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Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Dear Mac. .. LAST DECEMBER, one of your sister publications, Macworld, listed the year’s best games for the Mac. After choosing Crystal Quest as the best arcade game and best game for the Mac II, the column concluded with the comment “It’s enough to make Amiga owners ditch their machines and get serious.” What follows is the reply I sent to them. Dear Sirs: The last line of the games column in the December issue prompted me to write. Of course, to ditch my Amiga, I had to turn away from some of rny other work: editing lech Alliance’s Amiga magazine with Professional Page (unfortunately, since budget constraints make it a black- and-white magazine, I don't get to use ProPage’s built-in color-separation generator); writing articles for the magazine with WordPerfect, and image-processing graphics for the issue with Deluxe PhotoLab. I also had to take a break from programming with Benchmark Modula-2, keeping track of my potential clients with Superbase Professional (so far I have been too busy to customize data entry with Superbase's programming language), and handling my accounting with Maxi Plan Plus (including generation of pie, line, and 3-D bar graphs of relevant data). Needless to say, with the Amiga’s multitasking, I can run all these programs simultaneously; if I add more memory to my system, I could also generate ray- traced images with Sculpt-31) in the background. And that’s not to mention the IBM programs 1 can run concurrently via the Bridgeboard. Is that serious enough for you? P. S.: By the way, I had an opportunity to play Crystal Quest at a local store. By Amiga standards, it would he a good public-domain or shareware offering, but lags far behind even average Amiga en ter tain men t st)ft ware. James David Walley Bit Player Software Everett, WA BASIC Flag-waving WHY DOESN’T Commodore pay sufficient attention to BASIC? I know “proper” programmers write in C, hut BASIC (especially when structured) has its uses. C, especially on the Amiga, is fiendishly hard to learn (I am trying!). BASIC is good for trying out a general idea for a program without investing too much effort; and for some programs, BASIC is perfectly adequate anyway. There seems to be little development in Amiga Basic from Workbench 1.1 to 1.3, and there is still a bug in it connected with the SAY command. Loading an ILBM picture requires a long, long routine (thank you, Carolyn Scheppner, for writing one). In the early days of the C-64, it was apparent that its BASIC was inadequate, and it was left to a lad of 16, David Simons, to fill out the commands with Simons’ Basic, which was quite a success. It is time that some enterprising programmer did the same for the Amiga. We need, for a start, a “Loadpix” command. And the code for the Amiga Basic Editor should be improved: I have seldom seen such slow scrolling! Robin Hoare Rawene, No rthla ml New Zealand Bring Back Kickstart I AM DISAPPOINTED that the A500 and A2000 don’t use Kickstart disks. Although it is generally convenient to just turn on the computer and put in a program disk, hasn’t the Amiga lost a lot of its expandability? The ability to put in a new, revised Kickstart disk and virtually have a whole new computer at your fingertips was once a unique characteristic of the Amiga, but this is now limited to the rapidly disappearing AlOOOs. If the Kickstart disk is gone forever, then I wouldn’t think some sort of switch between ROM chips would he too much to ask. This would keep the expandability of t he A1000 with the fast loading and convenience of the A2000s and A500s. Braddock C. Gaskill Columbus, NJ AmigaTeX

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Amiga World Vol 05 03 1989 Mar

Document sans nom March 1989
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B. A.D. (M.V. Micro) .88 Blitz your disks with a utility that counters the effects of disk fragmentation. Draw 2000 (Aegis) .90 An enhanced version of Aegis’ Draw Plus with a true Amiga interface. PROSCRIPT (New Horizons) ..93 A utility that can add PostScript printer support to several .Amiga word processors. DELUXEPRINT II (Electronic Arts). ... 94 A utility for quick printing of specialized documents. G A M E S The Game Preserve By b.g. Hunter . 72
B. G.’s safari this month is via zamboni as he takes to the ice for a pre-release look at Bethesda Softworks’ highly-touted Wayne Gretzky Hockey. More game reviews follow his column: Dungeon Master (ftl Games) 74 On the trail of the vicious Lord Chaos in this role-playing adventure game. Carrier Command (Rainbird Mediagenic) 76 Full-tilt naval battle action with vivid 3-D color in this strategy arcade mix. SWORD OF SODAN (Discovery) 78 Electronic gore galore as you battle with Zoras the Necromancer. MENACE (Psygnosis Computer Software Services) .. 79 Blast away at over 60 varieties of villains in this fast-paced arcade thriller. Tracers (Microillusions) ....80 The action is fast and furious in this arcade-based I ron lightcyclc game. WARLOCK (Three-Sixty Pacific) 81 Be the warlock who tries to recover the magic Kama jewel in this 12-level strategy a reade ch a 11 cngc. Don't Start from Scratch Use 3D Design Disks! A collection of professionally designed 3D models and components foruse with Videoscape 3D Modeler 3D*. Sculpt 3D* or Sculpt-Animate 3D*. Architectural Design™ Create 3D renderings of your dream house or build an entire 3D city from the ground up. Visualize and render real-world architecture. Component parts include: doors, windows, arches, roofs, walls, stairways and a variety of architectural constructs. FUTURE Future Design™ Get a fast start on your 3D explorations with this modular construction set of three dimensional objects that include everything you need to build spacecraft, space stations, bases, vehicles, robots and androids to create your future 3D world. Human Design™ Populate your 3D universe! This disk includes complete male and female prototypes in skeletal form with complex head and hand structures for startling realism and detail. Modify figures to create the infinite variety of the human form. MicRO0or Microbot Design™ Advanced robotic designs and component parts are featured on this disk for a variety of 3D applications. Use these detailed, surrealistic modules to create humanoid and alien cyborgs. Comes complete with blueprints, models and design tips. Look for these Amiga* 3D Design Disks, only $ 34.95 each, at your favorite computer store, or call 800-234-7001 toll free! Antic Software, 544 Second Street, San . Francisco, CA 94107 (415)957-0886 Antic Software ArctvtKJufal D«sgn D*k Hurr-*1 Deign Oik. Fuluf* Deign D>1». Microbes Deign Dak, Antic Software and Antic are tradomarks ot Ante PuOWirg Inc ; AmgaS rs a fegste»od trademark o' Commodore Amga Inc . ’Videoscape 3D And "Mode-tw 30 are l-adama-Va o' Aogi Dewaleprrent. ’Sculpt 30 and ’Sculpt An>maie 30 are trademarks ai Sjio Dy Syw Stephen Robbins, Publisher Guy Wright, Editor-in-chief SHAWN LAFLAMME, Managing Editor LlNDA J. Barrett, Acquisitions Editor Dan Sullivan, senior Editor Barbara Gefvert Tyson, Reznew Editor JAN JACKSON, Editorial Assistant Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L. Van Name, Lou Wallace, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Roger Goode, Assistant Art Director Anne Dillon, Designer Laura Johnson, Designer Richard BRAYSHAW, Production KENNETH BLAKEMAN, National Advertising Sales Manager MICHAEL McGOLDRICK, Sales Representative Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Paquette, Puli Doum Menu Sales, 1-800-441-4403 LlNDA M» BUSSIERE, Advertising Coordinator Giorgio SALUTI, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 3350 W. Bayshore Road, Suite 201 Palo Alto, CA 94303 SHELLEY Harmon, Sales Associate, West Coast Margot L. Swanson, secretary WENDIE HaINES-MARRO, Marketing Manager LAURA LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator SUSAN MAIZEL, Customer Service Representative t V. MICHAEL S. PERLIS, President,CEO Roger Murphy, Vice-President General Manager STEPHEN TWOMBLY, Vice President DENNIS CHRISTENSEN, Corporate Production Director LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Debra A. Davies, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Corporate Production Manager LYNN LAGASSE, Manufacturing Manager FRANK S, SMITH, Corporate Circulation Director LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Manager Mike CARROLL, Direct Sales Manager 800-343-0728 DEBBIE Walsh, Newsstand Promotion Manager PAUL RUESS, Circulation Director 800-525-0643 PAM WILDER, Assistant Circulation Manager WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections AmignWbrl 1 (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc .IrnigaUitr&i is published moiithh by IDC Communications Peterborough, Inc., HO Klin St., Peterborough, Ml 03458. U.S. subscription rate is $ 29,97, one year, $ 46.00, two years; $ 64.00, three years. Canada S3H.97 (I,'.S. funds), one year only. Mexico $ 38.9", Foreign Surface
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It also has a small footprint and fixed scanning bed to give you more usable desk space. This new color scanner joins our larger, widely acclaimed JX-450, which handles originals up to 11" x 17". The JX-450 also scans 35mm slides and overhead transparencies with an optional mirror unit. Both units scan at 300 d.p.i. resolution and 256 shades for © 1988 Sharp Electronics Simulated Picture on Monitors each element to give a range of 16.7 million colors. Not to mention 256 gray scales for monochrome systems. Both are compatible with the leading PC systems. Sharp also offers the JX-730 color inkjet printer to give you plain paper color printouts that are faithful to your originals. If you're looking into scanners even black and white scanners don't overlook the future. The future is mouth watering color. For information, call 1-800-BE-SHARP A letter to the editor. I HAD NINETY percent of my editorial written yesterday* It was all about hardware and our buyer’s guide and trends and the usual son of ramblings that I sometimes mil into when I haven’t anything earth-shattering to say* This morning I was going through some mail and ran across this letter. Somehow it doesn’t quite fit in Repartee, but it needed to be printed. I thought about following the letter with some kind of ending, or another address for people to write to, but I don’t think it needs anything. December 12, 19SS Gendemen: Mr. Rick Rodriguez, President of the Miami .AMIGAs, of which I am a member, suggested that I write this letter to your magazine to tell you about my late brother, Elier Bacal. Elier purchased an Amiga 500 computer last spring, only about four months before his death, a victim of AIDS. Before he became ill, Elier had lived in Boston for a number of years where he played the violin with the Civic Symphony, North Shore Philharmonic, and Brookline Symphony Orchestras, and began a promising career as a composer. He studied fashion design, developing his talent in drawing and painting. He became interested in photography, combining it with his artwork, using themes from science fiction, in which he had a keen interest. When his illness forced him to return to Miami so that my mother and I could take care of him, he had to give up most of his creative activities, as a result of the disease. He had been suffering its devastating effects for about two years when he became interested in owning the computer. He wanted the chance to exercise his creativity even while confined to the house, and eventually to his bed. In a short time, Eller not only mastered the intricacies of the computer, in spite of excruciating pain and a rapidly encroaching paralysis, but produced a wealth of original art and music which is uniquely his and luminously beautiful* His love of science fiction and the future is reflected in much of it. My brother never resigned himself to the onslaught of the disease which was to claim his life, but thought always of the future, full of plans for his work. Even when he was no longer able to write, and lying fiat on his back, using the mouse, he worked far into the night, seemingly oblivious to the pain that racked his body. By midsummer he had to be hospitalized, and on August 18, 1988, he died. I was primarily responsible for my brother’s care during his illness. He was not only my younger brother, but my dearest friend. Having shared his interest in music and art, I am able to evaluate the degree of excellence of his work. However, this remained locked in the computer after his death, as I had never found the time to learn how to operate it. Taking care of Elier had consumed all of my time. I had no idea where to turn for help. Finding the name and address of a software manufacturer among his books, I wrote to ask for the name of any resource in Miami where I might receive instruction. 1 received a letter referring me to the Miami .AMIGAs and suggesting that I contact Mr. Rodriguez, which I did. He invited me to attend a meeting and become a member. At the meeting several people came forward, offering their help, and now I have access to my brother’s work. I hope to be able to show some of his pictures to the group at a future meeting. My ultimate goal is to preserve Elier’s work and offer it for the purpose of raising funds for AIDS research. Some friends who knew about his valiant struggle have offered to help establish a fund, provided I can furnish them with the results of his creativity. Now, with the help of the Miami .AMIGAs, I look forward to the possibility of achieving this goal. Sincerely yours, Ms. Saray Dacal 7880 Grand Canal Drive Miami, FL 33144 AMIGA 500 USERS!- l V GET A2000 POWER!! THE WORLD’S FIRST Ai AUTOBOOTING HARD DISK 'Al W* ' FOR THE AMIGA 500 mSBf impact Quantum A500 - HD RAM SUBSYSTEM offers everything any A500 owner has ever dreamed of - in one compact, easy-to- Install, add-on subsystem; provides a the same high performance as our A top-of-the-line A2000 controller IMPACT™ A500-HD 20 A500 - HD 40Q fSr A500 - H D 45 A500 - HD 80Q I THE MOST POWERFUL HARD DISK SOLUTION FOR YOUR A2000! A2000 - Hard Card 30 A2000 - Hard Card 45 A2000 - Hard Card 40Q A2000 - Hard Card 80Q A2000 - Hard Card 100 Available with a built-in 20, 30, 40, 45 or 80 Mega Byte Hard Drive and an optional 2MB plug-in FAST RAM A UTOBOOT flR expansion module. IMPACT™ The GVP IMPACT-HC series of "Hard-Cards” for the Amiga 2000 matched with the
3. 5" Quantum ProDrive hard disk drives, provide turbo performance and unbeatable value at list prices as low as $ 18.00 per Mega Byte! The Quantum ProDrives provide average access times as low as 11 ms with their built-in 64KB read-ahead cache and offer a MTBF of 50.000 hours which is almost twice the industry average. AUTOBOOT EPROMS GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. PLANK AVENUE, PAOLI, PA 19301 TEL (215) 889-9411 FAX (215) 889-9416 Dealers Circle 145 on Reader Service card. Consumers Circle 62 on Reader Service card. REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga World readers. Dear Mac. .. LAST DECEMBER, one of your sister publications, Macworld, listed the year’s best games for the Mac. After choosing Crystal Quest as the best arcade game and best game for the Mac II, the column concluded with the comment “It’s enough to make Amiga owners ditch their machines and get serious.” What follows is the reply I sent to them. Dear Sirs: The last line of the games column in the December issue prompted me to write. Of course, to ditch my Amiga, I had to turn away from some of rny other work: editing lech Alliance’s Amiga magazine with Professional Page (unfortunately, since budget constraints make it a black- and-white magazine, I don't get to use ProPage’s built-in color-separation generator); writing articles for the magazine with WordPerfect, and image-processing graphics for the issue with Deluxe PhotoLab. I also had to take a break from programming with Benchmark Modula-2, keeping track of my potential clients with Superbase Professional (so far I have been too busy to customize data entry with Superbase's programming language), and handling my accounting with Maxi Plan Plus (including generation of pie, line, and 3-D bar graphs of relevant data). Needless to say, with the Amiga’s multitasking, I can run all these programs simultaneously; if I add more memory to my system, I could also generate ray- traced images with Sculpt-31) in the background. And that’s not to mention the IBM programs 1 can run concurrently via the Bridgeboard. Is that serious enough for you?
P. S.: By the way, I had an opportunity to play Crystal Quest at a local store. By Amiga standards, it would he a good public-domain or shareware offering, but lags far behind even average Amiga en ter tain men t st)ft ware. James David Walley Bit Player Software Everett, WA BASIC Flag-waving WHY DOESN’T Commodore pay sufficient attention to BASIC? I know “proper” programmers write in C, hut BASIC (especially when structured) has its uses. C, especially on the Amiga, is fiendishly hard to learn (I am trying!). BASIC is good for trying out a general idea for a program without investing too much effort; and for some programs, BASIC is perfectly adequate anyway. There seems to be little development in Amiga Basic from Workbench 1.1 to 1.3, and there is still a bug in it connected with the SAY command. Loading an ILBM picture requires a long, long routine (thank you, Carolyn Scheppner, for writing one). In the early days of the C-64, it was apparent that its BASIC was inadequate, and it was left to a lad of 16, David Simons, to fill out the commands with Simons’ Basic, which was quite a success. It is time that some enterprising programmer did the same for the Amiga. We need, for a start, a “Loadpix” command. And the code for the Amiga Basic Editor should be improved: I have seldom seen such slow scrolling! Robin Hoare Rawene, No rthla ml New Zealand Bring Back Kickstart I AM DISAPPOINTED that the A500 and A2000 don’t use Kickstart disks. Although it is generally convenient to just turn on the computer and put in a program disk, hasn’t the Amiga lost a lot of its expandability? The ability to put in a new, revised Kickstart disk and virtually have a whole new computer at your fingertips was once a unique characteristic of the Amiga, but this is now limited to the rapidly disappearing AlOOOs. If the Kickstart disk is gone forever, then I wouldn’t think some sort of switch between ROM chips would he too much to ask. This would keep the expandability of t he A1000 with the fast loading and convenience of the A2000s and A500s. Braddock C. Gaskill Columbus, NJ AmigaTeX Correction AUTHOR W. JEFFREY Blume has pointed out that we introduced an error into his article on Arexx [“ARexx: New Kingpin of Multitasking?” Nov. ’88, p. 55], mistakenly referring to AmigaTeX as a public-domain program. AmigaTeX is a commercial product available from Radical Eye Software, Box 2081, Stanford, CA 94309, 4 15 32- AMI GA. Send your letters to: Repartee, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Letters rnay he edited for space and clarity. ¦ ONLY MP*" wai “ , .
- • i. . -
- . ¦ - ’ DICI ... •
- . : CAN DO ALL THIS Digi-Paint gives you the best Amiga graphics possible using all 4,096 colors at once! Unleash your creativity with powerful tools and dozens of special effects, including blend, shade, tint and mirror. Digi-Paint is the perfect way to manipulate pictures digitized with NewTek’s Digi-View Gold. Create images for printouts, presentation or desktop publishing with the award winning Digi-Paint. Here’s what people are saying about Digi-Paint. . . “We were very impressed with the power of Digi-Paint. We found lots of potential for creativity and enjoyment.” AMIGA WORLD “We’ve been blown away by the effects and the tools that Digi-Paint supplies. The results can be spectacular.” INFO "Digi-Paint is the first paint program that makes it feel as if you’re actually painting. Digi-Paint gives you unlimited freedom.” COMPUTE! Computer of the Year jOPichColor OunDo ©CopyColoi* OCLear i j it “We have personally seen $ 40,000 computer graphic terminals that couldn’t come close to Digi-Paint’s power.” COMPUTER SHOPPER “Digi-Paint is remarkable.” BYTE “Digi-Paint is a $ 60 wonder. Using the dizzying menu of features, the results can be startlingly realistic.” VIDEO MAGAZINE “Digi-Paint is a new generation paint program with exciting and unique features you will simply not find anywhere else. It is extremely powerful, and at its price, it’s a steal.” AMAZING COMPUTING Digi-Paint is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-843-8934. ONLY $ 59.95 N=wT=k INCORPORATED Circle 119 on Reader Service card. All photos are actual unretouched Digi-Paint images photographed off the Amiga. Digi-Paint and Digi-View Gold are trademarks of NewTek, Inc. and Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cool Friends of NewTek Club, write to us at NewTek. 115 West Crane Street, Topeka. KS 66603 U S A Attn: CFONC Compiled by Linda Barrett Holiday Cheer THE AMIGA CERTAINLY had a happy Christmas in Britain, if last December’s London show was any indication. Developers from all fields piled presents under the tree. Holiday diversions came from several sources. Telecomsoft (01- 379-6755) offered three. In Fish (designed by Magnetic Scrolls), you play a goldfish trying to save the planet. Wargamers have plenty of ammunition with the Universal Military Simulator (released in the US by Rainbird Software: 415 322-0900) and Tracker, a combination of strategy and arcade sequences. Reports from Mediagcnic UK (UK: 01-431-1101, US: 415 329-0800) indicated that Afterburner is finished and eagerly awaited throughout Europe. A conversion of R-Type is the next blast-’em-up on the schedule. Microdeal (UK: 07-256-8020, distributed in the US by Michtron: 313 334-5700) displayed International Soccer, a promising simulator, Turbo Trax, a racing game in which you can design your own circuits, and Fright Night, a arcade-adventure game. Precision Software (01-330-7166) left smoking joysticks behind with Charon 5 (distributed in the US by Mindware International: 705 737-5998). Capturing the sounds of the season were Microdeal’s Midi Interface and Sampler Box and Trilogic’s (02-746-91115) low-cost audio digitizer. For playback, Trilogic offered small amplifiers to drive headphones or speakers from your Amiga. The company was also seeking a US distributor. To catalog all your new goodies, Precision Software suggested Superbase Personal 2 (distributed in the US by Precision Incorporated: 214 929-4888), which adds mail merge and a text editor to its database capabilities. Already established in the states, Supra’s hard drives and modem are now being distributed in the UK by Frontier Software (04-236-
7140) . A less fortunate hardware manufacturer was Robtek, which has ceased trading. Club 68000 (01 -977-9596) has taken over much of Robtek’s old business. While most developers were keeping their plans for 1989 under wraps, Commodore was pledging continued success. The Amiga 500 is now the de facto upgrade path for C-64 owners. Stu Menges MiddlesexEngland FOR LOST SHOPPERS, the InfoBox is a savior. If you know what you want to buy, It will tell you where to find It and how to get there. More than a map, the box can plot your route for you. Oslo in a Box The metal box houses an Amiga- based Information booth. The shopping-center version greets you with a slideshow. Press any key to see the main menu, from which you can request information on various types of shops, restaurants, and facilities. If you choose restaurants, for example, a three-second restaurant-related advertisement plays, then a list of restaurants appears. Select an entry and press the enter key to see a picture of the establishment, a menu, or a price list. Press the enter key again for a map of the mall with restaurants marked by flashing dots. The city box improves on the process. If you are interested in pet shops, for example, you can request the name and picture of the closest one. A map follows displaying your position and the pet shop's, then a detailed map pinpointing the pet shop. Press the enter key once more for a list of public transportation that will take you to the shop. For designer Martin Joyce Nygaard of Oslo, Norway, the InfoBox Is a rapidly growing business. He offers two configurations the boxed version powered by a one-megabyte A500 with a 40MB hard disk and a 1081 84 monitor, and a store-window version powered by an A2000 with a 20MB or 40MB hard disk. Five keys connected to the joystick port control the box- based system, while heat or light sensors glued inside the window control the A2000-based system. Both were programmed in C. The retail price is a hefty £5000, but Nygarrd splits the advertising revenue with the box owner. Three InfoBoxes are currently in operation at the Norwegian State Branch of Public Information, the Center for Public Transport, and Norway’s largest shopping center. For more Information, write to Martin Joyce Nygaard at: InfoBox A S, Skippergt. 27, 0154 Oslo 1, Norway, or call 047-233-
3250. LJB ¦ 3e king or pauper, it’s all in how you )lay the game, kingdoms of England is only for the stout of heart nd the strategic of mind. Jo back through time with authentic battle sounds specifically cored and a non-repetitive sound track for the moods ind sequences of the game plan. Experience exciting animation and graphics throughout all game sequences; plan your strategy with a large, smooth, scrolling battlefield; play one-on-one, or with a partner on a split screen design. Kingdoms of England, play like the lion hearted and he king. REVIEWS Fleet Check Gold Spell II ZINGISpell Polish your prose with a backseat speller. By Neil Randall FEW THINGS CLAN he as damaging to a document's credibility as a misspelling. Three spell-checking programs Fleet Check hy Professional Software, Gold Disk’s Gold Spell II, and ZINGISpell from Meridian Software are designed to bolster your image. Each of the programs I reviewed takes a different approach. Fleet Check works in real time, alerting you to errors as you type. Gold Spell 11 is a batch checker; it examines your document after you have finished typing. Positioned square in the middle is ZINGISpell, which operates in either real-time or hatch mode. Of the three, only Fleet Check adds a thesaurus, although mailing in the registration card for Meridian’s ZINGISpell entitles you to a free one. The lack of a strong thesaurus in all programs comes as something of a surprise, as thesauri are commonly bundled with spell checkers in other computer environments. Fleet Check Fleet Check’s manual clarifies the program’s function immediately. “Please note,” it reads, “that Fleet Check will not be able to spellcheck documents already stored on disk. Its only purpose is to spellcheck as you type and to allow you to access the Thesaurus.” For many users, that statement renders the package useless, as spell-checking after the fact is often the preferred method. More disturbingly, this contradicts a statement on the front of the package: “Documents can be checked while you’re typing or when completed.” Fleet Check contains a 90,000-word dictionary. A separate, customizable dictionary can accommodate 10,000 additional words. When you enable the autospell mode, both dictionaries load into memory; the program scans your document for misspellings and finds substitute words quickly. Although the manual suggests you load Fleet Check before loading the word processor, this isn’t really necessary as long as your word processor allows access to the Workbench window. A warning, though: I had trouble both post-loading and pre-loading Fleet Check in conjunction with WordPerfect (WordPerfect Corp.), Kind Words (The Disc Company), and TextPro (Abacus) on my Amiga 500 with 512K. With a one-megabyte A2000, the problem disappeared. As soon as you type a word that is not in Fleet Check’s dictionary, your screen flashes and the speaker clicks. If you want to correct it, hit the two shift keys simultaneously. Then, at the top of the screen, the Fleet Check window- appears with an array of up to eight suggested corrections. You now have four choices: Use the mouse to select one of the words, type in the correction, add the word to your dictionary, or hit the return key to stop Fleet Check from noticing the word for the remainder of the writing session. Unfortunately, the four-page manual points up almost as many conditions as features. First, your incorrect word is kept in memory only as long as you don’t type more than 60 characters (one normal line) afterwards. Another condition is that Fleet Check “can get lost in your text and will not be able to reinsert the [correct] word” if you invoke menus, function keys, ALT- or CTRL-key sequences, and so on, before calling up the incorrect word. To make things worse, you must be in Insert mode, and your text must not be justified or centered. Finally, the program can get lost all on its own if you type several misspelled words consecutively. Fleet Check’s usefulness is limited. Its thesaurus is passable, and it works well as a simple word-by-wrord checker, but it needs a good deal more development. Gold Spell II Like Fleet Check, Gold Spell II loads entirely into memory, thereby maximizing speed. One highly-commendable feature is its specific support for .Amiga word processors. You can select a format for WordPerfect, Textcraft and Textcraft Plus (Commodore), Scribble! (Micro-Systems Software), ProWrite (New- Horizons Software), the Amiga Notepad, and Gold Disk’s Professional Page or PageSctter. Choosing the Generic format lets you check ASCII files produced with any program. Gold Spell II contains a 90,000-word dictionary, and offers three application options for checking completed documents. You can check the spelling of an individual word (this is useful if you have Gold Spell II multitasking behind your word processor). For interactive checking, the program shows you each misspelled word as it appears in the document, and allows you to fix mistakes immediately. With Batch method, Gold Spell checks the document and stores nt-An ti i '¦mi rut. K> vbnk tow itf a Vbt>t friend award.' VoWd Miu. Igi.-ij suspect words for you to correct later. T he second, Check Document, is the most useful method. When Gold Spell II finds an incorrect word, its screen splits in half. The top shows the word in its context of several surrounding lines. At the bottom, the Check Document window displays a series of options. You can click in the text string and correct the word manually, or you can click Accept to change nothing. If you select Accept and Remember, Gold Spell will ignore future occurrences of that word and keep it in memory to be saved later as part of your customized dictionary. You can also check the dictionary itself: Selecting Scan Dictionary lets you search the dictionary for the word you want, while choosing Guess Spelling asks Gold Spell to do the work for you. (1 tested Guess Spelling with 50 misspelled words, and the program replaced 40 correctly, certainly a good percentage.) A final option lets you list a word as one to be .substituted with another word later. If you habitually misspell a certain word, or you like to abbreviate as you type, the substitute feature is extremely handy. A spelling checker can save you from having to eat your words. Batch mode chec ks the spelling of a file non-interactively. You simply select Batch from the Project menu, then go for a 5- to 10-minute walk. When you re- turn, the Batch Mode window will show the number of incorrect words found, and will give you the option of editing these words immediately or saving the list. Choose Edit, and the words appear, one by one and (unfortunately) without surrounding context. At any time, you can quit and return to the same spot later. Apart from the lack of context, the system works very well. As with the other two checkers, Gold Spell II’s dictionaries are alterable, either via the Accept and Remember option or by using a word processor capable of saving ASCII files. You can create customized dictionaries and define substitute files for various uses. Gold Spell even lets you load an Exception file, which lets you list words you want Gold Spell nut to recognize. Gold Spell II can deliver document statistics, including the number of words and sentences in the piece and the approximate grade level of readability (Gunning Fox Index). A final statistic isolates the number of unique words in the document, letting you check for overuse of specified words. ZINGISPELL Without doubt, ZINGISpell is the most feature-laden of the three packages. Besides supporting Arexx commands, the program has four separate real-time spell-checking options. You can check words whenever you choose, or set the system to check after a carriage return, only the last word entered, or each word as it is typed. ZINGISpell lets you work in either Workbench-screen or custom- screen modes. ZINGISpell lets you create exchange dictionaries specify and type abbreviations for longer words, and the program will automatically substitute them in the text. You can also create and edit custom dictionaries. The checker can he suspended at any time, and you can scan the dictionaries for spelling suggestions. Finally, you can check as you type, or you can check a finished document. In practice, the checker does little to help you find substitutes for misspellings. It alerts you to errors, but of the 30 sam- pies I tried, the dictionary gave me correct spellings for only ten. The reason is that ZINGISpell uses a wild-card system to help you locale words automatically and this rarely does what you want. You can manipulate the misspelled word to help the dictionary find the correction, but using a traditional desk dictionary is preferable. ZINGISpell works in identifying typos, but not very well as a spelling corrector. Although the program becomes easier to use with practice, ZINGISpell is initially slow and awkward to use. In this regard both Fleet Check and Gold Spell II are superior; their manuals and interfaces help instead of impede. ZINGISpelfs manual is the worst I have seen in three years. As if dot-matrix- printed documentation isn't hard enough to read, the manual has almost no perceivable organization, and its instructions are very poor. If you want a highly-versatile checker, buy ZINGISpell, but be sure you have the technical knowhow to make it work. Spelling It Out Most writers, programmers, and other applications-users spell checkers aren’t just for word processing, after all will be happiest with Gold Spell II. It helps ? You correct finished documents quickly and easily, and its dictionary options and statistics are useful. ZINGlSpeil, on the other hand, is useful for the technically- adept looking to customize their utility. I recommend Fleet Check only for poor typists and poor spellers. Fleet Check Professional Software Inc. 51 Fremont Street Needham, MA 02194 617 444-5224 $ 39,95 No special requirements. Gold Spell II The Gold Disk 2179 Dun win Dr. Mississauga, Ont. Canada L5L 1X2 416 828-0913 S44.95 No special requirements. ZINGlSpell Meridian Software Inc. 9361 W. Brittany Ave. Littleton, CO 80123 303 979-4140 $ 79.95 No special requirements. MIDI Magic Saw measures in half and make notes disappear. By Bob Lindstrom WHILE MOST OF its competitors employ proprietarv-interface designs, MIDI Magic, a 16-track sequence-and-song editor, consistently adheres to the Intuition 1 4 style. This factor contributes ease of use to MIDI Magic’s features, but, in some cases, it also impedes the efficiency of an otherwise smooth-running program. MIDI Magic provides track-, sequence- arid song-editing modes. Each mode functions in a separate window, all of which may he present on the screen at once. Because overlapping windows can clog the screen, the program lets you shift from a medium- to a high-resolu- tion display that shows more data with less confusion. The drawbacks are interlace flicker and extra RAM overhead. For My First Trick. .. MIDI Magic offers 26 sequences, each with 16 tracks. Composing typically begins by choosing a sequence, A through Z, and entering the Tape Transport and Track Display to start recording. The Tape Transport contains typical tape-re- corder-type controls (play, record, fast forward, and fast backward), a counter for current measure, beat and pulse location, and punch in and out settings for re-recording segments. In the Track Display, you select a track, place it in Record mode, and click the Record button in the Tape Transport window. At that point, you can set an audio-visual metronome to click and flash the tempo. In addition to a Tape Transport slider that lets you set a tempo manually, the Set Tempo menu option lets you choose Ilf is bill Hi I ml Ain Cinfcf ¦tail al Ml Ov*n Praia ¦Mil al 1*1 Ovm Pma ana a* 1*1 Hot a filT arii «2 1*1 Hale b* ¦via •2 Ml Hale OH Mil m2 «*i Hale OH
* ¦• *2 Ml Haiv OIT Mat ¦> ttl Hale OFT am ¦? Tfl Hal. On ¦ •¦¦I ij tfi n«tv On ¦ M4 3 «S tfl HOI* ON tmi tt mi Hate err mi; fi tfi rtaia err ¦ ¦ItS tl ttl Hrtr OFT IMIS II ttl Hotv ON ¦till II 111 HOI CIT ¦ lots ¦: ill Hot* oir ¦ MIS IS 111 Hole OH MIDI Magic's Interface is purely Amiga. The music's speed by rhythmically hitting a synthesizer key or the Amiga’s space bar (the computer tracks the strokes and automatically sets the tempo). Although the space-bar option proved totally reliable, I found this feature prone to MIDI error when accessed from the synthesizer keyboard. Those who demand the utmost in MIDI clock accuracy will be delighted with MIDI Magic’s clock-pulse options. You can choose clock rates from the common 24 PPQN (pulses per quarter note) to 480, and a Custom option lets you dictate any unusual PPQN your rhythmic heart desires. MIDI Magic contains an internal clock, and it is compatible with an external MIDI clock (invaluable when porting sequences from other systems), step-time note entry, and drum sync output. MIDI Magic’s solution to the chronic MIDI-recording problem of stopping the “tape” precisely at the end of a measure is one of the best I have seen. In the Tape Transport window, you click the time counter to one pulse beyond the end of your track (usually, it will be the first clock of the next measure). Then, clicking on a Set End button automatically extends or cuts the track to that length. .After you’ve recorded a few tracks, you can use the Track Edit options to copy and combine (bounce) several tracks into a single track, to Global Delete specific types of MIDI messages from all tracks (remove all MIDI velocity or aftertouch data, for instance), to manually enter System Exclusive and other specialized MIDI commands, or to quantize the rhythms. Split-Second Timing Quantizing (aligning and correcting rhythmic values) is particularly flexible in MIDI Magic. Several techniques are available, and you can quantize to any value from half notes to 32nd-note triplets. Note Coherent will preserve the note duration but shift the beginning to the quantize point. Note Duration retains the note on position but alters the note’s length. Note On Only retains the note off position but changes note on to the quantize point. Finally, On Sc Off shifts both events to the nearest quantize point. Unfortunately, the program does not have an Undo feature, and it will not automatically hack up a track prior to quantization. If you might want to return to a particular version of a track, you should copy it. In the Track Event Editor window, you alter or insert individual MIDI values in a track. To alter values, you must hold the left mouse button down over the desired number or note value on screen, then roll the mouse left and right to change the entry. If you prefer typing in new values, the mouse method may seem sluggish and inconvenient. There is no keyboard option, however. Another complaint about the Event Editor is that it displays MIDI data be- ? FOUR WAYS TO MAKE Terrorists faiv taken their last hostage Someone has to leach the terrorists what tenor tsaHabout. The only way to sase the SjP hostages is to get in. Strike hard I and get oat fast Terrorists be warned... 1 Operation Wolf is coming. V taito taTto, .__ , nva. 3 m0nths Scramble through 100 screens of laughs as your The *1 game in Europe tor cw ou crazy with non-stop action. Now you can take the world's number one arcade game home1 All the action-packed arcade thrills of this awesome hostage rescue are ready for home video play. Brontosaurus VlHlUftf TQ AN ANCIfNi Wa !' !n • thvthKOi land of Tfit death and adventurn sur I* trival n always a breath i away Stay deadly dragons. Capture We-prwty n>.»pc*t power signs and eongpet the nughty Castle A-ng. Be mre $ e swift. Be brave 4 You have the power Id Tftcy've got dubs, chans ana bbrfos And it's three jg.imsi one-but they’ve p c ned the wrong 'one The streets J ot a mess arxht's J firm to do a bftte--I StfiQjftjIeamng , ' 7net Started't Touye potta "TV finish it Ssirs Now you can thrill to one of the biggest-ever coin-op hits on your home computer. Rastan's mmd-blowing graphics take you to a magical land of adventure and excitement. This rs the original arcade hit. Thrill to the arcade quality graphics of this fast-paced, street- style karate brawl. Find out what real action is all about! Benchmark for all other video games and Taito has been an arcade leader since 1953. Since then we've made over 1,000 classics for arcade and home play. Count on Taito to bring the heat of the arcade to your home computer. Buy Taito products at leading stores everywhere. Visa Mastercard holders can order direct anywhere in the U.S. by calling 1-800-663-8067. If you want to make your Amiga explode with action you've got to give it dynamite games. These are the world famous original arcade screamers. Operation Wo fF Bubble Bobble7," Renegade™ and Rastan " will make your Amiga Computer scream with arcade quality graphics and stereo sound. Everyone knows that arcade games are the THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!” AH rights reserved. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Advertisement by: Quatly & Company, Inc. (Chicago). Taito?- Operation Wolf,™ Bubble Bobbie,™ Renegade7" and Rastan ™ are trademarks of Taito America fnc. Copyright © 1988 1538 COMING SOON, THE CLASSIC MIND GAME. QlX ginning only with the current position of the Tape Transport. If you stop the transport: in measure three at beat one, the Track Edit window does not display any MIDI track data in the first two measures; you have to “rewind” the Tape Transport to view the entire track, After you record as many of the sequence's 16 tracks as you need, yon move through any remaining sequences until you complete all the segments. At that point, you go to the Song Editor window and assemble your sequences into a score. When assembling a song, you can repeat a sequence up to 99 times, transpose It to another key, and change the tempo. The Song Editor window displays values for these options as well as the elapsed time, and any comments that you may have attached to the sequence. MIDI Magic’s song-building design is gical, but not very flexible. You cannot compose a single drum pattern and mix and match it among several sequences; for example, because tracks must remain within, their assigned sequences. Also, you can place completed sequences in any order in the Song Editor, only sequence can play at a time. The im- :o combine or overlap sequences is an unfortunate limitation. They Do It with Mirrors Although reliable design and operation is the norm in MIDI Magic, the program has a few eccentricities. As the documentation warns, program execution can be slow, especially when several windows are open at once. Menu selection tends to lag, too, with the cursor hesitantly jerking from one menu option to the next. A glaring omission is the inability to save sequences in the MIDI-file standard. Now that the standard is in place, every MIDI sequencer should support it. This omission: precludes MIDI: Magic from participating in inter-program and inter-operating system trading of MIDI a (.(I. While the printed manual has a help* albeit brief tutorial, the disk contains only a trio of crude demo sequences. With about 35 percent isk free, there was plenty of room example songs and sequences to help the beginner get stated!.. Lastly, aside from function-key equivalents for Tape Transport commands, MIDI Magic is short on keyboard substitutes for mouse and menu operations. More keyboard control would make the program faster to use and far more flexible, particularly for the experienced MIDI! Musician. MIDI Magic has a few finishing touches, however, that other programs do not:. Those willing to tinker with the tools selection in the Workbench Info window can customize MIDI Magic to boot up in virtually any configuration; you can, select colors, clock source, screen resolution, metronome setting, default PPQN, and more. The manual is quite dear and to the point:, and, although some efforts to be entertaining are cloying, Its glossary of MIDI terms and an appendix with sections on troubleshooting, error messages, technical pi tfalls, and a listing of program-sup- ported MIDI specifications are helpful. Best of all, MIDI Magic is not copy-protected; the manual provides complete instructions for installing and running the program on a hard disk. The Final Curtain MIDI Magic offers much that Amiga sequencers in the $ 200-$ 300 price range do. Professional MIDI musicians who put a premium on speed and efficiency (and not on mouse-and-menu consistency) will want to pay the price for a more advanced package, but many beginners and serious amateurs will love MIDI Magic for its power and its startup familiarity. Finally, because Circuin Design promises a patch librarian addon module, MIDI Magic may become a one-stop MIDI solution for many Amiga musicians. MIDI Magic Circum Design Inc. Distributed by Broxvn-Wctgh Publishing 16795 Lark Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, GA 95030 408 395-3838 $ 149.95 MIDI synthesizer, MIDI interface, and two MIDI cables required. Reviews continued on p. 84 Top value for your dollar and true integration from a company who prides itself on excellence! You can’t top that. The Works! Platinum Edition has 5 programs using a common interface, 1 box, 1 easy-to-use manual, and 3 non-copy protected disks. Thke The Works! Platinum Edition home when you buy any Amiga® computer and have instant operation. Within minutes, you’11 be able to write a letter, balance your checkbook, call a local bulletin board system, create a mailing list, and print any spreadsheet sideways. You owe yourself the Platinum experience! Wordprocessing Module is the most popular Amiga wordprocessor available • It has a 104,000 + word spelling checker with scientific and technical dictionary supplements • 470,000+ word thesaurus • prints IFF graphics • supports mail merge • allows Bold, Underline, and Italics • clip board compatible and much, much more! Spreadsheet Module is the fastest Amiga® spreadsheet available • It contains 68881 math coprocessor support • imports and exports Lotus™ wks files • 8 graph types in 8 vibrant colors hot f linked to spreadsheet • complete macro language
* allows Bold, Underline, and Italics • clipboard compatible and much, much more! Database Module is a flat file database. It contains extensive mathematical functions • offers
4. 2 billion possible records with 128 fields • | compatible with dBase III™ file structures • clipboard compatible and much, much more! Telecommunications Module is the most popular program of its kind available • It has WX, X, Y, and Z modem, Kermit, 2 way file and chat protocol and CompuServe® B protocols • 300-19,200 baud operation • 20 user programmable W macro-keys • complete auto and redial capabilities ,J » P-ueifciiif 1 s>m°m
• supports 8 colors (IBM ANSI compatible) and much, much morel Sideways Print Utility is the only Amiga® program of its kind available • rotates IFF graphics or ASCII files 90 degrees • performs automatic cut and paste for unlimited columns and much, much more! The Works! Platinum Edition is integration. . . Refined! Committed to excellence since 1978 12798 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite 202 West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 Micro-Systems Softwa re 407-790-0770 See your local dealer or call for an excellence! Brochure. Dealers Distributors contact Micro-Systems Software, Inc 800 327-8724 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. The Works! Platinum Edition is a registered trademark of Micro-Systcms Software. Inc. Circle 129 on Reader Service card. BASIC By The Numbers Part Three of our four-part saga on data manipulation helps you find a needle in a haystack. By Bob Ryan The Story Thus Far 72 IN THE PREVIOUS two Installments of BASIC By The Numbers, you’ve learned to store and sort data. This month, I continue to expand the address book sample program by Introducing another data manipulation technique: searching. For newcomers, here are the two component programs of the address book application. (See January '89, pg. 24 and February ’89, pg. 20 for explanations.) REM Address Book Create Input Data Program OPEN “Address” FOR APPEND AS 1 Get Data: CLS INPUT “Last Name (RETURN to exit): lasts IF last$ = “" THEN Finish : 'quit on NULL string INPUT “First Name: firsts INPUT “Street Address: streets INPUT “City: cityS INPUT “State: states INPUT “Zip: zipS INPUT “Phone: phoneS WRITE 1, lasts, firsts, streets, cityS, states, zipS, phoneS GOTO GetData Finish: CLOSE 1 END REM Address Book Read and Sort Data Program REM File Reading Routine OPTION BASE 1 DIM lst$ (100,7) : 'limit 100 records In address book OPEN “Address" FOR INPUT AS 1 WHILE NOT EOF(1) rec = rec +1 FOR fid = 1 to 7 INPUT 1, IstS(rec.fld) NEXT fid WEND CLOSE 1 REM Sorting Routine Bubble: flag = 0 FOR x = 1 to rec-1 IF lstS(x,1) > lst$ (x +1,1) THEN FOR z = 1 to 7 : ’If out of order... tempS(z) = lst$ (x,z): ’.. swap! Ist$ (x,z) = lstS(x + 1,z) lstS(x +1 ,z) = temp$ (z) NEXT z flag = 1 : ’set when a swap has occurred END IF NEXT x IF flag = 1 THEN Bubble : 'If a swap occurred, do it again CLS FOR x = 1 to rec : 'Display the sorted records FOR fid = 1 to 7 PRINT IstS(x.fld); “ NEXT fid PRINT NEXT x END 73 Three-Part Harmony ONE OF THE primary functions of an address book program is to let you find the address or phone number of a particular person. While the above program displays the address book’s records sorted alphabetically, it isn’t very useful for finding information about any one person, once the address book has more entries than will fit in one Amiga window. As your address file grows, you need a more sophisticated method to call up specific data. A search routine consists of three components: an input segment where you specify the information you want, the actual search segment, and a segment that displays the information. We’ll tackle each of these in order. ?
- 1’> v?-'V ; rf
* I B , *¦. , , «. .« . T km i 4 » - v * * . * , YX rY WN:--,--. -V j* : i ¦*, ' • •.* *. .•• •"¦*. ," ¦ v, : v-, ¦¦' f ¦: - *¦• • • • . F. - . 'v
• • . S . . - r ¦ •• ¦* . • jrm
• » «. , f. .2 Ri: . •. . **. ¦ -
• v * ¦ • *! -V- i .'** .*. ' "v ' ' ’.-jr'ji ‘ . I1 Build an expert system application with the MAGELLAN1" artificial intelligence expert system building tool and win a MONITERM Viking I high resolution monitor for your AMIGA. Imagine the possibilities: the power of the AMIGA coupled with the flexibility of MAGELLAN! * Categories for the First Annual MAGELLAN Application Contest are: Most Productive Application Business or Diagnostic systems, decision assistance tools for financial investment, production control systems, or inventory management systems. Most Creative Application. Music or Animation systems, or innovative approaches to traditional expert systems. Most Bizarre Application. Let your imagination run wild! 3 Grand Prize Winners will receive: A Moniterm Monitor A MAGELLAN Developer Package Retail Value $ 3000, 2 Runners-Up in each category will receive: MAGELLAN Developer Package Retail Value $ 1000. All finalists will also receive a MAGELLAN designer sweatshirt. All entries must be received by Emerald Intelligence by June 1. 1989. Contest void where prohibited. Contest Winners will be announced at Ami-Expo Chicago in July
1989. All entries become the exclusive property of Emerald Intelligence Inc., and cannot be returned. Winning entries may be used in a promotional campaign and any entry may be included in promotional materials or application manuals. For a complete set of rules and an entry form, send a self addressed stamped envelope to MAGELLAN Contest Rules, c o Emerald Intelligence. .* «*¦ - * v> o . R JV • . .V
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* __ 1 I r ’ • M ¦ »- * ¦ * i Q J J IlWt J Ln! THE EXPERT SYSTEM SOFTWARE ¦Circle 174 o.n Reader Service car(| . 1 3915rAI Research'Park Drive , Ann Arbor, Michigan, U. S.'A.-48108. (3B)663“'8757. ¦ 4 , - , ‘ „ , . -.%*¦, ' % *
* * ¦ . , . • . * . , * • • . . 4 MAGELLAN is a trademark of Emerald Intelligence' Inc, AMIGA is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Moniterm is a trademark'of Moniterm Corporation., The input segment of the search routine can be very simple: You prompt the user to enter the last name of the person he or she wants information about. Here is an example: REM 'Search Input Searchln: CLS LOCATE 10,10 PRINT "Address Book Search” INPUT "Enter Last Name: searchS The simplest search algorithm is brute force: You examine every record in the list until you find a match. For example: found_flag = 0 FOR x = 1 to rec IF lst$ (x,1) = searchS THEN found_flag = 1 GOTO CheckFlag END IF NEXT X CheckFlag: IF found_flag = 1 THEN Displaylt : ’jump to the record display routine ELSE PRINT "Record Not Found” END IF I his routine works but it is neither efficient nor very pretty. If you have 80 records in your address book, the program will have to perform an average of 40 comparisons before it finds the proper record. To greatly decrease the average number of comparisons needed, I rely on a binary search. In a binary search, you examine selected records that continually narrow down the number you must examine. A binary search is very efficient, but it does require that the records be sorted. Here is how a binary search works. Let's say you have a list of 20 records and the record you want (though you don't know it) is number 14, First, you compare your search string with the record halfway down the list, namely 1 1. Because the search string is below record 11 alphabetically, you check the record halfway down the remainder (records 12 through 20) of the list, namely record 16. The search string is above this record, so you check the record (13) halfway between the remaining records (12 through 15). Your search string is below 13, so you move halfway down the remaining records (14 and 15) to record 14, where you finally have a match. In your search, you’ve examined records 11, 16, 13. And 14, for a total of four. A brute force search of the same list will take an average of 10 comparisons. The routine below implements a binary search for the address book program. Remember, the records are numbered from 1 to rec- The display routine follows the search routine. Io = 0 : hi = rec Loop: lookup = lo + INT ((hi - lo +1 ) 2) IF search$ = lstS lookup,1) THEN GOTO Displaylt ELSEIF searchS lst$ (lookup,1) THEN IF hi = lookup THEN EndSearch ELSE hi = lookup : GOTO Loop END IF ELSE IF lo = lookup THEN EndSearch ELSE Jo = lookup : GOTO Loop END IF END IF EndSearch : CLS PRINT "No Match Found!" INPUT "Try Again (Y N) ans$ IF ans$ = "Y” or ans$ = "y” THEN Searchln STOP Displaylt: CLS LOCATE 1,10 PRINT "The record you want follows:" FOR fid = 1 to 7 PRINT lst$ (lookup,fld); “ NEXT fid PRINT INPUT "Search Again (Y N) "; ans$ IF ans$ = "Y" or ans$ = "y” THEN Searchln END To get everything working, add the above routine to the Search Input routine and tack the whole thing onto the end of the Read Sort program. You now have the basic pieces of an address book application. Fond Farewell 74 NEX'I MONTH, IN the final installment of BASIC By The Numbers, we'll add menus, a print routine, and error trapping to the program to create a finished application. ¦ Greatness isn’t awarded, it’s earned. Wayne Gretzky has spent thousands of hours on the ice, practicing his skating, passing, and shooting skills. He's earned his reputation as the dominant force in professional ice hockey today. At Bethesda Softworks, we’ve spent countless hours developing WAYNE GRETZKY HOCKEY. We’ve captured the strategy, the game play and the hard-hitting action of major league hockey. And we deliver a dynamic simulation that recreates the action on the ice and the strategy from the bench. From the adrenaline rush of a breakaway goal to the tension of Sudden Death Overtime, it’s all here. WAYNE GRETZKY HOCKEY You’ll discover that we’ve earned our reputation too. Creators of GRIDIRON®, the award-winning football simulation. 15235 Shady Grove Road, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850 USA (301) 926-8300. Visit your retailer or call (800) 432-1988 for Visa and MasterCard orders. To purchase by mail, send credit card number and expiration date, check or money order for $ 49.95 + $ 3.00 shipping to: Bethesda Softworks, P.O. Box 7877, Gaithersburg. MD 20898. Allow two weeks for delivery. C rcie 57 on Reader Service card * 1988 Bethesda Softworks. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Hard Times Ahead Greater storage capacity, efficiency, and speed make hard drives the standard of the future. But what kind of system do you need and how do you install it? ?? ? By Louis R. Wallace MUCH TO MOLLY’S DISGUST, but radio listeners’ delight, Fibber McGee’s closet could hold a lot, but attempting to locate one thing brought the entire contents cascading down on his head. The same applies to your desk littered with floppy disks; you know the program you need is there, but finding it means rooting through the mess. A more efficient storage method is a hard drive. A 20MB hard drive will hold the equivalent of 20 floppy disks in one neat box. Instead of searching for separate disks, you can install frequently used software on your hard disk, then dick open the programs as you need them. Accessing programs from a hard drive is also much faster than accessing them from a floppy. For disk-intensive applications, such as searching and sorting databases, spell checking large documents, creating graphics, or digitizing sound and video, you will quickly appreciate the increased speed of a hard drive. (For more details on how a hard drive operates, see the sidebar "Hard Facts.") Purchasing and installing your first hard drive, however, presents an array of bewildering choices. What capacity do you need? What size do you buy? What interface standard should you use? How do you hook it up? Because the answers are system specific, we will concentrate on adding an internal hard drive to an Amiga 2000 running version 1,3 of the operating system. While your Amiga comes equipped to run a floppy drive, you must buy an .Amiga-specific controller card to run a hard drive. Because of manufacturing costs and expensive extras, such as autoconfig and DMA (Direct Memory Access) circuitry, the controller often costs more than a 20MB drive. Many companies, such as C-Ltd and Supra Corp., offer turnkey hard-drive systems, containing the drive, a controller card, mounting hardware, cables, software (a hard-disk driver and installation program), and instructions. The all-in-one package is perfect if you do not want or know where to search for individual components. With all the pieces coming from the same company, troubleshooting is much easier. If you want to get the best deal possible or a custom configuration, you can easily buy the components from different sources. While you can save money or buy more megs for the same amount with this method, you run the risk of assembling incompatible components. The best defense is to know your interface standards and your personal requirements. How Much Is Enough? One such requirement is the storage capacity you need. Although 20MB drives are the least expensive, they have the highest cost per megabyte and fill all too quickly. While your first 20 megabytes may cost about $ 500, doubling your storage to 40 megs will cost only about an additional $ 100. The per-megabyte savings increase as you move up to 60MB, 80MB and 100 + MB systems, although you will probably want to draw the line on capacity somewhere. If your budget will allow it, I recommend you buy a 40MB drive at least. ST506 VS. SCSI All Amiga hard drives adhere to either the ST506 or the SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) interface standard. Designed for the IBM PC, ST506 ? Drives are the cheapest and most plentiful. SCSI drives cost a little more, hut are usually faster than S 1 506 drives. Commodore’s A2090A interface card supports both ST506 and SCSI drives; most other controllers support SCSI drives only. If you need the flexibility of using both types of drives, get the A2090A. If you do not need ST506 support, get a SCSI-only interface. 3l 2 VS. 5V4 Once you decide on a standard, consider the size of the drive 3li-> inch or 5‘ .t inch. You must install a
57. ,-inch drive in the 574-inch-drive slot on the A2000. This, however, prevents you from running MS-DOS programs via Commodore’s A2088 Bridgeboard, because it eliminates the space for an internal IBM- compatible drive. A BV.-inch drive installed in the second floppy slot means having only one internal floppy drive, DHL. You could add a more expensive, external S' g-inch floppy, which is called DF2: by default but which you can mount as DF1:. If you want two internal 372-inch floppies and a 37.,-inch hard drive, but no MS-DOS floppy, you can install the hard drive in the 57.,-inch slot with a mounting bracket. Radio Shack sells one for $ 29.95. DMA VS. Non-DMA For even more speed and efficiency, consider a controller that supports DMA (Direct Memory Access), a hardware technique for high-speed data transfer between computer memory and a device, such as a hard disk. Once the CPU has initiated a DMA transfer, transmission continues without further assistance from the CPU, meaning your Amiga can perform other functions while accessing your drive. Again, performance adds to the controller’s price. If speed is a major concern, I recommend investing in a DMA. Controller. Remote Control Version 1.3 of the operating system adds a new option autohooting AmigaDOS from your hard drive. When autohooting, the machine executes your startup-sequence automatically from the hard disk, instead of looking for it on a floppy disk in DFO:. To autoboot from your hard drive you need Kickstart
1. 3 and a controller card that supports the procedure. Because Commodore is not selling the Kickstart 1.3 ROM chip (part number 315093-02) to users, you must have a service center install it for you. Several reliable autohooting hard-drive controllers are the A2090A(Commodore), the A2000 Impact (Great Valley Products), the A2000 SupraDrive controller (Supra Corp.) and the A2000 Overdrive controller (Pacific Peripherals). Out of the Box, Into the Case With all the components collected on your desk, you are ready to install your hard drive. The exact procedure depends on your specific controller and drive, i Glossary of Hard Drive Terminology AutoConfig a technique used by the Amiga operating system to automatically recognize and access hardware. Autoconflg devices must meet certain requirements before the Amiga can detect them. Block a segment of data totaling 512 bytes. Cylinder a group of tracks with a common track number. All the track 0’s on a hard drive form one cylinder, all the track 1's make up another, and so on. Device Is a software I O port that AmigaDOS uses to communicate with a physical I O port or a redefinition of how a system resource Is used. For example, the RAM: device redefines read write memory to be a disk drive. Device Driver the program and data structures necessary to make a device functional. DMA Direct Memory Access; a high-speed method of transferring data between RAM and a peripheral device, such as a hard drive. DOS Disk Operating System; the software the computer uses to control the disk drive. File System a program that provides high- level access to low-level mass-storage devices. Handler a translator that lets you access different logical devices with the same commands, such as RAM-Handier, SPEAK-Handler, and AUX-Handler. Mountllst a text file found In a Workbench disk’s DEVS: directory that describes devices, handlers, or file systems added to the system with the AmigaDOS MOUNT command. Partition the division of a single hard drive Into two or more "logical" segments that the system refers to as If they were individual drives. Partitions are formatted independently and can each support a different disk operating system. For example, one drive could house partitions supporting AmigaDOS, FastFile- System, and MS-DOS. Read Write Head a circular piece of magnetized iron positioned above the magnetic media that Is used to read or write data to the drive. SCSI Small Computer System Interface; a high-speed interface capable of the parallel transference of data (transferring eight bits at a time). Sector a sub-area of a track. ST506 an Interface that uses serial transference of data (transferring one bit at a time). Startup-sequence a text file that contains Instructions for the Amiga to execute when It is booted. Startup-sequences are stored in the S directory of boot disks. Track one of many rings on the surface of the disk that the read write head of the drive passes over. Step 2. Installing the hard drive In the 5 4" mounting Step 4. Attaching the power and data cables to the hard bracket. Drive. Hard Facts A HARD DRIVE Is a mass-storage device onto and from which your Amiga can store and retrieve information. Conceptually, a hard drive Is similar to a floppy drive. Both contain rapidly-spinning (3600 revolutions per minute for a hard disk, 300 rpm for a floppy) magnetically- coated disks that hold information. Hard drives offer higher storage capacity and data-transfer speed, however, making them more desirable and expensive than floppy drives. Capacities range Irom 20 megabytes (the equivalent to over 20 Amiga floppies) to over 130 megabytes (as much as 150 floppies). Of course, hard storage costs more than floppy storage. A 20MB system costs $ 400-3600 (or about $ 25 per megabyte), while 20 floppies at a total cost of $ 40 represent a cost per megabyte of only $ 2. The more hard storage you buy, however, the (ess you pay per megabyte. A 40MB system at $ 700 means the per-meg price drops to $ 17, while an $ 800 60MB system brings that price down to $ 13. Although storage capacity is easy to measure, hard-drive speed is more complex. One aspect of speed is seek time. When you want to read or write to the drive, the computer’s disk operating system (DOS) determines the proper track and sector on the disk and moves the drive’s read write head to that location. The amount of time required to move the head is called seek time. A better way of measuring drive speed is with access time (measured in milliseconds), the average amount of time that elapses between the computer's request for data transfer and data’s return. Hard-drive manufacturers usually quote the access time. How the hard-drive Interface sends the data from the drive to the computer affects the drive’s speed. ST506 drives send information one bit at a time, while SCSI transfers a full byte at a time. The SCSI method is usually the faster. ? LRW THE TWO BIGGEST problems lor hard-drive owners are direct opposites loss of data and data buildup. Unless you take the proper precautions, you could lose all your data in a disk crash, or you could waste access time while your disk searches through unnecessary files. The best way to avoid these situations is to prepare yourself against them. Care and Feeding Hard drives are powerful, but not Indestructible. If you make a mistake, software corrupts the drive, or the hardware breaks down, you will lose your data. The golden rule Is: Always back up your data onto floppy disks. You should back up your data flies after every computing session. While you can recopy programs from their original disks, data can be lost for good if you do not save ft regularly. Because backing up the entire drive Is time consuming, you need to do so only once a month. If your data files are few and small, you can back them up using the Workbench or CLI. Use Duplicate for the Workbench menu to make a copy of the files, then drag the Icons into the floppy disk’s window. From the CLI, use the COPY command. This method quickly becomes time consuming when you have enough flies to fill one or two floppies. A better alternative is to batch copy files with a directory utility program, such as CLImate, DiskMaster (both from Progressive Peripherals & Software), and DlrUtil (public domain), These programs let you copy groups (batches) of files, such as entire directories, with a single command. If you have megabytes of data to back up, you should invest in a more sophisticated backup program, such as QuarterBack (Central Coast Software), or a tape backup system, such as C-Ltd's. The programs allow you to copy the entire contents of your hard drive to floppies. Once the process is started, all you have to do is supply fresh floppy disks when prompted. Be prepared, a 20MB drive will require about 25 floppy disks to store all the data, and it will take you one to two hours to make the backup. With a tape backup system you can copy the contents of large hard drives to magnetic tape for archiving or safeguarding far faster and more easily than you can back up to floppies. The drawback is that tape drives are expensive, sometimes rivalling hard-drive costs. Neat-Nik Just as backing up your drive will rescue you from disaster, keeping It organized will save you from frustration. New hard-drive owners often use only a few directories to store a vast array of data. Besides making It difficult for you to find anything, it slows down your drive, as the computer must search through the clutter for your requested data. To keep your drive as efficient as possible, keep it organized. Make your root directory lean. Keep only what you need in It, with the rest in subdirectories. A good guideline Is no more than 20 to 30 flies per directory. Organize your files and programs under common themes graphics, word processing, games, and so on. Delete files you do not need. Some disk utilities, such as Cumate and DiskMaster, offer housekeeping routines to make the process easier. ?
- LRW What follows is a general guideline; always consult the installation instructions accompanying your system. If you choose an ST506 system, check your hard disk and its packaging for a chart of the disk’s bad sectors (if any). If the values are listed on the drive, copy them into a notebook; the installation software may request them. To physically install the drive, turn oil your system and remove all the connecting cables. To open the A2000’s case, remove the two screws on each side and the top, center screw in the back. To install a 3Vz-inch drive, remove the two screws on each side of metal plate to which the floppy drives are attached. Carefully lift up the plate, wiih the floppy drive still in place, and find the screw holes in the plate for your hard drive. Attach the drive, and screw the plate back in place. To install a 5' .,-inch drive, simply slide it into the bottom slot, align the holes on the side, and insert the mounting screws. If your drive has a faceplate (usually black plastic with an LED), make sure it fits flush with the case before tightening the screws. If your drive will activate the hard-disk light on die front of the A2000, attach the LED wire and leave the A2000’s faceplate in place. After installing the drive, connect it to the power supply by plugging one of the Amiga’s large four- pin plastic connectors to the drive’s connector. Now, install the drive controller. Usually, you can house the card in any Amiga slot, but inserting it into the first slot makes connecting the cables easier. Be careful not to put your controller into the 86-pin CPU slot. Follow the controller’s instructions to connect the drive cables. With all your new equipment in place, reassemble your system. You are now ready to prepare your drive, mount- list, and startup-sequence for use. Again, the exact process is system specific. Some controllers come with software that automatically prepares, formats, and partitions the drive, alters the boot disk's mount list and startup-sequence, and copies any necessary files. Others may come with primed instructions only. For example, the software accompanying Commodore's A2090A board prepares and formats the disk; you follow the instructions and answer the prompts. If you wish, under version 1.3 of the operating system, you can install a hard-disk partition that employs the FastFileSystem (FFS) a new, faster, and more efficient method of using a hard drive on the Amiga. Unlike the older AmigaDOS file system (which was not designed for use on a hard drive), FFS stores only data in the disk’s data blocks. Because FFS stores data on consecutive blocks when possible, it is able to read and write data significantly faster (about 300%) than the old file system. The method also lets you store about 50K more data per megabyte, giving you about 5% more usable storage space. FFS is so fast that the limiting factor in the data transfer rate ? Now! The program you ve been hearing so much about... Zoetrope puts you right on the cutting edge of animation. _ - 1 T” Bring your imagination to life with Zoetrope: the faster way to animate. Now with Zoetrope, The Animation System"', you can create magical motion. Here are just a few of Zoetrope's exciting, M advanced features: V * Spin and swoop titles » and images through ] 3D space.
• Apply computer power to classic "cel" animation.
• Overlay and underlay J (compositing) your favorite pictures or animations. By Jim Kent, the creator of Aegis Animator MM8AW3 Antic Software elopment between the Amiga and hard disks now is dependent upon your specific drive and controller, and not on the file system. For the best performance, get a fast hard disk with a DMA controller. Because FFS cannot be used on the first hard-drive partition (the first partition must be standard AmigaDOS), the setup procedure for an FFS partition is more involved than standard hard-drive software installation. First, you must install the device driver (supplied with your controller) in the Expansion drawer on your boot disk. For the A2090A controller, the files are called HDDISK and HDDISK.INFO. If the controller’s installation software does not copy the driver to the Expansion drawer, use the Workbench or CLI to do so. Next, you must prepare the hard drive. For the A2090A, use PREP, the supplied utility program. When running programs such as PREP on a drive intended for use with FFS, keep the normal AmigaDOS partition small. When PREP prompts you for the HIGHCYL of the first partition, you should enter the number of the cylinder you want to he the last one in the small AmigaDOS partition, not the last cylinder on the disk. I n the example mountlist below, the FFS partition starts at cylinder 29; therefore, when I used PREP on my drive I set the HIGHCYL of the AmigaDOS partition to 28. After preparing the AmigaDOS partition, reboot your Amiga. The next step is to add an entry for an FFS partition into your mountlist file (located in the DEVS: directory of the boot disk) using ED or some other text editor. The FFS mountlist entry below is for a 40MB drive. Cylinders 0 and 1 are reserved for system use. 1 used PREP to create the first partition, called DHO: in cylinders 2 through 28, about one megabyte. The remaining 39 megs will be used for FFS. FS1: Device = hddisk.device FileSystem =1: Fast FileSystem Unit - 1 Flags = 0 Surfaces = 4 BlocksPerT rack = 17 Reserved = 2 Interleave = 0 LowCyl = 29 ; HighCyl=1223 Buffers = 40 Glob Vec = 1 BufMemType = 1 Stacksize = 4000 DosType = 0x444 F5301 To make sure that the hard-disk device driver is recognized by your system, open a Shell or CLI and type: Bind Drivers , Product Information BACK-UP SYSTEMS CLImate Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 $ 39.95 DiskMaster Progressive Peripherals & Software see address above
549. 95 QuarterBack Central Coast Software 268 Bowie Dr. Los Osos, CA 93402 805 528-4906
569. 95 Tape Back-Up Sub-System C’Ltd 723 E. Skinner Wichita, KS 67211 316 267-9100 $ 809.95 (For a complete list of Amiga hard drives and controllers, see our Hardware Buyer’s Guide on page 32.) CONTROLLERS A2090A Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-4200 $ 399.95 A2000 Impact Great Valley Products Inc. 225 Plank Ave. Paoli, PA 19301 215 889-9411 $ 360, unpopulated A2000 SupraDrive Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9075 $ 299.95 A2000 Overdrive Pacific Peripherals 46728 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539 S249 TURNKEY SYSTEMS A2000 Hard Drive Systems C-Ltd see address above $ 729.95 for 20MB system up to SI4,059.95 for 320MB system Supra 4x4 Supra Corporation see address above S799 for 20MB system S949 for 30MB system $ 1195 for 60MB system tOA Amiga 20 MB 0 0 © FOR Amiga 49 MB 0 ON QJ5Y F0« Amiga 60 MB e 8USV © ON for Amiga 120MB Supra Corporation 1-800-727-8772 (Orders Only) or 503-967-9075 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321 Telex: 5106005236 (Supra Corp.) FAX: 503-926-9370 The Best No Matter How You Stack ‘Em. No matter how you stack ’em. SupraDrives are the best. The best performers. The best designs. The best fit for your system. And frankly, the best choice you could make, no matter how you stack your options. Only Supra offers you complete SupraDrive Hard Disk Systems for I he Amiga 500, the Amiga 1000, and the Amiga 2000 in various capacities and forms. You can get external drives, internal drives, interface kits, and RAM expansion kits. You can get drives ranging in size from 20MB all the way up to 250MB. Whatever your system configuration and needs, you can get a Supra hard disk that’s just right for YOU. And if what you need is backup or unlimited storage, you can get the SupraDrive FD-10. A new concept in mass storage that combines the best features M of hard disks and floppy disks. The SupraDrive FD-10 lets you store a full 10MB of data on one (loppy disk and then easily take the disk with you anywhere. Your storage capacity is limited only by the number of disks you have, and backups are quick and easy. When vou buv m. your new disk drive from Supra, you'll be buying from a company that has years of SupraDrive interface experience to for the Amiga 2000 share with you and the stability to ensure that they’ll be around when you need it. Only Supra Corporation offers you state-of-the-art, innovative technology plus experience and sendee you can count on. Call your local dealer or: Now, you must format the drive. Because PREP automatically mounts the first partition, you do not have to mount DHO:. To format the first (AmigaDOS) partition, simply type: FORMAT DRIVE DHO: NAME “SLOYVHD” The first partition, cylinders 2 through 28, will be formatted under AmigaDOS. Before formatting the FFS portion, you must mount it. To mount the FFS partition, type: MOUNT FS1: Next, you format the FFS partition by typing: FORMAT DRIVE FS1: NAME “FASTHD” FFS When the formatting process is complete, you should copy all the files on your Workbench 1.3 disk to the FFS partition, using the command: COPY DFO: FS1: ALL Now, edit your startup-sequence (in the boot disk's S directory) so it will mount the drive when you boot. For example, I added the following lines to the beginning of my startup-sequence: svstem fastmemfirst BindDrivers mount FS1: FS1 :c assign c: Fsl:c FS1:c assign sys: FS1: Fsl:c assign 1: FS1:1 Fsl:c assign fonts: Fsl:fonts FS 1 :c assign devs: FS 1 :devs Fsl:c assign libs: Fsldibs Fsl:c assign s: Fsl:s FS 1 :c assign system: FS 1 :system The first command runs the FASTMEMFIRST utility, which forces the Amiga to use fast memory if it is present. BindDrivers looks in the boot disk’s Expansion drawer to find the hard-disk driver, then loads the driver into memory. Next, using the 1.3 MOUNT command, it mounts the FFS partition. The system now will recognize the existence of the FFS partition so you can use it. Because I have a copy of all my Workbench files and directories on FS1:, I then assign all of them to it so it becomes my default drive. Now all access of my System files will come from the hard disk. When you reboot you will be using the new Fast- FileSystem as your default drive. (See “Care and Feeding” (p.26) for hard-drive handling hints.) ¦ Louis R. Wallace is a contributing editor to Amiga World. Write to him ch Amiga World Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. THE HUMAN TOUCH The EASYL graphics tablet, a natural extension of your pen or pencil, is the simplest and most intuitive way to put your ideas into the Amiga. Whether you are an artist, animator, designer or engineer, EASYL quickly draws your attention to its’ power, precision, ruggedness and ease of use. Once installed in your Amiga 500, 1000, or 2000, EASYL is ready to work with Deluxe Paint, Draw Plus, Photon Paint, Express Paint, Professional Draw, plus many other popular graphics programs. No matter what the job, EASYL is just a pen stroke away. EASYL also leaves your mouse active and the mouse joystick, serial, and parallel ports free for other uses. For a powerful way to express yourself on your Amiga, pick up the EASYL pressure sensitive graphics tablet. Chances are you won’t put it down. Contact your Amiga dealer for a free demonstration, or contact one of the addresses below. EASYL is also available for Commodore PC XT AT and compatible computers. EASYL technical support is available on BIX. In the U.S.: Inforite Corporation 1670 S. Amphlett Blvd., 201 San Mateo, Ca 94402
(415) 571-8766 In Canada: Anakin Research Inc. 100 Westmore Drive, Unit 11C Rexdale, Ontario. Canada M9V 5C3
(416) 744-4246 Easyl is a registered trademark of Anakin Research Inc., Deluxe Paint is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts, Professional Draw is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc. Photon Paint is a registered trademark of Microillusions. Draw Plus is a registered trademark of Aegis Development Inc., Express Paint is a registered trademark of P.A.R. Inc. Circle 82 on Reader Service card The flickerFixer UNLOCK THE GRAPHICS POWER OF YOUR AMIGA 20001 flickerFixer is an advanced graphics adaptor that eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace flicker and visible scan lines. The result: superior quality color or monochrome graphics and text for such demanding applications as CAD CAM, Desktop Presentation, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, and Word Processing. FlickerFixer upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704 x 470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC Multiscan and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. Accolades include: Best of 1988 Award, Commodore Magazine (12 88); 7 Reader’s Choice Award, AMIGAWORLD (12 88); “The display is fantastic... It is the best display we have ever seen on any computer system." Amiga GURU (5 88) flickerFixer t s into the Amiga video slot is fully compatible with all software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. For more information or to order, call MicroWay Sales at (508) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. Priced at $ 595, flickerFixer is made in the USA and is FCC Class B approved. MicroWay... Respected throughout the industry lor high quality engineering, service and technical support. World Leader in PC Numerics
P. O. Box 79. Kingston, MA 02364 USA (508) 746-7341 32 High St., Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK, 01-541-5466 USA FAX 617-934-2414 Australia 02-439-8400 Circle 78 on Reader Service card. FlickerFixer and MicroWay are trademarks of MicroWay. Inc. Amiga is 3 registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. Snmr nrrmi 1'iuuiiuii i'M The AmigaWorld Buyer’s Guide DO YOU SUFFER from Just-One-More-Device Syndrome? The symptoms are easy to spot. Does your car’s dashboard look like a 747’s? Is your stereo system slowly taking over the entire living room? Have the electrical outlets in your kitchen been condemned for overcrowding? Most importantly, is the combined worth of your computer, peripherals, and expansion devices threatening to surpass the value of your house? Well, maybe you don’t mind, and believe that "More is better.’1 Or, perhaps like the sailor, you subscribe to “A device in every port;' or, like the politician, “A chicken in every slot." In any event, we’ve compiled our annual smorgasbord of delectable chips and wire The Amiga World Hardware Buyer's Guide to satisfy your cravings. .As always, the selection is extensive and varied. We have disk drives and controllers, memory-expansion boards, graphics, video, and music devices, networking equipment, and a whole lot more. A few translations to make your selections easier: The Bus refers to the side expansion bus on the A500 and A1000, and Slot to an internal slot on the A2000 or a slot in an expansion chassis off the bus. Motherboard refers to the Amiga’s main internal board; Mouse, Serial, Parallel, and RGB to the rear ports of the same name. Externa! Drive denotes disk-drive port, and Internal drive, the disk-drive cavity on the A2Q0Q. Internal refers to the expansion bus on the A500’s underside. The letters (PT) in the Port column indicate pass-through, meaning you can attach other products to the peripheral. We have listed only items that are or will be available by March 1, 1989. If the manufacturer has decided on a release date but not on a price, we listed TBA (To Be Announced) in the Price column. (Remember also, all prices are approximate. As the cost of chips and components fluctuate, so will the cost of hardware.) Products are presented alphabetically within each category by name of product, followed by the name of the manufacturer. Consult the “Company List" at the end of the guide for further information about the manufacturer’s address and telephone number, i
- |C Clocks .. 34 Coprocessors .....34 Drives Controllers . 34 Expansion .38 Graphics Video ...38 Interfacing Networking ...40 Memory ...... . ... 40 Music Sound ... 42 Miscellaneous ....42 Manufacturers’ Addresses ..44 Compiled by Jan Jackson and Bob Ryan Clocks PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION A-Time Akron Systems $ 39.95 .All Parallel Clock MouscTime MicroBotics $ 39.95 1900 Mouse Clock TimeSaver 1000 C Ltd $ 79.95 1000 Keyboard Clock, 7K RAM lor keyboard macros TimeSaver 1000-2000 Adaptor C Ltd S39.95 2000 Keyboard Enables A2000 to use TimeSaver 1000 Coprocessors PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE * PORT DESCRIPTION 68020 CPU Board CSA $ 995.00 2000 CPU slot 68020 Board; opt: 16-33 Mhz 68882, 16MHz 68030 A2088 BridgeBoard Commodore S699.95 2000 Slot IBM PCVXT t lone-on-a-card, 5! .," drive HA030 Ronin $ 320.00 1000, 2000 Hurricane 68030 adapter for Hurricane Board Hurricane 68020-12 Ronin $ 200.00 1000, 2000 Hurricane 12 Mhz 68020 chip Hurricane 68030 Processor Ronin $ 570.00 1000, 2000 Hurricane 16 or 20 Mhz 68030 chip Hurricane HI000 Accelerator Ronin $ 400.00 1000 Slot Unpopulated 68020 68881 board Hurricane H2000 Accelerator Ronin $ 600.00 2000 CPU slot Unpopulated 68020 68881 board Hurricane Math Coprocessors Ronin $ 200.00 1000, 2000 Hurricane 16MHz 68881; 20MHz 68881, 25MHz 68882 available Multifunction Module MicroBotics $ 99.95 All StarBoard2 68881 socket, dock, sticky disk, RAM parity checking Piggyback CSA $ 895.00
500. 1000 Motherboard 68020 Board; upgradable with 16 Mhz 68882 Processor Accelerator Creative Micro. $ 199,95 All Motherboard Replaces standard 68000 with 14.32 Mhz 68000 Drives Controi PRODUCT XERS COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION 10MB 5.25 Removable Floppy C Ltd $ 1089,95 2000 Slot 10MB S1 *" removable media drive and controller 10MB Floppy System C Ltd $ 1329.95 1000 Bus Removable media drive and controller 10MB Floppy System C Ltd $ 1329.95 500 Bus 10MB 51 ' removable media drive and controller 20MB Floppy System C Ltd $ 2199.95 1000 Bus 2-20MB 51 ' removable media drives and controller 20MB Floppy System C Ltd $ 2199.95 500 Bus 2-10MB removable media drives and controller 20MB Floppy System C Ltd $ 1959.95 All SCSI 2-20MB removable media drives, no controller 20MB SCSI Drive Sc Controller CompT’-Save $ 589.00 500, 1000 Bus (PT) 20MB SCSI hard drive and controller 3 V," Disk Drive Comp-L-Save $ 145.00 All External drive Single floppy drive with power supply A-1000 Hard Drive Systems C Ltd $ 999.95 1000 Bus 24MB drive and SCSI controller, up to 320MB A-1000 SCSI 1000 C Ltd $ 299.95 1000 Bus SCSI host controller A-1000 Tape Back-Up System C Ltd $ 1049.95 1000 Bus 20MB tape back-up with controller A-20Q0 Hard Drive Systems C Ltd $ 729.95 2000 Slot 20MB drive, SCSI controller, up to 320MB available A-2000 SCSI 2000 C Ltd $ 199.95 2000 Slot SCSI host controller A-2000 SCSI 2000R C Ltd $ 419.95 2000 Slot SCSI ST506 (RLE) controller A-2000 SCSI 2506M C Ltd $ 379.95 2000 Slot SCSI ST506 MEM controller A-2000 Tape Back-Up System C Ltd $ 799.95 2000 Slot 20MB internal tape back-up and controller A-500 Hard Drive System C Ltd $ 999.95 500 Bus 24MB drive and SCSI controller, up to 320MB A-500 SCSI 500 C Ltd $ 249.95 500 Bus SCSI controller A-500 Tape Back-Up System C Ltd $ 1019.95 500 Bus 20MB tape back-up and controller A2090A HD SCSI Controller Commodore $ 399.95 2000 Slot Auiobooting ST506, SCSI DMA controller A500 Hard Drive Controller Pacific Periph. TEA 500 Bus SCSI controller, can hold up to 2MB RAM Auto Card Expansion Tech. $ 179.95 500, 1000 Bus Converts non-autoboot controller to autoboot Autobootable Overdrive Pacific Periph. $ 249.00 2000 Slot DMA SCSI overdrive controller BN20 Comspec TBA All SCSI Bernoulli 20MB drive for use with Comspec SCSI card CA-880 California Access $ 229.95 All NA External floppy disk drive Dual 3' ' Disk Drive Comp-U-Save $ 299.00 All External drive Without power supply Dual 3 V2" Disk Drive Comp-U-Save $ 395.00 All External drive Dual floppy drive, power supply and 6' cord Dual Floppy Drive Datcl $ 299.99 VII External 3' -inch floppy drives Escort 1 Expansion Tech. $ 179.95 All External Floppy drive Escort Hard Drive Card Expansion lech. $ 199.95 500, 1000 Bus SCSI interface card Escort Hard Drive Systems Expansion lech. $ 335.00 500, 1000 Bus SCSI DMA controllers, autoboot DRJ VES CONl ROLLERS (continued) PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION Fdata 10 Jay tron $ 149.95 All External Floppy disk drive Fdata 20 Jaytron S299.95 All External Dual floppy disk drive Flash Card Expansion Tech. $ 749.95 2000 Slot 32MB hard card. 48MB: $ 939.95 Flash Card Controller Expansion Tech. $ 229.95 2000 Slot SCSI interface, autoboot, DMA Floppy Drives Expansion Tech. $ 179.95 All External 3' 2-inch external drive Hard Disk Drive CSA $ 895.00 2000 Slot 20MB drive. SCSI controller; 40MB available Hard Drive 8c Controller Comspcc TBA 1000 Bus(PT) 20MB autobooting SCSI drive; 40MB available Hard Frame 2000 Micro Botics $ 329.00 2000 Slot DMA SCSI hard-disk interface, autobooting HDA-506 Hard Drive Adaptor Spirit $ 294.00 500, 1000 Bus Adapts ST506 controllers for use with Amiga HDA-506-2 Hard Drive System Spirit $ 799.00 500, 1000 Bus 20 MB MEM ST506 hard-drive system, autoboot HDA-506-4 Hard Drive System Spirit $ 999.00 500, 1000 Bus 40MB MEM ST506 HD, optional autoboot ROM Impact A2000-1 0 GVP $ 325.00 2000 Slot SCSI DMA controller, sockets for 1MB RAM, autoboot Impact A2000-2 0 GVP $ 360.00 2000 Slot SCSI DMA Controller, autoboot, room for 2MB Impact A500-2 0 RAM EPROM GVP $ 100.00 500 Impact 500 Add 2MB RAM and autoboot to Impact 500 system Impact A500-20HD RAM GVP $ 795.00 500 Bus 20MB SCSI system, room for 2MB RAM, 30MB, 45MB Impact A500-40Q RA.M GVP S 1650.00 500 Bus 40MB fast access hard-drive system, room for 2MB RAM Impact A2000-HC20 GVP $ 675.00 2000 Slot 20MB SCSI system, autoboot, D.NLA; up to 100MB avail. Impact A2000-HC40Q GVP $ 999.00 2000 Slot 40MB fast-access SCSI system, autoboot, DMA Master 3-A Disk Drive Oceanic America $ 159.00 All External drive Floppy disk drive PAB-500, PAB-1000 Phoenix $ 179.95 500, 1000 Bus (PT) .Allows non-autoboot hard drives to auiobooi PFD-135 Phoenix $ 179.95 All External drive External floppy drive PFD-135I Phoenix $ 162.95 2000 Internal drive XI Internal floppy drive PFD-235A Phoenix $ 324.95 All External drive Dual floppy drive PHD-22 500 or 1000 Phoenix $ 679.95 500, 1000 Bus 22MB SCSI hard-drive system, 32MB and 48MB avail. S-1020 Hard Drive System Xetec $ 849.00 1000 Bus 20MB SCSI hard-drive system S-1040 Hard Drive System Xetec $ 1049.00 1000 Bus 40MB SCSI hard-drive system S-520 Hard Drive System Xetec $ 799.00 500 Bus 20MB SCSI drive and controller S-540 Hard Drive System Xetec S999.00 500 Bus 40MB SCSI drive and controller SA 2000 Comspec TBA 2000 Slot SCSI interface for Iomega Bernoulli Box SA 500, SA 1000 Comspec TBA 500, 1000 Bus SCSI interface for the Iomega Bernoulli Box SA-20 Xetec $ 199.00 2000 Slot SCSI hard-disk interface card SA-2020 Xetec $ 649.00 2000 Slot 20MB SCSI drive and controller card SA-2040 Xetec $ 849.00 2000 Slot 40MB drive with SCSI controller SA-5 Host Adaptor Xetec $ 250.00 500, 1000 Bus SCSI interface SCSI Interface CSA $ 595.00 2000 Slot Interface for hard disks and devices SCSI Module ASDG $ 199.00 2000 Twin X SCSI interface controller SCSI to ST506 Omti 3520 C Ltd $ 229.95 All SCSI Add ST506 compatibility to C Ltd SCSI controller SCSI to ST506 Adeptcc 4070 C Ltd $ 199.95 All SCSI L’se ST506 drives with C Ltd SCSI controller SCSI to ST506 Omti 3527 C Ltd $ 269.95 All SCSI Add ST506 compatibility to C Ltd SCSI controller SCSI to ST506 Adeptec 1000 C L.td $ 189.95 All SCSI Use ST5Q6 drives with C Ltd SCSI controller ST-40 Tape Sub-System Xetec $ 650.00 500, 1000 SCSI 40MB streaming tape back-up system Single Floppy Drive Datel $ 169.99 All External Svj-inch floppy StarDrive SCSI Module MicroBotics $ 129.95 Alt StarBoard2 High-speed SCSI interface, clock SupraDrive 4x4 Supra $ 995.00
500. 1000 Bus(PT) 20MB SCSI drive; up to 2MB RAM; drive to 250MB SupraDrive 4x4 Supra $ 799.00 2000 Slot 20MB SCSI system; 30MB and 60MB avail. SupraDrive FD-10 Removable Supra $ 995.00 2000 Slot 10MB 5 V SCSI floppy drive system SupraDrive FD-10 Removable Supra $ 995.00
500. 1000 Bus(PT) I0MB 5YSCSI floppy drive; $ 895 w o interface T-60 Xetec S4 50.00 2000 SCSI 60MB streaming tape back-up with software, cables Tape Back-Up Sub-System C Ltd $ 809.95 All SCSI 20MB external tape back-up. No controller Trump Card Interactive Video $ 189.95 2000 Slot SCSI hard disk coiitoller, A500-$ 249.95 Twindrive
M. A.S.T. $ 299.00 All External drive Dual external floppy drive Unidrive
M. A.S.T. $ 169.00 All External drive External floppy drive WEDGE RSI $ 185.00 500, 1000 Bus Adapts IBM ST506 controllers to Amiga WEDGE Hard Drive System RSI S 760.00 500, 1000 Bus Wedge with IBM ST506 controller and drive The All New The Missing Link... Centaur Software Inc. 14040 Tahiti Way. Suite 528 Marina Del Rey CA 90292 popsas in Fuetrr T ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A. V % he new Forms in Flight II is the missing link for your Amiga three dimensional graphics design and animation. Create fast, high quality images with fancy curves and curved surfaces. Then use the complex objects you design to create smooth animations. You can also import objects from other animation programs using Interchange by Syndesis. + ¦•A ? I 'A > ¦ O-.. ¦ ' J Surface Patches Phong (Smooth) Shading Texture Mapping Extrusions along curved paths Hierarchical animations using paths Supports overscan and PAL systems Low price: only $ 119 Many more features Centaur Software Inc. 14040 Tahiti Way, Suite 528 Marina Del Rey CA 90292 213-821-5995 The Ultimate Disk Optimizer Decrease Disk Access Time Up To 500% Restore Smooth Disk Operation Designed For Use On Floppies AND HardDrives Supports Multiple Partitions FAST CLI Directory Access Incredible Workbench[tm] Performance 100% AmigaDOS Compatible A product of M.V. Micro
B. A.D. analyzes, restructures, and processes ANY AmigaDOS disk such that permanent speed increases will be realized. This is NOT a RAM cashe based system! Expansion PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION Bus Expander Bill's Boards $ 495.00
500. 1000 Bus Provides 6 A2000 slots and 6 IBM slots Mini-rack C AS DO $ 195.00 1000 Bus 2-slot Zorro 1 subset, + 5 volt power supply Mini-rack D AS DO $ 325.00 1000 Bus 2-slot Zorro 1 chassis; +5, “5, +12, 12 volts PEC-2510, PEC-2110 Phoenix $ 179.95 500, 1000 Bus Expansion chassis for A2000 cards, $ 254 w power supply Subsystem 1000 Pacific Periph. $ 299.00 1000 Bus (PT) Three A2000 slots Subsystem 500 Pacific Periph. $ 249.00 500 Bus (PT) 2-A2000 slots, power supply; $ 399 with floppy drive Tool Box Expansion Tech. SI 89.95 500, 1000 Bus 2-A20Q0 slots, I amp power supply; 3 amp: $ 259.95 Graphics Video PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION 4003RCU 520 Video RF Modulator A-Video Aitiicore lnt'1 Commodore Akron Systems $ 499.00 $ 49.00 $ 49.95 2000 500 500, 2000 Slot RGB RCA RGB Remote control for Magni Genlock N TSC composite video encoder and RF modulator Use Amiga with color composite monitor A1300 Genlock A2300 Genlock Amiga Light Pen Driver Commodore Commodore Inkwell S299.95 $ 399.00 $ 129.95 1000 2000 All RGB (PT) Video slot Mouse Synchronizes Amiga graphics with video signal Overlay Amiga graphics on PAL or NTSC video Light pen and driver AmiGen Mimetics $ 199.95 All RGB (PT) NTSC genlock Ami Link RGB Video $ 1995.00 All Serial (PT) Interactive video editing controller AproDraw R & DI. Prod. $ 549.00 AH Serial Drawpad with stylus, 12 x 12 inches (9x6: $ 449) C-View 1 Composite NTSC C-View I Composite PAL C-View 2 Chroma Luma NTSC C Ltd C Ltd C Ltd $ 39.95 $ 39.95 $ 39.95 500, 2000 500, 2000 500,2000 RGB RGB RGB Hook Amiga to composite monitor Use Amiga with PAL monitors Use Chroma Luna monitor with Amiga C-View 2 Chroma Luma PAL C Ltd $ 39.95 500, 2000 RGB Use Chroma Luma PA1. Monitors with Amiga Color Splitter SunRize' $ 99.95 All Digitizer Replaces color wheel for digitizers Digi-Droid NewTek $ 79.95 All Digi-View Automated filter wheel for Digi-View Digi-View Gold EASYL OickerFixer NewTek Anakin MicroWay TBA $ 499.00 $ 595.00 500, 2000 2000 2000 Parallel Slot Video slot Video digitizer with powered gender changer Pressure sensitive drawpad; A1000: $ 499; A500: $ 399 Eliminates hi-res flicker Frame Buffer Mimetics $ 549.95 2000 Slot Stores and displays a four-field NTSC overscanned image Frame Grabber Future Touch Progressive Periph. Amieo Bus Como $ 699.95 S3500 00 All 2000 Parallel NA Real-time color video digitizer Touch-screen 2000 system with 20MB hard disk Genlocking encoder. RS-170A. VHS compat. Y C outputs Genlock w fading, keying; w control box: $ 1,995 Encodes and syncs RGB output to composite video signal A U I U 1 A. V M VII GEN ONE Genlock Encoder System 1 Image Master Pro-Genlock i U 11 i L C L VI Ja V V lltpr. Comm. Spec. Magni Systems Neriki W W.r f » V $ 895.00 $ 1695.00 $ 2195.00 Vfly w .All 2000 .All
* 14 lL RGB IBM, Video RGB Imprint 3.0 Liquid Light S2495.00 All Serial Polaroid Palette image recorder and software I u I v vl 4lil IS Penmouse Kurta $ 295.00 .All Serial Drawpad with remote stylus LIVE! A-Squared $ 399.00 500 Bus Real-time video diizitizer
• Z V 1 f IVUlll 1 O 1 IV * I1IV.V VI 1 fc* 1 *1 LIVE! LIVE! Mediaphile 1.3 System A-Squared A-Squared Interactive Micro. $ 295.00 $ 450.00 $ 275.00 1000 2000 All Bus Slot Mouse Real-time video digitizer Real-time video digitizer w ADO effects. BNC connectors Audio Video editing, hardware software package Mediaphile 8MM Video Prod. Interactive Micro. $ 5948.00 NA NA Sony 8mm Video deck, camera, and controller Mediaphile SVHS Video Prod. Interactive Micro. $ 7161.00 NA NA Includes JVC’ video deck and camera, SVHS Sc Amiga Mediaphile System I-B Interactive Micro. $ 903.00 All Mouse Modified Sony F.V-A80 8mm VTR plus Mediaphile 1.2 Mediaphile System II Mediaphile VHS Perfect Vision Interactive Micro. Interactive Micro. SunRize $ 2828.00 $ 5592.00 $ 249.95 All NA .All Mouse NA Parallel Modified Sony 8mm video deck, camcorder, controller JVC VHS video deck and Amiga computer system Real-time black-and-white video digitizer ProGEN Progressive Periph. $ 449.9$ All RGB (PI ) Genlock with software, broadcast quality RS 170A Pro. ScanLab Sc an Lab 100 AS DC ASDG $ 995.00 TBA 2000 Slot Interface for Sharp JX-300 and JX-450 color scanners Interface for Sharp JX-I00 fcWv All Parallel Scanner Interface Package Super Gen V-I 2000 Gold Disk Digital Creations Creative Micro. SI 195.00 S 749.95 S79.95 All .All 2000 Parallel RGB (PT) Video slot Canon 1X12 300 DPI scanner with interface Genlock, broadcast quality, allows fade in and out Connects Commodore 1702 monitor; $ 99.95 with RF V-I 500 Creative Micro. $ 79.95 500 RGB Connects Commodore 1702 monitor; $ 99.95 with RF VD I Impulse $ 1000.00 .All Parallel Real lime video digitizer and 24-bit frame buffer HardFrame 2000 The Super-Speed, DMA, SCSI Hard Disk Interface for the Amiga®2000 AutoBoots AmigaDOS 1.3 (Price Includes HardFrame Eprom!) Directly Boots the New Fast-File System! (Doesn't Need Old FS!) Auto-mounts All Hard Disk Partitions (no Mount List Required!) Designed-in, Ultra Strong, Multitasking Performance High Quality Metal Frame for Stable, On-Card, Hard Disk Mounting
• Power Cabling Directly from Card to Disk
• 50-pin Cable Included
• Supports up to seven SCSI hard disks of any size o*.r.:ScriDc “7r H
* *¦* *i ’H ** *»¦* m »-•*“ H IM* Mi MM
• *- V y|
* *¦
• « I-“. New! 8-UP! (DIP) FastRAM Another great memory board from MicroBotics, 8-UP! (DIP) is the "brother" of the original 8-UP! (which uses SIMMs and PopSIMMs to fill its memory space). 8-UP! (DIP) uses conventional 1 megabit RAM chips in standard sockets to provide your Amiga 2000 with 2, 4, 6, or 8 megabytes of autoconfiguring FastRAM! 8-UP! (DIP) is a super efficient CMOS design for lowpower consumption and high reliability. Suggested list price, S199 (0k installed) r , Join MicroBotics I ONLINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT I
- CONFERENCE ON BIX - " (The Byte Information Exchange) * | -call 1-800-227-2983 | tor BIX membership information! L_____ _ _ J Circle 103 on Reader Servce card. How fast is fast? HardFrame 2000 transfers data at Amiga bus speeds! It's actually faster than the hard disk mechanism itself! And even more important in the Amiga's multitasking environment, HardFrame 2000 has extremely efficient DMA circuitry to get on and off the bus in almost no time at all: 280ns to get on; 200ns to get off. And it's true, dedicated DMA, too! HardFrame 2000 autoboots and automounts directly into the AmigaDOS™ 1.3 Fast File System (old file system partitions are not needed!). The core of any DMA SCSI interface is in its SCSI protocol chip and DMA chip. MicroBotics has chosen the new, high performance Adaptec AIC-6250 SCSI chip, capable of up to 5 megabytes per second raw transfer speed, and the Signetics 68430 DMA chip running at 12.5 megahertz. Then we added additional FIFO buffering and enabled 16-bit wide data transfers for maximum throughput. The sophisticated design of HardFrame 2000 provides for automatic SCSI arbitration, selection and reselection. The hardware supports either synchronous or asynchronous data transfer. HardFrame 2000 can function as either the SCSI bus initiator or the target and can reside in a multiple master environment. Physically, HardFrame 2000 is optimally flexible: the compact, half-size card comes attached to a full length, plated aluminum frame. The frame has mounting holes positioned to accept standard, 3.5" SCSI hard disk units such as those manufactured by MiniScribe, Seagate, Rodime, and others (hard disk mechanisms must be supplied by the user or his dealer as a separate purchase item). Alternatively, you can cable-connect to a SCSI drive mounted in your Amiga's disk bay or in an external chassis. As many as seven hard disks may be connected to a single HardFrame
2000. There is no size limit on each disk. HardFrame 2000 includes a 50-pin SCSI cable and header connectors for either 50-pin or 25-pin cable connection. Also included is a current tap to power frame- mounted drives directly from the slot itself. HardFrame 2000 comes complete with driver, installation, and diagnostic software. Available NOW! Suggested list price, S329 (hard disk not included) Framelcss version: S299.00. See your Amiga Dealer. The HardFrame 2000 photo shows the product with a MiniScribe twenty megabyte hard disk installed. Hard disks are not included in the purchase price of HardFrame. Note that if placed in the first slot, HardFrame uses only one slot even with a disk attached. U MicroBotics,Inc. Great Products Since the Amiga Was Born! 811 Alpha Drive,Suite335, Richardson,Texas75081 (214)437-5330 Tell your dealer he can quick-order from MicroBotics directly - no minimum quantity -show him this ad! "Amiga’ is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. ’HardFrame 2000’. ’3-UP!", ’PopSimm', are trademarks of MicroBotics, Inc. GRAPHICS V I DEO (continued) PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION Video Bus Slot Expansion Amicore Int’l TBA 2000 Video slot Use Magni Genlock and flickerFixer in same system Video Toaster NewTek $ 1299.00 2000 Video slot Digital video e fleets, frame capture, genlock X-Specs 3D 1 laitex $ 124.95 All Mouse Three dimensional viewing glasses INTERFAC i NG N ETWORKING PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION A2Q00 Auto-Config Proto Card Interactive Video $ 59.95 2000 Slot Prototyping card without auto-config logic A2000 Auto-Config Proto Card Interactive Video $ 139.95 2000 Slot Prototyping card with auUKConfig logic Ameristar Interact Package
- Ameristar $ 899.00 2000 Slot Ethernet board with Network File System software Amiga GPIB AC DA $ 395.00 2000 Slot IEEE*488 interface to 14 devices, software included Dual Serial Module ASDG $ 199.00 2000 Twin X Provides 2 serial ports GPIB Module ASDG $ 199.00 2000 Twin X Gives Twin X GPIB capability MCS 1000 Comspec TBA .All Parallel Adapts IEEE printers to Centronics interface MCS 6550 Comspec TBA Ail Parallel 256K Centronics print buffer; works with MCS 8000 MCS 8000 Comspec TBA All Parallel 4-channel printer network; 8-channel also available Proto 40K AC DA $ 1895.00 2000 Slot 16-channel 12-bit A D; 2-channel 8-bit D A Proto 5K AC DA $ 279.00 All Parallel (FT) I-channel A D converter; amplifier, VU meter Protoboard II .Akron Systems $ 49.95 2000 Slot Prototyping board TwinX .ASDG $ 329.00 2000 Slot IEEE 959 interface board Zorro II Prototyping Board Celestial Systems $ 49.95 2000 Slot Unpopulated Zorro 2 board Memory PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION
- 5MB Clock Calendar Date! $ 69.99 500 Internal 512K RAM, 0 RAM installed, w dock .5MB Clock Calendar Skyles $ 79.95 500 I niernal Unpopulated A50I replacement; w 5l2K RAM: SI79.95
1. 5 MB Internal Memory Skyles $ 249.95 500, 1000 Motherboard Unpopulated; .5MB: $ 379.95; 1MB: $ 499.95 .5MB RAM Datel $ 39.99 500 Internal 512K RAM. 0 RAM installed .5MB RAM Supra $ 149.95 500 Internal Replacement for A501, 512K RAM. Clock I MB Internal Memory Skyles $ 349.95 500 Motherboard 1MB RAM 2 MEG Memory Board ASDG $ 399.00 1000 Slot Unpopulated 2MB memory board, Zorro 1 256 Board Skyles $ 169.95 1000 Front panel 256K chip RAM upgrade 2MB Internal Memory Skyles $ 124.95 2000 Slot Unpopulated 2MB RAM board; 1MB, 2MB avail. 8 MEG Memory Board ASDG $ 499.00 1000 Slot Unpopulated SMB expansion board, Zorro 1 8-UP! Micro Bntics $ 199.00 2000 Slot Unpopulated SMB RAM board, uses PopSimms or SIMN 8-UP! (DIP) MicroBotics $ 199.00 2000 Slot Unpopulated SMB RAM board, uses lM-bit DRAMS A2052 2MB RAM Expansion Commodore $ 549.95 2000 Slot 2MB RAM; available with 512K or 1MB A2058 SMB RAM Expansion Commodore $ 799.00 2000 Slot Available with 4MB or SMB RAM A501 Memory Extension Commodore $ 199.95 500 Internal 512K RAM with dock calendar Amega Board C Ltd $ 279.95 1000 Bus Unpopulated 1MB memory hoard Amega Pass Thru Board C Ltd $ 19.95 1000 Amega Adds pass through to Amega board AX2000 Comspec TBA 1000 Bus (IT) 2MB RAM DragStrip
C. SA $ 795.00 2000 Slot Converts 16-bit RAM to 32 bits, contains 32-bit ROM EXP-1000 Progressive Periph. $ 299.95 500 Motherboard Unpopulated 1MB RAM board, autoconfig; I MB avail. EXP-512 Progressive Periph. $ 79.95 500 Internal Unpopulated A501 replacement, with clock calendar FastPac CSA $ 1295.00 2000 Slot 32-bit static RAM board includes Kickstart Hurricane M1000 M2000 Konin $ 600.00 10(10, 2000 Hurricane Unpopulated 32-bit memory boards, for Hurricane IN-1000 OK Interna] Memory Spirit $ 294.00 1000 Motherboard Unpopulated RAM board, up to 2MB, autoconfig. Clock IN-500 OK Internal Memory Spirit $ 250.00 500 Motherboard Unpopulated, up to 1.5MB, optional clock Insider Michigan Software $ 150.00 1000 Motherlx lard Unpopulated RAM boards; up to I MB, clock Megaboard 2000 Progressive Periph. $ 599.95 2000 Slot 2MB RAM board Memory Module Supra $ 799.00 500, 1000 SupraDrive 2MB memory board, fits inside SCSI interface board ? FLY THRO TH THE G The easiest and fastest database available on the Amiga Organize, arrange, and manipulate graphics, text, and numbers and enjoy yourself doing if. LafiANTEEp* 10 Gurus 11 Amjgs DONE MEMORY (continued) PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION Minimegs 500 PopSlMMs Pro Ram 2000 RAM Clock OK RE 2000 SIN-500-2 Star Board 2 StarBoard2 SB2000
M. A.S.T. MicroBotics Progressive Periph. C Ltd Comspec Spirit MicroBotics MicroBotics S 199.00 $ 89.95
5299. 95
569. 95 TBA
5262. 50 $ 339.00 S339.00 500, 1000 2000 2000 500 2000 500 500, 1000 2000 Bus 8-UP! Slot Internal Slot Mot her boa id Bus (FT) i Slot Unpopulated RAM board; holds up to 2MB Unpopulated SIMM boards, 256K or IMB capacities Unpopulated SMB board, up to 2MB $ 879.95 Unpopulated A501 replacement card Unpopulated 2MB RAM board Unpopulated RAM board, up to 2MB, autoconfig 5I2K RAM, upgradable to 1 MR StarBoard2 adapted for A2000 Music Sound PRODUCT • COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION Audio 2000 FutureSound FutureSound Day’s Applied Visions Applied Visions $ 79.95 $ 179.00 $ 119.95 2000 1000 500, 2000 IBM slot Parallel (PT) Parallel (PT) Internal stereo amplifier Audio digitizer; line and mike input; w mike Stereo audio digitizer; line and mike input FutureSound Adapter Harmony MIDI 1 Applied Visions Impulse Creative Micro.
520. 00
5200. 00
579. 95 500, 2000 All All Parallel (PT) Serial Serial Connects FutureSound with A500 or A2000 Voice recognition MIDI interface, 3 OUTs THRUs, MIDI IN. SYNC OUT MIDI For Amiga MIDI Gold Insider MIDI Interface Skyles Golden Hawk Mimetks $ 49.95 $ 89.95 $ 49.95 All 2000 All Serial Serial (PT) Serial MIDI-IN, two OUTs, one THRU MIDl-IN.THRU, 2 OUTs MIDI-IN, OUT MIDI Interface MIDI-Gold 500 MIDI-STAR MS-2X6 ECE Golden Hawk Spirit S64.95 S79.00 $ 262.50 All 500 All Serial (IT) Serial Serial MIDI-IN, OUT and THRU M1DI-1N, two OUTs, and switchable OUT 2 IN, 6 OUT THRU OFF and RS232, LEI) indicator Midimaster Perfect Sound Pro Sampler Studio Date! SunRize Datel $ 59.99
589. 95 SI 19.99 Ml 500, 1000 All Serial Pa railed Serial MIDI IFC with MIDI IN THRU, 3 OUTS Two-channel stereo digitizer Sound sampler with software Sound Sampler ProSound Designer Mimetics Precision Inc. $ 99.95 $ 159.95 .All 1000 Mouse Parallel Audio digitizer Sound digitizer, with gender bender lor A500 8c AIOOO Miscellaneous PRODUCT COMPANY PRICE MACHINE PORT DESCRIPTION 2000 Extension Board Bill’s Boards
575. 00 2000 Slot Extends A2000 slots Access-64 Progressive Periph. S79.95 All Parallel (PT) Use C-64 128 peripherals with Amiga Adaptor board Xetec $ 16.00 500, 1000 SCSI 25-pin Sub-D to 50 pin SCSI Alignment Kit ECE
5175. 00 .All NA Aligns disk drives CT-600H Xetec $ 25.00 500, 1000 ST-40 Additional digital cassette for ST-40 system CPS-50G Phoenix $ 99.95 500 Power A500 power supply, 5V-DC, 8 Amps CPS-500 Phoenix $ 99.95 500 Power A500 power supply, 5V-DC, 8 Amps Data Acquisition Unit Datel SI 79.99 All Parallel Dual-channel storeage scope simulation Kickstart Eliminator RAM Kit Creative Micro. S 129.95 1000 Motherboard Puts Kickstart in ROM, adds 256K RAM PAL Chips J & K for A1000 C Ltd $ 39.95 1000 WCS Replacement PALs for Writable Control Store Robot Arm Datel $ 129.99 All Parallel 5-axis movement robot arm SB2000 Adaptor Card MicroBotics $ 49.95 2000 Slot Adapts StarBoard2 1000 version to A2000 SB500 Powercase MicroBotics
3169. 00 500 Bus(PT) Adapts StarBoard2 1000 version to A500 SCSIDOS 2.01 Upgrade C Ltd $ 19.95 All SCSI Upgrade SCSI controller to run SCSldos 2.01 Secure Data Cartridge CSA $ 995.00 2000 NA Security encasement for CSA hard disk drive Serial Expander 2000 Golden 1 lawk
519. 95 2000 Serial Allows use of AIOOO serial devices T1000 Amicore Ini’l $ 19.90 1000 Parallel Lets A1000 use A500 and A2000 parallel port products T2500 Amicore Int'l $ 19.90 500, 2000 Parallel Lets A500, A2000 use A1000 parallel peripherals T2500 Plus Amicore Int’l $ 49.95 500, 2000 Parallel Lets A500, A2000 use A1000 parallel devices The Brick Expansion Tech. $ 119.95 500 Power Replacement upgrade power supply Whomper Out
M. A.S.T. $ 39.95 Ml NA Virus deterrent for external drive Whomper Plus
M. A.S.T. $ 69.95 All NA Internal hardware virus deterrent Kwikstart Plus Michigan Software $ 169.95 1000 Motherboard Puts 1.3 Kickstart in ROM. Adds 256K RAM ? "The Bolshoi is a great theatrical machine with a unique history...the most popular ballet company of modern times.” Mindy A off, DANCEMAGAZINE. "Stolichnaya is Russia's top drawer vodka" Robert Jay Misch, Leading wine & spirit critic. "When ! First played Tetris I knew it was a winner. It was addicting, compelling, and fascinating in its sheer simplicity." John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine. The Bolshoi ballet may not be your choice of entertainment, but there must surely be an appreciation for the exceptional talent, style, and grace of the artists. And perhaps you have never tasted the smoothness of Stolichnaya, made from rich grain and distilled in the centuries old manner that makes it Russia's finest vodka. But Spectrum HoloByte brings yet a third selection in products from the U.S.S.R. destined for greatness - TETRIS, the Soviet Challenge in computer software. Indulge yourself in this latest Soviet export to the West. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this intriguing game which was designed and programmed in the Soviet Union. The reviewers love it and you will too! Tackle the challenge of the four squares as you test your speed and agility. Set against a background of beautiful Soviet scenery, it's an absolute delight! Spectrum HohByte” A Division oi SPHERE, INC. 2061 Challenger Drive Alameda, CA 94501
1415) 522-0107 Buyer’s Guide Company List ACDA Celestial Systems 220 Belle Meade Ave. 2178 Agate Court Setauket, NY 11733 Simi Valley, CA 93065-1839 516 689-7722 805 582-0729 Akron Systems Development C Ltd PO Box 6408 723 E. Skinner Beaumont, TX 77705 Wichita, KS 67211 409 833-2686 316 267-3807 Ameristar Technologies Commodore Business Machines 47 Whittier Ave. 1200 Wilson Dr. Medford, NY 11763 West Chester, PA 19380 516 698-0834 215 431-9100 Amicore International Communications Specialties 154 Grove St. 6090 Jericho Turnpike Chicopee, MA 10120 Com mack, NY 11725 413 592-9122 516 499-0907 Anakin Research Inc. Compu_Art 100 Westmore Dr., 11C PO Box 712 Rexdale, Ontario Victoria Station Canada M9V 5C3 Montreal, Quebec 416 744-4246 Canada H3Z 2V8 514 483-2080 Applied Visions 514 737*5865 Suite 2200 1 Kendall Square Comp-U-Save Cambridge, MA 02139 414 Maple Ave, 617 494*5417 Westbury, NY 11590 516 997-6707 ASDG 800 356-9997 925 Stewart St. (outside New York) Madison, WI 608 273-6585 Computer System Associates 7564 Trade St. A-Squared Distributions San Diego, CA 92121 6114 La Salle Ave. 619 566-3911 Suite 326 Oakland, CA 94611 Comspec Communications 415 339-0339 153 Bridgeland Ave. Unit 5 Bill's Boards Toronto, Ontario distributed by Comp-U-Save Canada M6A 2Y6 416 785-3553 Business Technology Services 202 Cirrus Rd. Creative Microsystems Inc. Holbrook, NY 11741 10110 SW Nimbus 516 472*9033 Suite B1 Portland, OR 97223 California Access 503 620-3821 780 Montague Expressway Suite 403 San Jose, CA 95131 408 435-1445 Datel Computers Impulse 3430 E. Tropicana Ave. 6870 Shingle Creek Pkwy. Unit 67 Minneapolis, MN 55430 Las Vegas, NV 89121 612 566-0221 702 454-7700 Inkwell Systems Day's 5710 Ruffin Rd. 17538 Glen Rd. San Diego, CA 92123-1013 Gambier, OH 43022 619 268-8792 614 397-5639 Interactive MicroSystems Designlab 80 Merrimac St. PO Box 419 Landmark Suite 20 Owego, NY 13827 PO Box 1446 Haverhill, MA 01830 Digital Creations 617 372-0400 2865 Sunrize Blvd. Suite 103 Interactive Video Systems Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 15201 Santa Gertrudes Ave. 916 344-4825 Suite Y102 La Miranda. CA 90638 ECE Research & Development 714 994*4443 1651 N. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32303 Jaytron 904 681-0786 10503 Forest Lane Dallas, TX 75243 Expansion Technologies 214 644-1689 46127 Landing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 Kurta Corporation 415 656-2890 2007 E. Chambers Phoenix, AZ 85040 Gold Disk 602 276-5533 2175 Dunwin Drive Unit 6 Liquid Light Mississauga, Ontario 2301 W. 205th St. Canada L5L 1X2 Suite 106 416 828-0913 Torrance, CA 90501 213 618-0274 Golden Hawk Technology 427-3 Amherst St. Magni Systems Inc. Suite 389 9500 SW Gemini Dr. Nashua, NH 03063 Beaverton, OR 97005 603 424-0269 503 626-8400 Great Valley Products Inc. MA.S.T. PO Box 391 3881 Benetar Way Malvern, PA 19355 Suite E 215 889-9411 Chico, CA 95928 916 342-MAST Haitex Resources 208 Carrollton Park Michigan Software Suite 1207 43345 Grand River Carrollton, TX 75006 Novi, Ml 48050 214 241-8030 313 348-4477 ? TheWinner-Aztec C 1988 AmigaWorld Reader’s Choice Award for Best Development System. No wonder Aztec C is the system of choice for Amiga C programmers. Aztec C is lean, mean and built for speed. Aztec C provides all the tools you need to compile, optimize and debug your code into the tightest, fastest-running code possible. "While it was not the first C language development system for the Amiga, Aztec C quickly developed the reputation as the best. In head-to-head tests against Lattice C, Aztec C consistently took less time to produce shorter object code.” Aztec C Lattice C Documentaiton 8.8 7.0 Flexibility 8.6 7.3 Advanced Features 9.8 8.7 Overall 9.03 7.67 (Quotation and table reprinted with permission from 1988 AmigaWyrld Reader's Choice Awards Announcement). Aztec C Development tools for every need. Item Number Description Unit Price G05P Aztec C Professional System $ 199.00 G05D Aztec C Developer System $ 299.00 G05SDB Aztec Source Level Debugger -SDB $ 125.00 G05SP Aztec C Developer System +SDB $ 399.00 G05LS Aztec Amiga Library Source $ 300.00 G05K Aztec C Developer System -f SDB -$ 724.00“ +Library Source Special $ 474.00 All development systems include optimized C compiler, editor, 680x0 assembler, overlay linker, librarian plus extensive runtime library support. For more information about Aztec C Amiga Development Systems and Source Debugger . . . Call Today! 1-800-221-0440 (outside NJ) (NJ and 1-201 -*549-91 21 Telex: 4995812MANX Fax: 201 542-8386 Outside U.S.) 1 " 1 1 1 Arrvga s s trade-narlt of the Commodore Computer CorpCtfSTdfi Artec arte Artec C >• nademiisAs of Men, Sot»ar» Systems Lance 4 « fe sto'ed tredemer, of Lance Inc MANX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS
P. O. Box 55, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702 M 3HT M lOHzaRAimoz m k 0J • Buyer’s Guide Company List (continued) on HARDDRIVES for your A2000 rnrri We will format the drive using rr.__. the New FASTFILE System R£ E! SCSI 48MG 28ms 3.5 Hdrive w Cltd Control ... $ 769.00 SCSI 20mg w Cltd Control 3 5 Hdrivo . 569.00 SCSI 45mg 5.25 Hdrive w Cltd Control . 649.00 SCSI 45mg 5.25 Hdrive w GVP 1 mg Ok Control 749.00 SCSI 45mg 5.25 Hdrive w GVP 2mg Ok Control 769.00 SCSI 48mg 28ms 3.5 Hdrive w GVP Ok Control 889.00 SCSI 48mg 40ms 3.5 Hdrive w GVP Ok Control ..... 740 00 SCSI 65mg 40ms 5.25 Hdrive w Cltd Control .... 699.0C SCSI 55mg 40ms 5 25 Hdrive w GVP Ok Control ...... 799.00 SCSI 32mg 28ms 3 5 Hdrive w GVP 2mg Ok Control ... 710 00 SPECIAL! DIGI-VIEW "VERSION 3.0" Oigi-View W WV1410 Camera & Lens 16mm & Copy Stand • • • $ 399.00 Perfect Vision "SPECIAL" ..... 179.00 PRO-GEN "SPECIAL" ... 366.00 SUPER GEN ..... 689.00 Orders Over $ 400 00 Receive 13 Amiga Dos Neriki Computer Graphics distributed in USA by Comp-U-Arl distributed outside USA by Telmak Pty. Ltd. MicroBotics Inc. 811 Alpha Dr, Suite 835 Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 Phoenix Electronics PO Box 156 Clay Center, KS 67432 913 632-2150 Oceanic America 5892 Main St. Springfield, OR 97478 503 741-2396 Mimetics Corporation PO Box 1560 Cupertino, CA 95015 408 741-0117 New Tek 115 W. Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 MicroWay PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364 508 746-7341 Pacific Peripherals 1080 Hiawatha Ct. Fremont, CA 94539 415 651-1905 RGB Video Creations 3944 Florida Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 407 622-0138 Spirit Technology Corp. 220 West 2950 South Salt Lake City, UT 84115 801 485-4233 800 433-7572 Telmak Pty. Ltd. Unit 12, 126 Queens Rd. Five Dock, N.S.W. 2046 Australia 2065 02 0745-3466 R&DL Productions 11-24 46th Ave. 2A Long Island City, NY 11101 718 392-4090 RSI c o 9651 Alexandra Rd. Richmond, BC Canada V6X 1C6 604 270-0064 Skyles Electric Works 231 S. Whisman, Suite E Mountain View, CA 94041 415 965-1735 Supra Corporation 1133 Commercial Way Albany, OR 97321 503 967-9067 SunRize Industries 3801 Old College Rd. Bryan, TX 77801 409 846-1311 Ronin Research PO Box 1093 Alameda, CA 94501 415 865-9717 Xetec Inc. 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 ¦ Aaargh .S27.00 Alien Fires ..... 30 00 Alternate Reality 30 00 Andromeda ... 33.00 Arazok'sTomb . 29 00 Archon II ...... 30 00 Artie Fox .... 28.00 Arkanoid ...... 23 00 Auto Duel .... 30.00 Awesome Arcade ...... 34 00 Balance ol Power ...... 35.00 Barbarian ...... 29.00 Bard's Tale .... 35 00 Bard's Tale II ... 42.00 Battle Chess ... 35 00 Better Dead Than Alien .. 27 00 Championship Baseball . 29 00 Championship Basketball 29 00 Black Cauldron . 30 00 Black Jack Academy ... 29.00 Black Lamp .....17.00 Black Shadow .. 27.00 Breach ---- ---- 29 00 Bridge 5 0 ..... 22.00 Bubble Ghost .. 28 00 Capone ......,.29 00 Captain Blood .. 35.00 Carrier Command..... 33 00 Casino Fever ... 29 00 Center Fold .. 25 00 Chessmaster 2000 ..... 35.00 City Delense ... 15.00 Clever & Smarl . 24 00 Corruption ......31.00 Cosmic Relief ... 27.00 Crazy Cars ..... 29 00 Cube Master ... 20 00 Dark Caslle .... 29 00 Death Sword ....18 00 Deep Space .... 24 00 Defcon 5 ...... 29.00 Defender of the Crown . 34 00 DejaVu 34.00 Destroyer ...... 29 00 Detonator ......27.00 Diablo ...18 00 Dr Xes . 33.00 Earl Weaver Baseball -.. 35.00 Ebonslar 2700 Emerald Mines ..17 00 Empire . 35 00 Faery Tale Adventure ... 33 00 Famous Courses 15 00 Fantavision .... 4200 Ferrari Formula One ... 35 00 Final Assault ... 33 00 Fire Power ......18 00 Fire N Forget ... 30 00 Flight Path 737 .. 18 00 Flight Simulator 35 00 FREEI! Moute Holder With Purchase From $ 100 00 to $ 149 00 ENTERTAINMENT Championship Football .. 29 00 4th And Inches ..33.00 Footman ..*....2000 Formula I 22.00 Frost Byte ......20.00 Galactic Invasion 1700 Galaxy Fight ....18.00 Galileo II 45 00 Garrison . 33 00 Garrison II ...... 33 00 Gee Bee Air Rally 29 00 Gettysburg .....42.00 Giganoid 30 00 Global Commander .....29.00 Golden Path ....30.00 Golden Pyramid .20.00 Gold Runner ....25.00 Grand Pnx ......18 00 Grand Slam Tenms .....33.00 Grid Start 18 00 Guild ot Thieves . 30 00 Gunshoot 24 00 Hacker II 29 00 Hard Ball 30.00 Harrier Combat Simulator 33 00 Head Coach .... 33 00 Hex .29.00 Hole in One Mini Goll ... 29 00 Hollywood Poker 29.00 Hunt tor Red October ... 30 00 Hybris ...30.00 Impossible Mission II ....3500 Indoor Sports ... 33 00 Insanity Fight ...29.00 Interceptor F 18 .. 35 00 Into the Eagles Nest 29.00 Jei .. 36 00 Jewels of Darkness ..... 22 00 Jinxter 29 00 Joker Poker ..... 35 00 Kampfgruppe ...... 39 00 Karate King ......15 00 King of Chicago . 33 00 Knight Ore ...... 30 00 King s Quest .... 35 00 King s Quest II .. 35 00 King s Quest III ..35.00 Karate Kid II .... 29 00 Larry 15.00 Leader Board ... 27 00 Leather Neck .... 29 00 Leisure Suit Larry 29 00 Maior motion .... 29 00 Marble Madness . 35 00 Menace . 22 00
M. nd Walker .... 35 00 Moebius . 42 00 Obliterator ...... 29 00 Oft Shore Warrior 29 00 Paladin .. 29 00 The Pawn 18 00 Phantasie 29 00 Phantasieill .... 29 00 FREEH Mouse Pad With Purchase From $ 150 00 to $ 249.00 Pink Panther .... 29 00 Plutos ... 22 00 Ports of Call .... 33.00
P. O W ...30.00 Q-Ball 20 00 Questron 37.00 Quintette 29.00 Return to Atlantis 35.00 Roadwar 2000 ... 29.00 Roadwar Europa . 29 00 RoadWar 29.00 Robbeary 18 00 Rocket Ranger .. 35 00 Rockford 26.00 Romantic Encounter ---- 29 00 Sargon III 33.00 Scenery Disk 11 .19 00 Scenery Disk 7 .. 19 00 Scenery Disk Europe ----19 00 Scenery Disk Japan ..... 19 00 Scrabble 30 00 S D l ... 33 00 Second Out .....22.00 Sex Vixens ...... 29 00 Shadow Gate ....33.00 Shanghai 29 00 Silent Service ... 29 00 Silicon Dreams ..20.00 Sinbad .. 33 00 Sky Chase ...... 30 98 Skylox .. 1700 Skylox II 29 00 Slay Gun 29 00 Smoothtalker ....35.00 Space Battle ....21 00 Space Cutter .... 22 00 Space Fight .....21 00 Space Quest .... 35 00 Space Quest II .. 35 00 Starfleet I ..... 39 00 Star Glider ...... 30 00 Star Glider II .... 34 00 Star Wars 33 00 Stellar Conflict .. 29 00 Streets Basketball 15 00 Strip Poker ..... 29 00 Sub Battle ...... 35 00 Summer Challenge 15 00 Super Huey ..... 29 00 Super Star Hockey ...... 35 00 The Surgeon .... 33 00 Tanglewood ..... 29 00 Telegames ...... 23 00 Temple ol Apshai 17 00 Terrorpods ...... 29 00 Testdrive 33 00 Tetra Quest ..... 30 00 Thexder . 26 00 Three Stooges .. 33 00 Thunder Boy 23 00 Time Bandit ..... 29 00 Tourch 2081 ..... 18 00 TV Sports Football ...... 35 00 FREE!!
- Choice- With Purchase From S250 00 to $ 399 00 Mouse Pad & Holder or Quick Shot Joy Stick The Software Shop is an international Mail Order Company and Direct Outlet. Come to our 1500 sq. ft. Showroom and examine our huge selection of software and hardware. The Software Shop will customize your business needs. Using Superbase Pro. Call for info ENTERTAINMENT Tracers . 25,00 Ultima 111 ... 29.00 Uninvited ... 33 00 Vampire Empire . 30.00 Video Vegas .. 25.00 Warlock - 27.00
W. C. Leaderboard ... 32 00 Winter Challenge ... 28.00 Witchcratt .. 25.00 Word Plex .... 24.00 World Tour Golf .... 29 00 X Specs 3-D 105.00 Zoom .. 22 00 SOUND A MUSIC Audio Master ....$ 39.00 Back Songbook .....99.00 D-50 .. .....99-00 Dynamic Drums .....53.00 Deluxe Music -- .....69.00 ?r. Drums ------- ....104.00 Dr. Keys ...... ....104.00 Dr. T's Keyboard ....170.00 Dynamic Studio ....139.00 Dx Heaver ---- ....104.00 Hot Cool Jazz • .....21.00 Hoi Licks ..... .....34.00 Instant Music -- ..... 35 00 Matrix 6 .... 104.00 MT-32 . ....104,00 Music Student . .....41.00 Promidi Studio ....134.00 Rock & Roll ¦ ¦ • ..... 22 00 4-Op Deluxe • ¦ .....99.00 Sonix - ...... 53.00 Sound Sampler .....80 00 Studio Magic - - ..... 69 00 Synthia..... .....62.00 Texture .... 105 00 UTILITIES C B. Tree $ 69.00 Celebrity Cook Book . 22.00 Custom Screens ... 39 00 Cygnused Professional ......69.00 Dos 2 Dos ... 39.00 Doug's Math Aquarium ......57.00 Disk 2 Disk ... 35.00 Disk Master ... 35.00 Encore ...... 45.00 Face II .... 26.00 Fine Print . 35.00 Fleet Check ... 35.00 Flip Side .. 39 00 Gold Spelt 32.00 Goml ..... 29 00 Grabbit ... 24 00 Laser up. Fonts ...... 30 00 Laser up Pioi . 35 00 Laser up: Print 62.00 Laser Scipts .. 30 00 Laser up. Utilities .. 30 00 Lexcheck Word Checker 35 00 IV Backup Harddisk . 35 00 Multi Preferences .... 22 00 Protect D . 35 00 Promis Spelling ...... 35 00 Pro Script . 35 00 Quaterback ... 47 00 Sys Font .. 24 00 Tdl-EditOr Source ... 35 00 TDI-Examples . 18 00 TDI-Grid Access ..... 35 00 TDI-Kerrmt ... 22 00 Text Ed Plus . 52 00 Hard Card ! Specials. . . GVP Hard Cards MIB Hard Frame 2000 Auto Boot w 1.3 30mg 40ms Acc, $ 679 48mg 40ms Acc. $ 789 48mg 28ms Acc. $ 869 40mg 11 ms Acc. $ 819 80mg 11ms S1299 Auto Boot w 1.3 (20% faster than any controller) Card capable of 5MBS transfer rale 30mg 40ms Acc. $ 665 48mg 40ms Acc. $ 779 48mg 28ms Acc. $ 859 40mg 11 ms Acc. $ 849 80mg 11ms Acc. $ 1199 Call for Specials on AMIGA 500 VIP ..... 35 00 BUSINESS ACCOUNTING The Accountant .. . $ 199.00 BEST Bus Accts ...... .. 310.00 B E S T General Ledger . ... 75.00 Financial Plus .... .. 199.00 Investor s Advantage ---- ... 69 00 MiAmiga Ledger . ... 65.00 Micro Lawyer .... ... 40 00 Nimbus Rec'd Keeper---- ... 99 00 HOME ACCOUNTING Money Mentor Phaser $ 67.00 . 67 00 HARD DISK DRIVES 32mg 3 5 SCSI Drv 28ms .. $ 599.00 32mg 3 5 SCSI Drv 40ms 445 00 2Qmg 3.5 SCSI Drv 65ms ... 399 00 48mg 3.5 SCSI Drv 26ms ¦ 645 00 48mg 3.5 SCSI Drv 40ms ... 565 00 42mg 5 25 SCSI Drv 40ms .. 479 00 42mg ST506 5.25 Drv 40ms ... 415 00 65mg SCSI Drv 5 25 40ms .. 525 00 I50mg SCSI Drv 5.25 28ms ... 1295 00 CLTD 33mg ASQO AlOOO . ¦. 845 00 GVP 20mg A500 W Mem ... 789.00 GVP-Controller Img Ok ---- 275.00 GVP-Conlroller 2mg Ok ---- 299.00 CLTD-Controller A1000 ---- 275.00 CLTD-Conlroller A500 ..... 275.00 CLTD-Adaplec 4030 ...... 169 00 CAD SYSTEMS Draw 2000 .$ 189.00 Home Builders Cad ..137.00 Intro Cad ..... 55.00 Logic Works ..67.00 X-Cad System ...... 395.00 DATABASE MANAGEMENT Acquisition ...... $ 205.00 Data Retrieve . 55.00 Data Retrieve Prof . 199.00 Dbman ..... 139.00 Microfiche Filer ..... 69 00 Microfiche Filer Plus ...... 123.00 Organize ..... 65 00 Rolobase Pius ...... 59 00 Soltwodd File II GS . 82.00 Superbase . 99 00 Superbase Professional .... 199.00 DISKETTES $ 21-00
20. 00
22. 00
22. 00 . 21.00 Ceniech 3 5 DS DD Oisks . Centech 5 25 DS HD Disks Fuji 3 5 DS DD Color Disks Sony 3.5 DS DD .. TDK 3 5 DS DD Disks ---- DESKTOP PUBLISHING City Desk ..S103 00 City Desk Companion ...... 20.00 City Desk Companion 2..... 20.00 Page Seller ...... 102 00 Professional Page . 269.00 Publisher Plus ...... 69 00 Shakespeare 145 00 PRINTERS Alps Allegro 24 PIN -. $ 425.00 NEC LC890 Laser PS ...... 3500 00 Okimate 20 Clf Prt ..145 00 Okimate Plug'n Print .. 85 00 Star NX Rainbow .... 259.00 Xerox 4020 Ink Jel .1295.00 Xerox 4020 Starter Kit 165 00 WORD PROCESSORS | Becker Text ... ......$ 95.00 Excellence .... ...... 19900 Flow Idea Processor 65 00 Kindwords .... 69 00 LPD Writer...... 79 00 LPD Writer Unprotected ..... 89 00 Prowrite 2.0 ... 83 00 Reason ...... 259 00 Textpro 55 00 Viza Write ..... 60 .00 Word Perfect .. ......210.00 WP Library .... 85 00 1 GRAPHICS A VIDEO 3-Demon .... $ 74.00 Animation w lmages . 92 00 Animator Apprentices ..... 189.00 Animation Effects . 35.00 Animate 3-D ...... 102.00 Animation Multiplane 65.00 Animation Stand 35.00 Architechtual Design 25.00 Art Gallery 1 . . ...... 22.00 Art Gallery II 22.00 Art Pak I 22 00 Art Parts II .. 22.00 Art Parts I .. 22.00 Butcher ..... 29.00 Calligrapher Help 29 00 Color Splitters ... 79.00 Comicsetter ...69.00 The Director 49.00 Deluxe Pamt II ..... 95 00 Deluxe Photo Lab .. 109 00 Deluxe Production . 139 00 Deluxe Video II ..... 95 00 Digi-Pamt .. 45 00 Digi-Pamt Help ..... 24 00 Digi-View ...... 140.00 DpaintHelp ..... 24.00 B FX Station Mgr .. 195 00 Express Paint ..... 69 00 Forms in Flight II ... 82 00 Future Design 3-D .. 25.00 Graphic Studio ..... 39 00 Human Design 3-D .. 25 00 Impact ......57.00 115 00
53. 00 ¦ 67.00 . 37,00
105. 00
175. 00
69. 00
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Price subject to change Shipping info: C.O.D. only $ 3.50 per shipping. We ship UPS Ground Air and Overnight shipping available For faster delivery send Cashier Check. Money Order, or use MasterCard or Visa. Personal checks allow 20 days to clear. Company purchase orders accepted Call for prior authorization. Mass. Residents add 5% sales tax. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amrga. Inc Cirde 134 on Reader Service card. 1-800-752-0050 (Orders Only) Support (508) 756-6452 FAX (508) 799-9354 SHOWROOM: 22 Front Street, Worcester, MA 01614 RETURN POLICY: All returns must have Raff. Merchandise found defective will be repaired or replaced We do not offer refunds for defective products or for products that do not perform satisfactorily We make no guarantees for products performance. V WV WW; y'A iVwv: WW p !m mm mmm * i -.• ¦i'W
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• . - vurr .i ' . . By - ' ¦ - ¦' .*- 1. •- ,-V,- vV ¦ *£ •->>- : : : 3W ANNOUNCES LIGHT DIVISION The near future and Iran has closed the Strait of Hormuz. President Bush sends in the 29th Light Division to preserve the West’s vital oil link. Your mission is to open the Strait, keep it open, and fend off counter attacks from Iranian and possibly, Soviet forces. Based on the 3W board game designed by award-winner, Joe Balkoski. Light Division Computer Game - $ 40.00 (Amiga, IBM, ST, and Macintosh) This computer version is the first in a series of board game conversions which will include Tomorrow the World, Decision at Kasserine, and Forward to Richmond. These games will take full advantage of each system’s memory, graphic and sound capabilities. Look for 3W's new release Parachutes at Kanev Visa MasterCard Accepted. 3W • 4070 West St. • Cambria, CA 93428 • 805 927-1452 3W Computer Games. Lighthearted Ads, Serious Games Circle 70 on Reader Service card. HIGH ON THE HOG Although current Amiga paint programs may be a long way from state-of-the- art when it comes to HAM display mode, three promising graphics packages have taken the crucial first steps in exploiting the full color capabilities of the Amiga. 3 HAM Paint Programs For the Amiga AS REMARKABLE AS some paint programs are in tapping the awesome graphics capabilities of the Amiga, they si ill point up a frequent and frustrating phenomenon concerning the entire Amiga market: Software development lias yet to take full advantage of the technological possibilities offered by Amiga hardware. II the Amiga is capable of displaying a full 4096 colors in excellent resolution, then what is the benefit of being able to work with only 16 or 32 colors (or even 64 in Malfbrite mode) under the limitations of current Amiga software? HAM (Hold-and-Modify) display mode offers a way out of that bind, and at least three paint packages Digi-Paim (NewTek), Photon Paint (Microillusions), and Deluxe PhotoLab (Electronic Arts) have endeavored to deliver on the promise of displaying and manipulating all 4096 Amiga colors simultaneously. (For an explanation of the HAM display mode, see “HAM: Color By The Numbers,” p. 51.) Indeed, all three programs, to varying degrees, will render beautiful, detailed images in dazzling colors. Before proclaiming the advent of a new Renaissance, however, be prepared to make some significant trade-offs for all those gains in color and apparent resolution. While the Amiga has the hardware to execute HAM, the software needed to work the HAM mode properly is lengthy, complicated, and must perform many calculations. Thus, HAM programs are extremely memory-intensive (you definitely will need a megabyte of RAM or more). In addition, HAM mode software is characteristically slow. Some routines take so many calculations that real-time operation is impossible. Still, all three of these programs go a long way towards further realizing the graphics potential of the Amiga. Interestingly, each of their developers has very different intentions regarding the use of its package. For instance, where Photon Paint is designed primarily to support the freehand artist, Deluxe PhotoLab may be of greatest help lo the videographer, with Digi-Paint trying to do a balancing act between the two. With this in mind, let's see how these three contenders for the HAM market stack up ? By Bruce Jordan ActiveiConnand R: 0 Y: 14 G: 6 0:15 B: M: 1 15 H:240 S:15 v:i P:0 X0.8 Mosaic . BiJ 01 ¦ & Resize 832016200 Reduce 16 Bstfit Sanpie Resize Real Srt HiLo Undo User-lnterface screens from the three paint programs. From top: Digl-Palnt, Photon Paint, and Deluxe PhotoLab. Against each other when compared in five critical areas essential to the operation of any good graphics package. Five Critical Tests
1. Screen Layout Choices as to the layout of the screen among graphics programs can mean the difference between creative joy and irritating tedium. Bad positioning of tools and palette in a computer graphics package is like trying to paint while someone stands between you and your canvas. While none of our HAM trio is a real clunker on this score, some of the programs offer a more intuitive approach to screen layout than others. Digi-Paint positions the toolbox, color controls, and HAM palette windows at the bottom of the screen. This turns out not to be the best choice. Instinctively, it makes the toolbox feel like a barrier, because you find yourself constantly closing and then reopening the toolbox to work with the lower third of the screen. Both Deluxe Photolab and Photon Paint use smaller scale toolboxes and position them at the top border of the screen. I bis arrangement allows for more free drawing space. Both packages display only a 16-color palette, leaving the color controls and HAM palette hidden until needed. Photon Paint's switchblade-like extended toolbox opens or closes the color controls and HAM palette at the dick of a gadget. Deluxe PhotoLab, on the other hand, addresses the problem of screen space by locating all color controls and the HAM palette on a completely separate screen. This turns out not to he a very satisfying arrangement, as we shall see later.
2. Surface Tone and Texture Controls To achieve the greatest range of effects, graphics software must support routines providing adequate control of the tone and texture of plain, painted surfaces. This is especially true in HAM mode. Without these tools you have little more than an expensive electronic coloring hook. Unfortunately, none of our three programs is outstanding in surface-texture control. Both Digi-Paint and Deluxe PhotoLab offer an automated shading feature, controlled by a gadget, that allows you to position a single highlight and to set the degree of dithering (the mixing of finely interspersed pixels of different colors) used in the shading effect. While these functions are adequate for simple, geometric shapes, for more complex shapes say, a flowing ribbon they produce inaccurate results. Col ox's Deluxe PhotoLab also offers a gradient fill with dithering control. This allows an area to be filled with a spread of color. While this is an interesting effect, it is not much more useful than the automated shading tool. Of the three packages, Photon Paint’s Blend feature allows the best control. Instead of providing a single, simple highlight, Photon Paint enables you to set ? HAM: Color By The Numbers o o o X X o X X !¦ n»1 O ox ox OlOl lOOl L © lOOl UNDERSTANDING HAM (Hold-and-Modify) mode requires a grasp of how your computer displays graphics in any mode. Any Amiga graphics display is defined in a bitmap a set of rectangular planes of bits found in the Amiga’s graphics memory. Normally, the Amiga display system determines the color of a particular pixel by stringing together the corresponding bits from the planes of the bitmap and using the resulting number as a pointer to one of the 32 Amiga color registers. The registers contain 12 bits of information (four bits each of red, green, and blue information) that determines the actual color of the pixel. The registers can be set from any program. In HAM mode, this straightforward arrangement is altered. A HAM display uses six bitplanes, with the bits in bitplanes 5 and 6 having a special function. If the bits from bitplanes 5 and 6 for a particular pixel are both 0, then HAM mode uses the bits from the first four bitplanes to point to a color register (0-16), just as the normal Amiga display modes do. It is when one or both of these two special bits are set to 1 that HAM differs from normal Amiga display methods. The color of a pixel in a HAM display depends upon the color of the pixel to its left. In HAM mode, two of the three color values that make up a pixel are held constant they are the same values used by the previous pixel while the third color value is determined by the corresponding bits in bitplanes 1 through 4. The color values that are held, and the one that is modified, are determined by the values of bitplanes 5 and 6. If the bit in plane 5 is 1 and the bit in plane 6 is 0, the red and green values of the previous pixel are held while the bits in planes 1 through 4 are used as the current pixel's blue values. If the bit in plane 6 is set to 1 while the bit in plane 5 is 0, the blue and green values of the previous pixel are held and the bits in planes 1 through 4 determine the red value of the current pixel. If both bits in planes 5 and 6 are set to 1, the red and blue values of the previous pixel are held and the bits in planes 1 through 4 define the green component of the current pixel. Using this method, programmers can display all 4096 Amiga colors at the same time. Because it takes more calculations to determine the color values of a HAM pixel, and because the colors of HAM pixels are not mutually exclusive, it takes much more time to create and update HAM images than normal Amiga images. On the plus side, HAM images are often more lifelike and striking than standard images because of the wide range of colors available. ? Bob Ryan Product Information Deluxe PhotoLab Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Drive San Mateo, CA 94404 415 570-7070 S 149.95 1MB recommended. Shading profiles in both horizontal and vertical directions. This allows for complex, multiple-highlight positioning, giving images the look of being illuminated simultaneously from several different directions. Photon Paint even offers a plaid shading pattern, which can be used to quite interesting effect.
3. Resolution and Speed All three programs suffer, to some degree, from the inherent slowness of working in HAM mode. With i lie numerous lengthy and complex calculations necessary for HAM, the programs require a great deal of time to achieve their colorful effects. In the speed category, Digi-Paint is painfully slow, allowing no real-time drawing. For instance, rendering something as simple as a quick squiggle produces a Wait requester while Digi-Paint decides where to place the color. Digi-Paint also suffers from severe HAM stepping errors: thin borders of inaccurate color around drawn shapes. These arise as a result of the inability lo change more than one color value at a time when working in HAM mode. Photon Paint is fast enough to perform real-time, freehand drawing, but when it comes to many of its other features, it still leaves much to be desired in terms of speed. For instance, cutting out a custom brush or performing a fill produces the dreaded Wait requester, as Photon Paint takes a detour through calculation land. Photon Paint also has its own share of stepping errors, although these are not nearlv as bad or as frequent as with Digi-Paint. Deluxe PhotoLab is the winner in the categories of both speed and resolution. Drawing is in real time, and most ofits other features are executed reasonably J quickly. Stepping errors are virtually nonexistent. In addition, PhotoLab functions in all of the Amiga’s resolution modes, allowing you to draw in a lower resolution, with the same ease and speed you might with DeluxePaint (albeit, a rather limited version of DP), and then convert your picture into HAM mode for further detailing.
4. The Palette Obviously, the control of color is important to any good paint program. With HAM’s 4096 possible colors, such control becomes absolutely crucial. All three packages display a standard palette of 16 predefined colors, but only Digi-Paint and Photon Paint Digi-Paint NewTek 115 West Crane St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 S59.95 512K required. Photon Paint Microillusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 $ 99.95 5 2A' required offer the 4096-color HAM palette windows on the main drawing screen. Choosing a custom color with either of these packages is as simple as pointing and clicking on a particular color within the rainbow-like HAM palette windows, or fiddling with the RGB controls. Photon Paint offers additional color mixing via its HSV (Hue, Saturation, and Value) controls. Photon Paint also allows for the creation of color spreads, while Digi-Paint does not. Deluxe PhotoLab provides a completely different eolor-control strategy. In HAM mode you are presented with a palette consisting of only the 16 predefined colors. If, however, you wish to change colors, to create a spread of colors, or to access the HAM palette windows, you must close the drawing screen, or pull it down out of the way, in order to access the Color Control screen. Unfortunately, this design could force you to mix your colors while much of your artwork is out of sight rather annoying when you are trying to get just that perfect shade of some particular color.
5. Custom Brush Control 1 he custom brush serves the same purpose in computer art that stencils, templates, and drawing guides serve in more traditional art. With few exceptions, each package has its own particular ideas on custom- brush support. All three packages, of course, allow brushes to be saved to disk. Digi-Paint allows you to either cut out a brush freehand, using a scissors icon, or to grab a brush using any one of its various shape-making tools: square, oval, circle, and so forth. Once you have your brush, it can be stamped on the screen and used with the various color-modifying functions, including tint, add color, subtract color, and blend, to name only a few of the many functions available. Digi-Paint does not, however, allow you to hold down the mouse button and actually draw with your custom brush. Although Photon Paint also limits you to the rubber-stamp approach when working with custom brushes, it does provide several innovative tools for modifying custom brushes. You can automatically wrap your custom brush onto a number of predefined shapes cylinders, cones, spheres, and a variety of cubes and you can even wrap brushes around user- defined shapes. In addition, you have control over the direction and intensity of the apparent light source illuminating your custom brush. Photon Paint also allows custom brushes to be tipped by controlling the pitch, roll, yaw, and apparent distance of the brush from the observer. Deluxe PhotoLab allows freehand cutting of custom brushes, as well as the standard rectangular cutout; it is the only package of the three that allows you to actually draw with a custom brush in HAM mode. The process, however, is so impossibly slow (we’re talking snail’s pace here), that it is surprising Electronic Arts ever decided to support this feature in the first place. Another unique PhotoLab feature SuperGen Makes It Happen! Amiga Makes It Possible... Desktop Video. Studio quality video production on a desktop. The Amiga makes it possible. The SuperGen Genlock makes it happen! Video Professionals understand the power the Amiga Computer brings to the industry and the potential it has for enhancing their work. With its revolutionary hi-resolution graphics and processing power, the Amiga represents a sophisticated video production solution. The SuperGen Genlock and overlay device is the link between the Amiga’s video potential and your own video productions. SuperGen allows you to create and produce professional broadcast quality video with special effect graphics and titles created on your Amiga. Since SuperGen does not distort incoming video, the quality of the video out equals the quality of the video in. Super- Gen does not decode and then re-en- code the incoming video; it simply encodes the Amiga’s RGB signal into RS- 170A and then overlays the encoded signal onto the incoming video. Some SuperGen ™ features: True Broadcast quality video output. Real RS-170A. No its, ands, or buts! Accurately locks to non-time base corrected signals such as VCR output. Very accurate RGB encoder for true Amiga graphic colors. Two independent dissolve controls. SuperGen is the only genlock with dissolve capabilities built -in! Two slide pots control the mixture of external video and Amiga graphics. The first slide controls the ratio of Amiga color 0 to external video. The second slide controls the ratio of all other Amiga colors to external video. Both dissolves can be controlled remotely by Amiga software. Auto-Fade mode. The black level of the Amiga graphics determine the fade level. Dual Video outputs. Professional Key Out Output to Video Switchers with Key In capability for special effects. Switchable Chroma Notch filter. Helps eliminate chroma artifacts. Selectable blanking. Internal or external. BNC Connectors. A500,1000, and 2000 compatible. Cifde 28 on Reader Service card. To order or for more information call: 333:
(916) 344-4825 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Digital creations “With its complete range of features and excellent video signal quality> Digital Creations3 SuperGen is the best value among Amiga Genlocks. We do not hesitate to recommend it to users of our desktop video products. Thanks for bringing such a fine product to the Amiga market place.” John Bittner of Zuma Group, Inc. Creator of TV*TEXT,M and TV*SHOW™ “The best genlock for the Amiga under $ 1000.001” Sheryl Jarvis of PVS Publishing Creator of Pro Video Plus™ “SuperGen’s dissolve controls gives INVISION’s real-time video effects a whole new dimension. ” Daniel Kaye of Elan Designs, Co-designer of INVISION™, the LIVE!™ video effects package “SuperGen is the only genlock I recommend. It has the best price- petformance of any genlock on the market.” Martin Hash of Hash Enterprises Author of the Animation:™ series “The ability to software control dissolves during video scripts has been important as part of my products. ” Gary Bonham of SPARTA, Inc Author of Aegis VideoTltler™ and Aegis Lights! Camera! Action!™ “Many video professionals playing with the Amiga had access to their own encoders, but it wasn’t until Digital Creations introduced the SuperGen that the Amiga had a real chance in this industry.” AV Video I April 1988 Complete your system with: SuperGen™ $ 749.95 Professional Genlock by Progressive Image Technology is the ability to fill shapes with custom brushes a neat feature if you happen to be in the wallpaper business, Photo Lab also sports a limited version of the custom-brush tipping feature contained in Photon Paint. Up Close and Personal So far, we have compared the three programs on the common ground ofour five criteria for good graphics packages. Yet, as we said at the beginning, the use intended for each of these programs is different, thus making a straightforward comparison difficult. To make an evaluation as to which program may he best for your particular needs, let’s take a closer look at each package on its own individual terms. Deluxe PhotoLab It may not quite be the ultimate HAM graphics package, but it’s close. I believe Electronic Arts’ intention with PhotoLab was to create a graphics environment for the high-end, graphics video user. The package is actually a collection of three separate programs: Paint, Colors, and Posters. Paint is designed to allow users to manipulate and bring together all levels of resolution of graphics supported by the Amiga, thus providing for the widest range of possibilities. For instance, digitized images can be used with genlock processing and freehand drawings made in any resolution mode. Colors, an image-processing program, can analyze a picture by its various colors and pixel populations, perform color separations in either RGB or cyan magenta yellow, convert a color image to its black- and-white equivalent, alter colors, and even change the format of a picture from, say, lo-res to HAM or HAM to lo-res. Colors would be a valuable tool for serious videophiles, or for artists interested in high- end reproduction of their electronic artwork. Posters is essentially a printer-support program. It allows you to string together several separate pictures to form posters as small as a postage stamp, or as large as a ten-foot-by-ten-foot mural. Posters also has the ability to perform anti-aliasing (removing the jagged edges around images) while printing. Is Deluxe PhotoLab the ultimate graphics package? The answer may be a strong "yes” if you do lots of video work, but a resounding "no” if you are a freehand artist. If your requirements are strictly in the latter category, Electronic Arts’ own DeluxePaint II will probably be more useful than PhotoLab. Digi-Pajnt If we judge Digi-Paint strictly as a stand-alone paint program, the results would not be favorable. I believe, however, that NewTek never intended that it be used as such. .As a support package to NewTek’s popular Digi-View video-input system, Digi-Paint becomes a ? TRUMPCARD DISK CONTROLLERS ARE... on ON s HO R r LIST PRICE: $ 199.95! Why Spend More?? AUTOBOOT ROM INCLUDED TR UMPCARD INTERACTIVE VICEO SYST Eus 15201 SANTA GERTRUDES AVE. STE. YI02 LA MIRADA, CA. 90638 PHONE: (714)994-4443 The first thing you notice about the Master 3A is its incredibly small size. But look closer and you’ll discover that it’s loaded with these great features: ¦ Fully compatible with the Amiga® ¦ Full 1 Year Warranty ¦ Pass through connector lets you easily add additional drives ¦ Extra long shielded input cable (28 ") allows easy placement on either side of the computer ¦ Extremely quiet operation For an even closer look at the Amiga compatible Master 3A,
S. C.1.800-548-9669
M. C.S. 800433-7756 E.C.I. 800-356-5178 Manufactured by Oceanic America Box 70587, Eugene, OR 503'741-1222 Fax 503-741-1535 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Circle 117 on Reader Service card Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics I.TD. ¦ Double sided double density 880 KB formatted capacity ¦ Durable metal case eliminates radio frequency interference and drive noise ¦ Spring loaded door keeps out dust ¦ Consumes less power ¦ Smaller, slimmer design (4"w x Dh'Ti x 9"d) ¦ Costs less to buy phone your nearest dealer: Computer Direct 312-382-5050 clever add-on, giving you lots of power to adjust and manipulate your video images. Digi-Paint can spiff up existing IFF pictures created with conventional painting programs. Once converted to HAM mode, lower-resolution pictures can easily be altered and improved using Digi-Paint’s various utilities. .Also, in preparing this article, I spoke with New'l'ek officials who told me that they intend to release a new version of the program. Digi-Paint II, in March ’89. While 1 have no hands-on knowledge of the software as of this writing, I can report that the company is enthusiastic about proposed features of the new program, such as 3-D image mapping, full overscan capabilities, super fast response, 1204 x 1204 bitmapping, and automatic anti-aliasing. Photon Paint Of all three packages, Photon Paint is the one designed to offer the greatest capabilities and power to the freehand artist. If your intentions are to create artwork from scratch using a HAM mode package, Photon Paint is currently the program to choose. But again, best use of the package may be made in conjunction with another, more conventional paint program. Like Digi-Paint, Photon Paint allows the importing of any resolution picture in IFF format. Therefore, although Photon Paint is fast enough to make freehand drawing possible, you will still be better off to create vour initial artwork in the conventional paint program, and then jazz it up using Photon Paint’s powerful assemblage of HAM tools. Better HAM to Come? So where do things stand with regard to HAM graphics software? Although the real-time barrier for HAM mode has yet to be broken, HAM is definitely the wave of the future. .As interest in HAM technology increases, and as accelerators and math coprocessors become cheaper, developers will write software that will take advantage of the potential of such hardware to speed up HAM calculations. The result should be that we get much improved, faster HAM programs at affordable prices. Until then, freehand artists should keep in mind that there is still plenty of power, speed, and usefulness left in those old, conventional paint programs. For now, HAM, although powerful, serves the artist better as an enhancer rather than a creator. On the other hand, if video is your area, HAM graphics software can be put to excellent use right now in providing you with flexible control over your high- resolution video images. ¦ Bruce Jordan is a frequent contributor to Amiga and C64 128 publications. He also worked on the development of the Super-Forth programming language. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. The internal sound capabilities of the Amiga are better than that of any other personal computer. These capabilities mean nothing though, without quality digital sounds, which up till now have been scarce. Sound Oasis gives Amiga owners access to a large library of studio-tested digital samples, by using the Amiga's built in disk drive to read disks made for the Mirage Digital Sampling Keyboard. Sounds can then be played from a MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard, or saved as an IFF standard file. Mirage is a trademark of Ensomq Inc. Transform your Amiga into a professional-quality drum machine with this software package. Easier to use than hardware-based drum machines because everything is displayed graphically on screen. Enter drum patterns quickly and easily in real time with visual feedback and editing. Create realistic drum tracks with any of the 100 drum and percussion samples that are included or use your own unique IFF one- shot samples. Dynamic Drums also has full MIDI implementation and even becomes velocity sensitive when triggered from a MIDI keyboard. A powerful MIDI sequencer that takes full advantage of the Amiga’s sound, graphics, and sophisticated user-interface. Dynamic Studio is perfect for professional applications due to its sophisticated editing capabilities and SMPTE support. It is also ideal for home studios, because in addition to sequencing MIDI instruments, Dynamic Studio has a built-in drum machine, and the ability to playback instruments translated with Sound Oasis.
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We cannot guarantee compatibility. All sales are finaf and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee. We are not responsible for typographic or photographic errors. B903 ON- GRAPHICS From Screen Image To Finished Illustration 3 ? An occasional series of lips, ferhniquos, and tricks for creating* more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen T HE COMPLETE BEGINN1 NG-to-end task of creating computer graphics and producing the finished product in published form is one of the more challenging and satisfying exercises for the Amiga artist, professional and amateur alike. While this series so far has concentrated on tips and techniques for creating the images themselves, a look at the unique problems of actually producing those images as finished illustrations will be of real practical value. While pictures created on the Amiga are clear, bright, and crisp when viewed on the monitor, getting those same images into publishable form is another matter. A recent book assignment of mine may serve to illustrate this dual aspect of the computer graphics process. Because the reproduction side of things proved more problematic, we will examine that part of the project first and then work hack to how I actually composed the images in the first place. My assignment involved illustrating a series of six science fiction novels about an adventurous, space-faring archaeologist of the future named Dr. Bones. Each book contains 12 illustrations providing a "computer data bank” section of black- and-white images as a visual supplement to each story. Ideally, the publisher wanted finished hardcopy illustrations, ready to shoot. The fact that the visuals were supposed to be computer screens made the project a perfect Amiga experiment. I felt the computer could be the appropriate tool for the entire job, making the task of doing so many illustrations faster and more interesting. Problems cropped up, however, as I began sending preliminary tests to the publishers in various forms. Screen shot transparencies looked great, but when the publishers enlarged them as halftones, die visual quality deteriorated to an unacceptable level. Printer output seemed the best solution, although my own 24-pin printer was out of the question. While fine for high-contrast images when it comes to gray levels even with die new drivers it does not produce publishable quality. I tried outputting to an HP laser printer and was again disap pointed. The dithering algorithms produced a gray scale that looked like a sampler of plaid patterns from a kilt maker. Although 1 was prepared to accept a bitmapped “computer screen" look to the finished illustrations (it seemed appropriate to the theme), 1 was just not getting satisfactory results. At the time I was doing these initial experiments, PostScript was new to the Amiga community. None of the software supported it yet, but I had been impressed with PostScript output from the Macintosh. PostScript interprets gray-scale information as larger or smaller dots in the finished picture. From a LaserWriter, the results are similar to an 85-line screen about the same image quality you see in a newspaper photo. A Linotype machine gives even better results, I located a shareware PostScript converter for the Amiga called 1FF2PS by William Mason and Sam Paolucci, They used it to print out a couple of my images on a LaserWriter and the results were beautiful. IFF2PS is simple to use, and I highly recommend it. It does its job without any frills, and does it well. IFF2PS reads any IFF ILBM (Interchange File Format Interleaved Bit- map) picture file and converts it to PostScript format. This can be output to a laser printer as it is being converted, or stored on disk for printing later. There are several options that help automate this task. I sent the test pictures to the publishers who reported they could use the printouts without any reshooting in their final layouts. The main problem was solved. (See Figure l for a comparison of the screen image and its PostScript printout for one of the Dr. Hours illustrations, “Temple Carvings.”) Back to the Drawing Board With 72 illustrations to produce, I look every advantage of the Amiga to save time and effort. Using DeluxePaint, 1 worked in the 320x400 interlace mode to give me good resolution with fast response time and full tool use. I created a master screen containing a "hook page” work area of appropriate size and proportion. Within this page, I laid out a framed image area and a caption bar at the bottom. This would he the starting point for every illustration, providing the consistent look of the “computer data hank" section. I created a toolkit of visual elements 1 would he using repeatedly. These included grids, gray scales, ID chops, reticle patterns, and so forth. I arranged these on the master screen where they were always accessible and could be quickly picked up as brushes and moved into the illustration. I left empty space on the screen, both as a scratch pad area and for entering text. 1 arranged the first 16 colors of the palette as a sequential gray scale and established it as a Range so I could make effective use of Shade and Blend tools. This master screen could now he loaded to begin IMPGIHG SCPEEM BONES TEMPLE CPPUIUGS each new picture, eliminating any setup time. This is a unique strength of the computer. Making your illustrations look as good on the |>ago as they do on your monitor ran bo a trieky proposition. Preventing a repeating pattern. Using the same technique, I “drew” new carvings elsewhere in the image. I added the caption, pulled in symbols from my scratch pad toolkit, and saved two copies of the finished picture. Converting these IFF files to PostScript packs six image files on each disk. With a LaserWriter on the serial port, the command COPY filename TO SFR: starts the hall rolling. By using CTRL J after each COPY command, the .Amiga queues up the commands allowing you to leave the machine unattended while it finishes one or two disks full of images. Overall, the initial period of experimentation took time, hut the method that evolved is quick and produces clean results. It doesn’t fight the limits of the computer, it capitalizes on them. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95561. I decided to keep an illusion of realism to the series of illustrations. I did not always draw or paint the images from scratch as I might have with paint or pencil. Instead, 1 often made use of Digi- View to give me a digitized image as a starting point. I then used the unique features of Dpaint to completely alter these images, while retaining the photographic look. In the “Temple Carvings” illustration (Figure 1), 1 began by digitizing Mayan carvings. 1 erased much of the image to focus on a human face. Using Blend, I “pushed” the image into the reptilian features appropriate to the plot of the book. (See Accent 2, Feb. ’89, p. 42, for more about using the Blend tool in this fashion.) 1 used Shade to add carving lines, highlights, and shadows. Picking up small areas of untouched rock texture from other parts of the picture, I stamped them sparingly on the new features I had created, using the X and Y keys to flip the texture and thus THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA ™ PRODUCTS HARDWARE... HARDWARE,.. HARDWARE... HARDWARE HARDWARE SPECIALS Special
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* Editor's Sole: This month info.phile begins a new Amiga DOS 1.3 "mini-seriesWhile the previous collection ("Exploring Amiga- DOS 1.3," August '88-December '88) focused on new or improved CLI commands, this series tackles the other side of the Amiga DOS coin: the Workbench. 1.3’s Workbench includes a number of brand-new programs and utilities, and improved features for some of those carried over from version 1.2. These changes will be the subject of the next several info.phile columns. A FUNDAMENTAL WORKBENCH tool, Preferences still performs the same job of letting yon control many of the basic aspects of your Amiga, but it now offers you some new tools for accomplishing that task. In addition, you will find it in a new location. While in 1.2 the Preferences icon appeared when you opened the Workbench disk, you will now find it when you open the new Prefs drawer. This drawer also contains four new icons: CopyPrefs, Pointer, Printer, and Serial. CopyPrefs is something new, and we will take a look at it in just a moment. The other three are shortcuts into their respective Preferences windows. Double-click on Pointer and up comes the Preferences Edit Pointer window. Similarly, the Printer icon takes you to 4 the Change Printer window, while the Serial icon lets you into tlie Change Serial window. You can still get to any of these windows in the old way, of course; start Preferences and pick the gadget for the window you want. The new icons simply eliminate that extra step if you want to go to one of their windows directly. I he new icons, however, do not save you any work when you are ready to exit those windows. When you click on OK or Cancel in any of these windows, you end up in the main Preferences window. T here you must choose to Save, Use, or Cancel your changes. The only way to save or use your changes is still to pick the appropriate menu option from the main Preferences window. The Preferences windows for the Serial and Pointer icons remain the same as they were in AmigaDOS 1.2. The main and Change Printer windows, however, are different. The former sports two new changes, one visible and one hidden. You will notice immediately that the CLI On Off gadget from 1.2 is gone. You now get both a CLI and a Shell by default. The hidden change matters only if your Amiga has a battery-backed clock calendar. If it does, when you change the date or time in Preferences and then save your changes, Preferences automatically sets the clock calendar to the new date and time. New Graphics Printer Controls 1 he improvements to the Change Printer window may at first glance appear equally minor, hut don't be misled: There’s a lot more under the hood. The only visible change is that the Graphic Select gadget of the 1.2 Preferences is now two gadgets, Graphic 1 and Graphic 2. Click on Graphic 1 and you will find yourself in a window that is essentially the 4 same as the old Graphic Select window. The only difference is that there is one additional Print Shade option: GrayScale2. T his option makes it easier for owners of Commodore’s new A2024 monochrome monitor to translate their screen images into printed output, because the A2024 supports four shades of gray. ? Tax Preparation and Planning loot TAX BREAK is easy-to-use with on screen representation of forms and schedules, fast recalculation, and constant status of taxes due or refunds. Full integration of all forms and schedules allows constant updating of tax status for evaluation of different tax scenarios. Scrollable, on screen look-a-like forms and schedules Schedules can be opened from a menu or.by double clicking on the schedule result line in form 1040 in US version or T1 for Canadian version •
• -S53 Ongoing status of taxes due and refunds at bottom of each form, or expanded status screen available with mouse click or F2 key Instant updating of forms and schedules with each recalculation Line by Line data entry prompts On screen IRS booklet Prints IRS approved facsimile forms Pop up calculator Zoom in and out of interlace at will US version 1.0 includes Form 1040, Schedules A-E, SE, 1906, 2441, IRA and more!
U. S. version 1.0 $ 79.95 Suggested Retail contact: OXXl Inc
P. O. Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809
(213) 427-1227 California Residents add 6.5% Canadian version 3.0 Known in Canada as Amiga-Tax'v $ 69.95 Suggested Retail contact: • DATAMAX RESEARCH Yll| Box 5000, RR4 jT' Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A6 •' ¦
(416) 775-2225 Ontario Residents add 8% Canadian version 3.0 includes T1, All Schedules, all Provinces and "Quebec Forms" and more! Updates available for $ 29.95 direct from Datamax Research Dealers call: Southern Technology American Software, Micro-Pace, Triangle or Air-Stat of Canada See your local Amiga Dealer Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore Amiga. Inc. TAX BREAK is a trademark ol Oxxi, Inc Circle 75 on Reader Service card. While the Graphic i window may be familiar, Graphic 2 is all new. It contains ten gadgets that let you control some of the Amiga’s extended graphics printing features. These new gadgets fall into three basic groups. One group provides control over the size of the printed image. With the Width Limit and Height Limit gadgets you can restrict the image’s size. Whether your Amiga actually obeys those limits, and how it interprets them, depends on how you set the Limits gadget. A scaling gadget allows you to tell your Amiga to shrink or grow the image. The second group of new gadgets affects the placement of a printed image on the page. With the Left Offset gadget, you can shift the image left effectively setting a left margin on the paper. You can also center the image with the Center gadget. The final set provides you with control over many aspects of the image’s quality and appearance. You can specify the printing density with the Density gadget* obviously, less dense images print faster, but they may not look as good as more dense ones. You can also tell the Amiga to match the on-screen image colors as closely as it can with the Color Correct gadget. Two other gadgets. Smoothing and Dithering, give you finer controls over how the Amiga defines the outline and color, respectively, of the printed image. Where Did All the Printers Go? One big shock you are likely to encounter when looking at 1.3’s Preferences is that all but one of the printer drivers have vanished from the Workbench disk.
1. 2's Preferences contained a list of every printer supported because all of their driver programs were on the Workbench disk. When you bring up Preferences on the standard 1.3 Workbench disk, there is only one printer in the list: Generic. Don't worry, though; they have not disappeared entirely. All of the old printer drivers, as well as some new ones, are now on the 1.3 Extras disk that comes in the 1.3 Enhancer Software package. The 1.3 Workbench disk was so full that there was simply not enough room for them there. Assuming that you have either a hard disk or enough room on your Workbench disk to hold the printer drivers you want, you can copy them from the Extras disk to the DEVS:printers directory of your Workbench disk and be back in business. You can do that copying in two ways. If you arc a Shell or CLI user, try the following COPY command: COPY "Extras L3:devs printers driver name>” TO DEVS:printers where driver name> is the name of the printer driver you want. (This command assumes that your Workbench disk is in one drive and your Extras disk in the other. If not, or if you have a one-drive system, AmigaDOS will prompt you to put the needed disks in the drive(s) at the right times.) Of course, if you don’t want to mess with the Shell, this approach is not for you. Fortunately, Commodore has included a new utility, Install Printer, that will do the job for you. To find it, open the Workbench’s Utilities drawer. Double-click on the InstallPrinter icon and a window will appeal' displaying a list of all Professional Computer Video MINIMEGS™- requires the NERIKI IMAGE MASTER PRO GENLOCK
• The NERIKI IMAGE MASTER™ PRO GENLOCK outputs 520 lines of encoded NTSC resolution(600 lines in PAL). It incorporates an adjustable luminance keyerand has chroma phase adjustment.
5. 5Mhz bandwidth + -3db. And a S N ratio better than 48db.
• The NERIKI is RS170A standard. It supports all AMIGA graphics modes & resolutions and is fully compatible with all Amiga models the A500, A1000, A2000 and the new A2500.
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1. 3 utility. CopyPrefs, the new icon found in the Prefs drawer, is designed to help those of us who make changes in Preferences and have hard disks that won’t autoboot. To understand why we may need help, consider the following possible chain of events. Because your hard disk cannot autohoot, you boot off your Workbench disk, which causes your Amiga to use the Preferences information stored on that disk. (Preferences stores its information in the file system-configuration in the DEVS: directory.) Then, in your startup-se- quence file, you .ASSIGN the important directories, including DEVS:, to their hard-disk counterparts, and then CD to your hard disk for your real work. While you are working there, you bring up Preferences, make some changes, and click on Save. Preferences saves those changes to the hie system- configuration in DEVS:, which is on your hard disk. So, when you next reboot off your Workbench disk, none of the Preferences changes you made are on that disk, and you’re out of luck. CopyPrefs is an easy way out. When you run it after saving changes in Preferences, it copies the system-configuration file from your current DEVS: directory J to DF0:devs. As long as you put your Workbench disk in drive DFO: before you run this program, you will be all set. Next time you reboot off that disk you’ll have the updated Preferences. CopyPrefs is very easy to run; just double-click it. It will open a window titled IconX and display the message Coyping devs:system-configuration to DFO: DEVS and then do the copying for you. When it’s done, the window goes away and you are back in the Workbench. The reason the CopyPrefs window is titled IconX is that CopyPrefs is actually a Shell batch file, and IconX is the name of the 1.3 program that lets Workbench users execute batch files. One handy side effect of this fact is that you can edit CopyPrefs. For example, if you are rebooting from the RAD: recoverable RAM disk, you might want to add a second line that copies system-configuration to RAD:DEVS as well. Tune in next time for a closer look at the new Preferences printer options. ¦ Beat Goes On... And The H.i| fl l*|l W ri 1 n wif -i.i Il mv in ¦¦>•••• 11 i. F 1 nrt FI ll n*i * is 11 :»* mi U m* U VII*. U Mil 1 & -A. IuuQa Inuuiatf !surrs>ii «if» wr i I'm nrt Nit urti n nrr 4 B» WTO s no 1 aim it nr1 i-j* itn> a ftftJ it it 4 ¦mi ntii
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* Tm A (0 i**CH¥5 29 74 6t EMULATOR 2 IHE *9 95 a ft no ft w All'* III 6* 9.’ A I Al k PluS *9 65 AAARGH1 73 95 AC BASIC CQMPU.f R V l t 134 06 ACCOUNT AN i IHE 186 95 AOVEMURES OF SINETA0 3? 46 AEGIS AMMAlQft. 97 05 AEGIS DRAW 2000 '9* 55 AE&lS iMAGtS PA>'|T ?4 95 AESUPS FafilES '9 95 AiGEBRAI 55 95 AllilHftAU -ft OS ALIEN FIRES 7*96 Au A30U1 AMERICA 38 95 AL TE HVA fl HfcALitV 77 55 AMIGA DOS EXPRESS 70 95 ANALYTIC ART GRAPHICS 37 4? ANORQMtDA MISSION 75 95 AMMAl KINGDOM 17 46 ANIMATE 3D. 99 05 ANIMATION «7W ANIMATION EDITOR 38 95 animation multiplane sb « ANIMAIION STAND 3? 46 AnlMAlllftS APPRENTICE 194 OS ANNA! S (IE ROME 74 05 AHA OKS IQMB 3175 ARCADf ACTION PACK 34 05 AREka 37 95 AfuanO'O 19 55 ART GALlERt FANIAST 73 36 ART GALIERY I '8 73 ART GALLERY ii '8 73 ASHA S FONTS 5ft 35 ASST M PRO 7'55 AlRfDESlBBSl 9! 45
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• C&M 935 I 3 *3F(BiHDK 24 95 CELEBRITY COOKBOOK ThE 77 95 CENJERFOlD SQUARES 19 95 Charon 5 75 96 CHSSSWAS1ER 7QOQ 37 46 ChfKfN UTILE 19 95 CHRONO QUEST 13 95 CltYDISK 33 95 CITY Of SK ART COMPANION 19 95 CITY DISK BUNDLE 99 95 CLIP Aht *1 17 96 Clip api ¦? 17 96 Clip art "3 12 95 ClIP ART ii 12 95 Clip ART i5 12 95 Clip art »6 17 95 Clip ari •: '2 55 Clip ari 17 95
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• Stmm KOCH Y » 16 DR rs 0 IQOFDhiB 3? 55 Guild of thieves . 30 95 DR 1 S 0 110 EDEIIB 97 95 HARDBALL . 26 95 DR IS 0 50 E0 H6 92 96 HARfliER COMBAT Sim 3? 96 DR TSQS CRUMS 17 95 HARRIER MISSION '6 95 DR T$ OR KlYS ...... 17 95 HEAD COACH 32 46 DR TS 0X7 Idi'LIO 57 55 HEROES OF THE LANCE 27 95 DR TS ESQ apaCE ESQ i 37 95 HIT DISK VOL I . 32 46 DR 1 5 K Art41 « t f D'HB 37 96 HOLE 'NONE 25 99 DR ’ 5 ¦ AW4I ‘ 5 ED 11B 37 95 HoliY'WOOO POKER 25 95 DR IS ACS 154 96 HOME BUILDERS CAD 129 96 DR TS Line ON FO LIB 9? 96 HUNT FOR RfD OCTOBER 27 46 OR TS MIDI RIC SIUD 43 60 MY8RIS 25 99 OR 1 S Mf 37 ED 1 IB 97 96 ICON PAINT 58 96 Oft T 5 MalAix 6 ID Lift 97 95 IMPACT-BUS GRAPHICS 62 46
* 39A£0ii S ill! 16 50 IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II 32 46 DREAM UNE 32 *6 INDOOR SP0BT5 .. 31 22 DRUM STUDIO 3? 47 INOVA TOOLS 52 03
* 3jVE‘C* HiSlfR 37 18 INSANITY F'GHl 25 96 DUNGEON MASTER hims
* 'ICEllFkCT 169 09 ? VdSlflK 99 95 EXPRESS PAINT 90 95 ii S ONLY ftOCK N ftQll ?i 96 EXTEND 75 95 j FORTH . 77 96 PACC 11 71 95 jEI . 3 7 »6 FAIRY Talf AdvENTlJpl 31 95 JET SET FONT SET 32 60 FAERY Tal E CIIIDfBOOK 7 95 JINXTER 25 95 F At CON J7 *6 JQKEH POKEP 32 »ft
* Ipfl 1? 15 KAMFFGflUPP! 4196 FANCY ID FU>i? 45 95 KARA FONTS 64 95 FANlAVlSiON 47 95 KARATE KID H 25 96 We carry OVER 1000 items The best NEW products The LOWEST PRICES OEVPAC AMIGA ASSEM >79 95 DIG! PAIN! J1 95 DiGIVifW 143 95 QlGl Vll iV UPGRADE 13 95
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• MASlLLAN 11960 MAG'CAl MYTftS ... 37*5 MAGICIAN S DUNGEON . .2155 MAJOR MOTION ... ... 25 96 MANIA*. ... ..... 16 95 MARAUDER II DUPLICATION .....27*7 MARBLE MADNESS . . 33 OD MASTERING Cll . 25 95 MASTERPIECE FONi 16 95 KiY TO C‘ .. .77 95 KiC WORK 13_____ . . 72 55 KIDTAIK . 77 35 KIKJGl .... '3 95 KiNDERAMA 37 45 KING OF CHICAGO . 34 95 KNIGHT OBC ..... .30 95 I t AI IlCt "C" 50 COMPIIH' 19900 L A (TiCE C 4 0 167 95 LalTiCfC-- 35 95 LA ERSCRIPT - 23 10 .EADER SOASD OliAL PACK 22 72 LEADER BOARD TOPNA DISK - .13 95 MURAL PRIM’ffl 73 55 MUSIC MOUSE 51 95 MUSCSIuDfNT 37 95 NAG PLUS 3 I) .. ¦‘9 95 NlWSlf HER EON IS COLOR 7995 08Ll!f RATOR 25 95 OFFSHORE WARRIOR 75 96 ONLINE 2 0...... *3 56 OPERATION CLEAN SIREEIS 25 95 QTG DGM DISASSEMBLER! 4195 P 0 W 25 95 page flipper plus fix iC3 9s PAGESETTER 33 72 PaiACIN .... 25 96 PALADIN 'CILEST OiS 'I • '6 86 PAWN THE '6 71 PtlO PRM CUR LAYOUT . 13995 PclO* PRNT CUR LAYOLJl 399 55 PHANtASlE 27 47 PHANTASK 3 . ?*95
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* PM0T0O CKL AhiWATC* w« PHOTON PAINT . 54 96 photon paint exp disk .1955 PHOTOSYNTHESIS 3? 95 PINBALL I Q . '“3 46 PINK PANTHER ..... ... 78 95 PIONEER PLAGUE ?5 96 PIXMAIE ..... *5 95 planet probe .. ’9 35 platoon..... 29 21 PORTS OE CALL .. 29 95 POWER WINDOWS 2 5 . 58 4 7 POWIFLSTY* 27 95 PRE CALCULUS 36 95 PRESIOENl IS MISSING..... 25 95 PRIME TIME ... 25 95 PRINTMASTER PLUS 31 25 PRO MIDI STUDIO ... 130 95 FRO VIDEO EQNT SET >" 34 95 PRO VICEO FONT SE7 *7 94 95 PRO VIDEO FONT SET ‘3 .. 3*95
* MB Y101C UK* 'I* 98 PROaABlLlT' THEORY 36 91
* MOFIISIQDA. FA ( 779 « PROJECT D 3195 excellence!. EACH MONTH, B.C. (Big Game) Hunter is on the prowl for great games or the game’s greats. : The Great One See what’s hot on ice. By B.G. Hunter HOCKEY WILL NEVER be the same. Last summer, Wayne Gretzky left the Edmonton Oilers to play for the L.A, Kings. Through winter rumors 1 learned he was moving again to the Amiga in Bethesda Soft- works’ Wayne Gretzky Hockey. Impatient with waiting and hype, I forced my way into softwares pregame practice session, the beta version, for a preview. As 1 feared, the game suffers from typical beta hugs, hut it’s dynamite nonetheless. Even the opening credits are fun. A hockey player two-thirds the height of the screen skates to a puck in the center of the monitor. He pulls back his stick and takes a slap shot right at you. The crowd roars. ¦H. Evrfi . ||gr _ ar- I he puck grows as it flies at you, and then it bursts through the monitor! The screen breaks, and shards of glass fly everywhere. (Who got to break a TV screen to get that digitized sound, and how can I sign up?) Your view of the game itself is from the rafters.The screen displays two-thirds of the rink and a few rows of fans above it. The rink scrolls as play moves up the ice. When your players are standing still, you see helmets, shoulders, and hockey sticks. When a player skates, however, little legs flick out behind his body. (They even dance with anticipation at the face-offs.) The graphics could be better, but they are a step up from the colored-circle players of Bethesda’s earlier game, Gridiron. You can control any player, except the goalie. The mouse control, however, takes practice to master. Your mouse directs an X on the screen; move the X and your player skates toward it. He skates faster when the X is farther away. To pass or shoot, press the left button, move the X where you want the puck tt> go, and release the button. Once you get the hang of it, the motions become second nature. .As I played, I noticed many little things that make a good game great. The crowd roars when a player takes a shot. Watch closely: as the players move, their skates leave white tracks on the light blue ice. When ? One Good Book deserves another and another, AmigaDOS Inside & Oul
- covers the insides of AmigaDOS from the internal design up to practical applications. Includes detailed reference section, tasks and handling. DOS editors ED and EDIT, how to create and use script files, multitasking, and much more. ISBN 1-55755-041-7 280pp $ 19.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Amiga Machine Language
- is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler ma chine language programming and is THE practical guide for learning to program the Amiga in ultra-fast ML. Also covers 68000 microprocessor address modes and architecture, speech and sound from ML and much more. ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264 pp S19.95 Amiga System Programmer’s Guide
- comprehensive guide to what goes on inside the Amiga in a single volume. Only a few of the many subjects covered include the EXEC structure, IO requests, interrupts and resource management, multitasking functions and much, much more. ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442 pp S34.95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference *
- an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Amiga by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind. All commands are in alphabetical order for easy reference. Includes Workbench 1.3 ISBN 1-55755-049-2 128 pp $ 14.95 Computer Viruses: a high-tech disease *
- describes what a computer virus is, how viruses work, viruses and batch files, protecting your computer, designing virus proof systems and more. ISBN 1-55755-043-3 292 pp $ 18.95 "Probably the best ami most current hook...a bevy of preventive measures" PC Week Ihll'HH Amiga C for Advanced Programmers
- contains a wealth oi information from the pros: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code for text editor. ISBN 1-55755-046-8 400 pp $ 24.95 Amiga C for Beginners
- an introduction to learning the popular C language. Explains the language elements using examples specifically geared to the Amiga. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works and more. ISBN 1-55755-045-X 280 pp $ 19.95 miga 'C' lor Advanced Programmers c AbacusES Amiga 3-D Graphic Programming in BASIC
- shows you how to use the powerful graphic capabilities of the Amiga. Details the techniques and algorithms for writing three-dimensional graphic programs: ray tracing in all resolutions, light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF format and more. ISBN 1-55755-044-1 300 pp $ 19.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out
- is the most in-depth reference available covering the Amiga's disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy protection works, computer viruses. Workbench and the CLI DOS functions, loading, saving, sequential and random file organization, more. ISBN 1-55755-042-5 360 pp $ 29.95 Amiga For Beginners *
- the first volume in our Amiga series, introduces you to Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the CLI, and Amiga BASIC and explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English. ISBN 1-55755-021-2 184 pp $ 16.95 Includes Workbench 1.3 AmigaBASIC Inside & Out
- THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully described and detailed. Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse and speech commands. ISBN 0-916439-87-9 554 pp $ 24.95 Includes Workbench 13 Amiga Disk Drives Inside A Out AbacusBS Amiga for Beginners J pAiiiigoKWC Inside and Out Save Time and Money!-Optional program disks are available for many of our Amiga reference books. All programs listed in the books are on each respective disk and will save you countless hours of typing' $ 14.95 (* Optional Diskette Not Available for these Titles) ? Optional Disk Amiga Tricks & Tips
- follows our tradition of other Tricks and Tips books for CBM users. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important 68000 memory locations, and much more' ISBN 0-916439-88-7 348 pp $ 19.95 Abacus unseam Dept. L3, 5370 52nd Street SE Grand Rapids. Ml 49508
(616) 698-0330 See your local Dealer or Call Toll Free 1-800-451-4319 Add $ 4.00 Shipping and Handling per Order Foreign add $ 12.00 per item each period ends, most of the ice is white. The big- screen, overhead scoreboard shows vou the team filing out to the locker room. Out rolls the Zamboni to clean up the ice. Two Minutes for Roughing Most of all, the game is true to hockey. Want to check a player? Click the mouse as you run into him. Hit him hard enough and you can savor the image of him sliding spread-eagle across the ice. You are also liable to see the referee on the overhead scoreboard giving the official signal for a penalty. Tripping, high- sticking, elbowing I’ve had them all. Be prepared to sit out your five minutes for fighting, too. At least you can watch the action on the overhead scoreboard as two players hit each other for no apparent reason. To top it all ofl, this game has tons of customizing options and keeps enough statistics for even the most maniacal sports statistician. Each player lias twelve characteristics, such as position, aggressiveness, quickness, checking, passing, and shooting. You can play, coach, or both. You can set up your lines, including penalty-killing and power-play lines. You can handicap yourself, your opponent, or the computer. You can even save your game and restore it later. I he replay facility is my favorite; it’s wonderful, particularly after a goal or a penalty. The replay goes back ten seconds or to the previous face-off, whichever was more recent. You control a slide bar marked Forward at the top and Reverse at the bottom. Move the sliding line to the center and the action stops. You can back up the game to the desired point, then watch the play very slowly unfold again. It’s a great way to learn what you just did wrong or to enjoy again the murderous check you put on some poor soul. Don’t get me wrong: This game is not perfect, but most of the flaws I found were related to the fact that 1 was playing a beta version. For example, my team’s coach assembled some weird lines. One time 1 had the same player at both center and right wing. I also ended up with some amazingly wimpy players. One was exhausted after spending two minutes in the penalty box' I’ve never actually sat in one, but it doesn’t look like hard work. More annoying was the fact that the version I played had only two teams, the Washington Capitals (Bethesda Soft works is in Maryland, so I can forgive them a little local color) and the New Jersey Devils. I he Devils? Where are the L.A. Kings? It is Gretzky’s game, after all. Who are those Devils players, anyway? Fortunately, Bethesda promises that the final version will include four great Stanley Cup teams. The company also plans to sell data disks of all of the 1987 and 1988 NHL teams. My final complaint is that currently you can’t administer a whole league, although Bethesda plans to add this before the game's release. According to the company you will have a module of “commissioner” functions, such as trading and creating new teams. Still, it’s hard to complain, because Bethesda plans to address all of my gripes in the final version. It’s great to see a game that's so faithful to real hockey. Once again Gretzky proves why he is The Great One. ? Although not the type to he caged in an office, B, G. Hunter does skulk in occasionally to pick up his mail. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. Wayne Gretzky Hockey Bethesda Softworks 15235 Shady Grove Rd. Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20850 301 926-8300 S49.95 No special requirements. M E R v E s it G A Dungeon Master By Louis R. Wallace DUNGEON MASTER IS a role-playing adventure that carries you and your troop on a mission to recover the Fire Staff, which Lord Chaos has stolen and hidden deep in a dungeon. You choose your four party members from among many champions, each of whom lias a unique set of characteristics. Each adventurer’s skills, possessions, strength, and knowledge will increase during the course of your explorations. Inside the dungeon, you will find weapons and armor that can help you survive fights. You must also find food and water; your people need to eat, drink, and rest regularly (the game is played in real time) in order to maintain their health and stamina. Dungeon Master is completely mouse driven. The screen is divided into two sections; the dungeon display window and a menu-and-icon panel. Simply by pointing and clicking, you can select a sword from a character’s backpack, for instance, and tell him how to use the weapon and how to attack. In the dungeon display, your mouse pointer appears as a hand. With it, you can pick up items, pull levers, press buttons, and unlock doors. You ? SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISONS, Lattice AMIGA C COMPILER AMIGA 880K LATTICE BLEW MANX AWAY. Introducing new Lattice C for Amiga DOS, Version 5-0. Lattice C 5.0 is the fastest compiler by every measure. No other language, no other compiler, gives yon faster, more efficient programs. And it now supports 68020 and 68881. BYTE* Benchmark Lattice C 5.0 Manx C 3-6 % Difference dhampstones
42. 4
62. 7 32% dhry stones sec. 1605 1017 58% matrix manipulation
15. 7
50. 4 68% scbigrd
70. 2
82. 8 15% sorto
76. 4
110. 9 31% sieve 3 l4
40. 5 15% Our new, easy-to-use. Source Level Debugger, CodeProbe, supports both C and Assembly language, and multi-tasking debugging. And the new Global Optimizer will actually enhance your programs' performance up to 40%. So the choice is easy: You can own the fastest, most powerful, most complete C programming environment available. Or for about the same price, you can buy a package that’s shot full of holes. To purchase Lattice C 5.0 or for more information, see your favorite software supplier. «> Uttice, Incorporated 2500 S. Highland Avenue Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: 800 533-3577 In Illinois: 312 916-1600 Lattice Subsidiary of SAS Institute Inc, ‘HYTK iv .i registered ir.iderll.irk of Nk(ii;i v -II Circle 23 on Reader Service card. And no other compiler gives you a more complete programming environment. This package includes:
• Lattice C Compiler • Compiler Companion Utilities
• Source Level Debugger (CodeProbe) • Code .Profiler
• Global Optimizer • 304 C Library Functions • Blink Overlay Linker • Assembler • Disassembler • Librarian
• Sample Files & Examples • Lattice Screen Editor • Installation Program • Comprehensive Documentation. Can also carry and throw weapons with this hand, as in an arcade game. Most characters can use magic, but a spell's success depends on the amount of Mana (magical energy) the character possesses and his knowledge of symbols and runes. You must figure out which spells are available and how to cast them. While scrolls scattered throughout the dungeon offer some clues, for the most part you learn by trial and error. On the icon panel are four groups of six runes. By combining the runes in various ways, you can cast a multitude of spells. To achieve proficiency, you must experiment with combinations; some do nothing, but others can help you overcome obstacles and creatures. The more spells you attempt, the more your Mana increases. You see the dungeon and its inhabitants mummies, purple blobs, stinging rock-pile dwellers, and walking mushrooms (you can use the latter for food) through the eyes of your characters. If you keep your ears open, however, you will often hear the monsters first through digitally-sampled sou nd. I became more intrigued with Dungeon Master the longer I played. The animation, detailed-perspective graphics, and sound are excellent, and the menus and icons are easy to use. The challenge of learning the magic spells makes the game realistic. Dungeon Master is one of the best programs of its type. It is complex enough to hold the interest of the most seasoned role- player, and its simple interface makes it ideal for those new to fantasy adventures. I recommend it! Dungeon Master FTL Games 6160 Lusk Blvd. Suite C-206 San Diego, CA 92121 619 453-5711 $ 39.95 No special requirements.
• • • • o F 1 c -* a it £3 £3’ 1 ,,
• -i E PE WALRUS AAV’S: A REFUEL IN DOCK IN DOCK FUEL SUPPLy You started your mission with four Walruses, but lost two in combat. Carrier Command By Chris Dickman AFTHE HELM of a carrier transporting amphibious assault vehicles and fighter planes, you find yourself wreaking wholesale havoc in a 3-D arcade environment, strate- gizing all the way. Carrier Command’s universe consists of about 60 mythical islands. Your mission is to establish a base on each one while the bad guys, equipped with a similar vessel, are bent on doing the same. To track your progress, you can display a map that indicates the status of the islands (neutral, friendly, or hostile), as well as the colored network links between them. Prematurely attacking the enemy ship or its heavily-defended home island is deadly, so you must first colonize a group of isles around your home, then extend your network by creat- ing protective clusters until you are in a position to make an assault. You will need a resource island on which to construct mines, oil rigs, and fuel dumps. Output from these is shipped to factory islands for use in manufacturing weapons and refining fuel. Defense bases can protect other more vulnerable islands, and you can store constructed weaponry, fuel, and equipment on stockpile islands. Ml this stuff is shuttled through the network and finally to your ship. Meanwhile, the computer-controlled enemy is establishing bases for itself and trying to capture your colonies. While engrossing, the colonizing process can become exhausting with its rigorous attention to detail. You must set a slew of priorities, for example, to indicate the rate at which the resource network manufactures replacement weaponry and fuel. Sound too much like work? Then it’s time to take a break from colonizing neutral islands and launch an attack on a hostile one. To accomplish this, you can use the ship’s cannon, but ? WALRUS 3 AflPHIBIOUS ASSAULT VEHICLE DAHL COMPUTERS ? AMIGA BURST NIBBLER
• Separate scroll line waveform windows plus zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing
• Hardware compatible with many other software packages
• Software files can be used within ether music utilities.
• Reverse, copy. Mu. Dear plus other edit facilities.
• Microphone and line input1 f Jack and Din connections ONLY $ 1 99.99 COMPLETE SYSTEM, PLEASE StftTE A600 1000 2000 ? MIDIMASTER
• Full Midi Interface for A500 2000 1000 (Please state model)
• Compatible with most leading Midi packages (inc. D Music)
• Midi In - Midi Out x 3 - Midi Thru
• Fully Opto Isolated
• No need to pay more - Full Midi standard ONLY $ 59.99 J DATA SWITCH BOXES
• A 3 type connect two printers to one computer or (vice versa).
• Centronics connections or RS232 (Serial) connections (25 pm) please state only $ 34.99
• ABC type connect three printers to one computer (or vice versa).
• Centronics or RS232 connections ONLY $ 49.99 J MIDI MUSIC MANAGER
• At last a truly professional Midi package for the Amiga at a realistic price.
• 8 realtime Midi tracks for record playback
• Works with standard IFF files
• Adjustable track length - limited only by available memory
• Use as a multi-track Midi recording studio
• Works with many Midi interfaces including Datel Midi Master (see Ad) and Nimetics
• Editing facilities for corrections and track joining etc ft Internal or External Mid: clock control
• Play sampled sounds on Amiga from any Midi track
• Full dubbing - listen to one track while recording another
• Perfect companion for Pro Sampler Studio or any music application ONLY $ 59.99 J PRINTER CABLES
• 25 pin 'D’ to 36 way Centronics parallel lead. 9 A 500 or 1000 please state. 9 1.2m length. ONLY $ 14.99 9 25 pin ‘D’ to 25 pin ‘D* - serial printer lead. ® A500 or 1000 - please state.
• 2m length. ONLY $ 14.99 AMIGA PRO SAMPLER STUDIO
• foriable sample rate and playback speed
• A bop quality sound sampling system at a realistic price
• All the usual features of a sampling system plus many more.
• 100*% machine code software for realtime functions
• Hires sample editing
• Realtime frequency display
• Realtime level meters.
• Piles saved In IFF format JROBOTARM Full Function 5 Axis Movement
• Explore the fascinating science of Robotics with this full feature Robot Arm.
• Human like dexterity - with 5 Axis of movement it is so versatile. It can manipulate small objects with amazing ability.
• Easily controlled using 2 Joysticks (any 9 pin type) or connect to your Amiga with our Interface + Software to give Computer Robotic control (see Interface offer).
• Comes with Accessories including 'Finger' Jaws, Magnetic Attachment, Shovel Scoop, 4 Stabilizing Suction Base Legs, etc.
• Uses 4 HP2 batteries (not supplied) to power motor movement so uses no computer power. 9 Self contained, ready to use (except batts. Joysticks). Complete with interface software ONLY $ 129.99 J DATA ACQUISITION UNIT ft Turn your Amiga into a sophisticated measuring Instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data lnpute ft Sample and display events from microseconds to hours with amplitudes from millivolts to 50 volte, ft A Hardware Software package with very high spec including:- J DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel inputs. Manual or continuous display. Ttmebase 500ms div to 20jvs div - accurate to 5% ft 6 bit Hash conversion gives 2 millions samples sec. Ft Adjustable tr- ger level 5 x zoom function. Memory scan
• Load Save functions, waveform enhancement, graph displays. Ft Hardware contains onboard RAM and Crystal dividers J PLOTTER DISPLAY ft 2 channel display ft Memory recall display ft Timebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per plot. Alt features found on units costing thousands of pounds! ONLY $ 179.99 for hardwire software please state A8QQ 1000 8000 ft Superfast disk copier wffl copy almost any commercial disk. Ft Friendly user Interface - Mouse driven throughout. Ft Completely compatible with Amiga multitasking system. Ft Special 'Strategy Flies’ cope with even the most advanced protection schemes, ft Fast operation - typically around 80 seconds, ft Even decrypts many encoded programs including
D. Print Video Paint Music II etc. ft Works with one drive or two.
• Multiple copy option allows you to make many copies from one original. ? EXTERNAL 3.5 DISK DRIVE ft Single or twin drive models available ft Slimline extra tow profile - only 6" long! Ft Tbp quality NEC drive mechanism ft Throughport allows daisy chaining other drives ft Sjperbly styled case in Amiga colours ft FjRy compatible ft 1 meg unformatted capacity per drive ft Good cable length for positioning on your desk etc.
• Twin drive model takes up very little span*
• Value for Money - before you buy a drive please compare the features - these drives have NEC mechanisms housed in superb cases. Some products are built to a price and not a standard Don’t spend a few pounds less and end up with 'rubbish' - and remember you are buying from the manufacturer. Onur $ 169.99 SINGLE DRIVE $ 299.99 FOR TWIN DRIVE I J 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD 9 Available with without calendar clock option
• Simply pings internally into a A500 slot 9 Switch in out with switch supplied 9 Fitted in minutes - no soldering etc.
• With calendar clock onboard time date automatically hooted Cj Battery hacked to retain time date ONLY $ 69.99 card only f RAM ONLT $ 89.99 card with clock only f RAM PLEASE PHONE POE LATEST BAM PHICZS. Ft Copy 1 or 2 disk sides - up to 85 tracks, ft Unique ‘INFO’ analyser - displays vital disk parameters, including sector distribution, data dispersion, etc. etc. ft Special format parameters for non standard formate, ft Full verify option. Ft Easy to use Icon driven program takes the mystery out of disk backup.
• Compatible with all Amigas. Ft Regular updates available - we always ship the latest. ONLY $ 49.99 ORDERS 1*800-782-9110 Add M.00 Shipping Handling CHECKS MONEY ORDER'CODS ACCEPTED VOTE: - Technical tr u; elfa«r typ* «f Enquiry cm not b* iniwtrtd by th* cUH on this BUDbcc ONLY TECHNICAL SUPPORT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9am to 5pm CUSTOMER SERVICE fr7( 9 l7l7Hn EXTRA SHIPPING REQD. (.7U6J 4!>4-7 fUU OUTSIDE CONTINENTAL D.S. DATEL COMPUTERS 3430 E. TBOPICAHA AVENUE, UNIT *67, LAS VEGAS, NV 89121 you’ll also want to engage an amphibious Walrus and a flying Manta both of which carry a wide range of weaponry. The latter will be familiar to anyone who’s piloted a flight simulator; its 3-D graphics and animation are very fast and smooth. You can dogfight with enemy aircraft, or swoop down and hammer vital installations (which blow up in a very satisfying manner). Although you can opt for a joystick, the mouse provides firmer control and is easier to use given the many icons throughout the program. A game of Carrier Command typically takes days to complete. Combining the best elements of the arcade and strategy genres, it’s one program you won't easily tire of. Carrier Command Rainbird Software distributed by Mediagenic 3885 Bohannon Dr. Menlo Park, CA 94025 415 329-0800 S44.95 No special requirements. Sword of Sodan By Bob Ryan IN SWORD OF Sodan you take the part of a young hero (or heroine the game is an equal opportunity destroyer) who attempts to avenge his (or her) father’s death by storming Castle Craggamoore and obliterating Zoras the Necromancer. Your only weapon is your enchanted sword and the lessons you learned on your granddaddy’s knee. The movie-like game is divided into levels that correspond to the stages of your quest to destroy Zoras. You begin outside the city gates and must hack your way through the city and the castle until you reach the throne of Zoras for your final confrontation. Some levels require a brute force attack. Others demand delicate timing to avoid traps and obstacles. Finally, some levels require you to use magic items that you pick up along the way. Judicious use of these magic items a zapper that kills your nearest opponent and a power GEN ONE ¦« !S«C. SOURCE j MODE -F- .r.ru-LEVEL Ql TTvlT LEVEL -Wj-tn' j O'*tv *.Jt vno ¦ C L -«c. I .wo i '••ip--* GEN ONE v: Professional Quality Gen- locking For All Amiga Computers Specially designed for compatibility with the Amiga" line of computers. GEN ONE is the premier genlocking encoder. If you're serious about your video graphics, this interactive desktop accessory is a no-nonsense component. And to back our commitment to quality and customer support, we give the best warranty in the business. GEN ONE from Csi...Quality. With the commitment to match.sm 89A Cabot Court Hauppauge. NY 11788 GEN ONE is a trademark of Communications Specialties Inc.
* Convenient RGB Computer Output Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. GEN ONE’s Advanced Features Include USER CONTROL
• Separate RGB and Video Gain
* H. V, Subcarrier Computer Timing
• Computer or Video Sync Source Selection
* Separate Y C and Video Gain
• 3 Modes of Operation SPECIAL FEATURES
• Y C Output for Super-VHS
* Comb Filtering In Luminance Channel
* Separate Power Supply $ 895.00 with 1 year warranty Call For More Information And A Free Brochure
(516) 273-0404 s7 Communications ialties, Inc V shield that makes you temporarily invincible spells the difference between success and failure. Use the magic on levels that don’t require them, and you’ll be in a terrible fix on subsequent levels. A winning strategy combines deft swordsmanship (with the joystick) with timely use of magic items. The characters, backdrops, and digitized sounds are quite detailed and appealing. The Menace By Louis R. Wallace MENACE IS THE pure, undiluted, and concentrated essence of arcade action. Your goal is to destroy six levels representing the different areas of the planet Draconia. There is an ocean, a graveyard, a garden, a futuristic city, an ancient city, and a mountain range. Created in profusion of blood and mangled flesh you leave behind in your quest, however, is reminiscent of a B-grade slice-and- dice flick. Parents should preview this game before buying it for the kids. My major complaint about the game is the time it takes to load each level. Sword of So- dan is a big game it is spread across three disks with lots of graphics. It can take an eter64-color Extra_Halfbrite mode and displayed in overscan, the highly-detailed, smooth-scrolling screens are nearly equal to coin-op arcade-game graphics. Over 60 varieties of nasties about ten per level guard the planet. Most travel in groups, and each has a nity (in computer-game time, that is equivalent to 10-20 seconds real-time) to load a level. An option to move the game to a RAM disk or a hard disk (greatly decreasing the amount of time spent watching the drive light) would be a welcome addition. Although 1 was predisposed to reject (his game as a mindless romp with sword in hand, I quickly became engrossed in characteristic mode of attack. Some have no weapons, but you can be severely damaged just by contact with these (you can also suffer damage by touching the scenery). Others shoot projectiles, some of which can track you. Too much damage will cause your shields to give out, at which developing a winning strategy. I have yet to succeed, but I enjoy trying. If you look past the gore and the slow load times, you will too. Sword of Sodan Discovery Software Int. 163 Conduit St. Annapolis, MD 21401 301 268-9877 S49.95 Joystick required. Point almost any contact can kill you. If you blast every member of a wave, a bonus cube appears. You can grab the cube for its point value, but if you shoot it several times, the cube will turn into an icon. Ihese icons give you temporary advantages lasers, cannons, ex- ? StarSound From Starvision International „ INCLUDING! Quasar Sampling System Stereo & Mono Capability I c Line and Microphone Switches Left & Right Channel Controllers Digital V U & Peak Indicators Microphone Adaptor Direct Sampling Ability 7 Manual & QuasarSound Software StarSound brings you The Quasar Sampling System for your sound sampling needs. This dual system, uses both serial and parallel ports to double your sampling frequency range and eliminates unwanted noise common with other samplers. With a rate of 56 KhZ (28 KhZ each channel) and a direct microphone adaptor, you can sample sounds without the use of an amplifier or pre-amp. Two channel input controls (Left & Right), digital V U and Peak indicators gives you great sound control and special effect capabilities. Manufactured in Europe, comes with Quasar- Sound Software, its easy to install and gives you the best capabilities for your money. StarSound is available for S139.00 Retail. For more information or to place an order contact: Starvision International 305 Madison Avenue, Ste. 411 New York, NY 10165 Tel: (212) 867-4486 INTRODUCING TM F E A T U R I N G TO ORDER Send check or money order to: Fuller Computer Systems. Inc.
P. O. Box 9222 Mesa, Arizona 85204-0430 Or CALL (602) 835-5018 Blit F astF onts FunKeys ARP Complete package: $ 79.95 I TxEd PLUS' I) The Text Editor for the Amiga™ Plus a whole lot more. Disk cache, speeds up floppy & hard disk reads up to 2000%. Speeds up text display. Hotkey window manipulator. Latest versions of the AmigaDOS Replacement Programs. A TPYY Demo version of the AREXX, the Allmacro processor used by TxEd Plus, that is changing the way people think about computing. An easy to use. Friendly and intuitive user interface. A powerful and fast disk backup tool that lets you make backups of your copy-protected Amiga software. A disk editing tool that lets you edii raw MFM tracks, AmigaDOS sectors arid AmigaDOS files (automatically calculating new checksums). A disk cataloging tool that lets you maintain lists of your personal, public domain and commercial software. A unique backop tool for duplicating other disk formats including MS-DOS PC-DOS and Atari ST. An easy to read, informative user manual is included. 1 his product is not copy-protected in any way. Microsmiths, Inc PO Box 561, Cambridge MA 02140 (617} 354-1224 BIX.PLink: cheath CIS: 76004,1766 Amiga and AmigaDOS are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Dealer Inquiries Invited Circle 183 on Reader Service card. NOW SHIPPING! $ 49.95 Includes shipping and handling! Arizona residents add 6.5% sales tax. An Evolution in Disk Utilities for Amiga Personal Computers! Txa acceleration, a force field, or a completely-restored shield. You can combine these attributes, and some of them are cumulative. Surviving all the waves on one level puts you face to face with a master guardian and his battery of soldiers. Only by destroying the guardian can you proceed to the next level, and to do so you must hit him repeatedly in one spot. The animation is exceptional: enemies wiggle, roll over, rotate, rocket, undulate, fly, swim, bite, jump, and blast. My favorite is level three, the alien graveyard, with its skulls, ghosts, goblins, and bouncing heads. Digital sound effects, speech, and background music accompany the game. There are two levels of difficulty, and you can control your ship with a joystick or mouse. You can also save Tracers By Gary Ludwick FUN, FAST, AND furious, Tracers is anything but mindless. As in the arcade-based Tron lightcycle game, you maneuver through a grid, and, with the trail you leave behind, you try to cut ofl or box in your opponent before he does it to you. To this concept, Microillusions has added high scores to the game disk. Menace’s most unusual feature is its virus-free guarantee. A side effect is that Psygnosis will charge you to replace any disk damaged by a virus. If you like hot arcade action, try Menace. It is challenging, highly addicting, and as good as any other arcade game I’ve played. Menace Psygnosis 1st floor, Port of Liverpool Bldg. Pier Head, Liverpool UK L3 1BY 051 236-8818 distributed by Computer Software Services 2150 Executive Dr, Addison, IL 60101 800 669-4912 S29.95 No special requirements. Enough new features to give the game a different flavor. You can play against the computer alone or with a friend, or head-to-head with just your friend. You can opt for joystick or keyboard, but 1 wouldn’t face Tracers without a joystick. The music is excellent: There are several rythmns and tunes from which to choose. You can compete on any of 20 fields, and select the amount of power and number of lives to begin with. All this adds up to a game you can tailor to your skills. Outwitting your opponents takes concentration. On the grid, you will find randomly-placed tokens that bequeath extra lives and additional fuel. Occasionally a short-lived death square appears; if you cross it, all your opponents immediately expire. A particularly ingenious feature is a block that travels on your trail: Can you time your moves just right and cross over this moving square? If so, you gain bonus points and break into a new area. There are various restricted areas, too, and block- Warlock By Chris Dickman HAVE YOU EVER awakened in a sweat from a dream in which you are running but not getting anywhere? If so, you and 1 and the designer of Warlock’s twelfth level have ades that destroy you on contact. Add your nefarious opponent, and you have one challenging game, even at the easiest levels. Unfortunately, Tracers is copy protected. You can make a back-up copy, but when you boot it, you will find you have SslSSnAi 402 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 n«. Iqam-tpm OUTSIDE CA ORDERS ONLY INSIDE CA _Customer Service*, Info, Pricing 800-225-4017 (213T854-0550 We Carry SOFTWARE a demo version with the words “Pirated Copy” emblazoned across the top. Tracers is a winner. Its many variations and its quality presentation make it a rarity: a game that few people will tire of or master. T racers Microlllusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91844 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 S34.95 No special requirements. Something in common, for at this level, your on-screen alter ego is pelted with a deadly blue fire by a projectile-tossing wizard. You shoot, but the wiz- HARDWARE 20 Mb HD E, T. A500 S619 32 Mb HD E. T. A500 699 65 Mb HD E. T. A5001065 20 Mb Cltd. A2100 684 32 Mb Cltd. A1000 770 65 Mb Cl Id. A1000 1125 GVP40HCA200Q 789 CVP80HCA2000 1125 20 Mb Cltd. A2000 519 32 Mb Gild. A2000 579 42 Mb Cltd. A2000 620 65 Mb Cltd. A2000 710 190 Mb 5.25 Cltd. 2050 80 Mb (Quantum 939 40 Mb (Quantum 579 20 Mb Minificribc SJ9 32 Mb Seagate 3.5 425 42 Mb Seagate 5.25 a® 1 65 Mb Seagate 525 595 190 Mb CDC 5.25 1825 1 Ext. Dr. Housing 199 1 1200 B Modem 119 I Air Drive 3d3" Ext. 159 1 Am igcn Genlock 145 1 CLTD A5M Contr. 249 1 CLTD A2000 Contr. 229 I Cl’S Power Supply 70 1 Cam era Stand 60 1 Digiview 135 ECE MIDI 46 1 Eusyl 500 350 1 EasyllOOO 360 1 Easy12000 370 1 Escort I 3.5" Dr. 149 1 Flickerfixer 465 1 Frumgrabber 469 1 Future Sound 133 I Go none Genlock 725 1 GVP Contr. OK 299 HP Inkjet 725 1 Internal 3.5" Dr. 135 1 live 500 265 1 Ijve1000 255 1 Livc2000 3X) 1 Memory boards Cull I MIDI Gold 60 1 NEC LC890 Laser 3350 1 Ok i male 20 199 1 Perfect Sound 63 1 Perfect Vision 175 1 Panasonic Cum. 2:® 1 I*roecssor Aocel. 159 I Sound Sampler 79 I Supra2400B Modem 135 I Supra 30MB HD 725 I Supergen 649 1 StarNXlOOO 187 1 Shu-2410 438 1 XEROX 4020 1079 1 ACCESSORIES 2 Way Switch box Iff' Monitor ftiand 1084 Carring case A5A0 Carring Case Mouse Pad Phiutcr Gun Ergo Stick Joystick D»k Holder 50 Sony 3-5” 00) ONLY The BEST For AMIGA For LESS! CompuNik CoiIipiltWS DcalcrfScrviee Center Over 1200 Items! TOP 40 GAMES 30 55 49 57 7 55 23 24 20 18 39 39 95 37 20 12 15 15 15 20 20 BASF 3-ff' (10) Trunsvestor 2500 Tilt & swivel Sutnd X-Spccs3D Track Ball Am igcn to 1084 CbL A1000 Parallel Cbl, A5fl(V2000 Par. Cbl. Modem Cable Serial Cable Monitor Extcn.Cbl 4' Disk Dr, Extcn. Cbl A500 Imagcwriter cbl 15 Assembler Amiga WB 1.3 3-Demon Accountant A drum Aegis Animator Aegis Draw 2000 Aegis Images Aloha font* Amiga Do* Express Analytic Art* Animate 3D Animation EfTed* Animat ion Stand Animation Multiplane An I'm ntor Apprentice Asha's Font* Atalk III Aircdcs BBS Audio Muster AZTEC C Pro. AZTEC 68 AM-I) 1LE.S.T. Bus. MGT Butcher 2.0 CAD Part* Calligrapher CB Tree City Desk City Desk Art Com pa. CLI Mate Clip Art* VoIb. CZ Master Editor Comic Setter Comic Setter-Furmy Com ic Set Icr-SiFL Comic Setter-Sup. H. Data Retrieve Deluxe Help (All) Deluxe Music Deluxe Paint II Deluxe WxjloTjib Dduxe Production Deluxe Video Design Disks DIGA D1GI Paint Director Disk Mechanic Disk To Disk Disk Wick DOS To DOS DOS Express Dr. Ts KCS Dr. Ts M.ILS. Dynamic Drums Dynum i e Stu cl i o Dynamic CAD Excellence Express Paint 3.0 FACC II Fancy 3D Fonts Fanta vision First l cttcrs & Words First Shape* How Font Set 1 (Gold D ink) Fonts & Borders Forms In Flight II Gizmoz 2.0 Gold Spell II Gomf Grabbit Grade Manager Great Stales 11 HaJctdc Home Builders CAD Home Inventory Hot Cool Jazz Huge Print I m pact-C rap h i cs Intellitypc Typing Please Call for Items not Listed S65 Instant Music £12 Emerald Mine 514 23 Interchange 30 Arknoid 20 65 Intro CAD 49 Eari Weaver Basel) 35 175 Inventory 65 Shanghai 28 46 Investors Advantage 63 Bard'n Tale 11 40 80 Invision 95 Silcnte Service 25 175 Its Rock & Roll 23 F A-18 Interceptor 35 24 Jet Set Font Set 34 Chews muster 2000 31 15 Kara Fonts 49 Fire Power 17 20 Kindwords 59 Jet 35 38 Kwik Speak I 26 Deja Vu 35 94 Kwik Speak U 28 Hitchhikers Guide 15 31 Lattice C 5jQ 145 Hutu* 20 31 1 jilt ice C-H- 350 Grtdironl 35 55 [jiAcrscript 28 Breach 27 170 I jutcrup Fonts VoLl 26 Bard's Tale I 35 55 Loscrup Plot 35 Mean 18 26 62 Lascrup Print 65 Uninvited 33 90 Laserup Util. Vol.l 29 Grid Start 16 36 Lexicon PCM 70 99 Sub Battle 25 145 Lmkword Lang, all 23 Fary Tale 30 195 Li gh ts Cum raAct ion 55 Marble Madness 33 350 Lint 65 Flight Simu. 11 33 25 Logic Works 61 Zork Trilogy 33 15 MugelLun 115 Stellar Conflict 27 80 Mavis Beacon 35 Three Stooges 33 62 Maxiplan Plus 115 Guild of Thieves 32 89 Marauder II 26 Gettysburg 39 20 Microfiche Filer + 110 Hardball! 27 25 Miiroljmyer 39 Leisure Suit Larry 26 12 MIDI Mugic 90 One-On-One 16 69 Modeler 3D 62 Sherlock 25 59 Money Mentor C 56 Leader Board 25 22 Multi Forth 57 Capone 25 22 Multi Prcfs 17 King's Quest III 33 22 Milk ic Student 36 Balance of Power 33 47 News letter Fonts 27 Wvanlasie 27 23 Micro Uuse 24 Defender Of Crown 32 65 Micro Text 24 Road War 2000 25 82 Online 2.0 41 Port of Call 30 90 120 Outline Page Flipper +FX 42 93 GAMES 88 Pagesctter B3 Autodud 25 22 Photon Paint 60 Bade Chess 30 47 Photosynthesis 90 Better Dead Alien 25 42 PixmHtc 42 Black Shadow 22 42 Pro Video Hub 176 Blitzkrieg 33 53 Pro Vklco Font Sets 76 Bomb Buster 23 32 Professional Page 219 Burcocrucy 25 30 Prowritc 2i) 70 Calif. Games 30 35 Project D 30 Cosmic Bouncer call 19 Publisher Piub 115 Dragon's Lab- 40 155 Quarterback 42 Dark Castle 25 41 Raw Copy 36 Joker Poker 30 47 SAFE T NET 31 Lurking Horror 25 135 Sculpt 3D 63 OfT Shore Wurrior cull 290 Sculpt 41) 416 Power Styx 24 155 Shakespeare 135 Questron II 32 60 Sonix 47 Rebel Charge 42 24 Sound quest D-50 23 Reel Fish'n 32 45 Studio Magic 60 Rock Challenge call 40 Superbase LI 90 Rocker Ranger 31 32 Supctbasc Pro. 185 Roger Rabbit 33 32 Synth ia 58
P. O.W. 25 57 Texture 95 Sex Vixens Space 25 23 T Shell 30 Sky Chase 25 25 Tcaitcrafl Hus 60 SkyfoxII 27 70 Tool Cady 30 Sinbud 34 40 Transport ConL 179 Shake I’ll 24 30 Turbo Silver 120 Sowrd afSodan 34 25 TV Show 57 Space Cutter 19 20 TV Text 57 Street Cat 16 59 Video Effects 3D 125 Stargiider II 29 24 Video Scape 3D 115 Tnrgis call 29 Video TiUcr 84 Tctra Quest 25 118 W Shell 30 Time & Mugic 27 25 Word Perfect 169 TV Sports Football 33 21 Word Perfect lib. 80 Virus- Game 30 30 Write "N File 60 Ultima IV call 56 Zoetropc 85 Zynupse call 35 Zuma Fonts (All) 25 Zero Gravity 20 POLICY:Pmduct *ubject to nvjuinbihty. Ivice* ¦ ubject to chart c. 3% «urch*rHe for VISA MC, Bflb A.E. Defective mcrchjindl*e repaired or replaced with the «ame item orJy. Returned product lubjcct to 2CMt rettocking fee. No refund for product defective or incompauble or not performing * a Li ¦factory, no guarantee for product performance. Shipping Sl Handling are not Included and are non-refundable. CA rceidcnta add seJci Tax. Check* mu>L clear before ihipping. >"or farter delivery uie your credit card. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PRICES! We Believe We Have the Best Prices in the Country! CHECK OUR COM PETITION...Then Call Us! As you sharpen your skills, you can lower your starting vitality and power levels to make completion more difficult. The provision for only one life per game and lack of a save option makes Warlock a challenge; every time you “die" you begin again at the first screen. Perhaps the game’s authors fear Warlock GRAPHICS & VIDEO 62 . 12 .30 78 . 55 379 670 670 149 170 520 490 395 SUPRA 2400 ....$ 138* AVATEX 2400 ..... 148- ANCHOR 2400 ... 178’ FLEX DATA-3.5 EXT... . . .S13B MASTER 3A 3.5 EXT ... .159 PHOENIX 3 5 EXT . 159
3. 5 DUAL DRIVE Call AMIGA 1010.. .. 200 PRO DRIVE . 180 PRODRIVE 200... .....148 PHOENIX 3.5 INT.. . . .130 1541-1. 170 FSD 11 150 1581 . 180 M A S T Dual 3 5 Call AMIGA 1680 AVATEX 1200E..... AVATEX 1200HC .. ANCHOR 1200... MINI M00EM ‘W Cable Purchase 100 . 70* . 90* 90’ .90 Add $ 10 Alone RAM EXPANSION 479 248 248 678 180 248 Call . Call Call 248 545 455 640 Call Call Call would otherwise be too easy. 1 look forward to vaporizing the wizard on level twelve and finding out if their fears are justified. Warlock Three-Sixty Pacific 2105 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 290 Campbell, CA 95008 408 879-9144 $ 34.95 Joystick required. ¦ PRINTERS OKIMATE 20w PNP ....1800 PANA«tnwrrinQii-.i 170* STAR RAINBOW .219° STAR NX1000 I70‘ STAR NB2410 400- STAR NX24G0 310* PANASONIC 10801-n .. 159- rnrinOUPf ij I U 3 I I’ll | y PANASONJC1092I 300* ¦ PANASONIC 1124 319* 1 PANASONIC LASER $ 1500* I °w 2 Ribbon Purchase 1 Add $ 10 Alone | possessing magical powers. On the way to finding and doing battle with the Kama's thief, you must deal with an engaging band of adversaries from zombies and kraken to the four elements armed only with your trusty scepter. Luckily, eight magical objects are scattered en route (there are 20 screens with two levels each) to aid you in your quest. The game is not novel, I admit, but Warlock stands out as a well-crafted member of its genre. The graphics are imaginative and nicely executed, scrolling between screens is very smooth, animation is crisp, and sound effects are varied. Above all, it has that elusive, satisfying feel that lets you completely lose yourself in the alternate reality on the screen. Arcl is an elusive target, so you race toward him. Every time you jump to avoid the missiles, though, you drift backward. All the while your vitality is dropping. If working your way through scenes like this is vour idea of fun, you will enjoy Warlock. As the warlock, you are in search of the stolen Kama, a jewel Searching for the Karna, you encounter help and hindrances. BOARDS CONTROLLERS C LTD Amiga Com New Low Pnce Phoenix Amiga HD Conl Special Price Supra SCSI 500 1000 Card trom 185 Microbotics SCSI Call C LTD SCSI 1000 . 210 Supra 2000 DMA 218 Impact SCSI 1mg OK 270 Impact SCSI 2mg OK 300 Impact SCSI 512K Populated Call Impact SCSI img Populated Call GVP 50Q 20mg Ram Subsysiem 695 Overdrive HD Coniroler 198 Starboard 2 SCSI Module 95 1V S Trimp Card S160 512K OK ....560 512K POPULATED ...from 180 256K CHIPS(lmg) ...... 350 1 MG CHIPSOmg) .320 HARDFRAME .... 238 SUBSYSTEM 500 ..... ... 210 SUBSYSTEM w 3.5 Drive...... . 360 STARBOARD 2 500 1000 OK 235 STARBOARD 2 W 512K ..Call STARBOARD 2 w lmg ... Call STARBOARD SB2000 ADAPTER 45 STARBOARD 2 UPPER DECK 78 256K BOARD A1000 148 ASDGMG0K . 398 EIGHT-UP BOARD 2000 ...Call EXP1000 1mg OK . 209 DIGIDROID 15 CAMERA CABLE ... 16mm LENS FIXED IRIS 16mm LENS VAR IRIS. COPY STAND . PRO GEN ..... GEN 1 . SUPER GEN .. AMIGEN .. AMIGA GENLOCK 1300 FRAME GRABBER..... A-PR0 DRAW 12x12... A-PR0 DRAW 9x6 ,, Magni Genlock .Call DIGIVIEW3.0 ......$ 12B MONITORS MCS AMIGA 1084S .....$ 300 MAGNAV0X 515...... 268 MULTISYNCS ... CALL MICROCOMPUTER SERVICES MODEMS Seagate SCSI 20mg 3 5 330 Seagate SCSI 30mg 3 5 420 Seagate SCSI 4Bmg 3.5 570 Seagate SCSI 55mg 5 25 515 Exp Tech 32mg 500 1000 from 725 Exp Tech 48mg 500 1000 from 850 Supra 20 mg 500 1000 2000 from 699 Supra 30 mg 500 1000 2000 from 729 Supra 60 mg 500 10CO 2000 from 1299 CLTD 33mg 500 1000 2000 Irorn 819 CLTD 44ing 500 1000 2000 Irorn 819 CLTD 50mg 500 1000 2000 from 929 GVP 2000 40mg 11ms 780 GVP 2000 80mg ... 1250 Impact 30mg 550 Overdrive 30 mg . 640 Overdrive 50mg 780 Phoenix Subsystems Call The Vault Super prices1 Phoenix 22 mg(5O0 lQ00l S570 Phoenix 32 mg(5OQ 1QQ0| Scall Phoenix 48 mg(500 1000) $ 825 P-SONIC WV1410 . 200 PANASONIC WV1500 ..... 310 RF MODULATOR 500, .. 48 C-VIEW .. 36 AMIGA LIGHT PEN. ... gg NEWTECH GENDER CHGR..., 20 CMI VIEDO INTERFACE ..'.'.'59 EASYL ..from299 FLICKER FIXER .... 470 PERFECT VISION ... ' 170 ELEC. COLOR SPLTR ......74 LIVE 500 .. ' "'288 LIVE 1000 .... 218 LIVE 2000 329 EXP1000 Img POPULATED PR0RAM 2000 8MG 0K BYTE BOX OK AMIGA 2058 8MG 2MG INSIDER 1000 OK..... INBOARD 500 1000 OK INBOARD 500 1000 512K INBOARD 500 1000 1mg INBOARD 500 1000 1 5mg C LTD AMEGA OK . . . Mega Board 2000 (2mg) Mega Board 2000 (1 mg) Proram 2000 (2mg) Inboard (2 mg) .. . Minimeg (500 1 0QQ)512k 10 2 mg Bos Expander(500 1000)6 slots. HARD DRIVES DISKS GEN ERIC 3.5 DS DD $ 1.30[30) 3 5 DS DDsONV-FUJI-MAX£LL'3M-TDK. . 18 GENERIC 5.25 DS DD S.25(200) GENERIC 3.5 color $ 1.50(30) DISK DRIVES WE SELL THE BEST - FOR LESS! 1 Logistic 5 .. Mathamation MicroLawyer PrixMate Ultra Cad ... PSYGNOSIS Aquaventure Barbarian ... Chrono Quesl Menace .. Obineraior Terror Pods...... RAIN BIRD Black Lamp . Guild of Thieves Carrier Command Corruption Enlightenment Jmxier .... Space Cutter Siarglider 2 Universal Mhilary Simu Virus UMS Vietnam UMS Civil War. READY SOFT Dragon’s Larr.. . The 64 Emulator-2 Max RGB Deluxe Help-Digipaml D H -Photonpamt D H -Calligrapher D H -Pagesetter D H -Deluxe Pant II Basic Muse X Photon Paint Photon Pamt Expansion Planetarium . MICROMASTER Your Family Tree MICROPROSE Silent Service MICROSEARCH City Desk Head Coach 2 0 MICROSMITHS Txed Plus MIMETICS 3 Demon Pro Midi Studio 1 4 Utilities 1 ..... Utilities 2 Framebulfer...... Midi Interlace Sound Sampler MINDSCAPE Balance ol Power. Block Buster Captain Blood Gauntlet Harrier Combat Indoor Sports into Eagle's Nest Joker Poker Outrun SAT Preparalion . Shaoowgaie Smbad Spare Harrier ...... Superstar Ice Hockey Uninvited ...... Alien Syndrome RoadRaider Deja Vu MINDWARE Charon 5 Descartes Holmes Pace Flipper Pg Flipper Plus F X Pace Sync PAGErendet 3D ... MSI Raw Copy
M. S.S. City Desk BBS-PC Excellence Flipside On-Line Organize Scribble Scribble Plaimum E0-- The Works Works Platinum Ed NEW HORIZONS Flow Postscript Pro Write 2 0 NEWTEK A500 Adapter DiQidroid Digipaint Digrview 3 0 Digiview 3 0 Upgrade. Digiview Gold Copyist 3 K C S ... BAUDVILLE Award Maker Plus _____$ 30 Video Vegas ....524
B. E.S.T. Business Mgmt..... General Ledger..... BETHESDA Wayne Gretzky Hockey BRODERBUND Downhill Challange Fantavisron ...... Skychase...... Star Wars ...... Operation Clean Streets Space Racer ..... BROWN WAGH Express Paint 3 0 Midi Maior Publisher Plus Soliwood File lkg TV Show TV Text Word Plex Zuma Fonts (1-4) Pen Pal ..... Midi Magic .... Express Pami 3 0 BUENA VISTA Roger Rabbit BULLFROG PRODUCTIONS Adrum...... BYTE BY BYTE Animate 3-D InloMinder Sculpt 3-D... Sculpt Animate 4 D Sculpt Animate Jr Sculpt Animate Pro Tale Fonts 1 Tale Fonts 2 CAPCOM Bionic Commando CAPILANO Logic Works S290 Call $ 30 518 S3 6 Call 524 S24 S18 £84 Call £60 560 560 S60 S24 .. 521 ... Scall . Scall 584 527 S18 S117 S180 527 S27 $ 21 Tenth Frame .. Call . 12 Call Dynamic Drums Dynamic Studw Sound Oasis . OMNITREND Breach 524 Pafedm 524 Scenerio Disk 515 Scrolls ol Talmouth 515 OPCODE SYSTEMS Music Mouse S48 ORIGIN SYSTEMS Autoduel 524 Moebius $ 36 Oare SIB Ultima III S24 Ultima IV $ 36 OTG DSM Disassembler Scall oxxi A-talk 3 S60 Maxiplan 500 590 Maxiplan Plus $ 120 Nimbus 590 Tax Break . . $ 48 POLYGLOT SOFTWARE Crossword Creator $ 30 Dommoes 515 Four In One Call PRECISION SOFTWARE SuperBase Personal $ 48 SuperBase Personal ll S90 SuperBase Pro 3 0 S2I0 Super Plan S90 Pro Sound Designer Scall PROGRESSIVE Access 64 Call CLI-mate S24 Disk Master £30 Dr Term Prol S42 lntroCad2 0 54 8 $ 21 S21 S21 $ 30 $ 18 $ 21 $ 24 S21 S21 $ 21 $ 18 $ 21 427 S21 Scall $ 20 $ 21 S18 $ 24 524 530 530 518 $ 120 548 . $ 60 Scall Scall Scall Tournament Disk World CIS Ldr Board ACTION WARE Capone . 524 Creature ...... 524 Phaser Gun ...... Call POW 524 ACCOLADE Bobble Ghost.... 521 Famous Courses Voi 2 512 Fight Night ... Scall 4th and Inches.... 527 Graphic Studio ----£36 Hard Bali 527 Jack Nicholas Goll 530 Mean 18 . £27 Mmi Putt Call Pinball Wizard Call Team Construction disk 59 Tesl Drive £27 ACTIVISION Game* Baseball £27 Game* Baseball......$ 27 Game* Golf S27 Game* Football S27 Inlocom Titles 40b Ofl Shanghai...... 524 ADDISON-WESLEY Hardware Manual 520 Intuition Manual $ 20 Rom Kernal Manual S24 Ram Manual Exec S16 AEGIS Animator Images . 560 AM Disk ....S24 Ajdkjmasier 2 0 560 Dga S48 Draw 2000 $ 168 Impacl 554 Lights Camera Action S48 Modeler 3D 560 Ports of Call. 530 Sorux S4 8 Vdeoscape 3D 2.0 S120 Video Titter. S90 AMIGA
1. 3Enahncer. S20 ANCO Excaiibur Si 5 Face OH $ 15 Formula 1 Racing 515 Game ol Chess 521 Harrier Mission Si5 HR 35 515 Karate Kid Si 5 Karting Grand Pnx 515 Las Vegas Si 5 ANTIC Architectural Design £21 Future Design 521 Human Design 521 Microbe! Design S21 Pioneer Plaque $ 24 Phasar3Q ... 560 Zoetrope 584 Crash Garrett ..524 Slit Crazy with Bobo 521 AROCK COMPUTER SOFTWARE Masterpiece Pro Fonts S120 ARTWORX Bridge 5 0 $ 21 Cenlerfold Squares 518 Linkword Languages 518 Ship Poker 2 . ... 524 Strip Pkr Data 4 Si2 Strip Pkr Data 5 .512 ASDG =ACC II 521 Cygnus Ed 560 AVANTE GARDE Benchmark Module 2 SI20 BANANA 0-2-0 Call BANTAM Amiga DOS Express 520 DOS Manuals. . . $ 22 ABACUS Assempro ... S50 Becker Text ...$ 90 Data Retrieve .. $ 48 Pro Data Retrieve SI77 Text Pro ...... $ 48 ABACUS BOOKS Disk Drives Inside Out $ 27 Amiga Tricks & Tips S18 Amiga C ..... $ 23 Amiga Dos Inside Out Si8 Amiga Machine Lang.., $ 18 Amiga C lor Beginners. . Si5 Amiga Sysprog. Guide . S33 Amiga Basic Inside Out S23 Amiga lor Beginners. Si 5 Amiga 30 Graphics ABSOFT AC Basic AC Fortran ... . ACCESS Echelon .. Heavy Metal Land Combat Leader Board Dual Pk S4 8 59 5 S60 S65 S390 Call Call 542 542 $ 24 460 CENTAUR SOFTWARE Forms In Flight II $ 72 BAD ..SCall CENTRAL COAST DISK to DISK $ 30 DOS 2 DOS 533 Quarterback $ 42 Quarterback tools $ 48 CfNEMAWARE King of Chicago $ 30 Lords ol Rising Sun Call Rocket Ranger $ 30 S DI .$ 30 Smbad 430 3 Stooges .$ 30 Delender ol the Crown $ 30 TV Sports Football $ 30 COMMAND SIMULATIONS Blitzkrieg $ 30 DATA EAST Platoon. , . Scall DATA SOFT Android Decison $ 23 Annuals ol Rome......$ 23 Firezone $ 23 DESIGN LABS Fine Print Scall DIGITAL CREATIONS Gizmos 2 0 $ 42 DIGITAL SOLUTIONS LPD Writer $ 42 DIGITEK Amiga Clever & Smart Cyber Complex Drum Studio Final Mission Gunshoot Hole 1 Mini Goll Jon Blade Power Styx Skyblaster. Spin World. Thunder Boy Vampires Empire Western Games Hollywood Poker DISCOVERY Arkanoid . . . Belter Dead Alien Grabbit ..... Hybns .... Marauder H B file 10 Sword ol Socah VI P. Zoom ...... DISK CO. Cnlics Choice 5150 Publishers Choice Superback Kind Words . 2 0 Pagesetler I 2 Headline For! Pack Artists Choice DR. T MUSIC SOFTWARE Copyist 1 $ 60 Copyist 2 .SI50 $ 240 5150 DONAR Star Wars Scall EAGLE TREE Home Builders Cad $ 120 Home Builders Ch $ 49 Home Builders Print $ 49 EIDERSOFT Amiga Karate $ 21 Casino Fever $ 27 Pro Sound Designer Call ELECTRONIC ARTS AAARGH $ 23 Alternate Rlty(aty)... $ 26 Artie Fox $ 26 Awesome Arcade Pk $ 32 Bard's Tale $ 32 Battle Croidz $ 23 Black Cauldron $ 26 ChessMaster 2000 $ 29 Commissioners Disk Call Cosmic Relief Call Deluxe Music $ 62 Deluxe Paint II $ 80 Deluxe Photo Lab $ 92 Deluxe Print II Call Deluxe Productions St22 Deluxe Video 1 2 $ 80 Double Dragon $ 26 Earl Weaver $ 32 Empire S32 FA'18 Inierccpier $ 32 Ferrari Formula I $ 32 inteiiitype $ 32 King s Quest S32 Life and Death S29 Lounge Lizards $ 32 Marble Madness S32 Master Ninja S26 Mavis Beacon S29 Monopoly Call Mother Goose Call One on One 514 Power Play Hockey S32 Pub Games S23 Return to Atlantis 532 Road Wars. 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1. 80 30 Lot NASUA 31 2 DS DD
1. 50 30 Lot AMIGAWORLD BACK ISSUES $ 3.00 each Limited Qty. EXTENDED HARDWARE WARRANTY AVAILABLE $ Call MUSIC Labtech Stereo Spkrs $ 79 ECE'500 1000 2000 $ 44 Midi Gok2 ...... $ 55 MkJi Calls $ 7 Miniates Midi Interlace $ 43 Pro Midi Studio $ 125 Sound Sample $ 78 Ml SC AMIGA 1000 s in STOCK Timesaver ____... $ 55 Processor Acc $ 148 Mouse Pads ..S6 EXPY 500 Joy Stick $ 17 WICO 3 Way .$ 20 Amiga Mouse $ 79 Trackball $ 38 Flicker Master 512 Surge Suppressor $ 20 64 Emulator-2 S50 Classic Covers from $ 7 Ptxcntx 500 Mntr STD $ 25 SwtchBxAB 25Pmfrm 530 Cables 515 Oisk Cleaning Kits from S7 Disk Cases from $ 7 Kwikstart . $ 140 Perfect Sound $ 59 Futura Sound $ 138 All products listed may not be released to date. Pfease call for availability and pricing. School P.O ’s ACCEPTED Call for Pricing and Terms HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. UNISON WORLD Art Gallery 1 & 2 each $ 18 Fantasy ..... Si8 Fonts & Borders . $ 21 Printmaster Plus 530 WILLIAM HAWES Arexx . $ 30 W-Shell . S30 WORD PERFECT INC. Library $ 78 WordPerfect $ 154 DISKS Orders Only: 800-433-7756 In Michigan: 313-427-7713 Customer Service: FAX 31 3-427-0267 31 3-427-7766 ¦CaSa MICROCOMPUTER SERVICES Circle 44 on Reader Service card. Send Mail Orders To MCS. 12864 Farmmglon fid . Livonia Ml 48150 No surcharge lor MC VISA DISCOVER Sorry no walk in iraflic All returns musl have RA Merchandise found delectrve will be repaired or replaced We do not ofler refunds for detective products or lor products that do not perform satisfactorily We make no guarantees lor producl performance Any money back guarantee musl tie handled directly with the manufacturer. Call lor shipping & handling inlo Prices subject to change without notice Shippm g & Handling are not refundable Returned products subject to a 20% restocking fee 12864 FARMINGTON ROAD. LIVONIA. Ml 48150 _ Wecamioi, ranj S0 y DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Continued from p. 16 CygnusEd Professional The Amiga's repertory editor. By Patrick Quaid WHEN COMPARING TEXT editors, we tend to consider their advanced and esoteric features, even though the feel of the editor is ultimately more important. With CygnusEd Professional, you need not give up workability for features; the program excels in both areas. It is fast, dean, and precise. Text scrolls extremely quickly, searches and screen redraws are almost instantaneous, and even at the highest key-repeat speeds, the editor never, for example, continues scrolling after you let up the cursor key. CygnusEd Professional also has just about all the options you could ask for. Search and replace, block commands, multiple windows, and all the other things we have come to expect from a good editor are included, but there is much more. The editor can cut and paste vertical and horizontal blocks of text, issue AmigaDOS commands, delete and undelete words and lines, and even print files. You can deline macros for almost any combination of keys, and redefine keys, too. Waltzing with Intuition CygnusEd Professional’s cohesive, efficient interface makes good use of Intuition, but doesn’t rely on it. It runs from the Workbench and the CLI, and can create Workbench icons. The distribution disk includes a program called Ed, which, when you use it to invoke CygnusEd from the CLI, affords you additional options. For instance, Ed can make the CLI prompt return immediately or cause it to wait for CygnusEd Professional to complete its work. It can retain its link to the CLI so you can run DOS commands from the editor, or sever the link so the CLI window can close. The editor offers both menus and keyboard shortcuts, places requesters under your mouse pointer on screen, and can employ the mouse to scroll, mark blocks, and organize windows. String requesters retain their values, and the file requester remembers the directory it is working with; all requesters are keyboard controllable, too. The program multitasks elegantly: It can go dormant (so you don't have to exit), and be reawakened with a hot-key combination. One of CygnusEd's most surprising aspects is its flexibility. You can specify mundane things like screen size and screen colors, whether the program uses its own screen or a Workbench window, and whether to display spaces, tabs, return marks, and escape codes. More interestingly, though, you can make decisions about the editor’s fundamental operation. For example, you could make CygnusEd Professional work similar to AmigaDOS’s ED by allowing the cursor to move anywhere on the screen and by having the program convert tabs into eight spaces. Reversing those decisions would make it work like the public-do- main editor, MicroEmacs. You can design macros to work like either editor’s command set (in fact, the distribution disk contains a set of macros that mimics MicroEmacs’ control keys). You can save these parameters in different configurations for each type of file you edit in environment files. When CygnusEd Professional first runs, it looks for an environment file to match the same suffix of the edit file you specify. If your command line is “ed filename.c,” for instance, CygnusEd Professional will look for a configuration file called "CED- Defaults.c." The program also loads a default macro-definition file when it first runs, although apparently not with the same suffix feature. Doing the Limbo Rock CygnusEd Professional was designed with the programmer in mind. It handles multiple files and windows with great dexterity, has an auto-indentation key, supports markers in the file, and can even find matching parentheses and brackets. Because CygnusEd’s multiple- window system works so effortlessly, 1 needed fewer hard copies of other files when using it to program. .All of CygnusEd Professional’s features are accessible to external programs. The package supports William Hawes’ Arexx interface language, and includes some Arexx example programs, including one for controlling CygnusEd from a C program. This remote-control function lets you integrate CygnusEd Professional with other programs; for instance, you could write a program to read a compiler-generated error file, then have the editor display errors and send the corrected file to the compiler. While CygnusEd Professional is not a word processor, it has features that make it useful for writing things other than programs and batch files. It can wrap words at the right border and perform limited paragraph reformatting. ASDG (CygnusEd’s publisher) has also included the text-formatting program Proff on the distribution disk, which helps make ungainly text files presentable. Like most good text editors, you can enter control and escape codes directly into the text for printer regulation. ASDG supports CygnusEd on CompuServe, BIX. And UseNet bulledn-board systems, as well as by phone. The well- written manual consists of about 90 pages. The single, bootable, non copyprotected disk includes several example batch programs, and a utility for recovering files from memory after a Guru Meditation. CygnusEd Professional is probably all you want in a text editor. But while I rate it a perfect ten, MicroEmacs, which is included for free on the
1. 2 and 1.3 Amiga Extras disks, is an eight or a nine. Still, CygnusEd is good enough to win you as a convert. If you demand the finest and can justify the expense, this is your editor. CygnusEd Professional Cygnus Soft Software Published by ASDG Inc. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 $ 99.95 No special requirements. Photon Video: Cel Animator A time-saving, cost-cutting Prince Charming. By Wayland Strickland ONCE UPON A time, animation was created entirely by hand. .Animators had to photograph each ceil (drawing), edit ? SOFTWARE ORDERS OVER $ 100 SHIPPED FREE! K 'ontinental US on!y. Shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air. A ID'S add$ 2.50. E THE L GHTSPEED ADVANTAGE: a Over two years Amiga a Up-front policies, market experience. A No hidden costs or a Amigar" only. Surcharges, a Mainframe Processing a Toil-Free Customer System for improved Service, service and support. A Competent non- a Competitive Prices. Commission staff. I miga is a trademark of ommodore-Amiga. $ 199 X-CAD Designer $ 85 Zoetrope...... 6335SE 03 rtf, Portland, OR 97266, (503) 777-1008; FAX: (503) 777-1252 Circle 122 on Reader Service card. A Division ofDoxsis Systems, Inc. MODULA-2 ... the language of the 1990's Call Now , . . 1-800-922-9049 New Release! M2Amiga Complier System $ 249
• 350 page manual with examples
• integrated programming environment
• make utility for large projects
• disk full of helpful example code
• Amiga object code converter
• supp emen tal linker to produce your own device drivers or Amiga libraries
• produces highly optimized code
• superb run time exception handling
• Modula-2 primer included for free Debugger $ 124
• instantly locate program errors
• analyze source level, run time code
• view data, call chains, and source text "Amiga Treasures” $ 119
• supplemental library for M2 Amiga
• simplifies your Amiga programming
• easy menus, windows, graphics the Modula-2 people Interface Technologies Corporation 3336 Richmond, Suite 323, Houston. TX 77098 Phone: 1 800 922-9049or 1-713-523-8422 Call our 24 hour Modula-2 BBS tor free demos and access to Modula-2 echomaif: 7-713-523-9510 A + L, Ag I'm Spaten 23 CH-8906 Bonstetien ZH Switzerland Phone: (41» (1! 700 30 37 For information about other countries, contact ITC At payment in US funds Texas residents, add 8% sales tax from Canada or Mexico, add $ 75 shipping From outside North America, add $ 30shipping Demos of most products available for $ 10 the resulting film into a loop, and check for needed movement and timing changes. After making corrections, the animator had to repeat the entire process-starting with re-photographing the sequence until the animation ran smoothly. This method required a great deal of time, patience, and money... alas, it seemed that high-quality animation was beyond the reach of all but big- name, money-backed studios. That is, until Cel Animator galloped in to save the day. Cel Animator, from Microlllusions" Photon Video scries, cuts production time. It requires you to photograph (digitize) each picture only once (it also includes some paint-program-like features, so you can make minor corrections to cells without having to exit and load a dedicated paint package). Frames are stored in RAM and can be displayed in any order, at normal or slow speed. You can run your sequences backward as well as forward, and the program gives you complete control over cell delay times. You can add new cells to an existing animation at any point and repeat them any number of times, then store your crea- tions on a floppy or hard disk. These and other features put it in a league well above simple page-flipping programs. Cel Animator works with any graphics- creation program that saves in IFF or anim format; it can decompress anim files into IFF images, so you can alter frames individually. In my tests, files created with programs using early and special versions of the anim format- including those from Animate 3D (Byte by Byte), PageFlipper Plus F X (Mind- ware International), and Video Effects 3D (InnoVision Technology) would not load. Because such programs generally offer an IFF-save option, though, you can work around this fairly easily. Pitter Patter Cel Animator further one-ups traditional animation methods with it’s option for synchronizing video with sound. Using exposure sheets, you keep track of dialogue and sound effects, created by any audio-digitizing program, and match them to individual cells. The exposure sheets are separate text files that you can save as such or print. While Cel Animator supports all Amiga screen resolutions including HAM with overscan the program has difficulty with screen sizes larger than 352x480 interlaced and 704x480 high resolution. Loading any such frames into Cel Animator produces a black screen display. For instance, all Aegis products use the broadcast FCC (Federal Communications Commission)-approved 384 x 480 interlaced and 768x480 hi-res overscan resolutions, so when you load one of these frames, Cel Animator displays a blank screen instead of the image. This is unfortunate, as it limits Cel Animator s usefulness, especially in professional broadcast applications. It is also surprising, as Microlllusions’ Photon Video: Transport Controller, a companion program, does load such frames. Once your animation is assembled satisfactorily, it is time to select from the several rendering methods available. The anim format provides an efficient way of replaying the piece. The best way to record the ceils, however, is directly to videotape using a single-frame animation program (such as Microlllusions’ Transport Controller), which gives you access to a single-frame controller and an editing VTR (video tape recorder). The manual, written by veteran animator Heidi Turnipseed, is comprehensive and very easy to understand. It assumes no prior knowledge of animation, and the tutorials help even neophytes produce great results. It is chock ITC has Modula-2 products for MS-DOS, Amiga. Macintosh, UNIX, and IBM 370 computer systems. Full of professional hints and tips, and one section provides a quick reference to all the program's features. Although Cel Animator requires just one megabyte to run, it can fully utilize up to eight megs. The program is not copy protected; you can transfer it to a hard disk. Cel Animator’s interface is mouse-and-inenu operable, and keyboard options are available for many functions. Despite its few limitations, this package is extraordinary. Its capabilities and simplistic approach put professional- quality animation within the reach of those who could not have considered it previously. I highly recommend Cel Animator to anyone involved or interested in animation. Photon Video: Cel Animator MicrolUusions 17408 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 9!‘544 818 360-3715 800 522-2041 S 149.95 One megabyte required. Microfiche Filer Plus Vis-a-vis power. By Loren Lovhaug WITH THE MICROF1CHE-film readers in libraries, you move a magnifying mechanism over a ficlie (film containing reduced images of printed pages) to examine data. The Microfiche Filer Plus database manager works similarly. In the program’s ficlie window, miniature representations of all the records in your database are laid out in rows. You move the magnifier via mouse over the fiche. As you do, the magnifier enlarges the data in it’s sight, displaying it in the magnification window. The presentation is impressive, as records scroll in and out of the magnification window quickly and fluidly. What Can You See? The effectiveness of this approach depends on the kind of information you need to organize and on how you use that data. It is ideal for frequent inspection of records in a small number of fields for address-and-phone or price lists, and disk-catalogue databases, for example. Also, because of its visual nature, Microfiche Filer Plus is particularly well suited for applications wherein picture fields are crucial to the record-selec- tion process. The program has excellent facilities for displaying IFF images of all types, including HAM, and enables you to create thumbnail images for inclusion in your display and print forms. If you must select records from many fields in a large database, however, or need to work in a complex relationship structure between fields, the visual metaphor is significantly less effective. 5C Microfiche Filer’s heavy reliance on standard Intuition-style gadgetry makes the program easy to grasp, and Software Visions has done a wonderful job with keyboard support as well. .All of the operations contained in the pull-down menus have logical keyboard equivalents, many of which are mnemonic. Additionally, several keyboard sequences aid in entering and editing text. By shifting the cursor keys you can jump to the beginning or the end of a line or field, and pressing the Tab key moves you forward a field while shifting it sends you back one. There is just one area in which this support is lacking. Ideally, you should be able to size boxes via the keyboard on the basis of character height and width, particularly since Microfiche Filer Plus supports only the topaz font. The sizing of layout boxes, however, is entirely mouse- and gadget-controlled, as is the field-selection process. Nonetheless, Microfiche Filer Plus’ form system is very flexible. With the form editor you can design multiple screen layouts, record- entrv templates, and forms for printing to all Preferences-supported devices and to disk. The program’s report feature is probably inadequate for most people’s report- * This month we'll follow the Japanese coastline on a cross-country flight from Tokyo to Osaka. Starting from Tokyo International Airport (coordinates North 18201. East 32787), take off and turn to a heading of 220 degrees until you reach the coast Turn right to a heading of 235 degrees and fly for about twelve minutes at five thousand feet altitude until you can see Hamamatsu Airport below you (see Tokyo area chart). Turn right again to a heading of 305 degrees and fly to Nagoya, another highly detailed city. At Nagoya, turn left to a 240-degree heading that will take you straight to Osaka. When you find yourself flying over Osakajo Castle, begin your descent for a landing at Osaka International. This entire flight takes only twenty five minutes at Mach 1.4. More on Scenery Disk 9 - As announced in last month s column, this newest Scenery Disk covers the midwestern United States in incredible detail. The city of Chicago now has many more buildings, landmarks, and visual cues than before. St Louis Missouri is also packed with scenery, bordering a super-realistic rendition of the Mississippi River that runs from La Crosse Wisconsin to Dyersburg Tennessee. The Cincinnati sectional area features a cluster of more than thirty mountains in the Allegheny region stretching from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. With over 150 detailed airports and numerous VOR and NDB transmitters, this disk covers hundreds of thousands of square miles with enough scenery surprises to keep you exploring for a long time. Top Selling Scenery Disks This Month: ($ 24.95 each, fcr use wilh Flight Simulator II and Jet)
1. “Western European Tour" Scenery Disk
2. Scenery Disk 7 (U.S. Eastern Seaboard)
3. Scenery Disk 11 (U.S. North Eastern Border)
4. Scenery Disk 3 (U.S. Southwest Pacific)
5. San Francisco Scenery Disk See your dealer to purchase SubLOGIC products, or call us direct to order by charge card at (800) 637-4983. Illinois residents call (217) 359-8482. SubLOGIC Corporation 501 Kenyon Road Champaign, IL 61820 Please address any feedback correspondence regarding SubLOGIC products, operations, or this "night Notes” column to ATTN; Chairman s Office ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS »I»M! We occasionally make our mailing list available to other companies or organizations with products or services which we feel might be of interest to you. If you prefer that your name be deleted from such a list, please fill out the coupon below or affix a copy of your mailing label and mail it to: a:: ......¦
* *»*• .... IDG Communications Peterborough AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 58804 Boulder, CO 80322-8804 mi • • IMI • I Please delete my name from j mailing lists sent to other | companies or organizations. ¦ AmigaWorld ¦ ! Name Address City State Zip J AmigaWorld, P.O. Bos 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-8804 generation needs. In fact, it would be more accurately described as a total mechanism, as its only functions are to total numeric fields and count non-null items in each field. Power Lifting Microfiche Filer Plus is marketed not as a replacement for the original Microfiche Filer, but as an alternative for those with more sophisticated data-management needs. The addition of a calculation-numeric field type in Microfiche Filer Plus addresses a weakness of its predecessor. You can enter simple arithmetic formulas in these fields, and set them up to perform calculations on other fields. This facility works fine. The inclusion of only simple arithmetic operators, however, severely limits the function’s usefulness. Noticeably missing are date and date-cal- culation support, logical and financial operations, and statistical functions including the simple average, mean, and standard deviation. Another feature that caters to power usage is programmability. Microfiche Filer Plus includes a port for the increasingly popular Arexx macro language. Arexx is an excellent choice for this application: It is very powerful, especially in terms of character and data manipulations, and is fast becoming a standard. Microfiche Filer Plus relies upon Arexx too much, however. By itself, the program is incapable of such common tasks as loading and saving record-selection criteria, batch updating records, executing relational searches, and exchanging data with other applications. To perform these operations using Microfiche Filer Plus, you must create Arexx programs. For some people especially those who use Arexx for frequent inter-task communication this might be preferable. But while Arexx is not a difficult language to learn, many people may find the prospect of Arexx programming intimidating. Indeed, the fact that Microfiche Filer Plus derives most of its sophistication from a text-based, non-in- tuitive programming environment is inconsistent with its visual metaphor. Microfiche Filer Plus’ approach is unique and perfectly suited to many applications, and its Arexx interface affords great power and flexibility. The lack of built-in menu-selectable sophistication and heavy dependence on Arexx’s merits, however, are crippling. Microfiche Filer Plus Software Visions Inc. PO Box 3319 Framingham, MA 01701 508 875-1238 800 527-7014 $ 179 No special requirements.
B. A.D. Get down with AmigaDOS’s funky floppies. By W. Jeffrey Blume DISK FRAGMENTATION IS a problem common to all disk-based personal computers. As a disk becomes filled, there frequently is no contiguous space in which to write a file, so the system must scatter blocks of data where it can find room. This fragmentation causes the drive head to travel across the disk numerous times as it reads a file, while the protesting drive emits the familiar gronking sound. The result? Input and output (I O) are slowed significantly. The B.A.D. (Blitz Amiga’s Disk) optimizer utility from M.V. Micro analyzes disks, and organizes and rewrites them so that the header and data blocks of any given file immediately follow one another. The resulting decrease in disk-ac- cess times can be astounding. Good for Bad
B. A.D. differs from disk-cacheing programs in that it does not use computer memory to attain its speed; thus, results are not lost if you remove the disk or reset the system. The drawback is that as you continue to use the optimized disk to store or modify data, its structure begins to fragment again, and eventually you may need to reprocess it. When you load B.A.D., a small window opens to present its straightforward, entirely mouse-driven interface. One gadget toggles whether the program is to process a hard disk or a floppy, and another toggles between B.A.D.’s Workbench and CLI modes. Two more gadgets, Blitz and Quit, initiate processing and exit the program. Source and Dest (Destination) gadgets are displayed for each floppy drive attached to the system, while a single gadget is shown for each mounted hard-drive partition. At the bottom of the window, a string gadget reports the status of the disk being processed.
B. A.D, can read a source disk and write the optimized data to a second disk leaving the original unchanged. .Alternatively, you can assign source and destination as the same drive. Processing with two drives requires at least 370K of free, contiguous RAM, so a 5I2K Amiga running in two-drive mode will not have enough memory to multitask. Because the single-drive mode requires only about 60K of memory, you might expect it to work on a 512K Amiga with one drive. 1 tested it on an A1000 with 512K and one drive and found that B.A.D. would not load under Kickstart 1.2. While the instructions do not specify a particular version of AinigaDOS, the program did load under 1.3. B.A.D. requires roughly 24K of RAM to process each meg of space on a hard-disk partition (470K of free contiguous RAM for an average 20-mcg partition). According to the on-clisk documentation, B.A.D. will process a disk on a dual-drive system in two to five minutes, while it may take as long as 30 to 45 minutes with a single drive (depending on how full and how fragmented the disk is). In actual tests, B.A.D. turned in much better times as fast as 19 minutes it it Set yourself up for formatting. For a 99-percent full disk on one drive.
B. A.D. processes hard-drive partitions in place. There is no partition-to-parti- tion option, so for hard-drive and singlefloppy processing, the documentation recommends that you back up the data first. Once the process has begun, you cannot abort it; if it is interrupted by a crash or reset, the target drive will be corrupted. Hard-drive processing can take 30-45 minutes for every 10 megs in a partition.
B. A.D. performs some optimizations designed specifically for AmigaDOS. Depending upon your preference for interfaces, B.A.D. will organize disks for best performance in either the Workbench or CLI environment. In the Workbench mode, it groups the .info files of each drawer together. Disk and drawer windows open dramatically faster: Prior to processing with B.A.D., a sample hard- drive window (with AmigaDOS vl.2) took over six seconds to display its contents; after processing it opened in about two seconds. Such results are common for floppies, too. While increases on FastFileSystem partitions are not as dramatic, the improvement is still quite noticeable. Both Workbench and CLI modes give much faster directory access after processing; a typical DIR OPT A from the root of a floppy can take half the time. Because the Workbench mode yields almost as great a speed increase to CLI operations as the CLI mode and improves Workbench operations, it is the clear choice for users who work with both interfaces. While it is true that you can achieve some of the benefits that B.A.D. affords using the AinigaDOS command COPY DFO: TO DF1: ALL QUIET, you do not get as many optimizations. The command accelerates Workbench only minimally, and it can take as long as 13 minutes, versus B.A.D.’s five minutes. Should B.A-D. encounter difficulties ? California Access”' Allrights reserved. 780 Montague Expwy. £403. San Jbse,: OA 95Ui Tel. (408)435-1445. Fax. (408) 435-7355 Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman is a ficticious character however. Malibu, California docs cxist. Narly Drive, Dude. Stevie “Surfs-up” Sherman - Malibu, California Satisfied CA-880 owner Here at California Access™ we believe "Surfs-up” said it best. But don’t take his word. Purchase your own CA-880 disk drive and let us know what you think of this narly drive. Narly Features: I
• Passthrough
• Power Disable Switch
• Low Power Consumption StfoSS
• 880K Capacity L accxss 1 during processing it will report them in specific, helpful terms in an error file called RAM: BAD Mess and in the status string-gadget. I experienced no problems running
B. A.D. on an expanded Amiga in an intensive multitasking environment. As the program easily processed a disk in single-floppy mode, my text editor made saves to a hard drive and a second floppy, 1 plotted a hi-res interlaced Mandelbrot, and five other programs ran in the background. 1 also was able to multitask from one partition while B.A.D. processed another on the same unit.
M. V. Micro is a small company. My calls for technical support were often greeted by an answering machine, hut I received return calls. I also found the company receptive to input. Unfor- tuately, the only documentation is an on- disk .doc file about six printed pages. The program’s operation is so straightforward, however, that the file is adequate. BAD. Is not copy protected, and it gives Amiga disk I O a great performance boost for a modest price.
B. A.D. version 3.1
M. V. Micro PO Box 1112 Wheatridge, CO 80034-1112 303 467-1718 $ 39.95 No special requirements. Draw 2000 We’re getting close to home. By Stephen Ellerin ALTHOUGH IT IS hilled as a totally-new program, Draw 2000 by Aegis appears to be a spiffed-up version of the company’s earlier CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program, Draw Plus. The package comes with three disks: the regular program disk, an alternate which promises a further 50% increase in speed for those who have a 68020 with a 68881 math coprocessor, and one containing libraries of electronic, electrical, plumbing, floor plan, and furniture parts. When the Chips are Down Draw 2000 runs with 512K, but Aegis recommends a megabyte of memory or more. No matter how much RAM you have, however, expect to he constrained by chip-memory limitations. I found it impossible to open more than two windows in the interlaced, high-resolution mode. Even then, unless my second window matched the proportions of the main one, most requesters would not open (commands that don’t require requesters work fine). To overcome this, Draw 2000 introduces a medium resolution, at some sacrifice in detail, and a four-color Workbench mode (which increases both screen-redraw speed and the number of windows you can open), at a greater sacrifice. As you work, you can shift into Workbench mode for memory-intensive operations and back to a higher resolution for more detail. Although I couldn’t get Draw 2000 to shift directly from hi-res to medium, it would shift from high, to low, to medium. (Some of the 16 colors in the higher resolutions may he transposed to blue in Workbench mode and thus will not show up against the lo-res background.) All windows accepted a grid of one inch square the smallest i tried. You can start using Draw 2000 right out of the box, but the documentation gives you an edge. The spiral-bound manual begins with the basics, and a genuine tutorial takes you step-by-step through designing a floor plan as it introduces you to most tools. Commands are described in the order they appear in the menus, and each explanation includes how-to instructions. Some descriptions, however, are not as clear as they should be. Also, instead of explaining every aspect as it is mentioned, the manual often refers you to another chapter for a fuller description. This is distracting; a compromise would be to summarize the procedure. Easy Does It Draw 2000 is the easiest-to-use CAD system I know of. You can draw freehand or use previously-created parts shapes that you have grouped into objects. The first group of tools draws lines, rectangles, polygons of any shape, arcs, circles, ellipses, text, and dimension (measurement) lines. To retrieve a tool, simply select it from the Tools menu or press the appropriate function key. You can create many of the objects from die keyboard, by positioning the cursor at the intended origin, touching the Escape key, and entering numeric values. With the second category of tools, you can drag, clone, erase, or re-size any object. Change its color, or grab a hook to change its shape. You can also rotate the object around any axis, and, with the powerful Stats command, change the height, width, angle, and starting coordinates. The Group commands let you undo your last action, and cut, paste, or erase objects contained in a marked window. You can modify the pattern, weight, and color of the line, change the size, proportions and angle of all objects in the window, create a new part, mirror things in eight directions, and create an array. Numeric Edit is the most powerful command: It accurately changes height, width, angle, and so on to the values you enter from the keyboard. While most tools remain in effect until you choose another, you must select (.roup commands from the menu each time you need them. Ironically, these functions often require several tries to box precisely. Only half of these commands have keyboard equivalents, and of those, one does not respond. The Display menu controls what you see. You can toggle Grid, Ruler, and screen-wide cross hairs, open as many windows as memory permits, zoom in or out, alter colors, and select layers for display. Other menus lei you change grid size and pattern, units (decimal, feet, or metric), drawing size, and font size. You can toggle the Grid Snap (when it’s on, any click on the screen snaps to the nearest intersection of grid coordinates), and whether to fill objects with one of eight patterns. The Smoothing option rounds any object, and the Help button summons a Fast menu. While the options are many, their placement in the menus seems haphazard, which makes them inefficient to use. Safe on First Draw 2000 allows you to save any number of color palettes. You can save an entire drawing or any window as an IFF file, and a new option lets you save in a format compatible with Aegis’ Modeler 3D. You can also save settings, but while ? Each i Buy 75 or more Disks
• J -hJ AMIGA DISKS Quality User Supported THE TOP 10 So easy to Use ? *131 PacMan *87 - Great sound and graphics Adds new elements to PacMan. Saves Top 10. ? *127 Wheel of Fortune - A greal computer version for multiple players. It even talks. ? *23 Monopoly - Enjoy great graphics and sound while playing three tough computer opponents. ? *37 Business Programs - Included are an address book, an amortization program, a talking mail manager, and a label printer. ? *27 Amoeba Invaders - A better Space Invaders' ? *140 Virus Killer - Everyone needs this! Makes it easy to detect and eliminate known viruses. ? *115 Word Processor - Lots of features. ? *134 Applications - Label maker printer, grocery list maker, and AMIGazer - a star viewing progiam. ? *142 Q-Bert - Like the popular arcade version. ? *139 Bull Run - Great Civil War strategy board game.with impressive graphics and sound. T No Computer Experience Necessary v Instructions for each Order T FREE Phone Support So Easy to Order I 7 FREE Membership r FREE 800- for Orders Software works r FREE $ ame.day shipping with all Amiga w UPS 2nd Day Air Service when you need it Now! I r FREE Catalog r Your Satisfaction Guaranteed systems THE BEST OF THE REST BUSINESS HOME C *116 Business II - VC-Spreadsheet. HP-10c calculator, and several diversions for wnen the boss isn't looking1 D *117 Business III - DataBase, a bunch of great new fonts. RSLCIock-great clock utility, AmigaSpell. LANGUAGES ? *9 FORTH-Two versions of the FORTH programming language. ? *50 XLISP - A version of LISP, the artificial intelligence language Includes documentation. COMMUNICATIONS ? *4 Communications - Starterm and Aterm are both included. Both run from Workbench or CLI and are comparable to communications packages selling for $ 50+. Full control of baud rates, phone directory, all protocols, auto chop of files, and many other extras. Works well with the Avatex 1200 modem and others. Source code included. ? *90 Modem Madness! - Terminals include StarTerm, Aterm, and Kermit Telecommunication utilities such as Archive are also here. Other types of programs and utilities are also included in the price of admission. UTILITIES APPLICATIONS ? *60 AmigaBasic - T wo programs that are truly of commercial quality. Cell-Animate and Graphit. Some Deluxe Paint picture files are also included. ? *97 Tutorial Diski - A disk lull ol information and programs to instruct Amiga Programmers and users. Several C & ASM source files are included. ? *98 Tutorial Disk2 ¦ More of the best of Amiga Information. D *101 Utilities - Many new utilities like Timeset - a time setting utility and DirCopy-a great copier (very quick), and about a dozen more. Some new fonts are also included on this disk ? *105 Potpourri I - This disk contains several different kinds of programs, some of the highlights are: PopCLI2-evokes a new CLI window at the press of a button; Psound-sample sound recorder and editor; 3-D Breakout; DiskCat-catalogs and organizes disk files; IconMaker-makes icons for most programs so that they can run from Workbench; Fkey-template maker. ? *129 Amiga Utilities II - A hard disk backup; Target-sounds a gunshot whenever the left mouse button is pressed; Dpaint Tutor; WmSize-change window size from CLI easily, and lots more. ? * 130 Videomaker Utilities - This disk is packed with utilities to make your desktop videos easier to produce and more professional looking. Name C * 133 DOS Helper - A program designed to help you with the AmigaDOS commands. Can be activated from icon of the CLI. Supports multitasking, so that you can refer to it when you need it. As usual, there are other good programs included on the disk. ? *135 ApplicationsII - Long Movie-plays several IFF pictures in fast succession, creating animation. QuickBase-a mail manager Dbase. Persmait-a DataBase for keeping records of friends, family, associates, customers or employees. MORE. ? *146 Calendar - A very good personal calendar for birthdays, holidays, meetings, bills and other events. Excellent graphics. Calendar program also has a diary. Other programs include some graphics and Checkbook. C *150 Textcraft- Demo - A demo of a very good word- processing program of high quality. Menu driven Has a lot of helps to show you how. Textcraft also has a Speller Check available. SOUND MUSIC C *18 Future Sound Demo - Another great sound demo of digitized sound. Includes the wicked witch of 0Z. Breaking dishes, sea gulls, car crash, ducks, others. ? *30 Super Sounds - Great digitized sounds from movies like Star Trek.200 1, James Bond movies. Star Wars, and Starman, Is it real or is it the Amiga?!!! ? *77 Instruments - Turn your keyboard into 25 different musical instruments. SLIDE SHOWS ? *1 Norman Rockwell - 17 beautiful digitized Rockwell paintings in this self-running slideshow presentation. You’ve got to see these* ? *55 EA Demo and Polyscope- More great graphics for your enjoyment. ? *67 DPSlideS - Over 30 slidesof all sorts on this self-running slideshow. ? *94 Diga-View - This one shows the digitizing process in stages. Several good picturesare included. Other programs also included. ? *95 DigaSlidel 1 - Another in the great series of slideshows with great artwork. Self-running with over 25 pictures. ? *108B Juggler - Famous demo that shows the beautiful graphics of theAmiga and just how powerful this program is. It is easier to run than 108A. But only has the one demo on it. GAMES D *38 Basic GrabBag2 - Around 25 programs of various types. Many of these are must-haves. At less than S 20 each, you can't go wrong1
* 44 Games3 - More great games including Life, Vegas Slot Machine, Reversi, others. S. Disks Ordered ? *52 Basic Games - Tons of Abasic games - discover some treasures! ? *61 Abasic GrabBagl - Only about 100 of all types'!!!! ? *102 Sinking Island - Return to Sinking Island is an excellent adventure game. Well worth the price - hours of enjoyment!!! ? *114 Potpourri X - Othello, A key-shortcut program for AmigaDos. Various new tools, automatic prmter-driver generator, much more. ? *118 Great Graphic Games - Includes Missle Command, 2-D Triclops. Cosmo-asteroids clone, BrakeOut, Yatzee. Hack and more. ? *121 Backgammon - A great game from David Addison ? *122 Solitaire - Two versions by David Addison. ? *123 Cribbage - Take on the computer or a friend. ? *124 Milestone - A great computer version of Miles Bournes by the author of Monopoly for the Amiga. David Addison. ? *125 Othello - A great 3-D version of this popular game. ? *128 Space Games - Cosmoroids (like asteroids) and Gravity Wars highlight this disk just full of games. ? *137 Blackjack - A full-featured game which allows pair- splitting, double-down. Etc. Bandit-play the slot machines without qoing to Vegas'" More. L *141 Dominoes - Dominoes game with great graphics. Also Tic Tac Toe, Drawing and Molecules programs. D * 147 Jackland Graphics - Adventure clue game. Also some great pictures (graphics), a useful utility called Quickbase, and a fun program called Thingies which you will enjoy!!! ? *148 Boulder Dash - Very popular game with excellent graphics and has several challenging levels. This disk is full- It has Othello. Life3 and many useful utilities. ? *151 4 in a Row - A fun, but challenging game you play against the computer. There is an excellent Demo “MandFXP- D3”, a utility or 2 and the fun TARGET - A weirdo thingy. MISCELLANEOUS D *88 Amiga Basic Programs - Over 50. Games, utilities, applications, entertainment, and finance. Also included is a program that allows you to use IFF files in your Amiga Basic programs. 2 *119 mCAD - A full-featured computer-aided design program. ? *136 Graphics2 - Border Set-useful for desktop publishing and video, making cards, coupons or menus, and your own artwork. Xicon-allows you to run AmigaDOS commands or programs Irom Icon. ? *144 Christmas Animations - 10 beautiful scenes and graphics with sound. Great scenes include: Lit Candle, Elves, The Christmas Tree, The Manger, Season's Greetings, Holly Wreath, Chimney Smoke, Church Bells, and Walking Home. ? *145 Animations 3 - More Great Animations. 3 very good cfemos plus 3 workbench pictures and Blobs. Address State Zip. Phone (.
P. O. Box 5069 • Central Point, OR 97502 Visa MC. ORDER TODAY 00-444-5457 ? Send Catalog Exp. Date Canada - 25G per disk Foreign - 50G per disk ? COD $ _ (add $ 4 if you require COD) ? U.P.S. 2nd Day Air (Add S3) $ TOTAL $ ? Check MO ? Visa MC ? COD ? SHIPPING Free U.S. Scffttvare ml chip-memory shortage complicates this on one hand, the same factor makes it almost essential on the other. All screens default to a five-foot square grid (you can select feet, meters, or absolute values), and because the main screen accepts a grid no smaller than one foot square (without zooming), you must open a second screen to work in detail. In hi-res, however, the program often consumes so much memory that it cannot display the requester that lets you alter grid size. Fortunately, by selecting Quit, you can get to a requester that lets you save settings; reentering the program then causes your second screen, if no wider than 21 feet in scale, to default to a one-inch square grid. Draw 2000 supports all Preferences printers, but to accommodate a large drawing, you must divide it into sections, print one 8' 2x 11-inch sheet at a time, and tape them together. Because plotting a full-size drawing can take up to an hour, Aegis designed their plot method to allow multitasking. You save your drawing as a plot file, which the program then sends to your plotter while you continue working. Unfortunately, the program will only save plots to the Draw 2000 disk, which is too full to accept a drawing. An Aegis technical representative offered two alternatives. You can select Save As from the Project menu and Plot from the submenu, then give the file a unique name, and send it to your plotter from the CLI. The second option gets the rendering function to work but does not enable you to multitask. It involves selecting Save As and Plot as above, and then typing ser: (or par:, if your plotter connects at the parallel port). Splish-Splash Given the investment Aegis has made in this product, I find it puzzling that they have not polished it. Draw 2000’s heaviest millstone is the program’s insistence on drawing all your on-screen corrections twice. This nuisance becomes infuriating when the redraw involves or borders text (the program renders text very slowly), or when the Undo command redraws the entire screen. The fact that most commands act, by default, on the objects you drew first even after you change the active layer is illogical, and although you can easily set your drawing to a scale of one-quarter or one- half via the Format command, you cannot plot a three-quarter or three-eighth scale from within the program. Among the things I would like to see added to the program are a Spline command and a Change Layer command that could reassign the layer of all items within a boxed area. Draw 2000’s operating speed is minimally acceptable by professional standards. The program’s design flexibility is excellent: You can move, duplicate, alter, and make corrections easily, and lay out your project quickly. This is the only professional CAD program I have seen with a true Amiga interface. Draw 2000 is not perfect, but it is the best Amiga GAD program I know of. Draw 2000 Aegis Development 2210 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 277 Santa Monica, CA 90403 213 392-9972 S279.95 No special requirements. ? It’s landing in Los Angeles. Mr SSSSSSii** Sj&v next stop ¦ • • I „A. * $ 10 & Seniors $ 8 stage demonstrations rith admission, 0 & 21,1989 rith amazing computers. Stunning software. Powerful peripherals. The World of Commodore is coming to capture your imagination. It’s the computer show for beginners and hackers, professionals and students, business people and home users. Commodore Business Machines and many other exhibitors will display and sell the AMIGA, C-64t C-128, PC computers, a galaxy of software for Commodore 8c AMIGA computers and a glittering constellation of printers, disk drives and desktop publishing equipment. You will find peripherals and accessories for all your present and future equipment. It’s computer heaven. Stage demonstrations and provocative seminars, presented by top experts, are included with your admission. Three days of bargains, selection, information, excitement and prizes. See it all with your own eyes. Try it all with your own hands. At the World of Commodore in Los Angeles. Grde 151 on Reader Servico card. ProScript A step in the right direction. By Chris Dickman WHILE NEW HORIZONS Software designed ProScript primarily to add Post- Script-printer support to the firm’s Pro Write word processor, ProScript’s file-conversion abilities afford PostScript access to Scribble! (Micro-Systems Software), TextPro (Abacus), and Textcraft (Commodore) owners, too. Two to Tango ProScript provides two ways to access the fonts in a PostScript printer. The most primitive is to compose your document using the skimpy, bitmap Amiga- system fonts. You then set up a font-sub- stitution list which, at print time, replaces a PostScript font with the Amiga font. A problem with this approach is that text displayed on the screen only roughly corresponds to what emerges from your printer, because the substituted fonts have different character widths. If you are printing files converted from Scribble!, TextPro, or Textcraft, however, this is your only option (unless you want the document to print in Topaz). Your converted files will thus print in only one PostScript font; there is no way to mix typefaces or type sizes within these documents. ProWrite users have access to more, but by no means all, of the power and flexibility of PostScript printers. To display type on the screen that corresponds accurately to what will appear on a PostScript-printed page, an application program must have access to font metrics files, which contain information on font widths, and screen fonts, which display the fonts on the screen. ProScript has these sets for Helvetica, Times Roman, Courier, and Symbol fonts. Because the program lacks such files for the remaining fonts resident in PostScript printers, however, you must resort to the primitive font-substitution technique to use them. To New Horizons’ shame, nowhere on the package is this limitation pointed out. The documentation sheepishly mentions that the many screen font and metrics files supplied with Gold Disk’s Professional Page work with ProScript which is dandy if you happen to use that program. Otherwise, tough bananas. Once the metrics and screen font files are installed, you simply use ProWrite to select text in vour document, and choose t the desired font from a menu. The screen fonts look a bit clunky at medium resolution, but at hi-res they are quite respectable. While you can convert documents produced with the other three compatible word processors to ProWrite format, then open the files under Pro- ? Sensational Service With SPRITE TECHNOLOGY AMIGA HARDWARE Amiga 500 .....$ 579 Amiga 2000 ..CALL Amiga 2000HD ....CALL Amiga 2500 ..CALL Commodore PC40 ...CALL 1084S Monitor ......$ 309 501 Ram Card ......$ 159 Amiga 1010 Drive .$ 209
3. 5" Internal Floppy ..$ 138
3. 5" External Floppy .$ 163 2088 Bridgeboard .$ 535 2090A SCSI Board ...$ 325 2058 2MB RAM ...$ 679 2620 68020 Board .$ CALL CSA 68020 881 Board .$ CALL DigiView .$ 149 Microbotics 8-UP! W OK ..$ 149 Perfect Vision $ 199 Progressive Frame Grabber ...$ 579 ProGEN Genlock ..$ 369 Star NX1000R Color Printer ...$ 269 Starboard2 512K ...$ CALL Supra Modem 2400 ..$ 160 GVP40Q Hardcard ..$ 799 AMIGA SOFTWARE Animate 3D . ....$ 94 Maxiplan Plus .. .$ 135 Animotion ... ....$ 63 Modeller 3D . ...$ 63 Aztec SDB .. ....$ 47 Moviesetter .. ...$ 63 Aztec 'C‘ Developer...... ..$ 219 Photon Paint ...$ 69 Battlechess . ....$ 32 Pixmate ..$ 43 Captain Blood . ...$ 32 Professional Draw ... $ 123 Carrier Command .. ...$ 29 Professional Page ... $ 246 Diga! ..... ...$ 45 Project 'D' ..... ..$ 32 Digi-Paint ..... ...$ 44 Pro Video Plus .. $ 195 Director . ...$ 44 Prowrite 2.0 .. ..$ 79 Director Toolkit ...$ 25 Rocket Ranger . ..$ 32 Dragon's Lair ... ...$ 39 Roger Rabbit .$ 30 Draw 2000 ... .$ 175 Sculpt3D .$ 72 Dungeon Master ..... ...$ 25 Sonix ...... .$ 50 Excellence! .. .$ 189 Superbase Profesional.... ......$ 219 Falcon ... ...$ 32 Sword Of Sodan .$ 32 Fantavision .. ..$ 38 Three Stooges ... .$ 32 Flight Simulator II ..... ..$ 37 TV Sports Football .... $ 32 HiSoft Dev Pack 2.0 ..$ 63 TV Text ... $ 63 Interfont . ..$ 75 Videoscape 3D ... .....$ 125 Jet .. ..$ 32 Videotitler $ 93 King Of Chicago ...... ..$ 32 Word Perfect .. .....$ 199 Lattice 'C ...... $ 163 Workbench 1.3 Update..... $ 19 LV Backup .... .....$ 44 Zoetrope .. ......$ 88 ELECTRONIC ARTS® Electronic Arts Specials AAARGH! ....$ 23 Awesome Arcade Action $ 33 Bards Tale II $ 39 Deluxe Music ......$ 65 Deluxe Paint II ....$ 85 Deluxe Photo Lab ...$ 98 Deluxe Productions .....$ 124 Earl Weaver Baseball ....$ 33 Ferrari Formula One ......$ 33 F18 Interceptor ...$ 33 Heroes Of The Lance ....$ 26 Hunt For Red October ...$ 33 Marble Madness .$ 33 Return To Atlantis ...$ 33 Roadwars! ...$ 23 Rockford ......$ 23 Thexder $ 23 World Tour Golf ..$ 26 9-6MON-FRI
E. S.T.
- 9315
- 8806 inquire about our policies & procedures. Sprite Technology gisteredtrademark of Commodore Business Machines, INC. Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire ah Write and assign fonts, I question the usefulness of this option. After all, how many people own ProWrite plus Scribble!, TextPro, or Textcraft? Pliant Printing ProScript must be running in order for you to print to a PostScript device. Thankfully, the program multitasks nicely, allowing you to edit documents while printing. Through requesters, you can set a range of print options. The General Setup requester allows you to specify between 2 and 256 shades of gray when converting color images to the black-and-white world of laser printing (although ProWrite 2.0 only supports
16) . A related capability lets you establish the halftone screen density and the number of halftone cells per inch both help control how PostScript renders your bitmap images. Page Setup lets you switch between portrait and landscape modes, as well as scale, rotate, and position your page. ProScript also lets you save documents to disk as .ASCII PostScript files, which can be output by a service bureau with either a garden-vari- ety laser printer or a high-resolution device. ProScript is useful but limited. With improved access to resident fonts and a more comprehensive approach to the conversion of other word-processing formats, 1 would praise ProScript. As is, the program does not meet current Post- Script-support standards. ProScript New Horizons Software PO Box 43167 Austin, TX 78745 512 328-6650 $ 49.95 No special requirements. DeluxePrint II See the signs and believe. By Morton A. Kevelson DELUXEPRINT II LETS you print specialized documents such as signs, banners, and cards faster and easier than general-purpose paint and desktop-publishing programs. Its Intuition-style interface makes DeluxePrint II easy to use. On the work- ing screen you see a color palette on the left, a miniature version of your project in the center, and control gadgets on the right. The Preview function lets you view your project up close; you can even adjust the magnification. Seven formats accommodate your creations. Banners print sideways; they can be up to S'Ax 22 inches. The greeting- card format prints quadrants on a sheet two upside down (you then fold the sheet in half twice). You can make labels up to 4' 4x D h inches, and resize this format to print in standard business- card size. Signs can be laid out as full pages or in four sections per page. Letterhead format fits your design into the upper third of a page, and finally, you can print a one-month calendar to fill a sheet. Laying It on Thick All formats are assembled from four elements: a background (any IFF image), icons (44 x 52-pixel brushes), borders, and text. DeluxePrint II comes with a disk of prepared backgrounds, borders, and icons (unfortunately the manual does not show printouts of them) that you can modify. You can also create your own graphics (the program contains enough drawing tools to handle simple tasks), or import them. Each element has a designated priority (layer), and except for borders, the components can be manipulated and positioned independently. Priorities determine how elements will be superimposed on one another; when overlap occurs, the higher-priority item prints on top of the other. The background constitutes the bottom layer, upon which everything else is placed. The center layer accommodates up to nine different icons (graphic images), and as many copies of them as you please. You can even snip out parts of the background to use as icons. Icons are prioritized, too, based on the order in which they are placed; this order is maintained when images are repositioned. ? HIGHER PERFORMANCE...AND CHEAPER TO BOOT! Info & Technical Support: 214-669-3999 LEXIBLE IATA FAX: 214-6B9-0D21 Systems, inc. Amiga* is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Fdata-10 Single 3.5" External Drive ......$ 149.95 Fdata-20 Dual 3.5" External Drive w Power Supply.. $ 299.95
• Fully 1010 Compatible * Ultra Low Power * High Performance
• Ultra Compact Design Consumption • No Annoying ’Clicking' Noise
• Acoustically Quiet * Daisy Chainable • Diskette ‘Dust Protection* Door
• Amiga1 Color Coordinated • Extra Long Drive Cable • Super Low Price POLICY: Shipping and handling extra. Personal checks must clear before shipment. Forfaster servceuse credit card, cashier's check or bank money order. Credit cards are not charged until we ship. All prices are U.S A prices and are subject to change, ard all items are subject to availability. These prices reflect a 5% cash discount Forall credit card purchases there will be an additional 5% charge. COD orders add $ 5.00. Texas residents add sales tax. Ail sales are final and returned shipments are subject to a restocking fee.
* SHIPPI G: FREE shipping by Federal Express Standard Air or UPS (if within 1 -day service zone) on orders paid by credit card, cashier s check or bank money order. In Hawaii, Alaska, and outside Continental US, call for information. FREE Shipping Via Federal Express!* Circle 262 on Reader Service card Order Toll Free o nputrftbilitg. 800-558-0003 0n4amet° ec't0', 04 800-558-0003 Order Toll Free 799 ...69 .155 .129 .. 149 MT-240 169 CPS-101 .....349 Supra 20 Meg (A-1000, A-500) .659 Dal Drive re* delivery In the Continental USA ST-138N 30 MEG ..499 DEL ST-157N 49 MEG ..619 DEL ST-225N 20 MEG ..469 DEL ST-251 N 40 MEG ..519 DEL ST-277N 60 MEG ..689 DEL ST-296N 80 MEG ..929 DEL these Wts include IV8 Trumpcarrf SCSI fat'd drive Ctrl, caWe, software and delivery In the contiguous USA Ihh.hmt anaewmbly Idt I It la a. ' Drive Cards (A-2000) delivery In the Continental USA Phoenix Powar Supply (A-500) ....74.95 Internal A.I.R. Driva (A-2000) ..139 External A.I.R. Drive 3.5' (1010 Comp) .149 Matter 3A 3JT (I ot o Comp) . See Special Col 3 Supra Drives ST-138N 30 MEG ... 549 DEL ST-1S7N 49 MEG ..699 these cards Include r S Trumpcard ctrlr, mounting brft cbt. Software, and delivery to the contiguous USA Casio MIDI Keyboards CT-640 ... 279 MT-540 .. 209 SPECIAL This package includes your choice of modem, your choice of Diga or Online software and cable AMIGA 1680 149 Pkg Avatex 1200 E I Hayee Comp) 119 Pkg Avatex 2400 Hu . 205 Pkg Supra 2400 Baud .179 Pkg Supra 2400 Baud Modem, Cable and Delivery lo the 48 Contiguous State* . GENLOCK Modems Amiga 1680 Modem ... Avatex 1200E .. Avatex 2400 HC ...... Supra 2400 Baud ... GEN 1 Genlock 5675 With 1 yr Mfgr Warranty Modems Packages PANASONIC Printers 1180 NEW NEW NEW ... 1191 . 1124 NEW 24 Pin ...... CALL CALL ...329 STAR Printers NX-1000 ..... 175 NX-1000 Rainbow (color).... ??9 NX-2400 ..... 289 Video Toaster ... CALL Uve (A-2000) .....349 Live A-500) .319 Ami GEN . CALL Frame Capture ..CALL Frame Buffer ....CAUL Flicker Fixer (A-2000) ....469 Panasonic 1410 Camera lor Dlgiview with 16mm lene and Auto Irte ..259 Eaey Pro Tablet (amlga 2000) ..369 Perfect Vleion . 189 Perfect Sound .69.95 Color Splitter 74.95 Model-A-Midi Interface ...62.95 SPECIAL Master 3A Disk Drive 1010 Compatible $ 149 Free Deliver In Cti Continuous USA ardware AMIGA 2000 HD Computer CALL AMIGA 2000 COMPUTER ..CALL Amiga Bridgeboard .....CALL Amiga 2058 2meg Ram ExpCALL AMIGA 500 COMPUTER ....CALL Amiga 1010 disk drive CALL Amiga 501 Ram Expansion CALL Amiga 1084S Monitor .CALL 2500 NEW AMIGA 2500 68020 @ 14 Mhz CPU 3 Megabytes RAM 40 Meg Hard Drive © Call for the lowest price AMIGA SOFTWARE 1943 ...... -------25.95 Carrier Command 28.95 4 plr adap, leatherneck 13.95 Centerfold Squares---------18.95 4 x 4 Off Road Racing 28,95 Charon 5 .21.95 4th and Inches 26.95 Chessmaster 2000 _________28.95 64 Emulator II .-.49® Chronoquest .32.95 A-Talk 3 . 64.95 City Desk __________ 57.95 A C Basic .....132.95 Colony ...... CALL Adrum « ..... 49.95 Comic Art Disks (each) 20.95 Adventures of Stobad ______28.95 Comic Setter .„,S9® AlrbaH - .24.95 Contra ......-..-.25® Aden Syndrome .....24.95 Cosmic Bouncer .19.95 Alternate Reality: City 26.95 Cosmic Relief ...-. 23.95 Amiga Live ......«... 339.95 Crack Garret ...25.95 Amiga Scl-Cab ... ......14.95 Crazy Cara ......24.95 Amiga Tax ..-. 52.95 Cyber Complex ... 21,95 Analyze .59.95 CZ-Rlder .67.95 Android Decision 23.95 Dark Castle __ ......24.95 Andromeda Mlwton ..24.95 Data Retrieve Pro .....179.95 Animate 3-D. .98.95 Defender Of The Crown ,...31,95 Animatton Miitlplane---52.95 De|a Vie ....._... 31.95 Animator (Aegis) ......81.95 Deluxe Paht 2_._..... S3.95 Animator Apprentice ...... 174.95 Deluxe PholoLab-----------97.95 Annals of Rome___________23.95 Deluxe prfnl II ...51.95 Aquawnture ------- CALL Deluxe Productions---128.95 Architect ml Design Disk . 22.95 Deluxe Video VI.2______64.95 Aren ..... ... 29 95 Destrier 22.95 Arkanolds NEW VERSION . 16 95 Dlga__________________43.95 Attack on London__________22.95 Dlgldroid ...59.95 Auto Duet____________________25.95 Dlglpaint ....38.95 Award Maker______________32.95 DigMewSoU___________134.95 Avesome Arcade Pack 32.95 Disk 2 Disk ....„.. 28.95 BAD .... 32.85 Disk Master____________28.95 Balance of Power__________31.95 Dbk Mechanic________64.95 Barbarian_____________25 95 Dbi Music Const. Set 2.0 .. 61.95 Bird's Tate „ ....31 95 Dos 2 Dos -----------31.95 Bards Tale II ..... 38.95 DOUBLE DRAGON________25,95 Battle Chess ..... 31.95 Doug's Math Aquarium „... 46.95 Battle Hawks 1942 .....„.....31,95 Down Hill Chailenga ...22.95 Baldeslilp 17.95 Dragon's Lair . 39.95 BBS-PC _______ 07.95 Draw A-2000 (Aegis)....- 159.95 Becker Text 88.95 Dream Zone 32.95 Berzert 3____________________22.95 Dungeon Master------------24.95 Black Jack Academy .....24.95 DX Series .31.95 Bbck Shadow 22,95 Dynamic CAD ...295 95 BOBO 22.95 Dynamic Drums 46.95 BoomorakJ ...25® Earl Weaver Baseball 31.95 Broadcast Tiller 184.95 Emmctlo Skimmer _. 22.95 Bubble Bobble .25,95 Empire .31.95 C-Ugtit ....„ ... 41.95 Enlightenment .17.95 Calamus .274.95 EvilGarden ......24.95 CaWomia Games 28,95 Excellence ......158.95 CaBlgrafonts_______________36.95 Express Paint 3.0...... 79.95 Callgrapfar ..74.95 Extensor - ..18.95 Capone ......24.95 FA 18 Interceptor 31.95 Captain Blood ...„ ......31.95 Face II_____________________20.95 Fact on 31.95 Faery Tate ... 30.95 Fanlavlsfon . 38.95 Fantsy 3-D Fonts 46.95 Fenarl Formula 1 ......31.95 Final Assutl ...28.95 Final Mbslon ...... 18.95 Fine Print ......32.95 Fire and Forget .....24.95 FIRE ZONE ... 22 95 Right Simulator II ....31.95 European Scenery Disk... 17.95 Row .....69.95 Forms In Flight II - .....69.95 FotxxJatkm Waste ......22.95 Front Page .. 74.95 Future Design Disk 22,95 Galactic Conqueror 24.95 Galileo II .... 42.95 Saltxy Rglil 19® Games : Winter Ed 28 95 Sanymed----------------19.95 Garrison II ______ 31.95 Gettysburg 36 ® GFA Basic ... 67.95 GFL Champ. Football 28 95 Gladator 25 95 GO _____ 24.95 Sold Runner ______. 24.95 Gomf Button ......49 95 Grabbl______________________18.95 Grade Manager-----------.. 52.95 Harpoon 25.95 Hanier Combat Simulator. 31.95 HEAVY METAL _______28.95 Hems ot the Unco26.95 Hole In One ..21.95 Holywood Poker ....„ .22.95 Honeymooners 24.9 Human Design Dbk ..22.95 Hun! For Red October______31.95 Hybrfs - 24.95 Hyper Dome....- ..22.95 I Ludicrous ....22.95 Impossible Mission 2 28.95 Indoor Sports 31.95 Instant Music ......31.95 Inter Font .69.05 Interchange ... 28 95 IntroCad ......46.95 Investors Advantage ..59.95 Invision ... 94.95 JackNIcWaus Golf ....31.95 Japan Scenery 17 95 Jet .. 31.95 Joe Blade _ .....-....21.95 Joker Poker ...... ....31.95 Kamplgruppe 38.95 Kara Fonts -----------49.95 Key Gen to 31.95 Kind Words V2.0 64.95 King 01 Chicago ..31.95 Kingdoms of England CALL Lancelot 26.95 Las Vegas ..... 15.95 Lsaderboard duo pack 22.95 Leatherneck ...„ ...24.95 Leisure Suit Larry ,.25.95 Libyans in Space .18.95 Ugtits Camera Action 48,95 Lords of Iho Rising Sun.... 31.95 LPD Rtor . 69.95 LPD Planner .. 69 95 LPD Writer _____ 42.95 Macro Assembler -...... .64.95 Magellan - .... ...114.95 Marble Madness--------.31.95 Master Ninja ________________32.95 Mavto Beaoon Typing 31.95 MaxFPbn500 92.95 MaxFPbn Plus_________123.95 Menace _______ -19.95 MichtonHlI Otsk *1 .„ 32 95 Micro Fteho Rtor Plus -.114.95 Micro Lawyer 34 95 Mlcrobot Design Disk 22.95 Midi Magic CALL MkSRecStudb Vt.t 39.95 Mission Con Bat 32 95 Modeler 3D_________________56.95 ModiJa 2 (developer) _____97.95 MoeWus ..38 95 Movie Setter ___________59.95 Murder on the Atlantic 39.95 Musk: 8tutfo2.0 49,95 Music X ______- 184.95 Niglit Force 28 95 Oblllerator 25.95 Oil Shore Warlor 24.95 Ogre ..31.95 On Line ....42.95 Operation Clean Streets ... 25,95 Oporaton Wotf .25.95 Outrun , 31.95
P. O.W ...24,95 Page Renderer3-D 94.95 Pag? Setter . 84,95 Pagel Upper Plus FX 87.95 Phmtasie 1 or 3 ..28® Phantasm 22.95 Phaser___________________57.95 Photon Paint 2.0 ......- 94.95 Photon Paint Surface .....19.95 Photon Video: Cell Arim.. 92.95 Photon Video Transport.. 180.95 Pinball Wlz___________________21.95 Pioneer Plague 25.95 Pirates -24.95 Platoon ...... 29.95 Pkrtos ......19.95 Ports ol Call . .28.95 Power Windows 2.5 54.95 Powerstalion 21.95 Poweretyx .21.95 Precisely .. 48.95 Prime Time .....25.95 Print Master Plus ..28.95 Prism Plus ......-.....42.65 Pro MIDI Studio ... 119.95 Pro Script -_________ 28.95 Pro Sound Design.-...... 79.95 Pro Video + ... 177.95 Pro Write 2.0__________ ,69 65 Pro-Draw .... 112.95 Professional Page_________228.95 Project D* Backup „ 28 95 Pub Games-------------23.95 Publisher Plus -------64 95 Publishing Partner Pro ..._. CALL Qtx 25.95 QmdralSan 19.65 Quarter Back-----------42.95 Questron ll ______ 32.95 Rastan ... 25.95 Raw Copy ______36,95 Reach For The Stars________26.95 Realm ot the Warlock 21.95 REEL RstfN ....„ .29 95 Renegade- -------------25.® Return To Atlantis 31.S Ring Side 24.® Road Raider - ..24.® Road Wars ......22,® Roadwar 2tXX) 26.® Roadwar Europa . 29.® Robbery 17.® Rock Challenge ......25.® Rocket Ranger ...31.® Rockford ..22.® Roger Rabbit 29.® Roland D-50 or D 1 SO 84.® Roland MT-32 ---------84.® Romantic End ® Dome.... 25.® Rub icom Alliance 20.®
S. D.I, . -31,® Scarry Mutants____________25.® Scavenger_________ CALL Scenery Disks 17.® Scrabble .28.® Scribble „ 46.® Script 4-D .. 369.95 Securities Analyst 49,® Sewn Temples ol Cortez .. 31.® Sex Vixens-Outor Space ...25,® Sludowg3tB ....31.® Shakespear ..- .130.95 Shanghai .. 25® Side Arms .- .25® Silent Servbe ..24.® Silicon Dreams ......19® Sinbad .... 31® Sky Blaster - .18.® Sky Chase 24® Sky Fighter 15.® Sky Fox II .26® Sky Shark ....25® Smooth Talker _______26® Snake Pit . 22® Softwood Rlell 62® Sorceror Lord .23® Space Right 14® Space Harrier____________31® Space Quest 1 or 2-------31® Space Race_______________19.® Space School Sim_________22® Spinworid . -...... .13® Star Slider II_____________23® Star Ware _____________25.® Sfelar Contlet 25® SteJaryx 29® SdrCrazy___________________17® Street Rghrer „.... 25® Strip Poker If .... 25® Studio Magic--------------59® Sub Battle Sim «. 23® Super Back ____________43.® Super Star Baeketbal .CALL Superbase Personal ..... 46® Superbase Pesonal 2 .87.® SupeiBaso Pro 3.0_________189.95 SuperpUn ..87® Superstar Ico Hockey_________31.95 Surgeon, live .28® Sword olSodan ..31.®
T. V. Sports FootbaB _____31® Tange hvood - .....24® Targis ..-,. .25.® Tax Plan Amiga ...24® Team Construction ..._......10.® Technocop ......23® Tetonames .. .20® Totowars 11 24 ® Terrorpods ... 25.® TelnquesI .. .. 24® Tenis______________________ ..31® Text Ed Pkre . ..48® Text Pro .. 49® Thexdcr ..22® Throe Demon ,69® Three Stooges . ..31® Time and Magik ...... ..28® Torch 2031 .. ..18® Tower Topple r . ..28® Transputer ... .22® Turbo Silwr 3.0 ......
121. 95 TV Show... ..64® TV Text . .64® Twilight Zone .... ,.,24® Twilights Ransom ...
- 23®
U. C.S.D. Pascal_____________ .. 69® Urima A ..... ..38® Uhma III 24 ® Uttra D.0.8 .. .35® Universal Mlltary Slmulalor31® Vader .. .. 14® Vampire's Empire . ..28® Video Effects 3-D ...
113. 05 Video Fonts 28® Video Titter . ..84® VidcoScapo 3D 2.0 115 95 VIP Professional „59® Wua .. ..19® Virus Irtectton Prelect tor .28® Vista 3-D ...... .87® W Aholl 70 Vi War In Middle Earth
- 32.® Warlock .....-.21® Wayne Gretzky Hockey . ..32® Western Games ,.21® WordPerfect ...
134. 95 Works PlaUnum, The.....
169. 95 Works. The ..
115. 95 WorU Class Leader Board 28® World Tour Golf......------ ,.26® Write and Fbc ...... .62® X-Specs ,.79® Zak McKrackcn .29® Zeolrope ...... ., 87® Zero Gravity . .. 19® Zing ...... ..46® Zing Keys --------------- ..28® Zing Spell . ..46® Zoom .... .. 18® Zumma Fonts 1,2,3 or 4 ..22® Zynaps---------------------- „22® MasterCard :co»»k c*wc->:c«-js&’K'C-K'¥S' VISA Order Toll Free 800-558-0003 Wl ORDERS AND INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee, Wl 53217 Since 1982 „ y* . . T-omputrflbilitg 'C.on.bumeLt. l&ctton.lc.t NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE ORDERINQ INFORMATION: For Uit Mv*ry t*rd oh*eKo' montf cydw. R*f»oniilO’xj oor-p«rr» c*«chi ilw 1* b cWyi to elm'. School P.O.'* w* co -ra C.OO chuyaa an $ 4.00, In Cortrwar.toJ li-fi-A. $ 3.00 l« twfrarat* orWi 5% (hipping for fiarrfwir*. Minimum $ 500. MuterCard and 7«a otIvi p»*.M indudvc&rd f. •ipJ-ml'or. Dal* *.rd ilgrutlu'*. Wl r*«Jd*n‘i p«it* Inc IjO* 6% n «i Ujl HI. AK. FPO. APOp-j*Oo fOco *nd Ca-'iattar OflaH. Pin** a U pit trapping, mfrilmum 16.CO. Ai: othw lortlgn ordtra add 15% ahipplrg, minimum $ 1300. All ondari »Mpp*d outlUa SiaContlnantal U.SJk. •'* thlppad rvit cBi* l*mir*d U.&. malt. |f Po'ctji jHppi-j chvgac minimum amount you wil t* charged Pia amount AJIgdoda arm nmm and Indud* fnetry aaannfy, Wa do mX guoranla* cpmpataVfy 9, warflon *V Du* Id Our loar p.'less bB tala* arm flnaL All Dalaclhra fBtarna must Hava * raluni BuLlodxBtlon numbtr. Pmu call 414)357-6181 to ooaUn an fl>. * or your Wum wit not Bo aocoptod. Proot a
• vaTUbrity aubf*ct to chon go wrltf'OutnoBc*. 35* [>»> Ueoa may coat mors than [ho *amo lf!o on 5.2S*(f tX. Shipping and h*n4*ng nonrafjrci'So. Wo ahlp h* Blott vordonaakatablo to u*. Updata* muilto handad by and uior Siocfy artth Pi a manvfaeturor. AMIGA Lowest prices on all hardware Call for latest prices & availability Word Perfect only $ 185 RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Circle 154 on Reader Service card. Associates, Inc. New York's Premier AMIGA Specialists C" Computer Systems - Hardware - Software Installations - Applications Disks - Blank Media - FAX Competitive Pricing - Excellent Service k Quality The New AMIGA’S A2000HD A2500 SPECIAL OFFER! AMIGA A2620 ( 68020 ) Board (for upGred nq your present *2000) $ 1399.95 S ll: Please call write - also ask for AMIGA Product Catalogs, is: Other Listings Authorized Dealers Distributors SERVICE REPAIRS Visit Our Retail Store - Parking Available 28-21 Astoria Blvd. , Dept AW, Astoria, N.Y. 11102-1933 Tel: 1-212-221-6272 FAX: 1-718-956-9028 Tel: 1-718-956-9000 The top layer consists of text; you add lines of up to 80 characters one at a time, positioning and modifying them individually. Borders are separate entities you cannot lay a border over or under another component. All are one inch wide, and although they are immobile, you can flip the left and bottom segments. Hardware Software Now Join In The program disk contains a variety of fonts, some very attractive. You can also import font files, but the method for doing so is awkward: You must go through the CLI before accessing DeluxePrint’s font menu. Once you have loaded the program fonts, you are stuck with them until you restart. Text styles include bold, italic, underline, box, background, and shadow; you can control inter-character spacing, too. To mix styles on a line, simply place sections side by side. You can change all text characteristics, including the letters themselves, after placement. Icons are stored to disk in groups of nine. .Although all the icons in a set appear on screen when you select one from the group, the computer retrieves each one from the disk individually. Once loaded, however, the icon remains in memory for future access. When you save a project in Deluxe- Print II format, the elements remain intact so you can manipulate individual components at a later time. You can save in IFF format, too, but here the elements lose their independence. You will find one annoying quirk in the program when you call up a file; DeluxePrint II insists on looking in dfl): the first time it attempts to load; you cannot choose another drive until it has gronked through the entire directory. Once a directory is in memory, however, the program recalls it for the next load. To see your project in hard copy, you simply set the size of the printout by inches in decimal fractions and select vertical or horizontal orientation. For most applications, the program can determine page width from the printer driver and calculate the length automatically. When printing a four-tile sign or a greeting card, however, you must specify the spacing between the panels. The well-written manual includes a thorough index. The introductory chapters are followed by sample projects for each format. An extensive reference section details all functions. 1 am puzzled as to why Electronic Arts released DeluxePrint II after Commodore officially released version 1.3 of the operating system. .As it is, the program works only with AmigaDOS 1.2! If you Text has top prlorlty-lt prints over Icons, have configured your system for 1.3, then, you must give it up to run DeluxePrint II. The Electronic Arts representative I spoke with said he did not know when or if an update would be released to address the deficiency. I tested the program using a Star Mi- cronics NX-1000 Rainbow printer with the Epson JX-80 driver, and got good results. I was unsuccessful, however, in printing with my Canon PJ-1080A. I tried four drivers, but was not really sur- prised that none worked; Commodore specifically supports the I080A only under AmigaDOS 1.3. DeluxePrint II is the best program of its kind I know of, and it’s leagues ahead of the original DeluxePrint. If the AmigaDOS restriction does not bother you, you will be happy with the package. DeluxePrint II Electronic Arts 1820 Gateway Dr. San Mateo, GA 94404 415 571-7171 $ 79.95 No special requirements. ¦ GFA-BASIC 3.0 for the Amiga Boldly goes where no BASIC has gone before.
• High-Speed Interpreter for easy program development
• Over 300 powerful commands
• FASTI-Execution times comparable to C
• In-line C and Assembler Commands
• Easy access to all Amiga libraries
• Extensive Amiga commands with submenus and built-in file requester
• Built-in Text Editor with syntax checking, procedure hiding and auto-indenting
• 400-page comprehensive manual
• Includes Run-Time Interpreter GFA-BASIC 3.0 is a trademark of GFA Systemtechnik, Germany; Antic Software and Antic are trademarks of Antic Publishing, Inc.; Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Available NOW from 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 Call today to order: 800-234-7001 or see your local Amiga dealer. Circle 218 on Reader Service card- (GF92Q0) Bn i WALL SOLID PRODUCTS & SOLID SUPPORT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Earn Bonus $ $ No Surcharge On Charge Orders Friendly Service Our Third Year In Business! We Know How To Service Our Customers!
P. O. Box 129 I 58 Noble Street Kutztown, PA 19530 24 HOURS TOLL FREE 1-800-638-5757 OUTSIDE USA CALL 1-215-683-5433 Spacecutter 5 25 Pnntmaster Plus S 33 Star Fleet 1 39 Pro Video Plus 199 Star Glider 2 32 Sculpt 3D 69 Stellar Conflict 27 TV Show 65 Strip Poker 29 TV Text 65 Sword ol Sodan 34 Turbo Silver Plus 139 TV Sports Football* 33 Ultra CAD 169 Terror Pods 28 Video Scape 3D 2 0 125 Test Drive 27 Video Tiller 1,1 99 Thexder 25 X-Specs 92 Three Stooges 33 Zoetrope 89 Tracers 27 Zuma Fontseach 25 Turbo 19 Twilight's Ransome* 27 Ultima 3 33 SOUND MUSIC Ultima IV 39 Universal Military Simulator* 35 Deluxe Music Construction 65 Virus 25 Dr T Midi Recording Studio 49 Wizard Wars 29 Dr, TKCS V1.6A 165 World Tour Golf 29 Dynamic Drums 52 Zany Golf* 33 Dynamic Studio 135 Zoom 20 Instant Music 36 ACCESSORIES Control Center S 79 Cover 1010 Disk Drive 8 Cover Amiga 1000 CPU 9 Cover Amiga 2000 System 25 Cover Amiga 1000 Keyboard 8 Cover Amiga 2000 CPU 9 Cover Amiga 2000 Keyboard 0 Cover Amiga 500 9 Cover Amiga Monitor 17 Flicker Master 14 Gender Changer Parallel Adaptor 21 Lightpen lor Amiga 89 Modem Mini A1000 79 Modem Mini A50Q'A2000 79 Modem Supra w o cable 139 Modem Cabre RS232 to A1000 22 Modem Cable lor A500 22 Okimate Plug N Print Amiga 75 Ribbons Cali Midi Magic 99 Model A Midi Interlace 49 Music-x 195 Perfect Sound A1000 65 Perfect Sound A500 65 Somx 52 Sound Oasis 65 Sound Sampler B5 Soundscape Pro Midi Studio 129 Studio Magic 65 Synthia 65 BOOKS 1001 IBMgs to do with Amiga 11 Advanced Amiga BASIC 15 Amiga BASIC Inside & Outt 20 Amiga DOS Express 20 Amiga DOS Inside & Outt 17 Amiga DOS Manual 20 Amiga DOS Reference Manual 19 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out 24 Amiga Hardware Manual 18 Amiga Machine Language t 17 Amiga Programmer's Guide 15 Amiga System Programmer's Guide 2 7 Amiga Tips & Tricks t 17 Amiga for Beginners 15 CREATIVITY GRAPHICS 40 99 39 UTILTOE S LANGUAGES 64 Emulator 2 Amiga 500 52 64 Emulator for Amiga 1000 52 A Talk Plus 52 AC BASIC v 1.3 135 AC FORTRAN 199 Amiga Workbench 1 3 24 Assempro 64 Aztec 0 Developer Compiler 195 Aztec C Professional Compiler 129 Aztec C Source Level Debugger 49 BBS PC'New version 99 Benchmark Modula 2 129 Benchmark Modula 2-Simp A Lang 69 Benchmark Modula 2-IFF Library 69 Butcher 2.0 25 C A P E. 64K 59 CLI Male 27 Cygnus Ed Prof Text Editor 69 DOS-2 DOS 39 DSM 49 Diga 52 Disk 2 Disk 35 Diskmasler 39 FACC II 25 GQMFV3.0 27 GOMF V3 w Hardware 49 Grabbit 20 Inova Tools 52 Lattice C + + 339 Lattice C MS DOS AmigaDOS Comp. 359 Lattice C V 5.0 Developer Pack 205 Mac Emulator’ call On Line V2 42 Power Windows 2.5 59 Project D 35 Quarterback 45 True Basic Libraries each 35 True Basic 2.0 69 True Basic Runtime Pak 99 UllraDOS 39 Virus Infection Protection 33 Products marked with * were not Beginner's Guide Amiga 15 C Primer Plus 21 Fraction Action 32 Guild of Thieves 29 Animation Flipper 45 Elementary Amiga BASIC 13 Ghostly Grammar 32 Gunshoot 22 Animation Stand 39 Inside Amiga Graphics 15 Kid Talk 30 Hardball Baseball 29 Animator 85 Inside the Amiga V ith C 21 Kmderama 32 Hunt for Red October 36 Bumper Sticker Maker 37 Intuition Manual 20 Lmkword: French 24 Hybns 27 Business Card Maker 37 Kickstart Guide to Amiga 19 Linkword: German 24 ice Hockey Super Star 35 Calligrapher v l .05 79 Machine Language Compute 17 Linkword: Italian 24 Ice Hockey: Wayne Gretsky 35 Celebrity Cookbook 27 ROM Kernal: Exec 18 Linkword: Spanish 24 Jet 35 Comic Set-Funny Figures Clip An 25 ROM Kernal: Lib Dev 24 Logic Master 32 King of Chicago 33 Comic Set-Science Fiction Clip An 25 Abacus Disks each 12 Math Talk 30 Kings Quest III 36 Comic Set Super Heroes Clip Art 25 Math Talk FRACTIONS 30 I Knight Ore 29 Comic Setter 69 Math Wizard 32 Leaderboard World Class 29 Deluxe Paint 2 86 GENERAL BUSINESS Math amation (College) 55 Leisure Suit Larry 29 Deluxe Photo Lab 99 Mavis Beacon Typng 36 ' Lord of the Rising Sun 33 Deluxe Prmt 2 55 Acquisition 189 Perfect Score SAT 55 Main Frame 28 Deluxe Productions 139 Analyze 2 0 69 Planetarium* 49 Marble Madness 36 Deluxe Video 1.2 86 Becker Text 99 Read A Rama 32 Master Ninja* 29 Design Disks each 25 Critic's Choice 169 Speller Bee 29 Mean 18 Goll 27 Digipaint 3,0 40 Data Retrieve 52 Surgeon 34 Mobieus 39 Digiview 3 0 129 Data Retrieve Professional 199 Word Master 32 Obliterator 28 Digiview Gold for A500 A2000 129 Excellence 169 POW 29 Director 49 Family Tree (Your) 35 Phasar Gun 42 Draw 2000 159 Flow 65 ENTERTAINMENT Port ol Calls 32 Express Paint V3 69 Goldspell 2 32 Portal 27 Fantavision 49 Haicalc 39 4*4 Off Road Racing 29 Pub Games* 27 Flupsrde 25 KFS Accountant 195 AAArgh 25 Queslron 2 36 Graphics Studio 39 Keepm Track 45 Annals ol Rome 27 Reach lor the Stars* 29 Home Builder's CAD 135 Kind words 69 Arkanoid 20 Replay 4 29 images 29 Logistix 69 Aulo Duel 35 Rocket Ranger 33 Intro CAD 52 Mageiltan 139 Awesome Arcade Pak 36 Roger Rabbit 33 Invision 99 MaxiPian Plus 125 Balance of Power 36 Romantic Encounters - Dome 27 Lights. Camera. Action 59 MaxiPlan 500 95 Barbarian 28 Rubicon Alliance* 24 Modeler 3-0 69 Microfiche Filer 69 Bard's II: Destiny Knight 39 SDI 33 Page Flipper 39 Microfiche Filer Plus 125 Bard's Tale 1 33 Sargon 3 29 Page Flipper Plus FX 99 Micfdawyer 39 Bard's II: Clue Book 12 Scrabble 29 Page Render 3D 99 Money Mentor 2.0 69 Battle Chess 39 Sex Vixens Hint Sheets 5 Page Sync 69 Organize 49 Better Dead then Alien 22 Sex Vixens Irom Space 29 Photon Paint 65
P. H.A.S.A.R. 69 Beyond Zork 34 Shadow Gate 33 Photon Paint Surtace Disk 25 Page Setter 90 Black Cauldron 29 Shangai 27 Photon Video Cel Animator 99 Professional Pages 1 1 249 Blackjack Academy 27 Sherlock Holmes Crown Jewels 29 Photon Video Transport Controller 195 Proscript for Prowrite 32 Breach 27 Sky Fox 2 29 PrintMaster Fantasty Art Gallery 22 Prowrite v 2 0 75 Bridge 5 0 25 Space Quest 2 36 PrinlMaster An Gallery 1 or 2 22 Publisher Plus 64 Bubble Ghost 27 I Space Station Oblivion 36 PrintMaster Fonts & Borders 25 released at time ad was prepared. Please call tor firm price and availability. Publishing Partner S129 Capone S 27 Reason 249 Carrier Command 32 Scribble 55 Centerfold Squares 24 Security Analyst 65 Chessmasler 2000 36 Shakespeare 149 Clever & Smart 22 Softwood Fife IISG 69 Corruption 32 Softwood Write & File 69 Craps Academy 32 Superbase Personal 59 Delender ol the Crown 33 Superbase Personal 2 105 Descartes 25 Superbase Professional 235 Double Dragon* 29 TX ED Plus 59 Dragon's Lair* 35 Textpro 59 Dungeon Master 28 Viziwrite 59 Earl Weaver Baseball 35 Word Perfect 199 Earl Weaver's Commissioner’s Disk 17 Word Perlect Library 99 Ebonslar 27 Works (The) 125 Empire 36 Works Platinum Edition* 175 F18 Interceptor 36 Faery Tale Clue Beck 9 Faery Tales 32 EDUGATfONAL Ferrari Formula One 36 Fire & Forget 29 ' Adventures of Sinbad 32 Fire Power 19 Aesop’s Fables 32 Fire Zone 27 All Aboul America 39 Flight Simulator 2 35 Decimal Dungeon 32 Fourth & Inches 29 Discovery Math 27 GB Air Rally 25 Discovery Spell 27 Galactic Invasion 19 First Letters Word; 30 Galileo 2.0* 49 First Shapes 30 Gone Fish’n* 35 Analytic Art Animate 3D Animation Effects IT IS OUR POLICY to stock what we advertise and carry the best products available at the best prices possible. OVER 500 PRODUCTS in stock now and more arriving daily!! IF YOU DON’T SEE IT LISTED, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL. Gen One Genlock !VS Ttumpcard SCSI Controller Live1 A1000 Framegrabber Live! A2000 Framegrabbet Live' A500 Framegrabbet MEMORY BOARDS minimegs A1000 (OK) Mmimegs A500(OK) Pro RAM A2000 OK RC4 RAMcard AIOOO OK RC4 RAMcard A5O0 OK Ronin M1000 Ron n M2QQ0 Spirit A1000 (OK) Starboard II (OK) Starboard II (1 Meg) starboard II (512K) Panasonic 16mm Lens NO ins Panasonic 16mm Lens with Ins Panasonic W1410 Camera Perlect Vision ONLY $ 29 SHIPPING POLICY ALL ORDERS received before 3PM EST will normally be shipped same or next business day. Out-ol Slock items will be shipped by the same shipping method as original order, normally within 3 or 4 business days. All UPS shipments are sent SIGNATURE REOUIREO NO DRIVER RELEASE. ADD the following shipping charges to your TOTAL software order. UPS: GR0UND-S4.00 (cont USA ONLY); AIR RUSH $ 7.00 (Includes Puerto Rico Hawaii); 0VERN1GHT-S12.00 PLUS $ 2.50 per item (must be received by 12 NOON) PRIORITY MAIL: USA-S4.00 (includes APO fPO): CANADA MEXICO-S6.00; OTHER FOREfGN-$ 4.00 handling PLUS Actual Shipping (minimum $ 12.00) RETURN POLICY We have a liberal return policy to better service your needs. Software piracy is a problem, but as long as our policy is not abused, we will continue to honor it. If within 15 days Irom the time you receive an item, you are not satisfied with it lor any reason, you may return it to us for either a refund, exchange or open credit. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A10° aREST0CKING FEE PER ITEM RETURNED ($ 5,00 MINIMUM PER ITEM). A DEFECTIVE ITEM will be replaced with the same item (NO CHARGE... of course). EXCHANGES OPEN CREDITS will gladly be issued lor the FULL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE ITEM, ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS For your convenience, you can place a phone otder 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK on our TOLL FREE LINE 1 *800 638 5757. Price, Avatlability and CompatabHity Checks are also Welcome on our order line. Monday thru Friday, 9AM-4PM EST. AFTER HOURS, Orders Only Please!! When placing an order, please specify your COMPUTER MODEL, HOME & DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER, SHIPPING ADDRESS, METHOD OF PAYMENT and ITEMS ORDERED. To help us serve you better, please have all your information, including your CHARGE CARO number, ready before you call us. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We gladly accept payment by. PREPAID BY PERSONAL CHECK (will not hold lor clearing) or MONEY ORDER: COD (continental USA only AND $ 4.00 ADDITIONAL); MASTERCARD; VISA; SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS. All payment must be in USA DOLLARS. THERE IS NO SURCHARGE FOR CHARGE CAROS and your card is NOT charged until wo ship. TECHNICAL SUPPORT We do our very best to help you with your product selections, belore you order and after you receive your product. General questions, price, and compatibility wifh your compuler, etc. will be handled by our order staff at the time you place your order. BUT ti you have specific, detailed questions about a product, printer compatibility questions etc., you will get the most help from our TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 215-583-5699. Call Monday thru Friday, 9AM-4PM EST, and our trained tech staff will be happy to help you. A Superior Word Processor! Specifically designed for your AMIGA! Experience excellence! No other product has all the powerful features required of a modern word processor, in a package sophisticated enough to use in desktop publishing! WYSIWYG, Spellcheck (as you type), Thesaurus, Multiple columns, Color, Graphics, Fonts, Math, Postscript Output and MORE! SPECIAL PRICE! $ 139 (Good until 3 31 89) The Securities Analyst permits the individual investor to chart any number of stocks over an extended period of time. Using this package you can make intelligent buy-sell decision based on analysis of market trends. Analysis charts may be displayed on the screen or output to printer, A comprehensive manual on Technical Analysis of Stock Market Trends is also included. Great Buy! INTRO OFFER $ 65 HARDWARE CALL US! Let us put a custom package deal together for you! Please Call M-F, 9-4 EST AmiGEN Genlock S149 Bid's Boards Bus Expandef 484 CMI VI-500 video adapter lor A500 68 Color Splitter Copy Stand DRIVES AIR 3.5" External 189 AiR 3.5" internal 145 Masl 3.5" Internal 129 Mast 3 5" Twin External 259 Masl 3,5" Unidrive 149 Phoenix 22 Meg AlOOO 579 Phoenix 22 Meg A500 579 Phoenix 48 Meg A1000 829 Actual Shipping Costs on Hardware THE SECURITIES ANALYST SIZZLING HOT ENTERTAINMENT TITLES Battle Chess .....$ 39 Chrono Quest .....35 Dragon’s Lair ......35 Dungeon Master ....28 Heroes of the Lance (if released) ...29 Pioneer Plaque ... 29 Pub Games 27 Rocket Ranger .....33 Sword of Sudan ....34 TV Sports Football ...- ..33 Ultima IV .39 Universal Military Simulator .35 Wayne Gretsky Hockey ...35 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 33 BUY ANY 3 of the above titles and take an ADDITIONAL $ 5.00 off of your order! (Offer good until 3 31 89) BONUS DOLLARS EARN BONUS $ $ $ WHEN YOU ORDER!!! 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P. O Box 129 ' 58 Noble Street Kutztown PA 19530 24 HOURS TOLL FREE 1-800-638-5757 Circle 132 on Reader Service card. GREAT VALLEY A2000 20VB Hard Card SCSI 619 A2000 2MB Hard Disk Cntlr SCSI 309 A2000 30V.B Hard Disk Card SCSI 679 A2000 40MB Hard Card Quantam 819 A2000 45MB hard Card SCSI 769 A2O0Q 80MB Hard Card Ouantam 1159 A2000 2 0 w flOMQ Quantam Drv 1249 A500 20MB Hrd Drv RAM Subsys? 699 A500 30MB Hrd Orv RAM Subsyst 759 A500 40VBQ Hrd Drv RAM Sbs 1020 Phoenix 48 Meg A500 Supra 22 Meg At000 Supra 22 Meg A50Q Supra 30 Meg A1000 Supra 30 Meo A500 ECE Midi 1000 ECE Midi 500 2000 Easyl 1000 Draw Tablet Easyl 2000 Draw Tabler Easyl 500 Draw Tablet Flicker Fixer A2000 Frame Grabber ATTENTION! NEW AMIGA OWNERS We want your business! We will give you $ 10 off on your first software order if:
1. ) Your order is $ 100 or more.
2. ) You prepay with a check or money order.
3. )You send us a sales receipt for an A500, A1000 or A2000 dated between 12 1 88 and 1 31 89. Offer good until 3 31 89. Not valid with any other specials. Come visit us! M-F, 9-5 EST, Sat. 9-12 New FAX (215) 683-8567 Prices subject to change without notice. Normally they don’t, but this makes it legal. If in doubt, call! As Captain Brad Stallion, you have been assigned a high priority mission by the Federated Government which has long been harried by a series of raids on the male population of its colonies. It is rumored that these raids are conducted by “The Tribe”, a colony of beautiful female clones from the mysterious planet Mundo. Your mission is to locate the colony and destroy it! Please be advised that this is an ADULT adventure game!! (Hint Sheets - $ 5) PRINTERS Canon PJ1Q80A Clr ink Jet 519 Hewlett Packard Desk Jet 779 Hewletl Packard Paint Jet 1150 NEC LCB90 Poscript Laser 3499 Okimate 20 155 Okimate Plug & Print 55 Panasonic 1019i 239 Panasonic 1092 379 Star NX-1 QOOR Rainbow 269 Toshiba Page Laser 12 3159 Xerox 4020 Color Ink Jet 1199 ProGEN Gen Lock 379 Ronin 68020-12 Microprocessor 189 Ronin 68030 adapter board 279 Ronin 68030 microprocessor 549 Ronm 68881 16 Malh co processor 109 Ronm 68881 -20 Malh co processor 285 Ronm 68881-25 Math co processor579 Ronm HI 000 Accelerator Board 345 Ronin Hurricane H2000 519 Subsystem 500 199 Supergen 689 Tiny Tiger Hard Drive Card 229 WHAT’S NEW? Slip on your green sweater and cast your Irish eyes on these neiu additions. Compiled by Jan Jackson NO, IT'S LANDERS, Silicon Worms, and Krellian Motherships in Starray, You control your Starray ship on a two- way horizontally scrolling screen through seven different levels of play, protecting the world’s power installations and destroying alien intruders. Lions and Tigers and Bears? Quadralien presents a dou- Death and Taxes THE NEXT BEST thing to not paying is having help. Tax Break, a tax preparation package, includes form 1040, schedules A-E, R, SE and IRA calculations. The software prints IRS-approved tax-form fascimiles. Tax Break 1040 costs $ 74.95 and is available from Datamax Research, Box 5000, R4, Bradford, Canada L3Z 2A6. W Septenber 1 8 15 22 29 5 12“ 19 26 2 9 16 29 Hit the Streets [’ Heek Beginning « .6 SOFIUARE :::C0DING:::::» «::::DEBUG::~» 17 SYSTEM «i::TE$ T:i) 18 BROCHURE «...
- COPY » « PRINT » .» .9 LAUNCH mi |t Total Costs FIGHT HAND TO hand and foot to head in Operation: Clean Streets. You have been assigned the mission of cleaning up the city as Cleanup Harry, an undercover cop with a reputation. Retailing for $ 39.95, this game features 3-D animation and five levels of fighting. Get the dirt from Broderbund Software Inc., 17 Paul Dr., San Francisco, CA 94103-2101, 415 492-3500. Personnel E3LS W Print costs £ Manual $ 6,258 SB SUPERPLAN DEMONSTRATION Brochure $ 1,758 _ t; Use arrou keys to Move around, HELP(Fl), or one of the following: ffxpr Text Rpt .Graph (Tine Cud iGoto tRecalc ;Jimp mm 11 mm ble mission. You must prevent the meltdown of Astra, the cybernetic nuclear fission complex, and destroy the evil Quadralien forces that have entered the complex. To advance through the levels, you must choose droids to fight for you. Each is equipped with strong and weak points. You Planning the Globe WHAT HAS A 74-function spreadsheet, project management software and business graphics all rolled into one? Superplan from Precision. Superplan comes with a macro language that lets you tailor your work environment. The program allows project management activities including [?[ Superplan OH ¦ Cancel must plan the use of the droid, maintain it, and keep up a fast pace to succeed. Developed by Logotron Ltd., both Starray and Quadralien retail at S39.95 and are distributed by Spinnaker Entertainment Group, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, 617 494-1200. Critical path analysis, time expense planning, resource allocation, gantt and PERT charts. The program supports Arexx, so you can exchange data with other programs. For pricing and more information, contact Precision Inc., 8404 Sterling St., Suite A, Irving, TX 75063, 214 929-4888. Dream Weaver EVADE BONZO THE Bount- er, outsmart the Informer Pig, appease the Oriental Princess or win the Emperor’s favor in the Dream Zone from Baud- ville. In this graphics-adventure game, a mad scientist has turned your dreams into reality. By using logic, imagination, pcristence, and a sense of humor, you overcome the source of your nightmares. The Dream Zone is available for $ 49,95 from Baudville, 5380 52nd Street, SE, Grand Rapids, Ml 49508, 616 896-
0888. Hi Ho Silver! ENHANCE YOUR system’s graphics capabilites with Fancy 3D Fonts Turbo Silver Version, a two-disk set of three proportionally-sized fonts. The fonts are Called Bold, Ital, and Fane and emulate the font sets traditionally known as Helvetica Bold. Bookman Italic, and Clarendon Medium. Each font set includes upper and lower case, numbers, symbols and many international characters. The fonts retail for $ 79.95. Contact Access Technologies, PO Box 202197, Austin, TX 78720, 512 343-9564. ? Forecast project costs over time. $ 139.95 BEST PRICE... BEST SERVICE SUPRA 2400 MODEM HAYES COMPATIBLE 300 1200 2400 BAUD SEE OUR AD IN COMPUTER SHOPPER Need lo buy a gift for a computer lover? How about giving a Computer Mart Gift Certificate. Call for details. If you don’t see an item listed, call anyway, we carry loads of software and hardware for all Amigas. HARDCARDS 20 MEG $ 575 45 MEG $ 816 New High Speed A2000 HardCards 40 MEG 19ms $ 864 80 MEG 19ms $ 1255 SOFTWARE AAARGH
25. 00 AWEGAS
25. 00 ANIMATE 3D
187. 00 AREXX
25. 00 AUTO DUEL
30. 00 BBS PC V4.2
37. 00 BREACH
72. 00 CAPONE
20. 00 DEL. MUSIC 2.0
69. 00 DEL. PAINT II
138. 00 DIGI PAINT
147. 00 DR. T'S KCS
18. 00 FALCON
42. 00 GOMF 3.0
51. 00 JET
126. 00 MENACE
63. 00 MUSIC X
28. 00 800-443-8236 24 Hour Order Line California Access CA-880 $ 159.95 Low power, Low profile, Low price High Quality 3.5" External Drive A500 A2000 A1000 ONLINE
88. 00 OUTRUN
30. 00 PALADIN
28. 00 VYPER
55. 00 WARLOCK
66. 00 WORKBENCH V1.3
28. 00 PIXMATE
44. 00 WSHELL
84. 00 PLUTOS
21. 00 ZOOM
18. 00
P. O.W.
28. 00 1 POWER WINDOWS 2.5
62. 00
147. 00 PROJECT D
32. 00 APRODRAW 12X12
480. 00 PROWRITE 2.0
78. 00 APRODRAW 9X6
138. 00 AVATEX 1200 E
85. 00 Q-BALL
21. 00 CAL. ACCESS CA-880
32. 00 CVIEW
35. 00 RAW COPY
19. 00 REEL F1SHIN1
35. 00 DIGI-VIEW 3.0
14. 00 SCULPT 4D
18. 00 SKY CHASE
28. 00 GVP A500 HD RAM 20M
35. 00 PACIFIC PER. 30 MEG
699. 00 SYNTHIA
69. 00 PACIFIC PER. 50 MEG
216. 00 THE WORKS
315. 00 TV ‘SHOW
75. 00 TV ‘TEXT
102. 00 TXED PLUS 51,00 SUBSYSTEM 500
195. 00 ULTIMA IV
35. 00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM
139. 95 UMS
130. 00 WV-1410 W lens& Cable
238. 00 105 Lynn St. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 COMPUTER MART INFORMATION & PRICING 409-560-2826 SI UPPING INFO: ScAwut fate* arc 51 90,1 inn (Max 6 00) UPS Greurei cr S3 5(Viirtn (Mu 12 00) UPS 2nd Day Air Call for Hardware ihipprs* info REFUND A RETURN POLICY: Defective mcrchandiie under wtrrenty wjU be repaired or replaced Returned product mu* be in original packaging. We do not offer reficdt for defective producu or for product* du* do not perform taliifaciorfly We make no guarantee* totproductpexfoim«:c. Maocyback guanntee* must be handled directly wirh [he mjcuf*aurer All return nul have mi RA . Call 409 560 2826 for an RA. Returned producu are wbjeet io a 20% recocting fee Price* wbject lo change without notice Delivery tubjett to availability. II MOVING? III Subscription HI****' • ! • A WM i Problem? Cut the Cards, Mate YOU AND 90 of your closest friends can play Aussie Joker Poker, an Australian poker game. You can select the number of hands per player and the deck size. The program gives you automatic rotation of player order, game status updated to disk, and a password- controlled gambling system. For S49.95 the games comes with printed and on-screen rules and instructions. A Joker Poker contest will run through April 1989. The top 20 finalists will receive a round-trip ticket to Las Vegas and a chance to win $ 100,000. Aussie Joker Poker is distributed by Mindscape, Inc., 3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062, 312 480-7667. ..... '¦•MillIBA
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* » ? 4> XJUKER PQKERt ? * V a possible, please have your mailing 2:::::::::: ss::s:::j!! Label in front of you as well as your u cancelled check or credit card statement if you arc having ?!?!!!!!!!! Problems with payment. moving, please give both your old .mm*•!»*• jjjjjjjjiji address and new address. AmigaWorld
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7234. The computer or a friend as an opponent. Join the light for $ 59.95. For more information, contact Strategic Simulations, 1046 N. Rengstorff Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, 415 964-1353. AC BASIC™ V1.3 - NEW PRECISION HAS UPGRADED its Superbase series. Superbase Professional 3 ($ 349.95) indudes telecommunications facilities, a new forms editor, and cross-file validation and lookup. Security-key copy protection has also been lifted for registered users. You can now transfer data to and from other computers running Superbase. A Database for All Seasons A scaled-down version of the professional model, Superbase Personal 2 ($ 149.95) includes a text editor, mail-merge facility, browse controls, relational data entry, and the ability to link and retrieve external text, graphic and sound files. Superbasc Personal 2 sells for $ 149.95. Registered users of Superbase Professional and Personal should contact Precision Incorporated. 8404 Sterling St., Suite A, Irving, TX 75063, 214 929-4888 for upgrade information. Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your exist ing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easv to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE, BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCP $ 195. AC FORTRAN PICK UP YOUR brush with DeluxePaint III, Electronic Arts’ latest version of its popular paint program, offering integrated paint and animation capabilities. For $ 149, the stepped-up program includes Don’t Talk Back SAVE YOURSELF FROM missing birthdays, anniversaries or important appointments with Nag Plus 3.0, a new schedule assistant from Gramma Software. The updated program can verbally remind you of up to 99 regular or one-time events. Edit your appointments up to two years in advance and be reA Pat on the Back NOW YOU CAN do your own back-patting with Award Maker Plus. Create professional quality awards, certificates, coupons, or anything else that strikes your fancy. For $ 39.95, you get graphics for home, educational, or business use. Intricately-designed borders can be printed in color or black and white. Available from Baudville, 5380 52nd Street S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49508, 616 698-0888. Extra_Halfbrite support, direct overscan painting, improved font support and an airbrush feature. Contact Electronic .Ai ts, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. Circle 175 on Reader Service card minded by one of 24 adjustable means. Nag Plus 3.0 will dial the phone, give you a report of the day’s appointments, or search the database for a specific event all for $ 79.95. To learn more, contact Gramma Software, 17730 15th Avenue N.W., Suite 223, Seattle, WA 98155, 206 363-
6417. Stellar Invasion YOU ARE THE Betadroid KAL who must single-handed I v deflect the invasion. Use j your light-speed weaponry and vour ultra-sensor shields 4 with negative ionization. The galaxy's 416 planets wait for liberation. Galactic Conqueror retails for $ 44.95. Direct your questions to Titus, 20432 Cor- isco St., Chatworth, CA 9131 I, 818 709-3693. ¦ Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger. Linker, Library Manager. Runtime Library, IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 295. Modern Michelangelo 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. Ft Telephone orders welcome Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street, Auburn Hills, Ml 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amiga trademark of Commodore Amiga Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Ccrp HORS D’OEUVRES Hints, tips, and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. Empty File Deletion IF YOU HAVE ever gotten stuck with an Empty file, which usually results from an unsuccessful attempt to download a file from a bulletin board, then you know how frustrating it can be to delete one. After accumulating many Empty files on my disks. J finally found a way to delete them. Using ED, create a new file in RAM with the same name as the Empty file you wish to delete. 'Then simple copy the new file over the old one and delete it. There, now it’s gone! Brian Ecton Garland, TX Aaargh! IN THE ROLE-PLAYING arcade game Aaargh!, after you destroy the first city and find the egg. The surefire way to destroy your adversary in the battle for the egg is to just start punching. Stand still (do not move forward), put the joystick in the punch position and keep it there. Ijet the monster come to you and you will win every time. If instead you try to get fancy, the monster will win every time. Michael J. Ceruetti Cordova, TX Dpaint Smoothing HERE’S A HINT for those who use DeluxePaint II and its powerful special effects. If you want to smooth a part of the picture you are editing, select it as a brush; then, enter the perspective mode by pressing the keypad Enter key, specify the anti-aliasing (smoothing) level you wish to use from the Effects menu, and dick the left mouse button. This method has two advantages: First, you can choose the smoothing level you wish to use; and second, you can even rotate or move the results. Alex Bienchisii Rome, Italy BASIC Color Fades HAVE YOU EVER wondered how professional programmers make colors fade on and off between screens and thought that it would be neat to use this effect in your own programs? It's easy using .Amiga Basic, 1 use the PALE 1’I E statement to create my screen colors. To start with, I use a black background and fade the colors on. Here is an example: FADE.ON.: FOR 1 = 0 TO 1 STEP .02 PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1.1.1,1 PALETTE 2.1,0,0 PALETTE 3,0,0,1 NEXT I Using this in a GOSUB routine will save you time and memory; just add a RETURN statement after the NEXT I statement. T his simple loop demonstrates the colors fading on from black to white, red, and blue. T he loop could be made more complex to accommodate different colors. To fade the colors off. All you have to do is reverse the FOR statement: FADE. OFF.: FOR 1 = 1 TO 0 STEP - .02 PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1,1,1.1 PALETTE 2,1,0.0 PALETTE 3,0,0,1 NEXT I Using this simple GOSUB routine makes your programs look professional. And it is a great way to show off your Amiga Basic programming skills. Richard Hyatt Richmond Hi i Ontario SAY Proofreader GENERALLY CONSIDERED AN interesting but slightly frivolous feature, the Amiga’s built-in speech capability is as useful as the stodgiest spreadsheet to anyone who must enter a lot of text or numeric data accurately from the keyboard. The Amiga DOS SAY command lets you proof your work quickly and easily against a printed source without having to glance constantly hack and forth between the source and the screen. To do this, save the work to a disk file (well call it POWER.DATA here), exit your word processor or spreadsheet, and call up a CLI. Make sure POWER.DATA is in the current directory. At the prompt, type: SAY -X POWER.DATA (Note the space between SAY and -X.) The pronunciation may be slightly Martian, but the voice is clear enough to catch any and all mistakes in a long table of numbers, and most mistakes in text. Formatting codes from a word processor may cause error messages on the screen, which you can ignore. To bail out once the Amiga has started talking, press CTRL-C. Bob Keefer Creswell, OR If you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d'oeuvres, Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, XH 03d 58. If your idea gets published, you'll receive an Amiga World surprise gift. ¦ SOFTWARE DISCOUNTERS OF AMERICA « Ccn i cUmninn nn nrrlarc
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J. S. Chastain Cleveland, GA A: The simplest way to convert Amiga Basic to machine language is by using an Amiga Basic compiler, such as the Ab- soft A C Basic Compiler. This programmer’s tool will take an .Amiga Basic source file and convert it to executable machine language. While the resulting program will run at least five times faster, it will not perform as well as a program originally written in 68000 assembly language. If you want the fastest possible program, then you should write your program in assembly language directly with an assembly language development tool, such as C.A.P.E. 68K (Inovatronics Inc.). Assembly language gives you the full power of the Amiga, but it does demand a lot of development time. Operations you can perform in a single Amiga Basic command require pages and pages of assembly code. If your only language experience is with BASIC, you might want to make an intermediate move to C or Modula-2 before making the transition to assembly lan- By Louis R. Wallace guage. These languages are much easier to master than assembly and are almost as fast. IBM Transformations Q: Will any V Anch-format IBM software run on an Amiga 500? If so, how can I tell which programs will work?
G. Nesbit Collinsville, IL A: You cannot run the software straight out of the box. You can, however, use Commodore’s Transformer, a program that lets you run a very limited selection of IBM software. You can run only text- based programs, as the Transformer does not support graphics. Library Redirection Q: Can I use a LIBRARY routine from Amiga Basic to send the output from the FILES command to the printer instead of the screen ?
S. Young Appleton, WI A: I know of no routine that will redirect the Amiga Basic FILES command. You can write a subprogram, however, that will use a LIBRARY routine to create a new Amiga Basic command that provides a directory. The example command below, called CLI, will give you a directory listing and store it in a temporary file in RAM:. You can direct the file to the screen or a printer (With extra work, you could turn the routine into a gener CLI command parser.) ¦ ' redirect output to a ' file in RAM: DECLARE FUNCTION Executed LIBRARY DIM f$ (1000) ' max of file entries counter=0 command$ ="list" ' or use dir CLI (command$ ) ' the new command OPEN "ram:temp" FOR INPUT AS 1 WHILE NOT EOF(1) LINE INPUT 1,f$ (counter) counter=counter+l IF counter=1001 THEN counter=1000 WEND counter=counter-1 IF counter 1 THEN PRINT "Nothing found 1" GOTO MyExit ENDIF COLOR 2,0 PRINT f$ (0) LPRINT f$ (0) FOR i-1 TO counter-1 a$ =MID$ (f$ (i),30,3) COLOR 1,0 IF a$ ="Dir’’ THEN COLOR 3,0 PRINT f$ (i) LPRINT f$ (i) NEXT COLOR 2,0 PRINT f (counter) LPRINT f$ (counter) COLOR 1,0 MyExit: END ' subprogram functions as r the new command: CLI SUB CLI (command$ ) STATIC LIBRARY "dos* library" command$ =command$ +" > ram:temp" x=Execute&(SADD(command$ +CHR$ (0}),0,0) LIBRARY CLOSE END SUB InterComputing Inc. 2100 N. Hwy 360, Suite 2101 Grand Prairie, TX 75050*1015 Orders only call : 1 -800-622-91 77(now ind. Texas) Customer Service and Order Status please use 1-214-988-3500 We are in business since 1984; We support the AMIGA since 1985: We will give you the best service possible ot prices the other 'Discount-places' wont like - PERIOD ! Please coll tor a complete listing our products! Member Better Business Bureau In Dallas J Drives Memory M 8-Up Memorycord OK **m 145.75 8-Up Wemorycard with ?MB 649.00 8-Up Pop-Simm 256k or 1MB 17.95 Starboard 0 MB 41000 209.75 Starboard 0.5M8 A1000 399.75 Starboard 1 MB At000 599.75 Storboord 0 MB A-500 239.75 Starboard G.5U3 A-500 399.75 Storboord Upper Deck Ok 44.75 A1000 ?56k Front Ponds 199.00 Fdolo-10 wL Drw 139.75 int. 3.5" Drive A2000 only 145.75 HardFrome SCSI Cord ft 1 239.75 Starboard SCSI Module 97.75 Quantum 8QMB Drive 875.00 Supra 20MB K)isk 649.K) Supra 30MB Hoisk 749.00 A50l-51?k w dock 195.00 Don't Pay More ! Fleuble Dalo Systems FDATA-10 Disk Drive This external 3.5' Drive is a very inexpensive unit to make the life with your Amiga easier. The Fdata-10 is compatible with the original Amiga-drive but is quieter, smaller and has a longer cable (27inch) to connect it to the Amiga. Oh yes, before we forget to tell you, its only $ 1 39.75 ! Video Graphics A-Pro Draw 12*12
499. 75 Flicker Mosler
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29. 75 Portal 34,75 Vyper Championship Golf
27. 75 Ports of Call
29. 75 Wliiergames Corruption 27,95 PCW
25. 75 World Ckass Leaderboord 29. Cube Master
19. 75 0-Boll
19. 75 World Gomes Defender of the Crown
35. 75 Reolm of the Warlock
24. 75 Zoom Destroyer
27. 75 Return to Atlantis
34. 75 Ebonslar Emerald Mine
29. 75 Road Raider
17. 75 Roger Rabbit
27. 75
29. 95 And as allways; European Scenery Disk
19. 75 Scenery Disk 7 11
19. 75 we've got the most Faery Tale Adventure
29. 75 Scenery Disk Europe
19. 75 'customer friendly' Terms: rt t r*l c Ferrari Final Assault Fire and Forget
32. 75 Scenery Disk Japan
31. 75 Shodowgate
28. 75 Shanghai
19. 75
29. 75
27. 75 S H S3,95 30$ Minimum Order NO Credit Card Fee ! U, ffghlstmulafor Foot Mon
39. 75 Silent Service
22. 75 Silicon Dreams
27. 75
9. 97 Dut in TEXAS add 7% TAX! Foundation Waste
27. 75 Sindbod
33. 75 All prices are subject to change Gee Bee Air Raty Global Commander
27. 75 Skychose
29. 95 Space Culler
27. 75 without notice !
19. 95 $ 3.95 S H to Cont. USA only! Grand Slam (Tennis)
29. 75 Spoce Quest
32. 75 Guild of Thieves
29. 75 Starglider
29. 75 APO address, please call. Hollywood Poke
24. 75 Starglider li
29. 75 RMA required on all returns! , Please call for details. Where are you Video Toaster? BUSINESS Anolyre 2.0 62.75 BEST Management System 299.75 Critics Choice 159.75 Cygnus ED 69.50 Excellence 189.75 Financial Pius 199.75 Flo* 59.95 Gold Spell 29.75 KindwOrCts 66.75 Locisiix 99.75 Maxi Plan 500 99.75 Maxi Plan Plus 129.75 Microfiche Tiler 69.75 Microfiche Tier D 112.75 Money Mentor 2.0 59.75 Orgarvize 66.75 Phaser 3.0 66.75 3-Demon 69.75 Aegis Animator 82,50 Aegis Ore* 2000 179.75 Anolytic Art 39.75 Animate 30 99.75 Animation Multiplane 56.75 Animator Apprentice 199.75 Butcher 2.0 21.75 Calligrapher nev Version 1.05 87.75 Comic Setter 66.75 Deluxe Point 2.0 94,75 Deluxe Photo Lab 99.75 Deluxe Productions 144.75 Deluxe Video 1.2 94.75 Director 44.95 Dynamic Cad 299.00 fcntovision 39.95 Flipside 39.75 Forms in Flight II 77.75 Gallery 3D 43.75 Interchange 29.75 Intro CAD 2.0 49.75 Kara Fonts 52.75 Lights. Comero. Action 52.75 Modeler 30 72.50 Pogeflipper Plus f X 99.75 Photon Paint 66.75 Pixmote 49.75 Prism Plus 44.75 Pro Board 379.75 Pro Net 379.75 Pro Video Plus 199.75 Sculpt 30 69 75 Scuirx! -in.rpjg sonLTjp-j 69 75 Sculpt 40 399.75 Silver 99.75 Terrain Disk for Turbo SiVer 19.75 IV Show NTSC PAl 62.95 IV-lext 62.95 Turbo Print 32.75 Turbo Stoer 129.75 Video Effects 30 129.75 Video Titter 99.75 Videoscope 30 119.75 Windo* Print It 22.75 X-CAD 359.00 Zoetrope 99.75 BOOKS AMIGA Graphic Sound
17. 75 AMIGA Dos Manual 19,50 Desktop Video
14. 95 Hardware Reference Man.
19. 75 Intuition Reference Man.
19. 75 RQU-KERNEL: Lib.jrOev,
27. 75 R0M-KERNEL: Exec.
67. 95 InleHitype
34. 75 Onine 44, 5 I he Works
129. 75 e in Stock Lattice C 5.0 Micro Fiche Filer IT Zoetrope UTILITIES Anti-Virus IV Arexx CLI Mate Disk Mechanic D0S-2-DQS Demonstrator Encore EZ-Bockup Face II Fine-Print Marauder II Project D Quarterback Raw Copy HARDWARE DESKTOP publishing GRAPHICS VIDEO New Movie Setter Sculpt 4-D California Games Dragon's Lair Dr. Ts Kawai Kl Lib. Dungeon Master Falcon Photon Paint H Pro Sound Designer Sword of Sordan Wayne Gretzky Hockey TV-Sports Football Zuma Fonts 4 PROGRAMMING - LANGUAGES
129. 75 DSM MC68000 Disassembler
42. 75 179,75 Lallice-C 4 +
395. 00 199,75 Lint
69. 00
145. 75 UCC-Pascol
79. 95
59. 75 Modula-ll Commercial
175. 00
64. 75 Modulo-I! Developer
89. 75 64,75 Modula-H Stondard
59. 75
64. 75 Paver Windo*s 2.5
55. 75
134. 75 True Basic
69. 75 Intruder Alert! A C Basic Compiler A C Fortran (AB-Sofl) Aztec C Developer Aztec C Professionol Aztec Source level Oeoug. Benchmark AMIGA Library Benchmark C Librory Benchmark IFF Library Benchmork Modula-2 r imwEM
• ' n. ¦ • ' ' Home or business alarm. External BSR X-IO Control. Synthesized computer speech. Sampled Alarm Effects! Completely multitasking with hooks to start other programs. Easy to use graphic operating (Ij 1 1 C 00 system. There is potentially un-limited use in uj) J. J. • V v l this outstanding new product! IHI Tl ie Full L-Down Monn o While supplies last. . . AMIGA BRIDGEBOARD $ 499
(404) 252-1235 WE SHIP AROUND THE WORLD Known internationally for exceptional service.
U. S. overseas personnel We specialize in APO & FPO shipping! Ask for our Overseas Military Special Pricing! Fast delivery, charged when shipped AX, Discover, VISA, MC, M O, Certified check Magnt Genlock Distributors ft 1 Authorized AMIGA Dealer in the Pacific NW! WA 98103 206-547-OMNI 206-547 6667 Fa* 206-547-6012 OMNI INTERNATIONAL TRACHMO The AMIGA Specialists AMIGA Software AMGiA Peripherals AMIGA Computers 3826 Woodland Park Ave. N.. Seattle, including 5' r drive plus S4 s&M AAMIGA1 STORE CENTER Parkside Shops, 5920 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30528 LOU LS I 3% PRILLS Cl R WILLI) !! I5LLOU (20 YUICO !! ; 550,000 IN ADVERTISING PASSED ON IN SAVINGS PO BOX 1414 Maple Grove, MN 55369
(612) 420-5572 oSTvoui. AMIGA call or SOFTWARE WRITE for free AND NON OEM CA1ALOG. HARDWARE ! QonvTj CALL FOR PRICES 1 This ad printed tv PrintScn Hypertext for the Amiga ThinkPrHierarchical Text, Hypertext, Word Processing, h r- * Picture Displays, and links to applications, W (1 Y oq Unleash your creativity with a powerful ‘Ides Processor’. Write book*, articles
L. Jj documentation and wogrciu. Organize pictures, reference tnsta-aJs, client lists and appointment*. Hypertext combines writing concepts with database ctzicept* ce and Thinker extends this lo include links to applications. Gick on tfe nan* or thr projcci file in the text to liunch and use the application in multitasking nxxfc. ?rson Software, Dept 10, 3721 Starr Kint* TirrlP Palo Alto, CA 94306 (415) 493-7234 30 day guarantee No credit cards 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your IFF or HAM files
• Brilliant Color • No Curvature Distortion as low as $ 1 slide Call or Write for order form, price list & sample OND 1 1280 Washington Place photographic Culver City, Ca. 90230 services (213) 390-3010 Print PostScript files on non PostScript laser, ink jet. Er dot matrix primers. Wan u vviue TT ]VI]V1 PHOTOG Idixelatinns ME MicroEd Educational Software K thru ADULT ALL CURRICULAR AREAS‘INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS SEND FOR A LIST OF OUR SOFTWARE MicroEd, Incorporated
P. O. Box 24750 Edina, MN 55424 612-929-2242 STARSOFT HARD DRIVE BACKUP UTILITY FOR AMIGA! Restore, Maintain and Backup those important fifes. Select the files you wish to copy by wildcard, time, date, incremental modes and much, much more! User-friendly, quick, powerful and complete. Requires 512K Amiga and AmigaDOS compatible hard drive. Order Direct $ 39,95!! StarSoft Development Laboratories 7110 Nathan Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792 _1*800-289-8900 CHOROMAP FOR THE AMIGA va DIGITIZER DATAMAKER Only $ 6.00 per Disk. Bassett Geographic 1103 Rudd Avenue Auburn. AL 36830
(205) 887-9057 MAPMAKER Public Domain Software Resource- The New Amiga Public Domain Service that lets you Choose only the programs you want! Hundreds of programs available. Send $ 1.00 for our catalog and receive 1 free disk with your first order. PDSResource PO Box 7175, Loma Linda, CA 92354 UEIL Choromap is a full-featured choropleth mapping package. Features:
1. Digitize with a mouse
2. Zoom (in or out)
3. Up to 14 classes
4. Red, green or blue hue selection
5. Legend and title
6. No extra peripherals required S5.00 for a demo disk ONLY S48 + $ 3 S H 1988 STATISTICS FOR MavSTERPIECE PROFESSIONAL FONT COLLECTION0 EARL WEAVER BASEBALL as well as, , .1919. 1952. 1959, 1961. 1978. 1986, 1987. And more1 YES, someone has finally done iheir homework and researched the present and past years in baseball Compiling statistics from the American League, the National League, as well as other sources, allows us lo say this may very well be as complete as possible Now you can play all your favorite teams and years over to enjoy them once again. We also include a yearly schedule, so you can play the games as they really were, right on the disk! Included are all the American and National League learns as well as updated ballfields All teams have been play-tested lor accuracy Disks are available lor Amiga & IBM computers and cost only S19 95 per year *$ 2 50 shipping Please send order to GMCP or call NJ res add 6% sales ta* Suite C2-193 (201)938 6399 V.sa & MasterCard add 162 Hwy 34. Matawan. NJ 07747 CQDs. Checks 4 money orders accepted TM 20 DISK SET The Largest Collection Of Fonts And Clip An Available In A Single Package For The AMIGA. 100 DIFFERENT FONT STYLES This doesn’t mean 10 sizes of 11 fonts. It means 110 DIFFERENT Fonts. LARGES SIZES * HI-RES Specially Designed For Video Work. 95% of the fonts arc over 100 pt. Tall. Easily resized smaller. PATTERN CLIP ART 141 hi-res Dpaint II pages. There are thousands of objects and examples. BRUSHES 2 Disks Full Of Color Brushes COLORFONTS 4 Disks Full Of Colorfonts 100 PAGE MANUAL Full Size Font Printouts 20 DISK SET - ONLY S199.00 VISA MC ¦ COD • Company Check Contact your local AMIGA dealer or order direct from ARQCK Computer Software 1306 E. Sunshine. Springfield. MO 65804 1-800-28K-AROK H|The Pull-Down Menu usiness Software call or write today for a FREE CATALOG!
(619) 436-3512 COMPUTERWARE Box 668-A Encinitas, CA 92024 Inventory Accts Payable General Ledger Free: Amiga Demo Programs! Have you ever wished you could see a program running before you bought it? We will send you actual manufacturers* demos of programs we offer, for free, for you to try on your computer Send us your name and address, we’ll send you a demo program, free: Forethought
P. O. Box 1221 Lewiston, NY 14092 Attention Instrument Pilots The essential addition to your flight simulation software: Jet Instrument Trainer. Professional instrument simulation for Amiga. ILS, VOR & NDB approaches; DME Arcs, complex procedures, on-screen plotter, prop mode, ILS visual approach at minimums, and much more. Easily program and fly any area, worldwide, with your charts and aids. If you're a pilot looking for serious practice, this program was designed for you absolutely not an arcade game. $ 89.95 includes shipping. Check or COO to: Precision Approach, Inc. 207 E. 3rd St, Prophetstown, IL 61277 (815) 537-2211 39 Or call (312) 524-0909 days-evenings-weekends. Save Money on the Master 3A Disk Drive For Amiga °nly $ 159 The Master 3A is 100% Amiga Compatible, yet a lot smaller and slimmer than the 1010. You'JI find this disk drive gives you quiet, efficient operation. SURFSIDE Components Inlerrutiunjl
- Now included: FREE1 Virus Checker Disk- To order or lor additional information Call Toll-Free: 800-548-9669 If not convinced, call or write us tor further facts
- We Verily ALL Charge Card Orders- P O Bo* 1836 Capilola. CA 95010 In Calif: (408)462-9494 FAX: (408)479-0930 Universal Systems We Ship Anywhere UPS RED & 8LUE Available Visa. NIC. Discover. Cert i lied Oik.. & COD 7004 175th St. SW, Edmonds, Wa 98020 FAX 206-672-2442 Your Amiga Source Hardware Software Over 600 Titles Instock For The Best in Amiga Products Call US Now!! Ph 1-800-624-3554 AMIGA ? AMIGA HARDWARE & SOFTWARE CPU's - PRINTERS - MODEMS mc 1-800-533-3622 visa The Computer Outlet po box 3663. Chas., vv 25336 j noO vrc CALCULATE YOUR 1988 lyoo 1 AA.no TAXES WITH TAX PLAN FAST, EASY, ACCURATE, prints forms, audits taxes, multiple returns, 20 forms and schedules, saves to disk, forecast 1989 taxes, Commodore-Amiga ONLY $ 34.95 Add S4 S H, MA add 5% Sales Tax, Check, M.O., Credit Cards. 1-800-225-5800 Quality Business Systems, P.O. Box 805, Hudson, ALA 01749 Yes We Accept PostScript® Tools & Utilities for the AMIGA® 500, 1000, & 2000 100's of titles Low prices RHNT-A-DISC Same day % Frederick Bldg. 220 Shipping I % Huntington, WV 25701 Free brochure 1 (304) 529-3232 See your dealer or us at 889 DeHaro St. San Francisco CA 94107 (415) 826-6193 TO BEFORE YOU BIT! Best selling games, utilities, and classics plus new releases! Genealogy Database
• Dozens of reports (including calendars) to printer, screen or text file norgen ™
• All variabie-length fields except for dates
• Repeatable sibling, spouse, child, and note fields as needed
• On-screen mouse searches among and within 18 generations
• Only one data-entry Form required
• Access to Workbench™ via program interface For more information call (612) 827-2766 or write to. . . Norris Software Ltd., 3208 W. Lake St., Ste. 65, Minneapolis, MN 55416 B|The Full-Down M0nu Associates, Inc. The DISK SPECIALISTS- Featuring C.Koh, Precision, Sony, Etc: DISTRIBUTORS
3. 5", 100% Certified, Lifetime Guarantee WINTER SALE SPECIAL! Limited Time Offer! Bulk Disks Prices per disk Min: 100 Disks
c. rruH Sony, Precision, other brands available. Call Write for Disk Pricing & Amiga Product Listings. Prices subject to change w out notice. S H-S5.50 min.: CODs add $ 3.00. Educational, Corporate & Dealer inquiries invited. P.O. Accepted. MCP Associates, Inc., PO Box 6260, Dept Awt, LI.C., NY 11106-1933 Tel: (718) 956-9000 Exceptional Service & Quality Fax: (718) 956-9028 AmigaWorld Back Issues SSDD Bn.e .95 DSDD Bu.o
1. 19 DSDD RtViixr.
1. 29 RawCopy V1.3
* Ultra-powerful backup tool for your AMIGA7
* Copies software that no others will ' Deprotects many of your favorite programs
* Supports up to four 3.5" disk drives
* Mouse-driven user interface To Order: Micro Systems International 1143 Monroe St. Carfeton, Michigan 48117 Call 313) 654-B402 January 1989 An .Amiga starter kit: hardware and software recommendations for building your first system. Programming graphics in C. Index to'1988 articles. December 1988 Software Buyer’s Guide. Programming Superbase Professional. Graphics tips on airbrush painting. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 5. November 1988 Top 40 games countdown. Identifying and eradicating viruses. Introduction to Arexx. .AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 4. October 1988 Programming languages: find the one that’s right for you. Roundup of word processors. Digitizing tips. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 3. September 1988 Database roundup. Tips on video titling and special effects. Programming graphics in Modula-2. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 2. August 1988 Amiga workstations: science, engineering, and graphics. Introduction to ARP. .AmigaDOS 1.3 device handlers. AmigaDOS 1.3 overview, part 1. July 1988 Reviews of 24-pin and laser printers. Roundup of printer utilities. Comparative review of Modula-2 compilers. Programming video text in Amiga Basic. June 1988 Assembling and recording on a home MIDI system. Roundup of music hardware and software. Review of Superbase Professional. Programming the Extra Halfbrite mode in C. May 1988 Introduction to version 1.3 of the Operating System. Reviews of Professional Page and .Animate 3D. Tips on programming WordPerfect macros. April 1988 Telecommunications: on-line services and software. Programming proportional gadgets in C and recursion in BASIC. Setting up a virtual MS-DOS disk with your Bridgeboard and hard disk. January 1988 Desktop publishing software comparative review. Pubiic-domain software recommendations. Comparative review of Sculpt 3D and VideoScape 3D. Brain surgery and the Amiga. Each back issue costs $ 4 50 plus S1 for shipping and handling. On orders of 10 or more back issues, there is a flat S7.5Q shipping and handHng fee. Quantities are limited and we cannot guarantee that all back issues are available. Orders must be prepaid. Send your orders to AmigaWorld, Attn: Back Issue Orders. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. RawCopyVI.3 V I r- r.] 1.1.¦ H.L. VP *.| la PI art ¦ t mm I TTVT «1 ft Now Shipping S59.95 Free shipping and handling Michigan residents add 4% tax Quantity pricing available THE Each Disk BUG
P. O. Box 8302 Somerville, N.J. 08876 Postpaid* GREAT NEW AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN OVER 200 disks including Fred Fish, Amicus, and New Age.
• For free catalog send business size SASE to THE SOFTWARE BUG.
• For super sample disk and free catalog, send 54 check or money order to THE SOFTWARE BUG. *
• SPECIAL, WFHLE SUPPLIES LAST... high quality 3.5" DSDD at S1.25 each, minimum order 10 disks. * N.J. residents please add 6% sales tax. Postpaid Continental U.S. For COD, VISA, MC call 1-201-707-8348. Minimum charge order S25. J WE STOCK THE CONNECTORS YOU NEED! 9 pin, 23 pin, 25 pin D-subs 3 pin, 5 pin, 6 pin, 14 pin Dins Other sizes and Hoods also in stock. All sizes of Centronics Connectors, Mini Dins, I DC Card Edge, and IDC Socket Connectors. Call or write today for price list or quote beNETECH ELECTRONIC SUPPLY 1103 Royal Pkwy., 109, Euless, TX 76040
(817) 354-0946 or (800)527*1044 (TONE) 237 In Texas: (800)252-3755 (TONE) 237 FAX: 817-354-1034 ??? QUESTION ??? Does High Res Screen Flicker Bother You Ml Flicker Master tm Works With ALL AMIGA Models A-500 , A-1000 , A-2000, A-2500 Only 517.95 sua list price Greatly reduces Interlace flicker. Works with all AMIGA Monitors. Ask your Dealer or order Direct, Dealer Inquires Invited
T. S.R. Hutchinson Co. 110 W. Arrowdale Houston, Texas 77037-3801 (713) - 448 - 6143 AmigaWorld Magazine now offers you the most extensive selection of Public Domain programs for every Amiga application! The AmigaWorld Public Domain Library brings you Devware's disks for the developer and advanced user, Chiron Conception’s programs for special- interest users and Software Excitement’s disks for the Workbench user. Each disk is fully tested, de-bugged, documented, and organized for easy access. But remember, most of these programs are contributed freely to the Amiga community, and the quality, usefulness, and results you might get cannot be guaranteed. Some are “shareware” programs for which the author asks for contributions if you feel the program is good enough. Each disk is just $ 7.00 PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY Special Feature: SE 115 - PD Word Processor. With spell checker and dictionary, Vdraw (shareware paint), VT-100 term emulator, appointment calendar. This month’s selections From Software Excitement: ISE 05 - DPSIide. Slide show utility for IFF Images. Dpaint not required. ISE 13 - Banner. Print both vertical and horizontal. Easy to use. Print to screen, disk, or printer. ISE 29 - Hack. Fantasy adventure game. SE 40 - Archive Unarchive. Compress and uncompress files. ISE 44 - Games3. Life, Vegas Slots, Reversal, more, SE 91 - Freedraw. Drawing program, speech toy demo, a dozen more, most with source code. ISE 116 - Business II. VC-Spread- sheet, HP 10e calc, diversions, more. ISE 117 - Business III. DataBase, RSLCIock (utility), AmigaSpell, new fonts. SE 118 - Games, Missile Command, 3-D, Triclops, Cosmo-aster- olds clone, BreakOut, Yatzee, Hack, more. ISE 131 - Pac clone. Better than original. ISE 132 - Videomaker Utilities. Desktop video utilities. ISE 134 - Applications I. Label maker printer, grocery-list maker, disk cataloger, star viewer (planetarium), more. From Chiron Conceptions: CC 201 - BASIC programs I. Over four dozen Amiga Basic programs including entertainment, education, utilities, applications, and much more. ICC 301 - Utilities 1. Compiled, ready-to-run programs (many with C source) for dozens of utilities including FixDisk, IconExec, Free- map, GFXmem, LAR, GREP, MyCII, Print, Squeeze, USQ, Shell, WLC, Xref, and more. ICC 302 - Utilities II. A collection of utilities, compiled and ready to run, including DtskSalvage, FileZap, Fixobj, IconExec, ARC, CompressZ, XLJSP, Screendump, and more. ICC 303 - Utilities III. Includes MVP-FORTH, 12 new character set fonts, Dir Copy, ShowHAM, Zapicon (converts Dpaint brush to Icon), more. ICC 304 - Graphics Utilities. Including MacView (w 18 MacPaint paintings), 3 screen-dump programs, HAM to HAM IFF converter, FONTED (design your own character sets), more. ICC 305 - Utilities IV. Over 30 utilities, including Browse, DiskCat, DiskMap, HAM-Print, KwikCopy, UbDir, Alticon, Klock, MemView, PopCLI, SpriteMaker, Tree, more. ICC 307 - Directory Utilities. Over a dozen different DirUtil-type programs each with different features. Includes text and C source. ICC 308 - Utilities V. More utilities, including ChangeKickStart, Diabel, MenuCat, PrtDrvGen, Xicon, NewZap, Monitor, JOBS, DiskX, FixHUNK 2, Undelete, XCOPY, more. ICC 310 - ARP 1.1, AmigaDOS Replacement Project. Replaces most 1.2 AmigaDOS commands with new, faster, and more powerful commands. Includes docs, C Please send me the following disks for $ 7.00 each (plus $ 1 handling charge per disk). Disk Name Disk Name [ ] Payment Enclosed [ ] Please charge my [ ] American Express [ ] Master Card [ ] Visa Total Disks @ $ 7.00 each $ Shipping Handling @ $ 1 disk $ Total Due $ account expires signature Name _ Address City_ State Zip Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Foreign Orders, please add $ 2 per disk lor Air Mail delivery. Payment in US Funds drawn on US Bank. AW39 AmigaWorld Public Domain Library 80 Elm St. Peterborough, NH 03458 From DevWare: source, executables, and install program. ICC 405 - DeluxeVideo Tutorial Disk. Examples and tutorials on using Dvideo. (Requires Deluxe- Video.) ICC 515 - Perfect Sound Effects I, 40 sound effects recorded with perfect Sound all in IFF format, includes shareware version of Perfect Sound program to play and edit sounds. ICC 602 - Dpaint Slideshow I. 30 Dpaint pictures with auto-run slideshow. (DPaint not required.) ICC 607 - Mandelbrot Explorer. Shareware Mandelbrot designer by
T. Wilcox. Dozens of mouse-driven menu selections and sample images slideshow. ICC 614 - Juggler animation. Famous traced animated clown juggling three mirrored spheres. ICC 633 - New Movies. 4 animations for Amiga (requires at least 1MB RAM). ICC 909 - Home Applications. Grocery-list construction set, address book, word processor, text editor, appointment reminder, database, loan-amortization prog. IDW 4 - Diskmap. DOSCommands rewrites, DOSDisassembly of most DOS commands, DOSPIus extra DOS utilities, menu clock, shellV2.03 (M.Dillon’s command shell), Unifdef, Xspell, more. IDW 7-2 BBS progs, w docs., Grep text utility, MenuEd1.2, Tek- tronics 4010 terminal emulator. IDW 8 - Set of disk-performance tests, font editor, Hack game clues, MandFXP-D2 fast Mandelbrot (shareware), PowerWindows demo, memory speed benchmark test, Shell2.04M (Matt Dillon’s command shell that adds aliases, command history, and more to CU), more. IDW 10 - Memory test prog., how to build a dual floppy, 2 input event handler demo progs., Lattice3.10 bug fixes, sound editor, PipeDevice, random number generator in C, Unix uueneode and uude- code utilities, more. IDW 15 - Amiga version of Unix's Yacc, how to build a battery-driven clock for Amiga, program for handling patches of MIDI instruments, VT100v2.6 (includes Xmodem and Kermit). IDW 17 - DBWRender. Very sophisticated package for rendering ray-traced images. C source included. IDW 22 - AmigaMonl.1, Forth language graphics demo, disk performance measurer, display prefs utility, Draco language fractal demo, window drop-shadow utility, Icon maker, JoBSi.1, mCad, midi interface schematics, MoonMouse, more. IDW 24 - Hard disk backup prog., Manx C version 3.40A bug fixes, 40 printer drivers, Unix-like command interpreter w history and aliases, curve-fitting spline prog, 2 trackballs for Amiga (MacTball and Atari 2600), video pattern generator, more. IDW 29 - AmigaDOS disassembly, asynchronous I O routines, auto “cancel'’ utility, Helios2, NoClick- Start utility to cancel empty drive clicking, Tek4695 printer driver, text files including early Amiga PAL chip problem fix, more. Amiga World is a publication of IDG Communications, the world's largest publisher of computer- related information. IDG Communications publishes over 90 computer publications in 33 countries. Fourteen million people read one or more IDG Communications publications each month. IDG Communications publications contribute to the IDG News Service offering the latest on domestic and international computer news. 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P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or. You may request billing. MAIL March card valid until May 31, 1989. READER SERVICE ! READER SERVICE A Hpw MXAC ypu r* C 1 GREAT’ G 2 Very GOOC C 3 PreCy Good G 4 Good G 10 Fnam Management G 11 Graphcs G 12 Educ*cr G 13 Muse C 14 Anmtecn G 15 SounniSoeech Cw.e*x>T o'* G 16 CAOCAM Mcs sf Us lrt«»eshng Baaed ? 9 InvatuattO covered n Vive a firyj* G 2 No Rumors Buyer’s Gu Jes Ccmcaratr.e Pev ws Muse G'achcs Program LiC-ngs ’Jew Products Oprwa Hardware P-pecta Ouxv C 5 B«n K home and wcr* C 6 Boff1 a: heme and a voo' C 7 1 don: use an A -ga a 'a c 19 C 20 ? 7 Tutor* C 8 Hors tf oeuvres (hrts.T'Ps! ? 9 AcJre*T»merts ? 10 Dei* Canvas ? 11 AtjOM How woUd you rse f»s ? 1 GREAT’ ? 2 very Good G 3 Pt«t, Good ? 4 Good trcm n Tie ne«1 12 months" G 1 Entertainment 2 Wwd ProciMang 3 Commsjncatora L 4 Sorervdsneets C 5 Home prOduOvty 6 Programmwvj 7 Software OrMSccmert a Voeo 9 O.tlscaw Management C C Mentor Oa maJrur Dnrter Modem Memory E rarson 3 $ • PoKJy Owe ”arc drd. Drve c c G G G 11 fkmys ? 12 Buyer s Guoes C 13 Corrparat-ve Renews C 14 Muse C 15 GracTwos ? 16 Program Lntngs ? 17 New Products ? 18 Opnoni C 19 Hardware Proteds G 20 CWCr ? 5 Bxh at home and work ? 6 Both at home and schoct ? 7 t don | use an Am gn G 7 Tv onab G 8 Hors d oeuvres (hnes Tps) C 9 Acvor.ismionts C 10 Ogt» Canvas C 11 Anckn B iSTve isd do ypuf nert r-jgcr percheral purcha*7 C I Monitor G 7 Gen Ltx* or Fra G 2 Dot matr.j pnter Gratcer C 3 Modem C 8 MufcC (Md C 4 Memory E'Wnton Kaytoand. Etc | C 5 3 5’ F«X y Df'V* C 9 Coor ptmr
- 6 Hard Os« drive C 10 Laser prrter C Chec* at trie errtngs n* Cos ccmpere Jis wnance A-ngarttorVJ s C 1 Jus Rght C 6 C 2 Too Smpte ? 7 C 3 Too Compter ? 8 C 0»x« ai or !-*• pnyjnqs Tvs rv-3 compiere Tus sentence Am>gaWor*d -s C 1 JuS P F C 6 Uswse C 2 Too Smpr Q 7 Inter rung C 3 Too Comr*a> G fi Butv-! C 4 Fk f C. B In.vaiuabte C 5 UsbM D What tcocs mxJd you >*« WoncT (Please pc« Tree) C 1 C Language C 2 Amiga Base C 3 CLI L 4 T c«ecorrrru">ca£ ons C 5 Busness ApoJcaSorn G 6 IBM comoatoety C 7 Home A ixt.it lv>5 C 8 Educmcn C 9 VOW G 10 Scemca ao.1 Er>gn«r,nq tnai apply.) C 1 2e geo: (Edfp s Page! G 2 Rename (Icders) ? 3 Renews ? 4 Notepad (mdJSlry rvrws) ? 5 Help Key (auest'ons) I! 6 Fealurm that apply > ? L.2«afra (testers Page) O 2. Repartee Leters) ? 3 Reviews ? 4 Notepad 1 «xsry news) ? 5 He*o Key (Ouwio-*) ? B P«tfur« c 4 flues UseM D Wte toocs would yxi ¦«; to see Vitrtf* (Please ock Tver* > C Lany**ge Atga Base CLI Tetocammunc* 10ns Butmnss Aiiicucre |0M ccmpetcaty Home Aco*c*on4 Educated Voeo E Whar are your tavern Fungs about AnvgaWorld7 (Please pc* at E Wfat are you- ’avorto Sings atcu' A-gaWoncT (Please pc* al c? A-rgaWdrto7 (PC* one* C 5 e»r ? 6 Rocr C 7 Very p jr» G8 T«r C** 7 Gen Loc* or Frame Grattor 8 Muse (Md Keyroard «c) 9 Color :vrter 10 Laser prnrer B Wtat wt be ycur wd mapr otr ptcrw' pjrcJwso7 to see covered m toture ssues P Arn a- ? 10 Soerco ane Engneerrg Name Mod o' c e c 9 i r-» Address -. City State Zip Telephone_ o' Amgavrcrtf> ckx one) C5 Ear G 6 Poor ? 7 Very Poor G 8 To»rtW City State Zip Telephone_ Name _ Address G 'Ahore d>d you get Tvs copy ct Amga Voncf’ ? I i subscribe G 3 Ofer C 2 Newsstand H vyhere do you buy your ccrrpufler product7 (Ptoaae po one ) C 1 Comp er Dealer C 4 OaccunvOoparmer* Sspe C 2 Mar Order ? 5 0*«'_ C 3 Manufacurer L i* you are not a sucscrCe* pease ende 499 V s you woukJ a one year sutacrcxon ta A- aJycrVd (12 ssl«s,. Pette crpe 500 on T-s card Eiicr s.cacrcrm a S£9 97 Carada and Men» 13897 Forthgr 5ur*aM 149 57, npegn AmaJ 584 9? (U S Fund* Drawn wi U 5 Ban*) AJ Ttrrs are 'or one vow onty P*sase atow 6-8 weeAs tor oaavery L if you are ncF a suMcrber, pease onpe 499 M ti you would t*o a one year subscripton to AmgnWcrld (12 esuos) pease cvc*y 500 on th« card Each ajbserptcn « 129 97 Cansoa and Me*co 138 97 Foregn Surface 149 97. Foragn AirmaJ 184 9 7 (U S Funds Drawn on U S Bar*.) AJ rales are lor one year ortf Please allow 6-0 weeks for do ,vt>ry G When *3 you gel Tvs copy CF AmgaWcntT G 1 1 sucecrce C 3 Cxre- G 2 Newssard h Were do you buy you computer produca? I «se pek ere) G 1 Computer Deaer G 2 M*J Order G 3 Man aeturer I Do you cwr an Atnga7 G 1 Vaa J Were do you use you* *n-ga’ G 1 Home G 2 *ryV C 3 Sc noo C * A: home W cuanas* K !S Tj your cocy cF Am-g»AorttJ7 G 1 'Fes i Do you own an Amga7 G i Yes J Where do you use your Atkjb7 G 1 Home G 2 Wort. G 3 School G 4 At home Ip Lus-ncsa K Is 5>S your copy cF AmyaWort ? C 1 Yes
• w. N he ne«t 12 rrxvWvs7 G 1 Er*ert*rmert C 2 Acrd Processc.Q G 3 Conmjocatons G 4 Scrdaoxeota G 5 Home Proaxtvty C 6 Programming C 7 Sot* are De.wccmer; C 8 Voeo G 9 Datatase Management C 10 Franco! Ma-agement C 11 Graphcs C 12 Educeton C 13 Muse C 14 Ajwrjgcn C 15 5ounoSoeech O lcpmenl C 16 CAOCAM F ‘Wich o' ~e totownq caie ores do you c*an to pjrehase soHware F wr r of rv> Uo«rig caeegmet oc you pan » purcnase 5oftw re C 4 OsccurtOepartTiert a or* C 5 Other_ G ? No C 2 No C2 No 1 6 11 16 21 201 2130 211 216 221 401 406 411 416 421 2 7 12 17 22 202 2C7 212 217 222 402 407 412 417 422 3 a 13 18 23 203 208 213 216 223
* C3 408 413 41B 423 4 9 14 10 24 204 200 214 219 224 404 409 414 419 424 5 13 15 20 25 205 210 215 220 225 406 410 415 420 425 26 31 36 41 46 226 231 236 241 246 426 431 436 441
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* 56 46- 466 471 52 57 62 87 72 252 257 262 267 272 452 457 462 467 472 53 58 63 68 73 253 258 263 268 273 453 456 463 468 473 54 50 64 68 74 254 250 264 269 274 454 4» 484 480 474 55 60 65 70 75 255 260 265 270 275 45S 480 465 470 475 76 81 86 9i X 278 281 286 29' 296 476 461 486 491
* 96 77 82 87 92 97 277 282 287 292 297 477 482 487 432 497 78 83 88 M X 278 283 288 293 298 478 483 488 433 4X 79 84 23 94 99 279 234 289 29* 299 479 464
* a> 494 499 30 85 90 95 100 280 285 290 295 300 480 4£S 4X 4X 500 101 106 111 116 I2i 30i 306 311 316 321 XT 506 5ii 516 521 102 107 112 117 122 302 X7 312 317 322 502 507 512 517 522 103 108 113 118 123 303 308 313 318 323 503 508 513 518 523 104 100 114 119 124 304 300 314 319 324 504 500 514 519 524 106 110 115 IX 125 306 310 315 320 325 506 510 515 520 525 126 131 136 141 146 328 331 336 341 346 526 531 536 541 546 127 132 137 142 147 327 322 337 342 347 527 532 537 5*2 547 128 133 138 143 148 323 333 33a 343 3*8 528 533 538 543 548 129 134 139 144 145 329 334 339 344 349 529 534 533 544 549 130 135 140 145 IX 330 335 340 345 350 530 535 540 545 5X 151 156 161 166 171 331 356 361 366 371 Mi 556 561 566 571 152 157 162 167 172 352 357 362 367 372 562 567 562 567 572 153 158 163 168 173 353 350 363 368 373 553 558 563 568 573 154 150 164 189 174 354 350 364 360 374 554 550 564 568 574 155 100 165 170 175 355 360 365 370 375 555 560 566 570 575 176 181 186 191 196 376 361 386 39' 396 576 581 566 XI 536 177 182 107 IX 197 377 362 387 392 397 577 582 567 532 597 170 183 IBS 133 IX 378 363 388 393 338 578 583 588 533 596 179 1B4 TBS T&4 IX 379 364 389 394 399 579 584 569 £94 595 180 IBS IX IX 200 380 385 390 3X 400 580 585 5tC 5X 600 1 £ 11 16 21 201 206 2ii 216 22’
* 0T 406 411 416
* 21 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 2i2 2i7 222 402 407 412 417 422 3 6 13 16 23 203 208 213 2i8 223 403 406 413 41B 423 4 9 14 19 24 20* 209 214 219 224 404 409 414 419 424 5 10 15 20 25 205 210 215 220 225 405 410 415 420 425 28 31 X 41 46 226 231 236 2*1 248 426 431 4X 441 446 27 32 37 42 47 227 232 237 2*2 247 427
* 32 437 442
* 47 29 33 X 43 48 228 233 238 2*3 248 423 433 438 443
* 48 29 34 39 44 *9 229 234 239 2*4 249 429
* 34
* 39
* 44 449 30 35 40 45 X 230 235 240 2*5 250 430
* 35
* 40 4*5
* 50 51 56 61 66 71 251 256 XI 266 271 451
* 56
* 61 466 471 52 57 62 67 72 252 25? 252 267 272
* 52 457
* 62
* 67 472 53 58 X 68 73 253 258 283 268 273 453
* 56
* 63
* 66 473 54 59 64 X ?* 254 259 26* 266 274 454 459 464 489 474 55 X 65 70 75 255 2X 265 270 275 455
* 80 465 470 475 76 81 X 91 X 276 281 286 291 296 475 481 486 491 496 77 82 87 92 97 277 282 287 292 297 477
* 82 487 492 497 73 33 68 83 X 278 283 288 293 298 478
* 83
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* 96 79 34 89 94 99 279 284 289 29* 299 473
* 84
* 83 494 499 X 85 X 95 IX 280 285 290 295 300 480
* 85
* 90
* 95 £00 01 106 111 116 121 XI 306 311 3'6 321 501 506 5ii Slfl HI Q? 107 112 117 122 302 X? 312 317 322 502 507 512 517 522 03 100 113 11B 123 303 308 313 318 323 503 506 513 518 523 04 109 114 119 124 304 309 314 319 324 504 509 514 519 524 X HO 115 120 125 306 310 315 320 325 505 510 515 520 525 26 131 IX 141 146 326 XI 3X 3*1 346 526 XI 536 541 546 27 132 137 142 147 327 332 337 3*2 347 527 532 H7 542 547 28 133 IX 143 148 323 333 338 3*3 348 528 533 538 543 546 29 134 139 144 149 329 334 339 344 349 529 534 539 5*4 549 X 135 IX 145 150 3X 3M 340 3*5 350 5X X5 5*0 5*5 550 51 IX 101 166 171 Ml 356 XI 366 371 551 556 561 566 571 52 157 162 167 172 352 M7 362 X7 372 552 557 562 567 572 X IX IX IX 173 353 353 383 368 373 553 558 563 568 573 54 IX 164 IX 174 354 359 364 3« 374 554 559 564 560 574 X IX 165 170 175 355 360 385 3?0 375 555 560 585 570 575 76 181 IX 191 IX 376 XT 386 Xi 396 576 HI 586 591 596 77 182 167 192 197 377 382 X7 392 397 577 582 H7 592 507 76 IX IX 193 188 378 3X 383 393 390 578 583 533 593 598 79 1B4 IX 194 199 379 384 389 39* 399 579 584 589 594 599 X 1B5 IX 195 TOC 380 385 390 395
* 00 580 585 590 505 600 March card valid until May 31, 1989. TO RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION TEAR ORDER a one year subscription to AmigaWorld by circling 500 on the card. LOOK FOR your subscription in 10 to 12 weeks CIRCLE the numbers on the card that correspond to the reader service numbers on the advertisements that interest you. Out the perforated card. Please print or type your name and address where indicated. REMEMBER to put the proper postage on the card. READER SERVICE the card with your check, money order or U.S. currency to; AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or. You may request billing. MAIL AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE PLEASE USE FIRST CLASS LETTER POSTAGE AmigaWorld Reader Service Management Department
P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 11111111111111M111111111a 1111111111111II111111111 MICRODEAL ri r* cc I rr> m I 3 -j CO r; c r“ H 3 x 3 U X -£ 3 CJ TJ 3 C » X CO
A. , X X CJ r** CJ V 3 O 5 jj © CO C c cc 2 ¦ “ X 9d° 111 x £ 3 p* p> 3 © 'O u> g b£ 3 3 ¦EOff
• g c3
o I H O
o cj cj c o X tu c 0 a -a CJ m ’3 cr CJ L. X o u3 M 1 O o M co CJ 3 X
- 3 ® co 3 b£ i? - 3 3 •= 3 i F- , 3 F" ?- F» 3 CJ w £ b£ CO X MX o'r 3 CJ X 3 3- X '¦c'H- 5 CJ O -3 f« 3 g.=f3 x C OX c © © *b Ti O 3 X ° 3 3 c
D. *4j s © b c X S- buS 3 c
• > ' ? a g« cj . 0 o
* §£J S c &”" y 3 5 3X ca
o 3 • 3 O a) 3 3 r « ° • §«« g
• " Cfl £ CO c o Sj II xx I« ? u 00 00 Ol F-H L Oi -c o o O 0 si s
• Ni •w a 1 o O a *Q go 3 £ a’c
o 3 £ o co H c ?J & ca X ca j- c -. .2 CL TT 03 CJ o 5 CO 3 £ •- .o £ o
• -o o CJ o o o cc L. a CO 3 CJ CO CJ 3 c CD c c CM Q? O 3 © r-- o © 3 -a ¦ C b£ O c * t « S'S .2 a | .tf 3 P. ~c u 'X) S 2 1- 8 ©3 » 31 £¦ r* p * ww 5 a~ . C © £ £ ~
- a -*-* © r* J- 5 c
• j © x 3- 3 C£ !c L> c X o c -b jr x
o x o • X 3 -a Urn Po ?r C §?.2 £ S
o J CJ 3x §> a .o g §
* * -c ~ ti
o 3 co O c FA CJ *V 3 “S'S P*_ © 3
- 3 3 c U C £ a n; X » § cj X w S © |§ i2 So C a.-c: co l 3 o X C co 3 w ca QJ CL c T3 C 5- F- O X £ 2 ca x ft) ¦+-> X co >,-£ e -2£j
o a. r -©
• *-« -, s “ ® c "8 £ L- i*" L 2 a* ° 5 «t> g e 5g 5 ,3 JQ Q. co '- CC'p a ~ a 3 C a SCO co 3>X •'"f© 5 3 Cjfty] .bx cT . ca co »-
y. f- -j •- a-3 cj x g co 3 g > 3: = « S = £u E 3 CO 3 X i CJ a b£ ’ II5 ¦&- co 3 C o X CO co cr c t CO X o X co -. Ca o CL c .bq cj X g'" c X -o “c c Q CO 3 c i g X c M ca c ,ca x a J3 .2
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o o c O SJDCC lT c-o
o x c ¦g » ca ac * C C 3 C > l, C •'* o-o a £ x sS £ S O M ’S o .2 cfw c 68 to P =« c &‘U ja -j a
o T c £ b o X *" o
o o « ff u 5 © CO co X ’Om-- v: cu fO ¦>. N •- -v Q cj rX* el 2 «-g 3 > «x £ CO > 3 O f>i rT c * b a .2
o ® o w x o" K
- •7 3 CJ CO “ 3 > o
- gof 5- o 3 CJ X +J CO . _c CL £ .. CJ CJ cj "O J- 3 c g-a O 3- s- «*- CJ o X 3 u C£ Jj ZJ CJ CO c ca tT'a u 3 £ C CO co fll 1 &I.E o; Lf -j
- £r bCx .£F c a; £ £ O 3 X JccC TT L* CO t: CJ -c a o "Cj CJ
- 40 X .O c P £¦ o fl £ c c O c o C X X 5- CL c c o & 2 * OJ F- ca x t3 f 3 CO O m SC •n -j UJ a O x u CN X CJ bo * & X a 3 3 _ 3 X ©* © a o x .tS c cj Dxxxcj M . CJ CJ-3 r~:$ go 3 cii E c -*-* -
o. o CO 7- c c
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W) ? O ilrL ca o i O >¦' CO 3 7S CL 3 C O CO ‘L3 C c © X bi2 w1 'o ’ca 9 $ A A A A A A A A - "£ E CJ 53 O CO cl *•- 3 a; "© Z5 cmSctS HO
* *o Mi d Fj co aj c -r
• - CJ '¦" o p CL~n « h UJ w fee©.2tb0 SSS 5 2 =>¦« ¦a-S| 1 c ggl
g. « « s§ & C 3
- n ------ c! O x o x. : 3 -g X o o Jjj “ ¦g 2 c 3 J-ai 3*1 o S _ff b 3 v. F O . CO CJ 33cJCuX°b 2 © o-= d*x3 H 3 3 Po CJ o
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o x _ Zfi o ’& E $ co
• G aQc §-s.i5 £ g ?cat:cj g ',w r- - rrrf . RC « c X 03 3 S c © co Q- •-
- - w -s.s g = TD •- •S'2 «s O • O • O -*-1 £ ca u © 5 E> Sh i Sa gO«g
o S-o°, =>
- UJ T7 - n Q L*.J ti L 1 ? 1 X rt «¦» X II i 2 11 ? Dn i i B 1 ¦* 'it w- i C_1 i '. U_ » i in 1 ¦-4 u3 fY* P “ ZD ."'J u. C3 W 1 1.
3. Simply the Best The all new Digi-View Gold is the best video digitizer for the Amiga. Period. Nothing else even comes close. Why? The secret is that Digi-View Gold captures 2.1 million colors in memory, giving you an incredible 100,000 apparent colors on screen simultaneously. And it’s easy to use. Just focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga .graphics that glow with vibrant color and clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold gives you dazzling images with amazing simplicity. Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 500 and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. Digi-View Gold’s powerful image capture and manipulation software (version 3.0) now has complete control of color and sharpness, full overscan, extra halfbrite, and a special line art mode for desktop publishing. Orcle 102 on Reader Service card 'Requires standard gender changer for use with Amiga 1000. Video camera required; not included NewTek sells a video camera, copy stand, and the Digi-Droid automated filter wheel for Digi-View Gold If your local retailer doesn't carry these products, call us at 913-354-1146. Digi-View Gold is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-AMIGA. Inc. Be seeing you’! Only Digi-View Gold:
• Can digitize in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x200 up to 768x480 (full hi-res overscan)
• Uses 2 to 4096 colors (including extra halfbrite)
• Uses exclusive Enhanced HAM for super fine detail
• Is 100% IFF compatible and works with any graphics software
• Can digitize 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colors) for the highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100,000 colors on screen simultaneously
• Has powerful Image processing controls for complete IFF picture manipulation If you want the highest quality graphics for your Amiga, as easy as 1, 2, 3; then you need the new version of the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold. Only $ 199.95 wT=k Digi-View Gold is available now at your local Amiga dealer. Or call 1-800-843-8934 INCORPORATED 1 •• 2 . H 9.'
* ’ ¦ J V

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