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More professionals use Professional Page than any otn desktop publishing program on t Amiga. And they use it for eveJrVthl 9 from creating simple flyers and bro - to producing full four color ads. And e publishing magazines. Professional Page was the first desktop publishing program, on any computer, to offer true four color separations and it still leads the field. Professional Page's typographic and color controls are among the best in the industry and its level of production control is unparalleled. And now. With the inclusion of AGFA Compugraphic's outline font technology, you can take advantage of Professional Page's capabilities without investing in a , Qr nhnter - output your PostScript lase p _ dQt matrk jnk pages to any P reso!ution with lines, and bril When0)™ combine these features with an intuitive user interface and a high reliability level, it is not difficult to see why Professional Page is the program of choice for the graphic professional. So why not use the best? Cafl Gold Disk, today, at 1-800-387-8192 and order your copy of Professional Page, or stop in to see your local Amiga dealer. Graphics will print in full color on color printers or as 16 level grey scaled images on black and white printers. Pg SOFTWARE Circle 173 0(1 Raider Service card VOLUME 6, NUMBER 4 APRIL 1990 FEATURES Productive Coexistence 16 By Timothy Trimble .. With the computer "Colei War” winding down, Amiga users will lie getting a lot more out of their productivity software. We’ll show vou new and easier wavs to 4 ¦f transfer files and data between Amiga and IBM and Mac formats. The Great Software Weigh-In 24 By Loren Lovhaug ... Pull up a ringside seat while we analyze some vital statistics on 50 popular Amiga programs to show you how you can multitask your software more effectively and conserve valuable memory resources. Casting a Wider Net By Bill 38 Catchings and Mark L. Van Name...... In an effort to attract business and professional users. Commodore is about to release an Amiga version of Unix. What does Unix offer? And will current Amiga users benefit? Coi,m s 6 Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .. We wondered whv the editor was wan- dering around this month draped in a coil of cables and speaking to six different people at once. Me was in full multitasking, multiuser, networking mode preparing this piece on Amiga Unix! Accent on Graphics 46 By Joel Hagen .. In the second half of Joel's "Freehand Animation*’ tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply the finishing touches: coloring, compositing elements, and post-production enhancement. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings ...56 Spring training picks up this month as our AmigaDOS managerial team introduces more Workbench tools to get new Amiga users seasoned for operating in fhe Bigs.’’ 64 POINTERS By Bryan Catley . Our programmers’ corner opens up to Amiga Basic fans this month with some time-saving tips on incorporating assent* bly-language routines that will speed up your applications. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Read ’em and weep! Notepad .... 10 In the News: American artist exhibits Amiga Japanese art; good deal for MIDI musicians; Amiga discounts for educators.

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Amiga World Vol 06 04 1990 Apr

Document sans nom PRODUCTIVITY SPECIAL April 1990
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDG Communications Publication From Your Easy Transfer Tips Mac PC To Amiga Multitasking Hints: 50 Popular Prograi Save Chip RAM! Plus! A niga Unix Animation Tricks BASIC Tips Reviews & Games INTRODUCING THI F • -r -I ? Two Pi dissolves . Cs'V 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825. FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines Circle 28 on Reader Service card. Experts Choice Best Desktop Publishing Software AmigaWorld, 1989 PROFESSIONALS ON Profession Page "Professional Page is opening doors for graphic designers and artists.,, especially free lancers like me. It cuts down layout time, keeps me out of the typeshop, and allows me to show my clients a greater variety of design options without costing a fortune."
J. K. Steele, Freelance Graphic Designer Bill Kidd Teaching Master George Brown College The "pre-press courses of the images to Professional Page. PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Then, through various assign- RtPLOMA PROGRAM" at ments, “the students produce Georpe Brown College use a 4-color workbook includino simZESSI0NAL PAGE t0 pages’ covers ads which as aZifZrT l°TPtS are typicai of work that the Tronic pre-press systems graduate Will -the graphic artsZus ZzptZZs thl ' Mr tp the r i Teaching Master the sZZl f msam? Of lr>trocjlIn ra llc Arts Division, oositinni cr°PP,n9, in9 text StUdents to import- typooranh9' Col°Ur Contr°ls, ¦ Mmp sZ sZT mP0'ms "After years of preparing black and white camera-ready art for color printing, we can now design and compose in color and produce plate ready film." Vel Evans, President, Vellum Print & Graphic GOLD DISK
P. O. Box 789. Streetsville, Mississauga. Ontario Canada L5M 2C2
(416) 828-0913 Simply put. More professionals use Professional Page than any otn desktop publishing program on t Amiga. And they use it for eveJrVthl 9 from creating simple flyers and bro - to producing full four color ads. And e publishing magazines. Professional Page was the first desktop publishing program, on any computer, to offer true four color separations and it still leads the field. Professional Page's typographic and color controls are among the best in the industry and its level of production control is unparalleled. And now. With the inclusion of AGFA Compugraphic's outline font technology, you can take advantage of Professional Page's capabilities without investing in a , Qr nhnter - output your PostScript lase p _ dQt matrk jnk pages to any P reso!ution with lines, and bril When0)™ combine these features with an intuitive user interface and a high reliability level, it is not difficult to see why Professional Page is the program of choice for the graphic professional. So why not use the best? Cafl Gold Disk, today, at 1-800-387-8192 and order your copy of Professional Page, or stop in to see your local Amiga dealer. Graphics will print in full color on color printers or as 16 level grey scaled images on black and white printers. Pg SOFTWARE Circle 173 0(1 Raider Service card VOLUME 6, NUMBER 4 APRIL 1990 FEATURES Productive Coexistence 16 By Timothy Trimble .. With the computer "Colei War” winding down, Amiga users will lie getting a lot more out of their productivity software. We’ll show vou new and easier wavs to 4 ¦f transfer files and data between Amiga and IBM and Mac formats. The Great Software Weigh-In 24 By Loren Lovhaug ... Pull up a ringside seat while we analyze some vital statistics on 50 popular Amiga programs to show you how you can multitask your software more effectively and conserve valuable memory resources. Casting a Wider Net By Bill 38 Catchings and Mark L. Van Name...... In an effort to attract business and professional users. Commodore is about to release an Amiga version of Unix. What does Unix offer? And will current Amiga users benefit? Coi,m s 6 Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .. We wondered whv the editor was wan- dering around this month draped in a coil of cables and speaking to six different people at once. Me was in full multitasking, multiuser, networking mode preparing this piece on Amiga Unix! Accent on Graphics 46 By Joel Hagen .. In the second half of Joel's "Freehand Animation*’ tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply the finishing touches: coloring, compositing elements, and post-production enhancement. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings ...56 Spring training picks up this month as our AmigaDOS managerial team introduces more Workbench tools to get new Amiga users seasoned for operating in fhe Bigs.’’ 64 POINTERS By Bryan Catley . Our programmers’ corner opens up to Amiga Basic fans this month with some time-saving tips on incorporating assent* bly-language routines that will speed up your applications. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Read ’em and weep! Notepad .... 10 In the News: American artist exhibits Amiga Japanese art; good deal for MIDI musicians; Amiga discounts for educators. Whats New? 96 New stuff. No gulf. That's enough. Help Key .. 100 "Whan in April! Lou with help soote Woes of March perced to the roote...” LRW is never so busy that he’ll spin some "Can't-be-hurried” tale to poor pilgrims in technical distress. Hors d-oeuvres . 102 l ips and techniques from the best and brightest. Last Licks . 108 Skip this page if you’re looking for useful, informative, factual, reputable, practical. Or reliable information! REVIEWS AN I Magic (Oxxi Aegis) ....12 An all-purpose Anim editor with an impressive array of features and a steep learning curve. Synthia Professional (The Other Guys) 14 fhe unique and popular synthesizer editor program gets turned up a few notches in this more advanced version. Bars and Pipes (Blue Ribbon Bakery) ..84 Ail all-new coniposition-and-cditing package that offers both creativity and control. X-CAD Professional (Cadvision Int’l) .90 Third time around could be lucky for this powerful CAD package. Back Talk ..94 We’ve definitely started something here with our “response line” on AW reviews! (I A M E 8 CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson .71) Gamesmeistcr Olafson has tips and tricks on nine popular Amiga games. Game reviews follow his column: It Came From the Desert (Cinemaware) 70 Bravely battle big bugs. NEVER MIND (Psyclapse Psygnosis). , , 70 A complex puzzle-solver's delight. POWERDROME (Electronic Arts) ...... 72 You won’t see a race car like this jet-propelled “Typhoon” at the Indy 500. F-16 Combat Pilot (Electronic Arts) .74 A role-playing flight simulator with lots of action. PRO TENNIS TOUR (Electronic Arts).. 74 Good sound and graphics in a tennis simulation that may drive you to John McEnroe-like outbursts of frustration! VORTEX (Visionary Design) . . 76 Save the entire universe from black-holc destruction. Amiga World Animation Contest Winners! 1st Prize $ 500 FeO Stephen Menzies Montreal, Quebec 2nd Prize $ 200 Tree Snake Robert Eaton Winsted, CT 3rd Prize $ 100 Morph Tracy Sabin San Diego, CA See AIV$ Animation Video on p. 93 for more details. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY El) JLDIC.E firrrrrswr$ i
* f Rlfi 11 I,11111 Hard Drive fTlfi ¦IT $ 399 IJ u. HwtfeUi, Vi?r l£si Ingenuity, Inc. 800-346-08 11 or in CA 818-960-1485 14922M Ramona Blvd Baldwin Park CA 91706 3riT m: Ingenuity, Inc revolutionized the Apple II market with innovative, affordable products and we want to do the same for the Amiga, "it takes ingenuity to make quality affordable' Circle 377 on Reeder Service card. R Tired of “Times”? £ M .Distinctive Fonts! Casual 7 vzI’ut.qs cf Typefaces are available, 565-75 US. These l'S s certain PostScript cefr.itiers, bi"-~cps, arc supper: files fc- Professional Page. PcgeStrecrn, excellenceCity Desk P.0, Prc’A'rite ProScrip:, PageSettc r ft sscrScripf. Ard Shakespeare. Ixelatioijs R ostjeript eries f:csTScr.‘p: typeface def'riT crs require P relScnpt
• i "A 3 US J cr a °ostScript prmrer for ccdpu'. 7re PostScript P-h’er Utiiit.es [to downlead °c$ t- Scrtpr fonts arc files), rcr.y vci-tss cf i?S chD s.". era cu' Scrr.pie D‘Sk c~e c.sz cvc ict.e, 565 US sach. Ca l 3' .--nfe for TC.-e :".fcrr,aT crJ PixelaTions, Inc. P.O. Box 547, Northhoro, (AA 0 i532 USAi 503-393-7366 U'l r:2T-?S rrvt'ic-re .1 £.¦'¦? FN' Trj'JCfn(jO:5 of "fc f fegfwjr.vc1 Circle 28- on Reader Serv.ce card STEPHEN Robbins, Vice President Group Publisher Douglas Barney. Editor-In-Chief Dan Sullivan, Executive Editor SHAWN LaFLAMME. Managing Editor LOUIS R, Wallace. Senior Editor. Technology LlNDA J, Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvf.rt Tyson, Review Editor JAN JaCKSON, New Products Editor Tim Walsh. Technical Editor Carla Barker Editorial Intent Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings. David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Contributing Editors HOWARD G. HaPR Art Director Ann Dilion, Designer Laura Johnson. Desigtier A LAN A KORDA. Production Supervisor KENNETH BlaKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGOLDRICK, Sales Representative BARBARA Hoy, Sales Representative HLATHER Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarhet Sales, I-800-441-4401, 603-924-9471 MEREDITH BICKFORD, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarhet Sales, 1-415-361-5210 WENDIE HaINES-MaRRO. Marketing Manager Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleUR, Executive Assistant to the Publisher Susan KaNIWEC, Customer Sendee Representative Publishers Assistant PAUL Rl-ESS, Circulation Director PAM WILDER, Assistant Circulation Manager 800-365-1364 ii Roger J. Murphy, President Stephen D. TwombLY, Executive Vice President Publishing Director DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations JEFFREY D, DeTRAY. Director of Technology Research LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A, Dames, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager Lynn Lag.ASSE. Manufacturing Manager Linda Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director Debbie W alsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager William M. Boyer. Director of Credit Sales id Collections AmgtilVtnld ISSN OSHif-L'IWO) is an independent journal not connn led uiili ( lommodnre Business Mai I hi ms. Int. DwgullinM is published inmithK In IDG (aimmunii uhoiiv Ivurlmmugh. Inc., » | Ini St.. Ivterlioiougli. Ml OlH'iS I S sub*ription rate is S151L07. One vr.n; Shi.00, ivvti Years: $ 64.00. ilnee ve.ns. Canada $ :t.H,07 (I S funds). One ve;n onl . Mexico 5SS 07, foreign Surface $ 49.07. foreign Airmail $ 84.07 ipiepavmcnt V required on fbieigu Smtur and Airmail sub* i ip* tions in I S funds drawn on I S hank). All rates are one- eai onh Secmid-das-s postage paid at Peterborough, 'H. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: OUA-OiM-O-i? 1 fntire contents copv iigin 1990 by I DC. Communications Ivicrhnrough. Inc No pail ot ilns publication m.n I >e piloted in niheiuise i cprodui etl vsiihoiu %iiueii permission from die jmbhshei Postmaster: Send addicss ihangrs Ut AMIGA World, Subscription Services. I’O Box ,‘8804. Bonldei, (.(> SOTdlbSHOt. Nalionallv disti ibuled by Kablc New s Co. Awtgi 11 odd makes even' d It a i io assni e the at i u i at v. >1 at i it It-s, listings and tm nits published in the magazine. .1 migu II hritfassumes no lespoiisibilnv tor damages due to ei- mrs or omissions. Why settle for an A2500 when you can have A3000performance todayl IMPACT A3001 UPGRADE KIT The Clear Choice for 68030Acceleration Up to 8MB of 32-Bit Wide DRAM
- Hard Disk Drive Interface
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- Optional 68030 Boot EPROMS (UNIXru, etc.) ¦ 40MB or 80MB Hard Disk Drive 32-Bit 68030 Bus Interface 68030 CPU with 28Ma Oscillator 168882 FPU running at 28Mhz Choose the IMPACT * A3001 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the speed and power of leading-edge technology into your Amiga * Enhance your productivity and create more powerful results when you choose these key features:
* Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz.
• Factory installed 68882 Floating Point Processor running at 28 Mhz. 4 or 8MB of 32-bit wide High Performance 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAM; allows full support and advantage to be taken of the 68030's BURST Mode. Built-in Autobooting High Performance Hard Disk Controller with data transfer rates well over 700KB sec. Quantum 40MB or 80MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of 11ms (19ms on write] and 64KB read-ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional. Asynchronous design allowing the 68030 to run ASYNCRONOUS to the rest of the A2000 improving GENLOCK compatibility. All A2000 Expansion Slots Free! ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the A3001 Configuration along with the bundled 40Q or 80Q Hard Disk Drive ALL A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS ARE LEFT FREE FOR FUTURE UNLIMITED EXPANSION! ¦ :he choice becomes clear. R price and performance. COMPARE: GVP IMPACT A3001 CBM A2630 or A2500 30 1 28Mhz Standard ? NO 33Mhz Available ? NO 1 Upgradable to 8MB 32-Bft Memory ? NO | Hard Disk Controller Built-in on Accelerator Board ? NO With Hard Disk Installed All Five Amiga Expansion Slots Left Free ? NO One Year Warranty ? NO User Upgradable Memory ? NO ire trademarks ol Great Valley Products, Inc. lered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Istered trademark ot AT&T. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service Card 225 Pfank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for nearest dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 CHIEF CONCERNS Care for (i slightly; used operating system ? I'VE NEVER BEEN a big fan of the Unix operating system. This Bell Labs relic was far too difficult lor normal humans to use, and far too large for normal computers. Like accounting or podiatry, the only reason some people liked Unix was that h.ey understood it. . .and the rest of us didn't. Unix is still too big, and if you have to get to its insides, it is still far too difficult to use. But it has two things going for it: growing industry support and a growing list of excellent applications. And with all the attention paid to high-powered workstations, Unix has even become exciting something only a lunatic would have predicted. Commodore is doing a wise thing by supporting the Unix standard proposed by AT&T, which includes the base operating system (Unix 5.4) and an Amiga- like graphical user interface developed by Sun called Open Look. To underscore the move, Commodore recenth established a Systems Marketing Croup, which will focus primarily on the release and marketing of Commodore's Unix- based products. The group will beheaded by Raul Calkin, a former Unisys exec with over ten years of experience in Unix sales and marketing. Amiga users seem a bit wary of Unix, hut they shouldn't be. Unlike MS-DOS, which requires an additional hardware investment. Unix will run on high-end Ami gas without modification, provided there is a large enough hard disk and enough RAM. Unix will solve problems for the Amiga that we never dreamed would he solved. It will solve these problems quickly, cleanly, and without a whole lot of eifort, so we can all stop griping. For years, the Amiga community has been begging for more mainstream applications, networking, and market credibility. Unix will give us all three. We gain a tremendous amount hv O j running Unix and Open Look. With a simple operating system upgrade, the Amiga will literally operate as a Sun workstation. We will gain the ability to run what will eventually he tens ol thousands of applications. According to the group that proposed Unix 5.4, there are some 15,000 applications that the system will support, and more are being built everv day. Not oniv are these applications multitasking, hut main are also truly multiuser. Now that Lotus Development Corp. and other software biggies are supporting Unix, we no longer have to pine for their applications; we’ll be loo busy using them. And believe me, there are some wild apps being writien for Unix things you and I have never con- O j ceived of. Unix also helps solve major networking problems. Let's face it. The hardware side ol networking is relatively simple. It’s just wires and hoards and such. The hardest part is building applications that understand that a network exists, can effectively share data, and most important ly, actually share the processing load between multiple machines. Most workstation applications have been built with networking in mind. An increasing number have been built so that they cooperate with other systems that store and manipulate vast quantities ol data, which can he numbers, names, images, voices, or even motion video. The rest of the computing world is moving in this direction, and now so can the Amiga. Unix also gives us credibility, and an entree into the huge corporate and government markets. This is something that all Amiga users, even those who are strictly game players or artists, should care about. A larger installed base and a healthier market benefits everyone. I here will be more competition, new hardware and software, and stronger companies that will he able to support their products into the future. Unix will not kill off the native Amiga operating system. In fact, most of us will never use Unix. But even if you think I nix is the worst operating svstcm since CT M or TRS-DOS, or never get a chance to look at it, you should still welcome it to the Amiga. ¦ The Best Keeps Getting Better MB FAST RAM Expansion WT j fh Y§ V _ ,4 SCSI Hard Disk The NEW IMPACT™ A2000 _ - f-gr; 777777; 3 !_I 1 1 1_UJ 1 .1 1 1 % . R - : ‘r w m m
• % m jg gives you more for less. A* M i. . ; % Iji S. Why buy a dedicated memory expansion board or a dedicated SCSI Controller when you can install the IMPACT SCSI + 8 as a RAM Board or SCSI Controller All-in-One for less! Save even more when bundled with a GVP Hard Disk Drive. Now you can have the GVP HIGH PERFORMANCE BOOST™ SCSI Controller and 8MB of FAST RAM Expansion in a single A2000 Slot saving you a valuable A2000 slot. Ease of installation is regarded as top in industry. PERFQRMANC Now with the NEW GVP BOOST, experience the HIGH PERFORMANCE GVP SCSI Controller with full Overscan support, FAST AUTOBOOT- ING directly off a hard disk FAST FILE SYSTEM parti: tion. Proven track record with over 10,000 GVP hard disk controllers installed! 0UAUTY Backed by GVPs unique full one year guaranteed warranty. IMPACT-HARD-DISK- CARD + 2 Now we have added 2MB of Zero-Waltstate FAST RAM Expansion to our best-selling Hard'Disk-0n-A-Gard!f 1 - - 'r High Performance Iterd Disk Drive SCSI Controller 8MB Memory Expansion IMPACT SCSI + 8 Technical Highlights: High performance Autobooting SCSI controller supports up to seven SCSI devices. Internal and external SCSI connectors. 50 PIN SCSI Cable and well known easy-to-use GVP installation software comes standard. DMA to from drive to onboard 16K SRAM buffer provides high performance not affected by overscan or blitter DMA. Now FASTER Data Transfers with GVP BOOST Advanced Driver Software Kit installed. IMPACT XC GVP IMPACT XC is designed lo take one full-height or 2 hatf-heiqht 5.25" hard or floppy disk drives. Internal 45 watt switching power supply. IMPACT WT150' 150 MB Streaming Tape Backup. TAPESTORE™ software makes backups simple, fast, interesting and exciting. Tapestore is included with all IMPACT WT 150 orders Free. IMPACT SQ 44* 44MB Removable Hard Drive Aulobooting Auto Disk* Change Features Free. External SCSI Connector 20MB to 102MB Hard Disk Drive 2MB of FAST RAM Expansion fGVP SCSI host adapter required GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC 225 Plank Ave., Paoii, PA 19301 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT. BOOST. TapeSlore and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. New Wave THE NEW EE EM ENTS you have added to your magazine are fantastic. The “Your Turn” boxes in the Reviews section give additional insight into the worth and possible applications of the product. The “Last Licks” column, as well as Peter Olafson’s “Crib Notes.” are assets. There is not a lot to aim- plain about in this magazine. One tiling, though, that 1 wish you would give more coverage is public domain. Shareware. Robert Pearson Indiana. PA No Answer IN HIS JANUARY ’90 editorial [‘‘Chief Concerns*” p. (>], Doug Barney writes that . .there is a new crew at Commodore that is spending big bucks and doing some really smart things.” Why then, il they are so smart, can 1 not obtain a reply to my letters to them? 1 am employed by Northrop Corporation in Hawthorne. California, where we are evaluating Pcs to determine where our next machines should come from. We currently operate a mix of IBM PC-AEs and Apple I Is. 1 visited the local Amiga dealer, who could not answer our detailed questions and recommended that we contact Commodore. We wrote Commodore a letter and enclosed a list of questions about the Amiga. To my great surprise, I received rnv letter back with some penciled comments no letter or signature. To this dav I do not know who answered the questions. To clarify things, I called Commodore and was passed to several departments, but no one claimed knowledge oi inv letter. I sent the whole package to the President of Commodore. No answer! 1 also forwarded to them information of a newly formed government academic industry group that is going to develop a NASA design program for use throughout the aerospace industry, which would give the Amiga access to a much wider user base. Once more, no answer, Northrop is a large user of computing equipment, and is wary of companies that do not respond to its requests lor information. This looks like another lost opportunity for the Amiga. It doesn’t matter how good a machine is il those who are trying to sell it do not know how to do so. Brian G. Wilson Los Angeles* CA o Rational Argument DOUG BARNEY’S February ’90 editorial [“Chief Concerns," p. 0], which promises less stereotyping and a more rational form of Amiga advocacy, is a dramatic and welcome change from the tone of previous editorials. Picking up the multimedia ball and publishing addresses where Amiga users can direct comments, complaints, and suggestions is a positive use of time and energy. Keep it up! Julie Petersen Bellingham, WA What Was the Name of that Computer? COMMODORE’S seven-page Amiga ad on pages 45 through 49 of your February 1990 issue was the worst advertisement of a product 1 have ever seen. It violates everv rule that a good hard- o hitting advertisement would follow. The product name is buried in copy: the superfluous personality photos are a waste; there is no emphasis on price as compared to the competition: and there are no lists of specs. Not one piece of pertinent information is given to the potential buyer. A good advertisement containing the essential infbrma- lion for all Amiga models could be condensed to one page with color. The words AMIGA and COMPUTER should he the* first words to catch the reader’s eve. This could be done without clutter and superfluity. No matter how good a product is, if you can't market il successfully, forget about being successful, PM Hilley-Swank Lindenwold. X Von could write to Commodore. . .but how about trying the agency that created the ads ? Thex are also responsible for the TV commercials starring “Stevie Paltrier. Here's the address; let them know what you think: .hit ttnir Messner let ere Berger Cm rex Seh melt ere r 375 Hudson St. Xew York, XV 10014 I hey are also interested in learning o] other creative uses oj the Amiga. Vou can send disks or printouts of your artwork, music, graphics. Etc. to the above address = however, they cannot return your materials). Editors Send your letters to: Repartee. Amiga World Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 0543S. Letters may he edited for space and clarity. ¦ for the Amiga Computer The Next Generation Finally, the word processor the Amiga® has been waiting for. Coming in April to a dealer near you. Nl-:w I IorizonsSoiTWARi:, Inc:. 206 Wii.d Basin Road, Si ti f 109 Al stin. TX 78746 ( 512) 328-6650 Circle 38 on Reader Service card Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson Public Relations ALTHOUGH THE AMIGA is a favorite tool for many artists, finding a large display of Amiga art at a public gallery is unusual. Laurence Gartel’s Nuvo Japonica (New Japanese Imagery) exhibit at the Joan Whitney Pay son Gallery of Westbrook College in Westbrook, Maine marks the first time a professional artist has had a showing of work produced entirely with the Amiga. Not only is this event exceptional, it’s also controversial. Laurence addresses the current strain in relations between American and Japanese cultures with a no-holds-barred approach that prompts thought and discussion. Established icons such as geisha girls and Godzilla represent the Japanese, and Gumby, Mr. Potato Head, and a Ken doll portray American interests. Like many Amiga artists, Laurence relies heavily on digitization. His primary tools, in addition to his A1000, are NewTek’s Digi- View digitizer and DeluxePaint HI (Electronic Arts). “For the money," says Laurence, “the Amiga is the best system. 1 feel much more fluid with this machine [compared to a Macintosh]." Laurence does most of his work in low resolution (320x200). According to Judith Sobol, director of the Payson gallery, "people get too hung up about resolution. The pixels add a tremendous amount of vitality." The Nuvo Japonica series is not yet available in book form, but the just-released Laurence M. Gartel: A Cybernetic Romance (published by Gibbs M. Smith Inc.), a computer-art anthology spanning 15 years, includes a number of pieces created with the Amiga. .Among these is the first computer art print lo lie included in the Smithsonian American History Museum collection. What advice does this successful artist offer those of us just starting out in Amiga graphics? “'Fake a picture, scan it or use a tablet to trace it, and then modify it in different ways. . .that's a good starting point.” Graham Kinsey AT THE JANUARY National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Anaheim, CA, Commodore announced a dealer promotion good through March 30 (to take advantage, you must have the coupon slated to appear in national music magazines). For the usual price of an A2000 with monitor, dealers will offer an A2000, 1084 monitor, and MIDI interface, afong with three Dr. T’s programs: KCS 3.0, Copyist Apprentice, and any Caged Artist librarian. Commodore Is also working on a new MIDI standard that allows memory-resident sequencers and librarians to communicate, and to use a single machine's serial ports. Preliminary specs go something like this: Sequencers using the same serial port for MIDI will be able to merge data, while those using different ports at the same time will allow 16 discrete MIDI channels per serial port Resident sequencers will also be able to share timing Information. NAMM the Steinberg of W. Germany announced beta testing of PRO-24 (MIDI sequencing software acclaimed on the Atari) for the Amiga. Passport Designs will bring Master Tracks Pro Amiga up to the version now out on the Macintosh. Dr. T's showed Tiger Cub, also in beta. Mitch Wells The revamped Commodore Education Program provides for a territorial distribution network and competitive pricing. Bundies are priced for Institutions, students, and educators at up to 55% off ($ 789 for an A500 with external drive, 1 meg RAM, and monitor; $ 3679 for an A2500 30, Bridgeboard, and monit tor) and stand-alone products are discounted 30%. To penetrate the market dominated by Apple and IBM, CBM plans to target the segment “ready to upgrade,” and to ride the multimedia wave. If you support computer graphics education, you can apply for an ACM SIGGRAPH grant exceeding $ 1000. The 25 grants include participation in the international SIGGRAPH conference In Dallas, August 6-10. Applications must be postmarked by April 2; for details contact G. Scott Owen, Math and Computer Science Dept., Georgia State U, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404 651-2247. BGT With the right software, you’re in business. Browse through your data using the VCR- style panel and view related text or image files. Build menu-driven applications accessing forms under DML control. Use the spreadsheet to allocate resources to projects. Print wall planning and GANTT charts. AMIGA+ EXITR1S
C. HOK K 1989 Data management Text processing Relational querying Superbase PersonaJ 2 has all the power you need to set up and manage multi-file databases. ¦ Apply cross-file lookups and validations for data accuracy and consistency ¦ Change file definitions any time ¦ Browse through your data in any index sequence using the unique VCR-style browsing controls ¦ View data page by page or in tables, and build powerful relational queries and reports ¦ Edit text documents, print merge letters and labels ¦ Include text, IFF image and sound files as data ¦ Communicate data via modem “Personal 2's LOOKUP command. . . Gives the program a decided advantage over most ol its competitors.’' AmigaWorld July '89 $ 149.95 Invest in the best. Our upgrade policies always protect your investment. Oc!e 187 on Reader Service card V 1.3 AMIGA+ PROFESSIONAL Form design Application development Relational DBMS Superbase Professional is the experts’ choice both tor executive use and for Fourth Generation application development. As well as all the menu- accessible features of Personal 2, Superbase Professional includes: ¦ Database Management Language (DML) with over 250 powerful commands and functions for execution directly via the command line or in programs ¦ Form Designer with access to a wide range ot graphical and logical design objects, including images as data, one-to-many relationships and DML commands ¦ Report Program Generator for on-screen painting of reports and generation of report programs ¦ Programmable Communications facilities and Arexx support $ 349.95 ' TM «« EXPERTS’ CHOICE
T. 'SiU Spreadsheet Time management Business graphics Superplan gives you full-featured spreadsheet planning power p us the ability to track resources and projects over time; ¦ Print wall planning charts, GANTT charts, do critical path analysis ¦ Display and print graphs with over 100 different styles and options ¦ Sideways printing, full color output, extensive printer support ¦ Comprehensive macro language ¦ Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase file compatible ¦ Full Aftexx support $ 149.95 Now get down to business. 1 -800-562-9909 Cali today! Precision Software 8404 Sterling Street Irving, TX 75063 Tel: (214) 929-4888 Precisior Fax: (214) 929-1655 REVIEWS ANIMagic An Anim editor for all reasons. By Gene Brawn THEY HAVE NAMES like Mirage, Abacus, and Pinnacle. Swooping titles, glowing graphics, and dramatic zooms are just a small part of their repertoire. These effects, and the hardware used to create them, are known as Digital Video Effects (DVEs). They are the hottest thing in the video universe. ANIMagic is an ambitious effort to bring the full power of a studio DVE to the Amiga by simulating its effects with I EE animations (Anims). Originally envisioned by Gary Bonham (the father of IFF Anims) as an all-purpose animation editor, ANIMagic ultimately grew to include an impressive suite of digital effects. Flips, zooms, tumbles, confetti, page turns, Venetian blind, and mosaic- style transitions are available with just a few clicks of the mouse. After several sessions with the program, my report card is in and the grades are mixed. ANIMagic gets high marks for its power and flexibility but comes up short on speed of execution and ease of use. Although its potential is mouthwatering, putting it to practical use is another matter. Digital Effectiveness ANT Magic’s library of video effects includes over 20 “basic” routines for producing complex DVEs using any type of graphics, from titles to full-motion animations. According to the manual, at least 9025 variations are possible for each effect. Some of the more impressive include page turns, rotating boxes, and opening "doors.” Many ol these effects are three dimensional, meaning that the graphic objects’ backsides appear when they are rotated. Additionally, you can customize and save these iiles by selecting parameters from the nifty pop-up menu buttons. Flte Grid Control menu is the most powerful and complex part of the DVE. If you modify an effect, this is where you will spend most of your time. From here you control the size of the grid, the point of origin of'the effect, the path the effect will follow, and its duration. If the effect is in three dimensions, you can use the 3-1) High lx*vel Control menu to change the distance oft he object from the viewer and determine whether the back ol the image or another picture is mapped to the hack of the effect. With 7j._ 101 V For a seasoned underwater video producer who is a computer novice, ANIMagic is easy to use. Even beginners can perform a multitude of tasks, blit unfortunately the manual is written for an experienced audience. Joe Kentz Tuscon, A'Z the Backdrop Control you create a colored background for the effect, add shadows to moving objects, and change the size and screen location of the source and destination images. Although substituting a software Anim for a real-time hardware DVE is certainly c heaper, there are some major disadvantages. First, the files are usually huge. This is not a problem if all you want is a title for a video (as long as you have enough memory to load the animation), hut such files are probably too large to be included in longer disk-based animations or demos. Also, while high-end effects machines operate in real time, ANIMagic does its stuff frame by tedious frame. The you- gel-what-you-pay-for caveat applies; in ANI.Magic’s case, you pay in lack of speed. As an example, 1 used ANIMagic to create a simple 66-frame animation. The task involved superimposing a 32- color Anim, frame by frame, on a HAM (Hold And Modify)-format background ol the same resolution (low). The frames were tendered to hard disk in four hours, 40 minutes, for comparison, 1 rendered the same frames with Digi- Paint (NewTek), automating the process with an Arexx script. It took about two hours, including script writing, ANI Magic's rendering speed may or may not be cost-effective for you. Many other programs, among them The Director (Right Answers Group) and Deluxe- Video III (Electronic Arts), can do very simple effects in real time, and il your needs are simple these may better serve you. 'Thankfully, Aegis anticipated professionals’ needs and included a program version designed for use with 08020 68881 accelerators. Learning the Tricks At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the interface, f rom the buttons to the text, the design appears simple and uncluttered. T he main display is divided into two parts, with editing controls in the upper half and the DVE section below. Two thoughtful touches are especially welcome: pop-up menu buttons and the ability to hide unneeded parts ol the control panel. Unfortunately, my euphoria lasted no longer than the first few clicks of the mouse. T he novice ANIMagician (experienced Amiga user or not) faces a fbrtni- dable learning curve. Invoking almost anv effect, however simple, requires that von specify at least five or six parameters. Confusion mounts when yon try to locate the controls to set: they are scattered all over the program. Fortunately, pressing the Help ke turns the cursor into a question mark. Place the cursor over anv key and press the left mouse button to summon a detailed description of the kev’s function. I found the main control panel confusing and poorlv designed. Animation playback is controlled by c lic king on buttons arrayed in two horizontal rows at the top of the screen. The upper row resembles the controls on a VCR: You play, rewind, fast forward, and single’ step through the animation by clicking on them. The problem is that the layout is inefficient. If you want to single step forward, you must clic k a button on the right side of the screen. To reverse direc tion, you have to traverse the entire sc reen and click a similar button at the left. These buttons should be side by side. The might and muscle of Digital Video Effects brought to you by ANIMagic. The icons on the buttons are too spartan and repetitive to be of much help to the novice or casual user. ‘The identity of a button is often dependent on its location rathei than its design. This was extremely confusing to me, and I found mvsell constantly reaching for the Help key. Another major annoyance is the lac k of keyboard equivalents for menus and gadgets. AN I Magic’s control panel can cover half the sc reen, obscuring muc h of the display. To step through an animation and inspect each frame, you must advance the frame using the control panel, turn the panel off to see the frame, switch back to the control panel, and so on. Under the Editor s Spell The editor is my favorite part of AN1- Magic. It can add. Delete, insert, and cut and paste frames to an existing animation. Special goodies include the ability to change a frame’s palette and timing within an animation. Color cvcling and variable transparency are also supported. The palette tools are some of the best I have ever used. With them you can automatically create a smooth transition between palettes over time, or blend, merge, and smear as main as three palettes in order to c reate an optimized color scheme. All of the editor’s tools work with single frames or any specified range of frames. Best of all, versions 5.40-2 and newer of the ubiquitous ShowANlM (which is included) support the on-the- Voi R Tl R M With ANIMagic, someone who is a video pro hut a computer novice can run an animation through DYE and achieve wiki results. It would he better, however, if you could run the animations from within the program rather than from the CLI. Bill Reichle Long Bench, Cl llv frame changes implemented by ANIMagic. As good as it is. ANIMagic cannot automate the creation of an animation from a file of IFF pictures. This is a glaring omission. If you need to assemble an Aniin from more than a few frames, I suggest you do so using Electronic .-Arts DeluxePaint III (for up to 64 colors) or Microillusions’ Photon: Cel Animator (for HAM), then modify the result with ANIMagic. Best Witches AN I Magic’s manual is skimpier than I would like. The emphasis is on tutorials, which are straightforward if not lengthy, and the index is complete. I wished for a reference section, though. The program is not copy protected and hard-disk installation is a breeze. 1 especially like the Project Information window, which lets you tell ANIMagic where to look for the files it needs to play your animation. As a bonus, the program will create a custom icon that sets these paths before the animation runs. The Information Window is also used to select the Anim-compression scheme. Amiga IFF Vertical Byte, XOR, and two MAC 11 schemes are but a few of the compression formats supported. ? AN I Magic crashed several times while I was testing it, most seriously while I was saving a file to disk. This could have been much worse had I been using a hard disk instead of a floppy the file was open when the system reset. When I tried to use the disk again I got an AmigaDOS validation error and had to use DiskSalv to recover it. R E V I E W S AN I Magic is one powerful program* able to leap multiple transitions in a single bound. However, 1 question its complications. In a professional situation, one might use the software a few times a month too infrequently enough to become expert. There are just too many inconsistencies and eccentricities in ANI- Magic for it to be comfortable for the casual user. Then there is the issue of speed. On the other hand, if you need an allpurpose AN I'm editor, take the time to learn AN I Magic, it does so many things no other program can, that I find I must use it, despite my reservations. ANIMagic Oxxi Aegis PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809-0309 213 427-1227 S279 One megabyte required. Synthia Professional Synthesize in 16 bits, -f By Steve Quinzi PEOPLE THINK OF samplers primarily as a means of creating acoustic-instru- ment sounds. This is certainly valid, as extensive load-and-play libraries of Challenge the computer or a friend in an all out dash for the checkered flag in the fastest scrolling game for your AMIGA4! 60 frames per second! 48 directional scrolling 3+ minutes per lap string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sounds are available for manv models. But samplers need not be relegated to such traditional, mundane duties; they can be used to generate exotic synthesized sounds created by one or a number of synthesis techniques. All you need is a program capable of producing these sounds and putting them into a format your sampler can understand, and then transmitting them to the sampler for playback. Synthia Professional is such a program. Synthia Pro is billed as a 16-bit synthesizer, but it is not the real-time device we have come to know bv that name. Unlike Continued on p. 78 Circle 135 on Reader Service card. PRODUCTS SEQUENCERS LEVEL 11 3.0 w AutoMix KCS 3.0 w AutoMix TIGER Cub MRS V1.1 EDITORS LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ’apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-3Z X-0RV1.1 (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) Totally radical music software from Dr. T’s! Good music software should be as personal as a vintage guitar, and as powerful as a 300 watt amplifier stack. Our sequencers have always been able to configure themselves to the way you want to work. And the V3.0 Level II and KCS revisions are even more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Our exclusive Multi Program Environmenr allows for dynamic data transfer, as well asthe standard multitasking. You can transcribe directly from the sequencerto Copyist, record your Caged Artist editor “moves” directly into the sequencer, use AutoMix™ (included free with Level II and KCS) to perform real time “MIDI mixdowns,” or instantly switch between MPE modules from the Intuition menu. If you need to sync to tape, our new Phantom" SMPTE synchronizer will lock you up faster and cheaper than you would have dreamed! And Dr.T’s has added Laurie Spiegel’s acclaimed Music Mouse" program to our line of quality products. COMPOSITION SCORING COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PHANTOM SMPTE SYNCHRONIZER Music Software of the Year, 1988 Commodore Magazine Dr.T’s, software of quality and power that Will never go out of style! “Our hands-down favorite new piece of software, TIGER... is a music composition program whose elegance is simply stunning. Finally, a program that bridges the gap between cold, hard technology and the creative musician,” Keyboard Magazine I Cased Artist's H-l Editor mmcaiaaainaimctnn EEII SELECT! Cowcn |HW£ Z Basic * V5A I 48 eg vel sens 8 key trk center C - e key trk arvltd 8|| m 1 cutoff ts intrrisit? Eji vel sens key trie center C - key Irk cuUff OSCILLATOR 1 miltisound saw wive octave level T5 r.- Al I r*-i "*'V* hri II Lriwer 1 i
* * » Jol. ..r «irv to »
I. i.hui sl» US » t >V»5
- «¦ I ¦ *¦- I a I 1111 I'run r"-- p =ly r InbW it I Cvtilii ......- II £ [¦ PITCH EG 1 “The most powerful and dependable of MIDI sequencers for the Amiga is KCS..." Amiga World '?6! W V's Vl ¦ If "1X5! Rt: « k: ft TFT TrSTsSTi: i. e at: 59 dt:95 rt: 23 ut alM9? R 1:-481 a 1: 0 bp:*91 sl:-31 pl:*77 al: 87 bp: 97 sl:75 si: 8 a d s r a d s rI tine uel sens: 8 tine key trk: 8 8 8 8 8 tine key trk: level vel sens: 8 tine vel sens: 8 8 8 6 8 tine uel sens: C> Ivbit, Cool “(Copyist is) a composer’s delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing ail in one package." Amiga World Rimmas ¦0 Computer Croyswaa P1 Labs Or. T's Level II * version 3.0 ImtE HEM B1 ED 131 EBEDEil 1 COJICUCI 11 > INTRO 25 > BREAK 2 14 Proteus: 26 S196&: 3 * fit git* 15 Piano I HU 27 Sanples 4 Kid 16 E Bass 23 Scratch HU 5 Snare 1 17 Pad 1 2? Ch yea! HU 6 Snare 2 18 Hornhits HU 39 Thanpit 7 Tihtale fill 19 Heaven 31 8 Hi-Fais 28 SEC 32 JSTRING5 9 Iwis HU 21 Hi: 33 Violin 1 0 22 Vibes 34 Viola 1 23 Voices 35 Cello 1 24 38 Bass 1
• lOK ! Efr rB-Tl lEumnrai 37 >GM0VE 38 B19Iack 39 HomHit2 till 48 Big&ass 41 Xleid 42 43 1CLDSE 44 Xplcde 45 Jill 46 ProtPian 47 Pad 2 48 THE PHANTOM ta m [30] gnrni Start: ¦UilHWmniltiTI Dropouts: rJFKI sec. "(MRS)... compared to other sequencers, it is a great value." AMIGA Times nn lDUD “(Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well, is responsive, and is designed with the high- end user in mind,” Amiga Sentry Stripe tape w-’.- rET-: y*is St: step 3: 2:862 en:s« ru n inn r LILAJ «UliC n: i 1ESS86fS: Tmmm 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 U.S.A.
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card.
• ' PRODUCTIVE CROSSING Bol'NDA- Rlts WHIN 11 i:R imenni- Improved communications between the Amiga and the IBM Mac superpowers will mean bigger payoffs from your productivity software. Here’s a quick course in products and protocols that will help you break down the barriers. Tional or intercomputer used to be quite an ordeal. Now like lbe lifting of the 1 ron Curtain or the crumbling ol tile Berlin Wall bar- t iers between AmigaDOS and the operating svsiems ol the IBM PC and Macintosh are beginning to fall. While von Mill need the proper passport to get through, more and O 1 more productivity programs are speaking a common language to allow free exchange of information. Au emulator or conversion program dial will translate files into AmigaDOS lot mat is your passport for intercomputer travel. (See the sidebar “Slipping Across.") Once the data is on the proper type of disk, all von need to do is load it into vour application program. I’henrelicallv, if the program can read your file’s format, you can load the information and start work immediately. More often, you will need to do a hit of data cleanup first. To see how well the Amiga’s word processors, spreadsheets, and databases met the ideal. 1 tested them with files from WordPerfect (WordPerfect Corp., IBM and Mac), Pull Write Professional (Ashton-Tate. Mac), Lotus 1-2-3 (Lotus Development Corp.. IBM), and cl BAS K 111 PLUS (Ashton-Tate, IBM) as examples. (See the compatihilit chart for a breakdow n ol the lile-imporiaiion capabilities for each spreadsheet and database.) Word for Word Unless vour Amiga word processor comes in a v ersion for the IBM or Mac. Von cannot transfer doc uments among machines without losing special lout formats. Margin sellings, and so on. The standard procedure is to save vour document in text (ASCII) format, copy it to the required computer, and load the document into the new word processor. Although it sounds simple, it is not al- wavs straightforward. While Kind Words (The Disc Company, S99.95) loaded transferred files cleanly, Amiga WordPerfect had problems with text formatting, mainly because ol inconsistent margin settings. Experiment with widths and your documents should look line. On the lust try, ProW riles (New Horizons Software, $ 124.95) problems were more severe; imported documents were badly formatted and littered with extraneous characters. Hold down the Alt key while you load the* file, and the results will he much more satisfying. You will encounter a similar situation when importing text that was created on a Macintosh. While the Mac allows more than 80 characters to a line of text (because of different sizes of fonts), Amiga word processors expect a maximum ol St) characters per line, When creating a document on a Macintosh lor use later on an Amiga, remember to keep the characters to 80 or fewer per line. A spacing of 12 characters per inch on the Mac usually works best. You will also usually lose the original document’s special paragraph formatting (indentations and so on) in the* conversion. Visually the document will appeal to he indented, but if you try to make some additions to the text, von will discover the indentations are filled with spaces rather than tabs or the originating program s indentation character. Occasionally, conversion programs insert an hi- fi Y T I M O T H Y T R I M B L E jg ac volime: Network Haps ib.nacurite 39k ibtest.txt 35k is Parent Root Parent Root (Linefeed) nr CR (Carriage Return) at the end of each line. In realign your paragraphs, delete the space or return character at the end of each line and let the word processor reformat the line to the correct size. When transferrins; files between versions of Word- Perfect, simply select the type of file you wish to import (Text. IBM 4.2, or IBM Text) from the Import menu, then select the drive, directory, and file from the Retrieve file window. 1 could see no difference between the Text and the IBM Text import: perhaps the latter option converts the CRLF of the IBM text to IT. I his is already done, however, when you move the hie from MS-DOS to Amiga DOS. The only problem I ran into was that Amiga version 4.1 was not able to read files from Macintosh version 4.2. Files transferred between Amiga 4.1 and PC 4.2 hit no such roadblocks. Line formatting and font instructions survived the conversion. Lotus Position While there is no official standard format for spreadsheet data files, the Lotus 1-2-3 format (.wks files) is the most widely used. The four programs supporting Lotus on the Amiga are, with one exception, very reliable. You will find that you might have to adjust column sizes in the imported files, but that is about all. Even a large, macro-filled spreadsheet that I brought from the office worked fine. Sticking to the Amiga's Intuition, Analyze! (Microsystems Software, $ 99.95) uses menu controls. Simply select Archive from the Worksheet menu, then 123 for the file type, and finally specify the filename. Superplan (Precision, SI49.95) and YIP Profes- based approaches to importing. In Superplan, press lor the Selection menu. L for the Load menu, then select your file format (Superplan, dBASE, Lotus 1- 2-3, Logisttx, Comma Separated Values, Text, or DIF) and file name. A straight clone of Lotus, VIP With Mac>2-DO$ , you can point and click your files between formats. Lhe strongest warning comes with Maxi Plan (Intuitive Technologies), 1 was unable to make the current version (1.9) load anything but its own liles. Even though it comes with a separate program for converting file formats. I hope Version 3.0 ($ 249.95), which should be shipping by the time you read this, will correct the problem, because Maxi Plan is a great spreadsheet to work with on its native tiles. For the Record In the database held, dBASE has achieved the same status as Lotus 1-2-3 has For spreadsheets. The dBASE file format (.dbf files) is widely supported on the Macintosh and PC. On the Amiga, vour choices arc*- uses standard Lotus commands ( for Selection menu, F for File menu, R for Retrieve) and lacks Amiga amenities. If you area heavv Lotus user, VIP is vour best choice. Be warned, however, the program can read onlv Lotus liles. Aniga volune: FastHD dications Dociments 2Hac-2-8os Vida Bytes free: 222k COPY .info AworId3,tfp Aworld3.vp.info Tins Talk 12-14-89 lilts Talk 12-14-89,info Tins test Tins test,info Compatibility Chart Program ASCII files Lotus Comma Delim. DBASE files dBASE files macros files programs Analyze! N Y N Y Y SuperPlan N Y Y Y Y PVIP N Y Y Y Y MaxiPlan 500 N N N N N Superbase Pro. Y Y Y Y Y dBMAN V Y N Y Y Y Simply The Best mifia Hard Drive Before you buy a hard drive, look around. Look closely. Compare speeds, but also look at Interfaces...Software...Value. We think you'll agree that SupraDrives are Simply The Best Amiga Hard Drives. Here's why ... Each SupraDrive for the A500 A2000: Autoboots directly from FFS partition • Interface allows super smooth video, sound, etc., with no rude interruptions for hard drive access * Compatible with Bridgeboard™, RAM, digitizers, other boards • Supports MS-DOS disk partitions with Bridgeboards * Installs easily • Pre-formatted & ready to use ¦ Includes 2 floppy disks of software & clear, thorough manual • Fine tuned assembly language driver software • Blind data transfers improve speed 3x
• Knowledgeable tech support * Interfaces also available separately SUPRADRIVE FOR AMIGA 500 with AMIGA BUS PASS-THROUGH for unlimited expansion • OPTIONAL 2 MB RAM SUPKADRIVIi HARD CARD FOR AMIGA 2000 with revolutionary new WORDSYNC™ INTERFACE H reakthro ugh S peed. SupraDrives give you access times as low as 11 ms. and data transfer speeds of over 500K sec. (Amiga® 2000) or 326K sec. (Amiga 500). Features like full support of Workbench™
1. 3, the Fast File System (FFS), and multitasking make these drives FLY. State-of-1he-Art Interlaces. Supra's interfaces (included with every SupraDrive) give you innovative features no one else can match. The revolutionary WordSyncIM Interface transfers 16 bits at once, which gives A2000 SupraDrives DMA speed without DMA hassle. The A500 interface passes the Amiga bus signal through to your other peripherals; without Amiga bus pass-through, your system is severely limited. And all Supra interfaces feature SCSI ports for easy daisy-chaining. The Best Software. After installing the drive, you'll be glad you have Supra's full array of powerful, easy-to- use software. SupraFormat makes formatting a breeze and lets you use up to 30 partitions and various file systems FFS, MS-DOS®, Unix, Macintosh™, and more! SupraEdit lets you access low-level Amiga system information, and other included programs make using a hard disk fun and easy. Irresistible Value. All this is available at a price you'll love. Look Into it! Only Supra Corporation an experienced company with a proven commitment to the Amiga and its potential gives you such an attractive alternative: The SupraDrive. It's Simply The Best Amiga Hard Drive. Ask your dealer for details, or call: Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503-967-9075 All Supra Products Are Made in the U.S.A. ORDERS: 1-800-727-8772 Circle 208 on Reader Service card. SupraDrive, WordSync, SupraFormat, and SupraEdit are trademarks of Supra Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark and Workbench is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer. Slipping Across BECAUSE YOUR AMIGA cannot read IBM or Macintosh files directly (or vice versa), you must translate the desired files to the proper disk formal before loading the data into your applications programs, for IBM conversions, your best bets are Commodore's emulators, the A2088D (for PC XT files, S699.95) and A2286D (for PC AT files, S1599) Bridgeboards. With these computers-on-cards yon can not only transfer files between operating systems, but also run IBM programs from MS-DOS oil your Amiga. The transfer procedure is quite simple. In the PC window, double click the PCDisk icon, which tells the Amiga to open a gateway between the Bridgeboard and the Amiga for file transfers. Access the Bridgeboard side of the Amiga and. F rom DOS. Use t be Awrire.exe file to move vour file from the IBM disk to the Amiga i o disk. For example: AWR1TE A: MY FI LEAVES DF0:MY- FILEAVES B copies a file called myfile.wks from the disk in drive A: to the internal Amiga floppy drive. The B option flag is very important; it tells the Amiga to keep the lull binary structure of the file. Without it, the Amiga will treat the lile as if it were made of text only and will not copy it properly. To copy a file from the Amiga to a IX )S disk, follow the same steps, but use Aread.exe to move your lile. For example: AREAD DI O:MYFILE.WKS A:MY- FILEAVES B copies myfile.wks from the Amiga's DFO; to the DOS disk in drive A:. As before, the B option flag is very important. Two other option flags are also available: XC and CR. When you specif) NC, the Bridgeboard does not convert MS-DOS special characters to their Amiga equivalents. Because the Amiga uses a different .ASCI I-extended character set from the IBM PC. XC could lead to unwanted results. Without ibis flag, the Bridgeboard converts the MS- DOS special characters to their Amiga- DOS equivalents automatically. The CR option flag disables the conversion of CRLF (carriage return line Iced) into just Lh Most IBM PC] word processors will place a CRLF at the end of each line, whereas the Amiga only uses an LF. If you use CR and XC together, the ellect is the same as using the B option llag. W hile unchallenged in the emulator market, the Bridgeboards do face a rival for file conversion. DOS-2-DOS (Central Coast Software, Son) is a low-cost, software-based alternative to emulator hoards. It reads and writes SC-inch and 5Vi-inch (you provide the drive) IBM disks and can transfer files in ASCII or binary format. Like the Bridgeboards, it converts CRLFs into Lfs. Just because it is an Amiga product,do not expect an Intuition interface; you w ill need to learn some simple keyboard commands to run it. To Mac and Back To move files from Macintosh disks to the Amiga, 1 use DOS-2-DOS' cousin, Mac-2-DOS (Central Coast Software). The program comes with ($ 349.95) or without ($ 99.95) a SC-inch external disk drive and a cable to attach it to the Amiga's flnppy-drive connector, Quite easy to use, Mac-2-DOS employs two windows to display file directories for the Amiga disk and the Macintosh disk (see photo). Menus and gadgets make moving files between Macintosh and Amiga disks much easier than with the Bridgeboards. Click on the desired directory, then on the file von wish to transfer. Pull down the Conversions menu, select the proper transfer format, and click on the Copy arrow. With Mac-2-DOS von can convert hi- i nary, text, PostScript, and even MacPaint file formats. The Binary option works well when moving WP (WordPerfect), or GIF (Graphic Interface Format) files because these can he used directly by other Amiga products after only minimal format conversions. Do not use Binary to convert Lotus 1-2-3 files; it renders them unreadable. The only option that can handle Lotus 1-2-3 for- fj[~j mat files correctly, Xo Com er- si on works well for transferring files that can be used in the same binary format on the Amiga as on the Macintosh. The Text option works similarly to the Bridgeboards’ CR option flag, bv converting a CRLF into an LF for use on the Amiga. The PostScript option is unique in that it supports the transfer, but not the conversion, of EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), a new form of PostScript that includes a bitmap graphic image within the PostScript file. Because EPS is not currently supported on the Amiga, the lile is converted “as is." Which still allows for use of the ASCII-based PostScript commands within the file. Whether future Amiga products will support the Macintosh “Havor" of EPS is not known. Mac-2-DOS- MacPaint-lb-IFF option allows easy transfer between the two graphics-file formats. It takes black-and- white 576 x 720-pixel MacPaint images and converts them into black-and-white 640x 720-pixel IFF duplicates of the original. If you need to run Mac-specific programs or just feel more comfortable with an emulator, A-Max (ReadySoft, S 199.95) is your only choice. The hardware portion plugs into the drive port and offers passthrough for an external Amiga drive pins a port for an Apple-compatible drive. 1 lie core of A-Max is the Macintosh ROM chips, which you must purchase separately ($ 50 for 64K chips, $ 150 for 128E). While not essential, an Apple-compatible drive (SI50-5200) smooths transfers from the Mac to A-Max. The Mac Amiga file-transfer utility merely passes the data and does not convert between file formats. With A-Max, von are belter off doing your homework in Mac mode than ferrying it to the Amiga. ? 7T Easy-to-lnstall, Autobooting Hard Card with WordSync™ Interface WordSync Interface Kit also available separately Interface transfers 16 bits at once, giving DMA Speed Without DMA Problems Eliminates the sound, video, and serial I O interruptions found with DMA iinterfaces 1-slot design & SCSI-out port Easy On Off Autoboot Jumper Compatible with Amiga Bridgeboard, RAM, digitizers, and other boards Includes SupraBoot & SupraTools two full disks of utility software Up to 30 Partitions All available file systems supported: FFS, MS-DOS, Unix, Macintosh, etc. Access to low-level parameters without maintaining MountList Excellent Technical Support Made in the U.S.A. SupraModem 240Gzi Half card modem fits in any Amiga bus slot Up to 5 modems per computer Works with all popular Amiga telecommunications software 100% compatible with the industry-standard “AT" command set Asynchronous 2400 1200 300 baud operation Compatible with Bell 103 212A and CCITT V.21 V.22 V.22bis Autoanswer Autodial (tone or pulse) Adjustable-volume speaker Nonvolatile memory stores custom modem configuration and one telephone number Includes free subscriptions to popular on-line services Made in the U.S.A. 2400zi $ 179.95 SupraRam 2000 2, 4, 6. & 8MB configurations available Installs easily into any Amiga internal expansion slot Easy to expand from your initial configuration Start with 2MB & add RAM at your convenience 6MB configuration allows for maximum benefit with the Amiga Bridgeboard Lets you run larger and more sophisticated programs Allows creation of large and extremely fast RAM disks Test mode & test software make troubleshooting easy Made in the U.S.A. 8MB RAM Board with 2MB installed with 4MB installed with 6MB installed with 8MB installed $ 399 $ 599 $ 749 $ 899 AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL DEALER, OR CALL: 30MB (40 ms.) $ 649 40MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 749 80MB (11 ms. Quantum) $ 1049 44MB SyQuest Removable $ 1149 WordSync Interface Kit $ 19995 Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 Voice: 503-967-9075 Fax: 503-926-9370 SupraDrive, WordSync, SupraModem 2400zi, and SupraRAM 2000 are trademarks of Supra Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. limited to Superbase Professional (Precision, S299.95) and dBMAN V (VersaSolt. $ 295). The two programs import files equalh well, bin take different approaches. In Superbase, you highlight Import in the Process menu, click on the appropriate formal (dBASE II, dBASE III. ASCII Delimited..ASCI I Fixed length, DIF, and even Lotus I -2-5 and Logistix Superplan), and then select the file to import. I sing a mix of typing and clicking. DBMAN' requires vou to enter “assist" at the CMD: prompt, click on Open A Database from die File menu, and specify the file to load. Ooing one step further. DBMAN V supports the execution ofd BAS E-type programs and applications. If you have a cl BASK application you use on the Mac or PC, you can also use it on your Amiga. As a test, I created an application in dBASE III on an IBM and converted the files. Via standard dBASE commands issued at the CMD: line, dBMAN V ran the application and used the database files without requiring any file-formal conversions. Intelligence Report While you can swap files between machines and applications, compatibility standards could still be improved. A standard format lor word processing, beyond the vanilla-text ASCII, would be a good start. I would like to see a lull standard that supports SIW G ( hnt-You-Scc-Is-Wliut-Ynu-( »ct) word processing and desktop publishing. A strong beginning, PostScript could be used as a platform for allowing compatibility of liles from the Amiga, IBM, and Macintosh. A more radical wish is lor an across-the-board standard lor disk formats. With all our high technology, we are still reduced to converting files from one disk format to another by using telecommunications, networks, and special add-on devices. Mavbe the increased use of optical disks for storage will bring about such a lile-storage standard. Until that time (if ever), differing hardware platforms and Ibrmats are a way of life. The key to success is to be conversant in several. With the Amiga’s flexibility work that used to require running two, sometimes three, different computers, now requires only one. 1 he next challenge is to make the business world take notice. ¦ Timothy Trimble is a technical manager at Ashton-Tate and a freelance writer. Write to him at 60 >9 Tacijie Coast Highway, A fit. 9, Redondo Reach, Cl 90277 or via electronic mail on CompuServe to 76306.1115. Manufacturers’ Addresses Ashton-Tate 20101 Hamilton Ave. Torrance, CA 90509-9972 213 329-8000 Central Coast Software 424 Vista Ave. Golden, CO 80401 303 526-1030 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 436-4200 The Disc Company 3135 South State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48108 313 665-5540 Intuitive Technologies distributed by American Software Distributors RR 1 Box 290, Bldg. 3 Urban a, IL 61801 217 643-2050 ISD Marketing 2651 Johns St., Unit 3 Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 2W5 416 479-1990 Lotus Development Corp. 55 Cambridge Parkway Cambridge, MA 02142 61 7 577-8500 Micro-Systems Software 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach. FL 33414 407 790-0772 New Horizons Software IT) Box 43 167 Austin, TX 78745 512 328-6650 Precision Inc. distributed by American Software Distributors RR I Box 290, Bldg. 3 I Tbana, II. 61 SO 1 217 643-2050 ReadySoft 30 Wertheim Court. Unit 2 Richmond 11 ill, ()mario (kmada L4B 1 B9 4 16 73 1 -4 175 VersaSoft 4340 Almaden Expressway Suite 250 San Jose, CA 951 18 408 723-9044 WordPerfect Corp. 1555 N. Technology Way ()rem, L I 84057 801 225-5000 you use an Amiga and you want to know how, just read on... Amiga System Programmer's Guide System Programmer's Guide -comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Includes the EXEC structure, 10 requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions, more. 442 pp ISBN 1*55755-034-4 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Inside and Out - covers insides of AmigaDOS. Includes reference section, tasks and handling. DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use script files, multitasking and more. 274 pp ISBN 1 -55755-041 -7 Suggested retail price 51 S.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out Disk Drives Inside and Out - in-depth reference covering the disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, computer viruses, DOS functions, loading, saving seq. And random tiles and organization, more. 346 pp ISBN 1-55755-042-5 Suggested retail price 829.95 Ihn rWW iron* AfrnjiO** Amiga Tricks & Tips Tricks and Tips - presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets. AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations and much more1342 pp ISBN 0-916439-88-7 Suggested retail price S19.95 Amiga for Beginners - introduces you to Intuition, the mouse, windows, the CLI and AmigaBASIC. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 178 pp ISBN t-55755-021-2 Suggested retail price S16.95 Advanced System Programmer's Guide - follow-up volume of thorough explanations to accessing the facilities provided by the libraries, input and output of the Amiga and more. Covers Workbench 1.3 info. 570 pp ISBN 1-55755-047-6 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Amiga 30 Graphic Programming in BASIC 3D Graphic Programming in BASIC-details writing 3D graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading and more. 360 pp ISBN 1-55755-044-1 Suggested retail price S19.95 AmigaBASIC Inside and Out - step-by-step guide to AmigaBASIC. Every AmigaBASIC topic: charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse & speech commands. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 548 pp ISBN 0-916439-87-9 Suggested retail price $ 24.95 Inside and Out Amiga C for Beginners C for Beginners - introduction to learning C language. Explains elements using examples geared to Amiga. Descnbes C library routines, more. 284 pp ISBN 1-55755-045-X Suggested retail price S19.95 C for Advanced Programmers - how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. 650 pp ISBN 1-55755-046-8 Suggested retail price $ 34.95 Machine Language - comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ML programming, covers 68000 microprocessor address modes and architectu re, speech, sound and mere. 264 pp ISBN 1 -55755 025 5 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Amiga Graphics Inside and Out Graphics Inside & Out - graphic programming in C with examples of points, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors, more. Completedescription of the graphic system - View. ViewPort, RastPort. Bit-maps. Screens, and windows. 610 pp ISBN 1-55755-052-2 Suggested retail price S34.95 Desktop Video Guide - most thorough guide to video on Amiga. Explains Genlocks, digitizing, frame grabbers & hardware. 240pp ISBN 1-55755-057-3 Suggested retail pnee $ 19.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide - an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers aiike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference. Covers Workbench 1.3 info 128 pp ISBN 1-55755-049-2 Suggested retail price $ 9.55 More Amiga Tricks & Tips - a collection of easy to use techniques, hints for Amiga owners, disable last RAM. NewCon and Pipe devices, more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info. 218 pp ISBN 1-55755-051-4 Suggested retail price $ 19.95 Companion Diskette - available for all titles exceot Amiga for Beginners. Desktop Video and AmigaDOS Quick Reference. S14.95 each Abacus )ept. L4, 5370 52nd Street SE • Grand Rapids. Ml 49512 Phone 616-698-0330 * Fax 616-698-0325 In the U.S. & Canada Order Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 Ext, 14 C rcie 124 on Reader Service card. The Great Software How do you get maximum productivity from your multitasking Amiga? Well, like a manager training his boxers, you need to know your software’s physical attributes the programs’ true fighting weights, best combinations of punches, By Loren Lovhaug f you were managing the US Olympic boxing team, it would not do you much good if you had four great heavyweights but no real strength in the other eight or nine weight classes. You need balance and a team that dem- Wm onstrates overall ability. The same holds true for getting the most out of your productivity software on your multitasking Amiga. Find programs that work well together, that do not make excessive demands on your system’s chip RAM. And that do not waste valuable system resources performing operations they were not designed to execute effectively in the first place. To help users put I heir most “productive” team on the canvas, we have conducted this “Great Software Weigh-In” to provide some important vital statistics on memory usage concerning over 50 popular programs covering a wide range of categories. In so doing, we believe we can help Amiga owners who want to multitask their programs decide which applications best fit their needs and system resources, and how certain combinations of programs might work most eflectivelv together. Lb make better use of the information in the "(u cat Software Weigh-In” charts that follow, we need first to know a little about how Amiga multitasking works, some basic distinctions between the kinds of memory your system contains, and a few helpful hints on conserving valuable memory resources. II you want to multitask several programs, obviously you must have the system resources to run each of those programs. In nearly all cases, the limiting factor as far as such resources arc concerned is the amount of random access memory (RAM) available when a program is launched. Knowing exactly how much memory a program requires is crucial for multitasking. Unfortunately, magazine advertisements, software packaging, and even software reviews seldom make this clear. They may tell you whether a program requires a 5 12K or a one-megabyte system to run that individual program, hut that's all. For instance, two programs that actually use 520K and 85OK of RAM, respectively, both require an Amiga with at least a megabyte of RAM period. Simple mathematics, however, will tell you that the implications for multitasking with these two programs are vastly different. From RAMs to Sheer .. and Back Again Forsaking our earlier, more muscular boxing metaphor, let's take our cue from George Bush and seek a “kinder, gentler" analogy to better understand the way memory limitations affect the Amiga's multitasking capability: 1 hink of the Amiga as an old-fashioned Village Common, where all of the shepherds in the village come to graze their sheep. Each program represents a shepherd and his hungry flock utilizing the same grassy knoll, the Amiga's RAM. Having more RAM in your Amiga makes it possible to invite more shepherds to feed their flocks, and likewise larger flocks to visit the pasture. Keep in mind, however, there is always a finite limit to how many flocks can use the pasture at any one time. Our multitasking Common differs markedly from the situation that exists with other popular, nonmultitasking computers. If a program takes several hundred acres of RAM on a single-tasking computer but does not exceed the total available memory, no one cares; in fact, it is almost a programmer’s duty to make use of every spare byte available in order to enhance the performance of the program. A single- tasking computer is much like a private estate where the landowner has no need to consider the well-being of other shepherds because they are not allowed to graze their flocks on the estate in the first place. Under the Village Common system, however, a citizen who fences off all of the pasture for his own grazing purposes would be considered rude and selfish, and would soon be visited by the sheriff. On the Amiga, visits from the sheriff for memory-hogging behavior come in I fie form of insufficient memory warnings from “well-behaved” programs (those that can share the system with other tasks without taking over the entire machine), or a system crash in the case of the ill-mannered ilk (those, like many games, which do take over the whole system). Leaving our multitasking sheep for the moment, let's get back to the RAMs or, more precisely, the different types of RAM found inside most Aniigas, “Chip RAM" refers to the first 512K of RAM (or the first one megabyte for those with the latest One-Meg ~ t r> Agnus chip see the sidebar "More Chip on Your System's Shoulder”). It is called chip RAM because this segment of the Amiga’s RAM is directly addressable not only by the Amiga’s 68000 microprocessor, but also by its three coprocessor chips. These custom chips relieve the 68000 of much of the responsibility for managing various input output tasks and also control sound and graphics activities (which include, as well, such functions as manipulating windows, updating screens, operating pull-down menus and custom screens, and so forth). This makes chip RAM inherently precious, as the data for nearly all graphics and sound functions ultimately must be stored in chip RAM for the .Amiga's custom processors to have direct access to them. Regardless of whether you have even eight megabytes of total system RAM. When vom 512K (or one meg) of chip RAM has been exhausted. ? More “Chip” on Your System’s Shoulder IF YOU WORK with-and especially if you want to multitask with programs that are graphics- and sound-intensive, the new One-Meg Agnus chip will be invaluable in providing your system with an extra 512K of chip RAM. Installation requires modifications to the Amiga’s motherboard, plus the delicate removal and insertion of chips. Play it safe and have a registered service center do the work. The upgrade typically costs between S150 and S i 75 for the chip and installation. If you bought your Amiga after June 1989, however, it may already have the new Agnus chip. You can test for its presence in an A2000 or A2500 with the Avail command. From the CL1 or Shell type AVAIL. If you have a megabyte of chip RAM, the third item (in the Maximum column) in the First row (marked “Chip”) will read 1040152. If not, the number will be half as great. The situation is trickier for A500 owners. To determine whether you have the new Agnus chip, you must open the computer, (If you have it, you will see only four RAM chips on the motherboard instead of 16.) Because the A500 comes with only 512K of memory, the computer is set at the factory for 512K of chip RAM. Even if you have the One-Meg Agnus and plug in a 512K expansion module, the RAM will not become chip RAM automatically. Your dealer must make internal modifications to the A500 before it will recognize the extra RAM as true chip RAM. Once the modifications are made, the computer will not operate unless the memory-expansion module is plugged in. As of this writing, A1000 owners have no direct upgrade path to one megabyte of chip RAM, because the first Agnus chip is smaller than the new chips. A few third- party developers are working on adaptors that will allow the A1000 to accept the One-Meg Agnus. It has been reported that Greg Tibbs has developed one such board called The Rejuvenator. Expert Services (5912 Centennial Circle, Florence, KY 41042,606 371-9690) will market it and promises a Spring release. Word has it that The Rejuvenator will be priced between $ 500 and $ 600 and will come fully populated with the One-Meg Agnus and I MB of RAM. ? Sheldon Leemon It's professional golf at its best with the game's most aggressive and successful I player, Greg Norman... a state-of-the-art I golf simulation with more realistic three- dimensional graphics than you’ve ever I * ___
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1. Reducing the number oj colors (hit dunes) an application uses for displaying information greatly reduces the amount of chip RAM used by the application. Although the use of color in some applications is crucial. Others, such as word processing, do not real I v benefit from additional colors. In many cases, these extra colors are used simply to create "shadow effects’’ on windows and gadgets which, mav he attractive hut are extraneous to the functionality of the program.
2. I.ou'-rcsofution screens take up less , tup RAM than high- resolution screens. In general, 320-pixel wide (lo res) screens conserve more chip RAM than 640-pixel wide (hi-res) screens, provided you are using the same number of colors. For instance, a multicolor 320-pixel screen will ex- hau.si more chip RAM than a monochrome 640-pixel screen. Likewise, non-interlaced screens (200-line) are more efficient than interlaced (400-line) screens with the same caveat as far as the number of colors used.
3. Running programs on the Workbench screen is generally more efficient than running a program on a custom screen. When you have a choice, running applications on the Workbench screen will save von chip RAM (with a few exceptions noted below). This is true because the Workbench screen is normally always present in addition to, as opposed to instead of. Any custom screen you might he using. Keep in mind, however, dial I he Workbench screen is a lour-color screen, so if you use an interlaced Workbench screen, a two-color lower-i esolut ion custom screen may he more efficient than a program running in a laige window on the Workbench screen. Also important here is that although thev mav he more efficient chip RAM users, some applications in particular those involving the manipulation of multiple windows may run considerably slower and be more cumbersome to use on the Workbench screen. With these conservation tips in mind, you’re now ready lo move on to our Weigh-In pi operand a wealth ol vital statistics on some of your favorite Amiga programs. (See "Software Weigh-In Stats." Beginning on
p. 30.) It is important to understand that a program should never he judged solely upon its memory usage; instead. Memory usage should he considered as a primary factor in determining relative worth after considering the program’s performance and cost. After all. A memorv-effkient program that docs not do what vou want ii to do is no bargain. Continued on p. 37 The world of dBASE just keeps on growing. The most widely available leading dBASE product on the market, dBMAN V is the only choice to make for MS-DOS, LANs, UNIX, AIX, XENIX, several mainframes, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and more. For more detailed information and complete developer's pricing (or to see what new platforms have been added) call ' NEW ’ . Please al Report Writer, Today's software that meets tomorrow's challenge. Thanks dBMAN V. dBMAN V has the world's largest number of available plaitonns for any dBASE product. Why limit your dBASE applications to just PC's? With dBMAN V you can run or develop your dBASE applications on over 35 different systems. DBMAN V provides dBASE III Plus compatibility with many major enhancements that include a complete Relation extensive Windowing support. Arrays and UDFs. Save and Restore Screens, the Greased Lightning Compiler, and optionally Unlimited Runtime Distribution. VERSASOFT Corporation 4340 Almaden Expressway, Suite 110 San Jose, CA 95118 Ibg Phone: 408-723-9044 Fax: 408-723-9046 VERSA SOF Telex: 650-2635806 ES! I want more information about dBMAN VI Name _ Company _ Address _ Phone _ ? I want to order. ? Send literature. ? Have a salesman call. I have these computers._ I have these other databases._ .lli l X .ins! (iriMstil I iL’hmin}: t‘it:Ti[ntcr an-it 411 >SH »IB X| III I'lu,rt ifgiucral irjdfiiijikv ol Ashl«»n-1 .lie I MX. AIM f:M . Alan X ! CouimhhIhii' A:i:ie.t an-:cy>'*1r.nJr:i:.irk' ol Ihcif !e> = Vv'Tiv« c.>in[Vinie C rcie 366 on Reader Service card Weigh-In Procedures 1 HE WEIGH-IN PESTS were conducted on an Amiga 2000 with live megabytes of RAM and an A500 with one megabyte. All programs were tested under a stock, "no- frills” copy of AmigaDOS version 1.3, loaded from floppy disk. Workbench was loaded as part of the startup-sequence. Although the Amiga 2000 was equipped with a hard drive, it was not mounted or used in order that we could ensure consistency throughout the tests. As a prelude to each test we opened two CLI windows. With the first CLI we checked RAM usage with the AmigaDOS AVAIL command, while we used the second CLI to start the program being tested. Before each program was tested, and between each individual test, we soft-rebooted AmigaDOS using the Control- Amiga-Amiga key combination to make certain that none of our data was corrupted by applications that might fail to return portions of memory hack to the operating system either when the program was exited or when applications data was discarded. Although this was a time-consuming process, it proved the best way to avoid misleading results owing to memory fragmentation or improper programming practices. .Alter each reboot, the results of the AVAIL command were recorded before any application or its data was loaded. The program was then launched from the second CLI window. Once the program was finished loading, we again checked the AVAIL command in the first CLI window. At this point we calculated the “opened" values by subtracting the figures recorded once the program was loaded, from the memory figures recorded just after the soft reboot but before the program was loaded. Within some categories of applications, we tried to test each program using a variety of data, because there is often a significant difference in memory usage depending on the type of data handled by that group of applications. The goal here was to provide a better insight into the memory needed for each program while it was in use, rather than merely recording how much memory it consumed when loaded in an "empty" state. In all cases where programs are tested with data, we ran the tests by loading the data in the program’s own internal data format, as opposed to testing the applications immediately after importing the data from another format. (Some programs allocate extra memory during the importation process.) To do otherwise would unduly penalize those programs that included extensive built-in importation modules for their flexibility; importing data from a foreign format is not necessarily representative of normal operation. Finally, all programs were tested in their “default” configurations, as they are shipped from the manufacturer. In cases where the default configuration was unusually inefficient in comparison to other programs in the same category, we also tested the program using a more efficient configuration. The point of this entire exercise is to help you multitask more effectively, so programs with the ability to configure themselves in more efficient forms should not be penalized for offering you that very choice. We did not, however, test all programs in their absolutely most efficient configuration. For instance, some of the desktop-publishing programs offer non-interlaced screen options, but as most users opt for the interlaced mode, we used interlaced screens to test these programs.
- LL Key To Chart Abbreviations Product WP Lib= Company PD= public-domain Screen WB=Workbench CSI= custom WordPerfect program screen screen interlaced Library utility C$ =custom [Number] = number screen of colors Weigh FS 'rjf% “ £? S , 4 s' jl. K.lr © fey $ jO r. i-4 .jrm v* ©• - ¦&£ s: a* * .as S i 117 j aJMU s Each of the following word processors and text editors was tested without any test loaded into it (Open), with a 5904- byte file (Small) representing a typical three-page letter, and a 92,589-byte file (Large) representing a typical 35-page document. Memory usage differences among the programs can be accounted for by the kinds of display screens they use and by the way each progam handles text formatting internally. Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Small Large Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Word Perfect WordPerfect Corp. WB4 4000 62 162 224 62 198 260 62 295 357 Transcript Gold Disk WB4 4000 60 131 191 63 154 217 63 248 312 TransEdit Gold Disk WB4 4000 48 89 136 51 102 153 50 198 248 More (on Workbench 1.3) WB4 4000 I 18 IS 1 19 19 I 19 19 Pen Pal (80%) 11 row n-Wag h CSS 4000 174 1947 2121 ’ 174 1945 2119 i 171 1940 21 14 Pen Pal (10%) Brown-Wagh css 4000 174 515 690 174 511 686 NA NA NA Pen Pal (80%) ; Brown-Wagh css : 4000 : 329 305 634 O c i 5 307 636 NA NA NA Pro Write (MR) New Horizons css 4000 50 245 296 51 262 313 51 470 521 Pro Write (HR) New Horizons CSI8 4000 97 248 346 98 267 365 98 505 603 excellence! Micro-Systems css 16384 95 410 504 95 419 513 95 569 664 excellence! Micro-Svstcrns 0 CS2 16384 35 410 445 35 419 454 35 569 601 Pedit (WP Lib) WordPerfect Corp. WB4 4000 51 166 216 51 166 217 51 264 316 MEMACS (on Workbench 1.3) CS2 4000 16 75 91 16 83 99 16 207 223 Scribble Micro-Systems WB4 4000 34 143 178 34 143 178 34 252 287 TxEd Plus Micros niiths WB4 4000 I 68 68 1 74 75 1 159 159 QF.D 1.9 PD WB4 4000 30 67 97 33 90 123 30 211 24 1 NOTES
i. Pen Pal has an unusual buffer allocation scheme that allows you to specify a percentage of your available fast RAM for buffer space. Given this arrangement we felt compelled to test Pen Pal in three different configurations. The 80% and 10% tests were conducted on an A2000 with five megabytes of RAM. The 80% w I'm B test (third from the top) was conducted on an A500 equipped with one megabyte of RAM. The complete Large test file would not load during either die 10% 5MB test or the 80% 1MB test.
2. Both Gold Disk and New Horizons provide two different versions of their programs (Transcript and Pro Write, respectively), so we tested both versions. TransEdit is a fully functional version of Transcript without Transcript's printing capabilities. Pro Write MR functions on a 640 x 200 pixel custom display, while ProWriic HR functions on a 640x400 pixel custom display. 4 tniga World 31 Spreadsheets Each .spreadsheet was tested without any data loaded into it (Open), as well as with a 4073-byte (Small) spreadsheet, and with a 31,039-byte (Large) spreadsheet loaded into it. Both the large and small spreadsheet files featured a liberal mixture of formulas and numeric and text data, as well as a number of empty cells as one would find in most spreadsheets. Diilerences in memory usage can he accounted for by the kind of display screen utilized, as well as by how each spreadsheet stores its ceil data, in particular how empty cells are stored. Both the Small and Large tests, even though we could have done the Small test using a smaller butter.
2. Maxi Plan's external filc-conyer- sion utilities would not allow us to import our Large spreadsheet file correctly. When we used the AvkS (Lotus 1-2-3 standard), the conversion utility designed for that purpose crashed about two-thirds of the way t lirough t he conversion. We tried converting the Large file in small chunks as well with the same result. We were able, however, to convert the Large file as pure text (no formulas), hut as this is not an accurate representation of a spreadsheet we decided that using the large data as text was inappropriate. Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Small Large Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM total RAM Superplan Precision CSS 211000 48 500 553 49 516 565 48 542 590 VIP Professional 1SL) Marketing VB‘l 4000 41 777 817 41 777 81S 41 777 S18 Analyze! Micro-Systems WB4 15000 25 238 263 25 239 261 48 542 590 MaxiPlan 1.9 Intuitive I'cch. CSS 4000 52 205 257 69 241 310 NA NA NA NOTES
i. VIP Professional provides a configuration option allowing you to allocate a fixed amount of RAM that you wish to dedicate as butter space. In our tests we needed a fi 12k butter to load our Large spreadsheet, so we used the 512k buffer for Databases Each database program was tested before any records were accessed (Open) as well as when accessing a 100-record database = Small) and a 1560-record database (Large). Each record in both of the latter databases was made up of seven text fields of various lengths and two numeric fields. In those programs that provided multiple index support, we used only a single index for continuity. The differences in memory usage can he attributed primarily to how each program holds and accesses records. For instance, both Sitpcrbase Professional and Pro Data Retrieve normally access a single record at a time and provide a user-definable record cache, which was set to 10 records on each program, whereas Microfiche Filer Plus holds the entire database in memory. One approach is no more valid than the other, but it is important to note the difference when examining the results below. Product Company Screen Slack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Small Large Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Microfiche Filer Plus Software Visions CS2 1000 62 194 256 65 234 299 61 669 733 Supcrbase Pro 3.01 Precision WB4 8000 33 349 382 34 351 385 33 351 385 Pro DaiaRetrieve Ahac us CS4 4000 43 316 389 13 380 423 43 380 123 Organize! Micro-Systems CS4 10000 38 203 241 38 209 247 38 211 253 OB Man VersaSoft CS2 1 1000 16 537 553 16 540 556 16 538 554 Kadi paint program was subjected to a maximum of four different tests. The first records the memory usage of the programs upon initial startup without any data (images) loaded into them. The other three tests involve the loading of different types of IFF image data. The L.o-Res results derive from loading a 320 x 200 pixel. 32-color image, while the Hi-Res results derive from loading a 640 x 400, two-color image. The final test involves the use of the Amiga’s HAM (Hold-and-Modify) mode with a 320x 400 HAM image for those programs supporting HAM. For those that do not support HAM but do support EHB (Extra_Halfbrite) mode, we tested a 320x400, 64-color EHB image. Product Company Slack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) ()pe»
l. o-Res Hi-Res 11 AM EUR Chip RAM Fast RAM Iot.il RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM lotal RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Digi-Paint 3 Newlek
• 1000 91 281 87a 9 a 287 881 NA NA NA 157 335 192 NA NA NA Deluxe PhotoLab Electronic Arts
• 1000 126 281
• 108 127 288 410 156 280 436 262 288 550 NA NA NA 1 )cluxcPaiiit 111 Electronic Arts 1000 1 17 217 891 117 217 894 182 247 879 NA NA NA 262 247 510 DeluxeP.iim III (overlay) Electronic Arts ¦1000 117 181 881 117 184 881 182 184 316 NA NA NA 262 184 447 Photon Paint 2.0 Mit roIllusions 1000 M2 388 530 M2 888 380 NA NA NA 23(i 452 688 NA NA NA Photon Paint 2.0 (overlay) Micro Illusions
• 1000 1 12 321 166 M2 211 838 NA NA NA 236 275 51 1 NA NA NA DeluxePaint II Electronic Arts 1000 1 10 166 277 1 10 167 277 1 18 167 285 NA NA NA NA NA NA DcluxePaint 11 (overlay) Electronic Arts ¦1000 1 10 128 288 1 18 122 286 1 IS 122 240 NA NA NA NA NA NA PIX male Progressive Per. 1000 66 121 187 12 121 166 82 122 155 97 122 219 NA NA NA Butcher Eagle Tree 1000 1 10 1 10 220 1 10 no 220 93 110 203 220 1 10 330 NA NA NA SuperView 11 PD 1000 NA NA NA II m 35 82 18 46 96 14 1 10 NA NA NA NOTES
I. Both Digi Paint 3 and Photon Paint 2.0 are HAM paint programs. These programs will, however, load 32-color lo-res images, so we tested them with the I.o-Rcs graphics data. Photon Paint and Dpaint 11 and 111 have an option allowing you to conserve memory by using disk-based overlays as opposed to loading the entire program into memory. Therefore, we opted to test the programs in overlay mode separately. SuperView II, of course, cannot edit the pictures it displays, hut is included for comparison basis as an example of a small utility that can display pictures. The desktop-publishing programs were tested in two states: without any data loaded into them (Open) and with a typical three-page layout (Layout) incorporating the Small text file used in the Word Processors tests above and the 640x 400, two-color image used in die Paint Programs tests. Differences in memory usage are primarily owing to the way each program handles text and graphics data internally, as well as to the actual program size itself. Amiga World 3 3 Product Company Si teen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) ()pen Layout Chip Fast lotal Chip Fast Total RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM PageSettcr (•old Disk WB 1 1000 69 125 194 89 145 233 PageStream Soh-I-ngik CSI4 4000 117 305 422 IIS 363 481 Citv Desk 2.0 Mit roSrarch CSI 1 4000 SO 370 450 S3 442 525 Pro Page 1.3 (Color) Gold Disk CS1I6 4000 321 357 678 321 442 703 Pro Page 1.3 (B&W) (Told Disk CSI 1 4000 227 357 584 227 442 669 We tested the telecommunications packages only in their “Open” state, namely, without having text in their capture buffers and without using such special features as macros and terminal-emulation modes, because there was no consistent manner in which to compare the actual memory usage of these features. Each program, with the exception of Access, came configured with a 16-kilobyte capture buffer. Interestingly, the telecommunications packages as a group were by far the most flexible packages in terms of configuring screen display. Therefore, we made an effort to test the three commercial telecommunications programs (A-Talk III, Baud Bandit, and Online!) Not only in their default configurations, but also in their most memory-conserving configuration. Telecommunications Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Chip Fast Total RAM RAM RAM A-Talk III Oxxi WB4 4000 89 195 284 A-Talk III Oxxi CS2 4000 80 200 280 Baud Bandit Progressive Per. CS8 4000 128 106 284 Baud Bandit Progressive Per. CS2 4000 47 108 150 Online! Micro-Svstems jr CS8 4000 48 277 324 Online! Micro-Systems CS2 4000 16 277 293 JR Comm PI) CS2 4000 21 198 219 Access 1.3 PD CS4 4000 97 128 225 Personal Information Managers These programs represent a group of utilities focused on keeping track of calendar events, phone or address lists, and personal scheduling. Inherently more valuable as multitasking applications, most of these programs allow themselves to be tucked away as a very small window on Workbench. PIM applications were tested in both their small iconified windows (Icon) and in their “open-for-business” states (Open). As we would not dare estimate how many friends you have or how busy your business calendar might be, all programs were tested without adding additional data. Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Icon Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM NAG Plus 3.0 Gramma WB4 4000 29 96 125 4 92 96 Calendar (VVP Lib) WordPerfect Corp. WB4 4000 41 104 145 3 101 104 W!W!W! V! Blue Ribbon Bakery WB4 4000 29 164 193 10 164 173 Mail-O-Dex American Software WB4 40,000 12 94 106 NA NA NA Notebook ( VP Lib) WordPerfect Corp. WB4 4000 51 1 10 161 9 110 119 NOTES
1. Mail-O-Dex lias no small-win- dow iconify option and no appoint mcnt-rcinindcr function. Its default slack as shown above is not a misprint, but even with this large stack it remains a m emory-efficicnt p rogram. The WordPerfect Library collection of utilities separates the tasks of calendar watching and schedule planning (bandied by Calendar) and mail phone list keeping (Notebook) into two programs, which we tested separately. W!W!W!W! Is Who! What! When! Where!. We tested the two leading commercial Amiga bulletin board programs MicroSystem's BBS-PC and Incognito’s Atredes in their empty, “default” (Open) state without actually setting up a real bulletin-board system complete with message bases and file-transfer areas. We did this because the way each of the two programs sets up a BBS configuration is vastly different. We also added an entry for Atredes' mem- ory-conservation iconify mode (Icon). Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Icon Chip Fast 'total Chip Fast Total RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM BBS-PC Micro-Systems CS4 15000 47 241 288 NA NA NA Atredes Incognito CSS 20480 64 262 325 1 260 261 DOS Shell Programs These handy utility programs offer many functions, including the ability to move, copy, and rename files and directories with the click of a mouse. More relevant to our tests here, they often allow the display of text and graphics files. The Small and Large categories show the memory usage of these programs as they display the same text files used in the Word Processors section above; the Lo-Res, Hi-Rcs, and HAM columns show the memory consumed in displaying the same pictures used in the Paint Programs tests. Fm (File Manager), one of the programs included in the WordPerfect Library collection, does not include the ability to display picture files. Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Smalt Large Chip Fast Total Chip Fast Total Chip Fast Total i RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM Cl.I mate Progressive Per. CSS 4000 1 18 70 188 175 70 246 175 70 246 DiskMaster Progressive Per. J css 4000 90 19 139 90 65 154 90 150 240 Fm VP Lib) WordPerfect 1 WB4 4000 50 73 123 94 81 175 94 165 259 Product Company Screen Stack Memory Consumption (Kilobytes) Lo-Res Hi-Res HAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM ! Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM CLImate Progressive Per. CSS 4000 158 100 258 150 99 250 213 too 313 DiskMaster Progressive Per. CSS 4000 90 49 139 90 49 139 90 49 139 Fm (WP Lib) Word Perfect WB4 4000 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Unfortunately, newer Amiga music programs have not continued to support the SMUS file standard, complicating our ability to compare the following programs. All programs were tested with their default song-editor screens opened (Open), as well with them playing music. Because Sonix and Deluxe Music Construction Set (DMCS) can play SMUS format files, the same song (a 32-bar, four-voice tunc) was used with each program’s default instrument voice. Music Mouse creates its own music algorithmically “on the fly” as it runs. We stepped out of our consistent pattern and tested M with a music file not usable with the other programs a short MIDI file included on the program’s disk. Music Programs Product Company Screen Stack Memor y Consumption (Kilobytes) Open Play Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM Chip RAM Fast RAM Total RAM DMCS Electronic Arts CSS 16000 319 205 524 319 208 528 Sonix Aegis (Oxxi) CS4 4000 82 38 120 82 40 122 Music Mouse Aesthetic Fngin. CSS 4000 112 76 188 112 76 188 M Intelligent Music CSS 40(H) 62 298 360 1 10 354 464 M I Intelligent Music CS4 40(H) 43 295 339 1 10 354 461 NOTES
1. M allows its screen to be config- and we tested both. Interest- M's master-control screen mask the ultimate in end-user screen urcd for four or eight colors, ingly, the manual reveals that is a standard IFF graphics file, configurability! Abacus 5370 52nd St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 616 698-0330 Aesthetic Engineering 175 Duane St. New York, NY 10013 212 925-7049 American Software Distributors RR I Box 290, Bldg. 3 Urbana, II. 61801 ’ 217 643-2050 Blue Ribbon Bakery 1248 Clairmont Rd., Suite 3D Atlanta, GA 30030 404 377-1514 fax: 404 377-2277 Brown-Wagh Publishing 16795 Lark Ave., Suite 210 Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 395-3838 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Electronic Arts L820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Gold Disk PO Box 789, Streeisville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 800 387-8192 416 828-0913 Gramma Software 17730 15th Ave. NE, Suite 223 Seattle, WA 98155 206 363-6417 Incognito Software 34518 Warren, Suite 149 Westland, MI 48185 313 937-1850 Intelligent Music 116 N. I ake Ave. Albany, NY 12206 518 434-41 10 800 344-2086 Intuitive Technologies distributed bv American Software ISD Marketing 2651 Johns St., Unit 3 Markham, Ontario Canada 416 4 79-1990 Micro Systems Int. 1143 Monroe St. Carleton, Ml 48117 313 654-8402 Microlllusions J 7408 Chatsworth Si. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 MicroSearch Inc. 9890 SW Freeways Houston, TX 77074 713 988-2818 New7 Horizons Software PO Box 43167 Austin, TX 78745 512 328-0650 NewTek 115 West Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1 146 800 843-8934 Oxxi Inc. ufacturers* Addresses PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809-0309 213 427-1227 Precision Inc. distributed by American Software Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. 11131 South Towne Scj. Suite F St.Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Software Visions PO Box 3319 Framingham, MA 01701 508 875-1238 800 527-7014 VersaSoft 4340 Almaden Expressway Suite 250 San Jose, t A 951! 8 408 723-9044 WordPerfect Corp. 1555 N. Technology Way Orem, UT84057 " 801 225-5000 from p. 28 Iakiug care lo choose* the right program lor a specifit lask can greatly increase your ahililv to mul- titask other applications. For instance, the highly useful DOS shell program Cl.Imatc (see DOS Shell Programs chart) mav be a good choice when von want to clean up your disks or reorganize vonr directories. As a utility to view text files or show pictures, however, it is terribly inefficient. 1 his is not to suggest that you should not use Cumate to examine text or pictures: There are many instances when it is quite convenient to be able to do both of those tasks while using a DOS shell. But using (44 mate to view a text file with a machine containing onlv 5R2K of chip RAM means you will he sacrificing almost half ofthat precious commodity, thereby severely limiting vour ability to multitask other programs. Many full-fledged word processors will take up less RAM. And if you use a file reader such as More (see Word Processing and I ext Editors c han), you will barely tax vour resource's, fhe same holds true for v iewing picture files: Even Deluxe Paint III actually uses less chip RAM to view a (540x400 monochrome image than (44- mate. Using a simple public-domain program such as SuperYiew 11 (see Paint Programs chart) would save von hundreds of kilobytes ol RAM and still accomplish the same task. It is also interesting to note that much of what has been published or informally spread around about the memory costs ol Amiga programs has been vague, unquantilied, and in many cases inaccurate. Some programs tagged as “RAM hogs" are actually not when you look at them objectively in context with other programs used for the same task. For instance. Word Per led (see Word Processing and Text Editors chart) has an undeserved reputation as being excessively RAM-intensive because of its extensive number of features, but in reality it tests out to be a near- average consumer of RAM in relation to other Amiga word processors, I hope this article will dispell some of this kind of “folklore" and prompt von to test some ol vour own convictions about various programs against the data presented here. Doing so will help put you on the road to more productive, effective multitasking. ¦ I Mini Lovhaug is a frequent contributor to Amiga and C-64 128 publications, and often reviews productivity software for Amiga World’s Reviews section. He is also a SYSOP on both the Quantum Link and Genie telecommunications networks, Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Jb’terborougii, A 7 034 58. Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga * users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServes Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more information, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe ED' DO 1 need a multitasking, multiuser operating system when I have AmigaDOS?” Amiga owners have been asking themselves this question since Commodore began showing Unix running on the Amiga at trade shows over a vcar ago. With the lure of networking, high-end CAD and desktop-publishing programs, and ollice applications, Commodore is dangling some enticing bail before business and professional users in the hopes that Unix will create new markets for the- Amiga. The rest of us, however, may well wonder just what I.'nix is and what it can do lor us.’Ib answer those questions, we must start with some background about Unix. Casting A Wider Net Commodore is fishing new waters with Unix, but will you really share in the catch ? Classic Preparation Al & I s Bell Laboratories developed Unix for Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-7 and PDP-11 minicomputers and began selling the source code in the early 1970s. By selling the source to universities for a nominal fee, AE&rT helped Unix quickly become a By Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name ILIA S I RAI KD FSY KRLD LYNCH 38 April 1990 Sunweb! BjmaglnE youasEtj salting off Into an £x:qulslIe sunsEt. Cns you aiE salting you Enjoy lUe ui; a t. ni i’TOptCal taEEIE, tflE OenltE LVCL'JES and a cluttEd d tlull by youo slda. Sounds ojondEafut! Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. 11131 Suite F South Towne Square St. Louis. MO. 63123 Sales : 314 - 894 - 8608 Tech: 3 14 - 894 - 043 1 BBS : 314 - 894 - 0037 Fax : 314 - 894 - 3280 PageStream Stop imagining and start creating this breathtaking scene. With PageStream importation of pictures is an easy task. PageStream allows for four color separation plus resizing and cropping capabilities. The combination oi the perfect picture and your text is essential when laying out your creation. W'ords express ideas and feelings. Pa eStream’s variety of typefaces will help you convey your message clearly. Elegance for the romantic, Helvetica for the serious and Oddballs to add the touch of fun. Determined to be the Best ! This advertisement was created entirely with PageStream. The sunset picture was scanned and imported as a 24-bit picture. PageStream Version 1.8 retails for S 199.95. Also Avalilable are 17 font disks for both Dot Matrix and PostScript printers. De facto standard at many schools. Because Unix is written in C (developed by Bell Labs at about the same time), it is, as operating systems go. Iairly easy to move to new machines. While most of tin- early ports were to minicomputers, today Unix is widely available on microcomputers with both Motorola 680x0 and Intel 80x86 CPUs. As various groups ported Unix to new machines, different versions naturally sprang up. Several emerged as standards: AE&T's System V, Berkeley Unix (the basis for Sun Microsystems' SunOS), and Xenix, perhaps the most popular implementation for Intel processors. Fortunately, the versions are similar enough that experienced users can move from system to system with little trouble. Unix's original set of tools was good and it has only grown richer with time. Today the operating system supports a wide variety of languages, programming libraries, and networking protocols. I 11 ix excels in networking and was the platform ? Computer du Jour: Amiga Unix WH1LE THE STATE of the general Unix world is complicated, at least it is largely a matter of public record. That’s not yet the case with Commodore’s Amiga Unix. Because this article precedes the official product announcement, Commodore representatives were not eager to divulge many details. Combining the information they did supply, recent third-party announcements, and our knowledge of other Unix versions sketches the following picture. Commodore will initially sell Unix as pai t of a new Amiga (the A3000 is the most likely candidate) that you will be able to buy with either Unix or AmigaDOS, The new machine will be based on a Motorola 68020 or 68030 CPU running at 16MHz. You will also probably be able to run this Unix on current Aniigas, although Commodore was very noncommittal on this point. Don't, however, expect to run Unix oil your AfiOO; the operating system typically requires at least 2MB (preferably 4MB) of memory and at least 40MB of disk space. You need not worry about obsolescence; Amiga Unix will be the latest and greatest version (AT&T’s System V.4), not an aboui-to-be-oiit-of-datc relic. System
V. 4 is the culmination of AT&T’s effort to combine four key Unix versions: the company's System V, Berkeley’s 4.2, SunOS, and Xenix. Amiga Unix will also include Xwindows. In what company representatives called a “strategic endorsement of
V. 4,” Commodore demonstrated an Amiga running System V.4 and Xwindows in the AT&T booth at the Fall ‘89 Uniforum trade show. The Amiga version of Xwindows was modified to use the Amiga’s graphics chips to calculate and manage some of the graphics. The performance of this Xwindows implementation should compare favorably with that of similar low-end Unix workstations. As an added attraction for those who need even higher resolution, Commodore showed Unix running at last winter’s World ol Commodore show with the company’s new Ili-Res card, which is based on the I 134010 graphics processor. This as yet unreleased product promises a palette of 16 million colors and very high- resolulion mega-pixel displays. To make use of all that display power, Amiga Unix will support Sun’s Open Look GUI (see “A Look from Sun’’). On the networking side, Amiga Unix will support the most common protocols, including uucp, TCP IP, and NFS. The catch is that right now Commodore does not sell any networking cards Idr the Amiga. Expect some big Amiga networking announcements probably for both Unix and AmigaDOS from Commodore in the near future. While the Commodore spokespeople would not give us details, look for Ethernet hardware, because the TCP IP and NFS protocols are almost useless without it. Such a system, of course, does no good without applications. While some of the existing Unix Open Look library theoretically should run or at least compile on Amiga Unix without alterations, Commodore is actively courting Unix application vendors, including most of the major players. For Amiga-specific versions. Commodore would not give us specific names, but such vendors as Informix and WordPerfect Corp. are obvious candidates. Amiga Unix targets three main markets in which the Amiga’s present penetration is low. I he federal government, the largest Unix customer, lops the list, (Many government contracts require support for multiuser Unix.) Higher education and the general business community follow. Commodore is trying hard to make available the software that these markets require, and it is setting up marketing channels targeted for each of these areas. The Commodore spokespeople went to great pains, however, to explain that the firm is not abandoning AmigaDOS, but is instead trying to expand the system’s overall market presence. The ability to run a lot of existing Amiga applications under Unix would he nice, but this topic produced some of Commodore’s quickest "no comment” answers. Long-standing rumors indicate that Amiga Unix might run “well-behaved” AmigaDOS applications that can share the system with other tasks and do not take over the entire machine. The Commodore representatives would say only that they have been "discussing” this issue. Outguess is that Commodore will provide at least some minimal, restricted facility fin- running Amiga applications. At worst, you will be able to partition your system’s hard disk into Unix and AmigaDOS sections, so that both operating systems can use the hard disk, although not necessarily at the same time. ?
- BcandMVN 40 April 1000 Attention: 4 NOW! Mmm .... ..... internal Fan
* 4 Expansion Dedicated Power Supply Connector Game Switch (enable disable Autoboot) (MB, 2MB or 4MB of FAST RAM Expansion SCSI Hard Disk Controller 20MB to 102MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive RAM Configuration Jumpers 88 pin Card Edge Connector Memory A500 TODAY?) SBEsm; a®*3
- 'vV
- v.-; v. HARD DISK DRIVE SCSI 3.5" Hard Disk Drive, available from 20MB to 102MB" capable of storing up to 116 floppy diskettes. HARO DRIVE GQNTTOILEB DMA direet.to onboard I6KB buffer, provides A2000 performance with no DMA side effects. 88 PIN CARD E06E CONNECTOR This compact snap-on unit connects directly to the Amiga bus, ensuring the highest possible performance and reliability. AUT0B00T FEATURE Allows the A500 to be booted directly off the hard disk, no floppies required! All hard disk partitions can be Fast File System partitions. RAM EXPANSION Up to 4MB of ZERO-WAITSTATE, FAST RAM can be added internally. EXTERNAL SCSI CONNECTOR Allows up to six additional SCSI devices to be attached. DEDICATED POWER SUPPLY Robust power supply is included so that your A500 is not over-loaded. ¦ -rig* . Jts r-' r' Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks ol Great Valley Products. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 tor much early network development and research. Almost all Unix versions support at least the TCP IP (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol) communications protocol. Most also support at least one network tile system protocol: the two most common are Sun's NFS (Network File Svstem) and AI &-Us RFS (Remote File System). While Unix has been a development environment for these and many other exciting technical projects, it still has the look and feel ol a traditional minicomputer operating system. Each system needs an administrator. You don't just turn on the machine and use it: vou must log in lirst. At the end of a session, you must shut the system down in an orderly fashion or risk losing disk liles. The interlace typically has been a text-oriented command-line interpreter, a la the .Amiga’s own CLI. Different Unix versions sport different command- line interfaces, called shells (akin to .AmigaDOS l.Ts Shell). The most popular are the Bourne, C. and Korn shells. All share one unfortunate trait: cryptic commands. Want to delete a filer Type rm (remove). What could he more obvious? The mv (move) command renames. Is (list) provides a directory listing, and cat (concatenate) displays a file. A few, such as cd (change directory), no longer seem cryptic because so many other operating systems now use them. While vague, the commands do share a common benefit: Each is a separate tool that you can use in combination with the others. Like ArnigaDOS, Unix lets you redirect the output of any program (and hence command) or send one program s output directly to another program via “pipes’* (similar to the FIFES: device in ArnigaDOS 1.3). The underlying notion is that providing many simple tools, with good ways to use them together, is better than having lots of options on each tool. For example, rather than add lots of sorting switches to the Is command, let the user pipe its output to a sort tool. L ime has eroded this notion somewhat; Is. For example, now has many options. Traditionally, your only interface for Unix was a command line, hut the operating system is evolving here as well. An MIT graphics standard. Xwindows, is becoming increasingly popular on Unix systems. Xwindows defines all the primitives that application developers need to drive mega-pixel displays over networks. In keeping with the Unix philosophy* however. It does not define a standard graphical user interface (GUI). Fortunately* market pressure is forcing Unix vendors toward standardization. In the last few vears, all of the major L nix vendors have joined one or both of a pair of groups dedicated to standardizing Unix: AT&T and Sun started Unix International, while IBM, Digital, and others founded the Open Systems Foundation (OSF). Both are now discussing wavs to bring their proposals together. The Unix world will benefit even if those talks fail, however, because the result will be at most two Unix standards far fewer than the many that currently abound. I he two organizations are also trving to provide standard (il ls. OSF’s Motif A Look from Sun JUST BEFORE THIS article went to press, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced that Commodore will support Sun’s Open Look graphical user interface. Like the Amiga’s Workbench. Open Look is mouse-driven and sports icons, pull-down menus, and point-and-click operations. The interface was tailored for Unix System V Release 4.0 (Unix 5.4) and will he supported by a broad range of software vendors, including Lotus Development Corporation. Open Look applications written for the Motorola 68000 family of processors and Unix 5.4 should run directly on Amigas, while many programs written for other architectures need only be recompiled to run on an Amiga. The long-range impact of this announcement could be significant. With Open Look, Amigas will be able to take advantage not only of a number of sophisticated Unix programs already written for technical ancl productivity environments, but will also run those applications currently being developed by a broad range of vendors. Because of the failure of IBM and Microsoft’s OS 2, many developers are shifting their efforts towards Unix. On the hardware side, Open Look supporters include AT&T, Amdahl, Fujitsu, Intel, Motorola, Olivetti. And Toshiba. Commodore has yet to announce whether it will formally support OSF Motif, a combination operating system graphical user interface being pushed by Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, among others. The point, however, may become moot. .Although OSF Motif has yet to ship, AF&rT is working on an interface that would allow Open Look and Unix 5.4 to run OSF Motif. In other last-minute news, Commodore recently endorsed the 20MIPS Motorola 68040. A chip expected to be used by many Unix workstation vendors in-
* 4 eluding NeXT Inc. The chip is promised to be shipping in volume by early Spring, with a 40MI PS version slated for release by year's end. Even if firms like GVP or Imironies heat Commodore to the 68040 punch, this chip will surely liven the performance of any ArnigaDOS or Unix-oriented system. C Doug Barney OR A PASTEUP MODULE PRECISION DRAWING OBJECT SNAP DRAWING CONFIGURATIONS LAYER MANIPULATION OBJECT FUNCTIONS Fas! Window zoom (in and out), Pan and re-center view of drawing Adjust cursor snap grids and screen display grids s Forty hatching patterns provided. Define custom hatching patterns. Pattern rotation, gcalng solid filling and pc'ygon hatchmg. ArexxSUPPORT EASY TO USE! No "dongle"or copy protection V Step-by-step online prompts and status bar V Functions available through mouse or keyboard V Scroll bars for fast, easy viewing of drawings V Add custom pulldown menu & keyboard equivalents ? Set custom defaults and data paths for easy file loading & saving V Save configurations for convenience COMPATIBLE! Read & write AutoCAD DXF drawings ? Read Aegis Draw, IntroCAD, HPGL plot and DXY files, > Save drawings as IFF picture tiles V Supports all preferences printers & plotters V Supports postscript and encapsulated postscript output ? Enhanced support for DMPL, HPGL and Roland plotters. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Amiga computer with at least 1 Megabyte of memory (Hard Disk or Second Floppy Drive recommended). MULTIPLE PROCESSOR SUPPORT Support available for 68020 68881 processors. Afford ability LL AMIGA COMPUTERS Circle Give each per style a name. Number bf pen styles limited only by memory. Add kill, rename. Merge. Color, toggle display ghost ptot commands. BSSBBBSHl Adjustable witness fine and dimension line Adjustable arrowhead-sizes and angles. Adjustable witness iinegaps; offsets and overshoots. Place any number oi drawings tn any configuration, rotation or scale on a virtual page before plottmtg or printing. Display and modify relative sizes ana placement on screen. PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS & SOFTWARE 464 KALAMATH ST. DENVER, CO 80204 (303) 825-4144 and Unix International's Open Look are both ieon- based GUIs that support mice. Commodore is siding with Unix International in designing Amiga Unix. (See “Computer du Jour: Amiga Unix” and “A Look from Sun" for more details on Amiga Unix.) Make Your Choice The question remains: Why would you ever want to run Unix.J Its draws are multitasking, graphics, memory management, networking, and a wide variety of programming libraries and applications. These features should sound familiar: AmigaDOS already has all of them except for networking. While Xwindows’ graphics are good by Unix standards, they are not likely to impress many Amiga users. Unix also has few built-in facilities for taking advantage of two of the Amiga’s greatest strengths: animation and sound. Unix does have some advantages over AmigaDOS. Its multitasking facility, for example, protects tasks from one another when you run on processors (such as the 68020 and 68030) that have memorv-man- agement coprocessors or features. Unix also supports virtual memory, which lets it run programs larger than physical memory by swapping portions of memory to disk when necessary. Most of all, Unix is better 4 7 known and available on far more platforms than AmigaDOS. The bottom line is that average AmigaDOS users will not want to bother with .Amiga Unix, unless tempted by an irresistible, high-end application. It will not provide enough extras to be worth the monev and hassle. If you are already familiar with Unix and need a good, low-cost Unix system, however, Commodore's package will be attractive. It is the most current Unix version and should be priced "aggressively." Commodore is also an early participant in the GUI standard charge, strongly endorsing Open Look and the AT&Tcamp. The Unix command line and Open Look combination maintains the spirit of the Amiga's Shell and Workbench pairing, while promising to lead the machine into new and larger markets. Even if you never want Unix, its availability cm the Amiga is a good sign of the computer's maturation. Unix will open new markets for the Amiga and should lead to higher-capacity and higher-performance peripherals, something we can all use. Even if Unix does nothing but force Commodore to supply Ethernet boards for the Amiga, il will be a great boon. Whether you personally need Unix or not, its announcement should signal the start of an exciting year for the Amiga. ¦ Bill Catchings and Mark .. Van Name arc cant rib at mg editors to Amiga World. Write to them at 10027 Sycamore RdDurham, NC 27703,
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p. 70, for some extremely helpful techniques on digitizing a background.) Load the line animation from the Anim section of the menu, hit “j” from the keyboard to switch to the scratch screen, and load the background image to that screen. The animation palette will now be that of the background image. Colorful Character Switch back to the animation screen and see what color the lines of the animated character have become under the new palette. If you want to change the color of those lines, do it now before coloring the image by selecting the current line color as the background color, and the desired line color as the foreground color. Go to Change Color under the Picture menu and select BG > FG. The program will go through every frame automatically and change the background color to the foreground color without affecting the palette. Black lines are a good standby for line color, but gray or other colors can also be effective. Color the animation with the Fill tool, “f” on the keyboard. Select each color for the character and fill the outlined areas frame by frame advancing with the 2 key. Finish with one color completely, then choose the next. For example, go completely through the animation with the flesh color, then choose a hair color and go through the sequence again. This method helps you track areas of color across a sequence of frames. When you are finished, run the animation with the 4, 5, or 6 key to evaluate it. When you are satisfied, save it to disk. Now go to .Anim Brush in the Anim menu and select Pickup. Make sure the background color is transparent, and hit SHIFT-1 to put you at frame one of the anim. .As you would with a normal brush, drag a box around the entire character, leaving room for any movement there might be in successive frames. The entire animated sequence will be picked up as an anim brush with no apparent background. Save it under the Animbrush submenu. Go to Frames under the Anim menu, memorize the number of frames in the Anim, then select Delete All. Hit the j key to switch to the background image on your scratch screen. Now return to Frames in the Anim menu and re-create the same number of frames. The background image is duplicated over the entire sequence. If you have not selected another brush in the meantime, the anim- brush is still attached to the pointer. Set the animbrush to its first frame in Anim- brush Settings and position it where you SypcNi O EATl iST... THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL DISK COPIER IS HERE!! THE TOTAL DISK BACKUP SOLUTION!! CARTRIDGE CONNECTS TO PARALLEL [PRINTER) PORT. SYNCHRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH ST AND AMIGA - PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED. COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM $ 69.99 NOW YOU CAN BACK-UP ANY DISK IN UNDER 50 SECONDS!! YES IT'S TRUE! SYNCHRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIGITAL IMAGE COPYING". 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Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 tcwmm Introducing the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, an Amiga software celebration that makes you even more creative and productive than ever before! Entertaining games, useful utilities, professional clip art, detailed animation, wild sound effects, music, and more. . .exclusively from the AmigaWorld Tool Chest. Users of every Amiga model-and at every level of computing skill will be thrilled with these top quality programs and tools. Released in a two-disk set every other month, the AmigaWorld Tool Chest is a fantastic way to enhance your computing career. CREATIVITY The Amiga is a graphic goldmine, and the Tool Chest has plenty of nuggets ready for vou to find! Each issue brings you elaborate animation objects, ready for you to make them come alive in your own creations! Choose from a multitude of vector images, from out-of-this-world spaceships to exquisite dinner table objects, lamps, and more! Are you into desktop publishing or desktop design? Looking for original clip art to incorporate into your IFF paint programs? Then you'll be overjoyed with each issue's collection of clip art that's been specially commissioned from some of the most talented Amiga artists around. Plus there’s an ample supply of sound and music accessories. Be it bizarre sound dips, melodious music, or computer speech utilities, the Tool Chest will have your audiences clamoring for encore performances! PRODUCTIVITY Of course the Amiga can handle all those traditional personal computer chores as well, and the Tool Chest will continuously complement your software collection with useful utilities and original productivity programs. Discovered a corrupted disk? Need to recover a deleted file? Problems in formatting a bunch of new disks? The Tool Chest is here to help! Well save you time, money, and needless aggravation with programs like TJ Format and Disk Salvage. Contents of Volume X, 4 (Available as a back issue) Tic Tac Toe 3D MicroMan graphic arcade game Sounds variety of digitized sounds Pteronadonabal! 3D animation Graph 3D create and view 3D graphs AMIGA File address book Spectrogram creates audio spectrograms 3D Vector Objects 3D Lamps Clip Art images of food Plus, the Tool Chest is specifically designed to be a productivity tool, with useful programs like Chartntaster, a powerful data graphing tool. And Iconmeister, an advanced icon editor with a complete set of drawing tools. FUN and GAMES Each issue of the Tool Chest will also entertain you with one or more games, each of them new, each capturing the Amiga's fantastic sound or graphic sophistication. You might find Shark!, a gobbling-game that utilizes digitized sound for maximum effect. Or Crystal Caverns, a neat magic adventure that’s full of color and a whole lot of fun. LJ YES! 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3. ! 93 109 SI 59 79 63 13! 93 39 55 67 79 ?9 43 15 a? 43 124 103 99 73 Ca I 54 23 ?? 24 33 Cal 133 399 Ca i 22 tQ9 15 33 39 122 59 35 33 19 42 35 35 3i 43 13 33 Can 34 29 29 15 25 25 5! 29 .29 .33 59 19 23 33 55 24 13 33 36 23 23 29 35 53 33 43 31 52 51 33 33 23 23 24 22 19 25 22 35 30 35 134 57 159 59 34 74 25 79 129 .27 23 99 33 214 .26 39 33 135 . 75 279 99 47 179 Iwsj 13 66 40 35 43 63 53 03 35 44 225 £7 "93 tS5 129 04 106 90 45 28 31 34 39 79 199 '3 ...70 .35
* 06 .39 ..79 . 66 .99 2i 141 58 £6 24 101 IDS 215 159 77 29 36 I £ 112 142 59 140 92 icacr) 27 33 36 23 23 .33 25 . 35 36 .28 36 34 29 24 23 27 31 31 .29 29 15 23 34 24 42 36 36 27 2£ 20 31 31 31 22 27 29 43 34 3 3 146 149 129 . £5 34 79 63 129 38 229 139 112 339 134 T6S Ci! 24 36 72
• 55 134 . 71 279 199 . 55 . 39 . 67 44 29 11S 57 140 76 39 06 79 129 35 15 52 34 24 64 25 27 15 23 f 4 16 24 4c 29 29 GRAPHICS 3 Demon Animatof ljraoes Award Vaxer Fius . Award Vaxei Sports Dis* 8 Pan! Baa'd ’ aster ButCh?" 2 0 ... .. C3li'pa;n*r Chroma Paint ... Come Setter.. . Come Setter Cata Q'Sis Deluxe Paint ii Deluxe Paint III .. Deluxe PnotoLao . . Deluxe Pr;n' n ..... Design 30. Digi-Droid ...... D g -Paint 3 0
S. *!Dg-View Sold 4.0 ... Elan Perfumer..... Exc'iss Pan" 3.0 fancy 3-D Fonts Fen:-Works.. Frame Grabber SW G rabbit Interchange Interchange Ct;ec! Interfont .. ’ Modeler 30 . OptiCkS - 3agePer«e: 30 .. srcton Paint II..... hcion Pair! Expansion Uwl Photon Video ECLP Pixmaie ...... Prut Waste (Art Gallery I or 2 Print Master Fantasy Print Master FcnIS ft BcrdCis Print Master Pius . Scanted . . . Sculpt 3D XL . Scutot-An mett iD Sculpl-Animate -? Jr Teff&n Ds« TuibO Slvfir ..... Tufb: S-bei Conrtision Turbo Silver V«ltO Hi*l Vii d Gen
V. deoscape 3D 2 0 ¦ • Wrap Session VIDEO Hnl Abacus Desktop Vceo Bock Am magic Animation Editor . Animation: tflec'E . - Animation Flipper. , Amma'ion: MuTipia-.e Animation Ra'oscopt Animation So: nett lack Animation Stand . Animation WceoTrtief An mater Apprentice. Anmctian E-cad cast Titter ... Cafepan Consumer. . D»!ji* Productions . Deluxe Video ¦ 2 H»r!Deiu(e Video in . D-p Works 3D D-rectcr . 0-reefer Tooim . Director Video Tutorial . . Easy tiller Fantavisicn. Font Libraries for PV-r (each) Invision Plus . Invns'Cm (Recur*; Live1 New Version) Lights Camera Action .... Mcv e Setter . Move Setter Data Disks PageFspper F X Pnaton V c Ctl An mater . Pnaron VC Transporter Pro Video Gd!2 Pro V dec Get* Fcnts (ea) Hr*! Sere Genera":* . H«! TV Graphics . .. TV* S be a . . ..... h«!P2 Tent Prcfess-cnai. . Video EriccTs 3D Video F tier vl 1 . VIVA i Zoetrcpe . . CAD A Cad Draw 2-300.. Hcte Guilder's C=C Heme Su.ldefs Cfisce . HiJ.HcTe Bulders Libra",- Aw! Home Bolder? P"“! IntrcCAD Professional [raa Structured C o AT A«! Ultra Qas-gi H,*1 >: Ske! Pro X-Csd Designer X-Cad Designer Pro ART & FONTS Aircraft Pics ...... Aiuha Fonts (each) . ., i* Amiga SciFi . AmiZcc Architec* ura1 Design AsfiiS fcnts . Bird PiCS C* ra Pits . Ci 3 At Disks 1-5 lean Desoto Artist. . E-Cps .... An! Fcr ATS Si‘E .... Future De&sn... ¦ GEN Animations.. 3* Herald'd PiCS 27 Human Ofsgn 24 Karl Amm Fonts 1 32 Kara Anim Fonts 2 32 Kara Headlines 1 c 2 53 Lion's Ca'I grjfcr.ls 54 Ltn's Fonts 24 Waps F :s 44 Masterpiece Fonts 143 Media Ins Fonts .. ...26 'Acrobat Ccs.gn 24 newsletter Fonts 32 Aw! "ro Font L trjry 54 Aw! Quick Art 27 Aw! Sen Fonts 26 Starships 205-3 30 Studin fcnts 32 Subheads ...... 55 Aw! Super C'CS 22 Ttte fonts.. ..... 45 trVirmant Seasons 29 World Symbol Library 34 Zprra Font5 25 BUSINESS a Advantage CM Budgeierr 34 CncsCnoice 175 Desktop Budget.....4S EasyLiCger .159 Investor's Advantage 79 Money Mentor ..Cali U Tbus t 3 (ftf-fc Version} . 59 PHASAR 4 0 51 Proicci Master 130 Publisher's Choice...... 133 Sterilities Analyst 56 Aw! Service Industry Accounting 274 Take Stock . . 34
A. Tan Break (1989) . 57 Tre Accountant .139 Tf-e Works' Platinum 159 AorcPertect L«wa*y ....93 WORD PROCESSING AND DTP A-Taik in fNew Version Blue Bandit...... 83S-PC Dga . DR Term Pro ..... Online- Piafirum...... Skyline tel? Tutor GAMES 3D Pool 4!ti ft Inches k4 666 Attaci Sub A3 Zoo Ac" cn F gnte" Art'.ATe'O-'ier .
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A. tOotnc Ganger Alien legion Alien Syndrome Aw! All Dogs Go To Heaven Altered Beast Alternate Reality. Amiga Karate. Andromeda M ssion Anna’s 01 Home . APB . Aqjanji.! ... . Aq.avert.-rs Atcft pe'agcs Arena A-kanoid cj Arijncij II At Of C-nsss Aw! An of Go Aw! Astern Astra ram Auni Arct-C AdvSfilurt Auic Duel ..... Eaai 6ad Oudes . . Balance cl Pawsi . .. Balance ct Rawer 1990 Baiiisln Barbarian iv Barbarian 11 Ba-asTaieli Batman . . Aw'- Eatnan toe Vo vis Ealt's Cr-.ess
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Tv Soocs Bssiettiii . - TV Soots Football...... 7*i'.ght Zone EDUCATION Adv of Sinoad . Aesop's Fable (Unicorn) Aesop's fable (Hilton) All About America Anmaf Kmgdpm Araoian fjgtits Ai The Zoo Aw! Card 2: A-resi Chicien Lrue ConE-ouncTraiicn Deluxe He p Des-gnasaur-js Dmpsajr Diicevery K t Dinosaurs 4re FortiT' Discovery Data Disks Discovery Math . Discovery Spell . Oisljnt Suns First Letters and Words First Shapes .. Fraciion ficion ...... Grade Manager . Imeilitype . Jigsaw Kinderami Learning Curve L rikword Languages Lillie Red Hen Logic Master Magical Myths Match H Math 7a k Math Tak Fraohpns Math Wzard Vatharrxat.on Vavis Beicon . . An! Mutn Fax Oppostcs Attract Perlec! Score SAT u Pfanetaiium. . Read ft Rhyme Read-A-Rama Recipe Fa* .. Speller Bee .... An!Taking Storybook (each). Tn-ee Bears . . Tn-ce Lime Pigs . Trip Ugty Duelling Where In The USA Where In The World Wc'fl V liter Ultima in Ultima IV UMS Gala Disks Under Sea Commando Uninvited Univ Military Sm Universe IJ Vampires Empr« Vegas Gambler « Vette Vig lante VnuS Vortex An! Vulcan War in Middle farth Warlock . . . Wayne Grel.-ly Hockey Where S'cepng Gods Lrc While Death Willow . Wind'.Va'ker Wordpiec Wohd Class Course D sk . World Class Leader 9rc World ol flight Wodd Sncoker B l; ardS World Trop*-y Soccer Xenon II Xsnophcb? 2ak McXruckf.n Zany Go t Zero Gravty Zccm . Zcrk Zero (w Graphcs) PROGRAMMING A C Basic (vl 3) .... ArC Fortran . Add son Wesfey Manuals Amiga Mien tv La'C Arc 1. Asstm.Prp Aztec C Dev Benchmark C LiQ'iry Benchmark IfF Libra-y Benchmark Modula-2 . Benchmark Si-rpMed Ct t ..... C 5 0 CAPE 63X Doveloper's Toolkit . . DcvPac Amiga ...... DSM Disassembler . Extend HiSqH Basic Inovalocls I'lew Version) J-Forth (Mew Version) I Debug libraries (each) Lm! Macro Ass*mb>r M 3 gel an (Mew Version) Datafteirave . 59 DataRelrisve Prof 159 MaJcdet . . . 35 Micro Base 25 Microfiche Filer Plus . 115 Nog Plus . . . 5-1 Supetbase Personal 11 . 59 Supcibasc Prcf 3 229 Who Whs! Where When . 67 DATABASE AM AS 135 iff Amiga Sings. . . 12 Aud-0 Master 2 0 63 Ai*! Bars ft Pipes . 199 Deluxe Music ... 63 Dr T Palch Editors . .Call Drum Studio, . 35 Dyrun c Drums 59 Dymm c Stud 0 144 Fat Sounds 46 Hf«! Fun Keys 28 KCS 177 KCS Level ll 239 M 145 Art! MastffSctnd 54 Master Trac*s Pro 259 M Cl Recording Studio 49 M C Mage 98 A-*! Music Modules Surer 36 Music Mouse 49 Music X 155 Pattern Splatter 43 Pro Sound Designer 109 Ai*l Quasar Sound . . 37 Scnix . 49 Sound Lab Amiga 239 Sound Oasis 72 Sound Tra* 1 or 2 . 75 SoundQuesi Patch Ed.icrs too SoundScape.. 130 ScunjScace Complete 259 Studio Mag: 75 Synthia . 75 Synth a Prclessicnal 230 Tenure 102 The Copyist Pro 149 Util ties 2 43 Utilities 1. 40 UTILITIES AMAX ..... 129 Ami Alignment ...... Amiga DOS Toolbox. . 40 Atrngi Tricks ft Tips, 17 AmiKit 29 BAD .34 Ao! Can Do' 99 Climate 25 Color Commander 21 Ai*! Cross DOS 25 Des Canes 24 D Sk 2 D sx (flew Version) 37 D s* Mechanic. S3 D 5..Vaster 43 Das 2 Das 37 Dougs Library Disk.. . . 11 Doug s Math Aguarium 59 Dunlap U! Lilies 55 Express Cooy 31 EZ Bickup . . . 36 FACC 1! 25 Family Tree 34 Fine Print.. . . .35 GQVF 3 0 wrButton..... .64 GOVF' = Latest Version) 23 Home Inv Manager .. ... 27 K-ckwc-r* 1 3 (A1000 On' ') .21 Mao To Dos .92 Mastering Cli 23 Microlawyfr 42 Mult, Pie! 5 23
i. o-geh Ger«!o;f 71 PaJiTte Printer in PucetScript 1C4 P-cieel 3 (New Version) 37 hj.Cuarteitack .. 47 Raw Copy (Latest-) 37 Strut f t 29 SuperBack 54 T Shell 34 TaicI Master 21 Thxin-pr 49 An! Icnai Control 0=ef 74 TuiboPrint . ... 3B Ultimate Dcs utils. 46 Virus In'eolion Protect.on . 32 Virus Proieoiicn Ton er . . 39 Aw! Vo Re: On* 129 W8 ExtriS 25 X-Ccp-y ll 2B Our objective it to carry every product tor the Amiga - and self them at the best prices Our policy Is to be as competitive as possible on ail product prices. If you find a lower price, please give us a call. It is no longer close Ic possible for us to list all the products we carry. II you don't sec It listed, please call. Hr*! Products are new and In slock
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• Slide Control Faders CcmDo! 68030 POWER! VidTech Intro Price NEW PRODUCTS EVERY DA Y! 27 ~ . Shipping & BT L HANDLING $ 4.00 mtmVORLD S MOST POWERFUL I hlEtgkR&yUTY CARTRIDGE IS HERE JujST LOOK AT THFUNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES ACTION REPLAY SIMPLY PLUGS INTO THE EXPANSION PORT OF YOUR AMIGA 500 AND GIVES YOU m AMIGA THE POWER TO FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM, THEN YOU CAN:- m SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK !i SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable upio 3 programs to Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files fit on one disk. Unique FDOS power means that the pro- are IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic grams reload at upio 4 TIMES FASTER than Amiga Dos - and music packages, even independent ly of the cartridge. M SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! M UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, ’ fuel, ammo etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Very easy to use.. ¦} RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off. M FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the machine status. Including Fast Ram.Chip Ram. Ramdisk.Drive status.etc. m SPRITE EDITOR The full sprite editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any attached' sprites. M VIRUS DETECTION ’ , * Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR MORE FEATURE THAN YOU COULD EVER NEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME; Full M68000 Asseinbler Disassegpbler Full screen editor Q Load Save block Write string to Menton Q Jump to specific address ’ Show Rani as text Show Frozen picture Play resident sample B Show and edit all CPU registers aid flags 0 Calculator Help command Full search feature ® Unique Cutom Chip Editor allowsjyou to see and modify all chip registers-even write only registers Notepad Q Disk handling - show actual track| Disk Sync pattern Etc. © Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler,Decimal 0 Copper Assemble Disassemble, REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN IT'S ' FROZEN’' STATE WITH ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT.-INVALUABLE FOR THE DE-BUGGER OR JUST THE INQUISATIVE! HOW TO GET YOURAMIGA ACTION REPLAY... CALL TOLL FREE - . ORDERS ONLY WE WILL DESPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START REC1EVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN DAYS NOT WEEKS. WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISACHECKS'MONEY ORDERS or CODS (ADD $ 2) ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48Hrs. N COAST 70 COAST TcChpOiaeiES' ipc., Back to Basics Part 3 info.phile Adding some new wrinkles to using the Workbench, Team info.phile steps up the pace a bit in its mini-series for Amiga novices. By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings NOW THAT YOU know a little about the four types of Workbench information objects disks, drawers, tools and projects let’s extend the range of basic operations you can perforin on them. After that, we will take a closer look at some specific tools that arc standard equipment on your Workbench disk. Moving Pictures One of the simplest tasks you can per* form with the Workbench is to move icons, [ust click and hold down the left mouse button on the icon you want to move, and then drag it to its new location. This procedure moves any tool, project, or drawer from one disk partition to another as long as von stay within a single disk. If you drag a tool, project, or drawer icon from one disk to another, the original icon is not relocated. Instead. The Workbench copies that object onto the second disk and the original stays where it is. If you drag one disk’s icon onto another, the Workbench replaces the second disk’s contents with a copy of the first. Be warned, also, that you cannot drag a disk icon into a drawer: il you try, the Workbench will ignore you and do noth- ?
11. L.L S TRATFJ) BY M1CHAKI. Kl.KIN C7L Ossence of Scribble! Platinum Edition ? 104,000+ word Spellchecker ? Scientific and Technical Supplements ? Spell As You Type ? Full User Dictionary maintenance ? 470,000+ word Thesaurus [ J Multiple windows Li Color, Interlace & Overscan support Cut and Paste among documents Mail Merge ? Print IFF Graphics ? Clipboard Compatible ? Cartridge Font support ? 512K Required I Not copy protected L Free Technical Support _ User Friendly Manual The Works! Platinum Edition i Includes Scribble! Platinum module I Full featured spreadsheet module Lotus 123 wks file compatible Macro-language 40+ built-in functions ? 68881 math co-processor support ? 8 graph types I Sideways print utility Flat file manager (database) module Extensive math capability ! Includes OnLine! Platinum module [ Clipboard Compatible ? 512K Required ? Not copy protected Free Technical Support ? User Friendly Manual OnLine! Platinum Edition ! Arexx support ? New Sadie Protocol (simultaneous chat and 2-way file transfers) ? Color, Interlace & Overscan support ? VT-100, -52, -102, TTY, ANSI- BBS, Tektronics 4010 emulations ? X-, Y-, Z-, WX-Modem, CIS-B, Quick-B, Kermit protocols ? 300 - 57600 bits per second Multiple Serial Ports Internal Modem support Full Script Language L J User defined Macro keys 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 407-790-0770 FAX: 407-790-1341 Msc ro- Systems Sol i v*j re Committed to excellence since 1978 Scribbled OnLine The Works! N Ami u mutts. Scribbled The Works! N ai:s; m nn N fAM9GA Scribble OnLine n rv, v i r ¦, it r. All brand and product names am trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Arexx support not in telecommunications module. The Wtorks! Platinum Edition. Scribble! Platinum Edition and OnLine! Platinum Edition are trademarks of Micro-Systems Software. Inc. info.phile ing. If you want to copy everything on one disk into a drawer on another disk using the Workbench, you will have to copy the source disk’s drawers, tools, and projects by using the above procedure. To make copies ol objects within the same disk, “select” that object's icon (click the left mouse button on it), go to the top of the screen, and bring up the Workbench menus by holding down the right mouse button. Next, choose Duplicate from the Workbench menu by releasing the mouse button. The resulting duplicate will have the name “copy of object>" where object> is the name ol the tool, project, or drawer you selected. A duplicate of a drawer will contain copies of everything in the original drawer. If you wish to rename the duplicate so that you do not have to use the “copy of” name, employ the Rename command discussed in “Back to Basics Part I" (see Feb. ’90, p. 74). If you make enough of these copies, your disks will start to lill up. In fact, your disks will probably fill up no matter what you do because data always seems to expand to fill the available space. When you start running out of room, it’s time to clean house by throwing out any unnecessary objects. (Of course, it’s not a bad idea to keep a backup disk with copies of anything you delete, in case you later regret your decision.) The Workbench provides two easy ways to delete. You can simply drag the item’s icon to the Trashcan icon and release the left mouse button. Presto! The icon disappears. The object, however, is still recoverable because the Trashcan is just another Workbench drawer. You can open it in the usual wav, remove am object icons you want, and move them to another location. If you want to delete the object permanently, select the object’s icon and choose Discard from the Workbench menu. A requester will appear with the message, “Warning: you cannot get back what you discard," and two options, “ok to discard” and “forget it!" (Dick on the former and your object in its entirety is gone forever. The Trashcan method of deletion is safer because it saves you from over-zealous deletions, but it does not free any additional space on your disk. When you are certain you have no further use for objects in the Trashcan, you can get rid of them permanently by choosing Empty 'I rash from the Disk menu. This procedure gains space on the disk, but remember it is equivalent to using the Discard option from the Workbench. Also, keep in mind that while you can use the Trashcan for tools, projects, and drawers, it will not work with disks. Fhe I rash can is a drawer, and as we mentioned with the copying procedure described earlier, you cannot move an entire disk into a drawer. Tools of the Trade Once you have mastered these basic Workbench operations, you are ready to start working with some of the many Workbench tools and utilities. We do not have space in this column to cover them all. But we can at least take a look at a few. If you open the Utilities drawer the main warehouse for these Workbench objects you will discover some of the important ones. Three of its goodies, ? PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR D i? Si Gu‘ 610 Main Street'Oregon City, Oregon*97045 | „ CORPORATION (503) 656-8818 fax:(503)656-8903 J Amiga 500 or 2000...$ 250.00 Amiga 1000...$ 2X0.00 This board incorporates a IhMIIX 68000 processor that replaces the exisiting SMIIX processor. The result is increased processor instruction speeds from
7. 16MHZ to I4.32MHZ providing Lip to 35'f overall system throughput improvement. Additionally, a hSSSI compatible math FPU socket comes standard to work with software packages that use the 114:1: libraries under Workbench 1.3. The Amiga 1000 version comes with a Commodore compatible Kick start ROM socket standard, and a battery backed-up clock option can be purchased separately as well. NETWORKING via: Net Software Hardware Package NEW call for pricing Providing the first Amiga AppleTalk networking application, the Net Software Hardware Package allows you to create your own Amiga-onl network of up to 32 nodes. You can share resources, monitor activity, exchange tiles and messages, and read files on another node. Not limited to Amiga-only networking, the Net Package also allows you to interface an Amiga with an existing AppleTalk network lor output to a Laser Printer. Software and Hardware are available for either the Amiga 5(K) or Amiga 2000 systems. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DATA INTERFACE MIDI 1.....$ 89.95 MIDI I is THE affordable feature-rich MIDI available for the Amiga. Features include MIDI IN. 2 MIDI OUTS. MIDI THRU. PASS THRU AND SYNC OUT. Multi PORT Board Amiga 2000. ,.$ 250.00 Free-up your built-in Parallel and serial ports on your Amiga 2000 by adding a MultiPORT Board. This full length internal expansion provides RS-232 output, a parallel printer output, and a RS-422 output for networking capability. A SUPER FAST auto bool SCSI interface can be added to your MultiPORT Board for an additional cost.
Y. l. SERIES VIDEO ADAPTORS without RF...S79.95 with R F... $ 9 9.9 5 DigileX Video Adaptors provide Composite. Chroma, l.uma and optional RE outputs that allow your Amiga to be interfaced with a variety of video hardware Composite monitors. VCR’s, SVHS, Chroma I.lima monitors and Tvs. Available for all Amigas linternal or external for the 2000). NI VV) V.I. PROFESSIONAL (V.I.P.) call for price This Multiple-Output Video Adaptor is THE tool for the desk top video enthusiast. Providing quality Composite Out and SVHS Out. This device allows your Amiga to be interlaced with virtually all video hardware products that require a Composite or SVHS signal. Additionally, a RGB Pass thru is provided so that you can monitor sienal transmission on vour Amina monitor. I n f o . P h i I v Notepad, Calculator, and Clock, have been with t he Amiga from the start (and like the Amiga, have all improved with age). The biggest and most powerful tool of the three, the Notepad, is not really a complete word processor, but it's more than adequate for writing simple memos or letters. When you open it, a small white window labeled Notepad appears in the upper center of the screen. .-Vs you type, it wraps text automatically so you need to hit the Return key only when j you want to end a paragraph. Notice that if you press the right mouse button, the Notepad’s five menus Project, Edit, Font, Style, and Format will appear. When you are ready to save your work, choose Save As from the Project menu and a requester will appear. Fill in the name you want to use for your document and then click OK. Although this is all you absolutely have to know about the Notepad, its other menus will greatly increase your options, and we urge you to explore them. Edit allows you to cut and paste text and to search for and replace strings. Font lets you choose different typefaces for your text, while Style enables you to make that text italicized, bold, or underlined. Format provides global formatting options, including ones that control background and text colors, word wrap, and overall document font. One of Notepad’s best features is its ability to have multiple fonts in a single document; you can then print the document as a bitmap graphic in much the same way as you can with a commercial WYSIWYG word processor. Basically just a computerized version of the simple hand-held calculator, the Calculator utility appears roughly in the same spot as the Notepad when you click on its icon. You can enter numbers by clicking on its display or by typing on the keyboard. While it offers only the
* j basic arithmetic functions ( + , , *, ), it s handy to have around. When you click on the (dock icon, a round analog dock appears in the upper left of the screen. If you want a digital display, you can choose from two options on the Type menu: Digital 1 gives you a two-line clock while Digital 2 provides a single-line dock, handy for stashing in the Workbench’s menu bar. Other Clock menus allow you to set an alarm function, to turn the alarm on or off. And to display or not display seconds and the date. 1 he Clock, like the Notepad, runs in a standard Workbench window; so if you do not like its position or size, you can change them just as you would change those of any other window. (The Calculator is a bit more limited; vou can j move it, but you cannot change its size.) Explore and Experiment We’ve skipped quickly through these utilities so you'll have an idea what they can do. 1 he best way to learn about them is to use them. Try a time-tested exploration technique: Start at the left menu and choose every option, one by one, and see what it does. (In the case of the Notepad, of course, do all this on a scratch note that you don’t really need.) There is no better way to learn than by doing. Good luck! ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Bill (latchings ace contributing editors to AmigaWorld. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Dr., Durham. AY,' 27703. THE "AAMIGA ti zi ! Fir zi CENTER Formerly The 64 Store Call Toll Free ORDERS ONLY 1-800-388-2700 10 AM to 6PM MON. thru SAT. 500 POWER SUPPLY ...62 75 9x11 MOUSE PAD .....6 95 A-MAX ROM CHIPS ..142 95 A-MAX .... 142 95 A-TALK III 62.50
A. M.A.S ..140,00 ACTION FIGHTER ....25.00 AEGIS IMPACT 124 95 AEGIS VIDEO TITLER ....93.75 AEGIS DRAW 2000 .175 00 AFTER BURNER 31.25 AIR DRIVE-3 1 2* EXTERNAL .128,75 AMI ALLIGNMENTKIT ..31.25 AMIGA GRAPH. STARTER KIT..49.96 AMIGA MONITOR STAND ...28.95 AMIGATOSH DISKDRIVE .202.00 ANALYZE 65.00 ANTIC OBJECTS DISK .21.95 ARCHIPELAGOS ......29.95 AREXX USERS REF. MANUAL..31.25 ARTURA ..23.00 BA D. DISK OPTIMIZER .....31.25 BARS AND PIPES ....166.75 BROADCAST TITLER .209 95 BUBBLE BOBBLE .....21.95 CALAGARI CONSUMER ...151.25 CAN DO! ..93.75 COMIC SETTER 85.95 DELUXE PAINT III .....91.00 DELUXE PHOTOLA8 93.75 DEMON'S WINTER ...27.00 DESIGN 3D .62.50 DIGI-PAINT 3 0 ...69.95 DIGIV1EW GOLD 4 0 ...137.00 DIGIWORKS 3D .93.75 DISTANT SUNS .43 75 DOS 2 DOS .34.25 DR.T'S (ALL SOFTWARE).....CALL DRAGONS LAIR II ..4250 DUNGEON MASTER ...24,95 DUNLAP UTILITIES ..49.95 EC.E, MIDI ..56.75 EPYX PRODUCTS ..CALL EXCELLENCE ..187.50 F-16 COMBAT PILOT ...31.25 F-16 FALCON MISSION DISK....14 95 FACC II ....21.95 FALCON ..29.00 FANCY 3D FONTS ....49 95 FIENDISH FREDDY'S BIG TOP.31 25 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II .31.25 FRAME GRABBER .579.95 FROST BYTE ....15.95 GAUNTLET II .....24,95 Goi ....31.25 GOMF 3 0 24 95 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK .....109 00 GVP *3001* W 4 MB MEM......2899 00 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY ..18 75 HOME BUILDERS CAD .....124 95 HOSTAGE ...28 00 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 21.95 IMAGE SCANNER 5002000.... 12000 IMPACT 2000 - OK ...309 00 INFOCOM PRODUCTS ..CALL INTERFONT 74 95 IT CAME FROM THE DESERT.. 31 25 KARA FONTHEADUNE ......43 75 KARA FONTS ...49 95 KING'S QUEST III .....31.25 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II .....37 50 UCENCE TO KILL ..21 95 LOST DUTCHMAN MINE ....29 95 LOTTERY ASSISTANT .24 95 M (MUSIC COMPOSING) 124.50 MAC-2-DOS 93 75 MANIAC MANSION ..26 25 MAVIS BEACON TYPING ...31.25 MICROBOTICS8UPI .199.95 MIC ROBOTICS 2MB SB Oh.....334.00 MICROFICH FILER PLUS ...98 75 MINDSHADOW ..20 50 MONEY MENTOR .55 00 MUSIC X .....187.50 NIMBUS 1.3 99 95 OPTICKS .6250 PAGE RENDER 30 ...99 00 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS' FX ..86 75 PAGESTREAM VER 1.0 ....124 95 PAPERBOY .31.25 PENPAL .93 75 PERFECT SOUND ...74,95 PHASAR 4.0 56.25 PHOTON PAINT II .....93 75 PIPE DREAMS ...27.50 PIRATE'S BUNDLE .11250 POPULOUS DATA DISK ..... 18 75 POPULOUS. ,,.31.25 PRO VIDEO GOLD .187 50 PRO. PAGE CUP ART ..37,50 PRO PAGE TEMPLETS ......37.50 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3.....246 75 PROWRITE 2.5 ..78 00 QIX ..„24 96 QUANTAM 40 MB PRODRiVE.....486.00 QUANTAM 00 MB PRODRIVE.....998 75 QUARTERBACK 2.0 .43 75 QUSARSOUND ..37.50 SAFE SKINS ......2250 SCAN LOCK ......S85 00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D ......39500 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 JR ...9295 SHINOBt .. 31.25 SIM CITY .31.25 SOUNDSCAPE 131.25 SPACE ACE . 37 50 SPIRIT 2MB-A500 .249 00 SPIRIT INBOARD 1000 ..... 339 00 SPIRIT INBOARD A500 Ok 258.00 STARGUDER II .31.25 SUPERGEN .CALL SUPERBASE PRO .236.25 SUPERPLAN .93 75 SUPRA RAM 500 512k W CLOCK 93 75 SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL......247 50 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA .28,10 TEST DRIVE II ...24.95 THE WORKS PLATINUM ..184 50 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT ..24 95 THE ACCOUNTANT ...156.25 THUNDER BLADE ....31 25 TOOL CADY AMIGA .....31 25 TRANSCRIPT 43 75 TRUMP CARD -500 ...261.50 TRUMP CARD - 2000 .167.75 TURBO SILVER 3 0 124 95 ULTIMA IV .34.25 ULTRA-CARD ....31 25 VIDEO PAGE FROM IMPULSE.. 93 75 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D ..124 95 VIVA. ....165 00 WEIRD DREAMS ......28.00 WHERE IN USA IS CARMEN.....31.25 WHERE SLEEPING GOOS .31.25 WHERE IN WORLD IS C.S .28 75 WICO TRACKBALL ..39 95 WORD PERFECT ..161.00 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE ....27 00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM ..59.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL ...343.00 ZUMATVTEXT 61.00 y 5 eu Q w £ S3 i i Q O z NN 05 05 C 3 w hJ I C 3 £ fa D * X u a £ ?J Q O 05 Oh £ Id Z J -3 u First Authorized Amiga Dealer In The USA rr Commodore’s The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 TERMS: Software S H USA S4.95 per item, Hardware S H by quote; Minimum order 30.00: Cashiers check. Money Order, Visa. MasterCard & Discover welcome. No credit card fee We shp UPS signature required No driver release. COD's add 55.00, 56.00 lor second day air per item. Allow 3 weeks for personal checks; Return authorization number required for defective products. = Call (404) 252-1235) Only Ike items will bo exchanged;20% restocking fee on non ¦ 7 ~ sas shipping available; Manufacture warranty honored. Prices and availability are subject defective return goods; Overseas to change. Not responsible for typos. Tech Support: (404) 252-1235 - Customer Service: (404) 252-1233) »“sssv» ¦ . ¦ - .A ¦ , fjrW ---- .. Graphics Starter Kit Introductory Drawing and Animation Programs Get Aegis Draw. Animator and Images, plus the Art-Pak volume ol clip art images, all in one loaded software packnge-an incredible S269 00 value foi only $ 99.951 Learn to create Amiga© graphics with the Draw program, exp ore colors and cycling effects in the Images program, then animate your creations with Animator. Hundreds of ready-made images are provided in the Art-Pak library.
• Now includes a FREE copy ol Arazok s Tomb game! Explore the sinister subterranean world ruled by the evil mind held by no head List Price: $ 99.95 VideoTitler™ Professional Video Titling Create spectacular text effects such as star, neon, glow and embossed... all animated! VideoTrtter can mirror, skew, size, and distort fonts from a variety of sources, even create new fonts, control shadows and 3D effects, and use IFF tiles as back-drops and fills.
• Sharper fonts,
• Simulated rotation of images.
• HAM 4.096 color palette.
• Utilizes Half-bnte chip.
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• Cut-and-paste edit and adjust color on single frame or throughout an animation.
• Looping.
• Record to memory or disk.
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• Includes library of 21 effects like fountain and shutter-flip,
• Supports NTSC and PAL.
• Uses ANJM or IFF-format files List Price: $ 139.95 assr800-872-8882 = 213-214-0000 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 ¦ Mon-Sat 8am-6pm PST a FAX: 213-214-0932 DELUXE PRODUCTIONS 139 95 RAPA ANIMIONTS 1 31 95 DELUXE VIDEO III 99 95 KARA ANIMIQNTS 2 31 95 DELUifHElP DPAlNt III 31 95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 51 95 DES DISR. ARCHTEC 72 74 KARA FONTS HEADLINES? 47 95 OES DISK FUTURE 77 74 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS 47 95 DES DISK. HUMAN 77 74 LIGHT BOX 11995 DES OiSR INTER 77 74 MAP PICS WORLD 3t 95 3ES0ISF MICROS 77 74 MASTERPITCE TORTS 159 95 Memory boards for the Amiga 2000 2MB expandable to 8MB 4MB expandable to SMB i*rJ 4* HARD DRIVE MADNESS SALE!! DELUXE PRINT II 54 95 ALGEBRA 1! 37 46 DESIGNER DBASE BUS 45 95 ALGEBRA PLUS VOLUME 1 3 95 DESIGNER OBASE HOME 1 75 95 AH ABOUT AMERICA 38 G5 DESKTOP BUDGET 45 95 ANIMAL KINGDOM 37 45 DESSERTS COOKBOOK 9 95 ARITHMETIC 36 95 EAST LEOGERS IB3 55 BASIC GRAMMES SEAITS 19 95 EXCELLENCE 139 55 CALCULUS 36 95 FAMILY THEE 37 46 CHICKEN LITTLE 19 95 Flow 64 95 cl as
25. 95 MIDI MIC! 55 95 DISCOVER ALPHXBII 14 95 MOMENTUM CHECK 1995 DISCOVER CHEMISTRY 14 45 MOMENTUM MAIL 1995 DISCOVER KJSTORr GEO 14 95 NAE PLUS 31 49 95 DISCOVER MATH 14 95 NofSEN GENEALOGICAL 61 95 DISCOVER NUMBERS M95 Subtq (A1 COO amtstn add $ 66): (lor 20 Meg HD iA500 vet. With optional 21 2 Meg memory board populated j for A50£ ieiaxoilable-io!!. RAM * 479.00 onfy) * 299.00 : CVP l Autabool with sockets far 2 Mem RAMi Impact A500-SCSI HD 20 20 Meg HD * 599,00 Import A500-SCit HD 30-30 Meg HD ..» 699.00 Impart A500-5CSI HD 400 42 11 ms Quantum * 799.00 Impart A500-SCSI HD 80Q-S4 I Ims Quantum *1199,00 .....i your choke of GVP, Mit robot its harikardii ...* 695.00 . 11095.00
* 1195.00 ; Hardcords (includes you Hatdfrome, or Supra WordSync honk Quantum 42 Meg 11ms HD..... HARDWARE Meg Quantum 84 Meg 11ms HD Qttonlum 100 Meg 11ms HD AlODO CutitHtrs: CVP SCSI*2 controller with sockets fat 2 MB RAM * 279.00 GVP hardcard controller HC 0 ... 1 249.00 Mkrobotics Hatdfrome hardcard .... * 239.95 Supra WordSync hardcard ... * 189.95 flashcard (super special price) While supplies lastl) * 149.00 (MAS MIDI SAMP 11000 179 95 AMAS MIDI SAHPKA 179 95 AMIRISTAF ETHERNET 799 00 AVIG A I0SH 1 79 35 AMIGEN EENLCCK 93 95 AMPLIFIED SPEAKERS 34 95 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP AT CREATIVE COMPUTERS: We re the lorgexl dealer of Amiga products in th» World. Now with even larger facilities and twice the si a 11! 2, Three stare locations means excellent support.
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U. S. and International 1011-FREE ordering! A206C Removable Media: GVP Syquesl removable 42 Meg HO. 1
995. 00 DESIGN 30 64 95 MODELER 30 59 95 DlGl PAIR1 3 64 95 MOVIE SETTER 64 95 OlGiPAlNt 3 PAL 64 95 MOVIECUPS GENERAL 1 22 95 QtfinrORKS 3D B4 95 MY PAINT DATA DISK >1 . . .. 19 95 DIRECTOR. THE 45 S5 NEWSLETTER FONTS CQLR .. 79 95 DIRECTORS TOOLKIT .. 2495 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS F l ... 10395 DOUGS MATH AqutRiuM 51 95 PAGE RENDER 30 91 95 DOUGS COLOR COMMANDER 1995 PAGESTRM FONTS 113 EA 7595 DOUGS MATH AQUAR LIB 9 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS AC FA 25 95 ECLirS FROFESSIONAL 54 95 PERFORMER |EIAH| 38 95 EXPRESS PAINT 3 0 90 95 PHOTON CELL ANIMAtOR 9995 FANCY 30 FONTS 5 95 PHOTON PA1NI 7 0 9995 FANCT 30 TONES SILVER . 51 95 PHOTON PAINT EXP QSK 1995 FANIAVIS10N 47 95 PHOTON TRANSPORT CONt. 19595 FONTWORKS 64 95 PHOTON VIDEO I0LP 34995 FONTS ANO BORDERS 77 95 PIC MAGIC PACKAGE ONE ... 64 95 FOUNOATFON FRAME UB 59 95 PIXMATE. 45 95 7, We don I charge your card until the product ships, APRD DAAW I2il2 W CUR BAUD BANDIT MODEM CANON SCANNER lit I? CMI MIDI I |f IT| CHI MULFIPCRT BOARD CSI SIDO SlltNT DRIVE CSI 6100 HUTC-BODT CFO DELUXE MtOJ A503 20CC DESKJET I7IK PFV CRTS DESKJET FlLIS CIGIYI! W COLO 4 G PAL DUAL SERIAL ICARD EASEL 500 TABtIT EASYl 1000 TABLET EASTL 7000 TABLET fa midi iaaa BCE MIDI 500 7000 SAP 1090 1 MB TOR A500 SXP8Q00- internal or . FLICK FIX TO GENLOCK fLICKER flKER FFAVEGFABim 499 95 . 119 95 1049 00 56 95 195 95 159 00 99 35 64 95 117 95 649 00 159 95 199 95 369 00 369 00 369 00 49 95 . 4995 399 00 349 95 39 95 179 00 539 00 BEFORE YOU BUY k HARD DRIVE-READ THIS! Get a 40MB or 80MB Quantum HO with 1 Ims access and a GVP 2SMhr 68030 card HD controller (transmits data to the hard drive in 3 7- bit chunks other controllers are limited to 16 bit wide data . Far a few hundred dollars marc than a regular drive! And, you rave an expansion slot! Plus, you tan later upgrade the card to an A3Q0I GVP 2SMhx '030-40Q $ 1295 CVP I5Mhi '030 800 $ 1695 (Cither of the obavc with 68882 promisor add $ 330) ERABBiT..... ERARHICS STARTER A|T GRAPHICS STUDIO THE HAMAMQEL PRO V3 0 HOME BULGERS CAO HOMEBUILDERS CHOICE HOMEBUILOERS HI 1 HOMEIOILOEFS PRINT IMAGE LINK INTERACIOR INTERCHANGE INTERCHANGE TslV MOOL IHTERFOHTS INTROCAQ INVISIOH PLUS 7095 64 95 1955 59 95 179 55 57 55 76 55 77 95 199 55 61 55 32 46
19. 95 . 77 95 49 55 195 00 bkakuk m SPEED & PRICE barricrs1. GVM ISMhx 4030 board Gyf 1)001 ISMhi 14030 frBfU I*! O-wait 17-bii RUB 3]-bit BIMZIKG FMST HD tewtfeNer »2495 Mho available mthOvoatooi 1 fiw Word drives. Call FOR PRICES.' '799 PRO FONTS VOL I II EA 2295 UlTRACARO 3746 PRO VIDEO * fONlS 14 EA , . 84.95 ULTRACAPO PLUS
64. 95 PRO VIDEO GOLD......
549. 00 DELUXE MAPS 16 95 NEC 1C Sit I NT WRITTEN 3495 00 DELUXE PAINT III 99 95 NEC MULTISYNC llA 593 00 DELUXE PHOTO LAB 95 95 CENTAUR PUTS THE FUN IN FUNCT110NAI! CSI S50Q Boingl Mouse (optical mouse) *99.95 CSI 6600 Minir 37 46 3B95 35 35 1995 179 55 37 46 64 95 109 95 759 95
179. 95 89 95 174 35 39 95 33 95
94. 95 79395 59 95
(1. 8 Meg expansion fits in A501 slot) ..... CALL Centaur World Atlas *39.95 QuasarSound Sound sampling software with unique "Autobool'a'playdisk" function *39.95
B. A.O, disk optimiier *32.46 Mypaint *32.47 Professional Techniques for Dpaicrt Ml (VMS video) *24.95 Centaur Comes: Leonardo or OsWold (ea.) Xorron 2001 (available soon) Professional: Pro-Net or Pro-Board (ea.) Special Blow-Out Sale: Forms In Flight II 3D modeling A anim. (rag. $ 179) C-Zar Casio CZ-1, 101, 1000 editor lib. (reg. $ 199)
* 24.95
* 24.95
* 349 54 35 189 95 69 95 97 95
17. 95 155 38 59 95 159 95 61 95 97 95
* 49.95
* 49.95 THE SILENTDRIVE WITH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE (up-to-500% SPEED INCREASE)! FtATUHS: • C5I 3200 • Clkkfets • Small compart design • Metal case * Compatible with all Amiga computers • law power consumption a Kinged dust cover • Drive disable switch • 1 -year warranty. Ww|j| Jfc ALSO AVAiiAftU: CSI 2200 internal drive lor Amiga 2000 )QU fill 100% compatible with same mechanism as Commodore 2010 * wW 92 95 57 95 It 95 BUSINESS & PRODUCTIVITY VIVA WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WORD PERFECT 175 95 64 95 179 00 17 95 ACCOUNTANT THE TIE 95 WORD PERFECT LIBRARY
* 4 95 97 95 AWAAO MAKER EOUC 19 95 WORKS PLATINUM 191 95 97 95 97 95 AWARD MAKER SPORIS AWARD MAKER PLUS 19 95 32 46 EDUCATIONAL 92 95 BUDGETED 32 46 ADVENTURES OF SINEAD 37 46 97 95 CAHDO 69 95 AESOPS FABLES 32 46 154 95 CYGNUSEB PRQI 64 95 ALGEBRA 1 36 95 ANNOUNCING: THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS VIP CLUB JOIN TODAY AND YOU WILL BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR: ¦ 5% ell on all software (discounted from our already SUPER-LOW prices). ¦ Incredible SAVINGS on many hardware items. ¦ A FREE newsletter subscription to "The Creative Edge." ¦ A FREE Creative Computers AMIGA T-Shirt. ¦ PRIORITY handling of YOUR orders. W PRIORITY notification on all SPECIAL DEALS, BLOW OUT SPECIALS, and CLEARANCE ITT MS. ¦ FREE UPS second day shipping on software orders over $ 100 (within the continental United Stales). A one-year membership colts you only $ 50, You can save many times that amount with just one order!! To enroll, call our toll-free number today with your credit card number handy. HOW TO GET A FREE MEMBERSHIP Order from Creative Camputen before June 1990 with an order totaling $ 400 or more in software only, ar an order folding $ 1400 at mare of any ptodvdh). You will receive a free membership in Creative Computers' VIP Club - a $ 50 value!!! Creative Computers' VIP Club (add save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on future orders. IMF ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER TOD A V. IrxNECRABBlR 756 GFAr 599 00 FUTLRE SOUND 500 93 95 GEN ONE GENLOCK 739 00 GVP AUTQBOGT EPACM 79 95 GVP SYQUEST CARTRIDGE 99 00 GVP W7 150 TAP! DRIVE 799 CO IMS SCAN 503 2000 105 95 INTRUDER ALERT 115 95 LASERJET IIP 995 CO LASERJET IIP TONER C 79 95 LENS 16MM NU IRIS 23 95 LENS 16MM W IRIS 54 95 LIVE1 1000 2ID DO LIVE1 2000 349 00 LIVE'500 31900 FAAC EPROMS 179K 149 95 MICRO MEGS 99 95 MICROS RUP M BRD S'MM 174 95 MICROS BJP BIFF W QK 174 95 MIDGET RACER 349 95 MIDI EolD SCO 64 95 MIDI GOLD INSIDER 69 47 MINISE N GENLOCK 194 95 MlNiGEN PAL GENLOCK 194 95 MINIMEGS A50D 5I7K 299 00 MmiMEGS A500 IMS 399 00 MINIMEGS A509 7MB 549 00 NEC MLILTISTNC 30 E99 00 NEFIKI GENLOCK 1995 00 0AIMAIE 70 A FLUE FRT 749 00 0KIM4TE fLLE N PRINT 79 95 OMEOA SAMPLER AlBOU 79 95 OPTICAL lilMR WHEEL 17 95 PAINTJET 995 00 PAINTJET FONT ORTHS 140 95 PAINTJET U 1995 00 PAINTJET XL FONT CAKT 139 95 PAINTJET AL MEDIA KIT 93 95 PANASONIC WVIAI0 775 00 PANASONIC WVIS0Q 373 00 PERFECT SOUND 500 TOO 7195 PPG SEJUN0 CESi&NER 119 95 PROCESSOR ActfL A530 1B9 95 PROCESSOR ACCEL AICOQ 159 00 PROCESSOR ACCEL A7G00 159 00 PRCGEN GEN; OCR 399 00 SCANJET PLLS SCANNER 1199 00 SONY 1301 MULTISYNC 763 00 SPIRIT DELUXE MIDI ?I195 SPIRIT IN500 OK ElP 74995 SPIRIT INIDCD OK IIP 749 95 STAR NIC IOCO PRINTER 195 00 STAR NA 7410 PRINTER 339 00 STAR HI 1000 II PRINT* 196 03 STAR hslQOti AaiNBDw 770 00 SUPIAGEN 2050$ 1495 03 SUPERGEN GENLOCK 649 00 SUPRA 7400 IAJ0 M03EM 179 95 SUPRA 74D0 INI MODEM 17900 TOOLBOX A500 Etf 7570 730 00 TRUMP CARD SCSI AZ003 169 95 TRUMP CARO SCSI A5C0 753 95 TfiUMPCARO META 0 4 159 95 TRUMPCARO MOUNT BRACK 74 95 TWIN DRIVES 779 00 UNIURIVE 109 00 VCR BROKSCNIC 149 00 VlQTECH SCANlOCK 949 00 l SPECS 30 99 95 700M 7400 BAUD MODEM 139 95 GRAPHICS 30 OPTIONS 3745 ACA3 TRANSLATOR 139 95 AEGIS CRAW 7000 179 95 AIRCRAFT Pir.$ 37 46 ANALYTIC ART 37 95 ANIMAGIC 64 95 ART GALLIRI I 4 7 75 95 ART GALLIRl FANTASY 73 36 BROADCAST TIILER 19195 3UTCHIA 7 0 75 95 C LIGHT 39 95 CAO PARIS 4 INIRCC.A3 15 95 CALlEARI CONSUMER 164 95 CALLIGRAPHER 84 95 CHCFOMAP 37 95 CHRISTMAS PtCJ 74 95 CHROMA PAINT 51 95 CLIP ART «l I EA 17 95 COMIC SETTER 64 95 COMICSETT11 fJNNIOATA 75 95 CQMICSETTI1 HERO DATA 7595 STARSHIPS 7050 1SILY STRUCTURED CLIP ART TRIKING ANIMATOR. THE TERRAIN fOR TURBQSILV TURBO SILVER 3 0..... TV GRAPHICS TV'SROW . . TV'TEXT PROFESSIONAL ULTRA DESIGN VIDEO EFFECTS 30 VIDEO PAGE VIDEOSCAPE 3D VtDEOTIUIR V1DGEN I 0 XCA3 DESIGNER ACAD PROFESSIONAL . ZUMA FONTS 1 1 PACK .. MUSIC ACDlCMASTfflll BARS AND PIPES DELUXE MUSIC 7 0 OR TS 4 GP ID LIB DR 1 S BACK SONGSOOX DR I S COPTIST DR I S COPYIST APRR DR TS COPHST PROF DR TS C? CARTRIDGE OR T S CZ RlGER OR T S D 110 ED LiB OR TS 0 50 ED LII OR TS DR DRUMS OR TS DR KEYS OR TS01I EO'UI DR TS E MU PROTEUS DR T S ESO APApI I DR T S KAWAI 1-1 OR T S KAWAI K 5 OR I S KCS OR. TS ACS LEVEL II 7T9 95 DA. T3 LEXICON 57 95 OR. I S M I E0 LIB 97 95 OR. T SMAIAIX6 97 95 OR TSMlOlAEC STD 43 50 DR. YS Ml 3? TO llB 97 95 DYNAMIC DRUMS 5195 DYNAMIC STUDIO .139 95 M INTELLIGENT MUSIC 139 95 MASTER SOLND 54 95 MASTER TRACKS PRO 759 95 MICH MiElC.. 97 95 PRO MtDl STUDIO 130 95 SONIC 19 95 SOUND CASH 6195 SOUNOLAB 709 95 SOUNQTRA1YOL 1 7 f A 14 95 SIARSOUNO SAMPLER . 99 95 SYNTNIA 64 95 SYNTNIA PROFESSIONAL 749 95 ULTIMATE SOUNGTRACKfR 75 95 PROGRAMMING & UTILITIES AC BASIC 179 00 AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM 37 45 AMIGA QOS "DOlIOI 3B 95 AMII VIRUS 75 96 AREXX 37 95 ASSEMPPO 71 95 ATAIKIII ... 64 95 A7TECC PROFESSIONAL TZ9 95 BAUD BANDIT 79 95 BENCHMARK C LIBRARY 64.95 BENCHMARK IFF LIBRARY 64 95 BENCHMARK MODULA 2 . 179 95 BENCHMARK SIMPLE HBR 64 95 BENCHMARK SOURCE LVL 99 95 BOARD MASTER 64 95 CAPE 6BK ASSIM 70 59 17 CROSS DOS 19 95 SEVPAC AMIGA ASSEMILR 59 95 DISK MECHANIC THE 59 95 DISK TO DISK 34 95 DISKMASTEP . 37 95 3G5 TO DOS 3T S5 DUNLAP UtiUllES 47 95 EXPRESS COPY 79 95 PACO II 71 95 FINE PRINT 4195 SFA BASIC 3 0 90 95 HiSOFT BASIC PAOFESSN 103 95 INOVATOOLSI 58 4? JfORIH PROFESSIONAL 179 95 LATTICE C 5 04 SYS 179 00 LATTICE C-- 799 95 MAC 2 DOS 89 95 MAGELLAN LIT 167 55 ONLINE PLATINUM 64 95 OTE OS* - DISASSEMBLER 43 95 PclO 149 95 PUO- PRNTOCURCUlT 799 95 PIXEISCRIP7 V I I 97 95 POWER WINDOWS 7 5 56 95 PROJECT 0 31 95 QUARTERBACK 45 95 RAW COPY 13. 36 95 SCANNERY 195 00 SKYLINE BBS VI 7 93 95 TELETUTOR ...1995 Dinivicw Gold 4.Q '-149 The ultimate video dtgitixer now got betiet. New 4096 lolarc-al-once in 640x400 resolution. DiqrPaint 3 *64n The NUTRIFAX 37 95 PAGE SETTER II B4 95 PAGESTREAM I B 17995 PENPAL 89 95 PHASA3 4 0 59 95 PRINTJiASTER PIUS 75 95 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES 38 95 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1 3 199 00 PROJECT MiSIER 179 95 PRESCRIPT 37 95 PRQWFITE V7 5 79 55 RECIPE FAX 74 55 SCRIBBLE PLATINUM 97 95 SECURITIES ANALYST 49 95 SUPERSASE PERSONAL 69 35 SUPERBASE PERSONAL ? 94 46 SUPERBASE PROF 3 0 709 55 SUPEHPLAN 99 95 TAKE STOCK 37 46 TAX BREAK 5155 THINKER 45 95 TOP FORM 5195 TRANSCRIPT SS 95 VIOIMICE 55 55 Super Bundle *449
• Ptgiview Gold 4.0
7) 95 22 95 19 95 25 95 25 95 32 45 II 95 30 95 3? 46 22 35 79 95 37 45 14 95 45 95 25 95 37 45 72 95 1995 1995 1995 9 95 75 95 31 95 34 95 77 00 PACLAMD PACMANIA ...... PALADIN PALADIN QUEST DS* I PAPERBOY PERSIAN 6Ulf INFERNO FERSQNAL NIGHTMARE
• Requires no cleaning.
• Uses 1 3rd the desk space of a mouse.
3) 900 ) 69 00 86 95 159 00 48 55 79 95 6 55 6 95 499 5 99 23 95 7995 18 95 29 95 64 95 54 95
1. Select your products from tl On C COMMANDO Act JACK ACADEMY IT. KRIlt |l MEG VR| QCKIliSTER OctOUT 0C3 MONEY 0C3W1CM 25 97 25 95 33 95 32 45 25 95 25 95 32 45 2. 3. 4. CREATIVE COMPUTERS is both a mail order company with a store's support and three store showrooms with mail order prices. Visit one of our showrooms today. You'll be amazed! SAM1A MONICA: 318 Wiljhire Blvd.. Santa Monica, CA 90401. T-lei.-Sat. 11-7 p.m. Sun. 11-5 p.m. 213-394-7 7 79. LvWNDALE I SOOTH BAY: 44S3 Redondo Beach Blvd.. lawn- dile, CA 90260. Mon.-5a1. 11-7 p.m. 21 3-542-2292. VLNTTJRA, OXNARD I SANTA BARBARA: 2112 E. Thompson Dr., Venluro, CA 93001. Lues.-Sat. 11-7 p.m. E05-652-032S. CUSTOMER SERVICE: for t» h tuppo.1 iall 213-S42-2292 liom 1 1 a.m. lo 7 p.m. PST. " SHIPPING IMYO: No lufthaige lor Visa VaslerCc.d; 4 surcharge lot Americon Express. 1 surchcrgt lor Oisco*er Ship- p ng within ihe (onlintntal United Slates foi soitware orders orei S100 U.S. is FREE. Callfor all other shipping information. Educational, coipotate ond aciaspoce purchase orders cccepted. TlTUM POLICY: Coll Customer Service ul (213) 214-0000 For cetucn authoriialion. All return* without authomotion number RMAs will be reluied. Relumed producli must be in original rendition and packaging and be lent bock within 30 days oF our invoice date. No relunds, please Defective product exchanges orly. We make no guarantees lot product performance. I j changes with unlike products ore at our option ond subject to o 70S restocking Fee. (CNOFTIONS: Prices and availability ol products are sub|ect tc change without notice. MYIl-IN ORDERS: Send money ordeis or cashiers check For fast service. Personal checks up lo 10 days lo clear, Include ncme, address and telephone number no P.O. boxes, please If ordering by credit card, include expiratian date and billinc ocdress. Call lor exact shipping tales. TX'IRNATIOHAL ORDERING POUCH) (except Canada, FPO, AFO):Fcr VISA and MasterCard orders you must Fax or moil
o .apy of your credit cord (Front ond bock). This is required To- your First order only. IN'IRNATTONAl TOLL-FREE PHONE NUMBIR): Orders only pli ate. Minimum order For Canada SI 00 oil other international comities S200. Canada 1-800-448-251 2. Italy 1578-74086. Ur iled Kingdom 0800 89 -1178; Front* 1 9-0590-1 099; Australia 0014-800-125-71?,- Switierland 046 05 3420. SOUTH ASO SOUTH NUCLEAR WAF OMEGA OMNI PUT BASKETBALL ONSLAUGHT OOZE CREEPY SFES operation wolf OUT HUN f 0 A 37 46 3? 46 37 46 3? 46 37 46 37 16 77 35 3715 75 35 AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST VISA, MasterCard, Amarhan Express, Discover, International Paeae and Mad Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. WE CAM BEAT AMY ADVEBTISED PBKE! BUT WE SELDOM HAVE TO-OUB PBKES ABE THE LOWEST! (IF YOU SEE A LOWEB PBKE OH AM ITEM, GIVE US A CALL) FLIGHT SIMULATOR II 34 95 GAMES WINTER EDITION . .32 46 GARFIELD . 32 46 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II . 32 46 GAUNTLET II ..... 33 95 LICENCE TO KILL 22 95 GETTYSBURG TufiN POINT 40 95 LIGHT FORCE 75 95 SOLO OF THE AMERICAS 27 95 LOROS OF IHE RSNG SUN 79 95 GOLD Of THE PEALM 25 95 LOROS CF WAR 25 95 SOLO RUSH 25 95 LOST DUTCHMAN MINE 32 46 GRAND MONSTER SLAM 2595 MAGIC JOHNSON S STALL 37 46 GRANS RAUL CIRCUIT 29 95 MAN HUNTER NEW YORK 37 46 GRETZKY HOCKEY 32 45 MANIAC MANSION 24 95 GAIOIAOK W71EAM DISK 25 95 MARBLE MADNESS 1595 GuhSHlP 35 95 MEAN 18 SOLf . 2B95 HARD Q A IVIN .. 32 45 MENACE .. 1998 HARDBALL .... ...28 95 MICKEY MOUSE 25 95 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY .. 19 95 MQEBIUS ... 25 95 H1RQS OF THE LANCE
2) 95 MUSCLE CARS 14 95 HERQS OF THE LANCE 8* .. 1395 NEVERMIND 72 95 HIUSIAR 33 95 NlGHI DAWN 1795 EMPIRE 34 95 AnlGHl FORCE 79 95 ENIGMA OfVlCf ..... 75 95 KNIGHT 0«C 30 95 ENLIGHTENMENT 15 95 KblSTAl 34 95 EVIL GARDEN 14 95 lAStR SQUAD
75. 95 Eyf QF HORUS 22 95 LED STQRV , 2b 95 F I 6 COMBAT PILOT 34 95 LelSJRf SUIT LARRY

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Amiga World Vol 06 04 1990 Apr

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