry-standard color reproduction for desktop publishers. Other new features include a built-in word proown vertical synchronization signal for recording Amiga graphics when no external video-reference signal is available. You can also use its built- in, key-out signal to drive a production mixer. The internal video switcher provides noise-free vertical interval switching between the Amiga and external video inputs. YideoMaster YM-2 is available in both NTSC (RS-170A) and PAL versions. (VidTech International, Inc., 2822 N V 79th Ave., Miami, FL 33122. 305 477-2228.) RS 506. Cessor with a 90.000-word spelling checker, text and graphics rotation, style and paragraph tagging. 24-bit color support, automatic page numbering, word- spacing controls, and a video tutorial. Advantage Version 1.1 ($ 195) pro- Ten years ago. Wizardry set the standards in FRP. Now, after two million copies have been sold and 25 international awards have been won. Bane of the Cosmic Forge raises and redefines those standards. This new Wizardry, the truest l simulation ever of Fantasy Role Playing, will push your computer, your mind and your sense of adventure to their very limits. True FRP Simulation! Like a true game master. Bane of the Cosmic Forge rolls the dice, consults its charts and applies the rules. From the 400 items of armor the and weaponry researched for authenticity - right down to their weights-to the realistic combat structure - incorporating Primary and Secondary attack-everything, absolutely ? Everything, is calculated. Full-Color, Animated Graphics! You'll see swords swinging before your eyes; creatures of ail shapes and forms will move before you; spells coming from your magician will swirl through the air. You'll walk under gargoyle-laden arches and watch candles flicker in their sconces. Your PC's internal speaker will play all of these digitized sounds without any add-on hardware. .. swords swinging, monsters venting their anger and spells letting fly. Uncompromising Variety!
• 11 Races
• 14 Professions with Ranks 1 Dozens of Weaponry, Physical and Academia skills
• Multiple Fighting and Parry Modes
• Ranged, Primary and Secondary Weapons
• Six spellbooks, 462 spell combinations
• Multiple Armor Classes Artificial Intelligence! Find the ancient and cryptic dwellers who can aid you in your quest. Talk to them as you would your friends - in sentences. Only through the power of the latest in programming technology could the full dimensions of conversation this real be possible.
P. O. Box 245, Ogdensburg, New York 13669
(315) 393-6633 To order: Visit a Dealer or call 1 (800) 447-1230 Now Available for.- MS-DOS, Amiga & Macintosh H II T ' S E ? Vides 37 new spreadsheet functions and enhanced Lotus 1-2-3 compatibility. Numbers are now stored and displayed with 13 digits of precision for greater accuracy. The company claims math calculations are 40% faster, and worksheets load and save up to 80% faster. Advantage 1.1 now also supports Motorola 68881 and 68882 math coprocessors. In addition, a new feature allows you to execute Aflexx scripts automatically when a spreadsheet loads. To cap a host of improvements. Gold Disk's word processing package (formerly called Transcript) now sports a new moniker TransWrite. It offers custom screens and variable screen colors, allows you to load and save configuration files, and is now compatible with Workbench 2.0. Other goodies include a spelling checker, file encryption and decryption, multiple search-and-replace, the ability to save printer settings with a file, and a more intuitive interlace. (Gold Disk, 5155 Spectrum Way. Unit 5, Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4W 5A1, 416 602-4000.) RS&507. Flicker Free Video ($ 499.95) is the first flicker-free video card to work with all A500, 1000, and 2000 Pcs. The small, multi-layer card works with a standard IBM VGA or multifrequency monitor to eliminate interlace flicker and visible raster scan lines. The board requires no soldering or heavy technical knowledge to install, and it doesn't occupy the A2000 S video slot. Both PAL and NTSC video signals are automatically recognized by the card. The board relies on three megabits of onboard RAM to provide full overscan screens as large as the Amiga can produce. (ICD Inc, 1220 Rock St, Rockford, IL 61101, 815 968-2228.) RS 508. Applied Engineering now offers the DataLink Express ($ 159), a 4800 2400 bps modem that supports optional MNP- 5 error correction, Bell 103 and 212 protocols. And European CCITT V 22 BIS.V.21 and V.22 standards. A combination hardware and software upgrade called AE Send-Fax allows you to use the DataLink Express as a send-fax modem. Now you can send text and graphics directly from your Amiga's screen to any fax machine. The unit comes with a five-year limited warranty and free communications software. (Applied Engineering, PO Box 5100. Carrollton, TX 75022, 214 241-6060.) RS 509. Oxxi, Inc. and noted Amiga artist Jim Sachs have combined forces to ofter the Jim Sachs Signature Collection 1991 Calendar, a collection of 14 stunning computer-generated graphic images. The calendar includes Sachs favorite works, along with a treasure trove of tips for aspiring Amiga artists. (Contact your local Amiga dealer or Oxxi, Inc, 1339
E. 28th St, Long Beach. CA 80806. 213 427-1227.) RS 510. Who says desktop publishing has to be a serious matter? Not the people at Pelican Software. Billed as the "Lighthearted publishing program." Pelican Press ($ 99.95) is an easy-to-use printing program that lets you create giant posters, newsletters, cards, and even your own custom wrapping paper. The package includes a full-featured paint program and a great selection of professionally rendered clipart. A school version is also available for $ 119.95. (Pelican Software, 338 Commerce Drive, Fairfield, CT 06430, 800 232-2224.) RS&511. Free Spirit Software now offers the Sterling Service BBS (S149.95), which it calls the "Friendly BBS." According to the company, it s the first BBS system for the Amiga to provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It offers six user clubs, with up to eight sections each, ANSI and ANSI-extended color graphics, online menus and help, sysop remote CLI access, and an optional on-line screen editor. You can attach files to E-Mail messages and view a file prior to downloading. (Free Spirit Software, PO Box 128, 58 Noble St, Kutztown, PA 19530. 215 683-5609.) RS 573. AMKIT 2.0; An Introduction to the Workbench and CLI ($ 49 95) is a new version of International Technologies' tutorial system previously available for AMIGADOS 13 The new kit comes with a well-organized manual and three disks designed lo help you over the hump with all that AmigaDOS 2.0 offers. The disks also contain over 30 fully documented public-domain programs. (International Technologies. 2302 D Ave, Suite 203. National City, CA 92050, 619 477-2024 ) R$ 512. Gain better control over your DeskJet (Hewlett-Packard) printer with DJHelper ($ 50). DJHelper offers improved control over positioning of graphics, page dimensions, and gray-scale manipulation, as well as providing binary editing in both Hex and ASCII and direct selection of typeface, character, and set. You customize your printer's output to define the typeface as pica, elite, fine, or enlarged. Or, if you wish, you can replace Amiga command codes with your own definitions or edit and transmit any printer- conlrol sequence. (Creative Focus, Box
580. Chenango Bridge. NY 13745. 607 648-4082.) RS&514. 9 ¦v, THE COMPETITION GANT EVEN COME CLOSE NOT WITH FEATURES LIKE THESE INTEGRATION The IVT-rs on board transcoding ensures compatibility with all 5-VKS, VHS, 8mm and U-Matic formats in Composite, Component and Dub Modes. As
• FIELD AND FRAME FREEZE With the IVT-7 your recorded video can become a library of still images. Hold any field or frame in memory for as long as you like. With auto freeze capability your signal is never lost.
• FULL FRAME SYNCHRONIZER The IVT-7's full frame memory gives it the capacity to lock to asynchronous'signals. Transmissions from satellite and microwave] links can be directly synced for use with other production vide ol and on air feeds.
• » •%8Fopjr' ¦ The IVT-7's infinite window provides full frame time base correction. Operating with VCRs does not require the use of external sync and subcarrier. The IVT-7 can even operate with inputs from consumer units.
I. DEN CORPORATION 4-21-11, Takanawa, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan i TeJephone:03-44725220 Fax:03-447-3440
I. DEN VIDEOTRONIGSTCORRORAhTilONjMBI 9620 Ches? Peoke DriyejjSui!e»204?tSonTDo CqlifomiCT92U Tel: = 619)492-9239 Fax:(619}2>9 25WI IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE TO BUY A MAST PRODUCT
• TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - Professionally driven, 60% of our senior executives are ENGINEERS.
• PERFORMANCE QUALITY PRODUCTS - We use PREMIUM COMPONENTS (FUJITSU Drives for example). INNOVATIVE DESIGNS (who else has a SCSI INTERFACE with its own 68000 AND UP TO 2 MEG OF RAM), and some ot the most ELEGANT, not to mention smallest, external cases that you will see in the industry. Cost effective designs, efficient mass production . And our worldwide resources, bring you high performance products at budget prices. As our President answered to one customer who asked how we do it - "we’re clever and we are not greedy" BLITZ BASIC FANTASTICALLY FANTABULOUS What else could describe a produduct that amazed visitors to our booth at the LA Ami Expo $ 495 COLORBURST $ 495 TRUE 24 BIT COLOR FOR ANY AMIGA YES! Every Single pixel on your amiga screen can be any of 16.8 million colors. The color is equal to or better than a Mac. Colorburst supports many video modes and allows digital fade in out. Dynamic white balance correction is possible. Real time image processing is a reality. It can be configured as a third hardware playfield allowing Amiga graphics to be overlaid - great for animation. We do not use HAM or Composite Y-C mixing, this is pure 24 bit RGB - there is no blurring of colors or loss of definition with colorburst. This product generates BROADCAST QUALITY IMAGES for both PAL & NTSC systems. FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS EXCITING PRODUCT IS A !!!! MUST MAST MUST MAST MUST MAST MUST !!!! WE CHALLENGE COMPETITORS TO MATCH OUR CLARITY, COLOR & PRICE GIVES YOU CONTROL OVER YOUR AMIGA HARDWARE CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES, GRAPHICS PRESENTATIONS, AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS WITH MINIMAL PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE IT’S NEW, ITS ULTRAFAST, IT'S EASY TO USE Blitz Basic puts you in control of the Amigas custom sound and graphics chips. Now you can write sophisticated programs that previously needed 'C‘ or Assembler. Blitz is a fully integrated programming language that puts you in control of your Amiga. Unlike s-l-o-w interpreters, Blitz is a true compiler that generates native object code. Spectacular graphics can be generated with a minimum of commands using the custom chip specific commands included with Blitz. This Basic language enables you to produce QUALITY COMMERCIAL CODE. $ 149 FEATURES:
* Lightning Fast Compiler • Fast Optimised Object Code
* Rewrite of Amiga Graphics Libraries
* Integrated Editor Compiler
* Special Effects such as FADE IN FADE OUT
* Basic Commands to handle IFF Brushes. Anim Brushes and Sound Files
* Direct access to and control of Sprites, Blitter and Audio Hardware
* Supports Dual Playfield, HAM & EHB
* Queue system makes blits easy to use
* Number of screens only limited by memory
* Vertical Interupt command allows smooth animation
* Double Buffering, Page Flipping are easily achieved
* Sound Sequencer included
* Machine Language Subroutines can be added IMPORTANT NOTE - When you see the demo of VECTOR BALLS, remember that the images are being CALCULATED IN REAL TIME. This program alone should convince you of the POWER OF BLITZ. The source listing will convince you of its SIMPLICITY Demo disks are available for $ 5. You may also load them off the MAST BBS (702) 359 0132 or (702) 359 0137 FIREBALL - True DMA SCSI interface for the A2000, for sustained performance in a multitasking computer $ 149 OCTOPLUS - 8 MB RAM for A2000 With 2Mb $ 269 Extra 2mb $ 119 GREAT VALUE!. STARBLAZER 8 MB RAM & SCSI INTERFACE FOR A500 AND A1000 While many vendors want you to buy a hard drive before memory (because their memory expansions are inside the drive unit), we believe that many customers need memory first. Additionally many people don’t want a bulky hard drive right beside the computer, our customers prefer the flexibility offered by an independent external drive that can be placed at a convenient location and even plugged into a different SCSI interface on another computer. Starblazer is an 8 MB memory and SCSI interface in a miniscule case only slightly larger than our very popular Minimegs. It is available populated to 2.4.6,8 megabytes, with or without the SCSI interface installed. STARBLAZER is real zero wait state ram that lets your Amiga run at full speed. Don't be misted into buying memory that plugs into the A501 slot and is advertised as "fast ram", it is always slow old chip memory. Starblazer includes the MAST Bytemachine SCSI Interface. Starblazer Plus includes WordMASTer
- a SCSI interface that uses a 16 bit interface for high performance. When you need a hard drive, just plug TinyTigerintothe Bytemachine or WordMASTer interface - it autoboots, automounts and is very fast. Starblazer with 2 MB included from S299. Call for pricing options. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS TO BELIEVE THAT THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN SUCH A SMALL PACKAGE Bytemachine $ 89 WordMASTer S119 ENHANCED UNIDRIVE The only Amiga external floppy drive in the world that includes digital track display, hardware write protect switch and inbuilt hardware virus detection system - for only $ 149 why would you want to buy any other. PS. The box looks great. UNIDRIVE For those on a budget who still want a great looking, reliable and quiet drive, how about the good o'l Unidrive. At a list price of $ 119, this is a very attractive deal. A2000 Internal Floppy $ 83 Fujitsu Quality Hard Drives 45 meg $ 339 90 meg $ 539 136 meg $ 669 182 meg $ 770 410 meg $ 1795 672 meg $ 2295
1. 2 GIG $ 3900 SYQUEST INTERNAL $ 519 SYQUEST EXTERNAL $ 625 CARTRIDGESS95 EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES: Tiny Tiger Deluxe - add S189 to internal drive prices Tiny Tiger Budget - add $ 129 to internal drive prices MAST MIDI INTERFACE with integrated SMPTE to MIDI TIME CODE CONVERTER. $ 199 DEALERS WELCOME Send for our color catalogue- there is more than you see here!! MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY 1395 GREG ST. SPARKS NV 89431 (702) 359 0444 Australia (02) 281 7411 Germany (0221) 771 0918 Sweden (40) 190710 Austria (0)3 16-373763 CIRCLE READER NUMBER 181 Ann-**;; JO Since 1982
* r 'iL.oniDut rfhblLitu on fl-AA p AMW 1-91 nnrn OUUOOc j Ul 'C.ontnmet dile.ctton.lct U 30 0 uuuo I'M PRINTERS Panasonic APPLI6D €riGIM€€RIMG RAM WORKS 500 $ 65 2400 External Modem w MNP 5 & Send-Fax For Amiga 500 2000 3000 $ 219 HIGH DENSITY
3. 5" DRIVE $ 189 DATA LINK 2000 With all the features of the 2400 Baud External Modem AND ... plugs into your expansion port! Amiga 2000 3000 RAM WORKS 2000 OK $ 109 2 Meq $ 215 1124-GREAT PRICE! $ 279
1180. $ 155
1624. .$ 329 4420 NEW ....$ 779 4450i NEW .$ 1219 4455 NEW ..$ 2029 ©CITIZEN 1200 - ......S139 1 SOD ..$ 159 200GX $ 169 GSX 140 ....S2S9 Color Kit ......$ 49 NX 1001 Multifont NEW ..$ 145 NX 1020 Rainbow NEW ..$ 185 NX 1500 NEW ...$ 289 NX 2410 .$ 239 NX2415 .$ 385 NX 2420 .$ 289 NX 2420 Rainbow $ 319 XB 2410 .$ 409 XB 2415 .$ 529 Color Kit XB 2410 15 .$ 42 IL ~U Air Drive lnt3,5”-3000 $ 89 AMIGA EXTRAS AMAXX II ..$ 137.95 Amtrac Trackball ..$ 69 Color Splitter ..$ 109 Cordless Mouse ...$ 99 DCTV ......$ 395 ECE Midi Interface $ 48 Flicker Fixer ...$ 355 Flicker Master ..$ 13 Frame Grabber - Color $ 529 AMIGA EXTRAS • AMIGA EXTRAS VIOEO TOASTER AVAILABLE NOW! Golden Image RAM 500 $ 49 Golem 3.5" Int Drive ...$ 75 Golem Internal Track Dfsp.. $ 39 Golem Tower ..$ 299 Gravis Adv. Joystick ....$ 31 Gravis Mouse Stick .....$ 65 Hvy Duty Power SuplOOW .$ 85 LIVE! A2000 ...S289 Mega Mid Racer 25Mg $ 669 MIDI Gold A500 ...$ 59 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ...$ 65 Migraph Hand Scanner ....$ 319 Perfect Sound ..$ 69 Phantom Smpte Interface $ 179 Printer Face ......$ 79 Safeskln 2000 500 ......$ 17 Sapphire Accelerator Card S309 Sharp JX 100 ClrScan $ 749 Supercard .. $ 75 Time Master 500 ..$ 45 Video Master .CALL VIP Video Interface $ 89 Xspecs 3D .$ 85 GENLOCKS Ami Gen Mln! Gen $ 94 189 Magnl A3000w remote ...CALL Super Gen ......$ 609 Super Gen 2000S .....CALL Video Master .CALL Vldtech Scanlock $ 719 688 Attack Sub .....31.95 A10 Tank Kilter 30.95 A-Talk 3 ..64.95 Advantage. The 1.1 114,95 Air Strike USA 25.95 Alrboume Ranger 28.95 Altered Destiny 36,95 AMOS .....67.95 Amazing Splderman .24.95 Anarchy ..24.95 Arachnaphobla 28 95 Arcade Action Fever .25.95 Arexx ......28 95 ASDG Art Depart 57.95 Audio Master 3 ..64.95 Aweeome ...36 95 Aztec C Dev V5.0.... 177.95 Aztrec C Pro V5.0 ... 119.95 BAD .29.95 BAT 31.95 Back To the Future II 31.95 Bandit Kgs Anc China 36.9 5 Bane Cosmic Fcrge 36 95 Bamay Bear each ....21.95 Batman the Movte ....28.95 Battle Chase ......28.95 Battle Command 31.95 Battle Hawke 1942 ...20.95 Battle Squadron .24.95 Battle tech ...19.95 Baud Bandit ......30.95 8iliy the Kid ...25.95 Black Gold ..24.95 Black Tiger .30 95 Bladen of Steel ..28.95 Blood Relatione 31.95 Blue Max 31.95 Brain Blaster .25.95 Bridge 6.0 ..25.95 Broadcast Titter 2.0 224.95 Buck Rogers 31.95 Budokan .25.95 Byte N' Back 39.95 Can Do ...84.95 Cardinal Kremlin ....30.95 Carmen San Dlego Ea30.95 Cham Scl-Mut Prate .30.95 Champions ol Krynn 31.95 Chaos, Dung Mae! 2 .24.95 Check Mate 34.95 Cheeemaster2100 ...31.95 CyaegerAFT 2.0......25,95 Clue .24.95 Codename: Iceman ...36,95 Colonel's Bequest 36,95 Conquest of Cnmelot 36.95 Copylet Apprentice ...76.95 Crackdown ....31.95 Cribbage Gin King ....25.95 Crose DOS 2.0 ...24.95 Croaeword ConetSel 24.95 Curee Azure Bonda ...31.95 Cyber Ball ...25.95 Cyber Medix 25.95 Cycles .....30.95 Damocles ...20.95 Dark Century 28.95 Dae Boot Submarine 31.95 Day of the Viper 30.95 Daye of Thunder 31.95 Deluxe Music Conet..61.95 Deluxe Paint III 94.95 Deluxe PhotoLab 94.95 Deluxe Print II ...51.95 Deluxe Productions 128.95 Del Vld3w Del Photo 94.95 Dick Tracy 30.95 Dlgldrold 59.95 Dlglmate 3 ..24.95 Dlglpalnl 3.0 ......58.95 Dlglvtewgold 118.95 DinoWare ..24.95 Director 2.0 75.95 Toolkit 24.95 Dtek Master ....28.95 Dlek Mechanic 54.95 Dr.TeM 84.95 Dr. T * Midi Rec Stud 28.95 Dos 2 Doe ..30.95 Double Dribble ..19.95 Dragon Force .....31.95 Dragon's Lair 33 95 Dragon'* Lair II ......43.95 Dragon Lord ......31.95 Dragon Strike ....31.95 Drakkhen ....36.95 Dungeon Master 24,95 Eaelve Weel Berlin ..24.95 Elan Performer2.0 ...87,95 Electric Thesaurus ....28.95 Elvira ......36.95 Empire .....31,95 Excellence V2.0 109.95 F-l 9 Stealth Fighter ..36.95 F-29 Retallator 31.95 Faces.,.Trie III ...24.95 Falcon ....31.95 Fat Tracks ...34.95 Federation ..31.95 Fire and Forget II 28.95 Flight of the Intruder 34.95 Flight Simulator II ....30.95 Full Metal Planet 30.95 Future Classics 30.95 Future WarB ......30.95 Genghle Kahn 36.95 GFA Basic 3.5 .....87.95 Globuloue ...23 95 Gold Dtek Office 166.95 Golden Axe .31.95 Gunboat .30 95 Gunehlp 34 95 Hardball II . 30.95 Harley Davldeon .....31.95 Harmony 28.95 Harpoon .37.95 Heart of China 36.95 Heat Wave .28 95 Hero* Queet 36.95 Highway Patrol II 28 95 Hillefar .31,95 Hockey League Sim ..21.95 Holyee Book Gamee .21.95 Immortal 31.95 Impsrlum ...25 95 Indiana Jonee Graph 20.95 Indianapolis 500 31.95 Invlslon + .174.95 Ishldo .....34.95 II Came trom Desert 31 95 Jack Nlcklaus Golf ....30.95 Course 31990......15.95 Jack Nlcklaus Unllm .36,95 Jonee In Fast Line .24.94 Karatonte ea .....44.95 Katie'e Farm 24.95 Ksye To Maramonte .30.95 Keybd Cent Seq.3.0 159.95 Killing Game Show ...28.95 King s Queet 1,2or3 .30.95 King’s Queet 4 ...36.95 King's Quest 5 ...36.95 Knight Force 28.95 Land. Air. Sea Comp 36.95 Lattice C ...194.95 Legend otFaerghall ..23.95 Leisure Suit Lirry.....24.95 Leisure St Lirry 2or3 36.95 Life and Oealh ...31 95 Loom .....37.95 Lcopz .....31.95 Loel Patrol ..31.95 M-1 Tank Platoon.....36.95 M2 Amiga .147.95 M2 Amiga Debugger 77.95 Macro Paint 78.95 Magic Fly 25.95 Magic Johnson ..31.95 Manhunler Ny or SF . 30.95 Mnlh Blaster Plus.....30.95 Maverick 24.95 Moxlplan 3 ......147.95 McGee ....24.95 Microace Black Jack .30.95 Microleague Football 24 95 Microleague Wreell ..24.95 MldWlnter .24 95 Might and Magic II 37.95 Mon Night Football,..36.95 Monopoly ...24.95 Monty Python ....32.95 Movie Setter ......41.95 Music Mouse .....49.95 Music X 169 95 Music X Jr ..87.95 Nations at War ..37.95 Neuromancer ....28 95 New York Warriors .30 95 Night Breed 31.95 Night Force .28.95 Night Hunter ......23.95 Niaht Shift ..25 95 Nltro 28.95 Noburtgas Ambition 36.95 Nuclear War 30.95 Obitus .....36.95 Off Road .30.95 On Line Platinum 41.95 Operation Combat ....30.95 Operation Fire Fighter 19,95 Over Run 37.95 Page Renderer3 0 ...94.95 Page Setter 2 .....74.95 Page Stream V2.0 ,,184.95 Business Forms .....24.95 Postscript Fonts 24.95 Dot Matrix Fonts ....24.95 Pen Pal ...84.95 Phaear 4.0 ..54.95 Photon Paint 2.0......87.95 Plctionary ...24.95 Pirates I ..... 28,95 Pianet of Luet 24.95 Police Quest 1 ..30.95 Police Quest II ..36.95 Pools of Radiance ....31.95 Populous 31.95 Power Windows 2 5 .54.95 Powennonger 31.95 Prince ot Persia 24.95 Print Master Plue 24.95 Pro Tennis Tour 25.95 Pro Video Gold 139 95 Font Packs ......59.95 Pro video Poet 189.95 Pro Write 3.0 .....91.95 Professional Dr.iv .. 112.95 Profee Page 1.2 CALL Structured Clip Art .36.95 Templates 36.95 Pro|ect D+ Backup ....30.95 Pro|ectyle 25.95 Puffy s Saga 25.95 Puzzle Gallery II 31.95 Puzzle Story Book . ..25.95 Quarter Back .....42 95 Quarter Back Toole ...52.95 Raw Cop1 ...34.95 Red Baron ..35.95 Red Storm Rising 34.95 Rise of the Dragon ...36.95 Risk .24.95 Robocop 28.95 Rocket Ranger 3 St .,31.95 Romance 3 Kingdom 42.95 Sands of Fire 31.95 Saxon Publisher 244.95 Scene Generator 29.95 Scrabble .24.95 Scribble Platinum 57.95 Search forth* King ,.36.95 Second Front 31.95 Sax Vixens-Qul Sp ...22.95 Sexllrnatee 30.95 Shadow of the Beaet 30.95 Shadow Beast II 36 95 Shark Attack 24.95 Shov maker 214.95 Sim City .30.95 Terrlan Editor , .14.95 Space Ace ..34.95 Space QueBt 1 or 2 ...30.95 Space Quest 3 ..36 95 Speclracolor CALL Spellbound .24.95 Spirit of Excallbur 30.95 Spot 24 95 Star Reids ..36.95 Star Right ..31 95 Sterling Service BBS 84.95 Storm Across Europe 37.95 Stunt Track Racer ... 24 95 Slrntego . 30.95 Strike Acee ..30 95 Strip Poker 2 .....24 95 Superbase Personal .46.95 Superbase Person 2 .87.95 Superbase Pro 3.0 .189.95 Superbike Simulator 31.95 Superplan ...87.95
T. V. Sporte Basket....31.95
T. V. Sports Football .31.95 Teenage Nln)a Turlla 28 95 Tennis Cup .24 95 Tetris ......20 95 Terrain Envoy 28.95 Teel Drive II ......3095 Data Disks ea 15 95 Test Drive III CALL Their Finest Hour 37,95 Third Courier 30.95 Thexdar ......21.95 Time Machine 34.95 Title Page .112.95 Trans write ..41.95 Treasure Trap .24.95 Trial By Fire 36.95 Tunnele ol Armaged 25.95 Turbo Out Run ,31.95 Turbo Silver 3.0 73.95 Turrican ..24 95 TV Text ...64.95 TV Text Professional 99.95 Universe 3 .. 31.95 Unreal ....31.95 Untouchablee .25,95 Vette 30.95 Video EffectB 3-D ...113,95 Video filter V1.5 92.95 Video Tools ....182.95 VldeoScape 3D V2,0 1 84 95 Viking Child 23.95 V3atn 64 95 Viva .122.95 Voice Recognition ..109 95 War of the Lance 25.95 Warhead .31,95 Waterloo 37.95 W Gretzky Hockey ....30.95 Welltrte ...21 95 Wild Streets 28 95 William Tell 25 95 Wings ...31 95 Wings ol Fury 24.95 Wolf Pak .28.95 Wonderland ......30.95 Works. Platinum ....112 95 World Atlas 35.95 World Class Lderbrd 28 95 Wrnlh ol the Demon ..CALL Wshell ....28.95 X Copy v2.9 34.95 X Copy Professional .47.95 Xenomorph 31.95 Xlphos ...24 95 Zoetrope .44.95 INFORMATION AMIGA 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HOURS-CSTMON-FRI 9am-9pm*SAT 11am-5pm Cc Com ItlOCJorC?' Un r.nfnn r inn tnnrumiF For A| i VOUP NEEDS CflCtn'H a 111 0: Opacify rjrtamfo' !4« c•««7¦*i cl»c.l of ncMy onJar. Fwaeul A comfnny ctfltlu iflsw 14 hlflTO dayi 13 Omf. Room P.O-1 wiiciSfr* COO ihary*aar* MOO. If Csfsthanai U.$ A. ridififHin arfla'a 5% iMppfnj tar CALL US TODAY! FUAJwr*. Ii.- fiOC Muti'd'C Via c'Se'i ctUAlnckjda upi-ilw can i-fl iQoalura. W. : *w l-cVC* yvii m Ki. K A*. TPO APO tVarcoHca ltd Canada* grow* pia'ica F?. Iipp-i; mtiXmam l«DO ftjr* 51 act 00 At :rs«i tr (,-« c*j»Ca!ri* U 5 A si a-esat Srw claaahatrnl U.5. rmft i* pcr.jt-i-y* «nr*e pi rrin m.T i x',L yw f«!CCI c-i' *maH! *' galCa li -*• c; KiiO* Stfsry
• ftf-l-Iy. Const coi-csSS'ty * W ims'cmi" siY* s'r Ih|l All OrfecSn fiiMl hon a ftUTii iranbvr. Call (4 } 35 -S Ifll 15 at&ti tn R.A. t Of yfajf i P ri3f to aiXPfSC PrtGSS a 52 av&(ftt tc cCitq* n iNwl nats. Yi tpinq S nc-n j fvrdicpi* w« trip tea litm! Wwwi ii*i«bla ta tn, upCslw nxal t* CinflW ty ¦nd ui*1 Ji-n-fy iXia trm fmf-.iy'ijdu™'- Aor n*aoir*rr» fortypoiJ'SpNail •« xv Since 1982 yy m , AMW 1-91 800-558-0003 800-558-0003 Zontumet c£ ect>conlc!> ICD AD SPEED FLICKER FREE VIDEO Use a standard VGA or multi-sync monitor & get FF Video on AMIGA 500 1000 2000 Accelerator for All AMIGA Computers
• 14.3 & 7.16 Mhz 100% Compatibility
• No-solder installation
• 32K Static RAM Caching $ 329 $ 235 Ad RAM 2080 0K 8MB Board .$ 129 505 OK Board for A500 .....$ 29 505 w 512K Board for A500 .....$ 59 540 0K 4MB Board for A500 ..$ 109 560DW w 2MB Daughter for 540 ......$ 119 AdSCSI 2000 & AdSCSI 2080 Hard Drive Packages - available below goldenIMAGE Hand Scanner w Migraph Touch-Up $ 265 MASTER 3A-1D Disk Drive w LED Tracking Display $ 125 MASTER 3A-1 Disk Drive The Original! $ 85 RC500 512K Exp. RAM $ 49 Mice 2 Meg Ram for A2000 $ 189 Opto-Mech $ 39 Fully Optical ...$ 59 VIDEO PACKAGE
• DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.1 PRICE INCLUDES: 16MM LENS W VARIABLE IRIS 2000 2 MB .$ 189 6 MB .$ 349 4 MB .$ 279 SMB .$ 429 SupraModem 2400 $ 105 AMIGA 500 2000 MODEM CABLE INCLUDED! DRIVES DRIVE AL0HE TRUMPCARD 2000 TRUMPCARD PRO 2000 SUPRA WORDSYNC 2000 AdSCSI2000 AdSCSI20S0 w OK BMB Exp. TRUMPCARD 500 TRUMPCARD PRO 500 ST138N-1 30MB 28 MS $ 245 $ 369 $ 449 $ 359 $ 349 $ 419 $ 439 $ 499 ST 157N-1 49 MB 2 SMS $ 279 $ 399 $ 469 S389 $ 379 $ 449 $ 479 $ 539 ST177N GOME3 2QMS $ 339 $ 449 $ 529 S439 $ 429 $ 499 $ 519 $ 589 ST 277N-1 6CMB2BMS $ 309 $ 429 $ 499 $ 419 $ 409 $ 479
- -- ST 296N ROM 0,7 SMS $ 329 $ 449 $ 519 $ 439 $ 429 $ 499
- -- ST 1096N 80MS 20M5 $ 359 $ 479 $ 549 $ 469 $ 459 $ 529 S539 $ 609 Quantum 40MB $ 325 $ 439 $ 515 $ 429 $ 419 $ 489 S499 $ 579 Quantum 80MB $ 499 $ 599 $ 689 $ 589 $ 579 $ 649 $ 699 $ 759 Quantum 105MB $ 539 $ 659 $ 729 $ 649 $ 639 $ 709 $ 739 $ 799 Quantum 170MB S849 $ 959 S1039 $ 949 $ 939 $ 999 $ 1039 S1099 Quantum ?1 1mr snso $ l non c; 1 mo p: | nftn $ 1 070 $ 1139 $ 1149 $ 1229 PRICED RIGHT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! AMIGA 500 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES 500 XP 20 Meg w 512K .. $ 529 500 XP 20 Meg w 2 Meg.$ 559 500 XP 40 Meg w 512K ..$ 629 500 XP 40 Meg w 2 Meg.$ 659 Discover what's hot on the nets this month. THE PD PROSPECTOR Compiled by Tim Walsh As winter really digs in, the Prospector is scanning the telecom- download selections. As always, file numbers and library locations munications networks, seeking to bring you a constant variety of are listed for quick reference. JRC10LLZH (Amiga one Section 8, File 24972) The popular JR-Comm telecommunications program, upgraded to version
1. 01. Offers Workbench 2.0 compatibility. LHARCA99D.LZI 1 (Amiga one Section 4, File 24948) LharcA991), a point and click interface for the Lliarc archiving program. .Also permits selective extraction of a particular file within a compressed File. MACHlll.LZH (AmigaZoneSection 4, File 24854) Mac hi 11 and Set.Mach combo. Provides mouse speed-up and hot keys. WONDFRSOUN D 1.5.LZH (AmigaZone Section 7, File 24804) Version 1.5 of WonderSound. Creates all manner of strange and unusual IFF sound files. Kudos to Plink’s Amiga section Chairman Harv Laser for uploading files 24980 and 24981 to Section 5. These 4-in-l HAM pictures include AmigalVorltl editors at the October 1990 AmiLxpo. JOY.LZH (AmigaTech, Library 1) Control your Amiga with a joystick plugged into port 2. Handy if the mouse dies or its port goes belly-up. TEXTGA.LZH (AmigaI scr. Library 7) An editor that performs math functions on two or more numbers in a document. FIND.ZOO (AmigaUser, Library 9) Quickly locates files on a hard disk. Operates with Workbench 2.0. RFCOVE.LZH (AmigaUser, Library 9) Recover II disk-salvage program with an Intuition interface. Reads a device and lists deleted but recoverable files, CompuServe .Assistant Sysop Betty Clay says the network is alive with the sound of A64DIS.LZH, found in Library 15. It’s a Commodore 64 emulator that runs most C-64 software. Send the author $ 25 for a cable that lets you attach a 1541 71 81 to the Amiga and use it with the emulator. Genie People Link CompuServe RUN IT! 1 1 .LZH (Library 4, File 5356) Intuition-based interface that executes double-clicked program files. Shareware, but only one dollar! DIRW()RKS_V LI 2. ZOO (Library 1, File 1345) Version 1.12 of l)ii Works, a handy file-mainienance utility. Shareware, $ 20.00. DU.LZH (Library 4, File >344) Version
1. 4 of chi. A tiny (1640 bytes) disk utility that displays the disk usage of files and directories. ICON 1ZE_V090.LZH (Library 13, File 9337) Converts IFF images into gray-scale icons for your Workbench screen. Can be used with either Workbench 2.0 or 1.3. All of the fine Genie files listed above notwithstanding. RRAM.LZH (Lihrarv 1 L file 1330) has the highest number of downloads of any Genie file recently. It's a 6300- byte file that creates up to 32 recoverable RAM disks at once! Prospector's Perch: Disk utilities and keeping up with the (Dow) Joneses After examining the above listings of top picks from the networks, it's clear that short, useful disk utilities are gaining in popularity. Attribute it to the increase in hard disk-equipped Amiga systems, the recessive economy, or a combination of elements, but something is keeping programmers at home writing decent code. If you’re uncertain of whether or not you want to establish an account on a network or two, there are some rarely mentioned advantages. Downloading utilities and applications is fine, but networks also serve as invaluable sources of up-to-the-minute news. While a five-doilar transistor AM radio does the same, networks such as CompuServe and Genie provide up-to-the-hour NYSE prices. If you’re worried about Walt Street fluctuations and can withstand about eight anxiety attacks per day. Get one of these accounts. Besides a modem, all your computer needs is a telecommunications package, such as the top-notch JR-Comm program listed above. As always, bear in mind that few files listed under one network can’t be found on the others. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but, given time, nearly all the freely distributable files make the rounds to all of the nets. For example, IIZE09.LZH, found on CompuServe, is the same program as ICONIZE._V090.LZH, listed above under Genie. If all else fails, and a specific file can’t be found on your network, check out the public-domain disk collections advertised throughout AmigaWortd. Another quick remedy is to contact your local Amiga dealer for other sources of freely distributable software. If you're interested in establishing an account on any of the above networks, here are the voice numbers to call to get under way: American People Link: 800 524-0100 CompuServe: 800 848-8199 614 457-8650 from within Ohio Genie: 800 638-9636 Use QUARTERBACK to save your Data. Use QUARTERRACK TOOLS to save your A I ** Have you ever deleted the wrong file (or worse yet, ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Have you seen this awful message: “Error validating DHO”? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS the fastest and easiest way to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
• Repositioning your files to optimum locations on the disk, eliminating file fragmentation, and consolidating disk free space.
• Searching the entire disk for errors and marking bad areas "out of service.”
• Curing validation problems; finding and fixing corrupted directories. QUARTERBACK TOOLS runs on any Amiga using either the old or new filing systems, and runs with new and old Workbench versions. QUARTERBACK TOOLS... now this is no donkey! And to close the barn door before the horse escapes, use QUARTERBACK the fastest and eas 'es hard disk backup program for the Amiga. Other useful products from Central Coast Software: Mac-2-Dos for transferring Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. Dos-2-Dos for transferring MS-DOS Atari files to and from the Amiga. Central Coast Software ¦ 424 Vista Avenue. Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 • Fax (303) 526-0520 Deafer Inquiries Welcome HELP KEY Just when you are attaching the chain to tarn your Amiga into a boat anchor, along comes Lou. By Louis R. Wallace X Lost the Spot Q: Hr if)! I just had a weird thing happen to me using Workbench 1.3. started with a drawer (t all it drawer X) that contained an- othei drawer (call it Kb 1 opened drawer X. and its window showed that drawer )' was inside. Xext. 1 opened 1 rawer closed drawer X and then dragged drawer X inside of drawer )'. Finally. Closed drawer K and both drawers disappeared! They nei'er show up anymore on niy directory. They nei'er even write or tali. II lint happened?
M. Joiner Sebastopol. CA A: Well, you have encountered a rather obscuie bug in AmigaDOS. 1 tried what you desu ihed. And both ol mv directories also went oil to never-never land. I called Commodore's technical department, and die representative 1 spoke to confirmed that they are already aware of thi- bug. 1L vuu losi juiportant data in those dirt (.rones, the only advice I can give you is to u -e a piogratn suc h as DiskSalv (a PD lilt tlisk recover} program) to try to restoi i sour tiles. However, if you have wtittcn to the disk that the directories weie on. The data may already have been dan.aged >i (lestrosed. Oh yes, one more liny hit of advice: 1 suggest you don't :iv such drawer gymnastics ail} more DOC Squawk Q: 1 just bought a Ft umficard 500 and an ST I CV.Y haul disk in order to store all the programs I have in one plat e and to solve my loppy overload problem. The combination sei ins to be working jitsl fine, and. As an artist, I lave being able to load Deluxe Pa nit 111 in two settoals. Am not a hacker, however, and have only a minima amount of knowledge of the (.1.1, so I prefer to handle Cl.I functions with such p nigra ms as Click-Dos, Browser, and ('I ill Master because they are faster ami easier for me than learning the CI.l. The problem 1 am having is with the .DOC files for some of my programs. When I hooted with a floppy, they would ran and display their information just fine when el irked. Xow, however, many of them either flash a 2(15 error or ash me to insert a certain disk. What did 1 do wrong when I installed my hard disk? Do I need some kind of assign or something for the .DOC files?
R. Corcoran Waaronda, WA A: 1 suspect the problem lies in the command and path that are named in the Default Tool field of the icon. To find out, dick on the icon once. Then, from the Workbench menu select Info. T his will display a screen with a number of facts about the icon, including which (if any) default tool is to he used. The chances are quite good that the icon is using a default tool such as MORI-’ (or another text file reader display program), and may even specify the volume name of the program's original disk. If this is the case, you can edit the default tool to direct it to your own AmigaDOS C: or Utilities: directories. Depending on where you keep MORF. (! Moved mine into the C: directory, while other users keep it in the Utilities: directory), edit the information in the Default Tool field to contain: SYS:C MORE or SYSiUTILITIES MORE Finally, click on the Save gadget. The next lime vou dick on the icon for the documentation file, it will he able to find the proper file-reading program. Stop the Swap Q: have an A2000, and 1 use the word processor excellence! Liven time 1 try to save a fife to my formatted data disk, the computet asks me to reinsert the program disk (excellence!) And ends up saving the file to that disk instead of my blank data disk! What's wrong?
P. Gong Kerman. CA A: From the scenario von describe, 1 have to guess that you are working on a computer with only one floppy drive. If that is the case, you can do a couple of things to make excellence! Save files as you wish. If you have enough memory, you can create a RAM disk and modify vour excellence! Disk's .startup-sequence to copy the program to RAM:; then run it front there. The easier choice, however, would probably he to merely enter a filename m the Save File Requester that includes a path to vour data disk. For example, if you formatted your data disk with the name Data, you could tell excellence! To save your file, MyDataFile, to the destination disk. Data. As in: Data:MyDataFile When you try to save with the above name, you will get a message instructing vou to insert the disk named Data. Swap disks, and the save should proceed smoothlv. Fhe best, hut most expensive, solution to your problem is to buy a second floppy drive. You will find this makes using nearly every productivity program (and quite a few games) a lot easier. ¦ Orders Only (800) 262-0533
• FREE SHIPPING On oidora over S100 9AM to 2PM EST M-F, Sal 10AM to 5PM Productivity Hardware Video Ciruphic Arts Entertainment Entertainment Monopoly 525 Night Breed S2B Night Hunter $ 24 Nitro $ 28 Nobunaga’s Amition $ 37 Nuclear War $ 34 Obitus S37 Persian Gull Inferno 525 Pirates S2B Pool of Radiance $ 34 Populous $ 34 Power Pinball 525 VIDEO SOFTWARE 3D Professional S295 A-10 Tank Killer Altered Destiny Anarchy Amour-Godden A achnophobia Awesome
B. A.T. Bar Games Battle Chess 2 Battlo Squadron Buck Rogors Carthage Colony $ 31 S37 S25 S2B $ 28 $ 37 $ 34 S2B 531 $ 25 $ 34 S2B 534 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Art Department S56 Deluxe Paint III S94 Digi-Paint 3 S62 Digi-View Gold 4.0 $ 129 HomeBuilder's CAD $ 125 Applied Advantage B-Graph Excellence 2.0 Kindwords 2.0 S119 $ 122 S125 S62 Engineering AmigaVision NEW (Mtt* $ 741 A500 flam Works 500 $ 69 HD Powersupply $ 86 A2000 Rarrrworks200Q OK S112 Ramwoiks2Q00 512K $ 137 Romworks 2000 1 mb $ 159 Ramwoiks 2000 2mb 5209 Modems DataLink Express ext. $ 169 DataLink Exp. MNP-5 5199 DataLink Exp. SendFAX S229 DataLink 2000 int. 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Flight of the Intruder Full Metal Planet Globulus Gunboat utility A2000 Harddrives HC8+0 0 Series li S219 HC8+040G Series I! $ 599 HC8+0 80ST Series II 5679 HC8+G'100Q Series II $ 939 A2Q00 Accelerators A3001-4MB 0 $ 1629 A3001-4MB 40G $ 1999 A30Q1-4MB BCQ $ 2299 A3Q33-4MB 0 $ 1999 A3033-4MB 4CQ S2299 A3033-4MB S0Q S2449 A3050-4MB 60Q S3299 A500 Harddrives NEW A500-HD8 +0 40 $ 659 A500-H08 +0 52Q $ 779 A500-HD8 +0 100Q Call Removable Media 50M3 Ricoh HD ext. $ 1029 WT150 Tape ext. $ 699 Network controllers for A500 $ 686 for A2000 S623 S25 $ 31 S49 $ 31 $ 44 $ 55 CliMale Dr. Ami Dunlap Utilities Projocl D Quarterback Quarterback Tools igil Flicker Fixer 5399 Flicker Fixer's DEB 2000 599 Frame Grabber 5649 Pan.1410Cam.w4ens Si 99 Summa Grphcs II Tablet S499 VIDEO HARDWARE ___ DCTV $ 429 Magni w controller $ 1599 MimGen 5209 ProGen S349 Supergen SB49 Supergen 2000S Call Video Tapes Getting Started With Amiga 524 Video Grphc Tchnique Color Cycling Anim Digitizing for Effect Guide to Amiga HrdDrv Ultimate Amiga Guide to Video Production I Ultimate Amiga Guide to Video Production II The World of Turbo Silver Pro Techniques w Dpamt !!! Video Toaster New Call Education Barney Bear Goes 1o Farm S22 Barney Bear Goes to Schoo!S22 Barney Bear Goes to Space $ 22 Carmen Sandiego Europe $ 31 Carmen Sandiego Time $ 31 Carmen Sandiego USA S31 Carmen Sandiego World $ 31 Distant Suns $ 44 Katie's Farm $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 McGee S25 Talking Animator $ 41 Talking Coloring Book $ 19 [Harpoon NEW Hardware (mlsc) A20C0 internal Drive $ 94 AMAX 2 Package $ 449 Mega Midget Racer 25Mhz $ 699 PC Power Board 50Q S499 Perfect Sound 500 3.1 $ 69 Boing Optical Mouso $ 94 Cordless Mouse $ 89 Mouso Master Switch $ 29 JX100 Scanner w Soflware $ 749 JX300 Scanner w Soitware$ 2999 BatHand la Joystick $ 25 Boss Joystick S15 Slik St ik Joystick $ 7 Tac 50 Joystick S17 Amtrac Trackball S71 Kraft Trackball S59 Bulk 3.5 diaks(100) $ 69 w ' m Supra Corporation SupraDrives B80K Ext. 3.5 floppy $ 99 20MB-A500XPNEW $ 549 40MB-A500XP NEW $ 699 105MB-A500XPWEW $ 969 Wordsync controller $ 119 40M B-A2000(Qtm) $ 489 BOM B-A2000(Qtm) S719 105MB-A2000(Qtm) $ 789 SupraRam 500(512K w clock) $ 62 500RX(512K to BMB) Call SupraRam2000 2mb $ 209 SupraRam2000 4rrb S309 Sup*aflam2000 Bmb $ 509 AMIGA 2000 Supra EXPANSION SET 2 MB RAM Exp & 40 MB QuantumHD Combo Price $ 599 aliur manul. Rebate $ 50 Supra RebatB ‘til Dec 31. 1990 Supra Modem 2400 W Software and cable Special $ 149 Music Dr. Ts Tiger Cub SPECIAL $ 56 GOLDEN I MAGE OptoMach. Mouse 5371 Optical Mouse 5591 Hand Scanner w Touchup $ 2991 Master 3A-1 Floppy Drive $ 95f Master 3A-1D Floppy DriveSI39] RC500 512K RAM exp. $ 52 RC200Q 2MB RAM oxp. S1991 Complete Automatic Digi-View Bundle Digi-View 4.0, Copy Stand, Panasonic 1410 camera vv lens, Autodroid, video switch, and all cables. $ 449 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512KRAM Exp. W Clock &| 880K External Drive Combo Price $ 145 Monitor Stand Designed for the A500 of tough clear Lexan Only $ 29 All lha latest ttltloa In atoc Call (or those not llalod All the latoat Ulttea In Block Call for thoao not llalod Free Shipping on Orders Over $ 100 in contiguous 48 stales $ 3.00 per crder charged for orders under $ 100. No surcharge for Visa, Mastercard. COD charge $ 3.30, (established customers only) 15% restocking fee for all returns unless exchanged for same item Any returns must be marked with Batf issued you by our Customer Service Dept. Shipping & handling is not refundable, and is the responsibility of the purchaser. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd, Hermitage, PA 16148 Customer Service (412) 962-0533 9-8 M-F (West Coast customers call up to 5PM PST) ,10-5 Sat Walk-ins welcome, worth the drive from Pittsburgh, Erie, or Cleveland. 1-800-262-0533 Orders only 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 asics Inc. No One Knows Amiga Better Authorized Commodore Dealer Since J9S0 Crcie 253 on Reader Service card RETAIL Penn Station. Main Concourse STORE Mon-Wed 9:00am-7pmThurs9-8 OUTLET: (Beneath Madison Square Garden) HOURS: Fri 9-2:30 CLOSED Saturday New York City, NY 10001 Sunday. 9:30-7 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL
(718) 692-1148 Mon-Thurs,9:00AM-5PM Friday, 9:00AM-3PM 24 HOUR FAX : 718-692-3372 TELEX: 422132MGRANT NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS. RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE. LIFETIME TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. AMIGA 500 8 AMIGA 2000 HARD DRIVE PACKAGES WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ON ANY OF THESE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI CONTROLLERS Supra 500XP HARD DRIVES 512K RAM Expandable to SMB 512K, 20MB ......$ 525 512Kr 40MB ......$ 625 512K, 105MB ....$ 859 2MB THRU 8MB VERSIONS AVAILABLE SUPRA 3.5” EXTERNAL DRIVE SUPRA WORDSYNC SCSI INTERFACE Supra 44R Internal Tape w SCSI ..... $ 679 Supra 44R External Tape no SCSI ....$ 769 SUPRA MODEM 2400 EXTERNAL W CA8LE $ 105 SUPRA MODEM 2400 Zl INTERNAL $ 114 ¦Iflwsnpiitt BAM 5Q0BX Thin, Compacl, Fits into your Bus Port ol A-500. But allows other peripherals to be connecied thru the Bus S12K Expandable to 8MB SEAGATE DRIVE XETEC MINI FASTCARD (A2000) SUPRA WOHD- SYNC A-2000 1 TRUMP CARD ax» GVP Series II HC A-2000 GVP S«,M|I ncao A 2000 XETEC FASTCARD RiaA2000 (Up. 10 SMS) TRUMP CARD ax» Proleesonj) TRUMP CARD A500 (wp Id 2M3) TRUMP CARD SOO PrtXeewmal XETEC FASTTRAK ASXYAIOOO |8ip U4ME) DRIVE PRICE s89 s105 s135 S155 s205 SI75 s204 s219 s269 $ 299 ST-125N1 (20MB.28MS) s219 s299 $ 320 $ 335 s369 s419 s389 5409 s399 s459 s514 ST-138N 1 (30MB. 28MS) 5239 $ 324 s339 s355 s389 5439 * 5409 s429 s419 s479 s535 ST-157N-1 (49MB,28MS) s269 s354 s369 s379 S4I9 s469 s439 s449 s459 S519 s563 ST-177N (60MB, 3.5*) s329 5409 s419 s429 s479 s529 5499 s509 s499 s569 s625 ST277N-I (60MB. 5.25*) s299 s369 s399 s409 s449 s499 s469 s479 ST-296N (80 MB) s319 s399 5429 s429 s469 s519 s489 5499 - ST-1096N (BOMB 3 5*) s349 s429 s449 s459 s499 s549 s519 s529 s519 sS89 s645 QUANTUM (40 MB) s319 5399 5409 s419 s469 sS19 5479 S499 s479 s559 s609 QUANTUM (BOMB) s489 s559 SS69 5S79 s639 s689 5659 s669 s679 s739 s779 QUANTUM (105MB) s529 s609 s619 s639 $ 679 $ 729 s699 $ 709 s719 s779 s819 QUANTUM (120MB) s659 $ 739 s 49 s769 s809 s859 s729 $ 839 $ 849 5909 5949 QUANTUM (170MB) s819 s899 s919 s929 s959 s999 s984 S999 S999 S1059 S1089 QUANTUM (210MB) s949 M019 s1049 S1069 51079 SU29 M089 S1119
* 1119 S1189 s1219
• 2,4,6, & SMB configurations available • Easy to add memory • Works on all Amiga® 2000 computers
* Reliable Four-Layer Board with Zero Wait States & Midden Refresh* Installs easily In any Amiga internal expansion slot * Made in USA OK ....$ 108 6MB ..$ 339 2MB ..$ 184 SMB ..$ 419 4MB ..$ 269 HARD DRIVE CARD PACKAGES AVAILABLE - CALL Supra RAM 2000 INCLUDES CABLES & SOFTWARE 28Mhz. 68030 AcelleraiOf for A-2000 ....$ 649 GVP 3001 Kit (28 Mhz) w 68030, 2MB+68882 ..$ 1189 GVP 3001 Kit (28Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 68882 $ 1379 GVP 3001 Kit (4MB) w Quanlum 40MB ......$ 1729 GVP 3001 Kit (4MB) w Quantum 80MB ......$ 1879 GVP 3001 Kit (4MB) w Maxtor 200MB $ 2399 GVP 3033 Kit (33 Mhz.) W 68030, 4MB, 68882 $ 1529 GVP 3033 Kit w Quantum 40MB .$ 1869 GVP 3033 Kit w Quantum 80MB ..$ 2069 GVP 3033 Kit w Maxtor 200MB $ 2629 GVP3050Kit(50Mhz.)w 68030,4MB,68882 $ 2379 GVP 3050 Kit w Quantum 40MB .$ 2679 GVP 3050 Kit w Quantum 80MB .$ 2899 GVP 3050 Kit w Maxtor 200MB ...$ 3369 We can re-conflgure all GVP accelerator kits with any size hard drlve..„ CALL WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ON ANY _GVP PRODUCTII , GVP A-500 HD 8+0 30MB ..$ 539 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 45MB ..$ 579 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 52MB Quantum ....$ 719 GVP A-500 HD 8+0 105MB Quantum ..$ 899 512K EXPANSION for A-500 RAM 500 NO NONSENSE - NO GIMMICKS - NO PETTY DISCOUNTS ON OVER- INFLATED PRICES! IUST THE EVERYDAY LOWEST PRICING, LIFETIME TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND EXPERIENCED, COURTEOUS SERVICE! ALL Y0U*VE GROWN TO EXPECT FROM MONTGOMERY GRANT! TRADE-IN YOUR USED COMMODORE OR AMIGA EQUIPMENT FOR A NEW, BETTER MODEL - CALL FOR DETAILS! Cerllled check, bank check, money orders, apprwed P.O.'s. Visa. Mastercard. Diner's Ckfo. AmEi. Oplma Carl Blanche. C O D.’s 4 wire fanciers accepted. Please cal before submlflng P.O. No addbon at surcharge for credit card orders Ncn-ceritad checks must wait 4-6 weeks for clearance Puces and avaiaWity subject fo change without nolcs. Not responsible lor typocra Return of detective merchandise must have prior return authorization number, or returns wll not be accepted Please add 5% shipping & handing (mln $ 6). Orders over $ 1200 are discounted to dipping 4 handing Orders war $ 3000 are discounted to 2% (Canadian orders please call lor shipping rates). Second Day 4 Next Day Air avadabie wifi am chargee APO FPO orders please a 10% «ppfng 4 handng (over $ 1200-8%. Over $ 3000-6%) AJ APO FPO orders are dipped first das* priority air. Al orders can be shipped As Exprees-call ler detaris. D C.A 800233 Amioa Is a reostered trademark of Commodore-Amina Inc EXTENDED HOLIDAY SEASON ORDER HOURS: Mon-Thurs 8:30am-8pm Fri 8:30am*2:30pm Sun 9:30-7 Closed Saturday (ET) 1- FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA AND CANADA CALL TOLL FREE I I I CANADA C ALL& 718-692-0790 OR WRITE TO: MONTGOMERY GRANT MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT P.O.BOX 50 BROOKLYN, N.Y.. 11230 PROGRl P€R!PH &AOFT FRAMEGRABBER A «519 RL ? Ft FRAMEGRABBER 256 . $ 569 512K Expansion for A-500 .....$ 57 MINIGEN ...$ 165 PROGEN .$ 339 OCTAPE 60MB External Tape ..$ 449 EXP-1000 1MB Upgrade for A-500 .....$ 129 FRAMEGRABBER2.0 Software $ 75 BAUD BANDIT 2400 External Modem ...$ 99 BAUD BANDIT 2400 Level 5 .....$ 127 8MB..5529 OK.,..$ 139 2MB $ 229 HEWLETT PACKARD HP DESKJET 500 .....5529 95 HP LASERJET IIP w Toner ...$ 969.95 HP PAINTJET ...5929 95 HP LASERJET III w Toner .$ 1639 HP PAINTJET XL w Toner ..$ 1849 NX-100011 ..... 5139 95 v NX-1000 RAINBOW ..$ 164 95 (NEC MULTISYNC HID MONITOR ..5649 ] t“R. ::::: EPSON LX-810......$ 189.95 FX-850......$ 334.95 LG-510......$ 279 95 EPL-8000 Laser $ 879 95 $ 299.95 ALL OTHER MODELS IN STOCK! ALL 5339 95 MODELS DISCOUNTED! NX-2420-. NX-2420R AIR DRIVE Internal Drive tor A-3000 .$ 85 AMIGA 1000 Memory & Accessories AVAILABLE AMIGA 3000 32 Bit Memory..IN STOCK AMIGA Appetizer Software (Word Process, Music, Pant, Game, Tutorial Program) ..$ 39 AMIGA VISION Software ..$ 59 AMIGA 1.3 ROM (8850) ...$ 39 AMIGA 1MB Fatter Agnus Chip (8372A) .$ 94 AMIGA500 Power Supply $ 66 AMIGA 2000 Power Supply (w Trade-in) ..$ 99 A-MAX Mac Emulator for Amiga....$ 109 A-MAXEmulator2 .....$ 134 A-MAXROM ......$ 149 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive for A-MAX ..$ 149 AMIG-A-TOSH PLUS $ 239 APPLIED ENGINEERING
1. 52MB Hi-Density Drive $ 189 BASEBOARD Memory Expansion for A-500 (uses A-501 Expansion Slot OK ..$ 99 2MB .....$ 199 512K ...$ 129 3MB .....$ 259 1MB .....$ 149 4MB ....$ 329 CHINON Internal Drive for A-2000...$ 69 COLORSPLITTER ....$ 109 COMPUTER EYES PRO DIGITIZER (VGA) $ 329 FLICKER FIXER $ 355 CALIFORNIAACCCSS (Bodega Bay) Expansion Console - Turn your AMIGA 500 into a A-2000 Compatible ...$ 299 CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-880
3. 5" DISK DRIVE .$ 95 DIGIFEX 16Mhz. Acellerator Board for A-500 & A-2000 ......$ 199 DENISE Extender for FLICKER FIXER $ 119 DIGITAL CREATIONS DCTV DC-10 ..$ 389 FLY HAND SCANNER ...$ 189 GENLOCKS AMIGEN...S89 MINIGEN... $ 185 OMNIGEN 701 ....$ 1599 SUPER GEN ..$ 599 SUPER GEN 200CS .$ 1339 MAGNI 4004 or4004S w Controller .$ 1449 NERIKI GENLOCK ..$ 1469 NERIKI DESKTOP $ 879 VIDTECHSCANLOCK $ 729 PROGEN ......$ 339 VIDTECH VIDEOMASTER CALL ICD AD-RAM 2060 = Memory Expansion for A-2000) 4MB....S339 6MB. .$ 419 MASTER 3A-1 3.5'Disk Drive $ 88 MASTER3A-1D .$ 129 MEGA-MtDGET RACER (25Mhz).$ 689 PANASONIC 1410 w Lens $ 199 PERFECTVISION Digitizer $ 199 PULSAR A-500 PC EMULATOR BOARD $ 498 REJUVENATOR1000 Turn your Amiga 1000 into a A-2000 compatbla SHARP JX100 Color Scanner w Software & Cables ..$ 689 SHARP JX 300 .$ 1689 SHARP JX 450 730 ...CALL SHARP 9600 Baud Ext. Modem...$ 339 PANASONIC KXP-1180....5149.95 KXP-1191....S219.95 KXP-1124 . S289 95 KXP-1624 $ 329 95 KXP-4420 Laser $ 879.95 CITIZEN GSX-140 .....$ 284 95 200GX $ 179 95 Color Option Kits .... CALL CANON ecnncr BJ-130E $ 599 9o MICROBOTICS Memory Upgrades for A-2000 8upOK $ 129 8upw 6MB.CALL 8upw 2MB.$ 229 8upw 8MB.CALL 8upw 4MB.$ 349 c* commodore 1084 XETEC CD ROM CDX-650E EXTERNAL. J6S9 CDX-65CI INTERNAL .....$ 589 ; IH¦ w t iTTTt fil;
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• School purchase orders accepted. Index to 1990 Articles and Reviews Editors note: Individual entries in the Index are presented alphabetically under two major headings: Articles Columns and Reviews. Articles Columns are organized alphabetically under the following subject categories:
• Gaines • Operating System Workbench
• Graphics Animation • Productivity Business
• Hardware: Systems Expansion Peripherals • Programming
• Lists Buyers’ Advice • PD Shareware
• Multimedia Authoring Systems • Telecommunications Networking
• Music Sound • Video Reviews are organized under the categories Hardware, Software and dames. The Index covers all 12 regular 1990 issues of Amiga World plus the 1990 Video & Animation Special in individual entries). Issue (abbreviated SI ARTICLES COLUMNS GAMES TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Bargain Basement Gems: The Top Ten Staff Nov 32 PD Games Top 10 Games Staff Nov 26 Winners in the Wings? Laflamme Nov 36 Wallace GRAPHICS ANIMATION TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE 2-D or Not 2-D.. A Good Question Laser SI 106 Accent on Graphics Hagen HAM Painting Jan 40 Forced Palettes Feb 70 Freehand Animation 1 Mar 56 Freehand Animation 2 Apr 46 Color Cycling May 50 2-D Claymation Jun 46 2-D to 3-D Jul 50 HAM Painting Aug 58 Multiplex Animation Sep 54 Digitizing Oct 64 Photo-Compositing Nov 66 Support Tools Dec 86 Color Roulette Brawn Sep 38 Dime Store Digitizing Brawn May 34 Electronic Collage Brawn Jan 26 Fast Forward to the Future Barney Sullivan Jut 24 Fine Art in Motion (Photon Paint) Turnipseed SI 96 Freeze Frame Digitizing Sonstroem Jun 42 Global Operations (Image Processing) Goode SI 112 How to Make a Fish Sneeze (DPaint) Daniels SI 82 LIVE! Performance Hanish SI 100 Motion in the Mind's Eye
B. Williams Sep 24 Object Lessons (Turbo Silver) Schenck Jul 30 Put a Trace on It! (Rotoscoping) Brawn SI 116 Putting a Shine on “Silver" Markoya SI 90 (Turbo Silver) “That Ain't All Folks!" Hanish Sep 30 (Animation Utilities) WHEN YOU WANT MORE THAN EMPTY MMEM consider Project D to be akin to a well equipped luxury automobile; it give; smooth ride and lots of easy to use operations.” - AmigaWorid 3roject D is certainly one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, disk uti packages available for the Amiga" - Amiga Sentry 'The user interface is wonderful..." Info Rated: 4+- stars - Info Magazine Introducing the most complete disk utility system ever created for the Amiga. Project D includes a powerful Amiga disk copier, a special format copier, a software indexing utility and a disk editor. Project D also represents over three years of continuous support and enhancements. BackupTooi gives you the power to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your Amiga floppy disks. It will copy both non-protccted and protected disks, deprotecdng most of your favorite copy-protected software with ease. It supports up to four disk drives and lets you copy to multiple drives at the same time. OmniTool allows you to duplicate disks that you may have for other computers. It is able to copy most protection schemes used by other computers and will even copy software that cannot be duplicated on the host machine! The OmniTool is able to duplicate the Atari ST, MS-DOS, CP M and Xenix disk formats. It will also allow you to quickly duplicate most music synthesizer disk formats including Ensoniq and Roland EditorTool will give the expert user complete control over AmigaDOS floppy disks and hand drives. You can examine and edit disks at the sector level in HEXandASCH. Features include data and bitmap block checksumming as well as boot block checksumming. You can search through the edit buffer for virus text, hidden passwords, messages and hex values. You can also edit MFM data on floppy disks. Catak>gTool will help you organize and index your software library. It can automatically read filenames from any AmigaDOS file system (DFO: HDO: etc.) or you can enter filenames manually. You can then quickly separate and sort your filenames into different categories. ' - ~'V T . J . I . 'T ~* i"l »> >f »r g Ei wvei . Y r inexpensive. We ths, ' ” as low iy and '.95 and Promt D: BackupTooi Copyright 1987-9® Fuller Computer Systwis, Inc Project Di BackupTooi Version 2.9 Using "diskcode.library" Version 3,4 Using Paraneter File Nunber 1B9B Designed and Hritten by Ben Fuller Now Shipping Project D Version 2.0 AmigaDOS Release 2 Compatible ¦¦¦¦law* .aBraWEW The Disk Copier...Plus! AVAILABLE AT FINE AMIGA DEALERS EVERYWHERE ...PROJECTD DELIVERS. Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. Post Office Box 9222 Mesa, Arizona 85214 Orders: (800) 874-DISK Tech Support: (602) 497-6070 FAX: (602) 497-6071 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Dealer Inquiries Invited Project D is a trademark of Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. Circle 1B3 on Reader Service card. 0 1 I) E X 1 19 9 The Gang of Four (Paint Programs) Goode SI 48 Up Close and Personal: Digl-View Hagen May 22 Gold 4.0 Walt Disney Meets the Amiga Brawn Sep 18 HARDWARE: SYSTEMS EXPANSION PERIPHERALS TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Bridging the Gap to Big Blue Trimble Jan 34 Chips Ahoy! (Enhanced Chip Set) Leemon Jun 29 Evolution or Extinction? Future of A1000 Leemon May 44 Hard Lessons: Solid Results (HD Hubbartt Aug 38 Maintenance) Million Dollar Baby (CDTV) Barney Wallace Jul 18 The A3000: Welcome to a New Barney et. Al. Jun 18 Generation I LISTS BUYER'S ADVICE j TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE AW Hardware Buyer’s Guide Staff Mar 34 AW Mini Buying Guides Staff Dec 34 Buyer’s Guide: Animation Video Staff SI 26 Dial M. . .For Mall Order Kaniwec Dec 66 MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SYSTEMS TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE "And For Best Direction.. Hagen Feb 25 (The Director) Author! Author! (VIVA)
G. Williams Feb 30 Go with the Flow (AmigaVision) Wallace Nov 40 Mastering Multimedia Interface Design Brawn Oct 80 Program Functions
G. Williams Nov 68 Script-Based Programs Glllmor Dec 98 Multimedia Is the Message Sands Wallace Feb 22 Play Your Best Hand Hanish Feb 38 Powerful Persuasion Sands SI 22 Interactive Construction Kit Brawn Jun 36 MUSIC SOUND TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE MIDI Sequencers Quinzi Dec 43 Now Hear This! Wells Mar 20 Patchwork (Patch Editors) Tully Mar 26 OPERATING SYSTEM WORKBENCH TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE fnfo.phile Van Name Catchings Scripts 3 Jan 42 Back to Basics 1 Feb 72 Back to Basics 2 Mar 58 Back to Basics 3 Apr 56 Back to Basics 4 May 52 Back to Basics 5 Jun 48 Back to Basics 6 Jul 58 Back to Basics 7 Aug 60 Scanning the Competition Wallace Jan 20 Take Ten and Master MEMACS Van Name Feb 58 Catchings The AW 2.0 Road Atlas Leemon Oct 54 The Fine ‘‘Art” of Printing Freeman May 28 PRODUCTIVITY BUSINESS 1 TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Krutz Dec 54 Business Productive Coexistence Trimble Apr 16 The Great Software Weigh-In Lovhaug Apr 24 Word Power (WP Roundup) Lorieau Jul 44 PROGRAMMING | TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Clues to Programming the Amiga Leemon Aug 22 Command Performance Lovhaug Sep 44 Democratic Development: Programming Wallace Aug 18 in a New Age Pointers Amiga Basic Routines Catley Feb 78 Amiga Basic Text Display Catley Oct 66 Assembly Language Routines Catley Apr 64 Assembly Language Butterfield Nov 60 C Joystick Control McClellan May 56 C Memory Management Foust Mar 62 Console Device Mortlmore Dec 88 ExecBase Structures Mortimore Jun 54 Graceful Exiting Mical Aug 64 IFF Files Bodin Jan 48 OS 2.0 ColorFonts Clay Sep 56 Sculpt Scripting Landis Jul 60 PD SHAREWARE TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Bringing Home the PD Gold Laser Feb 50 Something for Nothing Kinsey SI 76 I TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKING TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Pack It In! (Archiving Utilities) Kinsey Aug 46 Playing Closer to the Net Barney Nov 48 Telecommunications Programs Laser Dec 47 1 VIDEO TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Amiga Video: Done to a ‘T1 (Video Wallace Oct 20 Toaster) Cutting the Red Tape (Videotape
G. Williams SI 42 Formats) Play It Together, Sam (Sound Sync) Friedman SI 68 Say It With Style (Video Titling) Ludwick SI 62 Setting Up Shop
G. Williams SI 16 The Studio Builder’s Reference Guide Brawn Oct 30 Video Fonts
G. Williams Dec 37 Who’s In Sync (Genlocks) Tessler SI 54 REVIEWS 1 HARDWARE PRODUCT REVIEWER ISSUE PAGE A590 Wallace Jan 82 A2630 Leemon Mar 12 AEHD Drive Leemon Dec 23 Amiga Video Terminal Leemon Jul 12 The Software Shop, Inc. Software & Hardware Special 1-800-752-0050 "Give Us the Opportunity to BEAT any advertised price" GVP-A2000 ACCEL. A2000 HARD CARDS NEW A500 DRIVES & A1000HARDRIVES& MEM&HARDCARDS Harclframe 2000 S 159 MEMORY MEMORY A3QQ1-68C30-882 28MHZ + 4MB 1469 Quantum 50mg W HF2000 519 AD-IDE Controller A5QO S118 Quantum 40mg w Supra $ 659 A3GO1-68O30-882 33MHZ+4MB 1579 Quantum Qomg W HF200G 6B9 AD-IDE-A500 w 40mg Teac 459 Quantum 80mg w Supra 849 A3001-68030-882 50MHZ+4MB 2559 Quantum 105mg W HF2000 749 AD-IDE-A500 80mg Maxtor 649 Quantum 105mg w Supra 899 GVP-A2000-HC 6*0 SRSH. 233 Quantum I70mg w HF2000 1069 Supra 500XP-20mg W 512K 559 Starboard II 512K 209 GVP-A2000-HC 8+2mg SRSH 328 209mg Conner W HF2000 1129 Supra 500XP-20mg w 2mg 649 Starboard II 1mg 229 GVP-A200C-HC 6+4 SRSl 430 Wordsync Supra Controller 129 Supra 500XP-40mg W 512K 669 Starboard II 2mg 329 GVP-A20QC-HC 8+6mg SRSH 532 Quantum 50mg w wordsync 479 Supra 5Q0XP-40mg w 2mg 759 Starboard OK 184 GVP-A200C-HC 8*8mg SRSl! 533 Quantum Bomg w wordsync 659 Quantum 5Gmg w GVP 659 HARDDRIVES GVP-A2000-HC 8-0-Q-40mg 569 Quantum 105mg w wordsync 699 Quantum 80mg w GVP 849 Quantum drive 4Qmg 11ms scc-353 GVP-A2000 HC 8-r0-Q-80mg 739 Quantum 170mg w wordsync 999 Quantum 105mg w GVP 899 Quantum drive Eomg 11ms acc.545 GVP-A2000-HC 8+0+0-105mg 799 209mg Conner w wordsync 1089 Adram 540 A500 W 512K 142 Quantum drive I05mg 589 GVP-A2000-HC.8 + 0 + 0-170mg 1119 ICD Advantage Controller 139 Adram 540 A500 w 1 mg 164 Quantum 170MG 11ms 899 GVP-A2000-HC 6*0+C-209mg1179 Quantum Somg w lCD Adv. 489 Adram 540 A500 w 2mg 225 209mo. Conner "5ms 969 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII*Q-40mg 518 Quantum Qomg w ICD Adv. 659 Adram 540 A500 w 4mg 319 SYQUEST 44mg YV cartridge 643 GVP-A2000-HC-3RSII-Q'80mg 679 Quantum 105mg w ICD Adv 713 BaseBoard 512K 145 SyQuest Media 44ma. S3 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII-Q-105mg 759 Quantum 1700mg w ICD Adv. 1029 BaseBoard Img 179 A2000MEMORY"CARDS GVP-A2000-HC-SRSII-Q -1 7Cmg1 069 BaseBoard 2mg A500 225 Supraram A2000 2mg 211 GVP-A2000-HC-SRSIU209mgC 1175 BaseBoard 4mg A500 329 r J Supraram A2000 4 mg 289 GVPA200Q HC 0 SRSH 175 Supraram A2000 6mg $ 389 Supraram A2000 8mg 449 8UP 2mg A2000 215 8UP 4mg A2000 295 SUP 6mg A2000 375 8UP 8mg A2000 459 AdRAM A2O80 2mg 199 AdRAM A2080 4mg 279 AdRAM A2080 6mg 359 AdRAM A2080 8mg 439 RamWorks 2000 2mg 199 RamWorks 20*00 4mg 279 RamWorks 2000 6mg 359 RamWorks 2000 8mg CHIPS 439 Dram 1mg X 1 80 100ns q Dram img Zip -10 10 Dram 256X4 180 100ns 9 Sim Module 80 100ns 75 Scram 4X1 70 Bons zip 75 ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge ......16 A B C D Switchbox 39 Al000 Safe skin 22 A2000 Safe skin ... 22 A3000 Safe skin ... 22 A500 Safe skin .. 22 Amuac Trackball .79 Bomg optical mouse 1C9 Copy Stand .69 Ece Midi 1000 .. 52 Ece Midi 500 2000 .....5 2 Ergo Joystick .....17 Gravis Joystick „37 Modem cable A100Q......15 ModemcabieA20 00 50015 Mouse pad ..9 Printer cable 2000 5001 ...5 Printer cable A1000 .. 1 5 Video int. A500 a .65 CAD Draw 2000...... 1 83 Home builder cac ..129 Home builder choice...... 5 3 Home Buildr library .....79 Intro cad ......51 Intro Cad Plus ...9 9 Pro-3oard ..399 Pro-Net 399 Ultra Design .....269 X-Cad Designer II 9 7 X-Cad designer Pro 30*4 COMMUNICATION Online .4 4 Ataik III ...6 5 Online Platinum 67 BBS pc 9 6 Skyline EBS com ..99 DATABASE Data retrieve ....51 Dbman V .189 Super base ...52 Superbase pers. II ...... 99 Suoerbase Pro. 3 0 ..219 DESKTOP PUBLISHING WORDPROCESSOR Gold spell II .30 Pro-page template ..42 Pro-draw clip art ..4 2 Transcript .....47 Text pro .5 0 Publisher olus ..6 9 Who-Wiat-When 69 Wp liorary ....7 9 Page setter II ..89 Becker text .92 Pen Pal 102 Prowrite v3.0 .....99 Professional Draw 129 Publishers Choice ..69 City Desk 2.0 ....135 Word Perfect ....149 The Works Platinum ....164 Professional Page 175 Excellence! 2.0 .179 Gold Disk Office ...‘89 Professional page 1.3... 199 Pace stream 2.0 .199 EDUCATION Adventure of sinbad 32 Aesop's fables .32 Ail aboui America ......3 5 Animal kingdom ..32 At the Zoo ...27 Decimal cungeon .....32 Dinosaur Discov. Kit ...29 Discovery game math ....2 5 Discovery game spell.....2 5 Fraction action .3 2 Intellitype .....35 Kid talk ...3 5 Kinderama ..32 Learning curve .52 Letters For You .2 8 Master type 2 5 Math Odyssey ...3 3 Math talk .....3 5 Math talk ‘radon ......35 Math wizard 35 Mavis beacon typing 33 Numbers Count ...28 Project Master ...129 Puzzle Story book 29 Read & rhyme ..32 Read-a-rama ...32 Rhyming note book ..30 Spell bound 25 Speller bee .35 Tales from Arabia ...... 32 Talking Animator .34 Where in the U.S ..35 Where in World C.S ...3 2 Where inEurpe.C.Sdiego 35 Wordmaster ......32 World Atlas ..39 World Odyssey .33 Your family tree 32 FONTS Calligrapher ...8 5 Fancy 3d fonts ,...5 2 Font set I 2 2 Headline Fonts .54 Headlines 2 .47 Inter font ......76 Kara Anim font 1 ..3 5 Kara Anim Font 2 .3 5 Kara fonts color ...50 Kara fonts Headline 2......4 8 Kara fonts subheads .48 News letter fonts ..29 Page Stream fonts 1-15..29 Profonts I Prof ....2 3 Profonts II decorative......2 3 Studio font ...29 Subheads ....47 GRAPHICS & VIDEO DCTV .439 3- Demon .....73 3d options ...3 5 3D Professional ......299 Animagic .....95 Animate 3-D ......99 Animation editor .39 Animation effects ......32 Animation Flipper 32 Animation multiplane......58 Animation stand ..3 2 Animation Station ......6 9 Animation Studio .....111 Animation Titler 5 9 Animation w images 6 9 Animator apprentices .. 1 85 An i motion .6 5 Architectural Design ......23 Art Department ...59 Broadcast Titler II .229 C light 3d editor ...39 Caligsri ....159 Can do .....99 Chroma paint ...48 Comicsetter ..... 65 Credit text scroller .....2 9 Deluxe Paint ill ...10 2 Deluxe photo lab .....102 Deluxe print II ....59 Deluxe video Hi ...106 Design 3-D ...6 7 Designasaurus 32 Digi paint 3 ... 69 Digi View Golc 4.0 . 131 Digimate lit ..28 Digiworks 3d ......8 9 Director Tape ...38 Directors Toolkit ..2 6 Elan Performer ..41 Express paml III .8 9 Fantavision 4 2 Future design 3-d 23 Human design 3-d .....23 Int. Design sculp-3d ...2 3 Interchange ......32 Invision .1 09 Lights Camera Action 4 9 Microoot design 3-d .2 3 Modeler 3d .64 Movie clips...- ....29 Movie setter ......65 Page flipper fx ..9 5 Pagerender 3-D 105 Photon Pamt 2.0 . 97 Pixmate 43 Print master plus ...33 Pro video plus set i .....8 3 Pro video plus set II ....8 3 Pro Vioeo Post ...220 ProVideo Gold., 163 Scene Generator ......2 9 SculDt 3-d ... 64 Sculpt Anim. 4D 399 SculDt-Animate 4-D Jr. ... 9 5 Super Clips . 22 The Art Dept ......5 9 The Director ...... 46 Turbo silver 3 0 11 9 Turbo Silver Module ..2 0 Tv Text Prof ......111 Tv-show 2.0 .64 Tv-texi 64 Video elfects 3d ......121 Video scaoe 3-d ......120 Vtceo titler 9 5 Vista ......69 Zoetrope .... 89 HARDWARE A3OOO Internal Drive .....99 ADFIicker Free Video ..349 ADSpeed A500 Accel ..249 AE 3.5 External Dr. HD 215 AE External Drive .....109 AE Datalink 2000 MNP5 ....175 AE Datalink Exp. MNP5 269 Air Drive External ...99 Amax II Emulator ..149 Amigen ......153 Asia 3.5 External Drv......11 5 3aud Bandit level 5 ,155 Color Splitter .120 Desktop budaet 46 Easyl AT000 ......349 Easyl A2000 ......379 Easyl A500 .34 5 Flicker fixer 425 Flicker Free Video ...359 FramebufferW capture549 Future sound .129 Internal 3.5arive A2000.. 89 Mac 3 5 Drive .229 Mac Rom Chip 149 Midi Gold (500) ... 60 Migraph Scannef .....349 Mmi Gen ....210 Perfect sound V.3.0 ...7 5 Power Supply A500 .1 09 Scan lock ...789 Sharo JX 100 Scanner ...78S Super Gen ...... 695 Supergen 2000S .....1679 Supra 2400bo internal...149 US Robotics 960Gbd HST669 WV1410 Cam.W,lens,...199 LANGUAGE UTILITIES AC basic ..129 AC fortran ......195 A c a p t ..... 7 9 Arexx 33 Assem pro ...6 5 Aztec t developer .195 Aztec C professional 129 B A D disk optimizer 32 Benchmark c lib ..62 Benchmark C library .62 Benchmark iff library .62 Benchmark modula 2... 12 8 Benchmark simolified......62 TOORDERBYFAX 1-508-799-9354 FORPRODUCTSNOTLISTEDCALL: 1-508-756-6452 PLEASE SEND ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: THE SOFTWARE SHOP. INC. 22 FRONT ST. P.O. BOX 55 WORCESTER, MA01614 PRICES.TERMS AND AVAILABILITY SUBJECTTO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. POUCIES: 1-WE ACCEPT VISA. MASTERCARD 2-SHIPPING: ANY ITEM - S6 ANYTWO1TEMS-S7 NEXTDAYDELIVERY AVAILABLE. 3-COD CHARGE OF S5 4-PURCHASEORDERSMUSTBE APPROVED 5-INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME. 6-RETURNS ARESUBJECTT015% RESTOCKING FEE CALL FOR ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE Bnchmark SrcLevDebug.62
C. B. Tree 65 Cape 68k ....59 Cross Dos 4.0 .....29 Cygnusea Professional ...6 5 Devpac Vrs.2 ....66 Disk 2 disk .....3 3 Disk master 1.4 ..33 Disk mechanic ..59 Dissasembler .....4 5 Dos 2 dos .... 35 Hisofi Basic pro ...116 Inovatools 1 ....5 4 lattice Dev.System 5.4.225 Mac 2 Dos ...99 Momentum Mail ..22 Nag Plus Schedule Assist.52
p. xel Scnpt .1 04 Power windows v2.5 .58 Pro script ......3 2 Project D 3 2 Quarterback 4.1 ..4 5 Raw copy 1.3 ....3 9 Source level debugger ..6 5 Super Caro A2000 .....7 9 True basic .65
V. IP .3 2 W shell ...33 X-copy II 29 MONITORS NEC 3D multisync 699 Panasonic C1381 HI. Res499 Sieko cml430 monitor..699 Sony multi-scan Monitors35 Taxan 1000 20* Ultrasync 2899 Zenith 14' Fiat CRT ....720 PRINTERS 1 l24PanasonicPrinter ...349 Alps Allegro2dPIN ......425 Citizen200GX . 210 C tzenGSXl40PRT.Coior399 Hppaint jet .....1029 NECLC890laserPS .. 3395 Starnxrainbow 259 SOUND & MUSIC 4-oodeiuxe ....97 Audiomaster .....37 Audiomasterll ...67 Backsongbook .27 Bars&Pipes ...179 Copyistll .....179 D-50 99 Deluxemusic ......69 Drdrums ... 28 Drkeys 28 DrT'sKeyboard ..160 DrT'sMidiRec.Studic .. 47 Dxheaver .....97 Dy namicdrums .52 Dynamicstudio ...129 FuturesoundA500'A200092 KcsLeveltl .. 225 M a t r i x 6 ...9 7 Midi Magic ...97 Mt-3 2 ..97 Music-X 205 Musicstudent .....38 Promidistudio ..129 Prosounddesigner ...125 Sonix ...51 SoundOasis .69 SoundQuestTexture 99 Soundsampier .....78 SoundT rackVol ..135 Studiomagic ......65 Svnthia ...59 SynthiaPro .199 Texture ... .97 TigerCub ......62 U:ihties2(mimatics) .....43 SPREADSHEET Advantage ..129 Analyze'2 0 .....95 Easy Ledger ....189 Financial plus ..189 Haicaic .32 Maxiplan500 ......95 Maxiplanplus ...126 Money Mentor .65 Nimbus record keener ...9 5 Phaser .6 5 Service Industry Acc'ting225 Superplan ....9 7 VIPP'ofessional .65 4 II 1 9 9 Datel Video Digitizer Kevelson May 76 DEB 2000 Wallace Dec 123 EDPL Strickland Jul 84 EXP-8000 + Walsh Oct 97 Fast FAX Wallace Jul 14 FrameGrabber 256 Kevelson May 76 HD-500 Wallace Jan 82 Hurricane 2800 Leemon Mar 12 Impact A3000 A4000 Leemon Mar 12 IR Remote Controller Brawn Dec 125 Master Sound Hanish Aug 80 Migraph Hand Scanner Wolfskill Nov 106 Power PC Board Wolfskin Dec 12 QuickShot Robotarm Jordan Jan 74 ScanLab 100 Kevelson May 19 Serial Solution Leemon Aug 16 TCRG-102 Strickland Jul 84 The Vault Wallace Jan 82 VIDI-Amiga Wolfskill Dec 25 VoRecOne Hagen Jun 13 SOFTWARE PRODUCT REVIEWER ISSUE PAGE 3D Professional Schenck Nov 22 A-Sound 2.0 Friedman Oct 100 ABZoo Greenwald Sep 13 ADAPT Nesbitt Dec 26 ALF2 Laser Aug 86 Amiga LOGO McClellan Feb 13 ANIMagic Brawn Apr 12 Animation Station Hanish Jun 76 AnimFonts Ludwick Jun 12 AutoPrompt
G. Williams Dec 132 AutoScript Wells Aug 14 Award Maker Plus Greenwald May 88 Aztec C 5.0 McClellan Aug 84 Barney Bear Goes to School Greenwald Sep 13 Bars&Pipes Hanish Apr 84 Baud Bandit Leemon Jan 79 Bgraphics
G. Williams Sep 88 CanDo
G. Williams May 12 CrossDOS Walsh Jan 63 dBMan V Lovhaug Jun 88 DeluxeVideo III
G. Williams May 12 DigiMate III Hagen Sep 77 Discover Numbers Greenwald Jun 90 Discover US History & Geography Greenwald Jun 90 Dr. Ami Leemon Nov 102 Dunlap Utilities Lorieau Jul 78 excellence! 2.0
G. Williams Nov 114 EZ-Grade Randall Sep 80 FormAtion Kevelson Feb 18 FrameGrabber 2.0 Wallace Jun 82 Icon Magic Leemon Feb 103 Icon Paint Leemon Feb 103 ImageLink Wells Mar 90 Inter Actor
G. Williams May 12 IntroCAD Plus Bissett Oct 94 JetMaster Lovhaug Feb 108 I U h KCS 3.0 Level II Quinzi Jul 80 Mac-2-DOS Walsh Jan 63 Mail-O-Dex Wallace Feb 16 Master Tracks Pro 3.0 Quinzi Jan 62 Math Odyssey Greenwald Sep 13 MIDI Quest Quinzi Nov 98 MIDI Sample Wrench Quinzi Mar 80 NAG +3.0 Greenwald Jan 76 One to One Match Greenwald Sep 13 PageSetter II Dickman Jun 14 PageStream 1.8 Dickman Jul 14 Pen Pal Lovhaug Jan 12 Performance Quinzi May 72 PETE Greenwald Sep 13 Pixel 3D Laser Dec 13 Pro Draw 2.0 Dickman Dec 18 Pro Motion Laser Sep 12 Professional Page 1.3 Dickman Mar 86 ProWrite 2.5 Lovhaug Jan 12 ProWrite 3.0 Lovhaug Sep 92 Roll’Em
G. Williams Dec 132 SAS C 5.10 Compiler McClellan Dec 128 Saxon Publisher Dickman Nov 18 Service Industry Accounting Ludwick Oct 12 Software from Hell Nesbitt May 84 SupraDrive Laser Aug 86 Synthla II Hanish Dec 122 Synthia Pro Quinzi Apr 14
T. A.C.L Friedman Aug 81 TeleTutor 1.4 Walsh Oct 103 Templlcity Lovhaug Oct 101 TFMX Soundtool Friedman Oct 106 The Art Department Wells Sep 84 The Talking Animator 2.0 Greenwald Sep 13 Thinker Randall Jan 81 Tiger Cub Quinzi Oct 14 Title Page Wolfskill Dec 138 Tracker's Quest Greenwald Jun 90 TV*Show 2 Ludwick Dec 28 TV*Text Professional Ludwick Feb 12 UltraDesIgn Bissett Aug 12 VTX On-Line Leemon Jan 79 Who! What! When! Where! Greenwald Jan 76 World Odyssey Greenwald Sep 13 X-CAD Designer Bissett Jan 72 X-CAD Professional Bissett Apr 90 GAMES PRODUCT REVIEWER ISSUE PAGE 688 Attack Sub Rohrer Sep 60 After Burner Lawrence May 64 Bandit Kings of Ancient China Ryan Dec 108 Battle Squadron Barrett Mar 66 Blades of Steel Kinsey Dec 118 Blockout Korda Jun 74 Budokan Kinsey Oct 84 Chamber of Sci-Mutant Priestess Olafson Aug 70 Day of the Viper Ryan Aug 76 Downhill Challenge Teverbaugh Feb 94 Become a part of the AmigaWorld Programming Team We’re looking for quality programs to support the growth of the Amiga World product line, and we need your help. ? GAMES ANIMATION 3D UTILITIES CLIP ART AMIGAVISION APPLICATIONS OTHER STAND-ALONE APPLICATIONS ? We offer competitive payment and an opportunity for fame. Send your submissions or contact us for guidelines: Amiga Product Submissions Mare-Anne Jarvela
(603) 924-0100 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 TeleGraphics International, creators of exceptional instructional tapes is proud to present its latest training Series on NewTek’s remarkable Video Toaster. Order Volume One from Amiga Dealers or contact TeleGraphics International 605 Dock Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
(919) 762-8028 Mastercard Sc Visa accepted Suggested retail: $ 49.95 Circle 174 on Header Service card. Public Domain Software Resource You may be paying too much for freely distributable software! Save now by ordering Amiga public domain software by the program, not by the disk. Public Domain Software Resource’s custom ordering service lets you select only the programs you want. We offer most of the programs found on the Fred Fish disks and more. Fill a disk with games, DOS utilities, or programming aids. Don't be left out, discover the best public domain custom ordering service and save. Write for a free catalog today. Each custom disk is only $ 6.00. “You have a choice” TT| Public Domain Software Resource
P. O. Box 7175 Loma Linda, CA 92354 Ob 1 11 19 9 0 I
I) E X Dr. Doom’s Revenge Yaple Feb 92 Drakkhen Olafson Aug 70 Escape from Singe’s Castle Wallace Jul 66 F-16 Combat Pilot Rohrer Apr 74 F40 Pursuit Simulator Teverbaugh Jan 58 Future Wars Olafson Sep 62 Gold of the Americas Olafson Jun 70 HardBall II Olafson Oct 90 Hero's Quest Kinsey Nov 88 Ikari Warriors Olafson Jan 60 Indiana Jones Last Crusade Olafson Mar 74 Infestation McClellan Jul 68 It Came from the Desert Yaple Apr 70 Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword Olafson May 64 Joe Blade Olafson Feb 96 Knights of the Crystallion Yaple Nov 84 Laser Squad Lawrence Jun 62 Leisure Suit Larry III Olafson Sep 64 Magic Johnson’s Basketball Catchings Van Name May 62 Might and Magic II Quaid Dec 114 Neuromancer Olafson Dec 108 Never Mind McClellan Apr 70 Nuclear War Kinsey Aug 75 NY Warriors Olafson Nov 76 Operation Spruance Rohrer Nov 84 Pirates! Olafson Oct 84 Powerdrome Trimble Apr 72 Pro Football Simulation Teverbaugh May 60 Pro Tennis Tour Teverbaugh Apr 74 Project Neptune Quaid Feb 98 Rings of Medusa Quaid Sep 65 Risk Kinsey Aug 77 Romance of the Three Kingdoms Trimble Mar 76 Shadow of the Beast Wallace Feb 89 Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Jordan Jan 54 SideShow Catchings Van Name May 66 Space Ace Totoro Jun 60 Space Quest III Quaid Mar 74 Space Rogue Ryan Sep 63 Strike Aces Ryan Dec 116 Swords of Twilight Totoro Feb 90 Tank Attack Quaid Feb 94 Targhan Olafson Feb 89 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Olafson Jun 60 The Hound of Shadow Yaple Jul 74 The Krista! Olafson Jan 56 The Legend of Wiliam Tell Lawrence Sep 60 The Plague McClellan Dec 110 The Third Courier Yaple Jul 72 Their Finest Hour Rohrer Oct 89 Treasure Trap Dickman Oct 86 TV Sports: Basketball Olafson Jul 68 Typhoon Thompson Olafson Jul 70 Vortex Jordan Apr 76 Waterloo Rohrer Aug 72 Weird Dreams Yaple Jun 70 Wings of Fury Lawrence Nov 86 ¦ BONANZA 2MB FREE RAM PIRIT INSTANT REBATE & COUPON REBATE
* Zart sP'"V' "0K™“ Valuable Instant Rebates PLUS $ 250 In Spirit Coupons For Future Spirit Purchases $ 70 INSTANT REBATE INTERLOK™ MODEL IGL-1 Genlock Encoder for All Amigas Installs Inside A500 Also in A2000 ONLY, 1 SCSI INTERFACE IN MATE . . . Iasi. SCSI hard drive interlace inside leaves your 86-pin expansion port free’ 2 RAM MEMORY EXPANSION IN MATE . . 2. 4 or SMB zero wail state fast RAM inside Amiga 500 or 2000! PLUS FEATURES
• Socketed for 68881 Math Coprocessor.
• Uses less than 700 ma power with on board CMOS MC68000 microprocessor and CMOS parts and circuitry puts INMATE well within the power range of standard A50Q power supply.
• Simple, soIderless plug-in installation.
• Includes software support disk with test and utility programs. RAM FEATURES
• Up to 8MB zero wait state fast RAM.
• Autoconfig at boot time.
• Socketed Zip configuration expandable from OK:
1. 0 & 2.0MB with 256K x 4 20-pin Zip DRAM
4. 0 & 8.0MB with 1 Meg x 4 20-pin Zip DRAM A1000 RAM MEMORY I SMR Mixon 30 UD FOB A130C 1*11300 Ok . 1199 Will-tl 5MR rirTii'v . 17J1 Wilt I CVO merro> . ItfiJ Wilt l iMfi ntnwy .. 1795 SMB MEMOBT FOR B100C XISNBTfl INTO A*000 i BAM 0* . 1270
W. lh?OW9 Itt-nftiy . $ 39* Wiir 4 CMS ratimjiy , , , 1176 AiinfcOMB iMfTWMy ... Sty A .it* Gvarvirorv .. S'3-’ A2000 RAM MEMORY A500 RAM MEMORIES S12K MEMOPr |tSOI cliittl IHSIDE «00 fRifPEfi 0* ...... WJ Wit* $ 1?K rrtJuary .....S’6 7 M3 MEMOPr INSIDE MOO Si*'WO 0* ...... SI 99 Ait* 0 SMB ffltnwy ... 1?J9 Ail* 1 QMB memoir ... 1779 'Ail* 7 QMS meiflO'T . 1399 MB MINOftt FOB 1500 MlGHTES INTO A7300 j ram e* ...... szro Aith?3MB Ternary ... $ 35* AM* 4 0UB TeiWO'y 1S76 Ail* 6 QMB TirlTiflfy . S6E-1 Ail* 3 0MB nem5rr ...... S?S? SCSI FEATURES
• Autoboot and Fast File System partitions.
• Non-DMA with transfer rates up to 500 Kbytes.
• Supports up to 6 SCSI devices and Tape Backup.
• Implements Commodore's Rigid Disk standard
• Compatible with 86-pin expansion devices using DMA. IN-MATE also operates in an A2000. It'll move with you if you move up and frees-up A2000 expansion slots. D»vr nor included 10* A«0 M turn MOA 106 SY5TEM 0*11 1799 IBB wm SlO» maCmlNE HAPDCAflOSTSUM .Only I'M a $ 709 VALUE Regular OK: ......*549 Regular 2MB: .....$ 709 INSTANT REBATE: ... SI 50 REBATE SPECIAL ... $ 549 |VV’-- ONLY $ 5490° ST-506 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE PACKAGES!
* 499°° ___ Regular NTSC: ...... $ 569 INSTANT REBATE: ... S 70 REBATE SPECIAL .... $ 499 Regular PAL: $ 749 INSTANT REBATE: ... $ 90 REBATE SPECIAL .... $ 659 The Genlock that won't crash your computer during video search editing ... that pays meticulous attention to artist's colors.. . That offers professional video specs for the best price performance in the market.
• Looping video IN with switchable termination.
• NTSC or PAL encoded video OUT.
• R-G-8 & KEY outs.
• RGB matching level selection for A500 A1000 A2000.
• 0 to 100% fade overlay slider on removeable panel.
• Control Panel can be remoted to 25' or more. SpJR y $ 20 INSTANT REBATE ON WORLDS FASTEST HARD DRIVE BACKUP! BYTE'N’BACK™ ONLY $ 49 I S69 value. Regular Price ...... $ 89 INSTANT REBATE: ...... *20 REBATE SPECIAL .... *49
• Faster, only 55 Secs per disk (no verify) • Drag-by-group file seiecl
• Stores more fries per disk 935K * Exlra user friendly
• Asynchronus scan mode • FREE updates to registered owners AIR DRIVE EXTERNAL FOR ALL AMIGAS A1010 .ONLY S99 Low profile, lower power. J6‘ cable, pass thru, on off switch AIR DRIVE INTERNAL FOR A2000 A2010 .ONLY $ 89 Direct replacement or 2nd drive with dust door and mounting kit AIR DRIVE INTERNAL FOR A3000 A3020 .ONLY 599 Direct replacement or 2nd drive. LED and compatible button FLOPPY DISK DRIVES! SET THE SPIRIT! ORDER AND INFORMATION 1-800-433-7572 Spirit Technology Corporation, 220 West 2950 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 Phone: (801) 485-4233, FAX: (801) 485-6957, U.S.A. Sales: (800) 421-6045 VISA. MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted with no surcharge. COD accepted, add $ 3.50. Shipping and insurance extra. All products shipped UPS 2nd day unless otherwise requested. All prices U.S. dollars, domestic U.S. sales only. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Prices of products containing RAM memory may vary due to fluctuations in the DRAM market. AMIGA is a registered Trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc . INMATE, AX-S. Octabyte, I nterlok. Trapper. Fat Trapper. Slot Machine ana MIDI-Star are Trademarks of Spirit Technology Corp ; BYTENBACK is a Trademark of Bytes and Pieces (Europe) Ltd ; Alfi DRIVE is a Trademark ol Advanced Integration Research AMIGA WORLD r PRESENTS
* BOSTON, MA * January 4-5 WINTER SEMESTER 1991
* SEATTLE, WA * January 11-12 NOVICE CLASSES ? YOUR FIRST AMIGA k k RALEIGH, NC * January 18-19
* AMIGA ANIMATION * ? SAN DIEGO, CA * January 25-26
* DETROIT, Ml * February 8-9
* AMIGA GRAPHICS * k TORONTO, ON k February 22-23 k AMIGA VIDEO * AMIGA NOVICE CLASSES - THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION AmigaWorld Expo offers Novice classes for Amiga users just starting out. Both classes are designed to give you basic introductory information. Each class is 3 hours, costs $ 30 a person and is limited to 40 students. AMIGA MASTER CLASSES - GET THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA! Amiga Master Classes are designed to provide in-depth information on several professional topics of Amiga use. Each subject is offered in the morning in an introductory format and in the afternoon for more advanced users. We encourage you to attend both. Each 3 hour class costs $ 60.00 a person and is limited to 40 students. AMIGA CLASS INSTRUCTORS ¦ YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS The quickest way to master your Amiga is to learn from a Master. Our instructors include Amiga luminaries such as: STEVE SEGAL, ORAN J. SANDS III, BRADLEY SCHENCK and GENE BRAWN. NOVICE CLASSES Understanding the CLI Basic Amiga Concepts NOVICE I is an total introduction for the Amiga user, covering die Amiga software and hardware configurations. Expanding your Amiga with memory, hard drives, printers, modems and other peripherals is discussed. NOVICE II gives the Command Line Interface (CLI) an in-depth look. Your Amiga is at its most flexible when you understand use of the CLI. A special look at the world of Amiga public domain software will also be included. MASTER CLASSES Working with Amiga Graphics GRAPHICS I covers all aspects of the current stale of the Amiga art of illustration. The advantages and disadvantages of different Amiga resolutions will also be covered. GRAPHICS II will cover specific techniques on computer illustration. These topics include palettes, anti-aliasing, landscapes, and color- cycling. INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY SCHENCK Orcle 72 on Reader Service card The Amiga as a Pro Video Tool VIDEO I covers basic technical video concepts that concern Amiga users. Amiga graphic techniques for video and informal questions and answer sections form the basis for this class, VIDEO II is a continuation of Video L This class will take an effect-oriented approach, demonstrating the usage and combination of various Amiga programs. INSTRUCTOR: ORAN J. SANDS III or GENE BRAWN The Amiga Animation Station ANIMATION I will cover the basics of animation in general and Amiga animation specifically. Different animation options will be discussed with an emphasis on two dimensional animation. ANIMATION II is a continuation of Animation 1 and delves more specifically into artist’s technique. Three dimensional animation is the primal*)' topic for this course. INSTRUCTOR :STE E SEGAL IN... NOW ONLY $ 69.95 with trade in... AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM A memory and drive diagnostic utility for UiW Miniyd niiti ui personal computers. Test your speed and align your drives.
* 4995 DOCTOR AMI Allows you to test the integrity of system RAM (including expansion) and both floppy and hard disk media. Errors are located, identified and mapped out. Doctor AMI uses a full intuition interface and is quite simple to use. Add $ 4.00 Shipping and Handling - Add $ 3.50
C. O.D. in U.S.A. only. Add $ 3.00 to all foreign shipments. VISA and MasterCard are accepted Easy to use, mousedriven software. Most software backed up in 60 seconds! Transparent when not in use. Fits any Amiga, even the 3000! (Please specify when ordering). Backup any 3.5" disk (IBM, ATARI, MAC, AMIGA). No soldering required! Cross-country BBS support system (Call for nearest you). Backup your original - the day you buy it! Super Card AMI II works on NTSC (60 Hertz) and PAL (50 Hertz) systems. Tested world wide to be the ‘one and only’ 100% backup system. Don't wait, one original lost can cost more than this backup system! We have a full stock on hand and your system can be on its way to you fasti Remember, specify the Amiga you have when ordering. A500 1000 2000 2500 3000 using one or more external drives, or A2000 2500 3000 with two internal drives. AM1-II SOFTWARE UP-DATE Now Available 1.0 Software
• Copier files that allow 60 second backup for most programs.
• Easy to use instructions.
• Save those programs onto the copier files for future use.
• Join our automatic up-date list, and never miss another up-date. TRADE UP TO THE BEST !!! Super Card AMI II Do you already have Amiga backup programs, or hardware that’s just sitting on the table gathering dust cause they just don’t work? Well trade up to the AMI-11 the one and only 100% backup system. Send in your old backup Amiga software or hardware for a $ 30.00 credit toward the AMI - II. That's right you can get AMI - II with your trade in for only $ 69.95 Now is the time to own the most powerful backup system that ever will be made. We have searched for a program that this software, hardware package can not backup, and it is yet to be found. Over 10,000 units sold!!! Please join our search. NEVER BEFORE 100% BACKUP...... AMI SUPER TRACKER Have you ever wanted to know where problem tracks are located? Now, with super tracke AMI you can tell! This beautiful digital track display simply plugs into the fast drive in your Amiga system (all Amiga computers will work). The head location (track) side NOW (top or botton head) and where write protect position are all SUPER-CARD UTILITY PACKAGE Copier Construction Set - Create copier files for Super-Card AMI I! Vl.O software. Disk Anaylzer • Display format and structure Information ol tracks. This will help determine which mode you should use with Super-Card AMI I!. Drive Speed Checker - Checks drive speeds of ALL drives. Drive Alignment Checker - Checks drive alignment of ALL drives. MFM Editor • Read & Write MFM data. Works in conjunction with Copier Construction Set to help create copier files. KICK BOARD When Workbench 2.0 is released, it is estimated that only 67% of the existing software will work with it. Nearly all commercial games will not run under the new Kickstart ROM. That leaves the consumer swapping their ROMs back and forth in order to run various software. This is a terrible inconvience to the consumer. Introducing, KICK-BOARD A simple to instali board that replaces your ROM inside your Amiga computer. Remove your old Kickstart ROM from it's socket and place it in our board. Now, plug the KICK- BOARD'S ribbon cable into the empty ROM socket. That's it! You can add two additional ROMs to the KICK-BOARD besides your original. Giving you the total of three possible ROMs to use in your Amiga. By simply moving the switch provided to one of the three positions, you can select one of the available ROMs. No more compatibility problems! By using a ribbon cable assemble, we have insured that this product will work with all processor accelerators, which generally cover the ROM socket completely. Introductory Price BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR Tired of that annoying “Clicking'' that your drive makes when there is no disk inserted? Have you ever wanted to boot from one of your external drives? Did you know that some commercial programs (generally European games) actually require your external drives to be disconnected from your Amiga!! Introducing, BOOT DRIVE SELECTOR.... A simple to Install board that fixes ail of the above mentioned problems for good!! This unit installs between your CIA chip and your internal drive. Once installed, the "Clicking" ( which will eventually wear out your drive} will be a thing of the past. What happens if your internal drive malfunctions? You are stuck without your computer! Not if you have this unit installed! Simply select which external you want to boot from and you again have a usabie system. The external drive you select and your internal (DFO) drive actually "Swap" locations, allowing the normal usage of all drives. No more removing your external drives for those programs that require that there be only one drive online. Simply flip the switch, and presto! All external drives are disabled! This product will pay for itself without question! Now with Anti-Virus UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, me
P. O.Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ORDERS TAKEN 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 FAX LINE (503) 648-8992 W W __ hy try to figure it out all by yourself? With AmigaWorld Videos, it's like having a professional computer consultant at your side, 24 hours per day! AmigaWorld Videos cut your learning time dramatically...and you get hints, tips and advice that only the experts know. Watch each video, follow the step-by-step techniques, and hone your skills entirely at your own pace. Then, you can refer to them for brush ups and refreshers, Build your own video library and watch your accomplishments soar! Order your copies today. NEW! AMIGA MUSIC From a simple tune to a full concert the Amiga can help you do it all. This extraordinary video shows you what you need to get started and how to play music with existing software. You’ll learn the best ways to sample sounds and manipulate sampled sound to produce dazzling special effects. And if you want to learn more about using a MIDI this is the video that can help. It explores the uses of MIDI and gives vou valuable ideas from some of the best Amiga musicians in the country. K1 AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I A ou’ll be amazed at how fast you'll be producing excellent art. This hour-long video adventure explores the full capabilities of Amiga art. It delves into computer painting...discusses the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs.Jells vou when HAM is a good idea...shows vou how interlace works ..and describes smearing, washing and tinting. Plus vou get three extensive sessions on fonts, clip art and even digitizing! DESKTOP VIDEO Business presentations, instructional videos and even home movies this exciting video shows how vou can use video with your Amiga. You'll gain valuable insights into evaluating Genlocks, using your camera with professional results, developing effective production operations, creating terrific special effects, adding animation and more. It’s a video vou won't want to miss! GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA There's no easier way to master the basics...and some of the more sophisticated operations as well. In a lively and easy-to-follow format, this video starts with assembling voursvstem, feeling comfortable about working with screens, icons, and windows, and becoming a wiz at Workbench. It then addresses some of the more advanced topics of working with CLI, maximizing the use of your utilities and using a modem to expand vour horizons. ANIMATION VIDEO When the editors of AmigaWorld canvassed the Amiga community looking for the best in Amiga animation, the response was overwhelming! Replies poured in from Amiga master artists as well as super-talented readers. The result a mind-blowing video featuring dozens of real-world animations demonstrating what's being done and what vou can do. Order vour copy today...it's already becoming a collector's item! For immediate ordering service call TOLL FREE 1-800-343-0728 or send in the coupon beiow. TfYES! I am eager to become an expert! Please send me the following videos: J XEW! AMIGA MUSIC....S29.95 * _l AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I....$ 29.95 J DESKTOP VIDEO....$ 29.95 _l GETTING STARTED WITH VOUR AMIGA..,,$ 29,95 J ANIMATION VIDEO....$ 19,95 I'lsAM include S295 tor "hipping and handling for one video, fur two or more. Amount ! Otal $ i_| Check.Money Order Q Mastercard Q VISA Q AmEx Q Discover Make ehecW payable to AmigaWorld Magazine or fill in your account information at right. Account Signature Name Address_ Cilv Exp.date State Zip Available in VI IS only. I'lease .illmv -1-6 weeks lor delivery, Boreign orders, add S7.si> tor airmail delivery, SIS ior Iwoor more videos. Payment must !v made in US. Funds drawn on L S. banks iDC Ivlerhorou h, publisher ol'AmigaWorld, is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaVVorld Videos C 1AKO bv Ra a Xideo USA All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. VI13191 AmigaWorld Video Library ' P.O. Box 802,80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-603-924-9471 1-800-343-0728 ' available in September r=f£liUf5id Disk FD39a & b:Tobias Star Trek - This is a new, completely different version ol Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions Very Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 512k memory, and a 500, 2000 or Pal Amiga. New Disks FD41:Games ¦ incljdes Capital Gains a stock market game. Bail a Arkno ds type of done w.th many great twists, and Desert Shiete a shoot em up with a destroy and conquer tieme FD42:Games includes SpaceW,lr3 a remake o! This original Amiga classic Tripptn a fascinating ooard game ol intrigue strategy and player manipulation, Dominion - an engrossmc strategy game of galactic war and conquest, Frog a frogger type clone, and Mines - a very challenging strategy beard game V B66:lcons 2 Lot's ot neat icons A so. Several wonderful programs that to let you create your cwn icons modify and manipulate icons and info structures V B67:MED songs Several mod files (oteyabte songs) for use with noisetracker. Soundtracker. Or MED MEDpiayer included WB6S:Music Utilities ¦ several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast Includes. Noisetracker a great music creation program Somx2MOD converts sonix to mod Lies which then can be used by noisetracker. Soundtraker. And MED SpeakerSim a speaker aes gn tool demo. Wondersouna IS an additive harrran C instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic Strength anc pnase angie controls WB69: Music - This di$ k has over 90 minutes of ciassrca and modem electronic music for you Amiga WB70:Desk Top Pub Atcp ¦ transfer Macintosh semen fonts Mac or IBM formal AFM metric files. To Amiga screen fonts and Ppage metric files With this program open door io the libraries of Acobe and PostScript type'. Calendar month templates m PS form Post
• a fuij featured pest script tile display and print uMity. WB7t:C64 Emulation • The A64 Package >s a complete very powerfull, Commodore G4 emulator DD71:C compiler This disk contains D ee. Matthew Dillon s tul. Featured, powerful C compiler arc environment system., DD72:VT Emulators Contains three powerful, full featured vt emulators, with many advanced features including kermq.«modem and tektronix protocols VaxTerm. VLT. And more DD73:BB5 Includes three different BBS's with many advanced featuies PLW Prc BBS. And Trans 10 Other Great Disks FD5: Tactical Games BullRun a Civil wai battle game. Metro you p'ay the role of a city planner Bui id vv sely and your system will oe a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum Very very hatit form.ng FD6: GAMES! This disk is cnock lull ot games including: Checkers, Clue. Gold A new slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard An enhanced version ot Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat Tanks and asteroids FD7: PACMAN This disk contains several pacman type games including PacManST MazMan and Zonix FD9: Motla •. Tnis nas great graphic controls mutl'pfe speis. Similar to Lam anc Hack Play time several weeks1 FD10: HackLile A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic This is the second release ot this game on the Amiga Great Amiga graphic interlace Play time several weeks1 FD12A.FD12B: Siar Trek. The Game This is by far the best Star Trek game eve' written for any computer It features mouse control gc-oc graph cs. Cigifized sound effects and great gamep'ay Courts as 2 disks. Rea. 1Mb and two drives ior hd) FD 13: Board Games contains multiplayer Monopoly Dominoes. Paranoids, and others Fdl4: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spells. Mem location, and hints and more, also on this d sk Hbait an ark,moid breakout type game. Trix a Gut type clone FD16: Strategy Games Includes Diplomacy and Empros both great conquer anc rule multiplayer games similar m concept to Simcity and Populace Also educes biazkbax, hearts, and others FD17: Educational Games This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games Mechi-oxe = 3 2 A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robot like machines Simple words can't begin to give you ‘ne feel of piloting a 30 JO foot tall tire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys you' every whin FD26:Arcade Games Marble shdu. This is a truly commercial quality game Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent piayablitly and entertainment. Mutants a small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakout a pong arkanoids type game ~ Please sendTne the following: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5. WB3 FD29: Shoot em up s WWII you re the p lot of a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiller - try arc penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Reialtasor another great game FD32: Game Cheats and Flight Simulator - includes an instrument flight simulator for a DC 10 Also Cheats and Hints for the following games. Eari Weaver. Falcon It c t l d S'mCity SpaceAce Space Quest Test Drive hd install and Extract a program that gets all of the text from within a game |Or other) which makes cheat ng easier Also several toctbaii teams (learn Mes) FD33: Arcade Games Flreddy a m.no brothers type of game, Gerbiis a large! Practice game, Pipeline a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Iron a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful verson of asteroids with a hilarious twist FD35 Omega (v 1.31 A new dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack rouge, arc monn Tms version is considerably faster and better than all previous versions Play time. DevWare,11835 Carmel Mtn Rd.t 1304-A10 San Diego, CA 92128 Orders Only! 800 879-0759 Support & Questions 619 673-0759 months FD37a & b:Tacfical Games Empire (2 2w) This game comes highly recommended Now w tfi a full-featured graphic from end Empire is a nch simulation of international poetics, economics and war which is played over a period ol a lew of months by 2 or more people Players can run their countries from the normal Anuga keyboard, or via a modem at 300 to 2-tOO baud Counts as two disks FD38:Games - Cr bbage Master A great cnbbage game arc tutor Spades a well done card came. ChmeseCheckers - A computer version of ‘nis c'assic P jiz a 5 piece puzzle came ana construction set FD40:Arcade MicWieEast a timely’arcaae game of oeath and destruction set m Iraq BackToTneFu’urell - a very playaoe demo version o‘ this scon to be released commercial game. City a missile command clone WB4:Telecammumnication This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily Access (t 42) Avery nice ANSI term program based on Comm vl 3-5 but with the aadit on of fansfer protocols Ccmm 11 3J| Last version of one ot me best pub c domain common cations programs ever made on the Amiga. Harcshake i2 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 WB5 • Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) tor the Amiga, also inclucec are five PageStream fonts .and ShowFcnt - a font d splay program W07: Clip Art - This disk rs ioaded with black ana white Cl P ad Art nc udes trees watches, tools US anc S'ate maps anc more W01Q:Virus Killers The latest ana best VirusX(4 0) Kvt2.1 >. And ZeroViruSjl 3) WB12; Disk Utilities i This great disk is loaded w-tn wonderful utilities for everythmq including making disk labels disk cataloging, disk optimizing disk and file recovery archiving ana organizing and all sorts of file ana directory manipulation Incudes SID greatly reduces CLI use Wbt3: Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 different drive’s, and >f these don't do it with PrtDrvGen you can make you' own WB15: Business Trus disk contains a soreadsheet. A database a proiecitime management program and financial analysis (stocks) WB16: Business This oisk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysts program a great calendar scheduiar, a roiodex program and pennyw se a good "Cash Bock" accounting for home or off ce WB18 Word Text Processors - This disk contains the best editors Includes.TextPius i v2 2e) a lull featured word processor Drr*e(v1 35j a great programmers ec tor with strong macro features TexED,v2 8.I an enhanced Emacs type editor and a spell checker WB20- General Interest DiskSalv Vt 42 a disk recovery program for all AMIGA hie systems. FixDisk Vt 0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn t have. 3DLookt gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench. Clean Vl 01 a program to de fragment memory Tracer trace any part of an imace WB23; Graphics and Plotting Plot ;20b a three dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user cefmec function BezSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of oojects one could turn on a lathe Can also map iff image files onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen makes a virtual screen anywhere, great tor DTP WB25:Educational On this disk are 'wo programs that can generate map5 of differing types. World Data Base uses the ClAs data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coorc nates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrSackup. KwickBackup two well cone utilities to help with harddisk ana floppy disk backups FdeMast a binary Me editor. Labelpnnter - Disk label printer with very powerful features WB27; Wage - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound Th-s disk has several c tierent Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics includes, MandeiMcuntains a realistic terrain generator. Fiacgen generated recursive tractate from user input Mandelbrot and Tmangel iwo fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra the best IFF display program 1o date, wilt display ALL IFF s including Dynamic HAM, and Sound a great IFF sound player will play anything Try this disk, you'll love it1 WB33:Circult Board Design - severa terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtooi • a croud scare: design tool. LcgicLao circuit logic tester and Mead I' 26) a we I done new release of this PD CAD o'ogram. Row comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion mto schematics WB36: Graphics On ihis disk am several programs 1o create stunning graphical images including Mpath creates swirling galaxy images Roses prodjce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically Similar !0 a rose SimGen display those spectacular Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge Account _ Signature Name Address City__ ST X-MAS Special 2nd Day Shipping On Orders Over 530.00 $ 5.95 ea $ 4.95* ea 1-9 Disks 10-24 Disks Free Expires 11-21-90, Continental US only images as part a! Your woikbenck screen and RayShacio a very good raytracinq program, create your own beautiful 3d graphics WB38; Plotting and Graphics Plotxy is the most powerful lull featured
o ortmg package Used Py many colleges and universities A welcome addtior to Our library Highly recommended Plans • a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program very tjii featured Tesseiator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsber type pictures $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks WB39: Music Intuitracker is an German offer of an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls Lets you strip out mus'C from youf favorite games or others and include them in your mus e library Anti-Virus Free on all orders with 15 or more disks! WB40: Music "CD on a d sk' 90 minuter. Of modern music on this well preSenlttd collection WB41: Music MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor Create you' own stunning music cirectiy on your the Amiga Similar to SoundTracker but better Very powerful, easy lo use program WB43;Business - This disk contains AnalyfiCalo - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on toe Am ga A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected m a commeroal package WB53:Graphics Tne disk contains C light The easiest to use raytracmg we have seen io date This one started out life as a full featured commercial product similar to Scuipt3d. Raytraang programs can generate stunning realistically shaded ob|ecls Also sMovie a full featured video text t iter similar to ProVideo Broadcast Titter Great video scroll rg wipes, special effects, and more WB54:Prin!ing This disk contams several routines to help with the chore of printing Incudes Gothic - F.naiiy a Banner printer lor the PD1 PnntStudio -a well implemented all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface anc many advanced features. Ltia - with ease, print ASCII files lo a PostScript printer, and many more WB55:AppliC3tion Xcopylll a fjll featured d $ k ccpier, make backups of write protected d sks Road Route - Imp the quickest route from one city to another highway description included Diary a diary program I ne "Dougy Howard M D' Cal a calendar program Mag man a database tailored fo maintain records on articles ana publications OD47: Pascal This flisk contains everything needed to program m Pascal Inctudes, A68k (1.2) 680D0 assembler. Blink linking software ana PCQ (t 0) a modes! Pascal sub set compiler DD49: C Compiler contains zc = 1 01) fully KSR. Zcc( - 0) front end A53k| i.2| assemble' Blmk linker Public Domain Library We are the Qffical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Qffical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with nothing but the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source. WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a FREE volume on your next purchase. We always use only SONY disks5 DD51: Circuit Analysis Asp ce i2 3) A full featured cros'am for electric circuit analyss DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source, Scientific piotlmg over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included m your own programs DD54: Compression Tins disk is loaded with ALL ot the besf fife compress on programs and aids for the Amiga Many of the programs can pe used by the new user Includes Arc(2 3). Lharc|1 0). Lhwarp(i 03). Pkax(f 0) PowerPacker(2 3a) a must have by ail Zipit 0) Warp(2.04), and Zoo(2 0) Also iFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF files DD55: ARP On this Oisk you will find the complete ArpRe!3 0 release including the lull user docs, the lull Developers guide, and Conman (i 4). ARP is the official AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3 ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use frcm me CLI DD57: Advanced Utilities ¦ Msh • like Cross dos. Copes files to and from MS DOS. Pal NTSC convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, p us 25 more programs DD62: Basic and Xscheme Cursor a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and (text seve*ai wonderful routines to help in basic programe-s. And Xscnemt- an interpreted object onemed programing language DD65 C Tutorials - Several well cone tutorials on how to program tne Amiga Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes. Sound implementation Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering and others A must have for Amiga Programmers SONY Blank Disks: DSDD 3 5" 10 for S 8.90 (.89 cents ea> 25 for S1 8.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.90 ( 68 cents ea) Sony QD-6150 data cartridge $ 24.00 ea. No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders. Canada and Mexico add $ 05 each, Sorry no other foreign. Anli Virus Mow Only $ 19.95 , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Antt-Virus(c) is not Public Domain Following day shipping .n most ca*« NO s-nipp-.ng cnargt-t. Witn.n USA Canada S25 t.icri Fo»e«gri ana j 50 oer fiiSA r-3r a ' ma i ijdh.rpy P iyincnr in US lL'fl'. FrmirrijTr ot S2Q 00 rpigui'od on c">(Ji! Cam o'Oi-'r. Total disks x $ each $ _ Exp Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ Antr-Virus (add $ 19.95) S. Sony Blank Disks S. CA residents add 7.25% sa=es lax $ Foreign Shipping $ Total Due $ Zip. Jio Info Market MORE MEMORY FOR LESS NEW for Amiga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 1 meg x 4 only $ 49.95 each 256 x 4 80ns. $ 9.50 ea. 32K Buffer Chip Only Panasonic Printer $ 20 00 1124,1524.1624,1160,1191 w instructl0ns FPU Math Co-processor 68881 20 Mhz $ 50.00 each Memory Board HP Laser Printer 1 meg $ 115. 2 meg $ 165, 4 meg S249 MEMORY WORLD 215-741-6225 2476 Croyden Court Fax 215-741-6229 Bensalem, PA 19020 wfljp Add $ 3.00 S&H Add $ 6 00 2nd Day Add 54.00 COD Attn: Amiga Dept. VISA MC Check COD S MicroEd Educational Software K thru Adult ALL CURRICULAR AREAS • INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS ALSO C.LA.S.-USES ENGLISH COMMANDS- LET YOUR AMIGA WRITE YOUR PROGRAMS FOR YOU ASK ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS FOR COMMODORE’S® NEW CDTV MicroEd, Incorporated, PO Box 24750 Edina, MN 55424 612-929-2242 NEW AmigaDOS HYPER-HELP $ 34.95-2.00ship. A complete on-line hypertext reference allows rapid access to an extensive network of cross-referenced help screens. Features numerous examples of all command options, usage specs, hints, SheJl CLI & more. Fast memory resident help, easy mouse-controlled text scrolling and simple hard disk installation. Also available ; MASTERING CLI & SHELL - Best selling interactive 3 AmigaDOS tutor featuring 300+ pages, over 1000 type-in examples, diagrams and plenty of ready-to-run script files. $ 39.95 +52.ooship. BOTH S59.95 & FREE USA ship, save 18.951 NY NJ add tax. Foreign add SS.00 ship. GRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS PQBox 110028 Nutlcy NJ 07110 (201)661-0408 NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your COLOR POSTSCRIPT or BITMAP Paint Files (IFF or HAM)
- line Resolution * NO Scanltnes • NO Curvature Distortion - Brilliant Color Call or Write for order form, price Msl & sample: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES 213-390-3010 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 BIGFOOT [§WSk DUAL SWITCHING. FAN COOLED 150 WATT POWER SUPPLY For ¦ AMIGA 500. WILL POWER 5 | HARD OH FLOPPY DRIVES1 ! $ 129.95 For Joystick Mouse Switch CONNECT 2 DEVICES TO ONE PORT & SELECT with SWITCH. S29.95 AMERICAN MADE MODEL PP-256 PRINTER BUFFER FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS FASTER PRINTING OUTPUT! CUTS GRAPHICS PRINTING TIME BY 70% $ 149.95 CALL YOUR DEALER OH MICH0 R4D NQWJ 300-745-1243 FAX 308-745-1246 137 NO. 7th ST., LOUP CITY NEBRASKA 68853 !! TNT WRESTLING A FANTASY WRESTLING SIMULATION for your Amiga
• Create any Wrestler you want * Uses statistics that you input
• Watch your favorite superstars battle it out • Saves the Won Loss record for each wrestler
* Pit yourselt against today s top stars * Includes program disk, two graphics disks
* Enter competition mode, where you work your and a data disk way up as a preliminary For the Amiga 2000 or 500 (1 meg required) Send S25.00 US to: Nick TorkOS 28 Pritchard Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada M6N 1T3 THE LOW COST SOLUTION TO HARD DRIVES ec'PiST-506 HARD DRIVE ADAPTOR PACKAGES For A500 A1000 ONLY *199 For A2000 ONLY $ 299 Save with this Spirit Factory Direct Special . You get everything but the drive. A500 1000 System includes Spirit HDA-506 Hard Drive Interface and ST-506 controller, enclosed in chassis with 86-pin passthru. Dual case drive chassis, power supply and cables Optional Autoboot. A2000 System comes as steel rail hard card install with Auloboot. Both support 2 ST-506 Hard Drives. Use major credit cards or COD. Price in US dollars *i- ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-433-7572 AM.oy- ARE YOU RUNNING OUT OF "CHIP RAM”? AM1_Ani A * MEGACHIP 2000 • yVvijGA Now utilize the power of ihe Amiga 3000 by actually putting into your A2000 the new 2MB AGNUS chip = same chip used m A30Q0). Take advantage of doubing your ‘RAM- to custom chips. Umize to The fullest Amiga multitasking, graphics and sound capabilities Excellent lor displaying advanced animations or graphics. SIZZLING SOFTWARE Requires 1-MB& 2-Drives I Every 2 months: Original package of Experiments, g Book, Things BY SUBSCRIPTION ONL Y t educational fun I Speech Option, Point & Click, Science Illustrated Stories, Music, Games, Reviews, Coloring Book, Things We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software, Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age (18+) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT A MILWAUKEE, Wl 53201
U. S.A.: $ 28 6mo. $ 48 YR. Canada: $ 30 6mo. $ 50 YR, Others: $ 33 6mo. $ 54 YR. VISA, M C accepted by phone only. DEMO $ 5.00 School license available INFO: 916-944-4282 ORDERS ONL Y: 800-634-2952 (U.S.A. & Canada) Include Phone For Database. NoC.O.D. Money Orders U.S.$ Payable To: SIGNS ETC. BY D. KNOX, BOX 628, CARMICHAEL CA 95609, U.S.A.
* S450 SMI "ANY 2 OF OUR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOTAPES FOR JUST $ 34.95!” PLEASE ADD $ 6.00 FOR SHIPPING "IF YOU USE YOUR AMIGA WITH VIDEO. YOU CANT DO WITHOUT THIS SET OF SOFTWAREI" Call Us: (213) 874-7404 Fax Us: (213) 874-9460 WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD CIIECKM.O.'C.O.D. Call Us: (213) 874-7404 Fax Us: (2I3> 874-9460 WE ACCEPT V1SA MA$ TKRCAKD CHECK M.O. C.O.l). Circle 301 on Reader Service card MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! : meg 1 meg S215 S230 S235 $ 270 Circle 287 on Reader Service card. 256 x 1 150n.s $ 2.00 ea. 256x 1 120n.s .. 2 50 ea. 1 meg x 1 80n.s. ...... 8.00 ea. 256 x 4 lOOn.s .. 7.00 ea. 256 x 4 80n s .... 7.50 ea. 256 x 4 80n s. zips... 8.00 ea. 256 x 4 100n s. Zips. 7 50 ea. 64 x 4 lOOn.s 3.00 ea. Paula Denise 56 50 ea 1 meg x 8 Simm 80ns 58 00 ea ZIP Sockets Available FATTER AGNUS ....95.00
1. 3 Kickstart ROM 29.95 Call Us: (213) 874-7404 Fax Us: C2l i) *74-941.0 WE ACCEPT VISA MASTKRCARD CUKCK'M.n.T.n.i), MEMORY WORLD 2476 CROVDEN COURT .5% BEN SALEM. PA 19020 ATTN: AMIGA DEPT For Amiga 3000 1 x 4 Sialic Zips 49 95 256 x 4 80n.s Static Zips 9.50 SPIRIT BOARDS OK IN 1000 $ 199 SIN 500 S199 X-RAM 500 1000 $ 219 CPUs 68000 16 Mhz $ 35.00 6B010 Q 10 Mhz ......35.00 68020 16 Mhz ..75.00 20 Mhz .109.00 33 Mhz .199.00 68030 25 Mhz .289.00 33 Mhz .345.00 Math Co s 68881 12 Mhz ..69.00 16 Mhz ..75.00 20 Mhz ..69.00 68882 25 Mhz 225.00 33 Mhz 275 00 All Crystals 10.00 ea S319 S339 215-741-6225 N FAX 215-741-6229 } Add $ 3.00 S&H Add S4.00 COD VISA. MC CHECK COD OR SEND Yot H ORDERS TO: MICHAELANGELO I’KODUCTIONS 1755 EL CERRITO PLACE 3403
I. OS ANGKI.KS, CA. 1M0 2H APO FPO. AK & Hi. Foreign Call for shipping charges 17: meg $ 231 $ 309 2 meg OR SEND YOUR ORDERS TO: MICllAEI.ANGELO PRODUCTIONS 1755 F.I. CfkKITO PLACE »403
I. OS ANGELES, CA. 91HI28 Circle 302 on Reader Service card EXPAND! EXPAND! EXPAND! MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB 6MB SMB 256 X 4-811 S 7 112 216 312 416 I x 84(0 SIMM
(4) 120 230 330 440 256 x 1-80 2 128 156 364 486 1M x 1 -80 7 112 216 312 416 156 x 4-80 SCRAM 10 160 320 456 608 1M x 4-80 SCRAM 52 208 416 600 800 ICD Ad RAM 540 119 229 339 ICD AdRAM 560D 219 ICD AdRAM 2080 129 229 339 439 539 RAM WORKS 2000 119 219 329 429 529 SUPRARAM 2000 129 239 349 449 549
G. IMAC.E RC2U00 219 329 429 529 ICD AdSCSI 2080 199 309 419 519 619 GVP SERIES 2 HC 239 349 459 559 659 AH HD 3.5" DRIVE .....195 ICD AdSPEED 263 PL EXPRESS:MNP TAX ......199 ICD AdlDE ......119 DL 21100 MNP FAX .....159 FLICK F. VIDEO 379 $ 4,00 S H Visa MC Money Order ORDERS INFORMATION 800-735-2633 408-626-1530 VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel. CA 93922 Circle 304 on Reader Service card. SUPERIOR SOFTWARE PETE Keyboard familiarization for kids. See review in September 1990 AmigaWorld.
• List $ 29.95 • Call or write: (503) 895-4575 Superior Software 33813 E. Market Creswell, OR 97426 Circle 317 on Reader Service card ONLY $ 19.95 + S2.50S&II "ANY 2 OF OUR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOTAPES FOR JUST $ 34.95" OR SEND YOLK ORDERS TO: MIC1IAFL WGFLO PRODUCTIONS 1755 EL CFKKITO PLACE *403 1,05 ANGELES, CA. 90028 Circle 300 on Reader Service card FREE - 6 DISKS - FREE FULL OF SOLID GOLD HITS TRY US! Get our Winter 1991 edition of bestsellers. 6 3.5“ disks for Amiga® computers. Games, Business, Graphics, Education, Finance, more. PAY ONLY $ 5.00 FOR SHIPPING ORDER TODAY-CALL 619 942-9998 SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS since 1985 COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER Colors: Black. Red, Blue. Green. Brown, Purple. Yellow Ribbons: T-Shirt Price Each Black Color Ribbons Brother M1109 $ 4.95 $ 5.95 S7.00 Citizen 200 GSX 140
4. 50
5. 50
7. 50 Citizen GSX 140 4 color * Okidata 182 192
5. 50
7. 50 Panasonic 1190 1124
5. 75
7. 75 ¦ Seikosha SP800 1600
5. 00
6. 00
7. 50 Star NX1000
3. 75
4. 75 675 Star NX1000 4-color 6 75 1000 T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbons) Colors: Black. Red. Blue. Green. Brown, Purple, Yellow 200 shts assorted 91 2x11 510.90 pk Color Paper Bright Pack Pastel Pack: Color Certificate Paper: Color Banner Paper: 91 2x11 $ 8 90 pk 100 sheets $ 9.95 pk 45 ft'roll SB 95 roll Mm orders: $ 25.00. Minimum S&H: $ 4.00 Call for other ribbons and supplies Price & spec, are subject to change w out notice. Authorized Amiga Service Center Special offer on the Enhanced Chip set and new 2.0 Operating system software. At ad time pricing is still tentative so call for detailed information and pricing. •Special offer We will install the new ECS for free with the purchase of the chips and software ($ 75.00 value). All you have to do is pay shipping. Amiga 500 repair $ 124.95 + shipping * Amiga 2000 repair - $ 189.95 + shipping • We also do all warranty repairs on Amiga systems bought from Authorized Dealers Our turn around time is 1 to 3 days on ECS installation and repairs. Other Specials: AmigaVision .....S 99.00 SuperGen 2000S genlock $ 1769.00 A2000 Power Supply .....143.00 Supra External Drive 119.00 8520 Chip ,....,16.50 Supra 501 RAM Exp .... 85.00 Fatter Agnus Chip 90.00 Heavy Duty A500 Pow Sup ... 119.00 Janus Library 2 0 ..27.00 All Supra 5000XP HD m stoc Call A500 Keyboard 112.00 All RAM Chips in stock Call A2000 Koyboard 118.00 All Baseboard config in stock Call 5 3 Kickstart ROM .. 29 00 All Quantum Drives m stock Call Many other products In stock including over 600 software titles. If you are In the area please stop by to see the complete line of Amiga computers. Software Hut, Inc, 3 JsoiTwwra C 2534 S. Broad St. In PA or for Information Philadelphia, PA 19145 can 215) 462-226B ' Plortsif call for complctu tlofa'ii on Itvese repairs and to get rtf' ai thori aion nurrbot Lotus wilts? AmigaWorld intimated a while back that Lotus is working on an Amiga version of its 1-2-3 spreadsheet. Some recent snooping on CompuServe revealed rumors of a standoff between Commodore and Lotus. Apparently. Lotus is seeking direct financial reward for its port. Our sources report that the deal isn't dead, but could be stymied. A competitor in? Several sources at Microsoft reveal an increased interest in the Amiga and its installed base of some two million machines. This industry giant is thinking of an Amiga version of its popular integrated package. Microsoft Works. An Amiga Works probTodd Rungren, who is reportedly going to acquire five units. This may be just the tip of the celebrity iceberg. Money, Money, Money. Here are a few tidbits from the 1990 Commodore Annual Report: Irving Gould owns 20% of Commodore stock, or 6,595,338 shares. Alexander M. Haig owns 1.500 shares and will remain on the board until 1993. Unless voted out. At S2,015,949, Mehdi R, Ali, president of Commodore International, actually makes more than Chairman Irving Gould, who only pulls While prospective users may be uninformed about the Amiga, they’re not ignorant. We can convince them of the Amiga's superiority only by showing them and the test of the world how good the Amiga really is. It does little good to preach to those who are already seated in the choir loft. So, get out there, grab a friend, and show them what the Amiga can do not what the other machines can't do. No matter how good it makes you feel, ego bashing is a tactic that earns only contempt from its recipient and from everyone who witnesses it. Because it is impossible to separate a computer from its software base, third-party developers will have a very large role to play. I hey must begin to think more about the mundane but necessary elements (and less about the bells and whistles) that make up a good software package. They must take seriously the fact that not everyone who sits behind the Amiga’s keyboard is a programmer. Many applications manuals are well below par (in an industry where the norm is based on there being so main bad manuals); help screens are sparse; install programs that work are a rare Sunday treat. Our marketing also needs a dose of professionalism if we are to be taken seriously in a competitive global market. Here’s a place where the ADA can invest its money to reap a princely return. II we are to expand the Amiga's circle of influence, we must venture Irom our tidy backyards and greet the computing world on its own terms.
- John Wolfskill Senior Writer, Technology IN MY SHORT tenure as an Amiga World stafler, I haw hat I the good fortune to learn a lot about the Amiga and its t ouununiiv. As Amiga users tend to be a helpful lot. Dial part was easy: All J had todo was listen. Unfortunately, during the listening process, I look in a great deal mote than just information, munch. Some pretty strong opinions and a lot of’conjecture oil a variet of topics. I read it in magazines and in the promotional literature from developers, and I heard it at trade shows and during telephone conversations: "[The people at] Commodore don’t know what they're doing*. . ."IBM and Apple computers stink". , .“The Amiga does it better than that piece of junk!". . ."Spreadsheets and networks are lor those IBM nerds," and so on, along with other choice remarks all designed to holster one ego while disparaging another. What does this type of behavior prove? T he answer is: Nothing. If there is a “bottom line," it is that everyone who uses, writes about, talks about, or makes his ot her dnilv bread from the existence of the Amiga has a stake in its future. Not one ol us wants to see u fall tinder the heels of a corporate giant = whether spelled with three letters or five). We all know that our worst fears will be realized if the Amiga fails to attract the new users it requires to make its market grow and prosper. But how do we accomplish this? Not by publicly lambasting Commodore management. Not bv offering to buv up the company s loose stock as a feeble and inane pnilest (something proposed recently bv a member ol the Amiga Developers’ Association). Nor will we do it bv rabidtv shouting that our Amiga is the only computer that can generate a prettv picture. Many computers can do that. I hey just cost more, SOAP BOX •. ) K)R S .VOLE: .l. we start 1991, you will notice sonic changes in Last Licks one oj which is our new "Soup liox" column. Lath month we will present an opinion piece un essayt really that we hope will provide food for thought for members of the Amiga community. Essays will come from a variety of different members of that community: AW editors and readers. Amiga users and developers, or even a spokesperson from Commodore on occasion. We welcome feedback from all quarters: perhaps some of the responses may become the basis for future "Soap Iiox" essays. If you would like to reply to any opinions expressed lure, please wide to fan Jackson, "Soap liox,” Amiga'World. Elm St., Peterborough, A7 0345S. Ably would not. However, see the light of day inside of two years, if ever. Admittedly, that's slow going -but Microsoft has a habit of getting things right the first time around. Toaster Mania. NewTek’s active shipping of its Video Toaster has generated celeonty interest right off the bat. Here's a quick tally of highbrows who reportedly own or have expressed an interest in the Toaster: The manager of Pink Floyd, 22 Top. Michael Winfield = the cop with all the sound effects in the Police Academy movies). Danny Ejfman (credited with Batman. Dick Tracy, Simpson’s sound tracks, and the leader of Omgo Bomg) and EAR TO THE WALL A View from the Patio To Receive FREE Product Information TEAR out the perforated card. Please print or type your name and address where indicated. READEI R SERV! ICE CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you. ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. MAIL the card with your check, money order or U.S currency to: AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing. LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. REMEMBER to pul the proper postage on the card. January card valid until March 31, 1991. Name LLI O cr LLI CO cr LLI o LLI cr B ? 15 Financial Management ? 16 Graphics ? 17 Education ? 18, Muse ? 19. Animation ? 20 Multimedia C What regular monthly sections of VngayVbrW do you find valuable7 (Check more than one. Il you wish) ? 21 Editor's Column ? 27 Revews (general) ? 22 Regan ce (letters) ? 28 Game Reviews ? 23 Notepad G 29 Hors d oeuvres ? 24 into phile C 30 What's New7 ? 25. Accent on Graphics G 31 Help Key ? 26. Porters C 32 Last beks A What knO of Amiga OC you cvvn7 ? I Amiga 500 ? 4 Amiga 2500 ? 2 Amiga 1000 Q 5 Amiga 3000 ? 3 Amiga 2000 ? 6 None kj . Rrw ayo tvw ._> i »%« When caiegores of software coverage oc you find usefvi m ArruQa MtxtP usefvi in AmgaWjrkP ? 7 Entertainment ? 8 Word Processing ? 9 Communicafions ? 10 Spreadsheets ? 11 Home Productivity ? 12 Programming D 13 Video ? 14 Database Management City State Zip Telephone_ Fax_ ? Mr. ? Mrs ? Ms, Address D Do you fod the artoes m Armgaftbrid (exdudng as regular montrvy columns) to be ? 33 The most valuable part of the magazine ? 34 Generally useful or interesting. ? 35 Occasonai*y useful or interesting ? 36 Of Wtte use or merest E What kinds ol articles (not columns) do you find valuable7 (Check more than one, if you wish,) D 37 Tutorials on using a specie product ? 38 Comparative roundups of a part.cVar category of products. ? 39 'How-to articles ard projects D 40 Buyer's Guides ? 4i Artcies enpiainng a particular subject in depth ? 42 Tps and techniques advice ? 43 Stories on interesting Amiga users ? 44 Amiga industry news and company developments F If you are not a subscriber, please crcie 499 on tnis card G if you woud i ke a one year subscription to AmigaWcvd (12 issues), please orcle 500 on this card Each subscription £29 97 Canada ard Mexico £38 97 Forego Surface. £43 97 Fcregn Airmail £84 37 (U S Fuds Drawn on US Bank) Orders from outside of North America must be prepaid Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. I 6 It 16 21 201 206 211 216 221 401 406 411 416 421 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 212 217 222 402 407 412 417
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* 00 580 505 590 595 600 To Receive FREE Product Information TEAR out the perforated card Please print or type your name and address where indicated. READER SERVICE CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circ ing 5 0 0 on the card MAIL the card with your check, money order or U S. currency to: AmigaVvbrld Reader Service Dept.
P. O. Bo* 5t70 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 mIIm i m i i i i i I I I I t linn .II.,I,In AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE II1111 n 111. .I. I ii,. 11 ill. .I. I.. i. 111.1. II lm 111111 I N G the c Atop-quality dual disk softwaic l collection from AmigaWorld Magazine. Published every other month, our specially commissioned software series gives you:
• PROGRAMS! An exciting variety of the newest and best in original Amiga programming, featuring productive utilities, entertaining games, visual effects, and more.
• CLIP ART. A wide-ranging assortment of IFF art you can use with your paint or print programs.
• 3-1) VECTOR ORJECTS. Fantastic creations to incorporate into your own animations.
• MUSIC and SOUND. Speech programs, sound effects, digitized CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-343-0728 instruments, utilities, and more. -t tun Amiea . PLUS each new issue has a hot new Amiga animation Irom a top Amig artist! All on a two-disk set. F Send me Ihe AmigaWorld Tool Chesl Jan. Feb. 1991 loday Hc - • Mypnyment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. ' Sa™ “ S3a00! E"'" «« >«r .6 ..sues, *c,ip,l„„ for Name. Address. City. .State. .Zip. ? Check Money Order Enclosed |payable to the AmigaWorld Tool Chest) arge y. n MasterCard x D VISA ? American Express ? Discover Account . .Exp.. Signature. Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are $ 84.95 prepaid. Payment is required in U.S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. TC191S AMIGAWORLD TOOL CHEST, PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458 SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SA VE $ 20! Save $ 30 off the single copy price and get these subscriber benefits:
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P. O. Box 802 Peterborough, NH 03458-9971 Subscribe Now And Save 37%! VIE1 C * want t0 save 0 ° newsstanc rate* Enter my 1 year I Jl Mjj © • (12 issue) subscription to AmigaWorld for the low price of $ 29.97 and rush me my FREE copy of the Amiga Sampler Disk. If I’m not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund no questions asked! Address City_State_Zip_ Subscribe Now And Save 37%! Rvi T(7' CJ f I want to save 37% off the newsstand rate. Enter my 1 year I* I I XlrO* (12 issue) subscription to AmigaWorld for the low price of $ 29.97 and rush me my FREE copy of the Amiga Sampler Disk. If I’m not satisfied at any time, I will receive a full refund no questions asked! Canada & Mexico $ 38 97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (U S funds drawn on U.S. bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orCers All pnces are 1 year only Please allow 6-8 weeks lor delivery Name NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT 1247 BOULDER, CO POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 Of The Month From Si 3 TD o O ru U t>o City, .Zip. Cj j5 And Get A Full Year of Fantastic Hints, Tips and Techniques forjust$ 29.97! 5 YES! Please enter a one-year subscription for me to AMIGAWORLD for just S29.97 and send me my FREE Amiga Sampler Disk right away! Bill Me J Payment enclosed N a m e. Please make checks payable to AMIGA WOULD Magazine. Canada & Mexico $ 34 97. Foreign Surface 549-97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. |U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orders All prices are 1 year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 41114 HERE’S ANOTHER TIP! Subscribe This Month To Address-
- State, The Workbench's System Directory The System directory contains tools that you can call from the Workbench - DiskCopy, FastMcm- Firsl, NoFastMcm, FixFonts, Format, InitPrinter, GraphicDump. And SetMap. DiskCopy lets you make backup copies of your disks. Selecting the DiskCopy icon, however, does not start the copying function. You have to use the CLI DISKCOPY command or drag one disk icon on top of another. Fasl.MemFirst rearranges the system memory lists so that auto-configured memory (expansion memory that automatically tells the operating system, via special routines in Kickstart, what it is, where it is. And what it needs for system resources! Appears on the system list ahead of any other non-autoconfigured memory Rather than rearranging. N'oFastMem disables all memory beyond the 512K that reboots your system and that the custom chips Continued on other side [Agnus Denise, and Paula] can access. Some early programs written tor a 512K Amiga assume that there is no other memory available and will not run on expanded sytcms. Using NoFastMcm you can run many of these early programs on Amigas with more than 512K of memory. If you delete or add any fonts to your fonts directory, the internal list of available fonts may not reflect the current contents of your disk. Running FixFont patches the system list to match the disk configuration. You need to run this tool only if you change the contents of the fonts directory after a boot. AmigaDOS updates the systems font list automatically when you boot the system Format lets you prepare a new disk to store information. You can call this function with Initialize on the Workbench menu or with the CLI FORMAT command. Many printers require the computer to send an initialization sequence (a special string of characters! Before sending a document. If your software docs not transmit such a sequence you can use InitPrinter to initialize your printer. GraphicDump lets you take a snapshot of your screen and "dump' (send] it to your printer Set.Map Ids you specify how the Amiga interprets the keyboard. You can change the keyboard to use American. British. French, or any of eight other international character sets BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT 1247 BOULOER.CO NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 CHARTER SUBSCRIPTION OFFER The AmigaWorld TECH JOURNAL j C ? Enler my one-year (6 bi-monthly C- I A wE O • issues, plus 6 invaluable disks) Charter Subscription to The AmigaWorld Tech Journal for the special price of $ 59.95. That’s a savings of $ 35.75 off the single copy price. If at any time I’m not satisfied with The AmigaWorld Tech Journal, I’m entitled to receive a full refund no questions asked. Canada and Mexico S74 95. Foreign Surface $ H4 95. Foreign Airmail S99.95 Payrr.eni rc ured in L S. funds drawn on L S bank. Available March 15 Or call 800-343-0728 0 603-924-0100 for immediate service. NEW! 6 Bi-monthly Issi IKS ci i INVA I IT A1H T? Moi r Name Address CilV - Statl' Vin L ChcckAlonev order enclosed Charge my: ? Mastercard ? AMEX ? Vi« a i_Discover Account I’tn Signature
P. O. Box 802 Peterborough, NH 03458-9971 To introduce you to our powerful new multimedia authoring system, Amiga’Vision™ Commodore Business Machines, Inc. is offering a $ 25.00 rebate. This applies to all purchases of AmigaVision made between October 15,1990 and January 31, 1991. To get your rebate, simply complete this card and mail along with your AmigaVision Warranty card and a dated sales receipt to: Commodore Business Machines, Inc. AmigaVision Rebate Offer 440 Pennington Avenue Trenton, NJ 08650 $ 25 Rebate Please print: Address St me Zip Allow 4-6 weeks for receipt of vour rebate check AmigaVision that has been bundled with the purchase of a CPI is not eligible for rebate. Only AmigaVision that has been purchased separately is eligible. Limit one 11) coupon per customer purchase. No photocopies of this coupon will he accepted. Void where prohibited Must he redeemed by February 28, 1991. Phone Commodore ? UkImvbb Mnchlncra, Inc* C 1990 Commodore Busir.ru Machines. Inc Commodore and the Conmadofr lop are rcftuered trod'TTurLs of Commodore Llrciroruci Ltd Amiea i»oti n j trademark o: Commodore Electronics Lid. Europe’s Largest Amiga Developer Golem-Tower Put your A2000 in the Golem Tower and clean up your desk! Fits all your external units, such as hard drives (up to 1 gigabyte), 2 3.5” floppy drives, 2
5. 25" floppy drives, a tape streamer and much more. Golem Drives High quality Amiga floppy disk drives with a pass through buss, On Off switch, dust proof casing, built in LED track display. Track Display for the Amiga 2000 shows actual position ol* stepper and heads of both internal disk drives. There’s no drop in disk speed or software required. Golem SCSI n Controller
* State of the Art * High performance SCSI controller with 16 Bit SCSI If bus system, DMA Free data transfer, up to 1.42 MB sec transfer rate. Available as either an internal card for the A2000 series or in a external case for the A500 or A1000. Golem, Inc. * 421 Hudson, Ml2 ° New York, NY Tel: (212) 727-0548 * Fax: (212) 627-3965 rnfoiee, for example, have very little p Only one product has captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It’s the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product of all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they use Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we've probably sold more Digi-Views than anv other digitizer on any PC in history. Here's your chance to bring the world into your Amiga. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television. 9tllll S199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 or 1-913-354-1146 Only Digi-View Gold :
• Has exclusive Dynamic HiRes mode for 4096 colors in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full HiRes overscan)
• Uses 2 to 40% colors (including halfhrite)
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent
100. 000 colors on screen simultaneously J
• Conies with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty and toll-free support line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Requires standard gender changer tor use with Amiga 1000. Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs of , _ RAM. Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek. Inc. IfjC AllligU MOCO DigitlZCf IN CORPORA TED Circle 119 on Reader Service card 1 Dunn and Bradstreet Number Upon Request • Watch for our new 1991 anlics-Knger * *F.B.I.-Find Barney Immediately WE ACCEPT SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS * OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS OUR SPECIALTY * Continental U.S. only. 2 GREAT SPECIFICATIONS Quality is built into the IVT-7. A wide 5.5 Mhz frequency response offers 450 lines of resolution. Full 8 bit processing and a 56 db signal to noise ratio. 3 Fully compatible with Workbench 2 0 and DENISE ¦ j year warranty $ 339.00 Before Rebate 00 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. We Ship 3 CHESTNUT ST., SUFFERN, NY 10901 Prices subject Worldwide FAX 914-357-6243 800-292-7445 914-357-2424 to change RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475, Manteno. IL 60950 U S A USA 800-522-6922 or 815-468 8081 (Canada) 800-621-5444

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Les cookies sont des petits fichiers qui sont stockés sur le disque dur de l'utilisateur par votre explorateur lorsque vous vous connectez à un site internet. Les cookies peuvent être utilisés pour stocker des informations relavtives à votre navigation et ne sont pas supposés persister.

Il y a plusieurs types de cookies:

  • Cookies système qui facilitent la navigation de l'utilisateur, ainsi que l'utilisation de diverses options ou services proposés par internet tels que l'identification de la session, l'autorisation d'accès à certaines zones réservées, l'optimisation des commandes, le remplissage des formulaires, l'enregistrement, la sécurité ainsi que l'utilisation de certaines fonctions (videos, rés;seaux sociaux, etc..).
  • Cookies de service qui permettent à l'utilisateur d'accéder aux service en fonction de ses préférences(langue, explorateur, configuration, etc..).
  • Cookies d'analyse qui permettent l'analyse anonyme du comportement de l'utilisateur du site et de mesurer son activité afin de développer un profil de navigation amélioré sur le site.

Ainsi, lorsque vous accédez à notre site, conformément au Réglement Général sur la Protection des Données no 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016 (RGPD), entré en viguer le 25 mai 2018, nous devons vous demander l'autorisation d'utiliser ces cookies, afin d'améliorer notre offre de services. Nous utilisons Google Analytics afin de collecter des informations de statistiques anonymes telles que le nombre de visiteurs de notre site. Les cookies ajoutés par Google Analytics respectent la politique de confidentialités de Google Analytics. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez désactiver les cookies de Google Analytics.

Cependant, veuillez noter que vous pouvez activer ou non les cookies en suivant les instructions données par votre explorateur internet.


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