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TESTING THE COMPETITION Compare Results & Value! Optical Scanners Hard Drives PC Bridgeboard Productivity Tools Word Processors CAD, MIDI Games & More Plus! Mastering HAM Composite Imaging itmigaDOS Scripts ojyHo o 4096 Colors in High Resolution Digi-View Gold, the best video digitizer for the Amiga, just got one hell of a lot better. With the all new Digi-View 4. 0 software you can do the one thing most people thought was impossible digitize and display all 4096 colors in high resolution! We call this revolutionary new graphics mode " Dynamic HiRes and you will have to see it on your own screen to believe it. But that’s just the start of what makes Digi-View 4.0 a breakthrough. Other new features include: Dynamic HAM (fringe free HAM), Noise Reduction (for the sharpest images ever), Arexx support, super bitmap digitizing (directly into Digi-Paint 3), 24 bit color support, 68020 compatibility and dozens of other new features making Digi-View Gold the hottest Amiga graphics product ever. It’s still just as easy to use as before. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold gives you dazzling images with amazing simplicity. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500, 2000, and 2500, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the 'Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Digi-View Gold. Digi-Paint 3 and Video Toaster are trademarks of NewTek, Inc Give a man a VCR and he can watch reruns, give him a Video Toaster and he can make his own! Controls on your television. If you want the best graphics possible for your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only Digi-View Gold: • Can digitize in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full-HiRes overscan) • Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including extra halfbrite) • Uses exclusive Dynamic modes for 4096 colors in HiRes • Is 100% IFF compatible and works with any graphics software • Can digitize in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible • Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously

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Amiga World Vol 06 01 1990 Jan

Document sans nom * A » & SPECIAL REVIEW ISSUE! £ A - anuary 1990 An IDG ations lion s0 « ;k oV j2? O* 9> 4* 0 ft ip •• TESTING THE COMPETITION Compare Results & Value! Optical Scanners Hard Drives PC Bridgeboard Productivity Tools Word Processors CAD, MIDI Games & More Plus! Mastering HAM Composite Imaging itmigaDOS Scripts ojyHo o 4096 Colors in High Resolution Digi-View Gold, the best video digitizer for the Amiga, just got one hell of a lot better. With the all new Digi-View
4. 0 software you can do the one thing most people thought was impossible digitize and display all 4096 colors in high resolution! We call this revolutionary new graphics mode " Dynamic HiRes and you will have to see it on your own screen to believe it. But that’s just the start of what makes Digi-View 4.0 a breakthrough. Other new features include: Dynamic HAM (fringe free HAM), Noise Reduction (for the sharpest images ever), Arexx support, super bitmap digitizing (directly into Digi-Paint 3), 24 bit color support, 68020 compatibility and dozens of other new features making Digi-View Gold the hottest Amiga graphics product ever. It’s still just as easy to use as before. Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant color and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold gives you dazzling images with amazing simplicity. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500, 2000, and 2500, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of color saturation, brightness, sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the 'Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Digi-View Gold. Digi-Paint 3 and Video Toaster are trademarks of NewTek, Inc Give a man a VCR and he can watch reruns, give him a Video Toaster and he can make his own! Controls on your television. If you want the best graphics possible for your Amiga, then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only Digi-View Gold:
• Can digitize in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full-HiRes overscan)
• Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including extra halfbrite)
• Uses exclusive Dynamic modes for 4096 colors in HiRes
• Is 100% IFF compatible and works with any graphics software
• Can digitize in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Has powerful image processing controls for complete IFF picture manipulation Digi-View and Digi-View Gold owners easy upgrade: Upgrade to the incredible new Digi-View 4,0 software just by sending your name, address and S24.95 + S6.00 for shipping and handling (S30.95 total) to NewTek Digi- View 4.0 upgrade, 115 West Crane St.. Topeka. KS 66603. If you have a Visa or Mastercard call our toll free order line at 1-800-843-8934 and we'll rush your upgrade to you immediately. Only $ 199.95 Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934. NewTek INCORPORATED GOLD DISK Page S etter II High Matrix Quality Publishing Printers Low Desktop Dot For Cost Gold Disk's PageSetter II ' ij i kfi Jl'rfl Mil U4lt| If Pnhl* ¦*'- are *¦ ?
• Aa.fi CrIhmmm trewr On Urru. Coin Lta 'tar.* sir H? Jaixin Juifi i n!4 ¦« *kIi j* Ii Quickly combine text and graphics for dynamic results Bold Under alic ine I'®1 PATTERN AGFA Compugraphic Fonts mean no more jaggies No, you are not going crazy. What we mean to say is that Gold Disk PageSetter II gives you High Quality Low Cost Desktop Publishing For Dot Matrix Printers. Gold Disk PageSetter II will help you quickly and easily produce any kind of document: newsletters, flyers, resumes, ads, brochures, and more. Full Featured PageSetter II is easy to learn and simple to use. Import text from any Amiga word processor or type directly onto your page. Use multiple type faces and type sizes. You can even fill text with user specified patterns. Import bitmap graphics from any Amiga IFF paint program and structured graphics from Professional Draw. PageSetter II will automatically convert your graphics into high quality grey scaled images. Based on Professional Page Gold Disk PageSetter II is based on Professional Page - the leading DTP package on the Amiga - and features many of the same powerful capabilities and the same high level of reliability. High Quality Output Because PageSetter II uses the same AGFA Compugraphic Outline fonts as Professional Page, you can ouput your pages at the highest resolution of any preference supported printer. This means you get Graphics:
• Import any IFF graphic.
• Import Professional Draw Clips
• Resize, rescale, crop, & move
• Built-in tools for lines, rectangles, ellipses, and polygons.
• User definable line weights and fill patterns. Requires Amiga w 1 Mbyte, 1 Drive smooth, jaggie-free, text and graphics regardless of the type of printer - dot matrix, inkjet, or laser. Key Features Layout:
• Page sizes to 8-1 2" x 14"
• 4 levels of Magnification
• Rulers, grids, columns, margins AGFA Compugraphic Fonts. Import text from most Amiga word processors. Point sizes from 1 to 127 points Bold, Italic, Underline, Outline, Superscript, Subscript, and user definable pattern fills Search replace, cut, copy, & paste. Text: Feature Comparison Gold Disk Maxi Advantage Plan Max size 65000 x 512 x 65000 32760 of sheets Unlimited 3 of graphs Unlimited 8 Max graph colors 16 8 of views Unlimited No Sideways Printing Yes No offuncs 904- 66 Arexx Yes No Performance Comparison Redraw
0. 87
2. 35 Save
2. 23
5. 33 Load
3. 84
6. 69 Recalc First
2. 44
5. 15 2nd*
0. 19
4. 30 2nd**
2. 24
4. 88 Memory 43216 69832
* With no chances in sheet;*" With changes made to sheet Tests on 1 Mb Amiga: Spreadsheet: 9 rows x 44 columns Gold Disk Advantage The Power Spreadsheet You Can Count On Gold Disk Advantage is the most powerful integrated spreadsheet, database, and business presentation package on the Amiga, It devastates its competition in every category and offers unprecendented business graphic capabilities. Gold Disk Advantage is available for $ 199.95. If you own any other spreadsheet you can upgrade for only $ 100. Please send payment along with the cover page of the spreadsheet manual. Gold Disk PageSetter II is available for $ 129.95. Current PageSetter owners can upgrade for $ 59.95. If you are a registered owner, please call 1-800-387-8192 to upgrade; otherwise, send payment with manual cover or program disk. Ace is being attacked by the evil commander Borf who plans to take over the Earth by using his dreaded weapon . The Infanto Ray. Only you can guide Ace through treacherous battles to destroy the Infanto Ray, save Earth and rescue the beautiful Kimberly. Space Acer the arcade follow-up to Don Bluths Dragon's Lair* is now available for your. Amiga*1 with the breathtaking full-screen animation and digitized sound of the original laser-disk game. Improved compression techniques allow Space Ace1 to run in 512K with more than three time§the g number ot scenes found in Amiga Dragon’s Lair" DON BLUTH'S - Available from your local dealer or ReadySoft. Only $ 59.95. Actual Amiga * screens Also available or coming soon for Atari ST. IBM. Macintosh Apple 1iGS. And Commodore 64 ReadySoft Inc nCt 2 till. Ont 3 169
- 4175 Dragon s Lair Space Ace and Btuth Group. Ltd are registered trademarks owned by and used under lie Bluth Group Ltd . Character Designs c 1983 Oluth Group; All rights reserved; Space Ace programmmg VOLUME 6, NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1990 FEATURES Scanning the Competition By Louis R. Wallace ...20 They come in all sizes, prices, and levels of capability, but the one thing any of these five black-and-white optical scanners can do is give you better-quality graphics output from your printer Bridging the Gap to Big Blue By Timothy Trimble. .34 Newer and faster IB Ms have made the old A2088 Bridgeboard a dinosaur when it comes to PC compatibility. Will Commodore’s new A2286 bridge the evolutionary gap and enable Amiga users to run the more powerful PC applications? ARTICLES Electronic Collage By Gene Brawn . 26 A simple step-by-step tutorial in “composite imaging” that can have you creating complex, striking images you thought were possible only in the movies. COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Bamey .... 6 The editor gets set to light a bonfire under the Amiga community and lead it on a march on Washington in the spring! Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...40 Accent’s gone fishing this month with HAM as the bait. INFO.PHILE By Mark L. Pan Name and Bill Catchings ...... 42 The final act of “Scripts," with a “command performance” from the CLI that will show you how to give your scripts more power and versatility. POINTERS By Michael Bodin ..48 A brand-new programming column debuts, featuring different guest experts who will share ideas and techniques on a variety of languages and topics. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Let’s hear it from the readers! Notepad .... 10 News, profiles, and unique applications. We'll help you test the competitors this month in our Special Review Issue. We've got feature reviews of optical scanners and Commodore's new Bridgeboard, head-to-head comparisons of hard-disk system, word processors, communications packages, utilities, and DOS conversions, plus straight-up revieu'S of CAD programs, MIDI sequencers, and more. Dig in! What’s New? 92 The newest software, hardware, firmware, and whatever-else-ware. Help Key .. 100 It’s New Year’s Reso-Lou-tion time, and
L. R. Wallace is resolved to fight technical adversity right into the 1990s. Index to 1989 AmigaWorld Articles and Reviews ..104 If we wrote it, reviewed it. Or thought about it in 1989. You’ll find ii here. Last Licks . 124 AmigaWorld's new “back-page" column takes an irreverent look at what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what might be happening in the Amiga community. REVIEWS PEN Pal (Brown-Wagh) and PROWRITE
2. 5 (New Horizons) .. 12 A brand-new offering and a revision of an old favorite both expand the boundaries of word processing. Master Tracks Pro 3.0 (Passport Designs) 62 A powerful MIDI sequencer. MAC-2-DOS (Central Coast) and CROSSDOS 3.05B (Consultron) 63 Data-transfer between .AmigaDOS and Mac, PC, and Atari operating systems. X-CAD Designer (Cadvision int'i American Software) ...72 The lower-end version of X-CAD sports an easier, more intuitive interface. QUICKSHOT ROBOTARM (Datel) 74 A two-foot tall, strong-armed helpmate. Who! What! When! Where! (Blue Ribbon Bakery) and NAG PLUS 3*0 (Gramma Software) ...76 Gramma and the Bakery Boys square off in a battle of productivity utilities. BAUD Bandit (Progressive Peripherals) and VTX On-Line (MichTron)......79 Two very different terminal packages. THINKER (Poor Person Software)......81 Control the information flow with this hypertext offering. THE VAULT (Progressive Peripherals), A590 (Commodore), and HD-500 (IMtronics) ...... 82 Three hard-disk systems for the A500. Back Talk ..88 People are talking. . .about A miga World reviews. GAMES The Game Preserve By B.G. Hunter ..52 The mighty Hunter stayed indoors this month to ransack the shelves for reference books, disks, and on-line help about mastering some popular Amiga games. Game reviews follow his column: Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit (Accolade) ..54 Blast away at aliens of your own making with this arcade-game construction kit. The KR1STAL (Cinemaware) ..56 A colorful explorer’s-quest game with some exciting arcade action. F40 Pursuit Simulator (Titus)... 58 Bomb around in a Ferrari F40. IKARI WARRIORS (Elite Systems).....60 Duke it out with revolutionaries. WATCH OUT FOR FALLING BLOCKS Be Careful! You will be buried alive by the addictive 3-D challenge of BLOCKOUT™ As the 3-D blocks appear, flip, rotate and maneuver them into position as they fall into the playing pit. Fit them together to complete layers, and you’ll steadily clear your way out. But, make one false move, and you’ll be buried in blocks. Plus, with more and more complex sets of blocks, faster and faster action and hundreds and hundreds of pits, there’s a version of BLOCKOUT for every player. Contact your local dealer for details. Available for IBM PC®.TANDY®, AMIGA™, and MACINTOSITw computers. BLOCKOUT is a trademark of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., and is used by permission. California Dreams. 780 Montague Expressway. 8403, San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 435-1445 ©1989 Logical Design Works, Inc.. Stephen Robbins, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-In-Chief DAN SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SHAWN LaFLAMME, Managing Editor LOUIS R, Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology LlNDA J. Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Review Editor JAN JaCKSON, New> Products Editor TlM Walsh, Technical Editor Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, MARK L. Van Name, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Anne Dillon. Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALANA KORDA. Production Supervisor KENNETH BLAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGolDRICK, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarhet Sales, -800-441 -4403, 603-924-9471 Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator GlORGlO SALUTI, .4j5ocia e Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-363-52:0 2421 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, C4 94063 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarhet Sales, 1-415-363-5230 WENDIE HAINES-MaRRO, Marketing Manager LAURA Livingston, Marketing Coordinator Margot L. Swanson, Advertising Assistant LlSA LaFleur, Executive Assistant to the President SUSAN KaNIWEC, Customer Sendee Representative Publishers Assistant PAUL RUESS, Circulation Director Pam Wilder, Assistant Circulation Manager 800-365-1364 .r P Roger J. Murphy, President STEPHEN D. TwOMBLY, Executive Vice President Publishing Directoj DENNIS S. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President of Manufacturing Operation LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross. Corporate Production Manager LYNN LaGASSE, Manufacturing Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director John T. Childs, Single Copy Sales Manager 800-343-0728 DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer. Director of Credit Sales id Collections Amiga Hut! ! (ISSN 11883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Cominodoir Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWarld is published monthly by IIM- CoinmunicaiionjVIYiei borough. Li c„ 80 Elm St.. I Vie r borough, NH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year; $ -10.00, two cars; $ 64.00. thiee years. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail sul scrip- lions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). All rates are one year only. Second class postage | lid at [Y'terborough, NH, and at additional mailing offices. I'lione: 603-924-9471. Entire contents copyright 1990 by IDG C-ouummicaiions lY-ierftoTnugh. Inc. Nopart of this publicai ion may lx-p inlet I or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher Postmaster Send at diess changes to Amiga WorUl, Subscription Services. 1*0 Box 38804, Boulder, CO H0322-H8U4 Nati malls distributed by Kable News Co..4imga Hhdd makes every effort to assure the accurat s of articles. Ii .tings and circuiLs published in the maga ioe. Amiga 11 brld assumes no responsibilitv for damages due to errors or omissions. Or 80MB Hard Disk Drive Up to SMB of 32-Bit Wide DRAM Hard Disk Drive Interface Autoboot EPROMS for Hard Disk il 68030 Boot (UNIX, etc.) 82-Bit 68030 Bus interface 25 Mhz 68030 CPU with oscillator 25 Mhz 68882 FPU ¦
- Trf IT; ... The A3001 Upgrade Kit includes the following: 25Mhz 68030 accelerator board for the A2000, Factory installed 25Mhz 68882 Floating Point Processor. 4 or SMB of 32-bit wide high perfonnance 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAM. Built-in AUTOBOOTing HIGH PERFORMANCE hard disk controller. Quantum 40MB or 80MB hard disk drive with an average read access time of 11ms (19ms on write| and 64KB read-ahead cache. If you already own a hard disk, this item can be optional. What does the A3001 really do for my A2000? The A3001 provides the following, UNBEATABLE and UNMATCHED features:
• The world's fastest (and shipping in volume!) Accelerator board for the Amiga. H The 68030 CPU includes an on-chip MMU and separate data and instruction caches. According to a recent review in the German "Amiga Magazin," perfonnance is between TWO AND THREE TIMES FASTER THAN THE A2500.
• One of (we arc being modest!) The world's fastest hard disk controllers. Measured with "diskperf2," data transfer rates of well over 700KB sec are achieved. Of course this is not surprising as the hard disk controller is built- in directly on the 32-bit bus of the 68030 accelerator board!
• The up to 8MB of 32-bit wide DRAM is fully DMA-able (can be directly accessed by any DMA device) and is automatically AUTOCONFIGurcd. The A2500 is limited to only 4MB of (slower) 32-bit wide DRAM.
• GVP's unique DRAM design uses state-of- the-art 80ns NIBBLE MODE DRAMs, which allows full support and advantage to be taken of the 68030's BURST mode. In fact during burst mode, this amazing design manages to achieve an average of ZERO WAITSTATES even at 2JMhz! This DRAM design is similar to that used in Steve Jobs' NeXT® machine, although that design (according to the BYTE magazine review) uses more CPU waitstates at 2SMhz! 68000 fallback mode allows the 68030 CPU to he disabled, to ensure full compatibility with timing sensitive applications (e.g.: some game programs). Sockets arc included for 68030 BOOT EPROMs, allowing future flexibility for running other operating systems. GVP's unique ASYNCHRONOUS design means that the 68030 has its own dedicated oscillator and runs completely ASYNCRO- NOUS to the rest of the A2000. This means better GENLOCK compatibility (not as sensitive to motherboard clock source) as well as providing the ability to run at any clock speed completely independently of the A2000 motherboard, limited only by the access speed of the DRAMs being used. For the REAL, math intensive, number- crunching fanatics there is an optional oscillator socket, allowing the 68882 FPU to be independently clocked at even higher speeds [e.g.: 33Mhz). ZERO SLOT SOLUTION! With the fullblown configuration installed (23Mhz 68030 & 68882, 8MB of 32-bit wide RAM and one or two AUTOBOOTing 40MB or 80MB hard disks), the A3001 STILL LEAVES ALL THE A2000 EXPANSION SLOTS FREE FOR FUTURE EXPANSION! The only slot in the A2000 which is used is the Co-processor CPU slot. An equivalently configured A2500 not get the full performance increase mentioned above, until you added our 32-bit wide RAM daughterboard and the 68882 FPU. However, in this case your initial hard disk outlay is not lost and it can be regarded as a "down payment" on your full-blown 32-bit workstation! If you are working on a REALLY tight budget, call us and ask about our "A2501" upgrade kit for the A2000, which outperforms the A2500 with its 16Mhz 68030! This is also available in "a la carte" form! ? GVP also offers an "a la carte" approach to purchasing the A3001 kit. For example if you are about to purchase a hard disk drive and controller for your A2000, for only a little more you could instead buy the GVP 25Mhz 68030 accelerator board with its built-in AUTOBOOTing hard disk controller and the 40MB hard disk (suggested list price The A3001, stands for "A3000 PLUS 1"! Yes, we believe that this solution offers everything the "A3000" may offer PLUS...! Why wait, upgrade your A2000 to an A3001 today! This sounds great, but what if I can’t afford to buy the full A3001 kit now and all I need urgently is a hard disk drive for my A2000? Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. NeXT is a registered trademark of NeXT Inc. for both is only $ 1495). You would obviously full] ‘ Why did GVP call this the A3001 upgrade kit? For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Doses Circle 36 on Reader Service Card je| £15) 889.94H . FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 265 on Reader Service Card CHIEF CONCERNS Ready to fight. ON MARCH 15, 1990 in Washington, DC, Amiga World magazine will stick its neck out. We are going to do something that needs to be done, and should have been done long ago. That is the day that we will form the Amiga Developers Association, a group whose aim is to spread the gospel of Amiga to a world of uninitiated, uninspired computer users, journalists, and other good-for-nothings. The group will also serve as a united voice that can make articulate and specific requests of Commodore. If it fails, blame Mike Halverson of Impulse. It was his idea. If it works, well, we’ll be happy to steal all the credit. Sorry, Mike! The more we think about it, and the more people we talk to, the less risky it all seems. Amiga developers and users are a vocal and committed bunch that deeply wishes for more success. And Commodore has awakened from four years of hibernation and is now rested, strong, and ready to fight. We believe that a united Amiga community and an invigorated Commodore can shake things up immensely in the PC business. So here’s the plan. A miga World will gather together for an initial meeting .Amiga developers and users whose livelihoods depend on this fine machine. If you want to come, and are serious about joining the Association, then join us at the Sheraton Hotel in Washington, DC on the morning of March 15 (the day before Ami Expo). Here we'll elect an executive committee that will consist of prominent developers (lowly magazine people like ourselves are barred from this esteemed group). This executive board will respond to surveys (they will have been sent out long before) from prospective members that will help in setting an agenda, devising a game plan, and figuring out how much this stuff is all going to cost. Only then will they determine a dues structure. That means it will be absolutely free to join. In fact, you’ll come out ahead because we’ll feed and give nearly unlimited beverages to those attending the first meeting. Our plan is to lose money by subsidizing this group. Yeah, I know that's a real nice thing to do, but we think that a growing market is better for business, so don’t go feeling too sorry for us. We’ll do just fine. The charter of the organization will be created by the organization. We do have some ideas for the charter, though, which explain why we are doing this in the first place. Here’s a brief explanation. For four years, the Amiga community has relied upon Commodore to do its marketing, its public relations, and all the rest. Nobody I’ve talked to had been satisfied with the results. . .until recently. Now there is a new crew at Commodore that is spending bucks and doing some really smart things. We like these new folks tremendously, but they shouldn't go it alone, and we should lot hang our futures entirely on their work. Therefore, we see the ADA doing two primary things. First, it is a voice to t le outside world. Here’s a ‘‘for instance.’’ In its Oct. 9, ’89 issue, Businessweek published a special report on multimedia It talks about Apple, IBM, and the NE>T machine (which wasn’t even finished when the article came out). On page 5 of that article, there is a paragraph abot t ilie Amiga. It accurately called the Amiga the leader in this market. Why on eai th did it take five pages to get to the leader? ADA, had it been in existence, would have given Businessweek a posit on paper on Amiga multimedia technology, a list of product vendors, and a list of people who use those products. It wculd have inundated Businessweek with letters and phone calls asking why the Amig i got only one lousy paragraph. It would do the same for any other magazine ihat neglects the Amiga where it shines. Believe me. Next time they won’t be so blind. Secondly, ADA will also tell Commodore what it needs to do (the folks down there are realty, truly, and sincerely receptive to this group). If the industry belit ves that Commodore’s top priority should be higher resolution, it will say so. A lower- priced A500? It will say that too! We think we can create a united Amiga community that is ready to fight, ready to grow, and ready to slap around smart-mouthed snobs from other markets. And if it works, we will all benef it from more products at lower prices. ¦ mM 7 W *] J Mi u f J mm f J 1 i W 0 Tfmri easy-to-install, TjJVTrFm ijj ; iH'lul'r- fv A 1 1 1:)'( lM ' oi' ! Is I a Now you can have a high performance SCSI controller and 2MB of Fast RAM expansion in a single A2000 expansion slot. Saves a valuable peripheral bay by mounting the hard disk directly (flush) on the SCSI RAM controller hoard. Removable Hard Drive 44MB Removable Storage Hmi GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Service Card jalers Circle 145 on Reader Service Card With close to 10,000 Amiga hard disk controllers installed, our performance and reliability needs no further explanation. Our unique DMA direct to onboard 16KB buffer has received rave reviews around the world. Don't ask us, just ask one of our many satisfied customers! Very FAST AUTOBOOTing directly off a hard disk FAST FILE SYSTEM partition, is a standard feature. By saving both a valuable expansion slot as well as a scarce peripheral bay, your Amiga retains maximum expandability. I“ .} % With our optional Advanced AUTOBOOT EPROMs, we fully support removable media devices (e.g.: Syquest and Bernoulli drives) with our unique "AUTO- DISKCHANGE" feature. S i ‘ Priced less than most single function controllers. No matter how you look at it you get unbeatable value. Look at the 2MB FAST RAM expansion capability as an (almost) free bonus. T'hlJ All GVP products are backed by our full one year warranty. IMPACT WT-15Q Streaming Tape Backup Experienced computer users know the importance of making regular backups. A typical 40MB nard cfisk will take over FORTY- FIVE 880K floppy disks to back-up. The job can easily take over an hour of repetitive disk swapping. There is a better way! The NEW GVP IMPACT WT-150 Streaming Tape Backup product offers a high capacity (150MB1, high speed, streaming tape drive bundled with probably tne best and most flexible backup tape software util- ity in the industry. This incredible piece of software, which we have called TapeStore,1' makes backup.-, simple, interesting and exciting. TapeStore can back-up and restore everything from individual files (File-by-File mode) to entire disk partitions (Disk Image mode). Support for the portable, industry standard, Unix tape format (tar) is planned for the near future. ThpeStore is designed for novices and experts alike: it can be run from the workbench or the CLI. It can be operated using a few simple mouse clicks for daily back-ups, or used to create archive tapes for transferring large amounts of information between machines. Anyone can supply a piece of hardware but ONLY GVP provides the TOTAL SOLUTION. Once again GVP has come up with a winner! Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc, IMPACT and GVP are trademarks ol Great Vafley Products, Inc. TapeStore is a trademark of Great Valley Products, Inc.
* GVP SCSI host adapter required REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Concerning the Chief TO DOUG Barney: Where’d they dig YOU up? After reading your column in i he November ’89 Amiga World [“Chief Concerns,” p. 6], I get the distinct impression that you think the Amiga should be aimed at yuppies and that MS- DOS machines are the worst computers on tiie planet. You will Find that computer bashing does not work, Doug. Next month, I was planning to get an A2000, hut if Commodore can't market the machine, then I don't want it. I agree that the MS-DOS world is a tangled web of incompatibility, but there are 12 million machines in place. My AT runs everything under the sun. Don’t jump on owners of other machines just because Commodore has marketing problems. Look, I don’t say that an AT clone is God’s gift to mankind. It can’t do everything. Color Macs can t do it all either, hut please don’t bash a machine that has an installed base 12 times larger than the Amiga’s. 1 will most likely get my A2000 along with all the other hardware I need to make it go as fast as possible. But if you think I’m going to change my whole outlook on life just because I have an Amiga, then you’re wrong. Stop this computer hashing NOW, because it won’t do you or Amiga users any good. Jay Thomas White Bear Lake, MX REGARDING YOUR Chief Concerns column in the November ’89 issue of Amiga- World, BRAVO! It does my heart good to see Amiga World taking this position. I, and thousands of other Amiga users, have known all along that this machine could knock the memory chips right out of any other machine, but even our most devout Amiga magazines have not said it quite so passionately. Rick Wilson Marysville, OH IN YOUR “First Impressions” column [Oct. ’89, p. 6], you talk about how advanced the .Amiga is and how much it can do. But why is it that the Mac sells so much better? I live on a college campus where every other room has a Macintosh. Recently, I used one and was amazed by its lack of ability. I J used MacPaint, and found it to have about five percent of the capabilities of DeluxePaint III. The .Amiga is faster, has 4096 colors, a higher resolution, and can multitask. Why isn’t it selling as well as the Mac? The Amiga’s biggest drawback is that it was bought by Commodore. There are so many things that Commodore could do to improve the Amiga. Apple and IBM give good service, and they’re reliable. That's what people buy. People want something that’s reliable. Reliability is when you buy a computer and leel as if you are buying into a company. When you buy a Commodore, you buy a machine. Don’t get me wrong. I think the Amiga is great; it's just unfortunate that Commodore isn’t. Lok Ho Wong Durham, XC Dealing with Dealers 1 THINK THAT the funda- mental reason for the Amiga’s poor sales record can be found by looking no further that our local dealers. On a recent coast-to-coast trip, I visited about thirty computer retailers. Without exception, the Apple and IBM (and clones) retailers had a professional staff, and in general, inspired confidence in the products being sold. Contrast that to the Amiga dealers I saw: staff, if it could he found, was more interested in playing with the computer than in helping the customer; the stores, with one exception, were in disarray. J Wherever I attempted to buy Amiga products, they were back-ordered, waiting for shipments from Commodore, etc. In other words, I got excuses, not performance. Not one Amiga store had a laser printer operating (so much for desktop publishing); not one had a word processing program on hard disk; not one had an Amiga with hi-res graphics, flickerFixer, large monitor, and plotter to demonstrate CAD programs. All had games and videos running, though. So, fellow* Amiga users, if you want to see the Amiga receive better recognition in the business market, get after your local dealer to clean up his or her act.
J. Vander Brook Cheyenne, MY Friends of Amiganauts CHEERS TO YOU for picking up on the wonderful talents and humor of Susan Ishida in your November '89 issue [p. 35]. For the past couple of years she has been entertaining the members of our Amiga Friends group with the oflbeat adventures of Jason and the Amiganauts. It was a splendid surprise to find Jason and friends gracing the pages of your magazine. Rick Jones Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ Not Military. Not Mercenary. And You're Definitely No Tourist. .. SOVIET COMMANDER: "WHO ARE YOU?" RAMBO: "I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE." Remember that line? Now YOU can deliver it to the enemy in person, Thirty miles over 4 the Afghanistan border, Soviet forces are tortur ing your friend and mentor, Colonel Trautman. You’re the only man alive with enough guts, Amiga game screens. Brawn, and resourcefulness to single- handedly rescue the 4 man who taught you how to fight. Every Soviet commando, tank, and attack chopper in the sector is on your tail. It’s the ultimate contest for the ultimate fighter. It's just you and your hijacked tank against anti-tank missiles and choppers. Sight in and rearrange that balance of power! TAITO If you cannot find this product at your local retailer, Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the United States by calling toll free 1-800-663-8067. Game Design. ©1988 Ocean Software Ltd. RAMBO is a registered trademark of Carolco. ©1989 CAROLCO. Ocean is a trademark of Ocean Software Limited. Taito is a registered trademark of Taito America Corporation. ©1989 Taito America Corporation. All rights reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 56 on Reader Service card Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Tyson Defense Hotshot THE ISRAELI AIR Force needed a new type of combat simulator for its fighter pilots. Traditional flight simulators were large, expensive, difficult to run, and poor real-time dogfight trainers. For help, the Israeli government turned to Loral Defense Systems in the U.S., and to the Amiga. Together with the Israeli company RVR, Loral developed a compact, inexpensive, user-friendly air-combat simulator, called the HOTSHOT Combat Tactics Trainer. HOTSHOT consists of an F-16C Fighting Falcon or F-15 Eagle jet fighter cockpit, enclosing a pilot seat, instrument panel, and control stick. Of the five computers that power HOTSHOT, three are Amiga 2000s. Directly in front of the HOTSHOT control panel is a 19-inch color monitor driven by a Silicon Graphics computer. The monitor is the pilot's heads-up-display (HUD), providing a view of the computer-simulated flight. The HUD uses filled vector graphics and is quite detailed, down to displaying different aircraft types and all avionics displays of a real jet fighter. Beside the cockpit is an Apollo 3500 minicomputer that feeds information to the other four computers through a custom-designed bus. It also serves as an instructor’s station and comes with a four-meg, hard-disk-equipped A2000 and Commodore I084S monitor. This A2000 is the HOTSHOT’s controller, containing the database of enemy aircraft and previously run missions. The other two Amigas control the radar and radar warning displays. To fly the simulator, trainees select the mission parameters with the mouse and menus, then take off. They can fly missions against MIG-21s or MIG-29s, and against multiple threats equipped with differing weapons’ systems and skill levels. Simulators based in potential trouble-spots around the world may be configured for specific enemy aircraft'weapon types, letting pilots practice in tailor-made scenarios before the real shooting begins. “The Amiga was chosen because it’s good at generating displays and color graphics,” says Loral spokesman Andy Jansen. "The entire system is made up of off-the-shelf components for low cost and easy maintenance.” Considering that larger, more complex simulators run in the S 10-million range, an Amiga-equipped HOTSHOT is quite inexpensive. Each simulator costs about five percent of the norm, while offering vastly superior performance. Kevin C. Rohrer multimedia In the Industry. "The Amiga is ideal for the emerging multimedia market," Gould said. Cracklings Galore from Commodore The Amiga is also apparently the Ideal platform for expansion, as Commodore has just announced a group of new products, Including two peripherals for the A2000 series: The A2091-4Q autobootlng 40MB SCSI hard-disk controller with sockets for two megs of RAM, and the A2232 card with seven serial ports. The A1011 external 3V2-lnch drive promises transfer rates up to 250K per second, and the new A2500 30, an Amiga 2500 with a Motorola 25 Mhz 68030 processor, 68882 math coprocessor, plus two megs (expandable to four) of RAM Is aimed at graphics, animation, and video pros. Wonder where support for your Aegis products will come from now that Aegis has dissolved? Oxxl (PO Box 90309, Long Beach, CA 90809, 213 427-1227) has acquired both the Aegis and Sparta lines and will sell and support all products. Don't miss the Amiga in Nevada this month (Jan. 6-9) at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. As usual, CES will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Call 202 457-4919 for information. ~BGT ProWrite 2.5, The Best Amiga Word Processor. Guaranteed. Feature ProWgte excellence Pen Pal - Kind Words Scribble True Multiple Fonts ? Color Pictures V Wrap Text Around Pictures y A y
- y*- WYSrWYG Display ? Sometimes ¦J, Spelling Checker . ------ V - Mail Merge V y Typing Speed fast slow medium slow medium Spell Check as You Type y y Simultaneous Text and Graphics Printing y Automatically Adjust to Printer’s Capabilities PostScript Support optional y Paragraph Sorting 1 User Definable Defaults yj Can Multi-Task with 1 Meg of Memory % y y Suggested Retail Price
124. 95
299. 95
149. 95
99. 95
149. 95 Guaranteed Bug Free* ? NEW HORIZONS ProWrite is the most reliable full-featured Amiga word processor and it’s the only one that’s guaranteed. Look at die chart again. It highlights just a few of the features you get with ProWrite 2.5. Unlike other word processors, ProWrite can use multiple fonts, can place graphics next to multiple lines of text, can keep up with your typing, can check spelling as you type, can multi-task with just one meg of memory, and does have that solid Amiga feel. And we support our product better than anyone. See how easy and powerful Amiga word processing can be. Trade in your current word processor and for only 575 we’ll send you ProWrite 2.5. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity.
• Call or write to us for details on ProWrite’s bug free guarantee. ? Yes, send me ProWrite 2.5 at a $ 50 savings! Here’s my word processor program disk and a check or money order for S75 (Texas residents please add S5.81 sales tax). First In Personal Productivity And Creativity. NAME 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin. Texas 78746
(512) 328-6650 FAX (512) 328-1925 ADDRESS CITY1', STATE. ZIP Offer valid in USA and Canada only ProWrite Ls a trademark of New Horizons Software. Inc. REVIEWS Pen Pal ProWrite 2.5 Good, quick prints, and more. By Loren Lovhaug TO AVOID RELYING on the inferior fonts built into older printers, designers of Amiga word processors have traditionally chosen to render documents as page-sized pictures, using .Amiga screen fonts for text. This approach makes it easy to incorporate IFF images within documents, gives you a huge selection of fonts, and because the output is simply a screen dump, provides WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) convenience. The quality of fonts resident in today’s printers, however, surpasses that of Amiga screen fonts. Even nine-pin dot matrix units offer attractive near-letter- quality fonts, and outputing with printer fonts is much faster than printing graphics-based documents. Two new packages, Pen Pal from Brown Wagh and New Horizon’s Pro- Write 2.5, are on the way to bringing Amiga owners the best of both of these worlds. Pen Pal Pen Pal combines a word processor and a flat-file database manager with rudimentary desktop-publishing capabilities. Like most integrated packages, it is a mammoth program, tipping the scales at just under 400K. The word-processing portion includes all the features necessary for basic text t editing: The obligatory set of range-ma- nipulation functions, standard style enhancements (italics, boldface, and so on), automatic paragraph indentation, as well as justification, centering, date and time insertion, page numbering, and forced page breaks. You can change I he color of text within your document, and the search-and-replace function allows case sensitivity. A full set of options are provided for left, right, centered, and decimal tabs. Graphics can be incorporated in both headers and footers. Pen Pal provides a 100,000-word dictionary and accommodates custom dictionaries as well. The spelling checker sports a word- lookup facility and can suggest alternatives for misspelled words. There is also an option for spell checking single paragraphs. Pen Pal can tally word, sentence, and paragraph counts, and calculate reading level, and the maximum, minimum, and average number of characters per word, words per sentence, and sentences per paragraph. Sophisticated features (such as macro support, index generation, automatic footnotes, automatic widow and orphan control, and outline-creation) that are becoming commonplace on word processors are absent from Pen Pal. Among the desktop-publishing features is extensive support for IFF graphics. When importing images, you can size and scale, select background color (transparent or solid), and determine how text will be displaced (flowed) around the graphic. Once imported, you can move an image on the page, resize it, and crop it. The limited set of object-oriented drawing tools includes vertical and horizontal lines, and filled and non-filled boxes. Noticeably missing are diagonal lines, curves, and filled and non-filled circles. You can modify objects by changing their colors, fill patterns, and line widths, overlay objects and images, and arrange their depths. Sizing gadgets are provided, as is a facility for grouping objects. While Pen Pal provides a snap-to- grid option, the grid is unfortunately limited to ' s-mch increments. The single most glaring limitation of Pen Pal’s desktop-publishing program is its inability to handle multiple-column layouts. .Also, there is no support for automatic hyphenation of words (important for improving the appearance of justified text) or inter-character spacing. For line spacing, you are limited to one, one-and-a- half, or two lines in six or eight line-per- inch increments. More Words, and Numbers, Too Pen Pal’s database management system is non-relational and non-programmable. Data is entered and displayed on a two- dimensional grid resembling a spreadsheet matrix. This format is handy for data such as phone numbers, addresses, and catalogs, but probably inappropriate for applications with numerous or very lengthy fields. Pen Pal supports a fairly complete set of field types: Amount, Date, Time, Yes No, Phone, Calculation, Alphabetic, and Alphanumeric. IFF sounds and pictures are not supported, although the manual indicates that they will be in a future version. Only the calculation category is disappointing. Calculation fields can reference only amount fields and numeric constants, and can use just the four basic arithmetic operators. They cannot reference other calculation fields or refer to amount fields in other records (rows). The rest of the features are not so spartan. Pen Pal allows multi-level sorts and has a fairly corn- Pen Pal also has an integrated database program. The database progran is designed to allou Pen Pal users to easily integrate data fron their databases into reports, inuoices, and foni letters. The database itself is a fairly rudimentary flat file database manager, howeuer it does include numeric calculation fields and the ability to store paths to graphic images and sounds. Rs you can see you can flow text around graphic images. Pen Pal gives you the option of flowing text to the left or right of an image either with a straight margin or with a margin which conforms to the contours of the qraphics image the text is flowing around. There is also an option for suppressing text flou .Um.iu-U. -quxh-CPnUii .ahe. JL IK .14. Both Pen Pal (above) and ProWrite can flow text to the right or left of a graphic image, following a straight or curved margin. In both cases, I used the Topaz II screen font to match a 10-charac- ter-per-inch printer font. To tlie loft of this toxt are Ihrrp one bit plann ITT brushes. I have placed these images on the page to lest Prowrite version 2.5'% newly found HLQ printing option. The goat is to tletomine whether I will be able to mix the nigh quality resident text fonts built-in to my HP compatible laser printer with the graphics output of these three globes. Okay. I suppose 1 ought to place some more text on the rage to maki Latin phrase: 'ago to makp this test a hit more realistic. Here is a semper ubi sub ubi The above Latin text translates roughly to the following in English: always where under where Hhen spoken in English, most listeners will interpret this phrase as: always wear underue.tr This is a philosophy to which I have no objection. To enhance this product. During the process of this review, Pen Pal was upgraded four times (the latest version 1 received was version 1.1) to fix problems and add features. If you buy Pen Pal, be sure to send in the registration card. ProWrite 2.5 Version 2.5, the latest incarnation of New Horizon’s popular screen-font- based word processor, is very much like Pen Pal except that it lacks a database facility. (For a review of the original ProWrite release, see p. 70 in the Sept. Oct. '87 issue.) ProWrite’s enhancements fall into three categories: interface considerations, word-processing features, and printing capabilities. ? Plete criteria-based search selection facility. The database inherits the word processor’s range-manipulation capabilities, which enable you to cut and paste between fields. Also included are colum- nar-report and mailing-labcl generation. Pen Pal’s greatest strength is its printing capabilities. The program can function as a screen-font-based word processor with print output controlled by Preferences. In another mode, Pen Pal allows you to mix resident printer fonts with IFF graphics. Amazingly you can mix the lines and box objects with printer fonts. Pen Pal’s sophisticated mail- and report-nierge facilities make it ideal for creating integrated custom invoices, inventory reports, form letters, and so on. Despite their flexibility and quality, however, Pen Pal’s printing options are not without limits. Amiga screen fonts cannot be larger than 48 points. Also, there is no provision for using more than one printer font within a document, and regardless of how many sizes are built in to your printer, you must use a 10-character-per-inch width font for printing. Other sizes produce unpredictable results. Pen Pal’s interface is in keeping with the program’s eclectic nature. You can control all program functions via mouse, and many via key combinations. In addition to pull-down menus, there are legions of gadgets occupying both sides of the screen, plus horizontal and vertical rulers and axes. These tools take up lots of room, especially on non-interlaced screens, so thankfully, you can hide the gadgets or enlarge the document window. To save you from having to memorize each gadget’s purpose, a message box at the bottom of your mouse pointer displays the names of gadgets as the pointer passes over them. Another example of superb insight is Pen Pill’s font-selection menus. In addition to the typical listing of fonts by name with sub menus for point sizes, another menu lists point sizes with font names on sub menus. The attractive and functional file requester displays either Pen Pal files only or all files in a directory, along with size and date information for each. The requester also provides device gadgets, sorts files automatically, and allows you to jump to any section of a directory simply by touching the first letter of an entry. Preset color palettes are provided, but you can define your own as well. Pen Pal s 200-page spiral-bound manual includes clear overviews of each section, numerous examples and illustrations, a complete index, and a table of contents at the beginning of each section as well as at the front of the book. Flie developer is aggressively working J i it 1% 1L i'i nmiilr .vi - ;r, rRTt Neiu Horizons n!Tuj ire, inc." j|(3h,omper R E V I E VV S rYOUR TURN! ProWrite 2.5's on-line spelling checker sometimes gets bogged down, then suddenly places a sentence or so on the screen in a clump. Document statistics tend to produce inaccurate results. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give the program a nine. Tom Przewoznik Melbourne, FL ;egrates a basic word program, a flat file inager, and rudimentary Dlishing capabilities. Integrated packages, a mammoth program, 5 scales at just under le program itself. In order to run Pen Pal your 3 to be equipped with at least one megabyte of A Pen Pal print combines Hewlett Packard LaserJet 2 near-letter-quallty fonts with graphics. As with most screen-font-based word processors, ProWrite's display is topped by a ruler denoting margins, tab stops, and indentation. While earlier ProWrite versions ignored the ' ,-inch margins on each side of a page that printers cannot access, the 2.5 ruler includes the unprintable left margin, making the program more consistent with its competitors. Unlike Pen Pal. ProWrite uses a minimum of screen area for gadgets, leaving lots of space for text. Often, however, I had difficulty selecting the margin and tab gadgets because they are so small. To expand text space, you can hide the ruler. The horizontal and vertical scroll bars now have arrow gadgets on the bottom and right-hand edges in conformance with the new ARP Amiga- DOS 1.4 standard. ProWrite's file requester has always been a sore spot, and unfortunately is only slightly improved. You still must cycle through mounted drives when you want to choose another, as there are no gadgets for selecting individual drives. It no longer forces you to wait while it reads an entire directory, however, before allowing you to select another device. In order to load standard ASCII files, you must hold down the ALT key while selecting Load from the menu. This awkward combination should be replaced by an .ASCII button, like the one on Pen Pal’s file requester. .As with Pen Pal, ProWrite provides the basic word-processing features, but lacks many extras that advanced users look for. Version 2.5 does, however, add a ? WHEN REALITY JUST ISN’T ENOUGH Take one giant step beyond reality! UFO puts you at the controls of an advanced spacecraft capable of aerodynamic and quantum flight. Your mission; scour planet Earth lor the luel needed to power your galactic ships, then return to the orbiting mother ship to trade raw fuel for supplies. You can also explore SubLOGIC Scenery Disks in an entirely new way with this easv-to-fly simulation. Available for IBM compatibles, Amiga, and Atari ST computers for the
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(708) 879-8998 FAX (708) 879-6880 Commodore AMIGA version only. Others may vary Crete 7 on. Reader Service card ' R E V I E W S number of useful options, including the automatic insertion of times and dates (with several formatting options), centered tab stops, and a number of document statistics (number of words, average word length, and a readability quotient). More important are Pro- Write's beefed up spell-checking abilities. The dictionary now includes 100,000 words, spell checking is faster, and a real-time checking option (which checks for spelling as you type) has been added. Also included is a facility for adding or stripping linefeeds when loading or saving .ASCII text an option particularly useful for telecommunicators. To the brushes Prowrit The goa the hig compati these t Okay, I page to Latin p The most important addition is Pro- Write's ability to combine IFF images with resident printer fonts. Interestingly, ProWrite’s implementation of this capacity suffers from the same limitations found in Pen Pal's. Without support for multi-column output, pitches other than 10 characters per inch, and other typo- Perfect Sound comes with one of the most advanced eight bit digitizers available for any computer. Separate Left and Right line inputs allow you to record in stereo or mono. A mic input allows you to record from a microphone. Digital gain lets you adjust input volume levels with easy software controls. Sampling rates up to 40,000 samples per second. Zoom in on your sound. Individual samples are shown for precise editing. ? C one Using the Perfect Sound™ stereo sampler, you can record and edit any sound from a tape, radio, CD player, or microphone with your Amiga. If you’ve ever used an Amiga before, you’ll quickly master Perfect Sound’s powerful editor. Just use your mouse to rearrange, mix, cut or paste sound. Create IFF instruments for use in music programs. Graphical niceties, the application of this feature is compromised. Which Frontier? Both Pen Pal and Pro Write 2.5 are pioneering efforts as they introduce IFF- image and printer-font integration to the .Amiga. Neither program fully realizes the potential of this concept, but I can recommend each program to a different niche in the market. Pen Pal has lots of appeal for those with moderate productivity needs. Its database is well-suited to mailing-list management and other such applications. Its desktop-publishing features and graphics prowess are more robust than ProWrite’s, and when combined with its mail-merge facility, are nearly ideal for creating custom forms. Pen Paks interface is innovative and easy to use. ProWrite 2.5 is also easv to use and is essentially equal to Pen Pal in terms of word-processing muscle, while being less Continued on p. 62 ProWrite’s ml* of graphics and printer fonts. This is When sp this ph The abc in Engl SunRize Industries
P. O. BOX 1453. COLLEGE STATION, TX 77841 I be Ossence of Platinum! Scribble! Platinum Edition ? 104,000+ word Spellchecker ? Scientific and Technical Supplements ? Spell As You Type ? Full User Dictionary maintenance ? 470,000+ word Thesaurus ? Multiple windows ? Color, Interlace & Overscan support ? Cut and Paste among documents ? Mail Merge ? Print IFF Graphics ? Clipboard Compatible ? Cartridge Font support ? 512K Required Z Not copy protected ? Free Technical Support ? User Friendly Manual The Works! Platinum Edition ? Includes Scribble! Platinum module ? Full featured spreadsheet module ? Lotus 123 wks file compatible ? Macro-language ? 40+ built-in functions ? 68881 math co-processor support ? 8 graph types ? Sideways print utility ? Flat file manager (database) module ? Extensive math capability ? Includes OnLine! Platinum module ? Clipboard Compatible ? 512K Required ? Not copy protected ? Free Technical Support ? User Friendly Manual OnLine! Platinum Edition ? Arexx support ? New Sadie Protocol (simultaneous chat and 2-way file transfers) ? Color, Interlace & Overscan support ? VT-100, -52, -102, TTY, ANSI- BBS, Tektronics 4010 emulations ? X-, Y-, Z-, WX-Modem, CIS-B, Quick-B, Kermit protocols ? 300 - 57600 bits per second ? Multiple Serial Ports ? Internal Modem support ? Full Script Language ? User defined Macro keys 12798 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 407-790-0770 FAX: 407-790-1341 Commuted to excellence since 1978 OnLine rjnvv amr- The Works!
C. vnvr vt Scribble The Works ri.vnv. ini7vfr. .. 'AMIGA Scribble OnLine Scribble 1 A 1V! U IIJTSTS
r. As.v All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Arexx support not in telecommunications module. The Works! Platinum Edition, Scribble! Platinum Edition and OnLine! Platinum Edition are trademarks of Micro-Systems Software. Inc. Centaur puts the Take control of AmigaDOS with
D. U.D.E. (Directory Utility Dos Enhancer)!
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0. 025 PCB grid. Supports 1,2, or -I layer PCB with silk screen. Single line auto route, 12 mil trace, 13 mil spacing. Provides wide traces. Component placement done by positioning DIP, SIP. 2-PADS and library parts. Complete set of powerful PCB layout features accessible through IFK's. COMING SOON: PRO-BOARD PERSONAL fun in functional! PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES VHS Only $ 29.95 Oswald is a fast paced and entertaining action strategy game. Oswald's a cold and hungry blue bear jumping across the ice floes. You help him avoid the hazards of the freezing north sea on route to his goal.
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(213) 542-2226 200 on Reader Service card. So do I.” - Jamaica, NY $ 49,95 Now available: Even more fun lor educator approved MyPaint! New alphabet coloring disk with all new characters, objects, animals and sounds. Ne r OR DESKTOP PUBLISHING, the output has to be perfect. You must carefully combine the proper design, fonts, and imported graphics, then output the results to your printer. Therein lies the problem. While images with resolutions from 320x200 to 640x400 dots look excellent on screen, when printed at 300 dots per inch (dpi) on a laser printer, even the biggest of the lot will be less than two square inches. Desktop-publishing programs get around this by expanding the bitmap image. The printed image will be larger, but it will be very low resolution compared to what the printer can do. To take full advantage of the printer, you need larger pictures. For example, to output a 300 dpi 4 X 3 picture, you will need a bitmap image made up of 1200x900 dots; an 8x 10 printed image requires a resolution of 2400 x 3000 dots. The answer is an optical scanner. When you need a hi-res handle on large graphics, a scanner is just the ticket. Let’s eyeball five black-and-white models and compare results. What if you need to import an image from a photograph, drawing, or official document into your desktop-publishing or database program? You could capture them with a video camera and a digitizer, such as Digi-View (NewTek, S 199.95) or Frame- Grabber (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software, $ 699.95). Because of their output’s screen-based resolution, you still will be faced with the same small, relatively lo-res printed output. Again, a scanner is the answer. Optical scanners are very similar to office copy machines, with one key difference. Instead of recreating the source image on paper, they create a very high-resolution computer-graphic image. You can then edit the image with a paint program and paste it into your document or store it directly in an I FF-compatible database. If you need color images, your options are limited to ASDG’s superb software and interface for Sharp color scanners (reviewed in May ’89, p. 12). If black- and-white or gray-scale images will suffice, however, you can choose among tabletop, hand-held, and printer-based models. We put representatives from Gold Disk, Inset Systems, C Ltd., Datel, and SutiRize Industries to the test. Desktop Delights A leader in desktop-publishing software for the Amiga, Gold Disk offers the ProScan IX-12 package ($ 1095), which includes software, an interface, and the Canon IX-12 black-and-white scanner. The interface connects to any Amiga’s parallel port but has a pass-through that allows you to hook up a printer.? By Louis R. Wallace T he Canon IX-12 scanner is about the size of a small dot-matrix printer. It accepts images up to 11x17 inches, of which it scans an area of 8.5 X 16 inches. The ProScan software is very easy to use. It operates by default in 640 x 400 mode, but you can change to 640x200, 320x400, or 320x200. Scanning resolutions (75, 150, 200, and 300 dpi) are menu-select- able. The two main scanning modes are Black-and- White and Halftone. Black-and-White mode is designed for high contrast images, such as line art and text. Halftone mode is for scanning photographs and shaded images. (Halftones are photographs that have been re-created using varying densities of black dots, to reproduce the picture’s shading.) To scan, you simply put the paper into the slot on top. The scanner automatically pulls the paper in a couple of inches, then waits for you to select Scan from the program’s menu before continuing. The scanning process is very fast; an 8.5 x 11 sheet takes less than a minute at 300 dpi, and mere seconds for lower resolutions. When the scan is complete, the image appears on the screen. You can scroll around with the cursor keys to examine it. For a closer look at a section of your document or photo, use the Zone option: Draw a box around the area of interest, then feed the original document into the scanner again. If your document is not inserted exactly as it was the first time, the re-scanned zone will not be as you expected. Make the original zone a little larger than you need to be sure you get the area you want. You can edit out the extra with a paint program. Two more software options let you customize the image. T hicken makes the scanned images thicker, while the Darkness control allows you to lighten or darken the image. I found ProScan IX-12 easy to use and its output of very good quality, especially for line art. When I scanned using 68020 mode on my A2500, however, the results were distorted, with some scanlines seemingly out of sync. The problem did not occur when in 68000 mode. Scannery (Inset Systems, S250) is a software-and- hardware package that allows you to connect an A500 or A2000 to a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet Plus (SI595). Without doubt, this is the premier black-and-white scanner system for the Amiga. A desktop model, the ScanJet looks very similar to a desktop copier. To scan a document, you lift the lid, place the original face down on top of the glass, and close the lid. The Scannery software can scan a full-page document at a variety of resolutions. The maximum is an incredible 600 dpi, which you will need a linotype printer to output. When you activate the program, it opens a 640x400 black-and-white display, half of which is a preview area. Various gadgets that control the scanning process fill the rest. Capturing an image is a three-step process. First, click on the Preview button to see a quick low-reso- lution scan of the image in the preview area. You must then define the area you want to scan by drawing a box around it called the Clip Window. Because the original image is exactly where it was for the preview scan, this Clip Window is quite precise. When the image is scanned again you will get the area you selected. Start the real scanning by clicking the Final Scan button. This brings up a file requester prompting you for the file’s name. You must name the scan now, because Scannery does not show you the final scan from within the program; instead, it writes the image directly to disk as an IFF file. To see the results, you must load a paint program such as Paint from Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts, SI49.95) to display the picture. If you are low on RAM, you will probably have to exit Scannery to see your image a very irritating necessity. The lack of a view mode for the finished scan is the only shortcoming of an otherwise excellent piece of software. Scannery has a large number of options available to help you get the best possible results from your source document. The Brightness control is similar to its equivalent on a copy machine. If your original is very dark or very light, you can change this setting to increase or decrease the final contrast. In addition to Black-and-White mode for line art and text, Scannery offers Cray Scan mode, which provides a scanned picture made of 16 levels of gray (using four bitplanes for the image) and is very useful for scanning photographs. Dithered mode creates halftone- style images in four different patterns, three more than ProScan provides. Besides standard dotted patterns in different sizes, Scannery has a vertical lined pattern that can be used for striking results. You have plenty of choices for saving the scanned image, as well. Besides the default IFF format, Scannery supports PCL (Printer Control Language), FPS (Encapsulated PostScript), and FAX file format. PCL is a special format from Hewlett-Packard that, once saved, can be printed directly by any HP-compatible printer. Simply copy the lile to the printer using AmigaDOS or a supplied utility. EPS files are standard PostScript files that you can print on any PostScript printer. While no standard format exists, the included FAX file format will work with many FAX machines. (So far there are no FAX boards for the .Amiga.) Scannery was a pleasure to work with. It is fast and reliable with a large number of options. Again, 68020 mode caused problems. The program would freeze until I rebooted in 68000 mode. Hand-Held Help If you do not need a full-page scanner (or your budget will not allow one), try a hand-held one. These small scanners are less expensive, in part because they do not have moving pieces. Instead, you must move them across the source document. The trade-off is that they are smaller and cannot scan as large an original as the tabletop machines can. Both handheld models I looked at scanned a maximum width of about four inches. Compatible with all Amigas, Han-D-Scan (C Ltd., $ 399.95) is surprisingly full-featured. Han-D-Scan scans at 100, 200, 300, and 400 dpi. To select the resolution, position a small switch on the scanner. A second switch specifies which of Han-D-Scan's four dithering patterns is used. Letter mode is the standard black-and-white line-art mode. Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3 are various degrees of halftone dithering. Which you should select depends on the destination of your final output. For example, if you intend to print on a low-resolution dot-matrix, use Photo 3’s coarse setting. For a laser printer, Photo 1 offers a finer halftone screen. To change the contrast of the scanned results, you would use the Light Dark Adjuster switch. The Han-D-Scan software is even more interesting. Basically, it is a version of Diamond, a full-featured paint program from Impulse. The scanning process is very simple. From Diamond’s Project menu, select Scan to pause the program long enough for you to activate the scanner and start scanning. With your original laying flat, position the scanner at the top of the area you want to scan. Press the Activate Scan button on the scanner and slowly move the pickup down the document. The data is sent to the paint program when you release the button or run out of memory, whichever comes first. While the widest area you can scan is four inches, do not assume that this generates a small image. For example, scanning an area of 4 x 8 inches at 300 dpi creates a final picture of 1200x2400 bits, so large an image that many Amiga paint programs cannot load it. Han-D-Scan, however, supports virtual pages, which can be as large as your RAM allows. Diamond easily handles virtual pages, so you can use it to manipulate and edit your scanned images. The Han-D-Scan manual is quite extensive and includes several tutorials on scanning. The package also contains a full manual for Diamond. Although Han-D-Scan does not support color, Diamond works in all Amiga graphic modes, including Hold-and- Modify and Extra_Halfbrite. While very similar to C Ltd.'s system, GeniScan (Datel, $ 299.95) has fewer options. It too has switches ? Datel’s G niScan 4-drier.or two-yK page scan 0:MsPdn DrS ' • J-. '- V-, > + Inchistfies does the ’Y'.'Cv*'
• iX * •“ - i . R -. •., . .**•- .V • » a- v* »*•".* . X • y .- _r • * - &: * JP''' -v , ».. v *v3 ?J3K. 7.-. v . Jr. IZ on the scanner for 100, 200, 300, and 400 dpi, but the current software allows only 100 and 200 dpi. The next version of the software promises to support resolutions up to 400 dpi, Datel's hand scanner has four dithering modes selected from the scanner itself. Letter mode is for simple line art and the three Photo settings give various degrees of halftoning. The Brightness control and Activate Scan button are also on the scanner. The software supports several options. You can select a one- or two-page scan. Pages are the height of the screen, which is the PAL standard 256 dots. For width, you can scan in a screen-oriented mode more minutes per scan. Lower resolutions scan taster. The finished image is in the current screen resolution (320x200, 320x400, 640x200, or 640x400). You can save the screen as an IFF image or as a raw data file, which can be loaded only by the IMG soft ware. Black-and-white images are still saved with four bit- planes even though they appear in monochrome. You do have some control over which area of the original document you scan. LMG’s software allows you to specify the height, left margin, and width of the scanned area. By carefully tuning the settings to your printer you can get different results from the same original document. Basically, IMG Scan left me cold. While it is an inexpensive and innovative way to produce scanned images, you could do a lot better with a digitizer. It too gives you only screen-size images, but ones of far better quality. 7 (640 dots wide) or a buffer-oriented mode (800 dots wide). Several cut, copy, and paste features let you manipulate the image in the buffer as well as on screen. Special effects (such as invert, reverse, and positive negative switching) are also available. The horizontal and vertical compression options shrink the image by half. Unfortunately, the Datel scanning software suffers from some serious limitations. You can scan a 4 x 2Vo-inch original at 200 dpi using the Buffer and Two-Page Scan options to create an 800 x 512-pixel image. When you save this information, however, you have only two options. The standard IFF save stores the screen image in PAL 640 x256 resolution, while a Raw save stores the data in a non-IFF format. You end up with either a screen-resolution image or one that is not compatible with IFF programs. Output Opinions While much of your decision should be based on how much scanner you can afford, do not compromise quality. I recommend the Scannerv Scan jet Plus combination as the best and most flexible system. The budget conscious should check out Han-D-Scan. When coupled with Diamond, it makes an attractive package. ¦ All in all, I was disappointed with Datel's GeniScan. Fhe hardware is fine, but the software lacks many- important features. Wait for the upgraded software. Until then vou are limited to fairly small scanned * images. Printer Power IMG Scan (SunRize Industries, SI49.95) takes a totally different approach. The package consists of software, a parallel interface, and a thin image cable that contains a fiber-optic pickup. The scanner is unique because it uses your printer as the vehicle to move the minute scanner head back and forth. .After removing the ribbon, install the scanning cable to the print head of your dot-matrix printer using two small metal clips. The exact procedure depends on the printer model; on some printers ibis is very easy, on others it is very difficult. 1 used a Star NX-10 and found it to be quite troublesome. To help, SunRize includes metallic tape with which you can hold the cable in place, 'fhe image cable’s position is critical. It must be within of an inch from the paper, but not touching it. If it is not correct, the scanner produces blurry images. You insert the original document into the printer as you would feed in a single sheet of paper. It moves automatically through the printer in increments your printer can resolve. The vertical resolution of your printer determines the final resolution of your image, which can be as low as 144 dpi or as high as 360 dpi for 24-pin printers. Most dot-matrix printers are around 216 dpi. The software conies with a configuration file set for the Star NX-1000 printer. If you own another model, be prepared to create a new file a process that requires you to know a fair amount about the control codes that make your printer work. You can find the information in your printer’s manual. The scans are created in black and white or in 16 shades of gray. It is not a fast process, taking ten or Amiga World 25 Electronic Collage Computerized image processing is giving a new twist to the old technique of composite imaging with results that will turn the heads of a lot of Amiga artists and animators. WHAT DO ROGER Rabbit, Tron, Star Wars, and your local television news program have in common? They all rely heavily on variations of a technique that photographers have known about since the 19th century: composite imaging. Briefly put, this is the art of skillfully combining many images into one in order to create a new “reality.” The concept in its simplest form is nothing other than that of an old-fashioned paper collage. The advent of computerized image processing is breathing new life into this venerable technique, with unprecedented results and legal ramifications. Armed with nothing but your trusty Amiga and some off-the-shelf software, you will discover you possess all the tools necessary to create images no less fantastic than these multimillion-dollar examples. In this tutorial I will show you how to transport the fantasies that inspire such images from your imagination to your Amiga screen. Whether you are a graphic artist or an animator; whether you work with flat graphics, 3-D images, or animation sequences; you will find these tips to be a valuable addition to your .Amiga arsenal. Producing a composite scene, while not simple, is surprisingly straightforward. In brief, to create our “electronic collage,” we will (I) choose the source images; (2) transform them into brushes and match their resolutions; (3) create a universal palette that will encompass all the separate images that will make up the whole; and (4) put the pieces together and touch up the completed image. Preliminary Considerations Before we move to step one, let’s look at some general principles you should keep in rnincl in approaching the whole project, and also consider what tools you will need to complete the project. .Although you can create a simple composite image in a single evening, do not expect to produce your masterpiece so quickly. A successful composite image is the result of careful planning, attention to detail, and many hours of experimentation and hard work. ? Dwaker:DeluxeVid?oIII The Easy Choice, 812356 C, 1371164 r Fadeln Picture HovePath Position j load 2J“:pictures xyzpapts‘ load l,":pictures xyxpic" loadfont l.Vtopaz.fo&t" array 386,1 execute a,“assign fonts: 1 abort 6 display 3 nargins -l.-l center l:clw setfont latove 8,128:text "titleline fade 1,3,6:pause 29:fade 6,3,5 clear display 1 abort 1 2:1 uipe 1.26,28,40,48,-1,-1,410,1 Yours For A Special Price With DeluxeVideo Ill’s desktop video capabilities you can turn graphics, animation, music, andsound into impressive video productions for home or office. Powerful Visual Scripting lets you focus on the creative process, instead of program loops and sub-routines. Better yet, you don’t trade off any , power for ease of use! Plus, for a limited time DeluxePaint III owners can get DeluxeVideo III at I ? Works in all Amiga resolution modes, including HAM, extra-Halfbrite, overscan, ? Define paths and edit-object motion using only the mouse. Even supports Anim t Control external devices, including single frame VCR’s through Arexx” message port. ? Supports 8SVX sound and SMUS music files, plus MIDI output for professional quality ? Also compatible with other great productsfrom Electronic Arts like DeluxePaint- III and iKf. Jr DeluxeMusic Construction Set* Wmk. GET DELUXE VIDEO ffl, THE PERFECT COMPANION TO DELUXE PAINT m FOR 1 2 PRICE This special limited time offer is available to Dpaint m owners until 2 28 90. Get Dvideo HI for only $ 75 + shipping & handling. OR DeluxeVideo 1.2 owners can upgrade anytime for only $ 50 + shipping & handling. For details call (US & Canada): Electronic Arts Direct Sales: 800-245-4525,8am-5pm, M-F, Pacific Time. Demo disks are available for $ 10 (applicable towards purchase). Call for details! Suggested Retail; $ 149 95. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Arexx is a trademark of William Hawes. DeluxePaint, DeluxeVideo, and DeluxeMusic Construction Set are registered trademarks of Electronic Aits. DeluxeVideo III software by Mike Posehn, Granite Bay Software. ELECTRONIC ARTS Circle 2 on Reader Service card ¦ ¦* M f a1 l -U1 J.U -J jy.* ¦ The positive side to all the effort is the enormous satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to life completely under your control. Your paint program will be the software workhorse of any compositing session. To date, I have not found a single paint program that satisfies all my needs. Fortunately, the major paint packages all conform to the IFF (Interchange File Format) standard, so their output can be freely intermixed. This flexible file system allows me to use the software best suited to the problem. Normally, I begin a session with DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts, S149.95) or Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts, S 149.95), depending on the color format of the images I am manipulating. Photon Paint 2.0 (Microillusions, S 149.95) frequently comes in handy, especially when I want to use texture, perspective, or shading. I then use Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek, $ 99.95) to assemble the pieces and touch up the final image. Another, essential piece of software you will need is an image-processing program. Although each program in this category has its strengths, none can do it all. Believe it or not, I use Digi-View's (NewTek, S 199.95) software component (now included with Digi-Paint 3 as Transfer 24) for most of my image- processing work. Other image processors I use regularly include: PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals, S49.95), Butcher (Eagle Tree, 537), and Deluxe Photo Lab's Colors module. If your budget is tight, or you are seeking an all- in-one solution for your graphic toolchest, Deluxe PhotoLab while not the last word is a good overall choice. The only Amiga paint program that works in all graphic modes, PhotoLab also includes useful image-processing and printing software. Picking the Pictures Your initial task is, of course, to pick the images you want to combine. This task is much easier if you have a theme for your creation. For example, you might put yourself in a scene from your favorite movie, or create the ultimate snapshot from your vacation on Mars, or give yourself the body you always wanted.. . Without ever lifting a weight. On the practical side, the next time your spouse or roommate friend decides to rearrange the furniture, why not suggest that it might be easier to try out their ideas on your Amiga first? Sources of pictures abound. If this is a personal project, your choices are virtually unlimited. Many high-quality clip-art packages on disk are now available for the Amiga. The art sections of the national networks such as Plink or CompuServe also offer a good selection of images. If you have a digitizing setup, magazines offer a plethora of professional artwork. If you plan to market your creations, be mindful of copyright laws. Digital image manipulation has raised some sticky questions regarding the ownership of electronic works of art. If you use even a small part of a picture from a magazine or television show, you may be in violation of a copyright. Until this issue is resolved by the courts, you should consult an attorney familiar with this area before you include
* j copyrighted art in your images. Although the Amiga offers 4096 colors in the Hold- And-Modify (HAM) mode, do not assume that you have total freedom when combining colors. There are, in fact, severe limitations to what your Amiga and your favorite paint program can display on the screen, frying to combine Uncle Joe's Hawaiian shirt and Aunt Mildred’s flower garden will probably overload the Amiga's color capabilities. To insure the best results, follow these guidelines: Pick a simple and consistent color scheme for your picture. For example, if you want to include a group of people in the image, limit the background to just Turnerizing” Your Images ii ONE OF MY favorite techniques is colorizing a picture by hand before I add it to the collage. It is one of those simple, but extremely useful, techniques that you will come to find quite handy. Many paint programs have tools allowing you to add color to a black-and- white digitized image. Digi-Paint 3, for instance, has its “colorize” mode, while Photon Paint 2.0 and Deluxe PhotoLab both contain "add” modes for the same purpose. Granted, it is a useful technique, but why not go a little further? If you are having trouble making one of the pieces of your electronic collage match the master palette, try this: Load the brush into Butcher or Deluxe PhotoLab's Colors or Paint modules. Select the black-and-white modes, then redisplay and save the now monochrome brush. Load this “decolorized” brush into your HAM paint program, along with the master picture (and its palette). Clear the screen and stamp the brush down. Then, simply select the “add” or “colorizing” tool and recolor the brush with the master palette instead of the brush's native palette. You will discover this works almost every time. ?
- GB Journey into the past and explore the fascinating culture, the diverse personalities, and the intriguing events of the ancient Orient, Recruited by Moebius the WINDWALKER, you begin as a lowly fisherman, but soon riseto the heights of wisdom and mastery of the martial arts. Possessing the discipline of a leader and the spirit of an adventurer, you've dedicated your life to the pursuit of virtue. 1 a few hues. Let the subjects’ flesh tones dominate the composition. Better yet, eliminate the background entirely and use your 2-D paint package or 3-D rendering program to create a custom backdrop. Resolving Your Differences. .. And Brushing up the Results Once you have chosen and assembled all the pieces for your composite masterpiece, the next step is to convert them to the same screen resolution (we will match the color resolutions later.) For most of my work, I use the software included with Digi-View. I prefer its speed and the superior results I get when I use its dithering and sharpness controls. As we will be working in HAM, the dimensions of the completed image can be either 320 x 200 or 320x400, depending on your choice of formats. If you use Digi-View, select one of these resolutions when you start the program. The conversion is handled automatically by the software when you load the picture (be sure to preserve the original number of colors when you resave the newly converted image.) The process is similar for PIXmate, Butcher, and Deluxe PhotoLab’s Colors, except that in these packages, you select the conversion process from the menus after you load the picture. When you have all the pictures in the same resolution, use your paint program to cut them into brushes. This is the electronic equivalent of cutting out pieces of photographs in a magazine to create a paper collage. If you plan to use one of your pictures as a background, set it aside for now. Convert the remaining pieces into brushes by carefully outlining the area as a brush and cutting it away from the background. Save each brush as a new file. Step 3. Creating the Master Palette Now for the most important, time-consuming, and difficult part of the entire process: creating your mas- ter palette. Because your final (HAM) picture can contain only 16 base colors, it is unlikely that you will be able to include every color from every brush t J in this universal palette. Your goal, then, is to create the optimum set of colors the paint program can use to synthesize any others it needs to display your electronic collage. Load your background picture into the image processor of your choice (ifyou do not have a background image, use the largest or most important brush.) Reduce the number of colors to the absolute minimum necessary to display it faithfully. The idea here is to free up some of the positions in the base palette. Inevitably, there will be at least one brush that will not display properly; a few open slots in the palette will give you the flexibility to add the colors you need to make it work. All the image processors I use have a feature that allows me to specify the number of colors to use in a palette (“reduce colors," or something similar.) I use this tool to successively reduce the number of colors one at a time, starting with the original set of colors each time I try a lower setting. I repeat this process until the picture’s quality degrades to an unacceptable level. This new, optimized picture and its palette then form the basis for my new creation. Process brushes in the same way, although for a different reason. Remember that each piece originated from a larger picture that probably contained colors not included in the brush. There is no need to carry extra baggage. You will be manipulating the palette quite a bit for the next step. .Although any HAM paint program will work, Deluxe PhotoLab’s Paint module is ideal for this process. The program's palette tool has a secondary color area where you can create and store
* hues while you load a new set from another image into the main palette. First, load the background picture into the paint program. Then, load a brush and stamp it down in place onto this picture. Do he colors in the brush look right? If they do, fine; you are done with that brush. If not, you will have to do some work. Normally, the problem is simple color “fringing" around the brush. This is a result of the limitations of the H.AM mode. The picture contained an abrupt transition between colors that the program could not bridge in one pixel. Before you try adding colors to the base palette to correct this, select the "smooth" option from your paint program’s menu. Stamp the brush down again. The software can sometimes smooth out the ragged edges enough to minimize or eliminate the problem. Less often, the brush’s colors have changed so much that it is nearly unrecognizable. In this case, bite the bullet and add a color to the base palette (or, if there is no room left, modify an existing color.) First, compare the brush’s natural appearance with its modified form on the background. Next, select "use brush palette” from the Project menu. Copy the necessary ? Circle 47 on Reader Service card color(s) from the brush palette to the alternate palette area below the main color display. Finally, restore the background picture’s colors by selecting “use picture” from the palette menu and copy the new color to an empty slot in this palette. Switch back to the picture display and try re- stamping the brush onto the background. If you picked the right color, your problem should be corrected. If not, try a different color or modify the color of your choice with the RGB HSV sliders, “undoing” and repeating the process until you are satisfied with the results. Step 4. Assembling and Touching up Your Composition In order to finish the piece, you will probably employ one or more of the following techniques: blending, resizing, perspective, shading, texture mapping, and blurring. As 1 mentioned earlier, not every HAM paint program can perform all these operations. For example, of all the programs in the HAM paint universe, only Photon Paint 2.0 offers true perspective rotation. Most of the tricks, however, are available in any of the packages 1 have recommended, either directly or indirectly with a combination of tools. Always smooth your brushes when you place them in the final image. Turn on the “smooth” or “anti- alias” tool before you stamp it down, or if this softens the image too much, carefully smooth just the edges of the brush after you put it down, using a one- or two-pixel brush. Either way, your image will blend into its surroundings much more naturally. I almost always add shadows to any three-dimensional objects, using the following technique: First, I darken all objects on the sides away from the light. Then, if necessary, I can cast their shadows on the ground using Photon Paint's Perspective mode. I simply rotate the brush until it appears parallel to the ground and then select the program’s “darken” effect to cast a simulated shadow using the brush's shape. A very effective way to indicate depth is to simulate the natural haze that obscures objects viewed at a distance through the atmosphere. To do this, look for a menu selection called "lighten” or “add" in your paint program. After you apply the brush to the picture, select this option and stamp the brush again, at the same screen coordinates. The image will be a shade lighter. Repeat this step, lightening the object until it appears to be as far away as you desire. Sometimes depth is best suggested by forcing a background image out of focus. This is easy to do with options for “blurring” or "softening” the brush provided by many HAM paint programs. Select this mode and keep stamping the brush on top of itself until the image is as blurry and out of focus as you want it. Perspective, Resize, and Texture Mapping are all useful when your original brush is not in the same aspect ratio as the final picture. Use these tools to match the angle or size of the brush to its location in the final image. For example, you might have a flat, two-dimensional image of some marble that you want to appear on the surface of a wall angling away from the viewer. Use Photon Paint 2.0 to rerender it in true perspective or, alternatively, use any other HAM paint package’s "wrap” or “warp” tool to create a realistic approximation of the effect. As you try out the techniques and tricks 1 have presented in this article, you will discover many, many- more. Why not send the fruits of your labors to the address below. Maybe you can teach me a few tricks. ¦ Gene Brawn is a graphics designer, television director, digital animator, and a contributing editor to Amiga World. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, TH 03458. Manufacturers’ Addresses Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Microlllusions 17408 Chatsworth Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 NewTek 115 West Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-11546 800 843-8934 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Attention: AMIGA 500 USERS The Ultimate Expansion Tbol Now More Expandable Than Ever! Internal Fan ~:r Dedicated Power
* AU Free Ss (enable disable Autoboot) 0MB, 2MB or 4MB of FAST RAM Expansion SCSI Hard Disk Controller 20MB to 102MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive HAM Configuration Jumpers 86 pin Card Edge Connector liVfp cr WP PSO*rT diskettes. IiiES » ;* i i - lers Circle 245 on Reader Service Card Consumers Cirde 127 on Reader Service Card For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 889-9411 • FAX (215) 889-9416 • BBS (215) 889-4994 ; n ' i! ; Allows the A500 to be hooted directly off the hard disk, no floppies required! All hard disk partitions can be Fast File System partitions. Up to 4MB of ZERO-WAH STATE, FAST RAM can be added internally. Robust power supply is included so that your A500 is not over-loaded. Allows up to six additional SCSI devices to be attached. TT7 i : i ridging the Gap to With newer and faster Big Blue IBMs running more powerful PC applications, it’s time for the compatibility crowd to trade in the old Bridgeboard for a top-of-the-line A2286. By Timothy Trimble WHEN I f FIRST arrived, the A2088 was the perfect vehicle for IBM compatibility. Now, up against the faster processing power of IBM 80286 and 80386 computers that run from 8 Mhz to 30 Mhz, the PC XT-compatible board seems like a skateboard trying to keep pace with a Corvette. Before you withdraw from the race entirely, however, take Commodore’s new A2286 IBM PC AT-compatible Bridgeboard for a lest drive. Running at 8 Mhz, the A2286 is basically an IBM PC AT computer on a card. It comes with the 80286 processor, a socket for an 80287 coprocessor, one megabyte of RAM, and a lithium battery for the realtime clock calendar. A 1.2MB 57,-inch high-density floppy disk accompanies the card, almost tripling the capacity of a PC XT floppy drive. With the A2286 Bridgeboard installed, you can use the Amiga's three PC slots for enhancing the system with a VCA graphics card and separate monitor, an internal modem, or an ethernet card for attaching the Amiga to a local ILLUSTRATED BY KIM WILSON F.VKRSZ Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103, Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 Coming Attractions in 89: mm Living Color™System: Frame Buffer, Digitizer, Time Base Corrector, Digital Video Effects (DVE); V Machine desk top video workstation Circle reader response card, see your dealer, or call for more informotion © 1989 Digital Creations. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Circle 28 on Reader Service card. Area network. Support for mono and RGB color displays on the Amiga monitor and full AT keyboard functions are also included definitely a full-featured J machine. Smooth and Simple Setting up the software for the new Bridgeboard was almost too easy. I was prepared to insert the installation disk, open the Shell, and copy files manually to my Workbench disk. Instead, I found a full installation program that did all of the work for me. .After making copies of my installation and Workbench disks (better safe than sorry), I double clicked on the Bridgclnstall icon. Watching the program run revealed that Commodore knew what it was doing with the new system. No longer do you have to be a techno-whiz to install software for the Bridgeboard. The program places all of the necessary files into available memory, then prompts you for a disk to install the new software on, including a hard disk. After you put in your Workbench disk, the program checks to determine if there is enough room for the new files. If more room is needed, the program displays the necessary amount and all the files on the disk. You simply tag the files you want to delete to free up more room for the Bridgeboard files. If you do not have an auto- booting hard drive, run Bridge Install twice once to put the files on your Workbench disk and again to place them on your hard disk. With the AmigaDOS software installed, all you need to do is set up the MS-DOS side of the computer. Insert the supplied MS-DOS disk in the 5 Winch drive and reboot. When the system is ready, open the PC drawer and double click the PCMono icon to access MS-DOS and the Bridgeboard. To invoke the Bridgeboard Setup utility, press the Control, Alt, and Escape keys simultaneously. This allows you to define the operational parameters of the Bridgeboard, such as the date, time, type of disk and hard drives that are installed, and how to use the one megabyte of memory. (Be careful: The date is displayed in the European format of dd.mm.yy.) Saving these settings will write them out to CMOS RAM. The settings are protected from power loss in this special memory section of the Bridgeboard by the lithium battery. The manual is very helpful, stepping through the entire installation routine. Take It for a Spin Once I had the powerful machine running, I put it through its paces. First, 1 created a boot disk for MS- DOS by copying files from the supplied MS-DOS disk. The procedure was more entertaining than 1 expected. When 1 issued the command COPY *.* B:, the operating system shouted in German: disk in Laufwerk B: einlegen! Wenn bereit, eine beliebige Taste betatigen! Which I took to mean, “Place target disk in drive B:*- Soupin * It Up IF YOU LIKE to tinker under the hood, you and your Phillips screwdriver can install the A2286 Bridgeboard and disk drive in less than an hour. Just follow the manual’s step-by-step instructions, photographs, and illustrations. The tips below will help insure success on the first try.
1. Keep your working environment safe. First, remove all external cables from the computer. Moving the chassis is difficult and potentially hazardous when it is still attached to peripherals. Keep away from anything that could produce static while handling the card. Grounding yourself by touching some nearby metal before handling the card and disk drive is also a good idea.
2. Install the drive first; attaching its cables before you put in the Bridgeboard is easier. You will have to remove all other cards from the computer to access the drive’s screw holes. I found when I wedged a small piece of cardboard under the drive that I could line up the holes for the screws a lot easier.
3. Attach the drive cable to the Bridgeboard before you insert the card in the computer. Do not try to reuse the drive cable from an A2088 Bridgeboard. The A2286 will not work with the older cable.
4. If the slot in your A2000 is tight, do not try to pound the board in. Make sure the connector edge of the board is lined up with the slot, and use your palms to apply steady, even pressure.
5. Once the board is in place, attach the lithium battery to the inside of the computer with the supplied velcro strips.
6. No matter how confident you are, test that everything works before you screw the cover back on. ? TT Romance Of The Three Kingdoms A Quest of Conquest Government has collapsed and China battles with itself as warlords struggle for supremacy. Fight, barter, and trade your way to your ultimate goal: control of all China. But you can’t do it alone. You '11 have to recmitgood subordinates and win their loyalty with bravery and gifts. Form alliances with other warlords, but know that they may not last long. During peacetime build dams and bridges, clear fields, many, train your troops, and give and receive loans of food and money. On the battlefield, fight on realistic terrain. Try to crush the enemy, but know he will be strong. Your shot at victory comes by carefully preparing your men and then giving the battle everything you have. COMING SOON! I H* it o « TV fcttu t? Sr Become History’s Most Feared Generalissimo, Or One of His Rivals Features Includes: 255 characters, each with a distinct personality; military, economic and diplomatic simulation; five different scenarios; ten levels of difficulty per scenario; play by one to eight; demo mode; complete infraction manual and historical notes; Poster Included. (Screen Shots Arc IBM Screens. Amiga Version To Use Amiga Graphics)
* •» ’ * ‘¦’•-'iio jrj i Ut r! ¦» t.lJr* f SSF f » r!*r l .* = 7Ac Tkn KOEI...We Supply The Past, You Make The History One Bay Plaza, Suite 540, 1350 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010, Tel. 415-348-0500 ode 105 on Reader serv.ee card. And strike any key to continue." Because there is only one MS-DOS disk drive, the computer fools itself into thinking it has two drives by turning drive A: into B: and prompting you to place the necessary disk into the drive. When it came time to place the drive A: disk hack into the drive, 1 was greeted with the same message asking for drive A:. 1 also created a virtual disk (partition) on the AmigaDOS hard disk. (See “The Great Pretender,”
p. 50, April SS). The Gust software I installed on the hard disk was Norton Utilities 4.5. The System Information program that comes with Norton revealed a Computing Index of 8.3 for the A2286. The A2088 previously rated an index of only 1.0, proving the A2286 runs 8.3 times faster than an IBM PC XT (or an A2088 Bridgeboard). I also installed and ran through most of the DOS commands without any problems. Slow screen updates on the Amiga monitor are a major drawback of using the A2088, because the Bridgeboard passes screen information to the Amiga graphics processors for translating. The Bridgeboard attempts to overcome this sluggishness by jumping a portion of the screen to allow the information to arrive on the screen in the same amount of time that it would take on an 1BM monitor. The result is jerky text scrolling. This is even more pronounced with the A2286 Bridgeboard because it runs 8.3 times faster. For example, a small directory listing will just appear on the screen instead of scrolling up from the bottom. You can minimi e this by using monochrome mode. The jumpy scrolling thankfully does not carry over into the graphics realm. For CCA (Color Graphics Adapter) mode you must tell MS-DOS that you plan to run color graphics by entering the MS-DOS command MODE COSO. Next, go to the Amiga’s Workbench and double click the PCColor icon to display CGA on the Amiga monitor. What amazed me is that the screen updating in CGA graphics mode is smooth and fully up to speed no small feat when running something as demanding as the flight simulator (Falcon from Spectrum Holohyte) 1 was testing. A new feature of the A2286 Bridgeboard is the ability to use the Amiga mouse as a Microsoft-compatible mouse on the Bridgeboard side. All you need to do is run the Amouse program from the Amiga side first, then from the Bridgeboard side. While on the MS-DOS side of the computer, you can switch the mouse mode by pressing the Ijeft-Amiga and P keys at the same time. My experiments worked fine; the mouse behaved exactly like the Microsoft mouse. The game I tested (Tracon from Wesson International) even used its own image of the mouse cursor instead of the Amiga mouse cursor. The Amiga mouse pointer remains on the screen in its last recorded position when you activate the IBM mouse mode. To avoid confusion. Drag the Amiga mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner and then activate the IBM mouse mode. The grease that keeps the system running smoothlv is the Janus libraries that accompany the Bridge- boards. The basic function of the libraries is to let the Bridgeboard use resources on the Amiga side of the computer. For example, the Bridgeboard accesses the .Amiga hard disk by using the Jdisk (MS-DOS), ]link (MS-DOS), and PCDisk (AmigaDOS) programs. Another pair of MS-DOS programs, Aread and Awritr, allows you to transfer files between AmigaDOS and MS-DOS; again, both computers (the Amiga and the Bridgeboard) communicate with each other’s drives. One of the most important functions the libraries provide is the ability to use the Amiga parallel port for printing from the Bridgeboard side of the computer. Double click on the LPT I icon in AmigaDOS’ PC drawer to enable the parallel port for use by the Bridgeboard. While the Amiga can multitask, do not expect miracles. As with the mouse, if one side is using the port, then the other cannot. You must disable the parallel port by closing the “Parallel Printer Port Allocated" message box on the Workbench before the Amiga can use that same port. New to version 3.6 of the Janus libraries that accompany the A2286 are the abilities to use the Amiga mouse as a Microsoft-compatible mouse and to reboot the Bridgeboard. As mentioned earlier, Amouse controls the mouse modes. To reboot, double click on the PCHard icon. While a keyboard reboot (press CTRL, ALT, and DEL simultaneously) cures most lock ups, the PCHard program resc ues you from extremely nasty crashes. The Results Are la The only drawbacks 1 found with the A2286 configuration were the jumpiness of scrolling text and the lack of a speaker. A quick-and-dirty remedy for the former is to buy an IBM-compatible monitor and install a monitor card in one of the slots next to the Bridgeboard. A little extra money solves the latter problem as well. The connections for the speaker are on the Bridgeboard; make a quick trip to a computer store and buy a standard IBM speaker. I hese are minor details, however, compared to the satisfaction of being able keep up with the faster IBM microcomputers. The A2286 Bridgeboard is as compatible as any other IBM PC AT clone on the market. Plus, with what other configuration can you work on MS-DOS projects from the office while you download a file from a BBS and render your latest 3-D objects in the background? The Amiga and A2286 are pulling away from the pack. ¦ Timothy Trimble is a systems analyst at Ashton- Tate. Write to him at 6034 Pacific ('.oast Highway, Apt. 9, Redondo Reach, Cl 90277. 12 NEW MISSIONS FROM SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE MAKERS OF THE ORIGINAL, AWARD-WINNING FALCON! You're deep in enemy territory on a critical mission when bogeys appear at 12 o'clock. Business as usual. In the meantime, those deadly T-80 tanks are nearly within firing range of your airfield. Spectrum HoloByte s. new Falcon Mission Disk gives you the incredible maneuverability and weaponry of your original Falcon F-16 simulation, plus a new set of missions with more enemy vehicles, new terrain, and improved graphics and playability. Your objective: total defeat of the enemy by destroying Ins industrial and ground assets, while protecting your base from attack. The enemy comes by land, sea and air; you’ll have to dig deep into your bag of tricks to repel this attack. Its a whole new world of challenges with the Falcon Mission Disk. Expand your horizons as you go head-to-head with the latest in flight simulations. Spectrum HoloByte A Division of SPHERE, INC. 2061 Challenger, Drive Alameda, CA 94501 (r 15) 522-0107 Available on Amiga - and Atari* ST™ ON- GRAPHICS Like Fish To Water: Mastering HAM Mode 11 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen THE BEST PAINT packages are very intuitive once you have a little experience, but the first step can be intimidating. This is especially true for beginners learning to paint in Amiga’s HAM (Hold- and-Modify) mode. This month’s “Accent” presents an easy-to-master technique yielding complex subtleties of color that should help HAM novices get off to a good start. (More experienced users may also benefit I use this simple technique for 90% of my own HAM painting.) The Amiga’s HAM mode offers 4096 possible colors on screen at the same time. This trick is accomplished by looking to the Red, Green, and Blue values of the preceding pixel on each scan line as you paint, and modifying those values toward the color with which you are painting. As only one of the RGB values can he changed at a time, it can take up to three pixels of intermediate color steps to arrive at the destination color. What results is a visible fringe of unplanned color on the left edge of a painted line or shape. This inevitable side effect of HAM painting known as “ramping” must be taken into consideration creatively from the outset. The final part of the technique outlined here conceals ramping within dithered edges as it simulates transparent brush strokes. Amiga users currently have three choices among HAM paint programs: Photon Paint 2.0 (Microillusions, $ 149.95); the “Paint” component of the three-module Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts, $ 149.99); and Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek, $ 99.95). All three programs are good, and as you might expect, each has advantages and disadvantages, I will use terminology specific to Photon Paint, although you can employ the technique described here with either of the other two programs. (For further information, see the Amiga World reviews of each of these programs; Photon Paint 2.0, Sept. ’89, p. 78; Deluxe PhotoLab, Dec. ’88, p. 14; Digi-Paint 3, Nov. ’89, p. 14.) Gone Fishing Photon Paint’s tool menu appears at the top of the screen. Double-click the first tool on the left in the top row, Free Draw (the box with the squiggle), to get the Free Shape tool. (You can also hit the D key twice to accomplish the same task.) The squiggle changes to a capital F to confirm your selection. You may now
* draw freehand shapes that will complete and fill upon release of the mouse button. To get the feel of the tool, try drawing a fish. Build up the form of the fish little by little with free form shapes. Work with quick strokes to give a fresh feel to the shapes you create, rather than trying to laboriously trace each one with precision, The idea is to keep adding blobs of color with the left button while carving away to the background color with the right button. Think of it as drawing the shape of a brush stroke each time. Keep your other hand on the keyboard ready to hit the U key whenever you want to undo a blob and try again. Fish come in such an improbable array of successful forms that you can hardly miss coming up with something recognizably piscine. Change colors often as you work, and let the blobs overlap freely. Do not spend too much time on this experiment. Solid colors are a crude use of the HAM mode, and ramping is severe. Press the Delete key to clear the screen and then hit F2 to put yourself in Blend mode, fry the same fish experiment. As you paint, the filled shapes are Using this deceptively easy technique, novices can enjoy the rich variety and subtlety of HAM-mode colors in about as much time as it takes to play “Go Fish!” now transparent. If you lay a blob of one color over another, a third color appears in the area of overlap. As you continue painting, these overlap colors multiply and the colors of the painting become more complex than the palette. The right mouse button still serves as an absolute eraser to the background color. This is handy for cutting the mouth opening into the front of the fish, trimming the tail to some rational shape, and reducing the free-wheeling contour to something vaguely hydrodynamic. When you reach a point with two or three dozen colors built up in the painting, try another experiment. With the left mouse button, select the lower-right color in the palette as a foreground color. This color will be lost, to be replaced repeatedly by new colors in the next phase of painting. I think of this palette position as my scratch color. Hit “FIO” to turn off the menu. Now use the comma key to pick colors directly from the screen. The whole painting becomes your available palette, and that palette grows in complexity with each transparent overlay you perform. Transparent Power Clear the screen again for the next experiment. Hit ALT-M to bring up the Blend Set requester, as shown in the illustration. This is one of Photon Paint’s most powerful tools (and you will find its equivalent in the other two programs). The filled shapes you have been drawing defaulted to 50% transparency. By clicking your cursor in the large window of the requester, you instead sei a transparency gradient for those filled shapes. The window shows a representation of that gradient from full color saturation at the point you clicked, out to zero satuIn our finished fish Illustration, “Blueglll” (above), edges of color blend softly and the Illusion of highlight can be seen. Also note Photon Paint 2.0’s Blend Set requester (lower right), through which you can control saturation gradients and contouring, among other effects. The lower the gradient curve in the requester, the more subtle the buildup of form and color. Gradual shading with black is most effective with very low curves. Keep in mind that the right mouse button background mode can also be set to Blend. You will quickly see that creating a palette of very light colors is advantageous. Darker values of these colors appear automatically as you paint. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomyscience fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Ration at the edges. Return to the painting screen and try another fish. Now the edges of color areas blend softly into one another and, owing to the saturation gradient, you can perceive an illusion of highlight. For even more subtlety, return to the Blend Set requester and draw your own contour graph in the box under the window. Keep the maximum height of the bell curve you draw down to about half the height (or less) of the box. Click the arrow under the other graph box to duplicate what you just drew. Set dither up two or three notches (as shown) to soften contouring effects. I created the accompanying fish illustration precisely by using this technique. Info.phile Scripts For Success Part 3 Before they roll the credits and strike the set on their scripts” series, our Amiga DOS directors will introduce some final and very helpful members of the cast. By Mark L. Van Name and Bill Catchings IN THE FIRST’ two parts of our series, we learned how to enter and execute scripts, and ways to pass parameters to them. In the final installment, we will show you how some special commands can make your scripts more powerful and versatile by allowing you to control the order in which they execute their statements. Scripts normally execute their commands in serial fashion one after another in the order in which they appear in the file. There are many times, however, when you need more flexibility in the way your scripts execute. For example, you might want to vary the statements you execute depending on certain parameter values. Three special CLI commands IF, SKIP, and LAB are ready to do your bidding. Don’t Fail Me Now IF lets you test a condition, and if that condition is true, execute one or more statements. If the condition is not true, the script bypasses those statements. Consider our simple script BACKUP from last column: .KEY file,disk,new name COPY file> disk>: new_name> BACKUP works fine as long as you supply arguments for at least the lile> and disk> parameters. Without them, however, the script will fail with an error from the COPY command. By using IF you ensure that BACKUP will not even attempt to perform the COPY' unless there is a file> argument: .KEY file,disk,new_name IF “ file>” EQ “ ” ECHO “You must supply a source file name." SKIP DONE ENDIF COPY file> disk>: new_name> LAB done Let's go through this script a line at a time, starting with IF, which tests whether the file> parameter is equal to (EQ) the null string (" "). If you do not supply an argument for a parameter, EXECUTE makes that parameter the null string. Thus, this test is true if you did not supply an argument for file>, and false if you did. If the test is true, IF executes all the statements up to the ENDIF command. (ENDIF’s sole goal is to mark the end of those statements.) If the test is false, IF jumps to the first statement after the ENDIF. In this example, if you did not supply a iile> argument, BACKUP uses ECHO to print a screen message to that effect and then jumps to the end via the SKIP command (which we will discuss below). If there is a file> argument, BACKUP jumps to the first statement after the ENDIF and performs the COPY’. In this case, we followed instructions in the AmigaDOS 1.2 manual directing us to place double quotes (“ ") around our file> parameter. That way, if there was no argument for file>, the IF becomes IF “ ” EQ “ ” which is clearly true. The AmigaDOS 1.2 manual states that if there is no argument for that parameter, failure to supply the double quotes necessary to make this test work will result in IF EQ “ ” which is bad 1.2 syntax and will fail. Actually, this is simply not true. Under AmigaDOS 1.3, the command IF EQ “ “ is perfectly legal; in fact, it is always true. You can put the double quotes around ? Simply The Best Amiga Hard Drive Before you buy a hard drive, look around. Look closely. Compare speeds, but also look at Interfaces...Software...Value. We think you'll agree that SupraDrives are Simply The Best Amiga Hard Drives. Here's why ... Each SupraDrive for the A500 A2000: Autoboots directly from FFS partition • Interface allows super smooth video, sound, etc., with no rude interruptions for hard drive access • Compatible with Bridgeboard™, RAM, digitizers, other boards • Supports MS-DOS disk partitions with Bridgeboards • Installs easily • Pre-formatted & ready to use
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All this is available at a price you'll love. Look into it! Only Supra Corporation an experienced company with a proven commitment to the Amiga and its potential gives you such an attractive alternative: The SupraDrive. It's Simply The Best Amiga Hard Drive. Ask your dealer for details, or call: Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503-967-9075 All Supra Products Are Made in the U.S.A. ORDERS: 1-800-727-8772 Cirde 208 on Reader Service card. SupraDrive, WordSync, SupraFormat, and SupraEdit are trademarks of Supra Corp. Amiga is a registered trademark and Workbench is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer. The parameter name or not it’s your choice. Notice also that we indented the commands between IF and ENDIF; it makes no difference to AmigaDOS, but we think doing so makes the script easier to read. This Joint is Jumpin’ At this point, the other two special CLI commands we mentioned earlier can provide you with further help in getting more out of your scripts. SKIP lets you jump forward in a script, while LAB labels the lines to which you might want to jump. In our example above, we used SKIP to jump past the COPY command when there was no file> argument. To use these commands, simply follow them with a label name, as in SKIP label where SKIP searches forward, line by line, until it encounters a line of the form LAB label If there are several LAB lines with the same label, SKIP will go to the first one in the script. If you wish, you may omit the label part of these commands. SKIP without a label searches forward until it finds the first LAB without a label. In AmigaDOS 1.3, a BACK option allows you to SKIP to search backwards, as in SKIP label BACK or, for a backwards search for a LAB without a label SKIP BACK This version of SKIP goes back to the first line of the script and searches forward for the first LAB with a corresponding label (or the first LAB without a label, if the SKIP also has no label). There is, however, one important restriction on the BACK option: You can use it to skip back only as far as the last EXECUTE command. If your script contains previous EXECUTE commands, SKIP will return 10 the nearest one and search forward from there. In any case, make sure that SKIP can find the label you give it. If SKIP reaches the end of the script without finding that label, you will get the error message Label “ label>” not found by Skip and the script ends. Let s Compare Options Returning to the IF command, we find that you can use it for a lot more than merely comparing a parameter to the null string. In fact, IF allows you to compare a parameter to any string, and unless the string is null or contains spaces, it is not even necessary to place double quotes around it. Thus, for example, to see if the file> argument is the specific file name "fred”, use IE " file>” EQ “fred” or, equivalently, IK file> EQ fred Another IF option, the ELSE command, relieves you of the necessity of skipping around statements you do not want to execute when the comparison is false. IF, ELSE, and ENDIF work together in the following format: IF condition command_set 1 ELSE command_set2 ENDIF If condition is true, the script executes the command(s) in commancLset 1 and then jumps to the first command after ENDIF. If condition is false, the script jumps immediately past the ELSE line and executes the command_set2 command(s). To see these new options in action, consider this version of our sample script, BACKUP: .KEY file,disk,new_name IF " File>” EQ “usage” ECHO ‘To use this script, you must supply three arguments:” ECHO “a source file name" ECHO “a destination disk" ECHO “a new name for the file on that disk” ELSE COPY file> disk>: new_name> ENDIF Here we check first to see if you supplied “usage” as your file argument. If you did, the script gives some instructions on its use and then jumps over the COPY; if you (fid not, it performs the COPY. You can also nest IF commands that is, put one IF inside another. When you do, each IF terminates with the first ENDIF command following it within the script. There are many other IF comparison options, such as GT (greater than) and GE (greater than or equal to). Use NOT before any condition and you can invert the sense of that condition. For instance, to test for inequality, use IF NOT “ parm>” EQ “string” Similarly, using NO T and GE together gives you “less than,” while NOT and GT yields “less than or equal to.” All the above comparisons are string comparisons; they simply test whether two strings are the same, or if one is alphabetically greater than the other, and so forth. Another option, VAL, lets you make those comparisons numeric. For instance IF “ num>” GT “5" compares the string num> to the string
5. If, say, num> were 9999, the comparison would still be false because 9999 is not alphabetically greater than (or less than, for that matter) 5. If, however, you add the VAL option IF num> GT 5 VAL 9999 will indeed test numerically greater than 5. VAL even allows you to use negative numbers. (Note that we have omitted the quotes because it does not appear natural to use them with numbers.) You can also compare the value of environment variables, as well as parameters, strings, and numbers. Simply supply a dollar sign ($ ) before the name of the environment variable, as in IF Smy_env_var EQ “do_it” To see whether a string is the name of a file that currently exists, try Another IF option, EXISTS, as in IF EXISTS filename ? 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In some cases, this poses no particular problem, but you will find other instances where it is very inconvenient i not to have your script handle such errors and keep working. Start by entering these options. When a command fails, it sets what is called a “return code,” a number indicating the seriousness of the command failure. By AmigaDOS convention, a return code of 0 means success. Three return-code numeric ranges define three levels of failure: = 5 and 10 warning =10 and 20 error = 20 complete failure The three options let you test for these return code ranges. IF WARN is true if the return code of the previous command is five or more. Therefore, it is true even if you actually have an error or a failure. Similarly, IF ERROR is true if the previous command’s return code is 10 or more, and IF FAIL is true when you have a return code of 20 or more. By default, AmigaDOS scripts have a “fail level” of 1 that is, they keep running as long as every command’s return code is 9 or less (success or a warning). The script will stop only when it encounters a command with a return code of 10 or more. You can change this level, however, with the FAILAT command, as in FA ILAT 20 By inserting this command, your script will execute as long as the return code of all commands stays below 20. To use FAILAT and the three condition tests successfully, you must follow two rules. First, issue the FAILAT command before any command whose failure you plan to test. Second, use the three options only when the fail level is appropriately high: 6 or more for WARN, 11 or more for ERROR, and 21 or more for FAIL. Thus, to test for ERROR or FAIL, you must first issue an appropriate FAILAI'command. If you neglect to follow these rules, you can still write IF ERROR and IF FAIL commands, but the script may never get to them because it will stop when it encounters a command with an error. Enough about scripts. If you want to learn more, study some of the fairly complex scripts in your s directory and, of course, write your own. We hope you have enjoyed our series on scripts and will indeed find some “success” in using them. ¦ Mark L. Van Name and Rill Catch ings are contributing editors to AmigaWorld. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Rd., Durham, NC 27703. More than just a Disk Copier! Project D is the most powerful Amiga disk copier ever created. It allows you to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your personal, public domain, and commercial software (it even copies copy-protected software!). No other copier allows you to copy to all four disk drives at the same time. No other copier keeps a list of the errors that happened during the last backup. 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P. O. Box 9222 Mesa, AZ 85214 Project D: The Disk Copier... Plus! See How Project D Stacks Up Against The Competition Prolect D RawCoov Duplication Speed 80 Sec. 100 Sec. Easy To Understand User Interface YES NO Upgradable With Parameter Files YES NO Catalog Utility Included I YES NO Copies other formats YES NO Price $ 49.95 $ 59.95 Don’t settle for a Raw Copier when you can have a completely refined, powerful, acurate and original Disk Utility System that is really Well Done! Just see what the critics have to say: "I consider Project D to be akin to a well equipped luxury automobile; it gives a smooth ride and lots of easy to use operations." Denny Atkin - AmigaWorld (Feb. 1989, pp. 92-94) "The user interface is wonderful..." Info Rated: 4+ stars David Martin - Info Magazine (Sept Oct 88, p. 16) "Project D is by far the most comprehensive disk-utility package available for the Amiga today." Mitchell Lopes - Editor, Robo City News Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore*Amiga, Inc. Dealer Inquiries Invited Arizona residents please add 6.5% sales tax. All screens from Amiga 1 -Megabyte versions, which are the same versions running in Arcades. Distributed by MELBOURNE HOUSE Published ’ 18001 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92 C rde 104 on Reader Service card Information and ideas on Amiga Programming pointers Editor's Note: Welcome to the first installment of our monthly column on Amiga programming., which will cover C, BASIC, Modula-2, and Arexx. Each month, a different guest columnist will share advice and provide techniques for his language of choice. Implementing the iff. Library WHATS A PROGRAMMER to do? IFF (Interchange File Format) is a wonderful file standard, but with no standard way of implementing it. To the rescue comes Chris Weber from Zurich, Switzerland and his iff.library, the first attempt at a standard for reading and writing IFF files. The library provides a set of very useful tools that allow you to develop IFF compatible programs without re-inventing the wheel each time you write IFF support code. Although these routines are geared mainly for graphic IFF files, they are flexible and can be used for Anim (animations), 8SVX (sound), or SMUS (music) files. The functions available are:
• ifflile = Open 1 FF(filename) Allocates any available memory for an IFF file and then loads it in.
• ifflile = NewOpen I IT( filename, memaltr) Allocates specific memory for the IFF file and then loads it in.
• CloselFF(iflfile) Closes an IFF file and deallocates the memory created by OpenIFF( ). Where to find iff.library Network CompuServe PeopleLink Genie Lattice BBS Area AmigaTech Forum Amiga Zone Amiga Starship Amiga By Michael Bodin
• header = GeIBMHD(ifflile) Finds the BitMapHeader chunk within an ILBM image file.
• count = GetCoIorTab(i fflile, colortable) Finds the CMAP chunk and converts it to a Color Fable.
• result = DecodePic(ifflile,bitmap) Decodes the BODY of an ILBM file into a bitmap structure,
• result = SaveBitMap(filename,bitmap, colortable,flags) Saves the contents of the BitMap as an IFF-ILBM file,
• result =SaveClip(filename, bitmap, color table, flags, xoff.yoff, width, height) Saves a part of the overall BitMap as an IFF-ILBM file.
• viewmorfes = Get View Modes(iffTile) Gets the View Modes word.
• chunk = FindChunk(ifffile,chunk- name) Finds the first occurrence of the specified chunk id. (ILBM, 8SVX, etc.)
• error = IfTError( ) Returns a more detailed error code after a library function has failed. Before you can start coding, copy the iff.library to the libs: directory of your Workbench disk, and copy the iff.h include file to a backup of your include- Location UB 1 Sec. 11 Sec. 13 Amiga Files Title IFFLIB.ZOO I FF_L! B LAT. AR C SHOWI FF2.ZOO IFL1B1 €1.200 files disk. Iff.h must be called in your source code to allow you to use the library definitions. If you use Lattice C, you will find a pragma file that comes with the library's zoo file. Place these pragma definitions into your source code along with the include statements for the iff.h header file. Be aware that Save- Clip( ) has eight parameters and Lattice's pragma definitions can handle only six. If you try to use SaveClip( ) you will get a linker error. If you are not using Lattice, you must assemble the library stub routines included in the zoo file, then link their object code along with other standard library modules. You may use the SaveClip( ) routine only if you assemble the library stub routines. IFF in Action Listing I, QuikShow.c, is a compact IFF file viewer that demonstrates the power of these functions. It was written with Lattice C 5.02. To run it from the CLI, type QuikShow filename>. The program opens an IFF picture file (filename), displays it, and exits. Let's look closer at QuikShow. Notice that the IFFBase is declared as a pointer to a Library struct. This is the one declaration you must make that is not in the iif.h header file. The program starts at main( ) by checking the input. If the user has typed a question mark or used improper syntax, the program prompts the user with the proper syntax for the command, then exits. If a filename is given, the program opens the Graphics, Intuition, and IFF libraries, The program then calls the OpenIFF( ) function from the IFF library. 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IfQuikShow finds the BMHI) chunk, it sets up the screen structure according to the header definition. The screen’s width, height, and depth are all set from the incoming picture file. Next, the GetViewModes( ) function gets the ViewMode words (HIRES, HAM, etc.) and enters them into the screen structure. Finally, the program opens the viewing screen. With the screen ready, the program needs the rest of the picture file. Get- ColorTab( ) gets the color register definitions from the file and converts them to a ColorTable structure to be used with the LoadRGB4( ) graphics library function. This sets the screen’s colors to those defined in the IFF picture file. Quik- Show next calls the DecodePic( ) function. With this one command you decompress the file and then display it in the view screen’s bitmap. The Delay( ) function inserts a pause before the program closes down the IFF file, the screen, and the libraries. Sound Statements Although the example deals with graphics, loading a digitized sound file is equally quick. After you open the file using OpenIFF( ) or NewOpenIFF( ), use FindChunk( ) to locate the proper chunks for an 8SVX file, the VHDR (VoiceHeader) and BODY chunks. Then set your program’s attributes according to the file parameters. You can find Chris’ freely distributable iff.library file on most of the major networks (see table). The current version of the file is 16.1 and dated 01-DEC-88. 'The library itself consumes a mere 2352 bytes, and its routines provide a much needed step towards a standard. The iff.library is well worth the few minutes you will spend downloading it. N Mike Hodin is System Manager for Florida's State Division of Elections. Write to him c. o AmigaWorld, Editoiial Dept., 80 Elm St.* Peterborough, NH 03458. Listing 1. QuikShow.c an example program using the iff.library routines. * QuikShow.c - based on ShowIFF.c by Christian
* A. Weber. Feel free to use or modify it. * include exec types.h> rf include graphics gfxbase . H> finclude intuition intuition.h> linclude "iff.h" * for Lattice Compiler * include "IFFpragm.h" struct Library *IFFBase = NULL, 'OpenLibrary(); struct GfxBase *GfxBase = NULL; struct IntuitionBase *IntuitionBase = NULL ; struct Screen 'myscreen = NULL, *OpenScreen() ; APTR ifffile = NULL ; struct NewScreen ns = ( 0,0,0,0,0,0,0, NULL, CUSTOMSCREEN J SCREENQUIET, NULL, "QuikShow", NULL, NULL }; main (argc,argv) int argc; char **argv; = long count = 0; UWORD colortable[128]; struct BitMapHeader *bmhd; } printf("Loading file %s ... ”,argv[l]); if(! (ifffile=OpenIFF (argv[1]))) Fail ("Error opening file"); if(!(bmhd=GeIBMHD(ifffile))) Fail ("BitMapHeader not found"); ns.Width = bmhd->w; ns.Height = bmhd->h; ns.Depth - bmhd->n?lanes; ns.ViewModes = GetViewModes(ifffile); if(! (myscreen = OpenScreen (ins))) Fail ("Can't open screen!"); count = GetColorTab(ifffile,colortable); * Limited to 32 color registers * if(count>32L) count = 32L; LoadRG34(&(myscreen->Viewport),colortable, count); i f (!DecoaePic (ifffile,&myscreen~>BitMap)) Fail ("Can't decode picture"); Delay (250L); Fail("done"); * Close the whole stuff * if ((argc != 2) II !strcmp(argvf1],"?")) printf("Format: %s filenameXn",argv[0] e x i t (2 0) ; ] GfxBase = (struct GfxBase *) OpenLibrary("graphics.library”,0L); IntuitionBase = (struct IntuitionBase *) OpenLibrary("intuition.library",0L); if(! (IFFBase = OpenLibrary(IFFNAME,IFFVERSION))) = printf("Copy the iff.library to your LIBS:"); printfC directory ! N" ) ; exit (10) ; Fai1 (text) char *text; = if (ifffile) CloseIFF(ifffile); i f(myscreen) CloseScreen(myscreen); printf ("%s n",text); printf("IffError = %ld n",If fError()); if (IFFBase) CloseLibrary(IFFBase); * MUST be closed when done' * CloseLibrary (IntuitionBase); CloseLibrary(GfxBase); exit (0) ; you complete control of world championship caliber basketball, featuring Chicago, New York. Boston and LA. From the opening tip, it's 5 on 5, full court, board crashing action, highlighted by blocks, steals, picks, and the fn-Your-Face Jam! Two can play at this game, or you can challenge the computer Either way it'll take all the runnm' and gunnin'you can muster if you hope to savor the taste of victory. KONAMI KonamA is a registered trademark of Konami industry Co.. Ltd Double Drrbble™ is a trademark of Konami Inc. © 1989 Konami Inc Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc IBM* is a registered trademark of international Business Machines. Inc Commodore* is a regisiered trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd Double Dribble Is available for IBM. Also Commodore and Amiga in early 1990. Circle 25 on Reader Service card Cheating by Any Other Name The Machiavellian way to play. By B.G. Hunter WINNING IS EVERYTHING. The ends justify the means. Find an inside source and make it leak until it's dry. ¦ .Aside from kidnapping the programmer, the easiest way to get tips on winning a particular game is to buy a hint book about the game. Their formats range from photocopied pages that explain the steps you need to complete the game (such as Mindscape’s Deja Vu Clues and Hints for S4) to staple-bound books with detailed maps, hints, and instructions (such as Electronic Arts’ Bard's Tale II Clue Book, for $ 12.95). Even more complete is Falcon Air Combat by Joe Bon- anrii (McGraw-Hill, $ 14.95) with over 200 pages of information on Spectrum HoloByte’s Falcon flight simulator. Fhe book even includes keyboard templates printed on heavy card stock. “Right This Way” If you need help with a variety of games, you should consider one of the general hint books. Quest Clues, edited by Shay Adams (Origin Systems Inc., $ 24.99), for example, discusses 50 adventures and includes maps and walk-throughs. The walk-throughs are particularly nice if your goal is just to complete the game. The clues are in code, such as “Take the XNUHTR;” you translate only the parts you need. The problem with these general hint books is that they aren’t dedicated to Amiga games. Still, if you have even a few of the games that a book covers, it might be worth a look. An interesting alternative is The Ultimate Hint Kit (Elkon Enterprises, S 19.95). Rather than a book, the Kit is three disks of walk-throughs, hints, and maps for over 25 Amiga adventure games. The attractive maps are a bit frustrating, however, because the Kit does not give you any simple way to print them. The Ultimate Hint Kit also contains what may be the ultimate cheating tools character editors. A char- The Ultimate Hint Kit: better than Rand McNally. Distributed by Star Games. 708 W, Buffalo Ave., Suite 37, Tampa, FL 33603. Tel: (813) 222-0006 Circle 95 on Render Service card G A ME P R E S E R V E acter editor lets you change the attributes of the characters in role-playing games. Tired of slowly building up your experience points? Just use the character editor for Bard's Tale, Faery Tale Adventure, or Phantasie, and you can have more hit points than you ever dreamed possible. The material in the Ultimate Mint Kit comes from many different sources. I recognized some of the text from various on-line networks. Tipsters’ Enclave One of the most important of these services for gamers is CompuServe, where you can find hints, tips, Manufacturers’ Addresses American PeopleLink General Electric 165 North Canal, Suite 950 Information Services Chicago, IL 60606 401 North Washington St. 800 524-0100 Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 CompuServe Information Services McGraw-Hill Customer Service Silicon Valley Ordering Dept. 2600 Tenth St. Box L-477 Berkeley, GA 94710-9938 Columbus, OH 43269 614 457-8650 Mindscape 800 848-8199 3444 Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 Electronic Arts 312 480-7667 1820 Gateway Dr. 800 221-9884 San Mateo, GA 94404 415 571-7171 Origin Systems Inc, 136 Harvey Rd. Elkon Enterprises Building B 4654 Mistletoe Londonderry, NH 03053 Wichita Falls, TX 76310 603 644-3360 and character editors. A good starting place is the Game Forum (once on line, type GO GAMECON), which offers a number of options. First, check out The Electronic Gamer (GO TEG), an on-line magazine that contains walk-throughs, hints, and reviews of hundreds of games. It isn’t limited to adventure games almost 50 sports games were reviewed at last count. Even though the information on CompuServe more heavily favors the world of IBM Pcs than Ami- gas, you can spend your life on line hunting down clues (or at least as much of your life as you can afford at CompuServe's hefty SI2.50 per hour rate.) If you’ve got even more money to burn, try the participatory games forum, The Gamers’ Forum (GO GAMERS). It has the usual reviews, hints, and walkthroughs, plus such goodies as flight-simulator checklists and tips from other gamers. Here you can exchange information with other gamers. You can routinely find hundreds of messages on all kinds of games. The messages themselves are often also entertaining, as the people posting them adopt special gaming personas. The ability to exchange messages really pays off when you’re stumped. Just post your question and sit back and wait. Someone will be only too glad to answer your question or give you a hint. The PeopleLink and Genie networks offer similar forums (The Toy Box and Recreational Software, respectively) in their .Amiga subsections (Amiga Zone and Amiga StarShip). You could even leave a hint of your own unless you don’t want anyone to win before you do. ? Although not the type to be caged in an office, B.C. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him do AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. M E R E V I E W s G A Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit By Bruce Jordan DRAG OUT YOUR fantasies about the perfect arcade game. The Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit by Accolade gives you all the necessary tools to create high-quality video games quickly and easily. The Construction Kit provides you with a very flexible skeleton of an arcade game and a powerful complement of editors that allow you to flesh it out as you see lit. Creating a game is just a matter of defining sprites, objects, sounds, placements, attack waves, levels, and the landscape. D he Sprite Editor simplifies the task of creating and cataloging sprites. The Object Editor lets vou combine several sprites into one to form an animated object. You can add and edit digitized sounds with * WARRIORS RELEASE DATE 28-8-89 APPROX. RELEASE DATE 14-8-89 APPROX. SPEED BUGGY REALISTIC 3D RACING TRACK CHOICE OF 5 EXCEPTIONAL COURSES CLASSIC COIN-OP CONVERSION IKARI WARRIORS EXPLOSIVE WAR ACTION 1 OR 2 PLAYER OPTION OFFICIAL No.1 COIN-OP CONVERSION HOW DO YOU GET THESE WOULD BEA TING COIN-OPS INTO THIS WORLD BEA TING HOME COMPUTER? WE’RE NOT TELLING ... BUT WE DID IT! © 1989 ELITE SYSTEMS LTD. ORIGINAL GAME DEVELOPED BY TATSUMI. LICENSED FROM DATA EAST, USA, INC. LICENSED FROM DATA EAST, USA, INC. © 1988 ELITE SYSTEMS LTD. © 1986 SNK CORPORATION. AMIGA IS A TRADEMARK OF THE COMMODORE COMPUTER CORPORATION GAME EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY KEYPUNCH USA SOFTWARE Circle 232 on Reader Service card hi imam* caikit daiii uiMMFCnTA 65101 II A TFI • 612 292 1490 FAX’ 612 292 8346 the IFF Sound Editor. Create your imaginary landscape, map it, and determine where levels begin and end via the Background Editor. The Aspects Editor utilities give you control over enemy object placement, how they will attack, how many points for a kill, how hard they will he to kill, what they will sound like, and more. The Master Games disk contains three games created with the Construction Kit: Space- Hawk, BloodnBullets, and Psychblast. Play them for fun or use them as examples of how to build a game. If you build a game that you are especially proud of, you can even market it. Accolade has no objections as long as you give proper credit, and you include a disclaimer stating that Accolade is in no way responsible for your game. Fhe Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit will take your wildest ideas and make you an arcade game wizard. You’ll finally have that game you always wanted, and you may even make a buck or two! ($ 19.95, Accolade, 550 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 200, Son Jose, CA 95128, 408 296-8400. No special requirements.) Create, then destroy, your enemies. The Kristal By Peter Olafson Repair the force of harmony. BASED ON A stage musical, T he Kristal is a four-disk game of exploration with occasional arcade sequences of sword fighting and alien blasting. You are space pirate Dancis Frake on a quest for the hidden Kristal of Konos, which held together the force of harmony. (Pray for salvation from people with silly names going on quests for silly misspelled objects.) When you get into the game, it doesn’t seem so silly. Kristal immediately impresses with a lengthy digitized-speech introduction and a beautiful smooth-scrolling tableau. The backdrops are works of art that you can walk around in. You explore via a combination of controls. T he joystick directs Dancis in the four cardinal directions. Function keys pick up, examine, and use his inventory. You don't actuallv see objects on the ground; they’re featured in a flashing box if they’re hidden nearby. Walk absolutely everywhere. The only typing comes when you try to converse politeness counts. For space travel, select one of the 10 planet icons. Getting down to the surface is a nastier affair, as aliens have something to say about it. Dogfights are difficult to master, but sword fighting is easier with 16 joystick-controlled moves. The game is a trifle limited in places. The conversation system offers relatively sophisticated responses, hut Frake can only speak when spoken to. While the backgrounds are sumptuous, they lack interactivity. Look, hut don’t touch. At least there’s lots to look at; The Kristal is a gorgeous hunk of a game. It will generate plenty of light and heat to charge your Amiga for a Saturday afternoon of fun. (S49.95, Cinemaware Corp., 4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, CA 91362, 805- 495-6)51 3. Joystick required.) ? Y
- y l I v y ¦ i « . F Dateline: *4 Unforgettable Action - Rescue the hostages, neutralize the terrorists and disarm the bomb before your time runs out. Magnificent Sound - Digitized effects for realistic explosions, shots, voices, footsteps and more! Authentic Weapons - Fire a 9mm automatic, blast away with a pump action 12 gauge or throw a w all of lead from an Uzi. Real-time Game Play - Smooth scrolling in 8 directions as you race, dodge, Tight and hide. January 8,1992, f _ N The Persian Gulf ..... r On the largest oil rig ever built, on top of the largest oil field yet discovered, a fanatical terrorist death squad holds the fate of western civilization in a clenched fist. Unless their demands are met by midnight, the terrorists will detonate a captured U.S. nuclear warhead. You're the only volunteer an about to undertake the most dangerous covert assignment of the 20th century - and the most vital. The terrorists are a relentless enemy, but your toughest challenge is the constant ticking of the clock. A suicide mission against impossible odds! The Most Intense Experience in Game Play History! . I irnni CjjjUUi INNERPRISE Software, Inc. 128 Cockeysvifle Rd ? Hunt Valley, MD 21030 • (301) 785-2266 NOW AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA Suggested retail price $ 39.95 Coming soon for IBM Can’t find Persian Gulf Inferno? Call for MC VISA orders or send check money order (U.S.$ ) for $ 39.95 plus $ 2.50 for S H. Persian Gulf Inferno is a trademark of Innerprise Software, Inc. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-A miga. Inc. HOURS: G A M E R E V I E W S 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday Call on Sunday YOU F40 Pursuit Simulator up y By Rick Teverbaugh IF THERE WERE nothing more to car chases than this, Smokey and the Bandit would never have been filmed. If driving fast were only as much fun as F40 Pursuit Simulator, Mario Andretti would have an Italian restaurant in Indianapolis. T he story in F40 is that you and your Ferrari F40 must gel from point A to point B in a short amount of time, so short rari, you go up in a bail of flames. You can do 360-degree spins, but don’t try 180s to change direction. Hit a couple of the posts surrounding the roadway and you’ll explode. Should you make it out into the grass and drive for very long, the car will just explode as punishment. If you lose control at over 90 inph, be prepared to explode or to ACCESSORIES CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY EDUCATION A-B Switch cable .....S35.00 Analytic art Intellrtype . Gi mcz enhanced Master type . Mavis beacon fyp« Magellan ..... Project Master . Thr* big picture . . Typing Tutor Ultra card ..... Your family [tee , 53900 3500 45 00 25 00 33 00 129 00 12900 2000 29 00 3500 32 00 Adventure of smbad Aesop's tables An about Amenca Animal kingdom Decimal dungeon . Discovery game math Drscovery game Spell First letters and words First shapes . ... Fraction action . Grade manager , Great slates. ... Kid Talk Kmderama Learning curve .. Link word French Link word German Link word Italian . Lmk word Russian Link word Spanish Math talk . Math talk traction . Math wizard...... Perfect score ..... Quiz master...... Read & rhyme.... Pead-a-rama..... Speller bee Tales from Arabia . Wordmaster...... Where m World C S 532 32 35 32 32 25 25 35 35 . 3? . 59 . 25 35 32 52 22 . 22 . 22 . 22 . 22 35 . 35 . 35 . 51 . 51 . 32 , 32 . 35 . 32 . 32 . 32 A B C D Switchbox Bomq optical mouse Copy Stand . . Ece Midi 1C00 Ece Midi 500 2000 . Eigo Joystick . . Epyx 500JX . Freedom stick . . Gravis Joystick . Infared mouse.. Mac Ram Chip . MD120 3 5 Dish holder MD64 disk holder .....3i 00 MDG0 disk holder .....2300 Modem cable A1000 . 15 00 Modem cable A200C 500 . M4 mouse ..... Mouse mas‘er ... Mouse holder ... Mouse pad ..... Okimate eoor ribbon Okimate black ribbon ..... 5 00 Phaser gun ...49 00 Power strip 6 outlets . 17.00 Punter cable A1000 ...15 00 Printer cable 2000 500 . 15 00 Quick shot Joystick .. 15 00 Ribbon Panasonic all ..11 00 Star NX color ribbon ..12 00 Star NX black ribbon ...8 00 Slick stick .8 00 Time saver ... 55 00 Trackball 2button mouse 40 00 Trackball!button .... 39 00 63 00 109 CO 65*00 5200 52 00 17 00 15 00 65 00 . 37 00 175 00 155 00 33 00 nq DATABASE MANAGEMENT Acquisition Data retrieve Data Retrieve Prof Microfiche liter plus ... Organize ..... Softwood file II gs .... Super base ... Superbase professional Superbase Pro 3 0..... Supcrba5e pers II ..... 518900 .. 51.00 . 18900 . 115 00 .. 49 00 .. 79 00
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189. 00 . 22900 .. 99.00 . 1500 42 00 .2900 ..6 50 ..900 .7 50 ACCOUNTING Easy ledger .Si 95.00 Financial plus 189 00 Invester advantage ....63 00 Miamiga ledger 63.00 Micro lawyer .. 39 00 Nimbus record keeper 95 00 FONTS Asha s fonts ..$ 57 Calligrapher ...63 Fancy 3d fonts 52 Font set I .22 Headline fonts .54 Headlines 2 ...47 Inter font .76 Kara fonts color ......50 Kara fonts Headline 2 .48 Kara fonts subheads ..48 Lion fonts .56 Masterpiece fonts 159 News letter fonts ....29 Pagestream toms 1 ...21 Profonts II decorative ..23 Profonts l Prof ..... 23 Subheads .47 Studio font ...29 CAD SYSTEM Draw 2000 ..Si83.00 Home buiidc-T cad .... 129 00 Home builder choice ..53 CO DISKETTES Intro cad .... Logic works.. Pro-Net ..... Pro-Board ... X-Cad system . 51 0Q .65 00 399 00 39900 385 00 Centech 3 5 ds dd disks S19 00 Centech 5 25 ds hd disks ... Sony 3 5' ds dd ..... Fuji 3 5 ds dd color disks. . . TDK 3 5' ds dd disks . .29 00 . 1900 $ 1900 . 19 00 PRINTERS DESKTOP PUBLISHING 10911 Panasonic printer $ 224 00 Alps Allegro 24 PIN...425 00 NEC LC89cflaser PS 3395 00 Okimate 20 color prt ...145 00 Piug'n print ... 85 00 Star nx rainbow ..... 25900 Glydesk .S97 00 Citydesk 2 0 .. 135 00 Citydesk companion ..00 Cdydesk companion II .15 00 Page stream .. 129 00 Page writer 97 00 Professional Draw ... 12900 Professional page 1 2 . 249 00 Pro-page template ...42.00 Pro-draw clip art ...... 42 00 Publisher plus . 6900 Shakespeare .. 89 00 Who What When .....6900 Put pedal to the metal. That occasional 200 mph runs will be necessary. The cops get mad, and they chase you. Before you leave, plot your route from the map, then fold it away. The map does not display the position of your car along the route. You begin with 20,000 points at each stage of the trip. The longer it takes you to complete your mission, the more points you lose. You can gain back 10,000 points, however, for busting through a police barricade. End of plot. If you like explosions, this is your game. If the tank-like police cars slide into your Fer- come to a screeching halt. Trying to distinguish among the 12 indicators on the three- inch dashboard instead of watching the road is equally deadlv. J For looks and sound, F40 Pursuit is right near the lop of the class, hut in terms of performance, the program more resembles a Volkswagen than a Ferrari. (544.95, Titus Software Corp., 20432 Como St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, 818 709-
3692. No special requirements.) ? SPREADSHEETS HOME ACCOUNTING Analyze' 2 0.... Hacalc . Maxipian 500 ... Maxip'an plus . . Super plan..... VIP Professional S95 . 32 .. 95 . 126 ..97 . . 65 Desktop budget .$ 46 00 Money mentor ...$ 65.00 Phaser ... 65.00 Tax Break 53 00 BMMTAimm S0FTUARI We have them all! Over 300 garnet in stock. Call for your favorite game and check our ChtistttlQS SpBCIQls. THESOFTWARESHOP IGA SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE MARKETPLACE t Computet Gifts Hote 0 Co'1 .20° , 00 SOUND & MUSICS HARDWARES KPHICS & VIDEO ; : s%£r-;- ,0 . . F ¦ 597 00 . 37 00 . 67 00 . 27 00 179 00 99 00 69 00 .26 00 . 26 00 160 00 . 47 00 . 97 00 . 52 00 129 00 92 00 32 00 225 00 . 97 00 . 97 00 .97 00 . 38 00 205 00
• 25 00 129 00 . 21 00 . 51 00 69 00 . 78 00 .35 00 . 65 00 . 59 00 . 97 00 43 00 S14DC0 169 00 135 00 153 00 79 00 34900 .379 00 345 00 495 00 .599 CO . 129 00 689 00 ..99 00 349 00 279 00 .305 00 .229 00 ..39 00 ..69 00 ..69 00 . 359.00 .929 00 . 269 00 695 00 149 00 135 00 S5500 3500 . 62 00 90 00
• 139 00 39 00 32 00 32 00 Accelerator A500 Air drive 3 5' external Amax Emulator, Amigcn .... Digi-Droid...... Easy I A1000 ..... Easy! A2000. Easy I A500 Flicker finer Framegmhber..... Future sound . Gen One ... Internal 3 5dnve A2000 Live A2000 Live Irameqrabber A1000 Live Imrnegmbber A500.. Mac 3 5 Dnve ..... My-T-Mouse ...... Perfect sound A1000 ...... Perfect sound A500 A2GQ0 Progen ..... ScaniocF ..... Subsystem 500 ...... Super Gen . Supra 2400bd internal Supra modem 2400bd Synergy 500 .. 199 00 Toolbox A500 ...... 232 00 WV1410 Panasonic Camera w lens ...210 00 HARDDISKS 32mg 3 5 SCSI drv 40ms A20CO S33? 00 48mq 3 5 SCSI drv 40ms A2000 ...41900 42mq 5 25 SCSI drv 40ms A20C0 ..479 00 42ma ST506 5 25 drv. 40ms A2000 .41500 65mg SCSI 5 25 drv 40ms A2000 499 00 Fasfcarc A2000 ...... GVP-Controller lmg Ok GVP-C00troller2mg Ok Hardlrame 2000 ...... Overdrive Controller A20Q0 . 199 00 Quantum drive Bomg 11ms acc . 799 00 Quantum drivr* 40mg 11 ms ace ..... 499 00 899 00 4-cp deluxe ... Audio master .. Audio master’ 11 .. Back songbook Copyist II .. D-50 .. Deluxe music .... Dr drums Dr keys - .. Dr T's Keyboard ... Dr T's Midi Rec Studio---- Dx heaver Dynamic drums ...... Dynamic studio. Future Scimd A500 A2000 instant music . Kcs Level li Matrix 6 ...... Mid' Magic ..... Mt-32 ... Music student .... Music-X ...... Pro sound designer Promidi studio..... Rock & rcli Sonix Sound Oasis ..... Sound sampler .. Sounc Track Vol t Studio magic...... Synthia .... Texture .... Utilities 2tmimaticsi ns
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• .s 3d . . S Toolkit eip former . Pami pain! Ill ion .. i Flight II lesign 3-d design 3-d m ..... 15900 . 275 00 299 00 249 00 G o ' c!i* Quantum drive 105mg Supra 2000 HD Controller Jes sculpt 3d a mem Action I design 3-d 3d lips ...... ¦Her ... tper 1x , cer 3d ..... vision ..... expansion disk paint pmn! 2 0 pnml help . Video cell amm 229 00 Supra SCSI interface 195 00 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES A C basic .. $ 129 00 A C fortran . 195 00 Alaebra II ..... 33 00 Aroxx . . 33 00 Assem pro ...... . 65 00 Aztec C developer . 195 00 Aztec C professional ...... . 129 00 Benchmark C library...... 62 00 Benchmark iff librjiiy ...... 62 00 Benchmark modula 2 ..... T2BO0 Benchmark simplified . .62 00 Cape 58k . 59 00 DevpacEd Assem'link debg .66 00 DiSSdSemhlnr ..... 45 00 GFA basic 3 0 .... . . 95 00 Hisoft Basic Pro .118 00 inovaiools »i .. 54 00 J-ForthproPO . 133 00 Lattice C • • ..... 379 00 Lan>Of'Gr-u-tO!x ¦mnt system. 5 0 19900 Library s source ... 197 00 Macro assembler .. 65 00 Metacomco pascal . 95 00 Metaccmco shell .. 40 00 Metascope debugger..... .65 00 Power windows v? 5 . . 58 00 Pro Basic:...... 124 00 Source level debugger 50 00 Tdi moduln 2 comm ...... 199 00 Tdi moduia 2 developer 99 00 Tci moauia 2 regular ...... ..42 00 The power sys pecan..... .. 93 00 The professional pecan 69 00 True basic . .. 65 00 W shell .. 33 00 isler plus ... 5 Gold......
o plus set I. . 0 plus set II . 1 plus ...... ¦ ti nimalt 4d Jr ¦•cini ..... Iver SHOWROOM 22 Front Street Worcester, MA 01614 WORDPROCESSORS Becker text S92.0Q Critic s Choice 159.00 Excellence1 .. 179 00 Flow idea processors . 63 00 Gold spell II ......, ,. 30 00 Kmdvwords ... 65 00 Pen Pal 102 00 Prov.rite v2 0 ...... . 80 00 Text pro 5000 The Works Platinum 164 00 Transcript . .47 00 Word pert eel 15900 Wp library . . . .... 79 00 flic IS 2d :ape 3d ler MONITORS multisync 12‘ mon S512 00 multisync ....69900 nc8cn5i5 .. 24900 n 1430 monitor 699 00 ulti-scan mon 535 00 000 20” multisync...2699 00 14' Flat screen mon . .720 00 (Ma*t*fCord) Altered Beast 33.89 Arexx 31.10 Battle Squadron .... 27.73 Blockout .. 26 64 Can Do .. 88.99 Cross DOS ....24.99 Deluxe Paint HI 100 00 Deluxe Print 11 55.98 Digi Point 3.0 61,99 Digi-View Geld 140 00 Fclcon .... 33 89 Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o Fun 32.99 Hawaiian Odyssey .21.99 Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure 36.69 Invision Plus .. 195 00 it Came From tne Desert ----- Call Kcra Fonts. AN:M 1 or 2 33.89 Leisure Suit Larry II ...33.00 Magellan 1.1 .. 156.99 Maniac Mansion ... 33.50 Nevermind ....27.73 Night Dawn ..21.25 Omega ....31.10 Oswald of the Ice Flows 27.75 PIXound ..48.99 Professional Page 1.3 .. 195 00 Quasar Sound ..39.99 Shadow of the Beast ....33.89 Sim City ...... 32.99 Space Ace .... Call 2414 Pendleton Place ¦ Waukesha, Wl 53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM M-F Circle 275 on Reader Service card. Hdutil. 3 Backup Restore modes. Works with all Amiga DOS compatible hard drives. Multi-tasking designed to run in the background. Runs from Workbench or the CL!. Minimum 512K Amiga required. Price; $ 59.95 U.S. AutoKick 1.3. Space Quest Hi 41.00 Stellar Crusade .. 40 50 GAME REVIEWS Top Form (Forms Maker) . 64.75 TV’Text Professional 99.00 Where USA is C Sandieco? ... 30.00 Spotlight on Hardware 68030 Board, GVP 25MHz 2550 00 8-Up! 3oard OK ..... 175 00 8 Meg Board. Supra OK ... 160 00 501 Memory Clone 512K 115.00 502 Board, OK 500 ..... 115.00 AMAX . 130 00 Camera, Panasonic WV 1410 .... 215.00 flickerrixer .. 460.00 Floppy Drive. Internal 2000 ..... 90 00 Floppy Drive, Unidrive 140 00 Genlock,Amigen ...... 135.00 HardFrame 2000 . 250 00 Joystick. Advanced Grcvis ..... 39 99 Memory Mod. Supra 5GQ 2 Meg 269 00 Modem. Supra 2400 .. 125 CO Mousestick. Adv. Gravis .. 88,00 Perfect Sound 3.0 . 74 00 SCSI Controller. Kronos 2000 . 220.00 SCSI Controller. Supra 1000 ... 215 00 SCSI Controller, Byte Sync 170 00 SCSI Controller. Word Sync 170 00 SCSI impact A2000-2 0 GVP ...... 290 CO Spirit Eoards OK 500 1000 ..... 235 00 Trackball. AmTRAC ...... 78 50 Orders Only Please: 800-544-6599 Visa MC COOs Ikari Warriors By Peter Olafson THE AMIGA VERSION of Ikari Warriors is almost as violently seductive as its arcade parent. You (and a pal, if you wish) walk up the screen to rescue some fool general who is held captive in his Central American headquarters by revolutionaries. Standing in the way are the usual hordes of men in The scrolling is smooth and the animation is well done, right down to the pumping muscles on the Ikari’s backs. Most agreeable, the Amiga version is easier than the arcade game. In the original Ikari, the enemy soldiers were on top of you from the start. In this version, some are stupid; they just stand and look 12 Dinmore Street. Moorooka, Brisbane. Queensland. AUSTRALIA 4105 Telephone 61-7-277-3255 Within Australia: (07) 277-3255. U.S. and Canadian orders please phone between 11 am- 8 pm East Coast and 2 pm-11 pm West Coast. Blue and red suits (who have only one life each to your six), pillboxes, mines, booby traps, tanks, and fortifications. Luckily you'll also find an enchanting variety of destructive powers to lay them waste. The one-button joystick controls make wiping out your foes even easier than it was on the two-button arcade machine. Software autoconfig contiguous block of fastmem. Install code into Kickstart to prevent the spread of any new viruses. Patch bugs in Kickstart. Install a font of your choice. Modify Kickstart to use any external drive to boot from. Runs from Workbench or the CLI. Price: S39.95 U.S. Kill the soldiers in red suits and you’re rewarded with a power pill. The designers paid attention to detail. The music is jaunty. At you. While the enemy tried i to kill me with stares, I came across helicopters, a monster tank, and a whole town I never knew existed. My only objection is the manual. It omits startup procedures for the Amiga and a description of game mechanics. You won’t need much guidance, however. Once I picked up Ikari Warriors, I could not put it down. Kill some revolutionaries for yourself and see. (539.95, Elite Systems Ltd., distributed by Keypunch Software, 1221 Pioneer Building, St. Paul, MN 55101, 612 292-
1490. Joystick required.) ¦ CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH! INVEST IN THE SUPERBASE SYSTEM AS EASY TO USE AS A VCR Fully multi-file relational power VCR style control panel gives easy access to data 3 ways of viewing data to cover entry, review and comparison Set up and change file definitions guickiy using point and click controls Define and print multi-fife reports with Superbase Query function include images, sound and text as external files within your database record I Superbase Personal: Multi-file relational power at a flat-file price POWERFUL FILE MANAGEMENT WITH BUILT-IN TEXT PROCESSING Alf the features of Superbase Personal PLUS ¦ Text Editor for creation of letters and documents; editing options include cut and paste ¦ improved data handling facilities including batch entry of data and cross-file lookup ¦ Keyboard controls for easy editing "Personal 2's LOOKUP command. . . Gives the program a decided advantage over most of its competitors," AmigaWorld July '89 ¦ Time field type and additional validation options m Mail-merge facility for producing personalized fetters « Built-in telecommunications for swift data transfer Superbase Personal 2: Full-featured file management at your fingertips UPGRADE PATH THE MOST POWERFUL DATABASE FOR THE AMIGA COMPUTER DataPase management language (DML), Superbase’s own 4GL programming language. Over 250 high-level commands, and other powerful features such as arrays, looping constructs and branching Create sophisticated custom programs and applications Report generator for ease of set-up and output of reports Intelligent Forms Editor enables you to generate multi-file applications without the need for programming Automatic transaction processing lets you reproduce standard business forms. Version 3 Extensive programmable tetecommunicalionsfacilities CQ I Q"95 Superbase Professional: World Class programmable database that’s easy to learn and use! SPREADSHEET • BUSINESS GRAPHICS • TIME MANAGEMENT Full featured spreadsheet environment that tracks time, resources and money to give a complete picture of your project plans Print wall planning charts, Gantt charts; do critical path analysis Graphics facility to visually portray your data in over 100 different graph styles and options "™e p,o9ram'5abilrties a,e lf™et) r,. , I¦ i II I i L i i ' r * i J I d on|y bv V°ur imagination and in- Sideways printing, full color output to extensive range of printers and plotters gemity, and you keiy never Fully programmable, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase file compatible oul9ro* ¦*, Works stand alone or with Superbase to provide superb productivity environment Superplan: The Fourth Dimension prp icion Precision incorporated Available from your dealer 1 iCUblUil 8404 Sterling Street, Soite A OF Call Precision I | Incorporated Tet':n(2’l4) 929-4888. Fax: (214) 9291655 Tel: (214) 929-4888 R E V ! E YY S from p. 16 expensive and less greedy with RAM. The new real-time spell-checking capacity is a plus, and the program in general operates faster than Pen Pal. For these reasons, ProWrite is a better bet than Pen Pal for those who want a screen- font-based word processor to multitask with a database or any other application. Pen Pal Brown- Wagh Publishing 16795 Lark Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 395-3838 SI 49.95 One megabyte required. ProWrite 2.5 New Horizons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd. Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 SI 24.95 No special requirements. Master Tracks Pro 3.0 You’ve got a friend in MIDI. By Steve Quinzi AND NOW FOR something completely different. . .a powerful MIDI sequencer that is actually user friendly! A newcomer to the Amiga market. Master Tracks Pro has been available in Atari and Macintosh formats for some time now. This graphically oriented, 64-track MIDI sequencer won't load with less than a meg of RAM, and because it does r YOVR TURN! Using Master Tracks is almost like working with a real musician. All editing is done graphically. It's great for non-computer people. Mark Stepp Athens, GA Take one track at a time in the Step Editor. Not support Amiga samples, you will need at least one external synthesizer and a MIDI interface to make music. BOX BY BOX, ROW BY ROW Most Master Tracks operations are handled in three windows: the Track Sheet, the Transport Window, and the Song Editor Window. The Track Sheet is neatly laid out with 64 rows representing the tracks. Each row has one box in which you can play, record, or solo that track, and another box indicating the track's name, MIDI channel assignment, looping status, and program change assignment (the latter applies only to the basic setting; the number in the box does not change to reflect program changes). I like this setup for its clarity, but it requires needless extra steps: To change a value in a box, you must click on the value, go to the dialog box that pops up, delete the old value, and enter the new one. I would like to change values just by clicking in the track box and entering. The Transport Window controls the movements of the sequencer. As is typical in sequencing programs, it resembles a tape recorder, with buttons for play, record, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward. The fast forward and rewind functions move quickly through the sequence when you click and hold down the right mouse button. Single clicking on either of these is supposed to move measure by measure, but instead jumps you around erratically. On the right side of the window are buttons for punch in out, count off, MIDI thru, auto rewind (which automatically rewinds to the last location that the sequencer started from), Sync (internal, external MIDI, or MIDI Time Code), and a Key button that holds the sequencer (in play or record mode) until you play a note on your MIDI controller. Still further to the right are two counters, one indicating measures, beats, and clocks (240 per quarter note), and another indicating elapsed (real) time. You can locate the sequencer to a specific measure by entering its number into the measure counter. Bar None The Song Editor displays each track as a row of bars, each bar representing a measure. If there are notes recorded in a particular measure, the corresponding bar appears solid; if not, it appears hollow. A ruler runs across the top of the uppermost track, indicating measure numbers from left to right. This window makes it incredibly easy to see what is going on with your music. To make things even clearer, you can place markers at any measure to designate sections of the song (verse, chorus, and so on). You can set your markers to move with the music in the event that the tempo changes, or to remain at the same SMPTE location regardless of tempo. The Amiga’s Tab key moves the sequencer from marker to marker, but you can also cue the sequencer to a spot just by placing the cursor on that location. Putting your song form together by copying and pasting is unbelievably easy: Just highlight the measures you want to duplicate, select Copy from the edit menu, click on the desired destination, and select Paste. Tracks can be bounced together in the same way by selecting Mix Data from the edit menu. To perform global editing, simply highlight a region and select a command from the Change menu. The Channel option changes the MIDI channel, while Duration alters note lengths by percent or by setting all to a static value. Velocity can set all velocities to astatic value, add a given number to all existing values, scale, or change by percent. Continuous affects continuous controller data in the same way as Velocity does, and can also map one controller type to another. Strip Data removes selected data types or note ranges from a track (you can then copy the data to another track). Transpose reverses positions, and Humanize introduces random variations in I was familiar with Master Tracks on the C64 and checked prices on other formats, then decided to buy an Amiga and Master Tracks together. 1 like it because of the graphics. The program is so easy to use.. .you don’t even need the manual. Kelly Craven Greenville, NC the rhythms, durations, or velocities (within a given range) to take away the stiff feel that usually results from steptime programming or ruthless quantization. You can choose Quantize to affect rhythms and or durations within a given range of the beat, and to specify quantization by percent. Finally, Fit Time changes the tempo of the selected region so that it will fit in a given time space. Step on a Track Another major window is the Step Editor. It displays individual note information for each track, but unlike the Song Editor, shows only one track at a time. By changing the number in the T box at the top of the window you can switch from one track to another. 'Phis window is set up as a row of boxes, representing measures, with the measure numbers and markers across the top. Notes appear as horizontal bars within the boxes. The vertical placement of the bars indicates pitch, while horizontal orientation indicates location in time, and the length of the bars represents duration. As you move the cursor around in this window, two readouts tell you your pitch and your location in time. Double clicking any individual bar brings up a dialog box that displays pertinent information about that note. You can change any of the values, and draw in, move, or erase notes. You can zoom in for close work, zoom out to see more measures at once, and make global changes by highlighting regions of notes and selecting a command from the Edit or Change menus. You can also program in Step Time by using a MIDI keyboard to enter pitches and Amiga keyboard commands to enter durations and rests. Still other windows are available, one of which displays controller data and tempo graphically. While such control is also available in the Change menu, here, as in the Step Editor, the process is visual: Data can he edited or drawn in with the mouse. R YOUR TURN! From the Goodies menu you can access the Conductor track, where all meter and tempo changes are displayed. You can set synchronization options in MIDI Setup (internal, external, M 1C, SMPTE, and SMPTE start time). While I like Master Tracks’ timing and sync capabilities, there is no provision to disable MIDI start when using internal sync. This is a problem when you use a drum machine that cannot disable MIDI start as your sound source, and you do not want its clock to run. Because Master Tracks sends a MIDI start message when its sequencer begins, it starts the sequencer in your drum machine. Other Goodies goodies include a Sysex recorder that lets you record and store system-exclusive information for devices not requiring a handshake. A Keyboard setup window facilitates step-time programming hv allowing you to map notes from a MIDI keyboard to the transport controls. With the Click set up you can customize the metronome click somewhat (internal sample or out thru MIDI with or without downbeat accents). A record filter can sift out selected data on input. Near Perfect 1 have only two major criticisms about Master T racks Professional, hut unfortunately, both are rather serious. The program gets sluggish as your song increases in size, and it is more prone to crashing than I think it should he. I hope Passport addresses these shortcomings, because otherwise Master Tracks is a great program. While it is not as powerful as Dr. T’s KCS level II, or as comprehensive as Music-X (MicroIllusions), it is undoubtedly the clearest, most user- friendly .Amiga MIDI sequencer I have seen so far. Powerful enough for pros, Master Tracks is also easy enough to learn that even rank beginners can make music almost immediately after picking it up. Apparently Passport is not resting on its laurels; at press time we received an update that claims increased multitasking capabilities with other MIDI applications and a SMPTE-genei ating capacity. My wish list for the next update includes more velocity-editing features. Master Tracks Professional Passport Designs 625 Miramonles St. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 415 726-0280 S395.00 One megabyte required. Mac-2-DOS CrossDOS Open your drive to foreign imports. By Tim Walsh WHEN A NON-English-speaking foreign leader stops in at the White House, you can bet George Bush has an interpreter by his side. Without someone to translate the languages, such meetings would be pretty unproductive. Now, with the help of a couple of new entries in the market, you can assure productivity when Macin- ? R YOUR Tl RiX! When 1 had trouble with Mac-2-DOS, 1 called Central Coast and thev immedi- i ately down loaded a new copy to me. Ed Leffler Orlando, FL My husband was not impressed with the Amiga until Mac-2-DOS came along. With it, 1 can transfer color digitized Amiga video to a Mac II. It saves me money. Cheryl Peterson Ben Lomomd, CA HKT 800-872-8882nm 213-214-00 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Ri Mon-Sat 8am-6pm PST ¦ FAX: 213-214-093 reative OPTICIS . ... St 95 TALKING ANIMATOR THE 35 95 SOUND LA I .... 209 95 OTB DSM DISASSEMBLER 43 95 PAEI ILIPPTR ... 31 23 TATE FONTS ... 51 95 SOUNDOS! 0X7 2 MASTER 10995 PALETTE PRINTER 19 95 TAEE TLIPPIR PLUS T X . 103 95 TERRAIN TOR TUAIOULV 1995 SOUNDgST GENERIC MS1R . T7.95 PCLD 199 95 PAG! RENDER 3D 94 95 TURBO SILVER 3 0 179 93 SGUNOgSI Ml 32 MASTER . 92.95 PCLO- PRNlO CURCUIT 399 95 PAGE STREAM FONTS 1 ... 25 95 TV SHOW ... 6* 93 SOUNOCST TXB02 MASTER
92. 95 POWER WINDOWS 2 5. 58 47 PAGE STREAM FONTS *2 ... ... 25 95 TV TEXT .... 59 95 SOUNOgjT TAG 12 MASTER ... 92.95 PRO BOARD ..... 389 95 PASE STREAM FONTS *3 .. ... 25.95 TV*TEXT PROFESSIONAL 109 95 SDUNOgUfSTC2 MASTER ... 92.95 PRO NET ...... 3B9 95 PAGE STREAM FONTS »* . ... 75.96 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D . 179 9S SDUNOgUEST DIO master ... 92.95 PROJECT 0 .... ... 31.96 PAGE STREAM FONTS »5 ... ... 25.95 VIDEO PASE ...... 6995 souNDgu'ST o:o za no .. 102.95 CUAFTERBACK ..... 45 95 PASFSTREAM FONTS = 6 ... 75.95 VIDEO VISIONS 1 ... 17.95 SOUNOOOEST 0113 MASTR ... 92.95 gUICK MERGE..... 37 95 PAGESTREAM FONTS ¦ T . 75.95 VIDEO VISIONS 7 ... 17.95 SOUNOQUEST 050 MASTER 92 95 PAW COPY 1.3 38 95 PAEESTKEAM FONTS * B . 25 95 VIOEOSCAPE 30 .. 174.95 SOUHDQUESrDX7 MASTER . 109.95 SCHEME .. . 199 95 PAGESTPEAM FONTS * 9 25 95 VIDEOTITLER .... ... 99 95 souNDouEsnsg Esg bo .
* SPECS 30 ..... XEROX 4070 PRINTER XEROX 407Q STAFFER KT 200M 7*00 BAUD MODEM 1 195 03 57 95 170 00 230 00 713 00 1 70 09 179 00 150 00 79 95 6995
84. 95 5! 95 1995 1795 17 95 1795 1795 1795 1795
17. 95 1295 513 £ 25 95 25 95 75 95 71 95 71 95 1695 99 95 99 95 139 95 27 7* 72 7* . 77.74
77. 74
27. 7*
77. 7*
77. 7* 72 74 72 71 22 7* . 72.7*
22. 7* . 72.74 . 22.J* . 72.1* 6*95 1(95 (4 95
* 5 95 24 93 5195 19 91 9 95 . 90.95 46 95 . 51.95
42. 95 59 95 39 95 119 95 64 95 72 93 12 95 59 95 51 95 . 21 S3 20 95
64. 95 25 95 59 95 129 95 52 95
25. 95 49 95 59 95 39 93 32*5 . 19 95
17. 95 . 49 95
139. 95 . 37.50 . 51 95
64. 95 ... 64.95 ... 249.95 ... 25.95 21.95 PROGRAMMING & UTILITIES
379. 9b 49 95 9 95
6) 9 00 10(9 00
199. 00 55 95 195 95 §995 5(9 00 799 95 117 95 £99 00 359 00 359 00 369 00
* 9 95 .. *195 . 399.00 .. 39.95 . 539.00 59900 .. 93 95 179 95 599 0Q 7(95 00 . 79 95 779 00 . 599 00 . 249 00 119900 . 69500
1095. 00 1 199 00 349 00 ..69 95 109 95 399 00 174 00 41995 73 95 66 75 770 00 319 00 31903 149 95 159500 . 299 99 . 174 95 .. 74 50 449 00 174 95 349 95 .64 95 .. 6147 179 00 9UANUM 40 AT FUR 68030 QUANTUM 40MB HARD ORV . QUANTO* 8Q AT FOR 68030 QUANTUM 80MI HARO ORV . RAM I MB. I 70 .... RAM I Mil I 50CIPP RAM IMHxg -I? SIMM RAM 755Kil 17 DIPP RAM 7*6Ki4 80 DIPP . RAM ?66KiB -17 SIMM...... ROLLANU *132 TONE M3 SOUNDSAMPLER W QUASARSIC SOUNDSCAPE MiOl PAM..... SPIRIT DELUXE MIDI STAR N i 19Q0 PRINTER...... STAR NJ 2400 PRINTER ...... STAR Ni 1000 RAINBOW STABSGABQ 2 AIOOO OK STARBOARD 2 SCSI ¥03 _ 599 00 599 GU 995 00 995 00 20 00 . 15 00
212. 00 .. 553 7000 5A 00 5*9 03 99 95 779 95 71*95 19500
* 99 00 770 00 250 00 109 00 Sculpt M)xi I -¦ u l: I Jnki 1995 19! 95 19*95
* 695 . 11.73 . 16.73 . 22.95 . 2* 95 22 95 72 95
1095. 00 399 00 599 00 . 7B9 00 ., 19 00 3395 00 PROFESSIONAL DRAW . PURE COLOR ... RISER SPHir STARSHIPS 2050 SCULPT STARSHIPS 2050 TSILV .. STRUCTURED CLIF ART . STUDIO FONTS VI...... TALESPIN ..... ... 179.95 .... 16.95 ... 5* 95 ... *9.95 ... 32.45 ... 32*6 ... 38 95 ... 79 95 ...37*5 HARDWARE N'CN UISYNC3D NEC •• -SYNC IIA . 159 00 650 00 6(020-1* CPU PROCESS .. 149 00 NERIR, '.tNLOCK 1(75 00 6B03D-16 2G CPU PPDC . 610 00 Of IMA'. 20 W PLUG PfiT . . 249.00 68331 CRYSTAL OSSC 10 00 OXIMA" PLUS N PRINT
79. 95 68381-16 MATH COPROC .. 149 00 OMEGA AMPLER AIOOO 79 95 68811-20 MATH COPROC I9SOO PAINTac color print. .. . 995.00 68882-26 MATH COPROC
* 99.00 PANAS NIC WYI410 ,, 27500 AMAS MIDI SAMP. AIOOO .. 129 96 PINASHNIC WVI500 370 OD AMAS MIDI SAMftJR...... .. 129 96 PEOPLT METER ... ... 3991 AMFRISTAR ETHERNET..... . 799 00 tifff' SCUND 500 200
67. 95 AMI XIO . ...46 95 PE* tl 5-JUHD AIOOO ... ... 67 95 AMI XIO W HROW 500 20 .. 11495 PfR'i iiSION ALL.... 19995 AMI XIO W HFDWH AIOOO 114 95 PPO R 4 A20S0 O BMS . 229 00 AMIGA MUSIC PACK _ .. 179 95 PRO Si -nd DESIGNER
119. 95 AMIEEN GENLOCK . 1*900 PSOCEjsi'H ACCEL A1G00 . .. 159 00 AMPLIFIED SPEAKERS..... 84 95 PR0CE UR ACCEL A23G0 . . 159.00 APRODRAW 12X12 . 454 95 PPOCE JOB ACCEL A520 .. 159 00 RP.RDDFAW 12X12 W CUR 499 95 PROSE' 'lENLCCK . 399 00 You tan get a 40 Meg or 80 Meg Quantum drive with 11ms actus and ? GVP 25Mhz 68030 card hard disk controller whith transmits data to the hard drive in 37- bit (hunks (other controllers are limited to 16-bit wide datab all (or a few hundred doiiors more than a regular drivel And, you save on expansion slot in the procml Plus, you con later upgrade the card to an A3001 III GVP 25Mhi '030*400 $ 3295 GVP 25*1111 '030*800 ...$ 1695 (Esther of the above with 68882 processor add $ 390) APRODRAW SX6 .. APRODRAW CURSOR APROOPAW EEHQM CHNER avatex ff*j is .. CANON SCANNER 1X-12 CHEETAH KET6OAR0 ..... cm] Miar i [-in .
CM) MULTIPORT BD*RQ ... . COLOR SPUTTER .. CSA0RA6STIIP .. C£A FASTTRJCK ACCEL DESKJET I SIR RAM CRTS DESKJET PLIS PUNTER EAS1L 1030 TABLET ..... EA5TL 7000 TAILET _ EAST! 300 TAICET ECE MIDI 1000 .. fCE MIDI 500 7000...... EXP-1 DOO I ITS fEIR A50Q .. GENLOCK ADAP FOR ABOVE FRAMEEBAREER .. FRAMEGRAIBER 256 ERAT FUTURE SQUAD SOO FUTURE SOUND AIOOO..... SEN ONE fiENLOCK SVP 68030 182-25 AMR ... CVP AUTQBOOT EPROM .... EVP IMPACT 0 2MB SCSI EVP IMPACT Z ZMB SCSI EVP IMPACT HC Q GVP IMPACT HC 1Q0 ..... EVP IMPACT HC 40Q...... EVP IMPACT HC 80Q ..... EVP IMPACT HD 800 SCO EVP AAM RGM M00W 2MS EVP RAM ROM MODULE... IMS SCAN 500 7003 __ IMPRINT LIQUID LISKI INTRUDER ALERT .. LASERJET ? RAM 1 Ml ... LENS I EMM NQ IRIS LENS ISMM W 9RIS LIVE! 1000 LIVE! 7000 ..... LIVE! 500 ..... MAC EPROMS I7IK MAEN! 400(1 EENLOtA MAEN! 4010 CONTROLLER MICRO! IUPM IROSlMM MICRO! 41 POP SIMM .... MICRO!. 8UP OlPPZM!..,. MICRO! SUP DIPP MV OM MIDBET RACER W 6SOZO MIDI SOLO SOO ... MIDI SOLD INSIDER MlNIEEN GENLOCK . (MINI VERQF PROEEN| MlhlMEBS Aiaoa IMS MINIMEGS AIOOO 2MB MINIMESS AIOOO 5I2K M0UNTIK6 BRACKET. HOD NEC LCS90 POSTSCRIPT SefOIE YOU BUY A HAID DMYI-RfAD THIS! SupraRam 2 COMPUTERS Memory boards for the An rga 2000 2MB expandable to 8MB ...*399 4MB expandable to SMB .... *599 DISTRIBUTED BY CENTAUR SOFTWARE SCULPT 3DXL ..... *99.95 Create and render ray-trace objects with the speed and power of 4D. SCULPT ANIHATE 4D JR. *89.95 Create, render and animate solid objects with the same easy-to-use interface as 4D (no ray-frocing). SCULPT ANIMATI 4D *358 The most sophisticate*} and powerful 3D animateion and ray-tracing software available on ANY PERSONAL COMPUTER! IT S ALSO MUStlST TO Ultl AUOlOMASTEB 11 . 64 95 DELUXE MUSIC 2 0 .. 69 95 OR IS* OP ED MI 92 95 OR 1 S SACH S0N68OGK ... 17 95 OR TS CASIO V7I 92 95 DSTSCOPFIST ...... 155 3( OR r$ ccptist it 159 95 OR rs C2 CARTRIDGE 6195 OS rscr RIDER . 92 95 OR T S 0 110 ED LIB 92 95 OR T S 0 SO ED LII ...... 9793 OR T S DR DRUMS 17 95 OR rs DR KEYS 1795 OR TS DK7E0 LI) 92 95 OR rs E MU PROTEUS 9793 dr rs csg APAOE 1..... 92 93 OR rs KAWAI K 1 ..... 92 93 DR T'S KRWAI K 5 9793 OR rs KCS __ 134 95 DR T'S KCS LEVEL II 21995 OR T'S LEXICON ... ,. 97.95 DR TS M l ED EIB .
97. 95 DR T S MATRIX 6 .. .....
97. 95 DR TS MIDI REC STD ...
* 3.50 DR T S MT 32 EO LIB...... 9295 DRUM STUDIO ..... 3? 46 DYNAMIC DRUMS ...... 51 95 DYNAMIC STUDIO ... 139 95 FRACTAL MUSIC ... 1295 INSTANT MUSIC 1.2 . '7.95 LIFE CYCLES AMIGA 1946 M INTELLIGENT MUSIC..... 139 95 MASTER TRACKS PRO..... .. 259 95 MIDI MAGIC .... 97 95 MIDIVU .. 29 95 MUSIC MOUSE ..... 52 95 PRO MIDI STUDIO 13D 95 SAMPLEWARt DIGIU1 .. . It95 SAMPLEWARE-GRAB6AG ... 1695 SAMPLEWARt OBCHLSTR ... 11.95 SAMPLEWARE-RCCK .. 16.95 SCNIX . 49 95 SOUND OASIS 64 95 PAGESTBEAM FONTS - II ... ... 75.95 20ETRDPE ...... (9 95 PA5ESTREAM FONTS »I7 .. . 75 95 7UMA FONTS 1 4 PACK 68 95 PASfSTREAM FONTS *13 . 75 95 ZtlMA FONTS VOL 1..... 22 95 PAGESTRFAM FONTS A ... 25 95 2UMA FONTS VOL 2 ...... 22 95 PAGESIRTAM FONTS B .. 25 95 2UMR FONTS VOL 3 ., 27 95 PASESTRiAM FONTSC 25 95 2UMI FONTS VOL 4 . 27 95 PERFORMER |ELAN| PHOTON CELL ANIMATOR . 38 95 99 95 MUSIC PHOTON PAINT 7 a .
99. 95 AUDIO MASTER . 37 4a CREATIVE COMPUTER? EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE POLICY: You con upgrade your 3DXL or 4D Jr. To 4D directly from Creative Computers by sending us your 3DXI master dislc + *290 or 4D Jr. Master disk + 5300. BYTE BY BYTE 64 EMULATOR 7 A1D00
58. 50 INVESTORS ADVANTAGE DISK TO DISK .... KINDWOROS .. DISK WICK ...... LEXCHECK .... OISKMASTER ..... LOTTO PROI GENERATOR DOS TO DOS ...... MICROFICHE FILER PLUS OUNlAP UTILITIES . MICROLAWYER . ENCORE MIDI MICE ..... EXPRESS COPY .. MOMENTUM CHECK FACC II .. MOMENTUM MAIL...... FINE PRINT ...... JUS PLUS 3 0 ...... GFA BASIC 3.0 .... ... 93.35 NDRGEN GENEALOGICAL. GI7M07 NUTRIFAX ..... HIS0E7 EAS1C PROFESSN 103 S5 ORGANIZE ..... ... 62.3? IC E. CALCULATOR PRG .... . 53.95 PAGE STREAM ... .. 129.95 INOVATOIHSI . PACESETTER SPECIAL ED ... 24.95 JIORFH PROFESSIONAL PEN PAL ...... ... 89.95 KEY TOT .22 95 PRASAR .. ... 59.95 LAGER UP! FONTS VOL 1 PRINTMASTER PLUS ... ,. 75.35 LASER UPI PLOT 1? PRO PAGE TEMPLATES ... ... 34.95 LASER UPI PRINT 12 PROJECT MASTER .. 179 95 LASER UPI UTIL. VOL 1 ... PROSCR'PT .. 32 95 LATTICE C* * ..... 299 95 PROWRITE V2.5 .. ... 19 95 UZERSCfllPT 2S 10 PUBLISHER PLUS 12*95 LINT ... . 6* 95 RECIPE FAX ..... .. . 7* 95 LOGIC WORKS ADVANDCEQ .. SCRIBBLE PLATINUM .. . 97 95 M7 AMIGA . SECURITIES ANALYST .... ... *9 95 MAC 2 D3S ..... SUPEP6ASE PERSONAL . ... 89 95 MAS El LAN 119 03 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 7 . - 9* 5 MARAUDER II ..... SUPERSASE PROF 3 D 709 95 METACOMCO ASSEMBLER .. .. 63 95 SUPERPLAN .... , 99 95 METACDMCO SHELL 39 95 TAX BREAK ... 51 95 METASCGPEOFIOSSER 59 95 THINKER . . *5 95 M03ULA2 LOADER ‘DEBUG TOP FORM ... 5*95 MULTI FEAT* . 59 95 TRANSCRIPT (5 95 MULTI-PR Eft . 19 45 TRIP .. 39 95 MURAL PRINTER .. TXED PLUS .... ... 51 95 ONLINE PLATINUM ...... . 64 95 WDI-MICE ...... ... 55 95 NEXT DA Y SERVICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. BUSINESS & PRODUCTIVITY 5193 28 95 2B95 . 19.93 . 12*6 ... 49.95 ... 37 95 35 95 32 *6 . 3B95 ... 5195 ... 3195 . 2! 95 . 24 95 25 95 DISCOVERY W MATH...... . 25 DC DISCOVERY W SPEUING ... 25 OC DISCOVERY W TrrVll 25 DO DISCRETE MATHEMATICS 36 9! DOUGS MATH AQ LIB 2 .9.95 FIRST LETTERS A WORDS 27.95 FIRST SHAPES 27 95 TRACTION ACTION ... 32 46 GRADE MANASER ..... 58 95 CHEAT STATES II .....25.95 INTEUITYPE 35.96 RICTALK ..... 27 95 KINOERAMA . 31.95 LEARNING CURVE .....51.95 LEARNINE THE ALPHABET . ..21.95 LINKWORO DUTCH 20.55 LIHKWORO TRENCH ....20.55 LINKWORO EERMAN ...20.55 LINKWORO GREEK . 20.55 LINKWORO ITALIAN ...20.55 LINKWORO PORTUGUESE 20 55 LINKWORO RUSSIAN .. 20 55 LINKWORO SPKNISH .20.55 LITTLE REOPEN .....19-95 LOTTO PROGRAM. ...19 95 MAGICAL MYTHS ...31.95 MAGICIANS OUNEEON .22.95 MASTERING CU ......25.96 MATCH IT ...25.95 MATH MAEIC .AN .....27.49 MATH TALK ..27.95 MATH TALK FRACTIONS 27 96 MA7H W17AA3 ..32 *6 MATH AMATI9N ....6* 96 MAVIS IEACCN TYPING ......34.96 MOTHER EOCSE .....19.96 MUSIC STUDENT ....37.96 PHOTOSTSNIHESIS ...9193 PLANET PROIE ......19 93 PRE CALCULUS 36 95 PROBABILITY THEORY 36.95 PUNCTUATION SERIES .19.45 PUZZLE STORYBOOK .77.95 QUI7AM 73.10 REACH FOR IKE STARS 77.95 READ & RYME 31.95 HEAD A RAMA 31,95 RHYMING NOTEBOOK. THE 27.95 BOCK CHALLENGE .... 25 95 HR AESOP'S FABLES .19 95 RR LITHE BED HEH ...19 95 PR THREE LITTLE BEARS 19.95 RR THREE UTTLl PIGS 19 95 RR UGLY DUCKLING ...13.(5 SMOOTH TALKER ..... 33 95 SPELLBOUND . 25 95 SPELLER BEE ...... 27 95 SPELLING IMPROVEMENT...... 25 95 TALES FROM ARAIIAN NT 32 4E TalXIHt COLORING BOOK ...IB 95 TRANSCONT. RAILROAD......25.95 TRIEONOMETRT ..... 36 95 TRUEIASlC ARITHMETIC 45 9* TYPING TUTOR WRD INY 22 95 UNCLE 0 COISNOTRATION 2595 UNCLE O S DATA DISK I ......19 95 VIVA . 125 36 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN .....6*95 WORDPERFECT ... 179 00 WORD PERFECT LIBRARY .. £4 95 WORKS PLATINUM . 19195 EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURES OF SlNIAD .....37.41 AESOP SFABiES .....19.9! ALEEBRAJ ...... 36.95 A1EFBRA II 37.1E ALEEBRA PLUS VOLUME I .....3* 9! ALL ABOUT AMERICA .38.9! ANIMAL KINGDOM ....32.4C ARITHMETIC .36,9f BASIC GUAM HER SERIES ... 19.IF SOOMERAID 32.4E CALCULUS ... 369! CHICKEN LITTtE .....19.95 CLAS .. 34.95 CROSSWORD CREATOR 34.95 DECIMAL OUNEEON ...32.46 DESCARTES 72.9! OESISNASAUIUS .... 32.46 DINOSAUR DISCOVERT KT 27.9! DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER ... 25.95 DISCEJVEA ALPHABET .14 9! DISCOVER CHEMISTRY 14 9! DISCOVER HISIOHY GEO 14 9! DISCOVER MATH ... 14 9! DISCOVER NUMBERS .T4.9S DISCOVERY EEOSRAPHT (2.91 DISCOVERT HISTORY .... 12 97 DISCOVERY LANE I ...12.37 DISCOVERY MATH I ...I? 97 DISCOVERT MATH COHCPT 17.97 DISCOVERT SCIENCE ...... 17 97 DISCOVERY SOCIAL STDT 17.97 DISCOVERY SPELLING I ... 17.97 DISCOVERY SPELLING 2...... 17.97 DISCOVERY TRIVIA I ..17.9? DISCOVERY TRIVIA 2 17.9? Open Any Drawer and Discover Something Extraordinary! Introducing the AmigaWorld ;>1 Chest, an Amiga software celebration that makes you even more creative and productive than ever before! Entertaining games, useful utilities, professional clip art, detailed animation, wild sound effects, music, and more.. .exclusively from the AmigaWorld Tool Chest. Users of every Amiga model-and at every level of computing skill-will be thrilled with these top quality programs and tools. Released in a two-disk set every other month, the AmigaWorld Tool Chest is a fantastic way to enhance your computing career. CREATIVITY The Amiga is a graphic goldmine, and the Tool Chest has plenty of nuggets ready for you to find! Each issue brings you elaborate animation objects, ready for you to make them come alive. Compatible with any of the popular animation programs, simply select the images you want and include them in your own creations! Choose from a multitude of vector images, from out-of-this-world space ships to exquisite dinner table objects or finely detailed chess pieces. Are you into desktop publishing or desktop design? Looking for original clip art to incorporate into your IFF paint programs? Then you'll be overjoyed with each issue’s collection of clip art that’s been specially commissioned from some of the most talented Amiga artists around. Plus there’s an ample supply of sound and music accessories. Be it bizarre sound clips, melodious music, or computer speech utilities, the Tool Chest will have your audiences clamoring for encore performances! AMIGA The TOOL CHEST Plus, the Tool Chest is specifically designed to be a productivity tool, with useful programs like Chartmaster, a powerful data graphing tool. And Iconmeister, an advanced icon editor with a complete set of drawing tools. FUN and GAMES Each issue of the Tool Chest will also entertain you with one or more games, each of them new, each capturing the Amiga’s fantastic sound or graphic sophistication. You might find Shark!, a gobbling-game that utilizes digitized sound for maximum effect. Or Crystal Caverns, a neat magic adventure that’s full of color and a whole lot of fun. PLUS AN ORIGINAL ANIMATION IN EVERY ISSUE! Complete with player program, each Tool Chest edition will delight and fascinate you and your friends with original creations from leading Amiga animators. Classic, colorful, inventive, these are animations you’ll want to see and show again and again! And throughout the year, your animation library will continue to grow in both value and variety! All this for just $ 14.95 per two-disk edition! Try it for yourself! To order, use the coupon below, or look for the special flier inserted in this issue. Or for immediate service, call 1-800-343-0728. CHARTER SUBSCRIPTION OFFER! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these charter subscriber benefits:
• Automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That's 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• AmigaWorld subscription renewal discount certificate.
• Discount on AmiExpo admissions!
• PLUS! Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the AmigaWorld Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. PRODUCTIVITY Name . Address Of course the Amiga can handle all those traditional personal computer chores as well, and the Tool Chest will continuously complement your software collection with useful utilities and original productivity programs. Discovered a corrupted disk? Need to recover a deleted file? Problems in formatting a bunch of new disks? The Tool Chest is here to help! We’ll save you time, money, and needless aggravation with programs like TJ Format and Disk Salvage. YES ! Send me the AmigaWorld Tool Chest Vol. 1, 4 today. My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. Zip [I Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. AW9001 State ity ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to AmigaWorld Tool Chest) ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express Account Signature . Expires Foreign Orders, add $ 2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are 58-1,95. Postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank. Note that some animations require I MB of memory. AmigaWorld Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 VISA, MasterCard, Ameritan Express, Distover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Educational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. GRAEON SPIRIT . CREAM ZONE ... CUNCI ON MASTER ..... DUNGEON MASTER EDITOR CUNSEON MSTR MJMTOlSK ttJNGEON QUEST EARL WEAVER BASEBALL . EARL WEAVER CQMM.DISX EARL WEAVER STATS EBON STAR .... ELIMINATOR . ELITE . EMETIC SRIMMER ...... EMMANJELLE .. EMPEROR Or THE MINES EMPIRE ...... EMPIRE ITRUES MCI ENISMA DEVICE . ENLIGHTENMENT EXTENSOR .. f-16 COMBAT PILOT .... FAD PURSUIT .., FAERY1ALE ADVENTURE. FAERTTALE GulCEBMK .. FALCON ...... FALCON MISSION DISH... FANTASTIC FOUR FAST IREAK ... FERNANDEZ MUST DIE ... FERRARI FORMULA ORE FIENDISH FREOQrj..... FINAL ASSAULT . FINAL MISSION . FIRE N' FORGET . FlRE BRIGADE .. FIREPOWER .... HREZORE ..... nSH . ILISHE SIMULATOR II ... FOUNUATIOHS WASTE ERISHT NIGHT .. FROSTim ..... FutD . FiJMt GALACTIC CONQUEROR ... SALARY FIBHT .. SALDREGOMSDOMAIN ... GAMES WINTER EDITION . GAUNTLET II ...
* 34” DRAGON'S LAJR Seper betiitic itfJRtltlM M I'm liurlK girr Gull cartesi jnpn cil GEMINI WING .. GETTYSBURG TURN POINT IlfiANOlO .... GLOIAL COMMANDER ... GOLD OF THE REALM GOLD RUSH .... GOLDEN PATH ... GOLORUNNER II . GRAND MONSTER SUM GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT ... GRAND SUM TENNIS ... BREACH SCENARIO DISK BRIDGE 5.0 .. BUBBLE BOBBLE ..... BUBBLE EKGST ...... BUFFALO BILL'S BOOED BUTCHER BILL CALIFORNIA CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA GAMES ... FEATURES: 2 high-speed 15232 serial ports lor the Amiga 2000. IBM PC AI style [9‘pifl! CoesKton lor each pert. Traiufer from 50 to 94,000 BAUD. Comes complete with AMIGA software and fdl AxofflMltttiofl. PUTOON ... PLUTOS ..... POCKET ROCKETS..... PQKEP SOIfTAJRE ... POLICE QUEST POPULOUS ... POPULOUS DMA DISK *1 POWERDROME POWERSTYX .. PRESIDENT IS MISSING . PRIMETIME .. PRISON ...... PRO SOCCER .. PROSPECTOR .. PURPLE SATUIHQAY QlX .. QUAORIUEN .. QUESTRON II .. QUINTETTES .. RAMBQII! .... RAMPAGE ... REAL GHOSTIUSTERS TH REALM OF TH£ TROLLS REALM OF THE WARLOCK REBEL CHARGE At CHK. . RED LISHTNING THE BEST IN DESKTOP PUBLISHING SOFTWARE JUST COT BETTERI Version 1.3 now offers outline font technology giving you results close to Postscript quality from almost any printer (in addition to standard Postscript!) The new AGFA Compugraphic font technology gives you access to the world’s larges! Supplier of lonts. (We were amazed when we were able to read the 3-point font output on an HP DeskJet printer with relative ease. Creative Computers uses Pro Page 1,3 to publish "The Creative Edae” newsletter.) Don't miss out on this great offer only $ 199 WITH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE 1 VV11 * (up-to-500% SPEED INCREASE)! ' ’ FUTURES: • CSI 3200 • dickies* • Small compact design • Metal case • Compatible with all Amiga computers • Low power consumption • Hinged dust cover • Drive disable switch • 1-year warranty. A150 AVAJLAfiLf: CSI 2200 internal drive for Amiga 2000- )QQ QQ 100% compatible with same mechanism as Commodore 2010 M MO W w CSI 5500 Bolngt Mouse (optical mouse} ... CSI 6600 Minima* = 1.8 Mug expansion fits in A501 slot) .... Centaur World Atlas ... QuosorSound Sound sampling software with unii “Autoboot-a-playdisk" (unction .
25. 96 LOMBARD RAC RALLY..... . 25 95 OMNI FLAT BASKETBALL . ... 37.46 ROADWAR ZOOO ... ... IT 47 LORDS OF THE RSNE SUN .. . 29 95 ONE ON ONE ..... ... 14.95
F. DA DINAR EURCPA . 29 95 LOST DUTCNNAN NINE ... .. 32 46 OOZE CREERT RITES ..... ... 37.45 FDBEEARY .. ..... 16 95 VAJDR NOTION ... . 25 95 ORE*. CLEAN STREETS..... ... Z5.S5 FOBCCOP 32 95 MAN HUNTER NEW YORK .. . 32 46 OPERATION NEFTUHE...... ... 32.46 ROCKET RANSEN .
37. 45 MANIAC MANSION . .. 34 95 OPERATION WOLF...... ... 22.95 ROCKFORD ...... ... 23 95 WAN.AX .... 1695 OUTRUN ..... ... 32.46 ROLL OUT . 22.95 MARBLE MADNESS ..... 33 00 ROW ... 25 95 ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER .. . ... 25 95 MASTER NINJA . 3D 95 RACLANO .... . . . 25 95 RUNNING MAN ......
32. 46 MEAN 11 COURSE CISC ? . ..USS RACMANIA ... 25 95 RVF HONDA .
22. 95 V3CAS ImrROV TUTOR .19 95 RAIACIN 25 95 SANTA FARANIA 4 FtUMA ... 19.95 The11 * ' ” BLOW-OUT SALE!!! Mviic-X ..’149.ee Deluxe Paint II (reg. »99.9S) 49.95 Deluxe Video II ....49.95 Deluxe Paint III Deluxe Video II (tombo) 79.95 Aegis Animator ... 19.95 Dork Coille 9.95 Beyond Dork Castle w'Dork Cartle I (combo) ... 28.50 Miuion Elevator 9.95 Crystal Hammer ..9.95 LightsJ Camera! Action! .. 39.95 Captain tin ....9.95 Melaiamco Toolkit ..... 19.95 Acquisition Dalotmie (reg. *395) ... 49.95 Lurking Horror 9.95 Softwood rile II ......19,95 Pori* of Call .19.95 MTF Fonts (Soman, 5ans Serif or Comix) 9,95 Amiga Textcrafl Plui ..19.95 Graphics Studio ......19.95 Formi In Flight II (3D animation, eery powerful, incredible value reg. *179) 49.95 GO-64 (C-64 emul.j ....9.95 MaxIPlan Plus 89.95 Evil Garden ......14,95 Joe Blade ...14.95 Skiygon, Deep Space, Arena, War Zone, Space Station or Fire Blaster |ec.) ..5.00 Supra 8 Meg RAM cord wHh 2 Megs installed 399 WHERE IH THE WORLD WORD MASTER .. GAMES AIK ONE ..... 4i4DEF road racing.... 4TH A INCHES CONSTRUE . 4TH AND INCHES . AAA AG H! ACTION AMIGA .. ACTION TIGHTEN ACTION SERVICE AFRICAN RAIOERS AFTERBURNER ... AIR BALL ALIEN LEGION ... ALIEN SYNDROME ALTERNATE BEAUTY _ AM I BA KARATE .. ANDROMEDA MISSION ANNALS OF ROME APB ... AQUABLAST .... ARAZOKS TOMB ... ARCADE ACTION PACK ARCHIPELAGOS .. ARCHON AAKANCIO ..... ART OF CHESS. THE...... ARTHUR ASTAROTH ..... AUNT ARTIC .... AUTOOUEl ..... BAAL .. BAD CAT BAD DUDES .... BALANCE OF POWER 1990 BALLlSm .... BARBARIAN ..... BARBARIAN II ... BARD'S YALE .... BARD'S TALE HINT OlSK... BARD S YALE II .. BATMAN ...... BATTLE CHESS .. BATTLE HAWKS . BATTLE SHIP ... BATTLE SQUADRON..... BATTLE TECH . SETTER DEAD T ALJER .. IETOND ZORK .. BIONIC COMMANDO..... BLACK CAULDRON...... BLACK JACK ACADEMY . . BLACK LAMP ... SLACK MAGIC .. BLACK SHADOW . MEAN IB GOLF ...... MENACE ...... MICKEY MOUSE ...... MIGHTY NERO .. MIND ROLL .... MISSION CON RAT...... MOEBIUS ..... MOTOR MASSACRE..... MOUSE QUEST .. m CAN BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE! BUT WE SELDOM HAVE TO OUR PRICES ARE THE 10WEST! (IF YOU SEE A10WER PRICE OH AH ITEM, GIVE US A CALI.) CABLE D25I 025F B ..19 95 CAILE D25M D2SF 3' .15 95 CABLE QZ&M D25F (' .19 95 CAILf 025M D25M J .15 95 CABLE D25M D25M I . 3 9 85 CABLE D9M D9F ID' ..19 85 CAILf D9B D9F 2' ...14.95 &*9 J--. $ 2995 SlUCITY Tni Ply PnWWr CAILE 09M D9F 4' .....15 93 CABLE 09M D9F 6' ...16 93 CAILE EIT SCSI 6‘ ..... 22 95 CABLE FLICK III NEC 2 ...... 19 95 CABLE FLICA FX NEC 2A 24 95 CABLE FLICK FX NEC 30 CALL CABLE FLICK SONY 1302 ...... 19 95 CABLE MIDI LINK 6 ....9 95 CABLE POWER CORD 30 ...... 14 95 CABLE POWER CORD 5 ......10 95 Address City _ Zip Phone = } ACCESSORIES
* 179 XLLSCP DISKEILE 30 . . .. .... 5.95 AllSBP DlSKMLE 80 .... .. 14.95 LamCE C Tbl EtnVrtf AMIGA ATHLETIC BAG _ .. 24.95 C lia|Bi;i Jsr list Aniji AMIGA BID LIGHTER .... 1.95 AMIGA BRASS KEY RING ... 3.95 CABLE AMIGA TO NEC 2 . ...... 24 95 AMIGA CORDUROY CAP ... 7 95 CABLE AMIEA TO NEC-30 29 95 AMIGA GARMENT BAG ... ... 34 95 CABLE AMIGLN 1034 S . ..19 95 AMISA GOLF SHIRT LAG .. ... 19 95 CABLE CAMERA 3AC RCA ......1495 AMIGA GOLF SHIRT MEO , . .. 19 95 CABLECMT M CNT M 1 . 22 35 AMISA GOLF SHIRT SML,.. . IS 95 CABLE D23M 022F 2 .. . 19 95 AMIGA GOLF SHIRT XL .. 19 95 CABLE D23M D23F 3' .. ......20.95 AMISA GOLF SHIRT XXL . 1995 CABLE D23M 023F 4 . 21 95 AMIGA JACKET LRG ... 39 50 CARLE D2SF 025 F3 .....1595 Creative Computers recommends: excellence! ¦ WYSIWYG wordprocessor ¦ Spell-as-you-type ¦ Thesaurus ¦ Grammatical style checker ¦ Postscript support ¦ Color graphics ¦ Macro language SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER SHIPPING TOTAL CREDIT CARD U5ERS ONLY: Credit Card _ Signature _ | Exp. Date _ _ MICRO-SYSTEMS SOFTWARE SUPER HAKE-ON .....32 46 SUPERIOR GOLF KIT ....9 85 SUPERMAN .32 46 SUPERSTAR ICE HOCKEY .....12 46 SWORD OF SODAN .... 32 46 SWORDS Of TWILIGHT . 34 55 T1N6LEWOOG 25 85 TANK ATTACK; 19.95 TAREHAN 25-85 TASS TIMES TONE TOWN ...... 19 95 TECHNOCOP .32,46 TEENAGE gilEEN .....25.95 TEIEEAMES .. 23.95 TERRORPODS 25.95 1ESTDRIVE II,,.., ...29.85 TETRA OUEST 25 95 TETRIS . 22 95 IRE DEEP ..... 32 46 IHEXOEA ... 23.95 THREE STOOEES .32,46 THUNDER RUDE ..... 32.46 TKINDEflMT 22.95 TtfEH ROAD .25.95 TIMES MAEIC 26.95 TIME BANDITS 25.95 TIMES Or LORE .....25.95 TITAN .. 29 95 TOM A JERRT ... 22 95 TOTAL ECUPSE ......25.95 TOWER TOPPLEfl .....32.46 TRACERS ...22.95 TFANJPOTOR 22.95 TRIAD VOLUME 2 .....49.95 TflAhEO 29.95 TFINITY 25 95 TRIPLET 25 95 TRIVIAL PURSUIT ..... 25 95 TRUMP CASTLE ..... 25 95 TURBO .17.95 TV SPOHIS FOOTBALL . 34 95 TWIUSHT TONE ...... 25 85 TWILIEHrS RANSOM .19 95 ULTIMA III .. 28 95 ULTIMA IV ... 38 56 UMS CIVIL WAR DATAOSK 12.95 UNINVITED . 34 95 UNIVERSAL MILITARY SM ..... 32 46 UNIVERSE 3 . 32 95 VAMPIRE'S EMPIRE ... 29 95 VE6AS GAMBLER ..... 25 95 WOEO MESAS . 24 95 VEIL ANTE ... 25 95 VINDICATORS . 25 95 VIRUS IEAME) IB 95 WANDERER .. 25 95 WRR IN MIDDLE EARTH 36.99 WARLOCK ...22.71 WESTERN GAMES ....22.95 WHERE IN THE U SA .. 32 46 WHITE DEATH ...38,95 WHO FRAMED ROSER RAN ....29 97 WILLOW 25 95 WINTER GAME ...... 27 46 WORLD CLASS GOLF .. 29 95 WORLD GAMES ......27,46 WORLD SNOOKER 6 OTHER .... 19 95 WORLD TOUR GOLF ... 27 45 WRANGLER .. 39.95 XENON 2 : MEGABLAST 34 95 7AK MCKRACKEH ....3D 95 2ANT GOLF .17 95 2ERO GRAVITY ......19 46 ZOOM ..21 95 ZORK TRILOGY .....47.95 IORK ZERO 3195 ZYNAPS 23 95 CABLE A500 THINKJET CALL CABLE AmrGA 10IE 44SD.....19.95 CABLE AMIGA ]014 S .39.95 CABLE AMIGA SON’ 130?.....1995 CAILE SCSI RIBBON 2’ 15 95 CLEANING KIT LASSE 1495 CLEANING KIT SMALL , . 7.95 CLEANING KIT SUNCQM .... 6.96 COPY CAMERA STAND...
79. 95 DESKJET TMS RMN ASCII .. .. 104.95 DISI0R0U3 ...... ... 69.95 OISXrTTT, 3 5’DSDO __
144. 60 LASERJET ? EKVir TRAY . .
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Uve Sell "Know How f you use an Amiga and you want to know how, just read on... Y'. Ir. - , Amiga Desktop I ™ Video Guide % The most thorough guide to video on your*miaa There is a reason why we’re the number one publisher of Amiga books. In fact, there are a number of reasons. Fifteen to be exact. Rniga For Beginners-introduces you to Intuition, the ouse, windows, the CLI, and AmigaBASIC. Vers Workbench 1.3 Info R&St BN 1-55755-021-2 178pp Seller $ 16*95 SIC Inside & Out*-step-by-step quide to migaBASIC. Every AmigaBASIC topic includes arts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and eech commands. Ract vers Workbench 1.3 Info BN 0-916439-87-9 548pp oBlier $ 24,95 ) Graphic Programming in BASIC*-detaits writing ) graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, :hi sources and shading, and more. BN 1-55755-044-1 360pp $ 19.95 achine Language1-comprehensive introduction to 1000 assembler ML programming covers 68000 icroprocessor address modes and architecture, speech d sound and more. BN 1-55755-025-5 264pp $ 19.95
- icks & Tips 5 -presents dozens of tips on accessing iraries from BASIC, custom character sets, nigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations d much more! BN 0-916439-88-7 342pp $ 19.95 System Programmer's Guide -comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Include the EXEC structure, I O requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions. ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442pp “ $ 34.95 Advanced System Programmers Guide -follow-up volume of thorough explanations of accessing the facilities provided by the libraries, input and output of the Amiga and more. ISBN 1-55755-047-6 570pp tfew $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Inside & Out* -covers insides of AmigaDOS . Includes reference section, tasks and handling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, create and use script files, multitasking and more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info ISBN 1-55755-041-7 274pp $ 19.95 Disk Drives Inside & Out -in-depth reference covering the disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, computer viruses, DOS functions, loading, saving, seq. And random file organization, more. ISBN 1-55755-042-5 346pp $ 29.95 C for Beginners*- introduction to learning C language. Explains elements using examples geared to the Amiga. Describes C library routines. ISBN 1-55755-045-X 284pp $ 19.95 C for Advanced Programmers*-how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. ISBN 1-55755-046-8 650pp New $ 34-95 More Tricks & Tips*-a collection of easy to use techniques, hints for Amiga owners, disable fast RAM, NewCon and Pipe devices, more. Covers Workbench 1.3 Info ISBN 1-55755-051-4 218 pp New $ 19.95 Graphics - Inside & Out -learn graphic programming in C with examples of points, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors and more. Contains a complete description of the Amiga graphic system-View, ViewPort, RastPort, bit-maps, screens, and windows. ISBN 1-55755-052-2 610pp $ 34.95 Desktop Video Guide-lhe most thorough guide to video on your Amiga. Explains Genlock, digitizing. Frame grabber, hardware, more. ISBN 1-55755-057-3 240pp New $ 19.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference-an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. Commands in alphabetical order for easy reference. Covers Workbench 1.3 info NeW ISBN 1-55755-049-2 114pp prjce $ 9.95 Circle 124 on Reader Service card VII IcblUclllb dUU H o bdlcb Id* Abacus Dept. L1, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 Phone (616) 698-0330 • Fax (616) 698-0325 1 Our books are filled with dozens of practical programming examples. You can save countless hours of typing by purchasing any of the Companion Diskettes. Each only $ 14.95 In U.S. and Canada add $ 4.00 shipping & handling*Foreign orders add $ 12.00 per item • Ml residents add 4% sales tax To order toll free call 1-800-451-4319 using your MC, Visa or Amex card Same day shipping on orders received before 3pm Mon. * Fri. tosh, MS-DOS, and Atari ST disks come to visit your Amiga. Hey, Mac! Unlike A-Max (ReadySoft), Mac-2-DOS’s purpose is not to run Macintosh software from an Amiga. Rather, Mac-2-DOS from Central Coast Software lets you transfer data between the two otherwise- incompatible systems. Mac-2-DOS comes in two configurations. If you have access to an external Macintosh floppy drive, you should purchase the software-only version, Package ..... - Highlight files and click the arrow to transfer.
A. Package B comes with a Mac-compatible disk drive that works as either a Mac or Amiga drive. Both setups include a non-copy-protected disk, a 33-page manual, and a matchbox-size interface for connecting the Mac drive to your Amiga. Mac-2-DOS will not activate if it cannot detect the presence of a Mac-compatible drive, so before you boot up, you must hook up. Just plug the adapter into your Amiga's drive port (or into the pass-through connector on your external drive) and connect your Mac drive into the adapter. Now, boot with Workbench and put the Mac-2-DOS floppy in any drive. To install the program on a hard disk, simply drag the Mac-2-DOS icon over the desired directory or drive. Using the GUI or a file-copy utility, copy the program to the desired drawer. Copy a MacFloppy.device driver to the DEVS: directory on your Workbench j disk, and finally, edit your startup-se- quence to Mount the Mac.Floppy device as MFO:. R YOVR TURN! Mac-2-DOS’s interface is straightforward, and even hing is explained very clearly in the manual. Ted Goldberg New York. NY Once the software locates a Mac-compatible drive, a split display appears on screen. With a Macintosh-formatted disk in the Mac drive, you will see Mac files listed on the left side of the display and Amiga files on the right. A menu bar across the top gives access to the pulldown menus. You select files for converting either from AmigaDOS to Mac format or vice versa by clicking on them. Next, select one of five file structure conversion processes: MacBinary (for importing Mac programming code into the Amiga), ASCII (for exchanging data between any applications programs that support the ASCII standard), PostScript (for direct PostScript conversion), MacPaint-1 FF (for graphics), or no conversion (for straight data conversion). Clicking on the Copy arrow in the middle of the screen starts the process. This ability to convert file structures makes Mac-2-I)OS extremely flexible and distinguishes it from other DOS converters. Most such utilities change the disk format, not the data format, so you often end up with unwanted characters in a converted file. While conversion of text and data results in files whose source format is indistinguishable, graphics files are different. Mac-2-DOS does not retain colors in converting graphics. While color transfer is planned for an upgrade, for the time being, regardless of how many colors your IFF image has, it will appear monochrome when switched to Mac format even on the Mac II. MacPaint images converted to IFF format are beautifully detailed when displayed as hi-res four-color images. For Mac file maintenance, the program allows you to format, verify, rename, and even eject disks on your Mac drive. Similarly, you can rename files, retrieve file information, include icons in your file conversions and display Mac text files. Mac-2-DOS multitask:* nicely and works fine with my 68020 board. It is one of the most complete, user-friendly file-con version systems 1 have used. I encountered only one problem using it. With only one internal floppy drive on my A2500, the external drive's default designation is DF2:. The absence of a DF1: rendered Mac-2-DOS’s interface inoperative when connected to the external unit. I had to disconnect the external drive and plug the Mac-2-DOS drive Ewjmng Atiri.iJ.KFcMl CrossDOS handles a variety of dialects. Adapter directly into the Amiga’s drive port whenever I wanted to use the Mac drive. Using it 011 a stock A2000 with two internal drives posed no problem. While it is costlier and more elaborate than most DOS-con version systems, Mac- 2-DOS is also faster, more reliable, and more flexible. It is a must-have item wherever timely sharing of data between Mac and Amiga systems is essential. Others to Cross CrossDOS speaks a different language than Mac-2-DOS. It tackles the easier task of transferring data from AmigaDOS to MS-DOS and Atari ST formats, and vice-versa. CrossDOS has different customs, too. It is a disk-formal conversion utility as opposed to a file- conversion program. CrossDOS converts both 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch floppies, as it supports the nearly forgotten Commodore A1020 5.25-inch disk drive. Consisting of one non-bootable disk and a small spiral-bound manual, CrossDOS qualifies as a 110-frills package. You will want to keep the manual close at hand until you memorize the installa- NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO COMPETE WITH THE Bl Pro Tennis Tour * The Ultimate Tennis Simulation ranks you 64"1 amongst the best tennis players in the world. Set your sights on such championships as the Australian Open Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Step into center court, tighten your grip and prepare to serve up your best shot - Pro Tennis Tour is about to begin. ¦ IBM ¦ AMIGA ¦ ATARI ST ¦ C 64 TO COME SOON iwarm up on one ol six practice programs containing three levels ol increasing difficulty Put away shots like a Pro ! Master dack-hano volleys passing shots, and other winning tennis strokes. Flush the net with confidence, knowing you can strategically place your next return. Feel the excitement build as you challenge your next opponent and make your way to the top ! ELECTRONIC ARTS Entertainment Software Circle 213 on Reader Service card. YOURTURN! With CrossDOS, I can use Amiga commands to access MS-DOS data. Glenn Everhart Concordville, PA CrossDOS provides a way to be media compatible with MS-DOS, while not ob- ject-code compatible. I would like to see more products like it. William M. Perkins Richmond, VA tion procedures, command syntax, and conversion process. Hard-drive or floppy installation poses no problem, even for novices. Just double click the InstallMSDOSFS icon, and click repeatedly on the Continue screen gadget to keep the process moving. I recommend you avoid the Cancel gadget; any time I clicked on it during installation I got either a software error message or one of various crashes. Installing the program produces a software-based MS-DOS drive named DIO in your hard disk's DEVS: directory or on a work disk of choice. Unfortunately, accessing DIO is not so simple; every time you want to mount DIO (actually DEO:) with CrossDOS installed, you must enter “MOUNT DIO: FROM DEVSimountlist.msdosfs” into the CLI. Once you do this, though, an icon will appear on screen as soon as you place an MS-DOS formatted disk in DFO:. (MOUN F JDS files allow for the recognition of additional disk drives on the Amiga.) You can manipulate and copy files to and from the MS-DOS disk through the CLI, and treat it as an Amiga DOS drive. Fhe system’s major limitation is its incompatibility with high-density (1.2- and
1. 4-megabyte) floppies. You can create MS-DOS text files without returns (CTRL-Ms) at the end of each line by- adding a left bracket to the MS-DOS destination file name. You can also specify whether or not to copy icon information. A Kill program ensures that all memory resources used by CrossDOS are freed up when you deactivate the program. Another significant option is MFORMAT, which creates MS-DOS and Atari formatted disks on your Amiga drive. MDISKCOPY copies MS-DOS files on DIO, and DISKCHK verifies the integrity of any disk, regardless of format. Spoiled by Mac-2-DOS’s refined interface. I found CrossDOS challenging to use until I had committed its procedures to memory. Still, CrossDOS is unquestionably the best utility I have seen for reading from and writing to 3.5-inch MS-DOS disks on the Amiga. Even Bridgeboard users will find CrossDOS a good investment, as the Bridgeboard by itself offers no 3.5-inch MS-DOS disk support. Mac-2-DOS Central Coast Software 424 Vista Avenue Golden, CO 80401 303 526-1030 Package A: $ 99.95 Macintosh-compatible dish drive required. Package B: $ 349.95 No special requirements. CrossDOS 3.05b Consultron 11280 Parkview Plymouth, Ml 48170 313 459-7271 $ 30.00 No special requirements. X-CAD Designer Good CAD cheap. By Ronald J, Bissett OF THE THREE Amiga CAD programs in its price range, only X-CAD Designer has the power, depth, and speed to compete in the world of professional engineering design. Designer is a scaled-down, revamped version of the original X-CAD from Taurus Software. Although X-CAD was the most powerful design program the Amiga had ever known, it had a number of problems, including a difficult-to-learn interface and a confusing manual. The UK’s Cad Vision International, the original developer, has regained control of the product now, and has divided it into two offerings: X-CAD Professional, a Designer’s simple Interface makes It easy to use. High-end package, and the lower-end Designer. Off the Block While the original X-CAD required a meg and a half of RAM just to boot, Designer runs nicely on my single-drive, one-meg A500. Designer carries over the dongle, plus those features that made the original X-CAD the envy of many PC users: viewports, zooming, and scrolling. Few programs on the PC side support viewports (sheets with definable sizes and scales). Those that do limit the number (usually to 10 or less), and prohibit overlap. Designer accommodates 32 viewports with individual scales, each of which can be resized, moved, and overlapped. Because objects can be drawn full size in real dimensions within a viewport, you can superimpose several drawings of different scales on one data file, and auto- dimension all of them in real units. The Display Zoom and Scroll commands, which let you zoom in or move around in a drawing while executing another command, give an incredible boost to productivity. In addition to the original hi-res mode, Designer offers a medium-resolu- tion mode to relieve the eye strain caused by flickering. The manual has been rewritten and includes a complete index. The tutorial provides a step-by- step introduction to the program’s basics. Screening Room The new default screen is much like that of Generic Cad and AutoCad on the PC: ? Andromeda Mission
25. 75 Hole-ln-Dne Golf
23. 00 Applo 18 ......
31. 24 Hollywood Hljinx 25 77 Arctic Fox ...... . 25.77 Hostage . . 31.24 Arkaaoid
19. 99 Hunt for Red October ... . 31.88 .Art of Chess .... 22 29 Hybris ..
25. 77 Autoduel ...
27. 00 Ice Hockey ..... . 31.88 .Axe of Rage
31. 88 rkari Warrior ... . 31.24 Baal ...
11. 00 Indiana Jones Temp Dm .. . 25.77 Bad Dudes .....
31. 24 Indoor Sports .... . 31.88 Balanrr of Power 11 1990
31. 88 International Soccer..... . 25.0© Barbarian 11 ... . 25.77 Into the Eagle's Nest . 25.77 Rardv Talr ..... . 35.99 It Came From The Desert. . 34.24 Bards Talr [I. Jack Nicklan*' Golf ...
31. 88 Destiny KnJghi . . 41.50 Jrt ... . 31-88 Batman ... .
31. 00 JrLsonx, Thr , CALL Battle Chess .... . 32.25 Jinxter ..
25. 77 BattlrDroidz ....
23. 00 Joker Poker .... . 24.72 Battietech . . 32.50 Journey to CenLer Earth . . 23.77 Battle Squadron . 25.77 K&mpfgruppe .... . 41.67 Berzerk 3 ...... . 23.00 Karate Kid 11 .... . 23.77 Better Dead Than Alien . . . 21.89 Karting Grandprix ...... . 17.34 Black Jack Academy---- . 25.77 Kikagi ... . 18.00 Black Shadow ...
22. 29 King of Chicago
31. 88 Blitzkrieg Ardennes Imb . . 38.95 King's Quest ALL ea.
31. 88 Workout . 25.77 Krystal ..
31. 88 Bomb Busters . . . .
20. 82 Lancelot . 28.00 i ji ti ii tt r 1p ft CAI1. Bridge 5.0
23. 00 i-rfuiu ui Lagrmn ...... Letth fNefk 25 77 Babble Bobble
22. 77 Leisure Sail lorry l II
25. 77 California ChaUenge. .. . 16.99 Letters lo You ...... CALL California Games......
25. 77 License to Kill .. . CALL Capone
25. 77 lord of the Riving Sun 31 88 Captain Blood ... . 32..12 lotto Program ... . 17.34
P. O. BOX 1619, ACOURA HHIS, CA 91376-1619 Zork Trilogy Zyuaps.....
48. 62
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62. 52
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55. 60
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F. arl Weaver Baseball
F. bonStar Krhelnn Kllle Kmpirr F7A18 Interceptor. . Faery Tale Adventure. Falcon F-16 .. Federation .. Femme Fatal . Ferrari Formula Ore Fieadish Freddy..... Final Assault ...... Final Mission Fire Power Magic Johnson's Hktball Major Motion .. Manias Marble Madness ...... Master Ninja: Shad. Mar. .11 24
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41. 67 CALL
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25. 77 CALL
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31. 88
31. 88 CALL Kirderama . 32.25 Fire Zone ...... .. 23.00 Learning Curve . 51.95 Right Path 737 .. 17.34 Linkword languages ea..
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25. 99 Flight Simulator II...... .. 31,88 Math Talk Fractions ea
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13. 87 Math A Malioft
64. 95 Galactic Conqueror ..... 31 24 Mavis Bearon Teathes Galaxy Eight ......
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41. 67 31,24
36. 97 GAMES ¦ 4th and Inches ..
29. 00
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23. 00 Harpoon .. .. CALL Adventures of Sinbad
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31. 88 Afterburner .... .. CALL Heavy Metal land Comb. .. ( All Alien Syndrome ......
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24. 33 llillsfar A DAD .. .. 31.88 !-8OO-525-7DAY Corp. Office (818) 889-3633 * FAX (818) 889-5175 the products nre made. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide support for its products. 7-Day Software will gladly replace damaged merchandise at no chaTge. (all for details. Prirrs and availability subject to change without notice. All exchanges and returns will be charged a minimum or 35 for shipping and handling.
• Software: Eiclude* blowouts, discontinued or "special" sale price*. Excludes all hardware. WE SHIP BY: | J =g .! 3 : J * , ship your order. If we must ship a partial order, we'll pay the UPS ground shipping rests to complete the nrder. ? Upon receipt and approval, personal and company rhecks may rlear within 1 business days on prrpxid mail orders. ( all for a free hardware and software catalog ? All orders are processed and shipped thr same day ihry are received whenever possible. 8 International shipping NO PROBLEM! ? Exchanges and return* NO PROBLEM! ? Call: I -800-525-71)AY U.S. and California. ? Fcuc: (818) 889 5175 ? Corporate Offices: (818) 889-3633. 7-Day Software *rirs In rarry only quality products. No war rantles or representations as to the quality or usability of WE PAY 5HIPP1NG': All software orders delivered to addresses within the continental United Slates with a purchase value ori 100 or more ure shipped FREE via 1 PS regular service. (Excludes price matched items.) Ovrrnight, 2 day service and other special shipping is available Ask for details. No sur charge for Visa or MasterCard orders. 3N for American Express. C O D add i.1.00 per produrt. C'.O.D. orders are for cash, cashier’s check or money order only, California residents add 6.5 sales tax. OUR POLICY; We offer more than 1,800 products for the Amiga. If you don’t see it listed, please ask! Call around, then call us!
* We accept Visa and Mastercard with no surcharge. American Express add 3V Your credit card is not charged until we UPS AND 7-DAY ACCEPTS PAYMENT BY: 1 J Aninate 3D .... . 104.22 Animator w lmages , .. .. 42.00 Animator: Apprentice
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193. 00 Deluxe Video 1.2 ...... .. 90.32 Director. Thr .. 48.62 Director's Toolkit. . . . .. 24.33 Easy Tiller 2.0 ...... .. 31.88 Eaiuavision .... .. 41.67 Movie Setter . .. 69,47 Pagf Flipper Plus F X . 102.00 Pro 'video Gold
193. 00 Sculpt-Animate 41) . 391.00 Sculpt-Animale Jr .. C ALL TV’Text Pro ... . 124.95 Vide iScape 3D . 109.00
V. I.V.A . . 149.00 Zoftrop? ...... .. 88.00 BUSINESS & HOME MANAGEMENT 2'2 Homr Managrmrnt . . 69.47 Accountant. Thr
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H. nc aJe .. .. 41.67 Investor’* Advantage ... .. 64.47 I >gUtix ......
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104. 22 Pha.ar 3.0 ...
62. 29 Supv rba.se Prrsonal 11 . 98.00 Sup rbase Pro 3.0.....
243. 22 Sup>rplan .. 98.00 Tax Break ..... .. 55.57 Works Platinum. Thr ... . 205.69 CAD & MODELING Argss Draw ...
50. 00 Argi.s Draw 2000 .....
169. 00 Design 3D
69. 47 Hom.eBuiidrrv CAD
138. 31 [ntroCAD ...
51. 00 Logic W ork* 2.0
189. 00 Modeler 3D ... .. 69.47 Sculpt 3DXI .... .. 125.07 Ultra Design ... ... CALL ] EDUCATIONAL AB Zoo ...
24. 00 Algebra 1 ......
32. 25 All About America ..... . 38.95 Birds A Bees ea.. ......
41. 67 Calculus ...... . 31.88 Chicken little . .. 18.82 Drtimal Dungeon . . . 32.25 Descartes ..... . 23.00 Drsjgnasaurux .
32. 25 Dinosaur Discovery Kit
25. 77 Discrete Math
31. 88 Distant Suns ......
49. 98 First Letters A Won!', . 33.00 First Shapes ... . 33.00 Fraction Action . .12.25 Grade Manager . Great Slates II . 25.00 Kid talk ..... . 25.77 We’ll meet wbeaf any advertised price in this issue of this magazine!* ANIMATION AND TITLING One-on-One 13.87 Oo-Topos ... 13.87 Oswald ...25.77 Out Bun ...31,88
P. O.W .. 25.77 Paladin ...25-77 Paperboy ..11-88 Parachutes at Kanes ......25,77 Phanuuie III ......25.77 Phantasm .23.00 Pioneer Plague ....25.77 Platoon ...31.24 Police Quest I .....31.88 Populous 31.88 PoruofCall .....16.99 Powerdrome ...25.77 Pro Tennis Tour ..CALL Project Neptune ...CALL Pub Games .23.00 Qix 25.77 Questran II 31.88 Ram bo III .CALL Rastan ...CALL Realm of the Warlock .....23.00 Renegade .25-00 Return to Atlantis .32.00 Rick Dangerous ...24-33 Ringside ...CALL Risk ..CALL Road Raider .....31.88 Roadwar 2001 25.77 The VHS Video Tape packed with over 60 minutes of information you need! Robocop .... Rocket Ranger ..... Roger Rabbit ...... Rogur .. Romance 3 Kindnms Romantic Ene. Dome.
S. D.I . 5 argon III ... Scrabble ... Shadow of the Beast ...... 34.85 Shadow gate ......31.88 Sherlock: Crown Jewrls .... 25.77 Shinobi ...31.88 Shogun ...41.67 Side Show ... 31.24 Silent Service ....25.77 Sim City ..31.88 Sinbad 31.88 Skyblastrr .23.00 Skyrhase ..25.77 Skyfox [I: Cygnus Cortf 31.88 Slapshot! 41.67 Slaygon ...25.77 Sideshow ..CALL Snake Pit .23,00 Soccer ...... 25.77 Solltair ..25.77 Space Ace ....41.67 Space Harrier .....31.88 Space Quest II ....31.88 Space Rogue ... 31.88 Space School Simulator .. . 23.00 Space Shuttle II ...25.77 Space Station ObUrion 32.00 Speed ball ..... ... 25.77 Sporting News Baseball 25.77 Star Trek V 31.88 Star Wars ..25.77 Slargllder II ....31.24 Stellar Conflict .. 25.77 Stir Crazy .23.00 Slrret Sports Baseball 1 Basketball Soccer ea 25.77 Styx* 24.33 Super Cars 13.87 Superstar Ice Hockey 31.88 Suspect ......10.39 Terrorpods 25.77 Test Drive 1 11 ea .. 31.24 Tetris 23.00 Thai Boxing ......10.39 Thexder ...23.00 Three Stooges. The .31.88 Thud Ridge CALI. Thundrrblade ...... 31,88 Time Bandit ......25,00 Times of Lore ..... 25.77 Torrh 2081 ... 20 82 Total Eclipse ..... 25.77 Turbo ..17.34 TV Sports Basketball 31.88 TV Sports Football .31.88 Twilight Zone .....25.77 UFO ..,11.88 niima III .25.77 riUma IV ..55.57 llllmn V ...11.67 Undersea I omraando 31.88 Uninvited ..31.88 Universal Military Sim 31.88 Vampire's Empire ..31,24 Video Vegas 23.00 Vortex 31,24 Vyper .20.82 War In Middle Earth 31.88 Warlork ..23,00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey .... 32.00 Wlerd Dreams ... CALL Wizard Wars ....25.77 World Cla*a Leader Brd ... 25.77 World Games .....25.77 Xybott CALL Zak McKracken ...31.24 Zero Gravity ......20.82 Suspended .10.39
34. 2
31. 88
31. 88
25. 77
25. 77
25. 77 CALL
26. 00
23. 00
25. 77
25. 77 Helvetica Font ...34.75 Homebuilders ea ...56.30 Human Desip Disk .Sculpt Vscape ea ......23.00 Interchange Objects * 1----15.99 Kara Fonta-Headlines 51.00 Kara Fanta-Hradiirte* 2 Subheads ea ......48.62 Lion's CallipaFonts 41.67 NTF FooUA'omif Fanry. Roman Sans e*. ... 55.57
P. S. Dot Matrix Font Disk 1-5 ea. .....25.77
P. S. Postscript Font Disk A-C ea ......23.77 ProFonU Vol. I II ea 23.0© Studio Fonts .....30,00 Times Roman Font .34.75 Zuma Fonts I 4 ea ..23.00 Arch. Desip Disk Sculpt Vscape ...... Art Gallery Dlsk . Asha's ( allJgraPont* Broadway Font .. Business Set .... CAD Parts for IntroC.AD Draw Clip .Art *1 -8ra .....13.84 ComicSetter Funny Scifi Herm e« ....23.00 Desip [iLsks-Sculpt Vscape ea. ...... 23.00 Desiper DaUbasrvBas.' Home ea. ,,___.... 48.62 Fonts A Borders ...... 24.25 Future Desip Disk Sculpt1 Vscape ea ...... Amiga Graphics Stan Kit... 72.00 .Analytic .Art ......37.25 Award Maker Educational.' Sports ea ...... 20.87 Award Maker Plus .31.68 B Paint ..... 25.77 C-Lipt 38.65 Caligari Jr . 138.31 Deluxe PaJnl III ...99.00 Deluxe Photo lab .104.22 Deluxe Productions 139.84 Desktop .Artist ....18.82 Digi View Gold 4.0 138.97 Dong's Color Commander 24.25 Doug's Math Aquarium .... 55, 57 Express Paint 3,0 ... _90,27 GRAPHICS & PAINT
23. 00 MUSIC Adrum .. . 51.57 AudloMaster II., * , 62.00 Bars A Pipes .....
209. 00 C-Zar
126. 31 Deluxe Music Const. Set .. . 69.47 Dr. TV ALL ...... . CALL Dynamic Drums .. . 55.57 Dynamic Studio .
138. 97 Encore .. . 45.00 It's Only Rock & Roll . 20.82 Master Tracks Pro . ...... . CALL MIDI Magic ...... . 97.22 Music X ..
208. 47 Pro MIDI Studio .. 124,25 Pro Sound Designer ...... 111,17 Sonlx . 55.57 Sonndlab Amiga ..
202. 00 SonndQnest-All . CALL SoundScape Utilities 1 .... . 34.00 SoundScape Utilities II... . . 42.00 SoundTrax I II ea . . 14.00 Synthia . . 59.50 Texture II......
174. 25 PAGESETTING City Desk 1.2 ....
104. 22 Flow ... . 83.00 PageSetter ......
104. 22 Professional Page 1.3 ... . . CALL Publisher’s Choice
129. 00 Publishing Partner Pro, ...
134. 00 AC Fortran ......
198. 00 Arexx .. , 31.88 Awempro 4
89. 47 Aztec-C Dev ......
197. 00 Aztec-C Professional......
128. 00 Basic Professional Pak . ( .ALL
C. A.P.E. 68K Assera. 2.5 .. . 58.52 CRS-Assemb XCG Pack ... . 55.57 Dev Pak 2 .
197. 00 Expert System Kit .48.62 Fortran 77 Pro. Pak CALL GFA Basic .90.00 HlSoft Basic .....103.17 J Forth ...69.47 lattice C ** ..... 299.00 Lattice C 5.04 . 285.00 Menu Maker 31.88 Metascope Debugger......59.00 Modula-2 Compiler .CALL Modula-2 Drvel ....CALL Multi Forth 61.86 Pas’ZMod ..69,47 Program Caller ....41.67 Prog. Analysis Toolkil 41.67 Runtime Package 69.47 Sort Utility 41.67 Source Level Debugger 49.13 Symbolic Debugger .41.67 T Shell ...28.70 Fine Print ......31.88 Graphics Studio ...41.67 My Paint ..31.88 PageReader 3D ....94.17 Photon Paint II ....98.00 Pixmate ...45.62 Turbo Silver 3.0 ..128,00 TV4 Show ..63.00 lltra Design 277.97 video Effects 3D ..138.97 AmigaDOS Express .20.82 .AmigaDOS Toolbox 41.67
B. A D. Accelerator ......31.88 Benchmark IFF library" ... 64.47 Butcher 2.0 24.00 CU Mate .25.77 Custom Screens ,. 43.0© Cygnus Ed Pro .... 64.47 Disk Mechanic ....58.0© Disk Recovery Toolkit 25.77 DisKwick ..31.88 DOS-2 DOS 37.23 Dunlop Utilities ...47.95 Enhancer 1.2 .....10-39 Express Copy ..... 32.25 Extend ...25.00 EZ Backup 31.88
F. I.F, Module .....13.87 FACCil ...21.0© Gizmox 2.0 48.62 Gomf.1.0 ..27.77 Grabbil ...20.82 Inova Tools I ll ea .55.57 Interchange .....32.25 JetSet laser Elilily 1.3 .... 27.80 Key to C ..22.00 laser Up! Hot 1.2 .30.58 laser Up! Print 1,2 ..68.81 laser Up! UtU. Vol. 1......30.58 lozerwript 28.00 lint .,63.11 Magellan 2.0 .....117.99 Mirror Dlsk Copier .31.88 Nag Plus 3.0 . 49.57 Powerwindows 2.5 .58.52 PriatMaster Plus .....31.00 Project D .. 31.68 Quarterback ......44.00 Calligrapher 1.05..... Critic’s Choice (3 in I) Dynamic W ord Gold Spell II .. Kiudwords 2.0 Pen Pal ..104.22 Pro Seri pi .31.88 ProWritr 2.5 ......77.00 Scribble! Imatinum 104.22 Text Pro ...... 55.57 TlEd Plus .55.57 Word Perfect 4.1 .179.00 A-Talk 3 ..74.25 Baud Bandit ......39.95 BBS PC ... 65 0© Dr. Terra Profeaaional 69-47 On-line platinum ...... 64.00 Paragon BBS CALL Skyline 1.2 (Alredes BBS) 119.00 True Basic 69.47 Trufstal ..55.57 L'CSD Pascal ..... 229.00 L’CSD Pascal Prof. P&k ... 429.00 Lltra DOS .38.00 WsbeU 31.88 TELECOM UTILITIES The full drawing is bordered by menus and always visible. You can easily change the screen color from its default (white), but there are only eight colors to choose from. Unfortunately, the program’s 256 layers are not as useful as they could he because only one color can he assigned to a layer; it would he nice to have a different color for each. In place of the original version’s confusing interface, Designer offers pulldown menus. What an improvement this is, especially for the novice! Now the command chains are understandable, the options are clear, and the working speed increased. To the right of the screen is a vertical Menu Strip, which lets you create customized interfaces for efficient work in specific applications. This Menu Strip replaces the original ScreenMenus customizing environment, and Designer does not allow the import of ScreenMenu interfaces created in X-CAD. Defining Menu Strips is the best way to become familiar with X-CAD’s command structure, and is a piece of cake compared with creating ScreenMenus. By creating them, you can customize operations for efficiency. In the original version, you could shut down the primary interface to speed command execution on screen- menus. I am sorry this feature was not included for Menu Strips. You can operate Designer via the command line at the bottom of the screen. Designer’s command-line window asks for specific input: While X-CAD simply asked for three locations to define an arc, Designer asks for origin, start, and end points specifically. The Comptab command, which allowed the use of a digitizing tablet, has been removed. On the Line What a surprise when I drew a line. The original X-CAD digitizes the screen not directly under the crosshairs, but up and to the left one pixel. Designer, however, is right on the mark! Exploring the rest of the commands and modifiers was a pleasant experience as well. A new draw command, which creates arrows, is very handy for notes. Further, you no longer need to enter a colon after each command in order to execute. The I DENTS (Interactive Digitized ENTitv Selection system) for each draw function are intact except for the near- ID ENT, and most of the powerful text commands and modifiers are retained. Unfortunately, only one font is available and there is no provision for adding others. Text files cannot he loaded into Designer as was possible in the original. The new Draw Label option lets you type in a text siring complete with leader line and arrow. The Symbols menu is complete and offers one powerful new command Update Symbol which automatically redraws a rendering to reflect changes to the symbols library. J Once you enter vour data into the « j drawing database, the task of dimensioning is very easy. It is also amazingly versatile. Six types of dimensions and a multitude of modifier options are available. Autodimensioning is also a great way to check the accuracy of the drawing database. While CadVision sacrificed some features in producing Designer from X- CAD, most will not he missed or have been replaced with a better solution. One place changes are noiicable, however, is the Plot menu. I thought the original X-CAD’s print driver selection was paltry, hut Designer offers just two drivers. Although Designer is not a professional-level package, it should have greater plotter support. I could not get the HPGL plot driver to function properly with a Houston-In- stniments DMP-1 plotter at 9600 baud. CadVision suggested setting the serial port to 300 baud, which worked, hut ever so slowly. The Epson driver did not work with my RX-80, hut did function
* 7 with the EX-185, and produced fine check prints. Even with its few shortcomings, X- CAD Designer has no equal in the Amiga realm, and except for its limited text fonts and plot drivers, compares very well with similarly priced CAD programs for the IBM. What's more, learning CAD (an unavoidably lengthy process regardless of program or system) on this program will not limit you to the Amiga, as Designer shares so many commands with CAD programs on other formats. Finally, with the X-CAD AutoCAD DXF file-con- version utility (S199), the program can exchange files with IBM systems in the default PC drawing format. X-CAD Designer is a great buy for the power and depth it delivers. American Software, X-CAD Designer’s US distributor, states that both Designer and the original X-CAD are upgradeable to Professional. For technical support, you must either call CadVision in England or purchase a US phone-sup- port option. X-CAD Designer Cadvision International Ltd. London, England 1-603 3313 distributed by American Software Distributors RR 1 Box 290 Bldg. 30 Urbana, 1L 61801 217 643-2050 SI 49.95 One megabyte required. QuickShot Robotarm Elbow your way into robotics. By Bruce Jordan IMAGINE YOURSELF THE owner of a small manufacturing concern. You have orders for a new type of widget. .After entering the customer’s blueprints into your Amiga, you adjust the design and give a command. Suddenly, automated milling equipment begins to hum with the sound of production. This scenario is really not so farfetched. While Datel’s QuickShot Robotarm is little more than a toy, it just may be a portent of things to come. Besides the yellow plastic Robotarm, the package includes two joysticks, an interface box, and a disk containing the robot-driver program. The arm is surprisingly sturdy. From its black suction- cupped base to its formidahle-looking forceps (pincers), it stands nearly two feet tall when fully extended. Five rotation axes make the arm agile and able to assume almost any position within a wide radius about its center. Power comes from four D-cell alkaline batteries. Amiga. The package lacks the flexibility that would make it perfect for experimenting with robotics, and is not quite the learning tool that the packaging makes it out to he. Plus, it has problems. .After just a few repetitions of any programmed motion, the Robotarm wanders off its path rapidly. Known in robotics as hysteresis, this tendency to wander is caused, in the Robotarm’s case, by too much slop in the drive train. Besides the forceps, there are two other manipulators: a shovel like the one on the Mars Viking Lander, and a switchable magnet for picking up small metallic objects. None of these instruments pack bone-crushing power, but they do provide sufficient force for manipulating small objects. The joysticks allow for manual (sans Amiga) manipulation of the arm, and for controlling the arm while in program mode. They plug into the base of the arm, and each controls two of the five axes of motion; the fire buttons control the opening and closing of the forceps. IK TMSTRItlCMT CH NAHC SOLO HUIE Cf QUIP CotlZKIS 19 BirnSn 19 H1 r a t . ' ; I P.sides V , 2 Eiss .
LI. Bress . » 2 IntlEess »
I. IntlSBm, V .
L. IntlPna . • ¦J . I,5nari ft 1 Snerp I , C.SynSala I WCCOSEHt |BjlI 1 n V 1 » • (• a;:; To use the Robotarm with your Amiga, plug the two small connectors of the interface box into the Robotarm's joystick ports, and the opposite end of the interface into your Amiga’s parallel port. Cm 11 mil
* I?»l Ml| blspljy tit il lilts WI_ ___¦ T 1 i A rile Next, plug one of the joysticks into the Amiga's second mouse port and power up the computer. Boot with the Datel disk, and the driver program loads automatically. A set of on-screen gadgets look and work like tape-deck controls. Using these controls, you can record the motions of the arm and play them back. To begin the recording (programming) process, click on the Record gadget and use the joystick to move the arm. The FI and F2 keys toggle between the various axes, and thus allows you to access all five axes via one joystick. When you have finished your maneuvers, click 011 Stop or press the F5 key, then click on Rewind. Selecting the Play gadget starts the Robotarm executing the motions you programmed. Cri*. F 11 r tdi! Dl-l ln ; v . 1 ' > r.KI i Sjnple Tret*,
- -- ' h * Pi4, Screen Junp Sfl Elf,,. - •• m £nacst_Prifljer..,
* • » • »
* - * r 7 1 - & a - a- n. c
* r - rf-
* p » ¦ » m r » m * * * f
• fc u rrrfTuf r? * % * V 0 220 Boylston St. Chestnut Hill, MA
(617) 244-6954 Dr.T’s AlRM Wrestling Ironically, it’s more fun to use the Robot- arm with the joysticks than with the This slack does not allow the positioning scheme (counting tenths of seconds) to work effectively. What's needed is a good set of position sensors. Because of a software glitch, certain joystick movements will record, but will fail to cause movement of the Robotarm. Another disappointment is a lack of information on how to control the arm with a programming language. Without being able to to use the Robotarm from ? TIGER for Amiga 500, 1000, 2000 “The music program for the rest of us” Realtime Recording Graphic Editing Quick Scoring Fully Interactive Conductor Track One Step Editing Object Oriented Loop Recording Step Time Recorder Smart Instrument Setups S 384 PPQ Resolution Real Time Mute, Solo, and Group Supports Amiga IFF Sounds And It’s FUN™ within, say, Amiga Basic programs, the creative process For the beginner goes out the window. Calls to Datel concerning programming ended in England. 1 was instructed to write, and am still awaiting a reply. (I have compiled a list of some hints for those interested in experimenting with robotic control; call or write to AmigaWorld for details.) An interesting sidelight is that the interface box, consisting of 10 transistor switches, is so straightforward that you could conceivably use it for other purposes. With a little wire cutting and soldering, the interface could allow your Amiga to operate a radio-controlled car or plane. The QuickShot Robotarm is impractical, but so is a chemistry set. If you like machinery, enjoy tinkering, have a good grasp of programming and electronics, don’t know when to quit, and hear the call to glory upon reading the words “No user-serviceable parts.” then you might find the Robotarm challenging and worthwhile. QuickShot Robotarm Datel Computers Stoke-on-Trent, England 0782 744707 3430 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 702 454-7700 $ 129.95 No special requirements. Who! What! When! Where! NAG Plus 3.0 Just a reminder. . . By Randall R. Greenwaid WE ARE TOLD that some day we may live in a paperless world. Who! What! When! Where! (WWWW) and NAG Plus
3. 0 are two organizational tools eager to move Amiga users toward that day. Why and How WWWW combines the features of an address and appointment book, calendar, and alarm clock. It can track appointments and responsibilities, provide advance and recurring reminders of YOUR TURK! 1 use WWWW to keep my life in order. Because of its readily accessible database, 1 prefer it over NAG Plus. Lewis Tilley Pueblo, CO upcoming events, and store and retrieve addresses and other information regarding friends and associates. You must install the program on your Workbench disk, which presents a potential problem if you boot with separate disks for different applications. The installation process is mostly automatic, saving you the trouble of tampering with your startup-sequence, but sadly, trouble comes anyway. The installation program asks you to specify storage locations for certain information, but gives no default settings or suggestions of what logic to use in making such decisions. Once installed, WWWW knows you as an owner. You can protect your data with a password and share it with other owners. The base of operations is your directory, and filling it is much like compiling a standard address book. Entering data is time consuming; no provisions are made for duplicating (so you can keep separate records for members of one family without retyping) or for foreign addresses. You can search any field except the birthday field for any string, so as to print mailing labels for select people, for instance. It is a shame that a product such as this sporting an Arexx port does not provide macros to import data from established Arexx-compatible database programs such as Superbase Professional (Precision) and Microfiche Filer Plus (Software Visions). ? HIGHER PERFORMAHCE...ANDCHEAPER TO BOOT! POLICY: Shipping and handling extra. Personal checks must clear before shipment. For faster service use credit card, cashier's check or hank money order. Credit cards are not charged until we ship. AI prices are U.S.A. prices and are subject to change, and all items are subject to availability These prices relied a 5% cash discount. For all credit card purchases there will be an additiona 5% charge COD orders add $ 5 00 Texas residents add sales tax All sales are final and returned shipments are subiect to a restocking fee •SHIPPING: FREE shipping by Federal Express Standard Air or UPS (if within 1-day servic zone) on orders paid by credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. In Hawaii. Alaska, and outside Continental US. Call for information. Amiga* is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amiga, Inc Fdata-10 ......$ 149.95 Single 3.5" External Drive Fdata-20 .....249.95 Dual 3.5" External Drive w Power Supply Fully 1010 Compatible • Amiga* Color Coordinated • Extra Long Drive Cable Ultra Compact Design • Ultra Low Power Consumption • No Annoying “Clicking" Noise Acoustically Quiet • Daisy Chainable • Diskette "Dust Protection" Door FREE Shipping Via Federal Express!* Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-562-3539 LEXIBLE DATA Into & Technical Support: 214-669-3999 YSTEMS, INC. FAX: 214-669-0021 10503 FOREST LANE • SUITE 148 • DALLAS. TX 75243 A? YOU CONTROL THE GREATEST HIGH-TECH TANKS IN THE WORLD. YOU ARE ON A PRISON PLAN ET TRYING TO ARREST SOME ESCAPED CONVICTS. PROGRAM AND LEAD YOUR TEAM OF TANKS TO TRICK YOUR OPPONENT! RAY TRACED 3D UNIVERSE, MULTITASKING, ONE OR TWO PLAYERS ARE THE FEATURES OF THIS GAME. FORCE DEFENDER OF BELLOTH REALM. QUEST THROUGH RFTEEN LEVELS AND FIVE ERAS YOUR ENCHANTED POWERFUL WEAPONS AND SPOIL THE MALEVOLENT TRAPS, TO TANYA FROM THE CLAWS OF RED SABAT THE SORCERER. ILD STREETS A SUPERCOP AND A BLACK PANTHER TEAM TOGETHER IN A HIGH RISK MISSION. "A TOP CIA AGENT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED, FINO HIM! YOU KNOW THAT ACTION AND FIGHTING IS INEVITABLE**, YOU'LL HAVE TO VISTT THE CITY SLUMS TO FIND HIM AND PROTECT YOU BOTH FROM MOBSTERS, PUNKS AND OTHER RIFF RAFFS. AT THE WHEEL OF YOUR FABULOUS FERRARI F40, YOU'RE RACING AGAINST TIME AT 200 MILES PER HOUR. PLAN YOUR ROUTE, BUT BEWARE OF POLICE THAT WILL TRY TO STOP YOU IN YOUR MISSION. 360 DEGREE SPINS, AND REALISTIC 30 ROAD JUNCTIONS WILL MAKE YOU SENSE THE THRILL OF SPEED. DON*T JUST TAKE OUR WORD, BURN SOME RUBBER. Fire A N D 1 FORGET FACE THREE LEVELS OF SIX CONFLICTS, FROM SPORADIC WARFARE TO TpTAL WAR. NEVER LOOK BACK! IT COULD BE YOUR LAST MISSION. ONE OR TWO WARRIORS CAN TEAM UP. VJVAN SHORE “WARRIOR. YOU ARE AH OFF SHORE WARRIOR AHO YOUR FIRST ARENA, FULL OF FANS, IS WAITING FOR YOU, STRUGGLE AGAINST ROCKS, WAVES AND OPPONENTS IN A DEADLY GAME. ONLY FEW CAN LEAVE ALIVE. DO IT OR DIElll CRAZY CARS YOU ARE RAClNd POUR OF THE MOST PREST1QIOUS CARS IN THE WORLD'S CRAZIEST RACE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. PREPARE TO START, READY? QON! 20432 CORISCO STREET, CHATSWORTH CA 91311 818-709-3693 Circle 17 on Reader Servce card. KNIGHT © TITUS 1989, TITUS AND THE TITUS LOGO ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF TITUS SOFTWARE CORP. PURSUIT CENTUm As you enter appointments, the programs link them to individuals in your directory. You can specify when to be reminded of appointments and how. Appointments can be set to repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly. (If you choose the birthdays option from the Preferences menu, any birthdays in your i * directory will be entered as yearly appointments.) Reminders can be a simple screen flash and text window or an elaborate combination of a flash, bell, Amiga voice, and any of several digitized sounds. They will interrupt any task as long as you booted from the appropriate disk whether or not WWWW is running. "Things to do” are similar to appointments, but are automatically moved to the following day if not checked off on schedule. The calendar is by far the program’s most clever feature. You can quickly summon a display of any month for any year. The calendar displays your appointments and things to do for any clay, and you edit these entries with the mouse. You can also print a monthly calendar together with a tabular listing of appointments. WWWW does not always do its job well. Because there is only one name field, you must enter surnames first for the program to sort alphabetically. On mailing labels, names are printed in reverse order (“Ruth Smith”). When a name shows up in a reminder, however, both the display and the Amiga’s voice render it as it appears in the field (“Smith, Ruth”). If you miss a reminder because your computer is not on, WWWW gives it to you the next time you boot. It is likely to tell you at 12:30PM that it is time for your 8:00AM appointment. Advance reminders of a day or more repeat each time WWWW is run. Many windows do not resize, and switching between owners is irritating because directory windows appear and disappear in the process. Also, the manual says you must run the program at least once a week, but does not suggest what to do during a two-week vacation. No product marketed as a time saver should have rough edges and he difficult to manage. It is distressing to have to say that for a product with such friendly customer support. Helpful Henpecking Because it was shareware in an earlier incarnation, NAG is familiar to many veteran Amiga owners. It aims at a more limited purpose than WWWW, and perhaps for that reason, does a better job. NAG Plus 3.0 is basically an appointment book, and unlike WWWW, does not attempt to be a list manager. While it is complex, NAG is easy to learn. The manual is functional and organized, but for most operations it is unneeded because help windows, accessed by clicking on an item in question, explain almost everything NAG does. Help windows make installation simple, and once installed, NAG runs without complication. It occupies an unobtrusive icon, which you click once to display your current appointments and a calendar. To use NAG, you must take some time to insert dates and text. Appointments occurring only once can he entered by editing the appropriate day. If an appointment repeats, you can copy it to other days. Appointments that repeat yearly, weekly, daily, or even “on the 2nd and last Tuesday of everv month,” z are edited to a different file. If a regularly-scheduled meeting is cancelled, you can delete it from the day’s events simply hv clicking with the mouse. A unique feature is the ability to attach notes to words and names. To add a note, just click on your selected word, and vou will enter the Workbench Note- pad. You can retrieve a note by selecting that word again. Because you can easily forget which words have corresponding notes, this function would be of more benefit if the program visibly flagged the words. As with WWWW, you can choose the time and character of reminders. They can be simple on-screen prompts or outrageous sound and voice interruptions. Take care with the latter. To have your computer break into a drum lick and address you as “Great ruler of the uni- verse” (NAG’s default form of address) while you are making an important phone call could be embarrassing. Reminders interrupt your current task, rush you to the Workbench screen, and restore your original screen once the “nag” is acknowledged. (Both programs let you turn off the reminder feature.) For those who do not eat and steep with their computers, the print function becomes necessary. You can set your schedule for a period of days, print it, work from it, and update it later. A helpful addition would be an ability to format print output. As it is, you must accept the default form. Nonetheless, NAG's strength lies in its flexibility, A wide range of features, from display colors to internal buffer size and file locations, are definable via help windows. NAG is Arexx compatible, and Gramma Software promises that version
3. 1. Due out by the time vou read this, will have increased capabilities that will allow NAG to function as an Arexx manager. Contrary to the implications of its name, NAG is polite and well mannered. Unfortunately, it is painfully slow. Nearly all operations require a wait. For instance, the program gobbles six seconds going from one page of appointments to the next. Gramma Software’s technical support for NAG is helpful and friendly, if unprofessional. No More Pencils, No More Books? Both Who! What! When! Where! And NAG Plus 3.0 accomplish what they set out to do. NAG comes through with flying colors. Its design shows thought and insight. WWWW, on the other hand, seems to have been rushed out of the oven. You may benefit from these products. Reports of the death of pencils, Post-it notes, and Daytimers, however, are almost certainly premature. Who! What! When! Where! Blue Ribbon Bakery 1248 Clairmont Rcl. Decatur, GA 30030 404 377-1514 $ 99.95 Xo special requirements. NAG Plus 3.0 Gramma Software 17730 15th Ave. N.E. Suite 223 Seattle, WA 98155 206 363-6417 $ 79.95 No special requirements. Baud Bandit VTX On-Line Communicating with some extras. By Sheldon Leemon THE TRADITIONAL SHORTAGE oi commercial telecommunications packages for the Amiga is probably due in part to die abundance of good public- domain and shareware terminal software. While they get the job done, these freely distributable terminal programs usually lack snazzy extras that make the job easier. Two new terminal packages, Progressive Peripherals’ Baud Bandit and Mich I ron’s VTX On-Line, fill in some of the gaps. Baud Bandit Baud Bandit’s greatest strength is its interface. You can access all program functions either via kevstroke combinations j or by clicking one of the gadgets at the top of the display. There are no pulldown menus, but a large pop-up menu opens when you press the Help key. Phone-book entries can he edited from within the program, so you need not rely on a text editor. T hese entries make J it possible to dial information services and bulletin boards automatically, and to specify communication settings and default file-transfer protocols for each service. Within the upload and download file requesters you can not only select the name of the file to use for the transfer, hut also change the transfer protocol. Baud Bandit is not only easy to use, hut flexihile and powerful as well. It supports most of the popular file-transfer protocols Xmodem, Xmodem IK, WXModem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and CompuServe B. Only Kermit, a protocol used mainly for communication with mainframe computers, and CompuServe Quick B are absent. The program lets you change the number of display colors, the palette, and the font, and choose whether words will he split at the end of a line, and whether interlace is used. If you use a program like More- Rows to expand the Workbench screen into the overscan area, Baud Bandit will open its screen to the same size. The program supports 30 keyboard macros that allow you to print out an entire phrase by pressing a function key, and execute commands or start Arexx scripts, among other things. Arexx support is fairly complete: most program functions are accessible from scripts. Baud Bandit also supports devices other than the standard Amiga serial device, such as the multiple serial hoards and the internal modem available for the A2000, A Chat mode allows on-line conferencing, and a circular review buffer lets you read or print text that has scrolled off the screen, or send it to the Amiga clipboard device for transfer to other programs. The review buffer window, configuration windows, and file- requester windows all function independently without disrupting the terminal window display. Finally, Baud Bandit multitasks well. Even with all these fine features, Baud Bandit comes up short in some respects. The script language provides the bare minimum required for automatic log in, by reading a list of character strings from the remote source and sending the designated responses. Because these script pairs must fit on one line, their length is strictly limited. This can pre- ? Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, Californi Satisfied CA-880 owner Here at California Access™ we believe “Surfs-upM said it best. But don't take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know what you think of this nariy drive. Narly Features:
• Passthrough
• Power Disable Switch
• Low Power Consumption t U liORNIA ACCESS
• 880K Capacity sent problems. Logging on 10 some boards through PC Pursuit, for example, requires so many responses as to run up against this limit. The program does not provide conditional or loop commands required for unattended operation. You can remedy this lack to some extent through the Arexx support facility, but because the Arexx commands are not available as script or macro commands, you must purchase the Arexx program to do so. The program allows manual redial, queue dialing, and an automatic redial facility without time control. Baud Bandit supports no terminal emulations other than ANSI (which comes standard with the Amiga), and the manual lacks an index. These points are most relevant to those with serious telecommunications needs, however, and not to the casual bulletin-board user. VTX On-Line VTX On-Line poses a stark contrast to the Baud Bandit, because despite some very professional features, it has a clunky interface carried over from the Atari ST version. There are no sub-menus. InIt works. With the Amiga: Not in it That means no expansion slots are wasted, no added load on the power supply, and none of the keyboard commands that have to be used with internal genlocks. More important, the Neriki Image Master meets NTSC standards. It encodes at 5.5 mHz and delivers full 500 line resolution. Even third generation tapes are broadcast quality. It works with any Amiga computer and all Amiga text, graphics, paint and animation software. It genlocks to any video source- including S-VHS and puts out high stead, each menu item that has sub-options opens a requester box. That wouldn’t be so bad if some of the settings options were combined into one requester, but as it is, there are separate boxes for baud rate, parity, duplex, handshake, and so on. The organization of the menus is poor, also. Communications settings are mixed in with some display settings on a Settings menu, while other display settings reside with terminal-emulation settings and a print- screen function on a menu called VT-
100. Item names are among the least helpful I have seen. What does the Undo function on the File menu do? Where do you set the number of data bits? What does Set Character Size do? None of these answers are obvious without reference to the manual, and some aren't covered there. This is a shame, because VTX On- Line has some great features. Its full-featured script language is similar to, although not as extensive as, those used by Micro-Systems Software’s Online! And Crosstalk on the IBM PC. The Arexx port accepts all script-language comquality composite or R-G-B baseband video for flawless productions. It can be used up or down-strearn. And it gives you simple and instant front panel controls. The RS-179A approved Neriki Image Master is available now with a full one-year limited warranty. More information is yours for the asking. Just call or write. Mands, including those that let you select menu items from a script. It lets you view CompuServe GIF and RLE graphics files while you download them. A Chat mode lets you edit text before sending it and lets you re-send lines without retyping. It has a 64-entry phone directory, and can redial busy numbers automatically. Also, like Baud Bandit, it supports the Amiga Clipboard for sharing text between programs. Other features elicit a more mixed reaction. VTX On-Line supports just a few terminal emulations, including Tektron- ics 4014, Prestel (a graphics standard popular in France and not of much use in the US), and ANSI. While you can control some aspects of the display, such as the color palette and use of interlace, there is no provision for overscan, window borders, or changing the number of colors or the display font. The program supports the popular Xmodern, Ymo- dein, Kerniit, and CompuServe B protocols, but does not support WXModem (used on PeopleLink), Zmodem (which is becoming popular on bulletin boards), or CompuServe’s Quick B (which provides faster file transfers). You can program the function keys to output a whole string of characters with a single keystroke, but the program will not leL you call one macro from another or from an Arexx script. 1 he only print option is a screen-print function that displays the contents of a screen as graphics. Outputting text as graphics is extremely slow, and the program comes to a standstill while printing so much for multitasking. Because ihe ASCII capture function won’t allow you to capture to a file called PRT:, the best you can do for obtaining a hard copy of your session is to capture it to a file, and then print the file. And while the program does display GIF graphics files while downloading them, it displays them in hi-res mode, not the 4096-color mode most GIF viewer programs use for the best picture quality. Minor problems include a lack of an option to disconnect the phone by dropping the Data Terminal Ready line. The program crashed a number of times while I was manipulating the file requester. VTX On-Line assigns the Fonts; directory when you start the program, but fails to assign it back when the program terminates. The manual is a mixed blessing as well: It provides detailed technical information, but its introduction to telecommunications is both elementary and incomplete. There is no discussion of logging on, communications settings, or uploading and downloading. Parallel Lines While Baud Bandit and VTX On-Line offer more than the average public-do- main terminal program, both offer less than the top commercial communications packages. Of the two, however, Baud Bandit is best for most users. Unless you need a complete script language and a choice of terminal emulations, it will take care of your communications needs with style and ease. Baud Bandit Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 S49.95 No special requirements. VTX On-Line MichTron 576 Telegraph Pontiac, Ml 48053 313 334-5700 $ 79.95 No special requirements. Thinker Think hypertext! By Neil Randall HYPERTEXT, LIKE ITS cousin hypermedia, is one of the most persuasive of recent buzzwords. The goal of hypertext is, essentially, to link databases. In this setup, documents, spreadsheets, and even games become databases, through which you can move simply by clicking on a word. If you are reading an on-screen document about George Bush in which the author talks about the president attending Baltimore Orioles games, for instance, you can click on “Baltimore Orioles,” and through the magic of hypertext, suddenly enter an article about the baseball team. Let’s say you discover an interest here in former O's pitcher Mike Flanagan, so you click on his name and move into a database about the Toronto Blue Jays, where Flanagan now pitches. This leads you to information about the Skydome, which takes you to the Astrodome, and then to a chapter on Dallas, Texas, and on, and on. Eventually, you will read about Elvis Presley, because it is to Elvis that all databases ultimately lead. J Dear Reader In hypertext, the reader, not the author, controls the flow of information. Rather than worry about coherence and internal consistency, then, author’s job is to provide optimal links to the same or other databases. Creating these links is what Thinker, bv Poor Person Software, is all about. As the fairly well-designed, 55-page manual tells us, Thinker can link to three things: Thinker documents, IFF picture files, and Workbench applications that have either project or tool icons. (According to Poor Person, version 2.0, due out in early ’90, will allow linking to the Arexx ports of other programs. Thus, the receiving program can process the contents of a link.) Links appear in separate windows when the reader requests them, and thus, the writer can bring several items to bear in the creation of a document. Thinker documents consist of hierarchically arranged paragraphs containing textual links to each other. Placing the proper symbols before each paragraph’s name allows readers to move freely between paragraphs, no matter where they occur in the document. Skipping sections does not obligate readers to return to the point at which they requested a link, although they can. To the writer, there is little difference between linking to a paragraph within (he same document or to one in a different Thinker document. Any word or words can be set up as a link item. To provide access to another Thinker document, simply specify a path to the reference in brackets. For example, documents: doc l,chevrolet> tells Thinker to ? R YOUR TURN! Thinker is a help for organizing a book or working in stream of consciousness. H. Dennis Odell Baytown, TX link to a section called Chevrolet in a document named docl on the Documents disk. Write On When you write a Thinker document you essentially create an outline. Let’s say you are writing an article about the Amiga. You begin by outlining as much as you can, with your most important statements at level one and lesser ones below. If your two major topics are hardware and software, you would place "disk drive” under the former and “Amiga Basic” under the latter, and then continue subordinating to as many levels as you wish. Case No. 05734 AMERICA'S MOST WANTED MOUSE Wanted for over 200 counts per inch and operating without a cord. Also wanted for being the smoothest mouse available for all Amiga computers. Armed with features and dangerous to all other mice, it has eluded capture for even a mug shot. In the event that you come in contact with this mouse, be sure to purchase it immediately. Practical ¦¦Solution ®
(602) 322-6100 For further information, our agents are standing Dy. F] Suggested reiail $ 129.95 The Cordless'-. Mouse" 1135 N. Jones Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716 Fax(602)322-9271 Also available for ST and Macintosh computers 1989 Practical Solutions. Inc. AH rights reserved In the article s introduction, you will use the most important terms, then fully explain each in later paragraphs. Someone reading the introduction can click on the term “disk drive” and be taken directly to the section you named “disk J j drive.” Within that section you might mention a schematic drawing of a drive an IFF file you have included on disk. If a reader clicks on the drawing reference, the picture will pop up. After viewing the image, the reader can return to the introduction or go on to another topic cited in the current section. All elements within Thinker assist in the creation of documents. You can mark sections for editing, choose the number of levels that will appear on the screen, allow jumping to various points in the document, import text from ASCII files, and build an index. A read cache speeds up screen updates somewhat, and all commands are accessed by the mouse, not the keyboard. J Thinker is not as pretty as the Mac’s HyperCard, nor does it employ that product’s stack metaphor. Moreover, assembling Thinker documents is not as entertaining as creating HyperCard stacks. But Thinker is a start, and will certainly whet a lot of HyperAppetites. Thinker Poor Person Software 3721 Starr King Circle Palo Alto, CA 94306 415 493-7234 S80 No special requirements. The Vault A590 HD-500 Three driving machines. By Louis R. Wallace LIFE IS GETTING harder. It’s true. There are more Amiga hard drives on the market now than ever before. Among the newest are The Vault from Progressive Peripherals, Commodore’s A590, and the Imtronics HD-500. All these install externally on the Amiga 500, and one, The Vault, is also compatible with the A1000. While these three drives have a number of similarities, they also differ in significant ways. The Vault The Vault uses a PC-stvle RLL control- J ler, and has an internal power supply. The unit we received contained an ST238R 30-meg hard disk that, when formatted, provided 32 megs of storage. A 12-inch interface cable extending from the back of the hard drive connects to the A500’s expansion bus. (This interface also works with an A1000 without adjustments.) The cable is not a problem if you set the drive alongside the computer, hut if you have a monitor stand over your A500, you may find that the cable is too short to allow comfortable positioning of the drive. I he manual’s step-by-step instructions make installation and setup easy, even for first-timers. The supplied disk includes the installation program, plus ? INTELLIGENCE IS Intelligence is for ail people, on any holiday.,, and so is excellence! When a company stays around 11 years, it must he doing something right... right? It must develop great products... right? Right! Intelligent buyers (also known as educated consumers) recognize value. Thanks to their support, Micro-Systems Software developed excellence! For the consumer who demands the best. Take advantage of the holiday season to purchase an intelligent, useful, rock solid Word processor. Designed for the professional power of the Amiga, excellence! 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3. 5" DS DD (Price per disk) 25 50 100 500 BASF 97 .92 .87 .82 KAO .94 .89 .85 .79 SONY 1.05 .99 .95 .89 Other Products Diskette Holders CA633 Holds 45 3.5" diskettes $ 4.75 CA462 Holds 110 3.5" diskettes $ 6.99 Disk Drive Cleaning Kit CA239 Up lo 12 cleanings .$ 3.25 Diskette User Labels PL3-50 labels for 3.5" disks .S2.00 Call us for the lowest prices on diskettes and all your computer supply and accessory needs! Order Info: All orders shipped same or next business day. There is an order processing packaging charge of $ 3 per order. Please add additional shipping charges of $ 1.50 per 50 disks (or fraction), Si per disk holder, and 25C per dis drive cleaner. Orders sent UPS ground (UPS 2nd Day Air and Federal Express available please call for details). American Micro Supplies 6473 Crater Lake Hwy. M- w ¦¦ F5?? Central Point, OR 97502 trHl 800-678-5576 Progressive’s file-manageinent utility, Cllmate. Booting from a copy of the disk presents you with the Utility Manager. Which allows you to partition and format your drive just by pointing and clicking. After formatting, the program copies all nccessarv Workbench files from the floppy to the hard disk, and then modifies your installation floppy to make it suitable as a hard-drive boot disk. The newly created stariup-sequence transfers control to the hard disk on hoot up so you will not need the floppy again. Setting up was simple even on a singledrive A3 00. Evaluating read and write speeds with DiskPerf 2.0 and PerfTest (two standard Amiga hard-disk benchmark programs) proved The Vault to he sluggish. Initially, it read data from the disk at about 100K per second, and wrote at 23K per second. 1 was particularly surprised by these times because 1 had selected Fast- FileSystem (FFS) when formatting with the Utility Manager. Going back to the Utility Manager, I repeated the partitioning and formatting process (making sure to select FFS). Reinstalled the Workbench files, and repeated the tests. I got the same results. Still convinced that something was awry, I formatted the disk manually using AmigaDOS specifying FFS and modified the mountlist for the FFS partition so it would conform to FFS partition requirements. 'Then I rebooted and repeated the performance tests. This time, The Vault’s read time improved by about 65K per second (write times, however, did not change appreciably). Reading data while displaying an overscan screen was difficult for The Vault: with PerfTest, I timed reads at 30k per second; write times did not change. My biggest gripe about The Vault is its lack of ability to autoboot an option available on most hard disks today. The Vault is adequate, but unexciting. A590 Commodore’s entry into the Amiga 300 hard-disk market is not just a drive, but an expansion box. Inside the A590’s case are a 20-megabyte hard disk and a RAM expansion device. Installation is fairly simple: Just push a small grounding clip onto the base of the computer at the expansion bus opening, and slide the A590 onto the bus. The external power supply is designed to be placed on the floor under your desk; it connects to the back of the drive via a long cable. If you are using Workbench
1. 3 with a Kickstart 1.3 ROM, you can V set a dip switch to allow for autobooting. If you do not have the 1.3 ROM, boot from a floppy. Getting started is a snap because Commodore formats the drive with the Fast- FileSystem, Workbench, and Extras. If you want to customize the drive, you can re-prep, partition, and format the A590, and re-install the system software using the supplied software. The A390 boots directly to FFS and i does not require an AmigaDOS partition, as did Commodore’s early A2000 hard-disk controllers. All information on partitions and disk size is stored on the drive using the Hardblock techniques introduced with the 1.3 operating system. Commodore designed the A590 to use inexpensive PC-XT drives (which is what it is shipped with), but you can add a second drive via the external SCSI port. Sockets on the motherboard allow you to install up to two megs of RAM. While RAM installation is well documented, it involves disassembling your A590 and removing the hard disk, so you may want to turn the job over to a dealer. Once I was up and running 1 repeated the performance tests 1 had used on The Vault and discovered that while the A590 reads at speeds comparable to The Vault (around 150K per second), it writes much faster than The Vault (about 95K per second). Controller speed is not affected significantly by overscan displays; with PerfTest’s overscan option. ? SypchHO E a PRESS’... THE WORLD S MOST POWERFUL DISK COPIER IS HERE!! THE TOTAL DISK BACKUP SOLUTION!! SYNCHRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH ST AND AMIGA - PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED. COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE NOW YOU CAN BACK.UP ANY DISK IN UNDER 50 SECONDS!! W YES IT'S TRUE! SYNCHRO EXPRESS IS A HARDWARE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH "DIQITAL IMAGE COPYING1'. THIS IS THE METHOD THAT COMMERCIAL DUPLICATORS ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL FROM THE MASTER DISK. DATA IS TRANSFERRED AS RAW DIGITAL INFORMATION. 100% SUCCESS? - in our recent teats we were unable to And a single program that Synchro Express could not backup - this includes ALL the latest Blockbusters and utilities!! Start protecting your software Investment now. ? ¥ ¥ Remember this process Is both simple and fast. No parameters or patches are required. Menu Drive Control Program couldn't be simpler!! Select Number of TrackB, and that's It!! Don't be mislead by outrageous claims for "Nibbler" programs. This system can guarantee success by using the very Hardware Software techniques that made the original!! WHY WILL SYNCHRO EXPRESS SUCCEED WHERE OTHERS FAIL? ¥ Some programs now have very sophisticated protection Including long tracks, Incryptlon. Etc. But remember, whatever the programer comes up with, the disk then has to be commercially duplicated. That's where Synchro Express beats all others * it transfers data at MFM TTL level, just like the duplicators. POWER BY DESIGN W Synchro Express is designed in Europe where "Digital Image Copying" Is the present sensation. This device, with it's custom chip, goes even further by offering a complete system for under S70!! Manufactured in our European facility using the latest Surface Mount Techniques - Synchro Express is warranted for 6 months againBt manufacturing defects. HOW TO GET YOUR SYNCHRO EXPRESS FAST-.- CALL TOLL FREE - 1 ¦ 800 - 962 ¦ 0494 - ORDERS ONLY 931 STATE ROAD, 434 SUITE 225, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32714 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 407 - 869 - 7477 WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD VISA CHECKS MONEY ORDERS or CODS [add $ 2) CCT 1 read times dropped to 130K and write times came in at 80K. I am pleased with the A590. While it does not come with a high-performance hard disk, it is reliable and suffers very- little from the effects of overscan. HD-500 I am also pleased with Imtronics’ HD- 500 hard-disk system. It installs easily onto the A500’s expansion bus, has an external power supply, and supports au- tobooting for systems equipped with 1.3 Kickstart ROMS. The 32-meg unit comes formatted with the FastFileSystem. Getting started is easy: Just slide the drive on the bus, plug in the power supply, and turn everything on. The drive autoboots quickly, going directly to Workbench. (Also in Imtronics hard-drive lineup is a 45-meg HD-500 and the HD-4000, a drive with sockets for four megs of RAM.) Using DiskPerf 2.0 and Perftest to check read and write speeds, I found that the HD-500 is among the fastest A500 hard drives available, and hv far the fastest of the three compared here. Read times came in around 300K per second and writes averaged 220K per second. While the HD-500's performance decreases significantly when an overscan screen is displayed (Perftest with overscan turned in reads of 105K and writes of 82K), even then it hires better than most A500 hard disks. The HD-500 case fits snugly beside the A500. Although it is not as slick in appearance as the A590, it is the same height as the computer, so using it does not involve finger humping. T he HD- 500 is my favorite of the bunch. It installs easily, autoboots, and performs well. Plus, it’s reasonably priced. Hard Decisions There are at least 10 hard drives on the market for the A500, none of which is the clear-cut “best.” (See p. 31 in the July ’89 issue for a comparison of seven others.) Not only do the units' prices vary, but their performance and expandability differ too. The trick is to make a list of your current and anticipated needs, and to compare what's available. The Vault Progressive Peripherals Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 S599.95 No special requirements. A590 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 436-4200 $ 799 No special requirements. HD-500 Intelligent Memory Frankfurt, W. Germany 069 4100-71 Imtronics Inc. 12301 S.W. 132 Court Miami, FL 33186 305 255-9302 S698 No special requirements. ? AC BASIC™ V1.3 - NEW ixelatiops ostSeript enes PostScript Typefaces, Art, and Utilities Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCP $ 195. AC FORTRAN" Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager. Runtime Library. IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers. Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking, Not copy protected. $ 295. (Phil
vl. L 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. The PostScript interpreter far the Pixelations. Inc. P.O. Box 547, Northborough, MA 01532 1-800-225-5800 ext. 174; 508-393-7866 These Pinelabcns' PostScript Series volumes $ 65 5 US; PixelScrpt $ U9 US Pixel ions. Pixelatons PostScript Series. PnelSc pt are trademarks o' PixelaHons, Inc PostScript is a registered trademark ot Adobe Systems, foe Amiga is a trademark, ol Commodore Amiga. Inc. ab5»:ft Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, MI 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amiga trademark nf Commodore Amiga. Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp. Canadian version 4.0 Known as Tax Break Canada Tv S69.95 Suggested Retail, Updates S29.95 plus $ 3,00 shipping Contact: DATAMAX RESEARCH 77 Finch East 809A Willowdale. ONT M2N 1R5
(416) 250-7424 Ontario Residents add 8% Canadian version 4.0 includes 77, All Schedules, All Provinces and "Quebec Forms" and more! US version 2.0 includes Form 1040, Form 1040A Schedules A-F & R. SE, 2106, 2441, 8606, 4562, 4868, 3903, and 86151 See your local Software Dealer. Amiga. Tax-Break. Tax-Break Canada is a trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, he.. Oxxi. Inc.. and Oxxi. Inc respectively Available for Amiga Computers and PC Compatibles Circle 75 on Reader Service card BACKTALK v CANDID RESPONSES TO AMIGAWORLD REVIEWS Minimegs (MAST) In his comparison of memory expansion devices for the Amiga 500 (see p. 60 in the November '89 issue), Lou Wallace stated that lack of a passthrough connector on the Minimegs cartridge limits expansion possibilities. To say that a user cannot expand his system because he has a Minimegs on the bus is incorrect, as Minimegs can plug in to the outside of a device with pass-through, John Griff its MAST In a hardware session at the 1988 developers conference, Commodore representatives stated that the A 500 bus is designed to support one expansion device only and that they do not recommend daisy chaining peripherals from it. The Commodore-approved method of adding more than one device to the bus is via a chassis with buffered backplane. Therefore, even though Minimegs is well designed and would probably work connected to the passthrough of another device on most A500s, I cannot in good conscience recommend this expansion method. Lou Wallace Pat on the back 1 like the Amiga World Reviews section. It gives me the information I need about a product before I go out and spend money. Your reviewers are experts in my eyes, Troy A. Witt Irvine, CA OverDrive (Pacific Peripherals) I have a real concern with the use of the new “Your Turn'1 section. By your own admission, you had one response (concerning OverDrive) to your request for comments, and the one you got was from a disgruntled customer who dealt with us over a year ago (see Dec. ’89, p. 121). We are so confident of our customers’ satisfaction that we now offer an unconditional guarantee on OverDrive. Lee Adams President Pacific Peripherals I have been using an OverDrive since April 1988, and am getting tired of the undeserved bad press it has been getting. My OverDrive is hooked up to two hard drives, a total of 170 Megs, used as storage for the
A. M.U.G. BBS. It is not only extremely reliable, but multitasks better than any other controller 1 have seen. Joe Rothman Coney Island, AT DevDisks by DevWare are the best Public Domain Library for the serious AmigaphilelF! T IT. The ULTRA-POWERFUL Backup tool for your Amiga Only S5.95 Each Each disk contains 7 - 10 of the best Public Domain programs available The first two letters of each disk indicate the orientation of the disk DD intermediate to advanced. Wbtt general interest. FD games and entertainment Look for our other adds in Amtc and Compute1 AR Order our disk catalog and get a coupon for a free volume • litis utility interprets just about every aspect of the Amiga system; from standard to non-startdard DOS. RawCopy VI.3 is both a standard and a parameter copier. Finally, you will be able to expand your protection to new software releases without buyings totally new back-up program. Micro Systems International las ait update policy unmatched by other copiers. MSI guarantees at least four updates per year, each packed with new parameters that requite only the click of the start key. Mil Micro Systems international DevWare, PO Box 215, La Jolla, CA 92038. (619)673-0759 Xjoil a.tf thippng m moil cjnm Oosrs. Oultida Horta America .ioc S 50 po' P.oymnm in US Fundi 1143 Monroe St. Corleton. Mi 4fi1l7 DD17; Raytracing Learn about myfrac ng ihe inexpensive way. DBWRender Ray tracing. RayTracedPcs. C so ce included DD45: DD45: AREXX PROGRAMS • Th.s disk contains several useful are** programs and examples including. AllZoo. Emake McC (2.0), SpeecfiToy. SiarTrek TxEd-SpeechToy. TxEdref Tx-et T*re!2. And the complete Re* Afpbb2 3. Also SoundUti. IconMiester. PopCLiA, A-pUserDocsT i DD47: Pascal Compiler ¦ This disk contains a Pascal compiler, 66k assemb'er. And linker Wbl: Graphics and Plotting Plot A 3D mathematical funclior plotter Plots any user del ned (unction Scenery • This generates (racial landscapes Surf BezSurf is a program lor producing oezier suriaces of revolution It produces awesome pictures of of objects one could turn on a lathe WB5: Fonts 41 Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also some Page St ream fonts and ShowFont a font display D'ogram. WB6: Fonts 42 Several more fonts (35) up to 56 pts WB7: Cupart Animals trees tools clocks stales and more WB8: File Management Voted our best overall utility disk UtifMaster From your workbench move, copy delete, read, show edit. Arc. Run any command and much much more" Atree similar to UtiiMaster out has a hierarcnai tree display Also Machii ¦ A must have mouse and keyboard enhancer, and Go - an ancient Chinese game FD5: Tactical Games 0altleForce(3 0) A game that simulates combal between two or more grant, robot i ke machines BuliRun a C v I war battle game. Metro you play the role of a City planner Very good Amiga version of Kingdom, Golden Empire, Etc Very very habit forming FD6: Games! This disk is chalked full of games including, Checkers, Clue. Gold A new s ide me pieces puzzle. Jeopard An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar Best described as a cross between Combat Tanks and asteroids FD10: HackLite A dungeon adventure game A must play classic Play time several weeks1 Anti-Virus Now only 519.95 INFO magazine gives it 4 STARS Sep 89 Compute1 AR gave it 4 CHECKS. Oct 89 Anyone wilh an Amiga computer can have virus or trojan horse infections and not know about if Anti-Virus will stop them ALL. At this special price, you too can have the best virus protection money can buy. Satisfaction guaranteed1 Ami Vt(js(C| n nol PuDlc DoTi.in To Order; Send check or money order to the address below (or call) Credit card users include Account number Expiration date. Signature, and Phone number. A minimum of $ 19 95 on all credit card o'ders please CA residents add 6 5% sales tax Send 52 50 lor disk based catalog 'Coupon void with next purchase. Limit one per household per month Fdil: Vagas and Card Games Craps vdeo poker 3i and several card games FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game Tn s >s by far the best Star Trek game ever written on any computer Wonderful graphics Twocskset RawCopy V1.3... Setting the Standard For t he Competition to Follow. Eliminate* wheel, dongle, und manual protected software, Friendly and Helpful Customer and Technical Support. Upgrades offered every' 3 months (at least 30 new parameters!. Error Checker, Ram lUiffer, Extended Cylinder, and much more. Copies software that no others will. WHY SETTLE FOR JUST A COPIER . . . WHEN YOU CAN HAVE yy%] Call Today or visit your favorite dealer (IIIlfT 654-8402 Orders and Informatlom (IIIll> 6!>4“840!» Technical Support Raw Copy V1.3 is simple to use and has special features to allow the user to back-up copy protected software. A program such as RawCopy VI .3 is necessary fur today's user. All too often a favorite game or utility will develop a read-w rite error after extensive use. RawCopy VI.3 allows you to make archival back-up copies of your software to protect your masters. The i Back-up Utility RAV TOWER NOW SHIPPING $ 59.95 119 Doll on larness the power of your Amiga Learn to use AmigaDOS and the CLI Become an Amiga Power User with... The Amiga Companion Second Edition YES!
- Zip- Account The AMIGA COMPANION, Second Edition, is yourcompre- lensive guide to AmigaDOS and the XL In clear, concise, easy-to-under- tarid language, the Amiga Compan- on shows you how to use the full ange of powerful AmigaDOS and XI commands. You'll get maximum performance from your Amiga 500, 1000, or 2000. Authored by former Lornmodore-Amiga innovator Rob Xck, the AMIGA COMPANION provides you with a thorough understanding and mastery of this vanguard romputing system. Contents At A Glance The first edition of the AMIGA COMPANION helped thousands of Amiga users master basic, advanced, and innovative command skills in over a dozen help-filled chapters, including...
• Introduction to the CLI
• AmigaDOS Shortcuts
• Tools on the Workbench
• Information Commands
• Modifying Files Using AmigaDOS Commands
• The Heart of the CLI
• Configuring AmigaDOS
• AmigaDOS Command Scripts
• Console Control Characters
• AmigaDOS 1.3
• Software in the Public Domain
• Amiga Answers
• Plus Five Helpful Appendices and a Complete Index. Now, the second edition gives you even more! Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't get at least a dozen helpful ideas from the AMIGA COMPANION, simply return it within 10 days for a complete refund! About the author: Rob Peck is one of the most respected and knowledgeable leaders in the Amiga community. Rob wrote the ROM Kernel Manual, the bible of Amiga developers. Rob is also the author of Programmers Guide to the Amiga and numerous magazine articles. You don't need to be a technical expert to put the AMIGA COMPANION to work for you. The moment you open this help-filled book, you'll get more out of your Amiga than ever before! And as your skills develop, you'll find plenty of advanced ideas and information to make the AMIGA COMPANION the most valuable reference book you own! ¦ ¦1 ¦ ¦ ¦ i ORDER NOW! Use this coupon to order your copy for expedited First Class Delivery. Or for even faster service, call J -800-343-0728 and charge it on American Express, MasterCard or VISA. Order Today! New, in the Second Edition
• Full coverage of AmigaDOS 1.3
• A new chapter on hard disks
• Expanded CLI and SHELL commands
• Over 50 additional pages of user- friendly examples and tips
• A new MicroEMACS appendix
• All topics completely revised and updated Plus...
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M. A.S.T. (1395 Greg St., Sparks, NV 89431, 702 359-0444) suggests its revised Tiny Tiger Two line ol SCSI hard drives featuring Fujitsu 45 ($ 799), 90 (51199), 136 ($ 1499), and 182 ($ 1749) megabyte SCSI mechanisms with 20-mlllisecond capabilities and a 64K on-board RAM cache. A 30-megabyte Budget Tiny Tiger with a Seagate drive is available for $ 599. RS 505. ImageLlnk, a full-color imaging and multi-format image-converslon system, provides direct support for Truevision Targa series vldeographlc boards. You can control ImageLink via Arexx for batch jobs, external control, and for developing turnkey systems. The program supports color quantization and reduction as well as dithering. To Improve your image, reach Active Circuits Inc., 106 Highway 71, Suite 101, Manas- quan, NJ 08736, 201 223-5999. RS 506. Run A2000 expansion boards from your A500 or A1000 with AX-S Expansion System from Supra (1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321, 503 967-9075). AX-S connects to the Amiga's 86-pln expansion bus and sports a 200-watt power supply, ventilation fan, plus seven slots including XT AT bus and multiple peripheral drive bays. Prices vary according to equipment selections. RS SOT With Interactive Microsystems Inc.'s (80 Merrimack St., PO Box 1446, Haverhill, MA 01831, 508 372-
0400) MediaPhile Desktop Video Production System, you can trigger InterComputing, Inc. 2100 N. Hwy 360, Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1015 In business since 1984 Amiga support since 1985 We are a service oriented business offering discount prices FAX: 1-214-660-3695 Customer Service & Order Status: 1-214-988-3500 COMPLETE PRODUCT LISTING AVAILABLE Order line: 1-800-622-9177 _ In Germany call; In Deutschland erreichen Sie uns unter 0202 755239
1399. 00
99. 00
349. 00
529. 00
699. 00
899. 00
540. 00
280. 00
690. 00
949. 00
110. 00
459. 00
139. 95
149. 95
139. 95
119. 95
249. 95
124. 95
249. 95 M501 A500 Starboard 1MB Starboard 2MB 2MB A2000 4MB A2000 6MB A2000 8MB A2000
• Master 3A
• Air Drive
• Cal. Access
• FDATA-10
• FDATA-20
• Unidrive
• Tw indrive DISK DRIVES MEMORY Create your own Amiga 2000 Custom Package Purchase an Amiga 2000 with
• Kickstart 1.3 • Fat Agnus Chip
• 1MB RAM • 6 Month Warranty Add the peripherals of your choice at these special low prices and we will include Free Installation 2nd Disk Drive 2MB Memory 4MB Memory 6MB Memory' 8 MB Memory Multisync Monitor RGB Analog Monitor 40MB Hardcard 80MB Hardcard Internal Modem Flicker Fixer Peripheral prices pertain to purchase of Amiga 2000 computer and peripheral both. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. HARD DRIVES A500 AIOOO
479. 95 549.95 20 MB 30 MB 45 MB 60 MB 80 MB
599. 95 649.95
699. 95 769.95
849. 95 899.95
979. 95 999.95 INTERNAL
549. 95
599. 95
699. 95
999. 95
1099. 95 Hard Card 20 MB Hard Card 32 MB Hard Card 40MB Hard Card 80MB Hard Card 105MB 2 Mli MEMORY CARD (For use with A500 & Hard Drive) As always we have the most 'customer friendly' terms: S H $ 3.95 in cont. USA: $ 30.00 min. order ; MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card fee; in Texas add 7% Sales Tax. $ 12.00 shipping to APO addresses. RMA required on all returns. 18% restocking charge. All prices subject to change.
299. 95 GVP 3001 Package EXTERNAL 25 Mhz 68030 25 Mhz 68882 4 MB of 32-bit memory
2599. 95 with 40 MB hard drive
2995. 95 with 80 MB hard drive
3499. 95 AMAX Package AMAX, 128 ROM Set & 3.5" Mac-compatible drive
439. 95 Flicker Fixer
499. 95 Flicker Fixer plus Mitsubushi Multisync Monitor
999. 95 SuperGen 699.95 SuperGen 2000 1499.95 AMTRAK Trackball 79.95 SOFTWARE? Call for our new catalog S K W ? W II A T edfts automatically from a 1000-entry edit decision list. The system lets you overlay titles and graphics, create wipes, fades, dlsolvos, and digital special effects, and transfer computer animations to videotape. From armchair-central, you can use the MediaPhlle Infrared Controller to control animations, vldeo-pro- ductions, presentations, and database programs running on an Amiga via your video deck. The Infrared Controller operates with Interactive Microsystems* Media- Processor video production and MediaBase interactive presentation programs. RS* 508. And they’re off! Omni-Play Horse Racing ($ 49.95) takes you to the track where you and up to three of your friends can play the ponies. You can define tournament rules, purchase tips from competitors, and place bets. The SportTime game is distributed by Broderbund, 17 Paul Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903-2101, 800, 521-6263. RS* 509. What does the future hold for you? Maybe you can find out with the Tarot Master fortune-telling program. An on-dlsk tutorial Incorporates animation sequences to help you define and read the cards yourself. Curious? Direct your energies toward Empire Graphics, PO Box 964, Union, NJ 07083, 201 964-7865. RS* 511. So you want an easy way to write applications that harness the Amiga's power? Invite AMOS over to your place. While Mandarin Software (Europe House, Adington Park, Ad- Ington, England SK104NP, 0625 878888) introduced the program as a games-development tool, you can use It to create other types of software as well. Amos is more than a construction kit it Includes the usual BASIC commands plus some specialized ones to let you make the most of the Amiga’s hardware. RS* 512. Tune in to SunRize Industries' (PO Box 1453, College Station, TX 77841, 409 846-1311) Perfect Sound
3. 0 digitizer, now with a revamped interface and additional tools. With
3. 0, you can apply a low-pass filter algorithm to sampled sound for digital littering and adjust Input volume without touching a knob. English- language versions retail for $ 99.95; French and German are also available. RS* 513. Britannica Software (345 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA 94107, 800 572-2272) wants to challenge you with Jigsaw! The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle. You can piece together 13 scenes with eight levels of complexity, and import pictures to turn into puzzles. RS* 514. Desktop publishers, animators, and vldeophlles, Pic-Magic ($ 85), a clip-art resource library, offers over 250 images In IFF format on 10 disks. According to Joe's First Company (208 Glenayr Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada MSP 3C3, 416 322-
6119) , some images are designed to draw the eye to a certain spot, and others intend to convey a mood. RS* 517. Fourteen new fonts are Included on InterFont 1.2 (Syndesis’ 30-text design and format conversion package) making a total of 20. This latest version also Includes the new Professional Draw Converter for use with Gold Disk's draw and destop- publishtng programs. InterFont retails for $ 119.95 but owners can upgrade for just 510. Contact Syndesis (N9353 Benson Rd., Brooklyn, Wl 53521, 608 455-1422) for more information. RS* 515. Xerox 4020 Color Ink Jet Printer owners: The GlassCanvas Printer Driver ($ 24.95) lets you print from light to dark via Preferences density control and supports all seven densities, as opposed to only two with the Workbench 1.3 driver. GlassCanvas Productions (PO Box 6171, Boston. MA 02114, 617 367-3229) uses dithered palettes to create up to 128 colors in hi-res and up to 512 shades in lo-res mode. RS* 516. M THE IA Z1 I I If CENTER Formerly The 64 Store Call Toll Free ORDERS ONLY "AAMIGA 1 -800-388-2700 10 AM to 6PM MON. thru SAT. -I -J u O Q U* C 3 E G Z 53 U H UJ a i 0 ft I 0 h. 0 3 £ £ 0 U 2 C 3 w H oc $ C W St A-MAX ...142.95 A-MAX ROM CHIPS 142.95 A-TALK III ... 62.50 ACCOUNTANT INVENTORY ...187.50 AEGIS 2000 ......169.00 AEGIS DRAW ...112.50 AIR DRIVE-3 1 2" EXTERNAL .142.75 AIR DIRVE-3 1 2* INTERNAL. .124.25 AMI Alignment KIT .31 25 AMIGA A500 POWER SUPPLY 82 75 AMIGA DOS 1 32 ......19 95 AMIGA DOS MANUAL ..15 75 AMIGADOS TOOLKIT ...36 00 AMIGA GRAPH. STARTER KIT .49 98 AMIGA MOUSESTICK ..95 50 AMIGATOSH DISK DRIVE 202.00 ANIMATION APPRE NTICE......187 50 ANIMATION STAND .42 25 ANTIC OBJECTS DISK .21.95 ARCHIPELAGOS ..29 95 AREXX USERS REF. MANUAL 31.25 AUNTARTIC ADVENTURE 24.95 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER 31.25 BAD DUDES 23 25 BARDS TALE II ..37.50 BARS AND PIPES ...186.75 BEST PLAN-IT .112.00 BLOCKOUT .2495 BROADCASTTlTLER 209 95 C-VlEW II 37 25 C-VIEW RGB TO COMPOSITE. 33.75 C-LTD AMIGA KEYBOARD......121 50 CALAGARI ... 1495 00 CALAGAR! CONSUMER 151.25 CHESSMASTER 2100 ...31 00 CMI MIDI INTERFACE ..69 00 COMIC SETTER AMIGA 62 50 DATAMATA200 AMIGA ......93.75 DATA MAT A300 ......155.75 DELUXE PAINT III ....91.00 DELUXE PHOTOLAB ...93.75 DELUXE PRODUCTIONS .125.00 DEMON'S WINTER ..27.00 DESIGN 3D 62 50 DIGI DROID RGB FILTER SYS .69 95 DIGI-PAINT 3 .....69.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD .....137.00 DIGIWORKS3D ...93.75 DOS 2 DOS ..34 25 DOUBLE DRAGON ......23.75 DR.T'S (ALL SOFTWARE) ....CALL DRAGONS LAIR II ....42.50 DUNLAP UTILITIES ..49.95
E. C.E MIDI ....56.75 EXCELLENCE ..187.50 F-16 COMBAT PILOT .31.25 F-16 FALCON MISSION DISK.... 14.95 FALCON ..29 00 FANCY 3D FONTS ...49 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II .31 25 FUPSIDE AMIGA .....16 75 FRAME GRABBER .579.95 GAUNTLET II .....24.95 HAWAIIAN ODYSSEY ..16.75 HISOFT BASIC ..99.95 HOME BUILDERS CAD .....124.95 HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 21.95 IMAGE SCANNER 500 2000.... 120.00 IMPACT2000 -OK ..309 00 INSTANT MUSIC ......31.25 INTERFONT ......74.95 KARA FONTS, ...49 95 KARA FONT HEADLINE 43.75 KIKUGI .....24.95 KING’S QUEST III .....31.25 LEISURE SUIT LARRY II .....37.50 LICENCE TO KILL ....21.95 LOST DUTCHMAN MINE ....29.95 M (MUSIC COMPOSING)......124.50 MAG-2-DOS .93.75 MAGELLAN ......121.95 MAGNI GENLOCK ..875 00 MASTERPIECE FONTS ....124.95 MAVIS BEACON TYPING ....31.25 MEAN 18 .28 00 MIC ROBOTICS 2MB SB 0k 334 00 MICROFICH FILER PLUS 98 75 MOVIE SETTER 62 50 MUSIC MOUSE ...... .,.,..,49 50 MUSIC X .....„.„1B7 50 NEVERMIND ......24 95 NIMBUS RECORD KEEPING .124 95 PAGE RENDER .99.95 PAGE FLIPPER PLUS! FX ..86.75 PAGESTREAM VER 1.8 ...124 95 PENPAL .... ..93 75 PHOTON PAINT II ....93 75 POLAROID FREEZE FRAME 1795 00 POPULAS ..31 25 POPULAS DATA DISK .18.75 POWERDROME 24.95 PRO VIDEO GOLD .187.50 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 1.3 246.75 PRO. PAGE CLIP ART .37.50 PRO PAGE TEMPLETS .....37.50 QUARTERBACK 2.0 .43.75 RAWCOPY 1.3 ...37 50 REEL FISH'N .....28 25 SAFE SKINS ......22.50 SCANLOCK ......885.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D 395 00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR ...92.95 SHAKESPEARE .....140 00 SHANGHAI., .. 24 95 SIM CITY .31 25 SPACE QUEST 3 .....31 25 SPIRIT INSIDER- 1MEG ..295 00 SPIRIT 1,5MB INBOARD 1000 261 00 SPIRIT 2MB - A500 . 249 00 SPIRFT INBOARD A5Q0 0k .258 00 STARGLIDER II .31.25 SUB BATTLE AMIGA ...24 95 SUPERBASE PRO .236 25 SUPERGEN (SPECIAL) ..639 00 SUPRA EXT MODEN 2400.....125 00 SYMTHIA PROFESSIONAL . 247 50 TAX BREAK 49 95 TEST DRIVE II ...24.95 THE ACCOUNTANT ...156.25 THE DIRECTOR 43.75 THE DIRECTOR TOOLKIT .24 95 THE RHYMING NOTEBOOK 24.95 THE WORKS PLATINUM .. 184 50 TOOL CADY AM GA .31 25 TRANSCRIPT ....43 75 TRUE BASIC AMIGA ... 62 50 TRUE BASIC RUNTIME ......31.25 TRUMP CARD - 2000 .167.75 TRUMP CARD - 500 ... 261,50 TYPING TUTOR ......21,85 ULTRA-CARD ....31.25 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D ..124.95 WEIRD DREAMS ....28.00 WHERE IN USA IS CARMEN .... 31 25 WHERE IN WORLD IS C S ___28 75 WHERE SLEEPING GODS 31.25 WICO TRACKBALL ....39 95 WORD PERFECT ...161 00 WORLD TOUR GOLF ...21.95 X-10 AMIGA SOFTWARE ...27.00 X-10 SECURITY SYSTEM ....CALL X-CAD PROFESSIONAL ...343.00 Commodore’s First Authorized Amiga Dealer In The USA !! The AAMIGA Center 5920 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30328 f TERMS: Software S H USA S3.95 per hem. Hardware S H by quote; Minimum order 30.00: Cashiers check, Money A Order, Visa, MasterCard & Discover welcome. No credit card foe: We ship UPS signature required No driver release. COD's add S5.00. $ 6.00 for second day air per item. Allow 3 weeks tor personal checks; Return authorization number reguired for defective products. (Call (404) 252-1235): Only Ike product will be exchanged; 20% restocking fee on non defective return goods; Georgia residents add 6% sales tax; Overseas shipping available; Manufacture warranty honored. Prices and availability are subject to change. Not responsible for typo s V Tech Support: (404)252-1235 Customer Service: (404)252-1233 y XCAD THE ULTIMATE IN 2D DESIGN AND DRAFTING Now available in the U.S.A. XCAD DESIGNER $ 149.00 "... it’s amazingly fast, and very affordable.” Amiga Sentry, July 1989. "... the best 2D CAD package around; The Aegis Draw series are toys in comparison." Amiga Computing Magazine, June 1989. "... runs six times faster on zoom and redraw than AutoCAD running on a 386 PC." Amiga User International, July 1989. "... It is very unusual to find an Amiga package that not only destroys the competition on the host machine, but also on all other comparable machines,.” Amiga Format, August 1989. XCAD Designer operates in med and hi res on any 1mb Amiga. $ 499.00 Over 5000 command combinations Accurate to 1 millionth of a millimetre AutoCad DXF read & Write compatible Supports Summagraphics tablet Sculpt 4D compatible Professional Page compatible XCAD PROFESSIONAL All the functionality of XCAD Designer plus: of the Amiga into the workplace." And Amiga Sentry, A ugust 1989 Requires 2Mb of RAM, second floppy drive or hard disk, hi-res monitor XCAD harnesses the incredible power of the Amiga to deliver a design tool to beat all others. Processing times are cut to a fraction of most PC based systems. Plans, designs and blueprints are easily produced using simple, flexible menus or commands. XCAD brings true design professionalism within your reach. 0 XCAD Designer is ideal for home-users, students, designers, architects and engineers. XCAD Professional is undoubtedly the most powerful and comprehensive Amiga CAD program available. Available from your local dealer, or call: American Software Distributors
(800) 225 7941 Published by Cadvision International, Hazlitt Mews, London, W14 0JZ. Fax: 44-1-602-2627 Circle 101 on Reader Service card. M AMIG THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA PRODUCTS ...SPECIALS... SPECIALS... $ 31 $ 15 Can $ 209 $ 349 $ 529 $ 799 S399 In Sloth’ . Can S19 Cat $ 4? GO AMIGA' D sN Heid Cleaner 30 Disk Case imageWriter ll Cable Prmiet Cable Modem Cable Mouse Pad ... SonyCa&'es FfickerFaer Castes... Custom Cables
S. TS0 Call Cali Now it’s here for Shopping tor the Holidays? ORDER BY 1 PM PST AND GET IT TOMORROW BY 3 PM.
• Software rates: $ 6 for first two items, $ 3 for each additional
• Continental U.S. only • No CODs
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• Cali for complete details - not available to all areas. Don’t forget, Go AMIGA will meet or beat any legitimate deal on any Amiga product. You can have it all - best products, best prices, best service! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS GVP’s 68030 gives you ten times the performance of a stock Amiga 2000! Scanlock Blowout! S-VHS Genlock $ 884! 68030 POWER! 25MHz 68030, 25MHz 68882, 4MB RAM and 40MB Drive only $ 30gg. LOWEST V Prices on Hard Drives and RAM CALL! Digi-Palnt 3 The Ultimate Paint Program -
* 63 A SQUARED Live - A1000 $ 259 Live - A5QO S345 Live - A2000 Cai' AMICORE Transvestor 2500 $ 44 ANAKIM Easyl - A1M0 $ 359 Easy. - A500 S35S Easy! - A2000 $ 333 APPLIED VISIONS FuTureSaund - A1000) $ 144 Ht*', FuTufeSojna - A500 2000 $ 35 ASDG Multi Pert Serial Cara Cat H«! ScanlaQ Cali C LTD C View T (NTSC) $ 39 C View 2 (C L| $ 39 Hw1. Hand Scanner .....S349 Krcnos... . ... Call Timesaver - A1000 S55 CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA-8803 S'drive $ 129 CREATIVE MICROSYSTEMS Processor Accelerator A500 A2000 $ 174 Hwt A T 000 (New Version) $ 230 Video Inerl RF - A500 A2000... Call CSA iiaJl Midget Racer... hor No» TflC&t comombie with games' DIGITAL CREATIONS Super Gen S644 SuperGen 2000S Clir Ale prc-dacts coming soon' let MIDI - MOO AIOOO MOOO $ 58 EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES 50MB Ha'd Drive - AIOOO S37S 32M3 Hard Drive - A500 S729 Flash Card $ 225 TooJ Boi in Stock' H«*l A500 Power Supply $ 54 515 $ 10 Call 520 S20 S10 Call Call Call GRAVIS (LmI SwilChSTlCk $ 37 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 68030 Accelerators Call Impact SCSI RAM Call A2000 Ha-d Cards Call A500 2CMB $ 649 All Dfoojds available at owes: prices' Go i4.7i.rpo is me ‘GvP Dealer’ HAITE* X-Specs 3D $ 57 HEWLETT-PACKARD tin'. Deskict - Ca'i Hot'. PiimjBt Can INKWELL LrgHt Pen $ 99 IVS Trump CifC 500 Ca T-um: Car: 2Z-GC .....Ca KETEK Command Cemer Sai*1 MAQNI Vagni 4000 Genlock . In Sleek' Magni 4000 5 fn Slock' M A.S.T Unidrive $ 129 Tw.n Drive S249 MAXIMUM H»1. Yoke Jar Flight Simulator. . , S7fi MICRO0OTICS STARBOARD IJ FOR A5C-0,'A1000 OK $ 239 512K $ 299 1MB $ 369 2MB ... . $ 549 3 UP FOR A2000 OK .. $ 161 2MB . . $ 379 4MB ... $ 589 6MB .. $ 799 EM 5 $ 999 HARD FRAME FOR A2000 No Drive . $ 239 With 40MB Quantum ..... $ 739 With 60VB Quantum $ 1,019 Pop SIMMs Cali MICROSPEED
* «V, TraODa'I ..... $ 99 MICROWAY Fbcker finer $ 4£9 Genlock Upgrade $ 49 PAL version a.'stable' MIMETICS Arragen Genlock.. . $ 149 Audio Dtgtoer $ 55 MIDI Interlace - A5OC A2CO0 $ 45 NEC MuttiSync Monitors, call We ravt an me ngnt cades ' NERIKI Menki Genlock ...... Cali OktDATA Okimate 20 w Plug n' Prim $ 399 Biack Ribbon ... S£ Color RiDDcn .. S7 PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Subsystem 500 S?l9 Subsystem 500 w 3.5' . $ 365 PANASONIC tt..t WV1500 Camera . Tn S'.oc*! W 1450 Cameramens $ 239 Variable Iris Lens ......$ 79 11801 Printer Call 11911 Printer _ Call 1124 Printer .. ... Call PASSPORT DESIGN «»'. MIDI Inierface Call l 5MB . $ 429 Hjr j Disk Interlaces Call STAH MICH0HIC5 NX 1000 Ra ntrow $ 259 NX1000 Black $ 190 SUNRI2E INDUSTRIES PerttCT Sound $ 69 Perfeci Vision ST 74 Color Splitter In Stock' SURFSIOE Master 3A 3 5' $ 129 SUPRA ?i 24C0 Modem $ 115
2400. ’. Internal (42000i S129 HARD DRIVES FOR A500 2OM0 $ 479 2MB RAM $ 275 HARD DRIVES FOR AIOOO 20MB $ 564 2MB RAM 5275 WORDSYNC CONTROLLER FOR A2COO No Drive. ... $ 189 With 40MB Quantum S63S With 80MB Quantum S975 Prices are tailing - Can tor latest' WICO Trackball $ 39 VIO TECH Scanlock .. $ 364 VISUAL AURALS MmdUght Si 78 XEROX 4020 InkJet Printer Call PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Mattel PHD PRINT Papti tar Ink Jet Printers PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber Vnl MiniGen Pro Gen Gen'ock QUANTUM HARO DRIVES PrcOrive 4QS PrcDrive SOS PrcDnvf 1Q55 RO A L PRODUCTIONS Ho'. A Pro Draw SHARP JX450 Scanner SAEE5AIN Clear Keyboard Covers Specify Amiga Model SONY 1302 MuttiScan SOUTHEHN TECH My T Mouse SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY RAM BOARDS TOR A500 A1000 OK $ 239 512X $ 299 XETEC
* «: Ftstcarc A3000 FiStTrak A1000 FastTrak A500 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! NEW EXPANDED LISTING! GAMES Hw! 3D Pool . . S27 4th 5. Indies $ 30 . 688 AltoCk Sub Call AS Zoo In Stock' Action Figfiter S23
• Aheibuirttf Call Hi*! ArTbil . . $ 23 Hi*! Airborne Ranger ... S36 Alien Legion ... . $ 36 Alien Syndrome S2S Alternate Reality . . $ 29 Amiga Karate..... .....$ 24 Andromeda Mission. S28 Annals ol Rome . $ 27
* Aquaventwe Can Hi*! Areh.peljgos 529 Arena $ 15 Anarrc-id $ 23 i Aricanwd II Cali Art Of Chess $ 24 Hi*! Aslrarath $ 36 Aunt Artec Adventure. ......$ 27 Auto Duel..... in Stock' Baal InStock! Hw! 3ad Dudes.... $ 31 Balance ol Power . S31 Hr.! Balanced Power t990 in Stock1 $ 22 Bartunart $ 27 Hi*! Barbanan II $ 29 Bards Ta« li S43 Ht»! 3atman $ 34 Battle Chess ..... $ 34
* Sa'tle ol Bntian Call ¦ Battle ol Midway...... ... Call Hi*! Battle Squadron $ 29 Battle Tech $ 34 BattMuwfcs 1942 .$ 36 BatUfsbc to Slock' Beam $ 23 Bo:tct Dead Than Alun $ 23 Beyond Zork S35 Bicmc Commando ..$ 28 Black Caildron . $ 29 Black Jack Academy $ 23 He*! Black Magic. .S27 Black Shadow .....S25 Blitzkrieg' Ardennes . $ 4? I Blocker. ... . Can Blood Mcney to Slock >
H. *! BlOOd W>tn $ 36 BO 03 S24 Bomb Busters $ 23 Bomtwzai $ 29 Hi*'. Boomer-An! In Stock1 i Boot Camp 531 Breach $ 29 Breach Scenario .. $ 19 Bridge 50 $ 27 Bubble Ghost 529 Hr*'. Buffalo Bli 536 Dahtomt Games to StOCk r Capor.e S2S Capia-n Blood . Can Capla-n fizz to Stock ’ Carrier Comnuma . $ 33 . Casftnur $ 24 Casino Fever...... $ 29 Casmo Fever $ 26 Certerfo'd Squajes 524 Charon I . To Stock' Chess mister 2000 539 , Chess master 2100 .... Soon1 Hi*! Cnrono Quest $ 34 Hi*! Focus Attractions $ 29 Hr,! Colossus Cness ......$ 27 Hi*! Combat Course In Stock! H«! Conhict Europe. $ 36 i Contra.. . . $ 31 Corruption In Stock) Cosmic Bouncer ...... ... $ 21 Cosmic P|Z3le $ 37 Cosmic Rekef .$ 27 ¦ ¦ Craps Academy . $ 26 Crash Garrett S27 Crazy Cars 527 C-'OSSwerd Creator S35 Hi*! Crystal Qucs! $ 36 i Cyber Complex..... .. Can i 0 H A G 0 fj 1 arce Call Hi*! Daily Double Horse Racing. S24 Danger ? Real . 529 Dark Castle $ 35 Hi.! DataSio-m HO!' Ejealhbrngei $ 29 Deep Space . ..... 531 Dqa Vu u
- XT SfOC-k ' Hi*1- Denans .$ 28 Delonaiw..... 528 i Dcvcnaire ... Call Distant Armies..... to Stock' i Dive Bomber $ 37 Dornirialor . $ 29 Dnmmces $ 18 h««! Dowmhi I Challenge 524 1 Dr Dooms Revenge ... Call
• Dragon's Lair 533 ¦ Dream Zero $ 31
• Dungeon Master 529 H>,1 Dungeon Master Editor ... 524 Hi*! Dungeon Duost . $ 34 Earl VI Commisioncr s Disk 515 Earl Weaver Bfl Stats. ....$ 15 Ewi Weaver Baseball. 535 [ ton si * r .529 Hi*', Elmunaor . 528 i Emmetc Skimmer Call Emouc . S36 European Scenery $ 20 ¦ Evil Garden SIC Hi*! Exolon ..... $ 28 ¦ FM6 Combal Pilot . Can Hi*! RiO Pursuit to Stock'
* Face Ofl 518 Faery Tale . $ 34 Falcon HOT' Hx»! Falcon Scenery ...... 520 Famous Course Drsk .. S17 Hi*! Fail Break ..
• $ 30 Hi*! Femme Fatale . $ 28 Fernandez Must Eke $ 29 Ferrari formula i..... $ 36 Feud . .... SIB H«*! Fuul Mission..... to Stock' Fire i Forget 527 Fire Brigade ... $ 33 Hi*! Fish 531 flight Simulator 2 . $ 32 Forgotten Worlds-. - $ 29 Formula One . $ 21 Foundation Waste. . $ 24 Foui By Four 531 Fout In One .. $ 22 H« ! Fright Night $ 28 1 rost Byle . $ 21 GaJaciic Invasmn $ 19 Games, Winter Edition 534 Ganymed $ 22 Garr-son 536 Garnson II Cai GeeBee Am Rafty..... ..... $ 28 Hi*! Gemini Wing _ $ 29 H,«! Genius ... $ 29 Getlyslurq _ 5-12 i Ghouls $ Ghosts ..... Cad Gtoba! Commander.... 529 H«! Grand Ptix Circuit. ... 530 ' G'Ktiton to Stock r Guerrilla War Ca Hi.' Gunship At (as ' ¦ Gunshot. 524 Harner Comoat $ 35 Head Coach . $ 39 Heroes o! The LahCS .... .529 H *1 High Steel . . 523 H «! Hillsfar . $ 35 H«! Hit Disk' . In Slock' Hi*! Hole In One $ 25 H«! Hole in One Courses CaH Hollywood Poker Ca i KoJmas Cail Hi*! Hometown USA 529 i HrneyMocnm Can Hostage . To Slock Hot 6 Cnol Jazz Disk . S19 Human Killing Machine 523 Hunt For Red October ... .$ 36 Hybris .526 1 Ludicrous ...... In Stock' Indiana Jones |Doom) $ 23 i Indy Jones Adventure Can indy Jones Arcade 529 Insanity Fight $ 29
• interceptor 535 international Soccer $ 23 i it Came From The Desert Call J N.ckUuS Gcl1 537 i Jackal S31 Japan Scenery ... $ 20 Jaws ... $ 29 Jet .... 535 Hi*1, .hnls. $ 21 Hi*! Joker Poke: 533 Journey . ToStoc*' Jug $ 27 Kamptgruaae $ 46 Karate Kid li $ 28 Hi*! Keel the Thiel ... 536 tii«! Kennedy Approach $ 30 Kicks!art 2 .. . . 517 Kid Talk, ... 534 Kikugi $ 20 Hi*1. K.ng Arthur ... 537 H»*! K ngdoms of Engird. . InStock' Hi*! Kristal...... $ 35 Hi*! Lancjsler $ 31 Hi*! Lancelot $ 29 i Land ol Legends Soon' i Las Vegas 519 Hi*! 1.351 Duel 528 Last Iiicu ..... . 528 Leathernecks . . $ 29 Hi*! LEO Storm . 529 legend ...... 529 Hi*! Legend ot Djei. 536 Licence 10 TCD ...... 529 i Life and Death . . Ca-T Lombard Rally...... 529 H«! Lords ol the Rising Sun $ 13 i Mac c Johnson Hoops Call Ma|o: Motion . . 527 i Mamac Mansion . . Can Marble Madness 519 Mean 18 . . $ 27 Hi*'. Menace $ 24 lit*'. Metropolis ...... $ 31 i Might 6 Magik I! ..... Can Millenium 2.2 ... 537 M od Ron . $ 22 Mission ConBa! InStock! Moebrus ..... $ 38 Hi*! Momentum Check...... $ 25
* Neuromanccr . . Call Hi*'. NghtDawn .. $ 25 Nm|0 Misyon 518 . Nuclear War..... Call OwteralO1 In Stack’ 011 Share Warn nr to Stock ’ Ogre S3 5 Hw'. Omega Car tu*1. Omni Ptay Oas*etoaii S3" Operation Clean Strerts $ 26 Page Seller . PagcSiteam
P. jgcSUEarn Fonts PageSiteam Forms Pen Pit Operation Wall . .. $ 28 Out Run InStock' P 0 W. . .....S28 FacLand Paladn . . . 523 Paladin Scenario. 519 i Paranoia Complex Can i Persian Gulf Inferno . . . . Can Phantasm. 524 Phintasie III $ 3i Phaser Gun $ 45 Phobia . $ 37 Pioneer Ftague $ 27 i Pipe Dream . .. Caa ru*! Planet cl Lusi to StOCk ’ H«*! Platoon InStock' t Pocket Rocxeis 529 Poker SoTti're £24 Police Quest . . . To Stock'
• Pool ol Padonce Call He*! Populous. HOT Hi*! Populous Worlds Disk .....521 Ports Ot Call...... $ 36 h «! Postman Pai $ 29 h«*! PcwerDrame 529 Hi*! Power SiCks to StOCk' Power Stn.ggie $ 29 Prune Time 52? Prison .$ 23 Puzzle Storybook S29 Hi*! Oix . ... HOT' Hi*'. Quest For T.mo Buds. 536 Question El 535 Ht*'. Rambo IT Ca'i Hi*' Rampage 527 Reach For The Stars $ 33 Realm ol the Trolls 537 Rea'm ol thr Wa lock 525 Hw! Rebel Charge In Slock' Red Hea: . 539 H«*! Reel Fisr.’n . $ 32 Renegade . . ..528 Return To Atlantis . STB Hi*'. Revenge ol Defender 527 i Rhyming Notebook Call Hi*! R'Ck Dargerous HOT! Hi*' Ringside h Slock' Hh7. Road RwCer 527 Robbeary STS H«! RatoCop 536 Rock Chjlenqe 527 Rocket Ranger .533 Rockford .526 Hr*! Floger Rabtnl 531 Hi*! Roll Out.. ... 527 Romanic Encounters .. 529 i Rubicon Altance Cali i Rush'n Anack Can Hi*1 RVF Honda 531 Sanli Pjraxia to Stock' Scary Kkutants $ 27 Scenery Disk 7 or 11 518 Hw! Scenery Disk 9 to Stock'
• SOI .. Cali Seconds Out Boxing $ 21 Se Vixens From Space S29 Hw! Shadow of ihe Ecus' 534 Shadowgate . S33 Shanghai 529 i Sh-noa... . Ca5- Hi*! Shufllerock Cal* HOT' Side Arms 529 iu*! Sidewinder In Stock' Silent Service 524 Silicon Dreams...... $ 23 H%*! SiniCity HOT'
• ¦. Sinbad..... ..... Can i Skate Wars ... Call Hw! Sky Blas'.et InStOCk' Sky Chase . . .....523
• Sky Figiter .. 519 ¦ Skylot II ..$ 19 Slaygor S29 SlpStream 517 Smooih Talker 536 Snake Pi! In SlOCk' Sblilaue Royale..... 522 Sorcerer Lord . . $ 28 He*'. Space Cutter 520 Space Harrier S36 Space Race: 521 Space Ranger ST3 Space School Simulator 524 Hw'- Space Station .In Stock! Spesdtan 529 Spherical . . 529 i Spin World . . . Call Spitting Image S29 Star Goose . 529 H«! Star Rjy Can Hw! S'3' Wars Tn'ogy 535 i SfoFligtit Call SiarGUJer 533 Sta.'Giider II . To Sjdcx' . Steaar Crusade .... Call S'ocx Market Gamz: ......SI9 Hi*1. Story So Far S29 Street Cat Call Street Fighter ...... $ 29
* Stnd?: . Call Stno Poker Daia (eacm . ... .515 Stop Fokcr 1! To Sloe*1 Sub Bailie S34 Hi*' $ 39 $ 129 in Stock1 . Can $ 99 Hw! Pro Temjljics $ 38 Prolesacnal Page T 3 Call PtoFoms leach). . $ 26 Promise S39 ProScrip' . $ 33 Hw! ProTexi $ 139 ProWrite 2 5 $ 75 Reas&n .. ..... Car Scribble1 Putnum $ 59 Hw! Transcript ..... Call WordPerfect iL't>Jai?d'i $ 179 CAD A Cad . $ 146 Draw 2030 . Call Home Builder's Cad $ 139 Home Bdr's Choice to Sroc*' InfroCAD $ 63 Hw1. Professional Draw m Stock! Hw! Structured D p Arl $ 33 X Cad Designer ll $ 115 Hw! X Cad Designer il Pro). . InStock' MUSIC A MAS . InStock1 Hw! Amiga Sings $ 12 Audio Master 2 0 $ 63 Hw! Bars f. Pipes Call Deluxe Mum $ 63 Dr T Pilch Editors Call Drum SludiO. $ 35 Dynamic Drums.. 559 Dynamic Sludio $ 144 Hw! Fat Sounds ...... $ 46 KCS $ 177 Hw! KCS Level II..... to SlCC'r' M $ 149 Masses Tracks Pro. . $ 259 MIDI Recording Sludio to Slock' MidiMajpt $ 98 Muse Mouse $ 49 Hw! MuSiC X 5165 Pattern SaiatTer InStock' Pro Sound Designer InStock' Soni* $ 49 Sound Lob Amiga .... .5239 Sound Oasis ...... InStock' Hw! Sound Trax 1 ar 2 ..... Can Sound quest Patch [ditms Call SoundScape 5130 ¦ SoundScape Complete S259 Stud.c Magic $ 75 Synthia 575 Hw! Spthia ProleisiOHil Call Texture In Stock' The Copyist Pier ST 49 Ut!lilies2..... to Slock' Utilities 1 . 540 GRAPHICS 3 Demon 572
• Animat or I mages $ 67 Award Maker Pius to SlOCk1 Arta.-d Maker Saons Dux $ 20 8 Pamt 527 Hw'- Boa’d Master $ 74 Butcher 2 0 $ 25 CalLgrapher 569 i Chroma Paint ... __ .... $ 54 Ccmlc Setter...... ... 574 Comic Setter Data Disks CaT Data Dts*.s For PagefLpper Ca:t Deluxe Pamt II. S&4 Hw! Deluxe Pant til 5® Deluxe PhotoLab S10-4 Hw1. Deluxe Print II $ 81 Design 3D $ 66 D-g Droid $ 74 Dg Parti 3 0 565 Digi-View Gold...... .5131 Hw! Elan Performer. InStock' Express Pain! 3 0 569 Fancy 3-D Fonts . . $ 55 Hw! Fori-Works...... $ 67 Hw! Frame G'sbber SW .$ 74 Grabsr $ 24 Interchange. $ 4Q interchange Obicct $ 15 Hw! IntffFcnt $ 82 Modeler 3D..... .....$ 64 Him! Oplicks ... l l SlOCk' Hw! PageRanoer 3D $ 108
• PageS ync . Can Photon Pamt . . $ 55 Pnoton Pamt Expansion . $ 23 Parnate . ...S54 Pun; Master Art Gaiery l o' 2 52C pn.n; Master Fantasy . Cal Print Master Fonts & Borders Cal Print Master Pius $ 32 Hw! Scanlzb..... Cali Sculpt 30-XL. .. Cal ¦ Scufpt-Ammato 40. Caa
• Sculpt-finimate 40 Jr . ... Cal Hi J. T cmam Dsi Can Turbo Silver . SIDS Hi.! Tur&O Silver CovverSiCfl $ 15
• Videascape 3D 2 0 5122 Hw! Wraa Session S5S VIDEO ' Animate . 566 Animitrlin Ed'101. . ..$ 40 Animation Fltocls $ 35 Animation flipper $ 40 Aremation Mulhpline to Stock' Am malmn Role scope .In Slock1 H«*! Animation Soundtrack $ 89 Super Sdrarhb-'e ... ...... 529 Sword ol StxJan , in Slock' Hw! Swords al Twilight $ 36 Synapse..... n Stock! Hw! Taie Spm. $ 3? TanglewOod..... $ 2'
14. ,'. Tank Attack . $ 22 St«'. Ta'ghan ..... $ 36 Tarps .In Stock' sW. Tecnno Coos..... $ 3* Hw! ’eic Epc .in Stock' Teiegames $ 26 Tdcwar ...$ 29 Si*'. Tclcwjr II ...... In Stock' Terror pods .... $ 28 Test Drive II . $ 30 Test Drive II Data (Each) $ 1$ Ttira Quest ......$ 2' s»*'- TeinS $ 2$ Three Stooges ..... $ 31 i Thud R dge .. Ca I Thunder Boy ..... $ 26 Time BarCrls .. $ 28 Hw! Time & Mag* ...In Stock! Hi*'. Titan . . ... Call i Turn A Jerry .. Call Tracers . $ 27 Transputer .... $ 24 i Triad $ 36 H**. Triple X ...... .. $ 29 Hm! Tnvia Pursuit $ 29 ¦ Turbo $ 17 » TV Spons Baskahal Cali TV Soons Football .....$ 36 Twilight Zone ..... $ 29 Ultima III . $ 29 ¦ Ultima IV . ...... $ 39 UMS Data Disks . Call
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V. ’orkl Class Leader Bed S23 Hi*! World of Flight . $ 109 World Snooker Billiards .$ 22 i W orld Trophy Soccer. In Slock' Hi*! Xenon II .... ..... HOI1 Za* McKracken . $ 36 Zany Golf $ 19 Zero Gravity S21 ¦ Zoom ...... $ 20 Hr*! Zork 0 |w G'3phics) In Slack! BUSINESS i Advantage .. Can Analyze! ?0 .. $ 74 y«* Budgeieer .... $ 34 Critic's Choice $ 178 Desktop Budge! $ 4B Hw! Easy Ledger ... in stock’ Impact $ S4 Investofs Advantage 579 Jet Set 535 Jet Set Font Sets ..... Cad ¦ MaxiPlan 500 ...... $ -19 ¦ Money Mentor.. .....$ 39 Nimbus 1.3 (Ne Version) Call PHA5AR3.0 ..... $ 61 He*1. Pro'scl Master . $ 130 Hw! Publisher's Choice $ '39 Securities Analyst $ 56 Take Stock . $ 34 The Accountant $ 189 Ihe Works' Platinum . $ 199 WorcPerlect Library Call DATABASE DatiFtctricvc $ 59 DataRctncve Protesswal $ 149 Hi*! MaJodex . $ 35 Micro Base $ 25 V-crcfche Filer Plus $ 115 Hr*! Nag Plus 551 Organic' ...... . .$ 63 Superbase Personal li _$ 99 Superb,ne Pro!cssionai 3. 5229 Hw! Who Whal Where When In Stock! WORD PROCESSING City Desk 2 0 to Sroc*'
• CygnusEd.. ..... Call
• Eiceflence1 (fteq. 1WB) $ 159 Flow ...... $ 69 Goy Sped 2 $ 34 H»*'. Kind Words 2.0 ... Can Micro Text . . S25 Animation Sland 535 Ht«! Animation Video Tll'Cr $ 44 Animator Appienhce Call Arumolion InStock' Hi*! Broadcast Tiller . ... In Slock! Deluxe Productions $ 129 DeiuiS Video 12 ... $ 64 Deluxe Video ill ...... Can Ht.! Bigi-Works 30 . $ 90 Director Toolkit InStock' H«*l Director Video Tutorial $ 31 H«1 Easy Tiller ..... $ 34
• • I antovisiun ..$ 39 Font Libraries tor PV+(each) $ 79 Invtsjon (Fteq. Uve' NewVei| sut i invisibn Plus . . Call Lights Camtra Action Call Movie Setter ki Stack! Movie Seller Data Disks... CaU
- PageFl pper F X SlOl Hi*! Photon Vid Cel Animator. . Call Hi*'. Proton Vid.Transporter .. Can He*’. Pm Video Gold Si99 The Director ...... $ 45 TV‘ShOw $ 74 TV* Text ...... Call Video E fleets 3D $ 142 Video Tiller wl 1 _ $ 99 Hw! VIVA1 $ 140 Zoetroae $ 92 FONTS & CLIP ART Hs*’. Aircral! Pics .$ 36 Woha Fonts (each) SIS Hi*1. Amiga $ Cifl _ $ 52 H *'. ArmZob $ 34 Architectural Design $ 24 AshasFonls .... Call Hw! (I'd Pits $ 25 Hw! CfoM $ 27 pip Art Disks 1-8 (Each) $ 15 Desktop Arlist ...... $ 23 Hi*1. E Clips. ... $ 74 Future Design In Slock' Hi*! GEN Animations $ 37 Hi*! Heraldic Pics ... $ 27 Human Design $ 24 Kara Headlines 1 or 2 $ 53 Lion's Calhgratonis Call Hi*! LonUs Fonts $ 24 Hi*! Maps P'CS $ 44 Masterpiece Fonts $ 149 Media Lire fonts In Stock' Micioooi Design ..... S24 Newsletter Fonts $ 32 Hi*! Starships 2050 ..... $ 30 Studio Fonts 532 Hi*! Subheads .. - $ 55 Hi*! ’ale Fonts $ 48 Hw! Vetmont Seasons .. $ 29 Ww! World Symbol Library $ 34 Zuma Fonts CaT EDUCATIONAL Adv ot Sinbad .. $ 35 Aesop's Fable..... $ 33 Aesop's Fables 519 All Atioui America ......S42 Animal Kingdom .... 535 Arabian Nights .. $ 35 Chicken lithe . 519 Hw! CtmSouodTrahan ...$ 30 Des>gnasaurus $ 34 Hi*'. Dinosaurs Are Forever $ 29 Hr*'. Dinosaur Discovery Kit $ 29 Discovery Oata Disks in Stock! Fust Letters and Wgrds $ 30 First Shapes $ 3-1 Fraction Action $ 33 Grade Manager ...... $ 09 ¦ Intollitype . $ 19 Jigsaw $ 29 Kmderama _ $ 33 Learning Curve ...... $ 55 Lmkword Languages $ 24 Little Red Hen $ 19 ¦ Logic Master , Call Magical Myths . $ 36 Match It ..... $ 29 Math Talk $ 34 Malh Talk Ft actions .... $ 34 Math Wizard 535 MaUiamahoo . Call Mams Beacon 533 MuSiC Student I ...$ 43 Hr*! Vutti Fax ..... $ 43 Perfect Score SAT . $ 52
• Planetarium...... $ 51 Read $ Rhyme . $ 33 Read-ARam.1 533 Hi*! Recipe Fax 528 Speller Bee $ 34 Hi»! Three Bears ..... $ 22 Three L-ttie Pigs 519 H* Tup $ 35 Ugy DucH .ng $ 22 . Where in The USA ..... Car Hi*! Where in The World $ 30 Word Master ... $ 35 PROGRAMMING A C Basic (vt 3) $ 134 A C Fortran $ 199 Addison Wesley Manuals Call Amiga Machine Lang S24 Arcx.1 $ 35 AssemPro 572 Alice C-Dcv 5199 AziecC-Prol 5149 Benchmark C Library 571 Benchmark IFF Library 571 Benchmark Modula-2 5134 Bench mux SmpSifitd. 571
• C 5 04 . ... 5199 C++ ... Cad CAPE 6fX 565 CB Tree 579 Developer's Tooted... 539 DevPac Amiga to Stock.' DSM Disassembler 544 Extend $ 29 H SoM Basic 5115 inovalooEs (Nr* VksmwI S57 Hw! J-Forth (New VcfStofl) . Cali Key lo C (V 2 021 $ 25 L Debug S76 Libraries lEacni $ 39 lint . 585 Macro Assembtct ... $ 79 Magellan (New Version) S129 Hw! Modula 2 . St 79 Hw! Module 2 Debugger $ 88
• Po-ver V mdtwvs 2 5 $ 63 Runtime Package $ 109 Shell ...... $ 45 Hw! Software From Hell $ 56 Source level Debugger $ 82 ToclXit $ 35 Tnjp BASIC $ 74 TxLe Plus $ 57 Hw’- Ultra Card $ 37 Vl-Shcll S36 COMMUNICATIONS Hw! A-Talk 11 (New Vet) to Slack' Hw! Baud Bandt $ 35 BBS-PC $ 106 Dga $ 39 DR Term Pro $ 79 Online! Platinum to Stock1 Skyline .... $ 99 Hw! Tele Tutor..... $ 21 UTILITIES AMAX $ 129 Hw! Ami Alignment $ 37 Amiga DOS Toolbox $ 40 Amiga Tncks A Tips 517 Hw! AmiKiI $ 29 BAD to Stock' i Can Do! . $ 99 Cllmare $ 25 Cclor Commander ...521 Oes Caies $ 24 Disk 2 Disk (New Version) 537 Disk Mechanic. 560 Disk Master . $ 40 Dos 2 Dos S37 Hw! Doug'S Library D 'P STT Dougs Math Aquarium $ 59 Hw! Express Copy S3T EZ Bacxup 536 fACCll .525 Family Tito 534 Fine Print . .536 GQMF 3.0 w Bulton . . $ 54 GGMF' (Latest Versioni to SlOCk Home Inv Manager. $ 27 Kici'ATi 1 3(AT00Q onfyi) to Stock' Hw! Mac To Dos InStock! Marauder n 525 Mastering Cll 529 MtcroLawytf. 542 MuRiPretS. . 523 Hw'- Norger Gertu o logy 571 Hw! Palette Printer S25 PixdScilDt - 5104 Project D (New Ve») .. Cal! Qjarte'Sack .554 Raw Cosy (Latest1) $ 37 sum 528 Hw1- SupefBack Cali Tshel $ 34 Hw! Tara! Masier . $ 21 Thinker . Call TurDOPiW! $ 38 Ultimate Dos Utos $ 46 Virus InlecHOn Prolettion $ 32 Hi*! Virus Protection Tooteil Cal
V. 'B Extras $ 25 Hw! K-Cooy II S2£ Our objective is lo carry every product for Ihe Amiga - and sell them al Ihe best prices Our policy is lb be as competitive as possible on all product prices. If you lind a lower price, please give us a call. II is no longer dose lo possible lot us to list all Ihe products we carry. II you don't see it listed, please call. Hr*'. Products are new and in slock, i Products bad not been released al press lime. Products have been marked down in price. All other products are normally in slock (as well as hundreds more). Orders Only: 80Q-BE-AM IG A in California: Customer Service. * Facsimile (FAX): Now on CompuServe: Send Mail Orders to. ¦ GO AMIGA 2682D Middlefield Road. Redwood City. CA 94063 (Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Qualified P.O. only, California residents add sales tax.) SHIPPING INFO: Soflwate Shipping rales are $ 2.5Q iiem using UPS Ground service (max. 57 50) or $ 4 50 i»m using UPS 2nd Day At Service (mat 513 5Qi For Federal Express supping rates and conditions, see opposite page Call lor hardware rates APO, Mai loretgn shipping exirt Call for mere m!o 'RETURN I REFUND POLICY: All returns must have an RMA-k Call Cussomet Service to tecuetl an RMA Defective mertfianckse under warranty will be repaired or replaced Returned product must be returned postage prepaid wifi all original paCagmfl Through December 3i. We are ottering a morey-badt guarantee on many deducts we sell. It does not apply to aft products, anJ there are seme restrictions. So cab lor complete details OTHER POLICIES: We do ret tna'ge your card until Ihe product actually ships Purchase o'der customers must have credit application on file. No surcharge far VISA and MasterCard When ordenng will credit card, PLEASE include expiration date ar,d name ol bank1 Call Fridays for unannounced specials. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga. Deliver subject lo product availability * Prices subject lo change » Circle on Reader Service Card TR UMPCARD ON PERFORMANCE SHORT ON COST TRUMPCARD 500 (below) V-'
• Premium 500HD series drive systems are assembled, tested, and formatted with WBL3 by I VS.
• Standard Trumpcard500 includes enclosure and Trumpcard SCSI disk controller.
• High quality, ergonomically designed, color matched aluminum enclosure houses all electronics and 3.5" SCSI drive!
• Extra slot for addition of optional 4 Mbyte Ram card.
• No cost A2000 upgrade! Trumpcard, RAM, and drive are A2000 compatible.
• Sloping face of chassis eliminates keyboard interference.
• Cards and drive run from A500 bus power or optional IVS SOURCER, a premium quality 40 watt switching supply. TRUMPCARD (above)
• User customizable driver supports over 20 devices.
• 'Transfer rates measured over 400 Kbvtes see. *
• Exclusive IVS checklist software makes configuration a breeze.
• IVS Smartboot autoboots all drives from cold starl
• List price $ 199.95. TRUMPCARD HARD DISK CARD (left)
- Premium HC series includes Quantum drives assembled, tested and formatted with WB1.3 bv IVS ? Supports all Quantum, Seagate, Miniscribe, Conner, and Maxtor 3.5" drives. ? Identical speed as DMA to Buffer type controllers costing hundreds more!
- All Products Distributed By Micro Pace All IVS Trumpcard products are available with drives pretested and formatted by IVS. Ask for Trumpcard HC series 2000 cards or Trumpcard 500HD series for A500. TRUMPCARD j INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS 11612 KNOTT AVENUE • SUITE 13 * (JARDEN GROVE, CA 92641 • (7I4> 890-7040 ntav i' a trademark of kwdjvifl. Inc.; is a trademark of innnmdorv llusiiu-ss Machines: lae is a trademark id pple ntnpitlers, Inc. Circle 54 on Reader Service Card At The Right Price AMIGAWORLD When you send someone a gift subscription to Amiga World, it says a lot about your style. You give Amiga World because it’s unlike the other packages that will be opened this season. Amiga World offers excitement beyond the holidays, continually exploring a new frontier in computing.. .in-depth analyses of the Amiga’s astounding graphics and stereo sound features, information on the very best hardware and software, a regular buyer’s guide, user hints and tips, and much more. And that means you’ll be remembered throughout the year for your discerning taste in quality gifts. When it comes to quality, no system-specific computer magazine can match AmigaWorld for true-to-life color reproduction... superior printing materials that capture all 4,096 Amiga colors. This season, why not share your good taste in magazines with a friend? Send an AmigaWorld gift subscription 1 year (12 issues) for only $ 29.97, a 37% savings off the cover price. CAM, YOUR Gin SUBSCRIPTION IN TODAY! Toll-Free 1-800-258-5473. - __ D YES. I want to send a great gift. R Please send an AmigaWorld gift subscription (12 issues) to the person listed below. I’ll pay $ 29.97-a 37% savings off the newsstand price, but I won't be billed until after the holidays. Charge my: VISA MasterCard Exp. Date Card ---- Signature---- .ftiyment Enclosed Bill Me (PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO AMIGAWORLD) Name of Gift Recipient My Name Address Address City State Zip City State Zip Canada and Mexico $ 38.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, ftreign Airmail $ 84.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). All rates are 1 year only, All gift subscriptions will begin with fiist available issue in 1990. Fbriegn Surface & Airmail orders must prepay.
P. O. BOX 58804 AMIGAWORLD UOI LDER. CO ao;iZ2-BB()4 2XM9 HELP KEY With a whole new decade of technical troubles ahead, what would we do without Lou ? BASIC Pictures Q: Can I load and display a picture (such as one from Deluxe- Paint or Digi-Paint) onto a BASIC screen using BASIC? If so, can I write text that can he altered over the same screen using BASIC? B„ Trego Chesapeake Beach, AID A: You have several options for displaying IFF pictures (such as those from Deluxe- Paint) under BASIC program control. On your Amiga Basic Extras disk* the program LOADJLBM demonstrates a method of loading a picture from BASIC. While slow, it could work, especially if the program was compiled. Another method is to use a machine language routine to load the screen for you. One such routine is the public-domain IFF library (available as IFFLIB 161 .ZOO on most BBSs and commercial networks), which you can use from Amiga Basic. A final option is to convert the IFF pictures to Amiga Basic BOBs using one of the many public- domain BrushToBob programs. Then, load the image as a BOB from your BASIC program. Digi-Paint pictures are HAM (4096 color) mode and will By Louis R. Wallace probably prove too exotic to be used from Amiga Basic. 1 suggest you stick to Deluxe- Paint images for your project. The 128 Route Q: I have text files from my Commodore 128 word processor and I would like to convert them for use on my Amiga. Is transferring them via telecommunications the best way? Is there a simple way to get these files to the Amiga?
J. McNamara Orinda, CA A: You can use telecommunications to transfer the files, but keep in mind you are working with CBM PETSCII files, not pure ASCII text files. C-64 and C-128 ASCI I is a special form of ASCI I called PETSCII (after the Commodore PET). If you load these files into an Amiga editor, they will usually look like garbage. You need to process them using a PETSCJ I-to- ASCII file converter before (or after) you transfer them. If you have a 1581 disk drive for your C-128, I suggest you get ReadySoft’s C64 Emulator
(v. 2) not for the emulator itself, but for a handv utility on J the disk called Transfer. This program allows your Amiga to read a 1581 disk, copy files from it to the Amiga, and automatically make the PETSCII ASCII conversion. Just copy all your files to the 1581 disk, then use 1 ransfer to copy them to the Amiga. A Home for PD Q: The best place to start PD programs that can be run in the background is from the startup- sequence, but where in the startup sequence? Can I use the Startup 11 file or should J leave it alone? Also, when I run VirusX it causes dfO: to make terrible grinding noises. Why?
C. Maxey Stillwater, OK A: The first lines in your startup-secjiience should he commands, such as SET- PATCH, FASTMEMFIRS'T, and BINDDR1VERS. If you are booting from a hard disk, you should next include the ASSIGN statements you need to work from that drive. From then on, the sequence of instructions in your startup file is mostly a personal decision based on your needs. You can easily start VirusX 3.2 at this point by adding the command VIRUSX to your startup- sequence. (I suggest you have VirusX in your C: directory.) Startup]I can certainly be customized with special commands and functions. VirusX automatically checks each disk inserted into a floppy drive for boot block virus infections, and will warn you if it finds a specific virus or a non-standard boot block. Your drive shouldn’t make grinding sounds, unless the disk in the drive has some sort of problem, such as hard disk errors. Laser Longing Q: I am the only Amiga owner on the faculty of Tallahassee Community College, and I am surrounded by maniacal Mac and IBM users. Can I do a project on my Amiga then print it on their laser printers? I am considering A-Max and DOS-2-DOS. Will these programs help?
R. Deshaies Tallahassee, FL A: The programs will certainly help. If your colleagues are using Macs, and you have A- Max (ReadySoft) or MAC-2- DOS (Central Coast Software) and a Mac disk drive, you could copy your Amiga files to the Mac disk and use one of their Macs to output to a printer. To work with MS- DOS-based machines, you could use DOS-2-DOS (Central Coast Software) or one of Commodore’s PC Bridge- boards (the A2088 for the XT; A2286 for the AT) to get your files over to a PC disk, then go to a PC with a laser printer, and output from there. If your department has several computers tied into one laser printer using an ABCD box (which has multiple 25- pin input ports and a switch to select which one is active), you could simply connect your Amiga to that system. ¦ FINAL COUNTDOWN Amiga Specials Everyday d J 5319 179 369 d 139 199 239 359 185 239 339 $ 729 799 1199 499 709 989 229 d DISK DRIVES J $ 229 299 329 S559 659 879 1029 569 659 1159 349 349 389 685 259 239 1839 729 769 799 879 899 939 659 1079 979 145 42 42 479 359 519 119 145 289 199 Supra 20MB Ext. (A500) 20MB Ext. (A 1000) 60MB Ext. (A500) 60MB Ext. (A 1000) 30MB Int. (A2000) 45MB Int. (A2000) 80MB Int. (A2000) Miniscribe 20MB Int. 3i 2” 40MS 20MB Int. 3' 2” 65MS
C. Ltd. 33MB Ext. (A500) 33MB Ext. (A1000) 44MB Ext. (A500) 44MB Ext. (A 1000) 65MB Ext. (A500) 65MB Ext. (A1000) 33MB Int. (A2000) 44MB Int. (A2000) 60MB Int. (A2000) Great Valley Impact A2000-2 0 Impact A2000-2 2 Impact A2000-HC 40Q Impact A2000-HC 80Q Impact A500-2 2 Impact A500-HD20M Impact A500-HD40Q Call For Configurations Not Listed!
- r ~
* : «_ i “ *•- • • J ¦ *** TissS Mcgatronics 3, 2” Internal Air Drive 2>Vi" External Air Drive Buyers Special Communication Specialities Gen one Genlock 5649 Alps Allegro 24 24-Pin Flatbed Brother M-1109 lOOcps Dot Matrix M-1709 240cps, 132 Color Canon Canon Bubblejet 130
C. Ltd. Laser Xprcss Epson LX-810 200cps, 80 Col. FX-850 264cps, 80 Col. FX-1050 264cps, 136 CoL LQ510 180cps, 24-Wire LQ-850 330cps, 24-Wire Hewlett Packard Thinkjet 2225 Okidata Okimate 20 Color ML-172 180cps, 80 Col. ML-182 Turbo 220cps ML-320 300cps, 80 Col. Panasonic KX-P1180 I92cps, 80 Col. KX-P1191 280cps, 80 Col. KX-P1124 192cps, 24-Wire Star Micronics NR-1000 Rainbow Color A-Squared Live-AlOOO Live-A500 Live-A2000 Anakin Research Easyl Draw A1000 Easy I Draw A 500 Easyl Draw A 2000 Digital Creations SuperGen Genlock Magni 4000 Genlock w Rcmote Control Mimeties Genlock Midi (A 1000) Midi (A500 2000) Microway Flicker Fixer Progressive Peripherals Pro-Gen Genlock Frame Grabber Sunrize Industries Perfect Vision AUDIO VIDEO PRINTERS 2199 179 339 Call 339 Call 329 Anchor 1200 Baud External S 99 2400 Baud External 159 Hayes Smart modem 300 149 Smartmodem 1200 279 Smartmodem 2400 419 Practical Peripherals 1 200 Baud External 85 2400 Baud Internal 145 Supra SJ2400 External 119 SJ2400zi Internal 2000 145 Creative Microsystems Processor Accelerator A500 A2000 $ 175 A1000 189 Microbotics Starboard II Call Upperdeck 45 8 Up (A2000) 179 Hard Frame 249 Spirit Technology
1. 5MB w OK (A1000) 259
1. 5M w OK (A500) 299 Supra 8MB Board w 2mg 519 Electric Color Splitter $ 89 Perfect Sound 69 Image Scan 129 Summa APRO Draw w Cursor 499 Super Buy AUDIO VIDEO MODEMS BOARDS 799 175 Creative Microsystems Processor Accelerator Computer Mail Order. Since 1981 Low Prices, Large Selection, Fast Service. Call 1-800-233-8950! U CMO Super Savings Special UK MM C "X use MONITORS Magna vox 8762 14” Comp RGB $ 249 14” Color RGB Comp 259 Nec Multisync IIA $ 499 Sony 1302 13” Multiscan 699 1310 13” RGB 339 SOFTWARE I Accolade
J. Nicholas Golf $ 33 Test Drive 11 29 Grand Prix Circuit 33 Action Ware
P. O.W. 24 Prison 26 Creature 26 Aegis Draw 2000 159 Lights, Camera, Action 49 Videoscape 3D 119 Video Titler 95 ANImagic 69 Broderbund Where in The World 28 Fantavision 38 Sim City 32 EPYX California Games
* 29 Byte by Byte Animate 3D 105 Sculpt 3D 75 Sculpt 3D Excel 109 Sculpt Animate 4D 429 Sculpt Animate 4D jr. 95 Centaur Software BAD 33 Hot Special NEW TEK Digi Paint 3
* 57 Electronic Arts Master Ninja 21 Zany Golf 27 Deluxe Paint III 99 Epyx Battleship 21 Technocop 33 Gold Disk Design 3D 66 Desktop Budget 48 Movie Setter 64 Professional Page 1.2 219 Incognito Kings of England 30 Melbourne House War in Middle Earth 32 MicroDea! AMAS (A500 2000) 64 International Soccer 28 Tetra Quest 27 Zero Gravity 19

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