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The longer the wait, the more like drivel it all seemed. There was, though, a segment of the public that quickly saw through the thin veneer of vendor promises. These were the people who owned Commodore Amigas. Every time we'd write about IBM and Microsoft’s OS 2 multitasking operating system, or the wonders of the Intel 80386 chip, the Amiga users would get steamed. And when they'd get really steamed, they’d write us letters, which Computerworld was nice enough to print. Mark Cashmann, a DP manager, wrote a memorable one that was published in November 1986, when the industry was in a frenzy over the introduction of the Intel 80386 chip and rumors of a Microsoft large-memory multitasking operating system. Cashmann had had enough. He wanted the world to know that such capabilities already existed. His Amiga had built-in windowing, graphics, and animation, as well as sound and speech synthesis. Plus, it could efficiently access over 8MB of RAM, and had sophisticated software at low prices. Few people listened to Cashmann. In fact, most computer users plodded along on single-tasking, character-mode Pcs hobbled by an absurd and repulsive 640K barrier. The promise of a new operating system that would lift these shackles kept users from tossing their Pcs out die window and buying something truly robust like an Amiga. This new operating system was “just around the corner.” (Sure, and cows can be taught to program in C too.) Most of OS 2’s pieces finally shipped last year, some four years after the introduction of the IBM PC AT, its original target. Of course, running OS 2 on one of those machines is like pulling a tractor trailer with a Yu go. It’s possible, but only a stooge would bother trying it. About a year and a half later, we heard from a programmer analyst named Christopher R. Hertel, who was miffed at one writer’s rather simplistic touting of OS 2. According to the argument, OS 2 was great because it could multitask, access more memory, and had a graphical user interface. Whoopdy- doo. Hertefs Amiga already had all that. 'There was even software for the Amiga, something OS 2 still sorely lacks. Neil W. Plouff fired the best shot earlier this year. Plouff took on Microsoft chairman and youngest self-made billionaire Bill Gates after Gates had the audacity to argue that “true multitasking won’t work in a 1MB system.” The obviously astute Plouff pointed out that Gates' own Amiga Basic multitasks quite nicely in a 512K .Amiga environment. In fact, it can multitask in less. Gates happened to be talking about OS 2, which uses more RAM to load itself than most Amiga users have ever dreamed of owning. Of course, it is easy to pick on IBM. Quasi-monopolists have little incentive to innovate, and can get away with selling embarrassingly limited machines. The harder target is Apple Computer, which has managed to convince large numbers of otherwise bright people that the Macintosh is a state-of-the-art machine. Apple is particularly proud that its most expensive machines can display color. Okay. I guess they have caught up to the Commodore 64. And now they have expansion slots. Gee, there’s an innovation. But the most highly touted feature of all is a graphical user interface. Compared to the Amiga's, however, the Mac interface is still too slow, and lias a total lack of such critical tools as batch files. Now Apple is building a new operating system with all kinds of neat things that will ship next year. But guess what will be missing from this system? True multitasking! But you can’t blame Apple. We all know how difficult ii is to multitask with the Motorola 68000 family. It’s just that someone forgot to tell that to Commodore. So you can see why I am excited to be a part of the Amiga community. What is the future in the IBM PC and Macintosh market is the present and the past for the Amiga.

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Amiga World Vol 05 10 1989 Oct

Document sans nom October 1989
U. S.A. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDGC I Publication The Advantage is the most powerful integrated spreadsheet, database, and business presentation package on the Amiga. It devastates its competition in every category: spreadsheet size, recalculation speed, multi-media functions (with online support for Transcript), Arexx support, macro commands, and output control. The Advantage also offers unprecedented, business graphic capabilities on the Amiga. Select from pre-con figured 16-color chart templates. Save as IFF bitmaps. Professional Draw Clip, or Aegis Draw Plus format. Use them in any Paint, Animation, or Desktop Publishing program for unmatched business communications. The Advantage was also designed with 512K Amiga owners in mind. It isn't necessary to have loads of memory. You deserve a top business program The Advantage is the spreadsheet and presentation program that lives up to its name. SPECIFICATION COMPARISON The Advantage MaxiPlan Maximum size: 65,000 x 65,000 512 x 32,760 of simulaneously open worksheets Unlimited 3 Maximum of graphs Unlimited 8 Maximum colors on charts 16 8 Multiple views Unlimited No Sideways Printing Yes No of functions 90+ 66 Arexx Support Yes No PERFORMANCE COMPARISON The Advantage MaxiPlan Redraw
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2. 24
4. 88 Memory used 43216 69832 Toms performed on 1 Mcjjatl vie Amiga. Spreadsheet size 9 rows 44 columns The Advantage has a suggested iist price of US$ 199.95, Desktop Budget is US$ 69.95 and Transcript is USS69.95. See your Amiga dealer or call Gold Disk at: 1-800-387-8192 or 1-416-828-0913. NEW TO GOLD DISK’S HOME OFFICE SERIES The Advantage The Power Spreadsheet you can Count on. Ode 150 on Reader Service card. AmigaWorld, July, 1989 Desktop Budget ‘Bank on it” “...If you want a precise account of your monetary activity, along with options to reconcile your bank statement, keep track of your portfolio, print checks, and manipulate several kinds of reports choose Desktop Budget ’ Desktop Budget has an intuitive icon-based interface and precise report generation. It outsells all other North American Amiga financial programs 2 to 1. Requires 5I2K Amiga, I drive, AMIGATimes, Aug., 1989 Transcript “...this is the best program, and the best value, on the market ’ Transcript is incredibly fast, includes a built-in 90.000 word dictionary, auto index and mail merge, and has direct on-line support for The Advantage and Professional Page. Requires 5I2K Amiga, I drive. You Don't Need a $ 5000 Laser Printer to use Professional Page Introducing Professional Page VI .3 with Compugraphic outline fonts. 01** You can now use Gold Disk's Professional Page and output to ww-PostScript laser printers, and inkjet or inexpensive 9-pin dot matrix printers, with remarkable results - smooth fonts, jaggie-free lines, and brilliant color. Gold Disk has brought AGFA Compugraphic's Intellifont technology to the Amiga. You can now use Gold Disk's Professional Page with high quality fonts and output your pages to any printer at its maximum resolution. And, because Professional Page uses AGFA Compugraphic fonts, you are guaranteed professional quality type every time. AGFA Compugraphic is the world's largest supplier of electronic publishing equipment and with over 1,700 typefaces boasts one of the world’s largest collection of professional quality fonts. With Gold Disk’s proprietary font caching system, you not only get smooth looking fonts on output but also on screen where fonts are created on the fly - at any size. Professional Page users can still enjoy the high level of reliability and the powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities that have made this program a must for serious desktop publishers. Precision typography, unparalleled graphic control and color separation are standard features. To help you create smooth graphics nothing beats ...That Professional Page was voted Best Buy by Computer Buyers Guide over PageMaker and Ventura Publisher - two Mac and IBM heavyweights. ...That several popular magazines are produced entirely with Professional Page using its sophisticated typographic and image handling controls and superb color separation features. ...That 8.6 out of every 10 Amiga desktop publishers use Professional Page and other Gold Disk products. Plus, PageSetter owners upgrade at a major discount. Call us! Did You Know Professional Draw, The smoothness and precision of the images you create are limited only by the printer’s resolution. There’s a powerful assortment of geometric and freehand drawing tools. Unlimited color. Enter type (fonts are included) and then stretch, twist, re-draw, or color. Print or color separate your work on numerous printers, or bring these graphics into Professional Page, Plus, to help you take advantage of Professional Page's design capabilities, Gold Disk offers a package of easy-to-use templates. Designed by a top art director, these layouts have built-in type specs - just flow the copy and print. There's a disk of structured clipart for use in Professional Page or Professional Draw. This collection of common symbols, maps, and other images are great for use in color or black and white. Call us now at 1-800-387-8192. If you take desktop publishing seriously, we’re the ones to work with, OUTPUT AT FULL RESOLUTION TO PREFERENCES DEVICES INCLUDING THESE POPULAR PRINTERS
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• Okimatc 20 • Xerox 4020 • Epson X Any graphics-capable Preferences printer ProfessiowiI Page VI3 has a suggested list price of US$ 395. Requires: Single drive I MB Amiga. Extra memory & drives recommended. Circle 177 on Reader Service card VwiflPfOflS RELEASE DATE 28-8-89 APPROX. RELEASE DATE 14-8-89 APPROX. SPEED BUGGY IKARI WARRIORS EXPLOSIVE WAR ACTION 1 OR 2 PLAYER OPTION OFFICIAL No.1 COIN-OP CONVERSION REALISTIC 3D RACING TRACK CHOICE OF 5 EXCEPTIONAL COURSES CLASSIC COIN-OP CONVERSION HOW DO YOU GET THESE WORLD BE A TING COIN-OPS IHTO THIS WORLD BE A TIHG HOME COMPUTER? Itt Kwniliu J"- WWU53 WE’RE NOT TELLING... BUT WE DID IT! © 1989 EUTE SYSTEMS LTD. ORIGINAL GAME DEVELOPED BY TATSUMI. LICENSED FROM DATA EAST, USA, INC. TM AMIGA IS A TRADEMARK OF THE COMMODORE COMPUTER CORPORATION GAME EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY KEYPUNCH USA SOFTWARE 1221 PIONEER BUILDING, SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, 55101, U.S.A. TEL: 612 292 1490 FAX: 612 292 8346 Circle 232 on Reader Servce card. VOLUME 5, NUMBER 10 OCTOBER 1989 CONTENTS FEATIRES PROJECT “PRO” By Dorothy Rankin. . . 22 Our hands-on desktop-publishing tutorial offers a crash course in the basics of type- and-graphics design, and a step-by-step guide to using Professional Page to produce newletters, brochures, and more- plus a sidebar on some fancier Pro Page options, such as color separations, “About-Face” in Amiga Fonts? By Jeff Evans ...34 With increasing support in the Amiga marketplace for PostScript and structured fonts, Amiga desktop publishers are finally receiving the ammunition to produce professional-qualitv output for desktop-generated publications although a lot more firepower is still needed to match the arsenals of the PC and Macintosh. ARTICLES Sizzling Sounds By Dean Friedman . 48 We'll help you put top-notch sound into your applications with this in-depth comparison of audio-digitizing hardware and software for the Amiga. COLUMNS First Impressions .....6 New editor Doug Barney jumps aboard the Amiga bandwagon. Accent on Graphics By joei Hagen ... 60 Your printer can be a lot more than just a production tool, if you learn the techniques of making it part of the artistic process itself. INFO.PHILE By Mark I. Van Name and BUI Catchings ...66 Our AmigaDOS experts show you several nifty ways to strategically deploy your system’s main memory to make your Amiga work faster and more efficiently. DEPARTMENTS Repartee .....8 Step up and take a shot it’s only two bits a pop. Notepad .... 10 The AIT crew is just back from the Windy City with the scoop on Ami Expo, Hors d’oeuvres . 100 Helpful hints and timely tips. Whats New? ... 102 Things are just heating up this time of year with new Amiga software, hardware, and otherware. Help Key .. 108 Like Mr, Goodwrench and the Maytag repairman, Lou is always there when you've goi equipment problems. REVIEWS A-MAX (ReadySoft) .. 12 Run Macintosh software on your Amiga. Dual Serial Board (ASDG) 13 A plug-in card that adds two extra serial ports to the A2000. Where in the World Is Carmen SANDI EGO ? (Broderbund) ....16 The immensely popular geography-edu- cation game comes to the Amiga. SUPRAMODEM 2400ZI (Supra) 86 An innovative internal modem for A2000-series machines. PROJECTMASTER (Broum-Wagh) 87 A six-module project-management package for serious business. Transcript (Gold Disk) ....88 A no-nonsense, no-frills word processor with a reasonable price tag. Elan Performer (Elan Design) 90 A versatile slide-show program that handles many different graphics and animation formats, GEN ONE (CSD ...92 A genlocking encoder for S-VHS equipment. GAMES The Game Preserve By b.g. Hunter .74 This month B.G. is feeling decidedly militaristic, as he sets out to subjugate new worlds even entire galaxies in his tour de force of Amiga games of conquest. Game reviews follow his column: GUNSHIP (MicroProse) ......78 Command a U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter and defend the interests of your country all over the globe. Blood Money (Psygnosis) ..78 This fast-paced follow-up to "Menace" keeps you merrily blasting away on a dangerous alien safari. PRISON (Actionware) .80 Escape from Alt rax and clear your name in an action-packed arcade adventure. Fast Break iAccolade) .....82 The Shimmers vs. The Jammers in three- on-one video basketball. $ 25,000 Mystery Sweeps Finale! It’s time to find out “whodunit?” and “whowunit?" In The 1989 Amiga World Mystery Sweepstakes. See page 62 for the Solution to the mystery and for the names of the Grand Prize Winner and other Finalist Winners! GET THE CREATIVE EDGE WITH INVISION PLUS' THE VIDEO EFFECTS and VIDEO ANIMATION oyompM INVISION PLUS ™ gives you the creative edge O X 0 X XjI 1 that sets your work apart from others. That's why professionals are using the system for everything from broadcast television production to MTV music videos. The ENVISION PLUS software works with the Amiga ", the LIVE!v Frame Grabber from A-Squared* and your VCR or Video Camera to bring you: REAL TIME EFFECTS Mirrors • Wipes V Posterization m Mosaic Tumble V Trails m Strobe Tiling Mb Keying Jm Blinds v Stretch Squash Mb Montage VIDEO ANIMATION Digitally capture multiple frames of moving video into memory and use the mouse to control forward and reverse playback. And IN VISION PLUS is completely ANIM compatible so you can save your Video Animation for editing and playback in programs such as DeluxePaint III*, ANIMagic" and ELAN PERFORMER*. To find out more about the INVISION PLUS system contact us or ask your dealer to show you the INVISION PLUS demo tape. I ist Price* ELAN San FnmcUco!CA 94131 $ 900 DESIGN 415)359-7212 • Tllr IYY I SI ON IlpmoTajw $ 2(H anil (hr ELAN PEHFOHMFH |)rn|n |)i»k (f arr aSuilablr thniUfcIi Kllll Design. CA rr,iilriil, please add ft.5% salr, la .
• The LIVE! Frame Crabber i‘ ¦vaiUblr for ihr Ami*. :»(«! ¦ AmiBn 1000 anil Amipi 2000 . IN VISION ’ .I’S and Klan Prrfnmifr arr trademark* '>f Flan Draijrn. Bir, Amifa. 1-1V KI. Orluirl’aifii III and ANIMagic arr Use traibniurk- iif (aimmiKbirr Htmnrn* Marhilir*. A-Si|iiarr(| S)»trin». Klr. Lnmir Art. And Argi, Siflvmrr. Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief Dan SULLIVAN, Executive Editor SHAWN LaFLAMME, Managing Editor LlNDA J. BARRETT, Acquisitions Editor BARBARA GEFVERT Tyson, Review Editor JAN JACKSON, New Products Editor TlM WALSH, Technical Editor Gene Brawn, Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Lou Wallace, contributing Editors Howard G, Happ, Art Director ROGER Goode, Assistant Art Director Anne Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer ALAN A Korda, Production Supervisor KENNETH BLAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager Michael McGoldrick, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER PAQUETTE, Associate Sales Representative, InfoMarhet Sales, I-800-441-4403 LlNDA M. BUSSIERE, Advertising Coordinator GlORGIO SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 3350 W. Bayshore Road, Suite 201 Palo Alto, CA 94303 SHELLEY Harmon, Associate Sales Representative, West Coast WENDIE Haines-MaRRO, Marketing Manager
L. AURA LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator MARGOT L. Swanson, Advertising Assistant SUSAN MaIZEL, Customer Service Representative r f P Roger J. Murphy, President STEPHEN D. TwOMBLY, Executive Vice President Publishing Director Dennis S. Christensen, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director JOHN T. Childs, Single Copy Sales Manager 800-343-0728 Debbie Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager PAUL RUESS, Circulation Director 800-365-1364 Pam Wilder, Assistant Circulation Manager WILLIAM M, Boyer, Director of Credit Sales Collections AmigalVnrld (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWbrtd is published monthly by IDG Communications fcierborough, Inc., 80 Elm Si.. Peterborough, XH 03458. U.S. subscription rate is 529.97, one year; $ 46.00, two years; $ 64.00, three years. Canada $ 38.97 (U.S. funds), one year only. Mexico 538.97, Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97 (prepayment is required on Foreign Surface and Airmail subscriptions in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank). .All rates are one-year only. Second class postage paid at Itierborough, NH, and ai additional mailing offices. Phone: 603-924-947 1. Entire contents copyright 1989 by JDG Communications Peterborough, Inc. No part of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes tn Amiga World, Subscription Services. PO Box 58804. Boulder, CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed by International Circulation. Distributors. AmigaWmitt makes even* effort to assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the magazine. AmigaWorld assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Circle 210 on Reader Service card. Multi-Function Board gives you more for less! Compare: EFFICIENCY SCSI controller and 2MB FAST RAM expansion on a single board saves a valuable A2000 slot. PRICE Fully populated with 2MB of RAM, it costs less than other 2MB RAM Expansion ONLY boards. Look at the SCSI controller as a free bonus! Or buy it without RAM at the price of a SCSI controller, and populate RAM later! Save even more when bundled with a GVP drive. Hard Disk Drives 20, 30,40, 43, 45, 80,100MB Removable Hard Drive 44MB Removable Storage Hard-Disk-on-a-Card Saves a Peripheral Bay High Hard Disk Drive SCSI Controller SCSI + 2 Multi-Function Board. Technical Highlights:
• High performance AUTOBOOTing SCSI Controller supports up to seven SCSI devices.
• Internal and external SCSI connectors.
• DMA to from drive to onboard 16K SRAM buffer provides high performance not affected by overscan or blitter DMA.
• Zero or 2MB of zero-waitstate AUTOCONFIGured FAST RAM Expansion.
• Optional Removable media support EPROMs with auto "diskchange" feature for Syquest and Bernoulli drives. For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. FAX (215) 889-9416 • (215) 889-9411 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Service Card Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service Card First Impressions Still superior after all these years. AS A WRITER covering the PC market for Computerworld, I spent a lot of time over the last few years listening to IBM and Apple types describe the future of personal computing. It sounded pretty good. Sometime down the line, Pcs would be able to do more than one thing at a time. Programs would be driven by graphics, blending beauty, sophistication, and ease of use. Memory would be freed up so that applications and data could grow to their full potential. .All customers had to do was wait for new hardware, operating systems, and of course, rewritten applications. Once these things arrived, customers were expected to pay the umpteen thousands to put such a system together, and thank the vendors for all their efforts. This talk had been going on for a long, long time, with little being delivered. The longer the wait, the more like drivel it all seemed. There was, though, a segment of the public that quickly saw through the thin veneer of vendor promises. These were the people who owned Commodore Amigas. Every time we'd write about IBM and Microsoft’s OS 2 multitasking operating system, or the wonders of the Intel 80386 chip, the Amiga users would get steamed. And when they'd get really steamed, they’d write us letters, which Computerworld was nice enough to print. Mark Cashmann, a DP manager, wrote a memorable one that was published in November 1986, when the industry was in a frenzy over the introduction of the Intel 80386 chip and rumors of a Microsoft large-memory multitasking operating system. Cashmann had had enough. He wanted the world to know that such capabilities already existed. His Amiga had built-in windowing, graphics, and animation, as well as sound and speech synthesis. Plus, it could efficiently access over 8MB of RAM, and had sophisticated software at low prices. Few people listened to Cashmann. In fact, most computer users plodded along on single-tasking, character-mode Pcs hobbled by an absurd and repulsive 640K barrier. The promise of a new operating system that would lift these shackles kept users from tossing their Pcs out die window and buying something truly robust like an Amiga. This new operating system was “just around the corner.” (Sure, and cows can be taught to program in C too.) Most of OS 2’s pieces finally shipped last year, some four years after the introduction of the IBM PC AT, its original target. Of course, running OS 2 on one of those machines is like pulling a tractor trailer with a Yu go. It’s possible, but only a stooge would bother trying it. About a year and a half later, we heard from a programmer analyst named Christopher R. Hertel, who was miffed at one writer’s rather simplistic touting of OS 2. According to the argument, OS 2 was great because it could multitask, access more memory, and had a graphical user interface. Whoopdy- doo. Hertefs Amiga already had all that. 'There was even software for the Amiga, something OS 2 still sorely lacks. Neil W. Plouff fired the best shot earlier this year. Plouff took on Microsoft chairman and youngest self-made billionaire Bill Gates after Gates had the audacity to argue that “true multitasking won’t work in a 1MB system.” The obviously astute Plouff pointed out that Gates' own Amiga Basic multitasks quite nicely in a 512K .Amiga environment. In fact, it can multitask in less. Gates happened to be talking about OS 2, which uses more RAM to load itself than most Amiga users have ever dreamed of owning. Of course, it is easy to pick on IBM. Quasi-monopolists have little incentive to innovate, and can get away with selling embarrassingly limited machines. The harder target is Apple Computer, which has managed to convince large numbers of otherwise bright people that the Macintosh is a state-of-the-art machine. Apple is particularly proud that its most expensive machines can display color. Okay. I guess they have caught up to the Commodore 64. And now they have expansion slots. Gee, there’s an innovation. But the most highly touted feature of all is a graphical user interface. Compared to the Amiga's, however, the Mac interface is still too slow, and lias a total lack of such critical tools as batch files. Now Apple is building a new operating system with all kinds of neat things that will ship next year. But guess what will be missing from this system? True multitasking! But you can’t blame Apple. We all know how difficult ii is to multitask with the Motorola 68000 family. It’s just that someone forgot to tell that to Commodore. So you can see why I am excited to be a part of the Amiga community. What is the future in the IBM PC and Macintosh market is the present and the past for the Amiga. We should follow the lead of people like Mark Cashmann, Chris Hertel, and Neil Plouff. Amiga users, developers, and especially Commodore cannot let the hypesters go unchallenged. The beauty and strength of the Amiga should be demonstrated in every way possible to those who believe in a strictly IBM Apple PC universe. Or, we can keep it to ourselves, and laugh quietly as others pay the big bucks for kludgey graphical, multitasking systems from the so-called market leaders. ¦ Doug Barney A30G1, 25Mhz 68030 68882 Upgrade Kit Technical Highlights:
• Asynchronous 68030 design allows high clock rates and GENLOCK compatibility.
• Factory installed 25Mhz 68882 floating point processor, twice as fast as the older 68881 chip. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc
• Fully DMA-able AUTOCON-FIGured 32-bit wide memory. Up to 8MB.
• Built-in AUTOBOOTng hard disk controller supports up to two 40 or 80MB drives (11 19ms access).
• Selectable 68000 fall-back mode for full floppy-based game compatibility. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. For more information, or for your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome FAX (215) 889-9416 • (215) 889-9411 • BBS (215) 889-4994 Dealers Circle 245 on Reader Service Card 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 Consumers Circle 127 on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Drive Debate I FEEL THAT Robert Ryan's article, “Amiga 2000 Harcl- Disk Controllers” [AmigaWorld, July '89, p. 24], was not well researched and has missed on a number of important points, especially concerning Interactive Video Systems’ Trump- Card and the Commodore A2090A controller. It has been my experience that these cards have been trouble free, easy to use and install, good performers in real-world use, well behaved (no unexplained gurus, and both work well with other cards, such as Commodore’s A2620 card), flexible (the A2090A supports both ST506 and SCSI drives, and the TrumpCard supports removable media), and, in Trump- Card’s case, very low priced. Let’s look at all the points of a product and use their current software before passing judgement. Greg Huhn Century Computer Systems La Habra, CA IN HIS ARTICLE “Amiga 2000 Hard-Disk Controllers,” Robert Ryan gives the TrumpCard a very negative review. We always evaluate a product prior to selling it, and we have checked most of the controllers reviewed in this article. We could not get the dramatic results found by Mr. Ryan. The review was very unfair to the TrumpCard. In our assessment, the TrumpCard offers one of the best values available in an 8-bit hard-disk system for the Amiga 500
2000. Jim Davis J iif C Computer Sendees Honolulu, HI Users Unite! IN MR. KNIGHTS letter [“The Video Race,” Repartee, July ’89, p. 8], he says that Mac developers work in tandem to create a cohesive software environment, while the Amiga developers are loosely united. Why don’t Amiga users form a worldwide alliance to enforce standards, such as file formats and compatibility? If a product meets all the standards, we could then give it a seal of approval symbolizing that it meets standards set by other Amiga users. We could send out ballots to see what kinds of new products users want to see from the developers, and we could then request the developers to produce them. I am serious about this. What do you guys think? Sean Shelby A worldwide alliance of Amiga users would be wonderful, but, to have any clout, it would truly have to represent the vast majority of users, and developers would have to be involved. Commodore recently took the first step toward uniting the Amiga community by announcing plans to form a developers’ advisory board, coordinate user interfaces and documentation standards, and participate more actively in key third-party projects. Editors Joy of Computing I WAS SURPRISED by the line of argument put forth by Mr. Grove [“Saturday Night Amiga,” Repartee, June ’89, p. 8]. The whole joy of computing, particularly with the Amiga, is to be able to share that enjoyment with as many people as possible, and looking down on users who are initially attracted to entertainment on the Amiga is just snobbery and elitism. J I would be only too happy to see the Amiga go the same way as the C-64 and the Atari ST, at least in terms of user base, because only then can the future of this great little machine he assured. Peter Wesson Orpington, Kent, England In Business In “Quiet but Promising” [Notepad, July ’89, p. 10], Mark Van Name gives the impression that Commodore had built a flawed Novell interface, and, moreover, seemed uninterested in developing it. While your report may be true, it left me with the impression that Commodore builds inferior equipment and is out of touch with user’s needs. Amiga users themselves often nurture the perception that Commodore is an unprofessional company and that tlie Amiga is outside the mainstream of business computing. This is untrue from my experience. Our company, radio station WCMS, has a Novell network. Prior to getting approval for purchasing an Amiga 2000 for the station, 1 had to demonstrate that it was Novell compatible. With help from our local dealer, who loaned me a Bridgeboard, I took a Sun Microsystems Arcnet card from one of our IBM compatibles, inserted it into the .Amiga’s IBM side, included anet3.com in the autoexec.bat file, and proceeded to log in to the network, accessing perfectly all programs. We have a Wvse-286 file- server hooked to three IBMs, nine IBM compatibles, and one Amiga 2000. Wouldn’t you know, when we give visitors a tour of our facility, the place where they stop and look with wonder is where the Amiga is kept! Mike Budahn WCMS Research Director Virginia Beach, VA Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ When QIX fever strikes, there is no cure! Like the mind- blowing arcade original, QIX is a computer virus that lives deep inside your computer, attacking without warning. Construct a trap in any one of the billions of configurations possible to immobilize QIX. But watch out for SPARX™ and SPRITZ™ and other deadly energy forms! In this electrical world of high-tech infections, mental dexterity and superior strategy are basic to survival. The practice mode turns beginners into addicts. No one is immune! Get your QIX before QIX gets you! TihlTO If you cannot find this product at your local retailer, Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the United States by calling toll free 1-800-663-8067. Taitof-QIX® SPARX™ and SPRITZ™ arc trademarks of Taito America Corporation. Copyright ©1989. All rights reserved Atari, Commodore, and Amiga are registered trademarks respectively of Atari Corporation, Commodore Electronics, Inc., and Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 56 on Reader Service card » NOTEPAD Compiled by Linda Barrett Power Players SHARING THE HYATT Regency with a state governors' convention last July, Ami-Expo had some high-powered competition tor the attention of Chicago residents. The combined megahertz exhibited on the show floor, however, more than held its own against the political puli. A large contributor to the power surge was Digital Animation Productions' Video Graphics Transputer. This high-speed A2000-compatible 32-bit parallel architecture computer tower provides a palette of 16.7 million colors and serves as a relatively inexpensive alternative to equally powerful Sun and Cray workstations. Ranging in price from S1950 for a one- megabyte single Inmos T800 model to $ 13,050 for a quadruple transputer with 16MB of RAM, the device should appeal to CAD, graphic, television, and animation studios, plus colleges and universities that need low-cost parallel-processing computers. Reaching out to other computer systems was In vogue, as Macintosh- compatible products were evident all over the floor. Readysoft showcased A-Max, a Macintosh emulator. M.A.S.T. advertised Amig-a-Tosh and Amig-a- Tosh Plus, Macintosh-compatible disk drives and hardware. Central Coast Software demonstrated Mac-2-D0S, which offers a custom hardware interface, an optional Macintosh-compatible 31 j-inch floppy drive, and file- selectable software. The software market welcomed several new versions of old friends. Gold Disk debuted Professional Page V1.3, with its Compugraphic outline font technology. ASDG announced version
2. 0 of the CygnusEd Professional text processor. WordPerfect Corp. spotlighted WordPerfect 4.1 and Its improved file requester. Mindware International caught everyone’s attention with TASS (Thut Application Support System), an Arexx-compatlble utility that simplifies the creation of Arexx-based applications. Hardware developers have been busy, as well. C Ltd debuted Han-D- Scan, a hand-held 400-dot-per-inch scanner, while Great Valley Products offered a 150MB Streaming Tape Backup system. The gamers were not forgotten: Mindscape ran a demo of Fiendish Freddy, a circus clown adventure game, while ReadySoft showed the new Don Bluth game Space Ace. Although the governors just went home after their convention, the next whistle stop on the Ami-Expo goodwill tour Is Santa Clara, California in October. TJV Can’t Beat the Motion GIVEN THE CHOICE of three state-of-the-art computer labs, students attending the California State University Summer Arts Center Program’s Computer Studio for Artists and Designers overwhelmingly chose the Amiga-equipped lab for their projects. A dozen Mac lIs and a handful of Targa-equipped IBM Pcs were no match against the Amiga's secret weapon.. .animation. Three studios, one each for Macs, Amigas, and video production, sprouted among the Redwood forests oi Humboldt State University in Areata, California. Ore than 40 students put six Amiga 2000s, ten A500s, three digitizers, and a complete video production editing system to the test for four weeks. A Fairlight effects box, MIDI-controlled audio equipment, page compostidon and printing systems, plus nearly every major piece of graphics software completed the arsenal. Graphics wiz Joel Hagen, animators Steve Segal and Gene Brawn, and video artists Jody Gillerman and Rob Terry guided the amazingly-talented students through their introduction to the Amiga wonderland. One-on-one instruction included a week of orientation to the computer systems and paint programs, a week of color graphics and animation basics, and two weeks of advanced study. According to Course Director Steve Wilson, the studio is more than a mass of hardware. He considers the program more of a conceptual art piece intended to draw the student into the creative process. Working at their own pace, the students were presented with ideas, tools, and concepts rather than traditional assignments and deadlines. The strategy succeeded, with the instructors often learning and discovering as much as their charges. Student-produced works ran the gamut from posters and color prints to several professional- quality animations. One unique production was built around an Amiga and Very Vivid’s Mandala program controlling a fully- interactive sound-and-light show. A video of Amiga-generated and
- manipulated graphics rounded out the display. Funded in part by the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, the program is open to everyone interested in computer arts, and the courses will count for academic credit. The fee for the 1989 session was S1000, including room and hoard. For information on the 1990 program, contact: CSU Summer Arts, The California State University, 400 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802, 213 590-5768. Gene Brawn Not Military. Not Mercenary. And You're Definitely No Tourist... Soviet Commander: "Who are You?" Rambo: "I'm your worst NIGHTMARE." Remember that Line? Now YOU can deliver it to the enemy in person. Thirty miles over the Afghanistan border, Soviet forces are torturing your friend and mentor, Colonel Trautman. You’re the only man alive with enough guts, brawn, and resourcefulness to single- handedly rescue the man who taught you how to fight. Every Soviet commando, tank, and attack chopper in the sector is on your tail. It’s the ultimate contest for the ultimate fighter. , ] v , t •'• •,1 'v - ¦ ; j • " ‘ ----- - • ” ‘ ; at *j mf: - ¦' ' M 4 P V;.:C t * :.*** I
* : 'iLpif-A ... * r - .1
* v •• - *¦ « ,» i - ¦ Tver fly one of these things? With the enemy breathing down your back, that Hind chopper's the best way out of this hell hole. TAITO If you cannot find this product at your local retailer, Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the United States by calling toll free 1-800-663-806". Game Design. ©1988 Ocean Software Ltd. RAMBO is a registered trademark of Carolco. ©1989 CAROLCO. Ocean is a trademark of Ocean Software Limited. Taito is a registered trademark of Taito America Corporation. ©1989 Taito America Corporation. All rights reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 112 on Reader Service card REVIEWS A-Max Quacks like a Mac, looks like an Amiga. By Steve Peterson THE AMIGA RUNS hundreds of Amiga programs by itself, and with the help of Commodore's Bridgeboard, thousands of MS-DOS packages. Now A-Max from ReadySoft enables the Amiga to run some Macintosh software, too. A-Max employs both hardware and software to emulate a Macintosh. The cartridge that plugs into the Amiga’s disk-drive port provides a pass-through connector for an external Amiga drive and another port to accommodate an Apple-compatible disk drive. The cartridge also contains sockets for a set of Macintosh ROM chips, which you must buy separately and install. Central to the operation of A-Max, the ROMs contain information about the Macintosh and how it works. A-Max accepts either 64K ROMs (about S50), or the 128K ROMs (approximately SI50). Found in the Macintosh Plus. Because they are newer, the 128K ROMs offer greater software compatibility and are easier to come by. You can buy the chips from dealers that sell Macintosh spare parts (the A-Max package includes a list); some Amiga dealers that self A-Max also carry the ROMs. To install the ROMs, simply remove the screws from the cartridge. Lift off the cover, and carefully plug the chips into any of the sockets. Then replace the cover and screws, and plug the cartridge into the Amiga. The A-Max documentation is complete a couple of readings sufficed to install and configure the unit but it is somewhat confusing, partly because it contains no illustrations. Making Your Choices Booting the A-Max software prepares your Amiga for Mac emulation. Of necessity, A-Max takes over your computer and does not multitask with other Amiga programs. The software gives you a number of configuration options, including several display formats. You can choose the standard Mac screen size of 512x342 (which A-Max presents in interlaced mode), 640x400 (also interlaced), or 640x200 (wherein A-Max displays one half of a 640x 400 page; you can opt to scroll the display quickly or slowly as you move the mouse up and down, or skip from the top half to the bottom half). Of these options, I found the 640x400 interlaced easiest to work with. If you have a Commodore A2024 or Viking I (Moniterm) monitor, you can take advantage of the 1008 x 800 mode, A-Max defaults to its own set of colors, but you can use the first two Workbench colors set in Preferences if you prefer. You can opt to print through either the parallel or serial port. Finally, and most importantly, A-Max offers a number of ways to configure your memory to enhance compatibility with various Macintosh programs. Any memory you choose not to use is set up as a recoverable RAM disk. Once you have confirmed your selec- tions, A-Max’s Welcome to Macintosh screen appears, and your Amiga is ready to run Macintosh software. You cannot just put a Mac disk into your Amiga drive and expect it to work, though. Because the Macintosh uses variable-speed disk drives. Amiga drives cannot read Mac-format disks fully. A-Max gets around this by providing software that lets you format a disk using your Macintosh with space for 272K of Macintosh data that Amiga drives can read. Thus, you can copy data from your Macintosh program disks (most Mac software is not copy protected) and ferry information to A-Max in 272K chunks. The best way to run Macintosh software on A- Max, however, is to use an Apple-compatible drive (which costs about $ 150- $ 200). Besides using a modem, the only way to shuffle A-Max data to a Macintosh is to use an Apple-compatible drive; A-Max has no provision for back transfers. A-Max treats Amiga disk drives as 800K Mac drives, but disks formatted by A-Max can be read only by the emulator; neither a Macintosh nor an Amiga in normal operating mode can read these disks. Unfortunately, A-Max cannot ac- cess Amiga hard drives, so you’re limited to floppies. This is a substantial limitation, as some of the more recent Mac programs (such as PageMaker 3.0) require a hard disk. Outside of this restriction, compatibility with Macintosh software is excellent. A-Max requires Apple's system software (System and Finder) to run, and can use the latest versions. (Many Mac software packages include these programs; you can also buv them for about $ 50 from Apple dealers.) I successfully ran a number of popular Macintosh programs on A-Max, including Microsoft Word 4.0, Excel 1.5, Smartcom II, DeskPaint, HyperCard, and PageMaker 2.0. A-Max will not run all Macintosh software, however. Many games, MIDI packages, and other programs (such as scanner software) are designed to bypass the ROMs entirely and instead address die Macintosh hardware directly. These will not work with A-Max, Macintosh software that requires a Mac II will not work either, because A-Max does not support the 256K Mac II ROMs. A-Max’s performance in terms of disk access time and recalculation speed is comparable to a Macintosh Plus screen refreshing is even faster. The A-Max display is not as crisp as the Mac’s, but that is not the fault of the package; color monitors offer less resolution than do black-and-white screens. For long-term use, you will want a solution to the flicker problem. According to ReadySoft, A-Max can use the Enhanced Chip Set (soon to be released from Commodore) to produce a 640x400 flicker-free display on a multi-scan monitor. A-Max also supports the flickerFixer (MicroWay). What s the Difference? Using the serial port, you can emulate an I mage Writer with an Epson-compatible printer; 1 found the print quality with an Epson 9-pin indistinguishable from that produced by an ImagcWriter I, Unfortunately, A-Max cannot print to a LaserWriter (which supports PostScript) directly because it does not support AppleTalk. It is possible to get around this by creating a PostScript text file and dumping it to the LaserWriter through the parallel port, though this is an awkward process. A-Max’s file-transfer utility provides straightforward transfer with no conversion between file formats. A true transfer module for formatted text, IFF images, and so on would make A-Max a better bridge between the Macintosh and Amiga worlds. I would also like to see support for AppleTalk to provide network and LaserWriter compatibility. A- Max’s greatest limitation, however, is its lack of hard-disk support. To address this, ReadySoft is promising an upgrade by year’s end to allow hard-drive access. Such support would make A-Max even better than the Mac Plus; for many uses, an A-Max-equipped Amiga would then rival the Mac SE or the Mac II. Recently, Apple has threatened to curtail the supply of Macintosh ROMs to prevent the success of Macintosh clones. It’s worth noting, however, that similar Macintosh emulators appeared for the Atari ST a year or two ago, and Apple did not crack down on ROMs then. If you need file compatibility with your office or your clients, or need to use a piece of Macintosh software that does not yet have an equivalent on the Amiga, A-Max can save you a lot of money. T he street price for an Amiga 500 with monitor, two disk drives, and one meg of RAM plus A-Max with ROMs and an Apple-compatible drive is about equal to that of a Macintosh Plus (including monitor and one meg of RAM) with two drives. For the Amiga owner who knows its limits, A-Max is a great deal. A-Max ReadySoft Inc. 30 Wertlieim Court Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B IB9 416 731-4175 SI 99.95 Macintosh 64 K or 128K ROMs at id system software required. Dual Serial Board Outputting with a forked port. By Sheldon Leemon ALTHOUGH THE AMIGA’S multitasking operating system software is capable of sending and receiving information through several ports at once, its single serial port limits the computer to one serial operation at a time. This can be a fairly severe limitation, given the number of serial devices that the Amiga can ? Use printers, plotters, audio digitizers, optical scanners, touch tablets, assorted MIDI interfaces, film and video recorders, video-disk players, and more. The second drawback to the standard Amiga serial port is its lack of speed. Running at speeds as low' as 9600 bits per second (bps), reliable transfers are difficult to obtain, particularly when using a 16-color hi-res screen that eats up much of the system’s processing power. This limits the usefulness of high-speed serial devices on the Amiga and makes it difficult to program software for MIDI devices that transfer data at 31,250 bps. The ASDG Dual Serial Board (DSB) addresses these problems by providing two additional serial ports on a plug-in card for the A2000. Because of size limitations, nine-pin D-shell connectors are provided on the mounting bracket, instead of the standard 25-pin type. The nine-pin connectors use the same serial cable as the IBM PC AT. The DSB’s serial ports can be programmed to any of the original port’s speeds, including the oddball MIDI speed not supported by most serial interface chips. Unlike the standard port, however, the latest (8 Mhz) version of the DSB can reliably transfer data at speeds of up to 115,200 bps on one port, or 57,600 bps on twro ports at once. The earlier 6 Mhz version of the DSB ran reliably at up to 76,800 bps on a single port. (The Icheck program that comes on Workbench 1.2 can tell you which version of the board you have; ASDG updates 6 Mhz boards for $ 30.) Behind Every Good Board .. No matter how' good the hardware is, however, it is of little use without the appropriate software. The DSB’s software is extremely polished. The Exec-level device driver, siosbx.device, corresponds to the Amiga serial.device, but can support unit numbers higher than 0 (0 and 1 if you have one board installed, higher numbers if you have more boards). Terminal programs that provide support for devices other than serial.device such as Online! Platinum (Micro-Systems Software), A-Talk III (Oxxi), and the forthcoming version of Access (a shareware program) can use the new driver directly. It can also be used by some terminal programs that do not support alternate serial devices directly: All you need to do is patch these programs (replace the text string “serial.device” with the string "siosbx.device”) using a text or file editor. Because the patch method allows you to use only unit number 0 with such programs, .ASDG has provided an ingenious alternative, the Serial DisPatcher program. This program replaces the normal Amiga serial.device file, and when any program tries to open the serial device, it pops up a window asking if you want to use the default Amiga port or one of the SBD ports. If you make no response within 15 seconds, Serial Dispatcher defaults to the standard port. If you select one of the SBD ports, Dispatcher uses it instead, and the host program never knows the difference. While this provides a suitable solution most of the time, an option that allow's the Dispatcher to default to one of the SBD units wrould be handy. The DSB software offers not only Exec-level driver support, but Amiga- DOS-level support as well through two handlers, SERX-Handler (which corresponds to AmigaDOS’s SER: handler) and SERXI-Handler (which corresponds to the AUX: handler). These handlers are even more flexible than their .AmigaDOS counterparts because they let you control their communication parameters through command-line options, a Mountlist entry, and the default Preferences settings. They also enable you to perform any normal AmigaDOS operation with the DSB ports, such as copying a file to one of the serial ports, or opening up a new CLI task over a serial connection. Because most MIDI programs do not use the operating system routines to speak to the serial port, ASDG plans to provide hardware-level support to music-program developers and is working on software that will allow' the Music- X (Microillusions) to use the DSB ports as MIDI ports. Although setting up a Mountlist entry for the .AmigaDOS handlers or patching a program to use the Exec-level drivers requires a fair knowledge of the system, ASDG makes the DSB easy to use. The supplied installation program automatically places the necessary system files in their correct directories on your Work- bench disk, and if requested, also replaces the standard serial device with the Serial DisPatcher program. To save you some money, several public-domain terminal programs are also included. Should you decide to purchase the package, be sure to send in your registration card. ASDG has updated the software twice already, fixing problems with the wireless Zing! Mouse (Meridian Software) and the freely distributable VLT terminal program, and providing better compatibility with 68020 and 68030 accelerator boards. Speak to Me In test operations, the Dual Serial Board performed without problems. On one computer, I was able to transfer files between the two DSB ports while using Supra’.s internal modem to download a file from a bulletin board and transferring a file from another computer hooked up to the standard Amiga serial port simultaneously. The maximum transfer rate between the two ports using a 6 Mhz board wras about 2500 bytes per second, not bad considering all that was going on. Of course, your mileage may vary accelerator boards will speed up transfers, while terminal programs that use large 16-color screens will slowr them down. I was also able to hook up a PostScript laser printer at 38,400 bps (57,600 is the maximum rate with an 8 Mhz board), which provided much ? Nformation ore than 4000+ Amiga For BeginnersMhe first volume in our Amiga series, introduces you to Intuition (Amiga’s graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the CLL and AmigaBASIC. Explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English. ISBN 1-55755-021-2 178pp Covers Workbench 1.3 Info $ 16.95 BASIC Inside & Out -THE definitive step-by*step quide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully described and detailed. Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and speech commands. ISBN 0-916439-87-9 548pp Covers Workbench 1.3 Info $ 24.95 3-D Graphic Programming in BASIC-shows you how to use the powerful graphic capabilities of the Amiga. Details the techiniques and algorithms for writing three-dimensional graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF format and more. ISBN 1-55755-044-1 360pp $ 19,95 Machine Language -is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler machine language programming and is THE practical guide for learning to program the Amiga in ultra-fast ML. Also covers 68000 processor address modes and architecture, speech and sound from ML and much more. ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264pp $ 19.95 Tricks & Tips-follows our tradition of other Tricks and Tips books for CBM users. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations, and much more! ISBN 0-916439-88-7 342pp $ 19.95 System Programmer's Guide-comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Only a few of the many subjects covered include the EXEC structure, I O requests, interrupts and resource managment, multitasking functions and much, much more. ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442pp $ 34.95 graphics - Inside & Out-an in depth treatment of the tmiga's super graphic features and functions. Learn ow to access these graphic features from AmigaBASIC ¦r C. Learn graphic programming in C with examples of oints, lines, rectangles, polygons, colors and more. Contains a complete description of the Amiga graphic ystem-View, ViewPort, RasPort, bitmaps, screens, indows and more. 3BN 1-55755-052-2 610pp $ 34.95 AmigaDOS Inside & Out-covers the insides of AmigaDOS from the internal design up to practical applications. Includes detailed reference section, tasks and handling, DOS editors ED and EDIT, how to create and use script files, multitasking, and much more. 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ISBN 1-55755-047-6 4Q0pp Available August $ 34.95 More Tricks & Tips-a collection of programming "quick-hitters" -easy to use techniques, hints, and suggestions for Amiga owners, learn to make programs more user-friendly using pulldown menus, sliders and tables, disable fast RAM, NewCon and Pipe devices. ISBN 1 -55755-051 -4 218 pp Covers Workbench 1.3 Info $ 19.95 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers-contains a wealth of information from the pros: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code for a C based text editor. ISBN 1-55755-046--8 650pp $ 34.95 Quick Reference*
- an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Amiga by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. All commands are in alphabetical order for easy reference. ISBN 1-55755-049-2 $ 9.95 Covers Workbench 1.3 info Save Time and Money!
- Optional program disks are available for many of our Amiga reference books. All programs listed in the books are on each respective disk and will save you countless hours of typing! (‘Diskette Not Available for these Titles) $ 14.95 Crete 124 on Reader Service card Abacus ituunw lllltlttill Dept. L10, 5370 52nd Sreet SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49512
(616) 698-0330 Add $ 4.00 Shipping and Handling per Order Foreign Orders add $ 12.00 per item Michigan Residents add 4% sales tax More Books Coming Soon! See your local dealer or Order Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 faster transfers than the parallel port. The Dual Serial Board provides a much-needed expansion option for Amiga 2000 owners. It not only provides extra serial ports, but does so in a manner that is fully compatible with the .Amiga operating system. Dual Serial Board ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 S299.95 No special requirements. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Learn to have fun. By Randall R. Greenwald CARMEN SANDIEGO IS the cunning ringleader of a gang of master thieves who covet the likes of the English monarchy’s crown jewels and the Staten Is- To catch a thief, you must decipher the clues and follow your nose. Land Ferry. As an investigator working for the Acme Detective Agency, you are assigned to gather clues that identify the individual responsible, track the hoodlum to his or her hideout, and make an arrest. Carmen’s thugs, careless though they may be about leaving clues, do not wait in one place to be found. Your search will lead you around the world to perhaps four, live, or six cities on different continents. Sounds like a game to me. . .but why does the package include a copy of the World Almanac? Could it be that we players are .supposed to learn something? We are, according to Broder- bund. The program can he ordered with a teaching guide (SI0) and is recommended by the publisher for grades four to nine. Where in the World Js Carmen Sandiego? Is easy to pick up and hard to put down. The main screen is divided into three windows, and other than typing in your name, you can control it with the mouse. You begin in the city that Carmen’s gang has just hit. With only a description of the crime and the gender of the suspect. Clicking on icons the library, sports club, market, bank, stock market, for example summons characters who reveal clues concerning the identity of the suspect and his possible destination (there are 1000 possible cl ties). T hus, you learn perhaps that she had red hair and left in a vehicle flying a red, white, and green flag. (My children have worn out the Almanac's flag pages!) Some clues are more difficult to research (“He wanted to buy some figs to make some figgv pudding,” for example), yet each provides you with enough informa- ? Travel the globe with the best in simulation software; Flight Simulator™ and Jet r“. Discover the world with Flight Controls I and Scenery Disk supplements to our integrated flight line! Call (800) 637-4983 for our new brochure. Flight Simulator, Jet. And Flight Controls I are trademarks of SubLOGIC Corp. IBM screens shown. Other computer versions may vary. Right Simulator IT QflfitOGIC Circle 228 on Reader Service card 16 October 1989 Don't limit your potential! Experience excellence!, a word processor designed for your Amiga, with 250 available fonts, a Spell-As-You-iype 90,000 + word Dictionary Grammatical Style Checker, Thesaurus, Index and Table of Contents generator, Headers, Footers and Footnotes! Sail through PostScript output, True WYSIWYG, automatic Hyphenation, Math, beautiful resizable Color Graphics, flexible Mail Merge, Columns and an easy-to-use Macro- Language making complete actions a breeze! The fastest word processor for your Amiga is the only one you'll ever need! Tvuly a "Masterpiece" of excellence! 12798 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 407-790-0770 Fax 407-790-1341 See your local dealer for an excellence! Brochure. Dealers and Distributors Call 1-800-327-8724 We use KAO Disks! Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines * PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. • excellence! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Systems Software, Inc. tion to enable you to follow your suspect to the next city. Flying High Getting to your next destination is hall the fun. Clicking on the Depart icon brings up a world map with several highlighted cities. Click on a city, and a digitized jet takes you, in stereo, to your next stop. If you have read your clues correctly, you will be greeted by one of the thief s animated henchmen (especially entertaining to children). If you are mistaken, you have lost valuable time, and must retrace your route back to your point of departure. As you arrive in each of the 30 cities, you see a picture of a significant landmark and text highlighting a feature of the country in which the city is located. These pictures, including the Sydney Opera House, cherry blossoms around Mt. Fuji, a perspective rendering of the Eiffel Tower, and Norwegian fjords are all stunning. If you are successful in tracking your suspect, you must have a warrant to make the arrest. To secure one, click on the Crime Computer icon and enter the information you have gathered. If you have secured enough clues in the allotted time, the computer generates an arrest warrant for one of the criminals in its database matching the description your clues provide. Make an arrest without a warrant, and the chief will warn you about possible lawsuits. Warrant in hand, approach the final city with caution. Hatchets, knives, and pistols may be aimed your way, all with appropriate sounds. Properly locating the suspect’s hideout begins another animated routine that results, if you were accurate, in landing the thief behind bars. This improves your record, placing you in line for one of four promotions. As you are promoted to higher levels, you will have to trace your suspects through more cities. Just the Facts Where in the World Is Carmen Saudi ego? Makes good use of the .Amiga’s animation, graphics, music, and sound capabilities, although I think that some of the sound clips are loo short (when flying from Mexico to China, for instance, the sound of the jet runs out before you land). It works with 512K, but is designed to run faster with one meg. We ran it both wavs and saw little differ- t ence: No matter which mode the program was in, we still had to wait for each animation sequence to load from disk. Though Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Is copy protected, you are not without replacement and backup options. Broderbund will provide a backup copy for five dollars, or, if you are tight like me, you can follow the manual's instructions and create a backup disk by treating a formatted floppy as a hard drive. You can also use the CLI to replace all the directories on a copy of Workbench with those from the program disk. Both of these means still require the original as a key disk. Following the documentation's clear steps, you can also copy the program to a hard drive for safe keeping. Our original disk proved defective, but Broder- bund’s customer-support person diagnosed the problem and sent a replacement immediately. The manual displays a different world map projection than the one that shows Continued on p. 86 More than just a Disk Copier! Project D is the most powerful Amiga disk copier ever created. The BackupTool allows you to protect your software investment by making backup copies of your personal, public domain, and commercial software (it even copies copy-protected software!). No other copier allows you to copy to all four disk drives at the same time. No other copier keeps a list of the errors that happened during the last backup. No other copier lets you set the starting and ending tracks of a backup. No other copier has been continuously supported for the past two years. Project D was designed with the future in mind. We offer registered owners inexpensive, frequent upgrades to our parameter file so you can backup your latest software without having to wait months for new 'Brain Files’. Project D includes three other useful utilities as an added bonus! The OmnlTool can be used to make backups of software that you have for other computers (like MS-DOS or Atari ST). The EdltorTool allows you to examine and edit AmigaDOS disks all the way down to the MFM level. The CatalogTool is a powerful automatic disk cataloging utility that lets you maintain detailed lists of your software library. Compare the features of Project D and you will see that Project D is quite simply the best disk copier package money can buy! All these great features for only $ 49.95 and that indudes shipping and handling! Order Today! To order, send check or money order (US Funds on US Bank) to: Fuller Computer Systems, Inc.
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Fend off thugs and mongos with your Ninja Star. Defeat the evil Ring of Five. Destroy the evil helicopter! MINDSCAPE "x:v •: DTP SPECIAL-1: INPUT PROJECT MASTERING THE MECHANICS OF DESKTOP PUBLISHING This two-tiered tutorial will show you what you need to know about planning and designing your organization’s newsletter, plus how to create the finished product with Gold Disk’s Professional Page. And once you’ve mastered the page-creation mechanics of newsletters, you’ll be well equipped to tackle an even more sophisticated variety of desktop-generated publications. BY DOROTHY RANKIN j TO CREATE A successful newsletter, brochure, prospectus, or similar publication you need an attractive, well-organized design and powerful, versatile tools to execute that design. This two-part tutorial aims to provide some practical pointers in type and graphics design, and to incorporate these tips into a working knowledge of Gold Disk’s Professional Page. The newsletter is one of the most widely used promotional pieces. Over 100,000 newsletters are published each year in the United States, and the number is growing, thanks in part to the ease and small expense of desktop publishing. While the Amiga may be a late entry in the field and thus not as well-known as the IBM PC and Apple Macintosh the development of full-fledged DTP software such as Professional Page is making the Amiga a formidable contender capable of outstanding, top-quality work. ? MANY PEOPLE UNFAMILIAR with design produce newsletters that show all the capabilities of a desktop- publishing program but few of the capabilities oi the company they represent. Amateur DTP enthusiasts are often so taken with the sheer variety of possibilities type styles, lines, column widths, shadings, and the like they tend to use all the tools available on the program. The results are a hodge-podge of different styles competing separately for the reader’s attention. At the other extreme are those who suddenly have to put out something and simply do not have the time to study a program’s capabilities, let alone layout and design. The outcome here is a one-dimensional newsletter that is stilted and boring. It takes a while to learn a program and it takes longer to understand design. Unless you already have some background in graphic design, or have some innate understanding of the concepts, you mav Find that your newsletters lack the appeal you originally imagined. Even if you do have some design skills, there are certain "rules” peculiar to newsletters that you may find helpful to know. Tailor Your Text Some newsletters are easier than others to produce. They may have a "captive audience” and are designed largely for informational purposes. Nonetheless, they have to be clear and easy to read, but they do not need a lot of graphics and gimmicks. Others are used mainly as marketing tools and need a strong visual appeal perhaps even an “artsy” look for certain kinds of audiences with short articles, lots of photos and graphics, and plenty of “white space” Let’s start with the fundamentals. About the most basic part of a newsletter is the text, which calls for a choice of tvpeface(s) on your part. Professional Page offers quite a number of fonts From which to choose, but don’t get carried away. If your newsletter is geared toward a professional or academic audience, choose one typeface for your text. Within each typeface are different styles, or “attributes” italic, bold, outline, and so forth from which you can find variation. Serif typefaces (like the one you are reading here with short little lines stemming from the upper and lower ends of each character), such as Times , Roman and Palatino, are easier to read, and the body copy of most newsletters should be in a serif type. There are exceptions to this rule: If the articles are short and the subject matter is “soft” or light, a sans serif face, such as Helvetica, works quite well. T he size of type should be consistent throughout, with the exception of headlines and such special items as logos, mastheads, special department titles, or a calendar of events. I fat all possible, it is better to cut an article to make it fit into a certain space rather than to change the type size part way through. Barling that, you can continue the article to another page. If you really need to include a long article and can make it lit only by decreasing the size of type, set it apart from the rest of the newsletter by enclosing it in a plain or shaded box. You can also change the line spacing (called “leading”) slightly if you need just a little more room. On the other hand, if there is more space than type, leave the space alone. KEYS TO GOO Headlines offer a little more artistic freedom. You can use the same typefaces as in the rest of the copy, or try something entirely different. You can make your text a serif face and headlines sans serif. But stick with one typeface two at the very most and two or three different sizes. Good design is not arbitrary. The more articles in your newsletter, the less j J you should vary the size of headlines. The idea is to
* j keep it simple but not boring. Headlines are usually set with “left justification although particular layouts may call for “center justification." It is perfectly okay to use both in one newsletter, but only if there is a reason. (The terms in quotation marks are the forms used by many desktop-publishing programs, including Professional Page, for positioning of text. They do not necessarily correspond to traditional type-design terminology. "Left justification,” coresponding to “flush left, ragged right,” means starting at the beginning of the left margin of the column each time, but ending in irregular fashion on the right margin, depending on the length of the last word. “Right justification,” corresponding to “flush left, justified,” indicates the text not only aligns evenly on the left margin, but also on the right margin. “Center justification” simply refers to centering. Although infrequently used, “flush right, ragged left” can be employed for such special effects as captions set to the left of a photo in a wide margin of white space.) Another way to use headlines for interest is to create subtitles or “decks.” Pull out an important phrase from the copy and set it bold italic, perhaps several points less than the headline and in upper- and lowercase if your headline is in capitals. Another variation of this is the “pull quote" again a phrase or quote extracted from the text, hut this time set out in the outer margin (if you have allotted enough white space for the purpose). As a rule, the text of your newsletter probably should be left justified. This is now the trend, and. Like all good design, the reason is simply that it is easier to read that way. Also, when a column of type is right justified, in order to make the line end evenly the words sometimes are spread across the column width with large, awkward spaces between them although using hyphenation, of course, can correct that problem (sometimes with a lot of extra work and bad word breaks). If you do use tight justification, do it with columns of short widths. Generally, the larger the column width, the more reason to left justify. Other text points to keep in mind are if you are providing extra space between paragraphs, avoid indenting. If you do not give extra space and do indent, it is a good idea not to indent the first paragraph of an article, or the first paragraph after a "break bead” (subheadlines interspersed throughout the body copy to provide visual relief from long columns of text). Type may be the major element of your newsletter design, but it must fit with all the others. Try to find a balance between type, graphics, photos, and white space. Give yourself some breathing room. Designers pay a lot of attention to the way the eye moves around a page. If your eye gets stuck somewhere, the page is not balanced. Each page needs, simultaneously, to be varied and static both interesting and comfortable. For instance, the cover pages might use two columns while the center pages use three columns. Or both the center pages might have two-inch columns on the outside and four-inch columns 011 the inside. Don’t “Just Do It” Plan It First Talk of column widths and variations brings us to the planning stage. Don’t take those athletic footwear commercials to heart and jump right into things. Good initial planning will yield much better results and save you time in the end. The great thing about desktop publishing is that you do not have to know the exact number ofcolumn- inches required for each article. There are formulas for figuring out how many words take up how many column inches, hut as every font brings a different variable to the equation (different fonts take up different amounts of space even in the same point size), it is easier to experiment. Type one page of copy into a column you have created with your desktop-publishing program and note the number of cotumn- inches it takes up. Change the column width and note that length. Change the type to something larger, such as American, and note the amount of space it takes up. Save your notes for redesigns or future newsletters. For instance, one page typed elite, double spaced equals two column-inches Palaiino 10 point. Once you have an idea of how much space each article requires, you can draw a "dummy" (a page- by-page mock-up or sketch of the entire newsletter) and plan the layout. Obviously, the more important articles should be placed first and high on the page, and related articles should be placed close together. When planning the placement of photos and artwork, you can be tight or loose depending, again, on your audience. For instance, photos and graphics can be made to fit into the width of a column (a more traditional method) or they can be larger than the column, perhaps with the type “wrapped" around them (a somewhat “flashier” approach emphasizing the graphic and the design itself over the text). For some of us, planning is the most difficult part. We want to get right into the program and start making a newsletter. But planning ahead can save you hours of grief later on. If you have first sketched out a mock-up, you can see the relationship of photos, text, graphics, and white space, just as important, this kind of planning enables you to do a lot of the work in the word-processing stage. You will know the order in which the stories should be flowed into the program. And you can use formatting codes to specify typeface, size, style, line spacing, left or flush justification, kerning, hyphenation, and indentation. I highly recommend using your word processor for most of these decisions. Once the articles are typed into your word processor and the mock-up is complete, you can create your page templates. A newsletter should have the same “look” throughout its life; it makes your work easier in the long run, and the consistency brings a certain familiarity and comfort to your readers. When it arrives in the mail, we immediately know its source, and we know where to find certain articles that interest us. Therefore, for our project we are going to create a four-page newsletter by first creating lour page templates that might be used over and over again. Remember, try to determine beforehand what will be the same in every newsletter: the banner, perhaps certain lines at the top and bottom, margins all around, the number and size of columns, the space for a mailing address, and the masthead. These are essential considerations for designing your templates. ? PRODUCING A 4 N E W S L E T BOOT UP YOUR Professional Page and we can begin creating a newsletter. First click Preferences Layout 'Fouls. Click Columns: On and. For now, Outlines: OH. Click Snap to Grid: On. Select OK. Now select Page Create from default and set basic specifications for vour pages. Page I Set margins at (in inches): Top: 2.75; Bol: .5; Left: 2.5: Rt: .5. (Printers need at least :' H-inch margins on the sides for what is called “gripper space," the space the press needs to hold the paper.) Two columns; .5-inch gutter. When you save these pages, use the name ol the newsletter, the page number, and a lag such as ,tm for template. We'll save this page as Newsl.tm. Page 2 Set margins at: fop: 1; Bot: .5; Left: .5; Right: .5. Three columns; gutter .5. Save as News2.ini. Page 3 Same as above. Save as News3.tm, Page I Set Lop: 1; Bot: 3.7; Left: .5; Right: .5. Two columns; gutter .5. Save as NewsTtm. Now we will create those things that will he consistent in every newsletter, starting on page one. The banner usually includes the names of the newsletter and organization or business, the volume number if needed, and the date or season. You may prefer to create the banner separately, off the computer, using the company logo and press-type, although your desktop-publishing program can easily do the job for you. We created rhe banner in our sample below with Professional Page. Your printer may limit the number of typefaces used in one project, so check your printer's capabilities before using a typeface for the banner not used in the rest of the newsletter. Be sure to separate the banner from the rest of the page with lines and or white space. Banner and Front Page Go hack into the layout tools and click Outlines: On. Click on the Box Create tool from the general tools and create your banner box at the top of page one. Start at Y ' from the top and left and pull to 17 ' from the top and Vi” from the left. Now select your typeface. For the organization and date, choose one type style and size, such as 14-point Palatino. T ype in "A Quarterly Publication of [organization name].” Highlight this line and change the tvpe size to 14 point and the stvle to italic. Press Return. Now type in the title of your newsletter. Highlight it and change the point size to 36, the style to bold, the tracking to + 10, and the justification to Centered. Sp X I
- r- V. •J T-
• .-T! S P n i o M I w?'- i Ltm Pro!puton.il P,* p vi.fl 1 Gold Dttk Document: nwtletter.pp S i 5-9-X-1-Z-T-1-r Prflfmlnn.il P.u p v I, H hi (hi i (I tJTTfi DocuMent: npwt letter .pj» -B-i-3-~T-H-B-S-7-T ft I« a- Its }¦ 1 111, in' Hi Sample templates for page one (front cover) and page four (back cover) of a basic four-page newsletter. Using a variety of Pro Page layout and drawing tools, you can create elements of your newsletter that remain the same, such as banner, placement of volume and date, margins, column number and width, space for mailing address, postal permit, and so forth. These can be saved in your templates and used over again from issue to issue. Then select from the Color menu Ink Color 2091. Press Return. Highlight again and select Copy from the Relit menu. Place the cursor on the next line and select Kdit Pasie. Now highlight the second line and from the Color Ink Color list select Gray 60%. Now highlight both lines and select Type Line spacing. Change Relative to 40%. Press Return. One last time, copy the last line and paste on the next line. I lighlight and change the ink to Black. Highlight the last two lines and select Line Spacing Relative 40%. Select the Rectangle drawing tool and draw a box around your banner using a 2-point rule. Start at f" from the top and left and go to 81 ' x l7 '. Create a second rectangle inside the first by selecting a point rule and drawing it ' ' inside the first. Now we need two boxes for the volume number and date. For easy typing, place the boxes just below the rectangles, one to the left and one to the right. Make the boxes about 1" x V ". Type in “Volume 5, No. ¦?” (or whatever), then highlight and change to 10 point, left justification. In the other box type, say, “Fall 1989," highlight and change to 10 point, right justification. Using the Arrow tool, move the boxes up so the words fit just between the two rectangles at the bottom. You may find it helpful to magnify your page to 200 percent. If you are going to he indenting your paragraphs, you will need to change the paragraph spacing. The default paragraph indentation is .5 inches, which is too much for most newsletter columns. A paragraph indentation of .25 to .8 inches works well in the majority of cases. So that you do not have to go back and change each box one at a time, set the new paragraph indentation in the Box Alter default menu: Set Tabs. Once you have flowed in your text and selected Paragraph: Indent from the Text menu, you will have to go back and highlight the headlines and the first sentence in each article and select Indent: None. IxTs assume we will be putting one major story and one of lesser importance on page one. Using the columns as guides (and Snap to Grid: On), create two boxes for the major story, going down to about eight inches. Use the line-drawing tool to draw a line across the bottom of those two columns. Create a box for a second headline just under that line and then create two more boxes for that story. The space on the left of the page is very nice for subheadings and small graphics. Create a box about 1" wide, starting V8" from the left and 2V," from the top. Pull down about 2". Type into this box, say, “Survey shows 40% of repeat customers return because of newsletter.” Highlight the words (or choose Select Box from the Edit menu) and change the point size to 18. The style to italic, and the justification to Right. For a graphic, make another box just below the subheading box, but this time, just for variety, pull the box over the text column about a quarter of an inch. The length of this box depends on the size of the graphic. Select the Permeable icon from the Box menu so that text will flow around vour J graphic. When placing a line or box right next to text, pull its handle toward the text just enough to ? A j l! ; pi } SI if 2- 2- i li f inn I) lit; lilf« If IIP 1! A, 0 7- £! T L
02. »; P: ut p* o ilP' M Sample templates for the inside spread. As we are using a two-column format for pages one and four, it is best to create a different format for the inside pages. The template on the left shows a three-column format with a rule setting off the outer column. The right template presents a slight variation, with a two-inch outer column and four-inch inner column. Whichever format you choose, mirror it on the other half of the spread. Adcl a little space between the line and the text. The Inside Spread Load from the Page menu News2.tm. When planning the layout of pages two and three, remember that they will be seen together when the newsletter is opened up. So we will be considering the entire ll"x!7" page when deciding 011 columns, white space, graphics, and photos. (If you are using a lin- otronic, you can put these two pages together by changing the Print Specifications to 17" xll" and altering your page size.) Create a small box at the upper-left corner for the page number. Start at' ' from the top and ' 2'r from the left. Use the keyboard to type a “2” inside the box, using either the text or headline style, in bold ? A LITTLE “LOCAL” COLOR WHILE OUR NEWSLETTER tutorial was designed to keep things simple, the fact of the matter is that Professional Page can do a great many more sophisticated things not the least of which is to provide full color options to desktop publishers. No matter what type of publication you are putting out, the addition of color to your printed work will be a bigger draw for attracting readers. Of course, many desktop publishers use color all the time. We send our artwork that was produced in black and white to the printers, and we tell them which areas to print in black and white and which to print in color. We have even been known to laboriously cut amberliths for each additional color. The printer then makes a negative and a plate for each color and prints the piece accordingly. All-in-One Color Separations With Professional Page, however, and a PostScript typesetter such as the Lino- tron, we can now produce those negatives ourselves. Let’s assume you want the type on your page to be printed in black and white and certain borders and clip art printed in blue. While in the program, create the areas you want printed in blue in any other color than black. (Because the PostScript output itself does not print color, you need only differentiate the colors you plan to use.) With the options provided in the Project Output Post- Script menu, you can separate these colors and have a negative printed on the PostScript typesetter for each color. When we want a piece thai has two, three. Four, even twenty colors (specifically chosen “mechanical” colors to be printed separately on the same page), Professional Page will separate each color and send that information to the output device. A plate-readv negative is then made for each color. Making our own negatives not only saves us the cost of the negatives normally produced out of house by the printer, but also gives us more control over the final piece, and because they are computer-generated, they are mechanically perfect. To print the full spectrum of color, printers must make a “color separation " which means they need to convert the art into four negatives of different dot patterns to be printed in yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. The combination of these dot patterns in the four “process" colors is what makes up all the colors of the rainbow. The time, precision, and equipment required for color separations make this a costly affair. If you have an Amiga paint program, however, you can take advantage of Professional Page’s ability to perform four-color separations automatically, with the touch of a requester button. .Although the graphic you have imported into Professional Page from your paint program shows up as grays on the screen, the color information is retained in the original art disk. .After you have made the selections in the requester telling Professional Page that you want four- color process, the program will send the information from your page and from the art disk to the Linotron. Or you can use Professional Page's color palette to create the colors you want, which will then be separated in the output stage. You can even make subtle alterations in the mix of process colors by manually changing their percentages so that the final product will come out exactly as you want it to be. One-Stop Printing Professional Page calls this technology “electronic pre-press," as opposed to desktop publishing. Vel Evans, who owns Vellum Print and Graphics Services Inc. in Concord. Ontario, calls it “one-stop shopping," or “the democratization of the printing business": “Now the designer or the production person has total control of the process right up to the final stage. The color separations are machine precise, and the savings in time and money are well worth looking into." Five years ago, Vellum was a traditional typesetting and graphics firm. Evans latched onto desktop publishing as soon as she saw its potential, and when she first saw what Gold Disk was envisioning in terms of color desktop publishing, she felt it made perfect sense. In fact, Vellum was the first in North America to use the system. “We’re the guinea pigs, really. We sometimes have to convince our printers that we know what we’re doing and that they should just trust us. And some of our clients aren't very clear about what four- color process is, so it takes some explain-? Three good reasons why you need WordPerfect'.
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- v. Produced entirely on the Amiga to promote the Genie Awards, the poster is a good ad for the computer too. Erated again at a different size for the label of a wine bottle. “What is unique about this is that the final product was completely computergenerated from beginning to end. Untouched by human hands, it was blown up, color corrected, and color separated in several different sizes. We didn’t have to remake the artwork, we didn’t have to reshoot the film or restrip the film. Once it wTas put into Amiga format, it was simply spit out in different configurations.” Multipurpose imaging is the Amiga's greatest advantage in terms of both its cost-effectiveness and the time it saves. “The best example I can give you,” says Evans, “is when a division of Air Canada was putting together a series of conferences. They needed their owrn logo and the conference theme on all the materials: name badges, binders, invitations, brochures, thank-you cards, pencils, sweatshirts the works. We created the graphic image, scanned in their logo once, and in 21 days produced the camera-ready art, the plate-ready negs, positive film for silk-screening, slides for the overhead slide presentations, and video titling to be merged with their animated video.” Service bureaus like Vellum Print and Graphic Services, together with the color- separation tools in Professional Page, offer .Amiga desktop publishers just about every option possible in terms of color production and camera-ready art. We can purchase whatever input or output devices our budgets allow, and the service bureau can fill in the gaps. .Among the numerous pieces of production equipment Vellum uses are a Linotron 300, a flatbed scanner with ASDG’s Professional ScanLab interface, a video scanner, a laser printer, and a Polaroid Palette slide recorder. The PostScript typesetter is necessary for color separations. The scanners take pictures of any photo or artwork to be placed into your project. The different types of scanners require different amounts of memory and, of course, produce different results. “The job is customer controlled from beginning to end,” says Vel Evans, “and we are here to help get it done as quickly, cost-effectively, and professionally as possible.” And her Amiga and Amiga DTP equipment play a key role in doing just that. ? D.R, I j j _| j J or in regular. With Snap to Grid: On, use the Line tool to drawr a 2-point line across the top of the page, Vo" from the top. Just under that, V" down, create another line using a V2-point rule. Select the Box tool for photo placement at the top left. Select Line Weight: 1 point. Start at the upper- left corner of the left column and drag the rectangle across the width of the column guide and down to 3' 3". Now create a box using the remainder of that column for text. Assuming your next story will take up the next two columns, create a box for the headline that goes across the twTo columns. Create twTo more boxes in those columns going down to about In the space remaining, we will create a box thati Sensational Software... eonardo is a thief who steals nearly everything he can get his hands on. Help Leonardo avoid the numerous alarm systems, guards and ghosts on his criminal trips. Follow Leonardo’s way through fifty different banks, museums and warehouses. The existence of our little burglar depends on your skill and tactical superiority. With World Atlas, a fun and educational utility comes to the Amiga. More than an atlas, this program gives you direct access to information and details on more than 150 countries as well as the 52 United States. For students, educators, travellers, business executives, or just arm chair explorers, World Atlas will provide an incredible wealth of knowledge and entertainment.
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• Interesting adversaries
• Humorous animations $ 39.95 Centaur Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278.
(213) 542-2226 Circle 200 on Reader Service card. Circle 239 on Reader Service card. ...from Centaur. Might be used for special announcements. Select the Rectangle tool using Line Weight: 1 point. Select Fill Completely, and Fill Color 20%. Draw the rectangle over both columns and down to the bottom margin. Create a box for a heading inside this shaded box, then one more box for the type. Load page three and place the lines at the top and the page number at the upper-right corner. Create a box that starts at the upper-left corner of the first column, going across two columns and down 2' ¦_>”. Below that, create a place for a photo just as you did on page two, two columns by 27 Create one more box at the bottom, spanning the two columns. We are making the assumption here that you will have three separate short articles for this space, or one at the top and another with a photo in the middle of it. This time I did not create separate boxes for the headings. You can go into your text, highlight the headlines, and change the font style to bold, as well as the type style and size. Create two more boxes, one for the headline and one for the text, on the third column. We will place a graphic just under the headline at the right side of the column. Let’s assume you found a terrific piece of clip art and you would like the text to wrap closely around it. Put a sheet of graph paper over the art and trace the art onto it. Set the grid to the same measurements as the graph paper. Now place several small boxes at the edge of where the art will be. Blit before you put on all those boxes, select Box Alter default and click on the Permeable icon. That way, when the text flows into the column, it will come up fairly close to where your graphic will be. To make it even tighter, I sometimes select Hyphenate from the Text menu just at the edge of the graphic. Page four is fairly straightforward. Draw your line and place the page number. If your newsletter gets folded, in thirds or in half, you need to arrange the columns and the mailing section accordingly. Also, remember that people will see this page first if it is folded, so it is a good idea to pay close attention to what is placed here. You could make your headline a little bigger than usual, use a shorter article, or include an interesting photo or graphic. We have not discussed color at all, hut if you can afford to use two colors, perhaps you could place a colored screen on the back over the type if there are no photos; otherwise place it over the mailing section. If you want to use colored screens anywhere in the newsletter, draw a rectangle hut leave it open. The colored screen has to be produced separately if it is going to lay over black ink. Place a box in each column and draw a line all the way across underneath. (See the sidebar, "A Little ‘Local’ Color,” for a more detailed discussion of color possibilities in Professional Page.) Let s Run It For Real! Your templates are now ready. Of course, the boxes and photos will change somewhat in each newsletter, hut the general format will not, and you have saved yourself a lot of time by creating these pages and saving them to load with each new newsletter. To start a newsletter project once you have created your templates, select New from the Project menu. Then select Page Create Current, and click Pagel.tm from the requester. Repeat this procedure for the next three pages. Select Project Save As. .. and give a name to your project. Return to page one and specif)' from the Type menu the typeface and sizes you will be using, the justification, kerning (spacing between letters), and paragraph indentation. If you have used any embedded commands, he sure you have set the correct Text Format from the Preferences menu. Now select Project Import Text and click the project you have saved in your word processor. Finally, select F.dit Paste and with the Edit tool click the first column in which your text will flow. The text automatically flows into the boxes in the same order as they were created in the template. Once you have flowed in your text, look over it carefully, changing indentations, hyphenating when necessary, changing headline sizes and styles, and so forth. Look at the right margins of your columns to see if there is too much space at any of the line endings; this can he corrected by moving a word hack from the next line and then breaking it with a hyphen. Check to see whether the last line of a paragraph starts at the top of a column or whether a new paragraph begins at the bottom of a column. Called “widows," these are to he avoided wherever possible. Make adjustments by changing the column length, by using tracking, line spacing, paragraph spacing, and hyphenation to squeeze in a little more type or use up just a little more space. Be conservative, though. These adjustments should not he noticeable. Practice can make perfect in desktop-publishing because there is so much opportunity to experiment and to vary things. Once you have become adept at moving around within Pro Page, you should be able to put out a quality newsletter. And when you have mastered the mechanics of the four-page newsletter, . .well, there may be no limit to where you can go. ¦ Dorothy Rankin is co-owner of APROPOS Graphics, a full-service editorial, design, and production sendee m Denver, CO. Write to her c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103, Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 Coming Attractions in 89: Living Color™System: Frame Buffer, Digitizer, Time Base Corrector, Digital Video Effects (DVE); V Machine,Mdesk top video workstation Circle reader response cord, see your dealer, or call for more information © 1989 Digital Creations. AMIGA is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Circle 28 on Reader Service card. In Amiga Fonts? DTP SPECIAL 2: OUTPUT Our guide to Amiga fonts sets the type scene for you, outlining the full range of printing possibilities for your desktop publications. And while availability of professionaf-quality typesetting fonts on the high end is still a major problem for Amiga DTP, recent breakthroughs have given Amiga-generated publications a much-needed “face” lift. AS A RELATIVE newcomer to the desktop-publishing scene, the Amiga lias had to play catch-up with IBM’s PC and Apples Macintosh. While both quantity and quality of desktop-publishing software have been stumbling blocks, the real glaring weakness in the Amiga market has been on the output side: The scarcity of professional-quality typesetting fonts has crippled the appearance of Amiga desktop-generated publications. The potential strengths, however, of the Amiga for DTP applications multitasking environment and superior graphics are winning out. We are finally seeing some meaningful improvements on the fonts front, although much more in terms of availability and further enhancements in quality must be accomplished. As we get into this article we will examine these improvements on the high end specifically, increased support for PostScript and the introduction of structured fonts. To begin, however, we will establish a very brief overview of the Amiga fonts situation and see, first, what Amiga desktop publishing has to offer on the lower end of the output scale. Bitmapped Blues and the Bad Old Days When the Amiga was first released in 1985, there were very few choices of fonts for users. A set of about a dozen fonts was (and is) included free with Workbench. Although they were named after gems (Sapphire, Diamond, Topaz, and so forth), you may have found them to be less than a treasure. The basic Amiga fonts are a typographical bad blind date: coarse, small, and ugly. Fortunately, in the last two years, as Amiga desktop-publishing and desktop-video software has come into its own, a great many new Amiga fonts have been produced to serve the needs of the DTP enthusiasts and animators who use such software. The majority of Amiga users have access to dot-matrix printers, and the Amiga is now fairly well supplied with fonts that will help give good dot-matrix output from paint, desktop- By Jeff Evans Amiga World 55 ¦?SI ¦» RAH DISK ~ iigj| Work J iiga| Workbench . Boot Architect 28 4 Basalt 15 n Bone 18 1 Bone 2? Bone 35 Breccia 28 Broadway 28 ? ProFonts trucks extra fonts to your applications. Publishing, or word-processing programs. The kinds ol fonts we are talking about here are all “bitmapped” fonts. For instance, the first font you see on the monitor when you boot up any standard Amiga is the Topaz font. It is a good example of a bitmapped font, which is stored in the Amiga’s RAM. These bitmapped characters are made up of patterns of dots, or pixels. Because an Amiga bitmapped font is a pattern of pixels that is displayed on screen, it can be made into a part of a regular Amiga IFF image, or one or more frames of an animation. You can save bitmapped text as part of a picture you create with a paint program, or print it from a printer, or record the screen image of the text to videotape. Bitmapped text will always tend to look rather coarse or jagged when printed, however, unless the bitmapped letters are very fine and detailed, or unless thev are printed very small so that the "jaggies" are less apparent. Bitmapped text can be of sufficiently good quality for professional video and slide production, but, in general, print is too unforgiving for you to get away with using bitmapped text for professional-quality typesetting. It may, of course, be fine for proofing, in-house publications, and other "low-end” desktop- publishing work. There are literally hundreds of bitmapped fonts available for the Amiga. The most attractive and best designed are probably the Kara Fonts (Kara Computer Graphics) created by Kara Blum. For sheer variety, the Masterpiece Professional Font Collection (ARock Computer Services) may be the most comprehensive set of display fonts. The developer of the ProWrite word-processing program (New Horizons) produces some very clean ProFonts packages that Systen Mover 1,0 - § 1988 Mew Horizons Software, Inc, ?|Systen Mover IQItooFonts 1! R;=|li|Cr Fron; ProFonts II To: Workbench gift Systen Mover roFonts II m m Blank ST n provide excellent dot-matrix text output. And, of course, most of the companies producing desktop- publishing programs, such as Gold Disk and Soft- Logik, offer good-quality bitmapped font packages. Top-Quality Type: PostScript and Structured Fonts SOME FONTS ARE actually located on the printer itself: the text von sec on the Amiga screen is a "screen font,” which only approximates the final printout. Some 24-pin dot-matrix printers have their own fonts, and these will give better and neater resolution than a bitmapped font. Laser printers, such as PostScript-compatible and Hewlett-Packard models, have high-resolution fonts built into the machines to allow for near typeset quality output. 300-dot-per- inch laser printers are most common, though some 400- or 600-dot-per-inch lasers are also made. You can also use the Amiga to print text from high-resolution (up to 2540 dots per inch) PostScript-compatible typesetting machines. Desktop-publishing programs such as Professional Page (Gold Disk, S395, 1MB) and PageStreain (Soft-Logik, SI99.95), and the better word-processing programs such as WordPerfect (WordPerfect Corp., $ 395), ProWrite (New Horizons. SI24.95), and excellence! (Micro-Systems Software, $ 299.95), will all support PostScript laser- printer and typesetting-machine fonts, and some of these programs will support Hewlett-Packard lasers as well. (For a more detailed description of PostScript, see the sidebar "A PostScript Primer.” For more on programs supporting PostScript, see the sidebar "Amiga Software and PostScript Support.") A major advantage of PostScript and structured fonts (discussed below) is that because they are structured objects, as opposed to bitmaps, they can be manipulated and moved around easily, much like objects in a 3-D animation package or a CAD program. This means that it is easier to adjust the spacing (kerning) between letters to give them a more pleasing appearance. PostScript outline fonts can he scaled up and down in si e without losing detail, while bitmapped fonts will either drop out details or begin to look chunkier as they are grabbed and resized as brushes in a paint or animation program. For professional-level desktop publishing, you need the best available typesetting software, fonts, and output devices. For example. Professional Page, a wide assortment of Adobe fonts, and a laser printer or a Linotron 300 typesetting machine would give you the tools to do first-rate book and magazine publishing. % Screen Fonts: What You See Is Sort of What You Get When the fonts used for the final printout are resident on the printer, the text you see on screen is rendered by a “screen font,” a bitmapped font that can scale up and down in size to give you a more-or-less accurate approximation of what the final printout will look like. Screen fonts are essential to desktop-publishing programs, because they allow you to preview a page layout on screen before printing it. This is the basic idea behind the term “WYSIWYG" (whai-you- see-is-what-you-get): What you see on screen should look like what you get from the printer. In reality, the WYSIWYG displays of printer-resident fonts provided by most programs are not all that accurate. For example, while Professional Page currently supports about 80 Adobe PostScript fonts, it has only ? A PostScript Primer POSTSCRIPT IS A programming language that was developed to describe how graphics were to be placed on paper by a raster printing machine. Pioneering work began in 1976 with John Warnock at the Evans 8c Sutherland Computer Corporation, and continued with the assistance of Martin Newell at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. In 1982, Warnock and Chuck Geschke formed Adobe Systems to develop PostScript as an interpreter to describe two-dimensional pages for output on a raster printer. This may explain a little of why PostScript is printer-resident, rather than computer-resident like most programming languages. Now, of course, the printer most commonly associated with PostScript is the laser, which can achieve printing resolutions from 300 to 600 dots per inch (dpi). Recently, PostScript has found its way into typesetting machines, such as those made by the Linotronic Corporation. Here resolutions may range from 1200 dpi to more than 2400 dpi. Because the output from a PostScript program is independent of the printer, the advent of output service bureaus has made it possible for the owner of a personal computer and a desktop-publishing program to generate very high- quality, camera-ready copy at a reasonable cost. Such businesses offer the use of a laser printer or a typesetting machine for a set fee per page. The user needs only to provide a PostScript file in a compatible disk format or to deliver the file to the service bureau via modem. PostScript Fonts PostScript’s standard font set, which is built into every PostScript printer, has a total of 13 typefaces. These fonts consist of three font families, Times Roman, Helvetica, and Courier each of which has four faces plus a symbol font set consisting of the Greek alphabet and a variety of mathematical and typographical symbols. Thus, PostScript considers the regular (roman), italic, hold, and bold-italic type attributes to be separate typefaces. The Times Roman and Helvetica families are both proportionally spaced fonts, while the Courier family is fixed pitch. Most PostScript printers come with additional built-in font sets (many have 35 variations on 9 different font families). The built-in fonts are all analytical fonts, which means that the character shapes are all based on mathematical formulas rather than on fixed bit patterns. The definition of the standard font set calls for a font height of only one point although it is fairly simple to change the size of a PostScript font to lit your needs. You can download additional fonts to PostScript printers. These are usually analytical fonts whose mathematical descriptions are written in PostScript. In general, the operations you can perform on the built-in fonts can also he done with the downloaded analytical fonts. Working with the built-in fonts is usually faster, though, as their descriptions are written in machine code. The Adobe fonts also have built-in “hints” that improve their appearance when you use smaller point sizes a kind of compensation for the limited resolution of the output device when it is printing the smaller sizes. Like the Amiga, PostScript can also handle downloaded bitmapped fonts. Also like the Amiga, the bitmapped fonts cannot be scaled without affecting the quality of their appearance. PostScript contains many operators that enable a program to find out the various dimensions associated with each character in the font. Before an Amiga program can use a PostScript font, it has to know all of the font’s characteristics. The font's dimensional information is provided in a metric file. Metric files must be present for every PostScript font that the application program will use. If the program also provides a vvhat-you-see-is- what-you-get working environment, then an Amiga bitmapped screen font with the same characteristics as the PostScript font is also required. Because Amiga screen fonts come in discrete point sizes, the range of usable PostScript point sizes is limited as well. A PostScript Bibliography If you wish to learn more about PostScript, consider these reference books: Understanding PostScript Programming, 2nd ed., by David A. Holzgang (Sybex, 1988, S24.95). A detailed, introductory tutorial directed at the reader with little or no programming experience. PostScript Uingiuige Tutorial and Cookbook, Adobe Systems Inc. (Addison-Wesley, 1985, $ 16.95). Often referred to as the “Blue Book,” this is one in a set of three hooks provided by the company that invented PostScript. It provides a good introduction to the language and a sizable collection of useful examples. The PostScript Language Reference Manual (S22.95, the “Red Book") and PostScript Uinguage Program Design ($ 22.95, the “Green Book”) round out the Adobe set. The former is the official reference book for the PostScript language, while the latter is a programmer’s manual containing numerous examples and techniques for advanced PostScript programmers. Real World PostScript, edited by Stephen
F. Roth (Addison-Wesley, 1988, $ 22.95). A collection of articles bv a variety of I experienced PostScript users. Topics include programming and design, working with type, gray scales and color, as well as some sample projects, n Morton A. Kevelson Morton A. Kevelson is an electrical engineer who contributes articles and reviews to a number of computer publications. Write to him c o Amiga Wo rid, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Ldi t Draw CoToF Preferences p i t L t..i i . 1, ¦¦ IME M ... » y--c x" s a,,-1 I'm ? O -7 V-' You can manipulate Professional Page characters in many ways. Two rather chunky-looking screen fonts. The way that a PostScript desktop-publishing program relates the screen display to the printout is by means of a “metric file” (also called a Font Width Table) for each font. The metric file is a list of the proportional widths of the characters in a font. For example, the metric file can tell the computer how much space the letter “A” in the Helvetica typeface, in 12-point size, will take up when it is printed. This spacing information allows the program to calculate how much space it should give to this letter both on the Amiga’s screen display and in the page that is to be printed. Gold Disk’s Professional Page comes with metric files for 19 PostScript fonts, and Gold Disk publishes an additional set of metric files for about 60 more PostScript fonts. More PostScript Support, Please! While PostScript is described more fully in the sidebar, what is important to note here is that PostScript is a computer language invented to describe page layouts, graphics, and text. The outlines of PostScript font characters, instead of being made from patterns of pixels, are composed of mathematically described lines and curves. This means that when they are output from a PostScript printer, the letter forms are drawn as smoothly as the printer resolution allows. This means in practice that PostScript text output can be of professional, salable quality if it is primed out from a high-resolution printer. Adobe Systems is the pioneering California firm that developed the PostScript page-description language and made desktop publishing possible on the Apple Macintosh. Adobe also developed the first PostScript-compatible fonts. The usual set of fonts ray B Hyphenation COH Just fication Para SCHO
- Left OL Rialit OR j Center ra- f Flush raj SOGK K (35 variations on 9 basic fonts) that comes with most PostScript laser printers is licensed from Adobe. Altogether, there are a few hundred PostScript fonts available from Adobe, with more being added all the time. Other companies, such as Compugraphic and Monotype, have developed PostScript-compatible versions of their fonts. If you own a Mac or an IBM, you can buy additional PostScript fonts on floppy disks. These fonts can be downloaded from a personal computer into a laser printer’s memory, so that you can have access to a wide range of additional fonts. Unfortunately, Adobe has not released any fonts in .Amiga disk format, which leaves Amiga desktop publishers somewhat out in the cold. As described below, however, there are work-arounds that can give Amiga users access to Adobe and other PostScript fonts despite these obstacles. At the moment, the only PostScript fonts available in .Amiga disk format are limited selections from a few companies such as S. Anthony Studios and Soft- Logik. (See the sidebar “Amiga Software and PostScript Support" for more information on these companies and products.) Structured Fonts Some Amiga programs use “structured" fonts, where characters are made from mathematically defined lines and curves, but where the fonts are resident on the computer, rather than the printer. For example, the Professional Draw (Gold Disk, S 199.95, 1MB) illustration program comes with two structured fonts (licensed from Compugraphic, a major manufacturer of typesetting equipment) that can be loaded into the Amiga’s memory. The computer then tells the printer how to draw the letter forms, rather than relying on a font resident in the printer. Structured, computer- resident fonts can have some notable advantages over printer-resident fonts. For example, the letters can be "printed" to the monitor screen, as well as sent to the printer, so that the WYSIWYG display will be much more detailed and accurate than if a coarse bitmapped screen font is being used. The next release of Professional Page is supposed to use structured screen fonts instead of the chunky bitmapped fonts that are currently offered. PageStream uses structured fonts to give detailed screen displays and smooth dot-matrix output. It is also possible that an Amiga version of Calamus, a German desktop-publishing program that makes very sophisticated use of structured fonts, may be developed for use in North America sometime in the future. Getting the Most From Your Fonts T HE AMIGA FONTS that come with Workbench are stored in a directory called “Fonts.” Typically, desktop-publishing programs come with their own fonts also stored in a Fonts directory. Each Amiga font is 38 October 1989 «pri AMIGA ROBOT IBM C64 ,ZB The evil genius Dr. Doom has stolen a U.S. nuclear You play the part of both Spider-Man and Captain missile, and threatens to detonate it over New York City America, invading Dr. Doom’s fortress to save New York if his demands aren’t met. The lives of five million innocent from Armageddon. You’ll see authentic-looking comic people rest on Doctor Doom’s two arch-enemies: Spider- book pages “tear open” for actual combat scenes, where Man and Captain America. But this time Doom has you’ll use Spidey’s wall-crawling and web-slinging powers created an army of robotic guards, and assembled the or Cap's amazing shield to defeat Doom’s most formidable group of Super Villains ever, including emissaries. Should you survive all this, you’ll then face Electro, Machete and The Hobgoblin to carry out his the evil Doctor Doom himself, an armored madman sinister plans. Obsessed with revenge. An actual Marvel comic book destined to become a collector’s item, only available in the game package, sets the stage for Spidey and Cap’s mission! Varying levels of difficulty keep the game constantly challenging!
* State-of-the-art, full-screen comic book pages drawn in brilliant colors, with over 30 challenging arcade- styie sequences!
* Endless hours of fun for comic book and adventure lovers of all ages! DALIST INTERNATIONAL .V - .V.*» * - HU A marketing division of MicroProse Software Inc. : SMSSfiBKII : composed of its own font “subdirectory" and a font file in the main Fonts directory. Normally, to find a particular font, the Amiga will look only in the Fonts directory of the Workbench j j disk that was used to hoot up the computer. If you have additional fonts in some other directory or on some other disk, the Amiga will not automatically go find them. If you have purchased additional font packages, you may find it confusing to figure out how to get your program to find these new fonts and make use of them. This is where novices may feel like they are in the midst of some kind of “font jungle ” Yet, even without becoming a whiz at using the CLI and mastering AMIGADOS, it is still possible to find your way around if you remember a few basic points:
• Remember where the fonts are (which disk drive, which partition or directory within the drive).
• Learn how to tell the computer program you are using where to look for the fonts. Some programs Continued on p. 44 Amiga Software and PostScript Support INCREASING POSTSCRIPT support in the Amiga software market has largely been driven by stronger showings among Amiga desktop-publishing programs over the past year or so. And although you might expect such support to be confined only to page-layout software, you will find that other new Amiga programs, particularly paint packages and word processors, are also embracing PostScript. The extent of PostScript support varies among different applications. At the lowest level, a program will simply output an entire document, including fonts and graphics, as a pure bitmap. Although this file can be printed on any PostScript- equipped printer, the final resolution will remain the same as what was seen on the Amiga’s display screen. Fonts and graphics created at 75 dots per inch will still look like 75 dots per inch even when they are printed at more than 2400 dots per inch on a Linotronic. The PostScript output of many struc- tured-graphics programs or page-layout programs, however, is something different. Here the output represents a mathematical description of the original page. As such, the PostScript files created by these programs can take full advantage of the maximum resolution available on the PostScript-equipped output device. Amiga software supporting PostScript is presented below under four general categories. Remember, the extent of that support can vary widely, as explained above. Utilities PrintScript 1.01 (Pixelations, S89), an Amiga-resident PostScript interpreter, lets you output PostScript files on any Preferences-sup ported dot-matrix printer. PrintScript includes its own versions of the standard Adobe font set (written, of course, in PostScript). The current version of PrintScript, however, does not support color PostScript. PrintScript is an excellent way to start using PostScript without investing in an expensive PostScript printer. A variety of stand-alone PostScript utilities are provided by S. Anthony Studios under the Laser Up! Trademark. Laser Up! Utilities, Volume 1 (S49.95) lets you 3k j 13 Zi C- o Aj Color fonts liven up your text. Format standard text files for output to a PostScript printer by using embedded format commands. Utilities reads in the modified text file and converts it into a standard PostScript file, LaserUp! Print 1.2 (S89.95) takes any IFF bitmapped image, including HAM format, and outputs it as a PostScript file. Images can be output with up to 48 levels of gray. Four-color process separated output is available, as well. An easy-to- use mouse interface allows you to perform almost unlimited cropping, scaling, and positioning. Full control of image contrast is also easily accomplished. The distribution disk includes a selection of borders and halftone screen types, and you can even add your own centered titles. Files can be saved in Encapsulated PostScript format (EPS) for import into other programs, such as Professional Page. LaserUp! Plot 1.2 (S49.95) converts Aegis Draw files into PostScript format. Files can be output for printing on a PostScript printer or they can be saved in EPS format. Paint Programs Express Paint 3.0 (PAR Software, $ 139.95) is the only bitmapped paint program that offers PostScript output at the present time. Because the images created by Express Paint are pure bitmaps, the resolution of the final page will depend on the size of the bitmap you are working with. Express Paint does support oversized bitmapped drawings, whose dimensions are limited only by the available memory. Thus, it is possible to create an image whose dimensions are 2400 x 3000 pixels and thereby take full advantage of the 300 dot-per-inch resolution of a PostScript laser printer. Express Paint also supports color PostScript output, although the QMS CoIorScript 100 printer is the only color PostScript printer I know that has been tested with the program. You can send PostScript output from Express Paint directly to disk, as well as to a PostScript printer. Note that bitmapped images as PostScript files tend to be rather large. It is possible a large-size bitmap could exceed the 880-kilobyte capacity of an .AmigaDOS disk. Structured-Drawing Programs Professional Draw (Gold Disk, SI99.95, 1MB) provides the same PostScript-out-%
V. T ' ' . - ¦
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GRAND PRIZE: Disney World vacation for two, including round trip airfare, hotel for 4 days, 3 nights, and spending money. 25 THIRD PRIZES: The Medalist International game of your choice. 2 SECOND PRIZES: Medalist International game library. GREAT PRIZES! A marketing division of MicroProse Software Inc. 180 Lakefront Drive Hunt Valley, MD 21030 put support as the company's companion page-layout program, Professional Page. Text, however, is limited to two analytical fonts, Times and Univers, in a preset range of point sizes (24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 80, 96, and 144 points). Once text is incorporated into a document, it is rendered as part of the drawing’s structure rather than as text characters. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, be prepared to deal with Draw’s limitation in this respect if you have become accustomed to the wide range of fonts and styles available with Professional Page. Strictly speaking, 3D Options (Rainbow’s Edge, S49.95, 1MB) is not a struc- tured-drawing program. It is actually a utility that can automatically convert a bitmapped image into a structured- drawing format. .Along with IFF bitmapped images, 3D Options can also read MGAD and Aegis Draw format images. Once the images have been processed, 3D Options can save them as structured graphics in PostScript format as well as in MGAD, Aegis Draw, and Videoscape file formats. Word Processors excellence! (Micro-Systems Software, $ 299.95) will output in black and white to a PostScript printer or to a disk file. Font support is limited to the four type families in the standard PostScript font set. Text size is restricted to 8, 12, 16, and 24 points. If you use any of the bitmapped Amiga fonts or bitmapped graphics, these will be rendered at the .Amiga’s screen resolution on a PostScript printer. ProScript (New Horizons, S49.95) is a PostScript-output utility designed for use with the developer’s ProWrite word processor (SI24.95). It allows you to read in a ProWrite IFF-format text file and send it to a PostScript printer or to a disk file. Font support is provided in the form of a conversion table that automatically assigns the Amiga’s bitmapped screen fonts to PostScript fonts. The default assignments convert the Diamond, Granite, and Opal fonts to Helvetica; the Marble and Ruby fonts to Times Roman; and the Topaz and all other fonts to Courier. Metric files are provided for the standard Adobe PostScript font families in 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, and 24 points. ProScript lets you select either 2, 4, 16, or 256 gray levels for bitmapped images that can be embedded in ProWrite files. You can print all text in black or choose text color for output on a color PostScript printer. Desktop-Publishing Programs Professional Page (Gold Disk, $ 395, 1MB) provides excellent support of PostScript output. You can send pages directly to a PostScript printer or to a disk file. Output can be in black and white or in color PostScript, or it can be color- separated. Pages can be output as a negative image and they can be reversed as in a mirror image. Pro Page input and output both support the EPS format. If you want your output color-separated, Professional Page also provides complete control of the color-separation process. It supports three- and four-color separations, as well as mechanical color output. You can select the output for each color individually, along with its screen density and screen angle. If you want four-color output, you can set the amount of under color removal (UCR) and gray component replacement (GCR). (UCR GCR determines the percentage of the three process colors that will be used for the black component of the image.) Professional Page offers a wide variety of PostScript fonts. The program provides metric files and screen fonts for a total of 19 PostScript font families (including the four standard PostScript fonts). There is no restriction on the size of the fonts, as point sizes are manually entered as numerical values. Unfortunately, your PostScript printer must have access to the additional fonts, and at present, neither Gold Disk nor any other manufacturer provides downloadable PostScript fonts in .Amiga format (although, as noted in the article, there are some remedies that can be applied to get around this limitation). Professional Page does come with a utility program that creates a metric file for any Amiga bitmapped font. This allows the program to use standard .Amiga fonts for its page- layout activities. In the absence of a corresponding PostScript definition, how’- ever, these fonts will be output on the PostScript printer as bitmapped images in the Amiga's screen resolution. Professional Page also provides a limited set of structured-graphics drawing tools. Images created with these tools can be printed at the resolution of the PostScript printer. Professional Page does accommodate bitmapped IFF images, but these will be output as such on any PostScript device. Professional Page can now also import large bitmaps front scanners (in particular, Gold Disk's ProScan 1X12), 300-dot-per-inch black- and-w-hite images, ASDG-RESEP images, and 24-bit color images. PageStream 1.6 (Soft-Logik, $ 199.95) offers reasonably good PostScript support, but in a somewhat customized manner with regard to text. You can send PostScript output directly to the printer or to a disk file. Pages can be output in black and white, as a mechanical color separation, or as a process four-color separation. There are no options, however, for setting screen angle or screen density, UCR GCR levels. There is also no provision for individually selecting the mechanical colors that will be output all the mechanical colors are output when you choose this color-separation method. PageStream provides 10 PostScript font families. These are all written in PostScript and are output as a part of the PostScript files. Four of these typefaces are similar to the standard Adobe fonts, although you cannot use the actual standard Adobe font set. A full range of preset point sizes from as small as 3 points to as large as 216 points is available from the font menu. In addition, no less than a dozen style modifiers are available including the standard bold and italics, as wrell as some more obscure choices, such as backslant (cilati), double underline, mirror, shadow, and reverse. .Although the new’ version, 2.0, of City Desk (MicroSearch, SI99.95) w’as not available when this article wTas being put together, the program w ill be shipping by the time this appears in print. City Desk
2. 0 has a laser utility that will create the necessary metric files for using PostScript fonts (35 versions on 9 basic fonts). Point sizes can be set from a readable minimum of 4 points to a usable maximum of about 200 points. Additional fonts can be added to City Desk, although the same disk-for- mat limitations apply as with the other programs. ? MA.K. The flickerFixer UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 2000! FlickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace flicker and visible scan lines. The result: superior quality color or monochrome graphics and text for such demanding applications as CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine (12 88); 1 Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); “The display is fantastic... It is the best display we have ever seen on any computer system.” Amiga GURU (5 88) flickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot, is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information or to order, call MicroWay Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. Micro Way... Respected throughout the industry for high quality engineering, service and technical support. World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Circle 78 on Reader Service card flickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc. AMIGA is a registered trademark ol Commodore. Multisync is o registered trademark ol NEC. From p. 40 are “smart" about this, and will help you, while with others you will have to use the .ASSIGN command within AmigaDOS, or the FontAssign utilities included with various font packages.
• Become familiar with the different kinds of fonts you have (bitmapped, PostScript, or structured, nonprinter-resident), and how your program uses them. A paint program, for example, will not let you use a structured font. A desktop-publishing program such as Professional Page will not automatically let you use bitmapped fonts (although there is a special option called “AnyFont" that will let you use bitmapped fonts for dot-matrix output). Some programs, such as Page- Stream, will allow you to use both bitmapped and PostScript fonts fairly easily.
• Move the fonts you intend to use frequendy into a single Fonts directory on your program or Workbench disk, or into the Fonts directory on your hard drive. If you have more fonts than your program can handle, you should make several different Fonts directories, each with a different name, and divide up your fonts so that no directory has an unmanageable number of fonts in it. The better Amiga software packages make it as easy as possible for you to find and use your fonts. For example, DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts, $ 149.95, 1MB) has a completely revamped way of handling fonts. In the newest Dpaint incarnation, when you click on the text gadget with the right mouse button, a font requester pops up. You can select the disk drive and drawer (directory) where the fonts you want are located, and then dick on the font you want. A “Show" option will then display a portion of the font on screen, and you can then load the font into memory and use it. As a bonus, if you run the ColorFonts program before you start up Dpaint III, color fonts will he previewed in their proper colors, and the program will present you with the option to change the palette instantly to suit the color font. To locate your fonts and to move font directories and files to another disk (to a hard disk, for example), an AmigaDOS utility such as C LI mate (Progressive Peripherals, S39.95) will make your task much easier. You can also use a public-domain equivalent of CLI- mate, such as Dirutil, to accomplish the same task. Tricks of the Type Trade You can generally assign a color value to a bitmapped font in a paint or animation program by selecting a color from the current palette and then typing the text on screen. In a desktop-publishing package such as Professional Page, you can either select a predefined color from the list of default colors, or define any of an infinite number of possible process colors using the “Color Define” option. The .Amiga also offers multicolored fonts. Presently, you can use the ColorFont utility included with some of the commercial font packages to enable you to create fonts containing up to sixteen colors in pictures or animations. Multicolored structured fonts are possible, hut not yet available. A future release of Professional Draw should offer graduated color fills and radial color fills for structured text. The biggest font headache for Amiga desktop publishers is the difficulty of using the additional PostScript fonts available for use with laser printers. .As mentioned earlier, very few PostScript fonts are available in Amiga SV '-disk format. If you have an A2088 Bridgeboard (Commodore, S699.95), however, you can download additional PostScript fonts from the Bridgeboard to the laser printer, and then access them from the Amiga. For example, Barbara Andrews, a Toronto designer who uses Amigas to create corporate newsletters, needed to use the Garainond font to suit a client’s requirements. She bought the Adobe Garamond font in IBM 5‘ .,"-disk format, and then used a nine-pin cable to download her font to a QMS laser printer. She could then print documents created with Professional Page via the .Amiga’s serial cable. Although there is no Mac “bridgeboard " there is a Mac emulator, A-Max (ReadySoft, $ 199.95; see review in this issue, p. 12), which with the necessary Mac ROMs and system software can provide a similar solution for using PostScript fonts in Mac disk format. Another way to deal with the problem of font availability is to create your own fonts. There are two very good bitmapped-font editors for the Amiga Font- Works (ACS Software, $ 99.95) and The Calligrapher (InterActive Softworks, SI29.95). Both packages will allow you to make single-colored bitmapped fonts, or multicolored ColorFonts, and to grab brushes as fonts. Font Works, the more recent of the two, offers a very convenient user interface, as well as some features that Calligrapher lacks. .As far as creating professional-quality PostScript fonts, however, the current situation is less promising. InterFont (Syndesis, $ 119.95) is the only structured-object editor for the Amiga. The program was designed originally to let Amiga users create structured lettering for GAD and 3-D animation production. InterFont works extremely well for these purposes. As far as being a typesetting-font editor is concerned, however, InterFont is sadly lacking when compared to Fonto- grapher, the equivalent package on the Macintosh. A Prescription for Future Progress The most pressing needs where Amiga fonts are concerned are for high-quality typesetting fonts in Amiga disk format, better typographic and illustration software to manipulate those fonts, and a first-rate PostScript or other structured-font editor for creating new fonts. Some interest by Adobe Svstems or other major developers in developing Amiga versions of their products would be very useful. (Compugraphic Corp. has recently become much more forthcoming ? 20432 CORISCO STREET, CHATSWORTH CA 91311 818-709-3693 Circle 17 on Reader Service card SCORE BOROS 19SS TITUS, F 40 PURSUIT SIMULATOR TITUS AND THE TITUS LOGO ARE REGISTRED TRADEMARKS OF TITUS. About cooperating with Amiga developers.) It would also help if AmigaDOS and various applications programs were more intuitive and friendly in assisting the average user to find and use fonts from various sources. DeluxePlaint III is an excellent example of a program that makes using bitmapped fonts a breeze. In addition, if all bitmapped text could optionally be treated as structured objects, so that good kerning and letterspacing could be accomplished easily, it would make high-quality video tilling and slide production on the Amiga simpler and more effective. Despite the remaining limitations, the Amiga has come a long way in becoming capable of handling text for different kinds of graphic communications, and whatever level of desktop publishing you are interested in doing, there are probably an increasing number of paths for you to follow through the font jungle. ¦ Jeff Evans is an animator, writer, and teacher who has been using the Amiga for desktop publishing since 1987. He is co-founder of Vellum Print, Canada's first all microcomputer-based typesetting company. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Manufacturers' Addresses ACS Software InterActive SoftWorks 2135 E. Sunshine 2521 S. Vista Way Suite 106 Suite 254 Springfield, MO 65804 Carlsbad, CA 92008 417 887-9923 619 434-5327 Adobe Systems Inc. Kara Computer Graphics 1585 Charleston Rd. 6365 Green Valley Circle, 317 PO Box 7900 Culver City, CA 90230 Mt. View, CA 94404 213 670-0493 415 571-7171 MicroSearch Inc. Arock Computer Software 9896 SW Freeway 1306 E, Sunshine Houston, TX 77074 Springfield, MO 65804 713 988-2818 800 288-2765 Micro-Systems Software Commodore Business Machines 12798 Forest Hill Blvd. 1200 Wilson Dr. Suite 202 West Chester, PA 19380 West Palm Beach, FL 33414 215 431-9100 407 790-1341 Compugraphic Corp. New Horizons Software 200 Ballard vale PO Box 43167 Wilmington, MA 01887 Austin, TX 78745 800 822-5524 512 328-6650 PAR Software Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Gold Disk PO Box 789, Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 416 828-0913 800 387-8192 distributed by Brown-Wagh Associates 16795 Lark Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, CA 95030 408 395-3838 Pixelations Inc, PO Box 547 Northboro, MA 01532 508 393-7866 Progressive Peripherals 8c Software 464 Kaiamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Rainbow’s Edge Productions 4412 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 718-439-0299 800-628-3828, X-929 ReadySoft Inc, 30 Wert he i in Court Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B 1B9 416 731-4175
S. Anthony Studios 889 DeHaro St. San Francisco, CA 94107 415 826-6193 Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. 11131 S. Towne Square Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 Syndesis N 9353 Benson Rd. Brooklyn, W1 53521 608 455-1422 WordPerfect Corp. 1555 N, Technology Way Orem. UT 84057 801 225-5000
- Reichnrt Vsn Wolfsheilcl Silent Software, Inc. Bern hill LMRCreati Lattice Tools & Libraries We are the company that writes the language and the tools. So who could know more about the utilities you need to maximize productivity? Lattice 5.0 Cross Compiler All the power and facilities of the Lattice AmigaDOS 5.0 compiler in a cross-compiler MS-DOS and OS 2 host. Includes our full screen cross debugger. $ 750. Lattice C++ Object Oriented C++ Programming for the Amiga. Provides object definitions for AmigaDOS, EXEC and Intuition. $ 300. Lattice Compiler Companion Collection of UNIX-like utilities that make your programming environment more productive. (Included in Lattice 5.0.) $ 100. DBC III Library Amiga programming library that provides programming interface into dBASE III compatible files. $ 150. Communication Library New Amiga programming library that supports modem interfaces for XMODEM, YMODEM, KERMIT and ASCII protocols. $ 250. PANEL Library Amiga programming library that supports windows graphics applications. $ 195. C Programming Seminar Learn C programming from Lattice experts. Four day seminar in Chicago. S895.
• mi of praise. And not h prove. Lattice C 5.0 Lattice AmigaDpS Cin(Hs getting 1( just because of the latest benchmarks wh is the best compiled.bv eveiv measure. For instance, Michael Berpnstein callSoJO."Wonderful," while Roc Uzun simply calls this’total, programming environment "...the best." Tom Dolan felt the same about CodePRobe, our new Source Level Debugger. Support for both C and Assembly language, plus multi- . I* 11 • i *.111.1 i .t i V iiutii And our new Global Optimizer caused StevdTibbett, a "VERY happy customer," to say, "WOW. This is outstanding!" And Tomas Rokicki of Radical Eye Software to exclaim "...Global Optimizer, inline subroutines and extensive libraries make whole new levels About our manual? "Excellent!" And "...extra fine." About our BBS for unlimited technical support? "Fantastic! And about our competition? Eric Dyke of Inom Software says,, "Manx, eat your heart out! Lattice is the right choice!" Circle 23 on Reader Service card. Call any of our world-wide distributors, or call us at 1-800- 444-4309 or (312) 916-1600. Fax (312) 916-1190, TELEX 532253. Lattice Professional Programming Tools Since 1981 2500 S. Highland Ave., Lombard, 1L 60148 izzling ounds Let’s cut through the cross talk and sample audio digitizing hardware and software to see what’s hot and what’s not. BANG! POP! WHIZ! Need some sound effects for the game you are programming? How about some digitized speech for your video sound track or a harp trill for the background of your MIDI composition? Any audio digitizer (sampler) can record sounds for you, but to be sure the computerized sample has the snap and zing of the real thing you must listen carefully with an informed ear to the sampler’s results and the barrage of specification numbers that describe it. Know What You Hear To understand the numbers, you will need some background on sampling with the Amiga. The Amiga has four digital audio channels, or digital-to-analog converters (DACs), which are eight-bit devices residing on the Paula chip. Their maximum playback rate is the same as Paula’s Direct Memory Access (DMA) rate: 28,867 samples per second (sps). Considering that some professional dedicated samplers offer 16- bit resolution and 44,100 sps, the Amiga’s sound quality is pretty good. For a higher sampling rate, programmers can send sampling data directly from the 68000 processor, bypassing Paula’s DMA. AudioMaster II (Aegis), a sample-editing program, employs this scheme with impressive results, but with one serious limitation: While playing these Hi-Fi samples, the Amiga can do nothing else no sequencing, no MIDI, no graphics. The mode’s only real application is manually triggering a high-quality sample into another recording medium. Practically speaking, with the exception of Audio- Master II in Hi-Fi mode, no sampling software on the market, no matter what its manual or specs may claim, is capable ol playing hack samples at rates higher than the built-in DMA maximum of 28K. In reality, when a software manufacturer claims a play- 15 y Dean Friedman Il.l.US I RATK1) BY 1ST VAN BANYAI 48 October 1980 TR UMPCARD ON PERFORMANCE SHORT ON COST TRUMPCARD 500 (below)
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A. M.A.S.
• •
A. M.A.S. AudioMaster II Creative Sound SPS Future Sound 500 Perfect Sound Pro Sampler Studio Pro-Sound Designer Studio Magic X X X X X X
• • •
• •
• +
• •
• • •
• • Key: = mono
• = stereo
* _ = cross talk X = incompatible Make AMIGAs With Other Amigas. The largest group of Amiga1- users in the world shares its problems and solutions online every day in CompuServes Amiga Forums. And you can join them. Whether you’re an Amiga novice or a professional user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, or music production, you'll find support from thousands of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga software and hardware vendor. Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make the most of your Amigas multitasking capabilities? Ask somebody who's been through it all. There's no better way to get more out of your Amiga. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer. To order direct or for more infonnation, call 800 848-8199. If you're already a member, type GO AMIGA at any ! Prompt. CompuServe Hi-Fi Flay) mode lets you create the samples for a five-octave instrument at higher resolutions (still under 28K) than other packages. A cumbersome loop save routine is the only drawback associated with this mode, but the results are worth the extra effort. In addition, the program has several specialized features. Resampling enables you to change a sample’s rate without changing its pitch. Tune Tone generates a constant pitch of middle C (8363 Hz) as a reference. Low Pass Filter is a software routine that removes the higher frequencies and aliasing from a sample, while Edit Freehand allows you to modify existing waveforms or draw them from scratch with the mouse.
A. M.A.S, Hailing from the United Kingdom, A.M.A.S. (Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler from Microdeal, S 169.95) combines excellent sampling software with hardware that is the pick of the bunch. The hardware documentation quotes a sampling rate of 40K stereo and 90K mono. Although you are limited to playback Samplers Features Chart SOFTWARE-SAMPLE EDITORS
A. MAS AudioMaster IE Creative Sound SP8 Future Sound 500 Perfect Sound 1 v.v.
• ‘numbers "memory dependent Pro Sampler Studio Pro-Sound Designer Studio Magic HARDWARE DIGITIZERS nr Us- r.'»Lll [*V ,fl I- ...
- * iXi-SJ-rS-. S-: ' j 2 RCA Phono, one 1 a" (3.5mm) mini plug, MIDI In Out Thru 2 RCA Phono Y 2 RCA Phono, one %" (3.5mm) mini plug Y 2 RCA Phono N Two 1 4" plugs, one 5-pln DIN N One YB" (3.5mm) Stereo mini plug
* * number only readout
* memory dependent unlimited Professional Software Professionalism is essential in todays software, and will continue to be with demands in the future. PageStream fulfills that essential professionalism today and will tommorrow, delivering quality output. Desktop Publishing programs need spice and variety, just like life. PageStream adds spice with variety like no other publishing program; color separations, rotation of text and graphics, nundreds of text formatting and manipulation options, and an easy to use interface. Not to mention over seventy fonts that are currently available for PageStream, including true PostScript® typefaces,with more to follow. So zoom, rotate or add color. Have Fun! PageStream is personality with a plus! Printing! Not a problem! PageStream handles them all from a 9-Pin printer using Soft-Logik's font technology to a Linotronic® using its internal fonts. PageStream can drive printers to their fullest resolutions. You demand professionalism, PageStream delivers. Professional Yet Affordable- !'PageStream retails for $ 199.95, making it half the price of its nearest competition. Soft-Logik_is proud to announce that version 1.7 for the Amiga is on its to ay! 9(egisteredowners willreceive version 1.7free of charge. Imail in your warranty cards. 14 Ifont ‘Disks are now available from Soft-Logik! If or more information Contact your local Amiga dealer or Soft-Logik.Publishing Corporation : F South Towne Sq.St. Louis, MO 63123 Soft-Logik Kublishing Corporation Sales: 314 894-8608 Tech: 314-894-0431 BBS: 314-894-0057 Fax: 314-894-3280 Determined to be the Best!- Recommended: 1 MEG memory, two disk drives or hard drive This entire ad was produced and separated using PageStream printing to a Linotronic 300 Linotronic 300 is a registered trademark of Allied Corp. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. PageStream and Soft-Logik are registered trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation Circle 211 on Reader Service card. Rates of 28K, the extra headroom on the sampling chip lets the A.M.A.S. digitizer produce the cleanest samples of any device I reviewed. The digitizer comes in a sturdy plastic case that attaches to the Amiga’s parallel and serial ports (one for sampling, the other for MIDI). It has no input level control, as do Future Sound 500 and Perfect Sound, but it does have two reliable RCA phono inputs for stereo recording and a Vi-inch (3.5mm) mini plug input for a high-impedence microphone. It also has three MIDI ports-1N OUT THRU-for triggering samples through its companion software. In addition to being the cleanest sounding digitizer when using its own sampling software, the A.M.A.S. digitizer performed at the head ol the class when paired up with every other software package, turning out virtually noiseless samples in mono and stereo. It delivered clean channel separation in the stereo mode with every software package except Future Sound 500 and AudioMaster II, with which it experienced some noise and cross talk problems in one channel. The A.M.A.S. hardware, with a mono sampling rate ol’ up to 90K, together with AudioMaster I I s Hi-Fi playback rate of 56K, produced a single mono sample of such clarity and with such terrific frequency response, 1 checked that I was not inadvertently triggering my source synth. The combination produces the best samples. The A.M.A.S. sample-editing software offers a host of interesting and original sampling, editing, and playback routines. It has good looping tools and, in addition to the typical cut-and-paste commands, it offers features such as volume fading and scaling, software filtering (plus software control of the AaOO’s and A2000's hardware filters), zoom, and three settings for shrink (resampling). The unique Bounce command allows you to graphically define how a sample will pan across stereo channels. The main interface screen is attractive (in a sci-fi spaceship style), informative, and easy to use. Consisting of icon-labeled buttons and familiar tape-deck controls. It has two oscilloscopes for stereo monitoring, which are instantly active upon booting up. And a stereo wavetable display. One of the buttons, when selected, opens a window revealing a frequency-spec- trum analyzer calibrated in kilohertz that shows the frequency content of the sample input in real time. According to the amount of available memory, you can have up to eight working sample buffers (200K per buffer). A separate MIDI menu offers a wide range of playback features enabling you to trigger any of the eight sample buffers (up to four at a time, of course) from the Amiga's function or alphanumeric keys, or from a MIDI keyboard. To simulate a piano keyboard, samples played from the alphanumeric keys are frequency shifted just as they would be via a M11)1 keyboard. The only drawback in this otherwise excellent program is the fact that it saves only one-shot IFF files, not three- or five-octave instrument files. That one sour note aside, this is an excellently designed piece (if software, which, when combined with its terrific companion hardware, makes for a winning package. Future Sound 500 One of the first sound digitizers on the market, Future Sound (Applied Visions) was revamped for the A500 with disappointing results. Future Sound 500 ($ 1 19.95) has two RCA phono inputs (stereo), a Vi- inch (3.5mm) mini plug input for a low-impedence microphone, and a fader to control input level. With its own software, the digitizer made good clean samples in mono; when I tried the same sample in stereo, however, I wound up with considerable cross talk on one of the channels. Next, 1 hooked it up to Perfect Sound’s software and got excellent stereo separation with no cross talk, but the mike input did not sample. Puzzling. To solve the problem. I tried calling the manufacturer, but talked only to its answering machine for several weeks. Future Sound’s sample-editing software is also limited. The biggest drawback is that it only has a single waveform display, meaning you can edit the two channels of a stereo sample only one side at a time. Perfect' Sound f found Perfect Sound (SunRize Industries, S89.95) decidedly unimpressive. In all my tests ! Consistently experienced a high level of noise when sampling in mono; it got worse in stereo. 1 also had cross talk between channels when trying to record a stereo sample; one channel would be clean while the second channel would contain a faint but annoying copy of the signal in the first channel no channel separation. 1 called the manufacturer, and it acknowledged the cross-talk problem on the newer models. While the company offered to minimize the problem, it could not eliminate the noise completely on the current version. A version 3.0 is planned, however, that will update both the hardware and software. A good idea, because the software that now comes with Perfect Sound is modest. Even when you record in stereo, it can only display one waveform at a time. It has no oscillator or VU meter and instead makes do with a confusing numeric readout for monitoring. On the plus side, the number of sample-edit buffers is limited only by available memory, allowing you to work quickly with many different samples at once. As an alternative, you could use Studio Magic (SunRize Industries, S99.99), which was designed to work with Perfect Sound. T he program has some unique and very powerful sample-editing features, but one major flaw: It crashes easily when you try to record in stereo. For working in mono mode or importing stereo IFF Files, Studio Magic offers a number of useful effects, such as Comb Filter and Amplitude Modulation. It also has an original edit-buffer scheme, a modest scratch-pad sequencer, and some extremely flexible santple-playback routines that al- Neural Cybertank Design and Simulation Cybertank engineers control the destiny of the Organization for Strategic Intelligence. They're the heart of the OMEGA Project, a classified military contract that's shaping combat's future. Employing tomorrow’s technology, OSI cybertank engineers design the chassis and artificial intelligence (Al) j for the next generation of neural armored warriors and they gauge their success on asimulated field of battle. Join these elite ranks, and pit your designs against the world’s best. Nnnn life create worlds IBM COMPATIBLE VERSION IBM COMPATIBLE VERSION APPLE VERSION Available for: IBM Tandy compatibles, C-64 128, Apple II series, Alari ST and Amiga, coming soon for, Macintosh and Apple llgs; actual screens may vary. Cam find ONEGA at your local retailer? Call 1 -800-999-4939 (Bam to 5pm EST) for Visa MC orders; or mail check or money order (U.S.$ ) to ORIGIN. All versions $ 4995. Shipping is FREE via UPS. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. ORIGIN, P.O. Box 161750, Austin, Texas 78716. Circle 21 on Reader Service card. Low you to assign multiple Key Splits to your MIDI keyboard. Pro-Sound Designer Pro-Sound Designer (Precision Incorporated, SI59.95) should be a belter package. I he editing software contains some interesting features, but the hardware is poorly designed. My first troubling observation was that two of the three inputs in the digitizer's flimsy case are simply empty holes, into which nothing can be plugged. The third input is a Vi-inch (3.5mm) stereo mini plug. This major design flaw guarantees unnecessary noise, because you must use multiple adapters to get input from typical ' ,-inch or phono-source connectors. More serious is the fact that the unit is not compatible with any software besides its own. It does make relatively clean samples, however, when you use its companion software. The software’s main screen resembles that of the
A. M.A.S. software and offers most of the same common editing commands. Unfortunately, it only displays one waveform at a time, even in stereo, and has an annoying habit of staggering the playback of its stereo samples. On the plus side, it does include a Draw Waveform Edit mode that lets you draw a section of your sample with a mouse. Its other interesting feature is an auto-play function that lets you set a threshold for your audio input that will then trigger a sample. Theoretically, you could use this feature to turn your Amiga into a sound-activated burglar alarm that growls when someone enters your house. Creative Sound SP8 Made in Denmark, and at present available only by mail order, the SP8 (Creative Sound Systems, $ 100) is a well-built sampling package that yields good clean sounds. The hardware requires a 12V DC transformer and is compatible with most of the other packages in mono, but not in stereo. With its own modest software, it records clean samples in mono and stereo, but 1 did experience some slight pitch discrepancies in which samples would be V., tone sharp or flat upon playback. Pro Sampler Studio The Pro Sampler Studio (Datel Computers, SI 19.99) has only three things in its favor: a Draw Waveform Edit mode, a neat 3-D wave display, and it is packaged with a simple four-track, scratch-pad sequencer. The companion software is the only program without an audio-filter defeat, plus it lacks volume-editing commands and resampling features. To top it off, the interface is clumsy. The hardware makes modest stereo samples with its own companion software and noisy mono samples with every other sample-editing program. 1 do not recommend it. If I were about to embark on an important audio project in which I needed to create high-quality Amiga samples, I would use A.M.A.S. to assure me of the cleanest samples in stereo or mono, Audio- Master II for its powerful editing features, and, possibly, Studio Magic to make use of some of its unusual special effects. T he combination is a chart topper. ¦ Dean Friedman is a record producer, animator, and game designer with several hit records to his credit. He composes and produces sound tracks for TV and film and is currently developing interactive game environments on the Amiga for the Nickelodeon cable network. Write to him at PO Box 878, Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023. Manufacturers’ Addresses Aegis Development 2115 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, GA 90405 213 392-9972 800 345-9871 Creative Sound Systems Gillesager 264 2650 Hvidovre Denmark + 45 1 474614 Mierodeal distributed by MickTron 576 S. Telegraph Pontiac, Ml 48053 313 334-5700 SunRize Industries distributed by MicroSearch 9896 SW Freeways Houston, TX 77074 713 988-2818 Applied Visions Inc. Suite 2000 1 Kendall Square Cambridge, MA 02139 617 494-5417 Datel Computers 3430 E. Tropicana 67 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702 454-7700 800 782-9110 Precision Incorporated 8404 Sterling St. Suite A Irving, TX 75063 214 929-4888 It looks, feels, and plays like a real Arcade game... because it is! But you don't have to wait your turn at the Arcade to put your quarters into this new high-energy game ... you can take it home to piay on your personal computer! Iff fmtSh Stick Davis's World Trophy Soccer features real-to-life animation designed and programmed by professional cinema animators! The superb multidirectional scrolling is so smooth and fast it can make you dizzy just watching it! Play with a friend, and you'll both have a lot of fun. Play against the computer, and you're in for the wildest challenge ever! It's literally like bringing an Arcade machine home! Jl fcsr Published by Crio-of Art.de Ahrtgt °PArc.d( Distributed by MELBOURNE COMING SOON FOR: Amiga (512K) $ 39.99 Atari ST $ 39.99 Commodore 64 $ 29.99 NOW SHIPPING FOR: Amiga = 1 mag.) $ 49.99 IBM 5-W' $ 39.99 IBM 3 -W $ 39.99 18001 Cowan Irvine, CA 92714 (714} 833-8710 Circle 104 on Reader Service card Amiga Specials Everyday AUDIO VIDEO D PRINTERS $ 319 179 369 799 2199 179 339 Call Call 329 139 199 239 359 185 239 339 229 b 30MB External 1 Hard Drive For The Amiga 500 |MB External Hard Drive r The Amiga 10( b Impact A2000-2 2 Impact A2000-HC 40Q Impact A2000-HC 80Q Impact A500-2 2 Impact A500-HD20M Impact A500-HD40Q Call For Configurations Not Listed1 $ 729 799 1199 499 709 989 S229 299 329 349 349 389 Super Buy b BOARDS 685 Magni Creative Microsystems 4000 Genlock w Rcmote Processor Accelerator Control 1839 A500 A2000 $ 175 Mimetics A1000 189 Amigen Genlock 147 Microbotics Midi (A1000) 42 Starboard 11 Call Midi (A500 2000) 42 Uppcrdcck 45 Microway 8 Up (A2000) 179 Flicker Fixer 479 Hard Frame 249 Progressive Peripherals Spirit Technology Pro-Gen Genlock 359
1. 5MB w OK (A 1000) 239 Frame Grabber 519
1. 5M w OK (A500) 239 Sunrize Industries Supra Perfect Vision 199 8MB Baud w 2mg 519
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By Joel Hagen TOO OFTEN, AMIGA artists seeking gallery-quality prints of their work think of printers only as devices that make hard copy of what is on the screen. Getting the best results from a printer requires thinking of ink as a medium, and the printer as an artistic tool over which you have considerable control. Any artistic tool or medium has certain characteristics, certain limitations. Watercolors do not look like charcoal drawings, nor do Amiga graphics look like oil paintings. Ink-jet printer output does not look like what you see on your monitor, nor does nine-pin dot-matrix output look like that of inkjet. Yet, all these media, properly handled, can yield gallery-quality results. I teach a computer graphics class in which we use an HP PaintJet printer for color output. The following techniques will refer to that printer, but similar thinking could be applied to any machine. I am fascinated with the look of the ink on the page from ink-jet printers. It has a velvet, saturated intensity that can look almost like dyed fabric. To get this quality, use the clay-coat paper intended for the printer. You will never get good results from standard bond. The trick to that amazing saturation of color is to make a double pass through the printer. Double-Pass Printing Techniques On the PaintJet, position the seam of the paper as you normally would relative to the print head. The tractor-feed margin will say something like: PRINT THIS SIDE. Line up one particular character with the edge of the plastic tear strip or make a pencil line as a registration mark. Now hit the Top-of-Form button. On the Amiga, proceed with the Print operation. When finished, roll back the sheet to the registration mark, and hit the Top-of-Form button again. This will reregister the print head to the starting position on the same image. (Note: Check your primer manual for instructions on rolling back the paper to avoid damage.) As you run a second print pass, the color will lill in, leaving no print head lines. Some screen images are not well suited to double-pass printing. .Ail colors tend to darken during the second pass, and a dark image may virtually disappear. Black comes out as a rich, flat black, but any dark color will appear nearly black in the printout. Colors of high saturation work very well and will intensify, although they may change from the screen color. Blues, violets, and purples are almost iridescent. Colors toward the light end of the value scale, especially if they contain blue, work poorly. The printer uses dots of color- spaced far apart to approximate the light shade. Those dots are still quite dark and form a distracting pattern. Often, light blue is so close to white, that light yellow will work better. On the monitor, light blue and light yellow may both look like shades of off-white, hut on the printout the blue will he much darker than the yellow. Think ahead to the printer. Experiment and make notes. A dark painting can be lightened using PIXmate’s Bias tool. Although it may look overexposed and washed out on the screen, it will saturate and darken during the second or even third pass on the printer. For another interesting result, offset the image slightly out of register for the second pass. This can soften it, and even antialias curved and diagonal lines. Try “double exposures,” printing one image on top of another. This works very well for nonrepresentational images or for layering abstract color onto a portrait at the printing stage. Always run your software to take ad- 4 J Think of your printer not just as a production tool, but as another resource in the artistic process. Vantage of the Amiga’s multitasking, allowing you to get hack and forth to Preferences while doing your printouts. Select Graphic 2 to bring up the control screen. Ordered dithering with Smoothing off is the default. F-S dithering randomizes the dither pattern in creative ways and is sometimes more visually interesting. A favorite trick of mine is to make one pass ordered, and one pass F-S. Turning Smoothing on tends to reduce the blocky nature of the pixels in the printout. This can be effective with certain fonts, although I have not found it as useful as I had hoped. If your dot-matrix printer is not giving you dense enough blacks, try the double- pass technique. You will be surprised how effective the tractor feed is at reregistering an image under the print head. With a little tape, you can create a loop of three sheets of paper. Do the first pass, and use form feed to bring the sheet hack around into registration. If your printer accepts different colors of ribbon, you can build an image in stages. T his is a great technique for technical drawings. Plan your drawing ahead of time for the printer so that each layer is a separate IFF image that loads to the proper screen position. Do the first pass in blue, for example, double printing for good density. T hen pull in a new part of the image from disk and put in a brown ribbon for those passes. Perhaps add text in black after another ribbon change. The results can look like they came from a printer costing ten times what you spent for that little nine-pin. ¦ Joel I agen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CIA 95361. Please include a The printout of "Abstract” above is the result of double-pass printing reregistered with ordered stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dithering applied on an HP Paint Jet printer. MURDER Ar SARATOGA The Solution WHAT? (Victim) _Syl Vestry WHERE? Everett Whitley’s Stable HOW? (Weapon) _Pitchfork_ WHO? (Murderer) Davis Longfellow_ WHEN? _1 am (Sunday)_ WHY? A number of motives greed ambition for the development scheme, love of Clara, revenge or malice towards Mar- jorie, and so forth are acceptable. See details of the solution below. Of the many entries we received, only three were entirely correct (and thus eligible for the three top prizes). Those entries (and there were quite a few) specifying Vestry as victim and Buford Langtry as murderer (the next closest solution) became eligible for the remaining Finalist prizes. Consolation winners (to be announced next month) will be drawn from the remainder of these and other entries with the most correct answers. Clue 3, based on Amiga Basic Error Code 7 (out of memory), eliminated the two seven-lettered possibilities, Whitley and Mikaros. Clue 4 Indicated Vestry (the odd person out among Stone and Stone). Unlike the numerical exercises of Part I, Part II demanded powers of deductive reasoning. We realize that interpretations here were, by necessity, somewhat subjective. Be that as it may, here is how our tale unfolded. Harry Stone planned to drug Rambling Boy, making it appear that Everett Whitley drugged his own horse so that Everett could bet against him. Although he has a fairly generous trust fund, the ne’er-do-well Harry is afraid his high-principled father will carry through with his recent threat to disinherit him, and then make Whitley his heir. Jeremiah has always treated the hard-working Whitley like a son, especially since the young man's father was killed in a training accident for which Jeremiah feels at least partly responsible. Miranda Langtry despises her sardonic, middle- aged husband, whom she married at an early age, mistakenly thinking he was the epitome of wealthy Southern gentility. She is infatuated with the handsome and ruthless Harry, with whom she has been having an affair over the past year. As an accomplished actress, she aids Harry by impersonating Cherry Rowers. (Both, as we know, are tall, shapely blondes, and some gaudy makeup, excessive lipstick, a tight-fitting skirt, and the proper wrong-side- of-the-tracks accent take care of the rest) The false Cherry makes sure the crowd at Mad- Igan’s won’t forget her entrance or her Intimate tete-a-tete with the unsuspecting Everett Whitley. The next morning, before the race, she reappears at Madigan’s (at 9:35 am) and, with several witnesses in earshot, makes a $ 10,000 bet with Jimmy The Satchel using Harry’s money against Rambling Boy. (Remember, the real Cherry Flowers was seen at 9:20 am with Big Joey D. at the Casino a full 35 minutes' drive from Madigan's.) All the evidence for the fix is in place. Harry Stone, meanwhile, has invested another $ 10,000 to persuade the real Cherry Rowers to disappear the morning after the race. Unfortunately for Harry and Miranda, they did not realize that on the morning before the race when they were discussing their plans in the Lang- trys’ hotel suite, Bulord Langtry was not at the racetrack as had been supposed. Having seen Harry drive up to the hotel, Buford returned to the suite, where Miranda was still asleep, and hid outside on the terrace to listen to what young Stone and Miranda were up to. Miranda, awakened by her lover, let Harry into the room, where the two went over the final details of their plot. Part I was a bit of a “morning workout,” as they say In horse racing, for our contestants to guess by process of elimination the name of the victim from the list of 10 possibilities. Clue 1 (genetic code) eliminated the three women Miranda, Cherry, and Marjorie. The numerical range was 1- 26 (the alphabet) and the numbers eliminated, respectively, were: 1-14 (wicket pass-throughs), 26 (Teddy Rooseveit), 21-17 (21 Club and "Seventeen” magazine), 16 and 15 (square root of 256 and number below it), 22 (22nd Amendment), 23 (Benjamin Harrison’s presidency between Cleveland’s two nonconsecutive terms). This left 24 and 25 (translated as "x” and "y” and thus denoting, genetically, a male; eliminate females). Clue 2 (height in inches) was a mathematical exercise in AmigaDOS Error Codes ([205 + 202 + 218]-[224 + 223+ 104)=74). The victim was 6'2" tall, thus eliminating the two jockeys, Russell and Walker. MYSTERY SWEEPSTAKES FINALIST PRIZE WINNERS Runner-Up: Second Prize Ray Stach La Mesa, CA Runner-Up: Third Prize Brian Stach Portland, OR Grand Prize Rick and Terri Foster Los Gatos, CA Seventh Prize Steve Federowicz Denver, CO Eighth Prize John Wilson Riverside, CA Tenth Prize Jeff Thomas Fairborn, OH Eleventh Prize Chuck Polk Harvest, AL Fourth Prize Edward H. Bartz, Jr. South River, NJ Fifth Prize Mark Golczewski Baltimore, MD Ninth Prize Olaf Haakonstad Ann Arbor, Ml Twelfth Prize Kay Johnson Harker Heights, TX Sixth Prize Jim McKenzie New Port Richey, FL Langtry, long aware of his wife's affair and not particularly bothered by It, received great amusement from the lovers' plan because he saw a way to profit from it Not only would he gamer immense satisfaction from seeing his old rival Jeremiah Stone humbled in the Travers Stakes, but also, as the trainer of Dervish clearly the second best horse In the race he would probably win the 10% trainer's share of the winning owner's purse of $ 600,000 a cool $ 60,000 he hadn't been counting on at all. Not only that, but he might wager, say, $ 5000 at odds of 3 or 4 to 1 generous if one knows the odds-on favorite won't be In the hunt Langtry pays a visit to Madigan's later that morning to make a bet with Jimmy The Satchel. Davis Longfellow, who knows Langtry quite well, engages him In conversation and drinks before Langtry has a chance to place his bet Langtry, feeling expansive from his cocktails, lets drop a hint that he has inside information about Rambling Boy. Within the next 15 minutes, Longfellow discovers all and concocts an idea that will become the plan for which he has been searching these many months to realize his complex ambitions. Having long courted Marjorie Mackenzie after her husband’s death, and been gently but firmly two years and, more recently, Longfellow's as well. Marjorie with her Three Legs Farm situated right in the middle of the proposed development is, of course, the stumbling block. She is too stubborn to sell, but too much in debt to hold out indefinitely and Longfellow must continue to appear to be her friend and staunch supporter. Longfellow's proposal to Langtry sketched in brilliant, lightning-quick strokes is this: Suppose Langtry were to withdraw Dervish this morning from the race, saying that there is simply no way Rambling Boy can be beaten even by the next best horse In the race. By doing so and here spurned in his advances, Longfellow has come to secretly despise her over the last year. He has instead become clandestinely involved with Clara Gilsum, whose dreams of assembling the multi- mllllon-dollar Spa City development scheme have consumed her every waking moment for the last Longfellow summons up all the nerve he can muster for this lie Langtry could help the much- beleaguered Marjorie Mackenzie, a woman admired by all for her tenacious pride and good sporting humor in the face of ruin. The trick is to switch Dervish for Hope's Last Chance just before THE 1989 AMIGAWORLD MYSTERY SWEEPSTAKES the race. Marjorie’s horse and Langtry's Dervish are both dark bays of nearly identical conformation and markings. Dervish’s octogenarian owner gives Langtry free reign over decisions about his horses and, besides, he is not even in Saratoga for the race. And Longfellow will see to It that the unsuspecting Marjorie herself is occupied in the crucial few last moments when Langtry switches the horses on the way to the paddock before the race. Marjorie's trainer, Syl Vestry, Is basically an honest chap, but he Is completely devoted to her and he will never refuse Longfellow when he explains that this will mean the entire difference between saving or losing the farm. The jockey will be well paid by Vestry to ask no questions. There will be so much of an uproar when Rambling Boy trails In a dull last that in the confusion It will be a breeze to switch the horses back to their original barns after the race. Langtry, of course, will be giving up his winning trainer's share of $ 80,000, but as a betting man he can make a fortune wagering on an apparent 100 to 1 longshot who is almost certain to win. A mere $ 5000 could net him S500.000 tax free! And, besides, with Marjorie collecting the $ 600,000 paid to the winning owner, she will be able to keep her farm and dash the Spa City development plan in which Langtry’s archrival, Jeremiah Stone, is the major investor. The plan appeals to the gambler and old reprobate in Langtry, and the deal is set. Longfellow, as we know, plans to play a somewhat different hand with the cards he is dealing. The switch before the race works to perfection. Later, however, after the midnight climax of the costume ball, he goes to the racetrack. After making sure Everett Whitley has left his stable after his 12 o’clock check on the horses, he waits next door at Syl Vestry's stable. Syl, as stated, always goes back to his barn at 1 am to perform a similar check. When Vestry arrives, Longfellow grabs him from behind, knocks him unconscious, and drags him next door to Everett Whitley's barn. He then takes Whitley’s pitchfork and stabs the helpless victim repeatedly. Closing the bam door, he takes off his gloves, gets in his car, and drives away. The perfect frame job is now in place. The next morning his plan will begin moving to Its final. Inevitable conclusion. The post-race lab tests conducted on Rambling Boy a standard procedure for all losing favorites in any race will return positive for the drug used to make him lethargic. The stories about Whitley, the false Cherry Flowers, and the bet will Implicate Whitley in a fix. The body of winning trainer Syl Vestry found in Whitley’s own bam and stabbed with Whitley’s pitchfork, and the fact that Whitley was known to have been in the barn less than an hour before the murder, will suggest an even more widespread fix and a falllng-out between the thieves Vestry and Whitley, victim and murderer fighting over their share of the spoils. More Importantly, the murder will lead to a certain investigation of the entire race and an equally certain uncovering of the Dervish-Hope’s Last Chance switch carried out supposedly by Whitley and Vestry without Langtry’s knowledge. The purse money will be taken from Marjorie Mackenzie, she will be ruined, and Three Legs Farm will fall to Clara Gilsum’s development scheme. And the only living person who will know of Longfellow’s involvement, Buford Langtry, will never tell because if anyone finds out he made a half-million dollars on the fix, he will be implicated In the crime. Besides, Langtry is hardly a man of conscience. Others with malicious intentions Harry Stone and Miranda Langtry will also benefit, albeit without direct involvement in the crime. And those few good souls in this story Everett Whitley, Marjorie Mackenzie, and some of the hearty Runyonesque denizens of Madigan’s Bar Shoe inn will all suffer, unless Andy Axfeld and you, Dear Readers, have been sharp enough to unravel this tale of deceit and treachery and to provide the greedy villains with their own just deserts. ¦ Daniel Sullivan Sensational Service With Sprite ‘TecfnoCogy AMIGA HARDWARE Supra 2400 Modem .. ......$ 149 LV Backup .... ..$ 44 Amiga Music Pack Amiga 500 .... ..Special $ Supra Internal Modem..... ......$ 149 Math Wizard .. ..$ 35 SHS-10 Yamaha Keyboard. MIDI Amiga 2000 .. CALL Supra 2MB 2000 ......$ 505 Maxiplan 500 ..$ 94 Interface & Cable, Deluxe Music Amiga 2000HD ..Special $ Maxiplan Plus ... $ 135 Construction Set ..$ 169 Amiga 2500 .. 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E. S.T. Sprite ‘Tecfinotofly Coming To A Screen Near You. If you’re ready to become your own studio producer, there's only one desktop video system that will bring NTSC and S-VHS to your Amiga's screen. The Scanlock system by VidTech. Other systems give you a genlock that's "either-or." They either support NTSC or S-VHS. But not both. Two For One With Scanlock, you get two genlocks for the price of one. So you can migrate from NTSC to the newer S-VHS format without investing in another system. We also offer a Scanlock model that is compatible with the International PAL TV format, including its new S-VHS version. Scanlock's dual-genlock system gives you broad- cast-quality video at consumer prices. And our system offers all the bells and whistles, including front-panel fingertip controls, multiple monitor connections for viewing and editing, and independent fade controls for both reference and Amiga videos. II'your Amiga is supporting a load of peripherals, we provide a connection that lets you use an optional external power supply. Scanlock is a breeze to use. A "glitch-free" vertical interval switch lets you insert, reverse and remove reference video and Amiga graphics at the touch of a finger. And you can switch between NTSC, S-VHS Lind analog RGB formats without moving cable connectors. When you're done editing, you can resume normal Amiga operation with the Hip of a switch. Don't Get Locked Out So if you're ready to become your own producer, choose the desktop video system that doesn't lock you into one genlock the Scanlock system by VidTech. Coming to a screen near you. Call or write us today: VidTech International, Inc., 2822 NW 79th Ave.. Miami, Florida 33122. Telephone 800-727-2261 or 305-477-2228. Fax 305-591-1651. Prices:NTSC-$ 995, PAL-S 1,095. Distributed by Southern Technologies, Dallas, Texas. Info.phile RAM Returns: Making Memory Pay Off Invest some of your Amiga’s main memory and reap handy dividends in faster, more efficient performance. By Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name ONE OF THE simplest ways to make your Amiga work faster and more efficiently is through a little creative tinkering with its one megabyte (or more, perhaps) of main memory. If you are not an A2000 owner, we are assuming you have upgraded to at least one meg. With RAM chip prices finally starting to spiral downward again, there is little reason for anyone to be confined to 512K. The A501 512K Memory Expansion Module for the Amiga 500 is under S200. If you have an .Amiga 1000, you can expect to pay a bit more, but either way it is a great investment. Flog Those Floppies! One of the first things you should do with that 512K or more of extra memory is to speed up those annoyingly slow floppy-disk drives. AmigaDOS associates with each floppy drive or hard-disk partition a small pool of memory called a buffer area. .AmigaDOS stores in that area blocks of information that you recently used. When you need data from a disk, .AmigaDOS checks first to see if that data is in the buffer area. If so, AmigaDOS bypasses the disk and retrieves your data much faster, 'fry running INFO twice in a row; the second time you usually won’t have to read the disks. I You can speed up your disk reads by using ADD BUFFERS to increase the size of the buffer. ADDBUFFERS’ arguments are simply the name of a drive and the number of buffers you want to add. You must use the ADDBUFFERS command for each drive, because each one has its own buffer area. Place these commands in the S STARTU P-SFQUENCE file on the working copy of your Workbench disk, and the whole process becomes automatic. It will not cost you much for these extra buffers. For example, the command ADDBUFFERS DF0: 30 sets aside 30 more buffers for your inter- nal floppy drive. Each buffer consumes only 512 bytes, so this statement costs you only 15K. Even if you have several megabytes of memory, however, don't add more than 30 buffers per device. Once you get above 30 extra buffers, the inefficiencies of the AmigaDOS buffer-management software begin to cancel the benefits. ADDBUFFERS has one other problem: It does not always help with disks that use the old, pre-1.3 file system which unfortunately today includes all floppy drives, (You can, and should, run your hard disks with the new Fast File- System.) If you want to ensure that you are speeding up all of your disk accesses, buy FACC II ($ 34.95), a utility from ASDG that we discussed previously (see "info.phile,” Sept, ’89, p. 56). It is a fairly inexpensive and superior alternative to ADDBUFFERS. Some Extras for the CLI Set ADDBUFFERS is an asset whether you use the Workbench or the Shell. I [ you are a Shell user, however, there are several other wavs that extra memory can J help you out. For one thing, with the ALIAS command you can tailor your command en- i i vironment at the cost of only a few memory bvtes. AUIAS allows you to ere- J J ate synonyms for CLI commands; first, list the name you want to use, then the command name itself. For example: ALLAS LS LIST ALIAS DEL DELETE If you place your ALIAS commands in the file S S HELL-STARTUP, AmigaDOS will run them automatically every time you start a new Shell. .Another, more memory-expensive way to improve Shell command handling is to use the RESIDENT command to copy commands into memory so that the Shell MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY “ The Matchbox Collection ” A Powerhouse of Peripherals For Your Amiga
M. A.S.T
M. A.S.T. UNIDRIVE THE ORIGINAL AND BEST EASY ST. - LET MAST GUIDE YOU THRU THE AMIGA PERIPHERAL MAZE MICROMEGS ULTRA LOW POWER A501 ALTERNATIVE MINIMEGS 2 MEGABYTE EXTERNAL RAM $ 149 Fully Compatible Quality Fujitsu Mechanism Superslimline No Clicking May be switch disabled 1 year limited warranty Very low power.
• BATTERY BACKED CLOCK Additional to any memory currently in your system. ' . Autoconfigure Fast RAM Low Power Ram Tachometer Autoconfigure LED Pocket Size Zero wait states Compatible with A501 Easily installed external module
• 512K RAM HIGH SPEED LOW POWER ONE MEG DRAM'S A500 One Meg $ 399 Two Meg $ 599 A1000 One Meg $ 439 Two Meg $ 624 $ 169 MINIMEGS UPGRADE I $ 89 EACH 512K factory offer ONLY THE INFINITY MACHINE 9 ¦ VESNA SCSI 68030 BOR6 PICOMEGS A500 AND A1000 $ 299 base module FIREBALL A2000 SCSI INTERFACE
• VERY FAST • LOW COST $ 229 (controller only) 30meg $ 609 90meg $ 1209 136meg $ 1509 182meg $ 1759 The above units include a drive mounted on the controller card. Additional drives can be purchased separately - 90meg $ 1039,136meg $ 1309,182meg - $ 1550. These drive are high performance, with similar characteristics to the Quantum drives. They also have embedded sector servo. FAHALLbL SCSI- ADAPTOR $ 129 FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL $ 299 A4666 INTERNAL 4iM" DRIVE MAST USA: 3381 Benatar Way, Chico ( CA. 95928 Tel(916) 342-6278 MAST AUSTRALIA: Buckland House 19-21 Buckland St., BROADWAY NSW 2007 Tel (02) 281 7411 FAX (02)281 7414 MAST UNITED KINGDOM: Unitl, Dippen.Brodick, Arran SCOTLAND KA278RN Tel (077082) 212 FAX (077082) 234 All prices suoject to change without notice. Ple ase call for freight costs. CA residents add tax. Mac,Apple,Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer. Amiga .A500.A1000, A2000 are trademarks of commodore-amiga. A-Max is a trademark of readysoft. Drive names mentioned in the special offer are trademarks of their respective companies. ELIMINATE INTERLACE FLICKER DTP? CAD? Hl-RES GRAPHICS FLICK-OFF LETS YOU EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES ¦ S mple to install ¦ Requires multisync monitor ' Eliminates flicker on all interlace modes including HAM ¦ Several software options $ 399 AMIG-a-TOSH PLUS AMIG-aTOSH PLUS is the ultimate solution for A-MAX owners. It includes a Macintosh compatible lloppy drive and hardware allowing the AMIG-a-TOSH PLUS to read Apple ROM's. Now you can discard the A- MAX hardware module, and have your entire Mac emulator housed in a superslimline case. AMIG-a-TOSH AMIGAa-TOSH is the MAST Macintosh compatible floppy drive fully compatible with the A-MAX Mac emulator. MAST also sells this drive to Macintosh owners and guarantees its performance with A-MAX.
* ONE YEAR WARRANTY FL ICK-OFF A500 -A1000 -A2000 $ 249
A. NO PROBLEM- it's included with the basic module of The Infinity Machine.
A. Infinity accepts up to 8 megabytes of RAM. The memory can be selected as either 16 or 32 bit memory. It can be used with both the 68000 and 68030. The PICOMEGS memory can run in interleaved mode in most configurations for even faster access.
A. NO PROBLEM- you have the choice of a 68000 running at 7 OR 16 Mhz in the PICOMEGS address space or a 68030 running at 16,20,25,33,50 Mhz.
A. In December you will be able to have a machine as fast as an A500 or A1000 fitted with INFINITY. TINY TIGER II MASSIVE MASS STORAGE 30 50 90 136 182 Megabytes NEW DESIGN OPTIONAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON QUALITY FUJITSU 90,136,180 meg drives, from 5599 This quality unit has been designed 1o plug into any Amiga SCSI INTERFACE including THE INFINITY MACHINE, the MAST PARALLEL SCSI INTERFACE (when you want a fast system lhat is portable between different Amigas), or as a second drive plugged into the additional connector on the FIREBALL A200G interface. Tiny Tiger feature a front panel SCSI address display, auto power-on with computer,switch selectable SCSI and pass thru. GREAT VALUE - ONLY AVAILABLE THRU THE FACTORY! NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER
11. Trade in your OLD 1010 for a NEW ENHANCED UNIDRIVE $ 105 |2. Upgrade your current UNIDRIVE to an ENHANCED UNIDRIVE for $ 29-95 If you own an AIRDRIVE. PRODRIVE, CENTAUR SILENT DRIVE, CALIFORNIA ACCESS or MASTER 3A- have it upgraded to all the FEATURES of the ENHANCED UNIDRIVE 39-95 ENHANCED UNIDRIVE FEATURES:
• - indicates when track 00 written to
* selective write protect of track 00
- hardware write protect of drive
• PASSTHRU Quality Fujitsu Drive Mechanism Superslimline Design 5" x 7.5" x 1.2" No click when the diskette is removed May be switch disabled Low Power- 2.4 watts operating
0. 03 watts standby Limited one year warranty TWINDRIVE
• Two quality Fujitsu drives in a slimline case. ¦ No clicking.
• Each drive may be switch disabled. ¦ Quiet operation
• Limited one year warranty.
• May be powered from the Amiga or from optional 9V DC plugpak. SPECIAL OFFER MAY BE UPGRADED TO A TWINDRIVE does not have to read them from a disk. Because you can make individual com- mands resident, this is a nice alternative to the old technique of copying all of your commands into a C directory in the RAM: disk. There is one small catch: You can onlv make a command resident if it is pure. A program is pure if it is reentrant (several processes can run it simultaneously) and re-executable (you can run it repeatedly). To find out if a command is pure, LIST your C directory and check the command's attributes; if you see the letter p, the command is pure. To make commands resident automatically when you boot your Amiga, follow the standard Amiga DOS example and place your RESIDENT statements in the file S STARTUPII, which STARTUP- SEQUENCE executes. The amount of memory that resident commands consume depends on the size of those commands; you can calculate the total by adding their sizes. You Get What You Pay For So far we have discussed techniques that yield minor improvements for small expenditures of memory (in the 100K-200K range). For even more speed and efficiency, consider investing 396K or more on a bootable, recoverable-RAM disk. You can boot from the new 1.3 recoverable-RAM disk, RAD:, if you have an A1000 with a 1.3 Kickstart disk, or an A500, A2000, or A2500 with the 1.3 Kickstart ROM. Even if your Amiga cannot reboot from RAD:, you can still use RAD: to relieve you from having to keep Workbench in one of your disk drives. The 1.3 documentation suggests that you need two megabytes or more of memory to make a rebootable RAD:, While it is ideal to have at least two megs (because you can then simply make RAD: a full 880K and copy your entire Workbench disk to it), it is possible to get by with less than half that amount. First, you must create RAD:. Unlike the older RAM:, RAD: has a fixed size that vou control with an entry in DEVS • MOUNTLIST, much as you would set the size of any disk. The cylinders on RAD: are the same i IK size as those on a floppy. The default MOUNTLIST entry for RAD: has 22 cylinders. We will need to make it a little larger. Use an ASCII editor, such as ED or MEM ACS, to set the HighCyl field of that entry to
35. This gives RAD: 36 cylinders, or 396K. Now you must fill RAD: with the right files and directories. Listing 1 contains a hatch file, MAKE_RAD, that will fill this small RAD: and transfer control of your Amiga to it. Type these commands into a batch file MAKE RAD in your S direc- tory, and then insert the line EXECUTE MAKE_RAD in your S STARTUP-SEQUENCE file between the FASTMEMF1RST and BIND- DRI VERS statements. That’s it; you’re ready to go. Reboot your Amiga and you will be able to run off RAD:. (Be sure to remove your Workbench disk from the internal drive first; your Amiga will always try to boot first from any disk there.) * There are, of course, some limitations. For one thing, you can use easily only the commands that we copied into RAD:C. To use any other command, you must insert your Workbench disk into a drive and use the full pathname of that command (for example, “Workbench
1. 3:ED“). Alternatively, you could make RAD: larger and copy that command into it, or remove one of our choices and replace it with your own. Another minor problem with our RAD: setup is that it leaves no room in its PREFS and UTILITIES directories for the programs that usually reside there, because those directories are needed to enable a RATH statement in S STARTUP-SEQUENCE to work. Fortunately, you normally have little use for these and are unlikely to miss them. .Also, if vou have made resident any commands that we copy into RAD:, remove those RESIDENT statements; there is no need to put two copies of any command into memory. Our hatch file may seem a bit too much like magic, but it does work. The comments should help you to understand it. Next time, we will take a closer look at batch files; that information should help answer any remaining questions about MAKE RAD. Bill Cate lungs and Mark .. Van Name are contributing editors to AmigaWorld. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore RdDurham, NC 27703. Listing 1. MAKE-RAD ; See if RAD: is a known device. If not, Mount it FAILAT 30 ASSIGN > NIL: RAD: EXISTS IF WARM ECHO "Mounting the recoverable RAM disk" MOUNT RAD: ; if you have not already created a C directory ; in RAD:, make one now. IF MOT EXISTS RAD:C MAKEDIR RAD:C ; Copv into this directory the commands you need ; foi* the standard S STARTUP-SEQUENCE. COPY C:COPY RAD:C ASSIGN C: RAD:C COPY DFO:C ADDBUFFERS C: COPY DFO:C ASSIGN C: COPY DFO:C BINDDRIVERS C: COPY DFO:C BREAK C: COPY DFO:C CD C: COPY DFO:C ECHO C: COPY DFO:C ENDCLI C: COPY DFO:C ENDIF C: COPY DFO:C EXECUTE C: COPY DFO:C FAILAT C: COPY DFO:C FF C: COPY DFO:C IF C: COPY DFO:C LOADWB C: COPY DFO:C MOUNT C: COPY DFO:C NEWSHELL C: COPY DFO:C PATH C: COPY DFO:C PROMPT C: COPY DFO:C REMRAD C: COPY DFO:C RENAME C: COPY DFO:C RESIDENT C: COPY DFO:C RUN C: COPY DFO:C SETCLGCK C: COPY DFO:C SETPATCH C: COPY DFO:C WAIT C: ; Now copy into it some other commands ; that you frequently use. COPY DFO:C DSLETE C: The Your AMIGA Visa and MasterCard Accepted HOURS: 8 AM to 7 PM Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday Call on Sunday lyar « r75* Marketplace Software Shop, Inc Software and Hardware Marl Hardware Spectacular! Sensational Savings! Compare! HardCards W HF2000 HardCards w FastCard FastTrack A500 A1000 Supra HardCards Memory Expansion A2j 000 A2500 A500 A1000 HardFrame $ 249 FastCard $ 159 FastTrack Sys. $ 379 Supra Controller $ 210 8Up 2Mg $ 435 Starboard Ok $ 269 138N 32Mg 589 138N 32Mg 506 138N 32Mg 722 138N 32Mg 579 8Up 4Mg 689 Starboard 512K 339 157N 48Mg 659 157N 48Mg 589 157N 48Mg 799 157N 48Mg 629 8Up 6Mg 929 Starboard 1Mg 399 Quantum 40Mg 729 Quantum 40Mg 639 Quantum 40Mg 869 277N 63Mg 739 8Up 8Mg 1159 Starboard 2Mg 579 Quantum 80Mg 1059 Quantum BOMg 979 Quantum BOMg 1199 Quantum 40Mg 679 Spirit 512K 305 MiniMeg 512K 378 Quantum 105Mg 1129 Quantum 105Mg 1039 Quantum 105Mg 1279 Quantum 80Mg 1011 Spirit iMg 379 MiniMeg 1Mg 459 277N 63Mg 759 277N 63Mg 689 277N 63Mg 889 Quantum 105Mg 1099 Spirit 1.5Mg 439 MiniMeg 2Mg 599 External 5.25 Drv $ 179 External 3.5 Drv $ 119 Internal 3.5 Drv $ 89 Digi-View Gold, WV 1410 Panasonic camera w lens and Copy stand $ 399 .. S97 .00 .. . 1500 ... 15 00 .. 129 00 ... 97 00 .. 129 00 .. 249 00 ... 6900 129 00 1-800-752-0050 In Mass. Call.... 1-508-756-6452 SALES AND QUOTES (outside Mass.): 1-800-752-0050 SHIPPING AND TECHNICAL SERVICE: 1-508-756-6452 QUOTE-A-FAX: 1-508-799-9354
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Citydesk companion Citydesk companion II Page stream . Page setter ..... Professional Draw ... Professional page,. Publisher plus Shakespeare ...... DESKTOP PUBLISHING EDUCATION Adventure ol sin bad ...32 00 Aesop's Inbles . 32 00 All about America .....35.00 Animal h mgdom ....-. 32 00 Decimal dungeon ...32.00 Discovery game math .25 00 Discovery game spell 25 00 First letters and words .35.00 First shapes ... 35 00 Fraction action .32 00 Grade manager 59 00 Great states ...25 00 Kid Talk ..35 00 Kindcrama 32 00 Kwik speak Spanish .....19.00 Learning curve . 52.00 Link word french ..... 22.00 Link word German ...22.00 Link word Italian ...... 22 00 Link word Russian ...... 22 00 Link word Spanish ....22 00 Math talk . 35 00 Math Talk fraction ..... 35 00 Math wizard ...35 00 Perfect score ..51 00 Quiz master ...51 00 Read & rhyme .32.00 Read-a-rama .. 32.00 Spell bound ... 25 00 Speller bee 35 00 Tales from Arabia 32.00 Wordmasler ... 32 00 PRINTERS 1091i Panasonic printer $ 224.00 Alps Allegro 24 PIN...399 00 Epson Apex 80 ...... 205.00 NEC LC890 laser PS 3395.00 Okimate 20 color prt ...145 00 Pjug'n print ...85 00 Star nx rainbow ..... 259.00 Xerox 4020 __ink |et 1295 00 Xerox 4020 starter kit .159.00 HP Pamt jet ..CALL 4-op deluxe . . $ 97 00 Audio master . 37 00 Audio master II ..... . . 67.00 Back songbook ..... .. 27.00 Copyist II ... . 17900 D-50 ... .9900 Deluxe music ...... .. 69.00 Dr drums ... .. 2000 Dr keys . ..2000 Dr T's Keyboard .... . 160.00 Dr T's Midi recording studio .. 45.00 Dx heaver .. . 97 00 Dynamic drums .... .. 52 00 Dynamic studio ..... . 129.00 Future sound A500 A2000 ,. ,.92 00 Hot cool jazz .. 18 00 Hot licks .. 32 00 Instant music .. 32 00 Matrix 6 . 97 00 Midi Magic .. . 99 00 Mt-32 .. . 97.00 Music student ...... ..38 00 Pro sound designer .. . 12500 Promidi studio ...... . 129.00 Rock & roll .. ..21.00 Sonix .. .. 51.00 Sound sampler ..... .. 78 00 Studio magic . .65 00 Synthia . . . 59 00 Texture . .. 97.00 Utilities 2 = mimatics) . . . 43 00 UTILITIES
E. A.D.disk optimizer . . $ 32 00 C B. Tree .. .. 65 00 Celebrity cook book . .. 20 00 Custom screens ' ... .. 45 00 Cygnused Professional..... .,65 00 Disk 2 disk .. ..33 00 Disk master . ..33 00 Disk mechanic ...... .. 59.00 Dos 1.3 .. 22 00 Dos 2 dos . .. 35 00 Doug's math aquanum..... .. 52 00 Encore . . . 45.00 Ez backup . ..33 00 Face II . . . 22 00 Fine print .... ..... . . 33 00 Reel check ..33 00 Flip side ... .. 37 00 Gold spell ... ..... .. 32.00 Gomf . .. 27 00 Grabbit . .. 1900 Laser scripts .. 28.00 Laser up: fonts...... ..... .. 26 00 Laser up: plot ...... ..33 00 Laser up: print ...... .. 58.00 Laser up: utilities ... . . 26 00 Lex check . ..33 00 Lv backup ... ..... .. 32 00 Multi preferences ... .. 20 00 Nag Plus Schedule Assist .. .. 52 00 Pro script ... .. 32 00 Project D .. .. 32.00 Promis spelling ..... .. 32.00 Quarterback .. 45.00 Raw copy 1.3 .. 39 00 Superback .. .. 52.00 Sys font * .22 00 Tax plan .22 00 Tdi editor sources .. . .30 00 Tdi examples . . 15 00 Tdi grid access ..... .,30 00 Tdi kermit .. .. 19 00 Texted plus . ..5200 VIP . 32 no HOME ACCOUNTING Desktop budget .... $ 46 00 Money mentor ...... . $ 65 00 Pnaser . .65 00 Tax Break .. ..53 00 SOUND & MUSICS GRAPHICS & VIDEO 3-Demon $ 69 00 Animate 3-D ..99 00 Animate 4D .. 439.00 Animation editor 39 00 Animation effects .....32.00 Animation Flipper ..... 32 00 Animation multiplane ....58 00 Animation stand ......32 00 Animation w images ..89 00 Animator apprentices 185 00 Ammotion 65 00 Architectural design .. 23 00 Ad gallery I ...20 00 Art gallery It ... 20 00 Art pak I ..20 00 Art parts 1 20 00 Art parts II 20.00 Award maker plus ....32.00 Broadcast Tiller .....1B9 00 Butcher .. 25 00 C light 3d editor ......39.00 Calligrapher help ..... 28 00 Chroma Paint ...48 00 Color splitters . 79 00 Comicsetter ...65.00 Deluxe paint II ....,...8900 Deluxe Paint 111 ......102.00 Deluxe print II .55.00 Deluxe photo lab ....102 00 Deluxe production ...137,00 Deluxe video II 89.00 Designasaurus ... 32 00 Digi paint . 39 00 Digi pamt help . 24 00 Digi view 131.00 Director's T oolkit ... 26 00 Dpaint help ... 24 00 Exprss pamt ...65.00 Express pamt III , ... 89 00 Forms in flighl II ...... 77.00 Future design 3-d .....23 00 Graphic studio ' ......35 00 Human design 3-d ... 23 00 Icon Paint 59.00 fmpaci 55.00 Interchange ...32 00 Invision .. 109 00 Lights Camera Action .49.00 M crobot design 3-d ...23 00 Modeler 3d ...64 00 Movie setter ...65 00 Page flipper Ix .95 00 Perfeci vision ..175.00 Photon expansion disk 19.00 Photon pamt ..65 00 Photon pamt 2.0 ...97.00 Photon paint help .....23.00 Photon video cell anim 97.00 Pixmate .. 43 00 Print master plus .....33.00 Prism ....43 00 Pro video plus set I ....B3 00 Pro video plus set II ....83 00 Pro result using dpaint 35 00 Provideo plus 193.00 Sculpt 3-d 64.00 Silver turbo ..129.00 The Director ..46.00 Turbo Silver ...129 00 Tv-show ..64 00 Tv-texl .64 00 Videoellects3d ......12100 Video scape 3-d ...... 120 00 Video tiller 95.00 Zoetrope .91.00 DISKETTES Fu|i3 S' ds dd color disks $ 19.00 Sony 3 5‘ dS'dd 19.00 TDK 3 5’ ds dd disks ..19 00 Centech 3 5" ds dd disks 19 00 Centech 5 25 ds hd disks 29 00 Quality Clips for Your Quality Art ! These image-packed screens are in 16- and 32- color IFF format for use with paint packages such as Deluxe Paint II on an Amiga
500. 1000 or 2000. Hird Picstm Suggested Retail $ 29.95 All packages require AmigaDos V1.2 or V1.3. a minimum of 512K of memory and a paint package. ANGENT o To order, see your dealer or contact : Tangent 270 PO Box 38587-A12 Denver, CO 80238
(303) 322-1262 Deluxe Paint II is a trademark of Electronic Arts: Amiga and Amiga- Dos are trademarks of Commodore Amiga. COPY DF0:C DIR C: COPY DFO:C INFO C: CCPY DFO:C INSTALL C: CCPY DFO:C LIST C: CCPY DFO:C MAKEDIR C: COPY DFO:C TYPE C: ; Create and fill the S, DEVS, L, LIBS, SYSTEM, ; and EXPANSION directories in RAD:. ; Copy only a few crucial files from S. MAKEDIR RAD:S COPY DFO:S STARTUP-SEQUENCE RAD:S COPY DFO:S STARTUP 11 RAD:S COPY DFO:S SHELL-STARTUP RAD:S COPY DFO:S KAKE_RAD RAD:S ; Copy all of the files from DEVS, L, ; LIBS, and EXPANSION. MAKEDIR RAD:DEVS COPY DFO:DEVS RAD:DEVS QUIET MAKEDIR RAD:DEVS KEYMA?S COPY DFO:DEVS KEYMAPS RAD:DEVS KEYMAPS QUIET MAKEDIR RAD:L COPY DFO:L RAD:L QUIET MAKEDIR RAD:LIBS COPY DFO:LIBS RAD:LIBS QUIET MAKEDIR RAD:EXPANSION COPY DFO:EXPANSION RAD:EXPANSION QUIET ; You can get by with only one font, Topaz. MAKEDIR RAD:FONTS COPY DFO:FONTS TOPA2.FONT RAD:FONTS MAKED IR RAD:FONT S T0PAZ COPY DFO:FONTS TOPAZ RAD:FONTS TOPAZ QUIET ; Take from system only the files that you ; need for S STARTUP-SEQUENCE. MAKEDIR RAD:SY5TEM COPY DFO:SYSTEM SETMA? ? RAD:SYSTEM QUIET COPY DFO:SYSTEM FASTMEMFIRST ? RAD:SYSTEM QUIET COPY DFO:SYSTEM Cll ? RAD:SYSTEM QUIET ; Create the standard empty working directories ; in RAD:. MAKEDIR RAD:T MAKEDIR RAD:EMPTY MAKEDIR RAD:TRASHCAN ; Create the placeholder PREFS and UTILITIES ; directories. MAKEDIR RAD:PREFS MAKEDIR RAD:UTILITIES ; Copy the icons for the new directories ; and one for RAD:. COPY DFO:SYSTEM.INFO RAD: COPY DFO:TRASKCAN.INFO RAD: COPY DFO:DISK.INFO RAD: COPY DFO:EMPTY.INFO RAD: END IF END IF ; Transfer control to RAD: by assigning key logical ; devices to the appropriate directories in RAD:. ASSIGN S: RAD:S ASSIGN L: RAD:L ASSIGN LIBS: RAD:LIBS ASSIGN DEVS: RAD:DEVS ASSIGN FONTS: RAD:FONTS ASSIGN SYS: RAD: FAX LA? 10 ¦ Acft Pics tm Suggested Retail v $ 49.95 Map Pics - World Suggested Retail $ 59.95 China Pics Suggested Retai "$ 34.95 Christmas Pics tm Suggested Retail $ 34.95 Each Each lBuy 15-14 Disks $ $ 6 Buy 15 or more Disks m Disks I AMIG DISKS Quality User Supported Software works J, T FREE Same-day Shipping With Sii Amiga J w UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it Now! II j FREE Catalog t Your Satisfaction Guaranteed So easy to Use y No Computer Experience Necessary y Instructions for each Order y FREE Phone Support So Cosy to Order y FREE Membership y FREE 800-ff for Orders THE BEST OF THE REST B B sn ? B B Disks Ordered ? COD (U.S. ONLY) (add S4 if you require COD) ? U.P.S. 2nd Day Air (Add S3) TOTAL ? Check MO ? Visa MC ? COD BUSINESS HOME u 116 Business n - VC-Spreadsheel, HP-10c calculator, and more ? *117 Business in - DataBase, a bunch of great new fonts. RSLCIock-great clock utility, AmigaSpell. D 152 Mail Manager - Store names and addresses of friends, clients, members, etc. Has sorting and printing functions. LANGUAGES COMMUNICATIONS ? *9 FORTH - Two versions of the FORTH programming language. ? *90Modem Madnessl - Terminals include StarTerm, Aterm, and Kermit. Telecommunication utilities such as Archive are also here. Other types of programs and utilities are also included in the price of admission. UTILITIES ? *60 AmigaBasic - Two programs that are truly of commercial quality, Cell-Animate and Graphit. Some Deluxe Paint picture files are also included. ? *97 Tutorial Diskl - A disk full of information and programs to instruct Amiga Programmers and users. Several C & ASM source files are included. ? *98 Tutorial Disk2 - More of the best of Amiga Information. ? *129 Amiga Utilities n - A hard disk backup; Target-sounds a gunshot whenever the left mouse button is pressed; Dpaint Tuton WinSize-change window size from CLI easily, and lots more. ? *132 Videomaker Utilities - This disk is packed with utilities to make your desktop videos easier to produce and more professional looking. C *133 DOS Helper - Designed to help you with the AmigaDOS commands. Supports multitasking. APPLICATIONS ? *135 Applications II - Long Movie-plays several Iff pictures, creating animation, QuickBase-a mail manager Dbase. Persmait- a DataBase for keeping records. SOUND MUSIC ? *18 Future Sound Demo - Another great sound demo of digitized sound, includes the wicked witch ol 01, breaking dishes, sea gulls, car crash, ducks, others. SLIDESHOWS ? *1 Norman Rockwell -17 beautiful digitized Rockwell paintings in this sell-running slideshow presentation. ? *108B Juggler - Famous demo that shows the beautiful graphics of the Amiga ? *120 PicturesB - Great Iff and Ham pictures that can be displayed from Workbench with their own icons. Systems GAMES ? *38 Basic GrabBag2 - Around 25 programs ol various types. Many of these are must-haves. At less than $ .20 each, you can't
o wrong!
* 44 Games3 - More great games including Life, Vegas Slot Machine, Reverst, others. ? *52 Basic Games - Tons ol Abasic games - discover some treasures! ? *61 Abasic GrabBag * Only about 100 of all types!!!!! ? *102 Sinking Island - Return to Sinking Island is an excellent adventure game. Well worth the price - hours of enjoyment!!! (By Terry Fike} ? *114 Potpourri X - Othello. A key-shortcut program for AmigaDos. Various new tools, automatic printer-driver generator, much more. ? *118 Great Graphic Games - Includes Missle Command, 3-D Triclops. Cosmo-asteroids clone, BrakeOut, Yatzee, Hack and more. ? *121 Backgammon - A great game from David Addison. ? *122 Solitaire - Two versions by David Addison. ? *123 Cribbage - Take on the computer. ? *124 Milestone - A great computer version of Miles Bournes by the author of Monopoly for the Amiga, David Addison. ? *125 Othello - A great 3-D version of this popular game. ? *127 Wheel of Fortune - Everythingbut Varna! Great graphics and sound (even speech). J *137 Blackjack - A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting, double-down, etc.
* 148 Boulder Dash - Very popular game with excellent raphics and has several challenging levels " *153 Tunnel Vision - A fantastic 3-D game with excellent sound, speech, and graphics. ? *154 MAXIT - A fun strategy game that you can play against a human or computer opponent. ? *155 Battleship - Play against the computer. Has great sounds like missiles and explosions. GRAPHICS ? *119 mCAD - A full-featured computer-aided design program. ? *136 Graphics2 - Border Set-useful for desktop publishing and video, making cards, coupons or menus, and your own artwork. ANIMATIONS ? *144 Christmas Animations - 10 beautiful scenes and raphics with Fantastic sound.
* 145 Animations 3 - More Great Animations. 3 very good demos plus 3 workbench pictures and Blobs. ? *158 Sinking Island II (TWO Disk Set!) By Terry Fike - Great text graphic adventure. 4 map scenes, underground chambers and much more. ? *160 Pilot - Learn all you need to know about Alaska with this pilot demo. ? *161 Sorry - Like the board game. Also includes bully and amazing. ? *162 Video Poker - All the fun of Vegas without the risk! ? *163 Money 8c Trii - Grab the money, avoid the tax collector. Also Trix, an arcade like game. ? *164 Bank’in - By Hal Carter, Keep your account in perfect balance. D *165 Wheel with Vanna - Play against two computer opponents. The game with everything, including Vanna. D *166 Hedit - A text editor. Try this one, you'll never use Ed again. ? *167 Public Domain Catalog - By Hat Carter, Keep track of all your disks. 0 *168 Grocery List - Complete ilemized prinlout of all your rocery items.
* 169 Ledger - Track income and expenditures. Great for small businesses and clubs. ? *171 Escape from Jovi - Escape from underground cave svstem of Jupiter.
* 173 Mastermind - Break the hidden code. A game for people who like a challange. ? *1741 or 5 Stay Alive- A dicegame for the daring, Don't get too greedy or you'll lose it all. ? *175 ART - Another great graphic disk. Volcano with burning lava. Ocean scene (sunrise to sunset) ? *176 Galactic Worm - Great arcade maze like game. Also super Brickout ? *177 Kamikazi Chess - Lose all your pieces to win! ? *23 Monopoly - Excellent color and graphics in this adaption of the famous board game. Play against computer opponents. This program is definitely of commercial quality - a must! Requires 512K. ? *27 Amoeba Invaders - This fantastic game plays just like the original arcade classic, Space Invaders, but with enhanced color and digitized sound. You'll find more great games on this disk. ? *128 Space Games - Cosmoroids (like asteroids) and Gravity Wars highlight this disk just full of games. ? *131 PacMan ’87 - Better than the original. Great graphics, sound, and options. Keeps a top-10 list. May be our most popular disk. ? *139 Bull Run - Great Civil War strategy game. Disk also includes a small Data Base. Reminder, Grocery Construction Set, Will Kit, Labe! Maker programs. ? *142 Q-Bert - Fashioned from the popular Q-Bert game. Good graphics. Other Programs include _ MakeLabei, Nutty 9 game, Softball Status program, Hustle! ? *77 Instruments - Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments. ? *37 Business Programs 1 - The programs include an address book, an amortization program, talking mail manager, label printer, and much more. ? *140 Virus Killer - End the worry of having the virus on your disks. Excellent utility program. ? *146 Calendar - A very good personal calendar! For special events, bill-tracking, etc. For SUPPPORT or INFORMATION call (503) 826-7679 NEW ADDITIONS THE TOP 10 ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE ;::$ m this month’s specials! ¦ ¦ • ffff Master 3A-1 Drive ....$ 11i s27l Chinon3.5"InternalDD ......$ 99 s% Sony Bulk Diskettes! Ea. $ 1.15 2MB 8MB A2000 RAM card 51 2K A500 RAM expansion . If you don t see it listed. ..Just ask! F ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-735-4428 Q Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6 (PST) Notice: We aid Law Enforcement agencies in the prosecution of Credit Card fraud! 6335 SE 82ndt Portland, OR97266, (503) 777-1008, FAX: (503) 777-1252 A Division of Doxsis Systems, Inc. Veni, Vidi, Vici General Hunter takes to the battlefield. By B.G. Hunter MARCHING DOWN THE fields of last month’s football games put me in a conquering mood. I wanted more to take over a world or an entire galaxy. So, I played a trio of games (Reach for the Stars, Stellar Conflict, and Empire) that cater to the Caesar in all of us. In all three, you, the commander-in-chief, start out in control of a single location in a largely mysterious world or universe. With the production capabilities of that location, you produce the things you need to explore and conquer the rest of the world or universe. You’re not alone, of course; up to three other would- be empire-builders are also producing, exploring, and expanding. The computer will fill these roles, or you can play one or more human opponents. Play moves through three main phases. (Be warned: these games can take a lot of time. Fortunately, you can save them and resume at the same spot later.) In the exploration phase, you produce units that you use to explore the nearby area. Your goal is to find additional planets or cities that you can conquer and use to increase your production. In the annexation phase, you subjugate these underdeveloped neutral locations. Once you’ve captured a location, you make it start producing more armies, ships, or defenses for your cause. The final phase, conquest, begins when you encounter your enemies. You try to conquer their locations, while at the same time defending your own. You must manage massive production and deployment problems as you extend your empire over the playing field. Reach for the Stars In Reach for the Stars (Strategic Studies Group Pty. Ltd., $ 45), your playing field is an entire galaxy. You begin with a single planet. You explore the other stars in the galaxy with the scout ships you produce. As ? MM MC6A (VGA) MINDSCAPE INC dit card number and expiration dati and allow 3-5 weeks lor delivery. L, Commodore Electronics Ltd.. Inter: send a check or money order to Mmdscapo Inc.. P.O.Box 1167. Northbrook. IL 60065. C64 *.i srs like this part: c 1989 Mmdscapo Inc. Mmdscapo is a trademark of Mmdscapejlnc. Copyngh mat Business Machines Corp., Tandy Corp. Commodore-Amiga Inc. and Atari Corp. respecih Visit your ST and Ai Tandy. An iter. To purchase by* s'“: 549.95, Please a tand Atari aie register SM Tandy*: S39.95:iBaiv Tengen. C64 and 128pBM. ,'mes Corp. Alt rights Userved each scout encounters one of the 54 stars, it tells you the number (up to three) and types of planets around that star. You use that information to choose nearby planets to colonize. Those planets should be habitable and have large production potentials. If you’re lucky, you might even have another suitable planet in your own solar system. The number of resource units a planet can produce depends on its production capacity, population size, and physical and social environments. You invest resource units to improve planets to increase their production. Once you've brought a planet to its maximum potential, you can use it to produce warships and colonize other worlds. Eventually, of course, you’ll come into conflict with the other three interstellar commanders. You must balance your expenditures for environmental, production, and technological improvements, as well as colonization, with those for planetary defense and warship production. After all, your enemies might attack you first. Reach for the Stars combines these factors and many others into a rich and complex game. It also offers good graphics and an Amiga-style user interface that make it a pleasure to play. The key to success is to maintain a low profile. Don’t overextend yourself, and don’t antagonize your enemies at least, that is, until you’re ready to fight to the death! Build your armada quietly and then strike suddenly in the latter stages of the game. The game’s scoring recognizes that it could take you forever to vanquish all your foes completely: You play for a set number of turns, with winning based on points for battle victories and planetary production. I logged a lot of hours with this game, but it's the only one of the three that I never won. If you want the most playing hours for your dollar, Reach for the Stars is the game for you. Stellar Conflict Stellar Conflict (Par Software Inc., $ 39.95) also operates on a galactic scale, although a somewhat simpler one. Unlike Reach for the Stars, Stellar Conflict gives only one planet to each star, and the entire galaxy fits on one screen. You and the other three players each start with a base planet. While you can see all the planets, you can discover their resource development potentials only by exploring them. .All revenues from your planets go back to your base planet; lose that base and you get no revenues. Your decisions are also simpler: You have to worry only about producing ships. Of course, you must balance the number of ships you leave behind for planetary defense with the number you take on conquests. Your base planet uses the revenues from the colonies to produce all your ships. You can send those ships to other planets via any of the 19 hyperspace channels or the two superspace (twice as fast as hyperspace) channels. To win at Stellar Conflict, you must manage your supply lines well. Ships in hyperspace are inaccessible, so planet-hop where possible. Stay mobile, so that you can protect your home planet; you can always recapture other planets later. The game also sports a nice .Amiga interface, and it is the shortest of the bunch; you can finish a game in a few hours. This ability may make Stellar Conflict the best choice if you’re new to conquest. Empire I enjoyed all three of these games so much that I had a tough time picking a favorite. I eventually chose Empire (Interstel Corp., $ 49.95). In it, your goal is to conquer a single planet, not a galaxy. You start with one city. Using the armies that it produces, you then find and capture other cities on your continent. You can make each city produce such different forces as armies, fighter jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, and battleships. It takes a different number of turns to produce each kind of force, and, of course, you use different forces in different ways. Fighters, for example, can travel five spaces in a turn; while armies can travel only one. Such high-speed travel is expensive, however: Fighters must refuel at a city or aircraft carrier every 20 spaces. When you’ve conquered your continent, it’s time for the rest of the world. Armies can travel only on land, however, and only armies can conquer cities, so you must build a navy. Each troop transport can carry six armies to land masses that you should scout first with your fighters. Throughout this process you must manage the Manufacturers5 Addresses Interstel Corp. distributed by Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 Par Software PO Box 1089 Vancouver, WA 98666 206 694-1539 800 433-8433 Strategic Studies Group distributed by Electronic Arts see address above eees> Order Toll Free mil
• llll Order Toll Free €x>m]put(jt6Uit£ jfifec t tonic& (• Seagate ST-157N 4BME9 .... 519 DEL ST-177N 60MES.. 749 DEL ST-277N-I 60 M£8 . . 619 DEL ST-296N 60 MEQ..... ...... 649 DEL Quantum 40 MFC SCSi Pro Drtvo ... .. 629 DEL 80 MEG SCSf Pro Drtvo .. 949 Da 100 MEG SCSI Pro Drlvo . 1029 PEL 1 Ihe50 His InchKlo IVS Trumpcitd 8C8I hard drlveg drl. 1 I cabte. WftwatB ind FREE 4»llw*ry In Ihe cortlguouB 1 1 USA Tns Is nol inassernMy kl 1 11 Is a packaoe. J Hard Drive Cards (A-2000) Seagate 8T-157N 49 MEG .... 539 DEL 8T-177N 60 MEG .. .769 DEL Quantum 40 MIC SCSI Pro Drtvo 649 CEL 60 MEG SCSI Pro Drtvo 969 CEL 100 MEG SCSI Pro Drtao. 1049 CEL Ihne c-arth Include fVS Trumpctrdcblt, mounlino brVt, cbf, software. Ind FREE dellwry In the contiguous USA I VS Trumpcard Hard Drive I Trumpcard 500 Hard Drive Packages for A2000 Series | Packages for Amiga 500 Seagate ST-157N-49 Meg 579 Deltveredl ST-177N-60 Meg 799 Detiveredl Quantum 40 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 679 DELIVERED 80 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 999 DELIVERED 100 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 1079 DELIVERED Thsea Package* include Trumpcajt* GOO enclngne.r Trumpcard JSCS hd drive CM, Sdtoa* A ima defray In ttwconttguouiUSA INRNIT40 1 ..1199 INFIN1T40S ¦ .1299 INFINIT40D * ...1399 M?OQdlro njmgcof KfijrTgcar O Tmmpcard 500 Ran Expander ovaUabfe 512k • I MEG • 2 MEG • A MEG Seagate super sale 5T-125N 20 Meg - SCSI ......279 ST-157N 49 Meg - SCSI ......349 ST-177N 60 Meg -SCSI ......569 ST-225N 20 Mag-SCSI ......265 ST-251 N 40 Meg-SCSI ......375 ST-277N-1 60 Meg-SCSI ..449 ST-296N 80 Meg-SCSI ......479 Quantum 40 Meg SCSI Pro Drive .529 80 Meg SCSI Pro Drive .899 100 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 929 XETEC Fast Card Hard Drivo Package* for Amiga2000 ST-157N-49 Mag .....519 Del ST-177N-60 Mag 749 Del Quantum 40 Meg SCSI Pro Drive 629 DR 60 Mog SCSI Pro Drivo 049 DR 100 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 1029 DR Card fiKriuTn Xefec'i DWAj hard, ouloboot ROMauto- ccWIg chiullry . 25 pin SCSI conn.. drtk.utihn* manoot. FREE DELIVERY IN THE CONTIGUOUS AS. STATES uaiifiia«a.v Seagate ST-157N-49 Meg ..699 Del ST-177N-60 Meg ...919 Del Quantum 40 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 819 DEL 80 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 1139 DEL 100 Mog SCSI Pro Drtvo 1219 DEL Syytom inc tad™ Adaptor wth a utabacri ROM .eneiceum. mcryjoJ.Fayt Trak rfik wrih irittta* 4 iHMtfed SCSI cob la Wwi pawv lupply fon FREE DELIVERY IN THE CONTIGUOUS 45 STATES MASTER 3A Disk Drive 1010Compatible 35 ‘Fred DeRvery to the Contiguous StcfM VIDEO PACKAGE PANASONIC U10 CAMERA I6MM LENS WITH VARIABLE IRIS COPYSTAND WITH UGHTS DIGI VIEW GOLD $ 419 DELIVERED! PRINTERS Panasonic II BO NEW NEW NEW 189 Panasonic 1191 NEW NEW NEW .....209 Pin«0fllt 1124 NEW 24 Pin ...319 Star NX-1000 165 Star NX-1000 Rainbow (color) .229 Star NX-2400 .....299 Modems Amiga 1660 Modem .....99 Avatex 1200E ,69 Avatex 2400 ..,,,..139 Avatax 2400E .....109 Avatex 9600 External NEWI B39 Supra 240OzJ Internal (A2000) .. 139 Supra 2400 Ext. Modem & Cable
• $ 129 • FREE DELIVERY to the 48 Contiguous State* AMIGA SOFTWARE Fdw Form in Fl ht Formation Frcht Ntahl Front Poge ... VISA MsiilrCard vffCv** Wl ORDERS AND INFORMATION 414-357-S181 FAX 414*357*7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE ORDERING INFORMATION: Sptety inIwii For 'at! Owvey tend otihtar'i cheek or morey order. Peton*l nd ec*np*ey chick* nine 14 butinett dty* to deer. School PO.'nicon, tnteu cretari $ % tn'pptag ty rmrdwar*. Minimum 3600 bbittrCa.d and V*a ex ox l pitut tncbrta ca-’d *. NjriuOon Oita and t rjti-i. Rid r**k)«nti pun taclud* 5% um Ul HI AK. FPO
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Da 95 Arqmagie ..... _ .. bd 95 Ardrerid Dec Won 73 95 A*m 4-D . 379 95 Artmd-OJr 87.95 Arrirrv Fdrtor . 39 95 AHTxrhonMuUpkx** 57 95 Ar.mnHon RoV*cope 48 95 Ar* mater 81.95 AnI-nalcw Appn»r |r-e 174 95 Anna* of Rme 73 95 Anrrn ... . .... . 79 95 Arircrtric* I 05 Aunt Artk Adair. 75 95 Artuia .. 26 95 AttoC k on Lnr-cteri 72 95 AwuilMnlitf 37 95 Awman* A acta Pac k 37 95 Arao*Rage .. 31.9$ HAD ...... 799$ Bool _„„ __ 199$ Bata re * erf Pi>w*w I99fl 3195 Bard'i lata .. 31 95 HntDrifc 15 95 Bart* Tc*» II .... 38 95 Bat-ran 78 9$ BattvChea . 31 95 BaHeHowta 1942 31 95 BaMtriechTKwCrHklrc ... 31 95 Baud Berciil ......,...... 3095 Bene-O 22 9$ Btack Jack Acodrwny 24 95 Btaltemdl ...... C’AIL Btoc Mor*v ...... 26 9$ Baomerald ,26 9$ Bride of the Robot ...... 24 9$ BroodcailT.Hor 184 9$ Bubble BobWe ...... 22 95 Catamj1 ..... 274 95 CaWcxr-ta Game* ..... 31.95 CallQraphw ... 74 95 Cap'or Btend .3195 Captcrinlta .... 19 95 Carmen SarDiapa Tmo 78 95 Carrta' Ccmmard 76 9$ C«rit»1oldSquam 16 95 Cbmmcdw 2000 26 95 Chonmedor ?im 3195 ChiwojuMi 32 95 City Detk 2 0 114 95 Cim Mtskk Otlof Itai 25 95 Ccfany ..... 31 95 Combat Cojtt ___75 95 Core Sette* .. . 59 9$ Ccmt Art Dkta (each) .70 96 Contra 2$ 96 CraryCan . 24 96 Cribbagn king . 38 9$ Cryitd Clear Turbo ...17.95 CurwBuiter 19 95 CybwCompta, ., ... 21.95 Daly Double Ftaryo Racing 19 95 Dorii 5d«* .. 24.95 ftlk] RnlraiMi I’m ..... 179 95 Data Storm .... 74 05 Itealhbrirgn* ...74 95 Defender Of Tbo Crown 3195 DejoVu I or 2 ..... 31.95 Dwurn Wuifc Cor*|r2 0 ...61.95 Oe'yn.PainfM _ 97.05 De*u»e Photolob ...97 95 D*-un» Prlnf 11 . $ 195 Detune Prtdue‘k>rn 129 95 DeluneVtaeair .. 9695 Demure Vital VI 2 U 95 Demn i Wrrier 24 95 Ora™ . . 74 95 DenonlD __ .59 9$ Dre Tonourvi .... 30 9$ Devon Aita OrTronfC'oprv 31 9$ &pdnnj . _, .... 50 9$ Dgfnainl3 0 . 64 9$ Dprw ew Gad 174 9$ DflpwoABD ...... 82 95 Dncaaur Dscovery Xit 25 95 t>ik7Dnk . 26 95 Oik Matte* ..26 95 t»«ii Mechanic .... 54 95 Ove Bam be* .... ..... 14 95 On* 2 On* ... 31 95 Doubta Dmijcr' 25 95 Doug'i Math 6|wiy*iirn 46 95 OaptaFo«« _3195 D*nQon'i lac ...... 33 95 Draw A-2QC0 ..... 159 95 Dunpeari Waster.. _24 95 [>ingr>on Queif 31 95 Dynamic Drum* ... 46 95 fori Weaver [kinba* . ..3195 Corrmiikver Dsk ..... 14 95 WIBI'A State 1495 [tan Performer ..... 35 96 lira rat or .22 95 Empire ..31.95 £jrce»err:e 1 Meg 158 05 Eratan . .... 22 95 [, peril Paint 30 . 79 95 F-40 Puauif Sim. _ 28 95 FA 18 intersp'or 3195 F-cxc I ----------------- 20 95 Faery late Adww 30 95 Fak cr. ... 3195 fontaviicv. 38 95 Foil Break 76 95 Federateri ... 319$ Ferrari Fgrmyb 1 31 95 Fne Prr4 ... 37 96 Fro ?cire „ __ . .. 22 95 Fl it Simutata* H - 31.95 Eurooear.Sc -'ery Dik 19.95 .....59 9$ ....69 9$ . 44 95 . 24 95 . 74 95 Future Sound 500 ..... 89 95 Galactic Conqueror 28 95 Game* : Winter Ed ..... 3195 GaunttaUi. . 3195 Gettyiburp , .... 30 95 GFABotc 3 0 . 87 95 Gcfdof the Redm 24 95 Gctefc of Iho Americoi 74 95 Gold Runner 2 24 95 Gddl?u»h _ 24 95 G rabbit ___ 16 95 Grond .PT,c:reult .....31 95 GureSp ...... 35 95 Mai d Montezuma 26 95 ttardbol ----------- .26 96 Martey Dovicfeon 31 95 Marpnon __ 25 95 Mamr* Combe S nutalnr 3195 kteavy Wetal 26 9$ Ftamsof rhe Lone® 26 9$ rikte ___.... _ 31 95 Hole In One ... ... 2196 Hale n Ore - Coune Dtik 13 9$ Mastoge 2995 Hjmcn Dei n DoV __ 2295 KrnfForCedOcteber 31 9$ Myb-* .. 24 9$ Myper Dfne ..... .2295 Hudktoun ...... 22 9$ I trie Melon 2 _ .1495 Irrfana Jorei-Action Game24 95 Irdara Joc«Grnphk Adv 31 95 Indoor Spcrt 30 95 | r*t an I Muilc _13 9$ Inter Font ...... 699$ Interchange . ...28 95 IntroCod ..... 44 95 Inverted Artvontego ...69 9$ lnv$ tan . 134 9$ It Come From The Dererf 319$ JackNfcktaurGotf ... 3195 JNCounerrri 1969 14 95 Jot .. 31 95 Join 1695 JceSada ...... 2195 Journey .. 31 95 Jug . 24 95 komF gruppe ...38 9$ karcrtontr Meadtnr* 1 n* 2 ... 44 9$ Korafonti Subhead ___ . 44 95 Kee* the Therr 3)9$ Kvd Wcrdl V20 64 9$ kirq AriKjr .Ouert trcaf 3195 frg-.QumlV 319$ Kingdoms tri Tngtard 31 95 Krql-riiof Legerd 3195 Kratni. The ... ... _... . 319$ lonretot . 26 95 Laiilnca.The __- __ 24 9$ Leothemeck ...... 24 9$ Lrw m Sull Larry 2$ 9$ Leoure Suit Larty I 3196 life ord Death 32 95 lorcfe af the Bring Sun . 31 95 Mogotan 1.1 ...... 114.95 Mage Johreon 512 .... 24 95 Magic Johreon 1 Meg 31 95 Manhunter Now Vnrk ......319$ Man*jc Maroirvi 29 9$ Marbta MihKiri 13 9$ Mor* Bouron TypH) 3195 MedtatKeOgAri 219$ Menace .... 19 96 M htonMlOikril ...... 32 9$ Mc-nFchoFler Pk,i 114 95 M-c robot Dei igri r>rk 22 96 M-dWogc .. CALL M-d Bee Studo VI 1 39 9$ MdVew ... .. ,., .23 96 Mghri and Mogr I .. . 38 95 Mgh*yNerr* ..... 3195 W'fdraf . 19 95 Modeler 3D ...... 56 95 Movta Setter .... 59 95 Mure Studio 2 0 49 96 Wuic X 184 95 My Par.t Date Dnh ..... 17 95 Nethen-tvte ...... 22 9$ Nght Farce . .... _ . 28 95 NovwJty Fon$ .. 40 9$ Huctaor War -------... 329$ Obiterator ___ 25 9$ Of Sho*e Wa-rw ... 24 95 Omr, laMd 31 9$ OlrePintrwm . 56 95 Operation Clean S'me-i 25 9$ Operator. Wol ... 22 95 Optci ... ..... 114 9$ Oiwokt .... 23 96 Outrun .... 31 95 Pgae Berdem' 3-D 94 95 Page Setter .. ...... ... 59 95 Page Stream 127.95 Page iNnke* 59 95 Page lppe*Ptui FK . 87 95 Per. Pal .. 84.95 f'hmer 57.95 F hoton Paot 2 0 . .. 94 95 Photon Paol Suriare 19.95 Photon Vdeo CelAnm 87.95 Photon Vdeo Ttirnport 160 95 Pnrnpr Ikxjjn 25.95 Planet at Ly?t ... 24 9$ Platoon ... . .... 28 9$ Pocket Rockeh . 2$ .9$ PofceCueit 1 OB 2 3105 Pool a> Bad rr e 3195 Populo-ji 32 95 Poww Wrrcbwt 7 $ 54 95 tWrdTv-- . 26 95 t'rocieiy .. 48 9$ Print Waita Pljt ..24 96 Pm Script 26 95 Pm Soccer .. .... 22 96 Pm Sound Dei igrr ..... 99 95 Pm VideoGota , ..... 177 95 Pm Wrte 7 0 Pm-Drrzw ... PrrVencvTal Page _ StrvctijredCFp Ari . . Temptatw .. Prcrfonti I 6 2 .... PmjecI D* Backup . Pmf*ct Master Pro*pectn» Wnei at Tor PubGomei ... Pubt«h n'« Choice .. Publaher Pvji . ... Pu*pi«SabnOay PlIHta StOTyhook QurkSJver ... at* Quarter Bar k ___ Qucdmnn .. Pombo W __ Bampage __... Paten . ... Paw Copy .....- ___ Qealr-n cri the Warkmk ,... Bed Lghtrirg .... Beet Feh n .. ___ Benegade Return to Attanfk Rtymng Notebook _ BngSkJe ___ Rrgfng Ba iGicul ...... Road Chaterge Roof Bade* --------- Roadwar TCTTl ...... Oobocop .. ftck Ctnriingn Roc tart Borgrw Roger Robb4 .... .... Romorrit Enct O Dome Rubicon Abarce .. RVC htando Savage . Sccrverge* .... . Scmbbte ...... Sc nbbta Ftitirium Securit"* Anoiyil Se" Vi*era Outer Spore Shoitiwonki Shlnobl ... , ..... Shngun ..... . Scte Arm* Sitent Service S,m City Skate Wan . Sky Btade* ... Sky Chare ... Sky Fa* II Sky Shark . . $ J*3ped Simon S(ittwnod Ft® II Sorcem* lo*d ... Space WcrTW SpaceQuert I or 2 Space O vert 3 .. Space Rocer _ Speedbah ... ___...... Jgru«b__ ...69 95 Sic® Command ...31 9$ 112 95 Star Glider II . ,28 95 228 9$ Star Pay .29 9$ ...36 95 Star Trelc The Firqf Front 36 9$ ..36 95 Star War, . .24 9$ ...21.95 StefarCruiode ......36 95 . 30 95 Street Fighter ......,.25 95 . 129 95 Strip Poker II .... ...25 95 ...25 95 StudoMagic ...... 59 96 25 95 Sub Bottle Srn .....14 96 11495 Super Bock 40 96 ...64 95 Super Swr BcATARIbaH , Cali 19 9$ Su pertxm* Peacock .... 46 95 ..25 95 Supertxtse Personal 2 ..87 96 4196 SuperBajo Pm 3 0 ___189 95 ..22 95 Superptan,. ..... 07,95 ..42.95 Superjtcr tee htacbey 31-96. ...32.95 Sword criSodan ...3195 2296 Swore* ofTwtlght __.3295 .. 24 95 T V Sporty Baskerba*.....-..,31 96 75 95 TV Sporty Footbqril .,31 96 ... 36 95 Tcrimp,n 31 95 2195 Tangtewaod -...24 95 .38 95 lechr-ocop ...... ___...,3195 ...29 96 Tempte of Doom ... __..3195 . .27.95 Tetmgueit ..... _ .. 2495 ...13 95 Tet-l ..... 2095 3195 Tort FdPkjl ...... 4895 .24 95 Ted Drive 2- The Djel 2895 ,.24 95 Ccri'orrria Cbafl _1495 . 7495 Supe'ccn ...... 1495 74 95 Thercfe* -.----- 22 95 7*55 The* FdrntHounBattteBrita 03895 28 9$ Tvrirrie* . 5795 259$ Three Demon 6996 3196 Thunder Btade __3)96 28 95 Trpo and Mogk 269$ 25 95 Tmoicf Inm ......249$ 209$ Titan ..... 28 95 24 9$ Tower Tap ptar ...... 31 95 24 95 Tmcety 72-95 ...CAli Tremcr*>h . 41.95 .26 96 Tnob of Honor 3295 87 95 Turbo . 1995 49 95 Turbo5itver 30 I Meg 114 95 25 95 TVShow 6495 31 9$ TV Tret ..... 6495 .3195 Twfght 7cv*» ..24 95 .319$ Uttrra 4 ......38 9$ 74 9$ Uhkna II . 249$ ...24 9$ Undeaea Ccvnardo 3195 28 95 Urvyene 3 ... . 3195 ...31 95 Varr pae y Empee ...28 9$ 1895 Video Effocty 3-D -11395 .24 95 Vrteo Fooh . ___2895 13 95 Vdoo Page Titter .... __ BA95 72 9$ VctaoTittar ... R4 95 17 95 VdeaScape 3D 2 0 11595 .67 95 Intenor Dm gn .22 95 23 95 Vrdtccrian ..... . CAR 3195 VP Prcrieyjanc* ... $ 9 9$ 319$ Vrvn IrCecton ProtecHon 28 95 Cali Veto 3-D --------------------------87 95 ..19 95 VTX Dnir*» ... 51 95 24 9$ W Shef ...... 2995 1896 WarlnMdde Earth ..3195 AMI GEN ins SUPER GEN $ 669 MAGNI 4004 GEN LOCK 1L242 FUCKER FIXER $ 455 PERFECT SOUND £62 CHINON FB 354 INT. DR £22 COLOR SPUTTER $ 69 GOLD DISK SCANNER $ 899 DEUVERED IMG SCAN $ 114 SCAN LOCK $ 819 GVP 68030 ACC. BD $ 2649 DEUVERED Wayne Gretzky I tec key ..... 31,96 Weed Dream* .... 24 95 Who What,When ___64.96 Wltaw ...... 25.95 Wod Wake* .. 25.95 Wr-gy Of Fury _25.96 Worts Plot bum. The CALL World Ahai .... 35.95 WorldCtan Leader Board .28 9$ World Tour Go* ...... 13 95 X-Speci .. 84 95 TakMetfrocken . 79 9$ 7ony Go* .. ...26 9$ oetmpe __ ... 67 95 Zork 2em ..... 38 95 Zyrapi __ 27.95 MISC. HARDWARE production of your cities and balance your arsenal of armies, navies, and fighters. All this effort pays off when you encounter either of your two rivals. Good planning is particularly important because of the large size of the playing field and the comparatively slow speed of many of your crucial forces. It’s a bad idea, for example, to produce battleships near the front line where the city is vulnerable to capture. Nor do you want to build armies 50 spaces behind the front line, where they will dawdle uselessly. For the power hungry, I recommend all three of these games. With luck, you, too, will be able to say that you came, saw, and conquered. ? Although not the type to be caged in an office, B. G. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him do AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. E V S I E R G A M F, VV Gunship By Kevin C. Rohrer THE U.S. ARMY’S Apache attack helicopter flies faster, is more durable, and packs more firepower than any other of its type; Gunship puts you at its controls. Familiarize yourself with the Apache’s realistic controls and weapons' systems (Sidewinder air-to-air and Hellfire antitank missiles, 2.75-inch free-flight rockets, and 30mm cannon rounds) by taking it for a few spins around the gunnery range in the U.S., shooting up simulated enemy emplacements to your heart’s content without getting shot at. Practice your landings until they become second nature to you, as they are difficult to master. Your skills will be tested when you fly missions in four war zones, picking the danger level of each assignment, the caliber of your enemy, and the flight’s realism level. Begin in Southeast Asia, where the enemy isn’t especially dangerous, hut watch out for their antiaircraft defenses. If you sur- vive, move to Central America, then the Middle East, but be careful: The enemy becomes more numerous, better armed, and more deadly. If 4 you’re still alive after the Middle East, enter the meat grinder of Western Europe and do battle with Warsaw Pact forces. On a mission, you use a combination of the mouse or joystick, and keyboard, to pilot your helicopter through enemy territory, destroying their units, vehicles, and installations. Next, take out your prime and secondary targets, and head for home, all the while keeping an eye on the altimeter and fuel gauges, damage warning lights, and threat indicator. Should a missile appear on the latter display, drop chaff if it’s radar guided and turn on the ECM, or drop flares if it’s guided by infrared. Once you’ve landed, you’ll receive your debriefing, with its accompanying promotions and awards, or Court’s Martial, if your mission failed. While Micro Prose made Gunship as realistic as possible, the game falls short in the graphics and sound departments. The screens aren’t as detailed as versions for other computers, and there are few digitized sounds. Those included are poor. Gunship is an exciting, detailed simulation of a modern combat helicopter, hut its mediocre graphics and sound, plus the excessive copyprotection, make it a near miss. ($ 54.95, Micro Prose, 180 Ijike- front Drive, Hunt Valley, MI) '21030, 301 771-1151'. No special requirements,) Blood Money By Tim Walsh A FOLLOW-UP TO Menace, Blood Money has what it takes to attract the masses: beautifully detailed graphics, fast shooting action, and an introductory screen replete with unique sounds, digitized voices, and music. Seeing this demo once is enough, though; to bypass it, press the joystick’s fire button and the left mouse button simultaneously. To further slow things down at boot up, the game asks you to replace disk one with disk two in dfl):; keeping disk two in dfl: ? Software Discounters of America .
• Free snipping on orders USA Canada Orders 1-800-225-7638 over $ 100 in continental USA PA Orders 1-800-223-7784 • No Surcharge for VISA MasterCard Customer Service 412-361-5291 • Your Card is not charged until we ship ORDER LINE HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Fri. 9:00 AM-7:00 PM Sat. 10:00 AM-4:O0 PM Eastern Time. Mxksk You get your choice of not 1 but 5 different pool & billiard games as played all over the world. Excellent graphics & digitized speech. World Snooker List $ 24.95 SPA Discount Price $ 16 ELECTRONIC ARTS! Europe's biggest hit comes to the U.S. with arcade, adventure & simulation all in one. 500 worlds. 1 player or 2 players via modem. Populous List $ 49.95 SDA Discount Price $ 32 $ 25 $ 14 559 $ 25 $ 44 $ 19 $ 59 532 $ 32 $ 14 $ 32 $ 32 $ 32 $ 19 $ 39 $ 119 $ 25 Call Call Call $ 26 S 32 $ 32 $ 25 $ 99 ,. $ 49 $ 129 ..$ 49 .Call ..$ 29 ....$ 25 $ 14 Ea. ... $ 14 ...,$ 16 ...523 ..$ 21 $ 29 ..$ 29 $ 9.88 ..$ 26 ..$ 25 ..$ 32 . .$ 14 . .$ 29 . $ 14 . Call ..Call ..$ 14 ..$ 25 $ 39 ..$ 25 Ask your salesperson: "What's on Sale this Month?" .521 .$ 26 .$ 14 Call .$ 14 $ 32 $ 26 $ 14 $ 36 .Call $ 32 .$ 14 $ 14 $ 29 526 $ 32 $ 23 $ 29 $ 25 $ 14 . .$ 65 ..$ 65 ..$ 59 $ 169 ..$ 49 $ 129 $ 89 $ 32 $ 39 $ 32 $ 19 $ 32 .519 S9.HB $ 19 $ 19 $ 24 $ 19 $ 21 $ 19 $ 14 $ 9.88 $ 32 $ 32 $ 9.88 $ 9.88 $ 32 $ 25 $ 25 $ 26 Three-Sixty Mutants, rats, bats, vultures, whips & chains. Your dream come true! Travel thru the treacherous castle & defeat the Black Knight. Dark Castle List $ 39,95 SDA Discount Price $ 25 Sony 5% DSDD Lis* $ 19,95 SDA price $ 6,99 ABACUS Assem Pro ... Professional Datalrieve... Text Pro Word Processor . 'Abacus Books in Stock!., ACCESS
W. C. Leader Board Coif . . ACCOLADE Bubble Gbosl ... Fast Break ..... 4th A Imho Football 4th A In. Team Const. . Crjnd Prix ...... Hardball ...... lack Nicklaus Gob |.N, Gnli Champ Courses . Test Drive 2: The Duel ..,
F. Drive 2 Calif. Scenery
T. Drive 2 Europe Scenery
T. Drive 2 Muscle Cars...
T. Drive 2 Super Cars ..,. ACTION WARE Capone Phaser Gun Prison ..... ACTIUSIQN Battle Chess ..... Beyond Dark Castle Neuromant er ... Rampage Shanghai AEGIS Amiga Graphite Starter Kit Animagii Audio Master 2 .. Draw 2000...... lights, Camera, Ail ion! Videost ape ID Video Tiller ARCADIA Double Dragon ... Strip Poker 2 $ .P. Djta Disk 4 or 5 Tank Attack World Snooker...... BAUDS Jilt Video Vegas BETHESDA Gretzky Hockev . $ 32 Gridiron ..... , , .519 BRQDERBUND Carmen S.D. World $ 29 Fanlavision ..$ 39 Operation: Clean Streets . $ 25 Sim City ......$ 29 Skv Chase .. $ 25 Star Wars . $ 25 BYTE BY BYTE Animate 3-D $ 99 Sculpt 3-D ..$ 65 CENT ALR
B. A.D, Disk Optimizer $ 32 Sculpt Animate 41) |r .$ 95 CINE,MAW ARE Defender of I he Crown $ 32 It Came From The Desert Calf King oi Chicago .....$ 16 Kristal ..$ 32 lords of Rising Sun ..$ 32 Rocket Ranger ......$ 32
S. D,I .$ 16 Sinbad .$ 16 TV Sports football $ 32 DATA EAST Bad Dudes ..$ 29 ARTWORX Bridge 5.0 ..$ 21 Centerfold Squares ..$ 14 Colossus Chess X ....$ 23 Daily Double Horse Rating. $ 19 Jigsaw Puzzlemjnia ..$ 19 Linkword Language's .Call Batman . $ 29 Platoon $ 29 Robotop . . .Call Super Hang-On .. $ 29 Vigilante ..... . .Call DATASOFT Hunt for Red October 532 Sorteror lord..... $ 23 Time A Magik $ 26 DE51GNWARE Designaxauru1- ... $ 32 D1GITEK Hole in One...... $ 25 Hole in One Course *3 S14 Hollywood Poker = X-Ratedl $ 23 |oe Blade . 519 DISCOVERY Arkanoid ... $ 19 Better Dead Than Alien $ 23 Sword of Sodan ... $ 32 Zoom! . $ 19 ELECTRONIC ARTS Arlura ...... $ 2b Bard’s Tale $ 32 Bard's Tale 2 . $ 39 Battlehawks 1942 $ 32 Chessmasler 2100 .Call Deluxe Musit Const $ 65 Deluxe Painl 3 $ 94 Deluxe Photo Lab . . $ 94 Deluxe Produt lions $ 129 Dragon Force .....
• $ 32 Empire .... $ 32 FA 18 Interceptor $ 32 Ferrari Formula One $ 32 FI rezone ..... Indiana forte:- Last Crusade Instant Music .... Life A Death .... Marble Madness .. Populous Power drome Skviox 2 Star Fleet 1 Ssxords of Twilight Weaver Baseball . Weaver B.B. 88 Stals..... W'nrld Tour Golf . Zak McKracken .. Zany Golf EPVX Axe oi Rage .... Battleship .. California Games . Death Sword .... Devon Air ...... Final Assault ..... 4x4 Oif Road Racing Impossihle Mission 2..... Mind-Roll Project Neptune . Purple Saturn Dax Revenge oi Defender..... Space Station Oblivion . Street Sports Basketball... Sub Battle Simulator..... Technocop ..... The Games: Winler Ed. ... Winter Games ... World Games ... FREE SPIRIT Amiga Alignment System . Planet of Lust .... Sex Vixens From Space ... Talespin . $ 32 Time Bandit .$ 25 MICROILLUSIONS Blackjack Academy . $ 25 Craps Academy $ 25 Faery Tale Adventure $ 32 fire Power ...$ 16 Music X .... $ 193 Photon Paint 2.0 .....$ 95 Romantic Encounters .....$ 25 Turbo . $ 19 MICROPROSE Gunship ...$ 3.5 Silent Service $ 25 MICROSYSTEMS Excellence W.P ....$ 159 The W'orks Platinum $ 179 MINDSCAPF Action Fighter ......$ 25 Alien Svndrome .....$ 25 Balance of Power ...$ 25 Balance of Power 1990......$ 32 Blockbuster ....$ 25 Captain Blood ....$ 32 Combat Course .....$ 25 De |a Vu I or 2 .....$ 32 Fiendish Freddy's Big Top $ 32 Gauntlet 2 ..$ 32 Harrier Combat Sim ..$ 32 Hostage $ 29 Indiana Jones $ 25 Outrun $ 33 Road Raider .$ 25 Shadowgate ....$ 32 Space Harrier ..... $ 32 Super Star Ice Hockey .....$ 32 Thunder Blade ......$ 32 Uninvited ..$ 32 01 Dungeon Master . GAMESTAR GFL Champ. Football..... GOLD DISK Comic Seller . Denaris . Desktop Budget .. links . Movie Setter .,., INCOGNITO Kingdoms oi England ..... INFOCOM Battletech . Bevond Zork .... Journev ..... King Arthur: The Quest . . Shogun .. Znrk Trilogy .. Zork Zero INKWELL Amiga Light Pen 2.0 MANDARIN Lombard Rally .. MASTERTRQNIC Clue . Monopoly ... Risk .. Scrabble .... MELBOURNE HOUSE Magic lohnson's Baskethail War in Middle Earth MICHTRQN Airball HiSofl Pro, Basic NEWTEK Digi Paint J.tl ...... $ 65 Digi-View Gold ... SI39 OMNITREND Universe 3,, ...... $ 32 ORIGIN Omega ...... $ 32 Quexl For Clues Book 2 ... $ 19 Times oi Lore ..... $ 25 Ullima 4 . $ 39 PRECISION Superbase Personal 2 $ 95 Superbase Profess, 3 $ 189 PSVGNOSIS Baal .. $ 19 Ballisiix $ 23 Blood Money ...... $ 25 READYSOFT A-Max (ROMS RQ) ..Call Dragon’s Lair ...... $ 39 SEVFRA HINT DISKS Bard's Tale (H. Disk) $ 14 Dungeonmaster (H. Disk) ... $ 14 Heroes of Lance iH. Disk)... $ 14 Shadowgate (H. Disk) ...... $ 14 sierra' Slack Cauldron .... $ 25 Gold Rush . $ 25 King's Quest 1, 2.or J ... .$ 32 Ea. Leisure Suit Larry ... $ 25 Manhunler .... $ 32 Mother Goose .... $ 19 Police Quest ...... $ 32 Silpheed ... $ 23 Space Quest 1 or 2 . $ 32 Spate Quest 3 ..... Call Thexder ... $ 23 SPECTRUM HOLOBVTf falcon .... $ 32 Tetris . $ 23 The 1 rated disks in the world are here at low SDA pricing. Certified to be 100% error free. Lifetime guarantee by Sony. Box of 10. Sony 3Vi DSDD List $ 39.95 SDA price $ 16.90 Sst Demon's Winler ... $ 26 Heroes of the Lance .$ 26 Red Lightning ...... $ 19 SPOTLIGHT Dark Side ...$ 25 Dealhbringer S25 Speedball .. $ 25 Total Eclipse ...... $ 25 SUBLOGIC Flight Simulator ...... 532 let ..... $ 32 Scenerv Disks ......Call TAITO Bubble Bobble ......523 Operation Wolf ..... $ 23 Qix ....$ 23 Rambo 3 ... $ 23 Renegade - ...... 523 Sky Shark ...Call THREE-SIXTY Dark Castle .$ 25 Warlock $ 23 UNICORN Aesop's Fables ......$ 29 Math Wizard $ 29 Read A Rhvme. ...$ 29 UNISON WORLD Art Gallery 1, 2 or 3.....$ 19 Ea. Hints A Borders .....$ 23 Print Master Plus ....$ 25 WORD PERFECT Word Pert eel W.P ...Call ACCESSORIES Air Drive Internal ..Si 19 Air Drive External ..$ 149 Bonus 3Vi DSDD $ 11.99 Disk Case (Holds 451......$ b.B8 Disk Drive Cleaner .$ b.88 Mouse Pad B'i x 11 56.88 Sons IV* DSDD $ 16.90 Bx. Wico Bat Handle ... $ 17 Wico Ergostick ..... $ 19
P. O. BOX 111327 DEPT. AMYV BLAWNOX, PA 15238 Crcle 128 on Reader Service card.
• Please Read The Following Ordering Terms & Conditions Carefully Before Placing Your Order: Orders with cashiers check or money order shipped immediately on in stock items! Personal & Company checks, allow I weeks clearance. No C.O.D.'s! Shipping: Continental U.S.A.-Orders under $ 1011 add $ 3; free shipping on orders over S10Q. AK, HI, FPO, APO-add $ 5 on all orders. Canada & Puerto Rico-add $ 7.50 on all orders. Sorry, no other International orders accepted! PA residents add 6% sales tax on the total amount of order inc luding shipping charges. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9 AM-5;30 PM Eastern Time. REASONS FOR CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE 412-361-5291 (USlalus of order or back order (2)if any merchandise purchased wilhin 60 days from S.O.of A. is defeclivc, please call for a return authorization number. We will not process a return without a return auth. *r! Defective merchandise will be replaced with the same merchandise only. Other returns subject to a 20% restocking charge! After 60 days from your purchase date, please refer to the warranty included with the product purchased & return directly to the manufacturer. Customer service will not accept collect calls or calls on 5.D.of A.'s 800 order lines! Prices & availability are subject to change! New titles are arriving daily! Please call for more information. MODEM OWNERS: You can order from our Amiga Shop via the CompuServe, Genie and Q-Link electronic malls. NOW... THERE ARE 3 EXCITING, PROFESSIONAL COLORFONT PACKAGES TO FILL YOUR TITLING NEEDS. HEADLINES THE ULTIMATE FONTS: THE NEXT GENERATION. 10 Hi-Res, up to 8 color, uppercase fonts in two sizes each (approx. 104 & 84 pts. High) Font styles in CHROME, MARBLE, BRICK AND GRANITE are dragable for added 3 dimensional effects. Other styles are CHISEL, WOOD, BEVEL, CAST, CHISELserif and COLUMN. _3 DISK SET - Suggested Retail $ 79.95 Submeads The same popular 10 fonts as In "HEADLINES", but in two smaller sizes each (approx. 72 & 55 pts. High). Now possible to use in lower resolutions at a workable size. 2 DISK SET - Suggested Retail $ 69.95 H EADIW2 4 new 8-color fonts in 2 - 3 sizes each. ChiselSCRIPT: Italic script in upper and lower case. GLASS: Transparent uppercase gothic face. ENGRAVED: Dragable, uppercase 2 plane shiny font. EMBOSSED: Raised or sunken letters on a surface. Or d£2: is not sufficient. If you have an accelerator board, switch to 68000 inode or Blood Money will not load. At the start of the game, you have 200 credits and the choice of either a one- or two-player game. A hundred credits buys you a helicoptor gunship, but you’ll have to spend your entire cache for a submarine to go aquatic shooting. Both are equipped with an unlimited supply of bullets. Higher levels result in more credits, enough to buy a jet-pack, a rocket fighter, or more powerful weapons. Each vehicle operates in a different environment. Once you make the necessary selections, you are ready to go i)ii an alien safari. The first wave of cannon fodder for your helicopter is robotlike “Walkers” that trudge along the top and bottom of the screen; a heavy school of jellyfish greet the submarine. Pilot your vehicle defensively; touch any surface or object Prison By Peter Olafson AN ARCADE-adventure imported from England, Prison is nothing new under the old alien triple-sun. What it does, however, it does well. Prison plays fast, it's easy to understand and control, and it has those yummy chromed Amiga graphics. You are the wrongly-convicted Jag Edwards (parents seem partial to rock-star names in the outer space of the distant future) who is trying to assemble a spacecraft and escape from the prison world of Ajtrax. As usual, the horizontally scrolling path to freedom is fraught with danger; Altrax is divided into neighborhoods populated with fierce aliens. The floors are sometimes and the ship explodes. At least you have four lives. When I began playing Blood Money, my games were over so quickly and my overall scores so low I thought my reaction times had slowed. With a little practice, though, most hot shots should be able to climb the high-score ladder without any problems. To pause the action, press the space bar; resume by pressing the fire button. To abort a mission entirely, press the Escape key. Be patient after you abort or die; before you can play again, the game cycles through an introductory screen displaying your score, a high-scores screen, an options screen, and a craft-select ion screen. This lengthy interruption always broke my shooting rhythm, and is the one annoyance in this otherwise satisfy- ingly frenzied shoot-’em-up. ($ 39.95, Psygnosis Ltd, PO Box 483, Addison, IL 60101, 800 669-4912. Joystick required.) Booby-trapped, but you can see the traps before you step on them. Doorwavs are clogged with debris. Luckily, Prison’s bearded and back- packed hero (I kept looking for peace symbols and granola bars) moves, punches, and searches at a nice clip. You must rely on your own sense of direction, however, in this rabbit warren of a planet. The twists and turns eventually get hard to follow I kept getting lost. You control the game with the joystick, and you can get ? ¦ Your Workbench™needs our Tool Chest Introducing the Amiga- World Tool Chest! A brand- new collection of special software written for your Amiga. Now there’s no need to know how to program, draw, animate or compose on your computer because the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you all the tools your Workbench™ needs. It’s that easy! Each bi-monthly release of the Tool Chest gives you two disks packed with high- quality Amiga programs, utilities, games, professional clip art, predefined animation objects, sound and music files, and the best of Amiga Shareware. Plus, you get an original Amiga animation complete with an animation-player program! Users of every Amiga model and at every level of skill- wili be thrilled with these top-qual- ity programs and tools. AH for just $ 14.95 per issue! The typical issue of the Amiga- World Tool Chest gives you... I j rpC T Ser|d me the AmigaWorldTool Chest Vol. 1, 3 today. I_I 1 My payment for $ 14.95 is enclosed. ? Save me $ 20. Enter my one year (6 issue) charter subscription for $ 69.95. Name_ A ddress_ City_State_Zip_ ? Check Money Order Enclosed (payable to Amiga World Tool Chest) ? Charge my: ? MasterCard ? Visa ? American Express Account _Expires_ Programs- WBSalv, a disk-recovery program that you can run from Workbench™ Mosaic Maker, an easy way to create Escher-like graphics. Alien Duels, a lightning-fast arcade clash with an alien invasion force. Joystick required. Signature_ Foreign Orders, add S2.50 for Air Mail Delivery. Allow 1-6 weeks for delivery. Foreign Subscriptions are 584.95, postpaid. Payment required in US Funds drawn on US Bank. Note dial some animations require 1MB or memory. Amiga World Tool Chest, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 • 1-603-924-9471 AW1089 Clip Art- Monsters! Icons! Clip Art! You’ll have a great time incorporating these fantastic visuals into your graphic creations. Workbench is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Animation Objects The Horse, a beautifully detailed chess piece. The Rose, a delicate complex object. The Sail, a great object for your water-born animations. Sounds and Music A variety of sound effects for use in your programs. PLUS! Brand- new, disk-length animations from leading Amiga Animators! The Amiga World Tool Chest. What no Workbench™ should be without. See for Yourself! To order, use the coupon below or look for the special insert in this issue. For immediate service call 1-800-343-0728. Charter Subscription Opportunity! Save $ 20 off the single copy price and get these chater subscription benefits:
• automatic delivery of every two-disk edition for an entire year. That's 12 disks in all, delivered every other month.
• Amiga World subscription renewal discount certificate,
• Discount on AmiExpo admissions! ¦ Full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Amiga World Tool Chest, simply return it for an immediate refund. Q CO E:
Q) ! '¥* o (0° o« q>s ?-
Q) - MCP Associates, Inc, A UTHORI2ED DEALER RETAIL STORE Circle 162 on Reader Service card. MCP OFFERS TRAINING. INSTALLATION. SALES AND REPAIR SERVICES FOR VIDEO. CAD, IMAGEPROCESSING, AND DESKTOP PUBLISHING. PLEASE WRITE, CALL. OR FAX FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. SPECIAL COMMODORE-AMIGA EDUCATION PROMOTION AMIGA A500 Educator System A500 CPU, A501 Mem Exp A1084 RGB Col Monitor PLUS THE WORKS! Platinum Ed CLI Mate, A-DOS Ref Bk Retail Value: $ 350.00 FREE w purchase Price: from $ 999.95 Call Write for Eligibility & Forms TOTAL SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. DISCOUNT PRICES. PLEASE WRITE, CALL. OR FAX FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR COMPLETE SYSTEM INSTALLATION NEEDS. MCP ASSOCIATES 28-21 ASTORIA BLVD. ASTORIA NY 11102-1933 718 956-9000 FAX: 718 956*9028 SPECIAL menu with all kinds of charitable and context-sensitive suggestions for objects you possess. Be careful: Not all are necessarily the best thing to do at the time. One early option just locks you in a room. Use plently of help. Pushing the fire button while pushing lip on the joystick displays a and an involving (though silly) story line, Prison is worth looking into.. .and breaking out of. ($ 39.95, Actionuiare Inc., 38 W. 255 Deerpath Rd., Batavia, IL 60510, 312 879-8998. Joystick required.) The save option liberally. With good graphics and game mechanics, swift play, The ULTRA-POWERFUL Backup lool for your Amiga Lrn Raw Copy VI.3 is simple to use and has special features to allow die user to back-up copy protected software. A program such as Raw Copy VI.3 is necessary for today's user. Hiis utility interprets just about every* aspect of the Amiga system; from standard tu non-staiidaid DOS. Raw;Copy VI.3 is both a standard and a parameter copier. Rurally, you will be able to expand your protection to new software releases without buying a totally icw back-up program. Micro Systems International lias an update policy unmatched by other copiers. MSI guarantees at least four updates per year, each packed with new parameters that require only the click of the start key. All Uxi often a favorite game or utility will develop a read-write error after extensive use. Raw Copy V1.3 allows you to make archival back-up copies of your software to protect your masters. The i Back-up Utility RowCopy VI.3... Setting the Standard For The Competition to Follow 9 Eliminates wheel, dongle, and manual protected software, 9 Friendly and Helpful Customer and Technlcul Support. 9 Upgrades offered every 3 months (at least 30 new parameters}. 9 Error Checker, Rum Buffer, Extended Cylinder, and much more. 9 Copies software that no others will. WHY SETTLE FOR JUST A COPIER . .. WHEN YOU CAN HAVE RAW ROWER NOW SHIPPING $ 59.95 mil Micro Systems fnlernational US Dollar* Clall Today or visit your favorite dealer
(313) 654-8402 Orders and Informallom
(313) 654~8405 Technical Support 1143 Monroe St. Corleton, Ml 4S117 Fast Break By Mark L, Van Name and Bill Catchings NEITHER OF US has ever dunked a basketball. We’ve each come close, and we’ve always wanted to feel the rim under our wrists, but we’ve never quite made it. Accolade’s Fast Break is a lot like our dunking careers; close, but not fully satisfying. Unlike most video basketball games, Fast Break is three-on- three, not one-on-one. The two teams, the Slammers and the Jammers, each have a center, a forward, a guard, and reserves for each position. Players differ in characteristics such as speed and shooting ability. You pick your starters, and you can substitute between quarters or during time-outs. You play the computer or a human opponent for four three-, six-, nine-, or twelve- Circie 227 on Reader Service card Spotlight on Hardware 8 Meg Board, SupraRAM 2Mg 8-Up! Board OK . 501 Memory Clone ... AMAX ... Poppy Drive. Internal 2000 ..... Floppy Drive, Unidrive ...... Floppy Dnve, Master 3A .. Future Sound 500 ... Han-D Scan. C Ltd Harddrivo. Seagate 296N HardFrame 2000 ... IMG Scan. SunRize Joystick, Advanced Gravis..... Live! 2000 . Midget Racer. CSA ... MO. ECE .. Modem. Supra 2400 SCSI Controller. Kronos .... SCSI Controler, Supra 1000..... SCSI Controller. Supra 500 SCSI Impact A2000-2 0 GVP Spirit Boards OK 500 1000 TrumpCard 2000 ...
415. 00
150. 00
145. 00
135. 00
115. 00
140. 00
150. 00
93. 99
299. 00
550. 00 250 00
120. 00
39. 99
315. 00
350. 00
50. 00
135. 00
220. 00
215. 00
185. 00
293. 20
215. 00
175. 00 2414 Pendleton Place ¦ Waukesha. Wl 53188 ¦ 9 AM to 5 PM M-F minute quarters of f‘ull-court basketball. Unfortunately, you get to see only half of that court at a time. On offense, you control the ball handler. You pass the ball by facing the intended recipient and clicking quickly. To shoot, hold the button down longer. On defense, you control the player who's wearing high, black socks. You can rebound, block shots, and even steal the ball. You can also cycle control to the other players by clicking. Despite those black socks it’s often hard to know which player you’re controlling, because they all look very much alike. At first, we often had to Take your shot or make your move. Consult the bottom of the screen to see which players we were currently using. Fast Break is high-speed, phi-slamma-jamma, fast-break basketball. Follow the basics. Your center rebounds and passes to the guard, who rushes the ball up court. When he crosses half court, the guard passes to the forward, who slams the ball home lay- ups are for wimps! Get back fast on defense; after the score, click to make your center the active player and move him under the opposition’s basket where he’ll have a chance at blocking the shot or grabbing a rebound. While Fast Break offers a pretty good time, a lot of small flaws keep it from being a complete champion. For one thing, it has no skill levels. You’ll lose terribly at first, hut soon you’ll surpass the computer and seldom lose. Nor are the statistics up to standards. The game keeps track of field goals made and attempted, points, fouls, steals and turnovers, but not rebounds and assists. Worst of all, the players never tire. The first string is better than the second, so there’s no point in substituting. This fault, along with the inadequate statistics, makes strategy irrelevant and reduces Fast Break to a simple arcade game. Still, we’ll play Fast Break until a brash newcomer with the style of the Pistons unseats it. ($ 44.95, Accolade, 550 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA 95128, 800 245-7744. No special requirements.) ¦ JACKSON -G FOR THE 3 POINTER Spotlight on Software ANIMagic .... ....59.99 Aroxx . .... 31.10
B. A.D .
33. 00 Baud Bandit ... .... 33.99 Blood Money ...... . 27.99 CLIMate .. .... 27.73 CygnusEd Professional .. . 64.69 Deluxe Paint 111 .....
105. 00 Denaris . .... 25.50 Design 3D ... ... 60.00 D«gt Pant 3.C
61. 99 Digi-View Gold ... .. 140.00 DsgiWorks 3D . .... 80.99 Elite . 31.00 Jack Nicklous Golf .
32. 99 Jet Master ...... , , 61.99
K. C.S ..
145. 00 Krista! ... .... 32.99 Movie Clips . .... 22.99 MusicX . .. 195.00 Online! Rcrtnum . .... 60.99 Page Stream ...... .. 131.00 Pen Pal . .... 89.99 Performer (Elon) . , 41.00 PIXMcrto . . 42.30 PopUous . .. 36.99 Power Windows 2 5 .
59. 09 Project D ...... .... 32.00 QuarterBock .... 42 99 Super Base Professional ..
200. 00 Orders Only Please 800-544-6599 Visa MC CODs Circle 275 on Reader Service card. A WoRLd of DiTFerence. Get the most out of Pro Page and Pro Draw with great text and graphics from InterFont. InterFont and Professional Page
• • • « • SYNDESIS 0 N9353 Benson Road Brooklyn. Wl 53521 608 455-1422 All product names arc trademark* of their respective companies. Circle 219 on Reader Service card. THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA' PRODUCTS 1 SPECIALS... SPECIALS... SPECIALS... SPECIALS . 1 HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE... HARDWARE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Buy Any Product From: Avante-Garde • Central Coast Software * Elan Design* Gold Disk
• HiSott * Impulse • Innovision * JDK Images • Lattice • Manx
• Microsystems Software* New Horizons* Oxxi* Right Answers Group • Soft Logik • William Hawes Between now and December 31,1989 and if you are dissatisfied for any reason, call for a Return Authorization and we will refund your money. No questions asked. Freight costs not refundable. Products must be returned postage paid within 30 days of receipt in complete original packaging and resalable condition. Call for complete details. Special Intro Offer! Aaargh! $ 25 Alien Fires .$ 29 Alternate Reality $ 29 Annals ol Rome In Stock1 t-t Artura ..... Cal Awesome Arcade Pak S36 Bard s Tale ......$ 32 Bard's Tale II ...$ 43 ta Battle Droidz ...... $ 26 Black Cauldron .....$ 29 Cnessmaster 2000 .....$ 30 pa Chessmaster 2100 ..... SoonI Mval Commtsioners Oisk . Cosmic Reliel ...$ 27 Deluxe Music .$ 63 Deluxe Paint II ..S&4 Hrtl Deluxe Paint III $ 95 Deiuxe PhotoLab $ 1D4 Deluxe Productions $ 129 Deiuxe Video i 2 $ 84 t• Dinosaur Discovery Kit Call Hn! Double Dragon In Stock1 Earl Weaver Baseball.....$ 35 Hwl Earl Weaver 68 Stats Empire ..$ 36 Ferrari Formula 1 _$ 36 First Letters and Words $ 36 First Shapes $ 34 Gettysburg $ 42 Global Commander. S29 Heroes ol the Lance .$ 29 Hot & Cool Jan Disk St 9 Hunt For Red October $ 36 Instani Music $ 32 Insiani Music Data.....$ 19 Intellilype $ 19 Interceptor $ 35 Kamplgruppe ......$ 46 Kid Talk .$ 34 Lancelot .....$ 29 Leisure Suit Larry ....$ 35 Mad Libs .....$ 16 Marble Madness $ 19 Master Detective.....Cali Master Ninja $ 21 Math Talk ..... $ 34 Math Talk Fractions $ 34 Mavis Beacon .$ 33 Pnantasie $ 31 Ponce Quest In Stock ' Populous HOT! PuP Games ...$ 26 ORDER BY 1 PM PST AND GET IT TOMORROW BY 3 PM.
• Software Rates: $ 6 for first two items. S3 for each additional
• Continental US Only • No CODs
• Low Hardware Rates Available
• Call for complete details
* >, 'j, GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A2000 Hard Cards 42 MB: S799 80MB: $ 1099 105 MB: S1199 Other size brands models available My-T Mouse Replacement Mouse for all Amiga §££! $ 99 IMPORT GAMES! Fresh from around the world! Call for complete details! RAM SALE! New Low Prices on all RAM Boards! Call! A SQUARED Live - A1000 $ 259 Live - A500 $ 345 Live - A2000 ..... Cal AMI CORE Transvcstor 2500 . $ 44 AH AKIN Easyl - A1000. . . $ 369 fsci i _ florin FlicXerFi*er Cables Call Custom Cables Call GOLD OISK ProScan ... In Stock’ GREAT VALLEY PROOUCTS 68030 Accelerators . Call Impact SCSI RAM ___ Call A2000 Hard Cards......Call AslYl Prnrliiff* Subsystem 500 wr3 5' $ 365 Syne'gy Products Cal! PANASONIC Hw'. WV1500 Camera InStock' WV 1410 Camera Lens $ 239 Variable Ins Lens.....$ 79 11801 Printer...... Call 11911 Printer Call 1124 Printer ... Call rVJUv .. w’JJP Easyl - A2000 . $ 399 APPLIED VISIONS FutureSourdlAIQOO) S144 Hwt FutureSound (A5Q0 2QQQ) ... S95 ASOG Multi Port Serial Card Cal riJU’-j nuuuuij ..... ... . VU’i Go AMIGA is the *! GVP Dealer! HAITEX X-5pecs 3D $ 97 HEWLETT PACKARD Kk. Qeskjet Cali Hr.1. PaintJet Call PHOENIX CPS 500 Power Supply.....$ 84 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master $ 31 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS Frame Grabber .. Call AVATEX I200e Modem $ 85 120QHC Modem ... . S115 2£OQ Modem .St 99 C LTD C View i (NTSC) $ 39 C View 2 (C Ll $ 39 INKWELL Light Pen $ 99 KETEK Command Center Sale' MAGNI Magni 4000 Genlock In Stock' Manni 4000 $ In Pro Gen Genlock .. $ 349 QUANTUM SCSI Drives (The Best) Lowest' SAFESKIN Clear Keyooard Covers S19 SOUTHERN TECH Mv-T Mouse S42 Timcszvcr (AtOQQ) $ 55 CALIFORNIA ACCESS CA 360 3.5'Drive ..... $ 149 COMMUNICATION SPECIALTIES Gen One. ..Lowest! M A S T. Unidnve $ 144 Twin Drive..... ....$ 269 MmiMegs ......Lowest! Internal Drive A20QQ $ 109 SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY Up to 1.5MB lor AI000. ... Call Up to 1 5MB lor A500 Call Tiny Tigers ..... Call Hard Disk Interlaces .. Call CREATIVE MICROSYSTEMS Processor Accelerator A500 A2000 ... S174 MICR080TICS Starboard II (Al Sizes) Call MultiFunction Module..... $ 75 All RAM on Sale Now1 STAR MICRONICS »?. IJX1000 Rainbow. $ 259 AT00Q (New Version) $ 230 Video interface RF A500 Cal SCSI Module ..$ 103 8 Ud (A2000) Call Hard Frame In Stock' HX1000 Black .. $ 190 SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES A2000 Cal Pep SIMMs Call reneci ouunu 503 CSA
* *•'. Midget Racer ... HOT' DIGITAL CREATIONS SuperGen Cal ECE Him _ a rtn Al! RAM on Sale Now1 MICROWAY Flicker Fixer ... $ 469 renecx wisfuii .... 5133 Color Spinier ... InStock' SURFSIDE PAL version av a. table' MIMET1CS % Amigen Genlock......$ 149 SUPRA 2400 Modem ....$ 144 2400zi Internal (A2000) $ 149 Hard Drives Call IV'IUI njiUU ..WO MIDI - A1000 $ 58 Audio Digilirer ...$ 85 MIDI - A2000 . .....S53 EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES 50MB Hard Olive (AIOOO) $ 879 32MB Hard Drive (A500) . $ 729 Flash Card ..$ 205 Tool Box .....1 1 Stock' MIDI Interlace (A500 2000) $ 45 MOTOROLA 68881 Co Processors .. Call Speeds from 12MR; to 20MHz NERIKI Neriki Genlock, Call TECHNICOVER Cover lor A50O ... $ 14 Cover lor At000 . S17 Cover lor A2000 $ 17 WICO Trarkhall tlQ GO AMIGA! Disk Head Cleaner . $ 15
T. fT n.eU Pices Cifi OKI DAT A Ckimate 20 w Plug it print. $ 199 Cl hir . D. Kkrin CC 1 vLr'Vgi| Vdv VID TECH Scanloc* ... .... Call ju uis* Udse 5 iu imageV riter il Cabie . Cal DldCK nljDOn . ....50 Color Ribbon ... S7 Go AMIGA istneti Scsnicck Dealer1 Printer Cable $ 20 Modem Cable $ 20 PACE Carrying Bags tor A1000 500 1084 ..... Can PACIFIC PERIPHERALS Subsystem 500 S2i9 VISUAL AURALS Mindligm 7 Si 76 Mouse Pad ...... $ 10 Sony Cables CaD XEROX 4020 inxJei Printer Call i*- Puzzle Storybook Cali Hw'. Questran II $ 38 Quizam S25 Reach For The Stars S33 He* Rebel Charge InStock1 H«* Bee Fish'n $ 32 Return To Auaniis $ 19 Roadwar 2000 S3? Road war Europa .... S31 Roadwars .... S26 Rockford .... SPG Rubicon Alliance..... ..... Call Scrabble . S29 Seasons & Holidays ......S19 Skyfox II . ST 9 Smooth Talker...... $ 35 Sorcerer ... .. . . Call Soeller Bee . $ 34 Thexder . S26 Hr«l Tme & Magik In Stock1 Wizard Wars . . Call Wrath ol kLcodemus S29 Hi*'. Zany Goif h Stock1 This section includes products fiom First Byte. SSI. Anc other companies whose products are distributed by Electronic Arts! ELECTRONIC ARTS SOFTWARE NOW SHIPPING BY FED EX! MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!* OR t Patch Editors KCS Awl KCS Level II MIDI ReLdrdng Sludrp The Copyist Pro We hare everything from EAGLE TREE SOFTWARE Butcher 2 0 Awl D«tan1 Armies EASEWARE Home Buitier's Cad Awl Home Bjidefs Choice EASTIWEST Awl Take Stoc E IDE FASQFI Amga Karate Casmo Ee.er TLAN Invison (Requires Live'f New V rsiofi| . A4«l£la.n Perfcrmsr EMERALD INTELLIGENCE Magellan rNew Version) . EPYX
h. .l Batilesnp Awl Cal torma Gimes 4> Devonaire .. Give tomotr Four By Four Games. Winter Editon Mind Roll 44 Skate Wars Awl Space Station Street Cat -. - Sub Battle .. aw! Techno Cops . 44 Under Sea Commando ETHOS Awl Casmo Ft er Awl Poker Soltsire EXPRESSWAY AwtE'preasCopy EZSOFT Aw! E2 Backup FINALLY Aw! Aromobor Ai«! 3 Pamt.. FIRST ROW ¦4 HoneyMooners «w! Prime Tune Aw! Twilight Zone FREE SPIRIT Last Irca aw! Med a Lme Forts Aw! Panel ct Lust Securities Analyst Se. Vivens From Space Uit mate Dos Ut s. m
* » Dungeon Vaster...... FULLER COMPUTING Project D(Ntw Vers-onj GlMPEi SOFTWARE Lmt GOLD DISK Came Setter Come Setter Oata Disks Awl Design 30 Awl Desktop Budget GoU Spei 2 Aw'.f.'cve Se ter Mcv.e Seder Data Disks
* 4 Page Setter . It Prctesscny Draw ProtesSional Page t 2 Aw! Pro Templates Aw!Structured Dip Art i» Transcf pt GRAMMA SW
* w! Nag Pius GRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS Mastering CLI HASH ENTERPRISES Animation Editor Animation Effects Aramaton' Flipper Animator! Muii'piane Animation Rotoscdpe AwlArrmatcin. Sou-dtrack Animation Stand Aw! Animator V-cco Tfller Animator Apprentice HILTON ANDROID Aescp's Fables Ch'cken Little Little Red Hen Three trie Pigs Ugly Dueling . HI SOFT Aw'.DevPac Amiga Aw! HiSoft Bas-c. HYPERTEK GOMF! (Lo’est Verson) Aw! GOMF 3.0 tt Button IMAGE TECHNOLOGY Aw! Dungecn Quest Aw! Kikugi IN COGNiTO Afedes Pro! BBS Aw! Kingdoms of England . T* Opircks ... Reaim ut me Wanoa . Snake Pit. . Targis IMPORTSI'I Alien Legion Bombuiai . . Cosmic Piraic Can 5177 InStock1 . In Slock1 $ 149 Dr I' S25 Can $ 139
7. N Stock' $ 3! $ 24 $ 29 $ 40 $ 72 159 $ 149 $ 24 S17 $ 141 in Slock r $ i?9 In Slxk' In SlOCk' Call $ 37 $ 31 $ 31 $ 22 Cat InStock> Cat $ 34 S3i Call $ 26 $ 24 $ 31 $ 36 h StKk 1 $ 27 Can $ 27 $ 29 S23 11 SlOCk' In SlOCk' 556 $ 29 $ 46 $ 29 Can $ 65 $ 74 Call see $ 46 $ 34 In S.'OCkf Can $ 29 Can $ 214 $ 36 In StOCk' Can $ 54 $ 29 S40 $ 35 $ 40 . In Stock1 II StKk' 569 S35 $ 44 Call $ 19 $ 19 $ 19 S19 $ 22 in Slock' ST 75 In Slock' $ 54 $ 34 $ 20 $ 99 In Stock' Can $ 25 In Stcck' InStock’ . ..529 $ 17 $ 34 S30 S37 S27 S29 $ 30 S15 S3! S67 559 $ 55 $ 43 S2B Can $ 45 S2B $ 26 $ 34 $ 14 $ 35 $ 3i . $ 26 In Slack’ $ 27 $ 29 In StOCkf $ 142 $ 65 $ 57 563 Cai Ports of Call Sonr ... M &ound Tra I cr 2 V-deo Trtltrvl t.
* «. Videoscape 3D 2 0 AID HA Aurta Ferns (eac.ni A**1. ConSourcCT ration AMIGA BU$ !NESS KinkwCrk 1 3 Hw! (A1GOO only1! AhCO Aw! Art 01 Chess n Face Off. 14 Las Vega: Micro Base Micro T**t aw! Robbeary 44-Sky Fighter .. ANTIC HwlBbbQ . $ 165 $ 27 $ 24 524 $ 23 in Six*1 $ 15 $ 17 . Call $ 25 $ 134 $ 71 . $ 71 S71 . Cali Can S79 $ 45 535 534 $ 36 $ 29 $ 37 in Stock* $ 20 S3t ABACUS H*»! Amiga DOS Tcolbo* AsstmPra. DaURelnei-c...
• j DataRelrtevc Pro'esvional Amiga Machine Lang. Amiga Tr-cks & Tips.... Many ottre boots wIf rt:s« a.'.iiiS*' ABSGFT
* * A C Basic [vl 3) .$ 134 Alt Fortran ..... Si 99 ACCESS SOFTWARE «-EcfiJon ... Call 4 Heavy Metal Land Combat S31
• > World Class Leader 3rd $ 29 Aw! World Class Course Disk Call ACCESS TECHNOLOGY Hi*1. A Cad $ 146 Fancy 3-D Fonts .$ 55 Wow Avtoiibie tor Jutbo Siutr' ACCOLADE Buoote Ghost ...... Famous Ccliss Disk..... n-FigM Night ... .. itn L Inches .. Hw! J HickUuS Golf . Trlean IB n Pinpjil Vi’i.'ArC Test Dove II Test Drive il Data (Each) i« The Tram ..... ACS An1, Fcm-WarVs ..... Grade Manager .. Learning Curve ... Music Student I ACTiONWARE Capone ...... «»Creature Phaser Gun . TiPOW Prison ..... ACTIVISION Eattieftawts 19-! 2 HwlBatHe Tech . . Beyond Zcrk A*1. Fish - . GeeBee An Rally ..... Aw1. Jcurr.ey A**1. Bamcage Shanghai . AwlZak MacC racked .S31 An1. Zfirk Zero = *, Graphics) . In Six*' ADDISON WESLEY Aw! An.ga Manuals (Wow w 1.3!j AEGIS Ar .Animagic . In Slock' $ 24 sta St9 $ 25 $ 25 S13 S19 S2-J A**1. Crash Garrett ...$ 27 Hyman Design.. .....$ 24 a*«T Future Design in Stock! Arch.tecti.ral Design $ 24 Microbci Des.gn .. $ 24 PHASAR 3.0 . SCI Pioneer Pague $ 27 Zoetrope ... $ 92 Turbo Shtf Data Disks Awlatto1 AROCX awI Masterpiece Foms ARTWORK Bridge 5.0 ......
• j-.CenterfotC Squares . Lmkwgrd Larguages.
• t Strip Poker ... hwI Strp Poker II ..... Str p Poker Data tEa.|..... Thai Going ASDG ’aCygnusEd
* » FACC II AVANTEGARDE Benchmark Modula-2. . Benchmark C Library Benchmark IFF Library Benchmark Simplified.. . .. AVID HwlArnmated Fonts...... For Delwrt Pamt III 3AUOVILLE Awl Award Maker Plus
* 4»! Award Maker Sporls fcs* ¦> Dream Zone Hot'
• iAnimilOf liTUges Ararck s Tomb So? $ 32 Auc-o Master 20 $ 63
• iDiga .. $ 39 D ran 2003 .... Ca.i impact. $ 54
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• aARcm . $ 35 raW-Shell $ 36 WORDPERFECT C0RP '.•.WordPerfect... - ...S179 Vi'orcPertect Library .... Ca=l Our objective is to carry every product for the Amiga - and sell them at the best prices. Qur policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. II you find a lower price, please give us a call. It is no longer close to possible lor us to list all the products we carry, tfyou don t see it listed, ptease call. Hw'. Products are new and in stock. Tr Products had not been released at press time. ’? Products have been marked down in price. All other products are normally in stock (as well as hundreds more). Orders Only: 800-BE-AMIGA In California: 800-843-2842 H 415-364-9714 415-365-2073 Customer Service. Facsimile (FAX): Now on CompuServe: 71230, 2412 Send Mail Orders (o. ¦ GO AMIGA 2682D Middlefield Road, Redwood City. CA 94063 (Money Order. Cashier's Check, or Qualified P.O. only. California residents add sales tax.) SHIPPING INFO: Software Shipping rates are S2 50 item using UPS Grourd service (max. $ 7 50) or $ 4 50,'item using U?S 2nd Day Air Service (ma* $ 13 50) For Federal Express shipping rases and conditions, see opposite page Call for hardware rates. AP0. Mail, foreign shipping eitra. Can lor more info ‘RETURN & REFUND P0UCY: All retuns must have an RMA- Call Customer Service to request an RMA-v Defective merchandise under warrarry will be repaired or replaced Relumed producl musl be re turned postage prepaid with ill original pacing Through December 31, we are oltenng a money-back guarantee on many products we sen It does not apply to all products, and mere are some restrictions, sc call lor complete details. OTHER POLICIES: We do not charge your card until the product actually ships Purchase order customers must have credit application on file. No surcharge for VISA and MasterCard When ordering with credit card. PLEASE Include expiration dale and name o1 bank! Cat Fridays tor unannounced specials. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga. Delivery subject to product availability * Prices subject to change • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card from p. 18 up on screen, which is a potential source of confusion for children, as is the fact that the program refers to China’s capital as Peking (the manual does too, but includes the currently used name of Beijing in parentheses). My only other complaint concerns the fact that once you have completed 15 assignments and succeed in capturing Carmen herself, you are welcomed into the Acme Agency’s Hall of Fame and automatically retired. To continue playing then, you must start over as a rookie under a new name. I would like to see supplement disks offering more levels perhaps, but more importantly, another 30 or so cities. These few criticisms are minor compared with the program’s overall quality. Where in the World Is Carmen San- diego? Is fun and educational. It will not form the backbone of a geography course, but in an age when many high- school graduates cannot identify London on a world map, a captivating and entertaining means for learning basic facts is commendable. A few hours on the search for these villains, and the almanac, atlas, and perhaps even the encyclopedia will no longer be strangers to your child. 1 am eagerly awaiting Rroder- bund’s planned release of Where in the USA Is Carmen Sandiego? And Where in Europe Is Carmen Sandiego? Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund Software Inc. 17 Paul Dr. San Rafael, CA 94903-2101 415 492-3500 800 527-6263 $ 44.95 No special requirements. SUPRAMODEM 2400zi Here's some inside information. By John Foust ONE-SIZE-FlTS-all external modems are a dime a dozen. Supra Corporation's newest telecommunications hardware, however, is fashionably different. The SupraModem 2400zi, the first internal modem available for the Amiga, is tailor- made for A2000-series machines. Fitting the unit into your machine is a cinch: Simply remove the cover (and the five screws holding it there) from your computer, and slip the six-inch square card into an expansion slot. A short cable extends from the modem card to the back of the computer, where a small jack assembly fits into any of the openings at the back of the computer. The modern comes wired for those used bv IBM PC i cards, but Supra thoughtfully includes an alternate assembly for the opening behind the Amiga coprocessor slot; thus, you can make do in the unlikely event that the PC side is full. Supra supplies the extra phone cable needed. Unplug your phone from the wall, connect it to the modem, join the extra cable from the modem to the wall, and you are wired and set to go. You can use the phone for voice calls when the modem is not in use, although I noticed a harmless click on the line whenever I powered up my Amiga while talking on the phone. The 2400zi package includes a well- written 88-page manual, a wonderful reference card that lists all Hayes AT commands, and a disk of impressive installation software. All the installation programs work well from both the Workbench and the Cll, and while other programs employ the COPY comand for setting options, the 2400zi software lets you set options using either Tooltypes or the command line. The only thing that prevents this package from being 100 percent ready-to-go is its lack of any public-domain telecommunications program (ordinarily as common as ragweed pollen). The ShowModem program opens a window with graphic substitutes for the HS, CD, RD, SD, TR, and MR LED lights found on most external modems. You can open the ShowModem window onto Workbench (or any other program that has a title bar on its screen) by specifying the host program's screen title in the CLL If you try this, you should remember to quit ShowModem before exiting the host program; until AmigaDOS
1. 4 arrives, closing the host first leaves you prone to a guru visit. Mix and Match To replace the connection external modems provide to the serial port, Supra supplies a device driver that talks to the internal 2400zi. Weighing in at 10,504 bytes, the Supra modemO.device is twice the size of the regular serial.device. To copy it to your DEVS: directory, simply use the InstallDriver program supplied with the modem. Although most late-model telecommunications programs offer settings that let you specify a device driver and unit number, older programs often assume that the serial port driver is named serial.device, and that the unit number is
0. The included ModemModify utility lets you alter telecommunications programs to use the Supra modem device by changing every occurrence of “serial.device” in the program file to “modemO.device.” A program thus modified will access the internal modem instead of the standard serial device. If you want to use an external modem in addition to the 2400zi, you will need to duplicate your telecommunications program and use the standard copy for the external unit and a customized one for the internal SupraModem. If you would like to use multiple internal modems (you can install up to five in one machine), you must customize a copy of your telecom program for each. Because of the way the 2400zi communicates with telecommunications software, it will not work with programs that do not use the serial.device for serial programming. Micro-Systems Software’s Online! Won’t work, for instance, because Supra’s ModemModify utility cannot locate “serial.device” in the program. The Supra manual warns that the public-do- main program Handshake does not work, either. Make a Statement An ability to handle phone line noise is crucial for a modem. Some line noise is unavoidable, of course, but the Supra- Modem 2400zi held up well on local bulletin boards. On long-distance direct calls it performed as well as a much more expensive modern. Through a small speaker installed on the card, the modem lets you listen as it works. At first I could barely hear the dial tone and dialing sounds over the fans and hard disk, but changing the volume setting from medium to high with the ATL3 command fixed the problem. (You can also turn the sound off completely.) The AT&W command saves your volume setting. Overlapping and interdependent tasks involved in a complicated undertaking. The package includes facilities for planning, tracking, controlling, and evaluating a project's success. Project Master is divided into six modules that run independently. Each of these helps you plan your project or provides feedback on your progress. To give you a practical example of how Project Master works, let's assume that you are in charge of setting up a new desktop- Although an external modem is a slightly safer purchase considering you can use it on any computer equipped with a serial port, adding the internal SupraModem is a smart way to reduce the clutter behind your Amiga 2000. The 2400zi performs well and comes with a one-year warranty. The package includes other extras, too: coupons from several telecommunications services (such as CompuServe, the Source, Genie, Official .Airline Guides electronic travel service, and the Dow Jones News Retrieval stock service), ranging from free signup to a SI5 credit. The world's most powerful MIDI sequencing software is available for Amiga! SupraModem 2400zi Supra Corp. Master Tracks Pro™ for Amiga features 64 tracks of real time and step recording, our exclusive Song Editor ™ and legendary graphic editing. Professional features include controller chasing, fit time, 16 MIDI channels,a built-in Sysex Librarian, a cue sheet for keeping track of hits and the ability to lock up to SMPTE via MIDI Time Code with the MIDI Transport.™ 1133 Commercial Way .Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 800 727-8772 SI 79.95 No special requirements. Project Master Manage your projects with graphs and numbers. For more information see a Passport dealer near you or call (415) 726-0280 for details on the Next Generation of Music Software™. By Loren Lovhaug PROJEC T M.ASTER IS best described as a project- or activity-accounting system. It can assist managers in juggling the publishing and video-presentation group for your company. This undertaking involves some major steps, including: definition (of budget and resources, staff positions, and equipment needs), research (including evaluation of potential hardware and software purchases, and interviews with staff candidates), implementation (purchase of hardware and software, hiring of staff), installation (equipment and software setup, staff training), and evaluation (of progress and group readiness). Passport, 625 Miramontes Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (415)726-0280 Several of these tasks are interrelated and must follow in sequence, while others are independent. The Plan module, which defines your project graphically, lets you visualize the sequence and relationships of these major tasks. Each task within a project is represented by starting and ending nodes. You relate activities on your Plan chan by connecting their nodes with lines. This process is mouse intensive, and 1 found it tedious, especially when trying to align the node markers horizontally and vertically. A snap-to grid option (such as those found in desktop-publishing packages) would simplify this process. On the plus side, ? Dr.T's MUSIC SOFTWARE We have the professional quality music software you want. (rack (ukIImi _ IwlHl'Cti Or ; MFJTnpir tuirwHi.,, ¦t Inltrnil (IhJl I Ct'iiiKt t S*aS»la I ( I'm 5 E'iii Isidrl Ins »r*i Knaai SoA| PalflTrf i I IfC =3 ESI bd bd bid bd u |r.C»i«Ui_ Programs that will help you make your music faster and easier than you ever dreamed. Mumfl i
V. ,.. j F* t-C IP - -1 - I- - 114 a c . = rrtf( i f i • j* J1 m+t- ]J'?l
- 1 i_ ¦ a ffl * lb* ' ' j t A . 1 ' Our catalog contains sequencers for any budget, music scoring, and a complete line of sound editors for most popular instruments. Find out just how much of a parfnera program can be. Call or write for our free catalog and demo disk. 220 Boylston St. 206 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
(617) -244-6954 there are pull-down menus, a reposition- able toolbox including all menu items, and keyboard shortcuts for controlling the module. Plan diagrams can be saved as a standard IFF graphic for incorporation into other programs. You can access both the Input and Statistics modules through the Plan module, and thus enter all of the pertinent data for each task without leaving the Plan module. On the other hand, you can also bypass Plan module entirely if you do not want to construct a diagram of your project. Details, Details Fhe Input module lets you enter and update details relating to the numerous tasks that make up your project. Depending on whether you are entering projected or actual data, you will choose either the Planned or Actual entry mode. The program prompts you to enter individual task duration, starting and ending dates, costs, and resources. Going back to our example, we might identify various computer retailers and any in-house computer experts as resources for our hardware and software research task. While the format is adequate, the input blanks are a bit small; room for another dozen or so characters would allow for more descriptive category and task names. The Statistics module generates exhaustive statistical data about your project, including a summary of all possible task paths (jobs related to one project part), an analysis of the most optimistic and pessimistic start and completion dates for each task (and how these affect related tasks), estimated longest and shortest task-duration times (including measures of variance and standard deviation based on the slack in your task statistics), identification of critical paths (those required for the project to succeed) and maximum paths (longest possible project duration), full summaries of resource estimates and cost expenditures, and more. In our example, the Statistics module would identify at least three critical paths, including a staff-hiring path, and hardware- and software-acquiskions paths. It would also help you avoid potential problems. By continually monitoring the information it provides, you can alter your plan, if need be, to ensure completion of your enterprise. The final three modules Resources, Costs, and Time generate charts representing the data churned out by the Statistics module. Your charts can depict the entire project or individual tasks, resources, and cost centers, plus sub- groupings for each. You can scale the X and Y axes in all charts manually and automatically, and adjust the display colors. Project Master allows you to store all graphs in IFF format, and the Time charts (Gantt diagrams) can he saved as structured-object files for use with object- oriented graphics packages. You can also dump these files to any Preferences-sup- ported printer. Project Master’s 220-page manual includes plenty of illustrations, examples, and tutorials, plus a complete index. Several examples on the program disk illustrate possible project scenarios. Headed for the Big Leagues Project Master is powerful tool for professional managers who need to supervise complicated projects, manage resources, and make complicated time studies. The package is overkill for organizing a church bazaar; Project Master is aimed at the medium- to large-scale business market. Its table* and chart- making abilities make it good for preparing grant proposals, business plans, and group presentations as well as administering and evaluating projects once they are underway. Project Master Brown-Wagh Publishing 16795 Lark Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, CIA 95030 408 395-3838 SI 95 No special requirements Transcript It’s only words. By Sheldon Leemon TRANSCRIPT DISPLAYS ONLY one font on screen at a time, and makes no provision for including graphics in a document it does not even show line breaks as they will appear on the printed page. Transcript promises simply to help you write, edit, and print text at a very reasonable cost. At a time when the Amiga word processors in vogue are incorporating desktop-publishing features, you may wonder why Gold Disk is seemingly taking a step hack. The reasoning is simple. In the real world, the distinct functions of text composition and page layout are usually performed by different people. WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) programs must continually update the screen, a task that requires tremendous processing power. Consequently, such programs perform rather sluggishly. Moreover, graphics-placement features add to a program’s complexity and often and detract from the business of writing and editing text. Thus, Transcript is designed to complement page-layout software, not to replace it. In fact, Transcript allows you to import text from Gold Disk’s Professional Page desktop-publishing program, edit it, and export it hack to that program. If you wish, it will suppress the display of any formatting codes embedded in Pro Page text. Eventually, Gold Disk plans to allow Transcript to act as an on-line editor with Professional Page. The Name of the Game True to its billing as a high-performance word processor, Transcript provides a wide array of text-editing and -manipulating features. There are menu options with keyboard equivalents for moving the cursor forward and backward one word, one sentence, or one paragraph at a time, as well as the usual options for moving the cursor up or down a screen, to the beginning or end of a line, and to the top or bottom of your document. California Access™ All rights reserved 780 Montague.. 403, Sain Jose. CA 95131 Tel. (408) 435-1445, Fax (408) 435-7355 Jimmy B. Moral is a fictitious character, however. Oklahoma City, Ok. Does exist Last Temptation Jimmy B. Moral - Oklahoma City, Ok. Born again CA-880 owner The program has a scroll bar to help you move through text quickly, but unlike most, it is situated horizontally so that you must move the slider left to go towards the start of the document, and right to get to the end. The problem with this scheme is not the bar’s unusual orientation, but the fact that the slider remains the same size whether the text on screen represents the entire document or onlv a fraction of it. .As a result, moving the slider sometimes produces no result. Thankfully, the many other methods available for moving the cursor lessen the impact of this flaw. The program has menu options with keyboard equivalents for cutting words, sentences, paragraphs, and lines. It also allows you to mark text using the mouse or function keys. Unlike most programs, Transcript accumulates text that is cut or copied to the buffer, rather than replacing the contents of the buffer each time an addition is made. The unique Bookmark feature lets you store up to four individual cursor positions, which you can then jump to by pressing a function key. Yet another feature makes it easy to change a document from word-processor format (in which a new line character appears only at the end of each paragraph) to text-editor format (in which a new line character appears at the end of each line) and back again. Judging by Appearance Transcript gives you control over a number of factors that affect the program’s display and performance, and once you have chosen your settings, you can save them for future use. You can change the four colors used for background, text, borders, menus, and cursor. You can also resize the cursor, determine whether it blinks quickly, slowly, or at all, and designate the number of spaces to be used for tab stops. Documents are displayed on either the Workbench screen, a custom four-color non-interlaced screen, or a four-color interlaced screen, and if you have increased the size of your screen with Transcript’s More Rows utility, the program uses an overscanned display. T he program even gives you some control over the display font. On the Workbench or non-interlaced screen, your Preferences setting determines whether the Topaz 8 or Topaz 9 font is used; on interlaced screens, Topaz 11 is standard (although screen refreshing sometimes leaves bits of pixel fallout with this font). Finally, Transcript enables you to customize keyboard macros. You can program the function keys to produce up to ? Now avaifabie ... 40 famous and challenging golf courses for your MEAN 18: Ultimate Golf™:
U. S. Open Courses I: Shinnecock Hills, Menon, Winged Foot. Bellerive & The Country Club (Brookline).
U. S. Open Courses II: Oak Hill. Medinah 3, Olympic Club. Baltusrol and Champions. PGA Championship Courses: Oakmont. Firestone, Pmehurst 2. Oakland Hills & Southern Hills. British Open Courses: Muirfield, Sandwich, Carnoustie, Royal Birkdale & Royal Lytham & St. Annes. PGA Tour Courses I: Doral, Torrey Pines. TPC Sawgrass. Cypress Point & Indian Wells. Famous European Courses: Sotogrande (Spain), Chantilly (France). Hoylake (England), Falsterbo (Sweden), and Club Zur Vahr (Germany). Classic American Courses: Seminole, Pine Valley, Cherry Hills, Spyglass Hill andThe National. Great Resort Courses: Muirfield Village, Eagle Ridge, Mission Hills, Dorado Beach and Banff Springs. Each of the 8 3Vfe" diskettes contains five exciting courses. Write for further information or send just S20 each disk, US currency. (Shipping, handling, overseas mail included!) Send your check or money order to MOONLIGHT DEVELOPMENT, - 329 Shoreline Place, Decatur, IL 62521. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Moan 16: urirjf* Gs* -s a o' Accoaoe AMIGA ii a rraaemv, at C&rr-xcre-A 5a. Sne ixelatiops ostjeript ?• Series' Plxetettons. Inc. _ PO Box 547 Nonhboeo. MA 01532 503 393-7856 ixelations For orders enfy. C&1 > -800225 5300 6x1 74 All product names mentioned are the trademarks of Ihelr respective companies. Ten different sequences of text and commands. Two of these sequences can be invoked with the mouse. This means, for example, that you could set CTRL-click to cut text and CTRL-double-click to paste it down. While these settings are helpful, I feel that they do not go far enough. For example, although you automatically get the Topaz 1 1 font on an interlaced custom screen, you cannot access this font on an interlaced Workbench screen. The inability to select a two-color screen is particularly unfortunate, because this precludes Transcript from taking advantage of the hi-res displays allowed on the Viking I (Moniterm) and A2024 (Commodore) monochrome monitors. Another area needing more customization options is keyboard equivalents. Transcript has so many key-comrnand sequences that the program employs all Amiga-key combinations, the function keys, and many shift-key combinations as well. Granted, there are too many key- 4 4 board commands to use mnemonic assignments for all of them, hut users should be allowed to define these themselves, rather than having to remember that the Amiga-D combination is required to cut a line. Wrapped Up in Text In terms of print options, Transcript is fairly flexible but less than friendly. Most 4 4 print formatting is done by adding codes to the body of your text. For example, to set the left margin for even-numbered pages to eight, you would type: SHIFT-ALT-s>118. There are special formatting codes to set margins, headers and footers, justification, page numbering, and to control widows and orphans. In 1989, no self-respecting program should require you to embed codes into text. Thankfully, the default settings usually turn out good-looking copy. In addition to basic text editing and printing, Transcript performs many functions not normally associated with low-priced word processors. It has a mail merge capability, for instance, allowing you to print form letters that refer to a data file for customization. Its index-cre- ation facility lets you mark words for inclusion in an index file, which the program automatically generates. It has a print-preview feature that lets you see line and page breaks as they will appear in print. When printing a document, the program keeps the right margin from becoming too ragged by automatically hyphenating words. The program also includes a spelling checker based on Gold Disk’s GoldSpell II (a program that costs just $ 25 less than Transcript). Although the utility works fairly well, it has some quirks: It must be run separately from the Workbench, it treats the apostrophe like a space, it ignores accented characters, and unlike the main program, it offers no keyboard equivalents for its gadgets. Whatever its shortcomings, Transcript does deliver on its promise of an effective, low-cost tool for producing large quantities of text. Its extensive use of keyboard equivalents reduces most common operations to a single key combination (or, for the novice user, a single menu selection). Its concise 80-page manual (roughly the size of the introduction to the WordPerfect manual) gives a good indication of the program's ease of use. If your main interest is composing text rather than creating printed works of art, you will find that Transcript more than suits your needs. Transcript Gold Disk Inc. PO Box 789 Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5M 2C2 416 828-0913 S69.95 No special requirements. Elan Performer 56 keys to show time. M By Gary Ludwick AT FIRST GLANCE, Elan Performer appears to be yet another slide-show program for Amiga graphics. But it’s a good deal more than that. Performer not onlv allows you to call up IFF (Interchange File Format), HAM (Hold-and-Modify), and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) images from almost every graphics program available, but it loads, sequences, and plays various animation formats as well- all under your complete and instantaneous control. In creating Performer, Elan Design incorporated the same excellent interface they used for their In vision program. Started from either the CLI or Workbench, Elan Performer depicts the Amiga keyboard, along wfith a directory window and a small editor window, on screen (see photo). These keys are a repository for every element of your graphics presentation. Putting a presentation together couldn’t be much easier. In the directory window, locate the directory in which your graphics or animations reside, then double click on the name of the file you want to use. When the word “To” appears under the cursor arrow, place the cursor over an on-screen key and click once. Your image or animation is now assigned to that key. For especially large presentations, Performer allows the assignment of another 56 images using the Shift key. Still not enough? Peformer also provides for nested presentations, in which one key calls up a whole new series of key assignments and their corresponding images. The screen changes as you assign graphics to keys: Keys colored beige are empty, a gray key indicates that an image has been assigned to the key but not loaded into memory, and white means that the image assigned is in memory. Editing Controls Once you have made assignments, you can copy, exchange, or clear them using gadgets within the file window. Elan Performer also allows you to determine each image’s display via Editor windows corresponding to each key. A window tells you the type of image assigned to the key, its size (in bytes), and in the case of animations, the number of frames involved. For IFF, HAM, and RGB images there are two controls. One determines the amount of time, in minutes, seconds, and frames (the latter is useful for syncing with music and transferring to videotape), that the image will remain on screen; the other is a toggle switch that enables color cycling if such is part of the original image. For animations (Performer handles RIFF, Invision, Anim 3, and Anim 5 formats), the Editor screen also includes controls for number of loops, double buffering (RIFF) and reverse play (Anim). Working in conjunction with the Editor is the Prefs window, whose settings control how' your imagery loads and displays. Through this window you can direct Performer to load all images into RAM (if you have enough memory), or call each piece from disk as needed. You can also select double buffering (while one image is displayed, the next is being painted into memory) a technique that smooths transitions between images. Once you have made all your key assignments and determined the settings, you can save the whole show' environment (script with Editor and Prefs settings) and elements (visuals) to disk. You can create self-running presentations by copying these components and the Performer program to a bootable disk and inserting a single command line into that disk’s startup-sequence. On With the Show Elan Performer is a flawless.. .well.. . Performer. It gives you a choice of four display methods: Automatic, Manual, Direct Play, and Remote Control. In Automatic mode, Performer displays your images in sequence according to their positioning on the keyboard: across (left ? HIGHER PERFORMANCE...AND CHEAPER TO BOOT!
• Fully 1010 Compatible • Amiga* Color Coordinated • Extra Long Drive Cable
• Ultra Compact Design • Ultra Low Power Consumption • No Annoying "Clicking" Noise
• Acoustically Quiet • Daisy Chainable • Diskette "Dust Protection" Door 55 FREE Shipping Via Federal Express!* Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-562-3539 LEXIBLEPATA Info & Technical Support: 214-669-3999 ,Systems, inc. fax 2 -669-0021 10503 FOREST LANE * SUITE 148 * DALLAS, TX 75243 POLICY: Shipping and handling extra. Personal checks must clear before shipment. For taster service use credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. Credit cards are not charged until we ship. All prices are U.S.A. prices and are subject to change, and all itemsare subjectto availability. These prices reflect a 5% cash discount. For all credit card purchases there will be an additional 5% charge. COD orders add $ 5.00. Texas residents add saiestax. All sales are final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee. ‘SHIPPING: FREE shipping by Federal Express Standard Air or UPS = if within 1-day service zone) on orders paid by credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. In Hawaii, Alaska, and outside Continental US, call for information. Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Fdata-20 249.95 Dual 3.5" External Drive w Power Supply $ 124.95 Fdata-10...... Single 3.5" External Drive to right) and down. On a fully loaded keyboard, it would begin with FI and continue to the key. Manual mode works in the same sequence, but here you control the timing of your display with arrow keys or the mouse. In this manner you can loop both backwards and forwards through your images and animations, and freeze any frame for any length of time. In Direct Play, you use your keyboard like a musical instrument: Press a key and an image is immediately displayed. If the images are contained in memory, the screen changes just as rapidly as you can press keys. Mouse and arrow keys allow you to manipulate animations frame by frame both forward and backward-even using two frame bounce- back loops. Remote control turns the Amiga’s mouse into the same kind of remote unit provided with most slide projectors. It gives you interactive control from a lec- turn, for instance, away from the keyboard. Finally, Performer also includes a powerful set of animation utilities that let you cut an animation into individual frames, reorder the frames or alter them with a paint program, then splice them back together again. It also enables you to join individual frames of virtually any format, size, resolution, or color map into a single animation. With this facility and DeluxePaint III (Electronic Arts), I was able to achieve something even Ted Turner couldn’t. . .the colorization of Citizen Kane I divided a RIFF animation captured with Live! (A-Squared) of Kane’s election convention into its individual frames, colored the frames in DeluxePaint III, and spliced them back into a coherent animation. Big Bang For $ 59, Elan Performer packs as much value into a 3' 2-inch disk as you are likely to find. The program is not copy protected, the manual is very good, and the package even includes a tablet of keyboard-outline sheets, which make it easy to keep track of key assignments as you work. Performer is worthwhile even if all you want to do is show' off your large collection of downloaded artwork and animations. For those who want to combine graphics from a variety of sources into a business presentation without disk and program switching, Performer is just about the only game in town. (Elan Design plans to release a PAL version, too.) It’s flexible, smooth, glitch and guru free, and it provides most of the controls you will need with one major exception: transitions. Performer throw's your images onto the screen as a slide projector does kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk. For business and professional applications, Performer needs to implement such transitions as wipes, fades, and dissolves. In my opinion, such an ability would move Elan Performer from semi- pro to full-professional status. Elan Performer Elan Design Box 31725 San Francisco, CA 94131 415 359-7212 $ 59 No special requirements. GEN ONE Halfway to super. By Joel Tessler ALTHOUGH S-VHS (Super Video Home System) was a subject of considerable controversy in the video community a few years ago, it is recognized as a viable alternative to expensive high-end systems today. The Amiga video community is no exception: Many of us are looking for hardware to encode and genlock Amiga graphics with S-VHS machines. Communication Specialties offers the genlocking encoder GEN ONE in answ'er to the call. Packaged in a heavy metal case with a black matte front panel, GEN ONE looks like an impressive brute. Toggle switches on the front panel allow for adjustments of sync source and mode between computer or video, and the keying switch lets you choose normal or reverse video. Trim potentiometers enable adjustment of input RGB levels from the Amiga, composite video, and Y C output levels, and of horizontal, vertical, and subcarrier system timing. The back of the unit has two output BNC connectors configured for video, and one each for key, Y, and C. There’s also a DB9-RGB monitor loop-through. The input section has a 24-pin computer port, and a composite BNC video input with a loop-through termination toggle. Give ’Em the Hook Carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions, I interfaced the GEN ONE to an A2500. My efforts were greeted by a black screen and some occasional computer party trash. I removed all the cables and tried five more times, with the same results. Then I tried hooking up another genlock, SuperGen by Digital Creations, to verify that the RGB port wTas working. It wras. When I hooked the GEN ONE up to an A2000HD, the unit once again failed to ouput a signal. Upon further investigation and some chip swaps, it became obvious that the reason GEN ONE wrould not operate with the A2500 and A2000HD is that it is incompatible with the new Fat Agnus chip. Finally, 1 tried using the unit with an A500. I checked all switch postions on the front panel and hooked up the cables to the appropriate video and computer ports. The A500 refused to boot; the only response was a flashing drive light. The manual states clearly that GEN ONE will function in the internal sync ?- Strip Poker 1 li r4..... Super t ars Super Huey Superstar |n* II tH key SUSprll Suspriidrd Sword of Sudan ...... l airs Arabian HnighLs I iuig]i--* ood i»n»v ..... lass |lines fern. Mut. Ninja lurties Trie Epic lele iianirs ...... Tele War It Temple of Apshdi Trilogy Tenth Frame Hera Queslfon Terrorpods .. . Test Drive 1 II ra...... Tetris I hat lliiving Thexder I hrre Stonges I hud Ridge ...... I hundrrbladr...... Time llniiili! . . Torch 2(181 . I olal Ft lipse .. Transputer. Trinity . Turbo . TA Sports FiKilball ... Twilight Zone twin Kangri I luma 111 l I odi-rx-a ( ultliNWIltlo 1 nimiled I niversa! Military Vatnptre's Empire Vetle idfii Vegas kiP Viper Patrol War In Middle Farth . Warlock Wayne Gretzky Hockey Willow Winter F.dition lianies Wi ard Wars World ( lass leader Hrd World Games .. K35 ...... Zak Mehraeken..... Zero Gravity ...... Zorklnlogy ...... Zy h a [es .
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S. D.I . Sargun til Scary Mutant Sp. .Aliens ... .Shadowgale ...... .Shanghai . .Sherlock: Crown Jewels . „. Shinobi ...... Shogun ... Silent Service ..... ¦Silicon Dreams .... Sim City .. Sinbad , . .Skate Wars Skyblasier Skye base . Skyfox II: Cygnus Cunf. . , . Slapshot! . Slav Ron ... ..... Snake Pit . Soccer . Solitair ... Sorcerer. ... Space Battle .. Space Cutter .... Spare Harrier .... Space Quest l ll III ea. . ..
- Space Ranger .... Space School Simulator ... Space Shuttle 11 ... Space Station Oblivion---- Speedball .. Spellbreaker .... Sporting News Baseball ,.. Star Wars ...... Surrrov ... Surglidcr II ...... Staiionfall ------... Stellar Conflict ... Stir ( nuy .. Street Cat __ Street .Spurts Baseball Basketball ea. 31 21
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27. 77 The lideo Tape all about your Amiga! CL1 • Workbench • Peripherals • Virases • Anri much more! Special introductory’ price .$ 29.9:1 (VHS only) GRAPHICS & PAINT Aegis Images . ... 20.0(1 Amiga Graphics Sian Kll . 72 00 Analytic Art .. ..... II ti7 Award Maker F.iluc. Spurts ea . 20 87 Award Maker Plus, .. .... 31.72 H Paint .... ... 27 77 1 Lighl ..... ... 19 65 ( aligari Jr. ......
138. 31 Deluxe Paint III .... ... ftft 181 Desktop Artist.....
20. 82 Dig! Paint 3.0 69 IT Dig! Mew Gold ... 138.87 Express |‘ain( 3,0 97 27 Fine Print ...
34. 72 Graphics Studio.. 4 1 .ti7 Mv Paint 3172 Pagfkrndrr 31) .
111. 17 Phntnn Paint II _ 9s.(MI Primate Is.b2 Turbo Silver 3 0 12H.U0 I lira Design . . 277.97 MUSIC Adrom... 55 57 Advanced Strings 31 72 AlidmMastrr II
1. 2(H) 1 Zar 13s.il Deluxe Music.. .
69. 17 Dr. 1VAIJ ... ..... (ALL 1-800-525-7DAY in California (818) 889-3633 FAX (818) 889-5175 night and oth. R special shipping is available. .Ask for details. No surcharge lor visa or Masters ard orders, Educational and cor portI* p ir> has* ..filers v*p|c..rtr Overnight and 2nd day ivailable. ( O II orders no for rash, cashier's rhrck or money order only . I O ll. Add 12 50 prr product. California residents add 6.5 sales las » siurm ? Upon receipt and approval, persona] and company checks may dear within 3 business days, ? Orders received prior In 2:00 p.m. PM will la- shipped same day barring lumputer failure or other . Auvstrophe a All orders are ihsured at ¦¦¦> charge ? International shipping Nil PrtlHLF.M! A F.vrhzUtgrs and returns NO PRO HI.E M! 'sltll'l'l A ft .V Ti|ftrif r; All orders drlii.-red to addresses within the continental United .Stales with a purrhav value of S HHI t'.S. (or more) are shipped FRFF. Via out choice ..( .-*mrr. Ovrr '¦ EXPRE * r m I uit fTs nm vr n | SIZZLING SEVEN Champ Basketball Football ea .11.24 Earl Weaver Baseball ..... 34.72 Gold Medal Volleyball
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34. 72 Animator: Apprentice . , . 1H2.00 Animator: Jr
- --- 54.91 Broadcast Titler ... 193.00 ComlcSetter . .... 69.47 Deluxe Video 1.2---- .... 90.32 Director, The ..... 48.62 Call on Sunday Ask About SUNDAY SPECIALS Easy Titler .. ..... 34.72 Fantavlsion . ..... 41.67 Forms in Flight 11 ... ..... 83.37 Movie Setter ..... 69.47 Page Flipper Plus F X 103-00 Photon Cel .Animator ..... 98.00 Pro Video Plus (Gold) ... 193.00 Sculpt-,Animate 11)
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19. 3.00 Analyze 2.0...... 69.47 Desktop Budget...... 48.62 Excellence .
189. 00 File II . ..... .... 69.47 Financial Plus ... 193.00 Hairalc...... ..... . ... 41.67 nveator'x Advantage. , .... 69.47 Ux check .... .... 20.82 hogixtlx ..... ... 103.56 Maxiplan 500 ... 103.56 Maxiplan Plus ... 138.31 Mlrrofirhe Filer Plus ... 124.41 Money Mentor ..... .... 59.00 Nimbus ...... .. . 103.56 Organize .. . 55.57 Paymaster Plus , , ... 104.22 I'hasar 3.0 .. .... 62,52 Hollaiia.se Plus .... 62 52 Softwood File .... 78.00 Softwood ledger .... 69.47 Superplan ... 98.00 Take Stock ,.
34. 73 Tax Break ...
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104. 22 Works Platinum. Thr
205. 69 Write N Filr 69,47 I CAD & MODELING Aegis Draw . . ... 50.00 Aegis Draw 2060..... . .. 169.00 Design 3D .... 69.47 HomeBuilders CAD .. ... 138.31 IntroCAD . .... 51.00 Uigir Works .... 69.47 logic Works 2.0 189,00 Modeler 3D __ .... 69,47 Itofevifortal Draw 138,97 Sculpt 3D .... .... 69 47 Sculpt 3DXI .
125. 07 I 'lira CAD .. . ,173.72 DATABASES I Data Retrieve .... 55.57 DBMan ..... ... 138,97 Superbase Personal II. .... 98.00 Superbase Prof. 2.0 .. ... 243.22 Swan Relation. Database . . 4 1.67 EDUCATIONAL | AB Zoo
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18. 62 Geometric library . I3.2I Ghostly Grammar .
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B. A.D 34.72 Baal 2.3.00 Bad Dudes 31.24 Balanre of Power II 31.72 Ballyhoo ...... 27.77 Barbarian ..... 27-77 Bards Taie. ..... 38.00 Bards Taie II ..... 43.00 Batman .. 31.24 Battle Chess .... 34.72 BattleDroidx ...... 24.29 Battlrterh ...... 3172 Berrerk 3 ___ 24 29 Better Dead Than Alien . 22 00 Beyond Zork 31-72 Blark Jack Arademy,. .. .. 27.77 Black Shadow 21.29 Blitzkrieg at .Ardennes 41.67 BMX Challenge ... 17,34 Bomb Busters .... .. 20.82 Borrowed Time ... 31.24 Bowling ..... 13.84 Bratacas .. 31.72 Breach ..... 27.77 Bridge 5.0 21.29 Bubble Hobble ... 27.77 B ure ar racy ...... 1(1.35 California Challenge 13.84 California Games . 27.77 Capone ... 27.77 Captain Blood .... 34.72 Carrier Command . 31.24 Casino Fever .... 27.77 Champ Baseball Golf ea. ., 27.77 (hamp Basketball Football ea ...... 31.24 ( haron 5 27.77 ( hessmaster 2000 . 34.72 (hrono Quest ..... 31.72 City Defense ..... 13.84 Combat Course ... 27.77 Contra ... 27.77 Cosmic Bouncer .. 20.82 Craps Academy ... 27.77 Arch. Design Disk Sculpt Vsrapf .. 21.29 Art Comp. I II III ea 20.82 Art Gailrry ea..... ......20,82 .Art Ipak * ...... 17.31 Asha's CalUgnFonts 62.32 Broadway Font ... 31.75 Business Set ..... 55.60 CAD Parts for IntroCAD Draw 18.65 Classic Script Font 31,75 Clip Art *1-8 ea ... 13.81 ComicSetter-Funny Scifi Herns ra . 21.2ft Designer DatabasesDus. Home ea . 18.62 Font Set I 21.29 Fonts & Borders .. 21.29 Future Design Disk Sculpt Vscapeea 21.29 Helvetica Font .... 31.75 Homebuilders ea. ...... 56.30 Homan Design Disk Sculpt Vsca.pe ea. ... 21.29 Interchange Objects'I 11.00 Kara Fonts-Headlines .,.. . 51.00 Kara Fonts Headlines 2 Subheads ea ..... 18.62 Laser I'p! FonLs Vol. I 38.23 Lion’s CalligraFonts .....11.87 Microbot Design Disk Sculpt Vscape ea 21.29 .VTF FonIs Comic 'Fanry Roman Sans ea .. 55.57
P. S. DoL Matrix Font Disk 1-5 ea,. ..... 27.77
P. S, Postscript Font Disk A-C ea . 27.77 Park Avenue Font 31.75 Pro Fonts Vol. I II m 21.29 Simple Script Font ..... 31.75 Studio Fonts . 30.00 Times Roman Font ..... . 31,75 Turbo Silver Terrain ...... 19.88 Unity Roman Font 31.72 Zuma Fonts Vol. 1-1 ea. ... 24.29 FONTS & CLIP ART GAMES Social Studies .... 13.8? Space Math ...... 31.72 Spellbound . 27.77 Talking Animator . 39.00 Talking Coloring Book ... 19.00 Thrre Littir Pig* ...20.82 Trigonometry ..... 36.88 I'gly Duckling .... 20.82 Word Master ...... .31.72 World Atlas ...... 11.67 4 in One .. 20.82 llh and Inches .... 31.24 A-Max . 139.HI Aaargh! . 21.29 Adventures or Sinbad .. . . 32.00 Afterburner . 31.72 Crash Garrett .. . 27.77 Karate Kid 11 .... . 27.77 Crazy Cam ..... .. 27.77 Karting Gntndprix ......
17. 34 Creature .... .. 27.77 Kikugj . 18 00 Crimson Crown, The .. 13.84 Kill nr be Killed .....
27. 77 Crossword Creator
34. 72 King of Chirago 34 72 Cutthroatx .. 10.34 King's Quest 1 11 III ea 34 72 Cyber Complex
24. 29 Lancelot . 28 00 Dark Castle..... land of Legends .
34. 72 Dead of Winter, The
27. 77 iarrie and thr Ardics .... 13 84 Death Sword......
27. 77 Leather God esses Phobos
10. 34 Dealhbringrr ...
27. 77 LeatherNeck .... . 27.77 Deep Space.....
20. 82 Leisure Suit larry ra..... . 27.77 Defcon 5 ...... .. 27.77 leviathan .... ......
6. 84 Defender of the Crown . . . 34.72 Lord of the Rising Sun
34. 72 Deja Yu t ll ea ..
31. 72 Lottery Magic ...
17. 34 Descartes ...... .. 24.29 Izise Quest ......
11. 67 ilrslroyer ..... . 27.77 Lurking Horror
27. 77 Devon Aire Hid. Iham. 34,72 Mad Ubs ......
13. 84 Dominos ......
17. 34 Magic Johnson's Bsktbail
31. 72 Double Dribblr . .. 27.77 Maniax
17. 31 Downhill (hullrngr..... .. 24.29 Marble Madness .
34. 72 Dr. Morbid .... .. 27.77 Master Ninja .... . 31.00 Dragon's lair .. .. 11.67 Mean 18 . . 31.24 Dream Zone .... .. 32.00 Mega Pinball
27. 77 Dungeon Master .. 27.77 Metal Gear ..... . 27.77 Earl Weaver Baseball . . . 34.72 Mike the Magic Dragon
17. 34 FbonStar .,, ... . . 27.77 Military Simulator
34. 72 Frhrlnn ..... .. 31.24 Mind Walker 34,72 Flite .. 31,24 Mindroll ......
20. 82 Emerald Mine ..... .. 13.87 Mind Shadow .. 31,24 Fimpire .....
34. 72 Mnrhtus .
41. 67 Enchanter Trilogy ......
20. 82 Murder on the Atlantic
24. 29 F'-IS Strike Force ......
27. 77 Ncurnmancer ....
34. 72 F A-18 Interceptor .....
34. 72 New York Subway a>ei wa .1.4 1 F'nery Taie Adventure . . 34.72 Ninja Mission ...
13. 87 Falcon F 16 ...
34. 72 Obsession .
20. 82 Federation ..... . 34.72 OfTshurr Warrior .
27. 77 Ferrari Formula One. .. 34.72 Ogre . . 20.82 Feud
13. 87 Onr op line ...... 13,87 Final Assault . 27 77 Oo-Topos
13. 87 Final Mission . .. 21.29 Operation ( Jean St..... 27 77 Fire and F'orget ...... .. 27.77 Out Run .. 34 72 Firr Blaster ... 6.92
P. O U ...
27. 77 Fire Power .. 17.34 Paladin
27. 77 Firr Zone .. 23.00 Parachutes at Kanes...... 27 77 Fish ...... .. 31.24 Phaniasie .
27. 77 Flight Path 737 . .. 17,34 Phantasm .
24. 29 Flight Simulator 11 .. 31.72 Pinball Wizard .... 21 29 Flight Sim,-.Scenery Pioneer Plage .... 2 - i Disks ea ...... ,, 17.34 Planet Tall .
10. 39 Fortress L'ndrrgniuinl .. 13 87 Platoon ..
31. 21 Foundation's Waste . 21.29 Police Quest 1
31. 72 Freeway Massacre...... , . 27.77 Populous .
31. 72 Fright Night ... . 27.77 Ports of Cull .....
20. 82 Galactic Conquercr..... . 31.21 Power At Sea .....
31. 24 Galactic Invasion . 17.34 Powerdrume .....
27. 77 Galaxy Fight .... ,. 17.34 Pub (i&inrs
24. 2!) G any n veils ...... . 20.82 Qbaii
20. 82 Gauntlet . . 31.72 Qix ..
27. 77 GBA Basketball 2 on 2 . 31.24 Qurstron II ......
34. 72 Gee Bee Air Rally..... . 27.77 Rafter ...
31. 24 GF'L Champ Football . 13,87 Rastaii ...
27. 77 Global ('oramandcr . , . 27,77 Realm of the Warlock..... 24 2ft Gnome Ranger ... . 13.87 Renegade . 2,5 (HI GO for the Amiga
27. 77 Return to Atlantis .
32. 00 Gold Medal Volleyball . 27.77 Road Raider ..... 34 72 Gold of thr Realm
27. 77 Koadwar 2000 27 77 H y -II s ’ 77 ’ It's so easy to order, T-Dag Soflirare isopen 7-days* a week for your shopping convenience! Call us for our Suntfai Speciala. At K rollt ); Over 1.000 products offered. If you don’t see it listrd, please ask! ( all around, then call its! We’ll meet or beat AM advrrlisrd price for Amiga solTwarr in ibis magazine, ? Visa and MasterCard acrrptrd. No surcharge. Your credit card is not charged until wr ship yuur order. If we must ship a partial order, we'll pit) the shipping costs to complete thr order. Gold Kush 27.77 Golden Pyramid, The 13,87 Goldrunnrr I ll ea . 27.77 Grand Slam Tennis 34.72 Grid Stan 17.34 Gridiron .. 11.67 Guild of Thieves, 1 he 31.24 Gunship . 36.97 Hacker II . 27.77 llalley Project ... 31.72 Harrier Combat Sim 34.72 Heavy Metal Und Com. .. . 31.24 Heroes of the lance 27.77 Hitchhiker's Guide 20.82 Hole in One Mini Golf .... 24.29 Hollywood Hijinx . 27.77 Holmes 34-72 Hostage 31.21 Hunt for Red October 31.72 Hybris ..... . 27.77 Ice Hockey 31.72 Ikari Warrior .... 31.21 Indiana Jones Temp. Dm... 27.77 Indoor -Sports .... 34.72 Infidel 6.92 International Sorrer .... 25.00 Into the Fagir Nest ... 27.77 .lark Nirklaus' Golf 34.72 Jet . 34.72 Jinxler 27.77 Joe Blade 24.29 Joker Pokrr ...... 24.72 Journey to ( enter Farth .. 27.77 Kampfgruppe .... 11.67 A 7-Day Exclusive: "Getting Started with Your Amiga" At Bash 134.53 At I ori ran 205.03 Amiga ( 103.56 Akew 34.72 Assembler Language 69.47 Assempro .. 69.4“ AztecX t»8K AM 3 6 138.97 Aztec ( ( ross lies 552.53 Aztec I Developer 8ys 207.81 Artec I Professional 128 (HI Basic .. 69 17 Basic Professional Pak 138 97 I Uuguagt 69 17 (ttmbrtdge lisp 138.97 I ompilrr t ode. I he 35.57 ( US A.sseirdt i I. Pak 55.57 Developer's loulkll 34.72 hxpert System Kll 18.62 I oft ran 77 . . 69.47 Fortran Pro Pak 138 97 GF A Basie. . 90.00 HlSofl Basic . III 17
• I Forth 69 47 lattice = 340.00 Lattice ( 5 !i 208 17 lattice ( ( nrtijnlrr .11(100 Irbmry Simres- 2(48-47 Lisp 138 97 Marm Assembler 69,47 MenuMaker 1172 Vletasi ope Dt bugger 6100 Modula 2 tornpiier 208.47 Modula 2 Devel 103 56 Multi Forth .... 61 8b P t ode Asscm Hpti ea 4 I 67 t1as2Mod 69 47 Pas. Ai .. 138 97 Program I allrr ... llh" Prog Analysts Toolkit 11 07 Runtime Package . Rtft 47
8. .rr I tility ...... 11 n7 SoUfri li-vel Debugger 52 I I Symbolic Debugger .. 1167 1 shell .12 00
27. 77 Dynamo iJruuii
55. 57 13 87 Dynamic Studio
138. 97 in ,'lft Encore.....
45. 00 31 72 Extensor ....
24. 29 III 3ft Hoi A Cool JAO
20. 28 10 39 It's (Inly Ro k «l Roll 20 82 34 27 MIDI Magic
104. 22 31 72 MIDI Au 27 “7 27 77 Mu.su Student 11 41 67 27 77 Music Studio 2 If 55 57 27 71 Alu-ic A 208,47 27 77 Pro hound Designer
III. 17 2b.IH) Som v
55. 57 21 2ft Souxidiab Amiga
202. 00 27 77 SoujidQuest-AJl ea.
11) 1.25 13 87 SoundScape Pro MIDI 27 77 Studio
104. 25 27 77 SoundScape I Lillies 1 .. 34 00
27. 77 SoundScape 1 Lillies II . 12.00 1124 SoundTrax Vol. 1 II ea. (3 84 21 2ft Studio Magic . . Fift.47
10. 3ft Synthu ,.
63. 00 24-29 Texture ..... . 138.97 PAGESETTING (My Desk 1.2
104. 22 F In* 6ft 47 I'ageSellef
104. 22 PageSirealll 138,97 Prnlessiiynai Page
233. 00 Publisher's t'hnii r 12ft 00 Publishing Partner Pro 138 97 Shakespeare 156 38 PRESENTATION GRAPHICS AMMagK
69. 17 Drluvc Phnlo lab
101. 22 lleluvc Prortji-lions 139 84 Dt tim ms! Rat or. Du-
22. 00 Lights! Lanera' Actiun
55. 57 TX’Show
63. 00 Video Effects 3D ......
138. 97 PROGRAMMING A Talk 3.0 ...... . 63.00 .Amigttem ..... . 20.82 Alredes Profcssiunai.....
104. 22 BBS-K .
104. 22 Dr. Term Profcsalonai ...
69. 47 Op line 2.0 .... . 48.62 UTILITIES Ads Editor, File Syx ea. .. . 55.57 AmigaDOS Express......
20. 82 AmigaDOS Toolbox......
41. 67 AnUAirws ......
27. 77 Benrhmark IFF library ..
69. 47 Butcher 2.0 .....
24. 00
r. A.P.K, 6HK Assent. 2.0 .
62. 52 CU Mate
27. 77 Cunlnni Screens
48. 62 Cygnus Ed Pro ...
69. 47 Dev Pak Amiga 2.0.....
69. 47 Call for our FREE Hardware Software CATALOG 1 ¦ Disk Mechanic .. . 58.00 Disk Recovery Toolkit. ... . 27.i7 DlsKwirk
34. 72 DOV2DOS .....
38. 23 Enhancer 1.2 ....
10. 39 Express Copy ...
31. 24 Extend ..
25. 00 E7, Backup .....
34. 72
F. l-F. Module ... . 13.87 FACT Floppy Accel...... . 24.29 (itimm 2.0 ....
48. 62 Gomf 3.0 ..... . 27.77
l. rabWl . . 20.82 Inosa Tools 1 2 ea..... . 55.57 Interchange 34,72 Jet-Set User Utility 13... . 27,80 Key till..-, .... . 24.29 User Ip! Pint 1.2 30,58 User I'p! Print 1.2 . 68.81 User Ip! ILL Vol. 1 ....
30. 58 lauersrripl .... . 31.24 lint .. . 68.11 Magellan ......
135. 49 Marauder II ..... . 27.77 Mirror Disk Copier .....
34. 72 Nag 1*1 as 3.0 .. ,
55. 57 i'uwrrwindows 2,5
62. 52 Print Master Plus .
31. 00 Projecl 1)
31. 72 Quarterback . .
44. 00 Rziw Copy
41. 67 nuprrbark
55. 57 Ijlra DOS t tlitics 1 ...
38. 00 Ung! ...
55. 57 Zing' Krvs .....
34. 72 WORD PROCESSING 1 Bcrkertext
104. 22 t aibgraphcr 1,05.....
90. 32 Critic's ( hoicr (3 in 1). ..
173. 72 Dynamic Word ...
104. 22 Gold Spell H ....
31. 24 Kindwnrds 2,0 ....
69. 47 Pen Pal ......
104. 22 PrnScripi ..
34. 72 Pro Write 2.0
77. 00 Scribble! Platinum
101. 22 Ten Pro
55. 57 Teilrraft Plus
34. 72 TexlEd Plus .....
55. 57 Iraasrript ......
48. 62 Word Perferl 4.1 . .
243. 25 AS rile n File ....
69. 47 Zing! Spell .....
55. 37 True Baslr ----- Trurstat ...... USD Pascal . L’CSD Pascal Prof. Pak Ultra DOS .... Wshell Xenoftlf ...... T-Dau .Safltrarr tries to carry quality products. .Vo warranties or representations as to (he quality or usability of the products are made, ll is the responsibility of the Manufacturer to provide support for its products, ~ tray Saftuort mil gladly replace damaged merchandise at no ¦¦hargr. Fall for details. ’NOTE: Due to the strike by Pacific Bell Telephone, some California customers may have cxperiencrd problems with our 800 service. 1 he problem has been solved and you may now use the 800 number without diffit u!l>. AMIGA Programmers Wanted! The AmigaWorld Tool Chest has created a fantastic opportunity to publish new, uncircu- [ lated Amiga programs. If you’ve written something special for the Amiga, and would like to earn some extra money, please i contact us for our Tool Chest Author Guidelines. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tool Chest Star! AmigaWorld Tool Chest Submissions Dept. AmigaWorld Magazine 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 AMIGA HARDWARE Lowest prices on all hardware Call for latest prices & availability RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Circle 154 on Header Service card mode only when configured for computer (not video), and until this point, I had the GEN ONE set up accordingly. Given the results I had achieved, however, I decided I had nothing to lose by switching to external sync. I did this, and plugged a camera signal into the video-in BNC connector. .After a cold hoot with external sync enabled, Workbench loaded successfully. With Workbench on the screen, I Hipped the overlay toggle. Lo and behold, the camera color bars appeared behind the Workbench text and icons. I then loaded DeluxePaint III, opened a hi-res screen, and brought up a picture file. It looked pretty fair except for a noticeable dot crawl and some noise. To check the GEN ONE’s output on a vectorscope and waveform monitor, 1 took it, along with the A500 and appropriate test gear, to a video dealer. 1 set the unit up so that NTSC color bars displayed on the A500 monitor and output was directed from the GEN ONE composite output connector. Although there was noise in the signal, the sync proved stable. An engineer at the dealer’s commented that the chroma levels were very low, but while adjusting the RGB potentiometers increased the chroma output slightly, that did not solve the problem. Again, to verify that all was well with the computer, I tested it with SuperGen. Which output within specification limits. Out But Not In Using the GEN ONE in an S-VHS editing environment presented another problem. GEN ONE does not have an S- VHS input! This forced me to take the composite video output from the source S-VHS editing deck, plug it into composite video-in of the GEN ONE, and then dump the GEN ONE S-VHS output to the S-VHS record deck. The result of this design is that you have use of only half your S-VHS editing system. I performed additional editing with GEN ONE in the composite-only mode and got comparatively normal results, with one exception. Flicking the overlay toggle switch while rolling source tape into the recording deck in Record mode produced a noticeable glitch. The only wav around this problem was to stop the editing process, switch to overlay, and then resume. No provisions are made, either in software or hardware, for fading .Amiga graphics in and out. Perhaps some of us could live with this setup if these limitations were reflected in the cost of the unit, but with a price tag of $ 895 plus the extra dollars required for S-VHS cables (which Communications Specialties sells for $ 45), GEN ONE is no bargain-basement unit. GEN ONE’s ability to allow adjustments in system timing for horizontal, vertical, and subcarrier is another plus, as these features are essential in a video studio. The unit also incorporates comb filtering, a state-of-the-art technique used in high-end video systems lo reduce cross-luminance defect. This feature is not offered on any other Amiga genlocks, and its proper implementation should result in a significantly sharper image with less noise. In the case of the GEN ONE, however, 1 failed to notice any benefit. Fade to Black To be certain these results were not attributable to a defective unit, I performed ail my tests on two different GEN ONEs, and, unfortunately, got the same perfomance from both. Compatability with the new Fat Agnus is an important consideration. Although the developer offers to modify your GEN ONE to support the chip (there is no charge for this service under warranty), this is not necessarily a solution to the problem. An associate of mine recently sent his unit to Communications Specialties for the operation; when he got the modified GEN ONE back and tested it, the unit failed. Perhaps the company should rethink the design of (JEN ONE. It has notable features, but notable flaws as well. If you plan to spend this kind of money for video, go down to your local dealer and try a GEN ONE for yourself. GEN ONE Cormnunications Specialties Inc. 89-A Cabot Court Hauppauge, NY 11788 516 273-0404 $ 895 No special requirements. ¦ ORDER TOLL FREE 800-443-8236 Info and Pricing: 409-560-2826 SYNTH IA
69. 00 CM 65 MEG A50QTA1000
579. 00 TARGIS 2400 CM 65 MEG A2000 799 00 TAX BREAK
* 800 CM 85 MEG A500A1000 966 00 TECNOCOP 29 00 CS-1 COPY STAND 58 00 TaEGAMES 2200 CVIEW 1 35 00 TaEWARS 2800 CVIEW 2 35 00 TERRORPOOS 28 00 DauXE MIDI NTFCE 63 00 TEST DRIVE 33 00 DGIDROID 62 00 TEXTPRO 53 00 DIGI VIEW 3 0
30. 00 FLASH CARD A2000 SCSI
240. 00 TXED PLUS
51. 00 PROJECT D 32 00 ULTIMA IV
35. 00 PROWRITE 2 0 71 00 UNIV. MLITARY SM.
30. 00 Q BALL 21 00
* 2 00 RAW COPY
24. 00 WARLOCK
21. 00 ROADWAR 2000
63. 00 X CAD
* 14.00 SCULPT 3D
419. 00 ZOETROPE 8*00
- ... v. n:w: m W W...M tms&m rnrnm Si¥SfS¥ j42000 HardCards 40 MEG 11ms $ 799 80 MEG 11ms $ 1199 100 MEG 11ms $ 1449
24. 00 28 00 28 00
21. 00 35 00
27. 00 14 00
28. 00 4900 Caa CALL for the Latest prices on the many New Products just arrived CAPONE
20. 00 FNE PRNT 30 00 LURKING HORROR 28 00 chess master 2000 31 00 FIRE POWER 1600 M 155 00 CHRONOOUEST 2*00 FIRST LETTERS & WORDS 35 00 MAGELLAN 117 00 CITY DESK
21. 00 FLOW 65,00 MATH TALK
60. 00 FORMS N aiGHT II
32. 00 GALLEO 20
* 4.00 MAXIPLAN 500
94. 00 DEFCON 5
42. 00 MAXIPLAN PLUS 12600 oauxE Hap DISKS 22 00 GIZMOS 2.0
* 4 00 MEAN 18
28. 00 DauXE MUSIC 2.0 69 00 GNOME RANGER
138. 00 GOMF 3.0
38. 00 DaUXE VIDEO 1.2
86. 00 GOMF 3.0 Wi BUTTON
28. 00 MOEBPUS
169. 00 8 UP W.'2 MEG 53500 8 UP W 4 MEG CALL 8 UP WI6 MEG CALL 8 UP W B MEG CALL ADAPTEC 4000
126. 00 ADAPTEC 4070
170. 00 AIR DRIVE EXT.
156. 00 APRODRAW 12 X 12 480 00 BUS EXPAN0ER
119. 00 CM 20 MEG A50QTA1000 63900 CM 20 MEG A2000
539. 00 C M 40 ME G A 50Q-A1000
799. 00 CM 40 MEG A2000
749. 00 HARDWARE GO 64 36.00 GO €4 NTERFACE CABLE 15 00 GVP 20 MEG HARDCARD 575 00 GVP 30 MEG HARDCARD 698 00 GVP 46 MEG HARDCARD 816 00 GVP AUTOBOOT EPROM KIT 29 00 GVP FD2010 aOPPY 135 00 GV P MPACT A500 CALL GVP A500 RAM MOOULE 66 00 GVP SCSkRAM A2000 OK 1M 294.00 GVP SCSkRAM A2000 OK 2M 324.00 GVP SCSkRAM A2000 2M 750 00 HARDFRAME 2000 257.00 HD 6A HARO DRIVE CASE 125 00 INBOARD OK A1000 216 00 INBOARD 512KA1000 386 00 INBOARD 1 MEG A1000 566 00 INBOARD 15 MEG A1000 726 00 INBOARD OK A500 239 00 INBOARD 1 MEG A500 546 00 INBOARD 2 MEG A500 853 00 KICKSTART aMNATOR 120.00 M501 512K A500 EXP.OK 65 00 MEGABOARD 2000 1 MEG 399 00 IIE CABO AH D 20X1 2 MEG 479.00 MIDI GCLDA500 58.00 MIDI HsfOEfi A2000 65 00 MIDI STAR 216 00 MODEM CABLE A1000 15.00 MODEM CABLE A50CVA2000 15 00 MOUSE MASTER 27.00 MOUSE PADS 9 00 NEC PINWRfTER 22DO 432.00 PERFECT SOUND 66.00 PERFECT VISION 189.00 PRO GEN GENLOCK 384.00 PRORAM 8 MEG W 2 MEG 535.00 SCSI CABLES 25.00 SEAGATE ST157N 48 MEG 439 00 SEAGATE ST225N 20 MEG 345.00 SEAGATE ST251N 40 MEG 440 00 SEAGATE STZ77N 66 MEG 510.00 SEAGATE ST 533N 30 MEG 394.00 S EAGATE ST296N 65 MEG 635.00 STARDRIVE SCSI CONT. 102 00 SI COLOR SPLITTER 74.00 STARBOARD II OK 260 00 STARBOARD II 512K 385 00 STARBOARD II 1 MEG 495 00 STARBOARD II 2 MEG 765 00 SUPER GEN GENLOCK 699 00 SUPRA 2400 MOOEM 129 00 BRICK A5Q0 POWER 102 00 TlMESAVER 55.00 TOOLBOX A1000 3 AMP 214 00 TOOLBOX A1000 144.00 TOOLBOX A500 1 AMP 152 00 TRUMPCARO CONT. 165.00 VI2000RF 78 00 VI500RF 78 00 WV-1410 W LENS.CABLE 238 00 X SPECS 30 94 00 Standard Air Available on Request Computer Mart 105 Lynn St. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 SHIPPING INFO: SoTWtfe ihh ttt JZ lO iera (Mul OQ) UP3 Ground cr 54 0C¥eon (Mix 14.00> UPS 2nd Day Air. CiU fix Hrdwc ih pr r.la. REFUND A RETURN POLICY: Dcfoct:»c tntrdi unda *««rr«Ty mill be rrpired a- repiiced Rcaxned product aul be to ongsiii padigng We do not oSa rtir.di far ddcajvc pnxhicu cr for producti Bui do not pafortn W cntke no juiTHita fix product ptrfonnmcc Henry bad junncca md be hnJled dxecOy »«Ji (fee ? Nululxer. All rdixrj mu! Hi*e to. RA * CL 1405 5A02R2A for m HA. Juet*ned produai ¦•ewbject n 1 20% rasoding fee. Prica lubject to change »kho X notice Deirnry luhjrd to umlafcslfy. I i Sponsored by AMIGA WORLD THE PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW Come See The California Goldrush! October 20-22,1989 Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara, CA Over 10,000 Attendees and 120 Amiga Companies Will Be There. STRIKE IT RICH AT AmiEXPO-CALIFORNIA! Admission includes the Exhibition, Seminars, Keynotes & Amiga Artists Theatre! 120 Amiga Exhibitors Featuring State of the Art Software and Hardware, at the lowest prices! Master Classes Available in Amiga Graphics, Video, Programming, Animation, Music and Publishing! Seating for Master Classes is limited; call for schedule and availability before registering. PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 6,1989 For Hotel Reservations Call the DoubleTree Hotel at (408) 986-0700. Hotel reservations deadline: September 20th. 1989. For discounted airfares, call American Airlines at (800) 433-1790 and give them this ID: S-83536. F a1 m ST 1 Register by Mail, or Bring This Coupon to the show or Call 800-32-AMIGA Nationwide (or 212-867-4663) For Your Ticket to The Amina Event! “I Registration is $ 5 Additional At The Door ZIP Yes, I want to come to AmiEXPO - California Friday Saturday _ Sunday One day - $ 15 Two days - $ 20 Three days - $ 25 For MasterCard or VISA Payment NAME _ COMPANY ADDRESS CITY STATE Master Class(es) - List Class and Time - $ 60 Each Expiration Date Account Number Name as it appears on card: Signature_ Make Cheek or Money Order Payable to: AmiEXPO 211 E. 43rd St., Suite 301 New York, NY 10017 Circle 72 on Reader Service card. Total Amount Enclosed L Bring Coupon to the door and get these Pre-Registration Prices! AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA Afti ga DOS T.ooitxj'> Abacus EH Software Bf'fXte bund SoftUJ3fE AssemPro UeckerTert DitaPfrmp TeJtPiO ABACUS BOOKS Amiga Base In & Out Amiga DOS In & Out Amiga For Beginners Amiga Machine Language Amiga Tricks 8 Tips Amiga Programmers Guide Amiga Drives In 8 Ol: Comp Osks a'l books Wor« Class F C * t Leaderboa-d Duai Pak W C LeasterboartJ mm Bubble Ghost Ca loinia Cha-lenge Fas: Break Fourth h Inches Fourth a Inches Team Graphics Studio Hardbai Mean '6 Mean 10 F c voi? Super Cars Disk Test Dove Test Drive ll Animator Arazok s Tomb Audio Master 2 images Impact Lights Camera Action Modeler 30 Pons ot Cai Son i Video Tiller GFA Bas c 3 0 64 0C Phasar V3 54 OC P r«f Plague 24 GO Zoetfcc* 64 00 MffiSeS Bridge 5 0 2l 00 Centeho*d Squares IS 00 Linkword Spanish French. Italian Russ.an German or Greek ea 18.00 Strip Poker-II 24 00 SP Data *4 8 -5 ea 16 00 Award Make* P us Award M,rier Soons Dream Zone Vceo Vegas Famavison Sky Chase Swcc Pacer Stars Wars CENTRAL COAST Disk 2 Disk Dos ? Dos Quarterback Dfl lender o' The Crowr Kmg o' Chicago Lords o' The Rrsmg Sun Rockei Bangrn SD I S*voad Speeds a1 Three Stooges Tv Sports pQCtSa DIGITEK Ho e in One Min Gel
H. ;e m One Data • 3 Ho lywood Poker DISCOVERY Arkanoid Grabbt Hybus Swore ol Sodan VIP Zoom' hi tCTBONIC ARTS Bards Tie U 3ards Tae II H rrs Cnessmas'e- 20CC Deu»e Musg Dekj«e Pam: III Deluxe PhcioLab Double Dragon Ear Weaver BaseDai Far Weaver Commissioner Disk Ernp-re F A-*6 I Were epic r Ferrari Formula Ore Mavis Beacon Zany Golf 4X-1 O" Road Battleship Ca i'ornia Games Death Swoid Destroyer F ra Assaut Impossible V ssen II L A Crackdown Space Station Cbivicr Street Cat Stree' Spods Basketba: Sub Barrie Sotiu.vo* Techno Cop The Games Winter Tower Toppier ComicSetler ComicArt Science F ComicArt Superheroes ComicArt Funny Fiqs Desktop Budge! Font Set I Gold Sped || E aserSonpl Mov itSenet Pageserer Pro'essrona Draw Transcnp* Footman inFocom Baitietecn Journey Shogun ZorV Zero De-vpac v? Fright Night HrSOft B.itot Pro Va.cr Melon Sap Stream Tme Bano 11 Black Jack Academy Craps Academy Faeryta e Adventure Faeryia'e Hm's FrePower Photon Pant v? Romlntic Encounters Action Ftgmer a ten Syndrome Ba ance o' Power 1990 Captain Blood Deja Vu Harrier Combat Sim Hostage Indoor Sports Indy jones Out Run Road Raider ShadowgaTe Space Hamer Superstar Ice Hockey Thunder B ade Ururvned yo ?fGf z svsrens A C. Auioduc Woebus Ullima-il! Ultima-IV Superoase Personal I Suoeroase Personal il Superp an CLI Mate Dl>* master ¦ 0B Term P in'ro CAD P!« Mate Si!.: BaliSty x Barbarian Blood Money Captain Fizz Menace Obliterate* 'errorpods READYSOFT Dragons La;r t-l Emua:or-ll 50Qi 64 Emu!ator-ll(T00Qi Scary Mutant A yens Fa con Sotiiare Rovafe Tetns iriTATCGIC LiMui AtlONl 'Ut Heroes of The Lance Heroes ot the Lance Hints Phantasm-Ill Ouestron-ll ©O LOGIC
F. gf Sun -N Jet Scenery Dsk ¦» 7 Scenery Disk 9 Scenery DiSk * 11 Scenery Disk W Europe Scenery Disk Japan Bubb e Bobbie Operator Wo' Renegade Crazy Cars Fre 6 Forget Galactic Conqueror O"-Shore Warhor LT-wijv aarjJUj rCor*cn*Tr An Gallery t. 2. OR 3 Forts 8 Borders Prin[master Plus MISCELLANEOUS mm An.*.:* Orfve Akgn APE XX AurT A ctic Adver Bac Boima'’ Batt le Chess Bette* Oead *har A on Bulchet Carnet Corn m arc Casmo Fever Cygnus Ed Pro Dark Cilslle 0e;a Vu II Design asauras OrgiPam Digrview Gold Distnnl Armes Dungeon Master Dungeon Master Hints Elite Elite Hrts EviJ Garden FACC I Prre Pnrt Gfl Chamtrrof’shp F 5 Go d o' the Pea m Gold Rush Gridiron GurshO Hawks Kind Words v? Mari hunter Farje Stream Poker Soktanc Prime *ime Pro *ri’e 2 0 Sculpt 40 Jr Shanghai Silent Service Turbo Silver Twiligrr Zone Typing Tutor War in Middle Each Wahoc Wayne Gret ky Hockey WordpWec WordtKdeC? Library WshfH ACCESSORIES AMERICAN COVERS Amiga 5Q0 Dust Cover Amiga 1000 Dust Cover Amiga 2000 2500 Dust C 1010 Drive Dust Cover 1020 Drive Dust Cover CREATIVE MICROSYSTEMS Midil Interlace Processor Accelerator V't 50C Interlace v-t S0CRF Interlace DATASHARE Modem Cable (*000l Modem Cable (500 20001 Printer Cable ft000) Printer CaWe iSOO 20001 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Mouse Master SUPRA 2400 Sub’a Modem T S R HUTCHINSON Flcker Mas-'er COMPUTE’ BOOKS 1st Book ot the Amiga 2nd Book ol the Amiga Advanced Amiga Basic Amiga Applications Amiga Programmers Guide Beginners Gu.de Amiga Elementary Am-ga Sas*c Inside Amiga Graphics Kids & the Amiga ML Programming Gu*de Using Amiga DOS SYBEX BOOKS Amiga HarxftOOk voH Amiga Handbook vol2 Amiga Programmer S G AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: We accept money orders, certified checks, VISA MC aod Discover Mail your Order to: Software Support. Int. Previous Software Support customers may use C O D ar 3 persona checks Orders shipped to U S A J4B stales). 2700 NE Andresen Road I Vancouver. WA 98661
F. P.O., A.P.O.. or possessions, please add 53.50 per order for S A H. U.S shipping is by UPS ground in most cases FAST 2nd 0AY AIR a alab e ado.S' 00 w pound addnonal lU S 46 states only) Alaska cr Hawa i (al Or call our toll-free order line at 1-800-356-1179. 6am-5pm Monday-Friday Pacific time Technical support available. Call
(206) 695-9648. 9am-5pm - Pacific time Monday-Friday. Orders Outside USA call (206) 695-1393. Orders shipped 2nd day air), please add $ 7 50 per order for S & H. COD available lo U S customers only (50 statesi add 52 75 along w.tn your S 5 h charges per order Canadian customers may calculate the S 5 h charges KiiinMsW by rcjjing $ 4 00 (mmnijn chargei tor te ’¦ rst Two peces j* Son WARE and S’ 00 to- each additKT-a piece per shipment. Al monies must be submitted in U S turds Canadians musl can or write lex hardware shipping charges Foteiqn custome's nvjsi ca c wtoe tor shipping charges Defective tens are leplaced al no charge n ttUjiMineMiflM sent postpaid A ir stock, orders are processed wr.hn 24 mours U S SOFTWARE crders over 5'K) wi ’be shipped Mlim 2rc Day Air at our regular S3 50 S & H charge |4B states orfy) Washington residents please add 7 6to addiMna to- Satos Tai AT pnees subject to change At: sales are fnal unless authorized by manage men1 INTERNATIONAL Circle 226 cn Reader Service card DEALERS WE HAVE THE SUPPORT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! Creative Computers ORDERS iy fl»"£ V ft¥ir ORORdIrSTATtfV VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Distover, International Phone and Mail Orders, Iducational, Corporate and Aerospace Purchase Orders Accepted. 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. PST FAX: 213-214-0932 104 95 SOUNDlAB 259 95 129 95 SOUNDQUEST EDITORS AND 54 95 LIBRARIANS IC4inc»t« rt 99 55 **5 j.a-IJbUyl ..... CALL 9 95 SOUNDSCAPE PAIIfSN SPH 35 95 3195 SOUNDSCAPE Uhl I 35 95 29 95 SOUNDSCAPE UTIL H »2 55 39 CO S'UOIO MAGIC 64 55 46 95 SiNtHIA 59 55 16 95 20UND SOUNDS VOL 1 . 2195 £95 EDUCATIONAL 62 32 A B ZOO 25 99 AOVFNTURES Of SINBAD ..32 46 AESOPS FABLES -9 55 ALGEBRA I 36 95 ALGEBRA II 32 46 ALL A80UT AMERICA . .38 91 ANIMAi KINGDOM 37 46 3ASIC GRAMMfR SIRIES 19 46 BC'CMfRAiD . . .... 32 45 CALCULUS .. 36 95 CAPITALIZATION SERIES ’-9 45 CHICKFN LlTTl E ....19 55 CROSSWORD CREATOR .. .34 95 DECIMAL DUNGEON __ 22 46 DESCARTES .. 22 95 DESIGNASAURUS...... 32 45
• OIXBSAUX Diuavinr It 2 J 95
• OHOSAUtt *8! R&MYH 75 95
• GltCOViX Alf»A|£T 14 95 ¦ DiicavixcKcmsixf 1495
• OltCOUX MATH 14 95 DISCOVER NUMBERS . .14 95 DISCOVERT DA! Fi DISKS (EA) ___12 97 DISCOVERT W MAIH .. ..25 00 DISCOVERT W SPELLING.... 25 00 DISCOVERT W7TRIVIA __ 25 00 DISCRETE MA1HEMATICS 38 95 EXPLORER THE ... 36 95 FIRST LETTERS A WORDS .33 00 FIRST SHAPES 33 00 FFAC1ION ACTION .22 46 GALILEO 2 0 .. 45 46 GEOMETRIC LIBRARY .. 11 95 GRADE MANAGER 13 95 GFEAT STATES II 25 95 INTRLITYPE 35 95 The “We Want Everyone’s Business" Blow-Out SALE!!! Music-X 5149.95 Dtluxe Point II ifM. ‘99.95) .. 49.95 Using Deluxe Paint II (boot! 19.95 Deluxe Video II 49.95 Deluxe Paint II & Deluxe Video II tombo 79.95 Acquiiition Dot a bo h req. S39Si Dork Cattle lurking Horror Softwood File II PorH of Coll .. NTF Fonts Roman, Sans Serif or Comix) ......24.95 AMIGA lextcraft Plus 29.95 Grophits Studio 19.95 Forms In Flight II i3D animation, very powerful, incredible value reg. M791 49.95 Girmos 2.0 9.95 Activision Championship Foot bo II ... 9.95 GO-64(C-64emul.l ... 9.95 MaxiPSan Plus 89.95 Money Mentor .. 19.95 fvil Garden .... 14.95 Joe Blade ..... 14.95 Mind Walker ... 9.95 Cubemoster by ASDG, Slaygon, Deep Space, Arena, War cone, Space station or Fire Blaster ea.) 5.00 These items ore available for the indicated special prices only il oniered with orty other rtgubf rtem. Minimum order $ 20.00. WHIUE SUPPLY LASTS! 12 95 12 95 12 95 12 95 12 95 17 95 . 12 95 12 95 64 96 22 95 22 95 22 95 21 95 21 95 . 16 95 21 95 . 93 9 5 . 23 95 139 95 21 95 The LARGEST International Dealer of AMIGA Products in the WORLD! 22 74 64 95 1895 £5 00 13 95 64 95 45 95 OVER 1300 ITEMS The best NEW products • The LOWEST PRICES KtW PRODUCTS THRIVE DAILY. (ALL ICR UKU5TTD (THIS, 21 95 22 71 19 46 . 9 96 EXPRESS PAINT 3 0 90 95 OR rs COPYIST 155 38 FANCY 3D FONTS 46 95 DR T S COPYIST II...... 159 95 FANCY 3D FONTS SILVER . 51 95 OR I S CZ CARTRIDGE . 61 95 FANTAVISlON .... 42 95 DR TSCZ RIDER ___ 92 95 FIF MODULE ... . 14 95 DR TS G-ITOED'LIB ... ,.92 55 FONT WORKS .... 25 95 DR. rs D-SO ED'UB..... 92 95 FONTS AND 3QRDERS . . 22 95 DR rs DR DRUMS . 17 55 FORMS IN FLIGHT 11...... . 79 95 OR TS OR KEYS ..17 95 GALLERY 3-D ... . Si 95 OP. Rs 0X7 ED I 19 92 55
• COLS DISK IGNT SIT *1 21 15 DR TSESQARAOE i . .. 92 95 GRA8BIT _ 20 95 DR T5 KAWAI 4 1 92 97
• GRAPHICS START! 8 KIT 64 95 DR I S KAWAI K 5...... 92 95 hammanoel .. 25 95 DR TS KCS .... 154 95 HOME BUILDERS CAD 129 95 DR TS KCS LEVEL II ... .. 219 95
• NCXtSTQAN USA 75 95 DR T’S LEXICON . 97 95 ICON PAINT .... 58 95 DF. Rs MATRIX 6 . 92 95 INTERCHANGE . 32 46 DR TS MIDI REC STD ... .*3 50 INTERCHANGE CONVER , . 16 95 DR TSMT-32EDHIB ... . 92 95 INTERCHANGE OBJ *1 16 95 DRUM STUDIO .. 32 47 INTERCHANGE TSLV WOOL 12 96 DYNAMIC DRUMS ... 43 95 INTERFONTS ..... . 75 36 DYNAMIC STUDIO .. 135 03 INTROCAD _ 49 95 HIT DISK VOL 1 32 46 INVISION ...... 99 9 5 HOT S COOL JAZZ...... ... 71 9b JET SET FONT SET . 32 50 INSTANT MUSIC 1 2 ... 33 00 KARA FONTS HEADLINES . 51 95 ITS ONLY ROCK & ROLL ... 21 95 47 95 47 95 Xeif dev ierv'ne with- 58 95 24 95 16? 9S . 25 95 22 95 22 9S 65 00 64 95 29 95 . 31 23 103 95 94 95 NEW FROM CENTAUR: Alf A THE SILENT DRIVE *169 WITH B.A.D ACCELERATOR SOFTWARE (up-to-500% SPEED INCREASE)! FIATUBIS: * Csl 3200 • Clitklet* • Small compad de*ign • Mein! Ta*e • (onvonUe with al Amiga (omgvtnt • low power lomumplion
• Hinged oust cover • Drive ditable twrlih • 1 -year warranty, ALSO AVAILABLE: Csl 2200 inletnal drive for Amiga 2000 100*i compatible wilb tame mechanism o* Commodore 2010 ..$ 149.00 HARDWARE 58C23-T7 CRU7PR0CESS . 170 00 S4030-tS'20 CRU PROC . 570 M 5888M6 WAIHCOPPOC 200 00 58881-20 MATH C0RR0C . 300 00 66882 20 MATH C0RR0C . W0 00 58682 25 MATH CO ROC . 620 00 AMAS Mid SAMPER _109 95 AMI XI0 ...A6 95
• AMI X 10 Vf tiROV) 500 20 IHSS
• AMI X10 n HXDWR AIOGO M C 95 AMIGA MUSIC PACK ..0 00 AmtGEN GENLOCK 149 00 AMPLIFIED SpfAKER5 84 95 APROORAW 12X12......464 95 APROORAW 12X12 W.’CUP 499 95 APR0ERAA 9X5 ..... 379 95 CA 080 FLOPPY DRIVE 199 CO Cmi MID11 (EXT) .52 76 COLOR SPUTTER .....09 55 CSADRAGSTRIP ... 549 00 C5A FASTTRaCk ACCEL ... 799 95 Csl 2200 .. 149 00 C5I31M SILENT DRIVE 159 00 Csl 3200 SILENT DRIVE . 169 00
• CUTTING E3EE MAC OHM 209 95 DELUXE MIDI INTF 500 59 95 OFLUXE MIDI INTF 1000... 59 95 DESKJET T28K RAM CfilG 117 95 DlGI VIEW FOR A1000......14 3 95 Old VIEW GOLD . 149 00
• 3J1L StXIXL B0APD 199 95 EASYL 1300 TABLET 369 00 EA5YL 2030 TABLET 369 00 EASYL 590 TABLET . 369 00 FCE MIDI 1000 ..... 48 95 ECE MIDI 50072DDO ...... 48 95 ESCORT 3 5HDCASE ...... 123 50 ESCORT «8ME HDD AiOOO 659 00 ESCORT 48MB HDD AWO ... 859 00 FLASH CARD ..... 199 95 FRAMEGRAB8ER ... 539 00 FutURE SOUND 500 . 93 95 FUTURE SOUND A1CCO ... CALL GEN ONE GENLOCK 739 00 G0UF> 3 OW SUTTON 48 95 GVP RAM,'ROM MOD W2VB 539 00 GVP RAM,'BOM MODULE ... 69 95 HURRICANE iCOO AC-CEl ... 350 00 HURRICANE iCOO MEM SD 470 00 HURRICANE 2(X» ACCEL . . 470 00 HURRICANE 2000 MEM BO 470 00 HURRICANF 68030 BPD . 230 K) IMPRINT LIQUID LIGHT ... 399 00 INTRUDER ALERT . 124 00 LENS 16MM NO IRIS 21 65 LENS 16WM W intS £6 25 LIGHT PEN . 97 95 LIVE’ 1000 270 00 LIVE' 500 . 289 00 MAGNI 4004 GENLOCK , 1555 00 MAGNI 4010 CONTROLLER 299 99 MICRO MEGS ..... 149 95 MICROB 8UP M BRD SIMM 174 95 MICROB HARDFPAME SCSI 239 95 MICROB SUP DiPP 2MB .... 649 00 MICROB 6UP DIPP W OK ... 174 95 MICROLINE MW 738 A500 POWER SUPPLY 84 95 MIDGET RACER .... 349 95 MIDI GOLD 500 ..... 64 95 MIDI GOLD INSIDER 68 4 7 MIDI INTERFACE CABLE 38 00 MINIMEGS A10CO 1MB 449 00 MINIUEGS A10CO2MB 749 00 UINIMEGSA1000 512K..... 299 00 MINIMEGS A50Q 1MB ..... 449 00 MINIMEGS ASM 2MB 749 00 MINIMEG5A 500 512K...... 299 00
• XECLC WLEXT Wrmt* 34S5 08 NERJKI GENLOCK . 1975 00 QKIMATE20W PLUGPRT 2*9 00 OKIMATE PLUG N PRINT . 79 95 OMEGA SAMPER AIOOO 79 95 PANASONIC WVT419 . , . 725 00 PANASONIC WV r500 320 00 PEOPLE METER...... 39 95 PERFECT SOUND 500'2CO 67 95 PERFECT SOJND Ai«C 6? 95 PERFECT VISION ¦ ALL.. 199 95 PRO RAM A2M0 2 8 MEG . £99 00 PRO SOUND DESIGNER 119 95 PROCESSOR ACCEL 159 DO PROGEN GENLOCK ...... 399 00 QUANTUM 4'MB HARO DRV 599 oo QUANTUM 80MB HARD DRV 995 00 SOUNDSCAPE MIDI PACK . 279 95 SPIRIT OELUXE MIDI..... 214 95 STAR NXIOM PRINTER . 195 00 STAR NX1000 RAINBOW 270 OO STEREO SOUND SAMPLER. 87 95 SUPEFGEN GENLOCK . 699 oc SUPRA 2403 3AUD MODEM 149 oc SUPRA 2490 IH M03LN 151 95 TINY TIGER 2QM3 hRDRV.. 629 00 TINY TIGER 43M3HRDRV . 799 00 TINY TIGER EQMG HRDRV U2S 00 TOOLBOX A1DOGECE2120 230 00 TRUMP CARO SCSI A2C03 170 00 TWIN DRIVES .. 2 79 00 UWDRIVE 169 00 VAULT 30MB HARD DRIVE 699 00 VAULT 40MB HARD DRIVE 799 00 VAULT 65MB HARD DRIVE 939 00 VI 2000 Rf VIDEO INTF 79 95 VI 2000 VIDEO INTER ...... 69 95 VI 500 RF VIDEO INTRF 69 95 VI 500 VIDEO INTERF ...... 59 95 X-5RECS2D ...... 9995 XEROX 4020 PRINTER II4D CO XFROX 4020 STARTER KT 15600 1 3COM 2430 IHJ3 MODEM 139 95 GRAPHICS 3 DEMON ..71 95 3D GRAPHICS ......36 13 3D OPTIONS ...... 32 46 ACAO TRANSLATOR. 139 95 AEGIS ANIMATOR ... 39 95 AEGIS DRAW 14 ...52 95 Boing! Mouse Profe**tonal Optical 3-but- Ion moute for your AMIGA 9 Optical technology eliminate* friction and mo- men turn coefficient* for tuper-precite handling. ¦ No moving pari* for in- created reliability. S Middle bullon make* il the only mouie compatible with A2024 software and X Window*. ¦ Compatible with ALL Amiga computer*. SPECIAL PRICE! LIMIHD TIME ONLY: HI*1 CHROMA PAINT CltVDESX COMPANION CUP ART M . CUP ART 12 CUP ART 13 ... . Clip ART «4..... CLIP ART »5..... CUP ART *6. CLIPART 4?...... CUP ART «8 . . COMIC SETTER COM1CSETTER FUNNYDATA COMiCSETTER HERO DATA C0MHCSET7ER 5F DATA DELUXE ART PARTS *1 . DELUXE ART PARTS *2 DELUXE MA»S .... DELUXE PAINT ART UTIL DELUXE PHOTO LAB ... DELUXE PRINT ART 41 . . . DELUXE PRODUCTIONS . DEMONSTRATOR . DESIGN DISKS FOR TURBO SILVER SCULPT ANIMATE ORVIOEOSCAPE (EA ) DESIGN 3D ..... DESKTOP ARTIST , . . DlGI PAINT 3 0 . CIGI VIEW UPGRADE
• Order by 13 rwan (PJ.T.) and receive in-ilndi Hem* the tallowing day."
• itales start at $ 5.00,
• l*St LiOSIRS U3 95 ¦ UXElimCi 11 HI il Up 159 0-3 FAMILY TREE .... 32 45 FLEET CHECK .. 25 95 FLOW 62 32
• NORSEH (INMLOCiCA; 32 40 NUTRIFAX . 37 95 ORGANIZE . 62 32 PAGE SIRLAM 129 95 PHASAR . . .. . . . . 62 48
• FRO FalE lEMPLAtlt 38 95
• PROftttlMlU PA|( y I 2 Z29 00 PROJECT MASTER 129 95 PPOSCRiPT . 32 95 PROWRiTE 2 0 ..... 73 10 PUBLISHERS CHOICE ..... 129 95 RECIPE FAX ...... 24 95
• THUtlEP 38 95
• UT . 25 95
• AMI lUlaMEiT StS1[M 32 45 ¦ MIIEA 00i TOGLlCl 31 95
• mil VIRUS 25 95 ARE XX 32 95 ASSEMPRD 71 95 ATREOES (BBS) .... 97 46 AZTEC 68 AM-DEVfLOPER 194 95 AZTEC C PROFESSIONAL ... 129 95
• BAD DISK GptlMliEt 32 46 335 PC ... 62 32 BENCHMARK C LIBRARY ... 64 95 BENCHMARK IFF LIBRARY ... 54 95 BENCHMARK M00LLA-2 ... 12995 BENCHMARK 5IMPLE U3R 54 55 CAPE 68K A5SEM 20 58 47 CS TREE PLUS .. 64 95 CU MATE .. 24 95 CUSTOMS SCREENS...... 43 73 EXPRESS COPt 29 95 EXTfNO 25 96 F ACC II 21 95 FINE PrlNl . 4195 QFA BASIC 30 . 90 95 GIZMOZ 45 95 GOMF3Q ..... 27 95 MI SC F T BASIC PBOFESSN 103 95 INOVATOQlS I ... 56 47 JFQRTH PROF , 129 95 KEY TO C- .2215 LASER UP1 PLOI 1 2 ..... 39 95 LASER UP1 PRINT 1 2..... 7195 LA5IR UP' UTIL VOL 1 ... . 31 95 LATTICE t 5 0 SYSTEM .199 90 LATTICE C-? 299 95 LAZfRSCfilPT . 28 10 LINT ... 63 70 LOGC WORKS ADVANDCEO 189 95 MAGELLAN 2 0 .... 119 30 MARAUDER II ...... 27 47 VEUCOMCO ASSEV3LFR . . . 68 95 VETACOMCO SHELL 39 95 METACOMCO TOOtXIT 31 95 M| TXSCQPf DEBUGGER 59 95 MULTI FORIH .. 59 95 MULTI PREFS __1945 MURAL PAINTER 29 95 NAG PLUS 3 0 49 95
• Ml IKE PLATIIW 84 95 0TGD5W DISASSEMBLER 43 95 PCLO . . 199 95 POLO' PRNTDCURCUIT 399 95 PotSER WINDOWS 2 5 ...... 53 47 PR1MMA5TER ....31 23 PHD BOARD 3M 55 PRO NET .. 339 95 PROJECT D .31 95
• QUXMfBMCK 15 15 QUICK MfRGL ..... 37 95 RAW COPY 1 3 .. 38 95 SCHEMf . 199 95 SOURCE LEVEL DEBUGGER 49 96 SupERBACK HD UTILITY .... 51 95 SYSTEMS MONITOR 28 95 T SHELL ... 28 95
• TUQL CA3QT 32 16 TRUE BASIC DEV TOOLS ... 49 95 TURBO PRINT ___ 32 95 TXED PLUS .51 95 ULTRA DOS .... 37 95 VIP VIRUS 32 46 W SHELL ......31 95 WBEtTRAS .21 95 WINDOW PRINT II .. 22 95
• X CofY 25 95 ZING KEYS 31 95 GAMES 4*4 OFF ROAD RACING...... 32 46
* TH i INCHES CONSTFUC 9 5b 4TH AND INCHES ...29 24 AAAAGM' ...?3 55 ACTION FIGHTER ... 75 95
* 199 FEATURES: 2 high-speed RS232 serial ports for the Amiga 2000. IBM PC AT style (9-pin) con- nettor for each port. Transfer from 50 to 76,000 BAUD. Complete with Amiga software & full documentation. HIGHWAY HAWKS 22 95 HKM ... 2295 HOLE IN ONE . 25 99 HOLE IN ONE COURSE »3 11 95 HOLLYWOOD POKER.. ..... 25 95 HOSTAGE ...... 29 95 HUNT FOR RED OCIOBER 34 95 HYRRIS ... 25 99 HYPERDOME ...... 22 95 IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II .. 32 46 INDIANNA JONES ... 25 96 INDOOR SPORTS .31 22 INSANITY FIGHT ...25% INTERCE3TOR ...... 37 95 INTERNATIONAL SOCCER. .25% INTO TH; EAGLE S NEST . 28 56
* JACK MICKLAUS S3LE 37 46 JET 37 46
* JEMS 1995 JlNXTER ..... 75 96 joe Blade .1995 JOKER POKER ......3? 46 JQUFNF' 3? 46 JUG .. 25 Si KAMPFGRUP=E.... -.....41 95 KARATE KID II ...... 25 95 KARATE KING _15 95 KARTING GRAND PRIX .. .17 95 KENNEDY APPROACH . 29 95 KIKSTART 7 . . .14 95 KIKUGl .18 95 KING OF CHICAGO ......34 95 KING S GUEST I .. 37 95 KING S OUEST II .3? 95 KINGS QUEST 3 HNTOSK ... 17 95 KINGS QUEST III .... 32 95 KNIGHT OflC .... 30 95
19. 95
19. 95
14. 95
25. 95
24. 95
29. 95 Grand Prix Circuit 29.95 I luditrus 19.95 Prospector 29.95 Motor Massacre er company showroom* showrooms SERVE YOU Blvd., Santa
m. Sun. 11-5 Beach Blvd.,
p. m. Phone: Lords of Ihe Risi Prof. Tech Dpaint MORE CREATIVE PROMOTIONS! ¦ 2 MB RAM CARD ... *549.00 (Far A2000 Expandable to 8 MB) ¦ AMIGA LIVE! 2000 ...... *349.00 ¦ FUCKER FIXER *479.00 (Eliminate all flicker and scanline gaps 100% optionalmultisync monitor A2000 only) LEAOERBOARD DUAL PACK 22 77 SUPER 6...... . 79 95 46 LEADEFifiOARD GOLF GAME 27 00 SUPER CARS . . . .. .14 95 % LFAOEF.&OARD TOF.N DSK 13 95 SUPER HANG ON..... . 32 44 95 LEATHERNECK .... . 75 95
• 56PEKIBK EOLF KIT 9 95 65 LEISURE 3 LRYHNT DSK.. . 12 95
• SltFEKMXN 37 46 % LEISURE SUIT LARRY.. . 75 95 SUPERSTAR ICE HOCKEY , . 32 46 77
• LlfiKT FOPCr 75 95 SWORDS 01 SOOAN..... .. 3? 46 46 tOMBARB RALLY . 75 95
• lAHSpm 37 4b 95 MAJOR MOTION . 75 96 TANGlEWOOD . .. 75 95 95 MAN HUNTER - NEW YORK 37 46
• I'm MUE* 19 95 95 MANIAX 16 95 ; A MG IS .. 78 95 48 MARBLE MADNESS 33 00 TtCHNUCOP 37 46 95 MASTER NINJA .... 30 95
• TIEMGI QUEIK 75 95 95 MEAN 53 COURSE DISK 2 . 14 95 TELEEPtC ..... ..25 96 95 MEAN 13 GOLF . 28 95 If; - SAMIS 23 95 MENACE 19 98 ielewars ii .... . 25 96
* MICKEY MJCSE 75 95 TERRORPOOS ..... . 25 95 MIGHTY NERD . . 37*6 TEST DRIVE ..... . 34 95 MIKE THE MAGIC DRAGON. . 16 95 IESTCRIVE II 29 95 MIND ROLL .... 19 95 If IRA QUEST . 25 95 MISSION CON-BaT . 31 16 TETRIS ... . ?i 80 MISSION ELEVATOR... 3* 95
• I** OtEK 37 46 UOEBIUS .... 75 95 THEXOER ..... . 23 95 MOUSE QUEST .. . 14 65 THREE STOOGES . . . . 35 95 NINJA MISSION 30 95 THUNDER BLADE . 32 46 03LITEP.AT0R. . 25 95 IHUNOERBOY 72 95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR .. 75 96 TIGER ROAD..... 25 95 OGRE..... . 3? 46 TIME S MAGIC ... . 76 95 ONE ON ONE . . 1*95 TIME BANDITS ... . 2T.95 OPBR CLEAN STREETS ... . 25 95 TITAN ... . 29 95
• DPERKTIDk NEPTliNE 37 46 TOTAL ECLIPSE .. 25 95 OPERATION WOLF ... ... . 77 95 TOWER TOPPLER...... . 37 46 OUT RUN 37 46 TRACI RS ..... . 22 95 ROW...... 75 95 JHANSPUTOR . 27 95 pacmania ... 15 95 TRIANGO .. 29 95 PALADIN _ 75 95 TRINITY .. . 25 95 PALADIN QUEST DSK 1 16 86 TRIPLEX ..... . 75 95 PAWN. THE ... 1671 IRUMP CASTLE .. 75 95 PHANTASIE..... 27 *7 TV SPURTS FOOTBALL ... 34 95 PHANIASIE 3 .. 24 95 TWILIGHT ZONE 25 95 PHANTASM .... 22 95 TWILIGHT S RANSOM 19 95 PINK PANTHER .... 78 56 TWILIGHTS RANSOM . . .. . 19 95 PIONEER PLAGUE ___ 25 96 ULTIMA III
• KcfULDUS 34 95 UNIVERSA1 military sw 37 46 P0WER5TYX 77 95 VAMPIRE S EMPIRE . 29 95 PRESIDENT IS MISSING 25 95 VIDEO VEGAS..... 24 10 prime time 76 95
• ri»a:UTQ8S 25 95 PRISON..... 25 95 VIRUS |GAM = ) .... . 19 48
* KDKTLf 25 95 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS Foi Ami e 20Q0- Syqucit removable 42 MB HD .. 995.00 IMPACT HC 45 48 MB 28m* Hard Card .. 799.00 IMPACT HC 40Q 42 MB 11 ms Hard Card 799.00 IMPACT HC B0Q-S4 MB Urns Hard Card ..... 1199.00 for Amiga 500; (NEW LOW PRICES!) IMPACT A500 SCSI HD20-20 MB HD .... 599.00 IMPACT A500-SCSI HD45 45 7AB HD .... 899.00 IMPACT A500-SCSI HD4QQ 42 MB 1 I ms High-Speed Hard Drive .. 949,00 fMPACT A500-SCSI HD800-84 MB ! Imi High-Speed Hard Dnvc .. 1399.00 OwlM MS, 14 MB tlm 3.5 ' HD 995.00 Shock mounted. MKB toche tfor I Frm ipeedL SCSI interface. Compatible with IMPACT or A2090 boards Ommtwm 405 -42 Ml el rixi.e idre .... 599.00 ¦ IfTIIUIIER 17 4b AIRBAll ___75 95 AlllN SYNDROME 3? 4', ALTFRNfllf PfAillY 2!X> AmiGA KARATE _ ?4 95 ANOFQMFDA MISSION 25 95 ANNAL5 OF ROVE ..?4S5 AP.AZOKS rOVB ......31 75 ARCADE ACHON PACK 34 Si ARChON ...13 S? ARKANQID 19 Si ART Of CHESS THE 22 Si
• AniKUN 37 46 AUNT ART If. .. ?i Si AUTCDUEL .....27 00 BAAl 12 Si BAD CAT ..30 ?i BALANCE OF POWER . 19 90 BALLIHO .27 47 9ALLISTYX ..... . . 2? 55 BARBARIAN ......2$ 95 BARDS TALE ....35 95 BARD STALE 2 HINT 3-5 . . . 10*0 BARDS TALE HINT DISK . 13 9S BARD S TALE II 41 9S
• Ml HID 29 95 BAJTLE CHE5S 3? «6 BATTLE HAWKS 36OS BATTLE SHIP ....19 *6 BATIlEIECH .. 12 6 SETTER DEAD T ALIEN 21 Si BEYOND ZORK .....33 76 BIONIC COMMANDO 25 97 SLACK CAULDRON ?a 9S Slack jack acacemy 29 9i SLACK LAMP ....22 09 SLACK SHADOW ..27 95 flllI2KRIEG 1 MEG VR},. . 3B 95 BLITZKRIEG S12 K 34 41 BLOCKBUSTER ....32 «i BLOOD MONEY 25 93 BOBO .. . 23 35 BOMB BUSTER .. ..2195 BREACH ... 25 95 BREACH SCENARIO DISK . .. 16 95 BRIDGE 5 0 .24 10 BUBBLE BOBBLE ... 22 95 BUBBLE GHOST ...?? 71
• CoiMlt MA1E 25 95 COSMIC RELIEF ... 24 50 CRAPS ACADEMY ... 25 95 CRASH GARRET ....25% CRAZY CARS 25 95
• BARK SIDE 75 95 DATASTORM 25 95 DEATH BRINGER .... 25 99 DEATH SWORD .....19 95 DEEC0N5 ..?5 95 DEFENDER OE THE CROWN 34 95 OEJA YU ... 34 95 DfJA YU 11 LOST VEG 3? 46 DEMON'S WINTER . 27 95
• OEMItl 24 95 mm comm RECOMMENDS Dcnqtr Frwk ..... 19.95 Poc-lond . My Paint Dcta Disk Sonne SoundTrar fnvnanuelle Kingdoms of Englcnd Calif, Gomes tuques t urami in (VHS Topei 24.95 Sten-hv-slep guide to Dpaint II features including cel animation, 30 perspectives, etc. V
24. 95 Son 29.95 BYTE BY BYTE DISTRIBUTED BY CENTAUR SOFTWARE SCULPT 3DXL *99,95 Creole ond render ray-trace objects with the speed and power of 4D. SCULPT ANIMATE 4D JR ...... *89.95 Create, render and animate solid objects with the same easy-to-use interface as 4D (no ray-tracinq). SCULPT $ OCA ANIMATE 4D The most sophisticated and powerful 3D animation and ray-tracing software available on ANY PER50NAL COMPUTER! AND IT S ALSO THE EASIEST 10 USEl CREATIVE COMPUTERS’ EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE POLICY: You can upgrade your 3DXL or 4D Jr. To 4D directly from Creative Computers by sending us your 3DXL master disk + *290 or 4D Jr. Master disk + *300. OESTROYER 25 95 OETANAlOh 2597 DISTANT ARMIE 5 29 95 DOMINOES......16 95 DOUBLE DRAGON 27 95 DRAGON Si AIR 38 95 ORE AM ZONE ... 32 46 DUNGEON MASIER . .32 46 Dungeon mstr minidisk 1795 DUNGEON QUEST . 32 46 EARL WEAVER BASEBALL .. 34 95
• IA31 Mill 7195 FERRARI FORMULA ONE 33 95 FINAL ASSAULT..... 32 46 FINAL MISSION 19 95 FIRE N FORGE I 25 95 EIRE BRIGADE 32 46 FIREPOWER ......16 95 EIREZONE .... 23 95 FISH . 29 95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II..... 37 46 FOOTMAN ..7195 FOUNDATIONS WASTE...... 23 62 I RIGHT NIGHT ..... 25 96 FROSlBYlE 19 46 fUfO ..17 95 GALACTIC CONOUERIF .. 29 95 GALACI1C INVISION 0 06 GALAXY FIGHT .....9 9b
• K'nninS Min 32i6 SARGON III 35 95
• SlMClM 30 95 SINSAQ A IHE SWORD 29 95 SKY BLASlffi ......19 95 SKY CHASE 76 95 SKYFOX II .. 77 46 SLIPSTREAM .....16 95 SNAKE PIT 74 95 SOLITAIRE ROYAL ?? 71 SORCERER LORD 73 95 SPACE CUTTER...... 19 95 SPACE HARRIFR 32 46 SPACE QUEST 33 00 SPACE QUEST II..... 32 46 SPACE RACER ..19 46 SPACE SCHOOL SIM 22 95 SPACESTAT10N OBLIVION .. 32 46 SpfFD9ALL .. 25 95 SPIN WORLD .... 25 95 SPITTING IMAGE 25 95 STAR WARS ..... 25 95 SIARflJETI 39 96 STAPGLIDER ..... 30% STAPGLiDERli .. 29 96 STARGOOSE .... 25 96 STARRAY ....19 95 SIElLAR CONFLICI 28 56 STElLARX .2b 96 STOCK MARKET IH£ GAME 16 95 STREET CAT 16 95 StflEETSPORFS HASKET3L T3 95 STRIP POKER DATA 44 ..... 17 95 STRIP POKER DATA 5 .....12 95 STRIP POKER II .. .75 95 SUB BATTLE .. 74 95 SUMMER CHALLENGE ... 19 95 VYPER ?i 96
* WftmilR 1995 ZAK MCKRACKEN . .. .79 95 ZANY GOLc . 27 95 ZERO GRAVITY .....19 46 ZQCM .... 71 95 ZofiK TRILOGY ... 47 95 ZORK ZERO . 38 95 ZYNAPS ..... 73 95 ACCESSORIES ALLSOP DISKFILF 80 14 95 AMIGA ATHLETIC BAG . 74 95 AMIGA BIC LIGHTER .....195
* 50NT DISK 15 PICK 79 M
* STAR CU8S07 JOTJTICK 37 46 STAR NX-1000 R1830N......6 95 STAR RAINBOW RIBBON .... 10 95
* SWITCH »DI *1 3*95 TAC ? JOYSTICK ....10 95 TEAK TECH 170 .... 32 95 TEAK-TECH 60 ..... 76 95 TRACKBALL MOUSE STYLE 39 95 WICO 3 WAY JOYSTICK 25 95 WINNER JOYSTICK ..14 95 XEROX 4020 4 PACK INK 19 95 XEROX 402OMAINT INK 19 95 BOOKS MAGAZINES VIDEO TAPES COMPLETE SELECTION OF AMIGA TIILFS .... CALL toot thingsw amiga . ... n 95 68C03 ASSEMBLY LANG 19 95 ADVANCED AMIGA BASIC ... 16 95 alternate real hhdbk 595 AMAZING COMPUTING .....3 55 AMJEXCHANGE .... 11 95 AM1EXCHANGE SPECIAL 9 55 'SHIPPING INTO: No surcharge for Visa MasterCard; 4 % surcharge for American Express; 1 % surcharge for Discover. Shipping within the continental United States for software orders over Si 00 (U.S.) is FREE. Please call for all other shipping information. Educational, corporate and aerospace purchase orders accepted. RETURN POLICY; Call Customer Service ot (213) 542- 2292 for return authorization. All returns without authorization number (RMAtt) will be refuted. Returned products must be in original condition and pockogina. No refund on defective products or products that do not perform satisfactorily. We make no guarantees for product performance. CONDITIONS: Creative Computers reserves the right to limit the sales of any items to local in-person pick-up only. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. CREATIVE COMPUTERS IS INTERNATIONAL! INTERNATIONAL TOLL-FREE ORDERING POLICIES: Minimum order $ 100 U.S. Orders only please. Absolutely no product inquiries, or any shipping inquiries, will bo taken over the toll-free phone linos. For any other information, please call (213) 542-2292. Wo have operators versed in the following languages; English, French, and Spanish, only. Shipping prices vary and are quoted following your oraer. Payment is made via credit card or electronic fund transfer. For any other information please call our regular toll lines. Federal Express ond International Shipping available. INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBERS: Canada 1-800-540. 2512: Italy 1678-74036, United Kingdom 0800-89- 1178, France 19-0590-1099; W. Germany 01-30- 810466; Japan 0031-11-1351; Australia 0014-800- 125-712; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050- 12029; Denmark 0434-0297; Switzerland 046-05-3420. CREATIVE COMPUTERS is both a moil ord with a store’s support and three store with maif order prices. Visit one of our today. You'll be amazed! 3 RETAIL SHOWROOM LOCATIONS TO SAHTA MONICA & WE5T5IDE: 318 Wilshire Monica, CA 90401. Tues.-Sat. 11-7 p.i
p. m. Phone: 213-394-7779 LAWNDALE & SOUTH BAY: 4453 Redondo Lawndale, CA 90260. Mon.-Sat. 11-7 213-542-2292 VENTURA, OXNARD L SANTA BARBARA: 2112 E. Thompson Dr., Ventura, CA 93001. Tues.-Sal. 11 -7 p.m. Sun. 12- 5 p.m. Phone: 805-652-0325 THE CREATIVE COMPUTERS ADVANTAGE;
• The largest dealer of Amiga products in the World
• Three store locations means excellent support
• Amiga-specific unlike the competition, we don't cloim being Amiga specific while selling other brands under another business name
• Best service center
• Uniform low pricing and largest selection, no hidden costs or catches
• We don’t charge your card until the product ships CUSTOMER SERVICE: For technical support call 213-542- 2292 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. P5T for technical questions. 4UIGA ROM KEPNAL LIES 77 95 AMIGA SYS PRGGDE 05K 1195 AMIGA SYS PPOG GUIDE 79 95 AMIGA TRANSACTOR 3 50 AMIGA TRICK 8 TIP DSK . 11 95 AMIGA TRICKS A TIPS 18 95 AMIGA USER 3 5C AMIGA WORLD ..3 95 AMIGAZIME 7 95 AVIGCIIMES .8 95 AMNFW5 ...... 1*95 BACK TO BASIC 1195 BALANCE OE POWER BK . .8 51 BARD S TALI CLUE BOOK 10 95 BARDS TALE IlCLUEBK ... ID 50 flECOMMING AMIG ARTIST. 17 95 BK.INSIDE AMIGA GRPH . 16 96 COMPUTES AMIGA ..7 95 COMPUTER VIRUSES 18 95 G0MPUTE5 1ST BK AMIGA... 15 95 COMPUTES 2ND BK AMIGA 15 55 COMPUTES AMG PPG GUO . 16 95 COMPUTES AMIGA APPlIC 17 55 COMPUTES BEGINNER GD 15 55 COMPUTES DOS REE ___16 95 COMPUTES INSIDE AMIGA .17 95 COMPUTES KIDS A AMIGA .13 95 COMPUTES MACHINE LANG T8 96 DELUXE PAINT 3 VIDEO 24 95 DESKTOP VIDEO 1?W ELEMENTARTY AMG BASIC 12 55 ELITE HELPBOOK ..... 6 53 EPYX HINT BOOK .7 95 INFO MAGAZINE 3 95 INSIDE AMIGA W 'C 21 55 JUMPDlSK .. , 9 00 KICKSTARI GUIDE AMIGA ,19 95 KINGS QUEST III MIMfl !?95 LEARNING C ......15 95 LEISURf SUIT HINT BK .. .12 95 MASTERING AMIGA DOS 11 95 MORE THICKS i TIPS .....17 95 MORE TRICKS 4 TIPS DSK ... 11 95 MUSIC THROUGH MIDI 1695 PRESENTING THE AMIGA ... 14 95 PROF RESULTS DPAINT 2 ... 35 95 PR0GMMER5 GUIDE AMIGA 21 95 QUEST FOR CLUE5 ..21 95 ROBOClfY HIWS ...2 95 SCULPT 3D COOKBOOK T9 46 SENTRY MAGAZINE .3 00 SOLUTIONS IN IT . 16 96 TRUE BASIC PRIMER 18 95 user guide grf'h sndt ...1595 USING DELUXE PAINT 2. ..1S95 HORS D’OEUVRES This month’s collection of hints and tips focuses on AmigaDOS. Compiled by Tim Walsh October has been designated AmigaDOS man lb in Hors d'oeuvres. Ham how to make new 1.3 Shell windows, use the DIR OPT command, bring dead disks back to life, and transfer ARCed MS-DOS fdes properly. Cleaner Shell HERE'S AN EASY way to make a ms- tom shell window. Using a text editor, enter the following two lines and save them to a directory using the filename CLS: .key lines echo “*ec*e[0x*e[80u*e[0y*e[ linesS25>t*e[H*e[|” To use lhis new Shell window, enter Execute CLS from a Shell command line. CLS clears the screen (half the screen in interlace mode) and removes the border lines, title and gadgets normally displayed by Shell windows. Directory listings and screen output is properly spaced without the wraparound effect that makes narrow window- out put hard to read. You can also change the value of lines$ 25> for more or less lines in the custom window. Tapan A. Desai Calcutta, India The AmigaWorld Salvage Operations TOOL CHEST VOLUME L disk 1 contains a disk utility called Disk Salvage, which is a less potentially damaging alternative to the AmigaDOS 1.3 disk-salvaging program DiskDoctor. A good rule of thumb is to never try to revive the original corrupted disk; instead, work with a copy of it. If your standard method of disk copying (Workbench, CLL disk utility, etc.) fails, and your Amiga is equipped with over a megabyte of memory, try the following two-step procedure to make a copy:
1. Make certain no extraneous files or data are present in your RAM disk. Copy the individual iiles from the corrupted disk to your RAM disk using either the CLI or Shell. With a two-drive system and the corrupted disk in DF1, and a copy of your Workbench disk in DFO, the syntax is as follows: COPY DM: to RAM: all
2. When the copy process is complete, remove the revived disk from DF1 and place an empty formatted disk in its place. From the CLI or Shell, enter the following command to copy the contents of the RAM disk back to the destination disk in DF1: COPY RAM: to DEL all When the files are finished copying back to the destination disk in DF1, you should be able to revive them from that disk with Disk Salvage. Likewise, this process also lends itself to making copies of damaged disks revived by Disk Salvage that remain corrupted enough to cause normal disk copy procedures to fail. Tim Walsh Amiga World Staff Optional Directives A HE DISK COMMAND DIR OPT is remarkably flexible when used with some of its available attributes. For instance: DIR OPT D Displays all directories DIR OPT AD Displays all directories and subdirectories DIR OPT A Displays all directories, subdirectories, and files Futhermore, adding the 1 attribute to the OPT command permits the selective deletion of files and directories by typing DEL at the prompt that appears after each filename or directory. To bypass the deletion of a directory or file, just press Return. The deletion syntax is as follows: DIR OPT DI Lists all directories fin- selective deletion DIR OPT ADI Lists all directories and subdirectories for selective deletion DIR OPT Al Lists all directories, subdirectories and files for selective deletion David W. Ferguson Pontotoc, MS Amiga-to-Bridgeboard Un-ARCing Tip HERE'S A TIP for Bridgeboard beginners who want to download MS-DOS PD programs with the Amiga. After you’ve completed downloading on the Amiga side and are ready to transfer the file to the PC side, fie certain that a space> B follows the AREAD command. For example: AREAD RAM: Filename.arc a:Filename.arc B The space> B allows AREAD to perform a binary transfer from AmigaDOS to MS-DOS. The un-ARCing process will perform flawlessly on the PC side using any un-ARCing utility. Without space> B, the file is recognized as a text file rather than a binary file and most likely 4 w cannot be un-ARCed. Byron R. Grover Hobbs, NM If you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d'oeuvres, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. If your idea gets published, you'll receive an Amiga World surprise gift. ¦ InterComputing, Inc. 2100 N. Hwy 360, Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1015 hi business since 1984; Amiga support since 1985 Member of Dallas Better Business Bureau We are a service oriented business offering discount prices FAX: 1-214-660-3695 Customer Service & Order Status: 1-214-988-5500 COMPLETE PRODUCT LISTING AVAILABLE Call toll free: 1-800-622-9177 In Germany call (In Deutschland erreichen Sie uns unter): 0202 755239 MEMORY EXPANSION VIDEO SOFTWARE Artistic Expressions Vol. I & II each 39.95 Broadcast Tiller 199.95 Comic Seller 66.95 Deluxe Paint 3.0 109.95 Deluxe Productions 144.95 MUSIC & AUDIO Audiomaster II 69.95 CM I Midi Interface 69.95 Dr. T’s 4-OP Deluxe 99.95 Dr T's Copyist 199.95 Dr T’s KCS 1.6 166.95 Dr. T's Kawai K1 Lib. 99.95 BUSINESS Analyze 2.0 62.95 BEST Management System 2.0 299.95 Critic’s Choice 159.95 Cvgnus Ed Prof. 69.95 Excellence 179.95 HARD DRIVES GVP Impact Drives: UMB-ft()mcg Quantum 1199.95 OMB-No Drive 299.95 2MB-80meg Quantum 1699.95 2MB-.No Drive 699.95 Hardframc DMA Amiga 500 & 1000 Starboard OK AI (XX) Starboard I MB A1000 Starboard 2 MB A1000 Starboard 512 K AI (XX) Starboard Multifunction Card Starboard SCSI Module Starboard Upper Deck M501 0 K M501 512 K with Clock Mini Meg A1 (XX) with 0.5 MB Mini Meg A1000 with 1.0 MB Mini Meg A1000 with 2.0 MB Amiga 2000 & 2500 8-UP Memoryeard DIP OK 8-UP Memoryeard DIP 2MB 8-UP Memoryeard DIP 4MB 8-UP Memoryeard DIP 6MB 8-UP Memoryeard DIP 8MB Director Director Toolkit Fanlavision Inn vision Intro CAD 2.0 Movie Setter Pageflipper Plus FX Pagerender 3-D Pagestream Pagcslrcam Fonts 1-5 each Photon Paint 2.0 Professional Page Sculpt 3D Sculpt 4D TV Show NTSC PA I TV-Text Turbo Print Turbo Silver Zoetrope Inovatoolsl __ Dr. T's Midi Recording Studio 44.95 ECE Midi-A500 2000 44.95 ECE Midi-A1000 44.95 "M" 154.95 Midi Cable 5’ black 8.95 Midi Cable 8'color 11.95 Midi Gold external 69.95 Midi Gold internal 69.95 Music Mouse 49.95 Music X 199.95 Perfect Sound 64.95 Soundscapc Audiodigitizer 79.95 Pro Midi Studio 124.95 Utilities I 39.95 Studio Magic 69.95 Synihia Te x t urc ’ Financial Plus 199.95 Kind words 66.95 Maxi Plan 500 99.95 Maxi Plan Plus 129.95 Microfiche Filer 69.95 Microfiche Filer Plus 112.95 Money Mentor 2.0 59.95 Pen Pal 109.95 Phasar 3.0 66.95 Prowrite 2.0 72.95 Super Base Personal II 99.95 Super Base Prof. 3.0 199.95 Supcrplan 109.95 TexEd Plus 54.95 The Works-Platinum 169.95 W ordpe r fec l SCSI Controller 239.95 Phoenix Drives: 22Mcg A-1000 599.95 22Meg A-2000 549.95 32Meg A-1000 699.95 32Meg A-2000 749.95 48Meg A-1000 799.95 48Meg A-2000 749.95 KOMeg A -1000 1299.95 ROMcg A-2000 1249.95 Quantum Pro-80Meg 875.95 Miniscribc 549.95 Supra 30MB Hdisk 699JJ5 for A5(M)-A ---" all Amig 9.95 A-MAX I’he ‘MAC’ Emulator for the Amiga works with all Amiga models For use with A-MAX
3. 5" Drive MAC-compatible; for use with A-MAX VIDEO HARDWARE A-Pro Draw 9x6 399.95 A-Pro Draw 12x12 499.95 Amiga Live A 1000 219.95 Amiga Live A 2(XX) 329.95 Amiga Live A 500 299.95 Color Splitter 89.95 DigiDroid 64.95 Digi View 3.0 139.95 Digi View Gold 139.95 Easyl 500 319.95 Easyl I (XX) 339.95 Easyl 2(XX) 349.95 Flicker Fixer 499.95 Panasonic 1410 Camera Kit 239.95 Perfect Vision 175.95 Polaroid Palette 2199.95 Super Gen 699.95 X-Specs 3D 99.95 PROGRAMMING A C Basic Compiler 129.95 A C Fortran-AB Soft 179.95 A .tec C Developer 219.95 Aztec C Professional 159.95 GFA Basic 3.0 99.95 HiSoft Basic Compiler 109.95 Lattice C 5.0 219.95 Lattice C ++ 399.95 Lint 69.95 Power Windows 2.5 56.95 MISCELLANEOUS A re xx 32.95 BAD 32.95 CLI Mate 27.95 DOS-2-DOS 42.95 Disk Mechanic 56.95 EZ-Back up 32.95 Face II 22.95 Project D 32.95 Quarterback 44.95 AMIGA 500 Starter Pack DISK DRIVES A20I0 Internal 3.5" 149.95 AIR Drive External 169.95 AIR Drive Internal 134.95 California Access Drive CA-880 169.95 F-DATA 10 139.95 F-DATA 20 249.95 Drive Extension Cable 19.95 MODEMS Supra 2400 baud ext. 149.95
149. 95 A500 with I Meg 2 Drives, Color or Monochrome Monitor
949. 95 Mono
1149. 95 Color Prepay with check or money order and get free UPS-ground shipping and a FREE GAME! Amiga 2000 Starter Pack CPU with 5 MB, Monitor & 2 drives TRADE UP! We will trade in your Amiga 500 or 1000 towards a new Amiga 2000 or
2500. Call for details! Government, corporate & institutional Purchase Orders are welcome! Prepay with check or money order and get free UPS ground shipping This ad was prepared using an Amiga 1000, PageStream and City Desk An Companion As always we have the most' customerfriendly' terms: S H $ 3.95 in cont. USA; $ 30.00 min. order ; MASTERCARD & VISA with NO credit card fee; in lex Sa‘cs Tax. $ 12.00 shipping to ABO addresses. RMAU required on all returns. 18% restocking charge. All prices subject to change without notice. In I ex as add WHAT’S NEW? An extended growing season produced this bumper crop of software and peripherals. Compiled by Jan Jackson Musical License CONTROL ANY AMIGA pro- gram from a MIDI instrument with MIDI-Mice ($ 85). This multitasking interface utility lets you synchronize Amiga video and animation with music performances, shares MIDI events, and chain concurrent MIDI-Mice sessions to create macro functions. Tune in to Tensor Productions, 280 Mathilda 9, Goleta, CA 93117, 805 685-6245. Reader service number 556. Talk to Me A COMPREHENSIVE SET of high- and low-level C functions, the Lattice Communications Library will help you to create applications that perform asynchronous communications. The library supports Amiga DOS with a full set of functions for Xmodem, Ymo- dem, Kermit and ASCII protocols. You can select, open, and close a communications port, set baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits, and buffer size, and send and receive characters from the communications port. The package retails for $ 250 from Lattice Inc., 2500 S. Highland Ave., Lombard, IL 60148, 312 916-
1600. Reader service number 561. Island Hopping to Ancient Digs lot to find and piece together parts of a dead king and enlist his assistance in vanquishing evil across the land. Both games ($ 39.95) are available through Britannica Software in the US: 345 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA 94107, 415 546- 1866 or Logotron: Cambridge, England, 0223-323656. Reader service number 559. ARCHIPELAGOS, A 3-D arcade game, takes you to a faraway planet with telekinet- ically-crealed myriad islands from which vou must clear j hostile aliens. You have a 360- degree view of the checkerboard-shaped landscape dotted with targets. In Eye of Horus, a multilevel arcade game, it is your Get the Connection? S-Video cable is compatible with Amiga S-Video encoders and retails for $ 79.95, Get a clear view with Software Sensations, 1441 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CIV 90035. Reader sennce n u mbe r 59 I. WHETHER YOU RECORD on Super-VHS, ED-Beta, or Hi8, or present your Amiga graphics on a large-screen S-Video monitor, you can eliminate the inherent crosscolor interference in NTSC composite video systems with S-View: The Connection. This Accommodations INTRODUCE YOUR A2000 to alternatives with an ST-506 Hard Drive Adaptor. Plug it into any slot and attach it to a peripheral drive bay to control any 31 ,- or 5! Rinch IBM-style hard drive, and you have a low-cost proxy for a SCSI drive. An optional steel rail lets you convert the unit to a hard card for an entirely internal installation. Link with Spirit Technology, 220 West 2950 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, 801 485-4233. Reader sendee number 557. See the Light TEST YOUR PHYSICAL science knowledge with Light- force, a game in which you maneuver different craft equipped with mirrors, lenses, and other relics of physics classes to control fireballs ol light. Reflect, refract, concentrate and diverge the lights to progress. The double-disk system (S39.50) comes with an Optics Tutor covering the physical properties and concepts used in the game. ISA Media will illuminate further: PO Box 291, Claremont 6010, Western Australia, 09 384-
3047. Reader sendee number 558. ? [STABLISHED 1968 OUTSIDE USA CALL 0
(718) 692-0790 FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Call: Mon-Fri,9:30AM-4:30PM (7181692-1148 ORDER HOURS: Mond&y-Thursday, 9am*7pm Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday-CLOSED Sunday, 9:30am-6pm NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE INVITE CORPORATE AND EDUCATIONAL CUSTOMERS CORPORATE LEASING & PERSONAL FINANCING AVAILABLE RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT Retail Outlet, Penn Station, Main Concourse (Beneath Madison Square Garden) NYC, N.Y., 10001 Store Hours: Mon-TKurst8:30*8 Fri, 8:30-5ti0 Sat,CLOSED Sun,9:30AM-7PM FOR ORDERS & INFORMA TION CALL TOLL FREE i 800-759-6565
P. O. Box 58 Brooklyn, NY, 112 FAX NO. 7186923372 TELEX 422132 MGRANT I OMMOnnftE C O vi Vt O DOR f ( O M M () DOR c 500 ¦Amiga 500W 512KRAM Built-in 3.5” Disk Drive Mouse 18 Expandable lo 9MB
• Keyboard MMB Exp
• Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive
* 549 AMIGA 500 W 1084 & 1010 DISK DRIVE $ 949 $ 14 59 500 3MB RAM * Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive • 40MB Hard Drive • Keyboard • Mouse Amiga Basic • System Software RGB COLOR PACKAGE Amiga 500 W 512K RAM Built-in 3.5" Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor ¦ Mouse
• FREE Software ... ..V. . :• - ¦ : Sfet; ¦8® H . .. $ 729 1084 RGB COLOR MONITOR
* 829 $ 3299 ? Mouse COMPLETE WITH: Amiga 500 W 512K RAM Builfm 3.5’ Disk Dri o RGB COLOR PACKAGE A-2000 Computer w Keyboard
3. 5’ Disk Drive RGB Color Monitor FREE Mouse & Software $ 1559 2000 COMPLETE WITH: 1084 RGB COLOR MONITOR
* 1739
• 7 MB Ram • Built-in 3.5' Disk Drive - 40MB Hard Drive • Keyboard • Mouse - System iffv Software - Amiga Basic $ 2099 Keyboard 3 Expan Built-in 3.5' Disk Drive AMIGA 2000 HD
3. 5” & 5.25" HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 2000 THESE SEAGATE HARD DRIVE PACKAGES INCLUDE XETEC FC20 HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER CARDS ST-125N(20MB) $ 419 ST-225N(20MB) $ 439 ST-138N(30MB) ......$ 449 ST-251 N(40MB) $ 499 ST-157N(40MB) ......$ 499 ST-277N(60MB) $ 569 ST-177N(60MB) $ 699 ST-296N = 80MB) $ 629 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS IMPACT FD-2010 3.5* INTERNAL DRIVE ...$ 129 IMPACT A-2000-Z 0 .$ 269 A-2000 HARD DRIVES IMPACT A-2000 HC 30 $ 629 IMPACT A-2000 HC 40Q ....$ 739 TRUMP CARD 500 EXTERNAL CHASSIS ENABLES ANY SCSI HARD DRIVE TO OPERA TE WITH AMIGA 500 IMPACT A-2000 HC-43 M ...$ 629 IMPACT A-2000 HC 60Q ...$ 1049 IMPACT A-500 HD 43M 40MB For A-500 $ 849 VVUGAh HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 500 XETEC FASTTRAK FASTTRAK JR. W 20MB ..$ 579 FASTTRAK Q40 W 42MB .$ 869 XETEC Q80,M150 N STOCK TRUMP CARD 500 & SEAGATE Hard Drives Pkgs. For AMIGA 500 ST-138N W 30MB ..$ 519 ST-157N W 49MB ..$ 559 ST-177N W 60MB ..$ 749 SAME PKG. AS ABOVE W XETEC FASTTRAK EXTERNAL CHASSIS CAN BE EXPANDED TO 8MB RAM....ADD $ 149 AMIGA ' S179 ?1149 P E RI P H E R $ 149 ?499 A L S $ 289 $ 699 A-1084 RGB A-501 EXPANSION MODULE A-2088-D BRIDGE BOARD* A-1010 DISK DRIVE A-2058 RAM EXPANSION A-2286D AT BRIDGE BOARD COMMODORE 64C w GEOS . *119 12B D COMPUTER . *409 1541 II DISK DRIVE *159 1571 DISK DRIVE .. CALL 1750 EXPANSION MODULE ... CALL A-2300 GENLOCK....S269 A-1680 MODEM $ 99.95 ALL OTHER AMIGA PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES IN STOCK SUPRA 2400 Zl Internal Mocem .$ 12S FUCKER FIXER .....$ 439 GO-64 64 Emulator lor Amiga ..$ 4995 SUPRA RAM 2000 (Equivalent to GEN ONE ....$ 499 AMJGEN ..... $ 144 2058 RAM Expander) ......$ 449 FRAME CAPTURE ..$ 159 SOUNDSCAPE Complete FRAME BUFFER ....$ 449 A-MAX MAC Emulator for Amiga .$ 119 Midi Music System ...$ 249 PRINTERS HEWLETT mPrm Packard $ 1629
i. i PANASONIC KXP-1180......$ 177.95 KXP-1191......$ 229.95 KXP-1092h..$ 289.95 KXP-3131......$ 269.95 KXP-1124......$ 309.95 KXP-1595......$ 409.95 KXP-1524 $ 519.95 IKXP-4450 ILASER ....$ 1349.95 OKIDATA OK MATE 20...$ 139.95 OKIDATA 180+S219.95 OKIDATA 183. $ 249.95 OKIDATA 320..5329.95 OKIDATA 390..$ 454.95 OKIDATA 321..$ 459 95 OKIDATA 391..$ 629.95 r. STAR NX-1 COO ...$ 164.95 NX-1 COO RAINBOW $ 214.95 NX-1000C .$ 164 95 NX 1C00C RAINBOW. $ 224.95 NX-2400 ...$ 284.95 HP PAINTJET $ 1029.95 1 MB EXPANDER $ 299 2MB EXPANDER ....$ 499 HP DESKJET PRINTER .....$ 539 HP LASERJET HD S2799 DESKJET* ..$ 689 FX-850 ...$ 334.95 LO-510 .$ 329.9b rm m.% LO 950 ...$ 569.95 LO-1050. $ 719.95 0-2550 .$ 899 95 XR-1000 .....$ 339 XR-1500 .....$ 429 XR-2410 .....$ 429 XR-2415 .....$ 549 LASERJET SERIES II SANYO PR-3000 DAISV WHEEL s59. 95 TOSHIBA 301..$ 329.95 TOSHIBA 311..$ 369.95 PRINTER lease call before applicable sales Certified Check. Bank Check, Money Orders, Approved P.O. s, Visa, Mastercard, Diners CtubAm-Ex, Call Blanche A C.O.D. a acoe, submitting P.O. a. No additional surcharge for credii card orders. Non-cerbfied cnecksmust wait4-6 weeks for clearance. N.Y. residei tax. Prices and availability subiect lo change without notice. Nol responsible for typographical errors Return of defective mctch. Tax. Prices and availability subiect lo change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors Return ol return authorization number, or or returns will not be accepted. IBM XT-AT are registered trademarks of Intcrnalioi 5% shipping A handling (min S6) Volume orders over S2000 are discounted to 3% shipping A handling. APO handling. An APO FPO oiil »ie shipp* f fir-1 rlnss priority air. All orders can be shipped Air Express-call for d listered trademarks of International Business I 3% shipping A handling. APO FPO ordersp be shippetTArr Express-call for details D.C.A. SB00233 aie shipp d fir*-1 rhss priority air. All orders can ONLY The BEST For AMIGA For LESS! Ti t* 1 Authorized AMIGA Dealer Grading Learning Curves % OmpUT lfZ Computers Service Center This Months Specials: A MAX $ 119 $ 369 549 449 939 149 139 135 519 749 889 1099 Supra 30 MB HD $ 649 Supra 30 MB HD auaa 739 Supra 45 MB HD 779 20 MB Drive u«iumiuafa 40MB Quantum 65 MB Drive 80MB Quantum AIR Exter. 3.5" Dr. Amigen Genlock Digi View Gold Frame Grabber GVP 40MB HC am GVP 40MB HD GVP 80MB HC xum Hard Card 40 MB- 699 Internal Dr. A2000 125 Supra 45 MB HC ***» 649 Supra 80 MB HC1049 Supra 2400B Modem 129 Supra 8 2 MB RAM Call SuperGen Genlock 649 Star NX Col. Prt. 285 Uve 2000 329 Live A500 1000 255 Mouse 45 Xerox 4020 InkJet 1079 SOFTWARE ACCESSORIES OUTSIDE CA ORDERS ONLY PLEASE! A mu.’rubier 865 Dynamic Studio S135 MlcroLswyer S39 2 Way Switch box S30 Amiga WB 1.3 23 Dynamic CAD 290 MIDI Magic 90 15“ Monitor stand 55 3- Don on 68 Excellence 165 Modder3D 62 1084 Carrtng case 49 Accountant 175 Express Paint 3D 85 Money Mentor C 56 A500 Carring Case 57 A drum 46 FACC U 24 Move Setter 59 Mouse Pad 7 Aegis Anim ator 80 Fancy 3D Fonts 45 Multi Forth 57 Phaser Gun 55 Aegis Draw 2000 175 Fan Lav is km 40 Multi PrefB 17 Ergo Stick Joystick 23 Aegis Images 24 First I jetiers & Word* 32 Muaic Student 36 Disk Holder 50 24 Aloha fonts IS First Shapes 32 News Ijctter Fonts 27 Sony 15" (10) 20 Amiga Don Express 20 Flow 57 Micro Rase 24 BASF 15’ (10) 18 Analytic Arts 38 Font Set I (Gold Disk) 23 Micro Text 24 Transve* tor 2500 30 Animate 3D 94 Fonts & Borders 25 Outline 42 Tilt & swivel Sutnd 30 Animation Effect* 31 Forms In Flight H 70 Page Flipper+FX 83 X-Specs 3D 05 An imalion Stand 31 Cimoz 2.0 40 Pagesetter S3 Track Rail 37 Animation Multiplane 55 Gold Spell II 30 Pagestream 129 Amigen to 1084 CbL 2D An bn ator Apprent ice 170 Gomf 25 Photon Paint H 06 A10Q0 Parallel CbL 2D Asha's Font* 55 Grdabil 20 Photon Cell Anim. 86 A50CV2000 Par. CbL 20 A Talk III 62 Grade Manager 56 Photosynthesis 80 Modem Cahle 20 A trades BBS 00 Great States II 24 Pixmaie 42 Serial Cable 20 Audio Mitnpr 11 63 Huicalc 29 Pro Video Plus 176 Monitor Extern .Chi 4 20 AZTEC CI*ro, 145 Home Builders CAD 11B Pro Video Font Sets 75 Disk Dr. Ex ten. Cbl 20 BJVJI. 32 Home Inventory 25 Professional Page 219 A500 Imagewriter cbl 20 Hrourcast Titler 1B5 Hot Cool Jazz 21 Professional Draw 129 Butcher 2.0 25 Huge Print 30 Prowrite 2.0 Z-GAMES 115 Autoduel CAD Part* Calligrapher 15 Impact-Graphics 80 In tdlitype Typing 56 Project D 35 Publisher Plus S25 CR Tree 02 Instant Music 32 Quarterback 42 Balance Power I960 33 Cliy Desk 80 Interchange 30 Raw Copy 36 BatJe Cbcas 30 City Desk Art Compa. 20 Intro CAD 49 SAFE T NET 31 Bureacrwcy 25 CLI Mate 25 Invmtory 65 Sculpt 3D 63 Calif. Game* 30 Clip Art* Vol*. 12 Investors Advantage 63 Shakespeare 135 Cosmic Bouncer 19 CZ Muster Editor 66 Invisian 129 Son hr 47 Dark Castle 25 Com ic Setter 50 Its Rock & Roll 23 Soundquest D50 23 Defender Of Crown 32 Comic Setter-Funny 22 Jet Set Font Set 34 Studio Magic 60 DejaVu 35 Comic Sctler-SiF L 22 Kora Fonts 48 Superbase 11 00 Dragon's Lair 40 Com ic Setter-Sup. H. 22 Kindwords 50 Superbase Pro. 185 Earl Weaver BsbaH 35 Data Retrieve 47 Kwik Speak I 26 Super Itan 96 Emerald Mine II 30 Deluxe Hdp (All) 23 Kwik Speak H 28 Synthia 58 F A-18 Interceptor 35 Deluxe Music 65 Lattice C 5D 175 Tax Break 49 Falcon 31 Deluxe Paint HI 05 Lattice C-h- 350 Texture 95 Flight Simu. II 33 Deluxe Photo Lab 90 Laserscript 28 T Shell 30 Hitchhikers Guide 15 Deluxe I*roduction 120 Laserup Fonts VoLl 26 TextcraftjHus 60 Lard of Rising Sun 31 Deluxe Video 88 Laserup Hot 35 Tool Cady 30 Road War 2000 25 Design Disks 22 Laserup Print 65 Transport Cont- 179 Reger Rabbit 33 D1GA 47 Laserup Utfl. Vol.! 29 Turbo Silver 120 S Hen te Service 25 DIGI Paint 42 Lexicon PCM 70 90 IV Show Text Ea. 57 Sin hod 34 Director 42 link word Long, all 23 Video Effects 3D 125 Snake Pit 24 Diak Mechanic 53 LlghtsCamraAction 55 Video Scape 3D 115 Sowrd of Sodan 34 Disk To Disk 32 Lint 65 Video Tiller 84 Stargiiderll 29 Disk Wick 30 Logic Works 61 W Shell 30 Sub Rattle 25 DOS To DOS 35 Magellan US Word Perfect 169 Tcbno Cop 32 DOS Express 10 Mavis Beacon 35 Word Perfect Lib 80 Three Stooges 33 Dr.TsKCS 155 Maxiplan Plus 115 Write "N Fae 00 TV Sports Football 33 Dr. Ts M.R.S. 41 Marauder II 26 Zoctropc 85 Uninvited 33 Dynamic Drums 47 Microfiche Filer + 110 Zuma Fonts (All) 25 Ultima IV 38 For Info, Consultation, Tracing orders Call our Customer Service 800-225-4017 (213)854-0550 402 S. San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles. CA 90048 Hrs. 10AM-7PM Policy: UPS ground $ 3.50 par iLom- 2nd D*y Air $ 6.00 par Iwm, Hardware & havier package* maybe mor*.( SIGNATURE UEQUIREDJ.NO COD'*. Shipping A Handling not included and are non-refundable PeraonaJ Check* allow 20 day* to clear. Prod jet *ubject to availability. Pnc*« aubjact to change. Add 3% for VJSA MC, 5% A.E. Dafoctive merchandiia ropairod or replaced with the **nw item only.Rejected or lie turned product aubjact to 20% raatocking feo.No refund for roducta dofcctiva or incompatiblo or not performing aauafactary. No guarantee* for product performance. In CA add Tax. J? A MENU-DRIVKN authoring system, CanDo (SI49.95) lets non-programmers create complex interactive presentations and programs. Gan Do’s graphic interlace guides you through the project-design process; while you add windows, text field, pictures, animations. Ancl sound, CanDo Programmers Only LINT VERSION 3.0 ($ 98) hunts down hugs, glitches, and inconsistencies in your C programs. The stepped-up version includes 50 new error messages, detects missing break statements, uninitialized or unaccessed arrays and structures, and unsigned or Apples and Oranges AMAX OWNERS, TARE note! Amig-a-Tosh ($ 199), a 1 x 4 x 8-inch Macintosh-compatible floppy drive, works with A- Max (ReadySoft) as well as other Mac emulators. Using Amig-a-Tosh Plus! Requires A- Gen erally Speaking YOU CAN ADD frame-cap- ture capabilities without modifying your system's existing hardware by using Omni-Gen 701 Amiga Gen-Lock System. The unit lets you convert image data into hroadcast-quality video signals, NTSC standard composite signals, or Y C 358 signals. It features a built-in broadcast-standard sync generator and sine-squared and My Darling Synthia THE SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL 16-bit Synthesizer equips your Amiga with the capabilities of eight synthesizers. With this lady’s help, you churns out the software. CanDo supports all native Amiga graphic modes and resolutions, Electronic Arts’ BrushANIM format, and Arexx. Call Inovatronics, 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B, Dallas, TX 75231, 214 340-4991. Reader sendee number 57 3. Signed mismatches. This diagnostic- facility reports four kinds of errors; fatal, syntactic, warning, and informational. Collect Lint 3.0 from Gimpel Software, 3207 Hogarth Lane, Collegeville, PA 19426, 215 584-4361. Reader sennce number 575. Max software only; it includes an interface in the drive case to replace ReadySoft’s. Your translator is M.A.S.T., 3881 Benatar Way, Chico, CA 95928, 916 342-6278. Reader sendee number 551. Comb filtering to minimize horizontal crawl. The system’s PAL counterpart, Omni-Gen 702, produces standard signals conforming to System I CC1R Report 624-1 or Y C 443 signals. Each version retails for SI595. Omnicron Video has the total picture: 21822-L Lassen St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-3680, 818 700-0742. Reader sendee number 579. Can create 16-hit (CD quality) instruments, special effects for use with synthesized or digitized samples. The Other Guys will make the introductions; PO Box H, Logan. UT 84321, 801 753-7620. Reader sendee number 548. AC BASIC™ V1.3 - NEW Man or Machine? OVERCOME BY tyrannical machines, inhabitants of the planet Denaris ($ 39.95) seek your assistance in exterminating their oppressors. Your ultra-refined space glider accelerates vour crusade against evil. Obtain the details of your mission from Hard- Wired Entertainment, 2171 Dumvin Dr., Unit 13, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 1X2,416 569-1212. Reader service number 550. Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus. AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASlC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCI1 $ 195. Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager, Runtime Library, IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 295. 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. Scientific, Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, Ml 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amina trademark oifommmiorv Amiga Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp. AC FORTRAN ft C;rde 175 on Reader Service card. Environmental Concerns Hdutil The complete Hard Disk utility US$ 69-95 ARE YOU CONSTANTLY searching for programming tools? The ToolBox is a configurable environment that integrates the editing and compilation phases of programming, eliminating time- consuming steps. The text editor lets you edit up to 32 files The Exterminator A MOUSE AND menu driven Benchmark Modula-2 Source Level Debugger (SI49.95) helps you rid your Modula-2 programs of unwanted bugs. This utility implements ten different types of windows: source, symbolic data, disassembly, registers, memory, module list, procedure call chain, break point list, information, and directory. With it, at the same time; it features a search function that allows up to 10 search strings simultaneously, including regular expressions. For more details, contact Mirage Studio, 5 Gipsy Ln., Wokingham, Berkshire, RG1 1. England, 0734-788965. Reader service number 552. Vou can examine data struc- turcs, set break points, examine memory, and single step. Avant-Garde Software will help you clean house, contact them at 2213 Woodburn, Plano, TX 75075, 214 964-
0260. Reader service number 554. ¦ Fast backup mode - 20 Meg. In under 50 minutes ® Include exclude files by wild card - date - archive bit - list - globally - or by point and click ® Auto configures to multi hard drive or partition systems ® Works with all AmigaDos compatible hard drives ® Multi tasking * designed to run in the background ® 3 backup restore modes - Dos backup mode allows you to access your backup disks with standard Dos tools ® Formats disks as required ® Catalog of files ® Builds,sorts and manipulate all files and directories subdirectories ® Runs from Wbench or CLI ® Works equally well with dual floppies ® Full intuition interface for ease of use ® Many additional features allow you to - copy files - delete move rename files or directories - make new directories * copy or format floppy disks - interface with other programs to Type or Edit text files, View picture files and more.® Written in 68000 Assembler code ® Minimum 512k Amiga required ® NOT COPY PROTECTED AlltOKick Modify 1000 Kickstart disks US$ 29-95 (or lor the 500 2000 with additional equipment , burn new Eproms) Software autoconfig contiguous blocks of fastmem - increase available chipram ® Perform internal addmem of another block of fastmem to speed reboots ® Install a font of your choice inplace of Topaz-8 font provided on KickStart ® Install code into KickStart to orevent the spread of any of the known viruses ® Reduce the annoying click from empty drives ® Speed up floppy operation ® Modify KickStart to use any floppy to boot from ® Full intuition interface - all operations selectable from gadgets ® Runs from CLI or WB ® coded in 68000 Assembler ® NOT COPY PROTECTED ThaiSoft YES WE ACCEPT Visacard Mastercard Bankcard All orders shipped promptly All orders include AirMail 12 Dinmorc Street. Moorooka, Brisbane. Queensland. AUSTRALIA 4105 Telephone 61-7-277-3255 BHIWALL SOLID PRODUCTS & SOLID SUPPORT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED No Surcharge On Charge Orders Friendly Service Customer Service Business Hours M-F, 9-5 EST Our Fourth Year In Business! We Know How To Service Our Customers!
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 24 HOURS TOLL FREE 1-800-638-5757 OUTSIDE USA CALL 1-215-683-5433 Bridge S O Bubble Bobble Bubble Ghost California Games Capone Captain Blood Carrier Command Centerfold Squares Chessmaster 2100 Chrono Ouest Craps Academy Dark Side Death Bnnger Defender of the Crown Double Dragon Dragon's Lair Dungeon Master Earl Weaver Baseball Earl Weaver's Commisioner's Empire Fast Break F18 Interceptor Faery Tales Falcon Federation* Flight Simulator 2 Fourth & Inches Galileo 2.0 Gone Fish n (Reel'n Fish'n) Grand Slam Tennis Gunship Head Coach Hole In One Miniature Golf Hollywood Strip Poker Hostage Hybris Ice Hockey Super Star Ice Hockey: Wayne Gretsky 25 27 27 29 27 36 32 24 36 36 32 29 29 33 29 39 28 35 17 36 32 36 32 35 29 35 29 49 35 36 38 36 26 27 32 27 35 35 139 139 99 92 89 25 s 65 69 219 165 275 39 49 52 135 139 139 99 195 65 65 115 52 65 85 129 65 65 99 Disk $ 65 135 24 34 39 42 35 64 32 99 129 69 25 105 59 27 39 49 69 35 39 25 99 49 27 20 52 339 205 135 119 59 35 45 42 59 35 69 19 33 42 35 CHECK YOUR CURRENT MAILORDER HOUSE1 DO THEY7 ?Advertise their shipping policy Dhave 24 hour toll-free ordering ?Offer fast, friendly and reliable service ?Have in-house technical support ?Have a fair return exchange program ? Treat you with respect & value IS PRICE YOUR ORLY CONCERN? CALL US & SEE ROW EASY MAILORDER CAN BE1 24 It Came from the Desert' 35 Deluxe Paint v3 0 109 30 Jet 35 Deluxe Photo Lab 99 30 Joker Poker 37 Design Disxs EACH 25 32 Kingdoms ol England 32 Digi-Paint 40 55 King ol Chicago 33 Digiview 3 0 139 36 Kmgs Quest III 36 Digiview Gold tor A500 A1000 139 25 Krystal' 35 DigiWorks 89 36 Lance A-Lol 29 Director 49 55 Lastlnca 32 Draw 2000 169 29 Leaderboard World Class 29 Express Paint V3 89 32 Leisure Suit Larry V2 36 Fanlavision 49 32 Lord of the Rising Sun 36 Forms in Flight 2 89 30 Magic Johnson's Basketball* 36 Home Builder's CAD 135 29 Manhunter 36 Intro CAD 52 32 Mean 18 Golf 27 Invision by Elan Design 139 ¦ Operation Wolf 27 Lights, Camera, Action 59 Out Run 37 Masterpiece Amiga Fants Clip Art 165 PhasarGun 42 Modeler 3-D 69 $ 29 Pioneer P ague 29 Movie Setter 69 29 Planet of Lust ‘NEW* 29 Page Flipper Plus FX 99 20 Populus 35 Page Render 3D 99 29 Port of Calls 32 Pertect Vision 185 36 President's Missing (The) 29 Performer 42 24 Prison 00 Photon Paint 44 36 Ouestron 2 36 Photon Paint v2 0 109 27 Quix 29 Photon Video Cel Animator 99 28 Rustal 27 Pixmate 45 39 Reach for the Stars 29 Printmaster Art Galleries EACH 22 33 Renegade 29 Printmaster Plus 33 12 Rocket Ranger 36 Professional Draw 139 32 Roger Rabbit 33 Pro Net 20 415 36 Scrabble 29 Pro Video Plus 199 36 Sex Vixens from Space 19 Sculpt Ammator 40 Junior 105 36 Sex Vixens Hint Sheets 5 Sculpt Animate 4D 389 27 Speedbail 29 Sculpt 3D 69 29 Shadow Gate 33 Spritz 55 27 Shangai 27 TV Show 65 29 Space Quest 2 36 | TV Text 65 2 Midi Interface Cables each Si 5 Amiga Monitor or Dsk Drv Extensn 19 Cable Connector BNC M RCA F 2 Composite Video Cable RCA M M 6' 3 Control Center 79 Copy Stand with Lights 65 ECE Midi 1000 49 ECE Midi 500 2000 49 Gender Changer Parallel Adapter 21 Ink-Black Cart.-Canon 1080A 12 Ink-Color Cart-Canon 108OA 18 Ink 60ml Bottle Black. Cyan, Magenta. Yellow 40 Ink 5ml Cartridge Black. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 5 Ink Adapters lor Canon PJ1080 etal 2 Joystick Bat Handle 22 Joystick Ergo Stick 22 Joystick-Super 3 Way 25 Lightpen for Amiga 89 Modem Commodore 1680 69 Modem Mini A1000 79 Modem Mini A500 A2000 79 Modem Supra 2400 w o cable 139 Modem Cable 500 2000 6 leet 17 Monitor Cable Amigen to 1084 21 Mouse-3oing Optical 95 Qkimate Plug N Pnnt-Amiga 500 75 Paper Canon PJ1080A Roll 8 Paper H P Paint Jet 30 Printer Cable 500 2000 Parallel Printer 6 It. 18 Printer Cable 500 2000 Serial Printer 16 Ribbon - Okimate 10 20 Black Color 6 Ribbon Renew-Re-lnk w no Equip 5 Star NX1000R Color Ribbon 9 1001 Things to do with Amiga 11 AMIGA C tor Beginners + 15 Amiga C Advanced Prgrmmers + 22 Advanced Amiga BASIC Book 15 AudioTcols Disk Robert Peck 12 Machine Lang Prog Guide 17 Amiga 30 Graphics Prgrmmng + 17 AmigaBASICInside&Out Book + 20 Amiga DOS Inside&Out Book + 17 Amiga DOS Manual 20 Amiga DOS QUICK Ref Manual 12 Amiga DOS Reference Manual 19 Amiga Disk Drives Inside&Out + 24 Amiga Machine Language Book 17 Amiga Microsoft Prog Guide 17 Amiga Programmer's Guide 15 Amiga System Progrmr's Guide 27 Amiga Tips & Tricks Book 17 Amiga tor Beginners 15 More Amiga Tips & Tricks + 17 Programmer's Guide to Amiga 22 Prog Gu de Amiga-C Language Disk 12 Prog Guide Amiga Modula 2 Disk 12 ROM Ke-nReiExe&Lib&Devic 28 Elementary Amiga BASIC Book 13 Inside Amiga Graphics 15 inside the Amiga With C 21 Disks lor Books 12 GENERAL 8USMESS Advantage (The) 54 Citydesk v 2.0 S129 Desktop Budget 52 Easy Ledgers 199 Excellence(speci(y 512K or 1 meg) 169 Family Tree (Your) 35 Fine Print 35 KFS Accountant 195 Kindwords 69 Magellan 139 MaxiPlan Plus 125 Microliche Filer 69 Microfiche Filer Plus 119 Microiawyer 39 Nimbus Accounting v1,3* 109 Organize Platinum Edition 69 Pen Pal 99
P. H.A.S.A.R.v3.0 69 Page Setter 90 Page Stream 129 Page Stream DotMatrix Fonts! 4each27 Prownte v 2.0 75 Project Master 135 Professional Pages 1.1 249 Publisher's Choice 135 Publisher Plus 64 Scribble-Platinum 99 Security Analyst 49 Shakespeare 89 Scribbie-Plalmum 99 Tx Ed Pius 59 Who What When Where 69 Word Perfect 179 Works - Platinum Edition 199 I EDUCATIONAL 1 Adventures of Smbad S 32 Aesop's Fables 32 All About America 39 Animal Kingdom (Wonders ol) 32 Decimal Dungeon 32 Dinosaur Discovery Kit' 29 First Letters Words 30 First Shapes 30 Fraction Action 32 Kid Talk 30 Kinderama 32 Linkword: Fr, Ger. Ital. Sp each Math Talk Math Talk Fractions Math Wizard Math amation (College) Mavis Beacon Typing Mother Gooso My Paint Perfect Score SAT Puzzle Storybook (The)* Read & Rhyme Read A Rama Smooth Talker Speller Bee Word Master AD&D Heroes of the Lance Alien Syndrome Atkanoid Aunt Artie Adventure Awesome Arcade Pak Baal Balance ol Power 1990 Bailistix Barbarian Bard's II: Destiny Knight Bard's Tale I Bard's II: Clue Book Batman Batife Chess Battiehawks 1942 Battle Tech Blackjack Academy Blood Money Breach Bride of the Robot Star Fleei 1 39 Star Glider 2 32 Star Wars 27 Stellar Conflict 27 Strip Pokerli 29 Sword of Sodan 34 TV Sports Football 36 Technocop 36 Test Drive 2 34 Tetris 25 Three Stooges 33 Time & Magic 29 Total Eclipse 29 TriPack(PresMiss, De(Crwn5, Suptly 29 Twilight Zone 29 Ultima IV 39 Universal Military Simulator 35 Video Vegas 25 Virus 25 War and Middle Earth 36 Where is Carmen (world) 27 ZachMacrakm 32 Zany Goll 33 Zoom 20 AmMagic $ 69 Animate 3D 99 Award Maker Plus 35 Broadcast Titler 199 Business Card Maker 37 Calligrapher v 1.05 79 Celebrity Cookbook 27 Comic Setter 69 Comic Setter Clip Art EACH 25 Deluxe Paint v2.Q 72 CREATIVITY GRAPHICS A Talk III AC BASIC v 1.3 Amiga Workbench 1.3 Amikit Ami,..Alignment Amiga DOS Toolbox Arrexx Assempro BAD Disk Optimizer BBS PC Benchmark Modula 2 Benchmark Modula 2 Libraries Butcher 2.0 Can Do
C. A.P.E 68K v2.0 CLI Mate DOS 2 DOS DSM Developer's Pak 2 Disk-2-0isk Diskmaster FACCII GFA BASIC GOMF V3 with Hardware Switch Gomf v3 0 Grabbit Inova Tools Lattice C+ + Lattice C V 5.0 Developer Pack Mac Emulator(AMAX) Professional BASIC Power Windows 2.5 Project D v1 1 Quarterback Raw Copy v1,3 Super Back True BASIC Libraries EACH True Basic 2.0 UltraDOS Virus fnfection Protection Virus Protection Toolbox W Shell Deluxe Music Construction Dr. T Copyist Level 1 Dr. T Copyist II' Dr. T KCS v16a Dr. T KCS Level 2 Dr. T MT32 Voices Dr. T Midi Recording Studio Dynamic Drums Dynamic Studio v2.4 Future Sound Sampler M Intelligent Music Midi Magic Music X Perfect Sound A1000 Perfect Sound A500 Pro Sound Designer Somx Sound Oasts Sound Sampler Soundscape Pro Midi Studio Studio Magic Synthia Texture Products marked with * were not released at time ad was prepared. Please call for Firm price and availability. UTILITIES LANGUAGES SOUNO MUSIC Turbo Silver Video Scape 3D 2.0 Video Titler 1.1 X-Specs Zoetrope Zuma Fonts each MIDI SOUND
A. MA S Golden Hawk A20G0 Int Mtfi MONITORS Mitsubishi DiamonScan 14 Moniterm Viking 1 NEC 3D PRINTERS AbatonOuickstepPstscrptLsser Canon PJ1080A Color InkJet Canon Bubble Jet 360dpi 132col Fujitsu LED Postscript Laser Express HP PaintJet Okimate 20 Panasonic 1124 Star NX-1000R Rainbow Color Xerox 4020 Color Ink Jet 135 75 529 call 695 3349 519 799 call 2199 call 155 359 259 1139 469 189 49 VIDEO Flicker Fixer Panasonic WV1410 Camera Rainbow 16mmLensw vanab1eifis AMIGA 1084s Stereo Monitor 2058 Memory Board W 2MB Amiga 68010 68881 W 2MB Amiga 500 A5Q1 Mmry Exp A500w clock 520 vndeo adapter Amioa 2000.2000HD.2500 call call call call call call call call call call Supra Corporation Serious About C? Check out this limited time special MANX, DEVELOPER COMBINATION PACKAGE BhiWALL SOLID PRODUCTS & SOLID SUPPORT PO Box 129 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 Toll Free 24 Hour Order Line 1-800-638-5757 24 Hour Order Line Outside USA 1 215 683 5433 24 Hour FAX Line ¦ 1 215 683 8567 Customer Service 1-215-683-5433 Technical Support 1 -215-683-5699 IBM Q9Q AMIGA IBM CQK AMIGA vOO DARK SIDE 4T? $ 725 List K ztec NOW ALL 3 Developer FOR ONLY Source Level Debugger $ 329 Source Level Libraries IBM AMIGA $ 29 $ 29 Also Available Aztec C Professional Aztec C Developer Aztec C Source Level Debugger Aztec C Library Source $ 129 $ 195 $ 79 $ 195 !We Have Gilt Certificates! A Pro Draw 12x12w cursor $ 499 Case 2-5 25‘ Hhw pwr 1 Fan 79 ChinonA2000 Internal 3.5"floppy 99 Color Splitter 90 Easyl 500 329 FlexiData FD-10 149 FlexiData FD-20 259 DRAM 1Mbx1 100 ns 17 256 Kbx1 150ns 6 256 Kbx4 120ns IB 256 Kbx4 120ns ZIP 22 SCSI DRIVES 40MB Quantum 3.5" 19 12ms 559 BOMB Quantum 3.5’’ 19 12ms 969 100 M B Quantum 3 5” 18 12 ms 1099 32MBSeagatST138N 3 5" 319 48MBSeagatSH57N 35" 349 62MBSeagatST177N 3 5 call 62MBSeagatST277N 525“ 439 84MBSeagatST296N 5 25" 539 84M9SeagatST1096N 3 5” call 44 M BsyQuestRrmtlS.25' 2 5 ms 699 GENLOCKS Amigen 149 Gen One 595 ProGen 369 Magni 4004 1389 MiniGen call ScanLock 895 SuperGen 669 SuperGen 2000s call 208BXT BridgeBoard 2286AT BridgeBoard Kickstart 1.3 ROM chip PURCHASE ANY 3 OF THE ABOVE TITLES & WE WILL DEDUCT S6 FROM YOUR ORDER (Offer good until 10 30 89) HAROWARE IBM AMIGA A SQUARED Live! 1000 249 Live! 500 299 Uve 2000 319 CACHE SYSTEMS Hard Dnves call COMPUTER SYSTEM ASSOCIATES Kronos 219 Midget Racer w 68020 349 MkJgetRacerw 68020 8fl8Bl-l6 519 DIGITPONICS RD4 Ramcard A2000 (OK) 199 RC4 w case.pwr.A500 adot fOK) 280 GREAT VALLEY A2000 S044 call A2000 68030 25w 882 25 1449 A2000 030 25 & 882 25 & 4MB 2799 A200OSCSIHrdDskCmrV2MB(OK) 299 A200G 40MB SCSIHrdCrdQntm 799 A2000 80MB SCSIHrdCrdQntm 1159 A200010OMB SCSlHrdCrdQntm 1495 A500 30MB SCSI HrdDrive 759 A500 40MBSCSI HrdDrv Q 1020 A500 80MBSCSI Hid Drive 1429 INTERACTIVE VIDEO Trumpcard 159 2-4MB RamCard call Trumpcard A500 219 MAST MicroMegs (A501 sub) 159 MrntMegs 512K A500or A1000 315 MmiMegs 1 MB A500 or A1000 449 MimMegs2MB A5Q0orA1Q00 749 PLEASE COME VISIT US! Monday Friday 9AM 6PM EST Saturday 9AM 12 Noon EST Supra Ram 2000 Amiga 2000 w 2MB $ 499 Supra Modem 2400 SI 29 TnyTg 30MBA500 2000A1000 829 Tny Tor 40MBQn1500,2000.1000 799 Tny Tgr 48MB500Q 2000, 1000 769 Tny Tgr Performance Plus call Amiga Tosh 199 Amiga Tosh Plus call A2000 internal Drive 129 Twin Drive 259 UniDrive 149 MICROBOTICS HardFrame 2000 249 8 Up! DIP (QK) 185 Star Board II 269 Star Board li SCSI Module 99 Star Board i! Upper Deck 49 MIMETICS Frame Buffer (OK) 489 Frame Capture 159 PACIFIC PERIPHERALS OverDrive 199 Synergy 500 219 Subsystem 500 249 PHOENIX Exp. Chassis A500 159 Exp, Chassis A1000 179 Exp,ChassisA500.Al000w pwr 239 22MB Hfd Drive A500 579 PROGRESSIVE PioRamA2000 2MB(8M6max) 639 Frame Grabber 529 Supra Modem 2400zi Amiga 2000 Internal $ 139 Supra Ram 500 Amiga 500 1h with clock $ 149 Supra Hard Drives Call lor prices and configurations RONJN 68030 28mhz4 882 25 44 MS 2629 SPIRIT Spifitlnboard A50Q orA1000 = OK) 229 SpiritA500SIN 269 XETEC Fast Card 159 Fast Trak 0 M B A500 or A10 00 379 PACKAGES' 8 UP w 2MB 499 8UP W 4MB 789 8UP w 6MB 1059 8UPW 3M0 1299 HardFrame w 32MB 589 HardFrame W 48MB 610 HardFrame w 64 MB 749 HardFrame W 82MB 779 HardFrame w 40MB Qntm 779 HardFrame w 80MB Qntm 1149 HardFrame w 100MB Qntm 1325 FasiTrack w case 4 32 MB 710 FastTrack w case 4 48MB 739 FastTrack w case 4 64 MB 879 FastTrack w case 4 82MB 910 FastTrack w case 4 158MB 1499 FastTrack w case 440MB Qntm 899 FastTrackw caseiSOMBQntm 1279 FastTrack w case4100MB Q 1449 Frame Buffer w 1 MB 589 RC4 2000 W 512K (4MBmax) 269 RC4 A500 w 512K (4MBmax) 349 SlarBoard II W 512K 359 StarBoard II w 1 mb 449 SlarBoard 11 W 2MG 669 Spiritlnboardw 512K(1.5MBmax) 319 Spiritlnboard w 1 MB 410 Spifitlnboard w 1.5MB 499 SpiritSIN500w 512KB = 2MBmax) 379 Sy nergy50 0 C ase 64 M N 829 Synergy500 Case 158MB 1449 FastCard W 32MB 499 FastCard W 48MB 529 FastCard W 64MB 649 FastCard W 84MB 699 FastCard w 158MB 1329 FastCard w 4QMBQntm 699 FastCard w 80MBOntm 1069 FastCard w 1 OOMBQntm 1245 TrumpcardSOO W 32MB 559 TmmpcardSOO w 48MB (28MS)' 589 Trumpcard500 W 40MB Qntm 759 Trumpcard500w 8QMBQntm 1129 TmmpcanJ500 w 100MB Qntm 1299 Trumpcard w SyQuest 919 Trumpcard W 46MB 529 OverDrive 40 Q 725 OverDrive 80 Q 999 Lit II pit i custom pickigi rful ti|«thir fir yul Pltasi call H-F. B-5 EST Actual shipping costs pn hardware 'Some end user final assembly may be required SHIPPING POLICY: AH ORDERS received belore 3PM EST will normally be shipped within 2 business days Out of slock items will be shipped by Ihe same shipping melhoc as original order, normally within 3 or 4 business days AH UPS shipments are sent SIGNATURE REOUIRED NO DRIVER RELEASE ADD Ihe (allowing shipping charges 10 your TOTAL software order UPS: Ground 54 00 (cont USA ONLY) A r Rush 57 00 (Includes Puerto Rico Hawan). Oveimghi 51 ? 00 *
52. 50 per item (must be received by 12 NOON). PMOMTY HAL: USA 54 00 (includes APO FPO), Canada Mexico 56 00, Other Foreign 54 00 Handling 4 Actual Shipping + Insurance MDEMNG INSTRUCTORS: For your convenience, you can place a phone order 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL-FREE LINE 1 600 638 5757 Outside the USA. Please use (215) 683 5433 Price, availability and compatibility checks are also welcome on our order line. Monday thru Friday. 9:30AM 4 30PM EST AFTER HOURS. Orders Only. Please' When placing an order, please specify your computer mode. Home 8 daytime phone number, shipping address, charge card number, expiration date 4 name ol bank ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We welcome payment by PREPAID (by Personal Check or Money Order), MASTERCARD VISA SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS. COD orders are welcome lor established Bnwall Customers Only (54 00 additional) All payments must be in USA DOLLARS There is no Surcharge 1or Credit Cards and your card is NO I charged until we ship' RETURN POLICY (tor lottwirc and icceiiortes ONLY): We have a liberal return policy to better service your needs II within 15 days Irom the time you receive an item, you are not satisfied with il lor any reason, you may return it to us for ether a refund, exchange or open credit. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 10°o RESTOCKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED (55 00 MINIMUM PER ITEM) EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued for the tul purchase price ol the item DEFECTIVE Items, Hardware items and Special Order items will be replaced with the same item only TECHNCAL SUPPORT (M-F • 9:3QAM-5PM EST) We do our very, best to help you with your product selections, before you order and alter you receive your product General questions, price, compatibility with your computer, etc will be handled by our order staff at the time you place your order BUT. If you have specific, detailed questions about a product, printer, compatibility questions, etc.. you will get the most help 1ram our TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE 215 683 5699 HELP KEY Encyclopedia “Lou Wallica” Aos the answers to all your research questions. Budding Animator Q: Soon after I got my A500, I decided that I just had to get a 3-D animation program, and I selected I'ideoscape 3D because everyone seemed to like it. When it arrived, I started reading the instructions, but quickly found it was way over my head. Being only thirteen and inexperienced with 3-D animation, this has made me afraid to buy another 3-D program. What should I do? Matthew Garber Stockton, C 1 A: Well Matthew, even on the Amiga, 3-D graphics and computer animation are sophisticated techniques, and there are a lot of people older than vou who also find them difficult to learn. So you should be commended for attempting to use your computer for such difficult (but rewarding) pursuits instead of just using it as a game machine. Videoscape is not the easiest 3-D animator to use, but it isn't the most difficult either. 1 suggest that before you spend any more money on additional programs, take the time to study what you have, perhaps getting your parents or teachers to help with the more troublesome concepts. Then, if you decide you want to go on, perhaps Sculpt Animate or Turbo Silver would be worth investing in. By Louis R. Wallace Of course, if all you really want to do is make animations, then 1 would urge you to get DeluxePaint III. This FA package is an exceptional paint program with very good 2-D animation features, perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced artist and animator. Flicker on The 500 Q: own a Commodore 128 and a PC compatible and soon will be getting an Amiga 500. !.* a newcomer to the Amiga, I am confused and worried about the Amiga's screen flicker in the high- resolution modes. How bad is it? Is there a flicker fixer or equivalent for the A 500? Should I buy a multisync instead of a Commodore 1084S? Is there a multisync with an RGBI and composite modes so that I can use it with my Amiga, PC and Cl28? John Godfrey Jacksonville. AR A: It is certainly true that the Amiga display exhibits flickering when used in interlaced modes (320X400 and 640 X
400) , and depending on the monitor and colors you are using, the effect can range from a mild distraction to a display that will drive you crazy. On the A2000, the solution to the problem has been to get a Micro Way HickerFixer and multisync monitor, which works very well but will cost you around $ 1000. With that price tag, a lot of Amiga owners have decided that interlace isn’t really all that bad! But for many people (myself included), the benefit is well worth the expense. So far there isn’t a flicker fixer for the A500. One will probably be available sometime, but it could end up being even more expensive than the A2000 model. If you are planning on using the same monitor for the A500, PC, and Cl28, then I would say forget about a multisync. In this case, the 1084S J would he your best ancl cheapest solution. The 1084S supports analog display for the Amiga, RGBI for the PC and C128, and composite for the Cl28 (in C64 mode). Quality Color Printers Q: I own an Amiga 500 and I am now ready to buy a color printer. Do you have any advice on which to consider? I want the high-quality text and economy of the new 24-pin printers, hut I am also considering an ink jet. My major application is word processing. Hut I also want to print high- quality color graphics. Randy Payment Dover, A77 A: Well, it sounds like vou are going to have to compromise. You want quality text output, high-quality color graphics and a reasonable price. Faking all that into consideration, I would suggest the HP PaintJet. 1 have seen decent text output and exceptional color graphics from this ink jet, and HP products have a good reinitiation for dependability. Accessing C64 Peripherals Q: Like many other Amiga owners, I upgraded from the venerable Commodore 64, Because of that, I have a lot of hardware for the 64 that has gone unused since I got my Amiga. Is there anything that can let me use my C64 drives, printer and modem on my A1000? Ebenezer Yong Tulsa, OK A: Progressive Peripherals markets a device called Access 64, which does allow vou to use a C64 disk drive or printer with the Amiga. It does not support modems. While not expensive, the C64 devices are very slow, and I don’t recommend you waste your time with it. Instead, why not sell them to a needy eight- bit user and take the money and put it towards an Amiga device? ¦ WE DONTCLAIM TO HAVE IVMIGA
• Gen One .. 499
• Processor Accelerator Call
• Panasonic 1410 185
• Super Gen ..670
• CSA Midget racer .. Call
• Sony 3.5 DS DD 12(10}
• Subsystem500 1000 ..... 200
• Hardframe. 238
• Digiview 3 0 ...128
• Digidroid 62
• Copystand .. 55
• Mini Gen Call
• Amigen 149
• Amiga Genlockl300 120
• Frame Grabber 520
• Gold Disk Scanner . Call
• My-T Mouse ...... 42
• VI500 Video Interlace .59
• Easyl 500 1000 2000 lrom299
• Flicker Fixer 440
• Scanlock $ 800
• Elec ColorSpltr 94
• Live 500 1000 2000 Call
• Syquesi 44 mg Call Orders Only: M-F 10-8 Sat 10-6 800-433-7756 In Michigan: 313-427-7713 ? Indicates Top 50 Sellers No Surcharge for MC VISA DtSCOVER NO Customer Service: 12-5PM EST(M-F) 313-427-0267 FAX 313-427-7766 REFUNDS ABACUS ARTWORK Batman $ 2 7 lechnocop SJU MANK MSI RGB Amiga Dos Tool Bo* S36 World Snooker $ 15 Robocnp $ 27 4x4 Road Racing $ 15
A. * tec C Developers $ 195 ? Raw Copy S36 Deluxe Help fromS21 Assempro S60 Budge 5 0 $ 21 OIGITEK FIRST BYTE Artec C Pro $ 130 MSS. RIGHT ANSWERS GROUP Deckci Text S90 Centerfold Squares $ 18 Extra Courses St? ? Fir si tellers A Words $ 26 Library Sources SI80 Online1 Platinum S60 ? Director $ 42 O il.i Retrieve S4H 1 mkword Languages $ 18 ? Hole 1 Mim Goii $ 24 Fust Shapes 526 Source Level Debugger $ 76 Excellence S150 Director Tool Kit $ 24 Text Pm S4fi
* Slnp Poker ? $ 24 Vampires Empire $ 27 Kid Talk S3? MELBOURNE HOUSE Scribble Platinum Ed $ 90 SIERRA Disk Drives Inside Out S2? ASOG Hollywood Poxer Scall Mam Talk $ 32 World Trophy Soccer Scan Works Platinum Ed $ 177 Police Quest $ 30 Amiga Tricks A Tips St 8 f ACC II $ 2! DISCOVERY Math Talk Fracbons S26 ? War in Middle Earth $ 30 NEW HORIZONS Gold Rush $ 24 Annga C Adv S33 Cygnus Ed $ 60 Arkanoid $ 20 Smoothtalker $ 26 Magic Johnson B-bai: $ 30 Flow S60 Manhunie- $ 30 Amiga Das Instoe Oul sie AVANTE GARDE Arkanoid II Scaii Spoiler Bee S26 MICRO DEAL PostScript $ 30 Sitpheed $ 21 Amiga Machine Lang S18 Benchmark Module 2 5120 Crabbit $ 18 FREE SPIRIT Am as $ Special Pro Fonts 1 or 2 $ 21 Leisure Suit Larry ll 530 Amiga C or Beginners S15 BAUD VILLE HybriS 324 Planet o' Lust 524 Hit D'Sk $ 30 Pro Write 2 5 $ 75 SQFTLOGIC Amiga SyS prog Guide S33 Award Maker Plus $ 30
* Sword ot Sodan $ 30 Ami-Al gnmprl $ 30 Fright Night $ 24 NEWTEK ? Page Slream $ 120 Amiga Bast Inside Out S23 Sports L brary $ 18 VI P $ 30 Securities Analyst $ 48 Anoaii $ 24 Digi Paint III $ 60 Page Stream Fonis 524 Amiga lor Beginners St 5 BETHESDA Zoom $ 18 SexVixons from Space $ 24 4 Player Adapt Scall A500 Adapter S20 SOFTWARE VISIONS Amiga 3D Graphics S18 ? Wayne Greuky Hockey $ 30 DISK CO. FTL Maior Motion $ 24 Digidroul S62 Business Designer $ 36 More Tricks & Tips Si 8 BRITANNICA Musicians Choice 180 Koas Strikes Back Ca I International Soccer $ 24 Digiview 3 O $ 128 Home Designer $ 24 ABSOFT Designasaurus $ 30 Kind Words 2 0 S60
* dungeon Master $ 24 MICROILLJSIONS Digwiew ,10 Upgrade ST 2 ? MtcroFichc Filer Plus SI0B AC Basic 1 3 Si 1 7 BROOERBUND ? R.T MUSIC SOFTWARE FULLER COMPUTER Dr Plummet $ 21
* Diuiview Gold $ 128 SPECTRUM HOLOBITE AC Fortran S180 Ommplay Basketball 30 ? KCS Level It $ 210
* Protect D S30 Turbo $ 18 NEW WAVE SOFTWARE Falcon Mission Disks $ 15 ACCESS Where m lime Cah Copyist Pro 2 $ 168 GOLD DISK Black Jack Academy S24 Dynamic Drums $ 48 Solitaire Poyal $ 21 leader Board Dual Pk S21 Ultima Trilogy $ 36 ? KCS $ 150 Mcwe Ops $ 21 Craps Academy $ 24 Dynamic Studio $ 120
* Falcon $ 30 World Cfs Ldr Board S27 Car men San Dego Wax) $ 27 Midi Recording Studio $ 42 Come Seiler Data Date $ 21 Data Disks SI 2 Sound Oasis $ 60 Tetris $ 21 Super Cars 314
* Sim Cdy $ 27 EASEWARE Pro Page t 2 $ 210 Discovery Math or Soei $ 24 OMNITREND SSI ACTIONWARE Fanlavision $ 36 Home Builders Cad $ 120 Structured Clip Art Scan Faery Tale $ 30 Universe It! $ 30 ? Heroes ol the Lance $ 26 Prison 324 Star Wars $ 24 Horne Builders Ch $ 49 Transcript $ 4? Photo Vti Cel Animator $ 90 Breach ll 530 KamptgruNe S38 Capone $ 24 BROWN WAGH ELAN DESIGN Pro Page Templates $ 36 Music X $ 180 Breach $ 24 Questron 2 $ 32 Phaser Gun $ 46 Easyledger $ 180 invision Ren Live S T 35 Pro Draw Ci p A'l $ 36 ? Photon Pamt ll $ 90 Paiedm $ 24 SUBLOGIC P0 w $ 24 ? Express Pamt 3 0 $ 84 Pelormer $ 36 Desk Top Budget S4? MICROMASTER Sceneno Disks $ 15 ; liqhl Sirr ul.ator I $ 32 ACCOLADE TV Show $ 60 ELECTRONIC ARTS Design 3D $ 60 ? Your Family Tree $ 30 ORIGIN SYSTEMS Jet $ 32 Heavy Meta1 $ 27
* Pen Pal $ 90 Deluxe Paint II 340 ? Comic Setter $ 60 M ICROPROSE(Micropiay) Times of Lore S24 Scenery Disks from S18 California Challenge S14 BUENA VISTA ? Demons Winter $ 26 ? Movie Setter $ 60 Savage CO* Ultima IV $ 36 SUNRIZE 1NOUSTIES Bubble Ghost $ 21 Roger Rabbit $ 27
* Populous S32 Prof Draw $ 120 K VanEron ProSoccer S21 OX XI image Scan Call Famous Courses Vc! 2 $ 12 BYTE BY BYTE Mi BPA Stats $ 14 HARDWIRED ? Gunship S36 Nimbus 2 0 $ 96 Elctr Co1of Splitter $ 94 4th and inches S?7 Sculpt Animate 4D 390 Lancelot $ 20 Denaris S24 Silent Service S24 A iaik 3 $ 60 TAITO Hard Ball 327 Sculpt Aroma'e 4D Jr $ 90 Tme and Magic $ 26 Jinks $ 18 MICROSEARCH Maxiplan 500 $ 90 Qix $ 21 w Jack Nicholas God $ 30 CENTAUR SOFTWARE AAARGH $ 23 HASH C'ty Desk ?0 $ 120 Maxiplan Pius $ 120 Rampage $ 24 Mean 18 $ 27 Work! Atlas 36 Alternate Rltylcityi $ 26 Animator Apren 3 2 $ 177 MIMETICS PRECISION SOFTWARE Bubble Bobbfe S21 Team Constructiond;s* 510 BAD 530 Awesome Arcade Pk $ 32 1MPLUSE 3 Demon $ 68 SupeiBase Personal $ 48 ? Operate" Woit $ 21 ? Test Drive li 527 CENTRAL COAST Bard s Tale $ 32 Turbo Silver $ 120 Pro Midi Studio t 4 $ 125 Super Base Personal ll $ 90 Renegade $ 21 ACTIVISION MAC to DOS Special ChessMaster 2000 $ 29 INCOGNITO Midi interface $ 48 Superflase Pro 3 0 $ 210 THREE SIXTY INC. Bauie Hawks 1942 $ 30 DISK to DISK $ 30 ? Commissioners Disk $ 14 Optics Special Sound Sampler $ 80 Super Plan $ 90 Dark Castle S27 ADDISON-WESLEY ? DOS 2 DOS $ 33 Deluxe Music $ 52 Kingdoms of Englan 327 MINDSCAPE Pro Sound Designer $ 96 Thunder Ridge $ 24 Includes & Auto Docs Call ? Quarterback $ 42
* Deluxe Pamt ill $ 92 INFOCOM Gauntlet II $ 30 PROGRESSIVE TRUE BASIC AEGIS CINEMAWARE Deluxe Pholo Lab $ 92 Journey $ 30 rnimdetblade $ 30 Dunlap Utilities $ 48 True Basic $ 60 Bonus Pack $ 60 Dealhbringer S24 Deluxe Productions $ 122 Shogun $ 36 Action Fighter S24 Baud Bandit S30 9 Libraries (each) $ 30 Am Magic 560 Oatkside S24 Deluxe Video 5 2 $ 30 Zork Zero $ 36 Indiana Jones $ 24 CLI-mate $ 24 UNICORN Audiomaster 2 0 $ 60 II came from the desert $ 30 Double Dragon $ 26 Battleiech $ 30 Balance Power 1990 $ 30 Disk Master $ 30 All About America $ 36 Oraw 2000 $ 168 Speedbaii $ 24
* Earl Weaver $ 32 INNOVISION Captain Blood $ 30 inlroCad $ 48 All other Idles S30 Lights Camera Action $ 48 Total Eclipse $ 24 FA 18 Inlercepler $ 32 Broadcast Titler $ 180 Combat Course S24 Mai ha mail on S48 UNISON WORLD Modeler 3D S60
* Knstal $ 30 Ferrari Formula 1 $ 32 Video Effects 3D $ 120 Hostage 27 Pixmate $ 4 2 Art Gky 1 & 2 Combo S24 Son ix $ 48 Federalwn $ 30 Marble Madness S3? INTERPLAY Indoor Sporfs S3Q PSYGNOSIS An Gallery 1 & 2 ea $ 18 Videoscaoe 3D 2 0 $ 120 King ol Chicago $ 15 Master Ninja $ 20 ? Battle Chess $ 30 Outrun $ 30 ? Blood Money $ 24 Fantasy $ 18 Video Tiiier $ 90
* Lords of Rising Sun $ 30
* Mavis Beacon $ 32 Neuromancer $ 24 Shadowgate $ 30 Baaf Si 3 Fonts & Borders S21 AMIGA RoCke! Ranger $ 30 Wvard Wars $ 26 JDK IMAGES Space Hamer S30 Bailistix $ 21 ? Printmaster Plus S30
* t 3 Enhancer $ 20 SOI $ 15 Zany Golf $ 26 ? Pro Video Gold $ 180 Superstar ice Hockey $ 30 Barbarian $ 24 VISIONARY DESIGN ANTIC Smbad SI 5 EMERALD INTELLIGENCE Font Libraries $ 78 Uninvited S30 Captain Fi;v $ 18 Vorlex S24 Design Disks $ 21 3 Stooges S30 Magellan t 1 W lntf $ 150 KARA Alien Syndrome S24 Chrono-Quest $ 30 Datastorn $ 24 Pioneer Plaque S24 Defender ol fie Crown S30 EPYX Subheads $ 42 Road Raider $ 30 Menace $ 18 WILLIAM HAWES ? Phasar 3 0 $ 60 TV Sports Football S30 Purple Saturn Day $ 24 ? Headlines 2 $ 4 2 Deja Vu n S30 Obliterate $ 24 ? Arexx S30
* Zoelrope S84 COMPUTE BOOKS Protect Neptune $ 24 Kara Fonts $ 48 MINDWARE Terror Pods $ 24 W-Shell $ 30 AROCK COMPUTER Arnqa Dos RefGde3 Ed $ 20 California Games $ 30 LATTICE AuntArfiC Adventure $ 24 READY SOFT WORD PERFECT INC. SOFTWARE DATA EAST Games Winter Editon $ 30 ? Lattice 5 0 New Pnce Pg Flipper Plus F X $ 96 A-Max $ 120 Library $ 78 Masterpiece Pro Fonts Si 50 Rambo III $ 21 impossible Mission 2 $ 15 Dragon's Lair $ 36 Word Perfect SI 50 Send Mail Orders To MCS. 12863 Farmington Rd. Lrvona. HI 48150 Sorry to walk in traffic All returns must have RA * Merchandise tound detective will be repaired or replaced We do not offer refunds for defective products or lor products that do not perform satisfactorily We make no guarantees for product performance Any money back guarantee must be handled directly with Lie manulacturer Can for sruppcng & handling into Prices sublet lo change without notice Shipping & Handling are not refundable Relumed products subject to a 20% restocking fee 12864 FARMINGTON ROAD. LIVONIA. Ml 40150 SUPRA 2400i .’98
• Supra 2400 .... 119*
• Supra 2400 21 128
• Avatex 2400 E 119*
• Avatex 2400 138* W Cabte Purchase-Add S10 Atone 512K RAM A 500 „ *129
• Minimegs......New Low Price 20 MG „ „
H. D.*249 W Controller
• 30 MG ...299
• 40 MG ..349
• 65 MG ...399
• 80 MG ...499
• 40 MG Quantum 559 2 MG RAM ™s299
• 8-Up Board . Call
• Starboard 2 0 K . 235
• Inboard OK 235
• Megaboard 2000 (1 mg) 375
• Megaboard 2000 (2mg) 449
• Pro Ram 2000 499 CONTROLLERS ? Hardframe ?Supra ?GVP ? Xetec ?IVS ? C.Lld Lowest Prices’
3. 5 sy| np- EXTERNAL ?RIVES 1 FROM
• 3 5 Internal 98
• Master 3A 135
• 3 5 Dual Drive 245
• Flex Dala 3 5 ext 135
• Uni Drive 135
• Amiga 1020 Drive Call STAR
* 219* RAINBOW
• NX1000 ... 170*
• Okimate 20 200*
• Panasonic 1 180 179*
• Panasonic 1124 319*
• Panasonic Laser .1399
* W 2 ribbon purch -Add $ 10 alone SUPRA 20MG HD $ 499 COMPLETE "T W W
• Phoenix *C Ltd
• Vault «Xetec
• Many More! Call! PRICED TO MOVE
• Subsystem 500
• 1MG 2MG Boards
• Hard Cards
• 68030 Accelerator We cannot guarantee compatibility DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED InfoMarket Si* V PELICAN WARE PO Box 680, South Street Piattekill, NY 12568 1-800-637-4286, in New York (914) 566-0633 Call or write for free catalog Sr Electronic Ecstasy!! Uni-Drive external $ 144 24 48 9600 bd. Modems CALL 8 up! 8 Starboard II CALL impact 2000 with Ram ... CALL Memory Chips!! CALL GVP 63030 board CALL Phoenix Expansion Box . CALL Removable Hard Drives, CALL Casio Ml-140 Keyboard $ 119 Sharp Color Scanners ....CALL A-Max Emulator $ 124 Apple Roms and Drive ...CALL European Software!!! CALL Call for products not listed'! Scanlock (Vidtek) ..CALL Super Gen 2000s ..NEW! Quantum 40mb SCSI ...$ 539 Quantum 80mb SCSI... S869 Maxtor 96mb SCSI $ 699 Overdrive DMA contr ...$ 180 Fujitsu Hard Drives NEW1 CALL OUR TOLL Mini Meg A500 512K 315.00 Mini Meg A500 1 Meg 445.00 Mini Meg A500 2 meg 739.00 Call Call Call Quantum 40 Meg 19ms Quantum 80 Meg 19ms Trumpcard free™line: 800-999-9670 F0R forSn l (805) 682-8330 Fo» mad or brochure send lo Electronic Ecstasy, 1401 LaCimafload, Saita Barbara,CA 93101 'Prices subject to change Amiga 500 Repair. . . .$ 68. Fast Turnaround! 1-800-373-1188 OO INCLUDES PARTS! Authorized Commodore AMIGA Service Cenrer 90-DAY WARRANTY MF ON ALL REPAIRS $ 97,500 A YEAR HIDDEN IN YOUR COMPUTER?" Find out! (9 years success.) FREE report. Write: Ed Simpson Dept. 771AW, Battle Ground, WA 98604-0771 mi MC VISA COD M.O. ’AMIGA Motherboard only. NQS reserves rhe right ro refuse service on excessively damoged units. 10407 Blue Ridge Blvd., Suite 335 Konsos Gfy, MO 64134 Y= MicroEd Educational Software K thru ADULT ALL CURRICULAR AREAS‘INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS SEND FOR A LIST OF OUR SOFTWARE MicroEd, Incorporated
P. O. Box 24750 Edina, MN 55424 612-929-2242 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your IFF or HAM files Brilliant Color • No Curvature Distortion as low as $ 1 slide Call or Write for order form, price list & sample ffAMMi PHOTOG OND 1 1280 Washington Place photographic Culver City, Ca. 90230 services (213) 390-3010 Public Domain Software Resource' The New Amiga Public Domain Service that lets you Choose only the programs you want! Hundreds of programs available. Send now for our free catalog! PDSResource Only $ 6.00 per Disk. PO Box 7175, Loma Linda, CA 92354 Fred Fish Disks Only $ 2.00! Every disk from 0 to 228+ is available now! $ 2.00 each when ordering five or more OR $ 2.50 each when ordering fewer than five. Bulk Disks and other PD software also available! (To Order or for a free catalog write to: Amy Today A 640 Willowglen Rd., Santa Barbara, CA. 93105 J AMIGA MASTERPIECE PROFESSIONAL FONT COLLECTION*3 20 DISK SET The Largest Collection Of Fonis And Clip .An Available In A Single Package For The AMIGA. 100 DIFFERENT FONT STYLES This doesn't mean 10 sizes of 11 fonts. Ii means 110 DIFFERENT Fonts. LARGES SIZES * HI-RES Specially Designed For Video Work. 95% of the fonis arc over I00p:. Tall. Easily resized smaller. PATTERN CLIP ART 141 hi-res Dpaim II pages. There are ihousands of objects and examples. C- O BRUSHES 2 Disks Full Of Color Brushes COLORFONTS 4 Disks Full Of Colorfonts 100 PAGE MANUAL Full Size Font Printouts 20 DISK SET - ONLY SI99.00 VISA MC • COD * Company Check JUST RELEASED New 1 MEGABYTE FATTER Agnus cftp ( 8372) allows user more "chip" memory lor use in GRAPHICS, MuSlC or VIDEO This upgrade is ar absolute must kx presen! AMIGA owners Pnce s St 13 50 with instructions EE3S5BZ53B ¦ A501 UPGRADE FLAM BOARD FOR THE AMIGA 500 IS IN STOCK. THIS UNIT FITS RIG MNTOYOUR VjOO Price is $ 139 50 and includes instructions
k. V.ilcr,llE?!??y?1 NEW field upgrade to latest revision (a.5) which indudes "auto-boot ' etc 1.3 KICK START ROM (315093-02) is $ 27 95. The "GARY" chip if needed lot your Amiga 2000 is SI7 95 Included are instructions, information WE STOCK ALL AMIGA (AND COMMODORE) CHIPS AT SUPER LOW PRICES
• SGO-292-7445 THE GRAPEVINE GROUP. INC. (9i4) 354-LU8 (ton free) 25 CHARLOTTE DRIVE WESLEY HILLS, NY 10977 fax (Qiai Pnces subject iq cnange * Commodore is a registered trademarx Contact your local AMIGA dealer or order direct from AROCK Computer Software
IX) Box 731. Springfield, MO 63501 1-800-288-AROK FAX (914) 354 6696 Deafer pnong available D RAM BLOWOUT! I CALL NOW FOR QUANTITY PRICES AND SPECIAL NEEDS (Exp. 11 89) MEMORY FOR LESS The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD’S InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 95,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by ICD Hearst, and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your 1 12 or 1 9 page display ad call Heather Paquette at 1-800*441-4403. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. 1 MEG - 100 N.S. 256K - 150 N.S. 256K - 120 N.S. 44256K - 120 N.S. $ 16.00 ea.
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- ANOVA - AND MANY OTHERS! Don’t let those finger aerobics get you down! There’s an easier way to change between your mouse and joystick, instantly with just a touch of a button. It’s the handiest switchbox around. MOUSE MASTER Lionheart produces numerical analysis software of the finest quality. Turn your personal computer into your personal M.B.A. - a keen new, employee at the right price! Gain an edge on the competition!
(602) 322-6100 Prices range from $ 125 to $ 145 per title SEND FOR FREE PRODUCT GUIDE! T Practical Solution ® $ 39.95 Lionheart Press, Inc PO Box 379, Alburg, VT, 05440 Tel: (514)-933-4918 Fax: (514)-939-3087 EARN $ 1,000,000 INCOME! With your own low cost FCC-Ucensed TV STATION! THE COST OF A NEW CAR! There has never been an opportunity like T»s oetiye! To: TocOeviSOn Tulsa TV 33 2606 S Shendan. Sute 6 Tulsa OK 7*129 VISA or MASTERCARD Cell 1 (800) 333-LPTV (OKLA) (918) 836-1120 For more information send us a sell addressed, stamped envelope or check reader service caret (OKLA Res add 7%) AJIow 5-7 days Circle 295 on Reader Service card, JL MIDI-Mice YAMlGA A501 RAM Card r Airuixn . 3.5" External Drive We honor warranty work. We reserve the right to refuse work on excessively damaged units. Please send your check or money order of $ 85.00 to (California residents please add 6% sales tax) Dealer Inquiries Invited VIDI-Mlce (Visual Interface) also available for $ 85.00 WE CARRY PARTS, CHIPS, POWER SUPPUES * ALL OTHER ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR COMMODORE 1 AMIGA. (BOO) 962-4489 AMPEX SYSTEMS, INC. (404) 263-9190 5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norerose, GA 30093
• Transform MIDI events Into mouse and keyboard events
• Fully programmable with instant recall and edit
• Multitask on any model Amiga®, MIDI Interface required Tensor Productions 280 Mathilda Drive No. 9 Goleta, California 93117 Tel: 805-685-6245 Fax: 805-685-2994 250 High Quality images Very Large IFF Bitmaps 10 Full Floppy Disks. Images in the pak include: Christmas Graphics Sports Car Graphics Sports Scenes Universal Advertising Graphics Eye Grabbers and much more (CALL). Credit Ca'd Orders Call 1_800“387~8967 Outside USA call: Tel: (416) 322-6119 Fax: (416) 489-1620 Or Send Cheque or Money Order ___ TO: lOE'S FIRST COMPANY (to di ryV.. 208 GLEN AYR ROAD TORONTO, ONTARIO. CANADA MSP3C3 Make the most of your advertising investment! Reserve your space in the Amiga World InfoMarket today! Call Heather Paquette on the East Coast at 1-800-441-4403 or Shelley Harmon on the West Coast at 415-328-3471. Software allows you to control virtually ANY VIDEO, MUSIC, or PAINT program from your MIDI Instrument Circle 283 on Reader Service card. NEW - Version 2.5 : AmiaaDQSl.3 & SHELL coverage MASTERING CLI AND THE SHELL Learn interactively at your own pace and gain intensive hands-on training with over 250 pages of comprehensive tutorials, 1000+ type-in examples, diagrams and ready to run script files. Additional support is provided by a memory .resident assistant featuring help screens, hints, quick reference and usage lists, numerous examples as well as high level DOS support. Only $ 39.95 Postpaid in the Continental US. GRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS Box 110028 Nutley NJ 07110 - (201)661-0408 Demonstration disk and discount coupon available for only $ 2.00.
• Video Guide to AMIGA Based Desktop Publishing
• Video Guide to AMIGA Based Video Editing Controllers only $ 40 each Nl C V1SA CO D C H EC K money-back guarantee 603*886*6877
• NEW AGE PRODUCTIONS 2155 Hayden Rd„ Hollis. NH 03049 Amiga World is a publication of IDG Communications, the world’s largest publisher of computer- related information. IDG Communications publishes over 90 computer publications in 33 countries. Fourteen million people read one or more IDG Communications publications each month. IDG Communications publications contribute to the IDG News Service offering the latest on domestic and international computer news. IDG Communications publications include; ARGENTINA'S Computeni'arld Argentina; ASIA’S Communications World, Computei'world Hong Kong, Compuleni'orld Ma- luysin, Computetivorld Singapore, Computeneorld Southeast Asia, PC Review; AUSTRALIA’S Computerworld Australia, Com mu a tea turns World, Australian PC World, Australian Macworld: AUSTRIA'S Computerwelt Oester- reich: BRAZIL’S DataNews, PC. Mundo, Micro Mundo; CANADA’S Computer Data; CHILE’S hifonuatica, Computacion Personal: DENMARK’S Computerworld Danmark, PC. World Danmark: FINLAND’S Mikro, Tie- toviikko; FRANCE’S Le Monde In format ique, Distrih- utique, In jo PC, Telecoms International; GREECE'S Micro and Computer Age; HUNGARY’S Computeneorld SZT PC MikrovUage: INDIA’S Dataquest; ISRAEL'S People cs Computers Weekly. People is Computers hi Weekly, ITALY'S Computerworld Italia; JAPAN’S C omputer- world Japan; MEXICO'S Computerworld Mexico; THE N ETH ER LAN DS’ Computerworid Netherlands, PC World Benelux; NEW ZEALAND’S Computeneorld New Zealand: NORWAY’S Computerworld Xorge, PC World Xorge; PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA'S China Computeneorld, China Coniputerworld Monthly, SAUDI ARABIA’S Arabian Computer News; SOUTH KOREA’S Computeneorld Korea, PC World Korea; SPAIN'S CIMWORLD, Computerworld Kspana, Commodore World, PC World Kspana, Comumcaciones World, Information Industrial; SWEDEN'S Computer Sweden, Mik- rodatorn, Svenska PC W'orld; SWITZERLAND’S Computeneorld Schweiz; UNITED KINGDOM’S Computer News, DEC Today 1CL Today IDTVS, PC Business World; UNITED STATES’ Amiga World, CD-ROM Review, CIO, Computer Currents, Computerworld, Digital Nrws, Federal Computer Week, FOCUS Publications, inCider, Info World, Macintosh Today, Mac World, Computer + Software News, (Micro MnrketworhPl bhar- Triedman), Network World, PC World, Portable Computer Review, Publish!, PC Resource, PCCames, RUN. Windows; VENEZUELA’S Computeneorld Venezuela; WEST GERMANY’S Computeneoche, Information Management, PC Welt. Run, PC Woche, RUN. Manuscripts; Conn ihuliuiis in die form ol manu scripts with drawings and or photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication. Amiga World assumes no lespt »i 1 s i 11 i I i t for loss or 1.image lo am material. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each sub mission* Pavmrni lor the use* ol am unsolicited material will be made upon publication. 1 contributions and editorial e u respimdence (t ped and double-spaced, please) should be directed to miga World Editorial. Sit Elm St.. Peterborough. Ml 03138; telephone: >(I3-9‘J 1-9171. Advertising Inquiries should he directed to Advertising (Mint's, IDG Communit ations Peteiborough. Inc., St) Elm St., Peterborough. Nil 0343S; telephone; NINMIl-
1493. Subscription problems or address changes: Call l- 300..323-0li-13 (in CO. I -393-1 17 9339) or write to A miga World. Subscription Dept.. PO Box 38804. Boulder. CO S03‘2‘2-NS9-L Problems with advertisers: Send a lescripiion ol the problem and vnur current address to: Amiga World. SO Elm St.. Peterborough. Nil 03438. ATTV: Sue Mai el, Customer Set vice Representative. Additional service. The publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS All .idvt'iiixiiig is Milijt-d to tin' .i|>|iim.il tit tin- 1’iililnlio .mil mig.iW >Thl iru-rvrx tlit- right tci id'uxr ,id riliving without nnliir I lie ,iili ritmng ln-ti-iii ih.it 11At In-rii typeset .mil i>l ilc-Mglicil bv AmigiiW'otM b tlir property o| Atl)lg;i World. .tinI nut th.il ul ilir .idwttiwi The- advr-mwi h.it pliti h.itrcJ llir light of rrfiioduction in AmigjWoild mdv. And dot1* not h.ue itw itglu to it-pioduie dir .id in any othri publii.ilion. t. it In m t thr t-xpu-wrd wntien nmtrni of AmigaWoild AtltriliM-rt .mil or thnr jgntdrt .i'miiiic I hr responsibility lot the condition of tin- coiiiem* of thr udvrttmng pi intrd hemii and agt rr n > indemnify dir I’lilihdin of AmigaWorld lor am cLtirtu aiitlor expenses mctirrrd i herefrom AmigaWorkl is not responsible lor changes to artwork .diet tin- given advertising lr«||tRes. Nor assumes responsibility for nihiakm, misprint*.. or iypogr.iphu.il errors, and will not issue credits of any kind for such errors AmigaWorld advises ads misers lti.it statements regarding shipping and handling (urges. W jrt deities .iintm nioncv hack guarantees should be included wiihm all foiiiis ol advertising ill Allligitwutld, [ tie opinions expressed in the .11 in les and ,id et living appearing herein ale those •>! The .uidiois and 01 .nlci'i tisets and are not tier ess.11 ib ilmse of Amiga Win hi FYI If vou have anv c|uesiions or concerns about advertisers in Amiga World, please contact: Susan Maizel, Customer Service Representative, AmigaWorld Magazine, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. As a service to its readers, A miga World will periodically publish the names ol companies who are having difficulties meeting their customer obligations or who have gone out of business. Through our customer service representative, Amiga Ifarid assists readers with problems they may have with advertisers. Readers are advised to contact AmigaWorld before dealing with these companies: Computer Best, FutureSoft Applications. However, AmigaWorld does not assume any liability for advertiser’s claims. List of Advertisers Reader Sen tire Number 124 Abacus Software. 15 175 AbSoft, 105 72 AmiEXPO, 96 AmigaWorld, Amiga Tool Chest, 81 InfoMarket, 110, 111 132 Briwal!. 106, 107 73 California Access, 89
200. 239 Centaur Software, Inc., 31 156 CompuNik Computers. 104 53 CompuServe. 51 148 Computability, 77 41 Computer Mail Order, 58, 59 69 Computer Mart, 95 199 Creative Computers, 98, 99 55 DigiSoft, 105 28 Digital Creations, 33 35 Dr Trs Music Software. 88 210 Elan Design, 4 232 Elite Systems, Ltd., 2 262• Flexible Data Systems. Inc.. 91 183 Fuller Computer Syslems, Inc., 18 26 Go AMIGA, 84, 85 150 Gold Disk, CM, 1 245 127 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5
62. 145 Great Valley Products, inc., 7 54 Interactive Video Systems, 49 125 InterComputing, Inc., 101 277 Joe s First Company, 111 14 Kara Computer Graphics, 80 117 Konyo International, Inc., CIM 23 Lattice, Inc., 47 122 Lightspeed Distribution, 72, 73 283 Lionheart Press, Inc.,, 111 181
M. A.S.T., 67 162 MCP Associates, Inc., 82 104 Melbourne Flouse, 57 44 Micro Computer Services, 109 227 Micro Systems International, 82 95 Micro-Systems Software. Inc., 17 Reader Sendee Number 129 Micro-Systems Software, Inc., 19 * MicroEd, Inc., 111 198 Medalist International, 41 29 Medalist International, 39 78 Microway, 43 * Mindscape, Inc., 20, 21 * Mindscape, Inc., 75 * Montgomery Grant, 103 292 Moonlight Development, 90 102 NewTek. Inc., CIV 21 Origin Systems, 55 84 Passport Designs, 87 284 Pixelations, 90 293 Practical Solutions, Inc., 111 154 RSISystems, 94 110 7-Day Software, 93 275 Safe Flarbor, 83 211 SoftLogik Corporation, 53 126 Software Discounters 194 of America, 79 Software Excitement. 71 226 Software Support International, 97 206 Sprite Technology. 64 228 SubLOGIC Corporation, 16 219 Syndesis, 83 56 Taito Software, Inc., 9 112 Taito Software, Inc., 11 32 Tangent 270, 70 134 The Software Shop, 69 17 Titus Software Corporation. 45 295 Tootle Vision Broadcasting, 111 170 VidTech International, Inc., 65 64 Word Perfect Corporation, 29
* I bis advertiser prefers to be contacted di

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