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Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2O0O Amiga system and grow ali the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y N H Brand name vendor with solid reputation. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. Y N N IMPACT and C5VP are trademarks ol Great Valley Products. Inc, Amrga, A2O0O and A3000 are registered trademarks ol Commoddre-Amiga. Inc. UNIX rsa registered trademark ol AT&T, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. CHIEF CONCERNS Commodore has changed. The market has changed. And the Amiga has changed. What a difference a year makes! When I joined Amiga World 12 months ago, 1 rediscovered a great machine and jumped into a floundering market. Commodore s technology was still largely superior, but was on the verge of staleness. With Apple, IBM, and other overpriced computer makers on the move, the situation seemed a bit desperate. My, how things have changed. Commodore has changed. The market has changed. And the Amiga has changed. Those who have followed the tribulations of Commodore’s upper management probably gave Harry Copperman no more than six months in the hot seat before someone pulled the plug. But this Commodore prez has made wholesale changes to the Commodore executive team and the company’s attitude. Even were Copperman to depart, his team and vision would still be very much in place. Based on what he has done so far, I’d say his job is plenty secure. But let’s face it. The Amiga stili has not set the world on fire. In fact, the overall market is still dangerously lethargic. What has changed is that for the first time since its launch, the machine is positioned for real growth. And for the very first time ever, the market is ready for a machine like the Amiga. Here’s why. Without losing sight of the crazy, energetic user base that made the Amiga successful, Commodore is lunging at the fertile corporate market. It is doing this primarily in two ways. For one, the Amiga with Unix is a workstation. It is just less costly than most. For another, the Amiga is a perfect multimedia creation system with either AmigaVision or a number of authoring programs. Now J haven’t exactly done empirical research, but 1 know a lot of you still tfiink that Commodore is staffed with a hunch of lame-brained, lazy, good-for- nothing, unsavory and undistinguished employees, .And the reason for this opinion is that they have yet to solve your specific problem. You didn’t get your call answered. You didn't see the TV ads. Your system crashed. Believe me, I feel for you. But you are missing the point. These guys inherited a list of problems a mile long. They can only address a quarter-mile at a time, and have only solved a hundred yards’ z worth. For those with problems still existing, this is not a big deal. But for the overall market, it is very big indeed. The Amiga has also made several technologic leaps in the last few months. CDTV, the A3000, AmigaVision, and the the Video Toaster (probably shipping as I write) all tilt the playing field in our favor. Each of these products can create new markets and new applications. The biggest difference is that the market has changed. People never cared before about the wild stuff that we do on Amigas. But with the big boys putting millions into their latest buzzword, multi- media, we’re getting great free P.R. So why let up now? The amazing thing about this market is that we have the power to make changes. That is because people are now interested in what we do. The Editor in Chief of Computer- world recently told me (complained, actually) that lie was getting five letters a day from Amiga users.

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Amiga World Vol 06 09 1990 Sep

Document sans nom Walt Disney Goes Amiga! 3 Essential Tips For Better Animation Finish With A Flourish! 12 Top Utilities Plus! I» Design Better Palettes i» 7 Education Programs ? 2.0’s New ColorFonts ? Tips on Scripts September 1990
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDG Communications Publication How Does New ProWrite 3.0 Differ From Other Amiga Word Processors? You Begin Lb Get The Picture.
- I. W*- IyoW me :% j trademark o» Nrv. Horizons Software, Inc. Amiga j rrpstrfril trademark of C ommoOorr-Amifii Iik Beneath Its Elegant Design Lies A Word Processing Powerhouse. Ease into the solid comfort of the ProWrite environment. Zip in your text and briskly format with intuitive menu and ruler controls. Now slip into high gear using the power of keyboard commands. Deftly cut, copy and paste on the fly, knowing the formidable l X),0()()-word spelling checker is checking as you type, and the vast thesaurus is standing by with over 300.000 cross references to fine-tune your ideas. Graceful multiple columns are at your fingertips with choice of snaking or parallel text flow. If you’re really into performance. You can tackle tedious tasks with the touch of an F-kcy using macros. For you power users, the AREXX port awaits you. And ProWrite’s print merge feature eagerly churns out those form letters. So Intuitive, So Responsive, You’ve Got To Experience It To Believe It. "Your thoughts pour effortlessly onto the screen, then just as fluidlv out to your printer, virtually unaware of anything between you and the printed page. (After all.
• Prims printer-resident for® with any variety of Pica. Elite, Condensed. And Wide fonts at the same time
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• True U hat you see is wtiai you get" display
• Multiple fonts, size, sides, and colors
• Adjustable defaults for all program settings
• C xnprehensiw keyboard equivalents
• Select .VII command for document-wide changes ¦ Cio to any page on command
• I'vT-definable dictionary
• I p to ten documents can he open ui once ¦ Undo and Kedo commands
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• lane spacing in single, one and oik- half, and double
• Print to PostScript using optional PostScript module
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* Wrap tot an Hind pictures FI • Multiple line headers and footers with Title Page optkhi Macros, when used with AREXX AREXX port I hphenate words uith soft hyphens
* hths with left, center. Right, nr decimal alignment
* Defineable decimal tab alignment character Prims Color nr black and white printer-resident fonts and pictures at the same time Features vvlrat gootl art* all those features if they’re a distraction to use?) Liven your swiftest typing can t outrun it Wrap your text around a graphic and you're ready for the home stretch. Now it's time to print and you’ve got control over your printer’s dot density, aspect ratio, and paper size. And Fro Write can print your printer- resident fonts with graphics in Pica, Elite, Condensed, and Wide all on the same page. With FroWrite’s flexibility, you can smooth out any rough spots no matter what kind of printer you have. With all these performance features and more. FroWrite stands in a class by itself as your power performer. And best of all, it stands on the shelf now at your favorite store. Rhe Gold Disk Office The Only Productivity Software You Will Ever Need If the business of running your business is slowing you down, step into the Gold Disk Office. We’ve got what you need! The Gold Disk Office will turn your Amiga personal computer into a fully integrated, easy to use, and highly productive office. It’s a single software package that gives you five business packages-word processing, database management, desktop publishing, spreadsheet calculation, and business graphics VI • e ItW C*14 9i»k l»c.
- £? A n i I [51 ft t ? O Office Page - Integrate text & graphics to create stunning ads. Brochures, newsletters, and more.
• Easy to use interface with full set of page layout tools
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* The characters on the cover and in the article “Walt Disney Meets the Amiga” are copyright ® The Walt Disney Co. And are used with its permission. REVIEWS Pro Motion (Aegis o**o ..12 Over-the-counter relief for the pain of creating motion files in VideoScape 3D. For Kids Only .. 13 A fish-bowlful of education programs for small folks to fry. DlGlMATE III (Mindware InCl) 77 Animation capability for Oigi-Pairu 3. EZ-GRADE (Integral Software) .80 Could be teacher’s pet material. The Art Department iasdg) .... 84 24-bit color image processing. BGRAPHICS (Brown-Wagh) ...88 A dedicated business-graphics program. PRO WRITE 3.0 (New Horizons) 92 An even better version of the popular graphics-based word processor. Back Talk ..98 No punches pulled on AW reviews. GAMES CRIB Notes By Peter Olafson .60 Just dial “O” if you need help mastering the techniques of Amiga gamesmanship, 668 Attack Sub (Electronic Arts) 60 Super-realistic submarine simulator with great graphics and sound. The Legend of William Tell (Electronic Zoo) 60 A “quivering” arcade adventure. Future Wars (interplay Productions) ....62 A graphic adventure with a French twist. SPACE ROGUE (Origin Systems) 63 Space-Hight simulator role-playing combo. Leisure Suit Larry III (Sierra On-Line) .64 Larry’s back and Patti’s got him (maybe). Rings of Medusa (Starbyte Star Games) 65 Slay the Gorgon to regain the kingdom. Active Circuits Delivers Advanced Imaging Solutions A powerful image conversion and 24-bit imaging system which is | both flexible and expandable. It gives the capability to convert between multiple image formats and output to high-quality, full-color video and digital film for animation and multimedia presentations. Turns the Amiga® into a professional imaging workstation. Supports the following image formats: Amiga IFF. Caligari™ (Rendition™), CompuServe GIF™, Digi-View™ RGB, Macintosh® MacPaint & PICT2 bitmaps, PC Paintbrush™, Sculpt™ (Raw RGB), Sun Rasterfile™, TIFF. Truevision1 Targa®, Turbo Silver® RGBN RGB8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 199.95 (Requires Amiga with 1 megabyte memory. Not copy protected Arexx compatible.) An ImageLink expansion module which allows direct control of Truevision Targa and Vista frame buffers for true-color video output. Compatible with Microlllusions Transport Controller for 24-bit color frame-by-frame animation recording to industrial professional VTR's. Suggested Retail Price: $ 299.95 (Requires ImageLink and Amiga XT or AT Bridgeboard.) * t-
- * *
* * Cffii CineLin k An ImageLink expansion module which can output directly to high resolution (4000 line. 24-bit) film using digital film recorders from Lasergraphics and Presentation Technologies. Create 35mm slides and prints, Polaroid prints and transparencies, 4x5 and 8x10 film transparencies, and 16 and 35mm motion picture film for your next full-length animated feature. Exposure times as fast as 90 seconds. Suggested Retail Price: $ 299.95 (Requires Film Recorder. ImageLink and compatible SCSI controller. A Row compatible. I CM The perfect complement for your Amiga image processing workstation. The latest in optical storage technology from SONY removes all practical limits on disk storage by providing up to 650 megabytes of storage on a secure, removable disk cartridge. Comes with complete driver support, utilities, diagnostics, cables and I piece of media. Suggested Retail Price: $ 4995.00 (Requires compatible SCSI controller. Additional media $ 250.00. Speeds as high as 355K per second read. 255K sccond write. DiskSpccd benchmarks available on request. One year warranty included.) Professional Features Offering Outstanding Flexibility For more information or your nearest Active Circuits Dealer, call today. Tel: (201) 974-1616 Fax: 201) 974 1672 Brand and peoduct names am trademarks of their respects companies. Stephen Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-In-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Swain Pratt, Managing Editor Linda J. Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor LOUIS R, Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Special Products Manager Tim Walsh, Technical Editor John Wolfskill, Senior Writer, Technology Mare.Anne Jarvela, Special Products Coordinator Gene Brawn, Bill Gatchings, David T, McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Contributing Editors Howard G. HapP, Art Director Laura Johnson, .dssis an* Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer ALANA KORDA, Production Supervisor KENNETH RLAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, I-800-441-4403, 603-924-9471 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063 Wendie Haines MarRO, Marketing Manager LAURA Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleur, Business and Operations Administrator Mary McCole, Customer Service Representative Publisher's Assistant SUSAN M. Hans haw. Circulation Director PAM WILDER. Assistant Circulation Manager 1-800-365-1364 LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager Roger J. Murphy, President Dennis S, Christensen, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations JEFFREY D. DeTray, Director of Technology Research DOREEN Means, Systems Coordinator Debra A. Davies, Typographer Linda Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sates & Collections A miga World (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Amiga World is published monthly by IDG Communications Peterborough. Inc.. 80 Elm St.. rtrtcrborough. NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97. one year; $ 46.00. two years; $ 64.0(1. three years. Canada S38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). .411 rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at ft*terborough. NH. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-9471 Entire contents copyright 1990 by IDG Communications ftrterborough. Inc. No part of this publication may beprinted or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster Send address changes to AmigaWorld. Subscription Services, 1*0 Box 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co. AmigaiVorld makes every effort to assure die accuracy of ankles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. AmignH'orld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT Now Available with 50Mhz 68030Acceleration Create the fastest Amiga in the World with an A2000 and our A3001 Kit Up to 8MB of 32-Bit Wide DRAM Hard Disk Drive Interface Optional 68030 Boot EPROMS (UNIX ", etc.) Autoboot EPROMS for Hard Disk 40MB, BOMB or 200MB Hard Disk Drive 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interlace 68030 CPU with 28,33 or 50Mltz Oscillator 68882 FPU running at 28,33 or 50MHz Choose the IMPACT '' A3001 Upgra Kit from GVP to put the speed and power of leading-edge technology into your Amiga ’1. Enhance your productivity and c more powerful results when you choose these key features: create
• Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz, 33 Mhz or 50 Mhz.
• Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28, 33 or 50 Mhz.
• 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide high performance DRAM.
• Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller with data transfer rates well over 700KB sec.
• High performance 40MB, 80MB or 200MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of less than 15ms (19ms on write) and 64KB read- ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional. All A2000 Expansion Slots Free!
• Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility.
• ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION!
- m v •>-%1 ' ' ' V. 1 * ¦. S • X r; iTvV1; ¦: '¦ i: • 5. ¦ Qi * • A; V* i L>v Vt - • : m vC you compare, the choice ; unbeatable for price am A3001 Upgrade Kit Installed COMPARE: A2000 + GVP A3001 CBM A2500 30 CBM A3000,M 68030 CPU Y Y Y Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today. 50Mhz 25Mhz 25Mhz Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor Clock Speed. 28-50Mhz 25Mhz 25Mhz Hard Disk Controller on 68030 Processor Board. Y N Y Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2O0O Amiga system and grow ali the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y N H Brand name vendor with solid reputation. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. Y N N IMPACT and C5VP are trademarks ol Great Valley Products. Inc, Amrga, A2O0O and A3000 are registered trademarks ol Commoddre-Amiga. Inc. UNIX rsa registered trademark ol AT&T, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. CHIEF CONCERNS Commodore has changed. The market has changed. And the Amiga has changed. What a difference a year makes! When I joined Amiga World 12 months ago, 1 rediscovered a great machine and jumped into a floundering market. Commodore s technology was still largely superior, but was on the verge of staleness. With Apple, IBM, and other overpriced computer makers on the move, the situation seemed a bit desperate. My, how things have changed. Commodore has changed. The market has changed. And the Amiga has changed. Those who have followed the tribulations of Commodore’s upper management probably gave Harry Copperman no more than six months in the hot seat before someone pulled the plug. But this Commodore prez has made wholesale changes to the Commodore executive team and the company’s attitude. Even were Copperman to depart, his team and vision would still be very much in place. Based on what he has done so far, I’d say his job is plenty secure. But let’s face it. The Amiga stili has not set the world on fire. In fact, the overall market is still dangerously lethargic. What has changed is that for the first time since its launch, the machine is positioned for real growth. And for the very first time ever, the market is ready for a machine like the Amiga. Here’s why. Without losing sight of the crazy, energetic user base that made the Amiga successful, Commodore is lunging at the fertile corporate market. It is doing this primarily in two ways. For one, the Amiga with Unix is a workstation. It is just less costly than most. For another, the Amiga is a perfect multimedia creation system with either AmigaVision or a number of authoring programs. Now J haven’t exactly done empirical research, but 1 know a lot of you still tfiink that Commodore is staffed with a hunch of lame-brained, lazy, good-for- nothing, unsavory and undistinguished employees, .And the reason for this opinion is that they have yet to solve your specific problem. You didn’t get your call answered. You didn't see the TV ads. Your system crashed. Believe me, I feel for you. But you are missing the point. These guys inherited a list of problems a mile long. They can only address a quarter-mile at a time, and have only solved a hundred yards’ z worth. For those with problems still existing, this is not a big deal. But for the overall market, it is very big indeed. The Amiga has also made several technologic leaps in the last few months. CDTV, the A3000, AmigaVision, and the the Video Toaster (probably shipping as I write) all tilt the playing field in our favor. Each of these products can create new markets and new applications. The biggest difference is that the market has changed. People never cared before about the wild stuff that we do on Amigas. But with the big boys putting millions into their latest buzzword, multi- media, we’re getting great free P.R. So why let up now? The amazing thing about this market is that we have the power to make changes. That is because people are now interested in what we do. The Editor in Chief of Computer- world recently told me (complained, actually) that lie was getting five letters a day from Amiga users. “Could you please stop it?” he politely asked. Hey. It’s not up to me. If Amiga owners want to seek coverage from the major publications, I can’t stop them. I hope those who publish other Amiga magazines will also enlist their readers in this battle. If this whole thing were hopeless, I’d stop beating this tired old drum. But we are making headway. Your letters are helping get the Amiga noticed. Byte magazine ran a cover story on the Amiga because users bombarded them with letters and phone calls seeking .Amiga coverage. Businessweek had a glowingly positive story about the A3000. Why? Maybe because you let them know they blew it when the)' gave the Amiga short shrift in a multimedia piece. Everyone else is coming around, albeit a bit more slowly. Well, maybe we should pick up the pace. If Harry Copperman can have a five-point plan, so can we. Here’s what you can do:
1. Write and call key publications.
2. Write and call Mike Halvorson at the ADA (612-566-0221), Tell him specifically what you can do, and do it.
3. Show someone the Amiga.
4. Go to local non-Amiga computer dealers and ask to see an Amiga. Tell them you heard it was a great machine.
5. Do all of the above repeatedly. On a more somber note: Esteemed Amiga author, programmer, and all- around terrific guy Robert A. (Rob) Peck recently passed away. Those who knew Rob would describe him as a genuinely nice and brilliant individual. Rob’s .Amiga experience goes back to the original Los Gatos development team. His author’s credits include our own Amiga Companion and the Programmer's Guide to the Amiga that’s published by Sybex, as well as the Amiga ROM Kernel Manual. He also wrote a handbook, numerous articles, and a monthly column for Amiga Resource magazine. To his wife, Andrea, we extend our warmest sympathy. ¦ GVP Announces a GVP’s New FaaastROM SCSI driver and installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP’s original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY $ 49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs. GVP Custom VSU Chip New Series II48M8 Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity (48MB formatted) and major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details. Up to 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion left Standardize Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service Card on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Bravo for Baby Your special report on the Commodore “Baby” (CDTV) came to me as a breath of fresh air (see "Million Dollar Baby" July, ’90, p. 19). I grew up with Commodore and have owned nothing else, but had started to fear that Commodore was being left behind regarding CD-ROM technology. John McElroy Haines Cityt FL The new CD-ROM-based .Amiga makes this great computer the multi hvpermedia platform of choice for those of us refusing to spend the thousands that big red and big blue want to make us pay. The A3500 [the release of which is still speculative ed.]t coupled with a 20+ MIPS 68040, will make a network server with staggering potential. I have just seen, however, an impressive commercial for what appeared to be a powerful multimedia platform. It puts the Amiga ads to shame, with stunning graphics that are almost indistinguishable from television pictures. The platform being promoted is a PS 2 with Intel’s VDI board, which retails for $ 20,000 and up (although the commercial does not state the price). If I did not know that the PS 2 line is mostly hot air as to multimedia (most people probably do not realize this), this ad would have convinced me, and I’d have gone with IBM. Even with a great arsenal of hardware and software, we are naive to think that the Amiga can succeed without similar promotion. Come on Commodore, let’s hit the big guys where it counts, with attention-getting ads placed in the right channels. Noam Ben-Ami Skokie, IL Soft Where? I was drawn to the Amiga for its potential. .After five years, however, this potential has not materialized. Yes, the graphics, sound, and video applications are good, but where are the mainstream applications like dBASE, Lotus, WordPerfect
5. 0. And Aldus? I have waited a long time to upgrade my A1000, and am impressed by the A3000. After much debate and sleeplessness, however, 1 decided to buy an IBM 386 25-MHz compatible because its software is more reliable, functional, and feature-laden than the Amiga’s. It is not the fault of Commodore that I am retreating to IBM, but of developers who release programs that are buggy or fall short in terms of features or value. Barry Kucher Briarwood, NY On-Line Turn Offs Shame on General Electric for placing a picture of an Apple in the company’s ad for the on-line service, Genie! Diehard Amiga fans are really turned off by this! David B. Conrow Franklin, IN It’s about time Amiga users have the same benefits provided to MS-DOS and Mac users. I am talking about the on-line service of Prodigy'. I urge readers to write Prodigy (2465 Black Rock Tpke., Fairfield, CT 06430) or call (800 776-3449) and request the service. The only way the Amiga will become accepted is if users let manufacturers know we want their products. Companies cannot ignore thousands of potential users. Lewis Kemper Alameda, CA Cover ’Toons In your June ’90 issue (p. 8), Helen Bambic-Workman complains about sexism on the cover of the 1990 Video and Animation Special Issue. I agree to an extent on that point, but her bashing of the “comic book” cover seems more a dislike for cartoons than anything else. Magazine covers are designed to attract attention, and cartoons, with their bright colors and ability to communicate quickly and clearly, do the job beautifully. As much as some computer people hate to admit it, cartoons are a hallmark of animation. Overall, I support the cover and hope to see more like it, preferably done with Amiga graphics. Eric Schwartz Kettering, OH Think Ink The issue of slide imaging using the Pantone Matching System baffles many (see "On Targa" July, '90, p. 95). The sole purpose of the PMS is to enable printing pressmen to duplicate the colors specified by graphic designers. Thus, PMS colors have significance only for those who intend to print their projects in ink at a commercial print shop. Print professionals are increasingly confronted with amateurish attempts to create color originals for reproduction. Artwork from thermal printers that must be converted to the primary printing colors, or 23-color PMS PostScript files that require extensive alteration to be run by the printer, are denigrating a beneficial technology. Do not be duped. Any software that enables you to create “custom" colors bv blending pigment primaries supports PMS. You need only a PMS reference guide to accomplish this.
R. W, Chester Winnipeg, Man., Canada Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity, m INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW i Fast, Micro-Power Drive Mechanisms Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems Optional Dedicated External Power THE ULTIMATE AMIGAs 500 PERIPHERAL! 1 2 - 8MB FAST
- * "X-* v - - : ' • • • “ RAM 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM 2, 4, or 8MB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever. SCSI Port & Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive off and leave RAM enabled : & You’ll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn't run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You'll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives. You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra’s knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty. Available at your local dealer, or call: Supra Corporation 1 -800 727-8772 503-967-9075. 1133 Commercia Way. Albany. OR 97321. USA Circle 88 on Reader Service card SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Headliners NEWS FROM THE AMIGA COMMUNITY Top 3
1. Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek)
2. Deluxe Paint 111 (Electronic Arts)
3. Dvideo 111 DpliotoLab (Electronic Arts) Top-selling productivity software, 2nd quarter, '90. Stats: Go AMIGA! Inc, CHICAGO, IL Amiga entertainment newrs pervaded this year’s summer Consumer Electronics Show (June 2-5). CBM stock rose, as did a flurry of excitement on the show floor, in response to the introduction of the new CD-based Amiga: code name ’Baby.” (See “Million Dollar Baby,” July '90, p, 18 for our special report on Commodore's new technology.) Dubbed CDTV, Commodore’s multimedia prodigy drew oohs from attendees and groans from would-be competitors. .And that's not all. The Amiga is now clearly the second most popular platform for computer games; only the MS-DOS formal prevails, and then only marginally. In fact, many companies admitted to using Amigas for game development and then porting to MS-DOS. This trend makes for a myriad of new .Amiga games, with PowerMonger Major Players X Comdex ATLANTA, GA Spring Comdex '90 rolled into steaming Atlanta June 3-6, but came up a few bricks short of a full load. Notable absentees included Apple, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, and, most importantly. Commodore. The folks from West Chester were sorely missed by legions of fans hoping to get a glimpse of CDTV, which had its debut the same weekend in Chicago. There was, however, a sprinkling of .Amigas on the show floor, including an A3000 in the Texas Instruments booth, running the unreleased University of Lowell graphics card. The demo included Unix-interface X Windows running over a photo-realistic image. TI sources tell of a fall '90 shipping date for this long-awaited high-res device. Doug Barney (from Electronic Arts and Bullfrog, developers of Populous) among the most impressive. PowerMonger lets you play deity, but oilers more features and extensive control over the world's inhabitants. From Virgin Mastertronics comes a new title that adventure gamers are sure to love. Wonderland puts you in the role of .Alice as you explore that twisted world, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. Excellent graphics and animation, multiple windows, and extensive maps promise to make this a great game. A graphic role- playing adventure called Lord Of The Rings, Vol, I (Interplay) is based on the Tolkien trilogy. It challenges you to guide Frodo, Sam, your choice of companions, and the One Ring through a series of mini adventures and explorations in Middle Earth. Lou Wallace Amigas in the Alps BASEL, SWITZ. Sellweizer Mus- termesse Convention Center was packed with exhibitors and attendees eager to see the new A3000 at the Amiga ’90 show, The May event featured a special A3000- launch animation, and highlights from the floor included Intelligent Memory's Color Box video chroma kever for PAL systems. (An NTSC version is now being readied for the US.) Adept of France demonstrated Painter 3D, a 3-D animation program with an elegant interface, friendly object creation, and a motion-scripting module. NTSC versions are also coming. Meanwhile, the West German company Gigatron showed off a slew of accelerator and mem* ory-expansion hardware, including a 68020 internal 20-meg hard drive for the A500. Joel Tessler DevCon Goings-On “Baby” Delivered: CES Plays up Amiga .ATLANTA, GA This year’s Amiga Developer's Conference (June 27-
30) look place just as the A3000 began appearing on dealers' shelves. Appropriately, many of the technical seminars covered the A3000 and Zorro III bus. CBM engineers demonstrated a prototype 32MB A3000 RAM card, but stated that it is not an official product. (Such prototypes, however, often end up as retail units.) Some third-party hardware companies hinted that they will also have high-capacity RAM cards for the A3000; other rumored A3000 products include 68040 accelerators and custom video cards. At the well-attended Workbench
2. 0 seminars, programmers seemed intent on making their applications not only work under the new operating system, but also take advantage of its features. Other topics included networking and the Amiga Vision authoring system. CBM enticed developers toward multimedia (a major topic in seminars on both Ainiga- Vision and CDTV) and held closed- door meetings with certain companies on the subject. Lou Wallace Amigas Have Class LOS ALTOS, CA "Use cel animation to create a TV advertisement for a pizza-flavored toothpaste” That was just one assignment in a summer program Foothill College runs to introduce gifted teenagers to small-scale video production using 15 A2000s. The class is designed and taught by John Thomas Berry, author of “Inside the Amiga With C” (Howard W. Sams. '88). Nancy Berry, John's wife, directed the summer ’89 youth programs at Foothill, and, with instructor Juanita Croft, taught computing skills on the Amiga to kids from two job-training programs. Nancy found that challenging the students with graphics programs gave them a painless route to success and escalated selfesteem. She discovered classes growing as the term progressed, when passers-by became intrigued by the Amiga. Juanita used Flan IT, WordPerfect, and Pen Pal to hone the vital reading, writing, and math skills of the students. During the academic year, the Amigas play a part in desktop- video, publishing, graphics, and C-Ianguage courses for adults. Sue Albert AmiExpo takes “Hard” Hit C H1CAGO, IL Hard ware was the theme of this summer’s AmiExpo (June 29-July 1). Chicago welcomed West Germany's Kupke Computertechnik with its Golem Streamer (60-150MB), the Golem SCSI II 16-bit SCSI controller, and a hi-res video camera with RGB splitter and stand. NewTek occupied two huge booths, while Pulsar challenged attendees to run IBM software on an A500 equipped with its Power PC bridgeboard. Also in the Pulsar booth was CSA's Mega Midget Racer 68030 accelerator for the A500, A1000, and A2000, Black Belt Systems demonstrated HAM- J E, while Spirit announced an inexpensive genlock encoder. Supra pointed to a glass-encased 25MHz 68040 for the A3000. In the Digital Creations booth, a looping display of DCTV-created animations ran from an Interactive Video Systems hard drive at 25-30 frames per second. Across the way, 1CD challenged with a similar display. Networking systems popped up both on the show floor (at the DigiFex booth) and ofl (in Progressive's suite). On the softer side, Lake Forest Logic showed Macropaint, a Dynamic HiRes paint program, and announced that it is working with Pixar, the high-end graphics company, to bring the RenderMan solid modeler to the Amiga. Barbara Gefvert Tyson Introducing two new state of the art modems. Applied Engineering’s DataLink 2000™ and DataLink Express™, the most feature-packed 2400 baud modems available for the Amiga. Bring home a world of informa- tioairom up to the minute flight information to whole libraries of resource materials. Access countless bulletin board services. Even download free software and games. For Amiga 2000s, 2500s and 3000s, the DataLink 2000 (above, at right) is the internal board that plugs directly into one of the computer’s internal expansion slots. For ALL Amigas, the DataLink Express external modem (above, at left) plugs into the computer’s serial port. DataLink Express features a twelve lamp status light array and AE's exclusive “Line Engaged” indicator to show a shared phone line is in use. Send-fax is an inexpensive upgrade option for both DataLink modems. Actually fax text and graphics at 4800 baud directly from your Amiga screen without ever having to print a hard copy of the information. Program Send-fax to send any number of documents, at any time, to any fax machine. MNP-5 is another upgrade option that compresses data to increase transmission speeds up to 4800 baud, while automatically correcting errors. We include free communications software on disk with every DataLink modem. So there’s nothing more to buy. The software package includes file transfer capability, text capturing and phone directory. And both DataLink modems are fully compatible with Bell 103 and 212 protocols, as well as European protocol CCITT V.22 BIS,
V. 22 and V.21. They operate at varying transmission speeds from 300,1200 to 2400 baud. Both modems carry five year warranties, are fully Hayes AT compatible, compatible with A-Talk III, Baud Bandit and virtually all other Amiga communications software and have FCC certified designs. Both come complete with non-volatile memory, two modular phone jacks for data and voice calls, an on-board speaker and an extra- long cable, just in case your computer is across the room from your phone jack. Lots of freebies. We also throw in a nice collection of goodies a free subscription to the Genie network worth $ 29.95, $ 60 worth of free on-line time from NewsNet, a free $ 50 subscription to Official Airline Guide, a $ 20 discount package from Delphi and more DataLink 2000 ...------------------.$ 159. DataLink 2000 w MNP-5-------------$ 189. DataLink 2000 w MNP-5 & Send-fax-$ 228. DataLink Express --------------------$ 249. DataLink Express w MNP-5 $ 299- Datalink Express w MNP-5 & SendfaxJ$ 57& Order today! To order or for more information, call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 7% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside U.S.A. Dealer inquiries invited. Applied Engineering* The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA ©19901 AE Research, Inc. All rights reserted Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders. Pro Motion REVIEWS Escape from animation (trudgen By Harv Laser PUT ON YOUR helmet, grab your flashlight, and get ready to climb into the darkest recesses of your software library way back to that dust-filled corner where you put your cope of YidcoScapc 3D (Aegis Ox xi), alter deciding it was just too difficult to use. While some talented pros were not intimidated by having to figure out on graph paper how to fly a spaceship past a building in YideoScape. The rest of us wondered why the program could not make our powerful computers calculate object- and camera-motion paths. For us. Salvation has finally arrived. Its name is Pro Motion. Pro Motion is not an object editor, format converter, rendering program, or player. Its sole purpose is to give YideoScape 3D owners a powerful and extremely intuitive means to build simple or elaborate motion-seltings files. To say that the program accomplishes its mission well is an understatement. Pro Motion takes all the drudgerv out of creating motion files for YideoScape 3D. Its many helpful and original features will surprise and delight you. We Like Those Wide Open Spaces Pro Motion is a big program, with over 600K of code plus a couple of subdirectories of ancillary files, overlays, and libraries. An installation script copies the whole thing from the original disk, and although the manual does not list a hard drive as a requirement, 1 would not recommend using Pro Motion without one. Pro Motion also needs a lot of RAM. Because it operates only on an eight- color hi-res screen and can open multiple windows and informational displays, a few megs of RAM and a Super Agnus chip are a plus. Using Pro Motion's Sleep mode, you can multitask it with YideoScape 3D and 2.5 megs. What you see when you fire up Pro Motion is similar to the view you'd get of a movie studio's soundstage from a catwalk high above. (1-ilm-stuclio jargon is used throughout the program, so it helps to think like a director.) At first, you see just a grid-covered floor and a camera. You lake oil via menus for the props department (Pro Motion refers to YideoScape 31) object-geometry files as props), choose the things vou'll need for your animation, and place them on the stage. To speed things up, your props are represented bv simple round “bobs.’’ Bobs come in a dozen sizes, from a pinpoint to about half an inch, to simulate the relative sizes of your objects. A memo option lets you label these so you won’t forget which is which. 1 lie camera is represented by a small, red objec t in the shape of a movie camera. Pro Motion lets you place up to four light sources (the maximum number YideoScape can handle) anywhere in your scene at any height. Light props look different from object props, so there’s no confusion. Around the Block Once your props and lights are on the stage and you have determined how many frames ol animation you want, you can "block” paths for the props and the camera by drawing with your mouse. Paths are not limited to ground level; by invoking the Height window you can c hange altitude. You can also bank, pitch, and rotate the* camera or props in anv combination of directions, and as you do so. Pro Motion shows von exactly what is going on at each step, thereby allowing you to alter your course either as you go or after you finish. During or after blocking, von can stop for an Action display. This prompts Pro Motion to quickly make hundreds of very precise calculations, and then animate your object and camera bobs along their paths to give you a feel for the overall flow. You can even open some windows to gel an edge-on view of changing prop heights. Press a key during replay to save Snapshot files, and then put Pro Motion to sleep, flip to YicleoScape’s control window, load the snapshots, and render your scenes in 3-D (wireframe or shaded) to check object placement and movement, camera position, lens angles, lighting, and so on. When you are happy with everything, save a settings file, load it, and render your animation while still in YideoScape. Pro Motion recognizes YideoScape’s 99-keyframe limit and automatically saves settings files for long animations in sequentially numbered, 99-frame "reels." When one finishes rendering, just load in the next and carry on. If you want to get really fancy, try Pro Motion's special-elfects department. Turn on the wind machine, from a gentle breeze to a hurricane, play around with gravity, or magnetize your props to attract or repel each other. It’s Smart! Most programs that provide keyboard substitutes for menu items demand that you remember some arcane and proprietary sequence of Amiga. Alt, Ctrl, or Shift keys plus a number or letter. Pro Motion lets you use whichever key is most comfortable for you: Pressing AMIGA-S, ALI’-S, CTRL-S, SH1FT-S or just S brings up the Save requester. Every important and oft-used menu command has a key equivalent, and the mnemonics are logical and easy to remember. A keystroke buffer lets you queue up actions as fast as you can type the single-letter commands. Building on VideoScape’s conventions, Pro Motion provides very intelligent file- saving and -naming routines. You don't have to remember if a Filename should end with .MOT, .PMOT, .CAM, .SET or .PSET. To save a VideoScape Camera file, just type a name into the requester; Pro Motion adds the .CAM extension automatically. Pro Motion supports every file type that VideoScape 3D can load, plus all of the parameters those files can contain, and it builds and saves them quickly and correctly, A wonderful feature known as Phoenix anticipates a system crash (no matter which task causes it) and backs up current settings, making it simple to recover all your work. I wonder why more Amiga software doesn’t work this intelligently. What’s missing in Pro Motion? Not much. Despite the complexity of this software, the manual is fairly extensive and easy to understand, although one of the tutorials stopped abruptly midway through. .Also, some tutorial disk files are in directories different from what the manual states. A videotaped tutorial would be a plus. Pro Motion could stand to have a lew more features, such as a control for prop acceleration. .And how about the ability to save motion paths for use in programs such as Turbo Silver (Impulse) and Sculpt-Animate 4D (Byte by Byte)? Other than these nitpicks, I give Pro Motion a very high rating for its intelligence and power. If you’re a VideoScape 3D owner who was never comfortable with the idea of using graph paper and text editors to create object-motion paths, Pro Motion offers the complete solution to solid-model animation bliss. Pro Motion Aegis Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 S 74,95 S 149.95 bundled with VideoScape 3D
1. 5 megabytes required. Seven Programs for Small Fry Mot a To to loss By Randall R. Greenwald SOMEWHERE OVER THE rainbow, skies are blue, and educational software developers have wed the powerful po- How to pilot a fighter. Plot its path from above the scene’s “stage.” tential of programmed learning and multimedia with the needs of the child, to produce stimulating, challenging, and fun packages. On this side of the rainbow, unfortunately, most software designed for children does not fare so well. ABZoo (MichTron), Barney Bear Goes to School (Free Spirit), One to One Match (Computer Sight), PETE (Superior Software), World Odyssey and Math Odyssey (Polyglot The Other Guys), and The Talking Animator 2.0 (JMH Software) all represent diverse approaches. Lions and Tigers and .. Imagine you are wading on some tropical shore, when suddenly, you see a xypho scurry into the water! How did you know it was a xypho? Why, when you were a child, you owned ABZoo! Animals, common and exotic, are the key used by ABZoo in its quest to teach the alphabet. The program guides children through three levels, at the most basic of which they are encouraged to ? R E V I i; w s choose letters randomly from the keyboard. As a reward, a picture of an animal corresponding to the letter chosen appears on screen. The second level presents an animal and requires the child to type from the keyboard the animal’s name as displayed on the screen. The third level is the same as the second, but the child must type the name from memory. In levels two and three, a picture of the animal materializes as the child types. There is one animal for every letter of the alphabet, which produces some interesting results (common animals like Cow for C, and strange animals like Narwhal for N and Ursus for U). MichTron has done a good job with graphics, and the screen fades are a nice touch, but, as so often occurs, the program is only slightly more appealing than reading- book worksheets. Children play it a few times to see the pictures, but no creative DUCK ?uc FastCard Plus ™ SCSI controller with RAM for the Amiga®2000 The ultimate SCSI hardcard for the Amiga. Now a hard drive and up to 8 Meg of RAM can be added to the A-2000 using no drive bays and only one expansion slot! Specifications:
• Exclusive DMA* hardware gives DMA speeds without the problems
• Supports 2 or 4 Meg using 1 Meg SIMM modules, and 8 Meg using 4 Meg SIMMs
• Great for heavy audio video use
• Autoboot ROM allows booting directly off the hard disk (with Kickstart™ 1.3)
• Simple autoboot jumper
• Jumperable SCSI ID for use in SCSI networks
• Full support of the Autoconfig protocol
• Utilities included for simple drive setup and maintenance *
• Powerful archive utility included
• Driver supports virtually all SCSI drives
• Macintosh® compatible 25 pin external SCSI connector
• Supports arbitration and daisy-chaining of up to 7 SCSI devices
• Available without drive, or with factory- installed Quantum drives.
• Factory drives come fully prepped, ready to run, including demos.
• Full 1 year warranty 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, Ks. 67401 (913) 827-0685 Telex 510 601 2914 Fax 913 827 6023 FastCard Plus and DMAx are trademarks of Xetec, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Kickstart is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computers, inc. Level 2 of ABZoo. Attractiveness begs them to return for more. Ii does not add any elements of fun, thinking, or challenge to the learning process. Beware the Jabberwock, as well as software that promotes itself with promises that "Your child will be far ahead of classmates in both reading skills and computer literacy.” . . . Bears, Oh My! Barney Bear Goes to School is geared for very young kids. The short interactive story that begins the program follows Barney from the ringing of his alarm clock to his arrival at school. (I wonder, though, what modern child can identify with Barney’s one-room school- house.) Once at school, the child can choose to explore several areas of interest including the alphabet, spelling, numbers, counting, and coloring by clicking on portions of the screen. The alphabet, spelling, numbers, and counting modules are all notable for their predictability and lack of creativity. The child is introduced to letters and numbers (by the Amiga’s voice), and ? Circle 90 on Reader Service card. THE POWER BREAKS THROUGH.. ,. Kv . 1 AMIGA SHIPPING & HANDLING $ 4.00 ipW YOU CAN FREEZE MOST 3tNY PROGRAM AND MAKE A BACKUP AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! "I'm amazed, stunned and totally impressed!!!" AMIGA FORMAT MAGAZINE
• UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to ammo, etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that help you through the tricky parts! "impossible'ialevel. Very easy to use. • RESTART THE PROGRAM
• SPRITE EDITOR Simply press a key and the program will continue where you The full sprite editor allows you to view modify the whole left off. Sprite set including any 'attached" sprites. FULL STATUS REPORTING *
• VIRUS DETECTION * At the press of a key now you can view the machine status. Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to Including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, Ram, Disk Drive status, etc. protect your software investment. Works with all
• NOW WITH NEW POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Over SO commands for advanced picture manipulation Even has memory search command to locate pictures throughout RAM. Unmatched range of features!! Presently known viruses. SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures & sound samples are saved to disk. Files are IFF format for use with most major graphic & music packages. PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR MORE FEATURES THAN YOU CAN EVER NEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME... © Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full Screen Editor Load Save block Write siring to memory © Jump to specific address © Show RAM as text Show frozen picture Play resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and llags Calculator Help Command Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even Write Only registers Notepad § Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync pattern, etc. Dynamic breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal Copper assemble disassemble • jimumm D REGISTERS INTACT CALL TOLL FREE - BEE ifcrLA r... ORDERS ONLY 800 - 962 - 0494 WE WILL PROCESS YOUR ORDER O'JlCKLY & EFFICIENTLY TO Et.AELE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR AMIGA ACTION REPLAY WITHIN DAYS. NOT WEEKS | buWBSuiSER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hi*. COAST TO COAST TcChpOLOGinS’ 1855 W S.R.434, SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750.TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE (407) 767 - 0938 at: WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or COD's (ADD $ 2)
* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO) WE SHIP ALL GOODS 2nd DAY AIR UPS Circle 114 on Reader Service card. R E V 1 E S Creative Software for Creative Minds! Me] iiiiimiiiiniiiiiinimimniiiiiiii Dr.T’s MUSIC SOFTWARE, Inc. 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 Afm is an interactive composing and performing instrument, its unique graphic interface and the music it creates have made it a favorite of musicians worldwide. On-screen sliders control velocity range, note density, note order, and time distortion for up to four separate voices and MIDI channels. M has drum sync, MIDI file support, independent channelization, and full access to standard IFF samples. Asked to pick the letters from the keyboard corresponding to a word appearing on the screen, or to click on the number a picture represents. It’s all very simple and dull. The coloring-book portion does merit some praise, however. The child can “color” a number of black- and-white line drawings using the mouse and a 16-color palette. My six-year-old enjoys this, which suggests that there might be a market for a disk of IFF files "M" Music Mouse Music Mouse'm is an "intelligent instrument" that uses the mouse in conjunction with the computer's keyboard for full realtime control over up to four voices. Mouse movements are used to change the position of four lines on a grid, which translates to music. Music Mouse play via MIDI and standard IFF samples. Music Mouse is a truly enjoyable introduction to computer music. That a child could color and manipulate using a paint program. Barney runs in either English- or tier man-language formats. In the German version, the child can click on “Ja” and “Nein” instead of “Yes" and “No,” but al other text is in English. For example, "dog" and "cat” are written on the chalkboard of Barney’s German school- house. How odd. Overall, the program is uninspiring. Demo disks available for $ 5 each. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiii You've got a match! Computer opposition. Instead of uncovering kings and aces, however, the child matches shapes, flags of the world, numbers, dates, musical notes, stellar objects, animals real and imagined, continents, and even songs. The number of options is a plus. After our six-year-old goes to bed, my wife and I might pull the shades, pour a howl of Frosted Flakes, and keep playing against each other. Most of the artwork is good, the user interface is well designed for even the youngest child, and no keyboard input is required. By far the best part of the program is the creative use of music. My family tends to linger over one screen while Dvorak's Humoresque plays in the background, and one of our favorite games requires you to match melodies that are hidden beneath squares (a very- creative use of the computer). You probably will not be disappointed if you purchase One to One Match for your child. Keep in mind, however, that this program, like many others, provides Continued on p. 66 The graphics are only average, and the lack of animation, despite opportunities for it, is disappointing, That s the Horse of a Different Color! Take a deck of cards, turn each one face down on a table, and, with a friend, take turns flipping them and making matches. As a kid we called this game Concentration. The Amiga version is called One To One Match, and its rules are just that simple. The child can play without competition, against another human opponent, or against three levels of
• v ' --r 0 SERIES Uni ’ ' . It'., ¦: -I*' vr'V A'- ¦ - ' V vC * V ¦V" video out ¦- vV'fr. >c al l video »¦ r - V.
* *7-' s it v-iV1 gl ¦¦fv"
* u5Ii y - M;** 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines. ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines Circle 28 on Reader Service card By Gene Brawn n innocent flirtation, that’s all it was at the start. When Disney animators started using the Amiga a few years ago, they were “just fooling around,” they said. Ultimately charmed by the Amiga’s graphic sophistication, the media giant pushed Roger Rabbit into a trial engagement. The release of Disney Presents. . .The Animation Studio ($ 179, Walt Disney Computer Software) signals that, finally, this duo is headed for the altar. The three-disk, two-manual package is absolutely faithful to the working habits of the traditional pencil-and-paper animator. Each of The Animation Studio’s three modules represents a single step in the animation process. Using the earlier images for reference, without changing them. Whether drawing on paper or the computer, Disney-style animators strive at this stage for fluidity in the character’s movements. By sketching only the outlines of a figure, you can concentrate on poses and positions. Pencil Test, the heart of The Animation Studio, is the electronic equivalent of the traditional animator’s onion skin paper “pencil tests.” Because of the trans- lucence of onion skin, the artist can place a clean sheet of it over an already drawn frame (or cel) and reference that frame while drawing the next. As the animator continues to layer frame upon frame, the previous drawings get lighter. The same thing happens in Pencil lest: Draw a frame, advance to the next, and you will see up to three of the previous frames still on the screen. Now grayed, these images are not really part of the current display even though they remain visible. You can draw in the new cel. In The Animation Studio’s Exposure Sheet, you set the frame order and specify audio cues for synchronizing sound and action, replicating the traditional animator’s directions to the cameraman for assembling the animation and committing it to film Inking and painting the animator’s outline cels is traditionally the final step before sending the . . . And it looks like The Animation Studio will make it a perfect match. Mation to the camera. In the same fashion, you use The Animation Studio’s Ink & Paint module for adding the color and backgrounds to complete your animation. Then just sit back and enjoy. None of this is particularly new. After all, The Animation Studio is patterned after a medium that matured nearly 60 years ago. Even in the nascent computer world, most of The Animation Studio’s features are not unique. What makes it unique is that The Animation Studio is simple to use, is well thought out, has great documentation, and, most importantly, has Disney behind it. Be warned, however: Although easy to use. The Animation Studio will not draw your characters for j you. In a commercial animation studio, the lead animator is responsible for the design of a character but, normally, draws only a few key frames of the figure in crucial poses. Filling the spaces between the key frames is the job of the “tweener.” One of the longstanding goals of computer animation is to develop software that can replace the tweener. Harbor no illusions, The Animation Studio is not that magical program; you draw every single frame. This is in concert with the fluid Disney style, which depends on the artist's intuition and skill, rather than the computer’s cold calculations. Every mistake, and every success, is in your hands. If you are not an artist or are not willing to learn to draw, this software is not for you. If you are fascinated with traditional animation and are willing to invest some effort, however, you'll find no better program with which to make your dreams come true. Pencil Test: Not a Clone. .. Or a Paint Program The first thing you see when you fire up The Animation Studio is the gorgeous title screen. After a quick trip to the disk, the Pencil Test work space appears. If the interface looks familiar, it should. Much of this module is patterned after DeluxePaim III (Electronic Arts), from the toolbox design to the keyboard commands. The advantage of this approach is that the average D Paint user will put The Animation Studio through its paces almost instantly. Pencil Test, however, is not without its distinctive quirks. While it resembles Dpaint, Pencil Test is not a replacement for a dedicated paint program. The major difference is that Pencil Test uses only two of the Amiga's 4096 colors for drawing. If you try to import an ANIM with a larger palette into this module, the ANIM will load, but only after the software has converted it to two colors. This precludes using The Animation Studio for rotoscoping or manipulating complex digitized images, because most of the detail is lost in the translation. Although Pencil Test supports the most commonly used drawing tools, it lacks many others. Missing from the roster are airbrush, perspective control, antialiasing, polygons, built-in brushes, and a freehand fill, among others. This is as it should be. Pencil 'Lest is designed for a single purpose the creation of outlined, animated characters. Inclusion of these (mostly) superfluous tools would only obscure its sharp focus. Pencil l est does include a few tools that, while not innovative, are improvements on previous attempts of other software. 1 particularly enjoyed the ellipse function. Instead of simply dragging the mouse to size the oval as with Dpaint's tool, in Pencil Test you use an axis line to size and rotate the shape until it meets your requirements. The page buffer and related controls (insert, delete, and clone) make it equally easy to move frames around in your animation. These commands are available from the toolbox, but, alas, not from the keyboard. 1 welcomed the on-screen icons that control animation playback and single-stepping of frames. Unfortunately, Pencil Test's keyboard equivalents are much less successful. While Dpaint uses the left-hand number keys (1-6) for single-stepping and playing the animation, The Animation Studio uses the cursor keys to perform most of the same functions. This arrangement is certainly logical, but it is inconvenient for right-handed artists. You must either remove your hand from the mouse to strike the keys (a reflex move for a touch typist) or reach across the keyboard with your left hand. I prefer Dpaint’s method. The Fade Colors function lets you control the num- ber of grayed frames displayed, up to a maximum of four. This is useful, for example, if you have a series of complex, detailed cels and want to reduce the number of superimposed frames to one or two. The Clean Up tool removes stray pixels from the screen. It does its job so well that it makes me wish another similar feature had been included: a trim function. Drawing a consistent one- or two-pixel wide line by hand is nearly impossible. Being able to specify a line width and let the computer automatically trim the offending pixels from the drawing would be a welcome addition. Exposure Sheet: Follow the Cue Cards If you have used a traditional exposure sheet, you will be right at home with The Animation Studio's version. Basically a preformatted script editor, Exposure Sheet allows you to add cel and frame numbers in the two left-most columns, while the rest of the page is reserved for explanatory comments and sound and music cues for the program. To speed the creation process, Exposure Sheet provides word-processor-like edit controls, such as cut, paste, and block moves. To complement these, the elapsed-time readout in the menu bar is a nice touch. As you add frames, the program automatically displays, in minutes and seconds, the current elapsed time, based on the frame rate you have selected (up to 30 frames per second). A peek at the Preview menu shows that you can load scores and instruments. The Animation Studio actually plays SMUS files! As far as 1 know, this is one of only a handful of programs that do so. I hope it indicates the beginning of a trend. Exposure Sheet defaults to animations "on twos,” a technique that allows animators to save time and effort by drawing only 12 frames for each second of screen time. Because film runs at 24 frames per second, this equates to one animation cel for every two screen frames hence "on twos.” You can adjust this to as many as one cel per six frames: "on sixes." Ink & Paint: Fill ’Er Up When working in Ink & Paint, I almost expect to hear my elementary school art teacher admonishing, "Remember to stay inside the lines, children!” Ink & Paint, however, is much simpler to use and more flexible than a coloring book. Most of the time, you will use its four fill tools (two dithers, Fill to Line, and fill to Color) to add up to 32 colors (up to 4096 if dithered) to your characters. Unfortunately, The Animation Studio cannot create HAM animations. The authors have tried to remedy this limitation with a dithered fill mode. Most effective in hi-res, dithering is a technique that depends on the juxtaposition of two colors to fool the eye into perceiving a third, illusionarv, hue. The Camera menu selection almost qualifies as a separate module. It allows you to load and mix backgrounds with differing palettes (any or all frames can have their own) in a single animation. Its Frisket tool is much like Dpaint’s Stencil command. You use it to merge character-animation cels automatically with a background. To keep the colors true when transferred to videotape, Ink tL Paint offers a welcome and very unusual feature: the NTSC filter. The Animation Studio cures RGB-to-NTSC color shift (brown is red, red is smeared, and so on) by filtering the RGB colors to match the NTSC standard. All you have to do is select NTSC Filter from the Preferences menu and send vour opus to video. In addition to reading 1LBM (Interleaved Bitmap) and ANIM formats, The Animation Studio reads and writes its new CFAST format, which consists of the AN IM, the color information, and the Exposure Sheet data. As a result, you can create a single animation 4 O file that includes sound effects, a music track, timing cues, and multiple palettes. A proprietary program called Flicker is provided to play these files. File only fatal crash I experienced was format- related. Caused by trying to load an ANIMbrush as an ANIM file. Because Amiga files are so easy to identify with software, a crash like this is preventable and, therefore, unacceptable. It is also a little bewildering, because a great deal of the programmer’s time was obviously devoted to making this program as foolproof as possible. This was the only bug 1 encountered during my odyssey. Bucking the current trend of elephant-sized applications, The .Animation Studio is extremely memory efficient. The program’s modular design allows you to load only that part of the software that you intend to use. Another example of the thoroughness that permeates this program are commands that allow you to selectively unload nearly anything you J 4 i *-7 4 have loaded, from music and instrument files to fonts. As a result. The Animation Studio can run on a 512K Amiga and still leave lots of room for animation. The Animation Studio also keeps issuing warnings as you approach your system’s memory "no-man’s-land.” If you persist, as I did, you will eventually crash your svstem. But you can’t sav that von weren’t warned! J 4 J J Hard-drive installation is a snap: Simply copy the contents of the program disk to a subdirectory on Cel 3 of 13 (Loop) i your drive, and you are ready to animate, just keep the manuals handy to answer the copy-proteetion questions. DOCUMENTATION: READ IT AND REJOICE The Animation Studio’s two manuals (one for novices, the other for experienced computer artists) are the finest documentation I have ever used. They are written in a clear style that fully explains the program without talking down to the user. To top off the Project Edil : Previeu 1 1 2 4 1 1 Score 1 '' ' ;j J iNll y.)ll C | : : j 5 6 7 ?Score ranlRagtineGal.smts : Hot start the nusic ( 9 18 2 : Buckey Spots his nenesis ; start running 11 12 H 3 14 14 1C 4 ID 16 17 10 5 6 2 ?SFX ran:zoom.instr SPEED 32608 CHANNEL ALL : bullet sound efx ID 28 1 repeat run cycle ; [ P ? L z Exposure Sheet lets you orchestrate your animation's flow and sound track. Package, they are well indexed and accompanied by a bibliography and a comprehensive, illustrated glossary. Even if you do not normally use manuals, 1 J 7 recommend that you read these. Manufacturers’ Addresses After a brief introduction to the Amiga, the novice volume dives right into several complete tutorials on animation and The Animation Studio. T he advanced Users Guide, targeted at a more sophisticated audience, contains detailed descriptions ofall the modules and their functions, plus a brief, but informative, history of Disney animation. Useful lips about animation are sprinkled throughout the appendices. Still want more? The documentation contains formal tutorials as well, providing tips from the animators at Disney. Several on-disk, sample animations supplement the tutorials, as do a few snippits of Disney characters in action. T he Disney characters cannot be saved when modified, nor can the files be copied. (Why am 1 not surprised?) When a company as prominent and well-regarded as Disney decides to back the Amiga, it marks a turning point in the perception of the machine. Disney is known throughout the world as much for its business savvy as for its entertainment products. It is definitely big news, then, when this entertainment giant decides to offer a software tool that turns your computer into a Disney-approved animation studio. I wish more software exhibited the attention to detail that’s evident in T he Animation Studio. Although it may not take advantage of all the Amiga’s advanced features, The Animation Studio’s consistency, speed, and ease of use make it an outstanding piece of software. ¦ Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Walt Disney Computer Software Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 818 567-5360 Gene Brawn is an interactive-multimedia producer and a contributing editor. Write to him c a Amiga World Editorial Dept,, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. The art of driving. Introducing the ultimate driving machine, the AE HD (high density) Drive, Applied Engineerings new high density 3.5 drive (above, at right). The first and only high density drive for the Amiga, it runs circles around the competition. The FCC certified design supports both standard 880K and 1.52 MEG 3.5" disks. The new AE standard device controls both the high density7 mode and built-in electronic disk ejection. For running the new Amiga UNIX, the AE standard 1.52 MEG format is a virtual must.
1. 5 2 MEG capacity means you can stop playing diskette roulette. Simply store your large 2-disk application programs on one, high density disk and forget about fumbling for “sets” of disks. And storing files just became twice as easy too, because you’ll only need half the number of disks. We also added performance features like an exclusive 2-way LED indicator that displays green for reading, red for writing. And a smooth, quiet electronic disk ejection to replace the clunky “punch” of other drive’s ejectors. Since our electronic ejection is tied to the write enable function, you can no longer accidently trash a disk by inadvertently pushing the eject button while the drive is writing. Our ejector waits until the drive completes the write and then auto-ejects the disk. Beauty AND brains. Aesthetically, the AE HD Drive is every bit as handsome as it is intelligent. We designed a high-im pact ABS plastic case to protect the top quality SONY mechanism inside. For driving on a budget, we've designed a quick, quiet 880K standard 3.5” drive as well (above, at left). Incorporating a reliably quiet and trouble-free design, the AE 880K Drive™ sports a tough aluminum aise, custom molded cable and an on off disable switch. Both drives are compatible with all Amiga computers and feature complete daisy-chain capacity (from AE to another drive or vice-versa), MS-DOS compatibility, pass through connectors, FCC certified designs and full one-year warranties. AE High Density 3.5 Drive .$ 239 AE 880K Drive $ H9 For ten years, AE has forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed by the best warranties and the best technical support in the business. Order today! To order or for more information, call (214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D. welcome. Texas residents add 7% sales tax. Add S10 outside U.S.A. Dealer inquiries invited. Applied Engineering The enhancement experts. A Division of AF. Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 imam Carrollton, TX 75011 USA C 990 AF. Research Inc. All rights resent'd Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered frtteiantnrhc nf tht'ir rVV JlV l V ItoMVfS. Mastering the subtleties of the animation process itself is the real key to becoming a good Amiga animator as this three-pronged tutorial will prove. By Brian ALTHOUGH YOU MAY be able to master the documentation of Amiga animation tools paint packages, rendering programs, animation software you will never really move beyond the "niftv-demo” stage of animation creation unless you understand the principles and techniques of animation as a whole. While crisp, clean checkerboards and glass spheres in precise motion may be genuinely eye-catching in a purely formalistic kind of way, computer animation in general relies much too heavily on rigid mathematics that results in artificial creations. What you get is a stereotypical kind of motion that is just too "perfect” when compared to the subtly complex, imperfect reality it is trying to represent. To help you create involving and enjoyable animations that rise above that nifty-demo genre, well take a close look at three very important aspects of animation: frame rate, motion blurring, and accelerated motion. Rendering Without Surrendering: Frame Rate All forms of animation, no matter how diverse, have one thing in common: They simulate continuous motion by quickly flipping through discrete images. If Williams the images are flipped rapidly enough, the observer fuses them together and perceives motion in a process known as persistence of vision. If the images flip by too slowly, the viewer experiences only an annoying series of staccato movements. Although effective frame rate may vary from person to person, the minimum generally seems to he about 16 frames per second (fps). Motion-picture cameras run at 24 fps, while television clocks in at 30 fps. This means that to produce a good animated feature film, every character must be redrawn 24 times for each second of film. Obviously, this requires an enormous amount of time, which results in overworked animators and high production costs. The situation is not much alleviated by the introduction of computer-generated films. Even using high-speed supercomputers, a single second of an animation can still take many hours to render which translates, in studio terms, into very hefty outlays for computer-rental time. If you are thinking that using your Amiga will cut down the costs, well, yes, it will. . .but, remember, in addition to substantial rendering time and effort, you also have to worry about the tremendous memory demands even a simple animation can put on your system. ? ¦>( . 0* One solution to the dilemma is to double up on frames, which traditional animators refer to as “running on twos.” Halving the number of frames drawn and shooting each frame twice will cut your effective frame rate in half. Figure 1, showing a detail from the ol J -'i . 0 • y- 5 c Figure 1. In this detail from the steam*engine animation, the frames on the right show the technique of “running on twos.” steam-engine animation that is depicted below, illustrates the technique. The engine The motion appears to run backwards. This happens because the wheel rotates so fast that each spoke moves close to the one ahead of it between frames. Commonly known as the “wagon-wheel” effect, it consists of a piston rod driving a wheel with a heavy counterweight. To achieve the smoothest result, the movement of the piston rod over one second should occupy 24 separate frames of film. Running on twos takes its name from the frequently encountered scene cuts this down to twelve sets of two frames, but note in many western movies where a wagon wheel ac- that this reduces our effective frame rate to 12 fps celerates, begins to rotate faster and faster, hut then interval. Consider the spoked llywheel in the steam engine animation. As the wheel spins, a sequence of frames passes until the next spoke appears in the position where the first one started, at which point the sequence repeats. A problem develops, however, if the frame rate is too low: a figure below the minimum 16 fps needed to perceive motion. Consequently, the 12 fps version appears “jumpy” The situation is further exacerbated when higher duplication rates are used (sometimes the case with the standard fare of Saturday-morning children’s cartoons, which may run on fours, or even fives). In such cases, however, the animation becomes so jerky that one gets the feeling that it really has ceased to be quality entertainment. Many animations, however, can run at lower frame rates without looking “jumpy” because of the slow speed at which their objects actually move. Slower motion is less demanding on frame rate than fast motion. Thus, having a dear understanding of how the subject of your animation is supposed to move, and then employing a frame rate appropriate to that motion, will help keep your animation tasks from completely overwhelming you. There is one special case we should consider where choosing a proper frame rate is crucial. It involves periodic motion, such as bottles moving on an con- veyor-belt, scrolling over a checkered tile floor, or a spoked wheel spinning. Each of these examples in- sucldenly appears to slow down, stop completely, and then reverse direction. Volves a repeating pattern encountered at a regular to keep the motion smooth: motion blurring. All such periodic motion is subject to this phenomenon. In general, a set of cyclical frames should never complete half of a loop in the time it takes for one frame to pass. Figure 2 shows the eight-spoked flywheel from the steam-engine animation. As the wheel rotates, the spokes form a repealing pattern that requires 45 degrees to complete (360 degrees -r 8 spokes). Therefore, the maximum rotation between frames is 22.5 degrees. Beyond this, the spokes appear to slow down until, when the rotation is exactly 45 degrees, the entire flywheel seems to stop. It is crucial that the animator choose a frame rate sufficient to prevent this from happening. Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: Motion Blurring As we saw in discussing frame rate, the faster an object moves, the higher the frame rate necessary to accurately represent it. The frame rate increases until it reaches the speed of the medium film at 24 fps, television at 30 fps. As objects move beyond the limit of the medium, another technique must be employed It is commonly ac- cepled that a given (tame of animation shows t lie position of an object in motion at a specific point in time. Tit is is not strictly true, however, because the shutter on the camera does not open and shut instantaneously. All camera shutters are open for a clearly defined fraction of a second. As short as that interval may be, it is still a moment in which a moving object will present not a crystal-clear image, but a blurred one. This is known as motion blur. Figure 3 shows a close-up of the piston rod of our steam engine moving halfway through its cycle at maximum speed. Throughout the frame's exposure, the rod moves significantly. In representing the rod as a sharp, static image positioned midway between its starting and ending positions (the top-left section of Figure 3, labeled “Unblurred”), valuable speed information is omitted. But by adding the blur that would occur naturally, the frame will flow smoothly in sequence when projected at normal speed. Figure 2. The “wagon-wheel” effect occurs when frame rate is too low. At 8 fps, the flywheel appears to stop because each of its eight spokes rotates one position (45:). Motion blurring has little effect oil slow animation. Cases where objects move very little from frame to frame (imagine a baseball player lifting his bat prior to taking a swing at the ball) benefit less from the technique than faster actions (now see the batter actually swinging the bat). Motion blurring is best used to enhance very high-speed motions where the frame rate fails. The swing of the bat may occupy only one brief frame. Represented as a static image, the bat would simply appear in a different position. Represented as a streak, however, it conveys a sense of action. Most animation software does not normally support motion blurring. Two-dimensional, frame-based packages such as DeluxePainl III (Electronic Arts) require the animator to add blur manually to each frame. (In certain instances, von could conceivably automate this process in Dpaint by using the Move requester.) Most 3-D rendering packages do not support blurring, either, as the increased calculation time makes already long renderings simply intolerable. Sculpt-Animate 4D (Creative Computers), however, does have a blurring option that automatically blurs each frame as it is rendered. Rendering time, of course, increases significantly. Methods for manually producing motion blur vary, but the most common involves averaging several discrete frames together in a kind of “multiple exposure” (to borrow a film term), where an object moves just a little between exposures. In the full steam-engine animation from which my examples are taken, you would see the way that the piston rod blurs (or, to be more accurate, how it “streaks”). The top-right and lower-right sections of Figure 3 provide two different representations of the piston rod blurring: linear blur and logarithmic blur. If we assume that at the instant the frame starts exposure, the piston moves with fairly constant speed until the frame ends, then a linear blurring should appear. The brightness of any pixel should be directly proportional to the amount of time the pixel was exposed. This would produce a blur in which the piston gets brighter a little at a time until it peaks midway through the frame and then slowly becomes dimmer. This is fine in theory, but it does not work in reality. When film is exposed, the blur does not build gradually in brightness, peak, and then diminish gradually. Rather, the brightness will build rapidly, remain at a constant level for most of the object s motion, and then diminish quickly. This is why the result is more akin to streaking than blurring. This happens because light exposes film not in a linear, but in a logarithmic fashion. As light intensity increases, exposure response decreases. If an image reaches a certain brightness in a half- second exposure, it will not be twice as bright as ? Linear Blur Unblurred Elongated Logarithmic Blur an image exposed for a quarter-second. As exposure time increases, more and more light is needed to produce a change in exposure. (Or, as is the case when using a camera, as you increase your ex- posure time while light intensity remains the same, there will be less change in exposure.) The upshot of all this is that moving objects will tend to streak, which is not ijnite the same as simply blurring. This is important in understanding the limitations of averaging several frames together. Simple averaging weighs all frames equally, producing only an even blurring not streaking. What is needed is for someone to write special Amiga software that will make il possible to use a weighted averaging scheme to treat later frames in the exposure as less important. Before leaving die matter of motion blurring, we should consider a simple alternative to the more complex techniques discussed above. It won't work in all situations, but sometimes elongating an object over several frames may product* a verv realistic blurring effect. Consider the lower-left section of the piston example in Figure !>. Because most of the blurred image appears like an elongation of the piston, why not forego the blur and simply redraw the piston elongated? This method actually works quite well in certain cases, such as with raindrops, sparks, and other generally bright objects that move over dark backgrounds. O Continuity, Not Constancy: Accelerated Motion Computer-animation artists rely too heavily on software to move objects. The problem here involves linear motion, that is, movements that occur at regular intervals of time. To understand the difficulties of having computers simulate reality, consider the opposite case: reality simulating a computer. Manv popular mime skits revolve around a human being imitating a robot. All of the mime’s movements are regular and sharp. An arm or a leg instantly starts moving at a single speed and suddenly stops. This is the nature of linear motion: constant speed without any acceleration or deceleration. Many animation programs are based on the same concept, which can he seen in the way they allow users to define an object’s path and the number of frames to he rendered between key-frame positions, i lie result is a distinctly robotic movement as an object moves from one static position to tlie next. Some animation software tries to smooth out such motion by providing acceleration along a curved path. But a perfect curve with perfect acceleration is still going to look, well, loo “perfect.” Real-world motion, in particular human movement, incorporates subtle accelerations and decelerations that are very difficult to reproduce, A traditional animator can flip quickly through several frames to judge timing, which, as in comedy or in politics, is crucial. Computer animators must be prepared to do the same thing. Animation software, however, is often not set up for this. On a personal computer, even a simple wire-frame preview can take several minutes to render precious lime when the vital interaction between the artist and the animation can easily be lost. The trick to creating expressive, subtle motion is to add enough key-frame positions to accommodate the movement needed. When they have had enough observation of and experience in animating, computer artists will then he ready to recognize what is required when new challenges arise. For instance, il vou wish to animate a steering wheel gone out of control and turning violently from left to right and back again, do not simply have the computer render ii left for 15 frames, tight for 5. Left 10, right 13, and so on. First of all, because this kind of motion is made up
o I s w i ft, j e r k i n g movements, a maximum frame rate is mandatory. Also make sure the wheel decelerates and accelerates for a few frames as it alternates direction. You will need even more subtle acceleration than this, too. .As the car hits bumps in the road, most likely the wheel itself will also vibrate. As the tires hit rocks and ruts, the wheel might suddenly spin in wild rotation at a moment’s notice. Then consider that the camera filming this ride will probably be rocking all around. To reflect this kind of movement, you could move the entire screen image up and down slightly from frame to frame. Now you’re getting the idea! This car really is in trouble. What started simply as a steering wheel turning has now become a car careening off a road. Your animation has impact and conveys emotion to the viewer. Figure 4. The diagram plots the divisions between the 24 frames of one complete cycle of the steam engine’s flywheel mechanism. Smaller divisions mean more frames and hence slower speed. A good example of accelerated-motion technique is illustrated again by the steam-engine animation. It was created in DeluxePaint 111, not a rendering package, and so illustrates that the principles of this technique apply to both computer-rendered and hand- drawn animation. T he flywheel does not rotate at a constant speed. Instead, to emphasize the heaviness of the counterweight, it accelerates quickly on the downswing and slows to a constant speed during the upswing. Figure 4 shows the division lines between the frames for one complete rotation of the flywheel. The closer together the lines, the greater the number of frames and the slower the speed. Notice that along the right side (the downswing), the divisions become greater and greater until just past the bottom. This represents the counterweight overtaking the machine and then accelerating as it falls because of gravity. As it starts up the left side, observe how the divisions diminish rapidly in size with the counterweight’s deceleration as it now tries to over- come the pull of gravity. At this point, the piston is driving it back up and the divisions become close and evenly spaced = motion is consistent here) until it begins to resume speed near the top, where the cycle begins all over again. The counterweight could he made to appear even heavier hv allowing it to rock back and forth at the bottom before the piston gains enough force to drive it back up. Play It Back, Sam, in Context At the base level, animation is merely simulated motion. Yet, in its finest moments, animation can create a wondrous reality that never existed before that instant. Over the years, audiences worldwide have rejoiced in these artificial visions. To an audience, the mechanics of animation are meaningless. Viewers, rarely concerned with how it was'done, are perfectly happy enjoying the end results. Traditional animators have been largely unsung heroes with their simple tools of pencil and paper. In such a context, we should be able to see why computer animation should not be revered just because it was created on a computer. It may be a novelty in the short term, hut eventually it must take its place as part of the entire animation process. The computer is just another tool for the animator, and it is valuable to the extent that it allows the animator new possibilities of expression. Just don’t forget the broad body of knowledge, technique, and experience that is the real foundation of all great animation. ¦ Brian Williams is a computer illustrator for multimedia productions, educational projects, and games. Creator of the Walker demo, he also lectures frequently on art and animation techniques. Write to him do Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, ArH 03458. When Bugs said “That’s All, Folks” at the end of the cartoon, well. . .that was it. Not so with your own newly created Amiga animation Stay “tooned” for some not-so-loony advice on animation utilities. ANIMATORS MIGHT RECOGNIZE Yogi Bear be- fore Yogi Berra, but the old ballplayer philosopher may have some sage advice on the subject of animation: "It ain’t over ’tii it’s over.” You’d know what he means if you have ever spent a lot of sleepless hours creating a wonderful animation only to discover in the cold, critical light of dawn that it needs "just a little changing, a few fixes, some minor additions.” Just the thought of redrawing the whole piece or rendering it over again will give you the shakes. Fortunately for you, your family and friends, and your mental well-being, there is a whole crop of utilities to help you avoid duplicating your entire effort. While the program on which the animation was created might provide the means for making some of the changes you need, there are distinct limits to how much assistance it can give when it comes to all those finishing touches that must be added. Our survey of animation utilities is meant to provide you with a range of specialized tools to help you get your finished animation out in the world well before vou * start collecting social security. None of the following utilities is designed to create an animation from scratch, except in some cases by packing together single frames made elsewhere. Their strengths lie in the areas of editing, special effects, and sound synchronization. (Some freely dis-i By Michael Hanish GVP brings you the latest breakthrough in ETHERNET NETWORK CONTROLLERS for your ® and or A500® EVP’s A-Net r% leading-edge features, flexibility, and software support will be your key to added Amiga productivity. .
• Ethernet Network Controllers available for both the A500 and the A2G00.
• Physical network is Ethernet Version 2 compatible. Fully compliant with IEEE
802. 3 Standard Types A and B.
• 10 MegaBit per second Ethernet transferrate.
• 16-bit data path addressing.
• Supports both "thick" and "thin" (BNC) Ethernet cabling. On-board transceiver for use with "thin" ethemet cabling. A-Net 2000 has DB-15 external connector. R; : • v ". 14
• Supports up to 30 stations with total cable length of up to 600 feet with "thin" Ethemet co-axial cabling.
• All controllers have 16KB of onboard static RAM allowing DMA directly to from the network. A2000 controller also has DMA sequencer allowing DMA transfers directly from to the Amiga's memory.
• Includes sophisticated software package supporting Amiga-to-Amiga networks. Software features include: V Easy to install software, well integrated with AmigaDOS. V Full peer-to-peer networking - i.e., every Amiga node can be both a client and server. V Resource sharing: Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, RAM Disks, Serial Ports, Parallel Ports, Printers, etc. can be shared between stations and can be transparently used as if they were physically connected to each] station. ¦ V Ability to run and "Tube" data, quickly between applications on remote stations. V' Ability to send messages between users. EVP A-Net 500 v'• Ability to check which users are active on the network. Novell and DECnet compatible software drivers available from third parties. A-Net and GVP arc trademarks of Great Valtey Products Inc. Amiga. A500 and A20O0 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer Inquiries welcome. Dealers Cirde 245 on Reader Server, Card Tel. (215) 337-8770 * FAX (215) 337‘9922 Consumers Circle .27 on Reader Sevca Card tributable player programs are also included in the last section of the article.) Editing functions common to many of these programs include cutting and pasting ANIM files in whole or in part, saving single or multiple frames as 1FF files for touch-up in a paint program, and altering palettes and adjusting timing. Special-effects possibilities vary widely among programs from simply adding a background to some or all of the frames to creating flips, spins, fades, or distortions for that extra spice. Several programs provide the ability to add sampled sound to the animation and to have the sound played back at a preset point. Our scope is limited to programs that work with the ANIM format a standard, or at least a common ground, among the wide variety of formats for creating and rendering animations. Where programs have been reviewed fully in previous issues of AmigaWorld, there is a reference to month, year, and page at the end of the description of that program. Each other, as long as their resolutions match. It also allows you to do palette matching and to perform color transitions over time. With Animation Station, you can accurately set the speed for the entire animation, even specifying hold times for individual frames. You can add sampled sounds to your animation and set them to play back at a particular frame. It is quite simple, for example, to cue the sound of a bouncing ball to occur at precisely the moment the ball hits the ground. Animation Station includes the public-domain program View, with which you can play your finished animation with sound. A number of other useful public-domain tools are also part of the package: BuihlANIM (constructs an ANIM file from discrete IFF pictures); SplitANIM (splits a large ANIM into smaller playable files); CombineANIM (merges two AN I Ms into one file on disk rather than in RAM); and ANIMInfo (identifies file type, formal, size, and number of frames). These are also available on Plink at 20049. (Jun. VO, p. 76.) Col Single-Serving Specialtie; ;h V :te Dinner Menu Everything Included ANIMagic ($ 99.95, Oxxi) combines the functions of an editor and special-effects generator, 'The program contains all the basic editing tools, including one of the best palette-editing schemes I have seen, plus a virtually limitless range of effects once you get used to the somewhat cryptic interface. It works in similar fashion to video digital-effects systems: By using and altering the parameters of the effects maps, you can make your animated images do all sorts of digital gymnastics. ANIMagic achieves its wide variety of effects, however, at the expense of rendering speed. Because the program does its processing frame by frame, the waits can be long for even relatively simple effects. An accelerator board could provide significant help here, and there is a version of the program optimized for 68020 and 030 processors. (Apr. ’90, p. J2.) Animation Station ($ 99.95, Progressive Peripherals & Software) offers another all-in-one editing and effects package. It sports an icon-driven interface and provides a storyboard-like display that usually gives you a clear picture of the contents of each frame of the animation. (When the frames contain a lot of images or when certain colors are used as backgrounds, the storyboard miniatures are not always clear enough to let you know exactly where you are.) The program has a good range of basic effects and renders them much more quickly than ANIMagic. Animation Station excels at cut-and-paste editing and image compositing. You can lay animations on top, underneath, at either end, or in the middle of Rather than combining many functions into one large package, Hash Enterprises ofTers individual editing and special-effects programs under the umbrella of its ANIMATION: series. With ANIMATIONiEditor ($ 59.95), you can combine and convert whole or partial animation files of different resolutions and numbers of colors into an output file of any resolution you choose. Output options include HAM (but not Extra_ Halfbrite), two degrees of overscan, high and low resolution with or without interlace, three different output-filc formats (ANIM, Hash, or IFF), and two video formats (NTSC or PAL). You can use Editor to cut or paste individual frames or to split an animation into separate IFF files. Color editing is limited -you can convert to black-and- white, and you can make the background color uniform throughout an animation. The package also includes the public-domain utility Capture (PLink 14563) for converting Sculpt-Animate (Creative Computers) and Turbo Silver (Impulse) format animations to Hash format (which you can then easily convert to ANIMs in Editor if you wish). The program is fast and simple to use, memory-efficient, and politely multitasking. ANIMATION:Multiplane (89.95) handles compositing, effects, and color-editing tasks. It works with two "planes’ each one either a single IFF image or a full animation which can be merged to create such digital effects as strobe, overlay, dissolve, fade, motion blur, pixelation, and color change. 'The interface pro-1 ¦ W hy try to figure it out all by yourself? With AmigaWorld Videos, it's like having a professional computer consultant at your side, 24 hours per day! AmigaWorld Videos cut your learning time dramaticaliy...and you get hints, tips and advice that only the experts know. 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It delves into computer painting...discusses the pros and cons of the most popular paint programs...tells you when HAM is a good idea...shows you how interlace works...and describes smearing, washing and tinting. Plus you get three extensive sessions on fonts, clip art and even digitizing! DESKTOP VIDEO Business presentations, instructional videos and even home movies this exciting video shows how you can use video with your Amiga. You'll gain valuable insights into evaluating Genlocks, using your camera with professional results, developing effective production operations, creating terrific special effects, adding animation and more. It's a video you won't want to miss! GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA There's no easier way to master the basics...and some of the more sophisticated operations as well. In a lively and easy-to-follow format, this video starts with assembling your system, feeling comfortable about working with screens, icons, and windows, and becoming a wiz at Workbench. It then addresses some of the more advanced topics of working with CLI, maximizing the use of your utilities and using a modem to expand your horizons. ANIMATION VIDEO When the editors of AmigaWorld canvassed the Amiga community looking for the best in Amiga animation, the response was overwhelming! Replies poured in from Amiga master artists as well as super-talented readers. The result a mind-blowing video featuring dozens of real-world animations demonstrating what's being done and what you can do. Order your copy today...it’s already becoming a collector's item! For immediate ordering service call TOLL FREE 1-800-343-0728 or send in the coupon below. Signature Name Address, City_ State Zip Available in VMS onlv. Please allow 4-b weeks for delivery. Foreign orders, add $ 7.SO for airmail delivery; $ 18 for two or more videos. Payment must be made in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks. IDC Peterborough, publisher of AmigaWorld, is the licensed North American distributor of Amiga World Videos. ©1989 by Razza Video USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. VID990
- I Check Money Order -I Mastercard ? VISA J AmEx Make checks payable to AmigaWorld Magazineor fill in your account information at right. AmigaWorld Video Library "w P.O. Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 3 1-603*924-9471 3 1-800-343-0728 ’ available in September uYES! I am eager to become an expert! Account _Exp.date Please send me the following videos: J NEW! AMIGA MUSIC....S29.95 * J AMIGA GRAPHICS, Volume I....S29.95 J DESKTOP VIDEO....$ 29.95 J GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR AMIGA....S29.95 J ANIMATION VIDEO....$ 19.95 Please include $ 2 95 for shipping and handling for one video, $ 5.00 for two or more. Amount Total S vides fill! Control over the degree and intensity of the effects over time. None of the effects rivals the flashy, full-image spins and swoops of AN I Magic or .Animation Station, but all are very effective and can be rendered quickly and smoothly. You have the same wide range of output options as in Editor, making this a very useful, versatile program. ANIMATION:Soundtrack (SI 19.95) is a sound- sampling editor and a synchronizing tool for incorporating sounds into your animation. It takes a quite different approach from that of Animation Station, where a particular frame triggers a sample. Here, samples are loaded into memory and then assigned in whole or in part to be triggered at specific times. The resulting soundtrack can then be played back and dubbed onto video, or played simultaneously, using the public-domain player Display (see below) and Soundtrack’s own ST Player. Soundtrack succeeds admirably at its primary function, which is to make lip-synced sound tracks for character animations, because sounds can be edited and “choreographed” in the same program. The sample-editing tools are excellent and accurate. Perhaps the only drawback to using the program is that you must know the precise time that you want a certain sound to occur within the animation, rather than being able to tie il to a frame you can see. For many tasks, this winds up feeling clumsy. A forthcoming version of Soundtrack promises the ability to sync MIDI files to SMPTE to allow for playback of synchronized music files. (Other utility modules in the ANIMATION: series include Effects, Stand, Flipper, Hotoscope, and Tiller.) Arte Choices DigiMate III ($ 39.95, Mindware International) is designed to work as an animation-creating front end for Digi-Paint 3. It requires the interprocess command language Arexx, which it uses to communicate with the paint program, to build a HAM ANIM file by stamping brushes on successive pages a technique that works quite smoothly and efficiently. The same method is used to make animated transitions, the patterned replacement of one HAM image with another. With nonHAM animations, the program performs a number of image-processing operations, including edge detection, color conversion to from one to four bit planes in black and white, resize, and mirror. It also provides the usual cut, paste, append, split, and join functions. DigiMate III is unique in its ability to play an animation directly from floppy or hard disk as well as from RAM. Other programs discussed here must first load the animation into RAM before playing, which increases speed but limits the size of animations to available RAM space. With DigiMate III, I noticed virtually no slowdown when playing lengthy animations from my hard disk. The same may not hold true for floppies, however, and users might be better advised to play animations from RAM, instead. Because of its low price, extremely intuitive interface, overall ease of use, and ability to customize animation files, DigiMate III deserves a serious look from animators. (Sep. ’90, p. 77.) Once you have finished the animation to your complete satisfaction, you will probably start thinking about how to get it out to a deserving audience. If Despite its script-based approach and lack of a graphics-oriented user interface (which keep many potential users away from the product), The Director ($ 69.95, Right Answers Group) offers almost limitless animation possibilities and should not be overlooked. Of particular interest to us in this survey is The Directors capability to play back ANIM files in whole or in part with precise control over each frame event. In addition, its Sound module provides the ability to synchronize sound to any frame. Such features, combined with the fact that you can create transitions on the fly with wipe routines found in The Director Toolkit ($ 39.95), make The Director a very powerful tool for modifying and customizing your AN I Ms. The time you spend learning to use this program will be handsomely rewarded. (Jun. 88, p. 70. A revised version of The Director, release 2.0, is expected this fall.) If you are looking for an excellent display program pure and simple, my suggestion is Elan Performer ($ 59, Elan Design). It provides a smooth and easy method to sequence multiple animations and IFF images. Stringing together any number of disparate pieces with different resolutions, you can produce even long, complex shows for display with Performer and still exercise precise control over timing and enjoy full interactive playback. If you wish to distribute your piece, simply use the public-domain player program included with the package. Performer also sports a pair of handy additional tools: AnimSplker (to make an animation out of individual frames) and Frame Cutter (to break an animation inio single IFF images). What Elan Performer does, it does extremely well, and for putting together smaller bits into a longer presentation, no other program can match it. (Oct. ’89, p. 90. An enhanced and more expensive version of Performer, release 2.0, is promised for September at a list price of SI 49.) 1 he Animation Studio is the. Only full-featured animation and paint program to utilize state-of-the-art cel animation techniques that are characteristic of Disnev-stvle animation owe For t Learn techniques such as Squash and Stretch, Arc of Motion, In- betweening, and Path of Action. Ind Sound dd sound, ?ech and car- iaJ effects. Limations. , *t ‘ * '* '.** .* f • ¦’-.J1 - 1 "v* " " “ * „* ¦ Leam how to go from rough concept to finished animation-complete with color and sound!
• ENTEF FORF every p. istered tr.idemjrk nf Coinintidorc-Amigj omputcr Software, Inc. * 50Q S. Buena Vl you want the animation to play when its icon is clicked, simply include the player program of your choice on the disk and make it the animation icon’s default tool. There are a number of freely distributable programs in the public domain that serve just such a purpose, all of which play back standard ANIM files of all screen resolutions. I have included four representative choices here, each with its locations on Genie and PeopleLink and its size in kilobytes (a factor you must consider, because player programs eat up disk space that could otherwise be used for the animation itself). In discussing Hash Enterprises' ANIMATION: Soundtrack above, we alluded to Display 3.29 (GEnie 7788, Plink 19380; 34.4K), In conjunction with Soundtrack’s own ST Player, it will play back an animation with the associated audio files. It features adjustable speed, a draggable playback screen, singleframe advance and reverse, and the ability to play animations from several disks as if they were one continuous piece. Another player program, but accessible only from the CLI or as the default tool, is ShowAnim 5.04-02 (GEnie 5811, Plink 17939;
39. 3K), wrhich permits you to specify the number of loops, color cycling, and timing. Able to work from either the CLI or Workbench, SuperView 3.0 (GEnie 6976, Plink 19417; 9.5K) provides keyboard controls that allow you to turn color cycling on and off, and to start, stop, or single- step through the animation. You can adjust timing, however, only on start-up from the CLI. A full-featured player viewer, View 1.8 (GEnie 6825, Plink 20050; 58.7K) offers a range of playback controls available from the keyboard while the animation is playing. It supports the playback of sounds at specific frames, as described above in the discussion of Animation Station. Noticeably absent from our list of animation utilities is a tool that allows for the synchronization and playback of song files, either in SMUS or MIDI format. Constructing a music soundtrack out of just sampled chunks of sound wastes too much time and memory. Let’s hope someone develops a utility that will enable us to include standard MIDI files or a SMUS score and several instruments with our animations. As for comparing programs in this survey with an eye towards making specific recommendations the problem is that each one performs different kinds of tasks. If I could have only one program among all those presented, it would be Animation Station. Although not perfect, it is very versatile (editing and special effects all in one package), renders very quickly, and is easy to use. The ANIMATIONrseries offers an excellent collection of specialized tools that perform quickly and easily. The only drawback is that the individual-module approach requires a fairly steep investment as an overall solution. Finally, although it has certain limitations, DigiMate III, a very inexpensive and easy-to-use package, is the only utility that allows you to work with HAM animations and to run animations from a hard disk. ¦ Michael Hanish uses his Amiga for video and graphics work with both his performance group, The World Turned Upside Down, and his adult literacy students. Write to him do Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Facturers’ Addresses Elan Design PO Box 31725 San Francisco, CA 94131 415 359-7212 Hash Enterprises 2800 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661 206 573-9427 Mindware International 110 Dunlop W. Box 22158 Barrie, Ont. Canada L4M 5R3 705 737-5998 Oxxi Inc. PO Box 90309 Long Beach, GA 90809 213 427-1227 Progressive Peripherals and Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Right Answers Group PO Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 The art Introducing the art of memory engineering. With the Amiga’s practically unlimited potential, often the only barrier to greater productivity is a lack of memory. Adding expansion memory to your computer opens doors to new capabilities. But knowing how much to add and how to add it can be a real headache For Amiga 2000s, 2500s and 3000s, Applied Engineering’s new RamWorks 2000™ (above, at right) is the definitive memory expansion solution. The board was engineered to incorporate 256K x 4 dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips. That’s a significant improvement over chips used on other boards because it gives you growth-path choices. You can add memory in large increments or smaller, more affordable increments of 512K at a time. And you can add these small increments all the way up to 8 MEGs. Ease of use is also important Many memory' expansion boards require the user to configure tiny switches or jumpers in a trial and error fashion to suit their particular hardware. RamWorks 2000 has an intuitive on-board feature that automatically configures your setup making it much easier to install and upgrade. No switches, no jumpers just add memory and go. We also designed RamWorks 2000 to be fully compatible with the A3000, so if you decide at some future date to upgrade your computer, you can switch the card over. RamWorks 2000 carries a five year warranty. Call for current pricing. For Amiga 500s with 512K, we designed the RamWorks 500™ (above, at left). Combining the functions of an internal 512K memory card and clock card, RamWorks 500 boosts the A500's available RAM to 1 MEG. We incorporate 256K x 1 DRAM chips to make RamWorks 500 fully compatible with ALL A500 hardware and software, including pre-1989 machines. The built-in clock function automatically time and date stamps your files and a graphical diagnostic program checks for bad or improperly seated chips. Five year warranty. With 512K installed $ 119. 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P. O. Box 5100 nt T, Carrollton, TX 75011 USA ©1990. AE Research. Inc All rights resent’d Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders. Color Roulette AREFUL CONTROL OF color is the key to great art, a key which many people never find. The problem may be that color is not a science, but a free-for- Rig yourself a color wheel all: There is no “correct" color theory, no “approved” and take the gamble Out of way to mix colors; instead, a plethora of systems presents a wide selection of methods from which to choose your palettes. Uninhibiting, yes; overwhelming, definitely. Selecting the right colors for your palettes. By Gene Brawn Despite the apparent chaos in the world-of color, a few color-mixing techniques have withstood the test of time. Most artists' color-mixing schemes are based on the color circle. This is simply a representative sample of the visible spectrum, bent and spliced end to end, on which several useful color relationships can be mapped and diagrammed. The fundamental color relationship is the complement: two colors 180 degrees apart on the wheel. Complements are used when the artist needs a strong contrast of colors. Strong contrast is also produced by the triad, three colors located 120 degrees apart, such as the primary colors red, green, and blue. For a lower color contrast, use the split-complement scheme, created by mixing a dominant color and the two hues on either side of its complement. A hexad is formed when six colors, 60 degrees apart, are combined. Remove any hue from the mixture and you have a pentad of five colors. Analogous color schemes result when colors are chosen from a limited arc of the circle, generally less than 90 degrees. Other methods include confining your choice to colors of the same brightness or value, or to colors with a common level of saturation. Don Your Smock If choosing the right colors sounds like blind luck or tedious trial and error, take heart. You can use DeluxePaint III ($ 149, Electronic Arts) or any paint program with color-cycling capabilities to create a “smart” color circle that helps you out. The automatic color cirde is simply a color wheel that uses Dpainf s color-cvcle mode to rotate the colors around the wheel. To the side of the circle are color-test patches with which you can preview any mixing combination and devise pleasing color schemes for your projects. THE TOTAL DISK BACKUP SOLUTION!! "COMPLETE H AR dWAR E SO FT WAF SYSTEM FOR ONLY ... 'it's fast, easy to use and very, very efficient." AMIGA FORMAT NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN AROUND 50 SECONDS!!
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* ADD $ 4.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($ 10.00 CANADA MEXICO] ALL GOODS SHIPPED 2nd DAY AIR UPS WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VIS A CHECKS .MONEY ORDERS or COD'S (ADD $ 2) To get you started, we’ll create a wheel with triad, split-complement, and double-complement swatches. (See the sidebar, “Cycle By Numbers,” for other combination suggestions.) By convention, the number of hues in an artist’s color circle is almost always a multiple of three (all other colors being derived from the three primary colors). While 12-hue circles are most common, ours will have 24 colors to give you a broader choice. Construction is easy: Run DeluxePaint in lo-res 32- color mode, build a rainbow palette, draw a color circle using those hues, create some combination test patches, and turn on color cycling to see the results. To design your palette, call the Color Palette requester by pressing the p key. If the first two colors in the palette are not black and white (or the default tan), press the Help key to automatically effect these Cycle By Numbers BELOW ARE SETTINGS for just a few of the possible color combinations you can create using the automatic color wheel. The numbers refer to the colors’ positions on the wheel. Simply use Dpaint’s Pick command to select the color from the screen when you are drawing the test boxes. Serving shapes and relative sizes. Fill these shapes with any of the color combinations you like and color cycle as usual. ?
- GOB Complement Split-complement Double-complement Mutual-complement T riad Pentad Analogous 1,13
1. 11.15
1. 9.13.21
1. 11.13.15 1,9,17
1. 1,2,3,4,5 Another, even more useful technique is to draw a sketch representing the elements in your picture, ignoring detail but presettings. Keeping these colors in the first two positions ensures that the menus will always be visible when they are displayed. Here and in the toolbox, colors are arranged in vertical columns, numbered from top to bottom and ordered from left to right. Color number ! (now black) is at the top of the leftmost column, while color 9 tops the next. To create our electronic spectrum, we’ll use the requester’s Spread function. Unfortunately, this otherwise powerful feature contains a serious flaw: It will not lei you produce a palette of the entire spectrum with a single command. Dpaint looks for the shortest route through the spectrum to the target color. In other words, instead of always traversing a color circle clockwise, Dpaint creates the colors in a counter-clockwise direction if that is the shortest path to the target color. If you try the spread from red to blue, for example, you will get a range of reds and blues in place of the full spectrum! Instead, you must create the colors in smaller steps that correspond to their spectral order. Start the first spread (red to cyan) by clicking on register 3. Use the RGB sliders in the Palette requester to adjust its color. Move the R(ed) slider to the top
(15) and the G(reen) and B(lue) sliders to the bottom
(0) to create a pure red. Click color 15 and adjust the sliders to read 0,15,15 (cyan). Click the Spread button, then position 3 (red). You should see a gradual transition of colors from red through green to cyan. Finish your spectrum by setting the palette to the following values and spreading between each: Make register 19 blue (0,0,15) and 27 red (15,0,0). Your new palette colors are now at full saturation, but you can easily alter them. If your projects require pastels or more somber hues, simply adjust the H, S, and V sliders. First, set each of the main registers to die values I previously specified. Before completing each spread, however, set the Saturation (S) slider to about 8 for pastels, or move the Value (V) slider to near 8 for darker colors. Experiment with the settings until you find the levels you like. Before you close the Palette requester, you need to tell Dpaint which colors to use for the operations that follow. First, dick on the 1 to the right of the Range button, then on register 3, Click on Range, then on register 27. Click on buttons 2 through 6 and set each of their speeds to 0. Finally, visually check the color-cycle rate and range limits by dragging the speed slider to the right (faster) or left (slower). Release it about one-third of the way from the left side of the box to select a slow cycle speed. Click OK to exit the requester. Reinventing the Wheel The next step is to draw the color circle, not as a continuous band of color, but as a circle of 24 small Thrilling 192 Color Arcade v Screens! 4096 color Adventure Screens! Realistic Anination! Inter v('me merchant sh to trade?
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* 1 or 2 player action + demo mode, control Master Chi and or Tommy Lee
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* Hard Disk Installable, runs on all Amigas from 500 to 3000. Pive seasons have come and gone since the evil sorceror Li-Kuan ascended to power. Aided by his use of both magic and some unknown technology, his reign of tenor has gone unchallenged.-But now he has dared to steal the Heart of the Dragon, a sacred artifact guarded by Master Chi, Dao- en of the nsionic monks. Worse yet he has kidnapped Shou-Mei, soon to be wife of the volatile undefeated master of the martial arts, Tommy Lee. The destiny of the world lies in your hands, as Tommy Lee you wil1,, become a master of the fighting arts. Or choose to become the awesome Master Chi, capable of directing energy bolts straight from your mind. Together you will use your combined strengths, wisdom and wit to foil Li-Kuan and his evil minions. Ask your dealer or order direct for Fast same day shipping (VIS A MC) Digital Wizards Inc. 2727 Camino Del Rio South 340 San Diego, Ca. 92108 (619)260-1100 (619)562-8697 “blots," one for each color in our limited spectrum. The obvious way to build the circle is to stamp a brush 24 times to establish the shape, then color each blot with the Fill tool. Stop! There is a much, much easier way to do this. First, click the right mouse button on the upper part of the Circle tool to display the Spacing requester. Click on N Total and set its count to 24. Exit with an OK click. Toggle on Cycle mode with the F7 key or through the Mode menu. Click one of the large built- in brushes located at the top of the toolbox, press the = key three times to enlarge the brush, and select red as the drawing color. Click and drag out a circle of blots about three-quarters of the screen’s height. Voilk! We have our 24-color circle. A closer look, however, reveals a slight hitch: Pure red, which should be at the top of the circle, is located on the right. Of course, Dpaint provides a simple way ro rotate the colors to their proper positions. Change the range in the Color Palette requester to exclude the last red (register 27), which was needed only to draw the circle, and then exit the requester. Select MultiCycle from the Prefs menu and grab the color circle as a brush, using the right mouse button to Colorful Reference A Book of Colors Shigenobu Kobayashi Kodansha International New York, 1987 Interaction of Color Josef Albers Yale University Press New Haven, 1975 Principles of Color Design Wucius Wong Van Nostrand Rein hold Company New York, 1987 Theory and Use of Color Luigina De Grandis Harry N. Abrams Inc. New York, 1986 The World of Color William F. Powell Foster Art Service Inc. Tustin, CA, 1984 The Basic Law of Color Theory Harald Kueppers Barron’s New York, 1982 Colour Edited by Helen Varley Marshall Editions Limited London, 1980 Color Mixing by Numbers Alfred Hickethier Van Nostrand Reinhold Company New York, 1969 Manufacturer’s Address Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 leave a clear screen. By pressing the y key, flip the brush so that its colors are properly oriented. Again, press the F7 key to select Cycle mode (which was turned off when you picked up the brush). Press the Right Bracket key (]) until red rotates to the top of the wheel, Lhen stamp the brush on the right side of the screen to make room for your test patches. Reset the Spacing requester to Continuous and press F2 to return to the normal color-drawing mode. With the wheel complete, we are ready to create the test swatches. Most color schemes have one color that dominates the composition; in our patches this will be the hue in position 1, which is pure red to start with. Select it from your palette and draw three backgound rectangles along the left side of the display, each about one-third of the screen in height. Make the first a triadic test patch, consisting of colors 1, 9, and 17, as the triangle in the illustration shows. Add smaller green (color 9) and blue (17) boxes inside the top-left rectangle, and label it Triad. In the next box, repeat the process for the split-complement, adding colors 11 and 15. Finally, add the hues for the double-complement (9, 13, and 21) to the third. Pressing the Tab key slowly cycles the colors in the boxes in concert with the rotation of the color circle, letting you evaluate the available combinations. Use the Speed control in the Palette requester to check the pace of rotation, adjusting it as necessary. Pretty and Productive You may have noticed a small problem: The color circle always resets to its original state once color cycling is turned off. If you cannot save your selections, this color circle is nothing more than a toy. As a solution, try the following: Grab a test patch as a brush, press F7, and use the ] key and MultiCycle to cycle the colors. When you see a combination you like, stamp the brush. Creating a new palette from these colors is easy with the palette tool. You can streamline the process if you save the color tests as brushes. Then, you can use them whenever you need to create a new palette. Simply load the appropriate brush, invoke the Use Brush Palette command, and MultiCycle through the spectrum to your heart’s content. The automatic color wheel is a powerful tool, but it is only the First step towards creating an effective palette. You have selected, at most, six colors on which to base your color scheme. Now you must add subtle shadings and values to these colors to create a truly useful palette. Consult the bibliography, “Colorful Reference," for more advice on palette choices and color theory. ¦ Gene Brawn is an in teracti ve- m u 11 i media producer and a contributing editor. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Advanced Econo Diplomatic Simul Bflnmc nines or flneient emim 100 Ycan Before Robin liood The newly appointed Minister of War has seized all imperial authority, and rules the Empire with malicious glee. Those who oppose him are branded and exiled. The Emperor, reduced to a shadow in his own palace, has one last chance to restore order and justice...you. But Gao Qiu, the evil Minister of War, will use his considerable power to destroy you unless you get him first. And if things weren’t bad enough, the northern border is swarming with barbarians, bent on taking the Empire's riches for their own Features: For one to seven players; four separate scenarios; 255 characters, each with a distinct personality; military, economic and diplomatic simulation; demo mode; complete instruction manual and historical notes; poster included. Titles Also Available for IBM- PC Genghis Khan Conquests Of Love and War Build an empire as Genghis Khan, or one of his rivals. Battle your enemies with a calvary, lay siege to their castles J - J with archers, or even challenge them to a duel. Features: For one to four players: battery backed memory; two separate scenarios; five levels of difficulty; demo mode: complete instruction manual and historical notes; poster included. 1989 PC Excellence Award W (IBM-PC Version) Game Player's Magazine The Struggle to Become Shogun The Best, Longest Selling Simulation Game Ever Released in Japan Features: For one to eight players; two separate scenarios: five levels of difficulty; battery backed memory; demo mode; complete instruction manual and historical notes; poster included. Software Publisher's Association's W Excellence in Software Awards. (IBM-PC Version) 1989 Best Video Game Innovation 1989 Best Strategy Video Game Game Player's Magazine TO OKDKK: Visit your retailer or call 415-348-0500 (9am to 5pm Pacific Time) to charge on Visa MC: or money order (U.S. $ ) to KOEI. U.S. shipping only. IBM A: Amiga are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp & Commodore Arnica Inc. TM designates trademark ol KOEI Co.. L'l D. KOEI Corporation • One Bay Plaza. Suite 540 • 1350 Bayshore Highway. Burlingame, CA 94010 • Tel: 415-348-0500 KOEI... We Supply The Past, You Make The History Circle 105 on Reader Scrvce card. Command Performance This hat trick of customized scripts created with ArnigaDOS commands will give you three ideas on how to start working your own magic. ? By Loren Lovhaug HOW WOULD YOU like a free operating system upgrade that does not: require a knowledge of C, BCPL, or assembly language; render any of your software incompatible; or necessitate a visit to an authorized Commodore service center? Your c: directory of CLI commands provides the tools to create scripts (ordered groups) of commands that can automate repetitive actions and can even perform tasks not previously accomplished by Amiga DOS. The basic scripting requirements are a text editor or word processor that can save .ASCII files, and a clear idea of the script's function. Start by writing a plan of your thoughts that identifies exactly what you want your script to do and breaks your task into as many component parts as possible. These preliminary steps make it much easier to choose the proper ArnigaDOS commands. .As inspiration for your own scripts, I’ll walk you through the plans, methodologies, and implementations for three sample scripts. L Doubletime: The DATECOPY Script The fact that ArnigaDOS automatically stamps the current date into each file that you save to disk opens up a convenient way to copy files on the basis of their creation dates, as well as their names. Let’s create a script for a new command, DATECOPY, that will allow you to specify a time period as one criteria for copying files. The syntax of DATECOPY will be as follows: DATECOPY source TO destination SINCE date UNTIL date As in the ArnigaDOS COPY command, “source" in this connection specifies the pathnames and filenames (including wildcards) of the files you wish to copy, and “destination" indicates the device and directory where the files should finally end up. The SINCE and UN- TIL date parameters let you limit your copying to files that were created after, before, or during a specified time. The date entries must be in the standard ArnigaDOS date format or day-of- ihe-week notation (yesterday, today. Monday, and so on). For example, to copy from dfO: to RAM: files whose names begin with R and that were created between March 10, 1990, and yesterday, enter (on one line): DATECOPY dfO:R r TO ram: SINCE 10-M.AR-90 UNTIL yesterdav i lo eliminate some typing, you can omit one or both of the SINCE and UNTIL parameters. Using UNTIL without SINCE tells DATECOPY to copy files dated from January 1, 1980, to the date you indicate with UNTIL. Specifying SINCE without an UNTIL parameter instructs DATECOPY to duplicate files dated from the day you specify up to (and including) today. If you omit both the SINCE and UNTIL parameters DATECOPY copies files created between January 1, 1980, and today. The task's component steps are:
1. Get the source, destination, and dates from the user.
2. Set the defaults for the SINCE and UN TIL parameters. ? ANARCHY “Whether you liked or loathed Defender, you’ll love Anarchy. The speed at which the screen scrolls is frightening, the number of aliens, bullets and other miscellaneous objects that are animated simultaneously is absolutely remarkable. Anarchy is the best version of Defender ever". FEATURING Full screen horizontal, 4 level parallax scrolling, Arcade running speed (50 frames sec) on Amiga and Atari ST. 48 colors on screen at once. Up to 80 aliens attacking simultaneously. Full screen animation sequences totalling over 450 screens. 4 channel sampled soundtrack. Saveable top 50, Hi-Score table. FAST, FRANTIC, FURIOUS GAMEPLAY Screen Shots from the Amiga version AVAILABLE NOW ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL THE KILLING GAME SHOW Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Intergalatic T.V. Games Show of the century. We’re real glad you could tune in folks and so will you be once you’ve experienced THE KILLING GAME SHOW. With no expense spared we've constructed 16 special, artificial pits of death, located on ourfun-packed satellite moons. Just to make things interesting our ‘volunteers' will have to contend with the dreaded ‘DOLL’ (deadly-to-organic- life liquid), 'HALF S' (hostile artificial life forms) and lots of other little surprises along the way. So, on with the show folks. Remember KGS broadcasts all night, every night - and its the only game show where staying alive is the major prize! Screen shots taken from the Amiga version AVAILABLE NOW ON THE PSYGNOSIS LABEL MATRIX MARAUDERS EARTH ONE - PREPARE TO DESCEND. YOUR TIME HAS COME... As you hurtle through the complex mazes of the death tunnels, you must negotiate the torturous twists and turns in order to keep ahead of the competition. - The deadly race track is linked by a series of pit grids which are littered with numerous bonuses including speed amplification modules and fuel which must be collected to ensure your survival! Featuring a unique 3D arcade game concept. This is the ultimate futuristic racing simulator - you won't find anything like this on this side of the galaxy! Optional two player “Head to Head” link via serial port. Screen shots from the Amiga version AVAILABLE NOW ON THE PSYCLAPSE LABEL PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 Anarchy Amiga Atari ST. Killing Game Show Amiga Atari ST Matrix Marauders Amiga Atari ST
3. Create a list of files that meet the file and date criteria.
4. Copy the files. The corresponding script is: . Key S()U RCE a,TO k a,SINC E k,UNTI Uk .def SINCE “01-Jan-80” .def UNTIL "today" ECHO “Copying from source> to to> since since> until unti!>“ LIS T >t:templist sonrce> LFORMAT = “COPY %s%s 'EG to> CLONE” SINCE since> UPTO uiitil> EXEC1UEE t:templist DELETE t:templist (Do not break the ECHO and LIST commands as was necessary here; type each one on a single line.) To get the file specifications from the user, the script employs a technique called parameter substitution. Scripts requiring user-supplied parameters must begin with a .key directive, which tells AmigaDOS how much information the user may or must supply and declares the keywords that describe the information within the command script. The a codes following the names of the SOURCE and the TO (destination) parameters in the .key directive tell AmigaDOS that the user must supply these parameters for the script to function properly. The k codes after the last three parameters tell AmigaDOS that the user must type the words TO, SINCE, and UNTIL when supplying these parameters. Because the SINCE or UNTIL parameters can be ommitted, the user must type the appropriate keyword to identify either parameter. For clarity's sake, the script also requires the user to type"IX) before supplying the destination device. The .def statements specify default definitions for the SINCE (January 1, 1980) and UNTIL (today) parameters in case no values are supplied. At this point, the ECHO command displays a message on the screen informing the user that the duplication process is about to begin. The angle brackets ( and >) in the command identify the parameters specified in the .key directive and tell AmigaDOS to substitute the information that the user supplied for the name of the parameter when it performs the command (in this case, displays on the screen). In the next step, you use a technique called output redirection and some obscure, hut handy, options of the AmigaDOS LIST command to compile a list of files to copy. Output redirection sends command output that would normally appear on the screen to a disk file or logical device. In the case of DATECOPY, use the >t:templist syntax to redirect LISTs output to the templist file in the t: directory. (The standard start up-sequence for the 1.3 operating system creates t: automatically.) Now the obscure options come into play: LIST has the unique ability to filter files according to creation times via the command's SINCE and UPTO options. Therefore, you can simply tell LIST to use the values of the SINCE and UNTIL parameters as filters. In addition, LISTs LFORMAToption lets you customize the output that LIST creates. In this case, you instruct AmigaDOS to embed the filenames that match the user's criteria and the files’ destination into a COPY command and output it to the t: directory’s templist file. For example, if the script located the file named “articletext" on cliO: and the user wanted it copied to RAM:, the customized LIST command would output the following line to the file ctemplist: COPY dfDrarticletext TO ram: CLONE This technique fills templist with the appropriate COPY commands. When executed (via EXECUTE tuemplist), the COPY commands will duplicate all of the files that meet the specified criteria at the proper location. Notice that each of the COPY commands uses the CLONE option to preserve the original date- and-time stamp for each file, file last line of the script deletes the now-expendable templist file from the t: directory.
2. Leave on Time: The DATEDELETE Script Now that we can copy files by their creation dates, let’s write a similar script that deletes files based on their creation dates. The syntax for DATEDELETE is: DATEDELETE source SINCE date UNTIL date As with DALECOPY, you can omit the SINCE and UNTIL options. Unlike its duplicating cousin, however. DATEDELETE displays the targeted files’ names and asks if you’re sure you want to delete them. If you type y and press RETURN, the delete operations begin; type anything else and the command script aborts. The implementation steps are:
1. Get the source and dates from the user.
2. Set the defaults for the SINCE and UNTIL parameters.
3. Create a list of files that meet the file and date criteria.
• L List the files slated for deletion.
3. Ask user to confirm deletion.
6. Delete files and exit, or simply exit. I he script of DATEDELETE is constructed almost identically to that of DALECOPY, as you can see: .key SOU RCE a.S INC E 'k.U NTI Uk .def SINCE “01-Jan-80" .def UNTIL “today" LIST >t:templist source> LFORMAT = “DELETE 9cs%s" SINCE since> UPTO until> LIST source> SINCE since> UPTO until> ASK “Are you sure you want to delete the files?" IF NOT WARN FCHO “Delete operation aborted” SKIP done END1F EXECUTE Llemplist LAB done DELETE t:teinplist (Do not break the first LIST command as shown; type it on a single line.) While paralleling DATFCOPY in consmclioii, die DAI’EDELFTE script illustrates two new concepts. First, it uses the ASK command to solicit user input; then, it uses the IF. . . ENDIF, SKIP, and LAB commands to alter the script’s execution How in accordance with the answer. T he ASK command displays a prompt message to double check that the user really wants to delete the files, and it pauses the execution until it receives a response. If the user responds by pressing y and RET URN, AmigaDOS sets the condition flag to its “WARN” (=5) state. You test for this state using the AmigaDOS IF. . . ENDIF command's WARN option. If the IF clause is true, then the script executes, in order, the statements between IF and ENDIF; otherwise it ignores these commands. In the DATEDELFTE script, if the NOT WARN condition is true (the user pressed anything but y), the script perforins the SKIP command. SKIP tells AmigaDOS to jump ahead in the script until it finds the specified label (done) in a LAB statement. If NOT WARN is false (the user pressed v), AmigaDOS performs the statement immediately following ENDIF, in this case EXECUTE tuemplisl, which deletes the files.
3. Timed Reactions: The WAITCOPY Script The final example script, WAIT COPY, takes advantage of both the Amiga’s built-in clock mechanism and its ability to multitask applications. WAITCOPY sits in the background and copies all of the Files you specify to the directory or device you wish at the stated intervals. If you like using the RAM: disk as a temporary storage device because of its speed and convenience, but want a little added protection from blackouts, temperamental children, and visits from the guru, you will appreciate WAITCOPY. The syntax for the command is: WAITCOPY source TO destination time For example, WAITCOPY ram: ?.txt TO dfO: 5 would copy all of the files in RAM: that end with the suffix .txt to dfT): every five minutes. To stop WAITCOPY, click the CIT window in which it is running and type the CTRL-C and CTRL-D break sequences to exit the script. The script automatically defaults to a copy interval of 10 minutes if you do not specify the time. Broken down, the tasks are:
1. Get the source, destination, and time intervals from the user.
2. Wait the specified time interval.
3. Copy all of the files from the source to the destination.
4. Display a message reporting when the last copy occurred,
5. Loop hack to step 2. The script to accomplish these is as follows: . Key SOU RCE a .TO k, MIN S .def MINS “10” LAB start WAIT mins> MINS COPY source> TO to> ALL CLONE QUIET ECHO “Last save of source> to to>:” NOLINE DATE SKIP start BACK Obviously, one of the keys to WAITCOPY is the WAIT' command, which pauses script execution for the specified number of minutes or seconds. Without the surrounding loop of SKIP and LAB, however, the script would wait and copy only once. As in the DATE DELETE script, the LAB command identifies a point in the script to which SKIP should reroute the execution flow. This time, the label precedes the skip instruction, so you use SKI P’s BACK option to tell AmigaDOS to look for a label before the present line. You loop execution to an earlier command and there begin the wait, copy, and notify cycle again. Protected for Execution After saving the above scripts to your c: directory as ASCII files, one more step remains before you can use them as you would standard commands. While you can run them now, to do so you must type EXECUTE and the command's name, instead of simple the command’s name. To make your scripts executable like all the other c: commands, you must set the script and execution protection hits for each with the PROTECT command. For example, PROT ECT crDATECOPY + SE sets the proper hits for DATECOPY. Simply repeat the process for the other two scripts, and your new commands are ready to use. Merely typing in these examples will not give you the ability to create elaborate AmigaDOS command scripts, but studying them will reveal some of the subtle and indispensable techniques on which you can build. ¦ Loren Lovhattg, a frequent contributor to Amiga and C-64 128 publications, is also a sysop on the Quantum Link and Genie networks. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, Mil 03158. 800-872-8882 213-214-000 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ORDER STATUS
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: (INCLUDING CA) U 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8AM-6PM PST - FAX: 213-214-0932 MICROUNE MW7®. 9995 HOMEBUILDERS PRWT WT DESIGN OB AEGtS WT OESK3N UB. Ft Intr8c1o plus' 72 94 46 ts 3695 46 95 86 94 HAMAMDEL PRO VI 0 W 95 32*9 1394 19 95 9195 UFE CYCLES AMIGA ._ 14 INTELLIGENT MUS>C PiXOUND . 19.95
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309. X 309 X 29 95 .. 23 95 GYP1 GYPI .2X95 43 X .3.95 .7.49 . 7 49 .695 ALPAL. BUDDY SYSOP AWT U __ HAM IT UP PRINTER ST AND 132 COL STAR NX-1000 RIBBON__ ALOHA FONTS 1 .11.95 ALOHA FONTS 3---1995 aSmaSCALUGHA FONTS -----29 94 FANCY 30 FONTS _ FANCY 30 FONTS SILVER STAR NX-2400 R1BSCY4 STAR NX2410 RIBSON gyp«5ci-««mojjwhz _ 2195.00 GYP AJ5C1 -*WAT 33WH2 _ 251100 GYP A3H1-4O0AT 33MHI _ 217100 HufiftCANS H500 ACClL _ »1 CO MEG* MlOGET RACER . 1*400 ET RACER STAR RAINBOW RIBBON GOLD DSK FONT SET 41 INTER SUPRARAM 500 111 MEG _ SUPRARAM A5CC 7MB RAM :A£ MISC. ACCESSORIES ERFDNTS CABLE FUCK SONY 13X2 _ '9 CABLE SCSI 3 CONNECT ‘1 £ ’695
9. 95 MIDGET I .13100 AAO META 50Q 442 I 3 CONNECT. CABLE SCSI RIBBON 2 A1000 KEYBOARD ADAPTR 19 95 .50 95 EANER_5.95 AUDIO HARDWARE I RIBBON 3FT _ ST-506 HDD SET __-2» ¦ TRUMP,’SCSI 2000 ------- 19.95 CABLE TruMPTSCSI 5X '995 CABLE VGA TO 1302 6FT___2995 MISC. HARDWARE COMPUTER SERVICE KIT_1195 COPT7CAMERA STAND _59.95 DATA TRANSFER SWITCH ... OKU DROID -----57.95 ERASE-A-ULBEL _ S.9S FUCKER MASTER 1295 GAME PLAY COMPACT DSK 11.49 AMAS MIDI SAMP JAI000 124X0 AMASMiW SAMPLER--124X0 CHEETAH KEYBOARD__199-00 CMI H01 (EXT)___54.95 DfLULE MIDI A50CV2000 . ! MID11000 A MAX EMULATOR GENDER CKNGfl OB25 MM . 9 95 GENOA CHNG A5OC-A10CO___2395 SMART CABLE 117 995 New Horizon's new word processor takes on ail challengers with features like: . 53 95 .49.95 .49.95 GENDER BENDER. DKS1V 20.95 tSTANDI CRAWR DISKETTES DISK ACCESSORIES .5995 .... BASE.™ -----39.95 POWER PROTECTOR PLUS 14 95 SURGE GUARD ....___5195 SURGE MASTER ......__ 1695 >500--U-95 FUTURE SOUND A1000 129 95 MIDI GOLDS* _14 95 MIDI GOLD INSIDER _M 95
419. 00 179X0 139X0 BARS AND P.PES 174 X 149 S5 224 X
- *9 95 A2OT DRIVE REPIACHNT__19.15 AMG-4-TC&4 1B9X0 CA-MC FLOPPY DRIVE.....11900 CS 3290 , ...... *9 X0 CSI 31W SILENT DRIVE-129X0 SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL .239-00 RAM 1MB X 1 100 . RAH 1MB X t -TO .12X0
20. 00 1190 AE High Density Drive - ___ S209.95 Operates transparently as an 880K drive or
1. 52 Meg drive and has an electronic eject button. AE Datalirtk 2000 Upgradeable ModemSI 39.00 Above Upgraded with MNP-5 .$ 279.00 500 Heavy Duty Power Supply S89.95 NEW MUSIC S W SOUNQOUEST 050 MASTER ...93 94 SOUNOOUEST DX7 MASTER RAM IMB X 1 *0 IB X 17120 IPP ___109.95 SOUNOOUEST ESQiTSO-60 92 95 SOUNOOUEST FBOI MS1R 97.94 SOUNOOUEST K-1 MASTER™. 93 95 SOUNOOUEST U-1 MASTER ,119 95 ULTIMATE SOUND-------- RAH IMB X 17120 DtPP ... 12 00 RAH IMB X4 JOHS ZiPP------70X0 RAM 1MB X 4 IOHS WPP __70 00 RAM 1MB 16 -12 SIMM __14 X SUPRA WORDS YNC *00 SUPRA WORDS SILENT DRIVE _11900 EOCEMACORJY 194 00 SrNCIOSQ TlHYTGEn 40MB-Q BARS AND PIPES RULES PERFORMANCE _ 34 95 .144 45 .77.95 .39.95 _ 95.00 13900 „ 1*900
69. 45 199.00 .99.00 . 162.X .. 64 95 6*95 93 45 TINY TIGER 50U8-O__ TRUMP CARO SCSI A2W0.._ : PCAM__ SUB SYSTEMS A500 FDD SUPRADRIVE FLOPPY _ TfflN DRIVES_ UWWVE__ PROSOUND GOLD QUASAR SOUND SAMPLER . RAM 1MB X I -JO SIMM _195.X RAM 256* X IzlPP KER ... 25 94 JMPCARD A200C PROF . TRUMP CARD SCSI A500 TRUUPCARD A500 PROF. _ VAULT 30MB HARO DRIVE . VAULT 40MB HARO DRIVE . VAULT 65MB HARO DRIVE - 20 X 7195 TIGER CUB 56 95 TRAX Midi StudiO ___56.95 WAVE PROF. SMPL. GEN 159.95 SCULPT 30XL RAM 2S6K X 421 RAM 256* X 44 MEG. RAM 256* X 4512*__ 36,95 RAM 256* X 4*0 DlPP ......13.X
149. X
- 134.00 .145.00 59 95 . 96.95
125. 00
259. 00
299. 00
49. 95 349 00 ... 89.00 ..4295 .74,95 GYP AUTQBOOT EPROM_29X5 GVP IMPACT HCA)---139XO OY? IMP ACT MCA! OfZ__159X0 GYP WACT HC7100__119.30 GYP IMPACT HC7100IW __ 139.00 GYP IIP ACT HC 400__444 06 GYP IIP ACT HCJ40Q iVI GYP Iff ACT H04S _ SXO .00 :iBS EASYL 500 TABLET___329.00 FUCK, fix TO GENLOCK .....37.95 FUCKER FIXER --- 378.00 FRAMEOftABBER , ___ 569 00 I PAL VeltiS ... 569 X . 129.95 INPUT DEVICES
* 95X0 449XO CUPART „ 759 90 r ___14,95 JSE.THE ...._. 92.X DUAL GUN ADAPTER---25 95 DUAL JOYSTICK ADAPTOR----10 ftS EPYX2MXJ JOYSTICK EPYX500XJ JOYSTICK ERGO STIC* FRAMEGRABEER.256 GRAY ... 129 X FRAMEGAABBEIY3S6Q PAL .. CMSKMASTER DOCTOR AMI DOS TO DOS 2495 2495 .32 49 .46 95 .45 45 .25.95 AIRCRAFT PICS -----31.96 AiR$ H!P&7XTH SCULPT 23.95 AIRSH1PS-201H TSILVER ART COMPANION _ ART GALLERY 1 6 2 art Gallery fantasy 139 M -M 349 00
360. X
* U WIFtrS
23. 95 .19 95 . 1995 .23.95 .21.95 .1995 .12.95 DUNLAP UTILITIES___ ENCORE . 11.95 . 19.95 .17.95 1Z.X .2595 . 35.95 .6995 . 32.49 .12.95 . 64.95 .32.43 .29.95 LJYE11000 LIVE I 2000 UAGNI4004 G1NU3CK7CONT 1495.00 MMGEM GENLOCK __ 179 00 MtflGEN PAL GENLOCK 119X0 NER1KI GENLOCK__ 1495.X NERMi DESKTOP 099.X PANASONIC WV1410_1*9 » . 319.00
- 3595 , 1295 . 1695 6195 . 34 95 W12X12 .
- 32 49 . 35 95 WCO RED Ball jsric* WNNER JOYSTICK . 1195 14 94 LIGHT. Ffi
- 2235 CABLE ASX IMAGE 1--19 X GRAPHICS STUCMO, THE How joining the Gold Disk desktop publishing line-up: Professional Draw 2.0 04 f%r
• Up to ten times faster than v.1.0 JS |
• Smoothly flow text around curvesT
• On screen color dithering allows a thousand colors on-screen in hi-res! (Introductory price, Jfmited time only) The Best in Desktop Publishing New Lower Price! 12100 GYP IMPACT KQJ30 A500 ---171 00 GYP IMPACT HCWOQ A50C_74! 00 GYP MPACT H»44 A500 --701 00 VP IMPACT H IOQ AJOC_91500 .YP SCSJPUJS ¦ CUMB___Iis00 GYP SCSI PUTS 12 IMS ___ Oil CD GYP SYQUEST 44MB HOC_199 00 GYP SYQUEST CARTRIDGE 90-00 YP WT-150 TAPE DRIVE-13100 AC CASE W.SYQUEST_171.00
- XCCASEWWT-150_11100 GYP AC CASE.WO DRIVE_ 179 00 HARO DRIVE CASE 14900 Professional Page 1.3
* Compugraphic Fonts
* Outputs at the maximum resolution of your printer
* Powerful yet easy to use 140MS HARD DRY _ 349 00 ROOME 40MB HD ST5M 2M00 SEAGATE 20MB HO __™- 249X0 SEAGATE 30MB HO -- 209 00 SEAGATE UMB HQ--------309 OC SONY CAHT FOR WT150 --- 24 95 SUPRA 44R EXT W'SCSI-- 979 00 SUPRA 44R EXT NO SCSI_909 00 SUPRA 44RI NT W SCSJ___109 00 A pair of Richards, Manager and Assistant Manager of Phone Sales: ADRAM 5600 2MB FOR A$ ij~ ASDGErtMB RAH CARO___ EXP-512 A500 INTERNAL__ EXP-XOXO. A500 2 MEG__ VEGABOAHOAJWQj __ MICROS BUP M BRD SIMM ” mcRoa A500 iuk ram MIC ROB 43 POP SIMM _ knew*! _ MOUNTWO BRACKET. HOO II00 QUANTUM 105MB Hrti DRV 13100 QUANTUM 170MB SCSI HD _9*900 QUANTUM 40AT DftlYE_3*900 QUANTUM J SUPRA DRIVE 30MB A500 _ SUPRA WORD SYNC SCSI _ SUPRADRJVE 195*49 A5» .. SUPRAORTYE 29MB W 2MB . ’ 149MB 1900__ : 4XUB A500 IWJ2MB. IA500 _ SUPRADRIVE 500KP 20MB .. ; 5XKM0UB _ “Well make you a deal you can't pass up" SUPRADRIVE A10CQ SCSI TM 00 SUPRA WORDS YNC 4X0--455 00 m
* 501 BULK PACKAGE ADRAM 2090 071 MB BRD _ ADRAM 505 NT 112K . ADRAM 520 W MEG E*>_ ADRAM 540 «4 MEG NT $ 159 MEMORY EXPANSION WFIHITIMHT. REMOVABLE Ml 00 .571X0 . 149X0 .177.00 . 209.00 . 219X0 .279X0 . 399 X0 .499.00 .599.00 119*5
- 7450 wFWT4raIr[* iidY ABLE 1049.00 MORE POWER TO YOU Quantum Drive Madness!!! Quantum 170MB SCSI HD „ ,999.00 Quantum 105MB Hard Drv.
629. 00 Quantum 40AT Drive .... ,389.00 Quantum 40MB Hard Drv... ,349.00 Quantum 80AT Drive .... ,699.00 Quantum 80MB Hard Drv. .589,00 Mounting Bracket, HDD..... ,..19.00 30 OPTIONS p™™------ JJ 49 ACAD TRANSLATOR 139.94 ANALYTIC ART .. ...... M 94
21. 95 . 69 95 32 49
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: (INCLUDING CA) GVP Super Specials ; 4T SUPRADRIVE 500XP 40MB .. ..-689.00 SUPRA 44R EXT W SCSl __ 979.00 SUPRADRIVE BOMB A500 -..... .-.,.-,--.818.00 J w [ lirt * rl Ln 1 SUPRA MR EXT HQ SCSI, 809.00 SUPRADRIVE A1000 SCSI - 185.00 SUPRA MR INT W SCS1 . .. 809-00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 40Q ..... ... 455.00 I * f.l; jil i: .¦ SUPRA WORDSYNC B0Q ...... .-.665.00 SUPRA 500X? SCSI GM3 ..... 229.00 SUPRA V ORDSYNC105Q _
- ------ 704,00 SUPRA A5W SCSI BOARD ... ...... 149.00 wL »iA| SUPRA DRIVE 20MB1000..
- ---------599.00 SUPRARAU 2000 0MB RAM
319. 00 RllPftA HRIVF miR UQ fifi SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM .....238.00 Surnn LrniTt Jvaic IIW ,,... SUPRA DRIVE 30MB A5C0 .... .539,00 SUPRARAW 20004MB RAM ...... ...358 00 SUPRA WORD SYNC SCSI ..
- ......- 109.00 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM .....468.00 SUPRAORlVE 105MB A500 ... 919.00 SUPRARAV 2000 8MB RAH-----
- ---568.00 SUPRADRIVE 2OM0 W 2MB 769 00 SUPRARAM 500 T 2 MEG ___
- -.64.95 SUPRADRIVE 40M8 1000...... ...,.-729.00 SUPRARAM A50O2MB RAM ..
- ...239.00 SUPRADRIVE 40MB A5O0 ... ..... 609.00 SUPRADRIVE 40MB W 2M0 .. 8S9.00 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM _ ___99.95 SUPRADRIVE 45MB A5QG..... . 699-00 SUPRA 2400 INT. MODEM. .. ___ ......119.00 SUPRADRIVE 500XP 20MB ... ...579.00 MODEM CABLE ADD . 7 00 800-872-8882 =E 213-214-0000 Kl Supra corporation 659 00 "*• l ** HP s ...... 669.00
- ......869.00 .1- -1849 00 2399 00 1495 00 .1795 00 ___ 2195.00 2519 00 2679.00
- 5aoo M mLJf* it * ' ’ .'v*1- >...:;.:T..129 00
- 159.00 ... &19.DO
639. 00 ..439.00 ... 459.00 .449:00 ...475.00 .1.-444:00 495 00 52799 MY PAINT 2.0
29. 95 NEW! QUASARSOUND SAMPLER ....39.95 A new lightning fast SCSI host adapter for the Amiga 2000 2500 computers. Only$ 145 ABRAM 2080 C 8 MB BRD -......- ___ . A0RAM SOS WT S»2K - _ __ __ _ .....7145.00 ... __ , 59 95 ACRAM 5290*2 MEG EXP .. ...... ...... . 58.55 AC 11 AM 543 W MEG WT ___ .125,00 ADRAM 5fiflD 2UR FOR ASM ..... , 259M ADVANTAGE2000 SCS ...... . _ 145.00 QUANTUM 105MB HRODRV . ___-..629.00 QUANTUM 170MB SCSI HD .. .959 00 QUANTUM 40UB HARD DRV _ - ... _349.CO QUANTUM 80MB HARD DRV . -589.00 SEAGATE20MBHD w., ...... 1 __. ___ „: ___.249.00 SEAGATE 30MB HD 1 25 MY PAINT DATA DISK 1 MY PAINT DATA DISK H2 .19.95 .19.95 . 289.00 .289.00 PRO BOARD ATARI™ ST EMULATOR ..CALL Prr, HFT
B. A.D. DISK OPTIMIZER ...29.95 BOING OPTICAL MOUSE 91.95 STARSOUND SAMPLER 99.95 1. WORLD ATLAS 2.0 32.46 - NEW Mr. K. Khulusi, son of one the owners, and possible PRO NET PERSONAL ...99.95 - NEW t" future president: SCULPT 3DXL- ...109.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4*D ....349.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4-D JR 89.00 C*ZAR CASIO CZ ED UB - 59.95 CSI3t00 SILENT DRIVE .129.00 CSI3200 (ABOVE W 8.A.D)... 139.00 CSI6100 AUTOBOOT CRD 79.95 "We stand behind our customers” I*'x
D. U.D.E. 32.49 DELUXE PAINT 3 VIDEO ...19.95 FORMS IN FLIGHT II ...27.95 PRO BOARD PERS0NAL99.95 - NEW PRO BOARD PERS0NAL99.95 - NEW MIDiVU MIDI DESK UTILITY ....29.95 MINI MAX 4 0 4 MB RAM .129.00 MINI MAX 4 1 4 MB RAM .199.00 MINI MAX 4 2 4 MB RAM .289.00 MINI MAX 4 4 4 MB RAM .449.00 VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 SUPERBASE FROf 3.0_ TRIP ----------- _ *785 . 1J9.W _32 49 22 n WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN - WORD PERFECT LIBRARY . WORKS PUTWUM _ _ i'.95
- 75 65 . 155 00 TRIP SOFTWARE SPREADSHEETS PRINTER UTILITIES DESKTOP PUBLISHING DESKJET SUPER DJ . 15 W ADVANTAGE 11900 DJ HELPER ..... City desk ..... ......93 65 ANALYZE ZO ...... ...... 59 95 FINE PRINT ... .....31.95 fORMATION ... ... __ 44.65 MAXEPLAN 5QQ -------------------------MOO LASER Upl FONTS VOL 1 LASER UP' PLOT !Z ___31.95 39 95 ’AGESETTEH PACESETTER SPECIAL ED __49 65 24-65 MAXrPLAN PLUS .. .... 124 65 SU'PERPLAN ..27 95 LASER UP’ PR NT 12 71 95 PAGES7REAU _ ...... 12665 HP PfiOFESSIKINAl VI U5 LASER UR'UTiL VOL1 31 9$ PROFESSIONAL PAGE IS -..... 15600 MURAL PRINTER 2955 PRO SCRIPT - _ 32 65 WORD PROCESSING PALETTE PRINTER PROWRITE 3-0 . .. .96 95 PtXELSCRIPT V t,' . 97 55 PUBLISHER'S CHOCE .. 12685 fcL'PPB fu v? A IK 'OP FORM ___52 95 BffixFRTFrr itnw CYGMUSEO PROF. REL 2 ......S3« EXCELLENCE _ EXCELLENCE 512K VERS . FLEET CHECK _ ROW---------
156. 00 , 12900 25 91 __ S784 - 64.95 __14.91 64.95 --89.95 __99.95 259-DO
37. 55
40. 95 SI 55 159 CO
* 4 95 . 199 DO 299 00 m oo 2*9.03 99 91 99 95 193 Si S758 CRYSTAL QUEST DANGER FREAK DARIUS ? __- DEEP SPACE ... DENARS___ 32 49 17 95 .31.95
29. 95
27. 95 25,95
12. 55 1295
- ----40.95
31. 95 2595
55. 53 1995
31. 95 _ 27.95 2885 1995 19.65
19. 95 2795 29 95 1965
11. 95 MISC. BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY TELECOMMUNICATION 19.95 19.95 ----1995 ___19.95 19.95
- --------1995 ___ 19.95 __ 25.95
27. 95 49 95 34 95
31. 95
- ---------1895 1835 1895 1865
27. 95
22. 95
23. 95
- .27.95 25 95 3135 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES REACH FOR TH£ STARS------2755 RHYMING NOTEBOOK. THE 2755 ROCK CHALLENGE . 25.95 TRIGONOMETRY ...... 31.95 TRUEBASlC ARITHMETIC - 45.95 WORD MASTER_3095 WORLD ATLAS ___32.43 WORLD ODYSSEY ___ 3055 „ 14.65 .... 19.65 .... 23.55 _ 14.95 19*5 16 65
- ---------21 65 12 63 1165 3165 1165 ..... 2595 . 22.65 ... 25 95 2365
- 22.65 ... 2365 ... 23.95
- 2565
- 29 95
P. PE DREAV ...... platoon POWERSTYX HiSOFT BASIC PRCmSN INOVATOOLS I - __ - 1WB0 .. 5195 JFOHTH PROFESSIONAL 124.00 LATTICE C" 5.11 SYS1EM ___ 179 CIO LATTICE C« ___239 00 UNT-64.95 3895 1685 2595 2685 75 95 17 95 32 49
- 3095 A0 *5 EASY LEDGERS ... PHASAn .. SERVICE INDUSTRY ACC TAKE STOCK TAX BREAK _ 162 00 .... 59 65 __22900 32 4*
- ------------2265 SAVAGE ..29 65 SCRAMBLE SPIRITS ...2995 SHADOW OF THE BEAST _25.95 SHOOT EW UP OONSTFRJC__1365 SiDE ARMS ...... ..._..... 25.65 SIDESHOW-------------... SKY BLASTER SKYFOXB___ SLIPSTREAM SNAKE PfT SOLDIER 20M ... SOLDIER OF LIGHT _ 37.49 SPACE ACE ----------3385 SPACE CUTTER__1685 SPACE HARRIER . --------32.49 SPACE HARRIER 4 .. SPEED BUGGY __ 5195 DATABASE
22. 95 14 65 23 95 32 43
- -------------16 95
- ------24 S5 195 71 95 75 95 » 95 .. 72 95 24 95 3195 ..25.95 585 Multiple fonts, sizes, styles Aroxx Support Wrap text around pict ACQUISITION TAURUS BUCK BOOK__ 173 95
23. 35
17. 95 51.65 192 95 174.00 DESIGNER DBASE BUSf--------- 45 *5 DESIGNER DBASE HOME 1 25.65 MICROFICHE FILER PLUS ...... - 115 95 MU TriFAX .. - 37.65 ORGANIZE _5295 RECIPE FAX ___ 24.65 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 89 95 CELEBRITY COOKBOOK ... DATA RETRIEVE _ DATA RETRIEVE PROFESS D3 MAN V----- GRAMMAR SCHOOL 19 65 _ 3195 23 55 30.95 1995 New Horizon's new word processor takes on all challengers with features like: 100,000 word Spelling Checker Thesaurus w 300,000 word cross references Import any HAM or IFF image djt 1 " "" " CANDO PAL VERSION .... . 86.95 DELUXE PRINT 11 _ .... 54 5 5 DESSERTS COOKBOOK ..995 FAMILY TREE ___ . ___ . .3095 HOVE FRONT . . ..S4 51 IMPACT .. . 53.91 MICROLAWYER ..._ MIDIMICE ___ MOMENTUM CHECK .. 37 91
- -------- 15.91 ------- 1991 UAVtS BEACON TYPING PRE CALCULUS ------------ PROBABILITY THEORY CUZAU _ MOMENTUM MAIL NAG PLUSH 1995 4995 . 59 91 25 95 23 95 PROJECT MASTER 129 95 SECURITIES ANALYST 49 95 THINKER _
- ----------51.95 ‘UTALCOrJlHuL DtcT « VARIETY COOKBOOK 59.95 .565 wnuncf ... .55 55 vwa
- --------..... 25 61 .30.95 CREATURE ..... DARK CENTURY ..... 23 95 ...... 25 95 STARGUOER »
- -27 95 DARK SICE 71 95 STEEL ... ___ . 25 95 DAY OP THE VIPER 32 49 STEiGAR ___ 25 95 DEFCON 1 _ ......25 95 STELLARX ..... . . .22 95 DEFENDER OF THE CROWN ..... 32 49 STORY SO FAR VOL 1 26.95 DEFENDERS OF EARTH .. ..73 95 STFYX .... DRAGON FORCE 34 95 STUNT TRACK RACER . .. ..25 55 DRAGONS BREATH _ --3485 SUPER 5 . _ . SUPER CARS
- . 2985 1295 DRAGONS OF FLAME . EUTE . . . . .
- 27.95 IS 95 SUPERCARS . .23.95 EMPEROR OF THE MINES ...... ...„...319S SUPERMAN .. 32 49 EMPiRE .. 3481 TARGHAH 23 55 FEMME FATALE 29 95 TECHNOCOP . ... i486 FEMME Flu ALE DATA OCSK FGHTING SOCCER ... 13 95 TEENAGE MUTANT NIHJA$ 29 95
- ------32 49 TtalDnJVt El TEWS ...... ___ 32 49 __ . 1995 FOUNDATIONS WA5TE , GOLD OF THE AMERICAS ... 23 95 . . . 2795 THEXDER . ..2395 HEAVY METAL 28 55 TIME BANDITS .... ___ 32 A* 36 86 WUL5FAR. .... HOSTAGE .
- ------ 33 85 29 65 TllJE SOLDIER 3? 4* HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 23 55 7INT1N ON THE MOON ...... 32 4S INTO THE EAGLE S NEST „, 18 95 THAN .. 2965 IRON LORD .. ... __27 95 TOM AND JERRY 2 ..... THANSPUTCR .. 22 95 33 86 l* CAME FROM DESERT IT CAME FROM DESERT 2 ...... 34 95 13 55 TREASURE TRAP . . 7165 JIGSAW PUZZLE MANIA 18 95 WAD VOLUME 2 ... . 32.49 JOAN OF ARC .. ....29 95 TrlANGO __ --------12*5 LASER SQUAD . . 2385 TURRICAN TWILIGHT ZONE ....._. ..... . . 2181 2161 LEGEND W1LUAU TELL LEISURE SLUT HWTDISK . ,25*1 12 H rw,LIGHTS RANSOM . .... 19.91 LEISURE sun Lafifi III 32 19 VETERAN ...17.91 LEISURE BUR LARRY . 2195 VIGILANTE , 2161 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II ... 32 49 VINDICATORS . . 25 61 LORDS OF THE RSNG SUN 3365 VORTEX .
- - 24*5 UANHUNTEfl 2 SAM FRAN , ... 3249 VYPER _2161 MANIAC MANSION .. . .. 3065 Features:
* Portable, full color scanner
* 200 DPI 24-bit color
* Includes Scanlab software JX300 & JX450 are avalable... CALL Also Available: The Migraph Hand Scanner QOCCk
* Up to 400 DPI Black and White scanner OODw
* Comes with powerful “Touch Up" software POPULOUS DATA DISK *1------ 18.95 PRISON ___ 24.95 PUHPLE SATLRN DAY 19.95 PEEL F15HEH’ _ 3085 RETURN TO ATLANTIS 1385 RINGS OF UEDVSA - ------29 95 ROCKET RNGRfl STOOGES .....39,65 ROMANCE OF 3 KINGDOMS .....44.95 RUNNING MAN __32 46 Sherman 144_29,95 SHUFFLEPUCK CAFE . _.2585 SILENT SERVICE-------------- -.13.95 SH4CJTY TERRAIN EoiTR ...... 1385 STAR FLEET I----- 37.95 STRIP POKER DATA 1----- 1385 STRIP PCKEFt DATA 2 12.95 STRIP POKER DATA 3...... 12.95 SWORD OF ARAGON __34.95 TERRORPODS 27.95 ThflD COURIER __3149 TOWER OP BA3EL --3195 SCANNER MANIA WARLOCK WAY OF UTTLE DRAGON .. 9 95 WfllTRlS _ . --------- 2091 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABB
- ------ 28 95 WRANGLER __ . 19 95 X-OUT .... . ..... 23 95 XENON 2 IJEGABLAST
- .3185 XENOPHOBE . ..... .- 21.95 The JX-100___ rhe only 5 page ad in any Amiga magazine! Check out page 5 for more Creative Promotions TYPHOON THOUP$ ON WANDERER __ WARINM.OOlE EARTH WARHEAD ___ WHEREIN EUROPE CARUN WHEREIN THEUS A __ WHERE IN THE WGRlO
- 32 49 . 34 95 .. 32 49 FALCON .. _29 95 falcon mission osk _ ___1595 FIGHTER BOMBER .3795 flight Simulator u __ .. 32.49 GUNSMiP . . ... 35.95 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY...... . .1155 INTERCEPTOR .. ...... 34.95 KENNEDY APPROACH .... ...... 12.45 PCWERDROVE . , ...... ... .27.95 SCENERY O-SK * 9...... ...... 19 95 SCENERY DISK *11 19 95 SCENERY DISK 17-- _-'9« SCENERY DISK IN EUROPE _
- --'995 SCENERY DISK. JAPAN . 19 95 Their finest hour
1. Select your products from the ad.
2. Fill out this order form.
3. Call for shipping rates.
4. Mail this order form to us with a check, money order or credit card information. Please do not send cash. Send to : Creative Computers 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale. CA 90260 GRAPHIC ADVENTURES BftDE OF THE ROBOT ..... CHRQN0 Q'JEST . . .. 23 95 25 95 COURTROOM ...... . .. .2995 DUNGEON QUEST ... _ 3195 EYE OF HORUS . 2395 FEDERATION __ ___ .14.95 GOLD RUSH .... .. 2$ 95 INFESTATION . . _ .... .... . 2195 JETSONS ... ..
29. 55 KRISTAL ..... . 14 95 LANCELOT ___ ... 199$ LAST PICA 259$ LOST DUTCMUAM MINE ... . 29 95 MAN HUNTER • NEW YORK 32 49 Name_ Address. City_ ruREO OUTRUN TV SPORTS BASKETBALL TV SPORTS FOOTBALL wopud class golf . WOFLQ snooker a other world tour golf wrestling ICW _ STRATEGY ANNALS OF ROUE _ ait of chess, the _ ART of GO U95 14 95
34. 15 79*$ l&*$ 16 *$ 70 9$ Phone ( ). 24 95 22 95 35-55 14 9$
29. 95
37. 95 _ 34.95 32.45 _ 22.95 _40 95
23. 95 POKER SOLITAIRE RED LIGHTNING__ RISK__ 1ST PERSON PINBALL .. .... 32.49 30 POOL ... .22.95 AFRICAN RAIDERS ...... . ......25.95 BLADES OF STEEL ___ _29 95 BCX.NG MANAGER . ..... 24 95 CALIFORNIA GAUES ......32.19 CYBERBALL .. ... ...... 25 95 CYCLES ..... .. ... 29 95 DAILYDOUBLE HORSERACE .....19 95 DOWNHILL CHALLENGE ...... .....22.95 EARL WEAVER BASE3ALL ..
- ---- 1295 EUROPEAN CHALLENGE ......14 95 F« PURSUIT ...... _ - 29 95 FAST BREAK
- ----29.95 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT ...... ..... 29.95 GRAND SLAM TENNIS _ -16.95 GRET2KY HOCKEY ___ 32 43 GRIDIRON WTEAM DISK ___ ___19.95 HARD DftlVlN ___ .....3795 HARDBALL 2655 HARDBALL¦ . 32 49 HEATWAVE __ HOCKEY LEAGUE SiU . . 29 95
- 22 95 KEEF THE THIEF . 34 65 KING S QUEST 1 ...31 95 KING S QUEST P ....-.31.55
K. NGS QUEST 3 HNT OSK _12 95 K ACS QUEST 1* . 31 95 KINGS QUEST IV . . ... 1895 LEGENDOFDJEL . ..... 32 4i MOES.'US 25 9$ PHAMTA&E3 ......_ PIRATES ..... JV« PLANET OF LUST __ .... . _ 25 95 pouce quest .. J1.SS QUESTROn li .... ... _. 52.46 ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER
- --24 5a SPACE ROGUE . 32 49 STAR COMMAND . . ...34 95 STAR FLIGHT ... ...... 34 95 T ACL .. 54 95 TOTAL ECLIPSE ...2595 ULTIMA lU _ ULTIMA (V
9. 95 GETTYSBURG TURN POINT AD.95 HARMONY __29 95 HEX----------------15.95 HOYLE BOOK OF GAMES . 22 95 JOKER POKER _ 32.49 KAVPFGRUPPE __41.95 KIKUGI----------19.95 NewTek INCORPORATED ENIGMA DEVICE ___14.95 FIRE-BRIGADE _29.95
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• All prizes donated by their respective manufacturers. OH GRAPHICS 19 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen T HE IDEA FOR this technique came to me while repairing a toy. The toy had a molded plastic screen composed of a horizontal grid of fine prisms. By slowly turning a scroll of paper inside the toy, you could produce animated images to view through the screen. T he images on the paper were broken up into interlaced strips coinciding with the areas transmitted by the plastic screen. The technique is an old one, used in “3-D” postcards and “animated” buttons. Within half an hour, 1 had a variation of this concept working on the Amiga. It’s a fun trick with interesting practical applications, and it's almost guaranteed to elicit the coveted “Wow!. . .Howdja- dothat?” accolade from your friends. On the Amiga, the idea is to break several images into vertical strips and then combine them, The resulting composite is unrecognizable until you superimpose a mask on it that reveals only one set of image strips at a time. In the accompanying illustration, such a mask is shown “decoding” the image. The mask blocks three of the four vertical strips, allowing only one image to he seen. To the upper left of the mask is a magnified area of the eye showing the mask in place. There are many ways to arrive at this result, but for our purposes we will concentrate on one specific method in DeluxePaint ($ 149.95, Electronic Arts). Masking Master and Composite Images Begin with four meclium-resolution images that share the same palette. 1 used four black-and-white faces in my example. Load one of these into Dpaint to load the palette. Clear the screen and enter the Magnify mode by pressing the m key. Choose four colors whose locations in the palette are easy to remember. Using a single-pixel brush, select each of these four colors in turn and place a pixel on the screen in a horizontal line. The finished line should be four pixels long, with each pixel a different color. The number of pixels corresponds to the number of images that you want composited. Using the Brush tool, cut out these four pixels as a brush. The cut must be precise, picking up only the four pixels. In the Fill requester, select Pattern From Brush. Return to the screen, turn off all menu bars and fill the screen. If you examine the filled screen under magnification, it should be composed of vertical stripes. (If it is not, you probably picked up some surrounding area when you cut the four-pixel brush.) Save this master masking screen. Load picture 1. Switch to the spare screen and load the master mask screen. Go to the Stencil requester, select the color of the first stripe on the mask screen and Make Stencil. Press the j key to switch back to the image screen, then the “ * ” key (above 'FAB) to turn the stencil on. Set the background color to color zero and select Clear Screen. The picture should now be a series of vertical stripes, but still perfectly recognizable. Toggle the stencil off by again hitting the key and save the new image. Repeat the entire procedure for the other images. For each image, of course, you must create a unique mask from the master screen. With the second image, for example, choose the color of the second stripe in the Stencil requester, and so on for all of the remaining images. In this way, each processed image is finally composed of vertical stripes in adjacent locations. Referring now to the processed strip images you have just completed, load image 1. Switch to the spare screen and load image 2. Under the Picture menu, go to Spare and select Merge In Front. Because the spaces between vertical strips are color zero, the two images merge cleanly to the same screen. Press the j key to load image 3. The composite is preserved on the hidden screen. Select Merge In Front again to combine the three images. Repeat these same two steps to complete the composite and save your “multiplex” image. Mastering the masking technique in creating multiplex images opens up some nifty animation possibilities. Bringing It All into “View” You now need to create a lens with which to view the image. (I’m using “lens” figuratively here what you are really doing is making a brush that masks three out of every four vertical strips on the multiplex image. You can then move this brush around the image to “decode” it for viewing.) Load the master masking screen you made earlier. In the Stencil requester, select one of the four strip colors and Make Stencil. Returning to the screen, be sure that the current background color is not the stenciled color. Clear the screen and turn the stencil off. The screen is now alternating vertical strips of 1-pixel and 3-pixel widths. Make the background color that of the single-pixel lines and cut a fairly large brush for a test lens. The single-pixel lines will be “holes” in the mask through which you can view the multiplex image. Save the entire screen as the “lens” screen for future use. With the lens brush still attached to the pointer, load the multiplex image. As you move the lens brush around the image, the pictures will pop into view one at a time, a very interesting effect. To affect the color or value of the overall image, press ¥2 (Color mode) and select different colors for the lens brush. Another interesting trick you could perform while moving the brush is to press SHIFT-G to set the grid to your current position. This locks you to a moving window over a stable image. Use the g key alone to toggle the grid off. The example uses four images in medium resolution. You will probably find lo-res too coarse for image clarity, but I have composited as many as nine recognizable images in hi-res using horizontal as well as vertical strips. Apart from Dpaint, 1 am also experimenting with the multiplex technique in The Director (S69.95, Right Answers Group) to pack four times as many hi-res images into a single chip-RAM buffer. I can BLIT (The Director’s partial-screen page-flipping command) a mask over the multiplex image and then BLIT the decoded image into the display. If the images are sequential, interesting animation possibilities open up. Other multiplex uses might include encryption and decryption with a shared unique mask. Or, how about singlescreen comics with a viewer lens? This is a fun technique awaiting some brainstorms; send me any interesting demos with multiplex images, and I’ll report on the best in a future column. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include uork in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. POINTERS Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming ColorFont Structure 0000: 0010: 0020: 0030: 0040: 0050: 0060: 00000001 000003E9 00000000 000005BB GC000022 65737420 20202020 00000000 000005BB 00000000 00010000 20202020 20202020 00221D46 00005175 20202020 20200000 * extended flags * * number of bit planes * I* color that is remapped to FgPen * I* lowest color represented here * I* highest color represented here * * PianePick ala Images * * PlaneOnOff aia Images * .ColorFontColors; * colors for font * By Betty Clay VERSION 2.0 OF the system software adds a new look to the fonts directory color. Now a system standard, CoIorFonts are compatible with older fonts, but require a few additions to the font structure. ColorFont files consist of the same three parts as a disk font’s file: a FontContents hie (the name.font file), a directory bearing the name of the font, and one or more font-definition files. The definition files contain the actual font, which is named with the number denoting the font’s height. As an example of how the system handles CoIorFonts, we II examine the files and structures for a ColorFont named Quest
14. 4C (available from Library 14 of CompuServe’s AmigaArts Forum in the file called SFONTS.LZH). The ColorFont Structure When you ask for a font by name, the system looks first for the FontContents file. This little file contains only the font’s name, the directory path to its description, its size, and the flags describing its attributes. The FontContents file leads the system to the directory containing the desired font, and then to the font having the correct size, style, and so on within that directory.The example structure below describes the Quest ColorFont in C: struct ColorTextFont = struct TextForrt ctf_TF; UWORD ctf_Flags; UBYTE ctf_Depth; UBYTE ctf__FgColor; UBYTE ctf Low; UBYTE ctf_High; UBYTE ctf_PlanePick; UBYTE ctf_PlaneOnOft; struct ColorFontColors *ctf_ As you can see, a ColorFont file begins with the same font structure (struct Textfont) as does a standard The system creates a node that, preceding the actual font structure, ties the font into the system lists when it loads the font. S3F3 is the hunk_header block identifier. $ 00000000 indicates that no libraries need be loaded for this file; S0000000I says that only one hunk need be loaded. If the Quest required more than one hunk, the system would use the next two longwords to store the address of the first and last hunk at loading time. S5BB is the length of the file in longwords. S000003E9 identifies this as a hunk code, as opposed to hunk_data or hunk_bss. The length in longwords is then repeated. At 0020, we find a safety feature. S7000 is the machine language instruction MOVEQ 0,D0, and S4E75 is RT S (return from subroutine), which returns you to what you were doing if you try to execute this file with RUN rather than accessing it with Open- DiskFont( ), T he two longwords of zeros are place holders that allow the font to be linked into the list of loaded disk fonts. This list originates in the Disk Font Base Library structure, which you must open when a program accesses a disk font; the system places each font opened into the list. The longwords here will be replaced by pointers to both the preceding and succeeding fonts in the list. (Obviously, the system cannot know these addresses until it loads the font.) S0C is the identifier for a font node, $ 00 sets the priority at zero, and the node ends with a pointer to the node name. ? Disk font’s file, but has additional items to handle the color. So that you can understand the font’s construction, we will begin by examining the bytes of a hexdump of the Quest file just as the Amiga sees them. The hexdump begins: 000003F3 00000000 70004E75 1D460F80 20202020 20202020 OOOOOCOO troducing Mass Storage Solutions om Corwyn International Mass Storage Solutions Each drive carries these features; ¦ Features a power filter, surge and spike suppression built into each unit. ¦ Comes preformatted with 10 megabytes of public domain software for instant use. ¦ External SCSI ID selection Cl Hard Pro™ Hard Disk Drive Systems The Cl Hard Pro™ is a series of high performance, embedded SCSI, hard disk systems. The Cl Hard Pro1 is available in capacities ranging from 20 megabytes to 1.2 gigabytes. Power center Storage Solutions 42R™ The Storage Solutions 42R™ is a high performance, embedded SCSI, removable media system allowing unlimited storage capabilities. The Storage Solutions 42R™ has a fast average access time of 25ms.
J. MASTER COMPUTER- PfjiNjEP HagPJM power center OptiStor 600™ Erasable Opfual Drive The OptiStor 600™ combines the versatility of a floppy, the speed of a hard disk drive, and the storage capacity of an optical disk drive-all in one affordable package. The OptiStor 600™ utilizes low cost data cartridges 570 megabytes per cartridge. MASTER COMPUTER power center For more information call your local dealer or a Corwyn representative at; 1-800-542-8505 Corwyn 977 Seminole Trail, Suite 275 ru Mr LttArililln n OOOm In the next segment, S0F80 is the font file identifier, and $ 0001 is the revision number. There follows another empty longword, in which the system’s segment address will be stored by the DOS at load times. $ 5175657374 is the ASCII value of the font’s name, Quest, and is followed by place holders to pad out the 32 characters allowed. We then find a repeat of llie node structure discussed above. T he first one was used to link the font into the system’s list of disk fonts; this one links the font to the list of all fonts that are active, and it is part of' an Exec message structure. $ 1 D46 is the size of the message the size of the tables that determine the shape, spacing, kerning, and so on, of the font. The TextFont Structure The system needs all the preceding information to load the font and link it to the system. The structure that describes every detail about the font immediately follows the loading information: struct TextFont = (Hexdump info) struct Message tf_Message; UWORD tf_YSize; $ 0014 UBYTE tf_Style; 40 UBYTE tf_Flags; 62 UWORD tf_X$ i2e; 0012 UWORD tf_Baseline; 000E UWORD tf_BoldSmear; 0001 UWORD tf_Accessors; 0000 UBYTE tf_LoChar; 20 UBYTE tf_HIChar; 7A APTR tf_CharData; OOOOOOAA UWORD tf Modulo; 007C APTR tf_CharLoc; 0000140A APTR tf_CharSpace; 0000157A APTR tf_CharKern; 00001632 Quest 14.4C‘s hexdump continues with the following lines, which match the items in the TextFont structure above; 0060: OOOOOCOO 00221D46 00000000 00000014 0070: 40620012 OOOEOOQ1 0000207A OOOOOOAA 0080: OO7C0OOO 140AOOOO 157A0000 1632 First, we have the empty holder for the reply message, which becomes necessary when the font is loaded. When all tasks accessing this font have closed it, a message notifies the system that it can remove the font if another task needs the memory. Next, the structure describes the font in terms that the Amiga can understand. $ 00000014 gives the height (YSize) of the font. At line 0070, $ 40 marks the file as a ColorFont (the style). $ 02. The flags, tell the system that this is a designed font (not a constructed one) and that it is a disk font. $ 0012 (16 + 2 = 18 pixels) is the width, or Xsi .e, and S000E marks the baseline (the line on which the letters “sit") as 14 lines from the top. $ 0001 calls for BoldSmear, which makes the font appear darker. S00Q0 is a place holder for the "accessors” of'the font. While the font is loaded, the system increments this count each time a new task asks for the font and decrements it each time a task releases the font. This number must be reduced to zero again before the system can unload the font from memory. $ 20 tells us that the first character of the font is a space, and $ 7A indicates that the last character is the lowercase z. At the end of line 0070, S00AA is a pointer to the bitmap information needed to draw the font, but to find that data, you must add this number to the $ 0020 which marks the beginning of the font: T he bitmap will begin at SOOCA. In line 0080 is the Modulo (S007C 124), the length needed for a single row of the font. $ 0000140A is a pointer to the CharLoc table. Using the same scheme as before, add $ 0020 to S140A, and you will see that the CharLoc table is found at SI42A in this hexdump. S0000157A is the pointer to the CharKern table, at S159A. This structure ends with S00001632, the pointer to the CharSpace table, which we will find in the hexdump at $ 1652. Take Some for Color For normal fonts, the font data would appear at this point. For CoIorFonts, the system knows (because a flag identifies this as a ColorFont) to read the new structure below before drawing the font: struct ColorTextFont = struct TextFont ctf_TF; (covered above) UWORD ctf_Flags; 0001 UBYTE ctf Depth; 02 UBYTE ctf_FgColor; FF UBYTE ct1_Low; 00 UBYTE ctf_Hlgh; 03 UBYTE ctf_PlanePick; FF UBYTE ctf_PlaneOnOff; 00 struct ColorFontColors *ctf_ColorFontColors; 0000009A APTR ctf_CharData[8J; OOOOOOAA }; struct ColorFontColors = UWORD cfc_Reserved; UWORD cfc_Count; UWORD *cfe_ColorTable; 0080: 0001 0090: 02FF0003 FFOOOOOO 009AOOOO 00AA0000 00A0: 0A5A0000 140A0000 1DBA0000 276AOOOO OOBO: 311AOOOO 3ACA0000 447A0000 00040000 00C0: 00 A20000 OECAOEOO 0A0O The above portion of the hexdump gives the machine- readable form of the Color TextFont structure. Much of it is like the Image structure not unusual, because the Amiga sees fonts as graphics characters. $ 0001 is a flag, indicating that the ColorTable holds the definition of the designer’s colors. S02, the depth, calls for two bitplanes (a four-color font). $ FF gives the color of the foreground Pen. Because a font’s colors (in this case four) are numbered starting from 0, the next byte, S00, indicates the number, not the color, of the low color, and $ 08 indicates the high color. The next byte holds the value for Plane- Pick, indicating which of the planes can hold data needed lor the font. Every ColorFont I have exam- i ined has the value SFF in this position. The next value, $ 00, is the PlaneOnOff, which must always be zero. Then we Find a pointer to the ColorTable (S009A4*$ 0020 = S00BA), and the pointer to the CharData table, $ 00AA the same location as that given for the regular TextFontStructlire above, but with pointers to each of the bitplanes, to be filled with the correct addresses at load time. T he ColorFontColors structure begins exactly where it was expected, at 00BA. S0000 is the cfc_ Reserved flag, which must always he zero; $ 0004 is the cfc_Count flag four colors this time. SOOOOOOA2 is a pointer to the ColorTable, although this time it begins in the very next byte. The remainder is the ColorTable itself, packed in the standard RGB format. Table Settings Below these structures, there is the CharData table, which describes every pixel on every bitmap to the system. On any given bitmap, a pixel can be turned on or turned off; all of the bitmaps together, laid one atop the other, make up the entire image. In a ColorFont, as in other graphics, you can have up to four bitplanes for 16-color fonts, and each pixel of each bitplane must be described in this table. A ColorFont can easily take up 50 or more kilobytes of memory! In addition to the bitplanes, we must describe the location of the data for each character (the CharLoc table), the number of pixels to put between the characters (the CharSpace table) and the number of pixels to skip before beginning to draw the character (the CharKern table). The computer must read each of those tables before drawing any character on the screen, getting each of these bits of data and combining them to make the letters. Colorfonts are likely to be very large, very wide, proportional, and appealing to users. Programmers must allow their programs to accept these fonts by reading the font attributes from the rastport, rather than simply assuming an eight-pixel, fixed-vvidth font. Just a little more care by the programmer makes the Amiga far more fun for the user. ¦ Belly (Jay. A sysop on CompuServe's Amiga Forum (76702.337), writes for several Amiga publications. Write to her at 1605 Glasgow Dr., Arlington, TX 76015.
• ' • HARDWARE SPECIALS * * * FLOPPY DRIVES California Access - External $ 127 GVP Chinon Internal ...$ 69 MEMORY BASEBoard 4MB OK (A500) .....$ 117 ICD540 4MB OK (A500) $ 115 Microbotics SiarB2 (A1000J CALL Spirit 512K RAM (A500) ....$ 75 Supra 512K RAM (A500) ..$ 79 Supra 8MB board w 2MB $ 249 Supra 8MB board w OK ......$ 124 MODEMS Baud Bandit 2400 w Software $ 124 Supra 2400 ....$ 119 Supra 2400 Internal ..$ 129 HARDCARDSIHARDDRIVESIACCELS. GVP 6B030 Accelerators CALL GVP Accel. Upgrade Kits ...CALL GVP Hardcards CALL GVP Impact 8 2MB 40Q ..$ 799 ICD Advantage ..$ 145 Supra Wordsync 40Q ......$ 529 Supra Wordsync 80Q ......$ 735
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A. M.A.S. MIDLSampler ...$ 127 Audiomasler II .$ 62 Bars & Pipes ..$ 185 Deluxe Music ...$ 65 Dr.T's Copyist DTP ...$ 199 Dr.T's Copyist Pro .....$ 165 Dr.T's KCS3.0 ...$ 172 Dr.T's KCS Level II V3.0 ..$ 219 Dr.T's Midi Rec Studio ..$ 44 Dr.T's TigerCub ..$ 62 Fulure Sound $ 93 Master Trax Pro .$ 237 MIDI 500 1000 ECE ....$ 49 MIDI Gold 500 .$ 59 MIDI Gold Insider .$ 68 Music X ....$ 186 M for Amiga ...$ 152 Perfect Sound 3.0 $ 68 Sonix .,.$ 50 Synthia II ....$ 62 Texture .....$ 156 AMIGA LOGO ACCESSORIES Golf Shirt ....$ 18 Sweatshirts - white XL $ 15 Tumblers 11 oz ....4 $ 16 Sports Bag .$ 19 Starter Software Kit: TV Text, Money Mentor, Texi Craft Plus, Arkanod, Graphics Studio .$ 79 Holiday Gift Pack: Master Type, PHASAR 3.0, Who-What- Where-When, F- 40, Hole in One Golf, a joystick, $ 310 value ....$ 89 688 Attack Sub By Kevin C. Rohrer YOUR SUBMARINE GLIDES silently through the depths. You listen and hope that it is quieter than its enemy counterpart. The sub's towed array is deployed, and the forward tubes are filled with deadly, high-speed torpedoes. A realistic simulator played in real time, 688 Attack Sub casts you as captain of an American Los .Angeles or Russian Alfa class nuclear attack submarine on ten missions against the clock and the computer-controlled enemy. Using a combination of the mouse and keyboard, you control your sub via eight screen displays, including Sonar and Weapons Control. On the Ship’s Control screen, you set the course, speed, and depth, ever mindful of the turbulence created by your propeller. Usten for the enemy. Rate contour-imaging map helps you maneuver through undersea canyons. For American commanders, missions range from sinking three derelict destroyers while remaining hidden from a friendly sub, to escorting a convoy or searching for and sinking a Soviet missile submarine. .Alfa commanders take an opposite role in most missions: shadowing an American sub or Finding and sinking one before its mission can he completed. Both sides have plenty The Navigation Board has an auto-pilot that lets you plot courses by setting waypoints for the submarine to steer towards, thus freeing you for target location and destruction. While the zoomable top-down map shows your position along with possible targets, launched weapons, and the ocean's depth, a sepa- The Legend of William Tell By Rob Lawrence IN SWISS FOLKLORE, William Tell was a hero in the struggle against Austrian rule in the 14th century. According to Electronic Zoo, he is the hero of a new graphic adventure. Of weapons: Harpoon, Tomahawk, and Sea Lance missiles, torpedoes, and noisemakers. File detailed graphics are excellent, as are the digitized sounds. Unfortunately, the game pauses at sounds and hesitates when moving from one display to another. 688 Attack Sub is currently the best Amiga submarine simulator available. (549.95, Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway DrSan Mateo, CA 94404, ' 415 5 71-7171. No special requirements.) As the legendary crossbow archer Tell, you must battle your way across the canton of Crib Notes By Peter Olafson
• A NUMBER OF PEOPLE are having trouble in Throtl in Champions of Krynn ($ 49.95, Strategic Simulations). Here come the old adventure-game maxims: Map it. Walk over every square, and keep your "search" function on. Note every description; you never know what could be important. Now you're seeing the shape of things, and provided you've been thorough, you should know where the temple is and how to get inside. There's only one logical place for the cleric to warm his toes. If you’re sent back to Throtl when you report to the commandant at the outpost, you haven’t seen everything. The catacombs downstairs are sizable, and the way should be open once you clear the temple. If you're having combat trouble, my favorite technique is to use the Hold Person spell against the enemy spell- casters it’s pretty effective against lower-level humanoids and then use ranged weapons to take them out.
• The opening sequence in Space Ace ($ 59.95, ReadySoft) Is a killer, with old SA on the receiving end. To leave Borf with egg on his nasty face: Go right, then left, then down.
• The key to Space Harrier ($ 49.95, Mlndscape) is just staying in motion from corner to corner to corner while keeping up a barrage of fire. The monsters won't ever "lead" you with their own fire. (Arcade monsters almost never do. Where would we be if the monsters were as smart as we are?) They’ll simply shoot at where you were when they fired.
• Patience is useful in Sword of Aragon ($ 49.95, Strategic Simulations), »- Konami is cooking now, with a hot computer game that gives you complete control of world championship caliber basketball, featuring Chicago. New York, Boston and LA. From the opening tip, it's 5 on 5, full court, board crashing action, highlighted by blocks, steals, picks, foul shots, 3 point bombs and 3 kinds of slams the Gorilla, the Rim Rockin' Reverse and the In-Your-Face Jam! Two can play at this game, or you can challenge the computer. Either way, it'll take all the runnin' and gunnm' you can muster if you hope to savor the taste of victory. R E S E K V E M E Uri to reach the castle of Gess- ler, the tyrannical Austrian bailiff who has captured your only son. You’ll explore 140 scenes of countryside (but only along the paths, not in the backgrounds) and interact with other characters through a detailed icon interface. Everything in your view is displayed on the screen, and the large map with printed boundaries supplied with the hint-filled, 28-page manual helps you get your bearings. (The Wart Hog’s Cave, however, is improperly placed on the map. Its correct location is one space to the left.) The animation is fast, the stereo sound effects are crisp and clear, and the intricate graphics are vividly colored. William Tell is the type of game that keeps you searching and experimenting until, just as you’re about to give up, you stumble across a new area J to explore. As you travel, you’ll find keys, treasures, special papers, shields, hand weapons, various crossbows and arrows, plus crossbow accessories. To keep up your health, you must frequently obtain food and drink. Your Future Wars By Peter Olafson FINE FRENCH IMPORTS are more than wine, cheese, and mineral water these days. Interplay has brought over Delphine's Future Wars, which attempts to up the stakes for .Amiga animated graphic adventures. For the most part, it succeeds with a bang. The story isn’t one of the high points: A window washer from the present travels back to the Middle Ages and forward to the usual burned-out future to foil the usual sinister strength won't suffer, however; there is no limit to the load you can carry, except for arrows (depending on the capacity of your quiver). As you progress, you may need to confront villagers, monks, or knights, but he prepared: These people react instinctively to vour actions. If i you show your weapon, he ready to light. A starving peasant once approached me and began begging for food, so I quickly devoured what I had left in hopes that he would leave. Instead, he became fii- alien plot. It's all carried off, however, in such high fashion from the striking graphics to a transparent interface that you can't help but enjoy yourself. The game’s roots are dear enough: The linear structure and arcade interludes (a small shoot-’em-up sequence and a difficult timed maze) suggest the Sierra classics, but a distinctly delicate hand is at work here. The animated character’s a slender little fellow. Many i screens show a miniaturist’s affection for detail and an oil rious and attacked me. Some people are quite edgy. The game is heavily copy protected; you can save only one game at a time, and you can’t save high scores, hut these limitations don't begin to outweigh the game's more eye-catching qualities. It you are an aficionado of arcade adventures and have a few afternoons to spare, buy The Legend of William Tell!
(539. 9.5, Elect ran ic Zoo, 3431 -A Benson Ave., Baltimore, A D 21227, 301 646-5031. No special requirements.) Painter’s realism. Moreover, they aren't just pretty. The perspective is often striking and original, whether you’re talking about the mirrored skyscraper at the outset, the shimmering reflection on a lake in the middle, or the spaceships toward the end. The ships are so vividly rendered that they don't seem like computer drawings. Most agreeably, you don't have to type a thing. The command menu pops up in a dandy window in the nearest too. The initial temptation is to expand sooth and in particular to Sur Nova, which appears ripe for the picking. It's true enough that, if handled correctly, that city will eventually turn into a boom town. At the start, however, it's a bad target. It’s a little too ripe they don’t even put up a fight and will prove prohibitively difficult to hold against raiding monsters or to develop at a time when you're building up your army. Your efforts are much better directed north toward Marinia, Brocada, Paritan, and Nuralla. Sur Nova will fall in due course, and by that time your advancing army will double as garrison. If someone wants to be a vassal state or ally (I'm not saying who), don't, for heaven's sake, go attacking them. Vassals’ donations to the kingdom will preserve you from the economy’s seasonal fluctuations, while allies' troops can turn the tide In some of the nastier early battles.
• Holy overdue hints column! David Wachtman of Houston, TX, wants some tips on Level One of Batman: The Movie ($ 44.95, Data East). A couple of things will help you wing it, Dave. Don't use the batrope when you're facing bombers. Those guys are big trouble; take them out on sight. (Duck the bombs. Or, if you’re below the bombers, hugging the wall closest to the bomber seems to keep you out of range.) The lovely little emissions from the pipes are regular as clockwork, and you can dodge them.
• Brian Downs of West Harrison, IN, is looking for the ant nest in It Came from the Desert ($ 49.95, Cinemaware). That's a tall order, Brian; the hole doesn't look special unless it's open, which only seems to happen when it’s hot as hell or the ants are having a picnic. The nest Is not a discrete, mouse-selectable location, either, so you'll need to be on foot or in a plane or tank. Actually, it’s not even on the map; it's off the south edge near the southwest corner. You'll need to visit Mine 1. From the center of the mine building, head south. You’ll find two crescent-shaped rocks, the second of which will be right In front of you (about a screen from your starting point). From the empty space upon a click of the mouse for easy access. Eyesight, however, is often tested more than intellect here. Some of the objects you'll find or use are one- or two-pixel flvspccks that are difficult to manipulate or even to see. You really need to keep your eyes open for subtle color changes, as well. Save regularly so you can back up when you miss something. (Curiously, even when you (i V M E ' 4 4 play from a hard disk, the game saves to floppy.) 1 liked the size change; in fact, I desired more of those obscure objects. (The game seems a little short on things to do.) In most animated adventures, the items you can take stand out a hit too much. In Future Wars, they blend Space Rogue By John Ryan A SPACE FLIGHT simulation intertwined with a role-playing game. Space Rogue plays like a hybrid of Ultima and Elite. You navigate your small Sun racer scout ship through the Far Arm Cluster in search of adventure and fame. To find it. You must promote income through trading or bounty hunting. If you survive enough encounters and space battles to garner income, you can upgrade your ship. Finally, von must talk to every- i j * one you meet to generate missions on which you gather clues that help you unravel the mysteries needed to solve your quest. In flight, you have a first- person perspective of your ship's cockpit, showing you your instruments and the right into the wallpaper and finding them is a whole new challenge. Not easy, hut who said adventure gaming was stars. At-a-glance instrumentation includes speed, shield, tactical radar, and weapons data, but you can call up other navigational and ship's data screens. The graphics, however. Are definitely IBM CGA derivatives and detract from the otherwise crisp display and the illusion of space flight. In Space Rogue, reputation is everything, and it affects how other beings react to you. If you make a name for yourself as a fierce space warrior, for example, potential adversaries may decide to flee rather than chance an encounter. Likewise, the stances you take with the Impcrium government and the Merchant’s Guild will affect how these bodies interact with you. As you navigate the Far Arm, you can visit mining colonies, space stations, outposts, and other waypoints. On these easy? = $ 49,95, interplay Productions, 1575 Corporate Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 714 549-
2411. No special requirements.) Visits, the space simulation ends and the role-playing starts, switching to an overhead view. You can buy or sell goods, visit repair shops, and converse with the populace. As all possible actions are presented on the screen, you don’t have to type a thing. In fact, 1 found controlling the game with a joystick easier than using the keyboard or mouse. Password-protected and hard-drive-installable, Space Rogue is big, sophisticated, and a lot of fun to play. You will need many, many hours to complete it. I only wish the graphics matched the level of game play. ($ 49.95, Origin Systems, PO liox 161750, Austin, Texas, 78716, 512 328-0282. No special requirements.) ? Shrubbery east of the rock, look south, You’ll see a teardrop-shaped rock. Mentally draw a line linking these two points. Now, about a third of the way down this line, slightly to the east, is a tree. Southeast of the tree are two stones. From the larger of the two (the one farthest from the tree), mentally draw a second line, this one to the west. X marks the spot. If the ants are up and about, kill one as It emerges (a good marker for the future), and then make a break for the hole. Anything's better than these mental lines.
• The wolf blocking the way to the monastery in Future Wars (S49.95, Interplay) is making some people scratch their heads. Take the wool from over your eyes: Do you really think futuristic bad guys would use a regular old wolf as a watchdog? This boy wants a bath. Once Inside, do as the other monks do. If you don’t get the hint, just watch them for a bit. Otherwise, they'll be on you quicker than you can say, "See you next month.” If you need help with a game, you can reach me at 370 Central Park West, 109, New York, NY 10025, and by E-mail on Genie as P.OLAFSON and on Plink as Peteroo. COMPANIES MENTIONED: Clnemaware, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. Data East USA Inc., 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125, 408 286-7074. Interplay Productions, 1575 Corporate Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 714 549-
2411. Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062. 312 480-7667. ReadySoft. 20 Wertheim Court, Unit 2. Richmond Hill, ONT, Canada L4B 1B9. Strategic Simulations Inc., distributed by Electronic Arts. ¦ Does This Make Choosing An Qrtoe Service Haid? (i A ME PR E S E RYE Current & Historical Stock Quotes Glnie Sendee Compu Serve* Stock Brokerage Services y Personal Financial Management K Market Analysis vV Mutual Funds Information Investment Discussions vs Company News & Information
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* Shopping-Services S By Peter Olafson LARRY LA ITER GETS lucky again in Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patty in the Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals, and, lor the most part, so do we. As an animated adventure in general, it rates a Sleazy clubs are Larry’s specialty. 10, As an animated adventure for the Amiga, it’s a solid 8. We last left the paunchy, white-suited womanizer on Nontoonyt Island with the girl of his most recent dreams. As Larry III opens, she’s left him for another woman, and the jilted husband lumbers into a jungle phone booth to emerge as the Leisure Suit Larry we know and ridicule. He embarks on a string of flings (none of them quite consummated and all funny) and eventually finds. . .still another girl of his dreams. 1 his time she's Passionate Patti, and her appearance midway in the action makes this the first Sierra game to feature more than one active character. Larry wanders off in a 'Tio-more-women" huff over a misunderstanding, and Patti's got to find him. Unlike its predecessors, this game does not take control away from the player at a critical moment, and the parser, never Sierra’s strong suit, seems more helpful than usual. As a further departure, this is the first majorTabel Amiga game to include nudity and love-making (viewed from a semi-discreet distance or through a veil). Of course, it's sexist beyond telling, but it’s executed with a light, deft touch. (Besides, the five-question quiz at the outset verifies the player's age and keeps out children.) Leisure Suit III is a better conversion than most. The game’s score and digitized sound effects, products of Sierra’s new Amiga interpreter, are mostly terrific and add im- i mensely to the game's flavor. T he graphics seem only marginal Iv better, however, as they are still based on IBM's undemanding EGA standard and are markedly slow. You can speed up the ani- Leisure Suit Larry III niation a bit, but with more than one animated object on screen, the option is effectively disabled. Slowing things even earlier in the game are credits that don’t stop when they should, an optional but still annoying autosave feature, and prodding messages from designer A1 Lowe if you don’t play fast enough. ($ 59.95, Sierra On-Line, PO Box 485, Coarse gold, CA 93614, 209 683-
4468. No special requirements.) This Should Make It Easy Genie1 Gompu- Service Serve' GAME PRESERVE 1200 baud non-prime hourly rate* Rings of Medusa By Patrick Quaid YOU ARE CIRION, Crown Prince of Morenor, but your dad (the king) just lost the kingdom to someone called Medusa. To defeat her and reclaim the kingdom, you must find five rings scattered across the country by one of her former foes. The rings allow' you to summon your enemy to a light, and they give Rings of Medusa its name. If this all sounds familiar, it is. Your objectives are traditional adventure game fare: Roam the country collecting treasure, power, and, with luck, a few rings; then take on Medusa for the keys to the castle. To keep things interesting, Rings of Medusa adds a few inventive twists to the usual formula. For example, you need money not only to hire soldiers, but also to meet the monthly payroll (if you fall short, the computer crashes). You can hire people of ten different races into seven military units, and then organize the soldiers according to their racial abilities and the demands of the unit type. To get the money for all this, you can gamble, take out a loan, waylay caravans, and attack ships and cities from land or sea. You can even go into the mining business. On screen, your little army is an icon simitar to a chess pawn, which you lead around a nicely rendered map. The game is almost entirely mouse driven, and although the interface is not intuitive, you do get used to it with practice. Don’t expect to rely heavily on the meager manual; it is handicapped by a poor translation from German. In fact, Genie isn’t just an easy choice but a smart one, too. Because Genie not only gives you low non-prime time rates CompuServe doesn’t offer. But some valuable features they don’t have. Like Newsbytes, Dow Jones News Retrieval® and the Computer Assisted Learning Center (CALC), Plus one of the world’s most extensive software libraries with over 85,000 files. In short, Genie doesn’t simply provide better rates. But better value. And that’s the best reason of all to choose us over them. Rings of Medusa has few of the careful touches that separate the good games from the mediocre. In fact, several glaring errors point out how little effort went into everything outside of the basic design. Although the game is set in a heroic age of swords and dragons, the title screen shows Napoleonic troops carrying muskets. Also, the author of the manual can never decide just what Medusa is; she is called everything from a demon to a goddess. Rings of Medusa could have been a very good game if it had been polished before release. You could probably learn to overlook its faults and enjoy its clever design, but Amiga gamers expect, and deserve, more for their money these days. ($ 49.95, Starbyte Software, distributed f y Star Games, 708 W Buffalo Ave Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33603, 813 933-8023. No special requirements.) ¦ Sign Up Now.
1. Set your modem for local echo (half duplex), 300, 1200, or2400 baud.
2. Dial 1-800-638-8369. When connected, enter HHH.
3. At the U = prompt enter XTX99547,GENIE then RETURN. Have a major credit card or checking account number ready. For information in the U.S. or Canada call 1-800-638-9636. Or write GE Information Services, ATTN: Genie, 401 North Washington St., Rockville, MD 20850-1785. We bring good things to life. REVIEWS From p. 16 precious little concrete instruction. I may be able to match squares representing a supernova, and hear the Amiga tell me it is a supernova, but this brings me no nearer to knowing what a supernova is, and, as long as I can win without knowing, I am not likely to care. Want To Learn the Keyboard, Scarecrow? The author of PETE (Programmable Electronic Teaching Equipment) knows exactly what he is trying to teach, and has designed the program both to reinforce letter and number recognition and to enable children to learn about the computer keyboard. Its operation is simple, and the graphics are crisp. PETE presents you with a screen image of the .Amiga keyboard. When a child presses a key on the actual keyboard, or clicks on its image with the mouse, PETE reacts. Press the “a” key and a picture of an apple appears next to a letter A, while the computer calls out, “This is a capital 'A. This is an apple. Apple begins with the letter A.” The same pattern repeats for each key. That’s all there is to it. The graphics are well done, the program is friendly, and the author has jkjk Jh There o four s. il boats. 13 9E3BB3I3 i BH0E ¦rarEirraarrana m Mararraararn Brraaaaaraaia Mbaarrraaraaoai be ar Letters and numbers are “key” in PETE. Massaged the Amiga’s voice to the point where you can understand it. But frankly, my children already know the computer keyboard from using paint programs, games, and other applications where there exists motivation to learn. PETE does his job. But once through. PETE will remain a curiosity on your software shelf. Now I Know We re Not In Kansas, Toto! “Dad! I used to be in second place, now Adria’s in second place and you’re in fourth!” When such cries come from a child seated at a computer, and the software running is “educational,” the product is worthy of a close look. World Odyssey, being such a program, has taken us a step closer to Oz. Of the programs reviewed thus far, this one is the most honest in its packaging and claims, and the most innovative in its approach. World Odyssey contains 12 maps of various parts of the world. Select a map, and it shatters into a 20-piece puzzle. Making creative use of the two blank pieces, you must shuflle the map into perspective by sliding pieces like a tile game. Each time you slide a piece into its proper location, you must answer some questions about the countries or states attached to that piece. Normally, this involves naming the country, state. Introducing GTCO S ceteh Master™ graphics tablets for Amigas! SketchWlasters combine the simplicity of a mouse with the power of a graphics tablet for accurate design, tracing and pointing. The tablet is easy to install, works with all mouse-driven software and is compatible with all Amiga and IBM® PC's. We're confident you wonrt find a better value in a tablet for your Amiga. Pan-shaped stylus. Graphic artists appreciate SarsfchM aster's thin, lightweight stylus that does not require pressure to operate. £aFour button cursor. The only Amiga tablet that includes a cursor and stylus for one low price. Ano power supply required. SkefchMaster plugs into your serial port so it's easy to install and eliminates cable tangles. Highly accurate. Very reliable. SkefchMasters have 1000 dots per inch and no active components. (£&Interchangeable with Amigas and IBMs. You can configure SketchMasXer quickly to perform equally well on either platform. I&Five year limited warranty. &12’x12* Size;$ 449; 12’x18 Size: $ 699 Order Today! Same Day Shipment CORPORATION PORTSMOUTH, NH 800 DAKOTA-5 All product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Or capital. Be clever and quick in your reconstruction, and your efforts are remembered in the top ten for that puzzle. We have found chat World Odyssey You can change the wortd! Reinforces geographic knowledge in a creative and challenging way. What sets it apart is its flexibility. The questions asked, even the maps displayed, can all be altered. Thus, when California finally slides into the sea, simply load the appropriate map into your paint program and erase the state. And as soon as East and West Germany reunite, make the necessary modifications, and your program will be up to date. I am disturbed that the program spells Chile “Chili” and calls the USSR “Russia.” 1 also believe that the producers should provide a more balanced projection of the world one that does not split Asia in two. But apart from these quibbles (all of which you can modify), World Odyssey is worthwhile. Back to Kansas Math Odyssey is built upon the same principles as World Odyssey. It asks the child to answer some arithmetic problems, and reveals pieces of a puzzle and as he does so. Once all problems have been answered, the child can assemble the puzzle. .As with World Odyssey, the problems, the level of difficulty (from simple addition to division), and the pictures used for the puzzles, can all be modified. In World Odyssey, assembling a map is directly related to knowledge about the relationship between countries. In Math Odyssey, however, the questions and the activity of assembling the puzzle have no relationship. What works well for a geography lesson falls short in arithmetic. Math Odyssey fails even as a tool for drilling math facts. I would rather stick to flash cards. How Can You Talk if You Don’t Have a Brain? The Talking Animator 2.0 is an orange in a crate of apples. While the programs discussed thus far are designed to teach a child academic concepts, The Talking Animator is a child-size version of a standard Amiga application. It does not depend on drill and repetition to teach, but rather makes a complex procedure accessible to the youngest of children. Much of educational software squelches creativity, but The Talking Animator stimulates children to sit before a computer and exercise creative impulses. It is a joy to commend. Animation achieved by flipping pages in rapid succession is a concept children readily understand. The Talking Anima- Continued on p. 76 SURER SPECIALS NEW GAMES New Titles Daily! Please Call! Gauntlet II . .. only $ 12.50 Cyberbowl $ 32 Borodino $ 35 Invanhoe $ 32 Austerlitz $ 35 Turrican $ 30 Flood $ 32 Sherman M4 $ 32 Waterloo $ 35 Castle Master $ 30 Warhead $ 32 Resolution 101 $ 32 F29 $ 35 Escape Robot Monsters $ 32 Zombie $ 30 Fiimbo’s Quest $ 32 Colorado $ 32 Hammerfist $ 32 Midwinter $ 35 Dynasty Wars $ 32 Conqueror $ 32 Last Ninja II $ 32 Rotox $ 32 Imperium $ 32 Shadow Warrior $ 32 Full Metel Planet $ 32 Crackdown $ 32 Int'l 3-D Tennis $ 32 Klax $ 32 Xenomorph $ 32 Combo Racer $ 30 Triad Volume 3 only- $ 40 Speedball. Rocket Ranger. Bloodmoney $ 9.95 Each Hunter Killer, Sidewinder II, Kelly X, Star Ray, Pro Tennis, Jump Jet, Star Blaze, Hunter Killer. Archipelago, 1st Person Pinball Many more $ 9.95 titles available! Please Call! UK MAGAZINES THE GAMES MACHINE $ 5. MAGAZINE AMIGA ACTION $ 5. SUBSCRIPTIONS AMIGA FORMAT w disk $ 8. Magazine w disk THE ONE $ 5. $ 95 per year AGE $ 5. Magazine - No Disk AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL $ 5. $ 80 per year AMIGA COMPUTING w disk $ 8. Price includes all STAMPEDE (Magazine on Disk) $ 10. Shipping & handling. SIDELINE SOFTWARE IMPORTERS OF FINE EUROPEAN SOFTWARE Orders Only, Please! Orders Only, Please! E3 340 N.W. 57th Court - Ft. Lauderdale, FloricJcr 33309- (305) 77 1-2161 FAX (305) 772-0334- Questions and Inquiries please dial (305) 491-0398 cm* zx on Header &>rvi«> card. . Hinninrr Ariri 5fcf=; for OOH ordors or $ 4 for OrorJil Card or Cash orders THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA ” PRODUCTS ProV ritc 3.0 The new standard in wordprocessing s109.m New Horizons Offer ends September 30, 1990. Free Software! Choose a free Public Domain disk with any purchase over s200. ICD Specials! Advantage Hard Disk Controller: s 149.00 AdRam 2080 (OK): $ U9.°° Adram 540 (OK-up to 4MB): s135.00 Adram 560 (Expand AdRam 540 to 6MB): s259.00 We cany all ICD Products! Supra Corporation 2400 Baud Modem with Cable $ ina°o All Supra Prices Reduced! Iuwi BetaProMotion Makes Videoscape 3D 7 animation fast and easy Built-in Gravity Wind and Magnetism Total control over Videoscape objects ProMotion Videoscape 30 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68030, 28MHz:sBB9.m 68030,28MHz w ’882 + 4MB: st,7B9." 68030. 33MHz w ’882 + 4MB: s2A59.m 68030,50MHz w '882 + 4MB: 99.*' 80 MB Hard Drive for '030: s729.°‘ We will not be undersold on BVP products! HEW PRODUCTS ARRIVE EVERY DAY! Open Any Drawer . And Discover Something Extraordinary! Productivity Of course the Amiga can handle all those traditional personal computer chores as well, and the Tool Chest will continuously complement your software collection with useful utilities and original productivity programs. Discovered a corrupted disk? Need to recover a deleted file? Problems in formatting a bunch of new disks? The Tool Chest is here to help! We’ll save you time, money, and needless aggravation with programs like TJ format and Disk Salvage. Plus the Tool Chest is specifically designed to be a productivity tool, with useful programs like Chartmaster, a powerful data graphing tool. And Iconmeister, an advanced icon editor with a complete set of drawing tools. Disk Two Animation Tutorial SurroundCycIes Highspeed arcade games LabelMaker Creating labels Fun and Games Each issue of the Tool Chest will also entertain you with one or more games, IDOL CHEST Creativity The Amiga is a graphic goldmine, and the Tool Chest has plenty of nuggets ready for you to find! Each issue brings you elaborate animation objects, ready for you to make them come alive in your own creations! Chose from a multitude of vector images, from out-of-this world spaceships to exquisite dinner table objects, lamps, and more! Are you into desktop publishing or desktop design? Looking for original clip art to incorporate into your IFF paint programs? Then you’ll be overjoyed with each issue's collection of clip art that's been specially commissioned from some of the most talented Amiga artists around. Plus there’s an ample supply of sound and music accessories. Be it bizarre sound clips, melodious music, or computer speech utilities, the Tool Chest will have your audiences clamoring for encore performances! Ative and productive than ever before! Entertaining games, useful utilities, professional clip art, detailed animation, wild sound effects, music, and more ... exclusively from the AmigaWorld Tool Chest. Users of every Amiga model and at every level of computing skill will be thrilled with these top quality programs and tools. Released in a two-disk set every other month, the AmigaWorld Tool Chest is a fantastic way to enhance your computing career. Disk One Dot 2Dot T wo-player connect-the-dot game Sounds Assortment of digitized animal sounds ClipArt- -Animated objects ntroducing the Amiga World Tool Chest, an Amiga Software celebration that makes you even more creContents of Volume 1, 5 (Available as a back issue) PLUS An Original Animation in Every Issue! Complete with player program, each Tool Chest edition will delight and fascinate you and your friends with original creations from leading Amiga animators. Classic, colorful, inventive, these are animations you’ll want to see and show again and again! And throughout the year, your animation library will continue to grow both in value and variety! All this for just $ 14.95 per two-disk edition! Try it for yourself! To order, look for the order card inserted in this issue. Or for immediate service, call
(603) 924-0100 or Toll-Free: Charter Subscription Offer Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
• Automatic delivery of every two- disk edition for an entire year. That’s 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• AmigaWorld subscription renewal discount certificate.
• Discount on AmtExpo admissions!
• PLUS! Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. Each of them new, each capturing the Amiga’s fantastic sound or graphic sophistication. You might find Shark!, a gobbling-game that utilizes digitized sound for maximum effect. Or Crystal Caverns, a neat magic adventure that's full of color and a whole lot of fun. 1-800-343-0728. TC9009 BEST SERVICE • BEST Prl GRAPHICS 3 Demon S Animator Images Vi.'EPS Ctp Art..... .26 Ballish* .. 2? Fright Nigh! Frosi Byte Galad c Invasion Ganytned. Garfield's Winter Tafe . 78
* .«! Police Quest h 4? Twilight Zone i Typhoon Thompson Ultima III Ultima IV ..... Under Sea Commando 29 L Debug hint Magellan (New Versioni
f. lodula 2 Module 2 Debugger.. Power Windows 2 5 ... Software From Hell ..... Source Level Debugger 7fi 72 G7 Q , in' For Art's Sake Future Design
• GEN Animations Herald : P.cs .... . 15 24 37 27 ¦•¦'Baridil Kings Of Ancent China...
• Barbarian If ... Barbarian . 56 29 27 21 19 22 36
• Pool Ol Radrance __ Populous Worlds Dsk Postman Pat Power Struggle. Call 21 2D 79 .28 29 .39 34 .85 !?9 179 88 ¦1* MuiUiLJIj!. Award Maker Plus. Award Maker Spoils Disk h,.i b Graphics
- J 34 20 125 Human Design Kara Aiim Fonts I 24 32 Bard's Tale I! Batman the Movie __ Batman 43 31 34 Garfield GeeBee An Rail: 35 28 Pnson Pro Football Simulator 23 27 Uninvited ...... Universe III . 31 35 ..63 .56 .3? Kara Anim Fonts 2...... 32 Gemini Vvmg.. 29 Project Neptune 27 Vampire's Empire . 17 DairH f 11 c t .•* r 74 Kara Headlines i or 2 . 53 Bar:’e Chess 34 Genius . 29
* i«f Pursuit to Earth...... 29
• Velle ..... Coll Tx£d Pius 57 D'JJIU i .1.1'-! Rutrhrv ? 0 .11 25 Lon s Fonts .. .24 Battle Squadron .... 29 Ghouls & Ghosts..... 29 Qix ...... 27 Vigilante. . 29 Ultra Card 87 U J1L" Hr 1 *. • U .... 59 Maps Pics . 44 Ban’s Tech .. 34 Grand Pnx Circuit...... .... 3n Quart: ... 76 ¦ ¦' index.. ... 74 W-Shell... ..36 Homir Setter 69 Masterpiece Fonts . 149 Battleship .... 20 Grand Pnx Master .... .34 Quest For Time Birds . 36 Virus . 21 Comic Setter Data Dsks Htfcinn 25 50 Media Line Fonts 26
• Beam ?3 Gridiron 70 Questron If 35 Vortex ... . 29 MUSIC AMAS
• Amiga Smgs Microbol Design .24 Bermuda Proiect 31 Guerrilla War .. 31 mi-i Raider . 24 Vulcan . 29 Dsqi-Droid . Digi-Male III ? Rjini-P.iirif 0 ..74 31 62 129 S9 H"*i Pic-Magic .. PixelScript Fonts 1 PixftlStiipI Fonts 2. 3 or 4 65 54 47 Beyond Dark Castle...... Bionic Commando Black Cauldron .. . 41 26 29 Gunship ...... ni«i Hardba 12 . N-.i Heal Wave .37 36 37 Ramboll!..... Rampage . Realm of the Trolls . 27 27 37 War In Middle Earth ¦«*! Warhead . Warlock . 35 36 .28 135 12 “J1 r U 11 1» J w Dig.-Vievr Gold -1 0 Elan Performer 2 0 PixelScript Ornaments PixelScript Sampler Planets . 47 47 Black Jack Academy Black Shadow 29 25 m«i HellRaiser
* K«t Hero's Quest . 35 42 Realm of the Warlock Red Heal... 25 . 39 Wayne GreL’ky Hockey ni*!WelllfiS .... 34 29 Audio Master 2 0 Bars fi Pipes bj 199 29 Black Tiger . 36 Heroes ol Iiw Lance 79 Red Storm Rising 43 Where Sleeping Gods Lie 36 hi-' Bars fi Pipes Music Box. .45 rdDCy j'U lOllllj. PnnP-n r W n7 Pro Font Library.. Mi-1 Pro Pane Outline Fonts 54 n»-: Blades ol Steel .... 3? High Steel ...... ?a Reel Fish n ..... ..... 77 While Death . ..39 ¦i-’Bars & Pipes Interna,s r Uml VfufPo •- • Frame Grabber SW...... 74 ¦J1Q 129 RliE krTPfl'Ardennes 42 «¦.! Hockey League Simulator Hole In One Courses 31 Renegade ... Rennaisance .. ..... . 28 ¦i>: Wild Streets.... 88 Sound Kit .. 45 lei Quick Ad ... 27 Blood Money ___ ?a 15 .27 Willow ... in-’ Bars fi Pipes Rules for 9 IniduJIG .. L« »¦ jn Sex Fonts .... ..26 Blood Wych Data Disk...... 18 Hole In One .... ..25 Return To Atlantis ...... 19 ¦wi Wings of Fury 27 Tools 45 iniertnange..... ...... Starships 2050 ...... 79 Blnod Wych 76 Hollywood Poker 78 Revenge of Defender Rick Dangerous 27 WmaWcfker 31 Copyist Pro .. . Dr T Patch Editors 149 iniercna-iyc 'jDjeci. .. I j 00 ImI Story Book Capitals Studio Fonts ...... 75 Blue Angel 59 28 Holmes ... 37 37 Wordplex 25 Call imerruni... .... Mnrtrlpr Oc 32 «*-• Blue Angels ......- 35 Hometown USA 29 Ringside 29 Nt f World Chambionship Drum Studio 35 l>IUUviC» v----, .. QptiCkS PanfkftAnripf in
• •vJ Call 108 99 .23 .Call 54 Subheads kMiSuperClips ...... 55 22 Bcbo .. Boino the Game __ 24 31 HcneyMoonets in*i Hoi Rod ... 29 36 Road Raider Robo-Cop . 27 36 Boxing WoiJd Class Course Disk 31 15 Dynamic Drums Dynamic Studio Fai Sounds ... Fun Keys KCS .59 ! 4-t Photon Paint II Photon Paint Expansion. Noi Photon Video EDLP Pumate Print Master Art
• Vermonl Seasons
• World Symbol Library ?unta Fairs . 29 34 Bomb Busbars . . Bombura! 23 29
* »•! Hoytes Book o! Games Human Killing Machine... Nr*t Hyperfoice 1 Ludicrcus ... 23 73 Rock Challenge Rocket Ranger ..... 27 33 World Class Leader -3rd . World ol Flight ...... 29 tort 46 78 25 Breach 2 34 35 Roger Rabbit 31 World Snooker 3 iliards. 22 177 Breach Scenario.. 13 25 Roll Out ...... . .27 World Trophy Soccer. ..... 28 KGS Level II
- >qq BUSINESS Breach 79 Indiana Jones (Doom) . .28 Hf»iRoller Coaster Rumble.. 30 Xenon 11 ... 39 ¦*-t KCS Level 3 .Can 149 54 Bride of the Robot.. 71 Infestation .. 29 Romance of 3 Kingdoms Ni«! Rommel at El-Alameinr . 46 Xenophcbe ..... 35 M uauery t or c----------.... Print Master fantasy.....- ..tU ..22 129 1(15 Budge 5.0 .... 27 Insanity Fight ... 29 43 Zany Golf ..-..... 19 Master Sound . Print Maslr Forts Borders .24 Advantage .... HI-! BG Calc" . Bubble Ghost 3 ; if lift P 1| 29 26 25 International Soccer ir*' Iron Trackers J Nickiaus Couse Disk 2. 28 ..31 18 ni«! Rommel at Gazala ..... RVF Honda .43 31 22 Zero Gravity Zoom 21 20 Master Tracks Pro MIDI Quest Mini Rprftrrtmn turiin 259 179 JQ Print Master Plus...... Hi.' RFRFP jj 56 Budgeted1 .... 34 Hi-! Calculation . Santa Para a . Scanlab .Call Critics Choice..... 178 ifl California Games . 29 J Nickiaus Golf 37 Scary Mutants 27 EDUCATION MidiMagiC . 98 8cii!nt 3D-XL 130 399 Desktop Budget.
• *0 1 Art Capone 28 Japan Scenery .. .20 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 13 Music Modules Starts '6 Sculpt-Ajiimate 40 Easy Ledger . «¦-' Home Accounts..... Ivy 63 Captam Fm. Carrier Command .... Casino Fever 21 33 26 24 .27 24 31 34 29 28 Jaws 29 Scenery Disk 9 HiwfSea Haven Towers . Seconds Out Boxing Sex Vuens From Space 20 25 21 Adv. Of Smbad...... 35 Musi: Mouse ..... 49 Sculpt Animate 4D Jr Turbo Silver Terrain Disk Call .22 109 15 30 ...99 .122 .55 59 investor's Advantage 79 JuaUII) jet 35 Aesop's Fable (Unicorn) 33 Music X 155 1 Ci “j Money Mentor...... Call Centerfold Squares...... ix*' Chariots of Wrath ...... Charon 5 ...... p -: Chinese Karate Jinxa : P-, ! Mania 25 29 Aesop s Fable (Hiltoni 19 Hi-!Performance 123 lurboSilver . Turbo Silver Conversion., Turbo Silver Video ... VkJ Gen ..... Videoscape 3D 2.0 ... »««’Video Scape Promotion Ivran Session Nimbus 1.3 (New Version) 99 PHASAR 4.0 61 Project Master .. 130 Jinks .... Joan of Ax ..... Joker Poker . 21 31 .33 Shadow of the Beast in-'. Sherman M*4 . Shufflepuck Cate .... 29 35 29 All About America .. Animal Kingdom ..... Arabian Nights .. 42 .35 35 Pro Sound Desianer Quasar Sound .... ...... Sonix ... 109 37 49 Publishers Choice ... nr-' Real One... 133 106 Chrono Quest Circus Attractions ... C low n-O-Mania ... Journey . 34 27 28 Side Arms 23 31 21 AtTheZoa. ... ..... k>-!Barney Bear 31 .Call Sound Oasis . . Sound Trax t or 2 i2 15 Securities Analyst .... Service Industry Accounting .. T*»L* CtA lr 55 Jjj.. ..... Karats Kic II ... C1L-1 0¦1VI> ----------- ------- Sidewinder «• ! Barney Bear 2 28 Snundquest Patch editors Studio Magic . Synlhra 2 Synthra Professional Texture ..... N-rTrax... . Too 75 8 274 74 nr*'Code Name Iceman i«!Cofonel s Bequest .... 42 .43 Kenned-y Approach Kt-’Kid Gloves 30 .35 »*«!Sidmon ... ..., Silent Service 49 24 Cardiac Arrest Chicken Little «ICLAS ConSouncTration Deluxe Hep Desigrusaurus ..... 49 19 99 .30 Call 34 wtu Abacus Desktop Vid Book .18 Aniniaoir Ffi Tax Break (19891..... I he Accountant The Works’ Platinum..... 57 189 1 9 in-1 Colorado Colossus Chess Combat Course Conl'rt Furone J6 27 27 36 King Arthur Hi«t King's Quest IV, Kingdoms ol England Ufa! Kl3X 37 41 32 29 Silicon Dreams... Sim City Terrain Editor SimCity . ... Skv Chasx* 25 17 31 28 230 102 77 Animation Editor ... 40 »*.! Time Waste Management 56
* r»! Corporate Raiders ..... Corruplion. ... 31 Knight Forte . 31 Sky Fighter 19 Dinosaurs Are Forever. 29
vi. 'Wa e . .... ..... 184 Animation Effects ...35 n*-i Top Form II ... 62 31
* »r Kursk Campaign 47 Sky fox fl 14 Discovery Data Disks Discover Math __ 15 Animation, flipper 40 WordPerfect Library...... 93 Cosmi; Bouncer __ 21 Lancaster .... 31 Sla ccn . . 29 25 UTILITIES Animation: Multiplane..... 69 Cosmic Pirate . .. 37 Lancelot..... 29 Slipstream 17 Discovery Spell 75 Animation: RotOSCCpe .53 WORD Moi Cosmo Ranger 76 Laser Squad ..... 31 Snake Pit 24 Distant Suns . .51 AM AX Ami .Alignment... Amiga DOS Toolbox. Amiga Tricks fi Tips Am.Kit ..... BAD m-!CAL (Calendar Maker if NniCan Do1 .... 129 37
* n Animation: Soundtrack . ..89 Courtroom..' .. 86 Last Duel. .... ?R Snoopy 36 m-'Easy Grade First Letters and Words 47 Animation: Stand . ... . 35 PROCESSING »i»' Crackdown 35 Last Inca 28 Soccer Match 27 29 Animation: Video Trtler 44 Craps Academy ..... .. 26 Leathernecks . 29 Soldier 2000...... 36 First Shapes ... 29 17 29 34 35 99 Animator Apprentice Ani motion 225 57 A NO DTP Crash Garrelt Crary Cars 27 27 LED Storm Legend ol Ojel 29 35 Soldier ol Light Solitaire Royals 35 22 fraction Action Grade Manager 33 69 Broadcast Tiller . 199 Ciiv ripcii ? N 134 57
* oi Crossbow William Tell.... 31 Legend . Oq Sorcerer Lord 28 Inteilitype 19 Caligari Consumer irw'Credit Text Scroller . Digi-Works 30 ...... 185 .30 90 vll» UljA £. U CygnusEd Crossword Creator...... Crystal Quest ..... Cyber Complex ...... 35 35 25 xx-’Legend ol Sir Fred..... 35 44 29 Space Ace ...39 Jigsaw .... .29 n«iExceitence!2 0(tMBi... Kind Word* 2 Q 159 74 Leisure Suit Larry ill Licence to Kill .. Space Lutter ... Space Harner 2 20 35 Kinderama , Learning Curve 33 55 Clfmate Color Commander...... f'r 'ee Piris5 J 0 25 .21 no Director ... .45 Micro Text .... 25 Cycles 29 L>esure Suit Larry II . .34 Space Harrier . ...36 LmkwOrd Languages 74 Ujrector fiociKit Director Video Tutorial Pscxr Titter
- 31 Page Setter II PageStrearr . 79 17 q Daily Dpi. Horse Racing... t**!Qamoclss .. .24 ,3t O I Lombard Rally ...... Lost Dutchman Mine..... 29 a JO in Space Racer...... Space Ranger ..... 21 ...18 24 16 29 25 little Red Hen . Logic Master . .49 .38 Disk 2 Disk (New Version) 37 Diik Mer.hnrnr 86 t-aaV ' 1L1EI ...... ..... .. Faniavision .. invasion Plus ... . Ji 39 199 PageStrearr Fonts (each) i»'PageStrearr Fonts (Mag 2 28 28 Danger Freak. .. Mi*' Darius .. Dark Century .24 36 32 27 ni»f Magic Candle _ Magic Johnson Hoops (1MB) 28 hpace bcnooi Simulator Space Station Sdhenc.nl Magical Myhs. Match It ... Hi-’Math Blater Plus Math Wicard 36 29 36 35
C. Q OiskVasler Dos 2 Dos .... .40 37 Lights Camera Action . 53 Images,: .. A P r *im Fnrm . DataStomi ... Maior Motion 27 Spin World .. Doug's Library Disk n Movie Setter.- ...... 63 V i v*lin I viitrj . Pfn P*1 uV OQ
* ¦*'Day ol the Viper 36 »>¦'Malta Storm .... 47 Spitlmg image . 29 Dougs Math Aquarium .. by Movie Setter Data Disks. 24 Pro Templates 7fl Deep Space ... .. 21 Manhunfet 2 ¦ New York. 35
u. «! Spy vs Spy 2 13 ;i.11 niisinil 101 . . Fjutn Fax
D. J 43 n-'DUDE Dunlap Utilities Express Copy. ..... EZ Backup _ _ 35 pager-upper h x tut Photon Vid Cel Animator 103 Photon Vid Transporter 215 Professional Page 1 3 ProFonis (each) ...... Pm Pfin! 214 26 87 »i-J Defenders o! The Earth Dedans Detonator 36 25 23 Marua: Mansion. Marble Madness
f. lean 1S .. 34 19 27 Star Goose... Star Ray .. Steigar .. 29 31 ...31 Opposites Attract .. Read fi Rhyme .... .31 ..33 .. 5b .31 35 Pro Video Gold . Pro Video Gold Fonts (ea 199 .77 r i w j -11 p i . .. ProText .. . PrnWiite J .139 75 279 Oevonjie . D slant Armies .31 8: Menace Metropolis... 24 31 Stellar Crusade . Stock Market Game .. 41 19 n620“A-r arr-3 Recipe Fax . JJ 23 24 ?? Hi-'Fat Tracks ___ Family Tree 39 34 Pro Video Post. 219 nuvriiic .... Reason .. Di .e Bomber 37
* >•2
• -•’MicroUaguf Wrestling 29 f'f* Story Sc Far.. ..... . 29 29 29 is king Story boo*, (each* Three Bears ¦»• FRED (Phome Dialer) 36 27 31 II*1 OtClIC UcilCUtUi ... ..
• Sho.vMaker .
• • faJ Call Mr*’Scanner Srrihhte' Plahniim 1 4 Q3 Dcrrrna.or Dominoes 13 n*«i Midwinter . Millenium 2.2 ... 37 ctreot Fighter Stnder .. Three Little Pigs 19 35 22 .35 rruinc uir *i!vff. 1 n iLottery Professional ... Super Prompt
* «!T:lle Page .. TV Graphics ...... 394 129 .36 (?-lUlnaForms lor Pagesneam 55 I LntraForms tor ProPage. 56 Double Draqon h Dr Doom s Revenge Dragon Spin! .. 31 31 81 Mind Roll Mission ConBat Moebtus 22 35 .38 Strip Pokfir Data (cadi) Strip Poker II fc.-tStryx .. 15 28 .23 IIIp ¦.nildSI. ...... Ugly Ducktmg m-’Wnere in Europe . Mac To Dos .. Mastering CLI Micro Lawyer lJ2 29 4? TV'Show 74
* f V. " U £ 1 I YV k 1 UU h t U i 1 . ¦ ITS Dragon's Lair 11 47 Momentum Check 25 Stunt Car Racer 34 Where In The USA . 35 Norgen Geneo*ogy Patetie Printer 71 TV Text Professional 112 Dragon's Uir . Dragonscape 7fi kt.1 Me scow Campaign MTB' Barbarossa 47 Sub Battle . 34 Where In The World . ..30 75 Video Effects 3D 142 COMMUNICATION A-Ta k III (New Version!.....70 31 41 31 45 Super Scramble 29 Word Master ..... ..35 DixefScnpt 104 Video Titter v 1.1 ¦*»'Vista ...... 99 ...74 K»»iDrakkhen . Dream Zone MTB: Central Germany New York Warriors 46 35 Synapse
T. A C L...... . 24 74 DATABASE Prcject D (New Version).. t Quarterback 37 47 VIVA? ... .140 3aud Bandit. 35 Dungeon Master Asst 24 Ne w Zealand Story 36
w. .'Table Tennis 28 Raw Copy (Latest!) « ¦! Reaper Zoetrcpe 92 335-rC ... 106 Dungeon Master Editor Dungeon Master Hint Disk Dungeon Master Dungeon Quest 24 Night Hunter . ?9 Tale Spin 37 HR Min TOO
- - V* 36 Online' Platinum . 65 .15 29 fJinhtHavvn 25 Tangiewood...... Tank Attack 27 22 ud man v . OataRetrieve .. 133 59 tflQ Stuffd. SuperBack ...... 28 54 CAD
* r-!3D Professional...... A Cad . Skylme .. 99 Ninja Mission .. North & South . 18 Tele Tutor .. 21 74 74 iarghnn 36 UdkdneillS'-E r|L>3 (•’ Mail Shot Plus Maitodex Micro Base 73 35 25 "arot Master 21 49 7-1 299 145 GAMES qn Pnnl n»i Oyter 07 Eliminator . M*i Emperor ol the Mines. . »«'Enuncia:or, x««! Eskimo Games .. 29 23 37 17 Obhlerator.. Off Shore Warrior..... Omega Omm Play Basketball 30 29 35 37 Targis . Techno Cops. , .. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TeieEpic.. 27 34
* (linker . N rlotaf Control Diet..... Draw 2000 .. Home Builder's Cad T49 139 55 27 30 31 .27 Microfiche Filer Flus Nag Plus 115 54 Virus Infection Protection Virus Protection Toolkri... j2 39 home Builder's Choice 4th fi Inches 23 Omni Play Horseracing.. Operation Clean Streets. 35 23 Superb3se Personal II.... 99 Vo Rec One 129 European Scenery ..... Evil Garden ... Exolon ... 20 15 23 Tel?gjm?s .25 ¦?7 Home Builder's Library 34 AB Zoo . .. ...... .... ?B Superbase Prof. 3 .... 779
* Copy II ... 2s heme Builder's Print IntrpGAH 79 53 »«! After The War __ 35 27
* (»: Operation Combat . N »!Operation Overlord .. 55 IcISi.JI II , ..... ___ ... Telewar ...... 29 Who What Where When 67 flnr (ihipctivp is tn narrv pverv Ir-troCAD Plus.....
i. f-1 Profession?.! Draw 2 0.. 94 nllDJ.I .. Airborne Ranger ..... 35 E e of Horus .... F-lO Pursuit.. .29 .31 «*¦! Operation Spruance . Operation Woli .35 28 i> Tennis Cup ... Terrorpods . .31 . 28 PROGRAMMING product for the Amiga - ar id ,t34 Alien Legion.. . 36 Fiery Tale 79 Oswald 23 34 28 35 on Test Dwe II Data (each) Tesi Drive II Muscle Cars Test Drive It 'etra Quest 15 sell Ihem al Ihe best prices. Structured Clip Art .... Ultra Design .... 33 .229 All Dogs Go 7c Heaven N*»i All Time Favorites .. 36 42 Falcon Scenery, . Falcon . 20 34 .17 Out Run . 15 30 27 nc A C Basrc (vl 3) 134 Our policy is la be as competitive as possible on all product prices. II you find a lower X Shell Pro ...... X-Cad Designer 139 tip Alternate Reality . Nm'AMC 29 36 Famous Course Disk KU.W .... P47 Thsjnderboll . R unonran .....ryy Addison Wesley Manuals Call X-Cad Designer Pro . 339 Annga Karate . In*1 AMOS .. 24 70 (2SI UfOSK ... femme Fatale Oala Femme Fatale ...... jU 17 23 PacLand Paladin Scenario Paladin 29 19 . 29 Tetris n-! Theme Park Mystery Third Courier ...... J ...36 35 Amiga Machine Lang Arexx ..., ...... i?CA-rilPrrt 24 36 7 o price, please give us a call. 11 is no longer close to possible ART & FONTS Andiomeda Mission
2. H Fffnnnri0? FY** 29 Paperboy.. Paranoia Complex 36 32 Tj* ...31 .34
A. dec C-Dev (New Ver!). R £ 129 71 71 134 7 1 for us to list ail the products wp r.arrv If vnir rinn't kpp it APB 31 Feud IS Thud Ridge .
* »'000 Amiga Fonts. . |wJ Airships . ...... 37 32 Aquaventure ... 29 Fiendish Freddy -6 Persian Gulf Interne 2P Thunder Boy 26 Benchmark C Library..... Benchmark IFF Library.. Benchmark Modula-2...... Benchmark Simplified c** ..... r c a listed, please call. Archipelagos .... .... 29 Fighter Bomber Final Mission _ 44 Personal Nightmare...... Phantasm . 29 24 Time fi Maoik 31 Arena .... 15 ?i Tm Tin on the Moon 36 Products are new and in •1 crali Pics Aloha Fonts (each) ..
• AnsgaSciFi ... ArneoO. . Architectural Design flrhyr fnnk ...36 15 52 34 24 64 Art Of Chess . Art of Go ..... 24 42 Fire fi Forget Fire Brigade..... 27 87 Phaser Gun Phobia 45 37 Tdan hi-!To the Rhme... .31 . 35 23 23 24 f L 279 i on slock.
• Products had not been Astern .. 36 x-.'fust Contact 35 35 31 Picbonarv 36 n iTom & Jerry 2 lorn fi Jerry . Transputer I: YU . . .. - . .... • i-nr col Astrarath Aun! Arctic Adventure. . 35 27 fust Person Pinball ... Fish .. Pioneer Plague .. nwiPlague ... 27 29 Cart uBK DcvPac Amiga n cicci'fTiMpr 63 67 released al press lime.
* Prnrlur!1! Haup hopn rvlllaa V fu? ... Bird Ptcs 25 Auto Duel ...... 23 flight Simulator 2. 32 Planet of Lust 29 x**i Treasure Trap..... . 29 •H oq marked down in price. 07 Baal 20 n fFoal s Errand __ __ 87 Platoon. . 31 Triad . .35 HiSoft Basic IncvaTools rtiev. Version > J-Forth (New Version)..... 115 Lrirllu 1 ..... Clip Art Disks 1-8 leach) Desktop Artist...... E-Clips ..... Lr ' 15 23 ...74 hr-i Bad Company 35 forgoll-'n Worlds n Pocket Rockets...... 29 Triple X oa All other products are normally in Hnrk Inin*: 1 flPc mnrpll Bad Oudes .. 31 Formula One . ?• Poco Man ... 31 Trivia Pursuit . 29 57 145 Balance ol Power . 31 Four in One ... 22 Poker Solitaire ...... 74 x-’Turrican ... ...29 ICES • BEST SELECTION The Gold Disk Office The Only Productivity Software You Will Ever Need! Word Processing Desktop Publishing Spreadsheet Calculation Database Management GOLD DISK Business Graphics $ 24 Board 4 Megabyte Memory Board for the Amiga A500 by EXPANSION Battery-backed clock Easy plug-in installation 100% Amiga software compatible BaseBoard OK $ 129.00 512K $ 164.00 4MBs439.m Vista Scenery generator with real data - from Half Dome to Mars. 90 Distant Suns See the heavens from anywhere at anytime. DigiViewU.Q DigiPaint3 With Dynamic The Ultimate Paint Hi-Res! Program! 800-BE-AMIGA SHIPPING INFO: Softv are Shipping rales are S3.00 per item using UPS Ground service (max. S9.CGj or S- 50 per item using UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max S13 50i For Airborne shipping rates and conditions, see aDove. Alaska. Hawaii. APO, Mail, foreign shipping extra Call lor hardware rates and oher shipping into RETURN & REFJND POLICY: All returns must have an RMA*. Call Customer Service to request one Defective merchandise unde- warranty will be repaired or replaced. Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with all original packaging Exchanges lor same product only OTHER POLICIES: We don 1 charge your card until the product ships Purchase order customers must have credit application on tile. Nt surcharge for VISA and MasterCard. When ordering with credit card, please include expiration dale and name o! Bank! Larry: Lite begins at 33 ¦ or is it 31. Bill? (800-232-6442) Amiga is a trademark of Commodorc-Amiga Go AMIGA is in no way associated v-nth Amiga Delivery subject to product availability • Prices subject ro change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card. 693 Attack Sub ...... W5 1939 Stats ... 15 Nuclear War 35 Action Fighter . 31 Basbeball . 35 Pipe Dream 29 Afterburner .. 36 Commisloners Disk... .15 Populous .... 34 Alien Svndrome.. 31 F 16 Combat . 95 Powerdrome ... 35 Altered Beast . 36 F A 18 Interceptor .. .35 Pro Tennis Tour .... 29 Aquanaut . 29 Federation ... 35 Puffy's Saga 22 Balance ot Power 1990 .36 Ferrari Formula i ... 35 Puzzle Storybook . 29 Battle hawks 1942 .. 35 Hills far 35 Rhyming Notebook...... 29 Biockout ..... ?9 Hound of Shadow...... 29 Shinobi .. 26 Brain Blaster ... 31 Hunt For Red October.. 22 Space Harrier .. 36 Budokan .... 29 Impetium ... 29 Speed ball .* .... 29 Champions Of Krynn.,.. 35 Indiana Jones Speller Bee .29 Cribbage King Gin Klng..29 Action Game ...... .29 Star Trek V .. 36 Dark Castle . 33 Graphic Adventure..... 35 Startlight .... 25 Death Bnnger 29 Iron Lord ... 29 Sword of Aragon ... 29 Deluxe Music .. 63 It Came From The Swords of Twilight...... 95 Deluxe Paint III ..... QQ Desert ...... 95 Their Finest Hour 42 Deluxe Photolab .... 99 It Came II - Antheads Thunder Blade . .36 Deluxe Print II . 55 Keel The Thief . 35 Tunnels of Armageddon. 29 Datuve Virinn II! On Kid Talk ..... 90 Turbo Out Run . 35 Dinosaur Discover,' Kit .29 Krista1 .. 35 TV Sports Football . 35 DRAGON Force ..... 95 1 nrcls nf the Risinn Sun 3.5 TV Sports Hoops 95 Dragons ot Flame __ 29 Maniac Mansion ... 33 Vegas Gambler 29 Empire 96 Math Talk ..... 29 Waterloo 42 Earl Weaver Math Talk Fractions 29 Wings . 35 1983 Stats ... .15 Mavis Beacon . 35 Zak McKracken ...... .33 ORDERS ONLY: IN CALIFORNIA: 800-843-2842 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 415-364-9714 FACSIMILE (FAX): 415-365-2073 Earl Weaver w 1989 Stats Disk $ 15.0B Electronic Arts Now Has Mindscape! ELECTRONIC ARTS GO AMIGA PRESENTS H A R E> W R E A-SQUARED Live A2000 .Call Call for product availability AHAKIH Easy! - A1000 ..369 Easy! A500 359 Easy! - A2Q03 ...399 APPLIED VISIONS FtltureSound (A1QOO) ,144 FuIureSound A5Q0'2000 .95 ASDG
h. -i JX-100 Scanner w SW 779 Mutti Por! Serial Card. Call ¦(•¦'Scanlab Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS ? CA-880 3 5" Dnve ___IDS CiriZEH 24-P:n Color Printer Call DIGITAL CREATIONS SuperGen 639
• SuperGen SC Call a**1 SuperGen 2GOQS ... . Call He* products coming soon1 ECE MIDI tor ASOaAIODO’ A2000 ..58 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Kt-1 BaseBoard OK ......134 ti-'6aseBoard5l2K 174 ¦f-1 BaseBoard 4MB .....454 Tool Box .In Slock!
- >• A590 Power Supply ......94 GO AMIGA' Ols?. Head Cleaner ___15 30 Disk Case 10 imageWriter II Cabfe . Call Pnnler Cable .20 Modem Cable .. 20 Mouse Pad .10 Sorry Cables..- ......Call FlickerFuer Cables ..Call Custom Cables CaH GOLD DISK
* «¦' Pro Scan In Stock’ GOL0EH HAWK TECHNOLOGY m-i MIDI Gold 500 .....65 MIDI Gold Insider ......72 GRAVIS n»*iM(wseSfick™ ...... 89 SvvrtchStick 37 7 re best joystick1 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 63030 Accelerators lor A20OO: 28MHz 882,4MB 1.799 W 40MB Quantum ...2 189 W7 80MB Quantum. . 2 489 28MHz (by itself) ...719 33-SdMHz AvadaMe! Impact SCSI RAM far A2000: Impact S O . 204 Impact S 2.... Call A2000 Hard Cards HC2 40Q ....499 HC2 30Q ... 699 HC2 100Q ..749 A500 Products Call Streaming Tape Call Removable Media Call HAITEX X-5pecs 3D ...97 Call for product availability HEWLETT-PACKARD
n. -1 DeskJet* ..Cali H -' Paintjet ... „Call
* «-¦ Laset Jet Series III _ Call Oe$ kje! Pnnler arrcer avail.! ICO INCORPORATED Ad RAM 520 (OK) 135 i»-i AdRAM 520 = 4MB) 444 AdfiAM 560 (2MBI 259 AdRAM 20B0 149
- i- Advantage HO Controller 149 INKWELL Light Pen IVS SONY 1302 MultiScan Call SOUIHERN IECH My-T Mouse .. 42 Back in Stock! SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY OK Spirit Board 7 A1000 CaH OK Spoil Board1A500 CaH I SMB Spirit Board for A500 ... 429 Hard Disk Interfaces ... Call STAR MICRONICS V «X1000 Rainbow .....239 NX 1 GOO Brack ISC Ribbons a variable’ SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES Perfect Sound 69 Color Splitter Call SUHFSIDE Master 3A 3 5”... 99 Memory Boards Call Trump Card 500 Call Trump Card 2COO CaH Sourcer Poorer Supply .. Call KETEK Command Center ... Sae' MAGNI Magm4000 Genlock In Stock! Magm 4000-S ...In Stock' MAXIMUM "'•! Yoke for Flight Simulator. .78 MICHOBOTiCS Starboard II (AIQOQi OK . 239 IA5Q1 lor A50G ......99 8 Up L.A200Q) OK .....159 E Up (A2000) 2MB Call Hard Frame tor A2QOO: No Drive .. 239 With 40MB Quantum . 653 With SOUS Quantum . 699 W7105MB Quantum... S99 MICflOWAY
* **¦' Denise Extender Board. Cat Flicker Fixer ....409 Genlock Upgrade .....49 PAL version available1 MICRODEAL MIDI Interface ....31 MICROSPEED Ami rack Trackball Call MGRAPH Hi"1 Hand Scanner Call Ml ME TICS
* Amigen Genlock Call AuCio Digitizer..- 85 MIDI Interface for A500 and A200Q 45 MITSUBISHI DiamandScan Monitors Call Great tor video! NEC MuhSync Monitors Call Ive Vie all the right cables1 II ERIK I Neriki Desktop .919 Neriti Imagemaster ...Call PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Subsystem 500 ...219 Subsystem 500 y; 3.5" .... 365 PANASONIC m-iWVI 500 Camera ...... Call WVU10 CameraLertS-. 239 Variable Iris Lens 79 11 Eqt Printer..- Call 11911 Printer ...Call 1124 Printer ....Call PASSPORT DESIGN B»*r MIDI Interlace .CaH PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS ¦«'Cordless Mouse ...99 Mouse Master ...31 PRO PRINT Paper lor InkJet Punters.. 15 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber ...Call ti-'MmiGen 209 Pro Gen Genlock .349 QUANTUM PtoDrirt 4OS 429 ProDiiveSOS .649 PraDrive IG5S 699 RD 6 L PRODUCTIONS
* •»’ Pro Draw In Stack’ SAFESKIN Clear Keyboard Covets 19 Speof Amiga model SHARP JX-TOO Scanner w SW... £49 JX-450 Scanner ..Call Top-rated external disk drive $ 109i 00 129 Summer Heat! Great Valley Products:
• HC 40Q ....sm.00
• HC2+0 40 $ 499.00
• HC2+2 40 $ 699.0B Supra:
• Wordsync 40Q ...S459.B0
• Wordsync 80Q ...SB69.°°
• Wordsync 105Q .s709.°°
• SupraRAM 2000 2MB......$ 239.BD We will not be beat on these items! Prices good through 9 30 1990. SUPRA 2400 Modem ..115 24Q0zi Internal (A2000}...139 A2009 OK RAM Board 159 A2000 2MB RAM Board 239 A2000 Wordsync Conlroller: No Drive, -------- 129 With 40MB Quantum 459 With 80MB Quantum 659 W 105MB Quantum 709 External 44MB Removable (incl conlrcller). 1,039 Hard Drives for A1000 20MB .....599 30MB . 679 40MB . 789 80MB .1,024 44M3 Removable 1 249 SCSI Interlace (Al000).,.. 209 Hard Drives for A5Q0 XP20 Y.ith 512K_ ....629 XP40 with 512K .....729
* ..¦ XP20 with 2MB 779
* -f XP40 with 2ME 879 44MB Removable 1,169 SCSI Interlace (A500) 189 2MB RAM for A500. 275 512K RAM Exp. (A5QQ) 94 IECHNICOVER Cover lor A500 ...... 14 Cover lor Al COO .17 Cover for A200Q, ..17 WICO Trackball. .39 Vto TECH Scanlock ..799 Scanlock Power 69 VISUAL AURAIS Mmdiight 7 .... 178 XcTEC FastCard Plus .....189 With 40MB Quantum ... 569 With 80MB Quantum 789 With 105MB Quantum 399 FastTrak AlOOO. ...329 FaslTrak A500 329 RAM Module lorAlQOO 99 RATA Module lor A500... 99 Tape Drives ....Call We stand behind the hardware we sell with lull warranties and intelligent, informed support. We all own and use Arnigas. And we can help make sure you gel the right equipment. Products are new and in stock.
• Products had not been released al press lime. Products have been marked down in price. While They Last! FREE Deluxe Photolab with purchase of Deluxe Video III 95 $ 00 MORE SPECIALS INSIDE! TO ORDER CALL TOLL-FREE: ™ IN CALIFORNIA CALL: 800-843-2842 800-BE-AMI (800-232-6442) 11 PRESENTING IN CHICAGO ? Starring ? THE AMAZING AMIGA ? Featuring ? Amiga Hardware • Amiga Software Amiga Accessories • Seminars • Bargains Rosemont O’Hare Expo Center, Rosemont, Illinois October 5-7, 1990 Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm aav registrar q Three-dav 380_ L Tbe Hunter Group, (tf apPto STATE ZIP Chicago at me ,he, prZegisW«°n piease Special P«>res Pre-registration: $ 8 per day or $ 20 for 3 days Deadline for pre-registration Sept. 18 Registration at show: $ 10 for 1 day $ 25 for 3 days Registration includes exhibits and seminars. Name company adores5 CITY able) Oct.5-7 WORLD OF AMIGA FOR MORE INFORMATION Call (416) 595-5906 IN CHICAGO Fax (416) 595-5093 Other upcoming events produced by The Hunter Group include COMMODORE AMIGA USERS FAIR in Valley Forge, PA, September 15 and 16,1990, and WORLD OF COMMODORE AMIGA in Toronto, November 30 to December 2,1990. SOLID PRODUCTS
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Srreet Kutztown, PA 19530 1-800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) 24 Hour FAX Line 1-215-683*8567 Customer Service 1-215-683-5433 Technical Support 1-215-683-5699 SXTISJACTICfti gWW& EXD! In-House Technical Support A No-surprises Shipping Policy Our FIFTH Year in Business No Surchage for Charge Orders No Holding of Personal Checks A Fair Return Exchange Policy NEWTEK’S Dynamic Duo Algebra Plus $ 33 Leisure Suit Larry 3 39 Algebra Pitts VoI2 $ 33 l ife X Death* 34 Hamey Bear Goes To School 23 Loom* 41 Barney Hear Goes To Farm 23 Manhunter - San Francisco 33 Discover Alphabet 13 Might A Magic 2 41 Discover Math 13 Mutant Priestess 30 Distant Suns (Galileo 3) 46 Neiiromuncer 31 Linkword: German 20 Night Hunter* 27 The Briwall Package $ 485 Digi-Paint 3, Digi-View 4.0, Panasonic WV1410 Camera, 16mm Lens w variable iris and Copy Stand w lights Advanced Amiga Busk SI5 Amiga 3D Graphics Programming 17 Amiga Basic lnsidc&Out+ 20 Amiga C for Beginners15 Amiga C for Advanced Progs+ 25 Amiga Companion 2nd Edition 15 Amiga DOS Inside & Oul+ 17 Amiga Desktop Video Guide 17 Amiga Disk Drives Inside &. Out+ 24 Amiga Graphics Inside and Oul+ 27 Amiga Hardware Reference Review 18 Amiga Machine Languagc+ 17 Amiga Priiilt'rsiInside&Oul* 28 Amiga Programmer's Guide 15 Amiga System Prog's Guidc-t- 27 Amiga Tips &l Tricks* 17 Amiga for Beginners 15 Dungeon Master Hint Itnok 11 Inside the Amiga with C 21 Kids and the Amiga 13 Making Music on the Amiga 28 Programmer’s Guide to the Amiga 22 ROM Kcmal Rcf:Excc.Lib&Dcvs 28 ROM Kcmal Reflncludes&AutoDoc 27 64 Emulator S52 Anitrac II rack hall) 68 Cables call Camera Lens 16mm - No Iris 22 Copy Stand with Light Fixtures 64 Covers call DigiView Adapter Gender Chang.. 16 Disks-3.5’ DSDD box of 100 77 Flicker Master 14 Ink call Joystick - Gravis 35 Marcus R112-109 Track Ball 45 Maxx Yoke Flight Cnirl 79 Mouse Master 29 Paper call Ribbon call Safeskin Keyboard Protectors 20 1 BOOKS Pace Stream v 1,8 129 Pen Pal 99
P. H.A.S.A.R V4.0 59 Professional Draw 2.0 129 Professional Page 1.3 189 Proscript for Prow rite 32 Prim rite V3.ll 114 Saxon Publisher 279 Scribble - Platinum Edilion 72 Service Industry Accounting 252 Word Perfcci v4.1.11 149 Avorks - Platinum Ediiion 140 Barney Bear Goes to School & Barney Bear Goes to the Farm Two early education, preschool games for children ages 3-8. Goes to School includes both English and German versions. Briwall Price - $ 23 each Advantage (The) 129 IK i rap hies 126 HUMAN V 2119 Desktop Budget 52 Excellence V2.0( I MB) 150 Family T nee t Your) 35 KKS Accounting v2.0 195 MttxiPlan 3 161 NAG Plus V3.1 52 GENERAL BUSINESS ACCESSOR IKS EDUCATION Dragon's I air II: Singe's Casllc 46 Dragonvcape 27 Drakkhcn 39 Dungeon Master 26 Dungeon Master 2* 27 Earl Weaver Baseball 35 Karl Weaver Stats '89 Disk 14 Falcon 33 Falcon Scenery : OpcrCountr Strike 17 Federation 34 Flood* 27 Kind's Krrand 34 Fran lie* 27 Future Wars 33 Ghost Busters II 27 Go 28 Halls of Montezuma* 3(1 Hardball II 33 Heat Wave; Offshore Racing 3(1 Hern’s Quest 39 Ice Hockey: Wayne Gretzky 35 Impcrium 27 li Came From the Desert 33 It Came From I lie Desert II 14 Jigsaw I'u zlemania 2(1 Kecf the Thief 14 Kings Quest 4 39 Knights of Legend 33 Legend of William fell 27 688 Alluck Sub S34 A1KXI) • Champions ol Krynn 35 A DAD * Dragons of Flame 17 AD&I) - Pool of Radiance* 35 Altered Beast 34
B. A.T.* 34 Bltle Angels
31) Brain Blaster 27 Bride of (he Robot 26 Bridge 6.1) 27 Budnhuii 27 Damocles 30 Dark Cenlury 30 Day of the Viper 33 Distant Suns Distant Suns is a planetarium that lets you view the stars and planets from any vantage point on the earth, and for anv date from 8000BC through I2.000AD. Features include: realistic color, authentic, astronomically correct sky, 2,200 stars, and 450 deep space objects. "I'm tutitlls iiHctl by nihil )>>n luo c ilnticf " -- Ai lliur C (- Uit hc Briwall Price -- S46 DRAGON LORD In ihis intense strategy game you must haich. Raise and train up to nine dragons, using your com- plele magical laboratory, to form a battle force against your enemies. Dragon Lor J. from Cinemaware, includes arcade-siyle dragon living sequences and much more. Coming Soon! Briwall Price - $ 34 Little Red Hen - Talking Story 13 Math Blaster 33 Mavis Beacon Typing 34 Mixed Up Mother Goose 20 Mvpuint 33 My Paint Data Disk 1 17 Nursery Rhymes - Talking Story 13 Rhyming Notebook 29 Talking Story Book 20 World Atlas 2.(1 39 World of Whales - Talking Storv 13 ENTERTAINMENT Overrun* 41 Pirates! 3(1 Planet of Lust 24 Populus 34 Project vie 27 Puli’) Saga 27 Puz nic* 23 Rings of Medusa 33 Sexliniates 33 Sex Vixens from Space 25 Shadow of the Beast 33 Shark Attack 26 Shoot'em Up Kit 13 Sim City 30 Sim City Terrain Editor 15 Surcerian Spherical 17 Space Rogue 33 Star Trek V* 33 Siarflighl 34 Storm Across Europe 41 Sirred Rod* 27 S wort I of Aragon 27 Teenage Mutant Ninja Tunics 30 T ennis Cup 27 l est Drive 2;Eurnpcan Chalenge 13 Tetris 25 The Gume of Harmony 30 Their Finest Hutu*:Battle Britain 41 Third Courier 33 Treasure Trap 27 Triad 2 (Menace. Tret is. Baal) 27 Tunnels of Armageddon 27 Turbo Out Run 34 I ureal* 34 Waterloo 41 tl iris 23 AS here Europe is Carmen San Diego 33 Where in USA is Camien SanDiego 33 Where in World is Carmen SanDiego 30 Wings of Furv 27 3D Professional*
321) ACAD Translator 135 Animation Soundtrack 88 Art Department 59 Autodroid 50 AuloScript 84 Credit Text Scroller 27 Deluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Photo Lab 99 Deluxe Print 2 54 Deluxe Video 3 99 Digitiuik- 3 27 Digipainl 3 69 Digivicw v4.0 (for 500 2000) 139 Director 49 Director - Toolkit 29 Disney Animation Studio* 12(1 Graphics Starter Kit 65 Interchange 33 Intro (’At) Pins 111$ VISTA Photo-realistic landscape simulation software for personal computing! Explore actual landscapes (such as Mars. Yosemite. And Crater Lake) based on real USGS data, using a fast 3D engine and up to 130,000 polygons per landscape! Features: camera target positions in 3 dimensions, rivers and lakes, saves as IFF file and Turbo Silver object files, and much more! Briw all Price -- $ 65 WINGS Experience the action, glory and fear of a WWII fighter pilot in this easy-to-play simulation. You get to sirafe aerodromes, bomb enemy installations and match your wits against the infamous Red Baron in this new game from Cinemaware! Available Soon! Briwall Price - $ 34 (:RE ATI V1TY GRAPI I ICS Digi-Paint 3 The Ultimate Paint Program $ 69 HAM painting package for the Amiga written in 100% assembly language for a fast, powerful, easy-to-use program. Kara Fonts call Media l.inc Dxktp & Video Package 24 Palette Printer 20 Pro ideo Post 224 Scene Generator 33 Sculpt Animate 4D 389 Show maker 275 Turbo Silver 139 Turbo Silver Terrain 30 TV Text Professional 109 Ultra Design 255 Video Scape 3D 2.0 129 Video Tiller vl.5 106 A Talk III $ 65 A max - Macintosh Emulator 129 Amax - Trumpcard Utilities 79 Ami...Alignment 39 Amiga Workbench 13 24 Arexx VI.O 35 A tec C Dev Pah A 5 w SI.Debug 195 A tec C Prof Pak A 5 w ZF.rlilur 129
B. A.D Disk Optimizer 32 Baud Bandit 33 Buddy .System fur Deluxe Paint Can Do 89 CroxsDOS 2(1 Diskmasier 33 DOS-2-DOS 39 I at Trucks 39 Bars & Pipes 192 Deluxe Music Construction 65 Dr T Keyboard C. S. Level 11 225 Dr I Key Iniiird Sc |. A 3.0 177 Dr L Tiger* 97 Dr 1 1 igvr ’lib 65 llyperchord 104 Music Mouse 52 Perfect Sound A500 V3.0 65 Phantom 161 Pixound 65 Sonix 52 Nvnthia 11 81 G V & UTILITIES LANGUAGES SOUND & MUSIC Imagclink 2.11 177 liuagelink CINE module 264 Imagelink TGA module 2 >4 Janus Libraries A 2.0 27 Lattice C++ 259 Lattice V5.04 Dev Paeakagc 205
1. 04;() 7 Paragon BBS 107 Pow er Window s 2.5 59 Project D v 1.1 33 Quarlcrbuek V4.0 49 Raw Copy VI.3E 39 Super Card Ami 11 79 UllraCard Plus 65 We maintain an enormous * Digi-View Gold 4.0 Simplythe Best! $ 139 Digitize images with complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution and palette. Titles marked with * were not yet released when the ad was prepared. Please call for firm price availability, Titles in BOLD are new items Australian Customers can order software locally from Briwall Australia at:
(062) 88 0131, or FAX (062) 88 0337 DOCTOR AMI.. The most complete memory' and drive diagnostic utility available for the Amiga! Use it to evaluate and recover bad memory, floppy disks and hard drives. Briwall Price -- $ 33 inventory of software. If you I don’t sec what you want, CALL! ;
- 800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) SCSI C 0 N T R O L LERS DRIVE PACKAGES Wc have (he technical sales still ami trained technicians I o help you w uh a hard ilnv c package purehwe. These package prices arc complete, and include all additional hardware required. A500 A1000 packages include case and cables. (On packages with a you Cart deduct $ 11(1 if youdon't want (he case and cable.) A2000 mounting brackets nuy tie additional. Drive assembly is SI 5. Or assemble it v ourself! HARD DRIVES Drive Specs. Drive Price Advantage A2000 $ 159 Fstcard«Mini Esliard-Plus A2000 A2IKM) SI 15 SI 90 Hardcard2 A2000 $ 189 Hardframe A2000 S172 Impact 8.0 A2000 $ 225 Kronos A2000 $ 219 Trumpet! Rd A2CHK1 St 59 FastTrak* A500 $ 346 Krnims* A500 $ 379 Trumpcard A500 $ 223 FastTrak* A1000 $ 346 32MB-40ms Seagate-3.5 S282 $ 435 $ 392 $ 466 $ 465 $ 450 $ 507 $ 493 $ 437 S628 $ 661 S505 S628 40MB-11 ms Quantum-3.5 S403 $ 556 $ 513 S5S7 S5S6 $ 571 $ 628 $ 614 S558 $ 749 S782 $ 626 S749 44MB-25ms Syqucst-5.25 $ 569 S722 $ 679 $ 753 $ 752 S737 $ 922 $ 780 $ 724 S905 $ 938 $ 792 $ 905 Syqucst w Case&Carl S875 S 1.028 S9S5 $ 1,059 $ 1,058 $ L1U3 $ 1,228 $ 1,086 $ 1,030 $ 1,211 St.244 SL09S S 1.211 48MB-28ms Seaeale-3.5 $ 349 $ 502 $ 459 $ 533 $ 532 S5I7 $ 574 5560 $ 504 $ 695 $ 728 $ 572 $ 695 64MB-24ms Scacalc-3.5 $ 415 $ 568 $ 525 $ 599 S598 $ 583 $ 640 S626 5570 $ 761 5794 $ 638 $ 761 80MB-] 1 ms Quantum-3.5 S659 $ 812 $ 769 $ 843 $ 842 $ 827 $ 884 $ 870 $ 814 $ 1,005
51. 038 $ 882 S 1.005 84MB-24ms Seacate-3.5 .$ 473 S626 $ 58 3 $ 657 $ 656 $ 641 $ 698 $ 684 $ 628 $ 819 $ 852 $ 696 $ 819 100MB- II ms Ouantum-3-5 $ 712 S865 $ 822 $ 896 $ 895 $ 880 S937 $ 923 $ 867 $ 1,058
51. 091 S935 SI.058 2I0MB-I lim Quanium-3.5 SI.058 SL2II 5L16S
51. 242 $ 1,241 SI 226 $ 1,283 $ 1,269 51213 SI.404
51. 437 SI.281 S 1.404 P M A E C M K O A R G Y E S Vttiifia 2IMIII Hard Drive I’aekages These packages come complete wiih controller and hard drive, are fomialted and ready to use. Supra Wordsync with 40MB Quantum HD $ 544 Supra Wordsync uith 100MB Quantum HD $ 827 Amiga 10(111 and 500 Hard Drive Packages These packages come complete with controller, case, power supply, are fomialted and ready to use. Amiga 1000 Amiga 500 22MB Supra Drive Package 5585 $ 499 40MB Supra Drive Package w Quamum HD $ 739 S739 80MB Supra Drive Package vv Quanlum HD SI089 $ 999 120MB Supra Drive Package SI599 SI599 Many other package deals available! Please call! Supra Corporation BOARDS OK 512K IMB 2MB 4MB 8MB s 8-up! Fl iMBsl SI45 n a n a 5254 $ 374 $ 606 jj Supra u IMBsl $ 119 n a n a S244 $ 375 $ 629 GVP 8 0 IMS SIMM S225 n a n a S389 $ 533 S84I Fs[Card+ 1 MB SIMM $ 190 n a n a $ 348 S492 S800 Baseboard
* . V'KvJ $ 124 SI 63 5205 $ 283 S439 n a . ICD 520 5 25f?KsJ SI IU $ 154 $ 1% $ 274 n a n a ® Xtc F-wram 0 1 MB SIMM $ 210 call call $ 368 $ 512 call Mcta4-Kitse 1 MB SIMM $ 249 call call $ 428 $ 600 n a Tlie two next boards arc for owners with cases, For Xclcc Owners S90 cull call S254 S398 call For Meta4 Owners $ 155 call call S347 5519 call ACCELERATOR BOARDS A3001 w A130-882 28 4MB 0 SI 899 A3001 w 030*882 28 4MB 40Q S2354 A3001 w 030-882 28 4MB 80Q S2667 4IHII u ¦IJ.10.JUt: 4IN II 0 £3479 A4IHII w Il3ll-S82'4b 4Mil 40Q $ 3M4> 41H)I w 1311-882 40 -IMil K(l() 4135 Hurricane 2800 wfl)30-882 25 UK S1016 Hurricane A500 w AJ20 S449 MegaMidgei Racer Bare S585 MecaMidgelRacer33MHzw 5I2K SI495 Midget Racer wiih 6.8020 S349 Midget Racer Pkg w 68( 120-881 16 S449 CHIPS 4MB iSIMMl fur (JYP Acc Hd $ 7.17 4MII xMbit SIMM 497 4MB x I bit 100ns $ 95 DRAM - I MB x 8 bits SIMM $ 99 DRAM - I MB x I bit I00n> SI 2 DRAM - 256KB x 4 bit 120ns ZIP $ 16 DRAM - 256KB x4bit 120ns Sli Math Chin 68882 - 25Mhz S349 Micro Priv Chip 68030 - 25Mhz $ 276 SCRAM - I Mil 4 hit 80ns .IP >08 SCRAM • 250k 4 hit 80ns 7.111 $ 13 DRIVES (FLOPPY) E High Density 3.5" ext. $ 210 Applied Engineering 3 5" e , $ 109 ( ulif. Access KK0 3.5" ex!. $ 125 FD-2B Dual 3.5" external S259 Master 3A 3 5-inch external $ 124 Master 5A 5.25" external $ 198 DRIVES (Hard) 84MB Seacate 5.25" ST296N $ 449 100MB Connor 3.5'' CP3100 S847 158MB Micropolis 5.25" 1674-7 SI 125 EXPANSION CHASSIS A1000 loo I Bus w pow cr $ 227 A500 Subsystem $ 249 A500 Subsystem with Drive $ 329 A5IK) Toolbus w power $ 227 GENLOCKS Ami gen S99 Magni 4010 & 4010S $ 1629 Minigcn $ 209 Ncriki 1IS7YCS $ 2039 SupcrGcn S669 SupcrGcn 2000s $ 1869 Vidtech SctmLock VLS-I SS59 MEMORY A500 Amtek Clone(501 tvpei SI05 EXP-8000 2MB ' S434 RAM50Q Supra (501 Tv pe > $ 75 W i RAM ’ $ 288 MIDI SOUND
A. M.A.S. SI 35 CMI External 500 2000 $ 60 ECE - External A500 1000 2000 S49 MODEMS Aprotck Mini A500 1 000 2000 $ 79
ll. 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Tech $ 85 Rcjuxrnabif A1000 (bare) $ 350 Synchro Express 555 Tape Streamer Fast Tape 60$ IB Int S519 Tape Streamer FastTape 60MB Ext $ 599 SHIPPING POLICY: ALL ORDERS received befere 1PM EST Mill ntHmalli be ‘.hipped within 2 business days All L PS shipments are «ni Signature Required No Driver Release. Add the following shipping charges to sour Total sofiwatc order. UPS: Ground S4.50 tcortl. USA ONLY): Air Rush S*.(W (include* Puerto Rico Hawaii): Overnight SI2.00 + $ 2.50 PER ITEMttnuM be received by 12 Nwii.i Priority Mail: USA $ 4,51) (Includes AFO FPQ): Canada Mexico 57 00. Oilier Foreign 54.DJ Handling * Annul Shipping + Insurance. HARDWARE: Shipping charges for all hardware are $ 4.50 handling + actual shipping charges * insurance ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: For sour com enience. You can place a phone order 24 Hol'RS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE 1-800-635-5757. Outside the USA. Pirate uvc (215) N13-566I. Price, availability, jnd crrr.panhilitv cheels are aKo welcome on, our order line. Monday thru FriJav. 9:30AM ¦ 4:30PM EST. AFTER HOURS Orders Only Please! W fen placing an order, please specify your computer model, home & daytime telephone number, shipping address, charge carJ number. Evpiration date and name of bank. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We gladly accept Personal Checks (no holding!. Money Orders, VISA. MASTERCARD. School Purchase Orders, or COD ($ 4,[X> additional - for established Briwall Customers ONLY). All checks must he in US Dollars and drawn on a US hank. There is no surcharge for credit cards and your card is not charged until vsc ship! RETURN POLICY (for Non-Knierlalnment software and Accessories ONLY): Wc have a liberal relum policy to better scrv ice your needs. If within 15 days from the time you receive an item, v ou are not satisfied w ith it for any reason, you may return it to us for either a refund, exchange, or open credit. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 20 RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED (Si 0.00 MINIMUM PER ITEM > EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly he issued for the full purchase pr.eeof rhe item. DEFECTIVE items. Entertainment software. Hardware items and Special Order items will he repaired or replaced with the same item only TECHNICAL SUPPORT Call (215) 683-5699, Monday • Friday. 9am • 5pm ESI. We do our very best to help you wi:h your product selections before you order, and after you receive your product. Genera! Questions, such as price, compatibility, etc.. wilt be handleJ by our order staff at the time you place your order. BUT. If you have specific, detailed questions about a product you will get the most help from our Technical Support Line. From p. 67 tor adopts this concept and encourages the child to create separate visuals that the computer then Hips for the animated Cirdrs Talking Animator stimulates creativity. Effect. The program provides all the necessary drawing and manipulation tools, but if you prefer, you can import IFF files for use as images and backgrounds. It is simple to use (easy enough for my youngest son, who cannot yet read), and vet the program has enough features to make it functional. It oilers vocal help for those who cannot read. You can also add speech to animations, but the speech synthesizer stops the Hipping of pages, so you must use speech carefully. Though the resulting animations are a bit jerky, they are nonetheless good enough to please the budding animator. I he program would benefit from an expanded manual and. Perhaps, a voice- guided tutorial. But as a parent who sometimes worries that the longer my child spends in front of the computer, tlie more his brain will resemble cottage cheese. I am pleased by software such as this that exercises creativity and encourages him to pursue his interests. Oh, Magnificent Oz. .. . . .What do I wish for in Amiga educational software? I wish lor more applications designed for c hildren word processing and desktop publishing, for a start along the lines of Talking Animator. I would also like to see programs that exercise and combine the Amiga's animation, sound, and graphics capabilities to actually teach and not just drill a subject such as music theory. As the market now stands, there exists far more for us to avoid than to buy. ABZoo MichTron 3285 Lapeer Rd. W. Auburn Hills, Ml 48075 313 377-8898 $ 39.95 So special requirements. Barney Bear Goes to School Free Spirit Software 58 Noble St. Kut .town, PA 19530 215 683-5609 $ 34.95 So special requirements. One to One Match Computer Sight 4522 Santa Rita Rd. FI Sobrante, CA 94803 4 I 5 222-2038 $ 39.95 So special requirements. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermitage, PA 16148 Customer Service (412) 962-0566 9-8 M-F, 10-5 Sat. 1-800-262-0533 Orders only Walk-ins welcome, worth the drive from Pittsburgh, Erie, or Cleveland asics Inc. $ 99 No One Knows Amiga Better, Authorized Commodore Dealer Since 1980 S87 $ 187 S150 S99 S44 S41 S62 Entertainment (com.) Turbo Silver 3.0 special $ 79 Sculpt-Animate 4D S399 Sculpt-Animate 4D Jr. $ 99 Vista new $ 62 Productivity Advantage B-Graph Kindwords Page Stream Pen PaJ $ 119 $ 122 $ 62 $ 125 $ 94 Prowrite 3.0 special $ 97 Music TRAINING TAPES Getting Started w.Your Amiga S26 Video Graphic Techniques S34 Color Cycling Animation $ 34 Digitizing for Effect $ 34 Guide to Amiga Hard Drives $ 42 Ultimate Amiga Guide to Video Production Call Shipping "We Don t Make Money on Shipping" S1.00 per order charged for packaging, then you pay only the cost of shipping. No surcharge for Visa. Mastercard. COD, (established customers only) charge S3.30. 15% restocWng fee for aJI returns unless exchanged for same item. Any returns must be marked wrth RA issued you by our Customer Service Dept. Shipping & handling ts not refundable, and ts the responsibility of the purchaser. Full Service Repair Center - No Problem 6S6 Attack Sub S37 Adventure Through Time S31
B. A.T. S37 Battle Squadron $ 25 Blue Angels $ 31 BudoKan $ 30 Brain Blaster S30 Chamber Sci-Mutant Priestess $ 32 Champions of Krynn $ 37 Chronoquest II $ 31 Clue: Master Detective $ 25 Creature $ 25 Day of the Viper $ 31 Double Dragon II $ 25 Dragon's Lair II $ 44 Drakkhen $ 39 Falcon S31 Infestation $ 25 It Came From The Desert 2 Call Jack Nicklaus Golf S31 Might and Magik II $ 45
N. Y. Warriors $ 31 Night Hunter $ 26 North & South $ 29 | Red Storm Rising NEW $ 35 Persian Gulf Inferno $ 25 Pool of Radiance S37 Rings of Medusa $ 31 Space Ace $ 37 Entertainment MUSIC SOFTWARE Bars and Pipes $ 174 Deluxe Music Const. Set $ 75 Dr. T's Copyist Pro $ 172 Dr. Ts Keyboard C.S. Level II $ 219 Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio $ 44 MUSIC HARDWARE Midi Gold 500 $ 65 Midi Gold Insider $ 71 mJSBEIi Savo with Computer Basics’ Bundle Prices. GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Deluxe Paint ill $ 99 Deluxe Photo Lab S99 Deluxe Print II S60 Digi-Paint 3 $ 62 Digi-View Gold 4,0 $ 129 Frame Grabber Software 2.0 $ 62 Photon Paint II S94 Professional Draw 2.0 5125 Pixmate S44 Sword of Aragon S37 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S28 Test Drive II $ 31 Third Courier $ 31 TV Sports Basketball S37 WWF Wrestling $ 25 Where in Europe is C.S.Diego $ 34 GRAPHICS HARDWARE Panasonic 1410 Camera w lensS199 Copy Stand S62 DigiDroid $ 67 AutoDroid S46 Summa Graphics Tablet $ 475 Complete Digi-Viow Bundle Digi-View 4.0, Panasonic 1410 camera w lens. Autodroid, Copy Stand, video switch, and all cables, $ 449.00 Professional Page $ 165 SuperBase Personal $ 50 SuperBase Professional S219 Transcript S44 WordPerfect $ 147 Graphic Arts Page Flipper Plus F X $ 98 Photon Video Cel Animator S94 Photon Video EDLP $ 312 Pro Video Gold $ 187 Pro Video Gold Post $ 219 TV Text Professional $ 106 TV Show S62 Video Bundle for A500 2000 ProVideo Gold with SuperGen $ 825.00 SuperGen 2000 $ 1860.00 VIDEO HARDWARE SuperGen Genlock $ 649 SuperGen 2000s Genlock S1699 MiniGen Gen'ock $ 199 ProGen Genlock $ 349 Video Toaster Call DCTV Call FlickerFixer Bundle with Mitsubishi 14" Diamond Scan Monitor, and cable $ 949.00 Animagic Broadcast Tiller Defuxe Productions Deluxe Video III Director Fantavision Movie Setter Disney Animation Studio new599 AmigaVision NEW VIDEO SOFTWARE Video GVP A2000-8 0 5335 A2000-HC 40Q 5581 A2000-HC 80Q $ 899 A2000-HC2+0 40Q 5558 A2000-HC2+0 80Q $ 880 A3001-4M9 0 S1849 A3001-4M3 40 $ 2399 A3001-4MB 80 S2799 A500-HD 20 S599 A500-HD 40Q $ 764 SUPRA 20MB SupraDrive-A500XPwetv $ 555 40MB SupraDrive-A50Q (Qtm) S628 40MB SupraDrive-A500XPwEiv $ 713 2MB RAM for SupraDrive500 $ 250 SupraRam 500(512K w clock) $ 67 SupraRam 50B w lmb new Cali" BOMB SupraDrive-A2Q00(Qlm} $ 756 SupraDrive44R(Remov»We)HD $ 641 Supra Ram 2000 2mb $ 249 Supra Ram 2000 4mb S389 Supra Ram 2000 8mb S649 AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET 512K RAM Expander w Clock& 88CK External Drive (Brand name) Combo Price $ 169 SupraDrive 880K Ext. S106 SupraModem 2400zi (internal) S117 40MB SupraDrive-A2000(Qtm) $ 524 BaseBcard NEW OK $ 115 512K- $ 154 2MB $ 271 School PO's welcomed Hardware PETE Superior Software 33813 E. Market Rtl. C res well, OR 97426 503 895-4575 $ 29.95 No special requirements World Odyssey Math Odyssey The Other Guys PC Box H Logan, UT 84321 801 753-7620 800 942-9402 $ 49.95 each. A'o special requirements. The Talking Animator 2.0 JMH Software 7200 Hemlock Lane Maple Grove, MN 55369 612 424-5464 $ 49.95 No special requirements. DigiMate III Shell we animate Digi-Paint files? By Joel Hagen LAST YEAR SAW the release of the first two Amiga paint programs with animation capabilities. Electronic Arts* Deluxe Paint 111 offers powerful and extensive animation features, while Photon Paint 2 (Microillusions) provides more rudimentary functions for animating HAM files. Now, with DigiMate III, Mind ware International gives users of NewTek’s Digi-Paint 3 a multitasking animation companion. DigiMate provides animation capabilities that fall somewhere between those of Deluxe Paint and Photon Paint, plus some handy tools for processing standard ANIM-forinat animation files outside of Digi-Paint 3. DigiMate requires one meg of RAM, Amiga 1.3 or higher, and Arexx, the in- terprocess-control protocol that is part of AmigaDOS 2.6, but also available separately from William Hawes. DigiMate comes on a nonbootable disk, but an icon on the main screen lets you create a bootable version containing all necessary DigiMate. AmigaDOS, and Arexx files. Another icon similarly installs the program on a hard drive. For most operations, DigiMate runs from Workbench as a multitasking interface to Digi-Paint. Its screen can be raised or lowered to reveal half of the Digi-Paint screen, and front and back gadgets allow you to move between the two programs. DigiMate lets you build an AN IM-standard animation one frame at a time by painting or rearranging each one using Digi-Paint tools. With the completion of each frame, the program automatically compresses it into the AN 1M file. Unfortunately, DigiMate offers none of the dynamic animation tools found in DcluxePaint III: For example, it cannot automatically animate a brush across space, or spin, zoom, or warp a brush. Instead, it requires you to finish every aspect of each frame bv hand. 1 can do this kind of HAM animation with the public-domain program MakeAnim and*- Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga" users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServe's Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more information, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe a list of IFF files; DigiMate is more convenient, blit not more powerful. Adjusting and Linking DigiMate contains a library of eight effects, including Circles, Wipe, and Fade, that automatically build an ANIM of the transition between two images (although I am unclear as to the value of such an animation). You can add or delete frames, or process entire ANIMs in a number of ways: changing HAM to other resolutions, reducing the screen size or expanding it to overscan, reducing color to black and white, or performing edge detection. DigiMate can play ANIMs not only from RAM, but also directly from a hard or floppy drive (playback from floppy is inherently slow). Through Arexx, one application can control aspects of other applications, and in the case of DigiMate, Arexx provides Bars and Pipes, the first icon-based, object- oriented music package for the Amiga, is no ordinary sequencer. With its pipeline metaphor, you can actually see your music and interact with it in real time. A host of professional features provides total control of your musical composition at any stage during recording, editing and playback. Listen to what other people are saying: 'Bars and Pipes has the flash and dazzle of Amiga sounds, graphics and multitasking anchored on the serious underpinnings of professional musicianship.”
- Amiga Resource "IBars and PipesJ is certainly powerful and well programmed, but as you use it you become aware that it is not just a sequencer; it is a compositional tool which actually gives you the freedom, and the incentive, to be more creative with your music."
- Amiga User International Since Bars and Pipes is a modular program, it allows the use of add-on modules to increase its capabilities. The ever-expanding list currently includes: MusicBox A, Internal j ’ Sounds Kit, Rules for Tools, MusicBox B, and Mix Maestro. For more information call or write: Blue Ribbon Bakery 1248 Clairmont Road Suite 3d Blue Ribbon Europe Bahnhofstrasse 2 2452 Pieterlen, Switzerland
(41) 32 87.2429 Decatur, GA 30030 USA (404} 377-1514 Raise or lower this screen to reveal Dlgl-Palnt. A control link to Digi-Paint. DigiMate also uses Minclware’s T.A.S.S. applica- tion-support system an interface to the interprogram communication. Thankfully, Mindware has done a good job of keeping Arexx and T.A.S.S. transparent. You don’t have to understand a thing about either to use DigiMate, but with them, you can customize DigiMate to better suit your own ideas and needs. They constitute a powerful option. The 52-page DigiMate manual includes easy-to-follow tutorials for just about every feature of the program, which is straightforward and simple to use. Following the examples, you can quickly learn to make and play a HAM animation, generate transitions, or process an ANIM. The on-line help feature lets you position the pointer over any button or window on the screen and press the Help key to summon a screen full of valuable information about that item. Unfortunately, however, this feature is not fully implemented on the bootable-disk version. An Imperfect Mate I found some annoying hugs in DigiMate. For example, pressing the CRTL-C key combination does abort a looping ANIM, as stated in the manual, but if you inadvertently press a mouse button while the ANIM is playing, the system freezes up, and there is no way out hut to reboot all four programs: Workbench. DigiMate, Arexx, and Digi-Paint. Also, a Read Me file on disk warns that without a meg of chip RAM, running DigiMate and Digi- Paint simultaneously in other than lo-res can cause a crash. To help solve this, Mindware provides a second version of the DigiMate interface, which runs from a ? If you ever wondered just how smart you were when you bought your Amiga, get AmigaVisiori! Remember your original reasons lor getting an Amiga? Of course you do. Silly question. Well, fast-forward now to April 24th, 1990, the day Commodore introduced Am ha Vision. ? AmigaVuion u* an authoring system for a mere $ N9 that allot iu the Amiga to tee tip to tto fall potential. The easy-to-learn, easy-to use iconsyou see up on the screen and on this page call up music, animation, text, video in whatever order or even simultaneously and % create, well, any type of presentation or courseware. Also, AmigaVision takes lull advantage ol Arexx, your Amiga's file format standards and its multitasking capabilities. As you might imagine, you don't have to be a programmar to turn your abstract ideas into reality. All you have to be is you. Mrj Can it extend the use of' application software you already own? Is there multitasking interaction with other programs? Is it dBase III™ database compatible? Yes...yes...yes, to all these queries. For business people, it can create presentations that persuade. For people in education and training, it can help create interactive instructional programs. For anyone, anywhere, it can liberate the way they communicate, whether they are delivering information or entertainment tm Call 1-800-627-9595 soon to find the location of your closest Amiga dealer. For you, its another confirmation of what you knew before most people: namely how smart Amiga is and how shrewd its owners were when they bought one. Amiga* The computer for the creative mind. C-Commodore*
V. 1990 Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Commodore and (he Commodore logo are registered trademarks ot Commodore Electronics. Ltd. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc. AmigaVisinii and The Computer lor the Creative Mind are trademarks ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc. dBase 111 is a trademark, of Ashton-late, Inc. K i; t I F. YV s small, memory-conserving window. This Tiny DigiMate is not covered in the manual, but is well documented in a file on disk. A ReadMe file recommends that you use Tiny DigiMate whenever possible unless you need the ANIM-processing features not found in it. Among telltale signs that this product was rushed out the door before it was finished is the fact that the DigiMate screen pictured on the box does not resemble the screen in either the disk or the manual. As another example, the manual promises a more sophisticated version of the mediocre edge-detection feature in the future. In testing DigiMate, 1 had the feeling I was using interesting hut klugey beta software. DigiMate III gives Digi-Paint users a basic animation builder with some interesting options and extras. I think Mind- ware is on a good track, and 1 applaud the company for supporting Arexx and a philosophy of integrated applications. If you are not in a hurry for HAM animation tools, however, I suggest you wait for a more sophisticated and better- tested version. DigiMate III Mindware International 110 Dunlop St. YV. Barrie, Ont., Canada L4M 5R3 705 737-5998 $ 39.95 One megabyte and Arexx required. EZ-Grade Help in making the grade By Neil Randall GRADES ARE IMPORTANT. Despite the best efforts of some educators and pedagogical theorists, students continue to look to their report cards to see how they have performed. Keeping track of grades, of course, is the teacher’s responsibility, and doing so can occupy a great deal of time. But it’s for the students’ sake, not the teachers’, that educators should strongly consider using EZ- Grade. .After all, there's nothing like an easy means of analyzing grades to keep teachers thinking about them, and when teachers think about grades students are bound to benefit. EZ-Grade offers a relatively simple, almost elegant solution to the chore of keeping large numbers of class grades. 1 say “relatively" and “almost” because EZ-Grade is not without minor flaws and annoyances. For the most part, however, ? WHY BUY AMI-II YOU ASK? SUPER CARD AMI-II 100% Back-up! M (tj Transparency Option I V (Invisible when not in use)! Available for all AMIGAS! Quick & easy to install! Works on NTSC & PAL systems! KICKSTART BOARD When using KICKSTART 1.4 (WB 2.0), approximately 37% ol the existing software will not work. Some programs still require KICKSTART 1.2 to work. This board takes care of the problem. Simply remove your existing KICKSTART ROM and plug our board into the KICKSTART ROM's socket. You can install up to three KICKSTART ROMs on our board, so you can have 1.2,1.3, & 1.4 all at the flick of a switch! Works with ALL ¦ ¦¦ - ¦¦ - Amiga computers and ac- £ m m Q C cesories such as processor accelerators. Please specify which AMIGA you have when ordering A2000 250013000 using two internal drives, A500 1000 i 2000 2500 3000 using one internal & one or more external drives. UTILITIES UNLIMITED has them all covered. No other hardware copier can do that! BOOT DRIVE BOARD Everwanted loboot from your DF1 drive before? Whal are you going to do if your DF0 drive dies? Tired of thal annoying “ctick" caused by unused drives? Eventually, lhat clicking will wear out your drive! The BOOT DRIVE BOARD installs INSIDE your Amiga computer (alt models supported), and allows the disabling of your DF1 drive. II also allows you to "swap’ the use of your DFO and DF1 drives wilhoul removing them! You can boot your £ A QC system on your DF1 drive. $ J LI V O i1«l M IH» ami lumllni}: • Aikl s I An ('. )!) In I S o»l VISA ami NtiMoit'anl ;kW|2CiI • ll>>« 3 In 4 wtvkv liv ildivciv All viU". Arc Him I wiilo«. Authw iaM h hi.iii.i-V mcni KilKtWAKE AND IIAKIW K| M IIMJSStOVS VV Ntf |) UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, INC
P. O. Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 ORDERS TAKEN BY PHONE 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 • FAX: (503) 648-8992 Join the movement - animation! With four software packages to step up your performance and creativity. Iff! AKCI* Graphics Starler Kit Introductory Drawing and Animation Programs The AMIG. Starter Get Aegis Draw. Animator and Images, plus the Art-Pak volume of clip art images, all in one loaded software package-an incredible S269.00 value for only S99 95! Learn to create Amiga® graphics with the Draw program, explore colors and cycling effects in the Images program, then animate your creations with Animator Hundreds of ready-made images are provided in the Art-Pak library.
• Now includes a FREE copy of Arazok s Tomb game! Explore the sinister subterranean world ruled by the evil mind held by no head List Price: $ 99.95 NEVJ VERSION mctuces VideoTitler™ Professional Video Titling Create spectacular text effects such as star. Neon, glow and embossed... all animated! VideoTitler can mirror, skew, size, and distort fonts from a variety of sources, even create new fonts, control shadows and 3D effects, and use IFF files as back-drops and fills
• Sharper fonts.
• Simulated rotation of images.
• HAM 4,096 color palette.
• Utilizes Half-brite chip.
• Runs in NTSC and PAL.
• Med High res. With Overscan.
• Lights!Camera!Action! Slide show special effects generator included. OXXiAECl* Your Source for Imaginative Software ANIMagic. VideoTitler. VideoScape 3D. Lights' Camera1 Action1, Modeler 3D, P oMotion and Aegis are trademarks of Owi, Inc Amiga is a legistered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga List Price: $ 159.95 VideoScape 30™ High Speed 3D Animation Lightning speed makes Videoscape 3D the best-selling 3D animation program for the Amiga® Computer. Take seconds to do animations which require hours with other programs! Control light sources, camera and object motions, background and sky colors for incredible 3D movies. Set start and end shapes and have the program generate intervening frames. Special Limited Time Offer Now with Pro Motion™ Pro Motion eliminates the need to enter tedious x-y-z coordinate tables with its break-through graphic motion file-editing environment. Track several objects, even change objects. Special effects such as wind, gravity, and magnetism automatically simulate complex real-world movements. List Price: $ 199.95 Fur IF* AmrgV I mtjJj vd ANIMagic™ 3D Animation Special Effects Generator Spectacular 3D effects from your-IFF files and ANIM™-style animations, including spins, page-turns, Venetian blinds, confettis, strobes, and color effects like solarization, shadows, translucency, masks and cycling. With ANIMagic, you create effects rivaling those on network T V!
• Cut-and-paste edit and adjust color on single frame or throughout an animation.
• Looping.
• Record to memory or disk.
• Link ANIMs for longer movies.
• Supports all resolutions and color modes: HAM. Half-brite, interlace medium and severe overscan.
• Includes library of 21 effects like fountain and shutter-flip.
• Supports NTSC and PAL.
• Uses ANIM or IFF-format files. Ust Price: $ 139.95 P 0 Box 90309 Long Beach. CA 90809
(213) 427-1227 Circle 75 on Reader Service card. This is an extremely easy-to-use package, and for teachers it could prove indispensable. Call the Class to Order Anticipating that teachers may not be Workbench aficionados, Integral Software made EZ-Grade self-booting. The single disk is noncopy-protected, however, so duplicating or installing the program on a hard drive is easv. Once the program has booted, it asks you to choose a class list from the file selector. This is one of the few places where firsttime users could become frustrated: There is no indication here of how to start your own list (a button labelled “Start new class list" would be helpful). A sample list is on the EZ-Grade disk, hut it is actually easier to learn the program by starting from scratch. Entering a class roster is easy. First, you cancel the class-list selector and choose New Class from the File menu, (iive the course an identification number (the manual suggests using the period during which the class meets), type in a title (e.g., English 251), then follow the AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 prompts to type the last and first name of each student. EZ-Grade also gives you the option of including die grade level for each student. Because many schools now group students of different grade levels in the same class, this option can produce very useful data. Your next step is to decide what kinds of assignments you will he grading, and how much each is worth (i.e., its “weight”). Here, EZ-Grade is Ilexibile. The disk includes several assignment types (homework, laboratory, and so on), but you can change any or all of these, and have different ones for each class. When allocating weights, it is best to have a different assignment type for each separate weight. For instance, you can assign laboratory work to he 50% of the total grade, and the program will add up all the laboratory-type assignments and weight them accordingly. But if three of those lab assignments are worth 30% of the grade, while the rest are worth 20%, you are better off having two different categories of assignments, calling them, say, Labi and Lab2. EZ-Grade also includes options for eni tering data about the students themselves. You can include a couple of comment lines about each student, and phone numbers as well. A password system lets you keep inquisitive students, principals, and department heads from sifting through your files. Entering grades is easy and. Once again, flexible. Select New Grade from the File menu, then click on the appropriate assignment type. You can enter a line ol information about the assignment (an extremely useful feature if you have several assignments), and choose to enter grades either in order (usually alphabetical) or randomly (by selecting individual students). Alter you've finished entering grades for all students in the class, EZ- Grade performs its calculations and returns you to the class-list screen. Look Report At this point, the program takes off. Willi even one set of grades entered, you can request statistics and graphs about individual students or the entire class. Click on a student name, and you get a history of that student’s performance throughout the course. From here, you CP can alter grades if you wish. Even more impressive are the means by which you can examine the grades you have entered. The View menu offers six ways of doing this. First are two simple screens showing your class list with the students’ letter grades or percentages to date. Next is a histogram, with a bar chart showing how many students have achieved each grade scale (As, B + ’s, etc. vou can alter this scale to suit your j institution's standards). This chart demons! Rales, perhaps more quickly than you wish, your grading biases. More colorful si ill is the Class Data option, which yields a pie chart showing letter-grade breakdown, another showing grade composition. A bar chart recording absences, and a line graph displaying the class history across the number of grades recorded. The Grades menu lets vou set grade categories and weights. It also lets you curve one or more grades, which is particularly useful if you want to experiment with the implications of raising or lowering a specific grade. From here you can also drop low scores, if that is your preferred method of balancing grades. The Prim menu offers another host of ? This incredible Naval warfare
- '' ' Simulation includes features such as: » Fast real-time solid 3D graphics. » Realistic navigation radar emulation. Authentic digitized sound of missile launch. » Confrontations with real life enemies.» Satellite aided navigation and strategic surveillance. Three defensive and four offensive weapon systems. » Includes a large ( 17 "x 22") detailed depth and navigation chart of the Persian Gulf. » Comprehensive 106 pages manual.
- Supreme Command Middle East - Intelligence report: Russian task forces tg.01 and tg.04 have entered a position to launch an invasion force at the south coast of Iran. Multiple air radar contacts 400 miles north of Iran indicate Russian parachute assuait in progress... Iranian naval forces are closing in on a convoy of LIS Navy tankers, they will be in a position to fire in less than two hours. Engage and destroy the Iranian task force, then move to a position close enough to safely monitor possible Russian invasion of Iran. Realistic emulation of a navigation radar. Spectacular 3D View from the bridge. Move around in real time 3D graphic. PARSEC SOFTWARE
P. O. Box 234
L. O.L.,FL 34639 Amiga and IBM screens shown. Actual screens may vary. All products mernioncd arc trademarks of their respective owners.- operation SpmaiKv 1N1 is a trademark of Parsee Software, inc. To buy directe send cashiers check or money order for S4l).l)S Circle 163 on Reader Service card 500 POWER SUPPLY . .. 96,25 9X 51 MOUSE PAD 6.95 THEAAMIGA
A. M.A.S ...... 140 00 A-MAX ...... 142.95 AMAX ROM CHIPS ... 142.95 A-TALK 3 .. 62.50 ADVANTAGE . 125.00 AEGIS DRAW 2000 ... 175.00 AEGIS IMPACT ...... 124.95 AEGIS VIDEO TITLER .. 93.75 AIR DRIVE EXTERNAL . 528,75 AM-TRACK TRACKBALL. 75.00 AMI ALIGNMENT KIT ... 31.25 AMIGA MONITOR STAND 28,95 AMIGATOSH DRIVE . .. 202.00 ANALYZE .....65.00 ANTIC OBJECT DISK _ , . 21.95 APROTEK 2400 MODEM 89.00 AREXX REF MANUAL .. 31.25 AUTO SCRIPT . 50.00 BA D. OPTIMIZER 31.25 BARS S PIPES 186.75 BROADCAST TITLER . . 209.95 CALGARi CONSUMER . 151.25 CAN DOI .. . .. 93.75 COMIC SETTER 85.95 CZAR 115.00 DBMANV 187,50 DELUXE PHOTOLAB ... 93.75 DELUXE PAINT III .....91.00 DESIGN 3D ...75.00 DIGl DROID ...55.00 DIGI MATE III ..30.00 OIGI-PAINT 3.0 .69.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 . ., 137.00 DIGIWORKS3D 93 75 DISTANT SUNS 43 75 DOS 2 DOS ... 34 25 DR. T* (ail software) ,. CALL DUNLAP UTIUTIES 49.95 EC E. MIDI ... 56 75 EXCELLENCE 187.50 FACT II ......21-95 FANCY 3D FONTS 49 95 FORMS IN FLIGHT 79.00 FRAME GRABBER 579.95 GO t ..31.25 GRAPHIC STARTER KIT 49 95 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK . 109.00 GVP A3001 W 4 MB .. 2500.00 GVP A5G0 40 Q DR ... 875.00 GVP A500 20 PLUS . .. 650.00 HOME BUILDERS CAD 124.95 IMPACT ......89.00 INTERFONT ... 74.95 KARA FONT HEADUNE . 43.75 M (MUSIC COMPOSING) 124 50 MAC 2 DOS 93.75 MAST TWIN DRIVE. . . 199 00 MAVIS BEACON TYPING 31 25 MICROBOTICS 2 MB OK 334.00 MICROBOTICS 8 UP .. 199.95 MICROFICHE FILER + . 115.00 MIDGET RACER ..... 300.00 MIGRAPH SCANNER . CALL Commodore’s First Authorized Amiga Dealer in the USA 1!! The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 MODELER 3D ..65.00 MONEY MENTOR......55.00 MUSIC X ....167.50 NIMBUS 1.3 ...99.05 OPT1CKS .125.00 PAGE RENDER.....99.00 PAGE FUPPER PLUS FX 86,75 PAGESTREAM FONTS .. 25.00 PAGESTREAM 5.8 124.95 PEN PAL .....93.75 PERFECT SOUND 74.95 PHASAR 4 0 ...... 56.25 PHOTON PAINT II .....93.75 PIXEL SCRIPT .99.00 PRO VIDEO POST 220 00 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES 37.50 PRO PAGE CUP ART .. . 37.50 PRO PAGE 1.3 246.75 PROWRITE 3.0 110.00 OUANTAM 40 MB DRIVE 488.00 QUANTAM 80 M8 DRIVE 775.00 QUARTERBACK 2 0.... 43.75 OUSAR SOUND 37.50 RAGS TO RICHES 3 PAK 179.00 RULES FOR TOOLS 45.00 SAXON PUBLISHER . . . 285.00 SCANLOCK .. 885.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 JR 92.50 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D . 395.00 SOUNDSCAPE 131.25 SPIRIT INBOARD 1000 . 339.00 SPIRIT 2 MB A500 (OK) . 249.00 SPIRIT INB’O A500 (OK) 258.00 SUPERBASE PRO .... 236.25 SUPERGEN .CALL SUPERPLAN ..93.75 SUPRA RAM 500 512K . . 93.75 SUPRA 40 M0 A2000 . .560.00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM . .123.75 SUPRA 2 MB A2000 . .275 00 SYNTHIA PRO 247.50 THE ACCOUNTANT ... 187.50 THE WORKS PLATINUM 184.50 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 24 95 THE DIRECTOR . .....43.75 TIGER CUB ...75.00 TOOL CADDY AMIGA . ,. 31,25 TOP FORM ...65.00 TRANSCRIPT ..43.75 TRUE BASIC ..49.95 TRUMP CARD 2000 ... 167.50 TRUMP CARD 500 261.50 TURBO SILVER 3.0 ... 124.95 ULTRA CARD ..31.25 ULTRA DESIGN 225.00 VIDEO EFFECTS 30 ... 124.95 VIDEO PAGE ..93.75 VIDEOSCAPE 3D 125.00 VIVA 165.00 WICO TRACKBALL 39.95 WORDPERFECT 161.00 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE 27.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM 58.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL 343.00 ZU MA TV TEXT 61.00 options. You can print blank grade sheets to keep at your desk, and comment and phone lists, too. You can also print gradebook pages, on which you can sort grades in different ways. A printed class summary includes absent days, grade level, and the grades themselves, while printed grade summaries give information about specific assignments. Finally, EZ-Grade allows a printout of a complete progress report for your class, and lets you set up and define as many as ten comment areas. If I were a principal or department head of a school that had access to Ami- gas (or if I could buy some), I would insist that my teachers make full use of EZ-Grade. Apart from the fact that EZ- Grade lets educators keep detailed records of any number of classes, the program makes them look at their grading practices and biases. Dedicated teachers will want to know this information; those less dedicated should be forced to look at it. EZ-Grade has a few interface difficulties, and its manual is unspecific about several commands and reports, but the program itself is highly useful and easy to operate. If you are a teacher, you should take a look at it. CENTER Fonrerly Tlie 64 Store CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-388-2700 10 AM to 6 PM Mon - Sat EZ-Grade Integral Software 2721 Embassy Row Indianapolis, IN 46224 317 297-7369 $ 59.95 One megabyte required. The Art Department 24-bit processing power By Mitch Wells THE ART DEPARTMENT is an image- processing program that, unlike other similar Amiga software, processes 24-bit color and 8-bit gray-scale images. The Art Department (dubbed TAD by developer ASDG) works directly with IFF images containing 1 to 24 bits of color (including those in Sliced-HAM, A-HAM, A-Res, and ASDG’s own 24-bit IFF formats). With the help of loader programs that ASDG sells separately at various prices, the program also accepts 8-, 21-, and 24-bit files such as those created with Digi-View (NewTek), Sculpt-Ani- mate 4D (Byte by Byte), Turbo Silver (Impulse), Caligari Rendition (Octree), the MS-DOS version of DeluxePaint 11 (Electronic Arts), and other products, plus GIF- and TIFF-format files. A main function of the noncopy-protected TAD is to give you complete control over how these various images are displayed on screen. One way it does this is by storing the picture information in 24-bit format regardless of how many bits are in the original. Then, when you perform scaling, it reinterprets the picture and renders ii again, giving you results that are amazingly free of jagged edges. I AD s dithering technology (there are six dithering modes) can make a 16- color image appear to have hundreds of colors. This is a boon for animators who must trim 24-bit or HAM images down to fewer colors to achieve a smooth flow. Palette-control features include palette matching between pictures and selection of the number of colors that make up an image. TAD can also alter a picture’s orientation and color balance (brightness and contrast). These features, combined with TAD’s link to Microillusion's Transport Controller and support of A-Res (4096 colors in hi-res) and A-HAM (4096 colors without fringing) modes, make TAD an inexpensive alternative to external frame buffers. TAD’s rendering engine interprets and optimizes 24-bit data according to your specifications (such as screen size, number of colors, and dithering type) to produce results that are, in theory, the best possible within those parameters. 1 compared HAM images created with Sculpt-Animate 4D, Turbo Silver, and Impulse’s VD-1 digitizer with the same image files saved in 12- and 24-bit formats rendered in TAD’s A-HAM mode, and found the FAD images noticeably cleaner and crisper. In some cases, TAD graphics even compare favorably to the 24-bit images displayed on a frame buffer. TAD cannot replace a frame buffer, but can be helpful for single- frame recording. Hot on the Presses Three further TAD functions are geared toward desktop publishing: the abilities to do professional color separations, to ? Circle 61 on Reader Service card 84 September 1990 Technical Excellence POWER HUNGRY? WANT TO CONTROL YOUR AMIGA? Now you can create your own GAMES, GRAPHICS, PRESENTATIONS and EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES without any programming experience. It's NEW, it's ULTRA FAST, it's J EASY to USE and it's here!! Tomorrow's Peripherals Today Buy Factory Direct & Save Ive Won't Be Undersold on Quality! Memory & Storage Technology USA 139S Greg St. Sparks, NV 89431 Tel: (702)359-0444 Fax: (702)359-0831 Australia (02) 281 7411 Germany (0221) 771 0918 Sweden (40) 19 0710 45MB TINY TIGER II $ 579 PORTABLE SCSI HARD DRIVE Tiny Tiger is a high performance SCSI Hard Drive System for the Amga. Features include:
* PORTABLE - plugs directly into all models of the Amiga through M.A.S.T.'s exclusive parallel port SCSI interrace included FREE with each Tiny Tiger
* RELIABLE ¦ Fujitsu mechanisms mean superior performance and l 2 months to 5 year warranties
* VERSATILE - plugs into any SCSI interface if you do not wish go through the parallel port interface included. May be used STANDALONE, or daisychained to other systems
e. g. A590 or Fireball Hardcard
* FUNCTIONAL - Front panel displays SCSI address, status of parity, write-protect, drive select, drive termination and auto power.
* ATTRACTIVE - comes in sleek, beige case
* READY TO GO - all software and cabling included - just power up and Tiny Tiger is ready to roar.
* AFFORDABLE - the best system for the best price 45MB $ 579 90MB $ 849 136MB $ 969 182MB $ 1229 RAW HARD DRIVES 45MB 12ms Fujitsu 90MB 11 ms Fujitsu 1 36MB 11ms Fujitsu 182MB 11 ms Fujitsu 672MB 10ms Fujitsu SYQUEST 44 Cartridges S389 $ 599 $ 779 $ 999 $ 2349 $ 549 $ 87 Optional 5 year warranty on Fujitsu drives by BLACK r BOX SOFTWARE. UNLEASH THE AWESOME POWER OF YOUR AMIGA HARDWARE!!! BLITZ BASIC puts you in control over the Amiga's GRAPHICS CHIPS. Not just another s-l-o-w interpreter programme like others on the market, BLITZ BASIC is a FULLY INTEGRATED BASIC programming language that makes you the expert. Spectacular graphics can be generated with a minimun of commands. Programmes generated are LIGHTNING FAST and FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE with the RUN TIME LIBRARY INCLUDED on BLITZ BASIC. BLITZ BASIC enables you to produce QUALITY COMMERCIAL CODE that can run FASTER THAN 'C‘, yet is so SIMPLE TO USE that you are now able to take control of your Amiga's hardware powers. FEATURES
* LIGHTNING FAST COMPILER - 6,500 lines minute.
* BLINDINGLY FAST OPTIMISED OBJECT CODE. Complete re-write of AMIGA LIBRARIES. Wnere AmigaDOS takes 5 Blits to move an object, BLITZ BASIC does it with one.
* SPECIAL EFFECTS such as FADE IN, FADE OUT and many more.
* Basic commands to handle IFF pictures, BRUSHES, ANIM BRUSHES, and SOUND samples.
* Handles DUAL PLAYFIELDS, EHB and HAM with speed and ease,
* Brilliant new QUEUE SYSTEM makes Blits as easy to programme as Sprites.
* Display UNLIMITED SCREENS, as memory allows, IN ANY SIZE.
* Includes single-actior SMOOTH SCROLLING of screens.
* An entire SOUND SEQUENCER is provided to allow you to put together entire pieces of music. ' BUILT-IN DISK FUNCTION LIBRARIES
* ABILITY FOR MACHINE LANGUAGE PROGRAMMERS TO ADD their own commands. BLITZ BASIC is now available. Includes membership on our international BBS located in USA, Australia and West Germany. Send $ 5 for the best Public Domain disk available - a sampler disk packed full of BLITZ BASIC DEMOS including source code. Find out just how powerful you can be! To order phone: (702) 359-0444. Dealers welcome. RRP $ 149.00 PERFORMANCE BREAKTHRU FIREBALL A2000 SCSI HARDCARD
* AUTOBOOTING (may be switch disabled) Unidrive $ 99 Enhanced Uni $ 129 A2000 Internal $ 83 AMIG-a-TOSH $ 149 All have 1 year warranty
* RELIABLE - uses finest quality Fujitsu drives - OPTIONAL 5YR WTY.
* ECONOMICAL - 0MB $ 139 Fireball 45MB $ 499 90MB $ 699 136MB $ 849 182MB $ 1149 672MB $ 2499 SYQUEST 44MB $ 749 m EXPANSION FOR A500: MICROMEGS 512k RAM $ 69 51 2k RAM with clock calendar - A501 clone MINIMEGS - 2MB FAST RAM $ 269 external, "pocket-size", plug and go MAXIMEGS - 2.3MB RAM * plugs into A501 slot. Gives up to 2MB of GRAPHICS RAM by utilising block switching. See ad May A W 2MB $ 269 2.3MB $ 329 QUATROMEGS - 4MB RAM * plugs into A501 slot. Gives up to 4MB of RAM. 2MB SCALL 4MB SCALL FOR Al 000: MINIMEGS - 2MB FAST RAM $ 299 FOR A2000: OCTOPLUS - 8MB FAST RAM with 2MB $ 239 SIMM MODULES-lx8-80ns $ 99 DRAMs - call for latest pricing convert color art to hi-res gray scale, and to create line art with up to 16 colors from a gray-scale image. The Amiga has received acclaim because some ol its PostScript-compatible Amiga programs, most notably Gold Disk's Professional Page and Soft-Logik’s A Sculpt 4D 24.bit file. . . PageStream, can color-separate all elements in a layout, including HAM and Encapsulated PostScript art. Although HAM separations are often of low quality color and resolution, until now they were the best way to work with digitizations and bitmaps. With TAD, however, you can color-separate any 24-hit image whether scanned, digitized, rendered with 3-D software, or created with a Targa board and, using .ASDG’s ReSep software, integrate it into the PostScript code of a Pro Page document. You can then print the separations with a PostScript printer, saving hundreds of dollars in professional color-separation costs. Regardless of what format it is in, when you load a color image that contains nonequal RGB or non white gray black values, TAD converts the image internally to 24 bits. 11 the image lias only- equal RGB or white gray black values, TAD converts it to 8-bit 256 gray-scale. (a standard among desktop publishers in the Mac and PC worlds that lias no true implementation in the Amiga marketplace, where 2- to 16-color hi-res IFF images are the norm). Fortunately, TAD does great 24-hit color to 8-bit gray-scale conversions. TAD's line-art function converts color images to tine art using 2 to 16 shades ol gray with beautiful, sometimes astounding results. Some images that I converted appear hand-drawn, almost charcoal-like. When you factor in the dithering control, this is probably the best implementation ofline-art conversion that exists for the Amiga. TAD also offers rendering in up to 208 Amiga video modes (including PAL) and the fetching of current Workbench colors for icon creation. The Remove Isolated Pixels function automatically touches up nonHAM digitized images. It examines each pixel, and il it finds one surrounded by eight pixels of another color, it changes that center pixel to match the other eight. A Tad Shy of Greatness In A-HAM, perhaps its best display mode, TAD unfortunately offers no ac- cess to the Transport Controller function. This is probably because A-I IAM requires extreme processor overhead, but it is disappointing, nonetheless. A-Res mode, too, lacks Transport Controller support. Also like A-HAM, A-Res creates a separate 16-color palette for every video line, and while some conversions it produces look well, large white areas come out multicolored. TAD's interface is smart and pleasant to look at, ? Information COASTAL ENTERPRISES OBDFRSONLY 601-388-4935 1-800-852-8731
P. O. BOX 3013 GULFPORT, MS 39505 MONDAY-SATURDAY 10:00 AM. TO 6:00 P.M. CNT. SOFTWARE 688 Sub Attack ..... $ 3500 A-Cad ... ... $ 146 00 Advantage. The . $ 12595 Afterburner .. . . $ 36.00 Alien Syndrome .. .... $ 28 00 All Dogs Go To Heaven . ..... $ 36.00 Altered Beast ... $ 35 00 Aqua Venture .... $ 29 00 Ami Ahenment Kit .... S31 75 Analyze . $ 64.75 Bad Company..... . $ 3600 Bad Dudes ...... ...... $ 31.00 Bard's Tale IJ ... $ 43.00 Bars and Pipes . $ 185.00 Batman .... . . $ 34.00 Batman. The Movie .... .... $ 31.00 Battle Chess . . . $ 34.00 Blue Angles ... . $ 36 00 Bomg The Game ...... .. S31.00 B'oadcast Titler . ... $ 201.95 Calgarr Consumer ..... $ 151.25 Can Do1 .. ...... .... $ 93.00 Champions of Krynn ..... $ 35.00 Chariots of Wrath .... .... S27.00 Com.c Setter ... S85.95 Crystal Quest ... $ 36.00 Day of the Viper . $ 36.00 0B Man V ...... Si87.00 Design 3D ..... $ 75.00 Digi Paint 3.0 ... $ 69.95 DigiView Gold . $ 137.00 DigiView 3D ..... $ 90 00 Distant Sun ..... $ 43.50 DOS 2 DOS ..... $ 34.50 Double Dragon II S31.00 Dr, Ts Software .... Call Drakken ..... S41.00 Dunlap Utilities . $ 49.95 Emperor of the Mines $ 34 95 Excellence .... $ 186-95 F-16 Combat .. $ 35.00 F-A18 Interceptor ... $ 35.00 F 40 Pursuit ..... $ 31,00 Fantavision ..... S39.45 Flight Simulator 2 ... $ 32.00 Hero Quest ..... S42 00 Home Builders Cad . Si 24.95 Hoyle's Book of Games ..... 528.00 Indiana Jones Action ......S29.00 Indiana Jones Graphics ......S35.00 Interfonl . . $ 7495 $ 3500 $ 16 00 $ 37 00 $ 18.00 . $ 31.00 . $ 43.50 S91.95 SI 15.00 $ 65.00 S187.00 . S99.95 . S94.95 SI 30.00 $ 394.95 $ 91.75 It Came From The Desert ... It Came From The Desert 2 . Jack Nicklaus Golf .. Jack Nicklaus Golf Crs. Disk Laser Squad Leisure Suit Larry 3 . Mac-2-DOS .. Microfiche Filer Plus . Modeler 3D Music X .... Nimbus ...... Photon Paint 2 0 .... Sculpt 3D-XL Sculpt Animate 4D .. Sculpt Animate 4D Jr Video Effects 3D ... S130.95 HARDWARE Air Drive External ...... $ 135 00 Air Drive Internal .. $ 99 00 Aminet Newtwork Board A500 .. Call Aminet Network Board A2000 ..Call CA880 3 Ex Drive $ 130 00 Easy IA500 $ 359 00 Easy I A1000 . 5369.00 Easy I A2000 .. $ 399.00 ECE Midi A500 1000 2000 . $ 58,00 Flicker Fixer ..... $ 435.00 FF Genlock Upgrade $ 49 00 FrameGrabber . Call Future Sound ..... $ 95 00 Sharp JX100 Scanner $ 845 00 Sharp JX450 Scanner ..Call Light Pen $ 99 00 Live1 A2000 . Call Magm 4000 Genlock .. Call Magni 4000S Genlock ...... Call Midi Gold 500 . $ 64 95 Midi Gold Insider $ 72.00 Migraph Hand Scanner . Call Mini Gen $ 209 00 Multi-Serial Port Card ... Calf Power Supply A500 ...... $ 94 00 Pro Gen Genlock .. $ 349 95 Super Gen ...... S639.00 Super Gen 2000S ..Call Trump Card A500 2000 Call X-Soecs 3D ..... $ 97.00 IF YOU PONT SEE IT, CALL. MORE ITEMS THAN SPACE ALLOWS. CALL FOR COMPLETE LIST. SHIPPING INFORMATION: Send all orders to COASTAL ENTERPRISES. P 0 Box 3013. Gulfport. MS 39505 VISA and MASTERCARD accepted Orders by Cashier's Check or Money Order shipped immediately Personal or Company Checks held 3 weeks Software shipping by UPS ground serviceal $ 3 50 per item Maximum S9 00 For larger order shipping rates call A minimum of S5.00 shipping charge to all APO, f PO, Alaska, Hawaii orders shipped 1 si Class
U. S. Postal Mail RETUR N POLICY: No returns accepied without return authorization number Call before returning merchandise Postage must be prepaid Defective merchandise will be replaced with tike Hem only We cannot Guarantee compatibility Prices subiect to change and availability Mississippi residents add 6% sales tax 1 Use QUARTERBACK to save your Bata. Use QUARTERBACK TOOLS to save your A I ** Have you ever deleted the wrong file (or worse yet, ALL your files) with a slip of the finger? Have you seen this awful message: “Error validating DHO”? Then you need QUARTERBACK TOOLS, the fastest and easiest my to recover your lost files on any AmigaDOS volume. QUARTERBACK TOOLS also optimizes the speed and reliability of your Amiga hard disks and floppy disks by:
• Repositioning your files to optimum locations on the disk, eliminating file fragmentation, and consolidating disk free space.
• Searching the entire disk for errors and marking bad areas “out of service.”
• Curing validation problems; finding and fixing corrupted directories. QUARTERBACK TOOLS runs on any Amiga using either the old or new filing systems, and runs with new and old Workbench versions. QUARTERBACK TOOLS. ..nowthisisno donkey! And to close the barn door before the horse escapes, use QUARTERBACK the fastest and easiest hard disk backup program for the Amiga. Other useful products from Central Coast Software: Mac-2-Dos for transferring Macintosh files to and from the Amiga. Dos-2-Dos for transferring MS-DOS Atari files to and from the Amiga. Central Coast Software * 424 Vista Avenue. Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 • Fax (303) 526-0520 Dealer Inquiries Welcome The Art Department's interface is exceptional. And its features are far better than those of programs like PlXmate and Transfer 24. Rescaling is very good, for instance, and it supports 24- bit graphics. You do not have to read the manual to use the program, but when you need it For reference, the index makes tilings easy to find. If you have a scanner or digitizer, you will appreciate this program: It will tell you what percentage it needs to shrink a digitized image to display it on screen, and it does a very good job of reduction, The Art Department’s variety of dithering options is excellent, although Transfer 24’s 4096+ mode creates a better transition between colors when converting HAM images to fewer bit- planes. My only complaint about The Art Department is that not all operations can be undone. Jeff Bruette Wilmington, DE except lor the file requesters, which provide almost too much information: I would prefer automatic alphabetizing of file names and directories. My complaints are minor, however. The Art Department is one of the most useful programs to come along for video and desktop-publishing professionals in quite some time. The Art Department ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 S89.95 Otic megabyte required. Bgraphics Graph biz By Geoffrey Williams AMIGA GRAPH-MAKING programs have been pretty much limited to those included in spreadsheet packages. Now, Brown-Wagh has released Bgraphics, a dedicated business-graphics program that can create over 20 types of charts from your data. It certainly has more ca- 4 * liabilities than spreadsheet packages, hut What puts the bee In business? The real question is whether these features arc strong enough. There are two ways to get data into Bgraphics. You can either type it directly into a spreadsheet-like screen, or, if you can save it in ASCII formal, import it from a spreadsheet. Because ? Amiga Loads Faster ALF-DE-MFM or RLL The cheapest and fastest way to connect a harddisk to the Amiga 500 or 1000. ¦ No power supply required for the Amiga 1000 ¦ 420 K Byte Datatransfer Rate Ask about our other products! Pre spect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670. Station H Montreal. Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954-1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 Qz com mod a re AMIGA. 8 NEW FATTER AGNUS $ 99.95 Amiga Mouse $ 49 A2IXX) Internal Drive $ 89.00 A500 A2000 Keyboard $ 120 125 Keyboard for A1000 S149.95 A2IKX) Power Supply SI 49.1X1 4 MG Base Board (for A500 w 512K) $ 159.00 4 MG Base Board (for A500 vv 2 MG) $ 275 .(XI Rapid Fire (Auto Fire) SI 9.95 Color Splitter SI 30.00 Amiga Janus 2.0 $ 29.95 Amiga Vision S 99.00 8520 $ 20.00 6242B Battery for Clock $ 15,(X) SUPRA 2 MG Expandable to 8 MG $ 259.00 4 MG Expandable to 8 MG
5399. 00 4(1 MG Hardcard S549.(XI 4(1 MG HD(A500 w 5l2K) $ 699.0(1 GVP 20 MG HD for A5U0 S599.UU 40 MG HD for A500 $ 699.00 40 MG Hard Card
5599. 00 100 MG Hard Card S899.00 A300! 4 0 28 Mhz SI 899.00 MEMORY CHIP 256Kx 4-80 DIP $ 9.00 256K x 4-80 ZIPP S9.50 1 MG x 1-120 DIP $ 9.00 1 MG x 8-80 SIMM SS9.IX) 1 MG x 4-80 (Static for A3000) $ 64.00 AMPEX SYSTEMS 5344 JIMMY CARTER BLVD. NO R( ROSS, GA 3 X»3 (8(H)) 962-4489 (Orders Only)
(404) 263-9190 (Information A Prices) AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA ABACUS Amiga DOS Toolbox .. AaaemPro __ BeckerText _ HHODERBUND Sim City . ..30 Sim City Terrain Editor . 15 Sky Chase.., ...27 Space Racer .. .... 20 Sier Wars .... 24 ELECTRONIC ARTS Ear I Weaver Comm. Disk 15 Empire,., , .....32 F-1E Combat Pilot _32 F 'A-1B Intercept or . 30 Ferrari Formula One ....32 MICROILLLSIONS Black Jack Academy __ 24 Facrytsle Adventure ..30 Faeryra 1* Hints ....9 Jetsons . ,.,24 Lexer Squad ...... ...24 Photon Paint .... 90 Romantic Encounter* ,„„,24 MICROLEACliE WWF Wrestling-------------...2 a MICROPROSE 3D Pool ..... 2t Dr Doom's Revenge __24 Etite-----------30 Elite Hint Book by leroy, ......7 G unship __.,33 Honda RVF , 24 Piratw------------- 27 Rick Dangerous-----------------21 Savage--------------------------21 Silent Service --------------15 Stunt Track Racar------- 20 Weird Dreams .... 24 MIN'DSCAPK Afterburner __30 Alien Syndrome „ 24 Balance of Power 1990 _30 Oeja Vu II.. ..... 30 Fiendish Fraddy .... W Gauntlet II ___ 30 Hostage ...27 Indoor Sports mu ..«mii90 Road Raider ...... .24 Space Harder ..... 30 Superstar Ice Hockey,.,, ,,..,., 30 Thro* Pack. ...... 30 Thunoex Blade .....30 NEW HORIZONS Prowrite 3.0------- .105 NEWTEK DiglPairt...... 360 Dig hr lew Gold _138 Panasonic Camera Package 260 OMNITREND Breach------- ..__24 Breach Scenario Dtak. T ta Breach It-- 30 Paladm_ 24 PsEadm Quasi Disk 1 - ..1$ Universe HI .. .30 ORIGIN Autoduel------------33 Moebws... __33 Omega,,,, 30 Quest lor Clues I----------------25 Quasi lor Clues N _ 25 Space Rogue.. 30 Times Of Lora ... ,24 umma-at .... 27 Ultima-1 V„ ___39 Windwalker .24 OXXI A-Talk. Ill ..„„60 Nimbus ..... 96 Taibrsakm? .48 Video Tiller .... 72 PRECISION SuperaasePersonall „.,,„48 Superb*** Personal II ,..„,90 Superplan 90 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Baud Bandit .30 CU-Mat 24 Dtskmasier *1.3 ----------------30 DR. Term Pto _......60 Dunlap Utilities ...... ..48 intro CAD , ..... ,48 Intro CAD Plus 90 Mieto Lawyer. 36 PlX-Uata ... 43 PSYGNOSIS Baal ___ . 21 BaHotyi- -- _„21 Blood Money 24 Capta n Fig, ...18 Chronoquaat II __ 30 Infestation ..,24 Shadow of the Beast------30 Slryx .... 21 READYSOFT 64 Emulal or-t li 500 2000) _48 64 Emulator-11(1000) -----------48 A-M i Mac Emulator .... 120 Dragons L*lr 36 Convenience. Look above, end yau'11 nr that we consider convenient* to be One ol the loin cornerstone* that we've bulll our business on Sure, we know that it there's one good reason people shop by mill order, it * become ot ell the money they save by not having to psy ratsli lor thflr purchase*. And that is ¦ very good reason but it's not the only reason. What about convenience? 24 60 90 ..30
- ----4$ 0 2 O 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 O 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 Dal* Ret reive, TexIPra... fnink about it. When you went a place ol software, you gat In your car. Drire ovar to in* store, hod what you want, take it to the count* r and wait in l«n* to Hound ol the Shadow.., .26 Meylf Beacon Typing __.32 Nuclear War,., 32 Populus---------------------- 32 Power Or ora .. 26 Pro Tennis Tour . 26 Puffy s Saga . 23 Startlignt 32 ABACUS BOOKS Amiga Desktop Video Book ...16 Amiga Fo» Beginners Booh . _14 Amiga Trick* A Tip* Book--------16 Amiga Tricks* Tips Dish _13 Amiga Bask: In 4 Out Book....__19 Amiga Basic In 4 Out Disk , T 3 BROWN-WAGH pay loi it, gel beck In your ear. End drive back to where you where In the lira! Place. And for all that trouble, you gel to pay retail. In othei words, you waste lime, gee, end money. Pan Pal..... ..90 BYTE BV BYTE. Sculpt 4D Jr. __ Or, you could |ull call ua. On* quick ceil to oul Toll Flee Order Lins and we lake cere or everything etee lor you. Your order will usually be shipped within 24 hours. A UPS er,rer will bring ll rignt 10 your home Or ollie*. And seen with me hand daiirery service, you'll atm pay lee* trcm m than you would has*
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S. D.I .....17 Sin bad.. . ---------------t7 Speed bail .. 26 The Krlstal 32 Total Eclipe , 24 TV Sports Basketball ...32 TV Sports Football __ 32 VIRTUAL REALITY Distant Sun*, .24 .36 .21 .36 .38 .30 .30 .30 .36 24 21 27 15 .42 WILLIAM S. II AW ES AREXX . 30 Wshell . 30 ACCOLADE Hlu* Angels., Bubble Ghosi Cycles . Day of the Viper Fasi Break ..... 30 WORDPERFECT CORP. WordPerfect ...144 WordPerfect Library. 7B .....30 30 27 SOFT BYTE Lotto Program ...... ZUMA GROUP TVShO*V2.0------------- 50 TV Terl ..... M Zuma Fonts Volume 1 21 Zuma Fonts Volume 2 , 21 Zuma Fonts Volume 3 .„2l Zuma Fonts Volume ? .....21
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P. OW ...
- ---24 ,24 Prison .24 ANTIC GFA BASIC 3 0 __ ..84 Phasar V4.0 ..... ......54 7rwlinrw Ai ARTWORX Bridge 5.0 . ......21 Centerfold Squares _ Llnkword French .... ......18 ......18 Link word German..,, . _18 Link word Greek .... .... 18 Llnkword Italian ... L1 nkword Scan 1 ah . ......13 _ta DairsU Llama lO Slrlp Poker-11..... 24 Strip Poker Data 1- 3------ ea.15 ASD(; Cygnu* Ed Pro. . 60 FACC-H __21 &MISC ITEMS DISKS A ACCESSORIES: 3 12~ DS ?? Disks_.. ,79 3 1T Met Disk Storage 10 31 2" D sk Labels-20 Pcs _1 STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS Champions ol Krynn__32 Demons Winter---26 Dragons of Flame ___
- .17
- 8
- 19 .,26 ™,6 .,32 8 ,26 ,32 Dragons of Flame Hint Book Dungeon Mast Aast v2---- Heroes of The Lance _ 3 1 Disk Labels-1000 Pcs Otsk Mailer (61B)_ ___25
- .49 .6.95 DATA EAST Bad Dudes. Heroes ol The Lance Him*. Hilisfar _ HJIsfsr Hint Book ...... Phaniaste ill Question II-------- Drive Cleaner ¦ 3.5"_ Batman Arcade. Batman Movie, Chamber of Scl-Mutants ___30 Drekhen, 36 North 4 Sooth --------. . ,27 Robocop . 30 SW ITCHBOXES & CABLES: A B Switchbox 123 pin D Con) _30 Gender Changer (25pin MM) 6 Printer Cable 500 2000, 10 SlBLO ;iC Flight Simulator-il HI ST COVERS: Amiga 500 Dust Cover. Amiga 1000 Dust Cover. 30 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .30 DESIGNING MINDS Great State* It __ 24 Home Front .., 60 INNOVATRIJNICS 10 15 Amiga 2000 2500 Dust Cover .15 Scenery Disk *7. Scenery Disk Scenery Disk at 1. Can Do .90 o s o s o 2 0 s 0 s 0 s 0 z 0 z KOE1 Romance ol the 3 Kingdoms 42 Top Form ....54 1010 Drive Dust Cover.,..------------B 1020 Drive Dust Cover . 0 Scenery Disk Flawalian _ Scenery Disk western Europe. Scenery Disk Japan .. DESIGNWARK Designs saur us .... KONAMI Teenage Mutant Turtle*.., 30 JOYSTICKS A MICE: Cordless Mouse .....90 Mouse Pilaster 27 Mouse Mat, > Mouse Holder--------- 6 Epyj 300 XJ Joystick ...15 Ou iCk Sh Ot R...--------- ___ 12 Slik Stick Joystick _ 7 Tac 2 Joystick 11 ......27 DIGITEk Clown-OMana, ..... Hols In One Miniature Goll.... Hole In One Data S3 .. Hollywood Poker ,, . Tar g hsn . LATTICE LattK* C Development Comp. 215 Lattice C-Pius Plus 250 SYHKXBOOKS Amiga Programmer's Guide., Amiga Handbook volt.,.,---------- Amiga Handbook vcl2, 21 24 13 21 24 .19 .19 .19 LCCASFILMS BatHehawks. ___. ___32 Indy Jones Crusade Arcade-----25 Indy JonesCrusada Graphics,...32 Maniac Mansion I. 29 Maniac I Hint* ... 12 'ip Dream _ 26 Thair Finest Flour . -38 Zak McKreektn ....1 $
T. AlTO Bubble Bobble. Operation WoH. Qix -----
- 15
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- 21 .21
- 15 DISC COMPANY Kind Words v2 _60 MODEMS & INTERFACES: Aprotek 7400 Minimodem -AM24,80 2400 Supra Modem ___120 Modem Cable 500 2000..... 10 DISCOVERY Rambo Hi . Renegade,...... Arksnoid. Grabbn 11 _II TITCS BAUDVILLE Award Makar Plus 30 Award Maker Dm Sports 18 Award Maker Dan Cartoon 13 Award Maker Data Educational IB Dream Zone . 30 Video Vegas - ...... ._2i Hytarls _ ....24 EAGLE TREE MISC. ACCESSORIES; Ann Static Touch Strip™_9 Computer Hind II .. 7 Crazy Can Dark Cantury. 24 .27 .27 .27 Zak Mckrackan Hint*--------12 M ASTE RTRONICS Butcher F-A0 Pursuit Sim 24 27 Curtts Tookrt - Flicker Matter _ Monitor Stand (9_-14 ). Distant Armies. .25 .15 .20 Ckr Knight Force ___ 24 .24
- 15
- 24 .30 .30 .24 Risk . ELECTRONIC ARTS 683 Attack Sub ..... 32 Afiereo BeasL .32 Bards T*t*-I Hints . In Bards Taie-il 38 TONY SEVERA Arcade Hint 0**k--------- Double Dragon 1 Double Dragon II. .15 .15 .15 .15 .15 .15 .15 15 .15 .15 Monitor Stand (14’-l fr)-25 Surge Protector Power Pad 40 Sink* Force Navigator_6 Bard Tale I- Hint Disk. BETH ESDA SOFTWARE Dragon's Lairll __42 Gridiron ..... IB Wayne Gretzky Hockey 30 Magic Johnson BaskstbaJI, HT Warriors __ Dungeonmaster Hint Disk Hero* of Lent* Hint Disk---- Kino* Ou** 3 Mint Di*k ... Leisure Larry I Hint Disk--- Shadowgate HkH Disk ...... Spec* Quest LH Hint Otsk Space Quest III Hint Disk _ Zak McKracken Him Disk Shark Attack Gort------------------- Bards Tale-ll Hints tO Chessmaaier 2000 79 CribbageKing GmKmg . 26 Oeluze PholoLab __93 0 luieP*lntkl™„„ ..95 MKDfAGEMC ANY IDEAS? HRODERBl ND CarmervUS A,.,., Carmen Europe .. Csrmen "World,.. _ Joan ol Arc Omni Play Basketball.. Rampage .24 30 30 30 27 30 Omni Play Horae Racing--------30 We te Otway* on the lookout lor new ideas on our product kneup if there s a product mat you'd like to see us carry, please drop us 4 line and lull us Vou r suggestions and your input are very important to us1 Thanks MICRODEAL Davpac v2 Hisoft Basic Pro Deluxe Music Construction .63 Oeiuxe Print U__„ ..... 51 Deluxe Video III ......95 Earl Weaver Baseball ..32 0 UNISON WORLD Prlntmaaler Plus ------- Art Gallery 1 & 2 Combo Master Sound . 48 .24 .24 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA TOLL FREE LINE FOR USA & CANADA SOFTUJHRt If You Prefer, You May Mail Your Order To: Software Support International 2700 NE Andresen Road, Suite A-10, Vancouver, WA 98661 800-356-1 1 79 Monday - Friday BAM 5PM Pacific Tim* NEW - Saturday 7AM"3PM Pacfic Time METHODS OF PAYMENTS We actaoi mqr*y orders checks Vita. UC. COO CHARGES COO aviiabe '.opretvus cuflcners only n ai 50 US slates and Ducover Prevous euscrers mjp also pay by C00 or personal check A3 x: JT 50 in aodwrn K your SSH curges owet MUST be padm US 'xds INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 206 95-1393 Sam* Hours A* Above AMIGA COMMODORE AND IBM SHPPWGA HANOUNCCHARGES WS4 ;43sy-«! FPQ APO USPos&«W5 P«ase add U 50 pet order US shpong rs usuaEy by JPSgrttuid Fis! UPS 2nd 0a, A* s a>aL&e (US nates o«y) tY adc-'N *2 CO per poina (is b ) and I’ Ocpet pcuvj ,each addnorgJ b) mye Aaska S Sxorc r$ by UPS 2x Day Ax Pease add 58 50 oer order Qiixa sciware - 54 00 tor me 'xs pece 5 51 00 ‘or each acotonai per shipment Cnadtan Ha.'dwa'e Ovenw>gn: orflers A Forest Cocntras SAH V4r« »r order please cai! Or wr« OTHER POLICIES H'jjftrysm&w ifXtrs mus; aX 7 5% to rex vow ta stale sa>s tu DefeCu* rtems are -epUced a! No ctarge but must be ’enrned to us pcslpad wttvt 30 days of rvxe Cate Af n stock orders are processed wflfm 24 hours US 1*8 waiei scftaare orders $ '00 00 *fl be s*apc« 2nd Day Ax s no addtonai cnarge above Ihe normal 53 50 SAH ‘ee AS prces pcsces and speafrcaSons are subvert 1c change arthou! Rctce Ai sales are ftrai unless acthcrzed ay managemem Qrde 226 on Reader Service card. HOW ACCEPTING FAX ORDERS 206-695-0059 26-Hours A Day! We Accept VISA, M C, & Discover pi.ia.sf; call t»« HHITF. FOR OCR FREE CATALOG' TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE 206-695-9648 Monday - Friday BAM 5PM Pacific Tima THE MUSICAL GRAPHICS PLAYER Play a Picasso! Pixound1'' is a new kind of musical instrument which interprets colors as harmonies. Load up any graphic image or use Pixound's screen generators. Create shimmering bursts of chords or haunting, lyrical - melodies. With the touch of a key, change pitch, scale, harmony, tempo, color, voice, etc. Play using the mouse or use auloplay. Saveyourwork either as a musical sequence or a screen. PaBioPicasso'ThrouMusicans" Us6s MIDI sncl internal voices. Great fun for the beginner; endless challenge for the virtuoso. HC)„ Also Available... I'm HYPERCHORD The Dynamic Riff Sequencer Hologramophone Research 638 Summit Avenue St* PauI' MN 55105 11161 2*228*91 42 Circle 339 on Reader Service card AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 Bgraphics does not accept data in standard spreadsheet formats such as Lotus 1-2-3, or in any .Amiga spreadsheet formats, in most cases you will wind up typing it in. Once it is in Bgraphics, you can transform your data into 2-D or 3-D pie, line, column, or bar charts. Pie charts can be hollow or lillcd, with either the value or the category (such as months) charted. Line charts can be in xy, xy area, scatter, or regression forms. Columns can be sin- gle, stacked, absolute (showing negative values), overlapping, or stepped (as a histogram). Bar charts can be single, stacked, absolute or overlapping. You can scale a chart simply by sizing its window, and even combine two charts on one screen by sizing both to half their u original widths. 1 also like the fact that you can create an exploded pie chart by clicking on the pie pieces and dragging them into position. The quality of these charts is adequate, but the 3-D mode is disappointing. Edges are not shaded (even with a limited palette, this is easy to do by dithering two colors together), and you have no choice of perspective views. You can put value labels on your chart, but the text is almost illegible because die labels display in the same color as the outlines of the chart and often overlap those lines. Both the labels and the outlines are assigned to the same position (color) on the palette, so there is no way around the problem. A requester lets you control x and y axes, setting the minimum and maximum values and the intervals for the tick marks. You can also enter the number of decimal places and minor tick marks. The program displays graphs in linear or log scale, and values in integer, floating point, scientific, or dollar format. Tick marks can he placed inside or outside the axes. Bgraphics supports two resolutions, 640x200 and 640x400. It does not support overscan, however, a major failing for video applications. You can load IFF images, including HAM, as backgrounds, but Bgraphics can display only the first 16 colors in either resolution. This level of graphics support is disappointing. A Brush with Disaster You can also load brushes, and because they are independent objects, you can move them around at any time without disturbing the background or the chart. This feature is wonderful, except for the fact it does not make color 0 transparent. This means that the background part of your brush, which should be invisible, is not, so it obscures the chart and the chart’s background. This is an appalling problem, which makes the use of brushes nearly pointless unless you use no background or carefully position the brush away from the chart. 4 You can also use a brush to make a bar or line chart, although the manual fails to point out that brush size is very limited for this purpose. After repeated flashing of the “Brush too big” message, I figured out that they must be less than 40 pixels wide and 30 pixels tall. Mere again, you have the color 0 problem, so you cannot effectively place a brush over a background. While the ability to paste a brush over other things would he handy, it is also not difficult to do with DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts). Drummer Different One of the major failings of this program is the non-standard way it handles so many tilings. To select a color palette, for example, you must load a picture from the Palette menu. But doing this loads only the color information; you must then load the picture as an IFF- Brush, IFFChartBrush, or IFFBack- Drop. Why is there no simple option to let you choose the picture’s color information when you load it? Requesters are also confusing, making the program that much harder to use. W hether you select Load or Save from ? ¦ The Software > Inc. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SPECIALS 22 FRONT STREET WORCESTER, MA,01614 1-800-752-005O Orders only 8:00 am - 7:00pm EST Mon. - Fri. Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm For inquiries, international orders and customer service call:
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- 789 Supraram A2000 2mg Supraram A2000 4mg Supraram A2000 6mg Supraram A2000 8mg CAD _ 183 129 53 99 399 _ 399 269 97 83 HOME ACCOUNTING Desktop budget_$ 46 00 Money mentor _ S65 00 Phase- 65 00 Superbase pers. II Superbase Pro. 3.0_ ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge_ A-B Switch cable _ A B C D Switchbox_ Boing optical mouse _ Copy Stand _ Ece Midi 1000 _ Photon expansion disk Photon Paint 2.0_ 129 195 . 33 . 33 . 65 195 129 . 62 . 62 128 . 62 . 59 . 22 . 66 . 45 . 95 118 . 54 225 . 65 . 58 . 65 _ 65 . 33 Atalk III _ BBS pc _ Online _ OnlinE Platinum Skyline BBS _ 65 96 44 67 99 229 Photon video cell anim Pixmale _ Tax Break. 53 00 16 35 39 109 69 52 52 17 37 15 .15 . 9 99 15 15 65 .92 Print master plus Pro video plus set I _ Pro video plus set !l _ Pro Video Post _ ProVideo Gold __ Sculpt Animate 4-0 Jr. The Director_ UTILITIES BAD. Disk optimizer
C. B Tree _ Can do _ Celebrity cook hook _. Cygnused Professional Disk 2 disk Disk master _ Disk mechanic Dos 2 Dos _ 32 65 99 20 65 33 33 59 35 52 35 65 33 22 33 33 19 28 26 33 58 28 99 97 22 EDUCATION Adventure of sinbad_ Aesop's tables _ All about America_ Animat kingdom _ Decimal dungeon _ 304 32 32 35 32 32 25 25 35 35 32 25 35 32 22 22 22 22 22 35 35 35 51 51 32 32 35 32 32 19 25 52 32 29 29 34 30 27 28 28 35 39 33 33 33 Ece Midi 500 2000 Ergo Joystick_ Gravis Joystick Turbo silver 3 0_ Turbo Silver Module Tv Text Prol. _ Tv-show 2.0 _ Tv-text _ . 97 , 37 . 67 . 27 210 179 . 99 . 69 . 28 . 28 160 . 47 . 97 . 52 129 225 . 97 . 97 . 38 205 125 129 . 51 . 69 . 78 . 35 . 65 . 59 199 . 97 . 65 . 43 Modem cable AIOOO_ Modem cable A2DG0 50D Mouse pad_ Mouse Slick_ Discovery game spell _ Discovery game math _ First letters and words First shapes_ Fraction action _ Great states _ Kid talk _ Dougs math aguarium Dude___ Dunlap Utilities EZ backup ___ Face II Fine print Fleet check_ Grabhit Video effects 3d Video scape 3-d Video tiller Zoelrope _ Printer cable 2000 500 Printer cable AIOOO_ Video int. A5Q0 _ Future sound A500 A2000. HARDWARE ACCESSORIES Kinderama_ Link word French Link word German Link word Russian Link word Italian _ Link word Spanish Math talk _ Melascopc debugger _ Power windows v2.5 - Source level debugger True basic _
W. shell _ Master 3A Drive., ... Baud Bandit .... 109 129 Digi Droid ...... . 79 Easyl AIOOO 349 Easyl A20G0 ..... 379 Easyl A500 ...... 345 Flicker fixer ..... 495 Framegrabber ... 599 Future sound ... 129 Gen One . 689 internal 3.5drive A2000 .. . . 99 Live A2OQ0 ..... 349 Live framegrabber AIOOO ,. 279 Live framegrabber A500 .. . 305 Midi Gold |500| .. . 60 Naksha Mouse ... . 56 Perfect sound At000 ..... . 69 Perfect sound A500 A2000 . 75 Phoenix power supply A5D0 . 95 Power Supply A500 109 Proqen ...... 379 Scanlock 789 Sharp JX !00 Scanner 789 Super Gen ...... 695 Supra 2400bd internal 139 Supra modem 2400bd ..... 129 Synergy 500 .... 199 US Robotics 9600bd HST 669 WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens .... 199 Laser scripts _ Laser up: fonts__ Laser up plot _ Laser up: print Laser up: utilities Mac 2 Dos Matrix 6 Momentum Mail Nag Plus Schedule Assist. _ Pixel script Pro script __ Project D Quarterback Raw copy 1.3 VIP X-copy II__ . 512 . 559 . 699 . 699 . 535 2899 _ 799 SPREADSHEET Math talk traction Math wizard _ Perlecl score _ Quiz master _ Read & rhyme _ Read-a-rama __ Speller bee 47 32 . 95 126 . 97 . 65 125 Formation Haicalc _ Maxiplan 500 . Maxiplan plus Super Plan 52 104 32 32 45 39 32 29 VIP Professional Advantage _ Sound Oasis_ Sound samplers . Sound Track Vol. I Studio magic _ Synthia _ Synlhia Pro._ Texture _ Tiger Cub PRINTERS 1124 Panasonic Printer Alps A!legro23 PIN _ Citizen GSXI40 Printer w color _ HP PaintJet _ 195 189 . 63 . 63 . 39 . 95 129 Call . 349 . 424 _ 399 1025 3395 . 259 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE CLEARANCE We have them all! Over 300litles in Stock, Prices from S14 to $ 29 on all games. Call for Deals. Minimum Order-2 games Utilities 2(mima!ics) NEC LC890 laser PS. Star nx rainbow To order by mail Vub accept Money Orders Certified Checks Personal Checks and Company Cheeks Allow 10 days from dale received lor company and personal checks to clear COO's S500 COD charge per order SIQOflOO maximcm order without authorization We accept only Cashier's Checks or Money Orders on COO's Shipping UPS Ground S5DQ Minimum pet item CPS 2nd S800 Minimum per item UPS Nut day S2500 per item C fde 134 on Reader Service card Tunis V* accept Visa and MasterCard without surchaige Mass residents add 51. Sales tax Oji Policy Puces are subject to change without nolice All itenij. Subject U availability All products carry manufacturers warranty Defective software will be rrplaced with the same item only All sales are final 'k cannot guarantee compatibility All exchanges must he tne-approveri TtA restoclunq tee will apply for mn defective returns For customer service caff i508t 756-6452 A500 A1000 Harddrives Xetec Fasttrack System With: Connor 209mg 15ms 372 drive _ Quantum I05mg 11ms- Quantum 80mg 11ms_ Quantum 40mg 11ms_ GVP-A2000-HC 0 With: Connor 209mg 15ms 37a drive - Quantum 105mg 11ms Quanlum 80mg 11ms Quantum 40mg 11 ms SYQuest w 44mg Cartridge LANGUAGES A C basic _ A C fortran _ Algebra II _ Arexx _ MONITORS Amdek multisync 12 monilar Mitsubishi Oiamon Scan NEC 3D multisync Animale 3-D _ Animate 40_ Animation editor _ Animation effects _ Animation Flipper _ Animation multiplane Animation stand _ Animation Stalion_ Animation Tiller_ Animation W images Animation _ Taxan 1000 20 Ullrasync Zenith 14' Flal screen mon. ACCOUNTING Easy Ledger Connor 2Q9mg 15ms 372 drive Quantum I05mg 11 ms_ Quantum 80mg 11ms_ Quantum 40mg 11ms . _ Assem pro _ Aztec C developer __ Aztec C professional Benchmark C library Benchmark id library Benchmark modula 2 Benchmark simplified Cape68k _ Cross Dos _ GRAPHICS & VIDEO 3-0emon _ 3d options _ Animagic Architechtural design Broadcast Tiller _ C light 3d editor_ Calllgari _ Chroma painl _ Comicsnlter ___ Devpac Ed Assem link debg. _ Qissasembler _ GFA basic 3.0_ Hisolt Basic professional _ Inovatools hi SOFTWARE Financial plus Invester advantage Miemiga ledger _ Micro lawyer Sieko cm 1430 monitor _ Sony mutti-scan Monitor Nimbus record keeper Project Master Lattice development system 5.4 Service Industry Acc. Id Professional Credil Text Scroller Deluxe Paint III ___ Deluxe photo lab _ Deluxe print II _ Deluxe production . Deluxe video III _ Design 3-0 GVP-!mpact A2000 SCSI-8 0 With: Conner 209mg 15ms 372 drive -1,294 Quantum 105mg 11ms -907 Quantum 80mg 11ms-818 Quantum 40mg 11ms -606 SYQuest w 44mg Cartridge -850 Supra WordSync A2000 With: Conner 2Q9mg 15ms 372 drive _1,205 Quantum 105m. 11ms _907 Quantum 80mg 11ms -.-779 Quantum 4Qmg 11ms -_ 729 SYQuest w 44mg. Cartridge_499 Memory Expansion A2000 8UP 2mg A2000--249 8UP 4mg A2000- 369 8UP 6mg A2000 459 BUP 8mg A2000--559 AdRAM A2Q00 2mg--- 229 AdRAM A2000 4mg-349 Ad RAM A2000 6mg--449 AdRAM A2000 8mg -- 549
- 229
- 339
- 439
- 539 SOUND & MUSIC 4-op deluxe _ Audio master Audio master II _ Back sonqbook _ Bars & Pipes _ Copyist II_ 0-50 _ Deluxe music__ Or drums __ Or keys Dr T's Keyboard_ Dr T's Midi recording studio_ Ox heaver _ Dynamic drums _ Dynamic studio _ Kcs Level II _ Midi Magic __ Mt 32 _ Kwik speak Spanish Spell bound _ Learning curve _ Where in World C.S. Dinosaur Oiscov. Kit Puzzle Story book _ Talking Animator _ Rhyming note book _ At the Zoo _ Letters For You _ Numbers Count _ Where in the U.S- World Atlas _ My Paint _ Ultra Design_ X-Cad Designer fl _ X-Cad designer Pro Tales Irom Arabia Wordmaster_ COMMUNICATION Math Odyssey World Odyssey Music student Music-X_ Draw 2000 _ Home builder cad _ Home builder choice Intro Cad Plus _ Pro board Plus _ Pro-Nel _ Pro sound designer Promidi studio _ Sonix_ the program’s pull-down menu, you get the same requester, with a Load button on the right and a Save button on the left. The standard form is to have a single button (labeled Load or Save, depending on which action you choose), positioned in the same place on both requesters. Out of habit formed from using other software, I repeatedly wound up clicking the left button Save when trying to load graphics. This Hashed a message saying 1 was not in the Save requester. Bgraphics saves pictures in a bizarre resolution: 616 x 365. To get it into the full standard 640 x 400 format, you must copy the image (o the Transfer screen by clicking the T gadget and selecting No Borders from a pull-down menu. Because graphs are usually printed in black and white, the ability to substitute patterns for colors is very important. Interfaces for creating patterns are pretty standard: Most programs let you draw dots in a small box and then display the box in a larger area as a repeating pattern. Bgraphics provides instead a binary interface a box filled with 8 rows of 16 numbers zeroes and ones. Zeroes represent transparency, ones represent dots. To change the pattern, you must edit the numbers. This is inexcusable. Thankfully, the program provides several predefined patterns you can use. The program lets you draw solid and broken lines and simple boxes, and the ability to draw lines with arrows at either or both ends is a nice feature, but poorly executed. When you draw an angled line, for example, the arrow stays horizontal, which looks awful. And when you change the thickness of the line, the arrowhead remains one pixel wide. Because there is no Undo feature, you must select Delete from a pull-down menu and draw a box around an item in order to get rid of it. I have seen programs far worse than this greatly improved in revisions, I sincerely hope the author of Bgraphics makes this program into a professional tool comparable to the better products on the IBM and Mac platforms. We really need a powerful tool for business graphics on the Amiga. Unfortunately, this is not it. Bgraphics 1,0 Brown-Wagh Publishing 130-D Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 378-3838 800 451-0900 S195. No special requirements. ProWrite 3.0 New features from the write side of the tracks. By Loren Lovhaug OVER THE YEARS, two fundamental types of Amiga word processors have evolved: graphics-based programs, which use screen fonts, integrate IFF graphics, and output to printers in bitmap form; and character-based types, which print in character form and do not support graphics. T he main advantages of graphics-based word processors are near- ? TM AMIGA-Commodore Chips ... Parts ... Upgrades Explore Virtual Reality! Step info the picture with Vista’s camera What you set is what you get. 8520ACIA S17.95 8362 Denise 1 2 bright .39.95 8373 Super Denise ......CALL
2. 0 Kickstart ROM ..CALL 256x4 100 ns ..9.30 1 meg x 1 100 ns .....9.40 1 x 4 meg 80 Zip (A3000) .CALL A501 512K Upgrade .....74.00 o A2000 Keyboard S114.95 A500 Keyboard ...109.50 A500 H D Power Supply ..69.95 A2000 H D Power Supply 147.00 Keyboard for A1000 ...129.95 A500 Service Manual ...36.50 A1000 Service Manual ...29.95 A2000 Service Manual .39.00 AND MANY OTHERS Amiga Upgrade: New 1 Megabyte "Fatter Agnus" Chip 8372 $ 99.50 w simple step step 10 min. instructions and chip puller
• Amiga 1000 Rejuvenator Upgrade • Tap the ultimate power of your Amiga 1000 utilize the (ECS) Enhanced Chip Set, Fatter Agnus, 2.0 Kickstart ROM, more RAM (1 MB), clock battery backup, simple solderless installation, 100% compatibility with all products software ......$ 479 00 4 Billion Imaginary Fractal Landscapes Creates Frames for Animation m Intuitive Interface Landscape Featuring Control
• Important Catalog Announcement • We have a new 20 page catalog of specialty items for Amiga, Commodore and IBM. This FREE catalog contains: Low-cost chips, upgrades, diagnostics, tutorial video tapes, interfaces. H D power supplies and other super products you won’t find anywhere else. (Dealers, use your letterhead.) Write in for your copy. Yosemite Crater Lake Mt. St. Helens Mons Olympus (Mars) 1 meg required • 2.0 compatible • List price S 99.95 Virtual ‘Reality Laboratories, Inc. 2341 GanaJor Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 54v85l5 Reality prime will never look the same again! THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. »35 Charlotte Drive, Wesley Hills, NY 10977 1-800-292-7445 * 914-354-4448 Fax 914-354-6696 We Ship Worldwide Prices Subject to Change WE ARE THE 1 SOFTWARE SOURCE FOR THOUSANDS OF COMPUTER OWNERS If you’ve never shopped with us before, now is the time to find out why so many valued customers have! Software Discounters
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SDA Discount Price $ 39 POLICIES & PROCEDI’RES HOW TO ORDER Call us & use vour Mastercard or Visa 1-800-225-7638 Order I.ine Hours: Mon-1 hurs 9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M.. Fri-9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.. Sat-10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. EST.
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P. O. Box 111327-Dept. A MW Blawnox, PA 15238
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• School purchase orders accepted. ISA CANADA WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) screen displays and graphics prowess. On the other hand, character-based programs are not only strong in text-cn- try and -editing speed and in accessing resident printer fonts, but they also include such robust features as multiple- column output, macros, odd- and even* page margin offsets, and thesaurus facilities. New Horizons’ ProWrite is most certainly a graphics-oriented worcl processor, but the 3.0 upgrade includes many features traditionally associated only with character-based products. Column as You See ’Em New Horizons has added support for multiple-column text with two layout schemes. Both allow up to five columns per page. The first flows text from top to bottom in each column, starting at the left of the page and working toward the right. The other structure is useful for working with horizontally related items such as tables and theatrical scripts. In this mode, each time you type a carriage return, your cursor jumps to the next right column (or to the leftmost column if you are currently at die far right of the page). In either mode, you can specify the width and position of individual columns and change relative margins within the columns themselves. Another feature that had been the exclusive domain of character-based applications is support for resident printer fonts. ProWrite 2.5 introduced limited support for such fonts (NLQ mode), but as impressive as this was, it had serious limitations. Not only would the program print just one monospaced font per document, hut discrepancies between screen fonts (even monospaced) and the fonts found in most dot-matrix printers virtually guaranteed that hard copy would not mimic the screen. ProWrite 3.0 rectifies these problems by letting you mix up to six resident monospaced type sizes (depending on your printer) in a document. This provides Amiga screen fonts that better emulate most dot-matrix printer typefaces. Thus, if your printer supports monospaced 10-character-per-inch (cpi) pica. 12-cpi elite. 15- or 17-cpi condensed, 5- cpi expanded pica, 6-cpi expanded elite, or 7.5- or 8.5-cpi expanded condensed styles, you can mix these fonts in a document and see a good approximation of the print version on screen. The screen display is not perfect, however: In tests with several printers, I found that only 10-cpi printed fonts always match the screen. Depending on line and word length, other fonts typically exhibit extra spacing between ? GREAT PRICES! Shipping Bated on Weight and Zone. Pursuttabto BBS: (414) 548-8140 or lor a complete price Bating cat
(414) 548-8120 AutoPrompt......SUS 295.00 Demonstration disk . , SUS 15.00 W255 N489 Grandview ¦ Waukesha, Wl 58188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM Mon-Sat. Spotlight on Software A Books 3D Professional .....299.00 AmigaVision ..89.00 Art Department 53.50 Art Department GIF Module ...30.50 Art Department Sculpt Module ......20.00 Board Master (Block Beit) ..62 50 Brdn Blaster ..27.99 Codename: Iceman ......36.99 DigiMcrte SI ....26.00 Digi Paint 3.0 61.99 Dgi-View Gold 4 0 ...... 130.00 Doctor Ami ....31.99 Drakkhen 36.99 Escape from Snge's Castle .....36.69 excellence! 2.0 ,...175.00 Fool s Errand ..36.99 HardBdl II 31.99 Hockey League Simulator 25.50 Lattice C 5.05 ..190.00 Neuromancer ..... 31.99 Pixel 3D ....52 99 Pro Draw2.0 .. 130.00 Pro Motion (Aegis) ...59.99 ProWrite 3.0 ..95.99 Saxon Publisher .... 250.00 Vista Scene Generator ..59.00 Weittris (3D Tetris) ..22.00 ES Specials! Modem, Baud Bandrt MNP 150.00 Modem. Supra 2400 Bex,d. 110.00 SupraDrive. Fioppy Drive .. 99.00 Trackball. Marconi . 35.00 Spotlight on Hardware 68030 Accelerator GVP ..... 1799.00 8 Meg Board. Supra 2 Megs 275.00 8 Meg Board, AdRAM 2080 . 147.00 AdRAM 520 2 MB. OK (500) ... 105.00 AdRAM 540 4M3, 0k (500) ...... 115.00 AdRAM 560D (Optional 2 MB) .... 260.00 Deb 2000 Board ..... 80.00 FastCard Plus 190.00 flickerFixer .. 375.00 Fioppy Drive, Internal 2000 ..... 90.00 Genlock. Super Gen 2000S . 1815.00 Harddrive 80Q (Bare) 599.00 Harddrive 40Q 500XP (Supra) 699.00 MiniGen .. 199,00 Mouse, Konyo Optical .. 69.00 Scanner. Sharp JX100 775.00 SCSI Controller. Byte Sync 160.00 SCSI Con holer. Word Sync 145 00 ORDERS ONLY PLEASE: 800-544-6599 Digi Soft 12 Din more St Moorooka Brisbane 4 105 Queensland Australia International toll free order numbers from the USA and Canada: from USA 1-800-525-2167 from Canada 1-800-663-3940 other countries 61-7-277-3255 within Australia (07) 277-3255 FAX 61-7-277-8473 AuiuP omft i* copyright (cl Dig Soft 1990 Kicks un is i tTnkmtfV of Commodojc-Ajnigi In:
• AutoPrompt has a full intuition interface with menus and keyboard shortcuts.
• Selectable font, font size, pallet, speed and scroll direction.
• Markers for instant movement to pre-defined cue points.
• Message window and graphic scroll speed indicator.
• Simple easy-to-use menu driven text editor with load, save and print options.
• Imports ASCii or IFF FTXT format text files.
• Supports PAL and NTSC in both interlace and non-interlace, high or low resolution.
• Requires 512k of memory and Kickstart 1.2 or later. AMIGA ¦¦ I f f WORLD 9 90 OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant; Mail Order Department P.O. Box 58, Brooklyn N.Y., 11230 FAX NO. 7186923372 TELEX 422132 MIGRANT Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-Wed 9:00am-7:00pm Thurs 9-8 Fri 9-5 Sat CLOSED Sun 9:30AM-7PM FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION IN USA & CANADA CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-759-6565 OUTSIDE USA & CANADA CALL
* 119 000 SCSI XrscUn, Fasfcard (A2C00) S109 BAR] CONTR Tnifnpcird 2000 S135 ) DR1 OLLERS Ir.Dxr.S-Q A2000
* 195 VE PI k Trjiritjca'd A530 (**p to 2MB)
* 219 &CKA Xatac FiitTuk A500
* 329 GES Sc a t A500* 1 (2MB > «p. Ava l.) j
* 229 ST-125N (20MB) $ 209 S319 s309 s329 s395
* 399
* 519
* 399 ST-13&N (30M3) s239 s349 s339 s359
* 424
* 429
* 549
* 429 ST-157N (49MB) s269 s385 s375
* 394
* 459
* 485
* 594 ST-157N-1 (49MB.28MS) s289 s405 s395 s414
* 479
* 489
* 614 - ST-577N (60MB, 3.5") s368
* 479 s469 s479 sSS9
* 575
* 679 ST277N (6CM3, 525') $ 309 s424 s414
* 429 5499 - ST-296N (80MB) s364 s479 $ 469 s489 s554 - ST-1096N (SOMB) $ 419 $ 535 s52S s549
* 609
* 599
* 744 - QUANTUM (40MB) s339 s439 s445 s459
* 529
* 514
* 659
* 559 QUANTUM (80MB) s539 s629 $ 649 s639
* 729
* 758
* 868
* 749 QUANTUM (105MB) s589
* 679 s689 s709
* 779
* 799
* 909
* 819 HARD DRIVE CARD PACKAGES AVAILABLE - CALL ,40MB *¦ NEWTRUMPCARD 500 PR0FESSI0NAL..JN STOCK W6WTRUMPCAHD 2000 PROFESSIONALS STOCK NEW SOPRA 5Q0XP HARD DRIVE IS12K RAM Expandable to2MB) 20MB ......$ 529 AMIGA 2500 30 ... $ 3099 AMIGA APPETIZER SOFTWARE = Word Processor, Music, Paint, Game, T uiorial Program ...$ 39 1MB FATTER AGNUSCHIP = 8372A) .. $ 89 A-501 EXPANSION MODULE ...$ 149 A-1Q10 DISK DRIVE .....$ 129 A-1011 DISK DRIVE ......$ 169 A-2010 INTERNAL DRIVE .$ 149 .$ 629 PRINTERS A-2300 GENLOCK ..$ 269 A-2088-D BRIOGEBOARD $ 489 A-2286D AT BRIDGEBOARD ..$ 1079 A-590 HARD DRIVE $ 489 A-2630 ACCELERATOR BOARD ...$ 1549 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS IMPACT A-2000 B 0 $ 195 28MHz. 68030 ACCELLERATOR FOR A-2000 ....$ 699 GVP3001 KIT = 28 Mhz.) WITH 68030,4M3,68882 ..$ 164 9 3001 KITw Quanlum40MB .....$ 1969 3001 KIT w Ouanlum 80MB ...... $ 2169 GVP3Q33KIT (33MHz.)W 68030,4MBr688B2 ..$ 2099 3033 KIT w Quantum40MB .....$ 2429 3033 KIT w Quantum80MB $ 2749 GVP305Q Kit = 50 Mhz,} w 68030,4MB, 688B2 ...$ 3339 3050 Kit w Quantum 40MB ..... $ 3639 3050 Kit w Guantum 60MB $ 3969 A-2000 HARD CARDS IMPACT HC 0 ...$ 155 IMPACTHC 8CQ .$ 679 IMPACT HC 2 ...$ 179 IMPACT HC 100Q ...$ 749 IMPACTHC 45 ..$ 399 IMPACTHC 2+0 40Q .....S479 IMPACTHC 40Q ...$ 435 IMPACT HC 2r0 80Q ....$ 695 IMPACT HC 2+0 100Q ...$ 745 AU OTHER GVF PRODUCTS INSTOCX HEWLETT PACKARD DESKJET ...$ 519.95 DESKJET +......$ 669.95 LASERJET IIP w Toner .....$ 989.95 PAINTJET $ 949.95 HP LASERJET III w Toner $ 1639 PANASONIC KXP-1180 ..SI 59.95 KXP-1191 ..$ 229.95 KXP-W24 ..$ 289.95 KXP-1624 ..$ 349.95 EPSON LX-810 ......$ 199.95 FX-B50 ......$ 349.95 LQ-510 ......$ 319.95 ALL OTHER MODELS IN STOCK ALL MODELS DISCOUNTED! CITIZEN CSX-140 ...$ 329.95 CSX 200 ...$ 199.95 COLOR OPTION KIT for GSX Pr1nter....CALL STAR NX-100011. CALL NX-1000 RAINBOW. CALL XB-2410 ...$ 439.95 COLOR OPTION KIT for XB PRINTERS.....CALL CANON BJ-130E ....$ 579.95 NEC MULTISYNC HID .MONITOR.. $ 649, WE WILL BEAT ANY GVP DEAL AMIGA COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS A-MAX MAC Emulator for AMIGA..,$ 109 CUTTING EDGE Mac Compatible Drive lor A-MAX .....$ 165 AMIG-A-TOSH PLUS ....$ 239 A-MAX ROM ... $ 129 CALIFORNIA ACCESS
3. 5" DISKDRIVE ..$ 115 COLOR SPUTTER .IN STOCK FUCKER FIXER ......$ 369 FRAME GRABBER ..$ 489 FRAME GRABBER SOFTWARE UPGRADE ...CALL GENLOCKS OMNIGEN 701 .... SUPER GEN SUPER GEN 2000S . $ 1369 $ 629 .....$ 1699 MICROBOTICS Memory Upgrades for A-2000 SupOK .. .$ 137 8up W 2MB .. .$ 273 Sup W 4MB . .$ 433 Slip W 6MB CALL 8up W 8MB .. CALL SHARP JX100 ColorScanner w Software 8. Cables ....$ 759 SUPRA 3.5" EXT. DISK DRIVE.$ 85 SUPRA RAM 2000 2MB RAM $ 219 4MB RAM $ 339 PULSAR A-500 PC COMPATIBLE BOARD $ 49B ,...$ 89 $ 339 BASEBOARD Memory Expansion for A-500 (uses A-501 Expansion Slol) OK .. .$ 119 1MB ..... ,$ 189 2MB .... $ 269 3MB ... $ 339 4MB .... $ 419 MASTER 3A-1 3,5" DISK DRIVE $ 105 IMTRON1CS WIZ-RAM 2.0 (Expandable to 2MB ON A-500)..... HURRICANE 500 . HURRICANE 500 68020-16MHZ. 688M 6 1 MB ....$ 589 HURRICANE 530 68030-28 Mhz. 0k Expandable lo 8MB ..$ 1149 HURRICANE 2800 20 Mhz. Accelerator BoardlorA-2000 ......$ 579 HURRICANE 2800-28MHz. 68882-4MB $ 1499 HURRICANE 2800- 28 Mhz. 68882 4MB 40MB ..$ 1829 6MB RAM $ 439 8MB RAM $ 559 SUPRA2400EXTERNAL INSTOCK SUPRA240QZ! INTERNAL .....$ 117 SUPRA RAM 500 (512K Expander for A-500) .....$ 65 VIDTECHSCAN LOCK $ 769 Certified check, hank check, money or ders.approved P.O.s, Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, Am-Eicr Optima, CartSlanche, C.O.D.s & wire transfers accepted. Please to change without notice Not responsible for typographical errors Return ol detective merchandise must have prior return authorization number, or icturns wilt not be jcccptcd Please add 5ra shipping & handling (mm. S6i. Ordcisover SJ200 are discounted lo3re shipping! Handling Orders over $ 3000 are discounted to 2's iC.mjcfianoidcts please call lor shipping rates). APO FPO orders please add 10% shipping & handling All ApO fPO orders arc shipped firs! Class priority air. AH i fi-js ran be shipped Air Eiptess-call foi details D C A *800233. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. words. The print requester’s optimal- spacing setting alleviates this problem, but does not cure it. Other printing enhancements include an ability to scale output in V'A increments. This feature lets you enlarge a document to create banners and posters, or reduce it to improve its resolution or make it lit into small layouts. You can also adjust line spacing in single-point increments. T hose who create newsletters, reports, or other bound documents will appreciate the adjustable margins, headers and footers for odd and even pages, and the ability to print in a variety of sequences, including hack-to-front, separated odd and even, and collated. A generous 300,000-word thesaurus now complements Pro Write’s 100,000- word spelling checker, and a word- lookup function helps you correct badly misspelled words that the spelling checker cannot identify. A document- analysis feature calculates and reports the average word and sentence length, and the number of characters, words, lines, pages, sentences, paragraphs, and pictures. Wholly Macro A macro-programming facility has been added via an Arexx port and Arexx directives that match most ProWrite functions. Using these facilities, you can create Arexx scripts to automate Pro- Write tasks, either from within the program itself or from external applications. Yon can execute macros from within ProWrite by using the Macro menu, which includes slots corresponding to function keys for ten macros, and an- other slot into which you can type filenames for other macro scripts. While using Arexx to provide macro programming gives ProWrite enormous potential (particularly for intertask communication), there are some philosophical and practical drawbacks inherent in ProWrite’s implementation of Arexx. First, vou must own Arexx, which is not yet a part of Workbench, in order to create or use ProWrite macros. Also, you must know how to use Arexx and the ProWrite directives. This can he intimidating. Particularly if you want only to create a simple macro. A solution to both problems might be an easy-to-use feature for recording ProWrite operations, storing them in Arexx-scripl form, and playing them hack without Arexx. I bis would make it easy for those lacking Arexx or those wanting to create macros in script form to use macros without sacrificing all the power of Arexx, As an added benefit, this feature would make an excellent script starter for those wanting to create more complex macros with Arexx. Also plaguing the macro system is the fact that although macro directives are provided for most ProWrite functions, lull automation is not always possible, because you cannot program these directives to set values and adjust gadgets. Say, for instance, that you need a macro to change margins and typefaces to set oil a long quote. Because ProWrite employs requesters to set both margins and typefaces, and because the program does not include directives for setting these values externally, the best your macro can do is to call up the change-font and layout requesters. You must still set the values manually. Although you can emulate this appli- ? Investors! Traders! Brokers! Analysts! |: I Trade Profitably Through the 1990’s .. M | !!i: Jf%. With MicroTrader ® Sales ? Video Systems ? Graphics Systems ? DTP Systems ? Amiga Hardware ? Amiga Software ? Printers Plotters ? Video Hardware The tool kit for market followers. Purchased as a basic unit with optional upgrades. Basic Unit: Technical analysts on stocks, options, commodities and indices. Data base of prices volumes and updates from keyboard or commercial data base of your choice. Portfolio market value, % change, balance, dividends, margins, net equity, etc. Stock Tracking Unit: Keeps you in touch with all major North American Stock Exchanges in Real-Time. Most active, block trades, news releases, etc. Graphic display of intra-day trading with Moving Average of your choice. Price targets and alarm settings, Tracks Updates portfolios and data base in real-time. Tsoewts Dealer Option Tracking Unit: Instant displays of Call Put contracts. Total position valuation, hedging, ranking, expected return, profitability, etc. Data For more information, contact: Micro Active Inc. USA: 4460 Patrick, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 CANADA: 7831 Bodinier, Anjou, Quebec IIIK 1C2 > Video Video Services ? 2D and 3D Animation ? Single Frame Transfers ? 12 and 24 Bit Rendering ? Titling ? Digitizing Service ? Color Scanning Printing Services ? Postscript 300 DPI Laser ? HP PaintJet Color Prints ? Plotter Service 1854 S. Stewart Springfield, MO. 65804 Qtafix
(417) 882-1899 • BBS (417)8821292 • FAX (417)881-8753 Call or Write for more Information 7 F !
- * ji. .
* J 1 r„ £x f yyy- n ' ¦ °*CT. PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW October 5-7 at The Disneyland Hotel Anaheim, California Sponsored by 4Cl~ j W O R L D ,• Admission includes the Exhibition, Seminars, Keynotes & Amiga Artists Theatre! 120 Amiga Exhibitors Featuring State of the Art Software and Hardware, at the lowest prices! Master Classes Available in Amiga Graphics, Video, MultiMedia, Animation, Rendering and Publishing! Seating for Master Classes is limited; call for schedule and availability before registering. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 21,1990 (No cancellations or refunds after deadline) For Hotel Reservations Call the Disneyland Hotel at (714) 778-6600 Hotel reservations deadline: September 19,1990 For discounted airfares, call American Airlines at (800) 433-1790 and give them this ID: 12Z 04F Register by Mail, or Bring This Coupon to the show or Call 800-32-AMIGA Nationwide (or 914-741-6500) For Your Ticket to The Amiga Event! NAME _ COMPANY ADDRESS CITY Registration is $ 5 Additional At The Door ZIP STATE For MasterCard or VISA Payment Expiration Date . Account Number _ Yes, I want to come to AmiEXPO-California Friday Saturday Sunday Master Class(es) - List Class and Time - $ 60 Each One day - $ 15 *¦ Two days - $ 20 Three da vs - $ 25 Name as it appears on card: Signature __ Make Check or Money Order Payable to: AmiEXPO 465 Columbus Ave., Ste* 285 Valhalla, NY 10595 Total Amount Enclosed cation by using the Retain and Apply commands, which have macro directives (these let you store one paragraph-formatting, one typeface, and one font-attribute option), this limits you to a single format and style and does not help with other requester-hased operations. Pro- Write’s macro directives need to he improved so that command settings can he passed to the program externally. A Better Face Forward Even though ProWrite is regarded as one of the most intuitive Amiga programs, New Horizons lias improved its interface further. Now, virtually any edit- z mg change can be undone automatically (provided you undo it before you make another change). The optional guide ruler’s margin and lab gadgets are now easier to select and move, and several new formatting icons let you quickly alter justification, tab types, and so on without accessing menus. Another slick addition is a font-preview window in die fotu-selection requester. B A C K T A L K CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS T he program’s packaging and documentation are also first rate, ProWrite
3. 0 now ships in a hardcover slipcase, and its spiral-bound manual is well written, fully indexed, and nicely illustrated. I commend New Horizons for its commitment to continually improve ProWrite, and despite my minor criticisms, 1 highly recommend version 3.0. In tlie future, I hope New Horizons will spruce up the macro and resident-font-printing features and complement the excellent graphics facility by adding full- and fac- ing-page screen previews and simple tools for drawing lines and boxes. ProWrite 3.0 New Horizons PO Box 43167 Austin, TN 78745 512 328-6650 S175 No special requirements. Update! At press time, we learned that New Horizons has just improved Pro Write's much maligned f ile requester. This new beauty lets you select device names by highlighting, cycling (backward and forward), or typing. Other enhancements we witnessed; An ability to speak text in various voices, and a customizable font submenu. Editors TAKE YOLK Tl K ! We want to know what vou like and r don’t like about your new Amiga hardware and software. Some products we are looking at for upcoming issues are: 3-D Professional (Progressive Peripherals) DEB 2000 (MicroWav) excellence! 2.0 (Micro-Systems Software) Fracta I Pro (Megage M) Math Vision (Seven Seas Software) Migraph Hand Scanner Touch-Up (Migraph) Two Against Three 1 am much put out bv Deluxe- Video III! (reviewed May '90, p. 12). How can Electronic Arts call this a professional program when it will not do true overscan? Everything 1 do is in 352x480, and for recent work I have used ANIMagic; DeluxeVideo III supports neither. I agree that the interface is nice, especially for those with CLI phobia. Without delivering professional results, however, it is as useless as Mindware’s Page Flipper Plus FX, which produces professional output but has an interface that is meaningless to anyone unfamiliar with the CLI. John C. Emery Melbourne, TL Before buying DeluxeVideo III, I explained my requirements to an Electronic Arts representative, who wrote if) assure me the program would fiifill my needs. I had a series of problems, including system errors and lock ups, and found the customer support unresponsive. Deluxe Video 111 is good if you want to sync sound to video, do animated brushes, and pm together interactive presentations and you have the patience to do it on your own. But if you simply want to string a few graphics together in a professional-looking manner, you Professional Draw 2,0 (Gold Disk) Saxon Publisher (Saxon Industries) SketchMaster (Dakota) Synthia II (The Other Guys) TV*Show (Zuma Group) Vista (Virtual Realities) To comment on these, write us (Your Turn*AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458) or call (800 441-4403, ext. 346) by August 17, 1990. Write or call at any time concerning other new releases. Won't believe how something so simple can be made so complicated. Matthew Caldwell Knoxville» TN Get it Brite ‘’ The Great Software Weigh-In” (Apr. '90, p. 24) is a great incentive to think multiplcxicaily. The paint program stats chart, however, shows that Extra Halfbrite mode is not available in Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts). In truth, PhotoLab can handle it. Kurt F. Faasse Milton, AT Oops.. . In the PageSelter II review (June ’90,
p. 14), we editors made a couple of boo- boos. Not only did we misspell the name of the reviewer, Chris Dic.kman, but we introduced an error, referring to the utility that outputs Page Set ter files in PostScript formal as Cold Disk, which is actually the name of the manufacturer. The program is called iMserScript. Sony, Chris. Also, in our review of Progressive's FrameGrabber 256 and the Datel Video Digitizer (May '90, p. 78), we switched captions under the two screen photos. Send your comments on reviews to Back Talk, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ Dm WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesseialor - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures New Disks FD32: Game Cheats and Flight Simulator ¦ Includes an instrument flight simulator for a DC10. Also Cheats and Hints lor the following games. Shadow of the Beast. Earl Weaver great s. Falcon, It C-f-t-d.. SimCily, SpaceAce. Space Quest, Test Drive hd install, and Extract a program that gets all of the text from within a game (or other) which helps cheating easier Also several football teams ( team files).. FD33: Arcade Games Ftreddy a mano brothers type of game. Gerbils a target practice game. PipeLme a germany interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Iron a fight cycles version, and wetroids a wondertul version ot asteroids with a hilarious twist FD34: Games - Includes WellTrix a derivative ot the addictive game of tetris. Dot2Dot - the connect the dots to make a box game, and new version ol BackGammon Also inc uded are several new "Schwabie type Hacks'. FD35 Omega = v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vain as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions Play time several weeks or months. Wb37: Educaiional ¦ Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6 15 WB39: Music ¦ tntuitracker is an german offer of an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play Amiga music as ii trom a CD like controls. Lets you strip out music frcm your favorite games or others and include them in your music library Strongly recommended for Amiga music lovers WB40: Music - "CD on a disk", 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker Put better. Very powerful easy to use program. DD64 Amiga Programers Manual - The fully comprehensive Amiga programing manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials1 DD65 C Tutorials • Several well done tutorials on how to program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes .Sound implementation. Arcade game design and implementation. Double Buffering, and others. A must have for any serious Amiga Programer, DD66 Programing ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C, some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpamt brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more woderful time savers! Other Great Disks FD5: Tactical Games - BattteForee = 3 0) see MechForce on FD2Q BullRun - a Civil war battle game, Metro - you play the role of a city planner Build wisely and your system will be a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very good Amiga version of Kingdom, Golden Empire, Etc. Ve'y very habit forming, FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chalked ful of games including: Checkers, Clue, Gold • A new slide the pieces puzzle. Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: PACMAN This disk contains several pacman lype games including: PacMan87. Ma2Man and Zonix. FD9: Morla • a very well done port of an UNIX based character adventure game. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack, Takes up the whole disk. Play lime several weeks! FdlO: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must have classic. This is the second release of this game on the Amiga. Originally a UNIX game. Great Amiga graphic interface. Fills the whole disk. Play time several weeks! Please sencTme theloHowing: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3 FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written tor any computer It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and g'eat gamepfay Counts as 2 disks. Rea 1 Mb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games contains multiplayer Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball - an arknoid break out type game. Trix ¦ a Qix type clone. FD16: Strategy Games - includes Diplomacy and Empros. Both great conquer and rule multiplayer games similar in concept to Simcity and Populas. Also includes blackbox, hearts, and others FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger memebers including geography, malh, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune, FD2G: Tactical Games MechForce = 3.65); A game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-lke machines. Simple words can t begin to give you the teel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot fall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. This game is the full featured update to BattleForce = 3.0) on FD5. FD22: Arcade Games - This disk has MoonBase ¦ The best lunar lander game we have seen in a long time, very challenging and addicting. Also BoingGame - a maze type, donkey kong type game FD24:Strategy Games and Others ¦ Includes Dicey, a yathzee type clone. MM a master mind type clone. Flipper an othello type clone. China an great implementation ol Shangi, CircutWars a challenging game based on electronics, and Etrain a computer based model train set construction set for the enthusiast FD25:Tac1lcal Games - Empire (i33w)Empire is a rich simulation of international politics, economics and war, which is played over a period of a few of montns by 2 or more people. Players can run their countries from the normal Amiga keyboard, or via a modem at 300 to 2400 baud. DevWare,11835 Carmel Mtn Rd., 1304-Ax, San Diego, CA 92128 Orders Only! 800 879-0759 Support & Questions 619 673-0759 FD26:Arcade Games - Marble_slide. Truly this is a commercial quality game. Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams, excellent piayablilly and entertainment. Mutants . A small version of the arcade game of the same name, also SuperBreakout a pong arknoids type game. FD27; Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some great games Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses. MimBtast a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as froger FD28: Games'. This disk contains several great games including, QripGame - Sort of belongs to the PacMan type clone category but not exactly. This is truly a new ana great original gaming idea. Very addicting, excellent playability, highly recommended. Pyramid - a Q-Bert type clone Also, KingOii ¦ a challenging board game were you are the leader of a wild cat oil team. Object - try and became another Exxon. FD29: Shoot'em up’s - WWII - your the pilot of a world war ft plane flying through enemy territory, you've just been spotted, good luck on you mission, SpKiiier • try and penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaiiator - another great game. FD31; Games! - Air Traffic Control ¦ a good ATC simulation game, Black Jack Lab • a lull featured set of card games. ChessTel • ptay chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, abyrmh • a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. WB4:Telecommumnication • This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you. On line quickly and easily. Access (1.42) A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vf .34. but with the addition cf transfer protocols. Comm (t .34) • Last version of one of the best public domain communications programs ever made on the Amiga. Handsnake
(2. 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 terminal emulator, and JRComm (0 94a) another great com program WB5 • Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PaqeStrean fonts.and ShowFont - a font display program W87: Clip Art * This disk is loaded with black and white clip art Art includes, trees, watches, tools. L)S and State maps, and more. WblCkVirus Killers - The latest and best VirusX(4.0), Kv(2.1). and ZeroViruS(1.3). WB11: Business ¦ Clerk(4.0), finally a full featured business accounting PD orogram for the small to medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end of month and much much more. WB12: Disk Utilities This great disk is loaded with woncerful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and tile recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts off file manipulation A real must have1 WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do it, PrtDrvGen an easy to use program to make your own. WB15: Business ¦ This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). Wbl6: Business - This disk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar schedular, a rolidex program, and pennywise a good 'Cash Book" accounting lor home or office WB18; WordTexf Processors - This disk contains the best editors that we could find Includes, WordWnght(v6.2) a full feaiured word processor with mad merge and outlining capacity, Dme(v1.35) a great prograners editor with strong macro features, and TexED(v2.8) an enhanced Emacs type editor. WB20: General Interest ¦ On this disk is. DiskSalv Vi 42 a disk recovery program for afl Amiga fife system. FixDisk V1.0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have. 3DLcok a program that gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBencn. Clean VI .01 a program to de fragment memory. Tracer - trace any part of that image. WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great fonts These, like (he other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors, WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined (unction, all aspects controllable,, BezSurf2 Is a program for producing tezier surfaces of revolution. It produces awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map iff image files onto any Payment Enclosed Please charge my Visa Master charge Account Signature Name Address City_ ST Zip. Surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages and vScreen makes a virtual screen anywhere. For you DTP people this is a absolute must have, it allows full page editing without redraws! WB25:Educatlonal • On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any enter user global coordinate. . Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 2 - MrBackup. KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and (loppy disk backups, FileMast ¦ a binary file editor much like NewZap, Lableprinter - a brand new Disk label printer with some of the most powerlul features we have seen to date, each designed to give maximum control over what shows up on your labels. $ 5.95 ea 1-9 Disks mmikm $ 4.95 ea 10 or more WB27: Nagel • This disk contains 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. WB28: Scientific - On this disk Is MATLAB or MATrix LABoratory. This provides comprehensive vector anc tensor operations. WB29: Graphics and Sound ¦ This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics, includes, MandeJMountains - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fracteis from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel - two fast mandeibrot generators, also Most-a - the best IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF's including Dynamic HAM, and Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything Try this disk, you'll love it! WB33:Circult Board Design - several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast, Including PCBtool ¦ a circuit board design tool. LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Nlcad (t 26) a well done new release ol this PD cad program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components lor insertion into schematics. Public Domain Library We are the Offical Public Domain Library of Antic Amiga Plus, we have been the Offical PD library of Amiga World. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks is packed with nothing but the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD intermediate to advanced - often contains source, WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a FREE volume on your next purchase. We always only use SONY disks! WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpath ¦ creates swirling galaxy images. Roses ¦ produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically simifar to a rose, SimGen - display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade ¦ a very good raytracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models. DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS ¦ This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples, PopCl.14 The latest of a must have utility. DD47; Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in pascal. Indudes. A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1.0i) fully K&R. Zcc(l 0) front end. A68k(i,2) assembler. Blink linker. DD50: Arexx 2 - a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2.3) A full featured program lor electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - This disk contains several great programs and C source routines for the scientist and science student, Includes Elements ¦ an incredibly well done periodic table program with source, Scientific plotting ¦ over 600k of Lattice C source FFT ¦ fft C source. D054: Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best hie compression programs and aids tor the Amiga. Many ot the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc(2.3). Lharc(I .O), Lhwarp(1,03). Pkax(1.0), PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, Zip(i.Q). Warp(2.Q4), and Zoo(2.0). Also IFFcrunch an excelent compression for IFF files. DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3.0 release including the full user docs, the full Developers guide, and Conman (1.4). ARP is the official ArnigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements to ArnigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities • Msh • like Cross-dos, copies files to and trom MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC • convert any pal program to NTSC and visa versa. Iconj - a new improved IconX done, KillAgnus - disables 512k ot chip ram. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence, plus 25 more programs. DD62; Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and flex! - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers, and Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented programing language. SONY Blank Disks: for $ 11.90 for $ 23.25 for $ 41.50 for $ 77.00 (1,19 cents ea) (.93 cents ea} (.83 cents ea} (.77 cents ea) je for USA orders, Canada and i each, Sorry no other foreign. No shipping char Mexico add $ .0! Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 ???? , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 AnthVirus(c) is not Public Domain Following day shipping in most cases No shipping charges wXhing USA Canada add s 25 each, Foraign add
S. 50 per disk tor arr mail delivery. Poymeni in US lunds A minimum ol 520 00 required on credit card orders Total disks_x $ _ each $ _ Exp_ Disked based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ " Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95)$ _ CA residents add 7.25% sales tax $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ _ Foreign Shipping $ _ Total Due $ S':"1 % Read All About It! But the savings HAVE YOU TRIED ORDERING FROM ROGER COATS? You Haven't? Then you don't know about our renowned customer service, our commitment to give you the best price possible, our technical support line or our Barney Bucks bonus program. GIVE US A TRY. CaH us Today! SOFTWARE tAdditional Titles in Stack) ACCOLADE Blur Angels I hirdbilll II Jack i( hoi,is Colt Tin- Duel: Test Drive II The Cvcles S 29 Heal Wave: Onshore Boat Rat ini; Dav ol the Viper $ 27 'n 0 ARTWORX Bridge 6.0 $ 24 AVATAR i learl ol ihe Dragon $ 29 BRODERBUND Sinn ily Where in Luope is Carmen SD Where in the USA is Carmen SD Where in the World is Carmen SD $ 28 CALIFORNIA DREAMS Block Out Vegas Ciamliler lunnels ol Armageddon $ 25 CENTRAL COAST DOS-DOS (Read & Write IBM Disks!! $ 51 Quarterback Backup Utility) $ 39 MAC-DC )S S84 SOFTWARE DATA EAST Drakkhen Chamber oi Si i Mutant Princess $ 34 DEVWARE AnliVirus $ 12 DR. T'S Tiber's Club $ 57 FTL Dungeon Master $ 24 GOLD DISK Professional Page 1.3 $ 165 Professional Page Templates $ 34 Professional Draw 2.0 $ 109 Pro Page Pro Draw Clip Art $ 34 Comit setter $ 59 Comic Art-Movie (lips $ 21 ea* Page Setter II $ 74 I he Advantage $ 109 Desktop Budget $ 39 Trans* ript $ 39 IN O VAT RO N ICS FORA Can Do! COMPLETE $ 64 PRICE LIST OF LATTICE nnAnil Lattice C 5.0 $ 199 PRODUCTS, Lattice C++ $ 229 FILL OUT THE MICROPOSE Pirates $ 27 CARD IN THIS nEVT™ MAGAZINE DigtDroid $ 59 DigiPaint 1 $ 57 DigiView Gold 4.0 $ 119 OXX1 Atalk 5 (Communications) $ 59 ANIMagic (Animation Editor) $ 59 Audiomaster II $ 59 SupraDrive
3. 5 Floppy by Supra Finally a reliable 3.5 drive at an excellent price. Includes on-off switch and pass-through bus. List $ 169 NOW $ 99 ThcUt SOFTWARE Modeler 3D S59 Nimbus (Bookkeepingi S91 Sonix $ 47 Video Titler $ 91 READY SOFT Space Ace 534 SIERRA ON-LINE Hero's Quest King's Quest IV Leisure Suit Larry III Police Quest II Code Name Iceman Colonel's Bequest S34 SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE Tetris Welitris $ 22 WORDPERFECT CORP. WordPerfect $ 139 ELECTRONIC ARTS (Additional Titles in Slock) It Came From the Desert II $ 15 I lunt for Red Oc other $ 20 Aqua na Lit Budokan Global Commander Indiana (ones: Action Game Pipe Dreams $ 25 686 Attack Sub AdtKD: Champions of Crynn Altered Beast F-16 Combat Pilot F A-l 8 Interceptor Ferrari Formula One ! Lardhall II Indiana lones: Graphics Adventure It Came From the Desert Keel The Thief Life A Death Lords of the Rising Sun Nuclear War Populous Pro Tennis Tour Star Command Star Flight Turbo Out Run TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Toot ball $ 31 Cribbage King Gin King Gettysburg: the Turning Point Their Finest I lour: The Battle of Britain $ 37 ELECTRONIC ARTS Deluxe Print II $ 51 Deluxe Music Construction Set $ 61 Deluxe Paint 111 Deluxe Photo I ah Deluxe Video III $ 93 IMTRONICS I Uirrit ane 500 (68020 I (. Mhz) $ 349 I lurricane 2000 (66020 16 Mliz) $ 289 I lurricane 2600 (68030 28 Mhz) $ 599 I lurricane 2650 (66010 50 Mhz) $ 2249 A20U0 Accelerator Memory Board $ 269 Catch what's on: +NUCLEAR WAR by Electronic Arts Become a World leader in the "Nuclear Age" DISKETTES
3. 5 DSDD Dhkem-s Sony Si 2 Generit $ 6 BOOKS ADDISON WESLEY Amiga I lardwarc Reference Manual $ 19 ORIGIN Quest for Clues II $ 1 6 CSA Mega Midget Racer 500 2000 JOMhz $ 649 25 Mb $ 729 1 1 Mb $ 899 HfiSer Toab
P. O. BOX 171466 SAN DIEGO, CA 92117 x ORDERS ONLY: 1-800-438-2883 FAX: 1-619-274-2440 15% ($ 15 min.) Restocking fee on refunded items only FREE DevWare "Disk of the Month" with all orders over $ 100
• DAY SPECIALS WE ACCEPT: VISA and MasterCard • Bank Wires • School Purchase Orders * Certified Chec ks * Money Orders * NO PERSONAL or COMPANY CHI CKS
• Sorry, no shipping, handling, >r insurance retunds • Not responsible tor product compatibility • Prices subject to change without notice • NOC.O.D.s Barney's Missing! Are stiii here.) 11 Where's Barney?? GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 80 Meg HD $ 829 100 Meg I ID $ 849 Impact A500 20 Meg HD $ 589 30 Meg HD $ 679 40 Meg HD $ 799 45 Meg HD $ 749 80 Meg HD $ 1,119 100 Meg IID $ 1,189 Impact XC Ext Case w Power Supply $ 229 44 Meg Removable HD $ 949 150 MB Tape Backup $ 879 SUPRA CORP. Amiga 3,5 External Drive $ 99' XP-5CSI Interface (Amiga 500) $ 229 SCSI Interface w Clock (Amiga 1000) $ 189 SUPRA CORP. Supra 2400 Baud External Mode $ 99 Supra 2400 Plus (External Modem w MNP) $ 155 Supra 2400zl Internal Modem (Amiga 2000) $ 124 HARDWARE PROGRESSIVE Baud Bandit 2400 Modem $ 99 Baud Bandit 2400 MNP Modem $ 139 HARDWARE BASIC CABLE Cable, Amiga 1000-Parallel Printer (8ft) $ 11 Cable, Amiga 500-Haves Modem ttftt) $ 11 Cable, Amiga 500-Parallel Printer Bit) $ 11 EMCO 2-Way Parallel Switchbox $ 19 2-Way Serial Switchbox $ 19
3. 5 Diskette I lolcler w lock (holds 80) $ 9 4-Way Parallel Switchbox $ 24 4-Way Serial Switchbox $ 24 EXPANSION SYSTEMS A500 Baseboard 512K $ 159 1 Meg $ 199 2 Meg $ 279 4 Meg $ 439 ‘FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all EXPANSION SYSTEMS products & READY SOFT AMAX (Macintosh Emulator) $ 109 US ROBOTICS Courier 2400 External Modem $ 319 Courier LIST 9600 Baud External Modem $ 619 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS AMIGA SupraDrive 500 XP 20 Meg 500 30 Meg 500 XP 40 Meg 500 44 Meg Rmvble 500 80 Meg 1000 30 Meg 1000 40 Meg 1000 44 Meg Rmvble 1000 80 Meg 2000 40 Meg 2000 44 Meg Rmvble 2000 80 Meg 2000 105 Meg $ 579 $ 539 $ 699 $ 969 $ 829 $ 599 $ 729 $ 1099 $ 959 $ 519 $ 819 $ 749 $ 819 $ 67 $ 119 $ 239 $ 349 $ 459 $ 579 Accelerator (68030 16Mhz) $ 579 A2000 Accelerator (68030 1OMhz+68882) $ 799 A2000 Accelerator (68030 2 8Mhz) $ 739 A2000 Accelerator (68030 28Mhz+68882) $ 999 A2000 Accelerator 4 Meg $ 949 A3001 Accelerator (680i() 28Mhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 1849 A3501 Accelerator (68030 3 3 Mhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram S2699 A3050 Accelerator (68030 50Mhz+68882) 4 Meg Ram $ 3799 Hard Card 2 Controller Only $ 179 20 Meg HD S499 30 Meg HD $ 549 40 Meg HD $ 549 4 5 Meg HD $ 549 80 Meg HD $ 799 100 Meg I ID $ 829 Impact 2000 8 0 Controller Only $ 209 40 Meg! ID $ 579 44 Meg Rmvl:)le $ 929 AIMGA Supra Ram 500 51 2 K vv clock 2000 OK 2000 2 Meg 2000 4 Meg 2000 6 Meg 2000 8 Meg WordSync SCSI Interface (Amiga 2000) $ 119 'FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all SUPRA products XETEC FastCard Plus, Amiga 2000 SCSI Interface $ 179 Q40 vv SCSI $ 569 Q80 vv SCSI $ 799 FastRam OK (for Amiga 500 or 1000 SCSI Interface) $ 79 Fast Tape, 1 Amiga Tape Back-up 150E External $ 699 1 501 Internal (2000 Only) $ 619 60E External $ 579 601 Internal (2000 Only) $ 489 Fast Trak SCSI Interface (specify 500 or W00I Enc losure Only $ 319 Jr, 20 meg w enc. $ 599 Q40, 40 meg w enc. $ 709 Q80, 80 meg w enc. $ 949 Mini FastCard (Amiga 2000 SCSI Interface) $ 99 SCSI Interface (Amiga 500 or 1000) $ 199 IDC AdRam 505 $ 69 Adram 540 OK $ 99 512K $ 139 Imeg S179 2 Meg $ 249 4 Meg $ 399
* FREE SECOND DAY AIR on all ICD products MICROSPEED AmTrac Tracball $ 64 don 7 miss out on Roger's I am cm out OF THE MONTH1 A3001Accelerator By Great Valley Products Ram MICRAPH Migraph I land S( anner S319 CARRY NEXO Super I ti-Fi Stereo Speaker $ 119 100'S WE 1RY OVER Accelerate your A2000 and add 4 megs of memory at an awesome price! List $ 2399 NOW $ 1849 ITEMS NOT LISTED PASSPORT Master! Rat ks Pro $ 269 Passport Midi Interface $ 89 PLEASE PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS CALL Cordless Mouse $ 84 rUH COMPLETE CATALOG Now Open to take your order by phone or FAX 24 hours a day 7 days a week 1-800-430-2083 CALL US FiRST. Ao$ er Toatj
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P. O. BOX 171466 SAN DIEGO, CA 92197 PRICE QUOTES & TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1-619-274-1253 Sam - 5pm PST Monday-Friday Committed to value since 1985 Circle 243 on Reader Service card. WHAT’S NEW? Don ’t forget the really important back to school items. . . RAM expanders, animation packages, and games. Compiled by Jan Jackson Them Dry Bones Armchair Exploration ENTER THE BODY ofQrod- rid, a gigantic, ancient creature, As leader of a dan in a city hollowed out of this crea- 4 tine’s cavity, your objective is to manage family affairs while attending to your culture’s spiritual demands. The skull of the Orodrid holds the key to your success: catatonic embryonic crystals, from which will grow an intelligent horse. Only then can you become a Knight of the Crystallion and champion of your people. (JDC, 2549 W. Golf Rd., Suite 500, Hoffman Estates, IL 60194, 708 882-
7416. ) RS 519. EXPLORE LAND, SEA, and space without leaving the companionship of your computer. Now you can transform US Geological Survey topographical data into images of the real thing in perspective with Vista (S99.95). Your system can produce this simulation in about 25 minutes or less if you own an accelerator machine. The program includes portions of Crater Lake, Yosemite A Great Personality A NEW GIRL in town-DEB 2000 (S75), or Denise Extender Board to her friends lets you operate a flickerFixer with your A2000 or A2500 without tying up your video slot. With the flickerFixer out of the way, there is room for other devices such as internal genlocks and framebuffers. The hoard carValley, Mt. St. Helens, Mars. With it, you can tour the landscape and photograph it from any position, altitude, or angle you choose. The program lets you save your images as IFF or Turbo Silver object files for game backgrounds, navigational aids, or further manipulation. (Virtual Reality Labs, 234 1 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, 805 545-
8515. ) R$ 518, ries an FCC class B certification. With your flickerFixer behind the existing XT slots, DEB 2000 can transfer video signals from the Denise socket on the motherboard to the DEB connector board. = Micro- Way, PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364, 508 746-7341.) RS 520. AND THEN SOME NOT TO BE CONFUSED with weight reduction plans. Spirit Technologies' Fat Trapper ($ 119) increases your A500’s RAM to 4MB. The board adds RAM in 512K increments and is compatible with Super Agnus. Because it fits in A50Vs trap door. Fat Trapper keeps the 86-pin expansion connector free and lets you add chips and set address configurations without opening your computer. If necessary, you can disable extra memory, either via software or by installing a cable and external switch. Because RGB levels differ slightly among Amiga models, the Interlok (NTSC, S569; PAL. S749) genlock features an internal selection system for addressing these variations. Interlok lets you alternate between 75 ohm and Hi- 2 inputs, encoded video, key, and RGB out. And it allows fast forward and reverse search and pause. The unit's removable front panel lets you operate an overlay-fade control slider up to 25 feet away. = Spirit Technology. 220 W. 2950 South, Salt Lake City, UT 94115, 801 485-4233.) RS&560. Get two more video modes out of your Amiga and address color-contouring difficulties at the same time with HAM-E (Hold-And-Modify Expander) (S299.95). The REG mode provides 256 registered colors from a palette of 16 million in 24-bit format, and the HAM-E mode provides more than 262.000 colors simultaneously in 18 bits. Standard Amiga RGB monitors can display either mode. HAM-E's software supports Intuition, IFF, and Arexx. To install, just plug HAM-E into the RGB port and plug your genlock, encoder, and monitor into it, (Black Belt Systems, RR1, Box 4272, 398 Johnson Rd.t Glasgow, MT 59230, 406 367-5509.) RS 505. Pulsar promises IBM PC XT compatibility for your A500 with its Power PC Board (S498). The board gives your A500 704K of RAM and 64K Expanded Memory Specification and lets you use your serial, parallel, and mouse ports in PC mode. It comes with Microsoft DOS
4. 01 and manuals, M S DOS Shell, GW BASIC, and Learning DOS. The board also supports Hercules CGA and Monochrome graphics and lets you switch back to Amiga mode without PC encroachment. PC Power fits into the A501 slot underneath the computer. = Pulsar, 410 Maple Ave., Westbury, NY 11590, 516 997-6903.) RS 506. For $ 34.95 each, you can choose ? ' MAW 9-90 Order Toll Free LohiputrftbLlLtU Order Toll Free 800-558-0003 £ oru> umat jE ec ttonlci 800-558-0003 IVS TRUMPCARD PROFESSIONAL PACKAGES VIDEO PACKAG MASTER 3A-1 $ 99* Hard Drive Packages-A500 £l?Seagate ST 138N-1 ...$ 579 ST157N-1 ...$ 609 ST177N ..$ 689 ST1096N ... $ 739 QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 659 t 80 Meg ....$ 899 ‘ 100 Meg ..$ 939 These packages Include Trumpcard 500 enclosure,
• DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0- TO LPR1CE. ST13SN $ 489 ST138N-1......$ 519 ST157N 1......S549 ST177N $ 629 QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 599 80 Meg ....$ 839 100 Meg ..$ 879 Can be used as hard card or hard drive ST277N-1......$ 579 ST296N $ 619 ST1096N $ 679 16MM LENS W VARIABLE IRK! 399 DELIVERED MPCARD PACKAGE Hard Card PackageS'A2000 SEAGATE ST 125N-1 ...$ 409 ST138N ..$ 409 ST138N-1 ...$ 439 ST157N-1 ...$ 469 ST177N ..$ 549 ST1096N $ 599 QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 519 80 Meg ....$ 759 100 Meg ..$ 799 These cards include, IVS Trumpcard controller, cable & software. Thiele not an aeeembty kltl It e a package Hard Drive Packages-A500 SEAGATE ST138N-1 ...$ 479 ST157N-1 ...$ 519 ST177N ..$ 599 ST1096N ... S649 QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 559 80 Meg ....$ 809 100 Meg ..$ 849 Hard Drive Packages-A2000 ST 13SN ..$ 389 ST138N-1 ...$ 419 ST157N-1 ...$ 449 ST177N ....$ 529 ST 277N-1 ...$ 479 ST296N ..$ 519 ST1096N $ 579 QUANTUM 40 Meg ....$ 499 80 Meg ....$ 739 100 Meg ..$ 779 These kite include IVS Trumpcard, SCSI hard drive controller, cable & software All Packaaee Include o. 120D 180D Thees packages Include, Trumpcard 500 enclosure, IVS Trumpcard, SCSI hd drive conlroller&Software FREE DELIVERY GENLOCKS iSunraMOtfem miSn 2!& OO *' MODEM DELn Neriki Desktop Ext ..1149 * Super Gen 2000S ...1629 * Nerlkl Desktp- Y C.. 1329 * Vidtech Scantock 769 * Nerlkl Image Mstr ..1749 * Ami Gen ..99 * Super Gen ..689 * Mini Gen .199 *
* FREE DELIVERY In the contiguous 48 slates Pro Drives 40 Meg SCSI.,, $ 349 80 Meg SCSI.,, $ 589 100 Meg SCSI.$ 629 1KJ1 *FREE BSP D™ mocontiguous AMIGA SOFTWARE Keybd. Coniro! Scq King's Quosl1,2.cr3 30.95 King's Quest 4 37.95 Klax ..... 25.95 Knfgtris ol Legend 30.95 leisure Suit Larry ......25.95 Leisure Suit Lariy II or III 37.95 Lewi II3 0 ___21Z95 LtteandDealh ...31.95 Loom ___37.95 Loop? 31.95 Lords ol the Rising Sun ,.31.05 Lords ol War , .....24.95 M-t Tank Platoon ...... 37.95 M-4 Sherman Tank 31.95 MagfcJohnson 1 Meg ....31.95 Manhunter - NY or SF .... 30.95 Math Blaster Plus 30,95 Mavis Beacon Typing ...... 31.95 Microleague Wrestling24.95 Thud Ridge----------------29.95 Tiger ----- 89.95 Tiger Cub -----59.05 Treasure Trap ..24,05 Tunnels of Armageddon .25.95 Turbo Out Rm...-------31.95 Turbo SIIvot 3.01 Meg ™ 76.05 Turtle an ___25 ,95 TV Text 64.95 TV Tert Professional---99.95 Typhoon c4 Steel---31.95 LTIfma 4 __38.95 Ufkra Design--------219.95 Uk Heard Plus _57.96 Over Run 37.95 Page Setter 2.. ....74.95 Page Stream .-119.95 Pagrfllpper Plus FX . 87.95 Panzer Strike ......29.95 Paperboy --------------31.95 Pen Pal 84.95 Persian Gul Inlemo 24.95 Phisar 4.0 ...... 54.95 Photon Paint 2.0 __„ 87.95 Pic Magic __57.95 Pirates I -..... 23.95 Pbgue _ . 24.95 Planet of Lust ...24.95 Polfca Quest 1 ..30.95 Police Quest II ...... 37.95 Poolol Radanco 31,95 Populous ..... ..32.95 Power Windows 2.5 „ 54.95 Powerdrame ..25.95 Print Master Plus 24.95 Pro Tennis Tour _25.95 Pro Video God 139 95 Font Packs- 59.95 Pro Video Post 139.95 Pro Write 3.0 ... 94 95 Professional Draw .CALL Professional Pago 167.95 Pro|«l 0+Backup 30.95 Projectyle ...... . 25.95 Putty’s Saga - 25.95 Puzzle Storybook ......25.95 Quarter Back ..42.95 Rampage . 24.95 Raw Copy 34.95 Red Storm Rising ......34.95 Resolution 101 __ 31.95 Rick Darts Soccer 1 Meg 30.95 Rings of Medusa 23.95 Rbk __24.95 Robocop .. 23.95 Rockel Ranger 35 Troops 31.95 Rorrance 3 Kingdoms ....49.95 Elan Performer .35.95 Empire ... 31.95 EscapcVRobol Monster... 25.95 Excellence 1 Meg 158,95 Eye of Horrn .23.95 F-10 Combat Pbol ...31.95 F-19 Stealth fighter 37.95 F-29 Rctilotor -31.95 F-40 Pursuit Sim. ....23.95 Faces ... Tils III 24.95 Fafcon ------ 31.95 Operation Counterstrike 16.95 Fat Tracks .....-. 34.95 Federation 31.95 Flgliter Bomber 31.95 Flight Simulator II 30.95 FLQ-Flooiplan Const Sol 30.95 Fool's Errand .....31.95 Future Wars ..30.95 Gauntlet II 31.96 Genghis Khan .. 41.95 GFA Basic 3.0----37.95 Gold Disk Office _CALL Grand Prtx Clrcuil Z7.95 G unship 34.95 Harnrmrfisl .31.95 Hardball 11 . 30.65 Harkry Davidson 31.95 Harmony 27.95 Heat Wave ....30.95 Hctos Quest .37.95 Hillsfar ...31 95 Hockey League Sim. „21.95 HountJ of Shadow .25,95 Hoyles Book of Games ...2195 Imporlum ...25 95 Indbna Jonos- Action 25.95 Indiana Jones-Graphic. .30 95 Innrtsion t _17495 Island of Lost Hope 23.95 H Cane From The Desert 31.95 Jack Nicklaus God 30.95 Kampfgrubbe 37.95 31.95 „... 31.95
- .25.95
30. 95 .„ 113,95
92. 95 _ 122.95 ,-64.95
122. 95 _ 109.95 24.95 .-25 95 Universe 3 __ Unrul _ Urtoochabtos--------- Vetto ___ Video Effects 3-D._. Vweo Tiller V1.5__ Videos cape 3D----- Vista - Vha-Amiga .24.95 ..37.95
- 25.95
- .31.95 ... 62.95
- .24,95 ,..59.95 MklWinter...... Might and Magfc II Milcslonc MJBinlum 22 __ Modeler 3D „„ Monopoly..... Movie Seller Music Mouse .46.95 Music X ...... 169 95 Mutant Nln|a Turtles 28.95 Myth ...31.95 Nations al War ..37.95 Neuroma noer ......23.95 New York Warriors-1 Mg 30.95 Night Breed „ ..31-95 Nlglt Force ___ 23.95 Niglt Hunter 23.95 Nuclear War 30.95 Omega-----------------30.95 OmnipljY Bascbal: 5 on 530.95 Omniplay Horse Racing .. 30.95 On Line Ptalinum ...53.95 OnAfatkan Combat 30.95 Voice Ftecopilkxi Vortex _ Ward the Lance Warhead Waterloo.....
31. 96 37.95 Wiyne Gretzky Hockey .„ 30.95 Weird Dreams _24.95 WelUb _21.95 Wild Streets ___27.95 Wiliam Tell ---------..25.95 Wind Walter ___25.95 Wings of Fury 24 05 Wonderland 30.95 Worts Ptattoun, Tha ._. 167.95 WorHABas __35 95 World Class Leader Bd _ 28.99 Xem morph ---31.95 Yeager's Adv. Trafn 2.0... 25.95 Zafc Me fractal _28.95 Zork Zero 38.95 |112 683 Attack Sub . 31.95 Codcname: Iceman ..37.95 A-Talk 3 ..... .64.95 Colomrs Bocuesl . ..37.95 Advanlaoe The ......
114. 95 Colony ..31.95 Air bourne Fla tiger ... .. 23.95 Colorado ..
- 31.95 Asctcd Beasl _ .31.95 Cornic Seller . 59 95 AMOS .67.95 Comic Art Dbks (each) .20 95 Anfmalhn Sludb-Disncy 97.95 Conqueror
- .31.95 Arcxx-------------------- . 28.95 Conqmsl d Camelol 37,95 ASDQ Art Departmenl... .57.95 Crtrbage Kk yGto King ..25.95 Astro Marine Corps 31.95 Cross Dos ___ 18 95 Aztec C Developer V5.0 177.95 Curse Azure Bonds ..26.95 Aztec C Pro V5.0
119. 95 Cyber Ball ___ ...25.95 BAD. .29.95 Cycles ...30.95 BAT. .,31.95 DB Man ...... . 167.95 Rack to (he Future II ..31.95 Dark Centurv ...28.95 BarcbTalell .. ..38.05 Liukrv WX.IHUI j •>••••••*>•••¦¦ Day o| It*? Viper ..... ...30.95 BaWo Clwss ... ,,29.65 Delireo Musfc Corolr2,0 61.05 Battle Command ... ,31.95 Deluxe Paint III ..... ...94.95 Battle Hawks 1942
- 31,95 Deluxe PhotoLab .. ...94.95 Battle Squadron ..24,95 Deluxe Prid II .... ...51.95 Battles d Napoleon...... .. 31.95 Deluxe Productions .128.95 BattfetechiThe Cr Hk Inc. . 30.95 Deluxe Video III _ ...94.95 Baud Bandit ... .30 95 OesignosaunB __
- 30.65 Berln 1948 .. _ 24.95 Dlgidroid
59. 95 Beyond Dark Caslb...... ..22 95 DigirnateS __
- 24.95 Black Gold . . _ .. 24.95 Dlglpalnl3 0 ....
- 64.95 Black Tiger . ..31.95 Dlgivtew GoW _ . 124.95 Blades cl Steel Hockey . .28.95 Dlrcclor ....
- 39.95 Block Oul . .. 25.95 Toolkit ....
24. 95
0. Jye Angsb .30.95 Disk Master ...28.95 Brain Blaster .. .25.95 Distant Sun .
- 41.95 Bridge 6.0 . ..25.95 fin* 2 Dos .. ... 30.95 Broadcasl Titter .....
167. 95 Double Dragon 11 ..24.M Biriofrn . .25.95 Doug's Malti Aquarium ... 49.95 Can Do - ..... .84.95 Dr. Doom's Revenge ...
- 24.95 Captain Ftrz .19.95 Dragon Force..... 31.95 Carmen SanDtego Each .30,95 Dragon's Lair _ ...33.95 ChamTScPMuLPrlesless .30.95 Dragon's Lair 1!----- ...43.95 ClnmplcuB d Krynn..... .31.95 Dragons of Flame
- 25 95 Chaos .... .24 95 DrakMien
- 36,95 Check Mate __ .35.95 Dungeon Master .. „ 24.95 Chessrasler 2IOQ . ,.31.95 Earl Weaver Baseball ...
- 31.95 Clue . 24.95 Comm or MLB PA .. 14.95 Panasonic '| ICX-P 1180 .$ 165 | KX-P 1124 .$ 285 1 KX-P 1624 .$ 369_| ifegiii? Star NX1000 Multifont 2 ...$ 155 Star NX1000 Rainbow ......$ 189 Star XB 2410 .$ 429
• CITIZEN 139 200GX .169 159 GSX 140 289 ST-125N-1 20 Meg-SCSI .245 ST-138N 30 Meg-SCSI ......245 ST-138N-1 30 Meg-28 me ...269 ST-157N 49 Meg - SCSI ......295 ST-157N-1 49 Meg-28 me .299 ST-177N 60Meg-SCSI ......379 ST-225N 20 Meg-SCSI ......255 ST-277N-1 60 Meg-SCSI ..329 ST-296N 80 Meg-SCSI ......369 ST-1Q96N 80 Meg - 24m e ....429 Wvrk HardDrive HO 1 !f>ockages-A2000 (5$ Seagate Seagate super sale PRINTERS FREE DELIVERY Scene Generator 24.95 Scrabble ..24.95 Scribble Platinum .... 37.95 Sex Vbtens-Outer Space .22.95 Sextlmales -----------30.95 Shadow of the Beast31.95 Shadow Winter 31.95 Shark Attack .....-.....24.95 Shdflepuck Cafe 24 95 Sim City .. 30.95 Terrain Ed 14,95 Skate or Die ...25 95 Smooth Taker ___25.95 Space Ace ......34.95 Space Ouest 1 or 2 ..30.95 Space Quest 3 .37.95 Spirit of Excalbur 30.95 Spot ... ___.....24.95 Star Right 31.95 Stir Trek: The Final Rent.34.95 Stelar Crusade 38.95 Storm Accross Europe... 37.95 Strike Ace-------- -.30.95 Strip Poker II ___23.95 Stunt Track 21.95 Super Contra ..28.95 Superbase Personal 46.95 Superbase Personal 2 ... 87.95 Superbase Pro 3.0 - 189.95 Superbike Simulator 31.95 Superplan 87.95 8word ol Aragon 25.95
T. V. SbowV2.0„ 64.95
T. V. Sports Basketball ....31-95
T. V. Sports Football 31.95 Targhan 24.95 Tennis Cup 24.95 Tebls _.20.95 Tesl Drive 2 - The Duel „ 30.95 Data Dbks. Ea. 15.95 Their Finest Ftotr ...... 37.95 Thinker __57.95 ThfrdCgajgr |dll,ilMyilMt>&2L Perfect Sound ...$ 69 Color Splitter ..$ 119 Flicker Fixer .... $ 379* Migraph Hand Scanner ......$ 319 Sharp JX 100 Color Scanner .$ 759 Cordless Mooee $ 99 Golden Imags Mouee-OploMsch ....$ 30 Golden Image Mouee-Fully Opt ......$ 59 Golden Imags Ram 500 $ 59* Printer Face ..... $ 70 Gravis Mouse Stick ......$ 85 Supra 500xp 20 40 ...4549* 859* Supra 2400ZI lnt(A2000) ...... $ 115 Supra RAM 500 .. 465* Supra WordSync Controller .$ 139 Ms ga Mldgel Racer 25 mg $ 669 Supercard $ 75 GVP HC 0 SCSI Host Adaptor $ 159 GVP HC8 0 HD Controller OK Exp $ 199 Midi Interface ...$ 52 Memory Boards for the Amiga 2000 OK $ 125 Del* 6 MB .. $ 469 Del* 2 MB .,$ 239 Del* 8 MB .. $ 589 Del* 4 MB ..$ 359 Del*
* FHEE DELIVERY inhnniiiiiuriAk, MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE Quantum In the contlquoue 48 states! £ CALL US TODAY! INFORMATION
* 357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814 80X17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 ¦*-.£5IM0N-FRI 9am-9pm*5AT11am-5pm CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE AMIGA. CcCommodore* FOR ALL YOUR NEED 0R0BlIRG lirO: 5f*cffr Ifiw™. Fef ftlwry wnd cohW*ehtct or roVO*'. 9*noml A corient *l >» u bus'rm diyi locbtr. Bcftool P.O. * wotcr*. C.e.D.»hwyM vn MM. InCeMfcintil U.»A brtwJl MCOfortanww onion 5% iMcclnjIw hirtwnn. RrtnlmumtdfiO. HwtorCtrt indVbt ad«n plai* Indudicird I. txplnflon ikJi »fld rtyniliin. Wl rmteonti pb»» InclidoSY, ntii tu. Id, RK. FTC APO.Puarto mcotnd diwfhn ortora, pr*o**BfdETV ihlppbg. Iala(HMI JS OC ftjl ntor tortl9»oid«n addlBSL iktpplrq. BtapHeD.RI on)«r» rtfcped oubUifN Ccnanontil U.SXui iRfcpsd RrH dim Inurari U.S. TOIL Idontgn ¦tilpplpg dwpwojewd Br»rrt»lTOmimQ«(iL jw Wl btctarpod B* ¦MbwmHmoirtM poata trarmrird Kiduh rectory wrinty. W* So not ywirta corroebUlty ft nnlaa H.Ov* tcool lowptei tJI R«in re.il. All D«T«cti* nkm km ¦ nkn ¦rthxtnrtoii Mnkn. ClH (414) 357-4141 to U RA tvyw nfnni wl rot CkeunrtflC.Priwusa »wibWiitir«6f!Ctt0cfc*npe wtfiouf netles. Shwinp ft hindlng innavwiindil*. Wbrtp tin !U«tvMwet«aiitOHTe w. spcuw rrmlbaliiffJbeaysad BwrdrtrtywMtf* ToflBfuSirrw.__ 4MB INSIDE A500 FAT TRAPPER™ NEW LIMITED TIME OFFER! Order Direct From Spirit Technology $ 11 9ok
0. 5MB 5159 TOMB 5199
1. 5MB 5239
2. 0MB 5279 4 0MB 5439 Plugs in the A500 “Trapdoor," Easy access for expansion. Expandable trom 512K to 4MB (in 512K increments). Strap connector to 68000 daughter board. Incl. Time calendar. Genlock Encoder - All Amlgat INTERLOK™ NTSC $ 569
• Looping video in with PAL $ 749 switchable termination.
• NTSC or PAL encoded video out.
• R-6-B and KEY outs.
• RGB matching level selection for A500 A1000 A2000.
• 0 to 100% fade overlay slider on remoteable panel. 8MB FOR A500 or A1000 X-RAM™ $ 270ok
2. 0MB 5398
4. 0MB 5526 60MB 5654
8. 0MB 5782 External chassis, expandable from OK to 8 MB, low power consumption, autoconfig. 8MB FOR A2000 OCTABYTE™ $ 192ok Highest quality 4-layer, plug-in 2.0MB 5320 board expandable to 8MB. Low 4 0MB 5448 power consumption, autoconfig. 6 0MB 5576
8. 0MB $ 704
1. 5MB INSIDE A1000 IN1000 $ 1 99qk 0,5MB 5231 TOMB 5263
1. 5MB $ 295 Includes battery backed time calendar, expandable from OK to 1.5MB, autoconfig. 2MB INSIDE A500 SIN-500 $ 199 OK Installs inside, under the radi- 0.5MB 5239 ation shield and out of the way, TOMB 5279 expandable from OK to 2 0MB, 2.0MB 5359 autoconlig. 512K (A501 cions) INSIDE A500 TRAPPER™ $ 44oi K Installs in A500 "trapdoor" expansion port. Includes battery backed time calendar, socketed, autoconfig. Available for 256Kx1 or 256Kx4 512K $ 76 ORDER AND INFORMATION TOLL FREE 1-800-433-7572 VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS cards accepted with no surcharge. COD accepted, add
53. 50. Shipping and insurance extra. All products shipped UPS 2nd day unless otherwise requested. All prices U.S. dollars, domestic U.S. sales only. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice Prices of products containing RAM memory may vary due to fluctuations in the DRAM market. AMIGA and AmigaDOS are Registered Trademarks ol Commodore Amiga. Inc . AX-S. Ociabyie. Inierlok Trapper. Fat Trapper. Slot Machine and MlDI-Star are Trademarks of Spirit Technology Corp Spirit Technology Corporation 220 W. 2950South, Salt LakeCily, UT84115 f TECHNOL OGY Phone: (801) 485-4233 FAX: (801) 485-6957 U.S A. Sales: (918) 834-2509 ALL SPIRIT PRODUCTS ARE BACKED WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY ST-506 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE SYSTEM for A500 A1000 HDA-506 SYSTEM $ 299 Includes interface board and ST-506 controller in chassis with passthru plus dual case hard drive chassis with power supply LESS DRIVES Will support two ST-506 hard drives ST-506 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE SYSTEM for A2000 SLOT MACHINE™ HARD CARD SYSTEM $ 199 Includes interlace board with ST-506 controller mounted on steel rail tor 3 5" drive "Hard Card" installation in A2000 LESS DRIVE Controller will support two ST-506 hard drives. PC XT-AT BUSS INTERFACE AX-S™ EXPANSION SYSTEM Not for the lainl of heart. AX-S Expansion is not a simple Bridgeboard or A2000 board system. AX-S jjives you use of the boards available in PC XT-AT 8 and 16-bit buss structure, the kinds of boards not yet available for Amiga and the ones less expensive than A2000 boards. These boards do need drivers written for AmigaDOS and that is where the tun begins...we should call AX-S “The Hacker Box." With every AX-S System. Spirit provides drivers to accommodate devices such as 8 and 16-bit hard drive controllers. A D converters and more as they become available We also include the proprietary AX-S Resource Library and source code on a typical driver. AX-S™ for A2000 $ 299 Consists of the AX-S Interpreter board to be plugged into either of the two Bridgeboard slots AX-S™ for A500 A1000S695 Includes Ian cooled chassis with power supply, a motherboard with 6 PC XT-AT 8 and 16-bit buss slots, the AX-S Interpreter board, a 100-pin slot lor Spirits Oclabyte BMB Memory Expansion Board, and the bulfer driver interface adaptor for connection to the Amiga. 200 WATT POWER SUPPLY for A500 P0W-R-200™ $ 169 Continuous 200 watt replacement power supply for A500 with Amiga power cord and 4 "AMP power connectors, fan cooled, selectable 110VAC 60Hz or 220VAC 50HZ input MULTIPLE-PORT MIDI INTERFACE for all AMIGAS MIDI-STAR™ $ 149
• 2 MIDI Ins with switch controland LEDindica- tors.
• 6 OUT OFF THRUs with switch control and multi-color status confirmation,
• RS-232 serial interface with passthru from five recent additions to Taito's lineup: Beware of the danger that awaits you in Castle Eternity; it wants your essence. Castle Master compels you to rescue your twin from the evil within. Or, cross over to ancient Egypt as the chosen prince in Day of the Pharaoh. Success depends upon your ability to accumulate great power while building an empire and a merchant fleet to trade with and explore distant lands. On the lighter side, Kiwi Kraze, promotes non-violence while promising action and adventure. Tiki, a brave and lovable bird, needs your assistance to run. Swim, leap, and scuba dive through 5 worlds and 20 levels in a madcap race to keep his companions off Wally the Walrus* dinner table. Operation Thunderbolt, the sequel to Operation Wolf, features 3-D scrolling graphics and two-player capability. !t pits you against the leadership of a hostile African nation. You must free 23 hostages to win. For a strategic challange, Puzznic encourages you to piece geometric shapes together in any one of 144 different puzzles on 8 levels. As you advance, match multiple cubes for higher scores and faster action. (Taito Software, 267 W. Esplanade, N. Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7M 1A5. 604 984-3344.) RS 507. Connect with Pre'spect for either a VGA-Y Switch Cable, which allows interchange between the Amiga Video and VGA ports, or a TTL-Y Cable, which can connect both a standard Amiga monitor and a TTL monitor to one Amiga. Both cables are available for $ 79 each. Do you need RAM expansion for your A2000? Could you also use a SCSI controller? You can have your cake and eat it, too, if you get SRC4000 ($ 574) with 4MB of FtAM. (Pre’spect Technics, PO Box 670, Station H, Montreal, Que., Canada H3G 2M6, 514 954-1483.) RS&508. Programmers, it is time to ADAPT ($ 119.95)! ADAPT the Amiga Developer's Assembly Programming Toolkit is a 68030 assembler that features a collection of tools for the assembly-lan- guage programmer. Included are an optimizing 680x0 macro assembler, a highspeed single-pass linker, an execution profiler, and a program analyzer. The assembler and linker are equipped with Arexx ports. (Lake Forest Logic, 28101 Ballard Rd„ Unit E., Lake Forest. IL 60045, 706 816-6666.) RS 509. It all adds up. If you want to get a good foundation, you have to go Back To Basics, which, by chance, is the name of a series of skill-building drill programs in math and language. The five-part set, including Long Multiplication ($ 35), Long Division ($ 35), Long Addition Subtraction ($ 30), Say N'Spell ($ 30), and Word Construction Set (price unavailable), aims for step-by- step progression. The series features visual and aural assistance along the way. For those of you who appreciate the finer things in life, Rne Art Paintings introduces you to Early and High Renaissance works, The Quattrocento, the Impressionists, and Venetian art. A two- disk set ot musical accompaniment (S20) includes Gregorian Chant, Plain- song, Renaissance Dance, and Palestrina tracks. (Lascelles Productions, PO Box 959, Hastings, New Zealand. 070- 89652, fax: 070-89652.) RS&510. MathVlslon ($ 197), a math- and sci- ence-visualization program, offers a panorama of gadgets, controls, and functions to help you explore mathematical objects and scientific data sets. Features include data input graphics output, HAM. Overscan. Halfbrite, and Arexx support, and it hooks to access external programs. Upgrades for owners of Doug's Math Aquarium are available for $ 30. (Seven Seas Software, PO Box 1451, Port Townsend, WA 98368, 206 385-1956.) RS&511. If writing high-speed graphics applications is your game, Blitz BASIC was written with you in mind. The compiler features support for all Amiga graphics modes and control over Blitter and Copper co-processors. Features include menu access to program sections, autobackup options, full control over compiler parameters, and a new, interleaved bitmap structure requiring only one blit for a 32-color shape. (MAST 139 Greg St. 106, Sparks, NV 89431. 702 359-
0444. ) RS&512. ACAD Translator 2.0. an enhancement to the DFX file-conVERSION utility, includes full AutoCAD (AutoDesk) release 10 support, extrusion direction other than in the Z axis, mesh, standard, and spline support. The stepped-up version also allows you to directly enable or disable all layers beyond 16. Access Technologies promises increased ease of use, with support for MS-DOS-file carriage-retum line-feed format and an improved window requester color scheme. (Access Technologies, PO Box 202197, Austin, TX 78720, 512 343-9564.) RS 573. Pilot an F6F Hellcat fighter bomber through a series of bombing and fleet- defense missions over the Pacific. You may be prevailed upon to storm enemy bunkers and machine-gun nests, or attack enemy warships while fighting off swarms of nimble enemy fighters. Wings of Fury ($ 39.95) features digitized sound effects for bombs, gunfire, and airplane engines. (Broderbund Software, 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael. CA 94903, 415 492-3200.) RS 514. ¦ HORS D’OEUVRES Hints, tips and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. Less Typing = Less Pain SOMEONE RECENTLY ASKED on a In- cal Amiga BBS if there was a way to use the CL1 to copy a file and its accompanying filename to the current directory without typing the filename twice. To my surprise, no one seemed to know how to do it, but there is a way. If you need to copy a file from DF1 to DFO, instead of typing: COPY DF1 :A_Lengthy_Filename ’FO DFO:A Lengthv_Filenamc make certain the current directory is J DFO and type: COPY DF1 :A_Lengthy_Filename TO This process can be used to copy entire directories to the current directory, as follows: COPY DF1 :My_d)irectory TO Of course, the "TO” in all of the above examples is optional. Robert Bequette Fair Oaks, CA Lighten Up DOUBLF-PASS PRINTING, favored by many Amiga computerists for darkening their printouts, doesn't work well with dark screen images, because lighter colors are indistinguishable. By making use of NewTek’s Digi-Paint 3, you can make a dark image lighter in these few easy steps:
1. Place an image on the Digi-Paint screen.
2. Select the Lighten option from the Mode menu.
3. Select the Fill and Box drawing tools from the Tools menu. Compiled by Tim Walsh
4. Draw a box over the selected area of the image and it'll lighten when the mouse button is released. As an alternative, a bright screen image can be made darker by substituting Digi-Paint 3 s Darken Mode in the above process. Campbell Lee East Ryde, NSW, Australia Commodore to Amiga Magic WITH MORE AND more Commodore 64 and 128 owners upgrading to Ami- gas, I thought I’d pass along a few tidbits for making Amiga-compatible files from those created on Commodore 8-bit computers. To convert any files created on the 8- bit machines, you must first save them as sequential files. Most word processors offer the option of saving files in sequential format. In the case of Basic programs, remove all embedded cursor-control codes and screen codes, and then save them to disk using the command line: OPEN 8,8,8,“filename,s,w’’:CMD8: L1 ST: PR 1 NT 8: C LOS E8 If you have two modems, upload these files from your Commodore 8-bit to your Amiga. If you don’t have two modems or a Commodore 1581 disk drive, find someone perhaps in a local user’s group who's willing to lend you his 1581 drive so you can copy the files to
3. 5-inch Commodore format. You can then use an Amiga disk utility such as ReadySoft’s Transfer program to copy the Commodore 8-bit format files to Amiga format. Transfer also allows you to convert Commodore text files into ASCII text files. With practice, you’ll be able to get all of your important documents and many Basic programs into Amiga-compatible files. Chuck Brouillee Andover, MA CD and DIR Shortcut CHANGING TO A new directory and displaying its contents from within the CLI or Shell usually involves a considerable amount of typing. You must first change the directory via the CD command and the name of the new directory, and then enter the DIR command. To reduce typing, I used a text editor to create the following script file that not only changes the directory, but also lists it: .key DIR CD DIR> DIR You can then save this file to your Workbench’s C directory as “CDir’’ and make it into an executable file by issuing the following command: Protect Cdir -f s To use Cdir, just type: Cdir:directoryname:pathname This displays the name of the selected directory, followed by a directory listing of its contents. If you specify no directory name, Cdir will display the name of the current directory and its contents. Craig Buchek St. Louis, MO Editor’s note: This is the last edition of Hors d’oeuvres, which is about to die a sacrificial death so that a new department may he born. To better serve our readers, we will introduce in the October issue a new column devoted to public domain software. Stay tuned for a lot of useful information on available free programs and shareware! ¦ HELP KEY As the very OS shifts beneath your Workbench, cling to Lou to cany you through. By Louis R. Wallace Display and Edit Q: I heard that Workbench 2.0 can have much larger screensT even bigger than the new Productivity 640 X480 and Super I lilies 1280-hit wide modes. Is that true? Can the Productivity and Super Hi-Res modes be gen- locked? I understand Productivity mode is only jour colors, just like the regular Workbench screen. Can I use the other screen modes as Workbench displays and have more than four colors? Also, has Commodore dumped ED, that horrible text editor?
J. Wilton Topeka, KS A: Yes, you can define very large screens for Workbench, Called virtual Workbench screens, they are much larger than what your Amiga can display on the monitor. Their maximum size depends on how much regular RAM and chip RAM you have. (For example, I created a 1024 x 1024 display on my A3000.) If you select the AUTOSCROLL option, the Workbench display automatically scrolls to show another portion of the virtual screen whenever you bring the pointer to the edge of the display. Virtual screens allow you to have many windows open, as well as enlarge the work space of applications that run in the Workbench environment, such as desktop-publishing programs. While you cannot genlock Productivity mode, you can use Super I li-Rcs mode with a genlock. In fact. Super Hi-Res is perfect for such video applications as titling, because the large horizontal resolution almost eliminates the "jaggies” so common in hi-res mode. Productivity and Super Hi- Res modes are limited to two or four colors and have severe palette restrictions, as well. Because of the way the displays are generated, their palette consists of only (54 possible colors, instead of the normal
4096. If, however, you decide to use one of the regular display modes, such as hi-res (either 640x200 or 640x400), you can use from two to 16 colors for Workbench. All resolutions work in overscan mode. As for ED, I have good news. The old ED is gone, replaced by a new and improved F.D that offers full mouse and menu control. It isn’t a word processor, but it certainly is not a dinosaur like the original ED. I suspect lots more people will find it useful. For more information on 2.0, watch for our series of articles starting in the November 1990 issue. Video for Vision Q: AmigaVision sounds great, but do you need a genlock and a lose r-disc player to use it? If you do, it's useless to most of us! Will it work under 1.3, or does it require Workbench 2.0? Also, how much does it cost, where can I gel it, and does it have a player program (such as The Director's Projector utility) that lets people who don't own A miga Vision use the applications created with it ?
A. Cottrel Marietta, OH A: No, you do not need a laserdisc player or a genlock for Amiga Vision. Am igaVision works just fine without them, allowing you to create incredible interactive applications in
1. 3 or 2.0 using standard Amiga graphic, animation, sound, and text files. If you do have a genlock and laser-disc player, AmigaVision fully supports their use. It does not have a player program, however, so you need a copy of AmigaVision to use its applications. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, because Commodore expects most people to get AmigaVision. It comes bundled free with new machines and is available separately from Amiga dealers for a suggested retail price of $ 149.95. Never fear, it will probably he heavily discounted. No Change Q: Do I have to use a multisync monitor with the A 3000, or can I use my old A1080 monitor? I was thinking about upgrading from my A2000, hut I don't want to buy a new monitor.
S. Adams New York, NY A: The multisync is optional. The A3000 has a standard RGB port that you can use if you want. To take advantage of the flicker-removing display enhancer or the new Productivity mode, however, you will need a multisync. Don t Believe It Q: don't plan on buying an A3000, but I do want the new OS for my A 500. My dealer told me that Commodore doesn't plan on releasing a version of Workbench
2. 0 for A500 owners! Is that true? If so, why are they limiting it to the high-end machine? Can't the A500 use at least part of the new Workbench?
N. Zakora West Palm Beach, FL A: I, too, had heard those rumors, which conflicted with what I was told by Com mo- dore earlier. So, at the June Consumer Electronics Show, I caught up with Jeff Scherb, who heads CATS (Commodore Amiga Technical Support). According to Jeff, the rumor has no truth. The new Workbench
2. 0 will he available to both A500 and A2000 owners. To take full advantage of the upgrade, however, you need more than a new Workbench disk. You need a 2.0 Kickstart ROM (512K instead of 256K) and the new Super Agnus and Super Denise chips. This means the 2.0 Enhancer package will probablv mean a trip to a service center. No release date or price for the upgrade yet, hut I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. ¦ larness the power of your Amiga Learn to use ArnigaDOS and the CLI Become an Amiga Power User with... The Amiga Compani Second Edition Send me YES!
- Zip. City. Account . Rhe AMIGA COMPANION, Second Edition, is your compre- ensive guide to ArnigaDOS and the :u. In clear, concise, easy*to*under- and language, the Amiga Compan- m shows you how to use the full mge of powerful ArnigaDOS and U commands. You'll get maximum erformance from your Amiga 500, 000, or 2000. Authored by former 'ommodore-Amiga innovator Rob eck, the AMIGA COMPANION rovides you with a thorough under- anding and mastery of this vanguard omputing system. Iontents At A Glance The first edition of the AMIGA OMPANION helped thousands of ..miga users master basic, advanced, nd innovative command skills in ver a dozen help-filled chapters, icluding... Introduction to the CLI ArnigaDOS Shortcuts Tools on the Workbench Information Commands Modifying Files Using ArnigaDOS Commands The Heart of the CLI Configuring ArnigaDOS ArnigaDOS Command Scripts Console Control Characters ArnigaDOS 1.3 Software in the Public Domain Amiga Answers Plus Five Helpful Appendices and a Complete Index. Low, the second edition gives you ven more! Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don’t get at least a dozen helpful ideas from the AMIGA COMPANION, simply return it within 10 days for a complete refund! About the author: Rob Peck is one of the most respected and knowledgeable leaders in the Amiga community. Rob wrote the ROM Kerne! Manual, the bible of Amiga developers. Rob is also the author of Programmers Guide to the Amiga and numerous magazine articles. You don't need to be a technical expert to put the AMIGA COMPANION to work for you. The moment you open this help-filled book, you'll get more out of your Amiga than ever before! And as your skills develop, you’ll find plenty of advanced ideas and information to make the AMIGA COMPANION the most valuable reference book you own! ORDER NOW! Use this coupon to order your copy for expedited First Class Delivery. Or for even faster service, call 1-800-343-0728 and charge it on American Express, MasterCard or VISA. Order Today! New, in the Second Edition
• Full coverage of ArnigaDOS 1.3
• A new chapter on hard disks
• Expanded CLI and SHELL commands
• Over 50 additional pages of user- friendly examples and tips
• A new MicroEMACS appendix
• All topics completely revised and updated Plus...
• Expedited delivery of your order via FIRST CLASS MAIL! By Rob Peck Signature- Foreign Orders. Payment in US funds drawn on US bank is required Orders outside ol North America, please add SI 2 00 per book lor Air Mail shipping and handling. Domestic orders allow 2-4 weeks lor delivery The Amiga Companion IDG Comm unications Peterborough SO Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 AC990 Exclusive offer to AmigaWorld Readers! The AMIGA COMPANION has limited distribution in bookstores, but you can order your copy direct from the publisher. Just $ 19.95! Call 1-800*343-0728 or mail this coupon today. Umy check or money order is enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld) Charge my: ? American Express ? MasterCard Dvisa ; Second Edition, for just $ 19.95 each plus $ 2.50 per copy for first class delivery. Copies of the AMIGA COMPANION, _Exp. Date. Name. .State. Address. AmigaWorld is a publication of International Data Group, the world’s largest publisher of computer- related information. International Data Group publishes over 130 computer publications in more than 40 countries. Nineteen million people read one or more of International Data Group's publications each month. International Data Group’s publications include: ARGENTINA'S Compulerworld Argentina-, ASIA's Asian Compuierworld AUSTRALIA’S Compulerworld Australia, PC World, Macworld-, AUSTRIA’S Computerwelt Oesterreich; BRAZIL’S Data News, PC Mundo; CANADA'S Computer Data-, CHILE’S Infonnatica, Camputacion Personal-, COLUMBIA’S Computenvorld Columbia-, DENMARK’S CAD CAM WORLD, Compulerworld Danmark, PC World, Macworld, Unix World-, FINLAND’S Mikro PC, Tietoviikko; FRANCE’S Le Monde Informalique, Dis- tubutique, Info PC, Telecoms International; HUNGARY’S Compulerworld SZT, Mikrovilag-, INDIA’S Computers cjf Communications; ISRAEL’S People id Computers; ITALY’S Computenvorld Italia, PC World Italia; JAPAN’S Computenvorld Japan, Infoworld, Publish-, KOREA’S Hi-Tech Information Computerworld; MEXICO’S Computenvorld Mexico, PC Journal; THE NETHERLANDS' Compulerworld Netherlands, PC World, Amiga World-, NEW ZEALAND’S Computer- world New Zealand, PC World New Zealand; NIGERIA’S PC World Africa’, NORWAY’S Computenvorld Norge, PC World Norge CAD CAM, Macworld Norge; PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINAs China Com- putenvorld, China Computenvorld Monthly; POLAND’S Computers-, SPAIN’S CIM World-, Communicaciones World, Computenvorld Espana, PC World, AmigaWorld; SWEDEN’S Computer Sweden, Mikrodatom, PC Ny- hethema, PC World, Macworld; SWITZERLAND'S Computenvorld Schweiz; TAIWAN’S Computenvorld Taiwan, PC World; UNITED KINGDOM’S Graduate Computenvorld, PC Business World, ICL Today, Lotus UK, Macworld U.K.; U NITED STATES’ A miga World, CIO, Computenvorld, Digital News, Federal Computer Week, Game Pro, inCider, Info World, International Custom Publishing, Mac World, Network World, PC Games, PC World, Portable Computing, PC Resource, Publish!, RUN, SunTech Journal; USSR’s World USSR, Manager, PC Express, Network; VENEZUELA’S Computer- world Venezuela, Micro Compulerworld; WEST GERMANY’S Computenvoche, Information Management, PC Woe he, PC Well, A miga We It, Macwelt. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form of manuscripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. Amiga World assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Payment for the use of any unsolicited material will be made upon publication. All contributions and editorial correspondence (typed and double-spaced, please) should be directed to AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 603-924-9471. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices, IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 800-441-
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AmigaWorld is nor responsible for c hanges to artwork alter the given advertising deadlines, nor assumes responsibility for mistakes, misprints, nr typographical errors, and will uni issue credit* of any kind lor such errors. AmigaWorld advises advertisers that statements irg.it ding shipping and handling charges, warranties aiid'iir uiourv-l».ii k guarantees should lie included witllili all for nil id advertising era Ainigavstirld. 1 lie opinions expiesscd in the articles and advertising appearing hclcttl are those of llie authors and or advertisers and are nol necessarily those of AmigaWorld. CRUISING ALONG AT about 30 mph on a dimly lit back road, a car approaches a railroad crossing. Seeing no crossing gate and hearing no whistle, the driver continues. Suddenly, a freight train barrels flown the track. Brakes squeal and seconds later, car and train collide. No, this is not last night’s nightmare it’s an Amiga-generated accident reconstruction being pre- sented as evidence in court. Miami-based Rick Rodriguez and his Amiga were hired by the plain- tifT to try to demonstrate that the Railroad was negligent: The crossing gate did not warn the driver of the oncoming train. As in all court battles, there is another side to the story. The Railroad claims the driver went around the closed crossing gate. But, if he did swerve around the gate, Rodriguez argues, surely the car would have hit the train from at least a thirty-degree angle. Using his Amiga and the accident report, Rodriguez attempts to demonstrate that the car and the train hit at about a ten-degree angle; therefore the car went straight through the railroad crossing, Rodriguez began reconstructing the accident with Turbo Silver (Impulse) and spent two weeks inputting the geometry of the accident site. He drew each street, building, intersection, and vehicle from three perspectives. From one vantage point, the jury is placed behind the wheel with as much time to react as the driver had. The other two shots are aerial views spotlighting the angle of collision. These three perspectives recreated the seconds before, during, and after the collision. Though Rodriguez used Turbo Silver to reconstruct the accident up until the moment of impact, he drew the crash frame by frame using DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts). To animate the crunch, he used Animation Station (Progressive Peripherals). Rodriguez also switched from Turbo Silver to DeluxePaint III to draw a countdown clock. With DeluxePaint III, he merely typed in each 100th of a second. Using Animation Station he then superimposed the countdown onto the Turbo Silver animation. Rodriguez's animation w as both detailed and fluid because each frame lasted .003 seconds and each second contained thirty frames of animation. Because each of the three viewpoints were six seconds long, he used a total of 540 frames of animation. Rodriguez used an Amiga 2000 equipped with 8MB of RAM and a GVP 68030 Accelerator board. The eight megs allowed him to handle the 540 frames of animation, and with his accelerator board, he could access the frames at the desired speed of .003 seconds per frame. Without this board, the reconstructed accident would not have occurred in the correct time frame. Although the outcome of the case is not yet known, one verdict is already in Amiga animations are not only for fun and games. You had better believe the Railroad isn't laughing! Carla Barker AMIGA Tool Chest BACK ISSUES! | Volume 1, 2_ I ChartMaster chart program Speak Easy programmer's ; speech routines ¦ More Candy graphic hack j TJ Format disk formatter j Clip Art (symbols) i 3D Vector Objects (space ships) Shark! Game Waiter animation Exp Signature Name | ) Check money order enclosed Charge my: [ ) MasterCard [ ] VISA I l AmEx TCBI990 Address City Zip AmigaWorld Tool Chest • 80 Elm St. • Peterborough, NH 03458' T . ... „ a orm qaq n79R i .------------------ J-----!•“ To order, use this coupon or call |-OUU-o4o-U CO (603-924-9471) If you're new to the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, or if you've missed an issue, here's your chance to complete your collection of this fantastic software, including valuable productivity programs, useful utilities, entertaining games, detailed animation, professional clip art, sound effects, music, and much more! Just S14.95 per 2-disk issue, or 6 issues for $ 69.-95! 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CLI utility Amiga Disk Tutorial on disk structure Digitized Sound Effects Flight animation Tic Tac Toe 3D MicroMan graphic arcade game Pteronadonaball 3D animation Graph 3D to create 3D graphs AMIGA-File address book Audio Spectrograms Plus, digitized sounds, 3D vector objects (lamps) and clip art! Volume 1, 3 Volume 1, 4 InfoMarket Gallery Clips 200 clip art images Send Check or M.O. for S25.0Q to Town Crier Publications 12214 -94th Pi. N.E. For use with any IFF program Paint, DTP or Video Includes illustrated manual Free - Same day shipping Kirkland, WA. 98034 Desktop Video! DTV.101 is a new videotape which shows how to produce professional (desktop video programs. This is the best ''how-to" reference available today! Introductory price just $ 39.95 postpaid! - GUARANTEED! - BullsEye! - Buffalo TheaLer - Spring St., Jasper, AR 72641 VISA - MC- check or C.O.D. Call 501 365-3055 today! [YOT WORK IN VIDEO!!! HEY DIGITIZERS! CAN YOU GET INTO THE VIDEO BIZ? WHAT EQUIPMENT WILL YOU NEED? WHAT IS IT EXACTLY GOING TO COST ME? ALL QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED IN DETAIL IN THIS LENGTHY INFORMATIONAL VIDEO, rrS EASY TO GET STARTED ONCE YOU KNOW HOW! PRODUCED BY A WORKING IIOLLYWOOD VIDEO 'IE AM. MOST OF ALL, YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF? ONLY $ 19.95 BOTH FOR ON I Y VISA -M ASTIttCARU-r.OJ*. OBIM'KS CAM,: A(213)874-7404 FAX:(213)H74-94f.O Jk VT I’UKASP. AIUJ*250 FKR VIDKO FOR Sill CA. RLMUKVTS I'I.hASK ADD Sal.l-.S TAX SEND CHEt :K OR M.O. TO MICEIAKLANGKIX) PRODUCTIONS 1755 KL CERRITO li„ 403 I-A., CA. 9002 GET THE RESECTS YOU WANT!- MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR DIGITIZER INVESTMENT! ACHIEVE PROFESSIONAL REULTS USING THE KEY TECHNIQUES NOT EVEN COVERED IN THE MANUAL! SECRET SOFTWARE TIPS PREVIOUSLY UNMENTIONED!! THIS INFO-PACKED VIDEO COVERS ALL ASPECTS OF PROFESSIONAL DIGITIZING. AND HOW TO MAKE CASH DIGITIZING! ONLY $ 19.95 CANADIAN MAILORDER DANDAM SOFTWARE CALL FOR FREE CATALOGUE 1-800-265-9576 (519) 974-30 i 1 Fax: (519) 974-6643 AUTHORIZED: AMIGA, GVP, SUPRA DEALER 8408 WYANDOTTE ST. E, WINDSOR. ONT. N8S 1T6 FINALLY, TRANSFERS TO VIDEOTAPE ANIMOTION provides the transfer of Amiga animations graphics to tape.
• Single Frame Transfers
• RAM Animations
• Broadcast quality encoding to S-VHS, 3 4 S.P. or one inch Other formats available. ~ Call or write lor more information. NEW!! ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your COLOR POSTSCRIPT or BITMAP Paint Files (IFF or HAM) line Resolution * NO Scaniines * NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color 316 Beers Rd. • Easton, CT 06612 anh 203-268-2554 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES 213-390-3010 Call Of Write for order form, price fisl & sample 11280 Washington Place Culver Ciiy, California 90230 Pro-Quality Clip Art Designed by professionals for professionals Both Aegis (structured) Sc MuItiScreen (IFF) formats $ 7 9.95 Collection 7 Symbols VI, Cartoons VI, Holidays VI, US Maps, World Maps. (5 disk set) Individual Disk $ 19.95 (each) Airplanes VI P re Historic Animals MORE MEMORY FOR LESS NEW for Amsga 3000 STATIC ZIPS 256K x 4 80 ns $ 1 2.00 each 1 x 4 8Q S65.00 ea. 32K Buffer Chip Only Panasonic Printer $ 20 00 1124, 1524, 1624, 1180, 1191 w instructtons FPU Math Co-processor 68881 20 Mhz $ 50.00 each Memory Board HP Laser Printer 1 meg S149, 2 meg 5199, 4 meg $ 309 MEMORY WORLD , 2476 Croyden Court 53 Bensalem. PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. 215-741-6225 gv Fax 215-741-6229 £» Add S3 00 S7H Add $ 4 00 COD VISA MC Check COD AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chesf has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you've written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458 86 Lanvale Ave. Asheville, NC 28806
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o Proprietary image processing algorithms
o UVEl® frame grabber required 66000 66010 66020 66881 CPUs 16 Mhz . . S 35 00 8 10 Mhz . , .35.00 16 Mhz . . . . .75.00 20 Mhz . . . . 109.00 25 Mhz + . . . 289 00 Math Co's 12 Mhz . . . . .69.00 16 Mhz. . . . .75.00 20 Mhz. . . . .69 00 25 Mhz . . . . 249.00 33 Mhz. . . . 349.00 All Crystals 10.00 ea. 1 megx8 Simm 2 for 149 00 256x4 80n.s. Static zips (fcr A3000) 12.00 256 x 1 I50n.s. . . S 2.50 ea. 1 megxi 120n s.. . . 9.00 ea 1 megxi 100n.s., . .10 00 ea 1 meg x 1 80n.s. . . . 11.00 ea. 256x4 70n s. ... 11.00 ea. 256x4 80n s. . . , 10 00 ea. 256x4 80n s. zips . .11.00 ea. 256 x 4 1 00n s. zips . 10 00 ea. 1 x4 70 static zips . .65 00 ea Paula Denise . . . 56.50 ea. FATTER AGNUS. . . . 95.00
1. 3 Kickstart ROM . . 28.00 Hurricane 500 Special S499 (for A500 or A2000) w 68020-16, 68881-16 7M V Use with MIDI Microphone, MIDI Drums 7 Use with Wreless MIDI Conrollers V MIDI Local Area Networks
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o Share MIDI events wfi any MIDI program
o MIDI connector required nir'l MI -a™ Direct Hand and Finger Man'pijlation UlLAl-rvuce J Artificial Reality Applications
o Transform 30 movement into mouse and button events
o Nintendo® PcwerGlove® required Tensor Produclons 280 Mathilda Drive No. 0 Goleta, California 93117 Tel 805 685 6245 Fax; 805-685-2994 Where Creativity Meets Technology MIDI-Mlce SPIRIT BOARDS CK IN 1000 S199 SIN 500 5199 X-RAM 500 1000 $ 219 4 meg Trapper 5119 MEMORY WORLD 2476 CROYDON COURT V2 meg 1 meg 1V2 meg 2 meg 5215“ 5230 S245 5235 S270 S309 S319 $ 360 S159 SI 89 S219 S249 215-741-6225 FAX 215-741-6229 Add S3 00 S4H Add S4.0O COO Mm. Orders: 525.00. Minimum S&H; $ 4 00. Call tor other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec, are subject to change w out notice. VIDFMice and MIDI-Mico $ 85 00 each DIGI-Mica $ 50 00 each California rexdents add 6 25% sales lax. Please make your check or money order payable to. RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475. Manteno. IL 60950 USA USA 800-522-6922 or 815-468-8081 (Canada) 800-621-5444 BENSALEM, PA 19020 ATTN: AMIGA DEPT. VlSA 1 MC CHECK COD Circle 287 on Reader Service card. Circle 281 on Reader Service card. Circle 267 on Reader Service card. MS MicroEd Educational Software K thru Adult ALL CURRICULAR AREAS • INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS ALSO C.L.A.S. USES ENGLISH COMMANDS- LET YOUR AMIGA WRITE YOUR PROGRAMS FOR YOU ASK ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS FOR COMMODORE’S® NEW CDTV MicroEd, Incorporated. PO Box 24750 Edina. MN 55424 612-929-2242 Quit Getting Ripped Off! Freely Distributable Software Only $ 2.00 per Disk Sound Interesting? For our hrund new catalog write or call: Amy Today; 640 Vvillowglen Rd.; Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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P. O. Box 7175 Loma Linda, CA 92354 CT7 icon. . .Cow First we broke the A3000 story. Then our investigators got the skinny on CDTV and shipped the story to you on the day of announcement. This month we've got another exclusive. John “Green” Acres, gentlemen farmer and chairman of the colossal MYBM Corporation, granted Amiga- World an exclusive interview about MYBM's future PC plans. According to a senior level MYBM PR stooge, Acres mistakenly thought AmigaWorld was the Mexican version of PC World. Ability to run some really large applications. Our goal for the next decade is to bring the price down to the point where even the upper middle class can afford it, AW: And what about hardware? Acres: This you are just not going to believe. Over the next five to ten years, we plan to develop Pcs with special processors for special things. We are considering a chip to handle audio output and interfacing to floppy disk drives. We've also kicked around the idea of a ‘‘bit blitter." This blitter stuff will really make graphics and windowing move. Wait till you see it! AW: Wow. That's pretty incredible. Anything else? Acres: Sure. We are also going to build in stereo sound, speech synthesis, and NTSC compatibility. Once we do that, nobody will touch us. AW: I hear Commodore has a machine Just like that already. Acres: Commodore? Don t make me laugh. By the way. Are you translating this into Spanish? Doug Barney Acres: .Qu6 Pasa? AW: Yeah, sure. What are IBM's PC operating systems plans? Acres: We are moving aggressively and already have some superior technology such as multitasking, menus, and also the f f What a Pal! Brown-Wagh is offering free upgrades for registered owners of Softwood’s word processor, Pen Pal, Also, the jungle drums say that Brown-Wagh is working on another word processing project that's scheduled for release sometime late this year. In other news, we understand that Emerald Intelligence has shipped free Magellan upgrades to registered users and has reduced the price of its Interface Toolkit from S75 to S45. TI attention. The Lowell board, which is based on lexas Instrument's TI 34010 graphics processor and is currently under development at the University of Lowell in Massachusetts, was seen running X-Windows on top of a photo-realistic image at Spring Comdex. Our sources report a fall release date. Welcome aboard. Atari founder Noland Bushnell made a splash debut at the last Consumer Electronics Show as Commodore’s latest acquisition of high-level talent. You may recall that one of his inventions from 1972 was Pong, the very first video game released in the US. His role at Commodore, Consumer Interactive Products General Manager, will keep him quite busy, we think. Photo Finish? Our non-Commodore sources report a neck and neck race between Commodore and Hewlett- Packard for the premier 68040 device. Be on the lookout for one of these firms to kick out the 68040 around October. That's not all these two firms have in common, according to our sources. It seems HP is devising a Unix- oriented Multimedia strategy and is using the Amiga as its paradigm. HP is reportedly working with several third parties on multimedia peripherals (can you say “genlock”?) And is even devising an authoring system. Now there's a novel approach. New deal. Prospective UltraCard owners might like to make themselves a note that Intuitive Technologies, developer of Amiga multimedia software, is in the process of turning over sales = including upgrades) and technical support to its new distributor, mediaMAXX (800 456-6299). MediaMAXX offers UltraCard (S50) and UltraCard Plus (S100), along with multimedia consulting and services. Maxiplan 3.0 watchers may be treated to the product very soon. Intuitive Technologies has been negotiating for a distributor, and something should be in place by the time you read this. |J(-1E USED It) ee AM AWESOME PIRATE UNTIL A LARGE CD3CRATDN 0£OKE INTO UIS SYSTEM AND DELETEP ALL OT MIS BOOK REPORTS,” tlP HERE’S ANOTHER TIP! Of The Month From Subscribe This Month To u s? -a c rd _C u ra 7u ~a ra JL> CL, Of) c "w e
- Zip. O £ And Get A Fun. Year of Fantastic Hints, Tips and Techniques for just $ 24.97! U YES! Please enter a one-year subscription forme to AMIGA WORLD for just $ 24.97. ? Bill Me ? Payment enclosed City_ Please make checks payable to AMIGAWORLD Magazine Canada & Mexico $ 34.97. Foreign Surface $ 47.97. Foreign Airmail $ 82.97. (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface ami Foreign Airmail orders. All prices arc I year only Basic annual subscription rale: 12 issues for $ 29.97. Please allow 6-8 weeks lor delivery. Address. Name. .State. 409D9 The TYPE Command Another informational command is TYPE, which lists the entire contents of a file. From the CLI, this command simply types the contents of the file into your CLI window. For example, with your workbench disk in the internal drive, from a CLI issue the command: TYPE dfO:s startup-sequence Continued on other side You can use TYPE to display the contents of any file. NOTE: If you use TYPE to display the contents of a file containing any non-ASCII characters, they may cause your screen to flash and strange things to appear. You should limit your use of TYPE to files that you know for certain contain only text material. BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS PERMIT NO. 1247 BOULDER, CO NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
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P. O. Box 802 • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-9471 if Amiga Music Your Amiga has exquisite sound and music capabilities. Learn all the details of getting started with music,., what you need to begin and playing music with existing software. We'll teach you digitizing and audio sampling and even give you an introduction to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This video is the best instructional tool for any Amiga owner interested in learning how to create Music with their Amiga! I BUSINESS REPLY MAIL NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 73 PETERBOROUGH, NH POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld Video Library
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• 3-D VECTOR OBJECTS. Fantastic creations to incorporate into your own animations.
• MUSIC and SOUND. Speech programs, sound effects, digitized instruments, utilities, and more.
• PLUS each new issue has a hot new Amiga animation from a top Amiga artist! All on a two-disk set for only $ 14.95! ORDER NOW! Call toll-free 1-800-343-0728 ? C ' end me the AmigaWorld Tool Chest Vol. 2, 2 today. My payment for 1 JljO® S 14.95 is enclosed. 0 Save me S20! Enter my one year (6 issues) subscription for S69.95. Name-- Address__ City_State_Zip- ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to the AmigaWorld Tool Chest) Charge My: ? MasterCard ? VISA ? American Express Account tt-Exp-- Signature _ Foreign Orders, add S2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are $ 84.95 prepaid. Payment is required in U.S. Funds which can be drawn on a U.S. Bank. Note that some animations require 1 MB of memory. TC990N AMIGAWORLD TOOL CHEST, PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458 SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SA VE $ 20! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these subscriber benefits:
• Automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year.
• AmigaWorld subscription renewal discount certificate.
• Discount on AmiExpo admissions! PLUS! • Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with any issue of AmigaWorld's Tool Chest, simply return it to us for an immediate refund. See the other side for order form AmigaWorld TOOL CHEST NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL I ------ FIRST-CLASS PERMIT NO. 73 PETERBOROUGH, NH POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AMIGAWORLD’S TOOL CHEST
P. O. Box 802 Peterborough, NH 03458-9971 To Receive FREE Product Information TEAR out the perforated card Please print or type your name and address where indicated. READER SERVICE CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. MAIL the card with your check, money order or U.S. currency to: AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O.Box 5170 Pittsfield. MA 01203-5170 Or. You may request billing. LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. September card valid until November 30, 1990, LU O DC E What do you find most valuable In AmigaWxkfl ? 36 Hors D'oeuvres ? 37 Wat s NeW? ? 38 Help Key ? 39 Game Preserve Financial Management ? 16 Grapnts Education Mu$ o ? 19 Animator ? 20 MtJbmetia ? 15 ? 17 ? 18 LU DC C Whai level of coverage do you prefer'? ? 21 Introductory ? 23 Expert Q 22 Intermediate D When would you like to see more of? ? 24 Opinion Columns ? 28 Stones or interesting ? 25 Reviews Amga users ? 26 Tutorials ? 29 Programming ? 27 Humor A Whai «and ol Amiga do you cwn? ? 1 Armga 500 ? 4 Amga 2500 ? 2 Amga 1000 ? 5 Amga 3000 D 3 Amga 2000 ? 6 None 8 Wwt software categories deserve more coverage? ? 7 Entertainment ? A Word Processing ? 9 Commumcalcrs ? 10 Spreadsheets ? 11 Home PraductNTty ? 12 Programming ? 13 Voeo ? U Database Management ? Mr. ? Mrs. ? Ms. Name City State Zip Telephone_ Company Title_ Address ? 30 Editor s coumn ? 31 Repartee ? 32 Reviews ? 30 In-depth features ? 34 Comparative reviews? 40 Last Licks ? 35 Notepad F tf you are not a subscriber please arde 499 on tns card G If ycu would I ke a one year subsenpton to AnvgaViddC (12 issues). Bease orcse 500 on ttvs cam Each subscription is S29 9? Canada and Mexico £38 97 Foreign Surface $ 49 97, Forogn Airmail $ 84 97 (US Funds Drawn on US 9ank) Orders from outsxfc Of North Amenca must be prepaid Please alow 10-12 weeks fty delivery 1 6 U 16 21 201 206 2n 2i6 221 401
* 06 411 416 421 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 212 217 222 402
* 07 412 417 422 3 a 13 16 23 203 208 213 218 223
* 03
* 08 413 418 423 * 9 14 19 24 204 209 214 219 224 (04
* 09 414 419 474 5 10 15 70 25 205 210 215 220 225 406
* 10 415 420 425 26 31 36 41 4* 226 231 236 241 246 426
* 31 436 441 4*6 V 32 37 42 47 227 232 237 242 247 427 432 437 442
* 47 26 33 36 43 46 22S 233 238 241 248 428 433 436 443
* 46 29 34 39 44 49 229 234 239 244 249 429 434 439 444 449 30 35 40 45 50 230 235 240 245 250 430 435 440 445 450 51 56 €1 66 71 251 256 261 266 271 451 456 461 466 471 52 57 62 67 72 252 257 262 267 272 452 457 462 467
* 72 53 50 63 66 73 253 258 263 268 2?3 453 458
* 83
* 68 473 54 59 64 69 74 254 259 264 269 274 454 459 464 469 474 55 60 65 70 75 255 260 285 270 275 455 460 465 470 475 re 61 66 91 96 276 261 266 291 296 476 481 486 491 496 77 62 87 92 97 277 282 287 292 297 477 482 487
* 92 497 re 83 B8 93 96 276 263 288 293 298 478 483 488 493 496 79 84 69 94 99 279 254 289 294 299 479 484 489 49* 499 ao 65 90 95 100 230 265 290 295 300 480 485 490 495 500 101 106 111 116 121 XI 306 311 316 321 501 506 511 516 521 102 107 112 117 122 302 X7 312 317 322 502 507 512 517 522 103 106 113 116 123 303 306 313 318 323 503 506 513 518 523 104 1® 114 119 124 304 309 314 319 324 504 509 514 519 524 105 110 116 120 125 305 310 315 320 325 SOS 510 515 520 525 126 131 136 141 146 326 331 336 341 346 526 691 536 541 5*6 127 132 137 142 147 327 332 337 342 347 527 532 537 542 547 126 133 136 143 148 226 333 336 343 346 523 533 536 543 5*8 129 134 IX 144 149 329 334 339 344 349 529 534 539 544 549 IX 135 140 145 150 330 335 340 345 350 530 535 S40 5*5 550 151 156 161 166 171 351 356 361 366 371 551 556 561 566 571 152 157 162 167 172 352 357 362 367 37 2 552 557 562 567 572 153 158 163 166 173 353 358 363 368 373 553 556 563 566 573 154 153 164 169 174 354 359 364 386 374 554 V 1 564 589 574 155 160 165 170 175 355 360 365 370 37$ 555 560 565 570 575 176 181 166 191 196 376 361 386 XI 396 576 561 536 591 596 177 162 167 192 197 377 3B2 381 392 397 577 562 567 592 597 176 153 166 193 196 376 383 386 393 396 576 563 588 503 596 179 154 199 194 199 379 384 389 394 399 579 584 S89 594 599 160 155 190 195 200 380 385 390 395 400 58C 565 590 596 GOO September card valid until November 30, 1990. ? Mr ? Mrs. ? Ms. Name LU O Title _ Address City State Zip Telephone_ A What fcnd of Amiga OO you own? ? 1 Amiga 500 ? 4 Amga 2500 ? 2 Amiga 1000 ? 5 Amga 3000 ? 3 Amga 2000 ? 6. None 8 What software caiegones deserve more coverage'? ? 15. Financial Manage men: ? 16 Graphics ? 17 Educate ? 18 Muse ? 19 Art mat on D 20 Mutimeoa ? 7 Entertanment ? 8 Wbrd Processing ? 9 Communications ? 10 Spreadsheets ? 11 Home ProOudNCy C 12 Programmrg O 13 Wdec ? 14 Database Management C what level of coverage do you prefe ? ? 21 Introductory ? 23 Expert ? 22 intermediate D Whch would you like to see more or? ? 24 Ob non CoArnrs ? 28 Stones on mereStng ? 25 Reviews Amga users ? 26 Tutorials ? 29 Programming ? 27 Humor Whai do you f re most v&uabe in Amgal4brl P C 36 Hers' 0 oeuvTes C 37 What's NeW? C 38 Help Key ? 39 Game Preserve 3 30 Eoror's COMm ? 31 Repartee ? 32 Reviews ? 33 in-deofh features ? 34 ComparaCve reviews ? Ao Last Licks ? 35 Notepad F II you are not a subscriber please orde 499 on this card G if you woud line a ere year subscript cr to AmgaWorfd (12 issues) pease orcie 500 on this card Each subscription is S29 97 Canada ana Mexico $ 38 97. Foreign Surface $ 49 97. Foregn Airmail $ 84 97 (US Funds Drawn on US Bam) O'ders from outside of Norfh Amenca must do prepaid Please aiX7w 10-12 wee«s for delivery LU DC 6 11 16 21 201 206 211 216 221
* 01 406 411 416 421 7 12 17 22 202 207 212 217 222
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* 00 560 585 500 586 600 To Receive FREE Product information AMIGA TEAR ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. MAIL LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks. Out the perforated card Please print or type your name and address where indicated the card with your check, money order or U S Currency to AmigaWorld Reader Service Dept
P. O Box 5170 Pittsfield. WA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card READER SERVICE CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Mini I I 1 I Ilf II11111111111111II11 n i II11li I AmigaWorld PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 47% 47% SAVINGS SAVINGS off cover price ET 12 Issues of migaWorld for
24. 97. That’s 47% ff the basic ewsstand price! Please make checks payable to AmigaWorld. Canada Mexico $ 34.97, Foreign Surface $ 47.97, Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orders. All prices are one year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks lor delivery. C Send me 12 issues of AmigaWorld for S24.97. I save 47%! ? Send me 24 issues of AmigaWorld for $ 38.00. I save 60%! Savings based on annual single copy price of $ 47.40. NAME _ ADDRESS _ CITY _ STATE E] Payment enclosed ? Bill me 409133 47% SAVINGS Please make checks payable to AmigaWorld. Canada & ksktop Pu Tools Of the Trade Pro Pago Layouts Fonts Guide PostScript Power .US! Nd DtgMfcw*
* Tips ig? Wac unV y*ws. Games. A Wd Mexico $ 34.97, Foreign Surface $ 47.97, Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orders. All prices are one year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for deliver)'. ? Send me 12 issues of AmigaWorld for $ 24.97. I save 47%! ? Send me 24 issues of AmigaWorld for $ 38.00. I save 60%! Savings based on annual single copy price of $ 47.40. NAME _ ADDRESS _ CITY _STATE ZIP_ D Payment enclosed ? Bill me 409B3 tMIGAWORLD he perfect gift for le Amiga user nd your friends a gift that will d to their computing skills! AmigaWorld . . . Where expert thors will lead you through the :iting and revolutionary features of : Amiga! AmigaWorld . . . Helping you icover and utilize a whole new world computer graphics and sounds! AmigaWorld . . . Because creative mputing was never so exciting and iy! SPECIAL GIFT OFFER Please make checks payable to AmigaWorld. Canada & Mexico $ 34.97, Foreign Surface $ 47.97, Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). Prepayment is required on all Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orders. All prices are one year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. ? Payment enclosed D Bill me Gift Subscription ? Yes! I want to send the perfect gift to an Amiga user a one year subscription (12 issues in all!) For $ 24.97. GIFT DONOR _ _ _ _ ADDRESS STATE CITY. ZIP please enter a one year subscription for: GIFT RECIPIENT _ ADDRESS STATE ZIP CITY. BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS PERMIT NO. 1247 BOULDER, CO POSTAGE WILL BE PAID 3Y ADDRESSEE NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365
• AmigaWorld. . .the only high-quality Amiga-specific magazine on the market. It's as fresh and dazzling as the computer itself!
• AmigaWorld. . .where expert authors will lead you through the exciting and revolutionary features of the Amiga!
• AmigaWorld. . .helping you discover and utilize a whole new world of computer graphics and sounds!
• Amiga World.. .because creative computing was never so exciting ai easy! Get 12 Issues of AmigaWorld for $ 24.97. That’s 47% Off The Basic Newsstand Price! The IDG Communications Guarantee As the world's largest publisher of computer-related information, we unconditionally guarantee your AmigaWorld subscription. If you're not completely satisfied, tell us. We’ll refund the full price of your subscription no questions ask AMIGA 500 1000 2000 FULLY COMPATIBLE FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY . • a * ¦ QUALITY DRIVE MECHANISM K ON OFF DISABLE SWITCH ¦ SMALLER SLIMMER DESIGN m DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR ¦ EXTREMELY QUIET OPERATION K ADVANCED INTERNAL CIRCUITRY ¦ FCC APPROVED * .. ' ., f0 U READY TO RUN E' ¦ LSI ELECTRONICS v. ¦ ° ‘ * . - ¦ 5 O PASS THROUGH CONNECTOR FOR DAISY CHAINING
• e - DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSITY 880K CAPACITY NEW Optical Mquse tor AMIGA... 800-356-5178 Inside CA714- 633-1026 Distributed by • • KONYO International. Inc. FAX 714-633-5339 AMIGA is a registered trade name of AMIGA Corp. Dealer Inquiries Invited A Graphic Demonstration Different Brilliant Colors Deluxe Paint III Diai-Pnint3 as 32 colors and costs $ 149.95. gives you 4096 colors and costs $ 99.95. Crayola CRAYONS * Get the picture? Which one of the artistic tools pictured here would a child choose? The answer is obvious, the more colors the better. The choice is just as easy when it conies to Amiga paint programs. Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga's powerful Hold-And-Modify (HAM) mode which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 32 colors*. What does this mean to your Amiga art? Simply put, the program with more colors makes the better pictures. But that's just one of the reasons Digi-Paint 3 is the ultimate paint program. Other advanced features found in Digi-Paint 3:
• 14 drawing modes including colorizing, range painting, and texture mapping
• Powerful tools including: magnify, rotate, cut-and-paste, and variable transparency Digi-Paint 3 is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. CRAYOLA, cl vron and J xePainOH s a trademark registered trademarks of Binney H Smith Inc.. used with permission. Deluxerain of Electronic Arts
• In some modes an additional 32 half-intensity shades are available.
• Anti-aliased fonts give sharp edges and a crisp television look
• Paint on canvases up to 102-4 x 102-4 with auto-scrolling
• Supports all Amiga display modes and resolutions
• Compatible with the Amiga 3000 and WorkBench 2.0 AmigaWorld magazine recently compared the leading paint programs in a head-to-head showdown. A clear winner emerged: “Digi-Paint 3 is the one to beat for speed, versatility and professional applicationsAfter six pages of detailed evaluations they concluded with, “If you are really serious about ow ning only one paint program, we would have to recommend Digi-Paint 3.” Digi-Paint 3 is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934 or 913-354-1146. 1 Prices as of 9 1 90. Applies only in U.S. Mon.-Fri. (> PM-8AM local time and all day Sal., Sun. and select holidays. Subject to service availability. Some features may he subject to a surcharge. 2 Copies alt 3.5" software made! This includes: MAC, ATARI, ST, IBM, MIDI KEYBOARDS, & AMIGA!
• Copies all 5.25" software made! (Requires two 1020 AMIGA Drives) This includes: APPLE, ATARI, COMMODORE 64 128. IBM. Etc.!
• Full verify option! No more re-copylng!
• Copies all of these protection schemes: WEAK BITS, STRONG BITS, LONG TRACKS, SHORT TRACKS, DATA-COMPRESSION EXPAN- sion, critical track lengths, etc! Nothing slips by! With every Super-Card Ami-ll order received by July 30th, you will receive NIB V2.0 absolutely free! Retail Value: $ 44.95 -

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Amiga World Vol 06 09 1990 Sep

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