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THERE IS ONE office al AmigaWnr d with a door that locks. It's kind of cavelike, with poor ventilation and a floor that shudders. But it’s quiet and secure, and that's where we put Senior Editor of Technology Lou Wallace his computers are worth more than the rest of ours combined, and they make a lot more noise. Usually, not many people go into Lou’s cave, but over the past several weeks the cave has been the place to be for the Amiga World staff. You see, we’ve been kind of like the jury in a big mobster trial. But instead of being sequestered, we've been under non-disclosure. (1 guess it’s sort of the same thing, really.) The reason is that the cave has been home to a 25Mhz Amiga 3000 the machine that answers the critics and sets the stage for a whole new family of Amigas and now the word is out. We’ve also been playing with Amiga- Vision, Commodore’s new multimedia authoring system, doing silly things like building interactive movies. You can read more about this puppy later in the issue. But first, let’s back up a few years, say to 1985, when the Amiga was launched. At that time, it was clearly superior in capability and pure price performance. Since then, however, Commodore has taken it on the chin for failing either to improve Amiga technology quickly enough or to promote the advances it did make effectively enough especially given the fierce competition from IBM and Apple on both fronts. That was then. The Amiga 3000 is now! It’s fast, professional-looking, and has a 32-bit bus that cries out to the Amiga-loving universe. Expand me! Plus, there is an awful lot else going on with the A3000 announcement besides just a new machine. (See “Welcome To A New Generation!” on p. 18 for full details of the Commodore announcement.) With the Amiga 3000, the new 2.0 operating system, Amiga Vision, s pi fly new monitors and speakers, and a host of related networking products, Commodore is on the verge of gaining a whole new image. Forget game company. Forget has-been. Try leader in personal-com- puter technology. Some may call it overdue. I simply call it a welcome sight. In this one set of announcements, Commodore has defined a good deal of the Amiga’s future, and has made enormous strides towards bringing it into the mainstream. And the price of the Amiga 3000 (under S4000) is competitive, to say the very least. The A3000’s 32-bit architecture puts it squarely in workstation and high-end (read expensive) PC and Macintosh territory. With its flexible 32-bit bus, it is a machine that can take whatever cards vou throw at it. At the same time, the Amiga in all models and configurations maintains its clear advantages in multitasking and in the large array of low-cost, sophisticated graphics, video, and animation applications available. The networking breaks down any harriers to entering lucrative corporate and government markets. Lor Amiga users, it means we can tie into major networks and share information with people we want to share information with. The Amiga 3000’s Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and V2.0 of the operating system provide a radical new base from which to generate all kinds of future technological advances. This is clearly only the beginning. Engineering is at a fever pitch. Look for the pipeline to fill up with a host of even more excit ing new products in the coming months and years. Commodore is even getting aggressive on more than technology; its marketing is getting downright wild, f expect the company to start naming names, calling Apple's and IBM’s multimedia hype into serious question. Instead of ignoring the empty promises of these so-called market leaders, Commodore ought to be calling them out into the street to figlu a multimedia battle that would make Lee Marvin proud. AmigaVision, which makes Apple’s HyperCard look thoroughly wimpy, is a big part of the Commodore arsenal.

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Amiga World Vol 06 06 1990 Jun

Document sans nom GENERATION! ? Amiga 3000 Features
• a ? 2.0 Operating System ? AmigaVision Authoring ? Networks, Monitors And Morel Plus! Interactive Multimedia; Do*It*Yourself w Dvideo! Digh View Color: Now from Videotape! AND: HAM Animation, Exec & Shell Tips, Reviews, Games & More! WTMMKM6tM . Ml THE OUMJTY Of OUR ORIGINAL SUPERGEN GENLOCK AND OVERLAY SYSTEM .. . .j . R *. . A-aT TV7 _¦ . J _¦¦¦« .. A Brontkosl qualify ftS-170A composite output A Two frlependertl dissolve uilroli A Software oatr ollabla A Compatible with all Amiga modafs A Ottd video outputs A K«y output A SeE«table 3.S8MHi Nofdi Filler ? Ottupta the vidn» tltf A 1 video m, I wdw Ml A Broadcast quality R$ -l70A compostta output ? Switch selectable overlay fwxtion A Software controUoWe A Optional remote dissolve console 575) $ 599.95 smmn is the proven INDUSTRT STANDARD GENLOCK FOR THE AMIGA MOO SERIES COMPUTERS r _B|. " ¦‘lj 4 X T ’t’tbP" I U *- -V ’ r* r ¦* j M I T, J A S VMS, EHITA, HiS cwapqtWe A broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A aatput A Mt in 5C N phase adjustability A Edit !¦ sync qeowalw A diitoim $ 749.95 $ 1995 •-'• ft DIG1TAI C' ft CATIONS j'Hiij Unit fojf rd bu'-2 ICJ ranitq LudnpO 9ir*l tfe|tartlL3M J315 f«9lA 43i-W7i C ft I A T I O N 5 iHiSynmeSoulevsfd SuildQJ W 9$ 7tJ rtWahvc 91 i 344 4 CS 5 iU 91 l W-OW 193? Ogitul Erwtiwt Arm O iso I nfrr: EtrXkrtlflrt gf Jnnrain f Eir.nr-'. I9B9 D IoKjmua rl D I*psw«d ItodntiflU of (untttof lh*fll Mwhlim L'.rtM 2B an "iwrtr !r4~.*iai :art Art Without Compromise THE ALPHABET GROUP 1989 Market Share a Professional Draw 2.0 Professional Draw 2.0 redraws the boundaries of Amiga art and graphic design. Up to ten times faster and with dozens of new features. Professional Draw 2.0 allows you to create stunning illustrations like never before. And since Professional Draw
2. (1 is a structured drawing program, it will output your art, in full color, to the maximum resolution of sour printer - no more "jaggies". Whether it’s a dot matrix, an inkjet, a PostScript laser, or a 2400 DPI photo- typesetter. Professional Draw 2.0 will take full advantage of its capabilities. It will even output four color separations. So now your graphics don't just look good on screen, they look good where it counts: on paper. With Professional Draw 2.0. you have access to oxer a million colors. And our proprietary on-screen color dithering allows you to view a thousand colors on screen in hi-res. Professional Draw 2.0 gives you a power- assorimeni of geometric and free hand drawing t his entire at! Was produced and color separated using Professional Draw 2.(1 and Professional Page. Black and white art work prov ided councsx of AlohaFonts. Fair Oaks. CA. GOLD DISK tools - lines, rectangles, grids, ellipses, beziers, free hand, and even text. Reflect, rotate, shear, distort- and apply perspective to your text and graphics. Wrap text around any curve. Transform one figure to another varying color, line thick- ness, and shape, in arbitrary number of steps. Professional Draw 2.0 comes with two structured fonts and is compatible with Outline Fonts from Gold Disk so you have access to dozens more. And. Best of all. You can import your drawing into Professional Page and bring your desktop published documents to life! So call Gold Disk, today, at 1-800-387- 8192 and order your copy of Professional Draw , or stop in to see your local Amiga dealer. Professional Draw 2.0 is just $ 293. Registered owners of Professional Draw 1.0 can upgrade to version 2.0 for $ 60.00. Please call Gold Disk at 1-800-387- SI 92. In Canada. (416) 828-0913. DESKTOP VIDEO The first Complete Desktop Video Program Then ShowMaker, the first with features like:
• Auto-sync of ANIMS and music*
• Smart load of one ANM while playing another*
• Built-in Video Titling for use over animation or live video
• VTR and LaserDisc control
• Genlock control Cirde 150 on Reader Service card. For more information, visit your local Amiga dealer today, or contact Gold Disk at 1-416-828-0913 GOLD DISK
* Patent Pending Now ShowMaker Up until now, making a "Desktop Video" with your Amiga meant you had a very crowded desktop. You needed editing VCRs, single frame controllers, and a lot of money and patience. It just wasn’t possible to record a finished video straight from your Amiga. You couid create the animations, stills, sound effects, and music, but there was no way to bring it all together, and most importantly, to easily synchronize audio and video. Until now... ShowMaker is the editing suite for all your work, offering compatibility with:
• Deluxe Paint III • MovieSetter
• Sonix * Deluxe Music
• Photon Paint II • ANIMagic
• LIVE! * Music-X
• FrameGrabber * and more! This should give you an idea of what the future holds for your Desktop Video productions. To get the full picture (and music and animation and titling), ask you dealer for a demonstration of ShowMaker, or call Gold Disk for more information. VOLUME 6, NUMBER 6 JUNE 1990
* C*0*] *T*E*] [*T*S* FEATURES AW Exclusive-The Amiga 3000: Welcome to a New Generation! By Doug Barney, Dan Sullivan, and Louis R. Wallace . . 18 The Amiga 3000 took the computer industry by storm recently in New York, and Amiga World was there to help bring it oil. Check out our in-depth coverage of the A3000 and special reports on the
2. 0 operating system, the revolutionary Amiga Vision multimedia authoring system, and a host of exciting new-product announcements from Commodore. CHIPS Ahoy! By Sheldon Leemon 29 The new Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) also clocked in New York with the A3000. And it's got something to offer Amiga users of all persuasions. ARTICLES Interactive Construction Kit By Gene Brawn ..[J6 Here’s a hands-on guide to assembling your own interactive multimedia production with Electronic Arts’ Deluxe-Video III authoring-svstein software. Freeze Frame Digitizing By Barry Sonstroem...... 42 Big news for Digi-View fans! Your digitizing projects aren't limited to only photographic and other still-life images. Capture real live images from videotape. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney 6 He’s been on the story for three months, and he’s like Jerry Ic*e Irwis waiting to tell yuu the story. So, Great Balls of Fire! Ijet’s see why there’s A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Coin' On! Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen. ...46 Joel’s recipe for HAM n' Animation is off the grapevine and on the printed page. Learn the “claymation" technique that made the California Raisins famous. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings 48 AmigaDOS beginners get to start acting like pros with some expert tips and tricks on using Shell commands. W hat you .see a hove is definitely revolutionaiy = go Amiga 3000!) But it's evolutionary, too. Commodore didn't just announce a new system; it presented a whole new strategy for all Amiga users (as xou will see in our feature coverage). With a new operating system (2.0), a multimedia authoring system, and a slew of other new products, there is indeed something for everyone. POINTERS By Eugene Mortimer j4 Sysiem-software routines are on the June card, and our guest columnist this month serves as your “bookie” with some prime tips about monitoring rhe Exec library’s structure. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Mail run at AW hope you're in the bag. Notepad .... 10 AmiExpo Washington. . .Amiga Developers’ Conference. . .CeBIT Germany. What’s New? ... 100 Lots of New Products action. Help Key .. 106 Stop “Lookin' for Lou in All the Wrong Places.” He's right here with answers to your technical leasers. Hors d oeuvres . 108 Thanks, UP readers, for all your tips. Last Licks . 116 Whispered rumor and wicked humor. REVIEWS AnimFonts 1 & 2 (Kara Computer Graphics) .....12 Two new animated font packages from one of the real pros in video titling. VORECONE (Impulse) ...... 13 Intimate conversations with your Amiga in this voicc-recognition system. PageSetter II (Gold Disk) ..14 The Pro Page people give a boost to the gun in their DTI’ stable. Animation Station (Progressive Peripherals) ....76 Versatility is the key to this multipurpose animation editor and utility set. FRAMEGRABBER 2.0 (Progressive Peripherals) ... . 82 This software upgrade to PP&S’ hardware offers real-time color digitizing. DBMAN V (VersaSoft) ......88 Enjoy the MS-DOS style of dBASE. Discover Numbers and Discover US History & Geography (Maverick Software) and TRACKER’S QUEST (Backwoods Software) .90 Educational games for young Amigans. B ack Talk ..96 Everybody gets in the act in this section. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson .60
P. O. is “hot” about the new Phlan game. Space Ace ReadySoft> ......60 A fun-filled, space-age cartoon adventure. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ultra Software) .60 Reptiles run rampant! Laser Squad (MicroiUusiom) 62 All-new strategic-combat play. Gold of the Americas (Strategic Studies) .... 70 Colonial conquest. . .Aussie style. Weird Dreams (Medalist inti) 70 If you are in therapy, this is a must! BLOCKOUT (California Dreams) 74 3-D for the building-block bunch. Turn your Amiga into a powerful new instrument with Hyperchord''', the dynamic riff sequencer. Create themes, from simple scale runs to complex "Riff Waves," using original Hg functions such as Smear, Rotate, Weave, Reverse, and Mix. Change pitch, speed, rhythm, harmonies and orchestration. For intense rifting, switch between 60 user-defined scale modes and 40 rhythms, or employ unique cyber-musical tools such as Holistic Play and Vector Play. Store for real-time playback or record performance. Disk includes three Hyperchord utilities: Mode Maker, Rhythm Maker, and Holistic Window, Listen to a Lichtenstein! Pixound' ' is new kind of musical instrument as well as a powerful MIDI controller (uses Amiga sounds too). Load up any graphic image or use Pixound's screen generators. Invent a new instrument with Detail (mm Roy Lichtenstein's "Woman Silling On a Chair’ GVGfy SC Teen, then play it with the mouse. Create shimmering bursts of notes or slow, lyrical harmonies with the touch of a key. Save your work either as a musical sequence or a screen - or both. Great fun for the beginner; endless challenge for the virtuoso. STEPHEN Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-In-Chief Dan SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SWAIN Pratt, Managing Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Linda J. Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor TlM WaLSH, Technical Editor Carla Barker, Editorial Intem Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Contributing Editors Howard G. HapP, Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supenisor KENNETH BlaKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGOLDRICK, Sales Representative BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales. 1-800-441-4403, 603-924-9471 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SalUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, C.4 94063 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-415-363-5230 WEN DIE Haines MaRRO, Marketing Manager Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Barbara Morris, Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleur, Executive Assistant to the Publisher SUSAN KanIWEC, Customer Service Representative Publisher's Assistant PAUL Ruess, Circulation Director Pa.M WILDER, Assistant Circulation Manager 800-365-1364 c4 Roger J. Murphy, President STEPHEN D. TwoMBLY, Executive Vice President Publishing Director Dennis S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations JEFFREY D. DeTRAY, Director of Technology Research Linda PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies. Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager Lynn LaGASSE, Manufacturing Manager LINDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director Df.BBIE WalSH, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales Collections ,4wiP«llWf (I.SS 0883-2390) is an independent journal mil lonnrited with I nimuodou- Business Machines, liu AmigaUt>rW is published monthly by IDG Communirntinns Ivirrbornugh, Inc . HO Elm St.. Ivu-ilxnoiigli. Nil 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29 97. One year: $ 40.00. two years. $ 64.00. three years. Canada $ 38,97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico 538.97, Foreign Surf act: $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions m U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All rates are one-year only Seennd-c lass postage paid at Iviertxmmgh, Ml. And at additional mailing offices. Plume: 603-924-9471 Eniue«mitents copyright 1990 In I DC C lommuuk ationv Ivierborough. Inc. No part of this publication m.n In- primed or otherwise reproduced without written [jeruiission from the publisher Postmaster Send addie-ss changes in AirttgaWinU, .Subsetiption Services, IX) Box 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-880-1. Natioualb distribuled bv Kahle New s Ck). Amiga WiitLI makes every effort toassure die accuracy ofartic !t-s. Listings and circuits published in tlie magazine. Amiga llbrld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Introducing GVP’s $ 199.00Spring Special Order Tbday! Offer Available Through June 10,1990. Conne additional ei 20MB to 102MB factory installed hard disk drive. Optional. Of FAST RAM expansion using tO'install SIMMs. Optional. Hard-Disk-Card + 2 gives you even more for less Compare high performance SCSI controller and 2MB of fast RAM expansion in a single A2Q00 expansion slot. 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Support for the portable, industry standard, Unix tape format (tar) is planned for the near future. TapeStore is designed for novices and experts alike: it can be run from the workbench or the CLI. It can be operated using a few simple mouse clicks for daily back-ups, or used to create archive tapes for transferring large amounts of information between machines. Anyone can supply a piece of hardware but ONLY GVP provides the TOTAL SOLUTION. Once again GVP has come up with a winner! Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks ol Great Valley Products. Inc. TapeStore is a trademark of Great Valley Products. Inc. For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS In the mines, in the mines, where the sun never sh ines. . . THERE IS ONE office al AmigaWnr d with a door that locks. It's kind of cavelike, with poor ventilation and a floor that shudders. But it’s quiet and secure, and that's where we put Senior Editor of Technology Lou Wallace his computers are worth more than the rest of ours combined, and they make a lot more noise. Usually, not many people go into Lou’s cave, but over the past several weeks the cave has been the place to be for the Amiga World staff. You see, we’ve been kind of like the jury in a big mobster trial. But instead of being sequestered, we've been under non-disclosure. (1 guess it’s sort of the same thing, really.) The reason is that the cave has been home to a 25Mhz Amiga 3000 the machine that answers the critics and sets the stage for a whole new family of Amigas and now the word is out. We’ve also been playing with Amiga- Vision, Commodore’s new multimedia authoring system, doing silly things like building interactive movies. You can read more about this puppy later in the issue. But first, let’s back up a few years, say to 1985, when the Amiga was launched. At that time, it was clearly superior in capability and pure price performance. Since then, however, Commodore has taken it on the chin for failing either to improve Amiga technology quickly enough or to promote the advances it did make effectively enough especially given the fierce competition from IBM and Apple on both fronts. That was then. The Amiga 3000 is now! It’s fast, professional-looking, and has a 32-bit bus that cries out to the Amiga-loving universe. Expand me! Plus, there is an awful lot else going on with the A3000 announcement besides just a new machine. (See “Welcome To A New Generation!” on p. 18 for full details of the Commodore announcement.) With the Amiga 3000, the new 2.0 operating system, Amiga Vision, s pi fly new monitors and speakers, and a host of related networking products, Commodore is on the verge of gaining a whole new image. Forget game company. Forget has-been. Try leader in personal-com- puter technology. Some may call it overdue. I simply call it a welcome sight. In this one set of announcements, Commodore has defined a good deal of the Amiga’s future, and has made enormous strides towards bringing it into the mainstream. And the price of the Amiga 3000 (under S4000) is competitive, to say the very least. The A3000’s 32-bit architecture puts it squarely in workstation and high-end (read expensive) PC and Macintosh territory. With its flexible 32-bit bus, it is a machine that can take whatever cards vou throw at it. At the same time, the Amiga in all models and configurations maintains its clear advantages in multitasking and in the large array of low-cost, sophisticated graphics, video, and animation applications available. The networking breaks down any harriers to entering lucrative corporate and government markets. Lor Amiga users, it means we can tie into major networks and share information with people we want to share information with. The Amiga 3000’s Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and V2.0 of the operating system provide a radical new base from which to generate all kinds of future technological advances. This is clearly only the beginning. Engineering is at a fever pitch. Look for the pipeline to fill up with a host of even more excit ing new products in the coming months and years. Commodore is even getting aggressive on more than technology; its marketing is getting downright wild, f expect the company to start naming names, calling Apple's and IBM’s multimedia hype into serious question. Instead of ignoring the empty promises of these so-called market leaders, Commodore ought to be calling them out into the street to figlu a multimedia battle that would make Lee Marvin proud. AmigaVision, which makes Apple’s HyperCard look thoroughly wimpy, is a big part of the Commodore arsenal. By themselves, the entire onslaught of Commodore announcements does not necessarily guarantee success. Quality dealers need to provide training, support, and service for these increasingly sophisticated products, and they must keep pace with the mainstream purveyors who hawk the wares of Big Blue and Big Red. The world at large also needs to see and touch the system in order for it to get the respect it deserves. Commodore needs to follow up these announcements with reliable products that ship in a timely fashion. Most of all. Let's keep things stirred up with another batch of new products. Arlo had il nearly right: “The time is right, the place is here; there'll never be a better year.” ¦ UlUUmujl f j § [TJf Z mFmWEJMHEn The NEW IMPACT™ A2000 SCSI + 8 CONTROLLER gives you more for less. Why buy a dedicated memory expansion board or a dedicated SCSI Controller when you can install the IMPACT SCSI -F 8 as a RAM Board or SCSI Controller All-in-One for less! 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GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC, 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 dnsumers Circle 265 on Reader Service Card For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Dealers Circle 36 on Reader Service Card Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Uncovered Your 1990 Video and Animation Special Issue cover screams affirmation and entrenchment of all the wrong ideas perpetuated about Aniigas and women. That anachronistic caricature of a "blonde, big-busted babe” hardly implies that the Amiga is a serious computer with awesome potential. It is one thing to be personally offended, which I am, and ¥ quite another when offensive behaviour interferes with my work. I am in charge of an interdisciplinary multimedia interactive technology lab at Concordia University complete with nine A2000HDs, one 2500, a nine-monitor video wall, genlocks, and lots more. 1 have a problem you are familiar with: re-educating Mac and IBM disciples. Am I going to give academic professors Amiga- World with the comic book cover and pretend to be serious? Finally, you publish an edition without a games emphasis and with lots of edifying content. Too bad I have to tear off the cover to circulate it. Helen Bambic-Workman Montreal, Qitebec, Canada Ads Up In response to the letter from
P. W. Hilley-Swank (Apr. ’90,
p. 8), 1 would like to weigh in on the side of Commodore’s Amiga ad campaign. Hilley- Swank complains that the ads "violate every rule that a good hard-hitting advertisement would follow.’* But “good advertising” must match the message (as communicated through the look and feel of the piece) to the intended market, and slavish devotion to rules is as likely to confound I lie process as to aid it- As a graphic artist who has been working with computers for over eight years,' I found Commodore’s ads dynamic and intriguing, and from a professional point of view 1 was attracted to the art direction and design. It seems that CBM has played to the strengths of the computer. Congratulations to Commodore’s agency for presenting the Amiga in a way that attracts the buyer they are aim- ¥ ing at. 1 now own an A2000. John Prusinski Neie City, A'}' Enthusiasm For Sale 1 have a small store in a small town. We sell music supplies including software and computers, and own an Amiga 2500 that we use to demo programs. I believe that the Amiga is the best computer on the market. When 1 asked Commodore about becoming a dealer, however, the company in effect told me it did not need mv business; I would 4 have to order $ 15,000 of equipment initially and sell that amount yearly. My computer sales amount to seven to 12 units per year not much, granted, but at least half my sales could be Amigas. I am forced to sell from mail order houses, but cannot make enough money this way to justify it. I am sure other dealers are in the same position. If the Amiga is to survive, distribution is a must. The Amiga is still unknown, and until people can see its power and how easy it is to operate, it will remain unknown. Banns Sendee Elmo, UT What You Need. .. About nine years ago, IBM had a person who would address business people at seminars saying "I've got something that will make your work easier, make von more productive, and give you more time to conduct your business.” He would then go on to show how the IBM PC, with applications like spreadsheets, databases, and word processors, could help them do accounting, organize information, and write letters. His approach was simple and very effective. What is wrong with Commodore or an independent marketing group presenting the Amiga in a similar way? An A2000HD with a llicker- Fixer, multisync monitor, CAD software, and a plotter could be presented to architects and engineers. The same hardware with desktop-publishing and video software instead of CAD, and a Linotronic 300 in place of the plotter could be presented to advenising-mdustry pros. The catch phrase in computer sales is "value-added reselling.” Business people will cheerfully pay full price for both hardware and software if they believe it to be a good investment in their future. Gregory Benoit Isominster, MA Semper Fi Sci In response to K.A. Ferguson's letter (Mar. '90, p. 8), I would like to mention that my company is dedicated to producing scientific applications for the Amiga. 1 would like to solicit suggestions from anyone interested in data graphing and statistics, and other such programs to write me at 969 Coventry Court, St. Louis, MO 63141. John D. Clark Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ I low Does New ProWrite 3.0 Differ From Other Amiga Whrd Processors? You Begin To Get The Picture. Beneath Its Elegant Design Lies A Word Processing Powerhouse. Ease into the solid comfort of die ProWrite environment. Zip in your text and briskly format with intuitive menu and ruler controls. Now slip into high gear using the power of keyboard commands. Deftly cut, copy and paste on the fly, knowing die formidable 100.000-word spelling checker is checking as you type, and the vast thesaurus is standing by with over 300,000 cross references to fine-tune your ideas. Graceful multiple columns are at your fingertips with choice of snaking or parallel text flow. If you're really into performance. Vou can tackle tedious tasks with * the touch of an F-kcv using macros. For you power users, the ARFXN port awaits you. And ProW rite’s print merge feature eagerly churns out those form letters. So Intuitive, So Responsive, You’ve Got To Experience It To Believe It. Your thoughts pour elfortlessly onto the screen, then just as fluidly out to your printer, virtually unaware of anything between you and the printed page. (After all. Features Spelling checker with 100,000word dictionary Spell check all at once or as you type Multiple columns with snaking nr parallel ten flow Thesaurus with over 300.000 cross references Prim merge Import .un Iff >r I1AM pictures W rap text around pictures Multiple line headers and (oouis with T«k- Page option Macros, when used with AREXX | • AREXX pon
• * Ihphcicitc words with soft hyphens ¦ Tahs with k-ft, center, right, or decimal alignment
* Ixhm-ahle decimal tab alignment character Prints color nr black and white printer*resident fonts and pktuics at the same time I‘nuts printiT-resident fonts with any variety of Pica. Elite. Condensed, and Wide fonts at the same turn* Prints on am Prcferences-hased printer True "VI hat you see is what you get" display Multiple femes, sizes, styles, and colors Adjustable ikfaiilb, for nil program sellings Comprehensive keyboard equivalents Select All command for document-wide changes (k» to any page on command Iter-definable dictionary Up to Ini tk numcnLx can heopen ai once Undo and Redo commands Adjustable page sizes Print sideways or across paper perforation Print documents back-to-front, separate cxkl tMTi, orcoltued Line spacing in single, one anti one half, and double Print to PosScript using optional PostScript module Adjust printer dot density Adjustable tup. Bottom, left, right, and binding margins Reduce nr enlarge documents in one percent increments Adjust line spacing in one point increments Automatic Space before and nr after paragraphs Automatic word look up Automatic page numbering with choice of live different formats Son paragraphs from A In Z or 7. To A Character, word, sentence, line, paragraph, picture, and page counts Six diflerent dale formats and run different time fomutts Computes average word ami sentence leugtli and readability grade tael Insert current dale ami time either as freed text or as an updating marker what gcxxJ arc all those features if they’re a distraction to use?) Even your swiftest typing can’t outrun it. Wrap your text around a graphic and Y ou’re readv Af-rJ ... - ..j> :
- * J . -f. A - a lotorcyoL:
* 4 for the home stretch. Now its time to print and you’ve got control over your printer’s dot density, aspect ratio, and paper size. And ProWrite can print your printer- resident fonts with graphics in Pica. Elite, Condensed, and Wide all on the same page. With Pro Writes flexibility, you can smooth out any rough spots no matter what kind of printer you have. With all these performance features and more, ProWrite stands in a class bv itself as your power performer. And best of all, it stands on the shelf now at your favorite store. NEW HORIZONS First In Personal Productivity And Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road. Suite 109. Austin. Texas 787-36
(512) 328-6650 ProWnic iv t iradczturfc of New Horizons Software, Inc Aiiiikj tv * rt-Ristrrrt! Ifjilrmarfc iA Comrruxlorc-Aniifsi. Inc NOTEPAD Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson ADA on Its Way IT’S OFFICIAL. ON March 15th, a day before the Spring AmiExpo began, some ISO people gathered in Washington, D.C. for the inaugural meeting of the Amiga Developers Association (ADA), a group that will benefit us all by communicating directly with Commodore, spreading the Amiga gospel, and, hopefully, enticing a few of the unwashed into the Amiga fold. One of the first orders of the day was the election of an Executive Board. The votes called forth a truly impressive and enthusiastic leadership. Michael Halvorson of Impulse, who originally conceived of the ADA, was elected Chairman. Also voted in were Andrea Geiger ofTelmak as First Vice-Chair, Melissa Jordan Grey of Blue Ribbon Bakery as Second Vice-Chair, Rick Rodrigue of Miavision and VRS Media as Secretary, and Bruce Benesh of Applied Engineering as Treasurer. Following the election, A miga World, which had gotten the ADA ball rolling, handed the reins over to the Executive Board members, who will henceforth have complete control of the association. Invited to join as associate members, the ADA has not determined what associate membership entails in terms of voting rights and so on. Non-developers are, however, certain to occupy seats on the Board of Directors. At press time, the next meeting is unscheduled, and a dues structure remains to be set, but according to Halvorson, the ADA will publish a position paper and begin a push for more members. Stay tuned for details. DB Commodore’s participation gave the meeting a big boost. President Harry Copperman outlined the firm’s new directions and took questions from the audience. Jeff Scherb, head of Commodore Applications Technical Support (CATS), also spoke, and expressed a great willingness to work with the ADA. .Although non-developers (users, dealers, journalists, etc.) are TODAY'S UP-AND-comlng Amiga user is working on professional graphics and videos, needs lots of storage space, and wants to network. At least that's what the exhibitors at the Spring AmiExpo in Washington, D.C. are banking on. The Pro Shows Judging by the popularity of the animation, graphics, video, and multimedia seminars, the developers’ bets are safe. On the show ftoor, Cryogenic and Impulse delivered with new 3-D modelers 3D Professional and Imagine, respectively. Both promise an intuitive interface, animation, and 24-bit rendering. The phrase "24-bit” also surfaced to describe images produced by DCTV, Digital Creations’ new slow-scan digitizer that lets you display and manipulate composite images. Three companies offered high-capacity storage solutions. Computer- all showed Tidal Wave, a 650MB read write removabie-media optical drive that promises to support most SCSI interfaces. Sony and Active Circuits displayed an optical drive with similar specs, impulse’s Mega- Drive, also SCSI-compatible, boasts 600MB of rewritable, removable optical storage. Where would you use such a drive? In a network! DigiFeX’s hard- and software combo, Net Utilities, lets your Amiga act as a node or server in an AppleTalk-based network. Ethernet hardware from ASDG the LAN Rover board will be bundled and sold with Syndesis’ DECnet software, TSSnet. While some AW staffers were exploring AmiExpo, our chief was jetting off to Hannover, W. Germany for the CeBIT Computer Fair. Here too, the professional-applications theme prevailed. Commodore’s huge booth bustled. Advanced Computer Design of Bremen, W. Germany ran a DECnet X Windows system (a graphic interface for Unix) on several Amigas all tied to a Digital Microvax. A hot feature from Videocomp of Frankfurt was transputer technology a system capable of creating animations that rival those of the vastly expensive Pixar systems. Among many video products was a remote cam- era-control system from Panasen- sor just the thing for filming miniature models and special effects. Watch our column, "What’s New," for details on these and other new products, LJB and DB Easy-to-lnstall, Autobooting Hard Card with WordSync™ Interface WordSync Interface Kit also available separately Interface transfers 16 bits at once, giving DMA Speed Without DMA Problems Eliminates the sound, video, and serial I O interruptions found with DMA iinterfaces 1-slot design & SCSI-out port Easy On Off Autoboot Jumper Compatible with Amiga Bridgeboard, RAM, digitizers, and other boards Includes SupraBoot & SupraTools two full disks of utility software Up to 30 Partitions All available file systems supported: FFS, MS-DOS, Unix, Macintosh, etc. Access to low-level parameters without maintaining MountList Excellent Technical Support Made in the U.S.A. TM SupraModem 240dzi Half card modem fits in any Amiga bus slot Up to 5 modems per computer Works with ali popular Amiga telecommunications software 100% compatible with the industry-standard “AT" command set Asynchronous 2400 1200 300 baud operation Compatible with Bell 103 212A and CCITT V.21 V.22 V.22bis Autoanswer Autodial (tone or pulse) Adjustable-volume speaker Nonvolatile memory stores custom modem configuration and one telephone number Includes free subscriptions to popular on-line services Made in the U.S.A. $ 179.95 2400zi SupraRam 2000 2, 4, 6, & 8MB configurations available Installs easily into any Amiga internal expansion slot Easy to expand from your initial configuration Start with 2MB & add RAM at your convenience 6MB configuration allows for maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard Lets you run larger and more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large and extremely fast RAM disks Test mode & test software make troubleshooting easy Made in the U.S.A. SMB RAM Board with 2MB installed with 4MB installed with 6MB installed with 8MB installed $ 399 $ 599 $ 749 $ 899 AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL DEALER, OR CALL: 30MB (40 ms.) S649 40MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 749 80MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 1049 44MB SyQuest Removable $ 1149 WordSync Interface Kit S19995 Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 Voice: 503-967-9075 Fax: 503-926-9370 SupraDrive, WordSync, SupraModem 2400zi, and SupraRAM 2000 are trademarks of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. REVIEWS h MSG A £ T ** Odd-numbered frames 3-19 in a 19-cell font animation give you an idea of how the beveled Bullion font (above) rotates into AnimFonts 1 & 2 Write flashy, moving prose By Gary Ludwick YOU GAN EXPECT oooohs and aaaaalis when AnimFonts sweep onto your video screen. Kara Computer Graphics, designer of excellent typefaces for use in Amiga video titling, lias a new line of animated louts in eight-color hi-res Color- text format. The words you create with these fonts appear to move not only because characters roll onto the screen, but also because a ray of light glances across the reflective typefaces. There are some limitations, but essentially AnimFonts give your home videos and animations a look that has been limited to high-priced productions. AnimFonts 1 is a chrome-look script in both upper and lower case that writes itself onto the screen in flowing, cursive style. AnimFonts 2 is a beveled gothic metallic face (caps only) that is animated oil the vertical axis: Letters rotate 90 degrees from an on-cdgc perspective to full face. Each volume contains both the animated font library and a standard type face. The animated gothic font contains 20 cells for every letter. The script face has a varying number of cells per character, but the cells of different letters are matched exactly for smooth, coordinated motion. The Choreography You begin by composing your title screen from within any paint or animation package that supports the anim- brush format. Using the standard font. R Yol R TiRM AnimFonts arc beautiful. I have become somewhat jaded about software, but AnimFonts bit me as being very original and well put together. In my work, time is critical; it’s nice to have a product like AnimFonts that 1 can rely on. The manual contains specific instructions for using the fonts with popular programs. 1 like the fact that there are standard fonts on disk in addition to the animated ones. Andrew Timmins Santa Clara, CA type in the words, then kern and position them. This master title screen is the template for your animation. To compose the animation, you lay down individual letters from the animated font library, one at a time, onto a spare screen. Just call up the animated character you need and use the mouse to align the animbrush letter over its corresponding letter on the master screen. Then, holding the mouse very still, switch to the spare screen. Because the animated letter loads showing its final frame, you must remember to press the S key to return it to its starting cell before stamping it in place. Now repeat that process for every letter in your master title. That's not necessarily all that is involved. Ljet’s say, for example, that you want your second character to begin its animation when the First is halfway through, and so on. In DeluxcPaim 111 (Electronic Arts), you must reset the total number of frames in your animation (via the Anitii Frames Set gadget) every time you place a letter. For the gothic face, the first character you put down requires a frame count of 20, bill you must reset the count to 30 before bringing in the second letter. (The second character's animation would begin at 1 1 and end at
30) . For each character you must not only reset the total, but also compute its starting frame (always I 1 frames from the proceeding character’s start point in this example). Sound complicated? It can gel confusing, and miscalculations either in frame counts or letter positioning can force you to start over. DeluxcTaint's Coords On command helps positioning as you transfer from master screen to spare screen, but the mouse is sensitive to the slightest movement, and should vou stray from the original coordinates, getting back to them can be frustrating. Using AnimFonts in Deluxe-Video (Electronic Arts) is even more complicated. Varied Steps Included with each font are alternate palettes that allow a variety of looks in
* mw k wr A ?ccc POOO iew while the cursive-style ChromeScript (below) flows onto the screen. Both color and surface. According to Kara Computer Graphics, each has been tested on waveform monitors and vcctor- scopes for quality videotape transfers. Mv experience in putting these fonts on tape confirms that claim. Animl'onts are not point-and-click simple; they require work and a lot of prac- r YOUR TURN! AnimFonts are good. I was using the regular Kara Fonts for animation, and this package makes the process a hit easier. Once you know how, working with the fonts is pretty easy, hut I think more people would use them if the package were easier to learn. Larry Mays Queens I 'Mage, AT tice for good results. But the eflecls are first class. W hen the letters move onto the screen, and the glistening sheen moves across the words, the impression is professional. I nfbrtunately, the documentation doesn't measure up. While adequate, it would benefit from more depth and a clearer presentation style. When you are learning a complicated procedure, it’s easy to get lost in a paragraph that contains four or live separate instructions. AiiimFonts delivers professional titling effects you can't get from any other package. The payoff in impressive graphics overcomes both the initial complexity in learning the program and the shortcomings of'the instructions. AnimFonts 1 8c 2 Kara Computer Graphics 6365 Green Valley Circle. Suite 317 Culver City, CA 90230 2 1 3 578-9177 $ ¦19.95 per volume
1. 5 megabytes required VoRecOne fust ash your Amiga By Joel Hagen A FRIF.N1> DROPPED in to sec what 1 was doing with my Amiga. Picking up a microphone, 1 said, "Hello, computer." To the amazement of my friend, the Amiga’s synthesized voice responded, "Good morning, gentlemen. What may I do for you?” “Information,” 1 requested. "Here is the status of your drives,” the computer announced, while displaying the results of an INFO command to the
CLI. "Pictures on df l,” I commanded. “Very good," it replied, "Which picture on drive one would you like to see?" "Saturn ring spokes” said I, and moments later we were looking at a beautiful Voyager image. I was amazing my friend with VoRecOne, a hardware software voice-recognition system. I like VoRecOne, but I see it as an experimenters tool, and feel it should be reviewed in that frame of mind. If you require completely predictable results, VoRecOne is probably not for you. Hear Here The hardware is a box the size of a soap bar that plugs into the second joystick port via its ten-inch cable. I he software is a single, bootable, non-copy-protected disk. The standard microphone that comes with the package plugs into the VoRec box. VoRcc allows voice interaction with the computer. Before you can use the system, you must train the computer to recognize key words, and match those words with commands. Then, instead of typing INFO into the CLI, for example, you can say the word “information” (or “abracadabra,” for that matter) to get the same results. VoRec samples the sound of that spoken word and compares it to the sound profiles of all the words you have trained it to recognize. Finding a match, it executes the command you have associated with that sound. In this case, the results of the INFO command can be displayed to the screen while the computer acknowledges your input using the SAY command. ? In theory, VoRec can do just about anything you can do From the keyboard. It comes with a good, utilitarian language, including a SYSTEM command which executes Amiga command strings as though they were typed in a CL1 window. The language also includes conditionals, screen and graphic commands, string input, mouse and key emulation, and more. IF you hate the idea oF learning a language, don’t worry. Even two or three simple commands can provide complex interaction with other software. For example, the VoRec command, KEYSEQ “p”, emulates hitting the "p" key. Associated with a spoken word, it would call up the palette if VoRec were multitasked with Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts). VoRec contains two main programs, Voice and Recon. Voice is the program through which you edit scripts and train the vocabulary. Recon is like a player program, and will usually be the program you multitask with other software for voice control. The illustration shows the Voice program interface with a script loaded. Words to be trained are entered on the left, and their associated action commands are entered on the right. The interface is simple and works well. To train a finished script, you hit the F4 key and a window instructs you to say the first word. You are prompted to repeat the word a second time. This continues For each word in turn until VoRec has been “trained” to recognize them all. The script can then be saved as a file to be run by Recon for voice interaction. Voice recognition even on more sophisticated systems is experimental and imperfect. With VoRecOne, you may never get total recognition of your trained vocabulary. The manual claims a success rate between 50 and 100%, and that matches my experience. VoRec’s tolerance For deviations in intonation, pitch, stress, and duration of phonemes is limited. Best results will rely on your ability to mimic your original input. IF your voice is Foggy in the morning, VoRec’s recognition will be poor on a file trained the previous afternoon. Also, words with similar phonetic structure, like “cut” and "quit,” may confuse VoRec. The larger the vocabulary you use, the On the left: words to be trained. On the right: action to correspond. Greater the chances of recognition confusion. In a complex script, a few weak links can render an otherwise powerful utility useless. My best results have been with vocabularies of fewer than a dozen words, all dissimilar. Under these circumstances, I can get close to reliable recognition, although I may need to retrain before each session. Say “Zen” The manual does a good job of documenting the VoRec language, and any novice should be able to follow the basic tutorials. There are mistakes in the advanced tutorials, however; I was able to discover and correct these with a little experimentation. You can ignore statements in the manual about demos printed in the back, and about scripts being used in later tutorials. These must have been plans that didn’t materialize. Sometimes, the only explanation of a major feature like Expand or Shrink is buried in a tutorial, and otherwise not indexed. I never did find documentation of the Merge function. There is no fundamental explanation of what the Recon program is, and nothing in the manual explains that it can he multitasked to control other software. If you take a sort ofTen outlook on the manual, you can enjoy the somber admonition on page 3 about reading it cover to cover, and the unconscious irony of lines like, “chances are that not all things in this manual will make sense. . .” Be prepared for lots of little problems. VoRec autoboots to a Workbench screen, but the tutorials in the manual will crash the system if they are run from Work- bench instead of the ('.LI. A Workbench icon called IMPORTANT README is there to alert you to this problem, but the icon does not know where its text reader is, and therefore cannot show you the tile. The manual and the Impulse support line told me that to add VoRec to other software, I need only add Voice or Recon, my trained files, the recognition.library and the listening.device. Adding these files to DeluxePaint III and Digi-Paint (New Iek) crashed the system everv time I tried to run Recon on a file ? Containing only KEYSEQ commands. Through annoying trial and error, I found that if I also added the narra- tor.device and the translator.library to the disk, all was well. Apparently, VoRecOne was rushed out the door. A computer novice might be baffled by the errors and omissions in the documentation and by the Catch-22 disk philosophy. VoRec might have found an intolerant market on another system, but Amiga users are usually open to idiosyncrasies if the results are interesting. In that spirit, VoRecOne is a fun product. I am having a great time with it and have many ideas I want to try. Its greatest value may simply be for exploring the fascinating field of voice recognition at a bargain price. VoRecOne Impulse Inc. 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy., 12 Minneapolis. MN 55430 612 566-0221 800 328-0184 S159.95 No special requirements. PageSetter II A revised edition of a favorite publisher By Chris Diskman PACESE TTER WAS WELCOMED several years ago as the first true Amiga desktop publishing program. It provided text-and-graphics integration through a WYSIWYG (What-You-Scc-Is-What-You- Get) interface, hut did not measure up to programs available on other platforms, Its most glaring deficiency, lack of ?
* DataL ink’2000 “I UAZ I n* DataLink Express The art of peripheral engineering. Applied to Amiga. Engineering introduces the art of peripheral engineering to Amiga owners. For ten years, we’ve forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability, our products are backed with the best warranties and the best technical support in the industry. AE 3.5 Drive™ is the first high density external disk drive for the Amiga, it supports both standard S80K and 1.76 MEG 3-5" disks. Housed in a thick, high impact, Amiga-beige ABS case, the drive incorporates the finest Sony drive mechanism available. The AE 3-5 also supports 1.44 high- density MS-DOS disks and features electronic disk ejection. One year warranty. $ 189- DataLink 2000™ internal 2400 bps modem introduces the notion of expandability in Amiga modems. You can start with the base model and later add MNP-5 and send fax capabilities. And in the future, you'll be able to upgrade to receive-fax capability. MNP-5 compresses data to increase transmission speeds up to 4800 bps while correcting errors. The send-fa option will allow you to fax directly from your computer’s screen, without ever having to print a “hard copy”. The DataLink 2000 has drivers to support the running of multiple DataLink 2000's simultaneously in one machine for multi-tasking and bulletin boards and the modem even comes complete with powerful communications software. Five year warranty. $ 159- With MNP-5 $ 189- Send-fax option $ 39- RamWorks 500™ combines the functions of an internal 512K memorv card and a clock card for the 4 Amiga 500. Boosting the computer's available RAM to 1 MEG. Since our design incorporates 256K x 1 chips, RamWorks 500 is fully compatible with all Amiga 500 hardware and software (even pre-1989 machines). The built-in clock function automatically time and date stamps your files and a graphical diagnostic program checks for bad or improperly seated chips. Five year warrant}7. With 512KS99- DataLink Express™ is the definitive external 2400 bps modem for Amiga owners. It features a complete. 12 lamp status light array and our exclusive Line Engaged indicator, politely informing you that another user is on the line. Thus avoiding time-wasting transmission interruptions. The modem can be upgraded to include MNP-5, send fax capability and in the future, even receive- fax capability. The design includes both a mini-8 and a DB-25 connector, to work with virtually anv 4 * computer, including Amiga, Macintosh, IBM and compatibles and Apple II. Powerful communications software is included. Five year warranty. $ 249. With MNP-5 $ 299- Send fax option $ 79- In the coming months, we plan to introduce you to a host of exciting new products for the Amiga, including 512K to 8 MEG internal memory cards for the 2000 series, internal 3-5 high-density drives, internal and external hard disks, multifunction cards and more. Order today! To order or for more information, call
(214) 241 -6060 today. 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D welcome. Texas residents add 7% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside U.S.A. Dealer inquiries invited. Applied Engineering® The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060
P. O. Box 5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 USA QlWO AE Research, I n . Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders. Support for PostScript printers, relegated users to the church-newsletter quality of Amiga bitmap fonts. Gold Disk, the addon program released for outputting PageSetter files in PostScript format, is awkward to use and does not fully support such printers. When big brother Professional Page (which shares PagcSctter’s interface and methodology) arrived, it immediately dominated the high-end market. Poor Make Your Programs Take Off With Lattice C Create the fastest programs in the shortest time with the high-powered Lattice® C Development System! Lattice's optimizing C compiler takes your code and generates lightning fast programs. Hundreds oflibrary functions and more than a dozen utilities help you build your programs in record time. Order the Lattice C Development System and you get: ? Optimizing C Compiler ? Compiler Companion Utilities ? Code Profiler ? Disassembler ? Extensive Documentation ? Unlimited Free Support ? Source Level Debugger ? Macro Assembler ? Overlay Linker ? Lattice Screen Editor Lattice offers a complete line of programming tools including our C++ compiler, MS-DOS to AmigaDOS C Cross Compiler, Libraries, Utilities, and C programming seminars. Call or write for a free catalog. Lattice, Inc. 2500 S. Highland Ave. Lombard, IL 60148 old PageSetter has appeared increasingly creaky over the years, but in its newest incarnation, the program provides a subset of Pro Page’s capabilities. On the Font Line PageSetter II still lacks PostScript support, but now provides Pro Page s Com- pugraphic scalable font technology. This is good news for publishers who do not have PostScript printers but need better Phone: 1-800-444-4309 708-916-1600 FAX: 708-916-1190 Telex: 532253 quality output than that allowed by .Amiga bitmap fonts. Compugraphic versions of Times Roman and Helvetica faces are supplied with PageSetter II, and more are available from Gold Disk (at $ 200 for 35 fonts). The beauty of the Compugraphic approach is that it creates versions of the face optimized for both your screen and output device. T hus, the output with an HP LaserJet printer will be better than with an Epson dot-matrix. Besides that, the screen fonts are far superior to the standard Amiga bitmap variety, even on a non-interlaced display. The bad news is that effective use of this font technology requires a healthy amount of both mem- ory and hard-disk space. If you use a number of type faces, be prepared for frequent work interruptions; every time you select a Compugraphic font, PageSetter II must create a screen version of it in the point size specified. By allocating extra memory or disk space to hold these constructed screen fonts you can minimize the inter- ruptions (the fonts are saved to disk when you exit the program). T hus, both ample hard disk space and memory in addition to the one meg required to run the program arc advantageous. You can still use Amiga bitmap fonts with PageSetter II (just run the included utility program), but because they look Continued on p. 76 Lattice Subsidiary of SAS Institute Inc. “What's our Advantage?” Advantage 2000™ The Advantage is a new lightning last SCSI host adapter for the Amiga 2000 or 2500 computers, hull word transfers with high speed caching software give ICD the Advantage over all other host adapters whether DMA or not. And the price for this power is much less than you would think. The Advantage is user-lriendly software for effortless hard drive set-up. ICD provides you with the choices. We have undergone extensive testing to provide you with formatting support for virtually all embedded SCSI drives as well as Adaptec and Omit controllers. External drives are easily supported with a DB25 SCSI port and termination power is provided as needed. The Advantage is full support for Syquest and other removable media drives at no extra charge. Our exclusive “flexible mounting" allows disk cartridges of different configurations to be used without re-booting the system. Removable media drives are correctly supported by remounting all partitions after a media change. Disk cartridge removal is also inhibited whenever the computer is writing to it. I’p to 30 logical partitions are supported per drive. The Advantage is support for Commodore’s Rigid Disk block and I lost Command Block structures to assure compatibility with other conforming products. The Advantage is a unique initiator ID for SCSI networking tutures. The Advantage is a mounting frame that will securely hold a 3 I 2 inch hard drive. All cables and mounting hardware arc included along with a very complete manual for trouble free installation, setup, and troubleshooting. The Advantage is a low parts count for an economical and reliable design. And with the backing of ICD. You are assured of excellent technical support and a company that will be there as long as your computer needs are. The Advantage is now yours from ICD. Advantage 2000 is a trademark ol ICD, Inc. Amiga is o registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc Commodore is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics Limited All specifications are subject to change. Circle 234 on Render Service card AW EXCLUSIVE: THE AMIGA 3000 -AND MORE! Welcome to A New Generation! With its announcement of the A3000, version 2.0 of the operating system, the Ami gaVision authoring system, and a host of supporting products, Commodore has unveiled the platform from which it plans to launch an entire new era of Amiga computing in the ’90s. 0 NEW YORK CITY Item: Giving its regards to Broadway, the A3000 finally made its appearance. While society debutantes had their traditional spring coniings-oul all over Gotham at the Plaza, the Pierre, the Waldorf (but not, we expect, at the Helms- lev Palace), the Amiga 3000 made its eagerly anticipated debut at a slightly seedy-looking former movie theatre on E. 14 St. While the Union Square area may seem a wee bit unsavory, our ex-cinema turned out to be the fabled Palladium a perfect setting for the marvelous multi- media show framing the A3000 announcement. With several hundred members of the press and Amiga community in attendance, Commodore set forth broad plans for future Amiga development on many fronts. Also present, and next to the podium to help journalists from far and near gauge the full significance of all these announcements, was this same issue of Amiga World under wraps at our printers until the day before the launch. A number of AW staffers spent much of the last three months interviewing Commodore engineers and independently evaluating new Amiga products to bring this very special and timely report to our readers. So, Big Boy, is That a PR Script in Your Pocket, or Are You Gonna Tell Us Something? Yes, Mae, we think we found out enough to earn an invitation to come up and see you right away! The brand-new Amiga 3000, equipped with quite a hot new engine and lots of fancy accessories, also came with a new operating system (V2.0), the much talked- about Ami gaVision authoring system, a fresh batch of nifty monitors and speakers, and some much appreciated networking devices. In case you got your first wind of all this directly from New York from someone like Jimmy Breslin (and couldn’t decipher “oh-toidy” from “toidy-two bit”), the Amiga 3000 sports a Motorola 25 Mhz 68030 processor, a 68882 math coprocessor, and the new ECS (Enhanced Chip Set see “Chips Ahoy!” on p. 29 for a full report on the ECS). In conjunction with its all-new Zorro 111 bus, the A3000’s 68030 offers complete 32- By Doug Barney, Dan Sullivan, and Louis R, Wallace hit processing power with 32-bit registers and true 32-bit address and data buses. The system comes with 2MB of RAM (one megabyte of fast RAM and one megabyte of chip RAM, although it can address two megabytes of the latter if' you wish to add the extra meg). Total memory and this is staggering could be expanded up to 1.7 gigabytes (that’s 1700 megabytes, Mr. Nathan Detroit!). In addition, the svstem comes Rear view of the A3Q00. Front view (left) shows Internal floppy and hard drives, while side view (right) shows vertical Backplane and section of Motherboard. With a built-in SCSI DMA hard-disk controller and a 40MB or 100MB hard drive. The 25 MH 740MB configuration sells for $ 3999. A less expensive ($ 3299) 16 Mhz 40MB model with a 68881 math coprocessor is also available. The 25 Mhz 100 MB model goes for $ 4499. The supporting cast at the Big Apple announcement was no mere collection of bit players, either. The long-awaited update of the 1.3 operating system (earlier dubbed 1.4) finally became much more than just a “revised" version hence the 2.0 designation. (See the sidebar “Radical Operations: Y2.0" for a close look at the new OS.) A large and very exciting boost in an area where the Amiga already shines conies in the form of Amiga Vision, CBM’s new object- oriented authoring system. Almost anyone can now create multimedia applications presentations using a point-and-click, icon-based language. (Sec the sidebar “AmigaVision: A Real Sharp Shooter” for more on the authoring system.) Plugging a big gap in the Amiga repertoire, Commodore also shuffled a few networking cards into the act for the multiuser crowd (see the sidebar “Not Just a Node Anymore”). Also on view were a couple of spiffy monitors (the A1950 a 14-inch multiscan color display; and the A2024 a 19-inch black-and-white hi-res [up to 1008x800] display) and some new stereo speakers. Okay, Let’s Cut to the Chase. . .What Does This All Mean, Anyway? Although its 68030 technology is neither brand new nor exclusive, and its ECS and V2.0 will work on any existing model but the A1000 (but see “Chips Ahoy!” on p. 29 for some A 1000 ECS work-arounds), the total package encompassed in the A3000 announcement makes it the most important advance in Amiga technology since the introduction of the original system in 1985. The keys are the significantly enhanced overall performance of the present machine and its sheer expandability for future development. Looking ahead, the A3000 s architecture and the revolutionary nature of its new operating system will provide the basis for expansion and new development for years to come. For right now, its vastly improved I O makes the A3Q00 the most powerful, fastest production Amiga ever. I he key to increased performance is the new Zorro 111 32-hit bus. Zorro 111 builds upon the strengths of Zorro II particularly its ability to handle multiple processors. This is the so-called bus-mastering feature, whereby additional processors can take over the bus without going through the CPU. In addition, of course, the A3000’s CPU itself can use full 32-hit data paths to chip RAM, fast RAM. The SCSI DMA controller, and the system ROMs. Perhaps even more significant for future expansion, a vital difference with Zorro 111 is that now the “bus masters” mentioned above will work with a full 32-hit bus. That means that high-performance chips will not be hindered by a 16-bit bus. Presently under development and expected by the end of the year, the Motorola 68040 (which will run at 15-25 MIPS) will be able to run at full speed on the A3000. The same is true for high-speed graphics and numeric processors, as well as for RISC chips and cache memory. All this points out the A3000 as a formidable platform for future development, as well as a powerful system of the moment. Holy Cow! Look at the Heat on That Pitch! Right, Phil, even without these fascinating expansion possibilities, the A3000 is a pretty hot machine for a system whose sticker price is under $ 4000. It is sleek Radical Operations: V2.0 Under 2.0, Workbench no longer needs an Icon in order to access and or execute flies. Preferences has been replaced by a drawer with many modules that control specific functions. THE 1.3 AM I GAD OS Operating System (OS) was an evolutionary change from earlier versions. Sporting several improvements and a few bug fixes, it made the Amiga a more stable computer to use. Like well-worn blue jeans, the 1.3 OS was more comfortable, but not exciting. If you expect the same from Commodore’s latest revision, be prepared for some big surprises. The most dramatic alterations since the Amiga software’s initial release are on their way changes so revolutionary that the new version cannot be called just 1.4. Instead, Commodore is dubbing the radically new AmigaDOS “Version 2.0." Bench Bashing One of the major criticisms of the Amiga has centered around Workbench: The lack of consistency in applications makes learning new programs unnecessarily difficult. In response, Commodore has created several standard toolkits for programmers designing Intuition applications. The Gadget Toolkit supplies a simple way of creating and using the standard system gadgets in program, while the ASL library provides standard file and font requesters and a list manager. Commodore hopes that by supplying these types of basic operations it can introduce a consistent look and feel for applications. Another aesthetic objection has been the overall appearance of Workbench itself. While quite functional, Workbench
1. 3 lacks much of the style and polish associated with other Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Version 2.0 gives Intuition an embossed 3-D appearance that compares favorably with GUIs on other computers. Artists redesigned almost all aspects of the Workbench display (windows, gadgets, and icons) to give it a very strong, graphically impressive interface. Behind the pretty face, Workbench
2. 0s features and performance have and small, has 68030 68882 processing power ancl 68851 MMU memory-management capability, boasts true 32-bit archiiecture, and sports 40-100MB harddisk storage capacity with a built-in SCSI DMA controller. In addition, it contains a built-in display enhancer (which, reportedly, will sell separately in the future) comparable to Micro Way’s flickerFixer to reduce scan lines and interlace flicker. ? Because many Workbench operations are now asynchronous, you can start one and immediately begin another. For example, you can now start loading a program, then switch to copying a file. Similarly, you can cancel operations while they are still in progress, meaning you do not have to wait for a complete directory display before closing a drawer. Instead of an all-in-one program, Preferences now consists of several modules, each dedicated to a specific task. This approach leaves Preferences flexible and open to future additions. Perhaps the single best improvement in Workbench is in pure functionality. No longer the poor stepchild of the CLI, Workbench
2. 0 can perform any function the CLI can, including executing CLI commands. Dedicated command typists also have plenty to look forward to. For example, Commodore improved pattern matching and recoded all the C: commands in C, making many much faster than in previous versions. The Shell now offers more built-in commands, and the CON: window sports new cut-and-paste functions, a scrolling command history, and an optional PET-style screen editor. Arexx. . .Plus! In response to many pleas and suggestions, Commodore incorporated Arexx into the standard system software. This one addition greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Amiga’s already outstanding multitasking environment. Now totally unrelated programs will be able to use the Arexx ports to access each others’ features, giving even more power to user applications. To further increase performance speed and flexibility, 2.0 supports multiple RAM drives, a faster Trackdisk device, and FastFileSystem in ROM. T he latter is especially important because it allows floppies, as well as hard drives, to use the FastFileSystem for speedier disk access. On the programming front, CBM added a better autoconfig strategy, memory allocation, and task management to the Exec. Exec will now detect if a 68030 processor and 68882 math coprocessor are present, and if so will enable burst mode. Further down the road, Commodore plans to support Virtual Memory via Exec. The new Math IEEE Single-Precision library will use the 68881 68882 math chips automatically if they are present. With this faster, single-precision IEEE math package, programmers will be more inclined to use the IEEE libraries instead of the MathFFP. By doing so, they will still get reasonable performance from systems without math coprocessors, yet will be able to offer support for the math chips, just in case. On the graphics side, Intuition and the Graphics libraries hold a great many new features. Besides the previously mentioned window and gadget changes, Intuition now includes more support for custom gadgets, new string gadgets with enhanced options, direct support for overscan screens, scrolling, autoscrolling, and public screens. Additional enhancements include bitmap scaling, ColorFont support, and faster text rendering. Scaling is not limited to plain bitmaps, however; the DiskFont routines will scale font bitmaps meaning the system will resize bitmap fonts to any dimensions you request. While a welcome addition, this is not the same as the true scalable Compugraphic font technology in Professional Page (Gold Disk). Have patience, CBM does plan a post-2.0 upgrade that will have true scalable fonts and support the same fonts as Professional Page. Of course, all the new display modes and features of the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) are already fully supported in 2.0. Support the ECS Native to the A3000 and an add-on for the A500 and A2000, the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) offers a number of new options. Super Agnus increases the amount of potential chip RAM on A500 and A2000 systems from 512K to one megabyte, and from one megabyte to a whopping two megs on the A3000. In all systems, it increases the size of blitter actions to 32Kx32K. The Super Denise provides four new screen-display modes: Productivity (640 x 480), Interlaced Productivity (640x960), SuperHi-res (1280x200), and Interlaced SuperHi-res (1280 x
400) . All have severe color limitations, however, supporting a maximum of four colors (two bitplanes). Thanks to its programmable sync rates, Denise can offer several other resolutions. This unique feature allows programmers to create a variety of custom screen sizes that can be displayed on appropriate multisync monitors. The ECS also lets programs switch between PAL and NTSC displays. This feature will allow wider circulation and distribution between software created in the US and in Europe (see “Chips Ahoy!” p. 29). Video mavens will be pleased that Denise makes several new features available to suitable genlock and video software. ChromaKey allows any specified color registers to be transparent, and Bit- Plane Key lets you specif)' a particular bit- plane to be transparent. In addition, you can choose to have the border be either transparent or opaque. To show off all these enhanced graphics, Commodore developed the A2024 monochrome hi-res monitor and the A1950 Multisync color monitor. The A2024’s paper-white display supports horizontal overscan, de-interlaces, and can handle resolutions of up to 1008 x
800. The A1950 supports all but the very largest resolutions that the ECS can display. While quite a tally of new features, the above only touches on the major highlights of the new OS. Rest assured Amiga- World will be covering the multitude of changes in detail in upcoming issues. ?
- LRW Parallel & SCSI External Ports Audio L Audio R 8520 QIAs Floppy Disk Connector VPE Mode Selector SCSI Chip RGB Out VDE Adjust Serial Port Connector VDE Video Out 512K Eprom ROM Amber Video Display Enhancer Chip - Alternate 512K ROM Sockets Mouse Joystick Ports is*: -cis. » ;r.: (U .-.;; tl-.WU Paula Keyboard Connector SCSI DMA HD Controller Super Denise Super Agnus ,V.Y« , I : : : : : :':Vs!iY L fi : : i-i : « iTJr CY-YAY .r : : : : i,r ; 32-Bit RAM Sockets For Zip-Type DRAM Sockets for Second Meg of Chip RAM
li. V 1-Meg 32-Bit DRAM 1-Meg Chip RAM RAM Controller (Ramses) uTiDw=?’: 200-Pin Expansion Slot M68030 CPU The A300(Vs Motherboard. Fat Cary Daughter Card Slot (Backplane! Bus Controller (Fat BusterI M68881 68882 FPU Clearly, ai a price of less than S4000, the A3000 has created an economic breakthrough. The system also boasts a range of ergonomic improvements, Despite its added power, the system is smaller than a standard Amiga 2000. In fact, it is barely larger than the original A1000, itself a breakthrough in the size vs. power equation. Some seemingly minor changes have been made that may very well be widely recognized as major improvements after users become familiar with them. For example, the mouse, joystick, and keyboard ports are on the side, rather than the front. This allows the keyboard to sit closer to the computer without crowding into and bending the keyboard cables. Also, a new external SCSI port on the back of the machine will prove convenient lor daisychaining additional SCSI devices. With hard and floppy drives no longer attaching directly to the CPU chassis, users will find installing or replacing hard drives much easier. Pve Got Manhattan. . .Who Needs the Bronx, the 3000, and Staten Island Too? Okay, many Amiga users will never buy an A3000, They will be more than satisfied upgrading an existing system. Yet, despite this, the A3000 announcement will affect every Amiga owner in some way, shape, or form. The Amiga 3000 is the launching vehicle for a number of technologies including V2.0 of the operating system, the Enhanced Chip Set, the AmigaVision authoring system, and the networking devices that will work on most other Amigas. With enough upgrading, existing users will end up with a machine fairly close to an A3000 save for the high- performance qualities of the 32-bit bus. It is possible, of course, that future cards designed specifically for the A3000's Zorro III bus may not Amiga 3000 Features 68030 882 @ 25 Mhz or 68030 881 @ 16 Mhz Amiga Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) 1 Meg chip RAM expandable to 2 Megs on board fast RAM expandable to: on motherboard using 2,56x4 DRAMS 16 Megs on motherboard using Ikx4 DRAMS Built-in Display Enhancer (eliminates interlace flicker) Internal SCSI Hard Drive (40MB standard, 100MB optional) Internal Real-Time clock w RAM 4 new' Zorro III 32-hit Expansion Slots (All downward compatible with existing A2000 Zorro II cards): 1 100*pin only slot 2 100-pin slots w AT-style extensions 1 100-pin slot in-line w A2OO0-style video slot 1 CPU expansion connector 200-pin w processor-takeover capability External expansion connectors: 23-pin Amiga video (15.75 Khz typical) 15-pin VGA-style video (31.5 Khz typical) External SCSI connector 32-bit access to on-board ROM 32-bit CPU access to chip RAM 32-bit fast RAM support Custom Controller supporting static-column mode DRAMs and allowing CPU burst access to RAM 32-bii DMA-based on-board SCSI controller Low-profile case supporting total of three internal 3.5-inch drives Front-mounted power switch Easier disk-drive installation and removal (Floppy and Hard) Hardware and software support for 60 Hz video on European machines work on previous models. Also, although it is still too early to tell, some current software may not work with the A3000. Commodore, however, has already stated that it will strive to achieve compatibility with 90% of the present software excluding copy-protected games. AtmgaWotld will be following up this matter closely in future issues. Software incompatibility, while an annoyance, should be a short-lived phenomenon. Commodore has long been providing developers with new and stricter guidelines that govern the creation ol compatible software. Following these guidelines will help developers create software compatible not only with Continued on p. 28 Not Just a Node Anymore A LONG STANDING complaint about the Amiga is that it lacks networking. Many who would otherwise buy Amigas for specific applications have abstained, citing the paltry supply of networking products. Commodore’s recent announcements, however, should silence the critics. Commodore’s A2065 Ethernet Card, which is expected to work on the A2000 and later models, supports both thick and thin Ethernet connectors. There will be Amiga DOS support for Novell, NFS (Sun), and TCP IP protocols. A key networking standard, particularly for the growing Unix workstation environment, is the TCP IP protocol. Many corporations now require TCP IP compatibility before they buy a system. Relatively fast and cost-effective, Ethernet generally operates at lOMbits sec, and it will cost $ 349 per node. A comparable network is available via Arcnet. The A2060 Arcnct card is also designed to work on the A2000 and later models. A slower but lower-cost network, the A560 Arcnet card for the A500, will be released in the near future. Commodore hopes the availability of these standard networks and network protocols will drive Amiga software developers toward programs that are network-aware (understand a network exists and takes advantage), if not network- based (such as groupware). When faced with such very attractive combinations, potential users should no longer have any reason to turn away. ?
- DB Submenu Contents: Audiovisual brushes, sounds, speech, animations, music, video, text, and data files and control them interactively via a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. ? Manages to remove the tedium from program creation. Simple commands do not translate into limited power, however; the system lets you assemble pictures, LIKE A CUNNING field general, Commodore is springing a surprise attack oil Apple and IBM. While the A3000 and the 2.0 operating system engage the big guns up-front, the new AmigaVision authoring system will outmaneuver the competition on its most vulnerable flank its trumped-up claim to multimedia supremacy, AmigaVision offers more raw multimedia power than anything else on the market and is incredibly easy to control. Basically a programming language, AmigaVision is probably like no language you have seen. Gone are the command lines and cryptic statements of traditional programming; they have been replaced by symbols and icons in this object-oriented system. An AmigaVision program is a visual flowchart that symbolizes the logical flow of the application (also called a course or project). By concentrating on the flowchart metaphor, AmigaVision Amigavision: A Real Sharp Shooter Picture Power Composed entirely of shades of gray and consistent with the new embossed style of Workbench 2.0, AmigaVision has a definite 3-D, NeXT look that is attractive and easy on the eyes. The interface consists of three sections: the Flow window, the Icon menu, and standard pull-down menus. The Flow window is the canvas on which you create the application. Simply drag icon commands from the Icon menu below to their appropriate positions in the window. AmigaVision executes icons in a linear, top-down order, but offers branching statements and subroutine calls for more sophisticated program control. For long, complicated projects, scroll gadgets let you move up, down, left, and right through the the Flow window. Amiga Vision’s heart is in the Icon menu that stretches across the bottom of the screen. In addition to a Trashcan for unwanted icons, the main Icon menu offers access to six submenus of icon commands Module, AV (Audiovisual), Wait, Data, Control, and Interrupt at the click of a mouse. The Module submenu contains seven command icons for basic program controls. Like bookends, the Module icon itself heads all courses or subsections of a program and the Quit icon resides at the end of a course, letting you exit the program. The Subroutine icon signifies the start of a subprogram within the main course or section, while the Return icon directs the program flow from a subroutine back to the section from which it was called. The powerful Execute icon lets AmigaVision run programs that were created by an outside source from Workbench, the CLI, or Arexx. Similar to a stopwatch, the Timer icon measures the running time of a section of a course. The Resource icon lets you load (or unload) data. By placing this icon early in the course, you can read your information from disk before the program actually needs it, and avoid breaking the course’s flow later with repeated disk access. To add flash to your presentation, the Audiovisual submenu gives you access to graphics, sound, and video. It houses nine icons: Screen (with 19 wipes), Brush, Anim, Sound (for digital sounds), Speak (voice synthesis), Music (SMUS files), Gfx, Text, and Video (laser disc). With these controls, you can quickly combine the elements into stunning displays. The Wait submenu’s icons let you add interactivity to your project, by instructing the program to read and react to user input from the mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. You can even limit the amount of time the program waits for input before continuing, or instruct it to wait for a certain set of circumstances or response. The icon commands in the Database submenu generate data forms, read and write data, add, delete, and update records, as well as manipulate variables. You access variables from the Expression Editor, which has a host of mathematical and logical functions. Like a traditional programming system, AmigaVision has a number of standard control commands for redirecting the program flow, including GOTO, Conditional GOTO, IF. . .THEN, IF. . . THEN. . .ELSE, a FOR. . .NEXT loop, and a CALL icon for launching subroutines. You can use these Control icons »- Title Page is a new video titling package for the Amiga computer. It will finally allow you to create screens full of effects once only possible in your imagination! If the 'look' you want is not in our package, simply create it! Modify text, effects, patterns, brushes, even backgrounds. If that's not enough, add a touch of fantasy with rainbow letters, If what you use isn't what you need, come experience Title Page. The Title Page package was created under a demanding environment with demanding needs. It comes to you with all the features of a professional video titler.
• Supports all of the Amiga's video modes (except HAM).
• Handles any level of user selectable overscan. Even supports non-overscan overscan for harddrives with excessive DMA contention.
• Creates copper display lists allowing thousands of extra colors per screen, (example: create rainbow letters with a blue gradient background!)
• Supports standard Amiga IFF format allowing you to import export screens with other graphics programs. Even with the display lists!
• Use any Amiga compatible font or colorfont. We supply you with 9 regular fonts in 3 sizes each PLUS four colorfonts in 2 sizes each.
• Make backgrounds with brushes or with gradient displays. You arrange the wallpaper and tiles at the distance and depth you want.
• Apply any effect to brushes, text, or images. If the 40+ effects included aren't enough, create your own with our GRAPHICAL effects editor, then modify them with the multiple built-in functions. J+i
• Maintain hundreds of prefs & effects and call them back at the press of a key. Our effects include outlines, extrudes, shadows, embosses, glows, crosses, neons, stars, glints, punches, and 35 more! Owners" of other Amiga titlers are eligible tor a $ 100.00 US dollar rebate off the suggested retail price of $ 199.95 US. To obtain the rebate, just send us page 7 from the original manual along with $ 99.95 US. Please contact: Eschalon Development 2354 Cote Ste. Catherine Montreal, Quebec H3T1A9 CANADA Telephone orders:
(514) 340-9244 "Supported packages include: TV'TEXT tall). Pro Video (all). Broadcast Tiller, Video Tiller. Video Page. Deluxe Pain! (all). Digi Paint (all). 'Ofler NOT available in Quebec. Canada
• Execute Arexx commands from the keyboard or scripts. Title Page understand over 65 different commands. This allows you to add and modify the normal features available from the menus.
• Once you've created your pages, show them off with our included player using any of the 45 different transitions. You can even call Arexx scripts from within your scripts therefore adding an unsurpassed capacity of commands to your slideshows.
• All this functions properly on any 512Kb Amiga. Don't worry though, we remembered everyone's needs are not the same, so we also include charged-up versions for users with 1 Mb of chip RAM. Ode 247 on Reader Service card. Eschalon Development 2354 Cote Ste. Cather ne. Montreal. Quebec. H3T1A9 CANADA. Tel.: (514) 340-9244. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome. Title Page & Eschalon Development logo are trademarks of Eschalon Development Inc. Other product names and brands are trademarks and or registred trademarks of the respectives companies. With variables and absolute values, and customize them in the Expression Editor, The last submenu, Interrupt, has icons for defining reactions to specified mouse, touch-screen, or keyboard events. Once you define these events, the program automatically watches for them, so little extra programming is required. Reinforcements The three Intuition menus (Project, Edit, and Tools) give you more global controls. In the Project menu, you can load or save your work, install or create Runtime courses for distribution to other Amiga- Vision owners, set your default configuration, print out a course (in text or graphie-image form), or run a course. From the Edit menu, you can search for a named icon, collect icons together, copy them, preview their actions, or collapse the contents of a subroutine to a single icon with the Telescope feature. To make the full subroutine visible again, select the Subroutine icon and reissue the Telescope command. Telescope lets you quickly see the overall flow of a program without individual commands getting in the way. The Tools menu gives you access to three powerful subareas: the Object Editor, the Video Disc Control Panel, and the Database Editor. In the Object Editor, you define the appearance of a screen. You can add hotspots for the user to click on to select options, text, and input fields, and you can select color palettes, graphic shapes, or screen resolutions and modes. You can even instruct AinigaVision to load IFF background pictures into the display automatically, and then overlay them with information areas, hotspots, and so on. T he Video Disc Control Panel allows you to browse through a video disc. With it, you can play a disc or scan, or search for specific frames and sequences for later inclusion in your course. When combined with a genlock and video disc, AinigaVision is an incredible tool for mixing computer data and video into a smooth application. The Database Editor lets you create disk-based databases and information files. Each record can contain up to 128 fields and a maximum of4000 total characters. For field data types, you can specify string, numeric, Boolean, or date information. The database cannot directly support pictures and sounds, but fields can hold the name of a picture or sound file. The program can then easily load the file into memory and display or play it. You can designate any field as a Key field on which to index a sort of the records. Deployment Almost as impressive as AmigaVision’s capabilities are Commodore’s plans for the program’s distribution. At the launch of the Amiga 3000, the company announced it will bundle AinigaVision with every new A2000, A2500, and A3000 sold. If you buy your machine between the launch and the program’s release (scheduled for late May or early June), you will qualify to receive one free AinigaVision package. Consult your dealer before purchasing an A500, however, as Commodore may offer Amiga- Vision f ree if you buy an A500 with one meg of RAM, the program’s minimum requirement. If you already own an Amiga, the authoring system will be sold as a stand-alone package for $ 149, After using AinigaVision for several weeks, I am very impressed. From my vantage as a programmer used to more conventional ways of creating applications, I expected to find the authoring system cute but limited. 1 was very wrong; it is extremely powerful. With AmigaVision, 1 can create multimedia applications in hours, instead of the months it would take me with C or B.ASIC. More power is on the way, as well. Within the year, Commodore plans to upgrade AmigaVision to support MIDI and animbrushes, among other tilings. Apple and IBM had better start watching their flanks, ? LRW Amiga Announcements At a Glance Amiga 3000 (25 Mhz 40 MB) $ 3999 AS225 TCP 1 P for the Amiga Amiga 3000 (25 Mhz 100 MB) $ 4499 AS220 Novell Client Amiga 3000 (16 Mhz 68881 Software 40 MB) S3299 AS2088T Turbo XT Bridge A1950 Monitor 5799 A10 Stereo Speakers A2024 Monitor S749 AS250 AmigaVision A2060 Arcnet Card $ 229 V2.0 AmigaDOS A2065 Ethernet Card $ 349 from p. 25 today’s A3000 and V2.0, but also with the even more impressive systems being developed behind the locked doors at Commodore engineering. The advances inherent in a system such as the A3000 V2.0 also point out the importance to owners of registering their software. It would be a shame to SI99 mjss ()llt on updates for compatibility just because you failed to send in your registration card. $ 149 T here is no question that the ramifications of all $ 699 the announcements connected with the A3000 may 539 pose some risk to owners of current Amiga systems. $ 149 But the sheer technological potential for all Amiga users promised by these new developments is so great that everyone will benefit. What we have here is not just a new machine, but the culmination of all the successful Amiga developments over the past three years. Yes, the A3000 did just take Broadway by storm, but that was only the opening act. Stay tuned for the sequels. ¦ i:n lOUCI 1 BUYERS OF the new Amiga 3000 can benefit from the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) right from the maiden voyage, Commodore doesn’t intend to leave current Amiga users back at the dock. The significant improvements to the Amiga’s custom chips will be available through upgrades to all existing Amiga models (with considerable difficulty, however, to the A1000). Chips Ahoy! Commodore s new ECS will enable the whole Amiga fleet to plow the waves with a great deal more custom processing power in the engine room. By Sheldon Leemon New versions of the Agnus and Denise chips will mean a doubling of the current = 512K) amount of chip RAM, increased multitasking possibilities (particularly with graphics- and sound-intensive applications), and much higher-resolution display capabilities (especially useful for sophisticated video work) among a host of other ECS improvements. So let’s open up those CPU hatches, climb down into the hold, and see what these new chips are all about! Below Deck M uch of the Amiga’s power is derived from its three custom chips, Agnus, Denise, and Paula. Most computers have only one main processor, which must do all of the work associated with producing graphics and sound, in addition to running applications programs. The .Amiga's custom chips, however, handle a lot of the graphics and sound work by themselves, freeing up the processor for more important work, such as multitasking. Having these custom chips so tightly integrated into the system dramatically improves the Amiga’s performance, but it also means that any real upgrade of the computer’s capabilities has to include an upgrade to the custom chip set hence the ECS. As with previous changes to the Amiga line, the improvements introduced by these chips represent evolutionary, not revolutionary, developments. Anybody expecting a 1000 x 1000-pixel display with 12 million colors is in for a disappointment. Nonetheless, the ECS adds a number of small but quite powerful enhancements that can be integrated into the system without requiring massive changes to all of the existing software. Super Agnus: A Generous Chipmate The ECS consists of new versions of the Agnus and Denise chips. Super Agnus (or ECS Agnus), a revised Fat Agnus chip, was introduced last fall. From the user's standpoint, the most important change Super Agnus makes is that it expands the maximum amount of memory that can be directly controlled by the custom graphics and sound chips from 512K to one megabyte. This does not mean that the Super Agnus chip itself adds memory to the system; rather, it allows existing memory to be divided up differently. While the Amiga’s main processor can access up to nine ? Getting the Chip Aboard Your Ship All Amiga 2000 systems (and some Amiga 500s) manufactured since last fall come with the Super Agnus installed. It’s easy to identify A2000 systems with the new chips, because there is a “1 Meg Chip RAM" sticker right on the box. Even without the box, you can identify such machines by running the AVAIL command from the CLI or Shell. If the system has 4 a megabyte of chip RAM, the third item (in the Maximum column) in the first row (marked "Chip") will read 1040152. If not, the number will be half as great. The situation is trickier for A500 owners. You cannot tell if you have the new Agnus chip without opening up the computer. (If you have the chip, you will see only four RAM chips on the motherboard instead of 16.) Because the A500 comes with only 512K of memory, the computer is set at the factory for 512K of chip RAM. Even if you have the Super Agnus and plug in a 512K expansion module, the RAM will not become chip RAM automatically. Your dealer must make internal modifications to the A500 before it wall recognize the extra RAM as true chip RAM. Once the modifications are made, the computer will not operate unless the memory-expansion module is plugged in. An easier way to discover if your A500 has the Super Agnus is to use a program that identifies what kind of custom chips are installed in your computer. One such program is the shareware System Information 2.0b, by Pregnant Badger Software, which is distributed as part of its Kramden Utilities, If you have an Amiga 2000 or A500 with a megabyte of memory, but do not yet have the Super Agnus chip, your local dealer can both sell you the chip and install it for you. This should cost you approximately SI60 (SI20 for the chip and a S40 minimum service charge for installation). If you do not have a service center in your area, or are experienced in electronics and want to install the chip yourself, you can obtain a Super Agnus from mail-order sources for about S75-S100. Amiga 1000 owners will have a much more difficult time upgrading to the Super Agnus. The original A1000 Agnus was a smaller chip, so there is literally no room to plug in the new one. There are two Amiga 1000 upgrade boards that address this problem. Both were announced, although not yet delivered at the time of writing but each should be out by the time this article appears. Greg Tibbs' The Rejuvenator ($ 499.95, Expert Services) and the DVS-Wonder ($ 399.95, Delaware Valley Software) completely replace the existing A1000 daughterboard, and provide sockets for the ECS Agnus and a megabyte of chip RAM. The actual installation procedure varies slightly depending on the model and motherboard revision. Installation on an A2000, for example, is somewhat easier than on an A500. In either case, installing the chip entails prying the old chip out of its square socket and plugging the new- one in. In order to enable a megabyte of chip RAM, however, you must change two jumpers on the motherboard. (This is true even for A500 systems that come with the Super Agnus installed.) In any event, vou will need to cut con- nections between jumper pads on the motherboard, and you may have to solder other connections. This job may not be very tough for the experienced hardware hacker, but there are some pitfalls for the unwary novice who has never opened up the computer before and does not have such tools as a chip extractor, utility knife, Torx screwdriver, and fine- tipped soldering iron. Removing the old chip from its square socket can be tricky, as it may be wedged in very tightly, making it difficult to extract without cracking the socket. Cutting pads on the motherboard also requires some care. Another factor to consider is the possibility of a problem with the chip itself. Repair centers report that early production runs of the Super Agnus chip have had a failure rate as high as 15-20%. Defective chips may not work at all, or they may cause strange interruptions of the display in some programs. The choice is up to you, but at least if a service center installs and tests the chip for you, you should come home with a working system. If you do it yourself and get a bad chip, you will have the extra hassle of figuring out what went wrong, and of getting a new chip if necessary. Unlike Super Agnus, the ECS Denise will be relatively easy to install. It will use the familiar DIP package (the rectangular one with two rows of legs). Simply pry the old Denise carefully out of its socket, J and replace it with the new one, making sure that the new chip faces the same way as the old one. You should be aware, however, that the new Denise will not work properly with the old Fat Agnus. If you do not have either chip, you should probably have a dealer install both at the same time. ?
- SL With the right software, you’re in business. Browse through your data using the VCR- style panel and view related text or image files. Build menu-driven applications accessing forms under DML control. Use the spreadsheet to allocate resources to projects. Print wall planning and GANTT charts. V( I KT I) 1 XPER1 S' CHOICE AMIGA+ EXPERTS’ CHOICE 1989 EWER 1 S’ CHOICE V 1.3 AMIGA+ EXPERT S’ CHOICE 1989 Data management Text processing Relational querying Form design Application development Relational DBMS Spreadsheet Time management Business graphics Superbase Personal 2 has all the power you need to set up and manage multi-file databases. ¦ Apply cross-file lookups and validations for data accuracy and consistency ¦ Change file definitions any time ¦ Browse through your data in any index sequence using the unique VCR-style browsing controls ¦ View data page by page or in tables, and build powerful relational queries and reports ¦ Edit text documents, print merge letters and labels ¦ Include text, IFF image and sound files as data ¦ Communicate data via modem “Personal 2’s LOOKUP command. .. gives the program a decided advantage over most of its competitors." Amiga World July '89 $ 149.95 Invest in the best. Our upgrade policies always protect your investment. Superbase Professional is the experts’ choice both for executive use and for Fourth Generation application development. As well as all the menu- accessible features of Persona! 2, Superbase Professional includes: ¦ Database Management Language (DML) with over 250 powerful commands and functions for execution directly via the command line or in programs ¦ Form Designer with access to a wide range of graphical and logical design objects, including images as data, one-to-many relationships and DML commands ¦ Report Program Generator for on-screen painting of reports and generation of report programs ¦ Programmable Communications facilities and Arexx support $ 349.95 Superplan gives you full-featured spreadsheet planning power plus the ability to track resources and projects over time: ¦ Print wall planning charts, GANTT charts, do critical path analysis ¦ Display and print graphs with over 100 difterent styles and options ¦ Sideways printing, full color output, extensive printer support ¦ Comprehensive macro language ¦ Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase file compatible ¦ Full Arexx support $ 149.95 Now get down to business. 1-800-562-9909 Call today! Precision Software 8404 Sterling Street Irving, TX 75063 Tel: (214) 929-4888 Precision megabytes of memory, the custom chips can access only a small part of that memory, known as “chip" RAM. The first 512K of memory on all Amigas is chip memory, but until Super Agnus, the second 512K on both the A2000 and (optionally) the A500 has been treated like expansion memory that could be accessed only by the processor. With the addition of a Super Agnus chip (and some changes to jumpers within the computer to let it know about the new configuration), the second 512K becomes an extension of chip memory, boosting it to a total of one megabyte. Changing expansion memory to chip memory will not allow you to run any programs that you could not run before, but it will allow you to run more than one graphics-intensive program at the same time. With only 512K ol chip RAM, for example, it is nearly impossible to run programs like Professional Page (Gold Disk) and DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) together. Particularly if both programs use a separate high-resolution screen. With a megabyte of chip RAM, however, vou can easily run any two such programs. The extra chip RAM also extends what you can do with single programs. It makes it possible to run Pro Video Gold (Shereff Systems) from the Workbench, rather than always having to boot the program directly. It increases the maximum page size in DeluxePaint to over 1000X 1000 pixels in 16-color, ? Test Your ECS IQ Q Does Super Agn us give you more memory ? Does it take any memory away? A Super Agnus does not change the total amount of memory in your system. It merely allows the computer to divide up existing memory differently. By expanding the amount of memory that can be accessed by graphics and sound chips, it makes it possible to run several graphics-intensive applications at once, as well as increasing the maximum size for animations and other graphics projects. Q Will Super Denise perform the same functions as Mi era Way's flicker Fixer? A No. In fact, the new Amiga 3000 includes a display enhancer similar to flickerFixer, even though it already has the Super Denise chip. A display enhancer like flickerFixer de-interlaces the standard Amiga graphics modes, and supports the same number of colors as the standard modes (up to 4096 in HAM interlaced). All current applications automatically take advantage of this noninterlaced display. Super Denise, on the other hand, provides some brand-new graphics modes, including a noninterlaced 640x480 Productivity mode. Current applications that open a window on the Workbench screen should take advantage of the new modes, but programs that open custom screens will have to be rewritten in order to use them. Another important difference is the monitors they require. FlickerFixer displays the standard graphics modes on a VGA monitor, while Super Denise needs a VGA monitor for the new modes, and a standard monitor for the old ones (displaying both on one screen requires a multiscanning monitor). The FCS Super Hi-Res mode will display on a flickerFixer (with some loss of horizontal resolution), but the doublescan modes (such as Productivity) are not displayed correctly on such a device. Q Will Super Denise give us more colors? A The new higher-resolution ECS modes actually have fewer colors than standard modes. Because only a limited amount of display information can he sent out the video port, a noninterlaced screen can be achieved only by dropping the maximum number of colors to four from a palette of 64, Even at four colors, these modes put such a large burden on system resources that they may cause problems for some programs. For everyday use, you will probably want to run the 640x480 noninterlaced mode on a black-and-white screen. Q Do you need a special monitor for the new graphics modes? A Some of Super Denise’s new modes, such as Super Hi-Res (1280x400 interlaced), will work on current monitors such as the 1084. Others, such as the noninterlaced Productivity mode, require a VGA-style monitor. In order to take advantage of both the old and new graphics modes, you will need a multisync or bisync monitor. Q Do the new inodes bring any enhancements to desktop video? A The 1280x400 mode should work with current genlock devices, and will no doubt be quite useful for video titling. In addition, the Super Denise provides some new genlock options, such as replacing colors other than the background color with the external video source. Q_ Will Super Denise work without Super Agnus? Will Super Agnus work without Super Denise ? A Even without Super Denise, Super Agnus will expand maximum chip RAM to one megabyte. Super Denise, however, will probably function like an old Denise chip without Agnus, but the new graphics modes require both chips. In short, you can get Super Agnus alone, hut if you want a Super Denise, you will need a Super Agnus also. ?
- SL Why settle for an A2500 when you can have A3000performance todayI IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT The Clear Choice for 68030Acceleration Up to 8MB of 32-Bit Wide DRAM
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• Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility.
• ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! ¦ COMPARE: GVP IMPACT A3001 CBM A2630 or A2500 30 | 2SMItz Standard ? NO 33Mhz Available ? NO Upgradable to 8MB 32-Bit Memory ? NO I Hard Disk Controller Built-in on Accelerator Board ? NO With Hard Disk Installed All Rye Amiga Expansion I Slots Left Free ? NO One Year Warranty ? NO User Upgradable Memory ? NO trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. listered trademark of AT&T. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave„ Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 hi-res inode, and allows you to pick up a brush as large as I lie screen in that mode. In general, it extends the maximum size and length of projects that use graphics and sound, particularly when you work in high resolution with a lot of colors. Agnus: Full Steam Ahead for Europe Although increased chip RAM is the most noticeable improvement brought about by Super Agnus, it is not the only one. The blitter (a coprocessor used to move graphics objects around at high speeds) has been changed so that it can move objects up to 32Kx32K bits in size, instead of 1 K x 1K. As with the older version of the chip. Down the road (particularly with 2.0 sys- tem-software support), this may make it easier for programmers to manipulate larger scrolling virtual screens. Another change in Super Agnus allows the Amiga to output its display at either NTSC (American) or PAL (European) scan rates, making it possible to get a PAL display from a US computer (using a multi- synchronous monitor or manually-adjustable set). This may make it easier to run European software that has not been designed for American displays. The display formal can be changed under software control, and in version 2.0 of the operating system, it will be possible to select a PAL or NTSC display from the Workbench. Because Super Agnus has been around for several months, some Amigas already contain the new chip. To find out if your system does and to learn how to install Super Agnus if it does not consult the sidebar “Getting the Chip Aboard Your Ship.” Super Denise: Tricky Signal-Room Operator In addition to its own capabilities, Super Agnus helps to unleash the power in the other half of the ECS team, the soon-to-be-released Super Denise (price pending). Super Denise lias two tricks that it can play with the standard Amiga display. T he first is to send out twice as many pixels per line as an ordinary hires display. In this Super Hi-Res mode, each pixel is half as wide as normal even the mouse pointer sprite is half as wide as usual. Super Hi-Res displays on the same kind of monitor as the current video modes, and it works with genlocks. It can provide a noninterlaced display of 1280 x 200 pixels or an interlaced display of 1280x400 pixels highly useful for video work. Sending out twice the amount of pixel information, however, means that the computer can send out only half as much color information. Super lli- Res displays can show a maximum of only four colors out of a palette of 64. Even at four colors, Super Hikes takes up a lot of the machine’s processing power, making it unsuitable for some multitasking activities. Super Denise’s second trick is a bit more obscure. It enables software control over the synchronization and blanking signals. T his means you can alter tlu* display signal to fit just about any kind of monitor. The most common use for this trick is to produce a mode called doublescan where the horizontal scan rate is doubled to match the rate used by IBM VGA monitors. Doubling the horizontal scan rate gives von twice as many lines, with half as many pixels on each line. For example, doublescanning a medium-res 640 x 240 noninterlaced display gives you a 320 x 480 noninterlaced mode called VGA Lo-R.es. Changing the scan rate does not change the number of colors that can be displayed in a given mode, but it does require the use of a VGA-compatible (or multiscanning) monitor that can accept the higher scan rate. In addition to VGA monitors, the programmable Super Denise may be used to sync the Amiga to more exotic displays, such as those with refresh rates compatible with motion pictures. Currently, you cannot successfully film a TV-set or vicleo-monitor display with a movie camera because of incompatible differences in the frame rates between the two media. With Super Denise, however, you can alter the refresh rate of your monitor in a way that will allow you to simply point the camera at the screen, film the display, and come away with clear, distinguishable results. No Shore Leave for Hard Workers By itself, doublescan may not be very useful, but when you combine it with the new Super Hi-Res mode, you get a noninterlaced 640x480 display- called Productivity mode. As a doublescan display, this mode requires a VGA-compatible monitor, and because it is also Super Hi-Res, it is limited to four colors. Because Productivity is so similar to the current 640x400 interlaced mode only without the flicker it should be useful for CAD and desktop- publishing applications. Workbench 2.0 will allow you to.set the Workbench screen to Productivity mode, so programs that open a window on the Workbench screen should work in this mode without any changes being made to the program. Programs that open their own custom screens, however, will have to be rewritten to take advantage of Productivity mode, or any of the other new ECS display modes. In addition to new display modes, Super Denise also offers some genlock enhancements. With the current Denise, genlock video always replaces the background color and the border around the display (which is the same color as the background). Super Denise, however, has four new settings that let you vary this scheme somewhat under software control. The ColorKey feature allows you to make any combination of pen colors transparent, not just the background color. BitPlaneKey lets you use a single bit plane as transparency mask where there are “ones" in that bitplane, video shows through, and where there are “zeros," the computer graphics are displayed. The effect is that of creating a transparent area determined by shape, not color. BorclerNot- Transparent can make the border opaque, even if the normal border color is transparent. BorderBlanking can make the border transparent even if the normal background color was made opaque by ColorKey. For pointers on installing the Super Denise chip (a relatively simple procedure), check the “Getting the Chip Aboard Your Ship" sidebar. Closing the ECS Log Although the ECS may not be as big a step forward as some might have hoped for, it certainly does help the Amiga keep pace with the rest of the microcomputer industry. A megabyte of chip RAM advances the machine’s capabilities in the key areas of desktop publishing and multimedia, while the new graphics modes provide video enhancements and a noninterlaced display that is comparable to the industry standard. Most importantly, these changes have been accomplished without sacrificing compatibility with existing software, ensuring a steady development of the machine's capabilities. ¦ Sheldon Leenwn is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and other hooks, and he is a frequent contributor to many computer publications. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 E m St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Delaware Valley Software PO Box 2007 Upper Darby, PA 19082-0507 215 446-9227 Expert Services 5912 Centennial Circle Florence, KY 41042 606 371-9690 Pregnant Badger Software 10010 Biscanewoods Wav Sacramento, (1A 95827 916 361-8217 NEW... INTERLOK FROM SPIRIT GREAT PRICE... GREAT SPECS !
* Unlike many genlocks INTERLOK is virtulally computer crash-proof (caused by search pause editing).
* Special selector for A500, A1000, A2000 compliance.
• NTSC or PAL encoded video outs(2), Key out, and R-G-B outs.
• Front panel includes overlay fader on off, 0 to 100% fade overlay control slider, and genlock enable • njsc internal Encoder vs. SMPTE standards (comparable for on off. PAL): Chroma Phase + -2°max; Chrominance Level + - 2 IRE Panel with controls may be remoted to 25 ft. Or more. Units max; Luminance Levels + - 2 IRE Units max. SET THE SPIRIT! CALL TOLL FREE 1-800 433-7572 SPIRIT GET THE SPIRITS CALL TOLL FREE 1-800 433-7572 Corporate Office: 220 West 2950 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, USA Sales: Phone (918) 834-2509 Canada: Phone (416) 823-4821 U.K.: Phone 44-253-73421 8 France: Phone 33-56-37-4378 TECHNOLOGY Video Input: BNC, 1.0V p-p, composite or black burst, looping Hi-Z or 75ohm switched. Video Output: BNC, 1.0V p-p, 1.0% diff. Gain, 2,0% diff. Phase, 75 ohm. R-G-B Outputs: BNC, 0.7V p-p, elliptical filtered, (4 Mhz -3db, 75MHz -50db), 75 ohm. Key Output: BNC, 1.0V p-p nominal (Amiga color 0). Amiga interface: Shielded cable and DB-23S (to RGB Video). Edit Out (Amiga Monitor): DB-23P chassis connector (to monitor). Horizontal phase adjustable to source video. Amiga is a Registered Tradmark ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Interlok is a Trademark ol Spirit Technology, Inc. Australia: Phone 6.1 -336-97020. • Interactive Construction Kit CREATING INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS WITH DeluxeVideo III By Gene Brawn IN THE WANING years of the last century still photographs flipped into motion. Those first crude movies fascinated people and changed the way images were viewed. Now, as our century nears its close, we arc faced with a similar image revolution the arrival of interactive, multimedia productions. Not only do the pictures move and talk to us, but also we can view them in any order we choose. If you do not like how one story line is progressing, detour to another. To commemorate the efforts of the film pioneers and to illustrate the principles of creating the next wave of presentations, I designed an interactive production called “ The Birth of Film” with Deluxe Video III (Electronic Arts, S 149.95). While the project sounds daunting, I had slightly better equipment than Edison and Dickson or Stanford and Muybridge. With the aid of DeluxcPamt 111 (Electronic Arts, S 149.95) and Digi-View (NewTck, S 199.95), 1 wrote, assembled, and scripted the demo in about one week. To experiment with these techniques, create some screens similar to the illustrations and anims, and load up Dvideo. Your designs need not he exact replicas of mine; control of program flow and user interaction are the key points of this tutorial. Draft Your Blueprints The essence ol multimedia (this week, at least) is interactivity and nonlinear browsing through information. Sometimes called hypermedia, these information systems use screen “hot spots” (or buttons) that ihe user clicks to jump to related screens. 11 you link enough subjects, the user can navigate freely through the information, unhindered by predetermined structures or paths. While a free-flowing ramble for the user, behind the scenes all these inter-connections (threads) are often quite complex. The Muybridge thread alone in “T he Birth of Film" is Four levels deep, with six information modules, a short slide show, four animations, and an huei active display of a house. Always make a map of your threads before you build your presentation. As a sample, Figure I maps the Muybridge thread. It begins on the introductory home screen with a highlighted i Mouse Buster g The AraTRAC" TRACKBALL from MicroSpeecf" Professional trackball for all Commodore® Amiga Computers Direct Mouse Replacement Uses only 1 3 the desk space of a mouse Unique Drag Lock Feature Requires no cleaning No mouse pad necessary Two input buttons plus drag lock button
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2) . Ill is biography screen is actually a menu of choices that lead you to more displays illustrating other events in Muybridge’s life. Because Muybridge invented motion pictures, I included some short examples of his films, such as the galloping horse in Figure 3. The Photographer module contains a slide show of bis pictures, while the Stanford section uses a picture of a mansion with hot spots on the facade. Click on one of the windows, for example, and an image of the room behind it slides into view. This sounds like a lot of work, but careful planning and DcluxeVideo’s speedy interface made the process fast and easy. The key to creating multimedia with DeluxeVideo III is learning to manipulate the Wait and Goto effects. Wait turns on the cursor and tells the computer to wait for a mouse click. If the user clicks an object with an attached Goto effect, the program will jump to the specified video scene or label name, and continue the program from there. A clickable object in Dvidco can be a brush, a line of text, or even an “invisible” area (not highlighted to the user) of the display. The linking objects in the hi-res Muybridge scene (Figure 2) are the beige-colored key phrases, which are actually clickable brushes. Reconstructing the scene is simple: Tell the program to load the background picture, text, and buttons; position and display the objects, and wait for a mouse click. Begin with a fresh DeluxeVideo script and double click on the lone scene’s icon to enter the Scene Editor. Pull down the Scene menu and select Change. From the pop-up menu that appears, turn on the Restore Black option and turn off Double-Buffer, as this is used for effects and animation. Click in the Name box and type “Muybridge” The next step is to load and position the background picture (“track” in Dvidco lingo). Pull down a new track from the Icon menu and select your display of text and photos from the File menu. Pull down an Effect track, select a Position effect, and place it at time 0:00.0. When the What Sc Where requester appears, turn off Show At Start to bide the screen and anything attached to it while the program positions the buttons during playback. Click on Okay to return to the Scene track. Finally, drag a Show effect onto the Picture track and position it at 0:00.10; your screen is now ready for display. Button, Button! Whereto Put Tiie Button? Creating a clickable object is equally easy. I used brushes for my hot spots because they are so universally flexible, although 1 could have achieved the same tiling with the Text line or Box effects. For my button brushes, 1 used DeluxePaint III to grab the words I wanted to highlight on the text screen. 1 then recolored them so they would stand out when stamped over the background picture. To add a brush to the scene, pull down a Brush track and select the object’s brush file (for example, the word “gallop”). Place a Position effect at about 0:00.0 on the timeline. You need not turn off Show At Start, because the brush will not display until the screen does. Do, however, click the Where button to display the preview screen. Because the brush is connected to the Picture track, you will see both the background image and the brush you are positioning. Stamp the brush so that it completely covers the original word. When you are satisfied, exit What & Where by clicking Okay. Figure 2. Click the buttons or highlighted words to jump to related screens. Of course, you must tell the program what to do when the user clicks the brush, which is where the Goto effect comes in. Place it at time 0:00.5. When you select the Goto effect, Dvideo displays a text requester and waits for you to enter the name of the scene (01* label within the current scene) the program should jump to. For the example, enter "Horse" in the Name box. M The last step in building this interactive sequence is to command Dvideo to wait for a mouse click. To do so, drag a Control track into place below the Brush track and position a Wait effect on it at time 0:00.15. A small requester that allows you to change the duration of the Wait effect will appear. If you do not click the Time button, Dvideo will wait for input forever. This is fine for now, so leave it alone. If you do set a time limit and the program does not receive input before it expires, Dvideo merely continues playing the script. Your finished scene should look like the one illustrated in Figure 4. To test your new script, select Play Scene from the Project menu. If all is well, your new, highlighted button will be just where you placed it on the text screen. When you dick this button the sequence will end, rather than jumping to the specified scene. If you want to preview the jumps too, use the Play Video menu selection instead. Be careful: Dvideo will hang if the named scene does not exist. If your scene does not work as you intended, be sure that all the Effect icons are on the timeline in order: Position should lie at 0:00.0 on the Brush and Picture tracks; Goto at 0:00.5 on the Brush track; Show at 0:00.10 on the Picture track; and. Finally, Wait at 0:00.15 on the Control track. If you were building the complete Muybridge scene, you would need seven more active brushes. Considering the amount of work it took to set up the first brush, we are fortunate, indeed, that Dvideo offers cut-and-paste tools. As a shortcut, these new functions let you copy any scene, track, or effect and paste it anywhere in any video. To clone a hot spot, click the original Brush track, then select Copy from the Edit menu. Choose Paste from the same menu, and stamp the new track below the original. Finally, load this track's new brush, reposition it at the proper location with the What 8c Where requester, and modify the Goto label. These tools are even more useful for cloning entire scenes; I laid the foundation for another “The Birth of Film" thread this way. Figure 3. Pump some life into your presentation by animating a picture within a picture. When I Say Jump, Pardner .. Now that we know how to make Dvideo jump to any part of a script at the click of a button, we need a scene to go to. The previous screen was static, so let s add some pizzazz to the information at the destination. In the next scene, labeled Horse (Figure 3), the display is a mix of bi-res and lo-res screens and the script contains a dick-to-stari animation in the lo-res region. Start the script by pulling down a new Scene icon and placing it anywhere beyond the first scene on the Video track. As before, open the new scene by double-clicking its icon. Access the Change requester from the Scene menu and rename the scene “Horse.” Because I lorse includes an animation, leave Double- Buffer on. Unlike in the first scene, here the default settings are perfect; simply exit the requester. To create the background, you must combine a memory-efficient lo-res graphic and a hi-res bitmap (which is the best choice for text.) The cleanest way is to create a brush of each picture with a paint program. Keep them as small as possible; grab only the parts of the screen that you want to display. Next, even though you created two brushes, load them as ? Pictures. This way. I) Video allocates just enough buffer space to hold the now smaller-than-normal images. If you had assembled the display from brushes, you would have had to create two backdrop screens to hang them oil taking up a lot more memory. To display the graphics, stamp a Position effect at 0:00.0 on both Picture tracks. Because Dvideo always displays undersized pictures and brushes centered on the screen, you must drag them into the proper places with the Where function in the W hat X: Where requester. Be sure to turn off the Show At Start option and put a Show effect on both tracks at time 0:00.20. Use the Preview option to check the position of your new screens. During the test, the hi-res text screen will display in lo-rcs. Don’t worry: Dpaint does not store the resolution information with a brush, so Dvideo assumes that the text is lo-rcs. To correct this mismatch, double-click the hi-res track, then click on the Info button. At the bottom of the Raster Info requester arc three buttons: Modes, I li-rcs, and Lace. Turn them all oil. Reviving History Two more tracks to go: The first is an animbrush of a galloping horse (the world's first movie) animated in place on the lo-rcs picture. If the user clicks the Manufacturers’ Addresses NewTek 115 West Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913f354-1146 800 843-8934 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 picture (the animbrush), Muybridge’s horse animates within the original picture’s frame. This simple but effective technique never fails to impress. Create a new Dvideo Animbrush track. T his track will automatically connect to the hi-res track immediately above it. T herefore, you must reconnect the > animbrush to the lo-rcs screen by clicking on the brush’s track icon and dragging the arrow to the corresponding part of the lo-res Picture track. Use a Position effect and its Where function to place the brush on the lo-res screen at 0:00.0. Select a Plavanim j effect and locate it at time 0:00.25. Program the animation to loop a few times by changing the number in the box to the Cycle button’s right to 4 or 5, and exit. You now have a picture-within-a-picture that will come to life when vou click it. Now, pull down a Control track and put a default Wait effect at time 0:00.10. This time, you want the Goto effect on the Animbrush track to point to a label on the Control track at the bottom of this scene, rather than to another scene. Grab a Label effect and stamp it at time 0:00.20. Name it Gallop and exit. Place a Goto effect at time 0:00:05 on the Animbrush track and label it Gallop. 1 put a Label effect called Start at time 0:00:0. Then, I put another Goto effect pointing to the Start label on the Control track just beyond the time of the end of the Play effect on the .Animbrush track. Now the user can play the anim multiple times, because the scene rewinds and waits automatically as soon as the anim plays out. The button labeled Back at the bottom of the screen shifts control to the Home screen as an escape route from the scene. It is set up exactly like all the other buttons in this tutorial, except that the Goto effect points to Muybridge (back to the previous scene). Congratulations, you are done with scene 2. Compare your results with Figure 5. The Birth of Multimedia T hese two scenes should provide you with the foundation you need to create an interactive, multimedia presentation on your Amiga. You will notice that although Deluxe Video III is capable ol controlling a laser disc player, I did not include one in this tutorial, opting instead to show off the .Amiga’s real power. Full-motion digital video generated from the computer’s memory will probably replace the video disc. Let’s show the other guys bow to do it now video disc. . -just say no. To be effective in this age of short attention spans, you must keep your scripts interesting. Play a song, add sound effects, do a fancy wipe anything to break the grip of static, text-based displays. The Amiga is a powerful multimedia machine use that power! ¦ Gene Brawn is a digital animator, graphics designer, television director, and a contributing editor to Amiga World. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN AROUND 50 SECONDS!!
* YES ITS TRUE!! SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATAlS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. | COMPLETE '« HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM FOR ONLY UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!! Itis haFd to draw comparisons between Syncro Express and old fashioned Disk Copiers. Because they use parameters, they are almost guaranteed NOT to copy your latest purchase since parameters are not made available until several months after the release. But with the Syncro Express image copy method you can get a backup of all the latest programs, including blockbusters and utilities, quickly & easily. Start protecting your software investment NOW!I Menu Drive Control Program couldn t be simpler!! Select Number 6f Tracks, and that's ifc! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! Why will Syncro Express succeed where others fail? Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever tlft programmer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Syncro Express beats all others - it transfers data at MFMTTL level, just like the duplicators. 1 POWER BY DESIGN Syncro Express is designed in Europe where “Digital Image Copying" is the present sensation. This device, with it’s custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 70!! Manufactured In our European facility using the latelt Surface Mount Techniques - Syncro Express is warranted for 6 months against * manufacturing defects. . , Syncro Express comes fitted with it’s own on-board Custom LSI Chip giving It the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply & without user knowledge. So It doesn't matter what kind of data is there or whether the disk Is "protected" - Syncro Express will ttBtojan ldentlcal "Clone" of your original without fuss. One external drive is required. CARTRIDGE CONNECTS BETWEEN YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR EXTERNAL DRIVE Freeze Frame Digitizing It’s time to break out your favorite camcorder! You may be surprised to learn you can use slow-scan digitizers such as Digi-View to digitize images from sources other than photographs and still-life” scenes. By Barry Sonstroem HILE THE 4.0 release of Digi-View (reviewed in last month’s issue, j). 22) contains impressive new features adding exciting new dimensions to the entire field of slow-scan digitizing the fact remains we are still talking about images derived from stationary source material. Regardless of which version of Digi-View (all priced at SI99.95) you have, there is a brief, often overlooked reference near the back of the NewTek documentation stating that you can “digitize still-frame video from a VCR or a laserdisc in black and white." What? Does this mean you really can capture images from videotape without having to make the equipment investment in expensive frame-grabber solutions? Yes! Although the manual offered no further explanation of that single reference above, by conducting a few experiments I discovered a way to digitize pictures from videotape in black and white (and “re-colorize" them later with a paint program) by freezing the videotaped pictures with VCR pause control and operating Digi- View in its BAV mode. Let’s take a look at the basics of this "freeze- frame digitizing” technique. On The Bright Side .. In order to use Digi-View, your image must remain motionless for the duration of the scan (5-20 seconds); therefore, when you digitize Three good reasons why you need WordPerfect'.
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3. Customer Support. Perhaps our reputation for quality software is surpassed only by our reputation for expert, friendly, toll-free support. In fact, we have over 400 WordPerfect employees answering the phones, helping our users get the most out of their WordPerfect software. Your good writing needs a good word processor. And for features, print quality, and support, there is none better than WordPerfect. So whether you’re writing your novel, a proposal to the board, or a letter to mom, good reason says you need WordPerfect for the Amiga. WordPerfect CORPORATION 1555 N. Technolog}' Wav • Orem IT S4057 Telephone 1801) 225-5000 Telex 820618 FAX (801) 222-4477 WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporaooa. All other brand arid product names are trademarks and registered trademarks of then respective corapan.es Circle 64 on Fteacer Service card. An image from videotape, you must freeze it with the VCR pause button. Because the VCR sends a nonseparated color signal to the computer, your digitized picture will be black and white: Digi-View cannot build a color image from a nonseparated color signal; it adds color by combining separate color signals. For example, when you digitize a still-life or a photograph mm You can get great results by freeze-frame digitizing your videos. Via a camera and a red green blue color filter wheel, you scan the image with each filter and then Digi- View combines the red, green, and blue components of the image to build a color picture. If you have the bucks to buy an electronic color splitter, it separates the red, green, and blue components of a color video signal. Digi-View then digitizes each component as before, and recombines them to create a color picture. If you cannot afford the added expense, however, run Digi-View in its BAV mode and then colorize the picture by loading the Digi-View file into a paint program that has colorize or tint capabilities and then setting the program to one of those modes. With this inexpensive method, you can create high- quality color digitized pictures using only Digi-View, a VCR with a good pause mode, a TV (connected to the VCR's RF-OUT jack), a video cable with RCA plugs at each end, and your paint program. When you connect the hardware, make sure all equipment is turned off. First, make the standard VCR-to-TV connection with a short length of coax between the VCR Out-to-TV and the TV Ant-1 n jacks. This allows you to view a videotape on the TV and pause it at the frame you want to digitize. Next, plug the Digi- View module into the parallel port of the Amiga. Connect an RCA-to-RCA video cable to the module’s Video-In jack with the other end plugged into the VCR’s Video-Out jack. This cable sends the freeze- frame video to the Amiga for digitizing. Now that you are set up, turn on all equipment and load a prerecorded video cassette into the VCR and the Digi-View software into the Amiga. When the Digi- View screen appears, pick a resolution compatible with your paint program if you later plan to add color to your digitized picture. After you select a screen resolution, a requester box with the message No Video Signal Present may appear on your monitor, because the VCR is not yet in Play mode. Simply click on Cancel to return to a blank screen. When you digitize from a VCR, you must change some of the Control settings in the menu bar by pulling down the Control menu at the top of the screen and selecting Color. When the color-control screen appears, click on the BAV button in the Mode box at the top left of the screen. (Remember, even though the VCR sends the Amiga a nonseparated color signal, the computer digitizes it in black and white, so Digi-View must be set on BAV.) To achieve the best possible picture detail and clarity, click on the Camera box at the lower right of the screen. When the camera-control screen appears, set the Capture mode to 20 seconds by clicking on the 20 Sec Color Cam button. Click on the OK button and you return to the blank Digi-View screen. Hot Maneuvers And Cold Storage With the groundwork completed, the actual digitizing Digi-Tips IF YOU HAVE mastered the basics of freeze-frame digitizing, here are a few hints that will help you to maximize your talents: speed for the highest tape resolution.
• Shoot medium shots or close-ups because distant objects are much harder to digitize and colorize.
• .After you digitize a picture from the tape, release the pause button to reduce unnecessary head wear on the VCR.
• Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the Digi-View program and avoid constantly having to pull down the screen menus. ? BS process begins. Put the VCR in Play mode and watch the playback on the TV screen. Use the VCR pause button to freeze the tape at the scene you want to digitize. Pull down the Digitize menu and select a color. (Remember that Digi-View is in the B YV mode, so it doesn't matter whether you digitize in red, green, or blue the results are virtually the same no matter which color you choose.) After a 20-second scan, a digitized black-and-white picture displays on the monitor. You manipulate the image by returning to the Color section of the Control menu and adjusting the brightness, contrast, and sharpness sliders. Click on Display to see the results of these adjustments. After you experiment with the sliders and create your masterpiece, save the picture to disk by selecting Save from the Project menu. Have a formatted disk ready because a requester will ask you for a destination and name for the picture, if you plan to colorize your picture files, leave room on your disk because colorized versions lake up more disk space than black-and-white versions. For example, about 30 full-screen 320 x 200 black-and-white picture files fit on an empty disk, but only about 22 pictures fit if you colorize the images with three colors. Now load your paint program, set it to the Tint or Colorize mode, and then load in the black-and-white picture. For the best results, follow the paint program’s colorizing instructions and keep the colorizing process as simple as possible. You can achieve amazing results by adding just a few colors to the picture's main subjects, leaving the background in black and white, or erasing it entirely with the paint program. Becoming familiar with this “frame-grabber” technique may take some time, but it should help all Digi- View users to expand their digitizing horizons. ¦ Barry Sonstroem is a freelance writer who specializes in computer graphics and video. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturer’s Address NewTek 115 W. Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga " users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServe s Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you re an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more information, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe 16 ? A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen THIS COLUMN HAS explored several animation methods in the last few months, including cel animation with The Director (Right Answers Group), light-table simulation with DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts), and color-cycling techniques (just last month) with Dpaint and other paint programs. This month 1 will discuss an animation approach that could be called "Two-Dimensional Clay- mation,” Claymation is a technique in which a clay figure is altered slightly between each filmed frame. The result is a three-dimensional figure that moves and makes complex facial expressions. The now-famous California Raisins are a product of claymation. Dpaint’s Smear mode provides the animation tool for my computer version of this method, but the image begins its life in Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), or any other HAM (Hold-and-Modify) paint program. The Amiga’s 4096-color HAM palette lets me quickly paint characters with rounded, highlighted features, while Dpaint 111 provides the powerful animation tools. The HAM image is brought into Dpaint via PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software), Transfer 24 (NewTek), or any other software that can convert a HAM image to 32 colors. This is a good exercise in using several pieces of graphic software on a single project, and it is a very fast way to produce interesting animation. Go Ahead, Paint Your Face! The face in the illustration was painted in Digi-Paint 3 using the method described for Photon Paint (Microlllusions) in the Jan. ’90 Accent column (p. 40). This technique is simple enough for any beginner, yet it produces images of complex color and subtle shading. This time, I will present the procedure in terms of Digi-Painfs interface, and use it in a way that emphasizes a 3-D quality. For the entire face, I used only two colors, a flesh tone and a dark reddish brown. Both are in the default palette. The idea is to paint in transparent, highlighted layers using the Filled Freehand shape setting (“d” on the keyboard). Set painting mode to Normal and go to the Transparency Controls. Select the Point hotspot. Set the left slider halfway down to make the center, or Hotspot, of any drawn shape 50% transparent. Set the right slider all the way to the bottom to make the Edge of that shape 100% transparent. Select Random dither, and you are ready to paint. Use the flesh color if you want to try a face like the elf character in my example. 1 built him up quickly by drawing blobs on a black screen corresponding to the sculptural masses of cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and so on. Smaller blobs made brows, lips, and other details. The Hotspot and Edge settings (like a low bell curve in Photon Paint’s Blend requester) let the color saturation of an area build up in soft-edged layers. The Hotspot setting automatically creates the illusion of a light source illuminating rounded masses. You can enhance shadows by keeping the same settings, but switching to the dark- brown color. Trace the outline of a shadow area, and it darkens as Edge transparency blends it smoothly into the face. I he eyes are targe dots set in as solid colors, transparency zero. Save the image to disk and Quit. Transfer 24, bundled with both Digi- Paint 3 and the Digi-View hardware, serves as a powerful accessory to the paint program, allowing image processing and adjustment of resolution and palette. In order to animate the elf face in Dpaint, the image must be reduced from HAM to 32 colors. Because of the limited palette used, this change will This nifty HAM painting animation combo brings a new wrinkle to the technique that made those “California Raisins” famous. Barely be noticeable. Load the image into Transfer 24 and go to Controls. Click Dither Off, and select 32 Colors. In PIXmate, you would Load the picture, then select HAM>32 from the Color menu. This redisplays the elf accordingly, so that you can save it before quitting the program. Now run DeluxePaint III and load the image to begin animation. If it seems to the reader that I have gone a long way around to wind up with an image in DeluxePaint, remember that this style of painting is unique to HAM mode. Part of my point is that HAM styles need not be excluded from Dpaint’s superb animation tools. Facial Expressions Load the 32-color version of the face into Dpaint. The animation will be built a frame at a time from each preceding frame. This image will be frame L In the menu go first to Anim, then to the submenu Frames, and then to Add Frame. A glance at the upper-left corner of the screen shows that frame 2 of a two-frame animation has been created and is being displayed. The number 1 and 2 keys will roll the animation frames back and forth. At the moment, of course, the two frames are identical. As a first experiment, try making five or six frames of the face lowering its eyebrows and grinning. To make the face grin, use a large round brush as shown in the illustration. The + and keys will make the brush as large or small as you like. Hit the F4 key for the Smear mode and the “v” key for the straight-line tool. Place the brush on one corner of the mouth and drag a short line toward the edge of the face. (Enabling Fast Feedback in Prefs is a good idea at this time.) Release the mouse button and observe the effect. You are striving for a clean shift in the features with no obvious streaking of pixels. If these streaks are present, hit Undo and try again with a shorter line. You may have to stretch the features in a few short stages to avoid streaking. The brows in the illustration were moved using a freehand brush cut to the right size and angle as shown. Smear moves the chunk of image that is under the brush. If you do this carefully, you can change features gradually, frame by frame, without losing the original character of the shading and dithering. When you finish a frame, go back to Anim and add another frame. This automatically duplicates the new image to the next frame to be modified again. Continue the process as long as you like. Best results come from very gradual adjustment of each frame. Experimentation will clarify the technique. This is also a great way to manipulate digitized photographs. So, if you can’t draw a good face, collaborate with Leonardo da Vinci and see if you can bring a grin to the Mona Lisa. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. WHEN WE ABANDONED the security of the Workbench last month for the uncertainty of the Shell and its command- line interface, you may have been a bit nervous. Don’t worry: You already know how to start it and how it uses directories and files to store and organize information. Now we’ll teach you commands that make working with those files and directories a snap. Info.phile Back to Basics Part 5 There’s more to the Shell than meets the eye as our AmigaDOS experts dust off some old tricks that turn the novice into a pro. By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings Shell We Get Started? First, bring up the Shell by using the procedure described last month (p. 52). (.Although the Shell works in any size window, make it fill the entire screen because you see more of the results of each command.) The orange box just to the right of the Shell's “1>” prompt is the cursor and it marks your current position on the line. The command you type on this line activates a corresponding program file already contained within AmigaDOS. Remember, you may type the commands with any combination of upper- or lowercase letters. For your first command type DIR Because DIR is an abbreviation for directory, it displays the names of the files in the current directory. (Remember the Shell functions tike the Workbench; just as von work in only one Workbench window at a time, you input commands into only one Shell at a time.) When you execute the command by hitting the Return key (which, it is understood, you will do after entering any command), a list of the files included on your Workbench disk scrolls down the screen. (To access further information about a file, such as its size, status, and previous access date, you can type LIST but we will discuss the differences between the DIR and LIST commands in a future article.) Now that you are feeling more at ease, we will show you some tricks that will save you a lot of time and help you execute commands much more quickly. By hitting specific keys, you can recall commands from the Shell’s “history buffer” (the sequential chain of your previously entered commands). The history buffer bolds 2048 bytes (2K), or characters, of previously entered commands. Exactly how many commands fit in 2K depends on the length of your commands, but, in general, the number should be several hundred. The Shell keeps the history buffer in your Amiga’s memory, and it lasts only as long as your Shell session: Exit the Shell or reboot your Amiga, and vour history buffer vanishes. J To re-enter your last command, you need only hit the Cursor Up (t) key. If you do this now, LIST (the last command typed in our previous example) appears; il you then hit RETL RN, you once again scroll through the list of files and directories. Even though typing LIST is not too strenuous even for the worst of typists, some commands are long, and this shortcut is handy. 11 you hit Cursor Up twice, DIR (the next-to- last command you typed) appears. In general, when you continuously hit Cursor Up. The Shell takes you through the previous commands in reverse chronological order. When a blank line appears, vou have reached the end of the chain. When you press the Cursor Down key (| ), you move forward through the chain. II you continue to hit Cursor Down, you move in chronological order through all of the commands that you previously entered. When you hit the Cursor Down key enough times, you end lip at a blank line; once again, you have readied the end of the chain. Shortcuts Through History If you wish to go to the beginning or end of the history buffer from any point in between without having to scroll through commands one at a time there Continued on p. 51 NOW! PRESENTATION GRAPHICS FOR THE AMIGA Bgraphics gives you maximum flexibility for all of your presentation graphics requirements. Present your data in the best light. Add impact and enjoy total control over format, colors, and fonts. Tiii inn • itt nun mimiiii PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW June 29 - July 1 at The Chicago Hyatt Regency Chicago, Illinois Sponsored by W O R Admission includes the Exhibition, Seminars, Keynotes & Amiga Artists Theatre! 120 Amiga Exhibitors Featuring State of the Art Software and Hardware, at the lowest prices! Master Classes Available in Amiga Graphics, Video, Programming, Animation, Rendering and Publishing! Seating for Master Classes is limited; call for schedule and availability before registering. 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Becoming familiar with such multikey combinations is very useful because you encounter them frequently, both in the documentation for the AmigaDOS Shell and in the manuals for many other Amiga software packages. In addition to moving through the history buffer one command at a time, you can also search for a specific command. Say you want to recall a particular DIR command, hut do not want to search the history buffer one line at a time. Move to the bottom of the chain and type DI (or any other prefix of the command line you want). If you press either SHIFT- Cursor Up. Or CTRL-R (for Recall), the Shell goes back through the history buffer until it finds the command line. Once you are on that line, either press RETURN to execute the command or continue to move around in the history buffer via the cursor keys. If no command line in the chain begins with the prefix you entered, the Shell blanks it out, and you are back where you started. If after repeated attempts you discover that no previous command is exactly what you want, you can find one that is close to what you want and then edit it into shape. We will discuss the Shell’s command-editing options next month. But for right now, we need to invoke the “Say Goodnight Grade” command to get us out of the Shell (and this column). Type either ENDSHELL or ENDCLI press RETURN, and you are hack in the Workbench. Keep practicing these commands and multikey combinations until next month, and, remember, if you become master of the Shell, you are no longer a novice. ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings are contributing editors to Amiga World. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Dr., Durham, NC 27703. Dare to discover Drakkhea the premier title in the Draconian line and the First role playing game that combines FRP themes with the most advanced technical wizardry ever! You have been chosen to lead a hand- picked band of four brave adventurers on a treacherous journey. Your quest: to reclaim the mystical jewels from the eight dragon princes, resurrect the great dragon and restore the primeval realm the source of all magic in the universe. Never before has there heen an adventure as vibrant with features as real as this: Three-dimensional graphics present a fantasy world in which you truly feel you're a part. X' "Real-time" environment renders lifelike animation with independent character interaction. X More than 150 unique monsters, ogres and dragons with over 200 on-screen magical spells. X' Personalized characters to match your own adventure style be you scout, priest, magician or warrior! Available for the IBM " 'PC compatibles, Amiga'' and Atari ST'“ Personal Computer. Drakkhen; C S, TM 1989 Infogrames, Uniled Stales ami tena- dlan copyright Dala East USA. Inc, Manufactured by Draconian under license from Inlogramcs. Draconian is a trademark ol Data East USA, Inc. IBM, Amiga and Atari ST are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Inc., Commodore Electronics Ltd.. and Atari Dorp., respectively. Nter the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess the second sensational title in the Draconian line and explore a bizarre post-bum world caught in the throes of mutant treachery. Set on a distant planet, the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess combines mystic drama and humor with a sophisticated icon interface, so players can easily maneuver through the game's captivating plot. You play the role of Raven, a Tuner, whose telepathic abilities provide a unique advantage when fighting the enemy a monstrous race of mutants called Protozorqs. Command eight sci-powers with "iconomized" ease as you probe the chambers of the mutants temple, searching for your abducted girlfriend while engaging in a brain-draining tesl of five ordeals. Animated and colorful, the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess promises hours of challenging intrigue for novice and expert fantasy game players alike, Don't miss out on the first psionic thriller of its kind-from Draconian! Information and Ideas on Amiga Programming Monitoring the ExecBase For Efficiency By Eugene Mortimore ALL AMIGA PROGRAMS should take maxi mum advantage of all current system-specific hardware and software resources. To do so, your programs should optimally configure themselves upon startup, and thereafter adapt continuously to a possibly changing hardware and software environment. You must, in effect, write one program that adapts itself to complex and changing circumstances. The hardware environment largely determines how your program initially configures, while the continuoiish changing software environment affects the way your program branc hes when executing. To help you achieve this goal, the Amiga system software contains a hidden set ofsystcm-wide internal routines that constantly gather information about the current state of the system. I he routines detect all hardware and software in the system at bootup, and they initialize the appropriate system-wide parameters to reflect this initial system state. They then continue to gather and update the system parameters to reflect the current system stale. Your programs should monitor a subset of these LISTING 1 include exec types.h> include exec exec,h> include exec execbase.h> inc!ude stdio.h> define SIZES 16 define MINSIZE 3 define MAXSIZE (SIZES + MINSIZE - 1) struct ExecBase *SysBase main = ) I shor size_frequency(SIZES]; struct MemChunk *memChunk; machine-specific system parameters to execute at maximum efficiency. For example, all programs need to know which CPU is present; most must be aware of the amount of internal and external memory available; and some need to keep track of which shared libraries are currently in the system. As a special case, programs intended for both the US and European markets need to check the machine’s power-line frequency. System Bookkeeping Each shared library in the system has a structure that provides it with a bookkeeping mechanism for the current machine stale. For example, the Graphics library uses the GfxBasc structure, the Dos library uses the Dos Base structure, and the Intuition library uses the lntuiBase structure. These bookkeeping structures provide vital clues to hidden software mechanisms and useful insights into important system parameters that your program can read (and sometimes write) to enhance its performance. We will concentrate on the most fundamental book- Coutinned on p. 58 Amiga System Programmer's Guide System Programmer’s Guide - comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Includes the EXEC structure. 10 requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions, more. 442 pp ISBN 1-55755-034-4 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Amiga Disk Drives
* Inside and Out Disk Drives Inside and Out -the most comprehensive book yet describing everything you need lo know about Amiga disk drives. Learn how lo speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, how computer viruses infect your system, the ins and outs of the DOS functions, loading, saving sequential and random files and file organization, boot blocks and technical aspects of the hardware, and more. 346 pp. ISBN 1-55755-042-5 Suggested retail price S2S.95 Advanced System Programmer s Guide - follow-up volume of thorough explanations to accessing the facilities provided by the libraries, input and output of the Amiga programming hardware. EXEC structures, multitasking and more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 570 pp ISBN 1-55755-047-6 Suggested retail price 334.95 Amiga 3D Graphic Programming in BASIC C for Beginners - introduction to learning the C language. Explains the elementary concepts using many examples. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works, many programming examples. 284 pp. ISBN 1-55755-045-X Suggested retail price $ 19.95 AmigaDOS Inside and Out - covers insides of AmigaDOS. Includes reference section, tasks and handling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use scnprlles. Multitasking and more. 274 pp ISBN t -55755-04 wsSgested retail price $ 19.95 Amiga Tricks & Tips Tricks and Tips - presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets. AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memcry locations and much more' 342 pp ISBN 0-916439-88-7 Suggested retail price 519.95 Amiga for Beginners - introduces you to Intuition, the mouse, windows, the CLI and AmigaBASIC. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 178 pp ISBN 1-55755-021-2 Suggested retail price S16.95 3D Graphic Programming in BASIC-details writing 3D graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading and more. 360 pp ISBN 1-55755-044-1 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 and Out AmigaBASIC Inside and Out - step-by-step guide to AmigaBASIC. Every AmigaBASIC topic: chars, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse & speech commands. Covers Iworkbench 1.3 Info. 548 pp ISBN 0-916439-87-9 Suggested retail price $ 24.95 C tor Advanced Programmers contains a wealth of information from professionals who program the Amiga: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, us ng Intuition, combining assembly language ard C programs, using jump tables and dynamic arrays, designing ard programming userfriendly interfaces, managing large C programming projects and more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. 650 pp. Amiga C for Advanced Programmers Amiga Graphics inside and Out ISBN 1 -55755 046-8 Suggesled retail price $ 34.95 Machine Language - comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ML programming, covers 68000 microprocessor, speech, sound, menu programming, complete intuition program including Proportional, Boolean and Siring gadgets. 264 pp ISBN 1 -55755-025-5 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Graphics Inside & Out - graphic programming in C with examp es of points, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors, more. Complete description cf Ihe graphic system • View, Viewport. RastPort. Bit-maps. Screens, and wincows. 610 pp ISBN 1 -55755-052 2 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Desktop Video Guide - clearly explains how you can harness the video power of the Amiga. Guides you through the confus ng jargon and terminology to give you a praclical introduction lo VCRs, genlocks, scanners, frame grabbers special effects, and hardware. Digitizing, paint and drawing programs and more. 240 pp. Tricks & Tips for the Amiga Anofior ce*caon d vakstie mfTKinnjnmwiwnan fcnrjiL«T-. ISBN 1-55755-057-3 Suggested retail price S19.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide - an invaluable, easy-tc-use reference tool lor beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 128 pp ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Suggested reiail price S9.95 More Amiga Tricks & Tips - a collection of easy to use techniques, hints for Amiga owners, disable fasl RAM, NewCon and Pipe devices, more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 218 pp ISBN 1-55755-051-4 Suggested reiail price $ 19.95 Companion Diskette - available for all titles except Amiga for Beginners Desktop Video and AmigaDOS Quick Reference. $ 14.95 each See your local bookseller or Abacus 3ept. L6, 5370 52nd Street SE* Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Phone 616-698-0330 * Fax 616-698-0325 Order Toll Free in US & Canada Circle 124 on Reader Servtce card p o i r struct MemHeader *MemHeader; struct Node *node; short index; R R S printf"SvsStackUpper Address prinrf"SvsStackLower Address printf"KaxLocMem Address printf"MaxExtMem Address printf"Quantum task-switches sec printf"DebugEntry Jump Address printf"TaskTrapCode Jump Address printf"TaskExceptCode Jump Address printf"TaskExitCode Jump Address printf"AttnFlags bits printf"VBlankFrequency c sec printf"PowerSupplyFrequency c sec SysBase->PowerSupplyFrequency); %lx n", SysBase->SysStackUpper); %lx n", SysBase->SysStackLower); %lx n", SysBase->MaxLocMem); %lx n", SysBase->MaxExtMem); %lx n", SysBase->Quantum); %lx n", SysBase->DebugEntry); %lx n", SysBase->TaskTrapCode); %lx n", SysBase->TaskExceptCode)- ; %lx n", SysBase->TaskExitCode); %lx n", SysBase->AttnFlags); %lx n", ysBase->VBlankFrequency); %lx n", Forbid(); for(node = (struct Node *)Sys3ase->LibList.lh_Head; node (struct Node *)SysBase->LibList.lh_TailPred; node = node->ln_Succ) = printf("Library Name %s n", node->ln_NodeO; } Permit(): for (index = 0; index SIZES; index++) I size_frequency[index] = 0; } Forbid(); for(MemHeader = (struct MemHeader *)SysBase->MemList.lh_Head; memKe a de r->mh_Node.ln_Succ; memHeader « (struct MemHeader *)memHeader->mh_Node.ln_Succ) = for(memChunk = MemHeader->mhF; memChunk; memChunk = memChunk->mc_Next) = for(index = MAXSIZE; index >= MINSIZE; index ) = if((l index) & memChunk->mc_Bytes) = ++size_frequency[index - MINSIZE]; break; } Permit(): printf(" nCurrent Free-memory-chunk-size Frequency Distribution: n n"); printf(" Size Frequency n"); for(index = MINSIZE; index = MAXSIZE; index++) = printf (" %61d: %41d n", (1 index), size_frequency[index - MINSIZE]); } PageStream -i : ’ . Professional Desktop Publishing For the Amiga PageStream 2.0 is fully integrated with A fa Compugraphic's hinted outline fonts, as well as Adobe Type 1 IBM fonts. PageStream will display these outline fonts on the screen, plus will print them to dot matrix printers, giving exquisite bi uality. PageStream continues to support bitmap onts. I You demand precision in your work, and PageStream delivers. PageStream allows for specifications of beginning and ending angles of arcs in 1 100 degree increments and allows for rotatation in 1 100 degree increments. Specify font sizes in 1 100th point increments, and position and size objects to the same 1 100th of a point. That's 1 7200th of an inch! Now enjoy a larger maximum page size that allows even a billboard designer plenty of room to work with. You can also "bleed” objects off the page with ease. PageStream 2.0 contains these added features plus those that you've grown to love and depend on! These powerful features will assist you in creating a unique and professional document! PageStream! Determined to be the Best! Registered owners upgrade to 2.0 for only $ 75. Suggested retail price : $ 299.95 PageStream is available through your local dealer or: Soft Logik Publishing Corp. 11131 F South Towne Square St. Louis, MO 63123 314 - 894 - 8608 This ad was created with PageStream! All trademarks are property of their respective companies. Circle 211 on Reader Service card. T E R S P 0 I from p. 54 keeping structure, that masterlord of the entire system: the Exec library ExccBasc structure. For reference, print a copy of the 50-parameter ExccBasc structure in the execrbase.h include file. At any time, the ExecBase structure provides a global picture of most of the hardware and software system’s important characteristics. Some of its parameters are continuously changing and are background-updated by the hidden Exec routines. For example, the Low- McmChkSum. ChkBase, and ChkSum parameters arc present solely to provide internal memory integrity checks on the system; the system monitors these parameters and your program will rarely be concerned with their current values. By the same token, your program routines will usually not be writing new values into FxecBase structure parameters. The hidden Exec routines sense and characterize the user’s hardware system, then build the .Amiga software system from scratch each time the user boots up. Most results of this process are reflected in the ExecBase parameters that exist at the end of the bootup sequence. Any program can read these initial structure parameters (and configure itself) before proceeding further. If your program needs to examine any of the system-wide lists (the Library list, the Device list, the Memory list) they arc always kept current in the appropriate ExecBase structure parameters. The hidden Exec routines automatically place all initially added shared libraries (the Exec library, the DOS library, the Graphics library, and so on) on an ExecBase structure list. At the end of the bootup sequence, the ExecBase library LibList parameter represents a List structure that contains the current library list. Via a list-reading loop, your program can determine which libraries were added to the system. Each time the system deletes (or adds) a shared library from the system library list for example, to gain more memory or a concurrent program deletes (or adds) a library, the Exec internal routines automatically unlink (or link) that library into the ExecBase library list. The same applies to devices, resources, message ports, and so on. You can see why some of the ExccBasc structure parameters are constantly changing as groups of programs enter the system and cooperatively multitask. Auditing the Books Listing 1.0 is a short program that reads and displays 15 of the 50 ExecBase structure parameters. First, compile and execute the program on your machine, then try to interpret the results in terms of your system’s hardware and LIBS directory contents. Here are the parameters it examines:
• SysStackUpper and SysStackLower are the upper UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, INC.
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• MaxLocMem and MaxExtMem are the maximum addresses of the machine's internal and external memory, respectively. Your program can read these values to decide if a user’s machine has enough memory for it. If necessary, you can then alert the user if insufficient memory is available.
• DebugEntry is the ROM entry point address of the start of the RS-232 9600 baud serial-port RomWack routines. A set of debugger routines in ROM, these functions are primarily used for examining data structures after a program crash. Exec assures that the state of the machine is frozen after the crash,
• TaskTrapCode, TaskExceptCode, and TaskExit- Code arc the ROM cntry-point addresses of the current task’s trap, exception, and exit code. The system will jump to these addresses automatically when such events occur. Any address that starts with OxOOOOFC will be in the .Amiga's ROM.
• Quantum is the number of task-context switches performed per second. Your program can change this value by writing a new value into the Quantum parameter, thus altering the frequency of task switching.
• The AttnFlags parameter provides a good illustration of how the hidden Exec routines first determine and then write initial values into ExecBasc structure parameters. AttnFlags is a collection of bits that represent specific processors in the system. If a machine has a 68020 CPU, AttnFlags would be AFF 68020; a machine with both a 68020 CPU and a 68881 FPU would yield a Ored combination of the AFF 68020 and AFF_68020 bits as defined in the exccbasc.h include file. A program written for all machines in the 68000 through 68030 range must determine what processor is in each user’s machine and then execute only the appropriate asscmbly-language instructions to use the processor to maximum advantage.
• VBIankFrequency is the vertical blanking frequency in the system, while PowerSupplyFrequency is the power-supply frequency in the system. This value would be 50 for a European PAL machine. Study the possibilities carefully, then extend my program to devise a strategy appropriate to your own program's needs. ¦ Eugene Mortimore is the author of Amiga Programmer’s Handbook, Vols. I and II, and is a registered Amiga developer. Write to him at 2620 Center St., Bethel Park, PA 15102. This picture is worth only 7 words... ...The Best Things Come in Small Packages. Printerface provides an auxilliary printer port for simultaneous operation of your printer and digitizer.
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• Well start downtown in the “civilized’’ section of Phlan no monsters here, although the city watch does a spiffy monster imitation if provoked. Do not provoke them (except in the name of science) by acting the part of the unrepentant vagrant or housebreaker. (There's really no need to go breaking into places. Poking your heavily-armored nose around will turn up a 24-hour weapons store, though it doesn't exactly hang out a sign.)
• The Slums should be no problem if you have a balanced and reasonably well-equipped party. Here and elsewhere be thorough in your searches. The eastern section contains the nastier encounters: use sleep spells to tie up the archers and flankers. You may want to avoid meeting the trolls and ogres in the old Rope Guild until later in the game. The trolls have a nasty habit of standing back up and grinning at you, so you'll need to kill them all around the same time, and then stand ? KOEI.. .We Supply The Past, You Make The History Features Include:
• Four separate scenarios;
• One to seven players;
• Military, Economic and Diplomatic Simulation;
• Cast of 255 characters with unique abilities, personalities, and social positions;
• Sophisticated battle system that incorporates everything from seasonal terrain changes to fireballs Koei Corporation, One Bay Plaza, Suite 540, 1350 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010, Tel. 415-348-0500 The newly appointed Minister of War has seized all imperial authority, and rules the Empire with malicious glee. Those who oppose him are branded and exiled. The Emperor, reduced to a shadow in his own palace, has one last chance to restore order and justice...you. game is also one of the few I've seen that incorporates momentum; You can’t change the character’s direction in mid-air. Jumping teenage mutant ninja turtles must be moving in the direction of the jump when they leave the ground. Otherwise, the game is unrad, dudes. The humor that seemed implicit in the turtles’ creation a twist on 1950s’ movie titles has been lost. Much of the turtles’ Hash is gone, too. .Although the graphics are colorful, they have a blocky, inexpressive look that makes them barely adequate. The outdoor, overhead shots of the multi-directional scrolling streets are downright Nintendo-csque. The indoor and underground scenes arc only a notch better. The music is equally uninspired, and rather boopy and bleepy for the Amiga. Game control isn't much better. Joystick response is Laser Squad By Rob Lawrence TAKE THE EAST-PACED action of any arcade game, add to it the intuitive strategy of a warfare simulation, and you have a new type of strategic- combat play, called Laser Squad. You command an elite team of warriors who wield high- tech weaponry of your choice. The mission objectives vary, depending on which of the five scenarios you select in the beginning. The rules are simple: kill or be killed, protect your best man, and never forget to watch your backside. The warriors’ moves arc limited by the number of action points they have, so plan your strategy carefully. Certain tasks require more points than sluggish, and while you can save a game, you must reboot to restore. Rebooting brings you back to the copy protection. While I can’t begrudge Ultra its password system, the passwords are not only impossible to photocopy, but difficult to read even under bright light.
• • • others. For instance, if you open a door, you use more points than if you turn The only quality that distinguishes this game from the dozens of others is that the lead is played by. . .well, turtles. 1 can t recommend that anyone shell out for this untie soup. (547.95. Ultra Software Corp., 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4510, 708 215-5111. Joystick required.) Around. Firing a gun often requires more points than you have left, leaving you open to mm m 4-1 23 Imp ¦I ifCERL&r I GEEfiT I STRIlWat on top of them. What do you want to kill the fortuneteller for? How do you treat your grandmother? Her reading is valid enough, and you've been asked to kill monsters, not gypsies. Oh, go ahead, waste her. Just don't blame me for what the monsters do.
• Sokal Keep: Undead seem to be everywhere, don't they? Does that document you found with the corpse look even vaguely familiar? If not, save and reboot a couple of times, and you’ll get the idea. (If you're saying "What corpse?" Poke around the entryway.) Perhaps you can parlay this scrap of paper into something useful.
• Kuto's Well: If you find nothing down there, you’re not looking hard enough. Once its occupants are vanquished, the well is a nice place to hang loose without retreating all the way back to the civilized area to heal up. Because this was a den of thieves, look around for ill- gotten gains.
• Podol Plaza: This is more or less self-explanatory. You're on an espionage mission, so act the part. As you’d expect, the location of the weapons auction you’re reporting on is central. (The auction will start when you find it.) If you're just passing through, you can avoid most combat by staying around the edges of the plaza.
• Mendor’s Library is easy enough, if one of your mages memorized the "knock" spell. Otherwise, this may be a short expedition, as the doors have been sealed magically. Stay in "search" mode all the way through, as there's a lot to uncover. It’ll probably take several rounds of the stacks before you find every book you can. If some of your treasure sounds a bit odd, well, reflect on it a bit.
• To the reader who is stuck for the right lines to allow the professor and girl to let him take the controls of the blimp in the kick-off episode of Rocket Ranger (Cinemaware, $ 49.95): Er, what are you doing on the blimp? It takes up time better spent elsewhere. You'll crash anyway, and the Continued on p. 70 It's match point in the finals and you're losing... You're down Love- 40 and must break the Australian's serve to survive. He blasts a fierce serve to your forehand You return with a top spin drive to the crosscourt and rush the net. A lob soars toward the far corner, but you backpeddle and explode with an overhead for the point. Only four more to go...
- 3 Hit top spin shots, lobs, deep volleys, overhead smashes and drop shots to any part of the court. O Split-screen view for authentic real-time action on grass, clay, hard court or indoors. (3 Play 32 seeded com- puter opponents, create your own challenger or I compete with a friend . ] 3 Doubles or singles play with practice modes for every shot, selectable game speed options and variable player skill levels. Only the dedicated player has a shot at winning the Tennis Cup. OPPONE [™ Available for IBM Tandy compatibles, Amiga and Atari ST at a retailer near you or call the zoo keeper at (301) 646-5031. Suggested Retail: $ 39.95 3431-A Benson Avenue » Baltimore, Maryland 21227 Amiga screens shown. Tennis Cup™ is a trademark of the Electronic Zoo Limited Partnership. IBM, Tandy, Amiga and Atari ST are trademarks of International Business Machines, Inc., Tandy Corp., Commodore-Amiga. Inc. and Atari Corp. respectively. 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• Barbarian II ..... Clip Art Disks 1-8 leach) 15 Barbarian Desktop Artist 73 Bards Tate II. E D ps 74 h*JBarney Bear .. H«*’. For Ail s Sake 10 HiJ Batman the Move. Futu’c Design 24 Batman .. i GEN Animations 37 Battle Chess Heraldic Pi-:s ...... 27 ¦ Battle or Bntian Human Design ..... 24 ¦ Banie of M d-vay Kara Aiwn Fonts 1...... 32 Bathe Squadron Kara An-m Fonts 2 32 Bathe Tech GRAPHICS 3 Demon Art matar l mages Awjrd Maker Pius Award Maker Sports Dtek Bej'd Master Butcher 2.0 Cafcg-aaher Conic Seiler ... Comic Setter Data Disks Deluxe Paint II _ Wuxe Paint in . Deluxe PnctoLao . OeteixC •’nrj II Dcsgn 30 Digr-Dff-o Hi*!Digi-Maie HI .. ..
- 1 Dgi Pam 3 0 . Ogi V ew Gold 4 0 £ian Performer Farr 3 D Fonts...... Fori-Worts ...... frame Grabber 5W Interchange . . Interchange Otiect Interfcnl
• Modeler 30 Ootc*s PageReader 30.... Pncton P*m II...... Pda ion Paint Expansion.. UwlPfMEon Video E0LP-. . Pixmale.. Prim Master An GalCiy 10-2.. Prim Master Fantasy Pom Mstr Fonts Borders Print Vaster Plus. Scan I jt» ..... Sculpt 3D XL Sct'ot-Annuie 4D ScLiot Animaie 4Q jr Terr am Disk ...... Turbo Siw Turoo Siver Conversion Turto Siver Video VidGcn .. VidfOSCJpe 3D 2 0 i Wrap SeiiC-n Abacus OesktP Vid Boa- Animjgic - , ...... Animation: Editor . Art mat mo- Effects . - . Animation Fspper An nation. Melt; plane . Animation: Ro'OSOTD? Animation Soundtrack Animation: Stand . Animation' Video Titter Animator Apprentice Am motion Brcid:3St Truer Cakgan Consumer Delude Productions. Detune Video 1.2 ... Deiu e Video III Digs-Works 3D , Director Director Tootiit D rector Video Tuto*ral . Easy 1 rtk-r FanUvrion . . Invivon Plus . Lrgnts Camera Action Movie Setter . Movie Setter Data Disks PageFrpper m .... Photon Vid. Cel Animator. Proton Vid Transporter . Pro Video Go d ... Pro Video Gold Fonts lea) tit*1. Scene Generator i ShcwMaker tit*1- TV G'apMci TV’Show TV Tent P-ofcssianai. Video Ellecis 3D .... Video Titter vt l...... VIVA' Zcstrooe A Cad Draw ?fXK) Home Builder's Cad Home Butter's Choice. Tit»‘. Home Butter's Library Hm1. Home Butter'S Print . . IniroCAD...... Professional Draw... Stnjctured Clip Art..... Hw‘. Ultra Design X Sh HI Pro , X-Cad Oesgoer X-CaJ Devon*1 prC ART & FONTS VIDEO CAD WordPerfect Library.....S3 WORD PROCESSING AND DTP 01 Desk 2 0 134 CyynusEO 67 Excellence1 iRcq IMS) T59 Kind Words 2 0 74 Micro Text 25 Page Seller ll ......79 PageSiream . 129 PagcSiream Forts (cathi 27 PageSiieam Fonis X**l (Mag Images)......23
• PagcStieam Forms 23 Pen Pal 99 P'o Templates 33 pTOiessKmai Page t 3 214 PtoForts leach) 26 Promise ... 39 ProScnpi ...33 ProText 139 ProWrite 75 Reason ...... 273 Scnbbte’ Piatnum 9) Transcnpt 17 WordPerfect (Updated!) 179 COMMUNICATION Kara Heading 1 or 2 Lions Caligra'cnts Lon s Fonts Maps Pics Masterpiece Fonts Media Line Fonts . MiCfODOT Design PueiScnp! Forts 1 PuttiSCript Fonts 2 3 or 4 Puefienpt Ornaments PnolScript Sampler Pro font Library. . Hi*1. Pro Page Outline Fools . Hi*.Qu:C« Ate Hi*'. Set forts Starships 21)50 Studio Fonis . . Subheads H«»1. Super Cl ps. ... T ate Fonts...... i Vermont Seasons . World Symbol Library ZurrU Fonts .... 30 Part 4inAlncf.es i 666 Attack Sub AS Zoo Action Fighter. Hr*’- Alter the War __ Hi*! Afterburner .. Airtufi Airborne Range*. Alien Lec-cm Alien Syndrome...... Hi*’. All Dogs Go To Heaven Altered BeaS! Alternate Reality Amiga Karate Andromeda Wss«on Amals ot Rome . ... APB.....- . Aqjanaul.- - .... Aquaventure ..... Archipelagos Arena Art 0! Chess Art ot GO Astern Astianiii..... Advantage floflgeteer Cniic’s Choice Desktop Budget... Easy Ledger...... Investor’s Advantage Money Mentor .. Nimbus i 3 (New Version} PHASAR 4 fl. Project Master.... Pubkster's Chore Secu'im Analyst Service Industry Accounting.. Take Stock Tax Break 11989) the Accountant... The Worts’ P:annum Hu1, Top Form II ..... A Talk HI (New Version) Baud Bandit . BBS-PC Online' Platinum.... Skyline Tele Tutor BUSINESS GAMES Batttehawk; 1542 36 Ganyrred 22 Rove; Solitaire 24 Battleship 20 Garfield 5 Winter Talc 36 ¦ Pool of Radiance. Ca 1 1 Beam 23 Garfield 26 Populous Worlds Disk 21 H««lBa'imiila Pro;cci 31 GceBee fur Rally. .23 Populous .33 Belter Dead Than Ahen 23 Gcm ni Wing 29 Postman Pal 29 Ht*1. Beyond Dart Castle 41 Genius. 29 Power Stacks 24 B tXX Commando. 23 Gettysburg . 42 Power Steuggte 29 B'jci CaUtron 29 Ghcu's ft Ghcsts . 29 PcwcDrama... . ..29 Black Jack Academy 23
• Giopal Commance' 27 Prison ... .28 Black Magic, ... 27 Grand Pnx Circuit 33 Pro Football Scnulalo' 27 Black Shadow 25 Grand Pnx Masler . 34 Pro Tennis Tour .... 31 Nr*', Black Tiger.... 35 Gridiron 30 Project WcDtune 27 B itrkrieg Ajdsnncs 42 Guerrilla War 31 Hi»l Putty's Saga . 29 Sou* Marty 23 Gun Ship 37 Hi*1, Pursurf to Earfh 29 Ht*’> Blood iVych Data Disk IS Hamer ComPat 35 Pi, .vi; S'orybock 29 B’oad iV cf 36 Ht.1. HciRaiser 35 Ok 27 Hr*1- Blue Angel 59 ?a Heroes ol the Lance 29 Ht*1. Quart: 38 Hi*’. Bur Angers . 35 High Steel 25 Quest Fcr Time Buds. 36 Bobo . 24 Milisfir 36 Question It . .. 35 Ht*1. Bolng the Game .. 31 Hole In Cfte Courses 15 h«*'. Racer .. .24 Bomb Busters 23 Hclc In Ona .... 25 Raf-bolll ...... . 27 BcmCuiH .... 23 Hollywood Pore: 25 Ramcage ...... .. 27 Breach 2. 34 Hc-imss 37 Reach For me State 33 Breach Scenario 19 Hometown USA 29 Realm at the Trjlij. 37 Breach 29 HoncyMooners .. 29 Realm of the Warlock 25 Bride ot the Robot 31 Hostage .. 30 Red Heal 39 Bi'dge 5 0. 27 Ht*'. Hound or Shadow 31 Reel fish'n . 32 Bubble Ghast 29 HiV. Hoyfes Boo* ot Games 28 Renegade 28 Ht*1. BuJjkan 32 Human Killing Machine 28 Hi*'. RcrraiSirxe 27 sufmo &11 ..... 36 Hun; for Red October 36 Return To Alttim 13 California Games 29 Hyjjns 25 Revenge ot Qettndet 27 Capone 28 Hi*1 Hypcrforce 35 Rhyming Noteocox . 31 Captakn Btecd, ... 38 1 Ludicrous ... 25 R ck Dangerous .. 37 Captain Fin,,,,.. , 21 Hi*'. Impemim ... 32 Rmgsade .. 59 Carrier Command 33 Indiana Jones (Doom} 23 Road Rader 27 Cjsmo Fever 26 trey Jones Adventure 36 Robo-Cop.. 36 Centerfold Sq.a'ts 24 Indy Jones A-cace 29 Rock Chan eng* 27
W. Ciumoons ct Kr flfi 37 Ut*1. InteSUl'On 29 Rocket Ranger 33 Hw’. Chariots of Wrath 27 insanity fight... 29 RacHcrd 26 Charon 5 .... 24 Ir.teicepior.... . 35 Roger Rabbit. 31 Chcssmasiei 2000 20 International Soccer 28 Roll Out 27 Ch'cno Oueit 24 Iron Lord 35 HnLRoifer Coaster Rumble 30 Circus Attrjctiors 29 Ht»! Iron Trackers 31 Romjrc; of 3 Kngdoms 46 Hw’.Oc*nOM4-.ia 28 1! Came Frcm The Dteser! 35 Romantic Encounters 29 Colossus Chess . 27 Hr*!j NlCXlauS CbUSte D’S*. ? 13 RVF Honda...... 31 Comoat Course . 27 J N Cktaus Gall 37 Santa Parana . . . 22 Conllict Europe.. 36 Japan Scenery .... 20 Scary Mutants 27 Corruption . 31 Jaws .. .... .29 Scenery DteK 7 c-r 11 18 Cosmic Bouncer. 21 Jet sons...... 29 Scenery Disk 9 20 Cosmic P.f3te 37 Jci 35 Seconds Cut Btuing 21 Cosmic Rai'cf 27 Ht*'. J jsaw Pudimsn a 25 Sex VucrtS Fron Space 29 Ht*1. Courtroom ..... 36 Jinks 2! Shadow of ’ji* Beast 34 Craps Academy 26 Joan Of Arc . 31 Shadowgate 33 Crash Garret: . 27 Joke* Puk.sr 33 1 ShlHQOi, 33 Crajy Cars ..... 27 Journey 34 Shullfpuck Cate . 29 Ht*l Crossbow William Tell 31 Jr-Q .27 Side A-ms __ . 29 Crossword C’eator 35 Kamotgruope . 46 Side Shew _ . 31 Crystal Quest 36 Karats kud It . .23 SrdewrCe- ..... 21 Cyber Comptex. 25 Keef the Tr-tef.... 36 Siten! Se-vrts 24 m*'. Cycles. 29 Kennedy Asd-cach 30 Sihton D-cams 25 DRAGON Force .36 King Arthur . 37 Sm City Terrain Ediior 17 Daily Dlil. Horse Rating .24 Kingdoms of England. .32 SimCrty 31 Danger Freak..... 24 Knight Force 31 . Skate Wars 34 Darx Castle 35 Krtjlal 35 Sky Chase 28 DauStorm. 27 Lancaster 31 Sky F.ghter 19 Ht*1. Day d me Viter 35 Lancelot 2S Skyfov II 19 Death bnnger .. . 23 . Las Vegas 19 Siaygjri 29 Dceb Space 21 Ht*'. Lasai Squad. 3: Slipstream 17 Deja Vu it .... 33 Last Duet .... 28 Snake Pit .. 24 Deoahs . 23 Last Inca 2B H**t Soccer Match . 27 Detonatcr.. .... 26 Leathernecks.. 29 Hi*! Soid>er 2000. . 36 Devon jire 34 LED Storm 29 H*«! Sowe-T Of Light 36 Dsfihl Armies 31 Legend ct 0|d 36 Sc-iitare Roya'e 22 Dry* Bomber 37 Legend. 29 Sotee'er Lord 2E Deminator 29 LfrSute Surf Larry II ... 34 Space Ace 39 Dominoes 18 Ht*’. Le sjte Suit Larry (II 44 Space Culler 20 Hi*' Doub’o Dragon II 31 Licence to Kilt 29 Space Harrier 2 36 D* Doom's Revenge 31 Lombard Ratty..... 29 Space Harriet 36 Dragon f crce 35 Lo-ds d the R smg Sun 33 Space Racer 21 Drjgcn Spun ... 31 LOS! Dutchman M r? 35 Soice Ranger. .. 18 H-*'.Dr3gcns Lifil.. .. «• Ht*1. Magic Candle - 39 Space Scnort Sidhjtaiof .. .24 Dragons Lai* . 3a Mage Johnson Huops |1 M3I 26 Space Station...... . 16 Dragons of Flame ... 31 Major Motion. . 27 Speedoall . 29 D'agcnscaoe ... . 31 Ht*) Maniac Mansion 34 Spherical. 29 Hw'.D'akkhen ..... 41 Marble Madness. 19 Spur World 25 Dream Zone . 31 Mean 18 27 Spiti ng Image 29 Dungeon Vaster Asst 24 Menace 24 Hr*! Spy vs. Soy 2 18 Hw1. Oungren Master Editor 24 MeuoMhs 31 St a- Goose 29 Dungeon Master H ri! D:S* 15 Ht*’. MicroLeagute Wresmng 29 Sta* Ray. 21 Dungeon Waste- . 29 1 Might 4 Miflik ti 46 Sta* Wars Tn'ofiy 35 Dungeon Quest ... . 34 Millenium 2 2 37 StarFlighi .36 Earl w Comrrisionef's Disk 15 Mmd Roll .... . 22 Steigar . 31 Eorl Weaver 68 Stats 15 Mission CcriBat . 35 Stellar Crusade 41 Hi*'-Ead Weaver 8? Stats 15 Mcebius . . . 58 S’CO Market Gam? . 19 Ea-i Weaver Baseoaf 35 Momentum Chec* 25 Slory Sc Fa?.. 29 [iimirato- . 28 Hi*'. 1J T B Birbirossa 46 Street fights*. .23 Hw'.ETpero’ ot the 'Anes 37 Ht*1. MTS Central Germany 46 Slrider 29 Empire , 36 Hi* New York WamCUS 35 S'np Pa-er Data (each) 15 HwUnunciator 17 Ht* New Zealand Slory 36 Strip Pflker II 28 Hi*1, Eskimo Games. 28 Mgnt Hunter . 29 Ht*'. Stryx 23 European Scenery 20 MghlDawn 25 Stunt Car Raze' 34 Evil Garden 16 Nh;a M.iSion. 18 SuD Bitt'e. ... 34 E idem .23 Mjrfh ft South 34 Super Scramale 25 Eye 01 Horus..... 29 Nuclear War . .. 36 Hi*! Sword of Aragcr..... 32 Ff 16 Comoat Pilot 36 Oskterator 30 Sword 0! Sodan . . 34 F40 Pursuit 31 Oil Shore Warrior ..... 29 Swords ot Twilight ...... 36 Faery Tate. ..... 29 Omega ...... .36 -• Synapse 24 Fatecn Scenery. 20 Omm Flay Basketball .37 T ACL. . . .74 Fatten 34 Omni Play Horseiscng 36 Ht*! Tab c Tenna 28 Famous Cours? Dsk 17 Dacrat on Cean Streets 28 Tare Spin 37 Fast Brea*. 33 Oaeiabon Walt . .23 Tangtt.vaod..... 27 Hi*'frmmc Fatale Data 17 0>waid 28 Tank Attack..... 22 Femme Faiale 26 ?at Run..... 34 Targhan..... 36 Fernanda Must D u 29 POW 28 Taigls ... 27 Ferrari Formula 1 35 H«LP47 ThundertJCil 35 Techno Coos . 34 Feud 13 Pact arc; 29 Hi*! Teenage Mutant N iji Turtles 31 Fijnoish Frecdy. 35 Paladin Scetar-o. 15
* eie Ep c 27 Figne* Bomber . 44 Paladin. ...... 29 Tc cga-tes . 26 Final Mission . .25 Hi*1. Pipaiboy ...... 36 Teiewar 11 27 Fi-e ft forget... ..... 27 Paranoia Comg'ex. 32 Tetewar.... .... 29 Fite Bngade 33 Hi*1. Persian Gull tnfemo 29 Trrrorpods 28 Fits! Person Pnbatl . 36 Personal Nightmare . 29 Test Drive II Data leach) 15 FiSh 3! Pmntasm 24 Test Dnvte 11 Muscle Cats 15 Flight Stmjiitof 2 32 Phaser Gun 45 Test Drive ll 30 Ht*1-Fools Errand 37 Ph03'.J . 37 Teira Quest 27 forgotten Worlds 29 Pirtonary 36 Tutns . 25 formula One ..... 21 Pijneer Plague - 27 Hi*! Third Courier . 30 Four in One . 22 Pije Dream 31 Three Stooges 31 Fright Night 23 Planet ol Lust. 29 Thud Fldge __ . 34 Frost Byte . 21 Platoon .. ... 31 Thunder gay.. . 26 Galactic ItTvaston 19 Picket Rockets. . 29 Tim; ft Magk 31 Pico Man 31 tin1. T Ift Tin Of! The Mtcn . 36 litar- .31 Ht*! I cm & Jerry 2 28 Tom ft Jetty 23 rriH5Buter.. 24 True 36 Tfltfe X .... . . 29 Trtrta Pursuit .. 29 tin'. Iu do Outrun. . .. . 36 Turbo ......17 TV Spoils Basketball . .26 IV Sports Football . 26 Twilight Zone 29 «»*', Typhoon Thompson 23 U t rra III 29 Lit ma IV 39 Under Sea Commando . 34 Uninvited ...... 31 Lhwse III ..35 Vampire's Empire . . I? Vegas Gantdler. ....33
• Vene ... . Cafl V-fffante 2? VrriB .... 21 Vortex ......23 Vulcan . 23
W. r in Middle Earth 35 Wa-iook. 23 Hr*1- Waterloo 45 Wayne Gcetay Hockey 34 Where Seeping Goes Lie 35 While Death ... .... 33 Willow .. 25 Vand Wafter 3' Wordatex 25 Hi*1. World Oamoorish r So- r.g -3‘ World Class Coe’s* 15 World Ctess Leader Bret 29 Wo id cl Flight 109 World Snooker Billiards 2? Word Trophy Soccer. 28 Xenjn ll ......39 XenapftaOc. 36 Za WcKracken 36 Zany Gall ......19 Zerc Gravity 21 Zoom ...2C Zork Iq'C (wfGraphicsl ... 40 EDUCATION Ad.1 o1 Snb,id 35 Acs&ps Faote (Umcoml 33 Aesop's Faole (Hdtcn) . . 19 Ail About America 42 An.mi Kingdom. 35 Arabian Nights..... 35 At ThC Zctt . . 31 Ca'da: Arrest 49 Choen Little T9 Cl AS 99 CortSttJrdTratiCin .30 Oetera Help Car Qeygnasau'us. 34 Dnoiia- Discovery Krf 29 Dinosaurs Are forever 29 Discovery Data Disks 15 Discovery Math 26 Discovery Spell .. .25 Distant Suns . 51 fust Lettete and Words 29 first Shapes 29 Frit ton Action 33 Grads Manager 63 Intel! Type 19 Jigsaw .. 29 Kindtrama..-. 33 Ltarmrg Cu've 55 Lmkviord Languages 24 Little Rea Heft...... 19 Leg c Master 36 Magical Myths .. .36 Match it 29 Math Talk . 29 Math Tal* Fractions 29 Math Wi;3*d 35 Mathimatran 59 Mans Bx-accn 33 Nut" Fix ..... 43 Opposdes Attract 31 Planetarium . ... 51 Read ft Rhyme .
- 33 Rcad-A-Rama 33 Recipe Fax... 26 Spelter See. 29 Tak "j Storybook (cachi 24 Three Bears ..... 22 Three Little Pigs ID Trip (w.'AtJaS) 35 Ugly Duckkng 22 Where in Europe 35 Where In Tn; USA 35 Where In The Work! 30 Word Master , 35 DATABASE Hm’.CB Man V. 199 OataRet'ieve. £9 OuaRetnevt Pro! T£9 Maiiofle* 35 Micro Base .....25 Microfiche Fiier Plus MS Nag Pus 54 Superpasa Personal n 99 Superbase Pro! 3 223 Who V r.ii Where When . 67 PROGRAMMING A C Bas e (v> 3) 134 A'Crcrtran. . 199 Ajdistn Wes 'ey Manuals Cai Am ca Macfime Lang 24 Areix 36 AsserrPro 72 Aflec C-Oev :99 Bencnmafk C Library . 7t Bencnmart: IFF Library ...... 7t Bencnmanc Modula-2 . ;34 Bencftrrutk Smpfrtec 71 C-»+ 279 - AM AX 129'’ Ami Aiflnment 37 Amiga DOS Toolbox . 40 Amiga Triers ft Tips 17 Am K t 29 BAD 34 Can Do' 93 CL 1-nits 25 Cuiot Commander . . 2i Cross DOS 25 Des Caries 24 Disk 2 Disk (New Vcruonl 37 Disk Mechamc 60 DiskMaste? 40 Dos 2 Dos 37 Dougs L brary Dtek 11 Doug's Math Aquarium 59 DUDE . 35 Dunlap Utilities 55 Express Cosy 31 EZ Backup 36 TACC II 25 Family Tree 34 Horne Iff. Manager 27 Mac To Dos 92 Mastering CLI 29 Mitrdlawyer 42 MuiiPrefs 23 fio'cen Geneo'ogy 71 Pafene Prir.ier 25 PittlScnpt :Q4 Prd|«i D (New Version) . 37 Quartertiack . 47 Raw Copy (Latest') 37 Slutfil 23 Supe-Back 54 T Shell 34 Taro! Master... 25 Thinker ... 49 Toia: Ccnlrol Die! 74 Ultimate Dos Utils...... .46 Vuus Infection Proiecion.. .32 Virus Protect co Toon it 39 Vo Re-: One 129 VB Extras 25 X-Copy ll 23 AMAS i Amiga S ngs Audio Master 2 0 Ban 4 Pipes Ht.! 9a-s ft P pds Musi: 3a> Ba's ft P-pes H>*1 internals Sound Kit. Deluxe Mussc .... (lr T Patch Editors. Drum Studm Dynamic Drums Byname S-id o Fa! Sounds.
H. *1 Full Kcj-S KCS. . . KCS Level II M Ha*’ MaSte-'Souno M»ter Track; P-a MID: Recording SddO . MdiMagic St.! Music M.&dufes Sla'Ier . Music Mouse. . Music X ... Pattern Splatter Pro Sound Designc* Uuisjr Sound Som. Sound Lab Amiga Sour.d Oasis . Sourd Tran 1 or 2 SourdguESt Patch Editors . .. St ud 0 Mage. Syrirsia Syrttua Piotessrorai Texture ... Trie Copyist Pro Our oii|ective is la carry every product lor the Amiga - and sell them at the best prices. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. If you find a lower price, please give us a call. II is no longer close to possible lor us to list all the products we carry II you don’t see it listed, please call. Hi*' Products are new and in stock, i Products had not been released at press time. Products have been marked down in price. All other products ate normally in stock (as well as hundreds more). C 5 Q
r. Apf 63): Developer's TooUil DtivPac Amiga DSM Disassembler Eiterd hr. Soft Sasic irdvaToots tNe* Vtruen) J Fonn [New Vetscn) L Dfibuc .... . Lin! Magellan (New Vcrsoni. Modula 2 Vodt'e 2 Debugger Por.tr Windows 2 £ Shell Soltv.are From Hell Source Level Debugger rociKit . TxEd Plus Ultra Ca:d . W-SwS ...... UTILITIES msic ICES • BEST SELECTION A1000 Keyboards We Know Video! Titles Editing Animation ' Overlay Special Effects s 999 We are the leaders in Amiga video - for home and business. We can help you make better videos. We are authorized dealers for Panasonic Industrial Video and Future Video Edit Controllers. Call or write for our free Video- Maker brochure. ORDER BY 1PM PSTAND RECEIVE YOUR ORDER THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Software rates: $ 7.°° for first two items. 33.™ for each add7 Continental U. S. only C. 0. D. available Low hardware rates Call for complete details - not available to ail areas. LiRBORNE EXPRESS goes Airborne! Still 110 FastTrak with 40MB Quantum Drive and 2MB RAM Mm Silver FOR A500 OR A1000. SEE OVERLEAF FOR COMPLETE LISTING. ORDERS ONLY: 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) IN CALIFORNIA: 800-843-2842 _ CUSTOMER SERVICE: 415-3G4 9714 NOW ON COMPUSERVE: FACSIMILE (FAX): 415-365-2073 71230,2412 Send Mail Orders to: GO AMIGA 2682D Middlefield Rd. Redwood City, CA 94063 (Money Order. Cashier s Check, or Qualified P.O only, California residents add sales tax.) SHIPPING INFO: Software Snipping rates are So.00 pet iterr using UPS Ground service = max $ 9 00} or $ 4 50 per item using UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max Si3.50). For Airborne shipping rates and condillons, see above. Alaska. Hawaii, APO, Mail, foreign shipping extra. Call lor hardware rates and other sapping into RETURN & REFUND POLICY: Air returns must have an Rf.U* Call Customer Service lo request one Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with an original packaging. Exchanges for same product only OTHER POLICIES: We don't charge your card until the product ships Purchase order customers must have credit application on file. No suicharge for VISA and MasterCard When ordering with credit card, please include expiration date and name of bank1 Is everything okay, Bill R.? Amiga ss atrademark of Commcdcre-Amiga Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Amiga. Delivery subject ro product availability • Prices subject to change • Circle 26 or Reader Service Card. FOUR PAGES OF SA VMS! A-SQUARED Live A1000 S25S Live A5CG ...345 Lr.e A2000 ...Call Call for product avariablit)' ANAKIN Easyl A1000 ......369 Easy I - A5Q0......359 Easyl - A2000 399 APPLIED VISIONS Future$ ound(AfQOOl 144 .Wn'FuIureSound A5OD.2Q0O ...95 ASDG SnrlJX-100 Scanner w SW 899 Multi Port Serial Card . Co I Vm-'Scanlab Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-8EQ3.5' Drive. 12' CITIZEN raif24-Pin Color Printer Call DIGITAL CREATIONS SupCfGsn .....644 tr SuperGen SC ..Call Vfii'SuperGen 200CS Call New products corny soon' ECE MIDI lor A500 A1000 A2000 .. .58 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Vn ' BaseS03rd OK 134 Vfjr.'BasaBoard 512K ...214 Vrn-'BaseBoard 4MB .....534 Tool Box In Stock' va.-.'A500 Power Supply 94 GO AMIGA' DisV: Head Cleaner., 15 30 Disk Case . 10 ImageWriter II Cable Call Printer Cable ...20 Modem Cable ..20 Mouse Pad .10 Sony Cables ...... Call FiickerFuer Cables .Call Custom Cables . . Call GOLD DISK in St pci.! W-uPro Scan GOLDEN HAWK TECHNOLOGY NV;r-'MlDI Gold 500 65 .Vffi'J MIDI Gold Insider... 72 GRAVIS Vnr.'UouseSlick £9 ¦Vpr! Switch Stick .37 The best joystick! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68030 Accelerators lor A2000: 28MHz, ES2.4MB... 2.199 With 40M5 Drive 2 699 V 80MB QuanUirr ...2 999 23MHz (by itself) 779 33MH: How Available1 Impact SCSI RAM lor A2000. Impact S O 299 Impact 8-2 ...Call A2000 Hard Cards; HC2’4QQ .699 HC2 80Q ...939 HC2100Q ... .999 A500 Products--. . .. Call Streaming Tape Call Removable Media Call HAITEX X-Specs 3D ___97 Call for product av&tibii'ty HEWLETT-PACKARD .vtfDesfcjet* . Call Vrt ’Painliet ....Call Disk e! Prmter driver3,nr ’ INKWELL Light Pen ..99 IVS Memory Boards Call Trump Card SCO.....Call Trump Card 2000. Call KETEK Command Cemer.. .Sale! MAGNI Magni 4000 Genlock In Stock’ Magni 4000-S In Stock! MAXIMUM vrr'Yoke lor Flight Ssmuiaiar ..78 MICROBDTICS Starboard II (AT000) OK 239 M501 lor A500 99 8 Up (A2000) OK. . 159 3 Up (A2000) 2MB Call Hard frame for A2000 No Drive ...239 Wilt 40MB Quantum .659 Witt BOMB Quantum . 399 W 105MB Quantum 999 MICROWAY Flicker Fixer.. . 459 w-’Genlock Upgrade 49 PAL version available! MIGRAPM .vr.rf Hand Scanner Cali MIMETICS T Antigen Genlock ...Call Audio Digitizer..... 85 MIDI Interface tor A500 and A2000. . 45 MITSUBISHI Call DiamondScan Monitors Great tor video! NEC MultiSync Monitors.....Call We han ah me nght cates-' NERIKI Wir.'Neriki Desktop 919 Yiw .'Nerikilmagemasler... Call OKIDATA Qkimate 20 with Plug n'Print 159 Black Ribbon .....6 Color Ribbon .....7 Call for product availability PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Subsystem 500 219 Subsystem 500 w 3.5 ...355 PANASONIC Yr.?WVI 500 Camera Call Wvl 4 IQ Cameramens. 239 Variable iris Lens .. .79 11801 Printer .Call 11911 Printer ..Call 1124 Printer ...Call PASSPORT DESIGN .vu'MlDl Interface Call PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master ..31 PRO PRINT Paper for Ink Jet Printers .15 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber .Call .Vrir.'MjmGen ...... 209 Pro Gen Genlock 349 QUANTUM ProDrr i 40S. . 449 ProDriveSDS .6"9 ProDrive 1 OSS 779 RO & L PRODUCTIONS NiraVA Pro D'sw InStOCk'. SAFESKIN Clear Keyboard Covers 19 Specify Amiga model SHARP Y«ii.’JX-100 Scanner wSW .. 8S9 JX-450 Scanner Call SONY 1302 MuttiScan Call SOUTHERN TECH My-T Mouse ....42 Calf lor product availability SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY OK Spirit Beard. AlOOO.Cal OK Spirit Board A500 Call 15MB Spirit Board lor A500 ...429 Hard Disk interfaces . ..Call STAR MICR0N1CS ? NX1000 Rainbow , NX 1000Black .... Ribbons available' 259 190 SUHRIZE INDUSTRIES Perfect Sound 69 Color Splitter... Call SURFSIDE Master 3A3 5" .129 SUPRA ? 2400 Modem ...115 2400zi Internal A2000> 139 A2000 OK RAM Board .159 A2000 2MB RAM Board ..Call A2000 Wordsync Controller: No Drive 179 With 40MB Quantum ...599 With EG MB Quantum ...349 W 105MBQuantum., 949 External 44MB Removable (met. Conlrolferi... 1 039 Other A2000 drives available' Hard Drrves lor At 000: 20MB 599 30MB ..679 40MB ..789 80MB .1024 44MB Removable.... 1 249 SCSI Interface (At 000). 209 Hard Drrves lor A50Q: 20MB ......529 30MB ..609 40MB 7G9 80MB ..959 44MB Removable 1159 2MB RAM lor A500 ..275 SCSI Interface (A500).. .189 512KRAM Exp ( A500). . 34 TECHNICOVER Cover lor A500. Cover for A1000. Cover lor A200Q .14 ...17 ...17 ...39 WIC0 Trackball VIDTECH Scanlock.. .859 Scanlock Power 69 VISUAL AURALS Mindlight 7 178 XETEC FaslCard A2000 ...135 With 40MB Quantum ...569 With 80MB Quantum ...789 With 105MB Ouantm. 399 FastTrak A1000 329 FastTrak A500 .....329 RAM Module lor A1000 ..99 RAM Module tor A500 . 99 Tape Drives ....Call We stand behind the hardware we sell with lull warranties and intelligent, informed support. We all own and use Amigas. And we can help make sure you gel the right equipment. Only Go AMIGA! Airborne Express Shipping Largest inventory Oldest, largest Amiga-only dealer Best order processing system Courteous, knowledgeable staff No membership fee! 2&§EBoard 4 Megabyte Memory Board for the Amiga A500 by expansion Battery-backed clock Easy plug-in installation 100% Amiga software compatible User-expandable memory array One year warranty BaseBoard Oks 134.00 512K $ 214.00 s534.00 Attention Shoppers! Don’t forget, Go AMIGA will meet or beat any legitimate deal on any Amiga product. You can have it all: Best Products Best Prices... and Best Service! ™ IN CALIFORNIA CALL: 800-843-2842 TO ORDER CALL TOLL-FREE: 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Join the movement animation! With four software packages to step up your performance and creativity. ) t , * ?MK VkleoScape 3D Graphics Starter Kit Introductory Drawing and Animation Programs The AMIG Starter arfat Get Aegis Draw, Animator and (mages, plus the Art-Pak volume of clip art images, all in one loaded software package-an incredible $ 269.00 value for only $ 99.95! Learn to create Amiga® graphics with the Draw program, explore colors and cycling effects in the Images program, then animate your creations with Animator. Hundreds ot ready-made images are provided in the Art-Pak library.
• Now includes a FREE copy of Arazok's Tomb game! Explore the sinister subterranean world ruled by 'the evil mmd held by no head." Lisl Price: $ 99.95 hevj version includes l orih NEW jGHTS'.CAMW AC VideoTitler™ Professional Video Titling Create spectacular text effects such as star. Neon, glow and embossed... all animated! VideoTitler can mirror, skew, size, and distort fonts from a variety of sources, even create new fonts, control shadows and 3D effects, and use IFF files as back-drops and fills.
• Sharper fonts.
• Simulated rotation ot images.
• HAM 4.096 color palette.
• Utilizes Half-brite chip
• Runs in NTSC and PAL
• Med High res. With Overscan
• Lights!Camera!Action! Slide show special effects generator included. Oxx Aeeif Your Source for Imaginative Software AnlMagic, VideoTitler. VideoScape 3D. Fetus' Camera' Action'. Modeler 3D. ProVotion and Aegis are trademarks ot 0*u Inc Amiga is a registe'ed tradema'k ot Ccmmodcre-Amiga List Price: $ 159.95 VideoScape 3D™ High Speed 3D Animation Lightning speed makes Videoscape 3D the best-selling 3D animation program for the Amiga® Computer. Take seconds to do animations which require hours with other programs! Control light sources, camera and object motions, background and sky colors for incredible 3D movies. Set start and end shapes and have the program generate intervening frames Special Limited Time Offer Now with Pro Motion™ Pro Motion eliminates the need to enter tedious x-y-z coordinate tables with its break-through graphic motion file-editing environment. Track several objects, even change objects. Special effects such as wind, gravity, and magnetism automatically simulate complex real-world movements. List Price: $ 199.95 ANIMagic™ 3D Animation Special Effects Generator Spectacular 3D effects from your IFF files and ANJM™-style animations, including spins, page-turns. Venetian blinds, confettis, strobes, and color effects like sofarization, shadows, translucency, masks and cycling. With ANIMagic. You create effects rivaling those on network T.V.!
• Cut-and-paste edit and adjust color on single frame or throughout an animation
• Looping
• Record to memory or disk
• Link ANIMs for longer movies.
• Supports all resolutions and color modes: HAM, hall-brite, interlace, medium and severe overscan
• Includes library of 21 effects like fountain and shutter-flip
• Supports NTSC and PAL.
• Uses ANIM or IFF-format tiles. List Price: $ 139.95 P 0 Box 90309 Long Beach. CA 90809
(213) 427-1227 (i A ME PRESERVE from p. 62 being shot during the enemy’s turn. The game also introduces a new type of offensive system: The enemy must be within the viewing field of at least one of your warriors for you to sec him. If your enemy has enough points left over from his previous turn, he may be allowed “opportunity fire," letting him shoot at you immediately, even though it's your turn. Moral: Keep the enemy in your field of view. * For atmosphere, Laser Gold Of The Americas By Peter Olafson STRATEGIC STUDIES Group (SSG), the Australians who gave us Reach for the Stars, has readied back 500 years and pulled out a charming and ultra-playable game of colonial conquest called Gold of America. As the four great powers of the 16th century, you and three other human or computer players try to colonize North and South America. Representing either Spain, Portugal, England, or France, you buy armies, colonists, and slaves, plus trade, war, and pirate ships, and assign them to territories in the Americas. Your king kicks in some of his fortune to help fund this conquest, but claims a huge share of the proceeds. At the end of 30 ten-year turns, the player with the highest total of colony points wins. Be warned: The Squad boasts outrageous music and graphics. .All the details, from the bathroom showers to the computer consoles, make the scene look realistic. Because the combat areas are large, you have to use the joystick to scroll over all the sections. Scrolling is smooth, however, and you can alter its speed. The game’s drawbacks are hardly worth mentioning: A separate disk is required to save a game in progress, out- computer opponents arc pleasantly aggressive. The icon-driven, mouse-controlled interface makes the game go like lightning. Want to raid your neighbor? Just click on the territory and drag over an explorer icon and as many armies as you need. The screens are so cleanly designed that you can start playing without reading through the documentation. If you get into a tight spot, using the save- game option is a good safety precaution. While simplicity itself to play, the game is deceptively complex: You can choose random or historical settings for the New World and Europe, and three levels of computer play. History buffs, however, may want more in-game options. .Although the explorers are drawn from life, you can’t give fitting men with weapons can be time-consuming, and upon completion of a mission, you arc told only the final scores and who the victor is. Aside from that, there’s not much to complain about. I became addicted to it after an hour, and the hunger for revenge kept me playing even after defeat. (S39.95, Microillusions, 17408 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344, 818 360-3715. 800 522-2041. Ho special requirements.) Them any instructions beyond their destination. An option to govern the explorers’ caution or recklessness would be nice, but I like this game as it is. You can even play the solo version in one sitting a rare virtue for a strategic game. The graphics are more EGA card than Agnus, but they effectively represent what they’re supposed to stand for. Sonic arc actually delightful, such as the increasingly sophisticated buildings that represent a colony’s level of development. Explore this one; you won’t he sorry. Gold of the Americas reaches for the New World, ,, but makes it to the stars. ($ 39.95, Strategic Studies Group, 1747 Orleans CL, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, 415 932-3019. No special requirements.) Nazis will return until they succeed. There is at least one correct line, natch. Resist the temptation to flirt or be flip. Be as factuat as you can, given the choices, and don’t be afraid to own up to the improbabilities of the situation. For those of you who are earth- bound by uncertain mastery of the arcade games, there’s one distinctly non-heroic way to get to the moon: stay in New Jersey.
• More Rocket Ranger help comes from Jonathan Vitti of New Canaan, CT. He suggests assigning agents to infiltrate countries around the Mediterranean first, then Africa and South America. In each case leave a resistance movement behind. (Hit the unoccupied territories first.) Jonathan writes that you’ll need to make one trip a year to snag a rocket part (and avoid arrest as a terminal coward) and perhaps take a further trip to a lunar- ium base.
• Don’t just go out and do the town in ft Came From the Desert (Cine- maware, S49.95); as in Rocket Ranger, you'll only waste time. The game does point you in the right directions in very subtle and acceptable ways. Of course, you'll still have to deal with the doting ants who want a kick in a particular part of the head and those highway jerks who want to play chicken. (Be aggressive.) If your aim is off and you land in the hospital, the security heavies who stand guard at the front door can be lured away from their post. (Hide in a room until they pass.) Of course, sometimes it doesn’t work. If you need help with a game, think you could help someone else, or just want to bellow irrationally, drop me a line in care of AmigaWorld (80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458) or by E-Mail (P. Olafson on Genie, Peteroo on Punk). Weird Dreams By Dolan Yaple SOME COMPUTER GAMES drive people nuts, but in Weird Dreams you really are crazy! Evil forces have attacked your subconscious, causing you to hallucinate, dissociate, and buy Motley Crue albums. Awful apparitions such as carnivorous flowers, hungry fried chickens, and giant hopping reproductive organs stalk your dreams. A ? COMPANIES MENTIONED: Cinemaware, distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. 800 245-4525. Strategic Simulations Inc., distributed by Electronic Arts, n S 1 m . R T 7H A h uu f GA i 1 A c i [»] R LA V SHIPPING & HANDLING $ 4.00 ORLD'S MOST-POWERFUL E&kRty*!LITY CARTRIDGE IS HERE IsT LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES acItion WER TC N REPLAY SIMPLY PLUGS INTO THE EXPANSION PORT OF YOUR AMIGA 500 AND GIVES YOU TO FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM, THEN YOU CAN:- ¦ AMIGA A THE POU ¦ SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable upto 3 programs to fit on one disi. Unique FDOS power means that the programs reload at upto 4 TIMES FASTER than Amiga Dos - even indepcn dantly of the cartridge. Ft UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE Allows you to generate more anti even infinite lives. * fuel, ammo etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Very easy to use, ¦ SPRITE EDITOR The full sprite1 editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any 'attached* sprites. ¦ VIRUS DETECTION * Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. ‘ Works with all presently known viruses. ¦ SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC. TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are IFF format suitable for use with all the major.-graphic and music packages. ¦ SLOW MOTION MODE
• w- Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! ¦ RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off. *• ft FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the.machine status. Including Fast Rain.Chip Ram. Ramdisk.Drive status.etc. PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR MORE FEATURE THAN YOU COULIjI EVER NEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME; Full M68D00 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editor Load Save block Write string to Memory Jump to specific address ~ Shdw Ram as text . Show Frozen picture Piav resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and flags Calculator Help command © Full search feature Unique Outoin Chip Editor allowsjyou to see and modify all chip registers-even write only registers Notepad Disk handling - show actual track| Disk Sync pattern Etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler.Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble. REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN IT'S "FROZEN’ STATE WITH ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT.-INVALUABLE FOR THE DE BUGGER OR JUST THE INQUISATIVE! HOW TO GET YOUR AMIGA ACTION REPLAY... CALL TOLL FREE • - ORDERS ONLY WE WILL DESPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECIEVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN DAYS. NOT WEEKS. WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA.CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or CODS (ADD S2) ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hrs. ,’OArTT TcCHnOLOCicST I A I I 70 34, SUITE 208, LONQWOOD, FLORIDA 32750, U.S.A TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 407 * 767 - 0938 1855 W Circle 114 on Reader Service card. Investors! Traders! Brokers! Analysts! FKTrade Profitably Through the with ® MicroTrader The Ultimate Stock Market Technical Analysis and DataBase Management Tool Kit Perform your own technical analysis on stocks, options, commodities and indices. Keep your portfolio under constant supervision and spot buy formations in other securities. Watch for short sale opportunities and be warned of resistance areas. Mind your own portfolio and update, either automatically using the powerful communication capability, or manually using the sophisticated Screen Editor. False step and your head blows up like a cheap balloon and your eyeballs pop out like squashed frogs on the road. Play is difficult, and depends heavily on timing; you the DOS-based copy-protection, the included hard disk installation script does not work. You must also contend with a keyword protection scheme that sometimes asks for hv- 808X j fee-ydiir Local Dealer or Contact: Micro Active Inc. ; USA: 4460 Patrick, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 CANADA: 7831 Bodinier, Anjou, Quebec H1K 1C2 The Only Television Show Dedicated to the AMIGA!!! FAX (5141354-4324 Circle 363 on Reader Service card. AVAILABLE NOW!! The AMIGA VIDEO MAGAZINE" is currently being seen on television across the country, and is now being made available to vou on VHS formal AV.M. is an hour-long television show devoted to Ihe Amiga computer and its hardware, software and their applications. It has a television "Magazine" format that is light-hearted but deals with all the heavy applications of the Amiga. Each month you will receive a new show featuring different segments ranging from hooking up a new Amiga to rendering a ray-tracing picture or 3D animation. We are taking our cameras to the offices, production houses and recording studios where Ihe Amiga is playing an important role, and you'll be there!! IF ITS HAPPENING WITH THE AMIGA, ITS HAPPENING ON A.V.M. NOW YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR
• Previews, Reviews • Interviews, News * Conventions PLUS * Viewer Animations (SUBMISSIONS WELCOME) ? One Month S15 ? 6 Months S75 J 1 Year $ 150 Name._ Address City_ State Zip Make check or money order payable to: CVF Productions 200 W. 72nd Street, Suite 53, New York, NY 10023
(212) 724-0288 Death be not proud or pretty. Must provide the required joystick input at just the right moment, or it’s lights out. (IF you get impatient, there’s a hint book to reveal the necessary maneuvers.) Unfortunately, because the animation is slow and joystick response sluggish, reliance on quick reflexes is counterproductive. This gives the game a frustrating and arbitrary quality that will exasperate those who do not enjoy its archetypal imagery and poodle-in-the-micro- wave humor. Weird Dreams looks good, largely because of the clever (some would say demented) sensibilities elevating its otherwise cartoonish graphics. Its Music and sound are better than average. The program is mostly memory-resident, so there is little loading delay during play, but because of phenated, misspelled, or even nonexistent words. Inevitably, some people will loathe this product: The lawn mower that sprays body pans as it noisily liquifies its victims will appall them and the toothy soccer ball that chews up little girls (then burps) will horrify them. In a world with room for computer strip poker, however. Weird Dreams deserves to find an audience. Who knows it might even he the game of your dreams. ($ 39.95> Medalist International, 180 Uikefront Drive, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 771-1151. Joystick required.) Armga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Am ga. Inc and is used with their permission AVM is produced by Computer Lrnked Images and s not connected with Commodore Amiga. Inc PROFESSIONAL EDITION excellence! The fastest word processor for your Amiga is the ace-in-a-hole for your writing needs. And we've stacked the deck in your favor with 250 available fonts per document; a Spell-As-You-Type 140,000 + word Dictionary (with legal, medical, technical, scientific, and geographical supplements); Grammatical Style checker; 1.4 million Thesaurus with definitions; Index and Table of Contents Generator; Headers, Footers and Footnotes. You'll deal in PostScript output; True WYSIWYG; automatic Hyphenation; Math; resizable Color Graphics; flexible Mail Merge; Columns and easy-to-use Macro-Language making complex actions a snap. Excellence! Microsystems Software 12798 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414
(407) 790-0770 FAX (407) 790-1341 With excellence! Word processing is all aces. Blockout By Alana Korda FOR YOU GAMESTERS who loved to play with blocks when you were kids, California Dreams has created Blockout a 3-D mind-tcascr that challenges your coordination and your quick thinking. Although easy to learn, Blockout is difficult to master but, once you start playing, you'll to position your blocks. You rotate the falling blocks with three keys, but you have the choice of mouse or keyboard for positioning them in the pit. The mouse moves the blocks faster, but the keyboard is more accurate when you aim for the center spots. .After answering the copy- 3097 What do you do when a file is too big for a floppy disk? (i A M E PRES I! K V E QUARTERBACK lets you send files of unlimited size to another Amiga by automatically segmenting files across multiple floppy disks, using the full capacity of each diskette. Animation or PostScript files that are larger than 880KB can be easily sent to another Amiga where the original file can be quickly and easily restored. That’s why Sculpt-3D and 4D users routinely use Quarterback to exchange animation sequences. What do you do when your hard disk runs out of space? Be hooked for hours. Be careful not to fill the pit in this 3-D jigsaw. The premise of the game is simple a series of multishaped boxes individually appear on the screen and you must position, rotate, and drop them into the three- dimensional pit. (It's lot like Tetris in 3-D.) When one level is full, it disappears and you continue to fill the next level. The trick is that you must work quickly because the blocks will fall where you do not want them; they might cover the spaces rather than fill them, causing the levels to pile up rather than to disappear. When the pit fills up, the game is over. Fhe pit is a three-dimensional hollow column with grids on its inside edges. Although the grids take a little getting used to, they help you protection request, you can begin playing immediately or customize the game. You can change the pit’s width, length, or depth, alter the rotation speed of the blocks, and choose the blocks from three sets; a 2-1) flat set for beginners, a basic set of three 3-D blocks, and an extended set of 41 blocks. With such a variety, you may have a tough time shutting off your Amiga. Don’t you wish blocks had been this fun when you were two? (S39.95, California Dreams. 780 Montague Expwy. 403, San Jose, CA 9513L 408 435-7353. So special requirements.) ¦ Use QUARTERBACK to archive seldom used files to an off- line library of floppy disks. Store the floppies in a safe place along with the archive report, and delete the files from the hard disk. When you need a particular file, it can be quickly restored. It's like buying a larger hard disk, only cheaper!!! QUARTERBACK The VERY BEST Amiga harddisk backup program ¦ and much more! Central Coast Software 424 Vista Avenue Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 * (303) 526-0520 (fax) cs Dealer Inquiries Welcome Your boss wants you to produce an animated video presentation to help sell that new project to top management. You know that a full-color, animated presentation, developed on the Amiga, using its powerful desktop video software, will make a convincing impact. The Amiga is the right machine for the job, but how can you easily import the images and data you need for your presentation from other divisions of the company, data and images which come from Macintoshes and I8M Pcs? File transfer programs MAC-2-DOS and DOS-2-DOS from Central Coast Software! Using these simple and easy-to-use Amiga programs, you can now quickly and easily transfer the Mac IBM Atari data and images you need to and from the Amiga. MAC-2-DOS connects a Mac floppy drive directly to the Amiga • Reads and writes 400K 800K Mac disks * Converts MacPaint images to from IFF • Imports Mac clip art for use on the Amiga * Converts ASCII text files both ways • Converts PostScript files both ways • Supports MacBinary format * Includes conversion utilities for PICT files and Mac fonts • Creates icons, as necessary • Formats 400K 800K Mac disks. DOS-2-DOS uses your Amiga’s floppy drives to read write IBM Atari 3.5-inch disks • Reads writes 5.25-inch IBM disks (using an external 5.25-inch Amiga drive) • Converts ASCII text files both ways ¦ Supports international character sets • Formats IBM Atari disks • Use with IBM program HIJAAK (from Inset Systems, not included) to capture convert IBM graphic images to from IFF. MAC-2-D0S when it absolutely, positively has to get to or from a Mac disk, immediately. DOS-2-DOS when it absolutely, positively has to get to or from an IBM PC (or Atari) disk, immediately. And to preserve your entire presentation, all supporting data and graphic files, as well as the programs: QUARTERBACK the fastest and most reliable Amiga hard-disk backup program! Central Coast Software TV 424 Vista Avenue Golden, Colorado 80401
(303) 526-1030 * (303) 526-0520 (fax) Dealer Inquiries Welcome VISA from p. 16 so jagged in comparison with the Com- pugraphie fonts, you will probably want to stick with the latter for all but your most informal publications. Futher Backup PageSetter II still provides reasonable integration of text and graphics; it can imThis is i0-point Amiga Times This is 10-point Compugraphic l imes This is 24-point Amiga Times This is 24-point Compugraphic Tim Times are a-changin*: bitmapped Amiga characters make way for Compugraphic (CG) fonts. Port Professional Draw (Gold Disk) and IFF-standard files, the latter printing in up to 16 shades of gray. The Compu- graphic font technology is the most major change, but text support lias also been beefed up. You can now import Text- Craft (Commodore), Scribble! (Micro- Systems Software), WordPerfect (WordPerfect), Transcript (Gold Disk), and generic .ASCII files without loss of embedded styling such as bolding or underlining. Once imported, however, only rudimentary text controls are available for such files: While you can change text leading and inter-paragraph spacing, there are no inter-word or inter-letter spacing controls. Even things as basic as hyphenation are lacking. You can apply a default or specified fill pattern to bitmap fonts although why you would want to do so escapes me. While typographic refinements are not available, a robust environment is supplied. Text and graphics reside in boxes that you can move and resize. At the perimeter of the printable page area is the “art board ” where you can place text and graphics until you need them. The whole thing is much like PageMaker for the Macintosh and hangs together nicely. It shouldn’t take new users long to get up to speed on PageSetter II, although the documentation is not of much help in this regard. While PageSetter II lacks the high-end features (such as color, PostScript support. Layout templates and advanced typographic controls) of Professional Page, it is a solid package that is useful for creating publications of moderate complexity and length. It’s also very reasonably priced. Combine these factors with Gold Disk's affordable upgrade to Professional Page (SI50), and PageSetter II becomes both suitable for first-time publishers and a painless migration path to greater power for those who outgrow it. PageSetter II Gold Disk PC) Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 416 828-0913 SI 29.95 One megabyte required. Animation Station Your ticket for fine t u ning By Michael Hanish SHORT OF DRAWING frames, there are not many things you can’t accomplish with Animation Station, a multipurpose animation editor and utility. "Fhc program opens onto the main editing screen, containing a large storyboard area and rows of icons and buttons on each side. There are no pulldown menus, and the title bar gives only a read-out of available chip and fast RAM and the standard front and back gadgets. You can load individual numbered frames (IFF or HAM) into Animation Station and let the program compress them into an Anim file, or you can load an existing animation. Either way, the program will grind away for a while and then return to the main screen, showing a storyboard a scrollable display of miniature numbered frames for vour animation. This is a wonderful wav of displaying and giving access to the animation: You can view a single frame simply by double clicking on its representation, and can work with groups of frames in various ways. Unfortunately, when there are a lot of objects in each frame, or when the background is colored, the representations are useless for identification. On default, the program creates a storyboard file and updates it each time you make an editing move. This eats up both time and disk space, but, thankfully, you can turn this feature toiMtiw $ Uuw VtrsiM H l CHIP; Uitft I tMt: Wifi All aboard the storyboard. Off when loading or at any point during editing. Once the animation is loaded (running the program requires 200K more fast RAM than the file size), sit back with your critic’s pad. Click one of the buttons at the top-left column of icons to play it, either with specified timing information or just as fast as possible. There are no provisions for playing animations in reverse, for ping-ponging (alternating ?
* * | jrij Mowf isa mmm11 min I !¦» C> 1»BB CDKputn> Cx-os mHDrarawEiBia si sura auMBUjDatn 37 >6R0DUE 38 BigKuk 39 HornHtt2 HU 49 BigSass 41 Xlead 42 43 >CLQSE 44 Xplode 45 Ml: 46 ProtPian 47 Pad 2 48 25 > BREAK 26 S198B: 27 Saioles 28 Scratch MU 29 01 yea! MU 30 Thunpit 31 32 >STRIN6S 33 Violin 1 34 Utola 1 35 Cello 1 36 Bass 1 13 > INTRO 14 Proteus: 15 Piano 1 HU 16 E Bass 1? Pad 1 18 Kornhits HU 19 Heaven 20 REC 21 Hi: 22 Uibes 23 Voices 24 _ MESSAGES THE PHANTOM El E! [Ml FEETi Start: H)M:l:M;i;M:i:H j Dropouts! I'.Wttl sec. Stripe tape PRODUCTS SEQUENCERS LEVEL II 3.0 w AutoMix KCS 3.0 w AutoMix TIGER Cub MRS V1.1 EDITORS LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ’apade ESQ-1 SG-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAl K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-ORV1.1 (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) COMPOSITION SCORING COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PHANTOM SMPTE SYNCHRONIZER Music Software of the Year, 1988 Commodore Magazine "Our hands-down favorite new piece of software, TIGER... is a music composition program whose elegance is simply stunning. Finally, a program that bridges the gap between cold, hard technology and the creative musician.” Keyboard Magazine “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS...” Amiga World "(Copyist is) a composer’s delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package." Amiga World "(MRS)... compared to other sequencers, it is a great value." AMIGA Times "(Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well, is responsive, and is designed with the high- end user in mind.” Amiga Sentry 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA02167 U.S.A.
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card. Forward and backward), or for stepping through frame by frame. Once you know what changes you’d like to make, click the mouse again to stop playback and return to the Edit screen. Change Accordingly To use the Insert icon, you must first se- r lect a frame. Click on the left half of this icon, and the program inserts the requested number of blank frames after the selected one; click on the right half, and the frames are plugged in before the chosen one. The total frame count (in the upper right) is adjusted accordingly and the storyboard is updated. .Another icon accesses the Mirror function. Click on it after selecting a sequence of frames, and the program swaps the first frame in the sequence for the last, and so on. You can make a short animation ping-pong by duplicating the sequence, appending the copy to the original, initiating the mirror process to reverse the order of the second half, and then playing the whole thing. The Pallette icon lets you edit the colors of either a single frame or an entire animation via a requester. Because .Animation Station operates in all color modes, including HAM, this is a very useful feature. Color registers run along r Yol'R TURN'. Animation Station’s storyboard format shows you your whole sequence at once, so you can easily keep track of where you are at all times. 1 like the option for adding frames. 1 would like to have more size options for shrinking the screen, however maybe even to fit a given shape. I've also had a hard time lining up and adjusting brush movement. Joseph W. Smith Trenton, AJ the bottom of the Palette requester, while red, green, and blue sliders line the top. And a bar graph in the middle displays the percentage each color is used in the current frame. Editing options include Copy, Spread, Swap, Restore, and Con- vert-to-Gray-Scale (16 level); these can be applied to a frame or range of frames, between or across several frames, or to the entire animation. The Spread function, for example, can change a shade of red in the first frame progressively until it appears blue in the final frame. Another button brings up the Special Effects requester. From here you can flip any selected frames on the X or Y axes, or both, reduce frames to half or quarter size and then position them anywhere on the screen, or scroll the animation in or out in four directions. You can also apply four degrees of pixelization, motion blur moving objects (HAM animations only), and offset the animation within the screen by any amount along either axis. There arc not vast numbers of effects, but in combination they can produce a wide variety of striking visuals. .Also, while .Animation Station docs not provide extraordinary shatters, tumbles, or € other ADO-Iike effects, its effects work solidly and are processed relatively quickly. ? SHARP COLOR SCANNERS. THE FULL SPECTRUM. Sharp's new JX-600 brings the capabilities of high-end commercial scanners to the desktop. It scans slides, transparencies and artwork up to 11” x 17”, at resolutions from 30 to 600 dpi. The JX-600 uses a range of 1 billion colors for precise color matching. The JX-450 has become the scanner of choice for professional desktop publishers and computer artists. It scans originals up to 11” x 17” at 300 dpi and offers the option to scan slides and transparencies. The economical JX-300 offers business users the performance of the acclaimed JX-450 in a space-saving format. It handles artwork up to 8%”x 11”, at 300 dpi. The unique new JX-100 provides color and gray-scale scanning, at up to 200 dpi, for less than $ 1000. It comes with everything you need, including powerful driver software and interface cable. The JX-100 is the ideal personal scanner. Sharp is the premier source for desktop color scanners. With four different models, theres one that's compatible with your computer and your needs. Of course, they all work with SSCL (Sharp Scanner Control Language), the defacto industry standard for software support of color scanners. And they not only capture precise color detail, they yield exceptional gray-scale and monochrome results as well. To find out more, call the color scanning ,7 SHARP IS COLOR experts at 1-800-BE-SHARR DI989SharpElcctron.csCorp COM SHARP1PRODUCTS’ TOMORROW'S PERIPHERALS TODAY BUY FACTORY DIRECT AND SAVE !! MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY WONT BE UNDERSOLD ON PERFORMANCE MEMORY & STORAGE MAST PERFORMANCE BREAKTHRU FIREBALL A2000 SCSI HARDCARD SUPER SPECIAL - 45 MEG FUJITSU FIREBALL 12 msec $ 499
* 650K BYTES SEC SUSTAINED FIREBALL MINI DATA SHEET: Our competitors advertise "as Iasi as DMA, without the hassles"- or similar. FOR SUSTAINED TRANSFER RATES IN A MULTITASKING ENVIRONMENT (THE AMIGA). NOTHING CAN TOUCH DMA - PERIOD! The superfast transfer rates of the Fireball are independent of the number of tasks operating (impossible with all non-DMA controllers, and that includes most currently on the market). While Fireball is moving data to and from the disk at high speeed, the CPU is guaranteed plenty of time to get on with running multiple programs. The only "hassle" is the more complicated engineering required to implement DMA. We draw on the expertise of developers in four countries - with this resource and our commitment to engineering excellence, we believe thai we make the best peripherals in the business. DMA stands for Direct Memory Access - a special piece of hardware that can generate memory addresses and transfer data between different parts of the computer. DMA moves data more efficiently than the CPU - just like the blitter in the custom chips is more efficient at drawing lines. DMA can also work while the CPU is executing internal operations. Naturally there will be times that the DMA channel stops the CPU accessing the bus - however the careful design in Ihe Fireball ensures that there is plenty of bandwidth left for the CPU Fireball automatically slows down when accessing chip RAM. To prevent any problems with overscan. Fireball includes Autoboot ROM’s, a feature that can be easily disab ed by a switch on the board. Fireball has three status LED's, to indicate proper functioning of autoconfigure. Board select, and DMA access. The driver supplied with Fireball includes standard Amiga protocol calls to permit easy interfacing of drivers for other SCSI devices. Fireball is compatible with the SYQUEST removable drive. The high performance Fujitsu drives used with Fireball have equivalent access times to Quantum drives They also feature embedded sector servo for continued data integrity over a wide operating temperature range The optional five year warranty is mcicaiive of the quality of these drives
* AUTOBOOTING (may be switch disabled)
* RELIABLE - uses finest quality Fujitsu drives
* ECONOMICAL- 0 meg $ 149 45 meg $ 499-a real cost saver. 90 meg $ 749. 136 meg $ 889. 182 meg $ 1149. 672 meg $ 2499. SYQUEST 44 meg $ 749 THE ABOVE PRICES INCLUDE THE FIREBALL SCSI CONTROLLER AND HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVE HARD DRIVES WITHOUT CONTROLLER - 45 MEG FUJITSU 12 ms $ 389 90 MEG FUJITSU 11ms $ 599 136 MEG FUJITSU 11ms $ 779 182 MEG FUJITSU 11ms $ 999 672 MEG FUJITSU 10ms $ 2349 SYQUEST 44 MEG $ 599 OPTIONAL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL FUJITSU DRIVES SYQUEST 44MEG REMOVABLE INTERNAL $ 599 SYQUEST CARTRIDGE $ 89 OPTICAL MASTerMOUSE "OUR MOUSE HAS |J79 95 NO BAULS" TOSHIBA 683 MEG CD ROM $ 599 SONY ERASABLE OPTICAL: INTERNAL $ 3899 EXTERNAL $ 4399 45 meg TINY TIGER II $ 579 MEMORY EXPANSION FLOPPY DISK DRIVES When it comes to choosing a floppy drive for your Amiga a priority requirement is for a quiet, trouble free unit When you select a MAST floppy you are buying a mechanism from Japan's largest computer company - Fujitsu. MAST has been shipping Amiga compatible floppies for three years Our worldwide installed base including Unidrive, Twin- drwes. A2000 Internal drives and external drives tor Pcs exceeds 45,000. The failure rate on drives in the field is less than 0.01 %. The drives are very quiet. Our special hardware logic lo prevent the annoying click when a diskette is removed, is standard on all p'Oducts including the A2Q00 internal All external units have pass thru and can be switch disabled. Even our Budget drive has all the features of our competitors standard un ts A detachable cable is provided with the Unidrive Budge: & Enhancec The ENHANCED UNIDRIVE includes a DIGITAL TRACK DISPLAY - very handy lor seeing how your files are organised on the diskette. Mere importantly, the Enhanced Unidrive includes a hardware virus deterrant - the entire drive can be write protected, or track zero can be independently protected. Two LED's on the front of the unit monitor write activity to 1 .Track Zero & 2. All tracks except track zero. All external drives are cased in our custom extruded aluminum case. $ 99 UNIDRIVE UNIDRIVE ENHANCED $ 129 A2000 INTERNAL $ 83 AMIGATOSH $ 149 MINIMEGS 2 MEG EXTERNAL RAM A500 $ 269 A1000 $ 299 OCTOPLUS 8 me3 RAM for A200° $ 2690 2mes $ 69 MICROMEGS: 512K RAM I CLOCK A501 CLONE MAXIMEGS: 2.3 meg RAM - Plugs into the A501 Slot. This module provides up to TWO MEG OF GRAPHICS RAM by utilizing block switching. See ad in May A W 2 MEG $ 269 2.3 MEG $ 329 SIMMs 80ns One Meg x 8 $ 99 DRAM's - call for latest pricing Tiny Tiger is a high performance SCSI Hard Drive System for the Amiga. Features include: . PORTABLE - plugs directly into all models of the Amiga through M.A.S.T.'s exclusive parallel port SCSI interface included FREE with each Tiny Tiger . Can plug into MAC and IBM . RELIABLE - Fujitsu mechanisms 45. 90. 136 and 182Megs offering 12 months to 5 years warranty . VERSATILE - plugs into any SCSI interface . May be used STANDALONE, or daisychained to existing systems e.g. A520 or Fireball Hardcard. . FUNCTIONAL - Front panel displays SCSI address, and status of parity, write-protect. Drive select, drive termination and auto power . ATTRACTIVE - comes in sleek, beige case . READY TO GO - all software and cabling included - just power up and Tiny Tiger is ready to roar . AFFORDABLE - the best system for the best price 45MB $ 579 90MB $ 849 136MB $ 969 182MB $ 1229 PRINTERS Citizen GSX-140 $ 349 Color Option $ 49 MASTerPRINT - quality Fujitsu mechanism space-saving. LED printer $ 899 MASTerPRINT POSTCRIPT - Adobe $ 2899 EASYL A500 $ 349 DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 $ 139 MINIGEN $ 199 FRAME GRABBER 256 GRAY $ 599 MITSUBISHI 14" D SCAN $ 510 TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE
U. S.A. 1395 GREG ST. SPARKS, NV 89431 Tel (702) 359 0444 FAX (702) 359 0831 AUSTRALIA (02) 281 7411 WEST GERMANY (0221) 7710918 SWEDEN (40) 190710 SUPRA 2400 MODEM and cable $ 125 SUPRA MODEM PLUS MNP lev $ 149 BAUD BANDIT $ 99 The Brush Movement requester lets you set a path for any smaller-than-full- screen image either imported (unfortunately, the program does not recognize the animbrush format) or grabbed from the current animation. Just set starting and ending placements and steps along the path as key frames. The program then performs the merge in one of two modes: Quick, which ignores color information, or Smart, which attempts to optimize palette conflicts as it goes. Both pictures and animations can be attached to each other or composited. If vou have loaded one animation and choose to load another of the same resolution and number of bit planes, you are given the option of loading it before, after, behind, or in front of the current animation. Again, this is done in cither the Quick or Smart modes. Timing information and sound synmers chronization are combined into one requester. .Animation timing is defined in jiffies (V™ of a second), and can be applied to individual frames or the entire animation. Sounds (the program recognizes IFF-8SVX and Future Sound files) are defined as either foreground, which play once and stop, or background, which are continuous. You must assign a starting frame, volume setting, and channel to each sound, and when you save an animation, the program creates a file to contain this information. This audio-assignment file, as well as the sound files themselves, must be present for playback either with Animation Station or View, the included Anim player. (This ap- Specifications:
• Provides quick, reliable hard disk data back-up for the A-500. 1000. 2000 & 2500
• High archival speed (up to 5 Meg minute, depending on hard drive)
• Includes powerful X-Stream™ archive software
• File oriented backup restore allows access to individual files
• Uses reliable, high-capacity removable tapes
• TEAC® SCSI cassette streamers used exclusively
• The 60E and 150E external models include the tape drive unit (in a chassis with power supply), one data tape, utility disk, SCSI cable, power cord, and manual
• The 601 (514”) and 1501 (316”) internal models include tape drive, data tape, utility disk, mounting hardware, ribbon cable, and manual
• FastTrak™ Host Adaptor required for use on the A-500 1000
• The Mini FastCard™ allows the FastTape system to be used on the A-2000 2500 even with other manufacturers’ drives
• Full I year warranty proach comforms to the proposed Op- Code6 animation standard not yet recognized by Commodore.) Outta Here Animation Station includes several external utilities: View, the animation player that supports attached audio files; BuildAnim, to compile an animation from individual pictures; SplitAnim. Which breaks a large animation into two playable files; CombincAnim, which does its work on disk instead of in RAM; and Anim Info, which provides information ? Xetec, Inc. 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, Ks. 67401 (913) 827-0685 FastTape. X-Stneam. FaslTrak and Mini FastCard are trademarks of Xctcc. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Inc. TEAC is a registered trademark of TEAC Corporation NEW GAMES Fighter Bomber $ 35 Cabal $ 32 F 29 Retaliator $ 35 Borodino $ 35 Austerlitz war game $ 35 Waterloo $ 35 Armada war game $ 35 Warhead S 32 Ghouls'N Ghosts $ 32 Supercars $ 30 Operation Thunderbolt S 32 Black Tiger $ 32 Chase H.Q. S 32 Castle Master $ 32 Dragon s Breath $ 35 Klax $ 32 Tower of Babel $ 32 E Motion $ 32 Conqueror $ 32 Midwinter $ 38 Kid Gloves S32 Gravity S 32 Xenomorph $ 32 688 Attack Sub $ 32 Full Metel Planet $ 32 Sherman M-4 $ 32 Cyberbowl $ 32 Cadaver $ 32 Defender oi Earth $ 32 Ivanhoe $ 32 American Dreams 4 in 1 S35 Hostages. Operation Neptune, Superski. Bubbleghost New Titles Daily! Please Call! SUPER SPECIALS $ 12.50 Each Rodeo Games, Barbarian (Psygnosis), Asteroth, High Steel, Jaws, Legend of Djel Navy Moves, Gemini Wings, Mr. Heli UK MAGAZINES THE GAMES MACHINE $ 5 AMIGA ACTION $ 5 AMIGA FORMAT w disk $ 8 THE ONE $ 5 ACE $ 5 Yearly Subscriptions A vailable: Magazine With Disk $ 95. Magazine Without Disk $ 80. Includes all Shipping and Handling 840 N.W. 57th Court - Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33309 - (305) 771-2161 FAX (305) 772-0334 IMPORTERS OF FINE EUROPEAN SOFTWARE 1-800-888-9273 VISA Shipping: Add $ 6 for COD orders or $ 4 for Credit Card or Cash orders Circle 238 on Reader Service card. On screen format, type, number of frames, and file size. While I appreciate these functions, I wish they were available from within the program. Strangely, while the main program relies on View for playback, View's single-step play and adjustable-speed features are not available when used from within Animation Station itself; trying to access them thus crashes the machine. Animation Station has a very polished and solid feel, and performs smoothly and as promised. There are, however, a number of things I recommend the developer address. Among them are the inability to move through an animation one frame at a time to pinpoint changes, and the the storyboard’s representation of colored backgrounds and crowded frames. Another problem is that when an overscanned animation plays from the editor, View shifts the whole image off center, making it difficult to get a feeling for placement and composition. Finally, 1 would like to see support for the animbrush standard. Despite these few complaints, .Animation Station is a worthwhile tool for any- FREEDOM 'fred-em n 1 : the ability or capacity to act without undue hindrance or restraint 2 : the quality or state of running or operating smoothly and without impediment The Cordless Mouse"
(602) 322- fax (602) 322*9271 1135 N. Jones Blvd.. Tucson, A2 85716 one involved in animation. It provides a number of excellent features that are both nicely implemented and easy to work with. Animation Station Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver CO 80204-5020 303 825-4144 S99.95 One megabyte required. FrameGrabber 2.0 Now you can grab even more By Louis R. Wallace A SOFTWARE UPGRADE that enhances Progressive Peripherals’ real-time color digitizer, FrameGrabber 2.0 offers a wealth of new features and improves on many original ones. To use it, you need not only the FrameGrabber hardware, but also one meg of RAM (more is recommended), a centronics-style printer cable, and a signal from some video source such as a TV, VCR, video camera, or laser-disc player. FrameGrabber works with standard 68000 Amigas, 68020 or 68030 accelerators, and with I haven’t used the 2.0 software a whole lot yet, but I think the OverSampling and AutoZone features really enhance FrameGrabber. ZYOVR TVRM Emily Tonkin Thomaston, CT the ECS Agnus chip. FrameGrabber 2.0 can digitize an image in color (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 4096 colors), black and white, or definable Pseudo Colors, all in real time, It supports a variety of screen resolutions (320 x 200, 384 x 240, 320 x 400, 640x200, and 640x400) and modes. You can enlarge or reduce images to any size. The software can automatically reduce a digitization to or -screen size, so you can line up successive frames on the same screen for a storyboard effect. Before and After The author of the FrameGrabber 2.0 software also wrote Progressive’s image- processing program, PIXmate. Not surprisingly, among FrameGrabber’s many options is a large complement of image- processing functions, including both pre- and post-capture options. Prior to digitizing, for example, you can select Over Sampling, which digitizes an image any specified number of times up to 50. These multiple images arc stored in memory and then combined into a composite. This option can give you far better results than a single capture, but it does take longer. Other pre-digitizing options are Multiple Exposure (which gives you two samples), Mirror Image, Weighted (which modifies the automatic ? InterComputing, Inc. InterComputing Deutschland Inc. Schdnbecker Str. .75-57 Telefon: 0202 89155 5600 Wupperial-2 Telefon: 0202 89304 Order line: 1-800-622-9177 Customer Service & Information: 214-988-3500 FAX: 214-660-3695 2100 N. Hwy 360. Suite 2101, Dallas, TX 75050-1015 InterComputing France 34, Avenue des Champs Elysees Phone: (1) 42821603 75008 Paris FAX: (1)42806649 CllStOlll ¥7 Desktop V ideo Systems MEMORY
• M50I A500
99. 95
329. 95
449. 95
349. 95
549. 95
699. 95
799. 95
• Starboard 1MB
• Starboard 2MB
• 2MB A2000
• 4MB A2000
• 6MB A2000
• Master 3A
139. 95
139. 95
139. 95
129. 95
249. 95
139. 95
249. 95
• Air Drive
• Cal. Access
• FDATA-10
• FDATA-20
• Unidrive
• Twindrive Talk to one of our System Specialists and get the best configuration for your requirements. Purchase an Amiga 2000 including
• Kickstart 1.3 • Fat Agnus Chip
• 1MB RAM • 6 Month Warranty Free Installation 2nd Disk Drive
99. 00 Multisync Monitor
540. 00 2MB Memory
324. 00 Amiga 1084D Monitor
329. 00 4MB Memory
524. 00 40MB Hardcard
629. 00 6MB Memory
674. 00 80MB Hardcard
849. 00 8MB Memory
774. 00 Flicker Fixer
459. 00 Internal Modem
110. 00 XT Bridgecard
399. 00 Peripheral prices pertain to purchase of Amiga 2000 computer and peripheral both. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. SUPRA FRAMEBUFFER 999.95 The amazing hardware package capable of showing over 16 million colors! Includes Frame Grabber. Must be seen to be believed! Send 19.95 for your FRAMEBUFFER DEMO VIDEO TAPE Videotape price will be credited towards purchase of FRAMEBUFFER. HARD DRIVES EXTERNAL A5()1) a tin 20 MB 4911.95 549. 30 MB 579.95 629. 40 MB 679.95 749. 80 MB 949.95 949. INTERNAL
549. 95
599. 95
649. 95
899. 95
999. 95 Hard Card 20 MB Hard Card 32 MB Hard Card 40MB Hard Card 80MB Hard Card 105MB 28 Mhz 68030 28 Mhz 68882
1099. 95 with 4 MB of 32-bit memory
2299. 95 with 40 MB hard drive
2795. 95 with 80 MB hard drive
3199. 95 33 Mhz 68030 33 Mhz 68882 with 4 MB of 32-bit memory
3099. 95 with 40 MB hard drive
3495. 95 with 80 MB hard drive
3799. 95 GVP A2000-8 SCSI Controller with space for 8 MB of memory
299. 95 Add-On Memory
99. 95 per MB Flicker Fixer plus Mitsubishi Multisync Monitor
999. 95 Flicker Fixer
499. 95 SUPERGEN 2000
1699. 95 FDATA-10
129. 95 2 MB MEMORY CARD (Far use with A500 & Hard Drive)
299. 95 At always we have the must 'customer friendly' terms: SIH $ 4.95 in cont. USA: $ 30.00 rnin. Order ; MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card fee; in Texas InKMKh add 7% Sales Tax. $ 12.00 shipping to APOIFPO addresses. RMA required on all returns. All prices subject to change. Contrasting performed), and AutoZone (which improves image quality in the center at the expense of the border areas). These options can be combined in a variety of ways, with each combina tion producing different results. Once you have captured an image, you can alter it using techniques like edge detection, image sharpening, image averaging, or even photographic negative. While you cannot combine these directly, you can perform them sequentially. An example would be to sharpen an image before using edge detection to give better defined outlines in the final picture. Supplied with the FrameGrabber 2.0 software is a red, green, and blue color wheel (similar to NewTek's Digi-View wheel). Like DigiView, you can use FrameGrabber 2.0 as a slow-scan system with a black-and-white camera. Digitize a still subject through the three filters, and then combine the single-color images into a color composite. You can save your images in a number of formats, including the standard IFF, a Brush format (for areas smaller than the full screen), Palette (for saving only color information), RAW (unprocessed eight- bit-per-pixel data), IFF24 (a 24-bit-per- pixel IFF), DV21 (Digi-View’s 21-bit-per- pixel format) and LUT (which contains information for the pseudo color option). FrameGrabber also supports the ANIM format. The animation capture can be set to run as fast as possible or at timed intervals perfect for creating time- lapsed photography effects. With this you can create complicated digitized ani- mations, save them to disk, and then load them into almost any animation player for display. Feeling a Little Low While FrameGrabber 2.0 is an excellent package, it has a couple of surprising limitations. While low-resolution overscan (384 x 240) is available, no other overscan options are. If you require overscan (as many video applications do), make sure you can get by with lores. I also found one bug: the program will not digitize in color in hi-res interlaced mode (640x400). No matter what, the image comes out black and white. When I reported this to Progressive, a representative told me the company is working on a solution. One option I would like to see included is an Arexx port. This would allow control of FrameGrabber from other applications. FrameGrabber is an integral part of my Amiga system, and with the new software, it is an even more useful tool. I highly recommend 2.0 to every FrameGrabber owner. FrameGrabber 2,0 Progressive Peripherals &? Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 S99.95 One megabyte required. Continued on p. 88 Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, California Satisfied CA-880 owner Here at California Access™ we believe “Surfs-up” said it best. But don’t take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know what you think of this narly drive. Narly Features: California Access'* All rights’reserved. 780 Montague Expwv. 403,San Jose, CA 95!3J Tel. (408) 435-1445, Fax (408) 435-7355 Stevie “Surfs-up" Sherman is a ficticious character however, Malibu, California docs.exist.
• Passthrough
• Power Disable Switch
• Low Power Consumption CALIFORNIA ACCESS
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M. A.S.T. Mini-Meg (A1000) 1MB $ 375 ProRAM 1.8MB OK (A500) .$ 115 DISK DRIVES Chinon 3.5" Internal ......$ 89 California Access 3.5" External $ 127
A. I.R, Externa! ...$ 129 MODEMS Baud Bandit 2400 w Software $ 124 Supra 2400 .$ 124 Supra 2400zi Internal ...$ 134 MultiTech 9600 ...$ 699 SCSI HARD CARDS HARD DRIVES GVP Impact SCSI 8 0 ..$ 299 GVP Hard Cards .....CALL Microbotics Hard Frame .....$ 246 Supra WordSync ...$ 169 Supra WordSync 40Q .....$ 569 Supra WordSync 80Q ..$ 879 Supra SCSI 500 1000 .CALL SOFTWARE GRAPHICS VIDEO Amiga Graphics Starter Kit ...S63 Animation Apprentice ...$ 185 Animotion ......$ 63 Broadcast Titler .$ 189 Deluxe Paint II! ...$ 99 Deluxe Productions ......$ 130 Deluxe Video III $ 105 Digi-Paint 3 ...$ 62 DigiWorks 3D $ 81 Sprite tTecfinoCoqy Circle 206 on Reader Service card, _ y Director ..$ 45 Draw 2000 ..$ 169 Fantavision ...$ 38 Forms in Flight II .$ 75 Defective returns must have a return authorization number. Shipping and handling are non- refundable. Returns subject to restocking fee. We cannot guarantee compatability. All sales are final and prices are subject to change without notice. All stocked items are not listed so please ask for our complete product guide. FrameGrabber Enhancer 2.0 $ 62 Invision Plus $ 187 Lights, Camera, Action ..$ 53 Modeler 3D ...$ 63 Movie Setter ..$ 62 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, INC. Opticks ..... ....$ 75 PAGErender3D .. ....$ 99 Photon Paint 2.0 . ....$ 94 Photon Video ...... ....$ 94 Photon Transport Controller . ..$ 149 Professional Draw ...... ..$ 123 Professional Page ...... ..$ 246 ProPage Structured Clip Art . ....$ 38 Hardware Specials Sensational Service With Sprite ‘TecfnoCogy ORDERS: 800-634-9315 Customer service & order status: 404-535-8806 HOURS: 9-6 MON-FRI EST DigiViewGold 4.0 ......$ 129 GVP Accelerators ....CALL Framebuffer ...$ 469 Framebuffer w Capture ....$ 631 Framegrabber ...CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer .....$ 479 Magni Genlock w controller $ 1699 Migraph - Hand Scanner ..$ 399 MiniGen ....$ 201 Scanlock ..$ 879 SuperGen .$ 689 SuperGen 2000s ......CALL A =7EL ProPage Templates $ 38 ProVideo Gold ..$ 195 TV Show 2.0 .$ 63 TV Text Professional .....$ 106 Video Effects 3D ...$ 125 Videoscape 3D .$ 125 Videotitler ...$ 93 Zoetrope .$ 87 SPECIAL VIDEO I SOFTWARE PACKAGE Turbo Silver + Video ....$ 112 VIDEOS FOR VIDEO PRODUCTION Video Techniques, Digitizing, Color Cycling Animation, Deluxe Paint III Tutor CALL PRODUCTIVITY UTILITIES Excellence .....,..$ 162 Pagesetter II .$ 79 PenPal ...$ 91 PixilScript ......$ 94 Project 'D' .....$ 32 WordPerfect .....$ 150 Workbench 1.3 Update ..$ 19 Works Platinum $ 156 GAMES Archipelagos .$ 24 Bard's Tale II .$ 42 Dragon's Lair II ...$ 45 Eye of Horus .. $ 24 Kingdoms of England .....$ 28 Magic Johnson-1Mb .....$ 31 Populous $ 38 Pro Tennis Tour ...$ 28 Space Ace ....$ 37 TV Sports Basketball $ 37 MUSIC WARE
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• Dunn and Brndstreet Number Upon Request * F.O.B. San Diego WE ACCEPT SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS from p. 84 dBMAN V Works like DBASE, man By Loren Lovhaug DESPITE THE EVANGELISTIC efforts of Amiga enthusiasts, MS-DOS-based microcomputers dominate the workplace. The business world has adopted text- based programs including Ashton fate’s DBASE III 4- database manager as industry standards. How to reconcile this fact with the Amiga's superior interface and multitasking capabilities? With version 5.2 of dBMAN, VersaSoft brings us DBASE III -H compatibility along with some support of Amiga-specific features. The clBMAN program is a very accurate imitation of the powerful programmable relational DBASE 1I1 + . Running them side by side, I found the two programs look and function almost identically, from data types supported to screen layout to the obscure keyboard sequences used for control. Also like DBASE I1I + , dBMAN operates on three distinct levels. On the first level, you can control it via a menu- based shell, called Assist. Assist lets you set up files, search records, perform routine maintenance, and create reports without using commands or the programming environment. Alternately, you can control the program from a com- (Tx YOUR TURN! I do like dBMAN Y's report writer. The program does the job, but I'm going to switch to using DBASE on the IBM and run it from the Bridgeboard when 1 get one. DBMAN just doesn’t have all the features 1 need. Fortunately, VersaSoft is good on the phone; the documentation is terrible. David Court Plymouth, MtX mand line using sometimes-lengihy database commands. Lastly, you can combine these commands with other programming structures to form complete programs that in turn allow’ others to create sophisticated custom applications capable of automating virtually any manipulation process. Because of DBASE’s popularity, literally thousands of programs are available for use under its programming environment, and with just a few exceptions or alterations, these programs run under dBMAN on the Amiga. Keeping up Appearances With all the effort VersaSoft has put into making dBMAN look and operate like DBASE II1 + , it is no surprise that it bears little resemblance to most Amiga applications. It makes little use of the mouse and lacks the file requestors (a primitive keyboard-operated lile-selec- tion mechanism is provided), dialogue boxes, icons, and gadgets we have come to expect. It also does not support IFF- image and -sound data as do other Amiga database packages. Exceptions to dBMAN’s strictly tcxt- style interface are found in the Assist, re- port-creation, and online-help modules. Ironically, however, while you must use the mouse to select these modules’ main options (no keyboard shortcuts are provided), the mouse is abandoned thereafter. Too bad. . .the mouse would be particularly useful in creating screen formats and reports, and for marking and selecting items and records. Another oddity is that front and back gadgets are provided for task switching when the pull-down menus are active, but w hen these menus are not present, or when you are outside these modules, the gadgets disappear. Other concessions to the Amiga environment include multitasking and the naming of devices in the Amiga standard (DEO: and DHL, for example) instead of the MS-DOS standard (such as A: and C:). In addition, dBMAN supports Amiga-style full and partial path designations as well as Amiga DOS's capacity for long file names. Lastly, one Amiga command is included as part of dBMAN’s language: MMENU lets you add to your applications command lists that you can click on to select items. (There is no sup-*- * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ingenuity, Inc. 800-346-0811 orinCA 818-960-1485 14922VI Ramona Blvd Baldwin Park CA 91706 Prices are subject to change without notice ==HARD DRIVE 20 meg $ 299 , 40 meg $ 399 "ll lakes ingenuity to make quality affordable" Formatted, ready to run Use as a hard card or in the drive bay compatible with 68020 and 68030 No set up necessary, just plug and play 2 Megabytes of free software (or shareware) Supports two hard drives 40ms access time Pardonable Compatible with the Bridgecard Warranty I year Supplied with hard drive utilities Comes with AmigaDOS installed Upgradeable ? 131 PacMan ’87-Great graphics and sound. Adds new elements to the Pac Man game. Saves a top 10. ? 200 SMS A fantastic educational disk for the whole family. Practice math, spelling, and geography. ? 165 Wheel of Fortune Play against the computer. Has the elements of the TV show including Vanna! Quality User Supported Software works with all Amiga W systems ? 37 Business Programs Includes a label printer, a talking mail list manager, and an address book program. ? 27 Amoeba Invaders Much better than Space Invaders! ? 140 Virus Killers Everyone needs this disk. It’s easy to detect and eliminate known viruses. ? 115 Wordwright-A great word processor! ? 182 Six Pack A collection of two-player games including Word Boggle, Word Scramble, and Hangman. ? 207 Sonix 2 A collection of popular music hits including ‘Thriller” and "Grapevine." ? 240 Chess-See if you can beat your computer! THE BEST OF THE REST Other Products Amiga Joystick the Kraft ACE Only $ 9.95 each (2 for $ 15.95 Disk Holder Holds 40+ 31 2" Amiga Disks Only $ 9.95 each! Disk Drive Cleaning Disk Vital maintenance Only $ 5.95 each! SONY Blank Disks 10 for $ 9.90 Only 99C each! 25 for $ 21.25 Only 85C each! 50 for $ 39.50 Only 79C each! 100 for $ 75.00 0nly 75C each! I Each i Buy 5-14 Disks 7 GAMES ? 102 Sinking Island An excellent adventure game! ? 118 Great Graphic Games You'll have hours oi fun playing Missile Command, Breakout, and more! ? 121 Backgammon A great version by David Addison. ? 122 Solitaire Two excellent solitaire games. ? 123 Cribbagc Now you can play anytime you want. ? 124 Milestone Computer version of Miles Bournes. ? 125 Othello Try this great 3-D game. ? 127 Wheel of Fortune Another excellent computer version of Wheel of Fortune. This one speaks! ? 128 Space Games-An Asteroids game and Gravity War make this a disk you don’t want to miss! ? 137 Blackjack A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting and double-down. Also Vegas Slots. ? 139 Bull Run Great Civil War strategy game. ? 142 Q-Bert A really fun version of the favorite arcade game. Plus lots of other great games. ? 148 Boulder Dash-A very popular game with excellent graphics and ascending levels of difficulty. ? 151 MAXIT-This is a math strategy game that you can play against a friend or your computer. ? 156 Fly Snuffer-Score points by spraying flies with bug spray. Get even with those pesky critters! ? 158, 159 Sinking Island II-A great adventure game with graphics. The game has four map scenes, underground chambers, and much more. Written by a great Amiga programmer, our friend, Terry Fike. (2 Disks) ? 161 Sorry Amiga version of the classic board game. ? 162 Video Poker Like the casino poker machines. ? 171 Escape from Jovi An exciting, fast-action arcade game with different levels and effects. Fantastic graphics and sounds. (Requires a Joystick) ? 177 Kamikaze Chess Chess with a twist! You win by losing all your pieces. Play a friend or the computer. ? 180, 181 Star Trek A TREKies dream. Excellent sound and graphics. Requires 1 megabyte of RAM. (2 Disks) ? 195 Tiles Match the tiles to clear the screen. A game with nice graphics that is very addictive! ? 210 Gametime Games to give you many happy hours. Includes Super Breakout and Orbit, a space game. ? 216 Chinese Checkers Great color and graphics. Allows up to six human and computer players. ? 223 Conquest A space strategy game. You battle against the computer to conquer and colonize planets. ? 230 Dad Puzzle This graphic puzzle is a real brain teaser! I couldn't solve the puzzle, but I did enjoy the included solution, a slideshow with music! Music & SOUNDS ? 18 Future Sound Demo-A sample of digitized sounds including The Wicked Witch," "Breaking Dishes,” "Car Crash,” and “Sea Gulls." ? 77 Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments and play it like a piano! N 206 Sonix 1 Great songs created with Sonix. Includes “Maniac” and “Let the Music Play." MISC APPLICATIONS ? 110 Potpourri VI Among the included programs is Amiga Spell, a spell checker. ? 134 Applications I Included are a mail label printing program and a grocery shopping list program. ? 146 Calendar Excellent personal calendar and reminder. Keeps track of appointments, birthdays, etc. ? 170 Bowling League Secretary Keeps all your league’s records. Can print standings, averages, etc. f Each Buy 1-4 Disks ANIMATIONS ? 144 Christmas Animations Ten beautiful scenes. ? 224 New Movie II A collection of short animations including Jessica (From Who Framed Roger Rabbit). SLIDE SHOWS ? 1 Norman Rockwell Seventeen beautiful Norman Rockwell paintings in a self-running slide show presentation. ? 198 Space This disk includes a slideshow from NASA of the Space Shuttle and also a slideshow of planets. BUSINESS & HOME FINANCE ? 106 Home Inventory Two programs that keep track of all your family’s property and possessions. ? 152 Mail Manager Complete package for maintaining a mailing list and printing mailing labels. ? 164 Bank’n Keep your checking account in perfect balance. One of the many fine Hal Carter programs that we carry. ? 169 Ledger An easy to use general ledger. ? 237 Credit Card Record Keeps a complete record of all your credit card accounts. UTILITIES ? 97 Tutorial Disk I Full of info and programs for Amiga programmers and Power Users. ? 132 Video Maker Utilities A collection of utilities to make your desktop videos more professional looking. ? 133 AmigaDOS Helper Helps you to use AmigaDOS commands (and therefore your Amiga) more effectively. ? 220 ICONomy Package Design and manage icons. ? 222 CLI Wizard Have a CLI at the push of a button. ? 226 Assorted Tools Includes Blanker 2 (a screen saver) and FlameKey (a password security utility). TELECOMMUNICATIONS ? 235 Access 1.4 Access any bulletin board with a modem and this program! Also includes Pkax, a file archiving utility. F Each Buy 15 or more Disks So Easy to Use ? No computer experience necessary ? Instructions with each order ? Support Line: 503-826-7679 So Easy to Order A FREE Membership A FREE 800 for Orders ? Same day shipping. ? UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it now! A FREE Catalog A Your satisfaction guaranteed Name Disks x S Address ? Shipping U.S. S 300 City State Zip Canada 5.00 Foreign 7.00 ? COD 4.00 S Phone ( ) Visa MC
U. S. only ? UPS 2nd Day
3. 00 U.S. only S Exp. Date Signature TOTAL S ? Send Catalog ? Check MO ? Visa MC Software Excitement!
P. O. Box 5069 • Central Point. OR 97502 ORDER TODAY 1-800-444-5457 503-826-7679 Foreign Orders port for adding pull-down menus.) Under Development In support of applications developers, dBMAN includes an Assist-module option for automatic program generation and a compiler called Greased Lightning. The Assist-module feature can generate a rudimentary database shell based on criteria vou establish. This shell masks users from the complexities of the command environment, and like the Assist program, lets users perform basic functions from menus. Unlike the Assist program, however, these menus are not mouse-controlled, and the utility is linked to a specific database file. Also unlike Assist, you can modify and extend this shell using dBMAN’s programming language; in fact, the generated code is heavily commented for this purpose. The compiler lets you convert programs written in dBMAN into freestanding applications that can function outside the dBMAN program. = To legally distribute software created with Greased Lightning, you must register with VersaSoft and pay a S250 fee.) I had no problem transferring databases and their indexes from DBASE III + to dBMAN and vice versa, and from purely a performance standpoint, dBMAN functions well. I cannot give it a general recommendation, however. Other programmable relational database managers for the .Amiga (such Precision’s Superbase Professional and Abacus's Professional DataRetrieve) offer as much power as dBMAN plus easy-to-use Intuition-style environments. These products also handle IFF images, offer programming languages that support file requestors and dialog boxes, and, in the case of Superbase Pro, allow direct exchange of DBASE 111+ files. I can, however, recommend dBMAN to those who need a database that operates like DBASE 111 + . DBMAN V VersaSoft Corporation 4340 Almaden Expwy. Suite 250 San Jose, CA 95118 408 723-9044 $ 295 No special requirements. Discover Numbers Discover US History & Geography Tracker’s Quest Unpolished apples for the teacher By Randall R. Greenwald “THERE’S STILL ROOM on the market for educational software that takes advantage of the Amiga’s creative potential,” I said to myself. “Maybe Tracker’s Quest and the Discover series do.” So, I set to work testing and evaluating. Although one of these programs shines in comparison with the others, all that glitters is not gold, and all that is computerized should not be sold. Discouraging Discoveries Discover Numbers and Discover US History Geography are two entries in Maverick Software’s lineup. Both present $ 300fi(uS) $ 3600 CDN> CROSSDOS™. . . MS-DOS® DISK ACCESS DONE RIGHT! C0NSUL7H0W Technical Support
(313) 459-7271 11280 Parkview Plymouth. Ml 48170 2414 Pendleton Place ¦ Waukesha, Wl 53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM M-F Spotlight on Software & Books 688 Attack Sub 37,50 Advantage 120 00 Amiga Desktop Video Book ... 16 00 Atalk III ... 59.00 Bcrs & Pipes ..... 170.00 Bcrs & Pipes Music Box 37.99 Bcrs & Pipes Sound Kit .. 37.99 Can Do .. 88.99 Cribbage King Gin King .. 29.60 CygnusEd Professional 2.0 65.00 Deluxe Paint ill ..... 100.00 Deluxe Video ill . 105 00 DigiMote III ...... 26.00 Digi Point 3.0 61.99 Digi-View Gold 4 0 ..... 140 00 Double Dragon ll ... 25 99 Drakkhen .... 36.99 Escope Singe's Castle . 42 99 GhostBusters II .. 28 89 Lattice C 5.05 . 190.00 Leisure Suit Larry III . 34 00 Mapping the AMIGA (Book) ... 20.35 PiC Magic .... 60.00 Rings of Medusa ..... 31.25 Shoot-EM Up Contruction Kit 15.00 Space Ace ... 36.69 Stunt Car Racer 31.99 Turbo Silver Video ... 24,99 TV'Text Professional ...... 99.00 Where Europe is Sandiego? 34 25 Quantum Prodrive Specials! 40 Meg SCSI Prodrive .. 420.00 80 Meg SCSI Prodrive .. 625.00 105 Meg SCSI Prodrive 735.00 (All in stock, shipping included!) Spotlight on Hardware 68030 GVP Bundle 40 AT Drive .. 2679.00 8 Meg Boa'd, Supra OK .. 160.00 8 Meg Boa'd, Supra 2 Megs .315,00 Accelerator. Hurricane 500 ... 575.00 AdRAM 2 MB. OK (500) 120.00 BaseBoard 4 MB, OK (500) ..... 128.00 fliCkerFixer .. 460.00 Floppy Drive. Internal 2000 . 90.00 Floppy Drive. Supra Drive 135.00 Harddnve 20 Meg 500 (Supra) .... 505.00 Memory Mod. Supra 500 2 Meg .. 269.00 Modem. Supra 2400 .... 120.00 Mouse. Cordless .....90.00 MouseStick, Advanced Gravis ......88.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 (500 2000) . 74.50 Scanner, Sharp JX100 ..... 799.00 SCSI Controller, Advantage 2000 155.00 SCSI Controller, Supra 1 COO ...215.00 SCSI Controller, Byte Sync ..... 170.00 SCSI Controller, Word Sync ... 170.00 SCSI Impact A2000-8 0 GVP 300.00 Spirit Boards OK 500 1000 224.99 SuperCard AM! 72,99 Upper Deck, StarBoard2 ..51,28 Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs The first MS-DOS File System for the Amiga®
• Reads or writes any 360K or720K MS-DOS or ATARI ST® disks (Version 2.0 or higher) with optional text file filters.
• Transparently accesses MS-DOS files from any uiitiiy or application [including file requesters).
• Fully integrates ilself mlo the Amiga operating system.
• Automatically readjusts to different MS-DOS ATARI ST formats.
• Can be removed after use 10 reclaim memory.
• Provides an easy installation program.
• Availiablc in a READ-ONLY version from the Public Domain or directly from CONSULTffOW for only $ 5.00. For orders placed through CONSULTflOWadd S3 00 shipping and handling 1S8.OO outside ihe U.S. and Canada). Michigan residents must add the correct sales tax. C.O.D. add S3.00 In addition to reading and writing any file on an MS-DOS disk, perform the follow ing DOS functions on files and directories.
* Scan any directory
* Create directories
* Rename
* Delete
* Set dates
* Set protection bits
* Seek tile positions Get disk information
* Add cache buffers the MS-DOS File System for the COMMODORE THESOFTWARESHOP YOUR AMIGA SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE MARKETPLACE HOURS: 8 AM to 7 PM Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday .x* Call on Sunday Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer and Service Center We will beat or match any price in this magazine $ 129 00 . 195 00 ..33 00 ..33 00 .65 00 . 195 00 12900 ..62 00 62 00 128 00 . . 62 00 ..59 00 ..22 00 ...66 00 ..45 00 ..95 00 118 00 54 00 133 00 ..199 CO . . 65 .00 . . 58 00 . . 50.00 . .65 00 . . 33 00 HOME ACCOUNTING $ 159 00 . $ 46 00 . $ 65 00 ., 65 00 . 13000 ., 53 00 . 164 00 $ 32 00 65 00 99 00 .65 00 .33.00 . 33 00 . 59 00 . 24 00 .35 00 . 52 00 . 55 00 . 45 00 .33 00 .22 00 .33 00 .47.00 .45.00 . 29.00 . 19.03 . 35.00 . 28 00 . 26 00 33 03 58 CM . 28 00 99 00 129 00 .25.00 33 09 .52 00 104 00 . 32 00 .32 00 129 00 ,. 33 00 45 00 .39 00 .52 00 ..52 00 .. 32.00 . 30.00 $ 97 00 . 37 CO 67 00 . 27 00 21000 17900 99 00 69 00 28 CO . 28 CO 160 CO 47 00 97 00 . 52 00 129 00 92 00 225 00 . 97 00 . 97 00 . 97 00 .38 00 205 00 125 00 129 00 . 51 00 . 69 00 . 78 00 .35 00 .65 00 .59 00 19900 .97 00 . 43 00 PRINTERS 1124 Panasonic Printer, Alps Allegro 24 PIN NEC LC890 laser PS .... Okimaie 20 color prt Plug n print ..... Star nx rambow . HP PaintJet...... WORDPROCESSORS Becker text . Excellence1 . Gold spell II. KindwCrds.. Pen Pa..... Prowrite v2.0 Reason ..... Text pro---- Transcript .. Word perfect Wp library .. $ 51200 . 699 00 . 699 00 . 535.00
2899. 00 .72000 ACCESSORIES 6 outlet AC Surge ....$ 16 00 A-B Switch cable ....$ 35 00 A B C D Switchbox .. 39 00 Amtrac Mouse .79 00 Bomg optical mouse . 109 00 Copy Stand ...65.00 Cordless Mouse .....105 00 Ergo Joystick .17 00 Genius Mouse ..... 39 CO Gravis Joystick 37 00 Infared mouse 176 00 Maxxum Hight yoke ,.. 79 00 MD120 3 5 Disk ho*cer ..... 33 00 MD60 d«Sk holder ..... 28 00 MD64 disk holder ....31 00 Modem cable A10CG ..15 00 Modem cable A2000 500...... 15 00 Mouse holder ..6 50 Mouse master . 29 00 Mouse pad .9 00 Okimate black ribbon ..5 00 Okimate color ribbon ...7 50 Phaser gun ...49 00 Printer cable 2000 500 . 15 00 Pnnte cable A1000 . 15 00 ACCOUNTING Easy ledger . S195 0O Financial p'-us ..189 00 Invests* advantage .... 63 00 Miamiga ledger ... .63 00 Micro lawyer , .. ...... 39 00 Nimbus record keeper 95 00 CAD Craw 2000 .. $ 69 CO Home builder cad ... 129 00 Home builder choice .. 53 00 intro cad .- - * 51 00 Logic works . 65 00 Pro-Board .. 379 00 Pro-Net ... 379.00 Ultra Design 269 00 X-Cad Designer II ...... 97 00 X-Cad Designer Pro ..304 00 DATABASE MGMNT Data retrieve 551 00 Data Retrieve Prof ...16900 Microfiche filer plus ..11500 Organize .49 00 Supeibase pers II .... 99 00 Super base Pro 3 0 ... 229 00 Super base professional...... 189 00 Your family tree ..... 32 00 DESKTOP PUBL Citydesk2 0 ..135 00 Citydask .$ 97 00 Citydask companion ..15 00 Citydask companion If .15 00 Page setter 89 00 Page stream (new vers ) ..... 125 00 Pro-draw clip art ...... 42 00 Pro-page template .. 42 00 Professional Draw .. 12900 Professional page 12 ..199 00 Shakespeare .. 7900 Who. Wnat When ..... 69 00 SOUND & MUSIC 4-pp deluxe ...... Audio master ...... Audio master II .... Back songbock .... Bars & Pipes ...... Copy is i II . D-50 .. Deluxe music ..... Dr drums .. Dr keys Dr T's KeytXiard ... Dr T s Midi Record1g StudiO ?x heaver Dynamic drums ... Dynamic sludio.. Future sound A5CO A200Q Kcs Level ii ...... Matrix 6 Midi Magic ...... Mt-32 ... Music student ..... Music-X ..... Pro sound designer...... Prorndi sludio Soni x ...... Sour d Oasis .. Sound sampler ... Sour d Track Vol 1 Stud o magic ...... Syhtnia Syntnia Pro Texture Utilises 2 = mimatics) EDUCATION Adventure of sin bad ...... Aesop's fables ..... All about America .. Animal kingdom ... Ai the Zoo . Decimal dungeon .. Dinosaur Discov kit Discovery game math..... Discovery game spell ..... First Idlers and words..... Firsl shapes Fraction action .... Great states Hid Talk ... Kmderama ... Learning curve .... Letters For You .... Link word French Link word German . Link word Italian ... Lmk word Russian . Link word Spanish . Math Odyssey ..... Math talk ... .. Math talk fraction .. Math wizard My Paint ... Numbers Count ... Puzzle Story book . Read a rhyme ..... Read-a-rama ..... Rnymmg note book Spell bound ...... Speller bee. ..... Tales from Arabia .. Talking Animator .. Where in the US .. Where in World C S ...... Wordmaster World Atlas World Odyssey HARDWARE Baud Bandit - ..... Easyl A1000 ..... Easyl A2000 . Easyl A500 .. Flicker fixer . Framegrabber ...... puiure sound Gen One ... Internal 3 5drive A2000 .... Live A2000 .... Live framegrabber A1000 Live framegrabber A50Q... Mac 3 5 Drive ...... Midi Gold (5Q0i .... Perfect sound A1000 .... Perfect sound A500 A2000 Progen . Scanlock ... Super Gen .. Supra 240000 internal..... Supra modem 2400bd Synergy 500 ...... Unidrive External .. WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens . Critic's Choice..... Desktop budget ,.. Money mentor..... Phaser .... Publishers Choice . Tax Break . The Works Platinum Advantage (GD) Analyze’ 20 Haicaic . Maxipfan 500.,, Maxiplan plus .. Super plan..... VlP Professional MONITORS Amdek multisync 12 mon . Nec 3D multisync Sicko cm 1430 monitor..... Sony multi-scan Monitor .. Taxan 1000 20 Ultrasync.. Zenith T4' Flat screer mon UTILITIES B A D disk optimizer _ C B Tree Can do .. Cygnused Professional Disk 2 disk ...... Disk master .... Disk mechanic .. Dos 1 3 .. Ocs 2 dos ...... DdLg's math aquarium .. Durfap Utilities .. Encore .. Ez backup - Face II .. Fine print ... Formation ...... Gizmoz enhanced ------- Gomf ... Grabbit ....*---- Inteftitype Laser scripts .... Laser up fonts .. Laser up plot ... Laser up print ... Laser up utilities . Mac 2 Dos ...... Magellan Master type ..... Mavis beacon typing---- Nag Pius Scned Assist... Pixel Scrip! ..... Pro script Project D ..... Project Master .. Prorrus spelling .. Quarterback .... Raw copy 13 .... Superback .... Text ec plus . VIP ... X-Copy . A C basic .. AC lortran Algebra II .. Arexx . Assem pro . Aztec C developer . Aztec C professional ...... Benchmark C library ..... Benchmark itf library ..... Benchmark modula 2 .... Benchmark simplified Cape 68k ...... Cross Dos . Devpac Ed Assem link debg Dissasembier ... GFA basic 3 0 ..... Hisoft Basic Pro .. Inovatools »1 ...... J-Fcrthpro2 0 .... Latlicedevefopemni system 5 0 Melascope debugger...... Power windows v2.5 ...... Source level debugger..... True basic w shell ... FONTS Anim Fontl Kara ..... Amm Fond Kara ..... Asha s fonts ... Calligrapher . Fancy 3d fonts . ..... Font sol I ...... Headline Fonts Headlines 2 ... Inter font ..... Kara fonts color...... Kara fonts Headline 2 Kara fonts subheads .. Lion fonts ..... Masterpiece lonts..... News letter fonts...... Page Stream fonts 1... Profonts I Prol Profonts II decorative.. Studio font .... Subheads ..... Zuma t-4 ..... COMMUNICATIONS Atalk III ..$ 65 00 BBS pc ... 96 00 Oiga ..... 50 00 Online Platinum ...... 67 00 Skyline BBS ..99 00 LANGUAGES jP" SHOWROOM 22 Front Street Worcester, MA 01614 Cifde 134 on Reader Service card. MaH*rCard! Visa and MasterCard Accepted initial instruction screens with clashing colors, unindented paragraphs, and typographical mistakes. Making choices with single key strokes determines the content of your challenge, your opponent (computer or human), and whether or not you will be timed. In Discover Numbers, you are given a list of math problems in a box. The object is to empty your box by transfering (via keyboard) the problems in it to another box common to both players. Players must enter items into the common box in order from lesser to greater. Ijet's say that your items are 2 + 2, 4 + 9 5, and 5x3. If your opponent enters 4 + 5 into the common box, your only move is 5x3. Empty your box and you win, a fact the program notes with an irritating sequence of flashing colors. The program does not require that you enter the answers to these problems, but only that you sequence them according to their solutions. Thus, a child must focus on multiple criteria at once. Frankly, this is no help to a child learning math basics, and it is terribly boring to one who already knows them. US History & Geography requires sequencing as well, but here the items in your box are presidents, dates the states entered the Union, and so on. This approach does not stimulate creativity or encourage a child to research the topics. Neither program involves the mouse. The reason, says Maverick Software, is so that the games can serve as typing tutors. I don’t buy this; even quality typing tutors employ the mouse to simplify use of the package. Here, the keyboard serves to frustrate rather than enhance learning. You may know that Cinco de Mayo comes before Santa Lucia, but mistype Cinco, and you lose. My son says Discover games are dumb. 1 agree. They are poor educational and remedial tools, and mediocre trivia games. Sadly, neither is worth the price. Happy Trails? 1 am attracted to products that convey a wholesome, warm ambience, and on the s + lete comP }1 >,in'.C Work* * '4 from MlIDl stttuU,tt Bluc Ribbon Bakery to give you 32 or more simultaneous MIDI channels! Computability Performance The Serial Solution delivers error-free performance for both the standard baud rales (1200, 2400, etc.) and the MIDI baud rate. The highest supported baud rale is 125K baud -- useful for networking two Amigas together. Bach port has a four- byte buffer to ensure no data loss at all transmission speeds. The right price, the best performance, the most compatability. Use it with: Bars&Pipes * Deluxe Music • A-Talk 111
• Baud Bandit ¦ OnLinc! * Diga
• many others • CHECKPOINT ~vr TECHNOV0GieS TT'T'TCT Am'P'_Ton- Tiie Serial Solution provides two industry-standard serial ports. The 9-pin port is IBM-AT compatible. The 25-pin port is RS-232C compatible. And it supplies the 12 volts needed to drive Amiga-specific peripherals, such as MIDI interfaces Both ports support all standard handshaking lines plus CD and Rl.
P. O Box 2035 * Manassas, Virginia 22110 • 703-330-5353 Tvkr:: move UP TO LIGHTSPEED ...a step above the rest. J ENTERTAINMENT ELECTRONIC ARTS PROGRAMMING REE SHIPPING ON SOFTWARE Blades of Steel $ 29 Bards Tale $ 15 Arexx $ 32 j Lattice 0 $ 221 :IDCRS OVER $ 100f a Money $ 27 B.A.T. $ 32 Benchmark Modula-2 $ 129 Lattice C++ $ 259 __"_ a Blue Angels $ 35 Battle of Britain $ 39 Source Level Debugger $ 99 j Magellan A.I. $ 129 j JPS. U.S. only (Alaska & Hawaii excluded) a Chaos Strikes Back $ 27 Budokan $ 27 G.F.A. BASIC $ 89 Manx C Developer $ 199 a Distant Suns $ 45 Chessmaster 2100 $ 32 HiSoft BASIC $ 105 Manx C Professional $ 129 j Double Dragon II $ 27 Cribbage Gin King $ 39 j J-Forth Professional $ 129 j M2Sprint Modula-2 $ 199 j GRAPHICS & ANIMATION j Drakkhen $ 39 Deluxe Music $ 65f ~L Airships $ 27 Dungeon Master $ 27 Deluxe Paint III $ 95j TOLL-FREE ORDERING: 1 NIMagic $ 95 i Escape Singe Castle $ 45 Deluxe PhotoLab $ 95 _ m M a nimation Station $ 65 Falcon $ 32 DM's Assistant $ 21 T ¦Qllf * 35"4428 a 'toScript $ 85 Falcon Mission Disk $ 17 j Dragons of Flame $ 27j Ww j Customer Support, Order Status, and Technical Assistance: 1-503-777-1008 AUSTRALIA: 0014-800-12-5632 CANADA: 1-800-869-2555 j
- Australia & Canada: Please use Toll-Free m lines for orders over $ 100 U.S. only! A
- Paint 3 $ 65 HeatWave $ 29 Earl Weaver Baseball $ 32, Hate III $ 27 King’s Quest IV $ 39 F 16 Combat Pilot $ 32 y Anim Studio $ 119 Leisure Suit Larry 3 $ 39 Federation $ 32 r $ 45 j Knights of Legend $ 32 Fool's Errand $ 32 rformer $ 39 N. Y. Warriors $ 32 Halls of Montezuma $ 27 tder’s CAD $ 129 Police Quest li $ 39 It Came Desert $ 32 r $ 65 Pro Football Sim. $ 23 Life and Death $ 32 $ 65 Shadow of the Beast $ 32 Maniac Mansion $ 29. THE LIGHTSPEED ADVANTAGE
• No sales tax
* Unbeatable support and assistance during and after your order
• Best selection with fastest delivery
* Consistently the lowest overall pricing ’ Knowledgeable and helpful customer representatives are ail Amiga owners i $ 65 SimCity $ 32 Marble Madness $ 15 50 $ 32 SimCity Terrain Editor $ 14 Mavis Beacon Typing $ 32 mal $ 329 Space Ace $ 39 Nuclear War $ 32 Turbo Silver $ 129 Space Rogue $ 32 j Pool of Radiance $ 32 TV* Text Pro $ 115 Shark Attack Golf $ 27 Populous $ 32 (-CAD Designer $ 99 Star Trek V $ 32 Reach for the Stars $ 27 ¦CAD Professional $ 329 Stunt Track Racer $ 27 688 Attack Sub $ 32 Test Drive II $ 32 Skate or Die $ 27 j PRODUCTIVITY j BOOKS j ACCESSORIES European Challenge $ 15 Star Command $ 32 Analyze! $ 65 BASIC Inside & Out $ 19 DigiFeXMIDI External $ 59 U.F.O. $ 32

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