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Reader Service Card See us at the AmiEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Culprits?. .. J. VANDER Brook’s letter about the marketing and sales of .Amiga products (“Dealing with Dealers ’ Repartee, Jan. ’90, p. 8) was so much on target it’s uncanny! He’s right. Retail outlets that sell Amigas are not much more than personalized video arcades, where store staff engage in one-on- one sessions on games and in personal, time-consuming consultations on the use of the computer. On the other hand, stores that deal in IBM and or Apple products seem to take each customer more seriously. I suspect this is because (after all these years), the .Amiga line is still not being taken very seriously by the public. It’s thought of as just another great game machine. .And Commodore's answer to all of this? Running TV commercials with flying houses, and calling the whole issue “creativity.” G. Majewski Chicago, IL . Or Scapegoats? HAVING BEEN AN .Amiga salesman (and support person) for over two years, I was angered by Mr. Vander Brook's condemnation of the Amiga dealer as the source of poor .Amiga sales. Apple and IBM retailers have the reputation and excellent marketing of their respective companies to bolster the salability (and prices) of their products. .Amiga dealers typically have to do their own advertising to stir up business. They must explain why such a wonderful machine is not the leading computer, regardless of its excellent capabilities and low price. The lower cost of Amiga products result in smaller profits for the Amiga dealer, restricting their resources. That laser printer that Mr. Vander Brook wanted to see in every Amiga store would have cost the Amiga dealer around $ 4000 monev that the dealer could more effectively spend on software and hardware that the typical computer enthusiast would be more likely to buy. I also take offense to his attacks on the capabilities of dealership staffs. I was proud of everyone who sold and supported the .Amiga alongside me, and 1 did mv verv best to j j give my customers what they needed. At the store I worked for, we gave the customer free support for life. Also, the people who put products on back order are distributors, not dealers. Those matters are completely out of the dealer's control. I pray that people with this attitude about their Amiga dealer someday go into business for themselves, so that they can see what it is like in the dealer’s shoes. Commodore is causing poor Amiga sales, and the dealer is being made into the scapegoat. Nikola Derpich Watsonville, CA In the Name Of Science IN HIS NOVEMBER '89 edi- torial (“Chief Concerns,” p. 6), Doug Barney deplores the lack of marketing of the Amiga for applications such as multi- media, desktop video and animation. However, he makes no mention of the use of the Amiga for scientific analysis and presentation of data.

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Amiga World Vol 06 03 1990 Mar

Document sans nom I Easy Tips For Setter Audio MIDI To The Ma ) Synth Editors March 1990
U. S.A. $ 3,95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50¦ An IDG Communications Publication- PLUS! + 68030 Speed Trials: CBM v. GVP v. Imtronics Pro Page Update
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* - .
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2. 35
5. 33 Load
3. 84
6. 69 Recalc First
2. 44
5. 15 2nd*
0. 19
4. 30 2nd**
2. 24
4. 88 Memory
* W ith no changes i Tests on 1 Mb Amig 43216 i sheet;** W ith chances a: Spreadsheet: 9 rows , 69832 Ttadc to sheet ¦14 columns Gold Disk Advantage is available for$ 199.95. If you own any other spreadsheet you can upgrade for only $ 100. Please send payment along with the cover page of the spreadsheet manual. PRODUCTS SEQUENCERS LEVEL I! 3.0 w AutoMix KCS 3.0 w AutoMix TIGER Cub MRS VI.1 EDITORS LIBRARIANS CASIO VZ-1 VZ-RIDER CZ RIDER DX HEAVEN EMU Proteus ESQ’apade ESQ-1 SQ-80 4-OP DELUXE (Yamaha) KAWAI K-1 KAWAI K-5 KORG M-1 LEXICON PCM-70 OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 1000 ROLAND D-110 ROLAND D-50 ROLAND MT-32 X-OR VI .1 (UNIVERSAL EDITOR) COMPOSITION SCORING COPYIST APPRENTICE COPYIST DTP TIGER (GRAPHIC EDITOR) MISCELLANEOUS MODEL-A MIDI INTERFACE PHANTOM SMPTE SYNCHRONIZER Music Software of the Year, 198f Commodore Magazine “Our hands-down favorite new piece of sol ware, TIGER... is a music composition program whose elegance is simply stunnir Finally, a program that bridges the gap between cold, hard technology and the creative musician." Keyboard Magazine OSCILLATOR 1 milti sound sau urn octave 8' level 75 Coiwon Good music software should be as personal as a vintage guitar, and as powerful as a 300 watt amplifier stack. Our sequencers have always been able to configure themselves to the way you want to work. And the V3.0 Level II and KCS revisions are even more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Our exclusive Multi Program Environment ' allows for dynamic data transfer, as well as the standard multitasking. You can transcribe directly from the sequencerto Copyist, record your Caged Artist editor “moves” directly into the sequencer, use AutoMix™ (included free with Level II and KCS) to perform real time “MIDI mixdowns,” or instantly switch between MPE modules from the Intuition menu. If you need to sync to tape, our new Phantom '' SMPTE synchronizer will lock you up faster and cheaper than you would have dreamed! And Dr.T’s has added Laurie Spiegel’s acclaimed Music Mouse ' program to our line of quality products. Dr.T’s, software of quality and power that will never go out of style! See us at the AmlEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 aiiiimImrnmiM«¦¦¦¦ I IviHT1 -I ¦••'Mewed Aflist's H-l Editor ia'n| VJF 1 VTA I cutoff 4$ es vel sens eg intensity 6 key trk center C e3 vel sens 6 key trk aig>ltd key trk center C * key trk cutoff 6 EDIT SELECT "The most powerful and dependable of MU sequencers for the Amiga is KCS...” Amiga World tme vel sens: level vel sens 8 tine key trk: 01 tine vel sens Computer CrossttarE labs 1 CONDUCT 3 * Rhythn 4 Kick 5 Snare 1 E Snare 2 7 Tinbale HJ 8 Hi-Hats 9 fens HJ in tEM Hina in rum liimi ekmmi ran IS > INTRO 125 > BREAK 137 >6ROOUE 14 Proteus: 2S $ 1098: J8 GigXick 15 Piano 1 HU 27 Singles 39 HornKit2 HU It E Eass 23 Scratch HU 46 BigBass 17 Pad 1 29 Dh yea! HU 41 Xlead 18 Hornhits HU 38 Thunpit 42 19 Heaven 31 43 )CLOSE 23 REC 32 >STRIH&S 44 Xnlode 21 Hi: 33 Violin 1 45 HI: 22 Vibes 34 Viola 1 48 ProtPian 23 Voices 35 Cello i 47 Pad 2 24 36 Bass 1_48_ THE PHANTOM El EH BB EEEI start: EBBEHiEEED Dropouts: 1*1:1 sec, “(Copyist is) a composer's delight that provides score editing, file conversion capability, and custom printing all in one package.” Amiga World “(MRS)... compared to other sequencers is a great value.” AMIGA Times “(Level II) is a powerful collection of MIDI recording and editing tools that works well is responsive, and is designed with the hig end user in mind," ¦mSSflGES Amiga Sentry 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 U.S.A.
(617) 244-6954 FAX (617) 244-5243 Circle 35 on Reader Service card. VOLUME 6, NUMBER 3 MARCH 1990 CONTENTS FEATURES Now Hear This! By Mitch Wells .... 20 Eight easy sampling tips to help you create better-quality, more polished Amiga audio for your business presentations, home-video productions, or any other application requiring sound or music. Patchwork By Tim Tuiiy ...26 Harnessing the potential of MIDI synthesizers depends on effective patch editors. Which editor librarian offers high-performance support for the synthesizer you need? Making ‘Sparks’ Fly By Jan Jackson ..32 Xoted jazz blues guitarist and composer Melvin Sparks thinks using an Amiga to help him write music is definitely hip. ARTICLES The AmigaWorld Hardware Buyer’s Guide Compiled by Jan Jackson and Tim Walsh ....34 Nobody has an in with hardware developers like our gal Jan. So when she says, “Is that a new add-on peripheral in your pocket, big boy, or are you just trying to bluff'your way into the AW Buyer s Guide?” she can tell the fluff from the real stuff! It s no Mae West put-on: We've got the vital stats 011 over 275 products. COLUMNS 6 Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .. From the keyboard cacophony we've been hearing from his office this past month, we think the editor is ready to i mount a synthesizer assault 011 Carnegie Hall. . .but if he fails we're taking away his music software and returning his ukclele. Accent on Graphics 56 By Joel Hagen .. Take the “pencil test ’ this month in the first of a two-part series on freehand animation using popular paint programs. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings . 58 New Amiga users gel more helpful Workbench tips in the second installment of info.philes “Back to Basics” mini-series. 62 POINTERS By John Foust ... “Routine” advice on managing memory resources in C. "Play it again, Sam. . .if you've got enough RAM." Music and sound arc the high notes this month. As time goes by, the Amiga is becoming a serious sound machine whether for making music or adding audio oomph to multimedia applications. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Drop us a line with what's on your mind. Notepad .... 10 Some great-looking pictures from outer space are becoming available on Amiga nets. Plus news from Commodore. Whats New? ... 100 We don't know whether hemlines will be up or down ibis spring, but we do know what’s in fashion in software, hardware, and other newware. Hors d'oeuvres .104 Take a tip take several from your fellow AW readers. . Help Key .. 106 No mission is impossible for Agent Wallace, so send your tale of technical trouble on a self-destructing tape any time. Last Licks . 112 Always firing from the hip, AW takes some more parting shots whether up in die air. Dead on center, below the belt, or at its own foot. REVIEWS 68030 Accelerator Boards: A2630 (Commodore), HURRICANE 2800 (lMtronics), and IMPACT A3000 A4000 (Great Valley Products) .... 12 Who will gain the pole position in the 08030 Derby? Our reviewer rates three contenders on performance, value and design. MIDI Sample Wrench (dissidents) . 80 This MIDI sample-editing program has dozens of wonderful features but you can’t use it with every sampler. Professional Page 1.3 = Gold Disk) .86 New and improved Features put Pro Page ahead of the desktop-publishing pack. IMACELINK (Active Circuits) .90 A format-conversion program for professional graphics users who need to move among Amiga, Mac, and PC environments. Back Talk ..96 Speak up and be heard! There is no final word when it comes to AW reviews. GAMES Crib Notes 66 Unlike Mr, Connery, "Crib Notes” columnist Peter Olafson may not be the “Sexiest Person Alive,” but he’s been getting acquainted with Sean. Harrison, and the rest of the crew in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (plus a few other game favorites) to give you tips on beating the odds. Game reviews follow his column: Battle Squadron (innerprise) 66 Blast away at Barrax baddies on the planet Terrainia. Space Quest III: The Pirates of PESTULON (Sierra On-Line) ..74 Journey with Roger Wilco to rescue kidnapped programmers. Indiana Jones and the Last CRUSADE (Lucasfilm Electronic Arts) . . 74 l ake your choice of two versions arcade action or graphics adventure of ibis super game based on the megabit movie. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Koei Corp.) .....76 Replay the historical unification of China in this strategic-sinnilation game. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDJUDICE NANO COURTESY OF HOUSE OF GULINAS Stephen Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-ln-Chief Dan SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SHAWN LaFLAMME, Managing Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology LlNDA J. Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor Jan Jackson, Neu' Products Editor TlM WaLSH, Technical Editor Carla Barker, Editorial Intern Gene Brawn. Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, MARK L. Van Name, Contributing Editors HOWARD G. HaPP, Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALAN A Korda. Production Supervisor KENNETH BlaKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-800-441-4403. 603-924-9471 MEREDITH Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Giorgio Salute Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-5230 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, C4 94063 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarket Sales, 1-415-363-5230 WENDIE HaiNES-MaRRO. Marketing Manager Laura Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson. Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFlEUR, Executive Assistant to the Publisher Susan Kaniwec, Customer Seri'ice Representative Publishers Assistant PAUL RuESS, Circulation Director PAM Wilder Assistant Circulation Manager 800-365-1364 P Roger J. Murphy, President Stephen D. Twombly, Executive Tice President Publishing Director DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations JEFFREY D. DeTraY, Director of Technology Research LlNDA Palmisa.no, Typesetting Manager Debra A, Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LaGASSE. Manufacturing Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer Director of Credit Sales C£f Collections Amiga llhrltl (ISSN 0883-2:190) is an independent journal nol connected with Commodore Busuit-ys Machines. 1 nc. Amiga World is published monthly by I DC. UommiiiucatinuVfYit-ilxiroiigh. Inc.. 80 Kim St.. lYirrlmnwgh, NH (>3458. U.S. subscription rale is $ 29.97, one year; $ 40.00. two vears; SIM.00, three years. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. hinds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface $ 19.97. Foreign .Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough, NH, and at additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-947]. Entire contents copyright 1990 by JI)C. CommunicationVJYterborough. Inc. No part ofthis publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without wriiien permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send add less changes to,'lmigaIVarld, Subscription Services. IA) Box 58804. Boulder, IIC) H0322-8K04. Nationally disiriluited In K.ible News Co. Amigalliirlti makes every elloit ki assure t he accuracy of articles, listings and cm nits published in the magazine. .1 migo 11 nrlt! Assumes no responsibility- for damages due to errors or omissions. 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(215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS Tune in or turn off ? USING COMPUTERS TO create and play music is a double-eclged sword. Swords are plenty of fun to hack away with, but not much fun when they slice your finger off. For some musicians and composers, computers are the greatest thing since groupies. They can create artificial orchestras, allowing an individual to compose and play a symphony without knowing how to play any of the instruments. They can help fill in the gaps in an undermanned jam session, and they tremendously ease the highly detailed and tedious work of creating complex compositions. Most importantly, they allow non-musicians such as myself to make noise, and sometimes even pleasant sounds. Also, computers in general are reliable. Unlike real musicians, computers don’t have cars that break down, hangovers, or appointments to keep elsewhere. They are never distracted by fans, and as long as the power supply is good, they keep a good steady beat. And in the long run they are world’s cheaper than a group of skilled musicians. In short, computers are an almost infallible tool that has helped ease the creation and playing of music. Amigas are particularly good for music, and superbly adept at handling the integration of music, video and animation. But computers even .Amigas are not musicians. They have trouble duplicating the raw sound of an acoustic guitar or a set of jazz drums. And it is very difficult for them to he spontaneous. Like all machines, computers have the nasty habit of throwing people out of work. Rock drummers, particularly studio-based one's, have really suffered from the advent of computer-driven drum machines. Instead of arms flailing, microchips keep careful synchopadon. There are fewer mistakes, but that slightly off, unmistakably human sound of a real drummer is missing from studio tracks. Sometimes computers are a bother in the studio. For musicians who are not computer-oriented, computers can be more annoying than a rock critic. At some jam sessions, the bassist and guitarists simply plug in, and the drummer sets up. Then some technology-driven keyboard player gets the disk drives whirring. After that, the pace is dictated by the computer. “Oops! Wrong file. Hold it.” Meanwhile, the real musicians sit idly by while the computer kills the entire spirit of the session. There is a more insidious side to computers in music. While it is great that computers allow people like me to create sound, it is not great if I force you to listen to it. Computers have created more bad music than anything, except maybe the ukelele. Computers themselves are not pioneers. They cannot do what Beethoven or Miles Davis or Pete Townshend have done, which is create new ways of looking at music, and carry their vision through to its ultimate, human manifestation. Fortunately with computers, the good usually outweighs the bad. .And in music, computers have done many, many great things. No longer do composers sit with pen in hand, carefully forming notes, and then start all over again when they make a mistake. Instead, they can put a piece through its paces, over and over again, until it is correct. Then a laser printer can deliver the score with speed and beauty. The end result is often much better than that created by a tired composer with writer’s cramp. Computer musicians should keep these lessons in mind, and use computers only where they are most appropriate. Professionals and nearprofessionals should use computers, not abuse them. Sometimes an old-fashioned jam session is the way to go. Budding musicians should experiment as much as they like, but keep the awful sounding results to themselves. As for me, I’ll keep playing with the great music software packages that come through our offices. Because I happen to like my staff, I’ll try to keep the door shut. ¦ MB FAST RAM Expansion QQO Slot f _- SCSI Hard Disk 11 »J1, 111 11 ' t l ean J-LA -L- i _S The NEW IMPACT™ AMO SCSI + 8 CONTROLLER gives you more for less.
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J. VANDER Brook’s letter about the marketing and sales of .Amiga products (“Dealing with Dealers ’ Repartee, Jan. ’90, p. 8) was so much on target it’s uncanny! He’s right. Retail outlets that sell Amigas are not much more than personalized video arcades, where store staff engage in one-on- one sessions on games and in personal, time-consuming consultations on the use of the computer. On the other hand, stores that deal in IBM and or Apple products seem to take each customer more seriously. I suspect this is because (after all these years), the .Amiga line is still not being taken very seriously by the public. It’s thought of as just another great game machine. .And Commodore's answer to all of this? Running TV commercials with flying houses, and calling the whole issue “creativity.”
G. Majewski Chicago, IL . Or Scapegoats? HAVING BEEN AN .Amiga salesman (and support person) for over two years, I was angered by Mr. Vander Brook's condemnation of the Amiga dealer as the source of poor .Amiga sales. Apple and IBM retailers have the reputation and excellent marketing of their respective companies to bolster the salability (and prices) of their products. .Amiga dealers typically have to do their own advertising to stir up business. They must explain why such a wonderful machine is not the leading computer, regardless of its excellent capabilities and low price. The lower cost of Amiga products result in smaller profits for the Amiga dealer, restricting their resources. That laser printer that Mr. Vander Brook wanted to see in every Amiga store would have cost the Amiga dealer around $ 4000 monev that the dealer could more effectively spend on software and hardware that the typical computer enthusiast would be more likely to buy. I also take offense to his attacks on the capabilities of dealership staffs. I was proud of everyone who sold and supported the .Amiga alongside me, and 1 did mv verv best to j j give my customers what they needed. At the store I worked for, we gave the customer free support for life. Also, the people who put products on back order are distributors, not dealers. Those matters are completely out of the dealer's control. I pray that people with this attitude about their Amiga dealer someday go into business for themselves, so that they can see what it is like in the dealer’s shoes. Commodore is causing poor Amiga sales, and the dealer is being made into the scapegoat. Nikola Derpich Watsonville, CA In the Name Of Science IN HIS NOVEMBER '89 edi- torial (“Chief Concerns,” p. 6), Doug Barney deplores the lack of marketing of the Amiga for applications such as multi- media, desktop video and animation. However, he makes no mention of the use of the Amiga for scientific analysis and presentation of data. In the Repartee and Help Key columns of the same issue, the lack of suitable software for such applications is pointed out, and I think it is for this reason that the Macintosh is capturing much of the expanding market of scientists and science students. Spreadsheet programs such as MaxiPlan Plus (Intuitive Technologies) and .Analyze! (Micro-Systems) will not fit mathematical functions to data and display the fitted curves. Math-Amation (Taurus-Impex) has some of this capability, but lacks the ability to handle hyperbolic and parabolic functions, fit multiple regressions, or carry out analysis of variance, I cannot recall a single article in AmigaWorld that adequately dealt with the subject and critically reviewed available software. If good software does exist for scientific applications, it is certainly not brought to the attention of the customer. May I suggest you invite scientists using Amigas to comment on software they use or would like to see developed. This might bring to light programs that many people would find valuable and perhaps give guidance to software manufacturers. KA. Ferguson Qu e a n hey a n, NS W, A ustra I in Send your letters to: Repartee, AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ Amiga Desktop Video Guide Amiga Advanced System Programmer's Guide HI more technical information for the Amiga programmer The most thorough guide lo video on your jg s ... » MRIPVHW9t|*m8 Amig.iDOS Qu-ck Ret of once There is a reason why we’re the number one publisher of Amiga books. In fact, there are a number of reasons. Fifteen to be exact. Niga For Beginners-introduces you to Intuition, the juse, windows, the CLI, and AmigaBASIC. Ivers Workbench 1.3 Info B6St BN 1-55755-021-2 178pp Se er $ 16.95 SIC Inside & Out*-step-by-step quide to nigaBASIC. Every AmigaBASIC topic includes arts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and eech commands. )vers Workbench 1.3 Info o*llar BN 0-916439-87-9 548pp Glier $ 24.95 ) Graphic Programming in BASIC -details writing ) graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, :ht sources and shading, and more. BN 1-55755-044-1 360pp $ 19.95 achine Language*-comprehensive introduction to 000 assembler ML programming covers 68000 icroprocessor address modes and architecture, speech d sound and more. BN 1-55755-025-5 264pp $ 19.95
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* **** 'Our books are filled with dozens of practical programming examples. You can save count- Same day shipping on orders received before 3pm Mon. • Fri. Companion Diskettes. Each only $ 14.95 In U.S. and Canada add $ 4.00 shipping & handling*Foreign orders add $ 12.00 per item * Ml residents add 4% sales tax To order toll free call 1-800-451-4319 using your MC, Visa or Amex card Dept. A3, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Phone (616) 698-0330 • Fax (616) 698-0325 NOTEPAD Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson Sweeping Beauty FOR OVER 12 years, the spacecraft Voyager 2 has trekked through the solar system beaming back clean images of planets in its path, reminding us of the nature of science, the wisdom of uncertainty, and the beauty of diversity. Recently, Amiga owners have been treated to amazingly high- quality Voyager images on electronic bulletin boards, thanks to imaging specialist Bob Deen of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, command center for the craft’s missions. Bob transforms data from JPL’s Multimission Image Processing Laboratory into IFF format. He resizes Voyager’s 800 x800-pixel resolution images to fit Amiga resolution and aspect ratio, then converts them to monochrome IFF format, and downloads them to an Amiga. For color, the separate red, green, and blue components are merged using Perfect Vision (SunRize Industries) software into a single HAM image. Bob does not limit himself to Voyager images though; he also converts data sent back by Viking, Landsat, and other craft. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and even Earth are represented in the gallery. Ariel, one of the moons of Uranus. Last August, before continuing on the long journey to the helio- pause and interstellar space, Voyager brushed by Neptune. It will be a short while before the data from that encounter is available for conversion, but in the meantime, Amiga users can find remarkable views of the rest of the solar system and anticipate what the computer eyes of Galileo and the Hubble telescope will bring. Joel Hagen VETERAN AMIGA USERS and developers have a soft spot In their hearts for Gail Wellington. Long-time head of the Commodore Applications and Technical Support (CATS) group, Gail was recently appointed Director of Special Projects. Knowing Gall, we expect great things. All Over Changes The new leader of CATS Is Jeff
R. Scherb, formerly with the mainframe- and mlnlcomputer-database developer Cullinet Software. Jeff brings knowledge of advanced computing architectures, corporate computing, and the ability to manage large, complex development programs. In a recent interview with AmlgaWorid, he showed great Insight Into the Amiga’s technical shortcomings and enthusiasm and resolve to Improve the system. Soon after accepting his new position, Jeff attended the first meeting of the Commodore-Amlga Developers Advisory Council for North America. The group of nine developers set development priorities, discussed marketing Issues, and at times, gave Commodore an earful. Issues brought up at the meeting include programming interfaces, user Interface standards, Installation procedures, and overall software stability. (The Council is separate from the Amiga Developers Association, founded to broaden the Amiga’s visibility and communicate developers’ goals to Commodore.) CBM recently signed wtth major resellers General Computer Centers, a 13-store chain, and Connecting Point of America, a franchisor wtth over 325 outlets. Commodore is hoping to capture more of the federal- govemment and Latin American markets with two new sales offices. Maybe new price cuts 10 to 15 percent on the A2000 series will help. To enter the 1990 AmlEXPO art and video contest, send an SASE to: Art Contest Rules and Entry Form, AmlEXPO, 465 Columbus Ave., 285, Valhalla, NY 10595. The five fine arts categories include 2- D, 3-D, digitized, animation video, and mixed media, and there are two groups for commercial art: one for stills and one for tape. Deadline for entry Is March 1; winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the AmlEXPO show in Washington, DC, which runs March 16-18. For details, call 1-800-32-AMIGA. DB and BGT BLASTEROIDS: C-64 128, Amiga, Atari ST. Coming Soon: IBM
• VINDICATORS: Amiga, Atari ST Coming Soon: C-64 128, IBM, Apple II GS Atari ST. Coming Soon: IBM ROLLING THUNDER: C-64 128 APB: IBM, C-64 128, Amiga, Atari ST ROCK ~ 23XD«»Tr tfOTS f L'j ytv.K r- ncc S800*" ¦ : riT ; At Tengen, we take only the best hits from the arcades and make them available for play on your computer. We let the incredible action in our games do all the talking. Besides, with the roar of excitement in your ears, you probably can't hear our words anyway. TEIMGEIM ARCADE HITS THAT HIT HOME 1623 Buckeye Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 473-9400 Blastero;os, Vindicators. APB. Xybots; Trademarks of Atari Games: ©1989 Tengen. Inc. Rollins Thunder: Trademark ard ©1989 Namco. Ltd. Circle K4 on Reader Service cafd REVIEWS A2630 256-byie data cache, so you can access .. frequently-used data without taking the „___ nrtrxn time to retrieve it from main computer Hurricane 2800 memory. *s * *a * * * . Use of the data cache speeds up pro- Impact A3000 4000 gram execution significantly, but can cause problems with DMA devices, in- Faster, faster, faster! Eluding DMA hard-drive controllers. The problem is that the CPU does not know By Sheldon Leemon when DMA devices change the contents of the memory. Thus, if the 68030 has the data at location 100,000 cached, and THE FIRST AMIGA speedsters could a DMA device changes the contents of run programs two or three times as fast that memory location, the CPU will as a slock machine by adding a 68020 think that its cached data is valid, and accelerator hoard to their systems. Now, won't read from memory if it needs the there is a group of 68030 accelerator data at that location. Although such an boards that run two to three times as fast occurrence is not very likely, it intro- as the 020 boards, and up to ten times as fast as an A2000. These screamers, Commodore’s A2630, Imtronics' Hurricane 2800, and GVP’s Impact A3000 and A4000, provide performance on a par with the fastest of desktop computers. R YOUR TVRM Each of these hoards fits into the Amiga 2000’s 86-pin coprocessor slot and increases the computer’s performance in a number of wavs. For one thing, the 68030 processor can operate at much higher clock speeds than the 68000 (your computer’s stock processor) or 68020. The Hurricane 2800 hoard runs at 28 Mhz, twice as fast as the 68020 hoards, and four times the speed of the standard A2000 processor, while the Impact board runs at speeds from 25 to 33 Mhz, The A2630 normally runs at 25 Mhz, but can also run faster. 1 have eight megs of 32-bit RAM on my 25 Mhz Impact hoard and have found it to be very reliable, although 1 would like to exceed the nine-meg limit. I like the fact that it has a host adapter for running a hard disk. GVP has been supportive. Craig Hollenback Cos Cob, CT duces the possibility of error. All of the hoards have hardware protection to keep them from caching data contained in chip RAM, which can be changed by DMA devices like the blitter. But DMA hard-drive owners may want to refrain from turning the data cache on. The 68030 has a built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU), which you can use to relocate the Kickstart ROMs to fast 32-bit memory, reducing access time to ROM routines. The 68882 floatLike the 68020 processor, the 68030 has a 256-byte instruction cache, which allows short program loops to run entirely within the processor's own memory, eliminating the time required to fetch instructions. In addition, it has a ing-point math chip, a coprocessor that is optional on these boards, performs complex math operations at dozens of times the speed of comparable software routines. The majority of programs word processors, terminals, and games, for instance never use floating-point math and are not affected by the presence of a 68882. A math chip can speed up applications like CAD packages, spreadsheets, and 3-D graphics, however, from ten to 100 times. Design Says... Despite their similarities, these boards have important design differences. Like the 68020 accelerator boards, the Hurricane 2800 uses a synchronous design, which means that it can run only at an even multiple of the A2000’s 7.1 Mhz clock speed (in this case, approximately
28. 4 Mhz). The A2630 and GVP Impact hoards, on the other hand, are asynchronous, and can run at any one of a whole range of frequencies (though Commodore sells just one version of the A2630, running at 25 Mhz). Some early versions of the GVP hoard used 16 Mhz 68030 chips, but since faster processors have become cheaper and more readily available, GVP sells versions that run at 25, 28, and even 33 Mhz. Changing the operating speed of the hoard can he as simple as putting in a faster processor and the appropriate oscillator crystal. In fact, it is possible to increase the operating speed of the Impact board or A2630 just by changing the clock crystal (the Impact board's crystal is socketed, while the A2630’s is soldered in). Running a 68030 processor faster than its rated speed, however, is controversial at best, Proponents of this practice, called over-oscillation or over-clocking, point out that the speed ratings on chips are only approximate, and that they allow for a fairly wide margin of safety. More conservative types argue that it’s necessary to leave yourself a little leeway, be- it t cause running a chip too fast can cause it to overheat and possibly fail. The possibility of erratic performance is enough to discourage them from pushing the chips. Besides, while increasing clock speed boosts performance, the speed increase is not linear; running a board at 33 Ml lz won’t necessarily make it twice as fast as running it at 16 Mhz. The speed at which the processor can access memory is a limiting factor, so unless you have very fast memory chips, you won't get the full benefit of the higher clock rate. Whether you are for or against overclocking, you should be aware that the Hurricane 2800 is shipped with a 25 Mhz 68030 running at 28 Mhz, while GVP uses either a 25 Mhz chip running at 25 Mhz (the A3000 model) or a 33 Mhz chip running at 33 Mhz (A4000). (GVP reports that it will be shipping 28 Mhz boards in place of the 25 Mhz model when the appropriate parts become available.) The A2630 is available only with a 25 Mhz processor running at 25 Mhz. The Hurricane math coprocessor is clocked at a fixed 28 Mhz speed, while the GVP Impact board and the Commodore A2630 can either be docked at the same speed as the processor, or at a different speed, using a separate clock crystal. The Drivers* Seat Both the GVP Impact and Hurricane 2800 boards have built-in hard-drive interfaces, but each lakes a dillereni approach. The Hurricane 2800 board features the familiar SCSI interface commonly used to attach up to seven hard drives to the Amiga. 1 could not evaluate this interface, however, because the driver software was not completed in time for this review. GVP’s hard-drive interface, on the other hand, has been up and running for a while. I he Impact board includes an AT-style bus interface that allows it to connect with two IDE rYOL K TURN! I have found die 25 Mhz Impact board to he quick and reliable. Ii is easy to install, and the company has made some nice improvements to it. Cha rles Ba rtholomew Audubon, PA (Integrated Drive Electronics) hard drives, a style designed for use with IBM Al -conipatible computers. GVP offers combination accelerator hard drive packages that include a Quantum A1 hard drive, the same drive used bv Cotnmo- (lore in its PC-40 III computers. Boot ROMs that plug into the Impact board enable the computer lo auto-boot from the accelerator's hard drive, using the FastFileSystem. The included drive-in- stallation software makes it easy to partition the drive, and to install Workbench on it. Using 32-bit RAM speeds up an accelerator because it eliminates the bottleneck that results when the 68030 processor has to slow down to talk with 16-bii memory (such as chip RAM) and the custom chips. All three accelerators can use 32-bit memory, but only the A2630 provides space for this RAM on the main accelerator board. In order to add memory to either the Hurricane 2800 or the Impact board, you must plug a separate memory board into the main accelerator board. This results in a somewhat bulky two-board sandwich, but gives you a lot more flexibility in configuring the system. W ith the Hurricane and Impact boards, you can initially purchase the main accelerator board by itself, and add 32-bit memory as your budget permits. The Hurricane 2800 uses the same memory board as previous Hurricane accelerators one socketed for either ? One-megabit (256 x 4) or four megabit (1024x4) RAM chips. You can add memory in increments of a single megabyte using the smaller chips, or four megabytes using the larger ones, up to a maximum of four or 16 megs respectively. The GVP memory board uses nybble-mode addressing, which allows faster memory access, but requires that memory be added in four-meg increments. The GVP board uses eight-mega- bit-by-one bit nybble-mode SIMMs (not to be confused with the page-mode SIMMs used in the Macintosh and PS 2 computers) to add either four or eight megabytes of 32-bit RAM. With the Commodore A2630, vour choices are a bit more limited. It comes ? LET’S Go! Por purposes of comparison, I performed the same speed tests on the 68030 accelerator boards that 1 used for the 68020 boards (see p. 38 in the July ’89 issue). Although some of the programs used in the prior test have been upgraded since then, I used the same program versions so as to maintain comparability. Three categories of tests were performed. The first times applications that do not use floatingpoint math. The RAM speed tests (Fast RAM Chip RAM RAM Speed) on the CSA disk clock instructions executed from fast RAM and chip RAM with the instruction cache turned off. Nsieve comes from CSA, while the other Sieve programs (Sieve 100 and CPU Mem- test) come from Ronin, developers of the Hurricane board. These run variations on a famous program that finds prime numbers, a common test of non- floating-point compute speed. The Search Replace test shows the time required to perform 800 search-and-re- place operations in a 96,000-character text file, using the TxEd text editor by Microsmiths. The Remap test shows how long DeluxePaint II (Electronic Arts) takes to reduce a 640 x 400 picture from 16 colors to two colors. WritePixel clocks the time it takes to fill a rectangle on the screen with color using the ROM Kernel WritePixel function. Finally, Speed is a benchmark recently devised by Jez San to compare the speed of 68030 accelerators with the A2620. Graphic that requires calculation of over two million floating-point operations. The World map test shows the time required to draw a map of the world using a set of about 5000 coordinates and an orthographic projection scheme. (This program has a greater ratio of drawing time to figuring time than the MandelTest.) The third set of tests show how much faster the various floating-point programs executed when written to take advantage of the 68881 math co-processor. Mostly duplicates of the Fast Floating Point tests, these use the The second class of tests show how 68030 boards can speed operations that use software floating-point routines. The two Savage tests give you the results of a famous floating-point benchmark, as executed by the programs on the CSA and Ronin disks. The MandelTest program comes from the CSA disk, and shows the time required to draw the Mandelbrot set. A Non Floating-Point Tests RAM test Fast (secs) RAM test Chip (secs) RAMspeed (MHz) CSA Nsieve (secs) CSA Nsieve (gain) CSA WritePixel (secs) CSA Writepixel (gain) Ronin Sieve (secs) Ronin CPU Memtest (gain) Search Replace (secs) Remap Colors (secs) Speed (ticks) Speed (gain) Fast Floating-Point Tests CSA Savage (secs) CSA Savage (gain) Ronin Savage ffp (secs) Mandeltest 68000 (secs) World map flp (secs) 68882 Floating-Point tests CSA Savage 020 (secs) Ronin Savage ieee (secs) Ronin Savage 881 (secs) Mandeltest (secs) Mandeltest (gain) World map ieee (secs) World map 882 (secs) Silver render (mins:secs) 68881 either directly or through the Amiga IEEE math libraries. The final test in this category shows the time to render a 3-D image of the Utah teapot in 320x400 HAM mode using the floating-point version of Impulse’s Turbo Silver. All accelerators tested used the 68882 math chip running at same speed as the main processor. They all used 32-bit RAM, though the access times of those RAM chips varied (the A2630 was supplied with 100ns RAMs, the Impact board with 80ns chips, and the Hurricane 2800 with 70ns RAMs). 2630 GVP25 GVP28 H2800 GVP33
2. 04
2. 08
1. 90
1. 52
1. 58
9. 52
11. 06
10. 46
7. 91
7. 98
20. 39
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20. 67
26. 72
25. 00 .27 .27 .23 .23 .20
8. 61
8. 76
10. 01
10. 79
11. 81
3. 98
3. 66
3. 34
3. 34
3. 10
3. 60
3. 90
4. 20
4. 30
4. 60
5. 70
5. 66
5. 06
4. 76
4. 25
10. 62
10. 62
11. 50
12. 55
14. 53
58. 40
57. 00
48. 20
44. 90
46. 60
6. 00
5. 90
5. 60
5. 60
5. 50
16. 00
96. 00
85. 00
89. 00
71. 00
2. 01
2. 43
2. 75
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3. 29
6. 30
5. 90
5. 32
4. 94
4. 34
8. 71
9. 27
10. 28
11. 07
12. 60
1. 53
1. 38
1. 22
1. 20
1. 03
53. 58
48. 48
44. 54
42. 88
37. 74
7. 90
6. 60
6. 10
6. 10
5. 21 .22 99 .19 .20 .15 .43 .42 .38 .38 .30 22 22 .19 .18 .15
11. 92
11. 56
10. 40
10. 32
9. 04
35. 40
36. 50
40. 60
40. 90
46. 70
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5. 30
4. 75
4. 60
3. 70
2. 75
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2. 23
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2. 05 61:04 36:38 33:52
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030. In the case of both the Impact and Hurricane units, this is accomplished by means of a hardware switch you must buy and attach to a pair of jumper pins on the hoard. With the switch in one position. The computer boots using the 68000 processor; in the other position, it uses the 68030. Commodore's A2630 board uses a more sophisticated approach: If vou hold down both mouse buttons at hoot time, ;> menu appears letting you choose AmigaDOS on 68000, AmigaDOS on 68030, or Amix (the Amiga version of Unix). Despite the fact ? SupraRam 2000 SupraModem 2400zi ¦ 1-slot design & SCSI-out port ¦ Easy On Off Autoboot Jumper ¦ Compatible with Amiga Bridgeboard, RAM, digitizers, and other boards ¦ Includes SupraBoot & SupraTools two full disks of utility software ¦ Up to 30 Partitions
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* *• c rj 6e • , ' Cheaif Primrr ..
* * * 7 v ' i - - 7 J , -
- j * j,j ¦*»*
• ¦> *:: m » ¦i -
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(617) 244-6954 Dr.T’s And It’s FUN™ tions at five to nine times the speed of an unaccelerated Amiga. Speed increase will be most noticeable in applications that are normally slow, such as desktop publishing and CAD, and in multitasking situations, where the machine tends to hog down. .An 030 with Kickstart in 32-bit memory makes a hig difference in the time it takes to redraw windows in almost any application. The performance tests I conducted came down, as expected, in favor of the boards with the fastest clock speeds and the fastest memory. At the 25 Mhz clock speed, the GVP Impact board using 80ns RAMs was faster than the Commodore A2630 which uses 100ns RAMs. At 28 Mhz, the Hurricane 2800 with 70ns RAMs was marginally faster than the GVP with 80ns RAMs. But at 33 Mhz, the GVP Impact hoard was clearly the fastest of the systems tested. The same factors that made the Commodore A2620 a favorite among 68020 accelerators work to the disadvantage of the A2630. Selling just one configuration of the board makes sense when it runs at a fixed processor speed, but not when the board uses an asynchronous design. And the fact that the board comes only with relatively slow 100ns RAMs is not going to please the performance minded, either. Although the tests show the A2630 to be a bit slower than the other boards in most categories, it did particularly badly in the ray-trace test, in which the 68020 version of Turbo Silver (Impulse) was used to render the Utah teapot. While most other hoards rendered the picture in about half the time required by the A2620, the A2630 was only about 15% faster than its predecessor. Unless you are willing to replace the processor and the memory with faster versions, the A2630 is not your best choice if speed is your primary concern. Its low price and the Commodore label are its best selling points. Like its 68020 counterpart, the Hurricane 2800 gives you a lot for your money. For about the same price as the A2630, it provides faster performance, easier memory expansion, and a SCSI interface to boot. There are, however, factors that might make you think twice about its purchase. Because the SCSI interface is not yet operational, there is no clear indication how it will perform. The Continued on j>. SO Circle 35 on Reader Serves cara Join the movement to quality video & animation! With four software packages to step up your performance and creativity. AMIS VkieoSaape 3D A uU 3-0 anmow and Graphics Starter Kit The AMIG Starter Introductory Drawing and Animation Programs Get Aegis Draw. Animator and Images, plus the Art-Pak volume of clip art images, all in one loaded software package-an incredible $ 269.00 value for only S99.95! Learn to create Amiga© graphics with the Draw program, explore colors and cycling effects in the Images program, then animate your creations with Animator Hundreds of ready-made images are provided in the Art-Pak library.
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• Uses ANIM or IFF-format files. List Price: $ 159.95 Now This t Good ‘sound’ advice in eight easy-to-master techniques for making better sound samples to use in any Amiga production you may have in mind. By Mitch Wells ~ Jnless you are a musician, you might forget the many ways that sound figures into all the things you can do with your Amiga. So consider for just a moment: voiceovers and narrations for business or professional presentations; sound tracks for home video productions; sound effects for animation sequences; musical accompaniment for slide shows; or just some wild sound show of music, voices, and off-the-wall effects of your own design. L ire list of possibilities is endless. Effectively using the sound-sampling capabilities of your Amiga is the key to doing any or all of these things. And the following hints and tips will make you a better Amiga audio producer, musical director, sound technician or whatever other role you need to play. You can use the Amiga to produce sound in three ways: through its built-in speech synthesizer, by modifying the registers in its sound chip, or in sampling with the help of digitizing hardware and software. The first, and most primitive method, is known to those of you who plowed through the introductory manuals. The second, and probably least useful, is something for the technical aficionado who is at home programming a professional synthesizer. Although there are a few good programs that can help you out here notably, Sonix (Oxxi, $ 79.95) and Synthia (The Other Guys. $ 99) creating original sounds can be tedious. Sampling, however, with its entire range of real-world sound and music at ready disposal, is dearly the easiest route and has the most widespread application. Sampling, simply, is the process of converting ordinary, analog sounds into digital information (through the sampling hardware’s analog-to-digital converter, or ADC) to be stored in the Amiga's memory. This information is then reconverted into analog sound waves, through one of four digital-to-analog converters (DACs) within the system’s Paula chip, a stereo preamplifier also found within the Amiga, and your sound system (or the amplifier within your monitor). In order to make samples yourself, what you need is some external sampling hardware (sound digitizer), sampling software, and something to sample. As for the hardware and software, there are a number of fairly inexpensive packages to choose from. Hardware (digilizer)-antl-software (sample editing program) combinations include Perfect Sound (SunRize, $ 89.95); A.M.A.S. (Microdeal MichTron, $ 169.95); Stereo Sound Sampler-F Jammer (Datel, $ 99.95); and SP8 (Creative Sound Systems, S100). If you already have the digitizer, you can purchase sample-editing software separately; AudioMaster II (Oxxi, $ 59.95) and Studio Magic (SunRize, $ 99.99) are two that readily come to mind. For the purposes of this article I will refer to a system consisting of Perfect Sound hardware and AudioMaster II software. Although Perfect Sound can be a bit noisy, I like AudioMaster II. The two complement each other well. Don't worry, however, if this particular duo is not your own setup, because the techniques and tips I will discuss will apply to just about any combination. (For comparative evaluations of the sampling hardware and software products mentioned above and for a compatibility chart to guide you in mixing and matching components see “Sizzling Sounds,” p. 48 in Oct. '89 issue.) 1 Is This on the Level? To get the best results, preparing for sampling can be as important, if not more important, than actually taking the sample. Although some sampling hardware will give you a choice between input types, most sampling hardware requires that the sound come from a “line-level” source. Line-level devices include CD players, cassette or reel-to-reel tape recorders, audio outputs from videotape, an AM FM receiver, a keyboard, or a "live” source recorded with a microphone and a mixer. Trying to sample from a headphone or speaker output, when the hardware requires line level, will usually cause distortion. Sampling from a microphone without a preamplifier (or mixer) will create large amounts of noise. In short, use the right hardware, 1O " S * ¦ T»' impoarttaiat, th&£3. Actoall taking the sample. 2 ‘Sound’ Shopping Advice Deciding what to sample is obviously the next step. Perhaps you know a section of a pop song or classical piece that would work great at the beginning of your animation, or maybe you recorded voice onto cassette for a narrative. If you have a CD player, there are a number of professional sound and sound effects libraries available. A favorite with many professional musicians is the ProSonus Sample Library. You can find similar offerings among the numerous cassette libraries advertised in the classifieds of most keyboard magazines. Also, many record stores and public libraries carry sound-effects records. Whatever your source material, choosing the best sounds for sampling should meet the following criteria: The sound should be easily isolated. If you choose a section
- • j of music or narration from a tape or CD, silence before or after the sound is preferable. Background noise, especially noticeable from cassettes, is not. CD players offer the advantage of allowing you to accurately pause and play small sections of a CD without having to get “up to speed” and leaving you with that annoying click or glitch usually accompanying such transitions. The sound should have an “even”dynamic range. Sounds that get loud and then soft (or vice versa), or have a long decay (as you would get by holding down a piano key), are not as desirable as sounds with a quick decay (like the beep of a car horn), or those with an even volume level. The sound should not be distorted, but it should be a good, strong level. This is especially important when working with cassettes. When recording or choosing a sound on cassette to be sampled later, the sound should be at or around 0 vu on the meter. Having a volume control at the source of the sample (as with a keyboard or a cassette player with an output knob) will help you match levels to overcome “sampler noise" (more about this later). The sound should be the best fidelity possible. Again, Cds have obvious advantages here. For creating your own sounds from scratch, however, a good microphone and mixer beats a cassette recorder any day. If you do not already own a microphone and mixer, don’t waste your money on the cheap ones made for home video recording. If you are interested in acquiring a good mic and mixer for a one-time sampling session, contact the music and AIM rental stores in vour area, The occasional rental will probably not break your bank account, and you will enjoy all the benefits of using superior quality equipment. 3 Thanks for the Memory . . Before you actually make your sample, there is still another consideration: memory. How much, and what kind of memory you have relates directly to how high a level of fidelity you can achieve, so decide how you are going to use the sample First. If' you plan to use your sounds in Sonix (Oxxi), Deluxe Music Construction Set-DMCS (Electronic Arts, $ 99.95), or with a sequencing program such as KCS (Dr. Ts Music Software, S249) or Dynamic Studio (New Wave, SI99.95), you will probably want the highest fidelity possible. Most sample players use chip memory; if you have more available, your sample can be longer and of higher fidelity. Installing a one- meg Agnus chip on machines with one megabyte or more will be a great help when working with longer samples. (You may already have the new one-meg Agnus chip in your A2000 if it was purchased after September 1989 type AVAIL in a CLI window to see how much chip memory your machine has available.) How much memory you have also mav determine the sampling rate at which you will take your sample. (The sampling rate denotes how many times per second the computer takes the “picture” of your sound.) The more samples an ADC takes per second, the more accurately it will record the sound (hence the higher resolution and greater fidelity when that sound is played back). The Amiga’s maximum playback rate, however, is 28,867 samples per second (sps), so it does not really matter if your digitizer can sample at higher rates. Also, when sampling in stereo, the sampling rate is automatically cut in half, front 28k to 14k. Fortunately, most people do not hear sounds beyond 15k. Thus, if you are going to use your sample with something memory-intensive like an animation, consider sampling at a lower sampling rate to conserve memory. A sound sampled at 28,000 sps will take less memory than the same sound sampled at 44,000 sps; sampling the sound at 16,000 sps will take even less memory. The fidelity ceiling (calculated at half the sampling rate) of the sound sampled at 28k will he 14k, while that of the sound sampled at 16k will he 8k which might be okay for some applications. You will have to decide your own level of acceptable trade-off for fidelity vs. memory constraints, hut, in general, sampling at lower rates is usually a good, practical idea for capturing long passages of sound and music if vou have a system with limited J J memory. J 4 The Great Equalizer No matter what sampling rate you decide on, there are a few tricks that can provide you with better results. One of the most effective is equalization. Equalizing (or Eqing) a sound involves running a line-level sound through a series of filters, usually called high-pass low-pass, band-pass, or parametric filters. These filters emphasize or de-einphasize certain frequency hands hence the names. Hi-pass low- pass is most commonly found at the bass and treble controls in stereo systems. Using your stereo system for Eqing would he fine if you could sample from the speaker outputs, hut, as mentioned earlier, most sampling hardware will not allow this. Unfortunately, using the bass and treble controls on most stereos does not affect the line outputs (the tape monitor output, for instance). Thus, you need an in-line EQ that can be put after your source device hut before the sampling hardware. The most common type of in-line EQ is the 10- band Graphic Equalizer available almost anywhere stereo equipment is sold. Radio Shack makes a 10- band Graphic EQ for under $ 80, while Ieac offers a 10-hand with an LED frequency analyzer (to show which frequencies are the loudest) for not much more. Many others sell for around S100; if you plan to do much sampling, owning one of these is a must. Don't go overboard when using a graphic EQ. The proper use of any EQ is to correct aural deficiencies. Eqing for a cassette source often involves just slightly de-emphasizing frequencies above 12k to reduce tape noise, while emphasizing 8- 12k to make up for the reduced highs associated with cassettes. Eqing a live voice might mean emphasizing high frequencies a small amount to increase sibilance, and cutting down on the very low end to decrease pops from P’s and B's. With instruments, many have specific mid-range frequencies that make them sound somewhat nasal, so here you might want to use Eqing to reduce these. In the back of some music theory or audio engineering textbooks, and in the manuals of all graphic equalizers, you will usually find a chart showing the frequency ranges of various instruments and voices. These are very good sources to have around for reference. 5 High-Speed Fidelity Another way to increase the perceived fidelity ceiling is to speed up the sample. Speeding up the sample also reduces the likelihood that you will notice “D to A noise” (a fuzziness usually heard in the high frequency range of a sample). This noise is distortion created by Digital-lo-Analog converter errors when the DAC reads in-between steps of a sample; it is present in all samplers. When a sampler takes “pictures” of a sound (digitizing), it takes a number of pictures (or samples) to make up the complete waveform. In 12- and 16-hit samples, there are more discrete steps to the sample, so fewer errors occur than with an 8-hit sample. & Recognizing that this distortion is a problem, Commodore put low-pass filters in all Amigas. While the filter reduces the distortion, it does so at the price of eliminating frequencies above 7.5k. Thus, in many situations you need to bypass the output filter. While you cannot do this on the A1000 without a hardware modification, the filter is software switchable on the A500 ancl A2000. With the public-domain program LED (found on the Sonix 2.0 disk and on many networks), for instance, you can turn the filter off the latter two models. Once the filter is disabled, of course, you have your distortion problem again. If you speed up the sample, however, not only do you raise the frequency (pitch) of the sample, but you also elevate the frequency of the noise as well. With a sample that was made at 28k and moved up an octave, most of the D-to-A noise will probably occur out of human hearing range! Your sample, however, will play back twice as fast which probably is not exactly what you wanted. One way to get around this is to get a fairly high- quality dual-speed tape deck. Most consumer reel- to-reel decks, such as those made by Sony, Panasonic, or Teac, offer two speeds; if expense is a problem, you might be surprised how often you can find these at many second-hand stores. In addition, there are several four-track cassette recorders, such as the Yamaha MT3X or theTascam 644, that offer dual-speed operation. Also, in the hack of some music magazines you will see dual-speed cassette decks advertised for guitarists wanting to learn licks from their favorite tapes. Many old turntables offer dual (or more) speeds, too. In whatever way you get your equipment, the trick here is to record your desired sound onto tape at high speed, then sample the sound while playing back the tape at low speed (which is almost always an octavejump). Finally, kick the sample up an octave with your sample-editing software. When using Audiomaster II, choose Tune Waveform from the Special Effects menu. Click once on the Octave slider to the right of the indicating bar. Now click on the Waveform gadget in the bottom half of the screen to hear your changes. Finally, click on OK within the Tune Waveform window to accept the octave jump. Be prepared, however, because this eats up a lot of memory and is usually best done with short samples, Sampling in stereo eats up even more memory, so if you sample is stereo, be sure you really need stereo. Many programs, such as Dr. Ts KCS, for example, do not support stereo samples. 6 Got the Signal? After you have decided the rate at which you will sample, and you have set up your EQ, making the sample is pretty straightforward. Have your software "listen” to your sampler before actually starting your sound. This way, you can see how much noise (if any) is being introduced by the sampling hardware. Perfect Sound, for instance, is quite noisy. In order to get a good sample with it, I first adjust the input control to find the point at which there is the least noise, but the most input signal. I need to make sure my input signal to the sampling hardware is pretty “hot” almost but not quite clipping. Clipping is distortion caused by the input signal level being too great for either the sampler to handle, or the source device (or tape itself) to put out (or record) properly. On Audiomaster II, it is easy to tell when the signal clips; the waveform displayed will break up. Once the signal seems right, try making a few samples. Save your work often, and sample and save different versions of the same sounds for comparison. Experiment and have fun! 7 Sampling Savers Most programs use the IFF format, so saving your samples to IFF files is the safest bet. If you want to make an entire soundtrack from IFF samples, Sonix can take these and use them as segments of a song rather than instruments. Compose a complete song by sampling entire bars of music that can repeat, and assign these samples to any of the four instruments. The instruments can then be thought of as verse, chorus, and so on. Simply compose with whole notes and rests. When using Dr. T's KCS. You can assign up to 16 samples to specific MIDI channels and keyboard ranges. Allocating four sounds to four note ranges and one MIDI channel will create some formidable keyboard splits. 8 Let’s Get Looped! If your samples are going to repeat after they are played out once, you will need to tell your editing software where to begin to repeat a loop. Something to remember about making loops is that an instrument gets it perceived characteristics from the first few milliseconds of attack. Even for complex instruments and sounds, the loop does not have to be long, although the initial attack might have to be. Audio- Master II offers two features to help you make the best loops possible; Seek Zero and Seek Loop. These look for the quietest points in a sample (zero meaning no volume) to set repeat points in a loop. Seeking zero points helps to avoid clicks in loop repeats. Such clicks are simply jumps in both volume and waveform composition. When making a loop. I frequently move the beginning and ending loop pointers manually to make my loop as short as possible, while still retaining the characteristics of the sound. I then use the Seek Zero function to find the best repeating point in the vicinity of the loop pointers. Looping the sample merely requires a little experimenting. Thus, saving different versions of your sample with different loop points is a crucial element in making the best sample. ¦ Mitch Wells runs an audio-recording, video-production, and desktop-publishing sendee in Michigan. He has worked in a number of recording studios, both as an engineer and a session musician. He has also taught classes in MIDI and other aspects of computer-assisted music production. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses Creative Sound Systems Gillesager 264 2650 Hvidovre Denmark + 45 I 474614 Datel Computers 3430 E. Tropicana 67 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702 454-7700 800 782-91 10 Dr. T’s Music Software 220 Boylston St. Suite 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617 244-6954 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 414 571-7171 Microdeal distributed by MichTron 576 S. Telegraph Pontiac, MI 48053 313 334-5700 After April 1,1990: 3825 Lapeer Rd. W. Auburn Hills, Ml 48075 313 377-8998 New Wave Software PO Box 438 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 313 771-4465 Oxxi Inc. PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 ProSonus 1616 Vista Del Mar Hollywood, CA 90028 213 463-6191 SunRize Industries PO Box 1453 College Station, TX 77841 409 846-1311 Teac Tascam 7733 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90604 213 726-0303 The Other Guys PO Box H Logan, UT 84321 801 753-7620 800 942-9402 Yamaha Music Corp. PO Box 6600 Buena Park, CA 90622 714 522-9011 Become an Amiga Power User with... The mig«P Companion By Rob Rxk I Second Edition by Rob Peck H He AMIGA COMPANION, Second Edition, is your comprehensive guide to AmigaDOS and theCLL In clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, the Amiga Companion shows you how to use the lull range of powerful AmigaDOS and CL1 commands. You'll get maximum performance from your Amiga 500, 100, or 2000. Authored by former Commodore-Amiga innovator Rob Peck, the AMIGA COMPANION provides you with a thorough understanding and mastery of this vanguard computing system. Contents include.*
• Introduction to the Clf • AmigaDOS Shortcuts • Tools on the Workbench • Information Commands
• Modifying Files Using AmigaDOS Commands • The Heart of the CLI • Configuring AmigaDOS
• AmigaDOS Command Scripts • Console Control Characters • AmigaDOS 1.3
• Software in the Public Domain • Amiga Answers • Plus Five Helpful Appendices and a Complete Index. NOW, THE SECOND EDITION GIVES YOU EVEN MORE! You don't need to be a technical expert to put the AMIGA COMPANION to work for you. The moment you open this help-filled book, you'll get more out of your Amiga than ever before! And as your skills develop, you'll find plenty of advanced ideas and information to make the AMIGA COMPANION the most valuable reference book you own! ORDER NOW!
• ¦ _ New, in the Second Edition
• Full coverage of AmigaDOS 1.3
• A new chapter on hard disks
• Expanded CLI and SHELL commands
• Over 50 additional pages of userfriendly examples and tips
• A new MicroEMACS appendix
• All topics completely revised and updated YES! Send me copies of the AMIGA Name. COMPANION, Second Edition, for just $ 19.95 each plus $ 2.50 per copy for first class delivery. The Amiga Companion IDG Communications Peterborough 80 Elm Street Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't get at least a dozen helpful ideas from the AMIGA COMPANION, simply return it within 10 days for a complete ref und! Address. .State. ? My check or money order is enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld) Charge my: ? American Express ? MasterCard D Visa ACAW39 Account _r.xp. dale- Signature- foreign Orders. Payment h US funds drawn on US bank is required Orders outr.de of North America, please add Si 2 .00 per book for Air Mail shipping and handling. Domestic orders allow 2-4 weeks for deliver}1. Compared to squinting at your synth’s LCD readout, these editor librarians make editing MIDI patches easier, but still not perfect. SYNTHESIZERS USED TO look like some- thing out of an old Buck Rogers movie. Rows of knobs, dials, sliders, and buttons covered a panel attached to a piano-like keyboard. Programming the synth required you to set every control at the right level to create a “patch" that produced a sound. These early analog synths had no memory, so getting another sound required resetting each control, a time-consuming and inexact process. Today’s electronic instruments give you more control but at a price. Their internal software lets you program multiple sounds (patches), store them in the synthesizer’s memory, then recall them at a touch. Gone, however, is the array of controls that served as a map of every parameter’s setting and how they interrelated. Modern synthesizers offer sometimes as few as four programming buttons with which you can change functions. You base your decisions on the readout from one (typically tiny) LCD screen, which shows a single setting at a time. Often you must scroll through dozens of cryptic numeric parameters to find the one you want. ? Programming with the LCD-screen interface is tedious, unintuitive, and frustrating. The alternative is softv are that lets you use the Amiga’s power to edit the synth's settings. The field of Amiga synth editors is dominated by two companies: Sound Quest and Dr. T’s Music Software, each of whom make editor librarians for over 25 instruments. In addition, a number of small companies offer programs for individual synths. (See the accompanying chart for a complete list of supported synthesizers.) Prices range from $ 35 to $ 195, averaging around $ 150. The ideal editor should speed and ease editing by using a screen that gives an at-a- glance map, as did the old-fashioned hardware controls, displaying an overview of all parameters while letting you focus on a particular control or group of controls. It would use the precision inherent in alphanumerics to augment, not replace, these graphic icons. With it you should be able to move easily from parameter to parameter as you set up a patch and see how the various settings interact, much as the Sound Quest editor ? By Tim Tuliy for the Roland D-50 does (Figure 1). Unlike the D- 50 editor, however, the perfect program should let you play your synth, just as you would in a real situation, then continue editing the patch until you have a sound you like. The program would also let you edit a synth’s characteristic features, such as layering of sounds and MIDI SysEx settings. A good editor would include a librarian for storing sounds in banks matching the configuration of the synth's memorv, and let you load these banks without undue fuss, so you can get back to the music. Discord in Paradise Be warned: Amiga editor librarians are not ideal. Their user interfaces have serious limitations, and lam: Psycho Strings L Cohmm I II Cotmon VCICH-to! VCI CH-Anl Violins C 2 IS 1 XX 48 58 8178 99 75 64 74 ! Cutoff 83 fesor-ac 2 Kfollou 3 8 Bias Pnt A 1 ¦ 7 fflVbft 81 Off VtlR 28 Figure 1. Sound Quest’s D-50 editor displays all the instrument’s Interrelated parameters on one screen. Three subscreens covering more global functions can be displayed In the large square In the lower right, leaving the other parameters visible. KEY FGLLGU FILTER fWUFItn Figure 2. The C-ZAR editor for the Casio CZ series makes excellent use of editable graphic Icons to display the status of parameters and allow coherent editing. The documentation is atrocious across the board. Most librarian functions are handled straightforwardly and simply, but the editors enhance personal productivity only because the alternative LCD-screen programming is such a struggle. Consider, for example, the ubiquitous Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer. At its basic level, this instrument contains 32 editable patches to which a TX81Z editor must devote a screen. On a higher level, the TX81Z has configurations called “performances,” in which you can assign up to eight patches to play together on any one key. In addition to a patch- editing screen, a TX81Z editor needs a separate screen that facilitates editing a performance and shows the relationships between a performance and the individual patches you can load into it. These needs are only partially addressed by Dr. T’s and Sound Quest's programs. Although both programs extensively use alpha- numerics to communicate parameter values, their patch-editing screens make only fair use of graphic tools. The programs do use graphics effectively in the display and editing of the instrument’s complex envelopes. With Dr. T's there is a further nice graphic touch in the “virtual slider," found at the left of the screen, with which you can adjust any parameter: Highlight the parameter’s value, then click and drag on any blank point of the screen. Editing a TX81Z performance is another matter. You must juggle a performance’s structure, selecting and placing up to eight patches and occasionally tweaking a patch. Quick recognition of individual values and the ability to see an overview are paramount, but both programs’ performance editors drop the ball. .Aside from the Doctor's virtual slider and Sound Quest’s turning altered values orange, no graphic communication occurs. Relative volumes prime candidates for graphic representation are all numeric. Knowing which patches comprise a performance is also difficult. Dr. T's lists a performance’s patches here by name, there by number, and Sound Quest’s program can read only patch numbers, not names, from one of the synthesizer’s banks. To see a list of available patches, both programs make you go to another screen. In contrast with such unfriendly screens is the J editing interface in C-ZAR, Diemer Development’s ed lib for the Casio CZ series of synthesizers (Figure
2) . Though tiie CZ synths have six eight-stage envelopes, up to four waveforms per patch, and a number of other parameters, C-ZAR is able to display them all at once. During a complex editing session you will appreciate this help in keeping oriented. C- ZAR also uses easy-to-read, on-screen knobs to show values both numerically and graphically; to change a value, click on the knob. The interface is not only highly intuitive, but also communicates very well with the user. The CZ synths are less complex than the TX81Z, true, but Sound Quest’s D-50 screen, and ? Synthesizers Supported by Amiga Editor Librarians CRB Dienicr Sound Synthetic Triangle Prod. Develop. Digitools Dr. T’s MIDITALK New Wave Quest* Reality Audio Casio C .-K) 1 1000 • •
• • • CZ-I •
• • CZ-30()0 fj()()()
• • • VZ-I • E-MU Proteus • • Ensoniq SQ-80 • • ESQ-1 M • • VFX • Kawai K-l • • K-4 • K-5 • Korg Ml • • MIR • M3R • DlV-8000 • EX-8000 • Lexicon PCM-70 • Oberheim Matrix 6 1000 • • Roland D-110 10 20 • • MT-32 • • D-50 • • D-70 • Yamaha DX-711 • • DX71ID 7IIFD • 0X7 • • • DX7S • DX9 • • TF1 • TX7 • • TX802 • • DX1 1 • TX81Z
• • • DX100 27 21 • • Eli-01 • • • •
* also available: Synergy Universa Editor Librarian, which can control most MIDI synthesizers. 1 DUEL Copyright I 1388 by Ka )m Stone" IT II Auto Bend Key Assign ¦ i digital Relay" |p fi PR Ml EL OFF. UP poiy m Unison 1 £ Tinofm FREQ DELV OSC VCF LdlHciil RES EG INI A1IK, DECAY BREAK SLOPE SUSI. RLSE. V.SENS OSC 21 3 4 AFLICH. Figure 3. The graphic sliders In Dwel for the Korg DW-8000 let you see all your settings at once. Synthetic Reality’s Dwel for the Korg DW-8000 (Figure 3), both prove that a simple interface to a complex instrument can be created. Slave Labor One of the benefits of MIDI is the ability to play one synthesizer from the keyboard of another or from an alternate controller you play like a guitar or wind instrument. In response, manufacturers have built smaller and less expensive “slave” synths that come without keyboards and can be played only via MIDI. The units typically offer very few on-board controls, but Amiga software developers have answered the call for controlling help, offering editor librarians for Oberheim's M-1000. Roland's D-110, Yamaha's TX81Z, and several others. That an editor for such a synth would not allow you to play it from an external controller would seem counterproductive. Yet this is just the situation presented by both Dr. T’s and Sound Quest's programs. Both product lines let you play the instrument you are editing only by clicking the right mouse button: high notes on the right of the screen, lows notes on the left. This is not an effective, real-world way to test the usefulness of a patch. For wind and guitar controllers, for which aftertouch and pitchbend are essential, it is useless. Even with a keyboard, unless you patch and repatch your MIDI connections each time you make an edit, these programs give you no way to test a sound’s response to aftertouch, mod wheel or pitch bend movements, or any tonal subtlety but velocity, which you control by the mouse’s vertical position. Aside from their superior interfaces, C-ZAR and Dwel offer about the same levels of performance as Sound Quest and Dr. T’s programs. Others, such as MIDITALK’s TX8, are primitive. Triangle Audio's Data Filer for the Yamaha FB-01 offers adequate librarian functions, but no editing controls. The arrival of such pro-level Amiga sequencers as Dr. T's KCS and Passport’s Master Tracks Pro creates the potential for the Amiga to become a serious music computer. If the machine is to aid productivity in a MIDI environment, fast and friendly synth editors J J are a must. Both Sound Quest and Dr. T’s are talent- laden organizations, and have done impressive work on the machine side. Now it's time they address the user interface. ¦ Timothy Tully is a former editor for Electronic Musician and writes about and reviews music products extensive(s. Ivrite to him c o AmigaVVorld Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, XII 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses CRB Productions DigiTools New Wave Software Synthetic Reality 15 Norton St. PO Box 7417 PO Box 438 PO Box 6066 Nashua, NH 03060 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 St. Cloud, MN 56302 Diemer Development 312 459-8781 313 771-4465 612 259-9499 12814 Landale St. Dr. T’s Music Software Sound Quest Inc. Triangle Audio Studio City, CA 91604 220 Bovlston St. 1573 Eglington Ave. West PO Box 1108 818 762-0804 Suite 206 Suite 200 Sterling, VA 22170 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617 244-5243 MIDITALK PO Box 211 Averill Park, NY 12018 518 674-8466 Toronto, Ontario Canada M6E 2G9 416 256-0466 800 387-8720 301 526-6224 Ode 47 on Reader Service card. Jazz blues guitarist Melvin Sparks. AMIGA PROFILE Making Sparks’ Fly A COMPUTER WITH some musical notation on screen doesn't exactly conjure up visions of Dexter Gordon wailing on his sax, or B.B. King wringing the blues front his guitar. Vet, many jazz and blues musicians including Melvin Sparks have found that computers help considerably with many time-consuming details when composing. “Imagine if Duke Ellington or Quincy Jones had had a computer,” muses Sparks, a noted blues jazz guitarist, composer, and Amiga proponent. 'Just think of all the music they produced and all handwritten!’' Sparks started out with a Cbl and then traded up for an Amiga late in 1985 alter he heard about an Amiga composition program called SoundScape (Miinetics). “It was exactly what I wanted and I j went right out and bought it.” Traditionally, musicians would gather in a loft somewhere and just play, he explained. While Sparks would be the first to say there's no substitute for jamming, the truth is. He admits, that musicians just don't play together as often anymore. Solitary musicians are compelled to look for alternative methods to develop and perfect their music. Many, like Sparks, discovered that computers convert time previously spent documenting scores and testing for mistakes into time devoted purely to the job at hand making music. And Melvin Sparks knows more than a little about making music. Sparks left Houston, Texas, at age lf> to play with legendary performer Little Richard and his band, Tile Upsetters. He’s played with the tikes of Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Dr. John, and George Benson. Moving from rock to jazz and blues, he went to New York in the late '60s. Under the influence first of Jack McDuff and later Lou Donaldson, Sparks went on to record six albums, while appearing on more than two dozen others. His latest venture, a 1989 release, teamed him with saxist Hank Crawford and organist Jimmy McGrifT. Sparks remained loyal to SoundScape as long as possible, but found support for it lacking. He began searching for the program’s author, Todor Fay, now at Blue Ribbon Bakery in Atlanta. Sparks discovered Fay s latest project Bars 8c Pipes was just what he wanted. Now he's back in his Mi. Vernon, NY-based studio working on his next recording. “Bars Sc Pipes is so much better," claims Sparks, who especially favors the program's graphic interface. “Other programs want you lo grab a calculator. With Bars Sc Pipes, I just play and get back to the music and don't worry about the computer. It's like a tape recorder... no typing.” Sparks is equally enthusiastic about the Amiga's role in his work and believes be has personally sold 10 to 12 machines to oilier musicians. “J really love this computer and I've seen them all," he laughs. “I really mean it; 1 think it’s the best. People who come by and see mine wind up getting an Amiga." Are you listening, (iommoclorc? Jan Jackson HARDWARE Amiga 500 ....CALL Amiga 20MHD A500 S649 Amiga 501 RAM Card ..$ 159 Amiga 520 Video Adapter ..$ 40 Amiga 1010 Ex Drive ......$ 129 Amiga 1084 Monitor „ ..$ 309 Amiga 2000 ..CALL Amiga 2000HD .CALL Amiga 2500 ...CALL Amiga 2500 30 .CALL Amiga 2010 In, Floppy .....$ 159 Amiga 2086 Bridgeboard .$ 499 Amiga 2286 Bridgeboard ...$ 1125 Amiga 2091 SCSI Controller ......$ 299
3. 5“ In. Floppy Chinon .....$ 112
3. 5“ Ex. Floppy C,A ..S139 CSA Turbo 500 .CALL Frame Grabber .....CALL GenOne ...$ 589 GVP Hardeards ......CALL GVP 68030 Accelerator CALL Microbctics SUP $ 172 Microbctics Hard Frame ......$ 246 Microbotics StarB2 - 0K 1 M ......CALL MicroWay Flicker Fixer ....$ 489 Panasonic 1410 camera w lens $ 241 Scan lock .... S879 STAR Rainbow printer .....$ 254 SuperGen $ 699 SuperGen 2000s CALL Supra 512K A500 .....$ 110 Supra 2400 Modem ..S124 Supra Interna! Modem., ...$ 134 Supra 8M 2M RAM A2000 $ 349 Supra 8 MiOK RAMA200G ..$ 175 Supra Hard Drives ....CALL VIDEO AN [Magic .... $ 63 Animation Apprenlice ..$ 185 Animation . S63 Broadcast Tiller .. $ 189 Deluxe Paint II! $ 99 Digi-Paint 3 S62 DigiView Gold 4.0 .....$ 149 Director . $ 45 Fantavision S38 Modeller 30 ....$ 63 Sim City .....$ 30 Space Ace .$ 37 Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Shipping and handling are non-refundabie. Returns subject to restocking fee. We cannot guarantee compalability. All sales are final, Prices subject to change without notice. All stocked items not iisted. Ask lor our co mplete product listing. Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore Business Machines. INC. Photon Paint 2.0 ..S94 ProVideo Gold ...$ 195 Sculpt Animate 40 Jr. $ 94 Turbo Silver ...$ 125 Videoscape 30 ..$ 125 Videotit ler ...$ 93 SOFTWARE Sensational Service With Sprite ‘Tecfn ORDERS: 800-634-9315 Customer Service & order status: 404-535-8806 HOURS: 9-6 MON-FRI EST Design 3D ..$ 59 Draw 2000 .....S169 Dunlap Utilities $ 50 Excellence. ......S185 HiSoft BASIC Professional ..$ 106 Intro CAD ...$ 54 Maxiplan Plus ...S94 On Line Platinum .$ 97 PAGErender30 ..... $ 99 Pagestream ...$ 125 Pen Pal ......$ 94 Performer Elan $ 38 Pixil Script ...594 Professional Draw ....$ 123 Professional Page ....$ 246 Prowrite 2.5 .....$ 78 Quarterback .....$ 44 WordPerfect ..S185 Workbench 1.3 Update ......$ 19 Works Platinum .$ 156 GAMES Archipelagos ....$ 24 Chessmaster 2000 ..... $ 34 Distant Suns ....$ 44 Dragon's Lair ...S39 Dungeon Master ..$ 25 Eye of Horus .. $ 24 Kingdoms ol England .$ 28 Magic Johnson 1 M .....S31 OmniPlay Basketball .$ 35 Populous ....$ 38 Pro Tennis Tour .. $ 28 MUSIC WARE A M.A S. MIDI Sampler ...$ 127 Audiomasier II .$ 62 Bars & Pipes ... $ 188 Deluxe Music ...$ 65 Dr.T’s Copyist Pro ......$ 165 Dr.T’s KCS .....S156 Dr.T's KCS Level II ...$ 219 Master Trax Pro .$ 237 Music X ....$ 166 M for Amiga ...S152 Perlect Sound 3.0 $ 75 Pro MIDI Studio $ 126 Somx ...$ 50 Synthia $ 63 Texlure $ 94 AMIGA ACCESSORIES Golf Cap - grey or white S8 Goff Shirt - Lor XL ......$ 18 Sweat Shirt-Lor XL ...$ 16 Sporls Bag .$ 19 SONY BLANK DISK SPECIAL SONY DS DD (box of 10) .$ 13.85 SONY HD (box of 10) ....S 29.95 BULK DS DD (no labels) 99 cents each Starter Software Kit: TV Text, Money Mentor. Text Craft Plus, Arkanoid, Graphics Studio .$ 79 Holiday Gift Pack: Master Type, PHASAR 3.0. Who-What- Where-When. F- 40, Hole in One Golf, a joystick. S310 value ....$ 89 CompuServe summary of your monthly charges: lem Hours Cost GE Information Services A summary of your Description
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(1) Set your modem for local echo (half duplex). 300 or 1200 baud.
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(3) At die U =prompt simply enter XTX99600. Genie. Then just press RETURN. And have a major credit card or your checking account numlxr reach. For information in the L'.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Or write GF. Information Services. 401X. Washington. Rockville. MD 20850. We bring good things to life. FtUV 11 BEGINS .AS a wistful look in your eyes when your friend's powerhouse Amiga tears through applications in mere seconds, while your stock system, sans J f accelerator and hard disk, plods along like an old farm tractor. Then you begin imagining how much more productive you could be if you onlv had a hard disk and
* * other fancy stuff. We’ve seen this kind of thing before; stop fantasizing and buy yourself some hardware. To help satisfy your wishes, our list includes everything from mini replacement mice to mega 32-bit 68030 boards. Information listed here is subject to change as the market fluctuates. The companies we contacted supplied us only with products they expect to ship by March 1990. Where prices had not been set, “Call" was placed in the price column meaning, contact the manufacturer, not us. For items with price ranges, the starting price is listed. The Port column describes how items are installed: Peripherals installed externally connect to ports; boards are installed internally in slots. The Machine column codes are as follows: A = A500, B = A1000, C = A2000 only, and D = A2000 J 7 series. Clocks . 36 Interfacing Networking ...40 Memorv. .40 J Miscellaneous ...42 Music Sound 44 Manufacturers’ Addresses .46 Coprocessors ......36 Drives Controllers .36 Expansion ...38 Graphics Video ... 39 Compiled by Tim Walsh and Jan Jackson All screens from Amiga 1 -Megabyte versions, which are the same versions running in Arcades. Distributed by MELBOURNE HOUSE Published 18001-Cowan, Irvine, CA Circle 104 on Reader Service card CLOCKS PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION Exp-512 Progressive S 169.95 A A501 5I2K clock calendar expansion board. MouseTime MicroBotics $ 39.95 B Mouse Clock. COPROCESSORS PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION 02H 500 I Mt tonics $ 698.00 A Internal 68020 16 accelerator with 68881 16 coprocessor. 02112800 Imtronics SI 595.00 C CPU Slot 68030 25 accelerator and 68882 25 coprocessor. 03H 500 1 Mtronit s S 998.00 A Internal 68020, 16 accelerator and 68881 16 DRAM controller. 04H2800
l. Mtronics SI 195.00 C CPU Slot 68020 25 processor. 05H2800 Imtronics $ 1595.00 c CPU Slot 68030 25 accelerator and 68882 25 coprocessors. 0SH2800 Imtronics $ 2195.00 c: CPU Slot 68030, genlocks, asynchronous design. 68020 CPU Board CSA S 995.00 c CPU slot (58020 Board; optional 16-33Mliz 68882, 68030 16, A2088D Bridgeboard Commodore S (599.95 1) IBM Intel 8088 coprocessor, 5' t, 360K drive. A2286D BridgeBoard Cnmnindore SI 599.00 1) IBM Intel 80286 coprocessor board, 5Vt drive. A250I Upgrade Kit GVP Call c CPU Slot 16MHz 68030, 68882, w 4MB bit-wide RAM, drive. A2620 2 Commodore $ 1495.00 c CPU Slot Includes 68020, 68881, 68851 memory management, 2MB RAM. A2620 4 Commodore S2799.00 c CPU Slot 68020, 68881, 68851 memory management, 4MB RAM. A2630 Commodore $ 2195.00 c CPU Slot 68030 accelerator boards. £a300I Upgrade Kit GVP Call c CPU Slot 28Mhz 68030. 68882, w IMB bit-wide RAM and drive. Hurricane 500 (01II 500) Imtronics S 549.00 A 1 menial (58020 16 accelerator. Impact A20Q0-030RAM 4 GVP $ 1999.00 c Piggyback 4MB 32 bit-wide RAM exp. Daughterboard. Impact A2000-030RAM 8 GVP $ 3199.00 c CPU Slot 8MB 32-bit-wide RAM exp. Daughterboard. Impact A2000-030 882 16 GVP $ 1049.00 c CPU Slot 68030 32-bit Motorola CPU, w 68882 co-processor. Impact A2000-030 I6 GVP $ 849.00 c. CPU Sim
6) 8030 32-bit Motorola CPI' w l6Mhz clock. Impact A2000-030 28 GVP $ 999.00 c: CPU Slot 68030 32-bit Motorola CPU vv 28Mhz clock. Impact A2000-030 882 28 GVP S 1425.00 c CPU Slot 68030 32-bit Motorola CPU w 28Mhz clock. (588 82. Midget Racer CSA $ 399.00 All Motherboard 32-bit 68020 daughterboard w co-processor socket. Multifunction Module MicroBotics S 99.95 All StarBoard2 68881 socket, clock, sticky disk, parity check. DRIVES PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH, PORT DESCRIPTION 20MB SCSI Drive & Control Comp-U-Save $
589. 00 A,B Bus 20MB SCSI hard drive and controller. 31 ," External Floppy Commodore $
299. 95 All Drive 880K micro floppy disk drive. 3' ," Disk Drive Comp-l -Save $
145. 00 All Drive Single floppy drive with power supplv. A1000 SCSI Interface Supra $
199. 00 B Bus Pass thru, auto-config., includes real-time clock. A2010 Commodore $
199. 95 D Drive Slot 880K micro floppy disk drive. A2090A HD Controller Commodore S 399.00 D Slot Autobooting ST506, SCSI DMA controller. A500 HD Controller Pacific Peripherals Call A Bus SCSI controller, can hold up to 2MB RAM. A500 SCSI Interface Supra 5
199. 00 A Bus Optional 2MB RAM. A590 Commodore $
799. 00 A Bus 20MB HI), allows 2MB RAM expansion and SCSI port. ALF System Pre'spect $ 678.00
A. C Slot HD controller, SCSI bus, several configurations. ALF-AF-MFM or RLE Pre'spect Call D Slot Autoboot controller, software. ALF-AG-MEM or RLL Pre’spect Call A Bus Includes ALF2 s w in PROM, p t. ALF-AG-SCSI Pre'spect Call A Bus Controller w ALF2 s w in PROMS. ALF-DC-MFM or RLL Pre'spect Call I> Slot '4-card controller, autoboot. ALF-DE-MFM or RLL Pre’spect Call
A. B Bus Conti oiler, adaptor w o case. ALF-DG-MFM or RLL Pre’spect Call
A. B Bus Autoboot w adaptor in case. ALF-RC-MFM or RLL Pre’spect Call D Slot Controller. ' > card, s’w, cable. ALF-RC-SCSI Pre’spect Call D Slot '4-card, cables, controller. ALF-RE-MFM or RLL Pre'spect Call A,B Bus Rebootable controller, can tower. ALF'RG-MFM or RLL Pre'spect Call
A. 11 Bus Controller, adaptor, hits driver. ALF-RG-SCSI Pre’spect Call A Bus SCSI controller, p thru. ALF2 Card Pre'spect Call 1) Slot SCSI controller (6), ST506 (2 drives). ALF2 AG Pre’spect Call A,B Box ST506 controller kit. ALF Changeable Disk Pre'spect S 1200.00 D Slot 44MB HD, external ($ 1400), SCSI. Amig*a-Tosh MAST. S 199.00 All External Macintosh-compatible 31 ," floppy; use w emulators. Auto Card Expansion Tech $ 179.95 A3 Bus Converts rnm-autoboot controller to antoboot. Autobootable Overdrive Pacific Peripherals S 249.00 C Slot DMA SCSI overdrive controller. CA-880 California Access S 229.95 All Drive External floppy disk drive. CSI 3100 Drive Centaur S 185.00 All Drive 3! 2-inch external floppy. CSI 3200 Drive Centaur $ 195.00 All Drive External floppy w B.A.D. accelerator software. CSI 3300 Mega Drive Centaur S 249.00 C IBM Enhances XT Bridgeboard, up to 1.0MB storage. CSI 6100 Autoboot Centaur $ 119.00 D Slot Allows full autoboot of 2090 and 2090A. DRAM Imtronics S 35.00 A Internal DRAM controller. Dual 3' ," Disk Drive Comp-U-Save S 395.00 .All Drive Dual floppy drive, power supply and 6' cord. Dual 3' ," Disk Drive Comp-U-Save $ 299.00 All Drive Wvout power supply. ECE Alignment Kit-1000 ECE $ 175.00 B N A .Aligns disk drives, performs read write tests. ECE Alignment Kit ECE $ 175.00
A. C N A Aligns disk drives, performs read write tests. ECONO SCSI CSA 5 199.00 c; Slot Interface lor hard disks and devices. Enhanced TwinDrive
M. A.S.T. Call All Drive Two 3‘A-inch external floppy drives in one case. Enhanced TwinDrive
M. A.S.T. Call All Ext. Drive Dual drive with built-in virus protection. Enhanced Unidrive
M. A.S.T. $ 179.00 All Drive 314-inch floppy w built-in virus protection. EPROMS-ADV GVP S 150.00 C Controller Advanced autoboot Eprom w removable media storage. ESCORT I Expansion Tech $ 179.95 All Drive Floppy drive. Escort Hard Drive Card Expansion Tech S 199.95 A3 Bus SCSI interface card. ESCORT Hard Drive Systems Expansion Tech S 335.00 A3 Bus SCSI DMA controllers, autoboot. FastCard Xetec S 199.95 C Slot SCSI controller, supports 3' .-inch drives on card. FastTape Xetec $ 599.95 A3.C In Ex Streaming tape backup systems, 60 to 150MB. FastTrakjr. Xetec 3 699.95 A3 X Box Complete system w 20MB drive, Fast RAM option. FastTrak Q40 Xetec $ 1099.95 A3 Bus Quantum drive, 40MB capacity, SCSI controller. FastTrak SA-5 Host Adapt. Xetec S 249.95 A External Up to 8MB RAM option, SCSI, software included. FastTrak SA-5 Host Adapt. Xetec S 249.95 A Bus SCSI controller, RAM expansion 8MB and up. FastTrak SA10 Xetec S 249.95 B Box SCSI cntrollcr, with optional RAM up to SMB. Fdata 10 Flexible Data S 149.95 All External Floppy disk drive. Fdata 20 Flexible Data $ 299.95 All External Dual floppy disk drive. Filerunner Box (Flat) Pre'spect $ 698.00 A3 Bus 32-124MB capacity, lo-hi level formatted. Filerunner Box (Hvy.) Pre'spect $ 698.00
A. B Bus 32-124MB ($ 1677) w fan. Filerunner Card Pre’spect $ 525.00 D Slot 20-1 BOMB ($ 1899) available. Fireball
M. A.S.T. $ 229.00 D Card SCSI DMA controller, Burst, Share, Throttle modes. Fireball 180MBHC MAST. $ 1759.00 D Internal SCSI DMA controller. Burst, Shared, Throttle modes. Fireball 45MB HC MAST $ 739.00 I) Internal Antoboot, SCSI controller: 90, 136, 182MB available. Fireball 90MB HC
M. A.S.T. $ 1209.00 D Internal SCSI DMA controller, Burst, Share, Throttle modes. Flash Card Expansion Tech S 749.95 C Slot 32MB hard card. 48MB: $ 939.95. Flash Card Controller Expansion Tech S 229.95 C Slot SCSI interface, antoboot, DMA. Floppy Drives Expansion Tech S 179.95 All Drive 3' s-inch external drive. Hard Disk CR Synergy $ 319.95 A Drive Kit for SCSI hard disk system. Hard Disk Drive CSA S 895.00 C Slot 20MB drive, SCSI controller; 40MB available. Hard Disk Plus Synergy $ 749.95 A Drive 20MB, 30MB: $ 889.95, available w 2MB RAM S269.95. HardFram e 2000 MicroBotics S 329.00 C Slot DMA SCSI hard disk interface, auto-booting. HD 500 I Mtronics S 698.00 A Bus 32MB hard drive. HD Subsystems Cashe Systems Call All Bus 20MB to 6660MB capacities. HD2000 Imtronics $ 649.00 C Slot Internal 32MB Hard Drive. HD4000 Imtronics $ 849.00 A Bus 32MB hard drive and 4MB 0 KB. HDA-506 Spirit $ 263.00
A. C Drive HD adaptor interface; ST-506 MFM or RLL. Impact A2000 8 0 GVP $ 399.00 C Slot SCSI RAM DMA autobooting controller, up to 8MB RAM. Impact A500 HD Series GVP Call A Bus 20, 30, 45MB, 40Q, 80Q, 100Q HD, RAM subsystems. »- Impact HC Plus GVP Call C Slot 20, 30, 45MB SCSI FID on autohoot HDD controller. Impact HC Q Series GVP Call C Slot 40, SO, 100 Quantum SCSI HD on autoboot. DMA. Impact HC Series GVP Call C Slot
20. 30, 45MB SCSI HD, autobool, DMA controller. Impact HCQ Plus GVP Call C Slot 40, 80. 100 Quantum SCSI HD on autoboot HDD. Impact SQ400 GVP S
149. 00 C NA 44MB $ yquest Disk cartridge. Impact SQ44 GVP S 999.00 C 5V4 Bay Syquest 44MB removable HD. W autoboot EPROM kit. Infinit40 Interactive Vid. Call
A. C Ext, I'm. Controller, SyQuest drive, removable media. Master 3-A Konyi) S
159. 00 All External Floppy disk drive. Master 5-A Konyo s
229. 00 All Ext, Drive 5' ,-inch floppy drive, Max HD Ingenuity Inc. s
499. 00 C Internal Western digital 40MB drive w card and software. ProDrive 2000 Progressive s
129. 95 All Drive 880K micro floppy disk drive. Rescued Drives Skvles s
179. 95 All Drive Refurbished .Amiga A1020 5Vi-inch drives. SA1000 Comspec s
364. 00 B Box Autobooting SCSI, supports removable media. SA2000 Host Adaptor Com spec s
246. 00 D Slot HD SCSI controller, supports removable media. SA500 Host Adaptor Comspec s
336. 00 A Bus SCSI controller, supports removable media devices. SCSI Host 2000 Synergy s
179. 95 C Slot Auto-configs and auto-boots from your hard disk. SCSI Interface CSA s
595. 00 C Slot Interface for hard disks and devices. Slimline Drive Datel s
139. 95 All Drive 3%-inch external floppy drive. StarDrive SCSI Module MicroBntics s
129. 95 Ail Star Board 2 High-speed SCSI interface, clock. SupraDrive 20-380MB Supra s
499. 00
A. B Bus Byte sync, SCSI, pass thru, and auto-config. SupraDrive 44R Supra $
095. 00 All Slot. Bus Unlimited capacity with removable 44MB cartridges, SupraDrive 4x4 Supra S 799.00 2000 Slot 20MB SCSI syystem; 30MB and BOMB available. Supramodcm 2400zi Supra Corp s
179. 00 D Slot Internal modem, adds a serial port. Trump Card Interactive Vid. S
199. 95 C. Slot SCSI hard disk contoller; supports AMAX. Twin drive
M. A.S.T. Call All Drive Two 3' 2-inch floppy drives in one case, pass thru. Unidrive
M. A.S.T. s
139. 00 .All External Upgradable to twin drive, 3l ,-inch external floppy. Vault Progressive Call
A. B Drive 20, 30. 40, 65 MB hard drive. WordSync 40-105Q Supra S 699.00 D Slot Hard card, preformatted, Wordsync DMA, 105Q: S995. WordSync SCSI Interface Supra $
179. 00 D Slot .Allows HD access during modem or MIDI operation. X-RAM Spirit $ 319.00 A,B Box Expandable from OK to SMB in 2MB increments. EXPANSION PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION AX-S Spirit SI 195.00
A. B Bus Allows PC XT-AT-sty It board expansion. Bus Expander Bill s Boards S 495.00
A. B Bus Sub Assemblies turn Baby.AT Box into expan. Chassis. Dual Serial Board AS DC. S 249.00 c: Slot Provides two additional serial ports. Dual Serial Module ASDG S 199.00 C Twin X Provides 2 serial ports on Twin-X board. External HD Case GVP $ 259.00
A. C Slot External HD case allowing two ' -height cards. GPIB Module ASDG $ 199.00 c Twin X Gives Twin X GPIB capability. Infinity Machine
M. A.S.T. Call
A. B Bus Up to 64MB of 32-bit memory, SCSI controller, 08882. Mini-rack C. AS IX. S 195.00 B Bus 2-slot Zorrn 1 subset, +5 volt power supply. SD Chassis Comspec S 339.00 .All Drive Chasis holds 2 a1 ,* or 3VGinch devices. Serial Solution Checkpoint S 299.00 C Serial Adds 25 and nine-pin serial ports. SRAMDisk Bill's Boards Call D Slot Static RAM card w battery back up, auto-config. Subsystem 1000 Pacific Peripherals S 299.00 B Bus Three A2000 slots. Subsystem 500 Pacific Peripherals S 249.00 A Bus 2-A2000 slots; $ 399 with floppy disk drive. TB-2122 Micro R&D Call B Bus loolbus; allows use of A2Q00-style cards. TB-2522 Micro R&D Call A Bus Toolbus; allows use of A2(K)0-style cards. TBE-2500 Micro R&D Call A Bus Bus expander for TB-2522. Tool Box Expansion Tech $ 189.95 A,B Bus 2-A2000 slots, 1 amp power supply; 3 amp: $ 259.95. Trumpcard 500 Interactive Vid. 5 269.95 A Bus Includes expansion chassis, SCSI controller, cable. Twin X ASDG $ 329.00 C Slot Dual IEEE 959 interface board. GRAPHICS VIDEO PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION 4004 Genlockable Encoder Magni Systems S 1695.00 1) IBM. Video Genlock w fading. Keying; w contro! Box; S1995. 4004S Genlockable Encoder Magni Systems S 1695.00 C. IBM Adds SIMS output capability to 4004 features. A230Q Genlock Commodore S 399.00 C Video slot Overlay Amiga graphics on PAL or NTSC video. Amiga Light Pen Driver Inkwell $ 129.95 All Mouse Light pen and driver. AmiGen Mimetics $ 199.95 All RGB NTSC genlock; overlay. AmiLink RGB Video $ 6950.00 A,D Serial Interactive video editing controller. AproDraw R & DI. 5 499.00 .All Serial 9x(i Summagraphics draw tablet w stylus, cursor. AproDraw R & DL S 599.00 All Serial 12 x 12 Summagraphics draw tablet w stylus, cursor. AproDraw R & DL $ 999.00 All Serial 12x18 Summagraphics cltaw tablet w stylus, cursor. Color Splitter MicroSearch $ 150.00 All Digitizer Electronic color separator; use with digitizers. Digi-Droid New Tek S 79.95 All Joystick Automated filter wheel for Digi-View. Digi-View Gold New Tek S 199.95 A.C Parallel Video digitizer with powered gender changer. Easyl 1000 Anakin Research S 449.00 B Serial Pressure sensitive graphics tablet; auto-config. Easy! 2000 Ana kin S 499.00 C Slot Pressure sensitive graphics tablet: auto-config. Easyl 500 Anakin Research S 399.00 A Expansion Pressure sensitive drawing tablet; auto-config. FF Genlock Compatibility Micro Way S 50.00 D IlickerFixer Enhancement; lets fF work with NTSC genlock. Flick-OfT
M. A.S.T. S 399.00 A,B Denise soc Reduces hi-res jitter on Multi-sync monitors. FlickerFixer MicroWay S 595.00 D Slot Reduces interlace flicker, scan lines. Frame Buffer Mimetics S 549.95 C Slot Stores and displays color frame overscan tied image. Frame Capture Mimetics S 199.95 All Frame Buff Optional chip set for use with Frame Bullet . FrameGrabber Progressive S 099.95 All Parallel Real-time color digitizer. FrameGrabber-256 Progressive $ 724.95 All Parallel Real-time color digitizer. Future Touch 13 Kit AMIGA $ 1195.00 All Serial Converts video monitors into touch screens. Future Touch System AMIGA S 3495.00 C N A Kiosk w A2000, drive, 1MB RAM, and TVS monitor. Geniscan Date! S 299.95 All Parallel Hand scanner: 41 „-inch scanning width. 4000 dpi, Image Worksystem Amicore $ 18000.00 N A N A Image processing and analysis system, up to 30K. Imprint 3.0 Liquid Light $ 2495.00 All Serial Polaroid Palette image recorder and software. Interlock Spirit S 695.00 All RGB Genlock with looping video input; NTSC, PAL. IR Remote Controller Edu-Vid Research S 180.00 All Parallel Control infrared devices via software. IS Penmouse Kurta $ 295.00 All Serial Tablet w cordless devices, cable, software. IS ONE Kurta S 5251.00 ABC Joystick Graphic tablet with driver software and cables. JX100 ASDG Sliarp S 995.00 All N A 200 dpi, 4 x 6.4 inches, 18-bit color scanner. JX300 ASDG Sharp $ 3995.00 C N A 300 dpi. 8.5 x 11 inches, 24-bit color scanner. JX450 ASDG Sharp $ 6995.00 C N A 300 dpi, 11x17 inches, 24-bit color scanner. Light Pen & Driver Inkwell Systems S 129.95 All Joystick Hi-res light pen and software. LIVE! A'Squared S 295.00 B Bus Real-time video digitizer w HAM support. LIVE! A-Squared S 450.00 C Slot Real-time video digitizer w vicleo effecis, LIVE! A-S«|uared S 399.00 A Bus Real-time video digitizer w powcr supply. M P ED Beta Video Interactive Micro $ 13998.00 All N A Sony ED Beta deck, camera, and A2500. M P Hi 8MM Video Interactive Micro $ 6199.00 All N A Sony Hi 8MM deck, camcorder, and A500. M P Interactive System Interactive Micro $ 982.00 All Joystick Sony M DP-510 Laser disk player. M P VHS Video Production Interactive Micro $ 2499.00 .All Joystick Sony VHS video deck, Amiga system. Mediaphile 1.3 System Interactive Micro S 344,00 All Mouse Audio Video editing, hardware software package. MicroSearch Digi-View SmiRize $ 99.95 All Digitizer Replaces color wheel foi digitizers. MiniGEN Progressive $ 229.95 All RGB Broadcast-cjualitv genlock, switches modes. Neriki Image Master Pro Neriki $ 2195.00 All RGB Encodes and syncs RGB output to composite signal. Omni-GEN 701 702 Omicron Video $ 1595,00 All RGB Produces composite or Y C 358 video signals, PAL. Omni-GEN 711 Omicron Video $ 2495.00 All RGB S-VHS NTSC genlock system produces separate Y C, PAL. Omni-GEN 721 722 Omicron S 3500.00 All RGB Multi-format genlock system. Presentation Workstation Amicore 1 tit. $ 18000.00 N A N A Produces multi-media presentations. ProGEN Progressive S 449.95 All RGB Genlocks from VHS, S-VHS, Mil, or Beiacam formats. Realtime Video Digitizer Datel $ 139.95 All Parallel Takes composite video from video, recorder. S-V Post Series Amicore $ 30000.00 N A N A Commercial post production system. S-View: The Connection Software Sensations S 79.95 All Parallel Cable compatible with Amiga 5-Video encoders. ? PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION Seanlock VSL-I VidTech S 995.00
A. B.C RGB out External hroadcnst-quality genlock; p t, auto-config. Scanner Interface Package Gold Disk SI 195.00 All Parallel Canon 1X12 300 DPI scanner with interface. Scannery Inset Systems S 250.00
A. C Parallel Interface cable and software for HP LaserJet. Sewview I Skyles S 29.95 All External Analog RGB to NTSC composite color converter. Sewview II Skyles Commodore S 29.95 All External Analog RGB to chroma luma converter. SuperGen Digital Creation $ 7-19.95 All RGB Genlock, broadcast quality, fade in and out. SuperGcn 2000S Digital Creation SI 995.00 C Video True SA NS compatible genlock and overlay device. SuperGen-SC Digital Creation S 399.95 D Video Internal version, encodes RGB to composite. TCRG-I02 Microlllusions S 799.95 All Serial l ime code reader generator syncs graphics, sound. Touch Screen Monitor AMIGA $ 1595.00 C Video 13 inch RGB; $ 2995 for 19 inch RGB Sony monitor. VCR-Edit K & M $ 49.95 All Serial Hardware sofware splices animations. VD I Impulse $ 1000.00 All Parallel Real-time video digitizer and 24-bit frame buffer. Video Pro Series Amicore Call .All N A Post production system w Arniga character generator. Video Toaster New Tek S1299.00 C Video slot Digital video effects, frame capture, genlock. X-Specs 3D Haitex S 124.95 .All Mouse Three dimensional viewing glasses. INTERFACE NETWORKING PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH, PORT DESCRIPTION A520 Commodore S 49.00
A. D Video Composite RF adapter. Adaptor In-A-Cable
M. A.S.T. S 129.00 .All Parallel SCSI cable adaptor connects to printer. Amiga GPIB AC DA S 495.00 C Slot IEEE-488 interface to 14 devices w software. Comports 4 8 AMIGA $ 299.95 C Serial 4- or 8-channel RS-232 communications interface. DigiScope AC DA S 139.95 All Parallel Digital storage oscilloscope emulator. DS Filters Option AC DA $ 179.95 All Parallel Enhancement for DigiScope. Fast FAX MichTron $ 699.95 C RS-232C Group Ml fax machine capabilities. MCS 1000 Comspec $ 199.00 .All Parallel IEEE printer interface. Microshare MCS 8000 Comspec $ 599.00 All Parallel Allows 8 computers to share a parallel printer. Prlnterface Interactive Vid. $ 79.95
A. B.C Parallel Adds 2nd Centronics parallel output port. Pro-Board Centaur Call .All Parallel Networking board. Professional ScanLab ASDG $ 995.00 C Slot Interface for Sharp JX-300, 450-color scanners. Proto 40K AC DA Call C Slot 16-channel 12-bit .A D; 2-channel 8-bit A D. Proto 5K AC DA $ 279.00 All Parallel 1-channel .VD converter; amplifier, VU meter. MEMORY PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION .5MB Clock Calendar Skyles $ 79.95 A Internal Unpopulated A501 replacement; W 512K RAM; $ 179.95 08M2000 Imironics S 498.00 C Slot Memory board for H2000 and H2800.
1. 5MB Internal Memory Skyles S 249.95 B Motherboard Unpopulated; .5MB-S339.95; 1MB-S399.95; 1.5MB-S530. Vt MB RAM Supra $ 119.00 A Internal Replacement for A501, 512K RAM. Dock. 2 MEG Memory Board ASDG S 150.00 B Slot Unpopulated 2MB memory board. Zorro 1. 2MB Internal Memory Skyles $ 269.95 A ! Nternal Unpopulated, 1MB: $ 349.95, 2MB $ 449.95. 8 MEG Memory Board ASDG $ 275.00 B Slot Unpopulated SMB memory board. Zorro 1. 8-UP! (DIP) MicroBotics 5 199.00 C Slot Unpopulated SMB board, uses standard IM-bit DRAMS. 8-UP! (SIMM) MicroBotics S 199.00 C Slot Unpopulated SMB RAM board, uses PopSimms or SIMM. 8MB Internal Memory Board Skyles S 199.95 C Slot 0K-S 199.95, 2MB-S379.95 w 2. 4, SMB available. A501 Memory Extension Commodore S 199.95 A Internal 5I2K RAM with clock calendar. A2058 2 Commodore $ 799.00 D Slot Available with 4MB, expandable to 8MB RAM. A2501-4MB 0 GVP $ 2499.00 C CPU Slot 16MHz 68030, 68882, 4MB RAM. A2501-4MB 400 GVP $ 2959.00 C CPU Slot 16MHz 68030, 68882, 400 drive. A2501-4MB 80Q GVP $ 3249.00 C CPU Slot 16MHz 68030, 68882, 4MB RAM, 80Q drive. A3O01-4MB O GVP $ 2849.00 C CPU Slot RAM daughterboard, SMB 32-bit RAM. A3001-4MB 40Q GVP $ 3250.00 c CPU Slot 25MHz 68030, 68882, 4MB RAM, 40Q drive. »» 22 iKUil i 7i Ml
* 4 Mega Byte Memory Expansion Internal Fan Dedicated Power Supply Connector Game Switch (enable disable Autol OMB, 2MB or 4MB of FAST RAM Expansion SCSI Hard Disk Controller 20MB to 102MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive RAM Configuration Jumpers 86 pin Card Edge Connector (Expand your A500 TODAY!)
* Autoboot Free ..•*(*001(1 uuroueriQ HARD DISK DRIVE SCS' Risk Drive, available from 20MB to 102MB "mg"p,01l iII"i>W 'e ¦m DMA direct to onboard 16KB buffer provides A2000 performance with ' no DMA side effects. 86 PIN CARD EDGE CONNECTOR f This compact snap-on unit connects directly to the Amiga bus, ensuring the highest possible performance and reliability. AUTOBOOT FEATURE Allows the A500 to be hooted directly off the hard disk, no floppies required! Ail hard disk partitions can be Fast File System partitions. RAM EXPANSION Up to 4MB of ZER0-WA1TSTATE, FAST RAM can be added internally. EXTERNAL SCSI CONNECTOR Allows up to six additional SCSI devices to be attached. DEDICATED POWER SUPPLY Robust power supply is included so that your A500 is not over-loaded. Amiga >s a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. See us at the AmiEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 265 on Reader Service Card Dealers Circle 36 on Reader Service Card GYP $ 3599.00 c: CPU Slut 25MHz 68030. 68882. 4MB RAM. H0Q drive. Kline-Tronics S 163.95 B Box I MB 0 wait state design, auto-con fig. Comspec S 870.00 B Parallel 2MB expansion. Centaur $ 50.00 A A501 Memory expansion, clock, unpopulated, up to 2MB. CSA $ 795.00 C Slot Converts 16-bit RAM to 32 bits. Progressive $ 299.95 A Motherboard 1 MB internal expansion board, auto-config. Progressive S 429.95 A Motherboard Autoconfiguring 8MB expansion board. CSA $ 1295.00 C Slot 32-bit static RAM board includes KickStart. Xetec S 99.95
A. B FastTrak Memory option for FastTrak systems, socketed SIMMs. Spirit S 289.00 B Card 4-layer PC board, socketed, expandable from OK. Spirit $ 289.00 A Card
1. 5MB internal memory expansion from OK. Michigan Software $ 309.00 B Internal Unpop. RAM boards; 1 MB: $ 369, I' -MB: $ 429; clock. MicroBotics $ 129.00 A A501 Standard 512K expansion with clock, unpop.; $ 54.95.
M. A.S.T. Call A A501 slot 2MB internal, can be switched in. Out of video RAM. Progressive S 229.95 C Slot 2MB expansion board, upgrades to SMB. Imironics $ 149.00 A Internal Unpopulated memory expansion board. Supra $ 349.00
A. B Supra Drive 2MB memory board, fits inside SCSI interface. Interactive Vid. $ 329.95 C Exp. Slot f4MB RAM expansion in 1MB increments.
M. A.S.T. $ 109.00 A Internal 5I2K RAM board, w clock. Calendar, uses 1MB DRAMS. Passport Designs S 459.00 .AH RS232 Professional MIDI-SMFTE interface.
M. A.S.T. Call
A. B Bus 2MB external RAM board, auto-configs, tachometer. MAST. $ 169.00
A. B Bus 2MB RAM board, auto-configs. Compact size.
M. A.S.T. Call
A. B External SMB RAM board, converts to 16- or 32-bit. Spirit $ 289.00 C Card Expandable from OK to SMB in 2MB increments.
M. A.S.T. Call c Internal SMB RAM. Autoconfigures.
M. A.S.T. Call
A. B Infinity 32-bit 2MB memory module for Infinity Machine. MicroBotics $ 89.95 c; 8-UP! Unpopulated SIMM boards, 1MB capacity. Progressive $ 299.95 C Slot Expansion board, upgrades to SMB. 5 Date! $ 99.95 A A501 512K RAM expansion card; clock calendar option. Digitronics $ 225.00 C Slot A 100-pin expansion card, accepts RAM chips. Digitronics $ 225.00 A Expansion OK; $ 325 for expansion box. Comspec $ 280.00 C Slot Unpopulated card expandable to 2MB. Spirit $ 289.00 A Card OK, expandable to 2MB, uses 256KX-4 DRAMS. MicroBotics $ 339.00
A. B Bus(PT) 512K RAM, upgradeable to 1MB, Supra $ 119.00 A A50I 512K RAM and clock. Supra $ 349.00 A Interface 2MB RAM for Supra SCSI interface. Supra $ 499.00 D Slot 2MB memory expansion, 4, 6, and SMB available. Supra $ 399.00 D Slot Supports 2. 4, 6. And SMB; four-layer PCB. Dr. Ts $ 300.00 All Serial Allows MIDI sequencers to sync with SMPTE. Spirit $ 69.00 A Card 512K internal memory expansion. MISCELLANEOUS &8001-4MB 80Q Ammeg 1 AX 2000 CSI 8800 Mini Max-2 DragStrip Exp-I000 Exp-8000 FastPac Fa st Ram IN 1000 IN500 Insider II M501 Memory & Clock Exp. Maxi Megs (Megaboard 2000 Memi.8 Memory Module Meta4 Micromegs MIDI Transport MiniMegs Minimegs Minimegs Plus Octabyte [ Octo-Plus Pico Megs PopSIMMs ProRAM 2000 RAM Expansion Card RC4 Ramcard RC4 Ramcard RE 2000-0 SIN-500 StarBoard2 Supra RAM 500 SupraRam SupraRam 2000 SupraRam 2000 The Phantom Trapper PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION A1680 Commodore $
149. 95 All Serial 1200 baud external modem. AM-200A Prototyping Board NES Inc. S
49. 95 C N A Provides architecture for custom boards. A-Max ReadySoft s
199. 95 All Ext. Drive Macintosh emulator. Bridge Drive Commander MJ Systems $
97. 50 C Int. Drive Lets Bridgeboard use Amiga drives. Auto Droid MicroSearch $
59. 95 All N A Motorizes Digi-View color wheel. Color Splitter SunRize Indus. $
99. 95 All N A Replaces color wheel for digitizers. Cordless Mouse Practical Solutions $
129. 95 All Mouse Mouse with no strings attached. Cordless Mouse Meridian $
199. 00 .All Mouse Infrared controlled device accurate to 4 feet. CSI 5500 Boing! Mouse Centaur $
149. 00 All Mouse Optical 3 button mouse. Digi-Droid NewTek $
79. 95 All N A Automatic motorized filter wheel for DV Gold. Dual Gun Adapter Actionware $
39. 95 A,C Joystick Allows use of two Phaser Guns simultaneously. ? Adventure continues... Tfjc Evil Sljapcshiftcr has stolen E lgES Princess Daphne and to save her you will havc to outwit the Evil One in totally new encounters never before seen in the original Dragon’s Cair. Hew scenarios and characters combine to make Escape from Singe's Castle the best seoucl to the largest selling aninjatccTfantasy adventure of all time... Dragon's Cair. Sullivan Bluth's Iflustcr all your shill and cunning to free Daphne from deep within the labyrinthian dungeons of Singe's Castle. Cead on Brave Adventurer, your quest awaits! Amiga Screens Shown Currently for tljc Commodore Amiga Coming soon to: Alari ST and Apple Computers Orjgor'i La and l &c.i = w l«nn Sing» ¦> Cisr ™ ara iradwna'ks o' Siam G'OuO lid and ii'u i.swc und*i i-c«n*jr Capyrigni 1M9 QwtnQrgup I'm Ch.ii.ictc'eos-gni Copy:ign: * 9B3 Don &u:f' A I ngrts reserved PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION Genius Mouse Datel S
49. 95 All Mouse Mouse replacement, 6-foot cord. Impact Tapestore GVP s
125. 00 C Controller EPROM kit w one 150MB tape cartridge. Impact WT150 GVP S 899.00 C 5' 4 Bay Wangtek 150MB streaming tape backup system. I S Three Kurta Call ABC Serial Freestanding digitizer tablet and interface cable. Kwikstart Plus Michigan Software $
169. 95 B Internal Puts 1.3 Kickslart in ROM, adds 256K RAM. Mouse Master Practical Solutions $
39. 95 All Mse. Joy. Mouse and joystick switchbox. PC Elevator 386 Applied Reasoning SI 795.00 C IBM Increases power of Commodore .42088 Bridgeboard. Phaser Gun Aciionware S
49. 95 All Joystick Light gun for compatible games. Prototyping Board Celestial Systems s
49. 95 C Slot Unpopulated Zorro 2 board. Robotarm Datel s
89. 95 All Joystick Joystick controlled mechanical arm. SB2000 Adaptor Card MicroBotics $
49. 95 C Slot Adapts StarBoard2 1000 version to A2000. Secure Data Cartridge CSA $ 995.00 c NA Security encasement for CSA hard disk drive. Serial Expander 2000 Golden Hawk 5
19. 95 C Serial Allows use of A1000 serial devices. Supra mod cm 2400zi Supra $
179. 00 2000 Slot Internal modem, asynchronous 2400 1200 300 baud. Synchro Express Date! S
69. 95 All Drive Hardware software combination disk copying system. T1000 Amicore $
19. 95 B Parallel Adaptor cable; allows use of .4500, A2000 devices. The Brick Expansion Tech $
119. 95 A Power Replacement upgrade power supply. MUSIC SOUND PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACH. PORT DESCRIPTION
A. M.A.S. Microdeal S
169. 95 All Serial 8-bit stereo digitizer w MlDI interface. AmiSound AmiTech s
99. 95 All Serial Sound amplifier, power control box. Audio 2000 Day’s s
79. 95 C IBM slot Internal stereo amplifier. AudioLink Beta Unlimited s
795. 00 All Serial 16-bit linear stereo processor w samp)ing. Data Acquisition Datel s
179. 95 All Serial Sample and display events: hours to microseconds. Deluxe MIDI Interface Pro-Tronic s
89. 95 All Serial IN, THRU, THRU OUT switchable. Harmony Impulse s
200. 00 All Call Recognition of tonal frequencies. MIDI For Amiga Skyles s
49. 95 All Serial MIDI w one IN, two OUTs, one THRU. MIDI Gold Insider Golden Hawk s
89. 95 C Serial MIDI-IN,THRU, 2 OUTs. MIDI Interface ECE $
64. 95 All Serial MIDI-IN, OUT and THRU. MIDI Interface Mimetics $
49. 95 Ml Serial M1DI-1N, OUT. MIDI Music Manager Date! $
39. 95 All Serial Eight real-time tracks; play and record tracks. MIDI-Gold 500 Golden Hawk s
79. 00 A Serial MIDI-IN, two OUTs, and switchable OUT. MIDI-Star Spirit s
263. 00 All Serial Multiple port MIDI interface; 2 Ins, 6 OUT, THRU. MidiMaster Datel s
59. 95 .411 Serial Standard MIDI interface; IN, OUT. THRU. MindLight 7 Visual Aural s
198. 00 All Joystick Audio processing module, includes oscilloscope. Pelican MIDI Processor Future Music s
149. 00 All Serial Channel and eveni-processor. Perfect Sound 3.0 SunRize s
99. 95
A. B Parallel Two-channel stereo digitizer, digital gain. Practice Center The Piano Professor Call N7A N A Interactive workstation, MIDI keyboard, computer. Pro-MIDI Interface Pro-Tronic s
64. 95 .411 Serial IN, THRU. 2 OUTs. Sound Sampler Mimetics s
99. 95 .411 2nd Joystick Audio digitizer. Stereo Sound Sampler Datel $
99. 95 All Serial Features 5-octave keyboard. 4-track sequencer. VoRecOne Impulse s
159. 95 .411 Joystick Voice recognition. BaudBandit-2400 Progressive s
169. 95 All RS-232 2400 baud modem w privacy circuitry shielding. BaudBandit-Level 5 Progressive $
249. 95 .411 RS-232 2400 baud modem, 4800 baud w other Level 5s. ? The Esmeralda's gold is just a few inches away, but it might as well be a mile. You can’t reach it without help, and only the jellyfish has any friends in this algae- covered wreck. A poisonous stingray races straight at you. Your air supply is running low. What else could go wrong... Plunge through 100 multi-let vl rooms to find the Es m e raid a's fah it lo u s treasure of gold bars. Dodge crabs, elude eels. Sidestep sea urchins its dinner time at 50fathoms and you 're the main course!
• + Solve unusual puzzles and find your way past clever traps - the right strategy will make you rich! Capture friendly fish, pick up important keys, locate vital tanks of air- he careful or the last uordsymt hear will he a garbled
* Gluh, Gltthr Available for IBM Tandy compatibles, Amiga and Atari ST at a retailer near you, or call the zoo keeper at (301) 646-5031. EILIEICTRIONIIIC Suggested retail: $ 39.95. Circle 215 on Reader Service card 3431-A Benson Avenue • Baltimore, Maryland 21227 Treasure Trap™ is a trademark of the Electronic Zoo Limited Partnership. All other product names are trademarks of Ihe respective manufacturer. BUYER'S GUIDE COMPANY LIST ACDA 220 Belle Meade Ave. Setauket, NY 11733 516 689-7722 Actionware 38 W. 255 Deerpath Rd. Batavia, 1L 60510 800 848-2333 312 879-8998 Akron Systems Development PO Box 6408 Beaumont, TX 11105 409 833-2686 Alphanetics PO Box 339 Forestville, CA 95436 707 887-7237 Amicore International 154 Grove St. Chicopee, MA 10120 413 592-9122 AMIGA Business Computers 192 Laurel Rd.
E. Northport, NY 11731 516 757-7334 AmiTech PO Box 65 Boystown, NE 68010 402 493-7852 Anakin Research Inc. 100 Westmore Dr., 11C Rexdale, Ontario Canada, M9V 5C3 416 744-4246 Applied Reasoning Corp. 86 Sherman St. Cambridge, MA 02140 617 492-0700 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, W! 608 273-6585 A-Squared Distributions 6114 La Salte Ave. Suite 326 Oakland, CA 94611 415 339-0339 Beta Unlimited 87 Summit St. Brooklyn, NY 11231 718 852-8646 Bill's Boards 9528 Miramar Rd. Suite 181 San Diego, CA 92126 619 486-0908 California Access 780 Montague Expressway Suite 403 San Jose, CA 95131 408 435-1445 Cashe Systems Ltd. 917-A Disk Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 800 525-6465 408 438-7595 Celestial Systems Suite 165 1116-A 8th St. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 213 372-1229 Centaur Software 4451-B Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90278 213 542-2226 Checkpoin t Tech nologies PO Box 2035 Manassas, VA 22110 703 330-5353 Clockwork Computers 1605 Main St. Sarasota, FL 34236 813 365-1822 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Compu Art PO Box 712 Victoria Station Montreal, Quebec Canada H3Z 2V8 514 483-2080 514 737-5865 Comp-U-Save 414 Maple Ave. Westbury, NY 11590 516 997-6707 800 356-9997 (outside New York) Computer System Associates 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 Comspec Communications 153 Bridgeland Ave. Unit 5 Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2Y6 416 785-3553 Datel Computers 3430 E. Tropicana Ave. Unit 67 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702 454-7700 Day's 17538 Glen Rd. Gambier, OH 43022 614 397-5639 Digital Animation Productions 79 Mt. Vernon St. Boston, MA 02108 617 720-2038 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrize Blvd. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digitronics PO Box 206 Villanova, PA 19085 215 459-4493 Dr. T's Music Software 220 Boylston St. 306 Boston, MA 02167 617 244-6954 ECE Research £s? Development 1651 N. Monroe St. Tallahasse, FL 32303 904 681 -0786 Edu-Vid Research PO Box 149 Pembina, ND 58271 204 668-2062 Expansion Technologies 46127 Landing Pkwy. Fremont, CA 94538 415 656-2890 Flexible Data Systems 10503 Forest La. Dallas, TX 75243 214 644-1689 Future Music Pelican Systems Box 1090 Reno, NV 89504 Gold Disk PO Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 800 387-8192 416 828-0913 Golden Hawk Technology 427-3 Amherst St. Suite 389 Nashua, NH 03063 603 424-0269 ? ANIMATIO 4% Announcing The Most Exciting New Dimension in Computing VIDEO AMIGA SPECIAL A Landmark Special Issue That Will Help You Discover How YOU CAN DO IT, TOO B Dean Freidman talks about his groundbreaking Nickelodeon project. Do you need The Director or will a simple slide show do it? How do you display images... control them. . .flip forward and backward between images? AND MORE, MORE, MORE! Including a discussion of the Amiga 3000, authoring systems and yet unseen technologies ... visit with the Amiga “heros" leading animators and video pros of film and TV. . .an overview of rotoscoping for animators who don’t draw. . .a comparison of the four major paint programs.. .how to add sound to your animation.. .an inside tour of Turbo Silver and Sculpt.. .convert 2-D animations to 3-D and put them on videotape. . .save money with low cost titling and other high-tech techniques. . .learn how image processors can make your job easier. There’s Q&A, lists of resources. PLUS YOU CAN GET A SPECIAL VIDEO AND TWO FANTASTIC ANIMATION DISKS!. . . Ere it comes! The largest and most authoritative Special Issue ever! It pulls together the latest hardware, the newest software, the best peripherals! Expert tips and techniques by the industry’s hottest authors in articles written by top pros from Disney, Hanna-Barbera and other leading TV, film and design shops. Credits include Diehard, an award-winning Campbell’s Soup commercial. Bette Midlers “Stella" and more! In short, it’s everything you need to get your own video and animation projects up and running! Dazzling special-effects generators, sophisticated 3-D modeling, super-realistic sound tracks, top- drawer video titling and more. . . The VIDEO & ANIMATION SPECIAL will take you where the action is in video and animation today.. .and where it’s headed tomorrow! Along the way, you'll prove to yourself the amazing power of Amiga as the platform of choice for mind- bending, award-winning images at every level of skill and ability! Eg) Get up to speed quickly with a money-saving Buyer's Guide that will help you identify and price the major hardware and software options. ... W Zero in on price performance comparisons of the Amiga, MAC and PS 2, and be astounded by the impressive array of third party support commanded by Amiga. .. El Fine tune your projects with a comparison of 9 Genlocks complete with vectorscope and waveform anavlses, and 8 Commercial Titling programs. HI Set up your studio for beginning, intermediate or advanced video work. Explore the questions to ask when buying VCRs and video cameras plus high- end equipment like time base correctors and single frame controllers. Q Review' the limits and advantages of cell and morphological animation. Create special effects and presentations using LIVE!, Mandalla and review five other software programs. Expand Your Creativity With Additional Special Products From AmigaWorld! A 45-minute Animation Video and a Two-Disk Set of Software, Utilities and Objects You Can Use Now! This colorful video is packed with dozens of examples of the best animations submitted by AmigaWorld readers most of whom are real pros! This useful two-disk collection gives you vector objects... animated brushes.. .color fonts.. .video & animation utilities.. .much more! Try them both for 30 days without obligation. Money back if not satisfied. Complete and mail the coupon now or CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-343*0728 (NH: 924-9471) to reserve your copy of AmigaWorld’s VIDEO & ANIMATION SPECIAL! ? Yes! Send me copies of the AmigaWorld’s VIDEO & ANIMATION SPECIAL @$ 4.95 each. ? Also send AmigaWorld’s Animation Video at $ 19.95. ! Send AmigaWorld’s 2-Disk Software Library at $ 14.95. SPAW39 Name Address City _ State Zip Amount Total Check Money order enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Special Issue.) Charge my: _ MasterCard U Visa ? Amex Card Exp. Date Signature _ Publication date: 1 15 90. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Foreign orders. 55.50 lor surface mail or $ 9 50 for Airmail on Special Issue. Canadian and Mexico. 5.50. 2-disk Software Library is an additional 51.50 for surface mail or $ 4.00 lor airmail. Video, add S2.50 for surface mail, or S7.50 for airmail. Payable in U.S. funds drawn on U S bank. Make check payable lo AmigaWorld Special Issue. AmigaWorld’s Video & Animation Special • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 T, i SUPRA WORDSYHC I05M1 TIMESAYER CLTD .. TOOLBOX AlMl ECE?i|0 TOOLBOX A1Q09 ECEZifO TOOLBOX A50Q ECE 7570 TOOLBOX A50DEEC25I0 TRUMP CARO SCSI A2MD VCR. IIOKSfiltC YI7003 RF VIDEO INTF .... VI 2003 VIDEO iNTEfi. ... VI 500 RF VIDEO IlfTIF ... VI 500 VIDEO INTERF ... V10TECN SCANLOCK..... X SPECS 3D ... XEROX (020 PRINTER ... XEROX (020 STARTER KT ZOOM 2(00 6AE0 MODEM 1195 00 .. 57 95 . 170 00
64. 95 119 95 36 95 32 45 51 95 32 « 57 95 19 95 25 95 23 36 54 95 194 95 25 95
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46. 95 51 95 4215 59 95 39 95 11995 64 95 22 95 . 12 95 59 95 51 95 21 85 20 95 64 95 25 95
59. 95
179. 95 . 52 95 25 95 . 49 95 59 95 39 95 32 46 19 95
119. 55 97 95 159 95 35 95
* 7.95 35 95 14 95 14 95
99. 95
64. 95 . 64.95 2*9.95
25. 95
21. 15 SUPERBACK HO UTILITY SYSTEMS MONITOR .., . T SHELL ..... TELETUTOR ... TOOL CAOOT .. TRUE BASIC 06V TOOLS ULTRA 001 UTILITIES ULTRACARO ... VIP VIRUS ..... VIRUS PROTECT TOOLBOX VTX ON LINE ... W SHELL ...... W6 EXTRAS ... WORKBENCH 1.3 X-CDPY ...... ... 53 95 ... 7BS5 ... 2895 ... 1995 ... 32 45 ... 49 95 ... 37 95 ... 35 95 ... 32 46 38 95 ... SI 95
31. 95 ... 71.95 ... 74.95 ... 75 95 PROGRAMMING & UTILITIES BUSINESS & PRODUCTIVITY APROOKAY SIS .....SISK ARIODRAW CURSOR ..4S 95 AFRCDRAV SENDER CNNER S 95 AVATEX (FAX SB ... 699 CO CANON SCANNER II-12.....10(9 60 CNEETAN KEYBOARD 199 00 CMI MIDI I [EXTJ .... 56 95 Cml MULTIPORT BEARD......195 95 COLOR SPUTTER .....*9 95 CSA 0RA6STRIP ......6(9 00 CSA FASTTRACK ACCEL......799 95 DESKJET I2M RAM CRTE -.. 117 95 DESKJET PLUS PRINTER .... 699 00 EalYl 1300 TABLET 369 00 EASYL 2090 TABLET *, 369 00 EASYl W9 Talin 369 00 ECE MIDI 1000 ......(9 95 ECE Mlffl 500 2000 ...... 1195 OCMBN lilFOI A5M ... 399 00 6EHL0CK ADAP. FOR ABOVE ... 39 95 FRAME6RAB6ER . 539 00 FRAKE6RABIER ZS6 ERAY ... 599 00 FUTURE SOUND 500 ... 93 95 (UTURE SOUND A3303 129 95 SEN-ONE GENLOCK . 699.00 SYP 11030 642-26 (MB ... 2(95 00 EVP AU10I001 EPROM 29 95 9YP IMPACT 0 2M9 SCSI ....278 00 SYP IMPACT 2 2MI SCSI _ 59 9 00 SYP IMPACT NC O .. 2(9.00 SYP IMPACT NC IOO I IBS 00 EVP IMPACT KC 4DQ . 695 00 EVP IMPACT HC 100 .....1093.00 6VP IMPACT MO 800 500 ... 119900 SVP RAM ROM M00.W 2MB 349.00 EVP RIM ROM MODULE 69.95 IMS SCAN 500 2000 .109.95 IMPRINT LIQUID LIGHT 399.00 INTRUDER ALERT ....12( 00 LASERJET 2 RAM I MR ......(19.95 LENS I6MM NO IRIS 23 95 LENS IENM M IRIS . 66 25 lire 1000 . 270 00 turn 2ow .W9 oo UYD 500 319 00 MAC EPROMS IZBC ..1(9.95 MASNI 4»Q4S GENLOCK I59S 00 MAENI (BID CONTROLLER .... 299.99 MICROS SUP M IRQ SIMM .... 11( 95 MICROS 41 POP SIMM 14.60 MICROS. SUP OIPP 2MB 449.00 MICROI. BUP OIPP W OK 174.95 MIDGET RACER W 68020..... 349.95 MIDI SOLO 500 ...... 64 95 MIDI SOLO INSIDER ...6* 47 MIHIEER GENLOCK ... 179 00 [MINI HER OF PROEEN) WNIMEE! AICCO IMS 399 00 MINIHEES AIMO 2MB 599 00 MINIMEESAI0G0 5I7X 20900 MOUNTING BRACKET. HOD 19 00 NEC LCIIO POSTSCRIPT 539600 QUANTUM (D AT FOR 5S030 QUANTUM (OMS HARO DRV QUANTUM ID AT FOR 6BQ30 QUANTUM BOMB HARD DRY .. RAM 1 Mid -70 .... RAM 1NB(I SO OIPP RAM IMBiB -12 SIMM RAM 255Kt| 12 01RP RAM 755Kii -BO OIPP . RAM Z56Ki:3 -12 SIMM...... ROLLAND MT-32TGNE MD.... SQUNOSAMPlEfi W QUASARSNO SOUNDSCAPE MIDI PACK..... SPIRIT DELUXE MIDI . STAR NX 1000 PRINTER...... STAR NX 2(00 PRINTER...... STAR NX 1000 RAJ N SOW...... STARBOARD 2 A1000 OK..... STARBOARD 2 SCSI MOO...... 599 00 599 00 995 00 99 5 00 20 00 . 16.00
212. 00 .. 6 30 20 00 54 00 549 00 99 95 279 95 214 95 185 00 (98 00 270 00
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199. 95 . 57.95 . 73 50 . 3746 . 38 95 . 27.95 9395 64 95 . 54 95 711 95
54. 95 . 45.95 . 75.85 . 45.95 IB9.S5 32 46 25 96 62 37 45 95 29 95 30 95 . 64.95
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27. E 31 ... 51 ... 21 ... 20 ... 20 ...21 ... 20 ... 20 ... 20 ,.. Zoi ... 20 * ... 19.5 ... 19.9 ... 31.5 ... 22.5 .. 25 5 .. 25 5 .. 27 4 ... 27.9 ... 27.9 ... 32.4 ... 64.5 ... 34.5 ... 19 5 ... 37.5 ... 97.S ... 195 .. 36 5 .. 36 5 ... 19.4 ... 77.5 ... 23.1 ... 77 ..,315 ... 315 27! .,. 25 F ... 19 5 ... 195 ... 19 ... 195 ... 194 ... 33 5 ... 25 ... 27 ... 25 ... 32 4 ... IS E .. 25 ... 35.5 ... 45 5 ... 22 5 ... 25 5 ... 195 CREATIVE COMPUTERS1 EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE POLICY: You con upgrade your 3DXL or 4D Jr. To 4D directly from Creative Computers by sending our 3DXL master Sculpt M)xl , ......
• rv-. Iy f * s you disk +*290 or 4D Jr. Master disk + *300. Us ¦ * AUDIQMASTER II..... DELUXE MUSIC 2 0 .
64. 95 69 95 moPEo Lii ....92 95 TS BACH SON6BDOK .... 17 95 rs Casia v?i .. 92 95 TS COPYIST 155 3B rs COPYIST II 159 95 rs CZ CARTRIDGE .... 6195 rscz RIDER
92. 95 rso-lio EO lJB S2.95 rs O SD E0 L18 ..... .... 9? 95 rsofl DRUMS .... 17.95 T S OR KEYS .... 17.95 rs 0*7 EO Lit 97 95 rs E MU PROTEUS ... ,... 97 95 rs ESQ APADE 1 .... 97 95 rs KAWAIK 1...... .... 97 95 rs KAWAI K 5 97 95 rsxes 154 95 rs KCS LEVEL 11 _ .. 21995 rs LEXICON . .... 92.95 rs M l ED LI! ....92.95 rs MATRIX 6 ..... ... 92 95 rs MIOIREC STD ... .... *3 50 rs MT 37ED LI6 .... .... 92 95 PHOTON PAINT EXP. OSK PHOTON TRAHSPONT C0N7. PHOTON TRANSPORTER .. PI* MATE . PRINT MASTER ART ¦! .... PRINT MASTER ART •? PRO FONTS I ... PRO FONTS 7 ... PRO FONTS VOL I PRO FONTS VOL 1 FRO VIOEO GCLD . PRO VIOEO PLUS . 19 95 195 95 194 95 4595 . IB 73 IB 73 22 95 24 95 22 95 22 95 194 95 184 95 MMX win FOR THE AMIGA! JUHAX [mulfltof M39 Mac 12SK EFROMS.... *149 AMIG-a-TOSH 3S0K floppy disk dri« ... COMPLETE PACKAGE! ..*429 NEXT DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. STARIOARO 2 UPPR DECK SUPEREEN EENLOCK _ SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM SUPRA 2(0321 INT. MQ3EM SUPRA DRIVE 20MB 1030 SUPRA DRIVE 45M0 1000 SUPRA DRIVE (SMB A500 SURRA OTROSTNC 40MR .. SURRA WOHDSTNC 80MB . .. 59 95 . 699 00 . 115 00 115 00 559 00 . 859 00 , 199 00 . 695 OO 1095 00 DRUM STUDIO ..... DYNAMIC DRUMS DYNAMIC S7UUI0 . FRACTAL MUSIC . INSTANT MUSIC 12...... LIFE CYCLES AMIGA...... M INTELLIGENT MUSIC.... MASTER TRACKS PRO MIDI MAGIC . MIDIYU . MUSIC MOUSE .. PRO MIDI STUDIO SAMPLEWARE-DGITAL SAMPLEWARE-SRAB BAG SAMFLEWAAE ONCHESTR SAMPLEWARE R3CK SOHIX .. SOUND OASIS ... 32 46 51 95 139 95
12. 95 17 95 . 1946 139 95
259. 95 97 95 29 95 . 52 95 130 95 . 19 95 . 16 95 . 1695 16 95 . 49 95 . 64.95 BEFORE M BUY A HARD DRIVE-REM THIS! You con gel a 40 Meg or 80 Meg Quantum dm* with 11ms access and a GVP 25Mhx 68030 card hard disk controller which transmits data to the hard drive in 32- blt chunks (ether controllers art limited to 16-bit wide data), oil for a few hundred dollars more than a regular drivel And, you save an expansion slot In the eroctssl Plus, you can later upgrade the cord to an A3001III GVP 35Mla ’030+40Q $ 1295 GVP 25Mhi ’030+80Q $ 1695 (Ether of the above with 68882 processor add $ 330) PROFESSIONAL DRAW PURE COLOR ... AESEP SPRIT2 ...... STARSHIPS 2050 SCULPT STARSHIPS 2050 TSILV STRUCTURED CLIP ART . STUDIO FONTS VI...... TALES PIN ..... 129 95 . 16 95 54 95 . 49 95 . 32 46 . 32 46 . 38 95 . 29 95 , 32 46 The LAI AMI RGEST Internation GA Products in t ml he Dealer of WORLD! Ov ER 1600 1 IT EMS The best NEW products ¦ The LOWEST PRICES MEW PRODUCTS ARRIVE DAILY. CALL FOR UNLISTED ITEMS. OWLUBINGStA)NlY' 800-872-8882hmb 213-214-00 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 ¦ Mon-Sat 8ant-6pm PST ¦ FAX: 213-214 OPTICKS .... 69 95 TALKING ANIMATOR THE . 35 95 SQUNBUB .. 209 55 OTE DSM 'DISASSEMBLER .. ... 43.95 PAGE FLIPPER ... ...31.21 TATE FONTS ...... ... 31 95 SQUNOQST 9X7-7 MASTER 1 09 55 PALETTE PRINTER 19 95 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS F X 109 95 TERRAIN TOR TURBOSILV
19. 95 S0UH0QS7 GENERIC MSTR 77 55 PCLO...... 199 95 PA6E RENDER 39 . ... 04 95 TURBO SILVER 3 0 179 95 SOUHOQST MT-J7 MASTER . 97 95 PCLO* PANTO CURCUIT .. 399 95 PAGE STREAM TORTS t| ... ... 25 35 IV SHOW ..... ... 6495 SQUNDQS1 TXB07 MASTER
92. 95 POWER WIHOOWS 7 5 . .. 58.47 PAGE STREAM FONTS *7 .. ... 25 95 TV TEXT . ... 59.95 SQUNDQS1 IXBIZ MASTER , 92 95 PRO BOARD 389 95 PAGE STREAM FONTS *1 ... 25 95 TVTEXT PROFESSIONAL ... .. 109.95 SOUNDQUEST CZ MASTER . 92 55 PRO NET .. 389 95 PAGE STREAM FONTS •( .25 95 VIOEO EFFECTS 30 _ .. 179 96 SOUNDQUEST 010 MASTER 97 55 PROJECT a . .. 31 95 PAGE STREAM FONTS *5 ... 25 95 VIDEO PAGE __ 89 95 SOUHDQUEST 010 70 IIS 107 55 QUARTERBACK 45 95 PAGESTfiEAM FONTS * 6 25 95 VIDEO VISIONS 1 . ... 17 95 SOUNDQUEST 0110 MASTR . 97 55 QUICK ME8DE 37 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS 1 ... 25 95 VIDEO VISIONS 2 17 95 SOUNDQUEST 050 MASTER .
92. 55 BAWCOPT 1.3 . . 39 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS • 3 . 25 95 V1DE0SCAPE 33 124 95 SOUNDQUEST DAT MASTER .
109. 55 SCHEME 159 95 PASESTREAM FONTS * 9 ... ... 25 9 5 V1DE0TITLEF 99 95 SOUNDQBESTESO ESQ 10 . 92.55 SOFTWARE FROM HELL . 45 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS *70... ... 75 95 XCAD DESIGNER .. ... 94 95 SOUNQgUEST FI QI M$ TR . .. 97.95 SOURCE LEVEL DEBUGGER . . . 49 95 Nison BASIC PROFESSN 10395 ORGANIZE ... 62.3? PUNCTUATION SERIES ...
I. C.E. CALCULATOR PAG ... . 5695 PAGE STREAM .... .. 129.95 PUZZLE STORYBOOK INOVATOOLS 1 .... .. 5147 PAGESETTER SPECIAL EO ... 74.95 QDIZAM ...... J FORTH PROFESSIONAL ... . 12995 PEN FAL ... 89 95 REACH FOR THE STARS .. KEY TOT ..... . 7795 PHASAR ... 59 95 READ A FYME .. LASER UP! FONTS VCL 1 ... .. 3195 RRINTMASTER PLUS .... ... 25 95 READ A RAMA .. LASER UP! PLOT 17...... . 3995 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES .... ... 31 95 RHYMING NOTEBOOK, THF LASER UP! PRINT 17..... 7195 PROJECT MASTER .. 129 95 ROCK CHALLENGE ...... LASER UP! UTIL VOL 1 .... . 31.95 PROSCRIPT ...... ... 32.95 RR AESOP'S FAIlfS .... LATTICE C- • ..... . 299 95 PROWRIIE V2.5 ... ... 79.95 HR LITTLE RED HEN..... LAZERSCRIPT .... . 76.10 PUBLISHER PLUS .
19. 45 TRIP ... ... 39 95 TYPING TUTOR WRD INV. . MURAL PRINTER .. . 79.95 TxfO PLUS ..... ...5195 UNCLE QCDNSNOTRATICH ONLINE PLATINUM . . 64.95 VIOI MICE ...... . 55 95 UNCLE O S DATA DISK 1 . DISTRIBUTED BY CENTAUR SOFTWARE SCULPT 3DXI ......*99.95 Create and render ray-trace objects with the speed and power of 4D. SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR .....*89.95 Create, render and animate solid objects with the same easy-to-use interface as 4D (no ray-tracing). SCULPT ANIMATE 40 *350 The most sophisticated and powerful 30 animatelon and ray-tracing software available on ANY PERSONAL COMPUTERl IT'SAISO THE [ASt [ST TO USE! PAGESTREAM FONTS »l|... ... 75 95 ZCETROPi 89 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS »I7 .. 25 95 ZUMA FONTS 1-4 PACK . 6195 PASESTREAM FONTS *13 ... 25 95 7UMA FONTS VOL 1 .. 27 95 PAGESTREAM E0N7SA. ... .. 25 95 ZUMA FONTS VOL 2 .. 77 95 PASESTREAM rONTS 9 ...., .. 75 95 ZUMA FONTS VOL 3 . 77 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS C..... .. 75 95 ZUMA FONTS VOL 4 .. 77 95 PERFORMER (ELANI .. 36 95 MUSIC PHOTON CELL ANIMATOR... ... 99 95 PHOTON PAINT 7 0 ...99 95 AUDIOMASTER . 37 48 DISCOVERY W MATH DISCOVERY W SPELLING DISCOVERY W TIIWL .... DISCRETE MATHEMATICS . ., DOUGS MATH AQ.UI 2 ... FIRST LETTERS 6 WORDS... FIRST SHAPES .... FRACTION ACTION . GRADE MANAGER .. GREAT STATES II .. IHTELL1TYPE ..... KIDTALK . KINOERAMA ..... LEARNING CURVE, . LEARNING THE ALPHABET LINKWQRH DUTCH . LINK WORD FRENCH LIKKWQRS GERMAN UHKW0R3 GREEK . UNKWORQ ITALIAN LINKW0R3 PORTUGUESE LJKKWGR3 RUSSIAN ..... LINKWORD SPANISH ...... LiniEREO HEN .. LOTTO PROGRAM . MAGICAL MYTHS . MAGICIANS DUNGEON .... MASTERING CLI .. MATCH 11 ...... MATH MAGICIAN . MATH TALK .. MATH TALK FRACTIONS MATH W1IARD .. MATH AMATION .. MAVIS IEACON TYPING MOTHER GOOSE .. MUSIC SIUOENI . Phoiosysnthesis...... PLANET PROBE .. PRE CALCULUS .. PROBABUITY THEORY .. BYTE BY BYTE ANNOUNCING: THE (REATIVE COMPUTERS reative COMPUTERS JOIN THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS VIP CLUB AND YOU WILL BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR: ¦ 5% off on all software (discounted from our already super-low prices). ¦ Incredible SAVINGS on many hardware items. ¦ A FREE subscription to our newsletter "The Creative Edge." A FREE Creative Computers Amiga T-Shirt. ¦ PRIORITY handling of YOUR orders. ¦ PRIORITY notification on all SPECIAL DEALS, BLOW-OUT SPECIALS, and CLEARANCE ITEMS. FREE Federal Express or UPS second day shipping (at our option) on software orders over $ 100 (within the continental United States). A one-year membership costs you only $ 50. You can save many times that amount with just one orderll To enroll, call our toll-free number today with your credit card number handy or fill out and mail in the Enrollment Form found elsewhere in this ad. HOW TO GET A FREE MEMBERSHIP If you order from Creative Computers before January 31st, 1990:
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7. We don't charge your card until the product ships. IHTRODUCIHG: CREATIVE COMPUTERS Creative Computers b indisputably the world's largest dealer af Amiga products, (With international shipping and toll-free lines, tool). If you live in Europe, you can now order from our German office by colling (49) 40-407332. This b not just an order processing office, but a full subsidiary with a complete slocking warehouse. Germany b the world's largest Amiga market. There are more jLmigos in Germany than there are in the US. Because of that, we are seeing more innovative new AMIGA product introductions coming from Germany. And. Our presence there allows us to faring these product? Mlo the lf3. Faster than anyone elsell The incredible amount of business we do in the U.S. and Germany allows us to extend to our customers special deals on most ntaior items that no other Amiga mail order company con offer. Not by a long shotlll Our commitment is to give the BEST service, prices, selection and availability you can find anywherel See for yourself. H we faR in any way, we'H give yoa 5% off your next software order! We’re also a chain of Amiga superstores wilh years of service to the Amiga community. Because of that tact, we know very well that the sale does not end after you get the product. Problems tan orbe, and we're ready to solve tkemlll Other people promise service we deiiverlll HARD DRIVE MADNESS SALE!! Supra (A I DM owners add $ 60): (Larger capoctliei aicilabJ«-ta:l. 20 Meg HD (A500 ver. With optional 2 Megs RAM) 1 479.00 2 Meg memory board (populated) for A50g only 1 299.00 A500 Only: GVP = Autoboat with sockets for 2 Megs BAM) Impact A5DO-SC5I HD 20-20 Meg HD ....» 599.00 Impact A500-SC5I HD 30-30 Meg HD ...* 499.00 Impact A5D0-SCSI HD 400-42 11ms Quantum ... * 799.00 Impact ASD0-5CSI HD 800-34 11ms Quantum .., *1199.00 A2000 Only: Hordcords (includes your choice of GVP, Microbotics Hardfrome, or 5upra WordSync hardcerib) Quoitum 42 Meg 11 ms HD ..* 695.00 Quantum 34 Meg 11ms HD .*1095.00 Quantum 100 Meg 11 ms HD ..‘1195.00 A2000 Controllers: GVP 5CSI+2 controller with sockets for 2 Megs BAM * 279.00 GVP hardcord controller HC 0 * 249.00 Mitroboltci HardFrame hardcord ..* 239.95 Supra Word5ync hardcord ...* 189,95 flashcard (super special pricel While supplies last!) * 149.00 A200G Be no voile Media: GVP Syquesi removable 42 Meg HO ......* 995.00 Shipping prices vary and are quoted following your order. Payment b made via cr card or electronic fund transfer. For any other information please coll our regulor toll lines. Federal Express and International Shipping available, InflRHAHONAL PMONf UUMltt: Canada 1 -800-548-2512; Italy 167&-740A6,- United Kingdom 0300-S9-1178; France 19-0590-1099; Japan 0031-11-1351; Australia 0014- 300-125-712; Netherlands 06-022-3613; Norway 050-12029; Denmark 0434-0797; Switierland 046-05-3420. (See sidebar regarding Creative Computers NEW European location!) Than the U.S. your order should be a minimum of $ 100 for Canada, $ 200 far ? II olher international countries. Any other siie orders can be mailed in or called in on the re; lines. Some restrictions apply for international credit rard use. Please use our order whenever passible. Absolutely no product inquiries, or any shipping inquiries, will be taken over the toll-free phone lines, for any other information, please call [213] 214-0000. We have operators versed in the following languages: Engine, french and Spanish, o MAJI-IH ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check for fast service. (Personal checks up to 10-days to dear.) Include: name, address and telephone number. If ordering by credit card, include expiration date and billing address. Call for exact shipping roles. UTIRNATWNAl TOLL-ftll ORDERING POLKIES: To order toll-free from any county other INTERNATIONAL TOLL-FREE PHONE NUMBERS See us at the AmiEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 WE CAN BUT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE! BUT WE HAVE TO OUR PRICES ARE THE 10WEST! (IE YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE OH AH ITEM, GIVE US A CALL.) CAGLE 025f 0»F»- ..19.95 CABLE 025M D25T 3 .15.95 CABLE 07SM D75I I 1995 CABLE 025M D25M 3' .15.95 CABLE 025M 02&M I' IS 95 CABLE 04M D9F 10 .19.95 CABLE D9M 09F 2' ...14.95 BREAKSC1H SPEED & PAKFBARDIERS!! GVP 25MJiz 68030 board .$ 799 GVP A300I 25Mkz 68030 618*2 + 4 Megs Ow*t state 32-hit IAN 4 32-bit bhaiag last bard drive cottfrtSer .$ 2495 Also availMe with Oworthnu 11 ms hard drives. CALI FOR PRICES. Address City _ Zip Phone ( CARLE 4500 THINKJFT CALL CAILE AMIGA IDBO mO 19.95 CABLE AMIGA 10S4 S .19.95 CABLE AMIGA SORT 1302 .....19.95 ACCESSORIES M79 ALLSOP DlSKFlLE 30 . .. B 55 ALLSOP OlSKfllE BO..... ... 14.95 LATTICE C Ten smette AMIGA ATHLETIC BAG..... ... 24.95 C [iBgurge tor lb* Airngi. AMIGA BIG LIGHTEN .... 1.95 AMIGA BRASS KEY RING.... .... 3.95 CABLE AMIGA TO NEC 2 . ......24.95 AMIGA CORDUROY CAP..... .... 7.95 CABLE AMIGA TO NEC-30 ...... 29 35 AMIGA GARMENT BAG..... ... 34 95 CAILE AmlGEN 1084 S ......19 95 AMIEA GOLF SHIRT LRG ... ... IS 85 CAILE CAMERA JNC RCA ......14 95 AMISA GOLF SHIRT MFD 19 85 CAILE WT M CNT M «' ..... 22 85 AMIGA GOLF SHIRT SMI . .. 19 85 CAILE 023M D23F 2' ......19 85 AMISA GOLF SHIRT XL . 19 85 CAILE D23M D23F 3' 20 85 AMIGA GOLF SHIRT XXL ... ...19 85 CHILE D23M D23F 4' . 7185 AMIGA JACKET LRG ...... ... 39 50 CHILE D25E 025F 3 ... ......15 95 Creative Computers recommends: excellence! ¦ WYSIWYG wordprocessor ¦ Spell-as-you-type ¦ Thesaurus ¦ Grammatical style checker ¦ Postscript support ¦ Color graphics ¦ Macro language SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Exp. Date f _ MICRO-SYSTEMS SOFTWARE SUPER HANS ON ...32.45 SUPERIOR GOLF KIT ...9.g5 SUPERMAN ,,,......32.45 SUPERSTAR ICE HOCKET 3246 SWORD Or SOOAN ....32.46 SWORDS Of TWTLIGMT 34 95 TANGLEWQOO 2S 9S TUNIC ATT4CX IS SS TAPSHAN ...25.95 TASS TIMES TOM TOWN 19.95 TECHAOCDP ., ......32.46 TEENAGE QUEEN .....25.95 TELEEAMES . 23 95 TERflOBPOOS 25 95 TESTDBIVE II , 29 95 TETRA QUEST .....„ 25 55 TETRIS . 22 85 THE DEEP ...32.45 THEiaiN ...2195 THREE sraosis ....32.45 TKUN3EH IUDE .....32.45 TKUNQERBar ..22.95 TISEfi ROAD .25.95 TIME 5 MAGIC 26,95 TIME BANDITS 25.95 TIMES OF CONE .... 25 85 TITAN .. 29 55 TOM 4 JEKRT 22 55 TOTAL ECLIPSE ..... 25 95 TOWER TOPPLE* ...... 32 45 TRACERS ... 22 95 THANSPUTOR 22.95 TRIAD VOLUME 2 .....49.95 THIARGO 29.95 TRINITY 25-95 TRIPLE! 25 95 TRIVIAL PURSUIT, .... 25 95 TRUMP CASTLE .. 2595 TORSO .17 95 TV SPORTS FQOTlALl 34.95 TWIUBNTIONE ...... 25 95 TWILIGHTS HANSOM .....19 95 ULTIMA III .21 95 ULTIMA IV ... 38 95 UMS CIVIL WAR QATADSR 12.95 UNINVITED .34.95 UNIVERSAL MILITARY SM 32.45 UNIVERSE 3 .32.55 VAMPIRES EMPIRE ...29.55 VEGAS GAMBLER ..... 25 95 VIDEO VEGAS, ..... 24 95 VIGILANTE,.., ......25.95 VINDICATORS 25 95 VIRUS (SAME) 19 95 WANDERER ...... 25 95 WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH 35 99 WARLOCK ...22.71 WESTERN GAMES ....22.S5 WHERE IN THE UlA ...32.45 WHITE DEATH ....38 95 WHO FRAMED ROGEll PARR .... 29.97 WILLOW 25.95 WINTER GAME 27 46 WORLD CUSS GOLF .. 29 95 WORLD GAMES ...... 27 46 WORLD SNOOKER 6 OTHER .... 19 95 WORLD TOUR GOLF ... 27 45 WRANGLER .. 1995 XENON 2 : MF SAIL AST ...... 34 95 ZAK KCRRACKEN ....30.95 ZANY GOLF .17.95 ZERO GRAVITY .19.45 ZOOM ..21.95 ZORK TRILOGY ...47.95 ZOAK ZERO ..3195 ZTHAPS 23.95 AMIGA JACKET MED ... 39 95 AMIGA JACKET SML ... 39 95 AMIBA JACKET XL .... 39 50 AMIGA JACKET XXL ...39 SO AMIGA LOGO NOTE PAD! .4 99 AMIGA MUG... 5 71 AMIGA PIN 4 PENCIL ..19 95 AMIGA PLASTIC VISOR 195 AMIGA SPORTS TDWIL ...... 6.93 AMIGA SWEATSHIRT LRG 14 95 AMIGR SWEATSHIRT MED 14 95 AMIGA SWEATSHIRT SML 14 85 AMIGA SWEATSHIRT XL 14.95 AMIBA SWEATSHIRT XXL 14 95 AMIGA T-SHIRT LRS ....7.85 AMIGA T-SHIRT MED ., 7 95 AMIGA T SHIRT SML - ..7 95 AMIGA T SHIRT XL ......7 95 AMIGA T-SHIRT XXL . 7 95 AMIGA TEART VISOR . 5 50 AMIGA TIE PINS ...... 4 95 AMIGA TOWEL 15.95 AMIGA TWILL CAP .....T.95 IOSS JOYSTICK ......12.95 CABLE AI ODD IMAGE 1 .1995 CABLE AIOOO MAGE 2 .19 95 CABLE AIOOD MODEM I ......1900 CARLE AIOOO NULLS'. 19.00 CARLE AIODO PARAL * 19 00 CARLE A500 IMAGE I .19 95 CARLE A5Q0 IMAGE 2 . 19.95 CARLE A50Q MODEM 3 ......19 00 CABLE AEOO NULL 25' . 29 95 CABLE A500 NULL 8' ..19 00 CABLE AEOO PARAL IS1 24 95 CABLE A500 PARAL 25' 29 95 CABLE 1500 PARAL 6' T5 95 CARLE 1500 PARAL I 19 00 CABLE SCSI RIII3N 2' .15 95 CLEANING KIT LAASE, 14 95 CLEANING KIT SMALL ..... 7 95 CLEANING KIT SUNCOM .E 55 COPY CAMERA STAND 64 95 CURTIS DISK FILL 30 ... 7 95 CURTIS DISK TILL 40...... 8 55 CURTIS DISK TILE 10 ..14 95 DESKJET ILK CARTRIDGE ..... 15.95 DESKJET COURIER FONTS 62.95 DESKJET DUST COVER .....29.95 DESKJET EPSON FK f Mui 62.95 DESKJET NELV IZ POINT ..... 62 95 DESKJET RELV 14 POINT ,..,. 67 95 DESKJET NELV B SIC PT .....79.55 DESKJET NELV ASCII ......104.95 DESKJET LANDSCAPE .78.95 DESKJET LASER CONTROL .... 117.95 DESKJET LETTER GOTHIC ..... 79 85 DESKJET INDSCP UPGRAD 79 95 DESKJET PLOTTER SETW ....704 95 DESKJET PRESENTATION ..... 79 95 DESKJET PRESTIGE EIT ..... 79 95 DESKJET HMI HLN IFQNT 79 95 DESKJET STAND. ORGNZA __| 95 DESKJET TMS NMN 12 PT,,... 62.95 DESKJET TMS NMN 14 PT 62.95 DESKJET TMS NMN B AID 79.95 DESKJET TMS NMN ASCII .... 104.95 Dia-OIOIQ ..69.95 DISKETTE 3.5* C'SOO ..1.50 DISKETTES. 50 PACK ..64.15 DUAL GUN ADAPTER ... 24 95 DUAL JOYSntK 4DA2T0R 10 95 OUST COVEN AIOOO *M0».....13.95 OUST COVER A2COO AMOR 11.95 OUST COVER A5C0 CPU .8 95 OUST COVER MONITOR .11.95 DUST COVER SM PRINTER 8,95 EASYL DISK FDLOER ..... 14.95 EPYI 2GQXJ JOYSTICK ___11.95 EPTX 5D0XJ JOYSTICK ...... 14.95 ERGO STICK .I T.95 EAST RACK OlSK HOLDER ......3.49 FLICKER MASTER ....13.95 FLOPPY WALLET ......7.95 FOUR PLAYER ADAPTER 11.95
A. Computer owned: ? A500 ? A2000 ? A2000HD ? A2500 ? Other ___
B. Have you bought from us in the past? ? YES ? NO If YES, please rate our overall service (1 being worst, 5 being best): ? 1D2D3IH4DS
C. Do you buy from any other Amiga mail order company? C YES ? NO If YES, who? __ ? YESl I'd like to join the Creative Computers VIP Club* ? Enclosed is my $ 50, ? I am ordering $ 200 or more in software for a FREE membership. ? I am ordering $ 1000 or more in product for a FREE membership. ? I would also like to order the following products: WIN A MICROWAY FLICKER FIXER! (A $ 500 VALUE) Register to win a Microway Flicker Fixer (or product of comparable or less value) by filling out this questionnaire and mailing it to us. One person will be picked at random to win from questionnaires received by March 31, 1990! (No purchase necessary.) HOW TO ORDER USING THIS FORM:
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2. Fill out this order form, 3, Call for shfpptng rates. 4, Mail this oraer form to us with a check, money order or credit card information. Please da net send sash. Send to: Creative Computers 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 METHOD OF PAYMENT: ? Check ? Money Order C Visa ? MasterCard ? American Express ? Discover ENTRY ENROLLMENT ORDER FORM CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Credit Card _ lure _ | Signatt Customer U Name State VISA, MasterCard1, American Express, Discover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. LEISURE SUIT MINIDISK.... . . 12.95 NIGHT DAWN ..... ... 1995 REEL FtSHir ..... ... 3D 95 LEISURE SUIT LARRY......
25. 95 NISHTWAU .... 2595 RENEGADE ..... ... 2296 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II
32. 46 NINJA MISSION ... .. 3095 RETURN TO ATUNTIS..... ... 34 95 LEONARDO . 29 95 0IU1ERAI0A .... .. 25.95 RETURN TO GENESIS ... ... 22 95 LIBYANS IN SPACE .. 19.95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR...... ... 25.95 REVENGE OF OFFENDER .... ... 22 95 LICENCE TO KILL .. ..22.95 OGRE . ... 32.45 RINGSIDE BOXING 27 95 LIGHT FORCE 25 95 OMEGA 32 45 ROAD RAIDEFS 25 96 LOMBARD RAC RALLY..... 25 95 OMNI PUY BASKETBALL ... . 32 45 ROADWAI 2C0D .. 27.47 LORDS OF THE RSNG SUN 29 S5 Ohf ON ONE ..... ... 14 95 R CAD WAR ELROPA . . 29.95 LOST DUTCIMAN MINE
32. 46 0B2E CREEPY KITES...... .. 32.45 ROIIEAPT ..... . .. 16.95 MAJOR MOTION .. 75.96 OPER CllAK STREETS..... ... 25 95 RCSOCOP ..... ... 32.95 MAN HUNTER NEW YORK.. .. 32.46 OPERATION NEPTUNE...... ... 32.46 ROCKET RANGER .. ... 3246 MANIAC MANSION . .. 34 95 OPERATION WDLE . ... 22 95 ROCKFORD ...... ... 23 95 MAKiAX . .. 16.95 OUT RUN . ... 32.45 ROLLOUT..., ... ... 22 95 MARBLE MADNESS ...... . 33.00 ROW ... ... 25.95 ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER .... ... 25 95 MASTER NINJA ... .. 30.95 PACLAND ...... ... 25 95 RUNNING MAN .... ... 32,46 MEAN tl COURSE DISK 2... .. 14 95 PACMANIA ..... . 25.95 RVF HONDA ...... ... 22.95 VOCAB. IMPNOV TUTOR .. 19 95 PAUOIN ..... ... 25 95 SAHTA PARAYIA A FIUMA . ... 19.95 The * ' 11 BLOW-OUT SALE!!! «»*•! ..*149.09 ,y L Deluxe Point II |r*g. *99.95) 49.9S . R Deluxe Vtdeo II ....49.9S k x k L 1 Deluxe Point II t Deluxe Video II (combo) 79.95 AI Aects Anmwloi .... 19.95 . I TVJ V Dork Coitl* ......9.95 fri Beyond Dork Cortte w Dork Castle I (torobe) .. 21.50 Mission (levator .... 9.95 Crystal Hatnmer ..9.95 tighni Cameral Attionl .. 39.95 Captain Fin ..9.95 Metotomeo Toolkit .....19.95 Acairfsition Database (reg. *395) .... 49.95 Lurking Horror 9.95 Softwood file II . 19.95 Ports of Call ..19.95 y » MTF Fonts (Roman, Sons Serif or ComixJ.....9.95 AmigaTexteraft Plus . 19.95 Graphics Studio ..19.95 Forms In Flight II (3D animation, very powerful, incredible value reg. *179).... 49.95 GO-64 (C-64 emul.) ....9.95 MaxiPian Plus 69.95 ..These items are available for the Skygi,D..p Spec.; Arena, War Zone. Space indicated special prices only H ordered Station or Fire Blasier (ea.i ..5.00 with *"¥ other regular item. Minimum Supra 6 Meg BAM cord with 2 Megs installed 399 order $ 20.00. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 3246 25 95 3595 22 72 2195 37 95 1995 1995 32 48
27. 95 13 95 25 95 25 95 22 95 33 95 77 95 25 9G 1295 25 95 29 95 34 95 25 99
22. 95 19 95
32. 46
25. 95
31. 22
27. 95 25 96 37 95 25 96 2156
25. 95 34 45
12. 45
32. 46
25. 95
37. 46 19 95 25 95 32 46 32 46 25 95 4195
15. 95 17 95
34. 95
32. 46 IB 95 29 95 32 95 32 95 24 95 1295 32 95 30 95 34 95 27 95 2295
25. 95 25 95 25 95 32 46 ¦UttMlEtn ME£ Vfl| SLOCKiUSTER . BLOCKOUT .. BLOOD MONEY ...... GLOOOWYCH . Bobo .. SO MB BUSIER ___ B0M(U?AL . BHEACU . .. s34« DRAGON'S LAIR Sujtr, fiilttllc idypliliea d Hk Ijtudlit (inu Grill urloon gripbltl! (REACH SCENARIO DISK (RIDGE 50 ... BJBBLE S-OIBLE ...... BUBBLE GHOST BUFFALO BILL'S RODEO . BUTCHER HILL . CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA GAMES CENTAUR PUTS THE FUN IN FUNCTIONAL! CSI 5500 Going! Mouse (optical mouse) ...‘99.95 CSI 6600 MiniMax
(1. 8 Meg expansion fits in A501 slot)...; . CALL Centaur World Atlas ...*39,95 QuasarSound Sound sampling software with unique "Autoboot-a-playdisk” function ..*39.95
B. A.D. disk optimizer .... *32.46 Mypoint ....*32.47 Professional Techniques for Dpoint III (VHS video) *24.95 Centaur Oames: Leonardo or OsWald (eo.) ...‘24.95 Xorrqn 2001 (available soon) ...*24.95 Professional: Pro-Net or Pro-Board (ea.) ....*349 Special Slow-Out Sale: Forms In Flight II 3D modeling & anim, (reg. $ 179) .....*49.95 C-Zor Casio CZ-1, 101, 1000 editor lib. (reg. $ 199) ..... *49.95 THE SILENT DRIVE WITH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE (up-«o-500% SPEED INCREASE)! FUTURES: • CSI 3200 • Clkkfess • Small compact design • Metal case • Compatible with all Amiga computers * low power consumption * Hinged dust caver • Drive disable switch * l*year warranty. + a ALSO AVAILABLE: CSI 2200 internal drive for Amiga 2000- )QQ (1(1 100% compatible with same mechanism as Commodore 2010 m ffW 1991 THE BEST IN DESKTOP PUBLISHING SOFTWARE JUST GOT BETTER! Version 1.3 now offers outline font technology giving you results close to Postscript quality from almost any printer (in addition to standard Postscript!) The new AGFA Compugraphic font technology gives you access to the world's largest supplier of fonts. (We were omazed when we were able to read the 3-point font output on an HP DeskJet printer with relative ease. Creative Computers uses Pro Page 1.3 to publish "The Creative Edge" newsletter.) Don't miss out on this great offer only $ 199 38 95 CAPONE .... 25.55
32. 46 CAPTAIN BLOOD .....32.46
25. 95 CARDIAC ARREST ! ....45.95 25 95 CARRIER COMMAND ..30.95 32 45 CASINO FEVER .25.95 2335 CENTERFOLD SQUARES 19 35
21. 95 CHARON 5 ...25.95 2595 CHESSMASTEH 2000 .. 32.45 25 95 ChnONO QUEST ......33.95 CIRCUS ATTRACTIONS .25.95 CLEVER 6 SMARI ....22.72 COLOSSUS CHESS X ...22.95 COMEAT COURSE ....25.95 COMPUTER HITS VOL 2 25.95 CONFLICT EUROPE ....32.46 COSMIC BOUNCER ....19 95 COSMIC PIRATE . 25.95 COSMIC BELIEF ..... 24 50 CRAPS ACADEMY .... 25 95 CRASH BARRET . 25 96 CRYSTAL QUEST 32.45 CUBEMASTER .5.00 0AILT00U8LE HORSERACE ... 19.95 CANSER FREAK ...... 3 9 95 DARK SIDE 25.95 DATASTORM 25 95 DEATH BfllNBER 27.95 DEATH SWORD .....19.95 DEFCON 5 ...25.95 DEFENDER OF THE CROWN 34 95 OEJA VU 34.95 CEJA VU II LOST VEG 32 46 18 45 DEMON S WINTER ....27.95 24 95 DENARII .. 24 95
22. 95 DESTROYER 25 95 7271 DISTANT ARMIES ...... ... 29 95
32. 46 DOMINOES .... 1695
25. 95 DOUBLE DRABOM -------27.95
29. 95 FAIRYTALE ADVENTURE..... .. 31.95 FAERTTALE GUIDEBOOK..... ... 7.95 FALCON .. ., 32.46 FALCON MISSION DISK...... .. 16.95 FANTASTIC FOUR ... .. 19 95 FAST BREAK ...... .. 29 95 FERNANDEZ MUST DIE...... .. 25 95 FERRARI FORMULA ONE..... . 33 95 FIENDISH FtfDDTS .. 324B FINAL ASSAULT .... . 32 48 FINAL MISSION .. 1995 FIRE N FORGET .... .. 25 95 FIRE-BHIGAiE ..... .. 32.46 FIREPOWER. ..... .. 16.95 FlRLZOKE 23 95 FISH .. 29 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ...... , 34 95 FOUNDATIONS WASTE 2362 FRIGHT NIGHT .... FUEO ... .. 12.95 GNUS .. .. 25 95 GAUCT1C CONQUEBER 29 95 GALAXY FIGHT ..... 995 GALDREGOKS DOMAIN...... .. 25.95 GAMES WINTER EDITION 32 46 GAUHTLFT |l ...... 33 95
* 28’5 PIPE Dll LAM Hm by LUCASFILM WHERE IN THE WORLD .31.96 WORD MASTER ......32.46 GAMES 4 IN ONE . 1651 4i4 OFF ROAD RACING 32.45 4TH A INCHES CONSTRUE 9 35 4TK AND INCHES .....29.95 AAAHSH1 23.95 ACTION AMIEA 39 95 ACTION FIGHTER ..... 25 95 ACTION SERVICE ..... 25 95 AFRICAN RAIDERS .... 25 95 AFTERBURNER 32 46 AIRBALL ... 25 95 ALIEN LEGIQR .. 32 95 ALIEN SYN3ICME ., 32 45 ALTERNATE REALITY 27 55 AmlfiA KARATE ...... 24 95 ANDROMEDA MISSION .25.55 ANNALS OF KDME ...24.55 APB ...25.95 AQUABLAST . 23 95 ARAZQK'S TGMB .....3125 ARCADE ACTION PACK . 34 95 ARCHIPELAGOS ...... 25 95 ARCHON 1391 A F KAN 015 .19 95 ART OF CHESS THE ... 22 55 ARTHUR ..... 32.46 ASTAROTH ..... 32.46 AUHT-ARTIC .25.95 AUTDOUEL .....25.95 BAAL . 22.95 BAD CAT ..,., ......30.25 BAD DUDES .. ......29.95 BALANCE OF POWER 1990 ..... 34.95 BALUSTYA ..22.95 BARBARIAN .. 25 95 BARBARIAN II 25 95 BARO STALE .17.95 BARO S TALE HINT DISK 13.95 BARD STALE II .....41.95 BATMAN ... 29.95 BATTLE CHESS ...... 32.46 BATTLE HAWKS .....38.95 BATTLE SHIP 19.45 BATTLE SQUADRON ...23.95 BATTltTECH 32.46 BETTER DEAD T ALIEN 21 95 BEYOND ZORA 33 95 IIDKIC COMMANDO ... 25 97 BLACK CAULDRON ....ZB 95 BLACK JACK ACADEMY 25 95 BLACK LAMP .. 22 00 BUCK MAGIC 22.95 BUCK SHADOW ..... 22 95 MEAH II GOLF ..... 28 95 MENACE ... T9 9B MICKEY MOUSE .... 25 95 MIGHTY NERC 32.46 MIND ROLL .19.95 MISSION CON BAT ...31.16 MDEBIUS ...25.95 MOTOR MASSACRE ...24.95 MOUSE QUEST ... 14.95 FLATOON ... 29 71 PlUTGS 1946 POCKET ROCKETS ....25.95 POKER SOLITAIRE .... 22 95 POLICE QUEST ...... 32 46 POPULOUS .....34.05 POPULOUS DATA DISK 41...., IB 95 POWEROAOME 26 95 POWERSIYX . 22 95 PRESIDENT IS MISSING 75 95 PRIME TIME 25 95 PRISON . 25 96 PRO SOCCER .29.95 PROSPECTOR . 29 95 PURPLE SATURN DAY ..32.46 QIX ....22.95 QUAORALIEN .ig 95 QUESTRCN II .32.46 QUINTETTES ...... 29 95 BAM ID III ... 25 95 RAMPAGE ... 25 95 REAL GHQSTtUStERS. TH 32 46 REALM Of THE 1 ROLLS 32 46 REALM Of THE WARLOCK 2274 REBEL CHARGE AT CKK 39.95 RED LIGHTNING ......41.95 RRLADIN QUEST DSK 1___ .. 16(6 PAPERBOY .... PHANTA5IE ...... PHANTASIE 3 ..... PHANTASM ..... PINK PANTHER ... PIONEER PLAGUE .. PLANET Df LUST ., AIVtES: 2 ligh-ipu 232 serial ports lor the Amiga 2000. FIM PC A! (9'pin) cwtwtlorc for «c port, frontier from SO to 96,000 IAUD. Comes com- pltlt with Amiga software and fa dotwaMttrtiwi. SALE! ASDG SAAGON III ..35.95 SAVAGE . 32 46 SCARY MUTAIT ALIENS 75 95 SCENERY DISK f 9 _19 95 SCEHERf DISK VII .19 95 SCENEST DISK *T ..19 95 SCENERY DISK W EUROPE 19 85 SCENERY DISK. EUROPE 17.95 SCENERY DISK. JAPAN 19.95 SCORPION ..75.95 SCRABILE ...27.45 SOI-CINIMAWARE GAME 34 95 SECRETS DUNGEON MASTR .....9 95 SCI VIXENS FROM SPACE ..... 25 95 SHADOW GATE ......31 95 SHADOW OF THE (EAST 34 95 SHANGHAI ... 27 45 SHERLOCK .27 DO SHOGUH 38.95 SHUFFLEPUCK CAFE ...25.95 SIDE ARMS ..25.95 SILENT SERVICE .....25.95 SINBAD 4 THE SwORO .29.95 SKT BUSTER 1995 SKY CHASE .. 2695 SKYfOXB ... 27 46 SLEEPING GOBS LIE ... 32 46 Sur STREAM 16 95 SNAKE PIT .. 24 95 SOLITAIRE ROYAL .... 22 95 SORCERER LORD ..... 2395 SPACE CUTTER ......1995 SPACE HARRIER ...... 3245 SPACE QUEST 32 45 SPACE QUEST II ...... 32 45 SPACE QUEST III ..... 39 95 SPACE RACER .19 45 SPACE SCHOOL SIM .22.95 SPACESTAriOl OBLIVION ..... 32 46 SPEED 9UGEY ...... 20 95 SPEEDBALL ..25.95 SPHERICAL .. 25 95 SPIH WORLD 25 95 SPITTING IMAGE ..... 25 95 STAR COMMAND .....33.95 STAR WARS .. 25 95 STAR WARS TPILOGY . 49 95 STARFLEET I . 39 95 STAR GLIDER II 79 95 STARGOOSE . 25 95 STUL . 25 95 STEIGAR ... 25 95 STELLAR CORFUCT ..2195 STELUR CRUSADE ... 37 95 STELURX ...25.95 STOCK MARKET THE SAME 15.95 STORY SO FAB VOL. I 39 95 STREFT CAT ....15 95 STREET F1EHTER .....25 S3 STRtnSPORTS IASKETRL 13 95 STRIP POKER (ATA *4 . 7 95 STRIP POKER BATA 5 .17 95 STRIP POKER 0 ...... 25 95 SUMMER CHALLENGE ......1195 SOPERS 29 95 SUPER CARS.... 14 95 Open Any Drawer* V*. And Discover Something Extraordinary! TOOL CHEST YES Lend me the AmigaWorld Tool Chest Vol. 1, 4 today. My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. Zip State f Check Monev Order Enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Tool Chest) ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express Account _Expires_ Signature Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are Ss-i .05, postpaid Payment required in US Funds drawn en US Bank. Note that some animations require 1 .MB of memory. AmigaWorld Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 tcsjoos CREATIVITY The Amiga is a graphic goldmine, and the Tool Chest has plenty of nuggets ready for vou to find! Each issue brings you elaborate animation objects, ready for you to make them come alive in your own creations! Choose from a multitude of vector images, from out-of-this-world spaceships to exquisite dinner table objects, lamps. And more! Are you into desktop publishing or desktop design? Looking for original clip art to incorporate into your IFF paint programs? Then you’ll be overjoyed with each issue’s collection of clip art that’s been specially commissioned from some of the most talented Amiga artists around. Plus there’s an ample supply of sound and music accessories. Be it bizarre sound clips, melodious music, or computer speech utilities, the Tool Chest will have your audiences clamoring for encore performances! PRODUCTIVITY Of course the Amiga can handle all those traditional personal computer chores as well, and the Tool Chest will continuously complement your software collection with useful utilities and original productivity programs. Discovered a corrupted disk? Need to recover a deleted file? Problems in formatting a bunch of new disks? The Tool Chest is here to help! We’ll save you time, money, and needless aggravation with programs like T] Format and Disk Salvage. Introducing the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, an Amiga software celebration that makes you even more creative and productive than ever before! Entertaining games, useful utilities, professional clip art, detailed animation, wild sound effects, music, and more. . .exclusively from the AmigaWorld Tool Chest. Users of every Amiga model-and at every level of computing skill will be thrilled with these top quality programs and tools. Released in a two-disk set every other month, the AmigaWorld Tool Chest is a fantastic way to enhance your computing career. Contents of Volume 1, 3 (Available as a back issue) Life Cycles biorhythm plotter StrucGen data structure generator for C programmers Brots ’R Us mandelbrot generator 3D Vector Objects (lighthouse, boat, windmill, hot air balloon) Clip Art (holiday theme) HeadStepper head cleaner utility Look! CLI Utility Amiga Disk Tutorial on disk structure Digitized Sound Effects Flight animation FUN and GAMES Each issue of the Tool Chest will also entertain you with one or more games, each of them new, each capturing the Amiga's fantastic sound or graphic sophistication. You might find Shark!, a gobbling-game that utilizes digitized sound for maximum effect. Or Crystal Caverns, a neat magic adventure that's full of color and a whole lot of fun. Plus, the Tool Chest is specifically designed to be a productivity tool, with useful programs like Chart master, a powerful data graphing tool. And Iconmeister, an advanced icon editor with a complete set of drawing tools. Name , Address City PLUS-AN ORIGINAL ANIMATION IN EVERY ISSUE! Complete with player program, each Tool Chest edition will delight and fascinate you and your friends with original creations from leading Amiga animators. Classic, colorful, inventive, these are animations you'll want to see and show again and again! And throughout the year, your animation library will continue to grow in both value and variety! All this for just $ 14.95 per two-disk edition! Try' it for yourself! To order, use the coupon below, or look for the special flier inserted in this issue. Or for immediate service, call 1-800-343-0728. CHARTER SUBSCRIPTION OFFER! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
• Automatic delivery of every' two-disk edition for an entire year. That's 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
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• PLUS! Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund.
- M 7 i - - vi >
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(404) 377-1514 March 16-18 Now Beauty is in the Eye of the Composer Computers are supposed to save time and take you beyond your wildest dreams. Why then, has music software been so difficult to use? Screens full of numbers, awkward user-interfaces, and rigid boundaries set by some programmer's idea of how you should compose. It doesn't have to be this way...Introducing Bars&Pipes, the Creative Musical Advantage. Icon-Based: Bars&Pipes’graphical interface translates MIDI into plain English. No more dizzying array of numbers, numbers, numbers! Object-Oriented: Bars&Pipes’ Tool Box contains powerful modules which do anything from creating harmony and counterpoint to providing special effects like echo, delay or flipping notes over an axis IN REAL TIME. With Tools, you can do in a few seconds what many have spent years mastering! Musically Intelligent: Bars&Pipes' Song Parameters let you enter lyrics, draw in dynamics, specify a key, choose from a menu of chords, scales and modes, enter multiple time-signatures, and import rhythms for each and every track. Algorithmic composition has never been so exciting or easy! Expandable: Bars&Pipes’ open-ended nature guarantees you'll never outgrow it! Add on accessories such as MixMaestro, our automated mixer, See us at the AmlEXPO in Washington, DC Visual Aural Animations PO Box 4898 Areata, CA 95521 707 822-4800 Circle 68 on Reader Service card ON GRAPHICS Freehand Animation Part I: The Pencil Test 13 A continuing scries of tips, techniques. And tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joci Hagen REAL-TIME ANIMATION is one of the distinguishing strengths of the Amiga, and any number of excellent Amiga programs complement the system’s capabilities in this area. While “Accent” has not featured specific animation procedures very often in the past, a previous column (June ’89, p. 50) did examine cel techniques with The Director (Right Answers Group) using its partial-screen page-flipping, or “BLIT,” feature. Here, and in the next issue, we will take one of this column’s special favorites Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts) and explore some fundamentals of freehand animation. By “freehand animation,” I am referring to the process of drawing each frame by hand, making gradual changes to create the illusion of smooth motion. I he subject could be anything from a cartoon character to a tree waving in the wind. The technique I will outline involves creating the finished animation in two to four stages. Stage one the “pencil test” phase of drawing and testing is the subject of the present column. I will cover the three other stages coloring, compositing elements, and postproduction enhancement next month. Put on a Happy Face A face is a good subject to experiment with in developing animation techniques. You can achieve a great deal of character with fairly elementary drawing skills. Recall how easily we acknowledge a few lines and a circle as a “happy face.” Our perception is so acutely tuned to nuances of facial expressions in other humans, that by simply shifting a few lines in a very symbolic abstraction, we can convey a great range of expression. The primary elements conveying expression are the eyebrows and the mouth. Simple lines an upturned mouth and brows arching up in the middle of the forehead make a cartoon face happy. Make the face sad by turning the mouth corners down, register surprise by making the mouth a small circle and raising the brows higher, or suggest anger by changing the brows to angle down in the center of the forehead while turning the mouth corners down. Keep your first experiments relatively simple for clarity, and to reduce the work load over a long sequence. Learn how much detail is enough to convey character. From the Anim menu select Frames, then Set . To begin you might try working with only five or six frames just to see how things operate. Create a palette with an easy-to-view “paper” color, and two different drawing colors. (I am purposely using the term “paper” color instead of background color to avoid confusion later. Remember that this palette is for the drawing stage of the animation; you can adjust all colors later at the coloring stage to suit the nature and requirements of the finished piece.) Clear All Frames to the paper color you have created. You will he drawing only the animated character. Any background scene you may want behind the character will he painted separately and composited with the character at stage three. The two drawing colors should be adjacent to each other in the palette, allowing you to toggle between them with the bracket keys ([ and ]). Select one of these colors and draw the first frame. For this project, choose a style that lends itself to later coloring with the Fill tool. Use solid, unbroken lines to delineate any area to be colored. I suggest using the single-pixel brush in the solid-line mode "d” from the keyboard. When the frame is finished and you have made any necessary corrections, go to the Effect menu and select Background > Fix. Fixing the background Mastering these few simple techniques can put you on the move towards creating' crisp, smoothly flowing animations. Means that you may now draw over the image, and then erase or clear to that image rather than to a blank screen. In this case it is also the key to simulating an animator’s light table (see the accompanying illustration). An animator, working on a glass drawing table lighted from underneath, can register a new sheet of paper over a previous frame and see the lines of that frame through the new sheet. He or she then uses this as a drawing reference. We can do much the same thing in Dpaint. And to Top My Previous Effort .. In our illustration, the upper left corner of the menu bar still shows us on frame one of our animation. Select the second drawing color or use the [ ] keys to toggle between the two colors. Using the lines of the first image as a reference, draw the second frame right on top of it as shown. Feel free to make any necessary corrections because the underlying image is protected. When you are finished, hit the 2 key to advance to the next frame of the animation. The new image will disappear from frame one, and transfer to frame two. Select Background > Free in the Effect menu to stamp that image down in frame two, and immediately fix the background (Fix Background) again in preparation for drawing the third frame. Being able to see the previous frame as you draw the current frame allows you to accurately judge the amount of movement to create and to keep all elements well registered, so that, for example, the nose is not jittering around on the face while the character smiles. Toggling between two drawing colors keeps the lines of the new image distinct from those of the previous one. Continue this sequence of Fix, Toggle Color, Draw, AdIn the “Pencil Test” phase of the animation, using Fix Background from the Effect menu allows you to simulate the light-table approach of traditional animators. Ground color, choose a good line color as the background color, hit Clear, and click the All Frames option. Stencil protects the “paper” color of your animation, while Clear changes all other colors frame by frame to the background color you have just selected. Free the Stencil when finished. T he result is a clean line animation ready for coloring. Vance Frame, and Free until you have completed all frames. You can always roll the pages of your animation backward and forward with the 1 and 2 keys to check the flow of motion. When you j have finsihed, play the animation with the 4, 5, or 6 key. The animated image will llicker annoyingly because alternate frames are drawn in different colors. To make the lines in all frames the same color, go to the Stencil too! In the Effect menu and select the “paper” color of your animation frames. Click on Make Stencil and return to the main menu and tools. Use the Clear tool to make the line color in all frames the same. Knowing that Clear will change any unlocked colors on the screen to the currently selected backIn my next column we will continue the exploration of freehand animation technique-addressing coloring, compositing, and post production enhancement. ¦ Joel Hagen’s credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Info.phile Back to Basics Part 2 Our AmigaDOS experts continue their introductory series to help acquaint new users with the Amiga’s operating system. By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings IN OUR LAST column we concentrated on Workbench tools that let you work with disks. Disks, however, are only one of several ways that the Workbench al- lows you to organize information. To explore these methods, let’s put a new spin on an old metaphor. The Electronic Filing Cabinet The Workbench treats each disk as a sort of electronic filing cabinet. A disk can contain three kinds of objects: projects, tools, and drawers. A project is basically the electronic equivalent of a paper file. It is typically a lile created with a spreadsheet, database, word processor, or graphics program in short, anything that you store and manipulate with your Amiga. To manipulate a project you need a tool generally a piece of software. Like your Workbench Notepad and Calculator, it may have come with your Amiga, or it may be a program you purchased separately from a third-party vendor. A drawer is simply a named holding place. It can contain tools, projects, or even other drawers allowing you to organize your information hierarchically. For example, you might have a Taxes drawer that contains one drawer for each year, and in each year’s drawer store the tax spreadsheets for that year. All four of these basic Amiga information objects disks, drawers, tools, and projects have icons that you can see and manipulate, at least in the Workbench environment. .As you might already know, the .Amiga is a two-headed beast: In addition to the icon-oriented Workbench, there is a command-line user interface, the CL1 (also referred to as the Shell in AmigaDOS 1.3). The CL1 uses 1 tie same basic information objects as the Workbench, but it gives some of them different names. Disks are still disks, but drawers are listed as directo- ? £ QUALITY Of OUR
• ' * I if? Mm ¦ ; wmm FOR THE AMIGA ? S‘VHS, ED-BETA, Hi8 «•.. .. . & ¦>'=; fy Vt-L- ‘ 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines See us at the AmiEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Comodore Business Machines Circle 28 on Reader Service card ries. The CL1 also treats projects and tools as files, but with a difference: You can execute some files as programs (tools), but not others (projects). Inside the CLI, files and directories also have icons, hut those icons are just special Files with a particular type of name. (The icon name of a file is the file or directory name plus the extension ".info.” Thus, the Notepad’s icon file is Notepad.info.) The CLI also lets you have files and directories without icons There are many such files on the Workbench disk, and none of them are visible from the Workbench. To see a file displayed on the Workbench screen, it must have an icon. Know Your Disk Objects Back to the Workbench for now. The Workbench gives you several ways to learn about disk objects. The easiest way to examine an object is to open it. You can open an object either by selecting it (positioning the pointer over its icon and clicking once with the left mouse button) and then choosing Open from the Workbench menu, or by double-clicking the left mouse button (again with the pointer positioned over its icon). When you open a disk or drawer, you get to see the drawers and files inside it that have icons assigned to them. If you open the Workbench disk, you will see several drawers, including one labeled Utilities. Open the Utilities drawer to find such tools as the Notepad and the Calculator. Opening a tool or project, however, produces a different result. When you open a tool, the Workbench starts that tool, hut not on any particular project. The tool will then let you load any project on which you want to work. When you open a project, the Workbench knows that vou need a tool to see what is inside that project. (That tool is known as the project’s default tool; it’s typically the tool you used to create the project.) T he Workbench therefore starts that tool on the project, so that you can both see what's inside the project and, if you want, continue working on it. The Workbench's knowledge of each project’s default tool is just one of the many kinds of information it stores concerning every object. You can see such information by "selecting" (see above) that object and choosing Info from the Workbench menu. A full window of information will appear. That window will show a few common facts about every object: its NAME, T YPE (disk, drawer, project, tool), a line called TOOL TYPES, and some type of STATUS. T he TOOL TYPES line is merely a place that shows some special additional tools you can use to work with that object. The contents of the STATUS area vary with the type of object, as do the contents of the rest of the window. Let’s Get Down to Cases For disks, the STATUS area shows whether the disk is “Read Write" or “Read Only” that is, whether you have set the disk's write-protect tab so that you can change that disk. An additional area displays some size information about the disk, including “Bytes per Block” (488 for floppies), "Number of Blocks” (the total number on the disk), “Number Used,” and "Number Free ” T hese last two measures tell vou how THE "AAMIGA Cl Z1 ll f If vZl CENTER Formerly The 64 Store Call Toll Free ORDERS ONLY 1 -800-388-2700 10 AM to 6PM MON. thru SAT.
69. 95 ...137.00
- ..9375
43. 75 W U PC Cm O w S9 5 0 W i-3 J I UJ i 0 at I 0 0 I E E o 0 a r- X i-3 MM A-MAX ROM CHIPS 142.95 A-MAX ...142.95 A-TALK III 62.50
A. MA S ... 140.00 ACTION FIGHTER .25.00 AFTER BURNER 31.25 AIR DRIVE-3 1 2* EXTERNAL ..128.75 AMI Alignment KIT ...31.25 AMIGA A500 256K BOARD ..99 95 AMIGA A590 ..CALL AMIGA 500 POWER SUPPLY ... 82.75 AMIGA A2630 BOARD ....CALL AMIGA DOS 1 32 ......19 95 AMIGA GRAPH. STARTER KTT..49.96 AMIGA MONITOR STAND ...28 95 AMIGA 9x11 MOUSE PAD _.6.95 AMIGATOSH DISK DRIVE .202.00 ANALYZE . ....65.00 ANTIC OBJECTS DISK .21.95 ARCHIPELAGOS ...29.95 AREXX USERS REF. MANUAL..3125 ARTURA ..23 00 B A D. DISK OPTIMIZER .....31.25 BARS AND PIPES ...186.75
B. E.S.T. PLAN-rT 93 75 BROADCAST TITLER .209 95 BUBBLE BOBBLE .....21 95 C-VIEW II .. 37.25 C-VIEW RGB TO COMPOSITE ..33.75 CALAGARI CONSUMER ...151.25 CAN DO! .93.75 CHESS MASTER 2100 ..31.00 CM! MIDI INTERFACE ..69 00 COMIC SETTER 65 95 DELUXE PAINT III .....91.00 DELUXE PHOTOLAB 93.75 DEMON'S WINTER.. Z7.00 DESIGN 3D 62.50 DOS 2 DOS .34.25 DR.T'S (ALL SOFTWARE) CALL DRAGONS LAIR II ....42.50 DUNGEON MASTER 24.95 DUNLAP UTILITIES ..49.95 EjC.E. MIDI ..56.75 EXCELLENCE ..187.50 F-16 COMBAT PILOT ...31.25 F-16 FALCON MISSION DISK 14.95 FAGC II 21.95 FALCON . 29,00 FANCY 3D FONT5 ....49.95 FIENDISH FREDDY'S BIG TOP. 31 25 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II .31.25 FRAME GRABBER .579.95 FROST BYTE . -15.95 GAUNTLET II ..... ,...24 95 GOI ..31,25 GOMF 3.0 .... 24.95 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK 109.00 GVP *3001* W 4 MB MEM 2899.00 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY 18.75 HOME BUILDERS CAD..„ -124.95 HOSTAGE __ 28.00 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 21.95 IMAGE SCANNER 500 2000120.00 IMPACT 2000 - OK. 309.00 INTERFONT ... 74.95 IT CAME FROM THE DESERT ..31.25 KARA FONT HEADLINE «...43.75 KARA FONTS .....49 95 KING-S QUEST III .....3125 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II 37.50 LICENCE TO KILL ....21.95 DIGI-PAINT 3.D DIGIVIEW GOLD 4.0 DIGIWORKS 3D. DISTANT SUN LOST DUTCHMAN MINE ....29.95 LOTTERY ASSISTANT .24.95 M (MUSIC COMPOSING)......124.50 MAC-2T>OS .... 93.75 MANIAC MANSION .26.25 MAVIS BEACON TYPING ...31.25 MICROBOT1CS 2M8 SB 0k.....334.00 MIC ROBOTICS 8 UP! ...... 199.95 MICROFICH FILER PLUS ...98.75 MONEY MENTOR ...55.00 MUSIC X . 1B7.50 NIMBUS 1.3 99 95 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS! FX ...B6 75 PAGE RENDER 3D ...99.00 PAGESTREAM VER 1.8 ....124.95 PAPERBOY 31.25 PENPAL .. 93.75 PERFECT SOUND 74.95 PHOTON PAINT II. .93.75 PHASAR 4.0 . 56.25 PIPE DREAMS .27.50 PIRATES BUNDLE ...11250 POPULAS DATA DISK ...18.75 POPULAS ... ..31.25 PRO VIDEO GOLD 107.50 PRO. PAGE CUP ART .. 37 50 PRO. PAGE TEMPLETS _37.50 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3..... 246 75 PROWRITE 2.S. . 78.00 QUSARSOUND ...... 37.50 QIX 24.96 QUANTAM 40 MB PROORJVE 406.00 QUANTAM 80 MB PROORIVE .998.75 QUARTERBACK 2.0 . 4375 SAFE SKINS _2250 SCANLOCK .. 885 00 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 JR. .....9295 SCULPT AN!MATE 4D.„ ..305.00 SHINOBI 31.25 SIM CITY 31.25 SPACE ACE 37.50 SPIRIT 1.5MB INBOARD 1000.261.00 SPIRrT INBOARD A500 Ok 258.00 SPIRIT 2MB-A500 .249.00 STARGUDER II . 3125 SUPERGEN CALL SUPERBASE PRO .236.25 SUPERPLAN ..-93.75 SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL 247.50 TEST DRIVE H ...24,95 THE ACCOUNTANT ...156.25 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT 24.95 THE RHYMING NOTEBOOK 24.95 THE WORKS PLATINUM 184.50 THUNDER BLADE .-31.25 TOOL CADY AMIGA .3125 TRANSCRIPT ....43.75 TRUMP CARD - 500 - 261.50 TRUMP CARD - 2000 ... 167.75 TURBO SILVER 3.0 ...124.95 ULTRA-CARO ....31,25 VIDEO PAGE FROM IMPULSE.. 93,75 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D 124.95 VIVA .. 165.00 WEIRD DREAMS -,,.28.00 WHERE SLEEPING GOOS 3125 WHERE IN WORLD IS C.S 28.75 WHERE IN USA IS CARMEN..-3125 WICO TRACKBALL ....39.95 WORDPERFECT ...161.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL ...343.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM.._ CALL X-10 A MIG A SOFTWARE 27.00 ZANY GOLF ... .25.00 ZUMATVTEXT ..-..61.00 First Authorized Amiga Dealer In The USA !! Commodore’s The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 TERMS; Software S H USA 54.95 per Hem, Hardware S H by quote; Minimum order 30.00: Cashiers check. Money Order, Visa, MasterCard & Discover welcome. No credit card fee We shp UPS signature required No driver release. Rsonal checks; Return authorizadion number i on non jWj. . , „ . . , are subject Id change. Not responsible for typos' Tech Support: (404) 252-1235 - Customer Service: (404) 252-1233)_ much disk space you are currently using and how much is available. Finally, a DEFAULT TOOL line shows you that the default tool for disks is the diskcopy program. (This line actually reads, "SYS: System Diskcopy,” which is the full CLI name of that program.) Drawers do not have a default tool, but they do have a COMMENT line where you can enter a few words about why you created a drawer or what kinds of things you want to store in it. Drawers have the same STATUS options as tools and projects, but different ones than disks. The STATUS area for drawers, tools, and projects will show four options: ARCHIVED, READABLE, VVRITEABLE, and DELETEABLE. They limit what you can do to any object (READABLE, VVRITEABLE, DELETEABLE) and tell whether you have manually marked that object as recently backed up (ARCHIVED). Any option that is not true will be highlighted and will have NOT preceding it. The initial status for most objects will be NOT ARCHIVED, READABLE, VVRITEABLE, DELETEABLE. Not only can you merely read the information in this window, you can also change it. To protect an object from deletion, for example, click on DELETEABLE and it will change to NOT DELETEABLE. When you then click on SAVE in the lower-left corner, that change in status will be reflected the next time the object’s Info is checked. To exit this screen without making any changes, click either on QUIT in the lower-right corner or on the dose box in the window’s upper-left corner. Like drawers, tools and projects also have a COMMENT area in their information windows. In addition, they have a SIZE area that shows their size on disk in both bytes and disk blocks. Projects, like disks, also have a DEFAULT TOOL and a TOOL TYPES area. (There is also one other line, STACK, that lets you set the amount of stack memory that you want to use when you work on this project. Advanced users regularly alter the stack size for specific reasons.) What’s in a Name? From time to time you will want to change an object’s name. You cannot do this from the information window it will not let you type in the NAME area but you can easily take care of it from the Workbench itself. To change the name of any drawer, project, or tool, use the same procedure we discussed last month for changing the name of a disk. First, select the object and choose Rename from the Workbench menu. A string gadget containing the object's name will appear in the middle of your screen. Now edit the name into the form you want and hit the Return key. That’s all there is to it. Next month we’ll lake a look at some of the other basic operations that the Workbench lets you perform on disks, drawers, tools, and projects. If you have the time between now and then, there’s no better way to learn how the Workbench works than to experiment with it. Good luck! ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings are contributing editors to AmigaWorld. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Dr., Durham, NC 27703. More than just a Disk Copier! See How Project D Stacks Up Against The Competition Project D RawCopy Project D is the most powerful Amiga disk copier ever created. It allows you to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your personal, public domain, and commercial software (it even copies copy-protected software!). No other copier allows you to copy to all four disk drives at the same time. No other copier keeps a list of the errors that happened during the last backup. 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You could write a calculation program that uses AllocMem( } as shown below: int Calculate( num ) int num; = int success; int *values; ULONG val_sz; I* Find the size of the array, in bytes * val_sz = (ULONG) num * sfzeof(lnt); !* Then ask for the memory * values = AllocMem(val_sz,MEMF_PUBLIC); if (values ! = NULL) = By John Foust success = TRUE; * Calculations go here * FreeMem( values, val_sz ); else = success = FALSE; return success; } Calculate( ) is careful about memory allocation. If the AllocMem( ) returns NULL, the program does not perform the calculations. If the memory is found, you can use the values variable as if it were a static array, in expressions such as: values[5] = 34 * values[4]; Instead of an int array, your array could be declared to contain anything, including structures. Just be sure to correctly calculate the size of the memory block, using the sizeof operator. For accuracy, perform the calculation as an unsigned long. You will notice the program reflects a great concern for failure of AllocMem( ), no matter how tiny the amount of memory. Calculate( ) returns a value of T RUE or FALSE, depending on whether the memory could be allocated. Any function that calls Calculate( ) must check the return value to be sure that the calculation went smoothly. If it didn’t, the program should warn the user that lack of memory caused an er- ror. In more complex programs, an error in the lowest-level subroutine should percolate upwards until a higher-level function can recover from the error, and all functions along the way should clean up any memory they allocate. You return allocated memory to the 4 system via the Free Mem ( ) call. The previous example calls Free Mem ( ) with the pointer to the memory and the memory’s size. With FreeMem( ), the program must remember the size of the allocated block. Executive or Resident Every standard C library includes the resident functions malloc( ) and free( ), which are similar to the Exec library’s AllocMem( ) and FreeMem( ). Both mal- loc( ) and free( ) arc very portable, letting you compile the same program on many different machines. (You can easily translate the Calculated ) example to use malloc( ).) The malloc( ) and free( ) routines are written in terms of AllocMem( ) and FreeMem( ). In the Manx C compiler, a malloc( ) call for 32 bytes translates to a call to AllocMem( ) for 40 bytes. T he system uses the extra memory to maintain a linked list that keeps track of allocated memory to free later. The file misc mal- loc.c in the Manx C library source code shows this simple memory scheme. ? Presenting III Exciting Tools Is Help You Expand and Improve four Animation Skills! 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AmigaWorld Special Animation Products • 80 Elm St. • Peterborough, NH 03458 Instead of simply calling AllocMem( ) for each call to malloc, most C compilers manage their own lists of memory. These routines usually mimic low-level Unix memory management functions, such as sbrk( ). In Manx you must link the heap- mem.o file for this type of management; Lattice offers it by default. On the first call to malloc( ), the function sbrk( ) is called to get memory from the operating system. It uses AllocMem( ) to ask for a large block of memory, a default of 40K for Manx C. Each subsequent malloc( ) consumes a portion of this larger block. For the Manx libraries, look at sysio heapmem.c to see this interaction between malloc( ), AllocMem( ), and sbrk( ). The block size is adustable through a _Heapsize variable, which you can declare as “extern unsigned long _Heapsize;“ if you want to reset its value in your code. Note that you need to set J it before making calls to mal!oc( ) or to standard I O functions. Lattice uses _MNEED and _MS I'EP for the same purpose. In Manx, only one heap block is allocated. In Lattice, the routines manage a list of heap blocks. As a heap block of 40K is consumed, malloc( ) calls sbrk( ) to allocate another, minimizing the calls to AuocMem( ), Calls to free( ) mark portions of these blocks for re-use; Kree- Mem( ) is never called. Unlike Free- Mem( ), free( ) needs only a pointer to the memory, not the size of the allocation. The size is stored within a structure that precedes the actual allocated memory, within the larger block. Cleaning Service The standard C memory functions provide automatic cleanup. No matter what your source code says, C programs do not start at the top of the main( ) routine or end at the last line of main( ). C library code is executed both before and after the call to main( ). Your main( ) is actually called by a library function named _main( ). When your main( ) function returns (the program ends), control returns to _main( ). Within _main( ), all memory that was allocated with maltoc( ) is automatically returned by a standard library function called exit( ), as a safegaurd against sloppy programming. During exit( ) cleanup, the C memory management routines run Eree- Mem( ) on all the large blocks of memory, essentially ignoring any information in the blocks. This automatic cleanup does not eliminate your responsibility of freeing allocated memory. As soon as the program is finished with a piece of memory, you should return it via free( ) or Free- Mem( ), so other programs can use it. You can use exit = ), however, to clean up after catastrophic errors. If something goes wrong, just call exit( ), and all mal- loc( ) memory is returned. While malloc( ) and free( ) make some programming easier, you cannot use them for every AmigaDOS job. For example, graphics imagery must be placed in chip memory. Malloc( ) does not offer a way to specify chip or fast memory; you need AllocMem( ). Be careful: Mixing calls to malloc( ) and AllocMem( ) in the same program has a downside. The first call to malloc( ) allocates a large block of memory that is not returned until the program exits, even though Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga' users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServes Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more information, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe you may need only a portion of the chunk. Without another laver of memory j J management like C’s routines, Alloc- Mem( ) has its faults, too. When many small AllocMem( )s are made by several programs at the same time, memory becomes fragmented. This means the system’s free memory is broken into many relatively tiny pieces. Memory allocations (from different programs) become interleaved, and when one program exits, a honeycomb of free memory is left. J J Even though a large total sum of free memory may be present, requests for large pieces of memory will fail, because the available pieces are so small. To avoid fragmentation, Exec provides routines called Allocate( ) and Deallocate( ), which make writing an intermediate layer of memory management easy. Along the same line is the standard Cl function called realloc( ), which changes the size of a block of memory and copies data stored in the old block to the new block. You must supply realloc( ) with two arguments: a pointer to a piece of memory previously allocated via mal- ioc( ) and a new size for the block of memory. The function returns a pointer to the new block. Be sure to use the return value to reassign any variables that point to this memory. You can write your own version of realloc( ) in terms of AllocMem( ) and FreeMem( ). Because AllocMem( ) needs a memory type flag, and FreeMem( ) needs the size of the memory to deallocate, however, the function is more complicated than realloc( ). For example: * reallocmem.c *1 include "exec types.h” include "exec memory.h” define MIN(a,b) ( (a) (b) ? (a) : (b) ) void *ReAllocMem( ptr, newsize, oldsize, type ) void *ptr; ULONG newsize, oldsize, type; = void *new_ptr; ULONG copy size; * Allocate a block of the new size * new_ptr = AllocMem( newsize, type ); If (new_ptr ! = NULL) = * Copy old data to new block * copysize = MIN( newsize, oldsize ); CopyMem( ptr, new_ptr, copysize ); * Free the old block * FreeMem( ptr, oldsize ); } return new_ptr; } If the reallocation can’t be made, then the old block remains as it was, and ReAllocMem( ) returns NULL. If the reallocation succeeds, the old block is automatically freed. Note that the effect of the MEMF_CLEAR flag is ignored in ReAllocMem( ), because any old data is copied to the new block. If the new block is larger, at least MFMF_CLEAR will guarantee that the extended part of the block will be set to zero. With Re- AllocMem( ), it's easy to change the size of dynamic arrays during the execution of a program, leaving you no excuse for poor memory management. ¦ John Foust is president of Syndesis Corporation and a contributor to a number of Amiga magazines. Write to him do AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, H 034 5S. This picture is worth only 7 words ..The Best Things Come in Small Packages. Printerface provides an auxilliary printer port for simultaneous operation of your printer and digitizer.
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Call for hardware rates and other shipping info. ‘RETURN & REFUND POLICY: All returns must have an RMA4. Call Customer Service to request ore. Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with all original packaging Exchanges fcr same product only OTHER POLICIES: We don’t charge your card unfit the product ships. Purchase order customers must have credit application on file. No surcharge fcr VISA and MC. When ordering with credit card, please include exp. Date and name of bank! Am ga i$ a trademark of Comnodcre-Amiga Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga Delivery sublet to product availability • Prices subject to change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card BEST SERVICE • BEST PR 31 37 24 35 39 29 2B 36 34 25 15 25 37 29 29 30 31 28 36 26 25 .23 35 .29 .29 35 23 31 35 .37 .20 29 .35 . 21 31 33 34 27 46 28 38 30 17 34 .20 37 32 31 35 31 29 19 28 23 29 .23 .29 35 .29 34 29 33 32 .27 .34 19 .27 .24 31 46 37 22 35 38 25 25 IB 34 36 30 29 25 36 37 28 28 28 .34 28 29 29 f9 32 29 29 31 24 45 .37 27 31 .29 31 29 31 24 Can .33 21 29 24 29 ..29 .27 ..28 27 31 27 ..29 . 27 . 36 ..36 35 20 23 23 35 28 29 29 27 25 42 23 36 24 23 29 34 29 34 19 31 27 29 36 29 28 38 21 49 33 .24 26 24 24 30 34 29 27 27 36 31 21 37 27 26 27 27 35 36 25 29 36 24 29 35 27 29 21 33 23 28 34 31 .37 .29 . 18 24 31 31 38 31 31 29 24 24 34 . 15 15 35 25 28 36 20 16 28 29 36 31 18 . 34 34 2D 17 30 28 29 36 18 25 33 27 31 32 29 21 24 31 22 28 .21 .19 34 22 36 36 28 29 25 42 29 25 ..30 .34 30 S 72 67 34 20 27 74 ... 25 ...69 54 ...49 .25 04 99 10-1 61 ...49 .. 74 . 62 .131 ... 42 ... 8? ... 55 67 74 24 !0 15 82 ... 49 124 108 69 ... 23 . Cal 54 Roger Rabbit .....31 Roil Out ......27 h**! Ro"er Coaster Rumble 30 H**l Romance of 3 Kingdoms . 46 Romantic Encounters 29 Rvf Honda ...31 Santa Paravia . 22 Scary Mutants 27 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 18 Scenery Disk S .20 Seconds Out Boxing 21 Sex Vixens From Space .29 Shadow of the Beast .34 Shadowgste .33 Shanghai . .29 Shinobi .33 Hp.! ShuH epubk Cafe ...29 Side Arms .29 Side Show ...31 Sidewinder 21 Silent Service......24 Silicon Dreams .....25 Hi*! Sim City Terrain Editor T7 Sim&ty ......31 t>>- Skate Wars ..34 24 .26 19 19 29 17 23 22 24 33 .Call 133 399 Call 22 109 15 ..99 122 £9 Targis .. Techno Cops Teie Fpc Teiegames Tele war. Telewar 11 terrorpads Test Drive ll Test Dnve Test Drive Tetra Quest Tetns Three Stooges Thud Ridge . Thunder Boy Animag* ....66 Animation' Editor ......40 Animation Effects _35 Animation Flipper 0 Animation Multiplane 69 Al;Ti3!iOt Rotoscope 53 Animation Soundtrack 89 Animation Stand 35 Animation Video Titler . 44 Animator Apprentice. 225 Ani mclion ....67 Broadcast Tiber 199 Ca’igan Consumer .. 185 Deluxe Productions 129 Deluxe Video 1.2 ......34 Deluxe Video III 106 Cigi-Works 3D 90 Director Toolkit ..... 28 Director Video Tutorial.. 31 Easy Titler ...... 34 Fantavision . 39 Font Libraries for PV+ (Each) ..79 Hu! Envision Plus 199 Invision (Recu res Lrve! New Version)... 141 Lights Camera Action... 53 Movie Setter ..68 Movie Seller Data Disks . . 24 PageFNpper F X ..101 Photon Vid Cel Animator 103 Photon Vid. Transporter 215 Pro Video Gold .....199 “he Director 45 TV'Show .74 Hi*! "V Text Professional 112 Video Effects 3D ’42 Video Titler vt.l 99 Hi*! VIVA1 ...... -40 Zoetrope .. 92 3 Demon AninaiQr lmagc5 ... Award Maher Plus . Award Maker Sports Disk B Paim .... Board Waste: ...... Butcher 2 0 ...... Caligrapher ..... Chroma Paint ......
* >. Comic Setter ..... Come Setter Data Disks Delude Paml II.. Deluxe Paint III Deluxe PhotoLab Deluxe Print II ...... Design 3D Dig-Qroid .
* * Dig-Pami 3 0 ...... Hi*! Digp-View Gotd AG . Bat Performer ... Express Paint 3 0 . Farcy 3-D Fonts...... Font-Works H«! Frame Grabber SW . . Gribtrt Interchange ...... Interchange Obiect InterFont . ».*. Wed e'er 3D . Op ticks . PageRender 3D ... Photon Pa r.t . Photon Paint Expansion H*l Photon Video E DIP Pixmate .... Print Master Art GaHery 1 Or 2 'anusy ..... =oms & Borders Prnt Master Plus Scan lab .... Sculpt 3D-XL ... Sculpt-Ammale AD Sculpt-An mate AD Jr.... Terra n Disk Turbo Silver Turbo Silver Conversion Hi*! Vid Gen .. Vuleoscape 3D 2 0 «*¦ Wrap Sesson A Cad ..... 146 Draw 2000 149 Home Builder’s Cad 139 Home Builder's Choice... 55 InlroCAD .. 63 Profession Draw 129 Structured Cl 0 Art 38 Hn X Shell Pro .139 X-Cad Designer.. 112 Hi*'. X-Cad Designer Pro 339 AHT & FONTS Aircraft Pics ...36 Aloha Fonts (Each) ... 15 «¦ Amiga Sc Fi . 52 AmiZoo ......34 Architectural Design... 24 Ashas Fonts . 64 Bud Pics ... 25 ChnaPics 27 Clip Art Disks 1-3 (Each) i5 Desxlop Artist .....23 E-Clips .. 74 HhT For Art's Sake ...16 Future Design . 24
t. GEN Animations 37 GRAPHICS VIDEO CAD Heraldic Pics . 27 Human Design 24 Kara Arum Fonts 1 32 Kara Amm Fonts 2 .. 32 Kara Headlines 1 or 2 50 Lion's Calligralonts ....64 Lon's Fonts ...24 Maps Pics ..... 44 Masterpiece Fonts 149 Media Line Fonts .... 26 Microbot Design..... 24 Newsletter Forts ..32 Starships 2050. .. 30 Studio Fonts.. . .. 32 Subheads 55 Tate forts . 48 ta- Vermont Seasons .29 World Symbol Library......3-1 Zuma Fonts . .. 25 BUSINESS is-Advantage . 69 Analyze! 2.0 . 74 Budgeteer ...... 34 Critic's Choice _.173 Desktop Budge: 46 Easy Ledger 199 impact ___ 54 Investor's Advantage 79 Jet Set . . 35 Jet Set font Sets .. 43 MaxiPian 500 . 49 Money Mentor .. 39 N mbus 1 3 (New Version). 99 PHASAR 3 0 . 61 Project Master 130 Publisher s Choice ..139 Securities Analyst......56 Take Stock......34 The Accountant. .... 189 The Works1 Platinum 199 WordPerfect Library 93 WORD PROCESSING &OTP City Desk 2 0 . 134 CygnusEd . 67 Excel’ence' (Req 1MB) 159 Flow ..... 69 Gold Spell 2 ... 34 Kind Words 2 0 74 Micro Text . 25 Page Setter ...39 PageStream . 129 PageStream Fonts (Each).. 27 PageStream Forms .....28 Per Pal 99 Pro Templates ..... 33 Professional Page 13 214 ProFonts (Each) 26 Promise ... 39 ProScripl ...33 ProText 139 ProWrite 2 5 ..... 75 Reason ..279 ScnbWe! Platinum .... 99 Transcript .47 WordPerfect (Updated!) 179 COMMUNICATION A-Taik III (New Version) 70 Baud Bandit __. 35 BBS-PC 106 D:ga .. 39 DR Term Pro.. .....79 Online1 Platinum .... .66 Skylne .... 99 Te'e Tutor ... 21 GAMES 3D Pool ..27 4th & Inches... 30 x» 683 Attack Sub 36 AS ZOO ..... 23 Action Fighter .. 23 tr Afterburner ..33 Airball .....28 Airborne Ranger ....36 Alien Legion 36 Alen Syndrome. 23 Altered Beast 34 Alternate Reality.- . - 29 Amga Karate .24 Andromeda Mission 28 Annals of Rome 27 APB. . . 31 Aguanaut 31 Aquaventure ..... 29 Archipelagos . 29 Arena _ 15 Arkanoid.. ..... 23
* «- Arkanoid II 34 Art Of Chess 24 Aslrarath 36 Aunt Arctic Adventure. 27 Auto Duel ..... 28 3aai .. 20 Bad Dudes 31 Balance of Power .....31 Balance 0! Power 1990 31 BaBistix ...... ... 22 Barbarian 27 is-Barbarian II 29 Bard's Tale II 43 Batman 34 Battle Chess 34 n Battle of Bntan 46 a Bathe of Midway 29 Hwt Battle Squadron 29 Battle Tech ...... 34 Battienawks 1942..... 36 Battleship . Ir Beam BeTter Dead Than Alien Beyond Zork ...... Bmnic Commando ...... Black Cauldron . Black Jack Academy He*1- B ack Magic ..... B ack Shadow ... Blitzkrieg Ardennes ... Blood Money ... Blood Wych ... Bobo ..... Bomb Busters Bombuttl Boomer-Aid Breach ... Kw! Breach 2 . Breach Scenario .. Hn Bride cf the Robot Bndge 5 0 ... Bubble Ghost . 3uf!alo Bn ... California Games Capone .. Captain Blood Captain Fizz ... Hi*! Cardiac Arrest Carrier Command . Cash man . Casmo Fever Centerfold Squares. Charon 5 .. Ches$ ma5'er 2000 Chroma Quest ..... . Circus Attractions Colossus Chess .... Combat Course Con1li£t Europe .. Corruption .. Cosmic Bouncer ... Cosmc Pirate...... Cosm c Relief Craps Academy ...... Crash Garrett C'azy Cars . Crossword Creator ..... H«* Crystal Qu«5t Cyber Complex, ..... Hu! Cycles .... DRAGON Force Daily Double Hcrse Racing. Danger Freak Dark Castle...... DataStorm ... Deathonnger ...... Deep Space Deja Vu II . 0*naris .. Detonator Devon 11 re . Dist.ni Armies Dive Bomber _ ... Dominalor .. Dominoes Downhill Challenge. Dr Doom's Revenge Dragon Spirit ..... Dragon's Lair . Dragons of Flame...... Dream Zone ... Dungeon Master He*'. Dungeon Master Asst H**1, Dungeon Master Editor Dungeon Quest ..... Earl Weaver Ccmimsioner's Disk..... Earl Weaver 68 Stats. . Earl Weaver Baseball..... Eborstar ... Eiimnator .. Empre .. European Scenery Evi' Garden .. Exolon . .... Eye Of HpruS F 16 Combat Pilot F40 Pursuit Face Off .... Faery Tate .. Fa:con .... Hi*! Fa'con Scerery Famous Course Osk.. . Fast Break Femme Fatale ...... Fernandez Must Die.. Ferrari Formula 1 ..... Feud ___ fina! Misson Fire Brgade ... Fire & Forget ------ Fish .. Flight Simulator 2 ... Forgotten Worlds... Formula One Foundation Waste Four By Four four In One . Fright Night ...... Frost Byte Galactc Invasion .. Games. Winter Edtion GinymeO Mnl Garfie'd .... Hw! Garfield's Winter Tale GeeBee Air Rally Gemini Wing ..... Genius ...... Gettysburg Ghouls & Ghosts . . . Global Commander Grand Prix Circuit. Grand Phx Master Gridiron ... Guerrilla War _ Gunsh p .. Gunshot . . Harrier Combat Head Coach . Heroes of the Lance..... High Steel ..... Hills'ar ... Hit D'Sk! ..... Hole In One . Hole In One Courses __ Hollywood Poker .... Holmes Hometown USA HoneyMocners. Hostage u Hound ot Shadow Human Killing Machine Hunt For Red October Hybns ...... 1 Ludrcrcus .. Indiana Jones (Deem)..... Indy Jones: Adventure Indy Jones Arcade..... Insanity Fight ..... Interceptor . International Soccer H«*! Hon Trackers H**! Tt Came From The Desert J NicMaus Golf Japan Scenery .... Jaws Jet .. Jinks ...... Hi*'. -Joan of Arc Joker Poker .. Journey Jug .. Kampfgruppe Karate K.d II H«* Keel the Thief..... Kennedy Approach Kickstart 2 Ktd Talk ..... Kikugi King Arthur ... Kingdoms of England Knight Force..... Kristal .... Lancaster .... Lancelot ... is-Las Vegas ... Last Duel ... Last Inca Leathernecks -------... LED Storm . Legend Legend of Djel ...... H**l Licence to Kill Leisure Suit Larry II Lombard Rally Lords of the Rising Sun . Magic Johnson Hi*! Hoops (1MB) Major Motion ..... I*- Maniac Mansion Marbe Madness Mean IS .... Menace ..... Metropolis u- Might & Magik II Hi*! Millenium 2 2 Mind Ron Mission Con3at Moetnus ... Momentum Check NightDawn . Nmja Mission _ Hr*! North & South Nuclear War Ob:iterator. Off Shore Warner Ogre Omega .. Omni p;ay Basketball.. . Operation Clean Streets Operation Woft Oswald ..... Out Run ...
P. O.W ...... PacLanj .. Pa la dm . Pa'ad n Scenario Parana a Complex ... ... r Persian Gulf Inferno Hi«l Personal Nightmare. Phantasie III Phantasm Phaser Gun' Phobia ..... Pioneer Plague .... Pipe Dream .. Planet of Lust Platoon __ Pocket Rockets Poco Man Poker Solitaire %y Pool of Radiance . ... Populous . Populous Worlds Disk H«*! Postman Pat. Power Sticks Power Struggle...... .. PowerDrome . Prime Time.... Prison . Hr*! Pro Football Simulator . Tt Pro Tenms Tour . . Prefect Neptune Puzzle Storybook Qix HwA Quartz H«* Quest For Time Bi'ds ... Question II Sky Blaster Sky Chase ..... Sky Fighter...... Skyfox II ... S'aygon Slipstream Smooth Talker ..36 Snake Pit ....24 Solsiare Royale .....22 Sorcerer Lord .....28 Ht*! Space Ace ... 39 Space Cutter 20 Space Harrier ...36 Space Racer ... 21 Space Ranger ....------------ 18 Space School Simulator 24 Space Station 16 Speedbal 29 Hw Spherical ...... 29 Spin Wold ...25 Spitting image ...... 29 St2r Gocsa ...29 Star Ray ......31 Star Wars Trilogy .35 StarFirght .....36 StarGlider 33 StarGlider II 32 Steigar ...31 Stellar Crusade ... 41 Stpck Market Game . F9 Story So Far ... 29 Street Cat ... -------19 Street Fighter ...29 Strider .29 Strip Poker Data (Each).... 15 Stnp Po er II ..28 H**l Stunt Car Race* ...34 Sub Baris 34 Super Scramble .. 29 Sword cl Sadan 34 H«*! Swords Of Twilight 36 Synapse .. 24 Tale Spn .37 Tangfewood ... 27 Tank Attack ..22 Targhar ...... 36 Rambo III ....27 Rampage .... 27 Reach For The Stars 33 Realm of me Trolls . 37 Realm of the Warlock 25 Red Heat 39 Reel Fish'n .. 32 Renegade .. ?R Return To Atlantis . .. 19 Revenge o‘ Defender 27 Rhyming Notebook ..... 31 Rick Dangerous ... 37 Ringside..... . 29 Road Rader 27 Robbeary .. 18 Robo-Cop . 36 Rock Challenge . . 27 Rocket Ranger 33 Rocklord . 26 ..27 25 ..31 .. 34 26 nme Hanoi's..... Time & Magik 48 31 Titan .... 31 Tom A .lerrv ....23 1 1 1 LjwUlIJ .. Tracers . ... 27 Transputer ..... 24 Trad .. ....36 Triple X . 29 Trivia Pursuit 29 Turbo . ... 17 TV Sports Basketball... ....36 TV Sports Football . 36 Twilight Zone ..... .29 Ultima III 29 Ultima IV.....39 UMS Data Disks ......25 Under Sea Commando 34 Uninvited .....31 Univ Military Sim 35 27 34 27 26 29 27 28 30 Data (Each) . 15 Muscle Cars. 15 Universe III ...... 35 Vampire's Ernpue. . . 17 Vegas GamOler . 30 n Vette Call Vigilante .....29 Virus 21 Vorlex ... 29 War In Middle Earth 35 Warlock .23 Wayne Gretzky Hockey.....34 Where S eeping Gods Lie.. 36 H**! White Death .39 Willow 23 WindWaJker .31 Vvordple* .....25 World Class Course Dsk 15 World Class Leader Board .29 World of Flight 109 World Snooker Billiards. 22 World Trophy Soccer .28 Xenon II 39 Xenophobe ..36 Zak McKracken 36 Zany Golf ..19 Zero Gravity ...21 Zoom .... 20 Zork Zero (*. Graphics) 4Q EDUCATION Adv, of Smbad 35 Aesop's Fade (Unicorn}.,.. 33 Aesop's Fable (Hilton)-------19 All About America .....42 Animal Kingdom ...... 35 Arabian Nights ......35 At The Zoo.. 31 Chicken Little ...... 19 ConSbundTratior .... 30 Designasaurus. ......34 D rosaur Discovery Kit... 29 Dinosaurs Are Forever . 29 Discovery Data Disks ......15 Discovery Math 25 Discovery Spell .25 H«*! Distant Suns ......51 First Letters and Words. 35 First Shapes ..... 34 Fraction Action 33 Grade Manager ...69 InteMtype .....19 Jigsaw ...... 29 Kmderama 33 Learning Curve .....55 Linkword Languages 24 Little Red Hen ...19 Logic Master 36 Magical Myths . 36 Match It .. 29 Math Talk ___ . 34 Math Talk Fractions... 34 Math Wizard 35 Mathamation 59 Mavis Beacon ...33 Music Student 1 .43 H* 1 Nu'ri Fax . . ..... 43 Oppcstes Attract ......3i Perfect Score SAT ....52 i« Planetarium ...5i Read 8 Rhyme ..33 Read-A-Rama 33 Recipe Fax ... 28 Spel er Bee 34 Three Bea's 22 Three Little Puts 19 Trip .. 35 Ugly Duckling ..... 22 Where In The USA ...35 Where In The World .30 Word Master _ 35 DataRetrieve DataRetneve Professional 149 Maiiodex. ... 35 Micro Base .... 25 Microfiche Fi'er Plus 115 Nag Plus .54 Organize! ......63 Superbase Personal II 99 Suoerbase Pro'esstona! 3 229 Who What Where When.... 67 PROGRAMMING A C Basic (v1.3} 134 A C Fortran .199 Addison Wesley Manuals... Can Amiga Machine Lang......24 Ahexx ..36 AssemPro ....72 Aztec C-Dev ...199 Artec C-Prot 149 Benchmark C Library ... 71 Benchmark IFF Library 71 Benchmark Modula-2 .....J34 Benchmark Simplified 71 C++ ......279 C 5 0 199 CAPE 6B ..65 Developer's Toolkit ....39 DsvPac Amiga .....67 D5M Disassembler ..44 Extend 29 Hi Soft Basic ... 115 InovaTools (New Version) 57 J Forth (New Version) 145 Key to C (V 2 02) 25 L Debug ..... ,. 76 Libraries (Each) 39 Lint 85 Macro Assembler ....79 Magellan (New Version)... 129 DATABASE 59 AM AX ..129 Am'..Alignment .37 Amiga DOS Toolbox .40 Amiga Tucks & Tips .17 AmKit .29 BAD ... 34 Hw! Can Do1 ....--------99 CL [mate ..25 Color Commander... 2t Des Cartes ...2-1 Disk 2 Disk (New Version)... 37 Disk Mechanic ..60 DiskMasler ...40 Dos 2 Dos ...... 37 Doug's Library Dsk----------11 Doug's Math Aquarium .... 59 Hr*! Dunlap UliMes . 55 Express Copy 31 EZ Backup .....36 FACC II ... 25 Family T ree 34 Fine Pont ..... 36 GOMF 3 0 w BuItOri ..54 GOMF! (Latest Version)... 29 Home Inv Manager ...27 Kckwork 13 (AlOOOOnty') 21 Mac To Dos .. 92 Marauder II ... 25 Mastering CLI . 29 MicroLawyer 4? MultiPrets .. 23 No gen Genealogy 71 Paette Printer . 25 PixelScrpt ..104 Project D (New Version).... 37
* s Quarterback ..- 47 Raw Copy (Latest!) .37 Stuffit ....28 SuperBack ... 54 T Shell .. 34 Tarot Master .21 Thinker ..... 49 TurboPnnt .38 Ultimate Dc$ Utils __46 Virus Infection Protection . 32 Virus Protection Toolkit.. .39 Hi*! Vo Rec One 129 WB Extras ...25 X Copy II ...28 AM AS .....135 t*-Amiga Sings .. 12 AudioMaster 2 0 ..... 63 Hi*! Bars 8 Pipes .... 199 Deluxe Music 63 Dr T Patch Editors Call Drum Studio 35 Dynamic Drums 59 Dynamic S'udo 144 Fat Sounds .46 Hoi 8 Cool Jarz Disk......19 KCS .... 177 KCS Level II 239 M . 149 Master Tracks Pro 269 MIDI Recordirg Studio......49 MidiMagic .. 98 Music Mouse ...49 Music X ... 165 Pattern Splatter .43 Pro Sound Designer 109 Hr*! Quasar Sound . 37 Sonix .. 49 Sound Lab Amiga 239 Sound QasiS . 72 Sound Trax 1 or 2 .. 15 Soundquest Fateh Editors 100 SouncScape ..130 SoundScape Complete.... 259 Studio Magic ... 75 Synth.-a.. . ..75 Synthta P'o'essiona! 28Q Texture. ..102 The Copy st Pro ... 149 Utilities 2 .43 Utilities I ...... 40 Our objective It 10 carry every product lor the Amiga ~ and sell them at the twsl prices. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. II you find a lower price, please give us a call, it is no longer close to possible lor us to list all the products we carry. II you don't see it listed, please call. H«*’- Products are new and In stock, x* Products had not been released at press time, x* Products have been marked down in price. All other products are normally in stock (as well as hundreds more). UTILITIES MUSIC Modula 2 179 Module 2 Debugger ...88 Power Windows 2 5 . 63 Runtime Package ... 109 Snell ...45 Sottware From Hell ...56 Source Level Debugger 82 TooiKrt .35 True BASIC 74 TxEd Plus ... 57 Ultra Card ....37 W-Shell 36 PRESENTING I IN NEW YORK CITY ? Starring ? THE AMAZING AMIGA ? Featuring ? Amiga Hardware • Amiga Software • Amiga Accessories Seminars • Stage Presentations • Clinics • Bargains Pier 92, New York Passenger Ship Terminal, for please Special COMP V D0B&sS CAT payment Cred t card on card Gdec Produced by World of Commodore Shows, The Hunter Group Name Group Hunter The New York, New York April 27-28, 1990 Friday and Saturday 10 am-5pm Pre-registration $ 10 for both days Deadline for pre-registration April 12 Registration at show: $ 10 for single day $ 15 for both days Admission includes exhibits, seminars, clinics and stage presentations. Restricted to persons 12 years of age and older. WORLD OF AMIGA IN NEW YORK CITY , order enclosed - Visa MasterCar 0r Money0 Expiry date Signature u or Money Order payabte to MaKeQdec .rianprwe,Suite 120, Amherst,UV
- rroEfigTRKf'ON " . York Clty at the World of Am® « fApri, 27 and 28, 1990. For more information call (416) 595-5906 or fax (416) 595-5093. Ode 151 on Reaae, card THE CCMPUTEREEAL (F THE DECADE A1000 + $ 2999 A2500-30 $ 4699 $ 1700 ATHOUSAND PLUS ATHOUSAND GETS YOU AN AMIGA 2000. Between now and March 31, Commodore is offering an incredible trade-up offer to all Amiga 1000 owners. By bringing your A1000 computer in to any participating Authorized Commodore Dealer, you can save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars on the CPU of your choice from our powerful Amiga 2000 series. Here’s how it works: YOUR TRADE-IN LETS YOU RETAIL YOU PLUS CASH BUY VALUE* SAVE A1000 + $ 1599 A2000HD $ 2699 $ 1100 A1000 + $ 999 A2000 $ 1899 $ 900 Don’t miss this special opportunity to become an Amiga 2000 owner. Commodore will be intro- ducing many new exciting technologies for the Amiga 2000 series in the 1990’s, and we want you to be able to take advantage of them all. Call 800-343-9595 for the Authorized Commodore Dealer nearest you. But call soon. The offer ends March 31st- and this may very well be your last chance to get such a deal on an Amiga 2000. AMIGA’. THE COMPUTER FOR THE CREATIVE MIND." C-Commodore’ Circle ]5 on Reader Senice Card *•
• Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Taxes not included. C 1KH) Commodore Electronics. Ltd. Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics. Ltd Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore--Amiga. Inc. (J A >1 E PRESERVE Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon By Patrick Quaid SOFTWARE PIRACY TAKES a nasty turn in Space Quest III. Instead of stealing programs, the pirates kidnap the programmers. As Roger Wilco, you must rescue the Two Guys From Andromeda, so they can continue writing a series of computer adventures about you. With the keyboard or mouse, you control Roger as he rummages around fullscreen, cleverly designed scenes. He can be hidden by foreground objects and can move in and out of shadows, creating a convincing three- dimensional effect. When the action gets too complex, you can type in commands. The interface works well because it focuses your attention on the puzzle rather than on the subtleties of the interface itself. The puzzles, to be honest, are more fun than difficult. In fact, Space Quest III has more of the personality and peculiar logic of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy than the Hitchhiker’s game did. You get to know the strange characters and outrageous situations, and before you realize it you’ve finished the adventure (if you can avoid the quick death lurking around every corner). As the game progresses the situations become increasingly interesting, and the biggest surprises come in a hectic and exciting final sequence. The graphics are obviously designed to he portable among computers, so although they look fine, they are not up to Amiga standards. The character animation, however, shows an uncommon personality and style. The background music changes with the scenes to enhance them. You’ll miss ii during silent sequences. Space Quest 111 requires only 512K and one disk drive, but because almost everv scene has to he read from disk, a hard disk helps load times keep pace with the game’s tempo and humor.
(559. 95, Sierra On-Line Inc., PO Pox 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468. No special requirements.) Park your spaceship and have a look around. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade By Peter Olafson LUCAS FILM HAS PULLED off a pair of cracking good games: an addictive action game and an ambitious animated adventure built around the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Face it. You’re going to be up late. They’re two very different sacks of snakes, so let's lake them separately. The action game (produced by U.S. Gold for Lucasfilm, $ 39.95) is an above-average rendering of the classic platform game: climbing, jumping, ducking, punching. You guide the Stylishly Unshaven One through four difficult levels a mine, a castle, a blimp, and the final ticklish run for the Holy Grail while collecting torches and whips and punching out minions of evil. (See “Crib ? From p. 66 You'll need to do a bit of rope switching yourself on the way up. Now, how to get at the cross? It's too high to jump to and the rope's no use. The obvious route up entails much fruitless banging of the head against the ceiling. Aim a little higher. It’s easy to miss it the first time. But watch that other climber. There is room above him on the rope. Now you're In the clear for the run across the train-top. Don't stop running once you’ve triggered the train. Wait until any enemies have turned their backs before jumping. Next thing you know, you're in the castle. Congratulations. Now you help me.
• You've explored the catacombs beneath the library in Indy's companion graphic adventure (Lucasfilm, $ 49.95) and come up almost dry. Just that hook. You can't lift the slab (it’s not important anyway), and the torch wouldn't move for the mud. You found everything available for the taking, but perhaps you could do something about the mud. There’s plenty of water. You just need something to carry it in. You'll need to be more than diplomatic to get it. Use psychology.
• One of the toughest puzzles in Gold Rush! (Sierra On-Line, $ 39.95) is assembling points in New York. Where’s that bank account number? Your friend at the bank will get it for you, but there’s a better way. Soon, you’ll be on a roll. Another tough nut is finding your brother. The path to the section of the mine he's In doesn’t look like a path. Do you recall a ladder that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere?
• Winter leaguers in Earl Weaver Baseball (Electronic Arts, $ 49.95): The computer manager's recommended lineups can be weird. Earl doesn't appear to consider secondary positions. The way around It: You pick the players, and let the computer manager set the lineup with them.
• Shadowgate (Mindscape, $ 49.95) can seem as small as a toolshed at the beginning, even after you find that odd looking rock In the passage wall. ? 0,45, 90,136 AND 180 MEG EXTERNAL SCSI HARD DRIVES SCSI LETS SEVEN DEVICES CONNECT ' TO YOUR COMPUTER COMING: .
• AUTOBOOT ' j-r-gg
• PICOMEGS-MEMORY EXPANSION FOR-THE INFINITY MACHINE » Circle 181 on Reader Service card NEW PRODUCT MAXIMEGS 2 MEG RAM PLUGS INTOA501 CONNECTOR PROVIDES 2.5 MEG OF DISPLAY MEMORY!! ¦ GREAT FOR ANIMATION. 6803016-50MHZ 32 BIT RAM 1-64 MEGABYTES 68882 MATH COPROCESSOR HIGH SPEED SCSI (AUTOBOOTS) A500 A1000 WE OFFER A GREATTRADE-IN ON A501 AND CLONES!! Ma C T technical .A.O. I. EXCELLENCE MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY See us at the AmlEXPO In Washington, DC March 16-18 1395 GREG ST., SPARKS, NV 89431 TEL (702) 359-0444 FAX (702) 359-0831 UKTEL. (077082) 234 AUSTRALIA TEL. (02) 2817411 W. GERMANY-CALL (i A M K PRES E K V E Notes” for a walk-through of Level One.) Every level has something distinctive, whether it's the airsickness-inducing bobbing of the blimp, the bank-carnera angle of the final level, or the cute animation of the rope climbers on the first. Indv and J the backgrounds are very well drawn. The routes through the levels are devious. Play is just hard enough to infuriate and just easy enough to drag you hack. Some of the logistics, however, didn’t quite work for me. For instance, a whip should be a near-inexhaustible resource, but here they are treated as expendable ammo. Beyond that, a less useful weapon would be difficult to find. The animation for cracking the whip is slow, meaning you can use them safely only when your opponent's back is turned, it's much easier to waste the whips on rocks and use your fists for people. Tour the catacombs with Indiana Jones. The action game could probably have existed without the movie. The real Indv J game is the graphic adventure (from Lucasfilm itself, $ 49.95). Moving from the intro at Indy's college, to his father’s ransacked apartment, Italian catacombs, a German-occupied castle, a zeppelin, and the trap and tricks of the Grail trials, the game has lots of puzzles. Be prepared, (hey get progressively nastier. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything the way Indy did in the movie; I found as many as four potential soluRomance of the Three Kingdoms By Timothy Trimble BASED ON HISTORICAL accounts of China as it grew from chaos to three kingdoms to one nation, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the tions to one puzzle. The standard Lucasfilm interface takes on a new and better look in Indiana Jones. You still click on verbs listed at the bottom of the screen and objects either appearing in the scene or listed below, and, voila, Indy or his father Henry try to do your bidding. Talking and fighting, however, are now part of strategy. (You’ll have to learn to do one or the other in the castle.) In addition, the Look option provides more description, and (he game uses overhead views when Indy explores corridors, which eliminates mapping. All the usual quiet Lucasfilm humor, bright graphics, good sounds (slushy shoes), and attention to detail are here. (Take a look around your office, or at the bulletin board on the way out.) The animation, on the other hand, seems best strategic simulations I have ever played. Your main goal is to unite China under one ruler. With historically accurate personalicuriously slower than usual and the pace is less compelling. While you can move freely within each discrete area, you can’t travel at will between them, making it feel like you are following the dead hand of the movie. It’s also somewhat less intimate in “feel.” I didn’t play this as obsessively as I played Zak MacCracken and (he Alien Mindbenders or identify with Indy quite as readily as I did with Zak. That may owe to the game’s popular origins, die rather removed perspective of the overhead views, or the small size of the Indy character compared to characters in the earlier games. He’s really a little fellow, and actually kind * of cute. (Lucasfilm, distributed by Electronic Arlst 1820 Gateway DrSan Mateo, £4 94404, 415 571-7171. Joystick required for the action game.) Ties of 65 generals, you face a major challenge as you fight and negotiate your way to rul- ership. You can win states within China through battles, ? (You did find the rock, right?) The way to the larger world Is In the Mirror Room, and I don’t mean the hole In the floor. You'll need something from the Dragon Room to break through.
• If you’re wandering all over the mountain at the beginning of Journey (Infocom, $ 49.95), stop, restart, restore. It won’t take you any place. You need the map from the shop In the village, and even that’s not enough. Do I have to spelt it out for you?
• The B power pills are the most devastating weapon in Ikarl Warriors (Elite, $ 39.95). Grab them and avoid picking up anything but ammo lovely for entertaining large crowds. Stand still while you’re tossing them, however, as It's easy to advance Into the blast radius while on the move. Don’t abandon your tank until It's out of fuel and smoking. Allow it to blow up in some judicious place (like next door to a bunker). Don’t bypass too many enemy soldiers, because they will reappear at the bottom of screen. He who advances too swiftly up the screen Is sent home In a bag. Take It one step at a time. Load up, move out and we'll do It again next month. ? COMPANIES MENTIONED: Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. Elite Systems Ltd., distributed in the
U. S. by Keypunch Software, 1221 Pioneer Building, St. Paul, MN 55101, 612 292-1490. Infocom, distributed by Mediagenlc, 3885 Bohannon Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025, 415 329-0800. Lucasfilm, distributed by Electronic Arts, see address above. Mlndscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 312 4B0-7667, 800 221-9884. Sierra On-Line Inc., PO Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614, 209 683-4468. Diplomatic relations, and convincing other generals to join your forces. Keep the peasants happy by increasing land value through cultivation, building up flood prevention, and offering rice and gold. The last thing you need is to have your general killed by the masses. Plundering will drop loyalties but will increase the amount of gold, rice, and women that you have. You can Now you control the fate of China. Give women as gifts to your generals, which is great for increasing their loyalties. Should all else fail, attack the other states. The battle screen is a very colorful hex layout of the countryside, castles, rivers, and mountains. A nice table is also displayed, showing the statistics of the enemy. Battles allow one ac- i tion per turn, either movement or combat. The mobility of the troops is dependent on the amount of training they have received, the amount of weaponry they are carrying, and the weather. Various types of attack are available, including an option that allows you to trick and trap the enemy. The intelligence of your commanding general has a lot to do with the success of this op- Turn: state 3, mutter 46 in rotation Haster Sun Ce, A third of eneHy rice has teen destroyed, tion. Watch the supply of rice for your hungry troops; it doesn’t matter how much stronger you are than the enemy if your rice gets taken. Overall, the game is a very well-done simulation with a fantastic manual. While 1 wish it relied on the mouse instead of the keyboard, 1 highly recommend Romance of the Three Kingdoms. ($ 69.95, Koei Corp., Suite 540, 1350 Bay- shore Huy., Burlingame, CA 94010. One megabyte required.) ¦ Filerunner Card (ST506 or SC512) (i V ME P R E S E R V E An internal Hard Disk System for use with the Amiga 2000. This system comes already built and installed with a 3.5" hard disk drive. Each card can accommodate a second drive (SCSI up to seven) for future expansion, and the power supply is strong enough to run two drives simultaneously. Formatted (low level high level) with Interleave 1:1. Just plug it in and switch it on. Filerunner Box (flat version) An external Hard Disk System for use with the Amiga 500 or 1000. This Hard Disk System comes already built and installed in a flat case which fits neatly under the monitor. Each case can accommodate a second drive for future expansion, and the power supply is strong enough to run two drives simultaneously. Just connect it up and switch it on. All systems include:
• Framebackup which allows the boot block to be copied onto a separate floppy disk allowing easy start up after a crash.
• AddFlp- our newest feature which installs up to 10 floppy partitions onto the harddisk allowing diskcopy between the disk and the floppy. Capacity:
• 30MB up to 180MB
• up to 4 GigaBytes on special order International Amiga magazines have rated ALF “Excellent... the fastest and safest controller system in the world." For more information see your dealer or contact us. Pre’spect Technics Inc. RO. Box 670, Station‘H’ Montreal, Quebec H3G 2M6 Phone: (514) 954-1483 Fax: (514) 876-2869 Circle 230 on Reader Service card. See us al the AmlEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 A miga World 11 BriWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 24 Hour FAX Line 1-215-683-8567 Customer Serv ice 1-215*683-5433 Technical Support 1-215-683-5699 SOLID CALL
- 800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5433) 29 24 34 23 2b 41 2 b 27 2b 25 34 39 4b 26 35 17 17 ¦7 34 36 39 33 17 Shark Vtlaek Side Show Sim City Space cc i Drag I air Sequel i Space Quest 2 Space Quest 5 Star ( o.'mnarid StarfligliC Sleller ( rusaili Strip Poker II St ry v Sltilll I rack Ran i Super Hang hi Superniaa Sword of Sodan T Sports Ha>ki-tball TV Sports Football 1 able Tenuis 1 o chart I eeliage Milt.ml Ninja turtles' Test Drive 2:Calif Challenge II v[ Drivi 2:l oinpf.t i ( lialirige* lest Drive 2:Muscle ( ars Test Drive 2:Super Cars Jest Drive 2: Hie Duel Tetris The t velv : Grand P": Racing I heir I iiiL-st Hoili Hk.llle Britain I mil A Jerrv I |() Ultima IV V i ti l an 3 urica War In Middle Liailh W ciril Dreams W here iu I S is ( .inm-n Minlhvgn Where in World is Carmen San Diego M ind vi alkt-r enophobi .nek McCracken 25 *- 39 2 b 34 53 33 24 2b 2 b 13 I » 13 13 3(1 25 39 41 IS 3» 39 29 39 33 1 *7 33 30 19 33 19 I '* A 45 311 39 23 26 2b 32 u 35 34 27 33 35 L? 33 26 2b 39 34 32 36 34 33 23 35 39 33 33
3. 1 31 17 27 41 26 33 23 31 35 35 26 24 17 24 49 34 25 ¦>- 23 55 29 2 t 30 33 33 25 30 CREATIVITY GRAPHICS uloilroi(i 59 Broadcast Titler 19.5 Comic Setter 69 Deluxe Paint Version 3 99 Deluxe Photo Lab 99 Deluxe Print 2 54 I h lllM ’ itleo 3 9*1 Digipaint 3 69 Digiview v4.9 ilor $ 90 2IMI0I If) Director 49 Director - Toolkit 29 Draw 2000 ] 69 Faritavision 39 l-Ok Us ' i:jc„ | 11) I in isiim Pius ]t)9 Kara Fonts Color 55 Kara Fonts Iicadlincs2. Subheads ca 4') Masterpiece Amiga - Fonts Clip Art 165 Media Line Dskip A Video Package 24 Page Flipper Plus FX 99 Performer 42 Photon Paint V2.0 qij DYNAMIC DUO! Digi paint 3 The Ultimate Paint Program! $ 69 Digiview 4.0 Simply the Best! $ 139 These packages from NewTek are two of our hottest titles for the Amiga. Order yours today and find out why eveyonc calls them the "Dynamic Duo.’ Nevjm-K 1001 Things to do with Amiga SI 1 AMIGA C for Hcginners+ 15 Advanced Amiga BASIC 15 dvallied Sy |ein Prog Guide* 27 Amiga Machine Lang Prog Guide 17 Amiga 3D Graphics Prosrammine* 17 Amiga BASIC Inside &Oul+ “ 20 Amiga C for Advanced Progs* 25 Amiga DOS Inside & Oui+ 17 Amiga DOS Quick Ref Manual 8 Amiga Desktop Video Guide 17 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out* 24 Amiga Graphics inside and Out* 27 Amiga Hardware Reference Review IS Amiga Machine Language* 17 Amiga Programmer’s Guide 15 Amiga Prog's Handbook Veil 20 Amiga Prog's Handbook Vol2 20 Amiga System Prog's Guide* 27 Amiga Tips & Tricks-* 17 Amiga for Beginners 15 AmigaDOS Manual (2nd Edition) 20 AmigaDOS Reference Guide v|..i 17 Dungeon Master Hint Book II Elementary Amiga BASIC Book 13 Guru’s Guide. Meditation 1 14 Inside Amiga Graphics 15 Inside the Amiga With C 21 Kickstart Guide to Amiga 19 Kids and the Amiga 13 MORE Amiga Tips & Tricks* 17 Prog Guide Amiga - C Disk 12 Prog Guide Amiga - Modula 2 Disk 12 Programmer’s Guide to the Amiga 22 ROM hemal Ref:I xeed.iluVDcvs 2s ROM Kemal Ref: Includes*AutoDoc 27 64 Bmulatnr S52 mIf.11' ilr.u t.li.illi 69 Camera Lens 16mm - No Iris 22 Copy Stand with Light Fixtures 64 Covers call DigiView Adapter Gender Change 16 Flicker Master 14 ink call .|n slick - Iirnvis J? Joystick - Super 3 Way 25 Maw ) okr I light • ntrl 79 Mouse Master 29 Paper call Ribbon call Safeskin Keyboard Protectors call Switch Box A B Db25f Connectors 29 X-Specs Zoomer Console Controller 46 Uduiilugt- * I In 1 129 16, r.ipim % 12b Data Rctreive 52 Desktop Budget 52 Excellence 150 Family Tree (Your) 35 Nimbus Accounting VI.3 109
P. H.A.S.A.R. V3.fi 69 Page Setter 69 P-igi selli r U 84 Page Sir 1.im DM Emils -113 1 - Page Nijtjiii 1 12* Pen Pal 99 Professional Draw 139 GENERAL BUSINESS ACCESSORIES BOOKS Adventures of Sinbad $ 32 Aesop's Fables 32 All About America 39 Animal Kingdom (Wonders of) 32 Chicken Little 29 Decimal Dungeon 32 Desittiiii-auriis 33 Dinosaur Discovery Ku 29 Disiover |phul>el 13 Di-wnver ('Ittniisii i 13 Disinter Math 13 Discover Numbers 14 Discover I S History A Geography 13 Distant Suns iGalileo 3) 4( First Letters & Words (3 - 8) 30 First Shapes 3 - 8) 30 Kid talk (5 -15) 30 Kmdcrama 32 1 on Keys 25 Link word: Italian 20 Linkword:Spanish 20 l ittle Red Men 2u Math Talk (5 - 13) 30 Math Wizard 32 Math-amation (College) 55 Mavis Beacon Typing 34 Mixed Up Mother Goose 20 Mypaini 33 Nil.ill's rk 29 Planetarium 49 Read &. Rhyme 32 Read A Rama 32 Speller Bee (5 - 12) 29 ( hivc Bears 29 I luce Little Pigs 29 I «l% Duckling 29 Word Master 32 3D Pool v23 688 Ytlark Mill' 34 3D.ND • Dragonscit I I.mu 17 AD&D - Heroes of the Lance 29 IKS 11 - Pool i*( Radiance* 35 dvi-ntures Thrmigli I inn- 33 After Burner 33 lltin) Keiisl M rchipel.igrw 1 ¦ rlnia* T7 Aunt Arlic Adventure 29 Bad Dudes 30 Balance of Power 1990 34 Elat man 1 he Mot ii 33 Battle Chess 34 Bailie Squadron 24 Baltlehawks 1942 36 Bbiekout 2b Bltnvii Money 29 Blin SngeK All Hr emit 2 43 Bride of the Robot 26 Professional Draw Structures 42 Professional Page 1.3 IK9 Professional Page Template 42 Prowrite V2.5 75 Scribble - Platinum Edition 72 Ntrrvice Industry ct minting’ ’ 1 lav Break 5fj Tax Plan 1989 19911 28 Word Perfect 149 Works - Platinum Edition 140 ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION California Games Centerfold Squares Chcssinastcr 2100 t 'low n-( )-M;tutU
• ine: Master Detective5 Cribbage & Gin King Data Storm Death Bringcr Double Dragon II Dr. Plummers House of I lux
U. K. .G.( ).V I oree Dragon's Lair Dragon N I air II: Singe’s Ca-dle*' Dungeon Master Earl Weaver Baseball Earl Weaver Commissioner's Disk Earl Weaver Slats '88 Disk Eye Of Horns I in i mnli,it Pilot FIS Intercepler I 49 Pursuit Ntimilalnf Falcon Falcon Scenery: OperCountr Strike I t-rlcrafu'ii1 Fiendish I reddy *s Big Top of I I'm Fire Power Right Simulator 2 Flight Simulator Scenery £7 Flight Sim Hawaiian ( Idyssev
I. iDil i4 iln Xmericas Grid Iron Football Hardball ID Heal U ave: ( Hfshnre Racing Hockey l eague Simulator Hole In One - Miniature Golf Honda in I Hostage D )M | ri-pach Ice Hockey: Way ne Gretzky Indiana Joncsd.ast Crusade (Grplik) Iron I «rtl* II ('aim I roui the Ikserl Jack Nicklaus Golf .lack Nicklaus" Course I til 'I Jet ¦letsoits i I lie i Jigsaw! .loan id n Keel the I liiel Kingdom of England Kings Quest 1 .11. Ill each Kristal Leisure Suit Larry 2 Licence to Kill Lords of the Rising Sun Lost Dillhutai: Mine Magic Johnson'*. Basketball Manhunier Nliiciliimt«j -Mm | raiu iseii Maui.u Mansion Mean IS Famous courses Vol2 Mean 18 Golf Might A Magic 2 Mmmpoh M Warriors Never Mind NvuromaiH er Nuclear W at (JnuiiPlay ll«>rsi K.h irig Operation Wolt Persia ii t r 1111 I rtlerno Pipe Dream Planet of Lust Police Quest 2 Populus Pro I oothalt Simulation Pro I mu is I our Qix
R. Davis Soever Reach for the Stars Kings of Medusa' Robocop Rocket Ranger Roger Rabbit Sex Vixens from Space Shadow of the Beast DRAGONSCAPE A new arcade game from Free Spirit Software. Multiple levels of scrolling supcr-bitmaps. A full soundtrack plus sound effects, a unique game concept and unusual opponents combine to make this a hot new title. Briwall Price $ 27 We maintain an enormous inventory of Amiga software. If you don’t see what you want, CALL! Titles marked with * were not yet available when the ad was prepared. Please call for firm price and avaifabfilty. Titles in BOLD are new items Australian Customers can order locally from Briwall Australia at-
(062) 88 0131, or FAX (062) 88 0337 A Talk 111 $ 65 AC BASIC v L3 135 Amax - Macintosh Emulator 129 Ami...Alignment 39 Amiga Workbench 1.3 24 Amikil 34 ArexvVIO 35 AsscmpnJ 64 Aztec C Developer Compiler 195 Aztec C Professional Compiler 129
B. A.D Disk Optimizer 32 Bund Bandit 33 Benchmark Modula 2 129
C. A.P.E. 68K v2 0 59 I an Do H'J ( 1 os-Dos *9 Cymes Ed Pro! Text Editor 69 DGS-2-DOS 39 DSM 49 Disk-2-Di.sk 2.1 35 Diskmaster 30 Dunlap I lililies 52 Express Copy 34 FACC II 25 GFA BASIC 99 Grabhit 26 Imagdmk 2*19 Lattice C *+ 219 Lattice V5.04 Dev Pacakage 205 Online - Platinum Edition 60 Power Windows 2.5 59 Project Dv1.1 33 Quarterback V2.3 49 Raw Copy VI.3E 39
I. v. .1 . .uivi ninre const lanu-* 65 I llr.il arrl 35 I ItiaCarrl Plus q? Virus Infection Prelection 33 No Surcharge on Charge Orders 24-Hour Toll-Free Ordering Our Fifth Year in Business Fast. Friendly. Reliable Service In-houseTechnical Support A Fair Return Exchange Policy A "No-surprises” Shipping Policy 26 PholtMl irleo 1 DI P 315 33 Pixmatc 45 30 Pro Video Gold 199 3'i Sculpt 31 >M 1 lb 33 Sctilpl Animate 4D 3S9 39 Sculpt Animate 4D Jr 97 53 Turbo Silver 139 54 I lira Desiim 255 58 Video Scape 3D 2.0 125 27 liars A Pipes jo2 Deluxe Music Construction 65 Dr I t njiv 1st pprcntict (11 65 Dr T Keyboard C. S. Level 11 225 Dr T Midi Recording Studio 49 Future Sound Sampler A500 2000 103 M 139 Music-x 195 Perfect Sound A500 65 Sonix 52 Synihia PRO 252 I ake Noli 59 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! WHY CHOOSE BRIWALL? UTILITIES LANG U AGES SOUND & MUSIC SUPPORT B5HWALL SOLID CALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kulztown, PA 19530 PLEASE COME VISIT US! Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM EST Saturday 9AM-12 Noon EST 1-800-638-5757 Outside the USA (1-215-683-5433) VISA SCSI C (> N T R O L 1 i E R S Drive Specs. Drive Price C-LTD 2CKK) $ 140 Fastcurd A21KKI SI 51 Harclfrarne A2000 S25I Impact 8 II A2000 S350 Kronos A2000 $ 230 Wiirdsync A2000 $ 169 FastTrak A 500 $ 346 Kronos* A 500 $ .384 Synergy A 500 $ 313 Trumpeard A500 $ 223 FastTrak AlOOO $ 346 Krimoi* AlOOO $ 421 2()MB-40ms Scaeaie-3.5 $ 293 $ 429 $ 438 $ 536 S632 $ 516 $ 458 $ 641 $ 669 S6TX) S5I0 $ 641 $ 705 40MB- 19ms Quuntuni-3.5 $ 439 S575 S584 S6S2 $ 778 $ 662 $ 604 $ 787 SSI 5 $ 746 $ 656 $ 787 $ 851 44MB-25tiis Svuiicst-5.25 $ 673 canndgc S*>s $ 907 $ 916 $ 1,014 $ 1,238 $ 994 $ 936 $ 1,1(8) SI.137 $ 1.068 $ 988 $ 1,109 $ 1,173 r 1 a 4KMH-40tns Soai:a[c-3 5 $ 360 $ 496 $ 505 $ 603 $ 699 $ 583 S525 $ 708 $ 736 $ 667 $ 577 " 11 | $ 708 $ 772 k 48MB-2Knis Scuaatf-3.5 $ 382 S318 $ 527 $ 62 5 $ 721 $ 605 $ 547 5730 $ 758 $ 689 $ 599 S730 $ 794 __ta___- . 64MB-24ms Seaeuic-3.5 $ 498 5634 $ 643 $ 741 $ 837 S721 $ 663 $ 846 $ 874 S805 $ 715 $ 846 S9I0
- -S_| S4MB*24ins Seagate-3.5 $ 532 $ 668 $ 677 $ 775 SS7I $ 755 $ 697 $ 880 $ 908 SK39 $ 749 $ 880 $ 944 |(H)Mli-19ms , Quantmn-3.5 $ 775 S9II $ 920 $ 1,018
51. 1 14 $ 998 S940 SI.123 $ 1,151 $ 1,082 $ 992 $ 1,123 $ 1,187 135MB-15ms lmprimiv-3.5 $ 1,202 $ 1,338 $ 1,347 $ 1.445 SI.541 $ 1,425 $ 1,367 $ 1,550 $ 1,578 SI,509 $ 1,419 $ 1,550 $ 1,614
- ----L--- 2()7MIM5ms Mavlor-3-5 51,708 $ 1.844 $ 1,853 $ 1,951 $ 2,047 $ 1,931 $ 1,873 $ 2,046 $ 2,074 $ 2,005 $ 1.925 S2.046 $ 2,110 DRIVE PACKAGES We have the technical sales staff and trained techni - cians to help you w ith a hard drive package purr have. These package prices are complete, and include all additional hardware required. .4500 A 1000 packages include case and cables. (On packages w ith a you can deduct S110 if you don't want the case and cable, j A2000 mounting brackets may be additional. Drive assembly is S15, or assemble it yourself Many other package deals available! Please call lor Prices. MEMORY PACKAGES BOARDS Ilk 512K IMP, 2 MB 4 MB SMB :s-up! J 1 Mbs 1 $ 1X5 n a n a 5382 $ 582 $ 982 Supra I Mbs 1 n a n a n a 5361 $ 561 $ 961 Miniutees :.9iK>l IP n a $ 276 5377 5539 n .i n a EXIMtnOd i Mbs 1 $ (7-1 n a n a 5574 $ 774 $ 1,174 Spun lulsvud LY*Lxl Imt. $ 23‘> $ 308 53X4 n a n a n a C Lid «5 >2 2 68x4 |2I> $ 113 Sl7t> $ 242 $ 374 n ,i n a Netec Recum IMBd-SMM s:ki n a n a 5462 $ 720 n a Siarlwjrd2 KbKxl (59> $ 269
55) 4 $ 4 10 5608 n a n a Mtnimegs iJViKx-t IP n a $ 27(i S3 7 7 $ 53‘1 n a n a Spiril LiSiuiI IVJsx! I Op. $ 239 530X $ 3X4 n a n a n a Xetx I .wr.an 1MB«>NMX| $ 210 n a n a $ 462 $ 720 n a META4 and TRUMPCARD Amiga 500 owners now have the choice of starting their expansion with either memory or a hard drive! Buy the Meta4 500 with up to 4MB RAM, and later add the Trumpeard SCSI controller. Meta4 500 w 2MB $ 515(includesca.se) Trumpeard Option $ 165 Or buy the Trumpeard 500 and later add up lo 4MB of memory with the Mela.4 board. Trumpeard 500 $ 223 (includes case) Meta4 Option OK $ 165 Meta4 Option 2MB $ 435 CITIZEN GSX-140 New 24-pin narrow-carriage. Dot matrix printer. The GSX-140 emulates die Epson LQ series and the IBM Proprinter X24 with a maximum resolution of 360x360 dpi. Printing speeds range from 192cps in draft mode to 64eps in letter quality mode with a total of six resident fouls. All printer settings are made through a set of six front-panel buttons, wilh a 16 character LCD display providing prompts. The GSX-140 features top. Rear and bottom paper feed, an RK data buffer, and a 2-vear parts and labor warranty. $ 379 Suggested Retail Price $ 499 Optional Color Kit tor 7-color printing S50 Colot Ribbons S20 Neriki 11ST Neriki Desk luji SuperGen SuperGen 2()0(K irltech Scaol I S-l MEMORY .4500 Amtek Clone (501 type) Melj-t« case 2MB Micromegs - MAST(501 type! RA.M500 - Supra (501 ty pe) Supra 2MB for Sdrivc500 midi sound
A. M. AS. EiCE - External AlOOO ECE - External .4500 2000 Golden Hawk A2000 Midi Internal MODEMS Aprolek i12-3 Mini 1111)0 Xproltk Mini Y500 2 HM» HST Courier 9600 Supra 24(K) w o cable Supra 2400 i A2000 internal Supra Modem Plus MNP lev 5 $ 49 vMW 5189 $ 109 $ 479 389 $ 619 $ 749
i. .Vi S539 S65 $ 139 $ 94 85 $ 95 519 599 853 99 $ 1629 1629 $ 209 StlllTING POLICY: ALL ORDERS received before 3PM F.ST will normally be shipped within 2 business days. All UPS shipments arc sent Signature Requtred No Driver Release. Add die following shipping charges io your Total software order t PS: Ground $ 4.50(COlit. ISA ONLY): Atr Rush S8.00 (includes Puerto Rico Hawaii); Overnight .$ 12.00 52.50 PER ITEM (must be received by 12 N«x>n i Priority Mail: USA S-l.50 (Includes. APO FPOfc Canada Mexico $ 7.00: Other Foreign $ 4.00 Handling * Actual Shipping * Insurance. II KIA KK Shipping charges for .ill hardware are $ 4 5(1 handling - actual shipping charges - insurance ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS For your cunscnience. You can place a phone order 24 HOUR S 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE |-806-638-5757. Outside the USA. Please use (215) 683-5433. Price, av ailability, and compatibility checks arc also welcome on our order line. Monday thru Friday. 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST. AFTER HOURS Orders Only Please! When placing an order, please specify your computer model, home & daytime telephone number, shipping address, charge card number, expiration dale and name of bank. ACCELERATOR HOARDS .431)01 w 030-882 25 4MU 0 S2549 43001 w 030-882 25 4.MH 40Q $ 2999 A3001 w 030-882 25 4MIJ 80Q 53299 Hurricane 28IKI wv030-8X2 l IMB SI795 Hurricane A5D0 w 020-KS 1 16 1 MR $ 899 Ini mid Machine call Mideel Racer wiih 68021) $ 349 Miffcet Racer I'ke " 681I2II-S8I Hi M49 CHIPS 4MB SIMM lor GYP cc Bd S849 DR M ¦ I MIS S hits SIMM >135 DRAM - IMH x I I hi I lOOnv $ |6 DRAM ¦ 256KB x I bit 150ns $ 6 DRAM 256KB x 4 bil 100ns ZIP $ 22 DRAM 256KB 4 bus- 120ns $ 18 Math Chin 68881 - IfiMhz $ 99 Maili Chip 68882 - 25Mhz S349 Micro i'roc ( hip 68030 • 25Mb >349 DRIVES (FLOPPY) Amie-a-losh Plus S245 idexidiila ED-10 $ 135 l-'lexidala I D-20 $ 259 Urudnvc Enhanced $ 153 Musli-t 5 5.25-im li external >204 DRIVES (Hard) 64MB Seagate 5.25" ST277N $ 447 80MB Quantum 3-5" $ 750 84 | B Seagate 5.25" ST296N $ 506 90MB Fujitsu 3.5" (SCSI > $ 997 100MB Connor 3.5 CPS 100 SS62 136MB Fujitsu 3.5" I SCSI i SI 256 158MB Mieropolis 5.25" 1674-7 $ 1144 182MB Fujitsu 3.5" (SCSII 51488 DRIVES i Hardw Controlleri t, |* 5fMi Hurd Drhrs call (A I* 2WMi llardcarri Plus call Supra .4500 22MB $ 495 Supra .4500 40MB-Quanium $ 739 EXPANSION CHASSIS A1000 Tool Bov w power $ 239 .4500 Subsystem $ 249 .4500 Subsy stem with Drive $ 329 .4500 Toolbox w power 5239 GENLOCKS migen Magni 4004 w 4010 Cnirl. Magni 4o|o 4d|uS Mmigert 1959 monitors SCANNERS N| 133 Mitsubishi DiarnonScan 14 $ 529 Prof, Scanlab (Softw+Hardw) $ 669 Monitcrm Viking 1 $ 1545 Cannon DPI $ 1459 NEC 3D $ 649 Han-D-Scan Wis Sharp JX-300 + Prof Scanlab MOUSES Being Optical $ 99 VIDEO $ 1105 M4 Contriver $ 49 Camera Lens 16mm w variable iris 51 f My-T $ 42 Camera P.irtasimic 15(R). $ 133 Camera Panasonic WVI4I0 $ 105 PRINTERS Color Splitier $ 319 ( .iniiii P11 IISU.i ( filer Ink It 519 Flicker Fixer A2000 III* Diskjii Plus 795 1 liiker Fixer V500 J 2 Flickiill 111* Paint Jet SI 150 . Frame Bul'fer+Capture A2000 (OK) $ 135 Laser Express $ 2199 Frame Buf+Capture A2000 (1MB) $ 49 Okimate 20 w ith Plug & Print $ 230 1 rame Grabber • 256 Gray Scales $ 49 Sharp .I 7.6luuU»i ink jell 1 859 Frame Grabber - Progressive Frame Grabber V2.0 Software only $ 75 Star NX 1000 Model II Star NX-IOOOR Rainbow $ 189 $ 259 Printerfacc S89 MISC HARDWARE 79 A max - 128 ROM Chips ONLY $ 79 SCSI ERASABLE OPTICAL Case 2-5.25' HH harddrives+power $ 659 Tahiti IGB call I'uWiT supply - 51Hl F.vp. Ivi'h $ 125 Ricoh 570MB (drive only) S3999 Power supply for A500 Trumpeard $ 145 570MB cartridge S299 J ,i|m stri-.iuu r 1 ast I:i|H' f4i 1111 in $ 158 Sotiv WOMB (w 1 cartridge) $ 4599 lii|k- Stn-aiiH-t Fast l;i|X-filtMli I xt 650MB cartridge $ 329 1 apv *slri amer M 1-150 S795 $ 949 S311) S4349 ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We gladly accept Persona! Checks (no holding). Money Orders. VISA. MASTERCARD. School Purchase Orders, or COD ($ 4.00 additional - for established Hriwall Customers ONLY). All checks must be in US Dollars and draw n on a US bank There is no surcharge for credit cards and your card is not Charged UlWil we ship! RETURN POLICY lfor software and accessories ONLY): We have u liberal return policy to bciler service your needs. Il within 15 davs from Ihc tunc sou receive an item, you are not salisficd with it lor any reason, you may lelum il to us for cither a refund, exchange, or open credit REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A IIP* RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED (W-00 MINIMUM PER ITEM >
F. XCII ANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly he issued lor ihc full purchase price of ihc item DEFECTIVE items. Hardware items and Special Order items will be repaired or replaced wilh the same item only. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Call i2I5l 6X3*5699. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. We do our very best to help you wiih your product selections before you order, and after you receive your product. General questions, such as price, compatibility, etc.. will be handled by our order Mali at ihc time you place your order. BUT. If you have specilic. Detailed questions about a product you w ill get the most help from oui Technical Support Line. Row p. 18 board’s synchronous design makes it more sensitive to system timing than the others, and the non-auto-configuring memory makes it a bit non-standard. Though there are jumper settings that help adapt the board to your particular system, I found one A2000 in which I could not make it work at all. The Hurricane 2800 should appeal primarily to those most concerned with getting the maximum performance for the minimum price. CAT's is the original 68030 accelerator board for the Amiga, and a proven performer. Since its initial release, GVP has fixed a number of minor design flaws, so that the board is now functioning quite solidly. Also, while early versions of the Impact drive interface were reported to be fairly slow, the interface now ranks among the fastest available for the Amiga, with drive reads of up to 650 kilobytes per second. Finally, in its 33 Mhz incarnation, the GVP board is clearly the fastest of all accelerators tested so far. Its biggest drawback is the design of its memory board, to which you can add 32-bit memory only in fairly expensive four-meg increments. Although the company insists that nybble- mode RAMs increase performance, my tests show the Impact board to be no faster than the Hurricane 2800 when run at the same clock speed, even with burst-mode memory access enabled. I would also prefer a SCSI interface. See us at the AmlEXPO in Washington, DC March 16-18 While the AT-bus interface is a cheap way to add a hard drive, it does not support devices such as removeable-media drives, tape backup units, and CD ROMs. Despite these reservations, GVP’s board is an excellent choice. It can be configured to suit a variety of speed requirements and budgets, and even without its expensive memory, it provides performance rivaling 68020 accelerators with 32-bit memory. A2630 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 436-4200 S2195 No special requirements. Hurricane 2800 Imtronics 12301 S.W. 132 Court Miami, FL 33186 305 255-9302 SI 195 (28 Mhz with two megs RAM) No special requirements. Impact A3000 A4000 Great Valley Products PO Box 391 Malvern, PA 19355 215 889-9411 S2999 (25 Mhz with four megs RAM) $ 3999 (33 Mhz with four megs RAM) No special requirements. MIDI Sample Wrench lighten up your sound samples. By Steve Quinzi THE LIBRARY OF Amiga music software has been gl owing nicely for the past few years, except for one disappointing void the area of sample editing. Sure, there are several good sample-capture and -edit programs for manipulating IFF sound files in the Amiga’s internal audio domain, but outside of Sound Lab from Blank Software (which works only with the Fnsoniq Mirage), there has been no Amiga software to support the multitude of professional-level sound samplers on the market. All of this is changing now with the release of the MIDI Sample Wrench by dissidents software. With this program you can transfer waveforms to the Amiga from any sampler that supports the MMA Sample Dump Standard, a format set forth by the MIDI Manufacturers Association for the transfer of sound samples through MIDI. Once loaded into the Wrench, samples can be modified extensively through a number of verv sophisticated editing features with high-fidelity 16-bit format, and stored in dissidents’ own MSW1 format. I he package includes a program disk Catch a wave In a window. And a disk of* sampled sounds. There are some very useful utilities thrown in, such as the 8SVX-to-MSWl and MSWl-to- 8SYX utilities, which convert 8SVX (IFF) samples to MSVV1 format and vice versa; the Talk 12 and Talk 16 functions, which exchange sounds directly between the Amiga disk and a sampler without opening Wrench; Play MSW1, a tool that takes sounds directly from disk and plays them from the Amiga’s keyboard; and Play Remote, which triggers a remote sampler from the Amiga’s keyboard. .Another utility allows for communication with the Akai S700, S900, and S950 samplers, which interpret the Sample Dump Standard a bit differently. The program's copy-protection scheme asks you to type in a randomly selected word from the manual. If you type the wrong word or misspell it, you are quickly returned to the Workbench screen (a non-copy-protected disk is available for an additional $ 30). 1 be program requires 512K of RAM to run, but one meg is recommended. 1 tried running Wrench without expansion RAM and found it so limiting that it was practically useless. MIDI Sample Wrench opens onto an empty screen with a menu bar. From the Project menu you can open edit windows one through three; the Setup menu offers options to vary screen color, define backups (internal, external disk, or none), and to choose between a 200- or 400-line display; the MIDI menu lets you specify the sampler you are using and to initiate sample dumps between the Amiga and the sampler. In the Windows Each of the three edit windows sports a different color and a different set of controls. .All can he open at the same time. Each is topped off by a color-matched menu bar containing options pertinent only to that window. The Wrench is not a sample-capture program, hut you can get a waveform into an edit window either by loading it from disk or by dumping it from a sampler. Once a waveform is in a window you can scrutinize it pretty thoroughly by magnifying, zooming in and out, scrolling left, light, up, and down, or by resiz- Not your usual Envelope Generator. Ing the window to get a bigger picture. The CTRL-M and CTRL-L key combinations put you into Play mode, allowing you to hear the waveform either through a MIDI keyboard or the Amiga keyboard, using the Amiga’s internal sound chip. Although the fidelity of the eight- hit Amiga audio will he noticeably lower than when playing from your 12- or 16- hit sampler, you will probably end up using the Amiga sounds to check your edits waiting till the end to send the sound hack to the sampler as a transfer can take minutes. (The slow transmission rate is inherent in MIDI.) Dumps (transfers) are initiated by selecting either Send or Receive from the MIDI menu. Data transfer is made possible bv the Wrench's library file, which J * contains the information necessary for ? Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, California Satisfied CA-880 owner ft. Here at California Access™ we believe “Surfs-up" said it best. But don't take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know what you think of this narly drive. M • a Narly Features; H ‘.I M,
• Passthrough
• Power Disable Switch j .
• Low Power Consumption California!
• 880K Capacity |tZ*cctss 1 - “ ’ - -77 • ” . ‘ the program to communicate with samplers. There are two libraries to choose from: one for 12- and another for 16-bit samplers. I tested MIDI Sample Wrench with a Yamaha TX16W and an Akai S1000, and found that dumps to and from the Yamaha came off without a hitch using the 12-bit library. The S1000, however, required that dumps go through the Talk 16 utility, thanks to Akai's improvisation on the Sample Dump Standard. Though the sound was transferred flawlessly, having to use the utility rather than the Wrench library proved a bit cumbersome. Processed Signals The program offers an array of very powerful DSP (digital signal processing) features in its Functions menu: The Gain and Scale to Full options let you vary the gain (level) of a sampled sound. Gain increases or decreases the level in .1 clB increments up to 30 dB, while Scale to Full automatically increases gain to the highest level available without clipping. The Reverse function plays sound backward, while Invert performs phase re- r YOUR TURN! MIDI Sample Wrench is very flexible and does everything that an .Amiga sample editor should do. The tech support person called me right back and was very informative. Doug Travins Schenectady, NY versal, flipping the wave upside down. Combine Samples mixes waves from any of the three edit windows: You can define an offset so that one of the waves starts before or after another, and you can set their relative levels. A wave can be combined with itself in this way for a flanging effect. DC Offset attempts to compensate for direct current (a square wave), which may have been imparted during the sampling process, by adding an equal but opposite amount of DC to cancel out whatever is there. The Digital FQ section is great. It has a parametric EQ with a range adjustable from .1 to 3 octaves and a center frequency adjustable from 5 Hz to 95% of the Nyquist frequency (half the sampling rate). It also has bass and treble shelving with a definable break point. Both Eqs can be applied for either a boost or cut of 20 decibels (dB), In addition, there are high- and low-pass filters with a definable cut-off frequency. You can select from three filter orders (slopes): first (a six-dB-per-octave roll-off), second (12 dB per octave), or fifth (40 dB). While a 40- dB roll-off may seem severe, it is handy > for preventing aliasing when transposing or resampling. 1 am surprised that this otherwise-complete section does not include a 24-dB-per-octave or 4-pole filter, as 24 dB is such a common slope. Envelope, Please The Envelope Generator turned out to be different than 1 had expected. Not a traditional envelope generator that applies an overall envelope to an existing gain shape, the MIDI Sample Wrench version is like a graphic gain shaper with which you can draw (via mouse) a specific gain characteristic for a wave or AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you'll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept, AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 Now available ... 40 famous and challenging golf courses for your MEAN 18: Ultimate Golf™:
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So it doesn't matter what kind of Data is there or whether the disk is "protected" - Synchro Express will make an identical "Clone" of your original withont fuss. One external disk drive is required*. W 100% SUCCESS? - in our recent tests we were unable to find a single program that Synchro Express could not backup - this Includes ALL the latest Blockbusters and utilities!! Start protecting your software investment now. Remember this process is both simple and fast. No parameters or patches are required, v f Menu Drive Control Program couldn't be simpler!! Select Number of Tracks, and that's It!! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nlbbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! WHY WILL SYNCHRO EXPRESS SUCCEED ¥ WHERE OTHERS FAIL? Some programs now have very sophisticated protection including long tracks, Incryption, etc. But remember, whatever the programer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Synchro Express beats all others - it transfers data at MFM TTL level. Just like the duplicators. POWER BY DESIGN Synchro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying" is Che present sensation. This device, with it's custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under $ 70!! Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mount Techniques - Synchro Express is warranted for 6 months agalnBt manufacturing defects. HOW TO GET YOUR SYNCHRO EXPRESS FAST.... CALL TOLL FREE - 1 - 800 - 962 - 0494 - ORDERS ONLY WE WILL PROCESS YOUR ORDER QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR SYNCHRO EXPRESS WITHIN DAYS. NOT WEEKS. OUR MULTI-USER XENIX BASED ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLS YOUR ORDER FROM THE MOMENT YOU PLACE IT RIGHT THROUGH TO DESPATCH. ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hrs. WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or CODS (ADD $ 2) 1855 W. STATE ROAD, 434 SUITE 208, LONGWOOD, FLORIDA 32750 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 407-767-0779 CCT 1 pari of a wave. The Envelope Generator window opens over the edit window, lining up precisely with the left edge. The envelope affects only that part of the wave in view. The Envelope Generator window has a center line representing zero dB and offers three ranges of severity: + 10, + 20, and + 40 dB of gain. Once you draw the envelope in die window freehand, the program goes to work calculating and then displays the new shape in the wave edit window. The Fs Transposition option can resample to different sampling rates, change the sample-playback rate, and transpose waves to different pitches. 1 think pitch transposition could have been better implemented: as it is, you must calculate the frequency at which to resample, then bring the wave back to its original playback rate. Maybe I'm lazy, but I would like to see the program perform the calculations. A Compression facility is available for leveling the dynamic range of a sound. I he Wrench’s compressor is much like a hardware unit. I he Treshhold, or level at which compression starts, is adjustable from 0 dB (which in this case is calibrated to represent maximum level) to 60 dB. 'file Ratio degree of compression is adjustable from 10:1 to .2:1. MIDI Sample Wrench is excellent, and once you learn it, it is easy to use. It takes advantage of the Amiga’s style, which some ported programs do not. I he more you work with the program, the more you find you can do with it. Gilbert Eckert Seattle, WA Note that the fractional ratio will result in expansion and must he used with caution as this function has no safeguard against clipping. You can adjust Attack, or length of time before compression starts, from .01 to 20 milliseconds, and Release, the length of time compression lasts, from .01 to two seconds. When you select the Transfer function, a window opens with a graph, the x axis representing input (the wave shape before transfer) and the y axis representing output (after transfer). A straight line plotted at a 45-degree angle through the intersection of the axes (unity) results in no change to the sound, as input in this case is on a one-to-one correspondence with output. Changing the line with one of the preset shapes or hv drawing with the mouse, however, alters output. What effect does this have? You can never tell. Think of it as a quick and easy way to add weirdness to a wave. FFT, or Fast Fourier Transform, calculates the harmonic content of a wave as it changes in time, and presents it as a psuedo 3-D graph on screen. Frequency is plotted along the horizontal, amplitude on the vertical, and time on the diagonal of the graph. Six resolutions are available from 1024 point to 32 point, with 1024 having the highest frequency resolution (and taking the longest to calculate) and 32 point having the greater time resolution. According to the manual this function is not accurate enough to be used as a serious analysis tool and is ? The world's most powerful MIDI sequencing software is available for Amiga! Master Tracks Pro™ for Amiga features 64 tracks of real time and step recording, our exclusive Song Editor ™ and legendary graphic editing. Professional features include controller chasing, fit time, 16 MIDI channels,a built-in Sysex Librarian, a cue sheet for keeping track of hits and the ability to lock up to SMPTE via MIDI Time Code with the MIDI Transport,™ For more information see a Passport dealer near you or call (415) 726-0280 for details on the Next Generation of Music Software™. I Ezxcitement! W P.O. Box 5069 • Central Point, OR 97502 ORDER TODAYS 1-800-444-5457 Passport, 625 Miramontes Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (415)726-0280 10 GREAT NEW DISKS!!! (Quality User Supported Software) 182 Six Pac (by Terry Fike) 6 fun and exciting 2 player games 200 S.M.S. (by Terry Fike) Best educational disk for geography, spelling & math. We highly recommend for all ages. 208 Sonix Play 3 Icon driven music disk entertainment and more 210 Orbit 3D Arcade type space games and more 215 Larn Adventure game; also Connect Four & Flipper 216 Chinese Checkers 2 to 6 player game, great graphics 219 Talking Adventure Text adventure with great sound 227 Diplomacy A game of world power; also Blue Moon & Asteroids 234 Micro EMACS Word processor, mail manager & spell checker 242 Show-Wiz Includes 12 pictures; loads IFF or HAM files Prices: 1-4 disks $ 7 ea. 5-14 $ 6 ea. 15+ $ 5 ea. Call for FREE Catalog! UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 2000! FlickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, The flickerFixer that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace Commodore Magazine (12 88); 7 Reader’s flicker and visible scan lines. The result: super- Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); “The ior quality color or monochrome graphics and display is fantastic... It is the best display we text for such demanding applications as have ever seen on any computer system.” CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Amiga GURU (5 88) Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information or to order, call MicroWay Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. FlickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. Micro Way... Respected throughout the industry for high quality engineering, service and technical support. World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Crete 78 on Reazer Service card. FlickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. Meant only to serve as a guide. I like it just the same. Marked for Effect Looping is the meat and potatoes of any sample editor, and the Wrench is no exception. You make a loop by placing markers either using the mouse or by typing in sample numbers at the ends of the section that you want to affect. To facilitate the looping process there is a zero crossing finder and a Cross Fade Looping option that mixes material from the end of the loop with that at the beginning, or some of the waveform from the start of the loop with the end, or both. View Markers lets you see the loop points, and View Loops draws a horizontal line below the two markers to indicate a sustain loop and above to indicate a release loop. Markers can serve not only to set off loops, but also to help keep your place when zooming and so on. The View Markers menu presents the six marker options and takes you directly to the one selected without scrolling. The Clips menu is home to the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions. Before you can use these options you must define an area of the wave with the mouse or markers as a Clip. The Wrench can accommodate six clips on a clipboard. You can name each of these individually, and play them from the clipboard itself. You can also cut and paste them among the three editing windows, and if you find that your splices look a bit sloppy, you can smooth them out with Free Hand Draw, a function that lets you redraw waveforms with the mouse. Not only is MIDI Sample Wrench a well-written and professional program, in some ways it is a milestone product for the Amiga. Unfortunately, though, not many samplers support the Sample Dump Standard, and some of these do not adhere strictly to the MMA specifications. So if the Wrench is to succeed, it must support a variety of samplers SDS implemented or not. Dissidents says that support for the Casio FZ1 and the En- soniq EPS is coming soon. That’s a good start, but Roland and Korg owners are still out in the cold. In any event, if you own a supported sampler, MIDI Sample Wrench is a must. It is the most powerful Amiga sample editor of any kind I have seen. You may consider using the Wrench just to edit Amiga sounds a little expensive for this purpose maybe, but the DSP functions alone could prove worth it. MIDI Sample Wrench dissidents 730 Dawes Ave. Utica, NY 13502 315 797-0343 $ 279 No special requirements. Professional Page 1.3 Screen mirrors page. By Chris Dickman GOLD DISK’S UPGRADE of Professional Page, the leading high-end Amiga page-makeup program, has a number of improvements and new features. It’s also ? For further information, our agents are standing by. Suggested retail $ 129,95 Case No. 05734 AMERICA'S MOST WANTED
- >. % •>-, •••• ' ' I-’.. ~ 5. '•* - • MOUSE The Cordless Mouse™ 1135 N. Jones Blvd. Tucson.AZ85716 Fax (602) 322-9271 Also available lor ST and Macintosh computers. £1989 Practical Solutions. Inc. Afl rights reserved AMIGA Program mers Wanted! Wanted for over 200 counts per inch and operating without a cord. Also wanted for being the smoothest mouse available for all Amiga computers. Armed with features and dangerous to all other mice, it has eluded capture for even a mug shot. In the event that you come in contact with this mouse, be sure to purchase it immediately. The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncirculated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! Practical Solution ®
(602) 322-6100 AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 Dual Cal. ChaU . .. 16.99 Dual Europe . . 16.99 Dungeon Master . .. 31.88 Earl Weaver Baseball ... .. 31.88 Earl Weaver Commission . .. 14,95 Earl Weaver 88 Slats .... . . 14.95 EbonS tar .. . 25.77 Empire ..... .. 31.88 F-16 Combat Pilot ...... .. 31. SS F-40 Pursuit ..... .. 31.88 F A-18 Interceptor...... , . 31.88 Faery Tale Adventure.... . . 31.88 Falcon F 16 . . 31.88 PRODUCTIVITY A Talk 111 ...... ..... .. . 74.25 Accountant. The...... .. 186.50 Analyte 2.0 ....
89. 47 Ban 1 Bandit ...
39. 95 BBS PC ...... . 98.00 Call grapher 1.05...... .. . 90.32 Can Do . ..... .. C ALL City Desk 1.2 .. .. 104.22 Critic's Choice (3 in 1) . .. 173.72 Dr. Term Professional .. . 69.47 Dynamic Word . . 104.22 Mind Shadow FREE Hardware Software CATALOG! Thousands of products listed. No purchase required- nothing to buy! (Circle Number on Beader Service Card.) Phantasie 111. Pioneer Plague
P. O. BOX 1619, XOOUXX HMS, 91376-1619 Police Quest I .. Pool of Radiance Populous Zak MeKracken . Z yd ami .. 31.24
23. 00 MUSIC & EEMI aa v ai»fcwi •••••»•••••••••• Kl M'cr '7ii J' 1 ¦1 Auruii,
• a « a « t • Dl.Ol fi2 DO Aegis Draw 2000 . 169.00 Bars A Pipes.... ...... 209.00 .Amiga Graphics Start Kil. .. 72.00 C-Zar ..... .....126.31 Analytic Art .... .. 37.25 Deluxe Mosic Const. Set ... 69.47 Animate 3D ...... . 104.22 Dr. TVALL CALL Animator: Apprentice . 182.00 Dynamic Drums .,. 55.57 Award Makrr-Ed Sprt ea.
20. 87 Dynamic Studio ... ......138.97 B Paint...... .. 26.77 Encore ... 45.00 Aasempro .74.95 Axtec-C Dev ......197.00 Aitec-C Professional......128.00
C. A.P.E. 68K Assem. 2.5 ... 58.52 DfvPak 2 .197.00 Expert System Kit 48.62 Fortran 77 Pro. Pak ...... CALL HlSoft Basic .....103.17 J Forth ...69.47 Lattice C ** ..... 299.00 Lattice C 5.04 .... 285.00 MenuMaker 31.88 MeUarope Debugger......59.00 Paa2Mod .... 69.47 Program Caller .....41.67 Prog. Analysis Toolkit.....41.67 Sort Utility 41.67 Source Level Debugger..... 49.13 T Shell 28.70 True Basic w runtime pkg CALL Tiumui ..55.57 I'CSD Pascal ..... 249.00 I'CSD Pascal Prof. Pak . 449 00 Wshell 31.88 Pro Tennis Tour Project Neptnne ., Qi* ..... Question If...... Bambo III Renegade Return to Atlantis Rick Dangerous .. Risk ..... Road Raider..... Exn lienee ......159.00 Financial Plus ....193.00 Flow 63.00 Kincwords 2.0 ....64.17 Logritix ..103.56 Microfiche Filer Plus......115.99 Sins ins ].3 .....113.25 On line Platinum ....64.00 Pa|« Setter ......104.22 Pari (on BBS .CALL Pen Pal ......104.22 Pha-ar 4.0 62.29 Professional Page 1.3.....219.00 ProWrlte 8.5 ......77.00 Publisher's Choice 129.00 Publishing Partner Pro. ... 138.97 Scribble! Platinum 104.22 Skyline J.2 (Atredes BBS) 119.00 Sop«-rbase Personal II.....98.00 Sujx-rbase Pro 3.0 243.22 Tax Break .55.57 Word Perfect 4.1 .179.00 Works Platinum. The 205.69 Federation Femme Fatal. Ferrari Formula One Fiendish Freddy Final Assault...... Final Mission...... Flight Simulator If .. GVPA3001 68030 68882 28Mhz W 4MB 32-Bit RAM Plus-80 M! Suanlum HD All for only ...*3391 CALL US FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD DISK & ACCELERATOR NEEDS! UTILITIES AmigaDOS Express .20.82 AmigaDOS Toolboi 41.67
B. A.D. Accelerator .31.88 Benchmark IFF Library .... 64.47 Butcher 2.0 .....-. 24.00 CU Mate ..25.77 Custom Screens ...43.00 Cygnus Ed Pro .....64.47 EDUCATIONAL It’s Only Rock A Roll. .. ... 20.82 Master Trarks Pro ... ,... C ALL MIDI Magic ....
97. 22 Music X . 208.47 Pro MIDI Studio .. 124.25 Broadcast Titler ..193.00 C-Light 38.65 Cailgari -Jr. 138.31 Deluxe Paint III ...99.00 Deluxe Photo Lab .104.22 Deluxe Print IT ....59.95 Deluxe Productions 139.84 Deluxe Mdeo 1.2 ..90.32 Deluxe Mdeo III ...CALL Design 3D .69.47 Digl Mew Gold 4.0 138.97 Director, Tool Kit .72.95 Director. The .. 52.95 Doug's Color Commander 24.25 Doug's Math Aquarium 55.57 Easy Tiller 2.0 ....31.88 Express Paint 3.0 ..90.27 Graphia Studio ......41.67 HoraeBoiiders CAD 138.31 InlroCAD .51.00 Logic Works 2.0 ..189.00 Modeler 3D 69.47 Movie Setter ......69.47 My Paint ..31.88 Page Flipper Plus P X .... 102.00 PageRetder 3D ....94.17 Photon Paint II . 98.00 Plxmate ...45.62 Pro Video Gold ...193.00 Sculpt 3D XL .....125.07 Sculpt-Anlmate 4D 391-00 Sculpt-.Anlaate Jr .119.00 AB Zoo ...24.00 Alg.bral . 32.25 Ail About .America 38.95 Cali ulus ..31.88 Dec,mat Dungeon 32.25 Destine* 23.00 Dea gnaaaurus ... 32.25 Din taaur Discovery Kit 25.77 Discovery Math Spell ea 34.95 Discover} Data Dsks ea. ... 14.95 Discrete Math.. 31.88 Distant Suns 49.98 Pint Letten A Words 33.00 First Shapes .... 33.00 Frartlon Action . 32.25 Grade Manager .. 58.95 Great Slates II ...25.00 Kidialk .....25.77 Kinderama 32.25 Learning Curse . 51.95 Letters to You .....CALL linkword Languages ea 20.50 Little Red Hen ....20.82 Match It ..25.99 Math Taik Fractioas ea. ... 26.99 MaJi-A-Mation ....64.95 Mads Beacon Typiag 31.24 Pre Calculus .....31.88 End A-Rama .....31.88 Social Studies. 13.87 Space Math 29.99 Spellbound 25.50 Talking Animator .....39.00 Talking Coloring Book 24.25 Thiee Utile Pigs ...20.82 Three Bears .20.82 Tri tonometry .....36.88 Word Matter .....32.50 World Allas. ...... 41.67 I ft a We’ll meet or beat any advertised price in this issue of this magazine!** ii'J Disk Manager Mac .CALL Disk Recovery Toolkit 25.77 DisKwIrk ..31.88 DOS-2-DOS 37.23 Dunlop Utilities ......47.95 Express Copy .....32.25 Extend ...25.00 EZ Backup 31.88 FACCU .21.00 Gfibbit ...20,82 Inova Tools I II ea .55.57 interchange 32.25 Laser Up! Plot 1.2 .30.58 Laser Up! Print 1.2 .58.81 Lint ..63.11 Magellan 2.0 .....117.99 Nag Plus 3.0 ......49.57 Powenrindows 2.5 .59.52 PrintMaater Plus 31.00 Project D .31.88 Quarterback .. +4.00 Raw Copy 1.3 .....38.67 Superback .....51.57 Pro Sound Designer 111.17 So nix ..... 55.57 Soandlnb Amiga .. 202.00 SoundQuMt-.AU ....CALL SoundScape Utilities I.....34.00 SoundScape Utilities II.....42.00 For ORDER INQUIRIES and CUSTOMER SUPPORT CALI M1M8M633 GAMES Aatrgh' ...23.00 Ad.entures ofSLnbad 32.00 Afterburner 31.88 AlJen Syndrome ...33.00 .Android Decision ..24.33 An of Chess .... Baal ... Bad Dudes .. Balance of Power I! 1990
25. 75 Flight Sim.-Scene Dsks ea
17. 34
19. 99 Gauntlet II ....
31. 88
22. 29 Gladiator . . CALL
11. 00 Global Commander
25. 77
31. 24 Grand Slam Tennis
31. 86
31. 88 Gridiron .
41. 67
25. 77 Guns hip ..
36. 97
35. 99 Hacker II . 25.77
31. 00 Harpoon . . CALL
32. 25 Harrier Combat Sim...... . 31.88
32. 50 Heavy Metal Land Comb. . . Call
25. 77 Heroes of the Lance...... . 25.77
22. 29 Ml War A DAD ... . 31.88
38. 95 Holeln One Golf......
23. 00
25. 77 Hollywood Hijinx . . 25.77 CALL Hostage .. . 31.24 31,88 Hunt for Red October
31. 88
23. 00 Hybris .. . 25.77
22. 77 Indy Crusade .....
34. 95
25. 77 Indy Doom Text .. . 3J.8S
25. 77 Indy Doom Arcade . 25.77 , 25.77 Indoor Sports .... . 31.88 . 32.25 It Came From The Desert. . . 34.24 , 24.95 Jack Nlcklaos' Golf......
31. 38
25. 77 Jack Nicklaus Courses ea
14. 95 . 25.77 Jet ..
31. 88 . 25.77 Jetsons, The ..... . 31.88 . 31.88 Joan of Arc ...... , 31.88 . 25.77 Joker Poker .....
24. 72 . 31.88 Kampfgnippe .... . 41.67
25. 77 Karate Kid II ... . 25.77 . 23.00 King of Chicago . . 31.88
41. 67 King's Quest I II til ea. .. . 31.88 . CALL Krystal, The ..... . 31.88
32. 00 Lancelot .... . 28.00 . 27.00 Land of Legends .. .. 31.88 Bucket Banger .....32.00 Boger Rabbit .....31.24 Hogue 25.77 Romance 3 Kingdoms 51.00 Romantic Enc. Dnmr...... 26.77
S. D.I ..31,88 Sargon III .31.88 Scrabble .. 27.00 Shadow of the Beast ......34.95 Shade* gate 31.88 Sherlock: Crown Jewels .... 25.77 VIDEO TAPES SoundTrax I O ea ..14.00 Synthia .59.50 Texture II 174.25 Turbo Suier 3.0 ..128.00 TV'Show ..63.00 TV’Text Pro ....124.95 Ultra Design ..... 277.97
V. I.V.A 149.00 Video Effects 3D ..138.97 VldeoScape 3D ...109.00
XC. AD Professions! 389.00 Animation .31.88 Dpalnt 3 ..CALL Dlgitiring .31.88 Director Mdeo ....29,95 Getting Started with Your Amiga ......29.95 Graphics Techniques 31.88 PROGRAMMING AC Basle 134.00 AC Fortran ......198.00 Arexx .....31.88 Beetle Squadron Black Shadow .. Blitakrleg Ardennes Jmb Blockoul ...... Blue Angels .... Bi each 2 ...... Bridge 5.0 ... Bubble Bobble . Cidiforola Games ...... Ci.pone .. Cuslno Fever ... C!iessmaster 2000.. . Clue ... C mbit Course . C'aps Academy . Dtathbringer .. Defender of the Crown Destroyer ..... Double Dragon . Double Dribble . Downhill Challenge..... Dragon’s Lair...... Dragon Force . Dream Zone .. Duel, The ..... refunds PLEASE DON’T ASK. No refunds or exchanges after 30 days. Call for details. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. All exchanges and returns will be charged shipping and haadllag. Our "Meet or beat any advertised price..." policy excludes: blowouts, discontinued or "special” sale prices and all hardware. 7-DAY ACCEPTS _ PAYMENT IY: VTSA days on prepaid mail orders. ? International shipping NO PROBLEM! ? Mail-in orders PLEASE include y our telephone number. ? DEFECTIVE Exchanges NO PROBLEM! Restocking fee m

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