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HQ With Hard Disk Installed All Five Amiga Expansion 1 Slots Left Free ? NO One Year Warranty ? NO User Upgradable Memory ? NO IMPACT and GV are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. istered trademark of AT&T, Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 CHIEF CONCERNS A balanced view AMIGA OWNERS MUS T be an honest lot. After all, some have written to us complaining that this column only says nice things about the Amiga while it says mean things about almost everything else. They're right. The Amiga may be great, but it is not perfect. In fact, the Amiga’s technological uniqueness is waning and pretty soon people arc going to need new reasons for buying it. They used to buy the Amiga because it excelled at the vertical applications the big boys had not yet bothered to target. It sold because ol video technology and NTSC compatibility. It sold because it tied easily to MIDI devices. It sold because of superior graphics with 4096 colors, and the fact that it had the address space and sheer horsepower to drive them. And it sold because of products such as Dpaint and Digi-Paint to tap that graphics power. For a long time the Amiga won every technological argument. It had multiprocessing, multitasking, and really nice resolution. This was pretty amazing stuif four years ago. Were it not lor the big boys, the Amiga would probably survive this way forever, selling slowly and steadily. But, something very serious is happening: The big boys with their big PR and marketing machines are entering Amiga territory. With both Unix and OS 2, they are discovering multitasking and graphical user interfaces. But most disturbing of all, they are discovering Amiga applications. Unlike four years ago, IBM now has VGA graphics standards and the optional 8514 A with super hi-res color graphics. Apple has 24-bit graphics, color (finally!), 68030s, and even some speedv coprocessors. In all this time, the Amiga has just about stood still. Sure it is still cheap, but is it still the best? In some areas it isn't. It needs higher resolution. It needs more industry standard software. It needs better networking. It needs to exceed the 9MB barrier. It needs to be faster. Phis is a competitive challenge. While it is all a bit frightening, it also gives us impetus to change and to improve. Such improvements are important because they will give the Amiga new life and potential users new reasons to buy it. Fortunately, Commodore is working feverishly on some improvements that will, once again, leave the competition in its dust. It is on the verge of introducing significantly improved hardware and a new operating system while also rallying the support of mainstream software p la vers. Developers, too, need to kick in to keep the Amiga from an early grave. We need software that doesn’t guru, and more companies such as New Horizons that are willing to stick their necks out with bug-free guarantees. Software has to stop crashing, mainstream applications have to be ported, and new mind- blowing applications have to be written. I he Amiga also has to gel away from the Rodney Dangerlield syndrome. We've got to get guys like Bill Gates to stop calling it an orphan. And we have got to get the press to lake it seriously. When I started this piece, I was depressed thinking that the Amiga had lost its edge, but then Lou Wallace showed me the Amiga World Animation Video he bail just finished. Five minutes into it, 1 realized that the Amiga has still got it because it has the most creative, inventive, and passionate group of users ever put on God’s green earth. So let's maintain our present advantages and create new ones (right, Commodore?). You know what? A lot of these things I've been ranting and raving about are starting to change.

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Amiga World Vol 06 05 1990 May

Document sans nom 1igitizing Breakthrough? May 1990 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDG Communications Publication igi-View 4.0 uper Screens Poor Prints? Lardcopy Hints For ligh-Quality Graphics tfordabie’ Color Scanning? IcanLab 100 Multimedia Showdown: 3 Interactive Authoring Systems 3-D For AlmostrffSe , Color Cycling 1 J Shell Secrets, C Tips 74470 65948 8 broadcast qu ¦ '' Vv - . 'J|'. -j- ? Two P«rGen2000 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines. 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 £1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines. Art Without Compromise a THE ALPHABET GROUP 1989 Market Share Professional Draw 2.0 Professional Draw 2.0 redraws the boundaries of Amiga art and graphic design. Up lo ten times faster and with dozens of new features. Professional Draw 2.0 allows you to create stunning illustrations like never before. And since Professional Draw
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* Patent Pending Now ShowMaker Up until now, making a "Desktop Video" with your Amiga meant you had a very crowded desktop. You needed editing VCRs, single frame controllers, and a lot of money and patience. It just wasn't possible to record a finished video straight from your Amiga. You could create the animations, stills, sound effects, and music, but there was no way to bring it all together, and most importantly, to easily synchronize audio and video. Until now... ShowMaker is the editing suite for all your work, offering compatibility with:
* Deluxe Paint III • MovieSetter
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* FrameGrabber • and more! This should give you an idea of what the future holds for your Desktop Video productions. To get the full picture (and music and animation and titling), ask you dealer for a demonstration of ShowMaker. Or call Gold Disk for more information. CONTENTS FEATURES Up Close and Personal*. DlGI-VlEW Gold 4.0 By Joel Hagen. . 22 NewTek's popular digitizer sports a new software upgrade that has video-graphics Ians flipping of! Their copystands. The Fine “Art” of Printing 28 By Nancy J. Freeman .. If you’ve got tough questions about high- class hardcopy, we've got a portfolio of advice on printer types, print-quality problems, and printing techniques. Dime Store Digitizing 34 By Gene Brawn .. Create 3-D Amiga images quickly, easily, and inexpensively the “old-fashioned" way with 3-D stereography and those funny colored glasses. ARTICLES Evolution or Extinction? The Future of the A1000 44 By Sheldon Leemon ... Can A1000 owners keep up with recent advances in .Amiga technology? Check out our "survival kit" of upgrade and expansion strategies. COLUMNS . 6 Chief Concerns By Doug samey ... Amazingly graceful, the editor leaps from lost to found in a blinding Hash as he sees where the Amiga is really headed. Accent on Graphics 50 By Joel Hagen . . Although you may have ridden "color cycling" on past tours of animation, Joel shows he can still teach an old bike some new pedaling tricks. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings o2 This month our "Back To Basics" mini- series helps new users climb directly into their Amiga DOS Shells. POINTERS By David T. McClellan......36 Who says programmers aren’t “fun" guys? Our C expert shows amateur game developers why fancy joystick control is just, well, “routine,” DEPARTMENTS 8 Repartee Send it now while it’s still a quarter. Novice or professional artist, enthusiast or just graphics dabbler; you've all probably been in the position oj our man on the cover (above). That's why the title of the work, fittingly, is “Self Portrait: The Artist Was Faced With A Dilemma." And, yes, you recognized it: Nonnan Rockwell in one of his most famous Saturday Evening Post covers. But, oj course, it isn’t NR (they didn't have Ami gas or even Al tairs or Vic 20s hack on October 8, 19 38). Artist Rick Parks did this take-off on his Amiga using Deluxe Paint III. (And, no, he didn't digitize the original!) Notepad .... 10 Hah! Even your kids’Tonka trucks are created with the help of an Amiga. Amiga Profile ...81 AW's new Society Editor, Carla (“Ma”) Barker, can put you in touch with some creative Amiga video types in time for your daughter’s June nuptials. Whats New? 96 See the page number? So go find out. . . Hors d’oeuvres .102 We didn’t even have to pay the caterer for these generous tips and techniques. Help Key ..104 Because it’s the May issue, we told Lou to simply get his database to contact his authoring system to trigger his video-titling program to pre-display the name of the Kentucky Derby winner. But he didn’t. Last Licks . 112 We got ’em in.. .just before the wire. REVIEWS Interactive Authoring Systems: DELUXE VIDEO III (Electronic Arts), CAN DO (INOVAtronics), and INTERACTOR (Very Vivid) ...12 Showdown at the Interactive Video Kiosk. . . SCAN LAB 100 (Sharp Electronics) 19 When your favorite TV model says “Sharp” here, she means “affordable". . . PERFORMANCE (Pregnant Badger) .... 72 How can you resist a review of this MI Di-configuring program after reading the line above? FRAMEGRABBER 256 (Progressive Peripherals) and DATEL VIDEO Digitizer (rio datel) .....76 A lot of people have their pixels in a twist over these real-time digitizers. Software From HELL (Conceptually Advanced Technologies) 84 Imagine Hades with a multi-purpose utilities belt and his faithful Cerberus with a pocket protector. 88 Award Maker Plus (Baudviiie) Think of “Hoosiers” ending with instant court-side design and printing of championship certificates for coaches Hackman and Hopper. 92 Rack Talk ... In fencing it’s thrust and parry; in boxing, punch and counterpunch. With AW reviews it's debating: argument and rebuttal. GAMES 60 CRIB Notes By Peter Olafson Expert gaming tips from a pro. Professional Football Simulation (MicroSearch) . 60 This might have helped Raymond Berry. Magic Johnson’s Basketball 62 (Melbourne House Virgin Mastertronic) . Full-coun, fastbreak action. After Burner (Sega Mindscape) ... 64 The famous F-14 Thunder Cat now conies in an arcade version. Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword (Broderbund) 64 The Maid of Orleans is under lire. 66 SIDESHOW (Actionware). . . A carnival of earthly delights. Graphics, Animations, Sounds? Good Show! With TV'Show™ you can showcase your graphics and animations with just a few clicks of your mouse. Using TV-Show's mouse and menu driven Script Editor,; choose from a wide variety of exciting image transition effects. Grab your audience by the ears with sound effects and computer generated speech. Experiment all you want. You can play any portion of your script anytime during your editing session. ? ?????Mm ffflHMh ? ????? M m ? ?????mm ? ?????Mm ? ? ? ? ? ? ? M > ? ?????MM ????????M ? ?????mm ? ?????MM ? ?????Mm ? ?????Mm ? ?????mm ? ?????MM ? ????M»M ? ? ? ? M M M ??????MM ? ? ? ? ?? M M '??????MM ??????MM ? ?? ? ?? M M ? ???MMM ??????MM ? ? ? ? M M m ? ???MMM ? ? ? ? ?? M M ? ? ? ? ? ? M M ? ? ? ? ?? M M ? ???MMM ? ???MMM ? ???MMM ? ???MM M ? ???MMM ? ? ? ? M M M ? ? ? ? M M m ? ???MMM ? ? ? ? M M M ? ?? ? M M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ? ? ? ?? M M ? ? ? ?? ? M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ? M M M M ? ?MMmm ? ? ? ? M M M ? ?MMmm ? ? M M M M ? ?? ? ?? M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ??? M M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ???M>M> ? ?MMmm ? ? ? ? M M m ? ??? M M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ? ? ? M M M ? ???MMM ? ???MMM ? ???MMM ? ? ? ? M M M All Image Formats
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• Use with screens, brushes, & animations
• Manual forward reverse, self-timed, looping, & hot key playback Animation & Sound
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• IFF sampled sounds & speech with control of playback rate & volume
• Synchronize sound with screen event or animation frame TV-Show is the complete special effects slide show for you and your Amiga®. Version 2 is at your Amiga dealer now. 7V’Show is a trademark ofZuma Group. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. DeluxePaint is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts. TBZumaGroup Zuma Group, Inc. 6733 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix, AZ 85015 TEL: 602.246.4238 FAX: 602.246.6708 STEPHEN Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher Douglas Barney; Editor-In-Chief Dan SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SHAWN LaFLAMME, Managing Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology LlNDA J, Bark ETT. A cqu isiti ons Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Reiiew Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor TlM WALSH, Technical Editor Carla Barker, Editorial Intern Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director ANN Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALANA KORDA, Production Supervisor KENNETH BlakEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGoLDRICK, Sales Representative BARBARA Hoy*, Sales Representative HEATHER Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-800-441-4403, 603-924-9471 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City. CA 94063 Shelley Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-415-363-5230 WeNDIE HAINES MaRRO, Marketing Manager LAURA Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Barbara Morris. Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFlEUR Executive Assistant to the Publisher SUSAN KaniWEC, Customer Service Representative Publisher's Assistant PAUL RuESS, Circulation Director PAM WILDER Assistant Circulation Manager 800-365-1364 Roger J. Murphy. President STEPHEN D. Twombly. Executive Vice President Publishing Director DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing'Operations JEFFREY' D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research LINDA PaLMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Dames. Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LaGASSE, Manufacturing Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director Df.BBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. BoY'ER, Director of Credit Sales Ed Collections ArnigaWorld (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal mil connected with Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Amiga World is published monthly by IDG Communications'fYlerborough. Inc.. 80 Elm St.. Peterborough. NH 03458. I S. subscription rate is $ 29.97. one year: $ 40.00, two years; $ 64.00, three years. Canada S38.97 (U.S. hinds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ -19.97. Foreign Airmail $ 8-4.97 (prepayment is rctjuired on Foreign Surface and Airmail sith.se rip- tions m U.S. funds drawn on U.S. hank). All rales are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at I Y-lei borough, NH. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-92-J-9-I71. Entire contents copyright 1990 by IIXi L'ominiinicaiion.v'IYtciliorough. Inc. No pat t of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to Amiga If ur d. Subscription Services. PO Box 5880-4. Boulder. CO 80322-88(84 Nationally distributed by Kablc News Co. Amiga World makes every effort to assure the accuracy • >1 .mu les, listings and circuits published hi (he magazine. Amiga Hi) rid assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Lircle BO on Reader Service card. Why settle for an A2500 when you can have A3000 performance todayl IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT The Clear Choice for 68030Acceleration Up to 8MB of 32-Bit Wide ORAM
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They're right. The Amiga may be great, but it is not perfect. In fact, the Amiga’s technological uniqueness is waning and pretty soon people arc going to need new reasons for buying it. They used to buy the Amiga because it excelled at the vertical applications the big boys had not yet bothered to target. It sold because ol video technology and NTSC compatibility. It sold because it tied easily to MIDI devices. It sold because of superior graphics with 4096 colors, and the fact that it had the address space and sheer horsepower to drive them. And it sold because of products such as Dpaint and Digi-Paint to tap that graphics power. For a long time the Amiga won every technological argument. It had multiprocessing, multitasking, and really nice resolution. This was pretty amazing stuif four years ago. Were it not lor the big boys, the Amiga would probably survive this way forever, selling slowly and steadily. But, something very serious is happening: The big boys with their big PR and marketing machines are entering Amiga territory. With both Unix and OS 2, they are discovering multitasking and graphical user interfaces. But most disturbing of all, they are discovering Amiga applications. Unlike four years ago, IBM now has VGA graphics standards and the optional 8514 A with super hi-res color graphics. Apple has 24-bit graphics, color (finally!), 68030s, and even some speedv coprocessors. In all this time, the Amiga has just about stood still. Sure it is still cheap, but is it still the best? In some areas it isn't. It needs higher resolution. It needs more industry standard software. It needs better networking. It needs to exceed the 9MB barrier. It needs to be faster. Phis is a competitive challenge. While it is all a bit frightening, it also gives us impetus to change and to improve. Such improvements are important because they will give the Amiga new life and potential users new reasons to buy it. Fortunately, Commodore is working feverishly on some improvements that will, once again, leave the competition in its dust. It is on the verge of introducing significantly improved hardware and a new operating system while also rallying the support of mainstream software p la vers. Developers, too, need to kick in to keep the Amiga from an early grave. We need software that doesn’t guru, and more companies such as New Horizons that are willing to stick their necks out with bug-free guarantees. Software has to stop crashing, mainstream applications have to be ported, and new mind- blowing applications have to be written. I he Amiga also has to gel away from the Rodney Dangerlield syndrome. We've got to get guys like Bill Gates to stop calling it an orphan. And we have got to get the press to lake it seriously. When I started this piece, I was depressed thinking that the Amiga had lost its edge, but then Lou Wallace showed me the Amiga World Animation Video he bail just finished. Five minutes into it, 1 realized that the Amiga has still got it because it has the most creative, inventive, and passionate group of users ever put on God’s green earth. So let's maintain our present advantages and create new ones (right, Commodore?). You know what? A lot of these things I've been ranting and raving about are starting to change. Not only is Commodore getting aggressive, but users are waking up. Your letters have been hitting publications with increasing frequency, gently reminding them of our machine. And with your help and your excitement things are going to keep right on changing. 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E. Stroudsburg, PA Get Your Licks In I HE LAST LICKS page is a detriment to your magazine. So far, the cartoons have not been funny, and little useful information has appeared on the page. The look of the title logo is so annoying that 1 flinch when I look at it. The “So Vvhat?!?” section in the Feb. ’90 issue was uninformative, insulting, and useless. Your history of OS 2 and Windows is so busy mocking the Keystone Cop-like antics of IBM developers that it neglects to tel! Why clones are still the choice of the big hoys. I’m not an IBM lover; I have never bought an IBM or compatible. But I have worked with them, and the things they do, they do well. Much of your Feb. ’90 issue was very useful. But there’s no reason to put in this largely gratuitous page. Kill it, please. Brian Caulfield Del mar, NY I READ LAST Licks in your Jan. ’90 issue, and I loved it! The format, the cartoon insert, and the news in this section all appealed to me very much. I hope to see more cartoons from Rich Tennant. Jose E. Alvarez Escanaba, MI Notably So WITH HIS proclamation that "Most importantly, computers allow non-musicians. . .to make noise” (Chief Concerns,
p. h, March 1990), Doug Barney tells us that the many fine professional-level Amiga programs are secondary to introductory ones. What? I thought the Amiga was a serious computer to he considered by professionals for serious work. I also object to the statement, “Computers have created more bad music. . Powerful products only magnify the user’s capability: Bad musicians make bad music. A product that lets an unskilled person appear to be good is a toy. A product that lets a skilled person become better is a tool. Leen Tuk Hamilton, Ontario, Canada For the Love Of Science THIS LETTER IS in response to K. A. Ferguson ("In the Name of Science,” Repartee, March ’90, p. 8). Historically, most complex scientific software code has been written in FORTRAN for mainframe computers. The advent of C and FORTRAN for the Amiga has opened an avenue for these programs to be ported to the Amiga. AMIGA Tech will be porting many of the most popular scientific application codes to the Amiga. These programs will be released in versions with varying degrees of complexity, to fit the individual Amiga user's available memory. Upgrades to higher complexity will be extremely cheap. The first products planned to be released include a general-purpose 2-D plotting package, a general-purpose 3-D plotting package, and a general-purpose system-siniu- lation package, YDOT. All products will use multicolor mid-res or interlace screens, will contain user-friendly data device file requesters, and will be completely compatible with Workbench printer drivers. For further information, contact: AMIGA Tech, PO Box 201, Los .Altos, CIA 94023-0201. Patrick G, Bailey, Ph.D. Los Altos, CA Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ How Does New ProWrite 3.0 Differ From Other Amiga Word Processors? You Begin lb Get The Picture. Beneath Its Elegant Design Lies A Word Processing Powerhouse. Ease into the solid comfort of the ProWrite environment. Zip in your text and briskly format with intuitive menu and ruler controls. Now slip into high gear using the power of keyboard commands. Deftly cut, copy and paste on the fly, knowing the formidable 100,000-word spelling checker is checking as you type, and the vast thesaurus is standing by with over 300,000 cross references to fine-tune your ideas. Graceful multiple columns are at your fingertips with choice of snaking or parallel text flow. If you're really into performance, you can tackle tedious tasks with the touch of an F-kcy using macros, f or you power users, the ARHXX port awaits you. And ProWritc's print merge feature eagerly churns out those form letters. So Intuitive, So Responsive, You’ve Got To Experience It To Believe It. Your thoughts pour effortlessly onto the screen, then just as fluidlv out to your printer, virtually unaware of anything between you and the printed page. (After all. Features Spelling checker with 100,000word dictionary Spell check all at once or as you type Multiple columns with snaking or parallel text flow Thesaurus with over 500,000 cross references Print merge Import any IFF or HAM pictures Wrap text around pictures Multiple line headers and footers with Tide Page Option Macros, wtien iced with AREXX
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(512) 328-6650 l*niW ntr u j trademark til New IkirUum Nftwaxr Inc Amiga i » rcgiMcrcil ir lrnurk of Commodore-Amiga. Inc C rcle 33 on Reader Service card NOTEPAD Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson Truckin’ PERHAPS YOU HAVE seen Johannes Gaston’s DeluxePaint “output” in electronics shops, toy stores, health clubs, or your place of employment. Johannes is a product-design and development consultant. Since early 1987, he has used his A1000 to design television sets, toys, exercise equipment, industrial control units, opaque projectors, and more. His clients include a variety of companies, from Cray Research Computers to Tonka Corporation. Tonka’s Hammer Hank and his vehicle, for instance, are both products of his imagination that were helped into being by his .Amiga. So are Hank’s counterparts Basher Bart, Smasher Sam, and Max Whiplash, and alt the buildings in the Tonka Wrecking Crew playset. Even the labels for the toys are ink-jet printouts. In developing the product line and defining the details, Johannes filled over a dozen disks with renderings like the one you see here of Hank. Johannes starts out with conventional sketches for his projects, then renders them on the computer to focus on details. “I usually do several iterations of a product, tweaking proportions, colors, and shapes,” savs Johannes. “With DeluxePaint’s Brush feature I can select a part of the drawing and stretch or compress it." The Amiga's color capacity lets him “try on" different colors and combinations quickly, with the client standing by. “The key to success in design work is to have both the client and designer know exactly what the product will look like,” he notes. “With the Amiga, 1 can Hammer Hank in character-design stage on the Amiga, and (Inset) posing In prototype form for the Tonka catalog. Create such realism [and] help the client feel comfortable." The Amiga is the only computer Johannes has ever owned. “Prior to the Amiga,” he states, “I had not seen anything 1 could afford in terms of dollars or time needed for learning.” BGT WASN’T IT GEORGE Bush who wanted to be remembered as the ’'education president?" Weil, Commodore presidents just may beat him out. A recent donation of eight Ami gas 2000s and 2500s to Canada's Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary forms the foundation of the school's media production training. SAIT students are now learning sophisticated techniques In video and slide-show production, painting, animation, desktop publishing, music, and interactive instruction Amiga style. The schoot plans to base a two-year Corporate Media Production program on the Commodore Media Centre, and to incorporate the center into its Cinema, Television, Stage, and Radio Arts program. Lab supervisor Dick Bourne is also willing to customize training for corporate clients. Go First Class Back In the US, the State University of New York at Albany wil! Receive 40 Amigas for use in classrooms and courseware development. This falf, the school will beta test a calculus program being developed by a team that includes a designer of the HP 28-S calculator. "The Amiga gives us an ideal environment,” says Math Department chair Tim Lance. "Our new Amiga facility will be the only site In which their material wiii be taught entirely in an interactive computer classroom.” Commodore is a participating sponsor of Tech 2000, the world’s first interactive multimedia gallery. Located near DC’s Washington Convention Center, Tech 2000 features advanced applications and demos by CBM and others. CanDo a contest? Yes, say INOVA- tronics and Southern Technologies, who will award a trip for two to Ami- EXPO Germany in November to the developer of the "very best” CanDo application. In total, 58 prizes will be given to users and dealers. The deadline is August 31; for rules and an entry lorm, send a SASE to CanDo Contest, 2009 McKenzie, Suite 110, Carrollton, TX 75006.
- BGT Mouse Buster W 04M J t gif i r h it *'* ». T y . >? Av jFy ‘,*S> dtj
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Whether you’re working with the latest animation software or playing your favorite game, you’ll enjoy the precision performance of the AmTRAC trackball from MicroSpeed. MicroSpeed, Inc. 44000 Old Warm Springs Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 1-800-232-7888 In California call (415) 490-1403 FAX (415) 490-1665 MicroSpeed and AmTRAC are trademarks of MicroSpeed, Inc. Other trademarks have been cited and MicroSpeed acknowledges them. Circle 235 on Reader Service card ICROSPEED Mi Tu INCORPORA TED REVIEWS DeluxeVideo III CanDo InterActor Presenting. . . Interactive video By Geoffrey Williams NO MATTER WHERE you find them in mall kiosks, at point-of-sale displays, or in classrooms interactive presentations are popular and effective because they let people explore information at their own pace and in their own way. And wherever you find the Amiga, you are more likely than ever to find it in the company of interactive authoring software. DeluxeVideo III, CanDo, and InterActor are three such packages. All handle presentation fundamentals, and with any of them you can create a basic interactive application in minutes. At the foundation of any presentation are buttons that respond to mouse clicks by calling up either pictures, text, sounds, animations, or other screens full of buttons. Each of these programs provides an easy means for creating them (allowing use of DeluxePaint brushes as buttons), but when it comes to setting up sequences that respond to mouse clicks, the programs vary widely in both capability and ease of use. In keeping with the spirit of interactivity, 1 have divided my review of these programs into topic segments so that you can explore and compare their capabilities and approaches with ease. Interfaces Forward When Electronic Arts released the original Deluxe Video, I and many others marveled at its graceful interface and groaned about its limitations. The latest version, DeluxeVideo III, offers enough power to fully complement the interface's intelligence. The program represents your video script on screen as a storyboard topped by a timeline. To set up happenings at specific times, you simply place icons along the timeline (each Effect icon has arrows for start and end times). This approach makes it easy to see what happens when. Multiple tracks of events can occur simultaneously or overlap. Editing an icon is as simple as double-clicking on it and making changes in a requester, and you can drag, duplicate, and delete icons as well. Script creation is very intuitive, and requesters guide you through the whole process, i would be hard pressed to imagine a more elegant and powerful interface. Overlapping the bottom of the CanDo screen is another partial screen containing a control panel. The panel slides up to make room for requesters and down to give you a better view of the screen. The Object gadgets let you create buttons, pull-down menus, and add requesters, sound, text, and animation to your program. While this approach lets you see what is happening on the screen as you create your presentation, it is not as good at letting you see how all the aspects of your program work together. CanDo goes beyond simple interactive presentations and allows you to create stand-alone programs (anything from a game to a simple word processor, appointment calendar, or customized calculator, complete with pull-down menus, sizeable windows, and close and depth gadgets) that run from Workbench icons. Eh is capability separates CanDo from DeluxeVideo III and InterActor, but also adds to the complexity of creating presentations in CanDo. While creating buttons or pull-down menus that display pictures is very easy (just follow the requesters), harnessing the added power of CanDo requires use of the scripting language. Thankfully, CanDo employs a modular approach to scripting. Instead of dealing with a long script that covers the entire production, CanDo pops up an editable text window containing just the segment that deals with the object or action you are working on. On-line help and a row of tools beside the Scripting window automate script writing somewhat. With the Coordinates tool, for example, when you click on a spot on the screen, those coordinates are added to your script. The Picture Editor tool opens a requester that lets you load a picture, and writes a command to show it into the script. InterActor takes still another approach in its interface, using a file-folder analogy. Half-screen-size requesters in the shape of tabbed folders are stacked on top of each other. Clicking on a tab brings the corresponding folder to the front. The Load folder lets you load scenes (complete presentations), pictures, brushes, and sounds. The Scene folder lets you add the background picture and its settings, while the Actor folder lets you define the key elements of the presentation the objects that the user will interact with. Actors can be DeluxePaint brushes or system-generated text, and you can have any number of them. For
* j each one highlighted in the Actor window at the left, its State (this tells whether it has been clicked on by the mouse) and Slate Events (what happens when it is clicked on) are displayed in the windows to the right. This lets you easily focus on one actor at a time. 2:5843 C, 1781112 I ¦rJ bsa l:fil 8:2? 4:41 1:88 1:28 1:41 r I if * .:' yssH Kvwi DeluxeVideo Ill’s story- board-wtth-tlmellne approach makes It easy to see what's happening when. Kflli 3EHDB' IfC Working in the folders requires no typing, and no interaction with pulldown menus or requesters. To change an actor’s screen position, for example, just click on one of the screen-position numbers, hold the mouse button down, and move the pointer up or down to increase or decrease the coordinate number. You can change an actor’s position on the roster by grabbing and dragging it up or down in the list, and to add an event to an actor, just select an event type from the far right window. The simplicity of its interface makes Interactor easy to learn and navigate, and is one of its major strengths. A Handle on Graphics Except for the script-based Director (Right Answers Group), no other program offers you as many graphics-dis- play options as DeluxeVideo III. There are dozens of slide, wipe, and reveal effects. A moving window can reveal an image underneath, the image underneath can slip behind the window, or both can travel in different directions at the same time. You can also easily scroll • super bitmaps to make continuously scrolling backgrounds. 1 think Deluxe- Video Ill’s image-display capabilities alone make it worth the purchase. In CanDo, images are used primarily as backdrops, and except for the ability to scroll the screen, there are no set wipes or effects to create transitions. A unique Paint Editor tool works like a small paint program, and contains all the standard paint tools you would expect. If you paint on the background image, the program generates a script to duplicate your drawing when the program is run. You can even cut out an area of the background and stamp it down elsewhere, or temporarily mask a section. The only built-in graphics display effect InterActor offers is a fade. If you are looking for fancy transitions, look elsewhere. InterActor emphasizes the many things you can do with the actors, and treats IFF pictures as backdrops. Brush Strokes: Animation DeluxeVideo III is designed to work hand in hand with DeluxePaint 111 (also by Electronic Arts), and there is no better combination for creating animation. DeluxeVideo III supports DeluxePaint’s Anim format and animbrushes, and treats them just like still pictures and brushes, with the same effects and options available. You can move an animated anim brush along a freehand path you define across a playing anim. An animated brush can also wipe across an image to reveal another one below. You can create absolute and relative motion paths and edit them point by point. With the Object buttons on CanDo’s sliding panel, you can assemble the major components of your presentation. Flipping through Inter- Actor's ‘files” Is as easy as clicking on the tabs. You can even turn part of your presentation into an Anim file with the Make- Anirn option. CanDo provides full support for animbrushes, but if you want to use a full screen Anim you must convert it to a brush with the supplied utility. The helpful scripting assistance disappears when it comes to moving and animating an animbrush. While there are several scripting options, such as defining whether the animation leaves a trail or uses sequenced or linear motion, it is far more difficult to create a moving animbrush than it should be. What, no Anim support at all in InterActor? This may seem like an inexcusable lapse, but it makes some sense. Instead of using animbrushes, you load the individual frames for the brush, and flip through them to create animation. The ability to manipulate individual ? Frames non-sequentially provides far more flexibility* of which InterActor takes full advantage. Each brush is an interactive object that can have a motion path, collision detection with other actors, and be susceptible to gravity and acceleration. These factors can affect the playback sequence of brush frames. The inability to play Anims is a limitation, but Interactor lets you animate brushes in ways not possible with any other packIcon-Based: Now Beauty is in the Eye of the Composer Computers are supposed to save time and take you beyond your wildest dreams. Why, then, has music software been so difficult to use? Screens full of numbers, awkward user-interfaces, and rigid boundaries set by some programmer's idea of how you should compose. It doesn't have to be this way...Introducing Bars&Pipes, the Creative Musical Advantage. Bars&Pipes'graphical interface translates MIDI into plain English. No more dizzying array of numbers, numbers, numbers! Object-Oriented: Bars&Pipes' Too I Box contains powerful modules which do anything from creating harmony and counterpoint to providing special effects like echo, delay or flipping notes over an axis IN REAL TIME. With Tools, you can do in a few seconds what many have spent years mastering! Musically Intelligent: Bars&Pipes'Song Parameters let you enter lyrics, draw in dynamics, specify a key, choose from a menu of chords, scales and modes, enter multiple time-signatures, and import rhythms for each and every track. Algorithmic composition has never been so exciting or easy! Expandable: Bars&Pipes'open-ended nature guarantees you’ll never outgrow it! Add on accessories such as MixMaestro, our automated mixer. Age. . .you can even create animated pointers! For Interactivity, Press This Button In DeluxeVideo III, buttons can be animbrushes, regular brushes, boxes (which you can easily create with a drop shadow from within the program), or lines of text. A button can become transparent when clicked on and reveal an AMIGAPhone, our internal sounds module, MusicCalc, a musician’s right brain, and TriplePlay, our song loader for performance use. ToolBoxes, such as MusicBox A or B, can be added to your system at any time. Complete: Bars&Pipes sports the most powerful, full-featured Sequencer and Graphic Editor of its kind. Global Editing, A-B-A Song Construction, High Resolution Timing, Graphic Sequence Display, and Multi-Track Editing don't begin to scratch the surface of Bars&Pipes' capabilities. But don’t take our word for it. Try before you buy! Send $ 7.50 (US) for a full-featured demo to: Blue Ribbon Bakery, Inc. Demo&lnfo 1248 Ciairmont Road Suite 3-D Atlanta, GA 30030
(404) 377-1514 object beneath it, giving you a simple animated effect. Button placement is very easy: just drag the thing to exactly where you want it in Preview mode. Besides the mouse-and-gadget combo, DeluxeVideo Cr% r YOUR TURN! I DeluxeVideo 111 is very intuitive so easy to use that it will be difficult to force myself back to using the script- based Director. But I must, because DeluxeVideo Ill's wipes are too slow and choppy in hi-res. Also, it offers no dissolve function, poor-looking fades, and it won't play ANI Magic files properly. Roger Hand San Francisco, CA III also supports joystick interaction. While any object or text can be a button in CanDo. This program also lets you create simpler varieties in embossed, shadow, 3-D, or outline styles in your choice of colors. Either outlining or complementary highlighting can show that it has been clicked on. You draw the button directly on the screen to set its placement; to move it you must change the coordinate settings. One unique feature of CanDo buttons is that you can activate them in several * different ways. Different scripts can he run depending upon whether a button is clicked once, double-clicked, click- dragged, or clicked and released. InterActor is the only one of the three that lets you create moving animated buttons from brushes, and thus makes games and other sophisticated interactive projects possible. Not only can events be set off by clicking on buttons with the mouse, hut those buttons can move and trigger different effects when they collide with other objects. Interaction can be random, and there is even a way to keep score for games. One problem with button placement, though, is that there is no preview feature to aid positioning. You must deal strictly with coordinates, which makes placement tricky and error prone. Earning Letters: Text DeluxeVideo III supports all Amiga fonts including ColorFonts, and lets you ? Circle 63 on Reader Service card “It's a dynamite little modem. Now there is no excuse not to go to 2400 bps.” PC Magazine 6 28 88 “Real bargains ... operated at least as well as higher priced competitors, and throughput ... proved identical.” CompuServe Magazine 1 90 DYNAMITE u UTILE MODEM. JOHN C. DVORAK PC MAGAZINE MacIttTalk 6 89 6 28 88 Get one!” SupraModem 2400i™ $ 119.95 internal with software for IBM™ PC & compatibles SupraModem 2400zirN1 $ 179.95 internal for the Amiga® 2000 Supra Modem 2400 SupraModem 2400™ $ 149.95 external for virtually all computers SupraModem 2400 Plus™ $ 199,95 external with MNP 5 &: V.42bis for virtually all computers “...it performed as well as a much more expensive modem.” AmigaWorld 10 89 “It's inexpensive, Haves™-compatible, and works fine." Macworld 11 88 “1 can highly recommend the Supra 2400 modem as providing excellent value for the price.” ST Informer 2 88 The SupraModcm 2400™ has the multiple benefits of Hayes compatibility', reliability', affordability, and compact physical size.” A+Magazine 7 88 The SupraModcm 2400 remains the best buy among the low-cost modems examined hercZinCider, The Apple IIMagazine 1 8 9 “The notably small package, virtually indestructable case, front panel switch, and clear speaker combined with a very' attractive price ... make this modem a keeper he re. ” Denver PC Boardwatch 7 8 8 “The SupraModem is a fantastic deal.” ST-Log 7 8 8 Available from your local dealer, or call: Supra corporation 1-800-727-8772 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321, Fax: 303-926-9370, Phone: 503-967-9075 SupraModem 2400 SupraModem 2400i. Sup'aModem 2-sOQzi and SupraModem 2400 Plus are trademarks of Supra Corporation. Hayes is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products. Inc IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp Amiga is a registered Rademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc load them from any drawer or disk. Text can be displayed with outline, bold, italic, underline, and shadow attributes in a box or directly on screen. You can also link text lines together to create scrolling effects. CanDo gives you all the text attributes DeluxeVideo III does, as well as embossed and ghosted effects. Here, too, you can box the text. Color Fonts are not supported, however, and the program recognizes only the fonts in your system's Font: directory. InterActor gives you a full-blown text editor with options for number of lines, style (bold, italic, underline), alignment, and leading (spacing between lines). Text borders can be adjusted by height, width, and pixel thickness. InterActor does not support ColorFonts, and I could not figure out how to use anything but the ugly default font. Alive with Sound and Music DeluxeVideo Ill’s Play Sound requester lets you adjust sound frequency (pitch), position (balance between right and left channels), repeat rate, stereo-versus- mono setting, and even the priority that sound will have over other events in your video. The duration of the sound is set on the storyboard timeline. Like the other two programs, DeluxeVideo III supports the standard 8SVX IFF sampled sound format, and in addition, supports the IFF SMUS music files that abound in the public domain. FREEDOM Yfred-emX n 1 : the ability or capacity to act without undue hindrance or restraint 2 : the quality or state of running or operating smoothly and without impediment The Cordless Mouse
• Compatible with any Amiga
• High-tech infrared design
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(602) 322-6100 fax (602) 322-9271 1135 N. Jones 3lvd.f Tucson, AZ 85716 C1000 PfOCTiCOi Solutions inc All product names and logos ere trademarks or registered Trademarks of tOeir respective owners C rcle 9 on Reader Service card 4r Practice! ® Solution For the best sound quality, you should play the music through a MIDI instrument, and DeluxeVideo III is one of the few presentation packages with MIDI support. You can load SMUS files into DeluxeVideo III and send them out the MIDI port to a keyboard (this saves memory, as the instruments need not be in RAM). A requester in CanDo lets you set your sound’s volume and channel, and via the PlaySound script command, you can set pitch. You can also trigger events at the end or beginning of a sound. InterActor’s lack of audio control is disappointing. This package offers no control over volume or over which audio channels play. The only variables are pitch and a loop option. Reaching Out: External Control The ability to control external devices, especially laser disks, is an important consideration for interactive software. DeluxeVideo III uses Arexx to control external devices (you must buy the Arexx software to use this feature, unless you can wait for its arrival on Workbench 2.0). One example on the program disk is for controlling the SuperGen genlock (Digital Creations) from within your presentation; another is for controlling a videotape recorder. While the Arexx port is important, most of us do not have the knowledge to take full advantage of it. To control a laser disk, for instance, you need to write custom software that the player would communicate with through the Arexx port. Arexx holds a lot of promise, but does not offer an easy laser-disk solution. CanDo’s Arexx features are better documented than are DeluxeVideo Ill’s, and you can send text messages to other devices such as laser players, without having Arexx. Both let you communicate with the Arexx ports of other programs. You could, for example, create a program in CanDo that would act as a front end to DigiPaint 3 (NewTek), with full control over all of its features. While interprocess communication is exciting, die Mediaphile Editing System (Interactive MicroSystems) has added a CanDo module that allows CanDo to regulate any device with infrared remote control. InterActor does not support Arexx. It is, however, the only one of these programs with built-in laser-disk control, sending commands straight out of the serial port to a Pioneer 4200 or V6000 laser disk. It lets you play from a specific frame of video to a sequential frame of video, which makes showing laser-disk stills and animations very easy. This is an J J important feature, as the addition of laser-disk images greatly expands what you can do in your presentation. How Easy? DeluxeVideo III s interface is top notch, and I found the program very stable and easy to move around in. The storyboard ? Easy-to-lnstall, Autobooting Hard Card with WordSync™ Interface WordSync Interface Kit also available separately Interface transfers 16 bits at once, giving DMA Speed Without DMA Problems Eliminates the sound, video, and serial I O interruptions found with DMA iinterfaces 1-slot design & SCSI-out port Easy On Off Autoboot Jumper Compatible with Amiga Bridgeboard, RAM, digitizers, and other boards Includes SupraBoot & SupraTools two full disks of utility software Up to 30 Partitions Ail available file systems supported: FFS, MS-DOS, Unix, Macintosh, etc. Access to low-level parameters without maintaining MountList Excellent Technical Support Made in the U.S.A. SupraModem 2400zi Half card modem fits in any Amiga bus slot Up to 5 modems per computer Works with all popular Amiga telecommunications software 100% compatible with the industry-standard “AT” command set Asynchronous 2400 1200 300 baud operation Compatible with Beil 103 212A and CCITT V.21 V.22 V.22bis Autoanswer Autodial (tone or pulse} Adjustable-volume speaker Nonvolatile memory stores custom modem configuration and one telephone number Includes free subscriptions to popular on-line services Made in the U.S.A. S179.95 2400zi SupraRam 2000 2, 4, 6, & 8MB configurations available Installs easily into any Amiga internal expansion slot Easy to expand from your initial configuration Start with 2MB & add RAM at your convenience 6MB configuration allows for maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard Lets you run larger and more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large and extremely fast RAM disks Test mode & test software make troubleshooting easy Made in the U.S.A. 8MB RAM Board $ 399 $ 599 $ 749 $ 899 with 2MB installed with 4MB installed with 6MB installed with 8MB installed 30MB (40 ms.) $ 649 AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL DEALER, OR CALL: 40MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 749 80MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 1049 44MB SyQuest Removable $ 1149 WordSync Interface Kit S19995 Supra corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 Voice: 503-967-9075 Fax: 503-926-9370 SupraDrive, WordSync, SupraModem 2400zi, and SupraRAM 2000 are trademarks of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. approach makes it easy to keep a handle on the sequence and relationships of effects. Another important feature is the VCR-like control bar you can display at the bottom of the screen while a video plays. It provides a counter to show exactly where you are in the timeline, and lets you fast forward, rewind, pause, loop, single step, turn the audio on and off, and send the audio out through the MIDI port. This makes it easy to see just what happens at each moment. Because you can so easily visualize how everything works, debugging is greatly simplified. Error handling seems very good, and the error messages tell you precisely down to the second where an error has occurred. Electronic Arts did a professional job with the manual. It includes a “guided tour," a fine index, very good tutorials, design and video-creation advice, and a solid reference section. Even with effective interfaces, script- based programs like CanDo are a little more difficult to use. You will need to take some time to understand how the scripting process works and what the script commands do. Can Do’s error messages are pretty detailed and useful, and you’ll find the on-line help very handy. Because you work with only parts of the script at a time, it is easy to zero in on problems. There is even a verify option that checks the section of script that you are working on for syntax errors. For a script-based program, this is about as easy to use as you will find. The automatic scripting features work pretty well, but the animation scripting support could he much better. While Can Do’s manual is nicely designed and fairly comprehensive, the lack of an index in the initial release made it very hard and enormously frustrating to use. Fortunately, a complete index was included with an addendum update. There are only two tutorial examples both of which are overly simplistic and not all that helpful. The way to learn CanDo is to study the several examples on the demo disk (I wish these were covered in the manual) and those sure to be appearing on electronic bulletin boards. If you have any experience with BASIC, you will be able to master CanDo fairly quickly and do some amazing things. Those without programming experience will need more dedication to 1'ully exploit CanDo’s power. InterActor is also script based, and you can even edit the script as a text file, but its interface does not force you to deal as directly with scripting as does CanDo’s. I would like to be able to type in numbers besides scrolling through them, and position objects by dragging them into place. As it is, if you want to make an engine consisting of separate brushes for the different parts, you will have a heck of a time positioning them unless you write down all the coordinates while in your paint program. InterActor would be far easier to learn if the manual was not so awful. It is skimpy and lacks an index, although an updated version and rewritten manual (complete with index) are due out by the time you read this. T here are many examples on the demo disk; as with CanDo, studying them is the best way to learn the program. Conclusive Evidence I recommend DeluxeVideo III highly. It is powerful and easy to use, and you will find many exciting things to do with it. It is an incredible bargain, and even if you only use a small part of its features you'll be getting your money’s worth. CanDo is a good buy if you want to do basic interactive presentations and are intrigued by tlie prospect of creating working programs without programming. InterActor is missing a lot of features I would like, but is the only one with la- ser-disk support and animated moving buttons. The object-collision and other movement effects are completely unique. If these aspects sound exciting, InterActor should be in your interactive toolkit. Beware, though: It uses one of the most annoying forms of copy protection there is. . .the dreaded dongle. If you misplace it, you cannot use the program. I urge Very Vivid to make unprotected versions available, as the dongle is a strong disincentive to using the program professionally. .Another positive factor is InterActor's usefulness as a companion to other programs. CanDo and other programs that run DOS commands can call an InterActor presentation, which, when finished, will return to the program that launched it. The market is just opening up for interactive presentations, and now is the time to get in on the ground floor of what experts predict to be an improtant trend. Any one of these packages will give you a respectable entry into the world of interactivity. DeluxeVideo III 1.06 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Drive San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 SI 49.95 One megabyte required. CanDo 1.01 INOVAtronics Inc. 8499 Greenville Ave. Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 BBS: 214 357-8511 S 149.95 One megabyte required. InterActor 1.0A Very Vivid Inc. PO Box 127, Station B Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2T3 416 686-7850 $ 129 One megabyte required. ScanLab 100 Color scanning for less By Morton A. Kevelson VIDEO DIGITIZERS ARE great, but they can produce images no larger than the Amiga's screen. This means you can achieve very high resolution with only small originals: An image digitized at 200 dots per inch (dpi) must be three inches across or less to lit on screen. For capturing larger static images, the scanner is the instrument of choice. Color desktop scanners arc costly though, and traditionally, low-cost scanners have been limited to black-and-white output. ScanLab 100, a package containing Sharp’s JX-100 scanner and ASDG’s ScanLab software, makes color scanning more affordable. Although Sharp calls the JX-100 “handy,” it is definitely not hand-held. It measures 12.6 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, and 1.6 inches deep, and weighs
3. 5 pounds. The power supply is a black box with two six-foot cables. The scanner is fitted with another six-foot wire that terminates in a nine-pin D connector and a short lead for the power supply. A 12-inch cord hooks the scanner to the Amiga’s serial port (you must provide a gender changer to connect with an A1000). Individual scans generate either one or six hits per pixel, and the resulting image can be either pure black and white or contain up to 64 gray levels. The software combines three passes of each scan type to create an image with either three or 18 bits per pixel. The former translates into eight colors while the latter produces 262,144 colors. Although you can set lower rates, in default mode the scanner transfers data to the Amiga at 115,200 bits per second (bps) to accommodate large amounts of data. Scanned at 200 dpi, the JX* 100’s maximum scanning area (3.9 x 6.3 inches) contains nearly one million bits. Continued on p. 72 are to discover Drakkhen the premier title in the Draconian line and the first role playing game that combines FRP themes with the most advanced technical wizardry ever! You have been chosen to lead a hand- picked band of four brave adventurers on a treacherous journey. Your quest: to reclaim the mystical jewels from the eight dragon princes, resurrect the great dragon and restore the primeval realm the source of all magic in the universe. Never before has there been an adventure as vibrant with features as real as this: Three-dimensional graphics present a fantasy world in which you truly feel you're a part. 'Real-time' environment renders lifelike animation with independent character interaction. More than 150 unique monsters, ogres and dragons with over 200 on-screen magical spells. Personalized characters to match your own adventure style be you scout, priest, magician or warrior! Available tor the IBM VPC compatibles, Amiga ’’ and Atari ST Personal Computer. Nter the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess the second sensational title in the Draconian line and explore a bizarre post-born world caught in the throes of mutant treachery. Set on a distant planet, the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess combines mystic drama and humor with a sophisticated icon interface, so players can easily maneuver through the game's captivating plot. You play the role of Raven, a Toner, whose telepathic abilities provide a unique advantage when fighting the enemy a monstrous race of mutants called Protozorqs. Command eight sci-powers with 'Economized" ease as you probe the chambers of the mutants temple, searching for your abducted girlfriend while engaging in a brain-draining lest of five ordeals. Animated and colorful, the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess promises hours of challenging intrigue for novice and expert fantasy game players alike. Don't miss out on the first psionic thriller of its kind from Draconian! AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT DIGI-VIEW GOLD 4.0 With the potential for breakthrough display capabilities, and a host of improvements and added features, NewTek is creating a brand new image for its popular digitizer. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH THE RELEASE of the new Digi-View Gold
4. 0 some may say, Why mess with success? From its first appearance, NewTek’s video digitizer has delivered tremendous power at low cost and become one of the most widely used products in the Amiga community. To keep up with rapid advances in the video graphics field, however, NewTek has broken new ground by offering pioneering developments in display technology Dynamic HiRes and Dynamic HAM plus significant enhancements to the product’s current capabilities. While engineers of the Topeka-based company may not be the next Wizards of OZ not every aspect of 4.0 is as wonderful as it might appear the overall result represents an important milestone on the road to better, more exciting Amiga video graphics. Dynamic HiRes: Somewhere Slightly Over the Rainbow At first glance, the most compelling feature of the Digi-View upgrade (S30.95 to current users) is Dynamic HiRes mode with its potential for displaying all 4096 Amiga colors simultaneously in a hi-res overscan resolution of 704 by 480 pixels. In Dynamic HiRes, each horizontal line can thus contain a different 16-color palette. Theoretically, all 4096 colors can he displayed on a single high-resolution screen. Digi-View, in order to alter all 16 colors per line, actually takes complete control of the 68000 central BY JOEL HAGEN processor, synching it to the coprocessors which means, of course, multitasking goes out the window while a Dynamic image is being displayed. Even moving the mouse will temporarily break the image into confetti. In all other modes, Digi-View will fully support the Amiga’s multitasking capabilities. To view Dynamic images, 4.0 includes a special utility, Dyna-Show, which will display all IFF images singly or from a script. NewTek has probably pushed the display of a stock Amiga about as far as it can go. Doing so takes the Amiga out on a limb. The view is great, but the perch is tenuous. While a number of developers are planning to add display support for the Dynamic mode, do not anticipate being able to animate, composite, or otherwise utilize these images as flexibly as you do standard, Extra_Halfbriie, or HAM images. More significantly, do not expect to simply turn on your camera and get HAM colors at 640x400 resolution. The limitation of 16 colors per line often results in pronounced horizontal banding of the image most noticeable where there is a lot of horizontal color variation. For example, if there are yellows, reds, and browns on the left, there may not be enough colors remaining on a line to represent blue and green on the right. Having worked with Digi-View for almost three years, I consider myself a proficient user. Out of the first ten images 1 digitized in Dynamic HiRes, not one ? Was free from some degree of horizontal banding, including the illustration reproduced here as Figure 1. 1 chose to use that imperfect image to show a moderate example of the kind of banding you may experience. The illustration also contrasts the detail and color of a Dynamic HiRes image with a 320 X400 HAM version of the same antique lithograph (see Figure 2). I also contrast my own digitizing with one of the best sample images provided by NewTek on a demo disk of Dynamic HiRes images. This image of a face (opposite the opening page of this article) shows how good the new mode can he if you master its idiosyncrasies.
* J The fact that I tried ten times to get a clean image does not mean I give this new mode thumbs down. It does mean that you may find Dynamic HiRes quite challenging. Proper, balanced lighting will be critical. Use the Histogram feature under the Project menu to check the brightness axis of the raw data graph. If 70% or more of that base line is covered, there is probably enough light on the subject. Avoid hot spots, as they multiply the shades of color the camera “sees.” Selection of good candidate images is critical, and many will simply not work in Dynamic HiRes. Conversely, rich color and detail are easily achieved in the 320x400 HAM mode. Also, the normal HiRes color dithering is superb. In my opinion, it is a relatively rare image that will work belter in Dynamic HiRes than in one of these two modes. Touching up Colors Along the Yellow Brick Road It would be inappropriate to discuss Digi-View 4.0 without some mention of NewTeks HAM paint program, Digi-Paint 3 ($ 99.95 for a thorough review of the program, see Nov. '89, p. 14). A digitized image is of limited value without some means of modifying it. While other paint programs will load any standard Digi-View image, Digi-Paint can run simultaneously with Digi-View, providing the only means of editing Dynamic images. Once an image is saved in Dynamic mode, it cannot be modified later. A Digi-View option in the Controls menu, however, allows you to transfer a captured image directly to Digi-Paint for retouching. RGB information from a Dynamic HiRes image is processed into a HAM super-bitmap. .Although you do not see the entire image in the display screen, you can scroll through it as you work in HAM mode and resolution. Flie ritual for this entire operation is very specific. (1 had no success following the procedure as outlined in the manual.) Through experimentation and help from NewTek’s excellent toll-free phone-support line, 1 offer the following precise method for capturing, modifying, and saving an image that will then display as a Dynamic HiRes picture. Shut down all background tasks and run Digi- Paint. Set Size to 640x400 (or 704x480 for overscan). Return to the Workbench or the CLI and run Digi-View. Open the appropriate HiRes screen size. Capture the image and do all image-processing adjustments in 16-color mode until you are satisfied with the Display. Click on the Dynamic button in the Control screen. The image will then take about ten minutes to reprocess as a Dynamic HiRes picture. During that time, the entire screen will be visual confetti until the finished image pops up. You will then see if your judgement, lighting, and karma were all in balance. Under the Controls menu, select Digi- Paint. The display will shift to the Digi-Paint screen and von will see a HAM version of the image gradually build as a super-bitmap. Touch up the image and save it. Return to Digi-View in a high-resolution Dynamic screen size and load the saved image. Save it again from Digi-View and use Dyna-Show to display it as a Dynamic HiR.es picture. Without the re-save from Digi-View, a section of the HAM version only will be displayed. There is one final but significant precaution. You will need at least two megabytes of RAM in order to digitize in all available modes. With anything less you cannot digitize in high-resolution 640x400 color or in Dynamic HiRes. In order to run Digi-View and Digi-Paint simultaneously, you will need three megabytes of RAM. Furthermore, you cannot edit Dynamic HiRes images unless your three megabytes include the megabyte of chip RAM provided by the new One- Meg Agnus chip. This is a serious consideration, but if you arc operating with a one-meg machine, realize that you are limiting the power of your Amiga unless you bring it up to fuller capabilities. I do feel it is important for software developers to offer features that capitalize on more powerful Amiga configurations, but if you cannot expand your Amiga, remember that tremendous digitizing and processing power is still available in Digi-View at the one-meg level for most of your needs. Meanwhile, Back in Kansas, Things are Definitely Looking Brighter Even if you seldom use the new Dynamic mode, I recommend upgrading to 4.0. The interface has been improved considerably, and there are several significant enhancements. The file requester finally lists all available volumes or devices alphabetically. You will find improved multitasking support, including a drag bar that toggles on and off and has front back gadgets. In addition, a Workbench open close option helps memory management. Resolutions can be changed from within Digi-View, although the current image display will be lost. Also, NewTek claims full support for the 68020 processor. A new image-processing feature on the Control screen, NR (Noise Reduction), helps counteract grain, snow, and high-frequency noise in the video signal. It can also reduce the graininess caused by low light. It is most useful in conjunction with the sharpness control, with the best NR range apparently around 2 or 3. Beyond that, artifacts and an "over-filtered” look creep in. The top band of the 320x400 HAM illustration (Figure 2) shows the extreme effect if you overdo noise reduction. The bottom band shows the image at default settings. The middle band shows Sharpness raised to + 10 to exaggerate its effect. (For best quality, I recommend a setting no higher than + 5.) The top band shows Sharpness still at + 10 with NR raised to + 7. One of the more significant new additions to the
4. 0 release, in my opinion, is support for Arexx. The power of Arexx on the Amiga may be slow to be felt, but the implications are enormous. (See “ARexx: New Kingpin of Multitasking?” Nov. !88, p. 55, and “ARexx: The Missing Link,” Aug. ’89, p. 30, for more information on .ARexx.) .ARexx is an interprocess communication protocol. It is a complete language that allows users to enable one application to control aspects of other applications, or to write their own ? Getting Started Digi-View Basics NEWTEK'S DIGI-VIEW hardware software digitizing package has been a mainstay of the Amiga video graphics field almost since the very beginning. The original Digi-View for the Amiga 1000, and then the first Digi-View Gold for the A500 and A2000, became immensely popular standards in the Amiga market. While the new 4.0 release is essentially an upgrade to Digi-View's software component, it may be useful to newcomers to outline the basic Digi-View equipment. The Digi-View hardware is a small unit that plugs into the parallel port on the Amiga. The video signal is fed into the Amiga through an RCA jack on this unit. Capturing and processing an image is controlled through a well-designed software interface. Digi-View performs three scans to build its final image. These scans successively acquire the red, green, and blue components of the image, then combine them to build a full-color IFF picture. Included with the hardware is a color filter wheel segmented into red, green, blue, and clear quadrants. This wheel can be mounted on a black-and-white video camera and rotated for each successive scan. An optional NewTek motor drive, Digi-Droid ($ 79.95), allows you to rotate this filter wheel automatically. Hardware color splitters available from other companies can separate the red, green, and blue components of a color video signal. The results can be excellent, but will depend on the quality and resolution of the incoming color signal, typically lower than that of a black-and- white camera. Menu selections in the software bring up control panels through which the user can select resolutions, adjust the tracking, width and position of the incoming signal, control the palette, and perform powerful image processing before saving the final image. Digi-View supports a full range of resolutions from 320 by 200 pixels up to hi-res overscan 768 by 480 pixels. You can adjust the number of colors used in an image at any point prior to saving the image. HAM, Extra_ Halfbrite, 32-color, and black- and-white modes are all supported. In addition, version 4.0 introduces Dynamic HIRes and Dynamic HAM modes new display possibilities that will be discussed in the main article. Control program. An external script can thus control all Digi-View functions via their Arexx commands. For example, MHAM sets the HAM mode, SARP (5) sets Sharpness to + 5, and so on. Such applications as unattended time-lapse photography with automatic image processing come immediately to mind (See the Up and Running sidebar “Scripts For Success With Arexx" for an example of such an Arexx script.) Because Digi-Paint 3 is also Arexx-compati- ble, you can port captured images automatically into the paint package for pre-programmed manipulation as well. One animator I have spoken with has already used this combination to capture, composite, and compress animation frames automatically while all he has to do is change the photos on his digitizing stage when prompted by his program. This kind of integration of functions is a major philosophical step changing our perception of what computers are and what they can do and it is exciting to see so many developers adding Arexx support. To sum it up, while the jury still may he out to some degree on Dynamic HiRes, version 4,0 adds significant enhancements to Digi-View and is well worth the upgrade price. In my opinion. Digi-View is the best value in Amiga digitizers, and delivers the best images of stationary source material. The interface is well designed, the manual is slim and thorough, the image processing is powerful, and the price is right. Dynamic HiRes is impressive when its rituals are properly performed. But it is not the hi-res Holy Grail. Digi-View Gold 4.0 NewTek 1 15 W. Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 SI99.95. Upgrade (software) only: S30.95 ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him c o Amiga- World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Up and Running Scripts For Success With Arexx BELOW IS A sample Arexx script for time-lapse photography. An Idea of the language and of the capabilities it can offer in I have limited the script to only two frames simply to provide conjunction with applications such as Digi-View. JH .key leavethishere DoWeHaveMem if warn echo " Sorry - This demo requires 1 megabyte of memory" wait 2 skip NoMemory endif if not exists RAM:Echo copy DVLink RAM: copy C:Wait RAM: copy C:Echo RAM: endif RAM:echo " A sample script to demo time lapse digitizing." RAM:echo " Gets 1 black and white frame every 15 seconds for a minute." RAM:echo " Requires 1 Meg of memory." Ram:echo ,Mf Cd ; MUST BE IN DIGI-VIEW DIRECTORY RAM:DVLink mbaw ;Check for Digi-View if warn RAM:echo " Now Loading Digi-View ..." run >nil: DV 320 200 b RAM:wait 9 ; Floppy delay, change for hard drive lab loop RAM:DVLink mbaw if warn RAM:wait 2 skip loop back ;wait for Digi-View to load endif endif RAM:echo " Digitizing 1 of 2" RAM:DVLink digr RAM:DVLink scbk ;RAM:echo " Saving filel to RAM ..." ;RAM:DVLink siff RAM:filel RAM:echo " Waiting to digitize next frame ..." RAM:wait 5 RAMrecho " Digitizing 2 of 2" RAM:DVLink scfr RAM:DVLink digr RAM:DVLink scbk ;RAM:echo " Saving file2 to RAM ..." ;RAM:DVLink siff RAM:file2 RAMzecho " Waiting to digitize next frame ..." RAM:wait 5 RAM:echo RAM:echo " Done!" RAM:DVLink quit lab NoMemory The art of peripheral engineering. Applied to Amiga. Applied Engineering introduces the art of peripheral engineering to Amiga owners. For ten years, we’ve forged a reputation for exciting and innovative peripherals. Built to our own exacting standards of quality and reliability7, our products are backed with the best warranties and the best technical support in the industry. AE 3.5 Drive™ is the first high density external disk drive for the Amiga. It supports both standard 880K and 1.76 MEG 3-5" disks. Housed in a thick, high impact, Amiga-beige ABS case, the drive incorporates the finest Sony drive mechanism available. The AE 3-5 also supports 1.44 high- density MS-DOS disks and features electronic disk ejection. $ 189. DataLink 2000™ internal 2400 bps modem introduces the notion of expandability in Amiga modems. You can start with the base model and later add MNP-5 and send fax capabilities. And in the future, you'll be able to upgrade to receive-fax capability. MNP-5 compresses data to increase transmission speeds up to 4800 bps while correcting errors. The send-fax option will allow you to fax directly from your computer's screen, without ever having to print a "hard copy". The DataLink 2000 has drivers to support the running of multiple DataLink 2000’s simultaneously in one machine for multi-tasking and bulletin boards and the modem even comes complete with powerful communications software there’s nothing more to buy, $ 159- With MNP-5 S189- Send-fax option $ 39- RamWorks 500™ combines the functions of an internal 512K memory card and a clock card for the Amiga 500, boosting the computer’s available RAM to 1 MEG. Since our design incorporates 256K x 1 chips, RamWorks 500 is fully compatible with all Amiga 500 hardware and software (even pre-1989 machines). The built-in clock function automatically time and date stamps your files and a graphical diagnostic program checks for bad or improperly seated chips. $ 99- DataLink Express™ is the definitive external 2400 bps modem for Amiga owners. It features a complete, 12 lamp status light array and our exclusive Line Engaged indicator, politely informing you that another user is on the line. Thus avoiding time-wasting transmission interruptions. The modem can be upgraded to include MNP-5, send fax capability and in the future, even receive- fax capability'. The design includes both a mini-8 and a DB-25 connector, to work with virtually anv
* j j computer, including Amiga, Macintosh, IBM and compatibles and Apple II. Powerful communications software is included. $ 249. With MNP-5 S299, Send fax option $ 79- In the coming months, we plan to introduce you to a host of exciting new products for the Amiga, including 512K to 8 MEG internal memory cards for the 2000 series, internal 3-5 high-density drives, internal and external hard disks, multifunction cards and more. Order today! To order or for more information, call
(214) 241-6060 today, 9 am to 11 pm, 7 days. Or send check or money order to Applied Engineering. MasterCard, VISA and C.O.D welcome. Texas residents add 7% sales tax. Add $ 10 outside U.S.A. Dealer inquiries invited. Applied Engineering The enhancement experts. A Division of AE Research Corporation
(214) 241-6060 Made
P. O. 8ox5100 Carrollton, TX 75011 .!9QO. AE Research, Inc. Prices subject to change without notice. Brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respa live holders. The Fine “Art” We suggest you look at the fine print in this article if you care about printing high-quality hard copy for fine art or presentation graphics. 1 By Nancy J. Freeman instituting an Amiga and a few paint programs for the clutter of a traditional studio may have solved one problem for the contemporary artist. But the advent of computer graphics has also created dilemmas never imagined by the Renaissance masters of Florence or the I mpressionists of Montmartre. U nlike conventional paintings, computer screens do not hang well over fireplaces. Such art is only as good as your system’s printer, no matter how much work you put into it. The keys to good output are choosing the right printer, knowing its limitations, and learning how to work around them. Color Quartet .Affordable graphics printers fall into three categories: dot-matrix, thermal-transfer, and ink-jet. While each uses a slightly different process, all work by applying minute dots of cyan, yellow, magenta, and black ink to the page. To achieve the full range of color, value, and shade, these dots are mixed or overlaid. The “best” printer to choose depends on the quality you require, your artistic style, and your budget. Dot-matrix color printers, such as the C-Tech Electronics’ (C-Itoh) 715A ($ 1499), produce images by striking a four-color ribbon against the paper with fine pins. The number of pins (most commonly 9, 16, or 24) determines the level of quality the more pins, the denser the dots, and the truer the representation. The printhead passes over each line four times, once for each color. Because of this four-for- one impact method, dot-matrix printers are relatively slow and noisy. With a good printer and a new ribbon the color saturation is acceptable, but after only a few prints the ribbon wears and the images look faded. While the easiest option to find, dot-matrix printers are the least desirable for graphics. Thermal-transfer color printers use heat to melt dots of wax-based ink onto the paper. Again, the printhead passes over a four-color ribbon four times to apply the separate colors. Unlike dot-matrix printers, however, these require specially treated paper and wax-based ink, producing a finished product with a shiny surface. Thermal printers apply thicker pig- In The Past EftRTHUNGS! STAF FIRING1 BLOW THEM AUAVl EARTHLINGS! START FIRING! BLOW THEM AWAM And He Must Trav There, he will come face-to-face with the ultimate threat to mankind... alien beings, with a power great enough to spin a web of deceit and treachery that spans the centuries. Mankind's future depends upon your abilities to crisscross through time, solve intriguing puzzles, successfully combat a wide assortment of mutant monsters and alien storm troopers, and still have time to perform a miraculous rescue or two. "Future Wars: Adventures in Time", winner of the Best French Adventure Game award from both "TILT" and "Generation 4" magazines, features full animation, eye-catching graphics, an easy to use point-and-click interface with pop-up text and command windows, and a complete musical score so hot that it's even available on compact disc! So, step into the time machine and experience the adventures of several lifetimes. Sfwj fi 1 j Interplay Productions * * 1575 Corporate Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 549-2411 To order "Future Wars: Adventures In Time ', Call 1-800-969-4263. Available on Amiga, Atari ST & MS-DOS for 549,95. “Future Wars" is a trademark of Delphine Software. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Atari is a trademark of Atari, Inc. MS-DOS is a trademark cl Microsoft Corporation. Circle 185 on Reader Serv ce card mem, providing colors that are less likely to fade. With high-end models, such as the Color Master (CalComp, $ 4995), the results can be breathtaking. Beauty has its price, however; the thermal printer’s expensive four-color ribbons fade quickly. Even more distressing, low-priced thermal printers like the Oki- mate 20 (Okidata, $ 189) are last disappearing. For artists who need a consistent print run, an inkjet printer, such as the Hewlett-Packard PaintJet ($ 1395) or the Xerox 4020 ($ 1495), is the best choice. (See Figure I to compare the output results of inkjet [bottom] with dot-matrix [top and middle] printers.) Most ink-jet printers use liny nozzles to propel a fine dot of ink onto the paper, distributing all four colors in one pass of the printhead. This once-per- line, non-impact technique makes ink-jets the fastest and quietest option. Ink-jet colors are rich, fully saturated, and consistent throughout the life of the ink- cartridges. For best results, use coated paper; prints on regular paper tend to be dull. Because the ink must be very thin and the pigment particles very line to go through the microscopic jets, ink-jet prints tend to fade the fastest. Some artists are successfully experimenting with refilling Xerox ink wells with more permanent colors, such as Dr. Martin’s Dyes and Watercolors (available in most art stores). If your style is very linear or geometric, consider a plotter. Plotters, such as Hewlett-Packard’s 7440A ($ 1295) and 7475A ($ 1895), use pencils or pens mounted in the plotter head to draw the image. Plotter drawings avoid the fading-color problem entirely because you can use pens with permanent ink in the devices. The limitation is that plotters are vector devices. They make very smooth lines, even on the diagonal, but they cannot interpret the bitmapped images that paint programs produce. To use a plotter, you must draw in a CAD or stmctured-drawing program. Match Game Even with the best printers, exciting and vibrant compositions designed for the glowing screen can appear dull and disappointing in print. The problem stems not from your equipment, but from translating an image from the medium of light to that of pigment. Color mixing with light on the screen is an additive process: When you mix light of different colors, you add light to form a color that is brighter than its components. Color mixing with pigments on paper is a subtractive process: Each color you apply subtracts a particular color of light by not reflecting it (blue objects reflect blue but not yellow, for example). Thus, when two transparent pigment colors are mixed, the resulting color is always darker than its components. To compound the problem, the primary colors of pigments are magenta, yellow, and cyan, as opposed to light’s primaries of red, green, and blue. Translating a screen image to printer paper can require many color adjustments for each print. The difference is most noticeable with colors having a large component of cyan. Amiga monitors do not display cyan well. On my monitor, fully saturated cyan shows up as a very pale color, closer to white than to the deep, rich turquoise-blue that would appear on the printer. Greens can drive you equally crazy. What displays on the screen as a light yellow- green can come out of the printer as a deep blue- green. Preferences’ Graphic 2 screen in Workbench
1. 3 has a Color Correct option that tries to compensate for this color shift problem (see the sidebar “Graphic Improvements”). It helps, barely. I now save two versions of my screen-size compositions: one to viewr on screen, and one to run out on the printer. One way to avoid unpleasant surprises when you output new pictures is to print a color chart of available choices. Manually adjusting your paint program’s sliders to every possible combination is v M 7 THE 1.3 VERSION of Preferences offers help for problem color prints. In addition to supporting many improved printer drivers (see Figure 1, top and middle, for a comparison), Preferences 1.3 added a new control screen. The Graphic 2 screen offers several controls and options to tailor an image’s color and texture. When Smoothing (also called antialiasing) is turned on, the Amiga tries to smooth out the “jaggies,” or stair-step effect, that a diagonal line of pixels produces. While this is very important for clean-reading text, it is also very useful for any linear or diagonal graphic element as well. Smoothing does, however, slow down the printing a bit. Figure 2 contrasts the effects of Smoothing On and Smoothing Off. Color Correct R G B tries to match the colors on the printer more closely to those on the monitor. You can select the red, green, or blue components separately or all together. Figure 3 highlights the differences. The blues are noticeably lighter and the reds slightly lighter, but the effect is most dramatic in the green range (note especially the lightest yellow- green next to the pure yellow in the second bar). Although the color correct function is only partially successful, it is very helpful with HAM pictures when you cannot manually adjust each color. Once again, the function slows down the printing process. You can choose three dithering options, Ordered, Halftone, and F-S (Floyd-Steinberg). Figure 4 shows the first and third of these options. The Halftone option made very little difference, at least with this printer, producing only a slightly washed-out effect and a touch more banding. The F-S option has a considerably different texture than the Ordered dithering, most noticeable in the raphic Improvements These Graphic 2 option samples were printed on a Hewlett-Packard PaintJet. Each printer is different, and each artistic application or style has its own demands. Experiment with different settings to determine what works best for you. ?
- NJF lightest colors. This texture seems to be stronger when the image is printed sideways, and sometimes displays a randomness that you may or may not find appealing. When you select F-S, speed is considerably reduced and you cannot use the Smoothing option. JESw .. . R m n RGB Correct Off RGB Correct On Figure 3. If a standard printout (left) does not match your screen colors, turn on Color Correct R G B (right). Ordered F-S Figure 4. By changing dithering options, you can alter the texture of your printouts. Olor Fade Tests EASY TO PERFORM, a color-fade lest helps determine how permanent or fade- resistant the pigments are in a particular printer output. .Although artwork should never be exposed to direct sunlight, in this test sunlight speeds up the fading process that naturally and inevitably occurs in ambient light. First, you need a sample of the printers's output. I use the pattern shown in Figure 5, but an extra picture will do in a pinch. Record the date 011 the sample, cover part of it with opaque black paper or cardboard, and place it in a south window for at least a month. At the end of the month, remove the partial covering and compare the exposed and unexposed sections. The test results shown here are for a sample of untreated ink-jet output and a sample that was sprayed with an ultraviolet inhibitor. As you can see in the untreated sample, the cyan and magenta pigments faded drastically. Although there is still some fading in the treated sample, the spray helped considerably. ?
- NJF thorough blit tedious. As a shortcut, consider Pure Color (Graphic Design Studio, S24.95) or Palette Printer (Ontological Survey, S29.95). Both are collections of IFF screens of color charts that when primed are a handy reference for color selection. Your next challenge is to keep your printed colors anufacturers’ Addresses C*Tech Electronics (A division of C-Itoh Digital Products) 2515 McCabe Way PO Box 25138 Irvine, GA 92714 800 347-2484 714 660-1421 CalComp 241 W. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, GA 92801 800 GAL-COMP 714 821-2000 Eastman Kodak 343 State St. Rochester, NY 14650-0518 716 724-4000 Graphic Design Studio 417 Transcontinental Dr. Metairie, LA 70001 504 455-034! Hewlett- Packard 19310 Pruneridge Ave. Cupertino, GA 95014 800 752-0900 (Western-CA) 800 526-7595 (Eastern-MD) Okidata 532 Fellowship Rd. Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 800 654-3282 609 235-2600 Ontological Survey 5541 N. Shoreland Ave. Milwaukee, W1 53217 414 332-1818 Xerox Corporation Xerox Square 5 th Floor, 100 Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14644-1877 800 TEAM-XRX, ext. 199A from fading and deteriorating due to weak ink and acidic paper, Margaret Veerhoff, a certified archi- valist at the Veerhoff Gallery in Washington D.C., advises framing prints with ultra-violet resistant plastic, or spraying them with UV-blocking spray. (I have heard claims that hair spray will help, but my tests indicate otherwise.) To neutralize the acidity of the paper, many framers use W’ei To Spray. Before outputting your masterpiece, however, you should always run color-fade tests on your printer’s output to find out what does and does not work. (See the sidebar “Color Fade Tests.”) For the Rich and Futuristic Printer technolog)' has a history of rapid improvement followed by rapid reduction of prices, so a look at the current top of the line can provide a glimpse of what may be affordable in the future. Electrostatic plotters and color laser printers show great promise for better resolution and more permanent colors, as do the advances in thermal printers. Continuous- tone printers, such as the Kodak color copiers, are beginning to appear and will soon be able to interface directly with computers or video sources. Look around; many of these options are already available through services at more or less reasonable rates. Perhaps soon, artists will not have to base their choice of hardcopy on issues of expense or permanence, but only on the look and “feel” of the final product. ¦ Nancy Freeman is a traditional and computer painter, whose, work has been highlighted in books, magazines, several solo shows, and SIGGRAPH. Write to her e o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Attention: AMIGA 500 USERS The Ultimate Expansion Tbol Now More Expandable Than Ever! Il ¦ ¦¦ '
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2) to be viewed with a stereoscope. (For more detailed definitions of the terms presented in italics in the text, see the “Stereographer’s Glossary” accompanying this article.) You can create your first 3-1) masterpiece in a few simple steps: Find a stereo picture, digitize ii, convert it to a red-blue anaglyph (see Figure I), and display it. You could display the stereo pair on your monitor without converting ii to an anaglyph, hut you would waste space ancl severely limit the size of the image. Instead, if you superimpose the two pictures, you can display them full-sized. If you tint the two pictures in their Figure 1. An anaglyph (above) is a three-dimensional illustrated or photographic view made up of two superimposed images (the stereo pair in Figure 2) each In a complementary color. Complementary colors (usually red and cyan blue) and then put on similarly colored glasses; presto! You enter the third dimension. This method is easy and inexpensive but there are some drawbacks. Even though the finished picture is composed of reds and blues, your 3-D image will be black and white because as they are complementary colors, red and cyan will cancel each other out. Also, such images often tend to he dark because the colored lenses in the glasses absorb light. To remedy this problem simply adjust I he brightness and the contrast on vour monitor while wearing the glasses. If you absolutely need color, you will have to make use of the liquid-crystal- display (LCD) shutter-Iens approach employed by X- Specs 31>, which synchronizes the LCD shutter glasses with the monitor. (Although I do not discuss the X- Specs method here, see Alternate Views in the "Ster- eographer’s Glossary” for more on this technology. If you do wish to create images for X-Specs, however, you can apply nearly every technique that you learn in this article.) Although converting an existing stereograph is easier than creating from scratch, you still have the often difficult task of finding a stereo pair two complete photographic images (one for each eye) placed side by side for viewing. Stereo pairs are better to use than red-and-blue comic-book style images because printed anaglyphs do not digitize well. Start your search with any of the books listed in the “3-D Resources” sidebar accompanying this article. If you still cannot find a stereo picture, look for sterographic cards in antique stores or used-book stores. Do not be tempted by images with fine detail stick to big, bold images with easily recognizable subjects. Images with a lot of depth specifically, clear separation between foreground and background elements convert best to the television-sized screen. After you find a suitable stero pair, you need to fill your 3-D studio with the necessary hardware and software: a digitizer and software (I recommend Newtek's Digi-View, $ 199.95, which we will use in this tutorial), a pair or two of red-and-cyan (or blue) Primer A 3-D cardboard glasses (see “3-D Resources"), and a video camera (Digi-View's Panasonic 1410 is fine). These items are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Eyes Straight Ahead! With the necessary tools in hand you are now ready to work. For a successful 3-D image, you must align the tops and the bottoms of the pictures so they are on the same horizontal plane. If the images do not share the same baseline, the brain cannot fuse them properly and the result is usually a big headache. To ensure proper alignment, frame one of the two pictures so the image fills your monitor. Place a long straightedge (a ruler or yardstick) along the bottom of the card or book and tape it dow n. Replace the image with a piece of graph paper and digitize it by selecting Red in the Digi-View menu. Slide the paper along the straightedge about an inch to the right or left and digitize again, this time as green or blue. When you display the digitized image, you will see two grids, one red and the other green. If the grids are not aligned correctly, their lines w ill not be parallel. Vertical alignment is a little more involved. The very nature of the 3-D process dictates that the two pictures in a stereo pair are not identical; each is offset at a different angle depending on its distance from the viewer. You could align them by sliding the second image to various positions along the straightedge, digitizing it repeatedly until you find the proper amount of ? UNLESS YOU ARE a scientist, you probably don't realize that the space between your eyes (the interocular distance) plays a key role in seeing 3-D. This two-and- one-half-inch gap provides the basis of our binocular vision, allowing us to judge relief and depth up to about one hundred meters. Beyond that, we get depth perception by observing and comparing relative size, shadows, movement, and color. A very common technique in 3-D photography is to create a viewing point that simulates a wider-than-normal interocular separation. Called “hyperstereo,” it has the effect of increasing the depth and the round ness of the object and is often used to enhance the relief of landscapes, panoramas, and aerial surveillance photos. If you increase the interocular distance too much, however, your mind will have difficulty registering the images and you will probably end up with another headache. If there is too little interocular separation, you will produce an effect called “cardboarding” the objects in the picture lose their depth and appear two-dimensional. Another important ingredient in the 3-D recipe is convergence. The process of convergence in a stereoscopic camera is the same as in your own binocular visual system; both determine the 3-D plane. The point of convergence is that point in space where the center of each image is identical (this point, of course, has no relief). Anything beyond the point of convergence w ill be behind the screen (the 3-D plane of convergence) and anything in front of it will look as if it is coming out of the screen. The point of convergence is normally the point of focus. . .but not always. .Another common stereographer’s trick is to move the focus in front of or beyond the 3-D plane. Be careful, though, many people have difficulty resolving these combinations. Try viewing stereographs by focusing on an object in the distance as you bring the picture up to your face. Although it might sound easy, it is difficult to master. ?
- GOB depth. Position half of the stereo pair along the straightedge so that either of the images is centered on your monitor. Now make a visible mark on the straightedge that corresponds to the center of your picture on the copystand. For every l' 2 inch of the picture width, offset the mark from the center by Zy2 of an inch. For example, in a standard stereograph each picture is about three inches wide and the center is at 1 ' > inches. Make marks on the straightedge of an inch to either side of this center point. Label the left mark “red” and the right mark "blue.” Later on you will use these marks to align each of the images when you digitize the stereograph. With the stereo pairs aligned, it is now time to digitize. Set the Digi-View filter wheel to the Clear position. (You could remove it altogether because Digi-View will automatically add the colors for you, but if you do not have a pair of red-and- blue glasses, the filter wheel can provide a good substitute. Hold the wheel to your eyes with the left eye looking through the red portion and the right eye through the blue portion and you thought you looked Stereographer’s Glossary Manufacturers’ Addresses Haitex Resources NewTek 115 W. Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 PO Box 20609 Charleston, SC 29413 803 881-7518 strange in the glasses!) You can load and run the software in any resolution. I normally use the 32- color lo-res interlaced mode, although 1 also have had good results with hi-res mode. When you are ready, find the center points of each half of the stereo pair and mark them on the bottom edge of the card. After aligning the center of the left picture with the red mark on the straightedge, select Red in the menu and digitize. Using the blue mark on the straightedge for alignment, slide the other half of the stereo pair into place and digitize that image, this time selecting Blue in the menu. Then select Alternate Views A 3-D display method using a flickery combination of film (or video) frame alternation and electro mechanical shutter glasses to achieve the separation of views for each eye. Shutter glasses alternately block the view of one eye so that the other (viewing through the clear lens) seesjust one-half of a stereo pair. If the stereo pairs are alternated rapidly enough to initiate the persisl- ence-of-vision phenomenon, they will fuse into a three-dimensional image (100 frames per second is optimal). This technique was first tried in the 1920s and was resurrected in the 1980s this time with a twist. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) lenses are used in place of the original mechanical shutters in Haitex Resources’ X- Specs 3D glasses ($ 124.95 for a review of X-Specs 3D, see Dec. ’88, p. 111). Based on the alternating frame principle, these electronic spectacles are synchronized to the* Amiga’s RGB display in order to achieve the 3-D effect. Anaglyph A three-dimensional illustrated or photographic view made up of two superimposed images, each in a complementary color (usually red and cyan or red-orange and blue). When viewed through similarly colored lenses, the superimposed pictures fuse into a fully three-dimensional image. This is the only format used commercially for all visual media (print, film, and video). Stereo Pair Two photographic images (or illustrations) positioned side by side. When viewed with a stereoscope the two slightly different images merge to form a stereoscopic picture. Each half of the stereo pair simulates the view from one of the eyes. Stereoscope An optical instrument with two lenses to help the viewer to combine the stereo pairs of a stereo- graph. Stereograph A photographic stereo pair mounted on a stiff card and normally viewed with a stereoscope. Each of the stereo pairs measures about three inches square and the mount measures about three and one-half by seven inches. From the 1859s until the 1930s hundreds of millions of stereographs were sold; thus, the first modern mass medium was created. ? “What's our Advantage?” Advantage 2000™ The Advantage is a new lightning fast SCSI host adapter tor the Amiga 2000 or 2500 computers. Full word transfers with high speed caching software give ICO the Advantage over all other host adapters whether DMA or not. And the price for this power is much less than you would think. The Advantage is user-friendly software for effortless hard drive set-up. IC'D provides you with the choices. We have undergone extensive testing to provide you with formatting support for virtually all embedded SCSI drives as well as Adaptec and Omti controllers. External drives are easily supported with a DB25 SCSI port and termination power is provided as needed. ICD, Inc, 1220 Rock Si. Rockford. 11.61101 (fits) 968-2228 Information
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Will expansion and upgrade options ensure the survival of the A1000, or have advancements in Amiga technology already made it obsolete? Now this survivor faces a tougher challenge. Unlike previous upgrades, the new version of the operating system (referred to in the past as 1.4) and the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) will not be directly compatible with the A1000. On the eve of a new generation of Amiga hardware, A1000 owners again must decide: Upgrade or trade in on a newer model? When deciding, ask yourself the following quesBy Sheldon Leemon tions: Are the types of expansion devices that you are likely to purchase now or in the near future available for the A1000? Are the companies making these devices committed to supporting the A1000 in the future? Does your local Amiga dealer stock these items? Are the features of those peripherals comparable to the ones available for the A500 and A2000? Are they comparably priced? Can you use these add-ons with an Amiga 2000-series (or newer) system if you choose to upgrade? Will the A1000 be able to keep pace with the important changes Commodore is making to the system hardware and software (see the sidebar "Aging Gracefully”)? No Storage Shortage Taking all of these factors into consideration can make the decision-making process quite complex. Let’s take ? The example of hard drives, one of the most popular upgrades. Availability of hard drives should not be a cause for concern to A1000 owners. While the most popular A500 and A2000 hard-drive manufacturers (Great Valley Products, Microbotics, and Commodore) do not make models for the A1000, many other ' 7 companies (Supra, Progressive Peripherals, Pre’spect Technics, Expansion Technologies, Xetec, Spirit Technology, Interactive Video Systems, Compsec, and M.A.S.T.) do. Be aware, however, that some A1000 drives do not have performance and features equal to those commonly found on drives for the newer machines. Within the Supra line of systems (from 20 to 380 megabytes), for example, the A1000 interface is slower than the A2000 interface, and it does not offer an optional RAM expansion module as the A500 model does. Several A1000 interfaces such as the Supra 1000, M.A.S.T.’s Tiny Tiger (accompanying drives range from 30MB to 180MB), and Progressive Peripherals’ Vault (with drives from 20MB to 65MB), do not support the Kickstart 1.3’s autobooting feature. Even those systems that do support it, however, allow you to load Workbench only from the hard drive. Unless you install a Kickstart ROM module such as Kwikstart Plus (Michigan Software, SI59), you must boot Kickstart from a (loppy disk. RAM expansion is also a rarer option on A1000 hard drives than on those for the A500. The convenience of this configuration is worth the search: With it, you need only plug one box onto the expansion bus to have both a hard drive and extra memory. While you could attach a hard drive with passthrough and plug a memory module into it, the A1000 is notorious for being fussy about working with certain combinations of external expansion devices (more about this later). Most importantly, the all-in-one solution is much cheaper than the two external modules or an external drive and internal memory, because the cost of a combination hoard is usually not much more than the hard-drive interface alone. For the A5Q0, you can find several hard-drive and RAM-expansion combinations, such as GVP’s Impact-500 series (with drives from 20MB to 100MB) and Commodore’s A590 (20MB only). You will have to look a little harder to find combination interfaces for the AI000; Xetec’s FastTrak line (drives from 20MB to 80MB) is available for both models. The extent to which A1000 hard-drive systems are transportable to the A500 or A2000 varies quite a bit. The typical A1000 hard-drive setup consists of a drive mechanism with its own case and power supply, and an interface card that plugs into the expansion bus. Moving these systems to an Amiga 500 will probably require you to change the interface card at the vet')’ least. If you decide to move up to an A2000, however, you will probably want to move the hard drive inside the computer’s case. You will no longer need the case or power supply, nor be able to use the interface. All you will be able to salvage is the drive mechanism itself. If you shop carefully, however, you will find exceptions to this rule. The M.A.S.T. Tiny Tiger drive plugs into the parallel port, so with the proper cabling, you can attach it to either an Amiga 500, 2000, or 1000. Progressive Peripheral’s Vault drive attaches via a cable that can be plugged into either the expansion bus of the 1000 or A500. The ability of the Vault’s cable to plug into either machine points out an interesting but little-known fact. The Amiga 1000 and 500 expansion ports are identical except for positioning and one signal line (the A500’s has a 7 Mhz dock line that the AlOOO’s lacks, but few peripherals make use of the signal). Playing the Slots YOU CAN PLAN for the future bv ex- panding your Amiga 1000 with an expansion box that lets you use cards for the Amiga 2000 with your A1000. Typically, these boxes plug into the AlOOO’s bus and come with two or three card slots, a power supply, and perhaps a drive bay for an extra floppy or hard drive. Your best choices are Pacific Peripherals' Subsystem (S299, three slots), Expansion Technologies’ Tool Box (S189.95, two slots), and Micro R&D’s TB-2122 (S249.95, two slots). Although the idea of a box that lets you plug in a wide range of the less-expensive A2Q00 expansion cards is quite attractive, you should be extremely cautious when buying one. Not all boxes work well with all AlOOOs, with all peripherals, or with multiple peripherals. Because of noise and loading problems, using multiple devices simultaneously on the A1000 expansion bus is an iffy proposition. The potential causes for these problems include slow PAL chips on the A1000 daughterboard, inadequate grounding, and the machine’s unbuffered expansion bus. While corrective measures such as changing the PAL chips can often remedy these problems, keep in mind that getting lhe A1000 to work with multiple devices may not be as simple as plugging everything in and turning it on. If you plan to purchase an expansion chassis, check in advance with the manufacturer to see if it works well with the boards that you plan to buy. You should also purchase all of the components from a dealer who is aware of potential problems, and who will be willing to give you a refund if the expansion devices will not work together properly in your system. ?
- SL EVEN WITH MORE memory and storage, can the .Amiga 1000 keep pace with newer models sporting the Enhanced Chip Set and the new version of the operating system? Yes, with a little help. Aging Gracefully The new One-Meg Agnus chip, which allows Amiga 2000s and 500s to access one megabyte of chip RAM, comes in a square package that is a different size and shape than that of the AlOOO’s Agnus chip. You cannot simply plug in the enhanced chip then get back to work. While the forthcoming enhanced Denise chip will fit in the A1000, it will provide its new graphics modes only if the One-Meg Agnus is installed. (See next month’s AmigaWorld for more on the new chips.) The new system-software changes give A1000 owners something further to think about. For the first time, Kickstart will need 512K, instead of256K. On the A500 and A2000, you can replace the 256K ROMs with 512K ROMs. Although Commodore will make a 1.4 Kickstart disk available to A1000 owners, the A1Q00 has only 256K of Writeable Control Store memory allocated to Kickstart. The new Kickstart will eat up 256K of user memory, reducing the amount of chip RAM available to applications to a mere 256K on a 512K system, an almost unusable configuration. Diehard A1000 fans, don't despair; two developers are offering solutions. Both Greg Tibbs’ Rejuvenator board (distributed by Expert Services, $ 499.95 fully loaded) and Delaware Valley Software’s DVS-Wonder ($ 399.95 complete) are replacement daughterboards for the Amiga
1000. They provide a socket for the new Agnus chip, a megabyte of memory that can he used as chip RAM (the DVS also comes in a 512K version), and a battery- hacked clock. The AlOOO’s 512K of former chip RAM becomes true fast memory when either board is installed. The Rejuvenator has a socket for the 512K 1.4 Kickstart ROM, while the DVS-Wonder has sockets for Kickstart 1.2, 1.3, and 1,4. They will allow you to switch to a disk version, as well. Finally, the Rejuvenator hoard adds an A2000-style video slot to the A1000, and the DVS adds an audiofilter switch. Both boards promise to help reduce noise problems on the AlOOO’s expansion bus. Commodore, however, has its own plan to deal with the potential problem of the A1000 becoming obsolete. At the end of January, the company announced a program that allowed owners to trade their .Amiga 1000s for substantial discounts on the purchase of Amiga 2000s, 2000HDs, or 2500s. From the user’s standpoint, this offer was not much different from earlier deals. The big change is what happens to the units that are traded in. Previously, dealers could resell the used A 1000s. This time, however, Commodore asked the dealers to return the A1000 keyboards for a rebate, presumably to take the machine out of circulation altogether. Although this program is scheduled to end by March 31, Commodore has been known to extend and reoffer such deals. ?
- SL a rc:r' The major differences between the two are that the A500’s expansion connector is rotated 180 degrees with respect to the AlOOO’s, and it is situated a couple of inches lower in the case. As an unintended result, most A500 peripherals that plug into the expansion bus will work on the A1000. You simply plug them in so that they face the back of the machine, and wedge a support underneath. (Rumor has it that even within Commodore, A590s are often used with A 1000s.) When you decide to change machines, you will find selling an A500 hard drive much easier than peddling one for the A1000. RAM RECKONING If you do not opt for in-drive memory expansion, your alternatives are an external hoard that plugs into the expansion slot (Microbotics’ StarBoard, Compsee’s AX20Q0, and M.A.S.T.’s MiniMegs) or an internal board (Spirit’s IN 1000 and Michigan Software’s Insider II). All come populated (with RAM chips) or unpopulated (a hare hoard only). Internal hoards require more expertise to install, as you must open the computer and plug the board into the processor socket on the A1000 motherboard. On the plus side, internal boards leave your expansion slot free and come with a battery-backed clock calendar (which the external hoards do not have). They are likely to have less resale value than an external board, however, and also offer a little less expansion, usually being limited to 1.5 megabytes. External boards generally offer two megabytes. As far as portability goes, you cannot use most A1000 memory hoards directly on the A500 or A2000 (though the Microbotics StarBoard can be plugged into the processor slot of an A2000 with a special adapter). As with hard drives, you will probably have to abandon the hoard and use only the main components, the memory chips. Even this might not be possible; many A1000 memory boards use the older 256K RAM chips, while newer boards for the A500 and A2000 use I-megabit chips. If portability is your main concern, use an A500 memory expansion module (or combination RAM expansion hard drive) backwards on the A1000, or opt for an expansion chassis. (See the sidebar “Playing the Slots.”) Other than hard drives and memory expansion, few devices use the expansion connector on the side of the A1000 or A500. Because the AlOOO’s other ports are similar to those on the Amiga 500 and 2000, you can use expansion devices for those ports on the A1000 with an adapter. The serial and parallel ports on the A1000 are of a different gender than the corresponding plugs on the A2000 and A500. Because some of the lines are configured differently (power connections are on different pins), a straight gender-conversion cable will not work. You need an adapter plug, particularly if the device is one that draws power from the computer, such as an audio or video cligiti er. Though devices with the proper plug for A 1000s are still around, their availability is dwindling. The best source for an adapter is Redmond Cable. The video port on the A1000 is exactly the same as those on the other machines, so you can plug any external genlock directly into the A1000. Because the A1000 and A500 lack a video slot, however, they cannot use internal genlock hoards. Expand or Disband? Alter considering the options, the question remains: Is it worth expanding an A1000 rather than trading it in? The answer depends on how much expansion you need and how much money you have. If you have already spent a bundle to expand your system with hard drives, memory, and maybe even processor accelerators, investing a few hundred dollars on a Rejuvenator or DVS-Wonder (see “Aging Gracefully”) makes more sense than buying a whole new system. If, on the other hand, you have a one-drive 512K A1000 system and want a hard drive and lots of memory, it would clearly be wiser to trade the A1000 in for an A2000HD than to sink a lot of money into expensive add-ons. In-between cases may be a little harder to judge. Just remember that even il your A1000 is unable to keep pace with all of the latest developments, that doesn't render it instantly useless. There will probably be Amiga 1000s out there performing dependably for years to come, just as they have in the past. ¦ Sheldon Leemon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and other hooks, and he is a frequent contributor to many computer publications. Write to him do .AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, Nl 03458. Commodore Business Machines Manufacturers' Addresses 1800 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 436-4200 Comspec Communications 153 Bridgeland Ave. Unit 5 Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2Y6 416 785-3553 Delaware Valley Software PO Box 2007 Upper Darby, PA 19082-0507 215 446-9227 Expansion Technologies 46127 Landing Pkwy. Fremont, CA 94538 415 656-2890 Expert Services 5912 Centennial Circle Florence, KY 41042 606 371-9690 Great Valley Products 225 Plank Ave. Paoli, PA 19301 215 889-9411 Interactive Video Systems 11612 Knott Ave. Suite 13 Garden Grove, CA 92641 714 890-7040
M. A.S.T. 1395 Greg St. 106 Sparks, NV 89431 702 359-0444 Michigan Software 43345 Grand River Novi, MI 48050 313 348-4477 Microbotics 811 Alpha Dr. Suite 335 Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 Micro R&D 906 Juniata Ave. Juniata, NE 68955 402 751-2780 Pacific Peripherals 46728 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 415 651-1905 Pre’spect Technics PO Box 670 Station H Montreal, Quebec Canada H3G 2M6 514 954-1483 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Spirit Technology Corp. 220 W. 2950 South Salt Lake City, UT 84115 801 485-4233 800 433-7572 Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 Xetec Inc. 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 1 ¦» ’ p ’ 1 ¦ ' * ? £. 1 PRODUCTS Totally radical music software from Dr. T’s! Good music software should be as personal as a vintage guitar, and as powerful as ( a 300 watt amplifier stack. Our sequencers have always been able to configure them- i selves to the way you want to work. The V3.0 Level II and KGS revisions are even 4; more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Our Multi Program Environment" allows dynamic data transfer, as well as standard multitasking. Transcribe directly from the sequencer to Copyist, record your Caged Artist editor “moves” directly into the sequencer, or use AutOMix" (included free with V3.0 Level II and KCS) to perform real time “MIDI mixdowns.” If you need to sync to tape, our Phantom SMPTE synchronizer locks you up faster and cheaper than you would have dreamed! And Dr.T’s has added Laurie Spiegel’s acclaimed Music Mouse program to our line of quality products. And if you are looking for a great place to start try TIGER Cub, with sequencing and scoring for only $ 99! !¦¦¦¦¦P . . Will never go out of styleij « f f t i Ill I ¦ m 1 n i i ¦ I
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* t • * q - - * • , ¦ * * . SEQUENCERS LEVEL II 3.0 w AutoMix KCS 3.0 w AutoMix TIGER Cub MRS V1.1 EDITORS LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ’apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-0RV1.1 (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) COMPOSITION SCORING COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PHANTOM SMPTE SYNCHRONIZER Music Software of the Year, 1988 Commodore Magazine “Our hands-down favorite new piece of software, TIGER... is a music composition program whose elegance is simply stunning. Finally, a program that bridges the gap between cold, hard technology and the creative musician.’' Keyboard Magazine “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS...” Amiga World “(Copyist is) a composer’s delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package.” Amiga World “(MRS)... compared to other sequencers, it is a great value.” AMIGA Times “(Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well, is responsive, and is designed with the high- end user in mind.” Amiga Sentry 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 U.S.A.
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card. ON- GRAPHICS 15 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen ALT HOUGH OVERSHADOWED BY newer and fancier Amiga animation methods, color cycling is still a viable and exciting animation technique. Hopefully, the tips outlined in this column will put color cycling back in your thinking caps for future projects. While 1 refer to DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) tools throughout, the techniques apply to any paint package supporting color cycling. Fire When Ready Color cycling operates only within palette ranges. (Consult your manual for details on setting these up.) Dpaint’s Shade and Blend modes also use these ranges, and the following exercise in painting flames will capitalize on this fact. In a 32-color palette, set up a Range of 16 palette positions for the fire colors. Make the first color black. Make the fifth color deep flame red, the eighth color bright yellow, the thirteenth color red, and the sixteenth color black. Now "Spread” the first color to the fifth, the fifth to the eighth, eighth to thirteenth, and thirteenth to sixteenth. This is your fire Range. Color zero (the first palette position) should also be black. Select the first fire color, black, as background color and clear the screen to that color. Hit F5 (Shade) and paint the shape of the fire, using a half-inch round brush. With the left and right buttons, shade up and down the Range. The right button "carves” the shape of the fire to the background color, allowing you to shape fine tongues of flame. Hit TAB on the keyboard occasionally to cycle and test the effect. Now try the airbrush with a single pixel in the F7 (Cycle) mode. Sweep from the bottom of the fire toward the top in short, slow strokes. Be sparing; if the motion seems to be in the wrong direction when you cycle, reverse the arrow in the Palette requester by clicking it. The entire background is also color cycling because it is included in the Range, Cure that by "Filling” the background with color zero. Experiment to get the best combination of effects, 1 once used this technique on a video animation destined for a legal presentation. I genlocked the fire over footage of a building. By cutting the fire out as a brush and shrinking it, we merely have to use the 4- and keys to make it grow and shrink, and the X key to reverse it occasionally. With the cursor turned off, we recorded the brush moving in real time, stamping it around as the fire spread and grew. Although created with simple, inexpensive tools, the entire presentation worked very well. 1 have seen similar, but far less effective attempts done with complex Anims and insert-editing equipment. Always try simple solutions first; they may turn out best in the end. Cyclist’s Repertoire There are many interesting, often practical uses for color cycling. You can enhance the detail and impact of technical illustrations with with simple, sparing use of this technique. Show the direction of flow in pipelines or arteries in graphic fashion by drawing in the appropriate direction with Cycle mode. Or, you may highlight a cross section of a plant by painting it with one shade from a smooth Range of several greens. When the image cycles, the isolated region will have a pulsing glow. Try the “moving arrow” if you are looking for a good animation exercise. Establish a Range of any 16 colors. Choosing the first color, draw a small arrow on a black screen. With the next color, draw another arrow along the You’ll find there’s still a lot of kick left in this old standby animation technique. Color eycffng techniques eiso the- Hants in the cos ' = gilt) h in upotsr appear a bit coarse, but in hi-res it will look quite clean. By combining different cycling effects on one screen, you can create a lot of action with great economy of disk and RAM space. A series of such screens run as a simple slideshow can make for a sophisticated presentation that will look as if it were created with more complex techniques. ¦ Joel Hagen’s credits include work in artt astronomy, science fiction, and software develop merit. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, (A 95361. Please include a stamped, self -addressed envelope. Same path as the first. Continue until you have 16 arrows marking a continuous path back to the starting position. Then and this is the key go back to the palette and make all but one of those 16 colors match the background black of the screen. Now only one arrow is visible on screen. When you hit TAB, each arrow will become visible in turn as its color register cycles to the non-back- ground color. An animated arrow appears to move around the screen. In a variation on this concept, you could make a walking character or a flying bird. Draw each successive animation position in the next color of the Range. Place the drawings close together, or overlap them slightly as in the schematic moon orbiting a planet in the accompanying illustration. You can achieve a striking illusion of randomness by creating a series of screen elements using colors that are out of sequence with their Range positions. The lights on the control panel in the illustration provide a simple example of this effect. When cycled, they do not flow in one direction, but switch around in a less predictable pattern. I included a duplicate of the background brown in this Range to make it appear that a light is periodically off. To get the most effective results, set Speed quite slow so that lights blink every five seconds or so. A tricky effect with which you may baffle even old paint-program pros is the shifting-text sequence. Choose a large bold font and type two messages that will display alternately in the same screen area. Make a checkerboard brush of single pixels large enough to stamp over each text message with the background color (see “Accent on Graphics,” p. 52, Sept. 89, for more details on creating the checkerboard). Prepare a Range of two colors and set the Speed fairly slow. Both text messages are now checkerboards. Pick one up as a brush, select one of the two Range colors as foreground color, hit F2 (Color), and stamp the text in place on the screen. Pick up the other checkerboard message, select the second color, and carefully place the text over the first message. It should intermesh with the other checkerboard in the same way the letters A and B do in the illustration. Change one of the two Range colors in the palette to a duplicate of the background color. Only one message will now be visible. If you hit TAB, the two messages will alternate. In lo-res this will to tno moon ttist so&osrs to oftoit the pisnei wtiich san ho mode to appear as tf they are bftnkiftg on note of info.phile Back to Basics Part 4 The Workbench isn’t the only way yon can work with your Amiga as you will soon learn when our A migaDOS experts introduce you to some “Shell games.” By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings IN THE FIRST three parts of this series, we have concentrated exclusively on the Workbench, the Amiga’s graphical user interface. The Amiga, however, also has a second standard interface, the Shell. .Although the Shell approach may seem less intuitive and more difficult at first, you will discover later that the Shell allows us to do some things that you cannot accomplish with the Workbench. So let’s climb into our shells and learn a whole new way of working with our Ami gas. Shell Spoken Here To start the Shell, open your Workbench disk (double-clicking on the disk's icon is the easiest way). The Shell is simply a tool on that disk. In the middle left side ol the standard Workbench 1.3 window, you will see its rectangular icon with the label “Shell" and the characters “1>“ in its upper-left corner. Open this tool as you would any other (again, doubleclicking on it is the easiest way). A window running the full width and about hall the height of the screen will appear. You are now in the Shell, readv to work. Get used to a non-graphical environment when working in the Shell. The Shell’s window contains no icons; in fact, it is essentially blank, except for the “1>” prompt in the upper-left corner. Unlike the Workbench, the Shell is a command ? Intuitive, powerful mouse driven interface. Object oriented 3-0 object editing and manipulation = DPAINT™ style of interface). Lathe, extrusion and conic creation tools. Fractal land and tree creation tools. Extrude any text using any Amiga standard font into an object. Multiple 24 bit (over 16 million colors) rendering techniques including solid (faceted), gourad and phong. Display renderings directly on the Amiga (supports overscan and all resolutions including HAM). Versatile alternatives to Amiga displays: X-Specs RGB files. PostScript (full & EPSF). Full surface attribute control including built-in textures such as marble, wood, snow, rippled, blend, etc, Up to 99 colored light sources of varying intensities and types. Multiple lighting models: point (omni-directional), cylindrical and conic (spotlights). Full object hierarchy control capability. Camera light following and tracking of any object. Work in a fully shaded or wire frame environment. Supports surface details as defined by the VideoScape 3-D™ (GEO) file format. Object manipulation tools include rotation, scaling, shearing, mirroring, slicing, merging and splitting. Fully configurable gridding and grid snap facility for precise placement.
• nr.™: An easy to use alignment tool for exact joining of objects. Fully supports the Transport Controller™ software for recording images to single frame VTRs, Supports output to the Mimetics 24bit Frame Buffer. AREXX™ compatible script language for precise control. Easy lo use ANIM creation facilities (manual, scripted or key frame). Support for a multitude of object file formats: LOADS 3-D Professional™. VideoScape 3-D (GEO)™, Sculpt 3-D™. AutoCad DXF™. Forms In Flight™, Turbo Silver™, 3-Demon™ & CAD 3-D (Atari)™ SAVES 3-D Professional™ & VideoScape 3-D (GEO)™ Package includes a 2 hour instuctional video tape (VHS), Tutorial Guide. & User Manual. Includes powerful Animation Station software. Progressive Peripherals Acknowledges All Trademarks PROGR P6RIPH &yOFTi JJRR6 one fl (303) 825-4144 ¦ FAX (3 ? Denver, CO 80204 USA ? Pr 464 K3lamalh Strco line interface (CLI). In previous releases of Amiga DOS. The CLI was the only alternative interface and this earlier, less powerful version of the Shell can still be found in 1.3 in the System drawer on your main Workbench screen. We urge you to stick with the Shell it’s just flat better than the older CLI. A CLI is an interpreter of commands, commands that you must supply. You give those commands by typing them and then pressing the Return key to tell the Shell to start working on them. The characters “1>” are called the “prompt” because they tell you that the Shell is ready for a command. The “1” portion of the prompt is merely the number of this Shell among the Shells that you have active; remember that the Amiga is a multitasking system, so you could have many Shells active at once. If you did, the second one’s prompt would be the third’s “3>", and so on. So, for our first command, type DIR and then press Return. (Note: From this point on in our example commands we will assume that you know to press RETURN after the command and omit that from our instructions. Also, while we show commands in upper case so that they stand out from the rest of the text, you can enter them in any combination of upper- and lowercase you want; it makes no difference when using the Shell.) A list of words will scroll by. DIR, which is short for Directory, shows you J J the names of the files on your disk. You will have noticed that DIR's list of files did not lit in the Shell’s window, so the Shell scrolled the names automatically upward. This will not be a problem later when you become more used to the CLI format, but as we are going to work exclusively in the Shell for a bit and because it is helpful to see as much information as possible, go ahead and make the Shell’s window fill the whole screen. (Enlarge it as you would any Workbench window: Use the bar across its top to drag the window to the top of the screen, and then pull the size gadget in its lower-right corner down to the lower- right corner of the screen. To grab either the bar or the size gadget for moving, just point at it and hold down the left mouse button.) Cracking the Secrets of The Shell Notice that the 1> prompt appears again on the next line following the list of files on your disk. This means the Shell is ready for another command. Type DIR so that you can see the File list again. Some of the names on that list should be vaguely familiar, because they are the same names as the drawers, tools, and projects you have already seen in the Workbench 1.3 window. The Shell, however, does not call them drawers, tools, and projects. It has its own names for almost everything, even though it uses the same basic organization as the Workbench. For our purposes here, let’s start at the top of the Workbench information hierarchy we discussed a few columns ago, with disks. Type INFO The resulting display tells you some use- ? AAMIGAcEmm THE Formerly The 64 Store Call Toll Free ORDERS ONLY 1 -800-388-2700 10 AM to 6PM MON. thru SAT. 500 POWER SUPPLY ..96 25 9x11 MOUSE PAD .. 6.95 A-MAX ROM CHIPS 142.95 A-MAX 142.95 A-TALK III 62.50 AM AS .140.00 AEGIS IMPACT 124.95 AEGIS VIDEOTITLER ..93.75 AEGIS DRAW 2000 .175.00 AIR DRIVE-3 1 2“ EXTERNAL ..128.75 AMI Alignment KIT ..31.25 AMIGA GRAPH STARTER KIT ..49.98 AMIGA MONITOR STAND ...28.95 AMIGATOSH DISK DRIVE .202.00 AmTRACKTRACKBALL ......75 00 ANALYZE 65 00 ANTIC OBJECTS DISK .21.95 ARCHIPELAGOS ......29.95 AREXX USERS REF. MANUAL ..31.25 ARTURA ..23 00
B. A.D. DISK OPTIMIZER .....31.25 BARS AND PIPES ..186.75 BREACH 2 ...31.25 BROADCAST TlTLER .209.95 CALAGARI CONSUMER ...151.25 CAN DO!., 93.75 COMIC SETTER 85.95 DELUXE PAINT III 91.00 DELUXE PHOTOLAB....93.75 DEMON’S WINTER.27.00 GVP SPECIALS! A300I -4MEG.„...,_2500 00 A5CXV20 Fius ....650.00 A 50040 Quanta m.67500 DESIGN 3D 62.50 DIGI-PAtNT 3.0 .69.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD4.0.137.00 _ DIGIWORKS3D .93.75 DISTANT SUNS .43.75 DOS 2 DOS .34.25 DRAKKH5N .37.50 DR.TS (ALL SOFTWARE) CALL DRAGONS LAIR II ..42,50 DUNGEON MASTER 24 95 DUNLAP UTILITIES ..49 95 EC,E. MIDI ...... 56 75 EPYX PRODUCTS „CALL EXCELLENCE ..187.50 F-16 COMBAT PILOT ......31.25 F-16 FALCON MISSION DISK.... 14.95 FACCII ....21.95 FALCON ..29 00 FANCY 3D FONTS ....49 95 FIENDISH FREDDY’S BIGTOP.31.25 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II .3125 FRAME GRABBER .579 95 FROST BYTE ....15 95 GAUNTLET ll...„ 24 95 SUPRA SI 3ECIALS! 40Q MEG A2: 2 MEG A2000 2400 baud Kto ..31 25 eo 650.00 ,315.00 d«ti. 12375 GO* .. 31.25 GOMF 3.0 24.95 GRAVIS MOUSEST1CK .....109 00 GVP "3001* W 4 MB MEM......2899.00 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY ..18.75 HOME BUILDERS CAD .....124.95 HOSTAGE .-28.00 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER......21.95 IMAGE SCANNER 5002000. CALL IMPACT 2000 - OK .309.00 INFOCOM PRODUCTS ..CALL INTERFONT 74.95 IT CAME FROM THE DESERT.. 31.25 KARA FONT HEADUNE ......43.75 KARA FONTS .....49 95 KING'S QUEST III .....31.25 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II .....37 50 UCENCE TO KILL .....21.95 LOST DUTCHMAN MINE ....29 95 LOTTERY ASSISTANT .24 95 M (MUSIC COMPOSING)......124 SO MAC-2-0 OS .... 9375 MANIAC MANSION ..25 25 MAVIS BEACON TYPING ...31 25 MICROBOT1CS 8 UP! .199 95 MiCROBOTICS 2MB SB 0k.....334 00 MiCROFICH FILER PLUS ...98.75 MINDS HADOW ..20.50 MONEY MENTOR ...55.00 MUSIC X ...187.50 NIMBUS 1.3 99.95 O FUCKS .62.50 PAGE RENDER 3D ...99 00 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS! FX .....86 75 PAGESTREAM VER 1.8 ....124.95 PAPERBOY .31 25 PENPAL .93.75 PERFECT SOUND...74.95 PHASAR 4.0 ......56.25 PHOTON PAJNT II 93 75 PIPE DREAMS 57.50 PIRATES BUNDLE ...112 50 POPULOUS DATA DISK..., PRO VIDEO GOLD .187 50 PRO. PAGE CLIP ART ..37.50 PRO PAGE TEMPLETS ......37.50 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3 ..... 246.75 PROWRITE 2.5 ..78.00 OIX ....24.98 OUANTAM 40 MB PRODRIVE.....486.00 QUANTAM B0 MB PRODRIVE.....998.75 QUARTERBACK 2 0 .43.75 OUSARSOUND .37.50 SAFE SKINS ......2250 SCANLOCK ....885.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 395.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 JR .„9295 SHINOBI ..31.25 SIM CITY .31.25 SOUNDSCAPE 131.25 SPACE ACE ......37.50 SPACE ROGUE .31.25 SPIRIT 2MB - A500 zero K 249.00 SPIRIT INBOARD 1000 ..... 339.00 SPIRIT INBOARD A5G0 0k 258.00 SUPER GEN .CALL SUPERBASE PRO .236.25 SUPERPLAN .....93.75 SUPRA RAM 500 5i2k W CLOCK...93.75 SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL......247.50 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA .28.10 TEST DRIVE II ...24.95 THE WORKS PLATINUM ..184.50 THE DIRECTOR . 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT ...24.95 THE ACCOUNTANT ......156.25 THUNDER BLADE _ 31.25 TOOL CADY AMIGA .31.25 TRANSCRIPT .43.75 TRUMP CARD - 500 ... 261.50 TRUMP CARD - 2000 167.75 TURBO SILVER 3.0..... 124.95 ULTIMA IV ...34 25 ULTRA-CARD ....31.25 VIDEO PAGE FROM IMPULSE.. 93.75 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D ..124 95 VIVA 165 00 WEIRD DREAMS ......28 00 WHERE IN USA IS CARMEN.....31.25 WHERE SLEEPING GODS .31.25 WHERE IN WORLD IS C.S 28 75 WICO TRACKBALL ..39.95 WORDPERFECT ...161.00 X*10 AMIGA SOFTWARE ....27.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM ..59.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL ...343.00 ZUMATVTEXT . 61.00 First Authorized Amiga Dealer In The USA !! Commodore’s The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 r TERMS: Software S H USA $ 4.95 per Hem, Hardware S H by quote; Minimum order 30.00: Cashiers check, Money Order, Visa MasterCard & Discover welcome. No credit card fee:We ship UPS signature roquirod No driver release. COD’s add $ 5.00, $ 6.00 for second day air per Hem. Allow 3 weeks for personal checks; Return authorization numbe reouired for defective products. (Ca!l (404) 252-1235) Only like hems will be exchanged:20% restocking fee on non defective return goods; Overseas shpping available; Manufacture warranty honored. Pnoes and availability are subie to change. Not responsible for typos. Tech Support: (404) 252-1235 - Customer Service: (404) 252-1233) AW-5-90 I F 0 P H I L E ful information about the disks that are currently in your Amiga. To keep things simple, we will examine only what it shows about your Workbench 1.3 disk, which we will assume is in your internal disk drive. The display reveals that the Shell actually has two names for each disk: one under the heading “Unit” and the other under the heading “Name.” Find the line with “DFO:” under Unit. DFO: is the unit name for your internal disk drive. You can use the unit name DFO: anytime you want to refer to the disk in your internal drive; similarly, if you have an external drive, you can refer to the disk in it by the name DF1:. You can also refer to any disk by the name that appears under the “Name” heading. Thus, in the Shell you can call your Workbench disk either “DFO:” or “Workbench 1.3:." Notice the colon (:) after the Workbench 1.3 name above. Like the colon at the end of the unit name DFO:, it must be included because it tells the Shell that you are referring to a disk. Inside each disk, from the Shell’s point of view, is a collection of zero or more files and directories. Directories are the Shell’s version of drawers; a directory can hold files and other directories. You can spot the directories in the DIR listing by the label “(dir)” that appears to the right of each one. The disk itself acts as a sort of “root” directory; anything that is not in a named directory is in that root directory. Everything that is not a disk or a directory is a file, regardless of whether the file is a project or a tool according to Workbench terminology. Even icons are files. If you look carefully at the directory listing, you will notice that for every directory appearing in the Workbench window for example, the System directory there is a file with that name plus a “.info” suffix. System has System.info, Utilities has Utilities.info, and so on. By convention, all Amiga programs name icon files in this manner. It is a good practice not to end a file name with “.info” unless that file is an icon. You may do so if you wish the Shell won't stop you but it could confuse anyone else who needs to look at or work with your files. Also, be very careful about deleting any .info tiles, because a file without a .info icon file is not visible from the Workbench. For example, if you were to delete the file Utilities.info, you would no longer be able to see the Utilities drawer from the Workbench. Of course, there are files that you can see only from the Shell. Note, for example, that your DIR file listing shows directories named “c” and "s” that you cannot see from the Workbench because they have no icons and thus no .info files. Earlier in this “Back to Basics” series, we learned to perform some basic Workbench operations on disks, drawers, tools, and projects. Similarly, there are some basic Shell commands that allow you to work on disks, directories, and files. Next time, we’ll talk about some of the more important of those commands, as well as some tricks for entering them. ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings are contributing editors to Amiga World. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Dr., Durham, NC 27703. 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(You’ll need exec types.h, exec devices.h, exec io.h, devices gamport.h, and devices inputevent.h.) define BPT 1 * Back or 2nd gameport * * the mouse port is untt 0 *1 struct MsgPort *joyport; struct IOStdReq *joymsg; * any other declarations would go here * If ((joyport = CreatePort (NULL,0))= =NULL * code to report an error * else If ((joymsg = CreateStdlo (joyport)) == NULL) * code to report another error * else If (OpenDevice ("gameport.device",BPT,joymsgI0) !=0) * code to report last error * This opens the gameport.device and sets up joyport and joymsg as channels to communicate with it. While the above opens the device using the rear port, it can report events from either. If you open the front port while Intuition or a console device is active, however, they will receive at least every other event. After you open the device, you must tell the gameport.device whether it’s communicating with a mouse or a joystick. If using a joystick, you must specify which message format you desire. Both formats tell you when the button is pressed and released and use the same physical type (analog) of joystick. The Absolute joystick format sends a message only when the joystick changes position; thus it gives precise hut infrequent messages. In addition to sending position change events (messages for position changes), (he Relative joystick format f ires off a message every few clock ticks if the joystick is held in a position other than centered. If you want the game player to press and hold the joystick forward to continue moving forward through a maze, for example, use the relative joystick format. You set the joystick type by sending a GPD_SETCTYPE message to the gameport.device: BYTE buffer[100]; * program-specific code here * buffer[0] - GPCT_REUOYSTfCK; * or GPCT__ABSJOYSTICK * joymsg->io_Command = GPD_SETCTYPE; Joymsg->lo_Length = 1; joymsg->lo_Data = (APTR) buffer; SendIO (joymsg); WaltPort (joyport); GetMsg (joyport); * to check for errors * Finger on the Button After setting the type, you must tell the device what kind of actions can trigger a gameport event (trigger events), such as button presses and releases, and x y movements. You can also instruct it to send timeout messages, in case the user doesn’t do anything in a specified period. You pass these settings to the gameport.device in a Game Port! Rigger structure, as shown: struct GamePortTrigger = UWORD gpt_Keys; * Key press release flags * UWORD gpt_Tlmeout; i* Timeout period In 1 60th sec; * * 0 If forever * UWORD gpt_XDeita; * Set to 1 for joystick * UWORD gpt_YDelta; * Set to 1 for Joystick * }; Later, set gpt_Keys to (GPTF UPKEYS | GPTF_ DOWN KEYS) to catch button releases and presses, and gpt Timeout to the length of time (in l 60s of a second) you wish to wait for another event before sending a timeout message. (The last two fields are more useful for mouse tracking and have to do with the size of mouse movement required to send a message.) To inform the gameport.device of your choices, ? Pen Pal 1C wo money folks (and it won 'I take as much might think). Pen Pal is going to be re, software for your Amiga. ” Tom INFO Direct quotes from Pen Pul registration cards O j p. •!•***•* h N. 106 I"o ** . Pich Br n non**' . 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(408) 395-3838 (in CA) THE GAME PRESERVE By Rick Teverbaugh Professional Footbai YOU WON'T VIEW an NFL game in quite the same way once you’ve played Professional Football Simulation. PFS is a football strategy game par excellence. If you understand the basics of football, the positions, and the penalties, you can play PFS almost immediately. In mouse mode, you select your offensive or defensive plays by clicking on their names. Colored squares with uniform numbers play out the consequences of your call, while sound effects enchance the action. The teams provided are fictional, but you can create and edit each player, then rate them from 1.0 to 5.0 in 11 categories to model your favorite pro, college, or Pop Warner teams. PFS manipulates time very accurately. If you use the 45- second clock, the number of plays in a game will be extremely close to the real NFL play count. Between plays, the down, yards-to-go, quarter, time, time outs left, and score are displayed on the scoreboard. PFS’ detailed play-calling and -creation features make the game shine. Once you master the 18 offensive and nine defensive plays of the beginner’s playbook, try the standard game playbook with 113 offensive choices and 104 defenses. The creative and adventurous can design their own plays by typing a line of letters. Consider IR X SFLW.FB5- TQ.SELHB8FLOTEC as an example play. IR means an I formation strong right. X tells the halfback and fullback to switch positions in the formation. SELW tells the split end to take the left wing position in the formation. The period indicates that the formation is set. FB5 orders the fullback to take the ball and run to the 5 hole. The holes (gaps between linemen from the center to the outside) are labeled with odd numbers to the left and even numbers to the right. This run would be just outside left tackle. T means there will be trap blocking from the guard away from the point of attack, in this case the right guard. Q instructs the quarterback to toss tiie ball to the fullback instead of handing it off to him. The next period prompts the program that the basics of the ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson
• The journey through Central Park in Manhunter: New York (Sierra On-Line, $ 49.95) can be kind of like well, like a journey through Central Park. Unfortunately, there's only one, rather difficult way to thread your path through the minefields. Use your Manhunter Assignment Device (MAD) to trace the exact route taken by the people you’re tracking. (Don't get frustrated. It’s awkward translating an overhead view to a side view, and it will probably take you a few runs to get it right) Be cautious. The game is ultra- grumpy about exactly where you pul the cursor, so this once I'll give an out-and-out instruction: For the first screen, it goes on the right-hand border roughly between the lamp post and the edge of the path.
• Talk about grumpy, the owner of the web covering the cave in King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (Sierra On-Line, $ 49.95) won’t abide any land-based assaults on his property. This puzzle is for the birds.
• Your driver education instructor always said “Accelerate out of curves.” right? Well, that may be why you're tumbling from the polygon-fill track in Stunt Track Racer (Medalist International, $ 39.95). Drop your speed until you're entirely out of the curve. And don’t try to steer all the way through It; you could dangerously oversteer. Let the track do some of the work. When you leave a curve, aim for the high side of the track. It’ll nudge you straight again.
• You'll probably need a little souvenir from the Temple of the Dragon to fin- ? Inside and Out - covers insides of AmigaDOS. Includes reference section, lasks and ling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use scrfo! Files, multitasking and more. 274 pp ISBN 1 -55755-041- gested retail pnce$ 19.95 A wwwaw r?. W ta rv iwi uofcrc i a* vcu A jca x Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out Thf Tkf ojvr Jqb C Angj Dw I5wi w Amiga Tricks & Tips
* Amiga for r Tricks and Tips - presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations and much more! 342 pp ISBN 0-916439 88*7 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Amiga for Beginners • introduces you to Intuition, the mouse, windows, the CLI and AmigaBASIC. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 178 pp ISBN 1-55755-021-2 Suggested retail price $ 15.95 Beginners Amiga C for Beginners A waaca y iW - ¦nciw O’ I ¦* v-v- -y jm iff fid MM W Machine Language ¦ comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ML programming, covers 68000 microprocessor, speech, sound, menu programming, complete intuition program including Proportional. Boolean and String gadgets. 264 pp ISBN 1-55755-025-5 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Desktop Video Guide - clearly explains how you can harness the video power of lhe Amiga. Guidesyou through the confusing jargon and terminology lo give you a practical introduction to VCRs, genlocks, scanners, frame grabbers, special effects, and hardware, digitizing, paint and drawing programs and more. 240 pp. ISBN 1-55755-057-3 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 See your local bookseller or Know How If you use an Amiga and you want to know how, just read on... We Sell C for Advanced Programmers - contains a wealth of information from professionals who program the Amiga: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, using intuition, combining assembly language and C programs, using jump tables and cynamic arrays, designing and programming user friendly interfaces, managing large C programming projects and more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. 650 pp. ISBN 1 -55755-046-8 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide • an invaluable, easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 123 pp ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Suggested retail price $ 9.95 Disk Drives Inside and Out -the most comprehensive book yet describing everything you need to know about Amiga disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, how computer viruses infect your system, the ins and outs of the DOS functions, loading, saving sequential and random files and file organization, boot blocks and technical aspects of the hardware, and more. 346 pp. ISBN 1-55755-042-5 Suggested retail price S29.95 C tor Beginners - introduction to learning the C language. Explains the elementary concepts using many examples. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works, many programming examples. 284 pp. ISBN 1-55755-045-X Suggested retail price $ 19.95 System Programmer’s Guide -comprehensiveguide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Includes the EXEC structure. I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions, more. 442 pp ISBN 1-55755-034-4 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 jH' M Amiga C for Advanced Programmers Amiga System Programmer's Guide Order Toll Free in US & Canada Abacus 1-800-451-4319 J Dept. L5, 5370 52nd Street SE • Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Phone 616-698-0330 • Fax 616-698-0325 play have been called. SEL tells the split end to throw a lead block for the fullback. HB8 sends the halfback around right end as a decoy. FLO instructs the flanker to run an out pattern and TEC tells the tight end to run a corner route. Believe it or not, you can add much more detail to this play and defensive plays can be equally involved. Don’t be overwhelmed; you'll get plenty of help. The Magic Johnson’s Basketball By Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name END-TO-END, non-stop, two- on-two, fast-break basketball is the game plan of Magic Johnson’s Basketball. From the rap credits to the final buzzer, it’s you against the computer or a friend, in a battle of sweat, not wits. You control one player at a time with the joystick. A halfcourt display scrolls with the ball handler as he moves up and down the court. You do almost everything switching active players, shooting, passing, blocking, stealing, even punching by moving the joystick while holding down its button. Yes, you can punch. This is street ball, even though it’s in a nice gym with fans that never stop cheering. Punch too many times, and a cloud of dust covers the ensuing fight. You can pass, but if you want to win, your best bet is to run down the court and slam the ball home. Your only other thick but comprehensive rule book is full of examples. To test new plays against different defenses, dot commands let you set up scrimmage situations. Matchup mode assists you in deciding the relative strengths of your team in comparison to an opponent, while the game-plan file gives the computer opponent instructions on playing offense and defense. Unlike in other games, here the computer Gatorade not included. Real play is to shoot the ball when your teammate is under the rim; he’ll convert the alley-oop. If you win the game (a single 90-second period), your score combines vour victory ; » margin (points x 100), blocks ( x 200), steals ( x 200), dunks ( x 50), and alley-oops ( x 50). Score over 1000 and you get to play another game with different teams. While the graphics are very good and the sound is decent, a few flaws spoiled the game for us. We could live with the coach isn’t limited to the basic plays that come with the program. For all its realism and authenticity, Professional Football Simulation is great fun to play. This package hasn't been more than arm’s length from my computer since it arrived. If you’re a football fan, buy it! (S34.95, MicroSearch Inc., 9896)
- S’. W. Freeway, Houston, TX 77074, 713 988-2818. No special requirements.) Limited simple strategies and defensive options (stealing the in-bounds pass is best); after all, this is fast-break ball. The constant disk accesses, however, were annoying. Even more frustrating were the bugs. Sometimes the ball disappeared, and neither team could find it. Once the referee’s head got stuck in the back court. The guru even meditated during the demo. Magic Johnson’s Basketball ? Ish Targhan (Gainstar, S39.95). It'll help you fight the Evil One at the end.
• For those of you having trouble getting Into the Destiny Stone the last dungeon In Bard's Tate II: The Destiny Knight (Electronic Arts, $ 59.95): You're in the right place (the city of Colosse), but need to find two words. I suspect you’ve forgotten what the strange mage said the first time you stumbled across the stone. The clues are in the Tombs a pretty explicit one on the second level and you can’t spilt the rock until you’ve finished the Grey Crypt. One of the words is probably used by courteous gamers every day in real-life (life in which your Amiga is turned off).
• A couple of you have reached the bottom of Dungeon Master (FTL, $ 39.95), found the flrestaff and power gem, and are wondering if that’s all there Is. I’m not clear on exactly where you are, but here are a couple of general hints for the endgame. Have you killed the dragon? (Rise to the occasion when things promise to get too hot.) Done anything with the gem? (Cast about yourself for a solution.)
• Dying like a dog is easy at the beginning of Faery Tale Adventure (Microlllusions, $ 49.95), when jade skulls are in short supply. Surprisingly enough, a great place to fight is the cemetery off to the southeast. You can take care of the skeleton crew from inside the fence, and they can’t come after you. . . Usually.
• From Alex Fogle of Fayetteville, NC: Although too wide for jumping, the big empty space on Level Two of Heroes of the Lance (Strategic Simulations Inc., S39.95) can be crossed, but only by one character. It would have to bo magic, wouldn't it?
• Replenish your lasers for the last two fights In Menace (Psygnosls, $ 29.95), then use a force shield for the last battle. Stay away from the ‘‘outsiders.’’ They’ll drain your shields when they touch the Guys on the Other Side.
• You just knew that Help key was ? Three New Releases From Free Spirit BARNEY BEAR Software Qoes To School It’s the first day of school for Barney Barney Bear Goes to School is a musical, colorful game for children ages 3-8. The game contains counting games, letter games, colors, shapes, and a painting easel where you can fill-in-the-colors on over a dozen different pictures. Even young children can enjoy Barney Bear with no adult supervision required. Sick of space shoot-em-ups? Ever wanted to fly around on the back of a giant green dragon? Retail Price $ 34.95 Well, here’s your chance!
I) BACON SC APE Dragonscape is the wackiest, fastest, toughest, most addictive fantasy shoot-em-up to appear on the Amiga. DOCTOR AMI.. Retail Price $ 39.95 From the creator of Ami..Alignment System comes Doctor Ami.., a hard drive and memory utility for the Amiga line of personal computers. Doctor Ami., can be used by any average Amiga user to test the integrity of both system RAM (including all expansion cards) and a hard drive. Bad memory locations and bad hard disk sectors are indentified and mapped out. Retail Price $ 49.95 To order, see your local dealer or contacl: Free Spirit Software, P.O. Box 128, 58 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA 19530. Or call (215) 683-5609. Is an arcade game, not a sports simulation game. You won’t find any team management options. If you can live After Burner with that and with the game’s bugs, you’ll have a slam- dunkin’ good time. ($ 49.99, Melbourne House, distributed by By Rob Lawrence UNREAL IS THE word that best describes the incredible arcade version of After Burner. Unfortunately, during the port to the Amiga, the unreal became unrealistic. Sega should have spent a little more time working on this version. Don't expect a detailed simulation. The computer handles the F-14 Thunder Cat’s course and speed; you need only maneuver around the enemv and shoot. Wave after wave of enemy fighters attack you from the rear as well as head-on. You won’t survive long without quick reflexes, an even temperament, and the supplied five extra lives. In the upper stages, watch out for powerful adversaries such as kamikaze pilots and the unbeatable flying fortress. Loading intervals between the stages are about twelve seconds, so you won’t have much time to relax your trigger finger. Accompanied by progressively-changing music, the game’s graphics are first rate with dazzling detail and color and fast, full-screen animation. Its share of drawbacks. The most noticeable are the virtually useless brochure-sized manual and the lack of sound effects. The instrumentation provided isn’t of much use, cither. It consists of an artificial horizon (real helpful), ammunition indicators, and a mach meter (of course you can’t accelerate or decelerate). For weapons you have guided missiles and a Vulcan 20mm “rapid fire” machine gun. The gun fires only one shot each While pretty, the game has Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword By Peter Olafson THE BEST THING about Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword, the latest role-playing ' arcade game of uniting medi- eval kingdoms, is the horde of choices it offers aspiring kings. Espionage, dirty tricks, taxation, negotiations, provincial loyalty, and about two dozen courtiers (each with personal Virgin Mastertronic, 18001 Cowan, Indue, CA, 92714, 714 833-8710. One megabyte and joy stick required.) Time you hit the button, so don’t expect to send a barrage of bullets at your enemies. As in other Sega products, the high scores are not saved. 1 was not impressed with the Amiga version of After Burner and would not recommend it, unless you are amassing a comprehensive collection of arcade titles. (579.95, Sega, distributed by Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 312 480-7667. 800 221-
9884. No special requirements.) Gifts) all play a role. That variety instantly sets the game apart from predecessors that focused more on combat or ? There for something. Lynn Lowry of Salinas. CA tells me that pressing it will keep you level while you cut your speed after a stall In Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte, $ 49.95) something especially likely to happen while flying upside-down at the Lt. Col. Level and above. (If I press the Delete key, do I find out why you’re flying upside- down?) If landing means strewing your plane all over the runway, you can still finish your flight and get all the nice medals by hitting the Esc key and then selecting “End mission." (Thanks to Elizabeth Velez of Salinas, CA.)
• A final hint about future hints: Thanks for the help, but keep it subtle. Many of the hints I receive are closer to cheats, such as the two above for Falcon. The Idea here, in the interest of accurate hlgh-score tables everywhere, Is to suggest ways to finish games legitimately (like how to actually land or unstall an F-16) without using back doors and loopholes. Give your fellow readers a push; don’t lead them by the hand. Above all, watch your step in the park. ? COMPANIES MENTIONED: Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. FTL Games, 6160 Lusk Blvd., C-206, San Diego, CA 92121, 619 '453-5711. Galnstar, distributed by DigiTek, 8910
N. Dale, Mabry, Suite 37, Tampa, FL 33614, 813 933-8023. Medalist International. 180 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley, MD 21030, 301 771-
1151. Mlcrolllusions, 17408 Chatsworth SL, Granada Hills, CA 91344, 818 360-
3715. 800 522-2041. Psygnosls, Port of Liverpool Bldg., First Floor, Liverpool L3 1BY, United Kingdom, 44 51 236 8818. Sierra On-Une, PO Box 485, Coarse- gold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468. Spectrum Holobyte, 2061 Challenger Dr., Alameda. CA 94501, 415 522-
3584. Strategic Slmilations Inc., distributed by Electronic Arts. Open Any Drawer ! And Discover Something Extraordinary! TOOL CHEST Name . Address City Zip State ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Tool Chest) G Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express Account _Expires_ Signature___ Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are $ 8-1.95. postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank, Note that some animations require 1 MB ol memory AmigaWorld Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 109005 Introducing the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, an Amiga software celebration that makes you even more creative and productive than ever before! Entertaining games, useful utilities, professional clip art, detailed animation, wild sound effects, music, and more. . .exclusively from the AmigaWorld Tool Chest. Users of every Amiga model-and at every level of computing skill will be thrilled with these top quality programs and tools. Released in a two-disk set every other month, the AmigaWorld Tool Chest is a fantastic way to enhance your computing career. CREATIVITY The Amiga is a graphic goldmine, and the Tool Chest has plenty of nuggets ready for vou to find! Each issue brings you elaborate animation objects, ready for you to make them come alive in your own creations! Choose from a multitude of vector images, from out-of-this-world spaceships to exquisite dinner table objects, lamps, and more! Are you into desktop publishing or desktop design? Looking for original clip art to incorporate into your IFF paint programs? Then you’ll be overjoyed with each issue's collection of clip art that’s been specially commissioned from some of the most talented Amiga artists around. Plus there's an ample supply of sound and music accessories. Be it bizarre sound clips, melodious music, or computer speech utilities, the Tool Chest will have your audiences clamoring for encore performances! PRODUCTIVITY Of course the Amiga can handle all those traditional personal computer chores as well, and the Tool Chest will continuously complement your software collection with useful utilities and original productivity programs. Discovered a corrupted disk? Need to recover a deleted file? Problems in formatting a bunch of new disks? The Tool Chest is here to help! We'll save you time, money, and needless aggravation with programs like TJ Format and Disk Salvage. Contents of Volume 1, H (Available as a back issue) Tic Tac Toe 3D MicroMan graphic arcade game Sounds variety of digitized sounds Pteronadonaball 3D animation Graph 3D create and view 3D graphs AMIGA File address book Spectrogram creates audio spectrograms 3D Vector Objects 3D Lamps Clip Art images of food Plus, the Tool Chest is specifically designed to be a productivity tool, with useful programs like Chartmaster, a powerful data graphing tool. And Iconmeistcr, an advanced icon editor with a complete set of drawing tools. FUN and GAMES Each issue of the Tool Chest will also entertain you with one or more games, each of them new, each capturing the Amiga's fantastic sound or graphic sophistication. You might find Shark!, a gobbling-game that utilizes digitized sound for maximum effect. Or Crystal Caverns, a neat magic adventure that’s full of color and a whole lot of fun. ? YES! Send me the following AmigaWorld Tool Chest Edition(s) for only $ 14.95 each: Vol. I, 4 (see above! Vol. 1, - 6 (new edition) D Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. PLUS-AN ORIGINAL ANIMATION IN EVERY ISSUE! Complete with player program, each Tool Chest edition will delight and fascinate you and your friends with original creations from leading Amiga animators. Classic, colorful, inventive, these are animations you'll want to see and show again and again! And throughout the year, your animation library will continue to grow in both value and variety! All this for just SI4.95 per two-disk edition! Tryr it for yourself! To order, use the coupon below, or look for the special flier inserted in this issue. Or for immediate service, call 1-800-343-0728. CHARTER SUBSCRIPTION OFFER! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits-.
• Automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That’s 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• AmigaWorld subscription renewal discount certificate.
• Discount on AmiExpo admissions!
• PLUS! Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. Splashy pictures. In France of 1428, King Charles VII must balance these forces while fighting off the legions of Henry V of England and two rebellious French dukes, initially with only a small army led by Joan
A. , a peasant girl who hears the voices of saints. What a shame that varied tone doesn’t endure. The squeamish be warned: The people you light occasionally lose arms and heads accompanied by realistic pumping blood. Army combat, however, is rather like pitting insect swarms of varying densities against one another: Not very revealing and not much fun. The straight arcade sequences look fine, but are either too simple (taking die bridge), drawn-out (one-on- one knight fighting), or initially unpredictable (the wall scaling game). The fourth, defending your own walls, is just right. While the game offers many choices, it doesn’t have a great deal of accompanying depth. You don't sense a larger, hidden world of cause and effect. For instance, the king’s court has no life of its own; the courtiers have flat computer personalities invoked only on Charles’ initiative. SideShow By Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name STEP RIGHT UP, ladies and gentlemen, to Actionware’s SideShow. The game’s excellent graphics, animation, and sound re-create every detail (except for the smell) of a real carnival. You even get a bag of caramel popcorn. Logistically, Joan could have been better thought out. The computer goes ahead with your turn even if you select an action you can’t perform. It attacks its two disks or redraws the screen for even the simplest of adjustments; while the game supports two drives, it apparently doesn’t warm to extra memory. The digitized medieval score is nice at first, but it’s played to death and can’t be turned off. I’d swallow a lot of these complaints for the pleasure of playing a computer game featuring a heroine (a far too rare commodity), but this isn’t it. The game should be called “Charles VII.’’ Once Orleans and Reims are retaken and Charles is crowned, you become Charles and Joan becomes one of a handful of generals. Eventually, she winds up being imprisoned and executed, which seems rather to defy the logic of the game. (You can’t even ransom her, as you can other members of your court.) What’s the point of replaying history if it has to happen the way it happened in real life? You might as well just read a book. ($ 49.95, Broderbund, 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903, 415 492-3200, 800 527-6263. No special requirements.) You start with 25 tokens; it takes from 5 to 50 of them to get into SideShow’s booths. You beat a booth when you win more tokens than it cost ? REMEMBER MAST IS NOW DIRECT NO DEALERS, GREAT PRICES AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DIRECT TECHNICAL SUPPORT FROM A LEADING INTERNATIONAL AMIGA PERIPHERAL COMPANY FEATURE PRODUCT: MAXIMEGS (i A >1 K PRES E R V E
2. 3 MEGABYTE RAM- plugs into the A501 connector This new superdesign from MAST is a 2.3 meg intelligent RAM card.that can be programmed into a number of configurations. Most importantly is ENHANCED GRAPHICS MODE. EGM converts 2 meg of the 2.3 meg on Maximegs to graphics memory YES! 2 megabytes can be accessed by thecustom graphicschips,including the BLITTER. Together with the 512K in your Amiga, graphics and animation programs can access 2.5 meg. THIS MEMORY REQUIRES SOFTWARE SUPPORT TO FUNCTION- BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. Maximegs is software configurable- blocks of memory can be switched between graphics and FAST ram (or disabled) as often as you like. Some graphicsprograms may block switch asoften as every vertical sync pulse. Maximegs includes CPU & Gary adaptor. Requires 1.3 & New Fat Agnus. Also includes a Battery Backed Clock. 2 meg $ 269 2.3 meg $ 329 (reduce price $ 30 if trading in A501 or clone). DETAILED DATA SHEET AVAILABLE- INCLUDES ALL REGISTER ADDRESSES. FIREBALL: True DMA. SCSI interface for the A2000. It can be used with the drive mounted on the card, or separately in the Amiga. Uses quality Fujitsu and Conner drives. Conner drives and Fujitsu 45 meg include a one year warranty. The Fujitsu 90.136.182 meg drives include a two year warranty. Fujitsu drives may have the warranty extended to a maximum of 5 years- $ 29 per year for 45 & 90 meg. And $ 49 per year for the 136 & 182 meg drives. Fireball 0 meg $ 149. Fireball 20 meg (Conner 25 msec) $ 449. Fireball 45 meg (Fujitsu 24 msec with cache) $ 549. Fireball 90 meg (Fujitsu 19 msec with cache) S849. Fireball 105 meg (Conner 25 msec) $ 799. Fireball 136 meg (Fujitsu 19 msec with cache) $ 999. Fireball 182 meg (Fujitsu 19 msec with cache) S1199. TINY TIGER: External SCSI drive, with SCSI IN & OUT. Front panel displays SCSI address parity status, write protect status, drive active, termination status.& drive capacity. Switches on the bottom of the Tiny Tiger allow the drives many options to be configured. Plugs into any SCSI interface including a Macintosh. Includes our proprietary PORTABLE SCSI INTERFACE (Fits all Amigas). 20 meg $ 499. 45 meg S599. 90 meg $ 929. 105 meg S879. 136 meg $ 1099. 182 meg $ 1299. UNIDRIVE: Includes quality Fujitsu floppy drive. Quiet. Low Power. Can be upgraded later to Enhanced Unidrive. $ 99. ENHANCED UNIDRIVE: Includes Track Display and Hardware Virus Killer. The drive can be write protected- two options: WP entire drive OR WP track zero. LED $ ON FRONT PANEL indicate 1. If drive write protected 2. If anything writes to track 0. 3. If anything writes to any track other than 0. The Enhanced Unidrive is a very effective monitoring system of floppy activity S129. TWINDRIVE: Two floppy drives. $ 198, AMIGATOSH: Mac compatible drive for Amax. $ 149. A2000 internal floppy- no click S75. OCTOPLUS- 8 MEG RAM FOR A2000 2 meg $ 269. 4 meg S469. 6 meg $ 629 . 8 meg $ 749. ONE MEG SIMM MODULE S99. MICROMEGS-512K PLUS CLOCK $ 69. MINIMEGS 2 MEG EXTERNAL RAM for A500 & A1000 $ 269. FUJITSU PAGE PRINTER- NON POSTSCRIPT $ 889. FUJITSU PAGE PRINTER- ADOBE POSTSCRIPT $ 2895. SYQUEST REMOVABLE 44 meg INTERNAL $ 599. EXTERNAL $ 749. SYQUEST CARTRIDGES S89.
3. 5” DS DD DISKETTES- HONG KONG BULK 70 % CLIPPING 59 cents each (min qty 25). SONY BULK COLOR 79 cents each (min qty 25). MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY (USA) 1395 GREG ST SPARKS NV 89431 Tel (702) 359 0444 FAX (702) 359 0831. MAST: AUSTRALIA (02) 281 7411. W.GERMANY (0221) 7710918. All prices subject to change without notice. Call for freight. Credit Cards add 3%. Look out for more great MAST products. 0,45, 90,136 AND 180 MEG EXTERNAL SCSI HARD DRIVES OPTIONAL 5 YEAR WARRANTY ¦ SCSI ADDRESS SCSI LETS SEVEN . , DEVICES CONNECT ' ¦ TO YOUR COMPUTER COMING:* . M Hi
- GREAT FOR ANIMATION. WE OFFER A GREAT TRADE-IN ON A501 AND CLONES!! Mil Q T TECHNICAL .A. 0.1. EXCELLENCE MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY 1395 GREG ST., SPARKS, NV89431 TEL (702) 359-0444 FAX (702) 359-0831 UK TEL. (077082) 234 AUSTRALIA TEL. (02) 2817411 W. GERMANY-CALL Getting Started With Your Amiga The easy way to master your Amiga! ; A VI E P R K s E K V E Spend an hour and a half with this new instructional video and you could be an Amiga expert in no time flat! Why try to figure it all out yourself when Getting Started With Your Amiga is here to help! This comprehensive, easy-to-follow video is packed with valuable information, glittering animation, and useful step-by-step instructions. You'll become a wizard at using the Amiga Workbench, the CLI, and a wide range of Amiga peripherals and utilities! Best of all, Getting Started With Your Amiga is there whenever you need a quick refresher on any aspect of Amiga computing! This essential video includes all these important topics: ? Assembling your computer Learning the Workbench in 5 minutes ¦ All about screens, icons and windows ¦ The Say Speech synthesizer 0 What is Interlace? Adding a printer or memory Using a modem Adding a digitizer or genlock Caring for your Amiga Changing the Start-up sequence and much, much more! To order, call 1 -800-343-0728 or mail this handy coupon, today! ?V£ QI Send me “Getting Started With Your Amiga" video I Cu ¦ for only $ 29.95 plus $ 2.95 shipping and handling each. My: r Check C Mastercard _ VISA DamEx. Account information is enclosed: Account Exp.date ure Name Address City Slate Zip Available in VMS only. Make checks payable to Amiga World Magazine. Please allow 4-0 weeks for delivery. Foreign orders, add $ 7.50 for airmail delivery’. Payment must be made in U.S. funds drawn on U.5. bank. IDG Peterbojough, publisher of AmigaW’orld, is the licensed North American distributor of GETTING STARTED WITH YOCR AMIGA. 1 1989 by the Bariau Company. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Getting Started With Your Amiga c o AmigaWorld Magazine P.O. Box 802 Peterborough. NH 03458 1-603-924-9471 « 1-800-343-0728 CSA590 you to enter. Beat a booth three times, and you can't play there again. All the booths offer a variation of target shooting, even the “Test Your Strength” contest. While some are traditional shooting galleries, the knife-throwing, clunking, and floating-balls booths offer a new twist. Perfecting your They're sitting ducks fire away! Marksmanship with the mouse is tough, so Action ware offers an alternative: a phaser gun ($ 49.95). The gun doesn't make SideShow much easier, but it's a lot more fun to shoot with than the mouse. All the shooting makes you hungry, so you have to visit the concession stand periodically or hunger will end your game. As usual, the popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, and soda are overpriced. You’ll quickly get sick of the food. Having to eat alter every three or four booth sessions is just too much trouble. Even the novelty of shooting the concession vendor wears off and, at five tokens, it’s expensive! Your score is based on how many tokens you have left. Unless you starve or beat all the booths, you’ll end up spending all or most of your tokens. Just like a real carnival, SideShow can get on your nerves. Some of its games are almost impossible to win and security is tight. You must enter codes from a copy-protec- tion wheel several times. Despite these deficiencies, SideShow brings much of the fun of a carnival to your Amiga. Kids particularly like to watch it. ($ 44.95, Actionurare Corporation, 38 W. 255 Deerpath Rd., Batavia, IL 60510, 312 879-8998, 800 447-4862. No special requirements.) ¦ Adventure continues... IS* The Evil Shapcshif'tcr has stolen JSWiggl Princess Daphne and to save her you will £G5g have to outwit the Evil One in totally new encounters never before seen in the original Dragon's Eair. Hew scenarios and characters combine to make Escape from Singe 's Cast e the best sequel to the largest selling aninjatcdjantasy adventure of all time... Dragon's Eair. Sullivan Bluth's ffluster all your shill and cunning to free Daphne from deep within the labyrinthtan dungeons of Singe s Castle. Cead on Brave Adventurer, vour quest awaits! Attjiga Screens Shown Installs on any hard drive for quich loading. Compatible with all 68000. 68010. And 68020 processors fTlultitasks peacefully with any ITFlb Atqiga. Hew Burstloadcr technology loads 10 times faster! Three selectable shill levels. Room flipping option increases difficulty. Directional arrows guide you during game play. Saves and restores up to 5 previously jilayed games. Cinhs with % original Dragon's Eair for the ultimate playinq experience, flow requires only ol2K Raffl! Never the same game twice. Currently for ttye Commodore Amiga Coming soon to: Atari ST and Apple Computers 0 Visionary, Ctd.. j division of filcdio Technology Cinjitcd ~ 15235 Shaily (prove Road. Suite 100. Rochvillc. TtlD 1 !•-' and F&cape t'on S>nge s Ca»r«a'o n.Mor-a-v* o' Buti Gtouo LtB and vc osoc jnde* Icaraa Cog,i..v I >585 B.utn Gre_o l!d Ciwacl*' cxn-gnj CopjffiBTt ‘563 Don Quit' •• mvr txs Circle 57 on Reader Service card SOLID PRODUCTS CALL BfliWALL 1-800-638-5757
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 24 Hour FAX Line 1-215-683-8567 Customer Service 1-215-683-5433 Technical Support I-215-683-5699 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) WHY CHOOSE BRIWALL? No Surcharge on Charge Orders 24-Hour Toll-Free Ordering Our Fifth Year in Business'" Fast. Friendly, Reliable Service In-house Technical Support A Fair Return Exchange Policy A "No-surprises" Shipping Policy 79 Adventures of Sinbad 532 29 Aesop’s Fables 32 call
B. micv lit .ir Guts I 0 School 23 call I hit'krn 1 inlc 20 20 Dcsigiiasaurtis 33 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 99 29 42 99 315 45 199 116 389 97 139 97 192 65 65 225 49 97 t*5 103 195 SI 252 59 S65 135 129 79 39 24 34 35 64 195 129 32 33 25 59 89 20 39 49 299 219 205 60 59 33 49 39 33
i. 5 33 DYNAMIC DUO! Digiview 4.0 Simply the Best! S139 Digipaint 3 The Ultimate Painl Program! $ 69 These packages from NewTek are two of our hottest titles for the Amiga. Order yours today and find out why eveyone calls them the "Dynamic Duo." AMIGA C for Beginners* $ 15 Advanced Amiga BASIC 15 dunced Systtin Prug Guide* 27 Amiga Machine Lang Prog Guide 17 Amiga 3D Graphics Programming* 17 Amiga BASIC Inside & Out* 20 Amiga C for Advanced Progs* 25 Amiga DOS Inside & Out* 17 Amiga DOS Quick Ret Manual 8 Mnilin Desktop V ideo Guide 17 Amiga Disk Drives Inside Sc Out* 24 Amiga Graphics Inside and ()ut+ 27 Amiga Hardware Reference Review 18 Amiga Machine Language* 17 Amiga Programmer’s Guide 15 Amiga Prog's Handbook Voll 20 Amiga Prog’s Handbook Vol2 20 Amiga System Prog's Guide* 27 Amiga Tips & Tricks* 17 Amiga for Beginners 15 AmigaDOS Reference Guide v 1.3 17 Dlilliii'on Master 11 in I Book II Guru’s Guide. Meditation 14 Inside the Amiga With C 21 Kids and the Amiga 13 MORE Amiga Tips A Tricks* 17 Prog Guide Amiga - C Disk 12 Prog Guide Amiga - Modula 2 Disk 12 Programmer's Guide to the Amiga 22 Rt)M kiriial Ref:Exec.I ihi Dc*s 28 ROM Kemal Rcfiliicludes&AuiiiDiv 27 ( E11100 Catering s-iS MB milage iTIu-i 129 10 .rapines 126 ( L: ( :iliTidiri Maker 35 Data Relrcivc 52 Desktop Budget 52 Excellence 150 Family Tree (Your) 35 l'rcD Spced-Uiater 33 Microfiche Fiter 69 Microlawyer 39 N VG Plus V 3.1 52 Nimbus Accounting VI.3 109 I'agesitier II 84 Page Stream DM Fonts-M3 1- Page Stream 1.9 129 Pen Pal 99 Professional Draw- 139 Professional Draw 2.0 129 6*1 Emulator 552 Vminii' trackliall> Mi Camera Lens 16mm ¦ No Iris 22 Copy Stand w iih Light Fixtures 64 Covers call DigtVievs Adapter Gender Chang.. 16 Flicker Master ” 14 Ink call |n stick - (ira* is 35 Joystick - Super 3 Way 25 Maw 1 >kr I light tit11 Mouse Master Paper Ribbon Safeskm Key board Protectors Switch Box A B Db25f Connectors 29 X-Specs 89 Zoomcr Console Controller 46 GENERAL BUSINESS ACCESSORIES BOOKS Dinosaur Discovery Kit 29 Discuitr Mphabet 13 Disco* it Chemistry 13 Disuoer Math 13 Diseioer Numbers 13 Disuoer 1 8 History Agcugr. Uilo 13 1 )is(ao| 'suns 1 iatilen 31 4(i First [.otters X Words (.3 - S) 30 First Shapes (3-8) 30 Fraction Action 32 1 1111 Key s 23 Kid talk (5 - 15) 30 Link word :Gcmian 20 Link word: Italian 20 Linkword:Spanish 20 1 it Hi- Red lit u 20
M. itli ()d*sse* 33 Math Talk (5 - 13) 30 Malh-amaiiuii (College 1 55 Mavis Beacon Ty ping 34 Mixed Up Mother Goose 20 Mypaint 33 Niiab's rk 2o Planetarium 49 1 lirn Hears 2u 1 line 1 illli Pi;is 2ll I gly Duckling 20 Word Master 32 urlil ()ilissi i 33
31) Pool 823 6KX Mtai k Snh" 34 DA. 1) * t hampions of Kt y mi 55 AD&D - Dragons of Marne 27 IKVD - Dungeon Master Ws| ) 21 DAD ¦ Dnnge«iiiM.isti-r sst 2 21
MI. S D • Pi ml id Radi.1111 e 35 Adventures Ptrough Time 33 After Burner 33 All Dogs (in I n IfeaM-n 33 Mtered Beast 34 Xil'iananC 1 T rchipelagos 7 Xrinra
11. V.r M Bard’s II: Destiny Knight 39
B. iiin.iii J lie Music 33 Bailie Si|iiadron 24 I'mless iniial Page 1.3 IS9 Professional Page Template 42 Prow rile V2.5 75 Scribble ¦ Platinum Edition 72 Sen iiv Industry Gcmmting i;i 1av Break 54 lax Plan 19X9 19911 28 Word Perfect v4.! 149 Works - Platinum Edition 140 Barney Bear Goes lo School A tun, creative, colorful, musical game for children ages 3-8. Briwall Price N23 ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION 1 49 Pursuit Sinml.itor 39 Falcon 33 Falcon Scenery: Oper Countr Strike 17 Federation 27 Fiendish Freddy Big Top of Fun 33 Flight Simulator 2 33 Might Sim Hawaiian idyssry |9 f ool's I ri'aiill 34 l iirgollt u M in Ids 27 Gauntlet 2 33 IlalK of Monte iima* 27 Hardball 29 Hardball It 39 Heat VV.i e: Rlshore Racing* 39 Hockey League Simulator 23 Hollvwwd Strip Poker 23 Honda RVF 26 I liiiiutl u| Shadow 27 Hoyles Hook til (rallies 23 Hunt for Red October 29 Ice Hockey: Wayne Gretzky 35 ftnpcriutit 27 Indiana Jones:Last Crusade (Grphic) 34 I ron I .ord 27 It Came From the Desen 33 Jack Nicklaus Golf 35 Jack Nicklaus’ Course Int’l* 15 Jet 33 Jetsons(Thc) 26 Jigsaw! 26 Joan of Arc 30 Kcef the Thief 34 Kings Quest 1,11, III each 36 Kristal 34 I aser SipjaiD 2“ I ast Duel 27 Leaderboard Dual Pak 26 Lcadcrboard World Class 29 l eisure Suit I.any 2 33 Licence to Kill 23 Lords of the Rising Sun 35 Lost Duthman Mine 30 Magic Johnson’s Basketball 33 Muidumter * San Francisco'1 33 Maniac Mansion 31 Mean 18 Famous courses Vol2 17 Mean 18 Golf 27 Might A Magii 2 41 MnnopoD 26 N M ariiois 33 Never Mind 23 Neiiriimanter 31 Night Hunter1 2" Nuclear War 35 OmniPtay Horse Racing 33 Operation Wolf 20 Out Run 34 Persian Gull Inferno 24 Pipe Dream 27 Planet of Lust 24 Pocket Rockets 27 Populus 34 Pro Football Simulation 23 I’llII% "s Saga' 27 Baltlehawks 1942 36 Bey ond Dark Castle 2-1 Blockout 26 BlixxJ Money 29 Blue Vogels' .1(1 Iireach 2 35 Bnde of the Robot 26 Bubble Bobble 23 ftudokan’ 27 Clown-O-Mania 23 I lur: Master Detect in* 2(i » i ihhauc A Gin King -II Data Sturm 26 Double Dragon II ‘ 2t» |>r. Dmiiii'* kcn-ngi- 25 Dr. Pltiimitft’s House id Flux 23
D. R.A.G.O.N. Force 34 Dragon’s Lair 39 Dragon’s I air II: Singe's ( ’astlc in Dr:ignuscapc 27 Dungeon Masler 26 Earl Weaver Baseball 35 Earl Weaver Commissioner's Disk 17 Earl Weaver Slats ’88 Disk 17 Eye Of Horns 27 F l 6 Combat Pilot 34 FIS Interceptor 36 DR A G( )NSC A PE The wackiest, fastest, toughest, w ildest fantasy shoot-cm-up lor the Amiga Briwall Price '•2 7 Qix 23
R. Davis Soccer 33 Rick Dangerous 23 Rings id Medusa 23 16nuance of tin I lim kingdoms 46 Sa*age 23 Sex N ivens from Space 25 Shadow of the Beast 33 Shark Ml.nk‘ 2b Shinobi 33 Shoot’em Up Kit |3 Slinfflepiirk ale 27 Side Vrrns 27 Side Show 33 Sim City 30 Sim City I i-rratn Editor 15 Skate nr Die” 2” Space Net* (Drug I air Srijuvll .39 Space Quest 3 39 Space Rogue 33 Star Command 33 Starlliglil 34 Stcller Crusade 38 Strip Poker II 27 Stunt I ruck Racer 27 Super Hang On 30 Superman 2o Sword id Vragon' 27 Sword of Sudan 34 I V Sports Basketball 33 TV Sports Fool ball 33 Table Tennis 2.3 Targhan 26 Teenage Mulunl Ninja I urlles 39 lest Driie 2: European ( llulenge" 13 Test Drive 2:Muscle Cars 13 Test Drive 2:Supcr Cars 13 Test Drive 2:The Duel 30 Tetris 25 Tlic Cycles: Grand Prix Racing 30 I heir I im-d ll >iir:Ualtli- Britain 41 Tom A Jerry IS li iad 2 1 Menace, I relis. Baal 1 27 I in bo l Ini Run 34 lit)1 33 etc ran 29 uriex 39 3 F YV resiling Game Match 27 Waterloo* 4 1 Weird Dreatiis 27 H here in I is t armen SanDiego 33 Where in World is Carmen SanDiego 30 W indwalki-r 2(i Xrmiphnhe 27 Viitodrnid S50 Broadcast Titler l‘J3 iXluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Photo luib 99 Ixluxe Print 2 54 Deluxe ideo 3 99 Digipaint 3 69 Digitiew x-1.(1 dor 59lt'299t)i 139 Director 49 Director - Toolkit 29 Iclips 65 Focus V tdeo 119 Intro CAD 52 Illusion I'liis 299 Kara Vniitilouls | 33 Kara Ynimfoni-s 2 33 Kara Fonts Color 55 Isura Fonts Headlines 52 Kara Fonts Headlines2. Subheads ea 49 Masterpiece Amiga - Fonts Clip Art 165 Media Line Dsktp A Video Package 24 CREATIVITY GRAPHICS A Talk III AC BASIC v 1.3 A max - Macintosh Emulator Niitax - I rumpcard I tilities Ami...Alignment Amiga Workbench 1.3 Amikit Arcxx V1.0 Asscmpro Wlcc G Dm Pak 5 w SI Deling Y lec Prof I'.ik 5 w I tlil.ir
H. A.D Disk Optimizer Baud Bandit Butcher 2.0
C. A.P.E. 68K v2.0 Can Do Cross DOS DOS2DOS DSM Doctor Vini.. Dunlap I tilities I'm.igelink Lattice C ++ Uuiicc V5.04 Dev Pacakage Online - Platinum Edition Power Windows 2.5 lYujecl D v I. I Quarterback V2.3 Raw Copy V1,3F. UtiraCard I Iti.it aril Plus Vims Infection Protection We maintain an enormous inventory of Amiga software. If you don’t see what you want, CALL! Titles marked with * were not yet released when the ad was prepared. Please call for firm price availability. Titles in BOLD are new items Australian Customers can order locally from Briwall Australia at:
(062) 88 0131, or FAX (062) 88 0337 Bars X Pipes Deluxe Music Construction Dr i ( ripiisi ppn-riliie 111 Dr T Keyboard C. S. Level II Dr I Midi Recording Studio Dr 1 ligcr Dr i I iger « Till* l-ulure Sound Sampler A 560 2600 Music-x Si in Ida II; Synthia PRO I ake Noli- Page Flipper Plus |;X I'alette Printei Performer Photon Paint V2.0 Ph.don ideo I 1)1 I* Pixniate Pro Video Gold Sculpt 3D I, Sculpl Animalc 4D Sculpt Animate 41) Jr Turbo Silver I N I ext PnilesMon.il I III.1 Design UTILITIES LANGUAGES SOUND & MUSIC
- 800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5661) DRIVE PACKAGES SCSI C () N T R O L I- E R S HARD DRIVES Drive Specs. Drive Price A2000 A2000 A2000 $ 324 A 20(H) $ 550 A2000 $ 159 A2000 S100 A500 $ 346 Supra* Synergy* Trumpcard FustTruk* Supra* A500 A500 A500 A1000 A1000 S315 S313 $ 223 $ 346 $ 308 20MB-40ms Scacatc-3.5 $ 293 $ 429 $ 536 $ 610 S830 S447 $ 458 $ 641 S595 $ 600 5510 S64I $ 595 40MB-II ms Quantum-3.5 $ 403 S539 $ 646 $ 720 S940 S557 $ 568 S751 $ 705 $ 710 $ 620 S75! S705 44MB-25ms Svquest-5.25 $ 673 cartridge $ 98 $ 907 $ 1,014 $ 1,216 $ 1,436 $ 925 $ 936 $ 1,109 $ 1,063 S 1.068 n a $ 1,109 $ 1,063 48MB-40ms Seagate-3.5 $ 360 $ 496 $ 603 $ 677 $ 897 $ 514 $ 525 $ 708 $ 662 $ 667 $ 577 $ 708 S662 48MB-28ms Seagate-3.5 $ 382 S513 $ 625 $ 699 S919 $ 536 $ 547 S730 $ 684 $ 689 5599 S730 $ 684 (>4MB-24ms Sc agate-3.5 $ 498 $ 634 $ 741 $ 815 , S 1.035 ’. I 1 J $ 663 $ 846 $ 800 $ 805 $ 715 S846 $ 800 X4MB-24ms Scapalc-3.5 $ 532 $ 668 $ 775 $ 849 $ 1,069 $ 686 $ 697 $ 880 $ 834 $ 839 $ 749 $ 880 $ 834 100MB-11 ms Quanlum-3.5 $ 720 $ 856 $ 963 S 1.037 $ 1,257 $ 874 $ 885 $ 1,068 $ 1,022 SI.027 $ 937 $ 1,068 $ 1,022 135MB-15ms Imprimis-3.5 $ 1,202 $ 1,338 $ 1,445 SI.519 $ 1,739 SI,356 $ 1,367 S 1.550 $ 1,504 $ 1,509 $ 1,419 $ 1,550 SI,504 207MB-ISnvv Maxior-3.5 SI.708 $ 1,844 $ 1,951 $ 2,025 S2.245 $ 1,862 $ 1,873 S2.046 S2.(HH) $ 2,005 S 1.925 $ 2,046 $ 2,000 Fastcard Hardframc Impart H 0 Impact 8 2 Trumpcurd Wordsync FusiTruk* 1‘hesc package prices are complete. And include ail additional hardware required. A500 A1000 packages include case and cables. (On packages wiih a "4’" you can deduct $ 110 it yon don't want lire case and cable,) A20tX> mounting brackets may he additional. I Jrive assembly Ls S15. Or assemble it Mhirselll BOARDS OK 512K 1MB 2 MB 4MB SMB A ¦j 0 0 0 8-up! IMBxi $ 185 n a n a $ 374 $ 566 $ 950 Supra IMBxi n a n a n a $ 311 $ 511 $ 887 Minimegs 256KX4 .IF n a $ 276 $ 376 $ 536 n a n a A EXP-8000 IMBxi u a n a n a $ 434 $ 626 $ 1,010 0 Inboard LviKaI 1 Nils $ 239 $ 308 $ 384 it a n a n a 0 MD 540 ¦»SrtKs47JP $ 164 $ 239 $ 319 $ 479 $ 799 n a -[ Xtc Fastram SMBxSSTMM S210 n a n a $ 424 $ 644 call A 1 Starboard2 :-V,Kxt I5ftts $ 269 S3 34 $ 410 $ 608 n a n a Minimcgs 25fiKx4 lP n a $ 276 $ 376 $ 536 ii a n a (I 0 Inboard
Z. SfiKv! I Sdis $ 239 $ 308 $ 384 n a n a n a (1 Xtc Fastram IMBxXSIMM $ 210 n a n a $ 424 $ 644 call Many other package deals available! Please call! P A C K A G IMTRONICS HURRICANE BOARDS Hurricane A500 Accelerator Board wiih 68020 MMH . $ 617 with 68020, 68881 16MHz & 1MB RAM $ 858 Hurricane 2800 Accelerator Board with 68030 25MHz $ 1016 with 68030. 68882 25MHz & 2MB RAM $ 2041 A500 RAM Wiz RAM A500 (OK I $ 124 with 512K $ 174 with 1 Mb $ 228 ( all Tor other comhinnlions and pack a 2c>! SUPRA CORPORATION A5I10 RAM Supra RAM 5110 (501 type) $ 96 5IMI Uord I)ri e Piickiigtrs 22MB Supra Drive $ 495 40MB-Quantum Supra Drive S739 60MB Supra Drive S859 80MB-Quantum Supra Drive $ 999 2MB RAM for Sdrive A500 $ 319 New Modem Supra Modem Plus MNP Level 5 $ 158 M E M O R Y E S ACCELERATOR hoards A3001 w 030-882 28 4MB 0 $ 2145 A3(H) 1 s 030-8H2 28 4MB 40Q S255I A3IHII w 030-882 28 4.MB 80Q $ 2890 35111 w IM0-NX2 35 4MH 0 >2783 35UI w il.U).NS2 33 4MIMtH.) >3149 35ill « u3u-S}i2 35 4M It KtHj >3439 MigaMidgt'l Racer w 6X0311 25 >7t,'i MegaMidget Racer w 6X050 53 S')I9 Midgei Racer with 68020 $ 349 Mid gel Racer I'kg w 68020-881 16 $ 449 CHIPS ¦4M It iSl | ll lur I i p cc ltd SS49 |)R .M • IMP S hit SIMM V»34 |)lt V Vi ¦ IMP I Oil ItlOils $ 95 DRAM - I MU x 8 bits SIMM $ 135 ORAM - I MB x I bit 100ns $ 16 DRAM - 256KB x 4 hit 100ns ZIP $ 22 DRAM - 256KB x 4 bits- 120ns $ 18 Math Chip 68881 - 16MHz $ 99 Math Chip 68882 - 25 Mhz $ 349 Micro Prue ( hip 68030 - 25MJi >349 DRIVES (FLOPPY) Amig-a-tnsh Plus $ 245 J'lexidata FD-10 SI35 Flexidala FD-20 $ 259 Unidrive $ 139 Masiir ? V 5,25-iueli evU-rn.il '*209 DRIVES (Hard) 64MB Seagate 5 25" ST277N $ 443 80MB Quantum 3.5" 5659 84MB Seagate 5.25" ST296N 5502 90MB Fujitsu 3.5" (SCSI) 5981 100MB Connor 3,5" CP3100 5847 136MB Fujitsu 3.5" (SCSI) $ 1235 158MB Micropolis 5.25" 1674-7 51125 182MB Fujitsu 3.5“ (SCSI) 51463 DRIVES (Hardvv C'onlroller) G P 500 Maid Drives call G P 20110 llardeard Plus cull EXPANSION CHASSIS A 10(H) ToolBox w power 5215 A500 Subsystem S249 A500 Subsystem with Drive 5329 A50Q Toolbox w power 5215 genlocks Viuigtii >99 Magni 4(HW w 4010 Cnirl. $ 1629 Magni 4IIHUS. 4010S $ 1629 Minigen $ 209 Vriki 11ST $ 1959 Neriki Desk'Top SI 135 SuperGen $ 669 SuperGcn 2000s $ 1459 idtech Scan Lock Is-1 >85') MEMORY A500 Amtck Clone (501 type) $ 106 Mcta4 w ease 2MK >515 Micromegs - MAST (501 typo) $ 133 MIDI SOUND
A. M.A.S. $ 135 liCE - External A500 2IHX) nr A 1000 $ 49 Golden Hawk A2000 Midi Internal $ 75 MODEMS Aprolvk H24 Mini A1000 $ 79 Vprolek Mini 50tl 2000 >79 Band Bandit Level 5 $ 171 HST Courier 9600 $ 659 Supra 2400 w o cable $ 125 Supra 2400 i A2000 internal $ 145 Supra Modem Plus MNP lev 5 $ 158 mini Modem (2400 ltd) $ 1119 MONITORS $ 529 $ 1545 $ 695 586 Mitsubishi DiamonScan 14 Moniicrm Viking I NEC 3D Stiny PS M-13'iii MOUSES $ 99 $ 49 99 Bnine Optical M4 Contriver I he Cordless Mouse PRINTERS 379 | ) 795 SI 150 $ 231) $ 1859 $ 189 $ 259 ili en GSX-140 'anon P.l IllSlla ( iillir Ink ,|tl IIP Deskjel I’lits IIP Paint Jel Okimate 20 with Plug At Print Sharp ,|X73I) (cnlnf ink jet) Star NX 1000 Model II StarNX-IOOOR Rainbow SCSI ERASABLE OITICAL Tahiti 1GB call Ricoh 570X1B (drive only) S3999 570MB cartridge $ 299 Sony 640MB (w l cartridge) $ 4599 650MB canridgc $ 329 SCANNERS Prof. Scanlab (Soltw+Hardw) S795 Cannon DPI $ 949 Migrnph Hand Scanner call Sharp JX-300 + Prof Scanlah $ 4549 VIDEO Camera Lens 16mm w variable ins $ 49 Camera Panusunie 1500X $ 309 Camera Panasonic WV 1410 S189 Color Splitter SI 09 Flicker Fixer A2000 $ 479 Frame Buffcr+Capture A2000 (OK) $ 619 Frame Buf+Caplure A2000 (I MB) $ 749 Frame • .rubber - 256 (.riiy Stoics >636 Frame Grabber - Progressive $ 539 Prinlerface $ 89 MISC HARDWARE A max - 128 ROM Chips ONLY S139 AmiNel 20llll ip.iir) $ 1234 East Fax $ 599 l'mier snpph * 5U0l p. Tech $ 85 Power supply for A500 Trumpcard $ 95 I opt $ ireamer Fast lapc 60 IU lot $ 519 Tape Streaiiiii Fast lope 6()MI( I xl >599 Tape streamer N 1-15(1 >853 SMITING POLICY: ALL ORDERS received before 3PM EST w ill normally be shipped within 2 huvincv, day*. All UPS shipments arc sent Signature Rt-quired No Driver Release. Add the follow ing shipping charges to your Total software older. LI'S: Ground $ 4.50 (con!. USA ONLY); Air Rush SX.iX) (includes Puerto Rico Hawaii); Overnight $ 12.0(1» $ 2.51) PER ITEM (must be received by 12 Noon. I Priority Mail: USA $ ¦! 50 (Includes APO FPO); Canada Mexico $ 7.00; Oilier Foreign $ 4.00 Handling + Actual Slopping + Insurance. HARDWARE: Shipping charges lor all hardware aic $ 4.50 handling + actual shipping charges * insurance ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: For your convenience, you can place a phone order 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE 1-800-638-5757. Outside the USA. Please use (215)683-5661. Price, availability, and compatibility checks arc also welcome on our order line. Monday thru Friday. 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST. AFTER HOURS Orders Only Please! When placing an order, please specify your computer model, home & daytime telephone number, shipping address, charge card number, expiration date and name of bank ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We gladly accept Personal Checks (no holding). Money Orders. VISA. MASTERCARD. School Purchase Orders, or COD $ 4.00 additional - for established Briwall Customers ONLY). All checks must be in US Dollars and draw n on a US bank. There is no surcharge for credit cards and your card is not charged until we ship! RETURN POLICY (for Non-Entertainment software and Accessories ONLY): We have a liberal rclum policy to better service your needs. If within 15 days from the lime you receive an item, you arc not satisfied with it for any reason, you may return il to us for cither a refund, exchange, or open credit REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 209 RESTOCKING FF.E PER ITEM RETURNED ($ 10.00 MINIMUM PER ITEM.) EXCIlANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued lor the full purchase price of Ihc item DEFECTIVE Herns. Entertainment software. Hardware items and Special Order items will he repaired or replaced with the same item only. TECHNICAL SUITOR | Call (215) 683-5699. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. We do our very best ro help you with your product selections before you order, and alter sol receive your product. General questions, such as prtce. Compatibility, etc.. will be handled by our order staff at the time s ou place vocr order. BIT. If you hav e specific, detailed questions about a produci you will get the most help from our Tecinical Support Line, R E V I E S from p. 19 Multiply this by six bits per pixel and then by three scans for color, and you have almost 2.5 megs of data! Pics to Bits To prepare for scanning, place your source material under the scanner and position it by looking through the acrylic windows (a calibrated scale in the the bottom window assists you). I had no trouble positioning large images, but found it difficult to line up small objects. You control the rest of the process from the softwares two menu-driven screens, first making a lo-res black-and- white scan of the entire source area. An on-screen Progress Meter tracks this and all other Scan Lab procedures. Both the unit and source remain stationary while the internal scan head sweeps the area; in less than a minute, a high-contrast representation of your image appears on the Preview screen. Using this “rough draft,” you can zero in on die area you want included in a fine scan. Simply draw, size, and position a rectangle over the Preview image with the mouse, or enter boundary values via the keyboard. The Preview screen shows the dimensions of the area to he scanned in inches and pixels, as well as memory requirements for the various scans at your chosen resolution. These values are continuously updated as adjustments are made, and are displayed in red if required memory exceeds available RAM, On the Fine screen, you can choose from scanning resolutions of 50, 100, and 200 dpi, and the four types of scans (single-bit black and white, six-bit gray scale, and three- and 18-bit color). You can also set a threshold level for black- and-white or three-bit scans. Scanning time depends on size, resolution, and type: The largest possible monochrome scan at 50 dpi takes about 45 seconds, while an 18-bit color scan of the same area at 200 dpi takes over nine minutes. Seeing There Scan Lab supports all Amiga display formats: Screen width can be 320, 368, 640, or 736 pixels, and screen height can be 200, 240, 400, or 480 in NTSC format, and 256, 296, 512, or 592 lines in PAL. Scan Lab processes the data to match display limitations. You can adjust horizontal and vertical resolutions individually to any value with the software’s digital- reduction capabilities, and thus fit the aspect ratio to the display. Large bit maps, scanned at 200 dpi, can be shrunk to screen size. Any color mode, including HAM, can display the 18-bit scans. 'Phis 18-bit data contains much more color information than the Amiga monitor can show, however, so Scan Lab lets you adjust image brightness, contrast, color, and gamma over a wide range. It also lets you trade screen resolution against the perceived number of colors by dithering the image (five dither patterns are provided). If a scanned image is too large to fit on screen, you can scroll through it using the cursor keys. Scan Lab can also process images into its own A-HAM, ARZ0, and ARZI display formats. A dynamic HAM mode, A-HAM allows greater color flexibility than standard HAM by redefining the palette for every scan line. ARZ0 and ARZI also redefine the palette for every scan line, thus permitting 4096 colors in hi-res, which is normally limited to 16 colors. Because these modes are processor intensive, you cannot scroll the image when using them. Processing time again depends on a number of factors image size, dithering option, and display format. As a worst case, a full-size scan at 200 dpi in ARZ0 mode took over 12 minutes. Changes to the display settings are applied to the scan data in memory. Here, processing can take a few seconds to several minutes. You can save the raw scan data, that portion of the processed data showing on screen, or the entire processed file as a super bitmap. Scan Lab can load and process previously scanned data in any format (including dimensions up to 1280x800 pixels) or Amiga IFF files. Although you can use the Scan Lab software as a stand-alone image-processing program, the JX-100 must be connected for it to run. You will need at least one megabyte to run the system, and using the maximum hardware and software capabilities requires over four megs of RAM. Although you can work from floppy disks, a hard drive or other inass-storage unit is needed to save the RGB data from large scans. Scan Lab simplifies hard-dri ve installation with a utility that installs the program in any directory you choose. For producing color images of static material for page-layout applications or screen display, Scan Lab 100 is quality package well worth considering. ScanLab 100 Sharp Electronics Sharp Plaza Mahwah, Nj 07430-2135 201 529-8200 800 B E-SHARP S995 One megabyte required. Performance The Amiga becomes a stagehand By Steve Quinzi FROM NIGH TCLUB BANDS to major acts, musicians are using sequencers on stage more and more frequently; and with MIDI setups growing increasingly complex, there is a need for a product that configures them automatically. Such a product would be even more valuable if it could also play sequences and help arrange the order of your hand’s material. This is the concept behind Performance from Pregnant Badger Music. Essentially a database, Performance defines your MIDI setup in a graphic editor. Using this configuration file as a basis, it bundles standard MIDI sequences with System Exclusive (SysEx) dumps, patch changes, controller changes, and so on, and binds this information to song titles that can be arranged as sets. 1 he program comes on one non-copv- K F V I F YY S protected disk and requires a MIDI interface to communicate with external MIDI gear. The package includes four utilities that run from the CLI: Receive System Exclusive (a SvsEx recorder). Display MIDI File, MIDI Monitor, and Hex Transmit (which transmits MIDI messages entered in Hex). Blocked In The program is divided into four “pages”: the Big and Small Selectors, and the File and Set Editors. Music database construction begins on the File Editor page where your MIDI setup is defined. This page consists of three windows: the Song window, the Clipboard, and the Toolbox. The Song window holds Device blocks, which represent the MIDI devices in your setup, and Module blocks, representing program modules. Blocks appear as boxes, which you can size and move within the Song window using either the mouse or menu commands. In the Templates file are sample Device blocks you can modify to suit your needs. You can also design blocks using the Toolbox’s Device tool. If you need more blocks than can be displayed at once, just open other Song window pages. ('The Clipboard is useful for moving objects between pages but cannot be used for entering blocks into a database.) Clicking on the new block opens a window into which you can enter its parameters, including name, MIDI channel, and whether or not it sends start and stop commands. These parameters take effect whenever you use the device. Anv Paging the File Editor, ton brings up a list of formats for several popular synthesizers). The Song field, designed to change song numbers on a Yamaha RX1 ! Drum machine, also works with my Emu SP12. The Controller and Switch fields can be labeled according to the controller number you are sending (7 for MIDI volume, for example). You can specify whether the controller is a one- or two-byte continuous, such as modulation, or a switch (on or off), such as sustain pedal. The data j * patch files you want sent to this device, either in Sound Quest’s Form Bank format or in raw MIDI System Exclusive format, can be assigned here as well. A File field lets you set the path file name, while Prefix and Suffix fields allow you to send special SysEx messages. The Outfield Once you have created a block, you will want to add one or more fields to determine how the different types of data will be controlled. (Fields can accommodate different values for each song.) Just choose a field tool from the Toolbox, place the new field, and then click on it to open a parameter window. For a Patch field you can define the internal patch structure of the instrument you are sending changes to (the Preset but- range can be signed ( 64 to +63) for controllers with a center point such as balance and panning, or unsigned (0-
127) . The File field is the same as its counterpart in the Device block, except that from here you can send different patch files for each song. The Generic Field sends SysEx messages to control functions not accessible by controllers. The Mode field switches between mono and poly modes, omni on and off, and local on and off. The sole Module block the Sequencer is similar to the Device Blocks. It is a play-only module that supports only single-track MIDI sequences. Clicking its Data button opens a parameter window with fields for MIDI routing (these default to the serial port as no other source or destination is supported), and buttons to switch between internal and external sync, send MIDI docks, and offset syncronization by one clock. Rep Prep With your MIDI configuration set, switch to either the Big or Small Selectors to as- ? REVIEWS semble your song list. The Small Selector displays about 100 titles in interlaced mode (less in non-interlaced). The Big Selector uses a half-inch font that you can read from across a stage. Although it displays only five titles at a time, it provides a menu of all songs in the database and lets you select from them. You place a song in a selector by choosing Add from the Song menu. In the window that opens, you plug values into the fields set previously. Then into the Title block, type the song title, its length, and the category (A, B, C, or D) into which it will be placed (this is used later for set randomization). In the Sequencer block you specify the path file name of the corresponding sequence and any Tempo Shift (a feature that preserves the MIDI file tempo map but shifts it globally by a given number of beats per minute). Finally, in the Device blocks, enter your patch, controller, and file information, switch each module either off (to prevent patch or controller data from being sent) or on, and then press the Return key to see the song title in the Selector. Keep in mind that patch or controller changes in the MIDI file sequence overide what is specified in the data fields. Also, note on and off information in a sequence passes to whatever instrument will receive it, regardless of whether its Device block is switched off or even if you have not assigned a block to that instrument. Once your repertoire is in the Selector, you can move from song to song via mouse or keyboard commands. Choos- mg Auto Update from the MIDI menu tells the program to send MIDI data whenever a new song is selected (otherwise Performance waits for you to press Return before sending data). An indicator at the bottom left of the screen reads OK when MIDI is enabled, Off when disabled, Wait if engaged in a transfer, and Send when it is waiting for you to give it information. You can play a selected song by pressing the Tab key; pressing Tab again returns you to the beginning of the song. There is no way to stop and continue, and you cannot start from anywhere but the beginning of a song. The sequencer does respond to MIDI Song Pointer when in external sync, however, so you have these capabilities when driving Performance from an external timing source (drum machine or sequencer) that sends Song Pointer. The Set Editor has five windows: a Set window on the left, and one for each of the four categories (grades) of songs on the right. You can build your set by clicking and dragging titles from Category to Set windows, and arrange song order using arrow gadgets. The program can pick a set for you, if you prefer, either by priority (starting with the highest grade songs and working down), or by weight (wherein you determine an approximate song grade distribution). A color bar graph shows the relative breakdown of the set by grade, and a readout tells you length of the set in time. Final Set Performance is a clever package that does everything it promises to. I think too much energy was devoted to graphics, however, and not enough to performance considerations. The sequencer is very limiting, for example, and 1 would like some zoning and mapping features to optimize the MIDI setups of live performers. Although you can find many of the program's abilities on patch librarians and sequencers, Performance offers a different approach. It consolidates a multitude of functions into a single keystroke, and does so in a logical way. Thanks to a clear, well-written manual the program is easy to learn and a good vehicle for musicians of all levels to find out more about their MIDI setups. It falls short of making me want to bring my Amiga to live gigs, but is very useful for system-configuration and repertoire management. Performance Pregnant Badger Music 10010 Biscanewoods Way Sacramento, CA 95827 916 361-8217 SI 79.95 One megabyte required. ? Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, California Satisfied CA-880 owner Here at California Access™ we believe “Surfs-up” said it best. But don't take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know' what you think of this narly drive. Narly Features: California Access’" All rights reserved. 780 Montague Expw.v, 403, San Jose Tel. (408)435-1445, Fax. (408) 43 7355 Stevie “Surfs-up’1 Sherman is a fietieious eharacter, however, Malibu, California does exist.
• Passthrough
• Power Disable Switch
• Low Power Consumption CALIFORNIA ACCESS
• 880K Capacity UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 2000! FlickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, The flickerFixer that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace Commodore Magazine (12 88); 1 Reader’s flicker and visible scan lines. The result: super- Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); “The ior quality color or monochrome graphics and display is fantastic... It is the best display we text for such demanding applications as have ever seen on any computer system." CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Amiga GURU (5 88) Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot, is fully flickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a compatible with all software, and does not flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan modify the standard Amiga video signals. For mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 more information or to order, call MicroWay pixels and drives most of the popular PC Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. And is FCC Class B approved. MicroWay... Respected throughout the industry for high quality engineering, service and technical support. World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Circle 78 on Reader Service card. FlickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. FrameGrabber 256 Datel Video Digitizer B&W and sometimes color By Morton A. Kevelson THE LATEST WAVE of video digitizers has hit the market, leaving two new models at our feet: FrameGrabber 256 from Progressive Peripherals and the DaCommodore Specialists Since 1978 GAMES Computers.Etc! R&D Products Brldgeboard Speaker Add Sound to your bridgeboard! 19.95 HD150 Power Supply Fire up your Amiga 500 with our supercharged power supply I
99. 00 I1D150 DL Power Supply Deluxe Model of our 150, includes 3 A C outlets and cooling fan.
129. 00 Public Domain Starter Set 2Q Disks $ 49.95! GVP ACCESSORIES Disk Case (80) Mouse Pads (grey. Red. Blue, black) 6 ft Printer Cable 6 ft Modem Cable Blank Disks (w labels) Call for Custom Cables!
15. 00
6. 00
11. 95
11. 95 .79 each! HOW TO REACH US Write to: Computers, Etc! 4521-A Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota, FL 34233 POLICIES Sft’H: No chirge ter software nrdcrt over Si00.00 , On other software and all hardwire orders you pay only actual shipping charge*. No extra charge for the uac of credit card*. Wc accept Visa, Muter Card, American Expreu. Diner* Qub, and Discover. Returns: Defective merchandise will be repaired, or replaced. Non-defective merchandise is wbject to a 15% restocking tea. You must call Customer Service at (813) 377-1121 to receive a Return Authorization Number, Pricing and Availability of the merchandise listed is subject to charge. Please call for any iten not listed! 800-634-5546 813-378-2394 813-377-1121 813-378-3477 813-378-2489 Orders Only Technical Support Customer Service Modems Only FAX Dragon’s Lair II
43. 75 BEST Bus. Management
187. 50 TV Text Pro Call TM Ninja Tunics
28. 50 DB Man Database
187. 50 Digipaint HI
59. 95 Sim City
28. 95 Advantage Spreadsheet
125. 00 Turbo Silver
112. 50 Populous
31. 25 Desktop Budget
43. 75 DigiView 3.0
129. 95 TV Sports Basketball
33. 50 Service Ind. Accounting
249. 95 Camera for Digiview Call Space Ace
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31. 25 PenPal
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B. A.D
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62. 50 Math Talk First Letters andWords 50,00 Speller Bee Dinosaur Discovery Deluxe Paint III Deluxe Video III Deluxe Music Deluxe Print II Deluxe Photo Lab 99.95 AmiKit Super Card Call
75. 00 tel Video Digitizer from Datel Electronics. Both can capture a moving image in real time (that is, the time it takes the video display to recreate it) and deliver the result in monochrome shades. In addition. FrameGrabber 256 can capture motionless images in color. While both units perform well, each is suited to different applications and budgets. FrameGrabber 256 FrameGrabber 256 from Progressive Peripherals is housed in a black metal case- A500 20 MB JID
495. 00 A500 30 MB HD
595. 00 A500 40 MB HD
695. 00 2 MB RAM for HD
260. 00 512K RAM Expansion
99. 00 Add $ 75.00for A1000 A2000 40 MB HD
600. 00 A2000 80 MB HD
895. 00
* MB Card with 2 MB
325. 00 SupraModcm
129. 95 A500 (RAM expandable to 4 MB) A500-IID 20+ 595.00 A500-IID 30+ 695.00 A500-HD 40Q 795.00 BUSINESS APPLICATIONS VIDEO GRAPHICS Authorized Commodore Sales and Service Other Hardware SUPRA
26. 50 each! Call 1-800-634-5546 to Receive Our FREE 48 Page Catalog! A- Pro Drawing Tablet
495. 00 Perfect Sound
75. 00 Super Gen Genlock
650. 00 Scanlock
895. 00 JX100 Scanner
750. 00 w ioftwaro Super Gen 2000S
1850. 00 seven inches wide, ten inches deep, and two inches high. The front panel is fitted with four video-input jacks and Intensity and Black-Level controls, while the back panel contains a pair of nine-pin I) connectors, a parallel port, and a power- supply jack (an external box provides regulated DC voltage). FrameGrabber 256 connects between the Amiga’s RGBA video port and the monitor; in fact, because FrameGrabber 256 intercepts the Amiga’s video signal, you must power up the digitizer before you see anything on screen. Data is transferred between FrameGrabber 256 and the Amiga via the parallel port, which may mean a conflict in hooking up your printer. Functionally, FrameGrabber 256 is very similar to Progressive Peripherals’ original video digitizer, called simply FrameGrabber. I he two differ, however, in one key respect. While its predecessor can digitize color images in real time, FrameGrabber 256 cannot. Instead, tlie- newer unit translates images iti up to 256 gray levels. All those gray levels may not seem like much compared with the Amiga’s palette of 4096 colors, but of those colors only 16 are grays, and in fact the Amiga is unable to display a 256- level gray-scale image without FrameGrabber 256. Lack of real-time color digitization capability does not mean that FrameGrabber 256 is confined to the world of black and white, though; using the color filters supplied with the package, you can combine three digitizations to produce high-quality color images. Sittin’ In FrameGrabber 256’s four video inputs work in two ways. In the default configuration the inputs accept independent video signals, each of which can be either monochrome or composite color. In this mode you can select the active input signal via software, or determine timings for each input and set the software to cycle through any or all of them in any sequence. The display can be partitioned into four or 16 parts, in which case in- ? The Wait is Over Finally a True Amiga to Amiga Network has Arrived TM AMIGANET The Most Powerful Network on any PC if HA ft 4 sears and [si'i iVts vilutiisi tof ill met no a ilui it comment »ith tilts Atrpied rales aw I (tui.lelnn-s dvii 1 ir r- -yVr ? -Tr1 "J i i .....¦ ¦¦
* Amiganet (Physical).
* Any other physical.
* Logical connection on shared hard disks, floppies, printers, serial and parallel ports. AMIGA
- J-J • Awrt.4 3000
* Ethernet Version 2 compatible. Fully compliant with IEEE
802. 3 Standard Types A and B.
* 10 Mega Baud transfer rate up to 64K Buffer memory.
* DMA Sequencer with a 16 MegaByte address range.
* DMA addressing directly to Chip and Fast RAM.
* 16 Bit Data Path.
* Every Amiga on AMIGANET may be a client as well as a server. A Allow inter-computer communications with Data and resource sharing. (Share Hard Disk, Floppies, RAM disk, Serial Ports, Parallel Ports, Printers etc. as if they were physically attached locally!!)
* Send Messages to another user.
* Run programs on remote system.
* Excellent recovery from actual disconnection and crashes on remote Amiga’s. A Ability to know who is active on the NetWork.
* Simple installation.
* Cables and connector included RCS Management 2075 University Street, suite 1712, Montreal, QC. Canada H3A 2L1 TEL:(514) 288-7825 FAX:(514)845-1472 Dealers inquiries welcome (ask for: Suresh or Katherine) Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Business Machine. Inc. Amiganet is a trademark of Hydra Systems Ltd. Copernicus enhanced with FrameGrabber's software sharpness control. Coming images can fill the parts in sequence. Two other options provide a near infinite zoom range: that of designating any portion of the screen to accept the entire image, and conversely, for extracting a portion of the image and placing it anywhere on the screen. You can save any part of the image as a brush, and with the freehand brush function, store any number of arbitrary shapes as a composite brush. The alternate configuration sets the first three inputs to accept color video as separated red, green, and blue signals and the fourth to accept the composite synchronization signals. Thus, in tandem with an RGB color video camera, you can create a color image without color filters (although not in real time) by selecting each RGB input via the software and digitizing your image three times. Because FrameGrabber 256 cannot separate a composite color signal into its RGB components, you must use the color filters to produce color images with a composite color video camera. FrameGrabber 256 treats composite color video as a monochrome signal. Of Pixels and Processes The real power of FrameGrabber 256 lies in its ability to capture an image with eight data-bits per pixel and to process it (although harnessing this power requires that you add at least 180K of RAM to the FrameGrabber itself). Color images captured this way will have a total of 24 data-bits per pixel, which translates to 16,777,216 colors. FrameGrabber 256 Digitized with Datel: No touch up. Supports scores of image-capture formats and every conceivable Amiga display format, but it can capture images in only four formats: 320x200, 320x400, 384 x 240, and 384x480 pixels (the latter two represent full overscan). Although digitization takes just of a second, the time required to process the image in the FrameGrabber buffer, transfer it to the Amiga, and display it is anywhere from five to 25 seconds. You can process an image in several ways, ? Font Variety! Attract.., Grab... ...your readers with distinctive typefaces from Pixelations’ PostScript® Series. “TTie 35" are great for lots of text, but they don’t get your work the attention it deserves. Fonts with character give you the tools you need to create exciting, attractive, interesting, and professional pages. Special limited Offer: 40 meg Hard Drive. A2000 I nterest... Comes with controller card, WD hard drive. Software, formatted, ready to run out of the box. 7 typeface volumes are non available, b US. These disks conram PostScript fonts. Bit maps, and support file5 for Professional Page, PageStream. Excellence I, CiTy Desk P.O. PrcWnte ProScnpt. And PageSetter taserScnpf. With an Installation utility. PostScript font definitions require a PostScript printer or PtxefScr pf for output. I he PostScript Printer Utilities (download and manage PostScript fonts and files), many volumes of EPS clip art. And our Sample Disk are also available, Sbb US each. Call or write for more information I Ingenuity, Inc. 800-346-0811 or in CA
o I o r s: der Development ixelatior?s’ ostSeript' Seri VCR Backup backup your hard Drive Ui ;mv VCR FAX - MODEM 818-960-1485 I4922M Ramona Blvd Baldwin Park CA 91706 I8S Ingenuity, Inc revolutionized the Apple II market with innovative, affordable products and we want to do the same tor the Amiga, "it takes ingenuity to make quality affordable1 PixetaTions, inc. P.O. Sox 5'i 1, Northboro, Mr I 0 532 USA 503-3937366 Vs__Af* P'Ptfucr remm ¦nwluv.Kl w rrt. RraJwwti .V W.-:r rpspecr e cumpunrPi 78 May 1990 r i he world of dB ASE j ust keeps on growing. Thanks dBMAN V. 1 HEW RELEASE VERSASOFT dBMAN V has the world's largest number of available t platforms for any dBASE product. Why limit your dBASE applications to just PC’s? With dBMAN V you can run or develop your dBASE applications on over 35 different systems. DBMAN V provides dBASE III Plus compatibility with many major enhancements that include a complete Relational Report Writer, extensive Windowing support. Arrays and UDFs, Save and Restore Screens, the Greased Lightning Compiler, and optionally Unlimited Runtime Distribution. VERSASOFT Corporation 4340 Almaden Expressway, Suite 110 San Jose, CA 95118 Phone:408-723-9044 Fax: 408-723-9046 Telex: 650-2635806 The most widely available leading dBASE product on the market, dBMAN V is the only choice to make for MS-DOS, LANs, UNIX, AIX, XENIX, several mainframes, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and more. YES! I want more information about dBMAN V! Name__ Company _ . Address __ Phone ? I want to order. ? Send literature. ? Have a salesman call. I have these computers._ I have these other databases._ For more detailed information and complete developer’s pricing (or to see what new platforms have been added) call (408) 723-9044! Today's software that meets tomorrow's challenge. DBMAN V andGrmtkcd Lightning Compiler .ire registered lradciiuif of cryaSwflCorporation. DBASR and dBA-SE III i'lux ate registered trademarks of Aihlon-Taie. UNIX. AIX. XENIX, Atari ST. Commodore Amiga ate registered trademark' of their ro.pcr.Hx e companies Please fill out coupon and return to: VersaSoft Corporation. 4340 Almaden Expwy. Ste.l 10, San Jose. CA 95118 Attn: Marketing. And in this function, FrameGrabber 256 really shines. If you are working with stationary images under poor lighting conditions, you can have the program oversample the image up to 50 times and average the results. This can go a long way toward minimizing the effects of noise. Captured images can also be compared with each other or against a master image, and you can display the differences to highlight necessary changes. Having eight bits per pixel (24 for color) allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color over a wide range. Details in the original image that would be obscured in a straightforward digitization can be made readily visible. Most of FrameGrabber 256*s software enhancement options require the full eight-hit data (24-hit data for color) to work. You can save FrameGrabber 256 images in a variety of ways including the 24-bit IFF image format and the older 21-bit Digi-Vicw (NewTek) format. FrameGrabber 256 can also read and write Anim files, and the software lets you automatically digitize images and save them to an Anim file. The system is designed for stop-motion photography, as image-processing times are on the order of several seconds. FrameGrabber 256’s file requester is one of the best I have seen. The file listing includes the date, time, and size for each file. I like the fact that you can sort the list alphanumerically as well as by date and size, but wish that the latest file was added to the top of the list instead of to the bottom. FrameGrabber 256 requires a lot of memory for full functioning. One meg is required and two are recommended. The large size of the image files (an eight-hit gray-scale image creates a 24-bit IFF file with over 100K of data; a 24-bit color image file is over 300K long) makes a hard drive more than a luxury for serious work. The software provides extensive pull-down menus and detailed requesters for the more complex operations, and keystroke substitutes are avail- * able for many commands. Although it is easy to use, the lack of proper documentation makes the software difficult to learn. At first glance the manual appears complete and well organized: Menu options are summarized up front and technical details are provided in appendices. Unfortunately, though, much information is missing. The manual does not indicate which image-processing functions apply to the buffered data and which work with the displayed image. Only through experimentation did I find that the Level controls and Histogram work with eight-bit buffer data while the Color Bias controls manipulate the screen image. L he index is so extensive that every mention of the word in question is listed; I often thumbed through ten or more references to find the information I needed. Datel Video Digitizer In contrast to the extensive features of FrameGrabber 256, the Datel Video Digitizer is a no-frills piece of equipment that’s easy on the wallet. Like FrameGrabber 256, the Datel unit is a monochrome digitizer, but instead of producing images with 256 gray scales, it digitizes in 16 shades. The Datel digitizer ? UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, INC.
P. O. Box 532 North Plains, OR 97133 SUPER CARD AMI-II $ 4495 $ ¦7095 AMIGA 500 REPAIRABLE POWER SUPPLY Copy prolection gets tougher... we laugh ... Competitors get tougher... we still laugh ... Software manufacturers ... cry ... Suoer-Card Am -II is the best, most powerful archiving system ava lab e for Amiga computers Suoer-Card Am -II is me NEW version of cu' ha'dware coo.e' Super-Care Arm-ll ms:a Is into the back of you-' Amiga 500 T000 2000 2500 usrg an enema c 3k drive ALL ol your external dnves function normally NEVER makmg it necessa'y to remove the na'CJware uni*1 Completely transoa'enr A- ga 200C owners w fh "WO INTERNAL drives we NOW rave re vers or you reed - Sune*-Ca'C*Ami 20001 The hardware unit installs INTERNALLY and s comp eteiy T'a sparent Suoer Card An.-ll a so nas a VERIFY oot or el mnat.rg the need to re-copy d sks ever and over Super-Caro Amdl tVli ccoy ALL 3 5* software mace me ud rg but not limited :oi Atari Sf App'e Mac. IBM and of course Amiga tOOS guaranteed1 No exceptions it really works1 Lets ‘ace >!. C sk copying • res vary hem c sk re ask Odc y ‘c'-anec c sks ta e crce' than otrers Super-Cara Am-ii uses n ghly advanced routines to oota n the quickest RELIABLE cooy pcss'b e Am ga DOS ask car se cco ed m as me as 37 seconds out averages aocut 45 seconds Tne response "as bee" evervre “mg *¦:- ourorgna: S-oe'-Ca'C Ami He*e a*e a'ew letters we nave *e:e ved frcm pj: customers C I A USER GROUP Supe'Card Ati cces it a:" tVe tned every known cud isher1" Tested - efferent eaemai c*ne manufacturers"1"" Tr.-s s the test coo er any of our memoe's ever eipenenced ' Our Am ga Atan and IS M users »vsn to nan* you"1' ODDWJNN OOHHH"' YEAHHHH"'1 Tne Super C vc Ami makes me squrrv in ecsfacy'l can no’ find a the a can no: Pack up Super Card works M- RjG of Hall Summit. LA The Super-Caro Ami is ’rjlyamacing'nSjper-Card Ami has so far copiet} everything I have tnedit on Even the toughest programs nave fallen Before fhe onslaught of th.s copying juggernaut11 So rank you tor a tine product and the Pest service I have ever receved ' S H Tr.e procuct has succeeded a here others have tailed it's ¦veil worth the cash We wisn to thank our customers for the hyrcreds of etters we have received While n is true that our product costs mere than that of our competitors, the extra spent will be wet wonh u! We welcome you to compare our customer support serv ce anc copying ab-hiy w fh tna; o' cur compel lo*s We k"ow tnat we 'an* pi m an respects1 ORDERS TAKEN BY PHONE 24 HOURS A DAY AT (503) 647-5611 FAX: (503) 243-1333
* ** CUSTOMER APPRECIATION MONTH *** The most copula* sharewa'e cooer joins tne comme'c a! Market NIB will backup most commerc-al software made today Ease of use arc reliably are me strong points o‘ NIB NIB will actually by pass 'documental or* style copy protection making your backup "protec- ton free'1 NiB supports smgle O' mult-drives and has a FULL VERIFY function NIB will also ne support rg SUPER CARD AMI in me future to prov.de the ULTIMATE bac«uo system So ' you are tred of
• hjmbmg through pagesof cocu- mentat'on arc osmg you' crg ¦ nai cs*s get me most popu:ar copier on the market today NIB SUPER-TRACKER AMI Have you ever wamec to knew wn&'e prob'em t*acks are located New At- Sucer-Tracte- AM you can tel' Ths beautiful d-g'a1 track d so ay simply c ucs mo the ast cr.ve in your Am ga System 1 all Amiga computers wi work I Tne head ocation track} s.-dettoDorbonomhead). a"d wr te protect position a*e a cispfayec. $ 1QQ95 NIB V2.0 With every Super-Card Ami-ll order received by May 30th, you will receive NIB V2.0 absolutely free! Retail Value: $ 44.95 i!.! M (Hi Oiippm .itkl hainllmt ¦ .M * u i (‘ I > |) m I s unh !S- .fill Ma-JcK .11,1 .x,tTpl,'i! • |low 1 tn . T.¦ r i'cli ,*! Ll vili,-' jfc IiiijI unli-". .i.iili.Mi t il hv. M.tii.it’vi'n iil MlKIW Akt V.M) II K|)V K1 SI HMISSK > S | |.|i AMIGA PROFILE Perfect Match SAY THE WORD wedding and must people will think of white lace, black tuxes, and flying rice. But say the word to Tony Impoco at Video Data Services, and he’ll think of an Amiga. With some video equipment and an Amiga. Impoco regularly transforms weddings into works ol art lot the newlyweds. And this means bucks for Impoco, who is part of a 230-strong franchise organization aimed at affordable video production. At his franchise in Springfield, Massachusetts, Impoco uses an Amiga 2000 to spice up otherwise ordinary videos. He may freeze in shots of romantic poses into the Amiga, remove the background (how did Aunt Wilma get into this picture anyway?), and then superimpose the shots over a different, more romantic background. He might also shrink the sfiots and hang them so they look like a framed collage. And if that’s not enough, when the couple kiss, he might just make a heart pop up between them. Almost anything is possible with the Amiga. For Impoco, the wilder the request the better. While he's still waiting for a client to ask him to transform their wedding into a rock video, he‘s busy turning wedding day poses into iron-ons for the bride and groom to put on T- shirtsl .Although Impoco uses a broad array of software products, he relics mainly on Photon Paint 11. Deluxe- Paint II, Digi-Paint, and Deluxe PhotoLab. For animations he uses AN I Magic, The Director, Lights! Camera! Action!, Video Efects 3D, and AnimatiomApprentice. Impoco’s operation is one of more than 100 Video Data Services franchises that have opted to use the .Amiga. In fact, Stuart Di- zak. President and founder of Video Data Services, predicts that eventually all franchises will use the Amiga because it increases profits. Non-Amiga franchisees pay SI5,050 to become trained and outfitted with the latest video equipment, but they still have to send specialized work to outside service bureaus. Sending work elsewhere either raises prices or cuts profits. For an extra $ 3000, however, franchisees can be trained on and equipped with Amigas; profits increase because all work can be done on site, cheaply. “Another system would cost over 5100,000, but with the Amiga I can spend less than $ 3000“ says Dizak. Tony Impoco believes the Amiga also brings a larger client base: “If I worked on another system. Like a Mac, I'd spend three times as much time and still not have the animation capabilities. With the Amiga I can give my clients quick, inexpensive, and unlimited service.” In the rapidly developing market of video production. Video Data Services has found the cut- tingedge the Amiga. By dazzling clients with its animation capabilities and enhancing profits for the owners, the .Amiga has brought success to many of the franchises. And who knows, maybe someday you'll see an Impoco wedding video on MTV! Carla Barker AMIGA Programm ers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 The Neriki Image Master ’Genlock. It works. With the Amigal Not in it quality composite or R-G-B baseband video for flawless productions. It can be used up or down-stream. And it gives you simple and instant front panel controls. That means no expansion slots are wasted, no added load on the power supply, and none of the keyboard commands that have to be used with internal genlocks. More important, the Neriki Image Master meets NTSC standards. It encodes at 5.5 mHz and delivers full 500 line resolution. Even third generation tapes are broadcast quality. It works with any Amiga computer and ail Amiga text, graphics, paint and animation software. It genlocks to any video source- including S-VHS and puts out high The RS-I79A approved Neriki Image Master is available now with a full one-year limited warranty. More information is yours for the asking. Just call or write. Aihmak Telmak USA. Inc.. 1101-A Air Way. Glendale. California 91201 In G V I -818-547-3720 Fax; 818-240-1828 | NERIKI amukuu is housed in a plastic cartridge. Unregulated power is supplied by a battery- eliminator-style plug-in wall module* and a five-volt regulator on the main circuit board completes the power circuit. A red LED next to the parallel-port cable indicates when the unit is powered up, but unfortunately, this LED will most likely face away from you as it is alongside the connecting cable. The unit connects to the Amiga’s parallel port via a flat ribbon cable. The lack of shielding on both the cable and the case is a cause of potential radio-frequency interference with some video sources. A standard RCA jack on the other side of the package accepts composite video. You can adjust the miniature trimmer-type potentiometers with a small screwdriver to set brightness, contrast, and synchronization levels for the incoming video signal. The manual cautions against unnecessary fiddling with the synchronization level as the adjustment is rather critical. I found no need to adjust any of the controls as the unit worked well with my video sources. The Datel Video Digitizer was origi- R E V I E W S nally designed to function with the European PAL standard video signal, and as such, it grabs non-interlaced images 256 pixels wide and 256 pixels high. The resulting image is vertically overscanned on the Amiga's display. Because NTSC screens do not have as many scan lines as PAL screens, several lines show up on the bottom of the image filled with garbage. These extra lines do not present a problem as you can be edit them out with a paint program. One digitized image completely fills the Video Digitizer’s 32K on-board RAM buffer. The digitizer grabs the image in real time second for a non-interlaced image), transfers it to the Amiga, processes it, and displays the image in about two seconds. With the continuous-grah option, you simply click the left mouse button to hold the image you want. Although the Video Digitizer has a faster grab-and-display cycle than many other Amiga real-time digitizers, it has no provision for creating animation files or image sequences. The 256-pixel wide image does not fill the entire width of the Amiga’s low-reso- lution display, but the software lets you expand the image to 320 pixels by duplicating every fourth column of pixels in the original image. I like this feature; original images appear horizontally squeezed while the expanded images show no noticeable distortion. The software also provides a set of basic editing functions, including options for cutting, copying, and pasting portions of an image. The entire image can be inverted, flipped, negated, and shrunk both horizontallv and vertically
* J to one fourth the original size, as well. Although you can save images in RAW or IFF formats, only the RAW format can be loaded back in. The simple file requester consists of a single line, and requires that you enter file names manually. You must boot from the distribution disk (or a duplicate) in order to run the software, and although it is not copy protected, there is no provision for transferring the program to a hard drive. Master or Apprentice? FrameGrabber 256 is a serious product ? JA.utofBrom.pt
r. * TV SCRIPT PROMPTER FOR THE AMIGA AutoPrompt is a sophisticated scrolling prompter and text edit program designed for TV script prompting and information displays. It has been developed in consultation with TV industry professionals, with flexibility, simplicity and speed as the primary design considerations.
• AutoPrompt has a full intuition interface with menus and keyboard shortcuts. ¦ Selectable font, font size, pallet, speed and scroll direction.
• Markers for instant movement to pre-defmed cue points.
• Message w indow and graphic scroll speed indicator.
• Simpie easy-to-use menu driven text editor with load, save and print options.
• Imports ASCii or IFFFTXT format text files.
• Supports PAL and NTSC in both interlace and non-interlace, high or low resolution.
• Requires 5 12k of memory and Kickstart 1.2 or later. AutoPrompt ...$ US 295.00 Demonstration disk...$ US 7.00 DigiSoft 12 Dinmorc St Moorooka Brisbane 4105 Queensland Australia International toll free order numbers from the USA and Canada: from USA l-SOO-525-2167 from Canada 1-800-663-3940 other countries 61-7-277-3255 within Australia (07) 277-3255 AuioPrampI ii cupyrighi (c)DigSaft 1W0 KicLiunu taidemvk of Commodore Amrg* Inc move up to lightspeed ...a step above the rest.
* No sales tax
• Unbeatable support and assistance during and after your order
* Best selection with fastest delivery
* Consistently the lowest overall pricing Knowledgeable and helpful customer representatives are all Amiga owners i 6335 SE 82nd, Portland, OR 97266, (503)777-1008, FAX: (503) 777-1252 Circle 122 on Reader Service card. A Division of Doxs>s Systems, Inc with a serious price tag. Its extensive ini- age-processing (unctions and high-performance hardware make it suitable for the video analysis of real-time events. On the other hand, the Da tel Video Digitizer provides performance on a budget. Although it lacks the many features and capabilities of FrameGrabber 256, it is not a bad little unit and it certainly does the job. FrameGrabber 256 Progressive Peripherals csf Software 464 Kalaniath Street Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 S724.95 One megabyte required. Datel Video Digitizer RIO DATEL Computers 3430 L. Tropicana Ave. 67 Las Vegas, NV 89121 800 782-9110 702 454-7700 SI 39.95 No special requirements. Software from Hell Fallen routines, libraries, and utilities for programmers. By Bryce Nesbitt WHY INVEST YOUR time and toil writing common software functions when you can purchase them read)1 made? A package with a formidable name, Software from Hcvll boasts a complete set of audio, screen, I FF-graphics, and disk utilities for programmers. Each of the over 70 functions conies complete with source code written for Manx’s Aztec C compiler. Using Software from Hell with the Lattice C compiler (Lattice) would require a substantial porting effort, as would using them with the Manx 16-bit integer modes. On the other hand, while the assembler functions are written for Manx, converting to another assember is quick and easy. Fhe sparse but nearly sufficient documentation, supplied in the familiar AutoDoc format, includes no background or tutorial sections. Linkable versions of all functions are provided on disk, and ideally, you should be able to simply call the functions and link with some extra library modules. Unfortunately, Software from Hell is short of ideal. Making Noise Based strictly on digital sound samples, the Amiga's audio device is powerful but somewhat difficult to use. Playing a simple tone with the audio device requires extensive set up, hut with Software from Hell, you can play just by opening the audio section, grabbing a channel, and calling PlayNoteQ one of the commands provided for creating notes and waveforms. Supply a buffer, and the waveform functions can fill in a triangular, sawtooth, or square waveform. Because most digital sound samples are stored in IFF-compatible 8SVX files, Software from Hell provides an easy-to-call Read- 8svx( ) playback function. I was disappointed with the awkward interface for freeing the memory of samples, and the ? More than just a Hard Disk Backup Utility Rapidly copies directories and files to floppy disk p1 A CTT Copies directories and Hies from Hard Disk to Floppy Disk at up to 1 Megabyte per rninutc. Can formal, verify, AND fill a new floppy disk w ith files in Jess time than it takes AmigaDOS lu format a new disk! C A IT’fT' Other Hard Disk Backup Programs this fast create NON standard disks that can only be used by their program. NOT FxpressCopy! Express- Copy creates SIT) DOS disks that look just as if you had done a copy from your Hard Disk to floppy. If your Hard Disk failed, the backup disks can be used NORMALLY from both the Cl.I and Workbench! This gives you a SAFE and EASY way to aceesss important files you backed tip. HflwCopy Ul.3 RawCopy 15 rhe finest. Most intensive parometet backup utility in the AMIGA marker. RawCopy surposses ALL competitors m power, flexibility, eose of use and expandability Easy to use? Just hit the start gadget to utilize RawCopy's more than 260 parameters Power? Use RawCopy’s advanced Tools to analyze and enter rhe code of a prorected program Visit your dealer and ask for a demonstration ond comparison to our competitors s products Find out for yourself why RawCopy V1 0 is the 1 backup utility for the AMIGA
• Removes Menual passwords. Wheel passwords ond Dongles!
• Contains a Parameter Copier. Standard Copier ond two Nibblenf
• Upgrades offered every 0 months (of least 00 new parameters)!
• Error checker. RAM Duffer, Extended Cylinder ond much morel e Copies software rhot no other utility can! $ 59*95 US Dolan RawCopy V1.0. , .There is no substitute for power! $ 59.95 IIS Dolan INCLUDES: The most powerful Nibbler available A superfast muhiple drive DOS copier A wipeout tool to reirore used disks Graphic display of 164 frocks All these features and speed for ONLY: $ 44.95 US rmi Mk ro Sy sl eins In 14*rn;i t Iona! C hcck M oney Order M C V1S A Add S4 ($ N outside US and CAN) for shipping A handling. Missouri residents add 5‘7 sales lax. Select files by their DateStamp, pattern matching. Archive Bit. And by source directory. Exclude files from being copied by filename pattern matching. All file attributes (DateStamp. Protection Bits, and FilcComment) are retained. Options for selling the Archive bit for incremental backups, verifying die data written to floppy disk, and estimating the number of disks needed lor the backup. Up to 4 copies of the backup disks can be created at a time, or disks can be pre-loaded in up to 4 disk drives. New disks arc aulomatcially formatted and verified. Easy recovery' if a bad diskette is found. Parameters to be used for backups can be saved in configuration files. Either Normal or Fast File compatible disks can be written. Specifically designed for effective multitasking. Backup restoration can be done using any file copy program, a Directory Utility, or Ex- pressCopy’s Restore program. Can be used from Kith the CL I and Workbench and has no copy protection. Fully documented with a 65 page manual which includes a 25 page section with help and ideas on how you can better organize and manage your Hard Disk. Express-Way Software, Inc. PO Box 10290 Columbia, MO 65205-4005
(314) 474-2984 Hours 9AM * 5PM CST FctTracks is a revolutionary backup utility mar combines nibble routines and parameters in rhe SAVE copy process Designed to copy European non-standard programs, this program will copy many programs mar are uncopyable by parameter copiers nibblers or even hardware FarTrocks is almost completely mouse driven and allows even a beginner ro manipulate rhe screen controls ro copy softwore that is protected
(313) 654-6402 Orders b Info BfiRCDfV UL.3
(313) 654-8405 Technical Support 1143 Monroe Street. Carleron, Ml 48117 RawCopy owners: Call for limited time special offer!! Reilinrrs .ui Amiga with ji le-i f 5] 2k nun and Version 1 1 or higher ¦>! AmigalX IS Vfn,..iL XmiK.itX >S and WnrfcbciKh arc lnuJfin.uk-, of ('mmtsmhifr VmiiM Inc HOURS: 3 AM to 7 PM Monday - Friday 3 AM to 4 PM Saturday Call on Sunday THE SOFTWARE SHOP YOUR AMIGA SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE MARKETPLACE Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer and Service Center We will beat or match any price in this magazine VS «?v... COMMUNICATIONS A talk III . S6E BBS PC ... 9t D-ga .. 5( Online Platinum . ., 6 Skyline BBS ...... 9E S32 00 . 3? Of) 35 00 32 00 . 27 00 . 32 00 . 29 00 . 25 00 25 00 35 00 35 00 32 00 25 00 35 00 32 00 .52 00 26 00 22 00 22 03 22 00 22 00 22 00 33 00 .35 00 .35 00 .35 00 .33 00 . 26 00 29 00 .32 00 32 00 30 00 25 00 35 00 32 00 34 00 35 00 32 00 32 00 .39 00 . 33 00 5129 00 195 00 ..33 00 ..33 00 . 65 00 19500 12900 62 00 6200 128 00 62 00 5900 22 00 66 00 . .45 CO ..95 CO 11600 54 00 133 00 19900 65 00 56 00 50 00 .65 00 33 00 Advantage (GO Analyze' 2.0 .... Haicalc . Maxiplan 500 ... Maxtplan plus . . Super p!an..... VIP Professional HOME ACCOUNTING $ 15900 $ 46 00 . $ 65 00 . 6500 130 00 53 00 164 00 $ 129 00 349 00 379 00 345 00 , 495 00 599 00 129 00 689 00 .. 99 00 349 00 .279 00 .305 00 229 00 60 00 69 00 .78 00 379 CC 896 00 695 00 149 00 . 12900 . 199 00 . 11500 S97 00 37 00 67 00 27 00 21000 179 (XT 99 00 69 OfJ 23 00 23 00 160 00 47 00 97 00 52 00 12900 92 00 22500 97 00 97 00 97 00 36 00 205 00 125 CXI 129 00 51 00 69 (X) 70 00 3500 65 00 59 00 199 CO 97 CO 43 00 PRINTERS 1124 Panasonic Printer, Alps Allegro 24 PIN NEC LC890 laser PS Okimate 20 color pit Plug’n print . Star nx rainbow . HP LaserJet ..... S349 00 425 00 3395 00 145 00 . .85 00 . 259 00 1029 00 WORDPROCESSORS $ 92 00 179 00 . 30 00 .65 00 . 99 00 S3 00 249 00 . 50 00 .47 00 159 00 . 79 00 Becker text . Excellence1 . Gold spell |l Kindwords .. Pen Pal..... Prowrite v2 0 Reason ..... Tex; pro---- Transcript Word perfect Wp library .. Visa and MasterCard Accepted ACCESSORIES ¦ cutlet AC Surge $ 16 00 wB Switch cabic- $ 35 00 V B C D Switchbox 39 00 Vrnlrac Mouse ...... 7900 Jcmg optical mouse . 109 00 Jcpy Stand ..... . 65 00 :rdiess Mouse ....- 105 00 'rgo Joystick .17 00 ifmus Mouse ... ... 39 00 Travis Joystick ... 37 00 ntared mouse..... .176 00 Afxxum flight yoke .79 00 40120 3 5 D sk holder .33 00 4D60 d'Sk holder . . . 2BOO 4D&4 disk horder .3T 00 docem cable AiOCO . 15 00 vkxJem cable A2C00 500..... 15 00 Mouse holder ..... 6 50 Mouse master ... 29 00 Mouse pact ...... 9 00 31 imate black ribbon 5 00 31 imate color ribbon 7 50 =hasergun . *19 00 Printer cable 2000 500 15 00 r nter cable A1000 .....t5 00 ACCOUNTING Easy ledger ...... $ 195 00 Financial plus ... ... 1B900 Invester advantage ...63 00 Miamiga ledger 63 00 Micro lawyer . . 39 00 Nimbus record keeper ... 95 00 CAD Draw 2000 $ 69 00 Home builder cad 129 00 Home builder choree ... . 53 00 Intro cad ...51 00 Logic works • 65.00 Pro-Board ...... 379 00 Pro-Net ...... 379 00 Ultra Design .... 26900 X-Cad Designer II . 97 00 X-Cad Designer Pro.....304 00 DATABASE MGMNT
D. ita retrieve . S51 00 Data Retrieve Prof . 1B9 00 M crotiche filer plus . . 115 00 Organize .. 49 00 Superbase pers It . 99 00 Superbase Pro 30 . 229 00 Si i per base p rotr-ss mm I 169 00 Your family tree 32 00 DESKTOP PUBL Clydesk 2 0 13500 C fydesk ... $ 97 00 C fydesk companion ...15 00 Citydesk companion II.... 15 00 Page setter ...... 89 00 Page stream (new vers.) 125 00 Pro-draw Clip art . .... 42 00 Pro-page lempiate ..... 42 00 Piofessional Draw . . 129 00 professional page 1 ?..... 199 00 Shakespeare . 79 00 wno Whai When 69 00 SOUND & MUSIC 4-op deluxe Audio master. . Audio master II ... Rack songbook. ..... B us S Pipes ...... Copyist II . . 0-50 . Deluxe music D- drums .. O' keys ..... D' T s Keyboard D' T s Midi Record g Studio D* heaver Dynamic drums..... Dynamic Studio .. F uture sound A500 A2000 Kes Level II Matrix 6 ...... Midi Magic...... l r-3? .! ... Music student . Music-X Pro sound designer ..... Promidi studio i . Soni* . . Sound Oasrs ... Sound sampler Sound T rack Vol t Studio mag.c .... ..... Synthia ... S nthia Pro Texture .. Utilities 2imima*ic5) EDUCATION Adventure o! Smbad..... Aesop's tables Ail about America .. Ammai kingdom ... At tne Zoo ..... Decimal dungeon ..... Dinosaur Discov kit...... Discovery game math Discovery game spell First letters and words First shapes Fraction action Great states Kid Talk . Kmderama .... .. Learning curve ... Letters For You .... Link word French . Link worc German Link wore Italian .. Link word Russian...... Lmk word Spanish...... Math Odyssey .... Math talk . Math talk traction . Math w ard ...... My Paint . Numfcc-rs Count .. Puzzle Story book Read S rhyme .... Read-a-rama ..... Rhyming note book . Spell bound .. ..... Speller bee..... Tales from Arabia Talking Animator . Where in the US Where in World C S ..... Wordmaster ..... World Atlas ..... World Odyssey .. HARDWARE Baud B2rdit Easyl AiOCO . Easyl A200Q . Easyl A500 .. Flicker fixer . Framegrabber ... Future sound...... ..... Gen One Internal 3 Sdnve A2900 Live A20GG ..... Live framegrabber AiOOO.. Live framegrabber A500... Mac 3 5 Drive ...... Mid. God (SOOi ..... Pedect sound AfOCO Perfect sound A500 A2000 Progen . Scamock Super Gen ..... Supra 2400bd internal . Supra modem 240G'bd Synergy 500 ¦ ¦ ¦ Unidnve External ... WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens Critics Choice.... Desktop budget ... Money mentor..... Phaser .. Publishers Choice . Ta* Break . The Works Platinum MONITORS Amdek mumsync '2' mon Nec 3D multisync ... S c-ko cm 1430 mon Tor Sony mjlft-scan Monitor Taxan TC00 20 Ultrasync Zenith 14 Flat screen mon UTILITIES BAD disk optimizer . C B Tree ... Can do . Cygnused Professional . Disk 2 disk . .. D'Sk master . Disk mechanic . Dos 1 3 .. Dos 2 dos .. Doug s math aquarium Dunlap Utilities . Encore ...... Ez backup ... Face tl ...... Fine print ...... Formation . Gizmoz enhanced Gomi ... GraDDit .... • iptetiitype Laser scripts Laser up fonts ..... Laser up plot ... Laser up print ..... Laser up utilities . Mac 2 Dos . Magellan ... Master type ..... Mavis oeacon typing Nag Plus Sched Assist Pixel Script .... pro script ...... Project D ... Project Master . Promis spelling Quarterback .. Raw copy 13..... Superback ..... Text ed plus . VI P x-Ccpy A C basic .. A C fortran Algebra II .. Arexx . Assem pro . Aztec G deve'oper . Aztec C professional...... Benchmark C library...... Benchmark iff library...... Benchmark modufa 2 ... Benchmark simplified ..... Cape 66 k .. Cross Dos ..... Devpactd Asse-m Jmk debg Dissasem&ier.... GFA basic 3 0 . . .. Hisoft Basic Pro . InpvatoOiS -1 ...... J-Forth pro 2 0 .... Ian ti devdop&n nt system 5 0 Metascope debugger...... Power windows v2 5 ...... Source level debugger True basic ...... W shell ... FONTS Amm Fontl Kara Arum Fontl Kara Asha s tonts . Calligrapher . Fancy 3d fonts...... Font set I Headline Fonts Headlines 2 .. Inter font ..... Kara fonts cc:or...... Kara fonts Headline 2 Kara fonts subheads Lion fonts .... Masterpiece fonts News loner fonts. Page Si ream fonts 1 Prolonts I Prof Profonts II decorative.. Studio font .... Subheads ..... Zuma 1-4 ..... LANGUAGES SHOWROOM 22 Front Street Worcester, MA 01614 Circle 134 on Reader Service card lack of support for compressed samples. The audio functions require much more explanation than the manual alone provides, and while the examples on disk capably demonstrate the use of the audio functions, they fail in just about every other way. They are of poor quality, crashing at the slightest provocation. The code is filled with obvious mistakes: The examples allocate memory, but never check the return codes, and extensive error checking is provided for events that will never happen. These examples tarnish what is an otherwise good set of functions. Picture This Another set of functions handles the complex job of reading IFF ILBM-for- mat picture files. These functions are nicely designed. Software from Hell tracks memory allocation automatically; You can read any number of tracks from j disk, use them, then free the memory with a simple call. The most useful of the graphics functions include ReadBrushQ, which reads an ILBM file from disk into memory, ReadScreenQ, which reads an entire screen, and Brush2Sprite(), which converts a brush into a sprite. Various other functions purport to allow rendering of brushes, but this section of the rt 01 r ri KM Software from Hell is pretty good. It saves me an incredible amount of time.
- Wilton D. mite Troy, AT source code is marked experimental, and I advise that you do not trust it. Like the audio example, the picture example is of dismal quality. Memory allocation errors are not checked, and ugly coding tricks are used. Visually, this example is fine on a 68000-based machine, but it flickers badly on machines with a 68020 or 68030 processor. Except for rebooting or crashing (which is particularly easy here), there is no way to exit the graphics example. Futile Spinning Although Software from Hell’s advertising copy claims that the disk functions “Peacefully coexist with Amiga multitasking,” in truth the package takes over the operating system with the electronic equivalent of a mugging. A section of highly unstable code finds the task control block of the system disk driver, looks at an undocumented absolute offset, and sets a driver-private flag. T he disk functions are sure to fait under AmigaDOS 2.0. Even under older DOS versions, there are extensive problems. Software from Hell can cause normal AmigaDOS disk writes to end up at the wrong place on the disk or even on the wrong disk. Few of the disk functions handle error conditions. For example, if you try to read a blank disk using the Track Read function with the DSKSYNC feature enabled, the calling program will freeze. Unfortunately, the disk section offers no real benefits. Most calls are simply ? CONTROL THE UNIVERSE! "I'm totally awed by what you have done!...ids beautiful, especially when the lights are oft...congratulations..." Arthur C. Clarke Oulhor o! 2(H)!: A Spric v ()c!v»ey Distant Suns, the award-winning planetarium program, is endless entertainment and education tor all. $ 69.95 retail. Ask for it! D45TFV7T
* .' V - Attention Foreign ..... alia I I I I I II Bill Computer Stores Magazine Dealers mmm••¦*«**¦ ¦ ¦¦•«¦•¦ I t ¦
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• P I I I Mil !**+•*« * * ¦ « ¦ ¦¦ ¦ a a ¦ a i i * ill*» a • a I i • MIB i llll I i i MB* llll I I ¦ You have a large technical audience that speaks English and is in need of the kind of microcomputer information that IDG Communications Peterborough provides. ¦ * * * * ¦ * * * * ibb*11a a i • * IB** 111*111 ibb* • i a * i i » i i i i i • ¦ I a a i i i i 11 ¦ a • a a i
* I i i i ¦ I Vfltl ¦ * * * * ¦ ¦ a * * i • i* * * a ¦ • i • ..**»«* »«« i a * a a * i i » Provide your audience with the magazines thev need and make money at i i i aaaaiaaa the same time. For details on selling Li:::::::: .... !i!!:!!I AmigaWorld, RUN, PC] Games, Portable Computer Review, PC Resource and inCider contact: i f • ******* i * »**•***« i i I a a a a a**i » I Mill•« ! I i i ¦a a a aaaa ¦ i ¦ ¦ ¦ •¦«aaa
* i k • • i a «aai i* i ¦ ¦ • ¦ ¦ * hi • • k • • I * hum i i » i * • • f * I I • v ¦ * • 11 i • v ‘Virtualpolity Laboratories, Inc. Marjorie Rubin ::::::::::: Boarts International Is:::::; i i i 741 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 688-2778 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 USA ADVERTISEMENT BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT Videotaping Services In 1987, Virgil Miller was injured while performing his duties as senior deputy sheriff in Bakersfield, California. He was referred to a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help him get started in a new line of work. Miller had been videotaping weddings and school activities for friends as a paying hobby, so his counselor suggested learning video production. The training would have taken at least 14 months that was too long. Then thev discovered Video Data Ser- * vices, a videotaping service that, for 513,950. Provided its franchisees with all the training, equipment, and marketing assistance needed to start a video photography and tape-transfcr business specializing in weddings, product demonstrations, sales demonstrations, legal depositions, conventions, and computer graphics. After researching the company thoroughly, the counselor recommended that the county buy the franchise for Miller as part of his compensation . Video Data Services offered Miller an opportunity to enter a field with explosive growth. Videotaping and transfer services commonly gross six figures a year and Video Data Services claims that anyone following its procedures full-time should be able to reach that income level within two years. “It's all up to you," says Miller. “If you follow' the program, you should be able to do it. This is my second year, and it is already a fantastic one. I should reach the SI00.000 mark by the fourth quarter of 1989. “I started this business full-time from day one." Says Miller. "I like to tell my law- enforcement friends that 1 work only half days now that I’m my own boss. They turn green until 1 explain what 1 mean 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.." However, long hours are not a requirement, according to Miller. "A lot of affiliates start part-time until they feel secure. The company is great about that. They hold your hand every' step of the way. Teaching you marketing methods and giving you promotional materials." There are several specialized areas to go into, and Video Data Services teaches you it) approach target markets one at a time until you know each one well. For instance, you might start by taping Virgil Miller___ FRANCHISE: Video Memories local franchise name of Video Data Services, a national video- taping service__ RESIDENCE: Bakersfield, California_ INITIAL INVESTMENT: Si3.950 m 1987_ GROSS INCOME: SKXl.CXK) expected in 1989 RX EOR SUCCESS: Never say no. “I never turn down a job. Even if I know that 1 can't do it or don’t have the equipment. I’d rather accept the job and then subcontract to someone else. That way the customer keeps coming back to me." FOR DETAILED INFORMATION.' Contact Video Data Services 24 Grove St., Dept A Pittsford. NY 14534 716-385-4773 (24 hrs.) or 800-836-9461 Complete package price SI 5,950.00. Your video business can easily be started on a pan-time basis. Weddings. The company will provide you with tapes to run in a booth at bridal shows. They’ll also give you a letter to send to couples whose engagement is announced in the newspaper. Miller‘s approach is not as structured, “I never turn down a job, even if I know that 1 can’t do it or don’t have the equipment. I'd rather accept the job and then subcontract to someone else. That way the customer keeps coming hack to me." Miller has both consumer and commercial accounts. “1 tape everything short of commercial TV: legal depositions, real-estate property, sports, graduations, even a video yearbook. I also do a lot of industrial work, like training tapes. For sales promotions, FI I videotape a company’s products for the salesman to show customers on the road." The graphics capabilities of his Amiga make it easy to put titles and credits on tape. “With the Amiga, 1 can digitize the image of a business logo into the computer, enhance it. Clean it up, and put it right on the videotape. Most businesses are impressed with the product, and their satisfaction gets me more customers. Actually, I usually get three new customers from every job I do, just from word of mouth. It has been easy to turn a very good profit." Other new business comes from the franchisor, through direct- mail marketing, and the yellow pages. Kern County helped Virgil Miller retrain for a new livelihood. For an investment ol SI 3.950, the county certainly got its money's worth. Article Reprinted From The June 1989 Issue Of" Home Office Computing." Duplicates of those provided by the operating system. The only truly valuable routine, a function that allows accurate timing on any speed processor, is, like the rest of the disk section, incompatible with multitasking. Eight miscellaneous utility programs round out the Software from Hell package. Four of these are for manipulating text files. You can use the output of another utility, which searches source code fbr indude lines, as dependencies in a Make file. The Man program searches AutoDoc files. Finally, the Atags and Stags utilities generate lags files for use with vi-compatible editors. (Vi can search a tags file for a function name, load the proper file, and go directly to the start of the function.) Unfortunately, Software from Hell’s tags files are unsorted, and thus are incompatible with some versions of vi. Caveat Programmer Software from Hell has far too main problems to get a recommendation from me. Still, it is probably a belter alternative to the drudgery of writing than pub- R E V I i: u s lic-domain sourcc-code examples are. . . At least with Software from Hell you have a place to voice your complaints. Software from Hell Conceptually Advanced Technologies PC) Box 3302 Santa Monica, CA 90-403 213 452-1732 S 09.95 Mo special requirements. Award Maker Plus Add a special touch to special occasions. By Randal] R. Greenwald OL R DALGH I ER'S SOCCER team is nearing the end of its season and vou would like to reward their efforts with something special. Icy cream? Too fattening. Trophies? Too expensive. Certificates? Yes! Award Maker Plus makes producing certificates a snap. With this program, teachers, coaches, employers, and parents can print visible, personalized encouragement and recognition in the form of awards, coupons, and the like for those who need and deserve it. Award Makers boasts that even novices can produce useful awards within minutes. While such lines arouse the skeptic within me, these words proved surprisingly accurate. The manual is thorough and well written, but the program is so easy to learn that instructions are rarely necessary. Don’t look for a pleasing Amiga-style interface, however; .Award Maker Plus is a port and it shows. I'he package walks you through each step in designing your creation, asking you first to choose an award stvle. The program disk provides a number of stvies which, with variations, provide over 300 choices. Theme award libraries (Sports, Education, and so on), available for $ 29.95 each, expand your options. I he quality of the award designs is generally good, and there are styles suitable for most occasions. ? The Only Television Show Dedicated to the AMIGA!!! The "AMIGA VIDEO MAGAZINE" is currently being seen on television across the country, and is now being made available to you on VHS format.
A. V.M. is an hour-long television show devoted to the Amiga computer and its hardware, software and their applications. It has a television "Magazine" format that is light-hearted but deals with all the heavy applications of the Amiga. AVAILABLE NOW!! Each month you will receive a new show featuring different segments ranging from hooking up a new Amiga to rendering a ray-tracing picture or 3D animation. We are taking our cameras to the offices, production houses and recording studios where the Amiga is playing an important role, and you’ll be there!! IF IT S HAPPENING WITH THE AMIGA, IT'S HAPPENING ON A.V.M, NOW YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR
• Previews, Reviews,
• Interviews, News
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• Viewer Animations (SUBMISSIONS WELCOME) Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. and is used with their permission AVM is produced by Computer Linked Images and is not connected with Commodore-Amiga, Inc. ? One Month $ 15 6 Months $ 75 ? 1 Year 150 Name_ Address_ City . State Zip_ Make check or money order payable to: CVF Productions 200 W. 72nd Street, Suite 53, New York, NY 10023
(212) 724-0288 VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmExpress cards accepted. No credit card surcharge. Your credit card is not charged until we ship. HARDWARE MEMORY Supra 512K RAM (A500) .....$ 89 Supra SMB card w 2MB .....$ 299 Supra SMB card w OK $ 169 Microbotics StarB2 (A1000) 1MB $ 339 Microbotics 8 UP OK ...$ 172 MAST Mini-Meg (A1000) 1MB ...$ 399 ProRAM 1.8M8 OK (A500) ...... $ 115 DISK DRIVES Chinon 3.5' Internal ..... ....$ 99 California Access 3.5“ External $ 139 AIR. External ...$ 129
M. A.S.T. Unidrive, Enhanced ..$ 155 MODEMS Baud Bandit 2400 w Software $ 139 Supra 2400 ..$ 124 Supra 2400 Internal .....$ 134 MultiTech 9600 ..$ 699 SCSI HARD CARDS I HARD DRIVES GVP Impact SCSI RAM ...CALL GVP Hard Cards ...CALL Microbotics Hard Frame .....$ 246 Supra WordSync ..$ 169 Supra WordSync 40Q ..$ 569 Supra WordSync 80Q ..$ 879 Supra SCSI 500 1000 .CALL SOFTWARE GRAPHICS VIDEO Amiga Graphics Starter Kit ...$ 63 Animation Apprentice ...$ 185 Animotion ......$ 63 Broadcast Tiller .$ 189 Deluxe Paint 111 ...$ 99 Deluxe Productions ......$ 130 Deluxe Video III ...... $ 105 Digi-Paint 3 .... $ 62 Sprite Tecfmoloay § Circle 205 on Reader Service card Defective returns must have a return authorization number. Shipping and handling are non* refundable. Returns subject to restocking fee. We cannot guarantee compatability. All sales are final and prices are subject to change without notice. All Stocked items are not listed so please ask for our complete product guide. Amiga s a registered trademark 01 Uommodore Business Machines, 1N(J. DigiWorks 3D $ 81 Director ... $ 45 Draw 2000 ..$ 169 Fantavision ...$ 38 Forms in Flight II .$ 75 Interchange ...$ 32 Invision Plus $ 187 Lights, Camera, Action .. $ 53 Modeler 3D ....$ 63 Movie Setter . ....$ 62 Opticks ..... ....$ 75 PAGErender 3D .. ....$ 99 Photon Paint 2.0 . ....$ 94 Photon Video ...... ....$ 94 Professional Draw ...... ..$ 123 Professional Page ...... ..$ 246 ProPage Structured Clip Art . ....$ 38 r Sensational Service With Sprite ‘Technology orders 800-634-9315 Customer service & order status: 404-535-8806 HOURS: 9-6 MON-FRI EST Hardware Specials DigiViewGold 4.0 ..... $ 129 GVP Accelerators ...CALL Framebuffer ...$ 469 Framebuffer w Capture ....$ 631 Framegrabber ...CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer .....$ 479 Magni Genlock w controller $ 1699 Migraph * Hand Scanner ..$ 399 MiniGen ....$ 201 Scanlock ..$ 879 SuperGen .$ 689 SuperGen 2000s ......CALL Ik ProPage Templates $ 38 Pro Video Gold ..$ 195 TV Show 2.0 .$ 63 TV Text Professional ....$ 106 Video Effects 3D ...$ 125 Videoscape 3D ... $ 125 Videotitler ...$ 93 Zoetrope $ 87 SPECIAL VIDEO SOFTWARE PACKAGE Turbo Silver + Video $ 112 VIDEOS FOR VIDEO PRODUCTION Video Techniques, Digitizing, Color Cycling Animation, Deluxe Paint III Tutor CALL PRODUCTIVITY UTILTIES Excellence .. $ 162 Maxiplan Plus .....$ 94 Pagesetter II .$ 79 PenPal ...$ 91 PixilScript ..... $ 94 Project ‘D’ ... $ 32 Workbench 1.3 Update ..$ 19 Works Platinum .$ 156 GAMES Archipelagos .$ 24 Bard’s Tale II .$ 42 Dragon’s Lair II ...$ 45 Eye of Horus .$ 24 Kingdoms of England .....$ 28 Magic Johnson -1 Mb .....$ 31 Populous ...$ 38 Pro Tennis Tour ...$ 28 Space Ace ....$ 37 TV Sports Basketball .....$ 37 MUSIC WARE
A. MAS. MIDI Sampler .....$ 127 Audiomaster II ...$ 62 Bars& Pipes .....$ 185 Deluxe Music $ 65 Dr.T's Copyist Pro .$ 165 Dr.T's DX Heaven ...$ 94 Dr.T’s Midi Rec Studio . $ 44 Dr.T’s KCS ....$ 156 Dr.T’s KCS Level II ......$ 219 Master Trax Pro S237 Music X $ 186 M for Amiga $ 125 Perfect Sound 3.0 .$ 68 Pro MIDI Studio $ 126 Sonix .. $ 50 Sound Trax 1 or 2 $ 15 Texture II .....$ 156 AMIGA ACCESSORIES Beach Towel .$ 16 Golf Cap - grey or white... ..$ 8 Golf Shirt - L or XL ...$ 20 Sweatshirt - L or XL .$ 16 Sports Bag ....$ 19 Starter Software Kit: TV Text, Money Mentor, Text Craft Plus, Arkanoid, Graphics Studio ....$ 79 Holiday Gift Pack: Master Type, PHA$ AR 3.0, Who-What- Where-When, F- 40, Hole in One Golf, a joystick, $ 310 value ...... $ 89 Educational Software ......CALL Only $ 3.95 oath We have been pan of tne ottieal Public Domain library ot Amiga World, we are the otfical library of Antic Amiga Plus, Find out wny these magazines choose us1 Each disk typically coma ns 7-10 of the best programs available. The ‘irst two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk: DD intermediate to advanced often contains source code, WB general interest most programs run from WorkBench. And FD games and enteramment Order our disk batfd catalog and rri rlvc a coupon lor n Tree volume * DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples and the complete Re xArpLib2.3, Also included. ArpUserDocs3 i • Finally, the documentation for tne 3 1 release of Arp which replaces most 1.3 AmigaDOS commands. DD47: Pascal - This d:$ k contains everything needed to program in pascal includes. A68k (1 2) 6SOOO assembler, and Blink a linker OD54: Compression - This disk is loaded with ALL of the best file compression programs ard aids for the Amiga Includes Arc = 2 3). Lharc(i 0), Lhwarp(i 03), Pka*(i 0). PowerPackeh? 3a) a must have by all. Zip( 1 0) Warp(2 04). And Zco(2 0} Also iFFcrunch an exceient compression for IFF tiles WB1: GRAPHICS and PLOTTING Several neat graphic and mathematical plotting routines are include. Plot a three dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined function, all aspects controllable Scenery Thus generates fractal landscapes Surf makes awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a latne. WB5 - Fonts 1- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PageStream fonts and ShowFon! - a font display program WB12: Disk Utilities This great disk is loaded wi|h wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels disk cataloging, disk optrmizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing and ail sorts oi file minipulation A real must have* WB14: Video and Amm Utilities on tms disk are several utilities to man puiate arums including cutting, pasting, and combining and more For the video enthusiast we have included multiple slates, video titling and other useful utilities Also on this disk is a full featured video cataogmg program WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a projecttime management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB18: WordTexi Processors - This disk contains the best editors that we could find Includes. WordWnght(v6 2) a full featured word processor with mail merge and outlining capacity, Dme(vl 35) a great programers editor with strong macro features, and TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor WB19: Artificial Intelligence ¦ This disk will be of interest to old hands and new in Al both programing and concepts, contains Eliza ¦ an Al personal pyscnologist. A true classic, Critters' - a bug gone smart Al experiment, and lots oi articles on the subject FD5: Tactical Games BanleForce(3 0): A game that simulates comoat between two or more giant, robot like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 ¦ 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim BuliRun ¦ a Civil war bathe game, Metro you play the role of a city planner Very very habit forming FDI0: HackLlte A dungeon adventure game Considered a must have classic This is the second release of this game on the Amiga Oug nally a UNIX game Great Amiga graphic interlace Fills the wnole disk Play time several weeks1 FD12A,FDi2B: Star Trek, The Game This is by far tne best Star Trek game ever written for any computer It features complete mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great gameplay Requires two disk drives. 1 Mo memory, counts as two disks FD17: Educational Games ¦ This disk includes several games tor the younger memebers including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune with Vanna. FD22: Arcade Games - This disk has MoonBase • The best lunar lander game we have seen in a long time, very challenging and addicting, Also BoingGame a maze type, donkey kong type game FD23: Text Adventure Games ¦ This disk is loaded with three great games, Adventure - this is an greatly enhanced version o! The first Al game ever written on a computer1 THE true classic even the genera was named after this game, JackLana In the words ol the author “This rs a text adventure, set in the COMPLETELY FICTIONAL Atrasht Computer Company, owned by the COMPLETELY FICTIONAL Jack Tranmeler and run by assorted members of his COMPLETELY FICTIONAL family )", Also World and an adventure mapping program Anti-Virus Now only S19.9J I M O mai;.T lm 4 STABS, >ep 89 Amina RpHourc-p. 4 CHECKS. Oct B9 Anyone with an Amiga computer can have virus or tro.an horse infections and not know about it! Anti-Virus will stop them ALL At this special price, you too can nave the best virus protection money can buy Satisfaction guaranteed! Savoj No Shipping nr Handeling Charges Saw! To Order; Send check or money order to the address below (or call). Credit card users include Account number. Expiration date. Signature and Phone number A minimum of $ 19,95 on all credit card orders please. CA residents add 6 5% sales tax ’Send 32,50 for disk based catalog Coupon valid with next purchase DevWare,lnc., Po Box 215-A2. La Joiia, CA. 92306 Orders 800 879-0759 Support 6i9673-0759 Shipped to4towing day in mow cases Odors, outside Norm Amenta add 50 SO cacti 1t>r an mail Jaudtn Catering X
U. I319 auiarfc is presctttci) to iliattlieui (Sreenuialb fur speed, agility, and suruiual in ttje 1990 Florida jjaudin (Tatctiiny (Competition. April 2.199E1 Reward modest and extraordinary (ouch!) Feats. Selecting a style will dictate your remaining choices. Some awards have graphic images, locked in place. (With the Apple II, IBM, and Macintosh versions of Award Maker Plus, you can im- 7 j port graphics, but not with the Amiga disk.) You can occasionally alter the award title (such as “Geography Award”, "Employee of the Month”, or “Girls’ Soccer”) and the font it is printed in, and in all cases you can select a font for the text. Don’t expect to use your own fonts, though; you are limited to the four types on the program disk, plus another four if you own a library disk. All the fonts provided look good on awards. All awards accommodate the name or names of the award’s recipient(s). A useful feature is the ability to enter a list of up to 50 names and print identical awards, changing the name on each. Thus, you can enter the names of all your soccer players and leave the computer to generate personalized awards for the whole team while you watch Star Trek reruns. Save the list, and you can use it another time. Finally, you are given a selection of styles and colors for borders. The supplemental libraries contain additional border patterns. While the fonts and borders are represented on screen as you select them, the entire award is not assembled as you go. If you want to see your creation on screen before printing, select the Preview option. Don’t expect grandeur, though; the preview images are small, nearly impossible to read, and strictly in black and while, even if you have chosen a color printout. In Hand Award Maker Plus uses Preferences printer drivers to print your awards, and does a very good job of it. My nine-pin printer produced very respectable output, and my 300-dpi HP DeskJet turned in even better results. Neither output is suitable for formal occasions, however. Jagged fonts would not cut the mustard for graduation day or properly accompany that Salesperson of the Year bonus check. Nonetheless, the output is quite adequate for bringing encouragement to co-workers or recognizing the achievements of your team. J Award Maker Plus is simple to use, relatively intuitive, and does exactly what its advertisements and manual say it will do. For such small favors, the developer should be commended. Yet if 1 sound disappointed in this package, I am. Award Maker Plus does not take advantage of the Amiga's capabilities. If you are content with the packaged styles, borders, graphics, and fonts, you will be happy with this product. If you enjoy using ”The Computer for the Creative Mind” for more original endeavors, however, be prepared for frustration. How much better it would be if along with the hundreds of pre-designed awards, you were given the ability to personalize a supplied image in your paint program, draw graphics of your own, or digitize a picture of the recipient for import into Award Maker Plus! I tind the unwillingness of a developer to make its product fully functional for the Amiga insulting, and I urge Baudville to produce an Award Maker Plus “plus”. Award Maker Plus Baudville 5380 52nd St. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49508 616 698-0888 $ 49.95 No special requirements. ? Computer Mart BEST BUY Baud Bandit Modem $ 99.00 HAYES COMPATIBLE 300 1200 2400 BAUD BENCHMARK MODULA 2 138 00 BENCHMARK LIBRARIES 69 00 BEYOND DARK CASTLE 2100 BLITZ ON THE ARDENNE 37 00 BLOOD MONEY 24 GO BLUE ANGELS 28.00 BREACH II 30 00 BREACH SCENARIO DISKS 19.00 BRIDGE 5.0 22 00 BUBBLE BOBBLE 26 00 BUBBLE GHOST 25.00 BUTCHER 2.0 23 00 CALIFORNIA GAMES 27.00 CALLIGRAPHER 74 00 CAN OO 99.00 CAPE 53K ASSEMBLER 59 00 CAPONE 3500 CAPTAIN BLOOD 31.00 CARMEN SAN DIEGO 27 00 SOFTWARE m DIRECTOR DIRECTOR fOOLKIT 44 00
27. 00 atalk III 60 00 DRAGON S LAID II
42. 00 KrlSTAL 35 00 BAD. 30 00 DRUM STUDIO 30 00 LANCELOT
26. 00 BAD DUDES 27 00 dungeon MASTER
24. 00 LAS VEGAS
51. 00 LATTICE C 5 0
29. 00 BAUD BANDIT 30 00
- --1 Supra Corporation Expansion Products Supra Ram 2000 2 Meg 324.00 Supra Drive 2000 40Q 667.00 Supra Drive 2000 80Q 959.00 SupraDrive 2000 105Q 1056.00 Supra Drive 500 20 Meg 480.00 Supra Dri ve 500 30 Meg 618.00 SupraDrive 500 40Q Meg 720.00 SupraDrive A500 Ram 2 Meg 275.00 Spirit Technology Even Lower Prices A500 & A1000 Memory Expanison Inboard 512K $ 249.00 Inboard 1 meg $ 279.00 Inboard 1.5 meg A1000 $ 314.00 Inboard 2 Meg A500 $ 369.00 CARRIER COMMAND 28 00 EARL WEAVER BASEBALL 35 00 LEADER BOARD DUAL PACK 21 00 CENTERFOLD SQUARES 20 00 EMPIRE
35. 00 M
35. 00
336. 00
30. 00 On Software orders FALCON MISS OH UJSK 1 15-00 MANHUNTER SF
30. 00 over $ 100 FAMILY TREE
28. 00 CLUE
150. 00 FIRE POWER
32. 00 CROSS DOS
35. 00 MAXIPLAN 500
60. 00 FLIGHT simulator II
38. 00 MEAN 18
65. 00 MENACE
28. 00 DB MAN V
92. 00 DELUXE MUSIC 2.0
61. 00 DESIGN 3D
299. 00 Super Special NEUHOMANCER
27. 00 TAX BREAK 48 00 GEN ONE GENLOCK 699 00 obliterator
28. 00 TECNOCOP 29 00 GO 64
24. 00 ONE ON ONE
120. 00 TEXTPRQ
53. 00 GVP 68030 W.68882 CALL ORGANIZE 63 00 THE ACCOUNTANT
190. 00 GVP 68030 W 4 MEG call OUTRUN 29 00 THE THREE STOOGES 35 00 GVP 20 MEG HARDCARD
66. 00 PEN PAL 90 00 TITAN
27. 00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 OK 1M294 00 PHANTASlE III
28. 00 TRACER
22. 00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 OK 2M324.00 PHASAR 4.0
115. 00 GVP SCSI RAM A2000 2M
257. 00 PHOTON PAINT 2.0
90. 00 ULTIMA IV
230. 00 INBOARD OK Al 000 21600 PIXELSCRIPT 90 OO UNINVITED 35 00 INBOARD 512K A1000
249. 00 PIXMATE 44,00 VI P
30. 00 INBOARD 1 MEG AI000
279. 00 HARRIER MISSION 19.00 HEROES Of THE LANCE 26 00 HOLE-IN-QNE MIN. GOLF 22.00 HOLLWVOOD POKER 22.00 HONEYMOONERS 25.00 HUMAN DESIGN 22.00 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 35 00 HYBfllS 24.00 INDOOR SPORTS 35 00 iNOVATOOLSal 55 00 INSANITY FIGHT 28.00 INTELLITYPE 3500 INTERCHANGE 32 00 INTERFONT 72.00 INTERNATIONAL SOCCER 24.00 INTROCAD 51.00 INVESTOR'S ADVANTAGE 66.00 A501 CLONE $ 79.00 512K MEMORY With Clock Calendar HARDWARE 8 UP OK 179,00 0 UP VV 2 MEG 324.00 8 UP W'4 MEG 469,00 8 UP W 6 MEG 629.00 8 UP VV 8 MEG 779.00 AIR DRIVE EXT..... J49.00 AIR DRIVE INT; 139.95 APROCRAW 12 X 12 480 00 CALIFORNIA ACCESS 139 00 CITIZEN GSX-140 PftjNTER 399.00 GSX-140 Cot!OR OPTION J ' 49.00 CS-l COPY STAND 62.00 DIGI-VIEW GOLD 4.0 139.00 EPYX 500 XJ JOYSTK 14.00 ERGOSTICK JOYSTK 18.00 EXP 8000 OK 329.00 EXP 8000 2 MEG 8F 443.00 EXP 8000 4 MEG 599.00 EXP 8000 8 MEG 399.00 F-DATA 10 FLOPPY 115.00 FLICKER FIXER 510.00 FLICKER MASTER 12 00 FRAMEGRABBER 529 00 FUTURE SOUND 500 99.00 INBOARD 1.5 MEG A1000 314.00 INBOARD OK A500 25 6.00 INBOARD 1 MEG A500 279.00 INBOARO 2 MEG A500 369.00 KRONOS SCSI 1000 288.00 KRONOS SCSI 500 253.00 KRONOS SCSI 2000 216.00 MIDI GOLD A500 58,00 MIDI INSIDER A2000 65 00 MIDI STAR 216.00 MINI-GEN 179.00 MODEM CABLE A1000 15.00 MODEM CABLE A500 A2000 15.00 MOUSE MASTER 27.00 MOUSE PADS 9 OO NEC PINWRITER 2200 379.00 PERFECT SOUND 66.03 PERFECT VISION 189 00 PRO GEN GENLOCK 349.00 SCSI CABLES 25.03 SEAGATE ST157N 48 MEG 371.00 SEAGATE ST13SN 30 MEG 336 00 SEAGATE ST296N 85 MEG 545.00 SI COLOR SPLITTER 98.00 STARBOARD II 512K 259 00 STARBOARD II 1 MEG 299 00 STARBOARD II 2 MEG 399.00 SUPER GEN GENLOCK 699.00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM 119.G0 SUPRARAM 2000 2 MEG 324.CO SUPRARAM 2000 4 MEG 544.00 LIMITED TIME OEEER X-CAD DESIGNER $ 79.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL $ 269,00 SUPRARAM 2000 6 MEG 725 00 SUPRARAM 2000 8 MEG 913.00 SUPRARAM 500 2 MEG 275.00 SUPRADRIVE 500 40 MEG 720.00 SUPRADRIVE 500 60 MEG 840 00 SUPRADRIVE 2000 30 MEG 552.00 SUPRADRIVE 2000 100 667.00 SUPRADRIVE 2000 800 959.00 SUPRA SCSI 500 168.00 SUPRA SCSI 1000 216.00 SUPRA WORDSYNC 2000 168.00 VD-1 FRAMEGRABBER 920.00 VIDTECH SCANLOCK 875.00 WV-1410 W LENS,CABLE 238.00 X-SPECS3D 94.00 Computer Mart 1305 North St. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 Orders: 800-443-8236 Info. & Customer Service 409-564-4421 SHIPPING INFO. Software rate-, are S2.50 item (Max ‘J.SOi UPS GnHind or S-I..Wilcm (Max l6.fX)> UPS 2nd [Jay Air. Call lor APO. FPO. & Forkgn Shipping rates. Call for Hardware shipping info. REFUND Si RETURN POLICY: Defective merchandise under warranty will he repaired or replaced Returned product must he tn original packaging- We do not offer refunds for defective products or for products that do not perform satisfactorily. Wc make no guarantees for pruduet performance. Money hack guarantees must he handled directly w ith the manufacturer. All returns must have an RA *. Call 409-564-4421 for an RA. Returned products, are subject to a 2lK* restocking fee. Prices subject to change w ithout notice. Delivery subject to availability. K E V I E W S A B A C K T A K Amiaa L miga L-oads “aster CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS Circle 230 on Reader Service card Pixeldtionsw ALF-AG-MFM or RLL Our professional harddisk system with a pass-through adapter in a case to connect an ST506 HD (up to 1 G Byte) to the Amiga 500 or 1000. I 420 K Byte Datatransfer Rate i Includes all our well-known tools Ask about our other products! Pre spect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670. Station H Montreal. Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954-1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 Turn any printer into a PostSeript ‘ pri nter wi t h PixelScript, the PostScript interpreter for the Amiga. Print at any angle portrait, landscape, or other rotation- arid on letter, legal, or custom sizes of paper. PixelScript prints PostScript output from all Amiga DTP and word processing packages, and more! And add professional polish to your layouts with smoothly scalable PostScript fonts and EPS clip art. PixelScript. The answer to your printing problems. List price $ 149 US. PRINT Pixelauons inc. PO Bor 547 _ Nonhbaro, MAO 1532 USA 503-393-7866 FAX 508 393 6119 AH product naorac ,? « tho trzd*marka at Itwr rvr-pfctw' compnni«a P xcV txr PmiScnpt interpreter tor iln-
* 1.1 Baud Bandit (Progressive Peripherals) Reading the review of Baud Bandit in your January issue (p. 79), it became obvious that Mr. Leemon did not use the program to contact an ANSI BBS. If he had, he would have seen that Baud Bandit does not fully support ANSI, Because the program’s only emulation is ANSI, readers should know that it scrambles ANSI graphics screens. Use of IBM fonts and setting of the character mask as was recommended to me has no effect on this scrambling, Steve Burroughs Bossier City, IA I not only tried Baud Bandit's ANSI- emulation feature 1 made it work. The procedure begins with setting the character mask to 255 in the Modern menu so IBM graphics characters aren't filtered out. In that same menu, you switch the screen to three hit planes to make sure all the colors show up. Then, go to the Macro menu and change the font to one containing the IBM graphics character set. I would guess you made your mistake with the IBM font. This is easy to do because the program gives no warning if it cannot use the font you have selected (because the file name is wrong, or the font file is missing or not in proper A miga forIT'S YOUR TURN! We want to know what you like and don’t like about your new Amiga hardware and software. Some products we are looking at for upcoming issues are: A2232 (Commodore) ALF (Pre’spect Techniks) Dunlap Utilities (Progressive) EDLP (Microlllusions) EXP 8000+ (Progressive) Fast FAX (MichTron) KCS 3.0 (Dr. Ts) Level II 3.0 (Dr. Ts) MIDI Mice ( I elisor Productions) mat) it just substitutes the default. There are a couple of things to watch for when installing a PC graphics font. First, make sure the font is transferred correctly. If the font is called IBM FONT, and is eight pixels high, your FONTS: directory must contain a file called IBM FONT font and a subdirectory called IBM TO NT that contains a file called 8. Also, the font must contain all IBM graphics characters. Some public-domain f onts whose names contain the letters "IBM" have PC-style text characters, but do not include the full set with all the line and box characters. Baud Bandit deserves neither credit nor blame for how its ANSI emulation is implemented. Any Amiga terminal program that uses the system's console device for keyboard input (and that includes most of them), automatically inherits that device's ANSI terminal emulation subset. Therefore, ANSI graphics can be displayed on almost any Amiga terminal program that allows an eight-color screen and lets you install a font containing IBM graphics characters. Even programs that do not have an explicit option for installing your own font, as Baud Bandit does, can work if you substitute the system font using Fast Fonts on Workbench 1.3. Sheldon Leemon Scene Generator (Natural Graphics) Serial Solution (Checkpoint Tech) TACL (Micro Momentum) TCRG-102 (Microlllusions) Ultra Design (Progressive) SupraDrive with WordSync (Supra) To comment on these, write Your I urn, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, or call 800 441 -4403, ext. 346 by 4 19. We would like to hear from you at any time con- J J cerning other just-released products. ¦ Raining Discounts frorp We have what you're looking for! Vh* mL SIERRA Match wits w your favorite Sierra character for a humorous yet cut-throat game of gin rummy, crazy = 8 s, hearts, klondike solitaire, old maid & cribbage. I HOYLES BOOK OF GAMES SDA List $ 34.95 Discount Price rrni rvnz The best selling baseball game is now unbelievably better. Constantly updated stats, 5 camera views, team construction set and more. Call for SDA Price & Availability The hot European role playing adventure comes to theU S Superior gameplay & special effects Characters interact whether you control them or not DRAKKHEN SDA List $ 59.95 Discount Price Dr Doom's Revenge Gunshtp . Honda RVF Pirates .... Silent Service...... Slum Track Racer MICROSYSTEMS Excellence W P .... The Warks-Piaiinum Sribble Platinum MINDSCAPE After Burner .....$ 32 Balance of Power 1990 . .. $ 32 I'SA CANADA orders 1-800-225-7638 PA Orders 1-800-223-7784 Customer Service (412) 361-5291 Fax Order Fine (412) 361-4545
• Free shipping on orders over SUM) continental I SA,
• No surclwrge for VISA MasterC urd.
• Your card is not charged until we ship.
• School purchase orders accepted. .525 .$ 35 $ 25 Call .514 .$ 25 $ 36 $ 32 532 Call Call ...$ 32 ...$ 29 $ 24 86 $ 1488 $ 1688 $ 1488 Hit the streets in your eclo- mobile & clear the streets o*' ghouls Action, adventure, strategy & laughs. $ 159 .5179 $ 65 SDA Discount GHOSTBUSTERS 2 List $ 39.95 Software Discounters America gpeedy Delivery jjeep Discounts Selectioi If >mi can’t find what > iu‘relooking fur in our arl. Call us. Send check or money orders to: TV. P-O. Box 111327-Dept. A MW Blawnox, PA 15238 ABACUS Assem Pro ... $ 65 "Abacus Books in slock1 Cnll ACCESS W C Loader Board Golf S29 ACCOLADE Blue Angels Flight Sim .. .532 Cycles ..S32 Day of the Viper ...... 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GENLOCK 1995 00 OKJMATC ?Q W PLUG Pat 749 00 okimateplug»Mw ms Omega SAMPtfft nroaa 7995 optical filter wheel 1795 PAINTJET 995 00 PAINTJET FONT CHINS 140 95 PAINTJET XL 1995 09 PAINTJET XL FONT CafiT..... 139 95 PAINTJET XL MEDIA AIT ...... 93 95 PANASONIC WV1410 .. ?25 03 PANASONIC WylSOO 370 03 PERFECT SOUND 500 700 7195 PPG SOUND DESIENEN 119 95 PROCESSOR ACCEL A500 119 95 PROCESSOR ACCEL A1000 15903 PROCESSOR ACCEL A700D 159 03 PP0CEN GENLOCK 399 00 SCANJET PLUS SCANNER 1199 00 SONY 1304 MuLTlSTNC 763 00 SPIRIT DELUXE MIDI 214 95 SPIRIT INSOOOK fIP 249 95 SPIRIT INIQOO OR EXP 249 95 STAR NX 1000 PRINTER 195 03 STAR NX 7410 PRINTER 339 03 STAR NX1Q0Q II PflRTH 195 00 STAR Ntl ODD RAINBOW 270 00 SUPERS!* 7000S 1(95 00 SUPEREEN OENLOCI 519 03 SUPRA 7400 BAUD MODEM 179 95 SUPRA 2400 (NT MODEM 17900 TOOLBOX A500 ICE 7570 730 00 TRUMP CARD SCSI A2030 159 95 TPUMP CAPO SCSI A5Q0 253 95 TFUMPCARD META 0 4 159 95 1RUMPCAD0 MOUNT BRACA 74 95 TWIN DRIVES 279 00 UNIDRIVE 159 00 DELUXE PRODUCTIONS 139 95 KARA ANIMFGKTS 1 3195 DELUXE VIDEO III 99 95 KARA ANIMFOKTS 7 ...3196 OELUHHELP DPAINT III 31 96 KARA FONTS HEAOtlNES .. 51 95 DIS DISK ARCHTEC 77 71 I1PA FONTS HEADLINES? 47 95 ? IS DISK FUTURE 77 74 KARA FONTS SUBhEAOS 47 95 DES DISK HUMAN 22 74 LIGHT BOX IT995 DESOISK. INTER 22 74 MAP PICS WORLD 37 95 DES DISK. MICROS 72 71 MASTERPIECE FONTS 159 95 3R TS ACS LEVEL II 719 95 OR TS LEXICON ...... 97 95 DRTSM IEO UI .. 97 95 ? NTS MATRIX 6 979) DR I S MIDI NEC STD 43 50 OR TSMT 32 10 llB 92 95 DYNAMIC DRUMS .5195 DYNAMIC STUDIO .....139 95 K INTELLIGENT MUSIC ...139 95 MASTER SOUND ..... 54 95 MASTER TRACKS PRO 259 95 MIDI MAGIC 97 95 PRO Mill STUDIO 130 95 SQNIX . (9 95 SOUND OASIS 64 95 SOUNDLAB 709 95 SOUNOTRAX VOL t TEA 14 95 SlAflSCUND SAMPLER ...... 9995 STNTHIA .,, ......64 95 STHTHiA PROFESSIONAL..... 249 95 ULTIMATE SOUNDTRACKER ... 75 95 PROGRAMMING & UTILITIES AC BASIC 129 00 AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM,.. 37 46 AMIGA DOS TOOLBOX 39 95 ANTI VIRUS 75 95 AREXX 3? 95 XSSfMPRO ?| 95 ATALR ill .. 64 95 A2TEC C PROFESSIONAL .....179 95 BAUD BANDIT ....29.95 BENCHMARK C LIBRARY.....64.95 SENCRMAflK IFI LIBRARY . 64 95 BENCHMARK MODULA-2 .. 129 95 BENCHMARK SIMPLE LIBR 64 95 BENCHMARK SOURCE IYL 99 95 BOARD MASTER 64 95 CAPE 6BR ASSFM 70 5B47 CROSS DOS 19 95 BEYPAC AMIGA ASSEMBLR 59 95 DISK MECHANIC THE 5S95 atSK TO DISK ... 34.95 OISKMASTfP .3795 3QS TO DOS 37 95 BUNLAP UTILITIES 47 95 EXPRESS COPY ...79 95 f*CC II ...2I9J FINE PRINT .....4195 6FA BASIC 3 0 . ... 90 95 HISOFT BASIC RAOflSSN 103 96 INOVATOOISI 58 41 JIORTM PROFESSIONAL . 129 95 LATTICE T 504 SYS. . 179 00 LATTICE C** .. 299 95 MAC 7 DOS S3 95 MAGELLAN Yl I 167 95 ONLINE PLATINUM 54 95 DTGOSM DISASSEMBLER ... 43 95 PCLO . .149 95 PctO* PRNTD CUHCUIT 793 95 PIXELSCRIPT V I I 97 95 POWER WINDOWS 7 5 5B 95 PROJECT 0 31 95 OUARTEABACX 45 95 RAW COPT 13 3* 95 SCAHNEAY . 195 00 SKYLINE BBS VI 7 93 95 TELETUIOft .....19.95 SupraRam 2 Memory boards for the Amiga 2000 2MB expandable to SMB 4MB expandable to 8MB f" v . 0 Or DELUXE PRINT II ..... . .. 54 95 At GEIFLA II .. 37 48 DESIGNER DBASE BUS .. 45 95 ALGEBRA PLUS VOLUME 1. 31 9b DESIGNER QBA$ = HOME 1 75 95 Alt ABOUT AMERICA...... 38 95 OESKTOP BUDGET 45 95 ANIMAL KIRGDOM ...... 3216 DESSERTS COCKBOQA ...9 95 ARITHMETIC .... 3*95 EAST LEDGERS 189 95 BASIC GRAMME! SERIES 1995 EXCELLENCE 139 95 CALCULUS ...... 36 95 FAMILY TREE 32 45 CHICKEN LITTLE . 19 95 FLOW ... . 64 95 CLAS .. B4 95 FORMATION .. 45 95 CROSSWORD CREATOR..... ... 34 95 HOMEfRONT ..... 19 95 DECIMAL DUNGEON . 32.46 INVESTOR S ADVANTAGE 6195 DESCARTES .. 22 96 LOTTO PROS GENERATOR 1995 DESiCNASAURUS 32 46 MAIJPLAN PLUS 89 95 DINOSAUR DISCOVERY KT 77 95 MICROFICHE TILER PLUS 116 95 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 25 95 midi mice . 55 95 DISCOVER ALPHABET 14 95 MOMENTUM CHECK 19 95 DISCOVER CHEMISTRY 14 95 MOMENTUM Mall . .19 95 DISCOVER HISTORY GEO 14 95 NXG PLUS S I .... . 49 95 DISCOVER MATH .
14. 95 H0RGEN GENEALOGICAL . 6! 95 DISCOVER NUMBERS .... 14,95 flfuur viuvi ifinw Supra U1604 «mn add $ 60); (I copocxtifi avaiicWe-cafl. 20 Meg HD (4500 ver. With optional 2 Meat KAMI 1 479,00 2 Meg memoty hoard fpojudmed) for A500 only) * 299.00 GVP lAulobool wrth sockets for 2 Megs RAM) Impact A500-SCSI HD 20-20 Meg HD .....* $ 99.00 Impact A500-SCSI HD 30-30 Meg HD * 699.00 Impact A500-JCSI HD 40Q 42 ) Ims Quantum * 799.00 Import A500-SCJI HD 800 84 Iimi Quantum Ml99.00 Hardcards (include* year choice of GVP, Microbotks Hardfrnne, oi Supra WordSync hardcards Quantum 47 Meg 1 lm* HD . Quantum 84 Meg 11ms HD . .. Quantum 100 Meg 1 lms HD . A2OTQ Catsfr&iicrt: GVP SCSI*2 controller with sockets for 2 MB RAM GVP hordtard controller HC 0 _ Mkrobotfcs Hordframe horxtfotd Supra WprdSync hordtard ..... Floihcotd (soper special price! While supplies lost! * 149.00 A2000 fcacvable Mrdkt; GVP SyQuest removable 42 Meg HD * 995.00 HARDWARE AMAS MIDI SAMP A 1300 129 95 AMAS MIDI SAMPLER 129 95 AMFRISIAR ETHERN! 1 799 00 AmfG A TOSH 179 95 AMI6EN GENLOCK 99 95 amplified SPEAKERS 8195 v 695.00 M 095.00 M 195.00
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- OmiauaaiAS choice NCMESUILDERS LIB I K0MI6UILDEAS PRINT IMAGE LINA INTERACTOR INTERCHANGE INTERCHANGE TslVMOOl INT5AE0NTS..... INTRGCA3 INVISI0N FLJS 6195 6195 6195 34 95 15 95 7195 51 95 19 35 9 95 6195 90 95 46 95 5195 47 95 64 95 72 95 59 95 70 95 61 95 19 95 59 95 179 95 57 95 76 95 77 95 199 95 6195 32 46 19 95 77 95 49 95 195 00 MODELER 30 59 95 MOYTE SETTER ...... 6195 MQV1ECLIPS GENERAL 1 77 95 MY PAINT DATA DISK NT ...... 19 95 NEWSLETTER FONTS COIR 79 95 PAGE FtlPPER PLUS F X 103 95 PAGE PENCEP 33 94 95 PAGES1RM rONTS I 13 LA .... ?S 95 PAGES1REAM FONTS A C EA 76 95 PERfORMER |ELAH| ......3*95 PHOTON CELL ANIMATOR 99 95 PHOTON PAINT 7 0 99 95 PH0I0N PAINT EXP DSK 19 95 PHOTON TPAnSPGRT CON! 195 95 photon video eolp _3499s PIC-MAGIC PACKAGE ONE..... 64 95 PIXMATE ..... 45 95 APRO 0RAW I2it7 W CUA BAUD BANDIT MODEM CANON SCANNER II 12 CMI Ml31 1 |EXT| Cmi MULTIPORT BOARD CSI 3100 SILENT DRIVE CSI 5100 AUTOBOOT CRD DELUXE MIDI A5D0 7000 DESKJET 128K RAM CRTG DESKJET PLUS DIEIVIfW COLO 4 0 PAL DUAL SERIAL BOARD EISTL 500 TABLET HSU 1000 TABLET EASYl 2000 TASlET ECE MIDI IOOO ECE MIDI 500 2000 IIP IOOO IMB FOR A500 EiPBDOO- INTERNAL DC TUCK FIXTOGENlOCA TUUER FIXER I NAM!GRABBER 199 95 11995 1019 03 56 95 195 95 15900
99. 55 64 95 117 95 649 00 159 95 199 55 369 00 369 00 369 00 19 95 49 95 399 00 319 95 39 95 179 00 539 00 NUTRIIAA .37 95 PAGE SETTER II 84 95 P1GESTPEAM 13 ... 129 95 PEN PAL 89 95 PBAGAR 4.0 ...... 59 95 PBINTWASTER PLUS , 75 95 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES .... 38 95 PROFESSIONAL PAEE I 3 199 OD PROJECT MASTER 179 95 PR0SCRIPT 3795 PtOWRITE V7 5 79 95 RiClPE FAX 74 95 SCRIBBLE PLATINUM 97 95 SECURITIES ANALYST 49 95 SUPERBASE PERSONAL ..... 89 95 SUPEREASE PERSONAL 2 94 46 SUPERBASf PROf 3D ’09 95 SilPERPLAN 99 95 IARE STOCK 37 46 TAX BREAK £195 HUNKER 45 95 TOP FORM 64 95 TRANSCRIPT 45 95 VI0! MICE 55 95 DISCOVERY DATA EA 17 97 DISCOVERT W MATB ......75 00 DISCOVERY W SPELUNG 25 00 DISCRETE MrtHEMXTICS 35 95 DISTANT SUNS ......41 95 FIRST LETTERS 4 V70RDS 27 95 EIRST SNARES 27 95 FRACTION ACTION . 3? 16 GREAT STATES II 25 95 JNTELUTYPl 19 95 KI3IAH 7195 KINDI RAM* 3195 LEARNING THE ALPHABET 2195 LETTERS FDR TOU ... 25 95 LlNKWOftO DUTCH FRENCH GERMAN GREEK ITALIAN PORTUGUESE. RUSSIAN. SPANISH FI 2D 55 LITTLE flEO HEN . 19 95 LOTTO PRD5RAM 19 95 MAGICAL MYTHS 3195 MAGICIANS DUNGEON 77 95 MASTERING Cll .. 75 95 MATCH IT ..... 75 95 MATH MSGlCUN...... 77 95 MATH TALK 77 95 MATH TALK FRACTIONS 77 95 MATH WI7AR3 ..... 37 46 MATM AMATlON ..... 64 95 MAVIS BEACON TYPING ... 34 95 MOTHER GOOSE ...19 95 NUMBERS COUNT ...... 75 95 NURSERT RHYMES S10RT ,.19 95 OPPOSITES ATTRACT 75 95 PLANET PROBE ...... 19 95 PRE CALCULUS 38 95 PUNCTUATION SERIES .... 19 95 PU27H STORYBOOK 27 95 REACH I0R THE S14RS 27 95 READ A BYME...... 3195 READ A RAMA ... . . 31 95 Rfi AESOP S TABLES 19 95 flft three little bears 1995 RR THREE UTILE PlSS 19 95 RRUGLY OUCKLIHE 19 95 SMOOTH TaiKIR 33 95 SPELLBOUND 25 95 SPEUEP BEE 27 95 SPELLING IMPROVEMENT 25 95 TALES FROM ARABIAN NT 37 46 TALKING COLORING BOOK 10 95 THREE SEARS STORYBOOK 19 95 TRIGONOMETRY. . 35 95 TYPING TUTOR WAD IHV. 77 95 UNCLE D CONSNOTRAT10N 25 95 UNCLE OS DATA OSK I 19 95 VOCAB IMPNOV T8T0R 19 95 WORD MASTER 37 46 GAMES 1ST PERSON PINBALL 37 46 3D POOL 22 95 41H S INCHES CONSTPUC 9 95 BREAKING THE SPEED & PRICE BARRIERS! GVP 35Nth 1 68030 board1 *799 GVP JL3001 25MJtx *1030 68817 4Mk» Q -reil 32-bit BAM 32-bit UAZHC fAST HO caatruler *2495 Aho mvrnHMt with Qwrnrcnw I J«( WdnVei. (All fOUMBOS! PBO EONTS VOL 1 II EA 77 95 UlTRACARD 32 46 PPO VIDEO - FONTS 14 EA 8195 ULTRACARD PLUS . .. 8196 PRO VIDEO GOLD 19195 VIP VIRUS ... 32 45 PRO VIDEO PLUS 18195 virus PROTEcnooLsax 38 95 PROr FONT LIBRARY 18 95 VOREC ONE IIS 95 PROFESSIONAL DRAW 129 95 W SHELL 31 95 RESEP 54 95 WBEXTRAS 14 95 SCENE GENERATOR 25 95 WORKBENCH 1 3 7195 SEX FONTS 1 ..... . 19 95 X COPY VERSION 2 01 79 95 STABJHIPS 7050 SCULPT 3715 CENTAUR PUTS THE FUN IN FUNCTIONAL! STARSHIPS 7050 TstiU 37 16 STRUCTURED CLIP AFT 3*95 TALKING ANIMATOR THE . 35 95 TERRAIN FOR TUP6CSILV 19 95 TURBO SHYER 3 0 179 95 TV GRAPHICS 37*5 TV'SHOW ..... 6195 TV'TEXT PROFESSIONAL 109 95 ULTRA DESIGN ..759 95 VIDEO EFIICIS 3D 179 95 VIDEO PAGE B9 95 VIDEOSCAPE 3D 174 95 VIOEOTlUIR ...... 99 95 VlDGEN 10 93 95 ICAO DESIGNER . 94 95 KCAO PROFESSIONAL . 299 95 7UM1 FONTS I 4 PACK ... 6695 MUSIC AUDIOMASTER II 64 95 BARS AND PIPES 11995 DELUXE MUSIC 2 0 69 95 DR TS 1DPE0 LI* 92 95 DR TS BACHSONGBOOK 1196 DR T S COPYIST 155 38 DM T S COPTIST 59 95 DR T S COPTIST PHD! 159 95 OR T S C7 CARTRIDGE 6195 Bfl TS C2 RIDER 92 95 DR TS 0 110 EO LIS 92 95 3R T S 3 50 ED Lll . 92 95 DR T SDR DRUMS 1195 DR rs DR KEYS 17 95 DR T S 3X7 (0 LIB 92 95 DR T S E MU PROTEUS 97 95 DR T S ISQAPADE I 92 95 OR T 5 KAWAI K I 97 95 OR I'S KAWAI K 5 97 95 BRTSKCS 154 95 Digivicw Cold 4.0 *149 The ultimate video digitiser now got better, New 4096 catois-al-oncc in 640x400 resolution. DigiPainl 3 *64'* The Super Bundle '449
* fview Gold 4.0
• DigiPainl 3 • Panasonic ! 410 Video Camera with lens and cable • Special copy stand A6erc minus OigiPoint 3-‘399 CSI 5500 BoinaE Mouse (optical mouse) . Img
* 24.95
* 24.95
* 349
* 49.95 BUSINESS &
* 99.95 CSI 6600 Miniftax [1.8 Meg expansion fils in A501 slot) CALL Ctntaur World Atlas *39.95 QuotarSound Sound sampling software with unique "Aufoboot-o-playdisfc" function *39,95
B. A.D. disk oplimixer *32.46 Mypainl .... .... *32.47 Professional Techniques lor Dpoint 1)1 (VMS video) *24.95 (entsur Games; Leonardo or OsWald eo.) Xorron 2001 (available soon). Professional; Pro-Met or Pro-Boord(ea.) .. Special Blow-Out Salt; Forms In Flight II 3D modeling A onim. (rea. Si 79) C*Zor Casio CZ-1, 101, 1000 editor lib. (reg. SI99) *49.95 THE SILENT DRIVE WITH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE (up-to-500% SPEED INCREASE)! FUTUIfS: • CSI 1200 e dkkless • Smell xompoct design • Metal cose • Compatible with all Amiga computers • Low power consumption • Hinged dust xovtr • Drive disable switch • 1-year warranty. W ww ALSO AVAILABLE: CSI 2200 internal drive for AMIGA 2000- $ Q Q (1 fl 100% compatible with same mechanism as Commodore 2010 m 7 VV FRAMEGRABBFR 756 E“«' 599 00 VCR BRORSONlC 119 00 FUTURE SOUND 500 9195 YI3TECH SCANLOCK 919 00 GEN ONE GENLOCK 739 00 1 SPECS 30 99 95 GYPAUIOBOOI EPROM 79 95 ZOOM 2400 BAUD MODEM 139 95 GVP SYQUEST CARTRIDGE GYP Wl 150 TAPE DRIVE 99 00 799 00 GRAPHICS IMG SCAN 530 7000 109 95 JD OPTIONS ... 3715 INTRUDER ALERT 11995 ACAD TRANSLATOR 13995 LASERJET IIP 995 00 AEGIS OHAw 2000 179 95 LASfAJE! UP TONER C 79 95 AIRCRAFT PICS 32 45 LENS I6MM NO IRIS 73 95 ANALYTIC ART 37 95 LENS I6MM W lAlS 54 95 ANIMAGIC 64 95 LIVE' 1030 7 TO 00 ART GALLERY | & 2 75 95 LIVE* 7000 349 00 ART GALLERY FANIASY 23 38 LIVE'503 319 00 BROADCAST TITLER 194 95 MAC EPFQMS I78K 149 95 BUTCHER 7 3 25 95 MICRO MESS 99 95 C LIGHT 38 95 MICRO! RUP M BRD SIMM 114 95 CAD PARTS 4 INTROCAQ IS 95 MICROS BUR OIPP W OK 174 95 CALT6ARI CONSUMER 154 95 MIDGET RACER 349 95 CALLIGRAPHER 34 95 MIDI GOLD 500 84 95 EHQH3MAP 37 95 MIDI GOLD INSIDER . 88 47 CHRISTMAS PICS 74 95 MINIGEN GENLOCK 194 95 CHROMA PAINT 51 95 MINIGEN PAL GENLOCK 194 95 CUP ART *1 1 EA 1295 MINIMICS A5DD 5I7R 799 00 COMIC SETTER 61 95 MINIMUS A5DD IMB 399 00 COMlCSETIER FUNN10A1A 25 95 MINIMEES A5DD 2Mj 549 00 COMICSETIER HERO DAIA 25 96 ANNOUNCING: THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS VIP CLUB JOIN TODAY AND YOU WILL BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR: 5% off on all software (discounted fiom our already SUPER-LOW prices). ¦ Incredible SAVINGS on many hardware items. ¦ A FREE newsletter subscription to "The Creative Edge.” £3 A FREE Creative Computers Amiga T-Shirt. ¦ PRIORITY handling of YOUR orders. ¦ PRIORITY notification on all SPECIAL DEALS, BLOW-OUT SPECIALS, and CLEARANCE ITEMS. ¦ FREE UPS second day shipping on software orders over SI00 (within the continental United Stoles). A one-year membership costs you Only S50. You can save many limes that amount with just one order!! To enroll, coll our toll-free number today with your credit Card number handy. BEFORE YOU BUY A HARD DRIVE-READ THIS! Get a 40MB or BOMB Quantum HD with 11 mi access and a GVP 75Mhi 63030 cord HD controller |lransmils data to the hard drive in 32-bit rhunks other controllers are limited to 16-bit wide daia , lor a lew hundred dollars mote than a regular drivel And, you save on expansion slot' Plus, you ran lalet upgrade the card to an A300I. GVP 25Mhx 030 - 400 $ 1245 GVP 25Mhx 030•80Q S169S (lithcr of the above with 68882 protestor add $ 330) HOW TO GIT A FREE MEMBERSHIP Order from Creative Computers before June 1990 with an order totaling $ 400 or more in software oafy, or an order totaling $ 1400 or more of any pradutf(s). You will receive o free membership in Creative Computers' VIP Club a 550 valve!!! Creative Computers' VIP Club could save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on future orders. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER TODAY! MINIMEGS AI000 5I7K 799 00 COMICSETTER SI DATA 25 95 MINIMEGS AIDED IMB 399 00 DELUXE HELP DPAINT 3 21 81 MINIMI[S ATOBO 7MB 549 00 DELUXE MAPS 16 95 NEC 1C SILENT ARITTFF 3195 00 DELUXE PAINT III 99 95 NEC MULTISYNC II* 599 00 DELUXE PHOTO LAB 99 95 VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. WE CAD BEAT AMY ADVERTISED PRICE! BUT WE SELDOM HAVE TO-OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST! (IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE OH AH ITEM, GIVE US A CALL.) 25 95 25 95 25 95 16 95 32 46 24 95 25 95 2195 32 46 2B95 25 95 25 95 25 95 22 95 32 46 34 95 1995 14 95 27 95 27 95 22 95 1995 25 95 25 95 32 46 41 95 30 95 32 46 22 95 29 95 32 46 1495 45 95 25 95 32 46 22 95 1995 19 95 1995 9 95 25 95 31 95 34 95 27 00 PACLAND . PACMANIA PALADIN ...... PALADIN QUEST OSK I P4PERB0Y PERSIAN GULF INFERNO PERSONAL NIGHTMARE PHANTASIES PCTIONARY . P PE DREAM PJINET OF LUST ...... P3CKET HOCKETS P3C0MAN ..... P3KER SOLITAIRE POLICE QUEST POPULOUS ... POPULOUS DATA DISK *1 P31TS OF CALL . F3WERDR0ME PRO TENNIS TOUR PROF FOOTBALL SIM fHX RAMBO III RAMPAGE ...... REAL GHQSTBUSTERS RED LIGHTNING REEL FISHIN RICK DAVIS S SOCCER RINGSIDE BOXING ROBOCOR ..... ROCKET RANGER ROCKFORD ... ROMANCE OF 3 KINGDOMS ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER RUNNING MAN .. KVF HONDA ..... SCENERY DISK »J 9 IT EA SCENERY DISK W EUROPE SCENERY DISK JAPAN SECRETS DUNGEON MASIA SEI YIIENS IROM SPACE SHADOW GATE SHADOW OF THE BEAST SHERLOCK .... 4 ividA 1 | A t
* *£ ¦ 1 24 95 19 95 19 95 379 00 769 CO 66 95 159 00 48 95 29 95 6 95 6 55 4 99 5 99 . 23 95 . 29 95 18 95 29 95 64 95 54 55 17 95 49 95 29 55 B9 95 19 95 12 95 22 95 20 95 32 46 S 95 1095 26 95 29 95 1095 32 95 26 95 14 55 49 95 1195 195 1195 195 1195 14 95 8 96 12 95 13 95 2295 32 16 3216 38 95 29 95 25 95 29 95 25 95
32. 46 3? AC
32. 46 24 95 25 95 23 95 25 95 5 00
19. 95 3b 95 32 46 25 « 25 91 22 95 29 95 34 95 2295 2595 1195
13. 95
41. 95 29 95 29 95 32 46 35 95 23 95 32 46 2! 95 32 46 . 22 95 . 25 97 . 25 95 38 95 32 46 25 95 25 95 32 46 AMAX Emulator >139 Mac mi (PROMS *l4t AMIG-a-TOSH BOOK floppy disk drive.....*179 COMPLETE PACKAGE! All the above only *429 t 95 14 95
49. 95 .. 12 95 CALL 14 95 T95 G4 95 IT 95 45 95 1695 62 95 29 95 69 95 I 50 6495 2195 1095 1395 ALLSOP QISKflLE 30 ALLSOP OISKEILE BO AUTO QROIQ BOSS JOYSTICK .. CABLES ALL ASSORTED CLEANING KIT LARGE CLEANING KIT SMALL COPY CAMERA ST1N0 crystal clear ilrso DATA IRANSIER SWITCH DESKJET ILK CARTRIDGE DESKJET COURIER FONTS DESKJET OUST COYER Olfil OROIO diskette 35 osoo DISKETTES 50 RKCK DUAL GUN ADAPTER DUAL JOYSTICK ACAPTQfl DUST COVER A1003 S MON RITfl717 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3 Tht BIST in DTP soflwcrt. F40 PURSUIT .... FAERTTALEadventure . FAERYTAlE GUIDEBOOK ... FALCON FALCON MISSION DISK _ FEDERATION .... FERRARI FORMULA ONE FIENDISH FREDDY S . FIGHTER BOMBER ...... FIRE H FORGET FIRE-BRIGADE .. FIREPOWER ..... FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ..... GAMES WINTER EOITIQH 1195 3595 9995 1095 FOUR PLAYER ADAPTER GRAVES ADVANCES STICK GRAVIS HOUSE STICK JOYSTICK Y ADAPTER 5179 LATTICE C 1H» tlondardC language lor th« Amiga. BUBBLE SCBBLE ..... CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA GAMES .... CAPONE .... CAPTAIN FIZZ CARRIER COMMAND CASINO FEVER __ CENTFREOIC SQUARES CHESSMASTER 2000 CHINES! CHISS CHRONO QUEST 22 95 .. 14 95 .. 29 95 .. 25 95 .. 19.95 .. 24 95 .. 25 95 .1995 32 46 2! 95 33 95 SHOUT EM UPCONSIRUC 5HUFFLEPUCK CAFE SIDE APMS .... SIDESHOW ..... SILENT SERVICE SIMPTY SIMCITY TERRAIN EDIT SKYFQA II SOLITAIRE ROTAL SPACE ACE SPACE HARRIER SPACE QUEST SFACE QUEST 1611 HINT SPACE QUEST II .. SPACE QUEST III .. SPACE QUEST III HINT SPEED BUGGY SPEEDBALL ... SPHEAICAL SPITTING IMAGE STAR COMMAND STAR WARS . STAR WARS TRILOGY STARFLEET I .... STARFLIGHT .... STAHGLJCER II ... STELLAR CONFLICT STELLAR CRUSADE . . . STOCK MARKET THE GAME STREET CAT...... STRIP POKER DATA «4 STRIP POKER DATA »5 STRIP POKER II STRYX . STUNT CAR RACER STUNT TRACK RACER SUMMER CHALLENGE SUPER CAPS SURER HANG ON SUPERSTAR ICE HOCKEY SWORO OF SQDAN SWOROS OF TWILIGHT TACl TABLE TENNIS T«NK ATTACK 1ARGHAN IAP0T MASTER TECHNOCOP TEENAGE QUEEN TESTQBIVE 11 TETRIS THREE STOOGES THUNDER 9LA0E TOM S JERRY TRUMP CASTLE TURBO TURBO OUTRUN TV SPOHTS FOOTBALL ULTIMA III ... ULTIMA IV ULTIMATE HINT KIT II UMS CIVIL WAR QATADSX UMS VIETNAM DISK 2 UNIVERSAL MILITARY sm VEGAS GAMBLER VIDEO VEGAS VINDICATORS VIRUS |GAME] VULCAN TUNISIAN CAMP WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH WEIRD DREAMS City cated and powerful 3D animation and ray-tracing soft- n9 ware avai fable on ANY PERSONAL COMPUTER! IT'S ALSO THE EASIEST TO USE! 599,95 '-¦3 11 !•* ilA 32 45 32 45 32 46 32 46 32 46 32 46 22 95 32 46 25 35 NORTH AND SOUTH NUCLEAR WAR OMEGA OMNI PLAY BA5KIIBALl ONSLAUGHT DOZE CAEEPT HITES OPERATION WOLF OUT RUN POW e*1 AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Exp. Date _ SANTA MONICA: 318 Wilshire fllwrf., Santa Manna, CA 90401. Luej.-Sat. 51-7 p.m. Sun. ! 1-5 p.m. 213-394-7779. LAWNDAlf 4 SOUTH BAT; 4453 Rtdondo Beo(h 8l*d., lown- dole, CA 90260. Mon.-Sni. 11-7 p.m. 213-S42-2792. ' INTUITA, OXNARD 4 SANTA BARBARA: 21T 2 I. Thompson Dr.. Ventura, CA 93001. Tuei.-Sol. 11-7 p.m. 805-652-0325. CUSTOMER SERVICE: tor teih juppoil tall 213-542-2292 from 11 o.m. to 7 p.m. PST. ¦5HIPPHBO INFO: No runhaige for Vita MoHtfCoid, 4% iut- (harge for American Expren; 1‘c iui(Karge for Diuover. Shipping within the continental United Slater (at software orders aver SI00 U.S.. is fREE. Call for all other thipping information. Educational, corporate ond aerospace purchase orders accepted. 4(TURN POLICY: Call Customer Serene at (213) 214-0000 lor elurn authorisation. All returns without aulhonjation number RMA= will be refused. Returned products must be in original condition and packaging and be sent bark within 30 days ol aur invoice dote. No refunds, pleose. Defective product eichanges only. We moke no guarantees lot product performance. Exchanges with unlike products ore at our option ond subject ro o 20"-: restocking fee. CONDITIONS: Prices ond availability of products ote sublet to :hange without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS: Send money oideri or cashiers check lor Init service. 'Personal checks up to 10-doys to cleat., Include: nome, address ond telephone number no P.O. boxes, pleasej. Address. Call for exact shipping rales. INTERNATIONAL ORDERING POLICIES (except Canada, FPO, APO):fer VISA and MasterCard orders you must fox or moil
o copy of your credit cord (front and back). This is required far your first order only. INTERNATIONAL TOLL-FREE PHONE NUMBERS: Orders only please. Minimum order lor (onada 5100 all other international countries 5200. Canada 1-800-548-2517,- Italy 1678-74086; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178, frame 19-0590-1099,- Australia 0014-800-125-712; Switcerland 046-05-34 20. CREATIVE COMPUTERS is both ? Mail order company with a store s support and three stare showrooms with mail order prices. Visit one of our showrooms today. You'll be amazed! I RETAIL SHOWROOM LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU! From MICROSPEED
• Unique drag lock feature with LID indicator.
• Requires no tteoning.
* Uses 1 3rd the desk space of o mouse.
- Sc»¥®3tL
• t.vrMrt’V*'r -- QTY. PRODUCT NAME UNIT PRICE TOTAL SHIPPING METHOD: ? UPS ground ? UPS Blue C Federal Express D Other ------ SALES TAX (a. RES. ONLY) SHIPPING TOTAL HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM; Use out TOLL-FREE telephone numbers or this order form. (Pleose xerox this order form and keep the original for future use.)
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4. Mail this order form to Creative Computers, 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., lawndale, CA 90260. Send ctieck, money order or credit card information. Please do not send cash. ? YES1 I'd like to join the CREATIVE COMPUTERS VIP CLUB. C Enclosed is my $ 50. C I am ordering $ 400 or more in software for a FREE membership. G I am ordering $ 1400 or more in product for a FREE membership. ? I would also like to order the following products: reative METHOD OF PAYMENT: ? Check ? Money Order ? Visa ? MasterCard U American Express ? Discover KALIMAH TEAK 60 (HSR KEYBOARD SKIN K5Q0 KEYBOARD SKIN AIOOC LASERJET IIP Imi EAR LASERJET IIP 2Mi t*P LASERJET IIP TRAY LGL LASERJET IIP TAAY LTR LIGHT GUN PHASAR MOUSE MASTER MOUSE MATS ..... MOUSE WASH OKIMATE BLACK RIBBON . OKIMATE COLOR RIBBON . PAINTJET 6LK CARTHlBG PAINIJET COLOR CA1RDG PAINTJET CUT PAPER PAINTJET OUST COVER PAINTJET PRINTR STAND PAINIJET TRANS FILM PAINTJET Z IQLO PAPER POWER BASE POWER PROTECTOR PLUS POWER SUPPET SUNTAON POWERPLATERS JOYSTICK guiCKSHQt II PLUS . SONY COLOR OlSKEITES SORT DISK 10 PACK STAR CURSOR JOYSTICK STAR NX 1000 RIBBON STAR RAINBOW RIIIQk SURGE WASTER SWITCH BOX Al TAC 2 JOYSTICK TEAK TECH 120 TEAK TECH 60 ...... WINNER JOYSTICK ZOBMEH JOYSTICK ...... COMPUTERS ENROLLMENT & ORDER FORM CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card State Zip Customer tt_ Nome . Address Phone 8 ( Signature __ WHAT’S NEW? In Spring, a young man’s fancy turns to rescuing princesses in role-playing adventures. Compiled by Carla Barker and Jan Jackson ADD PHOTOGRAPHS, drawings, logos, and other hi-res graphics to your documents willi the 400-dpi Hand Scanner ($ 399), a hardware software combination. The unit features a scan-speed indicator, four adjustable resolutions, and a four-inch scanning window. Three dither patterns allow for color and half-tones. Touch-Up, a monochrome image editor, offers virtual-page memory management for images of almost any size and includes a paint program and special effects. Your publishing exploits begin by seeking out MiGraph (200 S. 333rd, Ste. 220, Federal Way, WA 98003, 206 838- 4677, 800 223-3729). RS 502. Desktop Extravaganza Galiya Ornamented, Kooper Black, and Plaebill Fonts, a new line of profes- Blue Chip Tips INVESTORS AND TRADERS, you can analyze stocks, options, commodities, and market indices with MicroTrader (SI95). Update your portfolio either automatically from commercial data services or by sional fonts for use with Page- Stream (Soft-Logik), may be just the thing you arc looking for to brighten up that'well- written but otherwise mundane newsletter. Each contains keying in price quotations manually. Charts display highs, lows, closes, volumes, or complete market action. To measure relative strength to market or industry parameters, monitor momentum rates a minimum of 184 characters. Dennis Palumbo (104 Barrymore Blvd., Dept. B, Franklin Sq., NY 1 1010, 516 535-7316) can help fill in the spaces. RS 503. Of change, and follow linear regression and price trends, invest a dime and call Micro- Active Inc. (7831 Bodinier Ave,, Anjou, Quebec, Canada, H1K IC2, 514 355-8503). RS 504. Long Distance Runner IF YOU’RE IN (lie market for a turn-key hard-drive system, catch up with File Runner. The A2000 hard card conies with a 3Vo-inch drive installed and formatted just plug it in to autobool with Kickslart 1.3 on board. For your A500 or A1000, t lie external version encloses one or two drives, comes with a power supply and a pass-thru adaptor with a bus driver. Choose either the heavy-duty or flat version, ac- j «• cording to your needs. For pricing and configuration information, get in touch with Brespect Technics Inc. (PC) Box 670, Station I I, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2M6, 514 954-1483). Pre’spect’s Alf 2.6 software update means new features for Alf-AF-SCSI controller owners: Add Hp lets you back up your hard disk to floppy and vice versa without an external drive: Frame Backup lets you copy the rigid hoot block to a separate floppy, so if your hard disk crashes, you will not have to reformat. RS 505. And Then Some
F. VKN BERGMAN FILMS begin with a Title Page. Your masterpiece can, too, with a professional tilling package and brush manipulator by the same name. A tiller, ioni manager, script viewer, effects editor, pattern editor, copper list modifier. And aslidc-show maker arc included. 1 itle Page lets you load and save IFF pictures, supports Arexx, and provides a spare screen so you can create 011 one and test mi another. The pattern and efleci.s editors let you produce a slew of special elici ts. Begin on an even keel with the old master and set sail for New Dawn technologies (2354 Cote St., Catherine, Montreal. Quebec. Canada HAT 1A9. 514 340-9244). US *506, Where in Europe is Carmen San- diego? ($ 49.95}. Thai is what vou need to find out in the latest addition to the popular Carmen series. To assist in vour sleuthing, a Crimcstnpper’s Notebook. Factfinder’s Database, and Rand Mi Nallv adas complete the package. Pick up Car- +- THE TOP 10 ? 131 PacMan ’87 Great graphics and sound. Adds new elements to the Pac Man game. Saves a top 10. ? 200 SMS A fantastic educational disk for the whole family. Practice math, spelling, and geography. ? 165 Wheel of Fortune Play against the computer. Has the elements of the TV show including Vanna! Quality User j Supported Software works with all Amiga W systems ? 37 Business Programs Includes a label printer, a talking mail list manager, and an address book program. ? 27 Amoeba Invaders Much better than Space Invaders! ? 140 Virus Killers Everyone needs this disk. It's easy to detect and eliminate known viruses. ? 115 Wrordwright A great word processor! ? 182 Six Pack A collection of two-player games including Word Boggle, Word Scramble, and Hangman. ? 207 Sonix 2 A collection of popular music hits including “Thriller" and “Grapevine" 240 Chess See if you can beat your computer! ? THE BEST OF THE REST ANIMATIONS ? 144 Christmas Animations Ten beautiful scenes. ? 224 New Movie 11 A collection of short animations including Jessica (From Who Framed Roger Rabbit). SLIDE SHOWS ? 1 Norman Rockwell Seventeen beautilul Norman Rockwell paintings in a self-running slide show presentation. ? 198 Space This disk includes a slideshow from NASA of the Space Shuttle and also a slideshow of planets. BUSINESS & HOME FINANCE ? 106 Home Inventory-Two programs that keep track of all your family's property and possessions. ? 152 Mail Manager-Complete package 1or maintaining a mailing list and printing mailing labels. ? 164 Bank’n Keep your checking account in perfect balance. One of the many fine Hal Carter programs that we carry. ? 169 Ledger An easy to use general ledger. G 237 Credit Card Record Keeps a complete record of all your credit card accounts. UTILITIES ? 97 Tutorial Disk 1 Full of info and programs tor Amiga programmers and Power Users. ? 132 Video Maker Utilities A collection of utilities to make your desktop videos more professional looking. G 133 AmigaDOS Helper Helps you to use AmigaDOS commands (and therefore your Amiga) more effectively. ? 220 ICONomy Package Design and manage icons. ? 222 CL1 Wizard-Have a CL1 at the push of a button. ? 226 Assorted Tools includes Blanker 2 (a screen saver) and FlameKey (a password security utility). TELECOMMUNICATIONS ? 235 Access 1.4 Access any bulletin board with a modem and this program! Also includes Pkax, a lile archiving utility. GAMES ? 102 Sinking Island An excellent adventure game! ? 118 Great Graphic Games You'll have hours of fun playing Missile Command. Breakout, and more! ? 121 Backgammon A great version by David Addison. ? 122 Solitaire Two excellent solitaire games. ? 123 Cribbage Now you can play anytime you want. ? 124 Milestone Computer version of Miles Bournes. ? 125 Othello Try this great 3-D game. ? 127 Wheel of Fortune Another excellent computer version of Wheel of Fortune. This one speaks! ? 128 Space Games An Asteroids game and Gravity War make this a disk you don’t want to missf ? 137 Blackjack A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting and doubfe-down. Also Vegas Slots. ? 139 Bull Run-Great Civil War strategy game. ? 142 Q-Bert A really fun version of the favorite arcade game. Plus lots of other great games. ? 148 Boulder Dash A very popular game with excellent graphics and ascending levels of difficulty. ? 151 MAXIT This is a math strategy game that you can play against a friend or your computer. G 156 Fly Snuffer Score points by spraying flies with bug spray. Get even with those pesky critters! ? 158, 159 Sinking Island II A great adventure game with graphics. The game has four map scenes, underground chambers, and much more. Written by a great Amiga programmer, our friend, Terry Fike. (2 Disks) ? 161 Sorry Amiga version of the classic board game. ? 162 Video Poker-Like the casino poker machines. ? 171 Escape from Jovi An exciting, fast-action arcade game with different levels and effects. Fantastic graphics and sounds. (Requires a Joystick) ? 177 Kamikaze Chess-Chess with a twist! You win by losing all your pieces. Play a friend or the computer. G 180, 181 Star Trek-A TREKies dream. Excellent sound and graphics. Requires 1 megabyte of RAM. (2 Disks) ? 195 Tiles Match the tiles to clear the screen. A game with nice graphics that is very addictive! ? 210 Gamelime Games to give you many happy hours. Includes Super Breakout and Orbit, a space game. ? 216 Chinese Checkers-Great color and graphics. Allows up to six human and computer players. ? 223 Conquest A space strategy game. You battle against the computer to conquer and colonize planets. ? 230 Dad Puzzle This graphic puzzle is a real brain teaser! I couldn’t solve the puzzle, but I did enjoy the included solution, a slideshow with music! MUSIC & SOUNDS n 18 Future Sound Demo A sample of digitized sounds including “The Wicked Witch,” “Breaking Dishes," “Car Crash,” and “Sea Gulls." ? 77-Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments and play it like a piano! ? 206 Sonix 1 Great songs created with Sonix. Includes "Maniac” and “Let the Music Play.” MISC APPLICATIONS ? 110 Potpourri VI Among the included programs is Amiga Spell, a spell checker. ? 134 Applications 1 Included are a mail label printing program and a grocery shopping list program. ? 146 Calendar-Excellent personal calendar and reminder. Keeps track of appointments, birthdays, etc. ? 170 Bowling League Secretary Keeps all your league’s records. Can print standings, averages, etc. Other Products Amiga Joystick the Kraft ACE Only $ 9.95 each (2 for $ 15.95 Disk Holder-Holds 40+ 31 2" Amiga Disks-Only $ 9.95 each! Disk Drive Cleaning Disk Vital maintenance Only $ 5.95 each! SONY Blank Disks- 10 for $ 9.90-Only 99C each! 25 for $ 21.25 Only 85C each! 50 for $ 39.50 Only 79C each! 100 for $ 75.00-Only 75C each! , Each Buy 5-14 Disks ' Each Buy 15 or more Disks 7 1 Each Buy 1-4 Disks Name. Disks. So Easy to Use
3. 00 Address. ? Shipping U.S. Canada 5.00 Foreign 7.00 ? No computer experience necessary ? Instructions with each order ? Support Line: 503-826-7679 State. Zip. City. Phone (. ? COD 4.00
U. S. only So Easy to Order A FREE Membership A FREE 800 for Orders A Same day shipping. A UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it now! A FREE Catalog A Your satisfaction guaranteed Visa MC ? UPS 2nd Day
3. 00 U.S. only Exp. Date. S. TOTAL S. Signature. ? Send Catalog ? Check MO ? Visa MC Software Excitement!
P. O. Box 5069 • Central Point. OR 97502 ORDER TODAY 1-800-444-5457 503-826-7679 Foreign Orders Fiqfri Op tons ¦ill* n tn fwsutien Dtaplity Hir m tii I'uilo TiaPApnw Turn your Amiga into a powerful new instrument with HyperchordM, the dynamic riff sequencer. Create themes, from simple scale runs to complex "Riff Waves ' using original Hg functions such as Smear, Rotate, Weave, Reverse, and Mix. Change pitch, speed, rhythm, harmonies and The Hype'chord Play Screen orchestration. For intense riffing, switch between 60 user-defined scale modes and 40 rhythms, or employ unique cyber-musical tools such as Holistic Play and Vector Play. Store for real-time playback or record performance. Disk includes three Hyperchord utilities: Mode Maker, Rhythm Maker, and Holistic Window. Pixound] M is new kind of musical instrument as well as a powerful MIDI controller (uses Amiga sounds too). Load up any graphic image or use Pixound's screen generators. Invent a new instrument with Detail Irom Roy Lichtenstein ft "Woman Sitting On a Ctialf" 6V6ry SCTCen, then play it with the mouse. Create shimmering bursts of notes or slow, lyrical harmonies with the touch of a key. Save your work either as a musical sequence or a screen - or both. Great fun for the beginner; endless challenge for the virtuoso. Hologramophone Research 6225 S.W. 145th Street Miami, Florida 33158 men’s trail at Broderbund Software (17 Paul Dr., San Rafael CA, 94903-2101, 415-492-3200). US *517. KCS 3.0 and Level II 3.0 sequencer upgrades are available from Dr. Ts Music Software (220 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, MA 02167, 617 244-6954). The stepped- up versions feature Multi-Program Environment (M PH) real-time data sharing and interaction, plus a MIDI mixing program. Improved synchronization and chase time, and controller chasing. For pricing and a complete list of features, tune in to Dr. Ts. For beginning electronic mucisians, Dr. Ts Tiger Cub ($ 99) offers 12-track tape-recot del-style sequencing, and the Quick Score module for automatic scoring, transcription, and single-track or full-score printing. MPE capabilities, a conductor track with real-time tempo drawing, and multiple time signatures are also included. US 5 5()L Natural Graphics (PO Box 1963, Rocklin, CA 95677, 916 624-1436) has revised its fractal landscape generator and released Scene Generator 2.04 (S39.95) for use as painting and animation backgrounds or just for fun. The program’s revamped landscape calculations accompany a save option. You can save images in 320x200 (non overscan). 352x240 (overscan for use with Electronic Arts's Deluxe Paint II), or 384x240 (overscan commonly used for video). RS * 55 . Microleague Sports introduces those beefy World Wrestling Federation characters to Amiga gamesters. WWF MicroLeague Wreslling ($ 39.95) sports simulation offers a strategic challenge. Watch your favorite WWF stars act out your instructions and see actual WWF footage of interviews and ringside commentaries, Hulk, Roddy, and the gang await your command at MicroLeague Sports Association (2201 Drummond Plaza. Newark. I)E 19711-5711, 302 368-
9990) . RS 5 3. II you would rather spend more time on applications than installing programs on your hard drive, take a look at Hard Disk Slammer ($ 34.95) from Zammoth Software (3533 W. Fourth, Mansfield, OH 44903, BBS line: 419 529-8422). The utility promises to speed and simplify the process, and you need not tie familiar with DOS to take advantage of it, says Zammoth. RS 552. New International Version Bible scholars, take note of two new study tools: The Context Bible NIV formatted for use with Thinker hypertext program (Poor Person Software) lets you jump anywhere within the text by clicking on book, chapter, and verse. You can insert your own notes and link them to references, outlines, and charts. Neuralink, PO Box 16311. Lubbock, TX 79490, 806 793-
0123. RS 55?. EasyScriptl’s (10006 Covington Dr., Huntersville, AL 35803,205 881 -6297) Bible Reader! NIV ($ 74.95) offers Bible text lilts in ASCII format, and features prim, save, and search functions. RS 507. Step into the cockpit of A-10 Thunderbolt 11. An indestructible ground support plane, in Dvnamix’s action simulation A-10: Tank Killer ($ 49.95). Joined by a wise-cracking co-pilot, ground troops, and your C.O. hack at the base, you intercept radio messages and face hidden challenges, distress calls, and surprise attacks in the midst of a raging battle. You are David Wolf: Secret Agent ($ 49.95) chosen to infiltrate Viper, the international crime force holding the US stealth fighter and its designer hostage. You must battle the Viper forces in hang- glider combat, car chases, anti skydiving free-fall. Get your orders from Dynamix HQ (99 W. 10th Suite 337, Eugene. OR 97401, 503 343-0772) for either lank Killer or David Wolf. RS 5 6. Your Amiga can emulate a CCHT Group 111 fax machine with a little help from MichTron (3285 Lapeer Rd. W.. Auburn Hills. MI 48075.313 377-8998). Fast Fax ($ 699.95), which connects through the RS-232C port, features a 1000 address phone book, an IFF to Epson Converter, and lets you view incoming pages on screen before printing. RS 5(AV. Animate your DigiPaint 3 (NewTek) HAM images with Digimate 3 ($ 39.95) from Mind ware (110 Dunlop St. W.t Box 22158, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 5R3, 705 737-5998). The program, which requires Arexx to operate, allows you to open, modify, and play Anim format animations interactively. With a click of the mouse, Digimate 3‘s ANIM processing capability formats animations automatically so you can convert your entire creation between color and black and white, HAM and overscan, or Deluxe Paint II! (Electronic Arts) animation and VideoScape (Oxxi) format. RS If 510. In Day of the Viper ($ 49.95) you pilot the attack robot Viper-5 through a 25-level defense installation controlled by a hostile cyborg. Once inside, you must locate and reactivate the installation's security defense. To overthrow' the cyborg and his hostile followers, contact Accolade (550 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite
200. San Jose, CA 95128. 408 985-1700). RS 57 .5. Lead the eight Companions of the Lance on an action-filled quest to rescue the princess in Dragons of Flame ($ 39.95). Ally with mysterious elves, sneak through Sla-morian caves, and free captives of evil dragons. Begin this Strategic Simulations adventure by contacting Electronic .Arts (1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171, 800 245-4525. RS §519. ¦ THE COMPUTER DEAL (F THE DECADE “S> ATHOUSAND PLUS ATHOUSAND GETS YOU AN AMIGA 2000. Between now and April 30, Commodore is offering an incredible trade-up offer to all Amiga 1000 owners. By bringing your A1000 computer in to any participating Authorized Commodore Dealer, you can save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars on the CPU of your choice from our powerful Amiga 2000 series. Here’s how it works: YOUR TRADE-IN LETS YOU RETAIL YOU PLUS CASH BUY VALUE* SAVE A1000 + $ 2999 A2500 $ 4699 $ 1700 A1000 + $ 1599 A2000HD $ 2699 $ 1100 A1000 + $ 999 A2000 $ 1895 $ 900 Don’t miss this special opportunity to become an Amiga 2000 owner. Commodore will be introducing many new exciting technologies for the Amiga 2000 series in the 1990’s, and we want you to be able to take advantage of them all. Call 800-343-9595 for the Authorized Commodore Dealer nearest you. But call soon. The offer ends April 30 - and this may very well be your last chance to get such a deal on an Amiga 2000. AMIGA THE COMPUTER FOR THE CREATIVE MIND' C=Commodore® Circle l.i on Reader Service Card ‘ Maiuifrctuitrs suKsesied ret.nl price Taxes not indutlei: C 1S9U ConimodoTV Electronics. Ltd. Commodore and die Commodore logo an.- registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics. I.td Amiga is a registered trademark of C >mm *k>re-Amiga, Inc m AMIGA! THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA” PRODUCTS HARDWARE... HARDWARE.., HARDWARE... HARDWARE Supra Corporation .99 Call ...Call ..Call Sale! M In Stock i In Stock1 129 249 78 239 .99 159 Call 239 669 899 999 469 49 ELECTRONIC ARTS SPECIAL Buy Deluxe Paint III for S99 P Get 2 FREE Data Disks! Buy Deluxe Video III for S106 Get a FREE Deluxe Photolab! Buy Puffy’s Saga for $ 29 P Get a FREE T-SHIRT! Buy Pro Tennis Tour for $ 31 Get a FREE Can of Tennis Balls! 199 6 ...7 219 365 PANASONIC Ht* WV1500 Camera In Slock' WV1410 Camera Lens .. 239 Variable Ins Lens.....79 11801 Printer ..Call 11911 Printer ...... Call 1124 Printer Call PASSPORT DESIGN Hi*! MIDI Interface Call 31 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS WE WILL NOT HC2 40MB Hard Card: $ 669 BE UNDERSOLD HC2 100MB Hard Card: $ 999 0N GVP! 68030 28Mhz: $ 779 68030 28Mhz with 882 and 4MB: $ 2,199 2400 Baud Modem with Cable Internal for A2000 - $ 129 “Diga!” for $ 29 with modem (while they last!) Prices include shipping in U.S. ORDER BY 1 PM PST AND RECEIVE YOUR ORDER THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY
• Software Rates: S7 for first two items, S3 for each additional
• Continental U.S. only C.O.D. available • Low hardware rates available • Call for complete details - not available to all areas. GO AMIGA = BLES AIRBORNE! L ASQUARED Live - A1000 S259 Live - A500 345 Live - A2000 .. Call ANAKIN Easy I - A1000 .... 369 Easyl - A500 ...... 359 Easyl - A2000 .....399 APPLIED VISIONS FulureSound (A1Q0Q).... 144 H&* FulureSound A500 200Q 95 ASDG H«*! JX-100 Scanner w SW.. 899 Multi Port Serial Card ...Call Hi*! ScanlaO .Call CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-880 3.5' Drive 127 CITIZEN He*! 24-Pm Color Printer ... . Call COMMUNICATION SPECIALTIES Gen One Lowes CSA Hw Midget Racer ..... .HOT Uow 100% compatible with games1 DIGITAL CREATIONS SuperGen ...... 644 iSuperGen SC Call Ht*! SuperGen 2000S ...... Call tieiv products coming soon! ECE MIDI tor A500 A1000 A2000 ...,.58 EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES Tool Box ..tn Stock' Nnl A500 Power Supply . 94 GO AMIGA! DiSK Head Cleaner 15 30 Disk Case .. 10 ImageWriier II Cable Call Primer Cable ...20 Modem Cable . 20 Mouse Pad .. 10 Sony Cables .Call FlickerFixer Cables .... Call Cuslom Cables . Call GOLD DISK He*! Pro Scan In Stock! GRAVIS He*! MouseSlick 89 He*! SwitchSlick ...37 The best joystick' GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68030 Acceleralors lor A2Q0G 28MHz, *882. 4MB 2,199 With 40MB Drive 2,699 W 80MB Quantum... 2,999 28MHz (by itself) 779 33MHz - Now Available' Impact SCS RAM for A2000: Impact 8 0 ... 299 Impact 8 2 Call A2000 Hard Caros HC2 40Q 699 HC2 80Q 939 HC2 1000 999 A50Q Products Call Streaming Tape Call Removable Media Call HAITEX Xspecs 3D 97 HEWLETT PACKARD Ht*! DeskJet + ..Call H«J. Paintie: .....Call DeskJet printer driver available' IMTRQN1CS Hm WizRAM ..Call MAXIMUM H** Yoke tor Flight Simulator MICROBOTICS Starboard II (At000) OK M501 for A500 8 Up(A2000) OK 8 Up (A2000) 2MB Hard Frame for A2000: No Drive .. With 40MB Quantum With 80MB Quantum W 105MB Quantum MICROWAY Flicker Fixer __ Hn! Genlock Upgrade PAL version available! MIMETfCS Anngen Genlock ....149 Audio Digitizer .....85 MIDI Interface for A500 and A2000 45 MITSUBISHI DiamoncScan Monitors . Call Great tor video> NEC MultiSync Monitors. Call We have all the right cables ' NERIKI H**! Nenki Desktop 919 Hi*! Nerifci Imagemastcr Call OKIDATA Okimate 20 with Plug n- Pnnt Black Ribbon ... Color Ribbon ... PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Subsyslem 500. Subsyslem 500 w 3 5" PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber . Call Hf«! MiniGen 209 Pro Gen Genlock 349 QUANTUM ProDfive 40S 449 ProDrive 80S 679 PfODrive 105S 779 RD & L PRODUCTIONS Hi*! A Pro Draw In Stock! INKWELL Light Pen ...... tvs Memory Boards Trump Card 500 Trump Card 2000 KETEK Command Center. MAGNI Magm 4000 Genlock ...... Magm 4QQ0-S
M. A.S.T. Unidrive Twin Drive .. .... . PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master PRO PRINT Paper for Ink Jet Printers 15 SAFESKIN Clear Keyboard Covers 19 Specify Amiga model SHARP Hi*! JX-100 Scanner w SW ..899 JX-450 Scanner ....Call SONY 1302 MultiScan ....Call SOUTHERN TECH My-T Mouse.... ..42 SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY OK Spirit Board A1Q00 ..Call OK Spin! Board A5Q0... Call
1. 5MB Spirit Board for A500 ...429 Hard Disk Interlaces Call STAR MICRONICS NX 1000 Rainbow 259 NX 1000 Black . 190 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES Perfect Sound ..... 59 Color Splitter .Call SURFSlDE Master 3A 3.5" ......129 SUPRA
• ••. 2400 Modem ..115 2400zi Internal (A2000). 139 A2000 OK RAM Board 159 A2000 2MB RAM Board Call A200Q Wordsync Controlle": No Drive 179 With 40MB Quantum... 599 With 80MB Quantum.. 849 W 105MB Quantum 949 External 44MB Removable (mol controller) 1.039 Other A2000 drives available' Hard Drives lor A1000. 20MB 599 30MB ..579 40MB ......789 30MB .... 1,024 44MB Removable.... 1.249 SCSI Interlace (A1000) 209 Hard Drives lor A500- 20MB 529 30MB ..... 609 40MB ....709 80MB 959 44MB Removable. .. 1.169 2MB RAM for A500..... 275 SCSI Interface for A5Q0 .. 139 512K RAM Exp (or A500 94 TECHNICOVER Cover tor A500 14 Cover lor A1000 ... 17 Cover tor A200Q ....17 WICO Trackball .39 VID TECH Scanfock ...859 Scaniock Power ...... 59 GA is the ft I Scaniock Dealer’ VISUAL AURALS MmdJight 7 .178 XETEC FastCard A2000 ..... 135 With 40MB Quantum 559 With 80MB Quantum 789 With 105MBQuantum.. 899 FastTrak A1000 ... 329 FastTrak A50Q ......329 RAM Module for A1000 .99 RAM Module lor A500.....99 NEW PRODUCTS EVERY DAY! NEW EXPANDED LISTING! 41 Leanerr.ec*s 29 Shinob 33 World ot Flight 109 31 LED Stern 29 Shufttepjek Cafe 29 World Snooker Bh a'dS 22 25 legend 29 S de Arms 29 W'prld Trophy SoCCtr 28 24 Legend of Djet . 36 S'de Sncw 3t Xenon il 39 24 Licence to Kui 29 Sdewincer 21 xenophobf 36 15 Lesuie Sut Larry II.... 34 S en; Service 24 2ik McKijckrn 35 34 Lombard FiaJty 29 S heen Dreams 25 Zany Go . 19 Lores of the Rismg Sun 33 Ka) S m Qty Terra n Eidtor 17 Zero G av ty 21 15
W. Lost Dutchman Ur; 35 S-mCity .. . . 31 Zccm 20 15 Ha) Mag C Can-;'* 39 tx-Skate Wars 34 Jerk Zero (* - Griph'CSl 43 35 Mage Johnson Hocps Sky Chase 2fi EDUCATION 23 (I MB) 23 Sky Fighter 19 37
t. 'axr Me Jon 27 Skyfo* II. 19 Adv o' Sinead Aesop s Fabie (Umccrn) Aesop's FaWc (Witon) All About America 35 13 19 42 36 20 16 2a Ha) Man a; Mansion Marble Midress Mean 16 Menace 34 19 27 24 S a y gen Slipstream Shi*e Pit Kw)S0W>er 2000 29 17 24 36 29 Metropolis . 31 Kt.LSakJier ot Lignt 36 Animal Kingdom ( i . K « ¦ It ,1 n 1 35 35 31 49 19 36 H«)MxroLeague Wresthng 29 Solitaire Royal* 22 AtriiJJnlS At The Zoo Hm) Cardiac Arrest Chicked Little. . 31 29 34 20 17 ts Might 8 Mgrpk II .... HA'.MiLemum 2.2.. . _ Minff ?Hi 46 37 Sorcerer Lcrd Space Ace Space Custer Space Harrier Km) Space Hamer 2 28 39 WinC HGII - , .. . . : , Mission CcnBat Moebius .. Ci 35 33 i'j 36 36 ConSdjndTration Deljxe He'p 30 Call 30 Momentum Check 25 Space Racer 21 Designasaurijs 34 28 17 Ha)MTB Bjrbarossatc Km)MTB Central Germjny 46 46 Space Ranger Space School Simulator 18 24 D nosaur Discovery Kit 0 nosajrs Arc Forevci DiSCOviry Qata Disks 29 29 15 25 25 29 KA)New Zealand Story 36 Space Station )6 36 18 NighrDawn Km) Nigrn Hunter . 25 29 Sceedball. Spherical...... 29 29 D-scovery Math Oocdvery Spell .. 35 Ninja Mission .18 Sp.n World. . Sorting Image ... 25 OiSiahl Suns 51 .44 k»)North & South. 34 29 First Lelters and V ords. . R;aBi f n _ _ , ,, 29 29 25 Nuc'ear War, . 36 Km) Spy v$ . Spy 2 Star Goose . . . Star Ray . . 19 First ShapbS 27 33 Obliterates . OB Shore Warrior 30 29 29 31 Fraction Action Grade Manager 33 69 f 9 36 Omega 36 Star Wars Trilogy . 35 Inleliilypa Jigsaw . 19 29 13 55 3! Omni P:ay Basketball ... 37 StarFlighl . 35 32 Kn) Omni Pray HofSCracmg 36 Steigar 31 Knderama Learning Curve 37 Operation Clean Streets 28 Stellar Crusade 41 29 Operation Wolf 28 Stock Market Dime. 19 Lmkwcrd Languages i ii ¦ r; (¦ i l j ¦> n 24 i n 2! 22 Oswald Out Ran 28 34 Story So Far Street Fighter 29 29 Lilt e ilea lien
• * Logic Mallei ¦a.. i ia ¦> , 36 23 Hm) P4? Thunderbolt .. 35 Sneer .. 29 Magic il Myths 1 1 if 1 f 36 29 29 21
P. Q.W 23 Strip Po-.er Data (eacn) 15 VjlC l It. Math Talk . 19 PacLand .. 29 Snip Poxer li Km) Stryx 23 22 Pa-adin 29 23 Math Talk Fractions 29 36 36 28 Paladin Scenario Hm) Paperboy . Pa-antm Comsiex 1? 36 32 Km! Stunt Car Racer Sub Bailie . Super Scramble 34 34 29 Math Wizard Vjlhamat on MjviS Beacon Km) Nutn Fax Oppostrs Attract Peifec: Score SAT (* planetarium Read 5 Rnyme ReaOARima Recipe fax Speke: Bee km) Ta-kiis Storyoaofc (each) Tnree Bears Three Little Pigs Trip Ugry Cocking Where In The USA Where in The World Worn Master 35 59 33 43 31 52 61 33 33 28 29 24 22 19 35 22 35 30 35 29 Hm) PfSian God Inferno 29 Km) Swo'd cf Aragon 32 29 4? 29 27 3 Hm) Persona! N-grttmare Phantasm Phaser Gun..... Phobia.. Ha) PiCt'Oiir; 29 24 45 37 36 Swora ct Sosan Swords of Tw ligM Synapse Ka! T A C L Ka) ’ask? Tennis 34 36 24 74 23 34 Pioneer Plague 27 Tae Spin 37 33 31 37 35 Pipe Dream ... . . Planet cl Lust Pfitc-cr . Pocket Rockets.. 31 29 31 29 Tanglewooc Tank Anacx Tarptan Targs 27 22 3fi 21 35 29 28 36 Poco Man Po »r Sc-kta re ¦ • Pooi of Radance PC(>jk)jS 31 24 Dali 33 Techno Cops Teenage Mutant Ninja Hm) T urties Te!e Epic 34 31 27 25 Pcpjdus Worlds Disk 21 Teiegame-s 26 15 25 Ha) Postman Fat . Power Sticks . . 29 24 Tele war Teiewar li 29 27 DATABASE 37 Fewer Struggle .. 29 TerrorpodS 28 Hm) DB Man V 159 29 PcwerDrcme .... 29 Test Drrve 11 . 30 DataRelneve 59 29 Pnson 28 Tesi Drive 11 Data leach' 15 DaiaRitrieve Prcf 159 30 Ki*)Pro football Simulator 27 Test Dr-.-e ll Muscle Cars 15 Malocex 35 28 Ha)Pro Tennis Tour. ... 31 Tfitra Quest . 27 Micro Base 25 31 Pro;ect Neptune 27 Tetris. 25 Microfiche Fuer Plus 115 28 Km) Pulf S Saga 29 Three Stcoges 31 Nag Pus 54 36 Km) Pursuit to Earth 29 Thud R.dge 34 Superbasn Personal 11 99 26 Pu ;'e Storyoock 29 Thunder Bay 26 Superbase Prcf 3 229 35 Qi* 27 Time fi Migik 31 Who What Where Wren 67 25 Km) Qcam 36 hm) Tin Tin on the Moon 36 32 28 Quest for Time Birds Question II .. 36 35 Titan ... Tom & Jerry 31 23 PROGRAMMING 36 Ftambo in ... 27 Transputer ..... 24 A C Basic (vl 3) . 134 29 29 Rampaga 27 Tiiad ..... 36 A C Fortran .. 199 Reach For The Stars. 33 Triple X..... 29 Addison Wesley Manuals. Call 29 Realm of the Tiotls..... 37 Tiiwa Pursuit 29 7umuje Machine Lang 24 35 Rea'm of the Warlock. 25 Turbo 17 Arexx 36 28 Red Heat 39 Ha) Turbo Outrun 36 AsscmPro 72 35 Heel FiSh'n 32 Hm! TV Sports Basketball 36 Aztec C Dev 199 31 Renegade 28 TV Sports Football 36 Benchmark C Library 71 35 Flelurn. To Atlantis 19 Twilight Zone 29 Benchmark Iff Library 71 37 Revenge of Defence: ... 27 HwlTyphoon Thompson ?B Benchmark Modula-2 134 20 Rhyming Notebook . . . 31 Ultima III..... 29 Benchmark SimpM.ed 71 29 r ck Dangerous . 37 Ultima IV...... 39 C * -»• . 279 35 Ringside... . 29 Uncer Sea Commando 34 C 5 0 199 29 Read Haider.. 27 Uninviieo. 31 CAPE 6SK 65 21 Robo-Ccp 35 Universe HI 35 Developer's Tcotkut 39 31 Rock Cjiatlenge ...... 27 Vampire's Empire. . 17 DevPiC Amiga 67 33 Rocket Ranger..... . 33 Vegas Gambler 30 OSM Disassembler 44 34 Rockford 25 X* Vette . Call Extend 29 27 Roger Rabb t 31 Vigilante 29 MiSoh Bas e 115 46 Rot: Out 27 Virus 2! InovaToois iNew Vers-on) 57 26 Km) Rdl er Coaster Rumb:e 30 vortex 29 J-Fcrth (Hew Version) 145 36 Ka) Romance e>! 3 Kingdoms 46 km) Vulcan. 29 L Detug 76 30 Romantic Encounters 29 War in Middle Earin 35 Lin| 85 37 RVF Honda 31 WarlGCk 28 Mage Ian (New VeiSion) 129 32 Sards PaSwi ..... .22 km) Waterloo 45 MoCl-j 2 179 3t Scary Mutants . 27 Wayne Gretzky Hockey 34 M&Cue 2 Debugger 88 35 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 15 Where Sleeping Gods lie 36 Pewf Wkndows 2 5 63 31 Scenery Disk 9 20 White Death 39 Shefl .... 45 29 Seconds Qu1 Boxing 21 Willow 2a Software From H*(l 56 19 Sex Vixens frcm Space 29 WmcfWAfter. 31 Source Leuet Debugger 62 31 Shadow ol the Beast 34 W'O’OP-CX 25 Tool Kit 35 28 Snaoowgate 33 Work] CUSS Coarse D.si 15 Txf d Pius 57 28 Snaognai ?9 World Class Leader Bfd 29 Ultra Caid . 37 W-Shetl . . 36 MUSIC AM AS 135 i Arrv.ga S-ngs 12 Audo Master 2 C 63 Hn'.Ba-s 5 P pes 199 Deluxe MuSiC 53 Dr T Patch Editors . . . . Ca:i Drum StuC-0 35 Dynamic Drums 59 Dynamc SludiC 144 f at Sounds 46 Hn1-Fun Keys 28 kCS 177 kCS Level 11 239 M 149 Hn'. MasierScund .54 Master Tracks °ro 259 MIDI Recording Studio ....49 M d Mag c ..... 93 Hn1- Music Modules Starter 36 Music Mouse . . 49 MuSiC X .. .. 155 Pailern Splatter . 43 Pro Sound Des-gner . . 109 Hn1. Quasar Sound 37 Sami 49 Sound Lab Amiga.....239 Sound Oasis ..72 Sound Tray 1 or 2 15 Soundquesi Patch Editors ....100 Studio Vagic 75 Synihia. ...... 75 Syn'hia PiohlssiBiu! 2B0 Texlure 102 The Copyisl Pro 149 UTILITIES AM AX 129 Ami Alignment ... .37 Amiga 005 Toelboy .40 Am ga Tncks i Tips......17 Am Kd ..... 29 3 AD 34 Hn1- Can Do1 99 Climate 25 Color Commander 21 Hn'. Cross DOS 25 Des Cartes 24
D. s« 2 D'S* (fitw Versioni . 37 Disk f echamc 60 OrSkMaster 40 DOS 2 Dos 37 Doug's L brary Dsn 11 Dougs Mam Acuanun ... 59 Hn1. D U D E 35 Dunlap Utilities... 55 EiprtssCopy 31 EZ Backup 36 FACCII 25 Family Tree 34 GOMF 3 0 w Button 54 GOMF'(Latest Verton) 29 Home irr Manager 27 Mac To Dbs ..... 92 Mastering CLI 29
V. or o Lawyer..... 42 VutiPrels ...... 23 Morgen Gerwoiogy 71 Palette Primer ... 25 P,(flScript . 104 Protect D (New Vrrsicn) 37 Quarterback 47 Raw Copy (Latest!) 37 Stuff 4 ..28 SuperBack 54 T Shell .34 Taro: Master 21 Thinker ... 49 Hnl Total Control Diet......74 Ultimate OcS UtdS . 46 VrruS Irrlectich Protection 32 Virus Protection Toolkit 39 HnWo Ree One.. '29 WE3 L»tras 25 X Copy II 28 GRAPHICS
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R. - Products have been marked down in price. All other products art normally in slock (plus tOQs more)! CAD 146 U9 139 55 34 79 63 129 36 229 . 139 "2 339 A Cad . Draw 2000 Home Builder's Cad Home Builder's Choice Hm! Home Bui.dei's Library H«*l Home Builder'S Print IntroCAO Prciesstoiiaj Drav. Structured Cup An hm) L fa Design k«) '¦> Shea Pro x-Cad Designer X-Cad Designer Pro ART & FONTS »(•'. A rsf»CS Aircraft P.cs Aloha Forts (eaCfl) 32 36 15 Send Ms if Orders lo. ¦ GO AMIGA 2682D Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA 94063 (Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Qualified P.O. only. California residents add sales tax.) Orders Only: 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) 415-364-9714 A>ow on CompuServe: 415-365-2073 71230, 2412 TM SHIPPING INFO: Software Shipping rates are $ 3 00 per iiem using UPS Ground service (max S9 00) or $ 4 50 per item using UPS 2nd Day Air Service (max S13.50) For Airborne shipping rates and conditions, see first page Waste. Hawaii. APO. Mail, foreign shipping extra. Call for hardware rales and other shipping Into. ‘RETURN S REFUND POLICY: All returns must have an RMA- . Call Customer Service lo request one. Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Returned product mus! Be returned postage prepaid with all original packaging. Exchanges for same product only. OTHER POLICIES: We don’t charge your card until the product ships. Purchase order customers must have credit application on file. Nc surcharge lor VISA and MC. When ordering with credit card, please include expiration date and name of bank! Call Fridays lor unannounced specials! 800-843-2842 In California. Customer Service. Facsimile (FAX): Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Armga Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga. Delivery subiect to product availability • Prices subject to change * Circle 26 on Reader Service Card HORS D’OEUVRES Hints, tips and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. Print It If you’ve ionged for an option that directs text files to the printer from the Shell in AmigaDOS 1.3, I have the solution. Type the following script file into a text editor and save it to your Work- bench’s S: directory under the name Print. .key job,opt 1,opt IF “ job>” EQ “ ” QUIT ELSE COPY job> PAR: IF “ opt>” GT “noff” ECHO > PAR: “ A L” NOLINE ENDIF END IF (If you have a serial instead of a parallel printer, insert SER: for PAR:.) Finally, add the line below, including the trailing space at the end, to your startup- sequence: .ALIAS PRINT C:RUN >NIL: C: EXECUTE S:PRINT space> To print a text file from the Shell, now use the syntax: PRINT' filename>. Lou Williams Garner, NC Trash Collector Everyone wishes handling the trash was more pleasant. On the .Amiga it can be. The CLFs ALLAS command lets you J make some shortcuts for putting files in the Trashcan, checking its contents, and emptying it. Simply add the following lines to your startup-sequence with a text editor. ALLAS Trash RENAME [ ] .AS sys:Trashcan [ ] ALIAS Empty DELETE sys: Compiled by Tim Walsh Trashcan ? ALL ALIAS Sift DIR sys:Trashcan Once you’ve saved the file, you can put files into the Trashcan by typing TRASH fitename>. To see the contents of the Trashcan, enter SIFT. Finally, to permanently dispose of all the trash, type EMPTY. Paul Marker Grand Rapids, Ml Tick Tock Tip If your .Amiga lacks a battery backed-up clock and you get frustrated having to access Preferences to set the date, just add these lines to your startup-sequence right before the ENDCI.I >NI L command: DATE ECHO “ ” DAI'E ? ECHO “ ” Depending on your system configuration, it may or may not display the system's date and time when you hoot. Either way, it will prompt you to enter the correct date and time. You'll find this method will save you time from the moment you start using it. Arthur Spague M uskego, 117 ALT-ered Pro Having problems loading ASCII files into ProWrite (New Horizons Software)? I lere’s all there is to it: L Activate ProWrite.
2. Highlight the Open option in the Project menu.
3. Before releasing the mouse button, hold down the Alt key.
4. Release the mouse button and all the files on the current directory will be displayed. At this point, you can select any text file desired. F While it’s mentioned in passing on page 50 of the version 2.5 documentation, many people overlook this important option. William J. McCollough Alexandria, VA LHARC Efficiency I he article “Bring Home The PD Cold” (February ’90, p. 50) mentioned that Paolo Zibettfs LHARC 1.00 compresses better than ARC and ZOO. 1 agree. After running LHARC on a disk full of mixed ARC and ZOO files, 1 managed to free up 171 disk blocks! Anyone operating a BBS would be wise to convert existing ARC and ZOO archived files to LHARC format. Not only will you save precious hard disk space, you’ll also reduce the amount of time users require to download files. Edward A. Brown Long Beach, CA Editor’s Note: To find the latest programs for converting existing files to LHARC format, visit the Amiga Tech Forum on CompuServe (GO AMJGATECH). Several files are available for downloading. Such as C2L.LZH (contains Convert 21 June and its documentation) and LZIl.REX, which is a script fie. Both are useful in automatically converting entire disks of archived ARC, ZOO, ZIP and PAR files to LHARC format. Ij you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d'oeuvres, Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough. A77 03458. If your idea gets published, you'll receive an Amiga World surprise gift. ¦ In Germany call: In Deutschland erreichen Sic uns unter 0202 755239 InterComputing, Inc. iC 2100 N. Hwv 360. Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1015 In business since 1984 Amiga support since 1985 We are a service oriented business offering discount prices FAX: 1-214-660-3695 Customer Service & Order Status: 1-214-9880500 COMPLETE PRODUCT LISTING AVAILABLE Order line: 1-800-622-9177 MEMORY M50I A500
99. 95 Starboard 1MB
329. 95 Starboard 2MB
449. 95 2MB A2000
349. 95 4MB A2000
549. 95 6MB A2000
699. 95 SMB A2000
799. 95 DISK DRIVES Master 3A
139. 95 Air Drive
139. 95 Cal. Access
139. 95 FDATA-10
129. 95 FDATA-20
249. 95 Unidrive
139. 95 Twindrive
249. 95 Custom xv us turn x 7 O Desktop Video Systems Talk to one of our System Specialists and get the best configuration for your requirements. Purchase an Amiga 2000 including
• Kickstart 1.3
• Fat Agnus Chip
• 6 Month Warranty Free Installation 2nd Disk Drive
99. 00 Multisync Monitor
540. 00 2MB Memory
324. 00 Amiga 1084D Monitor
329. 00 4MB Memory
524. 00 40MB Hardcard
629. 00 6MB Memory
674. 00 80MB Hardcard
849. 00 8MB Memory
774. 00 Flicker Fixer
459. 00 Internal Modem
110. 00 XT Bridgecard
399. 00 Peripheral prices pertain to purchase of Amiga 2000 computer and peripheral hath. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Ami go. Inc. SUPRA HARD DRIVES EXTERNAL A 500 A1000 20 MB
499. 95
549. 95 30 MB
579. 95
629. 95 40 MB
679. 95
749. 95 80 MB
949. 95
949. 95 INTERNAL Hard Card 20 MB 549.95 Hard Card 32 MB 599.95 Hard Card 40MB 649.95 Hard Card 80MB 899.95 Hard Card 105MB 999.95 2 MB MEMORY CARD As always we have the most ' customer friendly' terms: SiH $ 4.95 in com. USA: $ 30.00 min. order ; MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card fee: in Te.xas add 7c c Sales Tax. $ 12.00 shipping to APOlFPO addresses. RMAft required on all returns. 18% restocking charge. All prices subject to change. (For use with A500 & Hard Drive)
299. 95 GVP 3001 Package 28 Mhz 68030 28 Mhz 68882
1099. 95 with 4 MB of 32-bit memory
2399. 95 with 40 MB hard drive
2795. 95 with 80 MB hard drive
3199. 95 AMAX Package AM AX. 128 ROM Set &
3. 5" Mac-compatible drive
439. 95 33 Mhz 68030 33 Mhz 68882 with 4 MB of 32-bit memory
3099. 95 with 40 MB hard drive
3495. 95 FDATA-10 now with On Off switch &. Manv additional features
129. 95 GVP A2000-8 SCSI Controller with space for SMB of memory
299. 95 Add-On Memory
99. 95 per MB Flicker Fixer plus Mitsubishi Multisync Monitor
999. 95 Flicker Fixer
499. 95 VoRecOne
129. 95 SUPERGEN 2000
1699. 95 VISA HELP KEY More reliable than a Saint Bernard, Lou comes to the rescue whenever you call. 3-D Sharing Q: I upgraded from Oxxi's Video- Scape 3D to Impulse's Turbo Silver 3.0. I have a large collection of 3-D objects that I created with VideoScape and want to use them in Silver. Is this possible ? L, Blackburn Atlanta, GA A: The answer is maybe, depending on the objects. Interchange ($ 49.95) from Syndesis (N9353 Benson Rd., Brooklyn, WI 53521, 608 455-
1422) converts objects among several 3-D programs, including Silver and VideoScape. The problem is that VideoScape (especially version 2.0) has features that do not readily convert to the other packages, so not all objects will convert properly. To solve the problem, Syndesis recently released a new Interchange module that supports the VideoScape 2.0 format. If you are using VideoScape 2.0, make sure you get the new module. What a View? Q: I own a A2500 equipped with Commodore's 68030 board, and I have problems using Digi-View
4. 0. I keep getting a "VO VIDEO SIGNAL PRESENT' error message. I tried two sources of video By Louis R. Wallace input (a camcorder and a VCR) and got the same results. Thinking it was the 68030, I rebooted in 68000 mode and tried again, with the same results. I even replaced my 8520 CIA chips, but that didn 't help either. My printer works fine, so I doubt there is anything wrong with my parallel port. Can you shed some fight on the problem ?
G. Kushlan Tooele, U’T A: My A2500 30 and Digi- View work fine together, so I don't think the problem is Commodore's 68030. One possibility is the cables between your video source and Digi-View. Try replacing them, and see if the new ones make a difference. When 1 first got Digi-View Cold, 1 experienced the same problem you describe, although it happened erratically. In my case, it was caused by the Digi-View unit not lilting completely snug into the parallel port. The weight of the coax cable I was using caused Digi-View to sag a little, just enough to keep it from working. J he fix was easy: I glued a quarter-inch of cardboard to the bottom of the Digi-View to reinforce it enough to stay firmly in place. Another possibility you should consider is that your Digi-View could he defective. If possible, try it on another Amiga. If it doesn’t work, contact New f’ek about a replacement. Also, in the earliest copies of Digi-View 4.0, the Dynamic HiRes mode had timing problems with 68030-equipped Amigas. If your software doesn’t display Dynamic HiRes correctly, you will need an upgrade from NewTek. No Preferences Q: I am the unhappy owner of a printer without a Preferences printer driver. If I had the C source code fur an existing driver, I might be able to adapt it to my printer. Where can I find printer driver source code?
J. Gilbraith Atlanta, GA A: First, make sure you use a Workbench 1.3 driver as an example. A good place to find the code is in the latest edition of the Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries csf Devices ($ 34.95, ISBN number 0-201-18187-8). In addition to driver source code, it contains a wealth of information on programming all aspects of the Amiga. Von can order the book by calling Addison-Wes- ley at 800 447-2226. Open Wider Q: I run my A2000 Workbench in 640 x 400 interlaced made instead of the normal 640x200. During startup the Amiga opens the DOS window at the normal 640x200 size even though the screen is 640x400. I would like my starting DOS window to be full-screen size automatically. Could you explain how to do it?
A. Moschella Fort Ord, CA A: 1, too, use the interlaced 640x400 screen for Workbench and have a very simple solution. Besides opening the window automatically as I want, it makes the Shell the default DOS window and does not use the older CL1. The trick I use is to add these two statements to the end of my stamip-sequence: RUN newshell "NEWCON:0 0 640 380 Big Shell" ENDCLI Via the RUN command, tfiis creates a new task that launches a Shell window defined exactly the way I want it. While that is occurring, the multitasking Amiga begins the next line of the script file, tfie ENDCLI instruction. The result is that the new full-screen window is created just as the old window is closed, giving me the results I wanted, riming is critical here, however, so make these lines the final ones in your startup-sequence and don’t insert any commands between them. ¦ Order Toll Free tLoniputf tbilitu .onAumet ecttonlcb iE I23E> Order Toll Free Carmen SanOlegoTWorld Champions of Kryrm Chaos .30.95 31 95 Elan Performer .. Empire 35 95 . 31 95 King's Quest 12, or 3 ...... King's Quesl 4 ...... .30.95 .37.95 On I be Platinum ..... Operation Wall ..... 58 95 ,22.95 Robocop Rockei Ranger .. ,31.95 .24 95 Excellence 1 Meg ... 15395 Kregtil Force ... .28.95 Pago Renrterer 3-D .. ,94.95 Romance Three Kingdoms 44 95 ChiKcm'dM 2100 31 95 f 16 Combal Pilol __ F-19 Stealth Flghler .. F-40 Pmsuit Sim 31 95 Knights ol Le nd ..... Kristal, The . .30.95 Page Setler 2 , 74 95 Scene Generator ..... ,24.95 Chfnrnnipsl 25 95 ..CALL .23 95
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• -m f «If- •¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦•¦•¦•¦¦•¦¦¦in Raw Copy .... ,.34 95 TV. Show V2 0 ,.64.95 DUDE.... ,29 95 Joan ol Arc 28 95 Nucltat War .. „ 30.95 Renegade .... RtwfTilfig Notebook .. .,22.95
T. V. Sports Basketball .„ .,31.95 Dungeon Master ...... Dungeon Quesl .. 24 95 Kamplgruppo ,37 95 Obliterator .25 95 ,.25.95
T. V. Sports Football . ,31.95 ,31.95 Karalonla Headlines 1 or 2 44 95 Orneoa .30.95 Rick Dangerous ...... ... 21.95 Targhan . ,2495 Earl Weaver Baseball...... ,31 95 Ktybd Cohlrol SoqL3 .... Kid Talk ...... 212 95 nmnlnLw R.swhaR- 5 nn 5 30 95 Pick Davis Soccer 1 Meg Risk .. 30,95 Tax Break 20 .,,48 95 Comm orMLBPA...... „ 14 95 ,25 95 Omnlpljy Horse Racing ,30 95 ,24 95 Teenage Murrtanl Turlies ,28.95 CALL FOR ALL YOUR ,«J£JS£JS.sr.S88l ?out State* 599 DELIVERED 839 DEUVERED 909DEUVETSD NX1000 Rainbow $ 205 1943 .25 95 30 Pool .... ..21.95 A-Tjlk 3 . .64.95 Advantage. The ..... 114 95 Atff ntues Thru Time .... ..30.95 Afier Burner .. . 30.95 Airboutne Ranger ... .. 23.95 All Dogs So To Heaven ... .,30.95 Arerert Beasl ... .30 95 Aninuulc .. 57.95 AnM.mul 75 Vi Archipelagos ... .23.95 Audio Master II 62 95 Aunt Arlic Adwn. .24.95 A tec € Developer V6.0...
177. 95 Aztec C Professional V5.0 119.95
B. A.0 ...... .. .29.95 BAT ...... ..31,95 Balance of Power 1990 ... .30.95 Ballislyx ...... .21 95 Bar Games .... .28,95 Bars and Pipes ___ 16995 Bartutian II . .24 95 Bards Tale II . .33.95 Batman .. .. 28.95 Battle Chess .. ..29.95 Battle Hawks 1942 ... ..31.95 Battle Squadron .. 24.95 Battles ol Napoleon 31 95 BaldelechThe Ct Hk Inc. ..30.95 Baud Bandit ,30.95 Bermuda Project 24,95 Beyond Dark Caslle . ..22.95 Blade ol Sloe! Hockey..... ..28.95 Block Out ..... Rfcwl Mnnpv
24. 95 25 95 Blue Angels .. .28.95 8 roadoasl Tiller ......
167. 95 Bubble Bobbte . ..22.95 SulUto BIUs Rodeo Game . 24.95 Can Do ,, 84.95 Carmen SanOicga'Europe .30.95 CarrronSanCicgoaJS Seagate ST-125N 20MEG ..439DEL ST-138N 30MEG ---------------489DEL ST- 157N-1 49 MEG-23 ms .- 529 DEL ST-I77N 60 MEG HEW I _639 DEL Quantum Pro Drive 40 MEG SCSI Pro DrMo 549 DEL 80 MEG SCSI Pro DRIVE 780 DEL 100 MEG SCSI Pro DfMo. .....659 DEL these cards Include IVS Trumpcard ctrlr, mounting brkl, ctil. Software, and FREE defiwry In the contiguous USA. MkKLWZ&l39 Seagate ST-125N 20 MEG ......419 DEL ST-138N 30 MEG 449 DEL ST-157N-1 49 MEG -23ms ......509 DEL ST-177N 50 MEG NEWI,_ ......619 DEL ST-277N-1 60 MEG .....-..589 DEL ST-296N 80 MEG ..619 DEL Quantum Pro Drive 40 MEG SCSI Pro DRIVE 52« DEL eo MEG SCSI Pro Drtvo 760 DEL 100 MEG SCSI Pro Drhro ......630 DEL these kits Include IVS Trtjrnpcard SCSI hard drtw Ctrl, cable, software and FREE delivery In the contiguous USA This is not anassemblv hit I li is a package. Supra Ram 500 79 Del Supra Ram 2000-2 MB.... 289 Del Supra Ram2000-4 MB....449Del Supra Ram 2000-6 MB.... 609 Del Supra Ram 2000-8 MB.... 769 Del Includes FREE DEUVERY in the Contiguous 48 States MASTER 3 A Disk Drive >121 cocc nn ivcdv * IVS Trumpcard Hard Drive Packages for A2000 Series Hard Drive Cards (A-2000 FREE DEUVERY tatty* M Seagate ST-125N 20 Mb ......489 DetlveredI ST-138N 30 Mb 519 Defiveredl SM57N-1 49 Mb -28ms„ 579 Delivered! ST-177P4-60 Mb NEW 689 Delivered! Quantum Pro Drive Star XB 2410 415 Panasonic KX-P1124 $ 279 Panasonic 1180 ......179 Panasonic 1191 ...... 229 Th*rte Paclm(>M irclutie Tnjrrpeopd SCO «w«;fc»ur». IVS Tixmpcara .SCSI hd drvo Ctr*. Senrnan. > Itvo do rwy n ttno corrtguo*.! USA Trumpeted £00 Rem Expand*: avallabl*- 512k * ! MEG . 2 MEG » 4 MEG Trumpcard 500 Hard Drive Packages for Amiga 500 40 Mg SCSI Pro Drive - 80 Mg SCSI Pro Drive - 100 Mg SCSI Pro Drive- PRINTERS NX1000 Multifont 2 $ 158 Seagate ST-125N 20 Meg .629 Del ST-138N 30 Meg .659 Del ST-157N-1 49Meg-28me .709 Del ST-177N 60 Me g NEWI 829 Del ST-277N-1 60 Meg 799 Del ST-296N 80 Meg .829 Det Quanlum Pro Drive 40 Mog SCSI Pro DtWo 739 DEL 80 Mog sea Pro DrTvo 979 DEL 100 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo IG19 DEL 5yitem ipc VjotmAdap'or witty auloboot ROM. O C blutn, marejgl. TqiT Ini diilt with gtlfm 8 ihindfldSCSJ Cabin perw*H H-PPV °r*-1 tan FPEF DEUVEPY IN THE CONTIGUOUS dR STATES Seagate ST-125N 20 Meg ......399 Del ST-138N 30 Meg ......429 Del ST-157N-1 49Meg-28me 489 Del ST-177N 60 Meg NEWI 509 Del ST-277N-1 60 Meg ......569 Del ST-296N 80 Meg ......599 Del Quantum Pro Drive 40 Mog sea Pro Drtvo 509 DEL 80 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 749 DEL 100 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 829 DEL Cert (tKTuTn Xoioci DMA* herd, cjjto1000t QOV.ou'o etx-V jcrcuitry, 2S pn SCSI com .dolt,r o- xV FREE DEUVERY IN THE CONTIGUOUS43 STATES ST-125N 20 Meg-SCSI 269 ST-13EN 301.1 eg - SCSI ... 299 ST-157N 49 Meg-SCSI ... 329 ST-157N-1 49 Meg - 28 me ... 349 ST-177N 60 Meg-SCSI ..459 ST-225N 20 Meg-SCSI ..255 ST-251N 40 Meg - SCSI 375 ST-277N-1 60 Meg - SCSI „ 429 ST-296N 80 Meg - SCSI ...459 Seagate SUPER SALE xetec Fast Card System Hard Driv* Pockoa** for AmkjA500 3000 40 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 369 80 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 599 100 Meg SCSI Pro Drive ..679 Quantum Pro Drives Flicker Fixer ....$ 429 Perfect Sound ......$ 69 Color Splitter ..$ 119 Mlgraph Hand Scanner ...... $ 319 Sharp JX 100 Color Scanner $ 759 Amiga Trackball .. $ 72 Cordless Mouse ..... $ 99 Jin Mouse .. $ 49 Gravis Mouse Stick ..... $ 85 Supra 24003 Internal (A2000).....$ 139 Baud Bandit Modem ......$ 105 Mega Midget Racer 25 mg $ 669 Supercard ...$ 75 Synchro Express .....$ 55 Terror Pods 25 95 Tetris ._ ....20 95 Test Drlrt 2 • The Duel 29.95 Cal Challenge ..15 95 Euorpean ChaSenge 15 95 Muscle or Super Cars _. 15.95 Ttielr Flnesl Iteur ,.,.37.95 Thinker ....57 95 Third Courier ..... 28.95 Thunder Blade 29,95 Times of Lore , 24.95 Trackers Quesl,,, .21.95 Tunnels oi Armageddon ... 24.95 Turbo Ouf Run .....31.95 Turbo Slf«r 3.0 1 Meg ... 112.95 TV Text .£4.95 TV Text Professional 99.95 Typhoon of Steel .31.95 Typhoon Thompson 30.95 USIma 4 ......, ..38.95 Ulllrna III ..24.95 Urra Design ..219.95 Urracard Plus 57.95 Universe 3 ......31.95 Vette .. 30.95 Video Effects 3-D .....113.95 Video Tiber VI.5 ....92.95 VldcoSeape 3D .122.95 Vfva-Amiga 122.95 Voice Recognition 109.05 Vortex , ...24.95 War In Middle Earth ...30.95 Ward (he Lanoe .25.95 Wayne Gretzky Hockey ,, 30.95 Weird Dreams 24.95 Wind Walker ...25.95 Wings of Fury .24.95 Works Platinum, The 167.95 World Atlas .....35.95 World Cliss Leader Board 28.95 Xenphobe .....25.95 Zak McKrackon ...28.95 Zork Zero .38.95 Supra 2400 Ext. Modem & Cable
• $ 115* FREE DELIVERY to 48 Contiguou* State* Ami Gen ...95 Magnl 4004 w Remote .....1569 Scan Lock .739 Super Gen ... 659 Super Gen SC ..... CALL Super Gen 2000S .....1329 VIDEO PACKAGE PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE rmnrrwsvm: wrmrnsm GEN LOCKS HC 0 SCSI Host Adaptor .199 HC8 0-HD Contr-O K exp. 8 MB ....285 GVP 68030 28 4MB w Mam 2299 DEL GVP COPYSTAND WITH UGHTS DIGIVIEW GOLD4.0 419 DELIVERED! HOURS INFORMATION NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE MON-FRI 9am-9pm 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814 SAT T1 am-5pm P.O. BOX 17882 fflllwaukao, Wl 63217 34-00. In Continental U.G.A. Include 33.00 for co and Canadian orten. P ease add 6% shipping, minimum oq Tib b6 card t. eulraScr, aibe and s-'snatore. Wl restoerti pi Ulde toe Condr enai U.S.A. aro shipped rlrdclnit Insured U.S. rrul. Tl loulgn (hipping charge, e.ceed to. Minimum amount, you wll be charged toe nckJltbral amount All good.
36. 00. Allother foreign order* add 15% ahlpplng, minimum 313 JO. All ord.n ship Vde factory warranty. We do not guarantee eompatobfity 4 vertbn t accepted. Price* and a»Otlab!EEy SubleCf lo Change w-ff-Out hotlce. Shipping ard han«J'ng are ron-rehjndlbte, We »hlp the Sited venUni puarab'e to US. Updates mull be handled by end user tfr*clly Wth the rnnnufaebrer. ORDERING INFORMATION; 6p*clty *y*tern. For fast doHvsry »*Pd caxhtor"* ch*cko» rr>or*y cytJ*-. I'vvval and company aikr* 14 bu(Ir*«i day i to claar. Gc ool P.O.'x w*lcorp . C.O.D. charge* 6o".waio order* 5% shipping for harcJwars. Minimum S5.0Q. KtastmCsnl and Via o'ivy t pluu IncVcw card . S»lra9cr Sit* and t'snatore. Wl rssOorts pltuia rcl joo 5% ulss la*. HI, AX. FPO. Aroj’uofta Rlct
36. 00. Allothor ter*lgn ondsrs add 15% shipping, minimum 513 JO. All orders ih'ppoJ o.tiifo jio Corinr ontal U.S.A. aro ihppod firdclnit Imumd U.S. rr .i1. II loraign enrpprng charge, a.coed She mrnlmMm amooh!. J ar» nsvr and Inc jdi factory warranty. Wi do no! Guarantee eompatabfity & verelon is. Due to dot low prices al kales am final. Ail Defective return* muel have a return aulhorltallon number. Fheaio call (414) 357-B1BI to obtain nn'FUK. * or yoor retu-n w'l not ba Presenting TWO Exoitlng Tools Ti Help lots Expand aid Improve four Mmation SIBs! AmigaWorld’s VIDEO AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE LIBRARY AmigaWorld’s ANIMATION VIDEO Recently, the editors of AmigaWorld canvassed the entire Amiga community, looking for the best in Amiga- created animations. Replies poured in with eye-popping videos, many from big name Amiga artists and animators, and many from super- talented AmigaWorld readers. The result? A 45-minute mind-blowing video featuring dozens of real-world animations that will demonstrate what’s being done-and what you can do, too in today’s fast moving animation environment. Send for yours now. Just$ 19.95. Yes! You get TWO 3.5" disks packed with animation utilities, software and objects you can use in your own video and animation projects! Here are color fonts, animated brushes, vector objects and more. A Special Bonus! Includes a brand-new unreleased color Kara font! This is the quick and easy way to power up your personal animation library with a gang of super-great images. A chance to experiment. To improve your skills at low cost and be ready for all your animation opportunities. Just $ 14.95 for both disks. ORDER NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! For Immediate Service CALL TOLL FREE 800-343-0728 or complete coupon at right: ? YES! Send me the Amiga World special animation products I've checked below: Copies of AmigaWorld's Animation Video at $ 19.95 each. . Sets of AmigaWorld's 2-disk Software Library (3.5” disks). $ 14.95 per set. Also send copies of AmigaWorld’s ANIMATION SPECIAL ISSUE at $ 4.95 (Order Now! Supplies are limited). Amount Total $ _ Name. Address
f. itv State Zip 1 Check Money Order Enclosed (Payable to AmigaWorld) CHARGE MY: ? MasterCard D Visa J 1 ? Amex Card Exp. Date Signature AVWD59 Publication date: 1 15 90. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Foreign orders, Add $ 1.50 surface mail for Software Library, $ 4.00 for airmail. Video, add $ 2.50 for surface mail. $ 7.50 airmail. Payable in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank. AmigaWorld Special Animation Products • 80 Elm St, • Peterborough, NH 03458 MMGft WORLD 5W OR WRITE TO: Montgomery Grant; N a Order Department P.O. Box 58, BrookVyn K.X., 1X2.30 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Wed, 9-5 Thurs, 9-6 Fri, 9-4:30 (718)692-1148 FAX MO. Tt7488923372 TELEX 422432 W8RAUT
ill. AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA 2GGG 2000 HG IN STOCK - PRICED UNBELIEVABLY LOW PROHIBITIVE TO MENTION! ADDED BONUS:- we now offer a free e month parts & labor warranty on all amiga computers PURCHASED THRU MONTGOMERY GRANT. MORE THAN TWICE WHAT THE MANUFACTURER OFFERST The Lowest Pricing - Lifetime Toll Fiee Technical Support - Extended Warranty STANDARD - Ail You Exnect From MONTGOMERY GRANT GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS EPSON IMPACT A-2000-2 0.S....269 IMPACT A-2000 8 0....$ 309 28MHz. 68030 ACCELIERATOR FOR A-2000 ...$ 769 GVP 3001 KIT WITH 68030, 4MB. 68882 ...$ 2379 3001 KIT WITH QUANTUM 40MB ...$ 2779 3001 KIT WITH QUANTUM 80MB ...$ 3079 A-2000 HARD CARDS PERIPHERALS LX-B10 ...$ 159.95 FX-850 ....$ 349.95 LQ-510 ...S339.95 LQ-1010 .$ 449.95 A-1010 DISK DRIVE ..$ 129 A-501 EXPANSION MODULE $ 149 A-590 HARD DRIVE ..$ 519 A-2286D AT BRIDGEBOARD ...IN STOCK A-2088-D BRIDGEBOARD IN STOCK A-2630 ACCELERATOR BOARDS .IN STOCK HEWLETT PACKARD I'm PACT A-2000 HC 45 ....$ 529 IMPACT A-2000 HC 40Q ..IN STOCK ALL OTHER GVP PRODUCTS IN STOCK _ OTHER PERIPHERALS FOR AMIGA HP DESKJET ...$ 599.95 HP DESKJET + $ 689.95 HP LASERJET IIP wrToner .$ 999.95 HP PAINTJET ..$ 949.95 HP LASERJET SERIES II w Toner $ 1579 HP LASERJET III w Toner ...$ 1699 ASDG DUAL SERIAL PORT BOARD $ 249 A-MAX MAC Emulator lor AMIGA . S119 AMIGA A-fOSH Compatible Drive lor A-MAX ..$ 165 A-MAX ROM ...$ 129 CALIFORNIA ACCESS
3. 5" DISK DRIVE .$ 119 CANON SCANNER ....$ 889
C. LTD AMIGA Hand Scanner ...$ 399 FLICKER FIXER .$ 429 FRAME GRABBER ....S4S9 LIVEI A-500 ....$ 339 LIVEI A-1000 ..$ 279 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3 .$ 189 SHARP JX10Q0 A ColotScarmer wlSoltwaie & Cables $ 739 MIMITECS MIDI INTERFACE ....$ 49 GENLOCKS MAGNI-4Q04 4004S...... $ 1359 MAGNI 4004 or 4Q04S
4010. ... .$ 1569 MINIGEN ... .....Si 88 NERIKI GENLOCK...... .....CALL 0MNIGEN .. .....CALL SUPER GEN $ 619 SUPER GEN 2000S ... CALL SUPERGEN SC .. CALL MINI MEG 12MB Expander ‘ 1. A.-1 lor A-50Q, A-1000) .....$ 339 SUPRA RAM 2000 2MB RAM ..... 4MB RAM ..... 6MB RAM .... SMB RAM ... MICR0B0T1CS Memory Upgrades lor A-2000 8up OK ......$ 159 Sup OK with 2MB ..$ 309 Sup OK with 4MB ..$ 449 Sup OK with 6MB .CALL Sup OK with SMB .CALL Hardlrame 2000 .$ 239 .$ 269 ..$ 419 ..CALL ..CALI SUPRA 2400 EXTERNAl,..$ 115 SUPRA 2400ii INTERNAL IN STOCK SUPRA RAM 500 I512K Expander lor A-5Q0)...$ 77 Toolbox tor A-500,A-1000...$ 239 VIDTECHSCAN LOCK CALL MASTER 3-A 3.5" DISK DRIVE .... MASTER 5-A
5. 25" Disk Drive $ 169 .$ 115 PANASONIC WV-1410 CALL VARIABLE 16mm LENS WITH IRIS CALL OKIMATE 20. .. w Piuq n Prinl $ 229.95 172 TURBO $ 199.95 ktv 1 rnmi .... nc 162 TURBO $ 239.95 NX-100011 $ 164.95 QKIDATA 32Q ....$ 339.95 SL rill 0K1DATA 380 ....$ 369.95 RAMOW ... CALL QWDATA 321 ....$ 469.95 NX-2410 $ 287.95 OKIDATA 390 ....$ 469.95 XB-2410 ..$ 439.95 OKIDATA 391 ....$ 639.9 inRH'Tl'FVrm'T5559'95 OWDATA 393 ....$ 989.5 COLOR OPTION KIT OKIDATA 393 FOR XB PRINTERS CALL Color .....$ 1069 NEC MULTISYNC 0 MONITOR ...5 KXP-1180 .$ 174.95 KXP-1191 .$ 214.95 KXP-1124 .$ 289.95 KXP-1624 $ 429.95 KXP-1695 ___$ 419.95 CeaAom BJ-130E ..$ 549.95 Panasonic GSX-140 ..$ 349.95 Color Option KiL CALL cm™ PRINTERS HARD DRIVES for AMIGA SQO HARD DRIVES tor AMIGA f TRUMP EXTERNAL CHASSIS ENABLES ANY SCSI HARD DRIVE TO V CARD 500 OPERATE WITH AMIGA 500 (EXPANDABLE T02MB) SUPRA HARD TRUMPCARD PACKAGES FOR A-500 j Seagate Quar .$ 569 05MB (Quantum) $ 9A9 SAME PACKAGE AS ABOVE WITH XETEC FASTTRAK EXTERNAL CHASSIS CAN BE EXPANDED TO 8MB RAM ADD $ 110 20MB .. ..$ 469 30MB .. ..$ 569 40MB .. ..$ 649 80MB . ..$ 839 SUPRA HARD DRIVES FOR A-500 A-1000 VERSIONS A0D $ 80 Seagate ST-138N (30MB) .$ 519 ST-157N (49MB) .$ 549 40MB (19ms) ...$ 599 BOMB (19ms) ...$ 839 105MB (19ms) .$ 899 Quantum THESE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES INCLUDE CHOICE OF XETEC OR TRUMPCARD HARC CONTROLLER CARDS DRIVES 40MB telUmV m ST-157U(49W B) $ 400 4UMB( 9m ,$ 849 ST-277N(50WiB) $ 549 $ 0NlB 9v ST -296U (8QMB) $ 579 Q5UB Ccikhed check,bank check, money oidcts, approvedP.O.'s,Visa,Mastercard, ncr'sCLto, AmTi.Ophma, Cait Blanche ,C.O.Q:sL ime call bcloic submitting P.O.'s, No additional surchaigclor cicdl card orders. Non cm hired checks musl wail A-ByrcVsIoi clearance- R tochange wrthoutnotKC. Nolresponsiblelot typographicaleit a s. Returnoldetectivemerchandisemuslhavc puor returnauthwir not be accepted. Please add 5% snipping A handing (mm. 56V 0idmsovet$ t?00aic discounted to Y* shipandAhandhng Orders V, (Canadian ordeis please calior shipping rales). AP0 F P0 oi dm splease add 1 (P 5 shipping Ahandhng. AWWOTPOoroctsarei 2** (Canadian or deis please calior shipping rales). APO FPO orders please add ION shippingihandhng. AWKPOTPOordcisaici All or dcis can be shipped Air Expressed lor details. DC A.I&00233. Amiga is a imysrcicd h ademaih or Commode* e- Amiga tno AmigaWorid is a publication of IDG Communications, the world’s largest publisher of computer- related information. IDG Communications publishes over 90 computer publications in 33 countries. Fourteen million people read one or more IDG Communications publications each month. IDG Communications publications contribute to the IDG News Service offering the latest on domestic and international computer news. IDG Communications publications include: ARGENTINA'S Computerworld Argentina; ASIA'S Communications World, Computerworld Hang Kong, Computerworld Malaysia, Computerworld Singapore, Computerumhl Southeast Asia, PC Review; AUSTRALIA'S Computerworld Australia, Communications World, Australian PC World, Australian Macworld', AUSTRIA'S Compulerwelt Oes- terreich; BRAZIL’S Data News, PC Mundo, Micro Mundo', CANADA’S Computer Data; CHILL'S In forma tira , Computacinn Personal: DENMARK’S Computerworld Danmark. PC World Danmark: FINLAND'S Mikro, Tietoviikko; FRANCE’S ts Monde Infomalique, Dislributique, Info PC, Telecoms International; GREECE’S Micro and Computer Age: HUNGARY'S Computerworld SZT, PC Mikrovilage; INDIA’S Data- quest: ISRAEL'S People Cf Computers Weekly, People of Computers Hi- Weekly: ITALY’S Computerworld Italia: JAPAN'S Computerworld Japan: MEXICO’S Computerworld Mexico: THE NETHERLANDS’ Computerworld Netherlands, PC World Benelux: NEW ZEALAND’S Computerworld New Zealand: NORWAY’S Computerworld Norge, PC World Norge: PEO- PLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA'S China Computerworld, China Computerworld Monthly: SAU 1)1 ARABIA’S Arabian Computer News; SOUTH KOREA’S Computerworld Korea, PC World Korea: SPAIN’S CJMWORLD, Computerworld Espana, Commodore World, PC World Espana, Comunicacwnes World, Infonnatica Industrial: SWEDEN'S Computer Sweden, Mikrodatorn. Svenska PC World: SWITZERLAND'S Computerworld Schweiz: UNI TED KINGDOM’S Computer News> DEC Today, ICI. Today, IjOTUS, PC Business World; UNITED STATES’ Amiga World, CD-ROM Review, CIO, Computer Currents, Computerworld, Digital News, Federal Computer Week, FOCUS Publications, inCider. InfoWorhl. Macintosh Today, Mar World, Computer -F Software News, (Mu ro Ma rketworld lj’bha r-Fried man), Network World, PC World, Portable Computer Review, Publish!, PC Resource, PCGames, RUN, Windows: VENEZUELA’S Computerworld Venezuela; WEST GERMANY’S Com- puterwoche, Information Management, PC Welt, Run, PC Woche, RUN. Manuscripts: Contributions in the form of manuscripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. Amiga World assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each submission. Payment for the use of any unsolicited material will be made upon publication. All con- i ributions and editorial correspondence (typed and double-spaced, please) should be directed loAtniga- World Editorial. 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 603-924-9471. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices, IDG Communications Peterborough, Inc., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; telephone: 800-441-
4403. Subscription problems or address changes: Call 1-800-525-0643 (in CO, 1-303-447-9330) or write to Amiga Worid, Subscription Dept., PC) Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804. Problems with advertisers: Send a descriplion of the problem and your current address to: Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458, AITN.: Sue Kaniwec, Customer Service Representative. List of Advertisers Reader 124 Abacus Software, 61 Reader MicroEd. Inc., 111 Seivice Applied Engineering. 27 Service 235 Microspeed. 11 Number 377 Applied Ingenuity, 78 Number 78 Microway, 75 * AmigaWorld Tf Montgomery Grant. 107 Amiga Tool Chest, 65 38 New Horizons Software, 9 Video Disk, 106 119 NewTek, Inc., CIV 334 Beta Unlimited, 111 75 Oxxi, Inc., 41 57 Bethesda Softworks. 69 284 Pixeiations. 78 68 Blue R;bbon Bakery, 14 279 Pixelations. 92 132 Briwall, 70, 71 9 Practical Solutions, Inc., 16 173 Briwall Free Spirit, 63 230 Pre-spect Technics, 92 165 Brown-Wagh Publishing. 57 137 Progressive Peripherals, 53 166 Brown-Wagh Publishing, 59 237 RCS Management. 77 73 California Access. 74 110 7-Day Software, 99 114 Coast to Coast Technologies, 42 275 Safe Harbor, 82 83 Coast to Coast Technologies, 43 242 Signs. Inc., 111 148 Computability, 105 359 Softech Computer Systems, Inc., 111 246 Computer Unked Images, 88 128 Software Discounters, 93 69 Computer Mart. 91 194 Software Excitement, 97 52 Computers Etc!, 76 206 Sprite Technology Corp., 89 199 Creative Computers, 94, 95 208 Supra Corp., 15 231 Data East, 20, 21 88 Supra Corp., 17 233 Data East, 19 61 The Aamiga Center, 54 397 DeltaWare Products, 111 134 The Software Shop, 85 241 Desktop Utilities, 111 74 Utilities Unlimited. 80 398 DevWare, Inc., 90 366 Versasoft, 79 55 DigiSoft. 82 207 Video Data Serv., 87 28 Digital Creations, CM 346 Virtual Realities Laboratory. 86 35 Dr. T s Music Software, 49 90 Xetec, Inc., 73 364 Express-Way Software. Inc., 84 80 Zuma Group, 4 361 Fairbrother & SoeparMann, 111 173 Free Spirit, 63 26 Go AMIGA, 100, 101
* T his advertiser prefers to he 177 Gold Disk, Inc., 1 contacted directly 150 Gold Disk, Inc., 2
145. 62 Great Valley Products, Inc., 7 Thi s index is provided as an
36. 265 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 33 additional service. The publisher
245. 127 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5 does not assume liability for errors 339 Flologramaphone, 98 or omissions. 234 ICD, Inc., 39 58 Interactive Video Systems. 55 125 InterComputing, Inc., 103 NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS

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Amiga World Vol 06 05 1990 May

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